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BOMB 1 998 


■-.-' " ]J 

¥ If lii 

II. !l III 


«• IS n ?i f f I! li Till n 
I! n II ei PI \\ ii II II 11, 

111 III 

Virginia Military Institute 

Lexington, Virginia 

Volume 104 


II in 




n an autumn nig ht, 

cadets in barracks. This 
spectacle certainly e mulates an 

impeccable theory of a citizen 
soldier fav Colonel J. T. L. 


Ik ^ ^ 

Dedication to 




Cadet Life 


Ring Figure 


Chain of Command 


Persons of Wisdom 


A Step Closer 


Climbing the Ladder 


A New Beginning 




Club Activities 









The Virginia Military Institute has its roots 
based upon other military schools, but 
with one distinct difference. VMI estab- 
lished a mission that was unique from its coun- 
terparts. The mission is to produce cadets who 
are ready to lead in civilian life and to be pre- 
pared as citizen soldiers in time of need. On 11 
November 1839 the Institute became the first 
state military college, by transforming the Lex- 
ington Arsenal into a military college. Here the 
students would protect the arms while also pur- 
suing an education. Cadet Private John B. Strange 
was the first to start the tradition of the citizen 
soldier, when he relieved the last of the Soldiers 
guarding the armory. Twenty five years later ca- 
dets from the institute practiced the military as- 
pect of the mission. On May 15, 1864, cadets 
from VMI engaged in the Battle of New Market 
where ten cadets lost their lives on the field of 
honor. This started a long line of VMI alumni 
serving for their country in such wars as WWI, 
WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam and Desert 
Storm. Tliis history became the foundation for 
which VMI has prospered so well. 

Along with the history and the mission 
there are other aspects within a cadet's time at the 
Institute. The honor system has bound the VMI 
community together for 1 56 years. The focal point 
throughout every cadet's life is the Honor Code, 
within barracks and in society upon graduation. 
A Cadet does not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those 
who do. This is not a rule that we must obey by, 
but rather an ideal which makes the VMI man 
stand out among his peers. This ideal presents a 
high standard to live by, which few can manage. 
However, those who do, become stronger and ex- 
cel at life and overcome obstacles that they may 
face after leaving the four walls of barracks. 

There are many physical and mental rig- 
ors that VMI puts a person through during their 
cadetship. It all begins with the matriculation into 
the ratline. Cadets are bound with one another 
through the tradition of the hardships endured 
by this stage at VMI to become a citizen-soldier. 
After break out more dilemmas come about with 
balancing the three major aspects in a cadet's life. 

Cadet Mark Redman diligently studies as the 
everpresent Honor Court sheet provides the 
strict quidllnes that a VMI cadet will foQow. 

A tradition that is long standing is performed with 
a first dassman's dyke preparing him for parade. 

Alumni gather on top of the 

box to join in with the coi ps during 

the old yells. 

cademics, Military, and Athletics. But with all the rigors there are payoffs. Two of the most important times during a cadetship is to feel 
le overwhelming satisfaaion of receiving the Ring and the diploma from the Institute. Outcomes like these and many more are what 
lake the hardships of VMI seem so brief, and insignificant. 

After graduation, unlike most colleges, the involvement of the alumni is prominent. The institution forges a bond between cadets, 
umni, and their families, on account to their laborious past, fabricated by the Institute. Forming a tradition of brotherhood lasting their 
itire lives, that compels the VMI family to eternally assist those in times of trouble, bringing about the ideal, One Corps, One Spirit. 

Many may not understand, or accept the traditions of the Virginia Military Institute, but those who see and feel the spirit that 
nbodies the VMI community appreciate what results from it. The mission is made clear and obtained by graduates, producing educated 
id honorable citizen-soldiers. They transmit the excellence that is gained, and it is regarded by the people exposed to them. The Institute 
)ntinually overcomes obstacles it has faced because of the traditions it embraces. These traditions will support the Virginia Military 
istitute and all who embrace it, into the fuuire with unbound achievements. 

ritten by Eric Martin 

Above: The Ring, the pride and joy of 
every cadet and alumnus at the Institute- 
Right: Friday eve ning ins pections are one 
of the many traditions that cadets wish 
would disappear. 


Coming to VMI from different walks of life, we as men and women share nothing 
but diversity. Throughout the monotonous weeks that follow, the implementation 
of various drills replaces the disorder with a certain amount of symmetry. The drilling 
of the corps of Cadets has been an integral part of this casting process since the founding of the 
institute in 1839. The Corps of cadets drill every week on Tuesday and Thursday for CTT, 
honing and sharpening their parade skills as citizen soldiers. During parades the Regimental 
commander takes command of the Corps and drills them in rifle manual. The "snap and pop" 
echoes across the parade ground. This is a harmonious display of their unit and excellence, 
which has been finely tuned by Cadre and hours of practice. 

As the weekend begins, most cadets prepare to depart for two days of fun and freedom at 
other colleges throughout the great state of VA. All leave but those woeful souls who have 
previously violated the rules and regulations of the institute. This is a golden opportunity for 
them to take their rifle and marching skills to a higher level. After completing their penalty 
tours (PT's) cadets feel extremely satisfied and realize PT's are not a waste of time after all. . .really! 
After the Ratline, cadets sometimes forget what has carried them through their times of 
trial. Parades, CTT and PT's quickly remind those that have forgotten. They are one through 
their shared experience and pride of being a part of the Corps of Cadets. By the end of the four 
years, most cadets will have successftilly completed their journey by means of one essential 
quality: unity. 

written by Jason Du% 

The change from 
the civilian worid to 
the disciplined life 
at the T takes only 
days to noUce. 

the publics view. 


Through a system filled with advetsity and challenge a spirit of broth- 
erhood rises from the corps, and it is undisputed. The Virginia 
Military Institute creates a bond among cadets that lasts until death. 
From the final stages of the ratline to tailgate parties before the football 
games, "Brother Rat" is more than a pluase, it is an essence that defines a 
special part of the system at the Virginia Military Institute. 

Every member of this brotherhood knows the undying sacrifice that 
four years at VMI draws. It establishes a person who is dedicated to 
his fellow man and to the outright success of the mission, civilian or mili- 
tary. "Truly a gratifying spectacle" there is no doubt that a group of VMI 
cadets can turn a boring Saairday night at the "Institute" 
and make it memorable. 

The likes of General Thomas Jackson, General 
George C. Marshall, and General George Patton have 
graced buildings of Virginia Military Institute. This 
creates a legacy for cadets to foUow and be proud. 
These men and the ones before and after them demon- 
strate, through individual accomplishments, what VMI 
has given them. They are special and rendered the 
utmost respea from alumni and present cadets. 

With such a distinctive aura, VMI cadets and 
alumni represent two outstanding qualities. One is the love and adoration 
of their institution, and the second is a religious devotion to each other. It 
is difficult to describe the total picture of the VMI system in just a mere 
colleaion of words, but Tradition, Drill, and Brotherhood are definitely 
imbedded in its history. 

Written by Aaron Frazier 

Rah Virgi nia Mil. . . . Alumni weekends 
are always enjoyable at VMI. It is a Utne 
when old acquaintances reKindle the 
memories of good times in barracks- 
Alumni are the true strencttt i behind 
VMI. They are the ones who made the 
traditions and live the brotherhood. 

Right: The bonds we make are unchallenged. These 
young g entlemen are anxiously awaitjna one of VMI's 
most exhuberant traditions, the class ring. This is a 
true builder of brotherhood. Betom; An extreme 
precision establishes a sense of pride in all facets of life 
at VMl. Parades are just a nother form of how precise a 
VMl cadet can be. These cadets also demonstrate what 
a re gimented system produces. 

F ootball games are the e vents that 
bilng the corp s together and 

tnily^JitM.Jvli5t_tyEej2f .presence they 
have. Thes n x"' ^ i nu. „ 
alumni, a nd ta il w _ _ 

makes a Saturday ^ t I'MUi i) i. j ibli^ 




-r-r-tf ^; 

Cadet Life 



he Virginia Military Institute is not just another school of higher learning. There are many 
requirements that fill a cadets schedule and leave a minimum amount of time to do litde else. 
Here, cadets quickly learn to be self-sufficient, and those who do not fall by the wayside. Life is 

regimented and 
tivities in which 
enjoyable as well, 
strictness and sys- 
at VMI, and expe- 
eager person for 
world. From the 
a cadetship, 

not cease, 

ing college grades 
ties or a first 
between a job 
Committee duties, 
with sleep time, 
third classmen are 
Figure and those 
vinced their class 
Even though their 
dets still seem to 
monster". Extra- 
very important in 
even more time is 
ments, they are 
The VMI hosts 
throughout the 

predictable, but the ac- 
cadets participate are 
Cadet life, in all its 
tems, is a valued entity 
riences here lead to an 
the business or military 
beginning to the end of 
these requirements do 
Whether a rat balanc- 
and dyke responsibili- 
classman dividing time 
search and General 
free time falls in line 
Second classmen and 
just as busy with Ring 
professors that are con- 
the only one that exists, 
day is quite hectic ca- 
find time for the "rack 
curriailar activities are 
a cadets life. Although 
given to these involve- 
stress-relieving outlets, 
many activities 

year that deviate from 

the norm. Alumni weekends, homecoming hops, and NCAA sports provide much enjoyment for an 
over-worked and under-paid" cadet. 

All and all a VMI cadet, through his or her experiences, derives what it takes to achieve success 
in later years. The system is a guaranteed hardship, but it works. Four years of VMI gives adversity a 
whole new definition, but the sacrifices one makes here carry diat person to a level of secure prepared- 
ness for what awaits when graduation has past. Truly, cadet life is a dedication to excellence. 

Writen by: Aaron Frazier 

The Call of 

May 15, 1864 

New Market Day - a day the Corps 
sees as a time of final parades, final 
hops, friends, and family. This day is 
also a day of remembrance - remembrance for 
those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and died 

! on the Field of Honor. 

Some may call them boys since they were 

I only in there teens, but they were men, they were 

I cadets. The Corps was awakened in the dead of 
night to help stop the Federal advance and 
marched 80 miles to the battlefield of New Mar- 
ket. In action, the Corps not only stopped the 
Federal Army, but charged forward under heavy 

I artillery fire. Through hand-to-hand combat they 
overtook the artillery embankment. These self- 
less aas are what the Corps thinks about while 
marching in parade to honor those who died on 
the field. These young men have helped to guide 
the spirit of the Corps. Over two hundred years 
later, we continue to emulate those courageous 
and honorable acts of service to our school, state, 
and country. 

Written by Tyler Shelbert and Bill Fallon 

The statue of Virginia mominc; her dead serves as a 
constant reminder of those who made the ultimate 

The ten New Market Cadets are honored every year and sacrifice for their country and school. This day of 
with a ceremonv paving homage to their dedication remembrance is an integral part of the VMl Tradition. 

Before the pass and review of the 
corps, the honor guard renders the 
pro per twenty-one gun salute and 
lowers their head In respect to the 

Right: The Corps stands at attention 

while waiting for pass and review, for 

most it is their last parade, but for all it 

is a time of remembrance. 

Below: Alpha, Bravo. Charlie, and 

Delta companies rep>ort the 

missin g cadets wtio died on the Field 

of Honor. 

The New Market Cadets 

Corporal Atwill 

A Co. 


Private Haynes 



Private Jefferson 

B Co., 


Private McDowell 

..B Co., N 


Private Stanard 



Private Wheelwright. 

C Co. 


Sergeant Cabell 

D Co., 


D Co. 

Private Hiirtsfield 

.D Co., N 

Private Jones 

D Co. 



Departing from the safe confines of 
home for college is never an easy 
thing to do. But leaving for VMI 
is even worse. The handshake from dad, 
or the tears of mom, aU tear at the already 
anxious hearts of the young men and 
women. Walking into the dark arches of 
the unknown, the mind begins to question 
whether or not the decision to enter VMI 
was the right one. But for many of the in- 
coming men and women the feeling of 
homesickness and self-pity is forgotten 
quickly as the cheers of the upperclassmen 
and the bark of the cadre rips through the 
silence. The journey has begun! 

written by Jason Duily 


A father gives his son a helping hand before saying goodbye. 

Loneliness and co nfnsibn begin to creep through a rat's mind of what the unexpected may be. 

A rat receives encouraoinq thoughts from their dad. 

Saying goodbye to the past, upon enterino the arches of the unKnown where one 

"May be. whatever you resolves to l>e': 

The time has arrived, and the journey t>ec|lnsl 

J^ mM 

Changing Times 

Bridging the Gap 

In the 1990's, the world hus taken drastic social and political changes that have affected 
history's past, present, and future. New dimensions to these social and political enti- 
ties have been created to maintain stability. In 1992 the Virginia Military Institute 
began aiding these changing times by hosting the Middle East and United States Policymakers 
Conference. Now in its sixth year the conference has seen a great deal of growth and 
development. Keeping the public informed has always been an important function of this 
event. Trade policies, I I economic agree- 

Arab Relations" given ^^m^^ ^■^■^ by the Kuwaiti 

Ambassador to the U.S. | 

The Middle East is not a country of social instability and military disasters any- 
more. Economic opportunities in this region of the world are shouting and the rest are 
adhering to these possibilities. While times may still be questionable, together the United 

States and the Middle East are bridging the gap. Making the world a better place through ^^ ^ Ambassador David Ransom and Joint Chiefs of 
peaceful negotiations and positive reinforcement with conferences as this one at the Vir- staff Colonel Gerald Thompson listen in on one of the 

, ^ 1 I. 1 1 1 r r 1 1 1 I- u conferences given. They were just two of the many 

ginia Military Institute, establishes the good fortune tor the people, not only from the dignitaries who attended this year's conference. 

United States and the Middle East countries, but of the world as well. 

The Virginia Military 

Institute's Corps of 

Cadets displayed their 

parade ability for the 

many attendees. 

Pictured here are General 

Josiah Bunting, U.S. 

Ambassador Phillip 

'v\/iicox. and Ambassador 

of the United Arab 

Emirates, H.E. 

Muhammad Hussein Al- 


• rt^-m 

' '"<-.^ 

[f^- :.:f 


Miss- Anna Hickman 
.Escorted by Cadet Christopher Strock ^ 

^Tlie 1997 Homecoming Que^n is Miss Anna Hickman. Miss 
. Hickman is a stMent at !he University of Virginia, In 
Gtiarlottesville, Virginia. She is from Blackstone, Virginia. 

^- ■'. ft 

.^... ■^' 


jf:.' , cindjoi;fiinwiththeresto|tfiecorpsi 

~ *' - '■ . Gheeringontjtftfey;3g?|oott>alltean 

f, "■■■ - w* 

lie second v^eekend of September turned out toTse'^ifthonie 
coming weekend for the corps. It turned out that this was 
, also an Alumni weekend. Many waited in anticipation for ■ \ 
this weekend. Rats had their' first opportunities to see their datfes^ 
\-. and femilies. Aluirini were avowing the chance to reunite with theit 
jforothelfirats. Most, of the corps l^ked "forward to the, first home , - ^ 
B^otb^game. The' weekend was S) be filled with many ^ctivitie^ "^ 
" for the corps to participate in, which broke the normal rigoroti^' day- ' - 
to-day activities of cadet life! Hops, concerts and the football game , i{ 
^^fere ati about to^take place. ' 4^-* ^ — ' rf* ■ 

The weekend kicked off" with theTf 
— This yekr there was a^lan to do thing^-^ilFferently. 'InS^^ of the.' | 
normal VMI hops there would be a corieei^tmosphere^, m which all "' 
'/^ surrounding dojfeges were invited to atteiTd. Ths^tday"" cadets and "^ 
rats met tfpve-ith their dates and were able to haye i^ight on the -[ 
^ town. The Atiimni began to collect, and fJarties at Moody Hall were ' 
■^teard all over barracks. The band Cowboy Mouth, was the main, 
l^flt for the week|M4- O^^ets gaftiered to be entertained by the 
band, and they wefe^appy. to: oblige. One cadet, explained, "I was 
very pleaise'd with the new style.#r the hops 'and enjoyed them both 
very much" They probably were'one of the most well-ki^^and 
entertaining bands to come to 'VMI. Many were happy by/Uic 'w^ ■ 
the night turned Out. >^ . >-^ .. , .--; • ;:^'^ 

.<Tbe^i^'day was to be-the-most importaut'of the wpekeap 
Saturday, the day began with a crowd 'plea4og parade.- -'Alumni, .■7 

ioUowing the parade the Alurnni j^ 

|tHe moral boosting old yells with ,;'. 

^e<| down to the stadium, wherejyl**» 

^a hum from the crowd while 

^:Corps filled the einpty spaces 

^ick-off William dnd-^lary' 

filiits fer the Keydets. • •-." 




'^ A^ 







.^'«LJ^ m^i 




Miss Amanda Baker 

Charlottesville, Virginia 
Escorted by Ian,Bobbitt '99 

Iss Mary Mason 

'ur Bedford, Virginia 
E^ccrrted by Brian Long '99 

liH^Ellen Garre^^^'**^ , 

MidBothian, Virginia .v.-V.^^ 
Escorted byKenneth Sykes '00 



i M 


■ -J , 

WFIL '^y 

-■' 'W'^ 






ihi^ v^ 


Bffw ' '^ 

Mr ' "^M .7^^ — ^ — — ' — 1 

^ ' %. 1 





Miss Luoy Williams 

Richmond, Virginia 
Escorted by Charles Clemens '98 

'- - r-Chesapeake , Virginia ■ 
Escorted by John Jackson GO 

Miss Leslie Pepe 

Hampton, Virginia 
M by Jason Htoigan '99 




■tti^— T! 


■■tmm — 


gijw "^ 

4\, ' 

Miss GiiS^Wii'en ** ^"^^ 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Escortpd by Christopher Ra^snn 'Qft^ '^ 


jttesville, Virginia 
■--• Jagpn Crig^er '99 

Miss Cassie Du^y 

• Forkeirflftver, New Jers 
c;o-.^.»siM^ Brian Leei't; 

..xaAets guring the hoip«com4' 

The Keydets started off strong in the beginning to-TOa]«^hat wpyld become- an exciting first half. Howevef;;Jiraiiam and Mary woi^, 

come back and pu1;l ahead, and maintain the lead to the fihishV The Keydets' "Stone wall defense" made a valiant effort to hold off Williaffil 

■ and Mary, never giving up np^ matter ho-w far. behind .we y/ere. That's the VMI spirit. .After the playing of the Doxology, the team , 

ii#sifanding tali.and proud, %valked off 'the field with their heads up. ^/During half time, the traditional homecoiijjng court was elected by tl^ 

' Corps. With an entry Sfrom each company, there amounted to be'^^j^neto choose from. It ended up that the^v^pha Company's nominfee, 

o^r. Miss'Anna Hicknian, would wi^ to become the 1997 Hpmecoming!Queen. ]5low it was off to'the last hop in the weekend.' Having a mofe, appearance to it, the Corps ^»jce again -danced theitiight away to the beat of a new band. ^Alugintjsi&Yities also continued on through 

■Wiie night. The activities involved the normal antics that Usii^lly occur during these f 

alumni weekends, such as raiding barracks and keeping the "jguard team awake all^ 

night. . ■ V 'i 

" On Sunday the weekend would come. to an end. Cadfts would have to s;_ 

good-bye to their, dates. Alumni began to,depal-t, and say farewell to their brotheC'v 

rats. Infe coi^s wouJ[,ct"SOon begin retupi&i£ back to it's normal ireginiented status. ' j^ 


Be reassured VMI, the future ofthel^5i,det football teamjs 
ingood hands. "»^ i 'rl 

ptball games begin, cadets enjoy hanging- 
*;.ahd having a good time at tailgate parties. 

■(jenerations of the VMI. family come? together tiefbre thfe football game to relax and talk of 
the past and present. '^ -;" " j» 




The 158''' Founders Day started oH its festivities with a speech in Cameron Hall by Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough. 
Mr. McCullough, a noted biographer, teacher, historian, and lecturer, has also authored many highly-acclaimed books 
such as Truman. After a short speech, Frank A. Liddel, Jr. '49B and Charles S. Luck III '55, were presented the Distinguished 
Service Award. This award is given each year to alumni who have displayed distinguished professional achievements. They contribute and 
serve the Institute in monumental and profound ways helping VMI carry on its traditions of excellence in the field of education, service, and 
leadership. Frank A. Liddcl , Jr., a native of Houston Texas, has practiced law but has gone on to pursue business endeavors and is also 
currently an advisor fi)r the law firm Liddel, Sapp, Zilvey, Hill and LaBoon. Liddel also served in the U.S. Air Force as an officer and 

■? ':• 

^1 — 

IS a member ot the VMI Sports Hall 
ot Fame, and served on the VMI 
Board of Visitors. 

Charles H. Luck III, a na- 
tive ot Richmond Virgmia, was an 
officer in the U.S. Air Force, served 
two terms on the VMI Board of Visi- 
tors, and is currently the CEO and 
chairman ot the Luck Quarries. 
Mr. Luck has also served on the 
boards ot the VMI Foundation, 
Keydet Club, and the Alumni As- 

Atter the completion ot the 

ceremonies in Cameron Hall, the 

corps ot cadets put on a parade and 

Founders Day came to a 


Written by Daniel Alvarez 


Corps FTX 

This year's Fall FTX was one of the best ever. One of the most important aspects of the Corps FTX was being planned entirely by 
cadets. FTX weekend gives cadets a chance to participate in an activity of their choice, where they can enjoy a trip out into the brush 
or better themselves and the community. This time around, Cadet Rob McGrath ran the show, and a grand spectacle it was. The 
various ROTC's did their thing: the Army and the Marines went out in the bush, where as the Navy and the Air Force stuck around 
barracks and watched some movies. However, the rest of the Corps chose from the different activities available -canoeing, mountain biking, 
hiking, rock climbing, Red Cross classes and an FTX tradition, community service. 

For this year's community service, cadets were separated by company and sent away to do several helpful chores for the County of 
Rockbridge. Cdr. Riester helped the cadets organize activities within the county. Some of the chores consisted of hard, manual labor and, 
in some cases, near-death situations. Fortunately, no one was injured (with exception to some bee stings). Everybody enjoyed themselves 
and took pride in their work, while benefiting the loving population of Rockbridge County. F-Troop made the year for some local children 
as they repaired and repainted some area playgrounds. The most exciting project had to be North Mountain, where cadets pulled up cars, 
refrigerators, ovens, and other appliances. Cadet Hicklin came away with a special surprise as he captured a rattlesnake in an intense struggle 
of man against beast. Using his hunting skills. Cadet Hicklin was ultimately victorious. 

The Red Cross class was taught by Cdr. Riester, where cadets learned important lifesaving skills. The class consisted of a series of 
lectures, after which the cadets had to pass a test in order to get certified by the Red Cross. The hikers and mountain bikers headed out to 
the trails, where they spent Friday and Saturday night fending for themselves as they trekked across the Shanandoah ridge. Fifteen trained 
rock climbers set out to meet the challenges of the cliffs as they scaled up mountains at New River Gorge in West Virginia. The canoeing 
FTX took place on the intense rapids of the James River where, for the most part, the cadets stayed dry until a storm on Sunday. The raging 
river made it difficult to maneuver around rocks causing one of the canoes to capsize. 

Aside for the rainy weather, the Corps FTX was quite a success. Cadets that participated enjoyed their weekend out in the rough, 
hanging out with brother rats, and drinking from the nectar of the gods. All in all, this years FTX was a grand success. 

Written by: Joseph Lowman 

Cadets sit high on lop oftlie crest of n^nse Monnuiin, basKiriy in tticir iriumpti of taclxiing this challenge with case. 

First classmen, Jon Brant, encourages his rats to "Heave!" Tiiis was just one of the 
many obstacles the north Mountain crew had to overcome in cleaning up the area . 

Whoever said FTX weeKend was boring must have been hanging out with the vurong crowd. 
These cadets will tell you otherwise as they let lose after a hard day of hiking. 

After a hard day of work, these three guys have the right ideal Sitting back relaxing and just 
hanging out. 

Alumni Weekend 


s the last rat company passes the reviewing otficers, the army of 
alumni march with their wooden banner ornated with the red, 
white, yellow, and the magical number signifying their class. 
As the gaggle of 
alumni show that their 
marching skills are still 
as sharp as the day they 
graduated, they make 
their way into the old 
courtyard where the 
first class president 
awaits with the Corps. 
Rats line up on the 
stoops preparing their 
lungs to honor those 
that have preceded 
them. The roar of the 
Old Yells echoes 
through barracks and 
extends to the far 
reaches ot post. 

weekend is a time for 
cadets and alumni alike to reminisce about lite-shaping experiences pro- 
vided by the Institute. No matter what happens or what changes here 
at the "I", alumni remain true to their alma mater. Their return gives 
cadets hope that there is life after VMI and that it will be worth every 
ounce of pain and suffering we may have endured during our four 
years. But, most of all, Alumni return to reunite with brother rats, 
brag about the "Old Corps", and to celebrate with each other; making 
the Institute once again something more than just memories. 

Written by Joseph Lowman 

Alumni pass the reviewing officers during Saturday's parade. 

The class of 1987 presents the superintendent with a sizable contribution. 

A future VMI prospect sits high above his predecessors. 

The first class president stands on top of the sentinel box leading the Corps in Old yells for the alumni. 

Alumni cheer for the VMI Keydets in Alumni Memorial Field. 

Whether the Keydets wins or not, alumni, cadets, parents, and VMI 
suppoters pay their respect while singing the doxology. 

Alumni are anxious to participate in the day s activities. 

The class of 1987 bare their class guide-on, heading toward barracks. 

' ^IKJ■'t! a fatn.' patli, alumr 

In old courtyard to be honored. 

Running back Avi Hopkins evades a tackier wliile 

trying to break free for six. The W1I keydets fight for those hard earned yards. 

Parents Weekend 

Love AT THE 'T 

October 10-12 1997, Parents Weekend. The One week 
end where the family and friends of VMI cadets as- 
cend on the Institute in mass. It is a weekend filled with 
trips to Academic Advisors, picture taking on the parade deck as 
their cadets passes in review, runs to the bookstore to buy anything 
with VMI on it, and a chance for cadets and family to put the parade 
deck to another good use as they tailgate before the football game. 
Parents Weekend is a chance for parents to talk with other parents, 
and also gives families an opportunity to see barracks first hand. For 
some parents this is the first time they have seen their son or daugh- 
ter since they dropped them off in front of Jackson Arch months 
ago. For most cadets Parents Weekend is the only time they really 
want to spend the weekend at the Institute. Parents Weekend gives 
the cadets a chance to really spend some quality time with their 
family and friends. For some, like the First Class, this is their last 
Parents Weekend as cadets. One last step to a long and hard four 
years at the Institute for the First Class, but for the Rats it is just a 

Written by Tyler Shelbert 

Above Left: Cadet Redman's mother and 
girlfriend pose for the camera, while 
wondering where Mark is. Above Right- 
After mal-iing a quick run to the VMI 
Bookstore, these anxious parents wait for 
the parade to start. Kight: Parents 
weekend is notjust an opportunity to see 
your family, but a time to feast on the 
tons of food and beverages that parents 
bring with them. Feast while you can for 
tomorrow you will go back to Crozet Hall. 

Right: Cadets Shelbert and Brown 

wondering when all the picture 

taking will end. Beloiv. Once again 

loyal friends and family gather to 

support the Corps at another 

perfect parade. 

Ranger Challenge 

One of the army's department most rewarding programs, the ranger challenge team promotes teamwork and athletics in a stre; 
induced environment. This years squad was composed ot two competing teams-VMI Black and Gold. Each team, composed c 
eight to ten people, is open to all army cadets. Their primary focus is to win the Colonial Brigade Ranger Challenge Meet, hel 
annually at Ft. A. P. Hill, Virginia. 

The competition consists ot seven events. These are the army physical fitness test, one rope bridge assembly/disassembh 
weapons assembly/disassembly, BRM, grenade assault course, land navigation, and 10k ruck run. This year the Black team not only gaine 
third place overall, but got the best time in the 10k run-a VMI first. Although the Gold team did not do as well, they gained a lot ci 
experience that they can bring back to next years squad. 

This years squad began a new era in training and overall doctrine. By focusing 
more on land navigation and the physical fitness test, the Black team was able to grasp 
third place in the annual competition-the best VMI has done in three years. Such changes 
in training involved PT with a 45 lb. Rucksack, instead ot the usual 25. Also, more 
emphases was placed on stadium running and using the surrounding hills tor distance 
runs. To say the training was challenging would be a huge understatement. 

The coaches tor this years squad were Capt. William Cantrell, M.Sgt. William 
Jackson, and SFC. Paul Turner. All three worked together to hone the skills of the 
teams with their invaluable experience in the army. The team captains were First Classman 
Dan Gibson (Black team) and Second Classman Tom Hannifen (Gold team). Another 
good aspect about this years squad was that they were mainly comprised of second 
classmen, this means an even stronger program with more experience for next year. 

Although VMI was unable to beat JMU (AROTC rival of VMI) this season, 
they overcame tremendous challenges and learned that the most important aspect of the 
program is not winning but building teamwork. In that aspect, they definitely took the 
number one seat. 
Written by Steve Nichols 

Gold Team 

Black Team 

Back row: Tom i-lanuen, John Rogers, Patrick Meyers, Jason Haniiigan, 
Ted Coberly, Andrew Staples, Adam Giroux. Front row: Mike Nelson, 
J.R Pesare. Chris Abbott, SFC Turner. 

Back row: Jesse Holmes, Steve Pruitt, Pete Pembrooke. Front row: P( 
Ou, Chris Varner, Wade German, Mike McDermott, Barry Williamj 
Not in pictta-e: Chris Forbes. Dan Gibson, Ed Clarke, Steve Nichols. Ca[| 
Cantrell, Msgt Jackson. 


Looking back on Rat year, many cadets recall 
immediately the physical training regimen known as 
Rat Challenge. Twice a week during the fall semester, 
ats and a select group of cadre members take to the woods 
lehind VMI to increase their physical strength, stamina 
ind self confidence. They develop leadership and teamwork 
kills to help tie together the bonds between brother rats, 
^rom obstacles such as the repelling cliffs and high ropes 
ourse, the dreaded circuit courses and obstacle courses, 
ind from House Mountain to the Ranger Pit, the rats quickly 
earn that they can do much more then thought possible, 
'at Challenge instills in them a keen sense of pride and 
iccomplishment which contributes to the molding process 
if rats into cadets. The semester culminates with the Rat 
)lympics, pitting the rats of each company against each 
•therfe company in a series of events drawn from the Rat 
jhallenge matrix. The champions of this esteemed 
lompetition will hold well-deserved bragging rights for the 
emainder of the year. Nonetheless, all rats take away 
rom Rat Challenge self-confidence to attempt to achieve 
hings which may seem to be out of their reach. Rat 
Challenge truly challenges the rats, physically and mentally, 
succeed in any environment and stand proud of their 

S^ritten by Bill Fallon 

no matter how hard and painful the event may be, rats always 
support each other , and give it their best effort. Just 
remember that "Fain is just weakness leaving the body." 

Li; ^^<T^ 


■ u y^mm 

^^^r VCi^ 

Above: Rats learn the essential skills necessary to survive In 
combat. The objective is not to destroy your brother rat, but to 
see where his weakenesses are and take advantage of them. 
Le/f; The ranger pit is one of the most grueling events that 
the rats await. Here, no rules apply, several go in and only 
one is the victor. It is also one of the only events where you 
get a chance to abuse your cadre. 

Hall of Fame Inductees 

The Honors Committee of the VMI Sports Hall of Fame selected six alumni for induction at 

ceremonies November 21, 1997in Cameron Hall. Four of the inductees were from the class of 

1986, one from 1980, and one from 1984. Also inducted in the category of Special Citation" 

were Robert J. Bob Thalman, former VMI head football coach (1971-1984) and Giles H. Miller 

Jr. '24 Chairman of the VMI Sports Hall of Fame Conmiittee. 

John J. Shuman 80 


A three year starter at offensive 
tackle and one of only five VMI football 
players to win the Jacobs Blocking Trophy 
as the best blocker in the Southern Confer- 
ence . Schuman was a sophomore starter 
on VMI's '77 Conference co- champion- 
ship team. He was selected first team All-conference his senior year 
as he led the Keydets to a 6-4-1 mark. Shuman was a leader both 
on and off the field. A team captain that season, he was also regi- 
mental executive officer (the fourth highest ranking cadet in the 
Corps.) Shuman was 1979 honorable mention All- American and 
was selected by VMI's athletic council to receive the Frank Sum- 
mers Team Leadership Award. 

John R. Munno 84 


Munno was a three-year captain of 
the Keydet wrestling team from 1982- 
1 1984, compiling a 99-26 record com 
peting in both the 118 pound and 126 
pound weight class. He was 21-12 his 
,"-y3 freshman season (second on the team in vic- 
tories) and placed third in the Southern Conference at 118 pounds. 
In 1981-82, he posted a 21-5 mark (second on the squad in wins) 
and reached the finals in both the state and Southern Conference 
tournament at 118 pounds. Munno was awarded the Intercolle- 
giate Sports Award along with football played Floyd Allen in 1982. 
He led the team in victories on VMI's undefeated 19-0 squad in 
1982-83 and reached the finals of the state tournament at 118 and 
later placed third in that weight class in the Southern Conference 
meet. As a first classman in 1983-84, he went 24-9 and won both 
the state championship and the Southern Conference Champion- 
ship at different weight classes. The state title came at 1 18 pounds 
and the Southern Conference championship was won by Munno at 
126 pounds. Munno was named the most outstanding wrestler of 
the 1984 Southern Conference meet, later advancing to the NCAA's 
where he fell 15-8 to the eventual 4th place finisher in his weight 

Gay Ehnore 86 


Elmore is VMI's all-time scoring' 
Jf^^^^ leader with 2,423 points. He broke the stati 
^^^iln^^B^^fH division I scoring record, a mark which stooc' 
m^^^^^^^^^^^^k f'^i* three years, and was twice named South ! 
^^^^^H^^^^^^H ern Conference Player of the Yea 
^^^HflH^I (1986,1987). Elmore earned all-Southeri 
Conference and all-state honors three times and holds 1 1 school ca 
reer records including most points, best scoring average (21.4), anc 
50 consecutive games scoring in double figures. He was selected 198^ 
Freshman of the Year, and in 1985 led the Keydets to the Southerr 
Conference Tournament finals against Marshall, being named th( 
tourney's most valuable player. During his senior year, he averagec' 
25.5 points a game and following the season participated in the Ports 
mouth Invitational Tournament. Elmore was drafted in the sixtll 
round by the Milwaukee Bucks. He ranked seventh in the nation iri 
scoring as a senior and was selected First Team District IV All-Ameri 
can by the National Association of Basketball Coaches and also be 
came only the seventh VMI athlete to receive an NCAA Post-Gradu 
ate Scholarship for academic excellence. Elmore currently ranks fourtl; 
in the Southern Conference in career scoring. He was awarded in thi] 
Intercollegiate Sports Award for 1987. i 

Sheldon Johnson '86 

Track and Field 

Johnson transferred to VMI frorr 
Texas Southern and had never thrown tht 
hammer or 35 lb. wt. until he arrived at tht 
Institute. He produced prolific results in tht 
weight events, placing ninth in the '8-^ 
NCAA's in the 35 lb. wt. and earning All- 
America status. During the course of that season, Johnson won botl 
the state and Southern Conference 35 lb. wt. in record fashion, anc 
also set a school record of 62' 7 1/2" which still stands today. Latei 
that spring, he claimed the Southern Conference hammer throw witl 
a mark of 17 1 '8". Johnson competed in just part of the '84-85 win- 
ter season, but still qualified for the NCAA's in the 35 lb. wt. with i 
throw of 62'7". He ended his conference career by winning the 198( 
3 5 # weight and later the hammer throw with a conference and schoo 
record 199'8". 

Benjamin D. Walker 86 


Walker compiled a four-year over all 
record of 107-29-1 and won nine tourna- 
ment titles which included two state cham- 
pionships, a Southern Conference champi- 
onship, and three trips to the NCAA Na- 
tional Championship meet. He began his 
career with a 29-7 mark as a rat on VMI's 19-0 team (1982-83) and 
reached the finals of the 150 pound class in the Southern Conference 
meet. Walker's record was 30-8-1 as a sophomore and placed third 
[in the Southern Conference meet. Walker received a bid to the NCAA's 
[in 1984 and lost 8-7 to the eventual 4th place winner. He went 24- 
5 in 1985 and captured the 150-pound state championship, being 
named the meet's outstanding wrestler. Later that year, he dropped 
to the 142-pound class and reached the finals in the Southern Confer- 
ence meet which VMI won for the first time since 1957. Walker 
again earned a NCAA at-large bid in 1985. He posted a 24-9 record 
in 1986, won the Southern Conference Championship at 150 and 
swas named the meet's outstanding wrestler while securing his third 
trip to the NCAA nationals. Walker also won the state 1 50 title in 
1986. He lettered and started four years in baseball, hitting .355 as 
a senior with a team leading 42 RBI's. He was selected All-Southern 
Conference in 1987 as a designated hitter and ranks 4th on the VMI 
all-time charts in runs (106), stolen bases (42) and fifth in RBI's 
.<104). Walker was co-winner (with Greg Weddle) of the 1996 inter- 
collegiate sports award for all-around excellence. 

Greg W. Weddle 86 


Weddle holds eight VMI season and 
career batting records and was a Triple 
Crown winner in 1986 when he led the 
Southern Conference in batting (.446), home 
runs (14), and runs batted in (62). During 

0^1 his record setting season of 1986, he had a 

2 2 -game hitting streak and drove in at least one run in 1 5 consecutive 
games. Weddle was selected All-Conference in both 1985 and 1986 
and was a second team All-Southern Conference pick in 1984. A 
career .328 hitter, he hit only seven home runs and had 43 RBI's his 
first two years, but emerged as a formidable power hitter in 1985 
when he socked a school record 16 home runs, hit .320, and drove in 
4 1 RBI's. Weddle also holds the single season school records for hits 
(66), RBI's (62), batting average (.446), and total bases (324), and 
he also ranks fourth in career doubles with 37. Weddle was awarded, 
with wrestler Ben Walker, the 1986 Intercollegiate Sports Award for 
all-around excellence. 

Robert J. Thalman 

Special Citation 

Thalman served as VMI's Head 
Football Coach from 1971-84, the longest 
tenure of any Keydet Coach. His teams cap- 
tured two Southern Conference titles (1974- 
77), being runner-up in 1979 and 1981. 
The Keydets competed against and won the 
respea of major college football programs, excelling against state com- 
petition. VMI defeated Virginia three straight years from 1976 to 
1978 and won 10 out of 14 games with Virginia, Richmond, and 
William & Mary between the 1976 and 1980 seasons. The 1981 
team went 6-3-1, including road wins over Army and Virginia Tech. 
They remain the last Keydet football team to post a winning record. 
Off the field, Thalman has stayed busy raising funds for the Keydet 
Club, reinstated the Alumni- Varsity Football Spring Game, started 
the summer VMI Football Camp, encouraged the formation of the 
Sports Hall of Fame, and formed the Big Brother Program. 

His Coach of the Year honors came from The American Foot- 
ball Coach's Association, The Southern Conference, and civic and sports 
clubs in Virginia and other states. 

Athletics Director Tom Joynes said, "No man ever worked 
harder or did more for VMI in time of need than Bob Thalman!' 

Giles H. Miller, Jr. 24 

Special Citation 

Known to the Institute community 
as "Mr. VMI" Miller's support and service 
to his alma mater have been unprecedented. 
A native of Lynchburg, Va., Miller served 
as class historian and was a member of the 
Honor Court and basketball team. He was 
graduated from VMI with a degree in liberal arts. After graduation. 
Miller served VMI in a number of prominent leadership roles. From 
1954-62, he was a member of the VMI Board of Visitors and in his 
last two years was president of the Board as well as director of the 
George C. Marshall Research Foundation. From 1967-69, he was 
president of the VMI Alumni Association and a trustee of the VMI 
Foundation, Inc. Miller was president of the VMI Keydet Club Board 
of Governors (1975-77) which in 1986 awarded him his highest honor, 
the Spirit Award. In 1972, Miller received the Distinguished Service 
Award from the VMI Foundation. 

Miller currently serves as Chairman of the VMI Sports Hall 
of Fame Committee and has presided over selection meetings for over 
two decades. 

THE Season 

Virginia Military Institute is a symbol of consistenq^. 
Throughout most of the year VMI looks, smells and 
tastes the same, with few exceptions. But, for a few short 
weeks during the year a passer-bye would notice a strange glow ema- 
nating from die rooms in Barracks. The gray walls appear red and the 
dark cloud that hovers constandy above barracks strangely enough 
turns a cheerful green. The time is, of course, Christmas, and once 
again cadets are eager to return home and plant their eyes beneath 
the sparkling, decorated, giving tree. Oh yes! The time is at hand for 
cadets to begin unraveling the lights of freedom and hanging them 
from wall to wall knowing that the taste of Christmas cookies and 
homemade meals are near, One does not necessarily need to believe 
m .S.i'i;;! <;>• <" rn, '.i-Tiiy lose conrrol of his or her emotions because all 
•' 'f mind ia die knowledge that in only 

icduced to a far-away nightmare. 


■'« " V'Tlf^irf ■■SV->Jt;.:S'e!6i-;3,V<fA.- ■';feS.CiA- -..\.W V 

A T The Hop! 

Hops are a favorite focal point of cadet life. They 
offer cadets an opportunity to bring a date and 
hit the dance floor. A diversion from the rigors of 
cadet life, they give cadets a chance to relax and have a good 
time. This years hops had some outstanding bands come to VMI 
due to the success of the Cadet Program Board. Although one 
band in particular went to Lexington, Kentucky by mistake, 
they eventually managed to get to Lexington, Virginia. Other 
events this year included a concert on the parade deck on Parents 
Weekend that was enjoyed by many, as well a great performance 
by the band Cowboy Mouth, made popular by their one hit 
wonder "Jenny Says" 

Written By Drew Cannon 



P^*^- ^^^^BH 




'IwB^M ^ 

^^^^^^^K^'- ^^1 



H^^^^I^Hr <-vV. Nk^ J^H 

^Tjf ^^^^^^^^^Hl 

^H^^pr^ x:<ji^^^ 

14^ i^^^B 

^^^^^^B. — ^»i***TOt'^B 

i^^v ^^^^^^^Bl 

^^^^V CJ^' n Vr 


^^^^^1 a ^^< Y^ tR; T1 

^^r^^^ .^^^^^^^^^Hl 

■^B '^ j?"-^ 

V .^V^^^^^^HI 

■ -^'^^3 

E^r ^1 

^r -^-r^'lM 

^^v ,^^^^1 

■ <-^JH 

^^r .^^ill^^^^^H 

H ^^Hl 

Ir J^^^^^l 

^^^^ . .» ^^^^^H 

■v . jM^^^^^^^^^^^H 

^^^^Mk. '«^ ''i^^^l 


^^^HA^K - -'- Xim^^^V 


^^^^^^^^He / ^ \t^^^^^W 



V- \;--,'\ \ 

T ^he ceiebraUon of Ring Figure 
is co menced by a formal ball, 
where Cadets realize the rewards of 
their long journey. 

Ring Figure 

Human nature is to hold on to the 
past. We take pictures of family 
and friends to remember them for- 
ever; collect small treasures so we always 
have something tangible to hold on to, and 
in death, give away our belongings to those 
we love. 

The VMI ring is one of the most 
important belong- 
ings to a cadet, not 
because of its mon- 
etary reasons or 
beauty, but rather 
because of the 
memories and ac- 
that it stands for. 
It stands for a 
brotherhood that 
is unmatched by 
any fraternity or 
group, because it is 
a symbol of the 
"Road less trav- 
eled". No cadet can 
can complete this 
treacherouse road 
without the sup- 
port of his brother 
rats. When a 
young boy chooses 
to enter the four 
walls of barracks, 

he is not just saying that he wishes to become 
educated, but he is also making a statement 
that he is ready to become a man; not a man 
of 'machismo" but a Citizen-Soldier— dedica- 
tion, honor and integrity. 

It is assumed that the class of 1848 
was the first to start the tradition of class rings. 
On the rings belonging to John Mathews and 

James Councill '48, is the inscription, "Mizpah," 
which means "The Lord watch between me and thee 
when we are absent from one another." Even then 
the concept of a close knit family was alive and 

Fro?n Drawing Out the Man by Henry Wise 

There are a number of intriguing tales of 
the discovery of rings 
which disappeared un- 
der bizarre circum- 
stances. One particu- 
lar story that takes 
place in 1954 when a 
Mr. Gerard Martine, a 
U.S. government agent, 
saw an unusual article 
of jewelry in a store 
window in a Korean vil- 
lage. Curiosity was 
aroused, and he satis- 
fied himself that it was 
a VMI ring class of '49, 
although the owner's 
name had been erased. 
Mr. Martine bought it, 
and, on returning to 
the States, notified the 
alumni office and sent 
the ring there. Colo- 
nel Jacob concluded 
that it belonged to 
John W. Timmins, Jr., 
49C, killed in Korea November 19, 1950, and 
delivered it to Lieutenant Timmins parents in 
Dallas. They established the Timmins Music 
Room in Preston Library in memory of their son. 
Later his mother placed the ring in the VMI Mu- 

Written by; Daniel Aivarez 
Researched by: Jeb Cox 


Class of 1999 

,»-. j4lS««-.upfe- 

Matthew C. Bagwell 
Jamie Foote 

Jason B. Berg 
Lindsey Perkins 

John D. Boll 

Kenan Baluken 
Charlynda Kelly 

Wesley A. Barrow 
Wendy Bricher 

Foster S. Beeker 

Trent H. Blair 
Michelle Vollmen 

Ian M. Bobbitt 
Amanda Becker 

Pierce R. Bogese 
Sarah Dean 

J. WescottBott 
Anne Sherhey 

Benjamin L. Bradford 
Jennifer Johnson 

S. Jordan Brandon 
Chrystie Franklin 

Charles R. Bennett 
Melinda Minnick 

John F. Boland 
Tamara Gullichson 

Jacob J. Britt 
Evelyn Drewry 

James P. Campbell 
Lacey Barker 

Joshua S. Chance 
Allison Fleming 

T. Coley Campbell 
Jamie Springs 

Matthew S. Carman 
Krista Wigginton 

Douglas V. Carson 
Laura Home 

Maxwell P. Chance 
Christine Blanchard 

Benjamin A. Chang 
Keri Mannebach 

Trevor J. Chesler 
Paula Kodosky 

Joshua R. Cazadd 
Carrie King 

Joel C. Christenson 
Emily Moyer 

Joshua Cuscaden 

Tuyen G. Dam 

Rodney C. Daniels 
Amanda Hall 

Ryan E. Debouchel 
Meredith Bonnell 

John A. Deem 

Nancy Smith 

Troy R. Denison 
Rachel Jones 

Justin W. Douglas 
Marcia Jannes 

Charles S. Faulkner 
Meredith Mlynar 

Nicholas A. Devincenzo 
Kristy Wilson 

David F. Dixon 
Gretchen Nicely 

Matthew C. Dixon 

Eric L. Duncan 
Paula Evans 

Jochen D. Dunville 
Erin Lester 

Dale C. Duralach 
Bridget Fay 

Justin D. Fertick 
Kelly O'shea 

Russel C. Flournoy 
Melinda Burner 

J. Scott Fontanelli 
Emily Bishop 

William H. Dorsey, Jr. 
Colleen Quinn 

Randall C. Eads 
Robin Witt 

Christopher E. Forbes 
Elizabeth Poole 

Michael A. Fritts 
Elizabeth Molland 

Edward Frothingham, IV 
Page Harison 

Andrew D. Fuller 
Nicole Farmer 

William E. Gage 
Sarah Dean 

Michael N. Gallo John P. Gameski 

Stephanie Sakai 

Jeffrey A. Geisendaffer 
Elizabeth Bradford 

Patrick Geohegan 
Virginia Thompson 

Jeffrey T. Golden 

Gar,' M. Goldsmith 
Kelly Baughan 

Leslie R. Gould 
Lucy Brooks 

Adair M. Graham, Jr. 
Holland Rivers 

Charles P. Gallion 
Maria Scherer 

Donald D. Gillepie 
Jeanine Irving 

Wayne S. Graham 
Anne Lowe 

Aaron M. Hamilton 
Jenna Jamison 

Thomas J. Hanifen 
Jennifer Duberstein 

Robert C. Hardee 
Melissa McManama 

Edward E. Hardy 
Kristen Staiger 

Heith M. Helms 
Jennifer Sieve 

J. Patrick Henderson 
Heather Williams 

Kevin P. Henderson 
Abigail Ferguson 

Daniel W. Hendrix 
Esther Kay 

Gene R. Hare 
Jean Doe 

Jason D. Hennigan 
Leslie Pepe 

Robin J. Huckaby 
Alisa Houghton 

Henry S. James 
Shanna Alexander 

Jacob I. Hughes 
Rebecca Hurst 

Ki Hawk Hwang 
Robyn Mann 

Matthew C. Irving 
Rebecca Wheeler 

David M. Janeka 
Ryan Knott 

J. Ryan Johnston 
Courtney Onufrah 

Brian H. Jones 
Pam Lowry 

•I'lihonyJ. Kasprzyk 
Melissa Jacobson 

Corey S. Kearse 
Kathrine Stewart 

Matthew M. Kerr 
Kristi Craig 

Christopher R. Jackson 
Erin Crouch 

David J. Kaczmarek 
Amanda Bradford 

W. Benjamin Kincaid 
Rebecca Gillespie 

F. Marshall Luck, Jr 
Elizabeth Toms 

Christopher J. Lukanich 
Sarah Stalbard 

Christopher W. MaGee 
Kim MacLeod 

Michael P. Maire 
Janet Krechman 

Charles E. Man- 
Meghan Taclet 

Gregoiy G. McDeannon 
Stephann Belhe 

Micheal J. McDermott 
Gretchen Covert 

J. Wyatt McGraw 
Kimberliee Timberelcke 

Christopher P. McGuire 
Marelena Dearmon 

Jonathan P. McMahon 
Tera McClellan 

John R. McMath 
Margaret Carroll 

Graham P. McPherson 
Blvthe Roberts 

Micheal J. Mellina 

Patrick E. Meyer 
Julieanne Chatneuff 

Stanley A. Midy 
Genevieve-Ashton Graham 

Isaac D n Iol c 
Susan Coviiiglou 

All E. Morales 
Katlvyn Black 

Matthew J. Morelewski 
Allison Linsz 

Jejfery B. Morrison 
Emelia Fiore 

Eric D. Mowles 
Christen Quinlan 

Amanda Davis 

FrasierM. Orgain 
Elizabeth Adamson 

Christopher B. O'toole Gordon N. Overby 

Jill Hampton 

Lars A. Peterson 
Angela Daney 

Hunter I. Phelps 
Danielle Jantzi 

John L. Pitts 
Cristine Koster 

Conor M. Powell 
Elizabeth Thayer 

John P. Paris 

Micheal R. Piirdy 
Liza Petrozelli 

Andre A. Quarles 

Timothy J. Remzi 
Jenice Marshall 

John M. Rog.--. 
Allison Wichs 

Travis L. Quesenberry 
Sherrv Davis 

Martin L. Ratigan 
Amy Smith 

William H. Raynes 
Katie Stevens 

Jejfery D. Roberts 
Jenny Bem 

R. Harden Robinson, III 

Rene A. Rodriguez 

Scott F. Ronayne 
Heather Motadda 

Twan M. Redmond 
Kimberly Duffy 

Eric M. Roed 

Prompattaraporn Surapap 

Cameron K. Tabor, II 
Jenefer Huston 

Sean A. Tahsma 
Wendi Taylor 

Willis P. Tatterson 
Melodtv Andreola 

Matthew J. Vanhoose 

Jaso I) \^> 1 
Adiit! 1 1 \ 

Wesley Taylor, Jr 
Lisa Fleece 

William Z. Taylor 

Davids. Thompkins 
Tara Terpstra 

Chad A. Varanese Christopher L. Varner 

Kathie Burns 

Shawn M. Ward 
Krista Morris 

Jason B. Tomlinson 
Theresa Redd 

Trent A. Wamecke 

Dylan S. Williams 
Lauren Peacock 

Cardell A. Winfield 
Latasha Branch 

John W. Wright, II 
Kerry Roger 

Paul F.Wills 

Michael H. Wilson 
Amanda Kottke 

Michael P. Wilson 
Dana A. Jones 

Brain T. Withers 

Jay A. Witt 
Melody Walker 

Brain S. Wolfe 

MichealA. Wright 
Kerry Koger 

Bei-Chuan Yan 
Melissa Birmingham 

John A. Yates 
Melissa Femett 

Bradford A. Wineman 
Karin Rodgers 

Christopher S. Work 
Holly Pasqueriello 

SGT. Percell Artis. Jr 
Retine Artis 





V " 1 



r ^Si'2g^ 





2 — 

'.v> ■ ■ ■■ »,?-■ . 


Top Kig/if: Honorary Brother Rats, Seargent Lyons and Jackson prese 
their rings. Top Left: Marine corp Lt. Col. Schultz delivers the Ring 
Figure key note speach. Center Left: Edward Frothingham, IV 
recieves the destinguished Douglas Carter France award for 



Top Left: Love in Paris. 
Center Left: QeWng 
down and dirty. 

Top Right: The rat mass attempts to storm the field and steal the 
oppositions mascot during the Second Class football game. 











f*""^ r 



^^^^m'zr -^^ -»-*-■' -1 



^^ 1 "^ n M"- '"V 

Lt • W 



^r -^ J -."-::. ■.' \ ^ A -^ 1 







to 1 


^^^ j^jm 






Welcome to 
The Institute 

Here within resides tlie Corps of 

Cadets - tlie life and spirit of 

Virginia Military Institute, and tlie 

faculty and administration - the 

sources of all wisdom and 


"The Faculty 

Who see with a watchful eye 

And rules with power from on high 

The kingdom of the V.M.I. 

Who loves to see us double-quick 

T^d when he gets a chance to stick 

He lays demerits mighty thick'.' 

Author Unknown 

Letter From 






The VMI chain of command is an intrical part of 
life at the Institute. The chain outlines the lead 
ership structure from the Governor in Rich- 
mond to the lowly Private. Most of the following 
people can be found in Smith Hall beyond the eyes of 
the average cadet yet they determine and outline the 
military duties for the Corps. This year the Chain was 
responsive to the Corps. In particuliar, General Bunting 
was seen frequently on post asking Cadets for sugges- 
tions, complaints and solutions to various everyday 
problems at the Institute. 

Governor George Y. Allen 

Commander and Chief 

Two of VMl's most pioniinent leaders are seen above discussing matters concerning 
the institute. 

Josiah Bunting 

VMl's 13th Superintendent 

Col. Allen Farrel 

Provost and Dean 

Col. Leroy Hammond 

Executive Officer 

Capt. Julianne Fultz 

Assistant Director of Cadet Affairs 

Col. Mike Strickler 

Public Relations 



Colonel Joyner 


This year the Commandant's Staff grew in size, es 
tablishing three new active positions in barracks. 
Major Powers, Captain Avilla and Command Ser- 
geant Major Jackson filled these positions. These three 
additions became important components of everyday ac- 
tivity for the Corps. Major Powers was the S-1 assisting 
Col. Williams in demerits and accountability. Captain 
Avilla was the S-3, in charge of all training activity during 
CTT and Military duty including Saturday academic duty. 
CSGM Jackson was the S-4 for the Commandant staff 
ensuring that the proper supplies were available and that 
all unauthorized articles were properly maintained and in- 
ventoried in the confiscation room. These additional posi- 
tions made the commandant staff as a whole more effi- 
cient and ensured the hectic ways ot life in barracks went 
smoother than ever. 

Colonel Ronald Williams 

Deputy Commandant 

Alvin Hockaday 

Sargeant Major of the Corps. 

Major Sherrise Powers 

Commandant S-1 

Captain Eric Avilla 

Commandant S3 

CSQM JefFerey Jackson 

Commandant S-4 


c ;;p 


Lt. Col. James Parl^ 





Timothy Trant 

Regimental Commander 

Brian Pearson 

Regimental S-1 

Reed Warburton 

Regimental S-5 

Michael Lorence 

Regimental XO 

Regimenatal staff on parade. 

Michael Runyan 

Regimantal 52 

Marcus Schweigert Charles Dewey 

Regimental S3 Regimental S-4 

Joseph rieibert 

Regimental S-6 

Donald Rauch 

Regimental S-1 Lieutenant 

Andrew Lewis 

Regimental S-5 Lieutenant 




David Kaczmarek 

Regimental S-1 Sergeant 

Gordon Overby 

Regimental S-4 Sergeant 

Rodney Daniels 

Regimental S2 Sergeant 

Conor Powell 

Regimental S-5 Sergeant 

JefFerey Snyder 

Regimental S5 Sergeant 

Wirt Cross 

Regimental S-6 Sergeant 

Regimental Sergeants displaying their pride. 

l' irst Jj 



Jabarr Bean 

1st Battlion Commander 








Brady Gallagher 

1st Battalion S3 

Wallace Taylor 

1st Battalion S-4 

Chris Floom 

1st Battalion S-5 

Alfred Lester 

1st Battalion S-6 

Henry James 

1st Battalion Sergeant Major 

First Battalion Staff lool\ing impressive as usual on parade. 





lichael Baumgardner 

2nd Battalion Commander 

Caleb Taylor 

2nd Battalion XO 

Peter Pembrooke 

2nd Battalion S-1 

Greg O'Hare 

2nd Battalion S2 

'.nd Battalion Sergeant Major 

liighly motivated Second Battalion staff on parade during tfie fail 





Bradford Wineman 

RegimennatI Sergeant Major 

Randy Brown 

Regimental Color Sergeant 

Matthew Carman Matthew Franks 

Regimental Color Sergeant Regimental Color Sergeaij 

Kevin Ryan Jefferey Sprague 

Regimental Color Sergeant Regimental Color Sergeant 

Barry Williams 

Regimental Color Sergeant 

VMl's distinguished lienor guard on parade 






I must begin by giving my regards to those that have sacrificed so much for so htde. I thank the Cadet Officers and 
NCOs of the 1997-98 Corps of Cadets for discharging their duties in a manner in keeping with the finest principles of 
leadership. I especially thank Cadet Captains for their patience, cooperation, and tireless effort in always insuring things were done 

On a broader scope, I thank the Corps of Cadets as a whole for performing above and beyond the call of duty At a time of great 
hange, the Corps was unified in its resolve to not only survive but to prevail. This performance during the most delicate year in the 
nstituts history exemplified the nobility of the Corps. Nothing short of the combined effort of Cadets of all classes and interests made 
Ihis year successful. Every member of the Corps took personal ownership of what was occurring, and in that coming together my ultimate 
l;oal for us was achieved. 

By the leadership, followership, and influence of the 1997-98 Corps of Cadets a great service has been done in furthering the 
mission of the Virginia Military Institute for years to come. That service went far beyond how shiny our shoes were or our performance in 
■arade; which, in the grand scheme of things, is quite trivial. It was our greater purpose to focus upon what would happen to VMI after 
6 May 1998. It has been recognized by many that we have accomplished that mission. It is my sincere hope that you may return some 
[lay to find die Institute continuing to reap the benefits of our moment in time. On that occasion, I hope you will take immense pride in 
'he faa that you were not just a Third Classmen, or Cadet Captain, or First Class Private; but rather somediing more special; you were a 
member of a group which prevailed ~ a Member of the 1997-98 Corps of Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute. 

Imothy O. Trant, II 
kdet First Captain 

The OC tiRST C 




Aside from the honor system, the Class System is what distinguishes VMI from other military institutions of 
higher learning. The Class System is what makes VMI unique and follows an Alumnus tor the rest of his 
life. For it is the class system that runs the ratline, barracks, handles matters which reflect upon the appear- 
ance, discipline, and reputation ot the Corps, and binds Brother Rats together. 

Barracks is a unique experience and one that is different for each of us. The experiences will forever be 
ingrained in our memories. The Class System is a part of VMI and one that each cadet should be proud of As the 
Institute continues to be challenged, we must concentrate our efforts on continuing to strengthen the system that we 
hold near to our hearts. 

Written by Kevin Tnjjillo 

The GC S. 





Our cadetship at VMI is half over now and 
for most of us it has been a trying task. The 
class returned in the fall ready to face yet 
another year of academics and most obviously the ex- 
citing time of joining the brotherhood of the ring. 
Fall semester started off on the wrong foot with the 
overcrowding barracks. Our brother rats were strung 
out all over barracks, but we managed to work 
through it. Right from the get go the Class of '99 
was looking forward to the big weekend of Ring Fig- 
ure. I had more people stopping to ask questions 
than I knew we had in our class. The week of Ring 
Figure finally came and the first event, the class din- 
ner, went of without a hitch. The rest of the week- 
end fell neatly into place, except for parade getting 
canceled (for most of us that was good). We did have 

a few misfortunes and a few people spent the night 
in places other than their room, but in all the week- 
end went well. Fall semester quickly came to a close 
and the class went home to show off their newly 
obtained treasures. 

When the class returned for spring, spirits 
were not as high. More people left to study abroad 
and some returned, but in all there was nothing 
big to look forward to. The class celebrated its birth- 
day on 9 February with a tremendous amount of 
pizza. The class is going through a change of sort 
with the election of a new class historian and the 
election of the OGA and RDC members. A large 
part of the class is becoming involved in the task of 
preparing to take over barracks when the class of 
'98 departs on May 16. 

The GC Ti 





The General Committee has evolved over the past 
fifty years into an organization that its found- 
ing fathers never could have foreseen. From its con- 
ception, the General Committee was a society of 
discipline and intimidation, and could be compared with 
the modern Rat Disciplinary Committee. Out of these ru- 
dimentary elements has grown the modern class system, 
the fixture which separates Virginia Military Institute from 
other military schools. The class system empowers the Corps 
with the responsibility of maintaining its standards both 
inside and outside of barracks. The Corps carries out the 
duties of this responsibility in adhering to the standards 

set forth in the blue book as well as through a system of 
privileges which correlate with a cadets seniority. The 
General Committee is the medium via this class system 
is enforced and these standards are kept. The hierar- 
chial system administered by the General Committee 
assists in the growth and development of VMI men. 
The GC is based on a 'for the Corps, by the Corps' 
principle. The discipline which a cadet learns from this 
democratic structure is something that he takes with 
him as a leader in the dawn of a new century. 

Written by Kelly Underwood 

The Hi 




VMI demands strict adherence to a system of unique traditions. The life-style chosen indicates your will to succeed 
and sets you apart from the average college student. To abide by the VMI system, certain rules and standards 
must be met. Throughout your cadetship, you will find, as your knowledge of the system grows, that VMI's rules 
were made to be broken when the opportunity arises. The Honor Code is not a rule, it is a way of life and is an integral 
part of each cadet's character. The Code is not confined to the boundaries of post and a cadet does not stop being 
honorable during summer school, when studying abroad, or after graduation. Honor is something the cadets and alumni 
cherish with fierce pride and is not something to be questioned or taken lightly. The Corps does not tolerate a dishonest 

The members of the Honor Court have been elected by their classmates because they have shown a high sense of 
honor and character. As members of the Honor Court, our first responsibility is to educate the Corps. Cadets need to 
know the difference between the VMI rules and when something is a violation of someone's honor. Our focus on 
education this year is toleration. Without respect for toleration, we diminish the rest of the code. Every time toleration 
occurs, the system fails, for the VMI Honor System relies on the reports of cadets with any knowledge of a violation of the 
Honor Code. The slightest suspicion of a violation must be reported to the Prosecutors, or the tolerator is at fault and will 
be dealt with accordingly. Your loyalty should be to the Honor Code, not your DYKE, ROOMMATES, COMPANY, or 

The Honor Court's second job is to investigate possible honor violations reported to Prosecutors. If sufficient 
evidence is gathered, a trial will be held in which the accused is tried by a jury of his peers. The Honor Court's third 
responsibility is to conduct the trial procedures. If the cadet should be acquitted, he or she is completely exonerated of all 
charges and bears no stigma. Should the accused be found guilty, he or she receives only one penalty, immediate expulsion 
from VMI. 
Thomas M. Wirth; Honor Court President, '97-'98 

1 HE I\AT L) 




The RDC is a subcommittee of the General Committee. 
It is elected by the First Class to serve as an acting body, 
which adjudicates violations of Rat restrictions and guide- 
lines set by the First Class.The mission of the RDC is to assist the 
transition for the Rat from high school student to VMI Cadet. Through 
this committee the First Class directs the formation of a class which 
will one day take the same responsibility on itself and perpetuate the 
tradition of adversative training which characterizes VMI. Thus, the 
RDC has the responsibility to the First Class of guiding the transfor- 
mation of the high school graduate into the VMI Cadet, and sohdify- 
ing this group into a unified VMI class. 
To the Class of 2001: 

You have met and conquered one of the first challenges of 
your life by deciding to attend our fine Institute. It is vital that you 
find within yourself the mental and physical fortitude that will enable 

you to survive the remaining years of your cadetship at VMI. 
The lessons learned in the Rat Line will be with you for the 
rest of your life. You will recollect these memories with pride, 
for you have accomplished what not many can. The unity 
that you have formed with you fellow Brother Rats is the foun- 
dation of which every class is built upon. It is this tenacious 
principle of class unity which sets VMI apart from other schools. 
Remember that all things you do are in representation of the 
Virginia Military Institute, and you are the continuation of 
the Class of 1998. 

Jonathan W Spitzer 

RDC President, Class of 1998 




^^D J^A ! wi 


*- TSflH^^^^^H 

1 HE Officer of the 
yjuARD Association 

When I was elected onto the Officers of the Guard Associa 
tion in the Spring of 1997, 1 was immediately bombarded 
with "Old Corps" stories from Alumni about what the 
OGA was in their day. To my amazement, the OGA was among the 
most aaive, visible and trusted organizations within the Corps. They 
were essentially in charge of the Rat Line (before the RDC was formed) 
and were very much involved in fighting injustice from the adminis- 

For my entire cadetship, I viewed the OGA as a more secre- 
tive organization, whose sole purpose was to investigate matters of 
hazing and gross miscondua within the Corps. They were the First 
Class Privates that earned their positions through their private status. 
Of course this was a misconception, but I think there was something 
to this image which worked against what the organization stood for. 

For the 97-98 school year, the OGA made a conscientious 
effort to become more active in all aspects of Corps life. We donned 
T-shirts and did stoop patrols through all of Cadre week in an effort 
to discourage any aaion deemed unauthorized and participated in all 
rat functions. We had thousands of meetings with the Administra- 
tion to try and change policies and fight their inclinations to throw 
around outrageous penalties for minor infractions. Our time was dedi- 
cated to helping people when they were in need of it. Spending hours 

on end in the Commandants office, we took the Corps' complaints t' 
the Administration The OGA fought tooth and nail to try and gi\ 
our Rats a difficult Ratline, and to get the second and third classmej 
some concessions. And of course, the had the heavy-hearted job i 
policing the Corps and investigating for the Executive Committe<; 
For those who believed the OGA didri do anything other than inve: 
tigate the occasional case, you couldrt be further from the truth. Ft 
us this year, it was a full time and sometimes thankless job, but 
hope that what we accomplished, both for the Corps at large and tl: 
Institute in general, speaks for itself. In addition, I hope the merr 
bers of this organization can know that they made a positive diffei 
ence that will not go unforgotten. 

This year, being such a ground-breaking year at the Inst 
tute, the OGA decided that this was the year to attempt to bring th 
OGA back into the public eyes of the Corps. We attempted to di; 
card the misconception of an organization that suspended and di; 
missed, the organization of "Rat-Daddies" . Whether or not this wi 
achieved will be discovered with the OGA of years to follow. If th 

remains as active next year as we were this 
year, I will consider our effort a success. The 
OGA has such potential to be one of the stron- 
gest organizations in Barracks, and I would like 
to send my heart-felt thanks out to all the mem- 
bers of the First Class and those in '99, '00, 
and '01 who supported us in doing something 
that hadrt been done for years. 

I believe we made amazing progress 
this year, and I attribute it all to the wonder- 
ful, industrious and dedicated people I had the 
pleasure of working with. Jimmy Stanley, J. C. 
de los Reyes, Tom Barnhill, Dan Smith, 
Demitri Poulos, Brad Arnold, Mark Cox, Andy 
Gehring and Tim O' Bryant were the best mix 
of guys that I could have hoped for. Without 
their tireless efforts, we would never have ac- 
complished what we did. They all sacrificed 
their time and effort, dealing with things we 
never thought we would see, and undertaking 
a job of a magnitude we never imagined. To 
them, I am forever grateful. 

To the OGA of years to come, there is 
still a lot of work to be done in 
redeveloping the OGA, and trust me when I 
say it is some times a thankless job. 

But hopefully like me, when you look back in 
retrospect, you wort regret a minute of it. 

Bradley R. Cooke '98 

President, Officers of the Guard Association 

Alpha Company 


W'hen a CO performs an about face and gazes upon the ranks of Alpha Company, he is reminded that throughout the yeai 
he will not act as a leader, but as a servant. He sees platoons of confident tomorrows and an immense pride earned and 
shared by the ghosts, alumni, and cadets of VMI's most distinguished company. Through the ranks he sees the faces of duty; of 
laughter; of honor; of friendship, of tradition; and of magnificence. The Class of '98 has been smiled upon by fortune and striven to ascend 
the Olympus of VMI; history will tell us we have been successful. To the men of Alpha Company, who are as an integral part of VMI as 
Stonewall Jackson, George Marshall, a gray barracks and Matthew, Mark, Luke and John: it has been an honor and a privilege . I could not 
have served alone: recognition of superb excellence in the Lt's and NCO's is in order. Recognition to XO Daniel C. Gibson; the finest XO I 
have ever seen or heard of. As an outsider, I cannot express my gratitude for the cooperation offered from Alpha; nor can I describe the feeling 
of passing in review with such an astounding display of personified history in the ranks behind me. It has been sublime. I wish each and every 
one of you the best of luck in the future. To the class of '98, let us listen for the sounds of trumpets. To Cornett, Obadal, and Medlin: we 
stand ready gendemen. 

Written by Clark S. Twiddy, '98 

PROVD OF ■"^"^LHvSr'lf!; WA?> JP H^>\il£L£ P»-LoEEFEST FFRIL 

Clark Twiddy 
Company Commander 

Daniel Gibson 
Executive Officer 

Joseph Brown 
Guidon Bearer 

Tyler Shelbert 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Brendan Toolan 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Doug Whalen 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Cliff Floumoy 
First Sergeant 

Sean Ross 
Operations Sergeant 

Joel Britt 

Master Sergeant 


Bravo Company 


Bravo Company has always produced great leaders. Since my rat year, members of Bravo Company have been Regimental and 
Battalion Commanders and have held various staff positions. Bravo has produced an RDC president, for whom I remember straining 
fiercely, a class Vice-President for '98, and two Honor Court Presidents. However, Bravo Companys strongest assents are its privates. 
A company can not have a successful leader without privates willing to support and follow them. Bravo maybe one of the most diversified 
companies, housing an even mix of athletes, academic stars, bomb and newspaper editors, and ROTC Nazis, but we are bound by heart and | 
pride. Long gone are the days of the Ball Busters. Now we must teach and support a new era of Butt Kickers so they can carry on the Bravo 
Company tradition of leadership. 

Written by Cadet Thomas Wirth, '98 

:bjEC"s of honest 



Thomas Wirth 
Company Commander 

Matthew Staton 
Executive Officer 

Neil Holloran 
Guidon Bearer 

Christopher Chan 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Joseph Anwah 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Phantom Prompal 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Gregory McDearmon 

First Sergeant 

Alan Bull 
Operations Sergeant 

Cameron Tabor 
Master Sergeant 



Cold Steel Charlie 

In encapsulating four years with you, I cannot begin to express my pride and respect for the Cadets of the last Old Corps company. Charli 
has been misunderstood and maligned, but we've never backed down an inch and our results serve as a prominent testament to you 
tenacity and dedication. 

What makes this all the more special is knowing that it was a united effort. With a few exceptions, the privates have done everythin 
that was asked of them. The Lieutenants, Sergeants and Corporals performed well despite the demands of both the Administration an 
myself Hands down, Col. Meriweather is VMI's best TAC. To the Cadre, you have been impressive to watch. Without a doubt, th 
company has been blessed with the talents of Joey Bates as a disciplinarian and a teacher. There is no finer X.O. in the Corps. Chris McGuir( 
Chris Alligood and Andy Stafford did exceptional jobs. They weathered the difficult times and always stood up for the company. The Cpl: 
stepped in and learned what it means to administer the toughest company Ratline. Finally, Tom Barnhill was a resource and a voice of reaso 
as the OGA rep. These few lines are in no way an adequate compensation for all that you have endured and offered as members of Charli( 
As another class departs the Institute, I leave you with this. Those of you who still have some time left in your Cadetship, rememb( 
what you have been taught by those above you in order to maintain the traditions and values of Charlie. Never back down and accef 
anything less than what you know is right. Understand that it's imperative for Charlie to remain an island of stability and intensity f 
Corps, to take inspiration and direction from, and know that you have been part of something very special indeed. 

Writtem by Cadet Brett Thomas McGinley, '98 



PROVD OF- f^:-"^,rvAnE AMD/rilEi;:r\r-\ .v \ E^Y I-^M ilOF pEEPEST PERIL 




" 1 






^^^^HW^ -^ 









.1 , ^J 





BBi^''^ ^^^H 

i.1^ J. 

Brett McGinley 
Company Commander 

Joseph Bates 
Executive Officer 

David Killian 
Guidon Bearer 

Carl Hallen 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Henry Ehrgott 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Chris Buchness 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Chris McGuire 
First Sergeant 

Anthony Stafford 
Operations Sergeant 

Chris AUigood 
Master Sergeant 


Delta Company 



'n thy faint slumbers, I by thee have watchd, and heard thee murmur tales of iron wars". I thought of this passage from Shakespeare 
whenever I turned and glanced at Delta. No other company demands a higher sacrifice from a CO. Constant battles and tribulations 

.with peers and administrators have made this year a challenge in leadership never matched before. Speaking with Alex, I always said 
everybody has an opinion how to run Delta. It was amusing to see how other cadets looked at Delta as pariahs; I suppose Gertrude Steire 
quote "You are all a lost generation was fitting for us. In the end it will be us who will laugh last because the corps will never know the tie 
which Delta forms. A tie which cannot be described in prose, but only in the ethos which the company brandishes. I'm sure our presence has 
given Col. Hammond and the Commandant a bit of discomfort. Its alright though because in the end it wasn't how well you drilled, just 
whether you stood up and approached the line. To the Old Corps & Rats, I give thanks for the trials you offered that no other company would 
have; it hiis prepared me for the future. To the next Delta Commander, always put Delta first... they never turned their backs on me. 

Written By Cadet Lucas J. A. Braxton, '98 

^.^,,^_^. PP^rjsiNG \"^~'^^: -■ '-: C" SCIENCE- WITH NOBLE EMVLATION 

PRO-: : - : >Aiii>!5L>m- flfi-c-v^^ f^-EBfcj"!^ q^eepest peril 

Lucas Braxton 
Company Commander 

Alexander Blanton 
Executive Officer 

Jordan Dolan 
Guidon Bearer 

Patrick Roberts 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Sean Hicklin 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Andrew Trout 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Theodore Coberly 

First Sergeant 

Brian Withers 
Operations Sergeant 

Robert Trent 
Master Sergeant 




Echo Company 


It has been tough being the company commander for the best company on the hill, despite the many distraaions which faced 
our company staff throughout the year (for example the ever present girl school threat which so often depleted our ranks). I 
think we accomplished our mission of surviving yet another year at the "I". Because the Echo ego is as large as ever, I have no need to 
revel any longer on the accomplishments of the company. Instead I would rather wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. To 
those that will lead Echo Company in the future I would like to impart two words of wisdom. First, do it right the first time. Chances are that 
at VMI, you won't have time to do it a second time. Second, I would suggest that you teach, lead and inspire using only the highest ideals 
(such as honor, integrity, and a constant devotion to perfection) as your foundation. Trust your spirit to guide you and listen well to its 

May God Bless all of you and keep you safe until we meet again. 

Written by Cadet William T. Stann, '98 

PROVD O F - H Z ^/i^S £NjS.tl5r^ D:£i Ns;.Z\ pi^'gnj^ 




^1 ' 


William Stann 
Company Commander 

Lucas Miller 
Executive Officer 

Daniel Dunn 
Guidon Bearer 

Shawn Ting 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Greg Moseley 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Gabe Hubble 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Ryan Debouchel 

First Sergeant 

Chris Vamer 
Operations Sergeant 

Jason Berg 

Master Sergeant 






This letter is to all F-Troopers past, present, and future. It's been a real pleasure working with all of you this year, and the majority of 
my cadetship. By being the quality cadets that you are, you made my job quite easy. I can truly say that the men and women in the 
company are the heart and soul of VMI. You range from scholars, to athletes, to military regimented, to everyday private. A quote 
about The Troop, from a former member of the company, which has stuck with me over the past couple of years, "F-Troop is the slackest of 
company on the hill, but when something needs to be done, you can count on us!' I think that quote really says a lot. 

I would like to thank all of the members of F-Troop before us, who have given us the coveted traditions that we hold within the 
company, and all of the future members of F-Troop that will uphold these highly regarded traditions. Most of all I would like to thank, and 
extended a challenge, to all of you in the company that will be here at VMI next year: keep the traditions going and make the future members 
of the company proud to be in F-Troop!! 

Written by Cadet Bryan E Bailey, '98 


PR0VD0F-^Z=.F(^ME|5f<'^J^D^l^.EN^V^£^!£l'^^''^'' '"'' 





Bryan Bailey 
Company Commander 

Brook Barbour 
Executive Officer 

Scott Reid 
Guidon Bearer 

Wade Germann 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Joe Seller 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Jim Peay 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Matthew Stephens 

First Sergeant 

Matthew Vanhoose 
Operations Sergeant 

Ah Morales 

Master Sergeant 


Golf Company 


To the members of Golf Company: I had some trouble figuring out what to write in this "CO's Letter" for the Bomb. I must 
first say that it was an honor to serve you during my final year at VMI. The lessons of leadership that I learned could not 
have been done without you and I hope to carry on what you have taught me for the rest of my days. Although we have had some 
rough times, the positive far outweigh the negative. I hope I was able to provide you with something as well. To my Golf Co. Brother Rats 
of the Class of 1998, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead our company through the challenges of 1st class year and this "new 
era" of VMI that we pioneered. This letter cannot be completed with out recognition to the excellent service that the Officers and NCO's 
provided. For without them and the Ranks, Golf Company would not have the charaaer that we so earnesdy developed. To the members 
of '99, '00, and '0 1 , pass on what you have learned and ensure the success of Golf Company. Once again thank you and Semper Fi. 

Written by Cadet Stefan Barr, '98 



-TO V, 


Stefan Barr 
Company Commander 

Robert Paxton 
Executive Officer 

Eric Eisemon 
Guidon Bearer 

Greg Ellen 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Jason Lamb 
Platoon Lieutenant 

John Brant 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Christopher Magee 
First Sergeant 

Christopher Forbes 
Operations Sergeant 

John Witt 
Master Sergeant 


Hotel Company] 


Although my time in Hotel Company has been short, I have enjoyed every minute of it, and will remember it for the rest of my Ufa. ii 
First and foremost, I wish to thank all of you for making my transition into a new company as comfortable as it was. I can honesdyl 
say that you never made me feel like an outsider. Thank you for welcoming me into your ranks. I have learned a great deal from I 
working with the fine groups of cadets that constitute "Hard Chargiri Hoteir Although this was the most difficult, time consuming, andi 
stressful job I have ever been tasked with, the sense of pride I have marching you all onto the parade ground makes it aU worth whUe. I wish! 
to thank my staff for their selfless service, hard work and dedication: John Hamilton, Mike Rust, Jochen Dunville, Paul Brown, and all the 
corporals — job well done. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank my first-class privates. No company on the hill can function! 
without privates, and the remarkable attitudes that you have shown has made my job much easier than it would have been without your! 
support. Finally, to whichever one of you carries this company into the future I want to wish you much luck and remind you that if you givej 
these cadets in Hotel Company the respect that they deserve they will reciprocate it back to you tenfold. Thank you for the honor and] 
privilege of being your Company Commander, and good luck to each and everyone of you in your future pursuits. j 

Written by Cadet Mark Patrick Glancy, '98 

PR0VD0F-H:^'?At^^A>~,U©td^»'J«MSE^i£lM*t.01^DEEPEST PERIL 

Mark Glancy 
Company Commander 

Jonathan Hamilton 
Executive Officer 

Matthew Watson 
Guidon Bearer 

Timothy Hough 
Platoon Lieutenant 


Platoon Lieutenant 

David Pouleris 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Michael Rust 
First Sergeant 

Paul Brown 
Operations Sergeant 

Jochen Dunville 

Master Sergeant 


Band Company 


As a Corps, we have opened a new chapter in the illustrious history of our beloved "I". We have performed honorably while 
integrating the newest class of cadets into our ranks, remembering always to maintain the integrity of our company and our 
Corps. It is because of your hard work and determination that this goal reached with minimal error. Few others can boast of a 
professionalism and an efficiency of which our company maintained throughout the year. So often it is a "hit and miss" effort to try to attain 
perfection, but never before have I seen such a large group of people strive so hard to achieve it. To do this requires much time and energy, 
two commodities which are not overly abundant at VMI. Seldom is the worek which we put into practices and performing ever fully 
compensated. Most often it is the self-satisfaction and the special bond which only members of the Band can share that proves to be cm 
motivation to keep going. I want you to know that I am very proud to be one of an elite group of people and it has been a tremendous honoi 
to be the Commanding Officer of the same. I wish there was a way that I could thank everyone and share th joy I have had in receiving high! 
praises and numerous compliments on the behalf of the Band. We have much to be proud of and much to cherish. 1 

To my brother rats: I am eternally grateful for your support and strength that you provided me and the company. Never forget that' 
you were the true leaders of this company. j 

To the upper classes of '99 and '00: One must learn to follow before one can lead. Though growing pains are to be expeaed, you 
proved to be the backbone of the company-the integral part that held us together as a unit. It was your determination that allowed us to carry 
out our many tasks efficiently and professionally. j 

To the class of '01: You have a tremendous weight upon your shoulders. You are the future of this company and this corps. Withj 
strong wills and leadership you will learn in the years to come, you will come together to carry on the proud tradition of the Band and thci 

Written by cadet Ryan K. Betton, '98 



^. ^--S-riP PNir.RS»J3\--IN£vBijLM£efPLEEPEST PERIL 

TO v| -^-i^^t 





^ # 





Kevin Thomas 

Drum Major 

Ryan Betton 
Company Commander 

Matt Baldwin 
Executive Officer 

Sean Williams 
Guidon Bearer 

Matthew Bertsch 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Melvin Bonifacio 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Kwabena Gyimah 
Platoon Lieutenant 

Mike McDermott 

First Sergeant 

Stephen Burton 
Operations Sergeant 

Ian Bobbit 

Master Sergeant 


that a first classmen is responsible for 

in their tenure, fleedless to say witli 

these two fine cadets, the Institute 

was safe from harms way. 

-V u 

Persons of Wisdom 
the first class 

Finally the year we have longed for. The Class of 1998 has finally had the opportunity to display 
our strengtli in leadership. We have been faced with more challenges than any class in quite 
sometime. Our class has done exceptionally well with every task it has been faced with. Under our 
leadership and careful guidance, the assimilation of women into the Corps of Cadets has gone smoothly. 
Once again, when the Class of 1998 was faced with strife, we have risen to a new level and performed 

I have done the very best job I was capable of and I hope that your class officers met your 
expectations. I would like to thank eacli of you for support throughout our cadetship. This statement is 
a bit trite, however the Class of 1998 will go down in history as a class with conviction and closeness. I 
have been honored to serve each of you. Thank you and best wishes always. 

Yours in the Spirit, 
Kevin M. Trujillo 
President, Class of 1998 

The Best of '98 

Top left: Funk and friends 

bonding over some beer and 

planning Funk's Field '98. 

Above: The Latin Lover and 

friends take a rest from the rigors 

and mud of break-out. 

Right: "Brother Rat. do you have 

a smoke? " Simon and Jim 

pause for a quick photo op. 

Top Left: Justin Wolfe doing 

his best monl\ey imitation. 

Top Right: Wlio has the 

harder head, Chades or Chris? 

Aboue Left: Spider Man' Hash 

shows us his stuff while 

hanging around. 

Aboue Right: Ring Figure '97!!! 

Right: The typical cadet hotel 

room during the typical hop 

and barley weekend. 

Tar rigM: Andy, Bill, and Ryan 

entering Ontario, Canada for a 

week of study, booze, and all 

around debauchery. 

Top: Alpha Company '98 gathers 

together to demonstrate the 

'Srotherhood of the Ring: 

Above left: Tim and friends doing 

what comes naturaly.... partying!! 

Right: Will Stann demonstrates 

exactly just what Vl^l can do to an 

otherwise normal person. 

Far Right: This is not an efficient 

way of feeding Carl Qummi bears. 


