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..•I >. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation 



1701 north state street 

Jackson, ms 3921 



student life 








greek life 


Harry Royburn, Dr McKeown, Ben Jeffcoat, David Majure 

, Stephanie Fanguy 

Susie Bell, Ruth Hamilton, Kyla Leleux, 
Shelley Harrigill 

Owen Palmer, Charlie Scales, Margus Sarglepp, 
Britt Mendozo, Michael Barham, Jonathan 
Kilgore, Kenneth Griswold, Andrew O'Dell 

the year can be most remembered for simple events like 
snow in december, tonic at major madness, a fresh look 
to the otherwise "old" ezelle, "live in it to win it" with 
yl 01 , a new dean of the college, major productions and 
the infamous stevie starr, a plethora of parking tickets, 
new soccer and women's basketball coaches, and excit- 
ing blueprints for a multimillion dollar campus life com- 
plex, these memorable occasions distracted students only 
temporarily as they continued to strive and excel in 
academics, extracurricular activities, sports, performing 
arts, and all other facets of college life. 

• " G^fi> 


opening 3 

Matt Corroccio, Steve Baham, Paul Holland, Brooks Brown 


Student Uje 

Amy Randazzo 

the americorps program gave everyone on campus an 
opportunity to get more involved in community service 

tOqether. major productions Offered Mia Rhymes, Terrance Alexander, Alicia 

" ' ' Washington 

variety shows for everyone to enjoy, 
including comedians, the mystery 
dinner theatre, the hypnotist, and the 

lunatic, some students 
chose to venture abroad 
to expand their educa- 
tion, while one student 
made the unusual deci- 

Matt McLaughlin 

sion to live in a car with two strangers for three weeks, it 
was through compelling milestones such as these that 
memories were made. 

I " S^d 


student I if e5 

Katye Bratton, Mary 
Largent, Heather 
Neuroth, Jennifer 
Brewer, and Ashley 
McDonnell were all 
elected to be on the 
Homecoming Court. 
They were juniors and 
seniors nominated by 
campus ballot. Elections 
were held the week of 
Homecoming, and 
Heather Neuroth was 
was crowned queen 
during halftime of the 
football game. 

Homecoming Weekend 

*'+ .» 

Friday Night 

President Harmon and Jennifer Jones 
dance the night away at Motown 
Downtown, a party sponsored by the 
SBA at the Landmark Building. 

Saturday Morning 

Laura Autry speaks to the Tn Delta 
parents who came to town for the 
tailgate party and the football game. 

Saturday Morning 

Corbin Womac and Alex Conolly take the 

team walk around campus. 

Saturday at Noon 

Jason Ruggles grills food at the Pi Kappa 

Alpha tailgate party as Gabe Benzur, 

Beau Hale, and Brandon Baxter wait their 



on\LH4 home 

Family and alumni gather for a 
campus wide celebration. 

Q: Speaking as a football player, what was the 
highlight of Homecoming for you? 

A: The football game was awesome! I kicked my first 
and only field goal of the season. I also want to 
encourage more people to attend Motown 
Downtown next year because it was so much fun. 

Ryan Miles 

Q: What was your favorite part of the festivities 

during Homecoming weekend ? 

A: It was great except for our tailgate 

party. Footballs kept flying at my head 
from every angle because my sorority 
tailgate party was set up behind the 
end zone. I was not cool with 
pigskins hitting me on the head. 

Camilla Taylor 


Brooks Brower and Stephanie Yasinski hold the 
balloon arch which the football players ran through at 
the beginning of the game. 

Brad Litkenhous shows his 
support for the Majors. The 
SAE's were notorious for 
putting on their game faces. 

Saturday Afternoon 

The football team runs onto the field as the announcer presents 

them to the crowd. 


Heather Neuroth is crowned 

Homecoming queen. 

Saturday Night 

The Lambda Chi Alpha members sit with their alumni at the new 
house dedication. The fraternity built a new house that was finished 
at the beginning of the school year. 

homecoming y 



Treuty Dominick gets advice and 
information about her dorm room from 
Adele Dauphin. The job of the 
Perspectives Leader was to smooth 
the transition to college life. 


The campus comes alive as 
freshmen move into the dorms. 

Q: Were there many differences moving in 
this year as a sophomore instead of last 
year as a freshman? 

A: Moving in as a sophomore was not nearly 
as fun. Since I was a Perspectives Leader 
and moved in early, very few people were 
here. There wasn't the excitement of 
meeting your roommate for the first time or 
trying to decorate the room. It was easier in 
that you basically know what you're going to 
need, but I think that I enjoyed it more as a 
freshman when everything was exciting. 

Lena Palmer 

Q: What do you remember about moving in at 
the beginning of the year? 

A: I remember thinking : Maybe I will get used 
to three flights of stairs, or gosh my 
hallmates are dorks! 

Sally Williams 


Perspectives Leaders Katye Bratton and Todd Reeves 
entertain the freshmen with a short skit in a take-off on 
"Saturday Night Live." 

Michael Boerner lends a 
helping hand as the 
freshmen women move 
into Franklin. The 
fraternity guys came to 
help the freshmen move 
in so that the girls and 
their parents would not 
be overwhelmed in the 
late August heat, 

-$- 8 

The First Week 

August 23 

Freshman Leah Sams 
organizes her CDs as she 
moves into her dorm room on 
the second floor of Franklin. 

August 23 

The freshman invasion! 
Freshmen girls move 
into Bacot and Franklin. 

August 23 

Venita Mitchell. 
Lena Palmer, and 
Ashley Phillips 
help with freshman 
move in. 

August 26 

Rebecca Reed wraps one 
of her teammates up 
during the Freshman 
Olympics. The Olympics 
paired up freshman girls 
with freshman guys so 
that everyone could 
become better 

August 26 

Kenneth Gnswold, Laura Lane, 
and Jonathan Kilgore enjoy the 
ice cream social sponsored by 

August 23 

Brad Litkenhous practices 
for his role as "Magnolia 
Man." The Perspectives 
Leaders helped to 
introduce the freshmen to 
Millsaps through a series 
of skits about the campus 
and college life in general. 

starting school <p 



Mary Meadows washes 
one of the cars at the 
Kappa Delta/Kappa Sigma 
car wash for chanty held 
during Parents' Weekend. 

Lending a hand serves as a 
worthwhile break from studying. 

Q: Out of all the community service events during the 
year, which one was your favorite? 

A: For me the AmeriCorps program was my favorite 
philanthropy. I saw so much potential, and it was 
partially realized with my help. The joy of reading is 
such a precious gift, and to help foster that ability in 
someone made me feel very good. 

Jennifer Jones 

Q: Which philanthropy gave you 
the greatest sense of 

A: Midtown was definitely my 
favorite event of the year. It 
is hard to get out of bed at 
seven or eight in the 
morning, but once you finally 
get up and get going you 
realize how much fun you are 
going to have. 

Betsy Farrell 


Amanda Cook. Janine Lacallade, and Betsy 
Farrell rake leaves for Midtown at a house 
on Grand Avenue. 

Community Service Through the Year 





a FOR I 


Parents' Weekend in September 
Turkessa Irvin and Monica Allen sell 
raffle tickets to win a Millsaps basket. 
The proceeds benefited Habitat. 


Liz Giovingo dives head-first into a pile of watermelons 
and soda at the Lambda Chi Alpha Watermelon Bust. 
The winners of the various relays at the Watermelon 
Bust were able to send the proceeds to the charity of 
their choice. 

First Week of November 

Carrie Thune gives a piggy-back ride 

to a child at the Greek Olympics. 


Lantanishia Dees and 
Shantelle Suane help organize 
food at the AKA food drive. 



Bradley Sanders uses a 
crowbar to tear down a 
wall at Midtown. 
Mldtown was a popular 
event among many 
students. Different 
campus groups came 
together to make this 
event successful. 
Students helped to 
rennovate and fix up 

Jecember-Santa Shoestring 
vlelanie Cook watches as 
wo kids color. 

Beginning of March 
Martha Ostenrude pours 
juice at Stewpot. 

March 30 

Ryan Vincent and Catherine Hall hammer away at Midtown. 


Erin Kinzeler blocks Thomas 
Jones as he attempts to pass 
a frisbee at the Ultimate 
Frisbee Tournament for charity. 

community service 11 

jAs the Seasons 

Beth West. Amy 
Clifton, and Tracy 
Harper pass out 
candy to the children 
of faculty. 


Dr. Tim Coker, Dr. Harrylyn 
Sallis. and Ann Hyneman sing 
at the Advent Service of 
Lessons and Carols. 

Martin Luther King Day 
Shantelle Suane signs along 
with many other signatures of 
students. By sigining. these 
students were voicing their 
support for the ideals of Dr. 

Valentines Day 
Brandi Walker gets 
ready on the morning 
of Valentines Day. 
Next to her are the 
balloons and candy 
that her Valentine sent 
to her to show he 

Ash Wednesday 
Allison Harris joins in the Ash 
Wednesday sevice in the 
Fitzhugh Chapel. 


Brooks Brower and 

Erin Webre pose with 

Kelly Walsh. who is 

dressed as a bunny, at 

the March of Dimes 




Laura Moore. Allen King, and 

John Suggs sing "Tenebrae 

Sancta Sunt" at the 

Thanksgiving Worship 


Students find a release in 
worship, laughter, and song. 

Q: What do you like most about 
celebrating different holidays on 

A: It is really different to celebrate some 
holidays on campus with your friends and 
not your family, but I like being here. 
Halloween was definitely fun. The night 
before, everyone was walking around in 
costumes which definitely made for an 
interesting night. 

Katie Kelly 

Q: Which on-campus celebrations have 
you enjoyed the most? 

A: I enjoyed passing candy out to the kids 
trick-or-treating in Bacot. It was a fun 
way to spend Halloween. 

Kristy Grammer 


Marty Frascogna and 
Phillip Dubose act out 
The Gnnch Who Stole 
Christmas as Mary 
Catherine Shull reads 
the story to the kids at 
Santa Shoestring. A 
number of campus 
organizations work 
together each year to 
help the children enjoy 
this Christmas party. 


Children from Operation Shoestring watch the skit and 
story at the Kappa Delta house. After the skit, the 
children engaged in the traditional balloon fight with 
fraternity members. 

celebrations 1 5 


Elaine Reyes, Cameron 
Bell, Allison Harris, 
Chad Gardner, and 
Erika Garavito pull hard 
to avoid being the ones 
to fall into the shaving 
cream. The teams 
consisted of up to six 
people. After all the 
teams had competed, 
many people formed 
different teams and 
tested their strength. 

Major Madness Weekend. 

Thursday Night 6:00 p.m. 
Alex Black, Brian Carpenter, Jason Bone, and 
Bert Austin formed a band that competed in the 
Talent Show and performed original songs. 

Thursday Night 

Catherine Mouton and Allison Almon dance 

at the Chi Omega Dance-A-Thon for charity. 

Friday 10 p.m. 

Natalie Hebert watches as Tonic 

performs at Rodeo's. 

Saturday 11:30 a.m. 

Liz Dubuisson fills her plate with 

fruit provided by the cafeteria. 



httlf OH 

Major Madness sweeps 
the campus in April. 

Q: What were your impressions of Major 

A: I had cheerleading tryouts all Saturday so I did 
not get to participate in any of those activities; 
however, Tonic was so good that I did not 
mind missing all of the activities on Saturday. 

Shelly Byrd 

Q: What did you like about Major Madness? 

A: I think that the band on Saturday 
night should have been in the 
Bowl instead of by the AC; however, 
Rodeo's was an excellent choice to stage 
Tonic. It was big and spacious and there 
were a lot of bars. 

Isaac Wankerl 


Carrie Triune grills a special recipe 


Randy Bass and Chad Gardner 
some of the crawfish that were 
out in the Bowl. 


hamburger for the Tri Deltas 
during the hamburger cookoff. 

Saturday 12:00 

Tyler Owen participates in the Quake 
Tournament in Sullivan Harrell. 

Saturday Afternoon 

Elizabeth Rogers prepares to hurl a pie at the 

Chi Omega pie-throwing booth. 

Saturday Afternoon 

David Greer eats at the crawfish boil in 

the Bowl. 


Saturday Afternoon 

Matt Proctor and Ryan Miles prepare 

to be dunked to raise money for IFC. 

major madness 75 

I r 

' Latze 


Stephanie Barrett, a Mary 
Kay consultant, gives 
makeovers and advice to 
some of the girls living in 

Dorm life provides friendship 
in close quarters. 

Q: What is your favorite part of living in a dorm? 

A: I like living in the dorm because it's close and 
convenient. I can park 10 yards away, and I am 30 
yards from my first class. It's close to the caf and 
everything that's going on. 

Nathan Allen 

Q: What is your favorite aspect of dorm life? 

A: My favorite part of living in the dorm is that you really 
get to know the girls you are living with. I love going 
next door and know I have somebody to eat, study, 
talk, or check e-mail with. You get the best of both 
worlds - study partners and friends to go out with. 
Melanie Cook 

Q: What is your favorite aspect of 
dorm life? 

A: I liked living in the dorms 
because all of my closest 
friends were no more than a 
flight of stairs away. 

Tim Tench looking to get lucky. 

Erica Adkins, Jaime Miles, Kelli Crossland, 
and Leigh Brasuell fill out the forms for their 
rooms next year. Students chose their 
rooms based on a lottery process. 

A Day in the Life 

♦ i 

1 p.m. 
8 a.m. Kevin Richardson uses some of his free time to 

Courtney Chastain heads off do laundry. 3p.m. 

to class Mary Catherine Shull takes a break 

and calls a friend. 

Nathan Allen checks his e-mail while munching 
on some pretzels, one of his favorite snacks. 

-$r 16 

Ann Jane Cox. a 
Resident Assistant in 
Bacot, irons a white 
blouse in the laundry 
room late one Tuesday 
night. She was planning 
to wear the shirt to a 
job interview out of 


tyan Bourgeois spends time in Bacot so Natalie 
Hebert can help him with math. 

IMG >^J 10p.m. 

Caroline Stauffer finds out the plans for the night as Lisa Meza surfs the 
g p m television channels. Party of Five and David Letterman were among their 

"Getting my Heritage study on!" -Kristi favorite television shows. 


Don Fortenberry. 
Todd Reeves, and 
Amanda Cook work 
at the Campus 
Ministry Team booth 
during the Activities 
Fair in the Bowl. 
The Fair gave 
freshmen a chance 
to learn about 

organizations both 
on and off campus. 

-/\s the ^fear (3)ocs /Si/ 

Parents' Weekend 
Mary Catherine Shull and 
Tessa Hue show their talent at 
Delta Underground. 


Don Cumbest, Brad Litkenhous, Sam 
Hall, and Cassie Sheldon voice their 
opinions at the Gender Gap program 
co-sponsored by LEAD and Phi Mu. 

September 30 

April Slayden and David Chambers discuss 
career options with Dr. Royappa at the Meet 
Your Major Fair. 

January 23 

Carey Miller stands back as the 

Regurgitator spits out fire. 

# 18 



Groups provide entertainment and 
opportunities for students. 

Q: What are your impressions of the events that 
Millsaps has on campus? 

A: I love the forums and other things that students 
participate in. It is good to see that people not only 
show their talents in the classroom but also in 
extracurricular activities. 

Brian Carpenter 

Q: Out of the many events that were presented on 
campus, what was your favorite? 

A: Do you remember that Major 

Productions guy who had ESP? Well, 
the dude guessed how much change 
was in my pocket! I had never met him 
before or anything. He just shook my 
hand and told me that I had 35 cents 
in my pocket. I had a quarter and two 
nickels. It blew my mind. 

Brian Boyd 


Brothers John Suggs and 
Ricky Suggs present a stand- 
up comedy routine at Delta 
Underground in September. 


Mary Catherine Shull helps herself 
to a hamburger at the All-Sorority 
Cookout in the spring sponsored 
by Kappa Delta. 

February 19 

Sarah Katherine McNeil, Ruth Hamilton, and 
Susie Bell take part in the Murder Mystery 
Dinner Theater in Acy's Grill. The event was 
sponsored by Major Productions. 

February 26 

Jennifer Rogers is honored at Tap 
Day with a ring of ivy from Eta Sigma 
Phi, the classics honorary. 

March 25 

Chad Gardner, Brad Litkenhous. and Neill Ayres 
enjoy the singing of Mark Eddie. 

March 25 

Rock comedian Mark 
Eddie sings familiar songs 
with different lyrics. 

on campus eventslty 


Matt Proctor and Ricky Stevens 
served as referees and scorekeepers 
for intramurals. 

Intramurals allow students a 

chance to spike it, slam 

dunk, and go long! 

Q: Which intramural sport did you find to be 
the most fun and rewarding? 

A: Soccer was my favorite intramural sport. I 
think that I forgot which side I was playing 
on for a second because I kicked a ball right 
at my teammate's face! It is all fun and 
games until someone gets hurt. ...then it is 
just fun. 

Courtney Valentine 

Q: What are your most vivid memories of all 
the intramural games this year? 

A: Intramurals is just a really good excuse for 
Aug the Neanderthal to shove a great big 
elbow in my ribcage....but I keep coming 

John Suggs 

Coach Roeling, the intramural coordinator, 
and Jimmy Boyd discuss the flag football 
games scheduled for the day. 

Chris O'Brien uses 
fancy footwork to keep 
Cody McCain from 
stealing the ball. The 
flag football games 
were played in the 
spring on the soccer 




Seasonal Sports 


Lambda Chi Brian Norton goes 
up for a layup during one of 
their basketball games. 


Katye Bratton and Kate 

Pearce sign up to play 


Flag Football 

leaps for the 
football as Kim 
Niolet tries to 

Flag Football 

Reagan Toledano looks 
for an open teammate 
before he gets tackled 


Crissie McMullan runs to catch 

a pop fly coming to her in left 



Corbin Womac watches 
the ball to see if he hit a 
home run for his team, 
the Kappa Sigmas. 


Rasa Lemmond 
helps Hideki 
Yasumoto with his 
studies. They 
decided to take 
advantage of the 
nice weather and 
study outside. 

-/\s the jAfoetnoon ^yoes Si/ 


Lunch Time 

Jermaine Ivy and April McGregor fix a 

bowl of soup in the cafeteria. 

1:25 p.m. 

Erica France checks her post office box 

to see if she has received any mail. 

1:45 p.m. 

Phillip Dubose and Adam 
Sweeney relax in the bowl after 
lunch. When the weather was 
nice outside many students liked 
to sit in the Bowl and socialize. 

2:00 p.m. 

Soria Colomer. Missy Rose, Leslie Manuel, and 

Kate England read the latest edition of the P&W. 



Students take advantage of their 
precious free time. 

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? 

A: I love taking naps! I also enjoy more productive things 
such as tennis and checking e-mail. 

Hillary Pesson 

Q: What do you spend your time doing when you are 
not in class? 

Q; What did I do when I was not in class? That would be 
baseball. We spend so much time on the baseball 
field that I need a phone in right fieldl 

Joe Lambert 

Q: When you are not in class 
and have free time on your 
hands, what do you do? 

A: Well, since I really care 
about my grades, I spend 
most of my free time 
studying and preparing for 
class. ...or joking around 
with my friends. 

Kristi Joyner 


Anita Madakasira and Harpreet Sood relax together 

in the Bowl. 

Ashley Reed does 
research in the library 


Matt Helms takes advantage of 

the school pool. 


Ryan Vincent prints pictures in 

the dark room. Many students 

worked on campus during the 

day to make a little extra 



Trinity McKenzie lifts weights 

in the weight room provided by 



Becky Hable works up a sweat 

in one of the step aerobics 



Janet Bradley walks her dog Art 

around the campus before dinner. 

free time 2$ 


Mickey Paduda passes out Mardi 
Gras beads to children during the 
Saltillo Mission Trip. Many 
students opted to spend their 
spring break on the trip helping 

From working out to traveling 

overseas, time away from 

campus is a precious commodity. 

Q: What was your favorite part of traveling abroad? 

A: That would have to be seeing my closest friends through 
the thick and thin of being homesick, not understanding 
the language, and just the whole experience of being in a 
different culture. When you get yourself out of what 
you're used to in everyday life, you realize just how 
much of the small stuff in life you are missing and just 
how much you really need others. I guess what I liked 
the best about traveling abroad was noticing minute 
details of life in another world with people whom I would 
love and share my world with anytime! 

Stacy Reynolds 

Q: What was the best and worst part of living in the Jetta? 

A: The worst part was. ..NO RUNNING WATER! The best 
part was visits from all my friends, including Dean 
Sneed, the RA staff, my Tri-Delt sorority sisters (singing, 
no less), Dean Fretwell, and even PRESIDENT 
HARMON!i Without the support from all of these 
people, I might not have lasted 500 hours. 

Jennifer Brewer 


Stacy Reynolds and Kandi Stevens pose for a picture 

with a breathtaking backdrop. They spent first semester 

abroad studying in Budapest with other Millsaps 



Clare Gillette takes 
time out of her day to 
work out at the local 
YMCA. Many Millsaps 
students were 
members of the YMCA 
They found that 
exercise is a common 
way to relieve stress 
caused by school. 



Outside Millsaps 

Mardi Gras 

Knsti Joyner pleads with the 

people on the Mardi Gras 

floats to throw her beads 

Many students went to New 

Orleans to experience Mardi 



Harold Brunson goes to 
Mystic Bowling during 
Greek Week. 

Spring Break 
Rebekah Yeager 
and Rasa 
Lemmond help a 
little girl blow 
bubbles on the 
Saltillo Mission 


Jennifer Brewer spent 
three weeks of March 
living in a car during a 
Y1 01 contest to win a 
Jetta. Shelly Byrd pays 
her a visit to show that all 
of her friends are 
supporting her. 


Elaine Reyes and Katie Kelly 
use some of their free time to 
relax at the Reservoir. The 
Reservoir was a popular place 
for students to do homework 
and hang out. 


Missy Thorton and April 
Slayden look over the 
Splendors of Versailles 
display in the student 
center. The exhibit 
opened downtown in 
late April 


Will Wikle, Laura Ferry, Stephanie Hardwick, Catherine Hall 


Sadie Gardner 

John Bradway Kate Pearce, Lydia Denley 

Joy Metcalf, Jennifer Brewer 

Andrew O'Dell, John Suggs, Sarah McAfee 

#" 2b 

Cat Williams, Melanie Pouncey 

Kelly Malpass 

Mark Best, Jason McDonald, Mike Fontaine 

Caroline Stauffer 

Cindy Boatner, Mary Catherine Papa, Todd Reeves, Sally Clark, Jeremy Dobay 

student life alburn^/ 7 




V-X \~s 

Stephanie Fanguy 

millsaps was named as a "best buy" according to the 
fiske guide to colleges, as well as 67th in the nation 
among national colleges and 13th among traditional 
liberal arts colleges in money maga- 
zine, lead sponsored senator thad 
cochran as a keynote speaker on 

Lauren Gardes, Julie Schumacher, Kim Niolet 

campus, the computer 
club and frisbee club 
became new groups in 
the millsaps community, 
habitat for humanity 

Patrick Johnston, Carla Morrison, Josh Dupont 

traveled to florida to work on a habitat house, and the 
catholic ministry team journeyed to saltillo, mexico, for a 
mission trip over spring break. 

N I '* 6^5) 


Erica France 


Election speeches. 

Candidates gave speeches in the bowl 
during election week. Jason McManus 
was elected as SBA President in a run- 
off with Jennifer Jones. 

Close attention. 

Senate member Robert 
Walker listens during one 
of the Monday night Senate 


What was the most 
important accomplishment 
made by the SBA this year? 

"I think the best thing the 
SBA accomplished was 
getting Motown Downtown 
together. That will be a very 
good event as it develops 
over the next few years." 

-Michael Barham 

"We do what the students 
want, and we are their voice; 
the most useful thing we 
have done is be there when 
the students want something 

-Kelly Sudduth 

* it* 

ctimtus , . 



The new SBA officers elected in 
December were First Vice President 
Mickey Paduda, Treasurer Kelly 
Sudduth, President Jason 
McManus, Secretary Ginger 
McElwee, Second Vice President 
Michael Barham. 

Tower Council 

♦ Helps Admissions 
with Horizon and 

♦ Acts as tour guides 
for prospective 

♦ Writes letters in the 
fall to prospective 

long hours 

Michael Barham 

works in the SBA 

office located on 

the top floor of 

the Student Center. As Second Vice President, 

Michael was in charge of elections held on campus. 

Dance Fever 

♦ Homecoming festivities came 
alive at Motown Downtown, which 
was held on Friday night at the 
Landmark Building. 


M>w On SnA in tie Bootsfa 

Poll Changes 

♦ Voters show their ID cards before 
voting in the new polling location, Acy's 
Place. This change allowed candidates to 
campaign in the lobby away from the 
polling area. 


Senate Duties 

Coordinate elections, 
activities in the Bowl, 
Major Madness, and 
Millsaps Night at the 

Taking notes. 

Catherine Hall takes 
notes at a Monday 
night Senate meeting. 
Dean Sneed, President 
Harmon, and Dean 
Smith attended various 
senate meetings. 

SBA Awards 

♦ SBA Leader of the Year: 
Noble Black 

♦ Senate Leadership Award: 
Jason McManus 

♦ Outstanding Senator 
Award: Dan Walker 

Campus Guides 

♦ Tower Council member David 
Chambers gives a campus tour for 
students and parents. 

JUDICIAL COUNCIL, (front) Elizabeth Rogers. Hudson Segrest, Dr. Claudine 

Chadeyras. (back) Collin Glidewell. Rob Carter. Shantelle Suane. Peyton Hays, (not 
pictured) Cord Campbell. Seth Misener, Mr. Jim Parks. Dr. Robert Shive. 

Dan Walker. Nathan Allen. Ellen Czaika. Toby Gibson, {middle) Brian Courville, Derrick 
McNeal. Bart Liles. April Slayden, (back) Brad Litkenhous, Cameron Bell. Will Wikle. Kirk 

STUDENT BODY ASSOCIATION, (front) Tracy Harper. Anne Roberson. Mimi 
Mangrum. Shannon Husband. Ryan Miles. April Slayden. Ryan Bourgeois. (2nd row) 
Lindsay Akers, Amanda Hancock. Laura Caraway. Molly Mitchell. Brian Courville. Kirk 
Gipson, Hayes Bryant, (3rd row) Kathleen Cumbest, Laura Ferry. Catherine Hall. Kate 
Pearce. Brian Boyd. Toby Gibson. Steven Scott, (back) Dan Walker. Will Wikle, Amy 
Turnipseed. Brad Litkenhous. Kate Calvert, Sam King, Erin Craig. Derrick McNeal. 

