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19 9 6 

The name Bobashela comes 

from the Choctaw word 


meaning "good friend." It is 

expected that all Millsaps 

students will graduate with an 

exceptional education. It is a 

bonus that we will leave here 

with priceless memories and 



he 1995-96 school year 
may not have been a very 

notable one in many ways. 
There were no wars, no 

bombings, no earth shattering earth quakes 
or hurricanes. All in all it was a quiet year. 
At Millsaps, students went about their 
business, going to class, studying, going 
out - doing the things that college students 
do. This is a unique time when we are 
sheltered from pressures that we will face 
all too soon. The troubles we have are 
different; our lives here are different. It is 
peaceful yet stressful , quiet yet exciting. 
These are wonderful times which we take 
for granted. It is a special time and place . 


4 Student Life 

Michelle Pale croniieil 
Honieconiiiiii Queen 

22 People 

Don Fortenheny recoiiiiizcil iis 
Chaplain of the Year 

52 Sports 

Mens ' and wonwn.s ' haskelhall teams 

wake it to NCAA lournanwnt. 


76 Activities 

Twelve nienihers of the Catholic 

Campus Ministry travel to Saltillo. Mexico 

on a missions trip 


98 Greek 

Lamlula Chi Alpha breaks new i^nnnul 

Editors: Angle Hood and Stephanie Zeber 

P E N I N G 

,-'••* i'CS'S^HHKH 

1''- *•»?-, 


fe J 

^r-^'x-^ ■■ 

ks^ ^ .■ 



Ps-.-.«> «•• 






r t 

rdis Gras in Ne 


Orleans. . . rollerblading. . . 
reading a book in the 

bond... the crowded 

caf on Thursday nights before chapter 
meetings. . . Wednesdays - Ladies' Night at 
Catwalk and Rodeo's... iced tea from 
McAllister's... watching "Friends" and 
"E.R. "on Thursday night... seeingeveryone 
at Jitney... hangin' with Calvin in the 
Grille... Cherokee - roast beef lunch on 
Thursdays. . . walking through Belhaven. . . 
Spring Break - reunion at the San Destin 
Hilton. . . work study. . . These are the times 
that we will fondly remember when we 





6 Around Campus 
During a quiet year, students keep busy 

8 Homecoming 
Michelle Pate crowned Queen 

10 Major Madness 
Toby Gibson wins treasure hunt 

12 Community Service 

Local media covers Shak A Thon 

14 Off Campus 
Heritage group visits Russian exhibit 

16 Intramurals 
Fierce competition for trophies 

18 Dorm Life 

New South opens; Ezelle closes for 


Section Editor: Heather Lindsey 

S T U D E 



Outside of class, everyone 
found plenty of things to do on campus. 

Brad Harrelson and Brad Ball 


often seen blading around campus. The Bowl 

was a popular place to chill on 

many sunny afternoons. Liz Volmer created a 

small gourmet salad in the Caf. 

PrimeTime '^ ^ ^ was a hot spot on 

Wednesday evenings, and Ray Cook pumped 

iron in the weight room. 


A R U 


-^'^ - A-x 


IN BLOOM. Jennifer Crawford, 
Mandy Bourgeois, and Christine 
Gorton pass under tlie Bradford 
Pear trees on the way to class. 

>^«-.'. .»^ 

WORK STUDY. As photo 
assistant for publications, 
Karena Payne took pictures and 
did darkroom work for the 
newspaper and the yearbook. 

Chandler, Ferd Moyse and Tyler 
Owen cruise along the campus 
sidewalks late on a spring day. 

MULTICULTURAL FASHION. Taminee Ficklin, Megan Glidewell, Dalia Farmer, Amanda Cook, 
Jason Jen, Sabrina Brantley, Barry Karrh, April Turner, Oreathia Smith, and Robin Clark all 
vC 1^ participated in the Multicultural Festival that was held in November. 

V "-^ 


HOMECOMING COURT AND ESCORTS. Mr. Jimmy Boxx, Molly Boxx, Mr. Sidney F. Graves , Abby 
Graves. Michelle Pate, Mr. Larry Pate. Jennifer Bhatia. Mr. Ram Nath Bhatia. Nan Frascogna. Mr. Mike 


BOWL TIME. Before the game, 
people gathered for food and 

McLean dishes up some of his 
fraternity's entry in the annual 
Red Beans contest. 

Ill fkt P 


Homecoming festival 
draws large crowd on beautiful weekend. 

Liz Giovingo and ,,^ ■ Lesley Barousse 

prepared to serve from the Tri-D's pot of beans. 

Dr. Harmon checked out the Lambda 

Chi concoction. Later, at the game, 

W 0^ 


the Major cheered while LaKeysha Greer, 

Latanishia Dees, 

Sabrina Brantley 

1 2r^ "".y-^'^w- 

and Chris Fisher looked on. Michelle Pate was 

crowned queen at halftime. 

H M E C 

I N G 


Bands, games and 
food mark spring weekend bash. 

Kelly Giles performed 

at Thursday 

night's Talent Show which kicked off the jam. 

Ashley Doughty, Jamie Harris 

and Jami Stokes helped decorate on Friday. 

Eric Navarre and Chris Cockrell 

tried out Bankshot B-Ball while the women's 

tug-o-war team had fun in the 

mud on Saturday afternoon. 


MK. A. > i. 



FOOD COU RT. The Caf was set 
up all day with an endless buffet 
of meats, cheeses, cookies and 
fruits. Melanie Miller and Nicole 
Soho select some of the cheeses 
and strawberries. 

MUD BUGS. Brad Temple and 
Emile Craig help eat the 1,000 
pounds of crawfish provided by 
the SBA. 

Wood guides Jill Magargee 
toward the turn in one leg of the 
wheelbarrow race. 

Gibson, Dean Sneed (with son 
Andy) and Shawn Demeritt race 
to finish a pizza in four minutes. 

1 1 


Campus groups 
helped others in their community. 


Bethany Grantham, Theresa 


Hubiak and Cindy Bloss served at the Stewpot. 


At Fall Mid-Town Project ^ M 



Sutton and Natalie Lyon painted at Daybreak. 

Bus rides 

were an adventure for 

r '.rSL 

12 students on a mission trip to Mexico. Circle 

K'ers Alicia Smith and Latanishia Dees 


helped Kiwannis at their annual Pancake Day. 



LIVING IN A BOX. Members of 
Habitat for Humanity raised 
money by staying out in shifts 
overnight in a box. A WAPT 
reporter interviews Amanda 
Cook and Tonya Oswald about 
the Shak-A-Thon. 



Off campus diversions 
provide stress release and relaxation. 

Caroline Ellender and Kellie DeBroeck 

celebrated St. Patrick's Day in New Orleans. 

Ann Harmon enjoyed McAllister's 

iced tea. Jennifer Simmons and Nan Frascogna 

collected many beads 

at Mardi 

Gras on St. Charles St. Trace Noble, Emily 

Pre jean, Elizabeth Warren and 

Shannon Rogers dined at the Macaroni Grill. 

1 4 


SOUVENIRS. Clifton Hyde, 
Ann Jane Cox, Katie Sheehan, 
Kirk Lawrence and Anna 
Katherine Len^ visit the gift shop 
after touring the Palaces of St. 
Petersburg with Heritage. 

Grainery, Stephanie Yasinski 
serves a vegetarian lunch. 

DEFENSE. Jason Adams marks 
his man in a baslietball game 
against the Pikes. 



Intramural teams 
fought for the championship. 

Stephen Crochet traps the ball 

with Chris O'Brien defending and heads to 

goal. Ronnie Isaac s^W' was one of the 

enthusiastic football officials. Ready for the 

rebound, Brad Litkenhous boxes 
out his man. Sally Clark carries 
the ball in the game between the Chi-O's and 

the Phi Mu's. 


T R A M U R A L S 


Hundreds endured 

August heat to settle in to new rooms. 


Freshmen Melissa Sterling 


Kelly Good paused during Franklin registration 

while Stephanie Land cliecked in. 

i w iy Randy Bhatia unpacked in his 


in Ezelle. Lauren Williams and Perry Narro 


were suitemates f «* 

in New South. 

\. ^^j^m^T^v, /^* 

Erica Woodall took care of dorm paper work 

before preparing her new room. 

^ ^ 


McCord shoulders part of the 
load for a freshman moving into 

EZELLE HALL. Freshman males occupied Ezelle Hall on the south side of campus. In June, the dorm 
was closed for major renovations which led to a housing crunch in '97. 

1 9 


Dorms offer a place 
for eating, studying, and having fun. 

Jennifer Morgan found time around 



the dorm for talking on the phone. Molly 

Mitchell folded clothes 

in Franklin, 

and Kimberly Pace snacked while studying on 

her bed. 

Mitchell Marcum relaxed 

playing video games in Galloway. 

Lendy Van Slyke showed vacation pictures to 

Adrienne Green. 





STUDYING. Resident students 
like Ashley Bass could find quiet 
time to study alone or crazy time 
to spend with friends. 

GOODMAN. The apartment-style rooms, arranged around a courtyard, were an 
•^^1 alternative for upperclassmen. 

GALLOWAY HALL. Female residents lived in two of the cubes while males occupied 
the rest of the dormitory. 


SANDERSON. Outside rooms had private individual bedrooms and a living roomw bile 
the large inside rooms were arranged in suites. 

NEW SOUTH HALL. This dorm was completed in August just in time for people to 
move in. It had a computer lab, tv room, spacious lobby, and three floors of residents. 

2 1 

asting hours on 
E-mail... classes 

that average 15-20 

students... afternoon labs: 

computer, physics, geology, chemistry, 
language... midnight runs to I-HOP and 
Waflle House... staying up all night ivith 
friends in the dorm... watchingthe sun rise 
while you cram for an exam... Friday 
Forums... lectures... taking notes until you 
cant feel your fingers... comps... Freshman 
Orientation... Horizons... Perspectives... 
Writing Portfolio... Heritage... Senior 
Swing. . . Graduation. . . Although college is 

college, there are things that distinguish 



24 Staff /Administration 

Lisa Tarsi joins Career Center 

28 Faculty 

Dr. Bey receives teaching award 

Faculty changes grading policy 

Four distinguished professors retire 

32 Students 
First students sign honor code 

Austin McMullen chosen as finalist 
for the Truman Scholarship 

Section Editor: Misty Leon 

2 2 



(front) jack Woodward, Dean of Student Aid and Financial Planning; Dr. George Harniun, President; Dr. Harrylyn 
Sallis, Dean for Adult Learning; (back) Gary Fretwell, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs; Dr. Robert 
King, Vice President and Dean of the College; Dr. Don Ray, Vice President for Development; Charles Hardy, Vice 
President for Business Affairs; Dr. Hugh Parker, Dean of Else School of Managemetit. 

2 4 

Perfect practice 

Joe Don Samples calls 
offensive plays in the 
huddle during a 
preseason practice. 

Working together 

Work study student 
Kate Powers converses 
with staff members 
David Travis, Anita 
Sumrall and Sandy 
Rhymes. Students 
like Powers, who were 
assigned to offices 
such as Student 
Affairs, found working 
with Millsaps' staff a 
pleasant experience. 

Chaplain of the year 

Dr. Don Fortenberry was named Chaplain of the Year by 
the United Methodist Foundation of Higher Education in 
November. Fortenberry has been a member of the staff 
since 1973. 

Top staff members appreciated by students 

A few of the staff members appreciated by students were: 
Calvin for cooking up grill favorites with a smile 
Dean Sneed for being open to conversation with students 
The housekeeping and maintenance staffs for being so friendly 
and helpfid 

Nurse Flo for her empathetic bedside manner 

Ms. Sandra Fanguy for her listening and understanding 

FINANCIAL AID: Ann Hyneman, Cheri Gober, Esther Baugh, jack Wuudnard. 

RECORDS: Jackie Bean, Jan Warner, Jayne Perkins, Syiietta Grant, Tina Hawkins. 

BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Rich Cell, Vicki Morgan, Charles Hardy. 

POST OFFICE: Delois Elliott, Dawn Acy, Diane Samples, Jann Bcatty, Taminee 
Ficklin, Kuldip Sood. 

OFFICE OF ADULT LEARNING: Dr. Harrylyn Sallis, Virginia McCoy, Dr. Nolo 
Gibson, Janet Langley, Laurissa Henderson, Mary Markley. 


S T R A T I 

2 5 

DINING SERVICES: (front ) Julia Husband, Olivia 
White-Lowe, Thelnui Long, Mattie Lyle, Lillie Johnson, 
(back ) Lucy Johnson, David Woodward, Deloris 

GROUNDS: (front ) Chad Waltman, Danny Neely, 
Earnest Walton, Lee Miller, Bud Thigpen, (back ) 
Governor Lawrey, Willie Chase, Mel Williams, Wilbert 
Newell, Troy Main, (Not pictured ) Joe Lee Gibson. 

MAINTENANCE: (front ) Marge Fenton, Rex Latham, 
James Almo, Percy Johnson, (back ) Erick Kearney, 
David Wilkinson, Dennis Lum, Kenneth Brooks, Jim 
Busby, Ralph Coleman. 

DEVELOPMENT: (front ) Julia Bounds, Susan Womack, 
Kathleen O'Neal, Melissa Taylor, Lucy Molinaro, Alex 
Woods, Kay Barksdale, (Middle I Robin Buchanan, 
Dawn Nations, Robin Sanderson, Luran Flowers, Larry 
Wells, Judy Oglesby, (back ) Holly Wagner, David Ezell, 
Tim McWilliams, Don Ray, Doris Blackwood. 

Service with a smile 

Ed and Betty Jameson retired from the Bookstore at 
the end of the spring semester after sixteen years of 
work with the school. 

What do you think? 

Brian Ponder and David Sneed discuss a leadership plan 
for the school during a retreat held at the Gray Center in 

Parking dilemmas 

Grill cook Cahin Mack, Ken Thomas, Sgt. Deloris 
Franklin, and Desmond Funchess share complaints 
about the parking ticket situation. 

Top hassles that staff had to deal with 

Some hassles staff were plagued with; 

Dumpster fires at Ezelle 

Housing lottery 


Shower scum 

Picky eaters 

Weather, weather, weather 

Used book buy-back 


Stolen library books 

Loud stereos 

Power outages 

Lost student I.D.'s 

2 6 

LIBRARY STAFF: (front ) Jim Parks, Renee Sandstruw, 
Joycelyn Trotter, Judy Frascogna, Michele Giiyer, 
(back) Debra Mcintosh, John Sandstrum, Jan Allison, 
Pat Cox, Barbara West, Robin Killen. 

BUSINESS OFFICE: (front ) Vicki Livingston, Dana 
Lang, Ruth Greer, Julie Daniels, (back ) Leslie Ivers, 
Rose Johnson, Gail Waldrop, Connie Parker, Louise 
Burney, Mary Ann Goldman. 

COMPUTER SERVICES: (front) Terri VanNoy, Ashley 
Kersh, Al Parker, Jeff Venator, Gail Keller, (back ) Jim 
VanNoy, Brian Jackson, Tom Rast, Rajat Chaudhuri, 
Larry Horn, Dixie Fontenot. 

ATHLETICS: (front ) Shannon Carlson, Cindy Hannon, 
Ron Jurney, David Forsythe, Joe Don Samples, (back ) 
Gale Williams, Ken Ingram, John Leach, Trey Porter, 
Matt Mitchell, Jim Page, Murray Biirch. 

STUDENT AFFAIRS: David Sneed, Martha Lee, Sharon 
Glumb, Venita Mitchell, Nancy White, Sheryl Wilburn, 
Janis Booth, David Travis, Maret Watson, Stan Magee, 
Sandra Fanguy, Rodney Cook, Gary Fretwell, Lisa Tarsi. 

BOOKSTORE: (front ) Marta Maziarz, Christine Swan, 
Doug Leonard, (back ) Ed Jameson, Betty Jameson, 
Kathi Acy, Selah Redhead, Kirk Stewart, Walter Reid, 
Cindy Elder. 

RA's: (front) Mario White, Allison Tays, Allana Austin, 
Christy Sylvan, Amy Creel, Anita Sumrall, Zack Watson, 
Mary Blaine, (2nd) Janet Foley, Nikki Lipari, Eric 
Navarre, Gretchen Godchaux, Amy Smith, Adam Kirby, 
(3rd) Mike Dale, Max Cox, Ben Nelson, Lee Davis, Mike 
Fontaine, Rodney Cook, (back) Marvin Davis, Latanishia 
Dees, Neeka Sanders, Katy Farrell, Erika Buford. 

OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS: (front ) Kathleen Mitchell, 
Vickey McDonald, Laura Taylor, Brenda Cork, (middle) 
Martha Roberson, Susannah Grubbs, Haley Rainer, 
Connie Trigg, (back ) Gary Fretwell, Hope White, John 
Leach, Florence Hines, Hagi Bradley. 


2 7 

Dr. Aiay Aggarwal 

Assistant Professor ofESOM-MIS & QM 

Dr. Theodore Ammon 

Associate Professor of Philosupliy 

Kenneth Andrews 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Dr. Sarah Armstrong 

Associate Professor of Biology 

Mr. Collin Asmns 

Assistant Professor of Art 

Dr. Jesse Beeler 

Assistant Professor of ESOM-Accounting 

Mrs. Yolanda Bernard 

Special Ser\'ices Librarian 

Dr. R.A. Berry 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Allen Bishop Jr. 

Professor ofChetnistr}' and Computer Stjulies 

Dr. Bill Brister 

Assistant Professor of Finance 

Dr. Kristen Brown 

Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

Mr. Christopher Brunt 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Mrs. Gail Buzhardt 

Adjunct Professor of Modem Languages 

Dr. C. Eugene Cain 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Connie Campbell 

Asst. Prof, of Mathematics, Department Chair 

Ms. Sarah Campbell 

Adjunct Professor of English 

Mrs. Melissa Cavett 

Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Claudine Chadeyras 

Assistant Professor of French 

Mrs. Cheryl Coker 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Ms. Frances Coker 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

Dr. Timothy Coker 

Chair of Music Department 

Dr. Joan Cotter 

Assistant Professor of Modem Languages 

Mrs. Gayla Dance 

Instructor of Mathematics 

Dr. David C. Davis 

Assoc. Prof of History, Dir. of Heritage Program 

Dr. George H. Ezell 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Teresa Faherty 

Assistant Professor of English 
Dr. Jeanne Middleton Forsythe 

Department of Education Chair 

Dr. Catherine R. Freis 

Prof of Classical Studies, Dir. of Core Curriculum 

Dr. Michael Galchinsky 

Assistant Professor of English 

Dr. Michael Gleason 

Assistant Professor of Classics 

Ms. Martha Goss 

Asst. Professor of Mathematics/Computer Studies 

Mrs. Michele Guyer 

Associate Librarian for Public Services 

Dr. James Harris 

Assistant Professor of Geology 

Dr. Diana Heise 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Dr. Dick Highfill 

Associate Professor of Biology 

2 8 

Making the grade 

Mr. R.W. McCarley 
passes back papers to 
his anxious Computer 
Survival students. 

Words of wisdom 

Dr. Vaughn counsels 
her advisee, Charlie 
Robinson, on which 
classes to take for the 

Learning in progress 

Dr. Elise Smith sits among the students in her IDS class as 
they discuss Zen outside SuUivan-Harrell. 

Top excuses teachers hear 

Some popular excuses overheard in the classroom were: 

My printer ran out of ink. 

My computer hard drive crashed and I lost the whole paper. 

The batteries died in my calculator. 

I lost my book. 

The power went out and I couldn't see to read. 

My dog died and I was too grief stricken to do word problems. 




Ms. Mary Louise Jones 

Adjunct Professor of Cure Curriculum 
Dr. Robert J. Kahn 

Assuciitte Professor of Modern Languages 

Dr. Mark Ledbetter 

Associate Professor of Religious Studies 
Dr. T.W. Lewis, III 

Assistant Professor of Religion 

Dr. Debora Mann 

Assistant Professor of Biology 
Dr. Suzanne Marrs 

Professor of English 

Dr. Laura E. Mayhall 

Assistant Professor of History 
Mr. R.W. McCarley 

Computer Studies 

Dr. Robert McEIvaine 

Professor ofHistor}' 

Dr. Sarah Lea McGuire 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Dr. James McKeown 

Professor of Biology 
Mrs. Georgia Miller 

Instructor of Mathematics 

Dr. Greg Miller 

Assistant Professor of English 
Lucy Webb Millsaps 

Associate Professor of Art 


2 9 

Dr. Charles H. Moore 

Associate Professor of Political Science 
Mr. Bob Nevins 

Associate Professor of Biolog}' 

Dr. Leanora Olivia 

Assistant Professor of Classics 
Dr. Iren Omo-Bare 

Assistant Professor of Political Science 

Dr. Judith Page 

Prof of English, Assoc. Dean of Arts and Letters 
Dr. Hugh Parker 

Prof of Accounting, Dean ofESOM 

Mr. Jim Parks 

Associate Professor, Librarian 
Dr. Penelope Prenshaw 

Assistant Professor of ESOM-Marketing 

Dr. Oscar Pruet 

Assistant Professor of Physics 
Mr. Jimmie Purser 

Professor of Chemistry and Computer Studies 

Dr. Robert Quinn 

Assoc. Prof of Spanish, Mod. Lang. Dept. Chair 
Dr. Andrew V. Royappa 

Assistant Professor of Computer Studies 

Dr. Charles Sallis 

Professor of History 
Mr. John Sandstrum 

Acquisitions Librarian, Assistant Professor 

Wake up^ students 

History professor 
Sanford Zale wins the 
attention of his class 
by showing his 
interest in the 

Any questions? 

Dr. Ming Tsui 
discusses an assign- 
ment for her Self and 
Society class with 
student Susan Arick. 

Get into it 

Education professor Dr. Connie Schimmel encourages her 
students Sid Leigh and Matt Henry to get involved in 
their E.xceptional Population class. 

Retiring teachers 

A very large crowd of students, facult\' and staff came to a 
reception in the Lewis Art Gallery at the end of the year 
to honor Dr. Jonathan Sweat, Ms. Frances Coker, Mr. 
Lance Goss (seated), and Dr. T. W. Lewis on their 


Mrs. Renee Taylor Sandstrum 

Assistant Professor, Librariuii 

Dr. Connie Schimmel 

Assistant Professor of Ediieation 

Dr. Ed Schrader 

Assoc. Prof, ofGeoIog}', Assoc. Dean, Div. ofSci. 

Ms. Lucia da Silveira 

Instructor ofSpanisli 

Dr. Elise Smith 

Associate Professor of Art History 

Ms. Tracy Sullivan 

Instructor of Mathematics 
Dr. Jonathan Sweat 
Professor of Music 
Dr. Patrick Taylor 

Associate Professor of Economics 
Dr. Susan Taylor 

Assistant Professor of Economics 
Dr. Ming Tsui 

Assistant Professor of Sociology' 

Dr. Edmond Venator 

Professor of Psycliology 

Dr. Peter Ward 

Associate Professor of Business Law 

Dr. Timothy Ward 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Mr. Sanford Warren 

Instructor of Accounting 

Dr. Johnnie-Marie Whitfield 

Assistant Professor ofClietnistr)' 

Dr. Jerry Whitt 

Professor of Management 
Dr. Darren Wick 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 
Dr. Austin Wilson 
Associate Professor ofEngUsh 
Dr. Sanford Zale 

Assistant Professor of History 


Dr. George Bey 

Assoc. Prof. ofSoc.-Anth., Dir. of Ford Fellows Program 

Dr. Stephen Black 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Dr. Nancy Bledsoe 

Assista-nt Professor of Accoimting 

Dr. Carl Brooking 

Professor of Economics & QM 

Dr. Kimberly Burke 

Assistant Professor of Accounting 

Mrs. Cheryl Coker 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Dr. David Culpepper 

Assoc. Prof. ofAcct., Cook Chair of Bus. Ad. 

Dr. Priscilla Fermon 

Associate Professor of French 

Dr. Delbert Gann 

Associate Professor of Geology 

Mr. Lance Goss 

Professor of Speech and Theater 

Dr. Laura Grillo 

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies 

Dr. Ray Grubbs 

Professor of Management 

Mr. William Hailey 

H.F. McCarty Jr., Professor of Business Administration 

Mr. George Harmon 

Professor of Management 

Dr. Asif Khandker 

Associate Professor of Physics 

Dr. Robert King 

Professor of Philosophy and Religion 

Mr. Brent Lefavor 

Associate Professor of Technical Theater 

Mr. Mark Lynch 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Ms. Anne MacMaster 

Assistant Professor of English 

Dr. Michael H. Mitias 

Professor of Philosophy 

Dr. Walter Neely 

Army Brown Professor of Finance 

Mr. Raymond Phelps 

Associate Professor of Marketing 

Dr. Harrylyn SaUis 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Dr. Robert Shive 

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Studies 

Dr. Steven Smith 

Professor ofPhilosphy and Religious Studies 

Dr. Marlys Vaughn 

Professor of Education 

F A C 

L T Y 

3 1 

Ashley Abate, Soph 

Charles Abbott, Fr 

Dawn M. Acy. Fr 

Jason Adams, Soph 

Jodie Adams, Sr 

John Adams, Soph 

Harmony Albert, Jr 

Nathan Allen, Fr, 

Priscilla Almond, Soph 

Molly Alton, Fr. 