Geoffrey D. Alexailde| 

Cool Rat, JoJinlennon, Alex" 

Van Buren. Arkansas * 

History / Special Student 

CjLoff came to VMI under the assumption that he was going to 
Boston College Little did he know that tht institution he matrtcu- 
lated into was 700 miles from the BC exit Though thib sHght miscsi- 
culdtion in the travel route w is rather disheartening to the cynical 
bcot he entered the Spartan iite-style of the "I" andbrutal rigors;of 
the Km Line w ith the samt determination he would of brought to 

1 hrst m^ Geoft m the lUt Line on rhi Washington Arch side of* 
Birracks Despite tht inst-ct-like appearance he had back then, I haj 
the chance to become roommates widi Geotf Known Rat Year by 
uppcrclassmtn as John Lennon Rat I can say that Geoff is one of the 
most laid back people I've met during my illustrious stay at VMI. 
His BRs could always depend on him to be tlu most lightheatted of 
any group 

Second class year was w hen Geott and 1 bet ame roommates and as a 
new roommate his job was one of great importance to keep me out of 
troiibk P\emplifying.the Brodier Rat Spirit, Geoff on countless oc- 
casions kept rnyself and others from throw mg up on ourselves I cart DvkPS 
even iniigme how many fa\ors/mone> 1 owe him First diss year '^ ^„„r- 
was the end ot i journey for Geotf ind even though a misunderstand 1 995: 

ing w ith the Arm> Department disquahfied h im for a comm ission he 
still stnved forth Dunntr his cadetship he often quesaoned why he 
remained at VMI, bur he knew that no m irtcr how bad things got as 
a cadet at die Virginia Militar> Institute he wanted to be a graduate 
from the Vir<ji4ia Military Institute. 

/yt ^.U CpT 3- Ops Sgt 2, Fencing 3,2; Eagle Scorn Association 
4.3,2 1; Tanker. Pit 3,2,TIistory Assistant 1, Stemp Preservation So- 
ciety 2- The Big-Tai 2; IHTFP 4,3,2, 1; IHtFArmy 4,3,2,1, Out of 
State, Out of mind club 4,3,2,1; I 

__^ 4 

New Kent, Virginia * 

Civil Engineering /Army J^ - 

In High School, Edward Allen was only a myth I had heard about 
him through mun^al friends and through baseball He was supposecl 
to be this great baseball player and total dog (to gurls) M) first im- 
pression of Ed was at a basketball game where yes, all ot these myths 
were con fitmecj After knowing Mn for three years I know it is not 
true because Ed has a great girlfriind in Kathenne and isnt that great 
at baseball (just playing) . 

Coming to VMI was an easy decision for f dw ard bee lusc this is the 
only college thit he applied to. Once here he has always w mted to 
leave (who doesit). He struggled through baseball for two years 
wliere he started t© see his grades fall and decided he should hang-up 
the cleats This was unfortunate for the team because Edwarifhad 
done real well his second year, and absolutely loved the g une ot base- 
?■ D4 1?"? ^'""-^ ^j becaine a "regular corps member he1i is raised his 
GPA back up and has had fun playing inrr imurals For the past tw o bmmi 
years of my cadetship it has been hard to go to practice when I look 
over and see Ed knocked out on his rack. 1 guess 1 was just jealous DvkC 
Even right now he IS at home on a weekend andJ are getting ready to ^ . 

Mark Fulk 
Ouincy Meade 
Kevin Fromm 

Edward Mf Allen 

"Big Ed, Hua, Monney' 

- , -,- -r, — wv. ^.^j „u getting ready to 

go to lift for football. o t, / 

^ive had some hm times at VMI and it is going to be weird after 
this year not being with Ed and Brian every dav Ed is all that \ ou can 
^ask tor in a roommate and 1 am glad we have become ^reat friends 
"Crfxid luck in die Army, Fight Light, Fight Naked Long live Dominis 
are night talks, and homework. I wish you and kathenne the best in 
life Peace- Yo. -GCE 

P\t4,y,l ASCE 3^,1; Array 4,3,2, l;Kithermt-i i2 1 Big Red 
3 2,1 Baseball 4,3; Tau Beta Pi 1; Demi I ist 4 2 1 

1995: Mark Fulk. 

Ouincy Meadt 
2001: Richie "Ricli" Jomev 

Jose^HJh^. An#ah 

;3 j^entreville, Virginia 
Biolo_gy /Air Force 

I came, I saw. Thank God for being with me all the time. 
4,3,2,1 Track: Promaji 4,3,2,1, Monogram dub4,3,2,l;CIG 3,2,1 
;roup B Vice President; Sgt 2, Lt 1, American Chemical Association 



Chulcwu Emeka. 

Max Meadows, Virginia 
History / Special Student 

Well rh^ime has finally come lor me. It has been a long and hard journey, 
but I know I will miss this place. I thank Almighty God for getting me 
through this plice. Without Him, I am nothing and can do nothing. To all 
my rat roommates: Brian, Ryan, Paul, — Thanks for the memories. I had a 

food time with v'aU even though I could have killed you every second of the 
ay Thanks tor supjxitting mej^^ecially when you got me into-trouble ail 
the time tor using my corapotOT^j^egal attivities. Blood Thirsty Band 
Co: Without you, 1 would have j^^abe a gun monkey. Us be-atei^ and 
blowers have to stick together. Maiof|ps|P, Col. Brodie: You are my men- 
tor, sir. Thanks for teaching me how t^fky the trumpet. Steel Panthers 
rule! Mom and Dad; I love you guys. Thanks for backing me through these 
years, even when I had a not-very-good GPA. Carrie: "You knowf Ririg 
Figure was my best year for 2 reasons, only one of which being my ring. To 
the Class of 1995: Rah Virginia ^W Brian Lyerly: See you in life to come. 
You know it is impossible for us tS-be separated. Thanks Geoft, Jeff, and 
Tuna. To the mass of 1998-^3:'T)gsi3, Jarrett, David. Sammy, Dean, and 
Robert — Hang in there. Dr. Spenc^tlicker and Dr. Beverly Tucker: Thanks 
for everything. I will forgive you for being 3 years late in coming here. To 
the Gouge and Somers famihes: You made my l"ckss year bearable with all 
of your packages. Youshouldbe VERY proud of your boys. 1 thank all niy 
friends that I do not have room to write about. You know who \()u are. 
And VMI: Thanks for the past 4 years. May die Institute bt J ot today- 
Private 4,3,1; Sgt 2; Band Co. 4,3,2, 1 ; Bugler 3,2- 1, Head Bugkr 1 , Trum- 
pet^Secnon Leader 2,1; Institute Brass 4,3,2,1; OGA 1; Ac Pro i i, Deaii 
List 2,1; Victim of Rack Monster ^,2,1; Hcn-pcckcd 4,1 2,1 

Amelia Virginia 
English & Pliilosphy Minor / Special Student 

When I arrived at VMI for the first time OQ Atlgust 1 "> 1994 I thought I knew what 
I wdi L,ctting myself into \et after about 30 sfeoonds ot seeing the cidie marching u\ 
to the belt of th It god forsaken drum I quickly cealizt J that tiiL worm had definitely 
tutped tor me Now that I look baek there istrmuch 1 ri. member trom m> ratime sinee 
I ve blocked the ma|onty of the experience out of nn stre im if consaousucss Beinj, i 
thirl as mrat know IS by f ar the w orst > ear here bimpl) statt J Plaees to go and no 
\\ i\ to get th ^s^ Jt was during this year that I ealled upon forees from abo\c as well 

Ls BR Blantoi^|fc.tang to get to bigger and more happemng places Thinks for the 
riJcs Alex SeceMBJass year was aln^ht we got our rings and had a 3-dav Ucoholic 
feast that surpasst^^w other event I have experienced it die T I took seeond semes 
ter off and traveled TO London England in a study abroad program.. That expeneiice 
changed m> liie forever iiiJ opened my eyes to the vast potential and harm that die 
world h IS to offer outside tlit boundanes of VMI 

Most importaody I d like to thank m) parents and famd) for their lo\c support 
dedicauon, mail food boxes ind espeaall) the obscene amount of mone\ they have 
invested in m> eduearioa You ill have worked hard to give me a good ehance in this 
hfc 1 know I went let you or mvself down I also h ive to give special thai^ks to ofy 
^^oeanmatcs ot t year-, Brei den Toolan and Andy Beaman for iiist being diemselves I 
doubt i 11 evel meet two other people as genuine decent ind trui to rheir eoovicnons 
thercstof Per\ert &)rner you gu; s are tlic b t uid I muld not have 
:ed to be sMISimded 1 1 j morf entert iming group of pconk 1 wish Jl of )ou"die 


1995: Geoff Goff 
2001: David "bone- 
JaiTett "I'm 

rat" Gouge 

hfe and knovv th^it idi of "fcou will sueceed 
the -words of Rat Gmltai 'Pervert isnr a pi Kt its 
foegd Biumano MO I appreeiltc )om ,cn l ii 
1 d iLo like to thank the pare its i , 7j i 
ty whenever 1 visited Oh and 1\ the t ' 
■""• 'ike' Otallthethingslvelcimedi \ iv h 
my rmnd is th it there are no endui., in iiK 
'nvate-4 ^ 2 1 Pre-ston Souetv 2 Big Red Clue 
fetball teim 2 Rat challenge cadre*-^ 

fuiua oideai^L rs Remem 
.. ■ 1 nind ' To m^ ,< J 

Lnghsh ^oeietv 2 i, 

McKeesport, Pennsylvania 
Civil Engineering / Army 

Well, I cart believe that ni>' time at VMI is over! Its been an inter- 
esting few yea^rs that I'll never forget. When I came to VMI in Au- 
gust 94, r didit know what to expect, but I could sense that this 
place was for me. Looking back on the Rat Line, it was somewhat 
run, but somethine that I wouldrt care to go through again. Follow- 
ing the Rat Line, Ididnt think this place could get much worse until 
first semester grades came out 3 Class year 2'"' CLiss year was a 
great experience witli Ring Figure and studying abroad in England, 
especially with Matt and J immy ! 1 * Class \ c ar w^ a huge test,but it 
was a good time. I'd like to thank my Mom, Dad, Jim, and Chris for 
the support through my time at VMI, even when I sent for the Penn 
Stare application! I'd also like to thank TJ, Fatback, and Meadsman 
for being great roommates, always being there, and always cracking a 
joke when needed most. I'm going to miss you guys To Chris, 
Yulia, Sean, TenniUe, Delton, 'Tete, and Melissa, remember to do 
the right thing and use the tools that weve given you to be successfiil. 
Carry on the traditions that you ve learned, and continue to make this 
place a great instimtion. "The Institute Shall Never Die' 

HG2, 1; Corporal-3, 1" BAIT SGM-2, F-Troop CO-1; Ghetto 
Member- .S, 2, 1; Presidential Advisor- 3, 2, 1 

1995: Michael S. Johnson 
2001: Yulia B. Beltikova 

Christopher M. Gaddy 

Bryan E. Bailey 


Carlisle, Kentucky 
History & Psychology Minor / Special Student 

The itifumolls Pat Bak( 
Carlisle, This character, known as 
category. Once he gets started, yo 
because his stones will dazzle you ar 
By the time you leave the room, yoi 
done no work for the night. There 
about getting an education and starting 
no doubt hell be successful in whatever he di 

n in central Kentucky in a small town known 
"Bake to his fnends, is never lacking in the jokt 
u might as well pull up a chair and stay a while. 
,d his impressions will make you roll with laughter, 
jr stomach will ache and once again, you will have 

ther side to Bake The Bake d: 

tocusedon his future and 1 h; 
hard to beli 

Patrick R. Balder 

"Pat, Bakes" 

ithis H#%$ hole is almost over. Pat and I only spent about four 
iijiring this time we were almost inseparable due to the fact diat we had v 
backgrounds and interests. Over this short dme period we have had some 
experiences, great road trips (Morgantown, etc), and other good times that 
forgotten. The hardships at this place have also taken their toll, but we havt 
them with extensive conversations about sports or the combinadon of days and long 
none ptoductive weekends. Our good times will only grow in number once we;leave 
this pliice. Go Cats! More impottandy diough GoMounties!!! It was HUGE, Baker!! 
Best of luck Broiiove, Rich and Will. I want to say a few dlings before I leave this 
place. VMI has Ix^en an interesting experience to say the least. ,4.1though the past 4 
years have been a grind, the bonds and friendships 1 have established here were worth 
it. I caiit thank my piirents enough for all their support and lov^^'this achievenaenc is 
just as much theirs as it is mine. To my one and only brothet Paul. I love you buddy. 
I want to diank Karen Beth who has stood beside me and made this \e-dr great, you're 
the Ix-st KB. Thimks to my dykes who helped me survive mi first yciir and provide the 
foundation on which to build. Finally, thanks to .ill my family and fnends who 1 
placed their support behind me. In dos'ing, 1 would like to le.ive with a quote that 
sums up my experience at VMI, 'I m so tired of lieing tired" Tom Petty, Vitgin 
Private; Cadet Staff .1. Asst Sports Editor 2.1; Bic Red Club t, 2, Tres, 1 ; F(x>tball4, 
i: FCA 2, 1 


1995: Jeremy higram 
2001: Clayton Llewellyn 

Paul C. Balassa 

^- *Uncie Paul 


Ft. Washington, Maryland 
English / Army 

"I have a 10 inch tongue and I breathe through my ears." Those are 
the words that Paul used when asked to desanbe himself, and if one 
gets to know Paul, that description isii riiat far off. Paul came here as 
a locked on, squared away rat. In May, Paul will leave as a prune 
example of what a first class private dirt-bag should be (not that it is 
iacl). Paul is known tor counseling those rats who seek the advice of 
one who is learned in the system, but doesit care. He will always be 
there in times of need with lots of sarcasm and bad jokes. However, 
in the end Paul will always come through, and is a good man to have 
on your side. Well Paul, ^ood luck in "the Army, and may your flair 
for leadership brine you tame and fortune in the future. K 

Private 4321; Glee Club 4321 '- 


y^5^ ^♦^ ■ 

Matthew R. Baldwin 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Computer Science /Army 

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel isit a train coming the other 
way. I carr Believe that this saya is soon coming to an end. The 
Institute has taught me a lot in the ways of life. The most important 
lesson learned was no matter how bad it is; it could always get worse. 
I have to thank the administration for this lesson. I^uess tlie secret 
to this place is the friendships that you establish in this hellhole. You 
guys know who you are. To the members of the WBC, Sac, Ryan, 
Todd, Sean (my nigga), Brian (HEEEB), Deter, Ranch, Pearson, 
and Blanford, You guys are the best. Steve Burton, we are an un- 
beatable team. Summer school marathon, Pins and needles, and 
knowing every crack in the road between here and Alexandria. Just 
remember, "You guys concentrate on grades, we will come to you. I 
will always remember everything weve been through. FEESE! You 
might be gone right now but never forgotten. Hamel!! Jesus where 
dol startf' You have been my mobile stipport team for my cadetship. 
I guess we should have cleaned tliat footprint of paint. Get outta 
here soon, so we can go to plan C. I owe tne majority of my thanks 
to my parents. "Every plane needs a strong wind to fly, and you two nvl/pc- 
were always there. Kris!! You are my everything, I Ciiii wait to get '-'j'^cs. 
outta here and spend the rest of my life with the girl that I love. I " "' 

love you all and I will be there for you, because you have been there 
for me. 

To Andrew and Jenny, work hard and everything will come your 
way! I am always an email away. 

Band Company 4,3,2,1. Commanders 3,2,1. Corporal 3. Ser- 
geant 2. XO 1. WBC (OD interceptor) 2,1. Dog Pound 3,2,1. Big 
Red 3,2,1. Pep band 4,3,2,1. 

1995: John Cliristman 
2001: Andy Rogers 

Jennifer Boensch 

Marshall, Virginia 
hiternational Studies / USMC 

What can be said about a man named Brook? Barbour BW is a 
quiet person though his thoughts are extensive. Living the motto 
Semper Fidelis, BrcKik will follow in the footsteps of his father into 
the Few, the Proud die Marines Whether high m the sky or deep in 
the trenches, he will serve our country well Those who know Brook 
always admire his consistent social candor and deep-seated loyalty to 
his friends. We could not have asked for a better partner in enduring 
the degradation of VMI Sea.sons" have changed, mad things reaf- 
rangedl yet our friendship has always remained constant. Gixw times, 
bad times and ALL the tmies in between Though we all have our 
differences, we are ver}' much the same Whether we were climbing 
the Smokey Moimtains or basking on the beaches in Florida those 
memories will always mark the lives we have lived together. May 
your life after VMI be filled with good fortune and good times. We 
wish you the best of luck. Yocir friends altta\'s. 

Rat 4; V Cpl 3; 1" Sgt 2; Co. Xo 1; India Co. Preservation Society 
1: President Semper Fi Society; Ckib Cocoa 4; Hell i; Club Panama 
2,1; Tool 4,3,2, f; Hell of a guy 4,3, 2,1 


1995: RyanFeeney 
2001: Mat Wright 

Brook W; Barbour 

"Brooky, Barbwire" 

Roanoke, Virginia 
International Studies / Array Special Student 

Tom has had a very successful time here at VMI He has managed to 
ma,scer the " three legged stool". With academic stars, occasionally burdened 
b\ rank and in accomplished first class private, you might have thought 
Tom had done enough but not so! He also managed to be a ixrsonal work- 
out genius never t iiling to defeat the VFT and never actually having to go to 
till, hospital iftcrw irdb though he did scare us a couple oi times! Tom has 
tx 1 1 imt a master of diseo His unparalleled " pistol hip shoot" move, remi- 
nisce nt ot John Travolt i in " Disco Fever", was the envy of all of us in Gold 
Co est corner Second and Third class years Tom could usually be found 
buried in his studies, and the hard work paid off As a first classman, with 
his outstanding GPA well in hand, Tom has been free to srudy his favorite 
subjec-t rom intic intrigue With a ready smUe and a witty rejoinder he spends 
countless days (Ac days S-5 days, OGA days. First class days) sweeping 
ladies off their feet and into his spider web of sedueiiion. In barracks Tom has 
always been ready to help out a friend with an honest opinion or a patient 
With zooteil on his nametag and in his soul, Tom is always handy witli. 

a crazy story to brighten even the darkest hours. Needless to say, Tom ws>a jQyJ^gg. 
lieadUner at Gold Coast B.S. sessions. Many of us learned to use die hudi- ^ r^r^r- 




"The Guy Behind the Guy" 

room before Tom started to ralk. Tom is articulate, cultured, has a keen wit, 
and is a uenderoan of the highest standard. 1 cannot imagine lum getting 
involved in anything and not making a sucxess of it. With the exception, 
perhap.s, ot .i singing career. Those of you who have heard his rousing rendi- 
tion of Neil \oida<s"' Keep on Rockiri in the Free ■% orld' know exactly what 
I'm talking about. 

Pvt, 4,l;Cpl i; Sgt. 2; S-5 Counselinc Staff 2,1; Sexual Assault Response 
Team 1; OGA 1; Hop and Floor 3,2; Gold Coast Comer 4,5,2,1; Big Lick 
Revival Chairman 4,3,2, 1 . 

Paul Thompson 
John Humphries 
Gussie Lord 

Lynchburg, Virginia 
History / USMC 

Eisenhower once said ot General Patton; He was one of those men 
born to be a soldier. Stefan was a Marine before he knew what one 
was; considered it a revelation upon finding oLit that there was an 
tecganization built specifically for him. His c'adetship is the architec- 
^ture of ■st'onderful achievement. His reputation is Gibraltar. His 
ftiendship is light and shade. Tho,se that know him best will be sur- 

Pci-sed least by his success and to others it will come as expeaed. \X?l!en.. 
resident Harding spoke of quality of citizenship, the vanguard o|i 
his hopes was and is tormed by people like Stefan: proteaing tho^; 
who cannot protect themselves; fighting for those wno cannot figlif 
for themselves; conjuring only the ghosts of Duty and Honor to his 
guiding light. He is a phenomenon. Like Freeman saidof Lee, there 
IS no mystery with Stefan. Lake Lee, we Just may rea^of Stefansome 
day. U) our friend, we say: Never let thy soul be the Cold and timid 
one familiar with neither victory or defeat; may the road rise to meet 
you, let fortune smile upon you, and let your friends be unto you 
whaj^^ou^are unto the world: Semper Fi, our friend. 
And s6 he passed oven and the trumpets sounded on the other side. 
4-RodenL 3-Gadre CpL, Rat Challenge Cpl„ 2- Golf 1st Sgt., Rat 
Challenge sgt.; 1- Golf Co. Cmdr, Rat Challenge CIC; Semper Fi 
Society' 4,3,2,1; Bttlldog-2,1, Ac Stars-2; Deare List-4 , 3 . 2 , 1 ; Co- 
Education Committee-2, YGBSM-4,3,2, 1 . 

Stefan R. Barr 

"Schlemp, Col. Barr, Pappy" 


1995: BillPercival 
2001: Matt Meyers 

Amanda Kaufman 
Steve Brown 
^^.^^ Happy Winters 

David At Bates 

"Rash, Hoss" 

Jo$^ph L. Bat^ Jr. 

"Pond Wlter, Uncle Lari^. Inbred " 

Yorktown, Virginia 

Computer Science Minors: Spanish, Mathematics 

/ Air Force 


get thrci 


here would ha 
Ail I can say i; 

enjoyed all die sreat tiin 

bur we Rur, . . be; 


". All that ytiu see ^W, that is the corps performing dnll and lc rem 
facade to the Institute David. What is cnost important is what hapjiei 
w.ills- - George B. Colonna '44 

This IS how I^ "history here at^tfie Institute I w is w itch 
John T. Newton '97, in parade and I had just commented on the aj i 
corps and how well I thought that diey looked marching I w as s 
cousin, and I longed to be wearing a urliform and marthinc in the r. 
like my grandfather and my uncle, David M. Colonni ~'b Wow 
surprise. The first few days as a Rat made me think th it it wasnt so ne if to be in a 
liform after all. However, I pushed on, but there were man> people dut helped me 
jgh not only:#ie Ratline, but also through the true meat ot the system tht 
:iass years. Mike Baumann, without \i)u as a room mate l think thatm\ 
ve been half as stressful, but r^\ ice as Chris Tattv 

'Keep the faith, and graduate Thanks tor ill the tnp to 
id Double-Deuce, you guys were tllfe Pervert x 1 2 tommies I 
s we had... Potsy- "I attended th^fufleril of my best friend 
of my lifer Doii)le-D - In froitt o^c mirror were >ou 
born with that nipple that way?" Jimmy D. - "Oh bo> the n^t cynical catkt tllit I 
have known, I wouldii be surprised to see you in ten years ,^!ill workinc off chose 
PTs." John DilLird Cocke I"V, thanks for the coundess harassments and words of 
encouragement like, "Remember it^ only for 4 months Jolm my paitaermcnme 
watching all pep rallies Using the Weez and Budd^ anci) W&L~>-Wfgs by the 
w.iy. Are you Jesus Christ?" Zxilomans- RingDykts-' "% h ttcvcr lets prfrty with Sean 
Burke and that Nitrous instead. Thiols - Fatty what is diat ra, h King Fil ore 9S 
Club Pervert '9^, '96. Valencia, Espaiia, Otono V 

Thanks to all of family, I couldnt have done any of this without )i u Tlnoks Mom 
for szettinit idl those forms in Icir me. Dad for all the ride to end iron hiK^l and our 
chats; tfrandmomma, tlumk you for aU die sap( ort &ran-| 1 . 1 K - This is t, r 
you.... 1 love you all. 

Buena Vista, Virginia 
International Studies / Special Student 

■Well its finally here! Ir seems like we were matciailatmg yesterday. 
These four years have been ven' eventful, and I sometimes wish I could 
start over. It was a wild frip!!First, I want to thank my MOM!! Words 
cannot eixpress how much you mean to me and how much you have 
done for me. I LOVE YOU!! Dad, thanks for everything, junior, 
thanks for making my mom happy. Krisrina, doii sell yourself short. 
John Mac, Drace, Pridge, Sweet t)addy. Big Irv, Himel, you are gone; 
but not forgotten! 1 owe you more than you realize. Thanks!!Randy, 
thanks for teachmg me everything that I know. Dykes, keep your head 
up. The end is closer than you realize, Chris, you're the best «»t 1 could 
have gotten, Thanks!! Alligood, remember to pick and choosi, you're 
the, best., I will miss you guys in August, give i;m hell! Btett. it 
««9-s.a great working relationship and friendship for four years, 

l3ale, Liuck, and Tathei^i thanks fo)^,al| of the memories (good and 
bad). I axn sure that we h^e only begurt^Huck, I want to be the Aryan 
ambassadorof death ii^our nations, 2032. Fathead, I have never met j.^ . 
someone so "experie^cea" in this world. Aunt Silkie, I owe you a'lor. DykCS: ;., 
You came and gor rnl all summer, embarras,sed me, and even woke me | QQR 

up with your 'httle massage' I'll miss ya brd! Ill sec you guys on Potts 3 JcJ 

Creels with a cold Bud. light, Huck and Dale, dori forget tfic nipples. "We 
the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impijssihie for the un- 
grateful. We have been doing so much, for so long, with so little. I'l t art 
now qualified to do anything with nothing. 

Charlie Company rat, I ' cpl., i" Sgt., X.O,; Rat Challenge C ulrc -i, 
fite Figure Honor Guard 3; Ring Figure Cliairman 3,2, Douglas ( arter 
Frailce Hi memorial award 2; New ^larfcet Wreath Detail 3, Firiiv Parry 
2; Library Cadet Asst. 3,2,1; Big^Red Club 3,2,1; Career alcoholit i 2 I , 
Power LiftinWTeam 1; Elected RDC 1; Administrations target 1, C liib 
Hell 1; 

Justm "Weez" Bogaty 
MJ "Ears" Christensen 

Randy Agee 
Chris Simpson 



' Mike 0. Baumann 

Ouinton, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Army Special Student 

Four long years. Actually three long years. And what have I iearnedl' I have 
learned that there are people in this world you will come to love, come to hate, and 
the rest, if hfe is anything like VMI, become completely inditterent to. So here we 

To those I love: Mom and Dad-Thanx so much, for everything. You both know 
there is just too much to list, but in retrospeCT thanx for beleiving in me and always 
giving me a second, and in some cases, a third chance. To Molly and PJ-I look 
forward to the chance of gr(5vmig old with you guys. Molly, you have wisdom 
beyondj^our years. PJ I hope you have learned from my mistakes and if you ever 
have a question about anything, cause as you know I've been there, just ask. To 
Pervert Corner. What to say and where to start. Forgive me for those I dork 
specifically name, but you know who you axe. Hoss\ Dillard, and Fatty The 
original 112, and brothers eternal: To Mr. Neptune and Jimmy. Keep lifting and 
find that never ending source of protein. Jimmy, keep pissm em off cause no one 
is as good at it as you, and remember you will idWays be the 5th roommate. To 
Douce, Billy, Trey, Strock, Dick, S^hw^nke, Motor, Toolan, Bman, Spinelli, Nate, 
and Bums. Thaiix for sharing in tlic love. And last but not least my good friend 
and constant source of sanity. Trey You guys all take care, keep in touch, and 
never forget your all CHUMPS. John, best of luck with, your journey at VMI, 
Keep Pervert alive, and try to keep all things in perspective'.- Now, to those I hate 
and am indifferent to. Do whatever it is you do, or have done while at your 
beloved "Institute", and perhaps one day you will come to realize just how petty 
and trivial your actions are/ were. Try to open your eyes, think for yourselves^ and 
actually live life, for I believe that one day, if you continue to follow die path you. 
are on, you will only be left with regrets. No memories of good times or good 
friends, simply regrets. Collectivly, you all have much to learn. And I'm out. 

Member ot Pervert Corner and The House of Pain 

Michael T. Baum^ardner 

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania 
Economics & Business; Psych / Marine Corps 

Almost ibur J'ears no-w and I have finally found the light at the end 
of the tiijnnel. Thankfully it -was not an oncoming fteight train. This 
has been quite an incredible jovirney and thanks are o-wed here to 
many. Above all else 1 am grateful to my parents, -without you none 
of this -would have been possible. Mom you have endured a great deal 
and I am certain that many rnore stones you would rather, not hear 
await you in the future. Dad Item honesdy say that everything I have 
acconrplished so far in my life has been a direct result of your influ- 
ence. Your example, direction, iind advice has provided me with a 
foundation upon which 1 will build the rest of my life, thank you. 

To those whom I count among ra) true friends, our bond as brothers 
will endure long after we draw our fuial breadi upon tins earth. This 
journey could not have been made \\ ithout eacli other I thank you for 
•when you have helped to c-arry me m times of need, and for the fun 
we had along the way. AmiUing lliat -i\ e managed to enjoy things here 
so much here together, something an outsider wdl ne\er understand. 
Life woulcj have been unbearable -without you My door and my DykCS: 

heart will forever remain open tor you aoytime, an)place, anywhere. 
To the MEN of the Class ot 1 998 it has beea a privilege to call you 
my Brother Rats. To those MEN who we leave behind to face an 
uncertain future, never lose sight ot the way VMI should be, you 
must accept nothing less 

4* Cpl 3, Sgt Ma) 2, Bn Co 1 Rifle 4,3,2,1 F-Tn.op 4, V2,l: 
Cadetlnvestment Group 2, Chairman 1 Firefighters 2, 1: Semper Fi 
4,3: USMCR 4,3 

1995: Chris Barkocy 
2001: Eric Burleson 
Jim Morroe 

"Mike, \ank" 

Roanoke, Virginia 
History / Special Student 

Considering the amount of time I have spent here, it would seem 
like I would nave a lot to say. It has definitely been a long road, and 
I hope It -n IS all worth it. I must admit that there were some fun 
mnes alon,; the way, I think. 

Of course I couldn have made it without the help and support 
tr )ni my family Mom and Dad, thanks for the iiiiul, money, food 
phone bills, and everything else you have done tor me. Scott and 
A-Iisb) your generosity knows no boundaries You have been two 
.^rc It parents and I can never thank you enough Nancy, wc are two 
of a kind, and that is scary You have been a great listener anel guicit, 

Toolan and Ashman 1 will never know how we survived four years 
together, but I want to thank you both for everything Toolan the 
army should be c isy compared to the hell you have taken from me 
The time here has been worth it ]ust to meet a friend like you I still 
havert for,:orttn about that boxing match y et Ashman, Iknow yott 
wiU be as dad to get out ot here as I will Good luck widi life away 
from the F limmy the RTVP I wdl never follow you anywhere 
again T hope your force marches ire less d mgertius in the irmy Wc 
found the aayort though md those siue were «ome nut lunways 
Dick 1 hope your 'General Missions tiktjrOular in^' I hope dity 
dont rclt ISC our VbP Psych tests Casino 12^ ' a] (' invoo'-jfii 
VMI hvei 1 know w here you can get a tc » co 
need some; jfebs Good lucTv to the origin I P 
■^K) you are Good luck to the i lu rtf 
■"rSchooM 3 2 1 Football Minaser 2 i HV I 

:rvert Corner 3 2 1, RTF 2 1, 






'' s, 




Sean Kuikc 
Mike Conliii 

Amityviye, New York 
Mechanical Engineering / USMC 

I would first like to give honor to GOD. and all that he has done 
for me because without him I would not have made it. Its been a 
Ions four years and its hard to believe its finally over. Mom and 
Dad, Mema and Pope thanks tor the guidance throughout my life 
and most importantly bringing me into this world, llove you very 
much! Les, Mayo, and John thanks for helping me dirough a tough 
Rat year. Al and Dre, we started togetRerjind we are finishing 
together. Weve been rhroiigh the toiighest tirhes together and this 
is only the beguiinning of the end... To the fellas in" 1 13, O'Neal 
and TJ thanks for being true friends -and being there when I needed 
vou. T-Bird, the Navy Dudes, and the rest otthe fellas in the corps 
keep gomg on and never give up. To mv dykes, Ebonv, Mike; and 
Aaron its tough but you ail can make it. I am now moving on to 
a life of death and destruction! Semper Fi! 

Marine; Football(4-vear letterwinner); Class Vice-President; 
Ba^allion Commander; Fromaji Club 

Jabarr D. Bean 


1995: John Mayo 

Lester Johnson 
John Cross 
2001: Ebony McElroy 
;^ Mike Washington 
Aaron Yarbough 

Roanoke, Virginia 
History / Army 

VMI has been»an interesting experience. For every bad instance 
that occurs, usually a good one follows. I have made strong friend- 
ships throughout my four years here. It is through these people that 
VMIs hardships are lessened. T^l comical commentaries and hu 
morous stories are what keep you going and m ike the pi icc as fun is 
it can be. I am thankful to have ceen given the opportunit) to at 
tend VMI and hope that I will be a good representative of the school 
in the future years. I am happy that I will attain the goal 1 originally 
came to the Institute for in the fitst place. In the encfl will probablj 
look back on the hardships and laugh, but for right now I am a little 
bitter. Although, everyone who signs the matriculation bqok knftws 
this isrt a vacation. All in all, I will be very happy to move qn and 
start my career. * 

Ranger Challenge 2 yrs; Big Red Club 2 yrs. Tanker Platoon 1 
semester ; Band I year Virgin Private 4 years "^ ^ 


1995: Benji Bird 
2001: TOlman Bowling 

Charles J. Beirne 

Jason E. B^U 

"JB, J Poppa, J-Bell" 

Dale City, Virginia 
History / Army 

Where has the rime gone.' I cannot believe thiit ft is time for die Class of '98 
to move.qn to bigger and better diing.s, I would first like to thank the LoflI for 
guiding nie. through rhese lour years. 1 would also like m thank mj Mother 
and Father for always supporting me during my strenuous 'VMI experience. 1 
would like to say peace to everybody on the b:isketball team, espeii.ilK- my 
dykes Nick, Richard, and Adam Its been a fun ride. I've rcilly enioved 
beating all of you up in practice and in the AREMA" Just reniemlxT that I 
hold the Belt and if you want it, \()u can always come and get it. 1 love you 
all!! Doii let all these player haters" out here worry you gu\ s rfT'dfeath. ■\'a'U 
know, how we do!! I wish all you guys all the sui ass in thewiirld, both on and 
■offthe court. I have to give shoutouts to ail my roomies, past and present. I 
wbuld like to wish my rat roommates, Justin and Todd, the b^of luck in aU 
that )ou do. I still remember the dajs wheH: we would stay ^ late at D^f^' 
and talk about being First classmen 'TAKEG^RE!! I now have to sa^fews- 
my peoples 'Nate Dogg, fijg Smtt, B- Taueggy Darrius, Dar)i .mil lasttiur 
not least Litde Clemente. (\Ve\ i gotra go, Irs checkout time.) Its been a hm 
year fellas! You best believe Tupac lives. (In our room an\ wav ) Me ,ind 
Taueggy have enjoyed wirining the Spades Room Chiuiipionsjiip Hilts We 
wiU' Sways wear them proudly I dort know how all of us in.uli ihroimh. 
Wdve been tlirough a lot, (Capers & Ass whippings.) All I have to s.i\ lo you 
guys IS 1 Love You and you will be forever be in niy hearr. I re.ilK .ippteciatc 
the way you guys always looked out for me and never let me git in trouble 
whenever we rolled'out. You know how we do!! I If you ever need iuiyrhing 
ar-all, 'I airi:"Kard to find" To my dykes Anthony. Adam, Mike. Nick, and 
Richard, good Kick to all. I want to come back in thret- years and see you Atl. 
graduating. You guys did a good job of keeping us from getting 
boned. (Most of the time anyway.) Take care! To the rest ,ftf my 
Brothet Rats, take care of yourselves and God Bless >'^ all. (Even thd^ones 
that 1 couldii stand and that almost caught beat-downs) 

; 1995; Lester Johnson 
2001: iNick Richardson 

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 
International Studies / Special Student 

As I sit down and try and reflect on my thoughts of the Institute, I 
realize that I am writing this very much like I nave done most of my 
assignments here - at the last minute, not following directions and 
because I have to. Its not that I doii trust my roommates and friends 
to write this for me, but there are just some things I did not want to 
sjo without mentioning^ IJirst and foremost is a tig THANK YOU 
for my parents. I would never be where I am or who I am today 
withoat you. I love you both. 

Secondly, instead of trusting my friends and teammates with writing 
this, 1 would like to write what a privilege it has been experiencing 
these lour years together. 

I have had many ups <ind downs these four years, from the day I 
chose to come here to the time I filled out diat transfer application to 
Penn. I am not real sure what made me come here and have even less 
of an idea why I stayed, but fof some reason I chose to finish what I 
started. Maybe 1 remembered what Teddy Roosevelt said: "It is not rj,,L.pQ. 
the critic who counts. . . The credit belongs to the man who is actually UyKeS: 

David M. Benedick 

^l^ "Dicky, Untouchable" 

in the arena!" My arena has been a combination o~f barracks, the class 
room and the lacrosse field and I have stuck it out because I was 
afraid that somewhere there is someone who didrt think I could. I 
am not sure what I have achieved here, but there are two things I 
would not trade for all the frat parties and dates that I missed: the 
pride of my parents and die friends I have made. 
Pvt. 4, 3, 2; S-2 Lt. 1; Lacrosse 4, 3, 2, (Captain) 1; Pervert Corner 
3, 2, 1; Spain 3; Preston Society 2. 

1995; Todd "Flash" Glasser 
2001: Mike Martyn 

Charlottesville, Virginia 
Biology / Navy Special Student 

Sams time at VMI hasrt always been smooth sailing, but at least its 
been interesting. If you doii think that eight years oT military school 
can bring a man down, go talk to this guy some time. Then of 
course, tliere were the demerits. There were a lot of demerits. Yet 
Sam never let it stop him. Wi|h a brief respite here and a slighdy less 
brief respite there, Sam trudgSjthrough the muck that comprises 
much of^Institute life, as he wotildssay, Uke it was his job . 

If we caii be certain that Sam always enjoyed his time at VMI, we 
can say that he made it a lot more enjoyable for the people around 
him. w ith a warm heart, a terrific sense of humor, and a finger on 
the pulse of what VMI is aJl about, Sam has been a source of strength 
for all of those who know him well. Tlie up and coming: classes 
should consider themselves lucky that hell be sticking around a little 

A madman on the rugby pitch, a genius in the biology lab, the only 
guy who can make thirty minute Drownies in twenty minutes, the 
fmiil link to ultimate perfection in Gold Coast corner, and a whiz 
with animals and children; 5;es Sam is all of these things and more. 
We hope to God that he doii go changing, and were waiting tor the 
best thats still to come. 

Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadet Waiter, 3; S-5 Usher Staff, 1, Wrestling, 4; 
Rugby Football Club, 3,2, 1 ; English Society 3,1; Goldcoasr 1 . 



Rick Franco 
Scott Smith 
Drew Law 

SamuelT. Bernier 

"Sammy " 

Chatam, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering / Air Force 

Its been an interesting experience to say the least. I couldii have 
done It without the immeasurable support of my Mom, Grandpa, and 
Grandma. You have always been there no matter what. I love >()u, 
thank you. The friendships that have formed here are undescribable 
and urifadiomable by outsiders. BJ and Jimmy, weve had some un- 
forgettable times together, I wish you were stiD here. You two have 
been gready missecT since you left. Mike the amount of money we 
spent IS unbelievable but we had a hell of a time and J-Luv will neverl- 
forget it. BEE-ATCH, Sloth, Twinkle, Curt~what a combination. 
Paullie, Mead,sman it was a fun summer, if you ever need a roommate 
give me a call. Nesto, Waliy, Jeff well never forget Fuji. To the WBC, 
WOW where our next convention? I know I didtt mention everj-one 
so friends, family, BRi were done, thanks for everything, none of us 
could have done it alone. 

The one thing I want to pass on to all is the best advice I have ever 
•been given, -IJONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF thanks Dad. 

AFltOTC, B md Co, Pistol Tl im. Eagle Scout Assouation; Platoon 

Bt , Platoon Lr 

.Mattliew J. Beitsch 

"Bee-atch, Reb" 

Ryan K. Bettoti 

Brandon A. Bissell 

"Head, Cabeza, Biss, MissileWUlow 
Ollie, Mask, Umpa-Lumpa, Noggin" 

- Naihaniei W. Blackburn 

"Nate^l^liilofreezc, Prckford" 

Collinsville, Virginia 
Biology / Navy 

M\, my. how ame dtK;s fly. 1 caii believe 
whc-ii A timid little teenager, bearmg only a sli^i^h 
■iway in some b(xjk. Not knowin;; wfiai w:ls laj 
went with the flow, I h.ivc since qinsnnncd dy 
and wondered why I stayed. Yet t\eii 
torwiird to coming back. The answer 
friends. I know 1 have evolvc.l ru becoi 
produce. This weight to upliold the values 
by this young man. is a tiring endeavor; which 

Ir WLis only 4 short years ago 

antf to myself, signed my life 

ying idiead, I simply stepped back and 

ly decision of attending diis institution 

dumbfounding, why I always kK)ked 


1 these cpiestions ; 

:- the voung gentk^mar 


this shiirt dmc is startling: 
id my dislikes; my values and m\' peculia 
the most from this place are the friends 1 have mac 
express to ;JI of jou your imponance to me", bu 
Todd- from codykes to roomies and best friends aJ 

?ryday — 
that VMI strives to 
i<j.c that is portrayed 

.ork, What I have 

,^ Bhlht 

Yet, the -ains 1 will cherish 
z. thtr way. 1 couldii possibly 
V tiiib! friendship is forever. 
hanks for ak*. a\ s l^eing there. 

Paul- bout damn dme you came around; John and Sean- >oure juactically famil) 

I' the r(Hit, buys, Kris- "Brown leather shoe stomps it" Don- "Hey goat," see 

Iri.ui B .ind Brad- can you believe it, fi:om Lenny Cravitz to dirty 

ill here, 450 is a long way away, but thanks fur .dways being there. 

ks for uovetjng my back, I owe you guys big.l must admit, you did 

Pedro. Dtii^ Pound iind 


you in, the fle( 

habits and we 


it right., Brian L, .ind Paul M. - heres to die late night: 

WBG what the hell were we thinking? Herts to the late r 

Tacoutta sight and botdes down right. Ham- get it in geai 

them skirs. Moni, Dad. and Tory thanks for supporting n- 

taining the Chateau dc Betton. Angelo, Nick, Mike, an 

good luck- you'll need it. For those not mentioned above 

want to get the hell out of here. 

Reg Band'4,3.2,U Pep Band 4,3,2; Big Red Club t.2. 
Midn Battn X.O. 2; 2"^ CPL 3; MSGT 2; Bd Co CO, 1 
Program I ; W'BC Prcz 2,1; Dog Pound Pres. 3. 

lights, die bright lights, the 
:, bud 1 miss ya How 'bout 
le, tolerating me, and main- 
id Jaro- giveem hell 'buds, 
, you're not forgotten, I ]ust 


1995: Ralph Rogasta 
j2001: Angelo Sakellariou 

Pipt Band 
Biology Si 



Lexington, Virginia ^ 

History / Arniy ^ 

When one first sees Brandon Bissell, the first thing that must come to their 
mind is, "God, would you look at the size of that kids head." We have given 
you a lot of flack S*er the last three years, but you know it was aU in good 
fun. We had coundess memories that will last forever and we are both now 
better people for having lived with ygu. We both can recall iiiany times 
where we have needed your help and you were always there. . . yadda, yadda, 
yadda. O.K. enough of the garbage . . . this is die trWi. Rat yearcainc unci 
Brandon and Jimmy took on the pressures of being a legacy in 447. *! need 
one volunteer' Bissell, good, you are going to the RDC" . . . Smart Kid. 
Thitd Class year found Brandon and Jimmy with a new companion. Jut, 
need we say more. This addition to the room broadened their views on many, 
different subjects (we will leave it at that). Second Class year i.s quickly 
summed up over the intercom one chilly BRC, 'EMT plea,st report to F- 
Troop. ASAP!!! There is a piper down, I repeat, there is a piper downf After 
a HUA summer, Brandon returned to the "I" for his First Class yegt, "Tell 
your brother we want our VCR back.' Thanks Head, we both love you more 
than you know, and we hope life is as good to you as you have been to us. 

I guess f should start out first by saying thanks to the entire Bissell clan. 
Although ifl had the choice to make all over asain it might have been Tech, 
sorry dad. Seriously though, 1 appreciate all the support and help you gave 
me. Jiitandjim, all I can say is its been fun. Jut. ..the eggs and the tobasco 
and Jim. ..the greatest question of all, how fat Wiis I' To all my friends from 

Richmond, I've got one thing to s<iy...Tri Cides suck! Lymie all I .. 

thanks tor the padence and the unwritten Dear John letter. Rich thaijks'foi 
everything and to Ben keep your head up. Marshfields not too far away and 
your years here will p.iss like that. Thanks to anyone and everyone that 
helped me. 

Football 4,3,2.1; Virgin Private 4. .^. 2,1; Bin Red ^,2, ISimimef School 
'96, '97; F-Troop 4,5,2,1; 

Chesterfield, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

VMI was an experience which ihall be with me until 1 brcadie my last breath. It has 
raught me a great deal aboiic myselt. 1 may say I hate this place now. but in my hearr 
I truly cherish the memories rhe T has given me. From the tailgares(Cherokee Row) 
to the sunrise study sessioo^ will look back and feel a sadness Tliis placediell on 
eiirtli) hits left a mark on my%eart for the friendships and trips w hiji have skectilied 
m) path in life. 

First of all, I must thank my father for all he taught me and taking care nf me Irom 
up above. Dad, I love you iuid I know you bc^en my guardian .ingel throughout our 
life apart (keep watching because I've only yet begun). I ^ilso would like to say thank 
you to my grandmother for taking m) fathers place and doing ever\ ihiog^or me she 
knew how. Stephanie, you arc my heart, soul, and mind. Everyil.n I God we 
rriet,aiid I dream for the day I can wake up a see )our beauriful face. I love you. nu.rc' 
^^ere can I begin to say rhanks to all the 'fellas' I've embarked on ad' 
"Well, TK, your gone but far frornforgotten. Thanks for being a great brotht 
you and I have been called 'Grumpy Old Men 6nt HI always love you foi 
great friend. See you at ou/>ar Ad\im(\\'.iyne)„flianks for the laughs .iiid 
hoix- you find yout rivet again) Troy. Ill .see yoB from the grand st.inds , 
well toast to your victory in the pit. Heath, you might )ell and turn red h 
change from the Moose. "Fellies' I Itxik forward to our (.ookoocs ,md se< 
famihesgrow up together. Much love goes out to the boys from G s 1 r,,n\ 
Derren.and Don thanks for the Dukes at 4:20, and always gomg lo se; .' 

Dykes : 


Rich Pitchford 
Ben Norris 

me. Buck, Ml alway 
of your eyes. Ill see- 
To all those who, I h; 
aaj^ all the GH .rats! 
Vii^in private.^Jra 
Club Officer; 90210 4,3.2,1; Bi 
2:00 Bed CheckQub 3; 24 Hoi 
RoBoyz 4,3,2,1 

timmins and our talks. Jay. I 

lext drive down the mountain. Burns 

ined thanks for the. memories. Good 

d Field 4; wi^ter/phdrographer £W<-;; Dears last; No."! 

"■ " e>%in-Guys 4,3,2. 1; Long Hair taub 3.2,1. 

tit Cr«w 3,2, 1; CliUl Spot 3; Ritlles Crew 2,1; 



' James 4. Biantord 

Jizzo, Dirty Limy Guy" 

1^ Virginia 

Civil Engineering / USMC 

Semper F-troop '98 

James came to VMI a quiet kid from Portsmouth, VA. He claims 
his^roots in New York. That may be part of the reason I refer to, him 
as "jackJeg. However, the quiet BR 1 sat next to in Calculus I was 
quite the annoyance to upperclassmen in Barracks. He was especially 
loved on the 3"* stoop after telling a third, "It doesrt matter whats for 

After rat year he becarrte more of a menace to rats. But while a third 
he didjnot stop annoying BRs by getting a B in statics from his rack. 
Revenge came second semester ttom Mallory Hall with KY 208. 
Remember James? "~ ■■ ' 

Second class year James then did the same thing with academics. As 
Master Sgt., when he was present, he was mean. But he spent most 
of his time where, the rack. 

Ring Figure came and went. His girl friend of three years did too. 
James showed how much of a h^t he had when that happened. He 
also showed his ability to adapF and overcome. He drove on and 
became a player like the rest of us. James also managed to get an- r)vke<J- 
other high rank with no real responsifeility, Z"** Battalion S-4. He was •^.y^^*- 






sM^lvln L. Bonifacio 

'ace, Ha|)i)> h'llipmo' 

fiod at keeping in touch with the corps. He loved duty jacket, no 
irt, and hated tying his shoes. He even decided one parade to not 
mSrch with a saber by dropping it in the middle of the parade.. 

As with all of the other Master Sgts. James was nominated to the 
EDC. He was so enthused in making lives hard he didrt stop with 
rats. Between single jingle OD and football games he was a real treat' 
for upperclassmen. James, you're a faithful Friend. Thanks for all of 
the laughs. Your Skinny WOP Roommate, BJ 

7th cpl.. Master Sgt., 1"^ Battalion S-4; VMI Firefighters 2,1;RDC 
1; Rack Challenge: 3,2,1 SOB 4,3,2,1; BuOet Sponge; life 

Front Royal, Virginia 
» * Civil Engineer / Special Student 

Alex is what may simply be described as a cantankerous, erudite, 
and farcical inoividual. And we mean that in the best possible way. 
Alex came TO the "1° already a military man, spending the better years 
of his life at a militar)' high school. His peregrination through VMl, 
'what a long strange trip its been. We nave had some aazy times, 
some hazy times, and a lot in %;tween. Alex is one of the only indit^. 
viduals that we lan)w that cati make partying a science. Heasure 
knows how to press up that hill of science. 

B.R. Blanton is a great friend to all who know him. He will defend 
his friends to the bitter end, and strike down those who attempt to 
poison and destroy his brothers. Alex is one friend you can always 
count on. He will always stand up for his beliefs, no matter how 
^skewed they are. 

And now For the mushy stufJR Alex lias the strongest convictions of j 
anyone you could ever meet These LonvicT:ions arc what will make L 
him so successful in life Alex never expects handouts, and he knows 
how to get what he wants He is a man of commanding presence. 
He is never one to foUow the pack We wish you the best oFluck in all 
your endeavors, even though we know you wont need it. When God 
throws the dice, they are loaded and they are m your favor. We dori 
just mean when youre gambling' 

Your paL Brook\ ind Kefus 

Rat 4, Cpl 3, 1" Sgt 2, D Co Xo 1, Jerk} 4 3 2 1, Club Cocoa 4 
Hell 3, Club Panama 2,1, ASCE 1 , English Socict\ 4 3 

Cherry Hill. New Jersey 
Electrical Engineenng / Air Force 

WFien Mel first arrived here, he did not re due v, here he was at He 
thought that he was going to Boston College \\ ell he obviouslv got 
on the wrong bus because he ended up at the I Wlien he entered 
theiflatriculationline, he wassnagBcdoy \(.t mother evil force THE 
BAJSTD, He thought things could not ^tt m\ worse Then he en 
rertd his rat room. Before him stood a mountain ot w^ilking flesh 
Perez. Thus began one mare term in Hell Third class year arrived 
and Mel had e^ped both Band and Perez by becoming a color cor 
poral and changing rooms. The pain did not end here The "I rern- 
torced with Nutty (Barnett), Novanut and the Fuzz Bunn) Second 
class year began with thoughts of Ring Figure and another > e ir iwa\ 
firom band. The Rings arrived and from the ashes of this wounded 

gained man arose the^ Happy Filipino A being capable of clunbmg 
otel walls and bouncing of walls. Thus ended another ye<u: at die i 
and his freedom from the Band as a sergeant major But the honey 
moon w Ls ( )\ Lf and tlie "I" was taking its reveni^e It thrust him back 
into the Bai id and forced him from his old room This last itt k k w<is 
defeated by the ntv, (ront door in Room 185 and frequent trips to the 
local wateruig holes Witli freedom m the air Mel ni in i^cd to sur 
Vive his tour years « die T with no visible st u^ and a smile on his 
face He looks forward to flying in the Air Force and God sa\e any 
that tr\ to itt in the way of nis wUd ind craz^ plans 

IEEE 4,t, Tae Kwon Do Club 2 1 \ewmui Club 1^21 NJ 
Club 4,3,2,1, Avoid AC Pro 4,3,2 1 Blod Puniiin«So ict\ i 3 2 1 
S^&l. Ftat Assoc 4 3,2,1, Avoid Con Pro 1 3 2 I Completion ot all 
mUSd brinks ir the Poltris l.Rat-rat 3 Re.; fir Cpl 2 But Sgt 



Chris WUls 
William Boulware 
Erich Miller 

Dykes : 

1995: Josh Strickler 
2001: Stanley and Britton 


Rich IKuihcMi :;t 
Brad ' Lowrlder" Purreii 
RashcKJ Aiken 

Robert 1^, Bopp 

Be Bopp, Smoker, Dr. DeatH; 

Brian R. Bowes 

Pulaski, Virginia A 

Electrical Engineering / Army 

When ] came to the Institute i(.X)king for the college experience, 1 
nevet would have imagined what I was in for. Early on in the rat line, 
I learned what the restrictions were for going uptown ;md partaking 
St some plain old cigars. I also got to meet some great friends that 
tjrst year. A special dianks goes out to Dave Killian for helping me 
down to die hospital after I had a collision with the spirit banner. 

Tlnrd class year, Brady and 1 moved into the cave with the rest of 
the animalsi. It was great living -with you E:uys. Caleb, sorry that it; 
didrt work out first class year, but I will always think of you fondly 
whenever I see somebody going ape#&*%. A.J.(R(m), I mn glad „ 
that we made die switch to die 05 room. I feel that I am now ready I 
to go out into the world and argue with anybody afi:er your intense 
training sessions. Brady, it must have been some kind of gcxid luck 
that.gut us in the same rat rooms. Icaii believe that we have been 
rooniates for four years. But we always had fun no matter where we 
were, ken, you make an excellent addition to the den. It is too bad 
that jpu eait finish out the semester with us, but you can still come 

The fe^,r 's, I think I could not have had a better bunch of roomates. 
we stuck together and stuck it out, which is the important thing. It 
IS kind of sad finally, getting ready to leave the I, but I nm I-xScmsj 
forward to tesdng tliat old theory that VMl is a ^rcat pLitc to be 


1995: NithyaSieu 
2001: JooWunder 

Vlike Butterfield 

Annandale, Virginia 
Economics & Business / USMC 

My yeiirs here at VMI have been without a doubt interesting. I can 
say 1 will go away having learned a lot. To my roommates oF450, it 
was a blast. My second and third class years were full of fun Getting 
the number one for running the block and losing, rank wcrt amorig 
the highlights. To all my friends it>as been real To m\ boys in ISL 
thar|ks tor taking me in, I was put in a bad situation TCom and Yo 
Diggity will last forever. We have had are good times ind our bad 
but through it all we seemed to make it. The WBC showed us ali a 
jfew good times. Cheers, to all of our merhbers Cameron and Chns 
thanks fcir showing me the way. Noah, I know you were alwa\s 
lookui" down on me I will never forget you bro The gang misses 
>ou a lot Carl and Viaor show your rats what we showlsd you and 
^Lver ever Kivt up Jen Andy Seong, and Justin h int; m there iind 
get through Make us proud While this school h is set mcd to fade 
away from its past ways it still stands above man) other schools I 
came here seeking a challenge and a challenge is what I got All ot us 
'" ^^^ '-'^"'^ 98 survived and will go on to become verN successful DvkeS' 
people Ilianl s for all the memories. This has definitel> beeft one ^r^r\r- 

expenence I will never forget 1995: 

Regimental B md Comm inders Jazz Band, Pipe Band, Y"^ Corpo- 
ral, Semper Fi b()cict> 1 PI itoon Serge,int 
Intramurals WBC 

~^^ 2001: 

Cameron O'Neil 
Noah Stoyko 
Chris Myers 
Carl Haas 
Victor ZoJI 

Richmond, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

"Endeavor to persevere' and Do or do not; there is no try', my 
favorite guotes, certainly embody this enigmatic VMI experience. 
These ai^ two maxims by which I have survived the past four years. 
Without* doubt, I coultl nut have made it without the imwaveriM 
support from my family, Ciiristina, Ken, and my BRs. To the WBC 
ana Dog Pound, our work is not over with graduation; keep the 
traditions, brotherhood, and old times aliverEdward and Greg, thanks 
for the patient help and putting up with my cursory visitation 
scliedule; let's go fishing one day. Paul, you have certaini) come a long 
way and I am honored to have spent our final year as ri>i)mTr&tes and 
look forward to more in Richmond witii the other ARRAPES/f Ham, 
r^anno't wait to see you walk the stage; I will always be i^rateful for all 
-ortRe support and time you gave me. There's a spot in Richmond for 
you. Ryan, four years ot knowing you has opened doors to a liitlercnt 
world. 'You are a brother to me; showing Sae how to really h i\l fc 
and be myself, 1 "cannotkliank you enoug^. Good luck in the N'AL 
Mike, Slaw, Nick, and Ang,. keep the fue'going and your heads up 
Mom, Dad, and Jenny, you are the best family an)bud\' umld have 
'Vour support has been unlike what anyone else has had, ( hrisnii i sou 
are something s|->ecial, something thai I have not and will ik \ i st<, n 
equal to. I kwe you and look forward to our years together, I \ Ml 
you have showed me what to be and not to be, ThaiiKs. 

Honor Court 2,1; RDC 1; V Corporal 3; 1" Sgt 2; #1 ( lul ' P\i 
2jl; Lieutenant 1; Deaiiii List 4; Regimental Band 4,^,2,1; Pep Band 
43y2,l; Semper Fi Society 4,:^; Non-YUT 5,2,1; Big Red ( lub ■,,? I 
Commartderl3; WBC/Dog Pound/Club -69 3.2,1, Chnsnni 

Ken Jambor 
Mike Dukes 
Jareik D\ house 

Jonathan A. Brant 

Christbpfti' #. Braun 

"Brauny, fi^aundo" 

Lucas J. Braxton 

Gus ^ 

Staunton, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Air Force 

In August ot 1 994 a ver>' confused and bewildered young man found his way 
to the Virginia Military Institute, the same school he swore to his dad that he 
would never attend. Well needless to say, but his initiation into this great insti- 
tution, did little to prove his father right and him wrong. From the lessons in 
straining, counesy of Obadal and Company to DRCs on the "forbidden stoop 
along side the now infamous "Low-roller' Lowman. Being in Gojf Co. made 
everything fun though; from listening to "Z" Wilson preach about life to being 
amazed by Eisemori anfics.'there were no dull days, only painful ones. Well Tt 
was all^ore than worth it, cause I came out with some of the best friends I've 
ever had: Cookie, Funk and the crew. 

I caci begin to start my history without first' mentioning my roommate of 
four long and joke filled years. Erie "Seamen will livtxn infamy as the meanest 
man I ever had the pleasure of li«tig in a tiny cubical with. Although I have by 
now compiled a list of nick-names for him as long as he has for me they must 
go unmentioned and left only in the past, with memories of long lonely nights 
at VMl. 1 must make mention of the fan that Eric is the only man I know who 
aaually spent mOre time on his rack than off it. And finally to Eric I have one 
last question, exactly whete is the magical disco sweater.' And what would a DvlCeS 
class history be without my long lost friend in Richmond who is the only guy I 
know that can walk ten miles and just not know how he got there. Of course I 
am referring to Aaron 'Fatworrri Edmonson, my companion in struggling 
through Engineering Through the fishing trips and many nights with "nQG" 
we have philosophized and tried to show our confused and misled brethren the 
path of "righteousness", however I think we were just always dismissed as hav- 
ing partaken in too much spirit consumption. 

To the "r I must leave with this. Although life here was hard and more often 
than could possibly be thought tolerable, monotonous, I am glad I came. 
When \tars have passed and memories faded, I will never forget the friend- 
ships I tound here and the times we had. 
RD C, Powerlilting. ASCE 

Midlothian, Virginia 
EGonomics & Business / Special Student 

bemor ;|*ear, Midlothian High School, Chris stunneci many of his 
peers ifter annoiindng his acceptance to none other than the Virginia 
Militat} Institute. He c.ime to VMI to be whatever he resolved to be, 
and to pk)/ tennis. Aftet the military told him he couldrt be an 
officer Chfiss next best thing was to become a gendeman. If you talk 
to the girls that he knows, you will find that that is just what he has 

Braun is the most laid back and understanding guy, who can handle 
just about anything, and he doesrt let many dungs get to him usually. 
After four years oT VMI, many people v.ould'think that maybe the 
Rat Line bothered him (noM), ma\bt the classes and his grades (no 
way, many a nights he loved to just sit and stare at his desk), or maybe 
it was the fact that this school resembled a prison But the only things 
that would ever bother him were his roommates and open windows. 
Many nights after escaping to neatb\ sdiools and partiapating in ac- 
tivities with the Reverend^ Chns would come back to the wonderful 
T, and engage in wonderful conversauons w ith his fellow friends of 
room 331, 231, and 150. These discussions usually endecl when 
something in the room became broken But, the nachos on the floor 
were not bad, nor was the attempt to pk\ catch with a shoe Chris 
soon found the value of Duck Tape 

'Well, Braun, you going far in hfe because you makes things look so 
easy. I hope diat you are successful m ail \our endeavors Remember 
that when and if you need anything dort hesitate to call And doiT 
ever forget not to sweat the small stuff, and in life pretty much every- 
thing is small stuff. 

'Virgin Private; Tennis Team 4 ^,2,l(captain 2 i ), Dears List i,2. 1 , 
CIG 1; Big Red Club 3,2- academic & athletic scholarships 4,j,2, 1 ; 
Sou thern Conference Academic Honor RoH 3.2,1; beer .-),2,1. 

Fayetteville, North Carolina 
Chemistry / Army 

The last of fouryeirs is finished ind I truly regret h imrl, to su I will never ii\(. inside 
barrjLks again "rhc superficial covering of VMl is nothin., mute than bonts meanlnE;- 
li.b,^riilLs and officers DcratinE our c\er> move Thecort uid nie,intnc i f VMF are rhe 
chaiien^ti >tiu defeat and the Drotherhood >GU forge Abitot icIkIic hut nonetheless 
It IS true Birracks is where I sjxike as a child, and acted as a child but wliui 1 bet imc 
I mtn I put iwi\ childish things I am now lea\ ing VMI rnd T realize thi 
m\ iDurnej sttrrs However 'vMI will always be with me t 
\L^ I will aiwa>s come back to try to live a fantasy where I a 
thin^ I never wasdbk todo as acadec Greg Pat and Jesse \ou are m> t 

tlirte hive been a^^n tor me and I cant think of the words to ■ante _. 

ex'press how 1 feci ^Qne day will be those old guys who show up on the pir iJl dtck 
dressed in a yellow j^ec and red pants The leaves will fall and the wind w ill gcndv 
move through the valley ind it will onl) carry the memory of what we expcnenccd I 
leave you with this passicc trom Henry V the passage contams words and feelings 
which ct^mc closest to evoking the emotions which represent our experience 

"It we are marked to die we arc enow to do our country loss and if to live the lew cr 
men the Greater ^h in. ot honor That he which hath no stomach to this fight let him 
depart his pi s| rt dull bt made And crowns tor convoy put into bcs purse, W^ 
would mr Ik in th^Lt m irp company that tears his tellow ship to die with us This day 
Is called the Uast ol Ctcspum He thtit oudives das di\ md comes site home will 
st.ind a tiptoe when dlls day IS mined And rouse him it the n un .ICrispiin He fh it 
shall see this ik> and live old ife \^ ill >e irlv on the e.eil (east his nei^hl ors And s l) 
'Tomorrow IS SaHlt Ciispi in" 1 hen will he trip his sleeve and show hisse its And s.iv, 
"Thcsi wouiidsIhadonCnspin^diy Old men lorgct vetiOslnllh forgeit ButhtU 
remember u ifh <ulvAnt igts, \lCliat telts he ebd that d ly '^e kw, vvc h ippv tew w 
band of broth rs lor he tod ly th ir sht ds hi, ble->o 1 w Ifii me Sh,dl Ix my hrothi 
gendcmen in Enghi.d now ibed Shjl think themselves iceursed they w 
Aim! hold ^3^ m mheiods cheap whiles any speaks That tou^ht veidi 11: 

1995: Mike Bernard 
2001: Eric Poole 
Jim Bourie 


1995: RickBlaylock 
2001: Tappan August, 
Jarrett Blevins 

ny day; 
3 do the < 



ere not here 
s upon Sainc 


1995: Eric Schwartz 
2001: John "Dan, Ike, Ratline 
Storyteller" Turner 

Roll 4,^,2 1 Honor Court _ 1 B 
I Sydney Lived vv ith Pat and Ore .^ Pirtxln. 
1 Enghsh 4 s 2 I, Violated by Qietjieh m Lib 1 

1 2 1 W isheel 1 m-i 
Echo4i2 drua 

Joseph C. Browrt'^ 

"Josh, Brownie" 

Jason P. j^ant 


h^ V 

yCliFis^pher 8). Biichness 

"Mtch, Steve, faco" 

Port Republic, New Jersey i 

History / Navy Special Student 

Ti) Josh life is just a big adventure involving the love of his life 
Cheryl, boats, fast cars, surting, and motorc>'cles; VMI is just sonie- 
thme he does on the side. Personal!) I think Josh is the kind of guy 
'■"atlives in the wrong decade. Anyone that has been in room 1 4f or 

er went to one of Josli parties would know what I mean. I think 
that IS one ot the reason wn>' we got along so well as roommates, we 
are total opposites. 1 mean lie is unorganized, unprepared, and messy. 
He IS so laid back about things like papers, tests, and about anythingji] 
else that comes his way. He has this ability fol knocking out 3 pag^ 
papers the day before diey are due, or sitting in class and not talcin|^ 
one note, but still finding a way to pull out a good grade. 

I tried my best to do what Josis parents wanted^ and make him 
more like me, but in the end he changed me more. Jn a lot ^ways 
Josh made a bigger impact on me then VNfl did. He taught rrie what 
It is to be a real friend, or find something good or funny in every VMi 
bad deal^. He showed me how to relax^rhore and look at life from a 
different 'perspective. ;,He has this canny ability to always make me. 
feelfe?tibJe by felling me how much better his weekends and sum-'J)yJ(gs- 
mers were then. mine. I could always count on him to be the devils iric\cz r> lu-n 

advocate, and tell me how stupid an idea of mine was, like the first 1995: BaiTy Miller 

time we met I can honesdy say if it were not for JosB friendship I sOnni . Ct-oi/o Onc^nirtir 

might not have made it through VMI. ^"^' * • »lPVe l^aSCiaK, 

Rat 4, Cpl .^, Sgt. 2, First Class Private; Big Red Club Rar Chal- LukO Damiani 

lenge Cadre 2, Pre-law scKiety 2, Palms Hospitalit> Comni 4^21 >, 

Rustburg, Virginia % 

Economics & Business / Army ^ ; 

I really dori know quite what to say about old T-Bird. Seerris ridicii- 

lous, considering that hs been my roommate for eoino on four years 

now. Hts defimtSy a unique personality, one that I'm Doth surprised 

and glad that I stumbled upon. He was always everyone 'buddy' 

and unless it- had to do with a penalty he woiJd help anyone out; 

Hard worker too. I've never seen4nyone spend more tim^Qn home- 
work, Actually, I wish I had his ethics. 1 think that witnoMt him 

constandy on top of me to clean_up, return pink slips and sfieeiak, 

sign confinement checks, adjust PT balances, get to formations and 

study, I would have failed or been boned out of school by now 
At tlie beginning, of the radine, nobod) w ould have thoiiht that the' 

biggest redneck in school would have roomed widi an infidel ) ankee 
:\^s It turns out, it rubbed off on me, and I m now an aspiring redneck 

ni'yself. I can drink a case of Budweiser a day watch an entire 

NASCAR race, and eat chili at the "T" Room Not bad tor someone 

from Conneaicut, huh? 

Jason, you and your family have t<iken me in over these past four DykCS" 
.|ears and given me a home away from distant hoi^e Youre my best . QQf- . ^ ^.. «„:„ 

■Ttiend and only brother, and I wish you the best of luck in €Vet>- lt»»iJ. ividlL Rcuici 

thing. .'If you or your future family ever need anything, I am alwa>s, 

AiwAYS diere. Now go on, brotherman, before I have to beat ya 

Les Thornbury, '98 

Rat: 4 Cpl. 3, Ops. Sat: 2, PVT 1, Rat Challenge Cadre S, Big 
Red Club: 3, Second Class Coeducational Com.. 2, VA Histoncal 
ScKiety: U Ranger Company: 4, S-5 Usher: 1, Budweiser Club: 

Bel Air, Maryland 
Mechanical Engineering / Special Student 

How Cliris and I became roommates will forever be one of the greatest 
VMI mysteries; how we remained roommates for three yearsWill be 
one of me Institutes biggest anomalies. I first met Chris in Club 
Crozet. We were sitting across from each other eating breakfast, prior 
to meeting Cadre, and Chris was expounding on how he Wiis pre- 
pared to bludgeon any man who mistook his sink for a urinal. 1 
found it hard to take him seriously — probably because of his wavy, 
hair-cut (which incidentally is the only instance his hair was longer 
than mine), but I would soon learn diat Chriss initial reactions were 
also his most humorous. Fortun^ely, Chrisksire never came to frui- 
tion and he remained at the "I" ana an iiitegral part of the '03; and, 
J^y once did he try to inflia bodily harin on me, but then again only 
s%H!BiiEh,damage can be done by a man in his underwear wielding a 
'shamp)(K) bottle. But, Chris brought t^ajl together, literally and fl^U'^, 
ratively^-^nd in the end none of us coiiia Jiave survived without liim. , 
He is a true friend. . Good luck in life-jrwell all be there when yofiS-l " v.,.,|ai,. 
need us. Who haSEorthe chocolate? — ^SMF DvkeS:'^ 

I would like to thank my parents for always being supportive ( if my , '„ 

. . my parents tor always being support! 

endeavors. Even though you never really uked the idea of i 
king to the "1", you. always supported my right to choose luy own 
path. Jennifer I will always kive you. i owe you a huge debt for 
always "being there for me through the difficult tirags. To ni\ room- 
mates; Shane, Demetri.,^and Vinnie; I will never forg6t the good and 
bad times that we have shared over these last three years. 
; Cpl 3, Sgt.2. Pk Lf 1; ASME 4,3,2,1; ASME Sec 2: Nat'l Guard 
4372, U.Cot^hot 3; Big Red glub 3,2.1; '03 3,2, 1; IISS Buchness 
2,1 ■ * ^..t. "? 

4995: Scott Gowland 
2001: Talmadge "Squi»gy" Fe! 
Pat Tig Pen iiurlev , 

Richmond, Virginia 
English / Air Force 

Ferret, Bueese, Carrot Top' 

E of the 

I remember being hunched over thu 1994 Raps and Taps with Errect in Preston Library 
during our Rat year. We tried to relive our high school ^JtajCS in a, book bound full ot 
black and white glossy photos, laughing at high schodraritics and good times. After 
practiailly memorizing the whole thing, we realized' that St.Chris was behind us. add h)r 
whatever reasons we were stuck, at VMI for a totally different experience. 
As a Rat, Errett like all of us thought about quitting. But Mt. Buis tpld Errett on the 
phone, that he__wasrt going to come and pick him up, so Errett stayed, for he already had 
a shaved head. Despite an injured foot from track, the crazy anrics of J. P. Mahafey, and 
the women of UVA. Erreft grft by okay, and managea to sprint down 64 East for 
summer^jll of plush luxury. He attended J. Serg, ana got two Spanish classes o 
way, but never was in class for more than thirty, minutes. I sriU cart Tigure that out. 
Third Class year meant being nximmates. "Heam^d that Errett cannot lalt asleep when 
an> light or radio is on, and that room 309 would Ix: a totaiblast all the way down, It was 
this year that Errect took track by scoiMi, coming back from bis injury with full force. In 
addition, Errett somehow managed^ become as close to fa^g a brother of a ftat while 
at VMI. He was seleaed for the VMI English Hoaprss-^atemity Sigma Tau Delta. 
Although the meetings never involved booze or wom^", fetett made up for it during the 
summCT of his third class year. While living with Brew, Wolfe, Braun, and Guise. Errett 
fumbled around die VCU (,ampus to avoid a requircxi Bedell class. It was here, amongst 
all the VCU Rams, that Errett drove through .m interesting Southern Srate. All was fine 
h dandy until the landlord threatened court, iuid August foiled around, and it was time 
agun tor VMI Second Class year started well. *Ring Figure w^ crazy, and everyone got 
a shot" But after Christmas, Ryan and I left Errett and studie(3 abroad. He got some 
Ltazy mail from us and I even got a VMI card from him despite the completely wrong 
address Anywa} Buis let Braun move in, and they hit the books, and made some crazy 
GPAs Now we are Seniors. Buis is still the coraedian he has always been. Hts given me 
more adviceabout toothpaste, to hair-dcs, to girls at all girls" colleges, to tlie struggle w,e 
all f ICC here at VMI I still enjoy the conversations over a six-pack in the '85 Bronco, and 
the quotes for lite he can recite off hand. Errett is the laid back guy that we all should try 
to imitate espeaall) at VMI. He has learned how to do the juggle: outstanding athlete, 
Deans List Cadet and a damn good laugh to have around. And like Mr. West said, he 
never lee this place change who ne really was. JLM 

AcXivitiL^ Private 4 ^ 2, 1; Track and Field (Pole Vault) 4,3,2,1; Dean=s List 3,2.1; 
Sigftia Tau Delta -) 2 1 Stjuding Brass Editor 2,1; Monogram Club; St. C; 

Boston, Massachussets 
History / Special Student 

For the |S^ tour vears people have wondered how a person like me ended up at a 
place Uke thi^ And I assume in the coming years people will ask me how I made it 
through Tlie an^^er hasn't changed and it never will-DIVINE INTERVENTION. 
Tlic lard carnedine through I \cr> BRC parade (well the few 1 marched) and penalty 


1995: CltipRex 
2001: Armstead Blanton 
Christopher Sandlin 

tour MA you ir the best' 1 couldn t ha 
neurotic mother "iim wiUingl) tookr _ 
I could have the thin^ \nu dtdn t t^^ 
You're my ambassador ol kWAN To^" 
I'd m,ike it like tins To Jarid listen kid c 

aiked for 

supportive loving and 

and sacTihccd so much so 

bebever in mir i Jes 

would have thought 

pie nor man} people can 

"Gravy, Pidge" 

Ukechat.ToevcrjoncbdainGTOWNEQ.SM PO AM JS CG lO FB in the 
clink BB, Dad. PA RjV PC JP iind at tht M(S^ MV MB ETC JH JD RT AR NP 
JC, AH, DR, JS NBDS CB lO JL Cf AT jougot muJi love Love jou nana 

Mike is my craz> roomm itt uho dciicd Ui the odds ioLuxh floor Maury Brook could 
'dish out, Mike is the only [xr un I knoii. who cnuld maintatn a -4 and be considered 
a regular at the Palms Mikt is ooc ot the muit jjiMii^ -rnd v.holeheartcdl) honest 
people 1 have ever met Mike lb the,edi 6 9 Mountain Jiml ini, hippie-cowboy I 
have ever known Mike is the classiest c^nrourn rom-tna I have ever seen in icnon 
Mike is good people Mike is my best fnend 

Eddie has got that Laan fire running in his veins When li comes to tncndsiii] he is a 
ttue friend. He would give you the shirt off hlsteck it you were tokl ind rhi last 
burrito of his plate if you wete hungry Akx is a 1^^ gt' l^ecau t th ir I j h is v ime 
strong love to give But no one could com^in ^K lil Eddie He ha this sj md 
talent to bitch in an uninterrupted flow for houn Butlstdllo\ >ouTICO The future 
■fe d.efinitdy bright for this kid El Tico s folks ( m hold then held high Ixciusc ditir 
boy has definitely become a man Bunwit 

Tennis 4.3,2. Cadet Staff 1 Editor 1 Boxu\i, 1 PrinR ' 1 rid i Virmn Ptnati 
4,3,2,1 Superintendents Counul 1 Chip=s Cruv I _ ( intmemcnt l I 

Running Shit 4.3,2,1, Chlllm with Spider 3S2 1 Se^Mon- i i ^ S 

Hampton, Virginiii 
Economics & Business / Spericil Student 

My time at the Institute has been intcrestins; to say the least, Whal 
seems to stand out the most however are the friends I have made 
during m^ time here The friendships 1 li.ive made since coming t<: 
VMI will be important to me for the rest ot my life. Starting m room 
458, we helped each other through the pressures of the tat line anc 
even I^^^me laughs at the expense ot others (thanks Tom), Mort 
recen^^^w|^er I nave realized how much my friends have taughi 
me about ^»lf is well as life in general. On a less serious note, we 
have had son3%ood times along the way From getting my n umbei 
one whidi taught me never to do shots with Ryan again, to the timi 
on the squad with Paul, which taught me never to let Paiil talk m- 
into anything I ha\c had a good time. To one of my top dogs Matt, 
we survived that summer session somehow, and we even managed tc 
have a few laughs in tlie meantime. We have also had an iiitetescina 
tmie finding rides to DC. Was it all worth all the long drives? /J 
Lnov, w c agree on the definite yes to that question, but i still thirtk 
one of us shQiuid write a book about it all one da) (pms and needles) 
HA' Todi«'^*m I sa) even though you do not have a real major 
^'^^ Paii Mly^^ ?^u ate still a ptet{M|M|dj§uj^^od luck ae\t 
loH^^ICoIey, you arc both ^HI^HHWc had some 

year _ . -^'mrnes^- - ' ■ ' "-a 

good and b^^fcs but you helped me? 

I 1st but not least 1 want to thank m> tamilv 
v.vtd widiout voui support 
Rcgimenasi Band 4 t I, Second Corporal , K; 
■eant 1, Arnold Air Societi 4, .vT i 

:d It, thanks 

ould not have sur- 

n 1 1 1 , Opti a 
1 College Re- 


Thomas S. Butfer 

Newport News, Virginia 
History & Frencli / Air Force 

Tom Butler came to VMl as only a soccer player. His only interests 
here were to play soccer and do me best he could. All this changed 
after the realization diat sports wasii everwhing. He soon decided 
not to play soccer, like mam- others, based on coaching quality. He 
then began to undertake what would become a great mission. He 
double majored in history and French, with an environmental leader- ,^ 
ship minor. To obtain this degree in only four years, and being on the f- 
dears list for all eight semesters, is a teat cnviou| of anyone who truly 
understands what it really takes to obtain a degree here. During his 
rat year, he decided to pursue and receive an Air Force commission, as 
well as obtaining a navigator flight slot. 

In addition to his studious ways, Tom had much more to otter to u^ 
all. During the rat line he was known as Bea\is bince then he \\ is 
known to all of us as The Tree Hugger. H is conservativ e yetpersis 
tent, environmental ways has annoyed iill ot us who call him a tnend 
A fond inemory we .dl have of him is stopping us trom throwing our 
trash were it belongs, out the window. Since then ht h<is been known 
as Tree Hugger. 

Tom was a good friend to all of us. He w as a person anyone could 
rely on, no matter what the conditions are. It h<is truly been in honor 
to be his roommate for 2 1 years. Tom is an exceptional tricnd com- 
petitive sportsman, stout environmentalist <md most important, a 
tiler I wouldii: trade anything for. My idvuce to ^^Tom, i^for 
about it, go hug those trees. ** .^ ^^^<s« 


timothy J. Butler 

Newport News, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Air Force 

Known to many as "Fudge" "Casper" or the "Bruise" Timothy John 
Buder has made apermanent marl^ on the Institute. An Economics 
Majof trom York County, Virginia, Tim is remembered for his persis- 
tence. Ills unique tactics of persuasion and his boisterous knowledge 
ot uiiimportast, economic rhetoric. jHe is a mirror image of the Cia- 
zen Soldier, always -remaining true' to his beliefs and never hesitating 
to challenge anyone trying to pt ovoke otherwise. Upon graduatioii. 
Tin's economic prowess will lead him to a successful career as an Of- 
ficer in the United States Air Force. 

' Tirre sound judgement is remembered in his ciuick exit from the 
soccer team. Though his triends were close and dear to him (Scotty, 
Ryan and Myself), he could no longer be a member of an organiza- 
ti^in that had ruined coundess soccer careers. His abiliries ;ire still seen 
frftm time to time from his solid indoor and outdoor play. Though 
his quickness and speed have disappeared, the essence of his name 
'The Bruise" has not. He will always remain the best sweeper I have 
ever played under. ;;, 

He leaves the Instinite with many accomplishmeats but none com- 
pate to liis beautiful, compassionate fiance. Amy Gilley. Both have 
opened their hearts to a life long profound lo-ve. We all know his 
future ■wUl be shared by many little ones, a task both seem eager to 

The "Ghetto corner will never forget its palest member sounding off 
a familiar "yea dwag' because his actions are sketched in all of us.^No 
cadet has had more of an impact on my life and countless others. A 
mail ail trust and believe in; my "Bi^ Brother!! Timothv lohn Butler, 
is a cadet I ^ill always strive to eniiilate.— Thomas SeahButlet 98' 


S,eaii M. Casio 

Warren ton, Virginia 
History / Army 

When I ciuiie to the "1" I was a young idealisdc dreamer who wanted 
to serve his country. Well thing have definitely changed! I had a 
vague idea about the ratline but not the whole picTure.^ Well, I learned, 
not so fast and never the easy way. Rat year was definitely a turning 
point in my life, and at times it seemed that I t(X)k the wrong turn as 
usual. But Third and Second class years and the friends 1 made showed 
me that I made, for once, the right choice. Mom and Dad, 1 can 
never thank you enough tor encouraging me to stay and do m\ best, 
usually with a swift kick. Mel and Geotf, it was intetestini; Scott 1 
hope you do well'and that I never face }OU as a defend mt^jyull lose 
lason, I'll see you so(^er or later in die Arm\ I know sc ir\ thought 
DQ.(jg, Horsepower'and Mustangs, its not i hobby its iite snOocriie 
D^w and Steven, bang in there. I know there will be times w hen \ ou 
Want to quit but rememb^,-in. the endsl^ing is worth it To the Rest 
of the 147 rats, behave, ot you'll go ort mnfinement, like me 
Tanker Platoon 4,4,2,1; VMI Theater 4,J,2, 1 Fencing -l ■> 2 1 PVT 
4,%2,1 - ^■ 

Team Mustang 2,1 Misfit Battalion 4, S 2,1 CLF2,1 

Dykes , 

Billy Eger 

Ste\en "Tossed salad" 

Drew 'Dude it 'v^lln't 
me" QaaovfSE, ^to|; 

Jonathan W. Catlett 

'Dirty, D.O.C., Chewie, Wookie, 

Ciiristopfher Chan 

"Biscuit, Lijnev" 

Jonathan N. Charbonnet 


Poquoson, Virginia 
History / Marine 

I remember the first time I ever met John "Dirry Catlett. I was 
coming back into my room and saw this rat with my bathrobe and 
ball cap on with a stiff Beam & Coke watching Dazed and Confiised. 
Looking back I never thought that rat would have ended up as one of 
my closest friends. John has been there for me through the good and 
bad: from the Georgia road trips to my being suspended. As every- 
one Knows being a friend of Jonathars brings your GPA down about 
a point, but I wouldii change a thing. I think this is one of the main 
reasons why we became English Knights of the O.E. during summer 
school. Its been great working for the Chief of His Mess Hall this 
year. 1 cant wait to have a beer with you once we get out of this hole 
in the ground. Hey, and remember when you make it in law enforce- 
ment, dori confiscate my shoes. ~ Freebeer 

I would first like to thank GOD, for all that he has given me in my 
life. I would also like to thank my Mom and, DacTfor all of their 
support I sometimes think VMI has been harder on my mother than 
me. While at VMI, I have met some of Ihy best friends that have 
made this place a lot of fun, considering it has resembled a prison for 
the majority of my cadetship. Friends Tike Free Beer, Scotty, Moder, 
Reecly, The Brothers Butt, and Fat Head, I have nothing but love for nvkCS' 
all ofyou. I would like to thank the Cooke brothers for allowing me ^ ,'„' 

to complete my cadetship in the beautifuU ghetto. As my last year 
comes to an end (hopefully) I would just like to thank my friends 
(especially Amanda) for making VMI fun for a change. 

Private 4 3,2 1- Cadet Battery 3,; Cadet Waiter 3^,1- Conduct/ 
Academic Pro 4,.-); Tuesday-Thursday Gun Club 4,3,2; Procrastina- 
tcjr 4,3,2,1- Ghetto 4,3,2 1, Va Historical Society 2,1; Pork Chop 
Platoon 1, The Society of English Knights 2 1; 

"Where and when is Funis Field '99, Iook out Doc, here comes 

Reading, England 
Biology / Army Special Student 

Rat, 3 Cpl; 2 Sgt; 1 Lt; Rugby 4; Boxing team 3,2j VMI 
•tyhttrs 2,1, National Deans List 4,3; DearsTist 4,3,2,1; rack 
" r 3,2; scholar 4,1; Juliette 2,1. 

