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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


Dl^E Boml^ 2009 
^Vixainia ^^lyiiLitaiu Uni-tituts, 

• • 

o i 

U u 



o § 



Colonel Holly Richardson receives the 2009 VNl BOMB Dedication. 
Born in Iowa City Iowa, Col. Richardson is a hardcore Hawkeyes 
fan and considers her roots to be from the Midwest. The biggest reward 
for Holly is "when there is a real connection made with her students^ 
She describes it as "this can be in the classroom, but most of the time, 
outside of class. 1 enjoy seeing the &h ha' moment in the swimming pool, 
or seeing someone float for the first time!' She also enjoys seeing first 
classmen during their last semester at VMl. "1 remembered when they 
attended STP or they were in rat drowning! The growth 1 see in students 
is phenomenal!' She also takes pleasure in working with students in Rat 
Challenge during their high ropes training. Col. Richardsons favorite 
class to teach is anything swimming related. She says "it is the most 
wonderful thing to be able to love what you do!' She also finds teaching 
her Health Education class very satisfying. "1 try to keep it focused on 
health issues of the college-age population!' Col. Richardson is not just 
an amazing teacher, but a great mentor. She is one teacher no one of 
2009 will forget. 

Chelsie M. Kosecki 
Editor-in-Chief, 2009 


■ Advanced Swimming. Colonel HoIIy Richardson teaches an advanced swimming class foS 
anyone who really enjoys swimming. It is taught once a semester. Pictured above is the Spring 
2009 Advanced Swimming Class. 

2 Virginia Military Institute 

TAPS Dedication 
Commissioning & Graduation 
First Class Section 

Second Class Section 120 

Ring Figure 2010 134 

Third Class Section 158 

Cheney & inaugural 171 

Fourth Class Section 175 

Chain of Command 194 

Company Section 208 

Academics 226 

Committees 240 

VMl Clubs 246 

Club Sports 258 

NCAA Sports 270 

Recognition Advertisements 303 

From the Editor 336 




Where's Moe? 

008- MAY 2009 

W T 

"" ' » '%^ 


The Corps of Cadets 
travel to William 
& Mary College in 
Williamsburg, Virginia 
to cheer on the Keydet 
Football team. 


er his special 

with a couple of 

cadets outside the 

Commandant's Office. 





Beats the Citadel 

Moe the Kangaroi.' 

participates with the 

Corps duimg Legac\ 





The class of 2010 
receive their rings in 
November. After the 

Moe marches down 
with the regimental 

staff during one of 
VMI's football games. 




The Corps of Cadets 
receive an invitation 
to march in President 
Barack Obama's 
parade as he is 
sworn into office in 
Washingon D.C. 






The Corps of Cadets 
have their annual 
formal dance in 
February. After the 
formal, cadets were 
given a free weekend 
to spend in Lexington, 


Score 2138 - 2092 
against the Coast 
Guard Academy 





Moe answers a special 
to Col, Levenson after 
being missing from a 
basketball game. 

Moe the Kangaroo 
heads to Walmart for 
the day to help sell 
VMI apparel and to 
meet some locals from 
Lexington, Virginia. 





The honorable 
Governor Kaine visits 
VMI to dedicate 
Kilboume Hall and 
also gives the Corps 
amnesty on Aprill, 


Beats Washington & Lee 

Beats Virginia Tech 



The class of 2009 is 
finally finished with 
their cadetship and 
out in the real world, 
either with a civilian 
job or with the armed 

4 Virginia Military Institute 

thefront of the magazine and realizedhowuncommon the 
animal was as amascot. As one of the mascots was finally 
procured, a contest was held to give the creature an appro- 
priate name. The prize winning name was *TD Boundr 

Sometime later the kangaroo^ name was changed 
to 'Moe" In order that he might be associated to all 
sports at VMl and not Just football. So far In history 
there have been four real "MoesT the last of which was 
actually a wallaby, the smaller relative of the kangaroo. A. 
kangaroo costume wornby aVMlcheerleaderthenreplaced 
the live mascot In the 70fe so there could be a mascot 
representative at any VMl contest at home or on the road. 

3 eS 

Like Where& Waldo, Moe the Kangaroo Is hidden and placed 
throughout the yearbook times. 

The challenge Is to find Moe In all his different hiding spots 
throughout the 2009 yearbook. 

Your challenge Is ahead. 

'^ ■ "^rr: 







H0M€C0MIN6 2008 


tHe couRr 

J^::- .:lNl£Siti....rf 


The Commandants Staff, along "J 
with Cadet Life, gave cadets a\ 
free extended weekend to watch 
the VMl Keydet football team 
play against William & Mary on 
their own turf In William sbur 



Cadet Knight, a rising 
3rd Class cadet, was 
killed in an automobile 
accident in the Isle of 
Wight County com- 
munity of Carrollton, 
Va., where he lived. 




Colonel Stockwell began work at VMI 
uary 1, 1975, as an Instructor in the Phys- 
al Education Department and rose to full 
^ofessor of Physical Education, remainin 
ith the department until his promotion 
sociate Dean in 1994. He served as act 
an of the Faculty for the 2000 - 2001 at 
emic year, and has served as the Depuf 
jperintendent for Academics and Dean i 
e Faculty for the current academic year 
74 graduate of Springfield College, Colo 
ickwell earned his doctorate in health e 
ion from the University of Virginia in If 
[l986 he received VMI's Thomas Jefferi 
~ jEtinguished Teaching Award. 



Lieutenant Colonel 
Hess, 40, joined 
VMI in 1998, and 
was responsible 
for assisting fac- 
ulty and staff in the 
use of instructional 

technology for 
teaching. He was 
awarded the VMI 
Award for Distin- 
guished Service in 

Colonel Gilliam was a graduate of 
VMI's Class of 1940, and served 
as editor of the 1940 Bomb. He 
served in the U.S. Army from 1941 
until 1946 in the area of intelli- 
gence and security. He served in 
the Army Reserve until his mili- 
tary retirement in 1978. 

Honoring t(oe 

T(ian^ iy)OM 

PictMres proV\ded bi) 
Steve HMf f KKian 

m.i ii 


Study Abroad 11 



May 15th, 2009 
















Stories gathered by Cadet Jackie Morton 



1 was on my way back to VMl when 1 said to my partner in crime for the night, "We should go find our good friends, Leo and Nathaniel in NEB!" We found our 
friends in the basement- they had spent the night in playing halo on a projector. Something about the large moving screen, the sounds, or the bottle of vodl\a 1 
drank was making me feel ill, so Nathaniel forcefully picked me up and draped me over his shoulders. After we had walked across the parade deck in the rain, 
Nathaniels pace slowed and he dropped me against the wall of Jackson Arch at the direction of someone else. 1 would learn later that this was Capt. Faust. As 1 
slumped down into a puddle and began to fall asleep again, 1 smiled to myself 1 woke up in the hospital. 


So heres the story, Wednesday night of Ring Figure week, our Ring 3rds decide that they're going to buy us some pizza. While my roommates and 1 are all work- 
ing on a proiect, the 3rds decide to watch a movie and enjoy some beverages. Halfway through their movie the TAC walks by, and decides he better take a closer 
look. He comes in to investigate, walks around the room, asks some questions, then states, "ok guys, 1 know that you're drinking. Either you give me the bottle, or 
we are going to tear this room apart and find it.' Not wanting other confiscatable items to be found, we end up giving him the bottle of wonderfully delicious, yet 
really cheap, Kesslers. 1 tried to bargain with him to just let us pour it down the drain and go on with the night, but he insisted that he had to either bone everyone 
in the room, or one person could take the hit for everyone. So thats how 1 got an A-1 for being completely sober. 


It all started with a promise 1 made myself the week before ring figure: "lackie, you will not drink in barracks ne.xt weekr 1 should've known then something was 
going to go bad because no one can keep a pledge like that during the (hands down) best week of 2nd class year. 1 set myself up for failure. After the class dinner, 
all giddy with camaraderie and the weight of a huge hunk of metal on my hand, 1 decide to imbibe in a little SoCo to keep the "buzz" going. Minutes or hours or 
100k pictures later 1 decide to finish off the rest of my shared bottle with some friends. Note, 1 was a novice in-barracks drinker in those days, and 1 pulled the 
shade. Big mistake. CPT Blakey, our fearless enforcer, was all over it. A quick knock and an impromptu, yet thorough, inspection produced one empty bottle and 
one sad, pleading Keydet. L-train later refused to give me back my bottle as a souvenir. 


So there 1 was, a young rat-tie, just weeks from break out, doing my guard shift, and I'm a little thirsty. 1 ask my roommate, the esteemed lustin Cook, if 1 could 
have a sip of his drink. Turns out, its Wild Turkey. 1 think. what the heck why not take A SINGLE SIP. A few days later, 1 was informed that drinking on guard is a 
self-bone. After much soul searching 1 asked the not-so-esteemed-prosecutor-who-shall-not-be-named (rhymes with Moe Hill) if it was. He quickly replied that it 

was, so 1 grabbed a form 24 and walked it in. The, then, CPT Faust looked at me and said, "well this is not a self bone, but since we know about it now go talk 

to L-train: 1 did, and found myself marching those 60 PTS that very afternoon. Long story short. ...1 got an Al, and I'm a Company Commander. HA! 


After playing ODU, the rugby team returned to the Institute with another W on the board. A stop at a restaurant had allowed me (now three weeks deep into my 
21st year) to consume excessive amounts of Al "sauce'; Now 1 can't recall how, but upon arrival to Barracks, 1 found myself carrying a case of Coors Light. 1 thought 
1 would enjoy a few Coors when 1 got back to my room, so 1 proceeded to carry the case through New Barracks courtyard, down in the Concourse and through the 
Sinks. Yes, 1 had a backpack on, but 1 found no reason to put the beer inside. ..Epic Fail. 1 came up the stairs at Lisas Arch and then had the last fun 1 would have 
at VMl. 1 ran through Old Barracks courtyard not seeing the TAC, OD and OG standing behind the sentinel box. Apparently..they yelled stop, 1 didn't hear and kept 
running up the stairs to my room where I threw the case under my desk and sat on my roommates rack. Within seconds Institute Officials were at my door, and 
the rest is history. The civilian clothes 1 was wearing won me a 7 on top of the Al. 


First Class Parties 2009 





2009 General Committee 

President: Finney Kimsey 
Vice President: Barrett Luxhoj Historian: John Ta§ 

GC Secretary: Steven Russell 


Respect and influence is gained in the class system through the strength 
of one^ character. It is not gained by rank, title or position. Each respective 
class defines its place in VMl^ history through its members and the individ- 
ual choices they make day by day. With this, each class is as powerful as it 
chooses to be. The members of the General Committee therefore have only 
one goal, to maintain the brother rat spirit and the traditions that have made 
their class great. 

My brother rats we have endured hardships and faced challenges by 
choice, recognizing that the outcome weighs on the efforts of all of us. What 
will be remembered of us is that we whenever life got hard and all eyes were 
on us, we were always together and we never gave ground. 




l>>t Cta^j Jie^iBeiit 

The Qass of 2009 

First Qass year 


Hamid K. Abdurrahim 

Hampton, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering 

Air Force 

Vincent W. Abruzzese 


Newport News, Virginia 


Air Force 

►<sc^j^ y^ 

David C. Adams 

Smithfield, Virginia 


Marine Corps 

\ RP^ 


DKYE 2006: Bryan Yerger 
RAT 2012: Kyler Fuller 

Recycling Club CIC, Newman Club CIC, Pre-Law 
Society, Civil War Roundtable, Racquetball Club, 
Stonewall Guard Drill Team ACIC, Cadet Academic 
Mentor, Cadet Chemistry Tutor, Institute Honors 

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "There is no way to success 
in our art but to take off your coat, grind patnt. and work like 
a digger on the railroad, all day and every da\^' My graduation 
from the Virginia Military Institute is bittersweet. On the one 
hand, 1 am ready for the next phase of my lifes journey But, on 
the other hand, it was here where my potential for success came 
to fruition, and 1 have honestly enjoyed my cadetship. 1 came to 
VMl because as a high school senior 1 did not know what path 
to pursue. My father is an alumnus of this Institute and as such 
1 decided to give VMl a try, a decision 1 shall never regret. It 
was here that I found my calling and proved to myself that with 
hard work 1 can be successful. Like many 1 find myself looking 
back as a First Classman and asking "where did all the time 
go?" 1 remember being a rat thinking that time could not pass 
fast enough. Now 1 look back thinking that It passed too fast! 
But, although my four years as a cadet have passed quickly, the 
time was well spent, and 1 find myself reflecting upon a wealth 
of good memories made with my BRs and my rats. It is impos- 
sible to make It through VMl without support. I want to thank 
my dykes of 152 and all of my BRs for their help throughout 
these years. 1 also want to thank my parents. Without their 
spiritual and financial support I would not be where I am today. 
I hope I have made you proud. Congratulations to my rats 
(and all of 2012). You are our legacy Never forget the lessons 
your dykes have taught you for they are the tools which will 
make you successful not only as a cadet, but long afterward. 
And, most importantly, congratulations to the Class of 2009! 

DYKE 2006: Kirby Smith 

RAT 2012: Mjriy Tucker, Glen Ingham, Rapliael Dongleux 

Cadet Battery Civil War Round Table, Drill Team, 
and Semper Fi Society 

1 bid you farewell. For four years 1 have constantly 
accompanied you on the road to honor and glory. In 
these latter times, as in the days of our prosperity, you 
have invariably been models of courage and fidelity. 
With men such as you our legacy could not be lost. We 
have sacrificed all of our interests to those of the class 
and the corps. We go, but we will continue to serve 
our class. Her happiness was our only thought. It will 
still be the object of our wishes. Do not regret your 
fates; we who have consented to survive, do so in the 
service of her (09) glory. 

We have written the history of the great achieve- 
ments we have performed together Adieu, my 
friends. Would 1 could press you all to my heart. 
Napoleon Bonaparte to the Old Guard- April 20, 1814 

DYKE 2007: Justin Blanks 
RAT 2012: Josh Viscontl, Clay Mosk 

20 The Class of 2009 

Remington D. Adams 

"Rem" "Rembo" "Rem-Dog" 

Barrington, New Hampshire 


Marine Corps 

Justin Y.Adklns 

"Crazy Asian" 

Bishopville, Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

^^^^1 ^^ 




.-i^i— ^ 

k — JJ 



Andrew M. Adldoost 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering 

Air Force 

Mere Varsity Lacrosse. Marshall New Market Bat- 
talion Commander. Remedial Fitness Program CIC 

NCMT, S3 Staff, Glee Club 


1 would like to express my deepest thanks and love to 
botl\ my parents Wayne and Susan and my uncle Doug 
for their constant support over the past four years. When 
the times were tough and the picture looked bleak, you 
were always just a phone call away. Also, I want to 
thank Emily for her love and for all the sacrifices that 
she made while 1 was away. 1 could not have asked for 
a greater gift than her love and support. Lastly, 1 would 
like to thank my roommates Pat, lared. and Dave for all 
the good times and constant laughs, it made this experi- 
ence worth every minute. If there is one thing 1 wish to 
leave with everyone, it is that no matter how hard the 
situation may present Itself or how much pain you experi- 
ence, whether it be heartache, stress, or anger the friends 
you have at VMl will always be there for you. Those who 
suffer together stay together Never let your brother rat hit 
the ground without you being there to pick him up. The 
bonds we make within the barracks walls will last a life- 
time, and it is this bond that has made all the difference. 
1 wish all my brother rats the best of luck in their future 
careers. It was a true pleasure to have known you all. 

DKYE 2007: Jason LaCerda 
RAT 2012: Andrew Nieminski 

WOWl!! These four years have gone by so fast. I still can look 
back and remember Matriculation Day and looking up as I stood 
in New Barracks, seeing all the 3rds and 2nds looking down on 
us thinking ^vhat have 1 gotten myself into?' However. 1 had 
the best dyke and uncle-dykes and co-dykes anyone could ask 
for. Okay, so the ratline now is a blur, and 3rd class year. ..even 
though it was the academic ratline. Room 385 (The Batcave) still 
had fun (Dancing randomly to some European techno song). Oh, 
I must thank Nick Biggert, for all the entertainment Matt and 1 
got at his expense. I still think you're too easy 'not in that way 
of course). 2nd class year was the next step, or should 1 say one 
drink after another (figuratively speaking of course). We had 
a new room and a new roommate (Conor 'Cawndor and Room 
249). RF was an absolute blast, thankfully my date didht have 
the privledge of seeing me, running around at the tent party in 
30 degree temperatures with my shirt off screaming like a wild 
banshee. 1 still don't remember most of that night ... AWESOME! 
And now I'm in fourth and final year (A'ESS!). The beloved and 
'put up on a pedestal best time of your life' year. This is the 
one 1 WILL never forget: never forget Room 149. right in between 
Krummcake and Beefcake! McQish. Unfortunately those times 
are restricted to only first semester, cause 149 became 3412 (this 
means were in 3rd barracks now) during the second semester. 
Still the same wild and crazy place, just in a newer, slightly 
bigger room. Now that I'm at the end looking back, it is true what 
people say about time flying by It really did. although at times it 
took forever and seemed like graduation was never in our reach. 

DYKE 2006: Patrick Tangonan 
RAT 2012: N/A 



DYKE 2007: Travis Carter 

RAT 2012: Beu Bowies, William Klick 

The Class of 2009 21 


John T. Alexander III 

Charlotte, North Carolina 



Andrew M. Alolslo 

"Drew" "Choopie' 

Tampa, Florida 



Daniel C. Allen 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Economics & Business 
_ Air Force 

Cadre (3,2,1)- Bravo Company Commander (1), 
Semper Fi Society 

Rat Challenge, Soccer Club, Golf Cadre, Marathon 
Club, Beta Beta Beta Honor Society 

I would like to give a shout-out to my family, my mom. dad. Marcus- 
Baby Boy Sydney Gran. Aunt Peggy Kirsten, Shakirt. my grand 
dad- John the first, my grandma - Cora, my grand ma - Dorsey my 
other mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. HoUoway and definitely my Aunt 
Francis, who is an angel watching over me right, and to all my other 
family members I didn't forget you and I thank you as well, I got much 
love for you. Then 1 have to give a shout out to my friends, first up, 
my fiancee Tia, and my boys Willie-Beam'n and Reggie. We go way 
back to riding big wheels and putting soda cans on our bike tires to 
make them sound like motorcycles, to having rock fights at Avalanche 
Mountain, beat boxin and freestylin at the big green thing when the 
street lights came on. you know what 1 am talking about! 1 also have 
to extend the shout-out to all of Woodridge, Ridgewood. and Amber 
Wood past and present. To all of my friends that traveled with me 
through elementary, to middle school then high school. Definitely 
remember all my people in Ms. Thomas' homeroom class in 8th grade, 
some crazy things happened. A shout-out to the teachers that made 
me go to college even though I didn't want to. 1 would like to shout out 
General Dynamics where 1 made money but learned I cannot have a 
desk job. Then a shout-out to my people of club 202, and Bravo. Gub 
202: Cortes. Hlavaty Staab and Wiezorek. The council for life: Qub 
202 plus Glomb, Keirstead, Nash. Saunders, and Smith. 1 definitely 
cannot forget to shout out VMt Theater and the best director ever, loel- 
ien. There are too many people In Bravo, but we all stay Ball Bustin, 
Pimpin and Hustlln, so respect our Gangsta. One Heart! Then there 
are the people who really got me through school. Hong Kong, Dominos, 
Papa lohns. the fine establishments that serve fine beverages in the 
Lexington area except the Palms, you aren't a part of this shout-out, 
HHHEEEEYYY! Then shout out to EGBU! Shout-out to the Navy and I 
can't forget senior, the best sailor In the world. 1 aint mad at ya. ONE! 

DKYE 2006: Jeremy Hefner 

RAT 2012: Issac Sireci, Melvin Pierre 

Looking back at iriY time at VMl, it is difficult to describe 
tiow I feel about tlie experience. Like every major life deci- 
sion, there were pros and cons to matriculating at VMl. But 
why dwell on the negative? Every cadet can think of numer- 
ous ways to improve the quality of life at VMl. However, 1 
think that a higher quality of life for the Corps would take 
away from what makes VMl special. Any group of people 
who deal with adversity have a unique bond with each 
other. And thats what strikes me most about the Institute, 
its ability to forge relationships that will no doubt stand the 
test of time. I would like to thank everybody who made my 
experience at the dear "Mother 1" a memorable one. All of 
my roommates through the years, the honorary roomies 
dubbed The Choops, Golf Company (by far the best on the 
hill), all of my bio & chem classmates (111 never forget the 
long nights in New Science, Josh you are nuts, lared you re 
hilarious. Tom you need to work harder, Jen, Kelsey, Sculley, 
Bert, Carlton, Jake, lake, Casey Kimi, Al, Megan, Andy.. 
Nate, SMB is the coolest thing to ever hit VMl! Everybody 
1 knew helped make me who 1 am today, and for that 1 am 
eternally grateful. I will miss you all. Until next time, good 

DYKE 2006: Derek Gouker 
RAT 2012: 

This has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Most of 
the time it wasn't fun but in the end the friends 1 have come out of here 
with make up for all of that. R-om the time that I got here I have been 
lucky to have great roommates, rat year with Ryan, Rick, Chavis. and D 
Wood, to 3rd. 2nd, and 1st class years with Ryan. Rick, and Robbie. 1 
couldn't have asked for a better group to count down the days with me. 
There have been so many good times spent in the room, from things like 
extreme sock volleyball to SNARF SPOOK Christmas lights that no one 
could figure out the meaning too. If only there had been a video camera 
that could have recorded the things that went on in our room we would 
be able to make a reality TV show out of it. The randomness of the 
conversations would blow peoples minds. Some of my best memories 
have come from just hanging out and chillin with my friends, Hangin 
out in my friends rooms, or McCoys Dell. The Southern Inn, Hunnare, 
or just taking a ride and enjoying music were amazing limes. As many 
times as I've wished I wasn't here I wouldn't trade those times with my 
friends for anything in the world and 1 hope we can stay in touch and 
keep having good times like those. My family has also been there for 
me through the last 4 years, making sacrifices to help me out so that 
1 could be here, making sure that I stayed positive and kept my grades 
up so that 1 would be able to stay here. I want to thank them for what 
they have done because without them 1 wouldn't have been able to make 
it either. The days here have always been long, but somehow it seems 
like the weeks and months just fly by 1 can't believe its all coming to an 
end, and we're finally getting out of here, but part of me kind of wishes 
there was another year where we could all hang out and relax. Like I 
said earlier my friends and family are the ones who got me through VMl, 
you all know who you are and I want to thank you so much for making 
this place as enjoyable as possible. 1 will never forget any of you all 
and my door will always be open if anyone needs anything. Thanks 
again, I hope we can all move on to great things and stay in touch. 

DYKE 2006: Ekkarach Chimpong 
RAT 2012: lesse Szwargulski 

22 The Class of 2009 


Victorville, California 

Modern Languages & Cultures 

Marine Corps 

Well, it§ been four years and 1 learned things that 
1 never thought Id learn. Things like the necessity to 
do laundry weekly or that hot showers can be just 
as bad as just cold showers, or that tall people aren't 
as trustworthy as the short ones but are good for 
reaching things that are also tall, or that snow can 
last longer than just on the morning and also that 
old men in coatees are better than we all thought. 

DKYE 2007: Patrick NcGill 
RAT 2012: 

Jacob. A. Ammon 


Cameron, Texas 

Mechanical Engineering 


Triathlon Gub, Narathon Club, Texas Club, Rat 
Challenge Cadre 

My time at VMl has shown me what really matters to me. 
God, my family and my friends are who mean the most to 
me. Without them life wouldn't have been nearly as interest- 
ing. I thank them for helping me get through here. 

I tried to spend what time 1 could chill'n with the guys. 1 will 
never forget the crazy times and late nights with the Hotel 
guys, OQ ME guys. 09 Navy guys, and the 116 Emporium 
guys. Being an engineer means that most of my free time 
was allotted for the hill sprints up the mountain of science. 
I'm just glad that I had my Brother Rats next to me to help 
me through it all. 

1 think about the mountains 1 have climbed, the rivers I 
have crossed, the competitions 1 have sweated through, the 
darkest of hours I have made it through, the coldest of nights 
of guard that I have made it through, the projects 1 have 
completed, and the rigors of the ratline that I have endured. 
There is no where else that 1 would have been able to do all 
that I have done here... and that makes me smile. It makes 
me smile because 1 know I have done something with my 

DYKE 2007: Colin Adams 
RAT 2012: jon Doxsee 

Joshua N, Anderson 

Richmond, Virginia 
-■' ■- Marine Corps 

Pipe Band (4 Years), NCMT (Ist Class Year), Bulldog 
(1st, 2nd Class Year) 

I cannot honestly say that the past four years have been the best of 
my life, they are certainly memorable, however 1 have constantly 
struggled to survive at VMl, not to mention struggling lo even 
get in. My parents have always taken the time to remind me of 
the people who have helped me. even carried me. through this 
place: the teachers, the friends, and most importantly them, my 
parents. From my rat academic advisor, who fought with me 
to get me to do what 1 needed to do to stay, to my roommate. 
who told me what 1 needed to hear to change and left me no 
choice but to change, and even the friendly Commandants Staff 
member who Ive watched rise through the bureaucratic ranks 
in the offices next to Jackson Arch, who beat the concept of 
•follow the rules' into me with the swift hand of iustice. With 
500 words I can't thank everybody who got me through here, but 
you know who you are. and 1 cannot thank you enough for put- 
ting up with me and helping me, most importantly my parents. 

