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TLbc Mohc m 
of Saint ♦ ^ ♦ 
Hlbans b^ , , 
2)ame Juliana 
Berneca: i486 

^^u/<^t>// /y^p 

BY THE SCHOOLMASTER-PRINTER IN 1486. Reproduced in Facsimile. With 
an Introduction by William Blades. London: Elliot Stock, 1881, small 4to., full 
parchment covered boards, top edge cut, others uncut. 32 pages followed by the 
lengthy facsimile. $125.00 

First printing of this facsimile with the introduction by Blades. (Blades Cat. no.27). 
Blades comments on the "authorship, typography, bibliographical aspects and subject matter 
of the woric, followed by a vocabulary of the chief words in which peculiarity of spelling 
or dialect are noticeable. ' ' With the armorial bookplate of Woolrych and pencil notes referring 
to the text in which the Audley Arms are discussed. Some other pencil notes as well. Covers j 
soiled and chipped around edges. 

BY THE SCHOOLMASTER-PRINTER IN 1486. Reproduced in Facsimile. With 
an Introduction by William Blades. London: Elliot Stock, n.d. (1901), small 4to. 
limp paper wrappers. 32 pages followed by the lengthy facsimile. $65. OC 

Reprint of the first printing of this facsimile with the introduction by Blades originally 
done in 1881. (Blades Cat. no.27). Blades comments on the "authorship, typography, 
bibliographical aspects and subject matter of the work, followed by a vocabulary of the chief 
words in which pecuharity of spelling or dialect are noticeable." Covers soiled with a spot 
on the front cover. 


Cibe Bofee of ^atnt W^nm 


Mokt of ^aint ^Itians 







Witb an 3ntrot)uction b^ 



" Sl^an^ooD 3 am, ttcrefove 31 me Delpg:ljt 
'QEo t)unt aiiiD tiatokc, to nouns^ up ano fcOe 
1:^0 ffcepjjountic to tlje course, t^e tiatoke ro t^' flfg^t, 
atm to ticgitcjDe a gooli aiiO lustp ssteQe." 

From Sir Thomas More's Poems. 


EVERAL independent printing preffes were eftablifhed 
in England before the clofe of the fifteenth century ; 
and from them iffued numerous books which are 
invaluable to all ftudents of antiquity from the light 
they throw upon the fecial habits and literary 
progrefs of our nation. Of thefe it may fafely be faid that not one 
exceeds in intereft that work of an unknown typographer, which is 
here prefented in facfimile, and which, from the town in which it 
was compiled, as well as printed, is known to all bibliographers as 
" The Book of St. Albans." This work has always been a favourite, 
partly becaufe our feelings are appealed to in favour of the writer 
who for centuries has taken rank as England's earlieft poetefs, and 
is ftill, in all our Biographical Di6lionaries, reckoned among " noble 
authors ; " and partly becaufe we love myfleries, and a myflery has 
always enfhrouded the namelefs printer. The fubjefts, too, fo 
curioufly alliterative — Hawking, Hunting, and Heraldry, have an 
enticing and antique flavour about them, being juft thofe with 
which, at that period, every man claiming to be " gentle " was 
expefted to be familiar ; while ignorance of their laws and language 
was to confefs himfelf a "churl." 

6 Introdufiion. 

As to the language and orthography of the book, it is a never- 
faiHng fource of intereft, being quite different from any other 
printed work of the fifteenth century, except the St. Albans' 
Chronicle from the fame prefs. Among bibliographers it ranks as 
" rarijjimus" the known copies being fo few that they might pro- 
bably be counted on the fingers of one hand. 

Looking at the book, then, all round, it will be a convenient 
plan to confider thefe fubjedls feparately, and to treat the volume 
in its four afpefts of Authorfhip, Typography and Bibliography, 
Subje6l-matter, and Philology. 



|[ISTORIANS and Biographers, together with Libra- 
rians and Bookfellers, have a natural antipathy to 
anonymous books ; and, wherever they can, are wilHng 
to accept the smallefl amount of evidence as proof 
of paternity. It faves much trouble and avoids 

numerous errors in cataloguing, when a recognifed name can be 
affociated with an anonymous work. From this tendency a bad habit 
has arifen of attributing to particular writers books concerning which 
the evidence of authorfhip is doubtful, if not altogether untruflworthy. 

In this very book we have a ftriking inftance of fuch erroneous 
attribution. The three treatifes, of which the book is made up, are 
quite diftindl, and to a portion only of one of thefe is there any 
author's name attached. Yet that name, "Dam Julyans Barnes," 
altered by degrees to " Dame Juliana Berners," is now univerfally 
received as the name ol tne authorel's of the whole volume. With 
even lefs fhow of reafon fhe is credited with the authorfhip of 
a " Treatife on Fifhing " for which there is not the fhadow of evidence, 
that treatife having been added ten years later by Wynken de Worde, 
who, when reprinting the Book of St. Albans, thought that the subject 
of Fifhing would complete the work as a Gentleman's Vade Mecum. 

There are really four diftindl tractates in the Book of St. Albans, 
although the two lafl being on Heraldry are generally counted as one. 

8 Author fkip. 

The firfi; is on Hawking; to this no name of the author is 
attached, but it has a prologue which no one acquainted with the 
other writings of the printer can doubt to be his. Of this we fhall 
have more to fay anon. 

The fecond traftate is on Hunting : it is fpecially affociated 
with the name of Dame JuHana Berners, and will require a more 
extended elucidation than the others. 

Here the evidence of authorfhip is as good as for mofi; pieces 
of fifteenth-century produflion — a period at which literary rights 
did not exift, and when the fcribe, if at all acquainted with the 
fubje6l upon which the book he was copying treated, did not fcruple 
to interpolate his own ideas, and that without any egotiftical vanity, 
but merely from a feeling that all books being written for the good 
of men, and not from vanity in the author, it was a duty to 
improve them where poffible. But as improvement moftly meant 
the addition of fomething on the fame fubjedl taken from another 
manufcript, we have the conflant occurrence of one MS. being a 
compilation of two or three others, and yet appearing under the 
name of the lafl compiler. 

In this treatife on Hunting we have the exprefs flatement at 
jhe end of the twenty-fourth page — " Explicit Dam Julyans Barnes." 
This might certainly apply to the tranfcription only, but, when taken 
with Wynken de Worde's verfion, the probability is, that the lady 
compiled as well as wrote it. In the reprint by Wynken de Worde, 
only ten years later than the original, he varies the colophon thus : — 
" •[ Explicit dame Julyans Bernes do6lryne in her boke of huntynge," 
the whole reprint ending " Enprynted at weftmeftre by Wynkyn the 
Worde the yere of thyncarnacon of our lorde . M . CCCC . Ixxxxvj." 
So that he, a contemporary, evidently believed her to be the authorefs. 
Later authorities attributed the whole book to her pen, but as 
they were in poffeffion of no more evidence than we now are, and 
probably not fo much, we fhould attach no weight to fuch flate- 
ments, which were founded fimply on a vivid imagination. 

