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Q. . SL 

r 5215^. 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation 


Millsaps College 

1 701 North State Street 

Jackson, MS 3921 

601 .974.1000 

Volume 91 

There was a child went forth every clay, 

And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became, 

And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day. 

Or for many years or stretching cycles of years. 

Walt Whitman, fronY'There Was a Child Went Forth" 



The alma mater playing at 9:00 p.m. on 
the Bell Tower . . . the graduation 
processional through the Bowl . . . the 
commotion of freshman move-in day . . . 
meeting your Perspectives leaders for the 
first time . . . hearing the constant sounds 
of progress at the construction site . . . 
finding a Tap Day slip in your box . . . 
seeing the white table cloths in the caf . . . 
long Heritage lectures on Wednesday 
afternoons . . . cookies after mass . . . the 
first bloom of the azaleas . . . the maze of 
the bookstore . . . walking in the Bowl 
without shoes . . . getting caught in the 
sprinklers . . . outdoor classes at the M 
Bench . . . praying for graduation and 
then hoping it will never end. 

|| MVNS |M II 





> v 



Take Note 

Studying in the Bowl on a 
nice day : Q} Major 
Productions events ... 
Multicultural Festival, with 
the dancers and the colorful 
fashion show in the Bowl ... 
Squirrels everywhere % 
Hanging out by the "cancer 
tree" J§? Playing frisbee 
between Ezelle and New 
South <^ The cats that are 
always around \i Potholes 
on the south side of campus ... seth 
Thursday night parties on 
Fraternity Row giiij Study 
groups in the Atrium^ 
Basketball on the Galloway 
courts ... The Belltower fir 

Mandy Hooker, 

Mark Chandler, Michael Wotets, Rosa lemmond 

student life 


Jenno Spears, Martho Ostenrude 

Brian Dunkel 

The background to life 
in the bubble 

How important was the academic 
aspect of Millsaps life to you? 

I'm a pre-med focus, so I spend a lot of 
my time studying. I really hope all this 
studying pays off and I get into med 
school! My senior year was fun, but it was 
a lot of hard work. 

Marin Dawson 

What was the hardest part of making 
the climb up "the wall?" 

It was kind of hard to keep my balance, 
and the grips were a little soft. I'm a part 
of the Major Productions team, and we 
just thought it would be a good study 
break for a Friday afternoon. If only all of 
school were so fun . . . 

Ryan Vincent 

How did you get involved in the 
Multicultural Festival, and what did 
you enjoy most about it? 

/ was taking lessons from Jim Frachette 
at Dance Connection. His partner didn 't 
show for the Multicultural Festival, so I 
had to fill in. Since I'm so into dancing, 
watching all the different kinds of 
dancing and participating were the best 
parts of the festival. 

Jennifer Hicks 

inside the bubble 

Take Note 

Meeting your roommate for 

the first time . . . Moving 

everything into the dorm 

during the hot weather $$g 

Trying to install Kermit on 

your computer 5 Back to 

School party at the Ag 

Museum ^ The first night 

out after the summer when 

you see all of your friends . . 

Perspectives leaders -^ 

Standing in long lines ... 

Buying books $ New 

students competing against v.UlXl-' 

each other at the Freshman 

Olympics 9 First day of 

classes ^ The first hall 

meeting with your R.A. 

JH&j ^^|^H 

I J ■ 1 

W v 1 ; i 

^m A 


Bart Ules, fnco France, Cossie Sheldon, Emily Mernman 



Jennifer Hicks 

Jason Reddoch, Erica Pedersen, Shelly Byrd, Brian Berthiaume, 

hod Woshin 


L j 




^M ' w 


1 m ■".>' 

John Russell, Locke Bryan, David Fontenot, Dean Sneed 

Jean Clifton, Korie Clegg, Mollory losch, Melissa Quinn, Byron Cooper, Joeso Mclin, Jane Buck 

student life 




ine Hord 

Kimbefly Huff, Jennifer Rogers 


Meeting new people - 
checking in - getting started 

Were the Freshman Olympics a good 
experience for you? What was the 
best part? 

Yes, it was wonderful! Freshman 
Olympics was the First time that the 
freshman guys and girls were really 
interacting with each other. It was great 

Kolie Wegner 

Speaking as a residential assistant, 
what was it like to be on the other 
side of move-in day? 

As an R.A. we were kept quite busy 
checking people in and answering various 
questions. Move-in day is usually a very 
hectic time, but this year it seemed to run 
more smoothly and was more organized. 

Shelly Byrd 

What did you consider to be the best 
or worst part about moving into the 

The best thing about moving to school 
was doing whatever I wanted to do 
whenever I wanted to do it. Moving all of 
my things into the dorm wasn 7 really 
that bad. 

Charles Barnewold 

getting started 

Take Note 

Midtown in the spring and 
the fall j£^| Santa Shoestring 
with Don Fortenberry as 
Santa Claus *f The annual 
Habitat Shack-A-Thon x^ 
in the Eckerd's parking lot... 
Chi Omega Walk-A-Thon to 
raise money for breast 
cancer research X Tri 
Delta hosting their Delta 
Underground during Family 
Weekend ft ft Americorps 
tutoring ... Kappa Delta 
Shamrock Project dp at Bay 
Pointe Country Club ... 
Serving at ^ Stewpot 


[▼ -*f m~ 







Jenny Chenyhomes, Jessico Perkins 

Amy Brozdo. Courtney Chostain, Caroline Stoufter, Mono Anzolo 

Lauren Gardes, Bronwen Houston 

Bradley Bennett 

Patrick "Santo" Lowery 

Jessico Thomas, Shannon Husband 

Shelley Homgill 

student life 

Stocey Ainett, Voughon Jinks 


Lending a hand 
to the outside world 

What was the Angel Tree, and why 
did you choose to get involved? 

A . Besides helping those in need, the most 
rewarding aspect of community service is 
seeing the enthusiasm of other students 
becoming involved in campus projects. 
This Christinas, Millsaps students, faculty, 
and staff adopted over seventy children 
from the annual Salvation Army Angel 
Tree which was sponsored by Circle K. 

Peyton Hays 

What was your favorite community 
service event this year, and why did 
you enjoy it so much? 

Santa Shoestring was my favorite 
community service activity this year by 
far. The kids were hilarious, and I had a 
great time with them. I also loved getting 
the chance to participate in a service 
activity that brought people from all over 
our campus together. 

Mandi Wallis 

Why did you participate in 
philanthropy events? 

Participating in campus-wide service 
projects such as Midtown and Shoestring 
has always been rewarding for me. 
Perhaps the best part, however, is 
spending time with Millsaps students 
outside of our normal stratified 

Adele Dauphin 

helping others 


\ A 


Br < i^ 




Reunion weekend draws 
campus together 

What were your impressions of your 
first Millsaps Homecoming? 

A . Homecoming this year was so much fun. I 
loved every 'thing about it: the tailgating, 
the crowd, the presentation of the court 
at halftime. It was so great to cheer at 
my first college homecoming; then 
everything else just came together. 

Maria Anzola 

What did it feel like to sit in the 
crowd at the football game? 

. Well, I guess that the crowd was radiating 
excitement. The football game was so 
intense. What I remember most was all 
of us yelling into the megaphone for the 
team and then yelling at the other team 
and making fun of them. 

Rich Caminita 

What was it like to be crowned queen 
of the Homecoming Court? 

. My family made Homecoming a 
wonderful event for me. Being named 
Homecoming Queen was simply the icing 
on the cake. 

Katye Bratton 






— -i ' " 

Wes Ingram 

KoTe England, Taryn Stewart, Colette Raboi 


Andrea Miller, Marc Smith, Jenny Allred 

Pre-gome activities in the Bowl 

student life 

Take Note 

Homecoming football game 
against the Trinity Tigers '^ 

The first nighttime football 
game (^ Different groups 
competing for an award for 
most spirirted ^h- The new 
wooden decks for football 
spectators ... Run D.M.C. 
at the Ag Museum ey 
Motown Downtown at the 
Old Capitol Inn jg| Senior 
Katye Bratton crowned 
Homecoming Queen at 
halftime ^f Tailgating with 
family and friends *?Q| 
Major Impressions dance 
routine ... The Singers 
performing the National 
Anthem ^f 

Football teom 

The Major 



A weekend of food, 
music, dancing, and fun 

Who was to blame for all of the 
whipped cream covering you? 

A . Chi Omega was to blame for the new line 
of mousse in my hair. Here I was 
volunteering my face for our pie toss and 
ended up covered in whipped cream! 
Thank goodness there was a dunking 
booth to rinse off in! 

Andrea Klevan 

Did your cafeteria dining experience 
change during Major Madness? 

A . The food was definitely better, especially 
the grapes, but I think that the best part 
was that we could go and come as we 

Emily Merriman 

fflP^SKPfPl/ What was it like to be in the dunking 

^^^"^^w booth? 

\A . Hmmm...what can I say about the 

dunking booth? I would have to say being 
in the dunking booth this year was far 
more exciting than last year. This was 
due to the surplus of sunlight and people 
that participated in our efforts to raise 
money for IFC. Being a Dunkee also had 
its advantages. I was able to wash off the 
whipped cream after the Chi Omega Pie 
Toss. Overall, I give MM. two thumbs up. 

Ryan Miles 



Julie Schumacher, Sarah Segrest 

Gary Beds 


Jenny Bocholedo 

Elizabeth Rogers, Margaret Anzelmo 

Ryan Bourgeois, Jored White 

student life 

Take Note 

Major Madness Weekend: 
Party Like It's 1 999 Q 
Crawfish in the Bowl ... 
Violent Femmes concert at 
Rodeo's /v Puerto Rican 
Rum Drunks playing at The 
Depot «y Prospective 
students conning to visit ... 
The cereal bar turned into a 
mountain of fruit ^ ^ 
Rhythms winning first place 
at the Talent Show W Chi 
Omega Dance-A-Thon for 
the March of Dimes ... 
Two baseball xQ games ... 
Activities in the Bowl: pie 
toss, dunking booth, and 
Sherman Lee Dillon ... 

David Estes, Laid Gordes Jutie Skipper, Murray Pace 

Claire Colemon, Derrick McNeal 

major madness 



Traditions and fun 
change with the seasons 

What were your impressions about 
the various holidays and celebrations 
that happened on campus? 

|/1 . Celebrations are more oriented towards 
Christianity. Annual events (such as the 
Tri Beta Christmas party) build up a lot 
of momentum over the years. If someone 
wants to change this tradition, it will take 
more energy than simply starting a new 
celebration on campus. 

Andrew O'Dell 

/ J Why did you choose to worship on 
campus in services such as Ash 
Wednesday, as opposed to going 
somewhere else? 

^ A . Having Mass on campus not only 

provides close community environment, 
but for students like me, who have no car 
and don 't want to be a burden to someone 
else for transportation, it's really a double 
blessing. Also, I think having the 
ecumenical services really gives the 
campus an opportunity to come together. 
No matter what any individual's 
denomination is, we are celebrating with 
each other. 

Liz Dubuisson 

r¥i!i : ! 

II Coruthers, Rachel Barham 

Christmas Advent Service 

student life 

Take Note 

Faculty and staff children 
trick-or-treating in Bacot 
Holy Week Worship Services 
sponsored by the Campus 
Ministry Team Council v 
Kappa Delta/Kappa Alpha 
Easter Egg Hunt % 
Thanksgiving turkey dinner 
in the caf u ^b>- Bunny 
Shoestring at the sorority 
lodges €> Millsaps Singers 
adding impact to seasonal 
celebrations ^ Mardi Gras 
in the caf with free king 
cakes from Gambino's -%■ 
Advent Candlelight Service . . . 
Santa Shoestring 4^£ 
Halloween decorations in 
residence halls s» 

Hannah Moshbum, Shelley Horrigill, Rachelle While 


(\ ompete 

Intramurals offer 
healthy competition 

What was the most enjoyable aspect 


of playing intramural sports? 

The thing I remember most this year was 
the Purple and White article about ex- 
soccer players in intramurals. I wonder if 
Steve Scott thinks it 's fair that I used to 
play football! 

Patrick Anderson 

What was the most memorable part 
of intramurals this year? 

Playing intramurals built a lot of 
strength between my freshman friends 
and me. Because we played against 
different sororities, it really kept us close 
and encouraged a feeling of sisterhood. 

Keely Mixon 

What made you decide to play 
intramural basketball this year, and 
where did you come up with your 
team name, the Porn Starz? 

I played with some guys in my fraternity, 
and that was fun because it gave us a 
chance to work together as a team. The 
name? You don 't want to know. 

Brad Hooker 

Jaeso McLin 

student life 

Take Note 

Greek and independent 
teams . . . Names with 
character ... "Sistahz with 
Game" ... "Porn Starz" * 
Kappa Sig soccer victory 
over the Pikes, the reigning 
champs T Men's and 

women's softball teams V^ 

1 L 

Allegedly "no contact" flag 

* /HP, 

football ,( q) New supervisor 
Eric Navarre ... Gathering 
people at the last minute ^Sfcfe 
Games cancelled due to 
rain .-.- The Paper, Rock, 
Scissors §C game and the 
Cliff Diving Team in the 
April Fool's P&W 

■**!&£**^~ : -~*\i!S/£-<-" 

April Sloyden, Tracy Gillanders 

intramurals ] 9 

Take Note 

Renovation and expansion 
of the Student Center ^^ 
Relocation of the Student 
Affairs offices to Franklin ... 
Signing &> the Beam for the 
Topping Out ceremony ... 
Moving the Post Office tD 
No more driving across 
campus ^i^y The new 
dorm Community Council 
sponsoring a King Konga 
concert 'j in New South 
Atrium ... Comrade Miller's 
emails about the missing 
triple-wide trailer ... The 
new women's '$) Softball 
team... The protective wall 
with "windows" in the caf 

Moving Student Affairs to Franklin 

Kellie Woodling, Kim Costrlle 

Brandon Garcia, Shane Hard 




ion Peyton, David Greer 

Apiil Sloyden, Bishop lock Mecdars, Dr Judith Poge, President George Harmon 

student life 


Changes provide 
rowth opportunities 

/ How did the construction on campus 
affect your school year? 

'r^»* ' ^ think that we will forget about the little 
mm construction chaos when we are relaxing 
and having a cup of coffee in the new 
Kava House! I can 't help it if I like coffee. 

Rachel Spear 

What were your thoughts on the 
construction and various changes 
taking place at Millsaps? 

/ think it is great that I will be able to 
witness the total renovation of the 
campus for the treatment of our college 
experience. Millsaps is working hard 
toward catering to our needs, and I think 
there is no better way to enhance the 
times that we share as a community at 
Millsaps than to provide a face lift for the 
campus and an upgrade in facilities. I 
personally am looking forward to the new 
weight room facilities so that the football 
team can train in a new environment and 
also make the same types of changes that 
will improve the Millsaps football 
program as well as the rest of the college. 

Jared White 

changes J | 



Making friends and 

« You survived a freshman and an 
upperclass dorm. What was the best 
thing about living in Ezelle? 

A . I loved living in Ezelle this year because 
my friends and I got to live on the same 
hall. It was also nice to be so close to the 
fraternity houses. 

Debbie Abuso 

After living in Franklin and Bacot 
dorms as a freshman, which one did 
you prefer and why? 

/ liked Franklin better than Bacot 
because of the sink in the room. It was 
nice to have a washer and dryer on every 
floor in Bacot, and I think it was more 
quiet. But the sink was still great! 

Melissa Quinn 

What did your hall stand for during 
the Freshman Olympics? 

Let's just say that Franklin Third South 
lived up to our reputation we established 
at the Olympics! We really had a great 
time getting to know each other and our 

Ellen Schoolar 

MorttiD Ostenrude 

Saro Capps, Beth West 

r }f}student life 

Take Note 

Doing your laundry ^> 
Trying to love ^ your 
roommate ... Ordering late 
night takeout ^ Watching 
television 3 Taking study 
breaks bd Calling mom 
and dad for money H§| 
Monthly hall programs ... 
Developing weird study 
habits i^ R.A.'s helping 
you out and writing >&)you 
up ... Bible studies in dorm 
lobbies '^f The housing 
lottery ... Dorm parties with 
pizza ®^ Using community 

r - bathrooms ^ Guys who 
are glued to their video 


Troy Deono 

Patrick Cooper, Melindo 8olt 


Late night studying at Cups 
and Barnes & Noble ^ 
Two-Dollar Tuesday was 
great while it lasted $ 
Mardi Gras ^% weekend 
in New Orleans ... Spring 
Break at the beach ^p 
Panama City and South 
Padre Island ^j Travelling 
and studying abroad ,^1^ 
Unwinding at Cherokee and 
Dutch Bar ... Road Trips PS 
Exercising at the Y.M.C.A, 
the Lakeland Courthouse, 
and Baptist ... Jitney 
Premier ^ Camping and 
hiking with friends M 

Allison Hams, Spanky the Comedian, Cothenne f 

Voughon Jinks 

Hoi Robinson 

(^student life 

Shelley Horrigill, Leoh Sams, Rachelle White, Elizabeth Rogers, Kristy Jones, Angela Payae 


IF J* J 


9f J -' 

1 " 
1 . 

'"' - J?: 



Alice Nemececk 

Lomtieit, Keri Walker, tauten Stamps, Nicole Badon Elaine Reyes 


Outside the gates of the 
Millsaps bubble 

Why did you decide to go on the 
' Saltillo trip? What did you And 
most rewarding about your trip? 

. As a new Catholic, I knew the trip to 
Saltillo would reinforce my beliefs. 
Spending a week with the team in Mexico 
has made me respect them for standing 
up for what they believe in. It just does 
something for your soul to help others. 
It helped us more by helping them. 

Sandi Pullen 

What was the most valuable thing 
you learned from your travels 

/ was so surprised at people s views of 
Mississippi. Hollywood really does shape 
the way that we look at other cultures. 
For example, if someone discovered that 
I was from Mississippi, the response was, 
"I am so sorry. I have seen. Mississippi 
Burning. " In trying to reshape these 
views about the South, I have discovered 
how southern I am. I had to go away to 
actually confront parts of my heritage. I 
guess what I am essentially saying is that 
studying abroad will enhance an 
individual's self-awareness. 

Oreathia Smith 





Melindo Boll, Tiffany Jones, Christy Jones 

Eric Navarre, Rich Caminita, Cameron Bell, Dovid Moffett, Charles Bamewold, Biad Jitkenhous 

Katherine Marlcham, Lauren Roberts, Rebecca 

student life 

Allison Harris 

Stephanie Yosinski, Stephanie Hardwick Nicole Bodon 

album I 



Uimnn barvey. et 
Inrii mehrtem, assl 



Other SBA 

•tiice ^ 


e cabinet 

Dr. George Harmon: 

President ofthe College 



Dr. Edward Schrader: Associate Dean of Sciences 

Mr. Kevin Russell: Assistant to the President for 
College Communications 


Nelms, Nancy White, 
Johanna Bettis, Nancy 
McKay, Grace 

friendly faces 

Dr. Don Fortenberry 
and Dr. Harrylyn Sallis 
visit during a reception 
for the new registrar, 
udy Ginter. 

money man 

Mr. Jack Woodward, 
longtime Dean of 
Student Aid, retired 
in the spring. 

helping hand 

Diana Garner always cleaned the 
temporary Publications Room in 
the basement of Franklin with a 
smile and a friendly hello. 

maintaining order 

Comptroller Lou Burney locates 
student files in the Business Office 
during spring pre-registration. 


(front) Amy Hall, 
Amanda O'Kelly, 
Karen Cadiere, 
Becky Baugh, 
Shannon Grimsley, 
(back) Vickey 
McDonald, Connie 
Trigg, John Gaines, 
Shane White, Kathy 
Banks, Nell Flynt, 
Jennifer Brady. 

ATHLETICS, [front) Janine Hoffman, John Stroud, Ron 
Jurney, Mike Muschamp, Drew Martin, (middle) William 
Lytton, Tim Wise, Murray Burch, Shelly Breland, (back) Jim 
Page, Mike Dailey, Billy Stack, Rich Moser. 

guess who 

The Student Affairs 
staff eats lunch at 
Keifer's with surprise 
guest Venita Mitchell, 
who returned from 
Missouri to help 
with a LEAD Retreat. 


staff awards 

Vicki Stuart received the President's 
Award for Staff Leadership, and 
Martha Lee received the Quality 
Service Award. 

POST OFFICE. Diane Samples, 
Delois Elliott, Ruth Stewart. 

LIBRARY, (.front) Jim Parks, Elizabeth 
Beck, Debra Mcintosh, Lawrence 
Kight, {back) Judy Frascogna, Jan 
Allison, Joycelyn Trotter, John 
Sandstrum, Tom Henderson, Pat Cox, 
Barbara West. 

RESIDENCE LIFE STAFF, [front) Patrick Cooper, 
Amy White, Erica Pedersen, Amelia Killcreas, Rachelle 
White, Shelley Harrigill, Hannah Mashburn, Sandi 
Pullen, {middle) Jenny Allred, Lyle Bennett, Joy 
Metcalf, Randy Bass, David Chambers, Liz Dubuisson, 
Kristen Babula, Amy Clifton, (back) Anita Sumrall, 
Marc Smith, Ann Jane Cox, Shelly Byrd, Betsy Farrell, 
Stephanie Fanguy, Chad Washington, Sam King, Chris 
Randall, Stan Prather, Michael Barham, Brian 
Berthiaume, Leigh Pennebaker, Eric Napier. 


Barbara Young, 
Dora Robertson, 
Judy Willis. 

FINANCIAL AID. Patrick James, Esther 
Baugh, Jack Woodward, Cheri Gober, Ann 


J. B. Coincon, Martha 
Boshers, Don Ray, Holly 
Wagner, Kay Barksdale, 
(back) Elizabeth Cooper, 
Doris Blackwood, John 
Conway, Larry Wells, Ann 
Harkins, Theresa Surber, 
Vicki King, Luran 
Buchanan, Alex Woods. 



Sneed, Anita Sumrall, Andrea Miller, Sand 

Rhymes, Sherryl Wilburn, Ruth Johnson 

[middle) Don Fortenberry, Cindy Strim 

Angela Otis, Diana McGregor, Patric 

Cooper, {back) Stan Magee, Ton 

Robertson, Martha Lee, Sandra Fretwel 

Sharon Glumb, Gary Fretwell, (not pictured 

Janis Booth, Stan Prathe: 

COMPUTER SERVICES. The staff received the 

departmental Quality Service Award: (front) Jeanne 

Bodron, Gail Keller, Dawn Nations, Al Parker, (back 

Larry Horn, Mike Hartley, Jeff Venator, Scott Benedict, 

Ford Walker, Brian Jackson. 

COMMUNICATIONS. Judy Oglesby, Bryant 
Butler, Kevin Russell, Christina Finzel, Jon 

MAINTENANCE, (front), 

Tim Wilkinson, Bo 

Ainsworth, David 

Wilkinson, Shayne 

Wilkinson, Sam Greer, 

James Almo, (back) Wilbert 

Newell, Jim Busby, Percy 

Johnson, Tommy Barnes, 

Andy Pilgrim, Erick 



running smoothly 

Angie Otis, the receptionist for 
Student Affairs, maintains order 
in the department. 

comfort zone 

Sherryl Wilburn spends time 
in her office in the Student 
Center before the move to 
Franklin at the end of the fall 

dual role 

Bart Herridge, 
director of 
for ESOM, 
works on the 
of his final 
project in an 
MBA class. 

carrying on 

Sam Greer and Tim 
Wilkinson move 
furniture from the 
Student Center. 

new home 

RA's Rachelle 
White and 
Hannah Mashburn 
help Patrick 
Cooper check 
freshmen into 
their new rooms in 

in appreciation 

The Student Affairs staff hosted a 
luncheon in April to thank the 
Maintenance staff for moving 
them to Franklin. Sandy Rhymes 
pours Tim Wilkinson a Coke. 

BUSINESS OFFICE. Dana Lang, Rose Johnson, Leslie Ivers, Regina Italiano, 
Connie Parker, Lou Burney, Julie Daniels, Ruth Wilkinson, Gail Waldrop, Vicki 

OFFICE OF ADULT LEARNING, (front ) Nola Gibson, Janet Langley, 
Nelda Woodward, (buck) Mary Markley, Ranee Underwood, Harrylyn 
Sallis, Paula Garrett. 

SECURITY, (front) Wayne Miller, Otis Teasley, Rochelle Washington, Deloris 
Franklin, (middle) Steven Brown, Carole Martin, Ed Manney, Eartis Nichols, 
(back) J. W. Hoatland, Robert Montgomery, Donald Sullivan, Edward 
McDonald, (not pictured) Vaughn Gresham, Mike Butts, Patton Hawkins. 


Dr. Ajay Aggarwal 

Associate Professor of Quantitative Management 

Dr. Theodore Amnion 

Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy 

Dr. Sarah Armstrong 

Professor and Chair of Biology 

Dr. Teresa R. Arrington 

Assistant Professor of Spanish 

Dr. Diane Baker 

Assistant Professor of Management, ESOM 

Ms. Elizabeth Beck 

Assistant Professor, Librarian 

Dr. R.A. Berry 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. George Bey 

Assoc. Prof, and Chair of Sociolog\/Anthropolog}' 

Dr. Allen Bishop, Jr. 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Kristen Brown 

Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

Mr. Chris Brunt 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Ms. Gail Buzhardt 

Adjunct Professor of Modem Languages 

Dr. Connie Campbell 

Associate Professor and Chair of Mathematics 

Dr. Claudine Chadeyras 

Asst. Professor of French, Cliair of Modern Lang. 

Ms. Cheryl Coker 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Dr. Timothy Coker 

Professor of Music, Chair of Performing Arts Dept. 

Dr. Joan Cotter 

Assistant Professor of German 

Ms. Gayla Dance 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. David C. Davis 

Associate Professor of History 

Dr. Catherine R. Freis 

Professor of Classics, Director of Core Curriculum 

Mr. Morgan Gadd 

Assistant Professor of Theatre 

Dr. Delbert Gann 

Associate Professor ofGeolog}' 

Ms. Paula Garrett 

Assistant Professor and Advisor for ADP 

Dr. Michael Gleason 

Assistant Professor of Classics 

Dr. Eric Griffin 

Assistant Professor of English 

Dr. James Harris 

Assistant Professor and Chair of Geology 

Mr. Tom Henderson 

Associate Professor, Librarian 

Dr. Dick R. Highfill 

Associate Professor ofBiolog}' 

Dr. Nancy Eddy Hopkins 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Robert J. Kahn 

Associate Professor of Romance Languages 

Dr. Asif Khandker 

Associate Professor and Chair of Physics 

Mr. Lawrence Right 

Assistant Professor, Librarian 

Dr. Carolee Larsen 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Dr. Suzanne Marrs 

Professor of English 

Mr. R. W. McCarley 

Assistant Professor of Computer Science 


say cheese 

Dr. Pat Taylor takes 
pictures of two of his 
students after the Phi 
Beta Kappa initiation in 
the Christian Center. 

high praise 

Dr. Tim Ward was 
named Distinguished 
Professor of the 

artistic ability 

Dr. Nancy Hopkins decorates one 
of the new walls covering the 
construction areas of the Student 

in tune 

Dr. Steven Smith plays at a 
reception in the Art Gallery. He 
was also in a band, The Assemblers. 

class time 

Dr. Kristen Brown 
gives a lecture in 
front of the boards 
in the Heritage 

serious study 

Professor Stan Galicki helps Jaime 
Miles with an assignment in the 
geology commons. 