Elizabeth Anderson, Soph 

Trey Anding, Fr 

Derek Arrington, Sr 
John Atwood, Soph 

Allana Austin, Jr 

Bert Austin, Fr 

Elizabeth Austin, Jr 

Halley Austin, Jr 

Molly Austin, Soph 

Peter Austin, Jr 

Laura Autry, Soph 

Neill Ayres, Soph 

Jenny Bacheleda, Fr 

Amy Baler, Jr, 


Hallie Bailey, Fr 

Daniel Bailey, ADP Sr 

Amy Balducci, Jr 

Amy Ball, Jr 

J. Brad Ball, Jr 

Ken Ball, Jr 

Jennifer Ballard, Sr. 
Ginger Bargman, Sr. 
Rachel Barham, Fr. 
Brandon Barlow, Jr. 
Stephanie Barrett, Soph. 
Lea Barton, ADP Sr. 

Lottie Bash, Sr. 

Ashley Bass, Fr. 

Randy Bass, Fr. 

Caroline Bealer, Sr. 

Will Beard, Fr. 

Andy Beauchamp, Soph. 

3 2 

Fun in the sun 

Daryl Nelson brought 
his daughter, Isis, to 
see the final flag 
football game of the 

Fancy footwork 

P-nut McCool was 
one of a group of 
students who enjoyed 
playing hackysack in 
the bowl during the 

Major crawfish 

During Major Madness, the most popular on-campus 
activity all year, Marcie Williams, Erin Webre, Bridget 
Miller, Ann Jane Cox, Erica Pedersen and Nikki Brown 
enjoyed sharing crawfish and conversation. 

Top flicks 

Some popular movies were: 




Waiting to Exhale 

Twelve Monkeys 

Ace Ventura II 

Up Close and Personal 


Something to Talk About 


Mr. Holland's Opus 

Money Train 

P. Ryan Beckett, Sr, 
Amanda Bell, Soph. 
Sally Bell, Fr. 

Lyle Bennett, Fr. 
Gabe Benzur, Soph. 
Elizabeth Berbette, Jr. 

Barry Berch, Sr. 
Emily Berg, Sr. 
Seth A. Berman, Jr. 

Willem Bermel, Jr. 
Brian Berryhill, Fr. 
Erin Best, Soph. 

Carly R. Bethea, Soph. 
Jennifer Bhatia, Sr. 
Randy Bhatia, Fr. 

Elizabeth Biddle, Fr. 
Walter Biggins, Fr. 
Jeff Bivins, Fr. 

Mary K. Black, Fr. 
Noble Black, Soph. 
Cindy Bloss, Fr. 



3 3 

Paul Boackle, Jr. 

Michael Boerner, Soph. 

Scott Bogan, Sr. 

Mary Boothe, Jr. 

Cliff Boren, Fr. 

Carrie Boswell, Fr. 

Knox Boteler, Sr. 

Mandy Bourgeois, Soph. 

Sharon Bower, ADP Sr. 

Danielle Bowling, Fr. 

Molly Boxx, Sr. 

Jimmy Boyd, Soph. 

Ryan Brach, Fr. 

Shelley Bradley, Fr. 

Brennan Branch, Soph. 

Jay Branch, Fr. 

Sabrina Brantley, Fr. 

Katye Bratton, Fr. 

Lisa Bratton, Jr. 

Craig Brewer, Fr. 

lennifer Brewer, Soph. 

t ^ 

For convenience sake 

New South residents like Laura Stevens were able 
to access the Vax system from the dorm's com- 
puter lab. 

r S>M — '"-*'■ * ii. W^ ^ 


Culture shock 

Kuldip Seed admires Jason Jen's sword from Taiwan at 
the Multicultural Festival. 

Party time 

\m\ Balducci, Rhonda 

White, Marv Blaine 





decorate the Student Center 

for the weekend of Ma 

or Madness. 



Some popular T\ 







Diiys of Our Lives 

C/i/aiX(i Hope 

MchI Ahout You 

Melrose Place 

Tlie Simpsons 


of Five 



1 Lettemuvi 

Another WorlJ 

3 4 

Lucy Brinson, Soph. 
Amelia Brown, Soph. 
Andy R. Brown, Jr. 
Brooks Brown, Fr. 
Elizabeth Brown, Jr. 
Jennifer Brown, Fr. 

Nikki Brown, Fr. 
Morgan Browne, Jr. 
Barbara Ann Broyles, Sr. 
John Brunini, Sr. 
Trey Brunson, Fr. 
Kim Budde, Sr. 

Erika Buford, Soph. 
.Allen N. Burke, Soph. 
Mike Burkett, Jr. 
Justin Burnett, Fr. 
Beth Burroughs, Jr. 
Richard N. Burtt, Fr. 

Jan Butler, Sr. 
Nathan Byrd, Fr. 
Elizabeth Callaway, Jr. 
M. Kate Calvert, Soph. 
Laura Caraway, Fr. 
Patrick Caraway, Jr. 

Allison Carr, Jr. 
Ted Carter, ADP Sr. 
Courtney Caver, Sr. 
Bryant Chaffin, Soph. 
Ben Chandler, Fr. 
Tara Chase, Fr. 

Bradley Chastant, Fr. 
Karen Chenuau, Sr. 
Karen Chiang, Soph. 
Mieun Chong, Fr. 
Mary B. Chrestman, Jr. 
Raven Chrestman, Fr. 

Stephanie Clanton, Fr. 
Robin Clark, Soph. 
Sally Clark, Soph. 
Candee Clary, Sr. 
Daniel Cloud, Fr. 
Chris Cockrell, Fr. 

A C K L E 

C C 

R E L L 

3 5 

Vickie Coleman, Sr. 

Jane Collins, Fr. 

Soria Colomer, Soph. 

Amanda Cook, Soph. 

Ray Cook, Jr. 

Elizabeth Cooper, Sr. 

Carrie Covode, Soph 

Joe Cowles, Fr 

Ann Jane Cox, Fr 

Brandy Craft, Soph 

Holly Crawford, Soph 

Jennifer Crawford, Soph 

Tracey Crawford, Jr. 
Jennifer Cremer, Sr. 
Stephen Crochet, Jr. 
George Crook, Soph. 
Curtis Croom, Fr. 
Jana Crosby, Soph. 

.Andy Crotweil, Jr. 

Jenny Crowl, Sr. 

Ellen Czaika, Soph. 

Dugue Daigle, Jr. 

Mike Dale, Sr. 

Michael Paschbach, Jr. 

.Angela Davis, Sr. 

Chris Davis, Fr. 

Lee Davis, Soph. 

Marvin Davis, Soph. 

Erin Dawson, Soph. 

Ford Day, Soph. 

Latanishia Dees, Soph. 

Michele DeMarco, Sr. 

Heather Denham, Fr. 

Anthony Depa, Fr. 

Robert Dews, Sr. 

Kris Dickson, Sr. 

Rachel Diel, Soph. 
Jeremy Dobay, Soph. 

Jeffery Doolittle, Jr. 
Betsy Dorough, Soph. 

Ashley Doughty, Fr. 

Kassie Dunaway, Fr. 

3 6 


Dennis Wong checks 
his mail for the day. 
The first floor of the 
Student Center was a 
popular meeting place 
for everyone hoping 
to find something in 
their mailboxes. 

Fashionable fads 

Caroline Ellender and 
Anne Harman sport a 
couple of the popular 
trends, overalls and 
long skirts. 

Child's play 

Mieun Chong, Elizabeth Warriner and Mickey Paduda 
were just a few of the students who showed up to help 
out with the Christmas party for children from Operation 
Shoestring. Often it was hard to tell who was having 
more fun - the students who took time out to play or the 
children who visited sorority row. 

Top musical artists & groups 

Some popular musical artists & groups were: 

Alatiis Morissette Live 

Smashing Pumpkins Bush 

Coolio Tim McGraw 

Shania Twain Dave Matthews Band 

Blues Traveler Brandy 

Whitney Houston Hootie and the Blowfish 

Alison Duncan, Fr. 
Alison Dunehew, Fr. 
Jason Durel, Fr. 

Charles Duval, Soph. 
Elizabeth Dyer, Jr. 
Amber Edwards, Soph. 

Jessie Elam, Fr. 
Mitchell EUett, Soph. 
Kate England, Fr. 

Kristen Epler, Fr. 
Amy Ethridge, Jr. 
Emily Ethridge, Soph. 

Roan Evans, Fr. 
Terry Everett, Sr. 
Rebecca Ezell, Soph. 

Erica Ezelle, Fr. 

Joan M. Fabbri, ADP Sr. 

Stephanie Fanguy, Fr. 


Dalia Farmer, Fr. 
Katy Farrell, Jr. 
Trent Favre, Sr. 


A N 


3 7 

Susan Feldman, Jr. 
Christina Finzel, Sr. 
Dan Fletcher, Soph. 

Mike Fontaine, Soph. 

Alan Fowler, Fr. 

Brenda Fox, ADP Fr. 

Matt Francis, Fr. 

Nan Frascogna, Jr. 

Eddie Frederick, Fr. 

David Fuquay, Sr. 
LaKimberly Gallager, Jr. 
Heather Gannaway, Soph. 


Michael Ciannon, Fr. 

Chad Ciardner, Fr. 

Laura Gerhauser, Fr. 

Jay Gibson, Soph. 

Tobias Gibson, Soph. 

Natalie Gilbert, Jr. 

Tripp Gillespie, Jr. 

Bill Gillis, Fr. 

Elizabeth Giovingo, Fr. 

' i-. 

>\ ■. . 

•. :m 

Say cheese 

■Although going to 
Saltillo, Me.\ico, to do 
mission work was 
hardh' all fun and 
games. Clay Goff felt 
the rewards of his 
hard work when he 
got to pose with one 
of the Saltillo 

Decisions, decisions 

Dalia Farmer searches 
through the posters at 
the two-day art sale in 
September to find just 
the right one. 

We've got spirit 

c hnstiiie Swan steadies her hand as she paints Brian 
Means' face during the festive weekend of Homecoming. 

Top trends 

Some popular trends were: 

C'o/ftr houses 


Siirfin^^ the Net 

Henleys mnl/or phiiil shirts 

/)c)///x hiihh oft iiiiiiinis 




Step \liows 

Movie star sightings 


Voliticiil correctness 

3 8 

Me^an Glidewell, Fr. 
Gretchen Godchaux, Sr. 
Summer Godfrey, Fr. 
Clayton Goff, Fr. 
Brande Goldman, Fr. 
Brian Gomillion, Sr. 

Kelly M. Good, Fr. 
Shawn Goodwin, Jr. 
Christine Gorton, Jr. 
Bethany Grantham, Soph. 
Abby Graves, Sr. 
Peter Graves, Sr. 

Adrian Green, Sr. 
Charles Greenleaf, Soph. 
LaKeysha Greer, Jr. 
Jason Grissom, Jr. 
Nicholas Gristina, Fr. 
Allison Grubbs, Soph. 

Carmen Grubbs, Soph. 
Christopher Guider, Fr. 
James Haas, Fr. 
Adrian Hackett, Sr. 
Bridget Hall, Soph. 
Caria Hall, Fr. 

Sam Hall, Soph. 
Wil Hallford, Jr. 
Brian Hamilton, Fr. 
Jennifer Hamm, Soph. 
Devin Hammons, Fr. 
Stacy Hammons, ADP Sr. 

Amanda Hancock, Fr. 
Jamie Hanry, ADP Jr. 
Amy Harden, Sr. 
DeMatt Harkins, Jr. 
.Anne Harman, Fr. 
Jackie Harper, Sr. 

Elise Harrell, Jr. 
Bradley Harrelson, Sr. 
April Harris, Soph. 
Heather Harris. Soph. 
Jamie Harris, Fr. 
Charlotte Harrison, Soph. 

F E L 

M A 

H A R R I S 

3 9 

Joseph Harrison, Soph. 

Phil Hartness, Jr. 

Tammy Harvey. Fr. 

Melissa Harvison, Soph. 

Gigi Haydel, Sr. 

Magruder Hazhp, Fr. 

Mohua Hazra, Sr. 

Christopher Heit, Sr. 

Jim Heiter, Sr. 

Matt Helms, Fr. 

Karen Hemphill, Soph. 

Matt Henry, Jr. 

Eric Herrington, Jr. 

.'\nn Heslin, Fr. 

Rusty Hogg, Fr. 

raul Holland, Fr. 

Kim Hollimon, Sr. 

Bridget Hollis, Fr. 

Neil Hollis, Fr. 

Martin T. HoUoway, Fr. 

Rhoda Holman, Fr. 

Jed Helton, Fr. 

Angle Hood, Jr. 

Wyn Hoover, Sr. 

Mary Homer, Sr. 

Theresa Hubiak, Fr. 

Shanell Hudson, Fr. 

Will Huguet.Jr. 

Marilyn Humphrey, .^DPJr. 

Shannon Husband, Fr. 

Clifton Hyde, Fr. 

Tresslar Hydinger, Fr. 

Teddy Hymel, Sr. 

Wesley Ingram, Soph. 

Ed Jaffar, Fr. 

Benjamin Jeffcoat, Soph. 

Jim Joachim, Fr. 

Steven Johns, Soph. 

Andrea Johnson, ADPJr. 

Ashley Johnson, Jr. 

Authur Johnson, Jr. 

David Johnson, ADP Sr. 


Looking downfield 

Charlie Taylor 
participated in 
intramural flag 
football. Intramurals 
were popular for both 
the participants and 
the spectators. 

Housing crunch 

Katie Sutherland, 
Therese Weir and 
Amanda Hancock 
decide on the perfect 
room during the 
spring housing 
lottery. Some 
students had to sign 
up three people to a 
room because of the 
lack of space. 

Tuned in 

Bernadad Burchfield, Turkessa Irvin, Desmond Funchess, 
Kenneth Thomas, Jerome Guine, Jimmye Hamilton, 
Kenneth Coleman, Don Proctor and Marvin Davis watch 
Vanessa Beaumont perform gospel music during the 
Multicultural Festival. 

Top millsaps events & issues 

Some hot topics and big events: 

Sigi^ing of the Honor Code Cable television 

Ice Storm '96/water crisis 

Plus/minus grading system 

Ice skating downtown 


Dorm roaches 

Housing shortage 
Alcohol policy 
SBA officer salaries 
Minority scholarships 
Parking problems 

Heather Johnson, Soph. 
Lee A. Johnson, Soph. 
Clay Johnston, Sr. 

Patrick Johnston, Soph. 
Jason Jolly, Soph. 
Jennifer Jones, Fr. 

Lakeisha Jones, Soph. 
Leeland D. Jones, Fr. 
Melissa Jones, Jr. 

Thomas Jones, Soph. 
Jason Jordan, Fr. 
Micah Joyner, Fr. 


Kelly Justice, Fr. 
Barry Karrh, Fr. 
Kaori Kavvarazuka, Jr. 

Takeshi Kawarazuka, Jr. 
Jennifer L. Kellum, Fr. 
Kathy Kemp, Sr. 

Mark Kiel, Fr. 
Julie Kimbrough, Sr. 
Allen King, Jr. 

A R R 



4 1 

Kris King, Fr. 
Andrew Kirby, Sr. 
Aiden Kirk, Soph. 

Nobuhiro Kondo, Sr. 

Kim Kuhns, Sr. 

Aimee Lacallade, Jr. 

Stephanie Land, Fr. 

Gene Lang, Jr. 

Mary Largent, Soph. 

Bal<t-r Lawley, Soph. 
Kirt; Lawrence, Fr. 
Jason LeBlanc, Fr. 

Rachel LeBlanc, Sr. 

Charles Ledhetter, Soph. 

Kvla Leleux, Fr. 

Rasa Lemmond, Fr. 
,Anne Lene, Fr. 
Misty Leon, Fr. 

David Lestage, Fr. 

Scott Lewis, Sr. 

Bart Liles, Fr. 

Registration made easy 

\icki Livingston aids Leah Waiiin. Oreathia Smith, 
Daniel Woods, and Margus Sarglepp with pre- 
registration for fall classes. 

Books for sale 

Vasuko SdwasL' talks with Minii Mangrum and .Allison 
Priebe about the books which she has for sale at the 
Multicultural Festival. 

Study, Study! 

Stotl Xickcrs, 

NItal Patel, 


mne VVahrlt 

and Brian 

Means discus; 

their IDS c 

ass in the bowl. 


often rela.xed 

or studied in th 

is area of campus. 

Top songs 

Some pt)pular 

songs were 

Slioup (Wciitiii:^ to Exliiik') 

Oiiii^stii 's P 





Total Eilips 

■ of the Heart 

1 LiU' 11. 1 ion 


Dust vn the 


Kiss From A Rose 



Breakfast at 


4 2 

Heather Lindsey, Soph. 
Monique Lipari, Sr. 
Brad Litkenhous, Fr. 
Martha Littrell, ADPJr. 
Amy Lofton, Sr. 
Mike Lonegrass, Fr. 

Becky Long, Jr. 
Lauren Long, Jr. 
Logan Long, Fr. 
Heather Lott, Jr. 
Adriane Louie, Soph. 
John Lowery, Soph. 

Sarah Lowery, Fr. 
Vanh Luangphakdy, Fr. 
Jimmie Lucas, Fr. 
Sarah Luce, Sr. 
Natalie Lyon, Jr. 
Brad Madden, Jr. 

Jill Magargee, Fr. 
Megan Maginnis, Soph. 
Charlie Malouf, Jr. 
Lauren Mancini, Jr. 
Mimi Mangrum, Soph. 
Troy Manson, Jr. 

Minette Marley, Sr. 
Jim Marshall, Soph. 
Ashley Martin, Fr. 
Cheryl Martin, ADP Sr. 
Ray Masker, Soph. 
Rvo Matsuoka, Fr. 

Jennifer Matthews, Fr. 
Emily Mayo, Jr. 
Amy McCain, Sr. 
Lauri McCormick, Soph. 
Michael McCown, Fr. 
Anna McCracken, Jr. 


Currey McDaniel, Fr. 
Philip McDermott, Jr. 
Eric McDonald, Fr. 
Alison McDonnell, Sr. 
Ashley McDonnell, Soph. 
Ginger McElwee, Fr. 

G - M C E L W E E 

4 3 

Melissa McEver, Sr. 

April McGreger, Fr. 

Katharine McKee, Fr. 

Lori McKee, Soph. 

Christopher McLean.Soph. 

Tara McLellan, Fr. 

Jason McManus, Fr. 

Austin McMullen, Jr. 

Christopher McNeal, Jr. 

Kristen McRae, Jr. 

Ellen McRaney, Sr. 

Mary Meadows, Fr. 

Brian Means, Fr. 

Cindi Meeks, Sr. 

Elizabeth Mehrle, Sr. 

Li Melcher, Jr. 

Tai Melcher, Fr. 

Britt Mendoza, Fr. 

Kelly Merriman, Sr. 

Christine Meyers, Sr. 

Jennifer Miller, Sr. 

Lori Miller, Fr. 

Tiffany D. Miller, Fr. 

Marshall Mills, Fr. 

Christopher Mims, Jr 

•Anne Minor, Soph 

Molly Mitchell, Fr 

Ryuta Miyamoto, Fr 

Anna K. Monteith, Jr 

Laura Moore, Soph 

Sara Moorehouse, Soph. 

Mark Moran, Fr. 

Steve Morgan, Sr. 

Zachary Morgan, Fr. 

Mary Love MortimerSoph. 

Chris Mosely, Jr. 

Jennifer Mosley, Jr. 

Michelle Moss, Jr. 

Catherine Mouton, Fr. 

Ferd Moyse, Fr. 

Robert Mozingo, Sr. 

Megan Mulloy, Jr. 

4 4 

Time to play 

Chris Davis spends 
free time playing one 
of tlie video games in 
the Grille. 


Betsy Vandiver and 
Hudson Segrest walk 
with Perspectives 
leader Lendy Van 
Slyke toward one of 
the meetings in the 
AC during Freshman 



Down and dirty 

Todd Reeves helps Jenni Brown and Heather Lott throw 
Caroline Ellender into the mudpit after the tug of war 
during Major Madness. 

Top cars 

Some popular cars were: 

Honda Accord 

Mustang convertible 





leep Grand Cherokee 



Mitsubishi Eclipse 

Mazda MX6 


Chris Murphy, Jr. 
Suzie Murphy, Fr. 
Wayne Murphy, Jr. 

Masakazu Muto, Fr. 
John Myers, Jr. 
Perry Narro, Jr. 

Carrie Nash, Jr. 
Eric Navarre, Jr. 
Ben Nelson, Sr. 

Chris Newman, Jr. 
Allison Nichols, Soph. 
Kim Niolet, Fr. 

Trace Noble, Jr. 
Brian Norton, Soph. 
Chris O'Brien, Soph. 

Elizabeth O'Donnell, Soph. 
Amanda O'Kelly, Jr. 
Amy Osborn, Fr. 

Tanya Oswald, Soph. 
Jason Otis, Soph. 
Tyler Owen, Fr. 

M C E V E R 

W E 

4 5 

Melinda Owens, Fr, 
Meredith Ozier, Jr. 
Kimberlv Pace, Fr. 

Suzanne Pack, Sr. 

Michael Paduda, Fr. 

Gayle Palfrey, Sr. 


Michael Pantin, Soph. 

Ellen Parker, Sr. 

David Pamell, Jr. 


Michelle Pate, Sr. 

Nital Patel, Fr. 

Karena Payne, Sr. 

Erica M. Pedersen, Fr. 

Emily Peoples, Soph. 

Ken Peters, ADP Jr. 

Vickie Pettis, Sr. 
Jon Peyton, Fr. 
Jeff Phillips, Jr. 

Joshua Phillips, Soph. 

Justin Phillips, Fr. 

Dana Pierce, ADP Soph. 

Grill economics 

Therese Weir waits to 
have her meal rung 
up in the grill. 
Students were often 
doing math outside 
the classroom in 
.Acy's, making sure 
that their purchases 
were under the four 
dollar limit. 

Suds up 

Ciallowa\' residents 
Mary .Alice Rambin 
and Kathleen Robbins 
traveled to New South 
to do their laundn-. 

Pumping iron 

Manv people, like Daniel Ni.x, took advantage of the new- 
weight room. .Aerobics classes were also offered to meet 
the needs of the health conscious. 

Top foods 

Some popular 



Chicken tender 




Doiinnos pizza 

Subway sanilwuhes 

Health foods 

TV dinners 

Ranien noodles 


Macaroni and cheese 


Soft ser\v yo^irt 

Dr. Pepper 

Mountain Dew 

4 6 

Beau Pollard, Fr. 
Brian Ponder, Jr. 
Jeanette Popsack, Sr. 
Mark Post, Soph. 
Jason Powers, Jr. 
Kate Powers, Fr. 

Emily Prejean, Jr. 
Michael Prejean, Jr. 
Chris Price, Sr. 
Allison Priebe, Soph. 
Jason Pugh, Fr. 
Amy Purser, Jr. 

Mary Alice Rambin, Soph. 
Amy Randazzo, Fr. 
Holly Raub, Fr. 
Michael Ray, Soph. 
Harry Rayburn, Soph. 
Gregory Redman, Sr. 

Kevin Redmann, Fr. 
Angela Reed, Jr. 
Ashley Reed, Fr. 
Todd Reese, Sr. 
Todd Reeves, Soph. 
Hany Rezk, Soph. 


Bryant Richards, Fr. 
Rachel Richardson, Sr. 
Kellie Rish, Fr. 
Jon Robert, Fr. 
Paul Roberts, Fr. 
Christina Robertson, Soph. 

Charlie Robinson, Jr. 
Dana Roe, Jr. 
Dara Rogers, Sp. 
Jennifer Rogers, Fr. 
Shannon Rogers, Jr. 
Lisa Rota, Soph. 

Rusty Rountree, Jr. 
Jason Ruggles, Soph. 
Matt Russell, Fr. 
Susan Russell, Sr. 
Bradley Sanders, Fr. 
Geney Sanders, Sr. 

W E 

S A 

D E R S 

4 7 

Jennifer Sanders, Soph 
Neeka Sanders, Sr, 
Tricia Sanford, Fr 

Margus Sarglepp, Fr 
Mariko Sasuga, Fr 

Chris Saucier, Soph 

Hudson Segrest, Fr. 

Jennifer Sentilles, Jr. 

Christine Seto, Soph. 

Jan Shearer, Fr. 

Katie Sheehan, Fr. 

Cassie Sheldon. Fr. 

David Shelton, Sr 

Sarah Shelton, Soph 

Claire Shepard, Jr 

Amber Shipee, Jr 

Kouji Shirasu, Soph 

Drew Sill, Fr 

Nathan Silva, Fr 

t atheriru- Simmons.Soph 

Jennifer Simmons, Jr 

Ben Skipper, Jr 

Nancy Sloan, Soph 

Lane Smiley, Jr 

Alexia Smith, Fr 

■Amy Smith, Sr 

Lauren Smith, Sr 

Oreathia Smith, Fr 

Chris Sneider, Fr, 

Nicole Soho, Sr 

Kuldip Sood, Soph 

jenna Spears, Fr 

Lauren Stamps, Fr 

Mark Stars, Fr 

Mike Steel, Soph 

Melissa Noe Sterling, Fr, 

Lorri Savell, Fr. 


Yasuko Sawase, Jr. 
William Schroeder, Fr. 


David Schulter, Fr. 

m^ ^ ^ i 

Oliver Scoggin, Sr. 


Lindsey Scruggs, Soph. 


><^^<^^ *♦<*<• 

4 8 

Sunday night in olin 

Dan Fletcher and Heather Gannaway prepare for 
Zoology on a Sunday night. Olin was a popular 
study place on all nights of the week. 


Kenneth Thomas, Jerome Guine, Dwayne Jones, Kenneth 
Coleman and Tree Meeks watch the pre-game show at the 
Super Bowl party in the Grille. 