1995: Alexis Bouchard 
2001: Tom "Ronald" Sebrell 

Mike "Dribble" 


.- never guessed 
_-.imed himself 

King George, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Navy 

If you saw Jonathan Charbonnet on the streets, you would hav 
that he had attended a military college. Nevertheless, "Nutz 
a Navy scholarship durin" his rat year and unlike his peers, he wa.s able to 
keep that scholarship all the way up to his 1" class year. Throughout the 
tour years here. Nutz was ;ilso a two-year letter winner on VMIsswim team. 
Acidemically, Nutz specialized in the field of Environmental Engineering; 
although, we are all sure he had tremendous doubts after registering for the 
Enviro II class taught by the infamous ETC Schneider. Nutz always wore his 
1 ' class privans belt proudly and you could always find an exuberant, mouth- 
opened expression on his face for the cameras. Although a highl> praised 
member of the Goucho Club, Nutz was a tremendously respected part) ani- 
mal, but when his mugs were off duty and bodies properly hydrated, Nutz 
hit the books just as h ird 

With all of Nut* ittributes and his pedal to the medal attitude he will 
ettortkssly cirr\ himself to the ape\ of life professionally physically, and 
socially \\ nil ill ot thcs said and done another \ lew ot Nutz will be relayed 
Buring 5 ' cl iss year is w hen I really got to know Nutz being m most oi the DyRCS: 
same classes and then mcntuill) partying together int our 1 dass year 
The tmics thai v-c shared together whcdicr studying tor tests lulpifig one 
anodier lut or spending time at the Staire ise w ill never be forgort n These 
times were sh ired with one ot the most caretrte ot all people it this sdioo). 
Tlieie ire those rimes that we often wonder how Nutz kieps up ftith his 
crazy hfestylc but somehow he man iges t> :;U the job done ri^ht It will be 
interesting to see Nutz it ill of the Gouelio dub reunions ind odier time?, 
tllf^^^might see one another in the future Chris 

Sw^^P^ 4 1 Private 4^21 Staire ise Entre] rcncur 4^21 Goucho 
Cli^j^Kme Member 

995: Matt Chapman 
2001: DanSchindler 

Chen Jr-Iang 

le L. Christiansen 


jrdan S: ClM-k 
"Smalls" '^'- ,*.^ 

Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of Cliina •i 
Electrical Engifleering / Air Eorce 

I have made a lot of memories during the kbt four >e<u-s hete at 
VMI I have also had lots of n^w exTierienn ■. Coming to VMI was 
my first timt. to seeing' America. I thine nij Ln^lish na^ improved 
since I came to VMI My BRs always^ked me "what are you talk- 
ing about' " and the cadre always Cold me:.' No. Englfeh no break 
out'' during my ratline. But now lean put fluent in Chinese and 
English in mj resume. I also spent most of my vacations for visiting 
the United States I am glad that 1 have had this chance. 

After graduating from VMI, I hope 1 can uS& what I have learned 
here and do something for my country, 1 wiU miss all of my BRs, 
dykes, teachers and tlie people who gave me unforgettable memories 
during these tour years at VMI. -'■'' 

F troop 4 3 2 1 Dears List: 4,3,2,1- Air Force ROTC: 4J,2,1. 
Member of International Club: 4,3,2, 1. 

Reistertown, Maryland * 

International Studies / Air Force Special St^itdent 

Well the time has come for mc to say good bye to this place finally, ev6n 
though 1 11 be here anorher semester The adventure has been very long but 
full fiUing It timeiP'When I first saw this place it was on a recruiting visit 
with Jut iind Heath and none ot us thoughr that we would come here Well 
I \e been here almost 4 years now and I still hate this place as much as I did 
then Thirc wnere many people that 'where betting against me making it 
here and to be honest I did not thim^ this place wajS for mc afi:ef the first 
month or so but I stuck it out However even during all ot the shit 1 have 
managed to make some of my closest friends Brad w ho \m11 alw i) s be a sissy 
Billy (what more can you say) Jut the pervert Heath (Bia-pisbcd) ind ot 
course there IS Jimmy Uarius Jordan Brandon LA Rith (hope to see you 
on MTV someday), Greg and the rest of the football team and all m> oaier 
friends Speaking of football there where dctimtely some good times but 
many more bad ones Hey we are all Dalancy Field survivors (j m) Who 
l^sould fori;et Stew The nights at the Palms (th inks Kdh I v. oidd have been 
broke otherwise) Dragging certain people out ot there Summer school 
Sasqiiatch Club y7 Hey no smoking in this the iter I also y. ant to th mk 
some ot the most important people m my lite I irst ott my parents who liave 
put up with all ot my shit over the years You irc the best^fricnds I could es er 
aik for thank you tor being so understandini; all ot die^years"""" My little 
brother -ftho wdl hopefully follow in my footsteps butm a dtftercnt-ichool 
By the way 1 11 stdl oeat on you when I m old and decrepit To all ot m\ 
faends at home that ha\ e stood by me through thick and thin espeually 
Mike and Sara THANK ^ Ol I""' Then ot course there is )aimie m\ sweet- 
heart and m> future Thank >ou tor making me realize man\ of thm„s The 
\ime will come" 

To Tim and Oibell the journe > through this plae e sucks but do not give up 
keep focused and do your best it all ends eventually 1 promise If you ?u\s 
cecr nc-ed anuluna lust all mc He> if I e in make it through here anvone 
can m F BYE NOW "'""« 
^Football i3,2 I, Big Red •> 2 1 MAJUNE2 1 Tim Hackler #1 Club 4 
mc Pto 4 s 2 Ste&art Regime i i 2 BR RDC 4 ^ 2 1 

Dallas, Texas 
Business and Economic s /Air Force 

I woidd first like to tribute to mv parents and brothers and sisters who ha've 
been supportive and thoughtful towards me through my cadetship and more 
importandy life. Thank you Mora and Dad for your love and support You 
have beeS^ inspiration to me in my life. Your own accomplishments in life 
have taught me to endure aiiel tight to the end. My sister Amberlee who has 
always been there for me with open arms. Thanks for looking out tor me! 

Ezra and Dallas, my best friends thanks for choosing to come to VMI , it- 
has made being here a lor easier. Our triendship has meant the world to me 
and I am so thankful to have brothers like you. Also for supporting me ia 
football and keeping my spirits up when I seemed to be dow»» i wish you 
success in your first cfess year. Lang, well what can I say. You ha^ been a 

ffeat friend. I hone dvat while living with you, you learned to relfflc a litde 
it. ©ut, I seriously wish you the best and I am thankful diat we were able to 
live with each other for 3 years. Gabe and:1Cji:n I also would like to say how 
nice it has been to become better friends our 1" class year. I w ish you the 
best in your future enidevors. Jut" thanks for being such a ^u it (i^^ 
For the many rides |ft me airport and staying at your h()usc It baSM 
Goootx>oood time!!!!! jBrandoh thanks for the m^uiy superbowl parties aiKP 
your friendship. Jim, listenini> to football games on the radio our third el ess 
year!\.(3rowder "the Total Package" lifting our third class year ( 
at die I). Kelly Cook it has been tun playing with you. You 
make mc laugh. Tom CurranfWhy dort Suck It! You Stieker 
net- alwa>'S remember who the boss is artd you will be ok. Cai 
Cooke the best punching bai;s around. Ha Ha Ha 

; »YT 4,2,1; Cpl 3, Ftiotball 4,3,2,1; Track 4; Big Red Club ■> 2,1, Xexas 
Club3,2i^ i :i 


Dave Johnson 

Cabell (Flabio) Brdlmia" 


lUOi Sid Mitchner 
2001 Tom O'Brien 

' Dennis C. Claytor 

J^ pen Allen, Virginia 
Cm\ Engineering / Special Student 

Dennis. Well what can I say about Dennis. He lived next to me my 
Rat year on the 5'*' stoop. I knew him then as the guy who had on die 
Pantera hat matriculation day. After a while and a lot of cigarettes we 
became friends. Dennis defines the word driven. He proved this by 
going from Academic Probation to Dears List. His laid back attitude 
always brought a smile to the room, and attitude towards Air Force 
was always' positive. Dennis is a very intelligent guy with a bright 
future in front of hirii. Hopelullv we stay in contacT. Later "D". 

• "u T^^ addicted to smoking. Not that I smoke, its just that I live 
with Dennis. Have you ever inhaled fumes from a weight gainer 
container full of dip? I have, and Iwon S'S. One of my best memo- 
ries of VMI is walking to morning classes with Dt-nnis while making 
tun of CE professors and alifte cadets we have nicknames for. He 
may be the most laid-back person I know but it is amazing how well 
I get along with him. We have the same sense of humor and I think 
more like him than I care to admit. You're a great friend. Make 
millions and be happy. 

Dennis, you are a wonderfully unique character and I am lucky we DvkPS- 
have spent the better part of four years together. I'm sure you will *-^J"^^''- 

agree ttiat we are both quite different people then we were on that 1995: RlCk Gambrill 

pr&!Stram weekend when we sat talking to Short (Short!). I have h>een 
able to witness your maturation as an individual and I was continu- 
aPy amazed at your level of success once you dedicated yourself to 
spmethinggack Nicholas Golf— 48!). I consider you a wonderful, 
tnend and I wish you the absolute best throughout your days. - EWS 
3 : Private, 2"'': Private, intramural softbaH, 1": Private, Rat Chal- 

2001: Andrew Dannenberger 
Steve Kolenlch 

Marc ^dlt^ente 

Mouth, 'Mcnlfr, Roberto, Little 
fbne, Chlamydia, [Jttlest Ll.,Bong" 

^Charles T. demons 

Norfolk, Virginia 
History & Psychology / Air Force 


1 oJitam kiad nt individual that 
ciitopiisiion resolve fomrude 
Hon^^itly It Sdd to ->a> that 
on th It 

hard to bnd in soaet> todi> He is a rare combinaaon 

cclhgcnce and just an ittitude of looking out for the 

t too fnaii,> mtm the caliber ot Mart txist hLre at the 

will say that the) will do something for you in 

eption I ve been through some vet} difficult 

ji-ntrdl anJoi_mijyydoit MiEu-. ., 

ik -ind Mar., his been ihcr^. th^r)u^h thj Iv and thia He diereTor 
( v,(,rcd m with tlieir love and acted as my 
rcoliv Ls tn the pomt he neglects himself Heatiuallv cakes Ji^... .._ ...... 

tortunatc ti^^t^isdf He is not tremendously be^wtsi himbdf 
kes that othets are like hmi when m actualitv 
:ake h-ics from your plate without -isfcing yet 

- -, . .^. ~.^j^..^ ^.. ^^ ..^.IpK Tsks Hj5 

p-iTuifs and tdmihJ7a> l slu v,<.rcd m with tlieirjove a^da<fed as my^own parents Its sickening - 

mouth to help J 

yet he tjives what he "dot3> a t ha.vt He ott^l 

the> are not Marc is the (and of guy who 

either before or after the uxidcnt withi 

ibout ten fold in whatever He hAithe fiatureaii 

d ofUcer in the Air force and plar 

talents Ho' 

It has b« 


eof m\ Jo< 

omyo , _ ^_. 

mg about It he would ha\e given you oack 
imhim in more wavs thin one Hts about to be 
tft^et a graduate decree He plays in l instru- 
mueh destfVi^ If his cadetshipnas been marred 
" " 2£ Alaxc for his accomphshments and 

.^ „ ^ _ ., ...vrid') becawse I K»6^ ti defines whit a "Irieftd 

m actuality, really is A caring loving contmitLcd ind mcTedibly d^ita^ person with the utmost 
integnty whom I could trust widh any i-T^iea ot m\ hte I dort know anyone like him nor do i 
behcve 1 shall find such a well rounded j>ecsoii or friend md^ future because people hke lura arc 

an jttjuaint- 

^^ friend m due future bcc^,^ 

so very hard to find I consider mvMJt ej^tteaielv fortm^Se to e\ui be an 
individual let alone one of his goocl friends Yes, i ^m d luckv man 

imptimnt pcoplt whovt helped ri 

of this 
: throut^h this God 

I just wanted to personalis _ 

forsaken place Drs Sheldon, Thomas Rich'arde Vfifi^ v,RA Phmc'^shaC ^ ilkTr ChacTenl 
Majs Alcrding, Hirbnger Capt French USAf The Di^ Bfoda^Juin and RiJicI The Batjoas 
Burr Datz and Clay Richardson 96 Dorothy bweet ind Bdi, lason Vfonk Mitchell Avi D 
Hopkins Todd R Boykin M> Rats Adam Woytow-Teii John Kunlaroub John Kitt DaPid 
Lopez — love you guys Jennifer Boensch and tk. Band Rarv 9s — JuVe v all too Mv brother 
Juan Carlos de los Reyes — love you man Eventonc 1 \t not list d kno\\ chat you ARE m mv 
heart and WiU BE forevermore Most espeually.l^om Dad M-ui oie kaov. huu mu.h I love 
you and how gciteful lam for all >our everything U"\t- ^ou 1 iovt vou lh\<. \ou 

Rat i Corporal 3 First Class Pnvatci 1 Newmaa^ih \-^n VP _ Big Red Ciut ^11 Va 
Historical Soaety 21 Ultimate Fnsbee 2 Cadet Vf»r 21 I StClubT^ rnendsaub21 S 
"STourGutdcl Rat Challenge Ass I Pipe Band ?^1 Re -imcntal Band 4121 iHTlP^521 Rit 
Daddy 4321 
'I had my world strapped against m> back 1 held my hand<; iuvcrkni.u how to act 

Richmond, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Marine Special Student 

First I thank God for all the gifts in my lift , I also ov, e a huge debt 
of gratitude to my entire family who suffered numerous trips Song I- 
81ro offer me their company. Sunny Iwould have failed cadre week 
-"-'y without the cookie nionster toothbrush }()u io graciously 
^^Mom and Dad I could never of made it through all the 
ordeal^^y torture if it wasri for your coundess visits and abundant 
care paw^K^ Thank you to all the Clemons Courier drivers w ho 
went ouPS^^^ way to deliver all those envelopes stuffed with cash 
and the innuiSS^ble batches of cookies from my Mom Dad \our 
advice is priceless and has kept me on the right patli from da\ one (we> 
are going to make a great team). I love afl of you THANlv YOU 
Within the confines of this miserable dump, I found some of my 
most treasured friends. One with short arms, one who was just short, 
a couple illegal aliens, a jarhead, an oudaw from Caroline, a flock of 
sky-hawks, a Yankee with a fetish for fat women, a naive Earnhardts 
fan, the New Jersey ninja, a hopeless romantic from Virginia Bedch* 
^Jy^^x^Kmaa^from Winchester, an old m.iie stripper, and the DvkeS' 
^i^^us^^j(^\!f Shawshank I love all >(iu gu\s 

I need to give speofchanks to the Gonz for lending mc his ear, to 
Timm\ T foeteepmg ifreal and reminding mc wheic ne comes from, 
to Sonic and ^^wncttbutions. to my deiinquency, to the Lexington 
bureau ot pollaMBafettl^WKSWding service ti- the uitnmanily and 
my gal Lefti mosi importantly to 
iinmate JNPk^^^u were the 



Ke\1n Hoffer 
Pat Monahan 
Adam Woytowich 
Jolm Koubaroulis 
David Lopez < ,:: 
Jolm Kitt 
Jennifer Boensch 

1995: Pat Monahan 
2001: l'Yogg> Mustian 
Darla Wade 


John D. Cocke, I¥ 


Bradley E^Cook 

"Cookie, Ehor 

|,elly M. Cook 

"KG, Oak, Cook, Meg^ 

Montrose, Alabama -^ 

Economics & Biisiiess / Special Student 

1 never would have made it chrou^h VMI had it not been for hurdhcaded- 
nc-ss iind the best friends that one coiild ask for, not to mention the unending 
support of loved ones. I would not s i) thu VMI tatuht me a gteit deal 
■Stiore than I had already knov. n U tore about m> sclt Rather it was the 
people that 1 met while here th it hi\p opened ra> eyes even more than I 
thought that they had been. Itv.ashin atnmes md I will dwi>s take chat 
with 'me. The good times that we had here will -ilways over shadow the long 
hours, lace nignts, and friesttation that v\c endured day in and day out It is 
like the song goes, Its bittersweet more swet r th in bitter 1 guess th it is lust 

To all my dear friends in Pervert Yall h i\e been tbc best tnends th it 
■anyone could have asked for. I aetually diou^ht -ibout staying untd May iiist 
to have one last semester with vtll Ho\\ ^er the tlxiUj,htot freedom is i 
iictife^oo appedzing for me to stiek around Ki my Co-D\'ke iiid Forever 
Roommate Hoss. For being two old men we did dl right tor iiursihes at this 
place and pianaeed to stay fairly sane while doing so I never thought that we 
wouijdieveif make It but somehow chc) never man«?ed to kick us out I 
wont fee upset about leaving this place the Southland is calling OykCS 



Buddy and Weez 
Scott Hillyer 

and it is time for me to head back To everyone who was there for 
me and for those whom 1 leave behind thank \ou for the memo- 
ries. Perrert: Its net a place bnt a state of mnia ^ JiAl^^ 

Mama. Mama 

Many worlds i ve come ■»- 
~* since I first left home 

Jerry G; 

Fervert Corner ^,2,1 House of Pain 4,3,2,1 Virgin Private 4,3,2,1 Rac- 
quetball Club 4,3,2Xadet Investment Group 2,1 Cadet Progrgm Board 
4,3,2,1 Tour Guide 4,3.2 CoUege Republicans 3 Movie Club 3,2,1 TSGT 
Hu dson Most Wanted 3.2 Barracks Lawye r 

Butler, Pennsylvania 
Civil Engineering / Army / '^ 

I wdl tt> not to be bitter.. .weU...DARNTHIS SCHOOL" Whew glad 1 got'^ 
that out ot my systsm OK, on the positive side (yeah , right) I would like to 
thank Seott Ship hi^ for boring the hell out of me for the htst two yfears, and 
NEB lor tolerating me for the last rsvo (3?). Col Williams, thank^ff alldie 
confinement without it, I might havejiad some fun As fcr 
administration, get some real jobs an<Ktop bothering^p 

OK there are some good points. Col. Buckncr ^)c Jamisoi| 
Pegari tluee professors who have made a lasung impressiais on - 

wish that coiid have worked at the level you expeaed ^iA^e„^ 

Dept I am sorrj that my hair was a litde too long ind that I «in't say HUA 
as loud is some but I ptomise you, I won't turn out to be too bad an ottieer 
(knock on wood) "lb my family on post, you guys on chc rMb> team kept mv 
head up ind prov ided some goods dmes when I sorely needed them 
S^peakin^ ot good points, I would like to thank a cast ot real cliaricters for 
tolterating m> sorry (sissy?) ass. To my old roommates who didn't fcake it 
though 1 trul) w ish you could have aossed the finish bne with me (Darius 
you arc too slow to aoss any line scrub!). To the guys<FAT guys) who did take 
me in Cale and Billv I consider you some of the best tnatids 1 have ever had 
,To the summer school crew, You all provided some of th^only fun I have had 
W this School RANCOR, and proud of it' To friars L A Wifth and 
itodiggltiyP) Kraft thanks for my baptism at the church I hope to hive more 
York sensations in die future. India Co, Midgets and Asians what mure can I 
say God lou never give me what I want. But you alwavs seem to give me 
what 1 need' Ti m> parents, we have been thtough some tough times but we 
alw ays seem to bounce back. Thanks for always King there to pin my tad b lel 
on when no one else w uuld. 1 hope that I have made you proud of me Rich 
you have alonu toad ahead, but 1 know you can do it. DONT GIVE LIP 

Rugb) "21 CpH His, Major -i,3: Conduct Pro 4,3,2,1 

Ettrick, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Army 

I told yall you e int see me !!!!! Thats why I'm not piaured. I have 
been tluouen the storm Ma !! I guess I proved all those haters who 
thought I would be leKked up ot something wrong. Much Disrespect; 
to yo"u all Peace to all my real boyz : Avi D(lets open buns). Big: 
Mike Third Dak Dte. Thelll boyz. Hill, Bi-lo, the boyz on the 

defense, all the real Tliat I have drunk plent>' of Brews with 

you know who you are. My girl Avis and her family for keeping it real 
with me, some of > ou haters ought to take notes, A special shout 
ought to D-Los, Big Rell, Dl, Tex ( nocyoi4,,Yarbofough), My boy 
Ron Stud Chuck Reed, Black Tick & your litlle bad x-^\Xm, Kool 
G Mj & Mrs Smith ray second family, Both my sisters, J^f , my, 
brother speedv Dernpsy R.I.P, Tre, Xavier, Kendra, my new niece 
Nandi Hove you Mother & father. 1 love you Jesus. 1 even love all 
\ ill HATTERS Now we can take it to the streets, punks The CJC 
cint save yqu new Bet \ou wtint talk sh — nowi'!!|N 
Mcgaaaaaaiaaaaaaoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiaaa '" v 

NTBC «> Dykes:" 

1995 Kendall Clark 

Larry Beasly 

"Cookie, Toddn^^s, Fatboy, 

'H^ ^ J 

"Richmond, Virginia 
English / Air Force 

One word that unequivocally describes Brad throughout his cadetship is con- 
troversy. Rat year he endured a tough Radine while living with two psychotic 
roommates, who have since left VMI for greener pastures. Third class year 
included escapades like getting caught by the Virginia poUce while driving off 
post, after Taps, in civies, drunk, while on guard, and not getting a DUl or a 

genalty for it. Also, as a Third, Brad had two different women orab him in the 
iscuits" with Very different results. One wooed him with the sights and sounds 
ot Charlottesville, and therLs^t him the proverbial Cupids arrow to the cra- 
nium on Yaleiitins Day. The other woman, after surviving a summer riff with 
Brad iffwhich she threatened to drive through the arch and kill him and his 
summer school roommates, has remained his gii^lfriend and consistently put up 
with the charms that come with dealing with dating a Keydet. 

Second Class yeir. Brad began his journalistic career by becoming the News 
Editor for "The Cadet", a posfridiyithat usually quickly nK>ves you to the top of 
any faculty and staffs "Cadets That ! Want Dead List', Surviving the,se contro- 
versies. Brad took on his toughest job yet, OGA President. Brad has deftly led 
this committee, which handles the fes^cially choice cases that no one else wants 
to get near. Brad has handled these cases with professionalism, integrity, and 
an overall drive to do the right thing. While having these liigh pressure and rjx,i,pe. 
time corisuming jobs. Brad continued to amaze on social occasions, like having Ujiveo: 

- ""' ■ 1995: 

Bradley R. Cooke 

."Bradhead, Cookie, Kl I'residente" 

women delivered to Canoeing FTX and having world renowned throw downs 
at his Richmond home, including Funis Field ll. 

It is in Brads bloodlines for to tie fiill of controversy at VMI, he has heard 
stories about wine, women, and song for years from his predecessor, "Tee Co<.>ke 
'70. Overall, Brad has been a hell of a lot of fiin to party with, an inspiration 
to watch work, and one of the true friends who has gotten me through this 
place with ray sanity and an occasional smile on my face. 

Private 4^21 Rat Challenge 3,2, Blood Drive Committee 4,3,2,1; News 
and Features Editor, The CADET 2, OGA President 1; S-5 Counsellor 2,1; 
English Society 4 i 2 FunlsFieldExecutiveCommittee 3,2,1; FounderGhetto 
40 Club 3,2 1 Chimney and Root Scaling Society 3,2,1; 140 Exchange ?to- 
gra m 1 , Jordan Regulation Soaety ^,2,1. ., 

Richmond, Virginia 
History / Special Student 

"inu ruo' AND crKimmates'"'' That is probably the one question that fcas dominated 
m\ I, id' csJitp Todd and 1 hive always been Jose. We had the same friends in high school, even 
tb( ulIi ltt'iM"Wo>i':aiso]di-r thdn oil v.*. tnioy the same activities, and wt have lived together since 
thu:dU<i. )Cac sunivnn^ifwmin ( 1 U AI Carr Ben Cox, PhJJ Toumazatos and John (Ditty) 
( jdttt TodififKlodd i i( ■^u\ m.\». rd it would hive co be "Yes". He tart say no to anyone, 
and I dnt think I h ni in' r i p rsi. n di u doLsrfc like hira. in the hours that he spends awake. 
(\Vh]Ji IS nnl\ lUmt t)j tii I -l-ix) hi. I b<(sji^Hind Barracks, playing i^olf in tht C6urc>ard or a 
tomputtr ^diTit Kjiin\ mil f ftnds as the *P'r Stud Todd has amazed all with dit develop 
niLiit of hu> unique LXLtOM pn rams (taun^ aniiskepmg) and hjs abdity to (.tank out counllcbs Mt 
ups in a row Ht surpnM.d tin. Ghetto b> takintt me tank of Odrt Cpl attLt ri.tummti for Eari> 
Return Guard then m tht middk of bis first Jiss Spa? by atLcpnnt; the rank nf Platoon Lt for 
Delta Gimpanv But bcsidcj- ail these srtifx^ Txld has alw4.js been a private at heart in keeping 
with a long outstandinp t-unily cradKion 1 i,ot arruited Todd -,ot rank and my dad was more 
angr)' with bun than mt Todd hn^XD^C thib plitL bcdrablf. for all those that knew him His 
(disposition was always passive 
sabbatical the second semester of his" 
way to go over Biology and building 
Tours, Todd has been a true ftieod and 
constant throughout an eVer-changing 
stood, and I always knew \% here I d find him (usually 
and out in Colorado being a ski bum if all goes as pU 
with life without his rack. —BRC 

There are many people who deserve my thanks jf not in\ bli.' Fi-si m\ partnts h r L,i\ini, mt 
multiple chances to straighten my life out I finalh to< i dits ooc ird made it \\ork M\ bmdier 
Brad who has been with me dirough all of the duc^-and dun( \f d^ n aii \ ^mAU in> Lirif ri^nd 
and lx-^t tnend Sallie, who has delt with mc and the Institute tor thi. --ntm totir \ ( irs T > tHl < la-v 
of IV'JS I love you ail and wish you all the most hacwnt'-'b m all that \ oJ do' 
It IS mly through labor and painful t:ffort by gnmener^^nansil ilc uiira^< th it nmK^nnii hi^K<^t 
.itid better tinngs. — Theodort. Rtwisc^clt '^ 

Rat 4 Cadre Corporal 3, Ltl TheatLt i 2 tt-^hdifcaor 1 V, llL\L.alU ^ VA H.> Vk I ( Ph 
l;Supt5Coundn;Ghetto40boy ^2 1 I unl sfitld exec onj 2 1 ) rk ( hop PUtooi i I \ i nm 
utractor beam 4,3.2,1. 

Roanoke Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering / Special Student 

Roanoke gave tht. Institute a vcrv \ duablc asiet in Mark Th rat hue bn u<.hc u-> hardships un 

O^^^dhLTnJ'thrttycL^.ui Alwus ^ill.nt, to ht 1] utakllowBRo knd ihjdil u n i 

(it rh(. ruuntry Taeh one did not hesitite to give his input on the InstitutL (--oinL rDore the others 
MLtsr. n) PhysiLS Dynamics and AC Pro graced his cadetship with die cukrumtin)., spetid 
stemming from the unauthorized nightly hydration of the Sentinci.m Post #1 from Hu irdsrotp 
N^eund Q-i^ yeirrar^tuwith more of the same ME radinc{noue didrt altosiechtr brc d ouuii 
Feb of 95) M iri and I ruled the dungeon and late night trips back to birraek<; ^aiiiinp du 
dlusUioui DujiL,ton M-cter rides Ring Figure marked one of the bettet tirac* wtf ha 1 here in the 
\ast thnMn^ Icxuigtonian iiKtnipohs First Class year came with a ndic-ulous intnint cf rcpon 
sibihtv We migrated to b li nid had an easy trip to the shower Deep down lit kfk v. that it was 
always 1 nice mix hvuigwitli i tntilbagranker and another private m the room ALmj btinj' the sol^; 
survivors of Arthurs ad\ IV, I ^roup wc knew that we had something to be proud of ^luimrun fifst ■ 
eW year The OGA Lnjuved hiving him beeause he was always donating his time it the rDOS(^ 
inopixiraine momi nts Then uamc something which will always be a parr of hi^ hfe Thii qt3fi%!^ 
Don Uiennk in hh< \cs fnini the Hokie k goe-^ without saying di u Steph init uid M irl-s paTLli^ 
fit intLP dii ■.ii k i^rind M-benit of thiogi- intricately uitemvined or son 
ig here it the i,tonous 1 


David Griffin 
Taylor Mawyer, 
Sarah Wniiams 

Aside from a short 
T lie Ut nded tiiac History \\ as the 
.ji, teCcr thait CTT and Penalty 
For n e T dd has been thi. one 
Irtship 1 dwavs knew where ht 
HeU be marned within the VLU- 
thc bcstof iuJ dealing 


Jim Fmbach 
Chad Chnstianson 

Mark R. Cox 

'Tub, Dick" ^ 



ibU bonds of iiendship that I hav^^^wich brn will ^ci 
(ktsiwtforta^lass reunions in MoBdy mi) TIi uiks M»cr fo. 
BmtJilrs oiTme death 

Bt-owCo OGARii (1) Rdt Challenge C2) ASMT W ^ - 1' " 
" "■gcRcpul>kTns(2) AJlPtodfl aub5S(i2) s-tplu 
BAH '^■,l\ AWABABAS ) , 2 I 

Erik Bausermao 

Nathan "Cocky Rat 


Mike Hollywood' Swu? 

Richmond, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

mber seting hun ior xHl imz nrnc with his hi. id ■,lia%cd" - 

)di,ed ridinc icmities through his v. ir tact. Ant tot ^Lcir n the G C tor 

, iQ front of his window fidked Gucsi who'-' Cr itc Well it din.bfT end there 

pent 1 ni^ht in till. hospitU itttr s nit Ring FiL,urt itDvities Bev was not happ) 

^-^■^ w !th Cr i.h or Rij Van Craft He bwiahed nia|ors bv the <.ndof his 

en the lOitij^dti >r md iht bigger mm 
d\ lo ti\ st^atcos and fdn:^ He wa^ s-ixth 
in LMl for the ERT Qiris learned to 
rwi-cklj room iDspcction The room got 
-er extra ictivities Cratt partiapated in 

rrui Rose ti\ pumn-^ his head through 
IS iFluounSerceint but 2^1 cdUed a 
srint indriLSe hell dunnu Rmi, Figure 
iCiiHK d to rack \^ hile 1 \m5 in Ennland 
Mth Cbns for one bcmester he still 

n\inor changes to his lift Instead of 
o four da>5a \\eek Cr.ift is a pnvite 
bird i.he f if J.OU set hint m person 
Tliank joQ for putting, up with m> 
re \ ou will do It ■wcU and be success 

Christian D. Craft 

"Head, Q-Tip" " 


rat) ear 

Third el i^>e-u-=barticzun, m ^^\ Betu 
diint,s mit eraz\ Ttatts du i r ipe came in h e tor D Co Crift dLcidLd to beeonie in 
rick Sce< .nd semester came and -> 1 1 Jicked the w 
a bttle nast\ tmm ranmng the block or \\hitever 
Third eJ lib year = rest and rclaxauon 

Second class year me mt a new r(X)niraate 0-irrt 
windows Darren kept us ente rnincd Tratt w ts 
him Guide bergeant Cnft marbigcd toget his n 
Thank You Robin tnr the memories'" Cr^tcomm 
Cratt-caniL up shore in Business Finance Onl) 
made m<. 1 iUL,h 

I irst cl Lss ve ir IS fin db here and ( hns h ls madi 
r U.I inghii life a\\a\ he \isiti other colleges three 
diis year that r mk stufi is for the bird, or the 
youli know whv Craft u> more relaxed this year 
stre:»sed-out moodb VTh itt\(.r it is )ou do I m ^l 
fill G(.K>d luck Thanks for ill the memories Guise 

3 Cor]X)ral 2 Platoon Sergeant 1 Pnvate 3 2 I ERT member 2 Vice President 
2 I b 5 Tour Guide 1 b 'i Par ide Staff 3 2 1 Big Red Club 3 2 1 Intr imural w ith 
D Co 1 Cadet Investment Group 

Brodnax, Virginia ■ 

History / Air Force s^ 

First I would like to thank God and my family for getting me 
through the past four yeiirs. Many people tell me that once I gradu- 
ate I will miss VMI. Those people are Very wrong. I would also 
like to thank my roommates for an interesting foiar years. Ben you 
still owe me for taking your guarctthird class year, spit that dip 
out. Mike, we lived together aU f6ur years and I am glad I will not 
be joining you for five. Try not to make a fool out of >ourself at 
the Piilms again. Leave your shirt on because I am the only diesel 
(ine in the room. Between Ben's campfire and Mike's early rising 
tor BRC, its a wonder I ever got any sleep Tivris, thanks for 
,^ being a ^ood sport and taking all my wise cracks without killing 
^ me. If I had never met you my GPA would be much higher To ,ul 
■^ die guys on the football team, we made it through \X'ild Bill and 
Plain and managed to win a few. I still have one good ariD to 
punchmy brother in the mouth with. Beaman, Earnhardt still has 
not won Daytona, and we both know he never will Toolan, you 
hook nose, go back to Phillie. The last four jears have been a real 
jj.,<*««.'t j*.r***_ and I am glad they are done -< 

Dykes : 



Trey Tyson, 
Sam West, 
Justin Rubino 
Sydney "Sid" Hazelwo 
Pat "Maniac" Blevins 


1995: Cliris Yates 
2001: Adam Maldana(io 
Rusty Briley 

Jason A. Growder 



Sandston, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering / Special Student 

Not much hjs changed with Brim since His^h School. Didit do work then, 
docsrt do work now. Jiisr Playiiie. Seriousfy, Brian may jusc be one of the 
smartest (and also laziest) people I know. He works hajd on the things that he 
enjoys. Tlie reason he ca^ie here.;;ajnd smdjed Electrical Engineerine is beyond 
us. VMI was just a stepping stone for Brian to get into Semin.Lry. He has had 
his hard times while at VMI, yet has stood strong and managed to .ilways come 
out on top. This comes from his life long devotion to Gotx No m.itter what 
was wrong, or right, Brian was always givmg thanks to the man upstairs Brian 
would be the first person to say a prayer for a person whom he did not even 
know. This is quintessential of BriatB charactef anckhis cadctship^ 

When Brian matricalatcd, he made his first mistake: JOlNTNtiBAND 
COMPAY. And, we have never let him live ir down. Brian cam^to VMI 
hoping to continue his wrestling career, only to be sidelined by a back injury that 
pSl film out of the sport. As roommates we have learned a lor about each other. 
we learned Brian could not stay with one gifl&r more than six months at a time 
and his strong religious background took preo^ence over ever\- orluT activity, 

including homework. _ H^ is .liso not a vcry^ood basketball pla\xr. yet, may 

hustle more than anyone we know. Through the cracks on Band Co., grailcs, nvVpS"' 

and everything else, Brian has took it in stride and been a great roommate ' , '„ , 

and friend. Brian will succeed in whatever he does because of his taring and ' " ' 

positive attitude towards people Well, Brian the last three ye;irs have produced 

many interesting merftories and we wisli you the best of luck in m.iking your 

own memories in what you chixise to do. GCli - EMA III.^. 1 to 

thank the Lord first and foremost. Without Him 1 am notliifte, I also want to 

tliank my family who Ka.s given me support throtigh it all. Greg .md 1x1, you 

gi^s encouraged" me tastudy. And to the SBFC, you kept me humble and 


Privite 4 12 1 wrestling manager: 43,2: OCF: 4,3,2,i; Jackson Prayer Bri 
gadc 4 T "> 1 prayer marshiil; 1; Christian: eternity 

995: Dan Williams 
ZOOl: Stuart PatKM'so 

Rodney C. Daniels 

Redken, Doogie Housor, Hot Rod 

Kingsport, Tennessee 
Biology & Mechanical Engineering / Air Force 

Rodney came to VMI as a prepp\ hciy trom N.C State looking for struccure and 
a more fulfilled meiuiing in his lite Ri>dney has excelled in both academics and athlet- 
ics during his cadetship. His strong perseverance to complete his work has often kept 
ail of us up to the early morning hours. There was a period of time when Rodney really 
had to ask himself: "Why the heck did I give up a life of women, freedom, iind parties.'' 
1 think he's corne to the realization that VMI was the best choice he ever/nade. Room 
276 has had some incredible times together, ones which we know will be relived again. 
Having W&L so close to T:hei\ "I" gave Rodney the chance to see if he still had tlic 
touch. Tjfie chance to sec Rodney in rare form is quite a spectacle. In his defense I muse 
say it doesn't happen often. Hooters, Gorned Beef Co,, Top Floor, and the Staircase all 
know him by his first name! (just joking!!) "^Randy. • 

Why did 1 come to VMI? That is the question I've beemasked more often than 
any other. So, here's my answer: "^me here, and maybe.vyou'U understand" For, I 
don't believe a person truly understands the advantage of'Js^uffering" as some would sex- 
it, as a cadet. It truly does demand an exemplarv^eti^er and sheer drive. So, do 1 
believe there is a better Institution to prepare ma\ m^'s nation? There is none. In this 
sense of gratitude and humility, I owe V^I more than I could ever repay. However, I 
do leave the following to my closest companions: To Randy, I leave spontaneous nights 
of running to Holiins in the middle of the ^eek, forgetting homework and status 
checks, praying not to get caught. To "Will, I leave a life's subscription to J-Crew and 
the poster boy nominee for their next cover. To Roger and Matt, one more year!! Party 
on;i. To Kevin and Stewart, I leave the "traditions" passed on from me to you, and your 
own "unforgettable" and "forgettable" moments, and the game Operation. Play it with 
ptide. To all of you, I leave my friendship and all the weekends I never got to take. Go 
have tun. It's essential, and keep on the Roanoke tradition. Finally. I owe my own 
samty to the following: Mom, Dad, and Tamie, thanks tor always being there through 
all the years no matter what and always believing in me. To Amanda. Thank you for a 
shoulder to lean on and encouragement to carry on, I love you all. And, finally, to God, 
without whom none of this would be possible. 


1996: Brandon Porter 

2001: Kevin A Cuervo' 

Stewart Sergio' 


Richard E.^aiightridge 

'D, Mrs Doubtfu'c, Riciiie I)' 

\N^^ Hagerstown, Maryland 

^ <<^Economlcs & Business / Air Force 

F(Hir years ago I tame to VMI from Kentucky, not knowing anyone 
and I met RuJiie Daughtndge. After about a month. Rich and 1 
began a bond that will span me rest of our lives. During these four 
\ ears, I have reali/td that Rich Daughtndge is one of the finest people 
I know I would love to tell bcyne stories about Rich but diey are to 
king and in several I ases better left a mystery. Rich has been a great 
friend and roommate but in many ways. Rich has been like a brother 
to me Thanks Rich, ! wish you and Su&in the best in life, and I know 
that this end to VMI is only die beginning 

Its kind of weird thinking about how small this world actually is 
and how two people paths' can cross at different times Rich and I 
.first encountered each other years itjo when wephjed as nvals, in a 
variety of soccer tournaments in miiltink states His love for the 
game obviously grew more than mmt did and he d(.\ eloped into the 
greatest soccer player and truest goal scorer I ha\L ever seen in a i^er- pv i, 
son. It is truly amazing to diink aw:iut w hat he has accomplished here UyKcS 

at school and on the playing field His career wiU continue to a higher 
level because of his persistence and mcrcoming determination You 
and Susan will have a wonderful lite together because good things 
happen to good people Good Luck' Love Wdl 
Private 4,3,2,1; Varsin Soccer 4 s (Captain) 2 1 Deai>,List4 t,2,1; 
FCA 4,3 (Pres.) 2 1; Economic International Honors NicietN I; Big 
Red Club; Susan 4,3,2,1 

West Palm Beach, Florida 
History & International Studies / Air Force 

1995: Brian Uccardi 
2001: Justin Harber 

luuni-t Ui tht -world dn 
:cl} l-nown rlirou-,hou 
< II. Li diplam I 

>iid[ H^ 

To borrow i linu from the history ot Colonel Dayhuff ^ I Th. 
drru al ot Juan Carlos dt. los Rtytb' Fnt bome time, the m in i 
bunply li J C his toiled Lndk^sly ro attain whac he so nchl> J^; 

I fei ba(j for J C b(.tduSL he ksked me to wnte thiifaistorv tor hiro \ > words I < .ul 
jown on paper tnuld do him justitc ) C the eollege •^cuJcnt is j m -i k! f f ptrv era 
Hi Jiterrotoation m Ltt uning a decree tnHistor> and Int 1 Stiidit^ in rhc tiee otsj muel 
1 J imirdble j C the m m eould reaeh anyone on any level whether pr itessinnal or pti 
>. alJdi>L-u!>')arnhmt tr.ini che Bi\ of Pigs fiasco in Cuba to die Marlins pitching List 1 r 
1 \i. TJ\>.a\b ttnniLht loiQwingJ C wu. like having the frontpage of the USATodiy in ' 
hSPN Sp.irt z( lit. on titt tomputer sereen and an Eddie Murphy CD in the stutn it die- 
tributes wtrut enough be aliu h id some hidden talents He unflappable in finwrs o[ distress 
tomimtainasenseofpeacL ah >ijr him He possesses agreat^nseot humor finelinga wv^ Co i 
anjont; smde it> one of his Lifts 1 Cs a ver> good basketball player w ith t^rtnt outside touch . 
tme singer with ^ voiee th it mih Dirius Rueker eould peer \es he that good 

M\ only qualm abiiut |C is that 1 waited so long to get to know him Rat Year heuasMoapi> j 
the funny Cuban BK I rom Floridi w ho lived two doors down from me md it TAPS would s. 
ceo LA Tlnr I I lj,s\LirhL wasnotiLtably absent fromthcstoopandSecnndClass veirhtuS? 
Stwived mfo the uuum tb a ^ ..s Rmim 20^ I wis qeute fortunate to Ix-fhend him at the efid ot DyKCS: 

die u-orind room ufhhi.n our lir-r Class \eir Viuri nn brother nou mm md loit > ju fori^et n(\f\^. Inhn kill 

^ ^Ul^eoriD-^ a^mu .cm.UtddHit, and 1. The G>Kifither .fm\chddrcn 1 u,ll ontimulis ZUUl. JOlUlMLl 

JCyoueailed; ur dfliiav f .rkm .uu. me In teil,n^ nu no^v th ^^OKLU . c^uitc Uessed '^^^^C LOpt/ 

forhaunp^Ol Juan ( dos te Ins Rey.^ Ihafs lictk J l.rtK 'i pu J "R _ _ JollH KOUbarOllhS 

(.1 )d s". b ic J 1. \ix;nenei 

LxJltV^dllSTOl 11 

.11 his J 

dlke!.,eBdur ll 


^«tavt tht 


iiiilh . 


It Jull , 
-Kf.irL i 1 .1 

itban ilsonotibitdiaigothniugh ■ 
LL [hjc tdth of vou \\ tU he uiit^tiHling uilIlc 
TC(2>«rs) Arim ROTC (2 )ra[~,) \omigRcpubliLansdub Spun h( I 
t In Charge Lljciuk Hall Asbt bpom Eiiitutot Cadet NLWspap,^ Prep U 
Baptisr Student Union Drill and CLfemonj Guard Ttam McniKr OIIklts 
latron Vitt Preydent PtL Law Club V 

Charles f. Dewe^ 

Jason T. Diekerspn 

DICK, Big Nasty" 

%is J. Diet 

Dieter,'i''etus, DieteilSii, P^et" 

Indian Harbour Beach, Florida i 
Civil Rngineering / USAP" 

In the military, there exists a difference between the word pilotand 
the wordaviator. Dew has shown us what it is to be a pilot. After 
tour years on top of the pyramid, he has heard the chiming cjf the bells 
at midnight and will seek his entertainment elsewheres. When he 
leaves, we will notice that during his cadetship few tliines remained 
elusive to him; it would seem as though Gershwin scored nis step and 
the Spartans of enipire whispered to liis ears, Alont; with the other 
King; Men of 1 1 7, tie has gained that most elusive achievement: rec- 
ognition at VMI after graduation from VMl. Wlis achievements will 
blend into memory as not so much a list but as a personality — "sui 
eeneres" — from withm ones self. We know that since the men who 
do not adapt to society are the ones who make the greatest progress, 
we shall wish him fair winds and following seas. An individual al- 
ways, remembered always, a pioneer and a traditionalist, and a trea- 
sured' friend, to Dew we say rly low, fly fast, our friend — all speed is 

O the 1 md of cloudless da> s 

O the land of an undoud> sk) 

They tell me of a home ^^ here no storm clouds tisc 

O they tell me of an uncloudy di)* 
Pvt 4 Cpl ■> Reg Sgt Maj 2, b 4 Capt I Ac Stars ? Dean. List 
4 T 2 1 Arnold Air Society ^ Tail Beta Pi 2 1 Tau Bet i Pi Presi 
dent 1 Regimental Color Guard 2 Virginia Program at Oxford 1 
YGBSM-1^, 2 1 -, ^ ^ . 


1995 Curt Webster 
^001 Angelia Pickett 

Roanoke, Virginia t 

History / Marine Corps Special Studeip ;; 

"Evolution of the Big Nasty 

Dick was made for life at VMI; unfortunately, the administration didrt 
always agree, hov?evet. As a Rat, he thrived on the adversative!, systeni, 
and in some ways he, even now misses the chaos" and fury which could 
energize the |l>atline; that could be why he found himself on the rugby 
pitch for a few semesters. His third^'aass year started as a cadre corporal 
with "tough to buckle, and ended with a trip to Baldwin whil^ unfortu- 
nately on confinement. In between all of that, thankfully, were the times 
that would bind Brothers. However, Dick was forced to spend his sec- 
ond class year at schools other than the Institute. Back for nis first class 
year, Jason was "home again, with new vision and a ticket aboard the- 
189 train. Jason lives by his own strirt code. Advice often consists of 
"you gotta do what you gotta do or one word, "fahgetraboudt" Hs not 
aOout sitting around waiting and talking about doing, hs about getting 
out, having iun and doing whatever it takes. So *hiie he may be a bit 
psycho, hes just doing what hs gotta do. Sure, he may be "big, and he 
may be hasty, but down inside you wort find a better man or closer JJvfegg 
friend. It all goes back to his set or rights and wrongs, and thats why I'll ' 
never doubt whether or not Jason wu! be there when needed. He always 
is, and thats damn rare. I hope I'll be there for him like hs been there i:or 
us. And, maybe someday, we can find some girls, shake a tail feather', 
all go down to Cliffs Club, drink some George Dickel and sing "I just 
wanna get ..." till everything is right. "And there is a friend that stickcth 
closer than a brother' - Proverbs 

Rat Challenge 4; Ranger Pit 4,3,1;AAAA 4,3; Rugby 4,3,; Cadre 3; 
Busted 3; Conduct Pro 3; Suspended 3; Radford 2; Private 4,3,1; Big 
Red Club 3,1; Virginia Historical Society 1; Summer School 4,3,2,1; 
The Train I 

Murray, Utah 
Chemistry / Special Student 

What can 1 say?" It seems like it has been a loiig endeavor, somehow 
you were always acting in my best interest. Mom, you changed my 
life forever, and you are my mother. Dad, I will try to, emulate you, 
but it wtU be hard. You taught me things VMI didri and couldit. 

To all of my friends that made this place bearable, diank you. :.Tlie 
New Science Gang, you all helped me out a lot...Buddlia, "Go my 
children and heal uie world."; Hungarian, "Put it on the balance and 
weigh that sucker."; GoUer Jr., my offer tor a good time still stands,; 
Mr.^Keys, you helped me out the most, thank you.; Famundich, you 
head is the biggest I have ever seen. . WB.C.Ry, "Snake utawls across 
the grass. .r, Paul, Todd, Sean, Matt, and Ham...D()minos?. Roorn 
.17l7Big Ed, Mtilti-position player (#7), and Brian C. 1 love you 
gays. Don, Hving with you was not always easy, but we got better at 
It. Love ya, baby. Timniy, I, didrt think I could finish without you 
and It wasrt easy, but J did it, and so cai^ you. So get yourself bativ, 
and do it. You are in my prayers, and I will never let you slip out of 
tny life, you mean to much to me. ■ DykCS. 

To my dykes. Brad, Cambell, and Ken, good luck!! Make the best 

VvT-43,2,1; Baseball-4,3; WB.C.-2,1; 
DNGAI'F-4,3,2,1, Unsatisfied Customer 4,3,2 



^ "^ Kiuy^^g Ding 

"\ innie, Viniiy, Din^o' 

RobiBi'iil'0lKoli II 

"The Dream, Ti%D, Mad Do| 

[enncth C. Dohanish 

"Kcnnv D , Danish, Sonic' 

Taiwan, Republic of China 
Mechanical Engineering / Special Student 

It was a hoc August afternocin in 1 994, when all of the sudden I had 
a new roommate. Vinnie had no idea what was going on, but he 
learned quickly. Now it seems like Vinnie is teaching me what is 
going on. I have had the honor of rooming with Vinme for die past 
Four years. Not many people can say that. I doit know what I will do p 
without antics of Vinnie. I will never forget what could be one of the 
funniest things I have ever seen here at the "I" . The steam trolls' were 
busy at work one night Our third class year and Shane decided that he 
could'fiot take the incessant noise any longer. He got a combat boot 
and began to go medieval" on the radiator. Then Vinnie suddenly 
shot up from a dead sleep and toofc a shoffrom the boot to his skull. 
He later told us that he thought his wall locker was falling on him. 

Vinnie h;is also been known to talk in his sleep. The funny thing 
about it was that he would talk in Chinese in his sleep. I can never say 
that it has been boring living with Vinnie. He is always bringing laugh- 
ter into '03. Vinnie I can honestly say that I will miss you old friend 
and I know that I speak for everyone when I say that. I have never 
met a more personable person from Taiwan. jhan you. I hope that DykeS: 

maybe one day we can all meet up in Taiwan and celebrate the old -i qqc: inch 'strirHpr 

days, perhaps with a little saki. Until that day, I wish you the best in i»»J. JUSIJ DLllLIUCl 

aU,^ur endeavors. 2001: LUl Uu TBubba'TThC 

shrimp captain" 

Clayton, Georgia 
History / Air Force 

I have ®9 a few g(Kjds time in my years at the Institute, but for the 
most part I have been miserable. The first year was terrible to put it 
nicely. Third class year was not much better, except for the new 
rootnates that 1 picked up that year. Their were some good times that 
year, Mike throwing the rack out the back of barracks in the middle 
of the night. I will never be able to forget the setting ol land speed 
records with Crowder as we triMta make it to the Southern Confrence 
basketball tournamnet in Greeri^aro. Second class year was a litde 
better. I was finally able to wear" me ring. Second semester of that 
year I spent most ot my time in Roaiieke with Beaman or at the local 
race tracks in the area. First class year has been great so far, but it will 
be even better once football is over and graduation is here 

I would like to thank ray parents for the support they gave me and 
without it I would have never Jxiade it. I would like to thank Crowder 
for making everyday interesting-.with his comments and jokes, even | 
though I was the butt of most of them. -I would also like to thank 
him for hurting my grades by making me watch Monday Nitro or sit DykeS: 

around and talk when I wanted to srudfc Toolan remember the next ^ QQR. TnrtH PhflrnhprQ 

time you need a car stolen give me a call. Ben I want to wish you and ^ fWO. 1 UUU »_iUcUlluci & 

Monica good luck, Mike all I can say IS that it has been fun. Bryan 2001: BrVan DaltOn 

remember do not follow the way that I do things if you want to be a ' '■ 

good cadet. 

Sussex, Ntnv Jersey 
Economics & Business / Navy 

It figures that throughout my four years here 1 had a million things 
to say and now when! have the opportunity to reflect upon my days 
at the T ! .ini at a loss for words. It goes without saying that these 
have been the most difficult years of my life and if not For die love 
and support of my family and friends, and the good Lord to watch 
over mes;i dori know if I would have made it. I would like to thank 
my pareiilMcljo have stood by me every step of the way and encour- 
aged me toltog in their each and every day. I know I did not make 
it easy for the^^I would also like to thank the Lord for looking out 
for me and giviiJg me the strength to carry on. Finally, I would like 
to thank my friends for always being there through Both the good 
and bad times. To my boys in room 102, Brett, Jon, and Timmy 
thanks for always keeping it real. 

! ; Through my stay here at school one thing was for certain I never 
had to go far to find a good laugh. Every time I entered the room I j^ 
, was bound to laugh whether it was my unfiinny Mexican roommate- 
tellina smother one of his tasteless jokes, listening to Timmy talk DykCS: 
®boutbeing one of the finer upstanding gentlemen from Prince George , q, 

County, ;uid I always had BtT to clean up after me and make due 
with sloppy seconds. Of course 1 cannot forget about Buck, the mOst 
high (.lass redneck I know, who could always be coiuued on to bring 
a fitde country to the simacion. Lasdy, I would like to wish all my 
fricnda, >ou know who you are, good luck smd remember no matter 
where you go after this Fellas it cart get any worse. 
.C^ct Waiter 4,3,2; Trident Society 4,3,2,1 


Jonathan Crais 
Brian Donald, ■ 

Jordan 1. Dolan 

Jason T.,©uffy 

Duff-Dogg, Sataii, The EvU One, 

Pasadena, Maryland 4 

Economics & Business / Special Student 

It has been a hard journey I tmi say I m rcalh seeing the benefits at 
rhib point To tell the truth if I had to do it ag iin I would nt I want 
to th,ink m> p.irents They ire n lUy the only onei who kept me here 
for these long years I know thc> know I'm not happy here but tts 
still good to tnow they will baek me in any tltmg I tr> to do To the 
T" and all those invoked with running this place Catehaelue The 
one real thmg that I vt learned about this pluLS, not ineludina what 
I \e learned about m\sclf is that this pi lee IS a lot of smoke and 
mirrors Am'v.ajs my r its name is Josh Hurley Hts a goodgu) <ind 
will probabu glide through this place My dikes name is Cameron 
Onea Hes a& a pretty good guv THANKS AGAIN TO MY 



1995: Cameron ONeil 
^001: Josh Hurley 

Baltimore, Maryland 
English / Marine Special Student 

I isnn I do not know where to begin I have 
mgtul wordi that will describe your cadetship 
thinqb tu talk dbout**^Ut I dort know how tc 
behc \ t ) uu stdLTted out as a die hard Manne tht 
now \ jure back -at the I finishinti up 
bered ir unJ here for four giutar )im se^ion> and tht 
pierce the still night air th it t unc from ^92 As for 
food memoncsof the mmy nights when your inlamous T shirts 
room and landed on my bed all your httk babies on tht will oi 
^o-cirt racing ^ith the licde girls of Lc\ staging in the home less s^ltei 
the many visits co Sp<uike^ ^rd class >car )our cabin and Canada Most of all I will 
remember our min\ talks and dnves through the conntrvsidc harms r ur idcdi prob 
lemi dreams ttrus ind of course Spirits We ha\t hid our ups \nd dowus but wc 
hwe man i^cd to kttp a strong fncndship thru and thru \ou hi\c btoug^ much 
L\atcment to this dismal place and >ou have htlpt ] me to get through rfiuc 
three ye irs As hir Duff Luck h ing onto it and 1 hojx you aever will lose it 1 wish 
some of It viouid ruboffonme' Dutf you are trul> m> besttrieQcl and I thmkyou for OylCCS 
all ot our ^uod tinus \ou arc talented in so man> ways, affli 1 know )ou will be 
suceessfulio illthit>oudo Keep in touch' Your Fnend Mall: "^ 

Alwa)'s remtmlx r the seerets ot life Without only loss ind a world oi -strife 
Forget what you \L be ird remember this To give into temptation takeiiawa; bliss 
Tike no tilk th'it degrades your soul If such tilk occurs dig him 
When hird times inse and life is a ^:m Take to i new projca and torgtt whu 

here for hours pondering for 
nd our friendship There art so man) 
put them all onto paper Its hard to 
i took a >car Qffatahippi^g^ool and 
major \'btt wtU alw^^>e rcmeBGp- 
^r squea^iat wfould 
k some fortf 

1995 MikeRainwalcr 
2001 AlexKipp 

xploa ill tint i:, impt ssiblc For >ou cin mikt it t 

LiL Listen to \<)ur lit 

irt Beta 

lu arc tht (i.w PI i/o - niman > 19 'h 

Attivitics OiitL 1 Eiigii h S iLt\ (Prcs j Hop 

1 I riour T Bomb 

0\t ri 

j\\4 limminsSoa ty i 1 \TMt r 1 ilo 3 Hobin 

T\d-iil 1 

CliarloUesville, Virginia 
English / Very Spenai Student 

It's diffitult to put into worth iii)^ feeluags ibout the piit four years 
It eertainly cannot be done in i single eolumn of simple words This 
place has created so miny emotions from pure unadulterated -inger 
ind h ite, to respect and tommitraent If anyone s ivs this is the real 
world they are quite fiill of s#^t Never liefore h ive I wdlfiilly 
endured suffering such as tins and never will I igain I would not 
have made it through this God-forsAen place without my tricnds -f^ 
239 Pervert especially John, Dicky Toof in Dave Possum Moder, 
Dot Ya'U are the best people T could h ive ever hoped tor to h ive as 
friends and I will never forget what we ha\e shared » „ 

Mom Dad Sis - Thanks for evcrythini, once ii-iin words will 
iji^ver be ible to capture the gratitude No one could steer me ri^ht 
^t JUaxna tried Mama tried to raise me better but her pic idina; I 
denied Mom, you done goud The 1 in 6 rule remains in effect but the 
1 has had an invaluable effect on m\ life, one that will nc\er change 
I would not be the saAe person h id it nOT been for m\ tricnds l\ '' 
don=t know if thafteSod or b id 1 have hatcti this place every" . 
have been here - borl wouldn t tride it for tht world Was it woi 
it'' Perhaps No life, no freedom fun that even the most dement^ 
inmates would find absurd but the best friends anyone toultl isk for 
ask mc in 25 years Pervert R its - be sure rhe tradition tontinucs 

Cadet Progr^im Board (2 1) Siucy Editorial Wntsr, (2) 1 thtorial 
Editor (still sauc)) (1) Crcnerd Weasel and Mister oJ tht S\srem 
(4,3 2 1) Club Pervert Corner (3 2 1) Virgin Private 


Daniel D. T. Dunn 

"Shag«>, Ralph, Dan. Fl> lioy, The 
.Genesal, the, Rhino' 

"Ed, Big Ed, RobVilla" 

Heath B. Rdmislon 

oose. Big Pissed, Op^" 

Lorton, Virginia 
lies / Air Force 

what can I say? Four years ago two co-matriculants met at the 
physics table in Cameron Hall. Three semesters later, I switched out 
arid went down the slippery slopes" of Scott Shipp. Dan stuck to 
physics, even when others said that he would be one ot the first to 
leave the major . Four years later, Dan is still there and will graduate 
in May (on time). From all nighters" in the lab in Mallory Hall and 
the 'Dunj^ebri, through Rms. 37.3, 296, and,-196, weve been through 
It all. Danidetermination,-dedication, and drive is very prevalent in 
his ye^s at VMl and has made him a better man. From coundess 
hours spent into the early hours of the morning in Mallory Hall, to 
dealing with an operation and thetffor a ci3mrrussion, and striving to 
better his GPA; when things got rough, Dan dhdrt quit but went head 
on into the challenge and be& it. 

Spending many a weekend up at Mary Baldwin College has also 
paid off, since he met the future Mrs. Dufta and will be standing at 
the alter at the end of May. To_Sara and Dan, may the two of you 
always be happy. " 

It would also figure that Dan would pick up two Rats from the 
Staunton area. To Matt and Elijah, learn from your Dyke follow his 
lead and yoiill make it through VMI with no major problems. 

I'm very privileged to have met him, know him, and caU him my 
friend. Dan, it has been an interesting four years to say the least. I'll 
see you at your wedding, being Best Man I nave to be. Besides who 
else would throw you alaachelor party? 

Activities: PY Survivor - 4,3,2, ICult of Sara - 4,3,2,1 Corporal- 
3Private - 4,2,1S.PS.- 4,3,2, lE.S.A.- 4,3,2,1 "Sauderized" - 3,2,1 

Burke, Virginia 
%■ '' History /Army 

If voii bail to sum up Rols cadetship in one word, it would have to be 
CONFINEMENT H Rob was paid minimum wage for the numl^er of 
hours he has spent on (.onfinement, he could probably pay his tuition in full. 
Tins may seem a sign of immaturity. Yet, anyone who has been confined to 
the limits ot post for a weekend can tell you, it takes an astounding amount 
of perservercnce, self-control, and nicotine to survive at VMI op confine- 
ment as long as Rob has. ' 

Rob cadetship is an example of the VMI spirit. His "Never Say Die 
attitude pulled him through the Ratline, a suspension his 3rd Class year due 
to demerits, tlie threat of suspension twice for demerits and grades, borh of 
which were narrowly avoided after much "roveluig and begging for mercy to 
the powers that be. Through it all Rots determination pulled nim through 
It was during I st Qass year that I truh got to know Rob I spent many late 
'flights arguing with Rob over anydimg you Lould po^ibly think of to argue 
about. (Hey Rob, how many licks* dees it take tu get to the center of an Oreo 
cookie?). I lived with Rols constant need to be tinkering with one thing or 
another. I felt like it was ROB WXA. THIS OLD BARRACKS or some- 
thing. I tolerated his never ending pilt i>t sloviness as long as it didiT over- 
flow into my side of the room. Rob you are great roommate and friend, and 
if you ever graduate, knock on wood, I know youD find success and prosper- 
ity in everything you do. Ra Da Tra!! ~ Scott Reid 

Pvt 4,3,2,1; I.H.TF.P 4,3,2,1, Cadet Waiter 3 2 1, Barracks Tobacco 
Kingpin 3,2,1; Big Red Club ^,2, 1, Uncle RorB Extended Furlouah ^, R.inac-r 
Company 2,1; AD-Pro 2,1; CWRT 1 I, Yeah Yeah 2,1 Stair. ,ise 1 ) M 
Hall Night Watch 1; The Four Horsemen 1 


1995: RickGambrill 
2001: Elijah Ward 
Matt Dotson 


1995: RichHauben 
2001: David "Spock" Khalek 
Chad "Pink" Lloyd 

Chesterfield, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

Thanks to everybody for putting up with my moody (®$S# for 
four years. First, I woiild like to thank my parents for supporting me 
throughout my "long strange trip called education From 5 years in 
£^H|kdbool to this neUhole, you were there. Secondly, to the boys 
a^^m5,l owe a lot of good times too y'all. Beasiw- I owe you 
bigtimW Thank you. Brew-Dog 'j'ou doit understand!! Kump, are 
y()u alive? Somebody call an EMT!! TK- thanks for the great ttmes, 
sorry they couldrt last. G3 1 —Nate turn off the G*DDA**ED lights!!! 
"1 felt so smafif I owe you for talking me into coming to diis place 
peterhe'*d! Rich- La-tat-tat-tat. Thanks for the Smifli factor in all 
our classes. Roids-hardt you anger me! I always up for a round wjth 
you, Rith and Perry-P. Wain, time for us to make a road trip dov, n to 
Daytona Keep throwiri em and I keep catching Jut and Gale, up 
for another Beam i^ Coke shot of chilled SOCO, Jagermeister, 
tequila, ... etc' Go get a smokey treat Thanks for dragging me 
' ' to barracks 11/16/96 Pcay, drag the HEAD out to the Pali* 

le cMii-»Anery Dwarf thanks for the great atamde, LIGHT DvkeS 
(u^feA your (a)* $%&8 eyes" Derek rcw inj it and wdll ^ 
^ _ It agitin CommaiKlcr Reister thanks tor aU the runs to the 
HUT 1 hlnksgiving 1996-DON T CAT THE BRONX NIES" To 
all those who fve forgotten, thinks for making this place halfway 
bearable Leng-Leng stay out of trouble and /ouU do alright Its 
t 20, do vou know where -^our "bds' axs^ G( odniglit John-Boy 
Private 4,3,2 1 VMI FootbaU Starter f32 I, Big^ed Qub 3 2.1, 
JaLDnvm" ( lass 4, VMI Monogram Club 4,^ 2 1, Team Caniaia 
iTleaitLiM V, BR6C4; AA 4:^,2,1; Alcohol #1 Club 4, 90210 
.m (VP) 1, 1,2,1; Long Hair Club 2; Sasquatch Club 1 

1995: Joiyon Constable 
2001: Brian L(^ng\arsk\ 

Lexington, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Army 

My aaeptiuice into VMI gave me the chance "to be what ever I 
resolved to be and to experience a world that no other member of 
family every has. I enterecl my rat year with ignc irance in the concepts 
of hard work, discipline, pride, and honor, but quickJy learned in the 
fun filled ratline. Probably the- finest moment in my life was the 
moment when I reached the top of that famous "hill' on that cold, 
bleak, February dav, because it was the first time m my hfe that I felt 
a true sense of pride and honor glowing within my soul. Shortly after 
this, I entered my dreaded thirdclass year at the T and although this 
year was toilgh and demanding, due to the 'Academic Lme,' 1 some 
how emerge with my head barely out of the water. The following 
year was one of the best years of my life. In my second class year 1 
accomplished many things, which included an acceptance of a com- 
mission in the Army, a revived G.RA, and my class ring. The re- 
ceiving of my ring at Ring Figure was one of the proudest motnerits 
of my life, because it stood tor my everlasting partnership with the 
Institute and with my B.Rs. Finally in ray last year at the Institute, I 
received the glorious honor of being a First Class "Private: This year 
symbolizes the end of the beginning for my brother rats and 1 but we 
will "Seize the Day before we enter that hellish, real world. I will 
always miss the camaraderie and "intelligent" discussions that my 
friends and I had within those walls of our beloved institute. 

Football team - Rat Year; Power lifting Team - 2nd Class 

Aaron G. Edmonson 

"Fatworm" & "Fathead" 

Baily^ Crossroads, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

Nothing in the worid can take place of persistence. Talent will not; 
nothini; is' more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius 
will no't. unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; 
tlie worlJ IS full of eciucated failures. Persistence and determination 
alone are omnipotent"- Calvin Coolidge. I believe diis quote is what 
our class is all about. The past tour years all us was persistent, with 
three different commandants and rules that have gotten worse and 
more stupiti, somehow we still stay. 
Roeder thanks for always making me laugh and tor putting up with 
me for four years. I dori: think I will ever forget the last day of pre- 
strain summer and the condom over the head. Tliey will always be a 
conversational piece. Dirt if I ever had a littie brother I wish he would 
be like you. All the crap and beatings that you took over three 
by us will still be funny Thanks for sticking it out with us and good 
luck in the fiiture. Gooney thanks for the Blazer second class year, the . 
computer eanies, movie night on Samrday night, and dori torget that 
time in OH Town. The boys (Diile, Huck, J^oe, Doug) thankstor the DyfceS: 

'-'■'- '-'---' — 1995: Brett Badgetl 

Henry S. Ehrgott 

"Hank, Spank, Hen'ri" 

bullshit sessions on countless days and the ilrinking at bpankys. Spev 
thanks for helping me when I was a rat and just listening to and 
trusting each other. Mom, sorry for all the money I wasted but hope- 
fully it will all be worth it and thanks for being mom. Joy, thanks for 
all you did and 1 will never forget your senerosif>' and caringness. I 
wish you could have seen me graduate. To my rats keep with it and 
soon you will be where I am at. 

Rat 4; Cpl 3; Ops Sgt 2; Lt 1; Ice Hockey 3,2 1, Rat Challenge 
4 2 1- Big Red CliTb 1,2; Cell Block 72 3,2,1; ASCE 2, 1 ; Mess Hall 
Sf ave 4, 3° Late Nights 4 , 3 , 2 . 1 ; In HELL 4 , 3 . 2 , 1 ; . 

Jack Baker 
1998: Charles "Big Ed" Noil 
Vlike 'Dumnij'" Graber 

Eric 0. Eismon 

^ "Ice, E" 

Falls Church, Virginia 
hiternational Studies / Army 

The concrete structure of b.irracks seemed to me as both barren and 
unforgiving when I matriculated on August ll 1994. And \vith 
sunglasses in hand, I signed the m uric-ulation book and headed m 
Like the rest of us, I was unaware of what I would find. vC hat I 
would learn in the following d i)S was th« VMI was quite difterent 
from what I once thought. From this striped down 'Spartan lite style, 
1 have met and come to know people of truly impeccable character. It 
has been within their shadow that 1 have grown I am very thankfully 
to my parents. "Without their love and support, I would never been 
afforded this opportunity. 

'The wilderness and solitary place shdl be glad tor them; and the 
desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose" Isuh 3'i Vs 1 
. ERT 3 2 VP 1- S-5 2,1; Rat Ch illengc Corpor,il 3, Heat Shield 4, 
iPriv. 4,3.2,1; 


1995: Riciiard Pitchford 
2001: John Martin 

Melissa W iliiams 

Gregory C. Ellen 

Highland Springs, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

For Greg, VMI was a choice to say the least was a surprise. Greg 
left Highland Springs High School with the aspirations to play foot- 
ball ana get a degree in Civil Eni^ineennt;. After four longyears at the 
T, Greg has accomplished botn. On tne football fieldGreg played 
quarterback, receiver and punter along with a number of roles on 
special teams. In the academic arena, Greg has been named to the 
Dearfe list every semester and earned academic stars in one of the 
Institute toughest majors. 

As a Rat Greg established himself as a scholar athlete. Throughout 
Rat year, Greg juggled the demands of football and school. As a 
Third, Greg did very well academically, barely missing academic stars: 
however, he did something much more important, he met Jenny. 
Second Class year, Greg finally got his ring and earned his academic 
stars. First class year, Greg finished off his final year of football and 
continued to maintain good grades. For his entire cadetship Greg has 
always been there for his BRs. There have been a number of mghts 
when Greg took time out of his busy schedule to help a fellow cR 
with homework and not stopping until the cadet understood what DvkeS: 
was going on. Now Greg is getting ready to go to graduate sdiool 
and then on into the "real world", ne will feavevMI behind but take 
Jenny and all of the important lessons he has learned and continue to 
succeed in all that he does. 

Well Greg as you can see, you have been a great cadet and an even 
better friend. I want to wish you good luck in all that you do and 
remember that if you ever need anytning you know who to call. EAIII 

Rat 4, Cpl 3, Pvt 2, Lt I: FootbaU 4,3,2,1: ASCE 3,2,1: Tau Beta 
Pi 1: Big Red Club 3,2, Sec. 1: Jenny 3,2,1: Deare List 4,3,2,1: Ac 
Stars 1: Southern Conference All-Academic 4,3,2,1. 

1995: Shannon Lucas 
2001: Wiir'One Position 
Wonder" vMley 

Alexandria, Virginia 
Computer Science / USMC 

It must have taken a legion of Gods Angels to do it, but I am writ- 
ing my 1 " class history, tts taken the love and support of my Mom & 
Dad. For that I am eternally grateful. No one can understand the 
mental strain that I have gone through to make it more than my 
roommates. To Lud-Dog and Henley your pranks and humor have 
survived in my laughter and black eyes. To the new victims of the 
crew Kraft and Slieme, I could not have asked for a better replace- 
ment. Not only did \'ou survive, but you added to our torturous 
tradition of ridicule. Tony yoiirc the life of the party; keep searching 

Then there were three. To Phantom and lay Oh my God, its a six 
foot Asian, Call Guiness call Guiness Bubble boy Roderiques when 
is the next show.^ To sec such a room of misfits come together as close 
as we have shows me God really has a sense of humor. Our dose 
friendship has allowed us to belitUe each other to lower maturity lev- 
els. Our unique characters and distasteful ridicule has honored me 
with memories that I refuse to forget There is onK one <ui.swer to the 
question "What kept me coming back to such a dreadful place?" My r»,,|,Qo. 
Brothers. UyRC!?.. 

To my naive little rats "Duke & "Slick What litde do you know 2001: 

what is in store for you. Maintain the humor and it will come. Keep 
the traditions alive and by the grace of Gixl fna\ you be what ever 
you resolve to he' " 

Brandon Crane 
Shane Vinales 

DonaldJ. Evans 

Anolhony I. Ezell 

"Ton>, Kz" 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Biology / Army 

Tony came to this fine institution four lonsj years ago with much 
ambition and drive. The trouble was, it had no direction; no iijiner 
pilot to guide him on his course through life. The only thing he knew 
for sure' was a nagging but vague sense that he was not meant to be 
just another face m the crowd.TTe also ran into a minor sjpeed bump 
on the slippery slope towards academic success. After a brief respite in 
the civiluin world until his GPA was sufficient, apparently the Insti- 
tute doesit belie,ye in rounding up, he rejoined his Brother Rats in the charge towlfds graduation with renewed confidence and vigor 
about life"<ind the world beyond these sheltered walls. Thus, for Tony 
the individual, life holds endless promise and, in the words of Walter' 
Bagehot "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say yo* 
cannot clo! 

Private 4,3,2,1; Cheerleading I; Radford 2; Funky 4,3,2,1 


Jermcy Grilfin 

William P. Fall% 

"Bill, Chewie" 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Iniemalional Studies / Navy 

I il-i almost iverythmg I do 1 am sicung htrt it the last rrunua UKxraiUnat 
HU inJ atrcmntmg lo wutt some profoim 1 stirernent to destribc my year;, 
lun itVMI After f iur long bratil wars and a muplc ot summers between 
1 can tmall> slc the Imish Itne Fven tn )ugh I will he tiossing that line witlj a 
ditferint dLt,ree thin I hid ori:;inillj pursued I wdl have accomplished ray 
m iin ob|CLti\(. - bctoming a Nnal Otheef It was a rough path to get there 
widi tlmost being thrown out on more than one occasion bur w ith a little luek 
md b> the urate ot God I avoided thr Kilboumc Keelhaul ind stuck around 
a little bit longer GraduatiUj, from die "I I can see diat tins place is totally 
different tfian what I tirst thought Not neeess iril> bad (though there are some? 
tilings), bat I see things no« in a different perspectsvc Oreourse, it doesjfe 
help'' tint J ha've beeome extremel) einieal md realistic ui the past few years 
but 1 tlnnk the reality check has been beneficial to my personal de\clopment 

Dunne my sentence at V\0 I ve met some ot the best people I h-ive known 
or w ill Know, in life We have had lots of good times i kw bad umes but they 
hive ill been fun ind we usually avoided'setting in rr ufle Lee IC, ^djon 
- we had 1 blast tn the room from drinking an 1 v\ atching movies to middle ot 
the night dance patties and the brrad ranje i i discussion topies %ye talked 
about Mike we have had our share of fun and I have It irned i kit from >ou 
(even though it s not obvious) and 1 respect jou the most Good luck in die 
Corps and sie vou soon Fresh whit can I sa-y but 'GOODNESS'' and hne 
tun m the Air Force To m\ tellow Navy toys 1 Doa and Goonei 1 11 sec \ou DvkPS 
m the fleet To Alpha 98 it hasbeen fiin inj LcodTuek to you all Rod Pit "y^"^ ^ 
and Kevin - thinks foi the help To my tits haee lim study, dort do stupid 
stuff uke me and I II see you GU\b soon Last but no wheres close to least 
thank you Mom ind D-id I know my arae here his made you ftel like you 
were on a roller coaster 1 ut I think 1 made out ok Thanks for pushing roe and 
believing in me when I w inted to e ill it quits 1 loye you All that being said 
Its time to pull chocks in 1 roll out the biggest hallenge lies ahead 
Hard Corps Alpte ' s , ^ , , , . , ,,rPft,..r,- , „* ^c.„„._ 

Platoon Leader l,,^v» 
Navy N-holarsliip 3 J 

Staff 1 Methanicajfengi 
S,2 1 Block Runner 3,2 1 




2, Intemanonal Studit 
Red Club 2 1 Dean s 

1 r Summer School 

Rod Thompson 
Pat Monohan 
Kevin lioffer 
Conn^" Curtis' 
Jay Douglas 
Jack Dcmpsey 

Greenbelt, Maryland 
Economics & Business / Air Force 

First of all thank God for allowing me to return to school, and, ijt 
finish what I statted a long time ago I must say there were tunes |.V 
when 1 wonderecTif it were meant tot me to return, but my short-j 
tet m goals have been achieved, and now its time tot the tuial goal- 
graduation. Now I want to take thiS time to thank all the Haters wlio 
aoubted A'D and threw pounds of ineffective salt in the gaftie for the 
motivation and the challenge to be the certified player rn itl am to- 
day. Without you all, there is no game I want to say peace to all mf 
dawgs in barracks, keep ya heads up cause it 1 can finish \oii know 
you can To my teammates, 1 wish you the best next year I hope you, 
make it fatdier than this years team does AQ its your shov, now my 
dawe"' To my roommates Taueg and J Poppa tLuiki for letting me 
apd Darius perfect our spades game at your expense' HA HA'Thanks 
for making it worthwhile To the dykes in rm 12 1 keep y^ noses 
clean, and get 
dem damn grades up' 
Ail-Amencan Procrastmator, All Pro Player, Monogram Club 4,2 1 

Kansas (]iLy, Missouri 
Computer SciciK e /Navy 

Honor is like an island, ru^>;tel mil without a 
beach; once we have left it, we t m never tcturn 

' -Nicolas Biodeau Dcspreaux 

Thank you mom and dad tor everything 
Good luck BRs. 

VIRGIN PRIVATE, Trident Society ^,2,1, SCUBA Club 4 ^ 2.1, 

Water Polo 

2,1; Norwich Exchange Program 1, Club #41 S,2 1 




1995- Matt Chapman 


Gooney Bird, Goon, Cai^fe Feese" 


Bloomington, Minnesota 
English / USMC Special Student 

Well Shane it is hard to believe that the hist four years have already slipped 
away, and you are off to Law School — so what if D. and I are coming pack 
here. I think our friendship began when you entered 409 during the wee 
hours of the morning with "Ditches-Poes" but along with the good comes the 
bad — so we let it slide. Later the 03 club was formed. We will never forget 
coming back to our racks after studying late and suddenly ending up on the 
floor (especially D.) thi^pks to you, ancfalso youc bludgeoning Vinnie in the 
middle of the night. When the time came to get our rings, we were kinda 
nervoL* about meeting the hellions that you call Dave and Chuck. Shane, 
you have always been that little voice_pr rea^pn that made us think twice. 
The strange thing is that most of the time you werg right. If we take nothing 
away from here we will always have the memories of our good times to- 
gether. Good luck in your endeavors; you will be missed in the coming years 
more than you will ever know. — CDB & JPP 

Mom, Dad, Kell, Pat, Justin, Trenton, Stac^j and the rest of the Finley and 
Hofstedt clans — 1 love yall. Maj. McDonald: For once I am without words — 
I owe you more than I can ever repay. The EN faculty: Thanks for all the 
time; effort; encouragement; and support. Mrs. A:il.uv ya! The men ot the DykeS: 
'03: Thanks for being there; I know it cotildri have b^ji easy. Finally: These 1QQR- Mikp Tnhn<!nn 

Shane M. Finley 

in, Fin-Dog, Furious, Milwaukee. 

JaiTod »FRlpatrick 

"Potato, Nota VMI Man" 

years have been either a protracted nightmare or a sadrstic practical joke — 
eithSr way I still got screwed. P.S. If I'm nowhere to be found in ten years 
I've gone home to Ireland. "They wanna label me a menace cause I'msitt'n 
here sippn on Guiness," 2PAC Me Against the World. 
— S. Michael Finley, Esquire 

PVT 4.3,2,1; Academic Stars 1; EN Society 3,2,1CVP); Sigma Tau Delta 2 
(Sec), I (Pres); Pre-Uw 3,2; TMS.l; "VPO '96; Cadet 1; Fire-fighter 3; MN 
Club 4,3,2. 1; Anti-CoUege Republican; Bottoms-Up Club; Irish 4 Life; Just 
damn glad to be here! 

Poquoson, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Air Force Special Student 

The eni'has finally come. God knows that you have been eagerly 
waitina for this day. Throughout the years that I've been here, I have 
never known a person whii has hated this place more than you do. 
Unfortuiiately, only a select few people know what you have been 
through and the main reason why you despise this place. (I happened 
to be one (jf them.) 'Whether 1 liked it or not, you have shared your 
opinions, complaints, iind proMeras with me. Ftom, "I cart open my 
eyes" to I hate my dykes" if there was a complaint, you said it. Now, 
I m not implying that you dislike 'VMI, I'm making sure evetyone 
knows about the hatred you had for this place. But one thirig is for 
sure, you never quit. Your determination and willingness to stick-it- 
out" was amazing. "Whether it was academics or wrestlmg, you worked 
your butt off trying to succeed, and by God, you did. I know tha.t the 
'accomplishments you've had here made your M6ther, Father, Sister, 
and Brothers proud. Throughout the yaurs, you have become more 
than a friend to me, you were my confident, a person to share my 
problem.s with, workout partner (okay, once or twice), and a great 
roomie. I know from your work ethics, if anyone is going to succeed 
after "VMI, it will be you. All 1 can say is, thanks for always being 
there for me PAL, I hope our friendship lasts throughout our lifetime, 
or until you get fat, whichever comes first;: .To Anthony and Albert; I 
tried to warn you, but good luck anyi.vay' yoiill need it. 
Virgin Private; 'Wresding 4,3,2,1 (Team Captain); Cadet "Waiter '1; 
mat'Daddy Committee 3,2,1, "Hate My Dykes Club' 4,3,2,1 (Co- 
Fotinder); Study Committee 4,3,2,1; Ready to Leave 4,3,2,1; Hate 
This Place 4,3,2, 1 and then some. 

Farmington, New York 
Interna lional Studies / Special Student 

Having lived with Chad for two years, I kind of got to know him 
pretty well Chad came to "VMI wantang to swim and swim he did. 
After third class year though, he wanted to experience the life of a 
Caclel. Chad learned every aspea of the "VMI system, especially how 
CD get off confinement early Chad spent his extra time that was used 
lof swimming and excelled academically. Chad hiis departed VMI 
after last veaf anvl it just is not the same. Having Chad around added 
another dimension to wherever he went and produced enjoyment for 
everyone, well for almost eveiyone. Chad was always on the move 
with studies and extracurricular activities. Chad always had time 

2001: Danier'The Assassin" 


1995: Scott Neville 

Mark Wysong 
2001: Anthony Ashley 
Albert Bowden 

thought!) have a good time with his friend 
Swimming 1,3, Cadet Staff 2, V 

List, Private 4.3.^.1. « 1 Club 2 

irginia Historical Society 2, Dears 

Christopher M. Floom 

"Flooooooom, Floomdiggity, 

Dumfries, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / U.S. Marine Corps>^^~ 

VMI to Chris meant two thingi, becoraiiiL, a Marine Corps offuier and 
i;r,iJii,irjng with a dtgree in Civd Engineering He h.L', spent the last four 
years matcing that dream a reality Chris has always been very dJigent in his 
studies ,ind aetue in the Navy ROT( unit Howe\tr kts not forget that 
there es ilbO a deviant side to Flonoooum Atfeetionately known as Norm 
and Cliit at the Staircase, Chris and I ha\e spent many fruitful nights and 
duekcts at the bar Unannouneed to his parents, dne mo of us have had to 
earry eaeh other home, om .u, drunk as the citlur leaning against his BR tor 
support from numerous pitehers too many ut Irothy htMtagc Chris hius 
always been a jokester full of innoeent cxiriosity making the jerk sitting ni\t 
to you feel wekoraed and appreaattd He gois to great effort to be as loud 
as possible during any moment of sdente that may warrant yeUing, which is 
usually most of the time Ho\\ever, Chriss brilh iiKe and intelleet Be\er 
Leases to ama^e mc He has the utmost respect fir his professors by always 
referring to them by the proper title, Neel, tompletely sober anei orderly 
durins; football uames I never heard put him in a body bag Johnny or 
smelled boarbiin in his eup, always displayed sportsman-like-conduet that 
fat eow at the Lee-JacLson Lacrosse game deserved it; ne\er partook in class 
disruption Mullens dogpound and Materials batdeCry "Coil, respected dan- 
gerous-objects lets see what happens when I stick your head in this com- 
pressive strength machine, and of course his undivided attention during prayer, 
he always gave a hc<irty Aineri None the less, he is stiU a fairiiful and honest 
^ friend, even when he is throwing food at from across the table Chus, youare 
e>ne manipulative son of a bitch and I admire that; never feirget whete it all 
started! - Nutz 

Rat 4, Corporid 3, 1' Sgt 2, S-5 Lt. 1, Rat Challenge Station Cadre ri,!, 
Semjjer Fi 4,3,2,1, Blood drive Committee 3,2.1. ASCE 4.3,2,1. 

Marion, Virginia 
History & Spanish / Special Student 

When I was a rat I studied m Scott Ship Hall. I took a rest from my 
work ind looked at the desk that I was sitting in and the weirds "Wlien 
you reach the gates 6f hell present your VMI diploma iiid get four years 
oft w ere inscnbed on the desktop. I wrote those w ords, in tlie catdDoard 
of my cover and diey remain there stilJ. These words do not totally sum 
up my cadetship, but give great insight to how I feel about the teaclun.;s 
here at the "Institute. 

I hope my departure from VMI will be in good ispiration but if a 
true confession must be known it is probibiy doubtful Although 
on a positive note, I am able to say that there is somediing very spe 
u d about die people who have persevered four ye irs here A strong 
ind steadfast love and appreciation has captured my heart tor the 
men before me and the men and women after me They arc the 
clmacters in this world that play the role tew are barely ible and for 
this reason lain gratefid to be apart of such in esteemed club 

I bid many a fond farewell, and God speed to a complete reunion 

Cadre 3,2; Kicked off Cadre 3,2; Private 1 Spaz-boy 4 3 2 1 For 
eign Traveler 2; Redemption of Grades 2,1, Leva of Liberal Arts 
4,^,2,1; T/fifC^^c^ 2; Bomb Staff 1. ;, " 


1995: DaveTillar 
2001: Cory Bond 
Beth Hogan 


1995: Jeff Ryan 
2001: Doug Hoffman 
Jason Whitaker 

Aaron R. Frazier 

"Blue Tick, Fraz, Redneck" 

% ^ ■ %, Charles 0. Fiillam 

"Chuck!'*Prince of Darkies,s" 

Martinsburg, West Virginia 
History / Special Student 

sh to thank my parents for with out your help I woidd never had 
made it this far. Steve thank- you for giving me a goal to shot tor. 
And Cindy thanks for giving me all die hard times you did preparing 
me for my VMI experience, I also give thanks to T-Bug for without 
your encouragement I would have never made it! 