Dr. John McCarty 

Assistant Professor of Education 
Dr. Robert S. McElvaine 

Elizabeth Clusholin Professor and Chair of History 

Dr. Sarah Lea McGuirc 

Assistant Professor of Biology 
Dr. James McKeown 

Professor ofBiolog}' 

Dr. Jeanne Middleton 

Professor of Education 
Mrs. Georgia Miller 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Greg Miller 

Associate Professor and Chair of English Dept. 
Ms. Lucy Webb Millsaps 

Associate Professor of Art 

Dr. Michael H. Mitias 

Professor ofPhilosopliy 
Ms. Elizabeth Moak 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Dr. Charles H. Moore 

Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science 
Dr. Walter Neely 

Professor of Finance, Acting Dean ofESOM 

Dr. Robert B. Nevins 

Associate Professor of Biology 
Dr. Nash Noble 

Adjunct Professor of Music 

faculty: aggarwal-noble 

Dr. Iren Omo-Bare 

Associate Professor of Political Science 

Dr. Judith Page 

Prof, of English, Associate Dean of Arts ami Letters 

Mr. | i in Parks 

Associate Professor, Librarian 

Dr. Penelope J. Prenshaw 

Assistant Professor of Marketing 

Dr. Robert Quinn 

Associate Professor of Spanish 

Dr. Darby K. Ray 

Assistant Professor of Religions Studies 

Dr. Andrew Royappa 

Assistant Professor and Chair of Computer Science 

Dr. Charles Sallis 

Professor of History 

Dr. Harrylyn Sallis 

Dean for Adult Learning 
Mr. John Sandstrum 

Assistant Professor, Librarian 
Dr. Ed Schrader 

Assoc. Professor of Geology, Assoc. Dean of Sciences 
Dr. Don Schwartz 

Assistant Professor of Computer Science 

Dr. Elisc Smith 

Assoc. Professor of Art History, Chair of Art Dept. 

Dr. Steven G. Smith 

Prof, of Phil, and Religion, Chair of Religious Stud. 

Dr. Kristy Stensaas 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Ms. Tracy Sullivan 

Instructor of Mathematics 

Dr. John J. Thatamanil 

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies 

Dr. Kurt Thaw 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Dr. Ming Tsui 

Associate Professor ofSociolog}' 
Dr. Marlys Vaughn 

Professor of Education, Chair of Education Dept. 

Dr. Mick \ i-iiin 

Assistant Professor of Physics 

Dr. Timothy J. Ward 

Associate Prof, of Chemistry, Chair ofChem. Dept. 

Mr. Sanford Warren 

Instructor of Accounting 

Dr. Johnnie-Marie Whitfield 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Darren D. Wick 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Austin Wilson 

Associate Professor of English 

Dr. Sanford Zale 

Assistant Professor of History 

Mr. Jeffrey Zanzig 

Visiting Instructor of Accounting 






piled up 

professor Dr. 
Mann works in 
her office in 


Dr. Andrew 
Royappa signs 
the beam to be 
added to the 
top of the new 
Activities Center. 



Dr. Sarah McGuire 
works with Brett 
Carter on a joint 
research project. 

xceptional teaching 

r. Allen Bishop was named 
utstanding Educator of the Year 
/ the Methodist Foundation. 

ifferent outlook 

uring Opening Convocation, Dr. 
ling Tsui speaks on her life while 
'owing up in China to inspire 
udents to value their education. 

* JfgS^^fe^ 

/ith honors 

'r. Greg Miller talks with Nicole 
aad during the Phi Beta Kappa 
:ception after her initiation. 

faculty not pictured 

Mr. Collin Asmus 

Assistant Professor of Art 

Mr. Rene Barilleaux 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Nancy Batson 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Jim Baugh 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Jesse D. Beeler 

Associate Professor of Accounting 

Dr. Stephen Black 

Assoc. Professor and Chair of Psychology 

Dr. Bill Brister 

Assistant Professor of Finance 

Dr. Carl Brooking 

Professor of Economics and Management 

Dr. Kimberly Burke 

Assistant Professor of Accounting 

Dr. C. Eugene Cain 

/. B. Price Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Sarah Campbell 

Adjunct Professor of English 

Dr. David Culpepper 

Prof, of Accounting, Chair of Bus. Admin. 

Ms. Anita Dottes 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Sandra Edwards 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Priscilla Fermon 

Assoc. Prof, of French, Dir. of Honors Prog. 

Mr. Stanley Galicki 

Instructor of Geology 

Ms. Martha A. Goss 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Ms. Roane Grantham 

Else School of Management 

Dr. Ray Grubbs 

Professor of Management 

Dr. Diana Heise 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Ms. Patricia Hoban-Moore 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Helen Kay Hollow ay 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Mary Louise Jones 

Adjunct Professor of Core Curriculum 

Ms. Melissa Joseph 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. David Keary 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. William B. Lamb 

Assistant Professor of Management 

Mr. James Lauro 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. Brent Lefavor 

Associate Professor of Technical Theatre 

Mr. Wayne Linehan 

Adjunct Professor 

Mr. Mark Lynch 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Ms. Anne MacMaster 

Assistant Professor of English 

Ms. Julie Maisel 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Debora Mann 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Mr. Thomas Morrison 

Adjunct Professor 

Mrs. Marion Nooe 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Leanora Olivia 

Assistant Professor of Classics 

Mr. Raymond Phelps 

Associate Professor of Marketing 

Dr. John Pilgrim 

Vice Pres. for Bus. Affairs, Prof. ofESOM 

Dr. Jimmie Purser 

Professor ofChem. and Computer Studies 

Mr. Bennett Randman 

Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Patsy Ricks 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Connie Schimmel 

Associate Professor of Education 

Dr. Briton Shell 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Robert A. Shive, Jr. 

Professor of Math and Computer Studies 

Dr. Lisa Sigel 

Assistant Professor of History 

Dr. Richard A. Smith 

Dean of the College, Prof, of Pol. Science 

Mr. Daniel Spitzer 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Jonathan Sweat 

Adjunct Professor of Music 

Dr. Pat Taylor 

Associate Professor of Economics 

Dr. Susan Taylor 

Army Brown Assoc. Professor of Economics 

Dr. Tina Thurston 

Visiting Asst. Prof, of Soc/Anthropology 

Mr. James Turner 

Adjunct Professor 

Dr. Edmond Venator 

Professor of Psychology 

Ms. Lisa Whitney 

Visiting Assistant Professor of English 

Rev. Susan Woodard 

Adjunct Professor 

faculty: omo-bare-zanzig 

Charles Abbott, Sr 
Rebecca Abbott, Jr 
Sharon Abernathy. Jr 
Debbie Abuso, So 
Ray Adams, Sr 
Richard Adams, Fr 

Charles Addingron, MACC 

Erica Adkins, Jr. 

Anna Alderman, Fr. 

Nathan Allen, Sr. 

Christine Ambrosek, So. 

Patrick Anderson, So. 

Kenneth Andrews, So. 

Aalia Anwar, So. 

Margaret Anzelmo, Fr. 

Maria Anzola, Fr. 

Stacey Arnett, Jr. 

Justin Arnold, Fr. 

Miranda Arnold, Fr. 

Geoff Artigues, Fr. 

Ayako Asada, Fr. 

Kristen Babula, So. 

Nicole Badon, Jr. 

Devinna Bahadur. Fr. 

Anne Bailey, So. 

Carlen Bailey, So. 

Rachel Baird, So. 

Kristen Baker, Fr. 

David Ball, Sr. 

Tee Ball, Jr. 

Mary Barber, Fr 

Michael Barham, Sr 

Rachel Barham, Sr 

Kenneth Barnes, Jr 

Charles Barnewold, Fr 

Ashley Bass, Sr 

Randy Bass, Sr. 

Wesley Batson, Jr. 

Gary Beals, So. 

William Beard. Sr. 

Taylor Beasley, Fr. 

Angela Beeks, Fr. 


pie party 

Carla Morrison, Madelyn 
Fancher, and Margaret 
Anzelmo play after the 
Chi Omega pie toss at 
Major Madness. 

art critics 

Mary Catherine Shu 
and the salesman 
examine the selections 
at the poster sale. 

first impressions 

Perspectives Leaders Kirk Lawrence 
and April Slayden meet their new 
group of freshmen in the afternoon of 
Move In Day. 

Mr. Clean 

A man dressed as Mobius from BFI 
came to campus for Earth Fest in a suit 
made entirely of recycled materials. 

time out 

Wade White, Danny 
Marks, Bobby 
Cosentino, Phillip 
Dubose, Paul 
Gagliano, and Jeff 
Douglas spend time 
outdoors between 

classics info 

Jared Windhauser helps with the 
Eta Sigma Phi Classics Honorary 
booth at the Activities Fair in the 

Jason Beiriger, Fr. 
Cameron Bell, Jr. 
Buddy Benge. Fr. 


Bradley Bennett, Jr 
Lyle Bennett. Sr. 
Crystal Bern,', So. 

Brian Berrvhill. Sr. 
Brian Berrhiaume, Jr. 
Liz Bertuccini, Fr. 

Sumon Bhowmick, Fr. 
Walter Biggins, Sr. 
Pascal Biron, So. 

Elizabeth Bishara, Fr. 
Ben Bjornerud, So. 
Lindsey Blackstock, Ft. 

Byron Blackwell, Jr. 
Cindy Bloss, Sr. 
Clifton Boren. Jr. 

Karen Boren, Jr. 

Jerusha Bosarge, Sr. 
Melinda Bott, So. 

students: abbott-bott 

Ryan Bourgeois, So. 
Danielle Bowling, Sr. 
Rebecca Bradford, So. 

Janet Bradley, So. 

Rob Bradley, So. 

John Bragg, Fr. 

Sabrina Brantley, Sr. 
Leigh Brasuell, Jr. 
Katye Bracton, Sr. 

Amy Brazda, Jr. 

Jennifer Breazeale, Fr. 

Craig Brewer, Sr. 

Brooks Brower, So. 

Jenni Brown, Jr. 

Daniel Browning, Fr. 

Ryan Brumby, So. 

Phillip Brupbacher, Fr. 

Locke Bryan, So. 

Jane Buck, Fr. 

James Buford, Fr. 

Christian Burck, Fr. 

j^iv j 



1 1 

^> ^ 



mind games 

The Major Productions 
Hypnotist puts Cheryl 
Williams, Allison Almon, 
Courtney Chastain, 
Roman Rabourn, Susan 
Mareno, and Jonathan 
Wise to sleep. 

holiday spirit 

Elizabeth Bishara spends 
time making picture frames 
with three children from 
Operation Shoestring 
during Santa Shoestring. 

floating away 

Jennifer Arnold takes a break 
from the EARTH Fest activities 
and blows bubbles outside. 

brain food 

Brian Means reads 
a book over lunch 
in the caf during 
Major Madness. 

violent femmes 

The bands for Major 
Madness included the 
Puerto Rican Rum Drunks 
and the Violent Femmes, 
who played at Rodeo's. 

the graduate 

Walter Biggins reads a 
book in the Bowl one April 
afternoon after comps. 








Stephanie Burks. Fr. 
Carrer Burns, Fr. 
Blair Burnside, Fr. 
Alan Burrow, Fr. 
Richard Burtt, Sr. 
Kelly Bush, Fr. 

Nathan Byrd, Sr. 
Sage Byrd, Fr. 
Shelly Byrd, Jr. 
Lindsay Calhoun, Fr. 
Richard Caminira, Fr 
Cord Campbell. Jr. 

AJyson Capoce, Fr. 
Sara Capps, So. 
Laura Caraway, Sr. 
Maya Carlisle, So. 
Brian Carpenter, So. 
Matthew Carroccio, Jr. 

Roberr Carsey, Fr. 
Mandy Carter, Fr. 
Rob Carter, Jr. 
Jillian Carurhers, So. 
Sarah Casey, Jr. 
.Amanda Cashman, Fr. 

Jason Carlin, Sr. 
Guirra Chaiban, So. 
David Chambers, Jr. 
LeAnna Chambers, Jr. 
Benjamin Chandler. Sr. 
Mark Chandler, Fr. 

Matr Chandler. Fr. 
Tara Chase, Sr. 
Courtney Chastain, So. 
Tara Chaufte, Fr. 
Cole Cheek, Fr. 
Susan Cherry, Fr. 

Jenny Cherrvhomes, So. 
Amelia Chisolm, Fr. 
Melissa Clark, Jr. 
Tora Clay, Fr. 
Katie Clegg, Fr. 
Amy Clifton, Jr. 

students: bourgeois-a. clifton 

Jean Clifton, Fr 

Walker Coburn, Fr 

Chris Cockrell, Sr 

Brant Cole, Jr 

Claire Coleman, Fr 

Natalie Collier, Fr 

Amanda Coody, Fr. 

Melanie Cook, So. 

Rachel Cook, Jr. 

Byron Cooper, Fr. 

Ann Jane Cox, Sr. 

Hannah Cranford, So. 

Kenneth Crawley, Jr 

Jared Crocker, Fr 

Rebecca Cross, Fr 

Devin Crump, Fr 

Kathleen Cumbest, Jr 

Dharius Daniels, So 

Lesley Darbonne, Fr. 

Chris Davis, Sr. 

Lee Davis, Sr. 

Leslie Davis, Fr. 

Marvin Davis, Sr. 

Micah Davis, Sr. 

Renae Davis, So. 

Marin Dawson, Jr. 

Troy Deano, Fr. 

Sarah Dees, So. 

Kip Desormeaux, Fr. 

Nathan Dickson, So. 

Brian Dixon, Fr. 

Berh Doshier, So. 

Ashley Doughry, Sr. 

Jeffrey Douglas, So. 

Lane Douglass, So. 

Matt Dowd, So. 

Mart Downer, Fr 

Ruth Drummond, Fr 

Liz Dubuisson, Jr 

Damien Ducote, So 

Marcus Dudley, So. 

Joey DuMontier, Jr 


unusual treasures 

Anna Catesby McGehee, Frankie Winn, and Mary 
Kathryn Tucker examine foreign artifacts at the 
Multicultural Festival. 

a fiesta 

Jenny Allred, Mary Katherine 
Black, Rachelle White, Liz 
Dubuisson, and Amelia Killcreas 
host an RA program. 

cat walk 

Melissa Quinn models her 
cultural ensemble at the 
Multicultural Festival. 

baseline action 

Dr. Paula Garrett and 
Hudson Segrest play against 
each other in an intramural 

During Homecoming, Dr. Tim 
Coker conducts a rehearsal 
for the Singers Reunion 

heads & tails 

Shaneli Hudson enjoys food 
from the crawfish boil in the 
Bowl during Major Madness. 

Alison Duncan, Sr. 
Brian Dunkel. Fr. 
Matthew Dunn. So. 

Jason Durel, Sr. 
Sergey Dzugan, So. 
Brian Ebarb, So. 

Gary Eeds, Fr. 
Andrew Egerton, Sr. 
Matthew Egerton, Sr, 

Tyler Erb, Fr. 
Roan Evans, Sr. 

Travis Ezelle, So. 

Colleen Fagan, Fr. 
Scott Fairchild, Fr. 
Rachel Fallout, Fr. 

Madelvn Fancher, So. 
Coralie Farish, Fr. 
Betsy Farrell, Jr. 

Caroline Ficara, Fr. 
Aaron Fikac, Fr. 
Cecile de Filippis, Fr 

students: j. clifton-de filippis 

Robin Finelli, Jr. 

Dallas Finley, Fr. 

Lauren Fish, Fr. 

Grady Flaumann, Fr. 

Bolton Flautt, So. 

Donee Fleming, Fr. 

Bryan Flynn, Fr. 
Sarah Fontenelle, Jr. 
Jason Fontenot, Fr. 

Corey Ford, Jr. 

Judy Ford, Sr. 

Michael Ford, Fr. 

Kelle Forster, Fr. 
Bridget Foss, Jr. 
Erica France, Jr. 

Claire Freeney, Fr. 

Junko Fukuma, Sr. 

Paul Gagliano, Fr. 

Carly Gallagher, Fr. 

Lica Gamble, Fr. 

Nathan Gannon, Fr. 

sing along 

Wade Bourgeois, 
Melanie Cook, and 
Kevin Redmann sing 
to tunes on the steps in 
the Bowl. 

stopping by 

Jane Collins and 
Stephanie Yasinski 
get information from 
Jason LeBlanc and 
Kelly Walsh at the 
Activities Fair. 

made up 

Stephanie Burks 
plays with Martha 
Lee's son during 
dorm trick-or- 

1 . :. 1 

1 v ^ i d 




^ 1 


S> 1 


B0BK.-W ^qsHK 


i ^mi-- 

Marc Smith takes a break from the 
activities in the Bowl during Major 

stand tall 

Angela Hobgood 
displays her outfit at 
the MultiCultural 

aim high 

Brian Berryhill 
stretches to reach the 
top during a Major 
Productions rock 
climbing activity. 


Erika Garavito, So. 
Lani Gardes, So. 
Lauren Gardes, Jr. 
Chad Gardner, Sr. 
Sadie Gardner, Jr. 
Kathleen Garrett, Fr. 

Lauren Garrert, Fr. 
Robert Gatlin, So. 
Robbie Gavioli, Fr, 
Jonathan Gay, So. 
Burrell Gee, So. 
Clare Gillette, Jr. 

Liz Giovingo, Sr. 
Kirk Gipson. Jr. 
Buddy Givens, Jr. 
Collin Glidewell, So. 
Summer Godfrey, Sr. 
Shelly Goswami, Fr. 

Travis Grace, Fr. 
Colleen Graham, Fr. 
Krisry Grammer, So. 
Adam Grimmett, Fr. 
Nicholas Gristina, Sr. 
Kenneth Griswold, So. 

Jason Gruich, Fr. 
Michelle Gueringer, So. 
Brandon Guidrv, Fr. 
Becky Hable, So. 
Ryan Haggard, Jr. 
Catherine Hall, Jr. 

Justin Halliwell, Fr. 
Joshua Hanes, Jr. 
Sara Haque, Fr. 
Shane Hard, Fr. 
Stephanie Hardwick, So. 
Judy Hargon, Jr. 

Shelley Harngill, So. 
Allison Harris, So. 
Jamie Harris, Sr. 
Katie Harris, Fr. 
Kaiser Harriss, Fr. 
Peyton Hays, Jr. 

students: finelli-hays 

Aaron Head, Fr. 

Jeremy Hebert, Fr. 

Natalie Hebert, So. 

Christopher Hedglin, Fr. 

Matthew Helms, Sr. 

Cara Henderson, Fr. 

Amy Henry, Fr. 

Ann Heslin, Sr. 

Jennifer Hicks, Fr. 

Rebecca Hill, Jr. 

Brandi Hinton, Jr 

Angela Hobgood, Fr. 

Isaiah Hoggatt, Fr 

Melissa Holley, So 

Bridget Hollis, Sr 

Graham Holly, Fr 

Erin Kate Holston, Fr 

Amanda Hooker, Jr 

Brad Hooker, Fr 

Steven Hooks, Jr 

Sronwen Houston, Jt 

Trade Houston, Fr 

Jimmy Hrom, Fr 

Theresa Hubiak, Jr 

April Huddleston, Fr. 

Ashley Huff, fr. 

Kimberly Huff, Fr. 

Blake Huggard, So. 

Ben Hughes, Fr. 

Banu Husain, ]r. 

Shannon Husband, Sr. 
Drew Hutchinson, So. 
Tresslar Hydinger, Sr. 

Wes Ingram, Sr. 
Nikki Ivancic, So. 

Jermaine Ivy, Jr. 

Candace Jackson, Fr. 

Loren James, Fr. 

Walter James, Fr. 

Molly Jeffcoat, Fr. 

Daniel Jenkins, Fr. 

Vaughan Jinks, Fr. 


musical trio 

Betsy Farrell, Ms. Judy Maisel, and 
Tyler Walton play for the Thanksgiving 

child's play 

Sandi Pullen plays with children in 
Saltillo, Mexico. 

teaming up 

Mary Katherine Black, 
Shelley Harrigill, Chad 
Washington, John 
Suggs, and Shelly Byrd 
play team building 
games during RA 
leadership training. 

deep sleep 

Byron Cooper and 
Jonathan Wise are 
hypnotized by 
Michael Anthony 
during a Major 
Productions event. 

sidewalk talk 

Jason Neely, Nick Licata, and Jace 
Dicker sit outside the steps of Murrah 
Hall and observe people passing. 

Andrea Johnson, Sr. 
Bethanv Johnson, Jr. 
Cathryn Johnson, Sr. 

Christina Johnson, So. 
Joshua Johnson, So. 
Mandv Johnson, Fr. 

Christy Jones. Jr. 
Lakeisha Jones, Sr. 
Sara Jones, Fr. 

J. C. Jordan, Sr. 
Krisri Joyner, So. 
Kellv justice, Sr. 

Asva Kamenkovich, So. 
Jonathan Kelly. Fr. 

Katie Kellv. So. 

Jonathan Kemp. Fr. 
Jonathan Kilgore, So. 
Amelia Killcreas. So. 

Ricara Kimbel, Fr. 
Geoffrey King. So. 
Sam King, So. 

students: bead-king 

Holly Kinget, Fr. 

Alan Kirk, Jr. 

Andrea Klevan, Jr. 

Jessie Kneupper. Fr. 

Cortland Knox, Fr. 

Christine Koeni^, Fr. 

Chad Laborde, Fr. 
Joe Lambert, Jr. 
Laura Lane, So. 

Man' Helen Lane, Fr. 

Liz Lasoski, Fr. 

Juiie Lassalle, So. 

Christina LeBlanc, Jr. 

Jason Lee, Fr. 

Will Leech, Fr. 

Ashley Leinweber, So. 

Misty Leon, Sr. 

Ciara Leonard, Sp. 

Brittany Levy, Fr. 
Brad Litkenhous, Sr. 
LaDonna Little, Fr. 



Nicole Badon 
sells t-shirts 
outside the 
cafeteria during 
the EARTH Fest. 

lap cat 

Rachel Barham pets a 
cat on the sidwalk 
outside the Millsaps- 
Wilson library. 

fast ball 

Kimberly Huff, 
Melinda Bott, and 
Emily Merriman 
compete in a shoot- 
out at halftime of a 
basketball game. 

chit chat 

Erin Roberts and Wendy 
Edwards sit and talk 
outside of the AC. 

just peeking 

Jan Shearer observes an 
iguana brought to the 
EARTH Fest by the Discover 
program of the Jackson 

over haul 

The Student Center 
undergoes major changes 
including the move of the 
post office. 


Brad Lokitz, Fr. 
Mike Lonegrass, Sr. 
Logan Long, Sr. 
Vanh Luangphakdy, Sr. 
Andrea Lucas, Fr. 
DeAnna Lucas, Jr. 

George Lumm, Jr. 
Robert Lynch, Jr. 
Wendy Lyons, Fr. 
Shinya Machida, Fr. 
Anita Madakasira, So. 
Rusti Maddox, Jr. 

Shea Maddox, Jr. 
Jill Magargee, Sr. 
Ian Makey, Jr. 
Kelly Malpass, So. 
Jason Mamaril. Fr. 
Susan Mareno, jr. 

Katherine Markham, So 
Danny Marks, Fr. 
Erica Marks, Fr. 
Merrirt Marsh, So. 
Annah Marshall, So. 
Jeanne Martin, Jr. 

Sarah Martin, Fr. 
Mathew Martinez, Fr. 
Hannah Mashburn, So. 
Aleksey Mashnitskiy, Fr. 
Artem Mashnitskiy, Fr. 
Ryo Matsuoka, Sr. 

Lindsey May, So. 
Sarah McAtee, So. 
Jim McClain, Jr. 
Andrea McDaniel, So. 
Jason McDonald, So. 
Honey McEwen, Fr. 

Katie McGaw, So. 
Katharine McKee, Sr. 
Trinity McKenzie, Sr. 
Marcus McKinney, Fr. 
Tara McLellan, Sr. 
Jaesa McLin, Fr. 

students: kinget-mclin 

Kevin McMahon. Sr. 

Jason McManus, Sr. 

Derrick McNeal. So. 

Sarah Katherine McNeil, Jr. 

Brian Means, Sr. 

Chris Medcalf, So. 

Evan Meeks, So. 

Bren Mehitens, Fr. 

Meg Meredith. Fr. 

Emily Merriman, Fr. 

Lindsay Meyer, Fr. 

Rvan Miles, So. 

Amanda Millsaps, Fr. 
Jesse Milnor, So. 
Seth Misenar, So. 
David Mistretta, So. 
Jeff Mitchell, So. 
Jov Mitchell. Fr. 

Molly Mitchell, Sr. 

Keely Mixon, Fr. 

Jill Moody. Fr. 

Shanna Morris, Jr. 

Carla Morrison, So. 

Robbie Morrison, So. 

Catherine Mouton, Sr. 

Victoria Myers, Fr. 

Kousuke Nagai, Fr. 

Eric Navarre, MBA 

Anna Nelson, So. 

Clay Nelson, Jr. 

Michael Nelson, Sr. 

Alice Nemecek, Fr. 

Jesse New, Fr. 

Binh Nguyen, Fr. 

Amanda Nicholas, So. 

Kim Niolet. Sr. 

Will Noel, J 
Meg O'Beirne, Jr. 
Emily Olivier, So 

Amy Osborn, Sr. 

Lawrence Ou, Fr 
Kimberlv Pace, Sr 


open up 

Stephanie Fanguy, Erica 
Pedersen, and Ann Jane 
Cox open presents at the 
RA Christmas party. 

step forward 

Chad Washington and 
his team work to move 
ahead in their 
leadership game. 

serving time 

Jonathan Kelly and Jeremy Hebert 
serve refreshments at a basebal 

with grace 

Aalia Anwar walks down the 
steps of Olin in the Multicultural 
style show. 

just smile 

David Moffett 
takes a picture of 
Mary Catherine 
Shull during their 
trip to Saltillo, 

another world 

Ashley Huff studies 
Intermediate Accounting 
while relaxing to the 
music of Les Miserables 
in the New South lobby. 

$ ' J 






Mickey Paduda, Sr. 
Brandon Page, Fr. 

Lena Palmer, Jr 

John Parks, Fr. 
Darsit Patel, So. 
NitaJ Patel, Sr. 

Adam Patterson, So. 
Ryan Paul, Fr. 
Christina Paxton, Jr. 

Angela Payne, So. 

Erica Pedersen, Sr. 
MaliaPeilv, Fr. 

Leigh Pennebaker, So. 
Jessica Perkins, So. 
Denise Pern - . Fr. 

Bridgette Peters, Fr. 
Jake Pettit, Fr. 
Jon Peyton, Sr. 

Dana Pierce, Sr. 
Srephanie Pinter, So. 
Candice Polk, So. 

students: mcmahon-polk 

Beau Pollard, Sr. 
Bishop Porter, Fr. 
Davis Powell, So. 

Erin Powell, Fr. 

Mary Frances Prejean, So. 

Greer Proctor, Fr. 

Sandi Pullen, Jr. 

Benjamin Purvis, Fr. 

Melissa Quinn, Fr. 

Colette Rabai, Fr. 

Tam Ragab, Jr. 

Caroline Ranck, Jr. 

Chris Randall, So. 

Amy Randazzo, Sr. 

Starlight Ray, So. 

Stephanie Ray, Jr. 