April showers bring... 

Erin Best, Jennifer Brewer, Melissa Jones and Mary 
Blaine make their way through the rain toward 

Top procrastination activities 

Some popular ways to put off work were: 

Senditig E-Mail or checking out the Internet 

Searching Jackson for restaurants open after 9:00 p.m. 

Talking on the phone 

Going to the res 

Eating, sleeping, shopping or cleaning 

Working out, running or walking 

Chad Stevens, Fr. 
Laura Stevens, Jr. 
Jami Stokes, Soph. 

Cara Strickland, Sr. 
Chris Sullivan, Sr. 
Katie Sutherland, Fr. 

Christine Swan, Sr. 
Kutenia Tate, Sr. 
Natale Tate, Sr. 

Ashley Tatum, Fr. 
Ann Taylor, Soph. 
Holly Taylor, Soph. 

.Allison Tays, Sr. 
Chad Teague, Fr. 
Kim Temple, Soph. 

Jessica Thomas, Fr. 
John Thomas, Jr. 
Kenneth Thomas, Soph. 

Cara Thompson, Soph. 
Paul Thompson, Soph. 
Clifford Tillman, Soph. 

S A 

L L M A 

4 9 

David Touchstone, Jr. 

Alice Trask, Soph. 

Matthew Troup, Sr. 

Marty Troupe, Jr. 

Nobuyuki Tsuchiya, Fr. 

Lawrence Tucker, Jr. 

.April Turner, Soph. 
Amy Turnipseed, Fr. 
Jeni Turnipseed, Sr. 

Stacy Valentine, Sr. 

Elizabeth V'andiver, Fr. 

Lendy Van Slyke, Jr. 

Jake Vargo, Soph. 
Emily Vamer, Sr. 
Brian Vaught, Sr. 

Matthew Velkey, Sr. 

Julia Vinson, Fr. 

Liz Volmer, Jr. 

Suzanne Wahrle, Fr. 

Whit Waide, Sr. 

Dan Walker, Fr. 

Robert Walker, Fr. 

Leah Wallin, Fr. 

Deedre Walsh, Sr. 

Tyler Walton, Fr. 

Isaac W'ankerl, Soph. 

Lvle Wardlaw, Sr. 

Extra, extra 

World issues 

David Wright reads about the Dallas Cowboys' 
Superbowl victory in the Clarion Ledger. 

Japanese student Makiko Oishi and Lilian Li, an 
MBA student from Hong Kong, talk to W.E. 
Simmons in the Bowl. One percent of the student 
body was from outside the United States. 

Top sports MO^AENTS 

Some notable sports itioments were: 

Nebraska Conihuskers finished the season imdefeateil to win 

NCAA football championships. 
Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl. 
Mississippi State Biilhlogs went to the Final Four, but the 

Kentucky Wildcats won the championship. 
Atlanta Braves won the World Series. 


Elizabeth Warren, Jr. 
Stacy Warren, Fr. 
Dee Dee Warriner, Soph. 
Ehzabeth Warriner, Fr. 
Carla Webb, Jr. 
Erin Webre, Fr. 

Scott Webster, Jr. 
Therese Weir, Fr. 
Mary West, Fr. 
Doug White, Jr. 
Mario White, Sr. 
Rhonda White, Fr. 

Angela Whittington, Jr. 
Derek Whitwer, Jr. 
Emilie Wien, Fr. 
Kristy Wilkinson, Soph. 
John Will, Fr. 
Amanda Williams, Soph. 

Billy Williams, Fr. 
Brian Williams, Soph. 
Claire Williams, Sr. 
Elton Williams, Sr. 
Lauren Williams, Soph. 
Jeff Wilson, Jr. 


Kevin Wilson, Soph. 
Jared Windhauser, Fr. 
Dennis Wong, Soph. 
Amanda Wood, Soph. 
Brad Wood, Jr. 
Michael Wood, Sr. 


Erica Woodall, Fr. 
Daniel Woods, Fr. 
Jacob Woodward, Fr. 
Peyton Worley, Fr. 
Ethan Worthington.Soph. 
David Wright, Jr. 

Yoshinori Yamada, Soph. 
Stephanie Yasinski, Fr. 
Aileen Yelle, MBA 
Elaine Young, ADP Jr. 
Elizabeth Young, Jr. 
Stephanie Zeber, Jr. 


C H S T 


5 1 

ours spent in the new 

weight room. . . running, 

running, and running 
some more... strength & 

conditioning... long practices... reviewing 
films... practicing stunts... going over 
routines... away games - ROAD TRIP!... 
playingathome... watching baseball games 
from a couch on the back of a pickup 
truck... filling the gym for the NCAA 
basketball playoffs... dedication... spring 
training... spirit and motivation... At 
MillsapSy education is the first priority and 
athletics come second. But the will to play 

hard and the desire to win is just as strong. 





54 Football 
Ranager retires; Jurney takes over 

56 Cheerleading 
Squad wins NCA spirit award 

.58 Women's Soccer 
Five starting seniors graduate 

60 Men's Soccer 

62 Cross Country 
Steve Morgan sets new school record 

64 Volleyball 

New coach 's first season 

66 Women's Basketball 
Carla Webb named All American 

68 Men's Basketball 
Proctor named SCAC Player of the Year 

70 Baseball 
Finish 3rd in NCAA regional 

72 Tennis 

Teams host Invitational Tournament 

74 Golf 

Section Editor: Dalia Farmer 

5 2 

T H L E T 

C S 




FOOTBALL, [front) A.]. Johnson, Todd Reeves, Bryant Richards, Troy Nickerson, Brad Madden, Doug Hindman, {2nd row) 
Patrick Johnston, Jimmy Joachim, John Atwood, Chuck Edwards, Beau Pollard, Andy Crotwell, {3rd row) Brandon Barlow, 
Chris McNeol, Charlie Malouf, Wes Ingram, Ken Thomas, Troy Hilton, Jason Otis, Marty May, {4th row) Jay Burleson, Jeff 
Wilkins, Lyie Bennett, Randy Bass, Chris Cockrell, Brad Temple, Josh Trapp, Beau Hale, {5th row) Ben Nonnenmacher, Mike 
Lonegrass, Albert Britton, James Haas, Desmond Funchess, Mike Gannon, Neil Hollis, Ronnie Isaac, {6th row) Matt Huord, 
Michael Ray, Chris Miller, Duane Fewell, Chris Davis, Arthur Jackson, Eddie Frederick, John Thomas, {7lh row) Equip. Mgr. 
Cowboy Skinner, Nathan Byrd, Phil Hartness, Eric Navarre, Jerome Guine, Todd Reese, Mgr. Lee Duval, {8th row) Student 
Trainer Lancie Greenlee, Head Trainer Murray Burch, Asst. Coach Bill Raphael, Asst. Coach Chris Walker, Asst. Coach Joe 
Don Samples, Head Coach Tommy Ranoger, Asst. Coach Jim Page, Asst. Coach John Lorrys, Student Trainer Ashley Hansford, 
Student Trainer Charlie Swearingen. 


5 4 

_rj J jj 





Head Coach announces retirement 

"I decided last 
spring to retire, 
but I didn't want 
many people to 
know. I wanted 
this season to be 
about my boys 
playing football 
and not about 

Tommy Ranager 
Head Coach 

EVASIVE ACTION. Running back 
Bryant Richards carries the ball 
against Rose-Hulman in the 
season opener. 

in November after leading the Majors for 
seven years. During his reign as head coach, 
Ranager compiled an overall record of 32 
and 31. Athletic Director Ron Jurney will 
take over as head coach for the '96 season. 
• • • 

Brad Madden led the Majors in total 
yardage and was first team All Conference. 
Wes Ingram was on top in receiving yards 
with 744 and was also selected first team 
All Conference. Ingram was 
the SCAC Offensive Player of 
the Week for the week of 
September 9. 

• • • 

Chuck Edwards was 
named preseason All 
American and first team All 
Conference. He led the team 
with 51 solo tackles. Jay 
Burleson had 46, with James 
Haas close behind at 40. 

15-35 Rose-Hulman Inst. 

28-18 McMurryUniv, 

21-17 Colorado College 

1 7-34 Emory & Henry 

19-30 Centre College 

7-35 Trinity University 

21-28 Kentucky Wesleyan 

6-7 Univ. of the South 

26-34 Rhodes College 


Other All SCAC players 
included Chris Miller on the 
first team and Troy Hilton 
on the second team. Jeff Wilkins and Clay 
Johnston were honorable mention. 


Quarterback Brandon Barlow led the 
Majors early in the season before he 
injured his ankle in the third game. 
Freshman Beau Pollard stepped up to 
fill the position. 


R T S 

5 5 

SPIRITTIME. Chris Sullivan, Erin 
Dawson, and Brandy Craft show 
their enthusiasm for the Majors at 
the first home football gome of 
the season. 

CHEERLEADERS, [front] Kellie 
DeBroeck, Mohua Hazro, Erin 
Dawson, Captain Chris Sullivan, 
Amelia Brown, [back] Sean 
Grace, Brandy Croft, Turkessa 
Irvin, Captain Paul Gordon, 
Aimee Lacallade, Amanda 
Hancock, Clifford Tillmon. 

5 6 


_ J 


"Being mascot 
was fun because 
I could act really 
stupid and wild 
and get laughed 
at, but no one 
would know it 
was me in the 

The Major 


El /A / D I 
Spirited group supports athletics 

the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in 
the summer of '95. For their work at the 
NCA College Spirit Camp there, the team 
won superior marks and brought home the 
spirit trophy. 

• • • 

"The cheerleaders received superb 
support from the Athletic Department," 
said Chris Sullivan. The department hired 
new head coach Mary Margaret Waycaster. 

A common sight in the 
gym was the cheerleaders 
during their long, hard 
practices. Tryouts for the 
team were held in the 
previous spring. The 
turnout for the tryouts was 
large and the competition 
was high. 

The Majors performed 
for all the football and 
basketball home games. The 
team hoped to travel in the future and 
support the teams in conference and NCAA 




ANTICIPATION. Jason LeBlanc checks 
out the action on the field between 


5 7 


J J 






Earlham College 


Luther College 


Centenary College 


Loyola University 


Agnes Scott College 


Tenn Wesleyan 


Lambuth University 


Southwestern Univ. 


Trinity University 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


LaGrange College 


Centre College 


Univ. of the South 


Loyola University 


Spring Hill 


Rhodes College 


Hendrix College 


Lambuth University 


Last year for five starting seniors 

her Millsaps career ahead of the rest. Soho 
led the team with 11 goals on 55 shots. 
She also led the Majors with 5 assists. She 
had 27 total points on the season. Soho 
was named All Conference first team. 

• • • 

Sara Moorehouse came in second with 
9 goals, 3 assists, and 21 total points. 
Moorehouse was a sophomore and would 
be one of the few returning starters for the 
following year. 

• • • 

Senior Lisa Waskom received All 
Conference honorable 
mention. Waskom led the 
Majors in goal keeping 
statistics. She had a total of 
127 saves for the year. Other 
senior players who will be 
missed include defender 
Carrie Coker, midfielder Kim 
Budde, and defender Susan 

Halley Austin clears the ball. 

"We competed favorably 
with teams that had 
experienced scholarship players," said Coach 
David Forsythe. 

"We just played 
as hard as we 
could. All the 
girls got along 
well, and the 
road trips were 
really fun." 

Nicole Soho 


^ Jl\ 


Jennifer Allred had two goals 
and three assists. 

■;W* ■■' : 


^ ' 1 

. .^^^^J "'».- 




^^^^^^5L ^ 





s ■■ ,^^^^^^,_ 


^ '■■■■"■■"' 

sswbrs^''P'^ ^....i^^^S 


[V~" ■■ J ,.. . T^'- •■-■■ '-fT- :- -| 

SAVE. Katie Sutherland shows 
some fancy footwork to keep the 
ball in bounds. 

GOAL SHOT. Forward Sara 
Moorehouse was the second 
highest scorer on the team with 
forty-six shots, nine goals, and 
three assists. 

YiiiiiiiM. T^kJUfkiA y 

WOMEN'S SOCCER, /frontj Jennifer Miller, Leah Williams, Jennifer Allred, Captain Nicole 
Soho, f2ncy row) Katie Sutherland, Sara Moorehouse, Kim Budde, Kaveri Nielsen, Halley 
Austin, (backj Asst. Coach Bill Lytton, Susan Russell, Carrie Coker, Lisa Waskom, Ashley 
Abate, Student Trainer Molly Stewart, Head Coach David Forsythe, (not pictured) Julie 
Fennell, Molly Alton, Megan Mulloy. 

5 9 

WATCH OUT. Sophomore Justin 
Motheny maintains possession of 
the balL 

SPEEDING. Nicholas Gristino 
makes a break for the ball, with 
teammate Stephen Babula, top 
scorer on the team, ready to back 
him up. 

MEN'S SOCCER, (front) Ryo Matsuoko, Josh Farley, Nick Gristina, Robert Mozingo, 
Michael Boerner, (2nd row) Willem Bermel, Joseph Conwill, Stephen Babula, Emile 
Craig, Horry Rayburn, John Pace, Nathan Guice, (3rcl row) Ais\. Coach Bill Lytton, Mich 
Coker, Andy Batten, Justin Matheny, John Adams, Jon Robert, James Griffis, Hideki 
Yasumoto, Head Coach David Forsythe, (back) Jeremy Dobay, Nathan Beavers, Lee 
Scott Johnson, Andy Kuhn, Tobias Gibson, Lamont Hanson, Ray Masker. 

IN THE AIR. Lee Johnson, along 
with Horry Rayburn, led the team 
in assists with three for the year. 




Team faces trouble on the road 



i^-— - 

" I was very 
impressed with 
the new talent, 
the freshmen 
and sophomores. 
The team has an 
exciting future." 

Nathan Guice 

winning record at home, the Majors fell 
short of victories when they traveled. The 
team felt good about the solid performance 
of its players including many seniors who 
led the team for four years. 

• • • 

Senior Nathan Guice had 7 goals for the 
year and came in second in total points 
with 15. The team was led by Stephen 
Babula who had 8 goals for the year and 17 
total points. 

• • • 

Defensive stopper Andy Kuhn will be 
missed by his teammates. As 
a co-captain of the Majors, 
he provided motivation for 
the team. 

• • • 

Lee Johnson and Harry 
Rayburn each had 3 assists 
to help the Majors. Together 
they also had a total of 8 



Earlham College 


Luther College 


Centenary College 


Emory & Henry Col. 


Marymount Univ. 


Dallos Baptist 


Southwestern Univ. 


Trinity University 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


LaGrange College 


Centre College 


Univ. of the South 


Austin College 


Rhodes College 


Hendrix College 


Dallas Baptist 


Univ. of Dallas 


Goalie Jeremy Dobay had 
87 saves on the season and 
was named honorable mention All 

TAKING CONTROL Nathan Beavers 
was one of only four players who 

started in all eighteen games. 


T S 

IN THE CROWD. Pnscilla 
Almond,Janet Foley, Emilie Wien, 
and Jean Grayson jostle with the 
pack at the start of the 5K women's 
course at Hendrix. 


M Ji .. - J .- 

MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY. Max Cox, Ken Ball, Steve Morgan, Ray WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY. Asst, Coach Jackie Novak, Janet 
Cook, Trey Anding, Coach Matt Velkey. Foley, Priscilla Almond, Jean Grayson, Emilie Wien, Mary West, Nan 

Frascogna, Elizabeth Callaway. 

TEAM UNITY. Max Cox, Ray 
Cook, Nan Frascogna, and Ken 
Ball wait for team results to be 

6 2 


"I run to keep in 
shape and to try 
to put the cross 
country team in 
the competitive 
ranks of Division 
ill athletics." 

Steve i\/lorgan 


o u 

One sport brings two teams together 

cross country team for the women by 
placing first among them in three meets, 
including an overall first place finish in a 
dual meet with Belhaven. 
• • • 

Nan Frascogna recalled one trip when 
the team was going to Delta State for a 
meet. "Matt was driving and he got lost. 
By the time we got there, they were waiting 
for us at the starting line. We didn't even 
get to warm up," she said. Nan finished 
first among her teammates in a meet at the 
University of Southern Mississippi. Jean 
Grayson finished ahead of all 
her teammates in two races. 
• • • 

All Conference runner 
Steve Morgan qualified to go 
to the Division III regional 
meet by finishing fourth at 
the SCAC Championships. 
There he finished 10th with 
a time of 27:16. Morgan 
said, "The team had good 
unity. At Delta State some 
of our male runners were 
feeling the heat of the 
course. The women went out all along the 
five mile course to support us." 




Audubon Inv. 


Southern Miss. Inv. 


Delta State Inv. 




Rhodes College Inv. 





Audubon Inv. 


Southern Miss. Inv. 


Delta State Inv. 


Belhaven & Holmes 


Rhodes College Inv. 



ENDURANCE. Elizabeth Callaway 
finished 20th out of 53 runners at the 
conference championships. 


6 3 





_ J 

New coach and team face many obstacles 




Loyola University 


Loyola University 


Principia College 


Lambuth University 


Williams Baptist 




Christian Brothers 


Univ. of West Ala 


Univ. oF the South 


Centre College 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


Mississippi College 


Jackson State 


Judson College 


Mississippi College 


Trinity University 


Southwestern Univ 


Hendrix College 


Rhodes College 


Loyola University 


Mississippi College 


Jackson State 


Rhodes College 


Southwestern Univ. 


Hendrix College 


Univ of the South 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


Univ. of West Ala. 

7 7 WINS • 21 LOSSES 

started her first season with the Majors in 
the fall. She was determined to turn the 
schoors volleyball program around. She 
said, "I know what it takes to go from 
ground zero to a competitive level. We are 
not in a rebuilding phase. We are in a 
building phase." 

• • • 

Junior Lauren Long broke several team 
individual records for the year, including 
the one for serving aces, and was named All 
Conference honorable mention. Long 

finished 5th in the 
nation in service 
aces with 69. 
• • • 

Middle blocker 
Kathryn Hughes 
was also named All 
SCAC honorable 
mention. Hughes 
led the Majors in 
four different 
categories. She 

had 161 kills for the year and an attack 

percentage of .241 to lead the team. 

Hughes also had 33 solo blocks and 26 

blocking assists. 

HEADS UP. Alison Dunehew 
works on her serve. 

"We met a lot of 
goals and set a 
lot of records by 
coming together 
and playing as a 

Lauren Long 


STRETCH. Angie Hood had a 
total of 96 digs for the year. 

6 4 


R T S 

Dorough and Kathryn Hughes 
display teamwork. Dorough had 
3 blocking assists. 

SET IT UP. Betsy Dorough played 

VOLLEYBALL, (front) Alison 
Dunehew, Angie Hood, Amy 
Smith, (back) Lauren Long, 
Kathryn Hughes, Betsy Dorough, 
Coach Carlson. 

6 5 

STRONG HOLD. Michelle Biegel 
goes up for a rebound. She was 
the leading rebounder with 8.4 
per game. 

was the leading scorer on the 
team with on averoge of 1 6.0 
points per game. 

Julie Fennell, Lancie Greenlee, 
Gretl Zimmerman, Jan Shearer, 
ChrissyWebb, fiboclcj Mgr. Amy 
Smith, Trainer Murray Burch, Leah 
Smith, Michelle Biegel, Allison 
Ammonn, Kim Weaver, Carlo 
Webb, Jennifer Hamm, Apri 
McGreger, Head Coach Cindy 

forward Mary Helen Wall was 
selected Most Improved Player by 
the coaches. 

6 6 

^ rJ rJ 


Women host first round NCAA tourney game 

"Our team really 
reached its 
potential. This 
is probably the 
most well- 
rounded team 
that ever played 
at Millsaps." 

Cindy Hannon 
Head Coach 




season, the Lady Majors beat Oglethorpe by 
48 points to win their first conference 
championship. In their next game, they 
hosted a first round game for the NCAA 
tournament in which they played 
conference co-champ Hendrix College and 
got revenge for an earlier loss. This was 
the first time the Lady Majors had advanced 
to the second round of the playoffs. 
• • • 

The team was ranked 7th in the nation 
in Division III and 1st in the nation in 
scoring with 82.7 points per game. They 
outscored their 
opponents by an 
average of 18 
points per game. 

Carla Webb was 
named Conference 
Player of the Year 
and All American. 
Kim Weaver was 
first team All 
Conference and 
Michelle Biegel 

received an honorable mention. Head 
Coach Cindy Hannon was selected SCAC 
Coach of the Year. 

GETTING UP. Kim Weaver grabs 
the rebound. She had the second 
highest rebounding average on 
the team with 7.3 per game. 

IHE final SZUHl 




Loyola University 
Emory University 
Judson College 
Rust College 
Univ. of LaVerne 
Loyola University 
Judson College 
LSU Shreveport 
Emory University 
Ripon College 
Rhodes College 
Hendrix College 
Centre College 
Univ. of the South 
Southwestern Univ. 
Trinity University 
Centre College 
Univ. of the South 
Southwestern Univ. 
Trinity University 
Oglethorpe Univ. 
Rhodes College 
Hendrix College 
Oglethorpe Univ. 
Hendrix College 



6 7 


^J J 
Majors make it to the "Big Dance 

THE /marsCORE 


Loyola University 
Fisk University 
Maryville University 
Westminster Univ. 
Rust College 
Loyola University 
Pensacola Christian 
Pensacola Christian 
Emory University 
Rhodes College 
Hendrix College 
Centre College 
Univ of the South 
Southwestern Univ 
Trinity University 
Centre College 
Univ. of the South 
Fisk University 
Southwestern Univ. 
Trinity University 
Oglethorpe Univ 
Rhodes College 
Hendrix College 
Oglethorpe Univ. 
Newport Univ. 


beating Rhodes College at Rhodes to seal 
the conference championship for the 2nd 
year in a row. The Majors hosted the first 
round of the NCAA Division III tournament 
and beat Bridgewater College by 11 points 
to improve their record to 22-4. They had 
to travel to Virginia to Christopher 
Newport University where they fell short of 
a trip to the Sweet Sixteen by 4 points. 
• • • 

Junior Daryl Nelson said "It was a great 
season because we had a great group of 

guys who got 
along. I think if 
we'd played the 
final game here, we 
would have won by 
10 points. 

• • • 

Don Proctor 
was selected All 
Conference first 
team. John 
Brunini and John 
Garber were 
named second team All Conference. Coach 
John Stroud was selected SCAC Coach of 
the Year. 


Wallace scored 207 points, 
averaging 77 per game. 

" After going 
through two 
tough years at 
Millsaps, it was 
gratifying to 
success. Our 
SCAC titles 
demonstrate the 
importance of an 

Johnny Brunini 


6 8 


T S 

DRIVING. Don Proctor, the 
conference Player of the Year, 
averaged 1 9.4 points per gome. 

MAN ON MAN. Sliooting guard 
Brad Price led the team in three 
point goals. 

Garber led the team in rebounds 
with 8.1 per game. Garber also 
had a conference-leading total of 
blocked shots. 

6 9 

THROW DOWN. Chris Lawrence 
wos the starting catcher but also 
pitched in 3 gomes and hod a 
.356 batting overage. 

baseman Mike Prejean was 
selected as All-SCAC honoroble 

BACK! Opposing pitchers had o 
difficult time keeping base runners 
close. The Majors stole 86 bases 
out of 105 attempts. 

BASEBALL, (front) Chris Lawrence, Robert Dews, David Shelton, Mike Prejean, Logon 
Long, (2nd row) Jacob Fuller, Dovid Jones, Kirk Kinard, Chad Teague, Mark Kiel, Craig 
Brewer, (3rd row] Asst, Coach Trey Porter, Nathan Silvo, Kevin Wilson, Ben Jeffcoot, 
Chris McNeol, Mike Highfill, Lone Wolberg, Mark Moron, Head Coach Jim Page, (back) 
Matt Helms, Tripp Gillespie, Teddy Hymel, Pete Austin, William Hooker, Mike Jefcoot, 
Anson Walker, Beau Pollard. 








Majors close to Division III World Series 

for number of wins in a season with 29, and 
they received a bid to the NCAA Division III 
tournament for the second year in a row. 
There they finished third in their region, 
losing two one-run games to barely miss 
out on a trip to the Division III World 
Series. They closed out the year ranked 
19th in the nation. 

• • • 

Teddy Hymel, Mike Highfill and Kirk 
Kinard received All South Region honors, 
while Highfill and Peter Austin were 

named to the All 

Tournament team. 

bf'»J5^J'"^!Sk.*y« ' 

"I began to 
notice as we 
went down the 
final stretch of 
the season, 
players began to 
look towards me 
to lead them. 
This is one thing 
that I will always 

Teddy Hymel 

SCAC Pitcher 
of the Year Teddy 
Hymel finished the 
year 10-3 with a 
2.44 ERA. 

Kirk Kinard, 
Chris Lawrence, 
Robert Dews, Peter 
Austin, and Mike 
Highfill were first 

team All Conference. Mike Prejean, Mike 
Jefcoat, and Beau Pollard received 
honorable mentions. 

OUTA THERE. Fi rst baseman Mike 
Highfill hit 1 3 homeruns and hod 
a feam-leading .422 batting 

THE j 



Loyola University 


Loyola University 


Univ. of the South 


Univ. of the South 


Univ. of the South 


Lynchburg College 


Emory & Henry 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


Alabama A&M 


Centre College 


christian Bros. Univ. 


Emory University 


Emory University 


Univ. of the South 


Univ. of the South 


Univ. of the South 


Belhaven College 


Centre College 


Centre College 


Centre College 


Centre College 


Rhodes College 


Rhodes College 


Belhaven College 


Rhodes College 


Rhodes College 




Belhaven College 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


Oglethorpe Univ. 