Authorjhtp. 9 

But what is known of the lady who is admitted to have com- 
piled the twenty-four pages on Hunting? Who was Dame Julians 
Barnes ? Here, unlefs a fentimental and inventive fympathy be 
employed to throw an artificial light upon the darknefs, we are in 
total ignorance. A biography of her has certainly been written, 
and all our Di6lionaries and Encyclopsedias devote a page or two 
to her hiftory, which, in 18 10, under Haflewood's nurture, attained 
its full development. Even fo far back as 1549, or nearly a 
century after her fuppofed death, the learned Bale, who wrote 
an account of all our Englifh celebrities, allows his gallantry to 
bedeck her memory with garments fine. " Fcemina illuflris ! " he 
exclaims, " corporis et animi dotibus abundans ac forma elegantia 
fpedlabilis" (An illuftrious lady! abundantly gifted, both in body 
and mind, and charming in the elegance of her mien). Confidering 
that the name of the lady is the whole of the text upon which 
Bale had to build, this is by no means a bad fpecimen of imagina- 
tive biography, and became a good foundation for future commen- 
tators. The ftory, however, fared rather badly at firft; for Holinfhed, 
in 1577, while echoing Bale very exaftly, is made, by a curious 
error of the printer, who miftook the letters rn for m, to call the 
authorefs Julyan Bewes ; while Baker in his Chronicles, too carelefs 
even to refer to the original text, adds another blunder to the 
flory, and, thinking that Julyan muft be a man's name, dubs the 
authorefs " a gentleman of excellent gifts, who wrote certain treatifes 
of Hawking and Hunting." 

Chauncy, in 1700 (Hiftory of Hertfordlhire), reftored her fex 
to the lady, and then fet to work upon making a family hiftory 
for her. His firft difcovery was that, being a " Dame," fhe was of 
noble blood. Finding alfo that the family name of Lord Berners 
tvas, in olden time, fpelt occafionally Barnes, he foon fupplied a 
father for our authorefs, in the perfon of Sir James Berners. And 
fo the game of making hiftory went on merrily up to the time of 
Jofeph Haflewood, who. in 18 10, reprinted Wynken de Worde's 

lO Authorjhip. 

edition of the Book of St. Albans, and fupplied a full-blown 
biography of the authorefs, giving particulars of her birth and 
education, the occupations of her youthful days, and a mod impofing 
pedigree. Let us quote Haflewood's own words: "Julyans, or 
Juliana, Barnes, otherwife Berners, who has been generally defignated 
as the authorefs of the prefent volume, is fuppofed to have been 
born, towards the latter end of the fourteenth century, at Roding- 
Berners, in the county of Effex. The received report is that fhe 
was the daughter of Sir James Berners, whofe fon was created 
Baron Berners, temp. Henry IV., and that fhe once held the 
fituation of Priorefs of Sopwell Nunnery, in Hertfordfhire." He 
then attributes to her the authorfhip of all four works in the Book 
of St. Albans. The difficulty of accounting for a lady fo placed 
writing upon fuch fubjefts, is cleverly, if not fatisfaftorily fettled 
by affuming that fhe paffed her teens at court, partaking of the 
amufements of the field, and writing for her own ufe a common- 
place book on various fubjefts. Then retiring through difappoint- 
ment (doubtlefs a love affair) to a cloifter, her rank raifed her to 
the polition of priorefs. There in her feclufion, writing amidfl the 
folitude of lifllefs hours and vain regrets, fhe verfified the gene- 
ral rules of fport from her own pleafant recollection, and from the 
diaries of her youthful happinefs, which fortunately fhe had preferved. 
If we remember the mania which feized all claffes for diary-keeping 
at the beginning of this century, when Haflewood wrote this, it will 
deepen our fenfe of humour to note that he attributes private diary- 
keeping to a young lady who lived ante 1450. 

But enough of fuch fham biography ; let us return to fafts. 

The word " Dame " did not in the fifteenth century, as it does 
now, imply any connexion with a titled family, it meant fimply 
Miflrefs or Mrs. Chaucer fpeaks of Dame Partlet in this fenfe; 
and had the Dame Julyans Barnes of the fifteenth century lived 
now, fhe would have been juft " Mrs. Barnes." 

Similarity of name in hiftory, like fimilarity of found in philology. 

Authorjhtp. 1 1 

is a will-o'-the-wifp which has led many a writer into a bog. 
Allowing that Lord Berners' name was fometimes fpelt Barnes, 
is that fufficient reafon for making our authorefs a member of 
his family ? I think not. 

That the greater portion of the book on Hunting was compiled 
by Miflrefs Barnes, is probably correft,"'' and had (he written 
much more, and produced even an original work on the fubjeft, 
fhe would not have flood alone, even at that early period, as an 
authorefs. Cryfline de Pifan, two of whofe works were printed 
by Caxton, was contemporary with Julians Barnes, and left not 
only numerous original writings behind her — one of which was 
upon the Art of War — but left her mark, and that no mean nor 
ignoble one, upon the political courfe and moral development of 
her countrymen. But Dame Julyans' work upon Hunting is certainly 
not original, as indeed very few works upon any fubjeft were at 
that period. This is evident from a glance at the text and the 
grouping of the fubjefls. It begins with diflinguifhing the varieties 
of beafls and their ages ; the proper names by which to defignate the 
beafls, fingly and together ; on hunting and dreffmg a Roe, a Boar, 
a Hare ; of flaying ; of the horns of a Roebuck ; of the Hart ; of the 
feasons ; of the Hare. Then follows, from another fource, an inter- 
polation of a difcourfe between a Mafter of the Hunt and his man, 
going over portions of the fame ground again ; and this ended, we 
get back again to the original MS. and the difmemberment of various 
beafts. All through, with the exception of the interpolated conver- 
fation, the text is addreffed to " My deare childe." Thus we read — 
"Do fo, my child;" "Think what I fay, my fon ; " "My lief 
childer ; " " Say, child, where you go ? my dame taught you fo." 
Evidently that portion was originally written for a mother to ufe 

• Taking Berners and Baraes to be the lame word, it is curions to note — in connexion 
with the work attributed to Dame Juliana, viz., The Book of Hunting — that the maAers 
of that Iport employed men called Berners, to be ready witli relays of horfes and to feed 
the hounds. — See Halliwell's " Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words." 

12 Authorfkip. 

as a fchool-book, by which her fon would learn to read, and, at 
the fame time, become famiUar with the terms of venery. 

In the Bodleian Library is a fmall manufcript on the Terms 
of the Chafe, the beginning of which is : — 

" Mi dere fones, where ye fare, be frith or by fell. 
Take good hede in his tyme how Triftram wol tell." 

This manufcript was probably copied by feme youth as a fchool- 
exercife, which would account for the following odd colophon — - 
" Explicit, expliceat, ludere fcriptor eat." 

Compare the above with the opening ftanza of the verfes we 
attribute to Miftrefs Barnes : — 

" Wherefoever ye fare, by frith or by fell,* 
My dear child, take heed how Triftram doth you tell."t 

The refl of the Oxford MS. is in fimilar accord with the print, 
but nowhere in it is there a word about Miflrefs Barnes. 