For my rat- Johnny, 1 hope that 1 have prepared you not only 
to succeed here, but outside of here, which is where it matters. 
I've tried to teach you based off of my mistakes, lessons learned 
through consequences that 1 wouldn't wish on my worst enemies. 
Based on what I see today, you are prepared for the worst that they 
can throw on you, and you can probably go through it with a smile 
on your face. My Dad once told me something that 1 didn't take to 
heart until recently: 'Don't let the (expletive deleted) get you down'. 
This places sucks, but if theres anybody that can succeed here, its 
you. Thanks for helping to make first class year tolerable rat-tie. 

DYKE 2007: Joshua Taylor 
RAT 2012: John Alerding 

The Class of 2009 23 

Stephen B. Anderson 

"Steve -o" 

Yorktown, Virginia 

Economics & Business 

Air Force 

Jose G. Andueza 

Tosey" "Duizi, Jos" "Latino Heat" 

Richmond, Virginia 

International Studies 


Robert W. Appel 

"Robbie" Apple" 

Sterling, Virginia 




NCAA Soccer ; ,^ 

VMl Soccer, Model Arab League 

Thank you tesus for not only allowing me the strength to survive 
VMl, but also for helping me grow throughout my experience here. 
It is to you whom I am forever grateful. Thank you mom and dad 
for pushing me to excel here. Thank you for setting examples In 
your own lives on how to never quit; that has inspired me beyond 
measure. 1 love you both. To my sibhngs: Thanks for driving all 
those hours to come free me from VMl. Your constant support has 
been priceless, and 1 know that our relationships have only con- 
tinued to grow. 1 love you all. Mervln: Ever since rat year you have 
been like a brother to me. It has been a blast hanging out with you 
on and off post, and 1 look forward to more times to come. 1 will 
never forget times like when you lit yourself on fire, through Bens 
action figure out the window, and al! the crude things you would 
call your loving roommates. Ben; It has been a blast being your 
roommate for all four years. You as well, have been like family 
Memories from watching you fall off my bed, fall down the steps 
of the theatre, and sleeping in the most uncomfortable positions 
possible, as well as making fun of Chris and Leon, are memories 
that I will always laugh at. Even though it took me a little while 
to get used to your strange habits, I have grown to respect you 
and really cherish our friendship. Never forget Matthew 6:33. Chris: 
All those endless nights of studying and preparing really built 
our friendship as well as my GPA. All four of you have made my 
experience here at VMl something that 1 will always miss. I love 
you all. lose, Barrett, Greg: BESS was Intense and upsetting, but I 
will never regret going through it with you guys. Rats: You all are 
great guys. It was fun being your dyke. Never quit, remember the 
verses I gave you. Class of 00: It has been an honor. God Bless. 

DKYE 2006: Dan Rogers 

RAT 2012: Robert Seatherton & Ayao Sossou 

VMI has been a wild ride. There have been good times and there have 
been bad times. No matter when it was good or bad. one thing is 
certain: you can't make It through VMl without your boys. To all the 
guys on the soccer team especially Greg, Stephen, and Barrett: Its been 
fun. Who can forget the times in the locker room or late SRC. By 
the way, that song you guys always sang during shower time for four 
years still doesnl make any sense. Jaime, itfe been good times male. To 
my dyke. 1 know 1 didn't make your life any easier by stashing empty 
bottles in your room all the time, but 1 have to say that my rat/4th 
class year was probably my wildest year at VMl because of you. To 
Patrick, Eddie, and ail the rats of lol remember that VMI is just 4 years 
of your life. You guys will do well here if you want to. To my room- 
mates, room lol otherwise known as the 'Gaza Strip" and the Bat Cave 
because of all the construction, its been a hell of a ride. 1 love you guys 
plain and simple. We have plenty of stories that we will always laugh 
about. )oe )oe: first formal room Inspection rat year with your two 
bathrobes and orange swim trunks getting pulled out of your laundry 
bag, "I'm a champ at this game bab^ "you'll get sloppy seconds^ "lose 
the child lock, take the child lock off,' your searching for women in the 
middle of the dance floor during ring figure. Mark: Saturday morning 
of ring figure before parade, "1 slept through class again man: "1 got 
to get my life together: kicking in doors rat year, the Green Machine, 
partying at William and Mary in class dyke, 12 minutes to greatness. 
Edwin: hitting up the Latin Qubs in Richmond, '\vait for mer salsa 
videos, constant hours on the phone/computer, reggaeton, getting 
skunked at JMU playing beer pong. Dennis: 'l went to the Bahamas 
over break: music wars with Edwin third class year, "treat them like 
dirt they will stick on you like mud: And 1 basketball moves. Thank 
you to everyone who has helped me through this place. Mom. Dad, and 
Andreina, 1 love you and thank you for everything you have done for me 

DYKE 2007: Addison Palanza 

RAT 2012: Eddie CogUo & Patrick Karnwie 

4 years — gone. I. as well as many others, never thought VMl would be 
the place I ended up to continue my education. Mom. Dad — I think we all 
are shocked at how things have turned out. Its amazing at how fast the 
years have flown by since coming down here in August of 2005. All the 
weekends and holiday breaks driving down here to get me and bringing 
me back, all the trips to Walmart to make it as long as possible before 1 
had to come back; I want to thank you both for all the support and push 
that you've given me to catapult me through here. It wasn't easy to make 
it — but 1 did it- Ryan. Rick, and Dan — where to begin. How could I pos- 
sibly even begin to scratch the surface of what has happened since the 
beginning of 3rd class year. The last 3 years with you guys has flown 
by. The countless times we stayed up until 2AM playing the "word chain" 
game. I'm not quite sure that any normal person would understand the 
things that go on in our room nor would they want to. I'm still waiting 
for that camera to make a reality TV show )ust of our room, Ryan—stay 
away from red Gatorade and the Goontars of the world. You consider it 
community service and the rest of us just consider it a bad decision; 
though It does make for a good story. Rick aka D-Pantz — you will never 
be able to beat me in C0D4. nub. You can have C0D5; that game is 
worthless. Dan — we're good people, man. Always will be. Take care of 
yourself and find a girl some day that will tolerate cleaning up after a 
long night. Give up the SoCo man. it smells terrible. Remember to row 
up the proverbial creek with the proverbial paddle. Next time, make it to 
the tent party. Riley and the 115 rats — stay on top of your grades. Don't 
let them fall and play Xbox all the time. Spenc — wheres that monitor 
you've been waiting for? Swaggles — use your inside voice more often. 
]-Mac — we're still waiting on the Indian video dance. Slagle — post it up 
and beat it out the frame; spoken like a true winner. Riley — keep on top 
of things man. By the way. 1 think Bennett wants to be your friend; you 
should definitely give him a hug the next time you see him. I think he 
would appreciate it. Good luck in the Army 

DKYE 2009: John R. Herzog 111 
RAT 2012: Riley Ewen 

24 The Class of 2009 


Domonlque R. Baker 


Chesapeake, Virginia 

Economics & Business 

Air Force 

William;. Ballou 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 


Rammy G. Barbarl 

Alexandria, Virginia 

International Studies 

Air Force 

VMl Theater, Post Tours, BAC, Cadet Counseling 


1 was not expecting to learn all the things VNI taught me. 
It was interesting to say the least. The thing 1 love the most 
about this place is the people 1 met and the friendships 1 will 
have for my entire life. 1 wouldn't be here if it weren't for my 
family and my support systems outside of here. 1 love my 
grandparents, thank you for your love all these years! 1 love 
you mum! You are the strongest woman 1 know and you make 
me believe 1 can do anything I want. 1 love you Alexa! You 
have been the best roommate ever, and 1 know we will con- 
tinue to have great times together! You're so beautiful and 
smart, you will do great things in this world and 1 can't wait 
to see you be successful! Thanks to all my theater peeps! 
Joellen, Tom, )T, Chris, Shane, Joker, and Especially Sara! l 
love you girl! Thanks to the business department. Col. Bush 
I would have died without youl Col. Brodie, you are the best 
band director ever! Thanks for all the great times and trips. 
1 know my brother rats will be successful people, 1 can't wait 
to see you all running the country, and 1 only hope you do as 
well as we did in barracks this year. Rats- stay strong, and 
remember, you will always be someones rat! Olivia 1 love you! 
You're the best rat 1 could have asked for. Good luck every- 
one, and remember Its not mean If it& the truth, thats what 
1 always say! Reach for the stars, you can never go wrong 
and don't forget where you came from and who you are. 

DYKE 2006: Jessica Fulton 
RAT 2012: Olivia Moore 

Success Leads to Stagnation 
Stagnation Leads to Failure 
Failure Leads to Maturity 

1 A 




DYKE 2006: }oey Tyler 
RAT 2012: Josh Lynch 

Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma 
lota. Phi Eta Sigma, The Cadet Newspaper 
Nanaging Editor, International Club Presi- 
dent, Nodel Arab League Cadet Equity Asso- 
ciation, Pre-law Society S-2 Lieutenant 

1 would have never made it througti this place without the love and 
support of my family and friends. Mom and Dad, you both truly 
are the greatest parents anyone could ask for and 1 am so appre- 
ciative of what you both have sacrificed for my success. Nothing 
I've accomplished would have been possible without you. Thank 
you so much. ..for everything! 1 love you! Christina and Kelly being 
your big brother has been one of the great honors of my life and 1 
wish you both nothing but success in the future. To my roommates: 
what a ride it has been. Whether it was helping me finish a run or 
coming to get me after 1 flipped that car on 81. you all were there 
through the good and bad. I know we'll slay in touch and I love you 
guys. To the Science & Security crew: I grew closer to you all in 
a few months than I have with people I've known my whole life. I 
will never forget last summer and those memories will live on for- 
ever. GW G-town, Starbucks. Chipotle, the Library IBKO Ibiza & Dub 
710 - we ran DC and I wouldn't have wanted to be there with any 
other group! I love you all! To my professors: 1 couldnt have asked 
for a better educational experience and I respect and admire each 
and every one of you. You taught me everything I need to know to 
move forward and succeed and I want you all to know that you've 
made a huge difference in my life!To my rat: You were a great rat 
and I couldn't have asked for a better one. You earned your place 
here and I'm proud of the man you're becoming, 1 hope I was able to 
teach and Instill in you some sense of what this place is all about. 
Just Keep charging forward and trust me. these four years will go by 
faster than you think. I don't know how much Til miss this place, but 
the one thing I'm sure of is that I will miss my Brother Rats more 
than anything! VMl promises a lot, but the one constant no matter 
what, has been brotherhood, and for that. I will be forever grateful! 

DKYE 2006: Dennis Crump 
RAT 2012: David Hayes 

The Class of 2009 25 














Joel R. Barnes 

Roanoke, Virginia 
Air Force 

Mervln L. Barrow II 

Williamsburg, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering 


Joseph W. Bartol 

"loe" "Jose" "Don Bartoli" 

Glen Allen, Virginia 

International Studies 


Civil War Roundtable 


VNl Wrestling, VMl Football, Honor Court Presi- 
dent (4) 

Virginia Historical Society 1st and 2nd class years. 
Pre Law society 1st class year. Ranger Giallenge 
2nd and 3rd class year, MMA Team 1st class year, 
and Wrecking Crew 1st class year. 

Well its been real and its been fun, but it hasn't been 
real fun. The years flew by and it seems as if only 
yesterday, we were watching our dykes graduate. But 
our time has come and it is time to leave this place of 
"higher" education. I will truly remember you all, and 
will look back on the many memories that we have made. 


Well, 1 really can't believe its time to write one of these things! It truly 
would be a lie if I said I wasn't going to miss this place. Its funny how 
VMl can grow on you: 1 most certainly never thought I would meet a 
whole new family here. The only way 1 ever made it through this place 
is family. Mother and Father, you both thought 1 was crazy for wanting 
to come here! Haha, I think you were right! Yet you have supported me 
in ail the choices, whether they were good or bad. Adelle (or DORA as 
someone might say) and Angelal You are by far the best sisters a little 
brother could ask for! Roommates (Stephen, Ben, and Chris) it has been 
a long long road! Haha, you guys have been with me from the beginning 
and I iust have to say thank you for putting up with my snoring, my 
stinky feet, my vulgar actions and words. You will always be like family 
to me! To all the gents that help me get through Mechanical engineering, 
thank you for taking the time to help me! 1 would name all of you, but 
you (PDBS) know who you are! Seriously though thank you for taking 
the time to help me! To all my gents on the 08 OP and 10 court! I couldht 
have asked for better men to be around, we have all suffered through 
many nights of lost sleep and poor grades! Haha let us never ever forget 
what all our sacrifices were for! APs aka IBBB) s KEEP FIGHTING THE 
don't you dare forget the things we have taught youl You guys have been 
great RATS and I )ust wanted to say thanks for being such good sports! 
1 know we messed with you guys a lot but it was all in good fun right? 
Haha! You all will be successful in whatever it is you choose to do! Just 
make sure you never sell yourself short! Never give into temptation and 
never forget what our CODE stands for. A special thanks is long overdue 
to ail the coaches that look a chance on me! Thank you for putting your 
faith in me to represent my team and institution! To the McCabe family! 
Thank you for all your support! Ty. Tommy, Cornelius. Dustin, Sammy, 
daddy Dave! I look up to you gents! Thanks for support. 

Starting out, I thought VMl would be something much like the 
stories my dad told me. He is a graduate of the class of 70! For 
better or worse, VMl has changed a tot. Not only since my father 
graduated, but even since I have been here as a cadet. Some 
things were to be expected, but some things came as a total 
shock to everyone. 1 guess the important lesson to draw, whether 
I agree with the changes or not, is that everything is changing 
all the time. This place has made me grow up and realize just 
how lucky I am. 1 say lucky because I truly am blessed to have 
spent these four years with my brother rats. These are some 
of the best people 1 have ever met and have molded my life to 
something that it would have never been without them. I came 
to VMl anxious to learn, but worried about what the future held. 
1 met people and learned that together through team work and 
brotherhood, anything is possible, I would like to give a special 
shout out to my dad, because without all his love, support, and 
encouragement none of my great life experiences learned at VMl 
would have been possible. I may have been one of those guys 
that always complained about what the Institute was having us 
do in a day to day basis, but in retrospect 1 know I will miss it, no 
matter how much it sucked. People I'll Never Forget: loe Purello, 
Chris Rau, Thomas Gottwald, Dan Bogert, Tim Papenfuse, Shaun 
Ruark, and Emilie Waickwicz . Things 111 never forget: Breakout, 
Army Crap, Third Class Year, Ring Figure, and First Class Year. 

DYKE 2006: Clint Williams 

RAT 2012: Bryce Aker, Kevin HoWren, Max Yates 

DYKE 2006: Brian Yanetti 
RAT 2012: Andrew and Zach 

DYKE 2006: Tim Papenfuse 
RAT 2012: Shaun Ruark 

26 The Class of 2009 

Andrew ). Beard 

Mrrett L. Bennett 

Powhatan, Virginia 

Nechanical Engineering 


Pipe Band, Rugby Club 

Newport News, Virginia 

Economics & Buisness 

Air Force 

NCAA Basketball 

Sutherlin, Virginia 
'^i^ Economics 


RDC, Cadre, Power Lifting, Body Building, Soccer 

Thanks to everyone, especially my family, for all of [he 
support. It definitely made life easier at VMl. 


Thanks to my famUy for all the help and support you have 
given me to get through this place. To my roommates, I can 
only think of how popular and rich we would be right now if 
we would have taped our room and made a reality show out 
of it like we said we would. To all my friends here, I'm going 
to miss the hell out of you guys, we had some great times 
together. Charlie and Huff, I hope I taught ya 11 a thing or two 
this year. Take what ya'll have learned about yourselves and 
use it to better yourself and I have no doubt that you two can 
strive to do whatever you want to in life. Don't let this place 
get you down too much. Oh yea, thanks for the optional and 
haydown you gave me at the beginning of the year Charlie! 
Ha ha just kidding. To all the rats of room 119, you guys were 
great, tough it out and graduate. I'm out.... 

DKYE 2009: Christian Brown 
RAT 2012: AJ Trujillo 

DYKE 2006: LeVar Joseph 
RAT 2012: 

i^^^*'** ^ 

DYKE 2006: Jason Eraser 
RAT 2012: Charlie Wheeler 










^'^ J^H 

^ V 




1 ~ 










i- s 



The Class of 2009 27 

Evan S. Berenholtz 

Baltimore, Maryland 

International Studies 


Trap & Skeet Team, Lacrosse, Officer of Guard 

Nicholas D. Blggert 

Fresno, California 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

Robert T. Blackman 

"Trent" "T-Pain" "Man de black" 

Sandston, Virginia 

Civil & Environmental Engineering 


Football 4, Ranger Challenge 2, 1. Honor Court 2, 
1. ASME 2, 1. Trap and Skeet 1. 

About three years ago I stood in a very different place. Wtien 
I was told how fast my remaining time would go I was skepti- 
cal. Turns out it really goes faster. Describing this experience 
In so many words is impossible, so I wont even try. Sure this 
place sucks, but there were good times too, right? We all make 
mistakes. 1 guess all I can really say is that this place got me 
where I wanted to go. and for that I am grateful. 1 am sure my 
classmates will see to that. To my parents: Im glad you finally 
saw things my way I love you both very much and want noth- 
ing more than to make you proud of me. To my friends: There 
were probably more bad times then good but here we are. We 
win. Tyler: Hold strong and you will get where you want to 
be, 1 guarantee it. Im always there for advice. To everyone 
commissioning: Come home safe. They teach you to be proud 
and unbending in honest failure, but humble and gentle in 
success: not to substitute words for action: not to seek the 
path of comfort, but to face the stress and spur of difficulty 
and challenge: to learn to stand up in the storm, but to have 
compassion on those who fall; to master yourself before you 
seek to master others: to have a heart that is clean, a goal 
that is high: to learn to laugh, yet never forget how to weep; 
to reach into the future, yet never neglect the past; to be seri- 
ous, yet never take yourself too seriously: to be modest so 
that you will remember the simplicity of true greatness; the 
open mind of true wisdom, the meekness of true strength,' 
-Gen. Douglas MacArthur 

DKYE 2006: Paul Welsh 
RAT 2012: Tyler Griffith 

Looking back, it seems that the past three and a half years 
have passed by quickly, though we all endured many hard- 
ships and tribulations during our Cadetshtps. It has always 
been a well known fact that when you're here at the 1, you 
hate the place, but when you leave, it seems as though theres 
a void that needs to be filled. I know that I will definitely 
miss being at VMl even though there was much that we 
all had to endure to succeed in graduating from this place. 

Us not that one misses VMl because of the place, but rather the 
people. I wish the best of luck to all of my BF^s and look forward 
to seeing them sometime in the future at reunions. To my room- 
mates throughout the years, you guys have been awesome and 
1 hope that we can slay in contact though we all are going our 
separate ways. To the Rats, Doug and Corbin, remember that VNl 
Is purely mental. Play the game right and you both will figure 
out what you need to do to succeed through your Cadetshtps. 

lastly, 1 would like to thank my family, especially Mom and 
Dad. R-om Rat year to First Class year, you both have always 
been there for me when 1 needed you. 1 love you both very much. 
Also to my girlfriend Meghan, you always went out of your way 
to make it up here for football and basketball games and always 
provided the love and support that made being at VMl easier. 
Thank you to all who have impacted my life while being at VMl. 

DYKE 2006: Clint Edwards 

RAT 2012: Doug Alvey Corbin McKee 

1 often wonder why 1 chose VMl over normal college. I've missed out 
on the Ftats, sororities, sex, and alcohol. I believe that part of develop- 
ment is an Important stage in life that VMl cadets miss out on. In order 
to put things In perspective 1 reverse the roles as to If 1 were a student 
at a normal college and try to figure out what the difference between 
the two lifestyles Is. The difference is that people at 'normal" college 
have not had the "privilege" of knowing the great friends that 1 have 
made over the past 4 years. We made the best outcome out of every 
opportunity thrown at us. whether it was here at the "1" or at a nearby 
college. You don't love VMl for what it stands for but the reason you 
keep coming back is because your best friends are here. So the only 
regret 1 have is missing out on the normal college experience. To the 
Roommates: Matty. B-rad, Pat ), Chris. Duncan, and Krumm. I thank 
you for the great times within the rooms over the past years and the 
awesome trips and experiences we have shared together. To Roxy: 
You are by far the coolest friend that is a girl a guy could ever get to 
know and 1 know you two are going to do great things in life. 1 love 
you and your family like my own. To the CE Guys: lake. John Saun, 
Gar\-, Kari. Rhys. Blzzle, and everyone else... No matter how many 
ali-nlghters we pulled going through the Bott line and that super-cool 
Water resources lab. we always had fun doing it and always enjoyed 
harassing our teachers to the fullest extent possible. To the Court: 
Andy, CFM. Leon, Nate, Alex. Weston. Chaz, lack. Bill. Ottle Gene, 
and Mikey It has been an honor and a privilege to serve with you all. 
I know at the end of the day we did what was right. As hard as It got 
sometimes we prevailed. Weston. Chai. lack. Bill, Ottie Gene, and 
Mikey... always remember. Keep the Faith and always fight the good 
fight. To the rats: 1 hope that we have given yall some sort of guidance 
when it comes to this place. Whether It Is by what we have said or by 
our actions. We're gone now so do great things and continue our legacy 

DYKE 2006: Clark Moncure 
RAT 2012: Kevin Webb 

28 Ttie Class of 2009 


Dayton D. Blume 

Overland Park, Kansas 
Air Force , 

1 would like to thank my parents and my sister for 
their support through my time here at school. 1 
would like to thank the Air Force department 
and the taxpayers for the tuition assistance that 
you have given me over the years. Also thanks 
to my parents for the extra financial support. 

To my roommates and friends, those that are still 
here and those that have left; you are the greatest friends 
a guy could ask for. To the faculty members and pro- 
fessors who helped me through and forced me to learn: 
Peppy who taught me about the outdoors: and the Con- 
stants who helped me to hide my car for two years. 
To my rats, Kendzia and Belts, relax. This 
place will destroy you if you take it too seri- 
ously Look out for your co-dykes, and they will 
look out for you. Stick with it, work hard, and 
party hard, but keep yourself out of trouble. 

Daniel A. Bogert 


Tempe, Arizona 

Economics and Business 

Air Force 

Swim Team Captain, S-7 staff, CCS 

My time here at VMl has been a pain yet worth- 
while challenge. 1 have greatly enjoyed my time 
with the Swim Team and with my close friends. 

Kevin T. Booth 

Chesapeake, Virginia 


Air Force 



'.f # 


DKYE 2006: Michael R. Hiltner 
Rat 2012: Thomas Kendzia 

Dyke 2006: Ryan H. Rogers 
Rat 2012: Walt Whitaker 

DYKE 2006: Chase Buchanan 
RAT 2012: Stephen Magee 



Matthew A. Bradley 

Nechanicsville, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

James B. Bradshaw jr. 