SIGMA LAMDA. (front) Rhonda White. Secretary Ashley Phillips. Erica Woodall, Molly 
Mitchell. Christy Robertson. Tara McLellan. Advisor Dr. Sarah Lea McGuire. President 
Michael Barham, Todd Reeves, (middle) Randy Bass. Suzanne Wahrle. Ashley Bass, Mary 
Katherine Black. Jane Collins. Kimberly Pace. Vice President Mary Largent, Bert Austin. 
Kate Calvert, (back) Bradley Sanders. Bradley Bennett, Hudson Segrest. Brad Litkenhous, 
Lauren Stamps, Jennifer Jones. Donald Cumbest. Mickey Paduda. Jason McManus, (not 
pictured) Treasurer Amy Smith. Public Relations Lauren Williams, Advisor Dr. Ted Ammon. 

leaders ^1 

What was your favorite 
session of Perspectives? 

"My favorite session was 
the one on AIDS because 
I became aware of many 
statistics that I did not 
know before." 

-Kim Niolct 

* * i * 

ctiutus , , 

mpus leaders 



Mary Largent and 
Amy Brazda work 
on ideas for 
upcoming LEAD 

Senator speaks. 

During the fall Senator 
Thad Cochran spoke 
about the motivating 
factors behind his success. 

ODK Award 

Dr. Charles Sallis was 
named Providence VIII 
Faculty Leader of the Year. 

LEAD RETREAT, (from) Stan Magee. Ashley Bass. Erica France. Sandi Pullen. Dean 
Sneed. {back) Mary Largent. Cord Campbell, Kim Niolet. Bert Austin. Amy Brazda, Katye 
Bratton, Venita Mitchell, Steve Scott, Hayes Bryant, Kirk Gipson. 

OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, (front) Heather Neuroth. Caroline Ellender, Mary Katherine 
Black, Lauri McCormick. Stephanie Barrett, President Ellen Czaika. Katye Bratton. Kim- 
berly Pace, Ben Nonnemacher, {middle) Don Fortenberry. Harrylyn Sallis, Amy Smith, 
Ashley Phillips. Bradley Sanders, Britt Mendoza, Chris Alexander. Jenny Kellum. Patrick 
Cooper, Tara McLellan, Chuck Addington, (back) Faculty Secretary Charles Sallis, Faculty 
Advisor Pat Taylor, Brad Litkenhous, Vice President Todd Reeves, Jayne Perkins, Hudson 
Segrest, Dan Walker, Jason McManus. Mickey Paduda. Kate Calvert. Wesley Ingram. 

<§> 3 2 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

♦ Sponsored Fall and Spring Tap 

♦ Held a Leadership Conference 
with LEAD in March. 

♦ Attended National Convention. 

to Lead 

At the annual LEAD Retreat, 
Erica France summarizes the 
conclusions of a group 
meeting considering the 
aspects a good leader. The 
retreat was held in February 
at the Big House in Canton. 

Leader Honors 

Todd Reeves, Tessa Hue, 
and Ellen Czaika received 
the Perspectives Leaders 
of the Year Award at Fall 
Tap Day. 

Gender Gap 

♦ LEAD and Phi Mu co-sponsored a program in September to 
discuss gender issues on campus. A panel made up of Don 
Cumbest, Brad Litkenlums, Sam Hall, Cassie Sheldon, 
Bridgett Sanders, and Gretl Zimmennann fielded questions 
from a moderator and from students in the audience. 


♦ Perspectives leaders gather in 
the Bowl on Move-in Day to meet 
their assigned new students. Brian 
Berthiaume was one of the fifty- 
one leaders in charge of weekly 
meetings with freshman groups. 

Project LEAD 

♦ Cassie Sheldon works on 
her Team Project for LEAD. 
She and a group of five other 
students planned a market- 
ing strategy targeted at 
college students for Jubilee 

ERSPECTIVES LEADERS, (front) Heather Neuroth. Melanie Dotson. Allison Bailey, 
listy Leon. Allison Grubbs. Thomas Mouton. Amanda Cook. Brandi Walker. Kelly 
jdduth. (middle) Adele Dauphin. Jason Jolly. Gretl Zimmermann. Jim Marshall. Amy 
reel. Sunny Sethi. Ashley Bass, Ashley Phillips, (back) Lorri Savell. Mickey Paduda. Tyler 
'alton, Chris Alexander. Kirk Lawrence. Baker Lawley. Noble Black. Kevin Wilson, 
landy Hooker. 

PERSPECTIVES LEADERS, (front) Sona Colomer. Katye Bratton, Jenny Kellum. 
Rhonda White. Lauri McCormick. Lena Palmer. Kimberly Pace. Paul Boackle. (middle) 
Jennifer Rogers. Brian Williams. Tessa Hue. Ellen Czaika. Kim Niolet. Jana Nye. Kate 
Calvert. ( back I Hudson Segrest. Chris O' Brien. Bryant Chaffin, Michael Wade. Dan Walker. 
Brad Litkenhous, Jennifer Jones. Venita Mitchell. 

leaders 33 

Worship Services 

♦ Service of Music. 

♦ All Saints Service. 
♦Thanksgiving Service. 

♦ Martin Luther King, Jr. 

♦ Ash Wednesday 

♦ Maundy Thursday 

♦ ♦ i ♦ 


Uood Samaritan, 

CMT Projects 

♦ AIDS Awareness. 

♦ Stewpot. 

♦ Fall and Spring 

Breaking down. 

Rasa Lemmond work\ tit a Midtown 

Catholic Campus 
Ministry Events 

♦ Gospel Fire 

♦ Movie Party 

♦ Retreats in Canton 

♦ Saltillo Mission Trip 

♦ Holiday Tours for 
Senior Citizens 


Members went to local high 
schools and led FCA groups 
to promote prayer in schools. 


♦ Todd Reeves speaks at 
the Ice Cream Social to 
inform freshmen about the 
various events that CMT 

' — I I - *^ 


♦ Members of the Catholic 
Campus MinistT)' Team went on 
a mission trip to Saltillo, Mexico. 
Matt Helms spends time with a 
few of the children the)' met. 



FCA. (front) Stacy Roussel. Andrea Klevan, Sarah Casey, Leigh Brasuell, (back) William 
Lytton, April McGregor. Wes Ingram, Jared Grabow, Ryan Bourgeois, Ryan Miles, Ken 

Helping Hands 

Adam Patterson 
demolishes a house in 
the Fondren Revival 
Area for a Midtown 
Project coordinated by 

Sundae Social 

During the first week of school, 
the Campus Ministry Team hosted 
an ice cream social for the 
freshmen to get acquainted with 
one another and to learn more 
about CMT. Shanell Hudson was 
one of the many people who came 
and created a sundae. 

CAMPUS MINISTRY TEAM, (front) Co-chair Amanda Cook, Sarah Fontenelle, Heather 
Sullivan, Lauren Gardes, Sally Clark, Tanya Oswald, Lauri McCormick, (back) Michael 
Barham, Meg O'Beirne, Julie Schumacher, Lauren Stamps, Catherine Mouton, Todd 

Sister Sharon Glumb, Jennifer Crawford, Lisa Meza, Liz Dubuisson, {middle) Erica France, 
Mary Catherine Shull. Robin Finelli. Bridget Foss, Ryan Brumby. Shelley Harrigill, (back) 
Damien Ducote, Ryan Miles, Allison Harris, Kevin Redmann, Meg O'Beirne. 


♦ Bishop Marshall Meadows spoke 
daring the Thanksgiving Service in the 
chapel. Bishop Meadows was the 
United Methodist Bishop of the 
Mississippi Conference. 

MILLSAPS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, (front) Erica Adkins, Laura Stevens, Charlie 
Mozingo, Brandy Craft, Joy Metcalf. Lauren Stamps, Gretl Zimmermann, (middIe)Missy 
Barton, Tara Chase, Guitta Chaiban, Paige Berger, Keith Berger, Elizabeth Hays, Sarah 
Spaulding, Jason Cabell, (back) Brian Boyd. Walter May. George Crook, Robert Farris, 
Kellie Rish, Sadie Gardner, Brad Ball, Jay Gibson, Chris Randall, (not pictured) Kristen 


Cultural fashion. 

Vivian Tjeng explains her 
costume in the fashion show 
which was part of the Multi- 
Cultural Festival. The clothes 
were tin ensemble she got on 
a visit to Indonesia. 

Showing Unity 

♦ During the Multicultural 
Worship Service, Margiis Sarglepp 
and Dean Sneed light candles to 
show the unit}' of cultures 
represented at Millsaps. 

Black Student 

♦ BSA Spring Jam. 

♦ Spring Car Wash. 

♦ Major Madness 
Quarter Drop. 

♦ Annual Black History 

* # i # 

CtLUtUS . . 

CJn a mission 

The Joy of 

Catherine Mouton was one of 
sixty-seven volunteers who went 
to French Elementary School 
twice a week to tutor reading as 
part of the AmeriCorps program. 
Each volunteer worked with the 
same child throughout the 
semester and helped to host a 
party for the children at the end 
of the year in the gym. 


v ■ m 

What was the most 
rewarding experience 
you had as a member of 
Circle K? 

"Being able to help those 
less fortunate in my 

-Kristy Gnvnmer 

Boxed In 

Circle K held its 

second annual 

Shack-A-Thon on 

April 24-25 to aid 

Habitat. Advisor 

Patrick Cooper 

and students 

lived in boxes in 

shifts in the Jitney Premier parking lot 

to raise money from shoppers. 

Money Drive 

♦ Jeremy Odom buys a chance 
to win a Jimmy Buffet CD from 
Susan Latton and Reynolds 
Bodenhamer. The proceeds from 
the raffle went to Habitat for 

H j 1 4ij in 

IHH1 •- 

Diversity Group 

♦ The MCA Diversity Group met 
on Tuesdays at noon to discuss 
diversity issues: Shanell Hudson. 
Marvin Davis. Joshua Johnson, 
Terrance Alexander, Dharius 
Daniels, Harpreet Sood, Anita 
Madakasira, Amy Randazzo, 
Advisor Sherryl Wilburn, Catrice 

Award Winners 

The chapter received the 
Worldwide Service Project 
Contribution Award. Also 
Lisa Meza was named Lt. 
Gov. of Delta Central 

icks and Punches 

inh Ngo and Zaite 
ing demonstrate 
'.carded arts during the 
MtiCultural Festival 

i November. 

Circle K 

♦ Chartered at Millsaps in 

♦ Attended Tioga. 

♦ Highway Clean-up. 

House Building 

♦ Habitat for Humanity held work 
days every weekend at Grace House 
and the Bethlehem Center. Sabrina 
Brantley works on a house at one of 
the sites. 

HABITAT, (front) Lauren Stamps, Suzanne Wahrle. Brian Means. Sophia Chandak. Amanda 
CookAmiddle ) Shem Hartman. Melanie Haley. Lindsay Akers. Catherine Hall. Ashley Sulser. 
(back) Ryan Vincent. Derrick McNeal. Jared White. Brian Ebarb. Betsy Farrell. Peyton Hays. 

BLACK STUDENT ASSOC, (front) Advisor Sherryl Wilburn. Cednc Hobdy. Latanishia 
Dees. Sabrina Brantley. Shanell Hudson. Bria Griffith. Crystal Berry. Dharius Daniels. 
(middle) Joshua Johnson. Anthony Bullock, Monica Allen. Alicia Washington. Shantelle 
Suane, Catrice Seals, Kenneth Thomas, (back) Willie Hobson. Ryan Halstead. Cord 
Campbell. Brian Woods. Larry Christmas. D. Bryant. 

AMERICORPS. (front ) Catherine Hall. Enca Woodall. Joy Metcalf. Amy White. Elizabeth 
Rogers, Georgianna Martin, Jana Nye. Erica France, Jennifer Jones. {2nd) Stephanie 
Hardwick, Cassie Sheldon. Crissie McMullan. Kathleen Cumbest. Madelyn Fancher. 
Rachelle White. Laura Ferry. Erin O'Neal. Sam King. Erin Roberts, Ashley Hurley. (3rd) 
Mary West. Amelia Killcreas. Sarah Fontenelle. Sirena Spotts. Nathan Dickson. (4th) Beth 
Miller. Elizabeth Bates. Lauren Stamps. Ashley Sulser. Adam Cabell. Jason Woods, (back) 
Alison Sullenberger. Janet Bradley. Kelly Bevis. Don Fortenberry, Allison Almon. Catherine 
Mouton. Ashley Lalande, Elise Smith. Creighton Chandler. Jim Griffis, Ashley Calhoun. 

CIRCLE K. (front) Lisa Meza. Kristy Grammer. Merntt Marsh. Jerusha Bosarge. Angela 
Payne. Renae Davis. Marshall Selvidge, Kenneth Crawley. (2nd row) Sarah Fontenelle. 
Elizabeth Wamner. Michael Barham. Caroline Ranck. Mandy Nicholas. Jeff Mitchell. 
Peyton Hays. Creighton Chandler. Randy Bass. ( 3rd row) Jared Grabov. , April Slayden. Ryan 
Brumby, Kristen Babula, Kelly Malpass, Sarah Dees. Jason McManus, Ryan Vincent, ( back) 
Bradley Bennett, Anne Roberson, Rachel Cook. Stacy Warren. Elizabeth Rogers, Lori Stuntz. 
Lani Gardes. Ashley Sulser, Bridget Hollis. Susan Mareno. Patrick Cooper. Charlie Scales. 

helpers 37^ 

Research Excellence 

During the 9th annual Student 
Research Symposium, Suzanne 
Wahrle was awarded first place 
for her research in biology. 
Second place was awarded to 
Tanya Oswald. Stephen Lokitz 
and Will Beard received 
Honorable Mention. 


rractical matters 

Fire drill. 

In tlw Spring the ACS hosted a 
fire safety day for students to 
learn how to operate a fire 
extinguisher. Clint Newsom 

demonstrates his fire safety 

Lab slides. Biology slides 
could be found in labs on the 
second floor ofOlin Hall. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 

During the year, the pre-med 
honorary held discussions 
with area physicians. 

^^ifgjff • '"^ 

P) '^^^BISS 

^ilfc v a, i 

■m K "^ 

; ~?M\ JW 


ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, (front) Marin Dawson. Treasurer Heidi Hudlow, Kim Niolet, 
Brandi Hinton. {middle) Rob Carter. Michael Cox, Ben Jeffcoat. Historian Brian Boyd, 
(back) Chris Sneider. Reporter Brian Hamilton. Bob Nevins. 

BETA BETA BETA, (front) Stephanie Fanguy, Andrew O'Dell, Jessica Janisch, Julie 
Wang, Treasurer Suzanne Wahrle, (middle) Trinity McKenzie, Alexia Smith, Jerusha 
Bosarge, Harpreet Sood, Adam Cabell, Vice President Josh Phillips, (back) Kim Niolet. 
Erica Woodall. Rhonda White. Starlight Ray, President Brian Williams. 

Hands On 

During lab, students had the 
opportunity to put their book 
learning to work. Charlie 
Swearingen examines a worm 
during a zoology lab. 

High Honors 

Established in 1989, the 
Phi Beta Kappa chapter 
is the only one in the 
state. Twenty-two new 
members joined the 
chapter in the spring. 

^:'4 Key West 

♦ A group ofgeolog) students 
did research in Key West. 
Shin Galicki was their 

♦ Meg O'Beirne dissects a worm to 
see its biological makeup. 

Watching Over 

♦ i '/.a Nelson observes the flask 
in 01 dei not to miss the chemical 
reaction about to take place. 

iMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, (front) Anita Madakasira. Melissa Sterling, 
erusha Bosarge. President Tanya Oswald. Treasurer Christina Seto. (middle) Melanie 
ichrader. Marin Dawson. Harpreet Sood. Vinh Ngo. Daniel Cloud, (back) Secretary- Brian 
ierryhill. Vice President Brian Boyd. Mandy Nichols, Jason McManus. Brian Means, 
■acuity Advisor Dr. Johnnie-Marie Whitfield. 

PHI BETA KAPPA, (front) Holly Crawford. Ellen Czaika. Tanya Oswald. Caroline 
Ellender, Amy Borgman. Allison Bailey, [middle) Mike Fontaine. Stephen Lokitz. Heidi 
Hudlow. Helen Sumnierford. Melissa Joseph. Ashley Phillips. Noble Black, (back) Tobias 
Gibson, Robert Justice, Jennifer Crawford. Lisa Colonias. Kate Calvert. Donald Cumbest. 


History Awards 

At Awards Day the Ross H. 
Moore History Award was 
given to Kate Calvert, and 
the Frank Laney Award was 
given to Robert Arthur 

Using time wisely. 

Lena Palmer studies 

while she waits to assist 
students in tlie MUhaps 
Wilson Library. 

Sharing moments. 

lohn Suggs reads a poem 
during one of the monthly 
gatherings of Passages, 
Poetry, and Pastries. 

ctbltks , 

Campus honors 


Noble Black and Mary Largent 
were named Most Distinguished 
Man and Woman of the Year after 
an election by the student body in 
the spring. Noble served the 
school as SBA Treasurer and then 
as President. Mary was President 
of Kappa Delta and a founding 
member of the LEAD program. 

Math Club 

♦ Attended Regional 
MAA Meeting in 
New Orleans. 

♦ Participated in 
MAA Student Math 

Versatile place. 
Many students made Acy's 
drill a place to study. Crystal 
Berry works during lunch. 

Mind Gaines 

♦ Sophia Chandak and Prasad 
Vasamsetti concentrate on their 
work in the computer lab. 

United Nations 

♦ (front) Jennifer Jones, Ashley 
Leinweber, Secretary Stacy Reynolds, 
(back) Charles Moore, lien Omo- 


History Club 

The history club hosted open 
discussion meetings with topics 
such as "Crisis of the President" 
and "The Integration of 
Millsaps College." 

ENGLISH CLUB, (front) Liz Dubuisson. Amanda Cook, Sarah Casey, (back) Faculty 
Advisor Austin Wilson. President Tara McLellan. Jennifer Jones. Leigh Brasuell. 

HISTORY CLUB, (front) Rasa Lemmond. Ashley Phillips. Kate Calvert. Creighton 
Chandler. Jay Gibson, (back) Robert McElvaine, Charles Sallis. Sanford Zale, Ian Makey, 
Allan Hillman. Brandy Craft. 

MATH CLUB, (front) Tara Chase, President Ellen Czaika. Nathan Allen. Chad Miller. 
(back) Secretary Joshua Hanes. Faculty Advisor Dr. Darren Wick. Treasurer Hudson 
Segrest. Vice President Stephen Lokitz. 

Freshmen Award 

♦ During the Awards Day ceremony 
in the spring, Dean Smith presented 
April Slayden and Sam King with the 
Freshman Man and Woman of the 
Year Award. This award was given 
by Omicron Delta Kappa. 

ORDER OF OMEGA, (front) Brad Litkenhous, Christy Robertson, Lauri McCormick, 
Randy Bass. Katye Bratton. Charles Abbott, (back) Jennifer Rogers, Mary Katherine Black, 
Laura Autry, Jennifer Jones. Hudson Segrest. Donald Cumbest. Baker Lawley, Bert Austin. 
Harry Rayburn, (not pictured) Ashley Bass, Treasurer Amy Smith, Public Relations Lauren 
Williams. Advisor Dr. Ted Ammon. 

classes 4-1 

Schiller Gesellschaft 

♦ The group, consisting ofMargus Sarglepp, 
Advisor loan Cotter, and Nathan Moore, hosted a 
luncheon meeting after each Tap Day. 

Pi Delta Phi 

♦ (front) Gail Buzhardt, 
Dr. Priscilla Fermon, Dr. 
Claiidine Chadeyras, Or, 
Teresa Arlington, (hack) 
Allison Bailey, Elizabeth 
Moak, Bill Gillis, Patricia 


♦ Katye Bratton works on an 
assignment at the beginning of 
one of Dr. Kahn's Spanish classes. 

French Club 

The club held French 
conversation groups 
twice each month, a 
French Film Service in 
the fall, and French 
dinners each month 
with the Alliance 
Francaise de Jackson. 

Why did you choose to 
study a foreign language? 

"I was interested in the sound 
of the force of the German 
language. Germany has an 
interesting culture, and they 
have really disgusting food. I 
wanted to study a people that 
indulges in such food as 
cheese, sausage, and eggs 

-Holler Blackwell 

GERMAN CLUB, [front) Nathan Moore. Michael Fontaine. John Suggs, (back) Faculty 
Advisor Joan Cotter. Margus Sarglepp. Holley Blackwell. James Dickson, Sergey Dzugan. 

SPANISH CLUB, (front) Nicole Legendre. Jackie Bracy. Emily Olivier. Soria Colome 
Molly Austin. Marilyn Humphrey, (back) Kenneth Crawley, Jay Paulson. Ashley Becket 
Elise Rinta. Dr. Robert Kahn, Dr. Teresa Arrington.. 




While the rest of his 
Spanish class does 
boardwork, Dr. Kahn 
explains to Sara Capps 
her grades from the 
grade book. 

German Club 

The German Club held 
weekly coffee hours, 
monthly film nights, 
and an annual German 

Coffee talk Holly (.rawford 
and Holler Blackwell meet at 
the German Club Coffee Hour. 

Quick responses. 

Freshman Sergey 
Dzugan from the 
Ukraine meets with 
the German Club. 
Only German was 
spoken at the weekly 
coffee hoar. 

Sigma Delta Pi 

♦ Tapped eight new 
members at Tap Day 
in the fall. 

♦ Students participated 
in monthly dinners 
with members of the 
Jackson Hispanic 

♦ Members participated 
in bi-monthly Spanish 
conversation groups. 

French News 

The French honorary 
held an initiation 
ceremony on March 5. 
Patricia Campbell and 
Bill Gillis were the new 

SIGMA DELTA PI. (/ronn Carrie Thune. Martha Ostenrude. Patricia Campbell. Judy Ford, 
Vlary Clay Wadlington. Robin Fenelli, Molly Austin. Therese Weir, (back) Bradley Sanders. 
Dr. Robert Khan. Dr. Teresa Arrington. Lauren Williams, Mary Alice Rambin. Dr. Robert 

FRENCH CLUB, (front) Leigh Brasuell, Elizabeth Biddle, Amy White, Dr. Claudine 
Chadeyras, (buck) Terri Camp, Elizabeth Moak. Faculty Advisor Priscilla Fermon. Collin 
Glidewell. Vanessa Beaumont. Gail Buzhardt. Ben Witt. 

classes 43 

Powerful direction. 

Dr. Timothy Coker 
practices with the choir 
and chamber orchestra to 
prepare for the animal 
Winter Concert. 


What was the most enjoyable 
aspect of being a member of 
the Millsaps Singers? 

"My favorite concert was the 
one where we sang the Mark 
Wilberg pieces. The songs were 
a lot of work, but they were 
exciting once we learned them, 
especially when the orchestra 
was added." 

-Aimee Cronan 

"It has been a fruitful year for 
me in Singers and Chamber 
Singers with opportunities 
performing The Creation by 
Haydn and going on the 
European trip. I have enjoyed 
working with Dr. Timothy 
Coker over the last four years ." 
-Laura Moore 

* * t * 



Hard work. 

Elizabeth Warriner 
and Janine Lacallade 
practice for the Singers 
Spring Concert. 

Mu Phi Epsilon 

♦ Music honorary 
established in February. 

♦ International Music 
Fraternity for both 
men and women. 

♦ Initiated 20 members. 


♦ One of the scores 
from the Mark Wilberg 
Concert performed by the 
Millsaps Singers foi theii 
Winter Conceit. 


♦ Singers met four times a week at 
lunchtime to practice for the upcoming 
events in which they performed. During 
the fall semester the Singers joned with 
lime area chinch choirs and sang pieces 
tram various cultural scores. 


Singers Travel 

For ten days in the summer, 
the Chamber Singers traveled 
to Germany, Prague, and 
Austria, singing in churches 
and cathedrals. 


Freshman Collin Glidewell 
won the Palmer Summer Study 
Scholarship for excellence in 
piano. He chose to use the 
scholarship to attend the 
Brevard Summer Music Festival. 

Alto Section 

Laura Moore and 
Michelle Moore 
concentrate on 
the music and 
the director. 

Melody Maker 

♦ Mr. Chris Brunt accompanied 
tlw Singers' practices and perfor- 
mances. His love of music could be 
seen through his dedication and his 
license plate "Handel. " 

MU PHI EPSILON. i.fnmt) Corresponding Secretary Jenny Baehaleda. Recording Secre- 
tary Rachel Barham. Jeanne Martin. Kimberly Pace. Laura Lane, (middle) Steward Josh 
Dupont. Alumni Secretary Julie Wang. Vice President and Chorister Laura Moore. President 
Uvon Tucker. Clare Gillette. Treasurer and Steward Vanessa Beaumont. (back)Hn\. Simon. 
Chaplain Allen King. Historian Collin Glidewell. Terrance Alexander, Chris Brunt. 

THE MILLSAPS SINGERS. (Sopranos and Basses), (front) Kimberly Pace. Lindsay 
Whitfield. Jenny Baehaleda. Betsy Vandiver, Hannah Craw ford. Annah Marshall. Matt Dunn. 
Jennaine Ivy. Andrew O'Dell. (2nd row) Laura Lane, Nikki Ivancic, Erica Adkins. Rachel 
Barham, Aimee Cronan. Jesse Elam, Charles Scales. Margus Sarglepp. (3rd row) Sarah 
McAtee. Clare Gillette. Lauren Gardes. Catherine Mouton. Brit Simon, Jonathan Kilgore, 
John Suggs. Kenneth Griswold. (4th row) Allison Jenkins. Kellie Rish. Maria Costas, 
Hannah Mashburn, Leslie Unger, Robert Gatlin, Brian Carpenter, Collin Glidewell, Terrance 
Alexander, Uvon Tucker, Patrick Johnston, (not pictured) Mary Arnold, Kara Wingo. 

THE MILLSAPS SINGERS (Tenors and Altos), (front) Michael Barham, Randy Bass, 
Bradley Bennett. Julie Wang, Jamie Harris, Jeanne Martin, Melanie Cook. Kathy Hellfrich. 
(middle) Allen King, Owen Palmer, Melanie Haley. Janine Lacallade, Betsy Farrell. Carla 
Morrison, Vanessa Beaumont. Carrie Thune. Jane Collins, Brooks Brower. (back) Brandon 
Baxter, Josh Dupont, Britt Mendoza, Elizabeth Warriner, Michelle Moore, Mary Alice 
Rambin, Heather Denham, Laura Moore, Mary Clay Waddlington, Missy Rose. Caroline 
Ranck. (not pictured) Keri Walker. Geoffrey King. 

the arte 45 

ART STUDENT ASSOCIATION, [front) Stacy Warren. Marianne Wynn, Rasa 
Lemmond. Amy Clay Cashion. Faculty Advisor Collin Asmus, (back) Treasurer Ashley 
Sulser. Ann Jane Cox. Hannah Cranford. Hideki Yasumoto. President Drew Sill. Ryuta 
Miyamoto. Helen Gadd, (not pictured) Secretary/Treasurer Leigh Pennebaker. Ashley 
Martin. Vice President Grace Crouch. Ryan Vincent. Jennifer Arnold. 