4: Rat 3: Theater 2: Out of here 1: Environmental Club, Theater 
4,3,1: Eagle Scout Association 

Dykes: ^^ 

1995: Chris Meyers 
2001: Brian Frank 

Jason M. Fye 

"Supah, Super Fye" 

Ottowa, Ohio 
Computer Science / Air Force 

Allow me to first get the stereotypical First Class history out of the 
way: Rat year: It sucked, but we UNIFIED and came together as a 
CLASS! Hua! Third Class year: We ate s##t, but we ate it TO- 
GETHER as a CLASS! Hua! Second Class year: We got our rings 
then did some binge drinking! AS A CLASS! HUA!! First Class year: 
Graduated! Going to Moody Hall to do some more B1NGE,DRINK- 
ING! Hua BRs!^ 

Enough cheese. My time -here has gone fast and, admittedly, hasrt 
been asjjad as, say, failing into a pit noil of sharp sticks. Its been four 
years of a very thorough^ education, both inside and outside of the 
classroom. I escaped td^Scotland fof'a semester on a Guinness Appre- 
ciation Scholarship. I've ran around wearing only combat boots, a 
jock strap and a shower cap while people doused me with shaving 
cream and God only knows what else. And 1 met a man named 
"Funk". I've done a lot and can honesdy say that I leave here a better 
man. However, nothing will ever compare to the unequaled generos- 
ity that comes with the'' friendships one makes here. One aa in par- 
ticular sticks out in my mind and has change^ my life in countless DvkeS: 
positive ways. Mark. ..Thanks for the underwear, pal. Yoiire a real 

In all seriousness, I have made some amazing friends and even after 
four years can still honestly say that there was nowhere I'd rather have 
been. No regrets, I have truly been blessed. Thank you. I love you 

Pvt 4,.^,2,l;Golf 4,.o,2,l;Cadet Staff 3,2,1; VMl Firefighters 
3,2,1 ;Timmins Society 3,2 1 ;English Society 1 ;Study Abroad/Drink 
and be Merrv' 2;S-5 Rat Daddy 2,l:Moders roommate 4;Big Red 
Club 3,2,l;Beer Drinking Dynamo 4,3,2,1 

1995: Jeff Ryan 
2001: Roger Imhoff 

Brady A.'Gallagher 

"The Bear, P,ra(l\ Bunch" 

I Wahiawa, Hawaii 

*^ "■ History / Army 

1 came tothe great Institute with high hopes and aspirations of being 
nothing more dian aKeydet. After years ofbeing here I finally figured 
out that there is more to Eieing a Keydet than standing tall in parade and 
marchingpost. I found out rliat being a true Keydet entailed spending 
countless hours in the rack and doing anything else to pass the time. 
Well, I guess the time has fin<dly passed and I know I will miss the 
friends and experient es that I ' ve 6t>me to know and love at the Institute. 
I especially want to thank my parents and my brother for supporting me 
through these years at die "1". Mi^ of all though I thinlc I'll miss 
hanging out in the cave with the anirai^s of the 05 series the most. To 
Robert, Justin, Kendall, and Caleb you guys were the best cellmates 
ever. Lasdy, the Corps roots the loudest, and: it always will! 
The Bear 2,1 Hua Army 4,3. 2,1 Ranker 4,3,2,1 



Justin Prior 

^drew E Gehring 

G, Anrrhew, Hermann' 

Frederick, Maryland 

Chemistry / Special Student 

Abandon hope, all yc 

has been a classic love-hate relal 
doesoijeel eood to be tram here, 
be tSfef m> whole lite Who 
tnelMs e^r since I tust asked yo 
Aucust 1994 \>nc trulv been 
v,a)s Aq> bed) could pick I 

fjho enter here!' The prtiphe 
sofhell, or merely lu 

-db ot D.mte raaki me 
,king in Jackson Arch. VMl 

_nship tor me: 1 h; 

The mends I've made here cannot indeed will not. 
else could 1 mention first bntTJ' Bud %*c\elx n 
1 to say 'Wicked iwesome on that earU evenln^ iii 
best triends, and part ot me is gone when wc part 

J, t walkina across campus ^Tio else looks like tv,o 

•ftalking along laughing a little too loud having a Uctle too much tun^ 
ho tise but Lmril and Hardy Bert and Erme TJ and Andy' We will 
alw ays have to sa time a,sidt each year to visit one another and keep in torn h I uc is 
jetf Kris, Nick Robin \ ( u siiy s have been the best Qualptrties tKeMotc un lour 
ambiguoasly non tlireatenin-, behavior (and not so non threatening), tncks hki con- 
taa, dead chicken, alien bmn and raism can (Look out Lucas'"), and countless hc-ck 
ling sections with chemistry professors are |ust a few ot our many mtics thit hi\c 
haunted the halls of the Science Building The chemistry class of 1998 villi be heard 
from today ind tomc.irow and the next day F troop Crev, 98 the best of tunes tlie 

like yesterday ■ 

huid lit 111 1 II ™ wcvc i;ot hair and were hating lift \X i 
chats )USt d)t wa it is \ou guys ha\e been the best' 
Without the love and support ut my parents T d i ' ' 

thank >oi 

f ir putting up ■\MtjK 

mi lunn 

11 inrne it I tcxikln 

hc^in .u rti 

motivdi 1 

1(1 m) iifc ro vompit. 

c ihii> h >mb 


!■ t ] 1 fiK gomy tO foL 

rvt-ifs I 01 

,1th i 



lurk ujh 
pay you 

lish lit 


^ th 

had bald hctids iad 
Never mm4* 

truly have ro 

thi jradc 

11 fhi bic,i^cst 



■ ilntost the I 

ly hli md 
Just two 


1995: PhiiMoore 
2001: Jason Co 

Ryan Colvin 

quotes btforc I go in 1 l\( i 
Ht>, wcrt 4100 eIil Hmlcni 

thcrts I 

lighting fur du Amiv)'^v 
^jpari" lunc" 
•rafflte -i t 2 1 Aggravated Plar>pu^ 4^21 Ratk Ch^iiknac 
;psons Cktb 3 2 I Motown Four 2 1 Qual P irn .o <h iirni in 
^ 2 1 ErniL to Tjb Ekrt 4 3 2 I 

Robert J. Gelinas 

■Rob, Genitals " 

Oak Harbor, Washington 4 

Electrical Engineering / Navy 

Roh tame to the "V an old man, fresh from Nuke Power School, to 
take up residence as a proud member of 439. He immediately fit the 
military system; his exquisite marching skills, coupled withnis im- 
peccable uniform appearance, gained hini much notoriety among the 
Cadre. Rob returned as a Third-Classmen with a pair of corporal 
bars and a new outlook. Over the summer, Rob realized that his 
overzealous efforts at room maintenance during his Rat year would 
balance out the remainder of his cadetship. Thanks to his naval train- 
ing, Rob learned and utilized the art of room warfare. Over the next 
diree years he violated every Geneva code within the room as his 
forces infiltrated his roommates' perimeters. Slowly, as in a game of 
Risk, Rolx tactics led his roommates to take up defensive positions 
because he had taken over evep' strategic location, including the spare 
wall locker and all outlets of^ power thr()ugh(.)ut the room. Aside 
from his room envelopment, Rob has given "much of his time to vari- 
ous other activities, most notably the spirit squad and the "NAX 
outside of the toughest major at VMI, EE (TEventually English). 
Returning First Class year with an ironing board and military creases, 
Rob was set to make the, best of the year. Although these fiiur years 
widi Rob have been a constant battle to gain and hold territorv in the 
room, he has proven to be an indispensable companion As he en- 
deavors to sail the seven seas, we hope that these four years together 
wort be forgotten. His a«e truly equated to wisdom'^m thejr^m, 
good luck Rob, you and tlie "NAy full speed ahead.vJ^jA^lS 




1995: Bryan Crothers 
2001: JoelCintron 

Annandale, Virginia 
English / Army 

Wade came to the "I" with a dream in mind. ...or so he thought. His 
rat year began with htm being initiated into the 5th stoop F-troop 
club. His third class year Wade made himself known as a path finder 
during his spring break get-a-way in the Smokey Mountains where ^ 
he and his compadres' took the scenic route instead of staying on the ^"^ 
path". He took fiilladvantageof a|;et outof jail tree pass to consume 
the nectar of the gods at Spankjs. He awoke the next day finding 
himself in a puddle of stale Deer with chunks in it. Tow.ircls the end 
of his third dass year with two tries at PY 207 and a valiant effort at 
Calc. Ill, Wade decided that the true meaning of C.E. was Contem- 
plating English. In his second class year BR Wade moved in with his 
permanent roommates the 'Fish Twins", Joe and Ed. This year had 
its ups-ring figure^ and downs-his FSU "Homecoming Queeri Ring 
Figure Date! His first class year Wade, having more free time 
of" him skiing down the hills of Slack-Shipp, opened his mind by 
joining the 700 Simpsons Club with his partner in crime "C . 
Throughout my tenure at the "I", I never knew anyone else to pro- DykCS: 
crastinate more than Wade. I have come up with this phrase to de- ^ „', 

Wade A. Germann 

up ' 
scribe diis phenomena, 'Sleep is to Wade as Fish is to Water"; But 
some how. Wade always seemed to pull a paper out of God only 
knows where. Wade always tried to play in tne fish twins games. His 
determination for achieving the best and my dedication in nurturing 
his study skills will someday allow him to earn the name "FISH'. 
Wade was a great roommate and a great friend. 
7th Cpl. 3, Guide Sgt. 2, Pk. Leader 1, Ranger Cbillenge 3,2,1, 
Ranger Co, 2,1, F-trooper, Big Red Club, LH.T.EP i,.^,2,l, En- 
glish Society 4,1, Timmins Society- 4,3,2,1 

1995: BobStaley 
2001: Robert Magruder 
Brooke Green 

John F. Getgood 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering / Army 

John came to the Institute from Fredericksburg, Virginia. It turns 
out that various members of his family had close associations with the 
Institute, and it therefore came as no big surprise as to why John 
decided on the T. As a rat, John, was a member of the rifle team, 
and we therefore didit see that much of him. He blended in, didit do 
anything to attract attention, and was by definition a sort of ghost 

John, has since matriculation been my roommate, and has consis- 
tently complained about how hard his major is, and how that if he 
was any otner major hed have outstanding grades . . . , \X'HAT- 
E'VER!! John, has always managed to stay oh top of things (.luring his 
cadetship, and has most of the t'ime kept our of trouble. Whether this 
had anything to do with his gtandfathet having taught both "Uncle 
Ron ,ind "Si , I dorirknow; but John has always been sure to put'My 
grandfather. Col. Wilson . . . etc. . etc on his Spiecials, and Form 24's!! 
Nice try, Jolin, but we 'know your tricks^ 

As a roommate, John.'^'as always aware, of his responsibilities, and 
was the other h,ilf of the reason why, Joe, didrt get kicked out be- 
cause of excess demerits. From what we saw, John, was .ilso very 
good with his hands" It therefore didrt come as a surpriM. to us that 
hegot apikit slot I am sure he will make it sutcessfuHv flMiig for the 
"Chairforcc, Lord knows he reall) can mo\e chat loystick of his" In 
fact I blame both his computer ind all the games he btoiulit in for 
the lack academic stars on ni\ uniforms" 

^However, in all seriousntss Jolin h is alwa\s been ver) rcli iblc de- 
pend-ible and generous b\ niturc He has always been sure about his 
goals ind how he uas going to get there and I m sure as we <ill art 
that he be in asset to the Airtorce 

Daniel C. Gibson 

Kermit, Thunder Dan, Dannyboy, 
Mbby, Air Mobile, Ranges JJanger" 



Stafford. Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering / Army 

Dan came to VMI .is an Institute Scholar, soon to be brainwashed by the iirmy 
department into joining their ranks. Little did he know what a great decision that 
would be. We dyked next door to each other in the illustrious outskirts of pervert 
corner rat year and 1 joined his M.aybe E.nglish, Maybe E.conomics team spririg ot 
my diird class yeiu Our destinies were finally realized second class year after I begged 
to be his roommate, and scaled my fate as a new barracks freak. The rest is history 
Dan loves the army and hates it here. I would have to say having him as a roommate 
has only kept me from going crazy. And off AcPro. The best thing about him was his 
intensity, also his worst trait should you try to bother him while he is neck deep in 
design hfliirhework, running the army dept., and coming back from a weeklong vaca- 
tion. That intensity saved me from many alate homework iind lab assignment. As a 
third, well, Dan ate it with the rest of us. Nuff said' Durijig our second class year, 
Dan and I and our friend Glenftddicb got to know each oftier real well. We debated 
transferring to UVA, dated girls fromtJVA, broke up with girls from UVA .drank at 
UVA. Dan also lead me to the promised kind of Oxford^England. Having already 
made the pilgrimage himself die year before, he passed his great knowledge down 
upon me. It was unbelievable Dim, rhaoks. 1 do owe you a pint. Turning 2 1, having 
put it off for as long as he could, Dan puton a dispKi) Baryshnikov would have been 
proud of How long did you lie in that doorway? Having both found our spirits in 
Oxford, we moved into first class year. Dan cofiiing off wepyork ops with the Penta- 
gon, charged straight into Hell Week, as Mephistopheles (who-'), Alpha Company 
XO. Rats dropped like flies. Despite it all, Dan has persevered dirough diis hole, 
even clurough his first real peniilty which he wormed out of in the grand tradition of 
permit writing, and dragged a few me, along with him. "Do you have the 
number to tliat truck driving school we saw on TV, Mav, TruckMasters I think it is.-' 1 
might need diat'. So as Diin transitions from block -running, confinement-checking, 
hard-charging, bL-er-dnnking, heart-breaking cadet to life-taking, heart-breaking, riingcr 
danger FA, m the rciir with the gear alumni, I can only say this... HUA!! Valla con 

_ .,_,!; TauBetaPi- 
imbing Club-2,1; ME 

dios bro, see ya on the flipside. -Neil HoUoran 

A Co. XO-1; Color S2t-2; Riintrer Challenge- 3, 2, 
2,1; MNMB S-3 -1; Skydive Club- 1; Rock aimbin 
Fu:efightei--43,2J; h. U. A. -4,3,2,1; 

Centereach, New York 
International Studies / USCG 

The words di.ic tome to mind when I think of Mark Glancy are not laid back. 
Instcatl. 1 miijhf say uptight, or father I should say extremely focused. In my past four 
years ar the T , I have not seen an\one as focused as Mark Glancy. I mean that as a 
compliment. Mark came here with ccrtiun objeaives that he has worked hard at. 
Some, like Company Commander, have bc-en fiilfilled and yet odiers like, U.S. Army 
officer, were nM attained. Mark didnt let that stop him. He instead is pursuing a 
commission witli the US Coast Guard^^ I am confident Mark will reach that goal. He 
has the traits of a leader that m.ike 

.liuabie iisset to any branch of the military. 
es of my Ufe together. We went through the 
the hill, Ind.j Wl found a s.mdar lo'vc for 
to the brochcrh(H-)d ot the ring together and 
^c arc Ixtth in pi>siaons ot leadership in the 
g< i! excellence We ha\e been i source ot 
thank yoii I hope that \ou 

e Its gone I would tirst hke to th,mk 
idmg b) me 1 would never have been 
e man> friends during my sta\ it the 
rocimmates, Jeff Je^sc Pol and Eric 
ic totiethec Th<m!.^ for iK\ i\s 1 ing 

rhinl 1 . 



1995: Kevin Hershberger 
2001: Dave "Dew II, Lil' Dew" 

Ro ' I'm going back to 
Cali" Mercado 

. 2 1, India Ci.mpiin 
,11 Committee 2 VMI 

Ipnathan E. Gonzales 

16 Gonz, Gonzo. Speedy 

Mark, we have had some of the best t 
rat hue together in the best company t 
cigars our thitd class ye^. We entered into tl 
partied like never before. This last yeat wc a 
corps. Through it all we had a common g< i 
motivation for each other tlirough it .Ui For 
attain all your dreams and then some God b 

All 1 can say is 'wow^ where have die last foi 
my family for their support. Without them i 
able to see this through to the end I ku c n i 
"I." I will be very sorry to see you all go Tn i 
we have shared the best and worst tunes ol m 

there for me and putting up with my mood swings, I will never toi 
Not to forget you Demetri, thank you for ill the s^ood nmcs I doil 
smoke a cigar without thinking ot you iolI rhc times that ftc shared 
the stoops after taps. Finally to m> D\kts all ot them, doiT cvtt ; 
dreams and always keep hope Value ><iur rime here, tor it will be 
know it. Good luck. 

Cpl 3; Msgt 2; Hotel Co Cmdr 1, College Republic u 
4 3 2, Pre-Law Society 3,2; Big Red Club J,2 I Coed 
Fire Fighters 1; India Coiiil-'an> Prcser\ ition Sooety 1 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

Sure we all make it, but perseverance is the ultimate goal. Through 
the many push ups and miles logged I owe m\- success to the Lord, 
my soinewTiat diverse families, and Tlie Friends ot The Gonz Society. 
My strength at the "I" came from those who love, support, believe 
and of Course pay tuition (Thanks Dad). It is these people diat helped 
miide me in the right direction, but allowed me to take the journey. 
Nlom, Dad, Nitiicy, Heather, Moms, Pops, Will, and the Boltons I 
thank you for the encouragement. For tne risk of being belittled I 
i )\\ e a tremendous amount to The 1 02 boys (Ken, Timmy, and Brett), 
m\ Brother Roommates. Ken attributed warmth to our room always 
with his extensive fur collection. Timmy showed all df us that he 
miijht actually be the most up standing southern gendeman from 
Prince George County Brett, what else do I need to say other than the 
G M m ani3 C trlisle rock M\ redneck friend Buck kept me straight 
on the high reih idventures of a country boy lost in the cit> Steve I 
stJlwoncTtr iboutyou but I am sure) ou will become a large iitvcstor 
in Tab<isLO S lutc and Opossum hunting To the members of the JC 
thanks 1 o( course alw tys kept room morale at a hii;h w ith m\. tunny 
unfunny md sometimes tistckss jokes 102 Rits 1 hoix thtt you 
enjoy \iiui four tivt or who knows mavbe six >c-ars ar the institute 
Zack uul |cn I wish you luck and good foitune in the \eu-s to come 
I never thought I would be wearing til white md enrolled it an Insti 
tution but tilieres i first tor cvervtlung No regrets The kncdi of our 
days IS sevcncy yc irs rci^ht\ if wc hive the stiengdi >ct their sp ui is bur 
tt^^fe and sorrow tor thty quicklj pass and -ftc fl) ™a> PsalnOO 10 

T^^^Qtiss Country 4 3 2 Captain 1 Colic sc R publicans 2 1 VHs 2 1 
JC ,^j<l|^'Rc,,imcnt il Mexican 1 Club Rit 4 


1995: Kevin Price 
2001: MailaVasile 
Eric Lauer 


Jeffrey Scott T. Goiman 

"Worm, Little Worm, Rhino, Caspfer" 

Lee R. Guill 

"Mad Texan, Tex" 

Riclimond, Virginia 
Chemistry / Special Student 

(){) I still struggle with the auestitMi of why I came to VMI, but I know 
that I could not have had a better overall experience .inywhere else I 
would be remiss if I did not thank ,ili those who made the experience 
possible Fint and foremost, 1 thank God; without His grace I wi luldii 
have had a chance. To my parents — who have made every ex[x:rience in 
my We possible— liove you both \ery much. Mom, I cart say enough- 
what yoii have done has made VMI look eas^r you itre a saint and a great 
source of inspiration. Mike and Chris, I diank you for leading me here- 
I doubt I would have chosen VMI if I hadti seen what it haciproducecl 
in you two. Doc Monsour, diank you for everything tl-iat you've done for 
me and my brothers Doc Jones, you have taugfrt me more thiui anv 
other ti-'jither, including some things about myself As for the room- 
niates: Mark I'm proud to have been a member of the fem these past 
two years. . . Semper Paratus!; Jesse, I'm not always sure about anything 

with you except that whatever you do in life, you must write; Eric 1 

hope you find what you're looking for in life incluciing that elusive ™"^*— 
womnn-who hikes; Pol, I'm glad" we could save you from anodier DvlceS 
year m that room. . .1 had fun picking on you, litde man. And of i o 

course, the 98 chemistry class... you kids are crazy; I doii: think 1 
could have taken these four years with a bunch of guys who couldii 
make it flin. To the rest of the ckiss, I'm glad I've fcen able to know 
so m^iny great people and I hope you get everything you deserve in 
lire. Gocf Bless you all. 

9''' CPL 3; SGT 2; PVT 2; PVT 1; ACS S, 2, h Dos Pup ^ I - 
Team 293 2, Team 139 1; Dears List 4, 3, 2. 1 ; hf.C 2,1. 


Frederick M. Werth 
Kendra L. Russell 
Dela E. Ackah 

Matthew T. Guise 

"Gwees, Geese"s 

Kicnardson, lexas | 

Mechanical Engineering / U.S. Marine Corps 

I \\as ,c>Ud to be uirehil what 1 wrot(. about Lee as his paKnts will be H»n reaAiic tins 
hutgrv WcU that is a pretw tough order to hU but 1 will cive it my best ^hot Lee a.k a The 
Mad Te\an showed up at Ae gates of VMI in the fall of 9? straight out of i rrulinr) hish sjiool 
ready to fate the thalTengcs of Rat year He came to the T to obtiui i Ituric in Mlehmn d 
hngineenngandaeonamissionmthcUS Marme&irps UnfortunitLh I^h ( nn s diilit worl 
out tor Lee As tar the en^lneeting we all wondered at tunes it Ux « ul I survivt thit 
program llianks to his imp^re^ivt study; habits ( >X^at are you guys doing' Uhlih nnssint, 
:^ his degree witli only tint semester rudvuig 
^- ' - -L octra year stuck here jr the 1 \Vh n 

iround on the totn^uter sir*) Te\ ...... ^..^ i„ 

abroad in Te.\ ls (and 7 senwstere studying then 

- uivolved with or something tliev ht irj A 
a were all true however unbdievablL the\ seun in i diem 
"^Lce tlLin what many folLs have seen , r heard Lee hts 
"smechrough the ranks as Cadre eorporil MastLT Jiear.,e(i 

pa.srwetkLnd "Tliese 

but there is much more 

amazing leadership skills _ _ _ „ _ 

if j)"^ ^" °,™™ ■" *"^ ^^ Standing biiik and watdiing 'hiin ...„„. .,, 

and Irad the cfC 1 iias constandy impressed and amafed with how he did it md the results he 

- '- truly V} Ik. was the best one out there and that dKMTnntslpsr a gtt-at 
- -' ■ ^ " - id loyalty and will to sdek — •- - - *' ' ' ^ 



ot idxpitv NtF-n-dmobgy IS NOT hannful to s<uet,l- fSiwin. !Sd\'vmR"^dVthe 
le^tantotthe-sepiatew ) ear, T have se-en aU this and more in him fromlue nieht BS sessions 
i" '',^15!?H* '" dhnkin^ to just h inging about ,1 have learned a lot finm Let He h « had quia 

3nd helped to prepare me lor lite 
an Btoratmg Lie here it the J 
riekf Ul^to tepeating cia; 

— inSuence o\er me (good and bad) and, bebeve it oi u,., , 
i'"'a?-QWL H " '''' '^W Outside of tank Lee has Ld „ 

111 Nhb he has done ever>thing from doing push ups fot Trie... „.v-. .„ ..p.. .^.^ s.^.-.^ , 
piillinq iate mhmti Vl ut can you call it a Tate nighter if you iM & unS late at nisht 
U-e alsii ttevcloped an interest in getting culturally Lterate so he was often found leasiog^MI 
in the d irk of nifcht in die leg eommandcrs truck to go to Ro inoke Ttih JMl I NX'S, md 
DC Tins, •mpa an Ix-st unmenOoned" He even managed to meet a less in e girls m the 
area but dm didit lest lone TTiank God md uncle d One Ui5 proudest leeomplishmuit 
« IS Ixui the rceipieiil of the VMI purpk heart and Bronze star lot his ri II aod 1 1 ualoes 
u rmieJishile str rming the VA Ix leh m his jxrsonnel landin, er lit his > 'Class lear 
Hell, he even maiiaeed to deal with me, the Flash OUP), and the Cubaol Fur that 
-'- he should be rewarded. Will it has been i bng haul but the end is in M),lit Ts 


1995: Trey Tyson 
Justin Rubino 

vsill cxeel in nhotevcT he. does after gridumon" whethet it"te' .„ s,, 
IheUiris the bounds an. LiiJlcss when Ix-eetoneemed Mr 
Ue has d ine gte-it Lte, lets eet together tor a col I one aher this 
uni next >ear imigo txjTijxrli' 
^■"^i ' i, "HtJ ^ MlsterVuxeilt: elutedRDri Pnsate I AS\U 
?T 7 'i ^'' '^M ' "''s f'",J'''^ ' , I 9"h 0-1 3,2 I #1 Club 
3 2 i Sunpir Fi Societv 3 2 WLckend siudent It IMIJ ' ' ' ^' 
Simmer sdii« I ^ TTJcAN FOREVf R" " WTf 

_ .- arn-)eher shi 

id Mrs ( iiiU, dc 
■h lie mi IS if ,n, 



Midlothian, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering & Math Minor / Air Force 

M in decided in the tall ot 'I t to attend die I tilled with excitement and 
energy that e irrnd bun through pre sttam summer Soon Matt reali^d like 
the rest of us this pi icc was not til it w, cs cracked up to be his \v ikc up e dl 
tor the next SIX months woiil I be hell 

I bird cl iss ye-ir was defmiteh e, bad is the) say Matt m in it,ed to piss off 
his roommates b) always eompl lining about how b id lite v. as for liim I wjl 
il« ays remember Matt tiking id\antai,e ot his tree lime by saidv ins. Room 
s il managed to take idvantage ot the s ite 7one from 6 to 2 e\er\ nuht bv 
partying at WbcL Tlianks' B) the end of our 2 ' year at the I M itt wis 
I icerh anticip itmi? his Air Force summer training tamp be e^jne back in 
prttt\ i>ood shape butthat soon chant;edtb inks to the apirtmtnt asummtr 
Irat house in downtown Riclmiond'('n'#$ 

Well \\c were r its rats with radios ind now rits who were re id> to we ir 
our el iss rmi,s Th uiks for the memories ladies' When he returned to school 
t ill he knew that he v. mted to study abroid 231 p irucd together at 

md he ill 

the MeCampJI Inn tor Rin^ Fikure with ou> dates and pirer 
second semester tor Engktnd 1 dnir think that Europe is die s 
Guise travclin., to the "Burt,""" Now it is his first ehss yet 

studies just IS much as he did when be staned here it the 1 1 ... 

Matt who knows, definitely -I >ears utixc duty and grad school W h it i 
the fijturc holds Matt will definitely be successful in whatt\er be pursue ( ) 
yea get bim to work on his putting gime' 

Private 4 :>, 2, 1 Dt iit List t ^ _ 1 Golt i 5 2 Captain I Soutbern 
Conference AeadcmicHonor Roll 4 >, 2 1 Student Aihktic Advisor\ ( om 
mtttec 5 2 I, Academic St its 2 I Instittitc Schol ir 2 1 TauBctaPi^ I 
ASME 2 1 ASHRAE 2 1 ( ivd Air Patrol ^ Study Abroad RMCS 2 
Cadet Tutor I 

t ,^ 

M itt left 
ime without l)yl({>S_ 

200 1 

(i<ir\ "Beetle" 
Kukuh "Vlike 
Indonesian f)i 

The s 


Kwabcna K. Gyimah 

"G-Love, Laz>' African, Ghanian 

Joshua # Halmlen 

Fairfax, Virginia 
Mecfianlcal Engineering / Army 

Virginia Military Institute has been an experience that I will never 
forget. Since entering limits gates, I said, this is the right placer I 
beueved in the military, athletic, and academic systems of VMI. I 
expected tliat the "Brother Rat" spirit meant something, shady peoplc 
didrr exist, and achievement was oased on performance. I felt that no 
matter what, everyone would be held accountable to the same stan- 
d.irds and receive the s;ime penalties. I have seen many things that 
opened my eyes, and have given me a taste of what to expect in the 
real world. 

1 thank God and my parents for being my guide. I have learned 
that sometimes all you need to make it iruife are your friends. Ernesto 
and Juan (roommates), I owe a lot to you both. Ernesto, "Gyimah 
1 1 there IS I ine thing I want you to remember in life it is this, " # &(®% 
IT". Juan, "G, it doesnt matter where you go, as long as you nave 
LOVE in yotir heart , and Dorritos in your pocket yoiill never go 
wrong'' Nasty "you short Panamaniari, and Juan "the PART TIME 
LOVER", love,.and stay out of trouble. Semi , 'Woodstock 'Williams, 
Robinson, Geoff Mel , Seller, E., iind the list goes on, I wish the best 
for yall. I learned girls come and go, ,^^but my Crew will always there. 
VM!I is about over for me, and Thave learned many lessons. I will 
look back and remember that sometimes ones decisions bring harsh 
realities. THE INSTITUTE is now in the hands of my rats. Chris, 
Charles, Quin, Palmroy, Josh, Moses, and you too Sy, I will be there 
for vou. 

VMl Soccer Team- Rat, Promaji Club- Rat, 3,2,1; VMI Regimen- 
tal Band (Drum Line)--), 2,1 , Corporal-3, Platoon Lieutenant-1, Bull- 
dog- 1, ASME-1 

Lpcliburg, Virginia 
Biology /Army 

VMl wai-not initially my first choice. What kind of person in there right 
mind would want to go to a (formerly) ALL-MALE military school in order 
to have every ounce of self respect and thoughtsof asocial life taken away for 
seven months, Tlien only to he allowed to leave on one weekend after that 
until the end of the semester. That is not what I was looking for when I went 
in search of a collepe to attend. I wanted to walk down the easy path but 
instead I choose tlie hard; the path less traveled. Through many toils and 
tribulations did 1 sufter. and as of this wriuiig, I will have to sit at the back of 
my class during the graduation. I will not graduate with the classmates and 
teammates I have spent so much time with' That will be the hardest part of 
my years at VML 

I will always carry with me the memories I have of this place, whether good 
or bad. I will remember the lessons learned from the roommates I have lived 
with throughout my cadetship. Some of us did not aet along but you were 
all great guys. Matt, I will remember you most of all. 'We both struggled 
with the same sins and more often %4ua not, we tlunked in those areas. But 
we tried to keep each other in cheejc . I learned a lot from you. Matt, and I 
know that the Lord wanted us to befcommates, even without Clay. 

Best of luck to you Scott, Eric, and Steve. Yqu guys will never know what 
it was like to be at an all-male school hut society is changing and with it, so 
did we. Scott, try ro stay out of trouble so that you can graduate, Etic . get 
your grades up. Steve, keep those cookies away from me. 

LasUy, Mom and Dad, 1 know I put stratS, no pun intended, on you 
because of my grades but thanks for sciltsupporting me. 1 love >uu. \(iu 
too Amanda. 
". . .but as for me in my house, 1 will serve the Lord. -Joshua 24. H 

Private 4,3,2,1; Emergency Response Team 2,1 ; Band 4.3,2,1; VMI 
Fire Fighter 2,1; 'W&t Symphony Orchestra 4.3; Cross Country /Track 
Team 4,3,2,1 

Dykes : 

Jotin Brooks 
Jano Carlson (1st Lts. 
2001: Chris Dibaldo 
Sandjiri Sy 
Charles Ransom 




Scott Jewell 
Zack Becker 
Jolin Byram 

Scott Miles 
Eric Dehart 
Steve Harris 

Carl M. HaUen 

"Shortrouiid, Elf, Bebe, Dragon, 
lard Core, Camouflage Conaom" 

Chicago, lllinios 
International Studies / U.S. Marine Corps 

Carl Hallen came to 'VMI ;is a fiortherner" from Chicago a little overweight 
with the resemblance of a butter ball, without a clue about whether to go 
into the Navy or the Marine Corps. As a rat Cad was one ot the few rats w'Fio 
actually knew three meals in advance and how many acres were in Patchin 
Field. He was one of seven men who pressed up the hill of science as a 
physics major. By the time he was a third he was slipping down die slippery 
slopes of liberal .irts" as an I.S. major. Carl starred down his road of trying to 
be du- hardest marine in barracks and managed to sprain his right ankle twice 
that year. Third class year was characterized by Carl almost falling out of his 
window after nui%rous parades. As a second he finally gave up on the idea 
that the Marine C&!|>s. would be his only love; thanks to Anabelle. He lost 
Mat as a roommate and gained anorher room mate . Mike. CarLtht'n pro; 
ceeded to ensure his roommares Dan and Mike knew rhat the Lie ot an IS 
major was so much more restful then PY or EE. He again showed he was 
one of rhe hardest marines in barracks by running into walls head first with a 
"brain bucket on C id entered the brotherhood of rhe ring, and celebrated 
die M innt Corps birthday in true m irinc tashion wirh his Air Force room- 
raitc D in A i hrst clissmen Carl was the entoreer of rat rules in room^. 
196 Tin till il thine and best thing to happen durmg his cadetship ls that he n-i/keS 
graduated lo Carfs rat Tao T&c everything Cad h is taught you about ''^^^^^ 
VMI, the M iiuu Corps ind life to he irt h) the w i\ |uit sp izini,' 

Carl you ha-sc been i J:apd tricnd \ou kiiLW when to sluii up md listen 
and whin to jjivc advice ^ou helpui mc through VMI and si me other 
toughtimis louwhere iKvays willing to htlp m invwaMOueoLiid Ihanks 
tor everythiiu you have done 

Semper Fi Society 3 ? I Indent Society 4n C irporal 3 lieutenant 
1 Bulldog 3,2 L SPS 4 T USMC Maridion 2RitleTeim i i 2 1 
L S M 4 3 2 1 Interior Decor icor 3 2 1 I L 2 1 

1995: 1 

.eo Pambid 
'ao Li 

Knoxville, Tennesse 
Civil Engineering / Marine Corps 

Jon CiuiiL- to VMI with a dean mind and laid back attitude. He 
came from what he calls "Gods epuntry -Tennessee- Jon woidd soon 
give way to the grind of die Institute arid its rigors He ended his rat 
year with "Ac" stars, but those would fade arid hrs commitment to 
graduating would be tested by his FirJtClass ye<ir. His tliird class year 
passed by in a blur and included lots of confinement. Jon t(X>k his 
licks playing fullback on the Rugby team, but he kept playing and 
drinking to numb the pain. His mind was further tainted when he 
got a tat and decided to join the Marines. Akhuagh he always looked 
for ways out of his commission, which usually involved drinking and 
defiling himself m front of an Institute Official. Those who knew Jon 
were lucky, especially after riding with him in his Bronco. Second 
class year promised to be even bettet with the creation of "The Train. " 
Theflogginss and beatings were numbed by theyell of 'T never lovetl 
you!!" Deciding to grace London dumic Spring Break, Jon ran out ot 
money and decided to live off Newcastle Brown Ale, "Sun Pat" pea- 
nut butter and "Filthy McNasty Whiskey" Ton ends his cadetship in 
academic trouble, but is always tutored By Tennessean Professor j^ykeS 
Diiniels. Jon from the beginning in 354 we havfe formed a tight bond 
You ace truly my brother, dont forget about all the fan weve had 
Good luck Jon and drink one forme. "We are hard pressed on every 

Jonathan B^ Hamilton 

Hambone, Old Nick" 

side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair^ persecuted, but 
not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Corindiians 4:8,9 
Rat Challenge 4; Ac Stars 4; Rugby 4,3,2; Should have been a HI 
major i,2,l; Semper Fi Society 3,2,1; Cadet Tutor 3,2; T' Pit Si;t 2; 
The Train 2,1; Bulldog 2 ; Hotel XO 1 

1995: Austin Clark 
2001: Rob Riley 

Jason M. Harding 

"The General, Cinncinatus,Spuclzie 
Flip, Flipper, Supa-Flip" 



^ ■ Michael P. Harris 
"Mike, Sweetpea, Biggest, Kicker in 
The Nation" *- 

Oakton, Virginia 
International Studies & History / Special Student 

My Rat roomie, what a jerk. Not true, were just too alike to get along. Too 
bad 1 Jidit realize that until we partiedl!! He probably one of the most 
intclkLtii.illy gifted people I know and I'm sure hed be the first to admit it. 
Just lokiii. Good luck, pal, -Jarrod Fitzpatrick 

The General. ., a big pain in the ass Rat year, but I wouldrl: have done rhe 
whole ratline thing with any other rooriimates. What a heat shield... Any- 
way, I couldit meet a better guy (I'm serious), and dofi; worry, riI%,V0tiijg 
for him when he runs tor office. Jay, remember, it you see a hot Kjy)f|ali: 
'xhick, you know where to send her. Good luck in all you do whitey! - SeUn 


La Genera! de Insututo To know the infamous General is an experience 
in itself, but to truly know Jason as a friend is different. Unfotrunately, I can 
honesdy say I know Jason after two years as roommates. , I'm joking. I 
wii?b Jason the best, and I'll never forget you General. - Pat Baker 

Many claim they knew the General, but few can say, "I roomed witii Jason 
Harding and lived ro tell the tale!" General - you'll always be Spudzie to iiic 
no matter what. From midnight bar crawls at the b^ch.:to Thursday night nvkeS" 
J Mil trips; it^ been a blast. Weve wined em, dined em^^and lett a destrac- * ' 

tive wake no college will ever forget. Thanks tor helping me out in tough 
times (7-month jail sentence) and being a true friend. Till next Thursday 
night! - Nipples 

Br.indon, do me proud. Mom. Dad you've been the K'st. To all rny Kiys .I'll 
see you again. Kurt, thanks for everything. LIncle Ron. you i.m never lon- 
ceive what Lve gotten away with these 4 very enjoyable years. .Everyone 
knows what the best permit on post is. ! . IMH 

Virgin Private; The Gi.U t 4,3,2 EIC 1 , DeatK List 4,S,2. 1 , ( :Rs 4, 5 Chiur- 
man"2,l. Gold Coast Social Club 3,2,1; Parade (Never Marched) 3,2,1, 
Guard (Never Marched) 3,2,1; Inspections (Mi,s,sed era) 3,2,1; Limited 
Duties over 3°>0; Demerits 400 earned/ 220 scratched 

Yorktown, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Air Force Special Student 

I had high aspirations and yoals when 1 cameto VMI. They were sixin 
forgotten when we met CiiJre. Over the past few years, however, I have 
been able to put them back into my mintfand eyen achieve a few. When 
I took a close look at "VMI t( ir the first time, I tell in love with the place. 
Although I sweat to everyone that I hate it, deep down inside my h,eart 
rests with the']". 

I'd Uke to thank my parents first for they have done for me 
over my life . . . from litde league soccer to college football Saturdays 
. . . from a broken glass deer to the VMI ting . . . from early Christ- 
mas mornings to late night hik;h school 'papers. I kno\jfcj!ou doii 
want to hear this, but I came to vMl piimat uy because I wan'^d you 
to hjive another son ot whom you could be proud, 1 love you'dearly, 
^and I dort think you realize the job you did in raising me. Grey, it it 
-wasri for you I wouldit have made i,t;,Arough this place, "'ibuye 
taught me a lot. My roommates Jasort;Tivris, and Ben, thanks for 
putting up with.*nle arW more importantly being my friends. I wiU 
never forget you gu?S Md I will always be, there for you after we go 
our separate ways. J&on, thanks for all the time )'ou let me keep ni\ 
sanity Dy pattying at JMU, and tor being a true friend, one ot the tew 
people in my life wIjq hasrit doubted me. Lorrie, I'm " you and 
liakota are piirt of duf family now. I love you both, Tlianks to 1115 
otlier trieiuls from home, who are few in number but large in trust 
I'll never forget this place, or the friendships I've made, cspex i.illy on 
the football ream. 

football 4 3, 2, 1, 5; Virgin Private; Bigjled Club 3. 2, I; 
Om'ltron Delta Epsilon; Deaiii List; Dirty Half Dozen 2, 1, 5?; 

Mike Blankenship 
Brandon Lambaiso 

Dvkes: . 


Greg Wright 

l>lcr Ashley 

Jim Law lor 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Biology / Navy 

As my four years at VMI are almost complete, I can definitely say 
that it has been an adventure. I came here as the son of an alumnus, 
brainwashed from birth, to undertake the odyssey. Now that I look 
back on these four years, I know that it was wonh it. Many people 
have made this venture possible. First off, I would like to thank 
Mark for showing me the ropes and making my rat year njore bear- 
able. I owe you a great deal. Kate, thank you tor being there for 
me. . .1 love you. ' - - 

To njy roommates of three years what else do I have to say! 

Mike. .T"hese four years have been interesting to say the least. All of 
the Carolina games. Navy meetings.'long- weekends, and female prob- 
lems. V, your future is too organized! I cart wait to continue this 
friendship in Newport and at the Beach. Max. . .Thanks for helping 
my confidence on the soccer field. You made life here a little more 
bearable. I am glad that Mike and I could rescue you from new 
barracks. 1 am sure you will never forget die long weekends Foxfields, 
and your office. Best wishes on your future endeavors. Rich. . .you 
will succeed at anything you do, good luck. Howie. . .Good luck in 
the AF. Top, Ryan and Tater. . .See you at your graduation. 

Lastly, I would like to thank my family for all tnat they have given 
me. Your friendship, support, and love have helped me to realize my 
potential. I have succeeded because of your support. I love you. 

Private 4 3v2,l; Charlie Company 4,3,2,1; Varsity Soccer 4 3,2,1; 
Dean Smith Fan Club 4,3,2,1; Trident Society 2,1; Press Staff 1 ; Big 
Red Club 3,2,1 


1995: MarkHagan 
2001: Top Palmer 

Robert A. Heely Jr. 

"BOBBO, Heels" 

/•*■ ■ ♦•^ 

Sean A. Hicklin 


Eddie Hidalgo 

gPl(], El Tico, Maiirioio, taco, 
i^Chiclii Rodrigucs. Ponrh" 

Millboro, Virginia 
' Biology / Army 

Who woiild have diought that this country boy, from a place that 
few people have ever heard ot would be ready to graduate? This 
concept is still a bit foreign to me as well As I reflea back on my 
commitment to VMI it is ilear that VMI has taught this young man 
countless valuable lessons For this 1 will always be grateful. How- 
ever, the friends that I have made <ilono; the way, are what really 
makes my choice to attend VMI, one of the best decisions I have 

To Mom and Dad thanks tor the prayers and support (both emo- 
ti(.inal and financial) To Dale >ouve been the brother I never had 
through four tough years what more can I say To Joey: you re 
defined the meaning ot partying 'Torc-up, form the floor up'" Tt 
^Iatt your level-headedness and wisdom has al«a\s been appreci 
atcd To my Dyke, Dave Groseclose 1 l in ittribute Al of m\ succes; 
here at VMI to )Our guid<mce and supiTort To m> Rats, Brian and 
Derrick you guys were the best R.rts anyone could have asked for 
To all of the Rats of Club Hell >nu gu)b had it the hardest of anyone DykeS: 

in^cH^^ciass^ remember that ^ ^ Powerhttmg Team 2.1, Powerlitting 1995: David GrOSeclOSe 

Tc im daptain l,^Co-Ed Dyke Committee V.ce-Pres 2 1 Sports 2001: Derrfck FoltZ 

Medicine 3, Big Red Club 3,2,1, Strong Redneck Accent 4,t 2 1, r. • n 

Club Hell 1 ^ Bnan Ferguson 


rlj ■ 

Richmond, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

n.Uls lis I, ,r, I ti, U liHL thit tliib aiadtmiL M*r 

'miL thi 

1 Wfr uid-ix. . 
h ,pe thi NA\ "l 

tht coura^ii- CO s[ 
t-reacfttme? and 

II) bi tr .dual 

lovt and support hai gi 
pk '■ 

._,. . bkethc r Tomvold 
„.yThing turned out for the btsc HtvK , 

mplish evtrythina uuc ot life Uglv Krumpt. aji i na\e rii i,dy av i\/\ i 
,, „ „ .u, „»^ , ,L T as for room 218 6. 118 the memories an nl^cr injin^, 
t r ran To PJ \ i u made me who I am at dus hole in the wall I followed your ad^ 
li KiLHThmtiustth^wa) youdid Like dyke like dyke thank you for die gnat me/ 
I rn\ td\ 1st to \ ou Is do what you want to do at the insatute because it wlU make this \ I, 
tolerable tMiiihrsalruiiJittinntthanmine lanO be your own man ynuhj. 
ealls its your tiirur anddMtspi7z you worry worm Sorry that 1 18 dldit h-i\ 
keep you busy I im,J C d Ji turn trusty like your dyke and ves "I parked my c 
\ard' Cat please stop titin, th ir ii uty shit its going to kill you oiit day Alsd 
to tarth Br.KiL, please brict nit ,.n the art of Ying Yang or send a mtmprandum to my riwm 
AatonT good luek with btsktd all and I hope you and your girl stay together Good lutk to all it 
you m your nt^t three yt us MIlvE -There areit enough words to explain iim spi.kt and ihi 
wonderful things that I h i\ t It irntd from you in suth a short period You re a perstin 
to do tndgiveeierythine you havt untonditioi 
them all our second tl iss year, justice pa vailed 
that 1 doit ever want to txpenulte again Ih, ,. . , 

travel with tilt pt itvaxitps, thanks for helpme mt realize that the 
fettocArtjng ttiUty. Pont «yet loose tht nmltnetk it alw ays tomes in h ind\ 
thejoekty bikims Its always a gnat liii In. stt i stitri f .ot 2 n p ijii I t. 
bllieninstni ind 1 i.t foru'et to t ill nit m t limi w.ui ,c.ii_ in^liI Inn 

Chltky Im rhitvouhati s imtthuv tt tud Ik tiattujjlit Mil our tl 
alw lys UiM At forth,), si ittthuiidtr from tluiin under y ,ur spirits L' 
vided II. r, n,w,lhv„Qcdiini,toluvh tt Iromtourtra ti(i-exiXDcmtstoiastyou> pU 
trustiiii s 1 liinJ vtndlms^ouhl^ttlttdMlt jrt p^ntiirtJthu-eagrt-atscory tortjtitmbtr 
as t ,r tht lovt u,a pursuit of Paktstamaas roort t ttr t Mou u, know i lur mtataation wil 
Asians and darker toned w.nitn lourt t sllll thoost ind bii titt th;ri,e al - 
As tor W and out ro id trip to stirdnm ne knew that out of lU ot ui 
make K happen it w as you and your dynamic persooallty Brat ol luck 

■ ■'-- "I- ohh by the sv ay remember that cberelsci 

■■ ■ ■ the body nttds a shower al 

hio„ that 

else happy To tht tiost st call ot 
: ftiendship grew closer ht.wtvcr its anttuit 
path cross a^ain 

di u 1 , in briiiL 

[ t ly t( .,tfhec 

s hull md pro 




the simnl 
2 I VMI 

le expressio 

Spofts Mcdlt 

s all erasT baby 

1 grasT baby 1 i -, 1 iJ 

IBigRidrUib 1 VMI BOMB 


Neil V. Holloram 


Virguiia Beach, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering / Special Student 

I ^iR ss tht u hole rLdion I cimt to VMI « to ti > sec it ] coiild do it Well hctc 
1 ini I Lilt believt Its here aire id> and it still M.cms like it took forever to get 
liLrt I ha^c to thank my pdrenD> and fimilv without whom none <,>f thib 
would hive Lxtii possible nor would I have mule it throut,h the 1 M\ 
d>ke G i\in Bruno who showed nie the irs and outs ot this place ind didn: 
nut me on m> flee too much when showini, me My untie dykes tor 
keeping it interesanj Br ivo tor hustinj, them D-in Niek <md J ison 
thinks for Likin:; me" in I w is be^innine to wander it 1 would h ive roomed 
with the entire eorps before I gtiduated Thinks fpx putting up with my 
loopiness when it surf leed my Dannjboy do you have the n ime of thit 
truck driving school we sxw on TV' I think 1 might need th it "Negative 
gtiost rider the pattern is full Truck stop \oii are a rtdncek and I wu> 
proud to have you for i roomm itc my eountrv musii knowledge his flour 
ished Supa the f let that vou had some of the best I dm nils I have reivl not 
that I m in expert AND you were mj roomm tte made this ptiec all the 
more bear ible that you could make me laugh it it L<x>k out Dave Barry 
Rm 13') joudoiiknow JACK" Rats, persevere and 1 lugh i lot its a long 
lont, road out of hell but appatentlj its well wondi it ind it it isrt 1 11 come 
bacX and let vou know so you can stop w isting vour tune Dav e Everybod> DvkeS 
Watch My Dewey DON T FALL Charles get your specials in on tune 
and stay iw ay from those Citadel guy s Greg help Cnarles stay M E and off 
ConPro Rot,er keep tout grades up mm ac pro is no place to be it VMI 
Ro arc you gom, back to C ili-' I done diink so ( hristian vallt eon dios 
Suppose I m about to wr ip this up^ back to lite back to r«ility Otf to check 
out all die stuff VMI h is kept me from during these formuive ye irs mauily 
wine women and song, not necessarily in chat order Its been real fellas see 
yall at MiKidy Hall Til then 

Chcerleadec ^ 2,1 ASME 2 historian 1, ASHRAE 1 Pir q tt P unter 4 
IHTFP 4,3,2,1; St, Anns summer getaway, Oxford V7; Bravo Guidon 1 

1995: Gavin Bruno 
2001: Greg Martin 
Charles Sharp 

Oxford, Pennsylvania 
Mechanical Engineering / Army 

1 dori know when I ac-tually decided I was coming to VM.I. 'lauess 
I just always knew. The rat line was interesting to say the least, Being 
a third wasri, but at least we got a chance to see a little more or 
beautifid down town Lexington i.e. Red Square, Chi Si etc. I suppose 
setting the ring would have made it^l worth while, had I been here 
Had It not been for Roberts, Sac, Moseley, BraxtocijPinero, Moreraan 
and yes even Culver, I wouldri have made it a week. The band w is 
always fun and helped immensely in my rigorous pursuit of aca 
demic excellence. I have to thank KP for starting me out right, and 
doing more for me than I ever realized. I hope I'm doing it half as 
well Tor Lowe. Mom and Dad you paid through the nose, and sup 
ported me through it all, good and bad. All I can say is thank you 
Well, soon it will all be over, and all we will have is alumni weekends 
oJ'inaybe the occasional football game, and from that distance ili*A ont 
be that bad. ? 

Band 4 .T 2 1, Commanders 4 3, Pipe Band 1, Ranger Challenge 3 
1, Ranger Ctjmpany 1, Penn State Club 2, West Chester llniversit)' Dykes : 
Club 2, Community College Club 2, Fujita be cool society summer 4 , q'qf: 

^ \ I ye/3 

Kevin Price 
2001: Scott "sea bass" Lov^e . 

Jesse L, Holmes 

Avi D. Hopkins 

Mi-D"; Diesel, Squlkel", 

Mechanicsville, Virginia 
History / Air Force 

First. I would like to thank God because He has made all of this 
possible in my life. To my parents. Mom, you have been my sup- 
porter. When things were bad you made them better. Tiines 1 was 
ready to give up you were not. Dad, you have eiKourasred me through 
this test'in my life. You alvyays had a pcjsitive word that kept. me 
seeing the light at the end of a dmk tunnel. • 

Ashley, you always wanted the best for me. I'll never forg,et that,^ 
We all make mistakes, but I know this one will be beautiful. Learn 
,ind keep on moving. Baby, you are about to do great things. I believe 
iiiyou and love you. _ ., ^ 

Trice (a.k.a. Baoygirl), you were with me in tlie beginning apd .saw 
me through the end. I'm not sure where we stand right now, but if it 
was mearit to be, it will be! You are part of what kept me going. 
Thank you for being there, I coulelri; imagine this experience w ithour 

My boys in the 13 series. You know whats up' We done went from 
nast)' to ashy to classy! B'.I.G Mike (All-Amcne in) I admit I was the 
fiesty one. 'I'ou know we still roll tight K C ( i k a m id song se- 
ducer), you and me pulled off some capers N T B C 

My boys in the 1 1 series, keep on keeping on liou know how we 
do! Big Un to Dre, jfaBarr, Al! 

T-Bird, Dale, Dre, Brent, Daddy Rich, Lunch Court, Bud yall go 

head and go head 

Dykes . 

1995 Charlie Branch 
2001. Clyde Middleton 
-,|iamar Callow d\ 

Timothy F. Hough 

"Cookies, Ho, Sick Boy" 

Stafford, Virginia 
Biology / Special Student 

Tirre transformation into the VMI man began dyking in a room with 
Scott Neville and Mark Wysong, both of the RDC. His third class year, 
disenchanted with the system, he went along his way having fiin when he 
could. His second class yciir, he became an active participant in a system 
he believed was right, it run correctly. And finally, ne revitalized his dyks 
legacy by serving on the RDC his first class year. Certainly, if one word 
could describe Tim, its memorable. How many people can act like an 
"immature moron", shred' 'gnarly virgin powder , maintain the Box of 
Sin, demonstrate the "apple and the infamous "liquor face",or disgorge 
his cookies" on the Palms bar and still retain an unparalleled humor. 
Tim is certainly not easy to forget. The only thing which could possibly 
rival his sense of humor is his commitment t® his friends, wether 
getting a "tat", broke in Londojfi, intoxicated in Richmond, in the Hel- 
met pit, or just riding the '89 Trains, ha been there. To his friends, hcs 
always there, as a friend and a °10''' corporal". I dori know how many 
people would have made it though what hs gone through - highs and 
lows. But, as we depart the arms ortlie mother 1", I know Tim will leave 
like a barreling '89 train, breakiri "yd chains', making stories, and re- 
maining one or the best friends a man could ever hope Tor. I thank God 
we are the 354 survivors, brother. 

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by but in the long run, there still 
time to change the road you're on. I hope sor - Led Zeppelin 

Golf Team'-4,3; ACS-.i,2, 'VMI Theater-4,2; Semper Fi Society- 
3,2; Marathon Club-2; 2'"' Fit. Guide Sgt.-2; The Train-2,1- Eagle- 
Scout Association- 1; Triathlon Club-1; PPlt. Lt-1; RDGl; "Imma- 
ture Moron"-4,3,2,l. 



Scott Nevill 

Mark Wysong 

Nick "The Spaz" Baxter 

Charles THoiik 

'Houky, Cavy, Incredible, White 
Trash, Early Man" 

Chesapeake, Virginia 
Biology / Special Student 

First of aiJI must thank tlie people who have made it possible for me to 
endure the years at VMI. Mom and Dad, I thank you tor all the support 
iind advice atid grief, but most importantly the unmistakable love, you 
have given when it came crunch time to make some of those tough 
decisions. Uncle Eddie, you have given all you could to ensure my 
success. Shyan, you have always been there for me with words and deeds 
ot encouragement (and lots of giiet too) when times got tough, and 
made it worth while to look forward, w h itever that might bring. I love 
you all. 

Ryan, weve made it all the wa^ together We survived Rifes snor- 
ing, KCs mess, and Bretts depression m 442 Third class year it was 
again Bretts depression, but the idded bonus was Juts desire not to 
be here. By the way, Brett and I ut weve never gone one day without 
remembering you giiys. Second class \ l ir Dave blew into town, and 
its been a great run fcir the three of us From Ring Figure to gradu- 
ation, we've managed to have out fun in spite of^the surroundings, 
and have always been able to make light of even the most intense DykeS 


I came to 'VMI with an expectation of being successful. Through 
the four years that I have been here, however, I have learned that 
what makes a person successful is his abilit) to slide through sticky 
situations with the least amount of friction 

Ed and John keep trucking alont, rnd make the most ot your time 
here. Thats ail you can do to m unt an an) s<inirj. 

Football 4,3,2,1, Wresding 4, Private 4 ^ 2,t, Dc-ari; List; VMI 
Summer Scholar; Biology Major ^ 

1995: Jon Jenkins 
2001: Ed Webb 

John Cabrera 

Lanexa, Virginia 
International Studies & French / Special Student 

I would like to begin by thanking my parents and my brodier for 
their support. I reaJly had no way to know what was in store for me 
when I came here. It was definitely an experience which kept me 
wOKdering even to this day why I did not go to a normal college. It 
is at itOS too late now for that I suppose. I guess I should focus on the 
good times at the "I". O.K., maybe that is going a litde too tar. 
There were none Maybe that is going a litde too far also. There were 
some few isolated incidents of laughter during the years. They were 
during the timeSwhen I was not thoroughly enraged or sucaimoed iii 
an utter state of depression. In other words, the times _when 1 was 
defeating the Instimtes sedulous attempts to preserve their sacrosanct 
ideologies by debauching on sybaritic quests. The only way to have a 
good time here I h u c noticed is to leave If there is one thing I've 
learnecl its that no m ittcr how bad lite gets around here, it can get a 
lot worse real fist Did I mention I hate this place' An)'wa> I J like 
towishmv rus^oodluck The\ wrll need it with three more \eu:sto^f 

I would iiso like to thank J ison tor puttiny up with the double DykeS 

Scott A. Houser 

"Doogie, Hoosier, Slowhand" 

deuces" on our road trips on 8 1 

Throughout m> cidetship from bcin,, i r it t i ^ mi-, to Germ my 
to an ikrrant second cla,ss>c,ir a%cllcit} to graduate and ^c ton with 
m> lift his kept mc going I am almost there and cmnot w,ut to 
complete another step in the ladder ot icccssion 

Ranger Compan\ (Bi<' mist.ikc) 4 Oktobertcst ^ Big Red Club 2, 
Hop and Floor 2, College Rcpubkcans 2 becrctai) I VMI rircfightos 
2 1, Pre Law Societ) f -^^^ 

1995: Brian Williams 
2001: Daniel Campho 
Ron Fiocca 


Wen-lung V. HsStt 

"Vince, Shorty" 

William G. Hubble 

"Gabe, Hubs, Hub, Hubba-Bubba, 

Robin J. Huckaby 

"HCH, Huck' 

Taiwan, Republic of Ciiina i 

Electrical Engineering / Navy 

I Wun-lung Vincent Hsu, am from Taiwan, Republic of China. I 
srudicd one year in Chinese Navai Academy and matriculated at VMI 
on Aug. n, 1994. I am in the F-troop company, electrical engineer- 
ing ma)or, ^md naval ROTC. 

As an electrical engineering ma)or student, I work very hard on the 
academic performance. I receive academic stars each academic year. I 
also received Major General Richard Coupland '15 EE Award twice. 

In four years, I have been to many places in Unites States, 
Puerto Rico, Japan, and Santo Domingo. If 1 did not come to VMI, 
I could not have been to so many places. I also know lots of people in 
United States, especially Sib Family. I know diem since rat vear.They 
are just like my family. tver>' time I go to their house and I feel like in 
mv home. Because of them, I know lots ot Chinese people here, and 
p irtiapate in lots of Chinese aaivities. 

Thanks for all those people help me ui this tour years. Finally, I 
hope I will have a great future in tne Taiwanese Nave. Hope all BRs 
'98 have threat life^after graduate. 
Take Care BRs. 

Bristol, Tennessee 
Biology / Special Student 

Wow, were finally outta here! The times have been hard, but I 
wouldrt trade my experiences here for the world. I've made great 
friends here and I count you all as my brothers. To all the guys I've 
lived with, and there been a lot of you: have a great life. Tim, where 
are you gonna-get dip from after we.graduate? lay, leave those little 
girls alone! Lenny, ] hope you coifle back, and brmg Carr with you! 
Bezel, you still crack me up. To the other guys, I'll miss you. You G 
30 rats hang in there; its over before you know it. To Curt and 
Wade, I've tried to live up to your example for me. I was proud to 
dyke in your room. Finally I'd like to thank my family and Jen, 
Without you guys putting up with me for these last few years I don 
t know ifl would have made it. , ^ ^ 

. Rat 4, Cpl 3, Set 2, Lt 1: Boxing 4; Spirit squad 3,2,1- CIC 1; 
Power lifting 1; Drug and Alcohol Committee 2,1- CIC 1; Moron 
4,3,2,H- ' 



,^--y, JM 



1995: Curt Webster 
2001: Glint Hull 

Ghris Douglas 

Pasadena, Texas 
Chemistry /Aiinv 

Robin and I met after we both ni^de the unfortunate decision to |Oin blow 
CO. The unfortunate deeision turni. J mto a fortunate friendship that hclpc f 
us both pull through a lot of the good deals this plue -tluays si.em', to W 
throwing our way As rat r i tnm itcs in the G spot we had good timis as 
well as Bad. Both ot iis had i it defiumties is I was detniLd Arobo rat tor 
my knee firace and he w as |ust i 1 iin tortured tor some sLientitie contr iption 
experiment they hooked him up to early on Whde these things tlidn t di 
reedy effect our personal rcl itionshin the) put i serious strain on our niri'es 
First semester therefore was kind of rouui between the two ot us After 1 
nursed Robin baek to health the nicht before bre ik out and v.e tin ill> broke 
out thini;s only got better Blow eo made the mistake of t ikina; us with 
them to'St. Patricks Da\ in Nev, York Tits thit semester TiFong with 
staying in a crack hotel and ,,ettin£; prett\ inebriated we met a rfeal riiee 
salesman and frequented some ot Time Sciuare s tinerics It w is ilso in N \ ( 
-that Robin let us all in on his past dm ing history in Texas Oilee we „< t i\ e r 
■'the shock it turficd into i pretty pmd laugh^or us all We decided to stay 
roommates 3"' class year and have stayed rooilim ites since 1 w ls ^one set 
ond semester..^"' class yclf but we hid plenty ot good umes first semester 
inckieling, but not excKidihg some fun times With Coaeh Roach ind ehcm 
istryplus heaps of drinKing Robin saw the liUrt on the other siefe fill semes 
ter that year and switeheel over to Delta compan> It took nie in i\tri 
semester, but m)W were in the sime company again MidDo^lXIti 1 \e 
enjoyed all of his gid stones and Robin s always Been there for iik in f \\ isti 
he was soma to Ise here m> fclassycir but I=m hippy tor him in I [ rouef 
of him'too' Robins great personality uid hu,h level of determin iti >n are 
bound to take him as Tar is he w ints to lo m fife Good luek nin \ 1 1 \ thln^ 
Robin and don't „et too o\cr,de ilous in tint Ub" — Tunes (Lyle) 

Qpnduct probation - 4 Motowiw s 2 Texas elub -jM VMi eom 
rnahders - 4,3,2 R-i"?" Co -i i t PB - 2 Water Polo - 'Airborne 
Society of the CHemical Cor| s (lone number) - 2 Secretary of ACS - 2 R it 
Ch dlcn^e - 2, PVT 4 2 

Ryan D. Hughes 

"Papa Hugo, Golden Boy" 

Bristol, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

Ryars cadctship progessed and crew much like the well t^roomed, biond hairs on his 
head. Just after Matriculation, the Ratline severed thoselocks from Ryati craneium, 
when like all cadets, he adapted and overcame VMIs regimented hostility', finding 
■fiige in die wrestinii locker room, the NEB dungeon, and W&L. Needless to say 
was indicitive of the rest of his stay at VMI. 
the overbearing VMI system, Ryan remained outgoing and 
z of those individuals blessed with the ability to find entcrtain- 
n an empty, cardboard box. Hughes inspired many cadets along 
ideahofone who does not simply float through life. Alter his 
id the even more rigorous experience as a Hfeguard in 
arned the right to grow his sun touched hair and move 

i .ugvB fresliman yc^i 
Noblily defiant ir 
optimisitc. Being oi 
meat and happiness 
the way existing as a 
rigorous. ratline experience ; 
Walt Di^ey World, Ryaj 

onto the third stoop 

As a third he found Sweet Briar sweeties. Shotgun, ap,d Spring Break in Panama 
Cit>'. along with our other BR causalities; furthermore, Pmyselt experienced Ryare 
soaal abilities that New Yc-ars Eve, Som which I still recall-fond memories and still 
take the blame. .God Bless him. Throughout the pys aad confinement, the numer- 
ous send ups and demos, Ryan has remmned a true friend of magnifient proportions. 

As a second Ryan primped his new wind resistant dew, and again explored Walt 
Disney, or more spesnfically a Disne> dancfir iind clicerleader for die Kaniis Jayhawks. 
Lucky for us, these Biirbi Twins graced our presence at the illustrious 1998 Ring 
Figure. But the second semester, me blond Hugo bird spread his wings, grabbin" a 
passport and a comb, and headed off for the Aussie Outbiick. Studying abroacT in 
Australia (perhaps an oxymoron for Ryan), broadened his horizons ultimadey driving 
us all crazy with yarns about lite down under". Now, as first classmen witii a Utde 
more hair, oddly things have changed. Uninaginably, barracks life seems like an 
ironically, ideal blurr of fast moving pictures wruch become grey memories ot what 
orKe was while our friends begin their journeys outside of these walls and outside our 
immediate lives. Yet as the days pass and time continues to dck away, these things 
wiU remain ever present, eternal in our minds. True friends like Ryan will also remain 
steadfast and kind, prepared for our new adventures together outside of these walls. 
Rvan, I wish you and everyone well. — Errett Buis 

Virgin Pvt. 4.3,2,1, Hair Dew 3.2.1; V Wrestling; Young Republicans; Bright 
Teeth 4,3,2,1. 

Dykes : 

1995: Derek Secreist 
2001: Canon Moss 

Darrius D. Jackson 

ll^, -'•• 






Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
Economics & Businss / Army 

As my exjieriences at VMI slowly come to an end. First, of all I would like 
to thank GOD for blessing me with the opportunity to received a great 
education, I would also likt to th ink my mom and dacl for always giving me 
the support and always btuv there when I needed someone to talk to you 
guys know that 1 love you I would like to thank Antoinette Williams for 
being my best ftiend .md alw a) s being tlit rt when I needed someone to listen 
to my problems always remc mbc r that 1 l(i\ e you I w ould just like to thank 
all the people who have given rnc support in m\ big adventure hete at the 
"1". I want to say wuz up to all my BRs and I know that all of you will 
succeed in everything that you do because we know that we were the best 
tliiss to evety come through barracks I w ant to gi\ c i shot out to my room- 
mates of the past "Big Worm, Nate Dogg and of course 'Little Clemente, 
you may not be in the room but the memories of the good old times are still 
kicking stiong. I want to say keep it real to A Davrl I knowyou have been 
through a lot but you will make it through here ind I doii know how you 
got stuck with a bunch of guys kkc us 

Now for my niggas B-Taueg uid T Poppa we have been through a lot of nyj^gs- 
shit and a lot of toommates but through it ali I dont know how we did but * -trine: 
we stayed together. I dori want eithet one of > all to forget the "Great W — 1 995: 

— Caper or tde "Night of the Great Ass Whipping The dinners in Roanoke, 900 1 ■ 

the creeps" and of course the drinking we all kno^ who was tlie one that .iUu 1. 

could not hold his alcohol Cant forget the nights at the spailcs table instead 
of sleeping or doing work 1 want toth ot v iH to know that I love y'ali as 
Brother and I dori know what my lite here at VMI would have ix-en like if! 
had not had both of you. Bttorc I lorgct 'I aint got no money somebody 
loan me a hundred". To m> dykes well I want to sa\ stay out of trouble and 
please get diose Damn gtades up But most of all I dt it want yall to tc h get 
the "Ball Ups" or the 'Broomstick we may be leaMn^ bur we can always 

Fairfax, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

Well Its been ilons lung long couple ot \ e its and by no means the 
best (it times Alter .21 ol the struggles thank the Lord, its almost over. 
You h.i\e gone ttom being a gung^d Navy prospeT to a, 'God please 
|usc let me gradii ite" tirs"t class private. Man\' hours you have spent 
toiling over\tud\ mg, studying, and more studying and you came just 
shy oFthat 4 cum that you worked for. You busted your tail with the 
books trying harder than anyone really could understand, yet many 
times to no avail Too bad that everyone outside this place doesrt see 
your efforts but if they did they, including yout modier, would be 
extremely proud However, if the powers above and the powers in the 
registrars office throw some grace your way, yoiiU walk on tliat stage in 
May and 1 11 be right there with ya, pal. 

Sean, you turned out to be a great friend, much greater than the word 
"brother rat" ever was intended. Although your taste in music is 
ciuesnonable, we remained roomies throughout the duration ot our>| 
sentence here Thanks for all die Korean noodles and enduring the^^ 
eoiiiplaints Never forget "hate my dykes". r\ i 

To Phil and Brian I hope vournext three years here are the shortest UykeS: 

Erik Reynolds 
Mike Hayes 
Anthony Olds 

1^ Seiing H. Joo 

'Slan, Korea, J-Double-0, Joosh" 

years of \ our lives To Mom without you I would not be where I ain 
toda> I m proud to have you as my mother and will always love you. 
Thank you tor e\et} thing ,„, , ^ , ,„ 

Rat 4 Corporal i Pci\ ite 2,1; International Club 4,3.2,1 (Pres ); 
Hop and tloor ^ 2 1 (Chairman); Cadet Library Assistant 2, 1 (Head); 
"Worming 4,^ 2 1, Slug Club" 2,1; "Hate My Dykes Club" 4,3,2,1 . 
(Co.'Joundier) Rat Daddy Committee .^,2,1; Study Committee 


Phil King 
Brian Ctihimings 


Richmond, Virginia -^ 

EcoiiQinics & Business / Army 

Mom always said..rSon, you are going ro change VMI before VMI 
tliansjes you mainly because of my slacker tendencies and die faa Vve never been on time for any'rinng. I guess most ot my expe- 
rience here has been related to the Cliristian Community. I gave most 
of my free time working with jieople and in the church, Thats the 
most fulfilling way I cotild find to use my time. Its a gift. Academi- 
cally, rlearned quickly that Busincss/Econ wasrt for me, but I stuck 
it out. Even though it did make tor long nights of studying and 
fighting daydreaming Its all good. I've c(>me-.:a long way. rtn not; 
saying that I m disciplined, or smarter than when I first got here: 
Adeast, I do know what 1 do and do not want to do, and I'm happy. 
No other school could have been better tor me. In Doc Monsours 
theolog\ class, I leirntd mv most important lesson . The lesson was 
that I understand that I doiit understand God, like I thought rused 
to. Qmte a paradox, but it makes sense to me. I leave this place with 
awesome memories. So all in all, I win! 

To my Rat roommates, Teko J.D. Ken, I had a blast! Will Stann, ~y ' "^ 

thanks for three great years. You're an awesome friend and I respect v 
you so much, Nate Peirpoint, thanks for some^reat times and much UykeS: 

to think about! Family, t love y all so much. Sisters, thank me later innr;, rViarl Rniirnp 

for not letting yall date cadets. Laura 1 couldit have done the RatUne 1 ^^^- ^^'^^ ^OUI lie 

without you. Kudos to all my other friends too you know I love you' 
Glee Club 1,2,3,4 VMI Outreach 1,2,3 l OCF 1,2 i,4 Newman 
Qub 1,2,3,4 ■& v:^-^ s-^ 

2001: AdamVergne 

Joseph M. Kelleheil III 

Slinky, Tiie Pope' 


t J 

Fairfax, Virginia 
Meciianical Engineering / Navy 

Wow, four years at this place. I remember my 1 2th gr ide Enghsh 
teacher talking about his son being the professional student who went 
to college for eight years as an undergraduate. I sat there in class 
then, thinking to myself, 'Why would anyone take eight years to 
graduate from- college':'' Now I kncisv, I 

I couldii be a more fortunate guy though, I know I have the best 
parents in the world and I love them more than I could ever express, 
X truly owe everything 1 have and am to them. Their words of eril 
iCouragement, and money, helped me in tight spots. 
'Thanks goes out to my younger brother, Mike, who would give me 
shelter now and then when I heeded to get away and loosen my tie. 
Having farhily only and hour and a halt trom here was a God Send. 
I Jiwe the relarionship we have and hope it will never end, 

VMI has made a significant impact on my life. It has reniagn^tized 
my compa,ss and I know again where I am headed in lite. I have 
made many close friends and for that I am very glad. Sean Ting, I _^ 
hope that we can stay in touch for the rest ot ocit; lives because I DylceS: 

admire die hell out of you. To my roommates, Ryjn and Charlie, I 1QQK. Qti^ij; Mallnm/ 

cart thimk you enough for 'giving me shelter' when I needed it. I had 1 V^'J- oicw ividuui y 

a lot of laughs m this room and will always remember. To Chad and 
Charlie, 1 hope the time goes quickly and you are successful in what- 
e\er you do. And, Good God that rubber band ball is huge! 

PVl' 4,1; CPL 3; SGT 2, Wresding 4,3, Trident Society 4,3,2,1; 
Powerlifting 2; S-5 Staff 2,1; Gone to Tech 7,6,^ 

2001: Chad Price 

Charlie Chang 

David K. Killian 

"Killer, Studboy," 

Richmond, Virginia 
Civil Engineenng / Special Student * 

This place sucked, but while I was here 1 just wanted to say I got 

drunk as many times as 1 could while I was smck in this place. Ran 

the block as many times as I could while J was stuck in this place, and. 

Banged is many WSdL thicks as I could while I was stuck in this 

place. I "Duked" it out with Darren, Nate, Tony, Don, Phantom, 

Jay, and MOE at 420 everyday. Dan, we were the survivors of the 

messy brownies - PS. what happened to the kidz?, they probably met. 

up with the "Fun-Guys" Moose >ou know wc'U be w itching it over 

andover 'tU wereGratetulDeid Adam I got you i hicks i\\ for the 

ball and chain Roidz get the "Sasguirch'' it-, yajur turn 

Baumgardner hmmm th inks for holding die tr idition of Corps 

Loopooser(4 1 2 1) Cookie and Cale, leave a couple \ork next time 

sNutz, Farworm ind J T thanks tor the Bull C reek memories Tli inks 

iester. Page, and Sehneittr for all the laughs in the C E Dept Th inks 

Mommy and Dadd} Jesse ind Terren^e he good » hde I m goi^ 

you guys were ux>l dykes Th inks to ill the hdies at the P dms AMD 

ThXT S WHAT rf S Al 1 ABOIII ' ^ !; , 

Special Student SasuuitehClub Church Club Lonn H ur Club 

,2,1; 24 Hour Door Crew i 2 1 Rittks Crew 2 1 

Dykes: \, 


Ryan Feeney 

Jesse Gore "Tattoo"4|i| 

Terrenece Redmond " j 

D€5ryck J. Krafft 


Max B. Krumpe 

Hussy, Lax, Grumpie" 

William A. Kump 

"Will, MOl'Tll, Willy" 

Hagerstown, Maryland 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

Four years ago I left Hagerstown, MD and became a Hagerstown 
"Hussy , in Lexington VA. VC'hat was I thinking?? Its been an adven- 
ture to say the least. It there was a way to make things difficult I 
probably found it. I spent most ot my days on the Soccer and La- 
crosse fields and my nights in the "Office and "X". I often wonder 
how I did graduate? Barring any other conviaions this will be my last 
appearance in the Bomb. It hasri been a picnic the last four years but 
It sure has been fun. 'From- the road trips to JMU and UVA to the 
social event of "Friends", through all the girls that came and went, we 
still had fun. They say that VMI is worth it, I have yet to experience 
that, but if I learned anithing here'at the "I"; there is always a way 
out you |ust have to look for it and the true 'm,eaning of friendship. 
Ricn your one of my best friends, thanks for aO the talks and advice. 
Howie youve been a great roommate and friend, but you're still a 
light weight. Bobby and Mike. Thanks for everydiing. I'll never 
forget the late night meditatioa sessions, the poop scoop at 1 a.m. 
witn 202, the touching melodies,"and all the laughs. You all are the 
best! I'm sure the Navy will treat you good, .JVrter all its only four 
years! I'm dad it is finally over and I'd never 3s it again. But I'm 
glad I did!! 


1995: Mike Fellows 

2001: Parker Reeves "Tator" 

Elklns, West Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

Baker U-, huge' It 1 had a nickel for every time I've heard that, after a big game or 
road trip I wouldit be m debt after ftiur years of out of state tuition. I doii know 
w here to ",tart talking ibout the mouth of North Central West Virj,ini i 1 really did 
mit know Will mj tirst }ear it V\ll \nd it was only during my third elass year I 
beeime tritnds wirh rhr bu^c^t Mountaineer fan inVirainia I doit know etactiy why 
It took almost a >Lar ind half for Wilbur ind myself to become fnends other than 
VMI could not have h uidk i ir in) ioaner Will is my odier brother here -md there 
IS no doubt in my mind tkir he will alwiysbt thit I know that I can dwa> s count on 
Will, even chough It might take him I while sometimes Thinks Will Ifcherewas 
someone in the corps thit w is laid b lek ind stress ftct it w ould have to be Will No 
matter what peniJty he faced (isidc ftom th Rm^ Figure incident) or whit grade he 
received on a test, you could always count on i mile ftom the suy Hearing him run 
down the hall in his flip flops and bust m the door with a hearty Its huge' will 
forever he engraved m m> mind Hs^en a gn it fn nd md one ot my bii,„c5t tans 
Good luck bro. Love Pat and Kich ^ISMeetin, on my time it this S' # S hole I 
would like to thank my dykes tor cva^thmi, the\ did lot mc us i r it To m) room 
mates of the past: Jack Heath ind Bnwster ir was only i matter ot time untJ we 
would be spUt up, the Command ints st itf ind (xnikics oveie imt To m\ great 
friend Jason Gruse 97 who took care of nic tor i lew ytirs here wehidsonie HUGE 
times and road trips that wdl not be forgotten' Ricli ind P-U its been i mi< d run and 
our big times together w ill only continue and get bitter To Ti ho and other d\kes we 
have had some good ames keep working hard but have fun 1 eart rh uik m\ parents 
siblings, and other family members em luh for all Usve ind su] pi>rt the) h ive „ivcn 
me through these four gruehnt, )eirs ii \ Ml 1 I^\e \oa All' Jennifer Rebeeci 
enough said! You have been the greatest in I there is nothing 1 e >uld do to cqualwhir 
you have done for me over the p 1st ti ur ) e irs It has been a strui,_le at time but I 
Love "Ybei with all my heart and dw i> s w ill' 

Virgin Private; Big Red Club ■, 2 Pres I . Intramurals .\2, 1 , Number 1 Club 2; 
Con duct Probation 2; Aeademie Pfubitioii 2, Ro ids s,2.l 

KlUen, Alabama 
Economics & Business / Army 

When I arrived in Lexington after a 22-hour bus ride I did not 
reah/c the test that lay before me. My vocahular\ did not contain 
words like, sweat party, Rat Challenge stoop run, company room or 
RDC. It all seemed like it would last forever. "Well it fmallv ttd em 
and on that cold day in February we completed our final test and 
beeame the Class of 98. Here it is first class year, yet it seems hke it 
should nor be over yet but hey I'm not complaining I would like to 
thank mom for taking care of me, dad for kicking me in the butt and 
instillmii discipline and honor in me before the 'Y fine tuned it Jes- 
sica and Marlic thank you for the letters and for being dierc hthel 
Rita Sue, Bill, and Bradon thanks for the encouragement Trent I 
hope I've been a good influence and you succeed in whatever you do 
Dwyane thanks tot being a bud and good luck in the future Chris 
and 1 47 rats I wish the best for yall ancl hang in there Karen 1 really 
done know how to thank > ou You've been a dear friend and I really ^ 
appreciate i\ei\thing I know you'll succeed at whatever you dectd&^ 
to do \ourc not too bad for a Canuk! Dort stress the citucnship, it 
will come Ed you may be a vank but thanks for the me mories Scott 
and Sean I hope you ate .is fortunate in the tuttiie as \iiu were m 
aertin" me for a roommate I wish all the oest for all my BRs May 
God l^css Mm all ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! ^„ ^ ^, 

lEEl 1 1 Quad A2, l,G>rpor<d4;Sgt2;Lt. i College Republi- 
cans 1, Hop and Floor Committee 3, 2; SCY 2.1 Bamafanl -, 2, 











1995: Jeff Guild 

Mark Cameron 
Jimmy Dameron 
2001: John Hardy 

tiambcliop, Silence ol Mary, 
lu'imbo, Bain.i" 

Ryan J. Landmann 

Quad, Drylander, Iceman' 

Chesterfield, Virginia ^ ^ 

Mechanipai Engineering / Air Force 

It is not VMI which has made going here- tolerable for the last four 
\c-ars. It waiS-sJl the people that-ifUl the tour walls of rhis Institute. 
Even back to 442 and tlie guys that made up that room, those who 
are still here and even those who are not. 1 dorr think I would have 
made it if it wasri: for you, Charles, Kelly, and Brett. Charles, room- 
ing with >'ou for four years has been an ejcpenence but I would not 
trade you f(.)r anyone. I cari^ believe we made it this far as opposite we 
are of one another. I would have probably rutned out much different 
widiout your influence. What kind of intlucnc^only those who were 
here would know, g(K)d or bad. 1 wish you and Shyan the best and 
life. I cart thank you enough for ail you have done for me. 1 would 
also like to thank Dave who was kind enough to move in Lest year. 1 
appreciate the time we spent late at night working tliose '(aJ'^'ot^^i ^ 
problems for ME. You probably wouldii believe it but you have 
made me a better student and harder worker over the last year. I I 
hope you get your wings you definitely deserve them 

On the flip side 1 should probably say something about VMI but 
the words right now are to vulgar. 
Air Force 4,3,2,1; Swim Team 4; Pvt 43,2,1 


1995: Josh Strickler 
2001: Kevin Schnute 
Ted Lilly 

Roanoke, Virginia ^ 

Economics & Business / Special Student 

There is no doubt that Keith is an unlikely soldier. What this is i, 
intended to describe about Keith is that his mind is never idle. He f. 
usually doesrt like set policy and he always sees a better way to do 
something. When presented with a problem Keith w lU give you five 
answers, hacltanswer reached from,| logical thought prcxess (usuidly 
involving a Ciilculator), or so he says. Military t\pes, often as we deny 
it, know the environment we are buying into (Yes, sir) we do'' 

If one had two words to describe Keith the> would be chilled out" 
Keith IS about otie of the most laid back individuals you could know 
You could imagine him in a life threatening situation (as we wit- 
nessed in the Tennessee Mts.), just saying "haj it wiU be all right" 
Being the thinker he is; Keith is constantl)" coming up with ideas that 
blow people away. This is no doubt a testament to his future success j 
in life. We often hear about people that make sacrifices on a cr iz) 
self-devised scheme, and become exceedingly w ealthy as a result It is 
these select few people in society that havc\he ability to come up w ith 
an idea, and see it to fruition. Keith is one of these people Whether DykCS: 
you are flying or in the business world you will be aiccesstul Keith -mof^ O \\l 

you have been a great roommate and you wdl alwaysbe a great fnend 1990: odTll WeSt 

- Its been a long crazy ride, yer brothers, Brook and Alex 9001. Tnnv "tho Italian 

Rat 4, Cpl. .3, §gt. 2. Pvt. /; CIG 2, 1 ; India Co Preservation Sou- '^^^ ' " ^^^^ ^"^ Italian 

ety 1; Club Cocoa 4, Hell 3, Club Panama 2 1 Stallion" GelOrminC 

Keith A. Lawhorn 

"Kefus, Ouief " 

iv TWerry M. Leiuercier 
"Flo^8r, Pepe, Frenchy" 


West Palm Beach, Florida 
Economics & BusiQcss / Army 

My four years at VMI have been such an incredible experience, but 
yet leave me with a bitter attitude toward the administrative leader- 
ship exemplified by the Institute. I can oiily be thankflii to my par- 
ents and aijnt for supporting through the thoughest four years of life. 
Most iniportandy, 1 would like to thank my Brother rats J immy Stanley, 
Aaron Frazier, and Jon Spitzer. I don't think that I could have made 
through this place without you guys. I sincerely mean it, no mattei^s 
the facade that I put. I will iilways remember the gocxl antl bad times.^ 
that we have been through from rat chiiUenge to running shit to work- , 
ing together for tests. Jimrny, you have triil)' been the bestir^end that: 
I nave ever had. Thanks for trusting me, inspiring me, and being* 
there when I needed you. I wish you the best of luck in your career 
.path. Aaron, you have opened my eyes in so many ways as far as 
■looking at the Institute. You were alway^.a great person with whoml 
could confide myself Ion, you have showed me strenth, and leader- 
ship. Something.that I Vish I had learne^arlier from you The lyfii-; 
rines should be prdad to"have you in theiisj;anks. To all of you, 1 #fsh" DykCS: 


great success in your careers, family, health, and wealth. I will always 
be there for you guys, all you have to do is call me. Again, thanks fiir 
being my family at VMI. 


Riigby 4; Coporal 3; Platoon seracant 2, Private 1 , Qldtt new snaper 
3; OC Bomb Staff L; English Souery 1, Volunteer Fialii;h(.r 2.1, 
On confinement 43,2,1. 