Kevin Redmann, Sr. 

Daniel Redmond, So. 

Rebecca Reed, So. 

William Reid, Fr. 

Virginia Reine, Fr. 

movin' & groovin' 

Karen Monday, Jamie Temple, Lindsay Meyer, and Tee Ball 
dance to a performance in the Bowl. 

Courtney Valentine and Sally 
Williams find entertaining 
ways to take a break from 
studying in the halls of Bacot. 

small talk 

Chris Robertson rappels 
down a rock during a trip 
to Tennessee. 


Gretchen Reiners, Fr. 
Frederick Rendrrey. Fr. 
Elaine Reyes, So. 
Rachel Richards, Fr. 
Sarah Richie, Sr. 
Jana Riddell, Fr. 

Amanda Ringer, So. 
Anne Roberson, Jr. 
Edwin Roberts, Fr. 
Jess Roberts, Fr. 
Lauren Roberts, Fr. 
Michael Robinson, Fr. 

Elizabeth Rogers, So. 
Joseph Rogers, Fr. 
Kristin Rogers, Fr. 
Mac Romaguera, Fr. 
Season Ronan, Jr. 
Missy Rose, Jr. 

Stacy Roussel, Jr. 
Ryan Roy, So. 
Tom Rundell, Jr. 
Dustin Russell, So. 
John Russell, Jr. 
Narhan Russell, Jr. 

Chad Saltzman, Fr. 
Mark Salvaggio, Jr. 
Leah Sams, So. 
Bradley Sanders, Sr. 
Tricia Saniord, Sr. 
Margus Sarglepp, Sr. 

Eleace Sawyers, Sr. 
Charley Scales, So. 
Robin Schambach, Sr. 
Mandv Scherer, Jr. 
Ellen Schoolar, Fr. 
Melanie Schrader. Jr. 

Julie Schumacher, Jr. 
Taylor Schwalenberg, Jr. 
Michael Schwitter, Fr. 
Hudson Segrest, Sr. 
Sarah Segrest, Fr. 
Marshall Seh'idge. Jr. 

students: pollard-selvidge 

Timothy Sheehan, Fr. 

Cassie Sheldon, Sr. 

Man - Catherine Shu!l, So. 

Drew Sill, Sr. 

Lynne Sims, Jr. 

Melissa Skertich, Ft. 

Julie Skippet, So. 
April Slayden, So. 
Jamie Smith, Fr. 
Leigh Smith, Fr. 
Marc Smith, Sr. 
Sherry Smith, Fr. 

Trivarshia Smith. Fr 

James Song, Grad 

Lauren Sonnier, Fr 

Harpreet Sood, Sr 

Rachel Spear, Fr 

Jeff Speed, Fr. 

Talia Spooner, Fr. 
Sean Spratt. MBA 
Frances Stallings. Fr. 
Lauren Stamps, Sr. 
Otis Stander, Fr. 
Kentrell Starks. Fr. 

Caroline Stauffer, So. 

Will Sreelman, So. 

Melissa Srerling, Sr. 

Kandi Stevens, Jr. 

LaShundra Stewart, Fr. 

Lillian-Elizabeth Stickle, Fr. 

Chris Still, So. 

Jason Stine, So. 

Brandi Stockstill, Fr. 

Lance Stoner, Fr. 

Sherry Strahan, Fr. 

Amanda Stringfellow, Jr. 

Lisa Stuart, Fr. 

Lori Stunrz, So 

Kelly Sudduth, Jr 

Heather Sullivan, Jr 

John Sullivan, Fr 

Russell Sullivan, Grad 


in unison 

Sarah Richie, David Lestage, Sherryl Wilburn, Sabrina 
Brantley, and Dr. Pat Taylor participate in a worship service in 
the chapel. 

walking by 

Dr. Noble talks with 
Anne Harmon 
between the AC and 
Murrah Ha 

with force 

Ryo Matsuoka and 
Vinh Ngo practice 
martial arts during 
the Multicultural 

X / 



Angela Beeks plays 
the piano for the 
Black Student 
Association choir 
in the Bowl. 

tornado sirens 

The basement of Olin becomes a 
refuge for Margus Sarglepp, Suzanne 
Wahrle, Walter Biggins, and Megan 
Glidewell during a spring tornado 

flying high 

Jared Windhauser 
learns trapeze 
techniques in the 
Christian Center 


Ashley Sulser, Sr. 
Srephen Sumrall, So. 
Matrhew Surrcll, Fr. 

Charlie Swearingen, Sr. 
Silvie Szebeni, Fr. 
Hoofar Tabari. Jr. 

Hootan Tabari, Fr. 
Jamie Temple, Fr. 

Tim Tench, So. 

Dale Thibodeaux, Fr. 
Jessica Thomas, Sr. 
Bobby Thompson, Fr. 

Cliff Thompson, Fr. 
James Thompson, Jr. 
Joy Thompson, Fr. 

Rachel Thompson, Fr. 
Andy Thornron, Fr. 
Walker Thrash, Fr. 

Carrie Thune, Jr. 
Vivian Tjeng, Jr. 
Sarah Todd, Fr. 

students: sheehan-todd 

Jarred Tolar, Jr. 

Reagan Toledano, Jr. 

Mallorv Tosch, Fr. 

Robert Touchstone. Fr. 

Ellen Trappey, Fr. 

Kathryn Tucker. Fr. 

Uvon Tucker, Jr. 

Amy Turnipseed, Sr. 

David Umsted. Fr. 

April Underwood, Jr. 

Courtney Valentine, So. 

Lee YaJentine, So. 

Margaret Veach, Fr 
Ryan J. Vincent, So. 
Ryan P. Vincent, Fr. 

Andrew Vollmar, Fr. 

Carrie Wade, Jr. 

Michael Wade, Jr. 

Man- Clav W'adlington, Jr. 

Daniel Waguespack, Fr. 

Suzanne Wahrle. Sr. 

seasonal sounds 

Clare Gillette, Sarah McAfee, 
Hannah Mashburn, and Nikki 
Ivancic sing Christmas anthems 
during the Advent Service in 
the Recital Hall. 

cramming in 

Phi Mu's Sonia Sandhu, Margaret 
Veach, and Amanda Ringer crowd 
into a Beetle during a halftime contest 
to try to win money for their group. 

walking back 

Sadie Gardner heads from the 
Bowl back to her room after class. 

Claire Morgan listens to 
budget plans from Meg 
O'Beirne during a New 
South Community 
Council meeting. 

the spectators 

Liz Dubuisson and Ayako Asada observe events of the 
Multicultural Festival after the fashion show. 


Brandi Walker, Jr. 
Dan Walker, Sr. 
Keri Walker, Jr. 
Virginia Walker, Fr. 
Mandi Wallis, Fr. 
Kelly Walsh, Jr. 

Christopher Walrers, Ft 
Tyler Walton, Sr. 

Julie Wang, Jr. 
Joe Wang, So. 
Jessica Ward, Fr. 
Alicia Washington, So. 

Chad Washington, So. 
Raymond Waters, Fr. 
Jonathan Watson. Jr. 
Stephanie Webster, Fr. 
Kolie Wegner, Fr. 
Beth West, So. 

Man- West. Sr. 
Amy White, Jr. 
Jared White, So. 
Lillian White, Fr. 
Rachelle Whire. So. 
Rhonda White, Sr. 

Wade Whire, So. 
Lindsay Whitfield, Jr. 
Carolina Whitfield-Smith, Jr. 

Cheryl Williams, So. 
Quinton Williams, Fr. 

Sally Williams, So. 
Georgia Williamson, So. 
Jeremv Wilson, Fr. 
Joey Wilson, Fr. 
Meri- Winston Winn, Fr. 
DeAnna Wise, Jr. 

Vanessa Wold, Fr. 
Erica Woodall, Sr. 
Byron Young, Fr. 
Chad Young, Jr. 
Gretl Zimmerman. Sr. 
Kell Zubic, Fr. 

students: tolar-zubic 




Stan Prather, Randy Bass, Marc Smith, Shelley Harrig 

Colleen Graham 

Miranda Moore 

Melanie Cook, Brian Dunkel Margaret Anzelmo 



M** % 

iftijpg . 




As captain, junior 

enthusiasm about 


Amy Brazda provided 

cheering at the 

leadership, support, 

school's first night 


and experience to the 




Spreading their 


A fresher, friendlier 

spirit around the 


cheerleading squad? 

community: the 


The cheerleaders 

cheerleaders helped 

M R'i 

pepped up a three- 

judge local high 


day corporate 

school tryouts. 


meeting for Jitney 

Maria Anzola 

Jungle, which in 

David Chambers, 

return donated one 

the revered Millsaps 

thousand dollars to 

Major, won the Most 

the squad. 

Outstanding Mascot 
Award as well as the 

The football team 

Most Spirited Award 

was not the only group 

at a camp. The 

excited about the 

squad also received 

Homecoming game. 

instruction through a 

Sponsor Shelly Breland 

private camp put on by 

expressed the squad's 

the NCA. 

CHEERLEADERS, (front) Candace Jackson, Beth Doshier, Brandi Walker, 
Kathleen Garrett, (back) Sponsor Shelly Breland, Amy Brazda, Kimberly Huff, 
Shelly Byrd, Maria Anzola. 

SMILE. Sophomore Beth 
Doshier was a two-year 
veteran of the squad. 


Byrd, Captain Amy Brazda, 
Brandi Walker, Maria Anzola. 
and Kimberly Huff perform a 
halftime dance at the 
Homecoming game. 

SUPPORT. Freshman 
Candace Jackson was a 
cheerleader in Corinth before 
joining the Millsaps squad. 






Beau Pollard 



Austin College 


McMurray Univ. 


Colorado College 


Maryville College 


Centre College 




Depauw Univ. 


Univ. of the South 

3 wins • 7 losses 


Sophomore quarterback Blake 
Huggard worked with new 
Offensive Coordinator Mike 
Muschamp. Huggard had 47 
completions for 606 yards. 

Under the lights: the 

Homecoming game 
was the first night 
game the Majors had 
played in over fifty 

Offensive lineman 

Byron Blackwell and 
linebacker George 
Lumm were named 
third team All-South 
Region as well as All- 
SCAC first team. 

Lumm led the 
defense with 121 
tackles on the season. 

Wes Ingram was the 

number one receiver 
with twenty-five catches 

and 364 yards. Ingram 
was rewarded with a 
NCAA post-graduate 
scholarship and was 
named Burger King 
National Scholar Athlete 
of the Week. 

Leading rusher Mike 
McKenzie ran for a total 
of 844 yards, averaging 
94 yards a game. 

The All-SCAC lineup: 

First team: Ryan Miles 
and Mike McKenzie. 
Second team: Lyle 
Bennett and Wes 
Ingram. Honorable 
Mention: Beau Pollard, 
Trinity McKenzie, and 
Nathan Byrd. 

i J 

FOOTBALL. UronO Ryan Brumby. Marty Frascogna, Mike McKenzie, Blaine Riley. Roderick Hicks. Ryan Miles. Marcus Dudley. 
Mike Robinson. Beau Pollard, David Mistretta. Derrick McNeal, April McGregor, (.2nd row) Murray Burch, Edwin Roberts, David 
Umsted, Bolton Flautt, Jason Parsley, Blake Huggard, Ryan Bourgeois, Walter James, Jonathan Kelly, Kentrell Starks, Wes Ingrarr 
Travis Grace, Jed Lumpkin, J. D. Kemp, 13rd row) Loren James. Clay Nelson, Donte Fleming, Freddie Foster, Jared White, Keith 
Hopkins, O.B. Stander, Dallas Finley. Lyle Bennett, Dale Thibodeaux. George Lumm, Chris Cockrell. Trinity McKenzie, Michael 
Ford, Billy Williams, Jeremy Hebert, Charlie Swearingen, '4th row) Dr. Gene Barrett. Quinton Williams, Mac Romaguera, Melvin 
Sanders. Cary Pierce, Marcus McKinney, Corbin Womac, Rieker Carsey, Jason Beiriger. Geoffrey Artigues, Byron Blackwell. 
Andrew Volmar, Bryan Flynn, Chris Davis, Anthony Bullock, (back) Ron Jurney, Mike Frascogna, Drew Martin, Mike Muschamp, 
Robert Bradley. Robin Hamby, Troy Deano. Nathan Byrd, Tim Tench. Roman Rabourn, Tyler Erb, Ryan Varnado, Dylan Becker, Miki 
Dailey, Tyson Bridge, Troy Hilton. 




Sophomore Marcus Dudley 
was second on the team in 
rushing at his position as 
running back. 





Vanessa Wold 



Spring Hill 


Ohio Northern 


Maryville College 


West Florida 




Spring Hill 


Univ. of Dallas 


Austin College 




Christian Bros. 

















Wins « 19 Losses 

Leading the nation 

with 19.5 saves per 
game, freshman 
goalie Christine 
Koenig was named to 
the Second Team All 

Injuries plagued the 

women's soccer team 
with April Slayden 
and Kelli Crossland 
both suffering from 
broken legs. Veteran 
player Murray Pace 
tore her ACL and MCL 
during the season 

Seventy-five percent 

of the Lady Majors 
earned a grade point 
average of 3.25 or 

higher, placing them on 
the SCAC Honor Roll. 

As a result of injuries 
to key players, seven 
freshmen became 
starters and gained 
valuable experience. 

Asst. Coach Sergio 
Moura brought an 
energetic flair to his 
position as coach. He 
previously coached for 
an internationally 
recognized Brazilian 
team. With the ladies' 
team, his methods 
included combining 
technical drills with 
conditioning work 
during the daily hour- 
and-a-half practices. 

WOMEN'S SOCCER, (fronfi Emily Merriman. Tracy Gillanders. Christine 
Koenig. Janet Bradley. Mandy Johnson, (.back) Coach Bill Lytton. Asst. Coach 
Sergio Moura. Kelli Crossland, April Slayden. Murray Pace. Kate Pearce. Malia 
Pelly. Lindsay Calhoun. Asst. Coach Jeremy Dobay. 


HEART. Lindsay Calhoun 
was called on to play a 
number of positions from 
fullback to forward. 


PRE-GAME. Janet Bradley, 
Emily Merriman, and Kelli 
Crossland take a warm-up lap 
before their match with 
Christian Brothers University. 

PRACTICE. Sergio Moura 
and Emily Hewitt execute a 
defensive drill. 

SKILL. Freshman forward 
Emily Merriman tied for 
leading scorer during the 

womens soccer 

settinq i 



Jim Mayfield 




Spring Hill 

Christian Bros. 

Univ. of Dallas 

Austin College 












9 Wins • 9 Losses • 2 Ties 

Many new faces 

joined the men's soccer 
team this year. A number 
of transfer students and 
incoming freshmen 
added experience and 
energy to the existing 

Brad Biard, a transfer 
student from Belhaven, 
set two school records. 
He accumulated a total 
of nineteen goals and 
forty-three points during 
the season. Biard was 
also named to the All 
SCAC first team. 

Co-captain Todd 

Kastner added speed 
and versatility to the 
Major's offense and 
defense. Kastner was 
selected to the second 
team All South Region. 

Both the men's and 

women's teams 
travelled together, 
sometimes in the 
"luxury" of a 1998 
Eurocoach. However, 
the men's team always 
controlled the VCR, 
choosing to watch such 
movies as Hoosiers, 
Enter the Dragon, and 

Freshman goal 
keeper and co-captain 
Josh Wilson protected 
the net with a goals 
against average of 

Summer plans for the 

team included a trip to 
Brazil, where the team 
would train and play 
with top players from 
around the world. 

MEN'S SOCCER, (.front) Jason Fontenot, Josh Wilson (.middle) Jon Robert, 
Danny Marks, Tim Sheehan. Ryan Haggard, Mike Michel, Kousuke Nagai. 
Graham Holly, Steve Shirley, Josh Parish, Robert Gavioli, Bobby Cosentino, 
Walker Colburn, Marc Smith, (back) Asst. Coach Sergio Moura, Coach Bill 
Lytton, Asst. Coach Steven Lytton, Greg Rhodes, Todd Kastner, Jim Mayfield, 
Shane Townsend, Robbie Morrison, Adam Sweeney, Daniel Browning, Ian 
MakeyTim Sheehan, Jonathan Watson, Brad Biard, Brian Berthiaume, John 
Solomon, Asst. Coach Jeremy Dobay. 


POWER. Forward Robbie 
Morrison was the second 
leading scorer with a total of 
thirty-six shots tor the season. 

CONSISTENT. Mid-fielder 
Jonathan Dear was elected 
for the third consecutive year 
to the All SCAC team. 

Captains Todd Kastner and 
Jim Mayfield provided 
experience and leadership on 
and off the field. 

mens soccer 


Sophomore Anna Gustafson 
not only led the team in kills, 
she also led in blocked shots 
accumulating 94 over the 
course of the season. 

Coach Peter Cosmiano works 
at practice with setter Elana 
Campagna and JoAnna 

LEADER. Co-captain Leigh 
Brasuell led the team with 
430 digs for the season. 





Kelly Bush 

Winning: With the 
best season in the 
history of volleyball at 
the college, the team's 
ethic of hard work and 
determination was a 
template for all the 
other teams to follow. 

A highlight of the 

season came when 
the team defeated 
Southwestern, the 
defending conference 
champions, two out of 
the three times that the 
teams met. 

Sophomore Anna 
Gustafson led the 

team with 445 kills 
during the season. 
Because of her record, 
Gustafson was 
selected to the first 
team All SCAC. 

All SCAC recognition 
also went to Elana 
Campagna (second 
team) and Sarah 
Casey (third team). 

Peter Cosmiano 

made a successful 
transition from assistant 
coach at New Mexico 
Highlands into his head 
coaching position at 
Millsaps. He helped the 
team earn a third place 
finish in the conference. 

During the off 
season, the team not 
only trained but also 
participated in some 
volunteer activities, 
such as directing 
traffic for the Tour de 
Fleur and refereeing 
for Junior Olympic 


VOLLEYBALL, (.front Kelly Bush. JoAnna Barnett. Elana Campagna, Melissa 
^1 Skertich, (middle) Leigh Brasuell, Natalie Herbert. Sarah Casey, Mandy Young, 
Nicole Sylvester, (back) Michelle Gueringer, Rachel Carter, Anna Gustafson, 
Helena Doering, Andrea Klevan, Coach Peter Cosmiano. 

CELEBRATE. After each 
play, the team came together 
. to support each other. 









Asbury College 


Randolph Macon 




Wheaton College 


Savannah A&D 




West Alabama 














Mississippi College 










Mississippi College 


East Texas Baptist 


West Alabama 

















SCAC Championships 







26 Wins • 9 Losses 


. going the 

i stance 


Rasa Lemmond 










Choctaw Trails 









Choctaw Trails 

Four women's team 

members, Jenny Allred, 
Grace Crouch, Rachelle 
White, and Elizabeth 
Rogers, were named 
to the SCAC honor 
roll. The honor roll 
recognized athletes 
who maintained a 
3.25 GPA or higher. 

Jason Lee and 
Hudson Segrest of 

the men's team were 
also named to the 
SCAC honor roll. 

Nan Frascogna, a 

previous runner on the 
women's cross country 
team, was responsible 
for the conditioning of 
the men's and 
women's teams. 

Both the men's and 
women's teams 

finished in ninth place 
at the conference 
championship on 
November 7 at Rose- 
Hulman Institute in 
Terre Haute, Indiana. 

CROSS-COUNTRY, {.front) Jeremy Hearn, Damien Ducote, Wade White, 
Shane Hard, 'middle) Grace Crouch, Rachelle White, Elizabeth Rogers, Bishop 
Porter, DeAnna Lucas, Trainer Nan Frascogna, (.back) Jenny Allred, Hudson 
Segrest, Coach Jim Page, Jason McManus, Andy Bruggeman. 


Rasa Lemmond 




Crouch, Bishop Porter, and 
Jenny Allred brave the cold 
on a cross-country road trip. 

McManus prepares for a 
competition by running on 

STAMINA. In her second 
year on the team, sophomore 
Rachelle White put months of 
conditioning to the test. 


TEAMWORK. As a starting 
guard in her freshman year, 
Lindsay Meyer was second in 
steals for the team. 

Sarah Casey 

TIMEOUT. Denea Little. 
Gretl Zimmerman, Lindsay 
Meyer, and Jamie Temple 
listen to Coach Hoffman. 

REBOUND. Senior Sirena 
Spotts averaged 7.6 rebount 
and 9.4 points per game 
before a season-ending injui 


gamma ■ 


Captain Sarah 
Casey, a junior 
guard, was named 
Honorable Mention 
All SCAC. Casey 
averaged 10.2 points 
per game and had a 
total of 98 rebounds 
on the season. 

Freshman post 
player Keely Mixon 
was also selected as 
an Honorable Mention 
All SCAC player. 
Mixon led the Lady 
Majors with 1 5.2 
points per game, 
placing her fourth in 
scoring in the conference. 
She averaged 8.2 

rebounds per game, 
ranking her third in 
the SCAC. 

Dened Little, a 

freshman team member, 
accumulated a total 
of seventy steals for 
the season, breaking 
the Millsaps all-time 
record. Her steals 
record ranked her 
second in the SCAC. 

On a humorous 
note, the team's 
unofficial motto for 
the season became 
"the few, the proud" 
due to the numerous 

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL, (front) Denea Little. Lindsay Meyer, Gretl 
Zimmerman, Telitha Ball. Sarah Casey, Jamie Temple, (.back) Asst. Coach Becky 
Randell, Talia Spooner, Keely Mixon, Sirena Spotts, Courtney Chastain, Coach 
Janine Hoffman. Student Asst. Stacy Roussel. 

Sarah Casey 







Agnes Scott 






























Blue Mountain 















4 Wins • 21 Losses 

women's basketball 

HEIGHT. Sophomore Joe 
Rogers had a .545 field goal 
shooting percentage. 

PRECISION. Transfer 
student Season Ronan sank 
30 of 38 free throw attempts 





Willie Hobson, a 

senior guard, averaged 
19.0 points per game 
to rank second in 
SCAC scoring. He 
was selected first team 
All SCAC. Hobson was 
the seventh leading 
scorer in school history 
with 1 ,190 points. 

Head Coach John 
Stroud was named to 
the Mississippi 
Division I Men's 
Basketball Team of 
the Century. As a 
collegiate player, 
Stroud also gained 
recognition as the 
leading scorer in Ole 
Miss history. 

Freshman sensation 

Daniel Waguespack 
was selected to the 
All SCAC second 
team. Waguespack 
scored an average of 
1 7.6 points per game 
to finish fourth in 
SCAC scoring. He also 
led the team with 156 
total rebounds. 

Senior forward 

Darrick Massey 
averaged 7.8 points per 
game and grabbed 81 
rebounds during the 
season. Chad Gardner, 
also a senior, averaged 
7 points per game and 
pulled down a total of 
1 04 rebounds. 

MEN'S BASKETBALL. IfronO Dharius Daniels. Travis Ezelle, Brian Woods. 
Willie Hobson, Chad Gardner, Darrick Massey, Phillip Brupbacher, Lance 
Stoner, (.back) Asst. Coach Todd Yates, Asst. Coach Tim Wise, David Greer, 
Season Ronan, Byron Cooper, Joe Rogers, Ryan Paul, Michael Schwitter, Daniel 
Waguespack, Coach John Stroud. 

ACCURACY. Freshman 
Daniel Waguespack had a 
career high of 30 points in 
the conference victory over 

Darrick Massey 











Rust College 









































13 Wins • 12 Losses 

men's basketball 


Senior Craig Brewer had five 
saves on the season. 

WIND UP. Jason Gruich 
pitched 58 innings as a 

Cody McCain had a .321 
batting average and a .957 
fielding percentage. 

TAG. First baseman Jay 
Myrick also appeared in nine 
games as a pitcher. 

Malt Dowd 

ANTICIPATE. Sophomore 
Chris Pool had a .967 fielding 
percentage, placing him 
among the leaders in fielding. 


i ^ 



Brandon Page, a 

freshman, was named 
Best Offensive Player. 
He had a .465 on base 
percentage with a .462 
slugging average. He 
also had two homeruns 
and 22 RBI's. 

Injuries impacted 
the baseball team. 

Senior Beau Pollard, 
the team's best 
pitcher, had to sit out 
the entire season due 
to a football injury. 

Big guns, Lane 
Brandon Page(.333), 
Cody McCain(.321), 

and Walker Thrash 
(.308), were the top 
four hitters for the 

Craig Brewer stepped 
up to the mound and 
broke the school 
record for saves. 

Team picks: MVP- 
Lane Walberg; Best 
Offensive Player- 
Brandon Page; 
Golden Glove/Best 
Defensive Players- 
Brandon Page, Matt 
Dowd, Jason Parsley, 
and Cody McCain; 
Best Pitchers-Michael 
Petty and Jason Gruich. 

BASEBALL, (.front) Matt Chandler, Nathan Gannon, Jeremy Hearn, Mark 
Chandler, Cody McCain, Lane Walberg, Paul Stout, Joe Lambert, Jeff Speed, 
(.middle) Jay Myrick, Matt Dowd, Matt Downer, Taylor Beasley, Jeff Mitchell. 
Chris Pool, Jason Gruich, Nathan Russell, Jason Parsley, Brandon Page, Tom 
Jacks, (back) Asst. Coach Mike Dailey, Asst. Coach Rich Moser, Coach Jim 
Page, Walker Thrash, Toney Brasuell, Michael Petty, Joseph Rogers, Craig 
Brewer, Jeremy Freeman, Jonathan Wise, David Jones, Trainer Murray Burch. 

Lane Walberg 



Rust College 


Rust College 








N.C. Wesleyan 






Christian Brothers 


Christian Brothers 






Delta State 




















M. C. 


Williams Baptist 


Williams Baptist 

























15 Wins* 21 Losses 




Sadie Gardner 






















Univ. of N. 0. 









6 Wins • 8 Losses 













Washington Univ. 


Savannah A&D 


Rhodes College 


Univ. of N. O. 





4 Wins • 9 Losses 



Facing archrival 

Rhodes College, the 
men's team dominated 
all of its doubles 
matches. Rimes and 
Sullivan won 8-4; 
Makey and Neely 8-2; 
Carter and Waters 8-6. 

Local tennis pro 
Greg Tripp took over 
as head coach after 
Coach Matt Mitchell 
moved to Missouri. 
Coach Tripp, the head 
pro at Tennis South, was 
assisted by volleyball 
coach Peter Cosmiano. 

Freshmen John 
Sullivan and 
Michael Waters 

had the best singles 

records of the men's 
team with Sullivan at 
10-3 and Waters at 7-4. 

After four years of 
trying, Stacy Warren 
finally beat her rival 
from Hendrix College, 
Elite Evans, in a 
conference match. 

On the ladies' side, 

DeAnna Lucas held 
the best singles record. 

In the end results, 

both teams finished 
fourth in the SCAC 
Western Division. The 
women's team had an 
overall record of 4-9 
while the men finished 
7-8 overall. 

7 i r-Y-4 V I I 1 A J 

MEN'S TENNIS, (fronfl Rob Carter. John Russell. Michael 
Waters, (.back) John Sullivan, Ian Makey. Josh Rimes. Coach 
Greg Tripp. Asst. Coach Peter Cosmiano. 

WOMEN'S TENNIS. ifronO Jan Shearer. DeAnna Lucas. Jc 
Mitchell. Jane Buck, (.back) Asst. Coach Peter Cosmiano. Sadi 
Gardner. Meg Meredith. Stacy Warren, Coach Greg Tripp. 