ALPHA PSI OMEGA, (front) James Thompson. Sam Hall. Secretary Joy Wallace. Megan 
Glidewell. Vice President Nicole Saad. {back) Brent Lefavor, Faculty Advisor Morgan 
Gadd. Marvin Davis, President Tara McLellan. 

PLAYERS, (front) Liz Dubuisson, Rebecca Bradford, Candace Carlisle. Megan Glidewell. 
(middle) Sam Hall, Tara McLellan. Nicole Saad. Joy Wallace, (back) Brent Lefavor. James 
Thompson. Marvin Davis. Morgan Gadd. 

Players' Honors 

At the drama banquet, 
Jonathan Martin and Nicole 
Saad were recognized for Best 
Performance by an Actor and 

Face lift. 

/'/it' Art Student Societ} 
helped to beautify 
Jackson by painting 
murals on walls in the 
downtown area. 



[ ^^| 



Messy Work 

♦ Nicole Sand works on the set of 
Tartuffe for her productions class. The 
students of the class were required to 
work five hours backstage per week to 
receive credit. 


L-> (A i 1 1 V U.D 



Grand Night 

The music and theatre 
departments joined in the 
fall to present A Grand 
Night for Singing. Lindsay 
Whitfield, Patrick 
Johnston, Carla Morrison, 
josh Ditpont, and Nicole 
Saad performed in the 


Dracula was named Best Show 
of the Year at the Alpha Psi 
Omega Drama Banquet. 
Jonathan Martin, Larry Wells, 
James Anderson, and J. C. 
Patterson performed in the 
play on Halloween weekend. 

if •§' 



What was your favorite 
play performed by the 
Millsaps Players? 

"My favorite play was 
Draaila. The special effects 
added suspense to the 
already eerie story." 

-Ashley Bass 

Alpha Psi Omega 

♦ Halloween Candy Drive. 

♦ Valentine's Day Rose Sale. 

♦ Face painting booth at 
Major Madness. 

♦ Dracula's Blood Drive. 

♦ Drama Banquet. 

liehinil the scenes. 

Melinda Bott gains 
experience in the theatre 
department as she works 
on a set. 

On stage. 

Jennifer Brown and Nick 
Gristina argue during a 
scene in the dress rehearsal 

Downtown Art 

♦ "This year has been a lot of fun. 
We've finished a mural project 
downtown across from the King 
Edward Hotel. This project was 
done in conjuction with Art 
Alliance and the Jackson Sheriff 
Department. " 

-Drew Sill 

Senior Art Show 

♦ Art major Kathleen Robbins 
explains to Molly Austin and Amy 
Palmer how she used painted-on 
emulsion to produce photographs 
on glass. 

the arts -47 

Money Managers 

The Finance Club managed 
the General Louis Wilson 
Student Managed Fund, 
which ended the semester 
with over $215,000. 

Time with others. 

Janice Hohnan found 
time away from her job 
with the Core Curriculum 
and taking classes to 
nerve food at Stewpot. 

Commencement. Erin 
Craig finishes as one of 
twenty-five graduates in 
the ADP program. 


A popular place. 

The bookstore was a 
popular place at the 
begining of each 
semester. Judy Ford 
joins the crowd as 
she buys her books. 

Beta Alpha Psi 

♦ Field trip to the 

♦ Attended regional 
meeting in Nashville, 

Finance Club 

♦ Field trip to Coker and 
Palmer Brokerage. 

♦ Field trip to Deposit 

Getting Ready 

♦ MBA student Derindea Phillips 

takes cure of financial mutters 
with Louise Burney in the business 
office before registering. 

Time to Go 

♦ Dr. Jesse Beeler awaits the 
graduation walk through the 
Bowl with graduate business 
students Brad Downs and 
forge Ackerman, 


Getting Down 
to Business 

Amy Turnipseed does the math on a 
problem for one of her business classes 
in the Else School of Management. 
Business students found numerous 
internships in financial institutions, 
such as Parkway Properties and Arthur 
Andersen, in order to put their 
classroom knowledge to practical use. 



Study Abroad 

Irish students Ruth 
Hamilton and Susan 
Lutton studied business 
as part of a one year 
foreign study program. 

BETA GAMMA SIGMA, (front) Stephanie Barrett. Natasha Munshi. Carrie Boswell, Britt 
Mendoza, Tricia Sanford. Rhoda Holman. Ajay Aggarwal (back) Bill Brister. Stephanie 
Fanguy. Ron Michaels. Jay Branch. Greg Broadbent. Margaret Meinert. 

BETA ALPHA PSI. (front) Christy Robertson, Amber McCraw. Melinda Owens. Carrie 
Boswell, Dan Walker, {middle) Mary Huff. Brennan Branch. Anne Minor, Britt Mendoza, 
Jane Collins, {back) Sanford Warren, Elizabeth Low. Michele Hester, Amy Turnipseed. 
Chuck Addington. Eleace Sawyers. 

ADP. (front) Harrylyn Sallis. Lily Castle. Caretta Reed. Wiliam Hussey. Laurissa 
Henderson. Spencer Harris. Jr.. Roland Ryan. {2nd row) Rosanne Nunnery. Elaine Young. 
Jaudon Presson. Sherry Guynes. Elise Rinta. Ashley Castle. Vanessa Siegal. {back) Mary 
Huff. Paula Garrett. Janet Langley. Marilyn Humphrey. Ginny Dearman. Janice McNeil. 
Katherine McNeil. Katie Gilmore. Will Nobel. Rav Adams, Gene Davis. 

Business Party 

♦ Dr. Ajay Aggarwal and Tracy 
Perry talk during a pizza party for 
the American Production and 
Industry Control Group. 

Amy Turnipseed. Shelly Bradley. Stephanie Yasinski. Randy Bass. Tricia Sanford. Allison 
Almon. Katie Sutherland. Amanda Hancock. Kelly Justice. Susan Lutton. (2nd row) Robin 
Schambach. Jane Collins, Logan Long, Jed Holton, Matt Helms. Bntt Mendoza. Lauren 
Williams. Stephanie Fanguy, Nathan Byrd, (3rd row) Yamina Irby, Christopher Toaster, Dan 
Walker. Tracy Perry, Mickey Paduda. Ruth Hamilton, Chris Davis. Jon Peyton, (back) Drew 
Sill. Eleace Sawyers. Magruder Hazlip. Jacqueline Beuler. Darrick Massey, Jay Branch. 
Ashley McDonnell. David Fontenot. Dr. Ajay Aggarwal. 

classes 4-9 

Goinx far the endzone. 

Jason Adams tries to dodge 
Brent Harrolle during an 
intramural football game. 

Student Alumni 

♦ Charity Lemonade 
Stand at Parents' 

♦ Face painting at 
Homecoming game. 

♦ Promotion of the new 
official Millsaps 
College ring. 

♦ Gave tours to visiting 
alumni during 

♦ Helped Career Center 
with follow-up 

* ♦ i * 


Outside interests 


Major Productions, a 
student activities board led 
by Jennifer Brewer, brought 
to campus a number of acts 
including Stevie Starr the 
Regurgitator, Spilt Milk, 
Harvey the Lunatic, the 
hypnotist Richard Ames, 
and Mark Eddie. 

TV Star 

Comedian Al 
Ducharme had 
appeared on MTV, 
Comedy Central, 
and A&E before 
visiting Millsaps. 

What was your 
favorite Major 
Productions act? 

"I feel that Mark Eddie 
was the most enjoyed 
program of Major 

-Allison Harris 


♦ Claire Morgan, Summer Beech, and 
Betjiany Johnson entertain the crowd. 
The Major Impressions danced at 
halftime of the football games. 

Writing News. 

♦ The Purple and White staff 
members were (front) Carey 
Miller, Jason McDonald, (back) 
Jason Stine, Chris Johnson, 
Mark Salvaggio, William Law, 
and Brian Berryhill. 


Staying in Shape 

Summer Beech, Brooke 
Dugger, Nicole Legendre, 
and Kim Niolet were 
aerobics instructors under 
the program coordinator 
Lauri McCormick. 


u»5»TV-, toc 






£.«>. The Mentalist Robert 
Channing lias Jason Adams 
blindfold and duct tape his 
eyes to demonstrate his powers. 

)n the fob. 

Ricky Stephens keeps score at 
i intramural basketball 

FRISBEE CLUB, (front) John Adams. Treasurer Joshua Hanes. Sandi Pullen. Walter 
Biggins. Brad Bates, (back) Mick Veum. President Nathan Allen. Secretary Andrew O'Dell, 
Faculty Advisor Darren Wick. Brian Berryhill. 

• if •■ W «fc 

7* fc^Mi&M 


MAJOR PRODUCTIONS, (/ram) Lindsay Whitfield, Georgia Williamson. Lindsay 
Akers. Catherine Hall, (back) Ryan Miles, Allison Hams. Beth West, Bradley Bennet. 
Morgan Streetman. 

INTRAMURAL STAFF, (front) Charlie Taylor, Venita Mitchell, Jamie Roeling, (back) 
Jimmy Boyd. Byron Blackwell, Brian Williams. 

STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, (front) Jerusha Bosarge, Tara McLellan, Katie 
Sutherland, Cassie Sheldon, Kristy Jones, Advisor MelissaTaylor, ( 2nd row) Mary Meadows. 
President Britt Mendoza, Amanda Hancock. Caroline Stauffer, Vice President Jenny Kellum, 
(3rd row) Erica Woodall. Lena Palmer. Jill Magargee. Lindsay Akers. Katye Bratton. 
Treasurer Amy Brazda, Secretary Laura Caraway, (back) Will Wilde. Amy Turnipseed, 
Nathan Allen. Jennifer Jones. Kathleen Cumbest. Bradley Bennett. Stephanie Land. 

action 51 

Stephanie Barrett 

accounting/ poplarville 

'Jennifer Brewer 


Soria (Sotomei 

economics and Spanish/ 
gretna, la 

Ja£A»v*v ^ 





Noble Black 


Kntf Calvert 

history /gulf port 

chemistry and spanish/jackson 

Sally Clark 

business administration/tupelo 


y4rnanda Cook 

english/bartlett, tn 

political science/jackson 


/Katvln l^snvis 


Qason (3/a.b'iiel 

business administration/ 


Jlatanishia "T^ccs 

political science/mobile, al 

/3^ Travis 

computer information 

(Zaiolinc JE-tletuie? 


yAttison ^jiubbs 

elementary education/ 
louisville, ky 

^tob\\ (Zjibson 

biology/nashville, tn 

honors 5 3 

YVesL'if 3nfuun 

business administration/ 


music/lafayette, la 

^Zuikcsscx Divin 


iltxn.lL /PicCS-ottnLck 






chemistry I mccomb 


■/\imec <£>?ln\eixux 

engiish/ meridian 


^Ztxnya. Oswald 


biology Itupelo 

business administration/ 
covmgton, la 

j2tiuten TOrfUams 

business/ shreveport, la 

^Z-odd TZeeves 

business administration/ 
slidell, la 

cH.Atpteet Sood 

biology /Jackson 

(SAtkeilne ^bnmons 

business administration/ 

biology/lakewood, co 

1 ^**9 # J 

sociology and anthropology/ 
crystal springs 

Kevin YVilson 

business/germantown, tn 

honors 55 


Rachelle White 

i W-^-^K 

1 aH 

* 4 

1 V 

1 > S 


Ken Walke 

Ryan Roy 

Anita Sumral 



t k ' 





— n^ 

Rob Carter Daniel Redmond 

Anita Madakasira, Aalia Anwar 

Jaime Brewer 


Rebecca Hill 

Morgan Gadd, Crystal Berry, Marvin 
Davis, Dee Wise 

n Chandler, Jason Locklin, Vanh Luangphakdy 

LeAnna Chambers 

Melissa Sterling, Michael Barham 

activities alburn jj^ 7 


the women's volleyball team had its highest ever winning 
percentage, while the women's basketball team came 
under the direction of a newly appointed coach, janine 
hoffman. coach william lytton joined 
the soccer program, and baseball 
coach jim page also assumed the 

Jim Page, Kevin Wilson, Mike Dailey 

responsibility for the 
cross-country team, the 
tennis teams received 
new tennis courts, con- 
tinuing their past success, 

Courtney Chastain 

Jenny Allred 

the baseball team was crowned regional champions, 
beau pollard and zack Wallace had stellar years in 
football and basketball, respectively, newcomer geoffery 
king established himself as the leading golfer. 

i /' 


Jared Grabow 

athletic W 



i» i ^ew» 

GO MAJORS. The Millsaps cheerleaders 
brave the hot afternoon sun and lead the fans in 
a cheer to support the football players. 


«m ,L» S»k,. 

SUPPORT. Kedra Martin and Shelly 
Byrd practice lifting Erika Kimberlin before 
a Majors football game. 

CHEERLEADERS. Uroni) Erika Kimberlin. Beth Doshier, Shelly 
Byrd, Julie Skipper (.back) Captain Brandy Craft, Kedra Martin, 
Oavid Chambers, Amy Brazda, Brandi Walker. 

TEAMWORK. Amy Brazda, Erika 
Kimberlin, Shelly Byrd, and Brandi 
Walker prepare to throw Beth Doshier 
in a basket toss. 


le Pride 


► At the University of 
Tennessee's Cheerleading 
Camp, the squad received a 
2nd place trophy in the 
chant division. 

► During the off season, the 
cheerleaders judged local 
cheerleading tryouts and 
held fundraisers. 

SPIRIT. Brandi Walker, Beth Doshier, Brandy Craft and 
Major Millsaps rally on the Majors. 

BREAK TIME. During a home basketball game Beth 
Doshier, Brandy Craft, Amy Brazda and Erika Kimberlin 
take a much needed break between halves. 





Austin College 


Rhodes College 


Rose Hulman College 


Greenville College 


McMurry University 


Centre College 


Tusculum College 


University of the South 


Rhodes College 


Trinity University 


4 Wins • 6 Losses 

■',»»:* ■ 

FINDING THE GAP. Running back Mike McKenzie finds the gap and 
sprints for a first down. McKenzie led the Majors with 1350 rushing 
yards and 1 1 touchdowns. 

36*38 „«.« 

FOOTBALL TEAM. (.fronO Marty Frascogna, Mike McKenzie. Todd Reeves, Roderick Hicks, Ryan Miles, Marcus 
Dudley, Jonathan Wise, Beau Pollard, David Estes, Head Coach Ron Jurney, Rhett Hamby, (.2nd row) Mitch Smith, 
Rowland Skinner, Bolton Flautt, Jason Parsley, Blake Huggard, Ryan Bourgeois, Alex Connolly . Donnie Williams, 
Charlie Malouf, Wes Ingram, Brad Cook, (3rd row) Larry Christmas, Patrick Anderson, Clay Nelson, Derrick McNeal, 
Jared White, David Mistretta. Aaron Meadows, Adam Cabell, Geoff King, Lyle Bennett, Anthony Bales, George Lumm, 
(4th row) Will Steelman, Trinity McKenzie, Jason Cabell, Billy Williams, Blaine Riley, Billy Best. Harold Smith. Melvin 
Sanders, Cary Pierce, Ray McNames, Corbin Womac, Dustin Walker, r 5th row) Matt Proctor, Phillip Dubose, Ronnie 
Isaac, Matt Huard, Michael Ray, Jarred Tolar, Chris Davis, Anthony Bullock. Robert Bradley, Randy Henfling, Steve 
Baham. Ronnie Bourgeois, Nathan Byrd, (faac/d Dr. Gene Barrett. Lancie Greenlee, April McGregor, Murray Burch, 
Troy Hilton, Wes Slay, Tim Tench, Nathaniel Clark, Kenny Andrews, Luck Hankins, Joe Samples, Tyson Bridge, Mike 
Darley, Ken Ingram, Bill Raphael, Mike Frascogna. 


PLAY TIME. Linebacker Coach 
Mike Dailey and Head Coach Ron 
Jurney send in the defensive 

POWER. The defense forced 1 
fumbles and held the opposition to 
94 yards per game. 



POSTGAME. Kenny Andrews, 
Jason Parsley and Coach Troy Hilton 
make their way to the locker room 
after a game. 

^ ' * 


Frascogna tackles the 
opposition. Frascogna had 
36 total tackles. 

► Quarterback Beau Pollard 
ranked 48th in the nation 
with an average of 207 
yards passing per game. 

► Wes Ingram, Matt Huard, 
Beau Pollard, and Mike 
McKenzie were named to 
the SCAC All Conference 
First Team. 

► SCAC Second team 
selections were Jason 
Cabell and George Lumm. 

► Ronnie Isaac and Charlie 
Malouf were SCAC 
Honorable Mentions. 



CLEARED. Defensive Player of the Year 
Tracy Gillanders clears the ball out of the 
defensive end. 

SKILL. Sophomore Leigh Dunavant gains 
possesion and starts the offensive attack. 
Dunavant had 19 shots on goal. 


" With only six returning 
players we had to do a lot 
of oncampus recruiting. 
Every player progressed 
throughout the season. The 
experience gained will be a 
plus for next year." 

-Coach Lytton 

Senior captain Heidi 
Hudlow was named to the 
SCAC All-South first team. 

women s 

TRANSITION. Senior Jennifer Hamm becomes the transition player and 
take the Lady Majors from defense to offense. Hamm was named Best 
Offensive Player. 

EXPERIENCE. In the balmy heat. Coach Lytton 
holds his post game discussion with the Lady 


5 U C C t P 


St. Mary's University 


MacMurray University 


Belhaven College 


Spring Hill College 


Martin Methodist College 


Oglethorpe University 


Loyola University 


Trinity University 


Southwestern University 


University of the South 


Centre College 

Rhodes College 


Belhaven College 


Austin College 


Spring Hill College 


Christian Brothers 



Loyola University 


4 Wins • 14 Losses 


WOMENS SOCCER, (.frond Heidi Hudlow, Murray Pace, Carrie Thune, 
(middle) Jenny Allred, Alissa Joseph, Tracy Gillanders, Renae Davis, Emily 
Ludlow, (.back) Elizabeth Bates, Ashley Abate, Jennifer Hamm, Kate Pearce, 
Leigh Dunavant, Coach William Lytton. 

Heidi Hudlow 

Kate Pearce 




Harry Ray burn 




MacMurray University 


Spring Hill College 


Martin Methodist College 


Oglethorpe University 


Trinity University 


Southwestern University 


University of the South 


Centre College 

Rhodes College 

Hendrix College 


Austin College 


Spring Hill College 


Principia College 


Christian Brothers University 


6 Wins • 7 Losses • 1 Tie 

.-.w» **zfm&~' 

holds off the competition as the bench 
eagerly awaits the outcome of the 

DEFENSE. The Majors recover to defend an opponent's corner 

CAPTAINS. MVP Jeremy Dobay and Defensive 
Player of the Year Lee Johnson discuss defensive 
play options. 


OFFENSE. Jonathan Dear successfully shields the ball from 
an opposing team member. Dear was named Offensive 
Player of the Year and was elected to the SCAC First Team. 


MEN'S SOCCER, (fronfi Matt Dunn, Lee Johnson, Harry Rayburn, Toby 
Gibson, Jeremy Dobay, (.middle) Ryan Haggard. Brian Berthiaume, Steve Shirley, 
Jason Locklin, Jon Robert, Marc Smith, Robbie Morrison, (back) Ian Makey, 
Adam Sweeney, Drew Hutchinson, Charlie Scales, Jonathan Dear, Stephen 
Babula, Tim Sheehan, John Michael Measells. Greg Rhodes, Coach Bill Lytton. 

► Bill Lytton was named as 
the new head coach of the 
Millsaps Soccer Program. 

► Knee injuries to Harry 
Rayburn and Marc Smith in 
one game proved to be a 
test of depth for the team. 

► Who could forget the 
Applebee's incident that left 
two freshmen players MIA ? 

► A defense anchored by 
senior goalkeeper Jeremy 
Dobay proved to be the 
strong spot on the field. 





■"•" ~ j 


Jackson State University 

Mississippi College 



Marryville Tennessee 

Rhodes College 


Hendrix College 

Belhaven College 


University of West Alabama 


Loyola College 

U. of West Alabama 

Rust University 


Centre College 

Jackson State University 

Oglethorpe University 

Loyola College 

University of the South 

Belhaven College 

Maryville, Maryland 

University of the South 

Rhodes College 

Oglethorpe University 


Rhodes College 

Howard Payne 

22 Wins • 

7 Losses 

FOCUS. Elana Campagna 
focuses on the ball to make an 
accurate set. Campagna led 
the team with 680 assists. 

ANTICIPATION. Captains Leigh 
Brasuell and Sarah Casey get ready to 
receive the serve. Brasuell led the 
team with 291 digs while Casey had 41 
serving aces. 

TEAM. At the close of the 
season the Lady Majors had 
obtained their first regional 
ranking of 8th place. 



ENTUSIASM. Coach Shannon Carlson and the Lady Majors 
celebrate a kill. "Commitment starts when you walk in the door," said 
Coach Carlson. 

POWER. Nicole Sylvester makes a powerful strike during a 
practice session. Sylvester averaged 2.7 kills per game. 


► As a team, the Lady Majors 
not only played and 
practiced together but also 
volunteered at River Oaks, 
Habitat, and Stewpot. 

1 '*& BLaiE Mffi;^pWfcffi^Hj5l 

► Sixty-seven percent of the 
team members were 
recognized as SCAC All- 
Academic (3.2 GPA or 

BjhaB r v* 3 — * Sis ' 3 F*»*">*r 

► Anna Gustafson ranked 
16th in Division III NCAA 
with 1 .5 blocks per game. 


► Andrea Klevan was chosen 

by the NCAA to represent 
Millsaps at the leadership 

VOLLEYBALL. Coach Shannon Carlson, Jaime Miles. Elana 
Campagna, Andrea Klevan, Sarah Casey, Brooke Dugger, Anna 
Gustafson, Leigh Brasuell, JoAnna Barnett, Nicole Sylvester, 
Mandy Young, Courtney Chastain, Coach Jamie Roeling, (not 
pictured) Natalie Hebert. 

^^l ^ 

volleyball ^^^ 



Team Results 

Choctaw Trails Invitational 


MC Family Day Invitational 


State Street Challenge 


SCAC Championships 



MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY. Creighton Chandler, 
Sam King, Damien Ducote, Andy Bruggeman. 

Jessica Perkins, Erin O'Neal, Jenny Allred, 
Ellen Czaika. (back) Emilie Wien, Grace 
Crouch, Gretl Zimmermann, Elizabeth Rogers. 


cross country 


PREPARATION. Gretl Zimmerman jogs 
through campus for some additional training. 


► MAD DASH. " I ran 

to the end of the dirt road 
where two race directors 
were sitting. I asked 
them which way to go, 
and they pointed back 
down the road. When I 
ran out of the woods, 
someone on the other 
side of the lake was 
yelling, 'Go back.' I had a sizeable lead before 
the misdirection, and when I started running 
again, two girls came out of the woods and 
passed me. They barely beat me to the finish." 

- Jenny Allred 



STRETCH. Andy Bruggeman warms up. "Bruggeman 
has a very bright future as a Millsaps runner," said 
Coach Page. 

EXPECTATION. The women's cross country team awaits the start of the SCAC meet at 

COMPETE. Creighton Chandler leaves his 
Oglethorpe trailer behind and continues at a 
brisk pace. 


Lancie GreenleW - 



TEAMWORK. As a team, the Majors scored an 
average of 61 .7 points per game. 

DRIVE. Forward Olivia McDaniel drives to 
the net. She scored a total of 173 points 
for the season. 



Senior Michele 
Biegel led the team 
with 96 assists and 
230 rebounds. She 
played a total of 
844 minutes in 25 


PEP TALK. Coach Hoffman 
inspired the majors to score a 
total of 328 second half points. 

PLAYER'S BEST. Freshman Caroline Sonnier 
goes for the layup. Sonnier scored a season 
high of 25 points against Rhodes College. 

In Motion 


► Janine Hoffman was named 
the new head coach for the 
Lady Majors. 

► Michele Biegel was 
selected to the SCAC 
Tournament First Team. 

► Senior Jennifer Hamm and 
freshman Caroline Sonnier 
were selected as honorable 
mentions in the SCAC. 


Loyola University 

Emory University 

Belhaven College 


Loyola University 


Rust College 


Savannah College 


Loyola University 


Rust College 


Belhaven College 


Centre College 


University of the South 


Rhodes College 


Hendrix College 


Southwestern University 


Trinity University 


Concordia College 


Rhodes College 


Hendrix College 


Southwestern University 


Trinity University 


Blue Mountain College 


Oglethorpe College 


Centre College 


University of the South 


Oglethorpe University 


11 Wins* 14 Losses 

women's basketball 

Women's Basketball. Head Coach Janine Hoffman, Stacy Roussel, Beth Miller, 
Caroline Sonnier, April McGregor. Jennifer Hamm, Sirena Spotts, Olivia McDaniel, 
Michele Biegel, Courtney Chastain, Lancie Greenlee, Sarah Casey, Asst. Coach 
Stephanie Clark. 


HANG TIME. Foward Gordon 
Richardson finishes the drive by 
shooting for two. Richardson 
averaged 7.5 points and 4.6 
rebounds per game. 


Loyola University 


Wesley College 


Huntingdon College 


Loyola University 


Rust College 


Savannah College 


Westminster College 


Rust College 


Pensacola College 


Centre College 


University of the South 


Rhodes College 


Hendrix College 


Southwestern University 


Trinity University 


Concordia College 


Rhodes College 


Hendrix College 


Huntingdon College 


Southwestern University 


Trinity University 


Olgethorpe University 


Centre College 


University of the South 


Oglethorpe University 


10 Wins* 15 Losses 


► Junior Willie Hobson 
received an Honorable 
Mention in the SCAC 

► Zack Wallace was the tenth 
man in school history to 
join the elite 1000 point 

► Josh Danos was #1 in the 
conference with an 88.4 
free throw percentage. 

► Gordon Richardson ranked 
4th in SCAC with an 
average of one block per 


DEFENSE. Cedric Hobdy guards 
his Loyola man. 

PRESSURE. The Majors block out against Oglethorpe after a free throw. 
The team accumulated 610 defensive rebounds. 

It . 4. 