Clemmons, Nortli Carolina 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force 



. \ _,^^nA^-- 

jacob Brannen 

"The HappY Hulk" 
Roanoke, Virginia 


Air Force 


Bodybuilding Club 

/ I I 

It is hard to know what to write in retrospect of a 
school that I'm proud to have gone too, but hated much 
of the time 1 was here. I've enjoyed getting to know 
many of my BRs, without them, VMl would have 
been that much more miserable. The 'academic rat- 
line" was much more enjoyable watching all 180 or 
so X Files with Sara. Id have been much lonelier in 
immunology without Holly, the only other student in 
the class. Without Daniel, 1 wouldn't have had anyone 
to laugh at every day to pass the time. Looking back, 
I'm not sure my time at VMl could be considered the 
best years of my life, but they aren't the worst, either 

To My Rats: You've both done great so far and not having 
to answer many specials with you has been amazing. 
Its a long haul though, keep going strong. God Bless 

DKYE 2006: Sean E Moran 
RAT 2012: 

DKYE 2006: Christopher B. Gilliland DYKE 2006: Aaron Hawkins 
RAT 2012: RAT 2012: Jake Hooker. Brad Parker 



Kyle D. Braun 

Midlothian, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering 
Air Force \ , 

Daniel C. Brewer 

"Danny Brew-Brew" 

Hampton, Virginia 



Jacqueline M. Brlskl 

"Jack Attack" "Broski" 

Hamilton, Ohio 

Modern Languages and Cultures 




Cross Country Marathon Club, Lacrosse Club, Big 
Brother/Big Sister, Character Counts 

I could not have chosen a better place to spend the past four years of 
my life. I was lucky to have started with three great roommates; Reza, 
Ian. and Doug. And even though we lost Reza as a roommate third class 
year, karma came back full swing. So. he remained an honorary room- 
mate who assisted in comedy hour almost every night. As for Ian and 
Doug, its been great sharing a ridiculously small room with you for four 
years. I've enjoyed laughing at everything, no matter how inappropriate, 
personal, or too soon it may have been. Ian, I'm 
you as my personal trainer, t have no idea who v 
out schedule now. But 1 want to wish you luck ii 
to do after graduation; and if you decide to joit 
could find you a place in the Chemical Corps. Doug, you're a smart guy 
and you've worked hard to get to where you are right now. You've stuck 
by your beliefs and I admire thai; although, not as much as your well 
disguised sarcasm, I think that is definitely something to be admired. 
You're going to make one heck of a Naval Officer. Kip, you've been my 
roommate for the past three years, and if it was not for you 1 would not 
know how to abbreviate so many words. I now know If it is D.). weather 
and 1 can P the K like a pro. Good luck in the Air Force; let me know how 
it is in Alaska. And to Jed who was never my roommate. . . you were my 
co-dyke, my neighbor, and a friend who could take a heck of a hit. I'm 
glad we studied abroad in Hungary, Id travel with you anywhere and 1 
will always have your back. I owe you one,.. I will probably just buy 
you a shot tomorrow and we'll call it even. To the rest of the guys. I'm 
sure our paths will cross again soon. And if not. 111 see you back here 
at the 'V for a reunion weekend. And finally, to my Rats... stay focused. 
keep up your grades, learn how to tell a story, don't stop running and 
dont get fat. say no to drugs, dont be emo, and be sure to graduate. 

going to miss having 
I'll! make up my work- 
T whatever you decide 
I the Army. Im sure 1 

First Class Privates Association, Cadet Equity 
Association president, NCMT Cadre, Hollywood 
Hotel Bloodthirsty Band Co., Cadet Chaplain, URL 
Chief Cymbal Monkey 

VMl is an interesting beast. It strips you down and exposes your char- 
acter, to the very core of your being. First by humiliating and oppress- 
ing you as a rat. and then by giving you inordinate amounts of power 
over other human beings as an upperclassman without ever actually 
teach you how to use that power. Stay true to yourself. All too often 
this process brings out the worst In people. Most of the time, VMl defies 
description. In many ways itfe a self-contradiction. And thus our feel- 
ings toward it are lorn. 1 absolutely hate VMl for what it is, but I love 
it for what it should be. Strive to maintain this perspective. Do some- 
thing small each day to bring it closer to what it can (and should) be. 
Learn to appreciate your cynicism. Cynicism keeps us alive, but if left 
unchecked, it can be the death of our potential. As long as were cynical. 
it means we're willing to try to improve things. But Itfe easy to allow our 
cynicism to overcome us. and turn Into bitterness. Thats a miserable 
existence. Harness your cynicism and use it to your advantage. Us a 
long, hard, and often bitterly lonely battle to remember who you are in 
the Groupthink Capital of the World. But it is so worth the fight. Honor 
is so much more than simply choosing not to lie, cheat, steal or tolerate. 
True Honor is about doing the right thing, no matter the cost. Its about 
standing up for whats right, even (especially) when everyone around you 
is content to keep right on sitting. Theres always a price to be paid. True 
Honor and Integrity means a willingness to pay that price for the sake of 
the simple, quiet knowledge - that inner peace - of knowing that you 
did what was right. 'The individual has always had to struggle to keep 
from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it. you will be lonely 
often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is loo high to pay for the 
privilege of owning yourself Friedrich Nietzsche Bridget Conley, you 
are my contribution to Vision 2039. First Oass Privates run the Corps! 

DKYE 2006: Marc L. Antonelli 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Brenton L. Underwood 
RAT 2012: Raymond Delgado 

,i?|Ed/WS H 

DYKE 2006: Heather M. Miras 
RAT 2012: Bridget Conley 


John E. Brister . » , 


Steeles Tavern, Virginia 

Modern Languages and Cultures 


VMl Rugby ^/'V '' 

"What a long, strange trip itS been" ^^ 

Christopher E. Brown 

"Brownie^ "Rat Brown" 

Norfolk, Virginia 



Rat Challenge 2 3 4. Recycling Club 3 4. Big 
Brother/Big Sister 

I've been told that Virginia Tech wiH graduate more students this year 
than VMl has graduated since it was founded. Vve also been told that 
VMl is what YOU make of it. When I was a 2nd classmen at Ring Figure, 
I thought that I knew every member of my class. 1 sat down and looked 
through the yearbook and realized that there were still about 15 people 
that 1 did not recognize and whose name I did not know. 1 immediately 
made a point of finding out who they were, because I was determined 
to know every one of my Bfte before I walked across the stage at gradu- 
ation, l believe that I have accomplished this goal. I would like to think 
that this Is one of the ways that I have made my diploma worth more 
than a diploma from any other school. Four years after matriculation, 
as I prepare to commission as a Field Artillery officer In the United 
States Army, I still have people ask me whether I ever think about what 
It would have been like to go to college somewhere else. I always answer 
them the same way — "1 have no regrets at alir Barracks has become my 
home, and I have no problem accepting this. I look forward to heading 
out Into the world and starting a career for myself, and 1 feet comfortable 
knowing that the alumni that have graduated before me are alt out there 
willing to help me because I have experienced what they experienced 
and l wear the ring that they wear so proudly To my family: Thank 
you for supporting me in all that I have ever done. I could not have 
made it at this place without your confidence In me. To my Rats: Gel 
Involved, don't sit back and miss all the chances that you will have to 
make life-long friends and memories. To my Brother Rats, thank you 
for helping me to build a solid foundation for my life that will last me 
until I die. Thank you for sharing In the experiences that can be found 
nowhere else In the world. Good luck to all of you in all that you do. 

Jonathan Casey Brown 

"Caseymunster, Caseman" 'Ace of Case' 

Coronado, California 



Undergraduate Research, Racquetball Club, Mara- 
thon Club, Tri Beta Society 

Someone asked me the other day what 1 thought was the best lesson 
VMl taught me while attending as a cadet. VMl taught me that VMl 
doesn't change a person. The place known as the Institute doesn't 
instill any kinds of characteristics which some people would deem as 
qualities of moral fiber. Instead VMl Is a settlrig for the development 
of strong relationships In a brotherhood passed down since 1839. When 
1 decided to attend VMl, my parents were ecstatic. Here was a place 
that was going to instill some manners and encouraged hard work in 
academics! 1 would be In an environment where I would be forced to 
work hard all the time. Therefore 1 would learn lessons In studying 
hard and managing time. Did VMl do those things for me during these 
four years? 1 don't think It did. Experiencing the VMl environment did 
not help me In any way other than wishing 1 could find asylum some- 
where during the weekends. But 1 would have to say It is the people 1 
have come to know and love who have catalyzed a transformation of 
my character. It Is through my friends that I've become happier with 
myself In what 1 do. Becoming close to academic faculty and alumni at 
this school has encouraged me to study harder, to Living here In close 
proximity to several hundred brother rats changes you. It Is the people 
who teach you lessons about yourself and life In the world. They pre- 
pare you for the great adventure beyond graduation. My only regret 
is that I don't think 1 spent enough time with you, brother rats. 1 wish 
for the best for all of you. I walk away with no regrets or qualms. 
We are all equals. ..comrades. ..strongest of frlends-brother rats. 

DKYE 2006: Christopher L. Eaton 
RAT 2012: Art Loefstedt 

DYKE 2006: Richard R Meredith jr. 

RAT 2012: Benjamin Denton, Matthew Elliott 

DYKE 2006: Scott M. Buhman 
RAT 2012: Quinn Adams, Nick Gelles 

»» Up- 

' Charleston, South Carolina 
International Studies 

NCAA Swimming Team; NCAA Swimming Captain; S5 Regimental 
Lieutenant and Open House CIC ; Pre-Law Society; VMl Cadet Tutor 
itor FVench and Chemistry; Institute Honors Program and Institute 
IScholar; Study Abroad in Aix- en- Provence, FVance; NROTC Scholar- 
'ship; Pi Delta Phi (French Honors Society); Phi Sigma lota (Interna- 
tional Foreign Language Honors Society) 

Although at tin:\es VMl has frustrated me beyond belief, cer- 
tain parts of this stuffy old school almost seem endearing. 
'live seen both positive and negative styles of leadership and 
■hope I can exude the former and avoid degenerating into the 
iiatter. 1 consider myself very fortunate to have competed on 
the NCAA Swimming Team, to have participated in the Honors 
'Program, and to have had such wonderful faculty mentorship. 
(I suppose I owe a good deal of my success to a few people; so 
i thank you Mom, Dad, Su, Kevin, BG Farrell, Liz, and especially 
my dear grandmother. Mimi.. .without your wonderful home 
to escape to. I don't know what 1 would have done. As far as 
the social aspect, I've got to say I've made some really good 
I friends. Austin(will never forget the epic NBA battles), Bridger 
' (Bridge-Unit), Mike(yut), Steve. Stephen, Dan, Dan, and Trevor, 
thanks so much for putting up with my somewhat peculiar 
; sense of humor and occasionally cynical attitude. To Coach 
(and the guys on the team, thanks for taking in a mediocre 
1 swimmer and making him feel welcome; I've had a blast these 
i past two and a half years. To Matt and Mitch, 1 wish you the 
I best of luck. Only advice I can give you guys is to keep your 
.head down and stay motivated to meet your goals, whatever 
jthey might be. Anyway, thats about all I've got. 1 go on 
the exciting adventure that Is the US Navy. Wish me luck. 

Joshua C. Byerly 

IW; ''Skirt: "B-cubed" 

Powhatan, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 


Cadet Investment Group 2, 1; Body Building Club 
3, 2; VGU 2, 1; S-4 3, 2, 1 

First, I owe my family for supporting me and helping me 
stay focused through my time at VMl. I am convinced words 
do not exist that are capable of expressing my apprecia- 
tion and love 1 have for you all. If it wasn't for you, 1 would 
not be where 1 am today. There were unquestionably times 
throughout my cadetshlp that tested me and seemed as if 
there wasn't an end. My attitude towards the Institute varied 
by the day. However, after these four years I began to appre- 
ciate and value this place more than ever. 1 want to thank 
all my roommates; we definitely went through some crazy 
times. You guys were great. To the CE guys- it was definitely 
an adventure, all those long nights in the NEB lab, some 
of those ridiculous classes; but we did it! To my rat- )ames- 
1 hope 1 have set a good example for you. You are well on 
your way toward graduation, keep your head held high and 
stay focused. These next three years will be over before you 
know it; take advantage of all the opportunities here! To my 
dyke- Dan- Thank you for all you did for me, you were a huge 
part of my success and thank you for starling me off on the 
right path at VMl. The VGU guys, all the endless hours at 
the round table, along with the other endeavors; it has been 
great- need 1 say more. As 1 leave the Institute I suspect 1 
will not miss the PTs, confinement, and some of those bones 
1 couldn't comprehend. However, 1 will miss you guys and 
the time we've spent. God Bless VMl and the Class of 2009. 

Michael D. Cadlce 

North Bend, Washington 

International Studies 

Narine Corps 

Rat Challenge CIC; New Cadet Military Training CIC 


"The Emperor will not judge you by your medals and 
diplomas, but by your scars." 

Take advantage of the gifts God has given you; build your 
foundation upon faith and honor to improve upon the life 
laid before you. Leave a legacy for your children through 
selfless service - so that they may improve upon the 
efforts of your life. 

Gods speed Brother Rats!!! 

,DKYE 2006: Charles A. Upshaw DYKE 2006: Daniel R. Petronzio DYKE 2006: Daniel R. Petronzio 

RAT 2012: Matt Dale. Mitcti Robbins RAT 2012: James Rivas RAT 2012: Chad Sussman, Joe Johnson 


Nicholas M. Campbell III 

"Nicky C" 

Chicago, Illinois 

International Studies 


Mario D. Capuozzo 

Bartlett, Tennessee 

Electrical Engineering 

Air Force 

William R.Y. Carlton Jr. 


Winston-Salem, North Carolina 


Air Force 

Officers of the Guard Association (President) 

VMl Lacrosse, 07-08 CCS 

1 came to VMl knowing virtually notiiing, and I'm leav- 
ing in a relatively similar state. What 1 do know is 
VMl is horrible, but 1 wouldn't rather have graduated 
from any other place in the world. My time here went 
by fast, and 1 wouldn't trade a second of it for any- 
thing. To my family, 1 can literally contribute all of my 
success to you. Your never ending support helped me 
more than you can ever know. Without you, 1 honestly 
would not have made It. To my rat, the man they call 
Mr. Mosely, you're a good dude. Keep working hard, 
and you'll have no problem getting through this place. 
And last, but definitely not least, to my guys in Delta, 
its been rough, but we made it. 1 love you guys. 

To Josh, )ohn, and Dan: Thanks for everything. 

DKYE 2006: )ohn A. Plachta 
RAT 2012: Dion Mosely 

But at my back 1 always hear Times winged chariot hur- 
rying near: And yonder all before us lie Deserts of vast 
eternity - Andrew Marvell 

DYKE 2006: Benjamin A. Chovanec DYKE 2006: David J. Trimble 

RAT 2012: Curtis Rathbone, Fred DeRos RAT 2012: Colin Bosse, Stephen Robarge 



Bryce A. Carter 

Richmond, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 


Cadre, Trap and Skeet Team 2, l.CWRT 4,3,2.1, Little 
John Crew 1, Blood Drive Committee 3, 2, KCIC), 
VG.U. 2, 1 

Ryan J. Clark 


Buena Vista, Virginia 

Economics and Business 


VMl Golf Team CIC 2008200Q 

Christopher L. Cole 


Richmond, Virginia 


Air Force 

Power Lifting, Body Building, Officers Christian 
Fellowship, Baptist Student Union, English Society 


Always be the gentleman from Virginia. Be sincere, 
original, and a man of character. If you continue to per- 
sist you will always accomplish your goal and if you 
are true to yourself you will never fail. In the words of 
Robert Frost, "Freedom lies in being boldr 

Many thanks to my parents for their continued support 
in everything that I do, and also to all of the friends 
that have helped me along the journey. 

Wow, where do I even start? Its kind of hard to sum 
up this place in iust 500 words. We had one of the 
best rooms rat year. Chavis, D-Wood, Nips, and D- 
pantz, you guys made the ratline something hilari- 
ous to go through. Never any problems or issues 
between us or anyone had any issues with us. That 
says something here at VMl. Third class year through 
first class year was great. I cant go through all the 
stories since there are so many to pick from. Robbie, 
forget about the lag and P90 noobs. Rick, I'm glad you 
finally found the release you were looking for. Dan, 
always the comic relief coming back from a night of 
a bit too much "liquid courage!' I'm sure we'll be in 
touch over the years. And last but not least - the rats 
of room 115; I hope we taught you what life at VMl 
is really like, beyond the smoke and mirrors. Take 
what we told you to heart, and you'll be just fine. 

When we arrived on matriculation day we were told 
there are four benchmarks in our cadetship: The Ratline, 
Breakout, Ring Figure and Graduation. The memories 
of our rat-line, from DRC to Rat Riots, straining through 
barracks together and struggling to come together as a 
class will remain with me for the rest of my life. I will 
never forget walking back up to barracks and entering 
that arch after the breakout dinner and the exultation 
1 felt at our first old yell for the class of 2009. I will 
always cherish the memories of the class dinner and 
Ring Figure Ball. And now as we move to take our last 
step, to receive the diploma we have gone through so 
much for, I look back on those memories and know that 
nothing I ever do will come close to matching my time 
with my brother rats, my dyke, my roommates, and my 
rats. So to you all 1 say thank you, for those memo- 
ries will be the ones which get me through the hard 
times and those bonds are the ones I know I can count 
on for the rest of my life. God Speed Brother Rats. 

DKYE 2006: Lewis S. Bartholomew DYKE 2006: Tyler W. Monger 
RAT 2012: Stephen Davis RAT 2012: Garrett Slagle 

Dyke 2006: Charles L. Lindsey 

RAT 2012: Glen Ingham and lohn Raphael 





Jacob S. Collie 

Winchester, Virginia 
Air Force 

John C. Collier 


Centreville, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 


Nicholas A. Cooper 

Naples, Florida 
Air Force 

Commanders Jazz Band (4,3): Timmons-Gentry 
Nusic Society (2,1); Glee Club Pianist (3) : ACS 
(4,3,2,1); Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 

4 Year Letter winner in lacrosse. Ring Figure 
Chairman, 1st corporal, 1st Sergeant, 2nd Bat 
XO, VGU 2-1, Virginia Historical Society 3-2-1, The 
House 43-2-1 

Rat Challenge 

Its hard to believe my time at the Institute has come 
(o an end. Although a semester never went by that 
1 thought about leaving, 1 am glad 1 decided to stictc 
it out. However, 1 must give credit to where credit is 
due. Mom and Dad, thantc you for all the talks when 
things got overwhelming. If it wasn't for the support 
of my family and BRs, I'm not sure 1 would have made 
it through this place. Grant, thanks for putting up with 
me for all these years! To the rats, 1 wish you the best 
of luck throughout your time at VMl, keep up the good 
work! Ale.x and )oel, its been a fun semester. To all my 
other BRs, you guys are great and have made the past 
four years quite an experience... We've finally made it! 

DKYE 2006: Thomas C. Moncure 
RAT 2012: Sean Dudek 

After tour years at an all male prep school knowing 
about as many girls as he can count on one hand, John 
Collier walked Into our lives and forever changed them. 
)ohn... 1 would never step foot in any building that you 
designed or drive across any bridge that you built but 
1 sure would follow you into battle. Stay loyal, stay 
honest, and most of all stay lohn Collier!' -)B Bradshaw 
"1 have spent four years with lohn and it has been a 
real trip. My opinion of him has changed a lot since the 
day 1 was on my hands and knees cleaning shoe dress- 
ing off our rat floor. And if you ever would like to find 
us at the party iust look for the beer pong table thats 
where we will beT -Rich Gammon 'If 1 could sum you 
up in one word, it would be generous by far. The best 
memory 1 have of you was how hard you worked for 
OUT ring figure. Not only did you have engineering to 
deal with, but Lacrosse, Army and 'VMl. You sacrificed 
your whole semester for the well being and happiness 
of us, the class 2009. ' -lamie Fernandez "lohn we 
have been brothers since the first grade and that will 
never change. We have been there for each other in 
the lowest and highest points of our lives. Work hard, 
stay true, and the sky is the limit..." - Matthew Gift 

DYKE 2006: Todd N. Baldwin 

RAT 2012: Ummy Luckino, Kyle Hofstetter 

My dad told me one time when 1 was a rat, don't worry 
Nick, 4 years will go by fast and before you know it 
you'll be graduating and it will only seem like a bad 
dream!' This has been one of the truest statements 
I've ever heard. But it wasn't all bad. I've made some 
of the best friends I'll ever know as well as had some 
great times, England, Jeds house, Busch Gardens, Ian 
eating a whole calzone, etc. 1 want to thank my Mom 
and Dad, the Gammons, who have been like a second 
family to me, and all my broskis, 1 couldn't have done 
it without any of you. 4 years. ..don't they go by in 
a blink? 


DYKE 2006: Steven S. Souchtchenko 
RAT 2012: Roberts, Copenhaver 


Christian Cortes 

X - Tez" 

Kennesaw, Georgia 


Marine Corps 

Ian R. Costello 

Virginia Beacti, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 


Andrew P. Craig 

"Space Marine" 

Clielsea, Alabama 

Mechanical Engineering 

Marine Corps 

Rat Challenge, VMl Theater, Little John Crew 

VMl Rugby. VMl Pipe Band 

Marathon Club, Triathlon Club, Pipe Band 


I suppose here is where I'm supposed to say that despite the hard 
limes, in the end 1 loved it and I wouldn't trade my 'VMl experience' for 
anything, and I can't wait to be a pretentious alumnus drinking single- 
malt scotch at reunions while wearing a tacky red-whlte-and-yellow 
lie, boat shoes. North Face jacket and talking about the 'Old Corps" 
But the truth is 1 hate this place with every fiber of my being, and I 
will most likely never return. I've marched hundreds of PTs, saluted 
a man who fought for slavery every time I walked past his statue for 
an entire semester, served almost every penalty in the book, and have 
enloyed the honor of being on both the dears list AND academic pro- 
bation. VMl did leach me a few things: I learned the definition of bad 
leadership, that most people are hypocrites, that ambition and mate- 
rial wealth do not equal happiness, and that eventually most people 
get what they deserve. That being said, I am thankful to God and to 
my loyal friends for being the only reasons I made it. To my Rats: 
don't snitch, don't be a tool, chili out, and every once in a while walk 
slower and enjoy the scenery. Remember the real world is waiting at 
the end of the tunnel. Don't take life loo seriously... remember no one 
gets out alive. To The Council: gentlemen, you truly are my brothers. 
VMl made me a bitter, cynical man, but somehow you put up with me 
and helped me through the worst times of my life. Ill never forget the 
good times: the breakfast club. Uncle Torrs Cabin. Towel Party summer 
'08, trips to )MU and Holllns. 'deli now pub later'; shenanigans, and 
getting shady drunk in random locales throughout Lexington. 1 have 
matured a lot over these four years, for belter or worse. Thank God its 
over; now its time to pick up the pieces of my life. I'm never looking 
back. And I'm never wearing boat shoes. 

We find ourselves at the end of a long road, a turn- 
ing point. No longer will we be cadets of the Virginia 
Military Institute; we will be graduates. We will never 
again forn:\ up for BRC or be boned for haydown. We 
will go out Into the world to pursue our various careers. 
My friends, 1 have never known a group of people like 
you before and 1 fear that I'll never have friends like 
you again. Our ring bears the inscription "Nee Aspera 
Tenant" (No hardship shall deter us). This was always 
true as long as we endured our hardships together. To 
my family, 1 cannot thank you enough for all of your 
support throughout my cadetship. You always encour- 
aged me through whatever I was attempting. Dad, 
your guidance has helped me to become the "keydef 
I am today. Mom, your steadfast support and many 
care packages have always helped me through. Ttm, 
whether or not you decide that VMl is for you, I wish you 
the best in your college career. To my roommates, I love 
you guys; thanks for everything. Most importantly, to 
my class, stay in touch, come to reunions, remember 
the good times, and celebrate with me come May I6th. 

Nany cultures have a right of passage. A point in a 
males life where he is no longer a boy, he is a man. In 
American culture there really is no point where a man 
could look back and say that made me a man. VMl 
was my agoge. Like the ancient Spartans who were 
thrown into a harsh, rigorous boot camp to be forged 
into battle hardened soldiers. VMl has hardened me 
into a leader. VMl has been my trial by fire. I have 
not escaped without scars, but I have come out a man. 



DKYE 2006: Christopher L. Pridgen 
RAT 2012: Santiago Muftoz-Otalvaro 

DYKE 2006: Joseph P. Davidoski 
RAT 2012: Daniel Greenlee, Bobby Gragg 

DYKE 2006: Bradley D. Steidle 
RAT 2012: Nate Aglin and Scott Jones 



London C. Crounse 

Long Island. New York 

International Studies 


Lloyd R. Crouse 

Alexandria, Virginia 

International Studies 

Marine Corps 

Edwin J. Cruz 

"Cruz Control" 

Richmond, Virginia 


Air Force 

Pre-Law Society President, Cadre Instructor, Aca- 
demic Mentor, Bodybuilding 

Catholic Newman Club; NCAA Football 

Heres to my family, who sacrificed so much for me and gave 
me the opportunity to succeed. Dad. you are the toughest 
man 1 know You have always fought for everything you 
believed in, and you have always believed in me. Thank you 
for all of the lough love, it may not have been what 1 wanted, 
but it was certainly what 1 needed. Keila, you have been 
the best little sister I could ask for. Thank you for always 
making me laugh when all hell was breaking loose around 
us. Heres to all of my friends, who cared more about get- 
ting each other through than the "front side of barracks" who 
did what they could, when they couid. to make sure we all 
made it. To those friends, you know who you are; these past 
years have been an honor and a privilege. Thanks to you, 
the scholastic jail that is VMl has been more of a home to 
me than I have ever experienced. After all of the pain, pres- 
sure, stress, and consternation we must now all stick together 
much the same way we have as we continue our lives. If we 
do this successfully, we will have more of a leg up on the 
world than VNI could ever give us. There is not one of us 
who isn't capable of doing more than they think they can do 
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there 
is no path and leave a trail." -Emerson 

"The only thing necessary for the tr: 
men to do nothing" -Burke 

nph of evil is for good 

As I'm writing this I am living in between two con- 
struction sites, there is still no hot running water in the 
showers, and Crozet still sucks. After four years I am 
reminded thai this place truly does have a soul and it never 
fails to leave that one last kick. Mom. I know it has been 
extremely difficult in raising two sons. Through all of the 
hardships thank for always being there when 1 needed you the 
most. 1 love you very much and you are appreciated. Dad, 1 
know you're up there watching over us. We had some great 
times. I'll never forget you and I'll always love you. 1 hope 
1 have made you proud. To my dykes, what more can I say, 
you guys were the greatest. To my friends and roommates, 1 
probably would have out-processed a long time ago if it wasn't 
for you guys. Well that and the other fact that it takes an 
entire day lo out-process. You guys were the ones that made 
this place worthwhile and special. The VMl experience was 
nothing without you. Thank you. To all. I could not have made it 
through VMl without you. 

May the road rise to meet you. 

May the wind be always at your back. 

May the sun shine warm upon your face. xf 

And rains fall soft upon your fields. 

And until we meet again. 

May God hold you in the palm of his hand. 

I can't believe it... already time for graduation! I feel like it was not too 
long ago we all strained Into this place, and now here we are about 
to get out. It was a long four years, but 1 am glad It went by as fast 
as it did. There were two key groups helping me through these four 
years: My family, and my roommates. True story.-- I could not have 
made it without you all. 

Para mi famllia: gracias por todo lo que me han dado y encenado en la 
vida. Hoy soy el hombre que soy porque ustedes me han demonstrado 
la manera corrects en que un hombre deberia de vivir. No se tienen 
que preocupar por mi. sali bten y voy a estar bien en el Air Force. Los 
quiero mucho. 