Trinity University 


Southwestern Univ. 


Centre College 


Southwestern Univ. 


Methodist College 


Emory Univ. 


Ferrum College 

30 WINS* 10 LOSSES | 


7 1 

BACKHAND. Michael Boerner 
played #2 singles and #1 doubles 
with Todd Johnson. 

Stacy Warren was 7-6 in her 
singles matches. 

MEN'S TENNIS. IfronI) Steven 
Johns, Philip Robinson, Thomas 
Jones, Coach Matt Mitchell, (back) 
Todd Johnson, Kris Dickson, 
Michael Boerner, David Parnell. 

WOMEN'S TENNIS. (front) 
Elizabeth Mehrle, Jona Nye, 
Rachel Diel, fboc/cj Coach Mindy 
Dotson, Amy Boier, Ashley 
Lalonde, Stacy Warren. 

DEDICATION. Kris Dickson was 
four-year letterman and was 8-5 
in doubles with David Parnell. 

7 2 



J r 

j_rjj J 

Teams host invitational tournament 


"We worked 
really hard with 
our new coach, 
Mindy Dotson, in 
preparation for 
conference. We 
did better than 
last year." 

Rachel Diel 

coach, Mindy Dotson, to help them prepare 
for the conference tournament. Dotson 
made the team focus on their mental game. 

• • • 

Freshman Stacy Warren played #1, #2, 
and #3 singles throughout the season. 
Warren said, "The team's hard work and 
enthusiasm led us to success. There were 
not many of us, but we all got along well." 

• • • 

The women's and the men's teams 
hosted the Millsaps Tennis Invitational on 
April 11-14. Men's 
coach Matt 
Mitchell said, "It is 
the first time ever 
that conference 
teams have played 
each other before 
the SCAC 

• • • 

The Conference 
tournament was 
held in April at the 
University of the 
South in Sewanee, 

Tennessee. Senior Kris Dickson finished 2 
1 in singles at the tournament. 

FIRST SERVE. Todd Johnson 
serves during a home doubles 
match. Johnson also played #1 

IH^finaf SZQfil 


7-2 Mississippi College 

5-2 Loyola University 

4-3 Univ. of the Ozarks 

0-7 Washington Univ. 

0-7 Rhodes College 

0-9 MUW 

4-5 Oglethorpe Univ. 

1 -8 Southwestern Univ. 

4-5 Hendrix College 

0-7 Delta State 

0-7 Trinity University 

0-8 Centre College 

6-3 Oglethorpe Univ. 



4-3 Loyola University 

1 -6 Rhodes College 

7-0 Univ. of the Ozarks 

3-4 Miss, College 

5-2 Miss. College 

4-5 Loyola University 

3-4 Centre College 

2-5 Oglethorpe Univ. 

0-7 Southwestern Univ. 

1 -6 Hendrix College 

2-5 Miss. College 

0-7 Trinity College 

2-5 Centre College 

2-5 Oglethorpe Univ. 


S P R 

7 3 

WOMEN'S GOLF. Mary Helen 
Wall, Holly Taylor, (not pictured) 
Jennifer Hamm, Leah Smith, 

MENTAL NOTE. Holly Taylor had 
been playing golf for eight years 
before joining the women's team. 




E "^ 


HV7 ~ - ^^^EH 



MEN'SGOLF. (front) Jake Vorgo, 
Leo Isaak, Drew Sill, [back) Dan 
Fletcher, Scott Bogan, Daniel 
Scearce, Coach John Stroud. 

CHIPPING. Leo Isaak hod on 
average score of 84, placing him 
second on the team. 

r:/ / 


7 4 

First year for the women 's team 

"Whenever we 
found the 
fairway and 
putted well, our 
team came out 
on top. Not 
everyone always 
played well, but 
someone usually 
stepped up to 
lead the team." 

Scott Bogan 

golf team, we wouldn't be an accredited 
school. We wouldn't be able to go to the 
NCAA basketball tournament, so we played 
golf. Our scores weren't important to us. 
We were new and just having fun," said 
Mary Helen Wall. 

• • • 

Another member who participated also 
enjoyed playing. Holly Taylor started 
playing golf years ago with her brother, a 
club professional back at her home in 
Jackson, Tennessee. 

• • • 

The men's team finished 
first in all five of their 
regular season matches and 
won the Rhodes Invitational 

• • • 

Daniel Scearce led the 
Majors with an average score 
of 82 and a best round of 77. 
He had the team's lowest 
score at two regular season 
matches and again at the 
conference tournament. Leo Issak and 
Scott Bogan followed close behind with 78 
as their best round. 



5th SCAC Tournament 


1 st Bridgewater 

1 st Belhaven 

1 st Rhodes College 

1 st Rhodes Invit. 

1 st Rhodes College 

6th SCAC Tournament 

WHOOSH! Freshman Drew Sill 
played in all six matches and shot an 
82 in his best round. 


T S 

7 5 

ctivitiesfair... music 
and drama... Tap 

Day. . . skiing. . . 

Student Body Association... roller 

blading... dancing... politics... CMT 
socials... Awards Day... Honoraries... 
Judicial Council., karate club... honor 
societies... Circle K... Tower Council... 
religious organizations... the languages, 
sciences, math and the arts... lectures 
and labs... The individual recognition 
and opportunity for involvement is what 
separates us from larger colleges. One of the 
only limitations here is that there does 

Section Editor: Ashley Bass 

78 Leaders 
Senate holds grading system forum 

80 Sciences 
Geology students travel to Hot Springs 

82 Humanitarians 
Habitat sets up jail during Major Madness 

84 Players & Singers 
"Dangerous Corner" wins Best Show 

86 Ministry 
Circle K wins Achievement Award 

88 Classics 

Lea Barton receives local recognition 

90 Outdoors 
Major Impressions celebrate second year 

92 Honors 

Knox Boteler & Michelle Pate 
Most Distinguished 

94 Helping Hands 

Dr. Peter Ward named Professor of the Year 

96 Classes 

Beta Alpha Psi offers help with tax forms 

1 6 

A C T I 

I T 

E S 



Making History 

Leah Wallin signs the 
Honor Code which went 
into effect in the fall. 

Senate Successes 

• Introduction of Leadership 
studies as a concentration 

• Election reform 

• Grading system forum 

• Organization recognition and 
funding proposal 

• Communication improvement 
between areas of college 

Running Time 

April Harris posts signs 
for her campaign for 
campus-wide senator. 




JUDICIAL COUNCIL. (Jhm!) Ron Jenkin.s. Chairman Brian Ponder. Vice-Chair Christine 
Meyers. Secretary LaKeysha Greer, (hiick) Dr, Claudine Chadeyras. Jim McKeown. Jim Parks. 
Zach Webb, Stephanie Barrett. Meianie Dotson. 

TOWER COUNCIL, ifnmf) Mario While. Suzanne Wahrle, Kathleen Mitchell, Holl) Taylor, Jennifer 
Sanders, Lauri MeCormick, Clay GolT, Gayle Palfrey, Christina Finzel, Nancy Sloan, Man, .Mice 
Ramhin, Ashley McDonnell. Hagi Bradley , ( 2nJ) Brian Ponder, Dana Roe, .•\llison Nichols. Jami Stokes. 
Thomas Mouton.Cara Strickland. Christy Robertson, Jessica Jowers. Brian Williams, (.^rj) Mary Blaine, 
Austin McMullen. Michelle Moss. .-Xmy Balducci, Tony Depa, .-Mlison Grxibbs. Katharine McKee, 
Rhonda White, Roan Evans, (4lh) Mike Hixson, Kelly Merriman, Mike Burkett. Gene Lang. David 
Lestage, Jennifer Jones, ihackl Lesley Barousse. Mike Dale. John Myers. Ellen Czaika. Bndget Hall, 
Shawn Goodwin. Allison Priebe. Melissa Sterling, Latanishia Dees, Meredith Ozier. Marvin Davis. 

L E A D E 

Who's the Best? 

Susan Feldman and 
Amy Clay-Cashion 
ponder their choices 
for campus elections. 

Decision Malcers 

The new SBA officers 
elected in December were 
2nd Vice-President Will 
Flatt, Secretary Kevin 
Wilson, President Jane 
Shearer, 1st Vice-President 
Jennifer Brewer, and 
Treasurer Noble Black. 

IHeading Up 

The SBA Committee Chairs for the year were 
(T^'OKfjLaKimberly Gallager, George Morris, 
Ashley McDonnell, Marvin Davis, (2nd) Brian 
Courville, Mary Love Mortimer, Katye 
Bratton, (back) Andy R. Brown, Katy Farrell, 
and Elizabeth Brown. 

STUDENT BODY ASSOCIATION, (from) Todd Reeves. Kirk Mitchell. David Fuquay. Toby 
Giteon, Mary Boothe, Sliannon Rogers. Angela Davis, (2nd) David Neely. Oreathia Smith, Ben 
Nelson, Becky Long, Laura Stevens, Erika Buford, Elaine Young, Allen Burke, (3rd) Shane 
Tompkins, Blake Billups, Greg Betz, Allison Priebe, Landon Huey, Elise Harrell, Benjamin 
Everett, David Bryson, (back) Kate Calvert, Don Cumbest. Jim Marshall, Matt Morgan. Jason 
McManus, David Touchstone, Ben Watson. 

WHO' S WHO. (from I Julie Kimbrough. Jenny Irons. Mario White, Renee Gober, Christina Fmzel, 
Kno.x Boteler, (2nd) Jennifer Ballard, Lottie Bash, Carrie Coker, Jennifer Bhatia, Michelle Pate, 
Susan Russell, (3rd) Ma.\ Co.\, David Fuquay, Scott Lewis, Jean Grayson, Neeka Sanders, (4ihj 
Gretchen Godchaux, Penny Green, Kelly Merriman, Adam Kirby, f/iaci) Bradley Harrelson, Chris 
Price, Trent Favre, Charles Dann, Ben Nelson, Abby Graves, Derek Arrington. 

7 9 


Bishop Lab 

Ur. Bishop cuiuiucts an 
experiment with the 
help of Laura Diaz. 

Hot Trip 

In the fall, the geology 
students took their annual 
field trip to Hot Springs, 

Geology Award 

Lisa Waskom was a 
recipient of the Boland 

SIGM.-^i GAMMA EPSILON - Geology, (frnni) Angela Davis. Lisa Waskom. Dugue 
Daigle. [back) Dr. Gann. Adrian Green. Terry Everett. Dr. Harris. 

ALPHA EP.SILON DELTA - Pre-Med. ijioiin Alden Kirk. Chri^ Lawrence. Tim Bakelaar 
Kirk Kinard. Gretchen Godchaux. Andy P. Brown. (2iuli Jennifer Mosley. Emily Peoples 
Brandx Craft. Shawn Goodwin. Josh Phillips. .Amy Balducci, Carrie Nash. Michelle Moss 
Dana Roe. llhickl .Andy Brown. Dan Fletcher. Kaly Farrell. Jeremy Screws. Jake Vargo 
Jeffery Doolitllc. Chns Stage. Ashley Hansford. Ellen McRaney. Boh Nevins. 


s c 

C E S 

Bug Class 

Wes Cozelos classifies 
several insects in an 
entymology lab. 

Crawfish Exam 

AsWey Abate and Valerie 
Kilgore dissect a crawfish 
on a Sunday night while 
studying for a zoology 

Opportunity Fair 

In the fall, Tri Beta promoted 
undergraduate research by 
sponsoring the first annual Biology 
Graduate School Fair where 
interested program chairs from 
USM, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, 
and UMC came to speak to Millsaps 
students about the opportunities in 
the Biological Sciences. 

Bowl Geology 

Dr. Harris, Philip Davis, Seth Berman, 
Heather Lott, Adrian Hackett, Terry 
Everett, Dugue Daigle, and Ellen Ferrell 
use a plane table alibade in preparation 
for field camp. 

f^ R^ 




iETA BETA BETA - Biology, (froiir) Elizabeth Austin, Dana Roe. Carrie Nash. Lane 
imiley. Brandy Crafl, Erica Woodall. Suzanne Wahrle. Gretchen Godchaux, Nan 
■rascogna. (2iul) Jean Grayson, Hillary Wil.son. Amy Balducci, Beth Burroughs. Emily 
'eoples. Mary Largent. Tanya Oswald. Jennifer Crawford, Anne Miller. Melinda Mills. 
Srd) Toby Gibson. Hudson Segrest. Chad Garner, Isaac Wankerl. Gene Lang. Mike Burkett, 
effery Doolittle. Josh Phillips, (hack) Matt Velkey. Beau Arceneaux. Jason LeBlanc, 
Shannon Davis. Tim Bakelaar. Scott Webster. 

«^3 8 

SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS. Stephen Lokitz. Doug Leonard. Ken Ball. Brad Ball. 
Brad Wood, Steve Morgan, Oscar Pruet. 

PittCon Paper 

Dr. Tim Ward shows 
Charles Dann the 
published \'ersion of a 
paper Charles co-authored 
with Andy P. Brown. The 
topic of the paper was 
separations using 
macrocyclic antibiotics. 
Charles and Andy 
presented it at an 
international conference 
called PittCon. 


Alumna Award 

The BSA Alumna 
of the Year Award 
was given at a 
service in the 
chapel to Monica 
Northington, M.D., 
by Vickie Coleman, 
Kutenia Tate, 
LaKeysha Greer, 
and Latanishia 

CHI CHI CHI - Chemistn,'. (from) Bethany Grantham. Chns Siilh\an. Jennifer Mosley. 
Michelle Moss, Amy Creel, Lauri McCormick. [Ihiikl Dr. Whitfield. Jason Powers, Eric 
Herringlon. Brian Gonnllion. Chris .Stage. Ttmoths Ward. 

HABITAT KORHL'M.A.N IT V. (fniiuiAm), Randazzo. Jennifer Sanders. Jami Stokes. Fun 
Raiser Lottie Bash. President Kristen McRae. Advisor Connie Campbell. (2)utl Dali 
Fanner. Lorri Savell. Fllen C/aika. Workday Coordinator Kmi Kuhns. Lauren Mancin 
(back) Adatii Kirby. Su/anne Wahrle.Treasurer Jennifer Mosley.. Angle Whittington. Dan 
Roe. Secretary AndvR. Brown. 

8 2 

H U M A 

T A R I A N S 

Major Money 

Hudson Segrest pays 
his money to the 
keepers of the Habitat 
jail set up during 
Major Madness. 


Computer Nights 

Nital Patel and Christina 
Seto work in the Sulhvan 
Harrell computer lab on a 
Wednesday night. 

Multimedia Presentation 

Dr. Whitfield helped Jason Powers, Dennis Wong, and 
Andy R. Brown (not pictured) develop a paper on 
multimedia modules which they presented at the National 
American Chemical Society Meeting in New Orleans on 
March 24. 

Chemistry Highlights 

• Toured the Waterways 
Experiment Station 

• Fire extinguisher safety program 

• Award for Best SAACS Chapter 
in Mississippi 

• Science fair judging 

j?;;i'; (M'l" .i;:T:'-Hr^iif«s*iiMii»' 

or Johnnie-Marie Whitfield. Co-Secretary Tanya Oswald. Vice-President Lauri 
vlcCormick. President Jennifer Mosley. Co-Secretary Jason Powers, Trea.surer Michael 
viorykwas, (middle) Nital Patel. Christina Seto. Eloise Harris, Michelle Moss. Bethany 
ranthani, Ellen Czaika, Angela Ahuja. Kristen McRae. Jill Magargee. Shawn Goodwin, 
back) Eric Herrington. Dennis Wong. Jeff Wilson. Chris Stage. Chris Newman. Brian 

BLACK STUDENT ASSOCATION. Ifmnt) Sherryl Wilburn. Desmond Funchess. Sabrina 
Brantley. LaKeysha Greer. Zurick Smith. Kennth Thomas. (2nd) Kenneth Coleman. 
LaKimberly Gallager. Kutenia Tate. Erika Buford. Kenny Lee. (back) Willie Hobson, Chris 
Walker. John Larrys. Don Proctor. Marvin Davis. Christopher Toaster. O'Casey Ferrell. 

8 3 

Tormented Jake 

April Harris played Matt 
Henry's deceased, young 
wife in "Jake's Women." 

'" ^''-''^ Z^ '^'^-''^ Campbell. Clifton 
^; /;.•• '*>y'^ ' H vde , Larrv Wells, 

Nicole Saad and 
' ' Christine Swan. 

A t Hi ^ 

■i ^ ■ '' ' 

H.ANDBELLS. Melissa Long. Terry Watts. Knsten McRae. Elton Williams. Allen King. CHAMBER SINGERS, {from) Jenn\ Bacheleda. .\lar> Kathci inc Black. Allison Jenkin: 
Doug Leonard. Laura Moore. Vanessa Beaumont. Cherie Chester. {2inl) Betsy Vandiver. Many Troupt 

Christine Zimmemian. Katy Farrell. Heather Denhani. Eli/aheth Warriner. tint) Marl 
White. Patrick Johnston. Daniel Bailey . Mark Walle\ . Keith Ishell. ( hack i John Will. Margu 
Sarglepp. Rick Senn. Allen King. Randy Bass. 

8 4 


Fair Days 

Stephanie Clanton 
and Niki Lipari 
performed in "The 
Day after the Fair." 

DC Tour 

The Chamber Singers 
sang in Washington's 
National Cathedral and 
in a number of other 
churches during their 
spring tour. 

In the Wings 

Betsy Vandiver, Adrian 
Green, and Carrie Coker 
await the start of the 
Singers' Advent Service. 

Drama Awards 

Freshman of the Year Nicole Saad 

Backstage Award AUana Austin 

Frank Mains Award J. Caleb Williford 

Cameo Award Nikki Brown 

Mitchell Award Boyd Campbell 

Best Show Dangerous Corner 

Alpha Psi Omega Award Niki Lipari 

Best Actress in Supporting Role Allana Austin 

Best Actor in Supporting Role Boyd Campbell 

Best Actress in Leading Role Christine Swan 

Best Actor in Leading Role Matt Henry 

INGERS. (fro7it) Betsy Vandiver, Rachel Richardson, Mary Largent, Rachel Barham, Jill Magargee, Jenny Bachaleda, Amanda 
^ood, Cherie Chester. Holly Crawford, Allison Bailey, Elizabeth Warriner, Jamie Harris, Amy Palmer, Sally Clark. (2nd) Jenni 
Irown, Allison Jenkins, Adrian Green, Elee Williams, Anna Kathryn Monteith, Liz Volmer, Catherine Mouton, Mary Kathenne 
■lack, Emily Mayo, Kellie Rish, Elizabeth Biddle, Molly Singletary, Laura Moore, Jane Collins, Vanessa Beaumont, (3rd ) Maria 
:ostas, Marty Troupe, Aimee Lacallade, Jan Butler , Scott Lewis, John Will, Mario White, Mark Walley, Jason Gabriel. Keith 
bell, Allen King, Richie Burtt, Randy Bass, Heather Denham, Mary Alice Rambin, Sarah Richie, (back) Christine Zimmermann, 
lUison Carr, Joseph Harrison, Patrick Johnston, Margus Sarglepp, Trent Favre, Lane Smiley, Jason Loden, Daniel Bailey, Eric 
[errington. Rick Senn, Bill Gillis, Elton Williams, Katy Farrell, Terry Everett. 

ALPHA PSI OMEGA -Theatre, (front) Mary Boothe. 
Allana Austin. Christine Swan. Christopher Heit. 
(back) Matt Henry, Niki Lipari, J. Caleb Williford. 
James Bevill. 

8 5 


Santa Shoestring 

CMT sponsored a 
Christmas celebration at 
the sorority houses for 
the kids of Operation 
Shoestring, and security 
officer Nick Nichols got 
to be Santa Claus. 

Circle K Leaders 

Circle K won the Club 
Achievement Award and 
2nd place in the Gold 
Division at District. 
Chapter leaders: (front) 
Carrie Nash, President; 
Bridget Hall, District 
Govei^nor; (hack) Lisa 
Tarsi, Outstanding Faculty 
Advisor; Melissa Sterling, 
District Lt. Governor. 


WESLEY FOUNDATION - Methodist Student Group, (fmnn Beth Burroughs, Amy 
MeCain, Amundu O' Kelly. David Fuquay. {Inuk) Lauren Manclni. Alhson Carr. Don 
Fortenherrv. Brad Wood. Chuek Frost. 

CIRCLE K. tfrnnt) Puhlie Relations Kristen MeRae. Kiwanis Advisor ••Man Stringer. 
President Natalie Gilbert. Faeulty Advisor Lisa Tarsi. Lt. Governor Bridget Hall. Treasurer 
Lee Davis. Heather Lindsey. i2iHl) Marvin Davis, Amy Randa/70. Kristen M. Epler. .-Xmy 
Baldueci. Jennifer Mosley. Miehelle Moss. Dana Roe. .Angie Whitlington. Melissa Sterling, 
Nital Palel. Misty Leon. Carrie Nash. Todd Reeves, (hack) Su/anne Wahrle. Will Flatt, 
Jennifer Rogers. Jennifer Jones. Don Cumhesi. Amber Edwards. Ellen MeRaney. Nancy 
Sloan, Brian Means. Ellen C/aika 

8 6 

S T 

Saltillo Spring Mission 

Catholic Student Group members visited villages and played 
games with the children on the spring break mission trip. 


Curb Service 

Circle K member Don 
Cumbest volunteers his 
services at Pancake Day 
on the UMC campus. 


Gary Maze from Horizon 
Community Church leads 
a Primetime gathering on 
Wednesday night in New 
South Hall. 


;AMPUS ministry team, (fmnr) Lauren Mancini, Allison Tays, Lottie Bash, Jennifer 
ianders, Kevin Wilson. (2iul) Don Fortenberry, Kristen McRae, Kim Kuhns. Cara 
itrickland. Natalie Lyon, Erin Best, 13rd) Will Flatt. Jane Shearer, Ginger Bargman, 
Jarmony Albert, Todd Reeves. Liz Volmer, (back) Amanda Massett, Mike Burkett. Scott 
Vebster, David Fuquay, Allison Carr. 

CATHOLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY TEAM - Leadership Council, (front) Chris Sullivan. 
Kelly Merriman. Gayle Palfrey. Christina Finzel. Amy Balducci. (2nd) Megan Maginnis. 
Dalia Farmer, Jessica Sigur, Kate Calvert, Janet Foley, (back) Murat Akdamar, Bnan Means, 
Mike Fontaine, Sister Sharon Glumb. 


Art Ties 

COLAGE. Elizabeth Callaway, Lauren 
Mancini, Dalia Farmer, Charlie Ledbetter, 
and Melissa Hornsbv. 

Bow Ties and Sneakers 

Dr. Ledbetter conducts a morning 
Heritage discussion. He planned to leave 
Millsaps after the spring semester to 
pursue other writing and educational 

Senior Artists 

The five senior art majors, 
Lyle Wardlaw, Kelly Giles, Jay 
Butler, Lea Barton, and Lori 
Hall, displayed their works in 
the Lewis Art Gallery during 
the month of April. 


PI DELTA PHI ■ French, ifmni) Dr, Claudinc Chadcyras, Presidenl Molanic Miller, Karen 
Chenuau, Allison Bailey, Marcie Planchon. Meagan KiUen. Amy Smith. (/lof/xV/K/ci/) Lory 

SPANI.SH CLUB, (front) Noble Black. Elizabeth Austin. Catron Lyle. Peggy Johnson. Mike 
Hurst. Jana Crosby. Ann Taylor. {2iul) Yasuko Sauase. Dr. Roben Kahn. Su/anne Pack, 
Cyndi Meeks. Brian Cour\ ille. Nicole Legendre. Nobuyuki Tsuehiya. (.i/v/) Rasa Lcmniond. 
A.K. Miller. Amy Baier. Mitchell Holloway. April Harris. Janet Foley. Caroline Ellender. 
f/><(iA (Charles Abbott. Willem Bermel. Chris Morrison. Charlie Malouf. Bill Kimmel. James 


Barton's Art 

Lea Barton aligns a piece of 
her art for a show. Lea had a 
piece accepted into the 
permanent collection of the 
Mississippi Museum of Art. 
After graduation, Lea planned 
to pursue a graduate degree in 
art at the Pratt Institute in 
Brooklyn, New York. 

Steady Hands 

Gabe Benzur carves a 
wood block in his 
print-making class. 

German Speakers 

Schiller-Gesellschatt consisted of Dr. 
Joan Cotter, Terry Everett, Todd 
Berryman, and Kathryn Hughes [not 


SIGMA DELTA PI - Spanish, ifronl) Willem Bermel. Jennifer Ballard. Elizabeth Austin, 
Traci Beeson. Michelle Pate, (hack) Dr. Kahn, Suzanne Pack, Michelle Turner. Amy Baier. 
Mitch Coker. Soria Colomer. Brian Boyd. Mario White. Cyndi Meeks. Dr. Quinn. 

PHI ALPHA THETA - History Club, {frnnt} Philip McDermott. Julie Kimbrough. Kim 
Kuhns. Lesley Barousse. (back) Don Cumbest. Leeland Jones. Mike Hixson. Stephen 
Crochet. Charlie Malouf. 

8 9 


"^- jIaT^ Road Warriors 

"fiV* BIKE CLUB. Steve 
King, George Crook, 
Brian Berrvhill. 

CMT Waves 

CMT took a canoe trip 
down the Big Black on 
April 21. 