DOUBLES. Freshmen 
Michael Waters and John 
Sullivan defeat their 
opponents from Hinds 
Community College 8-1. 

EFFORT. Junior team 
member DeAnna Lucas held 
the best individual record of 
8-4 for the women's team. 


DRIVE. Newcomer Ryan 
Vincent follows through on a 
drive from the first tee of 
Shady Oaks Golf Course. 

Jennifer Hicks concentrates 
on the pin as she attempts a 
difficult chip from a sandtrap. 



- ^farifl 




Playing strongly 

all season, sophomore 
Kelli Crossland 
averaged the lowest 
scores for the women's 

On a frigid weekend 
in February, the 

men's team competed 
in the Bell South 
Intercollegiate Golf 
Tournament at nearby 
Castlewoods Country 
Club. The men finished 
19th of the 23 teams. 

The men travelled 

to Gainesville, GA, to 
play in the prestigious 
Emory Invitational. 
Drew Sill and Dwayne 

Townsend shot the 
lowest team scores for 
the weekend. 

Coach Wise was 
pleased with the 
performance and 
possibilties of his team. 
With four of the five 
players returning, he 
had hopes for 
increased interest in 
Lady Major Golf. 

A highlight came at 
the end of the season 
for both the men's 
and women's teams 
with the SCAC 
Championship held at 
the Quarry Golf Course 
in San Antonio, Texas. 

Mary Alice Boyd 




Pizza Hut Tournament 


Belhaven College 


Belhaven College 


Emory Spring Inv. 


SCAC Tournament 





Univ. of Texas 




SCAC Tournament 

GOLF. Ryan Vincent, Tracy Perry, Jennifer Hicks, Mary Alice Boyd, Drew Sill, 
Scott Maestri, Coach Tim Wise, (not pictured) Kelli Crossland, Wendy Lyons, 
Michael Bentley, Richie Caldwell, Dwayne Townsend, Geoffrey King, Todd 
Nichols, Will Waldrop. 




Meg Meredith 


r - r ors C -C 


] C vicron De u 

Tsp D3y 



■■to:..-- -^> : 





; PtrsPf* ■' 




I') (i 

liftlei §»i 

h > , 



JUDICIAL COUNCIL, (front) Brandi Walker, Lori Stuntz, Elizabeth Rogers. Justin 
Arnold, (back) Michael Waters. Dr. Robert Shive. Cord Campbell. Mr. Lawrence Right. 
Allison Harris. Pevton Havs. 

UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION, (front) Mary Barber. Kelly Walsh. Erica France, 
Ashley Leinweber. (back) Matthew Egerton. Jason McDonald, Molly Alton. 

SBA COMMITTEE CHAIRS, (front) Nathan Allen. Security, Michael Barham, Capital 
Improvements; Jeff Mitchell, Budget Review; Jenni Brown. Communications; Shelly 
Goswami, Multicultural; (back) Chad Washington, Computer Resources; BradLitkcnhous, 
Elections; Davis Powell, Concert and Dance; Leah Sams, Food Services; (not pictured) Steve 
Scott, Stephanie Land, Gretchen Reiners. 

' I 1 

SBA. (front) Catherine Hall. Kate Pearce.Carla Morrison, Ryan Brumby, Ray Adams, Leslie 
Davis. Colleen Graham. Kathleen Cumbest. (middle) Murray Pace, Chad Washington. Kelli 
Crossland, Kelly Malpass. Leah Sams, Jeff Mitchell. Kelly Walsh. Jessica Perkins, Betsy 
Farrell. (back). Steven Hooks. Brad Litkenhous. Nathan Dickson. Isaiah Hoggatt. Bronwen 
Houston, Davis Powell. Joe Lang, Jenni Brown, Ryan Vincent, (not pictured) Shelly 
Goswami. Amanda Hancock. Graham Holly, Gretchen Reiners. Lindsay Whitfield, Sarah Young. 


UN diplomacy 

Which group travelled to 
Atlanta and New York? 
Fourteen members of the 
United Nations Association 
represented Pakistan at the 
Southern Regional Model UN 
in Atlanta. Five students 
attended the Annual Model 
UN Conference in New York 
where they met Claude 
Morel, the Seychelles 
ambassador to the United 
States and Canada. 

Anonymous author 

The History Club hosted a 

forum where 
author Joe 
Klein spoke 
about the 

In the news 

► Impeachment and trial of 
President Clinton 

► NATO Bombing of 

► Presidential candidate, 
Elizabeth Dole 

► Gun legislation following 
Columbine High School 

Safety First. 

Wayne Miller, head 
of campus security, 
meets with the 
Senate to discuss 
safety issues on 
campus and in the 


Government service 

Taking over 

During the second week of November, April Slayden 

defeated Nathan Dickson in a run-off for the SBA 

presidency. In order to improve 

communication between the 

Senate and students, Slayden 

wrote update columns in the 

ASH 7 and held weekly roundtable 

lunches in the caf. 

Serving the campus 

"SBA is characterized best by the 

word service. Every member of the SBA worked to serve 

our community in any way needed." 

Davis Powell 

Lindsay Akers, April Slayden, 
Laura Ferry at Midtown 

BA Officers. 1st Vice President Sam King, Secretary Laura 
arry, President April Slayden, Treasurer Lindsay Akers, 2nd Vice 
resident Will Wikle. 


Brian Berryhill peels 
crawfish provided by 
SBA during Major 

TatOO who? Jessica Dill, 
Stephanie Land, and Murray 
Pace enjoy the KD tatoo booth in 
the Bowl on the Saturday 
afternoon of Major Madness. 

Campus wide. 

SBA sponsored fall and spring semester 
back-to-school parties, Homecoming 
activities, Major Madness, free movie 
nights, and the Arun Gandhi Lecture, 
which was co-sponsored with CMT and 
Multicultural Affairs. 

Kellie Woodlmg 

Amy Brazda 

Sarah Martin 



Greek diversity. Randy Bass and Ginger 
McElwee explain the acrostic sign for Order of 
Omega which they made as the opening activity at 
the fall LEAD Summit. 

Extra Effort 

Adele Dauphin and Corbett 
Gibson were chosen from 
freshmen nominations to 
be Perspective Leaders 
of the Year. 

Kim Niolet. Tyler Walton 

Allison Hams Emily Olivier 

Running smoothly 

New students were divided 
on Move-in Day into twenty- 
groups to 
begin an 
lasted ten 
weeks. As 
co-directors ' 
of the program, Ashley Bass 
and Dan Walker began work 
in May to help the first day 
run smoothly. 


"One of the most memorable 
parts of my Perspectives 
group was when we went to 
our professor's house for 
dinner. This was one of the 
most impressive parts of the 
program. It showed that the 
faculty really cared for the 
group. It was so relaxing to 
eat home-cooked food and to 

Courtney Valentine 

Organizing others, lead Team 

member Amy Brazda completes a community 
calender as a part of the fall LEAD Summit. 

LEAD TEAM, (front) Amy Brazda. Bert Austin. Kim Niolet. Erica France. Sandi Pullen. 
Stan Magee, (back) David Sneed. Rhonda White. Ashley Bass. Steve Scott. Stan Prather. 
Katye Bratton. 

LEAD RETREAT, {front) Leah Sams. Shea Maddox. Amy Brazda. Ashley Bass. Venit; 
Mitchell. Kelly Malpass. Elizabeth Rogers. Sandi Pullen (back) Stan Magee. Stan Prather 
Steve Scott. Damien Ducote. Hannah Mashburn. David Sneed. Julie Lasalle. 



Proactive involvement 

Vision and commitment 

LEAD served students and organizations 
to help build leadership and involvement 
through Emerging LEADers, the 
Summits, and Project LEAD. 
Tower of power 
The Summits gave leaders a chance to 
evaluate their groups during a morning of 

purposeful activities. 

Carla Morrison and 

Kelli Crossland build 
I ' ffpfj a straw \.<<\- 

explain the structure 
IV- of Chi Omega. 

Back to the Big House 

"The most memorable event is always 
our annual retreat to the Big House. 
The retreat is a 
time to look back 
on the past year 
and decide what 
areas need a little JuBeLasaik 
changing and what new programs we 
need to start. The people invited on the 
retreat who are not members of the 
LEAD Team always give a fresh outlook 
on what LEAD needs to keep or change." 
Erica France 

PERSPECTIVES LEADERS, (front) Crissie McMullan. Jermaine Ivy. Cassie Sheldon. 
Brandi Walker. Erica France. Melanie Schrader. Misty Leon. Kelly Sudduth. (middle) 
Vathan Dickson. Jason McManus, Katye Bratton. April Slayden. Bradley Bennett. Stacy 
Warren, Lena Palmer. Rhonda White, (back) Jeff Douglas. Brian Hamilton. Tyler Walton. 
Bart Liles, Kirk Lawrence. Will Wikle. Robbie Morrison. Jeff Mitchell. 

PERSPECTIVES LEADERS, (front) Tara McLellan. Melinda Bott. Ryan Vincent. 
Elizabeth Rogers. Tara Chase. Ginger McEhvee. Cindy Strine. (middle) Sunny Sethi. 
Courtney Valentine. Allison Harris. Kim Niolet. Jennifer Rogers. Hudson Segrest. Stacy 
Reynolds, (back) Tammy Harvey. Jennifer Jones. Bradley Sanders. Mickey Paduda. Jon 
Peyton. Michael Wade. Corbett Gibson. 





"I was honored to receive 
an invitation into Phi Beta 
Kappa, and I am grateful 
that my hard work and 
dedication to academics 
over the last four years have 
been rewarded." 

Ashley Doughty 

Did you know? 

Millsaps was the only 
college or university in 
Mississippi with a chapter 
of Phi Beta Kappa. 


ODK recognized each 
semester the fraternity and 
sorority with the highest 
average GPA. The fall 
winners were Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon and Chi Omega. 
Kappa Alpha and Kappa 
Delta received the trophy 
in the spring. 

Spring seminar 

ODK and LEAD sponsored 
a leadership conference on 
the Friday after Spring 
Break. The workshop 
centered around John 
Maxwell's book Developing 
the Leader Within You with 
workshops based on 
problem-solving techniques, 
listening, understanding 
people, and motivating 

Most Distinguished 

Prominent pair 

Mary Katherine Black and 
Jason McManus were voted 
Most Distinguished Man and 
Woman of the Year. 
Woman of the Year 
Mary Katherine was a resident 
assistant for three years, a Ford 
Fellow, and president of Chi 
Omega. She 
was also a 
member of 
Order of 
Omega, Sigma 

Lambda, and Sigma Tau Delta. 
Man of the Year 

During the 
fall semester, 
Jason served 
as President 
of the SBA 

and the leader of a Perspectives 
group. He was a member of 
Kappa Alpha Order, ODK, and 
the cross country team. In the 
spring, Jason graduated with 
honors in Chemistry under the 
direction of Dr. Timothy Ward. 

Impressive Rookie. 

Colleen Fagan was named 
Freshman of the Year by ODK. 

Personal interest. Dr . Fermon 

congratulates Jenny Kellum at the reception 
following the initiation of the twenty-two new 
Phi Beta Kappa members. 


HONOR COUNCIL, [front) Chair Leah Wallin. Creighton Chandler, Sergeant at Arms 
Chad Washington. Richie Caldwell. Vice-Chair Bradley Bennett, {back) Darby Ray. Leah 
Sams. Stephanie Fanguy. Faculty Secretary Sarah Armstrong, Ray Grubbs. 

PHI BETA KAPPA, (front) Kimberly Pace, Jenny Kellum. Katye Bratton. Ashley 
Doughty, Misty Leon. Rachel Barham. Nikki Brown, Kyla Leleux, Tara Chase, [2nd row) 
Anthony Stallings, Jenna Spears, Nicole Saad. Rhoda Holman. Suzanne Wahrle. Frankie 
Winn. Elizabeth Warriner. (back) Baker Harrell. Andy Smith. Sarah Richie. Hudson Segrest. 
Tara McCellan. Jennifer Rogers. 

Dr. Charles Sallis 

Kyla Leleux 

Michael Barham 


OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, (front) Jenny Kellum. Randy Bass. Lindsay Akers. Melanie 
Schrader. Andrea Klevan. Kelly Sudduth. Sandi Pullen. Oreathia Smith. Brandi Walker, 
Sarah Fomenelle. Collin Glidewell. Julie Wang (middle) Kimberly Pace. Tara McLellan. 
Tara Chase. Suzanne Wahrle. Catherine Hall. Bradley Bennett. Peyton Hays. Bert Austin. 
Michael Barham (back) Dan Walker. Jason McManus. Sarah Richie. Hudson Segrest. Mary 
Katherine Black. Dr. Charles Sallis. Dr. Pat Taylor. Jane Collins. Nathan Allen. Erica 
Woodall. Kathleen Cumbest. Dr. Connie Campbell. Patrick Cooper, Dr. Jeanne Middleton. 


On a mission 

One purpose and one God 

"As the priest rang the mission bell, people began to 

emerge from their little houses to meet in the churchyard: 

old men and women, babies, 

teenage girls, middle-aged 

women, and a few men wearing 

boots and ten-gallon hats. Some 

were wearing tattered clothes; 

Some had no shoes. As they filled Elizabeth Bishara. Trade Houston 

the church, the room filled with an air of living poverty. 
We were there for one purpose and one God. and the 
differences in race and culture melded together under one 
roof as the Monsignor spoke a Spanish mass." 

Sandi Pullen 

Helping abroad. During Spring Break, ten students 
travelled to Saltillo, Mexico, for the annual mission trip. 

Meeting in the 

bowl. Elizabeth Hays. 
MCF assistant, talks with 
Guitta Chaiban on a sunny 

Catholic Campus Ministry 

► Back-to-school mass and picnic 

► Saltillo spaghetti sale 

► Holiday tours for senior citizens 

► Christmas carols at St. Catherine's Village 

► Halloween party for Our House Teen Shelter 

► Communal Reconciliation Service 




Wise word. 

Keith Berger 
leads a Bible 
study during the 
MCF Tuesday 
night meeting in 
New South. 

Nikki Ivancic 

Georgianna Martin Lisa Meza 




"The best way to It 
through dialogue, and 
Seeking and Understandi 
series has given me the 
opportunity to listen to people 
who are very different from 
me and to share my views: 
co-learning. That is what 
Millsaps is all about." 


Hopping houses 

The Campus Ministry Team 
sponsored Bunny Shoestring 
at the sorority lodges. Sarah 
Martin, Elizabeth Bertucr - 
and Ashley Avalon take 
break at the Kappa Delta 
house where Emily Ludlo 
serves refreshments to oi 
of the children from 
Operation Shoestrini 

WESLEY FELLOWSHIP. Jessie Kneupper. Don Fortenberry. Nathan Allen. Jason 
McDonald, Michael Barham. Jeff Speed, [not pictured) Marc Smith. Sadie Gardner, DeAnna 
Wise, Leigh Pennehaker. Justin Arnold, Justin Halliwell. Margus Sarglepp. 

CAMPUS MINISTRY TEAM, (front) Kathleen Cumbest, Angela Payne, DeAnna Lucas. 
Rachel Barham. Sarah Fontenelle, [middle) Annah Marshall. Susan Mareno, Kristy Jones, Sarah 
Richie. Meg O'Beirne. Chad Washington. Heather Sullivan. Sahrina Brantley, [hack) Ashley 
Sulser. Jill Caruthers. Lauren Stamps, Jeff Mitchell. Nathan Allen. Drew Walker. Michael Barham. 

MILLSAPS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, (front) Guitta Chaihan. Julie Skipper, Paige 
Berger. April Slayden. Brooks Brower, Kristi Joyner, (middle) Sherry Smith. Jean Clifton. 
Anna Catesby McGehee, Shelley Harrigill. Joe Lambert. Elizabeth Hays, [back) Quinton 
Williams, Ryan Vincent, Jeff Mitchell. Paul Husband, Leah Sams. 

CMT wo, „— 
' with other 
groups to plan 
regular won 
services. J< 
Suggs tak. 

from Sister Sharon at the 
rsday Sei 

CATHOLIC STUDENT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL, (front) Georgianna Martin. Susan 
Mareno. Ryan Miles, Shelley Harrigill, Erica France. Liz Dubuisson. Colleen Fagan, Nikki 
Ivancic, Ellen Trappey, Sr. Sharon Glumb. (back) Damien Ducote. Sabrina Brantley, Phillip 
Brupbacher, Maria Anzola, Meg O'Beirne. Ryan Brumby. Allison Harris, Ryan Vincent, 
Kevin Redmann. [not pictured) Liz Bertuccini. Ryan Bourgeois, Richie Caldwell. Jeanne 
Martin. Lisa Meza, David Moffett. Colette Rabai, Mary Catherine Shull, Jane Buck, 
Elizabeth Bishara, Aimee Cronan, Robin Finelli, Brandon Guidry. Kelly Malpass, Brian 
Means, Cliff Thompson. 


Randy Bass 

Jennifer Arnold 

Nicole Badon 

Circle K 

► Kids Zone 

► Midtown 

► Angel Tree 

► Stocking Stutters 

► IDD Fundraiser 

Cleaning up 

Circle K received an 
award from the State 
Department of 
Transportation for 
Excellence in Highway 

AMERICORPS. Volunteer tutors from Millsaps invited their 
students from French Elementary over to play in the Bowl 
and have lunch at the Chi Omega house, where a large 
number of children boogied to the music inside. 


Innovative ideas 

As soon as the Senate 
recognized EARTH as an 
official group, the members 
set to work on increasing 
campus recycling, researching 
ideas to conserve waste from 
food services, and designing 
ways to recycle paper in the 
residence halls. 

H Festival 

: ,„. I Brian Dunkel 
draws the 
earth in the 
middle of the 
Bowl to help 
advertise for 
EARTHFEST 99, a celebration 
to heighten awareness of 
environmental issues on 


"I'm so excited at how many 
strong members we have 
found. I have faith that our 
group will grow to be very 
active and involved in making 
improvements in our physical 
campus and also in the 
attitudes of our campus." 

Crissie McMuIlan 

CIRCLE K. (front) Randy Bass. Rachel Richards, Kristy Grammer, Renae Davis, Binh 
Nguyen. Aalia Anwar, Aleksey Mashnitskiy, Advisor Patrick Cooper, (back) District 
Administrator Troy Weathersby. Michael Barham. Vice President Caroline Ranck. Susan 
Mareno. Amanda Nicholas, Lori Stuntz, Kenneth Crawley, President Peyton Hays, Albert 

SIGMA LAMBDA, (front) Ashley Bass, Joy Metcalf. Lena Palmer. Lindsay Akers. Erii 
France, Dr. Sarah McGuire. Kelly Sudduth. [2nd row) Michael Barham. Treasurer Ranc 
Bass. Elizabeth Rogers. Kathleen Cumbest. Meg O'Beirne. Gretl Zimmerman. San 
Fontenelle, (3rd row) Don Fortenberry, Lori Stuntz. Lorri Savell, Bradley Bennett. Allisc 
Harris. Peyton Hays. Rebecca Abbott, {back) Cord Campbell. Brian Berthiaume. Camerc 
Bell. Brett Carter. Tyler Walton. Lauren Stamps, Collin Glidewell. Brad Litkenhous. 


In the news. WAPT broadcasts 
live from the Student Center where Uvon 
Tucker, Suzanne Wahrle, Nathan Allen, 
Renae Davis, and Melissa Wentzell 
spent a night in boxes for Habitat. 

Donating time and money 

Shacking up 

Cardboard boxes became the 
temporary homes of Habitat for 





during two 




one on campus 
in the fall and another in the 
spring. In April, the cardboard 
housing was set up outside 

Eckerd's at Deville Plaza where 
shoppers donated money to two of 
the shackers, Kim Castille and 
Margaret Veach. 
Joint projects 
Circle K helped fund the building 
of a Habitat house by donating 
$900 to the Kiwanis Club. The 
campus Habitat chapter sponsored 
a house together with Galloway 
Methodist Church and Alta Woods 
Methodist Church. 

IABITAT FOR HUMANITY, (front) Sophia Chandak, Lauren Stamps. Leigh Brasuell, EARTH, {front) Secretary Sarah McAtee, Jane Buck, Leigh Smith, Treasurer Rachel Richards, 

lachel Richards, {2nd row) Ashley Sulser, Uvon Tucker, Nathan Allen, Kenneth Griswold, Starlight Ray, (middle) Aaron Fikac, Vice President April McGreger, Treasurer Jennifer 

3rd row) Renae Davis, Ashley Leinweber.ColeenFagan, Amanda Coody. Suzanne Wahrle. Arnold, Emily Merriman, Rachel Thompson, (back) Brian Dunkel, Vaughan Jinks. Lane 

back) Brian Berthiaume. Collin Glidewell, Jason McManus, Amanda Nicholas, Michael Douglass, Co-President Crissie McMullan, Lindsay Calhoun. Co-President Nicole Badon. 

WOMEN'S COLLECTIVE, (front) Allison 
Harris, Katie McGaw. April McGreger. Sandi 
Pullen, Junko Fukuma, Colleen Fagan, Crissie 
McMullan. (not pictured) Sponsor Dr. Leanora 

SIGMA TAU DELTA, {front) Amy Clifton. 
Mary Clay Wadlington. Secretary Nicole Saad. 
President Tara McLellan. Dr. Austin Wilson, {not 
pictured) Vice President Walter Biggins. Rhoda 
Holman. Jennifer Jones, Tony Stallings. Ashley 
Bass. Mary Katherine Black. Kimberly Pace. 
Leigh Brasuell. Mary Elizabeth Serpa. 


Women's Collective members 

Jan Shearer, Colleen Fagan, 

and April McGreger helped 

host a buffet in 

John Stone 

House to 

celebrate ten 

years of 



GED Bound 

Friendship Connection and 
Women's Collective planned 
a volunteer program to aid 
women trying to earn their 
GED certificates. 


Jenny Cherryhomes prepares 
the gender quiz, sponsored 

r— wqn by Women's 
Mfcf. Collective at 
| the annual 

I Festival. 
The quiz 
tested the 
contestants' knowledge of 
women's history. 

Computing. Michael Schwitter, Erin 
Webre, and Dr. Donald Schwartz laugh over 
Sherry Strahan and Christine Koenig's design 
for a vending machine, which was the final 
assignment in their CS 1010 class. 

Mrs Gayla Dance 

Andrew Egerton 

Nicole Donald 

ETA SIGMA PHI. {front) Janice Jordan. Kelly Walsh. Melissa Sterling. Ashley Sulser. Dr. 
Catherine Freis, {back) Jason Reddoch. Kevin Redmann, Brett Carter, Dr. Leanora Olivia, 
Jared Windhauser. Dr Michael Gleason. 

MILLSAPS COMPUTER CLUB, (front) Vice President John Bradway. Presides 
Bethany Johnson. Mascot Sidney Harper, Eric Napier. Rusty Hogg, (2nd row) Davii 
Chambers, Joey Castille. Rusti Maddox. Chad Washington. Marc Smith, Desmonc 
Funchess, (3rd row) Amanda LaRochelle. Lindsay Akers. Darsit Patel. Burrell Gee. Hoofa 
Tabari. Tyler Owen, (back) Bob Carlson. Mark Smith. Dr. Donald Schwartz. Hootan Tabari 
Daniel Martin. Jay Paulson. Brant Cole. Tarn Ragab. 


Adventuresome groups 

The Math and Physics clubs went on a 
spring canoe trip down the Okatoma River 
in south Mississippi. 

Moment of truth. Matthew 
Dunn stresses over a mistake on a 
returned Calculus 3 test. 

A variety of work 

Holding their own 

In October, a team of Joey 
Castille, Bethany Johnson, and 
Matt Dunn placed 6th while 
Andrew Egerton, Rusty Hogg, 
and Priscilla Jolly placed 14th 
at a major programming 
championship in Florida. 
Personal attention 

Dr. Paula 
Garrett goes 
over a paper 
with Karen 

while the rest of the class works 
inside Sullivan Harrell. 
Literary weekend 

The Southern Literary Festival, 
held on campus in April, 
opened with a joint reading by 
Millsaps and Tougaloo students 
and featured prize-winning 
authors Robert Pinsky, Ellen 
Douglass, and Beth Henley. 
Festival winners 
Allison Sullenberger: 1st place 
in short story; Tara McLellan: 
2nd in formal essay. 

HISTORY CLUB. f/roW)Mandy Hooker. Wade Bourgeois. Bart Liles, Erin Keller, {back) MATH CLUB, (front) Ian Makey. Joe Wang. Treasurer Nathan Allen, (middle) JoAnna 
Dr. Robert McElvaine. Buddy Givens. Jim Griffis. Tresslar Hydinger. Creighton Chandler. Barnett, Lori Stuntz. President Hudson Segrest. Dr. Darren Wick, (back) Natalie Hebert. 
Dr. Charles Sallis. Dr. Sanford Zale. (not pictured) Sandi Pullen. Secretary Joshua Hanes. Brit Simon. Vice President Tara Chase. Cathryn Johnson. 



Science Rocks! 

At the Beta Beta Beta 

Christmas party, Dr. Dick 

Highfill was part 

of a faculty 

band called 

Science Rocks! 

The band sang 


carols with 

lyrics about the science 

department's students and 


Geology fieldwork 
in Yellowstone 

A group gathered samples 
from the Yellowstone and 
Lamar Rivers to determine if 
a large fish kill was due to 
streams draining through 
copper mining areas, (front) 
Dr. James Harris, Lauren 
Stamps, Keri Walker, 
Stephen Smith, (back) Joe 
Lambert, Dr. Allen Bishop, 
Nicole Badon, Dr. Ed 
Schrader, Hal Robinson, Lori 

Boning up 

Dr. McKeown administers a 

lab practical 

in Zoology in 

the spring. 

Georgianna I 

Martin, Kelly \t 

Malpass, and mS&-m*&^J&*%T 
Lisa Stewart l^rw - ■ • 

look to see which frog bone 
Dr. McKeown wants them to 

Beyond the classroom 

Scholarly recognition 

Melanie Schrader was one of 
304 students in the nation to 
receive a Barry M. Goldwater 
Scholarship. She was involved 
in a joint research project 
with Dr. Sarah McGuire. 
Cell division 
The research involved the 
investigation of fungal cell 
division. Dr. 
McGuire said, 
"The same 
genes in certain 

fungi are sometimes found in 

normal cells and messed up in 

cancer cells. My original 

interest was in what makes 

cancer cells divide." 

Analysis of results 

Brett Carter, who also assisted 

with the 


observes the 

test results 


growth of a new mutant 

strain of fungi. 



USA Today 
named Suzanne 
Wahrle to the All- 
USA College 
Academic First 
Team for her 

excellence and her research 
into Alzheimer's disease. 

SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON. (front) Tyler Walton, 
Jaime Miles. Lauren Stamps. Joe Lambert, {back) Brant 
Cole, David Greer, Keri Walker. Will Beard, Nicole 
Badon, Dr. James Harris, (not pictured) Amy Osborn. 
Nathan Russell. Charlie Swearingen. 


Calhryn Johnson 

■ : ■ ■ - 1 

Dr Sarah McGuire Ashley Avalon 

' .' 7 ' '» f r' . , i , , , • 
/ 1 i i i , . , 

' '« » I I I I i i s 1 I 


Funded research. 

Melanie Schrader does internet 
research related to her NIH grant. 