1995: Eddie Glover 
2001 OthmanTrikl 


Hinesville, Georgia 
MechajQical Engineering / Special Student 

I, Al Lester, of sound body and mind would like to first thank God for 
all his blessings. I would also like to thank my parents(Alfred Sr. and 
Gladys Lester) and brothcr( Andre Lester) for theix continued love and 
support. To m\' hoys tor lite, Dre and Jabarr, I love yall; Its time to 
leave our mark ( >n the world! To my big brothers(Les Bone, Johnny X, 
and Mayo) thanks tor your guidance; 1 am happy to see all of^you doing 
so well. To ail nw boys on die first, second, and third stoop; Do the right 
thing and May God Bless!- Ts all my dykes, dori lose fotias on what you 
want injife. The sky is the limit. Last but not least. Thank you to mat 
speciiil lady in my life, DELISHA, soon to be Mrs. Lester; I love you. 
Everyone remember to always be triie to yourselves. 
Signing Oft, ^ 

AILester . { 

Football(4-year lerterwinher); Gospel Choir President; Air 
Force(speciil student); Promaji Club, RDC 


Alfred C. Lester 

Les Bone 
Johnny X Mayo 
2001: Aaron M. 
Aaron Y. 
Ebony M. 

A. Justin Lewis 

Ron, Lew, Lewdawg, Jdawg, J " 

Snellville, Georgia 
Naval Science / Navy 

First, I would like to state that 1 am glad that I chose to come to 
VMI . Hovvevetj 1 must also say that I will leave behind just as many 
things about this place that 1 will take with me. I sometimes forget 
that vMI is a military .school. All disenchantment aside, I will truly 
value the people that I have met over four years in college— at VMI 
and elsewhere. Brady and Robert, )-oa two animals are the best.roomies 
anybody could ask tor— from lights out at 2300 to late night tirades 
on why the Navy is so much better than the Army. Caleb, things did 
and will work out for the best. Ken,, you were a great add on to the 
"DenT Most importaiitly, thanks mom.for giving me the 'thumbs ut5 
to come to this place, dad, for introducing me to VMI, and Frederick 
and Lauren for keeping me humored while I was here. 

A very special 'I Lovc-^Voii goes out to Angela— you are the one person 
I have always wished and dreamed about. Thanks for making my final 
two years even more special. To Inany 

Finally, I have decided that \'MI needs an Admiral as a Superinten- 
dent: perhaps one day I will return to assist. 

Midshipmen Battalion Commander 1,2; Reg S-5 LT 1; Reg S-4 
SGT 2; Cold Steel Corporal r, VMI Mascot y,4; Trident Society- 
President 2; SigmaTau Delta— Secretary/Historian 1,2; Canterbury 
Club 2,3,4; D'eare List 1,2.3,4; Georgia On My Mind 1,2,3,4 

Dykes : 


Jeremy Ingram 
Stephen "Terry" Wiegel 
Kyle Kramer 

Gaithersburg, Maryland 
International Studies / Special Student 

It has been a long time in coming but at last the end is in sight. I 
would like to thank my parents for^all of their support. 1 would also 
like to thank both of my brothers for leadin" me to the great T . I 
doii think that I would have made it through third class (,#1 year) if 
It wasit for the hard-chargers in 263. Although my best semester at 
VMI was the one I spent in Mexico, I have many fond memories of 
Ghetto and the "Bat Cave. First class year is shapingup to be the best 
so far. I'm looking forward to hanging out with the~Ron, Cool Hand, 
and Bear in 105 Swage corner. To the members of the ''3200 Club, 
hang in there! Finally, I would like to give a special thanks to all of 
the rankers for buying our Private Society T-shirts. 



Dennis Lucente 
Oscar Alfaro 

Alexandria, Virginia ' ^; 

Mechanical Engineering / Special Student 

I was always giad I came here, even durini; the Rat Line and never 
regretful of what I'd done, even when I i;ot Kicked out of the Navy. I 
orfly wish I'd done it better, and lived life fuller. If you're going to 
have a life then live it or lose it. Maybe I'll get back into th'e Navy, 
probably, maybe someday I'U be gladi studied engmeering, probably 
not. I liad fun here. I had flin playing lacrosse, I had fun being the 
room nobody wanted to start games with, and I had fun getting out 
way too much. Tlie song goes like this: 

"1 think about Paris when I'm high oa red wine 
I wish I tould jmnp on a plane 
So many nights I ]ust dream of the ocean 
God, I wish I was sailiri agairi 

-Jimmy Buffett 
I think I got everything out of VMI except for good grades. What 
was that... 2.0 at 'VMI = i.O at UVA, yeah right." Irs too bad streak- 
ing UVA doesii equal 3.0 at "VMI. ...And'thats all I have to say 
about that. Shalom, my brothers Ryon Beyer and Erick Messing. 

Gracias, Cluis, eres un cijmpafiero bucno. Que tengas una buena DvkCS' 
vida con Quiana. Kim, Psalm 1:1-3. '' ,cinr- j pp ii; • 

Ryon ancTErik Seibert, at some point yotill realize how much 1 put 1 990: Jetl Wrlgnt 

up with, but you've both done well. Mom and Dad, thank you for 9nni- P-iznn Ro-i/or. 

always supporting me, I love both of you. ^UU 1. Kyon Beyer 

Private 4,.5,2,1; Monogram 3,2, 1; LacTosse 4,3,2,1; Bartender 3,2,1, Erik SeibCft 

Big Red Club 2,1 1?^ i^iuvot,iuciL 

Douglas J. Locke 

Men, Elliot, e'll-e~ott, Joiin, 00$" 

Carlisle, Pennsylvania 
Mechanical Engineering / USMC 

Michael S. Lorence 

"Elorence, Flo, Shep Lo, 

Claniphead, Jarhead, Larry (Ltn 

Lvr), Toolbov, mulatto 

Howie Lowden, Jr. 


ure, Mikeam 
ihL onlv .Jph.i 

Thrown out of Pennsylvania probably because of his uptight and tens 
VMI ready to make his (nark Excelling in every aspect of die radine ai 
island in Au.cust 95, Miftt was prepared for his tenure as Fitst Corp. 

corporal not to yet busted that year), the Alpha Co. Master Saige, and cvcntiulli lliu Ri-rnicntal 
X.O wl,o w.t, teadi' at seconds notice to kill rats.^ Away from Ins cadreship. .Mike fulfilled his 
academic reciuiremimts exeeprionally well. At so^e times during his long stay .it the T he spent 
more than enough time in the bowels of NEB than in the room rehexing for at le.isi a fi^w muiutcs 
on Saturday uights or taking a weekend other than corps trips or autln.rixed fiirlouehs However, 
being a tlevoQt Catholic, Mike did in fact escape Post for mass every week. Aside cadre or 
academics, those- who knew Mike, had a dependable friend ready to help a BR ot cadet with a 
pioblcni. Due to his toolish nature he was a bit of a spaz but definitely someone to count on when 
one faced a problem. Second and First class yeai Mike changed women hke underwear. It was not 
until a prominent central Virginia womens' college girl played him to the pi,int where he wanted a 
setlOLis relationsliip that he stopped freaking girls in clubs and mixers. Mike marched PT.s twice in 
his eldership, once for rat mass disciphne and the other for giving cat Bunting die ke>-s tci his car 
Mike: mother ;uid especially his father .gready supported him throughout his cadetship. Tire count- 
less ciri pa, kagc-s sent to him during second and third Jass year allowed Mike to indulge in fatbody 
food Ik i.ften scorned others for eating. Mikis friends will definitely miss him after dep.irrua- in 
'May. 1 coiesidcr myself extremely lucky to have such a good friend in Mike 1 have learned a lot 
from Mike that helped nie grow as a person and as a friend. BrotJiers till the dearii — 
—Alpha Co-Bald 1 leaded Spai^ Rat 4. 1st corporal .1, Master Sgt 2. Regimental XO 1 (even went 
CNN prune time)-. AlphaCadtetotlu-EC. 3; AC Stars 5,2,1; Deans last -i;, 2,1; Tua beta Pi 
-Engineeraig Honore So.icty 2,1, Vice President 1; Phi Kappa Phi Honors S.Hieti- >, 1 , M( RD 
Parris Island SC -i; Midshipman i,2.l: Leatherneck Sqd r. Bulldog Fit 2. hclpi-.l run it l; OCS 2. 
Motivated Devil Dog .12, 1. Semper K Siraety 4S^. ! ; ASM-; y2.\: Secretar, 2. Vice President 
1; K of C 2.1; College Republic aias 2,1; Toys for Tots 4.2.1; ASHRAE 1; l-2n S*'t t. Club iR 
.1; Ac.ideraic R.itllnc 4. i.2.1, Honoran- ROC member '..2.1: i-m out i,2. S;dl\ PortGcck .1; 
Northern Yankee Dominance ii Takeover Club 4..i,2,I, Cl.uophead Club Cofounder I; NevcT 
Take aWeekcucl i,.i,2,I and bevond .. 

Rome, Georgia 
Civil Engineering / Air Force 

Althoijgh he was born m (Colorado, Howie spent nearl>' all his lite in 
Rome Georgia. Growing up in a smsJl town in the south, Howie 
chased the dream of playing college football for die Georgia Bull- 
dogs. He spent many S.irurdays m Athens cheering on the Dawgs 
and when he wasni: at Santord Stadium he wasgluecf to the television 
set. Years later, Howie found himself playing college football, but 
for a team of a different shade of red. He spent three seasons playing 
for the Keydets but opted to focus his attention elsewliere his fiiiiQ 
season. One of Howits passions in life is flying. Even before he coidd 
walk, he was flying in airplanes with his grandfather andX)ad. "The 
obvious decision to go into the Air Force upon graduation was next 
onJHowies agenda. Although flying for the Air Force is currentlj- not 
siinjoption, Howie wants to keep flying as a commercial pilot and 
eventually make a career in aviation. 

The four years at "VMI^ have taught Ho\we to appreciate the people 
around him^. 'With his Sister Anmi next doiir at 'Washington and Lee, 
he spent many nights "Tianging out -.ind enjo\'ing real college life - 
R.E.T). . , 

Well, its over. Anna, I know I couldii have stuck it out without 
you next door. Mom and Dad, thanks fot always pushing nie in the 
right direction, even when I didii want to go. To the Rats of 106, 
dort give up. Mike and Bobby, have fun in Newport and take c .ire ot 
Max when you're back in Virginia, will you? Rich, save me iickets 
wlien )'ou play in the 'World Cup. Finally, Joanna, thanks for jxitting 
ijp,-with me chrough the \'ears here - you are truly wonderful. 
Ftwtball 4,3,2, Private 1,i,2,l; The Cadet Staff 3; Big Red Club 
3,2,1, Honorary W&L student 3,2 , 1 ' : 

Dykes : 

1995: Garth Winterle 
2001: Charlie "pimp daddy" 
Matt "spaz daddy" Frj 

Dykes: ,, 

1995: AronBuss 
2001: Parker Reeves 
Top Palmer 
Ryan VVeLsh 

Pensacola, Florida 
History & Psychology / Marine Corps 

As the end rolls around, my emotions are mixed. I know that I hate 
this place, but I have made some great friends along the way (you 
know who you are.) Mom thanks tor being there. You always looked 
out for me, even though you were a thousand miles away. As fate 
would have it, I met all of my friends and girl friend within a one 
time frame that forever changed my sentence at the "IT Nicole, even 
th(3ugh you "havert been around all of the time you have been the 
best thing that happened to me during my cadetship. No matter 
what t^e future holds in store for us, you have left your permanent 
signature on my heart and you will never be forgotten. And to my 
boys, thanks and stay cool. Rats, take this place one day at a time and 
you will make it! Dori be stupid! This one was.for you pops. In the 
words of Fruity, 'yeah, I'm done wit Hem shits!"- 

Virgin Private 43,2,1; Big Red Club 2; Bomb Staff 1; English 
Society 1; I Hate This Place Club 4,^,2,1; Hiking and Gun Club 
4,3; |:(a)) Club 4,3,2,1; UHS .3',2; Pork Chop Platoon 1; 
MarbonjITing Club 4,3,2,1 . 


1995: Mike "Fruity" Paruti 
2001: Todd "Tardness" Anthony 

Joseph M. Lowman 

Roller, Sloth, Theorem, Louis XII" 

Brian J. Lyerly 

"B,I, Twinkle" 

Simon A. Maciocii 

"Crotch, Mace, Mace-A-Crotch, 
Simone, Simian" 

Draper, Virginia 
Biology / Special Student 

Before I try to write anything, I want to thank the Lord God for being my 
person.d savior. Without you, I am nothing. You are the sole reason for my,s, and for that 1 am eternally grateful. It is amazing what a quick 
prayer tan do for a rat ttho thinks his entire world has just ended. But, just 
sitting here, trying to come up with something profound, has dredged up 
many memoties, gootl and had. The things that I'll remember most are the 
friendships. Ryan ami the late-night-tliitd-stoop-bathroom-bio-spaz-cram 
sessions, and Ft. Worth Mike, wnii Air Force dreams were smaslied by a 
sudden flicker of intelligence. Aaron, you re always good for a couple laughs. 
Best wishes to you and'Katie. To the Boys of 448, (those that are still left). 
Peace! And Brad, whod a thunk it. Its amazing what a couple of Fort 
Chiswel] boys can do. Take care ot Carrie. 

Mom and Dad, I love you guys. No jiarents could have been any more 
supportive than the two of you. Those grueling tour hour round trips must 
have been torture, but every one of them was appreciated. Thank You. 
Pastor Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Metiger, the Wheelers and everybody else at 
the Four-Square Church, thank you for all the times that you took us into 
your homes. My beloved Samantha, without you I would not have sur- 
vived. You gave me the will to cirrv I'n and die desire to push ahead. I Love 
You. The waiting is almost over. Dean, Robert, David, David, Jarrett, and 
Sam, remember, grades are the first priority, all the other crap here comes 
second. Everybody else, you know who you ate, thank you. 
Tn God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to tne? " 
Psalm 56:3-4 

Virgin Private; Regimental Band, 4i2 I; Brass Ensemble (RIP), 4; Insti- 
tute Brass, 321; French Horn Sertion Leader. I; VMl Outreach, 3; Deaii 
List, 21, Institute Scholar Booby Prize Recipient, 4321; AFROTC "uncer- 
tainr 4; Civilian ^21; Anti-Hua Club. 321 ; Secret Agent for the Real World, 
4321; Single, ^3; Attached, 2; Practically Engaged, i; Rat Challenge. % 
Rack Challenge, 32 1 

Westerville, Ohio 
Economics & Business / Army 

Wt first got to know Sirrn n dufini. lur prcatrdin sumniLr Ht 
B irr i^kb like the rebt ot thL. Mb He 1 .okcd -v, though ht had u 
aJci I ur Sun )n ■was quick in Celling us thachii dtil was Lxin 
tliosL 1 1\ s nit-otine wai a good tncnd to us ill L\tcpt Simon u 
NX I. nevtr Loidd ga ou: of Simon c\al> whete Kt wta froni 
[ rognm Simon was shipped from pLnnsjIvania lo West V ir 
Inc^iini hegrtu rolove the drug store down the sttLct fori 
mjii niuNsoo Kwj, ilu ays on the move cam sleet orsnow 
long loi.[ turn brother Grey Ghost and dyked \ 



Chris Hoskins 

Robert "The Mouth" 


Dean "No Shine" Desilva 

i^Ls hntJmthtcnrntr fiR^^ 
icr-.cdoutnl t Dc tails maga^int 
an i!\ k.rtlK Beostit Bov-s Ir 
i^oufM. uli I ri tr mied from n U! 
\\ part n| 1 uitncs,-. proftLti ir 
im rhtn coOluo in i iinA\\ u 
athoict it ! (.\ccaL,e-i Likt a trui 
:iat \ L irULs J blast when Sim ir 
,lh Biu Head h«as i Lthi 
ihiLitti into ii\e with u VMI e-speaally during a Rat year Still Simi n muiigcd to -,Lcb> with Iv 

It ill TIiirdC]iss\e"irmeaiuloMni,histwinbrotherasaroomate and piekin^ upE,- ' ""— ^ 

ind IRA Bailt) insteTtf Sunon managed to still be a true Rat Challenge 

throuUi the ri>,or of J-EC/BU eiirneulum Simon managed to make thi 

y.hiiot team with special [eam [ la\er Milliron Second Class year 

•uadtmit pro J RingTi^uce di!( ^one hay wire and a lot of asbestn 

out all "t r >ni IX-y thtv n It J i,irl showers Although Simon wanttd to back aftninii tor chi, 

showers an I thi. i.irLs ht rn \ ! in with Milliron Kevin and Phil Tlu paekage ^^ab eomj kti. 

And now \se ireailst-nii r Sim m remains busy with his pail of water and a little dame n^meJ Jili 

He still boasts the rank it Rat Challenge Cadre and studies like you wouldixbebeie probttHv 

a bit too much Then a^am Simon has alwa\s been a hard worker e\endiouj,h ht refoso to k-ave 

the room to study C^extytat Simon and the Army will w 

md iM^m4 naw beets Suxwn Real quiek before Si 

: the "Winnibc- 
Basic-Uly Old Ron Ix 

h him tSe best of luck jL^i n\7l- f»C ■ 

, uk mam fnends in tlie pisC L/y^C^ . 

thfix years Aitliougii there 
hcde eiuirks ^L^ chi is rr 

lli^bdmrUadiv pv,s tliuluuuUn i mi 1 mi il umnci.tbmioi* 

1995 lus, mcR .jl,., 

nil ^i Simon 1$ diiLrcnr in chit rtsptxt lir Stni ii l^l^ L.{.tomt. 
tiiK-mdluy.Uomral. mjlr At |MM 


lu.Hil 1 IT t Ilk induink 
:,th,«,llluv hiJi .p« f ' 

i,v 1 dfti IS bir JJ diur un rt o r rht Ntc s uid fur ill tbt siunmct 
Vki coallni, UKimrn -nt U t' D n and Jtfl ^^. had J - 

timLCiUlht) t) t LHirBKii. 

OhwJhrJUMrk. i 1 mdwadUi li,d Minit pujtmasl 

hill d.i^hatvoutdrM I n.,lit T.Jiri Will uid kiviii thank jou 

lur tikln., iT)t m tUirinu ni 

time ot iitLd T tualh tpi-jLtitati- u Ton ftllow niLmbcts ot the 

Wmalia-iliii K i ut 
hiJoutfetitnniin.i. Il 

Litiiidtk hirdmi But vt fud »mt fun dni.imt dli■IT^t -md ut 

nil. in tht ntiKa.!, OMtall I vl h i [ i , 1 1 nnn md ^nh all nil ttiindl 

tilt best of luit 'I u ,llh,„ 

Xtthovoiinn. Tulinmo mil linn rLimnibtrLTs dort siluti t dm 


Kj<it rorpnral Rat Chalkn 

L Al Ptii Summtr Scho il Pri\ itt Cat it nibs 1 

Tom Brashears 
Joey Furtek 

Christopher W. Magee 

'Uncle Chris, Magoo, Grandp^'' 

Richmond, Virginia ^ 

Economics & iinsiness / Special Student 

Due to his lack of decision making^ abiliries, Chris left a realcollege 
to come to the T. Mature bej'sna our days, this old man has ex- 
celled for three years. His rat roommates in Rm. 46") at first mistook 
Chris for a matriailants father. Despite these handicaps, Chris has 
been a threat friend to all of us. IHcn though you were always up until 
.-5:00 Am, there were perks to having you as our roommate. Your 
food box wasalways frill ami you computer provided many hours of 
GPA reducing entertainment. Its been a great 3 years and next year 
wort be the same withnut you. Make sure you buy a hi" house so we 
can again have a mosh pit in the kitchen. Good luck in the real world 
Chris, were g<iing to miss you. Now Kira has to put up widi you! - 
Chris, Jochen, Paul, Jay, Josh, Eric, & Andy 

Chris has been there all the time mat 1 have needed him to answer 
s( >me dumb rat quesdon. He also has been there to pushme to do ni)- 
best, I feel thankful and special to have him as my dyke because he is 
such a great le-ader and friends 

Being^the Bravo rat in the room, I'm not as lucky to have Chris as a 
first sergeant, but he makes up for it more than enough by being the 

best dyke anybody could ask Tc 

3; Big Red 3,i; A AAA VP 

1st Sgt 2; Ranger Challenge 4 3, Rat Challenge 

Columbus, Ohio 
International Studies & German / Army 

I've known Terry for my entire cadetship, but thanks to extended 
European vacations on both our parts, I've only really known him for ' 
a semester. After his return form tropical Hamburg, Germany, Terry 
graced Club 151 with his wit, charm, intelligence, and laclc thereof 
Let it also be known that Terry surg^ses everyone except die author 
of this little ditty in-time spent in the Institiite quagmire. And when 
he was in trouble, I was there with him, 'We-ve been bonetl for among 
other things studying, running, and eating. Sometimes, wed just 
■Jjave to smoke a cigarette and Kugh at the absurdity of our situation. 
Our good times have almost made up for the bad times however. 
Between the occasional mixer (I owe you one) to the distant lands of 
Ohio, DC and beyond, we've seen it all and put some '5,000 miles on .Tj 
qI' Trigger. Anyway, through it all weve come out prett>' good friends. 
Thank you to you and your family for all therr nospitality, the)'ve 
been great to me, iind I appreciate it, 

Terrv, good luck with everything. As I say to my best friends, which 
are few, 1 will ALWAYS be right there if you ever need help, An^ ' 

should you get married, hold the reception at the N'VL, or f m not 
coming. Take it light and remember, "I can be persuasive, do you 
■WANT me to be nersuasiver"" — Les Thornbury '98 
Germany 3, Rat Challenge Cadre 2, Company S-2 2, Institute Hon- 
ors Forum 2,1, Class of l9')8 Co-Education Committee 2, S-5 Pa- 
rade Usher 1, Disgruntled Cadet 4.3,2,1 

Dykes : 

1995: Zack Becker 
2001: Frankie "Mad Dog" 

Terence G. Maguire 

"Tei^Dog, T-Bird, Turd" 

Roanoke, Virginia 
History / Marine Corps 

For the first eighteen years of his lite. Trey knew exactly why he wanted 
to attend VML Then, suddenly, on August 15, 1994, he forgot. He 
still cart remember. The truth is. Trey really hasiT changed that much 
since that date, Hts still the same lovable guy hs always been, and we 
like him that way. If Trey will be remembered for aii) thing, he will 
certiiinly be remembered for his inability to dislike anyone (even when it 
might be appropriate). Trey may not have won the nicest guy on the 
planet " award, but he definitely left the competidon with a ribbon. 

There is no doubt that Trey has faced his obstacles at 'VM 1 . There h .is 
been academic probation, surviving the wreSfling team, the \i;radi oi the 
Commandants staff, questionably sane room mates, dangerously public 
e-mails, and quick glances behind the ratliator in hopes ol finding a d.ite 
,(yesj there were some lean times), to name a few, Ont thing, however, 
is certain. He crossed every obstacle, if not alw ays with great swiftness, 
then at least with great determination. 

In the end. Trey leaveius with enough honor, fiirtitude, .uul knowl- 
edge to make anyone proud. Wherever he goes and wh.itever he DykeS 
chooses to do with himself, you can be sure that it will come out well 
in the end. 

Private 4 l,Tool 3 2, Big 1 i.k Club 4, 3 2 1 Gold dust 
Junkie 5 2 1, C Co , 1 i, 2, I 


1995: Joe Doyle 
2001 Drew Dickinson 



Douglas M. McBride 


Midlothian, Virginia 
History / Army 

It is interesting to look back in the evening of my cadetship and 
think about all ot the lessons learned. I came to VMI an idealist but I 
leave less dien that, better prepared for what is to come. The hard 
right instead ot the eiisy wrong is not always popular, but 1 am not in 
a contest. Thanks Mom, I could not have made it without you. Pat, 
bro, I am so thankful we straightened things out, I will ilways re- 
member the seafood-fests! Beetle, TJ and Meadsman, I have laughed 
\\ ith y'all through the third stoop, no date a week before Ring Figure, 
Kilboufne Hall, CONPRO, year of frugality and July 4'''"n Pitts- 
burgh. I will miss you guys. Dan, thanksTor your help and friendship 
as a dyke, I will be witli you soon. KP, getting .crazy at Randy-Mac, 
trips to PA, cutting it close witli the BV cops. Twill remember every- 
thing, I will join you soon also. Ben and Ed, I coiild not have picked 
two guys that would get me in more trouble RAT year then the two 
of you, Thanks! I hada great time in 485. Sean and Tennille, thanks 
for being such great dykes this year. I am proud of yall. Pass on what 
we have taught you. To my friends that i have not mentioned, you 
know who you are. I do and I dorit forget. 

RDGl; Ranget Challenge-4,3; Ranger Company CO-2,1; Ghetto 
Member-3,2,r; CONPRO-2; Presidential Advisor-.3,2,l; TCFG-98 



Dan Williams 
Sean Collins 
Tennille Chisholm 

Cookeville, Tennesse 
Economics & Business / Army 

I wantedto go to VMI since I was a freshman in high school. When 
I got herein 1994, 1 found that it was not everything I had expected. 
Ftowever, I studk it out to the end. Here I am, a first ckissmen 
wondering where God will rake me next, but I will never forget this 
place to Be sure. I will never forget the friends I have made nere at 
VMI. I wish them all the best ofluck with whatever they do. Ton, I 
hope he just stays out of trouble and out of the gutter. Josh, I hofx; 
whatever he ends up doing that he will be happy. I will never forget 

I wish the best ofluck to my rats Steve, I hope you stick it out and 
get everything you want out ot VMI Scott 1 hope you can stay out 
of trouble long enough to graduate Fnc, Best ofluck to you. You're 
good kids. I minkV^u can also stick it out at VMI, and make it 
wherever you go. 

I thank Mom and Dad for all their unj\ m^ support thtpughout my 
endeavor here at VMI. You have never once stopped beli&ving in me. 
Last but not least, I thank you Lac\ tor being the one person that HykeS' 
L,jr.:-L: ^1 .._L _ . — ,.„ -c --'"re and sun- ^ 

William M. McClung 


had faith in me more than any other person \our patience and sup 
port kept me through these last tw o > cars 1 love you dearly. 
Trust the Lord with all thy heart and He will nevet steer >our toot 
from the path" Proverbs 

Rat 4; Corporal, Rat Challenge Compan) Cadre 3; Private-Rat 
Challenge Station Cadre-English Societ\ VMI Theatre-Put up with 
Josh 2;TRIVATE-Rat ChaBengc High Rope^ Cadre-Put up with 
Josh again 1 

1995: Ouincy Meade 
2001: Steve Harris 
Scott Miles 
Eric DeHart 

William J. McGann 


Hamilton, Virginia 
History / U.S. Marine Corp Special Student 

Thinking back at nw four years at die instiaite one thing pops into my 
mind. It is what my Dad and coundess others ha\e tcjld me all along Aft 
will be worth it when it's all over. Looking back I have to say that they 
weaj?light and thank them because its what thc\- said that brought me 
badi tdthis school so I cotild graduate. 

First and forem< ist I must thank my parents who never let me give up 
and were always there to support me not only my rat year But die 
three harder years after. From the Sunday visits during tlie ratline to 
the weekends you drove here to get me third class year, I couldn't of 
done it with out your help. 

Trey, Ralph and iDouce, What can I say? It was a blast and I wouldn't 
of wanted to do it with anyone else. Buck and Mike its been a great 
time, I'm just afraid that by the time this is printed I'll Uke country 
music and be into Redneckin! To rat roommates Chris and Tom: 
Who the HELL was that kid who slept in our room! To Pervert 
Corner and ill my other friends here, thanks tor all die great times^ 
You arc made my four years here worth it. 
■^Virgin Private 4,3,2,1, Pervert Comer S(xietv: ■),2.1; S-'i tour guide: 
3,2, Ac Pro Club Rat, ^, 2; Summer Schoiil Stud: Pre-srr.iin sum- 
mer, A '^ 1 

Dykes : 


Dave Doss 

Tom "Jackie" Gleason 

Brett T. McGinltey 

"Puddin; Bert, BET" 

Robert J. MeGrath 

Carlisle, Pennsylvania 4 

History / Marine Corps 

At the risk of sounding unorigmal or tj'pital, it is first necessary to 
thank God and my tamdy to w&ch an immeiisurable debt is owed. 
So mudi of what I have accomplished and what I arn has been for 
you and because of you. Mere thanks is not enough. With your 
support, I'll i^raduate confident tliat I completed mv Cadetship hon- 
orably, and fdid the right thins> when it wasnt understood or sup- 
ported. To all members of Honor Court, present and past, you have 
mvjtespect and adipiration. 

Of course, Shangfriahasii beenentireh' serious sinc;e 1 could always 
count on my roommates to provide a great deal ot entertainment, 
most of wllich came at my expense Jon, two words: loke probation. 
I'll never know exactly why you refered to yourself ui the third ix'rson 
or how you got into VMI without showing pr«M of citizenship. Ken, 
what would the room have been without your Thursday night state- 
ments and all-around cheerful disposition' It w as a pleasure to clean 
up after you. Tjm, your wardrobe may jome trpm LL. Bean and 
your truck may have a curious lack of I^JA^CAR niemoribilia and 
NO- FEAR stickers, but youre still a little red. While you have an 
identity crisis as to exactly where you live, you never forgot where you 
came from.. To Gold Coast, UO, 1.34, J 68 ^ ^^ «""■" 

tain Morgan Steve, 

lo CjOia c-oastj l.iu, l.-)'l, lOO, c,apiaiii muiuau, o._- 

Spitzer (chin-chin). Rev Jim Beam Clamphead Larry, Lt. Himel, 
Col. Meriwether, the Miller family of beers, my country friends 
door, my Native Americ;m friend Redman, and everyone else 

spi ,- 

Col. Meriw 

door, my K...... -„.„......~. -..p— ,-. v- 

nevcr have friends to lean on like this again 

Rats, never acquire Tiirs ran -.— .- 

problems or my position and 
member that the oenefits 

Honor Court, Prosecuto 
2, Cdt. Cpt. 1^ Semper hi Society 

Rat's, never acquire Tl ITS rank, Kere attitude or driving habits, Jors 
/ position and I think that y ;iil -will be ok. Just re- 
lelDenefits tar ourweigh the negatives: n,c/->-r 

Prosecutor 1, Assistant Prosecutor 2- Cpl J, MSG 1 
; Semper Fi Society 4,3, Secretary 2, 1; Deans List; 

Dykes: '? 

1995: Zach Johnson 

Brad "Freebird" Colemiii 
2001: Keith Just 

Cmdts Staff Fan Club 4,3,2, 1 ; 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Army 

I muit start by saying "WOW I never woultl have thought I would h ive made it to 
this point in my cadetship writing my first dass history This has Crul> betn a )Ourne> 
a lone Ion:; lourney th<itvh3S taken me places I would have never imagined In mv tour 
years hete it the "I," ] have seen meet and betnend some o( the hnest piopli in the 
world VMI has given me something This something is not tangible or even L\pl un- 
able but something unitiue something only^Ml can give a person 

There ait so m iny people that have altected my life to get me to thf poinr J im noN*. 
So man), I could never think illotthem I would like to stutwidi mt friends Jack 
Mark And) and Jacob how did we survive to this stage in thi t, \me wi tind ouisclve-s 
now' From our days in Junior High School we have dom minvtun stupid uid 
cra^V things I know we hive mown up but I teel there ire in m\ dumb, stupid and 
erizv things leh: to be done and I am sure >ou will be there with me to do them Tr^^ 

Tom, m\ good fnends since third grade and roommates at VMI what 
Would think we would be sick i>t each other b) now but I think we 
stronger tot it I knik forward to the hjture and its challenges know ini. 
To Luke, my RAT Luke I honestly think I have loum 

the corp I w ish y o 
yourdxkc indbettc: 
broth, r Having bur 
but always tun 1 ki 
grandmother motht 
rememlxr your sun 
p Irenes I doix dunk 
belli full of eurvis 
expresse s rhi 

an Is.) you 
tre that much 

the best ru in 

success in you ycirs to come at the T Aiwa) 
as a hfe king tricnd Thanks hit a griat ye^ To my sister and 
,ived 22 years under the same root has beeiidiallenging at times 
ow that our future hold many surprises Iop"ti5 to tackle To my 
t to her d-iughter and mentor to her grandchildren I w ill alw a) s 
s<irt ind sttengrh To m) parents If a ju\ eotiid choose his 
I el nikl h IV L chosen better I know this ru ij w t h ivc crav t led 
but the both ot )ou have kept me bttween the lines I eari 
,s 1 feel tor each ot \ou. I love you and J could not hi*diinc this 
without )out never coding support FinalK to ill ot those in Gold Coast I wovld likt 
to thank )ou tor ail of die memories I uill eaEr\ for a life time Some of rile fuaniest 
and most disgusting thin.;s 1 have e\ei seen h IM been with )ou guvs It actUall) 
se ires me bii't comforts nie knowing that ^dl ut \ou will be part ot mv Itti foriver 
Pm 4 Cpl ^,Sjl 2, Pvt 1 S Ssiift2 1 ounselin. st iff 2 1 Big Red ( lub s 2, 
I, Rugby Kim 1 Gold Co est 1 \dusiv; Member i 2 I Artindance to Funk I ilcd 
2 1 ___^^^__^^___ 

Kingwood, Texas 
History / Special Student 

VMI 'Varsity Tennis 4 yrs 


1995: Brandon, Jim, Dave, 

2001: Luke (Beazer) Beazley 





Jeffrey T. Meade 

South River, New Jersey 
English / Navy 

VMI has been a far cry from an easy school. Adversity has been all 1 
have known since I have been here. Freshman year was a small challenge 
compared to what lie ahead. My only wish is that these years of toil have 
not been in vain. VMI gave me the chance to set to know m\sell 
perhaps better than anyone else. The friends that Ihave met here have 
helped me succeed when failure was the only lucidity that I knew. Noth- 
ing in the world could -have helped me tlirough the struggle that is kfe 
here more than these people. Mom and Dad, you gave me the support 
I neede3 here during these years of strife and gave me the hope to escape 
seemingly hopeless situations. Tliough VMIis a hostile environment it 
was the love snared by those in the same situation, which has made this 
milestone my most nieamngful to date. Leaving the Institute I feel 
saddened that anyone who has not gone through this school can feel the 
same devotion that I do to diose who have shared in die loneliness of life 
here . I have been enlightened by getting so miiny different perspectives 
of life in my time spent here. 1 have'come to know the worst leaders and 
leadership styles ;iIong with the finest. The vast majority of my profes- 
sors have hc4ped me develop while others have left me in a pool of 
stagnation. The good I thank. The bad I understand your fallibility is 
only human. Thanks are due to the following. . . My Piirents and Farruly, 
My Roommates (Brad, E.J., and John)", My Classmates, Maj. 
MacDonald, and Col. Baragona... without your encouragement and 
support my spirit would have been broken long ago. 
"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakesr - Oscar Wilde, 
Lady Windermers Fan 

Cadet Staff .%4; English Society 2,3,4; Water Polo 2; Pervert Corner 

Michael ¥. Meads 

"Chimp, I'igpcMi, Meads-Man, 
Sapper, S()(M'a-Meads" 

Michael T. Myers 

"Mike, Mikcy, Myers, Booger, Yankee 
Boy, Lover lioy " 

Norfolk, Virginia 
*- ^ Economics & Business / Army 

I wish to, tliank the Class of 1998, in particular Back Back McBride, 
and Slemp Barr, for adopting me when I got out of the Arrn\' in 
1996. Bc^de Bailey ancf TJTrujillo, both of you and Back Back 
were more than patient in gi\ ing me the opportunity to develop per- 
sonally and hone the core i/alues^ which I hold dear. My God parents 
Marion and Gus Kiligas of Norfolk - You have supported me tnrough 
all of my endeavors a"nd remain-the kindest people 1 have ever met.Tt 
all began in 1983 a.t .i place not far from here called Nature Camp, I 
was 1 2 . COL Reeves (Bio) was the camp Director and Scot Marsh 
'81 taught Orienteering One day Scot told the Colonel he was going 
to town to gas up the bus We then took die detour that defined the 
past fifteen years of my life, he ran us tlirough the VMI O-Course. 1 
was hooked I love VMI I \\ ish The Spirit of this place to thrive md 
mold whomever comes here COL S uid\ thanks for giving me i 
chance Jon Ctderquist - You and I are brothers "^ouliave <dw lys 
believeci in me ind I you Class of 94 m) birth cl iss - Thanks tor 
saving me i place in the circle JOM and f imih th inks My family [)y|^ps 
thanks Melvin timily thanks Pctt Melissi Yulia Chris Tenndle '' 

Sean and Delton it is up to > ou now The torch is passed \ou ill 
must never forget to do what you know is the nght thing to do I im 
proud of e ich one of you Debra Lynn I love > ( lu darlin D> kes 

Rat 90-91, Sabbatical 91-96 Outre ich 2 VMI Freet ill I Drug 
and Alcohol (lomm 2 Cadet Wiitet 4 F-Troop Vir:;in Pri\ itc 
Assimilation Comm 2 1 

Doylestown, Ohio 
Economics & Business / Arniv 

1991 Chuck Story 

2001 Andy "Pete Peterson 
Melissa "Grambone, 
Pebbles ' Graham 

"When 1 heu- tlu ninu Mike M>cn, I d.iix thmk cit H ill. ' 

instead I think of i dedintid tirLtij,htt.r student, friend in J 

was a gu> who could piik up girls more i isiiv I have vet to 

the curse of the I idies field experiments and at 1 

,td 1 thought 1 d split m) p mts So >eah 

u IS a side that is so in touch with whit it 
jseople and helping with their problems is soi 
"louvc helped me with so much in so htde 


But deeper than il 

an\iini Kciatjng t 

•en or Wajna World 

d> killer ifth 
meet him Mike tiluht 
djesinic rime nude oil 
d hcse^mtetliL Jiirnitr 
hit It is like to be 
Is something that i 
ime thinks 

God bless 

Asamembir ol tJic Cl i 
strained him at some poiill 
re-ilized that we had a mi 
herself As tar as 1 know ' 
eiuse enough to meet in thi 
out ihir Mike WIS not it VMI b 
As mar is I i in |>1I the onl> y 
v,hi 11 in\ sisKi ^ ud hi we, cute 
look di It G> id forbid he b« ur 
1 non \fv turn , 

On -I pcr- 

,od downs 

Juiti n 

, ol 97 I met Mike when I was a third 1 m sur i 

n the rat hne Our tnendship didit reoll} ral^e off nn 

Li il friend Her nime was Am> and she is a stoii >\ 

t ire the onl) two members of the Class of ''>~ ^ (we 

middle) 1 was not happ} at ill in the spniu of 9~ rt 

1 w IS cMrcmel) happ\ to h ive lum back this 

iblcm that 1 have c\cr had with Mike Myer 

None the less he is m\ friend so I e in even 

m\ brothcr-in hw Lon, Inc 97 "i Mike 

VMI notunlikt mist liisl ,ui tilli 1 withii 


thi )< 


I h. 

and the accoun 
lertaini'v been n 
ck>;,est friends 

Rc^poasc Fc ui 
Fire Dip irtmii 

■nllv «.n tl- 
i rhi ),uvs 

iiv h id ih. 
import ini< 

ol ni) dc, 


Ull defir 

m ht 

C hnsti 

t} pic Lsun ti t( turn and spend this \c ir w 
I Msh nirMinc the best of luck m all rhc 
. ( Vollc>baU (4) Cadre (s) KinQ 
( I 1) Lexington City Fire Duj ircmciil 
I (Ohio) and attended Unuersiti ol Akrc 

^ Bur n 
m\ Chrlsi 
-nitilwd ai 

. \ Ml prior to 

est < 

Adam Belmont "May 
the curse be with you 

Lucas M. Miller 

"Killer, Puke, Luke" 

James M. Milliron 

"Freak, Mill-IRON, Jimmy, RAH" 


- Jaspn M. Mitchell 

•J-Love,%-lce, Mitch, fki. Rick, 
Monk, Snake" 

Centerville, Pennsylvania ; 

History / Special Student 

From simulated airborne jumps off of tlu- fortli stoop to spending 
enJk-ss iiours with his Echo Cornpany Rats, Luke has made quite an 
impression on the old "I." A native from the great Quaker state of 
.Eennsvlvaiiia, Luke entered VMI v. ith aspirations ot becoming a true ^ 
"jar-head' However, as time wore on and his boots wore out, Luke 
gradually came to the dark side and donned die role of the envied ^fcc*- 
spetial student. This is not ro sa)' that the military was not for Luke, f^* 0^ 
because in his four years at the Institute he displayed all of the charac- 
teristics that become a true military officer andfeis hard work as cor- 
poral, sergeant and X-O will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. 
In the room, however, the story was quite different. During third- 
class year especially, a suspicious odor permeated from Lukts area. 
Perhaps it was the result ot his proximity to the laundrj' bags, bur 
nevertheless the smell was enough for us to ipestow "him with the 
name 'P.uke." Second-ckiss year Drought our boy back with a set ot 
sergeiint stripes and an indispensable bottle ot strawberry-scented sham- 
poo. The ■snamrn)o, coupled with scented trash bags ensured us with 
commendable freshness and "there was much rejoicingr Aaually, it OyJ^^cs 
really w;isrt that bad, byt does make a tun stor>' diat his kids will "^ 
enjoy. -,Now, as our days as first-classmen draw to a dose, it becomes 
clear that^.pur rtxjinie of four years, whom we have grown very fond 
of, will go out into the world with a smile on his face and a hint of 
freshness about him. Weve had some great times. Good luck, 'KiUerr 

Private (4), Corpotid (3), Platoon Sgt. (2), First Lieucenant/X-O 
(1); Deari List (2^ 1), Spirit Squad (3), Leatherneck (3) Semper I-i 
Society (4, 5, 2),'Rat Challenge (IX Cadre ( ^, 1 ), ACIC Toys for Tors 
(2), Racquetball club (4), Big Red Club (2, 1). Viaim of die Rack 
Monster (4, 3, 2^ 1). / 

Kittanning, Pennsylvania 
History & German / Army 

I tirst niL-t Jimmy pre-strain summer on the fourth stfxjp as ht. Wiis pufting dow n a piJv of Marlboro 
Rcdi. 1 rt.-jily didrt know what to think ot that laugh at first ind anyone who knoft-s limnn knows c\-u.tlv 
what, "that laugh" cntailsisAfter that first introduoaon and j couple toad trips htcr to mj houst in 
Richmond. I reaiizedthatjim was a o'azy guy who could blow inyoncoutot the water when itc-uiietci 
, telling stories. The Rat line, like Jimmy, was a bit bizarre Between the antics and reli^ionsof diicipline 
ihatHarryHumalojS'^it out, Jimmy was away froirfus all dyking on the seeond stoop He ni inat,cd 
to heJp Castelyn take sorne tinfe oft' that >T;ar, but oIi^M-Ol renamed Jint tb;^ cItss \ car tn r«nindjimm\ 
that hestilJ had to come down to his nxmi and roll his hay Th^d Qass year">j^ mtat jn-^ie Jinamy fiHJiul 
..his nidiit as aMauty Brooke RvadywitliJohnGraef. It wasJirrBjobtomakesuredjebu! J \s t.snneTtl\(rs(y 
^d Graefs to load all die bandss gear, or at least thats whit Jimmy said Spn^g Bre ik nu tnt New 
t)rk'ans. Aplacewhetejinimy betameabouncerforapproximatLly lO minutes ind mu die only feat ilt 
ddiKL-r with glasses. She said it was because smoke got in her e mtaetb Tli u sanac summer |imm> u is 
in Chaclotte^tfilfe tinkering an>und Monitecello as part of a four credit archeology dig Rumor has it di a 
Jimmy did. -I litde bit more than dig tor old bones that. As a Second Jimm% took part m whatwe allknou 
tw,w j5, the "^ Winnebago Five" In summary, Jim got caught with ceU-phoncj and beer in habd ID aijiffinper 
thar-ftasitiuiyUxlysheknew the verdict.'' Alcohol Number One Thcpenilt) had ashortJifediouuh 
Jimmy5<.K>n was otf to Hamburg to study abroadr Germany was qoixlVoJimmy a secondlk^mt He 
met a German gid, and got into Goth, and even met die band WAR un^ tram It w as the br^Jinim\ 
neeck'd Irom VNU. The summcT after Second Class yc*ar Iim found hirostltinKichmondwhc^fi- he lived 
with somiicra^'Iferapelen-Sydneyguys. Twisters, the Tap House lnddle^ifcda alllent thenxselvts to 
bavin,;; agcKxiorne, Jimmy even dabbled in the fine breed Randy NHe hadtft'ofter He did this all with 

1995: Geoff Blum 
2001: Stephen Dugan 

a kugh. 


VL- are S\.ninrs, And :i h 

Jillinn Marlboro Reds lattr 

limmy 1 

still a 

s animated a tntiK 



etits, and all the random stt 

ties he knows c 

r seems 

u he a part 





itltRnd WestiUiomplam 


deal- anc 

WL- 1 



n u 1 instandy push lis thtou^h butw 



that It all 



iiizti .1 

ot. Frtiik JIM 

It It 


not f, 

f thegcauc nf Cxtxi aiid 




nf«.k on 

womi) tills 

in 11. 



'ncc. in lettirn. 1 tha 

k tht-m ail for thtit suj p 


n\ mothu-, v-host 


C .! 

id luvt 

t(jr me has bi in lU-vtT 

ending, Tlianis Mum' )MM 



I; tpl.} ; Si?t.i; #1, 2, 

liny 2: Conduct Pro : ^ 

nimer s 

hi 1 






Scicitt\^ Musctini Staf 

"Tin- fnnontnl iiotst t \ 


f 1 2 

Or HI. 

-ul U r m\ 


: Tlu- Catfa 4,3,2; Btt^r « liilt it Uttd Chtit 

1 : Cit 

tombs i 


1996: Harri Humaloja 
Pete Segersten 
Max "Nastelyn" Castel 

2001: Harri Jalgjla, Rich Groe 

Martinsville, Virginia 
International Studies / Air Force 

Jason, like many of us, was suckered into VMI from the fancy pic- 
ture on the cover ot the catalog. When he saw what things were 
really like, he stuck it out and has never lotiked back. At first Jason 
was determined to become ,i trombone player, but we soon changed 
that. He sucked up the Line in hard diarging Band Co. and 
took up temporary residence on the third floor of the library. Jason 
soon learned that he was not destined for a career in music arid joined 
a real company third class year. He also took up permanent residence 
in the DMZ along with a few seleCT fne^Qds. He ate it as a third, 
becoming even more discouraged ^^en he reafiied that h*c^uld feel 
the wind through his hair now niore than ever. He survi-s/td and 
pressed on to Ring Figure. Second dass year he made sergeant ,ind 
did .something that he swore would never happen. He put his dream 
of becoming a State Trooper, on hold and sold himself to the Air 
Force, a decision he hasri: regretted. Soinewhere in there were some 
wild trips to L>'nehbur§Coirege that he still wort talk about Finally, 
first class year arrived and he went to F-Troop became a lieutenant DykCS 
and still had time to Tight the w ild stoop n:ionkics at night 

Rick, weve roomed together for three years. I can honestU sa\ that 
I couldrt have asked for a better roommate VMI would not have 
been the same good luck with the Force -JVISP 

Band Rat 4, 1 Co. Cpl 3, 1 Co. Sgt 2, F TrooD Pvt/ltt I Co S 2 Set 
2; W&L Band 4, VMI Firefighters 2,1, S-5 Staff 2 j;tm Red CiiS) 
3,2,1, Retired CytKst 4,3,2,1, Gun Lover 2,1, Lookiiig lor love 
4,%2,1 -■ *^ 



Malt Krempl 
"eloeboy" Gunter 


.' :^;^ 'V 

John A. Moder 

"Baby John, H. Lector, M.D. 
Skeleton, the Little Blond Boy" 

Paul R. Moosman Jr. 

'The \l()0se-Man, Moose^ 

North Kingston, Rhode Island 
History / Marine Corps 

Had I come directly to VMI from his^h school instead ot going to a normal 
college for a year my cadetship would nave been drastically difterent. Had I 
not been a Marine before I had come to VMI, perhaps there would also have 
been aDother cadet wearing my nametag. I had a different perspective from 
my brother rats. Sometimes this was helpful. Sometimes it made my time 
harder as I longed for the "real" military or the fraternity house. In both 
instances it was the Institute grip on me that was causing this discontent. It an iron hand and the h2nd was sculpting a VMI man. Cadets criticize 
VMI. 5pr many this is the preferred way of passing time. What VMI does 
for a cadet is often times intangible. Yet we know that we would not trade 
our times and experiences at VMI for anything else in the world. The fact of 
the matter is this; we all love VMI whether we admit it or not. We love 
being cadets, and with each cT.irfed semester that passes we love it more. 
Exponentially more. If a cadet is not miserable, that cadet is not happy It is 
u catch twenty-two. Misery likes company and this is the reason tliat our 
bond is so strong. 

I would like to rhimk my roommates, teammates, and classmates for the 
memories. Possum, Head, Dickie, Pierce, Lenny Poe (nickname not neces- 
sary) thank you for being the btothets I never had. I owe a large debt of 
gratitude to my mother and father. Never quit, make them tlirow you out 
right Dad? Amazing how strong those words are (not quite the same as 
Stonewall Jacksore). Much thanks to the parents of my friends and room- 
maces whose hospitality was always greatly appreciated. I am extremely 
thankful to my girlfriend Jenn for her support and more importantly her 
toleration. So. with best wishes to all and many thanks. Semper Fidelis, 
John A. Moder 

Lacrosse, marathon club, semper fi society, Bulldog, USMC reserve, B Co 
1" ,sgt. Intcrnationiil Studies major. Semester at Universitat der Bundeswehr 

Washington D.C. 
History / Air Force 

You ciil]ed, "che other guy i 
]ircrt\ quiet. You tie-finitely ga\ 

gutted u^lJ 

)ur room, but with out you it would have been 
different oudook on life here at the "1". You 
Ron and "Peter" .uij our Lives have never been che same since. ..weve 
) the window being elosed. but the use of che wall locker? Ireland would 
lid! Weve never had a rix)mmate chat has been so easy to get along with 
in the daytime and so hard at nighr. Good luck finding your Heisman candidate and 
by che way whats a seven letrer word foi^loneliness beginning with °w. It'll be hard to 
forget you and your warfxd sense of hurtipr... thanks for the memories and che three 
years of sleepless nights!!! (BAB & J HBPf 

Personally, I would like to scare ouc by giving a he.irc) thank you to the VMI Air 
Force department for having such an emotional impact on my education. To my 
family, chank you so much for supporring mc in the good times and che bad. I really 
couldrfc have done it withouc you because it s i^retc^- hard to tailgate by yourself Thank 
you again and I love you. Brandon and jini. vnu are the best roommares anyone 
could ask for. I really enjoyed being krio^n ;ls "that other guy in room S-14. Bran- 
don, I would have missed a loc of cl^&es wichoiic you and dorr worry, I'm sure che 
Army has a kevlar helmet big enough fory<>u and I'm sure you will do well. J) 

liver will curse you forever but my heart wi 
you and when we go anywhere, Jim, you 
Toolan, Dicky, Sreve, Houk, Jason, and ev 
the unforgettable memories. George Straii 

sink no, it really is" (Heath) " I've got 

would ic be if.....r (Peay) "Damn it, were m 
(Dan [Amazing!) "No charge (Kelly) "I .1 

dib " (Crowder) "You are sooooo 

CO everyone, 1 couldrt have done it wichouc you. 

Privace 4,5,1 1st Platoon Guide Sgt. 2. "itfad Dog 4..1.2. 
vor (Football) 4,.i,2,l, Summer Scholar 9* 95' 96' 97', 
Preston Soaecy 2, Wann.ibe Couch Club SS4, Kelly Fan Clul 

iilways say thank you. I will never torgec 
■ noc driving. JRoom G.^ I . Cale, Jordan, 
ybody else, chariks for the good times and 
in the shower (Houk), "Our canoes gonna 
c good chest fibers" (Gale) 'How funny 
n full pads' (Head) ai.itropolis master 
dori know Justin (Karlyos). "Shib a dub 
huge ha, ha, ha (Smalls). Thanks again 

Delaney Fiei.l ; 
Big Red Club _ 
■.I. Insomniac 4. 

Dykes : 

1995: Ed Randall 
2001: Shawn Hobbs 

Brookneal, Virginia 
Biology / Army 

To aJl my brother rats: As the saying goes. , the days have been slow 
(oh how slo-w), but the years have flown by. And after tour years I stdl 
cati quite answer the old, "Why did you come.^" . But I did, WE did . 
An^ for some crazy reason we stayed. Like everyone else, lookiim r^j 
bacrfc 1 See that I've changed. It was inevitable, and probably part of '' ' 
the reason wh\' most of us came. Now, were these tout years worth 

all that we hopedr' Who knows? I'm still in no position to judge. But 1^0 
whatever transpired behind these bleak walls, it caii all have oeen in j[< 
vain. No matteit, what, I've gained the respeCT of those I respect the '_j ■ 
most. Brother Rats, thank you for the good times... and the bad 

AJso, to Mom, Dad, Theresa...! definitely couldrt hiive survncd 
with out you. I hope I haveit been too much trouble. And Jeremy its 
harci for me to express what I feel (as you know). I dott know who or 
where I d be without having known you. Through all the turmoil " ■ 
wevc somehow managed to gtow closer. For this 1 am eternally grate- 
ful know th it \ou and your family will always have my love. 

RilkTe.ini 4^2,1 (Cpt. 2,1). VMI Fu-e Fighters 2,1 Biology l)\keS 
Major, Guide Sergeant, 1" Bn S-6 Lt 2OOI. Brandon liowniail, 

Justin Woulers 

Richmond, Virginia 

John P. Morris 

"J.P, John Boy, Opus" 

English & Spanisli / Special Student 

Fincimg tt-pncvc from thi- stn-cts imd the f:r..flili wajled schook of Rkhmond 
John turac to Vm pre-straio summtr m attordancc with the 0.11ei;e Oricm.ition Work- 
shop (COW). 1 fondJv rcincmbcT Johns' fitst reuuesc of me, "Cih 1 bum one of those 
beers, Mali. Iniiiallv [hinkmg to liiy-^-lf. "Who ,,s this guv, and why should 1 aive him a 
feeer?' Fortunately I did so, thus lx,e-jn "ur \'MI. cxiienenLe and friendship. 

Ignotine my advice .ind k-tter ludgemeiu, lohn tntatie the command deeiiioij to enter tiie Rat 
line as a mennIxT ot Band Co However. luckiJv he.was granted with Praserr and Cormao as 
roontimates. Then the Dark Ages eanie, aloni- with a setbus illness for our n er sn he;ilthv lolin 
Spring brought recovery, Greek \X'<, k. and the heretic- E-Lstcr in Ridiniond John saw the 
•%ht third class year, he quit Band Co. and joined the ranbof Hotel StiJl, holdinu ambitions 
ofbciiis the next .RiniroStarr.|..l,ii formed -Maury Brooke" In the tradition of many BtassK«,ts 

lid tl«n broke up. Hew,™ solo 
jazz clubs, til addition to mooching ft 

oi ueiiig me ne.xt .ECintto otarr, (oiiii rormea ivia 
bands, they played gigs, had some roadies, ci 
though, pkiyiiig the skins ui several New Oilcai 

. . Punks . 

schixil for John. With the Motji, 
sriUJohn managed 

J in all Its splendor of 

1 household in disarc-iy di 

the " 

irk, and s 

ivorite past 

well with John the 

IS." Johii tale 

uid the 

did not ao unnoticeti .SeeoncJ d: 

,-,-, Arts .ind Leisure". All was 

and lovelite flounshed, but he yearned fttr som 
■and bfachesof the Ibenan peninsula. In Spain, John, came off, .ind his true inner BtSe- 
mian sdf came alive While there, the b;Jlerina twirled in to the bteeze, as John ticstcd with 
both Americ to .ind Sjianish seiiorita,s. Spotting a grtatee, and hair rctniniscent of a wetewolf, 
John remrtied Irom Spain. Witfe vast amounts of cultural experience, he was able to land a job 
at Cale Ole Enlightening conversations wete held over piiit.s at vtmous Richmond establish- 
ments. "Tell me what you, what you really, really w.tnt' ves it was the summer the Spice 
Girls invaded, so John went out and pot one fot himsclf. Tllrex- years later, and |irobahly a 
couple vats of bummed beer, 'We-re going the distance, wiire iionig for speed!" Even though our 
college years have Ix-en spent within an environment thar ftoccned upon anythini; .igainst the 
found in John a pers.iii . who w as not afraid ti i broaden his perspectives of pcoplc-s 

and cult 


John L. Morgan i¥ 

"Organ, Mooch, Freak Show, Pafty 

I MM Andre 
Ifl could list all th 
vay before the list w 
o be. And fhs 

iw her&Johnny 

.- ,„ blow this place i 

o being done. But somehow, 

- ... .. hat, they can never take your ., 

Dcari List 2,1; Arts&Lcisure Editor 3,2,1; Sound 
4; Hotel Co s.2,1; S-5 Counseling Staff 2 

friend, but also a btother. Frcak- 

I would run out of ink and n.ipcr 
IE the path, llcaou-d who 1 want 

Lo-liditot 1 , Maury 

Dykes : 


Noah Stoyko 
Jimmy Holden 
Matt Gehring 
K.R Scott 

Big Island, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

I came to be an erii^ineer. Nnw I am one. 

Well at least thats the w ay the rumor goes. Four brief years ago I 
canie to the "I" an naive hirn"i boy witli^ a drastic misconception of 
what woiikl be expected of me. Much to my sitrnrise I survived what 
1 thought would be the toughest year, only to face three more that 
were just as agonizing, but rewarding, as the first. As the course of 
things goes, Civil Engineering was cjuite a "rough row to hoe for mc. 
Miiny said I ditiii have what it would take to make it, but some how 
1 struggled through. 

Lessons are often learned the hard way, and sometimes to the stu- 
dents advantage. Maybe thats the only thing thats stayetJ fJie san"ie 
during our four years here. We were told that everything stays the 
sapie and yet no two semesters here were. Contrary to oiir thinking 
the unthinkable change came and the seeds of our destruaion>were 
sewn. For those who remember VMI as it was and should have been, 
cherish the memories and share them with those.who will never know 
what they missed. 

Pock, thanks for the nootjles, advice and friendship. Good luck in 
grad school, 1 know yoiill have a Ph.D. when we're back in 1(J years. 
Thai, cOuldit have made through the first year without you. Thanks 
kir being there and hope the bridge design career works out for you. 
Call if you need anythmt;, 1 only a phone call away 

Cdt. Batter)' 5,2; LittTe John Crew 2,1, Red Neck 1,7,2,]; At. 
Pro. -1,3, 2; Trebuchier 2,1, Summer cSchool 4,3,2,;ASCE 2 1 

Dykes : 


Gang Thai 
Spero Gasey 
Nick Pomaro 

'^i ^ilo^^ielej' 

Burke, Virginia 
History / Air Force 

I have been told if ] do not turn this first class history in by 
today I will be given )et more PTs , ten to be precise. In order to 
avoid these ever looming PTs I have decided to compose my first 
class histtxy. Like my entire cadetship have waited until the absolute 

ist possible minute to begin That way I know that I have got full 
enjoyment of my time, for just a few minutes of pain. The famous 
last words of S-17 are " I should have gone to UVA Lets think about 
those SLx short words that brought ftirth so much conversation in S- 
17. My roommate Patricia has on more than one occasion told the 
infaiTious UVA story that, every time told britfi;s in more wsjtors and 
more pain and suffering. His talks are of no Friday classes, till bru- 
n«es (named Kate), and cases among c;ises of cold beverages. 

While Jesse Lucas and I begin to cry he takes yet another weekend 
.o Richmond and leaves usto suffer alone. Bur on another note it has 
been an interesting iint^l painful ride. Par good luck in Richmond, 
from tlii§ swollen testicle iiicident ot '96 it has been a 
great time. Jesse an4,.the infamous shaviftg cream bomb(s) and end 
less trips to the Southern Inn for Jiilapeno pimners it has been a n i 
studying kind of time. For "I cant find a girlfriend" Lucas it bn n 
too long, all the way from rat year until'now I have had to listen in 
rniddlc of the night chats on dating problems. Lucas, I ha\e niih uk 
thing to sa\ It you control the sky vou control everj'iiini;, includino 
the tround Dont forget it. And tor Paul, "I told you Boya/.z And last 
and ctrt iinl) not least the rat-ties: keep your chins up, whoops, keep 
yo«t,chins in and keep smiling. 


Gardner A. Mundy II 

Funk, Funkhead, Funkness" 

Davirf^. f^ash 

Hailinq from the crcat state oi Georgia, 
mt (i,A.a. Gardner) has.Ld - ^ - --- 


Richmond. Virginia 
History / Army 

d the even greater city of "Hot-lanta, 

. „„.„...., wild cadecsntp^ living well up to the 

[y history pt wanting booze arid women more than BRC and inspections He 
ys knew when to blow it all off and gp to UVA or Sweetbriar or Charleston, S C., 
aidied enough to get Ac Stars, be an^-2 sergeant, and he was mce enough to be a 
Counsellor. He scared us all for awhde during his third class year by lookinc into 
Army commission ag a tanker, but soon came to the reauzation that women and 
)z^ were better than Capt. McCarthy and a giant rolling gun. From the 2 7 boysao 
8 Boys, tq the 17 Boys, Funte room, with the amazing, chemistry -between his 

__.__ i._L-.ypj^ ^^j ^^ impronriptu comedy dub where you never had 

•^craiktae,"!" was (dumping ort vnn The -^fones were never 
lining, whether they were ; 

,__,, ^iemcd to be the case with Funk unti 

First Tlass Year) or Funk raving, on "a nice slice of butt" ("Fun! 
;ryone in the room getang V ji///^ bit loopy! or rehash: 
drunken fall into a giant neld of cow m:in 
"Mt. Funk on tlie Suds and Slopes trip 

OS Funis Field. VCVn the adminLStration deniM us arcess 

Races, Funk came^through in the ena to throw a bash to end .d! bashes. A party ot 
such niagnifude (and preliension) that it grew into a yearly event, complete with guest 
lists, dress codes, rules ol the mess and, ot course, copious amounts ot alcohol, ror 
those fortimate enough to be ye^uiy Sprbg event and hear Funkgive the 
Funfe Field address^ Santa has ChnstnXas. that: damn bunny has Easter,... A Nu WE 
HAVE FUNK'S pjEtE)!"), those were tWs of liaz\ tncmory and Bad next day hang- 
overs. Funk made the absolute best of his cadctship He did well academically, and 
stillhadplenty oFtimc toplayon the weekends with his ■;i:Jaremr Even wjth the rank 
of Second BattaJion S- 5 Lieutenant, Funk was glways a First Class Private tn heart and 
iittitude. For phose who were fortunate enough to know Funk well, he made VMi 
mazing sense of hurrior. He can always show a funny side to an 
absolute rarity to see mm.angry or upjet.. And tor.tppse of us who 

time to 

link abi 

which a 
Class \ 

fe spii 


\ Funk 


Snswshoe { wheredFwho go;j, 
the FoxTicid 

and it was an absolute ri^ity to see him angry or upset, i 
iuckv enough to know Funk piuents Watepn and Mo 
's had a place to aash and sleep one orr in .Richmond w: 

L place to crash and sleep one off i; 
ver met. One day I hope to be dri 


come across a giant o< ^ ^, 
Beotjemens establishment) an< 
headed New Orleans wife " ' 
to DC written 
Pvt 4, '^-^ 

some pt d 
1 the deep 


aflashint; on and off advertising "Funkdadd}^ ta 
see FunK welcoming in his guests with his giant red- 
i side., smoking a V^piel, Ana if ever there wiis a book 

Dykes : 



'.w urTeans wife at his side, smoking a CiUnef And if ever there wit 
en about a guv being a player, it snpuld be written about Funt:. 
■.pi S^Sgt. 2,2nd Batt.'S-5U 1; Teachmg arttfication Program 
in, feer Mentor Procrarn 1; Sexual AssaiStTeam 1; AcadetSicSt 
mg. St,iH 2,1; The Cadet 2,1; Virginia Program at Oxforcl 2; 1 

5 i^v^S.^i:^\r2Xf~:U^^el 2',l;:'V.r8ima Prog 
S<xjet\ ^,2, runts ricld Executive Committee ?,2,l. 


Marlin Ikenberry 
Merlin Ikenberry 
David Nagel 
Lukas Bartosiewicz 
Rachel Love 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
International Studies / Marine Corps 

W't-ve traveled down many corridors together. These journeys built 
<uid shaped the essence of who we are today. Some of these roads 
were dark and uncertain while others were bright and fdled with 
hope. Through all, wc stood next each other One there for the 
other. Acting as a collective to help mold the individual. On rough 
roads we hefced each other through On others we let each other 
excel. Whether t;ikin" on tliese dhallenges by choice or necessity, it 
did not matter. Not all ways knowing wn> we did some of the things 
we did, just knowing we would be at the end together. You helped 
lift me up when I stumbled Guided me w ith wisdom and experi- 
ence. I just hope I did half as much for >ou We never asked any- 
thing in return. We took turns leading, we took turns following. 
Never with remorse. Sharing each others pain, each others joy, each 
others friendship. Walking with pride or struggling to get through 
did not make a difference. "We stood proud. We stood by each other. 
This is the essence of friends. Thaiiks tor being there, it tiieant a lot. 

"To laugh often and love much: to win the respect of intelligent DykCS: 
persons and affection of children, to earn tlie approbation of honest iqqf;. Ooqti QTirin/afrkrH 

critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends'to appreciate beauty; ' ^^^- ^^an OWUieiOI U 

to find the best in others; to give ol onts self; to leave the world a bit 
better; whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed 
social condition; to have pla\ed and laughed with exultation; to know 
that even one life has breathed easier because of you have lived - this 
is to have succeeded"-Ralph \X aldo Emerson 

ERT 4,1 Pres 2,1; Lexin-ton Rescue 3,2,1; VMI FF 3,2,1; 
AdminSlave (rank) 3 (cpl), 2 (color sgt), I (S-3 Lt)^ Marathon club 1 ; 
Parachute Team Pres 1; climbing VP:2,1; Track 4 

2001: Eric Houck-Whitaker 
Josh Shiley 

Brian T IVeale 

Troll, Lou" 

West Point, Virginia 
History / Special Student 


duns as a Brothtr Rit ot tlu "Icar Award Brian vvould K m\ top pitk for bodi of 
diesL >em Lspici ill\ [>ur third lLiss )car 1 L.m hone^t]\ m) that I would not itili W 
here^ Bnan hitl not kept nit im track ,md attempted c. keep mi out it rroubk In 
the ttadmon ot thi third elais we all ate more than our tair share ot everamtnt uul 
Brim was no (.xit prion "Good Training" flowed trom room lU) with wJd abuidon 
The \ trained' lum when he tried to sleep - dicy 'trained" him when he tried to studv 
Bn ui w^Ls the devils idvocatc for us all espeeially when his roommates ^'illie The 
( rusher ot iouls and Cimmarian Warlord" Ta>lor nasty ex-leg bandit Bill 'G H)ri 
titeinbetk and nnsclf Rod "Fight tor your right to Hardee/ There were joo I rimes 
too like Ring l-igure Honor Guard, and keeping a car uptown ("Hey Bn ui mi 

iw you t ir'" - -No'") md the Baldwin FTX 

w If. second el.iss ye rr md its Brian, last year here at die T \Xaiat die Hell h. 
h Damn right' He right about middle-aged and h e bei 


L First Hs got It made this y 
1 you cm shake a stiek at and rats hke Howie "The Thi 
t other Guy" to carry on the tradition He, got the mtit 
id a wakeup 2120 'For the love ot God wk re i 
,oon <lll thit will be left IS waiting t<. reeiiM die diploi 
ts>m Bnin liom lllotus An 1\ Nlitt. rl kllS|ril, 


Now Its 
a First CI 

'putting out enurely to 
UigJIy) monsaisilii 
Wonder" mil BilH 11 
ot Riug bigure 11 a 
Is Noveml-ier' Prerry 
then Brian uillbt on! 
myself I dluik diuik fori. Hie ther. and well see ^ols,OT loo. r%oiK else 
■Piy llu I II 1 issrh. irolll— Roblku-dee 

Virgin Pr.\ ill l,< I, M,ileontenl 1 T ^ Cold Steel (hu:ll 4 s ' Kir (iillti.m 
( idre ' \ Li iDi-nate S 1 Toui guide ^ 2 RinR Fijun H.inor t^u<u-d -., M.irshjil 
Plan 50' Amm''ers^r^ I I ,i.oi (uiarl 2 Pa la.. S-Kietl ^ < oUege Ripubllem , 2 VA 
Histonci! Soelet^ ' Bl^ Rid Club ■> 2, liming Team 4 Boxing Team (i wiiks)") 
Rockthmbmi, ( luh 1 1 h ite Runy.m Club 2 Older stait before tonij resienitinn 
^ lUegalPOV upl.wn , Student Teiehir 2 ATivT implex 219 (TV \ ( R < ill 
Phon4 2, Uiiek 2 Fruit Roll Frimd 2, iMaliontent Alumnus 1 

HJl Dykes: 

1996: JayCraddock 
Jolin Bong 

2001: Howie Cook 
BilK I'rifile 

Edward J. IXeibeit 

'Rock, Obert, Cube, Yank, Beeker, 

Steven C. Nichols 

"Chicken, Skippy, Nicks, Nipples" 

Salem, New Hampshire -; 

p]conomics & Biisli\ess /Special Student 

why Did Ed Neibert coniL- to VMI? Tlie answer is easy, my father 
made me!!! And this decision he made J am eternally thankfial. I 
came to VMI lost in Rkus and drive My High School years went by 
as a delinquent hlur of adolescent fun with no substantial meaning or 
seal. From the get^o VMI instilled into me foctis and determination 
that I, with the nefJ3 ot my brother rats, can do anything. ThrougVi 
the turbulent times like a Mike Obadal fliune session to the best of 
times, namely Ring Figure, have instilled in me die qualities I believe 
are needed to succeed in life. VMI is what yousfeake it, and Imade 
it the best that I could!!! 

My main ThankYou goes out to Jesus in heaven. Without your 
support and answered prayers I surely would have never taken the 
first step.r I can do all things through Christ who strengthens nu-r 
For my parents and sister, you will torc\'er be in my heart for the 
continued affection and support you have given me for these long 
four years. To my sweetheart Kristine, we' finally made it heart to 
heart together but now . . :whats next in our future-"?? Jay Lamb, J- 
Love; and Steve; I thank for making my time at the institute a little 
less painful and alot more fun!!! The laughs we shared will last me a 
lifetime. For my brother fats, especially those in Golf, die years have 
been long and hard but together we came out on top!! And lastly to 
my Rats, your time here wUl be filled with mixed emotions, but re- 
member to stick to your i;uns and follow your heart because it will 
always lead you in the ritrlit direction. 

Rat 4 , 3 rd Cpl 3 , Ops Dork 2 , Regt . S-6 Cpt . 1 ; Big Red Club 3,1; 
Cadet Investment Group 2, President Group B 1 ; Dc.iii List 4,3,2; 
SAAC Chairman 1; Intra Sgt 2; Trident Society 3; Omicron Delta 
Epsilon 2,1; Basset HoundTanatic 4,3,2,1. 

Herndon, Virginia 
History / Army 

As .1 t..ijL-t, I alw,iy5 imagined what I would say in my P" class history before I 
gradiLULd. I think Bill Murray in "Caddy Shack" sums it up. "Gunga alunga- 
gunga, gunga, alungS' I got that going for me" That right there''says it ali- 
this place makes no sense and 1 will never know what I was thinking when I first 
described this pli^ce as cool! But it has been an experience of a lifetLrne :that 1 will 
never regret. Mom-Dad, thanks for giving me the opportunity to achieve my 
dreams, ^bu both have been the inspiration that has keptilTiie going -evell through 
the 348 GPA report cards. John and IMarc-we came here to^c•the^ and ."iiuvived. 
You both are truly some of the best friends/ roomies I coultl ever hope for, even 
though you both snore and never clean. Gold Coast-we had some great rimes. 
Summer school pals-never forget the power of the couch. Tex-we ran the bhxk 
more dian anyone in history doit ever change! General ha, ha, ha-watch the 
wheel while 1 grab a beer! Mike-youre a good kid-best of luck, keep up the 
motivation Everjone else that I forgot-gooH luck and see you in V. 

He, an original and hs one of the best guys I know. We have had some of the 
l^Lst ames .ill across the Commonwealth, but JMU has alifljays been the best. Tlic 
fiunter Ridge crew knew they couldrt go to sleep early on Thursday when there a newspaper to print We took on the best and beat them down m Beer Pong. 
It onl) this guy could get off confinement we wouldcf iiave to be so sneaky, i^o 
one lould ever replace Graef, but 1 am glad we bee aiiie roommates This guys a 
class act and uniijrtunately will probably become one a grellt Army oftlcer., ,he 
loves that HUAH stuff Despite his consistent 2,0, he is a VMI success story, I 
hope he keeps from getang his butt shot off, because 1 got a feeling well make a 
fortune together in the civilian world, , ,or maybe not, but wfc'Ii have fun tryin' — 
Jason "The General" Harding 

' Cpl s, Guide Sgt 2, Pvt 1, Ranger Challenge 3,1, Cadet Newspaper 2,1, 
Vircinia History Soaet^• 2, (prcs)l. Town Drun^ 3,2,1, Bahamian Bar'Fly 2, 
CollcsiL Rep 2,1, Gold SoluiI Chair x2,I, Squiire Root Club A3;-}MV 
Appreciation Six 3,2,1, P.ilms Couch Club- V7 Sum, .School, Confinement 4,3,2,1 

Dykes : 

Rob Henry 
Brian MacDonald 
Kelly Sullivan 

Amherst, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

I would like to start off b) thanking God for standing beside me. I 
came to VMI with the help and C(x;rcion of my dear aunt. She told 
me that, "VMI will be a great experience fcir youT For three years I 
told her that her experience was my sentence. Well now diat 1 can 
see a pinhole of light in diis dark tunnel, I will fina]]\' say to her, "It 
was a "ood decision, not a great experience." 

I haclone goal when I entered VMI and that was to make it. With 
Gods help, the years have turned into distiuit memories as my expe- 
rience at VMI draws to a close. The friendships I have made will be 
remembered and the lessons learned about people shall tv^g: be for- 
got. My roommatesNesto, Rob, and Gyimah, we four have;shared 
sonie great times and I will cherish them, 

, It, has been a long and hard four years, and I would like to thank 
those who believed in me ,when there were doubtets, I would first 
like to thank my parents. Mom, thank you for being the one who 
worried (I will not forget!). Pops, thanls for the suppott and tlie 
lessons on lite. Sis, thanlts for being thereto accept the collect phone 
calls. And you. Aunt Mattlia Ann, fot making this clteain 
possible, I love you!!! 

To mv Rats Josh, Keep smilint; Moses Hoouah- Qum Whitdi 
ckal, R insom, You have a son' H i I la'', C hris WaJsc up S\ Si n 
ousK , PJ Bottoms Lip" __ 

Dyfces: V 

1995: Barry MUler 
2001 Josii Harman 
W illie Mosos 



Lincoln, Nebraska 
International Studies / Army Special Student 

Chad A. IXovacek 

Bangkok, Thailand 
Civil Engineering / Army 

I CiUne halfway around the world from Bangkok to the United States 
in 1994. It was the first time in my life on this side of the world. It 
was quite different in tulture, weather, and people. Once I got here at 
VMl, my dyke and my uncle dyke, Ponlawan and Saiklao took care 
of me and helped me through the ratline along with my co-dykes, 
Pat, Ton, and Moo. Third class )'ear, I roomed with Jimmy iind 
Blodgett. Well, Blodgett left the '1" so I roomed with Jimmy until 
after Ring Figure. At Ring Figure, I must thank my ring dyke, 
Noppadon, for finding me 'a ring figure date. My ring figure date. 
Tor, IS a neat lady andl really enjoyed die ring presentation with her 
that weekend. After ring figure, Jimhiy decuded not to come back 
and John came in to be my roommate for the rest of my cadet life 
followed by Reid. I also enjoyed talking with my neighbor next door, 
Jason. John and Jason brought me to their homes. They are such 
nice guys. I cannot forget all me professors \\ ho educated me, thank 
you Sir. All four years at \'MI, even though I was far away from 
home, my mom and dad nc\cT made me feel lonely arid I love rhem Qyj^gs 
more than any word could express. My beloved girlfriend, Pang, has '' 
been very supportive, she made me happy all 4 years. I wish she 
could be here with me. And good luck to my dyke, Chanarat, do 

IXuthapom IMuttayasakul 

"Pock, Nut" 

your best throughout your cadetship and join me in the Royal Thai 
Army! As for myself, I looking forward to graduate school life and 
mihtary training. 

3 years Academic Star, Tao Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, John Bowie 
Gray 1867 Award, The Class of 1941 Award,Tnternational student 

1995: Praderrachai Ponlawan 

Wichit Saiklao 
2001: Visan Chanarat 

Timothy S. O'Bryant 

"Dogg, Mole" ^ 

Warrenton, Virginia 
History / Army 

Well during my highschool rny parents gave me a choice, go to 
collet;e or join the Army Well _M()m and Dad 1 guess I did both not 
bad huh? I have to give credit for everything I've had in my wonder- 
ful Hfe to my Mom and Dad widiout your support, love and sacri- 
fices (sorry about the boat Dad) I would not be where 1 am today 1 
love you . Mimi you are a very intelligent girl never let anything 
stand in your way I love you and you have to ability to go to all the 
places I dreamed about make it happen. This next person means die 
world to me and has made me a very happy person in life Lauren, 
Without you I dont know how I would have made it through the last 
three years, I love you unconditionaly and there is nothing! wouldit 
do for you, we have a wild life ahead of us 1 know we are ready for the 
challenge. 1 LOVE YOLI. John I have never forgot you and love you 
ver>' much thanks U >r keeping watch over me for all these years some- 
day we will meet again, . , 
To all here at the "1' J May, Gabe, Smalls, Lang the boys ot 122 aadfi 
And) I w Jl never forget the memories we have made over the years,''~j)Y]^gg. 
"I know if we turn left here it will be right around the corner" Three ^ ,' ' 

miles later we weie still lost. Andy if you ever need to find me go to 
the airpoit 'Landing Stri{5 I'll be there. Rats of G30 try and remem- 
ber what \\L have taught you. To anyone else never forget those you 
have suffered with they will be the closest friends you will ever find 
Pvt 4,5 2,1 Footbiill slave and manager, 4,3,2,1 Away giune 
pattyVPwidiBEAMan2,l MNBN S-5 

OGA 1 Tanker Platoon 3, Bomb 4, On a day 1 S-5 tour guide 4, 
■ram ( lub 2,1 


Tim Collier 
Doug Bates 
Paul Dart 
John Tenlpone 

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania i 

CMl Rngin^ering /Army 

Sdiodli, TinaJlv over. 1 must say that I am probably going to miss 
this place Although not for a few years though, hh been a fun four 
years and I have leWned a lot. Hopefully this is still a good place to 
be from Only time will tell. 

Steve, Mark, Adam and Charlie, you guys h ing m there It will go 
by faster than you think and soon you w Jlgr iduate too Remember 
to always try to make the best of it and have tun while vou can It is 
a special place and tn'px. 

Bill and Russ, 1 guess \'ou guys have another y*ar yet Dort worry I 
will come back and visit and take you guys out Also m ike sure our 
ratseat alotof(a^!#$. 

Dears List 4,,0,1; pvt 3; pvt/reg s-2 strt 2 bat h-2 k 1, tanker 
platoon 4,3,2, Platoon idr. 3; Cadet Bittery 2 1 sgt . ac staig, 1 . 

Dykes : 


Rick Klllmeyer 
Adam Love 
Charles Beard 
Steven Skakandy 

Gregory S. O'Hare 

kalph E. Ohland 

"Ohiio, Hercules, Ohliofunctifydus" 

,. Diesel" 

Long Island, New York 
International Studies / Special Student 

Looking back on the last tour years I doti know why I stayed, but 1 
can honestly say I couldrr do it alone. It an)thing it has been both the 
most miserable, yet the mt)st memorableyears of my lite. I cart think 
of any worse way to spend four yeats. The day I left for JMU tor a 
semester was the day J realized howjmuch I hated the place, and the 
day 1 returned for first class year I stealized just how much this place 
I meant to me. Trey, Bill, Douce, you guys mean the world to me. 

Ijohn C, Jim, Mike ,fioss, it was a great time. Steve, Dicky, Moder, 
[John S.,Trey A., Tools, Andy, Pervert will always be the best oi 
fimes. Eric S, Bigjohn, Aaron, It was a time I woii forget. Nate-Not 

I many others knew either! It was you guys diat made me come 
I back to this place. Tony "Thumb S. Your a good dude, hang in 
diere. Mom and Dad, I couldrc have done it without your support. 
I love you all. Brad, Jeff remember what I taught you. i'.ars, Schott, 

Sirhalkeep up the traditions. 

Corporal(5)Master Sergeant(2)Private(l)Deare List(4,3,2, 1) 
LCiidet Investment Group(l)Powerlifting(l)Club Pervert Cot- 
het(3,2,l)- Number One Club(2,l)Cocke Hall Apartments and Dis- 
tillery (2)JMU(2); Midnight at the Palms Club(D 

Buffalo, New York 
History / Marine Corps 

The only thing I learned, I lesimed in Ghetto. Without the knowl- 
edge that was given to me by thosepeople, this place would have bit. 
The smoking ""parties were fun but the adttiinistration kept ruining 
them somehow. Going on guard till 0200 as Firsts was original 
though, I will give them tliat. vCe beat them with the Ghetto couch. .. 
until they took it away. The administration even took awa\' my 
company but they will never realize 1 am India till the\' I i.lie. 
Fight the power! To all my roommates over the years (and there 
have been many): too bad you could'nt hack it in the room cause it 
was a fun trip to sin city. Sorr)' about the window Aiid\'. .Attill won 
the fight with it though. To my rats 1 pass on this bit of wiklom: 
clrinkj drank, drunk. "That is all you need to know to get through 
stnis place. To mv roommates cutrcntl), thanks for helping to put ill 
the investigations in perspective To tliose w hom it may concern I 
still reidly doii care . 

Ghetto 3,2,1; India Co -l 3 2 1 Private4 3 2 1, Slacker -4 i 2,1, 
USMC Reserves 3 2,1,'^ indow basher 2", Leatherneck 3, Bulldog 2 DykeS. 

1995 Fred 'Beat king" Bates j 
2Q01. John Attitude' Lentivechj 
.§leve 'Diesel Boliacik 


Pol V. Ou 

Paratrooper, Ou pu pa du, Show 



Lee B. Parker, HI 

Trey, T-rey, Bear, W, Rat Parker" 

Philidelphia, Pennsylvania 
Electrical Engineer / Army 

I would like to thanks ray family and friends who supported me through 
all these years. Thank you so mudi tor your support mom, dad, and broth- 

With all the trials and tribulations in Pol Oii hfe, I think that his cadetship 
here at VMI has been one ot the easiest things that he has had to deal with. 
I have never seen a wild Ou feel sorry for himself. Pol is the most determined 
cadets I have ever had the privilege to know, or room with. He has accom- 
plished every goal that he has set For himself. His commitment to excellence 
is a true testament to his character. I will never forget Pols cry of para- 
trooper" when our First Sergeant would tell him to sound off. It is hard to 
believe ftiat it was only four years ago. Since those trying days in the rat line, 
Pol has gone on to earn his airborne wines. For Pol it is more than just a piece 
of metal on his unifotm, it is a way ofufe, iind h^s most prized possession. 
His loyalty to the Army is his trade mark. I know in'tay heart that he will be 
the best lieutenant that he can possibly be. He is truly a motivating force in 
barracks. All cadets know of nirti, and all the rats fear him. As a represen- 
tative on the RDC and as a platoon lieutenant iii .Hotel Company Pol was 
given the chance to do what he dogs best, motivate and train. I see upper- 
aassmen responcl to his commanc!s%i ways that 1 have never seen rats re- 
spond to even cadre. His is one of the most respected cadets on post. 

As Pols roommate 1 have been given the chance to-know him on a more 
persona] level. Most people wori believe ft but deep down inside Pol is just 
a teddy bear. He has been a true asset toteam 1 39* Tdoubt that I would 
have made it through the year without another rariker in die room. We have 
shared many good time and bad tinies together in the last four years. Al- 
though we shall separate into our different careers after graduation I only 
hope that we are able to strengthen the bond that we have developed. Good 
luck in the Army Pol ~ Airborne! 