To the roomies (Dennis, Joe, )os6, Mark): you guys are my best friends 
and 1 could not have asked for a better group of guys to grow with and 
to experience this place with. Lord knows we had our rough times, 
but we made it through the last three years together. Thanks for all 
the good memories, and I can't wait to hang out again outside of this 
place. LOVE YOU ALL. 

To my rat, Aaron, and the rest of the rats from room 161 .. . we too had 
our ups and downs but Vm certain you all have a good idea of what 
this place is and what itfe all about. Keep your heads up, and don't ever 

let the man bring you down. Remember "I can do all thing through 
Christ my Lord who strengthens me" (Phil- 4:13) and you will be fine. 
It was a crazy experience (one I would rather never do again), but 1 
would say It was all worth it. ..and now we're done... "I can't believe 

DKYE 2006: James E Woodard 11 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Shawn L. Driver 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Alexander G. Williams 
RAT 2012: Dwayne Aaron Lewis 

Joseph R. Cunningham 

"Kung Fu Panda" 

La Plata, Maryland 


Air Force 

Gareth E. da Cunha 


Corvallis, Oregon 

International Studies 


Joshua E. Daly 

Woodbridge, Virginia 

International Studies 

Marine Corps 

Rat Challenge 3, 2; Ultimate3, 2; VaARNG 3, 2, 1; 
Cadet Battery 1; First Class Private 

VMl Rugby, Men In Grey 

Cadre, Gub Soccer, Gub Ultimate, Rat Challenge, 
German Club, Bulldog, Semper Fi Society 

To room 108- thanks for a crazy first class year and 
good times. To the Rats of 108- don't forgot about your 
dykes and look after each other 1 hope you all survive 
this place like we did. We have come to a place far from 
home. Time long passed since we have seen the sunrise, 
A place where peace can finally come, A place where 
we can rest and laugh and sing and love once more. 


FViends, family and BRs, thank you, its been fun. Dad 
and Aubrey, thank you for everything there is a lot that 1 
owe to you. VMl Rugby, cheers to the team, TIPS! Rats, 
work hard, enjoy yourselves when you can and don't 
judge. Remember life is too short to take seriously, 
trust me, take it from a guy who knows. Life is full of 
disappointments and triumphs appreciate them both 
for what they are. Finally to quote my father a few 
words worth knowing "good judgment comes from 
experience; experience comes from bad judgmentr 

I describe my time at Vt^l as a love/hate relationship. 
Everyone says college is supposed to be the best years 
of your life, and 1, like most, have wondered why 1 chose 
this instead of somewhere with more freedom and more 
girls. But I wouldn't trade my time at VMl for anything. 
And as good of a time I've had here, I had to fall on my ass 
and learn the hard way. So while riding some W&L frat 
guys' bikes through Lexington was a great time, the next 
semester on confinement was, well, not. 

1 can't believe how fast it all went. My whole life I've been 
closing chapters and opening new ones. The four years 
at VMl have been my longest time in one place. And as 
1 close this chapter 1 look forward to the next with the 
Marine Corps. I hope the characters in this chapter con- 
tinue to appear throughout the rest of my story I'll miss 
you all and the times we spent here. Ok. most of them. 

DKYE 2006: Justin T. Guy 
RAT 2012: Diego Ortiz 

DYKE 2006: Christopher ]. Authier DYKE 2006: Marie T Searles 
RAT 2012: Spencer Wackelin RAT 2012: Thomas Renfroe 


^^Ki'^^. '^T^^H 

. ^^^(-^^F 

Patrick K. deLatour 

Fairfax, Virginia 
Economics and Business 
Air Force 

Laurens T4. Delpech 

"Pech" "Pechy" "Delp" 

Vienna, Virginia 

Mectianicai Engineering 

Air Force 

Patrick W Donovan 

Mechanicsvilie, Virginia 
Air Force 

Club Soccer, Rat Challenge 

Kyle, Shawn, IB, Andrew, The Show, Brian, A), Clayton, 
Matt, Rich. )ohn, Jamie: thanlt you guys and 1 love you 

To my parents: couldn't have done it without you and 1 
did it because of you. 

To my brother: You're my inspiration. 

Mad Cat, Eazy, Kev, Weezy D Smith, Ruck, Bo: wish 
you could have made it through with me. 

DKYE 2006: Setli E. Enterline 
RAT 20i2: Marc Ray 

The day 1 set off for VMl I thought: "I'm going off to college, this is 
awesome... wooooo COUEGEI"... 1 was wrong. 2nd semester ist class 
year is pretty sweet because its almost over, and the prlviledges are 
nice too, oh and not being on Ac. Pro for once. A wise man once told me 
that [ should try to sleep as much as t can. He said, "If you sleep about 
12 hours a day youre only really here' for 2 years..: I thought it was a 
great idea, so most of my 3rd and 2nd class year I spent asleep. This 
didnt help my GPA, but hey... I'm still here and I'm almost done so its no 
big deal. 1 really don't have much to say about VMl. All I Know is 1 won't 
miss anything about the school I Pause... except for group showers), and 
1 will definetly miss my friendsTo my roomates: I'll miss you guys- 
All 3 years of horribly offensive and grossly innapropriate jokes, all 
the pranks, all the FAlLs, all the LOLS and FMl moments. Even though 
we have experienced many FAlLs. we have also had a few WlNs along 
the way. Also, we are probably all going to hell, but that doesn't bother 
me too much, because I'm pretty sure that would just mean I'm back 
at VMl. and as long as you guys are here, it wont be that bad. 1 love 
you guys... No seriously, you don't even know. To all my friends: 1 have 
a feeling the friendships that I have formed with you guys throughout 
the years will last forever. You all are family to me. I love you guys 
too. To the system: Thanks for all the pointless demofe and bones you 
gave me for trying to be a normal person. That is all. I can't believe 
I made it to the end of the road. The four years here at VMl seem 
like they have gone by in a flash. Its really true what they say, the 
days go slow but the weeks go fast. Well, sometimes they don't go by 
fast enough. I suppose I learned a few things along the way and VMl 
has changed into a better person. Here are some examples of how I've 
grown up: I don't laugh when someone says the word dyke anymore... 
well, thats about it. I guess what I take away from VMl Is: a diploma 
and lots of crazy stories and some great memories. DUDE LOVE 

DYKE 2006: Andrew C. Ihnen 
RAT 2012: T) Fischer, Richard Sharp 

The Institute was the only college I wanted to attend. 
My cadetship would not have been possible without the 
help of others. 1 thank everyone who helped me get 
here and everyone that stood next to me these past 
four years. To my roommates, we had our ups and 
downs but we always stood by each other and 1 hope 
that never changes. To my RAT, 1 never had any prob- 
lems with you and 1 know you will be successful in 
whatever endeavor you take in life. 1 dedicate all 1 have 
accomplished to my Father. 

"Failure Is Not An Optionr 

DYKE 2006: Brandon R. Rocker 
RAT 2012: lames G. Poettker 



Alexander I. Doseff 


Lovettsville, Virginia 

International Studies and German 

Marine Corps 

VMl Rugby Club, Pipe Band, RDC 


David C. Downing 

"Uncle Dave" 

Roanoke, Virginia 



Echo CEA Rep, Cadet Battery, Psychology Club, and 
Newman Club 

Dennis M. Dunaway )t. 

"Double D: "Big D" 

Goochland, Virginia 

Economics and Business 


Football, room 161 Basketball 

// / 


like everyone else here I have a lot of people to thank, too many to Ust 
name by name. To my family: thanks for all your support, you helped 
me get through here more than you know. To all my friends here, you 
know who you are. thanks for all the good times and support, I could 
never have done this without you, in fad Id have never come back 
after Rat year if it hadn't been for all of you. To the Realm and TCM, 
we had some really good times. 111 never forget them. 

The rugby team was really my only release here and I want to thank 
all my teammates and coaches who helped me get through. You guys 
were some of the best friends that anyone could ask for and I doubt 
I'll ever find a club who 1 enjoyed playing for as much as 1 did VMl 

To my rats: don't take yuuiacn ui viu vuu acnuuoiy, 
never let your friends down and always find a way I 
even at this place. 

; yourself or VMl too seriously, do your 
down and always find a way to have soi 

e fun. 

I've made some incredible friends here at VMl. sometimes I think thats 
the only good thing that I'll come away from this place with. I've had 
a healthy dislike for VMl. for much of my cadetship. I've hated the 
way that all that seemed to matter was the appearance of VMl to the 
outside world; as someone who can write better than 1 said. "Look 
at the front side of barracks' However, as my time here comes to 
a close, 1 wonder if that isn't the point. I doubt I would have grown 
as close to my friends here if the situation had been any different. 
Though I don't think that I'll ever say "1 love VMl' or even agree with 
much of what it does, but 1 do appreciate what its given me and In a 
sick way I'll miss it. 

DKYE 2006: Joseph K. Zyra 
RAT 2012: )ae-Min Kitn, Ryan Schade 

To my family: Thank you for your support. If it wasn't 
for your motivation, 1 would have never made it this far. 
Unfortunately, I'll be spending another year here at 
Mother 1 without my brother rats due to my deployment 
to Kosovo from 2006-2007 but, I'll never quit. Thank 
you for instilling your values and determination in me. 

To current cadets: Don't make the same mistake 1 
made. Its much better to graduate on time and serve 
as an officer instead of putting your life and cadet- 
ship on hold. There are much more important things 
in life right now like graduating from college, com- 
missioning, getting married, and starting a family. 

To my rats: Stick with it. I'm proud of you. 
There will be times when this place will get 
you down and you will wonder what you've 
gotten yourself into but trust me. its worth it. 

DYKE 2006: Ian ?. Camper 

RAT 2012: lustln Owlght and Jon Failinger 

There were these two mice, they were stuck in a 
bucket of creme. One gave up quickly, and drowned, 
however the other swam and swam until he had 
churned the creme into butter then he climbed out. 


DYKE 2006: Todd M. Baldwin 
RAT 2012: Andrew Self 

Thomas A. Duncan 

'TDunc(s)'; "Dunciano" 

Dallas, Texas 













Matthew B, Edwards 

"Mattie" "Hoss" 

Midlothian, Virginia 



Travis A. Edwards 

Williamsburg, Virginia 


Narathon Club, Ranger Challenge, Alpha 8th Cor- 
poral/Co. Clerk, Big Brother/Big Sister, Pre-Law 
Society, English Society Club Golf, Alpha Company 
OGA Rep., MAC Cadet Assistant, Alpha 

Though these four years have not passed quickly, and have times been 
like pulling teeth, it has been an experience that twill not soon forget. 
There have been times that were fantastic and times where 1 was mis- 
erable, but the experience will endure thanks to many. The FAM-Whlle 
I know that you may have preferred a different path for me, thank you 
for sticking with me and allowing me to realize what 1 wanted to do 
and succeed. Roommates (Krummbly Mike. Trent, Jedskl, Adam, Fat 
) and Ford) 1 could not have wished for a better group of guys to live 
with, and I will attempt to learn the things that living with you taught 
me (like getting out of bags). Broskies-There have been too many 
ridiculous times to remember, and 1 appreciate it. You guys always 
made me feel welcome everywhere we went, and were kind enough 
to accommodate me almost indefinitely. I only hope 1 can go to Busch 
Gardens with guys as cool as yall sometime in the future. Stone- 
There were good times and bad limes, and your help got me from 
good to good. Don't underestimate the effects you have had on my 
four years. Geoff and Curt-Your ridiculousness shaped me, 1 only hope 
that my legacy will bring more honor to the line, Texas Fight. Bruceski 
and Drewski-Don't let the man (i.e. VMU get you down, just keep 
looking forward to Ring Figure and Graduation, and you'll get there 
sooner than you know. It has been great to watch you two develop, 
and thanks for folding the laundry And get you some AC days. RCT- 
Thanks for everything, academic and otherwise. Everyone else-l may 
have not spelled you out directly but there have been countless other 
people that have made this place livable, and It is much appreciated. 

It was difficult but we all survived. 1 only hope 1 have helped 
others In the same way so many have helped me. Stay classy. 

2nd Battalion S2 Lieutenant Senior year, 4 year 
VMl Baseball team member 

What a crazy road. Uke most. 1 never saw myself going to a school 
anything like VMl. Now I am here, attempting to describe these past 
four years of my life, which still amaze me to this day came to VMl 
expecting an academic challenge and that Is exactly what I encountered. 
To my fellow Civil and Environmental engineering majors: you guys are 
awesome. We have worked long and hard these past four years and it 
has finally paid off. And now comes the reason 1 made il through VMl. 
Baseball has been a main driving force throughout my life. 1 came to 
VMl mainly to play baset)all. Our senior class will leave VMl as the most 
successful class in school history but my memories of VMl baseball will 
have nothing to do about winning. I will remember being around an 
awesome group of guys and alt the fun we had reaching a common goal. 
1 would not be here today If it were not for my fellow senior classmates 
who have stuck it out with me during this rigorous VMl experience. 
Hendu. Smink. Phelpsle. A.)„ Brian, you guys are great friends and it 
has been great getting to know you guys and hanging out throughout 
the past four years. Now 1 sit here at my desk, thinking of what will 
come to mind as 1 look back over the past four years. I will remember 
all the road trips for baseball and all of those seemingly impossible 
classes that I somehow managed to succeed In. 1 will remember getting 
demerits for seemingly no reason, starting friendships, and walking up 
and down the hill to practice. 1 will remember the support of my family 
and friends to help push me through VMl. I wilt remember my roommate 
since rat year Uoyd Crouse and all the fun times we had in the room. 
So now the VMl saga ends. Looking back, the four years went by like a 
flash. Now it is time to go out into the real world and make some noise. . . 


DYKE 2006: Geoffrey T Parker 
RAT 2012: Andrew Luna, Bruce Howard 

DYKE 2006: Daniel R. Wilmoth 
RAT 2012: Jeremy Brown, Colin Flaherty 

DYKE 2006: William ). Keller 11 
RAT 2012: 


Reza Eftekhar 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force 

Patrick O. Eggleston 


Noliesville, Virginia 




Kyle M. Elgert 


Glen Allen, Virginia 


Air Force 

My time at VMl has been a roUercoaster. Many events 
have accord and I have learned many things from dif- 
ferent situation and different people. Overall, 1 am 
glad that I have been introduced to many great individ- 
uals from all walks of life. However, people who have 
affected me the most have to be my RAT roommates 
and my first class year roommates. We have had lots 
of fun together. I have to say they are all great individ- 
uals that will become very successful someday soon. 
To my RATs, 1 say thanks for all that you have done 
for me, and putting up with a lot. And to my Dykes, 1 
wanted to also thank them especially because without 
them I would not be where I am now. This place has 
taught me many things, and one important thing would 
be that, I will never want to go through this place again. 

How did I get in here and not Radford? 

College 1 am starting to think I should have lust moved out to LA and 

tried to become an actor or something Instead. 1 can't wait to catch up on 
all the things that 1 have missed over the last four years, and 1 hope that 
It doesn't go by as fast as it did these past couple of years. 1 want lo thank 
my family and friends for all the support you have giving me through- 
out my life. My parents for always pushing me to pursue my goals and 
giving me the opportunity to attend college; my brother Billy, for beat- 
ing up on me when you should have and giving me a good example to 
look up to; and my friends for keeping me honest and true to myself. 

Mom and Dad the Investment that you have put in me will not be a bad 
one. Through your guidance and support you have shaped Billy and I to 
become the men we are today more than anything else. You never hesitate 
to drive a couple of hours lust to spend the day with your boys, and you 
should be very proud of the hard work that you have put into us because 
we are very appreciative of the sacrifices you have made over the years. 

Evan, )ake, and Jess; good luck with whatever life has in store for 
you guys, I am positive that you all will find what you are look- 
ing for soon, and that success will certainly follow. Evan, keep your 
eyes on the horizon don't be afraid lo stretch your wings and fly; 
Jess, try not to over step your boundaries and use what you know 
to get you through life; and Jake this world Is not big enough to let 
a West Virginia boy get lost. Good Luck and Godspeed, everyone! 

DKYE 2006: Peter R. Wilcox 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Shawn G. Hogan 

RAT 2012: Aaron Bradley & Dallas Wiggins 

DYKE 2006: Bradley B. Bascope 
RAT 2012: Chris Carr 

I ' f^^W' 

Frank L. Ellis 

Reva, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 


Matthew ). Englehart 


Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

Mechanical Engineering 


Taylor L. Farley 


Richmond, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 



Trap and Skeet Team, Powerlifting Team (CIC), Glee 



1 lasted the whole 4 years here, which is what 1 intended 
to do. I've learned a lot, but am going to try to forget 
most of it. The most meaningful bit of advice 1 ever got 
was from my dyke after Breakout when he wrote on 
my sandbag: "Sorry 1 wasn't a better dyke. It only gets 
harder from here. -Matt' If there is one bit of advice 
1 want to pass on to my rat it would be that. 1 have 
my close Brother Rats, and that is the most Important 
thing I'll be taking away from here. Everybody else, 
I'll see you in the future wherever our paths cross. 

-If you sleep for \2 hours a day, you are only here half 
the timel 

J A 



After attending St. Christophers School in Richmond, 
■Virginia for thirteen years, the last thing 1 wanted to do 
was enter another 4 years of yet another place strong 
in its social and ethical structure like 'VMl, but for some 
strange reason, 1 felt it was what 1 needed to do. 'Well, 
after four years, 1 can't say 1 do not regret going to your 
typical college and enjoying most of my days there; 
however, 1 can truly say that 1 would make the same 
choice were 1 to go back in time. The people whom 
1 have surrounded myself with are unforgettable and 
the relationships which 1 have built are here to stay, 
for better or for worse. 'While here at VMl my list of 
accomplishments has grown tremendously and the 
good times had will never be forgotten, whether they 
be hanging out in my 10 square foot room or while here 
over the summer. These times have blown my mind, 
and have enabled me to see the small subtleties of life 
that are vital to retaining some sense of sanity. 'Where 
1 will go from here is still a mystery but 1 am sure 
that 1 can handle anything now and nothing will stand 
in my way to doing what 1 want to do with my life. 

DYKE 2006: Jochen A. Granja 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Matthew }. Oliver 
RAT 2012: Michael Rementer 

DYKE 2006: Michael D. Lloyd 
Rat 2012: T. D. Hoover 


I f- 



Benjamin W Felts 

David A. Ferreira 

Jamie B. Fernandes 

Max Neadows, Virginia 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 


Boxing, IEEE ' I ,V 

Slatington, Pennsylvania 



Chislehurst, London 


Air Force 

Swimming, Boxing, Soccer 


1 just want to first off thanii ray father and my family 
for supporting me through these last five years. 1 also 
want to thank my roommates, boys its been a great 
four years, 1 am truly going to miss you guys. 1 want 
to thank all my other friends here at VMl, there are 
quite a few people who have been a big part of my 
life here at VMl, and without you guys, 1 wouldn't had 
made it through this place. 1 just want to say good 
luck to all my rats, keep your heads on straight and 
your chins up, you can make it through this place. 

P: . 


DYKE 2006: David A. Bruster Jr. DYKE 2006: 

RAT 2012: Bob naherty. Michael B. McCoUough RAT 2012: 

On the day of matriculation 1 walked into my rat room and I saw a 
skinny British lad standing there with a smile on his face. I have lived 
with him every day for the past four years at VMl, and I would not 
trade that time for anything In the world. )amie you have been there for 
me through everything, and I truly appreciate that. We have had some 
good times together whether it was working out, standard time, drink- 
ing a beer or having a shot or two or three. It has been a real trip and 
I'll never forget it. lamie never loose your drive for success, the sky is 
the limit. Take care mate and say hello to Chevy for me. - Matthew Gift I 
don't think 500 words could be used to sum up how much of a privilege 
it has been to be here In the United States. Thank you Matthew, )ohn, 
Richard and Stephen for all the kind help you have given me since I first 
came to VMl in 2005. I want you to know that if you ever find yourself 
in Britain, you have a place to stay without a doubt; you have shown me 
a tremendous amount of support over the years. I would love to call this 
place my second home not because of its fun loving culture but because 
of you people. Now I am getting ready to graduate and Us thanks to you 
guys!! To the Staff, Faculty and Coaches, you provide countless genera- 
tions with a top class education. Thank you to the host families who 
have personally looked after me and who also help Cadets find their feet 
In Lexington. Thanks Mrs. Irby!! I love youl Thank you Cmdr. McElhan- 
non. Thank you also Richard, Robbie, George! You have helped me so 
much this year. 1 will miss you! There are so many people 1 would like 
to thank personally but everyone who I have met in the U,S has been a 
truly amazing. Mum and Dad, its time for me to come home. Dad. you 
are my closest friend and the one man who paid for my tuition. Without 
you. the experiences, the friends and the education wouldn't have been 
possible. You work so hard everyday to make sure 1 have the best. Mum 1 
do love you and miss you as it has been a long 4 years away from home, 
but it is time! Would I doit again ? Million times over!!.' xo 

DYKE 2006: Kevin Aldrich 
RAT 2012: f 

giiU ^' 

' y 

Kevin P. Finger 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 



Norfolk, Virginia 


Air Force 

Roxanne M. Franck 


Poquoson, Virginia 


Air Force 

Cadet Newspaper 

Trap and Skeet Club 

Cadre, Triathlon Club, Marathon Club, Ranger 


Mom & Dad - I'm putting this in the yearbook so you 
don't get mad at me 

HL & Joey - Keep staying out of trouble 

Nick (MBR), Mike, & Dan - Dont tell anybody what 
we did. 

Dori - Youd better still be around to read this in ten 


To my parents and family, thank you for all the weekend trips up to 
Lexington, the tail gates, cookies, and packages along with all your sup- 
port that keep me going during my four years in Lex-Vegas. Caroline and 
Sarah, the best keydet cheerleaders ever! Gaudia, you became our room 
mascot, you put up with a lot and made every Hop a lot of fun and for 
that thank you. Mom and Tom you made so many trips and 1 cant thank 
you enough. Dad without you as a role model I wouldn't be who or where 
I am today thank you. To my sisters you are both my biggest fans and 
make me very proud with every thing you all do weather making smiles 
or making the two things that give our family the most smiles. You two 
are the best sisters and extra mothers 1 could have. Jarratt your advice to 
go somewere else or drink a beer Is probably the wises 1 ever got. Brad- 
ley go and play with dead people and collect your Social security Trent, 
you were always willing to show off your ranger panties and thighs 
especially to Claudia. Matt 1 never thought Id see you on the Gim, way to 
go and always remember our first meeting and where we found your dip. 
Kyle you will always be the lovable fat 1 to me, who runs in to everything 
In the room. Black hearts for life. Krumm and Jue, I'm proud to know 1 
helped to corrupt you. Carter thanks for finding my hat and getting me 
a new hay the hard way. Roxy, you were the besi room mom a keydet 
could ask for and never forget "she looked so cute yelling UP! Down!" my 
rat. To 122 "promiscuous girl" awaits so go do great things. To our rats 1 
hope we helped you all along your road. To my brothers who came before 
me Todd 90' and Michael 9V way to make it a family tradition for me 
Michael, you helped me with my time here perhaps more than anyone I 
hope 1 made you proud and your late nights taking the time to drive me 
back and walk me to the forth stoop that first year meant so much to 
me thank you and sorry you got that speeding ticket on your way home. 

here for us. And sometimes w 
the world sends our way, that ii 
and to reach for our goals... ne 

We live in a world thai sometimes lacks understanding and forgiveness. 
There are times when nothing seems to make sense, and times when it 
never will. Sometimes the most we can hope for is an inner patience... 
knowing that the winds of change will eventually send a fresh new breeze 
into our lives. Sometimes the most we can hope for is someone who 
understands. . . who touches us and tells us without need for touching or 
words that it will be okay, and we know that It will be because they are 

B just need to remember no matter what 
is so Important to go after our dreams, 

ver tbrgetting that, with every smile and 
effort and hope, we'll get a little closer... every day. -Collin McCary 
Thank you Corle, Ateala, and Ava for bringing the love and laughter 
into the room ever since Rat year. Ateala, you are the most loyal friend 
someone could ever have and Julie. Bess, and Audrle are lucky to have 
you as their roommate next year because I've loved every year with 
you. Ava and Corie, I wish you courage and strength as you lake on 
the responsibility of being Officers in the Marine Corps. 1 love each and 
every one of you. You are the best friends who understood each day 
spent at VMl and gave me the encouraging words when 1 needed them. 
Mitch, it is difficult to explain how thankful 1 am for your 
friendship. You are a wonderful friend who provided hon- 
esty and an incredible amount of support. 1 respect and cher- 
ish you for your character and your determination and 1 wish 
you the best of luck In the Marine Corps. We made a great team! 
Matty Trent, Chris, Kyle, and Bradley you boys were my 
second set of roommates and my family. I love each and 
every one of you. And remember... always tbllow your heart. 