Science symposium. 

Szilvia Szebeni, won first place at the 
9th Annual Millsaps Student Research 
Symposium with a presentation about 
nucleolar protein. 

CHI CHI CHI. (front) Kellie Woodling. Brian 
Means, Brad Farris, Todd Nichols. Brian Berryhill. 
[back) Stan Brownell. Jason McManus. David 
Lestage, Jason Locklin. Peyton Hays. 

ALPHA KAPPA DELTA. (front)E\ise Rinta. Heather Sullivan, Dr. George Bey. Amy White. 
Mary West, {middle) Jenna Spears. Sarah Richie. Miranda Moore. Katie Roberts. Dana 
Morgan, (back) Rachel Cook, Catherine Smith. Marvin Davis. Chad Young. Shane Townsend. 

£ Q * ? 

^w I 

V. * 



Treasurer Christina Seto. Sergey Dzugan. Anita Madakasira, Colette Rabai, President Brian 
Berryhill. (middle) Dr. Nancy Hopkins. Amanda Coody. Starlight Ray. Vanh Luangphakdy. 
{back) Advisor Dr. Johnnie-Marie Whitfield. Nikki Ivancic. Vice-President Brian Means. 
Secretary Jason McManus. Ben Chandler. Jason Locklin. 

ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, (front) Jeanne Martin. Brandi Hmton. April Slayden. Bridget 
Hollis, Erica France. Kathleen Cumbest. Melanie Schrader. Allison Harris. Julie Wang. 
Andrea McDaniel, [middle) Brett Carter. Charley Scales, Brad Farris, Collin Glidewell. 
Nikki Ivancic. Clay Nelson. Billy Williams, (back) Kelly Sudduth. Lena Palmer. Will Black. 
Aogu Namihira. Jason Payne. Sergey Dzugan, Courtney Valentine. Kim Niolet, Amy 
Brazda. Brian Hamilton. Advisor Robert Nevins. 

BETA BETA BETA, (front) Anita Madakasira. Angela Payne, Jeanne Martin, Vivian 
Tjeng, Colette Rabai, Angela Beeks, Rhonda White. Melissa Quinn. Jane Buck, (middle) 
Advisor Dr. Debora Mann. Allison Harris, Courtney Valentine. Andrea Lucas, Vinh Ngo. 
Colleen Graham. Leigh Smith. Julie Wang, (back) Andrew O'Dell. Lane Douglass, Alisha 
Stockton. Stephanie Hardwick. Brett Carter. Erica France, Robert Touchstone. Bobby 
Thompson. Suzanne Wahrle. 

Dee Wilson 

Fred Smith Sean Spratt 


Brooks Brown, Allison Almon, Dr. Walter 
Neely, Duncan Welch. 


In Step 

In the fall, Judy Ford had a 
Swing Dance party at her 
home for students in the 
ADP program. Buffet style 
food was served along with 
swing lessons provided by 
the dance instructor from In 
Step Studios. Judy Ford 
. Givens 
■ test their 

I skills 
during the 

jf ' 

f y «-^ 


{front) Judy Ford. Ray Adams. Janet Langley, (back) Dr. 
Harrylyn Sallis. Buddy Givens. Elise Rinta. 

ADP employee 

► Sam Greer, maintenance, 
received his BBA. 

► Patton Hawkins, a 
security officer, received 
his BA in History. 

Busy Betas 

The members of Beta Alpha 
Psi kept the books for a tax 
exempt organization and 
visited two accounting firms 
for noon programs. 

Graduation. Dr. Jesse Beeler speaks 
with MBA graduates Sandy Blackwood and 
Mitch Bedeaux before commencement. 

LOUIS WILSON FUND MANAGERS, (front) Dr. Walter Neely. Duncan Welch. Allison 
Almon, Scott Maestri, (back) Arun Raju. Tracy Perry. Chandler Ewing. Brooks Brown. 
Katie Sutherland. 

BETA GAMMA SIGMA.(/ronf) Dr. William Lamb. Dr. Pat Taylor. Lisa Dunn, Lelanc 
Speed, Dr. George Harmon, Dr. Diane Baker (middle) Dr. Kim Burke. Naomi Freeman 
Sandy Blackwood. Dr. Walter Neely, Dr. Jesse Beeler. Eric Napier. Catherine Hall 
Stephanie Fanguy. Keith Johnson, (back) Dr. Penelope Prenshaw, Dr. Carl Brooking, Davie 
Fontenot. Sean Spratt, Ronald Mark Hesselbein. Fred Smith. Michael McCall, Dr. Richarc 


State appearance. 

LEAD Team member Bert 
Austin arranged to have 
State Treasurer Marshall 
Bennett speak to students. 

Hard work pays off 

Honored guests 

What did Nick's restaurant, President 
Harmon, and twelve new members have 
in common? Beta Gamma Sigma. In 
April, the business honorary society 
treated newly elected members to an 
awards banquet. 

Beta Gamma 
Sigma juniors 
Catherine Hall 
and Eric Napier 

talk with Dr. Walter Neely after the 
banquet. The speaker for the afternoon 
was Leland Speed, chairman of Parkway 
Properties and East Group Properties. 
Company strategy 
Stephen Bowers presents 
his part of a company 
analysis of Goodyear Tire 
Company in his Business 
Strategy class. The other members of 
his group were Allison Almon, Robin 
Schambach, and Mickey Paduda. 

JETA ALPHA PSI. (front) Yamina Irby, Shanell Hudson, Stacey Arnett, Amanda FINANCE CLUB, (front) Dr. Walter Neely. Allison Almon. Brooks Brown. Duncan 
>tringfellow, (2nd row) Ashley Huff. LeAnna Chambers, DeAnna Lucas, Mary Lambdin. Welch, (back) Scott Maestri, Arun Raju. Chandler Ewing, John Adams. 
3rd row) Julie Schumacher, Murray Pace, Jane Collins, Chrissy LeBlanc, (back) Bradley 
3ennett, Stephanie Ray. Advisor Sanford Warren. Jim Mayfield. 


SCHILLER GESELLSCHAFT. Margus Siirglepp. Andrea Klevan, Rachel Barham. 
Sergey Dzugan. 

GERMAN CLUB, {front) Andrea Klevan. Jenny Cherryhomes. Sergey Dzugan, Katie 
Clegg, {back) Brian Dixon, Kevin Redmann, Jeff Corl, Carey Miller. Margus Siirglepp. 

SIGMA DELTA PI. {front) Dana Morgan. Melanie Cook. Erika Garavito. Mary Clay 
Wadlington, {back) Dr. Robert Kahn. Jason Catlin. James Thompson. Nicole Legendre. 



Gail Buzhardt, Bill Gillis, 
Amy White, Dr. Claudine 
Chadeyras, Ben Witt, 
Vaughan McRae, and Mary 
Kathryn Tucker talk at the 
weekly French coffee hour. 

Viewpoint on the 
coffee hour 

"It's good friends, good 
food, and good times. It's a 
nice place to practice 
French outside the 
classroom, outside of the 
grades and structured 

Amy White 

Home r~^ 

Frau Cotter 

prepared a 


German meal 

at her home 

for the German Club at the 

end of the spring semester. 

German viewpoint 

"The weekly meetings are 
helpful as far as learning how to 
talk in German. The surroundings 
are more comfortable, which 
really helps because sometimes 
people are inhibited to speak in 
a classroom for fear of making a 

Jenny Cherryhomes 

W V 

PI DELTA PHI. (front) Amy White. Dr. Claudine Chadeyras. Elizabeth Moak, Dr. Teresa 
Arrington. {back) Gail Buzhardt. Bill Gillis. Dr. Priscilla Fermon. Lysa Holsomback. 


Sergey Dzugan 

Dr Robert Kahn 

Rachelle While 

Foreign locations 


In February, the French Club 
travelled to Biloxi for the 
tricentennial celebration of 
the founding of a French 
colony in the New World. 
Seventy people from France 
participated in the festivities. 
An outsider's view 
"I spent an hour and a half 
with people who didn't speak 
English. I wandered from 
group to group interpreting 

within the 
groups and 
getting to 
know them. 
I came to be 
close friends with the people." 
Ben Witt 
French action 
The French Club and Pi Delta 
Phi held monthly screenings 
of French films such as 
Beineix' Dira and Bresson's 
L 'Argent. 

Studying abroad. Judy Ford 
studies on an outside veranda while 
in Costa Rica. 

SPANISH CLUB. Dr. Teresa Arlington, Dr. Robert 
Kahn. Isaiah Hoggatt. Shelley Harrigill, (not pictured) 
Co-President Kelli Crossland. Co-President Stacy 
Reynolds. Secretary Annah Marshall. Emily Olivier. 

Language lab. Jason 

Cabell listens to Spanish tapes 
in the lab and follows along in 
his workbook. 

Dr. Teresa Arrington. Dr. Priscilla Fermon. Dr. 
Claudine Chadeyras. Patricia Campbell, (back) Dr. 
Robert Kahn. Gail Buzhardt. Dr. Joan Cotter, Ben 
Witt. Margus Sarglepp. 



State awards 

► Heather Denham, senior 
women vocal finalist 

► Jenny 







► Cliff Thompson, 
undergraduate musical 
theatre finalist 

► Josh Dupont, 
undergraduate musical 
theatre semifinalist 

Reunion concert 

The Singers held a reunion 
concert at Thalia Mara Hall 
featuring a choir of almost 
two hundred voices 
composed of students and 
alumni. The choir was 
accompanied by the 
Mississippi Symphony 

A joyful noise 

Superior talent 

After winning a series of voice 


throughout the 

year, Heather 

Denham was 

named national 

winner of the 

Collegiate Artist in Voice at 

the Music Teachers' Association 

Convention in Los Angeles on 

March 23. Heather's teacher, 

Ms. Cheryl Coker, went with 

her to the convention. 

Musical helpers 

Mu Phi Epsilon members 

caroled at the 

Cancer Clinic 
and then 
stayed to read 
books, play games, and color 
with the children. Mu Phi 
Epsilon was recognized at the 
international convention for its 
remarkable increase in 
number of members. 


"For me, Singers is more 
than just a class and one 
semester hour of credit. It 
is a chance to make a 
difference in the community. 
Music opens doors nothing 
else can. To see the face of 
someone fully experiencing 
music for the first time is 
worth the time and effort put 
in by the choir under the 
unmatched leadership of Dr. 
Timothy Coker." 

Jonathan Kilgore 

MU PHI EPSILON. (front) Fran Stalling*. Elizabeth 
Moak. Vicki Myers. Jenny Baehaleda. {middle) Betsy 
Vandiver. Ellen Trappey, Julie Wang, Jeanne Martin, 
Laura Lane. Heather Denham, Brandi Walker, [buck) 
Uvon Tucker, Brit Simon. Richard Adams. Collin 
Glidewell, Terri Camp, Hannah Cranford, Jonathan 
Kilgore, Kimberly Pace, Josh Dupont. 

Christmas. The Advent Service, 
a central focus of religious life on the 
campus during the Christmas season, 
was based on the Service of Lessons 
and Anthems at King's College in 



fvtr* * * 

Caroline Ranck Jamie Hams Bill Gillis 

CHAMBER SINGERS, (front) Aimee Cronan, Cliff Thompson. Mary Clay Wadlington, 
Brandon Baxter. Erica Adkins. Uvon Tucker. Lica Gamble. Randy Bass, (back) John Suggs. 
Betsy Vandiver. Margus Sarglepp. Heather Denham. J. J. Coker. Jenny Bachaleda, Charley 
Scales. Betsy Farrell. Josh Dupont. 

Silent night. At the end of the Advent Service, Jenni 
Brown and the rest of the Singers process into the crowd to 
sing Silent Night in the darkened hall. 

Singers tour 

► Hernando, MS 

► St. Louis, MO 

► BloomingtonJL 

► Chicago, IL 

► Cincinnati, OH 

► Nashville, TN 

► Birmingham, AL 

► Jackson, MS 

Wang. Sonata Festival Gold Medal; Collin 
Glidewell. Sonata Festival Gold Medal; 
Kimberly Pace, Norris Piano Festival 2nd place; 
(back) Leigh Pennebaker, Sonata Festival Silver 
Medal; Jeanne Martin. Norris Piano Festival 3rd 
place; Mrs. Elizabeth Moak. 

SOPRANO SINGERS, (front) Katie Clegg. Catherine Mouton. Jill Margargee. Lillian 
Stickle. (2nd row) Natalie Collier. Stephanie Burks. Rachel Barham. Kimberly Pace. 
Amanda Cashman. (3rd row) Clare Gillette. Laura Lane. Amy Clifton. Hannah Cranford. 
Aimee Cronan. Brandi Walker, Sarah McAtee. (back) Maria Costas. Shaun Felger, Erica 
Adkins, Jenny Bachaleda. Lindsay Whitfield. Jenni Brown. 

ALTO SINGERS, (front) Michelle Moore. Frances Stallings. Terri Camp. Caroline Ranck. 
Jamie Harris. Ellen Trappey. (2nd row) Jessie Kneupper. Jeanne Martin. Vicki Meyers. 
Melame Haley. Carrie Thune, (3rd row) Janine Lacallade. Betsy Farrell. Lica Gamble. 
Angela Beeks' Carolina Whitfield-Smith. ( back) Mia Rhymes. Heather Denham, Mary Clay 
Wadlington, Julie Wang. Jane Collins. Keri Walker. 

BASS AND TENOR SINGERS, (front) Bradley Bennett. J.J. Coker. Bill Gillis. Brandon 
Baxter. Cole Cheek. (2nd row) Randy Bass. Andrew O'Dell. John Suggs. Jermaine Ivy. 
Daniel Jenkins. (3rd row) Terrance Alexander. Cliff Thompson. Jonathan Kilgore, Kenneth 
Griswold. Richard Adams. Josh Dupont. (back) R.W. McCarley. Brian Carpenter, Brit 
Simon. Margus Sarglepp. Charley Scales. Robert Gatlin. Collin Glidewell. Jacob Woodward. 



Players awards 

► Best Show 
of the 

► Alpha Psi 

CqoH Carta Morrison, Nicole Saad 

► Best Actress in a Leading 
Role: Nicole Saad as 
"Electra" in Electra 

► Outstanding Player of the 
Year: Melinda Bott 

► Freshman of the Year: 
Erin Kate Holston 

► Backstage Award: Erin 
Kate Holston 

► The Cameo Award: 
Jason Stine as "Steward" 
in Murder on the Nile 

► Best Actress in a 
Supporting Role: Paige 
Williams as "Inez" in 
No Exit 

► Best Actor in a 
Supporting Role: Paul 
Gagliano as "Paul" in 
Moon Over Buffalo 

► Best Actor in a Leading 
Role: Cliff Thompson as 
"Cardeau" in No Exit 

► Frank Mains Award: 
Melinda Bott 

Artistic ability 

Bookmarks and socks 

In the spring, the printmaking 

class made computer images, 

then burned the images into 

silk screens and applied paint. 

The class produced 

a numbered set of 

their final project 

entitled "Bookmarks 

and Dirty White 


Coming home 

The class was taught by Lea 

Barton who studied at the Pratt 

Institute after graduating from 
the Adult Degree Program in 
1996. She said, "It is harder 
being a teacher than a student. 
Being called 'ma'am' required 
an adjustment." 
A close look 
Art major Liz Burke, 
a member of the 
printmaking class, 
displayed work in 
the Collegiate Art Invitational 
and the Mississippi Collegiate 
Art Competition. 

Briogette Harvey, Brian Flynn 

Art History. Grace Crouch 
examines slides outside the Art 
offices on the third floor of the 

Backstage. Virginia 
Walker played the maid in 
Murder on the Nile. 


Studying in Ireland 

Jennifer Arnold, an art major with a double 
concentration in art history and studio art, 
was awarded a scholarship to study 
abroad in Ireland during the spring of 2000. 

ALPHA PSI OMEGA. (front) Janice Jordan. Secretary-Treasurer Melinda Bott, President 
Joy Wallace, (back) Brent Lefavor. Vice President James Thompson. Advisor Morgan Gadd. 

PR1NTMAKING CLASS, (front) Rasa Lemmond. Liz Burke. Danielle Bowling, Lea 
Ballon. Adam Sweeney. Catherine Hall, (back) Mike Lonegrass. Nick Gristina. Marianne 
Royals Wynn. Beau Pollard. Jeremy Reynolds. Anna Nelson. Mary Alice Boyd. 

Steady hands. Anna Nelson and Mary Alice 
Boyd position the paper as they work on their final 
prints for printmaking class. 

Behind the Scenes. Rachel Thompson 
and Melinda Bott served the Players backstage. 
Melinda received the Frank Hains Award for 
scenery at the Players Awards Banquet held on 
April 27. 

Electra. Joy Wallace, Rachel 
Barham, Lauren Garrett, and Greer 
Proctor recite a chorus in Electra. 

Tradition. Candice Polk, 
Evangeline Sonnier, and Caroline 
Stauffer take the stage in their 
Opening Nights IDS course. 
Along with singing auditions, the 
class had to learn "Tradition," the 
opening number of Fiddler on the 

Wooden man Smoking man Candy man 

performers) 'artists 

Outside interests 

Trying out 

The Major Impressions dance team 

entertained crowds during the 

halftime of home football games and 

some basketball games. 

The members had to try 

out on September 2 for 

the football season and 

on November 18 for the 

basketball season. 


Yaughan Jinks, Claire Morgan, 
Heather Sullivan 

faced was having to perform in the 

mud at the final football game. 

Dance teacher 

The dance team was not simply a 

school year obligation 
for Heather Sullivan. 
During the summer. 
Heather worked for a 
professional company 
which sponsored a 
dance competition on 

The team members paid for their own ESPN. Heather taught at dance 
uniforms, including shoes which cost camps in Arkansas, Tennessee, 
$80. Another challenge the dancers Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. 

MAJOR IMPRESSIONS, {front) Claire Morgan. Heather Sullivan, (middle) Grace 
Crouch, Kelle Forster. Starlight Ray. Sarah Segrest. Colette Rabai, Karen Sheridan (back) 
Kate England, Kim Niolet. April Slayden. Jennifer Hicks. Taryn Stewart. Vaughan Jinks, 
Rachel Richards. 

MAJOR PRODUCTIONS, (front) Ellen Trappey. Jessica Perkins. Lindsey May. Jenny 
Cherryhomes. Tracie Houston. Cindy Strine. Sumon Bhowmick. (middle) Kelly Sudduth. 
Katie McGaw. Lindsay Whitfield. Ashley Huff. Catherine Hall. Kristi Joyner. (back) 
Rebecca Abbott. Julie Skipper. Beth West. Brooks Brower. Allison Harris. Wade White. 
Ryan Vincent. 



Poker Pick-Up 

Game time. Claire Morgan performs 
during halftime of a basketball game. 

Major Productions hosted a 
Poker Chip Pickup during 
halftime of a basketball 
game. Ellen Trappey ties a 
blindfold on Carrie Thune 
while Maria Anzola waits for 
the buzzer. 

Major comedian 

Comedian Buzz Sutherland 

brought — 



and Robert 

Bradley up 

on stage in 

the Recital Hall to teach 

them how to dance. 

Movie mania 

Major Productions 
sponsored free showings 
of The Negotiator, Urban 
Legend, and Good Will 


{front) Anna Nelson. Catherine Hall. Kelli 
Crossland. Claire Morgan. Meg O'Beirne. 
[back) Elizabeth Rogers. Ryan Vincent. Stan 
Prather. Jason Stine. Zeph Hardy. 



Advisor Sherry! Wilburn. Bna Griffith. Sabrina 
Brantley. Andrea Lucas, (middle) Secretary 
Taryn Stewart. Tora Clay. Vice President 
Joshua Johnson. I back) President Marvin Davis. 
Tom Murphy. Dharius Daniels. Bobby 

Yamina Irby 

Kelle Forster 

STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, [front) Secretary Cassie Sheldon. President 
Stephanie Land. Vice President Nathan Allen. Treasurer Katie Sutherland. [2nd row) Amy 
Brazda, Tracy Harper. Sam King. Rachel Cook. Kelly Sudduth. Katye Bratton. (3rd row) 
Amanda Hancock. Kelli Crossland. Carla Morrison. Colleen Graham. Rachelle White. 
Catherine Hall. Lena Palmer, {back) Kathleen Cumbest, Michael Barham, Cameron Bell. 
Betsy Farrell. Kacey Crawley, Rebecca Abbott, Advisor Melissa Taylor. 

FRISBEE. (front) Joshua Hanes. Timothy Sheehan. Shane Hard. Ben Hughes. Artem 
Mashnitskiy. Vinh Ngo. [back) Mick Veum. Joe Wang, Jason Payne. Brian Ebarb. Nathan 
Allen. Daniel Browning, Lindsey Blackstock, Brian Berryhill. 




Jenny Allred 

Montgomery, AL 

B.A.. English & Philosophy 

Nathan Allen 

Magee. MS 
B.S., Physics 

Alison Almon 

Little Rock, AR 
B.B.A.. Administration 

Bert Austin 

Mi cnae l Barham 

Greenwood, MS 

Meridian, MS 

B.S., Biology 

B.A., Religious Studies 

Rachel Barham 

Ashley Bass 

Tupelo, MS 

B.A., Music & European Studies 

Eros, LA 

B.A., English & Sociology/ 


Randy Bass 

Brian Berryhill 

Shreveport, LA 
B.B.A., Administration 

Plantersville, MS 
B.S., Chemistry 


Walter Biggins 

Dallas, TX 
B.A., English 

Mary Katherine 

McCool, MS 
B.A., English 

Sabrina Brantley 

Haverhill, MA 

B.S., Sociology/Anthropology 

Katye Bratton 

Hollandale, MS 
B.A., Economics & Spanish 

Tara Chase 

Booneville, MS 
B.S., Mathematics 

Ann Jane Cox 

Monroe, LA 
B.A., English 

Kate England 

Greenville, MS 
B.S., Biology 

Stephanie Fanguy 

Jackson, MS 
B.S., Biology 

Judy Ford 

Ridgeland, MS 

B.L.S., Psychology & Spanish 

Bill Gillis 

Memphis, TN 
B.A., French 

who's who 

Tammy Harvey 

Lafayette, LA 
B.S., Biology 

Jenny Kellum 

Madison, MS 
B.A., Economics 

David Lestage 

Ruston, LA 
B.S., Chemistry 

B rad Litkenhous *L 

Hoover, AL 
B.S., Biology 

Ginger McElwee 

Vicksburg, MS 

B.BA., Business Administration 

Tara McLellan 

Montgomery, AL 
B.A, English 


ason McManus 

Brandon, MS 
B.S., Chemistry 

Britt Mendoza 

Conover, NC 
B.B.A., Accounting 

J^im Pace 

Newton, MS 
B.A., English 

Nital Patel 

Jackson, MS 
B.S., Chemistry 


Erica Pedersen 

Brandon, MS 
B.A., English 

Elise Rinta 

Ridgeland, MS 
B.A, Sociology/Anthropology 

Nicole Saad 

Clinton, MS 

B.A., English & Theatre 

M ar £ us Sarglepp 

Tallinn, Estonia 

B.A., Religious Studies & 


Hudson Segrest 

Columbus, MS 
B.S., Mathematics 

M arc Smith 

Tallahassee, FL 

B.S., Computer 


Dan Walker 

Somerville, TN 
B.B.A., Accounting 

Tyle r Walton 

Meridian, MS 
B.S., Geology 

Erica Woodall 

Seminary, MS 
B.S., Biology 

Not Pictured 
Heather Denham 

Chattanooga, TN 
BA., Music 

Scott Maestri 

Metairie, LA 

B.B.A., Administration 

Bradley Sanders 

Mobile, AL 

BA., Spanish & Political Science 

Paige Williams 

Clinton, MS 
B.A., Philosophy 

who's who 



w - ^^ 

£ ..F 'l 


-*i ^B 1 


/ < 

Dr Kristino Stensaos, Brian Means 

'1 Haf * 


Bert Austin, Ryon Brumby 

Amy Clifton 

Liz Dubuisson 

Sarah McAfee 


m G i 

kV* ,,<;>* oft ?, 

u ' '.'., \r 


•*■ l/ ^%* 




/w '/i >////»* 

'/'// 1 



"I can honestly say 
that joining 
Alpha Kappa 
Alpha Sorority, 
Inc. has made my 
college experience 
complete. " 

-Erika Buford 

AKA: Mia Rhymes. Brandi 
Walker, president. 

Shantelle Suane. 

Mia Rhymes. 

PHILANTHROPIES: Multicultural Festival; Math and 

Science Literacy; Tree Project; Senior Residence Center. SOCIAL 
EVENTS: Sisters Night Out; Pink and Green Ball; Christmas 

TRADITIONS: Motto: By culture and by merit. Mascot: Frog and mouse. Colors: Salmon 


k & apple green. Founder's Day: January 15, 1908. Advisors: Olivia Lee, Theresa King. 

alpha kappa alpha 


"Being a Chi 
Omega is not 
about winning 
awards or being 
labeled the best. 
That comes and 
goes for every 
group. Instead, it 
is about belonging 
to a group of girls 
you are proud to 
call sisters because 
you know their 
friendships are for 
a lifetime. " 

-Sarah Fontenelle 

Officers: (front) Leah Sams. 
treasurer; Sarah Fontenelle, president; 
Brandi Hinton. secretary; (back) Claire 
Morgan, rush chair. Kristy Jones, 
pledge educator; Ryan Brumby, 
personnel; Melanie Schrader. vice- 
president; Kelly Malpass. Panhellenic, 

Sisterhood Rally: Shelly Bradley. Julie 
Schumacher. Sarah Fontenelle, Lauren Gardes 
Lauren Stamps, 

Walk A-Thon: Madelyn Fancher. Leah Sams. 
Elizabeth Rogers. Rachelle White. Kim Niolet. 
Ryan Brumby. Georgianna Martin 

PHILANTHROPIES: Angie MangunoWalk Against Breast 
Cancer; Blood Drive; Read Aloud at Pecan Park Elementary; Cares 
Center Pen Pal Program and Halloween Party; Santa/Bunny 
Shoestring; Dance-A-Thon for March of Dimes. SOCIAL 
EVENTS: Autumn Fest; Eleusinian Ball; Sisterhood Rally; Owl & 
Pal Picnic. BID DAY THEME: Chi Omega Under Construction. 