Bo-Sai Cata 

Jimmie Ainsworth and 
Dr. Connie Campbell 
practice a fonnalized 
system of strikes and 
blocks simulating 
weapon attacks. 

KARATH CLUB, tjronl) Jiiiiiny Ainsuorlli. Connie C.nii|ilx"ll. Chri-. "I'oung. 

SKI CLUB. {Irtiiui David Wright, trie Navarre. Clillord Tillman, Hllian W urthinglon. Amy 
Tiirnipsccd. Laiiri McCormick. llnukl Kim NIolel. Ginger McEKvee. Charlie Mo/ingo, 
Lauren W'llluims. Catherine Moiium, Charlie Ruhinsim. 



Freshman Fun 

The Freshman Olympics were held during 
the first week of school. The halls from 
Franklin and Ezelle competed against each 
other in games such as Egg Toss and Roll 
Your Friend in Toilet Paper. 

Major Impressions 

Adriane Louie, Natalie Gilbert, and Rachel Richardson 
perform a dance during halftime of a football game. 

Kicks & Smiles 

Ashley McDonnell, 
Susan Feldman, and 
Heather Lott perform 
a high-kick routine 
on a sunny day. 

L.E.A.D. Retreat 

In February, a group spent the weekend at the Big 
House planning the leadership program: (front) 
Jennifer Bhatia, Amanda Cook, Kutenia Tate, Ellen 
Czaika, Mary Boothe, Mary Largent, (back) Stan 
Magee, David Sneed, Jane Shearer, Brian Ponder, 
Venita Mitchell, Eric Navarre, Jason Gabriel, Jason 
Jolly, Todd Reeves, David Fuquay. 

AA30R IMPRESSIONS, (fmnt) Susan Feldman. Ashley Phillips. Jennifer Simmons. (2/id) 
Vshley McDonnell. Kim Hollimon. Gretchen Godchau.x. Natalie Gilbert. Adriane Louie. 
back) Rachel Richardson. Lauri McCormick, Kellie Rish. Harmonv Albert. Heather Lott. 


Jake Var20. Brad Ball. Chris Price. Brad Harrelson. Ken 


Tribute to Bash 

Lottie Bash was named 
Leader of the Year by 
Omicron Deha Kappa 
at fall Tap Day. 

Greek Awards 

Trent Favre was President of 
Order of Omega. In the spring, 
Order of Omega sponsored the 
first annual Greek Awards 
Ceremony. Delta Delta Delta 
and Sigma Alpha Epsilon were 
awarded the Chapter Excellence 

ORDER OF OMEGA - Greek. {Jnmi) Bugue Daigic, Kirk Milchell. M;iry Blaino. Christina 
Fin/el.. Shannon Rogers. (J/k/J Natalie Gilhert, Jenny Irons, JennilerBhatia.CaraSlrickland. 
LaKeysha Greer, ihuck) Trent Favre. Charles Salhs. Greg Betz. .•\ustin MeMullen. l^a\ id 
Fuquay. Vickie Coleman. Ben Nelson. 

PHI BET.'X K.\PP.^. (Jronll Christine .Sullivan. Kiin Hollinion. Julie Kinihrough. Tara 
Cloud, Meagan Killen. (2ihl nm) Gretehen Godehaux. John Harris. Christina Vallery. 
Christina Fin/el. Lottie Bash. Murat Akdamar, (/x/ii) Molly Singletary. Ellen Parker. Gayle 
Palliey. Charles Dann. Penny Green. Michelle Pate. Jennifer Edwards. (iu>l iiicliiicJl Heath 
Masse\. Kalherine Null. Rohin Rvle. 

9 2 

H N 


Chi Omega 

In the fall, Chi Omegas Jennifer 
Bhatia and Abby Graves accepted 
the Scholarship Trophy for the 
chapter with the highest GPA. 

Top Honors 

Gayle Palfrey, Christina 
Finzel and Jenny Irons won 
the Foundei^s Medal. They 
had the highest quality index 
for all four years at Millsaps 
and received a grade of 
Excellent on comps. 

Campus Praise 

Knox Boteler and Michelle 
Pate were named Most 
Distinguished Man and 
Woman of the Year. 

OMICRON DELTA KAPPA - Leadership, (front) Ben Nelson. Adam Kirby. Gayle Palfrey, 
Mario White. Joan Fabbri, David Fuquay, Melanie Miller. Brian Ponder. Max Cox. Lea 
Barton, (2nd) Anna Kathryn Monteith. Susan Russell. Christina Finzel. Stacy Valentine. 
Murat Akdamar. Greg Betz. Mike Dale. Gretchen Godchaux. (back) Charles Sallis, Katy 
Farrell. Jennifer Bhatia, Shannon Rogers. Abby Graves, Neeka Sanders. Vickie Coleman. 
Michelle Pate. Kelly Merriman. Austin McMullen. Trent Favre. 

SIGMA LAMBDA, (from) Michelle Pate, Christina Finzel, Jennifer Ballard. Gayle Palfrey. 
Amy Balducci, Mario White, Amanda O'Kelly, (2nd) Carrie Coker, Chris Sullivan, Anna 
Kathryn Monteith, Mary Boothe, Shannon Rogers, (back) Trent Fa\ re, Scott Webster, Mary 
Blaine, Katy Farrell, Jennifer Mosley, Andy R. Brown, 

9 3 

Ward Wins 

Dr. Peter Ward makes an 
acceptance speech after 
receiving the Professor of 
the Year Award. 


Queen for a Day 

Andrea Johnson, Ken Peters, 
and Mike Upton admire Dr. 
Coker's robes at the ASA 
picnic in the bowl. The ASA 
honored the retiring Ms. 
Coker by giving her a book of 
letters of appreciation and 
money for a scholarship fund 
in her name. 



PURPLE AND WHITE, (frniu) Ann Taylor. Vicki Coleman. Mike Buikctl. (buck} Robin Clark. STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCiATION. ifronf) MRhclle Pale. Am\ Balducci, Jenn\ Kcllum. 

Krisien Epler. Megan Mulloy. Kristen McRae. Sarah Campbell. Ashley McDonnell. Christy Sylvan, f2mH Jennifer Brewer. Natalie Gilbert. Kmi Hotlimon. 

Rhonda While, Jenny Crowl. Bethany Grantham. Erica Woodall. Ihnck) Angela Davis, Brian 
Means, Noble Black. Clav Johnston. Advisor Melissa Ta\lor. 

9 4 


D S 

Merry Making 

Greeks Advocating the 
Mature Management of 
Alcohol members Terry 
Everett and Oliver Scoggin 
serve a mocktail to Jennifer 


Copy Care 

Vicki Coleman and Kristen 
McRae check copy for an 
April issue of the Purple and 

Stylus Honors 

Stylus editor Robin Kyle 
teaches the new editor 
Holly Crawford how to use 
the computers for layout. 
The fall issue of the Stylus 
won first place at the 
Southern Literary Festival. 



ADULT STUDENT ASSOCIATION, {front} Hanrylyn Sallis, Marye Huff, Janice Jordan 
Holman. Francis Coker. Betliany Higdon, Judy Ford, Joan Fabbri, Elaine Young, Cheryl Martin. 
Julianne Iccomb, (2nd} Laurissa Henderson, Ken Peters, Nena Allison, Lea Barton, Judy Oglesby, 
Lynne Crater, Linda Sue Willis, Vik Holmberg, Andrea Johnson, (ird) Paula Garrett, Janet 
Langley, Spencer Harris, Mary Margaret Sneed, Jim Herring, Mike Upton, Beth Boone, Caren 
Lyle, Ginny Dearman, Sherryl Wilbum. Cheryl Green, Gene Davis, {back} Marilyn Humphreys, 
Dottie Stewart, Jimmy Breazeale, Ann Hutchinson, Teresa Cashion, Phil Shephardson, Deborah 
Heaton, Sharon Bower, Dora Robertson, Dudley Ford, Mary Roberts. 

GAMMA, (front} President Oliver Scoggin. Treasurer Angle Long, Secretary Terry Everett,(2;!(f J 
Advisor David Travis, Clay Goff, Tracey Crawford, Jacob Woodward, Bert Austin, (not pictured} 
Vice-President Kelsey Davidson, Becky Long, Derek Whitwer. 

9 5 


Long Labs 

Greg Betz and Chris Stage 
work on a project in Mr. 
McCarley's Sullivan Harrell 
computer lab on a busy 
Wednesday night. 

Blind in the Bowl 

Amanda Massett leads 
Michelle Swan around 
campus during an 
orientation simulation as 
part of an Exceptional 
Populations course in the 
Education Department. 

FIN.^NCIAL MANAGEMENT AS.SOCIATION. {Jioiil> TalbotI Otlingcr. Todd Ree^e. MATH CLUB, {fnmi) Tlca^urer Jo^h Phillips, Sccrclan Dennis Wong, Prcsidciu Gale 
Tale Reeves, Walter Neely, Elizahelh Warren, {hack) Daniel Seearce. Troy Manson. Mari Palfrey, Li Melelier. Ellen Czaika, John Myers, (hack) Darren Wiek. Connie Camphell. Erik 
.Seoll, Michael Dasehhaeh. Sherwood. Doug Leonard. Stephen Lokit/. Kuldip Sood. 

9 6 

C L 

S S E S 

Winning Team 

A team consisting of Kristen McRae, 
Jack Strohm, and Bhaskar Dutt won 
first place in a computer contest 
sponsored by the Assocation for 
Computing Machinery in November. 

Computer Hours 

Mary Lai'gent and Harry 
Rayburn work together 
on a project in the Ohn 
computer lab. 


Who's Who? 

Misty Leon, Lindsey Scruggs, and Heather Lindsey 
identify the individual shots for the People section 
of the yearbook. 

Taxing Times 

Beta Alpha Psi members 
Allison Tays and Stacy 
Valentine offer tax help to 
Jenny Kellum. 

BETA GAMMA SIGMA- Business, (front) Dr. Ajay Aggarwal, Claire Sutton. Taminee 
Ficklin, Stacy Valentine. Philipp Becker. (2nd) Natalie Gilbert. Elizabeth Warren. Annette 
Najjar, Allison Tays, Minette Marley. (3rd) Ryan Robison. Melissa Hutchison. Michele 
Hoke. Keturah Thurmond. Louise Bumey. (back) Victor Fettes. Michael Daschbach, Austin 
McMullen, David Bailey, Bill Brister, (not pictured) Brian CourviUe. Will Flatt, Ryan 
Beckett, Colby Lane, Kris Dickson, Katie Rives, Robert Thompson, Suzanne Willis. 

BETA ALPHA PSI- Accounting, (front) Cara Strickland. Rachel LeBlanc, Kelly Merriman. 
Allison Tays. Minette Marley. (back) Ryan Robison. Dr. Nancy Bledsoe. David Shelton. 
Keturah Thurmond. Stacy Valentine, (not pictured) Leigh Griggs. 

9 7 


waps... Jersey Days... 
Bid Day... forma Is... 

Rush... Initiation... T- 
shirts... party cups... Hell 

Week... paddles... rituals... intramurals... 
philanthropies... composites... Thursday 
nights on fraternity row. . . pledge meetings. . . 
pledge retreats. . . crests. . . Pref Night. . . Step 
Shows... Greek Awards Day... sisterhood/ 
brotherhood... chapter meeting... Rho 
Chis... candle light ceremonies... Rush 
Workshop... chapter retreats... Greek 
organizations do more for the community 
than many people realize. They provide 
leadership experience and support a 

100 AKA 

"Coming Out " show 

104 XQ 

Hosts first ever "Grab -A- Date " 

108 AAA 
Tailgate at Family Weekend 

112 AZ0 

Stepping for History Greek Show 

114 KA 

Wins philanthropy award 

118 OM 

Wins spirit award 

ni Panhellenic • IFC • Rho Chi 

Sponsored speaker Bobby Petrocelli 

124 AOA 

Back to School Party 

126 KA 

Receives the Marshall Award 

130 KZ 

Celebrates their centennial 

134 AXA 

Ground-breaking ceremony 

138 OKA 

Has brotherhood cookout 

142 ZAE 

Intramural sportsmanship award 

Section Editor: Amy Bitter 
Assistant Editor: Erica Woodall 

9 8 

E E 



r tfefc'^** J"^ **' 

>»»t» -.»«-' 

->- *e 

"-"-^ V, 



1 ^ '>• •' 




OFFICERS. Graduate 
Advisor Olivia K. Lee, 
President LaKeysha 
Greer, Secretary Erika 
Buford. Treasurer Kutenia 
Tate, Vice-President 
Latanishia Dees. 


(from) Erika Buford, 
LaKeysha Greer, Olivia K. 
Lee, Vickie V. Coleman, 
(back) Latanistiia Dees, 
Valerie Mallett, Crystal 
Wiley, Monica T. Shep- 
herd, Kim L. Wiley, 
Kutenia A. Tate, Keisha L. 
Williams, (not pictured) 
Nira Coleman. 

Kappa Alpha 

Motto: By culture and by merit 

Colors: Salmon pink, apple green 

Mascot: Frog, Mouse 

Founder's Day: January 15, 1908 

Advisors: Olivia Lee.Theresa King 

Philanthropies: Angel Tree 

Project; Operation Shoestring; 
Multicultural Festival; Breast 
Cancer Awareness; Midtown; 
Child Immunization with Red 
Cross; Relay for Life. 

Social events: Halloween Party 
with NPHC, October 31; 
Formal Ball on April 19 at 
Smith-Robertson Museum. 

Memorable Moments: "Coming 
Out" Show at 9:08 on April 10. 

/^4^'f aj f 



G R E E 


Alpha Kappa 

We are the ladies with the 20 pearls... 
my blood is pinkand green ... the moving 
spirit of Alpha Kappa Alpha ... On 
Dasher, Prancer, Comet, Blitzen, 
Rudolph, and Vixen ... AKAtude -- and 
you knowthis MAN! ...I WILL SURVIVE 
... Who's got their nose in the air? ... 
We're not too pretty or seditty to really 
get down ... It's all good .. Here comes 
that TRAIN! ... Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny 
... pinkie finger ... 06, 08 - the rest were 
just too late ... Pink Ice, Lustrous Pearl, 
Elegant Emerald, Pink Persuasion, and 
D.I.V.A.! ... Where's the crawfish? ... 
I'm pretty on my left, pretty on my right 
... We can stop wasting each other's 
time! ... We're scholars! ... We're the 
soul-stepping sorors of AKA ... Karamel 
Skee-lite,QuietStorm, Persistent Pearl, 
Poison Ivy, and Enchanting Ivy -- the 
Five Fine Faces of Finesse! ... Nashville 
double-digit ... They know, they know! ... 
Ya'll can step? ... January 1 5, 1 908 and 
May 1, 1977 - the beginning of two 
legacies ... You ain't got to LIE! ... 
Protocol ... AS IF! ... I used to cry, but 
now I hold my head up high ... A-L-P-H-A 
K-A-P-P-A A-L-P-H-A, baby!! ... AKA is 
gonna check you later; gotta keep on 













1 2 

-* # 

^ ^ ^\ 

These pages provided by 


G R E E 



(front) Helen Summerford, 
Treasurer; Amy Baier, 
President; (middle) Anna 
Kathryn Monteith. Vice 
President; Susan 
Feldman. Rusti Chairman; 
Caroline Ellender, 
Personnel; (back) Sally 
Clark, Secretary; Sarah 
Elizabeth Shelton, House; 
Amy Smith, Pledge 
Trainer; Kate Calvert, 

Chi Omega 

MOTTO: Hellenic Culture and 
Christian Ideals 

Colors: Cardinal and Straw 

Mascot: Owl 

Founder's Day: April 5, 1895 

Advisor: Dr. Charles Sallis 

Philanthropies: Read Aloud; 

Blood Drive; MS Walk-a-thon; 
Habitat for Humanity Walk-a- 
thon; Operation Shoestring; 
Tutoring at Pecan Park 
Elementary; Midtown Project. 

Social Events: Fall Party (Crazy 
80's) - Nov.10; Eleusinian Ball 
March 1; Big Sis/LiI Sis - 
Dec. 2; Grab-a-date - April 1 1 . 

Memorable Moments: Scholar- 
ship Trophy, National Award 
of Excellence for the fifth 
consecutive year. 




d^ ^ 








C^i ^ 



<f^ €!S C!^ O €i <^ 

c ' ^ <3> Q> 

cd' ^ CIS ^ c^\ O ^ 

d^ €^ ^ 


E E 

1 5 


Recruit-a-hoot ... Be a buddy ... The 
colonial juniors ... That trophy is back, 
so what happened to the car wash? ... 
The Shack ... It takes two ... Deer in 
headlights ... "The Radar Detector" ... 
Uh, something real please?! ... O.O.C 
... Cracker ... Y'all, Hootie's dead ... 
Come on girls, let's make a lap ... Hey- 
Michelle,Dyer-Hillary,& Amy -SMT! ... 
"GDTU" ... Single White Male ... Never 
accept unacceptable behavior ... No 
Bargains ... Cookies, anyone? ... She's 
best friends with the devil ... Like that 
nametag... She's in the closet. ..Lambda 
Chi roof ... Whoppa, b ... Will you be my 
mystical grapefruit? ... Priggy & Ziebe 
... Pledgie Pledge ... What's on your 
sock, Ashley? ... Award of Excellence - 
AGAIN ... Independence, Mary Love ... 
Whatever! ... Just them good ole boys 
... Has anyone seen our lamp? ... GDTU 
... Throw to the Harleys ... Hey, Heather 
and Amy, do either of you know how to 
get to Hot Springs? ... Angle, beware of 
the ice in front of the library ... Charlie's 
Angels ... Kinko's Office Parties ... 
Dream Team... 

1 6 


1 7 


OFFICERS, (fron/; Natalie 
Gilbert, Christina Finzel, 
Angela Davis, Jennifer 
Brewer. (2nd row) 
Mary Beth Chrestman, 
MIchele DeMarco, Natale 
Tate, Ellen Czaika, {3rd 
row) Brennan Branch, 
Candee Clary, Meredith 
Ozier, (4lh row) Claire 
Shepard. Amy Balducci, 
Jenny Irons, Ashley 
Calhoun, (back) Laura 
Autry, Amber Edwards, 
Valerie Kilgore, (nol 
pictured) Jeanette 
Popsack, Lisa Waskom. 

Delta Delta 

Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue 

Mascot: Dolphin 

Founder's Day: November 20 

Advisor: Caria Talluto 

Philanthropies: Children's 

Cancer Fund, Midtown, the 
Care Center, Rock-a-thon. 

Social Events: Fall Party - 

Superhero, November 18, Iron 
Horse; Big Sis/Little Sis; 
Moonlight Masquerade, March 
22, Shady Oaks Country Club. 

Intramurals: Volleyball, Soccer, 

Softball, and Overall Intramural 

Memorable Moments: Tailgate 
Party at Homecoming, Family 


I 8 

\^' v^^i K^^i [^mmfi 


m'^K (-«* 




. ^^^j 



(^^M! ^wmi {^^^1 ^ 

<S^ (S^ (^ (^! (S) ^^ @ 

G R E E 


Delta Delta 

Demonic Delta . . . And Uhh Yea . . . Eve 
Woods Riley . . . Whatever ... As if. . . 
Superheros . . . Shh, it's the X-files! . . . 
Moving to Wyoming . . . Don't be afraid 
to use the roll . . . Miss Thang . . . 
Barrettes . . . TCBY . . . Unruly . . . Living 
Juicy . . . Did I take that picture? . . . 
Men, Sweet? - no, but you can dip 'em 
in chocolate!! . . . Good friends are hard 
to come by . . . Ann Jane showing leg . 
. . OK den . . . Scott wants your body, he 
told me so ... I like you a lot . . . 
Association . . . Potential . . . That's 
power baby ... A high maintenance 
works well with low maintenance . . . 
BIG SIS -- Ml sis!! ... Me dirty dancing? 
-- No Way!! ... I know she didn't . . . 
Miss Pooch . . . Jan Shearer -- future 
NBA commisioner . . . Amy and Jan -- 
two peas in a pod . . . Tri-Deltas are the 
best kind of roommates ... I don't have 
to go to class if my roommate goes for 
me . . . She is the best looking girl at 
Millsaps in a hat . . . When I grow up I 
want to play basketball just like Kim 
Weaver... Queens Don't Compromise!! 


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1 1 


OFFICERS: (front) 
Karena Payne, Valarie 
Cole, (back) Kim Gallager, 
Pheobie Thompkins, 
Neeka Sanders. 

Delta Sigma 

Motto: Intelligence Is the torch of 

Colors: Crimson and Creme 

Flower: Violet 

Advisors: Margaret Steele, Alma P. 

Philanthropies: "We Love Our 

Parents" Charity Raffle, AIDS/ 
STD forum, Midtown, Habitat 
for Humanity. 

Social events: Just Us Girls 

Slumber Party, Multicultural 
Festival, Stepping for History 
Greek Show. 

1 1 2 

G R E E 

1 3 



(front) VP Membership 
Amy Lymberls, Sec. 
Elizabeth Warren, VP 
Standards Ashley 
McDonnell, (middle)yP 
Public Relations Lauren 
Williams, Pres. Shannon 
Rogers, Treasurer Betsy 
Dorough, (back) 
Panhellenic Mary Largent, 
VP Pledge Education 
Megen Davidson, Asst. 
Treasurer Carrie BoswelL 

Motto: Ta Kala Diokomen 

Colors: Olive Green & Pearl White 

Mascot: Teddy Bear 

Founder's Day: Oct. 23,1897 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. T.W. Lewis 

Philanthropies: KD Fund for 

Children in Need; National 
Committee to Prevent Child 
Abuse; Children's Hospital in 
Richmond,VA; Shamrock 
Project, Baptist Children's 
Hospital in Jackson. 

Social events: KD/PKA See-Saw- 
a-Thon, Nov. 10&11; Fall 
Party, Nov. 17; Big Sis/Little 
Sis Day, Dec. 2; Valentine's 
Affair - "Love is a Battlefield," 
Feb. 9; White Rose Formal, 
March 22. 

1 1 4 

G R E E 

1 1 5 







- 1 





■ "^ 


L ¥ 



RemembertheTrain... Marvin Gaye lives 
again. ..If there are no men here, try 
Colorado or LA. ..Franklin first-north 
slip. ..S-O-C-K-S... Head South for the 
winter. ..I love trees. ..Catwalk Ladies' 
Night... candles. ..Feelin' the hip... "we're 
taking the table "...Sheriff B. says no 
more hot dogs on the floor.. .Have you 
seen the little creatures?. ..Take it 
slow!. ..theCMB's... Good Lawd!... 
Crawfish from Sack-n-Save...Cuz, I 
mean, that's goat, and I'm a woman - at 
least I think I'm a woman. ..November 
second. ..Bridge!... I mean, those are your 
jeans, man. ..Do you ever look at your 
name and wonder, why that's 
you?. ..Thank you for playing-you've 
made it to the bonus round. ..maybe KD 
should form its own band. ..Meet me on 
the speaker.. .Yes Sir, I'll bring your 
tambourine right back to you. ..join EAA: 
E-mail Addicts Anon. 

1 1 6 



Phi Mu 


{front) Ashley Johnson, 
Membership Director; 
Allison Grubbs, Standards 
Chair; Amanda Wood. Phi 
Director; (m/dd/e )Jennlfer 
Miller, Vice President; 
Amanda Masset, 
President; (back ) Christy 
Robertson, Treasurer; 
Jennifer Crawford, 
Secretary; Leslie Dawson, 
Panhellenic; Lori McKee, 
Scholarship Director. 

Motto: Les Soeurs Fideles 

Colors: Rose and White 

Mascot: Lion 

Founder's Day: March 4, 1852 

Advisors: Pat Taylor, Carolyn 

Philanthropies: Children's 
Miracle Network, UMC 
Children's Hospital, Project 
HOPE, Bethlehem Center, 
Christmas Caroling at 
Whispering Pines, MidTown 
Book Drive for Children's 

Social Events: Mad Hatter's Ball, 
Nov. 17, Catwalk; Enchantress 
Formal, March 1, Shady 
Oaks; Spring Boat Party; 
Christmas Party; Founder's 
Day Barbeque, March 4. 

G R E E 

1 1 9 

^ ' '^S^Jhr^ 

■ j 

^^■i ^^H 

B^^^H^^ < 




Phi Mu 

Club 111 ... Steve Magnolias ... We're 
divorced, here have a spree ... one card, 
two cards ... ha . ha . ha ... I'm a genius 
... Let's listen to that Indigo Girls song 
... Mary Mary Martha! ... Do the 
flashdance ... MISCOMMUNICATION 
... MAP'S Fest '96 at the Res ... Shut up, 
smile and have a peppermint ... The love 
of my life ... James, Russel and Elmo ... 
Lock the doors ... Deliverance! ... What 
do you mean there aren't any cups? ... 
Ann ... Did the plane explode? .. 
"Friends" in C.G.'s room ... I love you 
more! ...Christine, I'm here... Ice Storm 
'96: more movies than God ... She said 
what?!! ... Melba Toast? ... blah, blah, 
blah ... booksack? must be an LA thing 
...Fo'Horseman ... Party on, Lesley, party 
on ... But I don't want to go among mad 

1 2 

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G R E E 

] 2 1 



(front) Treasurer Mary Largent, President Laura Autry, Vice President Amanda O'Kelly, Secretary 
Leslie Dawson, (back) Jennifer Rogers, Jessica Thomas. Kate Calvert, Kristen Epier. 