DYKE 2006: Gregory G. Quillen 
RAT 2012: HL Temoney 

DYKE 2006: Christopher M. StoUe 
RAT 2012: Franklin Banegas 

DYKE 2006: Amber Blain 

RAT 2012: lasmlne Harriston. Christina Gonlarslii 


^M'^ ^^1 



.• . ^ 

Conor B. Franklin 

Gainesville, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

ASME Officer 


We all realize at sonne point how vast the world is and the never 
ending challenges that will face you on your journey through life. 
VMI has prepared me for that by putting my Brother Rats and i 
through struggles and challenges that most people would resist and 
probably fall. My cadetship has shown me that there is a way to get 
past anything if the right focus and determination is applied to that 
which is important and move towards it. We must take all things in 
stride, find the right path, and stay straight. Things that were once 
the dreams of my childhood are now reality. These dreams would 
not have come to be without the determination that VMI forces you 
to take into everything you do. We have put up with so much to be 
cadets here, we have suffered dally from hardships and nuisances of 
what is called a "Spartan lifestyle' often questioning the reason we 
don't just leave and be done with it. After all. this the place is where 
20 minutes late to class costs you five hours of marching circles In 
front of barracks and weeks of enjoying the Inside of post. Somehow 
that makes sense right? Thankfully together we continue to fight 
and finish the mission to graduate because we ultimately know that 
these struggles we overcome at VMI prepare us for the larger, more 
demanding world outside the walls of barracks. I thank God, my dykes 
Ryan, Chris and Jeff, my family, friends and Brother Rats for being 
the role models and support that 1 needed. To my rats Connor and 
Ed. have fun with life and remember your time here and what it has 
done for you! Lastly thanks for being chill Cold steel! Love you guys. 


Richard T. Frantz Jr. 


Kingwood, Texas 


Air Force 

Rat Challenge High Ropes, CCS 

What more can l say about 4 years of boredom and suck that. Ironi- 
cally turned out to be worth It in the end. Here are some shout-outs 
to some of my favorite Keydets and a few honorable mentions. 
Roommates first. Dan, Ryan, and Robbie, you guys are by far the 
weirdest, most random, and goofiest people 1 have ever encoun- 
tered. Ffom doing pull-ups on the wail lockers, to "love-on' victims, 
to the myriad of sounds that comes from everyones desk on any 
given night... well lets iusi say that might not ever happen again. 
Dan. don't over exert yourself, and be sure and keep dodging and 
weaving out of the way of those grenades. Ryan, two words, red 
Gatorade. Robbie, no that guy with the PPG was not joking you. 
To my rats. 1 think we both thought the same thing that first night 
on Meet Your Dyke Night... what the hell did I gel myself Into, itfe 
been quite an interesting year to say the least, and white it took ya'll 
a little time to learn and figure things out. you got it down pretty 
well. Spencer, keep movin' those eyebrows man, you'll be a ladles 
man in no time. )-Mac... you have by far the most energy of anyone 
I have ever seen. Watch out for that bush near Cameron Hall, It'll 
get ya. Good luck to both of you in the next 3 years, its going to be 
a long haul, but if you play your cards right it 11 pay off big time. 
Last but not least, to my family Mom and Dad, words cannot explain 
how appreciative 1 am of you both giving me this opportunity. You 
two have been so supportive of me throughout my life thus far, espe- 
cially the past 4 years. Katie, you have helped me through endless 
conversations and issues with girl problems that VMI does nothing but 
magnify. Thanks for that clutch support among many other things, 
Mimi. every time I've returned home for a break, you don't miss a 
beat and just give me a smile and a high five. Keep on humming sis. 

Alexander Friedland 

Woodbridge, New Jersey 


Air Force 

11 ■ 

-, r\\-^^. 


DYKE 2006: Ryan H. Rogers 
RAT 2012: Conner Downs 

DYKE 2006: Glenn B. Hammond U 

RAT 2012: Spencer Fuller, lake Macintyre 




William R. Frizzell 


Greensboro, North Carolina 



Ira A. Gallagher 

Poquoson, Virginia 



Richard B. Gammon 

"Dick': "Rick'; "Rich" 
Richmond, Virginia 
^ Psychology 

Pipe Band/ Competition Pipe Band 

Endurance Club, life guard CIC, Cadre, Triatlilon 
Club CIC, Marathon Club, Ski Team, Pipe band 
Drum Major 

PsychologY club, Virginia historical society. 
Ranger challenge. Rat challenge, 9th corporal. 
Master sergeant. Executive officer, VGU 

1 would like to thank God, my family my fian- 
cee, my friends, dykes, and rats for support- 
ing me throughout my VMl experience. 1 never 
would have accomplished what I have without 
them all constantly encouraging and helping me. 


1 came to VMl with a set of goals and a handful of 
priorities. One by one my goals have been withered 
away by an unfortunante series of events and stupid 
mistake, only to be replaced by friendships and unfor- 
gettable memories. The handful of priorities has 
changed drastically, and I have begun to realize that 
life goes on. These last four years have flown by, cer- 
tain Individuals have helped to expedite the time, and 
some events seem to slow it down. People have come 
to know me as a triathlete, an image that 1 owe to 
one of my dykes making me compete in my first race. 
1 have had some of my most memorable moments 
competeing for VMl on the national level. To the Corps 
that remains behind us when we go: don't forget to 
have fun, VMl isn't life, life sucks so much more. 

^^"^ \ 


Arter living with Richard Branch Gammon for four years one thing Is 
clear. It takes a lot to fluster or upset him. Any party Rich is the first 
one to start and the last one to go to bed, and then he Is the first up 
and started again In the morning. I remember our freshman room- 
mates thought he was drowning In fun until I rolled him over the trash 
can. During rat boxing 1 remember having to box with someone for 
an extra credit bought. Rich let me get a few good licks in to secure 
my grade, and then he proceeded to whoop my butt. Branch RGlzzle, 
I think this says It all, "You sound like you're from London: Best of 
luck to you my friend and thanks for being there for me when I needed 
your help, you are always going to be regarded as family to mel 
Richard Gammon might be the only person 1 have ever known lo call every- 
one by their last name, besides me. Rich Is just a down to earth guy that 
wouldn't thlnktwiceaboutgivinghtsshirtoffhlsbacktoyoulfyouneededit. 
iTo my friends! When we took at this writing down the road what 
memories will be brought up? Should I mention our bars or our "frat" 
house? Should I tell the stories of countless memories that we shared 
together? Well, I feel this Is not needed. What I want to remember from 
this place I will never forget and what 1 don't doesn't need to be writ- 
ten. So, all I can say Is thank you. Thank you all for helping me even 
when I though 1 could do everything on my own, which could Include 
finishing a case (P Mac) or trying to make you laugh when you aren't 
yourself (lohn). Stephen, stay you, though Us not needed to be said. 
You wouldn't change for yourself Just to piss yourself off. lalme, I 
will always back you "rude boy': Matt. I'm sure we share one thing In 
common, 'How did we make It? For those who said we couldn't"; I'm 
not going to say I will miss yall because you can't miss people who 
will always be there so remember, "Take it easy and keep it sleazy' 

DYKE 2006: Jackson L. Todd 
RAT 2012: Brandon Butler 

DYKE 2006: Klrby T Smith 111 
RAT 2012: Patrick Smith, Jack Boswel 

DYKE 2006: Steven S. Souchtchenko 
RAT 2012: Matthew Brock 




Joshua M. Gerardo 


Midlothian, Virginia 



Power lifting, RDC 

1 will never forget all of the experiences that 
make up life at VMl. From the excitement 
of Matriculation, the Ratline and Breakout 
to Ring Figure Second Class year and being 
a member of the RDC First Class year. 1 
would like to thank all my Delta BRs who 
have given me more memories than anyone 
would ever care to listen to, especially my 
roommates, Jarrett Bennett, Ben Kyler and 
Daniel Stanislawski, who have kept me sane 
and listened to me rant and rave about just 
about everything for the past three years. 
VMl has given me friends 1 will never 
forget and who have become as close as 
family to me, for this 1 am forever grateful. 

DYKE 2006: Dane C. Elles 

RAT 2012: lake Barton, Zachary Spain 

Holly A. Glacolone 

'gee-a-cologne'; 'giice-alone" 

Auburn, New York 



S5 Staff Regimental, CEA Representatives, Glee 
Club, Cadet Assistant, College Republicans VMl 
Track and Field, International Club, Beta Beta Beta 
Honor Society 

I realize that my words here will far exceed my lifetime. Yet, the major- 
ity of those who will read this will be people who have known me and 
may benefit from my experience here, 1 have spent the past three years 
here in an undulating relationship between love and hate. Through 
this place 1 have learned to hate inefficiency mundane and seemingly 
meaningless tasKs, people who dont care about those they work with, 
and jumping through hoops to come to what seems should have been a 
reasonable conclusion all along. It is because of VMl that 1 now look for 
the most efficient way find meaning in tasks, care for those that 1 work 
with, and to love my friends. At the conclusion of four years here, 1 can 
sum all of what I have learned both good and bad Into one concept: VMl 
challenges you academically, physically working with other people, and 
requires you to manage your time, if it were easier, it wouldn't produce 
the VMl character that we believe makes a VMl graduate a success. To 
my friends, from all classes, who have put a smile on my face day after 
day in the adversity of VMl, 1 will miss your ever present support. You 
have been a light at the end of the tunnel and it is you who have made 
this place worthwhile. To my roommates... my sisters; You have pulled 
me up the bad days and made my good days even better. You have 
showed me immense generosity caring, and love, and in many ways 
you have been my family for these past four years. Whether you played 
devils advocate to show me another perspective, shared my sentiments 
about growing up in the sticks, gave me a new perspective on house 
wives, provided unrelenting candldness, or poured over biology text- 
books with me until morning. .. I have grown to love you and all that you 
have taught me. You will eternally remain some of my closest friends. 
Lastly, to those who have yet to complete their time here always remem- 
ber "The only way out. is through." 

DYKE 2006: jamaila Barrantes 
RAT 2012: Monica Bennett 

Jeremy L. Glbbs 

Hampton, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

Club Basketball, Glee Club, Jazz Band 




DYKE 2006: Sean R Moran 
RAT 2012: Andy Ruan 

5 «5~S 

.^ J 

^il^ L^^ 



Matthew L. Gift 

Centreville. Virginia 

Economics and Business 

Air Force 

MarkE. Gllebe 

"Gliebeezy" Xleebs" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Economics and Business 


Matthew J. Glomb 

XLOMB: Xlum-drops" 

Richmond, Virginia 


Air Force 

Chairman - Cadet Investment Group 

1 never thought I would say this but, where have the past four years 
gone, time has truly flown by. 1 have made some of the greatest friends 
of my life, who have been there for me through all the highs and lows 
VMl has to offer. 1 could never have done this without all the support 
from my mom and dad. I will consider myself lucky if 1 can become half 
the parents you are, so I thank you. Kitch you have done extremely well 
this year keep working hard, and as my dyke told me you will be done 
before you know it. To my roommates of club 142 what a trip we have 
had. Ihave truly had some of the best timesof my life with you boys. I 
wish you boys all the success in the world and remember the sky is the 
limit. There is only one more thing to say: thank God I am outta here! 
I have had the privilege of knowing Matthew Gift since the first grade. 
We have had a lot of good times. Matts hard work and dedication 
showed every day. His journey started with people telling him he could 
not get into VMl. but he pursued his goal and ended up not iust here, but 
here on the deans list and chairman of the well respected Cadet Invest- 
ment Group. Everyone who knows Matt knows that he will be successful 
in all of his future endeavors. Matt... never lose your work ethic. - John 
Collier Matthew has been my roommate since August 28th 2005. To say 
that I have simply enjoyed my time with him would be an underestima- 
tion. Matthew and his family have been so generous and kind to me 
over the years. I have learned a lot about him and proud to say that his 
heart is in the right place. Everyone who knows Matthew understands 
why his humor and charm is so infectious. You have made me a better 
person mate and I will never forget you.- Jamie Fernandes Matt Gift is one 
person, without a doubt, that I have to say I have had some ridiculous 
times with. Das Boot, nights at the house, hitting up the bars, are only 
a few moments that 1 have spent with Matt Gift. Matt, good luck in the 
future, keep working hard. A YD MATT GIFT... WHAT UPPP Pmack 

DYKE 2006: William C. Collier 
RAT 2012: Chris Kitchen 


Ice Hockey (Captain 4,3) 2,1; Newman Club 4.3,2.1; 
Ring Figure Dinner CIC 

Matriculation day with Edwin. Sunsets w/ Jed. Letter writing. ""Whats 
up dog?' Blechman shananigans. Jesse Ventura. Adam Stewartisms. 
"Copperline and You're Beautiful.' Partying in Mikeys room. Christmas 
break 05-Ob. Knocking in doors w/ Jose. Grab 'N run at ECU. Swim- 
ming at UNCW. Roadtrip to Tech. "Hey Joe. listen here ' 06 and 

07 hockey players - most ridiculous people ever. HSBs. Westhouse. 
S14. Canningisms. Rm 144 Dude Love.Radford quadfesl. HSC greek 
week. Hockey hotel parties. 323 dances parties, rumbles and videos. 07 
Boxing Match. Adventures to JMU. Winthrop game 07. VMl soulfa boy. 
Halloween at UNCW 07. "Alicia Keys - Diaries. No Oner "Treat 6m like 
dirt, they'll stick to you like mud." Midwinter 08 w/ Ben and Joe. Crazy 
nights at UVA. Ring Figure 09 - before sat parade, tour bus, destroying 
ice luges, skulls shirts. 'No Homo.* Quisqueya. loses smoking binge. 
Charlotte hole-in-the-wall bar. Annapolis Trip. Spring FTX from Hell. 
Nights at BE Preakness 08. Bama Jam 08. Charleston 08. Friday Cheers. 
Barred from GW. Innsbrook afterhours. "Fbreva, eva?' Creepers. Jimmy 
Buffet 08. Corey Smith 08. Louisville trip 08. Citadel win 08. Sisco 
and Isabelle. IMU vs. Montana. . Peter Pan Halloween 08. Trip to Philly 
'lose, the childlock.' Beach bars in Wilmington. Spring Break 07 road- 
trip up 1-81. Gunshots in Yorktown. Fateful night at W&M. Ty Woods 
house. Laguna Beach. Italy 07 VA beach trips 07 and 08. All BRHC 
07-08. "I went to the Bahamas over breakr The Green Machine. 'Girls 
will always disappoint, but alcohol never will.' To my parents - Thank 
you for your continued support through my early adult years and allow- 
ing me to pursue my goals and dreams. Emily - Thanks for being a 
great younger sister. I hope I have been a good role model for you. I 
love you guys dearly. 323. 223, 161 (Dennis, Edwin. Joe and lose) Rats 

- Itfe been a pleasure, make us proud and stay in touch. To everyone else 

- in the words of Corey Smith, 'If 1 could do it again, 1 do it the same, 
not one regret wouldnt change a thing; - Be easy, from Gliebeezy. 

DYKE 2006: Justin H. Woulfe 
RAT 2012: Dallas Disbro, Terrell Lynch 

Little John CIC '09; American Chemical Society; 
Special Actions Detactiment; Racquetball Club ; 
Theatre Tech. Crew, CQRB 4-Square Club, BSU; 
Sweet Fade of the month, 8th Corporal {3rd string), 
2nd Pit. Lt. 

Many a good night was had breaking some rule, doing something dumb, 
iust having fun. or the strange and dangerous in the lab... Even the nights 
in watching movies were memorable. It will be a big change not having 
everyone here around for support, laughter, insults, and jokes. I have 
changed a lot since matriculation, been through some very rough times, 
and some great times, but leaving with a smile and a better person. 
To my friends: Thanks for everything you have done for me. You 
had to put up with a lot of my superfluously secretive moments, the 
drunken nights, and me just quietly being present. And no, I still 
won't tell you how I got nor did those things. No Intel briefs either. 
Roommates: We've definitely been through some crazy stuff together. 
All of those nights at the bar and elsewhere were aptly spent. I don't 
think anything will live up to our big screen either. Stu-pot, thanks 
for everything, you've done more than you know for me. But I do 
have a feeling you will follow me around for eternity, so I will see you 
later. And for the record: NO BECKY: and Red Fox is still not there. 
Rats: Don't be dumb, take out the trash, and keep in touch. Godspeed, 
The A.Cs: Oye. we've been through some crap together. These past 
four years have been interesting. Both of you have shaped me more 
than you could ever know. ILY 2; yea 1 said it. and yes even in a 
potato sack ;). I will always be here for you though. Keep in touch: 
even if I don't call you, 1 probably want to talk to you, you know me. 
Family: 1 don't even know where to start this. You all have done so much 
forme. I wouldn't be nearly the person I am if it wasn't for you. Thank 
you. 1 hope I will be able to repay you somehow. Mom. sorry about 
all the grey hairs.. .1 know I put you through hell with everyone of my 
breaths. Dad, that goes for you too, 1 know it mattered more than you let 
on: well, at least for 2 weeks. 1 wish I could say all of the things I want to, 
but theres a lot. and you know I'm not good at saying things; I love you. 

DYKE 2006: David E Mercera 
RAT 2012: Daniel Vaden 




Joshua T. Gober 

"Goober" "Joshy C" 

Chesapeake, Virginia 

Economics and Business 


Rat Challenge (Cpl. 07, Sgt. 08, LT. / CO '09) 
6th Cpl./Golf Co, 2nd Pit. Guide Sgt./Golf Co, Golf 
Guidon/Proud 1st Class Private Golf Co. Cadet 
Investment Group Sigma Beta Delta, Omega Delta 

Firstly, thank you mom and dad for the support, guid- 
ance, and love throughout my life, especially these 
past four years. 1 am the man 1 am today because of 
you both. Secondly, thank you to my sister and friends 
who are the best 1 can imagine. 1 could not have made 
it this far without you all. You mean the world to me. 
My cadetship at VMl has been an irreplaceable life 
changing, and more specifically a life defining, experi- 
ence that gets more realizable as time goes on. 1 still 
have not fully grasped all that this place has done and 
given to me, but that is one of the treasures of VMl, 
with time it will come into light. 1 appreciate VMl and 
respect all that it stands for and all the lessons it teaches 
to its cadets. Graduating is as bittersweet as it gets. 1 
will miss my Brother Rats and all the great friends 1 
have made. 1 look forward to seeing all of you again. 
To Hosey, Bish, lohn, and Ross: 1 love you guys and 
annot imagine this place without you. 1 cherish our 
riendship, all the great times we have had, and look 
brward to all the ones we will have. 1 miss you guys 
already and you know you can call me whenever, 
wherever. Until then, try not to bust too many balls. 

Nathaniel B. Goldsmith 

Ruckersville, Virginia 

international Studies and Arabic 


Triathlon 2nd class year, MMA CIC 1st Class year, 
F-troop IPL SGT, F-troop CO 2009 

1 can't believe I'm writing this already. It seems like 
this place has become so much a part of me that it is 
strange to think about never having to come back here. 
I'm ecstatic about never having to live in a room so 
tight you had to step on hays to get out, or run across 
the street for fear of being caught (even at 21 years 
old), or most of all, never again having to stand in L- 
trains office and explain why 1 broke another one of his 
rules even though 1 knew 1 would probably get caught. 
1 think you either have to really love this place deep 
downin your soul, or just be too plain stubborn to walk 
away For me it certainly has been a tug of war between 
the two, and there have been lots of times when 1 would 
have burned barracks to the ground. But really when 1 
think about all the good that has come of this "college 
experience" 1 would have it no other way. 1 do love this 
school and all that it has taught me and so many others, 
and 1 am glad to have met so many quality people 
along the way that in the end it was definitely worth it. 
1 wouldnt give up my time at VMl for anything, 
but you are crazy if you think Id ever do it again. 

Charles A. Gore 

Pulaski, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 


1 want to thank everyone who helped me through the 
process of graduating and becoming a man. My time 
here was a blessing and a curse. There were good 
times and hardships, and even though 1 hated being 
here, VMl taught me a lot. Above all, it taught me 
how to overcome adversary and challenge myself to 
become better every day. My advice to my Rats is to 
not become complacent here, or anywhere, because 
opportunities are everywhere. But if you do not act 
on them, opportunities are worthless, 1 will carry the 
knowledge I learned at the "Mother I" into the Navy 
and the rest of my life. DUDE LOVE and God Bless! 

DYKE 2006: Christopher ]. Authier DYKE 2006: Bart E Payne 
RAT 2012: Sean O'Regan RAT 2012: Kyle Reese 

DYKE 2006: Aaron Hawkins 

RAT 2012: Daniel Clynes, Dane Thornton 




Thomas D. Gottwald 

"Gotty" "Gotts" "Sasquatch" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

Adam J. GrabUl 

Belleville, Pennsylvania 

International Studies and Arabic 


V^, VMt Rifle; Mini Baja Car; Cadet Firefighter; New 
■' Market Marcher for Class of 2009; The Cadet; 
Engineering Club; Delta 

Q ; Shawn P. Graham 

"The 5 Day Keydet" 

Chester, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

NCAA soccer (2 years). Cadet Investment Group (1 

I came to VNl with a set plan for life and a desire to be challenged- It 
was the only school I applied to because it offered so much freedom 
of opportunity and seemed like the best fit; 1 felt It in my heart. 1 
thought 1 knew exactly who I was. The VMl experience has taught 
me a lot more about myself and life though: I've learned that plans 
aren't concrete- goals sometimes change and thats OK. I've learned to 
take things day-by-day and to remain dynamic. Theres a difference 
between stress and pressure; its often hard to separate the two. but 
my cadetshlp has taught me how to reason with both. I've learned 
that loves not a game and that it shouldn't be taken for granted. I've 
also learned the Importance of keeping to ones word. Overall, my 
last four years at VMl have taught me what matters in life and have 
shaped me into a better man. The lessons have been countless, but 
1 also realize that they're not over. In the end though, I couldnt have 
benefited from this experience without those who have supported 
me along the way: To those faculty and staff- thank you for always 
believing in me and pushing me to finish. To the Rifle Team- 111 never 
forget those crazy trips. Shoot straight! To my BRs and friends- keep 
"living the dream." Delta '09- I'll never forget the "family' meals at 
our Rat tables. Kyle- I'll always look up to you bud. I couldn't have 
asked for a better dyke and mentor. To the Rats of 109- you've taught 
me a lot and kept things Interesting. Remember that this Is just the 
beginning and that your dykes will always be there. Michael, Barrett, 
and Fish- you're true friends. I feel fortunate that Gods given me three 
more brothers. 

God bless you all, and God bless the Mother I. 

You can't go out backwards. You have to come forward to go back. 
Better press on.- Willy Wonka 

I never would have made it through the last four years 
if it would not have been for my Faith, my family and 
all my friends here. 1 have learned a lot here at VMl 
and it is what maizes me who 1 am today. Thank you 
everyone for all your support. I have a lot to live up to 
and I'm very glad that it& definitely time to move on. 

O^ 1i 


To my family: Mom, Kenny Dad, Brett, )R, and Michelle 
"Now you can say you are proud, thank you for every- 
thing:' To my other family: Red, KB, Fteakshow, Blzzle, 
Baunchface, Claydawg "We started In the sinks together 
and ended in the sinks together. Over the past four 
years, we have pretty much eaten every meal together 
and made a huge mess of good ole' Club Crozet, all in 
good fun, 1 will not miss the drama of the Institute, 
but 1 know 1 will miss being able to come next door 
when 1 am bored and kicking your door shut and yelling 
loud obscene things just to be obnoxious. So our time 
here is up, looks like we are just going to have to find a 
new place to reside together. WelllUlllllIll Cyyyyaaaaa!" 


DYKE 2006: Kyle A. Fricke 
RAT 2012: Joseph 1. Munno 

DYKE 2006: Gabby V Canceran 
RAT 2012: Gordon Ellison 

DYKE 2006: Timothy I Stover 
RAT 2012: Chris Baber 


David G. Grey 


Wilmington, Delaware 

International Studies 


Dennis M. Habersang 

"Hankey" "Hankeytown" 

Wallingford, Connecticut 



George L. Handler, IV 

"Greg" "Coldstone" "Shrek" 

New Kent, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 


Everything 1 have and accomplished Is a direct 
result of my family. 1 could not Imagine being 
where 1 am without them. My mom and dad have 
been unsurpassed role models while I've always 
had an open ear with my brother and sister. Thank 
you for your unconditional love and support. 


1 really have no idea what 1 should put in what amounts 
to as my first-class biography" with out being insin- 
cerely sappy or soul crushingly depressing. The idea 
that 1 have spent the 'four best years of my life" in a 
school which most of the student body hates is dis- 
turbing: the worst realization is that, excepting a select 
few, we are all immensely proud of this, as though 
being shackled to an archaic way of life is somehow 
better than the drunken bliss of my peers in other col- 
leges. Still, this belief is what has allowed me to make 
it through VMl these four years. This belief will also be 
the source of the warm fuzzy feeling that will surge 
through me as 1 once again gaze on the four sand- 
stone revival gothic walls of barracks when 1 return, 
thirty years from now, as an old, fat, drunk alumnus. 