TRADITIONS: Mascot: Owl. Colors: Cardinal & straw. Motto: Hellenic culture & 


hristian ideals. Founder s Day: 

chi omega 

I've been violated ... bar poetry ... Pearl River Beach Club ... Kathy, that's my girdle ... See you in Econ 1 020 

little bunny Claire, Claire ... Mardi Gras panties on your head ... SC? What were we thinking? ... meeeeee 

lazi ... the get fresh crew ... you don't know Jack... schlocky pismire ... dribbles really dribbles ... I'm a statistic 

1 9 

chi _ 
X 0nega 

just between us girls ... fiver... bunk beds make bad friends ... my sista's names are Moanny, Kiki and Nette 

delta delta 


"Delta Delta Delta 
is a home away 
from home that has 
nurtured and 
supported my 
growth as a leader 
and as a member 
of the Millsaps 
community. It is a 
network of friends 
that has applauded 
my successes and 
supported me in 
my times of 
struggle. " 

-Beth West 

Officers: (front) Hillary Pesson. 
Jeanne Martin. Jenny Cherryhomes. 
Jessica Perkins. Susan Lacouture. (2nd 
row) Sally Williams. Stacey Arnett. Reni 
Guidry, Lindsey May. Melanie Cook, 
(3rd row) Kelly Walsh. Katie McGaw. 
Julie Skipper, Elaine Reyes. Amelia 
Killcreas. (back) Brooks Brower, Sara 
Capps. Jill Caruthers. Bronwen 
Houston, Beth West. Courtney 

Delta Underground: 

Jennifer Jones 

Cancer Clinic: Amber Edwards, Erin Webre, Katharine Major Madness: Ashley Martin. Katharine 
McKee McKee. Stephanie Yasinski. Kandi Stevens 

PHILANTHROPIES: Children's Cancer Charities (Children's 
Cancer Clinic), Grace House, Cares Center, Midtown, HOSTS, 
Santa/Bunny Shoestring. SOCIAL EVENTS: Annual 
Homecoming Tailgate/Family Weekend, Fall Party, Crush Party, 
Spring Formal. BID DAY THEME: Rush the Rest, Pledge the 

TRADITIONS: Founder's Day: November 20. Colors: Gold, silver, 




nd b I u e . F I o w e r : Pansy. Mascot: Dolphin. Advisor: Lisa Garvin 

delta delta delta 

Ask me again if I'm an orange.. .Irish jig... I refuse to call anything that chews on bricks a dog-27 1 /3 days 

1 » 


■ -• 




Beast and Foul. ..give me that, that, that. .you can't play a playa...Yeah, that's knee slapping hilarious... 

delta delta 



Nasty Dancer, Dancing for Money... Majesties... January 26... Days Inn Room 220... Flower of the South. 

delta delta delta 

delta sisma 



"I wanted to be a 
Delta Sigma 
Theta because 
most of the 
women who 
impacted my life 
in a positive 
manner were 
Deltas, and if they 
could give 
something to me, 
then I could take 
the opportunity to 
give something to 
others. " 

-Crystal Berry 

Delta Sigma Theta: Tameka Battle, secretary; Oreathia Smith, vice president; Alma Laster, primary advisor; 
Mijia Fletcher, president; Crystal Berry, treasurer. 

PHILANTHROPIES: We Love Our Parents Fundraiser, Voter 
Registration Drive, Angel Tree, AIDS/STD Forum, Reading is Fun, 
Breast Cancer Awareness Week. SOCIAL EVENTS: Ice Cream 
Social, Just Us Deltas, Movie Night, Millsaps Faculty Luncheon for 
Greek Week. 

TRADITIONS: Motto: Intelligence is the torch of wisdom. Founder's Day: January 13, 1913: 


Colors: Crimson and cream. Flower: Violet. Advisors: Alma Laster and Margaret Steele. 

delta sigma tbeta 


"Pledging KD 
has allowed me to 
be part of an 
amazing group 
that truly cares 
about Millsaps 
and the 
Witnessing that 
KD is not about 
status, but instead 
a bond between 
sisters, is what 
makes me proud 
to say I am a 
Kappa Delta. " 

-Carrie Wade 

Officers: (front) Mary Catherine 
Shull. Panhellenic; Joy Metcalf, 
president; Rebecca Reed, pledge 
educator; Mary Frances Prejean, 
treasurer; (back) Molly Jeffcoat. 
asst. treasurer; Kate Pearce. 
standards; Kathleen Cumbest. 
public relations; Amy Brazda, 

if : t 

Casino Night: Catherine Hall 

Serenading: Lauren Roberts 

PHILANTHROPIES: Shamrock Project for Prevent Child Abuse 
America , Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Children's Hospital, KA/KA 
Casino Night for MDA, KA/PIKA Stewpot, Santa/Bunny Shoestring, 
Midtown. SOCIAL EVENTS: Fall Party, Big Sis/Lil Sis, Mother- 
Daughter Tea, Valentine's Party, Father-Daughter Cookout, White 
Rose Formal. BID DAY THEME: It Ain't Easy Being Green. 

TRADITIONS: Motto: Ta Kala Diokomen. Colors: Olive green and pearl white. Mascot: 




s^-~^ CSw (t^ 
(?l ^^ ^? 












: : 











Teddy Bear. Founder's Day: October 23, 1897. Faculty Advisor: Mr. R. W. McCarley. 

kappa delta 

The Jesus Van doesn't do pick-ups in the mornings.. Halloween. ..There are three things women don't like: wife 

Do you smoke here often?... That would look good on my resume... Why are you looking at me? You like me?. 

beaters, thick silver chains, and orange drippy meat. You have all three... Moss and Susan, whata pair. 

Cassie, are you ready for some football?... Plethora.. ..Fi, Duhlete!... Katherine Markham, the laundry girl. 

"This year was 
very special to 
Epsilon Chapter. 
We celebrated our 
85th anniversary 
on the Millsaps 
campus with 
alumnae and 
friends on March 
20. We have 
many things in 
these eighty-five 
years and look 
forward to many, 
many more. " 

-Rebecca Abbott 


Officers: (front) Lena Palmer, 
membership; Aalia Anwar, 
secretary; Kim Castille. 
Panhellenic: (back) Rebecca 
Abbott, president; Anna Shelton, 
vice president; Lori Stuntz, 
treasurer; Adele Dauphin. Phi 

Bethlehem Center: Adele 
Dauphin. Prasad Vasamsetti. 
Melmda Bott, Kristi Joyner, Scott 
Fairchild. Ryan Miles. Collette 
Rabai, Hannah Mashburn, Ryan 
Paul. Angela Hobgood. Sumon 

Epsilon Chapter's 85th Anniversary 

PHILANTHROPIES: KA/OM Massage-A-Thon, Candy 
Cane Sale, Care Packages and Alumnae Fundraiser for Children's 
Miracle Network, Midtown, Bunny Shoesrring/Santa Shoestring, 
IAE/OM Easter Egg Hunt. SOCIAL EVENTS: Fall Pajama 
Party, Founders Day Crawfish Boil, Enchantress Ball, Phi 
Retreat, Spring Sisterhood Retreat, Swaps, Grab-A-Date. BID 
DAY THEME: Phi Mu, All the Greek You Need To Know. 

TRADITIONS: Motto: Les soeurs fideles. Founder's Day: March 21, 1912. Faculty Advisor: Paula Broome. 



olors: Rose and white. Mascot: Lion. Memorable Moment: 85th Year Anniversary. 


Don't play with irons.. .Are there any bananas in your purse?. ..Nu Beta Chi Club. ..85 years and 1 00 lbs of crawfis 

.How many Phi Mus does it take to work a VCR?. ..What's the matter with Lica's ear?. ..Let's go in this door. 



,ey Adele, let's build a sleigh.. .Lola is cheap, only 99 cents!. ..State day in New Orleans... Founder's Day.. .Whips.. 

Love in WAB...Make up your min 

■PifTfffli 1 

o Alice, that s Martha...! want him for his mind Bert, his mind!! 








"Being a greek has 
been one of the best 
experiences for me. I 
feel honored to have 
been selected by my 
peers to represent the 
Millsaps Greek 
Community. " 

-Randy Bass 

Panhellenic: (front) Mary Clay Wadlington. Mary Catherine 
Shull. Kim Castille. Courtney Valentine, (back) Angela Payne, 
Colleen Graham. Kelly Malpass. Andrea Miller, 

Greek Man and Woman of the Year: 

Randy Bass and Kim Niolet. 

IFC: CfronrJCorbin Womac, Andrew Clark. Phillip Smith, Andrew 
Neely. John Bradway, (back) Richie Caldwell. Lance Stoner. Michael 
Bentley. Robin Hamby. Nathan Dickson. Bradley Bennett. Andrea 

Rho Chi: (front) Marin Dawson. Laura Ferry, Lisa Meza. Amy 
Clifton, Shelley Harngill, (middle) Georgianna Martin. Leslie 
Manuel. Kelly Sudduth, Martha Ostenrude. Liz Dubuisson. Kandi 
Stevens. (back) Michelle Guennger. Cnssie McMullan. Mandy 
Hooker. Missy Rose. Lane Douglass. Susan Mareno. Michelle 

Order of Omega: (front) Amy Clifton, Joy Metcalf. Lena Palmer. 
Lindsay Akers, Amy Brazda, Brandi Walker. Kelly Sudduth, (middle) 
Ashley Bass. Lorri Savell. Kathleen Cumbest. Sarah Richie. Peyton 
Hays. Rebecca Abbott, (back) Cord Campbell, Cameron Bell. Tyler 
Walton. Bradley Bennett. Brad Litkenhous. Randy Bass. 

GREEK WEEK ACTIVITIES: Order of Omega Awards Day, SAE 
Under Siege, Banner Competition, Progressive Lunch for Faculty, 
Charity Raffle for Teen Runaway Shelter, Slide Show, Bo Henry Band. 
RUSH WEEK THEME: If this is a week, imagine a lifetime. 






"The one quality 
that makes our 
worthwhile is 
having the 
opportunity to 
build awesome 
relationships with 
others regardless of 
their Greek letters, 
not because of 
personal reasons, 
but because we 
care to be the 
difference. " 

-Marvin Davis 

Alpha Phi Alpha 

Cord Campbel 
Desmond Funchess 
Marvin Davis, 
Joshua Johnson. 
Marcus Dudley. 

Awards Day: Dharius Daniels. 

PHILANTHROPIES: Voter Registration Drive, "Go to High 
School; Go to College" Educational Program, Project Alpha Male 
Mentoring, Sankofa in Connection with Headstart, Adopt-a- 
Highway, Pecan Park May Day, Keep Jackson Beautiful Volunteer 
Program. SOCIAL EVENTS: Back to School Party, Greek 
Forums, Black History Month Activities. 

TRADITIONS: Motto: "First of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all." Colors: Black and olde go 


alpha phi alpha 

KA a P a 

"This year we had 
a really good 
group of officers 
and seniors. We 
also initiated 
some great guys. 
Because of the 
active members 
and my pledge 
brothers, I had a 
great freshman 
year. " 

-Pat Lowery 

Officers: (front) Todd Nichols 
(III), Creighton Chandler (VII), 
Hayes Bryant (I), Drew Walker 
(IV). (back) Nathan Dickson (Rush 
Chair), George Lumm (VI), Joey 
DuMontier(ll), Robbie Morrison 

Casino Night: 

Robbie Morrison, 
Bethany Johnson 
Erin Keller, 

Summer Abroad: Matt Helms, Robert 
Walker. Matthew McLaughlin. 

Swaps: Lauren Gardes. Robert Boyce. 

PHILANTHROPIES: MDA Roadblock, Habitat for Humanity, 
Stewpot, KA/KA Casino Night, OM/KA Massage-A-Thon, Bunny & 
Santa Shoestring. SOCIAL EVENTS: Old South, Christmas Party, 
Ski Trip in Breckenridge, Black and White, Valentine's Party, Initiation 
Party, Rhythm and Blues, Luau. AWARDS: General George C. 
Marshall Award given to the top Kappa Alpha Chapter in the nation. 

TRADITIONS: Colors: Crimson & old gold. Motto:Dieu et les dames 






Faculty Advisor:Dr. Roy Berry. Founder's Day:October 1, 1893 

kappa alpha 

Has anyone seen my sister? ... Put Myrick and Wikle on the guest list ... Has anyone seen my Bond game 

Did Rah and Dunes ever give Dubie back his big "V?" ... Hayes, your Aloe Vera pick-up lines worked for Yu 

Vlarty, Marty, the one man party ... I think Gannon broke my hand ... 1 .21 Gigolos Farewell Tour, "CHEERS' 

%S 9*~J %•*%< 

Yum too ... The Waffel and the Bandit ... Michel, did you see anything interesting at Old South? 


"May we not rest 

contentedly until 

the Star and 

Crescent is the 

pride of every 

college and 

university in the 


-Mr. Stephen 
Alonzo Jackson 

Officers: Blake Huggard. Grand 
Scribe; Matt Dowd, Grand Master 
of Ceremonies; Nick Licata. Grand 
Scribe; Reagan Toledano. Grand 
Procurator; Patrick Anderson. Grand 

Bid Day: (front) Kip Desormeaux. Lance 
Stoner, Jonathan Gay. (back) Travis Ezelle, 
David Greer. Jon Peyton. Josh Danos. 

Intramural Soccer 
Champions: Emile Craig 

PHILANTHROPIES: Adopt a Highway, Jackson Parent Child 
Exchange, Habitat for Humanity, KA/KS Car Wash, Santa 
Shoestring, Bunny Shoestring. SOCIAL EVENTS: Wildman, 
Deer and Beer, Founders Day in New Orleans, Cossas Ball, South 
Seas. AWARDS: The Most Improved Chapter of Kappa Sigma, 
Most Outstanding Grand Master, Campus Involvement Award, 
Intramural Participation Award. 

TRADITIONS: Colors: Scarlet, white, and green. Symbol 


1 .- 'i J a!— 

1 l\ ~^g <M 




Founder's Day: December 10, 1869 

kappa sigma 

Just swell fat body ... Up in HYAA! ... Don Juan de Drinker or Leaver ... Squirrelly get off the roof 

Kappa Sigma BT unopposed ... Little Timmy goes to Padre ... Come on, man, we need one more 

3LAAAHHH!!! ... What's the buzz around campus? ... Gator's gonna getcha ...Keep on working 

KZ slg 


e pool united ... A to E dump your girlfriend ... Beware of the Heela Monster ... Babs, where's Santa? 

kappa sigma 

lambda chi 

AXA 3 ^ 

Officers: (front) Corey Ford. Daniel Gibbons, Wesley Batson. Ben Hughes. Zane 
King. Shane Hard. (2nd row) Bill Stegall, Ryan Vincent, Chris Still, John Bradway, 
(3rd row) Chris Davis, Joe Lang, Greg Thompson, Jason Payne, Michael Wade. 
John Suggs, (back) Brian Dixon. Brian Carpenter, Jay Paulson. 


"/ think our 


achievements this 
year were 
shattering our 
previous food 
drive records by 
raising 23, 000 
lbs. of canned 
goods for the 
Mississippi Food 
Network and 
initiating our 
entire associate 
member class. " 
-Michael Wade 

Hangin' Out: Robert Touchstone, 
Shane Hard 

Watermelon Bust 

PHILANTHROPIES: National Food Drive, Watermelon Bust, 
Adopt-A-Class, Penny Drive. SOCIAL EVENTS: Crescent Ball, 
White Trash Christmas, Tri Delta Halloween Swap, Chi Omega 
Luau, Kappa Delta Pajama Swap, Phi Mu Barn Bash. 

TRADITIONS: Motto: Vir quisque vir. Colors: Purple, green, and gold. f 






junder's Day: March 22, 1909. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Gleason 

lambda chi alpha 

Cha Cha Cha... Punchy.. .Grandmama... Lebanese Football. ..Zane, the tackiest pimp in Jackson... Chemo ferret < 

The Gatekeeper.. .Michelin Man. ..The adventures of Johny Blaze and Fatty Acids.. .ALRIGHT!?!. ..Probation '9S 


lambda chi 

AXA dph 

Joe's new room. ..Well, boo-hoo... Heaven n' Hell. ..Nothing's good with butter.. .Gee money clip. ..Mr. Burns 

lambda cbi alpha 

pi kappa 

"Pike is it!" 

"Jack Nichols 

Crawfish Boil: Philip Smith, Reynolds 

Cotton Ball: (front) Kevin McMahon. Ben Chandler.Matt Miller, (back) John 
Sullivan. Reynolds Bodenhammer. Jack Nichols. 

Intramurals: Steve Scott 

All Dressed Up: Jack Nichols. Sage Tap Day: Brad Downs. 


PHILANTHROPIES: Adopt-a-Highway, Habitat for 
Humanity, FIKA/AAA Lounge-a-Thon for The Mustard Seed, 
riKA/KA Stewpot. SOCIAL EVENTS: Bid Day, Blues at 
Sunset, Old North, Cotton Ball. 

TRADITIONS: Mascot: Firetruck. Founder's Day: March 23, 1905 


staff Advisor: Dr.Don Fortenberry. Colors: Garnet and old gold 

pi kappa alpha 

"As I ran to the 
house on Bid Day 
morning, I knew 
that I had made 
the right choice. 
Being a part of 
the brotherhood of 
SAE has been one 
of the greatest 
experiences of my 
life. - 

-Brad Lokitz 


gma alpha 

t VAFep S .lon 

"EA c 


Officers: Peyton Hays. treasure 
Jared White, vice president: 
Derrick McNeal. pledge educato 
Bradley Bennett, president; 
Cameron Bell, rush chair; 
Jonathan Kilgore. secretary. 

Greek Week: Ryan Bourgeois 

Paddy Murphy 

PHILANTHROPIES: Late Night Pizza for Mississippi 
Children's Cancer Clinic, Valet for Wilson Research Center, 
Millsaps Under Siege, American Cancer Society Gala, Easter Egg 
Hunt for Bethlehem Center. SOCIAL EVENTS: Blazing 
Saddles, Destination Unknown, Christmas Party, Initiation Formal, 
Margaritaville, Paddy Murphy AWARDS: Order of Omega 
Fraternity Award of Excellence, Greek Man or the Year. 

TRADITIONS: Colors: Royal purple and old gold. Mascot: Lion. 



£ f * 







< / 


, ■ - 


ounder s Day: March 9, 1856. Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Harris 

sigma alpha epsilon 


hazin' me, man... Margar i ta vi 1 1 e? . . . Estrogen Man... Grand Pugh-Bah 

s igm a alph; 
> A Th e P s il° n 

anymore, does he? . . . Be n n ett , did you see th e a m bu I ance? . . . M i I es 005 

sigma alpha epsilon 

Coca Cola 

Millsaps College 

Integrated Architecture 

V; r a*-43r >■ v 


Grand Rapids, Ml 

(616) 574-0220 


sbwbt^pmiht a 
Architecture • Engineering • Interior Design 

standing m wmm. INC 

"Wholesale Grower" 


4450 Parsons Road 
Raymond, Mississippi 39154 

^J^relplna to (/^eautif-u 
I V lictiupi Lo/fcae 




from the 


Now that you have completed one of the biggest 
achievements in your life, it's time to hit the streets 

and find the career of your dreams. 
Let The Clarion-Ledger he\y you on your journey. 
Take a look at our Big Easy Classifieds and Employ- 
ment Journal and find the career of your choice. 

For subscription information, call 961-7200. 

(ftbe (fUrion-gcdaer 

Mljjljjlppl'i Newspaper 

FAX (601)373-4014 




P.O. BOX 8601 


Corey Miller, Motk Salvagio, Joson McDonald 


. Specializing In . 


1491 Canton Mart 
Jackson. MS 39211 

(601) 956-7079 


Robin Schomboch. 






Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers 

P.O. Box 5989, Brandon, MS 39042 

Pat MclN'casc 

GirfiohH? I 'nr President 

P.iiik'WcMh r Incorporated 

diCil) [iiic.Tsi.itf ii North uli I l""i 

Jaibon. MS >9211 

Mil 'OlVi'Ji 1 ) 

KOO 24i-"228 WATS SUll 

(.(il 'n"o:ii(i Fax 


i:>i.iiilishi-il is- 

,v V.rk ^l 1 vii.iii.ti hi 

( Ji In r I'mii ll'iil I:\i Iijiiu 

University Club 

i^iarifcagoai Mill. s ^ s. 

Gb^3)ailat±lj3tDtlBa3±Bljffi ! 

Top Floor Deposit Guaranty Plaza 

2 1 East Capitol Street, Suite 2200 

Jackson, Mississippi 39201-2372 

Telephone (601) 969-401 1 

You Have Enough Things 
To Worry About 

s/z'sfas-y (Quiz. 
Soccer- j6Zgo_ 
£?s7g/tsf) £T/a.m 

M'c A -t<p Sparky! | 

Your Checking Account 
Shouldn't Be One Of Them 

Student & Umbrella Checking From Trustmark 


National Bank Member fdic 
One Less Thing To Worry About 


to all of the 
Graduates of the 

Class of 1999. 




Brian Berryhill 


1855 Lakeland Dr. 

Congratulations from, 





Member FDIC 




10)4 N. Flowood Drive 
(ackson, MS 39208 

Fax 601/939-8934 








Clodge J) 




Local: (601) 948-8650 
2375 North State Street Jackson, MS 39202- 1 1 96 

Operated by MMl Hotel Group. Inc. 

^SSr LurnWr 

o Building Supply 

to the Graduates 

841 Bailey Avenue 




102 Business Park Drive 

Suite 102-A 

Ridgeland.MS 39157 

(601)957-1110 FAX: (601)957-9147 

A division of Ivey Mechanical Company, Inc. 



~^. Z22 Ss • Naskart Track 

J^^^™T^ m^ Hottest, fastest cars 

r \5—mJS • LeMans Road Course 

fig TZ&KZif?' • Rookie Track 

Golf Driving Range • Baseball & Softball Cages 
Newly Remodeled Miniature Golf 

5124 North State St. 











Cg ^JUU^ ^^ ffiuuiUlX g 

us inlet, in< •/ P'-li llHV 



fire i I o iu 




Stephanie Hordwick, Shannon Pryor, Molly Mitchell. 


for the business! 

section editor: Rachel Baird 

Abbott. Charles 40. 151 

Abbott. Rebecca 7,40,98, 112, 113, 

138. 139. 14:. 173 
Abemathy. Sharon 40 
Abuso. Debbie 22. 40. 135 
Acy. Dawn 129 
Adams. John 105 
Adams. Kathie 34 
Adams. Ray 40. 90. 104 
Adams. Richard 40. 108. 109 
Addington. Charles 40 
Adkins. Erica 17. 40. 109 
Aggarwal. Ajay 36 
Ainsworth. Bo 34 

Akers. Lindsay 91. 95. 98. 135. 142 
Alderman. Anna 40 
Alexander. Terrance 109 
Alford. Susan 129 
Allen, Nathan 23. 40, 90, 95, 97. 99. 

101. 113. 114 
Allison. Jan 33 

Allred. Jenny 75. 114 
Almo. James 34 
Almon. Allison 24.42. 104. 105. 114. 

Alton. Molly 90. 135 
Ambrosek, Christine 40 
Ammon. Theodore 36 
Anderson. Patrick 18. 40, 150. 151 
Andrews. Kenneth 40. 151 
Anwar. Aalia 40. 53. 98. 138. 139 
Anzelmo. Margaret 1 4. 40. 4 1 . 6 1 . 1 25 
Anzola. Maria 10. 12. 40. 64. 65. 97. 

Armstrong. Sarah 36. 95 
Arnett. Stacey 11.40.105. 128. 129 
Arnold. Jennifer 42. 98. 99. Ill 
Arnold. Justin 40. 90. 97. 161 
Arnold. Miranda 40 
Amngton. Teresa 36. 106, 107 
Artigues. Geoff 40. 49. 66. 161 
Asada.Ayako 40, 58 
Asmus. Collin 39 
Austin. Bert 92. 95. 114. 119 
Avalon, Ashley 11. 23, 135 

Babula. Kristen 33. 40. 139 
Babula. Stephen 151 
Bachaleda. Jenny 14. 60. 108. 

Badon. Nicole 25. 27. 40. 50. 98. 

Bahadur. Devinna 40. 135 
Bailey. Anne 40 
Bailey. Carlen 40. 125 
Baird. Rachel 27. 40. 129. 173 
Baker, Diane 36, 104 
Baker. Kristen 40 
Ball. David 40, 159 
Ball, Tee 40.54.77 
Banks. Kathy 32 
Barber. Mary 40. 90 
Barham. Michael 24. 33. 40. 90. 95, 

97.98. 113. 114. 173 
Barham. Rachel 

106. 109. 111. 114 

Barilleaux. Rene 39 

Barksdale. Kay 33 

Barnes. Kenneth 40 

Barnes. Tommy 34 

Barnett, JoAnna 22,72,73. 101. 

Barnewold. Charles 9. 26. 40. 161 
Barrett. Gene 66 
Barrett. Kathryn-Meloan 135 
Barton. Lea 2. 110. Ill 
Bass. Ashley 40.92.98. 100. 114. 

135. 142. 173 
Bass, Randy 33. 40. 61. 92. 95, 98, 

109. 114. 142. 161 
Batson, Nancy 39 
Batson, Wesley 40. 154, 155 
Battle. Tameka 132 
Baugh. Becky 32 
Baugh. Esther 33 
Baugh. Jim 39 

Baxter. Brandon 1. 109. 159 
Beals. Gary 14. 40. 155 
Beard. Will 6.40. 102. 147 
Beasley. Taylor 40. 81. 86. 151 
Beaugez. Jonathan 151 
Beck, Elizabeth 33, 36 
Becker. Dylan 66, 151 
Bedeaux, Mitch 104 
Beeks, Angela 40. 57. 103. 109 
Beeler. Jesse 39. 104 
Beinger. Jason 41.66.161 
Bell, Cameron 26.41.98. 113. 120. 

142. 160. 161 
Bell. Salh 4 
Bell. Susie 125 
Benedict. Scott 34 
Benge. Buddy 41 
Bennett. Bradley 

105. 109. 142. 160. 161 
Bennett. Lyle 13, 33, 41. 66 
Benoit. Brittany 1 35 
Bentley. Michael 85. 142. 161 
Berger, Keith 96 
Berger. Paige 97 
Berry. Crystal 41. 132 
Berry, Roy 36. 60 
Berryhill. Brian 9. 41. 46. 91. 103. 

113. 114. 166. 173 
Berthiaume. Brian 8. 33. 41. 54. 70. 

98. 99 
Bertuccini, Liz 41, 97. 129 
Best. Mark 155 
Bettis. Johanna 32 
Bey. George 36. 60 
Bhowmick. Sumon 41. 112. 138. 

Biard. Brad 70 

Biddle. Elizabeth 125. 169. 175 
Biggins. Walter 22. 41. 42. 57, 100. 

Biron, Pascal 41, 159 
Bishara, Elizabeth 11. 41. 42, 97 
Bishop. Allen 28. 36. 39 
Bjornerud. Ben 41, 159 
Black. Mary Katherine 13. 45, 49. 

94.95. 100. 115. 125 
Black. Stephen 37, 39 
Black. Will 103. 147 
Blackstock, Lindsey 41. 113 
Blackwell. Byron 41, 66 
Blackwood. Doris 33 
Blackwood, Sandy 104 

Blaze. Johnny 155 

Bloss. Cindy 41. 125 

Boackle, Paul 161 

Bodenhamer. Reynolds 158. 159 

Bodron. Jeanne 34 

Bone. Jason 155 

Booth. Janis 34 

Boren. Clifton 4 1 

Boren. Karen 41 

Bosarge. Jerusha 6. 41 

Boshers. Martha 33 

Boswell. Carrie 135 

Bott. Melinda 23, 26, 41, 50. 60. 88. 

93. 111. 138, 139 
Bourgeois. Ronnie 151 
Bourgeois. Ryan 4. 14. 19. 42. 66. 97. 

160, 161. 170 
Bourgeois. Wade 46. 101. 155 
Bowers. Stephen 105 
Bowling. Danielle 2. 42. 111. 125 
Boyce. Robert 146, 147 
Boyd. Mary Alice 85. 111. 129 
Bradford. Rebecca 42. 129 
Bradley. Janet 42. 68. 69 
Bradley. Rob 42 
Bradley. Robert 66 
Bradley. Shelley 124. 125 
Bradway. John 142. 154, 155 
Brady. Jennifer 32 
Bragg. John 42 
Brantley. Sabrina 42. 57. 97. 