The words " Explicit Dam Julyans Barnes" have been confidered 
to prove that the lady was alive when the book was printed. If, 
however, Sir James Berners were her father, of which there is no 
evidence, fhe muft have been clofe upon a hundred years old 
in i486, as he died in 1390. But this is importing a needlefs 
difficulty into the theory, which is not rendered more probable 
by making the authorefs and printer contemporary. 

It may here be as well to fay a few words about Sopwell 
Nunnery, over which, without a particle of evidence, our authorefs 
is fuppofed to have prefided. Sopwell Nunnery, Hertfordfhire, 
was founded about 1140, under the rule of St. Benedi6l, and 
fubjefl to the Abbot of St. Albans, from which it was not far 

* " By frith or by fell " = by foreft or by plain ; but fee Halliwell's Diftionary. 

t Sir Triftram, the well-known knight of the Round Table, was a mighty hunter, and 
the great authority upon all fubje£ts connefted with the chafe. Popular belief attributed 
to him the origin of all the fpecial terms ufed in hunting, and his name was invoked to give 
authority to any ftatement upon this fubjeft, juft as in a later century the arithmetical nilej 
of Cocker give rife to the popular phrafe — " According to Cocker." 

AuthorfJtip. \ 3 

diftant. The rule of life among the inmates was very fevere, and 
at the fir ft the nuns were enclofed under locks and bolts, made 
additionally fure by the feal, on the door, of the Abbot for the 
time being (Chauncy's Hiftory, p. 466). How long this lafted, 
and how the nuns liked it, hiftory faith not; but, in 1338, a 
re-organifation had become imperative, and the Abbot of St. 
Albans, among other inftru6lions, ordered that no nun fhould lodge 
out of the houfe, and no gueft within it (Newcome, p. 468). 
There does not feem much fcope left here for the Priorefs to 
take an adlive part in field fports, though a hundred and fifty years 
later, which was about the period of our " Dame," many relaxations 
of the flxidl rules may have become common. But, then, we have 
apparently accurate lifts of all the Prioreffes of Sopwell in the 
fifteenth century, and the name of Juliana Barnes does not appear 
at all in them. The known dates are these: — In 1416, Matilda de 
Flamftede was Priorefs. Four years before her death, which was in 
1430, fhe was fucceeded by Letitia Wyttenham. The next whose 
name is known was Joan Chapell ; the date of her appointment is 
not recorded, but as fhe was fet afide in 1480 on account of her 
, age, fhe had probably occupied the pofition for many years. In 
1480, Elizabeth Webb fucceeded Joan Chapell. 

What is really known of the Dame is almoft nothing, and may 
be fummed up in the following few words. She probably lived at 
the beginning of the fifteenth century, and fhe poffibly compiled from 
exifting MSS. fome rhymes on Hunting. 

There is ftill the authorfhip of the other parts of the book to 
determine, and if fimilarity of wording and phrafeology may be taken 
as evidence, they were all from one pen. 

At the end of the book on Heraldry the printer has put the 
(bllowing — " Here endeth the book of Blafing of Arms tranflated and 
compiled together at Seynt Albons." Here we have the printer's 
own ftatement as to the origin of his text, and doubtlefs this, as well 
as the treatife on Hawking, were made up or "compiled" from more 

14 Atithorjhip. 

than one manufcript in French. Haflewood gives a lift of fuch as are 
in the Britifh Mufeum, in feveral of which portions of the printed 
work are contained. Works on Hunting- and Hawking were not 
uncommon in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and are ftill found 
in all large collecflions of manufcripts. There were feveral in the 
libraries of the Dukes of Burgundy in the fifteenth century, and many 
are ftill extant in the national colle6lions of England and France. 

The other tra6lates in the volume have an origin very fimilar 
to that of the Book of Hunting. The Book of Hawking is an evident 
compilation from feveral manufcripts, which accounts perhaps for its 
deficiency in arrangement and want of continuity. The Book of Coat 
Armour alfo has two diftindl fources in contemporary works, one of 
which was the " De Officio Militari" of Nicholas Upton. From this 
the fchoolmafter copied Book IV. almoft word for word, fupple- 
menting it from " The Book of the Lineage of Coat Armour," as 
ftated already. The only other literary work which can be attributed 
to our printer is the extenfive compilation known as the St. Albans' 
Chronicle or the Fru6lus Temporum. But neither in the Chronicle, 
where he fimply combined two hiftories into one, nor in the Book of 
St. Albans, which is alfo a compilation, does the fchoolmafter fhow 
any literary ability above the average of fcholars of his period. 

As fpecimens of the fchoolmafter's powers of compofition we 
annex the following, the originals of which can be feen in the en- 
suing facfimile pages : — 

Prologue to ttje Book of Ipatofeing. 

" In fo much that gentlemen and honeft perfons have great delight 
in Hawkingr, and defire to have the manner to take hawks : and alfo 
how and in what wife they ftiould guide them ordinately : and to 
know the gentle terms in communing of their hawks: and to under 
ftand their fickneffes and infirmities, and to know medicines for them 
according, and the many notable terms that be ufed in hawking 

Authorfhip. 1 5 

both of their hawks and of the fowls that their hawks fhall flay. 
Therefore this book following in a due form fhows very knowledge 
of fuch pleafure to gentlemen and perfons difpofed to fee it." 

Prologue to 9gi0tre0,s 'Barnes' Compilation on Jaunting, 

" Likewife, as in the Book of Hawking aforefaid are written and 
noted the terms of pleafure belonging to gentlemen having delight 
therein, in the fame manner this book following fhoweth to fuch gentle 
perfons the manner of Hunting for all manner of beafts, whether they 
be beafts of Venery, or of Chace, or Rascal. And alfo it fhoweth all 
the terms convenient as well to the hounds as to the beafts aforefaid. 
And in certain there be many diverfe of them as it is declared in the 
book followine," 


Prologue to tlje TBoofe of Coat Hrmour, 

" Here in this book following is determined the lineage of Coat 
Armours : and how gentlemen fhall be known from ungentle men, and 
how bondage began firft in angel and after fucceeded in man kind, 
as it is here fhowed in procefs, both in the childer of Adam and alfo 
of Noe, and how Noe divided the world in three parts to his three 
fons. Alfo there be fhowed the nine colours in Arms figured by the 
nine orders of Angels, and it is fhowed by the forefaid colours which 
be worthy and which be royal ; and of regalities which be noble and 
which be excellent. And there be here the vertues of Chivalry, and 
many other notable and famous things, to the pleafure of noble perfons 
fhall be fhowed, as the works following witneffes, whofoever liketh to 
fee them and read them, which were too long now to rehearfe. And 
after thefe notable things aforefaid followeth the Blafmg of all manner 
Arms in Latin, French, and Englifh." 

So wrote the fchoolmafter. Let us now fee what kind of book 
this is typographically. 


Cppograpbp anD 'Bibliogreipfjp, 

LD books muft be loved, and their idiofyncrafies carefully 
ftudied, before they will yield up all their treafures; 
that done, the obfervant lover will obtain poffeffion 
of both foul and body ; he may revel in the intelledlual 
feaft provided by the author, or he may ftudy the 
material and mechanical features of the books as reprefented by the 
peculiarities of paper and the habits and cuftoms of the various 
printers. Then, by grouping thefe as a botanift docs his flowers, 
according to their organifation into claffes, orders, genera, and fpecies, 
he may extra6l from his volumes true replies to queftions which 
otherwife would remain hidden for ever. So true is the didlum, " The 
Mind it is which fees, and not the Eye alone." 