Cadre 3 RDC 1 Football 4,3,2,1,5 

DYKE 2006: Joseph L. Gill 11 
RAT 2012: Rich Naraine 

DYKE 2006: William C. Pettit 
RAT 2012: Shane Perry 


I feel like there have been people In my life that have influenced me to 
become [he person I am. and they deserve recognition. My parents are 
the most important people in my life, and they have provided for me 
time and time again. To my dad, who drove around a minivan so his 
two kids can drive trucks back and forth two school, who has become a 
front row fan to whatever 1 have participated in, who has always been 
proud but never satisfied in what 1 have accomplished, 1 thank you. 
To my mom. who taught me how to play every sport I've ever done 
but who never actually played them, who has taught me how to live 
life with emotion, and who taught me how to trust in God and things 
will always work out for the better when we put forth our best effort. I 
thank you. To my brother, who has been the reason 1 try to be perfect, 
who is my fiercest competitor and my best companion, who has been 
there to cheer me up and calm me down, and who is the only person 
in the entire world that 1 care whether or not Ihey like me, I thank you. 
To my girlfriend, who is everything 1 am not. who has been there to 
guide me through my years at the I, and who has my heart In the palm 
of her hand, 1 thank you. To my grandpa even through VMl. who has 
played the role of best friend and mentor, and who has given me the 
perfect example of what a grandparent should be. I thank you. Young, 
Snuffln, Mims and Sculley have been the most entertaining people. Not 
only have they dealt with my crap, but they have been able to dish 
out their own on occasion, and even though I have had some quarrel 
with one of them at one time throughout my cadetship. nothing will 
ever stand between our bonds. To my dyke. Jonathan Mayhew, who 
showed me through here when I was blind, I thank you. Last but 
not least, our rats; Bailey Baird. Coughlin. Harrington. Smith. Todd, 
Walker, and Webb. You all have what it takes to succeed here; just 
walking across the stage isn't enough. Especially to Rob and Luke, you 
too will be great cadets, and some day make great dykes yourselves. 

DYKE 2006: Jonathan E. Mayhew 
RAT 2012: Robert Bailey Luke Todd 

Sara L. Hanson 

Stoneville, North Carolina 


Air Force 

Alexander ). Harms 


Madison, Wisconsin 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 


Nicholas ). Harrelson 

"Roscoe" "Rage" 

Danville, Virginia 



VMl Theatre (4 years), CCS (2 Years)-AClC, Aca- 
demic Mentor, Cross Country (1 year) Track (2 
years), VMl Foundation (3 years) 

Marathon Club, Rat Challenge House Mountain, 
CEA Rep F-Troop, Former Mess Hall Rep 

Powerlifting, Ranger Challenge, Bodybuilding 

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, nei- 
ther does bathing — thats why we recommend it dail\4' 
1 feel this is completely applicable to survival at VMl. 
It is definitely the motivation of my friends that has 
gotten me through these four years. Without the sup- 
port of certain amazing individuals, there is no way 
1 would have had the means or motivation to finish. 
Heres to Jacob, watching the entire X-Files series 3rd 
class year with me was simply fabulous. To Shawdy, 
who pushed me out of my shell even when 1 hated it. 
To my Rat, my best advice: be yourself no matter whati 
To my dyke, thanks for teaching me the essentials to 
survive such as: be independent, study abroad, and do 
not be too stubborn to ask for help if you need it. To 
VMl Theatre, which always gave me a way to express 
myself when confined to the concrete walls and uni- 
forms of the Institute. There has certainly been plenty 
of bad along the way, plenty of things 1 would never 
want to repeat, but there were always great friends 
to help pick up the pieces. That kind of bond can 
only come from the madness of VMl and those crazy 
enough to stick it out. Thanks to all of you for being 
my family and my stability through thick and thin. 

DYKE 2006: Colleen M. Logan 
RAT 2012: Elisa Martinez 

Tf you're ever stuck in some thick undergrowth. In 
your underwear, don't stop and start thinking of what 
other words have "under " in them, because that§ 
probably the first sign of jungle madness." Deep 
Thoughts by )ack Handey 


DYKE 2006: Kevin ). Sin\pson 
RAT 2012: Tyler Snow, Ryan Lee 

Brother Rats, though 1 am not departing with you in 
this last month of our cadetship, I wish you all the best 
of luck in your chosen fields. It has been an arduous 
iourney. There were many times that 1 wanted to give 
up, and many times 1 felt absolutely alone even though 
1 was surrounded by smelly, foul mouthed creatures 
such as yourselves. Yet, 1 knew I wasn't alone because 
1 had you all, my brother rats, to lift me up and carry 
me to places 1 wasn't able to go by myself. I've been 
warned that 1 will miss this place. I will miss the bugle 
calls In the morning and evening, the Commandants 
Staff dropping in for a not so friendly hello. Colonel 
Levenson delivering a pizza he swiped from my rat 
and my rats throwing out my clean laundry while 
leaving my dirty laundry hanging up in the room. 
However, 1 have another semester to "enjoy" this 
place and thats what 1 intend to do. Thank you all. 

DYKE 2006: James G. Wicker 
RAT 2012: Chris Bouldin 

Becky A.. Harris 

Crystal River, Florida 


Marine Corps 

Hamilton H. Harris 

"Das Hammer" "Hammerzeit" "Triple H" 

Roanoke, Virginia 



James M. Harvey 

"Harv-Dog" "Chuck" 

Orange, Virginia 

International Studies 

Marine Corps 

Equestrian Club, NCAA Swimming and Diving, 
Triatlilon Club, Ring Figure Committee 09; Post 
Tour Guide, Glee Club, 57 Cadet Life Captain 09' 

Rat Cadre; RDC; Club Golf: Legion of Doom: Tiger 
Echo: hopeless romantic 

Club basketball, NCMT Cadre, Semper Fi Society 


First and foremost, 1 owe an immense amount of thanks and grati- 
tude to the woman who has been there for me through it all. To a 
woman who taught me that life is full of endless opportunities and 
as longas I believe in myself I can make them come true. Mom, with- 
out you I never would have made It to where I am today. I would also 
like to thank my entire family for the numerous amounts of cards 
that were sent throughout my cadetship. Every one of them was 
greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything and 1 love all of you. 
Bother Rats what happens from here? The past four years have 
been a mixture of pain and happiness. For most of us. there have 
been more accounts of sadness, but The purpose of life is not to 
be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassion- 
ate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived 
well." Brother Rats, 1 feet that we have done at least this. Having 
graduated from this great institution we have been honorable, 
compassionate, and are going to make a difference and NOV^' it 
is our time to LIVE and UVE WELL! The Class of 2009 has left 
an unmatched mark on the institute. 1 wish you all the best of 
luck in your future. May you all have safe and successful careers. 
To the rats of Club 171. Rats, you still have a long jour- 
ney ahead of you. Be sure to never let go of the things that 
mean the most to you. Maintain the spirit, compassion, 
and integrity that you have today. Your time at the institute 
will not go without reward and most importantly remem- 
ber that I am always here for you. Good luck and Godspeed! 

If there is one thing 1 can say for certain about the 
last four years, it is that I have had the pleasure 
of getting to know many extraordinary men and 
women. Perhaps VMl never lived up to the precon- 
ceptions that many of us had before we signed the 
book, but as we collectively finish this chapter of our 
lives, we can reflect on memories and realize that 
the "1" made its mark for better or worse but hope- 
fully peace of mind can be found somewhere in the 
experience. 1 would like to thank God, my family, and 
my friends who were always in my corner through 
the countless highs and lows. A special thanks goes 
out to my brothers of room 123- Danni, Kevie, Nicki, 
and Ricki. If conventional wisdom holds true in that 
the quality of ones character can be judged by look- 
ing at ones closest associates, I can proudly say that 
1 am a far superior man than 1 alone deserve to be. 

VMl has been my home for the past four years, through the 
good times and bad it has been home, t never thought 1 would 
consider this place home, but looking back at my time here 1 
realize it was. It is where I studied, where 1 slept and where 1 
ate; but thats not what made it home to me, for me it was my 
Brother Rats. Without them this place could never have been 
home. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful for my time at The 
Institute and I have learned much in my time here. However, 
it was my BRs that made this place bearable. To all my Brother 
Rats, it has been my honor and privilege to spend these four 
years with you. Especially all my roommates over the years 
and my closest friends, particularly my ALPHA brothers, you 
made this place a home. As we prepare to go our separate 
ways. 1 will always remember the bond we shared and will 
be there for any of you if you should ever need anything. To 
my rats: Hank, Bruce. Rob. Andrew and Zach. 1 am proud to 
have had the opportunity to watch you grow through out this 
year and I look forward to hearing of the great things you will 
do in the future. 1 wish everyone here at VMl the best in your 
future endeavors, let The Institutes legacy continue to prosper 
and live on. 

Semper Fidelis and Hardcore ALPHA! 

DYKE 2006: Alana N. Parks DYKE 2006: Christopher L. Stone 

RAT 2012: lindsey Parkman, Shu-Hui He RAT 2012: Sean Romoser 

^" '^-"wF^: 

DYKE 2006: Joseph D. Amatetti 
RAT 2012: Hank Rhodenizer 


Thomas A. Hayden, )r. 


Moneta, Virginia 


Air Force 

Baseball, Hockey, Trap and Skeet "- 

Christopher M. Henderson 


Fredericksburg, Virginia 


Air Force 

Baseball Team: Fall 2005-Spring 200Q 

Adam S. Hernandez 


Leesburg, Virginia 


Air Force 

Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track 

I came to the tougtiest school in the country and the 
only place Id graduate. 1 want to thank my parents, 
friends, and my future wife Melissa. Without her 
smiling face every weekend, I wouldn't have made 
it through the week. 1 love you. Tyler, I have taught 
you everything you need to know to get through this 
place. However, I have a terrible memory so if 1 forgot 
something, don't be afraid to ask. Andy, you should be 
on that stage with me, but you took your punishment 
like a man and did the right thing. Because of that 
you have become stronger and I'm proud to have you 
as one of my best friends. Finish strong, I'll see you 
on the outside. SGM Neel, you helped me out more 
times that I can remember, even though I did salute 
you like twenty times as a rat. For your help 1 am very 
grateful, one day 1 hope I can return the favor. After 
four years of my life spent here at VMI, 1 have learned 
many things, but there is nothing that 1 can appreciate 
more than being able to say THANK GOD I'M DONE! 

DKYE 2006: Jonathan L. Wilson 
RAT 2012: Tyler Brown 

"The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert 
skies, and still defying fortunes spite; revive from the ashes 
and riser - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 
Its been an experience. At this point, I can't possibly say 
whether it was good or bad. I made life-long friends of the 
most dependable character; 1 learned life-long lessons whereas 
having attended another institution, I would not have been 
handed the opportunity to learn; 1 acquired skills and ethic 
none other than my closest loved ones and friends ever 
thought could possibly be found in me. Maybe it was good 
after all. It has not been a smooth sail by any means, but 
rather one plagued by unforeseen darkness and storm - but 
I would not have had it any other way, because it, VMI, made 
me realize the meaning to all I have done all my life - to rise 
when fallen, and persevere when all hope seems lost. 1 want 
to thank my lifetime very best friend )osh Hill (10) for always 
being the best friend anyone could ask for through all these 
years - you're irreplaceable and 1 love you; To my new-found 
best friend Jared Klainbart - 1 cannot put into words how much 
I appreciate each and every smile you put back on my face in 
troubled times; to my family, and most of all, to my mother 

- without you, this is not possible. Without you, I'm noth- 
ing. You are the reason for my success and its continuation. 
You're the very best mom a kid could dream of; and you are 
the template that shapes me into the man I persist to become 

- 1 love you more than anything in the world. Go Keydets! 

DYKE 2006: Jonathan A. HoUenbeck 

RAT 2012: Adam A. Lopez, lacob A. Morley 

To the Institute: "1 don't believe this place accurately 
represents the military... to tell you the truth 1 don't 
believe this place knows how to accurately represent 
itself -Former VMI Staff Member. 1 believe that quote 
completely sums up my views towards VMI. That being 
said, while this place did prove to be a challenging 
experience 1 am glad 1 chose not to leave because I feel 1 
did come out a better person. To my parents: Thank you 
for your constant support and encouragement during 
these past four years. When I left for VMI 1 could not 
wait to get away from home. However, these past four 
years have helped me in realizing that while the dis- 
tance between us grew, my appreciation for the both of 
you became stronger. To quote Walt Disney, "whatever 
we have accomplished has been because other people 
have helped \is~ 1 would not have been able to make it 
this far without both of your support. Thank you. To 
my roommates, the girls and friends: You made this 
place bearable. Thank you for the laughs and memo- 
ries. I hope that you all will remain in my life. To my 
dyke: You were right. To my rats: You guys made my 
final year here a memorable one. Stay with it and don't 
sign the papers. You both earned my respect. 

DYKE: 2006: Mark E. Bush 

RAT 2012: Vlnnie Gallo, Alex Stalnaker 




Taylor R. Herring 


Brenham, Texas 

International Studies 

Marine Corps 

The Institute Brass and Semper Fi Society 

As our time comes to a close here at the Mother I. we all ask ourselves 

the same question or at least close to it, 'Was U worth it?" I would like 

I to think yes that by ignoring the regular college life of fun and party- 

] Ing that the world that we have known for the past four years will pay 

off in the end. The truth is right now I don't know if it has or not, only 

time will tell. We all know what the best part of VMl is, the people. The 

friends that 1 have developed here are like brothers to me and I have 

nothing but the highest expectations for where they will go with their 

j lives. As I leave here 1 would just like to say some closing remarks to 

1 some people. First to my fiance Ashley, thank you for putting up with 

j all that is VMl. We are now members of the 1% of VMl relationships 

'. that make it and without you there for me to talk to 1 don't know what I 

would have done. To the people of Band Company you will never get all 

, the credit and thanks you deserve but you are the finest organization 

' here on post. The extra practices while the rest of the corps has CQ or 

j the constantly getting dumped on by the Commandants staff, It all may 

have been a burden but without your services, parades would be impos- 

j sibte along with many other aspects of the institute that most people 

i will never think of. It has been an honor to serve as your CO this past 

year and 1 wish you all the best of luck In whatever you may do. To my 

j roommates, you are my closest friends and without you there this place 

' would have been a much darker place. We have had more than our fair 

share of good times on and off post and I hope to have a few more. 

I Chase thank you for putting up with all of our antics. Finally to my rats 

I 1 leave you this. I picked both of you because you were In Band Com- 

'. pany and from the great nation of Texas. I have watched you develop as 

' men and as cadets and I could not be more proud. Remember to never let 

this place get to you and not take it too seriously Whether you like it or 

not this place can prepare you for your future life so use It while you can. 

To everyone, I thank you for the past four years and wish you good luck. 

DKYE 2006: Jackson L, Todd 

RAT 2012: Trevor Childers, Austin Hogan 

Gregory R- Hersh 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

History and Modern Languages 


Daniel M. Hlngley 

"Dan; "Head" 

Glen Allen, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force 


DYKE 2006: Nicholas D. Dowdle 
RAT 2012: 1 


After 4 years at this place, its hard to believe its finally conning 
to an end. To my roommates, from nights out at the Palms to the 
rugby trip to San Diego, Its been a good few years and we've made 
a lot of great memories together. It'll be weird not waking up to 
Rileys snoring, or tuning out Tunas incessant singing, or trying 
to hearing myself think over Fletcfe ridiculously loud Bostonian 
voice. I'll miss you guys, but 1 know we'll be in touch. Good luck 
with the Navy, 1 know all of you guys wilt do awesome. 
To my rats, Ryan and Andrew, and the other rats of U2, remember 
that this place is whatever you decide to make of It. These can 
be some of the best years of your life, or the worst. Don't let the 
system get you down when things don't go as expected; things 
always have a way of working themselves out. Take advantage of 
every opportunity you have here, whether Us doing cadre, playing 
rugby or studying abroad, because you won't get the chance to 
do it over again. Vou guys have been great rats, and I hope you 
are as lucky when it comes time to get your own. I was fortunate 
enough to spend two years here with my brother Sean before he 
graduated. So Sean, thanks for your great example and making 
my first year as hard as you could. It was nice knowing I had my 
big brother iust across barracks for those first couple of years. 
My time here at VMl has been invaluable; I have made some great 
friends and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but now that this long 
anticipated date is nearly here, 1 think it is safe to say that 1 have 
had my fill of VMl for a while. 

'For I consider that these current sufferings are not worthy to be 
compared with the glory which shall be revealed withinT -Romans 

DYKE 2006: Henry S. Zhang 
RAT 2012: Andrew Reavis, Ryan Aiken 



Dana ). Hlavaty 


Novi, Michigan 

International Studies 


Brldger L. Hodsden, )r. 

"Beat Box" "Bridge" 

Chesapealie, Virginia 


Air Force 

Gordon G. Holloway 

"Gordoway" "Hollowhead" "Gordo" 

Williamsburg, Virginia 



CEA Bravo Company Representative; NCMT; VMl 
Theater; Little Joiin Crew; Ttie Council 

Cadet Investment Group, NCAA Track and Field, 
Englisti Society, History Society, Timmins-Gentry 
Music Society, Big Brother/Big Sister, S-6 Corpo- 
ral, S-7 Sergeant, ist Class Private 

Rat Challenge, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Virginia Historical Society, Broski 

VNl Haiku 

This place sucks a lot 

1 should have gone somewhere else 





Are my ttioughls about VMI really able to make it into 500 words? 
I really doubt it: Kowever, I'll give it my best shot, for 1 owe it to my 
brother rats. I have a lot of words 1 could use to sum up my experi- 
ence at VMl - more bad than good, but I cannot complain. What I have 
learned here is more than 1 could have imagined. The friends 1 met here 
are better than I could have imagined. What I will take away from here 
ts greater than 1 could have Imagined. Of course there were and still are 
a lot of things I disagree with at VMl, but you have to take the good with 
the bad. Throughout my four years here at the Institute I have truly 
been challenged... 1 hate to say it and agree with VMls slogan, but Itfe 
true. For the remainder of my life 1 know I will draw from my experi- 
ences here to get me through so don't be surprised if you (brother rats 
and professors) receive a call from me. There are few places and people 
I go and meet that Impress me, but that certainly does not hold true 
with anyone connected with VMl. You all impress me. With that said, 
1 hope I live up to your standards. We will all go our different ways, but 
I know we will always stay in touch. That is what is most important 
to me. To my roommate, Austin, thank you for putting up with my 
~%% &S for four years... you and I both know 1 probably could not have 
made It without you. 1 look forward to being your friend for the rest of 
my life. And to all of my other roommates throughout the years: Trevor, 
lake, Bradley. Phil. Big Daddy, and last, but not least, Alex - Thank you 
for everything you have done. 1 hope 1 have been the same friend to 
you as you have been to me. To all of our rats: Karter, Mitch. Matt, Mac, 
and Will. 1 hope we have taught you what ts necessary to get through 
here. I know you all have it In you to do well and succeed in your own 
way. Accomplish what you should, but have FUN with it! Now, with 
all of the sentimental -$% & %$ out of the way., lets go buy a bottle 
of Listerine, wash this bad taste out of our mouth and start fresh! 

A VMl Cadet experiences things that no other human being in the world 
could ever imagine: 1 was no different as a high school student. Listening 
to the stories that my uncle and grandfather would always tell at family 
gatherings of their time in the Corps always ended in laughter, so I fig- 
ured how bad could this place possibly be? All 1 knew when 1 accepted 
my appointment to VMl was that I wanted a good education, a different 
college experience, and to make my family proud. 1 not only received 
those three things, but much more. Although 1 generally looked at this 
place with hatred, 1 have to admit that I have come out a better person. 

To my rat, Travis, slay strong. Your cadetship has )ust begun, but 
it won't be long until you are writing your 1st Gass Narrative. Make 
sure you and your brother rats carry on the legacy of 200Q and the 
tradition that VMl ts based on. Make sure you stay true to your brother 
rats and help them along. Your brother rats are friends that you will 
keep for you entire life. Keep studying and take lots of weekends. 

1 want to thank ALL of my brother rats. 1 feel like I've been through 
combat with you guys. 1 don't think there is any other school in the 
world where a student can honestly say that they have at least met 
all of their classmates. We have lived together, sweated together, 
laughed together, and been through hell and back together. There is 
no way to explain the life we live to those who haven't experienced it, 
but with my brother rats we know and we understand. We understand 
why we wake up when its still dark outside every day of the week 
except Sunday, and why we are forced to spend our Monday after- 
noons marching around in circles on the parade ground. Because we 
understand, we are there for each other, and I thank all of you for that. 

DYKE 2006: Patrick ). Heiny 
RAT 2012: Nathan Hebb 

DYKE 2006: Kyle E Madden 
RAT 2012: K. Riviera 

DYKE 2006: Richard M. Tamillow 
RAT 2012: Travis Uminski 


Chavls L. Holmes 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Economics and Business 

Air Force 

Travis W. Holmes 

"Twin; "Holmsie'; "Trav" 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Economics and Business 

Air Force 

VMl Basketball 

VMl Basketball 


■■*', V'.'^. 

Andrew M. Hosey 

Manassas, Virginia 

International Studies and Arabic 




Its hard to look back over these past four years and not 
think of my friends, my best friends who 1 will have for the 
rest of my life. There is no doubt in my mind, that if 1 did 
not have my roommates Ramsay, Gober, John and Bish, I 
don't think I would be who I am today, and I love you all for 
that. \ know we will keep in touch over the years, so there 
is no need for good-byes now. VMl has not been the most 
enjoyable experience, 1 don't think it was designed to be, but 
you have to make light of the situation here and keep your 
head up, never down. To the Court, we have seen the good 
and the bad, and we have seen the side of VMl that only a 
few can. I will walk away from here proud and privileged. 
Proud to have served with all of you, Nik. Roger. Phil, Petey 
and Joel- Merv (PDB). Trent. Carter, Kelley and Nate, and the 
AFs Ottie Gene, Mikey Bill, Jack, Chaz and Wes, I have all 
the faith in the world that the Code is safe with you and 1 
know you will continue to fight the good fight. And 1 am 
privileged to have shared my greatest experience here at 
VMl with you and 1 can't think of a better group of guys 
who are as dedicated and focused as you all. Dad. Mom and 
Boonie I love you guys more than anything in this world and 
thank you for your support and love. Dad. I will carry your 
words with me for the rest of my life, and I cherish that. 

DYKE 2006: Jonas Narbutas 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Tadas Mankevicius 
RAT 2012: Keith Gabriel 

DYKE 2006: Matthew E. Plant 
RAT 2012: Jamie Hardey 


Tory K. Hoyt 

Michael S. Huffman, II 

William M. Hyatt 

Springfield, Virginia 

International Studies 



Staunton, Virginia 



National Guard 

Sumter, South Carolina 

International Studies 

Marine Corps 

Triathlon Club 




The journey started four long years ago, and In my case it will have to 
continue for several more. A deployment overseas took me away from 
the Institute for a good deal of the time 1 should have spent with my 
brother rats, but it has also helped me to realize Just what this place 
means to me. They say you don't know a good thing till U& gone, and In 
a sense 1 experienced that during my time away. As crazy as it sounds 
to say this, 1 was glad VMI was still here for me to return to. So I cant 
write this from the perspective of "1 never would have made It if...' as 
1 still have a good distance yet to cover, but I will give credit to those 
who have helped me get this far and 1 know will see me through to the 
end of my time here. To my parents, who have always set the example 
for me to follow to an honorable life, without their wisdom, (and when 
necessary) stubbornness 1 have no Idea where Id be today; to my sister 
Rebecca and brother David who have listened to my gripes and helped 
me every way they could, a big shout out goes to my roommates and 
also my fellow veterans here at VMI. both those who deployed with me 
and those who served on separate tours; without you guys to lean on 
when things started to suck I don't know how I would have survived 
the first semester back. Echo is the best company on the hill, so I )usl 
wanted to include that to remind anyone who may be reading this. It has 
been an honor and a privilege to pass through barracks with the class of 
2009. To my rats; well, hang In there guys, I'll be around a little longer 
than the rest of your dykes so no need for farewells Just yet. You guys 
have all made me proud this year and 1 look forward to seeing you prog- 
ress through your cadetships (and hopefully not be around to see you 
progress all the way to graduation) Also Id like to thank all of my profes- 
sors, without your hard work finding ways to force Intelligence between 
my ears the ring 1 wear would mean a fraction of what it does to me. 

Over the past four years 1 have learned a lot about VMI. 
The walls of barracks, the cannons, and all the historical 
significance do not really mean as much as they are given 
credit. VMI Is a place where friendships are made and you 
find out which friendships are going to lasl. In the end It 
will not matter who was a stellar cadet or who could care 
less. To all my roommates: I could not ask for a better set of 
friends or individuals 1 know 1 could call on at anytime. You 
all helped me through the best days and the worst, from VMI 
to the beach houses in spring break. You all stood by me 
at times when you did not have to. To all my other friends 
thank you for everything you have done over the past four 
years and all of the support you have given me. lamie, 
Andy, and Karsten thank you for always listening and all 
the advice you offered. To 233 thanks for always setting the 
standard, and seeking to raise the bar. You are an amazing 
room with amazing potential. For all the rats of 122 1 hope 
we were able to provide you with enough guidance, disci- 
pline, and answers. Continue to do what is right over the next 
four years. You are going to have both high and low times, 
but you always have each other and your dykes. Do not get 
caught up in the little things. Do not worry about the latest 
rumor or gossip that is spreading. In the end just remember 
to follow your heart and It will lead you In the right direction. 