113. 115 
Brasuell, Leigh 24. 42. 72. 73. 99. 

100. 125 
Brasuell. Toney 81. 151 
Bratton. Katye 12. 13. 27. 42. 92, 93. 

95. 113. 115. 135. 174 
Brazda. Amy 

92, 103. 113. 134. 135. 142 
Breazeale. Jennifer 21. 42. 125 
Breland, Shelly 32. 64 
Brewer, Craig 42. 80. 81. 151 
Brewer. Julie 118. 135 
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Brooking. Carl 39, 104 
Brower, Brooks 27, 42, 97. 1 1 2. 1 1 8. 

128. 129. 173 
Brown, Brooks 104. 105. 155. 174 
Brown. Jenni 42. 90. 109. 119. 125 
Brown. Kristen 36. 37 
Brown, Nikki 95, 129 
Brown. Steven 35 
Brownell. Stan 103 
Browning. Daniel 42. 70. 113 
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Brumby. Ryan 42, 66. 90. 97. 119. 

124. 125 
Brunt. Chris 36 
Brupbacher. Phillip 8. 42. 

78. 79. 97 
Bryan. Donna 34 
Bryan. Locke 8. 42. 151 
Bryant. Hayes 146. 147 
Buchanan. Luran 33 
Buck. Jane 8. 17. 23. 42. 58, 82. 86. 

97.99. 103. 173 
Buford, Erika 122 
Buford. James 42 
Buford. Tim II 159 
Bullock, Anthony 66 
Burch. Murray 32. 66. 81 
Burck. Christian 42 
Burke. Kimberly 39. 104 
Burke. Liz 110. Ill 
Burks. Stephanie 7. 43. 46. 109 
Burney, Lou 32, 35 
Bums. Carter 43. 155 
Burnside. Blair 4. 43. 147 
Burrow. Alan 43. 155 
Bunt. Richard 43. 155 
Busby, Jim 34 

Bush, Kelly 13. 43. 73. 125 
Butler. Bryant 34 

Butts. Mike 35 
Buzhardt. Gail 36. 106. 107 
Byrd. Nathan 43. 66. 174 
Byrd. Sage 43. 135. 158 
Byrd. Shelly 8. 9. 13. 33. 43. 49. 64. 
65. 129 

Cabell. Adam 147 

Cabell. Jason 107. 147 

Cadiere. Karen 32 

Cain. Eugene 39 

Caldwell. Richie 85.95.97. 142.151 

Calhoun. Lindsay 

99. 129 
Caminila. Richard 3. 12.26.43. 161 
Camp. Terri 108. 109 
Campagna. Elana 72. 73 
Campbell. Connie 36. 95 
Campbell. Cord 43. 90. 98, 

142. 144 
Campbell. Patricia 107 
Campbell. Sarah 39 
Capote. Alyson 43 
Capps. Sara 22. 43. 128. 129 
Caraway. Laura 43. 135 
Carlisle. Maya 43 

Carpenter. Brian 43. 109, 154. 155 
Carroccio. Matthew 43, 147 
Carsey. Rieker 66. 151 
Carsey. Robert 43 
Carter. Brett 39. 98. 102. 103 
Carter. Mandy 8. 43. 58. 62. 125 
Carter. Rachel 72. 73. 87 
Carter. Rob 43. 82. 87. 147 
Caruthers. Jill 16. 22.43. 97. 

118 128, 129 
Casey, Sarah 21. 43. 62. 73. 76. 

Cashman. Amanda 43. 109, 139 
Castille. Joseph 101. 159 
Castille. Kim 20, 60, 99, 138, 139. 

Catlin. Jason 43. 106 
Chadeyras, Claudine 36. 106, 107 
Chaiban. Guitta 43. 96. 97 
Chambers. David 33. 43. 64. 161 
Chambers. LeAnna 43. 105. 139 
Chandak. Sophia 99. 125 
Chandler. Benjamin 43. 158. 159 
Chandler. Creighton 95. 101. 146. 147 
Chandler. Mark 7. 43, 81. 86. 147 
Chandler. Matt 6.8.43. 81. 88. 147 
Chase. Tara 43.93.95. 101.115. 125. 

Chastain. Courtney 2. 10, 28, 42. 43. 

77. 120. 135 
Chauffe.Tara 13. 28. 43. 60. 129 
Cheek. Cole 43. 109 
Cherry. Susan 43. 60. 120. 135 
Cherryhomes. Jenny 4. 10, 43, 106, 

112. 128. 129, 173 
Chisolm, Amelia 22.28. 43. 129 
Clark, Andrew 142. 151 
Clark. Melissa 43. 129 
Clay.Tora 6, 43. 113 
Clayton. Christine 129 
Clegg. Katie 8.21,43. 106. 109. 

Clifton, Amy 33.43.88. 100. 109. 

119. 129. 142 
Clifton, Jean 8. 44, 97, 129 
Cobum. Walker 44. 71. 147 
Cockrell. Chris 44, 66. 151 
Coincon, J.B. 33 
Coker. Cheryl 17, 36, 60. 108 
Coker, J.J. 109 
Coker. Timothy 36.45 
Colburn. Walker 70 
Cole. Brant 44. 102 
Coleman, Claire 15, 44. 125 
Collier. Natalie 44. 109 

JoAnna Barnett 

Collins. Jane 46. 95. 105. 109. 129 

Connolly, Alex 1 5 1 

Conway. John 33 

Coody. Amanda 44. 99 

Cook, Betty Jo 1 39 

Cook. Eric 147 

Cook, Melanie 44,46.61, 106, 128. 129 

Cook, Rachel 44, 113, 135 

Cooper. Byron 8. 44. 49. 78. 79 

Cooper. Elizabeth 33 

Cooper. Patrick 23. 33. 34. 35. 61 . 

Cork Jeff 106 

Cosentino. Bobby 41, 70, 147 
Cosmiano, Peter 72, 73, 82 
Costas, Maria 109 
Cotter, Joan 36. 107 
Counts. Emily 170 
Cox. Ann Jane 33. 44. 53. 115. 129 
Cox. Pat 33 
Craig. Emile 150. 151 
Cranford. Hannah 44. 108. 109 
Crawley. Kacey 113 
Crawley. Kenneth 44. 98 
Crocker. Jared 44. 1 59 
Cronan. Aimee 97. 109. 139 
Cross. Rebecca 44 
Crossland. Kelli 68. 69. 85. 90, 93. 

107. 113, 125 
Crouch. Grace 1.13. 62, 74, 75, 88. 

110. 112 
Crump. Devin 44 
Culpepper. David 39 
Cumbest. Kathleen 44. 90. 95. 97. 98. 

103. 113. 134. 135, 142 
Cummings, Vicki 35 

Dailey. Mike 32.66. 81 
Dance. Gayla 36. 100 


Daniels. Dharius 44. 79. 113, 144 

Daniels, Julie 35 

Danos. Josh 87. 150. 151 

Darbonne. Lesley 44 

Dauphin. Adele 11. 92. 138. 139 

Davis. Chris 44. 66. 154. 155 

Davis. David C. 36 

Davis. Haden 159 

Davis, Lee 44 

Davis, Leslie 44. 90. 139 

Davis. Marvin 17. 44. 113. 144 

Davis. Micah 44. 155 

Davis. Renae 17. 44. 98. 99 

Dawson. Mann 7. 44. 125, 14: 

Deano. Troy 23. 44. 66 

Dear. Jonathan 71 

Debeukelaer. Herwig 159 

Dees. Sarah 44. 125 

DeHombre.Al 159 

Denham, Heather 108. 109 

Denies. Lydia 125 

Desormeaux. Kip 44, 150. 151 

Dicker, Jace 49. 159 

Dickson. Jamie 6 

Dickson. Nathan 44.90.91. 93. 147 

Dickson. Nathan 142. 146 

Dill. Jessica 91. 135 

Dixon. Brian 44. 106.154. 155 

Dobay, Jeremy 68. 70 

Doering. Helena 73. 129 

Dominick. Treuty 129 

Donald. Nicole 100 

Doshier. Beth 44, 64, 135 

Dottes. Anita 39 

Doughty, Ashley 44. 95. 129 

Douglas. Jeff 41.44. 93. 147 

Douglass. Lane 44,99, 103,139, 142 

Dowd. Matt 44. 62, 80, 81. 150, 151 

Downer, Matt 44. 81 

Downs. Brad 158. 159 

Drummond. Ruth 44 

Vaughan Jinks 

Drysdale. Carol 129 

Dubose. Phillip 41. 147 

Dubuisson. Liz 16. 17. 33. 44. 45. 58. 

97. 119. 139. 142 
Ducote, Damien 6. 44. 74. 75. 86. 92. 

97. 161 
Dudley. Marcus 44. 66. 67. 144 
Dugger. Brooke 26. 1 25 
DuMontier. Joey 44. 146. 147 
Duncan. Alison 45. 139 
Dunehew. Alison 24, 129 
Dunkel. Bnan 7, 45. 61. 99. 

Dunn. Matthew 45. 101 
Dupont. Josh 108. 109 
Durel, Jason 45. 147 
Dzuaan. Sergey 45. 103. 106. 107 

Ebarb. Brian 45. 113 

Edwards. Amber 128 

Edwards. Sandra 39 

Edwards. Scott 119. 147 

Edwards. Wendy 13. 50. 129 

Eeds. Gary 45 

Egerton. Andrew 45. 100.101 

Egerton. Matthew 45. 90 

Ellers. Chip 67. 159 

Elliott. Delois 33 

Ellis. James 147 

Ellis. Paul 147 

England. Kate 12.88. 112. 115. 

Erb. Tyler 45. 66. 151 
Estes. David 15. 147 
Evans. Roan 45. 155 
Ewing. Chandler 104. 105 
Ezelle. Erica 135 
Ezelle, Travis 45. 62. 78. 79. 


Fagan. Colleen 26. 45. 94. 97. 

99. 100 
Fairchild. Scott 45. 138. 161 
Falgout. Rachel 28. 45 
Fancher. Madelyn 41, 45. 124. 

Fanguy. Stephanie 33. 53. 95. 104. 

115. 125 
Farish, Coralie 17. 45. 139 
Farrell. Betsy 33. 45. 49. 90. 109, 

113. 135 
Farris, Brad 103 
Felger, Shaun 109 
Fermon. Pnscilla 39, 106. 107 
Ferris. William 175 
Ferry, Laura 91. 135. 142 
Ficara. Caroline 45. 139 
Fikac. Aaron 45. 99 
Filippis. Cecile de 45. 129 
Finelli. Robin 46. 97. 129 
Finley. Dallas 46. 66. 67 
Finzel. Christina 34 
Fish. Lauren 20. 46, 129 
Flattmann. Grady 46 
Flautt, Bolton 46, 66, 87. 151 
Fleming. Dome 46, 66 
Fletcher. Mijia M. 132 
Flynn. Bryan 46. 66. 87. 110 
Flynt. Nell 32 
Fontenelle. Sarah 26. 46. 95. 97. 98 

124. 125 
Fontenot. David 8. 104 
Fontenot. Jason 46. 70. 151 
Ford. Corey 46, 154. 155 
Ford. Judy 46. 104. 107. 115 
Ford. Michael 46. 66 
Forster. Kelle 46. 112. 113. 125 
Fortenberry, Don 26. 28. 34. 97. 
Fortenberry. Misty 129 

Chef David Woodward 

Foss. Bridget 46. 139 

Foster. Freddie 66 

France. Erica 8. 46. 90. 92. 93. 97. 

98. 103. 129 
Franklin. Delons 35 
Frascogna. Judy 33 
Frascogna. Marty 66.67. 147 
Frascogna. Mike 66 
Frascogna, Nan 74 
Freeman. Jeremy 62. SI 
Freeman. Naomi 104 
Freeney. Claire 21. 46. 60 
Freis. Catherine R. 36 
French. Brian 159 
Fretwell. Gary 31. 34 
Fre.twe.ll, Sandra 34 
Fukuma. lunko 46. 100 
Funchess. Desmond 144.175 

Gadd. Helen 34 

Gadd, Morgan 36. Ill 

Gaghano. Paul 41, 46. 147 

Gaines. John 32 

Galicki, Stan 37. 39 

Gallagher, Carly 46, 129 

Gamble. Lica 46. 109. 139 

Gann. Delbert 36 

Gannon. Nathan 46. 81. 147 

Garavito. Enka 15. 47. 106. 125 

Garcia. Brandon 20. 1 55 

Gardes. Lam 15. 47 

Gardes, Lauren 10.47. 124. 125. 146 

Gardner. Chad 18. 47. 78, 79, 161 

Gardner, Sadie 18, 

Garner. Diana 32 
Garrett. Kathleen 47. 62. 64 
Garrett. Lauren 47. Ill 
Garrett. Paula 35. 36. 45. 101 

Gathn. Robert 47. 109. 147 
Gavioli, Robbie 4. 47.70. 147 
Gay. Jonathan 47, 150. 151 
Gee. Burrell 47. 155 
Gerhauscr, Laura 129 
Gibbons. Daniel 154. 155 
Gibson. Corbett 92.93. 151 
Gibson. Nola 35 
Gillanders, Tracy 19. 24. 62. 68, 86. 

129 173 
Gillette, Clare 2. 47,58, 109, 129 
Gilhs. Bill 106. 109. 115 
Ginter. Judy 32, 34 
Giovingo, Liz 47. 129 
Gipson. Kirk 47. 159 
Givens, Buddy 47. 101, 104 
Gleason, Michael 36 
Glidewell, Collin 47. 95. 98. 99. 103. 

108. 109. 155 
Glidewell. Megan 57 
Glumb. Sharon 16. 34. 97 
Gober, Cheri 33 
Godfrey. Summer 47. 135 
Gosnell. Nelson 151 
Goss. Martha A. 39 
Goswami. Shelly 47, 90 
Grace. Travis 47. 66. 151 
Graham. Colleen 47. 61. 90. 103. 

113. 135. 142 
Grammer. Kristy 47, 98. 135 
Grantham. Roane 39 
Greer. David 20.78.79. 102. 150. 

Greer. Sam 34. 35 
Gresham. Vaughn 35 
Griffin. Eric 36 
Griffis, Jim 101. 147 
Griffith. Bna 113 
Gnmmett. Adam 4. 47. 147 
Gnmsley. Shannon 32 
Gristina, Nicholas 47. 111. 151 
Griswold. Kenneth 47. 99. 109 
Grubbs, Ray 39. 95 
Gruich. Jason 47. 80. 81. 161 
Guennger. Michelle 47. 73. 129. 

Guidry. Brandon 47. 97. 118. 147 
Guidry. Rem 20. 128. 129 
Gustafson. Anna 72. 73 

Hable, Becky 47 

Haggard. Ryan 47. 70. 151 

Hale. Beau 159 

Haley. Melanie 109 

Hall, Amy 32 

Hall, Catherine 47. 90. 95. 104. 111. 

112. 113. 134. 135 
Hall. Troy 155 
Halliwell. Justin 47. 97 
Hamby. Robin 66. 142. 147 
Hamilton. Brian 93, 103, 147 
Hamilton. Heather 139 
Hancock. Amanda 13. 90. 113. 135 
Hanes. Joshua 47. 101. 113 
Haque. Sara 47. 129 
Hard. Shane 9. 20. 47. 74. 113. 154. 

Hardwick. Stephanie 27. 47. 103. 

120. 135. 167 
Hardy. Zeph 113 
Hargon. Judy 47 
Harktns. Ann 33 
Harmon. Anne 57. 60 
Harmon. George 20. 30. 104 
Harper. Tracy 27, 113, 125 
Harrell. Baker 95 
Harngill. Shelley 10. 17. 25. 33. 47. 

49.61. 97. 107. 125. 142 
Harrington. Grace 32 
Harris, Allison 27, 47. 90. 92. 93, 97, 

98, 100, 103. 112 




Harris. James 18. 36. 102. 161 

Harris. Jamie 13, 47. 109. 129 

Hams. Kane 9 

Harris, Thomans 161 

Hamss. Kaiser 47 

Hartley. Mike 34 

Harvey, Tammy 93. 116. 139. 173 

Hawkins. Paiton 35 

Hays. Elizabeth 96. 97 

Hays. Peyton 6. 

98. 103. 142. 160. 161 
Hazlip. Magruder 147 
Head. Aaron 48. 118 
Hearn. Jeremy 74. 81, 86. 151 
Heatherly. Carol 32 
Hebert. Jeremy 48. 53. 66. 147 
Hebert. Natalie 48.73. 101. 129 
Hedglin. Christopher 48. 151 
Heise. Diana 39 
Helms. Matthew 48. 146. 147 
Henderson. Cara 48 
Henderson. Tom 33. 36 
Henry. Amy 8. 48. 129 
Hemdge. Bart 32. 35 
Heslin. Ann 48. 139 
Hesselbein. Mark 104 
Hewitt. Emily 69 
Hicks. Jennifer 7. 8. 21. 48. 84. 85. 

112. 125 
Hicks. Roderick 66. 1 1 8 
Highfill. Dick R. 36 
Hill. Rebecca 48 
Hilton. Troy 66 
Hinton. Brandi 48. 103. 125 
Hoatland. J.W. 35 
Hoban-Moore. Patricia 39 
Hobgood. Angela 7. 23. 25. 46. 48. 

54. 138. 139 
Hobson. Willie 78. 79 
Hoffman. Janine 32. 77 
Hogg. Russell 101. 161 
Hoggatt. Isaiah 48. 90. 107. 161 
Hogue. Jane 34 
Holley. Melissa 48 
Hollis. Bridget 26. 48. 103. 125 
Holloway. Kay 39 
Holly. Graham 48. 70. 90 
Holman. Rhoda 95. 100 
Holsomback. Lysa 106 
Holston. Erin Kate 48 
Holton. Jed 151. 175 
Hooker. Amanda 48. 125 
Hooker. Brad 18. 48 
Hooker. Mandy 6. 101. 142 
Hooks. Steven 10. 48. 90. 151 
Hopkins. Keith 66 
Hopkins. Nancy 36. 37 
Hom. Larry 34 
Houston. Bronwen 10. 48. 90. 128. 

Houston. Trade 27. 48. 112. 125 
Hrom. Jimmy 48 
Hubiak. Theresa 48. 125 
Huddleston. April 48. 135 
Hudson. Shanell 45. 105 
Huff. Ashley 48. 53. 105. 112. 135 
Huff. Kimberly 8, 9. 48. 50. 64. 65. 

Huggard. Blake 19. 48. 66. 86. 150. 

Hughes. Ben 48. 113. 154. 155 
Hurley. Ashley 129 
Husain. Banu 48. 120 
Husband. Paul 97 
Husband. Shannon 10. 48. 129 
Hutchinson. Drew 48. 147 
Hydinger. Tresslar 48. 101.135. 174 

H\neman. Ann 33 

Ingram. Wes 12. 48. 66. 67. 175 

lrb>. Yamina 105. 113 

Italiano. Regina 35 

Ivancic, Nikki 48. 58. 96. 97. 103 

hers. Leslie 35 

Ivy.Jermaine 48. 93. 109. 155 

Jacks. Tom 80. 81. 151 

Jackson. Brian 34 

Jackson. Candace 48. 64. 65. 135 

James. Ashlon 147 

James. Loren 48. 66. 147 

James. Patrick 33 

James. Waller 48. 66 

Janicek. Mall 151 

Jeffcoat. Molly 8. 48. 134. 135 

Jenkins. Daniel 48. 109 

Jinks. Vaughan 11. 

125. 169 
Johnson. Andrea 49 
Johnson. Bethany 49. 101. 125. 146 
Johnson. Cathryn 49. 101. 103 
Johnson. Christina 49 
Johnson. Joshua 49. 113. 144 
Johnson. Keith 104 
Johnson. Mandy 49. 68. 129 
Johnson. Percy 34 
Johnson. Rose 35 
Johnson. Ruth 34 
Joiner. Kristi 139 
Jolly. Priscilla 101 
Jones. Christy 49. 139 
Jones. David 81. 151 
Jones. Emily 129 
Jones. Jennifer 93. 100. 128. 129 
Jones. Knsty 25. 88. 97. 125 
Jones. Lakeisha 49 
Jones. Mary Louise 39 
Jones. Sara 49. 135 
Jordan. J. C. 49 
Jordan. Janice 1 1 1 
Joseph. Melissa 39 
Joyner. Kristi 10. 27. 49. 97. 112. 138 
Jumey. Ron 32. 66 
Justice. Kellv 49. 135. 147 

Kahn, Robert 36. 106. 107 

Kamenkovich. Asya 49 

Kastner.Todd 62. 70. 71 

Kearney. Enck 34 

Keary. David 39 

Keller. Enn 101. 125. 146 

Keller. Gail 34 

Kellum. Jenny 94, 95. 116. 135 

Kelly. Jonathan 49. 53. 66 

Kelly Katie 49. 129 

Kemp. Jonathan 49. 66 

Khandker. Asif 36 

Kidd. John 159 

Kiel. Mark 147 

Kight. Lawrence 33. 36. 90 

Kilgore. Jonathan 49. 108. 109. 160, 

Killcreas. Amelia 7. 28. 33. 45. 49. 

128. 129 
Kimbel. Ricara 49 
King. Geoffrey 49. 85 
King. Sam 113. 161 
King. Vicki 33 
King, Zane 154. 155 
Kinget. Holly 50. 135 
Kinzeler. Erin 139 
Kirk. Alan 50. 155 

Klevan. Andrea 14. 24. 50. 72. 73. 

95. 1(16. 125 
Kneupper. Jessie 50. 60. 97. 109. 

Knight. Man 32 
Knox. Cortland 50 
Koenig. Christine 25. 50, 68, 69. 100 

Laborde. Chad 50. 151 

Lacallade. Janine 109. 135 

Lacouture. Susan 118. 128. 129 

Ladner. Aaron 147 

Lagarde. Andre 147 

Lamb. William 39. 104 

Lambdin. Mary 105 

Lambert. Joe 25, 50. 81. 86. 97. 102 

Land. Stephanie 90. 91. 113 

Lane. Laura 50. 108. 109. 135. 173 

Lane. Mary Helen 23. 50. 139 

Lang. Dana 35 

Lang. Joe 90. 154. 155 

Langley. Janet 35. 104 

Larsen. Carolee 36 

Lasalle. Julie 92.93. 139 

Lasoski. Liz 15. 50. 135 

Lassalle. Julie 50 

Laster. AlmaP 132 

Latil. Nathan 147 

Lauro. James 39 

Lawrence. Kirk 41. 54. 93. 147 

Leinweber. Ashley 50. 90. 99 

Leleux. Kyla 95 

Lemmond. Rasa 6. 75. 86. 1 1 1. 125 

Leon, Misty 50. 93. 95. 1 25 

Leonard. Ciara 50 

Lestage. David 16.57. 103. 116. 147. 

Le\y. Brittany 50. 125 
Licata. Nick 49. 150. 151 
Liles. Bart 8. 93. 101. 147. 174. 175 
Linehan. Wayne 39 
Litkenhous. Brad 4. 13. 26. 50. 90. 

98. 116. 142. 161. 174 
Little. Denea 76. 77 
Little. LaDonna 50 
Locklin, Jason 103 
Lokitz. Brad 51. 160. 161 
Lonegrass. Mike 51. 111. 151 
Long. Logan 18. 51. 147 
Lowery. Patrick 10.146. 147 
Luangphakdy. Vanh 5 1 
Lucas.Andrea 17. 51. 103. 113 
Lucas. DeAnna 51.74. 75.82.83. 

86. 97. 105. 125 
Ludlow. Emily 135 
Lumm. George 51. 66. 67. 146. 

Lumpkin. Jed 66. 151 
Lynch. Mark 39 
Lynch. Robert 51. 159 
Lyons. Wendy 51. 85. 125 
Lytton. Steven 70 
Lvtton. William 32. 68. 70 

Maestri. Scott 84. 85. 104. 105. 

Magargee. Jill 51. 109. 139 
Magee. Stan 34. 92. 173 
Maisel. Julie 39. 49 
Makey. Ian 51. 62. 70. 82. 83. 101. 

Malick, Ben 159 
Malpass. Kelly 51.90.92,97.125. 

Mamaril. Jason 5 1 
Mann. Debora 39. 103 
Manney. Ed 35 
Manuel. Leslie 4. 125. 142 
Mareno. Susan 42. 51. 97. 98. 135. 

Markham. Kathenne 26. 51. 135 
Markley. Mary 35 
Marks. Danny 41. 51. 70. 147 
Marks, Erica 20. 51. 125 
Marrs. Suzanne 36 
Marsh. Merntt 51 
Marshall. Annah 51.97, 107. 120. 

Martin. Ashley 128. 129 
Martin. Carole 35 
Martin. Daniel 147 
Martin. Drew 32. 66 
Martin. Georgianna 6. 96. 97. 124. 

125. 142 
Martin. Jeanne 20. 24. 51. 97. 103. 

108. 109. 128. 129 
Martin. Sarah 51. 91. 129 

Marshall Selvidge 

Emily Counts 

LeBlanc. Christina 50. 105 
LeBlanc. Jason 46. 161 
Lee. Jason 7. 50. 74 
Lee. Martha 34 
Leech. Will 50. 161 
Lefavor, Brent 39. 1 1 1 
Legendre. Nicole 106. 125 
Lehman. Wesley 19. 147 

Machida. Shiny a 51 
MacMaster. Anne 39 
Madakasira. Anita 51. 103. 139 
Maddox. Rusti 51 
Maddox. Shea 51. 92 

Ryan Miles, Ryan Bourgeois 

Martinez. Mathew 5 1 

Mashburn. Hannah 17. 33. 35. 51. 58. 

92. 138. 139 
Mashnitskiy. Aleksey 51. 98 
Mashnitskiy. Artem 51. 113. 118 
Massey. Darrick 79 
Matsuoka. Ryo 28.51. 57 
Matthews. Jennifer 125 


/lay. Lindsey 20, 51. 112. 128. 129, 

dayfield. Jim 18 62. 70. 71. 86. 105 
/IcAtee, Sarah 16. 5 1. 58. 99. 109, 1 19 
McCain, Cody 80. 81 
/IcCall. Michael 104 
ifcCarley, R.W. 36. 109 
4cCarty. John 37 
/IcClain. Jim 51. 147 
/IcClellan. Amy 13, 129 • 
4cCown, Michael 155 
ScDaniel, Andrea 51. 103, 125 
/IcDonald. Edward 35 
4cDonald, Jason 51. 90. 97. 164 
4cDonald. Vickey 32 
/IcElvaine. Robert 33. 101 
dcElwee. Ginger 92. 93. 116. 125 
acEwen, Honey 51. 1 25 
4cGaw. Katie 19.51. 100. 112. 12S. 