"Iron Clad' India Co. 4,3,2; Rat 4; Cpl 3; Set 2; Lt Hotel Co.; Martial Art 
Club 4- Big Red Club 3,2,1- International Club 4,3,2,1; Ranger Challenge 
3,2,1; Ranger Co. 1 ; Honor Guard 3; Airborne; AAAA VMI Chapter 3,2,1; 
RDC 1; SMP 29th Light Infantry 2,1. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

- Four years gune just like that! I wish I could say it was that easy idong 
the way! From Matriculation to Break Out to Rang Figure to Gradua- 
tion, with a semester sabbatical in OZ, it has truly been an adventure! I 
can remember back to the summer before I arrived at the Crons house 
for an alumni cadet, and pre^strain party, I was asked why exactly I was 
attending VMI instead ori m irmal sc hi kh My reply was that I wanted 
an advenmre, something unicjue Idctiniteh got that and more" Ihave 
to admit that I have chlmgcci since I h i\c been here I think everyone 
has, but I think I am better for it Well enough ot the cheesy stuff that 
you would never want: to admit around the bo\ s I have to say di inks to 
a great bunch of guys, my fellow Perverts especially my roommates 
Buly, Douce, and Ralph and Mike and Buck who let Billy ind I stow 
away for first class year, for puttuig up \v ith m\ earh to bed early to rise 
routines. All you guys were txulj gre it trie nds ind 1 hope we can keep 
in touch. I also have to th tnk tny p ircnts md friends at home tor 
putting up with my comphining about the 1 ill ot the time I know I 
can be a pain sometimes 1 v, c iifd like to on the behalt ot all of Pet vert DykCS 
Corner", thank Grandmodicr tor ever^thuig espeuilK the food boxes! 
And most of all, I would especially like to tnank Aiuela tor bcin^ thete 
for me duting my last year of calling and cojxung home ill of the time 
comforting my depression and bearins^ with me through the \c ir and 
beyond and Mom for everything yi u d > tor mc I love \ ou h th very 
much. 1 wish all the members of the Clws of 1998 the best ( f luck. 
Signing off to a new adventute' L iter" 

Pervert Corner 4,3,2,1 Cadet In\cstment Group 2 1 PrclawSoci- 
ety 3; Economics and Busmess Association ■> 2 1 Down Under 2. 

Simon Cheng 
Randy Hager 


Mike Paxton 
Andy Duncan 

R. Dale Paxton 

<>, Silk Dogg, Hair\ Beai 

Covington, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Air Force 

Its not everydiw a yotmg man comes trom a little redneck tpwn in 
the middle of BFE named Covington,, and faces a challenge thrown 
at him larger than life. When I entered VMI, I entered a boy, but the 
ob^|8^es placed in my path made me grow into a man. I was dealt 
mariv fieartachcs and ttiumphs during this petiod, the ratline, entji- 
nccrmg dasscs, .md the best ftiends in the world Thcrcs nothing like 
waking up xu Als nasty feet and sending Hucls psychd girlfriend 
letters"ln the agail. Third class year, I was faced with challenges ot 
leadership ancf^^ngineering rat line Aftet this chaos, I received my 
ring, while the ^bred" and'myself went through pamftxl partying. 
Remember: PizzaTOrsLx doUars, puddin for free The best W-asw ate hmg 
Huck flex to pick up girls. My first class year had crept up and ' Club 
Heir was established. Now it was time to part) like I never parried 
before withjoey, Huck, and Matt. Fat Head summed it up with one 
sentence, "Take Me As I Am!" 

Thanks to mom and dad tot sticking by my side. I couldrt have., 
done It without you Huck we ve had some gteat times, but in '032 DykCS: 
theyll get better Joey wcalwaysgot tore up fmni rhi lloorup Just lOOr;. Hoy. if) {\ 

remciTihcr ever>body needs an Unck 1 irrj toi aiKicc about women ' ,> JJ. WrUlll \>l 

and ikiihol i owe a lot to >ou two and I will miss you 1 , it Head, 200 I' .lOSh Tlir 

remember to put a mpple on it in the fuaite Dave, you was a great 
mentot |osh good lucJv and carry on the legacy Jay, we had a fun 
first clavs ) car finally Big Irv, vou were m\ role model and many 
thanks for e\?er\thing 

Cpl V Mse ' Golf XO 1 Cadre 3 2 1 Raf Challenge Cadre JJ. 
AlcWicwiihlluckandUntklarn 2 i As*hoie 3.2,1, VMI ASCF 
C ha|!tetMcmln.r 2 L txperienccd ( oocnhajcn Dipper 't,^ 2 1 Big 
R<Jpul-) 3 2 Club hleir 1 . I . ^ 


Pickerington, Ohio 1^ 

Civil Engineering / Air Force -^^ 

As I sit here and listen to the Beatles sing 'It woii belong ." gradu- 
ition and the end of the supposed best \cars of our lives approaches. 
Bn in has done much during his time at the T it is hard to pick and 
choose what to write. 
v--^ Brian came here as a disillusioned skinny WOP from Pickc-nngton, 
\ Ohio and will leave here much the same. He did, however, bciiie 
^4 muchtothe T with him. For one he brought Moses and his herd of 
goats that all of us down in the sliuns of New Barracks have become 
so familiar with. This always made me wonder why he didrt become 
a Navy pilot instead of Air Force, but that is a diiferent topic alto- 
,;ether. .-)"* class year Brian gave new meaning to the term "broken 
rat" He first twisted his knee twice trving to get out of wrestling ^ 
il iss and when that didnt work he tried again with hernia. 

On a more serious note, Brian was the t;iiy eyeryone'^ent to with 
their problems, and piled them on top of his. Flow he managed to 
not have a nervous Brciikdown is beyond me. He did experience a 
breakdown with his truck at Navy though. I thought his head was 
going to pop off his shoulders. I think bade to our Ratline when Dykes 

Brian J. Pearson 

Skinny WOR BJ, BP" 


Jam6s H. Binford Peay IV 

"Jimmy, Sweel-Peay, Grasshopper, 
Laa-Peay, Peay" 

Paxton told us to "take what we get and ask for more, Brian, I think 
■ill that was supposed to end with the Ratline! 

Well Btian^^ always remember the two things we have learned here 
together, S(w# % Hapjiens and the "5 minute rule is always ui effect. 
And if someone has a problem with our 5 minute rule then just say 
"(a)* %% It" Anytime, anywhere Brian. You were there when I needed 
you. just pick up the phone bro. Your Limy Bastard roommate. 

" RatChallenge3-2-l;VMI Eagle Scout AsscK, 4- 1 ; VMI Fire Fighter 
2-1; Arnold 'Air Society 4-3-2-1; Spaz Rat 4-3-2-1; 4''' Cpl., Hotel 
Ops. Sgt,, S-1 Capt 

Arlington, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Army 

'. . . ^ lie couldn't laugh, we would all go insane!'' - Buffett 
How much fun was it to live with Jim? Jini cadetship has been an inter- 
esting one to say the,Ieast, "hey, watch out tor chat tree BOOM!" So 

long'Mr. Rodeo. All kidding aside, Jim will always be No. 18 in the 
.Lacrosse program, but he will be "Number 1 " in our heart, "Hey, isjsfaac Sgt. 

Major Jackson a , Damnit!!!!" Jim, we had some unforgettabl^iMghts i4* 

our room and -the memories we all share will last a lifetime. %u were a 
model cadet and a model roommate for the first three years, ..What hap- 
pened to first dass leadership. Good luck in the Army..'... maybe.. ;:.i;aoubc 

■ir. Anyway, we will never forget you and we wish you the best for Hie 
future. (JKM&BAB) 

I have never been good with words or good-byes, so I will just say thanks. 
Brandon and Justin, what can I say, the three of us are the only people who 
could have lived with each other. Without you guys I woula have gone 
insane. Brandon, I wish you happiness for as long as you live, and J ustiOj I 
hope I am around the next time fans and chairs go out the window! Jonn, 
Brad Cale, Heath, Rith, Smalls, and Toolan,.. what, else can be saia, but 
thiuiks, you all made my summer experiences some of the best of njy life. 
Get a pitcher! I will see you at the Palms! Steve and Dave, the memories of 
playing on the Patch are the only ones I want to relilfe, Sjd I wish you're all 
thei-e widi me. Rick, rhanks for the support, you werS thgbest dyke anyone 
could ask for. Tony and Nick, may the next three year^sbring you Ixithas 
mudi wisdom and teach you as much rcsponsibihty as it has me, just with 
not as much; pain. Finally, to my family, plain and simple, without you it 
never woilld've, could've or even should ve happened, you'll are the strength 
that got me through this place I am sorry to put vou all through so much 
pau) and agony, but thanks tor always keepintr taith in rac, I knew 1 would 
So it' THANKS-I love YOU! See you ill m ray dreams-tlus place is for 
the BIRDS!!! ' 

Pvt, 4,.i, U 3rd Pit, Sgt, 2; 3rd Pk. Lt. 1; F-Troop 4,3,2, 1; LaLnrae 43,2, 1 
Lacrosse Captain 1; Summer School "You LOiild count on it'". No. 1 Club I 
Riaicor SS i; Couch Club SS4; Bis Red 3,2, 1 ; Preston Sodety 2; Tired 4,3,2, 1 

^ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Biology / Ai^my 

1 came to this school expecting something far different than what I 
got. I think thats the case for the majonry of us. I learned a lot 
about myself, other people, and what God -wants me to do widi my 
life. The things I leatned bete were learned from others, things such 
as: dont be a hj-poctite, treat your subordinates with dignity and 
tespect, and maintain consistenc)' with others. Basically! learned 
what not to do as a leader, A smart man leatns from his own mis-, 
takes, biit a wise man learns from the mistakes of others" Id like to 
send a big thank you out to my parents. They've done a gteat job 
pteparing me for this place and tor die rest of my life, WijiiQut their 
guidance I wouldii be where I am today, I'd also like to temember 
the friends I've made here and how they have truly m.ide this place 
iearable, I'm confident that I will be in touch with many of them 
slater on in Hfe, Many of us are destined Co do great things and by the 
grace of God we will all meet some day atthe top, Fmally I WiUit to 
encourage ray rats, John and Lee to connnue to work hard This 
place never eases up, the ptoblcms .ind challenges only di iivt I 
chiillenge you and all your BRs to do 5'ou cin to keen the place 
from reverting to obscurit> We dont have much here but wc do 
have pride in the fact that we persevered through more than our 
counterparts, keep it that way' 

Rat 4; Cpl 3; Reg S-1 Sgt 2, 2nd Ban S-1 1, Ranger ( h ilknge 
2,1; Tanker Platoon 4 3; Ranget tompany 2, OCF 1 Co iduL ition 
connmittee 2, Army ROTC schoLirship, Jiliad 1, VMI dissenter 

1995: (PJ) Christian Brumm 
2001: John Niederhaus 
Mike Scott 


1995: RickKlIlmeyer 

2001: TonyMendoza 

Nick Hathaway 

INathan R, Pierpoint 

"Nate Dogg, Nat X, The Earl of 
Pierpoint,: Mr. Poindexter" 

Derek B. POore 


Brea, California 
English / Air Force 

Four years ago, Nathan came in from Cali and began what surely has been 
the strangest years of his hfe. What a time of conttadictions. The best of 
dmes; the worst of times. Running the block- marching PT's. . . Singing AHotel 
California for Cadre, putting out for the Glee Team (for a little reader re- 
sponse, you decide which of those is the best and the worst). There's really no 
good way to measure how those four years have scarred, I mean hnproved 
Nathan, but suffice it to say, he's grown a lot and is probably ethosed to the 
m;L\. He's proven himself not only by putting up with the effusive bull that 
VM.I. is so good at handing "out, but also by excelling at the things that 
really mjittern count myself lucky to have hved with Nathan, both here and 
abroad, and to have had the benefit of his friendshij) and wisdom. Nathan, 
wherever I live, you know my home'is yours. Via con Dios. — Joshua J. 
Metcalf -, 

In my beginning is my end. Tljgse are the remnants, of a past memory, of 
confusion, of waiting alone on tlie steps, wondering what tne future might 
hold. Four years of faith and faithlessness, love and nate; hope and hopeless- 
ness. "Where will I be in four years.' Will I have the Ring? Will I have the 
Diploma? Will I be a VMI man"'" and then "NX'here am 1 now? I have the 
Ring. I have the Diploma. What is a VMI man?" These are the echoes of 
things past, the essence of things to come. Ideals of innocence not quite fleshed 
out in the reality of existence. Competings, interests ifi (lie mind of the post- 
pubescent teen striving fot the acceptance which the impersonality of society 
siveth and taketh away. Some got stronger; some got stranger' which one 
happened to me? Old Corps, young corps, new corps, true corps. We stumble 
on knowing not from whence we came, and caring not where we go: AU we 
ask IS for the peace of a teenager standing on the steps alone , wondering his 
way thtough life. In my end is my beginning. -Nathan R. Pierpoint 

9 corpoVal (S) Scodand (,Vi Oxford (1) Pie-Law Society (3,2 1) English 
Society (3.2,1) Timmins Society (3.2,1) President (1) Glee Club (4,312,1) 
Fencing Team (4) Dean's List (4,3,2,1) Parade Announcer (2,1) Cadet Staff 
(3,2,1) Sounding Brass (1) Clut 58 (3,2) Sigma Tau Delta (2,1) VP (1) 
English Dc-pt. Lunch Committee (2,1) 

MountYilie, Pennsylvania 
Biology & Chemistry Minor / Special Stu(ient 

Over tBilast several years, it has been an adventure and quite an 
experience being at VMI. I nave gained and learned so much that I 
believed I would have never gotten anywhere else. Our dass saw it all 
from the very beginning w hen the court case started to the very end 
when women were inttegraced into the corps of cadets. Even though 
things have changed at VMI, I still will remember proudly of what 
our dass did and'achieved. 

I want to thank my mother ;uid father for being there for me and 
believing in me. And for giving me the opportunity to come to VMI. 
I will remember the all the times that you both came down to see me 
run in a cross country or track meet. Thank you for everything. 

Henry and Roeder, 1 wish you gu)s the best in the future. It has 
been a pleasure rooming with you guys. Also, I like to thank the men 
On the cross country team for all your help and support. 

I will close by stating one of tlie quotes Trie would always tell me, 
"Pain is only weakness leaving the bodyr 

Cross country indoor track, ^and outdoot track (all 4 yrs) 
monogram club, independent research. 

Dykes : 


Brandon Garrett 
Dave Shreck 

Richmond, Virginia 
History / USMC 

I can do all things thtough Christ which strengtheneth me.- 
Philippians 4:13 

First and foremost I would like to thank God who has made this 
andslitl other accomplishments in my life possible. M) mother who 
has never let me quit. Without her I would not be where I aj-n todav 
1 love you Mom. but I am teady to stop standin" on my head My 
lather whoseletters always found their way to my box Thank \ ou for 
everything Dad, My best ftiend Jay, you know brother By the -sav 
that trip is way over due. My dykes, Mark and Scott who put up 
with me and always helped no matter how hard I spazzed Also Tim 
with whom I have had some great parties (Va. Beach) and some .^reat 
fights (on our face in 190.) Hambone, thank you for alwajs putting 
it into perspective. You are wise beyond your days Gentleman Jack 
Dr. Monsour for always having an open door and a smtle One da\ _ :^ , 
you will get that MercedeS. To all of my BRs, good luck and God fc-'T • ■ 
Bless. Finalh to the Institute and all of those who wdl be a part of it> j., , 
to the future, keep the spirit of VMI alive and guard it jealously — UyKCS: 

David L. Pouieris 98 200 1 : Brian Maclauchlan 

Jason Sv.iislc 

David L. Pouieris 

"S[)az, Sheelrock" , 

James R PouloS 

'Demetri, Tex, Greek Bastard, 

Houston, Texas • 

Mechanical Engineering/ Marine Corps 

Demecri Poulos came to VMI with'che sume intt-nuons and expectations as 
every other matriculating cadet. He persevered through the rat line and 
became the matt diat he is todav- Through his determm'.ition and discipline 
he earned the rant: of corporal. Few iindiN iduals have i ever seen take on that 
fesponsibility with as much pride as Demetri dLsplavcd during his third class 
year He has exhibited much the same jiiride and excellence as an elected 
member of the OGA. In this position fie has done a great service to tfie 
Institute and his class. Demetri is truly a model cadet' 

Overall, when I think of Demetris cadetship one word conies to mind — 
diligence. Demetti has never given up on his main goal, a VMI diploma. 
All- nighters' have become second nature to iiiin ana his dedication to the 
field of engiiieering has always kept him in tocus. Demetri lias always placed 
the needs ot othets ovet his own personal needs. Por this his BRs owe him a 
debt of gratitude. I am glad I have had someone like Demetri to turn to in 
my times ot trouble. 'We have strained together and growai,^ogedier ixi the 
last four years. I will never forget all of the good times: the'wcckcnd trips 
that wi? never thought we get back from in time, the forced marches, and our 
cigar smoking check tormations after taps (a.t.). 1 only hope that the good 
times will continue on aftet we exit this place which we called home tor so 
long. .Good luck to you in the future Demetri, my BR, and best ftiend. You 
desetvc all the success in the world. God bless. 

Mom and Dad, thanks for supporting me tlifoiigh the thick and thin. 
Damian and Maria, thanks for always making me feel ,so special as your big 
brother. Yiayia, thanks for being the backbone through these past years. 
PapoLi, I love you. Amy, thanks for giving me a renewed source of inspira- 
tion. I love you. T() all my family and friends, thanks for the love and sup- 
port through it all. God bless our team and VMI! 

Texas Cliib 4, i.2.h Canterbury Club 4,3,2; Big Red Club 3,2.1 ; Hon and 
Floor r. Trident Society 4,3; Explorer Post 18.39 3,2. 1 ; Drug and Akohol 
Committee 2,1; Eagle Scout Association 4,3,2,1; Corporal 3; OGA I 

Alexandria, Virginia 
Computer Science / Air Force 

First of, all I want to thank .ill the people who have helped me the 
past fouf yeats. Mom and Dad thanks For )our encourigement md 
love. Sahatat, I'm finally going to make it ind it it wctent tor \ou I 
woiildrr be here; thanks tor coming. Joann t thanks for tlw tys beiiis? 
thete tor me, I couldir have made it^jvithout > ou To my roomm ites 
Don Jay, Ludmer, Sleime and Deryck, thanks tor aU the i;ot;d times 
lauglis and trips we ve had together. Don cant w ait to st irt up our IT 
company; you can be president and rU do the work J n \ourethe^ 
Aardest worker I know, maybe you should ask mc for help instead 
Tyler and Daniel, thanks for the all the help durini; our rugD) games 
and our adventurous toad trips. Chtis, >oure the best nt there is 
now all you have to do is study; stick with it Finallj some words ot 
wisdom: "To latigh is to live, to live is to 1 lugh -Hole 

Rugby 4,3,2 Captain I; Cadet Staff 3 2 Bomb 4 ACM 2 Prcsi 
deni: 1; Deaii List 2, 1; International Club i Cadre i Tillcst Asi m 
in Barracks 4,3,2,1; PC Giuner 4,3,2,1 

Dykes : 


Scott Gowland i 

Mike "Cyclops" Martir! 
William "Pastor" HarM 



Tim Corner 
Chris "BJ" Davis 

Phantamith Prompol 

"Phantom, Hole" 

Steve once professi 
why he came here. 

Onancock, Virginia 
History / Army 

1 to me that when he matriculated he wasii sure 

--, -- -nd still isit today. I know exactly why he came 

here. There are certain individuals that do petfectly well as civilians, 
but somehow excel as a soldier. Steve is one of these individuiils. The 
fates wouldii have let him go anywhere else. Steve began our tour 
year ordeal as a member ot 'Hard-Rackiri ° Gt)lf, and' got his btitt 
handed to him along with idl his other Gnlf BRs by F-Troop on 
many occasions. Third class year brought corporid stripes and Ranger 
Challenge. Ranger Challenge was one of those experiences that you 
always questioned why you endured until you were about three-quar- 
ters of tne way through the ruck ain on the last day of thseogipetiv 
tion. Steve nevet let any of us quit, even when our bodies weife com- 
pletely ntunb and one or two ot us were tead)- to drop from a mixture 
jrexnaustion and delwdration. The quest to win k)st its luster as we 
ust strove to beat JMU. What do yQU-mean our boots are illegal? 
second class year brought color guard tiribs and the chance to brush 
up on his skills i;is a shojv girl auctioningjff Mohammed Alis btjxer 
shorts. Steve "kicked thetires and lit the Ites" at advanced camp and DykCS' 

decided discretion w^ the better part of valor and passed on an ail 
expense paid trip tc^ Alaska. Even still he came back as "LTC Ptuitt, 
"your MNMB commanderT Thankfully, hi the type ot guy that 
never let such things go to his head. Steve, its been a blast'and Fm 
damn proud to call you my friend. Just remember, when yotire fly- 
ing your blacked out MH-6() nap of the eardi under IMVC Is over 
some God-forsaken patch ot eatth, take care of the giiys in the back 
and well take care ofyou. Now lets go get a beer. .'T.DCG 
a>Ix3 'A; Celor SGT-2 '/i, l" Batt. }&)-T ; Ranger Challeni;e-3,2, 1 ; 
AAAA-3,2,l;•YpURM^fMBCO-l ' ' ' 

1995: Ed Gosline 
2001: PrucLykins 
M(5gan Smith 

Springfield, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Navy 

When I graduated from high school, every one said I was crazy for 
wanting to go to VMI. For "ill those people who said I was an idiot 
for Wiinting to be here, good call. VMI has left an indelible impres- 
siori on me, but I doit think 111 know exaaly what that impression is 
until I can stand back and look at my four years here from a different 
point of view. Regardless of whatever it is that VMI h:is done for me, 
or more to the point, to me, I must admit that I would not give up 
my experiences nere far an)a:hing. 

Limey Bastard, Wop, you two are the brothers I never had. Thank j^. 
God for that. Kris, my ambiguously gay roommate, its been great '' 
except for Rat year. Ken, Brad, andCamDell, make the best of it and 
make us proud. I'll be back in 2001 to see yoH-walk the stage. Todd 
and Dennis, what else can I say but Thank you." Heather, flove you 
very much and I always will; you made it all.seem worthwhile. To 
Mom, Dad, Michelle, Meredith and my Grandmiis: I could never 
have done it without you. I hot>e I've made you proud. 

Pvt. 4, 9"' Cpl 3, Ops. Sgt. 2, Rfeg S-1 Lt. I 
Rat Challenge Cpl. 3, Trident Society 4,3,2,1, DNGAFF-4,3,2, 1 DykCS: 

■; 1995 

Dennis Lucente 
Todd Rupright 

Donald V. Ranch 

"D, D-Bo, Kraut" 

Rising Sun, Maryland 
Electrical Engineering / Air Force 

Well, its feially over! My cadetship has definitely been filled with some 
crazy tim«. I'd like to thank all my close friend tor putting up with me, 
especiiilly room 489. Duff if it wasri for you 1 d probably be in a 
mental instittite. To my Dykes (95) thanks for preparing me for these 
trying tunes. To all my friends in 420, what can I say. . .crazy-phat 
times'. May-dog, stay out of trouble and Diesel, good luck in grad 
school. Make sure you stay in touch. Mom and Dad, what can tsay. 
Thank you so much tor everjthirig. 1 wouldii have been able to do it 
without your help. Sorry about all die rnoney I blew. I love you both! To 
my step-rats, sorry I didit get a chance to know you all too well. Take 
some advice, stay out of trouble while at VMI. Confinement breeds 
Confinement, get oiit as much as possible Jen thanks for making my 
first class year so great and Spitz, dont get to cockv ' Good luoc to 
everyone! We finally made it!^ 

Pvt 4,1;3"' corporal 3, V' Sergeant 2 Fxchanse student l;Power- 
itting team l;Ring Figure Committee 2 Bomb'^taff 1 ; 

Richard A. Ray 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student. 

Until the beginning ol Third Class year I did not know Mark Redman 
at all. After both of us lost are roomates to the "I Hate VMI' virus we 
were mixed together in Rm 392. We started otf the year with a bana, 
goiiig up to Spank>s the first day and getting just a bit inibriated. Little 
did ficnow then, but Mark would eventuall>'Decome my best friend iind 
share with me his true identity- Byrd. Oh yes! Mark is part human-part 
bird. I always wondered why I would come back to the room at night and 
find him perched upon the window bars chirping and flapping his -.irms! 

Through the years Mark and I have seen girls supposed friends, per- 
sonalities come and go. One thini^ has remained through all of this, and 
that has been our friendship. Mart and I have helped each.^ier through 
the good times, the bad times and everything else that comes between. 
From sleeping in a homeless shelter after a night at Baldwin, to just 
driving around with a couple beers, Mark and! have done everything. 
'Marls the kind of person who can put his personal differences aside and 
listen when 1 needed someone to talk to 

Mark h IS lu Iped me make it through the VMI \ e irs and for dnis I •irft^'D vkeS 
grateful The times th it we have shared will iKv u s rem lin us monu- ., ^i 

mentsoffncndsbpuimymindnomatterwhit the future holels. Iknow 

that M irk V, ill al was '■ do well at whatever he puts Ins mind to for he was 

able to put up With nit for dirtc years Mark if veiu ever need help, want 

a cop) of D\l irb greatest hits or just t good friend Co talk to- give me a 


Your friend, Lison 

Rugbv 4,3 -rlop and Floor 3,2 - Bomb (Phorogriphv Editor) 1 - 

Fngl^li Society (secretary) 1 

1995: Danny Gr 
2001: Frank Spi 

Scott A. Reid 

"Scotty, Pappa Smurf" 

Patrick G. Roberts 

"Patty, Grandpa" 

Lawton, Oklahoma 
English / Special Student 

HatI I to carve an inscription on m> grave 
I would ask for none other than "the inJividruil ' 
-Soren KierkegaatLl 
;Pvt 4,3,1; Set- 2; Guidon Bearer 1 , F-TroopLt 4 
ster Victinn 4^3,2,1; Marine RcsLrves 4,>,2 1, C.,.,^. „...v^, , .,_,„ 
Btty CO 1;CWRT 3,2,1; Yeah'Yeah' 3,2,1, St<urcasc 3,2,1, VMIT 
2,1 VieePres*l;J.M. Hall Night Watch 2,1, The Four Horsemen 

1, Rack Mon- 
,1c t Batttr\ 1,2,1 

Dykes : 

1996: Eli "GO" Wahesh 
2001: Jeremy "Smiley" Guy 
Eric "Mouth" Ham 


Portsmouth, Virginia 
History / Air Force 

I saw the VMI Corps at Yorktown in October '81. Thats~when I 
decided to be a cadet. Maybe years from now when I miss VMI, I wiU 
remember it the way it looked in my dreams as a kid, and not now it 
looks from the stoop. I hai'e made the best friends of my life, thougn, 
and learned a Jot more than 1 would have anywhere else I know my 
Kate will always be, with me as she nas been for the past few \ears 
For that I owe her my life. How my Mom and Dad have nut up with 
me, I'll never know. Jesse-Just call me Mr Mellow, and keep telling 
'me its all in my head. Greg, I never should have jumped over the 1 
Bushes. We should have been studying. Lucas— We need more Coca- 1 
Colas! Sak— I'll miss the mud flajx and the Green Jeenie Kieth, 
Damon— Where tlie hell are yoiL' Fujita-BE COOL! Brady Crone- 
thanks. Consedine— Do as I say, not as I do. Aunt Ginny, your my I 
best friend. October 23, 1997 

Cpl 3, Ops Sgt 2, Lt. 1, Band 4,3,2 Echo 2, Delta 1, Ac Pro 2, 
Citdt't Staff 2 1 Club 56, 35, 25. Valuable diaEm and wit in the 
Commiindants office 4,3,2, 1 .WBC 2,1. Near Fat^ Beating Recipi- PyJ^eS' 
ent 2. He-«Fian, woman haters club 1. Endless siirhrner schoohmd a •^ . " ,_ „.,, _ , . , 
tot of speciMs to answer.. 1995: Bill GOOdTlCh 

5 2001: Kevin Consedine 

Midlotliian, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

I gilt to know Chris dirougli " Vcrn and at a Wedding reception in Roanoke, 
I the one with the whiskey". sour fountain, 1 got stuck in his room in the 
beginning of third class year and as rime passed he became one of my best 
friends. He would do anyrhing he could during tlie week to help me out, 
and on rhe weekends he would not hesitate to invite me to his house. He 
always finds a way to complain about his gorgeous girlfriends, somcthmg I 
will always he jealous of. You arc patient "and strong, and you would fight 
for anyone you care about, even if it gets you into trouble. Stay in touch.-jf 

I've known Chris since rat year when he lived next door to me. Somehow 

we talked him into quitting the wrestling team (maybe it was that first dg9r 

rette Mao gave him). I'm glad he did (and 1 think over all he isfRd^iliecause 

we re.illy became good friends. I'll never forget weekends drinking at his 

J. and "hangin with his many variety of friends Chris could always ger 

Isalong wirh anybcidy, I'll never fort,ct him and 1 hope wc stay ui cont let Fm 

I'sure yeiu will be very successful in life DCC 

■Well, Chris I've waited to the lest minute tp write chis( nrocr istination a 
trait we .share). 1 believe *;e h ivt ist il lished ^bond over the 1 ist I ur years 
that will conrinue to be mt lUHutul ind will prove to be dur il k I will {jykeS 
always treasure our many r ilk on i wide \ari(,r\ of sub)ei.ts — most,^' — ^^ 
iraportantly(maybe) .uid otten(dcfinitcly) iiuohin,, women Wc always 
leached the same conclusion — thit \ Ml ruined our relationships I cuess 
iww we find out if we were right or not 

As I ,sit here, it is quite oild to think that v.t won be reximm itt ik\i \c it 
Isimply can nor detail our triuidship 111 a puigriph I will coihiiuk i hold 
dear the memories of things we hive did toullier from killitiLt ii i sleep 
deprived-ego-filled thirds tei the rKkct\ eleviteii in B >ston is seeeiiiels Our 
frie'ndship is a big reasonwh\ I think this niii.,hr hi\c Ixcn veorth it Chris I 
aeiiv Ixlievc you will find li ippinevs md m ly C od bless you throughout, 
yuui life -EWS 

Rai, Ruuby, 5* stoop trooi ■, ' CPL ^'CidrcSGT RuChillcn^c 
SGT, 1'; "Rat Challenge Lt RDC I Troop Pvt 

S G Lawson 
Scott Keblusek 
Ronny Gupta 

Leesburg , Virginia 
History / Special Student 

As with so many other people I made the dedsion to attend VMI only 
to become a military officer. And as with so many other people my 

§oals changed scKin after Thanksgiving of Rat year. One go;u that never 
id change was to get out of here as soon as possible. As much as I dort 
want to admit to it, I did leiirn a great deal here. You have no choice but 
to learn, that is lite 1 j^uess. 

The one aspect ot^the people who come to VMI that is'the most 
amusing to me is change, ,So many people say that they have not 
change^ and VMI will not change them, I applaud them for trying 
to be "real" to themselves, however, at the same time I must laugh at 
them. This includes myself I was determine as others were and 
many still are, not to change for this place. In teality it is impossible 
to do. We all have to chiuige whether we like it or not. Time changes 
all of us in some way, 

I know that most people get someone else to write their first class 
histories, I could not do that. Ido not care what anyone says or tries 
to convince me of, no one knowsltiy feelings except me. No one can 
feel the challenges that I have to face and the ones that I want to take 
on. Perhaps I should close by saying this, No one. knows the barriers 
that I wilrbreak not even me, but watch out because I'm just getting 
started, . , 
Emergency Response Team 2,1; Pre-Law 1, 

Mark W. Robinson 

Jasori M. Ifoderiques 

"Jay, Chavez, Pancho, Cheetah 
Latin Lover, Cheech. Hot Rod" 

Lakeville, Massachusetts 
Mechanical Engineering / Air Force 

The time aiiii energy invested in this Institution is enormous and I 
am glad to see it come to a close. During my sentence at the Institu- 
tion I always dreamed the day would come that I will graduate and 
bring jhis terra of my lite to close. But and there are'always those 
"Buts", I cart look back and not remember the great times too. So, 
Remember When "hers Rusty The Frenchies Tangerine, The trip 
to Montreal, Nc ir death cxpcntntcs whats that smell"?, Whcs 
room was that an) \\ i\ ' the Stuartcscs'i ( Delta Delta, Delta), Ran- 
cor, Living in die hp ot kcxur) abo\c Eist Le\., Study by candle 
light, Taiwan: all daj. all night ever) mght Be in town, Cape Cod: 
I Tl remember someda) the famous LiK Ve^ is Shows "look for the 
ring in the niiigs'' The always eventful trip to DC, with Don. Bus 
trip down to Florid i itter my 21 Sailmg Flit Rock, Canoeing 
F.T.X., T&A. bars in Florida (XXX) JM1_I 1 just came to finish 
what was started Boucher I ftr^ever Forget the times, whiplash in 
the Jetta, "I gotti run Boucher '^These are some of the memories I 
have compiled while here ind most while awa\ I wish to diank my 
parents for their unwaverin^, support. Ma and Pop Thanks a bunch. 
To my brother Matthew you were to one who didrit care about the 
grades or the other stuff you were just proud to be my brother as I am 
proud to be yours. 

Dykes: Mike and Rich, above all dyii lose yourself and alwa\'s find 
that minute ^ 

Michael % Rog^ps 

"Big Mike, Grumpy Smurf " 

Tdrrence A. Rogers 

Head, Rog, Andy, Drew" 

fiynchburg, Virginia ~ > 

Economics & Business / Army ^^ ^ 

TliL VMI experience was much more th in I anticipated Although 
good and bad! made abt of friends and learncLl ilirt i)f thini,s Speak- 
ing ot friends, I would like to g,ive i bie up to K( ind A\i D its all 
over man. I could not ha\e made it without \ou t\\ > (.h iracters. 1 1 1 
AKA QMD dont count on us returning dn) thina; AL JB Dre. LBC 
(HIT TO KILL) that IS ill I hi\e to si> \ou know how we do ! 
Other shout outs go to Bird Dadd\ Rich Hard w orkin^' Court, Fos- 
ter Sweet Pea, Dj Life is a B incl rlien tluv is Bill} Dee Jeff, keep 
yourheadsup jour time wiU tome l^-> fine atnem lehine Lastbut. 
not ieait I would like to think God, the onlv reason why I am here' 
today M) mother can you believe it Tony , We v€ came a long way, 
Mrs Richie words can not explain. Heather for putting up with me, 
I know It has to be tough. And eyeryone who doubtedsme. You v. ere 
my motivation 


1995: Damion Wilbome 
2001: Billy Dee Washington 
Jeff 'Xkers 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Biology & English, Chemistry Minor / Navy 

For Rog, Graduation has been a long time coming. He has excelled 
both on the playing field and in the classroom. In the tall of our Rat 
year, he widked on to the Lacrosse team and was named 'Most Im- 
proved Player' the following year. That same year, his accomplish- 
roents and dedication to the team e^ed him his Letter Sweater and 
a partial scholarship. His excellent and dedication did not stop on 
the sidelines. Rog has been a Dears List student since his Rat year 
and finally joined the ranks of those who wear Academic Stars being 
;pesignated as Distinguished in General Merit at the completion of 
Sur second Class year. In the Spriiig of our Second Class year Rog 
was seleceted to attend introductory SEAL training in Coronado, CA. 
This intense mental and physical experience made tor a ver>' challeng- 
ing and rewarding summer for him. Most of his time spent at 
yii^I was consumed by his work in the classroom and on the field, 
however, he always found time to journey to nearby colleges and 
participate in late night brawls against frat boys with his BRs Moder, 
Dickey, Poe Schwanke and fellow laxman Goldsmith 
_ Ro^ will always be remembered for his against the grain personal- 
ity. He insisted on doing what shouldrt or couldrt Be done for die 
sake of principk-. As we part ways in May, you as the soldier and me 
as the atizen. 1 hope that you will stay in touch Never hesitate to 

all for an eiirbashing, and best of luck to you in vour future enck-av- 


1995: Hector Migliaccl 
2001: Luke Pernotto 

Awards tor Biology i. 1,2^1; Ghetto 

dent Society 4,3,2,1 

Merit 1; CIG 1; Carroi 

2,1; Private, 4, 1,2,1 ;IHTFP 

Richmond, Vii'ginia 
Econoniics & Business / Air Force 

Playmate data sheet 
N-VM.E : DaiTen Neal Rose 


WAIST : 33 (I II leans) HIPS: 




BIRTH DATE : S 24-75 
AMBITIONS : To eventually graduate 
from this place . 

TURN-ONS : Graduating from lliis 
place, che e p beer . hot women, spankings, 
extended weekends, disco. piz».a flavored 
combo's. *■ *> 

TURNOFFS : Being in lhi.<:p lacF 
burlap, sharp Ihings. soul train. Norwich 
University Students, and popcorn when it 
gels stuck in vniir lei-ih 
HOBBIES: Surfing . Snow Boarding 
anylhinaJh^involyes g etting wet and 

BEST FIRST DATE : 1 think I was 
^ loaded. We weni to Burger King, skipped 

. picke d un a.uvelve pack and 

headed for the house. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: Hand me that cold 

beer plea.s'e. 

Michael T. Runyan 

"Mike, Funyaii, Fiinboy" 

Marshall, Texas 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

The VMI experience for Michael came long before he ever set foot on post 
in Lexington, Va. He is part of a long line ofgenerations who have matricu- 
lated and witlistood the rigors of the Spartan lifestyle %vith superior perfor- 
mance. As a rat he distinguished himself from amongst the rest in both 
academics and personal appearance. Beyond the rat line he has maintained 
his high level standards, but has also shown his true and unrelenting commit- 
ment to the class as treasurer and GC secretary. 

Michael wiis not alway?. the most beloveci member of the Corps, often find- 
ing himself in the BEEF on the'humor page oiThe Cadet. He may not have 
been thwmost populat, but he was always the man to go to if you had any 
questions or needed a job done. He was the most reliable and dedicated 
person imybody could fmd and was often m high demand time and time 
again. " '\ 

Even with all the positions and r^onsibilities he had he often found time to 
expand upon his ever growing knowledge of alcohol at local bars. The Cita- 
del, and at his dyks parents house, the Bouines,. His adventures really took 
off when he decided to study abroad^e second semester of our second class 
year in Australia. 

After graduation in May of 1998 he plans to attend law school, and with DvkeS: 
Gods grace and much to his opponents dismay he will find himself in the 
courtroom of his beloved state of Texas. Michael would like to thank his 
entire family for their love and support and would like to dedicate his cadetship 
to his late grandfather D. A. Thomas, VMI class of 1936. 
'The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends!!!"— REK 

Cpl i\ Reg S-2 Sgt 2; Reg S-2 Cpt 1; Class Treasurer 4,3,2,1; GC Secre-, 
tary 1; Pre-Law Soaety 3,2,1; CIG 3,2, 1; Eagle Scout Society 4,3,2,1; Dear* 
List 4,3, Distinguished in General Merit 2,1; Institute Scholar 4 3 2 1- 
Omicron Delta EpsUon 1; IHTFP 4,3,2,1; Australia 2; Ghetto 3,2,1 


Chadwick Agnor Bourne 
Joseph Matthews 
Jamie Dillon 

Richmond, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Air Force 

Weil. . . the time has come tn move on. The four years I've spent 
here have come and gone. I would like to thank my mother, flither 
and brother for putting up with my B.S. these past four years, I touldit 
have done it without your support and love. I love you all very 
much. I woLild also like to diank everyone else who believed that I 
could make it here and graduate. To Todd and Ryan, thanks for 
giving me the chance to live widl you guys, it has been a great expe- 
rience. I look forward to seeing you Todd in Richmond. As for you 
Ryan good luck in the Nav)', iTl seeyou when you get out. To Kxis, 
Sean, both Matt Bs, Kevin, Brad, Steve R, Chris R': Craig O., Jason 
M., Phil T., and Ham, thanks for the great memories, I'll never for- 
get you guys. I hope to see you all atound. To Pat, Lucus, Jessie, 
Greg, and Keith... and everyone down in room 235... I'm bringing 
the diploma home. . . I told you boyzzzzz!!!! To VMI I cart wait to 
beat vou once and for all in May. To Nick, Angelo, Mike and Jaroslaw, 
I wish you all the best of luck. The next four years will fly by. . . make 
us proud. Last but definitely not least to my Brother Rats its our turn Dvkp • 
to shine. Its last call. . . I'm outta hear!!! Lfyivc. 

Band 4,3,2,1; TimmiiB Society 4; Cheetleading 
First Class Private 1 

Cpl 3; Sgt 2; 1995: Fred Bates 

2001: Nick Pohoreskey 

Paul Sakellariou 


lesto V. Sampson, Jr. 

'^esto. Papa, Nastc', Tyrone" 

Suffolk, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

Ernesro came to VMI with the intention of changing his life around. See 
what most cadets at the Institute failed to leara or realize, was that Ernesto 
was an extremely complex man Those cadets are the same ones who made 
unwarranted iccusations an preposterous assumptions about a great man. 
Vmessa raised this m in to ignore the ignorance that fills the worltl especially 
those at "VMI I or a man who was born into a world that was against him, 
Ernesto learned an import int word: perseverance. Perseverance is the key to f 
anythiiij^ a person u ints in lite 

Howc-scr the academics at VMI taught Ernesto a motto that he will prob- 
ibl\ keep until Ins deathbed ''FS%K IT" This motto allowed Ernesto to 
keep lite in perspective For Ernesto VMI presenred him with-obstack-s (i.e., 
academics, bourgeois people, military life, so called pre-madonna athletes, 
and no social life) that has helped him strain and maximize his innerself 
.JJltirpately VMI has molded him from a ghetto youth, into a person who 
will become great in this life. This guy is two levels above yoei, .so doit be 
jealous of him. jealousy makes you a weak individual, and there is nodiing 
worse than a jealous individual. 

As for diose people that he has touched in a close wiv luin Rob Gyimali 
The Thomas Family, EJ. Qiun C harks Chris \\ ilhe )i sh S\ and all 
those unmentioned. he loves ) ou and cxpecXs nothing but the best Remcn 
ber what he has'ijied to teach > )u and li\e \f)iirlitc for vou md nobody/ 
you. Inhale lite and excel, bcc^iLst 11 jusi mijitj is v ubvii\ou 
on. AIGHT!! 

Corporal 3; Platoon Sergeant 2 Pri\ ate -4 md 1 B ind Co 4 t 2 F Troop 
2,1; FCA 4; Prom.iii Club -I s 2 1 Bo mcleim - Z I Boxing le™ Cap- 
taiii;^EDC I. Running the Block s 2 1 ind Chillui -n 2 I tdl deith 

Dykes : 

1995: Lakic Evans 
2001: RJ. Jackson 
Ouin Piper ,- 

Benjamin T. Schiiltz 

"Schlitz, Big Ben' 

Stephen J. Schwanke 

"Possum, Nermal" 


Gainesville, Virginia < 

Economics & Business / Army 

homeuniL'S iill that stands berween you mil the ride of a lifetin'K; is 
simply getting in the saddle and seeing what \ourt made oC It has 
definitely been one helluva wild nde One that 1 wouldii have traded 
tor the world. As the bad memories begin to KkIc and the good ones 
linger, I will never forget what this place has taught me," nor deny 
how this place has changed mc 

I just want to say good luck and God bless to m\ Brother Rats for 
making this place worth it To the tooth ill coacJics past and present, 
thank y<iu torgivuigmc the opportunity to come here and experience 
it all. To the boys m die double-deuce Tnris Mike and Jason, may 
our paths ctoss again and let us continue the fellowship we have for 
many years to come. To m\ rat Chuck, doii ever give up, the end 
comes c|uicker than you diink' Moniui what can I^si^y, you've bet-n 
the force that has kept me going through it all, jou maKe everything 
worthwhile. I will never fcirget ^\ here I have been as I continue to 
stay in the saddle for the duration ot the ride 




Tim Miller 
Charner Lumpkin 

Syracuse, New York 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

I never thought that my senior year would come, I figured rhar the time 
would come when I'd be rhrown out for some remedial let which wis blown 
put of proportion. T-firough looking back on the time spent here I realize 
how fjast the time actually went by. For the pist tour >c irs I h ive acquired 
npore knowledge about who I am, what I want to be ind where I amheaded 
than all or rny previous 18 years. I can §ay that VMI has become ftiy home 
for the past four years and it has served rne well for the bad times arc noth 
ing but a s.mall memory, and the good times are i v. itin security blanket in 
the cold of winter. 

For what really rnakes VMI a fine institution is the men which fill the 
barracks with their hearts and souls. All pt the rchtionships chu you en 
Counter makes up the very Hfe of your cadetship tor your cadetship might 
end but it is those relationships that will alw lys be witli you For my Ion ' 
time roommates. ot Dickie and Lector the times spent in the room will 
aUvays be ones ot great rnemories and sick humor The weeken I ichentures 
and nishdy missions will always be remembered is SBtf 216 The short 
stays of Poe and Strock will always be proven to be too short tor the nmes 
were tlje best. Club Pervert wiU always live on as the closest corner ui b ir 
racks, tor upholding the tradition ot the corner is something we must pass on 
to our dvkes a.s it was passed on to us. Club Pervert,will never tail ro make 

erythihg the best and biggest for all the time to come f^r the good friends 

, lim. Gonz, Brett.^unyan, arid Max the past 4 years hive unl\ been 
the beginning. For the members of the lax team ! ted that I ini the closest 
too, I truly have; found the brothers that I never h id and iieser will the times 
be more enioyabje than putting on the foil' to do what we do best Arron 
Bush , we wili always be mountainmen, for Sarieeni oick i eard Vircinia 
will never be the saine after Upstate gets done with it To the dykes of T 16 
It does get better, a lot better, so suck it up. 

"You Iselong among the wildflowers 
You beking in a boat out at 

Dykes : 

1995: Mike Young 
2001: Gregg Burns 

Vou peiong in a boat out at sea. 
You belong with your love ftn your arm. 
You Iseloi'iu somewhere ckssc to me" -Tt 

Pervert Corner 43,2.', 1 Laaosse Team 4 
^dvisorY,(,oriin) :i.},2, 1 

College Republicans 2 Pn 

Private 4, 
,n .Society . 

Tom Petty 
,,.,.-^Tri-CanMin 1 

Sargent 2 

Herndon, Virginia 
Computer Science / Army 

Well, I gotta write this el.imn diing or i will get 10 PTs, so here 
goes. Its kinda hard to believe diat when I carne here I was such a 
close minded tight ass. As much as I complain about this school, it 
has done tne wonders. Not .is much the school, but the people I have 
spent my four years as a cadet with. Gold Coast, I doii have enough 
space to recall all the great memories. ]ohn and Steve, I coiildti: Have 
done it without you guys. Weve beeif through some hard times, yet 
we are all still the best of friends. Joliii, damn I miss you man. Take 
Cite of yourself in Bosnia and never forget that you ate and always 
will be my best friend. Mom, what can a son say to a mother that she 
doesiT already know? You told me once "Do whatevet ymi^-want to 
do in life, good or bad, but always take rcsponsibilit)- lot your ac- 
tionsr That is the best advice you could have given. Dad, 1 only hope 
n he as great of a father as you have been to me. 1 owe everything 
to you two, thanks, Sara, what can I say to you that 1 liavert already 
said.-' I cafi wait to spend the test of my^life with you Ael im and 
Russ, you guys are great- rats iiid I know you w ill do well during you DvkeS' 
sentence here. Last, and detinitch le<ist Col Marc, I am ulad >ou '^ nrvni o 

wereii around when this country was budt Chalkley, this\ountry 2001: KUSS Savat 

vyas built by people who wanted the freedom to do what w as right tor Adam BllFtOn 

l"Cpl. .?,RegS-3Sgt. 2 RegS-^Capt 1 ArmyDtopOu 
•and Chain Cliib 2,1, Gold Coast 3,2,1 

, , ife.-' 

Erik J. Seaman 

"Too many nicknames to list" 

Kings Park, New York 
Economics & Business / Army 

I came to VMI with a lot of uncertaintv. Being from New York, 
VMI and its "ways" of doing things were foreign to me. As much as 
I may complain about the 1", the choice to come here was probably 
the best decision I have or ever will make. Out of all the years 1 
attended VMI, my Rat year was surprisingly the most fun, wnether 
that be using BCs hiking equipment to tie our sergeants in their rcn uii 
or "tainting other spirit banners with DR. It was this year that I 
learned everything VMI has to teach something I will carry with me . 
for the rest of my life. -Sweating on the stoops with the G-CO boys is ■[> 
something I will never forget. It was a year of heartache and reward, ft 
My .^rd'Qass year didii start off as I had planned. Afi:er receiving a 
#1,1 spent the entire first semester thinking. about what I did amongst 
4 white walls. Not rniich happened this yegx. My 2nd class \iar 
brought a sense of revitalization into my cadetsljip. It was a ycir i A 
celebration, with Ring Figure in November, and the reality of be- 
coming a 1st classman and" graduating. That year was the most ardu- 
ous for me, balancing my academics with Mastersergeant Activities^ 
However, memorable Radford aijd JMU trips with ray roommates 
compensated for that. I ended Up with a 4.0 and was the proud 
owner of academic stars. 1st class year, I possessed the prestigious 
tide of private. How proud I was. This is defitiitely the Best year at 
VMI with the Palms and Staircase so easily within reach. It was here 
I reaJlv felt a sense of accomplishment. 4 years have gone by like a 
blur. 1 know I will look bacK on this place in 10 years with a smile 
and wish I was in the room with my roommates talkirig about those 
civilized" topics we always managed to bring up. I will never forget^ 

.^rd; Corporal, # 1 Club; 2nd: Mastersergeant, Cadet Investment 
Group; 1st: Private, RDC VP, Member Omicron Delta Epsilon 

Joseph S. Seller 


Jason M. Shatarsky 


Bartow, Florida 
Biology / Army 

Duty. Honor, Country, these were the things that brought Joe to 
this Institute of higher learning. Joe wanted to be among the best of 
the best, and that he did. Entering die "F as a trooper, he quickly 
established himselt in the company which he carried into his third 
class year as the "back ot die bus corporal". Achieving his shoulder 
stars, Joe put his priorities in line ind spent more time m the Science 
library that he almost got added to the card catalog Even with his 
free time at a minimum, Joe found time to make new friends by 
sharing his peanuts with his little furry tricnds Joe also found plenty 
of time to Joo-jank his jimmy with his chief v\ hJc Ranger Al Kupratty 
Macd his doo. 

Second class year for Joe was his true awakening when he received 
his last and best roommates. He tin ill) met hisJona lost twin- Ed 
"Fish-two Williams, who he spent m in\ hours doing such things as 
Contact, the Gavel, Spring Board, and the I ibrador with However, 
most important to Joe further success It the 1 \\ is his beloved roomie 
BR Wade, who guided and nurtured htm to final prosperity. Al- 
though the two will never drink Tequila agun after Rini, Figure. Joe 
found a suitable replacement at the st irt orhis first el iss \ ear- BEER! 
Never missing a step along the wa) Joe demonstrated th u he is tough, 
intelligent, and unable to be quiet when cntcnng the room in the 
dark. Tie was a great roommate ind will di\\a\s be an admirable 

9th Cpl. 0, Color Sgt. 2, Pit. Leidcr 1 Tanker Pit ^ 2,1, Ranger 
Co. 2,1, F-trooper 4,^,2,1, Big Red Qtib I HTFP 4 -.,2,1, Pres- 
byterian Campus Ministry 4,3,2 1 

Leesburg Vuginia 
History / Special Student 

VMI what WIS I thinking when I wis i senior in Hi^h Sdiool Well now 
th u I look back on it I think of all ol the good mcmciries that 1 have o.t this 
i not that bad; dori i,et me wrong it w ls not th it good either. 

with the intentions of being an oftii-er in the mllicaty and 1 

V. ill le^ve this plaee not being an officer but a citizen ^o(ditr I believe .that 

pi H.L md it was not mat cad; dori i,et me wrong it w ls r,,,,.^., .i g,^,^ 
1 1, ime to VMI with the intentions of being an oftii-er in the milic; 
V. dl le^ve this plaee not being an officer but a citizen soldier I bel — 
1 have tnatund _riatly over the pa»t four yeirs 1 did not do this .,..,... 
though Some f the people that I womd like to thank for helping me are 
tir-it ,ind forem isr m\ parents. For a while growing up 1 did not always w;int 
to idmit Uiat >ou lid mc |ustice but now that I look b lek on it you did me 
the Siteuest tning in the world. You brought rne into this world and taught 
mL liow to be a mature responsible, and caring person. My roummates 
I irrod ind Sean you guys have stuck by my side the whole way and naved 
sti>cdonm> back Ijo keep up with my grades. Although we had are argu- 
mtnts we h id better times. Here is to you Potato and tnat licnfe yellow guy, 
Korea 1 also want to th ink someone who is very special to me no matter 
what miy happen I hope that things would turn out die way that -rl 
always talked about bur if not you wJt always be in my mind Andrea jou 
have been by my skIl through thick and thin and you will alwa>s ha\e a 
place in my heart Throughout mv time at rhe rock I have had, pretty bad 
grades but I piiked them up md Idid well I think I may have been one of 
the few ro li i\e been on AC PRO tor 4 st^raight semesters Not an accotn- 
plislupent but something to laugh at 1 also nut s imt cood teUow s ht re it 
Seljpol some propk pi^ht 1 now thtm Mr Btrim Sim Adims trei 

Kulnns and rrj m others Oh yc ih let 

nuns ana rrjui otiict 
lined kiiimji permits 
lippei.1 one by. on the 

■ tor^ r th ir ! « is dn 


, ldorrr(ca!le\crgettui„oncturnLd down I guess 

I slipped oni by on them A-i for some scerct^ tlicre ire a tew and 1 think 

1^ '^rujillo ind John Spit,icr know wh it one of cbem ire from tW Maich 

Market "Ne-vcr igiin wui I mareh S2 5 miles mJ rLturn to this 
qjt I go SI"! miks or further will t>e on m\ waj out of th 
lavi, fun, but: not tixi mui.h bet luse it \ou do then 

pi ice The 1 tst tixpt I go S,? "i mik s 
hue to change 

Vi VMI mvi- fun^ but: not 
. ehangf tile BLU£ BOOK 
ateSoiierj 1998 (yirgi 

. itc) Ac Pr Club -i icratght < 
.,^ „Iirin Co-p M irathon ,->rd 
1st Power iiinn.^ iM. f ilk ,e Rcpubkar 
, lied Club orcf "iOth An 

It uar io 1 lifetinu) Minn Co-p M irathon ird (( 
1st IMT 1st Power tiinn, ' ' " - 

ArabLeigue ^rd, 2nd Jst 

^Guard 1st March to Ncv\ Market S2 5 mdes Uc 

Dykes : 

1995: Jason Pifer 
2001: John Davis 
Chih-Yuan Ho 



1995: Mark\V()ml)le 
2001: Branch Echols 
Jason Cutiair 


Tyler M. Shelbeit 

"Cookie, Porn Star" 

Jonathan A. Sims 

"Silly, Captain Random, Sleepy, 
Sleepy Bit, Struppi" 



Hagerstown, Mainland ■ 

Economics & Business / Army 

I've known Tyler for four years and the first word diat comes to 
mind is organization. Tliis is die boy that lias become farnous for 
labeling his shoe trees. Nothing is done in his lite without first con- 
sulting a day planner or his calendar. Though ]'\t: always laughed at 
him for this quality secretly I've always admired it. I've admired it 
because this or^inization has masked a deep rixited determination 
that has helpeoTyler through diis place. He always known what he 
has wanted and nothinu has ever stood in the way of his goals. This 
place has not changed Tyler as it does some other cadets. The C]uali- 
ties that this place tiones to instill, Tyler already possessed. Tenacity,- 
comtx:titi%'encss, and nonesty were cJiiiiliues inherent already in Tyler 
and they ha\ e shown brightly here, we have had a lot ot great times 
here at the "I" as well as are share of the bad. Tyler has al%vays been 
by my side pushing me or jumping at the chance to lailgh at me.' He 
has been the butt of a lot of uikes, but always had the courage to 
lauah at himself I can honesUy say that things would be considered 
duff without Tj'ler as iny roommate. From the moment we met, 
thers'-was a constant exchange of insults between us but we both JJylceS 
knew that if the time arose, we would be there tor each other Tyler 
you've been a great triend, and ever you need anything, do not hesi 

tate to ask. Anytime, <m\'where. Mrs. Shelbert I know you worry 
about the decisions Ty-lerhas made, dori. Your boy done good 
Rat 4, Cpl ?, ACo Ops Sgt. 2, A Co 1st Pit LT lAat Challen_ge 4, 
Rat ChaJIeiige Cadre % CTC 2, CIC 1; ARNG 4 ^,2,1, VMfFire 
Fighters 2, 1 ; Big Red Club 3,2,1, Bomb 2 1 , TMS 1 , R ugby 4 ^ 
ASCE 4, 3; College Republicans 2; AAA A i 2 VP Mem I Ranger 
Co. I 

1995: Jonpaxton 
2001: Scott Collins 
John Parson 

Well, here I am a First Ckcs 

Birmingham, Alabama 
Computer Science / Army 

Its been a long, i 

h road '98, but 
weve made it. I'll thank God first. I dori know how fiiany truardian Angels 

give up. 

you have had assigned to me, all I know is that they arc tast done „..,. ,^1.., 
and must be wanting me to get out of here as much as I Jo' Thanks tor all 
you have given me. 'Though you have made mc sec trouble, many and _ 
bitter, you will restore my life again;" Psalms 71 20 My parents-thanks tor |j .: 
all you've done, without your supporti-I couldri have made it My Dykis- 
Mike and Elvin-I hope I'm half the role model to m> dykes that > all were to 
me. My BRs in Band-man, have we had some fun'^tay in touch Matt, 
John, Mike, and Prasert(MOO), What a year huh' Y all were great rat room- 
mates. Joe and Kevin, y'all were great co-dykes M.itt and Ham-WO'W; 
what a time; We had some fun, dicTlots of stupid and crazy stuff, got away 
with most of it too (Well, almost most of it for some of us) Matt, you come 
hack and visit after you get out of here. Ham; auess 1 11 see \ou next year 
The Baldwins- Y'all were my second family, and leant di mk you enough for 
ev^rythine you've done. Sam, David, David, Dean, Roberc and Jarrett- 
yj wilfefo fine; NEVER Gf^VE UP, always do your best and STflDV' 
Brad and Brian- its been fun. Gotta Love the Sinks! Brad- 1 hope that >i)u 
and Carrie are liappy forever, and thanks for the ride ' Brian- I hope you and DvkCS' 
Sam are Happy rorever too. To the tons of others I havcrt been able to ■' _ _" 
mention. Thanks for everything! To all ray BRs-Good Luck in all that yall 
do! Katie- Yoiire my Best Friend and I will Love you always' Thanks for 
putting up with ine and with VMI. ". . .If you believe in )ourselt and ba\e 
dedication end pride and never ejuit you will be a winner The price ot 
victory IS hi Ji but so are the i e \v ards Paul BcMr" Br\ant To lx» continued 

- , ^.^ ., SGT ■> s\ks Band Co 4,^.2 1 Pipe Band Drum 
Capt 2 1 WBC 2 I 6rdtr ot rhe Sleepless Knights 2, 1 , B ind Rat Chal 
lenge C idrc 3 2 1, Con Pro 2 Ac Pro 2 Tt. m die Block A tOT 2 Club A^l 
4, Club Is 3 2 Car on Post ^ 2 1 Vf\( V2 1 BoneMaunct -. 2 Abused 
b> Rick Monster -i 3 2 I Knew I d be a "iYr Man 4,?, 2,'!, 

Chesterfield, Virginia 
Civil Engineeiing / Special Student 

As I sit down to recollect my past four years here at VMI 1 must first thrnk 
God tor giving me the strength and wisdom to survive all th« I hue Ixcn 
presented. I was told about 'the friendships I would make and chills fill m\ 
soul with the knowledge that I have formed the greatest circle of tneiiels 
On 'I III and Chris keep e.\iellmg; I wish you the best Dtryck re id\ tor 
another batch 7i7 All the nights of studying and... y»;> knock out the fire | 
alarm I think its THAT time Coimuimlir Rfister Free Body Wh it thank iS 
you tor your patience and advise AJam we have been with each other since 
Brown Dogs. We have grown together and learned from each orlier i enuld 
not be where I am today without your help. Niiti so siniil ir so 
ditferent...compress&light, just one more time 'hoy H2() + 2 j,irls to bad 
we carac out cfirty Heath through the good and die b id w c aft. fcodi still 
here, deep down inside I know you love tootball, stay ot tlie ..^r ess Ti 11 is 
what happens, happens; but it etoesnt destroy friendships tL Robiiiunii 
what started out as a fairy tale is now in the stages ot a mystery Th ink \ou 
for all of your love and support.,! stUl haye^faith. Karu We are ditfcrent 
know than how we started. But my love still^remains true to you I wish \ou 
tire best at Tennessee arid %ish us the best in <jnr future My ne irt knows all 
truths. Mo/her I dori- thmk I ever knew I (^uld feel so much p 
someone son. You haws been siniply wonderfiU in your support 1 
time at VMI, We have made it together and I owe \ou all ii-i\ 
Finally Father I always pictured the 'tw o of us growing old to^e tin 
back and forth on a potai swing w ith \ ou stillfe idling me ill 1 >t \ 
ot life md continuing to prove diat \(ui rrc simply the best ther 
Heneii !niiss>ou To VMI seirsare s<iuvcnirs\ouncvcrliX)SC C .^.., 

Bis, hill I s 2 MnnoLjimt Kih t s 2 1 Big Red Clubs 2 1.002 II) Club 
PiesKkni 1 s2 I RDt Vir.^in 4 Chernkce^Row 4 Club Nistv i ( idct 
'-rill 1 1 ROBOYZ 4 1 Chill Spot s Jech Express -, Rittlcs Club 2 1, 
1 1 II 111 < lub 2,1 OGA 1 Loni, H iir Club t 2 I, PCA 2^1 Fuling CivJ 
Fn^i cnni, Srudcnr 4 i 2 1 etc The Mill Club 2 The (Church Cluh 1 
S cquateli and ALL that j i^- club 1 

1995: Mike "Caveman" Paniti 
Elvin Cabrera 

2001: Sam "Broke Rat" 
David "Quiet Rat" 


being Dykes . 
"sr 1995 
tD's 2001 

Ks ivs 

Brian Kellner 
Chiisiian Chance 
Chrts Riley 

Eric W. Smith 

Waynesboro, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

Eric is probably the most outgoing guy I know. I've known Eric since Rat 
year when we roomed together on the 5''' stoop. Eric was always able to 
loosen up everybody around him. I probably wouldrt have made it through 
rat year without him (he got me hooked on dip). One thing about Eric that 
I find very impressive is his split between having fun and getting excellent 
grades. Most people have to chose one or the "other to succeed^ but Eric 
successfully lived both lives. Its been great having you as a friend. Jslo matter 
what you do, success will always follow.I spent the first semester of third class 
year hearing about this mystery guy, Eric. I had no idea who he was, but I 
was to mon find out. It turned out that he was smarter than I was, so that 
hurt my ego when he joined our room. At first we had our differences which 
mostly stems from the fact that we are both, higlily competitive and would 
never agree to the others pouit of view. I Finally,. learned that he was too 
smart and that 1 could never out-debate him. You will be as successful as you 
want to be. —Tom. 

Eric IS one ot those guys who 1 became friends with the first time I talked 
with him. He never really liked VMI (like anyone does). But, he decided to 
take a semester oft third class year, .and continue his education at Piedmont 
C. C. After that semester he decided to return. I dort think Eric realizes how 
much it meant to me that he came back. I hold a very high opinion of him DvlceS: 
as my friend. He dealt with the system th^, rest of hiic|detship. He excelled 
academically during the week and on the weekends and furloughs we had 
some crazy times like Montreal, UVA, and Tech. Eric, you are a real person 
blessed with many abilities, stay strong and dort change. Good luck at law 
school and keep in touch. -CPR- 

Rat 5''' Stoop Troop, Rugby, Computer Hockey Club, Shined shoes before 
Breakout; 3 . PVCC, Private, intramural football(champs); 2'"': Rat Chal- 
lenge Station Cadre, VPO; T" Private, Cadet Investment Group, Media Re- 
lauons, Really want to graduate club; Scott Shipp Late Night Club 3,2,1; 
Academically Distinguished 2,1; Dears List 4,3,2,1; 


Justin Rubtno 
Jarred Cuetinann 
Adam Stanley-Smith 

Michael I. Smith 

"Schmitty The Nice Dyke, T.B: 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Electrical Engineering / Air Force 

I would like to thank every person who helped me get through all of \ 
this. I will start with the most important person''of iill. . . Jesus. ■ 
Without His help I would certainly have not made it through such an 
ordeal. Jessica, you have been a constant source of strengtn, encour- 
agement, wi.sdom, and love. You have been there for trie from the 
beginning, and we ate going to make great married people. I love 
you Jessica! Roomies, I will dways remember our late night chats, 
the nighway, our playtuliokiiig and ot course, the Christmas light 
festival held each year. C.arl, i nope you and Anabelle have lots of 
little Marines. Dan, I know you and Sara ^ire going to make great 
married people too. ^ Davy Jones and Bob; >'ou trwo nave been a real 
joy to have as rats. Study hard and trj to sta} out of trouble (Dave). 
Dad, I will always remember our dinners at Pi/z i Hut Mom, 1 will 
fiever forget the early monung conversaaons we had and the way 
you were always looking out r^-jme I w dl cherish <ill of those Sun- 
days we spent around the table as long as I lue To Mom and Dad 
Orms, I would like to sav thank you for all ot the nme I have spent at rv,,i,„„ 
your home. And Mrs. O, God is Good, ALL the time! I love you all UyKCS 
very much! Romans 12:21, Genesis 2:24. Tliis has been quite an 
adventure so far . . . and its just starting. 

Virgin Private: 4, 3, 2,1. Air Force: 4,3,2,fall 1. Civilian: Forever 
moreH! F-Troop: 4,3,2 l.Rackmaster: 3,2,1.ER in the 'X': 3, 2, 
1. Phone room resident: 4,3,2,1. Road warrior every weekend: 
2,1. Happily Engaged: 2, l._ President, Eta Kappa Nu: 1. Dears 
' ' Bought, Spirit Tilled, On Fire for 

1995: Ralph Ragosta 
2001: David Jones "Davy Jones' 
Dan Ballard "Bob" 

List: 3.2, I.Bible Thumping, Bio 
Jesus thrist: ALWAYS! 

Thomas A. Smith 

"Smitty, Tommy" 

Marlin, Texas 
History / Special Student 

Tommy certainly w;is in for a shcxk when he walked into Jackson Arch 
for matriculation. The 439 crew didii know he would have such 
a rough time, but after a brief stint as leader ot the fained "geek scjuad, " 
Ton||iy settled in for four years as a biology major. As he realized that 
BibSuaht not be his calling, he smartly Switched to hiscory.and the halls ^^i;.", 
of acaderaia in Scott Shipp High. Third class year brought about a ^~'^;.' *■ 
change in Tommy, such as late night studying, nicotine fits that tried to '~ -' ' ' 
queltthe anxiet)' of tests, and a desire to jump ship for other more 
suitable surroundmgs. I lowever, Tommys career as a student took a 
turn for the better--signiticantly. With the onset of ear plugs came 
more productive study nabits, and an irnproved attitude towards us; his 
roomies. Second class year, the year ot the BR, saw Tommy continue 
into the ranks of the collar-weighed as (Dp Sgt, a job certainh suited to 
him. More importandy. Tommy had a Car w nidi openecf new hori- 
zons for him. Suddenly weekends were taken to VA Beach, trips to 
Applebees on h iring Saturday nights, and just cruismg uptown Ac- , 
stars welcomed Tom back First Class year, the routines he practiced arid DykCS: 
that his roommates ridiculed, had tinally paid utt Tomm\s dedication 
to the T and diligence can never be questioned liis rccov ci \ ind pros- 
penty arc tcsliinohies to this Tlucc corners ot the coun(r\ com crgcd in 
our room anJTomm) was an integral part ot diat pu^le Wc vvisli you 
luck in the future, keep the Shiner Boch flow ing and well sec \ou at the 
Dixie Chicken' 

Prtvate(4), Cortior il( ^), Oi-ierations Sergcant(2), I Battalion S- 1 ( 1 )j 
Texas Club(4 ? 2), Dcais List(4, 3 2,''l), Academic Sfars(l),VM] 
er(2), Bu Red CluW2), Committee Fi>r G)-Educaaon(2) C idre 
: Figure Honor Guard(3) 



Fred Worlh 
I'om Cornell 

Concord, North Carolina ~^ 

History / Special Student 

Some toLild not believe I ever Came back to this place Weil, I did 
and will never regret it. Call me ctazj'.Afret being gone for a year I did 
not know what to expect upon my return, and^^did not even have a 

Elacc to live. Thanks Jarred, Jason, and Sean tor taking me in and 
elping me out in my transition back, you euys I will remember 
forever. The guys in G3 1 , what can 1 say, but did you ever imagine us 
here back in '^middle schixil-' Wain, thanks for helpin" me keep my 
sanity with the other roomies. I look forward to the day we win our 
first Winston Cup, until then we will just kee^? watching from the 
stands. Rith, you never ceiise to amaze me with some ot the stuff you 
do. Thanks for the laughs, and the first hop.Wow. Sa>- hello to Edith 
on the computer for me. Nate, thanks for keepirio me out of trouble, 
ha. Your stories were always unique, and your iTS was even better. 
Moose, "lad you were able to use some of the knowledge I gave' you 
back in the Salem days to become Captain. Hope you are able to find 
that girl in your dreams, just doii let tier see your psycho side. Bravo 
Co., fhanks for the meraoties guys.To my patents and family, I can 
not say enough. You have been there for me when others would have £)ykeS 
given up. Thanks for making all those long drives up to see me. Todd 
will never get over that. Mom and Dad, 1 will never in my whole life 

Troy E. Smith 

"T-roy, Roids, Roidshardt" 

be able to tliank you enough, you have given me everytfiing. I love 
you both. Todti, thanks for being a grtit older brother. Vou have 
taught me a lot over the years. AsTiIey; thanks for always being there 
for me. Matt and Charlie, just keep doing what you need to do,- and 
enjoy yourself while your here because the tirne flys. See you guys 
next yeat! 

Private 4,2,1; BRDC 4; Rat ChaUenge 4,2,1, WC dub 4,3,2,1; 
Big Red Club 2 , 1 ; Cherokee Row 4 . Robo Club 4 . 

1995: Rick Franco 
2001: MattLarrison 
Charlie Benbow 

Michael H. Spinelli 

Spiderman, Spider, Big Belly 
Spinel li, Big Country" 

Fails Church, Virginia 
Biology / Special Student 

^ ' Jonathan W. Spilaer 
" if 

im possible 

':]\ of how I t 
then, ; 

had together in the last thret y 
idcd up in a room with you Tallcy and Rygns is 
I supposed to begin, Witli the Gravy tooth. 

kcnd at Blols Park^Or maybe you're linle stint^^with MTV Wliar 
there is little to say that hasri: already been spoken ot. Wevc been 
together, roummafes together, there have been many trids and rtibulLi 
out. I'll tarch you up iri.Boston with some^slnoldri black Ix^auty. I kv 
take it li^t. 

Eddie: The little Latin lover that moved into the room late :V^ chiss \<. 
J think all Dave and \ have heard about is Alex and 


.. J of you I wish you the best ot kick. I « 

, ;ind they better be more tidfilling than oi 
I in Costa Rica so make sure there; a gues 
Take it easy Ed, much love to you ana Ali 

t sorry t 

s to this place. The last 

the biLsketbaU 

■ i^h: CD. EM. AD 


^mes wicli her will be longc 

"V. 1 plan to come visit vo 

'down there for 

for the Piik: 
Mike: 421, 318, 218, 118 1 

foiir years have most definitely left me speechl( 

only would I not be here, bur I would never I 

MM. BC. AM, AQ. DH, and the rars. To mv basketball Dykes,, without y 

I woLiid not have gotten into aJl the trouble char I have. To Jiasoa and Taeug; there are 

few ix-iipic around chat have been through all the s*(a'! diar^We have. 1 am just 

thanklul that we have gotten through it ailtogether. BiUTcan cgdy hope- to spend my 
:limbing witli you To Head and Chuck, I have spent my summers, well 
musr say it was one of the best. Dave and hddie, read ><)ur 
louldiT uo without you. Trombley and Brooks, and the rest ot 
and 1 hope 1 was helpful. Maim and Iverson. . . Mamn and 
ud. To ray parents, how you put up wjrh me 1 will never kn< 

nistones. you 


gu CD this Sl.i] 

1 bnth and 1 will 

y parents, 

oU i will never know cither. Wkit I Ji, know ib I 
Lx-- .ible to fully repay my debt to \'( ai To session 

Spinelh MH. 
Deans List (.4). Varsity Basketball (4). Go-edn 

Winchester, Virginia 
Economics & Business / USMC 

It is difficult ti) write a histor)' fot Jon. Yoiive gotta love the guy but 
hs one of those people who will often get under your skin simply 
because hs hard to understand. In his 'working mode,' hfs a pain in the 
ass. However, when its nnie to kick back and nave some fun, Jors the 
man to be with. We tried tor YEARS to get him to break some rules 
and he finally came around. He "ran the blodc with us and that was 
when wediscoveredhe was one hell of a party animal... damn, did we, 
have some ijood times! 

In Barracks, from late nights of studying while his classmates were 
asleep, to boundless dedication on the Rl3C, 1 never saw ajayone who 
put more heart and soul into ever)thing di;m he did. He wiis tfefriitely 
one ot the most professional cadets here and its difficult not to ^mire 

for that. 
. _- , Jon, whether yoiire a "Devil Dog forlife (or driving a Ford tractor 
thn High a muddy field), whoever has die opportunity to work with you 
will be incredibly-.fortunto. *> 

Rat 4, Cadre CPL 3, Master Sgt 2 Ist Oass Pvt 1 , RDC President 
Semper Fi Society 3, 2, l,Bulldoe 3, 2, 1, Marine Corps Marithon 
Training, 2, 1 , Mary Baldwin Club ^,2, 1 Ghetto Corner Suburbs t 
2, 1 



Rob Davis 
Rlctiard Kennedy 
Natasha Miller 



Richmond, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

JimmY came to VMI as undecided ;is he left it, but yet, he brought 
along with him dedication, an open heart, and a rate passion for Ufe that 
I had ever seen in anybody. He \yould open your eyes, and give you a new 
perspective when looking at life and its many challenges^ He once told 
me ttiat "MONEY wasn\ everything in life, but love was". Of course, I 
told him that he was wron", but soon came to realize that he,\vas dead 
right. Whatever he did at VMI whether it be rat challenge,' athletics, 
personal matters, or classes, he would always manage to succeed despite 
his prog:astination. For many he has been a true friend, a shoulder to 
lean on and someone you could always count on in times of difficulty. 
The true VMI spirit lived in him. Jimmy was a daredevil. He would 
never hesitate to run the block, go camping, o^do something outra- I 
geous in order to have fun and mow off some steam. I'll always remem- 
ber our late nights at Baldwin, and my birthday in Richmond. 

During our first class year, Jimmy helped regulate the "I"as a member 
of the OGA. I wish everybody could do their job with as much pride, 
devotion, and professionalism as he'had when performing an investiga- p^ . 
tion. Most importantly, he was the best friend a roommate could hope UykeS: 
forin thishellnole. Jimmy I'll missyou.alot,an3l,'llalwavsremember IQQc;. Tair PArrinlo 

that one special characteristic about you; YOUR IMPRESSIVELY BIG 1 J^O- Jdy rCHlOld 

EARS. "Jesus Christ, did you see the size of these ears, they look like 200 1 : Tamina MaTS 

sateiite dishes!" Your friend forever, Thierry, p. D'riHax; 

James S. Stanley II 


William T. Stann 

"Hie Thrill" 

Myersville, Maryland 
Civil Engineering / Marine Corps 

If there is any one .statement that would describe my cadetship most, it would 
be that I have learned what is most irnportant in my life. It may surprise 
many of you to hear mt -,a\ this, but life is not all about shining shoes. 

Near the end of m> third class year, I met the best friend I could ever ask for. 
He was loving kind and always there in my time of need; but most impor- 
tandy He never stopped encouraging mc to live up to my potential. Because 
of this friend I learned that life v\a&about learning from our experiences and 
loving one another I ,iKi) learned that m order for us to improve, we must 
learn about our faults from our expMiences and work diligently to correct 
them; and that m order tor others to improve v.e must love them enough to 
teach them what wc have learned tor ourselves 

For those of you who don't know Him, mv friend is the Lord Jesus Christ, 
and he is calling each of us to "Ix>ve the Lord you God" Mark 1230 as well 
as to "Love your neighbor as yoUKfelf" Mark 12^1 Tliroughout my cadetship 
I have come to realize that my ttQg^&iends anei m\ fatnily have loved me 
enough to tell me when I'm w rong aftd hii\e been there to support me in my 
time of need They emulate Christ s words and actions and for that I love diem 
all and say a heartfelt "Thank "I'ou , So in a sense, my cadetship is more than 
5th stoop wresding matches, 0200 ball-ups, or asking people if they have a 
dog. My cadetship can be described as a learning experience where I figured 
out what is truly important in life. The important part ot life is loving God 
and others, and though it took me the greater part ot 4 years to do it, I did it. 
I learned how to love. 

Rat 4; Cpl S; Sgt 2; Echo Co. Cmdr, 1; Rat Challenge 4,.3,2; Glee Club 
4,3,2,1; Sentinals 3,2,1; Tau Beta Pi 2, 1 , Phi K3p|raPlir2,l; Ae Stars .^,2,1; 
Sweet Briar Night Student 2; RAC 1 ; Father Will I; "God Squad" 3,2, 1 

Dykes : 


Kevin Price 

Chris Barkosy 

John E Stann III 


Ben Griffith 

Tom Harman 

Madison Heights, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Marine Special Student 

As I look back on my time here at the Institute, I have- mixed feelings. 
I am going to miss it, but yet I am ready to get out of here. Lmkiag 
back from rat year to present, I have made some the greatest triend l 
will ever have in my life. Thanks fellows for making it a great four 
years. Huck, LIncle Larry, and Aunt Silky, you guys axe some of the 
finest buds I could ever have. Thanks for putting up with me because I 
hael a blast with >ou guys. Dad, Mom, you guys are the greatest parents 
1 could ever have, because you have smck through the tough times and 
supported me m ever\ thing I have done. Thanks. To all the ptotessors 
ancfadministrators who have stood by me and help shape rae into the 
cadet I am, 1 you itnd salute you. My dyke said take everything in 
stride and keep on trucking towards graduation because it is the only 
way to get out of this god tor saken place. So, Mark and Scott i+>ou 
dort take anything but'those words from me, then live by them because 
they will get you fht ough this place no matter how bad it gets Ti i all of 
my nephew dykes keep your head up and hope you succeed in evervthing 
yall do. To all mj- BRs in Bravo Company, we had dwindled in size every _ 
year but we had some great times together as rats and as upperdassrneft,,s^ 
I wishyou guys luck and lets go get some "Ball Bustm cravo And 
finally to my brt>dier who I leave at this place, 1 hope \ on fincsh out \out 
years with some great ones. 1 realh' dotx envy \\ m beeause \-ou are still 

fing to he here but keep your eye on graduation because your are 
nost on thaffmal stretch.. So long everybody; rime to make mv 

Mattliew A. Staton 

"Fal-Head, Red-Neck . 

journey into that unknown world of all work' and no play. 

9' Corpi ir il C>pcranon Sat. , XO. 1 , Rat Challenge cadre _ , . , 

u . 1 1 >- . t XV '., . .jfn „ 4 ASOi 4. 3 , 2 , 1 , Timber 1- tamers CI ub Pres 1 , 
;t\ 4 3 2, VMl Fores-try Firefighter 2, 1, Big Red Club 
cmbet 1 , Rock Painting CIC 2, Red-Neck 

ball 4,3, NX'rcstlm, 
Semper Fi Societ\ 
2, Club Hell M: 

John A. StrocK 

ft^asert Simyaruk 



Burke, Virginia ^ 

Economics & Business / Special Student 

When I tame to VMl as a rat," I pretty mudi hated everyday. As 
thirddass ye<ir carae and went I hated about every other day. Then I 
became a secondclassman lUid got my ring, but it really didrt do much 
for the enjoyment ol my college years. Now I am a first classman, the 
top of the heap, but you know what.' I'm still not having a re,u great 
time. I guess VMl really isii meant to be such. Its sup- 
posed to ce this incredible, character-building experience that I'll look 
upoh as some amazinsj accomplishment that I've realized. I dort 
know about all that, but 1 have made some great friends, people that 
I probably would not liave gotten to know in aay other setting. I've 
learned a lot about people, including myself. I've learned that a lot of 
people can be consumed by a system that sucks dieir individuality out 
ana brainwashes them to a point where the}' no longer exist as they 
once did. I diink the two most important tilings that 1 will take away 
from these past four years iire my friends and'myself.both of whom 
I never realtv knew before 1 came. 

There really are a lot of memories diat arisp from life at VMl. "We 
all take so much for granted here because were so busy noticing all of 
the thing-s' we dislike diat we never really see the good things, the 
important things. Having lived in Pervert Comer for these last three 
years, I have met the guys who make this place bearable, and yes, 
even fun at times. 

I always say I never would have come to VMl if my brother hadii. 
Well Chris came, and 1 followed. I honestly couldit have done it 
without him. I owe so much to my parents. 1 haveri made the best 
grades, and I'm far from a model cadet, but they have been so under- 
standing and wanted nothing more than for me to be happy. That 
means so very much to me. I'm gone. 

Ice Hockey 4,co-captain .^,2,1- Cadet Newspaper- AtkL Writer 2 
A&L Editor 1; English Society, 3,2,1; Cadet Programs Board Band 
Acquisition Chairman 1; Pervert Corner 3,2,1. 

Bangkok, Tliailand 
Matliematics / Royal Thai Air Force 

Prasert is the name we usually call him since it was the name he 
used at rat time. He is an Air force cadet ftom Royal Thai Air Force 
academy who misses his hometown and his background all the way 
through the end. Life here taught a lot to him, and finally he made 
it. .T . ^_ 

This is what he wrote and I think it is really meaningful and valu- 
able to read. "Living here at VMl is inexplicable, but getting out 
here is a big pleasure. Thanks my country for giving mc money. _ 
iThanks my friends. Boy, Aump, Tuk, and others for givm" me in- 
'Spirations. Thanks my faculties for giving me grades. Thanks P' 
Lum and P' Chit for breaking me out. Thanks my parents for giving 
me life. And many thanks to " Lunar " for giving me " Lover 
Top ranked cadet in Mathematics 


1995: RobBrumback 
2001: AdamZydron 

Bangkok, Thailand 
Civil Engineering & Math Minor / \m]> 

I came to this institute with a little English knowledge. At the first 
three months, 1 did not know what cadres talked about. Everyday, I 
just strained and loudly said ' No, sir" or - Yes, sir' widiout exactly 
knowing the questions were That why, everybody in F-troops liked 
to come to see me and call ' Teradadityl" as my acTuid name is " 
Terapathana. In the other hand, I pretty liked their calls as it would ^ 

I encourage me to improve my English skills. B— 

For rat year, everything seemecT to be my troubles. I was not sure 

about achievement this fiard year or not. Sometimes, when I was so 

tried, I liked to thoroughly ask myself that why I came andspend my 

life, here, or what benefits I would get after graduation. Aftel intto- 

J duced to a certain dyke line tradition by dyke, he reminded me 

JsjRoyal Thai Army Scliolarshipr Right now, 1 known that why I had 

pto come and spend my life, here. I stoped thinking about those silly 

1 question,?, anymore. 

.For my second* thit^_and first years, Iliy life absolutely differed 

I from rat year. AltnouelvGivil engineering gave me a lot of hard works 
to, my life was very nappy. Nobody called me " TeradacliryJ" any 
more. I were welt learned the famous meaning of " Run Shit" " 
Mixer" "Party" and "Beer and Drunk! All of chose were my beautiful 
English words. 
Thank you for my parents who gave a life. Thank you for ni\' dyke. 
It Wichlr saiklao, who gave me"" spirits. Thank yiju for ni)' country 

I that gave me a chance to come here. Tliank you for VMl that gave 
mean education and leadership. 

Dears list (1994-1998); Disunyuished in General Merit for die,, 
1 99 4 1 99'5 and 1 99 5- 1 996 Sessions; Student Chapter Tau Beta Pi 

'^' ^Jf. 

North Canton, Ohio 
Mechanical Engineering / Special Student 

I wish 1 coiild say that I'd be seeini? the T in the rearview for the last 
time in May^ but unfortunately I'll be here an extra year. I wish my 
graduating BRs all the happiness in life. The rest of us will get out of 
here eventually. 

'There are four sorts of men: 
He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool — shun 
him; • - ,. 

He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple — teach 

He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep — wake him; 
He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise — follow him" 

— Lady Burton 

^ Russell E. Sweitzer 

Brian J. Taueg 


^ ^ 

Indianapolis, Indiana 
History / Special Student 

Well, die road less traveled has been a long one, but we have come to 
another fork in tiie road. Which path wilTwe choose this time? God 
knows that this road was a beast to say the least! But what is the next 
road like? ] really doit know , but I am confident that my VMI experi- 
ence has enabled me to handle the next step; furthermore, I know I can 
handle it because I, like most of you, cart wait to get the hell outta here! 

I want to say thank \ i lu to my roomies-Darrius Jackson, Jason Bell, and 
Darrj'l Faulkner, you \\ ure always kxikiri out! I also cart forget about my 
r,it roommate, John Dewey. 1 remember sitting on our racks wondering 
it, such things as. Ring Figure or Graduation woidd ever come, and now 
I wonder what the hell happened to all that time between dien and now, 
but dort get me wrong, I m glad that time is gone. I am just going to 
miss the races that have become so familiar to'my eyes. Take care, live 
long and prosper, and God bless you all 

Guide Sgt. 2^ Basketball 4, 3;^sij,^M kilogram Club 4,3,2,1, Bona 
Fide "wanna be Player 4-ever' 

Dykes : 

1995: Terry Tucker 
2001: Richard Bruce 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Special Student 

Caleb came to VMI a young man who did not know much about 
I the Institute or life, but he knew who he was. Through the experi- 
ences of Cadre (all three years) and barracks lite, Caleb has become a 
res^ted member of the Corps. He has become an academically 
disOTi|ltished cadet and a Battalion Executive Officer - both through 
nothing but hard work. Even though he has earned higb grades and 
holds high rank he is still a friendly, down to earth guy. 