1 J^%l£tf£ 

iD#|/vi (/ E, k F 


# 35 . __*4l'.T# ... 

iiuutsl 'tfUHj lii^i*naiuus H 


MEN'S BASKETBALL, (front) Cedric Hobdy, Jonathan Gay, Willie 
Hobson, Chad Gardner, Josh Danos, Morshun Daniels, David Greer, Darrick 
Massey, (back) Asst. Coach Matt Mitchell, Jon Peyton, Zack Wallace, Rob 
Sabau, Jared Grabow, Gordon Richardson, D. Bryant, Ryan Halstead, Head 
Coach John Stroud. 



& tBLuL, 







HOT SHOT. Hobson had an average of 15.8 points per game and a total of 1 18 
rebounds for the season. 

men's basketball 

*.l -Vj 



Cody McCain 

SLIDE. Mike Highfill slides powerfully into third base hoping to beat the ball to the bag. Highfill led 
the team with 19 stolen bases while also batting .425 with 41 RBI's. 



► Rowland Skinner was 
named to the SCAC All- 
Tournament Team. 

► The Majors had a .329 team 
batting average. 

► Pitcher Beau Pollard led the 
team with 54 strikeouts. 

► For the eighth consecutive 
year the Majors won the 
SCAC division title. 


HELPING HAND. Freshman Cody McCain 
receives some baseballs from the Millsaps ball 
boy. McCain had a fielding percentage of .973. 



* 1 

t m 

■M ■■'<•• 







J\ **»_ 

-y+tr^ , _ 


LEAP OF FAITH. Ben Jeffcoat 
catches a long fly ball on a windy 
day against Belhaven. Jeffcoat 
led the Majors with 44 RBIs. 

■-<■•-,■ "-V-" i 

..■■!■■■■>! J 

1 Hs^ ^^^B 

X «: 'i** -sat 1 



FOLLOW THROUGH. Freshman Tim Neese 
had 39 hits for the season. 

BASEBALL, (front) Ben Jeffcoat, Kevin Wilson, Cody McCain, Joe Lambert, Ryan 
Ward, Matt Dowd, Paul Stout, Lane Walberg, Mike Highfill, {middle) Tom Jacks, Jeff 
Mitchell, Jason Parsley, Chris Pool, Rowland Skinner, Beau Pollard, Mark Kiel, Jeremy 
Freeman, Nathan Russell, Clint Newsom, (back) Asst. Coach Greg Ward, Asst. Coach 
Mike Dailey, Michael Petty, Tim Neese, Jonathan Wise, Toney Brasuell, Craig Brewer, 
Dave Jones, Asst. Coach Tim Brickler, Head Coach Jim Page. 


Methodist College 

1-8 3-11 

Rust College 

9-3 12-0 

Emory University 

3-2 7-1 

Christian Brothers 


2-9 4-7 

University of the South 

5-14 28-15 

Christian Brothers 



Trinity University 


Oglethorpe University 

13-3 6-2 10-6 

Delta State University 

2-15 6-11 

Belhaven College 

Illinois Wesleyan 


Hendrix College 




Centre College 

5-4 13-7 1-2 

Belhaven College 


University of the South 

13-4 17-4 15-2 18-3 

Belhaven College 


Centre College 

5-4 11-8 18-6 

Oglethorpe University 

1-2 6-4 7-3 

Southwestern University 


Trinity University 


20 Wins* 19 Losses 


Michael Boerner 





v :^> 


► "Coach 
Mitchell really 
stepped up the 
intensity this 
year and his 

-Ian Makey 


MEN'S TENNIS. (fronO Jeremy Reynolds, John Russell, Steven 
Johns, (.back) Josh Rimes, Ian Makey, Michael Boerner. Andrew 
Neely, Head Coach Matt Mitchell. 

DeAnna Lucas 


DOUBLE UP. DeAnna Lucas and Ashley 
Lalande take some volleys during practice. 






Hendrix College 


Huntingdon College 


Rhodes College 

Centre College 

Hendrix College 


Belhaven College 


Coe College 


Loyola University 


MacMurray University 

University of the South 


Oglethorpe University 


Belhaven College 


4 Wins • 8 Losses 


University of the South 


Centre College 


Hendrix College 


Huntington College 

Belhaven College 


Loyola University 


MacMurray University 


Belhaven College 


4 Wins • 4 Losses 


SLICE. Jeremy Reynolds sets up for the 
high backhand slice. 

REACH. John Russell stretches to return the shot up the 
line. Russell had an 11-4 singles record. 

, r.-iplg ^ -._ 




INTENSITY. Stacey Warren 
practices for the upcoming SCAC 

OMENS TENNIS. IfronO Ashley Lalande, Hillary Pesson. Lisa Rota, 
ne Miller, Stacy Warren, (back) Coach Carlson, Jan Shearer, Sadie 
irdner, DeAnna Lucas, Ellen Czaika, Anna McDow, Beth Bansbach. 

PRECISION. Senior Steven 
Johns played all four years 
during his stay at Millsaps. 
Johns was 9-4 in doubles play. 





Elmhurst College 


Rhodes College 


University of Southern 

Mississippi <JV) 

Belhaven College 


SCAC Tournament 



SCAC Tournament 

MEN'S GOLF. IfronO Drew Sill, Todd Nichols, Michael Bentley, 
(back) Dwayne Townsend, Tyler Walton, Geoffrey King. 

WOMEN'S GOLF. Tracy Perry, Kelli Crossland, Beth Bansbach, 
Coach Janine Hoffman. 

DEAD AIM. Drew Sill goes for the big shot with the driver 




Dwayne Townsend 
lines up to make a 
straight shot to the 



King placed 5th in the SCAC 



► "Our team was new since I 
was the only returning 
player from last year. We 
had several new talented 
players that became real 
assets to the team." 

- Drew Sil 

► Freshman Geoffrey King 
was named to the SCAC 
All-Conference team. 



Tracy Perry 

• :*: x... : -;*)* 


Jason Payne 

BfKy^l^ fyTV ' 

* ■ ■ . 



*T 41 


iW _^Bf 1 


K p 

RJBJ i lA 

v 1 

*^ 4m B 

Paul Sloul and Jeff Mitchell 


Brooke Dugger and Leigh Brasueil 

Rowland Skinnei 


Jeremy Freeman 

Andy Bruggeman 

Charlie Malouf, Michael Ray, Clay Nelson 



SW&B&fc ^KSr^SI^^^ 




\ V 

* ■ 



.««* ! 


Patrick Cooper 

the year marked the welcoming of a new dean of the 
college, richard smith, and a promotion for david sneed 
to dean of students, dr. alien bishop was honored as 
professor of the year, student affairs 
greeted patrick cooper as the new 
residence life coordinator for the 

north side of campus, 
sam king and april 
slayden were named 
freshman man and 
woman of the year by 
omicron delta kappa, 
with noble black and mary largent receiving the honor 
of most distinguished man and woman, heather neuroth 
was crowned homecoming queen. 

Lee Johnson 

s \i' 6^3 




Dr. George Harmon: President of 
the College 


Dr. Judith Page: Associate 
Dean of Arts and Letters 

Mr. Jack Woodward: Dean of 
Student Aid Financial Planning 

Dr. Richard Smith: Vice 
President for Academic Affairs, 
Dean of the College 

Dr. Harrylyn Sallis: Dean for 
Adult Learning 

Dr. Hugh Parker: Dean of Else 
School of Management 

Mr. Kevin Russell: Assistant 
to the President for College 

Dr. John Pilgrim: Vice President for 
Business Affairs 

Mr. Donald Ray: Vice President for 

Dr. Edward Schrader: Associate Dean of 

Dr. David Sneed: Dean of 

Mr. Gary Fretwell: Vice 
President for Enrollment and 
Student Affairs 


Staff development 

Shelly Byrd, Amy Clifton, Sandi 
Pullen, Toby Gibson, and Liz 
Dubuisson take a break from 
their RA job for a trip to Krispy 


Willis, Dawn Nations, 
Barbara Young. 


(front) Judy Oglesby, 
Bryant Butler, (back) 
Kevin Russell, Lucy 
Molinaro, Julia Bounds, 
Jon Peede. 

Foreign a M 

Sherryl Wilburn hel 
meeting for students 
from other countries at 
the beginning of the 

Ben Nelson watches 
over the grill at one of 
the staff parties 
during the football 

LIBRARY, (front) Lawrence Kight, Judy 
Frascogna, Elizabeth Beck, Barbara West, Joycelyn 
Trotter, (middle) Jim Parks, Carlis Walker, Jan 
Allison, Pat Cox, (back) Edward Kownslar, Debra 
Mcintosh, John Sandstrum, Tom Henderson. 

POST OFFICE, (front) Ashley Sulser, Renae Davis, Ruth 
Stewart, (middle) Diane Samples, Delois Elliott, (back) Jason 
McDonald, Susan Alford, Janine Lacallade. 

sponsor, says 
Hi to the Major. 

Wishy washy 

Earnest Warren goes to great 
lengths to help keep the AC clean. 


RECORDS. Angie Peterson, Donna 
Bryan, Jayne Perkins, Jane Hogue, 
Pearl Dyer, Vicki Stuart. 

SECURITY, [front) Wayne Miller, Otis Teasley, Janice McNeil, 
Rochelle Washington, Eartis Nichols, (middle) Steven Brown, Ed 
Manney, Deloris Franklin, Joseph Amiker, Carole Martin, (hick) 
Arthur Brown, Donald Sullivan, J.W. Hoatland, Robert Montgom- 
ery, Joey Yelverton. 

RESIDENT ASSISTANTS, (front) Patrick Cooper, Joy Metcalf, Liz 
Dubuisson, Mary Katherine Black, Stephanie Fanguy, Amy Clifton, (2nd row) 
Amy Smith, Amy White, Turkessa Irvin, Randy Bass, Epney Brasher, Bridget 
Hollis, Jennifer Brewer, (3rd row) Ann Jane Cox, Erica Pedersen, Marc Smith, 
Toby Gibson, Ashley Hurley, Kyla Leleux, (back) Michael Barham, Anita 
Sumrall, John Suggs, Marvin Davis, Allison Hyko, Duane Fewell, Shelly Byrd, 
Cameron Bell, Chad Gardner, David Chambers, Lee Davis. 

Gober, Esther Baugh, Ann 
Hyneman, Jack 

MAINTENANCE, (front) Marge 
Fenton, James Almo, Shayne 
Wilkinson, David Wilkinson, Sam 
Greer, (back) Tim Wilkinson, Thomas 
Greer, Erick Kearney, Percy Johnson, 
Dennis Lum, (not pictured) Jim Busby, 
Thomas Barnes, Wilbert Newel. 

staff 89 

DEVELOPMENT, {front) Larry Wells, Kay 
Barksdale, Holly Wagner, Barbara Kelly, 
(middle) Gretchen Parker, David Russell, 
Evelyn McCoy, Susan Womack, Alex 
Woods, Elizabeth Cooper, (back) Bonnie 
McCain, Doris Blackwood, Laurel Ditto, 
Theresa Surber, Martha Boshers, Luran 
Flowers, J.B. Coincon. 

STUDENT AFFAIRS, (front) David Sneed, Martha Lee, Patrick 
Cooper, Sandy Rhymes, Venita Mitchell, (middle) Anita Sumrall, 
Sherryl Wilburn, Angie Otis, Don Fortenberry, Janice Booth, Stan 
Magee, (back) Sandra Fretwell, Gary Fretwell, Florence Cooper, Tom 


ADULT LEARNING, (front) Laurissa Henderson, Harrylyn Sallis, 
Nola Gibson, (back) Janet Langley, Mary Markley, Nelda Woodward, 
Patsy Weeks. 

OFFICES. Loretta Defoe, Grace Harrington, 
Floy Nelms, Nancy McKay. 

HOUSEKEEPING, (front) Sharon Garrett, Jacklyn 
Oscar, Kathi Acy, Carolyn Rhodes, Diana Garner, 
Frankie Lewis, (middle) Johny Luckett, Mary Watkins, 
Arnell Conway, Oscar Johnson, George Jones, Roberta 
Lewis, Annie Amos, Quincy Knight, (back) Lee 
Arlington, Raymond Luckett, Tommie Jones, Johnny 
Williams, John Harris, Earl Stewart, Hourman Skinner. 


BUSINESS OFFICE. Dana Lang, Leslie Ivers, Connie Parker, Mary Ann 
Richardson, Julie Daniels, Louise Burney, Regina Italiano, Rose Johnson, Vicki 
Cummings. Lou Burney received the President's Award for Staff Leadership at 
Awards Day in the spring. 

GROUNDS, [front) Chad Waltman, Mel Williams, Dwayne 
Magee, Governer Lawyer, Earnest Walton, Lee Miller, [back) Willie 
Chase, Cleotha Warren, Danny Neely, Bud Thigpen, (not pictured) 
Joe Lee Gibson. 

Dean Sr. 
Wilburn attend a Student 
Affairs luncheon on the 
ny of the Student 

Outstanding set 

Quality Service Individual Award winners for 
year were Raj Chaudhuri, Don Fortenberry, U 
Markley, and Cowboy Skinner. 

ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT, {front) Shelly Breland, Shannon 
Carlson, Brandy Davis, Janine Hoffman, Jamie Roeling, 
Stephanie Clark, Ben Nelson, {back) Murray T. Burch, Joe Don 
Samples, William Lytton, Jim Page, John Stroud, Matt Mitchell, 
Mike Dailey, Ken Ingram, Ronjurney. 


Dr. Ajay Aggarwal 

Associate Professor of Quantitative Management 
Dr. Sarah Armstrong 

Associate Professor and Chair of Biology 

Dr. Teresa R. Arrington 

Adjunct Professor of Modern Languages 

Mr. Collin Asmus 

Assistant Professor of Art 

Dr. Diane Baker 

Assistant Professor of Management, ESOM 

Ms. Elizabeth Beck 

Catalogue Librarian 
Dr. Jesse D. Beeler 

Assistant Professor of Accounting, ESOM 

Dr. George Bey 

Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology 

Dr. Allen Bishop Jr. 

Professor of Chemistry and Computer Studies 
Dr. Kristen Brown 

Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

Mr. Chris Brunt 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Ms. Gail Buzhardt 

Adjunct Professor of Modern Languages 

Ms. Sarah Campbell 

Adjunct Professor of English 

Ms. Cheryl Coker 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Dr. Timothy Coker 

Chair of Performing Arts Department 

Dr. Joan Cotter 

Assistant Professor of German 

Ms. Gayla Dance 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. George Ezell 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Catherine R. Freis 

Prof, of Classical Studies, Dir. of Core Curriculum 

Mr. Morgan Gadd 

Assistant Professor of Theatre 

Ms. Martha A. Goss 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Ray Grubbs 

Professor of Management 

Mr. Tom Henderson 

Public Sen'ice Librarian 

Dr. Dick R. Highfill 

Associate Professor of Biology 

Dr. Julie Ingersoll 

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies 

Ms. Mary Louise Jones 

Adjunct Professor of Core Curriculum 

Dr. Asif Khandker 

Associate Professor of Physics 

Mr. Lawrence Right 

Aquisitions Librarian 

Mr. William B. Lamb 

Assistant Professor of Management 

Dr. Carolee Larsen 

Assistant Professor ofSociolog)' 

Dr. Debora Mann 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Mr. R.W. McCarley 

Assistant Professor of Computer Science 

Dr. John McCarty 

Assitant Professor of Education 

Dr. Robert S. McElvaine 

Elizabeth Chisholm Professor of History 

Dr. Sarah Lea McGuire 

Assistant Professor of Biology 




Dr. McCarley chats 
with Kim Pace, Mary 
Largent, and Nancy 
Sloan at the 
Panhellenic lunch. 

Just published 

Dr. Greg Miller had a book 
signing in the bookstore 
one night for his new 
volume of poetry. 

Dr. Jeanne Middleton 

Professor of Education 
Mrs. Georgia Miller 

Instructor of Mathematics 

Dr. Greg Miller 

Associate Professor and Chair of English 
Ms. Lucy Webb Millsaps 

Associate Professor of Art 

Dr. Michael H. Mitias 

Professor of Philosophy 
Ms. Elizabeth Moak 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Dr. Charles H. Moore 

Associate Professor of Political Science 
Dr. Robert B. Nevins 

Associate Professor of Biology 

Dr. Nash Noble 

Adjunct Professor of Music 
Dr. Judith Page 

Professor of English 

Dr. Hugh J. Parker 

Dean ofESOM and Professor of Accounting 
Mr. Jim Parks 

Associate Professor, Librarian 

Dr. Robert Quinn 

Associate Professor of Spanish 
Ms. Darby Ray 

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies 

faculty: aggarwal-ray93 

Dr. Andrew V. Royappa 

Assistant Professor of Computer Studies 

Mr. Kevin Russell 

Director of Office Communications 

Dr. Charles Sallis 

Professor of History 

Dr. Harrylyn Sallis 

Dean for Adult Learning, Asst. Prof of Music 

Mr. John Sandstrum 

Assistant Professor, Librarian 

Dr. Ed Schrader 

Associate Professor of Geology 

Dr. Donald Schwartz 

Assistant Professor of Computer Studies 

Dr. Robert A. Shive, Jr. 

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Studies 

Dr. Elise Smith 

Associate Professor of Art History 

Dr. Richard A. Smith 

Dean of the College, Prof, of Pol. Science 
Dr. Steven G. Smith 

Dir. of Heritage Prog., Prof, of Phil, and Religion 
Ms. Tracy Sullivan 

Instructor of Mathematics 

Dr. Jonathan Sweat 

Adjunct Professor of Music 

Dr. Pat Taylor 

Associate Professor of Economics 

Dr. Edmond Venator 

Professor of Psychology 

Dr. Mick Veum 

Assistant Professor of Physics 
Dr. Timothy J. Ward 

Associate Professor of Chemistry 
Mr. Sanford Warren 

Instructor of Accounting 

Dr. Johnnie-Marie Whitfield 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Darren Wick 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Sanford Zale 

Assistant Professor ofHistoiy 


Lab work 

Dr. McGuire watches as Sarah 
Fontenelle puts DNA into a gel in 
the genetics laboratory. 

Faculty not pictured 

A quick lesson 

Emilie Wien listens as 
Professor Stan Galicki 
explains details about a 
type of rock. 

Dr. Theodore Ammon 

Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Mr. Rene Barilleaux 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Nancy Batson 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Jim Baugh 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Roy Berry 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Stephen Black 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Dr. Bill Brister 

Assistant Professor of Finance 

Dr. Carl Brooking 

Professor of Economics and Management 

Dr. Kimberly Burke 

Assistant Professor of Accounting 

Dr. C. Eugene Cain 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Connie Campbell 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Claudine Chadeyras 

Assistant Professor of French 

Ms. Frances Coker 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

Dr. David Culpepper 

Associate Professor of Accounting 

Dr. David C. Davis 

Associate Professor of History 

Ms. Anita Dottes 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Sandra Edwards 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Teresa Faherty 

Assistant Professor of English 

Dr. Priscilla Fermon 

Assoc. Prof, of French, Dir. of Honors 

Dr. Michael Galchinsky 

Assistant Professor of English 

Mr. Stanley Galicki 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Delbert Gann 

Associate Professor of Geology 

Ms. Paula Garrett 

Instructor and Advisor for ADP 

Dr. Michael Gleason 

Assistant Professor of Classics 

Ms. Roane Grantham 

Else School of Management 

Dr. James Harris 

Assistant Professor of Geology 

Dr. Diana Heise 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Ms. Patricia Hoban-Moore 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Helen Kay Holloway 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Melissa Joseph 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. David Keary 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. Edward Kownslar 

Instructor, Special Sendees Librarian 

Mr. James Lauro 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. Brent Lefavor 

Associate Professor of Theatre 

Mr. Wayne Linehan 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. Mark Lynch 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Ms. Anne MacMaster 

Assistant Professor of English 

Ms. Julie Maisel 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Suzanne Marrs 

Professor of English 

Dr. James McKeown 

Professor of Biology 

Mr. Thomas Morrison 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Walter Neely 

Army Brown Professor of Finance 

Mr. Bob Nevins 

Associate Professor of Biology 

Mrs. Marion Nooe 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Leanora Olivia 

Assistant Professor of Classics 

Dr. Iren Omo-Bare 

Associate Professor of Political Science 

Mr. Raymond Phelps 

Associate Professor of Marketing 

Dr. Penelope Prenshaw 

Assistant Professor of Marketing 

Mr. Jimmie Purser 

Professor ofChem. and Computer Studies 

Mr. Bennett Randman 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. H. Ricky Reed 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Patsy Ricks 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Sudha Royappa 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Connie Schimmel 

Associate Professor of Education 

Dr. Briton Shell 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Lisa Siegal 

Assistant Professor of History 

Mr. Daniel Spitzer 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Kristina Stensaas 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Susan Taylor 

Associate Professor of Economics 

Dr. Tina Thurston 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Dr. Ming Tsui 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Mr. James Turner 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Marlys Vaughn 

Professor of Education 

Mr. Peter Ward 

H.F . McCart}' Professor of Business Law 

Ms. Lisa Whitney 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Austin Wilson 

Associate Professor of English 

Rev. Susan Woodard 

Adjunct Professor 

School begins 

Ms. Cheryl Coker, Dr. Steven 
Smith, and Dr. Judith Page 
attend the Opening Convocation 
ceremony marking the start of 
another school year. 

faculty: royappa-zale95 

Ashley Abate. Sr. 
Charles Abbott. Jr. 
Rebecca Abbott. So. 
Jennifer Abies, Fr. 
Debbie Abuso, Fr. 
Jason Adams. Sr. 

John Adams. Sr. 

Charles Addington. ESOM 

Erica Adkins. So. 

J D Alexander, Fr. 

Nathan Allen, Jr. 

Jennifer Allred. Jr. 

Allison Almon, Sr. 

Patrick Anderson, Fr. 

Kenneth Andrews, Fr, 

Aalia Anwar. Fr. 

Nazek Arab. ADP 

Ayako Asada. Fr. 

Laura Autry. Sr. 

Angie Avent. Sr. 

Neill Ayres, Sr, 

Knsten Babula. Fr. 

Nicole Badon, So. 

Gwen Baer. Jr. 

Allison Bailey. Sr. 

Anne Bailey, Fr 

Carlen Bailey, Fr, 

Anthony Bales. Fr. 

Beth Bansbach, Sr. 

Shannon Barbour. Fr 

Michael Barham. Jr 

Rachel Barham. Jr 

JoAnna Barnett, Fr 

Stephanie Barrett. Sr 

Randy Bass. Jr 

Elizabeth Bates, Fr 

Gary Beals. Fr. 

Will Beard, Jr 

Andy Beauchamp, Sr 

Vanessa Beaumont. Sr. 

Summer Beech. So. 

Russ Beene. Fr, 


Slippery skates 

_iz Giovingo and Ashley Calhoun 
ind that ice skating is not so 
;asy at the Lakeland Park 
skating rink. 

Cameron Bell, So 
Sally Bell. Jr 
Bradley Bennett. So 

Lyle Bennett, Jr. 
Charlotte Berman, Sr. 
Crystal Berry, Fr. 

Brian Berryhill, Jr. 
Brian Berthiaume, So 
Kelly Bevis, Fr. 

Alex Black, So 
Noble Black. Sr 
William Black. Fr 

Byron Blackwell. So. 
Cindy Boatner, Sr. 
Reynolds Bodenhamer, Fr. 

Michael Boerner, Sr 
Clifton Boren, So. 
Karen Boren, Jr. 

Jerusha Bosarge. Jr. 
Melmda Bott, Fr. 
Mandy Bourgeois. Sr 

students: abate-bourg 


Ronald Bourgeois, Fr. 

Ryan Bourgeois. Fr. 

Wade Bourgeois. Fr. 

Danielle Bowling. Jr. 

Brian Boyd, Sr. 

Jimmy Boyd. Sr. 

Rebecca Bradford, Fr. 

Janet Bradley. Fr 

Rob Bradley, Fr. 

Brennan Branch, Sr. 

Sabnna Brantley. So. 

Katye Bratton. Jr. 

Amy Brazda. So. 

Toney Brasuell, Fr 

Craig Brewer, Jr. 

Jennifer Brewer, Sr. 

Julie Brewer, Fr. 

Brooks Brower. Fr. 

Brooks Brown. Jr. 

Nikki Brown, Jr. 

Andy Bruggeman, Fr. 

All in good fin 

Leah Sams, Andrea 
Klevan, and Leigh 
Brasuell participate ir 
the Chi-Omega pie 
throwing contest. 

Blind folded 

Jason McDonald and 
Brian Ebarb get ready for 
one of the relay races 
during the Lambda Chi 
Alpha Watermelon Bust. 



iKT^. ^ 


J r / 


ami, ' 



Kickin' back 

Jermaine Ivy, Daniel 
Gibbons, Matt Russel 
Rusti Maddox, Reni 
Guidry, and Kell 
Walsh take time 
between classe 
enjoy the sprin; 

By the "tree" 

Katherine Markham. 
Ashley Martin, and 
Charlie Taylor sit and 
talk outside of the 
Student Center. 


Lost in thought 

Hannah Mashburn escapes to a 
popular outdoor spot to study for 

Ryan Brumby. Fr 
Locke Bryan. Fr. 
D Bryant. So 
Anthony Bullock. Fr. 
Allen Burke. Sr. 
Nathan Byrd. Jr 

Shelly Byrd. So 
Tern Camp, Fr. 
Cord Campbell. So 
Patricia Campbell. Sr 
Sara Capps. Fr. 
Candace Carlisle. So 

Bob Carlson. Fr. 
Brian Carpenter, Fr 
Matthew Carroccio. So. 
Rob Carter, So. 
Jillian Caruthers. Fr 
Sarah Casey. So. 

Joey Castille. So. 
Kim Castille. Fr 
Jason Catlin. Jr. 
Bryant Chaffin. Sr 
Guitta Chaiban, Fr. 
David Chambers. So 

LeAnna Chambers, So 
Sophia Chandak, So 
Tara Chase. Jr. 
Courtney Chastain. Fr. 
Jenny Cherryhomes. Fr. 
Larry Christmas, Fr 

Agnieszka Chrzan. Fr 
Melissa Clark, So. 
Nathaniel Clark. Fr. 
Robin Clark. Sr 
Sally Clark. Sr 
Christine Clayton, So 

Chris Cockrell, Jr. 
Brant Cole, So 
Jane Collins. Jr. 
Alex Connolly, Fr 
Amanda Cook. Sr. 
Betty Jo Cook. Fr. 

students: bourgeois-cook 99 

Melanie Cook, Fr. 

Rachel Cook, So. 

Gina Cosentino. Sr. 

Ann Jane Cox. Jr. 

Michael Cox. Jr. 

Erin Craig, Sr. 

Hannah Cranford. Fr. 