Advisor: Maret Watson 

The Panhellenic Council was the 
governing body of the four NPC 
sororities on campus, Chi Omega, Delta 
Delta Delta, Kappa Delta, and Phi Mu. 
Its main function was conducting Formal 
Rush each Fall. Panhellenic also 
sponsored activities throughout the year 
such as the Faculty/Greek Roundtable, 
Philanthropic Carwash, Panhellenic 
Newsletter, and various speakers. 

Rho Chi's 

(fron(j Jennifer Murphy, Amy Balducci, 
Emily Preiean. Melanle Dotson, Mary 
Beth Chrestman, Nan Frascogna. (back) 
Jennifer Mosley, Jennifer Morgan, Trace 
Noble, Mary Soothe, Lauren Mancini. 
Elizabeth Callaway. 

Rho Chi*s 

Chair: Nan Frascogna 

Each year, Panhellenic carefully 
selected representatives from the 
sororities to be Rush Counselors, or 
Rho Chi's. These women disaffiliated 
from their respective organizations until 
Bid Day in order to answer questions, 
reassure, and objectively advise their 
rushee groups. These groups offered 
support for the freshmen and provided 
many new friendships. 

2 2 


Idivisor: David Travis 

rhe Interfraternity Council was 
:omposed of representatives from five 
lational fraternities on campus: Kappa 
Mpha, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, 
^i Kappa Alpha, and Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon. IFC established the rules and 
)olicies surrounding Fall Rush and the 
nen's Greek system. 


Idvisor: David Travis 

rhis was the founding year of the 
^illsaps Pan-Hellenic Council, 
composed of members of Alpha Kappa 
Mpha, Alpha Phi Alpha, and Delta Sigma 
rheta. They held a Pan-Hellenic Greek 
A/eekto promote their organization with 
in educational seminar. Ball at Smith- 
Robertson Museum, Step Show, and 
\fter-Hours Party. They conducted a 
undraiser at Valentine's Day and 
sarticipated in the Multicultural Festival 
)s well. 


(front) Greg Betz, Charlie Robinson, Beau Arceneaux, Jason MacMorran, Brian Ponder, (back) 
Sean Demeritt, Billy Charbonnet, Ferd Moyse, Mitchell Ellett, Ben Nonnemacher, Matt Russell, 
David Travis. 

1.^ 9 




(front) LaKeysha Greer, Chris Fisher, 
Karena Payne, O'Casey Ferrell,('tiac/(j 
Kenny Lee, Chris Walker, Vickie 
Coleman, LaKimberiy Gallager, David 

G R E E 

1 2 3 


OFFICERS, (front) 
Chapter Advisor Floyd 
Williams, (back) Chapter 
Secretary Winston Trotter, 
Vice-President Kenny Lee, 
Treasurer Chris Walker, 
President Chns Fisher. 


front) Floyd Williams, Chris 
Fisher, (back) Leon 
Beckford, Kenny Lee, 
Chns Walker, Winston 
Trotter, Christopher 
Toaster. Marvin Davis. 


Motto: First of all, servants of all. To 
the window. the wall... I love 
my A Phi A, until the day I die. 

Colors: Black and Gold 

Founder's Day: Dec. 4, 1906 

Philanthropies: Project Alpha 
(mentoring youths), Project 
Headstart, Male Partnership 
Initiative, Adopt-a-Highway, 
MLK Jr. Program, Operation 
Shoestring, Raffle for UMC 
Children's Cancer Clinic, Big 
Brother Car Wash. 

Social events: Back to School 

Pool Party, Step Show, NP-HC 

1 2 4 

G R E E 

1 2 5 


Motto: Dieu et les dames 

Colors: Crimson and Old Gold 

Founder's Day: October 1, 1893 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Roy Berry 

Philanthropies: MDA; Stewpot; 
Sponsored Roadblock and 
Lock-up Raffle for National 
Philanthropy; Midtown; Phone- 
a-thon; Operation Shoestring. 

Social events: Black & White, Hal 
& Mai's, Dec. 1; Christmas & 
Valentine's Parties at the 
"mansion; " Annual Ski Trip; 
Rhythm n' Blues; Old South, 
Canton, April 18-20. 

Memorable Moments: Intramural 
Champs, Marshall Award, Schol- 
arship Trophy, Ammen Award. 

1 2 6 

G R E E 

1 2 7 


One more Ammen for the shelf ... Who 
is that beating on your door, Christian? 
... We finally beat the chops!!! ... Want 
a beer ... Topper ... Fatty, it goes better 
with a snack ... The windows are talking 
tome... Fireman Steelman!!! ...Krackon, 
one marble in the pouch? ... Are Justin 
and Tate at the Robert E. Lee bar? ... 
Hey Burkelator, you goin' out? ... Do the 
taco dance ... Sabau's on vacation ... M, 
will you go to Old South with me? ... 
Where's the old Colby? ... What's that 
on your lip, Zeke? ... Where do you live 
Heavy-D? ...Mich's sister photographs 
well ... Ziggy's in love ... Jason - she's 
only sixteen! ... Brad the brainiac ... Hit 
it beave ... Flatt - you did a good job ... 
Hey, I'm tellin' ya - this guy's cool ... 
Jolly - you smell kinda' funny ... Sit 
down Don ... Fuller steals second ... 
Scholarship trophy -without cheating... 
our parties are C-L-O-S-E-D! ... Play us 
a tune, Peter ... Hey Millsaps, ya' mind 
if we have Old South? ... Not all 
gentlemen are Kappa Alphas, but all 
Kappa Alphas are gentlemen. 

1 2 8 



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G R E E 

1 2 9 



(front) John Atwood, 
Grand Treasurer; Jason 
Akers. Grand Master of 
Ceremonies; (back) Greg 
Betz, Grand Master; Chris 
Mosley, Guard #1 ; Josh 
Trapp, Grand Procurator; 
(not pictured) Brandon 
Barlow, Grand Scribe; 
Tripp Gillespie, Guard #2. 

Colors: Scarlet, white and green 

Philanthropies: Operation 
Shoestring; Tutoring of 
disadvantaged children; St. 
George's Episcopal Church 
Food Drive. 

Social events: Bid Day - "PS. 
Dump Your Boyfriend"; Wild 
Man - "Joker's Ride"; Cossa's 
Ball - USM's "Loosely 
Unwrapped"; South Seas - 
"The Style Band", "The Weed- 
eaters", "Metal Rose"; Formal: 
Founders Day in New Orleans- 
deer grill at fraternity house 
Friday, banquet in New 
Orleans Saturday. 

Memorable Moments: Scholar- 
ship Trophy; Centennial Banquet. 

1 3 


3 1 


Sound off like a giraffe ... Abbot, maybe 
you should've asked where the 
bathroom was? ... Sorry about the room 
Toby ... Anybody heard from Barlow? ... 
Nick loves pudding ... 1 Rounds at Fat 
Harry's... Jarrad Garner: intramural god 
... relax Trapp ... nasty pubs ... it's on B! 
... Roo Roo the couch potato ... Crotwell 
fought the file cabinets, and the file 
cabinets won ... Robert, put away the 
knife! ... Ben Nelson and the Bohemian 
Society ... Kappa Sigma vs. south 
Jackson ... just be cool about it ... Ool's 
good behavior at the Dutch Bar ... The 
Real Deal Veal Parmesan ... You been a 
b- since Tuesday... Cabbage, everheard 
of hooked on Phonix? ... Thanks for 
helping outwith Rush, Hunt... Dominos! 
... Hey everybody, look what's on HBO 
... Chantilly Lace ... Li! Nate's squirrel ... 
Don't miss that court date Iron Dawg ... 
Our Pres. is the spokesman for Vidal 
Sassoon ... pretty boy Mos ... the 
scholarship trophy: enjoy it while we 
can ... Kickin' a for 100 years! 

1 3 2 

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G R E E 

3 3 



k \^^^^ ' 









OFFICERS, (front) Mike 



m U 

^^. ^ '^fvB 

Fontaine, Ritualist: Austin 


'T iH 

W oV 

Pp ., bH 

McMullen. President; Lee 


k ^gP 

^^ ". ^ 

\ ^H 

Davis, Alumni Corr,; (2nd) 

i l^^^^^^^^l 


i ^ 

1 ^M 

Scott Maestri, Asst. Rush; 


I ^ jj 

Isaac Wankerl, Sec; 



1 '^ 

i L^ysH 

Brooks Brown, Prat. 



m ^ 


Educator (3rd) Wes 

I lll^^^^^^l 


■ - 


Cozelos. Social; Gene 

■ III Ik l^^^l 



' v^^^^^^l 

Lang, VP Internal Affairs; 





Baker Lawley, Rush:(back) 



■ , 

George Crook; Bert Austin, 

^Hir^ 1 ^^^ 


W ' j4 


Risk Manager;Michael 

^HkI I j^^i 




Petty; Treasurer, 

^^lA l^^l 




Lambda Chi 

Motto: Vir Quisque Vir 

Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold 

Founder's Day: March 23 

Advisor: Dr. Michael Gleason 

Philanthropies: Lambda Chi - Tri 
Delta Rock-a-Thon; Natl Food 
Drive-Pantry Raid, Watermelon 

Social Events: Phi Mu M*A*S*H 
Swap; Delta Delta Delta 
Halloween Swap; Chi-O Nuts- 
n-Bolts Swap; Phi Mu Val- 
entine's Swap; Crescent Ball. 

Memorahle moments: Volley- 
ball & Basketball Intramural 
Champs; 75th Anniv. Founder's 
Day Festivities & Ground- 
breaking for new chapter house 

3 4 


1 3 5 

Lambda Chi 

What's the scombo ... If I was a couple 
of months younger, I'd be like a half a 
semester ahead ... So Be It .. . Take my 
picture! Take my picture! . . . Dog Food 
. . . Trashbag . . . The Yeti . . . You're a 
good little brother -- you point out the 
hedges . . . Homeboy . . . Tight jeans are 
not for everyone ... NO REDEEMING 
QUALITIES!! ... AC closet ... She say 
my Hootie-Hoo . . . Both of 'em . . . 
Mellow Corn . . . Schizznit . . . I'm losing 
my appetite . . . Don't be bitter . . . 
Petty, open your eyes! . . . Science vs. 
Business ... ok, guy . . . uhhhh, NO!. . 
. Alpha Sigma Sigma won!!! . . . Sliver 
O'Coggin . . . Spring Break . . . you have 
23 new messages . . . Running Granny 
Three . . . Esmiralda . . . What IS that?? 
... I love you, man! . . . volleyball 
champs . . . What's up, Daddy? . . . 
You're under arrest . . . Tecmo Bowl. . . 
Battle in the Hanger Dome! . . . Gotta 
Respect . . . Miles, you're just a beer 
giver-awayer . . . Seventy-five years and 
still going strong . . . Zeta Alpha Chi!! 


3 6 

Hi mwi 

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1 3 7 


Pi Kappa 

Colors: Garnet and Old Gold 

Mascot: Firetruck 

Founder's Day: March 23 

Advisor: Dr. Ted Ammon 

Philanthropies: See-Saw-a-Thon; 
Adopt-a-Highway; Habitat for 
Humanity; Lounge-a-Thon for 
Children's Rehabilitation 
Center in Jackson. 

Social Events: Bid Day, October 
21; Old North, February 22-24; 
Cotton Ball, March 23; Pikes 
Peak - April. 


Jason Otis, Secretary; 
Robert Gilbert. Vice 
President; Brad Boerner, 
President; Matt Huard, 
Guard; Kirk Mitchell, 

3 8 

E E 

1 3 9 

1 4 


4 1 


OFFICERS: (fron(; Chris 
Alexander, Emirient 
Treasurer; Dugue Daigle, 
Eminent Archon; Jonathan 
Huth, Eminent Deputy 
Archon: (back) Charlie 
Robinson, Pledge 
Educator; Christopher 
McLean. Eminent 
Recorder: Neil Ayres, 
Rush Chairman. 

Sigma Alpha 

Colors: Royal Purple & Old Gold 

Mascot: Lion 

Founder's Day: March 9, 1856 

Advisor: Or. James B. Harris 

Philanthropies: Midtown, Adopt-a- 
Highway, Operation Shoestring, 
Christmas Party at Alcohol 
Rehab Center, Easter Egg 
Hunt for Bethlehem Center. 

Social Events: Blazing Saddles, 
Nov. 1 1 , MS Ag Museum; 
Christmas Party, Dec. 2; 
Initiation Formal, March 2, 
Reservoir Lodge; Paddy 
Murphy, April 10-13. 

Memorable Moments: Intra- 
mural Sportsmanship winners. 
Order of Omega Awards Day. 

1 4 2 


1 4 3 

Sigma Alpha 

Holy Shnikees . . . Uncle Eric's bedtime 
stories ... I Love You!! . . . My name is 
not Derm! . . . Thursday Night Girl . . . 
Call him Phildo . . . Soul Glow . . . 
Peacock . . . Excluding personality, 
who looks better? ... If all of you would 
please return Walt Dog's Keys . . . Soul 
Glow . . . Hey Clifford, what's in the 
bag? . . . "You are my sunshine" . . . 
Professor ... I coulda drowned! . . . 
Dude, I forgot . . . Pledge Brother Trailer 
Trash . . . The Gimp . . . Hey Walt, how'd 
your car get in the yard? ... 21 Shots 
and still standin', huh Boacky? . . . 
Paduda - the man with a million girls 
and no dates . . . Well, so much for the 
Sportsmanship award . . . It's all about 
a story. . . 


1 4 4 

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G R E E 

4 5 

Jackson's Most Complete 
Design Resource 

[VV N^' 

Open our door to 

Fine Furniture, Carpet, Drapery, 

Decorative Accessories, 

Complete Interiors 





FAX (601) 373-4014 




P.O. BOX 8601 



Your window to the world 

4 6 

iTflNDiNC piN^ mm. inc 

"Wholesale Grower" 


4450 Parsons Road 
Raymond, Mississippi 39154 

^y^ecplna Co {/SeauUfu 
f I' littdufod K^oCleae 

Pat McNease 

Corporate Vice President 

(601) 948-7450 

REG WATS 800 243-7228 

MS WATS 800 222-7653 


162 E. Amite Street 
.Jackson, MS 99201-2196 

EstaHishcd 1879 

Members New York Stock Exchange, Inc. 

and Other Principal Exchanges 


Congratulations Class of 1996 and 
Best Luck In Your Future Endeavors! 

Richard A. Wilkinson 

P.O. Box 1156 

55S Highway 51 

Ridgeland, MS 3915S 


An Energy Service Company 

PO 80x1639 

Jackson. MS 392 1 5- 1 639 USA 

601-933-3000 • 800-824-2626 

TWX 810-966-2626— Cabel MMT JKS 
TELEX 585326— Cabel ERGON INC JKS 

T I S I N G 

1 4 7 

. Cfitis' Jbrist 

1012 E. Fortification St. 
Jackson, MS 39202 


J^uCC service ftorist • Alt occasions 

'Doing business j or over 14 years 

With =5.6 Million In Recent Renovations, 



• 289 total guest rooms, including ADA rooms 

• Brand new Remingtons Bar & Grill 

• More than 16,000 square feet meeting space 

• Remote-control television 

• Swimming pool 

• 18-acre grounds landscaped with over 200 trees 
Counyard ond outdoor recreation area 

2649 US 80 West . 
Jackson, Mississippi 39204 


call (601) 355-3472 

=.•.'■ » ■ «" -Jt»ttm''j t e^ i Sttf jiit^:r.~s^^- - '^" 

[apitol elevator [ompany, Inc 

'PO Box 3019 • 1 1 26 Baile}' Avenue • Jackson, \fississippi 39207 
Telephone 1S5-38SI 

Groduate&off 996/ 


Gifts • formal Favors 
Sorority & Fraternity items 

1220 E Nonhside Dr, Suite 320 

Jackson, Mississippi 39211 

(601) 366-9344 • (800) 366-9344 

Fax (601) 982-8351 

Division of Colonial Enterprises, Inc 

1 4 8 





Local: (601) 948-8650 

2375 North State Street Jackson, MS 39202-1 196 

Operated by MMI }Iotel Group. Irxc. 

It's the 



^ left side of your brain 

that keeps you from seeing 

the future. It can't help 

but overanalyze things. 

"A bank on the Internet?" 

it asks,"Why?" Darn 


© 19% Deixsil Guanmt)' . Memher mir The right 

side sees possibility, ki 

"What if?" it asks. "What 

if Deposit Guaranty's GNet 

spits out banking info like 

an ATM spits out cash?" 

Gotta love that 

right side. 


& Best Wishes to the 

1996 Graduation Class 

Patton Publishing Company, Inc. 

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Welcome to life. 

Want to know a secret? When you intern at 

The Clarion-Ledger, you can get hands-on experience 

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Call 961-7072 for more information on how to sign up. 

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Fax 601/939-8934 

The fact is most employers want someone with experience, 

and you can't get experience just from books. 

You have to get down in the trenches with the rest 

of the workforce and learn by actually doing the job. 

• ^^""^^ 

)MI \ 


s I 

4 9 

WhilJeu s J'Jowers 

~y -Since 1947 " 

Congratulations & Best Wishes, 
Graduates of 1996 


740 Lakeland Dr 

University Club 

Q //(//mi/is. 

"oloM o/-/3A^. ^6 

Top Floor Deposit Guaranty Plaza 

210 East Capitol Street, Suite 2200 

Jackson, Mississippi 39201-2372 

Telephone (601) 969^01 1 


Hotel & Restaurant Supply 

Suppliers/Designers to the Food Service Industry 

iJ^cil I'Vishei in Ijouf ^Jutiirc, 
Qaclualesof 1995! 

Food Service Equipment & Supplies * Contract Furniture • Design i Engineering 

Meridian Division 

PO Sox 6 * 2215 Old Marion Road 

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601-482-7127 • 80O-7B2-6651 

Jackson Division 

4251 Induslnal Drive 

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y» rt m tone 




1 5 



Drop by your nearest Trustmark office and we'll help 
you choose financial options that are right for you.* 


National Bank Member fdic 



"Subject to Trustmark's credit requirements. ©1992 Trustmark National Bank 

CN^ukJbiJmA Gfiadiiate^l 

bim^ ike. VAlthap^ ComiHimUi|. 


^SSS Ss • Naskart Track 

^^^^^^^ ^^^ Hottest, fastest cars 

\ m=m^ • LeMans Road Course 

^S T^<su^^^^^ • Rookie Track 

Golf Driving Range • Baseball & Softball Cages 
Newly Remodeled Miniature Golf 

5 124 North State St. 


LuTiMr o Building Supply 

to the Graduates 

8m Bailey fiuenue 


T I S I N G 

1 5 1 

Section Editor: Li)idsey Scruggs 
Assistant Editor: Kim Niolet 

Abate, Ashley 32.59.81. 115 
Abbotl, Charles 32,88. 131 
Acy, Dawn 25.32, 109 
Acy, Kathi 27 
■Adams. Gray 139 
Adams, Jason 32. 135 
.Adams. Jodie 32. 127 
Adams. John 32, 60. 127 
AggaAval. Ajay 28.97 
Ahuja, Angela 83 
Ainsworth. Jimmy 90. 143 
Akdamar, Hurat 87. 92. 93. 135 
.Akers. Jason 130. 131 
Albert. Harmony 32.87.91 
Alexander. Chris 142. 143 
Allen. Nathan 32 
Alli.son. Jan 27 
Allison. Nena 95 
Allred, Jennifer 59 
Almo. James 26 
Almond. Priscilla 32,62. 115 
Alton. Molly 32. 59 
Ammann. Alison 119 
Ammann. Davis 127 
.Ammon. Ted 28. 138 
.Anderson, Elizabeth 32 
Andmg. Trey 32. 62 
Andrews, Kenneth 28 
Applewhite. Laura 109 
Arceneau.x. Beau 81. 123. 127 
Arick. Susan 30. 105 
Armstrong. Sarah 28 
Arrmgton. Derek 32. 79. 139 
Asmus. Collin 28 
Atkinson. Payne 127 
Atwood. John 32. 54, 130. 131 
Austin, Allana 27,32,85, 119 
Austin, Bert 32. 95. 134, 135 
Austin, Elizabeth 32.81.88,89, 

Austin, Halley 32. 58. 59 
Austin. Molly 32. 115 
Austin, Peter 32, 70, 71. 127 
Autry. Laura 32, 108. 109. 122 
Ayres, Neill 32, 142, 143 

Babula, Stephen 60, 61 
Bachaleda. Jenny 32, 84. 85. 1 19 
Baier. Amy 32. 72. 88, 89. 98. 104. 

105. 157 
Bailey. Allison 85. 88. 105 
Bailey. Daniel 32. 84. 85 
Bailey. David 97 
Bailey. Hallie 32 
Bakeiaar. Tim 80.81. 127 
Balducci. Amy 32, 34, 78. 80. 81, 

86,87,93,94. 108. 109,122 
Ball, Amy 32,115 
Ball. Brad 6.32,81,91,127 
Ball, David 139 
Ball, Ken 32,62,81,91, 127 
Ballard, Jennifer 32, 79, 89, 93. 

Barbour, Erin 105 
Bargman, Ginger 32,87, 115 

Barham, Rachel 32, 85 

Barksdale, Kay 26 

Barlow, Brandon 32, 54. 55. 130. 

Barnes, Ike 139 
Barousse, Lesley 9. 78. 89. 109 
Barrett, Stephanie 32, 78, 109 
Barton, Lea 32, 76, 88, 89. 93. 95 
Bash. Lottie 32. 79. 82. 87. 92 
Bass. Ashley 21.32.76. 115,157 
Bass. Randy 32, 54, 84, 85. 143 
Batten. .Andy 60. 139 
Baugh. Esther 25 
Bealer. Caroline 32 
Bean. Jackie 25 
Beard. Will 32. 127 
Beatty, Jann 25 
Beauchamp, Andy 32. 143 
Beaumont, Vanessa 41,84,85 
Beavers. Nathan 60.61. 127 
Becker. Philipp 97 
Beckett. P. Ryan 33. 97. 127 
Beckford. Leon 124 
Beeler. Jesse 28 
Beeson. Traci 89. 105 
Bell. Amanda 33. 105 
Bell. Sally 33. 109 
Bennett. Lyie 33. 54 
Benzur. Gabe 33. 89, 139 
Berbette, Elizabeth 33, 105 
Berch. Barr\' 33 
Berg, Emily 33, 115 
Berman, Seth 33, 81, 143 
Bermel, VVillem 33. 60. 88. 89, 

Bernard, Yolanda 28 
Berry, Roy 28, 126 
Berryhill. Brian 33. 90 
Berri,'man. Todd 89 
Best. Erin 33.87. 119 
Bethea. Carly 33. 105 
Betz. Greg 79. 92. 93. 96. 123. 

130. 131 
Bevill. James 85. 88 
Bey. George 22. 31 
Bhatia. Jennifer 8, 33, 79, 91. 92. 

93. 105 
Bhatia. Randy 18. 33 
Biddlc. Elizabeth 33. 85. 105 
Biegel. Michelle 66. 67 
Biggins. Walter 33 
Bilbo. Amy 109 
Billups. Blake 79, 131 
Bishop, Allen 28, 80 
Bivins, Jeff 33, 139 
Black, Mary Katherine 33, 84, 85, 

Black, Noble 33. 79. 88. 94. 127 
Black. Stephen 31 
Blackwood. Doris 26 
Blaine, Mar>' 27, 34. 78, 92. 93. 119 
Blanks. Beth 109 
Bledsoe. Nancy 31,97 
Bloss, Cindy 12,33.105 
Boackle, Paul 34, 143 
Boatner, Cindy 115 
Boerner, Brad 15, 138. 139 

Boerner. Michael 34. 60. 72. 139 

Bogan. Scott 34. 74, 75, 127 

Bond. Richard 131 

Bone, Jason 135 

Boone, Beth 95 

Booth, Janis 27 

Boothe, Mary 8. 34, 79, 85, 91, 93, 

115, 122 
Boren, Cliff 34 
Borgman, Amy 105 
Boswell, Carrie 34, 114, 115 
Boteler, Kno.x 34, 76, 79, 93, 127 
Bounds, Julia 26 
Bourgeois, Mandy 7, 34 
Bower, Sharon 34, 95 
Bowers, Steven 127 
Bowling, Danielle 34, 105 
Box.\. Molly 8,34, 115 
Boyce, Robert 127 
Boyd, Brian 89 
Boyd, Jimmy 34 
Brach, Ryan 34, 135 
Bradley, Hagi 27, 78 
Bradley, Shelley 34, 105 
Branch, Brennan 34, 108, 109 
Branch, Jay 34 
Brantley, Sabrina 7, 9, 34, 83 
Bratton, Kat>'e 34,79, 115 
Bratton, Lisa 34, 105 
Breazeale, Jimmy 95 
Brewer, Craig 34, 70 
Brewer, Jennifer 34, 79, 94. 108, 

Brinson, Lucy 35, 115 
Brister, Bill 28, 97 
Britt, Darin 139 
Britton, Albert 54 
Brooking, Carl 31 
Brooks, Kenneth 26 
Brooks, Michael 127 
Brown, Amelia 35, 56. 115 
Brown. Andy P. 80.82. 131 
Brown, Andy R. 35, 79, 80. 82, 83, 

93, 127 
Brown, Brooks 35. 134, 135 
Brown, Elizabeth 35. 79. 105 
Brown. Jenni 35. 45. 85. 105 
Brown. Kristen 28 
Brown. Nikki 33. 35. 85 
Browne. Morgan 35. 127 
Broyles. Barbara Ann 35 
Bruce. Reid 135 
Brunini, John 35. 68. 69, 127 
Brunson. Trey 35 
Brunt. Christopher 28 
Br\'Son. David 79 
Buchanan. Robin 26 
Budde. Kim 35, 58, 59 
Bulord, Erika 27, 35, 79, 83, 100 
Burch. Murray 27, 54, 66 
Burchfield, Bernadad 41 
Burke, Allen 35.79. 127 
Burke, Jeanette 105 
Burke. Kimberly 31 
Burkett. Mike 35.78,81.87,94.135 
Burleson. Jay 54. 55 
Burnett. Justin 35 

Burney, Louise 27, 97 
Burroughs, Beth 35, 81, 86 
Burtt. Richie 35. 85, 135 
Busby, Jim 26 
Butler, Jan 35, 85 
Butler, Jay 88 
Buzhardt, Gail 28 
Byrd, Nathan 35,54.131 

Cain, C. Eugene 28 
Calhoun. Ashley 108, 109 
Callaway, Elizabeth 35, 62, 63, 88, 

105, 122 
Calvert, Kate 35. 79. 87. 104, 105. 