Many bibliophiles, however, of education and tafte have been 
pofitively blind when outfide the circle of their own particular ftudies. 
So it was with the Rev. Dr. M'Neille, a well-known critic and book- 
colle6lor of fixty years ago. When addreffing Dr. Dibdin he wrote thus 
of " The Book of St. Albans " — " This book is itfelf ufelefs, and only 
a bon morceau for the quizzical coUeftor." With fuch feelings 
towards one of the mofl curious works which this country produced 
during the infancy of the printing prefs, it was fimply impoffible that 
the interefl; of its pages fliould be revealed to him ; and however rich 
in divinity and editiones pyincipes of the claffics the library ot the 

Typography and Bi6Kography. 


worthy do6lor may have been, it is evident that our Book of St. 
Albans could never have been aught but an alien on his book-fhelves. 

The works printed by William Caxton were almoft without 
exception in the Englifh tongue, while the contemporary preffes of 
Oxford, St. Albans, and Machlinia were nearly all in Latin. Of the 
eight books at prefent known to have been printed at St. Albans, the 
only two in Englifh were the " Fru6lus Temporum " and the work 
under review. The " Frudlus " or St. Albans' Chronicle is the fame 
as that printed two years previoufly by Caxton, with the addition of 
certain ecclefiaftical events and Papal chronology, probably added by 
the printer himfelf to pleafe the monks. 

The Book of St. Albans' and the St. Albans' Chronicle make a 
clafs of themfelves ; but as it is impoffible to underfland their pofition 
without a glance at the other works from the fame prefs, we will give 
a tabulated defcription of the whole eight. 


Title of Book, 



Date of 

No. of 


Size of 










Auguftini Dacti ele- 



n. d. 











Laur : de Saona Rhe- 
torica nova 














Alberti modo 














Joan: CanoniciQueft. 
fup. Phys. Arift. 



148 1 











Exempla facre fcrip- 














Ant. Andreae fuper 
Logica Ariftotelis 














Chronicles of Eng- 














The Book of St. 













But who was the printer ? What was his name ? Was he affociated 
with the great Abbey ? and is there any internal or external evidence in 
his works to conne6l him with any other printer or any other town ? 

The only notice we have of the printer is an accidental one by 
Wynken de Worde, who, in reprinting the St. Albans' Chronicle, fays 

iS Typo^aphy ind Bibliography. 

in the colophon, " Here endith this prefent Chronicle . . . compiled 
in a book and alfo enprinted by our fometime Schoolmafler of St. 
Alban." He was a fchoolmafter, then, and this will account for the 
nature of his early works, all fcholaflic and all in Latin. Not till the 
end of his typographical career did he realife the fadl that the print- 
ing-prefs, inftead of being the hobby of a few learned men, was the 
educator of the people, the whole nation ; and then he gave his country- 
men what they wanted — a hiftory of their own country and a book 
upon the whole (secular) duty of the gentleman, as then underftood. 

The name of the fchoolmafler-printer is quite unknown. No 
notice of him is found in the records of the Abbey, nor does he 
appear in any contemporary document. Yet here, as in Miftrefs 
Barnes's cafe, imagination has come to the refcue and a legendary 
name has been provided. 

Finding that the Prologue to the Book of Hawking began with 
the words, " Infomuch as gentle men and honefl perfons have great 
delight in Hawkinof • " findina alfo that the St. Alban's Chronicle 
from the fame prefs began thus : " Infomuch as it is neceffary ; " 
and bearing in mind that certain old authors had veiled their names 
in the firfl words of their works. Dr. Chauncy arrived at the fagacious 
conclufion that the St. Albans printer wifhed to veil his name, which 
really was " Infomuch." The joke, for it almofl feems like one, does 
not bear even the fcrutiny which itfelf invites, for although the fchool- 
mafler ufes the words in two other places, in neither cafe are they 
at the beginning of a chapter.* It (hould be added that in this the 
worthy hiftorian of Hertfordfhire only followed the lead of both 
Bale and Pits. 

Was he conne6led with the Abbey ? I think not. There is not 
a word to fuggefl fuch a connedlion, although we may take it for 
granted that the Abbot and his fraternity could not have frowned upon 

* On sig. a j refto of " Cote Armour " is " Infomuch as all gentlenefs comes of God ; " 
and upon sig. 6 it) verfo is " Infomuch that in the fifth quadrat," &c. The ufe of the word 
in thefe cafes could have no veiled meaning, and it was probably only a peculiarity of 
diftion which had become a habit with the fchoolmafter. 

Typography and Bibliography. 1 9 

the printer, or he would never have eftablifhed himfelf. His imprints 
all mention the town of St. Albans, but never the Abbey, and his pofi- 
tion was probably fimilar to that of Caxton, who was fimply a tenant 
of the Abbot of Weftminfter, but, fo far as is known, nothing more. 

Was he connedled with Caxton and the Weflminfter prefs .-* With- 
out a Ihadow of doubt I fay. No ! Mr. E. Scott, of the MS. depart- 
ment in the Britifh Mufeum, has indeed ftrung together a number 
of furmifes to fhow that the Schoolmafter was employed by Caxton, 
and that all the books without date or place hitherto attributed to 
Weftminfler were really printed at St. Albans. But internal evidence 
is againfl any fuch gratuitous affumption. There is nothing in common 
between the two printers in any of their habits or cuftoms except the 
poffeffion of Caxton's No. 3 type. This is the only one of Caxton's 
types ufed outfide his own office (for W. de Worde, his succeffor 
in houfe and bufinefs, muft not be regarded as a feparate printer). 
Caxton employed it from his arrival in England in 1477 till 1484, 
when it makes its lafl appearance in the headings of ".^fop,"the 
"Order of Chivalry," and " The Golden Legend." In 1485 Caxton 
obtained a new fount, fimilar in fhape and chara6ler, and from that 
time the old No. 3 difappears to make way for the new and fmaller 
type No. 5. This being more fuited to the tafle of the day, we 
find the larger and worn fount paffing over to the country prefs of 
St. Albans, where the Schoolmafter firft ufes it in i486, being the 
identical year in which its fucceffor appears in Caxton's " Royal 
Book." We may here obferve that after the ftoppage of the St. 
Albans' Prefs the fame fount finds its way back again and is feen 
in W. de Worde's reprint, in 1496-97, of the two Englifh St. Albans 
books. But the difcovery of a copy of Caxton's Boethius in the 
old Grammar School at St. Albans, and the numerous fragments of 
old books extra6led from its covers, are quoted as confirming the idea. 
Yet the book itfelf and all thefe fragments were from Weftminfter, 
not a fingle one being from a known St. Albans book, and they 
included the Caxton " Chronicles," 1480, the " Dictes," 1477, and the 

»0 Typography and Bibliography. 

ftill earlier " Life of Jafon ; " fo that we had better at once remove the 
whole Weflminfter prefs, dated and undated, to St. Albans, if fuch an 
argument is to have any force. Thefe fragments, indeed, can only 
point to the fa6l that the copy of Boethius was bound in the printing 
office, as was commonly the cafe with the books from Caxton's prefs. 