Jennifer Crawford. Sr. 

Kenneth Crawley. So. 
Adele Crochet. So. 
George Crook. Sr 
Kelli Crossland, Fr. 

Don Cumbest. Sr. 

Kathleen Cumbest. So. 

Ellen Czaika. Sr 

Dharius Daniels. Fr 

Chns Darley. Fr. 

Chris Davis. Jr. 

Jennifer Davis. Fr. 

Lee Davis. Sr. 

Marvin Davis. Sr 

Micah Davis. So. 

Renae Davis. Fr. 

Mann Dawson, So 

Ford Day, Sr 

Jessica DeBen. Fr. 

Herwig De Beukelaer. Fr. 

Latanishia Dees. Sr. 

Sarah Dees, Fr 

Lydia Denley. So. 

Dawn Diaz. Fr 

Jace Dicker. So. 

Nathan Dickson. Fr. 

Jeremy Dobay. Sr 

Treuty Dominick, Fr 

Beth Doshier. Fr 

Ashley Doughty. Jr. 

Jeff Douglass, Fr. 

Lane Douglas, Fr. 

Matt Dowd. Fr. 

Carol Drysdale, Fr 

Phillip Dubose. Fr. 


Sideline spectai 

Ryan Miles, Georgia Williamson, 
and Jennifer Arnold watch one of 
the games during the Ultimate 
Frisbee contest. 

Just talkin ' 

Jennifer Mitchell, Gabby Mills, 
and Paul Thompson talk with 
Warren Smith outside of Murrah 

Damien Ducote, Fr. 
Marcus Dudley, Fr. 
Brooke Dugger, So. 

Joey DuMontier. So 
Leigh Dunavant, So. 
Matt Dunn, Fr. 

Lee Duval, Sr. 
Sergey Dzugan. Fr 
Brian Ebarb, Fr 

Amber Edwards, Sr 
Scott Edwards, Fr. 
Wendy Edwards, So. 

Matthew Egerton, Jr. 
Caroline Ellender, Sr, 
David Estes. Fr 

Roan Evans, Jr. 
Madelyn Fancher, Fr. 
Stephanie Fanguy, Jr. 

Betsy Farrell, So. 
Al Felder. Jr 
Laura Ferry, Fr. 

students: cook-ferrv 101 

Robin Finelli, So. 

Mike Fontaine, Sr. 

Sarah Fontenelle, So. 

David Fontenot. Sr. 

Corey Ford. So. 

Judy Ford, Jr. 

Kellie Foster, Jr. 

Stephanie Fowler, Fr 

Erica France, So. 

Marty Frascogna, Fr. 

Brian French. So. 

Junko Fukuma, Sr, 

Desmond Funchess, Sr. 

Heather Gannaway, Sr, 

Erika Garavito. Fr. 

Lani Gardes, Fr. 

Sadie Gardner. So. 

Robert Gatlin, Fr. 

Burrell Gee, Fr. 

Tobias Gibson, Sr. 

Tracy Gillanders, Fr. 

Aristic talent 

Stephanie Land gets her face 
painted by Britt Mendoza 
during Homecoming. 

Bear hug 

Leigh Pennebaker 
says Hi to a friend 
outside of Sullivan 



aiancing at 

Many students 
'I found ways to 
I enjoy the 

Suggs and 
Sarah M 

1 built a sn 
outside of 


Battle of wills 

Erika Garavito and Br? 
Litkenhous get into a 
battle during the Chi 
Omega pie-throwing 



Clare Gillette. So. 
Elizabeth Giovlngo, Jr. 
Kirk Gipson, So. 
Collin Glidewell. Fr. 
Megan Glidewell, Jr 
Nelson Gosnell. Fr. 

Jared Grabow. So 
Knsty Grammer. Fr. 
David Greer. So. 
Kenneth Gnswold. Fr 
Allison Grubbs. Sr 
Michelle Guennger, Fr. 

Reni Guidry, So 
Sherry Guynes, Sr. 
Rebecca Hable, Fr 
Melanie Haley. Fr 
Catherine Hall. So 
Sam Hall. Sr 

Troy Hall. Fr. 
Brian Hamilton, Jr. 
Ruth Hamilton, Jr 
Amanda Hancock, Jr. 
Joshua Hanes. So. 
Kathy Haney, Fr. 

Zeph Hardy. Fr 
Tracy A. Harper, Fr. 
Tracy J Harper, So 
Shelley Harrigill. Fr 
Allison Harris. Fr 
April Harris. Sr. 

Jamie Harris. Jr. 
Joseph Harrison. Sr. 
Brent Harrolle. So 
Shern Hartman, Fr 
Melissa Harvison. Sr. 
Peyton Hays, Fr. 

Natalie Hebert. Fr. 
Matt Helms, Jr 
Ann Heslin, Jr, 
Allan Hillman. Fr 
Brandi Hinton. So. 
Cednc Hobdy, So 


Willie Hobson, Jr. 

Jane Hogue, ADP 

Melissa Holley. Fr. 

Bridget Hollis. Jr. 

Amanda Hooker, So. 

Bronwen Houston, So. 

Matt Huard. Sr 

Heidi Hudlow. Sr 

Ashley Huff. So 

Blake Huggard, Fr 

Marilyn Humphrey. Sr 

Shannon Husband, Jr 

Drew Hutchinson, Fr. 

Tresslar Hydinger. Jr, 

Wesley Ingram, Sr, 

Turkessa Irvin. Sr. 

Nikki Ivancic, Fr. 

Ashton James. Fr. 

Steven Johns. Sr 

Andrea Johnson. Sr, 

Chris Johnson. So 

Joshua Johnson, Fr 

Lee Johnson, Sr 

Patrick Johnston, Sr 

Jason Jolly. Sr 
Christy Jones, So. 
David Jones. Jr. 
Emily Jones. Fr. 
Kristy Jones, Fr. 
Thomas Jones, Sr. 

Kristi Joyner. Fr. 

Kelly Justice. Jr. 

Asya Kamenkovich, Fr. 

Erin Keller, So. 

Katie Kelly. Fr, 

John Kidd. Fr. 

Mark Kiel. Jr. 

Jonathan Kilgore, Fr, 

Valerie Kilgore. Sr, 

Amelia Killcreas, Fr, 

Erika Kimberlin. Fr. 

Allen King. Sr. 


In the lab 

Brian Ebarb, Ralph Long, and 
Nathan Allen take a break 
from Major Madness. Many 
students played video games 
such as Quake and Solitaire 
in the computer lab. 

Geoffrey King. Fr 
Sam King. Fr. 
Alan Kirk, So. 

Aaron Ladner, Fr. 
Joe Lambert. So. 
Laura Lane. Fr 

Angie Lang. Sr. 
Julie Lassalle, Fr 
Wesley Lehman. So 

Ashley Leinweber. Fr. 
Rasa Lemmond. Jr 
Misty Leon. Jr. 

Vavra Liggett. MLS 

Bart Liles, Jr. 

Brad Litkenhous, Jr. 

Logan Long, Jr. 
Johnny Louis, Sr. 
John Lowery, Sr. 

Vanh Luangphakdy. Jr. 
DeAnna Lucas. So. 
Emily Ludlow, Fr 


George Lumm. So. 

Susan Lutton, Jr. 

Rusti Maddox. So. 

Jill Magargee, Jr. 

Ian Makey. So. 

Charlie Malouf. Sr. 

Kelly Malpass, Fr. 
Mimi Mangrum, Sr. 
Leslie Manuel, So 

Susan Mareno, So. 

Kathenne Markham, Fr 

Merritt Marsh. Fr. 

Annah Marshall. Fr 

Jim Marshall. Sr. 

Georgianna Martin, Fr. 

Jeanne Martin, So. 

Hannah Mashburn, Fr. 

Darnck Massey, Jr. 

Ryo Matsuoka, Jr. 
Lindsey May, Fr. 
Walter May, Sr. 

Between classes 

Jeff Douglas, Drew Walker, 
Phillip Dubose, and Corbin 
Womac hang out outside in the 

■ J 1';, I 1119 1 ■ I 

■ H L^J ; H 1 

f mF^Y Ulfnri -^■fc^-^iAfc-*!^ 

Major j 

Many camp 

activities in 
Bowl during 

On the steps 

Jamie Harris, 
Michael Wade, 
Amy Osborn, 
Sergey Dzugan, 
and Ashley Martin 
hang out in front 
of Sullivan Harrell. 

Paul Thomp 
is one of mai 
students wh 
studied in th 


Leave your mark 

Betsy Farrell gives Laura Moore 

a temporary tattoo at the 

KD booth during Major Madness. 

Dee Mayfield, Fr 
Sarah McAtee. Fr 
Cody McCain. Fr. 
Amy McClellan, So 
Laun McCormick. Sr 
Michael McCown. Jr. 

Olivia McDaniel. Jr. 
Jason McDonald. Fr 
Anna McDow, Fr 
Ginger McElwee. Jr. 
Katie McGaw. Fr 
Katharine McKee, Jr 

Trinity McKenzie. Sr 
Samantha McKinnis. Fr. 
Matthew McLaughlin. Jr. 
Kevin McMahon. Jr. 
Jason McManus. Jr. 
Cnssie McMullan. So 

Ray McNames. Fr. 
Derrick McNeal. Fr 
Sarah Kathenne McNeil. So 
J McNichols. Sr. 
Aaron Meadows, Fr. 
Brian Means, Jr 

Bntt Mendoza. Jr, 
Heather Metzler, Fr 
Lisa Meza. Fr. 
Ann Mezzell. Fr. 
Ryan Miles. Fr 
Carey Miller. So 

Chad Miller, So 
Gabrielle Mills. Sr 
Jesse Milnor, Fr 
Seth Misener, Fr. 
Jeff Mitchell, Fr. 
Molly Mitchell, Jr, 

Marcus Mitias, Fr, 
Ryuta Miyamoto. Jr. 
David Moffett, So. 
Laura Moore. Sr. 
Claire Morgan, Fr. 
Dana Morgan. So. 

morv 10y 

Carla Morrison, Fr. 

Robbie Morrison. Fr. 

Charlie Mozingo, Sr 

Tim Neese, Fr. 

Anna Nelson, Fr. 

Clay Nelson. So. 

Michael Nelson, So 

Clint Newsom, So 

Vinh Ngo. Fr 

An Nguyen, Sr. 

Amanda Nicholas. Fr. 

Rudy Nieto. So 

Kim Niolet. Jr. 

William Noel. Jr. 

Rosanne Nunnery. Sr. 

Meg O'Beirne. So. 

Jessie O'Bryant, Fr. 

Andrew O'Dell, So. 

Jeremy Odom, Fr. 

Rob Ogden. Fr. 

Rhonda Oliver. So. 

Emily Olivier. Fr. 

Olivia Ortego, Fr 

Amy Osborn. Jr. 

Tanya Oswald. Sr. 

Jason Otis, Sr. 

Tyler Owen, Jr. 

Kimberly Pace. Jr. 

Mickey Paduda. Jr. 

Lena Palmer. So. 

Owen Palmer, Fr. 

Darsit Patel. Fr. 

Nital Patel. Jr 

Adam Patterson, Fr. 

Cnssy Paxton, So. 

Angela Payne. Fr. 

Jason Payne, Fr. 

Kristena Payne. MBA 

Kate Pearce, Fr. 

Erica Pedersen, Jr. 

Leigh Pennebaker, Fr. 

Emily Peoples, Sr. 


Betsy Perkins. So. 
Jessica Perkins, Fr. 
Tracy Perry, Jr. 

Hillary Pesson, Fr. 
Jon Peyton. Jr. 
Kelly Phelps, Fr. 

Josh Phillips, Sr. 
Cary Pierce, Fr. 
Dana Pierce, Jr. 

Candice Polk. Fr. 
Chris Pool, Fr. 
Gillian Poole, Fr. 

Melanie Pouncey, Fr. 
April Powell, Fr. 
Davis Powell. Fr. 

Mary Frances Prejean, Fr. 
Matt Proctor, Fr. 
Shannon Pryor, Fr. 

Sandi Pullen. So. 
Mary Alice Rambin, Sr. 
Chris Randall, Fr 


Amy Randazzo, Jr. 
Brinda Rao. Fr. 

Michael Ray, Sr. 

Starlight Ray, Fr, 
Stephanie Ray. So. 
Harry Rayburn, Sr. 

Jason Reddoch. Fr. 
Kevin Redmann, Jr. 
Daniel Redmond, Fr. 

Ashley Reed, Jr 

Rebecca Reed, Fr 

Todd Reeves. Sr. 

Elaine Reyes. Fr. 

Stacy Reynolds. So 

Hany Rezk. Sr. 

Greg Rhodes. Fr. 

Jason Rich, So. 

Gordon Richardson. Sr. 

Sarah Richie, Jr. 

Josh Rimes, Jr. 

Anne Roberson. So. 


** - 

V 4 

Katie Roberts, Sr 
Christina Robertson. Sr. 
Sarah Robinson. Fr. 
Brad Rogers, Fr. 
Elizabeth Rogers, Fr. 
Lisa Rota. Sr 

Stacy Roussel. So 
Jason Ruggles, Sr. 
Dustin Russell. Fr. 
John Russell, So. 
Tim Russell. So. 
Mark Salvaggio. So 

Leah Sams. Fr. 
Bradley Sanders. Jr. 
Bndgett Sanders, So. 
Jennifer Sanders. Sr 
Sonia Sandhu, Fr 
Tncia Sanford. Jr. 

Margus Sarglepp. Jr. 
Lorn Savell, Jr. 
Yasuko Sawase. Sr 
Charlie Scales. Fr. 
Robin Schambach, Jr. 
Melanie Schrader. So 

Taylor Schwalenberg. So 
Steven Scott. So. 
Lindsey Scruggs, Sr 
Hudson Segrest, Jr. 
Marshall Selvidge, So 
Christina Seto. Sr 

Katie Shaver. Fr. 
Timothy Sheehan, Fr. 
Cassie Sheldon, Jr. 
Anna Shelton, Fr, 
Mary Catherine Shull. Fr 
Jessica Sigur, Sr 

Drew Sill, Jr. 
Rowland Skinner, Fr. 
Julie Skipper. Fr 
April Slayden, Fr. 
Nancy Sloan. Sr. 
Jenny Smith, Fr. 

students: randazzo-smith777 

Marc Smith, Jr 
Mark Smith, Fr 
Phillip Smith, Fr 
Stephanie Smith-Pinter, Fr 
Kara Snead, Fr 
Caroline Sonnier, Fr 

Evangeline Sonnier. Fr 

Nidhi Sood, Fr 

Sarah Spaulding, Fr. 

Sean Spratt. Sr. 

Lauren Stamps, Jr. 

Mark Stars, Jr. 

Caroline Stauffer. Fr. 

William Steelman. Fr. 

Bill Stegall, So. 

Melissa Sterling, Jr 

Kandi Stevens, So. 

Taryn Stewart, So. 

Chris Still, Fr. 

Jason Stine, Fr. 

Alisha Stockton, So. 

Jami Stokes, Sr. 

Morgan Streetman, So. 

Amanda Stringfellow, So. 

Lori Stuntz, Fr. 

Kelly Sudduth. So. 

Adnenne Elise Sula, Fr. 

Alison Sullenberger. Fr. 

D.J. Sullins, Fr. 

Heather Sullivan, So 

Ashley Sulser. Jr. 

Richie Sumrall, Fr. 

Agnes Surowka, Fr. 

Katie Sutherland. Jr. 

Adam Sweeney. Fr. 

Nicole Sylvester, So. 

Hoofar Tabari. So 

Ann Taylor, Sr. 

Kim Temple. Sr. 

Tim Tench, Fr. 

Jessica Thomas, Jr. 

Kenneth Thomas, Sr. 


In harmony 

Amy Clifton, Jeff Mitchell, and Robin Finelli 
sing a hymn at the worship service during 
the Multicultural Festival. 

Working out 

Ryan Miles and Ryan Bourgeois 
get toned for the football season 
in the weight room. 

Gregory Thompson. Fr. 
James Thompson. So. 
Paul Thompson, Sr. 

Carrie Thune. So. 
Jarred Tolar, So. 
Reagan Toledano, So. 

April Turner, Sr. 
Amy Turnipseed, Jr. 
Tiffany Turpin, Sr. 

Leslie Unger. Fr 
Courtney Valentine, Fr 
Lee Valentine, Fr 

Abby Varnado, Fr. 
Prasad Vasamsetti, Fr. 
Ryan Vincent, Fr. 

Michael Wade. So. 
Suzanne Wahrle, Jr. 
Dan Walker. Jr. 

Drew Walker, Fr. 
Ken Walker. So. 
Zacchaeus Wallace, Sr 

students: smith-wallace//^ 

Leah Wallin. Jr. 
Kelly Walsh, So. 
Tyler Walton. Jr. 

Joe Wang. Fr. 

Julie Wang, So. 

Isaac Wankerl. Sr. 

Rob Ward. Fr. 

Aimee Wardlaw, So. 

Stacy Warren. Jr 

Alicia Washington. Fr. 

Chad Washington. Fr 

Erin Webre. Jr. 

Therese Weir. Jr. 

Melissa Wentzell. Fr. 

Beth West, Fr. 

Mary West, Jr. 
Amy White, So. 
Jared White. Fr 

Rachelle White. Fr. 

Rhonda White. Jr. 

Lindsay Whitfield. So. 

Call to order 

April Slayden and Catherine 
Hall attend a Senate 
meeting in Murrah 200. 


Playing I 


Kevin Wilson 
dresses Matthew 
McLaughlin in a 
Santa costume for 
Santa Shoestring. 

This won't hurt 

Nikki Ivancic donates blood 
during the Chi Omega Blood 
Drive on April 1st. 


Emilie Wien, Jr. 
Will Wikle. So. 
Brian Williams. Sr 

Cheryl Williams. Fr. 
Lauren Williams. Sr 
Sally Williams. Fr 

Georgia Williamson. Fr. 
Kevin Wilson. Sr. 
Deanna Wise. So 

Benjamin Witt. Fr. 
Amanda Wood. Sr 
Erica Woodall. Jr 

Jacob Woodward, Jr 
Ethan Worthington. Sr 
Yoshinon Yamada. Sr 

Hideki Yasumoto. Sr. 
Chad Young, So. 
Elaine Young. Sr. 

Sarah Young, So 
Gretl Zimmermann, Jr. 

students: wallin-zimmermann/75 

AmenCorps volunteers and French 
Elementary School students 

Brandon Baxter, Cedric Hobdy 

Drew Walker, Mary Alice Rambin, Walter Biggins, Laura Moore 


^k ^^^^wsSoS^^^^Bhb^ i^S 

^ '' '- 

% * 

3i^^ « 


fc, *M* ., 

, ry** 




Amy Borgman, Dr. Ming Tsui and her class 

In the bowl during Major Madness 

people a\bum11 7 

Derrick McNeal, Jared While, Eric Navarre, Cameron Bell, Hudson Segrest, Ryan Bourgeo 

(yjUtk (if 

Micah Davis 



individual greek groups introduced brand new activities 
involving the campus to raise money for worthwhile 
causes: chi omega's dance-a-thon, tri delta's delta under- 
ground, kappa alpha/kappa delta's 
casino night, and lambda chi alpha/ 
phi mu's ultimate frisbee tournament. 

Lindsay Akers, Laura Caraway 

pi kappa alpha began 
plans to expand their 
house, and kappa sigma 
made interior repairs to 
their house, sigma alpha 
epsilon secured the 
fraternity of excellence award, the greek system strove for 
inner improvements as well as innovative campus and 
community activities. 

Kim Castille, Lane Douglass, Rebecca Abbott, Tammy 
Harvey, Julie Lassalle 

N I »' S^d 




TRADITIONS: Motto: By culture and by merit. 
Colors: Salmon pink & Apple green. 
Founder's Day: January 15, 1908/ Chapter : 
May 1, 1977. Advisors: Detavia Poindexter. 


ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA. Latanishia Dees, President; 
Melicia Brown, Shantelle Suane, Membership Chair; Rachel 
Carter, Secretary; [not pictured] Brandi Walker, Vice- 

PROGRAM. Shantelle Suane, Brandi 
Walker, Latanishia Dees and Rachel 
Carter pose with guest speaker Leyser 
Morris in the chapel. 

Multicultural Festival; Math & Science Literacy; Angel 
Tree Project; Senior Residence Center. SOCIAL EVENTS: 
Sisters' Night Out; Pink and 
Green Ball (April 18); 

Christmas Party. 


FOOD DRIVE. Brandi Walker, Rachel Carter, 
Latanishia Dees, and Shantelle Suane collect food 
for the Salvation Army during the Multicultural 
festival food drive. 

MOMENTS: Black History Month Program; Founder's Day. 

MAKING THE GRADE. Latanishia Dees stands with students 
from Brinkley Elementary on their math and science awards 

"AXA is one of the reasons I stayed at Millsaps, the sisterhood, 

the unity, the positive role model in the community. I'm proud 

to be part of the first black Greek sorority. " 

Latanishia Dees 



alpha kappa alpha 121 


TRADITIONS: Motto: Hellenic Culture 


Christian Ideals. Colors: Cardinal & Straw. 

Mascot: Owl. Founder's Day: April 5, 1895. 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charles Sallis. 


Angie Manguno 

CHI OMEGA, [front] Cindy Bloss, Secretary; Mary Katherine Black, President; 
Brandi Hinton, Vice President; Ibackj Lauren Gardes, House Chair; Mary Clay 
Wadlington, Panhellenic Delegate; Kim Niolet, Pledge Educator; Theresa Hubiak, 
Personnel; Kate England, Rush Chairman; Melanie Schroder, Treasurer. 

Memorial Walk; Blood Drive; Read-a-loud at Pecan Park Elementary; Cares Center 

Pen Pal Program and Halloween Party; Santa/ 


pause for a picture after their 
Major Madness pie toss booth 
gets a little out of hand. 

Bunny Shoestring; Dance-A-Thon for March 

of Dimes. SOCIAL EVENTS: Fall Party; Big Sis/Lil' Sis; 

>d . ' 

Initiation; Chi O/KD Grab- 

DANCE-A-THON. Kara Wingo and 
Sarah Katherine McNeil work the dance- 
a-thon registration table in the student 

WITH HONORS. Caroline Ellender, Kate 
Calvert, Ashley Phillips, Amy Borgman, 
Allison Bailey, Helen Summerford, and Holly 
Crawford are seven of the new Phi Beta 
Kappa initiates. 

A-Date; Eleusinian Ball; Sisterhood Rally; Owl & Pal Picnic. 

"Our unofficial slogan this gear has been, 'Sisterhood 

through Service.' We have had great success with our 

philantrophic events and have strenghtened our 

sisterhood through them. " 

Mary Katherine Black 




C^CT C^i 


c*^ d^ ^p 


C5» Ov ^w ^Tt 

• : 


N • 



4$^ » 

c^ c^ dt 

^i-'" # 

> ~ 










^ * 





CSI ^^i C^i O^ 


^9 ^P : ^9 ; 

C5 CJft 

£34 C2fc €531 

udtiflfe^ ^hJ^l .«>~tf^^ 

Ql' Of' C3 




chi omega 723 



1 ' 


I & 

BFF ... Playin' possum ... 
chivas! . . . Big Boy in a pink 
polo ... We love Travis! 
...Leiutenant P.S. ... A 
weekend in Vicksburg ... 
Jane@Cabot . . . Bluesfest 
. . . 227/ 22 patio . . . Cool 
shades and velcro . . . 





I love Eric Stoltz ... It's 
okay— I just have the f lu . . . 
What sophomore slump? 
... Fridge poetry ... Gimp 
. . . Bartering in the market 
...Seal Clap... I.H.T.B. ... 
elf dance . . . painting atthe 
Res ... Shania ... Kate, is 
your neck stiff too?. . . 

'«► «» 













TRADITIONS: Colors: Silver, Gold, & Blue. 

Flower: Pansy. Mascot: Dolphin. Founder's 

Day: November 20. Advisor: Carla Talluto. 

PHILANTHROPIES : Santa/Bunny Shoestring; 

Tutoring at area 

elementary schools; 


DELTA DELTA DELTA, (front] Michelle Moore, Erin Webre, Stephanie Yasinski, 
Jamie Harris, Melanie Cook, Susan Lacouture, Kandi Stevens, [middle) Shannon 
Husband, Amy Clifton, Elaine Reyes, Dawn Acy, Shelly Byrd, Rhonda White, Kelly 
Walsh, (back) Carrie Thune, Robin Finelli, Ann Jane Cox, Crissie McMullan, Stacy 
Reynolds, Miranda Moore, Lorri Savell, Courtney Valentine. 

SISTERHOOD. Erica France and 
Jennifer Brewer (back) take a 
picture with their new little sisters, 
Rebecca Bradford and Ashley 

Midtown; Visiting Children's Cancer Clinic; 

Delta Undeground to benefit Children's 

Cancer Clinic; Christmas Party with the Cares Center; Grace House. 
SOCIAL EVENTS: Third Annual Family Weekend/Tailgate Party at 

Homecoming; Fall Party; Stars & 

Guidry and Michelle Moore work 
to sell tickets to the show which 
was held parents' weekend. 

Crescent Formal; Big Sis/ Lil' Sis Revelation; Crush Party. 

ON WITH THE SHOW. The cast of the 
new Tri-Delta rush skit, The Rosie O'Delta 
Show, takes five. 

"From the beginning of Delta Underground to the visit of 

Eve Woods Riley, we've really grown and come together a 

lot this year. Keep sharing the Delta love! I" 

Amy Clifton 



delta delta delta 1ZJ 




borate your breasts . . . 
; late night thesis ... 
• me see that for 2.5 
:onds . . . raiseyourhand 
fou are a designated 
ipper ... No cussing in 
ipter ... Ok, who took 
: driftwood sculpture? 


*/ta Re 


■"*" i i "^v 

Who knows the words to 
Beastie Boys? ... A hush 
fell overthe crowd— HUSH! 
. . . Brewer's got ants . . . 
The Corvette's in the mud, 
but he thinks he'll keep her! 
. . . Supergirlwontheskippy 
jar! . . . 

* k 

rippin' on the Res! ... 
o's your favorite New 
I? Call me, Donnie! ... 
ies' night at Rodeo's . . . 
%, Who ?!?... Buttery 
pies . . . insta-boyfriend, 
i water and stir... How 
be succulent. 




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TRADITIONS: Colors: Crimson & Cream. 