/IcGehee. Anna Catesby 17. 45. 97. 125 
/IcGreger, April 66,99, 100 
McGregor. Diana 34 
4cGuire. Sarah 37. 39.98. 102. 119 
/lclnlosh. Debra 33 
/Icintyre. Chaz 159 
4cKay, Nancy 32 

4cKee. Katharine 51. 128. 129.171 
/lcKenzie. Mike 66, 67 
/lcKenzie. Trinity 51. 66 
4cKeown, James 37 
/lcKinney. Marcus 5 1 . 66 
4cKinnis, Sam 16. 125 

McNeal. Derrick 15, 52, 66, 

160. 161 
McNeil. Sarah Katherine 52, 125 
Meadors, Jack 20 
Meadows, Mary 135 
Means, Brian 23. 42. 52. 97. 103, 119 
Medcalf, Chris 52 
Meeks, Evan 52 
Mehrtens. Brett 52. 139. 173 
Mendoza. Britt 116. 161 
Meredith, Meg 52. 82. 87. 125 
Merriman, Emily S. 14, 19, 50, 52, 

68.69. 99. 129 
Metcalf, Joy 8.33.98, 134, 135, 142 
Meyer, Lindsay 52. 54. 76. 77 
Meyers. V.cki 52. 10S. 109 
Meza. Lisa 96. 97. 135. 142 
Mezell.Ann 139 
Michel. Michael 70. 147 
Middleton, Jeanne 17. 37. 95 
Miles, Jaime 37, 102. 125 
Miles. Ryan 4. 14. 18. 52. 66. 86, 97. 

138. 161. 170 
Miller. Andrea 12. 34, 61. 142 
Miller, Beth 125 
Miller, Carey 106. 118. 164 
Miller, Chad 155 
Miller, Georgia 37 
Miller, Greg 37 
Miller, Matt 158 
Miller, Wayne 35. 90 
Millsaps. Amanda 52, 139 
Millsaps, Lucy Webb 37 

Katharine McKee, Kelly Walsh 

vIcLaughlin, Matthew 146, 147 
vlcLellan, Tara 51,93,95. 100. 10 
VlcLin, Jaesa 8. 51 
\lcMahon, Kevin 52, 158,159 
vkManus, Jason 52, 74, 75, 93, 94 

95,99, 103, 116, 147, 175 
vJcMullan, Crissie 26, 93, 99, 100, 

129. 142 

Milnor. Jesse 52, 155 
116 Misenar. Seth 6. 52 
Mison, Keely 125 
Mistretta, David 52, 66,86, 151 
Mitchell. Jeff 52. 81. 90. 93. 97. 151 
Mitchell. Joy 52, 82. 83, 129 
Mitchell, Molly 24, 52, 135, 167 
Mitchell. Venita 92 

Mitias. Marcus 24 

Mitias, Michael 37 

Mixon, Keely 18. 26. 52. 76, 77 

Miyamoto. Ryuta 118 

Moak. Elizabeth 37, 106, 108, 

Moffett, David 26, 53, 54, 97, 120, 

Monday, Karen 54. 101 
Montgomery. Robert 35 
Moody. Jill 28. 52, 139 
Moore, Charles H. 37 
Moore, Michelle 109. 129.142 
Moore. Miranda 7, 13, 61, 129 
Morgan, Claire 58. 112. 113. 125 
Morgan. Dana 106. 129 
Morris, Shanna 52, 125 
Morrison. Carla 1.41,52,90,93, 

113, 125 
Morrison, Robbie 8, 52, 70, 93. 146. 

Morrison. Thomas 39 
Moser. Rich 32.81 
Moura. Sergio 68. 69. 70 
Mouton, Catherine 24. 52. 109. 

135. 174 
Mouton. Thomas 155 
Moyse. Ferd 159 
Murphy. Tom 113 
Muschamp, Mike 32. 66 
Myrick.Jay 80. 81, 147 

Nagai. Kousuke 52. 70 

Namihira. Aogu 103 

Napier. Eric 33. 104. 105 

Nations. Dawn 34 

Navarre, Eric 18. 19. 26. 52. 120 

Neely, Andrew 49, 142, 159 

Neely. Jason 49 

Neely, Walter 32. 37. 104. 105 

Neill, Laura 32 

Nelms.Floy 32 

Nelson, Anna 52. 111. 113. 125 

Nelson. Clay 52. 66. 67, 103. 

Nelson. Michael 52 
Nemecek. Alice 25. 52. 139 
Nevins. Robert 37. 103 
New. Jesse 52, 159 
Newell, Wilbert 34 
Ngo. Vinh 28, 57. 103. 113 
Nguyen, Binh 52, 98 
Nicholas, Amanda 6, 52, 98. 99 
Nichols, Eartts 35 
Nichols. Jack 158. 159 
Nichols, Todd 85, 103. 146. 147 
Niolet, Kim 13, 52, 92, 93, 103. 112. 

124. 125. 142. 173 
Noble. Nash 37 
Noel. Will 52 
Nooe, Marion 39 

O'Beirne, Meg 52, 58, 97, 98, 113, 

O'Dell, Andrew 1, 16, 103. 109 
Odom. Jeremy 159 
Oglesby. Judy 34 
O' Kelly. Amanda 32 
O - Kelly. Cody 151 
Olivia. Leanora 39. 100 
Olivier, Emily 52. 92. 107. 135. 173 
Omo-Bare. Iren 38 
O'Neal, Erin 135 
Osbora.Amy 52. 102 
Ostenrude, Martha 7, 22, 139, 142 
Otis, Angela 34, 35 
Ou. Lawrence 52. 155 
Owen. Tyler 159 

Pace. Kimberly 24. 52, 95, 100, 108. 

109. 116. 135 
Pace, Murray 15. 68. 90. 91. 105. 135 
Paduda, Mickey 53. 93. 105. 161 
Page. Brandon 53. 80. 81 
Page, Jim 32, 74, 81 
Page, Judith 20, 38 
Palmer. Lena 53.93.98, 103, 113, 

138. 139. 142 
Parish, Josh 70 
Parker. Al 34 
Parker. Connie 35 
Parker. Hugh 31 
Parks. Jim 33. 38 
Parks. John 53 
Parrish, Robert 155 
Parsley. Jason 66, 80, 81. 151 
Patel, Darsit 53 
Patel. Nital 24. 53. 116. 139 
Patterson. Adam 53. 161 
Paul, Ryan 53. 79. 138. 161 
Paulson, Jay 154. 155 
Paxton, Crissy 53. 135 
Payne.Angela 25,53.97. 103. 134. 142 
Payne, Jason 103, 113, 154, 155 
Pearce, Kate 24. 68. 69, 90, 134, 135. 

Pedersen, Erica 8. 33. 53. 117. 135 
Peede. Jon 34 

Pelly. Malia 26, 53, 68, 69. 135 
Pennebaker, Leigh 33, 53. 97. 109 
Perkins, Jessica 10,53,90, 112. 118. 

128. 129 
Perry, Denise 53. 135 
Perry. Tracy 84. 85. 104. 125 
Pesson, Hillary 128. 129 
Peters, Bridgette 53 
Pettit, Jake 53, 151 
Petty, Michael 81 
Peyton. Jon 20. 53, 93. 150. 151 
Phelps. Raymond 39 
Pierce, Cary 21. 66, 161 
Pierce, Dana 53 
Pilgrim. Andy 34 
Pilgrim. John 31. 39 
Pinter. Stephanie 53 
Pizzolato, Michael 159 
Polk, Candice 53. 1 1 1 
Pollard. Beau 54. 66, 111, 151 
Pool, Chris 62. 80. 81. 151 
Poole. Gillian 125 
Porter. Bishop 54. 74. 75. 125 
Powell, Davis 23. 54. 90. 91. 151 
Powell, Erin 54, 135 
Powers, Kate 125 
Prather. Stan 33. 34. 61. 92, 113 
Prejean. Mary Frances 54, 134, 135 
Prenshaw. Penelope 38, 104 
Pringle, Michael 147 
Proctor, Greer 6. 17, 54, 111, 129 
Pryor, Shannon 125, 167 
Pugh. Jason 161 
Pullen, Sandi 25. 33. 49. 54. 92. 95. 

96. 100. 101. 139 
Purser. Jimmie 39 
Purvis. Benjamin 54. 159 

Quinn. Melissa 6, 8, 17, 22, 45, 54. 103 
Quinn. Robert 38 

Rabai. Colette 12. 54. 97. 103.112, 

138, 139 
Rabourn, Roman 42. 66 
Ragab. Tarn 54. 159 
Raju, Aran 104. 105 

Ranck. Caroline 54. 98. 109 
Randall. Chris 33. 54. 161 
Randazzo, Amy 54 
Randell. Becky 77 
Randman. Bennett 39 
Ray, Darby 38,60, 95 
Ray, Donald 31, 33 
Ray, Starlight 54. 99. 1 1 2. 1 39 
Ray, Stephanie 54. 1 05 
Reddoch. Jason 8. 16. 159 
Redmann, Kevin 28. 46. 54. 97. 106 
Redmond. Daniel 6, 54 
Reed, Ashley 135 
Reed, Rebecca 26. 54, 134. 135 
Reid, William 54. 147 
Reine. Virginia 54. 139 
Reiners. Gretchen 55. 90, 125, 173 
Rendfrey. Frederick 55. 161 
Reyes, Elaine 25. 55, 128. 129 
Reynolds. Jeremy 1 1 1 
Reynolds. Stacy 26. 93. 107. 129 
Rhodes, Greg 70. 71. 147 
Rhymes. Mia 6. 109. 122 
Rhymes. Sandy 34. 35 
Richards, Rachel 55, 98. 99. 112 
Richie. Sarah 55, 57. 95. 97, 125, 142 
Ricks, Patsy 39 
Riddell, Jana 55, 139 
Riley, Blaine 66, 151 
Rimes, Josh 82, 83, 147 
Ringer, Amanda 55, 58. 139 
Rinta. Elise 104. 117 
Roberson. Anne 55. 125 
Robert. Jon 70. 151 
Roberts, Edwin 55. 66. 151 
Roberts. Erin 50 
Roberts, Jess 55, 147 
Roberts, Lauren 11.26.55. 134. 135 
Robertson, Chris 24. 54 
Robertson. Dora 33 
Robertson. Tom 34 
Robinson. Michael 55, 66 
Robinson. Sarah 135 
Rogers. Elizabeth 14, 19. 25, 55, 62, 74. 
75, 113, 124. 125 
Rogers, Jennifer 9, 93, 135 
Rogers, Joseph 55.78.79. 81 
Rogers. Kristin 55. 139 
Rohberger. Taylor 147 
Romaguera. Mac 55. 66, 161 
Ronan, Season 55. 78. 79 
Rose, Missy 55, 125. 142 
Roussel. Stacy 55. 77 
Roy. Ryan 55 
Royappa. Andrew 38 
Rumbley, Charles 159 
Rundell.Tom 55. 147 
Russell, Dustin 55. 151 
Russell, John 8, 55.82.83. 88. 151 
Russell. Kevin 31. 34 
Russell, Matt 155 
Russell, Nathan 55, 81, 86, 102, 151 

Saad. Nicole 1, 39, 95, 100,117 
Sallis. Charles 38. 95. 101. 175 
Sallis, Harrylyn 31. 32. 35, 38. 104 
Saltzman. Chad 55. 151 
Salvaggio, Mark 55. 118, 164 
Samples, Diane 33 
Sams, Leah 25, 55, 90. 92. 95. 97. 

124. 125 
Sanders, Bradley 24, 55. 93. 161 
Sanders. Melvin 66 
Sandhu. Sonia 58. 139 
Sandstrum. John 33. 38 
Sanford. Tricia 55 
Sarglepp. Margus 22. 24. 55. 

57. 97. 106, 107. 109. 117 
Savell, Lorri 26, 98. 129, 142 
Sawyers, Eleace 55 
Scales, Charley 55, 103, 109. 147 


Schambach. Robin 55. 105. 165 
Scherer. Mandy 55. 135. 173 
Schimmel. Connie 39, 172 
Schoolar. Ellen 22, 55 
Schrader. Edward 31.38,88 
Schrader. Melanie 19, 55, 93. 95. 

102. 103. 125 
Schumacher. Julie 14,28.55. 105. 

124. 125 
Schwalenberg. Taylor 55 
Schwartz. Don 38. 100 
Schwitter. Michael 55. 79. 100, 159 
Scott, Steve 90, 92. I IX. 158. 159 
Screws, Jeremy 155 
Segrest, Hudson 45. 55. 74, 75. 86. 

93.95. 101. 117. 161 
Segrest. Sarah 14. 55. 112, 125 
Selvidge. Marshall 55. 159 
Serpa, Mary Elizabeth 100 
Sethi. Sunny 93, 155 
Shearer, Jan 50. 82. 83 
Sheehan. Katie 135 
Sheehan. Timothy 56,70. 113, 147 
Sheldon, Cassie 113, 

Shell. Bnton 39 
Shelton. Anna 138, 139 
Sheridan. Karen 112. 139 
Shirley, Steve 70, 151 
Shive, Robert 39. 90 
Shull, Mary Catherine 41. 53, 56. 97. 

134. 135, 142 
Sigel, Lisa 39 

Sill, Drew 56. 84. 85, 88. 161 
Simon, Brit 101, 108. 109 
Sims. Lynne 56 

Skertich. Melissa 56. 72. 73, 135 
Skipper. Julie 2, 15. 24. 56, 97. 112. 

128. 129 
Slayden, April 1 9, 20. 4 1 . 56. 68. 9 1 . 

93.97. 103. 112, 125 
Smith. Alexia 135 
Smith. Andy 95 
Smith. Elise 38 
Smith, Fred 104 
Smith. Jamie 56 
Smith. Leigh 56. 99. 103 
Smith. Marc 12, 18, 33, 46, 56. 61, 

70.71.97. 117 
Smith. Oreathia 25. 95. 132 
Smith. Phillip 142. 159 
Smith. Richard 31.39. 104 
Smith, Sherry 56. 97 
Smith, Steven 37,38. 118. 175 
Smith. Trivarshia 56 
Snead, Kara 135 
Sneed. David 28. 31, 34, 92 
Sneider. Chris 16, 28. 147 

Solomon. John 70. 159 

Song. James 56 

Sonnier, Evangeline 10. 111. 139 

Sonnier. Lauren 20. 56. 1 35 

Sood, Harpreet 56 

Sood. Nidhi 139 

Sood, Preeli 1 39 

Spaulding. Sarah 135 

Spear, Rachel 21, 56. 135 

Spears. Jenna 7.95. 175 

Speed. Jeff 56. 81. 86. 97 

Speed. Leland 104 

Spitzer, Daniel 3 C ) 

Spooner. Talia 56. 77. 139 

Spotts, Sirena 76, 77, 175 

Spratl. Sean 56. 104 

Stack, Billy 32 

Stallings. Anthony 95. 100 

Starlings, Fran 56. 108. 109. 129 

Stamps, Lauren 12. 17, 25. 56. 97. 

98.99. 102. 124. 125 
Slander. Otis 56.66, 151 
Starks. Kentrell 56. 66 
Stauffer. Caroline 10, 56. 111. 135 
Steelman. Will 56. 147 
Stegall. Bill 154, 155 
Stensaas, Kristy 38, 60 
Sterling, Melissa 56, 174 
Stevens, Kandi 56. 128. 129. 142 
Stewart. LaShundra 56 
Stewart. Ruth 21. 33 
Stewart. Taryn 12. 112. 113 
Stickle. Lillian-Elizabeth 56. 109 
Still, Chris 56, 154, 155 
Stine. Jason 56. 1 13 
Stockstill. Brandi 56 
Stockton. Alisha 103. 119 
Sloner. Lance 56. 79, 142, 150. 151 
Stout. Paul 3,81, 151 
Strahan, Sherry 56, 100 
Streetman. Morgan 147 
Strickland, Ashley 129 
Strine. Cindy 34, 93, 112 
Stringfellow. Amanda 56. 105 
Stroud. John 32, 79 
Stuart, Lisa 56, 135 
Stuart, Vicki 34 

Stuntz. Lori 56.90.98. 101. 138. 139 
Suane. Shantelle 122 
Sudduth. Kelly 56, 93. 95. 98. 103. 

112. 113. 135. 142. 173 
Suggs. John 1, 15.49. 109. 154. 155 
Sullenberger. Allison 101 
Sullivan, Donald 35 
Sullivan, Heather 56, 88, 97. 112. 

125. 173 
Sullivan, John 56, 82. 83. 158. 159 
Sullivan, Russell 56 

Sullivan. Tracy 38 

Sulser. Ashley 57. 97. 99. 125. 

Sumrall. Anita 33. 34. 61 
Sumrall. Richie 57, 147 
Surber. Theresa 33 
Surrell, Matthew 57 
Sutherland. Buzz 113 
Sutherland. Katie 104. 113. 135 
Swearingen. Charles 57. 66, 102, 

Sweat. Jonathan 39 
Sweeney. Adam 2. 70. 71, 111. 147 
Sylvester. Nicole 19. 72. 73. 135 
Szebeni. Szilvia 57. 103 

Tabari, Hoofar 57 

Tabari. Hootan 57.159 

Taylor, Camilla 129 

Taylor. Melissa 1 1 3 

Taylor. Pat 37. 39, 57. 95. 104 

Taylor, Susan 39 

Teasley, Otis 35 

Temple, Jamie 54, 57. 76. 77 

Tench, Tim 11. 57. 66. 151 

Thatamaml. John J. 38 

Thaw. Kurt 38 

Thibodeaux. Dale 57.66. 161 

Thomas, Jessica 10, 57, 129 

Thompson, Bobby 57. 103. 113 

Thompson, Cliff 57. 97. 109 

Thompson. Greg 154. 155 

Thompson. James 57. 60. 106. Ill 

Thompson. Joy 57 

Thompson. Rachel 57. 99. Ill, 

Thornton. Andy 57. 147 
Thrash, Walker 57, 80. 81. 151 
Thune. Carrie 13, 57. 109. 129 
Thurston. Tina 39 
Tjeng. Vivian 57. 103 
Todd. Sarah 57. 125 
Tolar, Jarred 12.58.65, 161 
Toledano. Reagan 58. 150. 151 
Tosch, Mallory 8, 58. 173 
Touchstone, Robert 58, 103. 154, 

Townsend. Dwayne 85 
Townsend. Shane 70, 87 
Trappey, Ellen 8, 11, 24. 58, 97, 108, 

109. 112. 125 
Trigg. Connie 32 
Tripp. Greg 82 
Trotter. Joycelyn 33 
Tsui. Ming 38. 39 

Connie Sthimmel 

Tucker. Mary Kathryn 45. 58 
Tucker. Uvon 4. 14. 58. 99. 108 
Turner. James 39 
Turnipseed, Amy 58. 135 

Umsted. David 58. 66. 147 
Underwood. April 58. 125 
Underwood. Ranee 35 

Valentine, Courtney 18,54,58,93. 

103. 128, 129. 142 
Valentine, Lee 58 
Vandiver. Betsy 16. 108. 129. 

Varnado. Ryan 66. 86. 151 
Vasamsetti. Prasad 138, 161 
Vaughn. Marlys 38 
Veach, Margaret 10. 58. 99. 139 
Venator. Edmond 39 
Venator. Jeff 34 
Veum, Mick 38. 113 
Vincent. Ryan J. 7, 58. 90, 93, 97. 

112. 113 
Vincent. Ryan P. 58. 84. 85.154. 155 
Vollmar. Andrew 58.66. 151 

Wade. Came 27. 58. 134. 135 
Wade. Michael 58, 93. 154. 155 
Wadlmgton. Mary Clay 58. 100. 106, 

109, 142, 125 
Wagner, Holly 33 
Waguespack, Daniel 58, 79 
Wahrle. Suzanne 57. 58. 88. 95. 99, 

102. 103 
Walberg. Lane 81 
Waldrop. Gail 35 
Waldrop.Will 85, 151 
Walker. Brandi 59. 64. 65. 90. 93. 95. 

108. 109. 122. 142 
Walker. Dan 59. 95. 117, 147 
Walker, Drew 97, 146, 147 
Walker, Ford 34 

Walker. Ken 25. 59. 88. 102. 109 
Walker, Robert 146, 147 
Walker, Virginia 59. 110 
Wallace, Joy III 
Wallin. Leah 95, 125 
Wallis, Mandi 11, 59. 139. 173 
Walsh. Kelly 4, 46. 59. 90. 128, 129, 

Walters, Christopher 59. 151 
Walton, Tyler 49. 59. 88. 92. 93. 98. 

102, 117. 142. 147 
Wang, Joe 59. 101. 113 
Wang. Julie 59, 95, 103, 108, 109 
Ward. Jessica 59 
Ward. Rob 147 
Ward. Timothy J. 38 
Warren, Sanford 38, 105 
Warren, Stacy 82, 83. 93. 125. 169 
Warriner, Elizabeth 95. 1 25 
Washington. Alicia 59 
Washington, Chad 33, 49, 53, 59, 90, 

95.97, 161 
Washington. Rochelle 35 
Waters. Michael 6, 82. 83. 90 
Waters. Raymond 59 
Watson, Jonathan 59. 70 
Weathersby. Troy 98 
Webre. Erin 100, 128, 129 
Webster, Stephanie 59 
Wegner. Kolie 8. 9. 15. 59. 125 
Weir. Therese 125 
Welch. Duncan 104. 105 
Wells. Larry 33 

West. Barbara 33 

West. Beth 20. 22. 59. 112. 128. 129, 

West. Mary 59. 135 
White. Albert 98 

White. Amy 1. 7. 33. 59. 106. 129 
White. Jared 

86. 160. 161 
While. Lillian 59. 129 
White. Nancy 32 
White. Rachelle 8. 17. 20. 25. 33. 35, 107. 113, 124. 

White. Rhonda 59, 92. 93. 103, 129. 

White. Shane 32 

White. Wade 41. 59. 74. 86. 1 12. 147 
Whitfield, Johnnie-Marie 38 
Whitfield, Lindsay 

112. 135 
Whitfield-Smith. Carolina 59. 109 
Whitney. Lisa 39 
Wick. Darren 38. 101 
Wien. Emily 15 
Wikle, Will 59. 91. 93. 147 
Wilbum, Sherryl 34. 35. 57. 61. 113 
Wilkinson, David 34 
Wilkinson. Ruth 35 
Wilkinson. Shayne 34 
Wilkinson. Tim 34, 35 
Williams. Betsy 60. 125 
Williams. Billy 66. 103, 147. 151 
Williams. Catherine 10. 139 
Williams. Cheryl 42, 59 
Williams, Quinton 59, 66. 97. 161 
Williams. Sally 54, 59. 128. 129 
Williamson. Georgia 16. 59 
Willis. Judy 33 
Wilson. Austin 38. 100 
Wilson. Dee 104 

Wilson. Jeremy 59. 118. 159. 173 
Wilson. Joey 59 
Wilson. Josh 70.71. 86. 151 
Windhauser. Jared 41. 57 
Winn. Frankie 45. 95 
Winn, Meri-Winston 59, 125 
Wise. DeAnna 59.97. 135 
Wise, Jonathan 42. 49. 54. 81, 155 
Wise. Tim 32, 79. 85.94 
Witt. Ben 107 
Wold. Vanessa 59, 129 
Womac.Corbin 66. 142. 151 
Woodall. Enca 59. 95. 117. 129 
Woodard. Susan 39 
Woodlmg, Kellie 20. 91. 103,139 
Woods, Alex 33 
Woods, Brian 79 
Woodward, David 32. 169 
Woodward. Jack 32. 33 
Woodward, Jacob 109 
Woodward. Nelda 35 
Wvnn. Marianne Rovals 111 

Yasinski, Stephanie 27.46. 128. 129 

Yates, Todd 79 

Young. Barbara 33 

Young. Beau 1 5 1 

Young. Byron 59 

Young, Chad 8, 59, 155 

Young. Mandy 73. 125 

Young. Sarah 90. 135 

Zale. Sanford 38. 101 
Zanzig. Jeffrey 38 
Zimmerman, Gretl 59. 76. 77. 98. 
Zubic. Kelly 59, 147 


BOBASHELA STAFF, (front) Michael Barham, 
Tammy Harvey, Lindsey May, Rachel Baird, Jane 
Buck, Brian Berryhill, (middle) Ashley Bass, Kim 
Niolet, Heather Sullivan, Rebecca Abbott, Kelly 
Sudduth, Brett Mehrtens, [back] Stan Magee, 
]ennv Cherrvhomes, Rhonda White, Laura Lane, 
Kate Pearce, Brooks Brower. 

Kim Niolet, Rhonda White, Tammy Harvey 

Stan Magee, Mandy Scherer, Kate Pearce 


Rhonda White, Ashley Bass 

If I had that job, I'd shoot myself ... New York trip: 
Silver Crown from CSPA and the St. Patrick's Day 
Parade . . . My fonts will not print . . . Moving to Franklin . . . 
Whose idea was the bulletin boards? ... Tootsie Roll 
sculptures ... Rhonda is in charge of morale ... The 
circular pictures won the award ... Krazee Kate and 
Tracy . . . Mini Pics Art Jam and Giddyup Thangs . . . 
Little Debbies in the Food Drawer ... The search for Flick 
at the bottom of the Dr. Pepper cans ... Do you eat 
gyros to forget? ... When are you taking us to 
Shapley's? ... Planning for the year 2000 ... Listening 
to the animals run laps above us in the old Student 
Center ... The big decision: where do we eat next? 



Editor Ashley Bass 

Assistant Editor Rhonda White 

Assistant Editor Kate Pearce 


Student Life Editor Jenny Cherryhomes 

Student Life Assistant Mallory Tosch 

People Editor Tammy Harvey 

People Assistant Brett Mehrtens 

Sports Editor Tracy Gillanders 

Greek Editor Kim Niolet 

Greek Assistants Mandy Scherer & Laura Lane 

Activities Editor Brooks Brower 

Activities Assistant Lindsey May 

Ad Editors Laura Lane & Mallory Tosch 

Index Editor Rachel Baird 


Head Photographer Brian Berryhill 

Photo Editor Mandi Wallis 

Assistant Photo Editor Heather Sullivan 

Darkroom Assistant Jeremy Wilson 

Photographer Jane Buck 


Emily Olivier Rebecca Abbott 

Beth West Kelly Sudduth 

Madelyn Fancher 

Advisor Stan Magee 


Thanks to: Dean David Sneed, Sandy Rhymes, and the rest of the Student Affairs staff for 

their cooperation and support; the Business Office for handling yearbook orders and billing; 

Chris Coleman of Graduate Supply House for his encouragement; Gwenyth Winston and 

Jennifer Hoover of Herff Jones for in plant help; the Post Office staff for assisting with 

yearbook distribution; the Maintenance staff for moving us and setting up the new darkroom; 

Mark Hinkle for some pictures on the soccer and volleyball spreads; Tom Roster for a few 

pictures on the Homecoming spread; Sherri Taylor for design ideas; Rich Moser for help with 

team pictures and statistics; teachers and students for donating pictures 

for the book and items for the bulletin board dividers. 


Our mission was to serve and delight the students of Millsaps. We wanted to stimulate and positively 

affect our own group and our community. All that the staff did was accomplished with committed 

determination, innovation, and the highest level of excellence. Our expectations were exceeded, 

spirits lifted, and possibilities expanded. I want to thank the staff for their dedication 

to telling every person's story and getting it right. 

Ashley Bass 



Melissa Sterling 

Betsy Vondivet 

l g 


Catherine Mouton 


Jenno Spears, Sireno Sports 

William Ferns 

Wes Ingram 




We will go forth from Millsaps. We will leave the gates and 
enter an ever-changing world. Some things about us will 
change, but some will not. We will always think of our time 
here when we hear the clear ring of a belltower or when we 
see the warm pink of an azalea bloom. We will never leave 
this past behind. Pieces of our lives will remind us of a time 
that will never be simply the past. And we will realize that 
we may leave Millsaps, but Millsaps will never leave us. 

These became a part of that child who went forth, and 
who now- goes, and will always go forth every day. 

Walt Whitman, fronV'There Was a Child Went Forth"