Although he is known for his short temper and physical natiire, 
Caleb is always ready to let a bad experience roll qtfnis back. Time 
and time again, Caleb has over come obstacles to his success and hap- 
piness. From family and girlfriend troubles to barracks ]X)litics, Caleb 
has stood firm in his belieTs and triumphed. He has also exhibited an 
outstanding sense of humor and praaicaliry throughout his cadetship, 
simply laughing off the harassment all cadets endure (especiall)- those 
living in Grild Coast 2'"' and V'' class year. 

Despite numeroLis experiences at VMI which have tested Caleb rtiprai^^ 
fortitude, he has time and time again kicked the devil off his shoulder^ DykeS: 
and shown die world the strenj^tli of his chiiracter The bottom line '^ _ ^\ 
is, when Caleb Taylor steps oftlhe stage on the I (V ol .\Ia\- 1 998, he 
will ch.inue tlie world, not the reverse". -Tom Warburton 

Cadre ^2,1;' Corporal 3; PLT. Sergeant 2; Battalion XO 1; Tau 
Beta Pi 1 ; Academic Stars 1 ; Marshall Museiuii CIC; Powetlifting 
Team 1 

1995: Brian Richie 
2001: Sidney Toland 

Caleb M Taylor 

"Apes, Animal, Redneck 

Chesapeake, Virginia 
Civil Enssineering / Army 


.find dndr 


,cJ^ U^u 

Lord Altn.d TcnnNso 
four VLdrs uo an epic tilt of Erai,Ld^ 
5oungmuih> tliLnimiuUeftTivlorTx^in . longjuurnn int i ili. h ilh.iitd li ilK ..f th(. 
tiisnujct Ir WLs 1 hud<t(.t.iM()n ro frnkc 1 Licnnt. hefclt was ntcLssjrv Ujion drri\ i! he Iclc 
die b irsh u aidi ut dit r iduK ithlctics Jtddcrruc^ Hu w i!, i iilu mtmlx r of Bi_, B dls Giit 
CO andtKiintotrusthnnewfamiU iriLmlxr. /Ul coo s«m the lone d us .il Mike Ohadal 
and the iwKwardncv, ot his, ncsi I r nhcis «<.rL .ncr Third lIis:. liar bm^l^h^ on ajl nev, 
LhilkriLis ho\\t\LthifiicdthuTHMthhisnt» r,,ommiK-s Dc^^ Funk and Diiid N^hiih 
ftert df] Guli tomp-uiy hoys Third class v^ar sis^ cti rise of ths. 2~ hovi Tunks Field 
acddemiL problQon, and ont d i\ rnpi from hcU Tliird 1 Lss Mar Iw. ilv siw thi. dLmist. of 
a five year rLlauoilsritp with his huh school swcedicirt liopci of gcttin., oft of at Pro and 
hope of LMr havin, a aarm a tToor to put his feet ' 

r of s 

i(.r school and i petition to tctoni to school iie was readmitted lor Ins 
Second diss \ttr held the Gold Co ist Annev Rine hgurt Funks Field II 

id apromisina GPA Dunn„ 

L mdiehonds-tif Dc 

Jk ,J in h.s firs 

scionj . ] iss 

FSU bdllro, ^ ,.„„ 

I Link, Uk Ix ir ^r\v M rnv nights of dlliber- 

hut tht\ oiiK f^rouKht them aoser Alter \li 

prob icion uas bchinJ vnun. >0i aU-u.e and good 

A-, hrst i^ldis vt-if Lxl, (II II u Ls wideopen ■ftithopportunitii.'h suJi us wci.kLnds days ayKcs. 
ttmalcbinbuTicks 1 mil- s I itU UT Ri^hjTiond (=\ili<, sneak cxsv 117 and tin ill > t,rddu 
dt.nn .The-tdJc uuLs xvitJi oLir hero riding off into ch. sun-rft to n.nrc idvcntuiLS in lands 
untold for t.nd] aniuuntb of djiu Ihtrc art mdn\ [xojjlt that lint. mad*, this txperientc 
whit It IS I would like to rhink c\er\ p-.rson that I hivL mtfon this \Mld jnurntv 1 went 
to aille^ tor one ri Lsnii and ih it was to sn. ni-v, things and mett utW peopk I bi%L mt.t 
so m in> people th it I (.tiialtl nt-vcr Iibt L^eryonc 1 wlirmLntion tht immcdirtti. onts thouLh 
Bead and Todd Ci>ok(. and their loveh women have ilwav^ lietn thcu to luip a brother 
'hen he is down dod^ivt btni a beer Deryck "Diesel kr iHt helped in die early Stagus of 

lown and tivt htni a beer Ueryck- Uiesel Kr ifit helped in rlie earlv sta_gus ot 
days ind^ways hxs, and always will be a i.-H_rsuii thtt 1 urn. talk to As ior my 
atLs 1 exrt si\ enough They are the brothers that i never htd I v^iil never 

Wallace J. Taylir 

"Jeff, The Bear, JT" 


: ill ch-it wt have been thtough I would be sad t 

r post Institute days will only be bigget and be 

r Insti 

,end but I 

WUliam Z. Taylor 

rhe Cimmerian, Master Assassin 
of the 15th I^evel, Willie 

_j thank my family To all of m\ grandparents 1 

support To mv lovifig mother I would like to say thank you tor listening, and \ 
St mdinL t\en when you didrt To mv tather I would like to say that I love you roan ina i 
h>.|u one div m\ son will be ls proud ot me a^ I am of >ou You have been a true sourec 
o[ inspiration fur me Tins ehapter of m\ lite is done, but the next one is promised to be 

Chesapeake, Virginia 
History & Psychology Minor / Special Student 

"Do I look like a criminal to you!?!" was the question asked, in a utEfriendlV 
tone to othet criminals, by the drunken hanedcuffed barbarian in the iaiT- 
hoiise in North Carolina The smell of the Reverend, beers, vodka, or everdear 
did r 111 ik( the harden criminals weary. Leaping 1 2 feet into a crowd at a 
P iniir 1 e ineert and looking like a cross between Dc Niro in Raging Bull 
uid [he 1 lepliaiit Man from getting ixac down and maced by the" cops, 
howc\ cr produced unsettled reaccions,i>Df course only i^erson could pull this 
ol^f and say Hch heh heh I got the crud beat out of me!' It would be the 
Master Assassin ot the Hth Level, the Cimmeriiin. 

Unlike most friendships I cannot say he ever really lielped nie- with my 
1^ problems or growing up In fact, he was the opposite. He just corrupted 
'^ me" No more soft, mellow lifestyle. ItwasGwar and the almighty Pantera, 
uid ot course Pabst Blue Ribtion!! Truthfully, Willie, has taught me a lot. 
He showed me a real w i\ to live and to have tun, though this form of fun is 
crushin^ souls and skulls and corrupting little girls. God only knows what 
he w, ill do m life 1 sure is hell couldrt tSl ya. All 1 know is that wherever he 
^oes there will be a surplus ot patients in the hospital and many-angry 
husbands" Kevin Azar 

Well Its about time tor me to carry my old stinkiii butt out ot he-re. It will 

be good to be away form this oppressive oligarchy, but I'm going to miss all 

> all dctelicts that nave come to be my best friends. That is what makes this 

place speaal and if it wasir for yaill 1 would not have made it. Dyke room 

1 M keepirreal bros To the number 1 club in room 226; Kaspcr,' Bill, and 

Paul the jDog, tike it easy on the brain cells and I'll see you at the Bc-ach. 

Sr iftord, ma^ )our bqdy count he high. Rob the Slob, doii hill of a rock. 

btunbith and Az ir you bastards, you both know what tlie deal is, it goes 

without s lying L\er\bod\ else that isii mentioned here-, you know who you 

'' ' ' ' e rjl see ya'U on your breaks, and at the 

'tnies, see tlieni driven betore vou, and 

-William Z. Taylor 

in Private 4, 3, 2 


1996: Brian Homamen 
2001: James "Shirley 


.1 luck with e\er>thing. I: 
top ot the St idium C rush your 

he It the 1 imentations ol the 
Bo\int, -I ■} 2 Rifle Turn 4- V 

West Chester, Pennsylvania 
Physics / Special Student 

When you first Icxik at Kevin, the image of a "ranker" or imxlel cadet" doesii 
immediately come to mind. Obviously, this description in no way describes 
Kevin, but to know him is to love him. I never knew Kevin rat year, but 
third class-year our faces became reco"ni2able to one other in die Ghetto, 
KeviTB face was quite common ui the short lived band "Maury-Brooke, but 
othet than that 1 would only Ciill our relationship an acciuaintance. Actually, 
he was more like my third stixjp convenience store. Kevin and I actually rnet, 
through the one person that everybody knows... Mr. Mill-Iron! Milliron was 
nice enough to ciffer me a place to stay second class year, and Kevin was quite 
surprisecTto see me in his room at the beginrvijjg ot our second tlass year. 
However, for only knowing someone f(x two years, I can In musUy-say he is. 
probably one of my closest friends. Anclfor those two years I have seen Kevin 
ui worst of tlie times and in the best of times (I think more bad times than 
igoGci). I certaini)' know the hell Kevin went through our second class year, 
vvhile being away trom his beloved girlfriend (at the time) fot a whole year 
and then having to listen to my ptoBlems. Biit that is a great eiualiry about 
Kevin, even rhouoh someAing is bothering hi|h he is always willini; to l%en 
and give great aervice for »y problems yo'u I&y have. And everv-bodylJan 
agree that Kexin has endured a lot throughout liis last three years here. One 
■word. ...Milliron. I'.veii though his constant borrowing never seemed to stop, 
Kevin is and always will be a great friend. Kevin, I wish you ,ill rlu kick in 
youi fijture endeavors, and I know oiur friendship will contMUie to grow 
diroughout life. PMT 

Private 4 3; Guide Sgt 2; Drum Major I; SPS 4,3,2,1, Re" Hand 
4,3,2,1; The Cadet Newspaper V Wet Bar Committee 4,5.2.1. (om- 
maiiders CIC 3i2,l«Maury Brooke 3; Mallory Hall Condo 3,2, 1, VMl 
Gitoiunist Front (Fourtder) 3,2,1, Br:iss Ensemble 4; Quintet 4,3; Ghetto 
3,2; eatacQmb* 1; Roomed with Milliron 3,2,1 

Dykes: .,, 

1995: Chip Rex 
ioOl: Eric Gannon 

William J. Thomas 

"Billy, B.T: 

Alderson, West Virginia 
Economics & Business / Special Student 

First of all I would like to thank God and my savior Jesus Christ for making 
this all possible. My experience at VMI. has quite possibly been the worst 
time of my lite. Sometimes I sit back and still cannot believe I made it through 
tliis place. When 1 arrived on post one of the first analogies 1 read was in a 
badiroom stall. It said "I hate this ****ing place!" Well, that sums it up for 
me. That having been said, I would now like to point out a tfew. ot VM.Is 
finer qualities.' I have made some of the best friends a person could ask for. I 
want to thank my roomfriatts Brad and Caie for rnaking this place bearable. 
I guess \^s got the best of our other roommates. I doii see why, our personali- 
ties are so charming. Brad you will always be a sissy and Cale, Hank will 
always be watching you. As for Marc, well, I will leave that one alone. I 
would like to thank my other close friends Tom, Kelly„ Avi, Sam, Pat, Jordan, 
Worm. Dre, and the rest ot the football team. I will always be there tor you 
guys. I caii forget my spades partner Darius, we wilt.aiways be champs and 
you will always be my scrub. Mom, Dad I could not ask for better parents, 
I love you guys with all my heart. Qjjf of the main reasons I stayed here was 
to make you guys proud, and you know how much I love this place. Carrie, 
I still think you and Hugh should try this place out:. Finally I would hke to 
thank my one inspiration that has made this struggle worth it. Amanda you 
mean more to me than anything in the world. Without you being just a short 
drive away I dori think I would have made it. 1 am counting the days until 
we can be together. Jason, thanks tor being a great dyke and Brad, hang in 
there. I was told, about four years ago, "It will be over before you know it!" Its 
tnie. I cati wait to see a few ot you hard core rankers in the real world, no' 
G.C., wow! Good-bye V.M.I., I will not miss you. Oh yeah. Stew lives on. 
Football 4,S,2,1; Spades champ 3,2,1; Stew regime 4,3,2; 

Dykes : 

1995: Jason Painter 
2001: Brad Catron 


"Bonz, Archie, Turd-Bury, 
Sticknian, Skirmy Man' 


1995: Justin Rubino 

2001: David "Rain Man" Gray 

Stratford, Connecticut 
International Studies & Spanisli / Air Force 

I have now known Les for over three years and he is definitely; one in 
a million. Since the days of 438 to the present days of beer hinging, 
we have grown a friendship that can be Dest described as acquiring a 
new brother. If one wanted to describe Les, you may say he is crazy 
but considerate. 

Through the days of endless confinement, Les hung in there with 
the determination of conquering the hardships that VM.I piit ahead 
of him. I know I wotdd have goile crai:y if I had half the pts and 
confinement Les obtained throughout his cadetship. VM.I taught 
Les a lesson or two, bat Les can proudly graduate and say that he also 
taught this place a few things also. No matter hard VM.I came down 
on Les, by means of confinement and grades, Les always managed to 
crack a smile at the end of the day. 

• Not only have I had the opportunity to become best friends with 
Les, my family had the fortuniS%f getting to kno-w him. They all 
think a lot of Les and let him kni'jw that he is always welcomed in 
their homes. 

To conclude I just want to wish Les a joyfid and prosperuos future. 
Hopeftilly he wdl be able to find a wife that will put up with his nasty 
habits. Take care of yourself and watch out for the least expected.— . 

Cpl 3, Sgt 2, Pvt 1 , # 1 Club 4,3,2, 1, Confined 43, AF Wing Staff 
2,1, Spanish 2, Silly 4,3,2,1, Aspiring Redneck 4,3,2, Redneck 1 

Riehmond, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering / Air Force 

I would to thank everyone who has helped me make it through 
these last few years; Stiun:ing spiritually with my mother, who now 
serves as my God and without whom I could not live and breathe 
fron^ay to day. My father, who I owe m\ life to for leading rne in 
the*^- direction and not letting me lose sight of thegald; Aly sister, 
Aneie and her husband, David'^ for believing in me and my nephew, 
Ouincv for givmg me inspiration as his young soul was brought into 
tfiis world, My s'ignificant other, Myesha, who has played probably 
the biggest sup^E^ role and through her love has inspired me to sue 

>L SUpym.1. lOlC ailu lliiuugll lici icive iiaa iii^pui-u iiiv L\j ou*- ^ 

ceed tKrough aK of this so that we can have our pertea life together, ^ 
My dykesCMayo, Les. Cross)for looking out for me myrar year and ^^ 
also giving me something to look forward to when I get out of here; 
My roommates J abarr and Al who there is no way that I could have 
paade it without, I love yall Ns; My boys who lived in the 1 3 series |^ 
and all over barracks for keepin us live over here in 11 and keepin it f^ 
real, And all mj other family and friends at home iind at the institutes.-p, . 
for givjng mc a support web that was impossible to fall through uyKcs. 

lass, of iOOl, Jay AIcms, Marcus, Vhony. Mike, Aron Y., 2001: JaV AlexIS MarCUS, 

Aro'n M Nikki and J R , I know its 

„,^,,. ...., It out because 
I promise It w^ be worfh it m the end Always remember: If it was 
easy then cverK>ody would be doing ir' 

Ebony, Mike, Aron Y., 

Aron M., Nikki, J.R. 


Shawn Ting 


South Brunswick, New Jersey '^ 
Civil Engineering / Army 

F(ir Shjwn coming to VMI was like .un other challenge he had 
faccii in his life. I once asked Shawn if he had known any English 
before he came to America He just kioked at me gravely and said, 
"why sure, I knew Michael Jackson and Coca-Cola." Shawn and I 
were soul mates from the beginning I swear we could be brothers . . 
. minus the fact that he is a snort bVown man and I am a lanky white 
boy. We lived together on the third stoop during our rat year, we 
lived next door to each other, we dyked together, and we were room- 
mates. I have seen Shaw n succeed for the four years that we have been 
together. Shawn the incredible ability to motivate even the big- 
gest bums, iramely myself He has been very involved at school from 
rat challenge and RDG to football; and much to my dismay he has 
even held rank. He also has the ability to be just as goofy as the next 
"uy. The late nights we spent together telling stupid jokes, which we 
dubbed "Stann tbkes", are some of my fondest memories along with 
bed surfing, girlfriend discussions, homework sets, and of course sing 
alongs. He has alw.iys been very personable and full of crap, Shawns 
favontfegame is did you know that . . T; he is full of obscure uncreditable 
facts, well now 1 have one tor you: did you know that Shawn is the 
only sJ?ort, brown, 200 lbs Chinaman that got cut from the cast of 
■ Wiziird of Oz .^ Shawn will go far in life because of undaunted persis- 
tence and a friendly personality. Shawn you truly have been one of 
my best friends at VMI and iis much as 1 hate to admit it . . . short 
brown guys are cool! Good luck and Gods speed - Fly Army. - 

RatChallengc-3,2,1; FootbaU-4,3j Quad A-%2,1, AS(:F,-2,1; In- 
ternational Crub-3, 2,1; Promaji Club-4,3; Ranger Challcngc-3 

Faiisington, Pennsylvania 
History / Army 

The tour years here at VMI have been very interesting to the'say the 

least- I doiT believe anyone comes here and experiences exactly what' they 
■)ected I, unlikft^orae, have been able to nnd some humor in the "I , 
ich has helped me get through this place. And I hope 

gives me everything that it advertises...! think it will! But, ot course, I 

: that this place 



'ive. - ,. ^ _.. , „. .„, . 

haveii made it through by myself in feet I have had a lot of help. Firsts 
of all, to my parents I want to thank you for everything. Momyou have 
giveri me constant support. Dad you have been supportive also, hut 
mosdy you have instilled in me the drive to do as well as I can and that, 
pay be the most important thing I have learned. Bridget, Colin and" 
Molly you all have been supportive and I thank you! The best part of 
VMI is by tar the friends you make and I have some good ones. To my 
roommates Andy and Trey, I dont know how 1 didii get you boned out 
ot school, but you have been able to put up with it. if has been fiin. 
Trey, you gave me a friend to talk baseball with and that means a l^t to 
me, Andy, you are one of the best friends I have ever had. We are too 
much^alike in some respeas, but that makes it tun. 1 know well dways 
keep in touch. Oh, and I have forgotten about the boxing matcli. To 
Room 1 22, you have all been great friends and there are a ' 


1995: BenLu 
2001: Anthony Bravo 
George Gilmore 

Brendan P. Toolan 

"Hooi<, Tool, Toolman' 

/ room. You are brutal, but it keeps yoU*on yoc __ 

Room S7I4, you guys are just interesting. To Pervert^Corner, you have 
made this place bearable and absolutely run. You ate the types of people 
who you just want to be friends with. To my brother, Scamus, and 
Room 231 good kick, Seamus, you have proved everyone wrong so far, 
kcyi it up. lo the tats of 1 K'jj'ou have a lot to live up to, but you are 
detinitely on the right track. Ki Scott and Missy, nothing I coulil sav 
Would j:ive respect t() what vou have done forme. You j;ave me a tamily 
away trom home. I hope rdidnt leave anyone out, I am going to miss 
this place.. sad but true! 

A Co. 4,3,2,1 Corporal, 3. Color SGT, 2, ft. 1,JV Basketball, S,2,l 
Intramural Foothjill 3,2, SPl -97, Pervert Corner 3,2, 1 

lot of good rj^up, 
lur toes. To UyKCb. 

1995: Dave Fleck 
2001: Brad Thompson 
Brian liakin 

Richmond, Virginia 
Economics & Business / \ir Force 

Inivcrkntw Phil Touni i/ itcs luiiil mi seumd Jas^ V iir FhctL w^r l tm tumsv-hcn 
\VL WLre thirds rhmii^h wluii hi wtiulj stop bs m> room ttir d smoki or x\\\-^ It wibiT 
until 1 clrac Is lit Irom diL sujwncc ol 96 t).u ! iVdlkfd into m) nL\v room on tW 
sLiond stoop m hnd i strange till Unk-v Grttk m the room tkncL the final t\io m its 
oi our scntcntc hen It till f »i sn.nt as roommuis Mllllron and I h id siuiti i kw 
unspoUn rules m dit to, im but ii lidir taki. loni,for Snuff) to ht in nrlcah isuiithi. 
wisarinkcr bnuft> h li not walked the scoops umuithed Rat>eir soon litir Chnit 
m lA fiirloUi,h heteeeived a number oik after hnishin^ his liar sip the two bttrs in mora 
7 11 His cadre didii seem to hold it yainst hun ,cs 'snutfy clinched the "th eorpor J 
SjXit in Delta Co Being one of the tew Delt i thuds not on Academic Prob ition he took 
the rink ot Operations Sergeant ai a 2nd Classmen Snuft hanciled these new stripes is 
he did am thing It the institute with a i,raia ot i<ilt '^ his laSt ) e it Snutly w es pro- 
moted onee agein to the onlv real rank here i^ls, class Prfvift- ''^ * ^x 

To sit hi re and sum up Phil in a few w ords is impossible In less then tw o > eatS, he has 
' le ni\ closest Iritnd I confidant it this place hleludint, ill the weekends ring 

and pist iiid nre-sent Birlfriends I em honesdy si\ thit some ot the moments 1 
his I rr, isured most Inve been with him listening to a little mu5lt pilftine out teet up, * 
andliiun, I smoke Ihnnks for m ^trleulatln^ Snuff Ml only wish is that I tould have 
met )ou before ivt wue 2neK and th it our trieiidslit^ « ill continue on itter »e e,ridu- 
ate KMT I nelcrexpected ifftrthe tirsl (us eieeksatthe I I would sta) lor die rest ol 
my college emit but with the support ol lamily friends md the M<in iboee I li lee 
completed ni) st IJ here I h IVe to espeel dll thank ill) mom in.ldld be luse IMlhout 
their support I know this plnee could have Ixen much worse I doit kn,™ isliii I te ilK 
wis rfugklng back in March ot 19''i when I decided to come hete but I e in li iiiesth 
say thit T would not hive mide closer triends than 1 hive here Not mU leill the 
friendships 1 1st forever but the memories will ilso To mv roomm ites Wiiid . m ili inks 
lor ill tin re 11 stones "lou eert unli made ihlsplice imusini Cnilch tli inks 
me Ol 1 eer die . ol I moiidis lure hut I st irted this phee with lou ind 1 u.i el I I to sec 
we esill .11 1 lliis place together md kT 'lou ilte-ld) Cot i M hole pirl,raph ihoiit 
whit ) II h ise done tor me To ill ol »ou 1 » ish lou „oi>dluck'" And to the V I think 
its| iks lor itself" io lone PMT s. 

Pr 1 1 Corporal s Ops Set 2 Meohol Number One 4, Ghetto Memlscr s 2 

Citi mhs I Roomed with Milhron 2 1 f idet New sp iper Driver 2 



Dykes: . 

1995: Mike Bernard 
2001: Tom \bbott 

Timothy 0. Trant, II 

"Timmy, Reggie, Midget, Shorty" 

Thai 0. Trihn 

"Teddy, Citizen Trihn" 

James A. Trout 

"Fish, Rainbow, Sldppyl 

Disputanta, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Army 

TT\' history i 

. „^ .erribly concerned that m\' history might sound generic and too similar to count- 
less other yearbook entries. Then, I realized that those for whom it is written will 
know the sinceriry and depth ot emotion which compelled me to write it. So forgive 
me if it seems to lack originality. Haying said this, it begins... 

I thank God for all the gifts of this life, 1 thank my family and friends back home tor 
ail the support, and for never letting me forget where I came from. Mom and Dad, I 
thank youTor your complete love and support, especially durioe those times when you 
were without complete understanding. John and Reuben, fellahs I just dori have the 
words; you are* my strength— you have helped me sustain. The Virgima Military 
Institute has been many thipgs for me. always bitter sweet, but the one thing that 1 
have learned to love about tni?S(!hool is the people. They have taught me patience, 
selflessnras, humility, and an appreciation for diversity. There is magic here and that is 
where it R found; in the bonds that are built with die people around you. I must pay 
my respects to that magic and take the opportunit>' to tnank those people that have 
meant the most to me. ' 

Kenny D Gonzo, Buck, Brett, Stevie Schwankie. Ryaft-Huge, and my boy Will 1 
dori have the words to describe how njuch I appreciate you Ml keeping it real, milking 
me laugh, knockiif-me down when I was too high, picking me up when 1 was too low, 
and most importantly being my friend unconditionLilly, You always saw right through 
me and took the time to consider what you saw. I koow this httle paragraph is 
inadequate for what vou have done for me and I i\m forever in your debt. 

Thank you Lloyd for putting me on the.*rii;ht track and teadiing me the lessons to 
stay on it, A very s6eci;d thanks, also yoes out to Mike Lorence, Brian Pearson, Mike 
Runyan, Marc Sdiwicgert, John Dewey; Tom Warburton, Ed Niebert. Brad Wincman, 
jabarr 6ean, Steve Pruitt, Caleb Taylor, Ryan Betton, Chtk Twiddy. Tom Wirth, 
"Brett McGinley, Lucas Bnixton, Will Stann, Bryan Bailey, S;tet:an Barr, and Mark 
Glancy. Thanks tor keeping the faith fellahs; the long days and short nights paid off 
and we accomplished something very significant, "We lost our naivety in the process, 
but I guess that is the price of wisdom. 




i who is happy with himself and gives happir 

) othen 

-_ learn to roll- roU with the punches! 
Boxing 4.3; Rugby 2; Powerlifting 1; Coi 
Sergeant Major J; 1st Captain 1; Pre-Law 
Tau Beta Pi 2,1 ■ ^ ' "^ "" 

Honors Forum 1, 

tell. With no plans for- 
foot tide, he just had 

- Jimmy Buffet 
Caraloge"" I^ii'Kappa Phf 2 1; 'l^SCE"?;l;'Troma)Taii'b''i; 

Lloyd Taliaferro, Jr. 
Kenneth R. Carmichael, 
Erin N. Claunch, 
Jonathan J. Lewien 

Newport News, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Air Force 

Alih... finally, the 'road less traveled" has finally come to an end! It 
h.\s. been a long journey. Four years ago, my destination seemed so 
distant, but now, it is within siglit. 

I have picked up some good friends along the way and have seen 
people oF all walks of life. This trip has not been without a few 
bumps and detours. 1 have endured through many pains and enjoyed 
just as many celebrations. Through it all, I managed to stay on course. 
13ut where lias this road_ taken me? It reidly does not matter, if the 
ones you love and your friends stay by your side. With their support, 
no destination is out of reach. The road of life is endless, but I have a 
full tank. 

Family and friends, thank you for all your help ;ind support over the 
years. Thank you Missy for your faithful love and support. We 
finally made it! 

Volleyball Team: i, 2, 1; Intemationd Club: 3, 2, 1 , 

Buffalo Gap, Virginia 
History / Special Student 

Coming from the fields of Augusra Count> VMI was a different world 
for only neing a forry minute drive Learmna \(.r\ quickly that not all of 
the wnrld listened to the lyrics of Hank Williams Jr and Dolly Paxton. 
Rat vear was a craiy blur that revolved around the drinking of my dykes 
andtlie lackluster season of running track The beginnuig of third class 
year was the opening of my collegiate soaal life with trips to Mary' Baldwui, 
W&L, and later the privilege of attending the final mixer of Southern 
Scm. Ac the same time srarting my induciion into the secret scxiery of 
the Ghetto, which 1 proudly served throughout my remaining three years. 
Third class also involved the loss of a long time friend that followed me 
to VMI from the Gap. I will always continue to carry on die tratlitions 
that Scott Hickey lived by. Women- Whiskey-and More Wonicn 

Ring Figure was the highlight of my second classyear. Red Oak Inn 
provided the playgrouncffor the Soutft version of "The Night of Broken 
Glass.' My roommatis infamous entry into the room through rhe win- 
dow broke up rhe party that would have made it into the Guiness book 
of records under the category of shots" Coming into First class yeatl.s 
expeacd all < t the glitz and glamor that surrounded my last year. No^ OvkPS 
more cleaning, or h ly rolling w is expected ind tht thought of marching '-'J'^'-"' 

with a saber iiistf ad of a nfle wis ipncihnj; Is n t uiid out that the 
ratline in 1 dylt tine I had been t lu^Jit w is s )ento U OONI, WITH 
THE ■% 1 N D 1 he rrinsition il corps that awaited me \^ anting nothing 
to do with the tradiPons or social life instilled in me through the hops 
and birlej M> Antebellum ittitudes and Confederate values did not 
translare iiiti the Coed Corps of Cadets 
" andaCountrv b )V ean Survi\e - H mk \< ilii ims J r 
Virginia Hisrcwkd Society 2 1 Colkge Rgiub!icins4 2 Track 4, Civi 
WarlLound T il k l Private except Ltbrcittj" Ring figure Honor Guard 
1 Number ONF ( lub 1 Redncek 4 1 

1995: Cameron ONell 
2001: Mark Bausermann 
Rachel Love 

I h uc learned a great 
I world rh It Londones 
- i^oLintPy 1 will tore\er 
the s\ stems at VMi It 

Kevin M. Trujillo 

"Hispanic causing Panic, TJ, Mlgtjty 

Mouse, Latin Lover, Little Guy !h 


Lorton, Virginia ^ 

International Studies / Anniy 

M) sr ly at VMI hat. betn in i.\ chilicni,mg tt it Next to my fam 
ilv VMI wdlalwiys have aspiuilplate in my luari 
ded about myself and what I iin capable of In 
dibhonj-ity VMI has a vital toll to plav in bhapinp < i 
be committed to the Institute lam itirmbeiitvir ii 
truly IS 1 fair and impartial system that tew irds a per:.on based on dieir 
etfotti and not by other outside factors 

It is my foremost pnotity th it I thank the pi oplc thit have j,ot me to where 
I am 1 h ivc to thank my | irents for allowint, mc the opportunity to receive 
aneducation and tor the mdurmg love -ind sui | ( rtthcyhuc ^i\tnme these 
past four tumultuous jcars I lo\e yon bodi vcr> niucE and im thankful to 
have p-irents like yourselves Also to my brother Reggie best wishes to you 
alwa>s Ilo\e\ou' To the entire Class of 1 99S ikueitmyall Thankyou 
for h u in^ faith m mt My roommates Fatb lek Butk i(^ Chimp I don 
know how )ou hied with me with all of thi lonstajit intermptions tn the 
room Your counsel and friendship is speeial and I must say that you are my 
very best of fnends 1 11 be there tor you alwa\ s' Joey B itcs J ibarr Bean 
BridCooke Jon Sj it/tr and Michael Run> an I am indebted to each of you 

To my dyke Dclton birTalkalot Lowcrv keep the dyke tradition ilivc 
Bt crazy but do the rit,ht thing Make mt [ roud'^ To ill of the Rats in l42 
we ha\e enjoyed each ol )ou and teel confident that we have taught you well 
President (1 lib ot 1998 Rat 4 Cadre C pi ^ F Troop First Sgt 2 FSt 1 
Gcneril/Exeeuti\e Committee Rm^ Figure Committee Lexin,;ton Down 
town Development Assoei ition (LDDA) I Lexmnton Community Council 
(L(C) Co Eaueation Committee 2 DeiEBList2 R ingcr Challente -1 Ranger 
Gimpany 4 2 Rii!„ Figure Honor Guard Comm mdcr 2 Pre Liw Society 
n Dumped 2 Ghetto Dweller t 2 1 Ghetto B ill P irticip int ^ 2 C liiet 
Executive Officer Staircase 1, MBC Tour Guide 2, 1 


1995; Elvin M. Cabrera 
2001: DeltonLowery 


Hawk, North Carolina 
History / USMC 

"My sword, I give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgram ige 
anci my courage and skill, to him that can get it. M\ m itks and scars 
I carry with me, to be a witness for me that I ha\e fought his battles 
who will nowi)e my rewarderr — J. Bunyan 

4 Matriculated; 3 Kicked Out; 2 (Jame Back; 1 Graduited 



Clark S. Twidy 

D.Z. Scott 
Steve Brown 
Matt Meyers 
'\manda Kaufman 
Happy Winters 

Milford, Virginia 
EicctricOneering / Spe( iai Student 

1 must say it has been a cjuick tour years!!! I remember very distmetK those 
words my dad said to me when he was here for the first home football „ ime 
rat year. They had nothing to do with VMI but he stated 'Its September 
3rd, time%) be plowing the garden and sowing some cover on it Its tunny 
the things you remembet. Since then I have had numerous thout,hts of 
."Will I ever get out of here? and "Will it all be worth it?" The tricnels I nave 
made though helped me thtough it all and made it all worth while 
First I needTto thank the Lord tot giving me the strength and eour ige to stick 
it out. But Mom, Dad, Gtandrnother, Michelle, Steve, Stie\ Tom ind 
Gina ya'll have all been thete for me. From btingt|te^he greatest food for 
tailgates to bringing th,e best alcohol tojparties or JiKt^emg thefCl^^lk to 
vouvc all contributed 00 helping me suck with it Mora;'*dem t e vc r IS Linda 
convince you that your foocl is second best to anyone's. 

Buck what can I say? From the old daysot the slingshot, belt buckle ind 
wis; to the river house, pig.,faasts, parae% ^d races, you've been i great 
fnend through it aU, You keep on thinkinglij. is better than |ett Gordon 
It-might happen ofie day.^^iOUBT IT!!! Shawn and Bryan rcnunilxr those 
late night runs to St6p=i.a,"ind to Tim, Gonz, and Ken don't get butked too 
often. Ttey and Billy, thanks tor putting up with Buck and 1 this jear 
We've all had some great times here but I think the best were the ones we 
had togethet away fironj this place!!! 

Last, Dan and all you filler RATS, stick with it and you=ll be iln^lit Get 
those grades up though and you'll be even better. '".^, 

To ill my friends at \'MI unci away from here, I think WadfeH nes miius up 
our feelings and exp^iehc^ W'hen he .said: 

Old enough to«^owl5^ef, but sftll too yeiung to care!' 

■^cgin PrivSt'e 4,3,271; Spec. Stud. 4,3.2.1; Best T<-ulgaccs t 3 2 J, 
RFDNECK 4,3»,2, 1; Dean's List 4,3; Midnight tuns to Stop-iiVs3 2 lEfc 


Austin, Texas 
Mechanical Engineering / Special Student 

Ball Bustiri Bravo 

Throughout Brads stay at VMI he made many friendSi He will be 
remembered by all his friends ;is easy going and willine to help out a 
BR at any time. Roorn 416 second semester was probably the oest of 
times and the worst of times tor him, living the remainder of the rat 
line with his arch rival, wheels. Then the rest of the semester with the 
nastiest roommates in the school. There was never a dull conversa- 
tion in the room. Third dass year brought the 341 Friday afternoon 
matinees; a good t\mt and will be sorely missed. 
He made many, many friends at the local colleges. He got away with 
a lot as tar as his girlfriends were concerned or knew. On Sunday 
nights one could always count on a good story ..iibout one of his ren- 
dezvous at one of the nearby colleges. All stories included the two 
most important ingredients fora VMI cadet having a successful week- 
end. VMI severely punished him tor exercising the little freedom we 
have as cadets. Acquiring number ones not once but twice during his 
second class year, he was placed cm the extended program for gradu- 

I can definitely say that anyone who had Brad, for a friend, had a 
true friend. The Institute will definitely miss him because he was one 
of the few to liven it up. 

Texas Club 4,3,2,1; Cadet Staff 2: Gigilo 2,1; # 1 club 2; Dude! 2; 
Pimpn 1; BANBHAT 4,3,2,1; OtAMBAH 4,3,2,1; AWABABA^ 


1995: TimMUler 
2001: UT Girls 

Bradford E. Vier 

"Dude, The Cavortcr " 



Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / Navy 

I dort thiok most sane people know why they came to VMI, but 
almost fotn: years later I know why. I am glad I did. The friendships 
I've made here have been worth every last bit of inconvenience that 
this college has so gtacioosK provided I was luckv m) rat year to 
have had some great rat roomm ites Without TK, OB 1 Big Mike, 
Bake, and Wain I doii know if you would be readme this today. You , 
guys were great and I wish ill oyfou could have made it through this 
place. ^.^ 

To my roommates over the list w^g years M ix and Heels, what 
can I say? I cart believe )ou all put up with ill m> quirks and more 
importantly thanks for not talking to me in the morning Max, dort 
worry I know she out there andT know ^ouU find her Maybe we 
can discuss it in fiitther detail up town at your office" Heels, yoiive 
always been the calming influence in rhe room and we needed that, 
especially with Max anclhis new undcrstutiN Howie I look forward 
to spending even more time with 'you Heels in Newport. I'm sure 
glad ther'e over, but I wouldit trade those \ears witn \ou two tor n\;Voo. 
tm^hing. Thanks. UyKeS. 

Finally, I'd like to thank my t unity for everytiimg over the last four 1 995: BryaU Rychllk 

years, particularly my Mom Even though jou were halfwa)- across 
the world, I always felt like you were ri^t next door 1 m sure the 
phone bill refleaed our closeness' I have 'been blessed with a ".rear 
family, and I could never have made it without \ou thanks, llove 

The Cadet Sports Editor 3 2 1 Big Red Club 3 2 1 Dean Smidi 
Fan Club 4,3,2,1; Trident Society -> 2^1, Trident Society President 2; 
VMI College Republicans 4 •> 2 Pnvate 4 3 2 1 

2001: Ryan Welsh 

Reed T. Warburton 

Pulaski, Virginia 
International Studies / Special Student 

Tom entered VMI three years ago not knowing much about the school 
» or the military, but the goals ancTaspirations he had would cart)' htm to 
be I inc ot the most resperted persons in theCorps today. Currently hold- 
ing the (Tositions of S-5 (Public Relations) Captain and Honor Qiurc 
Prosecutor, Tom has given much to the Institute during his tenure here 

Not k^^in tor his superior abilities in physical fitness Tom is always 
ready to l^e on any challenge. Since his rat year, Toni has stood at the 
topofoo^^^Seademically. Although this was one of Toms main goals, i^ 
he still felt th^l^ere was more he could do for the Corps and the insti- 
tute. Second cla^^ar, Tom Wiis elected as one of the Assistatit Prosecu- 
tors to the Honot'Court and was seleaed for the S-5 Sergeant position, 
while holding these positions, Tom was still able to uphold liis high 
standards in academics, and excel in every area. Even with the crazy 
times in Gold Coast Tom could always make the best out any situation - 
(espeually in dealint, with his co dyke) Not to mention all or the antics ^ 
in room 1 1 1 nt \ l ir (i e WWF with Bernie and Gods Country) Abnxe 
and beyond rhcc accomplishments the moral fortitude and displaj of 
character b) Tom has caused him to become m even stronger person 
«JStitl&>'*d outside the Institute Toms great person ilit\ and toitlinglit 
opinion has served him well throughout his eadetshin As his rime here 
at the '1 eiiHSisto an e^ATom wiH be remembered for his eonrnbutions 
not )ust to VMS, but to his he)mt ot Pulaski as well Whcre\cr lom 
decides te> „o in lite his shear dctcrmmatmn and talents will carry him to 
the top — C eleb Tivlor 

Private 3 Reg S "> St,t 1 Reg S 5 Cpt I Assistant Prosecutor 2 
Prosei-Utor 1, E igle Seout Club, ii2 i Explorer Post t->2l Pre Law 
Society i21, Big Red Club ^ Cadet Imcitment Group 1 Becf%.ritci 
I A^milation ( ommittee 2 English Honor Soaety 521 Phi kappi 


1995: BenjyBird 
2001: Brian Wrighl 

Mia Ulz 

Patwichaichote Wasan 

Aey" % 

Bangkok, Thailand :; 

Civil Engineering / Rof al Thai Army 

Patwichaidiote got scholarship from Ro\al Thai Army to study in 
the United States'bf America; fortunately, he was suggested to study 
at VMI. Four years here gave me lots of expcTiLiiccs. Most of my 
BRs call me "Pat" and I had very tough years in the first year. Finiilly 
I make it, I graduate from VML Now I look forward to the future 
and I will do the best I can for my country and my parents. 

First of all, I woiild like to thank my parents for giving me all op- 
portunities t(j have the successful life. Thank Pu-Mom for every- 
thing. I would like to thank my dikes, P'Chit aiid P'Lum for all dieir 
help though the past tour years. I would like to thank P' P' everyone 
who gave me ;ill helps and warms. Thank Precha and all my friends 
who nave never forgot me. 

Good luck to all BRs in the class 1998 and thank foc.creating some 
great memories of VMI. '■ 

Fairfax, Virginia 
Biology / Air Force 

Matt and I are alike in as many ways as we are different. That has 
made for an interesting few years, but I can say that he is one of the 
most enioyable people'to be around. The general agreement was that 
he would make me have fun and I would keep him out of trouble. 
Some of the things you have pulle4 off will not go forgotten Re- 
member all of the runs that we hact' The flood being one of the best 
The trips to DC, Longwood, and JMU and of course Baldwin always 
.made rot an interesting, time. His overpowering opinions made for 

food arguments or food for thought late at night when we could not 
eep, but that may have been caused from the cold air of midnight 
freeze outs. Remember out pet knuckles.-' 

This school was an interesting choice for Matt. He is headed off to a 
career in the Air Force, yet to someone who did not know him that 
v/6uld be the last place they would see him. Matt s humor and laid ij*Sfe*>--' 
back persona will take him far in this world and he will be an asset to g 
those aroimd him. 
Well, we ipay not run as often togethet or be aBle to drive DP krazy DykCS' 
3ut as always the spirit of 155 will be there. 1 will rniss doing work '' .' 

but as always the spirit o. .^.- ,.»^^ ^^ ^.^»^. ^ „^^.,,^^ ^„„,^ .,^^^-. -innp: t v. d 

while you play computer games or watch hockey, but all is well. Take 1990: JOlin ByTam 

care and ill see you in . . . .--monkeyboy 9nni ■ HaniAl Qtrnnt 

1, ice hockev 4 Cant 1,2.1. ruebv 4.^.2: marathon club ^^^'- UaiUei SirOCK 

1 ; air force slave 
jured 2. 

Pvt. 4,3,2,1, ice hockey 4 Capt 3,2,1^ rugby 4, ,3,2; marathon club 
' " 2,1, pfmc 2,1, motelco guidon 1; AAS 3; in- 

Jason IVf. Watson 


Newport News, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering / Air Force 

My first memory of Ryan, although a very foggy one, was during 
exams of my third class year. Needless to say 4 half-gallons of Beam 
were consumed by 7 people. The next time 1 saw liim was two days 
later and he was still emptying his stomach. Now he has been up- 
graded to my drinking partner and since then we have been able to 
bring out die best, some may say worse, in us. We have had some 
great times together at UGA, Spring Break, Baltimore, Newport 
News, and ar the shows we were able to catch this summer All 
drinking aside, Ryan is the truest friend lye ever met. He would s^o 
out of his way to do anything for you. L'iVing-'with Rjagjws prob- 
ably been one of the best decisions I've made here at the Institute. 
.Thanks for all the good times, sober and drunk. You will be a success 
jnithe Air Force, tets just hope you get your pilot slot, because I 
Avouldit want to be in a pljine that youre navigating. 
— Freebeer , " 

I would like to say th^ks to my parent^ and grandparents for the 
support they have givoi ever since high school Without them I 
would not be where 1 am today. To my orother Scotty (Shaggy) who 
helped me with some of the toughest tunes here we never did get 
along that well before we came here, but ever since your r it jearwc 
made up for it. And to the Blues, Teak wood Clan ind Cicors^ia 
Crew we have had some great times before w e came here ind c i\ c r the 
coarse of our cadetships.''Lets make sure we keep in touch when we 
finally leave this place, you will all be missed Good luck to all of the 
Mctai dykes. Ryan (Modcr) ^ ? ^ ■% ,^ 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 
English / Navy 

1 have known Jason for almost two years and it seems the better I set 
to know him the better I know myself. He has a way of analyzing nfe 
that makes a had situation look alright. He is never quick to judge and 
he .sees others for who they really are. He is always willing tp listen to 
\()iir problems and is quick with encouragernent. He is aTirst class 
private but he always keeps a cle;in cut appearance. He has no enemies 
in Barracks and he cares much about friendship and honor. If he sees 
something going wrong on the hill he is not afraid to speak his mind to 
those who will listen and he helps out whenever any or his brother rats 
are in trouble. He has a deep sense of pride and>accomplishment as a 
cadet and always speaks highlyof the Institute to outsiders. He, like all 
of us, often thiiiks about graduation and die world after VMI an though 
he is not always sure what he want to do with Ms life.Jie is die ty]ie who 
will do well in whatever he pursues. Jason is a true friend, mentor and 
drinkingbuddy. He will always Hta. part of the class of 99. 

Virgin Private, out in 3 years 

Jason Wells 

Adam ]\. Werner 

i'ain, Big Wern, Rowdy Wain, The 

Chester, Virginia 
Civil Engineer / Special Student 

Well the time has come to get the hell out of this place. Mooms 
and Dooms, it has been a loiig, rough road and I would not have 
made it widiout ya'U. Stephanie you were always there for me through 
the good and bad. I carr wait to spend the rest of my life with you. 
To fessica, thank you for being the oest sister anyone could ask for. I 
looK forward to you, John, Fee and I to grow old together. At the 
end of each break throughout die past four years I got this sick feel- 
ing in my stomach. The only thingthat kept me coming back were 
the friends I have made here. To. Bath, Roids, Moose, and Nate I 
had a great time living with ya'lJ evefi though I throw a football now 
better than I can solve a math problem: Ritli keep being Rith. Roids 
thanks for keepirig me normiil in THAT room. Moose keep work- 
ing on those hands and I'll see you in the NFL. Nate just keep telliii J 
those stories and yoiiU go somewhere. To V, keepigpopiri and grillsiri 
and drinkin liquid Bocephus. To the rest of 106 good luck with 
whatever it is yall do when I'm not in there. To Bakes, Kump, and 
Al, I only have one thing to say, OX FOR HEISMAN! Big Jon and 
Fat Werm, keep runningaml someday you'll be as fit as me. Tom 
and Roids cart wait for Uaytona '99. John, Bill and Rats of G.3! 
work hard andplay hard, it goes by qiiick, ::And finally to T.K., 
fellas forever! Tnats all I got. See yall later. 

1st Cliiss Pvt. 1; Pit. Sgt. 2; Corpond -i; Hans and Fr;ins Club .3,2; 
Big Red Club 3,2,1, Poop Club 4,3,2, 1; Honorary Member of 433 
4;TIDC 1, Rowdy Wain- Winston Cup Champion 2,1; Cherokee 
Row 4; FEE 4,3,2,1. 

Fairfax, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering / Navy 


1995: Kayce Kraft 
2001: JohnJicha 

Bill Fitzpatrick 

Douglas K. Whal^ 

Hebrew, Fresh, Jew" 

L^ngston M. White 

"Language, The Riddler, Snacks, 
Flounder. El Nino" 


Vii'ginia Beach, Virginia ;, 

International Studies & Biology / Air Fopei 

A lor of times I walk through D<irracks and forget that I aiii a first 
classman. Right nou typing tinsel am having a hard time believing 
it. 1 remember my Mom saving a year or two ago that when I wrote 
my history it had better be !>enou<i and t.isteful, so here goes. 

First, I have to thank everyone at home who h:« been there for me: 
Mom. Dad, Bubba, Shawn, Kelly, and Damon, Widiout you guys'! 
wouldtt be here at ;iil, or I'd be miserable To the rest of the family, 
you were diere too, but T have only so muth room. To all myprofes- 
sors, you are by f ;ir the most interesting pai r ofjthis schcMil. To all of 
niy ladies, thank you too 

Entering VMI, I was a naive young man I thought I knew a lot but 
I have learned infinitely more. I have come to hate VMl for man> 
things, realizations 1 have had. but I also know th it when its said and 
done I will love this place with an equ il fervor Rats 1 hope if an) 
thing'yqu learn from me jind do not repc it my" mistakes All of my 
boys who have been there with me through it all, thanks igain 

I have seert man)' dreams not materialize but I am not sorry now 
What!. have become overshadows those pettyaspirations 

Azalea/Apple Blossom 4, Sports Medicine X'Re Cadet t 2 1 Water 
Polo 2- TicT<et Office 2; CAP 2; Model Arab League 2, Pnvite -, 2 
Dyke Committee 2; Barracks Stud -4 1,2 1, AlphaLt l,Po\\crlifting 


Frankie Haltom 
Chris Butera 


Atlanta, Georgia 
Civil Engineering / Army 

ne these days why I those VML Right now, I could not give thdSe people 
If those people asked me before attending VMI. I would have said that I 
am going to VMI fordiscipiine and an education. 1 definitely received those two 
things during my tenure here. However, I received more than that. 1 have come away 
from this place with the best friends of my hfe. 

1 would first like<,to tliank my family for all the love and supfjort they haviS^lven me 
over the fout years. Wil;hout them, this pl^e would have been ten Qmeiiurdcr dran 
what It is. Aldiough otir conversations on the phone wen. not alw ays pie isanr I lust 
want to say dianks for listening. Next I would tike to thank die bovs of room 142 foi 
the past three yeats. I did not know all of you dunn., R it vcat cxctpt for Dofelfc 
However. I have enjoyed every minute of hanging out in \ ills room I do not think 
Slat Doug will ever forget the story of sleeping on the floor It was -i hilarious event 
and the story gets better every time I hear Doug rell it 

Now for tw-G people that 1 owe a great deal of thanks to Jordan Qark and lohn 
Struck. Jordan thariks for being there when 1 needed someone t( talk to Itishudto 
im,ii;ine that we have lived with each other for the p 1st dlree ye irs ind were co-cl^^vCS 
to£;i?clier. We have had some fun times together and no one euul 1 have \ better 

illegetoommat^ than you have been. 1 wish nothmt, but the best tor you Whit 
"'"'"' '"" I dont know of any other 

t'l 'n\l Dykes 

Ul Q^er forget 

that stor} will ^o dov.n i 

1 say about John Strock? This guy is a true VMI 
guy theic can stay at VMI for two years on AcPro and lc 
tould write pages about John and it stiil would not be enc 
Duvt shows, iuid VTSJts in Atlanta were great times and I 
just criail I was not with you when you went streakin bt 
the nistorv hoicks. 

1 would "also like CO thank John Cocke, Jeff Meade and the gi^in PeHte corner ] 
h.Ls lieen a roller coLister of a tour >e>irs, but I thmk thi pi uc was the best for mc to s, 
fpeolletje. Although I doii tliink that all the unic but I kaow this pi uc will put us 
step above riu- rest! it l^ hard to imagine iiow fast these U ur years htvc ^ooe bv 
Thank God it is over! Now for bii^gef. better, .md brighter adventures"" 

Pvt 1 S.i. 1; Cpi ^. So Tour Guilk- H.2; S-^ Counselor 2 i CPB Fees t JUnut 
G. V SGT 2. MNMB S-i I; B.g Red Club 3. DMS 1 Deire Lisr i Armv Schofai 
ship ■'',2,1, CoinpUiined about this place 4,3,2,1; 

Stuarts Draft, Virginia 
Chemistry / Special Student 

1 tume to the 'V ove-r tlirce )x\irs ago not knowing what hell was; 1 learned. 
This place could brainwash most minds, but alas my savior came in the torm of 
my dyke, Damian. Damian took the malleable mind and kepr it from being 
corrupted by die Institure. He taught me to distrust VMI authority' in w hat 
was done 'for the good of the ('orps. 1 became ashit-eating third with my BJls 
and was blessed widi three fellow sarcastic roommates. Slikc and I diel feve 
our problems, but in the end we will always be g(X)d friends. For Salmen \pho 
went on to better things, nothing will ever beat his humor. Dan Gibson wa^,| 
the most opposite person 1 could nave gotten stuck with, but he has taught me 
so much about friendship and patience. The memories, ot lack of, when we 
both tutned 2 1 . For my newest roommates NcalsH . ajld ."^Super Fyc thanks for 
carrying on the ci'nicism towards diis plate. Thus weTorget Ring fii^ire: "Did 
you know her Nick?" And to "Super rye, I want you to alwa\'s"remer^|er you 
will always be MY BITCH. My best friend from home aiid I had a ciUOTe from 
the summer of '97 that sums up my teeiings lor the rest ot my friends "There 
trc only two things you need in hie Good Friends and Good Beer (George 
KiUiins) Torn) r-ttjChnstiirif "I vc got anddwtspecial' Barren: loosen up let 
go ind disbelieve inispiact is going to kJl «pu it you take i( tor wh it die 
administration sa; s It 1^ V. 

Thus we travel from barracks to where I sp&t a miny a late iii-lu in the 
Chem building H ink S wa.s one ot m\ greatest te lehers and friends 1 h uik 
you for listening to nic compliin ibout this pi icc K.DS may be sm ill in st it 
ure but he cared kir every chemistry major Thank \ou tor all the help md 
sticlanj Itound to see us gr iduatc Doe loncssud ir was going to be biel well 
It was tut he never gave up on us The Chem Cla,ss ot 98 B.ubin An l\ letl 
Lucas WOJ and Kris we wJl always be remembered is theclass th it ^ i\l the 
chemistry professors dieinsst shit \Vc may be gone Irom New Suen e but 
out voices will echo the halls lore\cr 

Hey, Lucis lixjk' Mike T Bond NoHindWaMni, Chemists Thats 

Vou -^^.t* 

Vit.,in Ptn ite Dis.,riintled Chemist 4 -> 2 { VMI ACS V2 1 (President 
Ireisiircr) Hop and Floor i Intramuril CIC ind ACIC and k lek Qiallcnge 
-.2 1 ■ 

1995: Sid Mitcliner 
2001: SethFord 

"Freddy" Henderson 

Dykes . 
J 995 

Danuan Desmond 
Clinstian "Specials ^ 
Forces" Barrett 

David CM. WiUey 

"Will Dog, Shake-n-Bake, SUent 
Dave, SBD" 

Edward Jk Williams 

Id, Fish, Apple Juice, Woodstock" 

Mark E. Williams 

itk\ RcUUilli.'ims R\V 

Smyrna, Delaware 
International Studies / Special Student 

I've learned more in the past four years than the sum of the previous 
eighteen. But it is satisfying to know that I have learned what is best 
inTife. As for final remarks, I can only offer tliis: To those that know, 
nothing needs to be said; and to those who choose not to know, diere 
is no point in saying anything. Most importantly, some can never 
learn or have not yet learned. Tor those, I leave this: " . . .for he is but 
the counterfeit ofa man who hath not the life of a man.'-LMB" 

Private: 4,3,2,1; ROTCNazi: 4; Boxing: 4,3; Study Abroad: 


1995: MarkFulk 
2001: AlexTedla 

Woodstock, Virginia 
Economics & Business / Air Force 

Life here at the Institute has been filled with many great trials and I 
rrihuhitions. Nevertheless, I always seemed to maMit through the 
tough times. I have formed many great friendships here at the T. 
Nesto, Juan, G, Wade, Joe "Fish I , Barry, Gordy, Mel. .all my fel- 
low F-troopers,..and anyone I forgot, you know who you are. .thanks 
for all the fun. It is hard to believe that May 1998 is finally upon 
us. ..they always said rime flies .^gijen yoiire having fun! August 15, 
1994 seems like it, was just yesteSfo. Rat year was filled with many 
challenges and much destruction! TESrd class year I willingly studied 
abroad at the LFCG, second class year brought ring figure, which will 
undoubtedly never be forgotten by anyone, especially for the "Ghanian | 
Root" First class year has been fiOed with m inj sleep filled after- 
noons in room 194 with Jagu;ir Germann leading the way. Fish 2 
running a close second, andTish 1 comins: m last(only because you I 
have better trades) VMI has felly been m experience Finally, I | 
want to thank my family for being behind me in whatever I do, most 
of all my mom for the car payments phone bills etc and also my 

firl Bethany for always being there for me. widioutvou all I wouldil DykCS: 
e where I am today. Thanks for everytlimg Good luck to Phil ^ . QQp- q -j, i u 
and Mike.... dori worry it'll be over before \ou know It stick in there lyjt): SpiKe JOUnSOn 

guys.... also thanks to Mike for the great jokes and to Phil for teacliing BrVaU McMlllian 

me how to play the guitar. ''. 

Pfivate 4,f, 1; Big lied Club 4,2, 1 ; Rat Challenge cadre 1 ; Boxing 2001: PM LutZ 

2; Powerlifting 1; 

Promaii Club 4,2: Model Arab League 2,1, Intramurals 4,2,1; 
I.H.T.F.P 4,2,i:5LFCC 3; FTrooper forever 

Billy 'Mike' Myers' 

Glen Allen, Virginia 
Civil En0neering /Navy 

In ail my time at this institution and thinking back on the many 
valuable experiences, both good and bad, its h,ird to express how 1 
feel about completing my cadetship. In a strange sense I'm almost 
sacM^ed at leaving It seems as if Imade my home away from home 
here With friends or a special caliber and experiences that would never 
( >t been possible somewhere else These four years have been traveled 
on 1 rocky t^d that started out as a seemingl) narrow endless path 
At times th#^fth closed even farther but for the most parr it wid 
ened as I conti^tel to w alk So many times I w anted to turn aroimd 
and start on ancra^r journej but for a reason 1 11 never underst md I 
did not "What a long str,inge trip its beeri' A trip that taught me 
how I want to kve my life and who I want to become One that 
showed me how wt ill take so much for granted and the unpottancc 
of making the best out of every moment I m now at that glorious 
end I could onh dream of lust four very short )ears ago An end that ^ 
would not hav (. been possible without my f amil> and friends 1 thank^., 

you' , , , Dykes: 

So now I will pioudh m irch to the be it of i ciittertnt drum the . QQc; 

drum of lite I m iookjtng forw ird to it is I h i\e ixtn since that ratn> layO 

August d ly thg class of 1998 came together In whatever mv future 
has^n store I am certain thit I wdl iievcr forger tliesc four precious 

Wresding -l % ASCF 4 3 2 1 Martnl Art^ Club 2 VollevbolJ 1, 
TridentSociay4 -I 2 Summer Schixil All \ ir_,m Private Hardcore 

jeo Panii)i(l 
2001: Mike "Tiie Flayer' 


Sean M. WiUiaiffis 


Thomas M. Wiith 

"Tom, Tommy, Giuis, Dictator" 

Oceanside, California 
History / Special Student 

It is ii shame that the nature of this place stifles people like Sean. I love 
and respea hiiB for the things they tear in hrni. Sean speaks his mind 
doesrt take sh*t from anyone and knows when to give out. His general 
concern for his friends is unparalleled and whenever I have been cor- ^ 
nered, he has always stuck By me. Good luck to you Sean, but 1 dort 
tl^ulk you'll need it. 

In all my years that I have grown to know people, I dori: believe I 
have met anyone who will strive to go out or hi.s way in order to go 
against the grain- be it the T or life in general, In that I respect Es 
will and asserriveness to pursue what he wmits; I res[x-ct him but do 
not envy him. Yet, there iire few that I feel that I have bonded with 
and have grown to love iis only tlie closest of friends can share. There 
is nothing that I would not d<5 for Sean and this is strengthened by 
the fact that I believe he would do the same. '^'ii 

I gorsome shouts to give: Crozet Crew, Ghetto Clik, New Barracks 
and WBC, what up ya'U. To iill my former roommates, you know 
who you ate, I w. ill .ilways remember the good times, keep it real. To 
my 2S%Jolin W, J.R Twan, Shawn W stay up yall. To Tyrone. . . "what 
the deafy yo!"To my dykes: be good and strive for the absolute best. 
The whole worlds lookirt at me, watchin and waitin to see! 

Trendkiller;4,.T,2,l; Intramurals:.%2,l; Crozet Crusader: 3,2,1; 
Triathlon Club: l;Guideon: 1 ; Different: lifetime; 

Fallston, Maryland 
Civil Engineering / Army 

My first encounter with Tom was in Calculus class. I remember the 
way he would finish tests in ten minutes while everyone else desper- 
ately struggled to finish. I hated that! Little did I know he was to be 
my roommate for the next three years. It took a little while to get 
used to but eventually we became really dose friends. Tom wasii 
quite as laid back as I was, but he.did possess at knack at knowing 
when to relax and when not to relax, even though I tried to get him 
to relax all the time. I guess it was good he didrt follow my advice, 
because he wouldit have become the leader he is today. 
5 V': !"■' CPL; 2"<': MSG, HC AR Co Ed Committee; 1": HC Pres, B 
Co. CMDR. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Spaiilsli / Special Student 

My friends told me that it was only going to be hard for a year. 
They left out the three years that. followed. Well, I am passed all 
those years now and 1 am left: almost speechless. 1 have many people 
to thank- for helping me i;et dirough this experience. Naturally, I 
have my parents to thank for helping me through my four years 
here, but more importantly, 1 thank them for making me stay ind 
giving me no other option. Sometimes that is the role that parents 
must take when they know what is best for you and I thank them for 
that. Next come my sisters Terry and Patricia who were unselfish in 
my times of need when I know that it was their time of need also, 
but I especially have to thank them for that one unique tnfetaaion 
that I had with both of them called competition. Tias Maris61 >■ Eli 
gcaCias tambien y especialmente gracias a Abuela por todas las veces 
que rezo por mi. Abuelo, tu me distes mas ayuda de lo que te 
puedes imaginar. Te hecho de menoS. Quiaiia, if I left you out, I 
would be leaving out '.my life. Dou^, Jhcouldii have asked for a 
better roommate. Eri^^and R\on, 11136% you two around. Finally, 
thanks to Coach Bozeman and Coach Iverson who helped mold me 
into who I am just iis much as the Institute did. I love all of you. 
Goodbye VMI. 

Private 4,^,2,1; Monogram Club 3,2,1; Track and Field 1 i 2,1 
Cross Country 4,3; Deans "GTHER' list 4 3,2 1, Dou-. Di m. ii iin 
Driver 2,1 

Dykes : 


Brian "Stick"Williams 
Brian Wilson 

Dykes: ^ 

1995: FrankyHaltom 
2001 I w, Hall by myself. 


Curly, ^Kramer, /\genU)iaz 


John A. Witt 

"Jay, J-Dubb, Jay-Bo, Handsome 


Thomas J. Wojciewchowski 

"Woj, Yank, Chowder Head" 

■ ■;(»#* 

Justin P. Wolfe 

Jew Boy, Jewish, Gigolo, W'olfie 

Big Stone Gap, Virginia 
Civil Engineering / USMC 

Coming to VMI was a tough decision for jay that has proven to be 
one of the best decisions he has ever made. Jay has been a leader and 
a motivator since the first day he arrived on matriculation day. His 
rat year was challenginE; at times but Jay could always make the best 
out of any situation^ He never seemed to let any of it get to him and 
he was always determined. When Jay first arrived, he was just a 
small town country hoy from Big Stone Gap, a place most never 
knew existed. It didft take him ling to put ole BSG on the map 
though. Jays dyke, Anthony, was also from a small town in south- 
west Vfrginia, but didrt know much of him when he arrived. How- 
ever, in ashort amount ot time. Jay and Anthony established a friend- 
ship that extended much further tlian the typical Rat-Dyke relation- 
ship. The times down in room 194 were always humorous in one 
way or another. Jay and I never seemed to leave that room without 
a smile on our face and more often th;m not, still laughing. Third 
class year was all about sleep for him. He always worked hard as a 
corporal in Golf Co. and in his classes, but it you ever needed to find 
him, you just had to look in his rack. This was also the year of DykeS: 
women for Jay. He was always going somewhere different every 
weekend to see some girl he met. Tliere were some great party week- 
ends in there too. This year will fly by last. Betoreyou know it, Jay 
will be an alumnus working for some engineering firm. Well, were 
at the end of the ride now and what fun it nas been. Jay, you're going 
to be missed around here. I know you will do well and succeed in 
whatever you do. Its been quite an experience, Jay. Thanks for 
everything. -ADF 

RAT-4,^nd Cpl.-3, Msgt.-2, -Engr-.-l, Big Red Club-3,2, 1 

Beaverton, Oregon 
Chemistry / Special Student 

Well, AP, we lIkI it and it was far from easy. Its unbelievable how two people 
from two cufferent backgrounds, being as compatible as ether and water, became best 
friends. Brotliet, if it wererit for you Id be me same mixed up, liberal, Gen-Xer I 
am now— someplace else. I'm t^lad I stayed to see you set married, and I'm clad to 
say well be best mends forever. I hope to a higher being that we never lose touch.. .give 
Beth, mom, and dad best wishes for me as I head into the real world. JD, what can 
1 5ay..except "what can I say..?? Since 1 am the only person in barracks who can live 
witJi you, I ask that you keep in touch with me. 1 love you, you're the brother I 
never had. Both you and AF stu<.k m the worst times, and supported me 
when I started to fly off the himdie; it t<x.ik you guys to set me straight- To all the 
friends I've made during this trip: thani^for ever>thins:- To all the people who 
questioned my judgement, thanks for notKif;:^, but thanlc you sincerely for caring. 
NOW LETS BLOW THIS POPSICLE STANl)!!! Lucas, Robin, Wormy. Dieteria, 
and Nick: It took a wlule for tlie bond to be m^e, but I'll always remember the 
Qual-parties, Unwanted Cousin, MoTown 4. and CONTACT!!! Friends for Life. 
What a family. EEE-Gad.s. I know I dorit have to cell mv rats to carry on the slack 
tradition of those m the dyke line before them. Torrey arid Rvan, it airt easy, dori 
let my opinion of this place infIu|5(^:M)^u, gradiute and BE DONE!!!. Doc Jones 
(dad), thank you for it all. You g&<feB'^e tlirough h)ur years ot hell.and into a new 
world. Youll hear good things irorrr^e m a couple of years. 

WeU. boys, the Chem Qass of 98 has taken the Cliem Dept. by storm and there 
hasrt been a class like us since. Even diough we set die tone for the classes behind us, 
I feel empty without Tim Berry here with us. He wiis die heart and sole of our 
family and hell be doing VMI an injustice if he doesrt come back tt> graduate 
if you ever get a chance to read this: I speak for chermits, thats i 

1996: Anthony "Buck" Grey 

Jim "Fat Jimmy" Johnson 
2001: JohnPettry 

and wish you could walk the stage ■ 
WeU. Chris, I read that and thought tha 
biography. In the end, it looks Uke you ti 
to. Semper Happy.... always and forever 
■i cannot be coerced into doing anythnv 
Boyardee!!!!" --Yours Trtdy, "I just %van[i.( 
Felt Violated 4,^,2,1. -^MoTown 4" 2,1 
Counselor 2,1. Dork 4,3.2,1. Bert. 
Ciuiracter 4,3,2,1. 


Tlu- P,il 

[ yuu mmt be crMV ruttm.q th.. 
Tliank'vou, gnmdmii. God Bk 
f "AP Gchring 'Look at mc 1 
hust heads--). D 

AV-iffiV TMJ '^0, ACS 2.1 (vp). S-S 
(> APs Ernie 4,%2,1. Real-life Camion 

1 I Jlose 


1995: Chris Myers 
2001; Torrey Phanelson 
Ryan Cates 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Economics & Business /Special Student 

Before arriving at VMI, lustin entertained tlie idea of being in the special (orees, 
iuckily, after liis friends Beat a httle bit of sense into him, and the ROTC depart- 
ment denied him proper entry, he realized that it was truly his destiny to be i spec 

Witfrhis sense ot humor and his friends hy his side, Ju^n navigated his way 
through the Rat Line with minimal turmoil. Being roominates, as well as bcina 
on the tennis team together, and being in the same academic major, Justin and 1 
always .seemed to be'togethcr as rats. I know that our mutual supjxirt made 
things much c-Asiet on me during that time of ttial. During his free time. Justin 
enjoyed decorating tlie r.uliator in room 422. . . 

Third cla,ss \ e u- — rumored to be a cadets worse at the I brought gwd times 
tor Justin He divieied his time between being a rock and roll star tap d mcing 
around the room early m the morning and instigating late night rumbles iii room 
^31 after W&X frat parties It also brought Justin the opportuniry to study 
abroad in Englmd Hulili„hted by a visit a British emergency room 

A reality cheek was in orJcr is Justin returned to the states for our junior year 
The Fcon department vi as happ\ to deliver this wake-up call is Jusan got stuck 
with a humble Kidemiclo id 

Late in his e i Ji tship Justin found time to pursue a long time interest — Ik be 
came 1 rhcspi ui A what^ One of Justire foremost aceomphshments duriiie his 
stay thouch it raa\ sctm hard to heliexi » u-. m in lyng to meet every girl from 
cvcf, sinji St itc uistituaon Justin d iblkd in i ht ofeverything while serving 
tunc hen md ■fth\ not^ Hi does know every dimg (iqcuaijl^alwt c irs) Who 
knows \i hit the future holds for diis VMI man' No one knows fur sua includ- 
ing himself 1 ut iiothmgisourof the tjucsnon Idoknn that be h is m ide VMI 
much more be irable for in my people durini, his stn ind Khcre\cr he ends up 
people around him w ill be better otl fi 


1995: Tom 
2001: Sam 

"Tuna" H 

" Lnnea'v-j 

Cadet Investment Group T 2 I VMI Thentei Liugh- 
CoUciie Republicans M lun Brooke b "i Tour Guide 2 I 
S-'5lSher2 1 k nnis Team" 4 De are List Academic Srar MOEPODw.sisrant 
beer i,2,\ and Bi„ Man on Post 

Pmatc 1 
tetonthc 2^ M Kx 

Hsiao-Wen Yu 


Republic of China ''■4 

Electrical Engineering / Array 

Hank Yu, an all around nice guy. He came from Taiwan, leaving 
his family and friends , to study fa the states. Hank was a couple of 
days late to cadre week due to a typhoon in Taiwan, but when he 
arrived, speaking minimal English, lie adapted to his environment 
quickly, developing triendships that will last him a lite time. Unfor- 
tunately, the "i was Hanls first impression of American, but now 
after Rat year and graduating, Hank hopes to renirn to America for 
graduate studies. 

Throughout his four years here. Hank experienced broad aspects of 
VMI. He has held rank within the corps, pitrticipated in the Rat 
Challenge program, and enjoyed lite, his last year here, as a l"' class 
private. You''can always find a smile along with a greeting from 
Hank whenever you passed by him. So with Hank; character ofrhard 
work. and positive attitudes, he will be missed by the institute and 
appreciated by the world. 

Ring Figure Honor Guard 3; Platoon Commander at Chinese Mili- 
tary Academy (CMA)2; Rat Challenge Station Cadre at VMI .3,2; 
Rat CKallenge Platoon Leader 1; International Student Club; Chinese 
Cadets Club 

Richmond, Virginia i 

Economics & Business / Special Student 

When it really comes down to it, the only thing I'm thankfftl for is 
the fact that I made it through this hell. This probably has been the 
worst 4 or so years-xjf my life. But on the brighter side of things I did 
have some fun here. All I have to say is thanks to ail the gujs that 
have made diis place bearable at times. All the "uys that graduated 
last year, Tripp, Toe, Berger, Joel, .Troy, Gruse Chuck, )oanny, and 
everybody else, Iwish I coulcThave been there w ith you To the gu\ s 
still here, Garrett and Thomas and company I m glad its ()\er Ritn, 
^Peryck, Nate, D.P., Travis, Danny Hughes and Tony, thanks lor all 
ifhe good ideas to make me feel a litde Better To all the guys on the 
-leara, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks tor all the fun trips and I 
hope you kick but next year. Mom and Dad, thanks for being there 
for me. I had some baci times here but you stuck b) me Hove you 
all both very much for that. I couldrt have done it without you 
Thanks everyone. Check ya later! 

Baseball i,3 2 1 Monogram Club 4,3,2,1, Big Red Club2,l,RDC 
Virgin I RittlcsClub2,ILongHair Club 3 2,1, Failing Economics 
Student 4 3 2 l,etc. The Mdl Club 2. 

Dykes : 


Grairi H. 


1994: John Payne 
2000: Aaron Cantley 
John Jackson 

Joseph B. Adams 

"Sup, Jaybird" 

Jonathan I). Atkins 

'kni, "ioij, Skip".,, 

Great Rjver, New York 
History & Envii'onmental Leadership / Army 

He kn. 

J It VMI m die i ill 1 f 94 ruidv to tikt ii tht eiorld kjtline or 
il I lu-ikL It tlin ugii tiie Ridine beuuise hi. !uj lu 1 )cjr5 
JelJiV mahruan 95 he and Ills BRs made the nmdd' 
up tht I Iiil In f lit ill ui| eed hk ir VMI > , mudi tlial he ti imd it difficult ti le i 
m till L I 1 ol Sumni ftinii ")i it \eas the notntious acadciiiiL radim thll he w 
prepitLdtnt i\hLii he \i is i third lit learned that one eail spend to rmith time and 
phone He also Joined the Vic^^ Niuonal Guard that iLimmer in 1 spent 
mueh time on the road to Rielimond Unfortunateh he spent more time on the i u 1 
th-mhe did on hes eourscs at summer school As i second looithan found himself in 
e\ile with extra time to ponder \ehat he had learned it the I' He learned ni in\ thin.,s 
ffom die histitute th tt he ma> never recei\e a grade foBj'slilve^jpiereeNeran e ^re iter 
understanding of other people lastiturions aad,himseU He roun^ stren^t!^^1S^ 
Br itherhood lod idmiration for what VMI aspuo to be Heine* he had to rel%n e\c 
\mt ( hemlbtry two more times' The class i f OS had ordered him In Kturi 
when he attended Rine Figure rnd he wish gom^ t . disappoint imone He finilli 
nil li rsi 1 die idai,e Though VMI ma> not be a great pi lee to be it is a ere it pi 
1 I tr ini He proudh wears the Rine ind looLs torWTt-d ti the da> he walks the stajjC 
Hid ean elll VMI aling mater *The list of desereed thiak jou, is long -uid ilist 
to long to hst in the given jjpaiA. However 1 would C^hiilk you Morty if ni t 
would not be who I am todb^ To Mike )ou will alvva^Mae m> student, voii i! 
hliry Itihano lu Rieh I want to say tliankj. for makini; breaks so much liiii il 
goes out to the good times ,Jusr ellillin like de bei)S. To Jimmy 1 w ml f i\ 
being down here to keep me sine in i plaie th it tests nn pitlenee 
md Mrs DelK diank you for l,i\ ing me i hi me a wav from homi 
To ni> D id th mks for letting me deode wh it is best fi r me I ist 
\ am to drank you Mom with put you none if this would be possible Iwill 
vour idvice guidance and Stlpi5(jrt I hope that soon your hardest proje*et iM 
prove 1 success and the crc3lt you deserve wdl be yours To my 1 wish y 
mcfeluture "'• *■ 

Rat I Private i i,\ ChunJi 4 Enelish ajeieti -1 S-5 cour g»idt I \\ Geo lab est 
spint squids Cadet bitrery it Hotel PSttics w, LikH Armv 4,3 Bm Rej Qub s 
M iry Baldwin -i Jimmys 1 Home 2 Ate Draok md was Merry '1 3 3 I New \orki 
Always si iW 

« 1& * 3*" 


on I lull I isi Ml 
. \()ll HI \K Ml 
mtimi St iiii; It ml 

Dykes: ^^ 


Jolyon Nonstable 
Keith Allen 


Toms River, New Jersey 
English / Air Force 

> peruse a high school year- 

Eric 1. lannelli 


Travis B. Kurtz 


Justin G. May 

Wa, .Ja\, Ja> Miiv, Sat Ni^ht 

FeV CI- 

As iimarter of coincidence, I had the oppurrumty ._ ^ . . 

booi^ last night with some friends. We laughed - half id jest, haiflrom vicarious 
embarrassment - about some things that were written. Certain events, relation- 
sllifffi, and people seemed momentous four years ago, but their impaa and mean- 
ing has facied with time. With that minor lesson in mind, I write this "history as 
a piece of semi-obiective reflection and not as some sort of manifesto I might 
ultimately regret. To begin, let me make a firm point in the simple fact that 1 
could conjest these few paragraphs full of quotes and sententious -proverbs that 
have been apnlicable to my life at one point in time or another over the past four 
years I will, however, save the reader from such unwarranted punishment and 
state only one. It was Horace-TOilpole who said, "Life is a comedy for those who 
think, and a tradgedv for those who feel' which is an observation neither whim- 
sical noi*profouna. The obvious is often the most complex. 

My time at VMl has been filled with both thought and feeling. My cadetship 
shared the most placid times with the mb'st tumultous ones in my lire thus far. 
Details are irrelevant, for they will become simple mmiories filed away in the 
warehouse of the mind, sorted acc9;^ding to importance,and under various levels 
of access. Feelings have changed aad will change, too, The resolure impartiality 
I exude as I write this has evolved from bitterness, fen^,, despair, joy, and an 
infinite number of emotions in between . But, throujpi; analysis and philosophy, I 
have grown from these feelings andevcots, no matt^ how pleasant or pamful. 
Somenow, it all seems so amusing in retro.spccr. Hindsight is always 20/20: dear 
vision precedes clear thinking an^ cleaiiTiiought will inevitably precede laughter. 
Laughter proffers us the oppurtunity to look at ourselves in a lovingly critical way 
and change what we must in order to make life a forward movement. As you 
leave this establishment, wink. YChen you flip through these pages of this year- 
book in the year 2005. think. While your grandchlldten read over these words 
written by an unfamiliar man in a foreverTost time, think. Contemplate the 
events in your life that have molded you into the man you are today ^ou will 
lai^gh at the good times and the bad, for thought aJllows us to grow from both out 
mistakes and successes and taste the actuahty of living. Feeling, on the omet 
heind, destines us to commit the same gross errors of judgement and, more often 
th<ui not, feel guilty ot bitter that they railed to work our in our favor once again. ' 
Do not be embittered over your time spent here, as I mav have been inclined to 
do. What matters is that 1 learned ancil grew while at V>II, and the aforemen- 
tioned events have made me a better person. I can smile about that today. Every- 
body deserves to laugh. Think about it. 

Tlie Cadet 4,3.2,1, editor-in-chief 2; Phi Beta Kappa; College Republicans 2; 
Enghsh Soucty 4,3,2; Ring Design Chariman; Institute Scholar 

Dayton, Oregon 
Mechanical Engineering / Navy Special Student 

My appreciation is extended toward all those who have gone above 
and beyond to accommodate my higher my education. 
Thanks speaficall) go to m) rat roommate who enabled me to get an 
early start in my ways of rebellion and non-conformation to the aomins 
more "useful" regulations, the ever alert upperclassmen who saw to it 
that I got three round meals ea^h day, Lt Col. Simpson iind Col. 
Williams without w hose und)'^K,%ttention I may have never wasted 
any time serving unending pena^^ Capt Steenburg who gave me 
the esteemed privilege of being a #Tdul) member; and finally Col. 
Dickson and Col ^X'^ll^ams for their assisting in a lengthy ° furlough' 
allowing me to break tree (so far) ot all nn ^bad" habits. 

In all sincerity thanks must trul) go to Col Farrell tor his support 
and ability to see the tru^^athe face of adversity pulling for me 
after years in which no o^iOT^would md tuttmg my 'furlougK 
short. T^^^^ 

All the above has enabled me to finally graduate and in so doing 
astound all of my biggest "fans 
Gratefully, BK 

Virgin FCP; Outstanding Achie\ements Hazing Roommate, 
Throwing a third from the fourth stoop, Fireworks in barracks, 
"Mooning more generals than you can shafcea stick at'doe) DuBosc) 
Pouring water on Lt.Col. Simpson; Marched more pen iltics than the 
current combined Commandants staff has ever £;iven out (except 
"Uncle Ron) 

Bealeton, Virginia 
English / Marine Corps 

With still another semester as one of Vas M irching Idiots, ttwill be 
hard getting left behind. I want to start bj w ishing all the men of 
98 a sincere stroke of good luck in the hiture as \ ou all head to 
naSlfevQur millions. I dori have anything but lo\e and respect for 
thS sc%«l that has tested me to the fullest and for thegu)s(most of 
them) thSt went along for the 4 yr ride Tim Dogg, thanks for 
keeping mv,head up against the struggle of being a cadet You ate a 
true friend artAsomeone for whom I would stick my neck out for 
anytime, anv'^vnere, to help, because I know you would do the same. 
Gabe, thanks for putting tip with us over the last 2 and foi becoming 
someone I consider a true friend. Joly, best of wishes Swampfox, the 
Pentagon is ready. To Don, Hole Jay, Lud Diesel, Potsy, Roseft^, 
Rich Parker BiiK Troy, codykes of 12^ and others who quickly- > 
figured out tnat ^I i> was crazy yall better sta\ m touch There are 
stUl more memories to make KK things will never work, but my 
friend Mo is still at his peak Sean, Rich Ed and Chris th,uil s foe 
ca£»Q^a^ stray and teaching hun what he needed to know 1 ani 
lotever Io> al And last, I must mention a ftmih w ho lu vtr stopped 
believmi, in me and has midc it all hippen Inmi nu excellent 
report irds m my early mornine homecomings MOM and DAR 
you h ivc put up widi a lot Please d<>nt kick me out lusi vet Lmd- 
sa> never toigetyouvegol a brother to tail to but nt>t doliow nionc) 
from Good am ICC is priceless C irson and H irlow Could ha-vc 
used you guys Bo and Dan thanks tor < orruig to the rcscaic To in> 
2"' Sem IJvkc John good lucl I cart help but belie\c that the 
Re-srards irc I enfold 

Jul ACPRO 4A Boxing 2 Powcriiftuu -4 ^Prc law t C or 

r2,#l/ Busted 


1995: Matt Russell 





Top Left: There is nothing like a 

black eye to brighten up your 

day.. .except for a hug from riathan. 

Top Right: James, Dave, John, and 

Jason arrive at the Mew Market 

Battlefield to present the rats with 

their VMI crests. Above Left: Yet 

another victim of the infamous rack 

monster. Above Right: The Cadet Staff 

celebrates after another deadline. 

Right: Mate Davvg and Nike try to 

impress some passing giris ... it 

didn't work. 

'> t 



Top Left: John, Tim, and Jason enjoy 
(??) a night in ban-acks with each other. 
Top Right: A cold beer and a cigar 
completes the final day of Ring Figure! 
Alx>ve: Joey Bates makes sure that 
General Bunting's dog becomes well 
acquianted. Left: Dave Bums, our MTV 
Real World star, snacks on a mouse 
during a FTX. Wouldn't the MTV 
producer love to see this one! 

f eff ••■ n\ der and Dave 
Kac? iniarck inake 
siJi^ill IS vei l m con inumration 
dUOnS-C =!<^ c Hfc^K ~'ic pfcnilcmen 

pljV 3_ 1 r^rt jTL OI>^ U) the 

wee"* s i ^ sfe hgi e 

there \m ,__ tr _ j:^i! icieiief 

A Step Closer 

The Second Class 

As I contemplate the days and years since matriculation day, August 21,1995, I am reminded of the 
many great and wonderful experiences we have shared, amidst all the hard work and adverse 
conditions that enter into our lives. Three years have gone by and we are now embarking upon our 
last, with the confidence and great leadership necessary to uphold and instill the building blocks of VMI such 
as the class system and rat line, never forgetting the keystone that permits each and everyone of us to hold our 
heads high, the honor code. 

If we want VMI to continue to be what it is, we must remember to serve and help one another while 
embarking on the daily challenges we face. All of us have been, or will be involved in a leadership calling one 
way or another during our cadetship. It is not the magnitude of that position but how well we fulfill our 
calling and serve with a sense of duty. 

Our turn is now here, to run barracks and uphold the lifestyle and traditions that we hold true to us 
and those that have been taught by our dykes and through experience. We have the responsibility of caring 
for and instructing our dykes to become like the VMI men of the past. 