Again, Mr. Scott draws attention to the fa6l that a page of the 
St. Albans' Book, i486, has been copied by a contemporary writer 
on to the blank leaves of one of Caxton's earlieft books. 'Tis true ; 
but this copying of part of one book into another, printed ten years 
before, has no typographical bearing whatever. Laftly, the name 
Cauflon appears in an old St. Albans' Regifter of the early part of the 
fifteenth century. But this, again, means pofitively nothing. Caxton's 
name was not at all uncommon ; there were Cauftons or Caxtons in 
nearly every Englifh county, and I have quite a long lift of them. 

It is highly probable that Caxton, while at Weftminfter, in the 
van of all the literature of his day, would have communications 
of fome fort with the important town of St. Albans ; but that the 
two printers affifted one another in the produ6lion of books, is, fo far 
as any evidence goes, a pure fiction. 

Let us now glance at the bibliographical afpedl of the book. 

The work itfelf has no title. It is difficult in our time, accuftomed 
as we are to "teeming millions" of books, each with its own title- 
page, to conceive a period when the prefs fent out works without 
even the ffiadow of a title-page. Before the invention of printing, 
the author fimply headed his firft page with the name of the work, 
as " Here begins the Confeffio Amantis," or " Hie incipit Parvus 
Catho," and, without preface or more ado, the text commenced. 
Sometimes even this little notification was omitted, and, as in 
Caxton's "Jafon," "The Chefs Book," "Tulle," and many other 
fifteenth-century books, the fubjeft of the work had to be learned 
by reading the text. So it is with the book now under review; 
it comprifes four diftin6l works, but to one only is there any 
heading, and that has the bare line " Incipit liber armorum " 

Typography and Bibhography. 2 1 

The firft, "The Book of Hawking," ftarts ftraight off— " This is 
the manner to keep Hawks," and occupies three fignatures, a, b, 
and f, of eight leaves each, and fig. D, which has but four leaves, 
on purpofe that this portion might be complete alone, if fo defired. 
The fame idea controlled the arrangement of " The Book of 
Hunting," which, beginning on fig. t J, ends with Dame Juliana's 
" Explicit " on the re6lo of fig. f llt|. This left the laft feven pages 
of the quaternion to be filled up. Now it was a common praftice, 
both with the fcribes and with the early printers, when they got 
to the end of their text and found that a page or two of blank 
paper was left, to occupy the blank pages with fuch common 
houfehold aphorifms or popular rhymes as came eafily to the memory, 
or were at hand in fome other book. So here the fchoolmaster- 
printer fills up his vacant pages with a number of odd fentences and 
rhymes, moft of which occur over and over again in numerous manu- 
fcripts of early poetry. Among others we notice the well-known : — 

" Arife erly, 
ferue God deuouteli, 
and the world befily." 
&c. &c. 

Alfo the folks proverb : — 

" Too wyues in con hous. 
Too cattys and oon mous. 
Too dogges and oon boon, 
Theis ftial] neu accorde oon." 

Then the lift; of proper terms to be ufed by gentlemen and thofe 
curious in their fpeech is of very common occurrence : — 

" An herde of Hertis 
An herde of all man dere 
A pride of Lionys 
A fleuth of Beeris." 
&c. &c. 

This was evidently copied from fome MS., and ends with "1 Ex- 
plicit," and nothing more. On the next page we have the proper 
terms for carving or dismembering beafts, fowls, and fifties, followed 
on the laft leaf by a lift of biftioprics and provinces. 


TypograpTty and Bibliography. 

Having thus filled up all his leaves, the printer begins his third 
fubje(5l on a frefh fignature, and introduces the " Liber Armorum " 
with the Preface (already printed). A long work on the " Blafing 
of Arms" follows, beginning on fig. C |, and ending on fig. f lo. 

This is extremely interefting, both in matter and in the very 
rude woodcut reprefentations of armorial bearings with which the 
text is profufely illuflrated. Except in one or two cafes of uncommon 
tints, thefe are all colour-printed, as are the initials to paragraphs. 
In the Grenville copy, the preffman having forgotten to roll the 
" forme," the initials all appear in that femi-tinted ftate which 
would be the natural refult of fuch an omiffion. We notice, too, 
that where the coats of arms require, say, three colours on one page, 
then the initials are alfo in three colours ; but if only one colour 
is required for the arms, only one colour, and that the fame, is ufed 
for the initials. Occafionally, where a peculiar colour was neceffary, 
a brufh was ufed to infert that tint by hand. 

In workmanfhip the St. Albans printer, efpecially in the Englifh 
books, is much inferior to the contemporary iffue from the Wefl- 
minfter prefs. The types are worfe, the arrangement worfe, the 
preffwork worfe, and the ink worfe. From this point of view alone, 
the theory that he would print for Caxton fo much better than he 
did for himfelf, is not worth ferious confideration. 

The Book of St. Albans went through many editions, particu- 
lars of which are difficult to obtain. 

1486. The Boke of St. Albans (Brit. Mus.). 

149-. By Wynken de Worde "at the fygne 
of the Sonne." 

1496. By Wynken de Worde (Brit. Mus.). 

15 — . By W.Powell. "Imprinted at London 
in Fleteftrete at the fygne of George 
next to faynt Dunfton's Church by 
Wyliyam Powell. 

15—. By W. Copland. " Imprinted at 
London in Flete Street at the fygne 
of the Rofe Garlande by Wylliam 
Copland for Richard Tottell " 
(Brit. Mus-). 

1 5 — . By W. Copland. " In Lothebury " 

15 — . By W. Copland. " In faynt Martyns 
parilh in the Vinetre upon the three 
crane wharfe." 

1548 ? By W. Copland. " Imprynted at 
London in the Vyentre vppon the 
thre Craned Wharfe by Wyliyam 

1550. By W. Powell. " Hawkynge Hun- 
tynge and Filhynge." 8vo. Lon- 

1551 ? ^y Abraham Vele. 

Typography and Bibliography. 


»5— • 



By Henry Tab. " Imprynted at 
London in Paul's chyrch yarde by 
me Hery Tab " (Brit. Mus.). 

By J. Waley. " Imprinted at Lon- 
don in Fofter laen by John Waley " 

By Copland. In this year Copland 
was fined for "a book of Hawkyng, 
Huntyng, and fysftiynge cotrary to 
the orders of this howse — iiij d " 
(Herbert, p. 367). 
1586. By E. Aide. 4to. (Bib. Dec). 
1590. By John Wolfe " at the fygne of the 

By H. Lownes. " The Gentleman's 
Academie or the Booke of St. 
Albans * * * Compiled by Juliana 
Barnes in the year from the incar- 
nation of Chrift 1486. And now 
reduced into a better method by 






G. M. (Gervafe Markham). Lon- 
don. 4to. (Brit. Mus.). 

By Wolffe. 