DYKE 2006: Joseph A. Rouleau 
RAT 2012: Adam Looney 

DYKE 2006: Jonathan E Everlss 
RAT 2012: Ken Cross 

DYKE 2006: Mark T. Searles 

RAT 2012: Justln McCarthy, Adrian Dominguez 



Eric D. Jackson 


Abingdon, Virginia 



Cadet Battery 



"Kip: "Skip Giblet: "Flip Jib" 

EUicott City Maryland 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force 

NCAA Lacrosse (Rat year). Club Lacrosse (3rd Class 
year). Ring Figure Committee (3rd and 2nd class 
year). Society of American Military Engineers (2nd 
and ist Class years). Mess Hall Rep Ost Gass year) 

Daniel S. Johnson 

"The Muffin Man'; "Chap'; "Sponge" 

Florence, Kentucky 

History and Arabic 


Cadet Chaplain, Glee Club Vice President, Pipe and 
Drum Team ACIC, Ultimate Frisbee, Baptist Student 
Union, Jackson Prayer Brigade, Discipleship Break- 
fast, Army Aviation Association of America 

I am leaving VMl a completely different person than 
1 was when 1 first entered the hallowed barracks. 1 
have realized that the world owes me nothing, and the 
finest things in life must be worked for. 1 have learned 
how to see through the b/s in almost any situation. 1 
have learned true friends are not easy to come by, and 
fortunately, they are just as hard to lose. 1 have learned 
how to spot a good woman who Is capable of love, and 
how to see through the ones who lack the essence of a 
fine lady. I have learned how to appreciate a fine lady 
as well. Most of all, 1 have learned who 1 am. God bless 
the cadets, faculty, and administration who served as 
examples of kind, honorable men and women, God 
bless the people who served as examples of how not 
to lead and treat people, and God bless the Mother 1. 

DYKE 2006: Phillip ). Lacey 
RAT 2012: Royce Chuang, David Yost 

Im glad its finallY over, while it was no girl next door time 
period in my life I will always remember the "incident' on the 
bus ride to Yorktown, not having a room for several weeks, 
my "AGIC from 'acrosst' the room, lohn Sauns cabin, BIsh 
and his red wine, Durtiam and ttiat bandana, trips up to 
BIG Ts especially that one lime with little t and then Mitch 
shaking the entire ride back, the run ins with daddy. Parents 
Basement FTX, winning every argument 1 ever got into. I 
always knew Taylor would make a better roommate than 
Goldsmith, I'm just sad we never had the chance to prove 
it. All of those CE shenanigans and the good times spent 
on modules... lohn Saun: it is B.S. and 1 am a leaner Gary 
and all his stupid comments throughout the entire class, 
every class. Did you get your DW this weekend? Then 
there is a "ball dance, a formal dance' and Kelly... enough 
said, Dr Jones, lighting the stoop on fire during Ring Figure 
with Chris Brown, and my sweet Cinco de Mayo parties. 
Justin: Thanks for all the help and support 3rd class year. I 
couldn't have made it through the rough times without you. 
Thanks to Mom, Dad, Ashley and Eric for sup- 
porting me through it all or at least some of it. 
To the rats (Emo, NASCAR, Ray and Sam): Have 
fun the next 3 years it'll be over soon enough, 
i heard The Boys are back in town and they were victorious! 
Goldsmith. . .Goldsmith. . . 

DYKE 2006: Lee A. Cook, HI 
RAT 2012: Bruce Leuthhold 

Warning: Objects In the windshield are closer than they appear. Four 
years ago it seemed like an elemlty until the end of the Ratline — let 
alone First Qass year and graduation. Without a doubt. St has been a 
long and hard four years— but thanks to my Brother Rats, Dykes, family 
and friends who have supported me through it ail — it has been four of 
the best years of my life. 

To My Brother Rats: Thank you for always being there for me. We have 
the bond that will never be broken. It was this bond that would not let 
me quit no matter how lough things got here. While graduation may 
bring physical separation among us, the bond of Brother Rats will keep 
us together no matter how many miles or time zones separate us. To My 
Dykes: Thank you for your support and patience with me as you helped 
me through the Ratline. I never fully appreciated just how much you did 
for me until 1 had Rats of my own. 

To My Rats: Congratulations, you've made it to the first checkpoint, but 
VMl is a marathon, and theres a whole lot of race left to run.Keep work- 
ing out for Jesus! 

IWherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud 
of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so 
easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before 
us. 'Looking unto Jesus the author and Rnlsher of our faith; who for the 
joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and 
is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. -Hebrews 12:1-2 
To My Family and Friends: 1 cannot imagine trying to make it through 
this place without your prayers and is by Godfe grace — and 
your support — that I've made it through. 

To My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: 1 know 1 have not always been the 
most obedient servant, but when 1 have strayed, you have gently cor- 
rected me and brought me back to the correct path. It has been only by 
your grace that 1 have made it through these past four years. 

DYKE 2006: Joshua N. Taylor 

RAT 2012: Daniel Knick, Jordon Anderson 

Kyle A. Johnson 

'Tat J';"K Johns'; "KY" 

Purcellville, Virginia 

International Studies and Arabic 


Christopher R. Johnston 


Glen Allen. Virginia 

Economics and Business 

Air Force 

Christopher S. Johnston 

"Big Head" 

Wheeling, West Virginia 

Economics and Business 

Air Force 

Football, Nodel Arab League, College Republicans, 
and the Big Red Club 

CIG, SBD, Body Building club 

Outdoors club, mixed martial arts club, 4th Class 
FTX Lane Walker, Guidon for Hotel 

Ufe at VMl was never easy Each and everyday I was challenged physi- 
cally mentally, and emotionally more than 1 ever thought possible. Yet, 
through this experience I have learned that every great challenge comes 
with an even greater reward. I would like to first thank God for giving 
me the opportunity to join a proud tradition of VMl graduates, and for the 
strength to persevere over the obstacles placed before me. 1 would also 
like to thank my family for all of the love and support they have given me. 
Without you 1 would not be where I am today. Last but not least, I would 
like to thank all of my friends who have made this journey with me. 
To my roommates. Trent, Matt, Bradley and Chris, you guys have made 
the last two years some of the best of my life. You guys are more than 
just my best friends but my brothers. To the S.S. boys, keep it classy. 
FVom the library to the bars, never forget all of the memories we have 
shared and the stories that we can never tell. To my football boys, 
George. Ftank, Nick, Pat. Keith, )oe. and everyone else, the past four 
years have had their ups and downs, but playing with you guys has 
made it all worth it. For four years you guys have been my family and 
1 will never forget that. Finally to Alpha Company and the rest of my 
brother rats, 1 want to thank all of you for the memories and the experi- 
ences we have shared. We are by far the best class In barracks and in 
the history of VMl. If you ever need anything. I will always be there. 
To my rats, Aaron, Cl, FVanklin, Kevin. Justin, and Adrian, always remem- 
ber who you are and what you represent. You have just begun a long 
journey, but 1 am confident that you will embrace the challenges before 
you and excel In everything you do. Never forget that you are measured 
by the adversity that you are able to endure and overcome. Never take 
a shortcut, because 1 assure you that the reward is worth the sacrifice. 
"Heres to cheating, stealing, fighting, and drinking. If you cheat, 
may it be a death; if you steal, may it be a heart; if you fight, 
may it be for your brother: and if you drink, may it be with mer 

DYKE 2006: Jonathan T. Glasscock 
RAT 2012: Aaron Trent 

Fun and VMl don't always mix, but this last year tias 
been one of the best of my life. This year, my friend- 
ship with my Brother Rats has fully matured, and 1 
began new ones with my rats. There have been a lot of 
new and interesting experiences this year and 1 am very 
grateful for it. As we inch closer to graduation, 1 realize 
that through all the pain this place has put us through, 
there have been just as many good times as there 
were bad and I will truly miss it. You really cannot get 
through this place without the help of others, and for 
that 1 would like to thank my roommates. 1 have lived 
with you guys since rat year and I loved every minute of 
it. Stephen. Leon, Ben, thank you. In addition 1 would 
like to thank my friends here at VMl, without you guys 
there would have been no point in sticking through 
here all this time. To my rats, keep your chins up and 
stick together, take any good opportunity that is pre- 
sented to you, and don't drink in Barracks. In closing, I 
hope to remain in touch with my brother rats and 1 look 
forward to seeing you all up here on our first reunion. 

DYKE 2006: William H. Maddox, 
RAT 2012: Nick Gillogly Xin Xie 


1 really cannot believt that lust a few years ago breakout, ring figure, . 
and first class year seemed like they were a life time away. I need to 
first thank my parents and family for always pushing me to work hard. ! 
i wouldn't amount to anything with out my parents and family helping ' 
me along the way The second groups of DUDES I need to thank are 
my room mates, 1 couldn't have asked for better guys to go through 
this hell with. The third group I need to thank is my friends here at ' 
VMl. Think about It, on 20 August 2005 we were all strangers. Fast j 
forward to first class year 1 can confidently say that 1 would go to hell i 
and back for any one of the guys or girls I have come to call my friends i 
here at VMl. VMl is nothing like what the brochures and open houses 
will tell you. it is the biggest contradictions 1 have ever come across. It 
is fiat out miserable at times. Who could forget the time 1 randomly I 
contracted MRSA, was forced to spend 100- hours of my life marching I 
penalty tours, or how about when 1 got a blood clot in my leg which i 
was in correctly diagnosed as a strained muscle, that went well. Most [ 
recently I broke my arm. doing something stupid, and ended up having I 
to get a metal plate surgically implanted into my arm. Throughout it j 
all 1 would say that 1 would not change where 1 am today for anything. | 
Every thing I am today is a direct result of the experiences of my life, , 
and some of the strangest memories of my life have come from this ! 
place. VMl is a place where 22 year olds cannot go out and party and 
come back half drunk 2 min before taps, stay up late drunk wrestling 
room mates, or play pranks, but who said 1 did any of that, RATS, stick 
by your friends here it is honestly the only way you will make it, il will 
make more sense when you're writing your own senior narrative. In 
the end the only way 1 would ever go through this place again is if I 
could do it with the same people I went through it with in the first 
place, but 1 know them and there is no way that would ever happen. 
Well thats all you get, Im not playing any more. I'm out. DUDE LOVE. 

DYKE 2006: John A. Anderson 
RAT 2012: Chris L Hodges 

Ian A. H. Kakumu 

Canyon Country, California 



Thanks Nother and Father for supporting me through 
these 4(- ) years of hell. ..As well, 1 express my grati- 
tude to those few true and remaining Brother Rats, 
and other classmen from '06, 07, and 08 that helped 
me travel that arduous road through this imbal- 
anced and unprincipled institution. To those that 
have supported my iourney, 1 say Godspeed in your 
future endeavors in leadership within the military or 
the business world. Remain true to your ethics, and 
your ideas of rationality, civility, and fairness. In other 
words do the opposite of what you have encountered 
and experienced at the "V Chris Eaton (My Dyke); 
conquer and over come. Return safely to your won- 
derful and faithful wife. Kyle Richardson (My rat); 
Nothing can never take away what 1 have bestowed 
upon you. Never for a minute allow anyone tell you 
that nothing is impossible, nor accept nothing less. 
Fight and press on. And carry on the Dyke tradition, 
and always remain a cadet Private for Godi sakes... 

Homo homini lupus 
Ego sum lupus 
Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 

DYKE 2006: Christopher L. Eaton 
RAT 2012: Kyle Richardson 

Alexander K. Kari 

"Karbear" "Spidermonkey" "Little Guy" 

Hopewell Junction, New York 

Civil Engineering 


Patntball, Bodybuilding, Rat Challenge, Big 

"We shall fight for the things which we have always 
carried nearest our hearts, for democracy, for the right 
of those who submit to authority to have a voice in 
their own governments, for the rights and liberties of 
small nations, for a universal dominion of right by 
such a concert of free peoples as shall bring peace and 
safety to all nations and make the world at last free. 

To such a task we can dedicate our lives and our for- 
tunes, everything that we are and everything that we 
have, with the pride of those who know that the day has 
come when America is privileged to spend her blood 
and her might for the principles that gave her birth and 
happiness and the peace which she has treasured. God 
helpingher, shecandonoother' -Woodrow Wilson 1Q17 

Mom, Dad, family, friends and Brother Rats, 
thank you for everything. I could not have 
made it without you. I love you all very much. 

DYKE 2006: Jared B. Sheets 
RAT 2012: 

, Walter Lee Vanaman 


"Erik the Red" "The Enforcer" 

Shelton, Connecticut 



1st, 2nd, 3rd Corporal, Guide Sergeant, Platoon 
LT, Ranger Challenge, PsychologY Club, Virginia 
Historical Society CQRB 4 Square, Cannon Crew 
2008-2009, The Council 

To my roommates: Without you guys it would have been unbearable. 
Steve. mr.moviequoIeswithyourunexplalnableabtlStytodrop knowledge 

on the entire Holy Grail movie. Matt, really didn't know what you were 
doing on your computer, hacking Into mainframes and all. DOOM Virus. 
Tom aka Action Tom, If you cant do it. nobody can. Thanks for being 
ihere for me and helping to push me through the tough last semester, and 
especially putting up with me. However we all had a good time together. 
To my friends: Tom, Matt. Steve. Chris, lustln. Dana, and )T Just to name 

few. A simple thank you would not suffice. United in our rebellious 
acts throughout the years you have been the best friends one could 
ask for, and I wouldn't trade you for anyone else. As we stood our 
ground against the group they call SAD, laden down with all of their 
tactical gear, but we met them in battle nonetheless emerging victori- 
ous over their limitless numbers. Herefe to our oath to ban and eventu- 
ally annihilate the evil power known as the Palms and to the rise of 
McCoyfe as the ultimate power in the universe. I will truly miss you all. 
To my Rats: What you learn here will serve you well In the future, 
the bonds you make will last an eternity get to know your brother 
rals; you'll never know when they will be gone, and enjoy VMl while 
you can; you will find lt& more than you thought It was. Never give 
up. You wilt always be closest to success when you most want to quit. 
To my family, the most Influential: Mom, Dad, Sarah, and 
Heidi, I couldn't have done It without your support; you have 
been with me through the process from the very beginning. 1 
cannot describe to you how much 1 appreciate you standing 
next to me through all these years. 1 love you all very much. 
Good luck to everyone, wherever life may take you. 

1 think it better lo do right, even if we suffer in so doing, than to 
incur the reproach of our consciences and posterity. -Robert E. Lee 

DYKE 2006: Jeffrey J. Butwell, Jr. 
RAT 2012: Forrest Miller 

Alan W Keith 


Portsmouth, Virginia 


Marine Corps 

Austin C. Keller 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

Rhys A. Keller 

^f^^^ Gainesville, Virginia 
Civil Engineering 
Air Force 

Emergency Response Team, Rat Challenge, New 
Cadet Nilitary Training, Bulldog, Post Hospital 
Shuttle Staff, 80 mile New Market Narch. 

Club Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Big Brother, Post 
Tour Guide, Engineering Club 

Alpha Company Platoon Lieutenant 08-09, Body 
Building Club ACIC 07-08, Cadet Investment Group 
Fall 06 

In the four years I have spent at this illustrious institute 1 have 
accomplished other things than taking care of feet. I made many 
lifelong friends. On the fourth stoop in room 408 "The Ocho'; then 
the third stoop in "The Three Thirty-Four Express" vyhere Mike 
Robertson, Ian Kakumu, Conor R-anklin, and I decided on getting 
additional roommates, specifically a hedgehog named Ron and a 
beta fish called Naster. R-om there Steve Lloyd joined us on the 
second stoop in "The Two Thirty-Four Connection' and brought 
a new level of dysfunction lo our lives. Without the tutelage of 
Steve I would have never learned how to run the block. I would 
also have been able live as a free man for more of my second class 
year because 1 never would have gotten in trouble. Unfortunately 
there was just two much awesomeness in that room and we split 
up. except for Ron, he and 1 stuck together. I arrived in "The One 
Sixteen Emporium' the same room my dykes lived in. 1 sat in my 
dykes old desk and slept in his old rack. Joining me for the final year 
was Dennis "Hankeytown" Habersang. lacob Ammon, and Charles 
Wickersham, my co-dyke who also slept and worked in the same 
space as his dyke. Sadly we lost our good friend Master to old age 
during first class year. Ron remained a bastion of hope and pros- 
perity to the rest of the class though. All the adventures and fun 
1 have had at this prison of a college are due to the friends 1 made. 
The greatest thing I will take away from VMl is not the ability to 
make fun of people, act inappropriate and crude in public, or hide 
my breaking as many rules as possible. The thing I will remem- 
ber and love this place the most for is my Brother Rats. To all my 
BRs, thanks for the good times and thank God we're out of here. 

DYKE 2006: loseph W Brown 111 
RAT 2012: 

To be or not to be that Is the question. Or after enduring four 
years of VMl Ihe real question is why did I come here? Often 
while waking up every day at 06:45 or marching aimlessly 
around the front side of barracks for no reason, 1 would ask 
myself what am 1 doing here. College for 999% of the American 
population is a time of freedom, creative thought, and social- 
izing, while for many of us here its quite the opposite. VMl 
offers a narrow minded education enforced by a strict code 
of rules that constantly contradict themselves. Itfe a giant 
Catch 22. You sleep on a hay, get boned, and have a dyke. 
Life is far from Hollywoods view of college. There are no toga 
parlies only sweat parties, and the food well its definitely a 
mess. However, with every bad there must be some good and 
with VMl that is very true. My roommates Bridger and Alex, I 
couldn't have asked for better friends and 1 wish you both the 
best in your time after VMl. You both deserve it and make sure 
you guys keep in touch. My rats Will and Mac good luck with 
the rest of yo^ir cadetship and never lose sight of graduation. 
Both of you have been excellent rats and 1 wish you the best 
of luck. To Big Daddy Walmstey I hope you can make It back 
to VMl and graduate. These last few semesters haven't been 
the same without you. So finally, as 1 walk through Jackson 
arch for the last time 1 can only hope this great challenge truly 
becomes a lifetime reward. If not, I would please like a refund. 

DYKE 2006: Narc L. Antonelli 
RAT 2012: Will Smith, Nac Christian 

1 was born In Linden, Virginia in 1087 to Andrea and Karl Keller at home 
with the help of a midwife. We soon moved lo Gainesville, Virginia 
where my sister Pelra and her husband Ellas currently live. My brother. 
Thane 07; commissioned Into the Army upon graduation from VMl 
and Is currently serving our country In Iraq. His wife Sarah lives at 
ttielr home tn Wahiawa, HI and can't wait for his return. 1 love them to 
death and wouldn't be where I am today If it wasn't for them. I loved 
building things with my hands and using my Imagination growing 
up. l remember sitting for hours outside building fortresses for ants 
with dirt and construction paper while 1 was little. In High School I 
became heavily involved with computers and spent my days building 
websites and learning various drawing and programming applications. 
1 was fortunate enough to be able to take helicopter pilot lessons for 
roughly a year while I was a junior. Flying was an amazing experi- 
ence that I can only hope to pursue again tn the future. Following 
my brother and father in suit, 1 got my motorcycle license and enjoyed 
many near-death experiences. Having a father that took summer 
classes at VMl and a brother as a current cadet, I knew the type of 
person VMl would help me become through the many hardships and 
spartan conditions. With no possibility of majoring In Architecture, 
I decided on Civil & Environmental Engineering CE.E.). 1 met with 
the current CE.E. department head. Colonel Buckner, who gave me 
better insight into the curriculum and lifestyle 1 was about to undergo. 
Truth be told, I had absolutely no Idea what 1 was getting 
myself Into! The ratline was an Intense regimen of disci- 
pline, authority, caveman style living conditions, and all too 
frequent pushups. However, my dyke John was an excellent source 
of knowledge and I hold the utmost respect for him to this day. 
Most importantly, l thank Jesus Christ for blessing my life so much. 
I've always had more than enough and too tittle to complain about. 

DYKE 2006: John T. Fox 

RAT 2012: Mark Schumacher, Paul Lingamfelter 

Alexander G. B. Kelley 

"Butters'; "KO Kelley" 

Mobile, Alabama 

Mechanical Engineering 


Joshua C. Kenny 


Prince Frederick, Maryland 


Air Force 

Shane H. Keys 

Cocoa. Florida 


DUDE LOVE (Hollywood Hotel), 2nd CPL, NSGT, 
1st PUT, Honor Court Vice President, Triathlon Club, 
Competitive Boxing, Some Engineering Societies, 
National Honor Society 

I First, THANK YOU to everybodY else who has been there for me and 
I helped me make it through here. Foremost to God, He has given me 
' the strength to press on through all difficult times; A special thanks 
I to my Mom, 1 love you, you have given the best advice and wisdom 
I that 1 would be lost without: Dad; Drew; Carson: Sarah; Charlie; Grand- 
I mommy; DeeDee, Papa . Meme, and everybody else. Thank you! The 
i INSITUTE. It is hard to write just the right words to describe my four 
' years here. But in a way that is the beauty of this school, only those 
* that graduate truly know what it means to wear the ring. This place is 
i truly remarkable, whether you want to believe it or not. It takes Imma- 
I ture high school seniors and transforms them into something great. 
' Citizen Soldiers. 1 truly believe that after our 4 years here we are ready 

to take on the world. To the guys on the COURT, it has been a pleasure. 

CADRE is an experience 1 will never forget. Coming back two weeks 
, early from Summer FUrlough every year for HELL WEEK was always 

worth it, I always loved it. To ail you Master Sergeants, enjoy it while 

you can. you have the best rank in the Corps. To MY RATS, study hard. 

and embrace ever>'thing your Dykes have taught you. Yall have done 

a great job, continue to do so. Don't let a second of this place pass you 
, by or you will spend your whole life trying to get it back. Lastly 1 owe 
I the biggest Thanks and Memories to MY FRIENDS, MY BROTHERS. 1 
.1 will not say goodbye because I know we will see each other again. 

And don't have to name you all because you know who you are. I do 
] need to say I could have NEVER made it through this place without 
I you guys. I cant even start to mention all of the crazy and wild times 
' we have had together, from driving to Goshen 3rd Gass year to going 

■ to Cancun together for our last Spring Break, 1 will never forget those 

■ memories or you guys. Our Friendships are what has made this place 
so special to me. You are all first class Gents. Thank you for being 
sucti great friends. 

DYKE 2006: Phillip O. Lundberg 
RAT 2012: Anderson Caldwell 

There were numerous periods during my stay at the T when I simpiy 
wanted to give up. 1 think the school can drive you toward such a 
mentality. I couki not have confronted the challenges without my most 
immediate family: my close BRs. These friendships go beyond shared 
experiences, though some are worth mention: summers at Nare house, 
spring FTX at the Greenbrier partying with the Buss family in Holly- 
wood, gravity- lounging, sleep^' Hungarians, listening parties, library 
rubber-band wars, band-room jam sessions, grandma CapuozzcB 
afternoon gnocchi. smuggling Dewars onboard, the Monday morning 
of ring-figure week. Oxford pub crawls, bitty-wars, club New Science, 
playing Yacball' with the rats. Thanks to all the BRs that were with 
me during those occasions. My family provided another leg of sup- 
port that kept me going through the year and expressing my thanks 
in this short narrative is hardly adequate. To mom: your goodie pack- 
ages were always appreciated, no matter how quick they were eaten. 
To pops: the talks always helped, and they still do. Finally, to my rat 
Tim: You were all excellent rats and I'm confident you'll be the same as 
cadets. Always remember whats important by the end of the day. your 
sanity, your family, the people you call friends, and the choices that lead 
you to earn a VNl diploma. For everyone else — I wish you enough. 
'I exist as I anu that is enough.' -WW Let sleep not close your 
eyes...' — Pythagoras' In the name of the best within you, do not 
sacrifice this world to those who are its worst. In the name of the 
values that keep you alive, do not let your vision of man be dis- 
torted by the ugly, the cowardly, the mindless in those that have never 
achieved his title. Do not lose your knowledge that mans proper 
estate is an upright posture. Do not let your fire go out. spark by 
irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate. Do 
not let the hero in your soui perish, in the lonely frustration for the 
life you deserved. Check your road and the nature of your battle. 

DYKE 2006: Jonathan C. Nagle 
RAT 2012: Tim Johnson 

DYKE 2006: Joel A. Burger 
RAT 2012: Dan Moerder 



W ' 

Jonathan ). Kim 

"Kim JJ", 'Lil' Kim" 

Haymarket, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 



"Mastakim", "Kim-pong", "Sleeping Panda" 

Snellville. Georgia 



Benjamin E Klmsey 


Harrisonburg, Virginia 



Club Soccer. VMl Theatre, Regimental Band, and 
BOMB Photographer. 

Ring Figure Comniittee, Bodybuilding Club 

General Committee, New Cadet Military Training, 
Company Cadre, Pre-law Society 

To my Brother Rats, I had a great 4 years here at VMl and 1 have a lot oi 
great memories being with you all. To my fellovtf Band Company Brother 
Rats, we made it through all the way to graduation. Cant believe it s 
already here. I still remember Hell week when we were all clueless and 
just plain dumb. Throughout the years we gained a lot of knowledge 
and had a lot of fun together. Definitely won't forget the time when 
we marched through the rain and wind at the Cherry Blossom festival, 
all the fun time in Florida and the bus ride back, the trip to Califor- 
nia to march in the Rose Bowl, and fun time we had at Mardi gras. 

To my fellow CE Brother Rats, we somehow manage to cut the slru^;- 
ture, go through the 'Bott line', and go through the long night work- 
ing on modules and projects at the 600 level of NEB. ! could not 
have gotten here without struggling through it all with you guys. 

To my roommates. Pat . I kept our dykes' word on being your conscience. 
It was great rooming with you for 3 years and making fun of you with 
Bryce and the Rats. 1 hope you find a great job and keep oaliving toward 
your dream. To Bryce, dermitely had a great time rooming with you for 
2 years, had some arguments but that's what we do. Well definitely 
keep in touch and hope everything goes well working with 'poop" water. 