Flower: Violet. Founder's Day: January 

13, 1913. Advisors: Alma Laster and 


garet Steele. PHILANTHROPIES: "We 

Love Our Parents" 

Charity Raffle; 

DELTA SIGMA THETA OFFICERS.ffronfj Latoya Myers, Treasurer; Latassela 
Covington, Seargent at Arms; Latoy Anderson, Secretary; [back) Monica Allen, Vice 
President; Margaret Steele, Secondary Advisor; Alma Laster, Primary Advisor; 
Turkessa Irvin, President. 

attended the 1997 Regional 

Midtown Project; Annual AIDS/ 

STD Forum; Annual Black History 

Month Greek Show; Habitat for 

Humanity . SOCIAL EVENTS: Ice 

ACTVITIES FAIR. Monica Allen and Turkessa 
Irvin sit at the Delta Sigma Theta table at the 
Activities Fair in the bowl. 

Cream Social; Delta Week-Movie Night; Rho 

Tau chapter 5th year Anniversary Celebration. 


urn mm 

TAKE A CHANCE. Turkessa Irvin and 
Monica Allen sell raffle tickets during 
Homecoming to benefit Habitat for 

"I love what we stand for - the commitment to improve the 

surrounding community. My long time as a member has 

allowed me to get to know all the girls. " 

Turkessa Irvin 



delta sigma theta "/^^ 


TRADITIONS: Motto: Ta Kala Diokomen. 

Colors: Olive Green & Pearl White. Mascot: 

Teddy Bear. Founder's Day: April 14. Faculty 

Advisor: Mr. R. W. McCarley. PHILANTHROPIES: 

p- ,* KD Fund for Children 

in Need; Girl Scouts of 

KAPPA DELTA, {front] Lindsay Akers, Treasurer; Mandy Scherer, Panhellenic; Mar 
Frances Prejean, Assistant Treasurer; Joy Metcalf, Vice President Standards; [back) 
Ashley Bass, Vice President Public Relations," Katye Bratton, President; Molly Mitchell, 
Vice President Membership; Catherine Hall, Secretary; Amanda Hancock, Vice 
President Pledge Education. 

PLAY TIME. Erika Kimberlin 
plays with a child at Greek 
Olympics, a Greek Week event 

America; Shamrock Project; Children's Hospital (Jackson, MS, and Richmond, VA); 

National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse. 

SOCIAL EVENTS: Valentine's Party; 

Centennial Celebration; Big Sis/Little Sis Day; KD/Chi 

O Grab-A-Date; Ah 

All SororiiyCoo! 

and Cassie Sheldon hang a sign for the 
Kappa Delta All Sorority Cookout. 

SEE SAW-A-THON. Mandy Scherer, 
Tresslar Hydinger, Mary Meadows, and 
Katie Sheehan are all smiles at the Pike/KD 
See SawA-Thon. 

Sorority Cookout; Spring" Party ; Father-Daughter Crawfish Boil. 

"This year was extra special for us because we 

celebrated our 100th Anniversary of Sisterhood. The 

Centennial Celebration we hosted made the evening 


Laura Caraway 



kappa delta 753 







Fraggle Rock ... E-Z-3 ... 
Smokey! . . . You order poo 
poo platter? ... What is 
Dean Sneed doing under 
your bed? . . . Strippers at 
Catwalk?! ... Juice ... 
Sarah, lock your door! ... 
Was it a pig or a boar? . . . 

Biz Natchi Shitaki ... 
Murray, isn't that the 
same outfityou had on last |^»6 
night? ... Dee, the first 
lady . . . Milk and cookieeez 
... 3 Musketeers ... the 
trauma, the drama ... 
Hitler . . . Crack Baby . . . 





q) »> al « 




x i 




tragedy on wheels! . . ..991, 
not 911! .... Murph takes 
on Lafayette .... That's 
Ms. Reed, not Cassie .... 
You ain't got to lie, Craig! 
.... 227.... Ding How! .... 

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delta 735 


TRADITIONS: Motto: Les Soeurs Fideles. 

Colors: Rose & White. Mascot: Lion. 

Founder's Day: March 4, 1852. Advisor: Dr. 

Pat Taylor. PHILANTHROPIES \ Project HOPE; 

Children's Miracle 

Network; Toy Drive; 

PHI MU. [front] Martha Ostenrude, Treasurer; Lena Palmer, Panhellenic President; 
Tammy Harvey, President; [back] Bridget Foss, Phi Director; Aimee Cronan, Secretary; 
Ann Heslin, Membership Director. 

Duncan gets ready to throw the 
frisbee in the Phi Mu/Lambda Chi 
Ultimate Frisbee competition. 

UMC Children's Hospital; Easter Egg Hunt 

for Bethlehem Center; Midtown; Luv Pop 

Sale; Ultimate Frisbee for Cancer Clinic. 

SOCIAL EVENTS: Fall Party; Big Sis/L'il Sis; Enchantress 

Ball; Spring Party; All 

FOOD DRIVE. Amy Creel works the 
Phi Mu food drive table during 
Parent's Weekend. 

Sorority Grab-A-Date. 

SWEET TREATS. Tammy Harvey, Hannah 
Mashburn,and Amy Creel distribute candy 
to the Operation Shoestring children. 

"This has been a WONDERFUL year for Phi Mu - A 
fun rush, an awesome pledge class, three kickin' parties, 
lots of new friends and old memories-what more could a 
senior ask for?" 

Lauri McCormick 




<2Efc ©! © { © 







•^ • 




(Sfr ^m) 

^^p! (5 0' ^^j (^*j 






i- n 




It was just a Coke, I swear 
. . . Mary, Mary, your mom! 
. . .Thedogatemydiamond! 
. . . Pink, it's my obsession 
... Ann, no woo! ... I smell 
T-R-O-U-B-L-E ... So, tell 
me what you want, what 
you really, really want . . . 


Da Bomb sign, sprinklers, 
and Chinese dragon ... 
There's no "R" in Exxon . . . 
60 and we get the couch 
story . . . Schmiley Head . . . 
Leeeennnaaa! ... Krystals 
after midnight . . . The Duke 
game is on— I know it's on... 










*a doom, ba doom, go Andrew 
. . Elvis at Amoco? . . . Don't 
■queal, call Neal . . . See me— 
•r I'll get A-N-A-L ... The 
>aint's coming off the walls- 
Crawford did it, it's okay . . . 
satherjackets& ice bergs ... 
■here go the swinging legs. 

v v 

4 * ? "-£s 

" yaV W 


"• j, ,: x .. , .^lafisg^m^^ 

These paaee provided bv 




Prior to formal rush, applicants turned in 

photos and information forms to Student 

Affairs. Women interested in rushing met 

weekly with Rho 

Chi's to learn about 

the Greek system. 

RHO CHI. [front] Carrie Boswell, Kelly Sudduth, Tracy Perry, Tara Chase, Marin 
Dawson, Erica Woodall, Gretl Zimmermann, [back] Alison Duncan, Jaime Miles, 
Elizabeth Biddle, Stacy Warren, Stephanie Fanguy, Therese Weir, Alexia Smith, [not 
pictured) Betsy Vandiver. 


Richie Sumrall, Rhett Sharpe, 
Prasad Vasamsetti, Rob 
Ward, and Ryan Vincent 
approach the SAE house. 

Officially, Formal Rush for both men and women began at midnight on 

October 3 and concluded on Bid Day, October 11. 

This day marked the end of pre-rush parties, Rho Chi 

meetings, and a long week of silence. It also marked 

the beginning of lifelong 

RUSH SKITS. Jane Collins, 
Carey King, and Beth Blanks are 
part of the Tri-Delta skit, The Rosie 
O'Delta Show. 

sisterhood and brotherhood for the new pledges. 

PANHELLENIC. [front] Rhonda White, Kim Castille, 
Courtney Valentine, Mandy Scherer, [back] Kate Powers, 
Grace Crouch, Lena Palmer, Mary Catherine Shull. 

"Words cannot describe rush or Bid Day. Stress and 

anxiety consumed me most of the time, hut when Bid 

Day came, I was so happy. It was great being with all 

my friends, whether they were in my sorority or not. " 

Jenny Cherryhomes 



Chi Omega rush practice 

Kappa Alpha Bid Day morning 

Erica Ezelle, Dawn Acy 

Derrick McNeal 

Jesse Milnor, Kirk Lawrence 

Mandy Hooker, Rebecca Reed 



TRADITIONS: Motto: "First of all, servants of 
all, we shall transcend all." Colors: Black & 
Olde Gold. Mascot: Ape. Advisors: 
Audwin Fletcher and Floyd Williams, Jr. 

Founder's Day: 

3 1 






ALPHA PHI ALPHA. Marcus Dudley; Floyd Williamson; Winston T. Trotter, 
Secretary; Kenny Lee, President; Marvin Davis, Chaplain and Membership Intake 
Coordinator; Christopher Toaster, Treasurer; Cord Campbell, Assistant Treasurer; 
Dharius Daniels; Joshua M. Johnson. 

Davis helps with the housing 

December 4, 1906. 

PHILANTHROPIES '. Project Alpha; March of Dimes; Pecan Park Fabulous Friday; 
MLK Chapel Service; Habitat for Humanity; Keep Jackson Beautiful; Project Head 
Start; Big Brother; Go to High School - Go 

to College; Voter Registration Drive. SOCIAL EVENTS: BSA 

Back to School Pool Party; 16th Year Anniversary; Neophyte 

Coming Out Show; Step Shows. 

IN STEP. Floyd Williamson and 
Desmond Funchess perform in the Major 
Madness step show. 

"The best part of being a member is being an instrument of 

service to all mankind, whether it is through community service 

or helping each person as if he were a member of your family. " 

Marvin Davis 



,lpha Phi Alpha ... Cold 
•eduction ...G- bey - A-M- 
1-A 130 Monkey ...This is 
ly finger Iced 2 

erfection ... 11119 ...This is 
ly hand ... First of ail ... 
len of distinction ...1906 
. 1931 ... "What's wrong 
-ith me?" Icy Hot ... I am 
he master of my fate ... 
■lack ... GOLD ...Have you 
eard? ... I am the captain 
f my soul ... Alpha men ... 
phinx ... Burning sands 
.He ain't heavy ... Jewels 
. 3 Debanair Dukes of 
'istinction ... 1st Class ... 
•ervantsof a I 


p an-HelJenic 

alpha phi alpha 743 


TRADITIONS: Motto: Dieu 

Et Les Dames. 

Colors: C 


and Old Gold. Founder's 

Day: October 1, 1893. Faculty Advisor: Dr. 

Roy Berry. PHILANTHROPIES: Casino Night 

& Grid Iron Challenge 

for MDA; Stewpot; 

■ — ■ "T «J 

^■IBv ■¥■■¥■ At 

KAPPA ALPHA. Joey DuMontier, (VIII); Hayes Bryant, Rush Chair; Dan Walker, 
(VI); Kirk Lawerance, (IV); Bart Liles, (II); Tyler Walton, (I); Matthew McLaughlin, (III 
Robert Walker (V); David Lestage, (VII); Brian Hamilton, (IX). 

COOL AS "ICE." John Adams 
and Todd Reeves sing "Ice, Ice, 
Baby" at the Major Madness 
Talent Show 

Cares Center; Midtown; Habitat for 

Humanity; Santa Shoestring. 

SOCIAL EVENTS: Bid Day; Black & White; 

Old South; Christmas Party; Annual Ski Trip; Luau; 

Valentine's Party; 

BID DAY. Ben Jeffcoat and Jason Jolly 
celebrate their final Bid Day. 

Mitchell Marcum, and Tyler Walton. 

Rhythm & Blues; Initiation; Sorority Swaps. 

"IfDaleEarnheart, #3, wins the Die Hard 500, it 
will be a blessing in disguise for this chapter. " 

John Adams 






Doobie--Going for the 
gauntlet . . . DWC— the one 
man barley . . . What's the 
lesson this week, Zeke? . . . 
Moss, you wearing your 
goggles tonight? . . . Big T- 
-the best big brother ever! 
. . . The Great Mouse Hunt 





..Don't let Marshall meet 
iy sister ... Sabau— the 
XXXVII ... Dipper--the 
iternational male . . . Hey, 
'urn Yum, Dallas is on . . . 
ut all KA's are gentlemen. 

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kappa alpha 747 


TRADITIONS: Symbol: Star and 

Crescent. Colors: Scarlet, White, and 

Green. Founder's Day: December 

10, 1869. 



KAPPA SIGMA. John Russell, Grand Treasurer; Corbett Gibson, Grand Master of 
Ceremonies; Nick Licata, Grand Scribe; Charles Abbott, Grand Master; Ryan 
Haggard, Grand Procurator. 

A-Highway Program; Midtown; Operation Shoestring; Habitat 

for Humanity; Carwash with Kappa Delta Sorority. jULIAL 

EVENTS: Bid d 

ay; Wild Man; 

Russell waits his turn in the water 
balloon toss. 

Initiation: Cossa's Ball; Deer and 

Beer; Formal; Founder's Day held at 

Planet Hollywood in New Orleans; 

South Seas Weekend. 

SQUEAKY CLEAN. Sean Spratt and Mike 
Lonegrass help to raise money during the Kappa 
Sigma/Kappa Delta carwash. 

END ZONE. Rudy Nieto and Reagan 
Toledano watch a football game from the 
end zone where Kappa Sigmas often 

"All your strength is in your union. All your 

danger is in discord. Therefore, be at peace 

henceforth, and as brothers live together. " 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 




gT^^T'^lIr^^^^^ ■! • ~"~ 


■^■■i— ' — ^*** 

Jp^^p^^^!^"* •■• MB* ^"^V"" mam " aam ' 







fe'iv*^v^ **• 


.:>, iQ 

#' Mnf 

Locke, you can't put your 
hands on those . . . Get off 
the couch, Jed . . . What's 
up with Atwood? . . . Turner 
just got a job at United 
Way . . . Toby's got his own 
(3.1. Jane . . . Kenny, why are 
you going to Hattiesburg? 


: **^ 




M.C. Choctaws vs. Kappa 
Sigma at Kappa Sigma 
field ...Fuel my Mule ... 
Ronnie, for God's Sake, get 

f^ C? i a na ' rcu ' t ••• Where is 
Charles' new gavel . . . Kappa 
Sigma SoulTrain hosted by 
Cockrell and Billy Williams 





"Reagan's Deck" ...Fool 
is no Mike Tyson ... If 
you want to make some 
fast money, talk to 
Fontenot . . . What's that 
green stuff on your 
hat, Janicek? ... South 
Seas typhoon party ... 


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TRADITIONS: Motto: Vir Quisque Vir and 

Pedicamini qui non estis Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Colors: Purple, Green, & Gold. Founder's 

Day: March 22, 1909. Faculty Advisor: 

Brother Dr. Michael 

GleasonOH 11 IS. 

A NEW HOME Sort Maestri, Roan Evans, Bert Austin, and Lee Davis join with 
alumni to celebrate the opening of the new Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house. 

PHILANTHROPIES! National Food Drive - Pantry Raid; Watermelon Bust; 

Adopt-a-Highway; Ultimate Frisbee with 

ULTIMATE FUN. Jesse Milnor 
participates in the ultimate frisbee 
competition cosponsored with Phi 

Phi Mu. SOCIAL EVENTS: White Trash 

Christmas; Crescent Ball; Valentine's Party; Tri Delta 

PANTRY RAID. Members load food 
gathered from around the city in the fall. 

Halloween Swap; Phi Mu Cops and 

Robbers Swap; Chi Omega Wild West Swap; Headhunter's Ball 


Daniel Gibbons and 
Zane King reveal the 
results of the competition. 

"The shining moment for our fraternity was our raising 

over 19,000 lbs of food in our annual food drive. Alan Kirk, 

our philanthropy chair, made this possible. " 

Collin Glidewell 



ES kS fc^ £* 


< V 



< ^ 


ES £2 



$r <* 


i' w ; 


I'll knocka lung loose . . .Hey 
Brooks, what happened to 
your shoulder? ... Old 
house party ... 3 inches of 
Nugon ... That's A LOT! ... 
NWOswapwith Northwest 
Rankin . . . Boom Basa . . . 



Shady . . . You Snood, you 
loose ... Beer-a-Mid ... 
KingKonga... No pants til 
'& ... Octagonal Window . . . 
Chop Nation . . . leather's 
Hitties... Law Dog ...5th 
percentile ... Spades . . . 

*♦ •! 








» -# 



I i 






Shame ... KA's and 
basketball don't mix, cause 
we won! ... Alex, did you 
really miss the bus?... 
Formerly "DOMINATION" 
Date ditching is an 
art. . . Cool Papa's Truck 

^**- :: 






Sa« .<%,, 

. #1- 

-- -J 

I hope you die! ... Rangle 
Tidge . . . Micah as Messy 
Tessy ... New South is 
OVER! ... The TOOL? ... 
Hey, Itchy, where's your 
eyebrow? ... What's up 
with all these rules? 



These pages provided by 


?dachia!f /^5 


TRADITIONS: Colors: Garnet & Old 

Gold. Mascot: Firetruck. Founder's 

Day: March 23. Faculty Advisor: Di 

Don Fortenberrv. PHILANTHROPIES 

Adopt - a - 

Highway; Habitat 

for Humanity; See 

Saw-A-Thon with 

ALL DRESSED UP. Jason Otis, Ferd Moyse, Dave Carner, and Tyler Owen at a 
Delta Delta Delta formal. 


Andrew Neely runs for the ball 
during an intramural soccer game 
against the Kappa Sigma team. 

Kappa Delta. SOCIAL 


Day; Blues 

TAILGATING. Jason Ruggles, Gabe 
Benzur, and Beau Hale cook out before a 
football game. 

at Sunset; Old North. Cotton Ball. 

UPS AND DOWNS. Jason Reddoch and Jack 
Nichols participate in the Pike/Kappa Delta See 





TRADITIONS: Colors: Royal Purple & Old Gold. 

Mascot: Lion. Founder's Day: March 9, 

1856. Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Harris. 

PHILANTHROPIES : Midtown; Adopt-a-Highway; 

Operation Shoestring; 

Easter Egg Hunt for 

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. Britt Mendoza, Eminent Deputy Archon; Mickey 
Paduda, Membership Director Rush Chairman; Bradley Bennett, Eminent Treasurer; 
Hudson Segrest, Eminent Archon; John Lowery, Pledge Educator; Randy Bass, Eminent 

Bethlehem Center; Late Night Pizza for MS Children's Cancer Clinic; St. Patrick's 

Segrest works hard at CMT 
Midtown Project. 

Day at Pear Orchard Retirement Home; 

Santa's Yuletide Book Drive. SOCIAL 

EVENTS: Bid Day; Blazing Saddles; 

Christmas Party; Initiation Formal; Paddy 


LEADING THE WAY. Perspectives 
leader Brad Litkenhous struts his stuff in 
the perspectives orientation skit. 

Murphy; St. Patrick's Day Party. 

MAJOR SPRIRT. John Lowery, Chris 
O'Brien, and Hudson Segrest show their 
support for the football team. 

"Being part of the MS Delta Chapter ofSAE has 

taught me the real meaning of brotherhood and has led 

me to aspire to be nothing short of a true gentleman. " 

Jonathan Kilgore 








^9 1 Efc-3 j K>^3 




sigma alpha epsiion 759 




Hey Pickle! ... Bungalow 
2.0b ... Cam-Job ... You 
can'tdancetothat!... How 
was Christmas party 
Bouge? ... Moldy bread ... 
Countrymen, lend me your 
ears! ... I hit my face on the 
door handle at formal ... 
EXLAX ... I want to resign ... 
Which school are you at 
this week, Neill?... Another 
mintjulip, Proctor? ... Drink 
likea Randall! ... Quit Suckin'! 

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Coca Cola 

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"Wholesale Grower" 


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^J^relpina to uLSeuutifu 
i v Iili3up5 \^otleae 

Congratulations Seniors 
from the I 

"Maytag Guys!" | 

Caldewll & Gregory 

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achievements in your life, it's time to hit the streets 

and find the career of your dreams. 

Let Hie Clarion-Ledger help you on your journey. 

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SSS E. Woodrow Wilson 

It's the http' 

t|^ left side of your brain 

that keeps you from seeing 

the future. It can't help 

but overanalyze things. 

"A bank on the Internet?" 

it asks,"Why?" Darn 


// wWW - d The right 

side sees possibility. \i 

"What if?" it asks. "What 

if Deposit Guaranty's GNet 

spits out banking info like 

an ATM spits out cash?" 

Gotta love that 

right side. 


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r ° Building Supply 

to the Graduates 

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IN case 


te VkePresi 




L'bbcr Incorp 

i rated 

65<SO liuersrare 55 N 

irth. it! 

I lour 


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-7228 WATS 


itUf \iu M.-.kl vlunuc lin 

601 i ;5~ 

-5200 Fax 

< hln r Prim |'.il l\. ■ ; .< i i L -t n 


Congratulations Class of 1998 and best 
luck in your future endeavors! 

Richard A. Wilkinson 

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Abate, Ashley 65, 96, [33 

Abbott, Charles 41,96, 148, 149 

Abbott, Rebecca 96. 116. 119. 137 

Abies. Jennifer 96. 133 

Abuso, Debbie 96. 133 

Ackerman, Jorge 48 

Acy. Dawn 126, 127, 141 

Acy, Kathi 90 

Adams, Jason 50, 51, 96, 153 

Adams. John 43. 51. 96, 144. 145 

Adams. Ray 49 

Addtngton. Charles 32.49. 96 

Adkins. Erica 16. 26. 35. 45. 

Aggarwal.Ajay 49, 92 
Akers, Jason 1 1 7 
Akers, Lindsay 31,37, 51, 117. 119. 

132, 133 
Alexander, Chris 32, 33. 110. 159 
Alexander. J. D 96 
Alexander. Terrance 5. 36, 45 
Alford, Susan 88. 127 
Allen, Monica 10, 37, 130 
Allen, Nathan 16. 31. 41. 43. 51. 

96, 105 
Allison. Jan 88 

Allred. Jenny 59, 65. 70. 71,96 
Almo. James 89 

Almon, Allison 14. 37. 49. 96. 133 
Almond. Pncilla 133 
Alton. Molly 133 
Amiker. Joseph 89 
Ammon. Ted 31. 4 1 . 95 
Amos. Annie 90 
Anderson. Latoy 130 
Anderson. Patrick 62. 96. 149. 169 
Andrews. Kenny 62. 63.96. 149 
Anwar, Aalia 56,96, 101, 137 
Arab. Nazek 96 
Armstrong, Sarah 92. 93 
Amett. Stacy 127 
Arnold. Jennifer 46. 101, 169 

Arnold, Mary 45 

Arrington. Lee 90 

Arlington, Teresa 42. 43. 92 

Asada. Ayako 96 

Asmus, Collin 46. 92 

Atwood. John 149 

Austin. Bert 116. 

152. 153 
Austin. Molly 42,43,47, 133, 172 
Aulry, Laura 6, 41. 96. 127 
Avent. Angle 96 
Ayres. Neill 19. 96. 159 

Babula. Kristen 37, 96, 137 

Babula. Stephen 67, 149 

Bachaleda. Jenny 45 

Badon, Nicole 96, 166 

Baer, Gwen 96 

Baham. Steve 4, 62. 159 

Baier. Amy 43 

Bailey. Allison 33. 39. 42. 43. 96. 

122. 123 
Bailey. Anne 96 
Bailey. Carlen 96. 123. 171 
Baird, Rachel 27 
Baker, Diane 92 
Balducci. Amy 43 
Bales, Anthony 62. 83. 96. 159 
Ball. Brad 35 

Bansbach. Beth 79.80. 81. 96. 127 
Barbour, Erin 123 
Barbour. Shannon 96. 123 
Barham. Michael 3. 30. 31.35. 37. 171 
Barham. Rachel 45. 96 
Banlleaux. Rene 95 
Barksdale. Kay 90 
Bames, Thomas 89 
Barnett, JoAnna 68. 69. 96 
Barrett, Gene 62 
Barrett. Kathryn Meloan 133 
Barrett, Stephanie 16. 32. 49. 52. 96. 127 

nicole badon, russ remley, bill stegall, rusti maddox. brownwen houston 

Barton. Missy 35 

Bass. Ashley 132. 

133. 171 
Bass. Randy 15. 31. 37. 41. 45.49. 

89.96. 158. 159 
Bates. Brad 43. 5 1 
Bates. Elizabeth 37. 65. 96 
Batson. Nancy 95 
Batson. Wesley 153 
Baugh, Esther 89 
Baugh.Jim 95 
Baxter, Brandon 6, 45, 116 
Beals. Gary 96 
Beard. Will 38. 96. 145 
Beauchamp, Andy 96. 159 
Beaumont. Vanessa 43. 45. 96, 97 
Beavers, Nathan 145 
Beck, Elizabeth 88, 92 
Beckett. Ashley 42. 133 
Beech. Summer 50. 51.96. 174 
Beeler. Jesse D. 48, 92 
Beene. Russ 96 
Bell. Cameron 14. 31. 35. 89. 97. 

118. 159 
Bell. Sally 97 
Bell. Susie 3. 123 
Bennett. Bradley 31. 37. 45. 51.97. 

158. 159 
Bennett. Lyle 62. 97 
Benoil. Brittany 133 
Bentley. Michael 80. 159 
Benton, Terri 123 
Ben/.ur. Gabe 6, 156 
Berger. Keith 35 
Berger. Paige 35 
Berman, Charlotte 97 
Berry, Crystal 37. 40. 57. 97 
Berry, Roy 95. 144 
Berryhill. Brian 

168. 171 
Berthiaume. Brian 33, 39, 67, 97 
Best, Billy 62 
Best, Erin 26. 137 
Best. Mark 27. 153 
Beuler. Jacqueline 49 
Bevis. Kelly 37. 97 
Bey. George 92. 93 
Biddle. Elizabeth 43. 123. 140 
Biegel. Michele 73, 72. 83 
Biggins. Walter 43. 51. 116 
Billups. Blake 39 
Bishop. Allen 92. 94 
Black. Alex 14. 97. 153 
Black. Mary Kathenne 31, 32. 41. 

89, 122, 123 
Black, Noble 31. 33. 39. 40.43.52. 