To close, I want to thaiik each member of the Class of 1999 for the opportunity to serve in tins 
capacity as your Class President. It is not easy and very time consuming but I enjoy the challenge. I want to 
thank Chris for all of his dedication and long hard hours he put into Ring Figure and I wish him the best as 
he walks the stage this year. Dallas, my brother and friend for life, I will ever be thankHil for your continu- 
ous support and help. When it is needed you are there without question, all I have to do is ask for it to be 
done. May each member of this class go forward with a steadfast conviction that what thty ate doing here is 
forging themselves to be stalwarts of the VMI mission, educated and honorable young men. As hard as it is 
or may seem, look at yourselves and see what VMI has done for you. 
Written by Ezra Clark ,„q 

Jacob Abell 

Chris Alligood 

Brian Arnold 

James Ayers 

Kevin Azar 

Matt Bagwell 

Kenan Baluken 
Weslev Banow 

Foster Beekei ^ 
Charles Bennett 
Jason Bcig 
Trent Bian 

Ian Bobbitt 

Pierce Bogcse 

John Boland 

John Bolt 

James Bott 

Ben Bradtoid 

Sidney Brandon 

Joel Britt 

Jason Brown 

Paul Brown 

Randy Brown 

Matthew Brvant 

David Budlong 

Alan Bull 

Scott Burns 

Aaron Bush 

James Camblos 

James Campbell 

Thomas Campbell 
Matthew Carman 

Douglas Carson 
Joshua Cazadd 

Joshua Cuscaden 

Tuyen Dam 

Rvan DeboLichcl 

John Deem 

Troy Denison 

Nicholas Devincenzo 

David Dixon 

Matt Dixon 

William Dorsey 

Justin Douglas 

Eric Duncan 

Jochcn Dunville 

Dale Durlach 

Randy Eads 

Eric East 

Grant Edd\ 

Ricco Espinoz i 

Jason Estes 

Charles Faulkner 

Justin Fertick 

Jason Fletcher 

Joseph Fontanelli 

Christopher Forbes 

James Ford 

Patrick Forrest 

Andrew Fox 

Josh Frank 

Matthew Franks 

Michael Fritz 

Ed Frothingham 

Andrew Fuller 

William Gage 

Charles Gallion 

John Garncski 

Jeff Geisendaffer 

Patrick Geoghegan 

Mathew Hart 
Roger Hart Jr. 
Filip Heist 
Heith Helms 
Patrick Henderson 
Kevin Henderson 

Daniel Hendrix 
Jason Hennisan 

Rory Hindley 
Vincent Hogan 

Jeffrey Holder 

Bill Home 

Michael Howie 

Wen-Jeng Huang 

Jacob Hughes 

Ki Hak Hwans 

Matthew trviii^ 

Christopher Jackson 

Henry James 

Mark Jamouneau 

David Janeka 

Ryan Johnson 

Brian Jones 

David Kaczmarek 

James Kane 

Anthony Kasprzyk 

Corey Kearse 

Matthew Kerr 

Benjamin Kincaid 
Joshua Kling 
Andrew Kiall 

Chinkerd Krisada 
Matthew Kuhr 
Jae Kv\on 

Jeremy Lahore 
Nathan Lada 
George Lawrence 
Moabi Lesole 
Jared Linkous 
Brian Long 

Christopher Lowery 
Chi-Heng Lu 
Stephen Lucas 
Marshall Luck Jr. 
Christopher Lukanich 
Michael Maire 

Charles Man- 
Alexander MaiTone 
Eric Marshall 
Sager Marshall 
Eric Martin 
Matthew Matheny 

Gregory Mc Deamion 
Michael Mc Dermott 
Wyatt Mc Graw 
Christopher Mc Guire 
Jonathan Mc Mahon 
Randy Mc Math 

Graham Mc Pherson 
Patrick Meyer 
Stanley Midy 
aac Moore 
Ali Morales 
Jeffrey Morrison 

Lee Rees 
James Reger 
Christopher Reid 
Charles Reinhold 
Timothy Remzi 
Jeffrey Roberts 

Ale Rodriguez 
Eric Roed 
John Rogers 
Scott Ronayne 
Brian Ross 
Benjamin Rowe 

Michael Rust 
Kevin Ryan 
Craig Sanslow 
William Sarsfield 
Andrew Smith 
Jason Smith 

Jeffrey Snyder 

Jeffrey Sprague 

Anthony Stafford 

Andrew Staples 

William Steinbacli 

Matthew Stephens 

Shane Stille 

Sean Stockwell 

Patrick Stutts 

Janchaysang Suwatwong 

Cameron Tabor 

Sean Tashman 

Willis Tatterson 

Wesley Taylor 

David Thompkins 

Jason Tomlinson 

Seamus Toolan 

Jason Trubenbach 

Kristopher Turpin 

Matthew Vanhoose 

Chad Varnanse 

Shawn Ward 

Trent Wamecke 

Jason Weaver 

Richard Webster 

Micah Wei 

Courtenay Whitman 

Daniel Wilbun 

John Wilcox 

Barry Williams 

Dylan Williams 

Paul Wills 

Michael Wilson 

Bradford Wineman 

Brian Withers 

Brian Wolfe 

Christopher Work 

John Wnght 

Michael Wiig; I 

Bei-Chaun ^.l 

John Yak 

Left: Hey Dale, stop grabbing 
my fanny! Below: The fun times 
begin at the "I" when you are 
retuming from a \veel\end. 

Lcfl: "1 study better ulicii I actuall) lia^c some blood going to 
my head" Below: "Fa, La, La, La, La, We love our dykes!" 

:, ■ •■•• better 

- it did not 

!':!■■,' "Ihird.s eat — " 

.■•■„ i,. 

r The thirds 


forward to, 

Is who have 



Climbing the 


On the 19* of August 1996, 420+ high school graduates signed the famous matricu- 
tion book that so many great men had signed before them. This undisciplined mass of 
young men began Aeir long, difficult journey to become VM.I. men. Little did they know 
that the next sbc months would bring the most strenuous and trying times of their young lives. Gradu- 
ally they became united as one, sometimes by not so peaceful means. They stuck togedier despite all the 
obstacles which tried to prevent their unity, such as being deemed unworthy of being rats and becoming 
college freshmen for a week. Although they were forced to get destruaive and cost their dykes thou- 
sands of dollars, they pulled through and became one. Finally, after six months and one day of blood, 
sweat, and tears, the mass of 97+3 became the last all male class in the history of the Institute, die 
CLASS OF 2000. Now as they have completed another year of the VM.I. experience, diey have proven 
themselves as being the best class ia barracks. Now the sky is die only limit that faces the last real class 
at VM.I. 
Written by: Justin Wood 

Chris Abbott 
Eric Adams 
Bradley Allen 
Landen Allen 
Ronald Allen 
Daniel Alvarez 

Duante Amann 

Timothy Amorim 

Seaton Angley 

John Archer 

Christian Arllen 

Robert Arvin 

Richard Baltimore 

Ali Bangura 

James Banton 

Willy Barquero 

Joseph Bartolomeo 

Paul Belmont 

Jeremy Berr\ 

William Beverlin 

Mitten Bhavsar 

Conrad Bicknell 

Jacob Bilthuis 

Douglas Black 

James Boatright 

Gregory Bosley 

Chris Boswell 

Andrew Bowen 

Daniel Boyers 

Charles Bradv 

Kevin Braun 
Matthew Brigance 

Jason Brown 
Winston Brown 

Left: Ferguson has just won the Natural Light sweepstakes and plans on consuming 
his winnings. Kight: Corporal Mewman has had enough of the rats, and plans to kick 
back and relax. Below: Looks like Cantley is enjoying the good life at one of the 
neighboring girls school. 

Harold Caples 
Joseph Caller 
Timothy Catalano 
Ryan Cengeri 
Anthony CcrcUa 
Micah Chandler 

Todd Charrington 
Robert Chcnault 
John Chisholm 
Jeremy Clary 
Jason Clough 
Jason Cole 

Liam Conner 

Chris Comelli 

Jeb Cox 

Patrick Coyle 

Charles Craddock 

Thomas Craig 

Grayson Craun 

Matthew Crowgey 

Wilham Davis 

Gill Dccher 

Aaron Demory 

John Denton 

Paul Derose 

Shaun Devane 

Chris Dinunzio 

Justin Dodge 

Ryan Doltz 

Vernon Doolc\ 

Timothy Dowdy 

John Downs 

Ian Doyle 

Eric East 

Odudu Ekpoudom 

David Emmerich 

Derek Engelhard 
David Epperly 
George Esteve 
Greg Fedor 
John Ferguson 
Don Ferguson 

Stephen Fem 

Shawn Fisher 

Raymond Fletcher 

Sean Foley 

Nathan Friedline 

Ross Fuller 

Lucas Hale 
Nathaniel Haley 
Carl Hammond 
Chris Haney 
Nicholas Harding 
William Hanungton 

Jonathan Hailsock 
Brian Hav 

John Herrin 
Matt Herrnberger 

Joshua Hilewitz 
Alex Hill 
Scott Hillycr 
Da\id HotTman 
Richard Holland 
Phillip Hopkins 

Paul Hotze 

William Huffman 

David Hunt 

Benedict Inyama 

Frank Jackson 

John Jackson 

Chyn-der Jah 
Alan Johnson 
William Johnson 
Whitakcr Johnston 
Charles Jones 
Devon Jones 

' 'ofiL ^i ^r 


( jB ^^^ 


- ^'IHl " 



Just when the class of 2000 thought they were 
done with the worst of their cadetship, they 
became thirds. As third classmen, they found 
;lves in a vastly different school than what they 
had just adjusted to last year. They were able to now 
roam the stoop, have a stereo, and most of all yell at 
rats. On top of this, they found the "academic ratline!' 
Thirds learned that teachers aren't sympathetic anymore 
and expect a lot more from them. It seems it did not 
matter how much or how well they studied, grades were 
still bad. After experiencing the joys of breakout, and 
summer vacation, returning as thirds was simply, in one 
word... depressing. With ring figure still several months 
away, and graduation light years away—it seems, VMI's 
last children of the Old Corps were in a state of limbo. 
Well, at least things couldn't get any worse. Next stop, 
Rint; Fii;ure! 

VViitten Ry Dtinicl Alvarez 

Douglas Jordan 
Benjamin Kaler 
Matthew Kass 

John Kearney 
Abbott Keesee 
Paul Keeton 

Matthew Keller 
Brent Kennedy 
Robeil Kennedy 
Todd Kennedy 
Joseph Knick 
Scott Kuebler 

William Lambert 
Kenneth Landberg 
Brian Lee 
Johnathan Lee 
Paul Lee 
Michael Leonard 

Michael Lim 
Mark Lineberry 
Jonathan Long 
Chris Lowrance 
Chris Lucas 
Frank Lucero 

James Mahala 
Colin Mahle 
Ryan Mahoney 
Eric Mann 
Joshua Manzano 
Brett Martin 

James Martin 
Matthew Martin 
Scott Martin 
Jason Maslow 
Douglas Massie 
Thomas McCarthy 

David Merchan 

Michael Meyer 

William Meyers 

Matthew Milburn 

Jason Miller 

Peter Miller 

Charles Minski 

Ryan Mitchell 

John Mogge 

Jose Mojica 

Nicholas MoUenhauer 

William Moore 

Michael Mule 

Clint Mundinger 

Benjamin Murray 

Kenneth Myers 

Jeffrey Neal 

Matthew Neelv 


James Nelson 
Joseph Nester 
Ryan Newman 
Nhan Nguyen 
William Nootens 
Jeremv North 

Donald O'sullivan 
Matthew Okuley 
Kyle Pabin 
Jonathan Palmer 
Chwan Pan 
Matthew Parker 

Edward Pearson 
Andrew Pelton 
Yao-zu Peng 
Tharen Peterson 
Jason Pierson 
Adam Pool 

Joseph Poppa 
James Powell 

Charles Pramawat 
Adam Priest 

Justin Pusczykowski 

Jason Rasch 

Anthony Rayonie 

Jeffrey Rhodes 

Thomas Rhodes 

Stephen Roman 

James Royce 

Eric Samaritoni 

Joseph Shulkens 

Adam Schwarzschild 

Joseph Segar 

Shawn Segreti 

Charles Semler 
Josh Setina 
James Sheldon 
Guang Shyong 
Martin Silman 
William Sjem 

Brian Skusa 

Andrew Smith 

Jason Smith 

Joseph Smith 

Jared Snawder 

Josh Spradlin 

Paul Staton 

Stewart Staton 

John Stewart 

Kenny Stigler 

Timothy Storck 

David Stormont 

Stefan Supon 
Kenneth Sykes 
Aaron Taylor 
Bruce Taylor 
Jack Thornton 
Abdoul Touray 

Charlie Townes 
Matthew Tyson 
Kelly Underwood 
Josh Wagner 
Eric Walker 
Thomas Walker 

James Wallace 
Lei Wang 
Will Ward 

William Warthen 
Jerry Webb 
Paul Webber 

Aboue:TUe third class commandos 
have entirely too much time on 
llieir hands. Le/i; Csteve and 
Alvarez get ready for a parade. 
Kiglit: Rat Smith is kindly 
introduced to the third classmen 
who live around Sally Port. 

Chad Welch 

Ryan Wheeler 

David Whetstone 

Ronald White 

Matt Williams 

Matthew Williams 

Jacob Wilson 

John Wilson 

Kenneth Wing 

James Witten 

Justin Wood 

Jeremy Woodhouse 

(Jou eKteiiad ^j^l a 

botj orgI 0)i& ?£fli)ing a wOn S\/e eKCowiog^ you to put 

tjowi specia?. toucR on eD-ejujtfcng you do. 

TR& ^utujifc is yowis. 

Sa/^ Oiie incnedib&y pnoud o(y you, 

Moy God bdess you oud watcR oo-ei you. 

GongnatufatioKS to you and tRe Qloss. o\j lQQ8l 

S\/itR ai oun 




r t-H 

Q P.O. BOX 636 
1^ TELEPHONE (804) 794-53C4. 


1 1 


Sea Cadets 

Eagle Scout 
JROTC Captain 

USMC 2nd Lt 

WOW, What a trip! 

Remember to put God 
first, and HE will be 
your ultimate guide & 
shield through life! 
[Psalm 9 I]. 

Were proud of you, and 
we love you! 

Dad, Mom, Jeremy, 
Jonathan, Granny & 
Papa, and Grandma 




Congratulations to the 

Class of 1998 

Managed Service, Managed 


VMI Dining Hall 

Keydet Kan teen Snack Bar 

Managed Services 

Managed Better 

"We are here to serve You." 

Congra-tula-tions, 3rook and the VMI Class of 1393 

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. 

Talent- will not; 

nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with great talent. 

Genius will not; 
unrewarded genius is almost- a proverb. 

Education will not; 

the world is full of educated derelicts. 

Persistence, determination alone are omnipotent." 

Love ya and thanks for your persistence — Mom, Pad, and Christie 

Hey ^rookie, you made It! 

VMi '93 '93' 93 

Thanks for treating us to all of the 

good times at VMI - tailgating, football 

games and parades, 

And for enduring the tough times 

without us 


Cherie and Ron 
Andrew, Jenna, and Evan 

Kim and Rick 
Joshua, Lauren, Timothy and Aiyssa 

Pam and Eric 

Grammy Barbour 

Oramle and Granddad Fox. 

Gramle and Granddad Wusthof 
















Langston Mitchell White 

"One secret to success is to 

know your own weakness. An 

even greater secret is to 

know the One who is the 

source of strength" 

LilUe did we know.. 

When dreams are small Results are 

Life is a gift 

accept it 

Life is adventure 

dare it 

Life- is a mystery 

unfold it 

Life- is a game 

play it 

Life- is a struggle 

face it 

Life is beauty 

praise it 

Life- is a puzzle 

solve it 

Life is opportunity 

take it 

Life is sorrowful 

experience it 

Life is a song 

sing it 

Life is a goal 

achieve it 

Life IS a mission 

fulfill It 

Your Mother, your B 

rother and I 

thank God evervday 


choi)sing us 

to share your life. 

We love you! 

Chuck, Jody, and Chad 

Lei voiir dreams grow willi you. 

Cadet Captain Edward J. Neibert '98 

Remember Ed: The 
mightest oak was once a 
little nut that held its 

God, family and VMI 
have given you 
foundation, roots and 
eagles wings. Now soar 
to fulfill your dreams. 

Put others before 
yourself and you will 
become a true leader of 

"Live free or die" 

Good courage, and God 

Love— Mom, Dad and 


Bryan E. Bailey 

What you are is Gods 

Gift to you .... 

What you become is your gift to God. 

Our prayers for a long, happy and 

successful life. You are indeed a 

Special person. 

Love, Dad, Mum, Chiis, Marti and 

ootbal! games are a chance for 
the r at mass to rela x together 
and release some of the built up 
aggtesi ons o n t he opposing team. 



A New Beginning 


You've asked about it countless times. 
Yoiive received much information from people de- 
tailing the process, what to expect, what to bring, 
even what stairs to use. You try to prepare for the 
hardship and challenge. For two days you are slowly 
acchmated to the ways of theinstitute. Dor± 
lookatthe upperdass. 
Dort talk while you 
eat. Lose all your 
hair. When the day 
finally comes, you're 
almost looking for- 
ward to it. The time 
has been spent tak- 
ing tests and meeting 
other matriculants, 
not yet your BRs. 
When you march in, 
your heart pounds. 
The anticipation 
level rises. 

Everyoneis scream- 
ing at you. The 
drum roll starts. 
Your heart stops. 
When it starts up 
again, your mind 
races. Suddenly 
you're not so big. 
Cadre marches in, 
the fear factor rising 
with each step they take. The speech begins. Every- 
one there has heard it before, some have it memo- 
rized, others wish they could forget it. Tliey will 
teach and you will learn. Indeed. The next ten min- 
utes are a blur. Screaming, angry men come at you 
from all direaions. Already you're learning. Your 
name has been reduced to a last name and two ini- 
tials, and you, the rat, are nothing. From the sweat 
of the trunk room to the rush of the firsts on hell 
night, cadre week is a whirlwind. You learn the ba- 
sics the hard way. You realize that no amount of 
explanation by those who have gone before could 
really do justice to the experience. Classes start, a 
break from the constant attention of cadre. The first 
week takes forever, but after that, things start fly- 
ing by. You survive long days and short weeks. Life 
is measured by the time between things, be they 

football games, classes, or time with family. By 
the time parents weekend rolls around, the ratline 
has become more instinctive. The ways of the rat 
are ingrained in your every move, and unity is the 
new buzzword. You have come to realize over the 
last two months that you need your brother rats 
and they need you. You do 
everything together, en- 
joying the successes and 
dreading the failures. The 
daily routine is familiar to 
you now, and the surprises 
less frequent. You are 
learning when to focus on 
class and the other military 
aspeas of your life. 

Finally,Fall Break 
arrives. Classes end and 
you savor the beginning of 
the freedom that will be 
yours for the weekend. 
Some go home to see fam- 
ily, friends and girlfriends. 
Others travel to the homes 
of their BRs or Dykes, 
while still others stay on. 
When the corps returns, 
there are stories to tell, and 
though most are sad at 
leaving home for a second 
time, it's not long before 
everyone has settled back into the routine of daily 
life, and begun counting the days until the next 

When ring figure comes, the seconds begin 
to awaken. They are even momentarily nice. Ques- 
tions arise. What will we put on our rings? What 
will we do to make our mass stand out? A remod- 
eling of the mess hall brings more attention upon 
the mass and an unexpeaed change in uniform. 

On Thursday Rat Olympics arrive. It is 
cold, but not freezing, and the anticipation coupled 
with the brisk air gets the adrenaline 

flowing. Ft)r weeks on end, rat challenge cadre has led the way through 
obstacle courses, circuit training, problem solving, and special challenges 
like house mountain. It was tough, but nothing could surpass the feel- 
ings of achievment and accomplishment. Spirit, unity, and perseverance 
radiate from each company, and you push yourself harder and harder, 
striving to succeed for your brother rats. When the day ends, you can 
barely see the rest of your company gathered around you. The sun has 
set on what may be the most important day since you matriculated. 
When all is said and done, it matters not who won and who lost. The 
immense pride beaming from the eyes of the tired, happy faces sur- 
rounding you illustrate the real accomplishment ot the day, the unity 
forged in Rat Challenge. 

A few miles from the rifle range where the results ot Rat Olym- 
pics are announced stand several buildings housing the classrooms of 
VMI. One large hurdle has been surpassed, but school will continue as 
usual tomorrow, and there is work to be done. Once again, your teachers 
have overloaded you in anticipation of the break. Welcoming tests, quiz- 
zes, and numerous other assignments await. 

As the Doxology ends another season of football, the stands 
empty at an alarming rate. The week provides a much needed respite 
from the rigors of the "I". With a litde effort, you forget about the "Mother 
r, and put the ratline completely out of your mind. Turkey abounds, 
and the horrors of Crozet subside for a while. 

Again you return to the Institute and enter the arch, the only 
comfort being the escape from the rain. The cold dreary night seems 
fitting. Home fills your mind, and for a short while the institute is still 
far away. As your feet instinctively trace the steps of the ratline and you 
automatically pull your chin in, you catch a glimpse of the light in your 
window. At least the company of your BR's dulls the pain of leaving 
home for a little while, 'Thanks!' 

The progression of days reveals that exams are just around the 
corner, followed by Christmas break. Classes are winding down, and the 
differnce between the fortunate and the unfortunate is thirteen and nine- 
teen days left till escape. Exams bring a relaxed schedule, and many of 
the daily military rigors of the institute subside. After a few days of 
lenient formations and substanial rack time, you finish your final exam. 
Over the break you enjoy the freedom of nearly a month at home, 
without the shadow of barracks looming in the horizon. Until the last 
day. Suddenly things come back into focus, and you are faced with the 
difficult decision of returning. Coming back from Christmas is differ- 

Despite the voice in your head asking the shared question "Why", 
you return. After a few days, you realize that you have reached a mile- 
stone, and that the end is hopefully near . You feel a sense of pride that 
comes from having accomplished something important, something which 
has affected your life significantly. 

The future holds surprises that you already know about. Breakout 
will come eventually, and your time as a rat will end. Much like ma- 
triculating, you realize, no description can do justice to the experience 
itself, one that will signify your acceptance into the institute. Only time 
can tell what the future holds, and the only thing left to do is squeeze all 
that you can out that which remains. _ - 

i B 



r""'s i i;E^ 

Top right: The first class welcomes the new rat sentinel to 

tliejoys of marching post Bottom right: An afternoon 

spent with ttie KDC counting the holes in the cement 

Bottom left: Stop lip straining son. Middle left: Remodeling 

of the mess hall. Top left: "I'm not alright with this " 


iM^^^^^^^'^K^ 1 ^^S^JI 

k^fwj ^^HHH»!a 


^ '' \ - '^^^^^^^B 

Mr j^^^^^^H^^EriML ^ 





Top left: "Hi Mom'.' 

Top light: The 

corps finest 

executing perfect 

cover and 


Bottom: Rat-ties 

eagerly awaiting 

the introduction 

to cadre. 

Keith Allen 

William Alley 

Richard .Mlnian 

Michael .Andriliunas 

Todd Anthony 

Jefferv Amientrout 

Britton Annstrong 

Stanley Aimstrong 

Anthony Ashcly 

Weston Ashley 

Albert August 

Dan Ballard 

Christian Barrett 
Lukas Bartosiewicz 
Doug Bates 
Mark Bauserman 
Nicholas Baxter 
Charles Beard 

Larry Beasley 
Luther Beazley 
Adam Belmont 
Yulia Beltikova 
Charles Benbow 
Steven Benelli 

Ryan Beyer 
David Bickley 
Ryan Blake 
Charles Blanton 
Donald Blaylock 
Daniel Blevins 

Jarrett Blevins 
I JenniferBoensch 
C017 Bond 
William Boulware 
James Bourie 
James Bowden 

Coy Bowling 
Brandon Bowman 
Anthony Bravo 
Adam Breeding 
Russell Briley 
Joshua Brink 

Chris Brooks 
Adam Brown 
Stephen Brown 
Richard Bruce 
Charles Bunting 
Eric Burleson 

Gregg Bums 
Adam Burton 
Christopher Butera 
Michael Butterfield 
Andrew Cai'bone 

Jon Cabrera 

Daniel Campbell 

Kenneth Camiichael 

Brett Carter 

Speros Casey 

Ryan Cates 

Charles Chang 

Nathan Charles 

William Charles 

Lichc Chekwa 

Chad Christiansen 

Michael Christcnson 

Tennille Chisholm 

Paul Chu 

Joel Cintron 

Erin Claunch 

Jason Co 

Michael Collins 

Ryan Colvin 

Michael Conlan 

Drew Conover 

Kevin Consedine 

Anthony Conway 

Howard Cook 

Thomas Cornell 
Michael Cortese 
Michael Covert 
Brandon Crane 
Jarrod Cronin 
Brian Cummings 

Stewart Curcio 

Patrick Curtis 

Jason Cutair 

Shimon Cymanow 

Chris Dabaldo 

Brvan Dalton 

Luke Damiani 

Brady Daniels 

Andrew Dannenberger 

Chris Davis 

John Davis 

Robert Davis 

Charles Dc Courcel 
Eric DcHart 
Jack Dempsey 
Zachary Denton 
David Dewey 
William Dickinson 

Jamie Dillon 
Brian Donald 
Matthew Dotson 
Chris Douglas 
James Douglas 
Stephen Dugan 

Far Left: Yut cut 
ready to address the 
mass. Top tight: Say 
it, don't spray it! 
Bottom Right: 
There's no place \\ke 
home, there's no 
place like home. 

William Felvey 

Brian Ferguson 

Ron Fiocca 

Jeffrey Firks 

Sam Fishburne 



Gregory Ford 

Brian Frank 

Austin Freeman 

Kevin Fromm 

Matthew Frye 

Joe Furtek 

Anthony Gelormine 
George Gilmore 
James Gleason 
Jason Gleason 
Thomas Gleason 
Arnold Gore 

David Gouge 
Michael Graber 
Melissa Graham 
Tliomas Graham 
Hassan Grari 
David Gray 

Biooke Green 
kremy Griffin 
D avid GrilU 
Richard Groen 
loseph Gunter 
Ronny Gupta 

Jeremy Guy 
C arl Haas 
Timothy Hackler 
John Hagel 
Randy Hager 
Fred Hair 

Eric Ham 
lustin Harbor 
lohn Hardy 
Marshall Hardy 
\\ illiam Harley 
Kenith Harman 

Robert Harman 
Thomas Harman 
Steven Harris 
Robert Harrison 
Nicholas Hathaway 
Sidney Hazelwood 

Kimberly Herbert 
Bradford Herrell 
Chih-Yaun Ho 
Shawn Hobbs 
Richard Hodge 
Douglas Hoffman 

Beth Hogan 

Eric Houck- 


Clintron Hull 

John Humphries 

Joseph Hurley 

Patrick Hurlev 

Michel lenco 

Roger hnhoff 

George loannidis 

David Jackson 

Pomroy Jackson 

Harri Jahkola 

Todd Jasper 

James Jayco 

John Jicha 

Zachary Johnson 

Jennifer John 

David Jones 

Richard Joyner 

James Judge 

Keith Just 

Amanda Kaufman 

Jonathan Kendnck 

Richard Kenned\ 

David Kaiek 

Philip King 

Alex Kipp 

John Kitt 

Stephen Kolenich 

John Koubaroulis 

Kyle Kramer 

Jeff Kuehne 

Jared Kuhnhenn 

Benjamin Lafon 

Brian Lakin 



Sam Laneave 

Matthew Larrison 

Eric Lauer 

Drew Law 

James Lawlor 

Charles Lawrence 

Far Right: What was 
the command 
again, Fort amis or 
order arms? Below: 
Oh I am sorry, 1 
thought you were 
Corpal Brady BR 

Tao Li 
Dan Lieber 
Harry Lilly 
Chih-Wei Lin 
John Llewellyn 
Chad Llovd ' 

David Lopez 
Gussie Lord 
Adam Love 
Rachel Love 
Scott Lowe 
Delton Lowery 

Charner Lumpkin 

Philip Lutz 

Richmond Lykins 

Marcus Lynch 

Daxton Lyon 

Brian Maclauchlan 

Robert Magmdei 

Adam Maldonado 

Adam Mancen 

Tamina Mai s 

Jonathan Martin 

Michael Martin 

Michael Marty n 

Joseph Matthews 

Taylor Mawyci 

Jonathan Mazui 

Frank McCabo 

Ebonv McElrox 

John McGrad\ 

Anthony Mendoza 

Matthew Meyers 

Clyde Middleton 

William Miles 

Eric Miller 

Natasha Miller 

Andrew Modisett 

Rhett Moms 

James Monoe 

Willie Moses 

Robert Moss 

Deffy Mubangii 

Wilson Mustian 

Brad Muston 

Angela Myers 

William Myers 

David Naeel 

Mark Nemeth 

Howard Ni 

John Niederhaus 

Charles Noll 

Ben Norris 

Thomas O'Brien 

William O'Neal 
Anthony Olds 
David Oliver 
Ian Ostlund 
Songho Pak 
Thera Palmer 

John Parson 
Paul Part 
Stephen Pasciak 
Stuart Patterson 
Luke Pemotto 
Andy Peterson 

Jonathan Pettry 
Torrey Phanelson 
Angela Pickett 
'!j| Paul Piper 
Eric Poole 

Scott Presser 
William Prible 
Chadwick Price 
Justin Prior 
Matthew Prokop 
Bradlev Purcell 

Charles Ransom 
Parker Reeves 
Chase Reno 
Nick Richardson 
Christopher Riley 
Robert Riley 

Michael Roberts 
Christopher Rodgers 
Andrew Rogers 
Kevin Ryan 
Angelo Sakellariou 
Kristopher Sandlin 

Agung Saputra 
Russell Savatt 
Daniel Schindler 
Kevin Schnute 
Jon Schott 
David Schreck 

Kenneth Scott 
Michael Scott 
Jason Seagle 
Thomas Sebiell 
Dale Seymoui 
Charles Shaip 

Joshua Shilev 

Erik Sicbeil 

Steven Smion 

Chris Simpson 

John Snhal 

Stephen Skakand\ 

Megan Smith 

Scott Smith 

Jarrett Someis 

Frank Spano 

Ben Stanle\ 

Adam Stanlev-Smith 

Eugene Stiltnci 

Daniel Stock 

Kelly Sulli\an 

Sandjin S\ 

Alex Tedh 

John Temponc 

James Thompson 

Paul Thompson 

Sidney Toland 

Othman Triki 

Aaron Trombley 

John Turner 

Joshua Turner 

Christopher Tyree 

Mia Utz 

Maria Vasile 

Adam Vergne 

Shane Vinales 

George Wade 

Justin Walskcy 

Elijah Ward 

William Washington 

Michael Washington 

Darvl Watkins 

William Webb 
Ethan Wcbcr 
Philip Weismillcr 
Ryan Welsh 
Jason Whitaker 
Stephen Wiegel 

lames Wilkinson 
laeob Williams 
Melissa Williams 
Biian Wilson 
Angela Winters 
Joseph Wonder 

Ciiiy Workman 
lustin Wouters 
Adam Woytowich 
Biian Wright 
\aron Yarbough 
Mark Zagrocki 

Victor Zottig 


Top: Malfdme show. Middle: 

name and initials gentlemen. 

Bottom: BR's enjoying a 

soccer game and the freedom 

to tall^ amongst themselves. 


espite the many aspects of life at the 
Virginia Military Institute; military, 
athletics, and social, one 
predominates over all these: academics. It is the 
highest priority of all cadets. As the popular saying 
goes, " I don't care how good you shine your shoes, 
you're not staying here without the grades'.' The 
atmosphere of the school plays an integral role in the student^ academics. VMI is not an institution of 
large lectures with three hundred students peering down at a graduate student as a teacher, rather VMI 
prides itself on small classes with emphasis on student-teacher interaction. The accessibility of the 
instructors is of particular importance to the corps. All teachers have an "open door policy" in which \ 
cadets are free to ask questions and gain constructive criticism. Many teachers encourage students to 
call them at home with questions they may have. This 
close-knit, interactive environment, is crucial in order 
to achive effective learning. Such a strong emphasis 
on the student-teacher relationship distinguishes VMI 
from many other rural colleges. 

Written by Patrick Forrest 

Y-f 50 Years of -g-^ 

In everyone life there comes a time to choose whether they will 
follow the road of the masses or "the one less traveled by." Many 
people start life with visions of grandeur, but soon let the intense 
ire within their heart fizzle and die. I am going to praise a man that 
lot only remained faithful to his heart, but also inspired countless 
)thers to find their own individual paths as well. 

For fifty years Colonel Thomas Gentry has led his students on a 
ourney through the lines of both poetry and prose. During his classes 
tudents could not avoid noticing the personal connection that Colo- 
lel Gentry had with the material he taught. At times Colonel Gentr>5 
eadings would invoke a sense of excitement, or other times of deep 
nelancholy, but always an appreciation for the professor and the ma- 
erial. I often wondered how a man that has taught the same material 
or over fifty years still shows so much affection toward it? The an- 
wer is simple; this is not an ordinary man but rather one born with 
xi extraordinary gift, the love of teaching. 

Colonel Gentry is retiring at the end of this year. Those who have 
lad the privilege to experience his classroom know how great a loss 
his will be for both the students and the Institute. The path for Colo- 
jiel Gentry after fifty years of sharing his love of life and literature 
pads elsewhere, and the Institute is helpless to do ail but wish him 

well. One cannot help but shed a tear realizing that after this year 
when they pass by his office door, or his classroom during the lunch 
hour or between classes, Colonel Gentry will not be there. His voice 
will no longer resonate within the walls of the classroom as they once 
did, but instead will remain within those he taught. It seems nearly 
impossible to imagine a VMI devoid of such a wonderful professor 
and friend. I for one will always remember what you taught me, both 
about literature and myself. Colonel Gentry, and know that I do not 
speak alone. 

Some natural tears they dropped, but wiped them soon; 
The world was all before them, where to choose 
Their place of rest, and Providence their guide: 
They hand in hand with wand'ring steps and slow. 
Through Eden took their solitary way. 

— Paradise Lost 

Your student and friend, 
Jason Duffy 


Behavioral Science 

Lt. Colonel Thomas IV. Merriwether 

LTC. Thomas N. Meriwether is married with two daughters, Chris- 
tina and Stephanie, and a son, Tom. He earned his Ph.D and M.S. in 
Organiztonal Psychology at the University of Tennesee and his B.A. in his- 
tory at Vanderbilt University. He joined the U.S. Army in 1968 and re- 
mained until retiring from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1990. While 
in the Army, he had such achievements as being the Senior Military Assis- 
tant to the Secretary of the Army and the Interim Staff Director for Senator 
Richard Shelby. After retiring, he was an Adjunct Professor at Marymount 
University, Strayer College, and Averett College for courses in Organiza- 
tional Effectiveness, Performance Analysis, Organizational Behavior, and 
Human Resources Management. Finally, he came to VMI in 1995 after 
being the Games Staffing Manager for the Olympic Games in Atlanta. 
LTC. Meriwether is very helpful to cadets. "The door is always open to 
cadetsl' "I try to be as good a mentor as I can'' 




Math & C.S. 

Civil Engineering 

Electical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering 


Economics & Business 

Major Lisa Gutermuther 

The Economics and Business departments latest addition. Major 
Gutermuth, has been assigned as an instructor in the subject of Statistics. As 
an undergraduate, she received her BS in Economics at Louisiana State Uni- 
versity. Also at LSU, the new instructor went on to earn her Ph.D. Her 
actual research field was in Health Economics. Major Gutermuth is the mother 
of two sons, one at the age of fourteen and the other at eighteen. 

Physical Education 


Lt. Colonel Holly Richardson 

LTC. Richardson is VMIs newest instructor in the Physical Education 
department. She grew up in Iowa City with her mother and father, and two 
brothers. She attended the University of Iowa. From there, she proceeded to 
earn a Ph.D at Ohio State. LTC. Richardson loves it here at VMI. "I like VMI 
because its a balance between academics and physical training r 

Modern Languages 

History & I.S. 

Air Force 


Navy / Marines 



Club Activities 


There are those who believe the Corps of VMI is graceful aigby team. A competitive spirit is highly 

too unified and lacks in diversity. Wliether it be encouraged at VMI, and is positively allowed through 

die uniforms, parades, or just the general mili- these successful organizations, 
tary concepts, these beliefs are somewhat In another light, clubs dealing with politics and 

universial them- 
selves. Actually, it is 
quite the opposite. 
A cadets tenure at 
VMI is based on just 
how diverse he or 
she can be in a seem- 
ingly unified society. 
So, if the truth be 
known, if you have 
seen one cadet you 
most certainly have 
not seen them all. 

Clubs play 
an important role in 
the diverse society of 
VMI. They can re- 
ally be the difference 
between an enjoy- 
able stay and a not 
so enjoyable stay. 
Because VMI itself 
encompasses so 
much, thus its clubs 
do as well. 
Atheletics, social life, politics, military, and aca- 
demics are all involved in this entity of cadet life. 

Cadets have dioices that range from the 
volleyball team to the pistol team and the ever-so- 

other social faaors allow 
cadets to keep up with the 
world events and not be so 
consumed by all of their 
classes. The Promaji Club 
and the Religious Affairs 
Council are popular orga- 
nizations that are active at 
VMI. While the Young 
Republicans encourage 
cadets to get involved in 
the politics of America. 

The last two 
spheres of the clubs at 
VMI probably make up 
what cadet life is all about 
for some people. Aca- 
demics and military are 
large portions of time in a 
cadets stay, and tohelp far- 
ther a cadets perspective, 
clubs play an important 
role. There is litde free 
time in the day at VMI, 
but with the array of en- 
joyable activities the clubs provide it is time well 

Written by Aaron Frazier 




^Mft^^Q ^k 

& a 1 


tf ^^f 



>1i ^ 

. .v.-liSS'^ 



if* 1 

The VMI-ACS IS a student affliate of the American Chemical Society. The VMI-ACS is 
made up of twenty-tour members and is open to all science and engineering majors. The goal of the 
ACS is to invite speakers to talk about some of the applications of a scientific degree. The ACS also 
sets up tours with graduate schools and companies whrere a scientific degree would be used. The 
ACS has taken tours of the Medical College ot Virginia's Pharmaceutical program and the pharma- 
ceutical production facilities of Merck. In the future, th ACS will have speakers talking about 
inorganic chemistry and forensics investigations. The ACS will also visit an ATF investigation facil- 
ity and UNC Chapel Hill's graduate school. President, Nicholas R. Wilk Jr.; Vice President, T.J. 
Wojciechowski; Treasurer, Andy P. Gehring; Secratary, Robin Huckaby. 




The mission of the VMi Promaji Club is based on commitment, loyalty, and earnest respect 
by the memders of the foundation and the three pillars of Promaji. The three pillars are: community 
service, cultural awareness, and club unity. Through these pillars, we strive to prject the voices of the 
minority cadets and create a more culturally sensitive atmosphere at the VMI. President, Andre 
Thorton; Vice President, Avi Hopkins; Vice President, Cardell Winfield; Treasurer, Andre Curtis; 
Secretary, Abdul Touray. 




The '97-'98 VMI Powerlifting Team is citmprised of 36 members of the Corps ot Cadets. 
The mission of the team is to allow cadets to train tor and, compete in, various competitions through- 
out the state and surrounding region. Due to limitations on the number of members, the team is 
highly selective. All members must demonstrate their ability and desire to achieve the goals that are 
set for them. Currently there are several members of the team that are of a national caliber. Further- 
more, the team plans to send a contingent to the national championships in Maryland. 

The leadership of the '97-'98 VMI Powerlifting Team is as follows: 
Maj. Granger, Faculty Advisor; Sean Hicklin, CIC; Ben Chang, ACIC; Nate Friedline , ACIC. 

The VMI College Republicans' mission is to increase cadet involvement and activism in the 
political process, specifically within the Republican Party. The 1997 College Republicans were 
^extremely active this year due to the election year for the State of Virginia. First, the club organized 
an absentee ballot drive in which over 600 absentee ballot forms were given out with instructions tor 
voting. Second, a hugely successful mock election was run by the CRs and sponsored by the highest 
turnout of any school" in the state. Press releases on the event went out to major publications across 
the state and nation including the Washington Post and Usa Today. After the conservatiove sweep in 
the election, the club sent about ten cadets to Washingtopn D.C. for a national conservative conven- 








The VMI Parachute Team consists of five cadets working toward their civilian parachute 
license. Their ultimate goal is to enter into competitions with other skydive clubs throughout the 
nation. The team is looking to expand in the future. Member: David Nash, Dan Gibson, Mike 
Meads, Alan Bull, CLiff Flournoy. 

Emergency I 

This team aids the Corps in medical emergencies. They have been involved with RDC 
functions. Rat Challenge, and emergency calls, thsi team is made up of EMT's as weel as members 
in the training and are on call twenty-tour hours a day. Members: David Nash, Eric Eisemon, David 
Poularis, Chris Craft, Alan Bull, Carl Trask, Cliff Ford, Todd Bishop, Jason Shartarsky, Mark 
Robinson, Josh Hahnlen, Mike Wilson, Clift Flournoy. 

Over the course of the past year the Pre-Law Society has undergone many drastic changes, to 
include the altering ot the Mission and the By-laws. Our society has also gone from one that partakes 
in relatively tew events to one of the most active on post. The goal and success' ot the society lay in 
the hopes that VMI will continue to produce some of the finest statements and judges that serve are 
society. We have taken every step along the path preparing cadets for law school as well as getting 
then into the school of their choice. In the year to come we look forward to the continued success of 
the society under the leadership of Col. Bush and through the dedication of the officers. 
Otficers: Vice Presidentjason Estes 

President: Charles Marr Secretary;Tom Warburton 

Vice Presidentjeffrey Morrison Treasurer:Willis Tatterson 

I The 


Since its inception last Ferbruary the climbing club has grown tremendously. A club that 
started relatively small has grown to include over twenty-five members that participate in several 
competitions. In addition to this the climbing club has raised capital and started to build an indoor 
climbing wall that will be completed sometime in January. This wall will not only provide a new 
training facility, but will provide the Corps with a new way to enjoy their time. Throughout the next 
year we look forward to the continued growth of the club as well as futher success' in the competion 
circuit. Oftkers: President: Charles Marr, Vice Presidents: David Nash & Shawn Ward. 


The VMI Marathon Club's roster has decreased over the past year, but the quality of 
the runners is still present for the competitive spirit involved for the nature of racing. Cadet 
McKenna will be running his first Boston Marathon this semester. He qualified with a time 
of 2:47:03, placing him 69 out of 15,238 finishing runners in the 21st Marine Corps 
Marathon. Cadet Vamer is also Boston qualified and ran in last year's 101st Boston 
Marathon. He is presently running Ultra Marathons and plans on running the Old Dominion 
100-miler later this year. Cadet Nash is a three time marathon runner and has hopes of 
qualifying for Boston this spring. Cadet Watson will be running in his third marathon this 
spring and he is also the VMI Ice Hockey Club's team captain. Cadet Pearson will be running 
in his second marathon this spring and has a personal goal of improving his previous 
marathon time by over 20 minutes. 


The pui-pose of the VMI Volleyball Team is to provide an opportunity for cadets to 
learn and play competitive organized volleyball. Run completely by cadets, we manage our 
own funds, .schedule matches, coach, and play volleyball. In past years, the volleyball team 
has played against competitive schools such as University of Virginia and Duke. This year 
we played at the University of Maryland. Captains: Thai Trinh, Matt Irving 


For the first time in many years at VMI, the College Democrats formed with a promising 
amount of interest from the Corps. With over 5 5 members, the club looks to have a very promising 
future. The reason for the clubs' birth was to cater to the political beliefs and interests of a certain 
segment of the student body which has on the most part been ignored up until now. Under young 
leadership and enthusiasm from the members, things look very bright for this club. 
Co-Presidents: Daniel Alvarez & Dave Hunt 
Vice-Presidents: Justin Wood & Pat McDowell 
Historian: Charles Bryan 
Treasurer: Ted Coberly 

mK ^m flS .^B. ^^ 


Civil War 



For years, the VMI CWRT has done nothing but participate in reenactments. This past 
year, the CWRT participated in everything from reenactments to living histories and symposiums. 
The CWRT has brought pride to the Old South, and will continue to educate the general public and 
relive the lives of cadets and soldiers during the War Between the States. In the words of Confederate 
General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, "the Institute will be heard from today. President: Brad 
Wineman; Vice Presidents: Chad Brady, Colin Mahle. 


The English Society is composed ot students with variotis majors who share an appreciation 
for the English Language and the great works which it contains. This year the English Society jour- 
neyed to Richmond and Washington D.C. in search of both art and literary experiences. Along with 
the trips, the English Society had the pleasure of hearing various speakers who spoke on topics 
ranging from The Civil War, to Bob Dylan. This year's president was Jason Duffy who was assisted 
in planning and organizing the societie's events by vice-president Shane Finley, secretary Mark 
Redman and treasurer Joe Lowman. 
Special thanks to Colonel Alan Baragona for all his hard work and patience — thank you sir. 


The puipose of the VMI Gospel Choir is to uplift the name of the Lord through spirit 
and song. Each class is represented in the choir giving the choir a total of approximately 30 
members. Throughout the year the choir attempts to perform at various functions which 
include cultural events, church functions, and the Black History Month celebration. It is my 
pleasure to be the Gospel Choir President for the 97-98 school year. President: Al Lester 




The Virginia History Society is a club sponsored by the VMI History department and is 
open to cadets of all majors with an interest in the Commonwealtli history. Although the club is 
relatively new to the VMI community it has already taken shape as an active group with a strong 
membership. An eleaed student body as well as faculty sponsor, Mr. David Coffey, a history in- 
structor at VMI, manages the club. In the past two years since its founding it has visited several 
historic sites. Some of these include Colonial Williamsburg, Monticeilo, Westover plantation, 
Jamestown, as well several other attractions in Richmonds historic district. Aaivities also included 
cadets working with the local chapter of the APVA recording historic sites in Rockbridge County, 
and cosponsoring the "Jamestown People" lecture series last fall. 




The Model Arab League will attend Washington, D.C. for the National Model of the Model 
Arab League. This year 16 cadets from three classes will represent VMI on April 1-4. This is an 
improvement from last year and will hopefully continue a trend of VMI becoming more familiar 
with the Middle East. The model is not just a chance to become familiar with the Middle East, but 
a chance to become familiar with other schools. 


VMI Outreach is a community service organization, wiiich works in conjunction with the 
Chaplain's office. Its primary focus is to improve the quality of life in the Lexington community by 
helping people with various needs. VMI Outreach provides needed assistance to individuals and 
other organizations in the area ( Lexington and Rockbridge County ) . Through these contacts we help 
create a communal bond and nurture a sense of civil responsibility in participating members of the 
Corps. This year s projects included sponsoring local canned food drives, along with working at the 
Rockbridge Area Relief Association ( RARA ) food pantry twice a week, and also being pai1 of a 
restoration project in the community. The CIC is Michael Kelleher. Active members include: Cadets 
Paul Belmont, Matt Vordermark, Collin Mahle, Mike Mule, Justin Cole and Jason Cole. 


Most people at VMI don't even know that we have a water polo team and are surprised 
when they find out. Many schools such as JMU, VA. Tech, W&L, and most other schools in the 
state have teams. We travel all around the region, participating in East Coast tournaments. It i.' 
very competitive, but since it is a club sport everyone is really cool and there is always a party aftei 
the match. Most of us are not spectacular swimmers, but we work hard and we play as a team. Wt 
are a very competitive team. ,j 


This year the VMI Glee Club consists of approximately 35 members of the Corps 
comprised of both Rats and Upperclassmen. It has been a good year for the club. We have 
Ihad the pleasure of performing for The Council for Americas First Freedom, the Board of 
[Visitors, Coach Bobby Ross, and last but not least, a myriad of girls schools around the 
region. The director of the Glee Club this year is Mr. Alan Lane and Officers Michael 
Kelleher '98 and Paul Balassa '98 are the Cadets in charge of the club. 

Within the Glee Club is an elite group of 1 3 cadets who comprise the VMI Sentinels. 
The Sentinels are strictly acapella and perform at functions when the whole club is not 
needed. This has been the strongest year for the Sentinels in recent memory and they have 
been called upon for more shows requests than in any other year. The CIC of the Sentinels 
is Michael Kelleher. Look for them in a area near you! 




The Semper Fi Society is a public service organization that is designed to provide an infor- 
mal environment for future Marines, through which they may gain greater insight into the Marine 
Corps. It is the Societ}5 objective to provide community service, and promote professionalism and 
social etiquette in future Marine officers. The Society is involved in such projects as Toys for Tots, 
VMI blood drives, and raising money for various nonprofit organizations. 


The VMI Boxing Team is an organization for those members ot the corps who enjoy the i 
sport. The goal of the VMI Boxing Team is to be competitive in the N.C.B.A. Members of the i 
boxing club practice four days a week under the careful watch of Coach Caulkins. Usually each I 
member spars up to twelve rounds a week, and competes at invitationals along the east coast. In ' 
addition to their military duty workouts, members run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morn- 
ings at 0600 hrs. The boxing team is not for everyone, as members of the corps can attest. The | 
boxing team is composed of people who confront fear face to face on a daily basis. Cadet Ernesto | 
Sampson explains it best: "boxing is an endless process of disciplining one's body and mind, while ; 
another man is trying to destroy every part of itr [ 



The Arnold Air Society is a community service organization for Air Force ROTC cadets. 
The Arnold Air Society promotes the development of leadership skills needed in the Air Force and a 
positive image of the Air Force in the community. 


It is the mission of the Timmins society to aid in raising general consciousness concerning 
what IS typically known as classical music. We are the classical music society. We exist tor the benefit 
of our members first, the VMI Family second, and finally the world at large. Throughout the year 
our members participate in a variety of events related to the appreciation of classical music. From 
operatic to symphonic and from Modern to Baroque, the Timmins society experiences the full range 
of genres and time periods. The highlight of every year is the societ>5 trip to New York in which 
members of the society are exposed to a higher level of existence and thought through exposure to the 
musical and artistic opportunities that abound on Manhattan Island. Simply put, the Timmins soci- 
ety is a group of cadets who find a common exhilarating experience in the art ot music, and who 
enjoy sharing that experience with others. 


The VMI Pistol Team is comprised of a group of Cadets who enjoy the challenges and 
patience of competitive shooting. There are also members who shoot to increase their 
accuracy through "paper punching". The team has placed in such events as the Quantico 
invitational as well as sectional championships. The team is coached by Sgt. Thoi-pe and 
meets in VMI's own pistol and rifle range located in Kilboume Hall. 




The Cadet Program Board, helping to take VMI into the 21st century. John Dillard Cocke 
led the way first semester and Jimmy Duncan picked up second semester. Along the way, we had 
fun planning events and had some great shows. Thanks to Captain Fultz, Marci Lawhorn, Emily 
TiUery and Colonel Green for providing the assistance and support, it could not have been done 
without you. To next year's leaders, John Boland and Seamus Toolan, Good Luck 



msm^^i -j^H 

t #1 


- ■ r^ 


The Eagle Scout Association allows the 127 cadets that have gone through the rigors of 
attaining the rank of Eagle Scout come together in brotherhood. We attend two dinners a year that 
feature speakers that have gone through a similar experience in the Boy Scouts of America as well as 
the experiences we have gained here at VML 

c, ^ d 



Under the close tutorship of Coach Rebecca Worth and advisor Colonel Wingfield, the 
VMI fencing team has gained the respea that it has long deserved. We are a club sport, but, with 
the dedication of its team members, we are competing against other varsity teams. The team has 
competed with many schools in the region, including Johns-Hopkins, Duke, UVA, and Va. Tech. 
With the leadership of team veterans Ron White (captain) and Michael Lim (co-captain) and 
Matthew Crowgey, the team and its many members have been able to compete in the three weapons 
of fencing-sabre, enee, and foil. The team recently traveled to Paris, France to compete against 
Europe's best. Thanks to the entire team for sticking through the rough times and seeing us turn 
into fierce competitors. 




The VMI Foundation each year entrusts the Cadet Investment Group with investing 
,000 into the stock market. The unique opportunity to invest real money in a live portfolio 
provides our members with something more than mere edification, we gain an experience unattain- 
able elsewhere. The officers and members of the group have worked hard this year. They have been 
rewarded with an invaluable experience that will serve them well in their futures as VMI men. - 
Michael T. Baumgardner Chairman 


The Quiet newspaper has served to voice the Corps' opinions and given us details of the 
outside world of which we all too often are ignorant. The CIC, Jason Harding, has struggled with 
the administration over journalism rights and the degree of tastefulness of the humor page. With 
all of the pressure to get a paper out every week and all of the heat they take. The Cadet deserves the 
Corps' support and applause. 




The Ultimate Frisbee Team, coached by Capt. Hirlinger, is an intermural spi)rt that meets 
during the week at mil duty. 


WO.L.R, Wildlife Oriented Lifesaving Foundation, began its life this year as it broke 
away from Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group to become its own search and rescue club at the 
Institute. After taking several training classes from BRMRG in Charlotesville, WO.L.F. is becom- 
ing its own entity of the lifesaving community. The group includes Field Training Leaders and 
Callout Qualified personnel who are on call twenty four hours a day. Events in the past have 
included trips to House Mountain for simulated searches, two and three day training camps in 
Roanoke and a winter freeze hike on the Appalachian Trail. To keep the integrity of the group 
high, each person must be voted into the club. Future goals ol the club include the acquisition ot 
a WO.L.F. Jeep and becoming a member of the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference. The 
club continues to condua wildlife research; however, ninety percent ol is efforts are towards search 
and rescue. 

The VMI Polar Bear is a fairly new club, whose mission is to defy the laws of nature and take 
a dive into the freezing cold water of Goshen Pass. These brave (or crazy) cadets seek adventure in 
white rapids while Old Man Winter controls the thermostat. Although this may seem strange and 
idiotic, it can be quite invigorating and is actually a healthy thing to do, that is, only if done once 
in a while! 





Fi)r the first time in over three years, VMI eadets once again had the opportunity to partici- 
pate on a Tnathalon team. The turnout expectations for such a team was well met, with cadets 
eager to take part in America's premier test of endurance and speed, the triathalon race. Even 
though most of the races took place in the Spring, many of the Triathalon team's members kept in 
shape by running road races in the Fall. Standouts for the team included Scott HiUyer and Jason 
Wells, with respectable top ten finishes at the VMI affiliated "Mark Wilson 5K'.' Should the team 
perform as well in the future as they have this season, the Triathalon team is certain to remain at 
VMI for a long time. CIC: Kevin Ryan; ACIC, Jason Wells. 

Quad A 

The Army Aviation Association of America is a professional group composed of active duty 
personnel, industry personnel, and aviation supporters. The VMI Chapter is headed by Colonel 
Mike Bissel and meets once a month. The chapter has regular guest speakers including Army Astro- 
nauts, test pilots and VMI alumni in aviation. Once a year, they travel to the National Convention 
held in various cities around the country. Quad A is open to all cadets, regardless of service affili- 



The VMI Theater is a varying group ot cadets that come together tor their love ot the 
theater. This year we have performed three shows "Laughter on the 23''' Floor", "Stocking Stutters" 
and "Kiss Me, Kate. We have also hosted the one-woman show "Mrs. Fiske: Against The Wind" 
with the English Department. 

The Tae Kwon Do club is dedicated to practicing and pertecting the art of Tae Kwon Do. Its 
members must be of the highest discipline and dedication. They have competed in many tourna- 
ments and are looking for more chances to show-ott their martial arts skills. 



Here at the Institute there is something called the Three-Legged Stool. This stool represents the 
three main aspects of VMI, military, academics, and athletics. The three-legged stool is the foun- 
dation upon which we find ourselves forever trying to build. Approximately 25% of the corps 
participate in athletics. The members of the Bomb recognize the importance of VMIs athletics program. 
Athletics allows those cadets to remain in top physical condition as well as enabling those cadets who may 
not shine exuberantly in the class room to take their place in the lime light. VMIs third leg allows cadets 
to participate in healthy competition and teaches them to be team players which will be advantagious in 
the life beyond these barracls walls. We at the Bomb would like to offer our recognition of the members 
of VMIs athletic teams for being an integral part in the making of the VMI man. 

_[RPS^ . 



>f tlu 


N'd mjittff the ^nir< "^^^^^ IVrw-. 

Si^i rDotcil-fficluudotI" lladfer i>^\\ I It. j»W or l^^ i 










Alt ■' '"'^^i 

mv/? Way-To The- 

'fmtftk ' AirnM\i5 thcrn A^tre First leaiix AJl-'*)uiii 

rorif, "W4S tht-.-itHWiiAg 7 

atcd Puin ittare KrttA; 
i\A> the hrsrtmie 
'^ulL<na jn 

^.ur Bcll^urb and his4<Si^^^^Q® 
I p')\\i.rhouse m iht Soiii 

As always the Big Red CIul 

Ir in fdrntTon Hall The Coq>s was the bixth 

I r pulkd the R<K«> through on those close home 

1 1 ,( k^ \ de ts Lxpeet to be even better rtext ycdx 

1 * 111! II Meond tLissmen Brent Conley and 

! sh >uld l-fe, something sptxuil next 

I 1 In •-» uiit Hat^n &■ V«ill\ iM'^qucro 

y^& iut% t ,x 



laudncc atHe.iJO)a<.li Jubii CTi.kli;t.i-\D and 
_u<icfa Aarftfl Bxtn.e, tfle Ke] ckt \\ reading c«im 
' rsCtntfaTg^jefffimianteuntht: ThunJf-rDium 
i -^* --'_i h] teafpf capfS-fn*; Fits.t CLi^^stihui Jarrt>d 
i.k, and'Stumd<3fe.ssmeals4acIVluorc and Luslic Apt-dot- 
i7tfi in die naPon, die wreitlers grappli d ditii w.u 
^k bedMiii against tougK tinnpctstion The v^i-ing 
t^a^^^^Siiv one First CLiSsman (Jarrod) and thn l Second 
'^JassHian, had a rebuilding ie.iSLm 

The seasos started ^^A'^a:e}>. ihum t|ie,^5ison.DD(m 
luiv to die inmiit%psis^^^3(mi^utgJ^if:^^^^M^ou!^h iht 
jvcvdet^didii \\ jfi 'tSc ref itT! title, Apedfte'cap'turtd rhc H(.a\'i- 
^iidJatrn£jtyi|p^eifLwrii ^ T»d<,Omi pialc fmtsh at the 
cLuss Ttj^^J^^^^jied then wavrothe prc-ti- 
tate Openr^l&fe Af^edt^u oni^c n.Min roul. the 
weight crown .^ - 
With {"uij c Hall p,u.ketl ihe.t m isici s of lc Imiqiu 

^jf-^ ^ ^' v*^"^ 

list B-d-^cbdl V am hd'^ a m 
f'\t^ ouv Uiaffct of making ajjuge m^irk tn i;fi£ 
uthcrrt C onkrwKe this > ear A 1 9S > VMI gcadii- 
; Ci~i(\i_h Gincs is in liis tourth jt^ir as head tuacb 
^i-lt k.rJi a ^fiuoc teaiii this yecix with onlv icwn st. 
ni< 1= on die team Jd} Adams and Ronlanijo Harnst ui 
^'^'ich the hdp ot Ai-sibant Guchts Chns C htrnjilxf - 
P-9^ and Mid-jaeiP*tfc« 9 ?, tbt dia_0a«nj fipliis'^'J 
rnis tiL untfek^m) to ftMtaxssiur^e^oft T^^kJ 
inMeib ut the gipre; ball.'^an.d bxit;&Kt a pvi^^^2. 
schedule with axi^ut'j-Dne'^-ame -ieaswa tompt 



■ ■■■IE'. 

•c^i^s^W*. ' 

'^ ^F^^m i tough'infcet? 
isi y^f iSit aw. ii%Mighr ot 

tad l,c^ ly-ft^rMty where we bi 
ettfitifftp^pool Our stront,cst ii\MH> 
r|Q€rs, ^t)^ Samaritoni 00 and K.t.vif| 
selmyce 1)1 , corttmuousl} g t\e us fijst '^ 

isttij of a 

a suno\ West Pafai jEkatli, 

Wthqugh same -<*|^„^§.1?cc 


■f theit WAS an\ team fui tht. toip=; to bauk Junng tbt '-'''-98 icdiyii if 
VfOuid dchmrdv hd\e bLxn the Lacrosse cenra Rctuirtiqo; r\vent)-^ 

.tvvo pla\ers trom tht, pre\ious bt:a->0[i mdudirtg" mx seniors JCoaLh' 
Bardctt and his ti'Hjps showed gieat promise bj goirig ^-1 jn their hnf-f ' 
fall season The YMl La\ Team posted three \tccones diiiing tht tltk 
Annual VMI Lacrosse Tournament heM on the Parade Deck on October 
19 including a 16-1 deteat 0"\tr The Citadel \\"ith their spnng season 
beginning against Air Foice tin Match tst and tndmg J»L^\ 2nd against 
\\ i^L VMI c 111 look torward to another action-packed Liciossc season 

Wiltten Bj Aaton Caspci Canae\ 

II II 11 m \ 
If III. i&t ^ » 

m At- Jl 



fk uo-j^ aaina^ team LoaJicd bj Mike BozearaaJiatf a I 
placina; fifdi jjt itie Soutbem Confe£'t:i>«:;^_,'Ihis was t 
)»g fc's VMl smtc 1990 ,TlTE.Je^^^^^^^^^ by first 
trs ibiid rkssman ]'oe Smith, jfs^^^^^i^^ Smitb 

,t nuiner £01 'VMI b\ wmning'f 

n Cortierenct 

and being the 
'"placing Ke>det 
in fivt ot VMIs jevtn 
iit'et'^ Gonzales ;fi%;^ 
l^lled ihe regtiiaf stafon' 
h\ being iht KevderfS 
highest mdi\ idual placer 
in the two rLniaHTW>j; 

The wdmen ut 
tst-\j£;ar ptogi am 
ipeted ver\ well, widi 
tachel Lo-s, t leading the 
\A a-v for the Toang 
h e\dtt!> Lo\e had a 
\er\ impiessive season 

jmpiovmg eaeh meet as the seascm progressed with a 19^'' 
o\Liall placing in the Southern Confeience Coach Bo/eman 
1 spccts Ltivc to be a contender ku all--coiil:eience honors 
next season 



^ L^a.r, v>ds ^ratted over thrte vcJdf'^ ago b\ 

Tlxiia godi w as to shdrt that pa'^sum fi,H hudvL-\ 

cadets with the icuxii lov-t- 0^tr the thitc ^tars the 

1 "K-roekv times tn.mgc(> gam vakclit\ tn tht oesof ttie 

iiTHuistratK'n and more unpoitanith the euips Thini<s finally taini; 

'/s^tthcr this 5car and'mosf 4mpo!,taiiflv wt ftlt like ateam } \er\- 

DSU' iaeiifieeei -i lot ot tlacir time ajid feceived little m eompejisation, 

other di(in die |oy oi b< nig on the lee ,L())iC5 dn\ts to Roanoke at 

all rime5 of the day, returning le>ng after taps, and itopi at Denjite 

and g IS station!, all brought jhe tfaai togtclu^f^^^gii impor- 

tantK made It fuflj W%,iD»rscHmf <Josrg3iiQ)^^^^^^^pii-nugh rt 

Dimean Trubeabaehj^^^Bf-MfemvIvearncA' the- l^ine thud se-\- 
euil rats MU hiding tiie^fe^^Srothef^ Berk Stuek the puck stop- 
xr, 1 man and Croajti the Boston batbanao lUid the fatult\ .lelvi- 
sotsCol Brodie and C)f hert Betmet Last but not ioast John ^troek 
nn \\ tngi r o\ cr the years and the one guv who \\ as there \"\ hen it jdi 
startetl and now v\hen it ends Thanks f^ir e\er\th)ng guvs and 
ki'cp skaruig 


-Famous qtuitc horn the Nhmtreal Foiuin 

Untttii b\ Halt U ilson Team ( aptain 

4^'^ "*{ '^v^^S^ 

m,tXTiaKr rs:'^^imm\ 

'ir> A-b \u 

A66 oc S^^2) 





o^we^-' Ptee'^^&j^ ^'^ ^"^ WiLL- oe ScjeAice 


^or-%e "O^- ^^ uji^^^ zr^s^ ^oo ^\e.^»Z> 

. SOr-^t: O^ O"^ ^^^-rvJ ■^^C::' AS^OAO 


Got to ueAve o^^ Tue. VJ^<^iceMr><, 




Or-xr^r^ ~TV4*-S \^ 6,eu-^ - <c:x CU-AM^— 05?.Y 







oT v^^ Alj^ 

S ArNo: 

^^A c V-A"^ O T U C^ 

Ct>0/:^ L- 

Penalty Number One 

They are the unforgiven. Their woeful stories 
are depicted here as a reckoning of the misconducted 
behavior that has banished their souls to a fiery pit of 
confinement and penalty tours. The Institute own, if 
you will, that can never embrace the public again tor 
the wrong-doings these wretched youths have com- 
mitted. Though their crimes, consisting of: use of 
wild spirits, breaking curfew and staying out late on a 
school night, wanting to celebrate the Fourth of July 
just a little early, wanting some "free time in an un- 

authorized facility, mistaking a Winnebago for bar- 
racks, and streaking do not necessarily threaten na- 
tional security nor require federal attention, the hier- 
archy ot the state within a state seeks a different opin- 
ion. These faces have thrown caution into the wind, 
and their tours of duty may not have come to a close. 
Do not be coerced into the deeds they have done. Be 
prudent, ladies and gentlemen, because these are the 
members ot the Number One Club. 

Vice President 

Jim Mllleron 


Unlawrully entering a locked 

Winnebago parked In front ot 

barracks while under the intluence 

of liquid nirvana. Thought the 

motorhome was barracks. 


David Nash 


Habilating in an unauthorized apartment on 

post (in Cocke Hail) i.e. storing and consuming 

mass quantities of alcohol, possessing a 

ceremonial knife with a \2 inch blade, hay 

rack with mattress, microwave, television, 

storing civilian luggage and clothes, 

maintaining recreational gear. 


Vice President 

Heath "Moose "Edmiston 

1.) Borrowing dykes jeep without 
permission, wearing civies, and 
leading an alumni on a car chase 

through town. 

2.) Providing four cases of Red 

Dog beer to football recruits in 


Steve Schwanke 

Unauthorized rat-line activities, 

mlshaphs after losing a game of 

cards with a rat. 

Justin May 

Succumbing to the desire to par- 
take of the hospitality and 
euphoria of Mr. Daniels and Mr. 

John Spitzer 

First penalty # 1 from within the 

Class of 1998. Charged with 
overconsumption of alcohol after 

the first hop of the year and 

visiting the hospital to have his 

stomach pumped. 

Jason Duffy 

Jack Season 


1.) Moose^ partner in crime in 

supplying football recruits with 

beer. 2.) Forgeting to hide alcohol 

in the room second class year. 3.) 

Unauthorized off post after taps in 

an unauthorized car. 


Jimmy Peay 


Over-indulgence of alcohol and 

returning lo barracks wliile 

wearing civilian clothes (not drunk 

enough to get arrested uptown). 

Clark Twiddy 


Engaged in illegal ratline activities 

on the 4th sloop after taps and 

was given an EC. #1. Suspended 

by the Dean. 

Phil Toumazatos 


Accepted an invitation to join 

Beason and Edmiston in having 

multible Red Dog beers with the 

football recruits. I'leaded 

insanity, but was found guilty as 


Will Kump 


Overconsumption of numerous 

bottles of holy water during Ring 

Figure, requiring a trip lo 

Stonewall Hospital. 

Andy Gehring 

Unauthorized possession and use 

of explosive devices and 

membership in a secret terrorist 

group. Last seen departing post 

in a yellow rental van. 




.. w 






^ '^^ 

Jeff Gormon 


Enjoying liquid spirits while 

at local mixer. Decided to 

sleep on the floor in the 

Sweet Briar Conference 

Center and was kindly 

awakened by the police in 

the morning. 

Brian Kurtz 


Attempting to lighten the 

atmoshphere In barracks with a 

demonstration of firepower. 

Rumored to be an associate of 

Theodore Kaszyinski. 

John Strock and Brad Vier 


Cavorting naked across the parade deck 
; while under the influence of alcohol in 
|:he presence of female civilians. Caught 
and arrested by Col. Simpson. 

Trey Ashman 


1.) Answered the 

late night lure of 

greater Le.xtropolis. 

2.) Consuming 
alcohol in barracks 
and failure to invite 
the TAC to his party 

Mike Baumann Jimmy Duncan 

1.) Discharging a fire 

exstinguisher in 

barracks and wearing 

only boxers in an 

academic building. 

2.) AttempUng to 

improve the taste of 

a ratfe food. 


Celebrating the 

4th of July a few 

months too early 

with unauthorized 


Countdown 4-3-2-1 

As just a ral. the bell was white. 
When deemed a class, turned black. 
You always knew your choice was right. 
You're too fat to turn back. 

From cocky 3rd. you made it through 
To get your ring of gold. 
In '97. a second class 
The story's ahnost told. 

Now '98- a 1st at last 
You've made your dreams come true. 
Your Mom & Dad want the world to know. 
We're VMl proud of you! 

Bradley C. Arnold VMI '98 

VMI's Most Famous Alum 

- never owned a business, but iiiaiuigcil rhe 

business of World War II: [ 

- never ran for office, bur was revered by [ 

presidents and political leaders; j 

- never lied to Congress, his honesty- earned I 
their trust and respect: 

- never sought fame or fortune, but his name i 
became a s\inbol of global hope. \ 

Make a commitment now to support the preservation of i 
General Marshall's VMI experience and his life's legacy. ' 
It's a matter of honor. 

George C. Foundation's Museum, Research Library & Archives! 

P.O. Drawer 1600. VMI Parade. Le.xinaton. Virainia 24450 540 46,3 7103 1 

Congratulation; Jason 
Time to celebrate! 
We are proud of you 
Mom & Dad 

Congratulations to EJ lannelli. We are proud of you I 
and wish you success. | 

God bless you and the class of '98. Love Mom, Dad, Sara I 
and Meg. 1 

Electronic Manufacturer's 
Corporation (EMC) was 
established in 1985 as a 
contract manufacturer committed to 
producing high-quality circuit boards, 
cables, wire harnesses, control panels, 
and electromechanical assemblies. 

The company focuses on high 
quality standards, low-to-medium 
production volume, quick turn-around 
to meet their client's just-in-time 
delivery dates, testing and customer service to help their partners become leaders in ; 
their market. With full time engineers on staff, EMC can assist with any engineering or |j 
design problems; and software can also be sourced through the company. 

EMC's vast network of complementary support companies and high volume 
purchasing power provides real advantages to their partners. The company has sources 
for hard-to-find components and fabricators, and seek long-term partnerships to meet all 
of their original equipment manufacturer's needs. 





10-470 Wilden Dri\e, Ashland \'irginia 23005 

Phone (80-4) SSO-201(i F.\X (SO-t) 5S0-2051 

\\■\\'^\ .(.' 

THE CLASS of 1998 

We are so proud of what you have accomplished. 
You have always worked hard toward your goals. 
We wish you the Best in your future as a U.S. 
Marine Officer. 

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much 
where we stand, as in what direction we are 
moving." —Goethe 


Mom, Dad and Michael 

Marcus A. Lynch 
Congratulations Marcus! 

We're so very proud that you 

had the tenacity to 

persevere. We knew you 

could do it. 

We love you. 

Your Family 

Congratulations Cadet Timothy O'Bryant and 
THE CLASS of 1998 

Love, Mom, Dad and Mimi 

HCongratidationsU >| 
and tfie CCass cf'98 

We are so very proud of you son, and of your steadfast determination 
in achieving your goals. Your future is bright with promise -- follow 
your dreams! 

*i7ittr ziHnds amCfoUcmnng seas 




0^ Our love always, 

f^{am, ^ad and 9\{icfuie[ 






Cadet Matthew J. Bertsch 

Congratulations Matt! 
You made it. We are very proud 
of you. You have the world in 
your hands so keep reaching for 
the stars. 

Mom. Grandma, and Grandpa God Bless You Matt 

God Bless ihe Class of 1998 

Congratulations ! 
Justin, Cnris, Matt and Cnris 

. '98 

^ay to go, guys 
Marty and Barry ^^Ire 





Chris Copenhaver 

The step path will be worth the 


Congratulations - We are so proud 

of you. 


Mom and Dad 

For David Farnsworth Nash 98 


DREAM — - That is the beauty of the human 


To do anything that you want to do — 
That is the strength of the human will. 

To trust yourself to test your limits 
That is the courage to succeed. 

Love and Godspeed! 
Mom, Dad, Catherine, and Sara 

"Finally brethren, whatsoever things 

are true, whatsoever things are 

honest, whatsoever things 

are just, whatsoever things 

are pure, whatsoever things 

are lovely, whatsoever 

things are of good report, 

if there be any virtue, and 

if there be any praise, think 

on these things" 

Philippians 4:8 

Jeremy you are the joy of 

our life. 

Mom, Dad, Julie and Jeff 



Job well done! 

We are veiy Proud! 

Love - Mom & Dad 






Dearest Bong-Bong ("ad"ing/Marc), 

We're glad you "hung in there!" 
Best of luck in the future. 

Love, prayers, and xoxoxo. 
Mom, Dad, and Manang 

Let's Go Bowling 



98 North Wind Lane 
Lexington, VA. 24450 
(540) 464-BOWL (2695) 

Debora Briggs 

May Qod Bless and Direct you and the Class 
of 1998 in all avenues taken! 


Love, Dad, Mom, and Paul 




"Flo", "Tub", and "Nate Dogg' 

S-11 Rats 
















Ip ' 




* ^» 


I i , 

1 / m 

1 i: 

. Bll 

Do you remember when the award for 

slain civil rights activist and 

Episcopal Church martyr 

Jonathan Daniels, VMI Class of 1961, 

was inaugurated? 

We do.* 




The Memory of the Institute 

6Febuary, 1998 

Greg Ellen 
VMI Class OF 1998 



we're so proud of you. 


Dad, Mom, AND Laura 

ye re so proutl ol you, Irey! ! 
ye love 
tt-oni & SXob 

Joe Gunter 2001 

Congratulations, son. 

We are proud of you! 

Mom & Dad 



^' -■ 







r Stteii ii J!i"- iB 



So bright, so quick your mind- 
no boundaries may it ever find. 
Of your beauty inside and out- 
we are proud of you without a doubt. 
Your quest has begun. 
Remember the Truth is out there. 

You are forever loved, 

Mom, Dad, Courtney 
Grandma & Grandpa 


Class of 

Tnomas M. Barnnill 

^^tn muck 1 

d nridi 

mucn love ana pnae 

We salute you! 
Mom, Dad, Jane and 



Cadet Dale Paxton! 

We are proud of you 


Mom and Dad 


We have always been so very proud of you, 
but not any prouder than right now. 


Love ya, 

Mom, Dad and Stephaniei 

Christopher Chan 

We are so proud of you! 

Congratulation Chris and the Class of I 998 

^ r^^^t^^ 


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Lexlng-ton, Virginia 

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Call 464-3157 






RO. BOX 3205 


FAX 757-625-1887 



Mom & Dad, SEC & Mrs. Robert L. Pettry. 

The 1 030th Engr Bn Invites interested new Reserve Army Offic- 
ers to join our ranks in Southwest Virginia. YES, join the Boone 
Brigade with a tradition in Excellence. To find out more about the 
heritage, heart & excitement of the Boone Brigade call 540-386- 

Graver Green 5c 



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Certified Public Accountants 

Nations Bank Building 

One Commercial Place 

Norfolk, Virginia 235 I 4 


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Captain and Mrs. Charles A. Bush 

Major Ralph and Kathleen Butera 

Greg and Shelia Campbell 

Fred and Judy Maldonado 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig I\, Nash 

Allen and Kathleen Presser 

James and Linda Schindler 

I ne 

would li 
special t 


to the Class of 1999 

on Rina Fiaure. 

Welcome to the 


Below: Keydets take a moment from Beach Break 

festivities. Bottom Left: There is nothing like a good 

Ring Figure speech to motivate you. 

Top Right: Tyier and Steve express their deep love 

for each other. We always wondered about the 

Army guys.... 

Right: The General and EJ pose with their women. 

How much did you say you payed them?? 

Bottom Right: We could not come up with a quote 

that would do thse guys justice. 






*< a 

|t f 





Top Lefl: What is it with VMI keydets 
and their choice of sunglasses? Left: 
riotorious rU.D. and his buddies 
shufTle by the Saturday crowd. Bottom 
Left: Uh, Hopkins? I think your heart 
is on the other side of your chest. 
Below: Halftime entertainment in 
Cameron Hall . . . spin till you puke! 
Bottom Right: Show her who the 





As I sit here in 
fremt of the com 
puter again, I 
wonder what to write. 
There has been so much 
that has happened the last 
three years I have been on 
the BOMB. I just don't 
know where to start. My 
first experience with the 
BOMB was my rat year. 
I had a stat in my room 
after parents weekend tell- 
ing to me to come to the 
BOMB room to do the 
rat section. Well, I did and 
I was up until 4 am in the 
morning. This must have 
foreshadowed the years to 
come, because I sit here 
now at 3 in the morning. 
After that I did not do 
much with the yearbook 
until my third class year. 
The staff that year con- 
sisted of all about four 
staff members, me, the 
editor, managing editor 
and the business manager, 
and the book surely 
should It that year. 1 
worked my --- off that 
year, because I was the only 
one who knew how to 
crop a picture and lay a 
page out. I spent many 
nights up until BRC try- 
ing to make deadlines. As 
soon as something seemed 
to go right for the book 
about 5 other things went 
wrong like pictures lost or 
not even taken. Second 
class year I was ottered the 
position of managing edi- 
tor and I saw this as my 
chance really make a dif- 
ference in the '98 
BOMB. After the year 
before there was so much 
work that needed to be 
done to change any 
doubts people had about 
the publication. I had 
learned what not to do 

and what was needed. The 
BOMB staff was now at 
an all time low and so I 
first built a staff. I quickly 
recruited 20 diligent ca- 
dets who learned all the 
advantages of being on the 
bomb staff, getting out of 
PT's, parades, personal 
work out, CTT and any- 
thing else you did not 
want to do. They also 
realized all the hard work 
that goes in the BOMB. I 
knew I had to help make 
a successful BOMB, be- 
cause if not the publica- 

and BOMBS, with the 
help ot Jason Crigler, in 
his spare time between 
battles in the game Lords 
of the Realm II, Sir James. 
Some how you figured a 
way to make money this 
year with all the expenses 
we had. Bill Fallon, you 
worked the hardest and 
put in the most hours out 
of anybody. The first class 
histories would not have 
even gotten done if it was 
not for you. You made 
sure that everybody 
turned one in and then 

were always willing to 
do anything that 
needed to be done. 
The effort truely 
shows, just look at the 
the beginning of each 
section. The pictures 
would have not been 
possible without Mark 
Redman, well maybe. 
You got the pictures 
taken, maybe not 
when we wanted 
them, but I finally 
have the picture of a 
rat walking through 
the arch (page 15) five 

tion would be taken away 
from the cadets. After 
making things happen at 
the beginning of the year 
the editor got suspended 
for trying to get pictures 
taken for the BOMB. So 
the wonderful job fell to 
me and being foolish I 
took it. Now I sit here 
writing this letter. The 
BOMB would not have 
happened if it was not for 
every on the staff. Jimmy 
Stanely making a profit for 
the BOMB by selling ads 

single-handedly placed 
each one in the computer. 
I dorit know how you did 
it, but you did, and did it 
well. It did not matter 
what job was thrown your 
way you worked with a 
smile and without any 
help or questions. You 
were truely dedicated to 
the BOMB and it shows. 
Aaron Frazier brought all 
the intros to each section 
and part of the intro to the 
BOMB. If it was not for 
him we would be lost. You 

months later. It was 
cool working with you 
because I got to know 
you and hang out. 
You are a cool guy. I 
wish you and Kadrina 
good luck. Did you 
get your reservations 
for McDonalds? Jason 
Duffy added his artis- 
tic touch through his 
writing. Your writing 
has made this BOMB 
interesting to read, be- 
cause you always 
found a way to de- 

50 • 

cause you always found a 
way to described things 
differently and make the 
reader have emotions of 
what its like being a rat or 
just being here. You are an 
interesting character and 
different from any one I 
have ever meet. Eric Mar- 
tin brought humor to us 
all. You always seemed to 
lighten up any situation, 
and I look forward to 
hopefully working with 
you again next year if you 
decide to work on the 
BOMB again. It did not 
matter what you did you 
picked it up, learned it and 
did it with no questions 
asked. The work you did 
was top rate. Randy and 
Patrick who pulled the 
Ring Figure section to- 
gether in about a weeks 
time, thanks. I dort know 
how you did, but it was 
amazing that you guys got 
it done. Thanks for put- 
ting up with me and all 
my crap. I know I was not 
the easiest person to work 
with, but thank god you 
guys figured a way. Randy 
you and I have had our dif- 

ferences this year but I am 
glad we have worked them 
out, just remember to hang 
in there. Martin Ratigan 
gave us our connection to 
Sports Information. You 
were always willing to 
come in at night and get 
work done. Josh Wagner 
and Stuart Staton did not 
come onto the permit un- 
til second semester, but 
you seemed to learn and 
pick everything up 
quickly. I could have not 
picked anybody better to 
do the sports section. You 
all put a lot of time and 
effort into it, above and 
beyond what was expected 
and it shows. I could not 
ask for some one more ea- 
ger than Josh. You always 
wanted to do something 
for the BOMB and I carit 
wait to work with you 
next year. Kevin I don't 
know why you want to be 
on the staff next year, but 
I am glad. What ever kind 

of job I threw your 

way you did it with the 
smile. You helped me out 
a lot and I think if you 
stick with it you will be 

editor when the time 
comes. You learned a lot 
this year which will take 
you there. Lelia Crabtree 
and George Olsen, I hope 
we restored your faith this 
year. You had a lot to be 
skeptical about. You pro- 
vided the finest training 
and offered copious sup- 
port. Lelia had definite 
opinions, and she made 
clear the maze of Taylors 
production process. Any- 
where, any time, anything. 

seemed to be Kurt Arujo 
and Candid Color's motto. 
Kurt delivered everything 
on time and never made 
excuses. He went above 
and beyond what was ex- 
pected. It was my privi- 
lege to work with him and 
his dedicated firm. For the 
rest of the Corps, it was 
your cooperation that re- 
ally helped. Everybody 
turned histories, CO let- 
ters, and club write ups in 
on time. It did not matter 
when we asked, mostly at 
the last minute. This 
BOMB is just as much 
yours as it is mine. It was 
your cooperation that re- 
ally made things happen. 
My wish for this publica- 
tion is to serve as an accu- 
rate history of this year. 
Despite the lousy grades, 
lost sleep, extra weight it 
cost me, it will all be worth 
it when it's on the shelf 
with it's forbears. My 
work, my staffs work, all 
of it I submit to the Corp 
of Cadets and the "VMI 
community. If you like it, 
I am delighted, and proud 
to present it to you. If you 

don't like it, my 
apology is extended. 
But this is intended 
for the Corp first 
and everyone else 
second. "The Insti- 
tute shall be heard 
from today!' 

Willis P. Tatterson 
Editor-in-Chief of 
the 1998 BOMB 


The 1 998 VMI BOME 

Thierry R. Lemercier 

Editor-in-Chief in the Fall 

Willis P. Tatterson 

Managing Editor in the Fall 
Editor-inChief in the Spring 

James S. Stanely 

Business Manager 

Cadets Love Looking at VML . . 

Introduction Section 

Jason Duffy 

Aaron Frazier 

Eric Martin 

Ring Figure 
Patrick Forrest 
Randy McMath 


Eric Martin 

Chain of Command 
Martin Ratigan 

First Class 
Bill Fallon 

Second Class 

Patriclc Forrest 

Eric Martin 

Third Class 
Charles Townes 
Tony Gagliardi 

Rat Mass 
Kevin Ryan 

The One-Hundred 
Fourth edition of The BOMB 
was edited by Thierry 
Lemercier and Willis 
Tatterson. The staff was man- 
aged by Willis Tatterson. Tay- 
lor Publishing Company, with 
offices in Malvern, PA. and 
Dallas, TX printed the book. 
Lelia Crabtree was our Service 
Representative and Curtis 
Wright served as in-factory 
representative. The BOMB was 
produced solely by cadets and 
is not legally attached to the 
school in ^ir.y manner. All con- 
(>■::■;; .,vo:e hiuidlcd by the 
■'. .■ ' ■ '':■'■ ■,.::i'-F. The offices of 

Through The 
Rear view Mirror 

The BOMB are located on the 
300 level of Maury-Brooke 
Hall. The offices hours are 
from 4pm until 2am during 
the Academic Year. The busi- 
ness phone number is 540- 
46.T-9513. All correspondence 
should be directed to the Edi- 
tor-in-Chief, VMI Box 8, Lex- 
ington, Virginia 24450. 

Design: This publica- 
tion was printed using Adobe 
PageMaker, version 6.5 on one 
120Mh;i Dell Dimension 
Pentium and one 200Mh2 
Digital Venturis Pentium 
computer. Body text was 12 
point GourmandT, italized 

headings and 10 point names 
are in TimesT, and first class 
names are in FinesseT. All 
fonts are PostScript Level one 
and two. The cover concept was 
designed by James S. Stanely 
with artwork by April 
Murphy, using embossed 
Black 07 5 Cordova grain and 
silver myler. The endsheets are 
Rainbow black antique and are 
binded using Smyth binding. 
The paper is 100 enamel. 

Photography: Portrait 
photography was conducted by 
Candid Color Photography, 
1 1010 Bacon Race Road, 
Woodbridge VA. 22192. All 

Michael Leonard 
Charles Townes 

Joe Lowman 

Stuart Staton 
Josh Wagner 

Photographer Edit 
Mark G. Redman 

Ceasar Perez 
Dan Schindler 

Copy Editors 
Dan Alvarez 

Drew Cannon 
Jason Duffy 

Aaron Frazier 
Joe Lowman 
Eric Martin 

Tyler Shelbert 

Jason Crigler 

other photography was c 
ducted by the staff, prima 
using a Nikon FM-2 an 
Minolta 530si with techn 
help from Candid Color. 

The operating buc 
oiThe t/M/BOMB is $5 5, 
raised solely through pri' 
means. The BOMB receive: 
state money. Per-orde 
books cost $40 prior to 1 ]i 
ary, 1997. One thousand 
enty-five copies were prin 
No portion of The 1\ 
BOMB may be reprodu 
without written permis; 
from the Editor-in-Chie 
The 1998 BOMB.