By Iflip. " Hawking Hunting Fowl- 
ing and Fifliing," by Adam Ifllip. 

By E. Aide. " Hawking Hunting 
Fowling and Fifliing," by Edward 

By Wolffe. 

By Wolffe. 

By Helme. "A Jewell for Gentrie 
by S. T." 4to. (Brit. Mus.). 

" The Book of Cote Armour." Lon- 
don, 4to, reprinted by J. Dalla- 
way, with an excellent introduction 
(Brit. Mus.). 

The Boke of Hawking Hunting and 
Cote Armour. Hazlewood's re- 
print. London. 4to. (Brit. Mus.). 

How did the fchoolmafter at St. Albans obtain his types ? This 
is a puzzHng queftion in the prefent ftate of palaeotypography. Mr. 
Bradfliaw of Cambridge has, by unwearied ftudy of early printed 
books, thrown great light upon the connexion and genealogy of 
numerous founts ufed by fifteenth-century printers, and fyflematic 
attention to the minute peculiarities of each printer is doubtlefs the 
only way in which thofe old books can be forced to yield up their 
fecrets ; but the tafk is immenfe, and beyond the powers of any one 
man to complete. Some day, however, when the palaeotypography 
of this country, as well as of the Continental preffes, fhall have 
received that full technical and philofophical analyfis which time 
is fure to bring, the more fortunate bibliographer of the future 
will be able with certainty to track the footfteps and operations of 
the early typefounders, and will be enabled to ftate for certain to 
what extent Caxton and the St. Albans printer were their own 
typefounders, and to what extent and to whom they looked for 
outside help. As the cafe now ftands, we can only confefs our 
ignorance of where the St. Albans types came from. 


Cf)e %utitttg Crcateli. 

N the rude civiiifation of the fifteenth century, a year's 
experience of which would fend moft of us to our 
graves, the mental occupation as well as the bodily 
recreation of our anceflors was almoft confined to 
hunting and hawking. " Fifhing with an Angle" 
came in as a bad third, being too tame a purfuit for men who were 
no men if not men of war. Mimic war — war on the beafts of the 
field and the fowls of the air — war which could be purfued in times 
of peace, and which yet required knowledge, patience, fortitude, and 
courage — this had great attractions, and we cannot wonder at the 
general popularity of thefe purfuits. 

The firfl treatife in the following reprint is upon Hawking, a 
paftime effentially ariftocratic from the great expenfe it entailed in 
the purchafe, breeding, and maintenance of the birds. This, indeed, 
coupled with the diminution of game confequent on the progrefs of 
civiiifation and the increafe of the population, led to the gradual 
decadence of the fport, and nearly to its extindlion in the eighteenth 
century, although, in very rare cafes, falconry is even now practifed. 

As we have feen, one of the moft difficult objedls in hawking 
was to obtain an eafy command of the proper vocabulary, and fo at 
firil ftart our author inftru6ls us in " The manner to fpeak of Hawks, 
from the egg." We mufl not fay a young hawk is hatched, but 

The Subjeris Treated. 25 

'difclofed; ' they do not breed but "eyer;" it was a want of culture 
in any falconer to fay that hawks were building their neft, they 
" timbered " it. When the young could firfl leave the neft they were 
" Boweffes," and when they could fly they were " Branchers," and 
then was the time to catch and train them. 

When the young were caught, which was with nets, the firfl thing 
was to "enfile" them, that is, to "take a needle and thread and 
few up the eyelids," fo that they " fee never a dele." After a night 
and a day the threads were cut foftly for fear of breaking the " lyddis 
of the ighen," then they were fed with well-wafhed flefh, but kept 
awake the next night and day, after which they were fuppofed to 
be tame, or " reclaimed." 

The various difeafes to which Hawks are liable are then explained, 
and medicines prefcribed for them. Some of thefe are very abfurd 
and fome contradi6lory. Then comes a variety of terms for every 
movement and habit, for every limb or part of the body, and for 
almoft every feather in the plumage. In this minute defcription the 
author begins at the feet of the bird and fo works upwards, as when 
" Knyghttis been harneffide." 

Next we are inftru6led how important it is to be careful of the 
manner of guiding the Hawk the firfl time it is ready to " nomme ' 
a partridge ; how to reward her by giving her the head and neck, after 
which on no account is fhe to fly again till fhe has " rejoiced," i.e., 
fharpened her beak and fhaken her feathers. More medicines follow, 
among which is how to get rid of " lies " (lice). " Take a piece of 
rough blanket and hold it to the fire till it is quite hot ; wrap the 
hawk therein, and without hurting hold her ' foftely and ftylly ' in your 
hands, and all the vermin will creep into the cloth." A happy thought 

The " Geffe," or ftrip of leather by which the Hawk is held when 

carrying her on the hand, is next defcribed, together with the creance 

or long line. More medicines ftill, and then how to treat Hawks when 

in mew," or moulting, a matter of great importance. To promote 

26 The Su^Je^s Treated. 

" mewing " give the flefh of a kid, a young fwan, and efpecially rats 
flesh ; ftewed adders are alfo ftrongly recommended, or chickens which 
have been fed upon wheat foaked in broth of vipers. 

Gout feems a common difease in various parts of the Hawk's body, 
which may be known by fwelling and " ungladnefs ; " alfo rheum and 
fever and blains and agrum, which lafl is cured by a red-hot filver 
needle thrufl into the noflrils. Botches in the jaw fhould be " kutte 
with a knyfe." More terms follow for various habits and acflions, the 
lafl paragraph being upon the variety of Bells ufed for Hawks. There 
fhould be two, one a " femytoyn " (femitone) below the other. " The 
Bells of Melen (Milan.?) were the befh, but," fays the author, "there 
be now ufed Dutchland bells, of a town called durdright (Dordrecht), 
and they be paffmg good, fonowre (fonorous) of ringing in fhrillnefs, 
and well lafling." 

The whole ends with a lift of various fpecies of Hawks and their 
appropriatenefs to the various ftations of life, among which are — 

An Eagle for an Emperor. A Merlyon for a Lady. 

A Gerfalcon for a King. A Gofhawk for a Yeoman. 

A Peregrine for an Earl. A Sparehawk for a Prieft. 

A Mufkyte for " an holiwater clerke." 

The fecond treatife is upon Hunting, and has a (hort preface, which 
probably came, like the firfl, from the pen of the Schoolmafter. 

The work is all in metre, and evidently intended for boys to learn 
by heart. It begins by telling "my dere chylde " the various kinds 
of beaft to be hunted ; the changes of name they take as they grow 
older ; the variety of horns ; how to flcin and difmember ; the various 
cries and noifes to be ufed ; the feafons of hunting various beafts. 