97. 145 
Black. Stephen 95 
Black. William 97. 145 
Blackwell. Byron 51.97 
Blackwell. Holle> 42. 43 
Blackwood. Doris 90. 91 
Blanks. Beth 127. 140 
Bloss. Cindy 122. 123 
Boackle. Paul 33, 39. 94. 159 
Boatner, Cindy 26, 97 
Bodenhamer. Reynolds 36, 97 
Boerner. Michael 8, 78, 97 
Bone, Jason 14. 39. 153 
Boothe. Man 43 
Boren. Clifton 97 
Boren, Karen 97 

Borgman.Amy 39. 117. 122. 123 
Bosarge. Jerusha 37. 38,39. 51, 97 
Boshers. Martha 90 
Boswell, Carrie 49. 133. 140 
Boll, Melinda 47.97. 137 
Bourgeois. Amanda 97. 137 
Bourgeois. Ronald 62.98. 149 
Bourgeois, Ryan 17. 26.31.35,98, 

113, 118, 159 
Bourgeois. Wade 98. 153 
Bowling. Danielle 98. 123 
Bovce. Robert 145 

Boyd. Brian 19. 31, 35, 38, 39, 52, 

98. 109 
Boyd. Jimmy 20. 51.98 
Brach. Ryan 39. 153 
Bracy. Jackie 42 

Bradford, Rebecca 46, 98. 126, 127 
Bradley, Janet 23. 37,98. 101, 133 
Bradley. Robert 62.98. 110 
Bradley. Shelley 49. 123 
Bradway. John 26. 153 
Branch, Brennan 49. 98. 127 
Branch. Jay 49 
Brantley, Sabrina 37. 98 
Brasher. Epney 89 
Brasuell. Leigh 16. 35. 41. 43. 

68. 69.82.98, 123 
Brasuell, Toney 77, 98, 149 
Bratton, Katye 6. 8. 21, 32, 33, 41, 

42.51.98. 132. 133. 171 
Brazda,Amy 32. 51.60. 98. 115. 

Breland. Shelly 91 
Brenan. Greg 149 
Brewer. Craig 77. 98. 149 
Brewer. Jaime 56 
Brewer, Jennifer 6, 24, 25, 26, 50. 

52.89.98. 126. 127 
Brewer. Julia 88, 171 
Brewer. Julie 98. 133 
Brickler. Tim 77 
Bridge. Tyson 62 
Brison. Lucille 133 
Brister, Bill 49. 95 
Broadbent. Greg 49 
Brooking. Carl 95 

Brower. Brooks 7. 12.45.98. 127. 171 
Brown. Amelia 133 
Brown. Arthur 89 
Brown. Brooks 4. 98. 153 
Brown. Jennifer 47. 123 
Brown. Kristen 92. 167 
Brown. Melicia 120 
Brown, Nikki 98 
Brown. Steven 89 
Bruce. Reid 153 

Bruggeman. Andy 70,71,83,98, 153 
Brumby. Ryan 35, 37, 99. 123 
Branson. Harold 25. 145 
Brant. Chris 45, 92 
Bryan. Locke 99, 149 
Bryant. D. 37. 75. 99 
Bryant. Hayes 31. 32. 144. 145 
Buford. Enka 43 
Bullock. Anthony 37, 62, 99 
Burch, Murray 62,91 
Burke, Allen 99. 145 
Burke. Kimberly 95 
Burke. Liz 105. 116 
Burney. Louise 48. 91 
Bunt. Richard 153 
Busby. Jim 89 
Butler. Bryant 88 
Buzhardt. Gail 42.43. 92 
Byrd, Nathan 49. 62. 99 
Byrd, Shelly 15. 25. 60. 88.89. 99. 

126. 127 

Cabell. Adam 37, 38, 62. 145 

Cabell. Jason 35. 62. 63. 145 

Cain. C. Eugene 95 

Calhoun. Ashley 37. 97. 127 

Call, Chris 91 

Calvert. Kate 31. 32, 33. 39, 40. 4 I . 

52, 122. 123 
Camp. Terri 43. 99 
Campagna. Elana 68, 69 
Campbell, Connie 95, 172 
Campbell. Cord 31. 32. 37. 99. 142 
Campbell. Patricia 42. 43. 99 
Campbell. Sarah 92 
Cantrell. Bridget 137 



. 72. 73 


Capps. Sara 42. 43. 99. 127 
Caraway. Laura 31. 51, 117. 

132. 133 
Carlisle. Candace 46,99. 171 
Carlson. Bob 99 
Carlson. Shannon 69, 79. 91 
Carner. Dave 156 
Carpenter, Brian 14. 19. 45 

110. 153 
Carroccio. Matthew 4. 99. 117.14? 
Carter. Hodding 173. 174 
Carter. Rachel 120 
Carter. Rob 31. 38, 56,99. 145 
Caruthers, Jillian 99. 127 
Casey, Sarah 35, 41, 68,69 

Cashion, Amy Clay 46 
Castille, Joey 99 
Castille. Kim 99. 119. 137. 140 
Castle. Ashley 49 
Castle. Lily 49 
Catlin, Jason 99 
Chadeyras. Claudine 31, 42.43. 
Chaffin. Bryant 33. 99. 159 
Chaiban. Guitta 35,99 
Chambers, David 18, 27, 31, 60, 

89.99. 159 
Chambers. LeAnna 57.99. 137 
Chandak. Sophia 37. 40.99. 123 
Chandler. Ben 57 
Chandler. Creighton 37. 41. 70. 71 

Chiang, Karen 127, 172 
Channing. Robert 51 
Chapman. Natica 1 27 
Chase, Tara 35, 41, 99, 123. 140 
Chase, Willie 91 
Chastain, Courtney 16, 59, 69, 73, 

99. 133 
Chaudhun. Raj 91 
Cfierrvhomes. Jenny 21. 99 

140. 171 
Christmas, Larry 37, 62 
Chrzan. Agnieszka 99 
Clark. Andrew 149 
Clark, Melissa 99, 127 
Clark, Nathaniel 62.99 
Clark. Robin 99 

Clark, Sally 26, 35. 52. 99. 123 
Clark, Stephanie 73, 91 
Clayton. Christine 99. 127 
Clifton.Amy 12. 88, 89. 113. 126 

Cloud. Daniel 39 
Cochran. Thad 32 




Cockrell. Chris 99. 149 

Coincon, IB. 90 

Coker, Cheryl 92. 95 

Coker. Frances 95 

Coker. Timothy 12.44. 92 

Cole. Brant 99 

Coleman. Chris 171 

Collins. Jane 31, 45. 49. 99. 105. 

116. 127. 140 
Collins. Wendy 127 
Colomer. Soria 22. 33, 42. 52. 123 
Colonias. Lisa 39 
Connolly. Alex 6. 62, 99. 149 
Conway. Amell 90 
Cook. Amanda 10. 18. 33. 35. 37. 
Cook. Betty Jo 99. 116. 137 
Cook. Brad 62. 149 
Cook. Eric 145 
Cook. Melanie 11. 16. 45. 85. 100. 

126. 127 
Cook. Rachel 37. 100. 115. 133 
Cooper. Elizabeth 90 
Cooper, Patrick 27. 32. 36. 37, 56, 

Cosenlino. Gina 100 
Costas. Maria 45 
Cotter. Joan 42. 92 
Courville. Brian 31 

Jacob fuller, jim marshall 

Cox, Michael 38. 100 

Cox. Pat 88 

Craft, Brandy 35. 41, 60. 61. 133 

Craig. Emile 149 

Craig. Erin 31.48.52. 100 

Cranford. Hannah 45. 46. 100 

Crawford. Holly 39. 43. 122. 123 

Crawford. Jennifer 35. 39. 100. 137 

Crawley. Kenneth 37. 42. 100 

Creel. Amy 33, 53. 136. 137 

Crochet, Adele 100 

Cronan.Aimee 44.45. 136. 137 

Crook, George 35. 100. 153 

Crossland, Kelh 16. 80. 81. 82. 100. 123 

Crouch. Grace 46. 70. 123. 140 

Culpepper. David 95 

Cumbest. Don 18. 31. 33, 39. 41. 100. 

Cumbest. Kathleen 31. 37. 39. 51. 

100. 133 
Cummings. Vicki 91 
Czaika. Ellen 31. 32. 33. 39. 41. 100. 127. 172 

kristen brown 

Covington, Latassela 1 30 

Cox, Ann Jane 17. 46. 89. 100. 126, 


Dailey. Mike 59. 63. 77, 91 

Dance. Gayla 92 

Daniels. Dharius 36. 37. 100. 142 

Daniels. Julie 91 

Daniels. Morshun 75 

Danos. Josh 74. 75. 14 

Darley. Chris 100 

Darley. Mike 62 

Dauphin. Adele 8. 33. 137 

Davidson. Megen 133 

Davis. Brandy 91 

Davis. Chris 39. 49. 62. 100. 116 

Davis, David C. 95 

Davis. Gene 49 

Davis. Jennifer 100 

Davis. Lee 53, 89. 100. 152. 153 

Davis, Marvin 36. 46. 53. 57. 89. 100. 

Davis. Micah 100. 119. 152. 153 
Davis. Renae 37. 65, 88. 100. 116. 

Davis. Shannon 153 
Dawson, Marin 38.39. 100. 123. 140 
Day, Ford 100 
Dear. Jonathan 67 
Dearman. Ginny 49 
DeBen, Jessica 100, 123 
DeBeukelaer. Herwig 100 

Dees, Latanishia 10, 37. 53. 100. 120. 

Dees. Sarah 37. 100. 123 
Defoe. Loretta 90 
Denham. Heather 45 
Denley. Lydia 26. 100, 123 
Diaz, Dawn 100 
Dicker, Jace 100 
Dickson. James 42 
Dickson. Nathan 37. 100. 145.168 
Dill, Caroline 39. 116. 123 
Dill, Jessica 133 
Dillon. Sherman Lee 110 
Ditto. Laurel 90 

Dobay. Jeremy 26. 66.67. 83. 100 
Dominick. Treuty 8. 100. 127 
Dorough. Betsy 133 
Doshier. Beth 60. 61. 100. 117. 133 
Dotson, Melanie 33. 123 
Dottes, Anita 95 
Doughty. Ashley 100. 127 
Douglas. Jeff 100. 106. 145 
Douglass. Lane 100. 119. 137 
Dowd. Matt 76, 77. 100. 149 
Downs. Bradley 48 
Drysdale. Carol 100. 127 
Dubose. Phillip 13. 22. 62. 100. 106, 

Dubuisson. Liz 14. 35. 41. 46. 88. 89. 

Ducote. Damien 35. 70. 101 
Dudley. Marcus 62. 101. 142 
Dugger. Brooke 51, 68, 69. 82. 101. 

123. 174 
DuMontier. Joey 101. 144 
Dunavant. Leigh 64. 65. 101 
Duncan. Allison 136.137.140 
Dunehew, Alison 127 
Dunn, Matt 45. 67, 101 
Dupont. Josh 29. 45, 47 
Durel. Jason 145 
Duval. Lee 101 
Dyer. Dianne 123 
Dyess. Turner 149 
Dzu»an. Seraev 42. 43. 101. 106 

Ebarh. Brian 37. 98. 101. 105 

Eddie. Mark 19,50 

Edwards, Amber 101. 127.173 

Edwards. Sandra 95 

Edwards, Scott 101. 145 

Edwards. Wendy 101. 127 

Egerton. Matthew 101 

Elam. Jesse 45 

Ellender. Caroline 32. 39. 53. 101. 

122. 123. 173 
Ellen. Mitchell 145 
Elliott. Delois 88. 171 
England. Kate 22, 122. 123 
Estes. David 62. 101 
Evans, Roan 101. 152. 153 
Ezell. George 92 
Ezelle. Erica 133. 141 

Fade. Kathryn 127 

Faherty. Teresa 95 

Fancher. Madelyn 37. 101. 123.169 

Fanguy. Stephanie 3. 29. 38.49. 89. 

101. 123. 140 
Farrell. Betsy 10.37.45. 101. 106. 133 
Farrell. Katy 43 
Farris. Robert 35 
Felder.Al 101 
Fenton. Marge 89 
Fermon. Pnscilla 42. 43. 95 
Ferry. Laura 26. 31. 37. 101. 133 
Fewell. Duane 89. 145. 173 
Finelh. Robin 35.43. 102. 113. 126. 127 

Flatt. Will 41 

Flautt, Bolton 62. 149. 169 

Fletcher. Audwin 142 

Flowers. Luran 90 

Fontaine, Michael 27, 39, 42, 102, 

Fontenelle. Sarah 35. 37. 56. 95. 102. 

Fontenot, David 49. 102. 147 
Ford. Corey 102. 153. 171 
Ford. Judy 43.48. 102 
Fortenberry. Don 18,32. 37.91.156 
Foss, Bridget 35. 105. 116. 136. 137 
Foster. Kelhe 102 
Fowler. Stephanie 102. 127 
France. Erica 22. 28. 32. 33. 35. 37. 

102. 116. 126. 127 
Frankhn. Deloris 89 
Frascogna. Judy 88 
Frascogna. Marty 13. 62. 63. 102. 145 
Frascogna. Mike 62 
Frascogna. Nan 43 
Freeman. Jeremy 77. 82, 149 
Freis, Catherine R. 92 
French. Brian 102 
Fretwell. Gary 31. 87 
Fukuma. Junko 102. 171 
Fuller. Jacob 145. 167 
Funchess. Desmond 102. 142 

Gabriel. Jason 53 

Gadd. Helen 46 

Gadd. Morgan 46. 57. 92 

Galchinsky. Michael 95 

Galicki. Stanley 39. 95 

Gamble, Hugh 145 

Gann, Delbert 94. 95 

Gannaway. Heather 102. 123.173 

Garavito. Erika 14. 102. 123 

Garcia. Brandon 153 

Gardes. Lam 37. 102 

Gardes, Lauren 29. 35. 45. 122,123 

Gillette. Clare 24,45. 103, 127 

Gillis. Bill 42. 43 

Gilmore. Katie 49 

Giovingo. Liz 10. 97. 103. 116. 127 

Gipson. Kirk 31. 32. 35. 103 

Gleason. Michael 95, 152 

Ghdeweli. Collin 31. 43. 45.103. 

152. 153 
Ghdeweli. Megan 46. 103 
Glumb. Sharon 35 
Gober, Cheri 89 
Godfrey. Summer 133 
Goff. Clay 39. 153 
Gosnell, Nelson 103. 149 
Goss, Martha A. 92 
Grabow.Jared 35. 37, 59, 75, 103 
Grammer. Kristy 13. 36. 37. 97. 103. 

Grantham. Roane 95 
Graves. Sally 133 
Greenlee. Lancie 62. 72. 73 
Greer, David 15, 75. 103. 149 
Greer. Sam 89 
Greer. Thomas 89 
Griffis. Jim 37. 145 
Griffith. Bria Ramei 37 
Grisuna. Nicholas 47. 149 
Griswold. Kenneth 3. 9. 45, 103 
Gruhbs. Allison 33. 53. 103 
Grubbs. Ray 92 

Gueringer. Michelle 26. 103. 127. 171 
Guidry. Rem 98. 103. 126. 127 
Gustafson. Anna 68. 69 
Guynes, Sherry 49. 103. 172 

Hable. Rebecca 23. 103, 137 

Haggard. Ryan 67, 148. 149 

Hale. Beau 6. 156 

Haley. Melanie 37. 45. 103 

Hall. Catherine 11. 31. 37. 51, 97. 

103. 114. 132. 133 
Hall. Sam 18. 33. 46, 103 

Gardner. Chad 14. 15. 19,75. 89. 159 
Gardner. Sadie 26. 27, 35. 78. 79. 

102. 133 
Gamer. Diana 90 
Garrett, Paula 49. 95 
Garrett. Sharon 90 
Gatlin. Robert 45. 102. 145 
Gay. Jonathan 75. 149 
Gee. Burrell 102. 153 
Gerhauser. Laura 127 
Gibbons. Daniel 98. 152. 153 
Gibson. Corbett 148. 149 
Gibson, Jay 35, 41 
Gibson. Joe Lee 91 
Gibson, Nola 90 
Gibson, Toby 26. 31. 39. 41. 53. 66. 

67.88.89. 102, 113, 149. 169 
Gilbert. Natalie 43 
Gillanders, Tracy 64. 65. 102. 127 

Hall. Troy 103. 153 

Halstead. Ryan 37. 75 

Hamby. Rhett 62, 145 

Hamilton. Brian 38. 101. 103. 144. 145 

Hamilton. Ruth 3. 18.49. 103 

Hararn. Jennifer 64. 65, 72, 73, 127 

Hancock. Amanda 3 1 . 49. 5 1 . 1 03. 

132. 133 
Hanes, Joshua 41. 43. 51. 103 
Haney, Kathy 103. 123 
Hankins. Luck 62 

Hardwick, Stephanie 26. 37. 97. 133 
Hardy. Zeph 103. 153 
Harmon. George 6. 31. 86 
Harper. Tracy A. 103 
Harper, Tracy J. 31, 103. 123 
Harrigill. Shelley 3. 35. 103. 123 
Harrington. Grave 90 
Harris, Allison 12, 14. 35. 50. 51. 103 

mde> Iby 

Hams. April 103. [15 

Harris. Heather 127 

Harris. James 45.95.103. 106. 126, 

127. 158 
Hams. John 90 
Harris. Spencer 49 
Harrison. Joseph 103 
Harrolle. Brenl 50. 103, 171 
Hartman. Sherri 37. 103 
Har\ey. Tammy 119. 136. 137.171 
Hamson. Melissa 56. 103. 116 
Hays. Elizabeth 35 
Hays. Peyton 31. 37. 103. 159 
Hazlip, Magruder 49. 145 
Hebert. Natalie 14. 69. 103 
Heise. Diana 95 
Hellfnch. Kathy 45 
Helms. Matt 23. 34. 49. 103. 145 
Henderson. Laurissa 49. 90 
Henderson. Tom 88. 92 
Henfhng. Randy 62 
Herbert. Natalie 127 
Heslin.Ann 103. 136. 137 
Hester. Michele 49 
Hicks. Roderick 62 
Highfill. Dick R. 92 
Highfill. Mike 76. 77 
Hill. Rebecca 57 
Hillman. Allan 41. 103 
Hilton. Troy 62.63 
Hinton. Brandi 38. 39. 103. 1 16. 122. 

Hoatland. J.W. 89, 91 
Hoban-Moore. Patricia 95 
Hobdy, Cedric 37. 75. 103. 116 
Hobson. Willie 37. 74. 75. 104 
Hoffman, Janine 73. SO. 91 
Hogg. Russell 159 
Hogue. Jane 104 
Holland. Paul 4. 116 
Holley, Melissa 104 
Holley. Michael 153 
Hollis. Bndget 37. 89. 104. 123 
Hollow a\. Helen Kay 95 
Holman. Janice 48 
Holman. RJioda 49 
Holton.Jed 49. 149 
Hooker. Amanda 33. 104. 123. 141 
Hooks. Steven 149 
Hoover, Jennifer 171 
Houston. Bronwen 104. 127, 166 
Howard. Jay 49 
Huard. Matt 62. 63. 104 
Hubiak. Theresa 122. 123 
Hudlow. Heidi 38. 39. 43. 64. 65. 82. 

104. 133 
Hudson. Shanell 35. 36. 37 
Hue. Tessa 18. 33. 127 
Huff. Ashley 104. 133 
Huff. Man 49 

Huggard. Blake 62. 104. 149 
Humphrey. Marilyn 42. 49. 104 
Hurley. Ashley 37. 89. 127 
Husband. Shannon 31, 104, 126. 127 
Hussey, Wiliam 49 
Hutchinson. Drew 67. 104. 145 
Hydinger. Tresslar 104. 132.133 
Hyko. Allison 89 
H\neman. Ann 12. 89 

Ingersoll. Julie 92 

Ingram. Ken 35. 62. 88. 91 

Ingram. Wesley 32. 35. 54. 63. 62. 

Irby . Yamina 49 

Irvin. Turkessa 10. 54. 89. 104. 130 
Isaac. Ronnie 62, 63 
Italiano. Regina 91 
Ivancic, Nikki 45. 104, 114 
Ivers. Leslie 91 
Ivy. Jermaine 22. 45. 98. 153 

Jacks. Tom 77. 149 

James. Ashton 104. 145 

Janicek. Matt 149 

Janisch. Jessica 38 

Jeffcoat. Ben 2. 38. 54. 77. 144. 145 

Jenkins. Allison 45 

Johnnie. Lillie 91 

Johns. Steven 78. 79. 104 

Johnson. Andrea 1 04 

Johnson. Bethany 50. 123 

Johnson. Chris 50, 104 

Johnson. Joshua 36. 37. 104. 142 

Johnson. Lee 66. 67. 85. 104. 145 

Johnson. Oscar 90 

Johnson. Percy 89 

Johnson. Rose 91 

Johnston. Patrick 29.45.47. 104. 

110. 173 
Jolly. Jason 33. 104. 144. 145 
Jones. Christy 104. 137 
Jones. David 77. 104. 149 
Jones. Emily 104. 127 
Jones. George 90 
Jones. Jennifer 6. 10. 30. 31. 33. 37, 

40.41.51. 127 
Jones. Knsty 51. 104. 123 
Jones. Mary Louise 92 
Jones. Thomas 11. 104. 153 
Jones. Tommie 90 
Jordan. J.C. 115 
Joseph. Alissa 65 
Joseph. Melissa 39. 95 
Joyner, Kristi 17. 23. 25. 104. 137 
Jumey. Ron 62. 63. 91 
Justice, Kelly 49. 104. 133 
Justice. Robert 39. 40 

Kahn. Robert 42.43.85. 116 

Kamenkovich. Asya 104. 127 

Kearney. Enck 89 

Keary. David 95 

Keller. Erin 104. 123 

Kellum. Jenny 32. 33. 51. 133 

Kelly. Barbara 90 

Kelly. Katie 13, 25. 104. 127 

Kbandker. Asif 92 

Kidd. John 104 

brian berryhill 

Kiel. Mark 77. 104. 145 

Kight. Lawrence 88. 92 

Kilgore. Jonathan 3. 9.45. 104. 158, 

Kilgore. Valerie 104. 127 
Killcreas. Amelia 37. 104 
Kimberlin. Erika 60. 104, 132, 133 
King. Allen 13. 45. 104 
King. Carey 127. 140 
King. Geoffrey 45. 57. 62. 80. 81. 105 
King. Robert 43 

King. Sam 31.37, 
King. Zane 37. 152. 153 
Kinzeler. Erin 11. 137 
Kirk. Alan 105. 153 
Kirk. Alden 145 

Klevan. Andrea 35. 68. 69. 98. 123 
Knight. Quincy 90 
Kopfler. Matt 149 
Kownslar, Edward 88. 95 

Lacallade. Janine 10. 44. 

45. 88. 133 
Lacouture. Susan 126. 127 
Ladner. Aaron 105. 145 
Lagarde. Andre 145 
Lalande. Ashley 

37. 78. 79. 83. 133 
Lamb. William B. 92 
Lambert. Joe 23. 77. 105 
Land. Stephanie 51. 102 
Lane. Laura 9. 45. 105. 133. 171 
Lang.Angie 105. 137 
Lang. Dana 91 
Lang. Joe 153 
Langley. Janet 49,90 
Largent. Mary 6. 31. 32. 40. 43. 54. 

93. 133 
Larsen. Carolee 40. 92 
Lassalle. Julie 105. 119. 137 
Laster. Alma 130 
Lauro. James 95 
Law. William 50 
Lawley. Baker 33. 41. 153 
Lawrence. Kirk 33. 141. 144. 145 
Lawyer. Govemer 91 
LeB lane. Jason 159. 174 
Lee. Kenny 142 
Lefavor. Brent 46. 93. 95 
Legendre. Nicole 42.51. 123 
Lehman. Wesley 105. 145 
Leinweber. Ashley 40. 105 
Leleux. Kyla 3. 89 
Lemmond, Rasa 22. 25. 34. 41. 46. 

105. 123 
Leon. Misty 33. 105. 123 
Lestage. David 144. 145 
Lewis, Frankie 90 
Lewis, Roberta 90 
Lewis. TW. 132 
Licata. Nick 148. 149 
Liggett, Vavra 1 05 
Liles. Bart 31. 105. 144. 145 
Linehan. Wayne 95 
Litkenhous. Brad 7. 9. 18. 19, 31, 

32.33.41. 102. 105. 158. 159 
Locklin. Jason 57.67. 109 
Logan. Daniel 145 
Lokitz. Stephen 38. 39. 41. 159 

nathan dickson 

Lonegrass. Mike 148. 149 

Long. Logan 49, 105. 145 

Long. Ralph 105 

Louis. Johnny 105 

Low. Elizabeth 49 

Low ery. John 105. 158. 159 

Luangphakdy. Vanh 57. 105 

Lucas. DeAnna 78. 79. 105.123 

Luckett. Johny 90 

Luckett, Raymond 90 

Ludlow, Emih 65. 105. 133 

Lum. Dennis 89 

Lumm. George 62. 63. 106. 145 

Lutton. Susan 27. 36. 49. 106 

Lynch. Mark 95 

Lvtton. William 35. 64. 65.67.91 

MacMaster. Anne 95 

Madakasira. Anita 23, 36. 39.56. 137 

Maddox. Rusti 98. 106. 127.166 

Maestri. Scott 152. 153 

Magargee. Jill 51. 106. 137 

Magee. Dwayne 91 

Magee. Stan 32. 171 

Maisel, Julie 95 

Maiure. David 2 

Makey. Ian 41. 67. 78. 106. 145 

Malouf. Charlie 62. 63. 82. 106. 153 

Malpass. Kelly 27. 35. 37. 106. 123 

Mangrum. Minn 31. 39. 106. 123 

Mann. Debora 92. 116 

Manney. Ed 89 

Manuel. Leslie 22. 106. 123 

Marcum. Mitchell 144. 145 

Mareno, Susan 37. 106. 133 

Markham. Kathenne 98. 106. 133 

Markley. Mary 90.91 

Marrs. Suzanne 95 

Marsh. Memtt 37. 106 

Marshall. Annah 45. 106 

Marshall. Jim 33. 106. 145. 167 

Martin. Ashley 46. 98. 106. 127 

Martin. Carole 89 

Martin. Georgianna 37. 106. 123. 

Martin. Jeanne 45. 106. 127 
Martin. Jonathan 46. 47. 145 
Martin. Kedra 60 

Mashbum. Hannah 45. 106. 109. 136 
Massey. Darrick 49. 75. 106 
Matheny. Justin 145 
Matsuoka. Ryo 106 
Matthews, Jennifer 123 

May, Lindsey 106 

May. Walter 35. 106. 159 

Mayfield. Dee 107 

McAtee, Sarah 26. 45. 57. 107 

McCain. Bonnie 90. 91 

McCain. Cod) 20. 76. 77. 107. IA 

McCall. Mike 39 

McCarley. Robert 92, 93 

McCarty. John 92 

McClain. Jim 145 

McClellan. Amy 107. 127 

McCord. Stephen 145 

McCormick. Laun 32. 33. 35. 41. 51 

54. 107. 137 
McCown. Michael 107. 153 
McCoy. Evelyn 90 
McCraw. Amber 49 
McDaniel. Olivia 73. 107 
McDonald. Jason 27. 50. 88. 98. 107 
McDonnell. Ashley 6. 49. 54. 1 33 
McDow.Anna 79. 107. 12.3 
McElvaine, Robert 41.92 
McElwee. Ginger 30. 107. 123 
McGaw. Katie 107. 127 
McGregor. April 22. 35. 62. 72. 73, 8: 
McGuire. Sarah Lea 31,92.95 
Mcintosh. Debra 88 
McKay. Nancy 90 
McKee. Katharine 107. 127 
McKenzie. Mike 62. 63 
McKenzie. Trinity 23.38.62. 107. 153 
McKeown. James 2. 93. 95 
McKinms. Samantha 107. 123 
McLaughlin. Matthew 5. 107. 114. 