Campbell. Boyd 84. 85 
Campbell. Connie 28. 82. 90, 96 
Campbell, Sarah 28, 94 
Caraway, Laura 35, 115 
Caraway, Patrick 35. 131 
Carlson. Shannon 27. 64. 65 
Garner, Dave 139 
Carr, Allison 35, 85, 86, 87, 105 
Carson, Forrest 139 
Carter, Ted 35 
Cashion. Teresa 95 
Caver. Courtney 35 
Chadeayne. John 139 
Chadeyras. Claudine 28. 78. 88 
Chaffin. Bryant 35. 143 
Chandler. Ben 7.35, 139 
Chandler. Michael 143 
Chapman. Nikki 109 
Chapman. Philip 16, 127 
Charbonnet, Billy 123, 131 
Chase, Tara 35, 105 
Chase. Willie 26 
Chastant, Brad 35. 127 
Chaudhuri. Rajat 27 
Chenuau. Karen 35. 88 
Chester. Cherie 84. 85 
Chiang, Karen 35, 109 
Chong, Mieun 35, 37. 105 
Chrestman. Mao' Beth 35. 108. 

109. 122 
Chrestman. Raven 35 
Clanton. Stephanie 35. 85 
Clark. Robin 7. 35. 94 
Clark. Sally 17.35.85. 104.105 
Clary. Candee 35. 108. 109 
Clay-Cashion. Amy 79. 109 
Cloud. Daniel 35 
Cloud. Tara 92 

Cockrell. Chris 10. 35. 54. 131 
Coker. Carrie 58. 59. 79. 85. 93,' 105 
Coker. Cheryl 28,31 
Coker. Frances 28, 30. 94. 95 
Coker. Mich 60. 89. 127 
Coker. Timothy 28 
Cole.Valarie 112 
Coleman. Kenneth 41.49,83 
Coleman, Nira 100 
Coleman. Ralph 26 
Coleman. Vickie 36. 82. 92. 93. 

94. 95. 100. 123 
Collins. Jane 36. 85. 109. 157 
Collins, Wendy 109 
Colomer, Soria 13, 36, 89 
Conwill. Joseph 60. 131 
Cook. Amanda 7,13,36,91, 119 
Cook, Ray 6, 36, 62, 127 
Cook, Rodney 16, 27 
Cooper, Elizabeth 36 
Cooper, Sarah 109 
Cork, Brenda 27 
Costas, Maria 85 
Cotter, Joan 28, 89 
CouA'ille, Brian 79, 88, 97 
Covode. Carrie 36, 109 
Cowles.Joe 36,69, 131 

Cox, Allison 115 

Cox, Ann Jane 15,33.36, 109 

Cox, Max 27. 62. 79, 93, 139 

Cox, Pat 27 

Cozelos.Wess 81,134,135 

Craft, Brandy 36.56,80.81.115 

Craig. Emile 11.60.131 

Crater. Lynne 95 

Crawford, Holly 36, 85. 95, 105 

Crawford, Jennifer 7, 36, 81, 118, 

Crawford. Tracey 36,95, 119 
Creel, .Amy 27,82,119 
Cremer, Jennifer 36, 119 
Crochet, Stephen 17,36,89,139 
Crook, George 36, 90, 134, 135 
Croom, Curtis 36 
Crosby, Jana 36. 88 
Crohvell, Andy 36. 54, 131 
Crowl, Jenny 36,94. 115 
Culpepper, David 31 
Culpepper. Jennifer 109 
Cumbest. Don 79. 86, 87, 89, 127 
Czaika, Ellen 36, 78, 82, 83, 86, 

91, 96, 108, 109 

Daigle. Dugue 36, 80, 81, 92, 142 

Dale, Mike 27, 36, 78, 93, 139 
Dalton, Ashley 127 
Dance. Gayla 28 
Daniels. Julie 27 
Dann. Charles 79.82.92 
Danos. Josh 69 
Dare. Liz 115 

Daschbach. Michael 36. 96. 97 
Davidson. Kelsey 95. 105 
Davidson. Megen 114.115 
Davis, Angela 36, 79, 80, 94. 108, 

Davis. Chris 36. 45. 54. 135 
Davis, David 28 
Davis, Gene 95 

Davis, Lee 27, 36, 86, 134, 135 
Davis, Marvin 27. 36. 41. 78. 79, 

83. 86. 124 
Davis. Philip 81.127 
Davis. Rusty 131 
Davis. Shannon 81.135 
Dawson. Erin 36. 56. 115 
Dawson, Leslie 118.119.122 
Day. Ford 36 
Dearman. Ginny 95 
DeBroeck, Kellie 14, 56. 105 
Dees, Utanishia 9. 12, 27, 36, 78, 

82. 100 
DeMarco. Michele 36. 108. 109 
Demeritt. Shawn 11. 123, 131 
Denham, Heather 36, 84. 85. 105 
Depa. Tony 36. 78 
Dews. Robert 36. 70. 71, 131 
Dickson. Kris 36. 72. 73. 97, 127 
Diel, Rachel 36. 72. 73. 109 
Dill. Caroline 105 
Dobay. Jeremy 36, 52. 60. 61. 131 
Doolittle. Jeffen- 36.80.81. 131 
Dorough. Betsy 36. 65. 114, 115 
Dotson. Melanie 78. 105. 122 
Dotson. .Mindy 72. 73 
Doughty. Ashley 10, 36, 109 
Dreher. Bill 131 
Dunaway. Kassie 36 
Duncan. Alison 37 
Dunehew. .Alison 37. 64. 65 
Durel. Jason 37, 127 
Dutt, Bhaskar 97 
Duval, Charles, 37 
Duval. Lee 54 
Dyer. Elizabeth 37, 105 
Dvess. Turner 131 

5 2 

D E 

Gunn, Chris 139 

Cuyer, Michele 27,28 

Easterling, Brooks 139 
Edwards. Amber 37, 86. 108. 109 

Gabriel, Jason 85, 91 

Galchinsky, Michael 28 


Edwards, Chuck 54, 55 

Gallager, LaKimberly 38, 79. 83. 

Edwards. Jennifer 92 


Haas, James 39, 54, 55 

^V^^^^^T^A VAT I 

Elam, Jessie 37 

Gamble, Hugh 127 

Hackett, Adrian 39, 81 

H\l K 1 HI 11 1 1 1 II 

Elder. Cindy 27 

Gann. Delbert 31,80 

Hailey. William 31 

^^\m\^^mA3\3 lUU 

Ellender. Caroline 14. 37, 45, 88, 

Gannaway. Heather 38. 49. 105 

Hale. Beau 54 


104, 105 

Gannon, Michael 38, 54 

Hall, Bridget 13, 39, 78, 86 

^^^^^^■^^^^IM T T r il 

Ellett, Mitchell 37, 123, 127 

Garber, John 68, 69, 131 

Hall, Carla 39 

^^^H y ! 1 1 \ li V 

Elliott, Delois 25 

Gardner, Chad 38, 69, 81, 143 

Hall. Lori 88 


England, Kate 37, 105 

Garner, Jarrad 131 

Hall. Sammy 39, 135 

Epier, Kristen 37,86,94,119,122 

Garrett, Paula 95 
Gates, Jodi 105 

Hallford, Wil 39, 139 
Hamilton, Brian 39, 127 


Ethridge, Amy 37, 105 

Ethridge, Emily 37, 105 

Cell. Rich 25 

Hamilton, Jimmye 41 

Evans, Roan 37, 78, 135 

Gerhauser, Laura 38, 109 

Hamm. Jennifer 39. 66, 109 

Everett, Ben 79, 127 

Gibbes, Chipper 143 

Hammons, Devin 39 

Everett, Terrv 37, 80, 81, 85, 89, 

Gibson, Jay 38 

Hammons, Stacy 39 


Gibson, Joe Lee 26 

Hancock, Amanda 8,39,41,56, 

Ezell, David 26 

Gibson, Nola 25 


Do you think the 

Ezell, George H. 28 

Gibson, Toby 11.38.60,79.81. 

Hannon, Cindy 27, 66, 67 

Ezell, Rebecca, 37 
Ezelle, Erica 37, 115 

Gilbert, Natalie 38,86,91,92,94, 

Hann,'. Jamie 39 

Hansford, Ashley 54,80. 131 

government should 

97. 108. 109 
Gilbert. Robert 138, 139 

Hanson, Lamont 60, 139 
Harden, Amy 39, 115 

abolish affirmative 


Giles. Kelly 10, 88 

Hardy, Charles 24, 25, 143 

action programs? 

Fabbri, Joan 37, 93, 95 

Gillespie. Rogan 115 

Harkins, DeMatt 39, 139 

Faherty, Teresa 28 

Gillespie, Tripp 38, 70, 130, 131 

Harman, Anne 14, 37. 39 

Fancher, Susan 115 

Gillis, Bill 38, 85 

Harmon, George 9,24,31 

Fanguy, Sandra 25, 27 

Giovingo. Elizabeth 9, 38. 109 

Harper, Jackie 39 

I see affirmative action as the 

Fanguy, Stephanie 37, 105 

Gleason. Michael 28. 134 

Harrell, Elise 39,79,119 

Farley, Josh 60 

Glidewell. Megan 7.39, 119 

Harrelson, Brad 6, 39. 79. 91. 

Farmer, Dalia 7, 37, 38, 52, 82, 

Glumb, Sharon 27, 87 


most hypocritical movement I can 

87, 88, 157 

Gober, Cheri 25 

Harris, April 39,78,84,88,115 

Farrell, Katy 27. 37, 79. 80, 84. 

Gober, Renee 79 

Harris, Eloise 83, 105 

think of. Its object is the reversal 


Godchaux, Gretchen 27, 39, 79, 

Harris, Heather 39, 109 

Farrow, Jennifer 119 


Harris, James 28, 80, 81, 142 

of the effects of past racism. It 

Favre, Trent 37, 79, 85, 92, 93, 

Godfrey, Summer 39 

Goff, Clay 38, 39, 78, 95, 135 

Harris, Jamie 10, 39, 85, 109 
Harris, John 92 

accomplishes this by discriminating 

Feldman, Susan 38,79,91,104, 

Goldman, Brande 39 
Goldman, Mary Ann 27 

Harris, Spencer 95 
Harris, Wendell 131 

on the basis of race and gender - 

Fennell, Julie 59.66.109 

Gomillion, Brian 39, 82 

Harrison, Carolyn 118 

racism. Two wrongs do not make 

Fenton, Marge 26 

Gonzales, Lory 88. 109 

Harrison, Charlotte 39 

Fermon, Priscilla 31 

Good, Kelly 18, 39, 109 

Harrison, Christian 127 

a right. 

Ferrell, Ellen 15,81 

Goodwin, Shawn 39, 78, 80, 83. 

Harrison, Joseph 40, 85 

Ferrell, O'Casey 83, 123 


Hartness, Phil 40, 54 

Paul Roberts 

Fettes, Victor 97 

Gordon, Paul 56, 143 

Harvey, Tammy 40, 157 

Fewell, Duane 54, 127 

Gorton. Christine 7,39,119 

Harvison, Melissa 40, 119 

1 do not believe that all affirmative 

Ficklin, Taminee 7, 25, 97 

Goss. Lance 30. 31 

Havron,Will 131 

Finzel, Christina 38, 78, 79, 87, 

Goss. Martha 28 

Hawkins, Tina 25 

92, 93, 108, 109 

Grace. Sean 56, 135 

Haydel, Gigi 40 

action programs should be 

Fisher, Chris 9, 123, 124 

Graham, Kris 139 

Hazlip, Magruder 40, 127 

Flatt, Will 79, 86, 87, 97, 127 

Grant, Synetta 25 

Hazra, Mohua 40. 56 

terminated, but I do see a need for 

Fletcher, Dan 38, 49, 74, 80 
Flowers, Luran 26 

Grantham. Bethany 12, 39, 82, 83, 

Heaton. Deborah 95 
Heise, Diana 28 

streamlining the system. The 

Foley, Janet 27,62,87,88,115 
Fontaine, Mike 27, 38, 87, 134, 135 

Graves, Abby 8, 39, 79, 93. 105 
Graves. Peter 39. 127 

Heit, Christopher 40. 85 
Heiter. Jim 40 

circumstances of today do not call 

Fontenot, Dixie 27 
Ford, Dudley 95 

Graves, Sally 115 

Grayson, Jean 62, 63, 79, 81. 105 

Heiter. John 143 
Helms. Matt 40. 70 

for the sweeping and dramatic 

Ford, Judy 95 

Forsythe, David 27, 58, 59, 60 

Green. Adrian 20. 39, 80, 85, 109 
Green, Cheryl 95 

Hemphill. Karen 40. 159 
Henderson. Laurissa 25, 95 

programs that were needed thirty 

Forsythe, Jeanne Middleton 28 

Green, Penny 79, 92 

Henry, Matt 30, 40, 84, 85, 127 

years ago. Many of these 

Fortenberry, Don 25, 86, 87 

Greenleaf, Charles 39, 131 

Herring, Jim 95 

Fowler, Alan 38 

Greenlee, Lancie 54, 66 

Herrington. Eric 40, 82, 83, 85, 

programs have served their 

Fowler, Dan 15, 139 

Greer, LaKeysha 9, 39, 78, 82, 83, 


Fox, Brenda 38 

92, 100, 123 

Heslin.Ann 40.119 

purpose, but now they are in 

Francis, Matt 38 
Franklin, Deloris 26 

Greer, Ruth 27 
Griesbeck, Lynn 115 

Higdon. Bethany 95 
Highfill, Dick 28 

danger of outliving their 

Frascogna, Judy 27 

Griffis, James 60 

Highfill, Mike 70,71 


Frascogna, Nan 8, 14, 38, 62, 63, 

Griggs, Leigh 97, 105 

Hilton. Troy 54. 55 


Grillo, Laura 31 

Hindman. Doug 54 

Bill Pittman 

Frederick, Eddie 38, 54, 131 

Grissom, Jason 39. 127 

Hines. Florence 25. 27 

X.#S»ft M t I'K'f • CliS* • 

Freis, Catherine R. 28 

Gristina. Nicholas 39, 60, 131 

Hixson. Mike 78, 89, 135 

Fretwell, Gary 24,27 

Groner. Jack 131 

Hobson, Willie 69,83 

Frost. Chuck 86 

Grubbs, Allison 39,78,118,119 

Hogg, Rusty 40 

Fuller, Jacob 70, 127 

Grubbs, Carmen 39 

Hoke, Michele 97 


Funchess, Desmond 26, 41, 54, 83 

Grubbs, Ray 31 

Holland, Paul 40, 127 


Fuquay, David 38, 79, 86, 87, 91, 

Grubbs, Susannah 27 

Hollimon, Kim 40, 91, 92, 94, 


92, 93, 131 

Guice, Nathan 60, 61, 131 


Guider, Christopher 39 

Hollis, Bridget 40, 105 

Guine, Jerome 54 

Hollis, Neil 40, 54, 131 

5 3 

Holloway, Martin 40 
Holloway, Mitchell 88 
Holman. Janice Jordan 95 
Holman. Rhoda 40. 109 
Holmberg. Vik 95 
Hulsomback. Lysa 156 
Holton, Jed 40. 131 
Hood.Angie 40.65.109,157 
Hooker. William 70 
Hoover. Wyn 40. 127 
Horn. Larr\' 27 
Horner. Mar>' 40. 105 
Hornsby. Melissa 88 
Huard. Matt 54, 138. 139 
Hubiak. Theresa 12. 40. 105 
Hudson. Shanell 40 
Huey. Landon 79 
Huff. Mar\'e 95 
Huffman. Robert 143 
Hughes. Kathr\'n 64. 65. 89 
Huguet. Will 40. 139 
Humphrey. Marilyn 40. 95 
Hurst. Mike 69.88 
Husband. Julia 26 
Husband. Shannon 40. 109 
Hutchinson. Ann 95 
Hutchison, Melissa 97 
Huth. Jonathan 142, 143 
Hyde, Clifton 15, 40, 84, 139 
Hydinger, Tresslar 40, 115 
Hymel, Teddy 40,70.71, 127 
Hyneman, Ann 25 

Iccomh, Julianne 95 

Ingram, Ken 27 

Ingram, Wes 40, 54, 55 

Irons, Jenny 79,92,93,108, 109 

lA'in, Turkessa 41, 56. 156 

Isaac. Ronnie 17. 54 

Isaak. Leo 74. 75 

Isbell. Keith 84. 85 

Ivers. Leslie 27 

Jackson. Arthur 54 
Jackson, Brian 27 
Jaffar, Ed 40, 135 
Jameson. Betty 26. 27 
Jameson. Ed 26. 27 
Jefcoat. Mike 70. 71 
Jeffcoat. Benjamm 40. 70. 127 
Jen. Jason 7, 34 
Jenkins, Allison 84. 85 
Jenkins. Ron 78 
Joachim. Jim 40, 54 
Johns, Steven 40, 72, 139 
Johnson. Andrea 40. 94. 95 
Johnson, A,shley 40, 118, 119 
Johnson, Authur 40 
Johnson, David 40 
Johnson, Deloris 26 
Johnson, Heather 41, 119 
Johnson, Lee Ann 41 
Johnson, Lee Scott 60. 61, 127 
Johnson, Lillie 26 
Johnson. Lucy 26 
Johnson. Peggy 88 
Johnson. Percy 26 
Johnson. Rose 27 
Johnson. Todd 72. 73 
Johnston, Clay 41. 55. 94. 127 
Johnston. Patrick 41. 54. 84. 

Jolly. Jason 41.91. 127 
Jones. David 70. 131 
Jones. Dwayne 49 
Jones. Jennifer 41, 78. 86, 95. 109. 

Jones. Lakeisha 41 

Jones. Leeland 41. 89 
Jones. Mary Louise 29 
Jones. Melissa 41. 119 
Jones, Thomas 41,72, 135 
Jordan, J.C. 139 
Jowers, Jessica 78 
Joyner, Micah 41 
Jurney, Ron 27, 52, 55 
Justice, Kelly 41, 115 

Kahn, Robert 29, 88. 89 

Karrh. Barry 7. 41 

Kawarazuka, Kaori 41 

Kawarazuka, Takeshi 41 

Kearney, Erick 26 

Keller. Gail 27 

Kellum. Jenny 41.94.97. 115 

Kemp. Kathy 41 

Kersh. Ashley 27 

Khandker. .Asif 31 

Kiel, Mark 41,70, 127 

Kilgore, Valerie 81, 108. 109 

Killen. Meagan 88,92 

Killen, Robin 27 

Kimbrough, Julie 41. 79.89,92. 

Kimmel, Bill 88 
Kinard, Kirk 70,71,80, 127 
King, Allen 41,84.85 
King, Carey 109 
Kmg, Kriss 42 
King, Robert 24, 31 
King, Steve 90 
Kirby, Adam Andrew 27, 42, 79, 

Kirk,Alden 13,42,80.127 
Koeninger, Kevin 139 
Kondo, Nobuhiro 42 
Kuhn,.'\ndy 60,61.139 
Kuhns. Kim 119 

Lacallade. Aimee 42.56.85. 115 

Lalandc. Ashley 72,115 

Land, Stephanie 18. 42 

Landers. Caroline 115 

Lane, Colby 97. 127 

Lang. Angle 119 

Lang. Courtney 105 

Lang, Dana 27 

Lang, Gene 42,78,81, 134, 135 

Langley, Janet 25,95 

Largent, Mary 42, 81, 85, 91, 97, 

114, 115, 122 
Larrys, John 16,54,83 
Latham, Rex 26 
Lawley. Baker 42, 134, 135 
Uwrence. Chris 70, 71, 80, 127 
Lawrence, Kirk 15, 42, 127 
Lawrey, Governor 26 
Leach, John 27 
LeBlanc, Jason 42,57,81. 143 
LeBlanc. Rachel 42, 97, 105 
Ledbetter. Charles 42. 88 
Ledbetter. Mark 29. 88 
Lee. Kenny 83. 123. 124 
Lee, Martha 27 
Lee, Olivia 100 
Lefavor, Brent 31 
Legendre. Nicole 88. 105 
Leigh, Sid 30 
Leleux, Kyla 42, 109 
Lemmond, Rasa 42, 88, 105 
Lene, Anne Katherine 15.42.115 
Leon. Misty 22. 42. 86. 97. 105. 

Leonard. Doug 
Lestage. David 42, 78. 127 
Lester. Alma 112 

Lewis. Scott 42. 79. 85. 139 

Lewis. T.W. 29.30,114 

Lewis. Todd 127 

Lewis. West 139 

Li. Lilian 50 

Liles. Bart 42. 127 

Lindsey. Heather 43. 86. 97. 157 

Lipari. Monique 27. 43. 85 

Litkenhous. Brad 17. 43, 143 

Littrell. Martha 43 

Livingston, Vicki 27, 42 

Loden, Jason 85, 135 

Lofton, Amy 43 

Logan, Daniel 127 

Lokitz. Stephen 81.96, 143 

Lonegrass, Mike 43, 54, 131 

Long, Angle 95 

Long, Becky 43,79.95. 109 

Long. Lauren 43. 64. 65. 105 

Long. Logan 43. 70. 127 

Long, Melissa 84 

Long, Thelma 26 

Lott, Heather 43,45,81,91, 105 

Louie, Adriane 43, 91 

Love. Mar\' Mortimer 79 

Lowery. John 43. 143 

Lowery. Sarah 43. 109 

Luangphakdy, Vanh 43 

Lucas, Jimmie 43 

Luce, Sarah 43, 105 

Luckett, Cratin 69 

Lum, Dennis 26 

Lyle,Carron 88.95 

Lyle. Mattie 26 

Lymberis. .^my 114,115 

Lynch, Mark 31 

Lyon, Natalie 12,43,87, 115 

Lyttnn, Bill 59, 60 

Mack, Calvin 26 
MacMaster, Anne 31 
MacMorran, Jason 123, 139 
Madden, Brad 43, 54, 55, 127 
Maestri, Scott 134, 135 
Magargee, Jill 11,43,83,85 
Magee, Stan 27,91, 159 
Maginnis, Megan 43, 87 
Main, Troy 26 
Mallett, Valerie 100 
Malouf, Charlie 43. 54. 88. 89 
Mancini. Lauren 43, 82, 86, 87, 

88, 115, 122 
Mangrum, Mimi 42, 43. 105 
Mann, Debora 29 
Manson, Troy 43, 96, 127 
Marcum, Mitchell 20 
Markley, Mar\' 25 
Marley, Minette 43, 97, 105 
Marron, Claire 109 
Marrs, Suzanne 29 
Marshall, Jim 43. 79. 127 
Martin. Ashley 43. 109 
Martin. Cheryl 43,95 
Martin. Jonathan 127 
Masker. Ray 43. 60 
Mas,set. Amanda 87,96, 118, 119 
Massey, Heath 92, 139 
Matheny, Justin 60, 127 
Matsuoka. Ryo 43. 60 
Matthews. Jennifer 43. 105 
May. Marty 54 
May. Walter 143 
Mayhall. Laura E. 29 
Mayo. Emily 43. 85, 105 
Mayo. Rob 143 
Maze. Gary 87 
Maziarz. Marta 27 
McCain. Amy 43. 86 
McCallister. Marc 127 
McCarley. RAV. 29. 96 

McCarthy. Patrick 139 
McCool. P-nut 33 
McCord. Stephen 13. 19. 127 
McCormick. Beaux 131 
McCormick, Lauri 43. 78. 82. 83. 

McCown. Michael 43. 135 
McCoy. Virginia 25 
McCracken, Anna 43. 115 
McCranie. Kim 105 
McDaniel. Currey 43. 105 
McDermott. Philip 43. 89, 143 
McDonald. Eric 43. 131 
McDonald. Jeff 143 
McDonald. Vickey 27 
McDonnell. Alison 43, 115 
McDonnell. Ashley 43, 78, 79, 91, 

94. 114. 115 
McElvaine, Robert 29 
McElwee. Ginger 43. 90, 105 
McEver, Melissa 44. 105 
McGehee. John 131 
McGreger. April 44. 66 
McCuire. Sarah Lea 29 
McHenry. Jennifer 115 
Mcintosh. Debra 27 
McKee. Katharine 34. 44. 78. 109 
McKee. Lori 44, 118. 119 
McKeown. James 29. 78 
McLallen. Elizabeth 105 
McLaughlin. Matthew 127 
McLean. Christopher 8. 44. 142. 

McLellan. Tara 44 
McManus. Jason 44. 79 
McMullen. Austin 22. 44. 78. 92. 

93. 97. 134. 135 
McNeal. Chris 44. 54. 70 
McRae. Kristen 44. 82. 83. 84. 86. 