Then follow inftru6lions how to hunt the Hare, and what to fay 
to the hounds, who muft always be addreffed in French, as " arere ! " 
when he enters the kennel-door ; " this is the firft word, my fon, of 
venery." " Sa fa cy auaunt," " Sweff mon amy sweff," and other fimilat 
cries are noted down, fome to be fhouted twice only and fome thrice, 

The Subj'eSis Treated. 27 

the chief cry being " So how." The knowledge of when and how often 
thefe cries fhould be ufed was mort important, as their proper ufe would 
bring " worftiip among all men." Here, apparently, in the midfl of 
one effay, another is interpolated, and we are treated to a portion of 
fome old dialogue like " The Mafter of the Hunt," in which the 
" Man " afks all forts of queftions and the " Mafter " replies. It might 
indeed be dubbed " The Hunter's Catechifm." This occupies eight 
pages, and then we fall back upon the original rhyme again and the 
infi;ru6lions of the Dame to "my childe," ending with the " Explicit" 
of Dam Julyans Barnes. Some leaves remaining to be filled up, the 
moral and other fentences, as already defcribed at page 21, were added. 

Perhaps the third treatife upon Coat Armour and the Blafon of 
Arms is the moft interefting portion of the book. The quaintnefs of 
fome of the explanations is very amufing, and many people will 
find more points of fympathy, both hiflorical and technical, with this 
than with the others. 

The headline, " Incipit Liber Armorum," gives us at once the 
title of the manufcript from which the text was compiled. " Heraldry 
Run Mad " might indeed have been an appropriate title for this, as 
well as all fimilar tractates ; for the author, in his anxiety to honour 
[he fcience, does not fcruple to take the reader back hiflorically not to 
Noah only, but to Adam, whofe fpade, he tells us, was the firfl fhield 
in Heraldry, and who was the firfl to bear Coat Armour. The argu- 
ment, if it may fo be called, is : — All " gentilnes " comes from God ; 
there were originally in heaven ten Orders of Angels bearing Coat 
Armour, but now only nine, Lucifer with " mylionys of aungelis " 
having fallen out of heaven into hell and other places. As a bond- 
man might fay that all men come from Adam, fo might Lucifer fay he 
and his angels came from heaven. 

Cain, for his wickednefs, was the firfl churl, and all his offfpring 
were churls alfo by the curfe of God. Seth, on the other hand, was 
a gentleman by his father's bleffing ; Noah, too, was a gentleman by 
nature, but of his three fons, " Sem, Cham, and Jafeth," Cham, for 

28 The Subjects Treated. 

his unfilial conduct, was made "ungentle." The addrefs of Noah to 
his three fons is curious, and is thus fupplemented : — 

" Of the ofiffpring of the gentleman Japhet came Abraham, Mofes 
Aaron, and the prophets, and alfo the King of the right line of Mary, 
of whom that gentleman Jefus was born, very God and man, after his 
manhood King of the land of Judah and of Jews, a gentleman by his 
mother Mary, and Prince of Coat Armour." 

Some fay that Coat Armour began at the fiege of Troy, but it 
was of far greater antiquity than that, and was founded upon the nine 
Orders of Angels, who were crowned each with a diadem of precious 
flones — the Topaz (truth), Smaragdus (hardihood), Amethyft (chivalry), 
Loys (powerful). Ruby (courageous). Sapphire (wifdom), Diamond, a 
black ftone (durable). Carbuncle (doughty and glorious). Thefe 
reprefent Gentleman, Squire, Knight, Baron, Lord, Earl, Marquis, 
Duke, and Prince. Here we probably have the origin of the fhape 
of various crowns and coronets. Everything is treated in nines, and 
the nine virtues and nine vices of gentlenefs follow, with nine rejoic- 
ings, nine articles that every knight fhould keep, and nine manner of 
gentlemen, in which we learn that the Evangelifts and Apoflles were 
all gentlemen of the right line of that worthy conqueror, Judas 
Machabeus, who in courfe of time had fallen to labour, and fo were 
not called gentlemen. The four doctors of the Church — St. Jerome 
Ambrofe, Auguftine, and Gregory — were alfo gentlemen of blood and 
of Coat Armour. There are nine differences of Coat Armour and nine 
quadrats, all of which are explained. The " Blafyng of Arms " comes 
next, the preface to which is by the author, and not by the printer. 
It begins with the varieties of the Crofs as borne in arms, each being 
illuflrated by a rude woodcut printed in its proper colours, and the 
blafon, or technical defcription of each is given in Latin, French, 
and Englifh. All varieties of arms follow, with the myfteries of 
bends, engrail, borders, chequers, balls, cakes, rings, &c., offering 
but little which can be quoted, but forming an interefling and ufefu. 
book of reference. 






















HERE is a ftrongly marked individuality in the fpelling 
throughout all the treatifes in this work. If the 
Hunting rhymes belong to Dam Julyans, their ortho- 
graphy, like the profe portions, is that of the School- 
mafter, who appears to have been a North-countryman, 
many words leading to that conclufion. The formation of the plural 
by adding the letters " is " or " ys " ftrikes the attention at once. Thus 
the plural of bells is bellis ; egg, eggis ; vetch, fetchis ; fulmert, ful- 
mertis ; hawk, hawkys ; herd, herdys ; person, personys, and so on. 
The change of a ^ at the end of a word to an z is common, as onli, 
fofteli, unthrefti ; and for if; algate; awth for all the; bowke ; chylder; 
clepit ; clees ; knaw ; ken ; yowre ; and many others are Northern. As 
might be expedled, many Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman words now 
obfolete are found, fuch as benymme, blynne, byzete, canell, clepit, 
colver, dagon, gobbit, kawe, kydde, liggen, merde, nafethrils, nym,* 
raton, and many others. 

The following vocabulary will fhow the chief words in which 
peculiarity of fpelling or dialedl are noticeable : — 

a/fe, half and, used for " if" am, are 

algate, always appillis, apples aj/bne, as foon 

* In the flang of thieves to Jieal is to nim at this da)'. 



awntelere, antler 
awth, aught 
awth, all the 
barrts, bars 
beedys, beafts 
beke, beak 
bellis, bells 
bene, be 

benymme, take away 
blynne, to ceafe 
boon, bone 
bodi, body 
bowellis, bowels 
bott, but 
bottre, butter 
bowke, crooked 
bridde, bird 
broght, brought 
byfprenged, fprinkied 
byzete, gain 
calt, called 
calde, called 
cattisjlejh, cat's flefh 
canell, cinnamon 
callijh, call (imper.) 
chycon, chick 
chykynnes, chickens 
chooce, choice 
chylder, children 
clepii, called 
cloos, close 

comnmneli, commonly 
commyihe, cometh 
cowntenanjis, counte- 

coluer, a dove 
colode, cold 
cogh, cough 
contenyt, contained 
cowples, couples 
croampe, cramp 
currage, courage 
cum, cumnie, come 
dais, days 
dagon, a piece 
dayfes, daifies 
deeil, a portion 
defawte, default 
diueris, divers 
dookes, ducks 
doon, do 
days, does 
echeon, each one 
ech, each 

eeg, egg 
eegis, eggs 
ellis, else 
elis, eels 
errabull, arable 
g/^/z, eafily 
eueri, every 
euerofe, rofewater 
euyn, eeuen, even 
^ryr^, air 

eygh,eyghen, eye, eyes 
febiilnefs, feeblenefs 
fechens, floats 
faukeneris, falconers 
feeder is, federes, 

fetchis, vetches 
feldis, fields 
fo/lerys, foreflers 
folowys, follows 
Jlee, flay 
/order, further 
forrgeet, forget 