144. 145 
McLean. Christopher 159.173 
McLellan. Tara 31.32. 41. 46. 51 
McMahon. Kevin 107 
McManus. Jason 30. 31. 32. 37. 39. 

107. 145 
McMullan. Cnssie 21. 37. 107. 109. 

126. 127 
McMullen, Austin 43 
McNames. Ray 62. 107 
McNeal. Derrick 31. 37. 62. 107. 118. 

141. 159 
McNeil. Janice 49. 89 
McNeil. Katherine 49 
McNeil. Sarah Kathenne 18. 107. 

122. 123 
McNichols. O.J. 107. 173 
Meadows. Aaron 62. 107 


Meadows. Mary 10. 51, 132. 133 
Means. Brian 37. 39, 107 
Measells. John Michael 67 
Meinerl. Margaret 49 
Mendoza. Britt 

3, 32, 45, 49. 51, 102. 107. 158. 159 
Metcalf, Joy 

26. 35. 37. 89. 132. 133 
Melzler. Heather 107 
Meza. Lisa 17. 35. 37. 107. 133 
Mezzell.Ann 107. 137 
Michaels. Ron 49 
Middleion. Jeanne 93 
Miles. Jaime 16. 26.69. 123.140 
Miles. Ryan 

7. 31. 35. 51. 62. 101. 107. 113. 159 
Miller. Anne 39. 79. 133. 173 
Miller. Beth 37, 73 
Miller, Carey 18. 50. 107 
Miller, Chad 41, 107. 153 
Miller. George 1 74 
Miller. Georgia 93 
Miller, Greg 93 
Miller. Jennifer 173 
Miller. Lee 91 
Miller. Wayne 89 
Mills. Gabnelle 101. 107 
Millsaps, Lucy Webb 93 
Millsaps. Major 60 
Milnor. Jesse 107. 141. 152. 153 
Minor. Anne 49. 123 
Misener, Seth 31. 107 
Mistretta. David 62. 149 
Mitchell, Jeff 37. 77. 82. 107. 113. 149 
Mitchell. Jennifer 101 
Mitchell. Lamar 43 
Mitchell. Matt 75. 78. 91 
Mitchell. Molly 31. 107. 132. 133 
Mitchell. Venita 9. 32. 33. 51 
Mitias. Marcus 107 
Mitias, Michael H. 93 
Miyamoto. Ryuta 46, 107 
Moak. Elizabeth 42. 43. 93 
Moffett. David 107 
Molinaro, Lucy 88, 91 
Montgomery, Linda 91 
Montgomery. Robert 89, 91 
Moore, Charles H. 40, 93 
Moore. Laura 13, 45, 54, 106, 107. 

Moore, Michelle 45. 126. 127 
VIoore, Miranda 126. 127 

Moore. Nathan 42 

Moran. Mark 50 

Morgan, Claire 50. 107. 123 

Morgan. Dana 107. 109. 127 

Morgan. Malt 145 

Morris. Leyser 120 

Morrison. Carla 29. 45. 47. 108. 123 

Morrison, Robbie 67, 108, 145 

Morrison. Thomas 95 

Morron. Clare 127 

Mortimer. Mary Love 57. 123 

Mouton. Catherine 14. 35. 36. 37. 45. 

Mouton. Thomas 33. 153 

Newel. Wilbert 89 

Newsom. Clint 38. 77. 108, 149 

Ngo.Vinh 37, 39. 108 

Nguyen. An 108 

Nicholas. Amanda 37.39. 108 

Nichols. Allison 127 

Nichols. Eartis 89 

Nichols. Jack 156 

Nichols. Todd 80. 117. 145 

Nieto. Rudy 108. 116. 148. 149 

Niolet, Kim 21. 29. 32, 33. 38. 51. 

108. 122. 123. 171 
Nobel. Will 49 
Noble. Nash 93 

toby gibson, patrick anderson, tim tench, bolton flautt 

Moyse. Ferd 1 56 

Mozingo. Charlie 35. 108. 145 

Munshi. Natasha 49 

Myers. John 43 

Myers. Latova 1 30 

Nations. Dawn 88 

Navarre. Eric 1 1 8 

Neely, Andrew 78, 156 

Neely, Danny 91 

Neely, Walter 95 

Neese, Tim 77. 108. 149 

Nelson. Anna 108. 123 

Nelson, Ben 88, 91 

Nelson, Clay 39, 62. 82. 108. 145 

Nelson, Michael 108 

Nerms. Floy 90 

Neuroth. Heather 6. 7. 32. 33. 85. 123 

Nevins. Bob 38. 93. 94. 95 

georgianna martin, madelyn fancher 

Noble. Trace 43 
Noel. William 108 
Nonnenmacher. Ben 32. 159 
Nooe. Marion 95 
Norton. Brian 21. 153 
Nunnery. Rosanne 49. 108 
Nye, Jana 33. 37. 127 

O'Beirne. Meg 35. 39. 97. 108. 133 
O'Brien. Chris 20. 33. 158. 159 
O'Bryant. Jessie 108 
O'Dell, Andrew 3. 26, 38. 43. 45. 

51.57. 108 
Odom. Jeremy 36. 108 
Ogden. Rob 108 
Oglesby. Judy 88, 91. 171 
O'Kelly, Amanda 43 
Oliver. Rhonda 108 
Olivia, Leanora 95 
Olivier, Emily 42. 108. 109. 116 
Omo-Bare. Iren 40. 95. 173 
O'Neal. Erin 37.70. 133 
Ortego, Olivia 108 
Osborn.Amy 106. 108 
Oscar. Jacklyn 90 
Oseman. Stephen 145 
Ostenrude. Martha 136, 137 
Oswald. Tanya 35. 38. 39. 54. 108. 137 
Otis, Jason 108, 156 
Owen. Tyler 14. 108, 156 
Owens. Melinda 49 

Pace. Kimberly 3 1 . 32, 33, 45, 93. 

108, 133. 171 
Pace, Murray 65, 133 
Paduda, Mickey 24, 30, 31. 32. 33. 

49, 108. 158. 159 
Page. Jim 59. 71.77, 91 
Page, Judith 87, 93, 95 
Palmer, Amy 47. 133 
Palmer. Lena 8. 9, 33. 40. 51, 108, 

136. 137. 140 
Palmer, Owen 3, 45, 108 
Papa, Mary Catherine 26, 133 
Parker. Connie 91 
Parker, Gretchen 90 
Parker, Hugh 87.93 
Parks. Jim 31. 88. 93 

Parsley. Jason 62, 63, 77. 149 

Patel. Darsil 108 

Patel, Nital 108. 137 

Patterson. Adam 35. 105. 108. 159 

Paulson. Jay 42, 116. 153 

Paxton. Crissy 97, 108. 133 

Payne, Angela 37, 108, 137 

Payne. Jason 82. 108. 153 

Payne. Kristena 108 

Pearce. Kate 21. 26. 31. 65. 108. 132, 

133. 171 
Pedersen. Erica 89. 108, 133 
Peede, Jon 88 

Pennebaker. Leigh 46. 102. 11)8 
Peoples. Emily IDS 
Perkins, Betsy 109 
Perkins. Jayne 32 
Perkins, Jessica 70, 109. 127 
Perry, Tracy 49.80.81. 109. 123, 140 
Pesson, Hillary 23. 79. 109, 127 
Petty, Michael 76, 77. 153 
Peyton. Jon 49. 75, 109. 149 
Phelps, Kelly 109 
Phelps. Raymond 95 
Phillips. Derindea 48 
Phillips. Elizabeth 1 23 
Phillips, Ashley 9. 31.32. 33, 39. 4 1 , 

122, 123 
Phillips. Josh 38. 109 
Pierce. Cary 62. 109. 111). 15') 
Pierce. Dana 10') 
Pilgrim. John 87 
Poindexter. Detavia 120 
Polk. Candice 109 
Pollard. Beau 62. 63. 76. 77. 149 
Ponder. Brian 43 
Pool. Chris 77. 109. 149 
Poole. Gillian 109. 123 
Post. Mark 1 1 5 
Pouncey. Melanie 26. 109 
Powell. April Id 1 ) 
Powell. Davis 109. 140 
Powers, Kate 123. 140 
Prejean, Mary Frances 109.132, 133 
Prenshaw. Penelope 95 
Presson. Jaudon 49 
Primeaux, Aimee 54. 127 
Proctor, Matt 20. 62. 109. [59 
Pryor, Shannon 109. 123 
Pugh, Jason 1 59 

Pullen, Sandi 32, 43, 51. 88. 109. 171 
Purser, Jimmie 95 

Quinn. Robert 43. 93 




Rambin. Mary Alice 43. 45. 109. 1 lh. 

Ranck. Caroline 37. 45 
Randall. Chris 35. 109. 
Randazzo. Amy 5. 36. 
Randman. Bennett 95 
Rao, Bnnda 1 10 
Raphael. Bill 62 
Ray. Darby 93 
Ray, Donald 87 
Ray, Michael 56. 62. 82. 
Ray, Starlight 38. 110. 
Ray, Stephanie 110 
Rayburn, Harry 2. 4 1 . 55. 66, 67, 

110, 145 
Read. Brooke 137 
Reddoch. Jason 1 10, 156 
Redmann, Kevin 35. 110 
Redmond. Daniel 56, 110 
Reed. Ashley 110. 133 
Reed. Caretta 49 
Reed. H. Ricky 95 
Reed. Rebecca 9. 110. 133. 141 



Reeves, Todd 8. 18, 26, 31, 32, 33, 34, 
35.41.43. 55,62. 110. 144. 145 

Reminger. Hadley 142 

Remley, Russell 153. 166 

Reyes, Elaine 14. 25. 110. 126. 127 

Reynolds. Jeremy 78. 79 

Reynolds. Stacy 24. 40. 109, 110, 
126. 127 

Rezk. Han> 110 

Rhodes, Carolyn 90 

Rhodes, Greg 66. 67. lit). 145 

Rhymes, Mia 5 

Rhymes. Sandy 171 

Rich, Jason 111) 

Richardson, Gordon 74. 75. 110 

Richardson. Kevin 16 

Richardson. Mary Ann 91 

Richie. Sarah 110. 123 

Ricks. Patsy 95 

Rideau.Alex 173 

Rideau. Errol 173 

Riley. Blaine 62. 149 

Rimes. Josh 78, 1 10. 145 

Rinta. Elise 42, 49. 1 7 1 

Rish, Kellie 35, 45. 133. 173 

Robbms, Kathleen 47. 1 33 

Roberson. Anne 31. 37. 111). 123 

Robert. Jon 66. 67 

Roberts. Erin 37 

Roberts. Katie 111. 127 

Robertson. Christy 31.41.49. 111. 137 

Robinson, Sarah 111, 133 

Roeling. Jamie 20. 51, 69. 91 

Rogers. Brad 1 1 1 

Rogers, Elizabeth 111. 

Rogers. Jennifer 19. 33.41. 133 

Rogers. Shannon 43 

Rohrberger. Taylor 145 

Rose. Missy 22. 45. 123 

Jennifer arnold 

Rota. Lisa 79. 111. 133. 170 

Rountree. Rusty 159 

Roussel. Stacy 35. 73. 111. 116 

Roy, Ryan 56 

Royappa, Andrew V. 18, 94 

Royappa. Sudha 95 

Ruggles, Jason 6. 26. III. 1 56 

Russell, David 90 

Russell. Duslin 111. 148. 149 

Russell, John 78.79. 111. 148. 149 

Russell, Kevin 87. 88. 94 

Russell, Matt 98. 153 

Russell, Nathan 77, 149 

Russell. Tim 1 1 1 

Ruvinsky. Alicia 173 

Ryan. Roland 49 

Saad. Nicole 46, 47,93 

Sabau. Robert 75. 145 

Sallis. Charles 32. 41. 43. 94. 122 



Sallis, Harrylyn 1 2. 32. 49. 87. 90. 94 
Salvaggio, Mark 50. 1 1 1 
Samples. Diane 88. 171 
Samples. Joe Don 62.91 
Sams. Leah 9, 98. Ill, 123 
Sanders, Bradley 11,31,32.43,111, 

Sanders. Bridgett 33, 1 1 1 
Sanders. Jennifer 1 1 1 
Sanders. Melvin 62 
Sandhu. Soma I 1 1 
Sandslrum, John 88. 94 
Sanford. Tricia 49. Ill 
Sarglepp, Margus 3. 36. 42, 45. 1 1 1 
Savell, Lorn 33, 101. 111. 126. 127 
Sawase, Yasuko 1 1 1 
Sawyers. Eleace 49 
Scales, Charlie 3, 37. 45. 67. 1 1 1. 145 
Schambach. Robin 49, 1 1 1 
Scherer. Mandy 132. 133, 140 
Schimmel, Connie 95 
Schrader. Melanie 39, 111. 122. 123 
Schrader. Edward 87. 94 
Schumacher. Julie 29. 35, 39, 123 
Schwalenberg. Taylor 1 1 1 
Schwartz. Donald 94 
Scott. Steven 31, 32. Ill 
Scruggs. Lindsey 111.127 
Seals. Catrice 36. 37 
Segrest, Hudson Ill, 

118. 158. 159 
Selvidge, Marshall 37. 1 1 1 
Sethi. Sunny 33. 153 
Seto. Christina 39, 1 1 1 
Sharpe, Rhett 140. 145 
Shaver. Katie 111, 127 
Shearer. Jan 79. 127 
Sheehan. Katie 132, 133 
Sheehan. Timothy 67. 111. 145 
Sheldon, Cassie 1 8. 33. 37. 5 1 . 111. 

132. 133 
Shell, Briton 95 
Shelton. Anna 111, 137 
Shelton, Knsten 35 
Shirley, Steve 66, 67, 149 
Shive. Robert 31,94 
Shull. Mary Catherine 13. 16. 18, 19, 

35. Ill, 133, 140 
Siegal. Lisa 95 
Siegal. Vanessa 49 
Sigur. Jessica 1 1 1 

Sill. Drew,81. 111. 159 
Simmons. Catherine 55. 133 
Simon. Brit 45 
Skinner. Cowboy 82. 90.91 
Skrnner. Rowland 62. 76, 77. 82. 111. 

Skipper. Julie 60. 111. 127 
Slay, Wes 62, 149 
Slayden. April 1 8. 25. 3 1 , 37, 4 1 . 65. 

82. 109, II I. 114. 123 
Sloan, Nancy 93, 111, 133 
Smith, Alexia 3,38, 133, 140 
Smith, Amy 31.32,41,55,89,123 
Smith, Elise 37, 94 
Smith, Harold 62 

Smith. Jenny 111, 171 

Smith. Marc 66. 67. 89. 112 

Smith, Mark 112 

Smith, Mitch 62 

Smith, Phillip 112 

Smith, Richard 31, 41, 87.94 

Smith, Steven 94,95 

Smith, Warren 101 

Smith-Pinter. Stephanie 112 

Snead. Kara 112, 133 

Sneed. David 31,32,36,87,91, 171 

Sneider. Chris 38, 145 

Sonnier, Caroline 72. 73. 83. 112. 133 

Sonnier, Evangeline 112. 137 

Sood. Harpreet 23. 36. 38. 39. 55 

Sood. Nidhi 112. 137 

Sood. Preeti 1 37 

Spaulding. Sarah 35, 112. 133 

Spitzer. Daniel 95 

Spolts, Sirena 37. 73 

Spratt, Sean 112, 148, 149 

Stamps. Lauren 

31, 35. 37, 112. 123 
Stars, Mark 112, 145 
Stauffer, Caroline 17,27,51. 112. 

Steele. Margaret I 30 
Steelman, Will 62. 112. 117. 145 
Stegall, Bill 112. 153, 166 
Stensaas, Kristina 95 
Stephens, Ricky 20.51. 153 
Sterling, Melissa 39. 57. 112 
Stevens. Kandi 24. 109. 112. 113, 

126. 127 
Stevens. Laura 35 
Stewart, Earl 90 
Stewart. Ruth 88 
Stewart, Taryn 112 
Still, Chris 112, 153 
Stine, Jason 50. 1 1 2 
Stockton. Alisha 1 1 2 
Stokes, Jami 112, 127 
Stout. Paul 77. 82, 149 
Streetman, Morgan 51, 112. 116. 145 
Strickland, Ashley 126, 127 
Stringfellow, Amanda 112. 116,123 
Stroud. John 75. 91 
Stuntz. Lon 37. 112. 137 
Suane, Shantelle 10, 12, 31, 37, 120 
Sudduth, Kelly 30.33, 112. 133. 140 
Suggs. John 13. 19. 20. 26. 40. 42. 

45,89. 153 
Suggs. Ricky 19 
Sula. Adnenne Elise 112 
Sullenberger. Alison 37. 101. 112. 133 
Sullins. D.J. 112 
Sullivan. Donald 89 
Sullivan, Heather 27, 35. 112. 123 
Sullivan. Tracy 94 
Sulser, Ashley 37, 46. 88. 112. 123 
Summerford. Helen 39, 122, 123 
Sumrall. Anita 56. 89 
Sumrall, Richie 112, 140. 145 
Surber, Theresa 90 
Surovvka. Agnes 112, 137 
Sutherland. Katie 49. 51, 112. 133 

Swearmgen. Charles 39. 153 
Sweat. Jonathan 94 
Sweeney, Adam 22, 67, 112 
Sweeney, John 145 
Sylvester, Nicole 68, 69. 112 

Taban, Hoofar 1 1 2 

Talluto, Carla 126 

Talyor, Holly 123 

Taylor. Ann 112 

Taylor. Camilla 7. 127 

Taylor. Charlie 51. 98, 153 

Taylor. Melissa 51 

Taylor, Pat 32. 43. 94. 136 

Taylor. Susan 95 

Tays. Allison 43 

Teasley, Otis 89 

Temple, Kim 112, 137 

Tench, Tim 16, 62. 112. 149.169 

Thigpen, Bud 91 

Thomas, Jessica 112. 127 

Thomas. Kenneth 37. 112. 116 

Thompson. Cara 123 

Thompson, Gregory 113 

Thompson. James 46, 113 

Thompson. Paul 101. 113 

Thorton. Missy 25. 133 

Thune, Carrie 10, 15. 43. 45. 65. 113. 

126. 127 
Thurston. Tina 95 
Tjeng. Vivian 36 
Toaster. Christopher 49, 142 
Tolar. Jarred 62, 113. 159 
Toledano, Reagan 21. 113. 148,149 
Touchstone, David 41 
Townsend. Dwayne 80 
Trotter. Joycelyn 88 
Trotter, Winston T. 142 
Tsui, Ming 95. 117 
Tucker, Theresa 9 1 
Tucker. Uvon 45 
Turner. April 1 13 
Turner. James 95 
Tumipseed, Amy 31,49,51. 113. 

Turpin. Tiffany 113 

Unger, Leslie 45. 97, 113, 133 

Valentine, Courtney 20. 113. 126. 

127, 140 
Valentine, Lee 113 
Vandiver, Betsy 45. 127. 140 
Vamado, Abby 113. 123 
Vasamsetti. Prasad 40, 113, 140, 159 
Vaughn. Marlys 95 
Venator. Edmond 94. 173 

Veum. Mick 43. 51. 94 
Vincent. Ryan 11,23.37.46, 113. 
140. 159. 171 

Waddlmgton. Mary Clay 43. 45. 122. 

Wade. Michael 33. 105. 106. 113. 

116. 153 
Wagner, Holly 90, 91 
Wahrle. Suzanne 31.37.38. 55. 113 
Walberg. Lane 76. 77 
Walker. Brandi 12. 33. 60, 61, 120 
Walker, Carlis 88 
Walker. Dan 31. 32. 33. 49. 113. 144. 

Walker, Drew 106, 113. 116. 145 
Walker. Dustin 62 
Walker. Ken 45.56. 113 
Walker. Robert 30. 144.145 
Wallace. Joy 46 
Wallace. Zack 74. 75. 113 
Wallm. Leah 114. 123 
Walsh, Kelly 12.39,98, 114, 126, 127 
Waltman. Chad 91 
Walton. Earnest 91 
Walton. Tyler 33.80.81. 114. 144. 145 
Wang. Joe 114 
Wang. Julie 38. 45. 114 
Wankerl, Isaac 15. 114. 153 
Ward, Greg 77 
Ward, Peter 95 
Ward, Rob 114. 140. 145 
Ward. Ryan 77 
Ward. Timothy J 94 
Wardlaw. Aimee 114 
Warren. Cleotha 91 
Wanren. Earnest 88 
Warren. Elizabeth 43 
Warren. Sanford 49. 94 
Warren. Stacy 37.46, 79. 114. 123. 140 
Warriner, Elizabeth 37, 44,45, 123 

isa rota 

Washington, Alicia 5. 37, 114 
Washington, Chad 114. 159 
Washington. Rochelle 89 
Watkins. Mary 90 
Watson, Ben 43 

Webre. Erin 12, 114. 126. 127 
Weeks, Patsy 90 
Weir. Therese 43. 114. 123. 140 
Wells, Larry 47, 90 
Wenlzell, Melissa 114 
West. Barbara 88 
West. Beth 12. 51. 114. 127 
West. Mary 37. 114 
White, Amy 37, 43,89, 114, 127 
White, Doug 43 

White. Jared 37. 62. 1 14. 1 15. 1 18. 159 
White. Rachelle 37. 56. 114. 123 
White, Rhonda 31, 33, 38, 1 14. 126, 
127, 140. 171 

Whitfield. Johnnie-Marie 39. 94 

Whitfield, Lindsay 45,47,51. 114, 

Whitney, Lisa 95 
Wick. Darren 41.43,51,94 
Wien. Emilie 70. 95. 115 
Wikle, Will 26, 31, 35, 51, 115. 145 
Wilburn, Sherryl 36, 37. 88, 91 
Wilkinson, David 89 
Wilkinson, Shayne 89 
Wilkinson. Tim 89 
Williams, Amanda 39. 123 
Williams. Betsy 123 
Williams. Billy 62. 145. 149 
Williams. Brian 33.38.51. 115. 145 
Williams. Cat 26 
Williams. Cheryl 115 
Williams. Donald 62. 159 
Williams. Floyd 142 
Williams. Johnny 90 
Williams. Lauren 31.41. 43. 49. 55. 

115, 133 
Williams, Mel 91 
Williams, Sally 8. 115, 133 
Williamson, Floyd 142 
Williamson, Georgia 51, 101, 115. 127 j 
Willis. Judy 88 
Wilson, Austin 41. 95 
Wilson, Kevin 33. 55.59. 76. 77. 114. 

115. 145 
Wingo. Kara 27. 45. 122 
Winston. Gwynelh 171 
Wise, Deanna 57,97,115. 133 
Wise, Jonathan 62.77. 153 
Wit. Gary 153 
Witt. Benjamin 43. 115 
Womac. Corbin 6, 21, 62, 106, 149 
Womack. Susan 90 
Wood. Amanda 115, 137. 173 
Woodall. Erica 31, 37, 38. 51.115. 

127. 140. 171 
Woodard. Susan 95 
Woodling, Kelhe 101. 137 
Woods, Alex 90. 91 
Woods, Brian 37 
Woods, Jason 37 
Woodward, David 91 
Woodward, Jack 87. 89 
Woodward. Jacob 1 1 5 
Woodward, Nelda 90 
Worthington. Ethan 115 
Wynn. Marianne 46 

Yamada, Yoshinon 1 1 5 
Yasinski, Stephanie 7.49. 126. 127 
Yasumoto. Hideki 22. 46, 115 
Yeager, Rebekah 25. 123 
Yelverton. Joey 89 
Young. Barbara 88 
Young. Chad 115. 153 
Young, Elaine 49, 55. 115 
Young. Mandy 69. 1 23 
Young. Sarah 115. 133 

Zale. Sanford 41. 94 
Zimmermann. Grell 33. 35. 70. 1 15. 
123. 140 



fk , * 1 Wf t T:'.' i 

» 1 


j -J fcjtf^ 


• #i ■* 


P * * i 





^L~. . .rfSc*. 

»j5»* £ :. 

8j TTiiimi 

candace Carlisle 

staff: (fron/j katye brarton, erica woodall, kate pearce, rhonda white, [bade] ashley bass, tammy harvey, kirn 
niolet, brooks brower, laura lane, jenny cherryhomes 

bnan berryhill, brent harrolle 

rhonda white, editor-in-chief 
ashley bass, assistant editor 
erica woodall, assistant editor 

stan magee, adviser 
katye bratton, publications office assistant 

jenny cherryhomes, student life section editor 

brooks brower, activities section editor 

kate pearce, athletics section editor 

tammy harvey, people section editor 

kirn niolet, greek section editor 

laura lane, index editor 

advertising coordinator, coreyford 

advertising staff: 

katye bratton 

kirn pace 

sandi pullen 

elise rinta, photo editor 


brian berryhill 

candace Carlisle 

brent harrolle 

ryan vincent 

contributing staff: 

carlen bailey, michael barhamjunkofukuma, 

michelle gueringer, jenny smith 

special thanks to: 

Julia brewer 

judy oglesby 

dean sneed 

sandy rhymes 

everyone else in student affairs 

diane samples 


everyone in the business office 

Jennifer hoover 

gwyneth Winston 



elam consulting 

graduate supply house 

yearbook staff 1J1 

b^A Am 


Sherry Guynes 


Graduation Procession 

Caroline Ellender, Duane Fewell, Amber Edwards 

Dr Venator 

Hodding Carter 

Errol Rideau, Alex Rideau 

Heather Gannaway 

Hats Off 

Jennifer Miller, Anne Miller, OJ. McNichols, Christopher McLean 


brooke duqqer 

summer beech 

iason leblanc 

a rekindled rivalry was announced in april between 
millsaps and mississippi college after more than 38 years 
without athletic competition, a contribution of $3 million 
by the gertrude c. ford foundation will be used to help 
fund the construction of the new campus life complex and 
the rennovation of the boyd campbell student center, 
dr. george m. miller, president and ceo of the united 
methodist foundation for christian higher education, 
spoke at the baccalaureate service, commencement 
drew everyone together for a final time where dr. 
hodding carter, III, an award winning newspaper and 
television journalist, addressed graduating seniors, their 
families and friends, members of the community and 
millsaps faculty and staff. 

I / 




■ •■• 

- ■