87. 94. 95, 97 
McRaney, Ellen 44, 80, 86 
.McWilliams, Tim 26 
Meadows, Mar\' 44, 115 
Means, Brian 38, 42, 44, 83, 86. 

Meeks. Cyndi 44.88.89. 115 
Meeks. Tree 49 
Mehrle. Elizabeth 44. 72. 105 
Melcher. Li 44. 96 
Melcher. Tai 44 
Mendoza. Britt 44. 143 
Merriman, Kelly 44. 78. 79. 87. 

Meyers. Christine 44. 78. 115 
Mihas. Nellie 109 
Miller. A.K. 88. 115 
Miller. Anne 81. 115 
Miller. Bridget 33 
Miller. Chris 54. 55. 143 
Miller. Georgia 29 
Miller. Greg 29 
Miller. Heather 109 
Miller. Jennifer 44.59. 118. 119 
Miller. Laura Jean 105 
Miller. Lee 26 
Miller. Lori 44 

Miller. Melanie 11.88.93. 115 
Miller. Tiffany 44 
Mills. Marshall 44 
Mills. Melinda 81 
Millsaps. Lucy Webb 29 
Mims. Christopher 44 
Minor. Anne 44. 105 
Mitchell. Kathleen 27. 78 
Mitchell. Kirk 79. 92. 139 
Mitchell. Matt 27. 69. 72. 73 
Mitchell, Molly 20,44, 115 
Mitchell, Venita 16.27.91 
Mitias. Michael H. 31 
Miyamoto. Ryuta 44 
Mogabgab. Jason 131 
Molinaro. Lucv 26 

Monteith. Anna Kathn'n 44,85, 

93, 104, 105 
Moore. Charles H. 30 
Moore. Laura 44. 84. 85 
Moorehouse. Sara 44. 58. 59. 115 
Moran. Mark 44. 70 
Morgan. Jennifer 20. 109. 122 
Morgan. Matt 79, 127 
Morgan. Steve 44, 52, 62, 63. 81, 

Morgan, Vicki 25 
Morgan, Zachary 44. 135 
Morris. Christopher 127 
Morris. David 127 
Morris. George 79. 139 
Morrison. Chris 88. 139 
Mortimer, .Mary Love 44. 105 
Mor^'kwas. Michael 83, 131 
Mosley, Chris 44. 130. 131 
Mosley. Jennifer 44. 80. 82. 83, 

86.93. 119. 122 
Moss. Michelle 44. 78. 80. 82. 83, 

Mouton, Catherine 44. 85, 90, 

115, 157 
Mouton, Thomas 78, 135 
Moyse, Ferd 7, 44. 123, 139 
Moyse. McCullough 15. 109 
Mozingo. Charlie 90. 127 
Mozingo. Robert 44. 60. 127 
Mulloy. Megan 44. 59. 94. 109 
Murphy. Chris 45 
Murphy. Jennifer 109. 122 
Murphy. Suzie 45. 119 
Murphy. Wayne 45. 127 
Muto. Masakazu 45 
Myers, John 45, 78. 96. 135 

Najjar. Annette 97 

Narro. Perr>' 18.45, 115 

Nash. Carrie 45. SO, 81, 86 

Nations. Dawn 26 

Navarre. Eric 10.27.45,54,90, 

91. 143 
Neely. Danny 26 
Neely. David 79. 139 
Neely. Walter 31.96 
Nelson. Ben 27. 45. 79. 92. 93. 

Nelson. Dar>'l 33. 68. 69 
Neuroth, Heather 105 
Nevins, Bob 30, 80 
Newell, Wilbert 26 
Newman, Chris 45, 83 
Nichols. Allison 45.78. 109 
Nichols. Nick 86 
Nickerson. Troy 54 
Nielsen. Kaveri 59 
Niolet. Kim 45.90. 105. 157 
Nix. Daniel 46. 131 
Noble. Trace 14.45. 115.122 
Nonnenmacher. Ben 54. 123, 143 
Northington. Monica 82 
Norton. Brian 45. 1.35 
Novak. Jackie 62 
Nugon. Rob 135 
Null. Katherine 92 
Nye. Jana 72. 109 

O'Brien. Chris 17. 45. 143 

O'Donnell. Elizabeth 45 

Oglesby. Judy 26. 95 

Oishi. Makiko 50 

OKelly. Amanda 45. 86, 93, 105, 

Oliver. Erin 115 
Olivia. Leanora 30 
Omo-Bare. Iren 30 

5 4 

D E X 

O'Neal, Kathleen 26 

Sarglepp, Margus 42. 48, 84. 85 

Osborn, Amy 45 

Sasuga. Mariko 48 

Osborne, Chip 139 

Rainer, Haley 27 
Raju,Arun 139 

Saucier. Chris 48 
Savell, Lorri 48, 82 

Oseman. Stephen 127 


Oswald, Tanya 13,45,81,83,119 

Rambin, Mary Alice 46, 47, 78, 85, 

Sawase. Yasuko 42,48,88 
Scearce, Daniel 74, 75, 96, 127 


Otis, Jason 45, 54. 138, 139 

11/11 A 'm' irr 


Ottinger, Talbott 96, 131 

Ranager, Tommy 52, 54, 55 

Schambach, Robin 109 



Owen, Tyler 7, 45, 139 

Randall, Ashton 131 
Randazzo, Amy 47, 82, 86 

Scheffler, Frederick 135 
Schimmel, Connie 30,31 



Owens, Melinda 46 


Ozier, Meredith 46, 78, 108, 109 

Rankin, Jamie 139 
Raphael, Bill 54 

Schneeflock, Stacie 105 
Schrader. Ed 31 


Rast, Tom 27 

Schroeder. Bill 139 


Ratcliff, Shelley 115 

Schroeder, William 48 

Pace, John 60 

Raub, Holly 47 
Ray, Don 24, 26 

Schulter, David 48 
Scoggin. Oliver 48. 95, 135 


Pace, Kimberly 20,46, 115 

Pack, Suzanne 46, 88, 89, 115 

Ray, Michael 47, 54, 143 

Scott, Mari 96 

Paduda, Mickey 37, 46, 143 

Rayburn, Harry 47, 60, 61, 97, 127 

Screws, Jeremy 80 

Page, Jim 27,54,70 

Rector, Randy 127 

Scruggs, Lindsey 48, 97, 109. 157 

Page, Judith 30 

Redhead, Selah 27 

Seabold, Jeff 127 

Palfrey, Gayle 46, 78, 87, 92, 93, 

Redman, Gregory 47, 127 

Segrest, Hudson 45, 48, 81, 83, 143 


Redmann, Kevin 47, 135 

Senn, Rick 84. 85 

Palmer, Amy 85,115 

Reed, Angle 47, 105 

Sentilles. Jennifer 48 

Pantin, Michael 46 
Papa, Mary Catherine 115 

Reed, Ashley 47,115 
Reese, Todd 47, 54, 96, 131 

Seto. Christina 48, 83 
Sevel, Michael 135 

Should U.S. military 

Parker, Al 27 
Parker, Connie 27 

Reeves, Tate 96, 127 

Reeves, Todd 45, 47, 54, 79, 86, 

Sharp, Susan 105 
Shearer, Jan 48, 66, 109 

forces be in Bosnia? 

Parker, Ellen 46, 92 


Shearer, Jane 22,79,87.91,115 

Parker, Hugh 24, 30 

Reid, Walter 27 

Sheehan, Katie 15,48. 115 

Parks, Jim 27, 30, 78 

Rezk, Hany 47 

Sheldon. Cassie 48. 115 

It is not an easy yes or no answer, 

Parnell, David 46, 72, 139 

Pate, Michelle 8, 9, 46, 76, 79, 89, 

Rhymes, Sandy 25 
Richards, Bryant 47, 54, 55 

Shelton. David 48. 70, 97, 131 
Shelton, Sarah 48. 104. 105 

92, 93, 94, 109 

Richardson, Morgan 105 

Shepard. Claire 48. 108. 109 

but the United States cannot stand 

Patel, Nital 42, 46, 83, 86 

Richardson, Rachel 47,85,91, 

Shephardson. Phil 95 

Payne, Karena 7,46,112,123,159 


Shepherd, Monica 100 

by while atrocities occur again. 

Payne, Miles 135 

Richie, Sarah 85, 105 

Sherwood, Erik 96 

Pedersen, Erica 33,46,115 

Rish, Kellie 47,85,91,115 

Shippee, Amber 48. 105 

Jennifer Jones 

Peoples, Emily 46,80,81 

Rives, Katie 97 

Shirasu. Kouji 48 

Perkins, Jayne 25 

Robbins, Kathleen 46, 115 

Shive. Robert 31 

I feel very strongly that the U.S. 

Peters, Ken 46, 94, 95 

Roberson, Martha 27 

Shorter. Molly 109 

Petro, Amy 115 

Robert, Jon 47, 60, 131 

Shulter, David 139 

Pettis, Vickie 46, 119 

Roberts, Mary 95 

Sigur, Jessica 87, 119 

is doing the right thing by sending 

Petty, Michael 135 

Roberts, Paul 47, 131, 153 

Sill, Drew 48, 74, 75, 143 

our troops over there. How is the 

Peyton, Jon 46, 69, 131 

Robertson, Christy 47, 78, 118, 

Silva, Nathan 48, 70, 131 

Phelps, Raymond 31 
Phillips, Ashley 91, 105 

Robertson, Dora 95 

Silveira, Lucia da 31 
Simmons, Catherine 48. 115 

ethnic cleansing that has been 

Phillips, Jeff 46, 139 
Phillips, Josh 46, 80, 81, 96 

Robinson, Charlie 29, 47, 90, 123, 
142, 143 

Simmons. Jennifer 14. 48. 91. 105 
Simmons. William E. 50, 139, 155 

going on any different from the 

Phillips, Justin 46 
Pierce, Dana 46 

Robinson, Philip 72 
Robison, Ryan 97, 127 

Singletary. Molly 85.92 
Skinner, Cowboy 54 

eradication of the Jews by the 

Pittman, Bill 153 

Roe, Dana 47,78,80,81,82,86 

Skipper. Ben 48. 131 

Nazis? It has been argued that it 

Planchon, Marcie 88, 105 

Rogers, Dara 47 

Sledge. Michael 127 

Pollard, Beau 47, 54, 55, 70, 71, 

Rogers, Jennifer 47,86,115,122 

Sloan. Nancy 48.78,86.115 

will be almost impossible to tell 


Rogers, Shannon 14, 47, 79, 92, 

Smiley, Lane 48,81.85 

who the enemy is over there... easy 

Ponder, Brian 26,47,78,91,93, 


Smith. Alex 12,48,115 

123, 135 
Popsack, Jeanette 47, 108, 109 

Rota, Lisa 47, 115 
Rountree, Kristi 109 

Smith, Amy A. 48,65,88, 109 
Smith, Amy C. 66, 104, 105 

enough, they will be the ones 

Porter, Trey 27, 70 
Post, Mark 47 

Rountree, Rusty 47, 143 
Royappa. Andrew V. 30 

Smith, Elise 29,31 
Smith, Gavin 135 

shooting at us. This is what our 

Powers, Jason 47, 82,83 
Powers, Kate 25, 47, 105 

Ruggles, Jason 47, 139 
Runyan, Alan 139 

Smith, Lauren 48. 105 
Smith. Leah 66 

boys are trained for. Our 

Prejean, Emily 14, 47, 115, 122 
Prejean, Mike 47, 70, 71, 127 

Russell, Matt 47, 123, 135 
Russell, Susan 47, 58, 59, 79, 93, 

Smith. Oreathia 7. 42, 48, 79 
Smith, Steven 31 

involvement has been too long 

Prenshaw, Penelope 30 


Smith, Zurick 83 


Price, Brad 69, 131 

Ryle, Robin 92, 95 

Sneed, David 11,25,26,27,91 

Price, Chris 16, 47, 79, 91, 143 

Sneed, Marv Margaret 95 

W.E. Simmons 

Priebe, Allison 42, 47, 78, 79, 105 


Sneider, Chris 48, 127 

Primeaux, Aimee' 109 

Snyder, Kimberly 119 

Proctor, Don 41, 52, 68, 69, 83 

Saad, Nicole 84, 85 

Soho, Nicole 11,48,58,59,115 

Pruet. Oscar 30, 81 

Sabau, Rob 69, 127 

Sood, Kuldip 25, 34, 48, 96 

Pugh, Jason 47, 143 

Sallis, Charles 30, 92, 93, 104 

Spears, Jenna 48 


Purser, Amy 47, 109 

Sallis, Harrylyn 24, 25, 31, 95 

Spratt, Sean 131 


Purser, Jimmie 30 

Salmon, Griff 127 

Stadler, Mike 135 


Samples, Diane 25 

Stage, Chris 80,82,83,96,131 

Samples, Joe Don 25, 27. 54 

Staley, Bo 131 

Sanders, Bradley 47, 143 

Stamps, Lauren 48 

Quine, Jerome 41, 49 

Sanders, Geney 47. 115 

Stars, Mark 48, 127 

Quinn, Robert 30, 89 

Sanders. Jennifer 48. 78. 82. 87 

Steel, Mike 48, 143 

Sanders. Neeka 27.48,79,93,112 

Steele, Margaret 112 

Sanderson, Robin 26 

Steelman, Brian 127 

Sandstrum, John 27,30 

Sterling, Melissa 18, 48, 78, 86 

Sandstrum, Renee 27, 31 

Stevens, Chad 49 

Sanford, Tricia 48 

Stevens, Laura 34, 49. 79. 115 

1 5 5 

Stewart. Dottie 95 

WTiitwer. Derek 51, 95, 135 

Stewart. Kirk 27 

Wick. Darren 31.96 

Stewart. Molly 59 

Stokes. Jami 10. 49. 78. 82. 109 

Valentine. Stacy 50. 93. 97 
Vallery. Christina 92 

Wien. Emilie 51. 62 

Wilburn. Sherr\'l 27, 83 

Strickland, Cara 16. 49. 78, 87, 
92.97. 119 

Van siyke. Lendy 20, 45. 50. 115 
Vandiver. Betsy 45, 50, 84, 85. 109 

Wiley. Cr\'stal 100 

117TT A HP 


[\ VAII 

Wiley, Kim 100 

If Hil 1 


1 fill 

Stringer. Alan 86 

VanNoy. Jim 27 

Wilkins.Jeff 54,55,131 

Tf Il/il 


3 l\3\j 

Strohm. Jack 97 
Stroud. John 68, 69. 74 

VanNoy. Terri 27 

Wilkinson, David 26 

Wilkinson, Kristy 51 


'WltT £\ 

Sullivan. Chris 49. 56. 57. 82. 87. 

Varner. Emily 50. 105 

Will, John 51,84,85 


Vk / 


Vaughn. Marlys 29, 31 

Williams, Amanda 51, 105 



Sullivan. Tracy 31 

Vaught, Brian 50. 143 

Williams, Billy 51. 127 

.■■ .M.JH.JH. 

Summerford. Helen 104, 105 

Velkey, Matt 50, 62, 81 

Williams. Brian 


Summerford. Tom 139 
Sumrall. Anita 25.27 

Venator. Edmond 31 
Venator. Jeff 27 

Williams. Claire 51 

Williams. Elee 85.115 

Sutherland. Katie 41.49.59. 115 

Vickers. Scott 42 

Williams. Elton 51,84,85 

Sutton, Claire 12,97, 115 

Vice. Amanda 109 

Williams, Floyd 124 

Swan, Christine 27, 38. 49. 84. 85 

Vinson. Julia 50 

Williams, Gale 27 

Swan. Michelle 96 

Volmer. Liz 6. 50. 85. 87 

Williams, Keisha 100 

What should be the 

Swearingen. Charlie 54 
Sweat. Jonathan 30. 31 
Sylvan. Christy 27, 94 

^ ; 

Williams. Lauren 18,51.90. 114, 

Williams. Leah 59 

issues in the 1996 


Wagner. Holly 26 ' 
Wahrle. Suzanne 42,50,78,81. 

Williams. Marcie 33. 109 
Williams, Mel 26 

U.S. presidential race? 

Talluto, Carla 108 

VVaide. Whit 50. 127 

Theo Williams 156 
Williford, J. Caleb 85 

Tarsi, Lisa 22. 27. 86 

Walberg. Lane 70 

Willis. Linda Sue 95 

Tate, Kutenia 49,82.83,91.100 

Waldrop. Gail 27 

Willis. Suzanne 97 

The platfonn of this year's race 
should be the emphasis on a much 

Tate, Natale 49. 108. 109 
Tatum. .'\shley 49 
Taylor, Ann 49. 88. 94 
Taylor, Charlie 16,41.135 

Walker. Anson 70, 127 
Walker. Chris 54. 83. 123. 124 
Walker. Dan 50, 127 
Walker. Robert 50. 127 

Wilson. Austin 31 

Wilson, Hillary 81 

Wilson, Jeff 51. 83 

Wilson. Kevin 51, 

needed value system, not necessarily 

Taylor, Holly 49.74.75,78,105 
Ta\ior, Laura 27 

Wall. Mary Helen 66. 74. 75. 105 
Wallace. Zac 68. 69 

Windhauser, Jared 51 
Womack. Susan 26 

traditional values. The changing 

Taylor. Lesley 119 
Taylor, Melissa 26, 94 

Walley. Mark 84. 85 
Wallin. Leah 42. 50. 78. 105 

Wong, Dennis 37. 51. 83. 96 
Wood, Amanda 11.51,85,118, 

family situations deserve a little 

Taylor, Pat 31. 118 
Taylor. Susan 31 

Walsh. Deedre 50. 105 
Walters. Valerie 119 

Wood. Brad 51.81.86, 127 


Tays, Allison, 115 

Waltman. Chad 26 

Wood. Michael 51. 127 

CA \. \,\^ MM ^m\^ MM • 

Lysa Holsomback 

Teague. Chad 49. 70. 131 
Temple. Brad 11,54 
Temple, Kim 49, 119 

Walton. Earnest 26 
Walton. Tyler 50. 69. 127 
Wankerl. Isaac 50.81. 134,135 

Woodall. Erica 

109. 157 
Woods. .Alex 26 

Thigmen, Bud 26 

Ward, Peter 31,76.94 

Woods. Daniel 42. 51 

Thomas. Jessica 49. 109. 122 

Ward, Timothy 31. 82 

Woodward. David 26 

1 he future of the economy and 

Thomas, John 49. 54. 127 
Thomas. Ken 26, 

Wardlaw. Lyie 50. 88. 105 
Warner. Jan 25 

Woodward. Jack 24. 25 
Woodward. Jacob 51. 95. 135 

the downsizing of the middle 

Thompkins. Pheobie 112 
Thompson. Cara 16, 49, 105 

Warren. Elizabeth 14.51,96,97, 

Worley, Peyton 51 
Worthington, Ethan 51,90 


Thompson, Paul 49 

Warren, Sanford 31 

WTight, David 50,51,90,127 

Thompson, Robert 97 

Warren, Stacy 51,72,73, 105 

Theo Williams 

Thorsen, Trey 131 
Thurmond, Keturah 97, 115 

Warriner, Dee Dee 51. 109 
Warriner. Elizabeth 37. 51. 84, 85, 

-''w n 

Tillman, Clifford 15. 49. 56. 90. 


Yamada, Yoshinori 51 


Waskom, Lisa 58, 59. 80. 108. 109 

Yasinski. Stephanie 15, 51. 109 

I think that the prison system 
should be reformed. There are too 

Toaster. Christopher 83. 124 
Tolsdorf, Andrew 131 
Tompkins. Shane 79. 131 
Touchstone. David 50. 79 

Watson. Ben 79, 139 
Watson, Maret 27 
Watson, Zack 27 
Watts. Terr>' 84 

Yasumoto, Hideki 60 
Yelle.Alleen 51 
Young, Chris 90 
Young, Elaine 51,79.95 

many criminals getting off free 

Townsend. Bo 127 
Trapp. Josh 54.130. 131 

Waycaster. Mary Margaret 57 
Weaver. Kim 66. 67. 109 

Young. Elizabeth 51 

while innocent people are rotting 

Trask, Alice 50, 119 
Travis, David 25. 27. 95. 123 

Webb. Carla 

in jail. Prisoners should be 

Trigg. Connie 27 
Trotter. Joycelyn 27 

Webb. Chrissy 66 
Webb. Zach 78 


treated like prisoners. Also if you 

Trotter, Winston 124 
Troup. Matthew 50, 139 

Webre. Erin 33.51. 109 
Webster. Scott 51.81,87,93, 127 

Zale, Sanford 30.31 

Zeber, Stephanie 51, 109. 157 

murder someone, you should 
remain in jail without the 
possibility of parole. 

Troupe, Marty 50,84,85. 115 
Tsuchiya, Nobuyuki 50. 88 
Tsui. Ming 30. 31 
Tucker, Lawrence 50. 139 
Turner. April 7.50. 119 

Weir, Therese 41.46.51. 105 
Wells. Larry 26. 84 
West. Barbara 27 
West. Mary 51.62.115 
White. Doug 51. 139 

Zimmermann. Christine 84. 85. 

Zimmermann, Gretl 66. 105 

Turkessa Irvin 

Turner. Michelle 89. 105 
Turner, Russ 139 

White. Hope 27 

White. Mario 

Turnipseed. Amy 50.90. 115 

85. 89. 93 


Turnipseed, Jeni 50, 115 

White. Nancy 27 

White. Rhonda 

White-Lowe. Olivia 26 



Upton. Mike 94. 95 

Whitneld, Johnnie-Marie 31. 82. 83 
Whitt. Jerr\' 31 
Wtiittington. Angle 51.82,86 
Whittington. Julie 115 

5 6 


We would like to express our gratitude to all the 
people who helped get this book together: 

Dean Sneed, Martha Lee, Sandy Rhymes, and the 

rest of "the crew upstairs" who were always willing 
to help in any way necessary. 

Julia Bounds, Judy Oglesby, Lucy Molinaro in 

Public Relations who always shared their photo 

Diane Samples and the Post Office staff for 
distributing books, stuffing boxes, and always 
identifying pictures. 

Ron Jumey, Trey Porter, and all of the coaches who 
helped compile statistics and provide information. 

Everybody in the Business Office for handling our 

Sherri Taylor from Syracuse for helping with design 
plans and providing guidance to a novice. 

Elam Consulting, Inc. for their generous 

Everyone who provided pictures and/or time. 

A wonderful staff who worked so hard. You did a 
great job! 

And last, but not least, Stan - who never gave up, 
even when ALL of the computers were blitzed... 

5 taff List 

Editors Angie Hood 

Stephanie Zeber 

Section Editors 

Student Life Heather Lindsey 

People Misty Leon 

Sports Dalia Farmer 

Activities Ashley Bass 

Greek Amy Baier 

Assistant Editor Erica Woodall 

Ads Rhonda White 

Index Lindsey Scruggs 

Assistant Editor Kim Niolet 

Office Manager Jane Collins 

Staff Members Tammy Harvey 

Catherine Mouton 

Photography Staff Karen Hemphill 

Karena Payne 

Advisor Stan Magee 

Uront) Lindsey Scruggs, 
Catherine Mouton, Erica 
Woodall, Misty Leon. Kim 
Niolet, Angie Hood, tback) 
Stephanie Zeber, .Amy Baier, 
Tammy Har\'ey. .Ashley Bass. 
Jane Collins. Karen 
Hemphill. Dalia Farmer. 
Rhonda White, Stan Magee. 

Volume 88 of the 
Bobashela was 
printed by Herff 
Jones Yearbook Co. 
in Montgomery, 
Alabama. Our 
wonderful in-plant 
consultant was 
Debbie Kennedy and 
our local 

representative was 
Chris Coleman, who 
was equally helpful. 
The book was 160 
pages. They were 
prepared on 
Macintosh computers 
using PageMaker 5.0. 
The press run 
consisted of 710 

E X 

1 5 7 


exhilaration of passing 

comps... getting fitted for 

cap & gown... mailing 

invitations to relatives 

you never knew you had. . . 

paying for a 4-6 year collection of 
parking tickets and library fines to 
clear your account with the Business 
Office... going to your last class as a 
college student. . . expecting a diploma 
and getting a sketch of the Bell Tower 
instead... ''three things to remember: 
something to do, someone to love, and 
something to hope for"... tossing your 
cap into the air. . . becoming an alum. . . 
waiting for your last yearbook ever... 

Graduation practice 
Dr. Sallis gives instructions 


Dr. T. W. Lewis delivers sermon at 
Galloway Methodist Church 

Senior Swing 
Families gather at Emporium Cafe 


Rain forces ceremony inside to the 
City Auditorium 

5 8 

D U 

T I 



oes anyone ever really 

see everything? In 

"Our Town" Thornton 

Wilder pointed out that 

most of us take for granted the simple 
pleasures that make life enjoyable. Often, 
books have themes. The theme of this book 
is the little things that have made Millsaps 
worth remembering. It is the students, the 
teachers, the staff.. . it is the people who 
make Millsaps unique. Throughout this 
book, we have written many short phrases 
and sentences to remind you of the simple 
things that were so important. Go back and 
take another look. We hope you will find 
many fond memories. Take time to notice 
the things that make life special. There is no 
better place to start than with memories... 


Although the curriculum is very challengir 
think of what you have accomplished hen 


Think of all the opportunities you have ha 
to really make a difference. Could you ha 
done this anywhere else? 


Recall the teammates, the tournaments, th 
practices, the rewards of playing athletics 
the NCAA... 


Remember all of the friends that you havt 

made here. Think about the professors an 

staff and how willing they were to get to 

know you and help you in any way possibl 

1 6 

C L S I