fojlewt, fofl 

fowrith, fourth 
fulntertis, polecats 

gedder, gather 

glayre,-^\i\X.t. of an egg 

gobbit, piece 

gres, greafe 

groyn, grown 

gyde, guide 

habull, able 

hawkys, hawks 

hawtyn, proud 

hakke, hack 

haare, hare 

heepis, heeps 

hedgis, hedges 

herdys, herds 

howndys, hounds 

lioole, whole 

hoold, holde, old 

hootn, home 

hudge, fmall 

huntid, hunted 

hunterys, hunters 

hennys, hens 

huicles oppon hir 

hanylon, wiles of a fol 



igk,ighe,tyen, eye, eyes 

ingraylyt, engrailled 

mowgh, enough 

iiich, alike 

iren, iron 

ilke, each 

juse, juice 

kawe, call 

^^«, know 

knaw, knawe, know 

knottis, knots 

kneys, knees 

^(7Z£/, cow 

knyue, knife 

kydde, known 

kyndeli, natural 

kut, cut 

lay/erly, leifurely 

lew warme 

leppys, leaps 

/(?^ dear 

leuer, liver 

/z(f5', lice 

Imne, lynne, linen 

/iV;^^/, little 

liggyn, lie 

/m/^^ water 

lyddis of the ighen, 

lymayall, iron filings 
looff, loaf 
maake, make 
mary, marrow 
markeris, markers 
merde, dung 

medecyne, mede/yn, 

medlide, mingled 

meele, melts, meal, 

mcdill, mingle 

moch, much 

mony, many 

mowotke, mouth 

moyjiour, moifture 

myddes, midft 

mynne, mine 

nafethrillis, noftrils 

nares, noftrils 

naamys, names 

nathelefs, nevertheless 

neppe, catmint 

nettis, nets 

notabull, notable 

no moo, no more 

nombur, number 

not, a nut 

nyghtis, nights 

nytn, nomme, take, 

okys, oaks 

onli, only 

ony, honey 

07ies, onys, once 

oouen, oven 

</c;«, one 

oppyn, open 


owte, out 

parlous, per lous, peril- 

pennyd, feathered 
perfonys, perfons 
pellittis, pellets 
pike, pick 
proceis, procefs 
puttith, putteth 
praty, pretty 
propcrteis, properties 
quarterit, quartered 
rad, ? afraid 
raton, a rat 
rejiith, refteth 
rede, ready 
rebtiket, rebuked 
roys, roes 
rowfe, roufe 
faauue, fave 
ferven, few 
femytoyn, femitone 
fe, fee 

Jhewys, fhows 
Jlau, flow 
fnakys, fnakes 
/of tell, foftly 
fom,watt, fomewhat 
foore, fore 
fowre, foar 
foper, fupper 
fowkyng, fucking 
fonnys, fons 
fpanyellis, fpaniels 
fnakys, fnakes 
taake, take 
^a/^^, takes 



tempur, temper 
termys, (ermis, terms 
tho, t/iei, they 
thridde, third 
t}ieyem, them 
threis, thrice 
theys, thighs 
iogeyder, together 
toon, two 
tweys, twice 
tymeli, timely 
thredis, threads 

varri rede, very red 
veri, very 
vnthrefti, unthrifty 
vreyne, urine 
warbellith, warbelleth 
watt, what 
weere, where 
weere, weary 
ware, were 
wengys, wings 
whaan, when 
whole nat, wot not 

wroght, wrought 
w^afi?, wf/is^, would 
wight, fwift 
woddys, woods 
wylis, while 
;V<^^^, each 
yghes, eyes 
yolow, yellow 
yowre, your 
yowris, yours 

We have now traced the various afpe61:s in which this curious work 
may be viewed. There is not one of them that would not repay 
much deeper fludy, and the reader will, doubtlefs, fympathife with 
the writer in the wifh that more could be difcovered concerning the 
fchoolmafter-printer. That his pioneer attempts to eflablifh a printing 
prefs met with many difcouragements was a matter of courfe ; and, 
doubtlefs, he had many technical, bufmefs, and even focial difficulties 
to overcome ; for a reading public had to be created and patronage 
was fcantily afforded. Neverthelefs he ftruggled on for at leaft feven 
years, as we learn from the dates on his books, and whatever may have 
been his fhortcomings, either as author or as printer, the fa6l of his having 
been one of the earlieft promoters in this country of the grandeft 
dlfcovery which the mind of man has yet made, will unite all of us 
in honouring the memory and refpe(!:ting the name, fhadowy though it 
be, of the " Scole mayller of St. Albon." 

William Blades. 

xiS^ : an^ alfo fplfe aii3> jm tSba^ Sj(« ^eg jljuC?? a;gie djcgm 

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fud^e pUM 6$ 2«»tit jM^ an^ £fbt?^ ^sf^of^ to fe ttt . 

lit manet l^lblsj^e . b^ oonll ^oiijaUf^ : an^ 'Ccz ; 

j^ljt matm to Ijp^e oC|a^!iis fro an tt% eo t^$i 

iiSB^s to ^tfcUf^^ . m fone ^ t^ c^uo^ ^n^ m fbntc place 

inG^e ^oo^ee . Q^n^&e fi)atl fo)^ t^aS ^Mge toon ^:^lb IS^ 
^tv bee ij^mbtttig 60 ^ei? mfte^ .an^ uott ti^^ bd^ nt ma; 
Ik ^ez ntftw (^n^ in ^e i^ms of ti}tit loise ^g cdl . an^ not 
kaukc . Q^nb^c (f?aifag tijaC ^^H ^^^ ^ 

fl)^g of kngt^e ^i©on b kgn^e djeg l\)t{£ argt^ fomiSatf oiU 
of ^e tieft ; m\^ ^pcs^ to bDbts.ay^ e^mz a^a^^ to t^6t)l&{i 


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I^ISbe . cm^^mo(l(nbc1S^^<)^Y)ee^andd7R^foC}ift(t(^e 

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and fo of d^at ot^n * and mabe 1^ fafe i^^ d^bbe :t^aC( 
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^um ^fci) focnfiielizm Ibid) tf;c nee^t tgb U^^ a hn^fS^ehAit 
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(S^e d^Dss^ ano tahe bm a Sag fof (eli ^ bcekj^c; of t^ l]»^^« 
of^KiS^T^'^b^fof^A^^^t^^P^nc ^^^^^ts 
f&teSSt^ ^ tittj^e tBtiif^^ttS%onib fift-S^ xti&^xt 

lin^an ^ODfirt I^avbhi map be DraVd to reclapme 
anD At manei; of (^it bptUt 

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j^tib ^€e . axd^ in tf^b maiict liSof^e it . Ca(te ())« meet anxi o^o 

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tf^efeUettis of clot^ . an& ta\ti a frut &t(^ Std) Uaizi an^put 
|;tm d)ctm . Cbt) ta^s ^ ^Ise an^ ^eue ^t a, motatt of i;poce 
mcete ^ mo%»ietia&n0 of ^f« ()it (oop. ^(^ bUtc t^it t^af 

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