To my rats, I had a great lime with you guys, cant believe time has 
flown by this fast: sooner youll know it you'll be getting your rings 
and have rats. To Min, hope things go well with the Army and don t 
roll down the hill of science, stick with CE. To Andy, hope things go 
well with the Air Force and keep on practicing with your guitar and 
singing, you definitely have a talent. To lames, hopefully you 11 he 
able to come back next year and finish out strong. To Stephen, you 
know the rules just follow them and don't make dumb mistakes. Hope- 
fully, you guys Keep up the Dyke traditions that our Dykes started. 

Finally, I want to thank my Lord. Jesus Christ and helping me 
through VMl and get this far. -Do Your Best and God will do the Rest' 

DYKE 2006: Brandon R. Walker 
RAT 2012: Min lung, Andrew Wong 

It has been a long and strenuous four years which I will 
never forget. Luckily, I've had the support and counsel 
from members of a company that many believe to have 
a Napoleonic complex. Nevertheless. 1 couldn't be more 
proud and 1 wouldn't have it any way. I'm going to miss 
the nights uptown, eating meals together and the regu- 
lar smolie and joke sessions. 1 was particularly lucky to 
have met great roommates my Rat year. Maintaining 
strong bonds and the comedic relief throughout our 
cadetship was not only a feat, but a blessing. To the 
Rats of 109, ya'U are the best. You never cease to make 
me smile and only wish ya'll the best in your cadet- 
ships. Never forget what we taught you, and always 
continue to strive to meet the standards' that we ve set 
for you. 1 leave ya'll with one last nugget of wisdom a 
wise cadet once told me. If you sleep 12 hours a day, 
you're only at VMl for half the time. Brother Rats, 
Class of 2009, and Delta Company 1 can't wait to see 
what the future holds for each of us. 1 know we're all 
going to be successful and 1 wish everyone the best of 
luck in whatever direction you head. Peace and love. 

DYKE 2006: Jedidiah T. Tan 
RAT 2012: Chance McConnell 

I want to take this opportunity to thank those who have helped me 
become the person I am today: To my brother David, thank you for being 
a role model and a big brother when I've needed you. No amount of life 
can make up for what we share-Ttimsey s never die". To My Father, thank 
you for always making me earn it and for the support you have given 
me. To my mother, thank you for following your passions. To Maclean, 
1 m so proud of you and Ari, youll always be my little sister, I love you 
and will always be there. To Thomas "teekers' you are more than my 
little brother, you are my friend and l thank you for your insight, imagi- 
nation and passion. To lason, Hussien, and Kevin, thank you for your 
intellect and your laughter. To )oe, we ve been through allot, look at us 
now, thanks for still being around and for your unrelenting pursuit of 
knowledge. To Stu, thank you for your support and your confidence. To 
lames Nipe, thank you for giving me the freedom to have an imagina- 
tion. To larod Conrad, thank you for being a leader. To MSG Kale, thank 
you for pushing me, challenging me, and allowing me to make mistakes. 
To the Brook and the Miller family thank you for believing in me. To My 
dyke, Mikey and Mamma Yeo, thank you for love and support. To Dave 
Radke, thank you for never failing me, never holding back, and always 
being there, you are a brother to me and I would not be here without you. 
To Brycenon. you are the best default roommate ever, thank you for your 
sense of humor and your wild and 'kooky' ways-'l wuff you too Bryce, 
I wuff you too." To Dave "Schlaser'oneday you willbegod. To Rick and 
Nick, one day the world will be yours. The rest of Delia Dogs-awa To 
Lux and lohn. thank you for your support, your drive, and your insight-l 
love you guys. To the class of 09' thank you for all that you have done 
and what you will be. 

All of you are the reason 1 am here and will be my motivation to excel 
in the future. 

DYKE 2006: Michael C. Yeo 
RAT 2012: Paul jokiel 


Jared M. Klajnbart 

Colorado Springs, Colorado 



3 years NCAA Track and Field, 1 year Club Rugby 
Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes President 

DYKE 2006: Timothy D. Greer 
RAT 2012: Pat Jackman, Bryan Reno 

Chelsie M. V. Kosecki , 

"Chels" '1 

Flemington, New Jersey - 
Biology, Chemistry 
Air Force 

VMl Bomb (3,2,1, Editor), Navigator, College Repub- 
licans, American Chemical Society, Newman Club, 
NCAA Rifle, Glee Club 

" If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" - Kalherine Hepburn. 

It has been an adventure 1 shall never forget. Ftom matriculation 
day, hell week, ring figure, and now graduation, I have made some 
pretty amazing friends through the hardships VMl throws at you. 
To first and foremost God - 1 wouldn t have made it without you. 
My parents, thank you for the prayers, the visits, and the care pack- 
ages. My dyke. Ms. Heather Marie Miras- you taught me to not only 
be a respectable cadet but you also became my best friend. I love 
you to death. Jillian- 1 will always remember your "dance." You are 
my inspiration to be a good person. You deserve the best in life. 
Thank you for all of your hugs and for your patience. Michelle - I 
will always remember our summers in Lexington. We have so much 
in common - Ftom Lacoste to "glamorous" to Eaco bell. 1 love you 
girl. Hotly- Oh dear. My northerner. I will always remember walk- 
ing into our room at 5am from studying and seeing you on your 
bed just laughing because you also know how I feel. You are such a 
determined worker. Slay that way. Mandi - 1 will always remember 
our crazy thanksgiving break we had in the city. I'm so glad we got 
to know eachother my last year here. Stay out of trouble.' Thomas 
and James ■ You two are MY BOYS. 1 love you to death. You made 
rifle trips and Sarge less painful to deal with. All my other rifle 
boys - finish out your term here and stay strong! Zoe- you come 
from an amazing dyke line. 1 couldn't be more prouder of you. You 
stuck it through like a champ. Remember what you want out of life 
and make it your goal. Don't let anything come in the way of that. 1 
better be here on May 16th, 2012 for your graduation! All the other 
rats of 140: 1 know you can make it through, lust remember what you 
came here for. All my other friends - keep in touchi Te Amo! XOXO 

DYKE 2006: Heather Marie Miras 
RAT 2012: Zoe Ramsey 

Derek J. Kosecki 

Flemington, New Jersey 



Track and Field 






DYKE 2006: David K. Bhatta 
RAT 2012: Steve Lassiter 


Nicholas M. Kriz 

"Primus", "Cap", '"V-Rap" 

Chester, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

Andrew M. Krumm 

"krummcake", "krumble" 

Greenbackville, Virginia 

Economics and Business 


Benjamin G. Kyler 

"General", "Ocho", "Cyclone", "B-Dizzle" 

Laurel Springs, New Jersey 

Mechanical Engineering 


Club Soccer, Club Basketball, Hollywood Hotel 
(Dude Love) 

Ranger Challenge, Big Brother Big Sister, Stone- 
wall Guard Drill Team 

Officer of the Guard Association, Ring Figure 
Committee, Mess Hall Committee, 8th Corporal 
3rd Platoon Guide SGT, SAME Treasurer, ASE, 

Hello. First I want to start out by thanking my family for 
getting me this far. For all four years you all have stuck 
by my side and made sure 1 made it through. If it was not 
for your un-dying love and support. 1 would never have 
gotten to where I am today. Second, I would like to thank 
God for giving me the strength and courage to keep on 
keeping on day by day. Lastly 1 would like to thank all the 
guys who have made VMl a great experience. Now that 
is out of the way we can get to the good stuff... VMl, the 
stuff that men are made out of Everyone who graduates 
from here knows what it is that VMl graduates have. . .that 
certain swagger that sets us apart from the rest. After 
getting through four years of this place 1 hold many parts 
of VMl dear to my heart, but none so much as the friends 
1 have made here over the course of my cadetshlp. The 
Barracudas are the prime example of this. You guys are 
my best friends for life (BFF) and I will never forget you 
all. Whether it was sitting around the stoops messing 
around, talking during formation, getting drunk down- 
town, partying it up, or getting down in Cancun, It has 
been quite the ride. You guys have honestly made VMl 
what it is for me and I want to thank all of you for that. 

t^Y four years here at the Institute have been trying, yet reward- 
ing. Through the support of my God, family friends, and my 
brother rats I made it through. The friends 1 have made over my 
time here, are very close to me and 1 consider them as part of my 
family. Alumni are very fond of saying that VMl is: "The worst 
place to be, but the best place to be from.' I tend to disagree with 
the first part. I have enioyed my time as a cadet. The four year 
experience as a cadet brings about a certain uniqueness that none 
of my peers In other colleges have the opportunity to experience 
nor even begin to understand. My time spent here has made 
available to me a wide variety of experiences and opportunities 
from marching in Governor Kaine's Inauguration parade and the 
more recent Presidential Inauguration as well as providing me the 
opportunities to refine skills whicti will serve me well in my career 
both in the Army and the civilian sector. The fun and excitement 
of Ring Figure and the tedious turmoil of the ratline all are lasting 
memories to me. Now that I have my own rats, 1 have grown to 
appreciate all that my dyke did for me and work he put in to help 
me succeed. As 1 leave and enter Into the Army I feel confident 
that I have the tools necessary to be successful. I take great pride 
in that fact that I am and always will be a member of the class 
of 2009. I will always hold my brother rats close to my heart. 
To future classes 1 say stay the course and never give up. Its all 
about the attitude you take toward everything. Play the game we 
call VMl, play it well and you will be very successful in your future. 

They all said that time here will fly by and before you know it you 
are a first classmen writing a 500 word personal narrative; well I can 
honestly say they were right about that. Four years summarized by 
an engineer In 500 words, this should be Interesting, i guess I will 
start with shout outs. I am definitely going to have to start with my 
Rat roommate. Stan. We have been through everything together, even 
really awkward sleeping arrangements. 1 couldn't have asked for a better 
friend and brother to go through It all with, that also Includes that awk- 
ward sleeping arrangement second class year. That brings me to my 
other roommates- I can honestly say without a doubt that I have the 
best room In barracks because of you two. Even during the times of 
larrett desperately seeking my attention for no reason at all or Josh's 
unrelenting bashing on the SWO community, 1 wouldn t have asked for 
anybody else for these past three years. To my Delta Brothers, you are 
the reason that I came back after every furlough, lust remember we 
better be doing a Bay house week In the coming summers, Dave. To 
my brother rats, this place is made better by all of you and thank you 
for all you have done. To my rats, I am proud of what you have done so 
far but there is so much more to do. This place will eat you up and spit 
you out. and it Is your brother rats that will ALWAYS be there to help 
you stand back up. Remember that. So much has happened these past 
four years from trips to DC, to those days at the Bay house, to those 
nights at Hunan's or the Palm's, to those never ending Impressions of 
our Professors late at night in NEB, to Ring Figure and the list goes on. 
Well brother rats we have one more step, one more memory left to attain 
here at the Institute and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I 
am honored and privileged to go through it with you. the Class of 2009. 

DYKE: Andrew R. Yeskie 

RAT 2012: Anderson CaldweU, Eric Russo 

DYKE 2006: Johnathan S. Kennedy 
RAT 2012: Zackary Boyce, Robert Young 

DYKE 2006: Matthew I McGonegle 

RAT 2012: Gregory Lum, Timothy Coveyou 







Carrie A. Lauderdale 

Memphis, Tennessee 



Rifle team. Glee club, theatre ' ,^ 

For you created my Inmost being; you knit me together in my mottier's 
womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made: 
your works are wonderful, \ know that full well-Psalms 139: 13-14 

Through the hardest times I have failed to realize that God has something 
great for me. Obtaining a Bachelor in Arts Is a miracle In itself I should 
have died a million different times in a million different ways, but by the 
grace of God I have been delivered , All my life I have faced hardship after 
hardship. However, God has brought me through once again. Through 
the experience of VMl 1 have determined that God purposely places me 
In tough situation because he knows that I can handle the pressure. 

Right now, I am finally seeing the plan that God has for me. I need 
to take my bad experiences and be a beacon to those who feel 
like they cannot make it. As I look ahead at the next phase of life, 
I am a bit scared. Change is never taken with a grain of salt; how- 
ever, 1 know that if I stay with the Lord I cannot go wrong. 

Looking back, VMl has not been easy but it has taught me to have 
patience no matter what the situation. Along with that, I have built a 
family of friends here that 1 would not trade for the world. You all have 
impacted my life in some way and I thank each and every person that 
took the time to be my friend. To all my friends that I have made and 
those host families that have taken me under their wing, thank you. To 
mom, 1 am sorry you had to go through so much after I left. Thank you 
for making yet another sacrifice in order for me to better myself. Words 
cannot explain how much I love you. To my roommate Lauren. HI miss 
you girl. You are going to move mountains, but in the process do not 
forget to smile. Most of all. I would thank God for my cuppycake. You 
have changed my life more than you know and I love you with all my heart. 

DYKE 2006: Jessica L. Rilton 
RAT 2012: 

Hsln-Sheng Lee 


Kaohsuing, Taiwan 

Mechanical Engineering 


International club. Engineering club 

It tias been a great experience being at VMl for four years. 
Four years ago. 1 was excited at the monient to step in 
VMl, and now 1 know 1 am even more excited to graduate 
from here, with pride, faith and honor. VMl Is a place full 
of passion and makes one a stronger person. During my 
cadetship. 1 remember 1 put so much effort into every- 
thing because 1 understand this is my best opportunity 
to become a successful person. To be honest, I sacrificed 
a lot here, but 1 believed one day 1 will appreciate this 
place, and everything 1 sacrificed is going to be worth 
more than I could've ever imagined. Like everybody else, 
1 am a young man with an imagination and big dreams. 
Before 1 came to this place, I thought those dreams were 
just dreams, but now 1 am confident in making them a 
reality, to catch opportunities, and furthermore, to create 
hope. VMl taught me to be passionate, to be ambitious 
and most Importantly, VMl made me believe in myself. 
1 thank my country Taiwan, which gave me this tremen- 
dous privilege to study at VMl. Thank you. Mom and Dad, 
you are always there for me, and all my instructors and 
friends at VMl. I would not have had such a beautiful expe- 
rience without you. At last, thank you, God, 1 believe in 
you and you always have the best things prepared for me. 

DYKE 2006: Yau-Ren Kuo 
RAT 2012: Cheng-Wei Kuo 

James M. Leenhouts 

^~"" Fairfax, Virginia 
Marine Corps 

NCAA Rifle Team 

1 look forward to the end of VMl but not without 
looking back on all the good times I've had with my 
Brother Rats. My rat roommates, co-dikes, room half- 
way-to-hell, teammates (Thomas and Chelsie), and 
Band Co. made it all worth it. It wasn't the intensely 
advanced rigors of an exceedingly demanding program 
of leadership training, time management, and ardu- 
ous physical torment that has shaped who I am today 
but the experiences I've shared with these people. 

DYKE 2006: Andrew C. Ihnen 
RAT 2012: Logan Jones 



Derrick S. Leland 

"D-Smooth", "D-Nice", "D-Lee", "D" 

Prince George, Virginia 

Economics and Business 


Football Pre-Law Society ' i J -. 

Christopher P. Lilly 

Tazewell, Virginia 

International Studies 


Charles P. Lincoln 

"Chuck", "Up-Chuck" 

Burke, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 


VMl Rugby, VMl Timber Framers (CIC 2008-2009) 

First 1 would like to tliank my parents Teresa and 
Ctiarles for ttieir unwavering support over the last 
4 years; without you, there would be no me. To my 
Grandparents Marie, CW, Shirley and Columbus, thank 
you for the love. For all of my family members who 
shared their support and wisdom, thank you. To the 
roommates of 416-Hamid, Bryce, and Josh-who helped 
me get through some tough times, thanks fellas. To 
my homeboy Mike. ..we made it through some rough 
times bro, but we're both better for it. 1 know you big- 
leagued us a lot, but we forgive you. just don't forget 
about the little people when you make it. Of course, 
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts for the home cooked meals that 
made me forget about VMl for a while. The guys who 
1 respect the most and will miss most about this 
place - Boyd T, Ant., Mike, A), Joeloe, Dennis, Jose, 
Mark, Edwin, Hamid, and lasper - Thanks boys. 
All the crazy nights in Blacksburg, Radford, Har- 
risonburg, Charlottesville, and Richmond that 1 can't 
remember, with some of the best friends 1 won't 
soon forget. Always Finish Strong ■ Perago "Validus 

To my rat, be easy. Don't drink and drive, wrap it up, 
and if you get in a fight, you must win. Take what you 
have learned from the dykes and run with it. To my 
Family (Host family included): I would not have made it 
through VMl without your unwavering support. To Mr. 
and Mrs. Cross, Walker, Grier, and Sydney, I still remem- 
ber the first day 1 met you. After church we went back 
to your house we watched the movie lack" and I fell 
asleep until dinner and cake. You have all helped me 
through so much and you were truly a blessing to me. 
To my parents, I could always feel the support. It always 
was an amazing feeling to hear you say you were proud 
of me. And to my brother rats; the food could have 
been worse, parades could have been longer, weekends 
could have been less plentiful, BRC could have been 
earlier, the dark ages could have been longer, and there 
could have been even more pointless formations. So 
all in all, the time spent at VMl wasn't horrible and 
I'm glad to have spent four great years with all of you. 

DYKE: 2006: Anthony ]. Oliver 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Isaac B. Cecil 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Bradley B. Bascope 
RAT 2012: Brandon Smith 




Gregory E. Lippiatt 

"Sir Gregory", "Lord of Lypiatt" 

York, Pennsylvania 

English and History 


Michelle E. Lukenbill 

"DaLukes", "Luke" 

Gainesville, Virginia 


Air Force 

K. Barrett Luxhoj 

Richmond, Virginia 
International Studies 


VMl Rugby Club; Hotel Ranker; Second Battalion 
Commander; VMl English Society; Sounding Brass, 
Editor-in-Chief; Philosophy Club; College Bowl Team 
Excelsior; Marathon Club VMl Theatre 

Like most cadets, my reasons for coming to VMl were very different from 
my reasons for staying. I field idealistic beliefs that VMl was an egalitar- 
ian Utopia where justice was strict but fair, and where traditions endured 
because to compromise for the sake of outside opinion. And as a Rat 1 
refused to believe otherwise, despite what my dykes or others said. Over 
my four years here, however, 1 have often run into hypocritical double 
standards upheld for those with influential family connections or those 
deemed essential to the Image of the Institute, whether on the athletic 
field or In demographical studies; allowing them to avoid the more dis- 
tasteful aspects of the cadet experience. I have seen traditions like the 
Ratline and New Market v^'atered down for the sake of political correct- 
ness. I have seen academics and club sports gel short shrift in favour 
of expansive NCAA programs. I will treasure forever the r 
bizarre experiences that were only possible within the e 
Barracks: crazy rugby trips, the Bennie Hill broom, animal calls after 
Taps, and other less printable Incidents. As eager as I am to graduate and 
move on, 1 cannot shake the anxiety I feel about not seeing my Brother 
Rats dally. The security of knowing that there are hundreds of people 
within a two-minute walk for whom I would take a bullet and who would 
take one for me is one 1 highly doubt 1 would have found anywhere else. 
1 also doubt I would elsewhere have found the ability to look at myself 
in the mirror with such frank honesty of self-assessment. If one 
chooses to engage the challenge, the loneliness and constant frus- 
tration of the Ratline serve as a wonderful crucible to learn of what 
one is made. The opportunities 1 have found in the classroom, on the 
rugby pitch, have strengthened and confirmed that exploration of self. 
Thus 1 find myself indebted to the people that made them pos- 
sible: Mello, Tammelin, and Costello. my roommates Aaron. 
Gordon. Jed. and Adam. Phil, the rugby team. Mike: It's 
been a pleasure to be your dyke. Godspeed to you all. 

DYKE 2006: Kirk M. Steiner 
RAT 2012: Michael Gwlnn 

College Republicans, Navigators, The Bomb, EMT, 
Trap and Skeet, Equestrian Club, 4 year private 

As I sit here writing this, the countdown until freedom stands at 48 
days and a wake up, or roughly 1159 hours and I can finally start to 
picture the finish line. Up until this point I have not had a single hour 
of my time wasted marching PTs tor working them off), being on con- 
finement or ever having a special that resulted in anything larger than 
3 demos. You can call this bragging but I like to think of It as the perks 
of being a four year private and staying under the radar. Four years 
have passed and with this start of this unique experience on August 
20. 2005 1 have since been surrounded by some of the most amaz- 
ing people in my life. To my roommates; Holly I love you dearly and 
each year rooming with you has brought more happiness and laugh- 
ter into my life. Mandl, I hold a slight grudge that you escaped a year 
early but the limes spent in Irvington. watching polo or being invited 
to "the gun show" will never be forgotten. Chels. the Waldorf Astoria, 
smudge dance and trips to Annapolis don't even begin to describe all 
of our amazing times and uncontrollable laughs we've had. )ill, you 
too left me early but 1 know that I will continue to see you down the 
road. To my certain someone: Shooting you in the back at palntball was 
the smartest thing I have ever done. You have continued to be there 
for me through the ups and down, this is just the beginning; stm. 
To my BRs. who picked me up when I was down and made 
the experiences worth it. you will always have a place in my 
heart. To my family for your continued support and never 
ending encouragement. 1 have always had you all to count on. 
To my dyke. Elise, 1 do not know how you tolerated me 
with you being a second class dyke but 1 am so fortu- 
nate to have been your rat. Thank you for everything. 
Sam (Joe Dirt) and the girls of 146, don't let this place get you- 
down, the end will be here sooner than you think. Remember 
to 'test your own limits and keep going". Make us proud ladles. 

DYKE 2006: Elise G. Jones 
RAT: Samantha Jones 

General Committee, Class of 2009 Vice President, 
Division 1 Men's Soccer Team, VMl Club Hockey 
Team VMl Pre-Law Society Vice President, Big 
South Athletic Conference's Student-Athlete Advi- 
sory Committee, VMTs College Republicans 

When speaking to strangers about my experience, I regard VMl 
as a place where cadets give up a lot of comfort in order to gain 
much more in the future. The latter is yet to be determined for 
me, but I am confident that the lessons I learned through the hard 
times at the Institute will prepare me for success down the road. 

I owe a lot to my peers. 1 am a firm believer that one cannot make 
it through this place on their own resolve. I wanted to thank my 
Brother Rats for the opportunity to represent them on the General 
Committee. Additionally, playing soccer at VMl ruled the majority 
of my time, but I do not know what I would do without the all the 
stories that 1 share with my BRs on the team. Jose. Greg, and Steve, 
we played hard, we played proud, and we left it all on the field. 
After squatting In the same room, down from stoop to stoop, my room- 
mates and 1 have grown from three random rats to three best friends. 
Gotts and Masta Kim, 1 thank you both for putting up with all my 
ridiculous jokes and jargon along way. You each helped me through the 
twists and turns of the Institute by finding a ways to keep me smiling. 
1 cannot express how much our friendship over the years has meant to 
me. 1 am confident that there are no other guys thai 1 could call better 
friends. lames and Cameron, I wanted to thank you both for being the 
best Rats a Dyke could have. Our time was not marked by answering 
specials, trips to the RDC, or GC send ups. Instead, we were always 
able to have a good time In the room and I tried to pass on as much of 
my knowledge possible. 1 brag about how successful each of you will be 
become in the future. I know each of you will accomplish your goals 
and you will keep the dyke line going strong. Never forget your roots. 

In the end. many consider a cadetship at VMl to be a road less trav- 
eled. If so. it is a road that does not last long. My time at the Insti- 
tute has flown by and I have made many a memory along the 
way. and with those great memories came even better friends. 

DYKE 2006: Thomas G. Upton 

RAT 2012: James Goodwillie, Cameron Murray 


Patrick A. Maloney 

Nicholas B. Matson 

Niels A. Madsen 

Silver Spring, Maryland 



NCAA Lacrosse 

Sacramento, California 


Air Force 


1 want to thank all the amazing people that helped me 
get through this long walk of life. My Mom, my Dad, 
my sisters, my teammates, my friends back home, 
the great friends 1 made here, the coaching staff, and 
everyone else who was a part of my life throughout 
these four years. Although 1 experienced some of the 
worst times here 1 also enjoyed some of the best. I 
learned lessons here that 1 never could have anywhere 
else. 1 don't know where the road will take me, but 
1 do know that it will be a spontaneous and exciting 
ride. If there were any words of inspiration that 1 
could always turn to, it was that of Steve lobs; "If 
you live everyday as if it was your last, then one day 
you'll most certainly be right". Good luck to everyone. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia 

Civil & Environmental Engineering 


Wrestling (4), Rugby (3,2,1), German Club (1), CEA 
0), PVT (4,3,2,1) 


As t am silting here at San Diego Naval Base thinking what to pos- 
sibly write, the only thoughts that really cross my mind are that 1 
should have tried to commission In the navy and that thank God 
I'm not in Lexington at the moment. VMl is quite unique, you hate 
it when you're there, but as soon as you're gone, you apparently 
love it (this might take me a few years). A lot about this system 
and the way things are run here is a big farce, but it teaches you 
how to survive and even excel when it's meant to keep you down 
and run you out. Although I wouldn't take anything to repeat the 
iast four years again, I will not trade that experience or the friends 
that 1 have made here for the world. To my rats, Sean and Nun, 
you have come leaps and bounds from where you started the year 
off. remember never to take this place seriously (except your aca- 
demics). My roommates, thanks for sticking with me through the 
times. It hasn't always been a cake walk but you all were there, lb 
the rugby team, especially my BRs on it and Coach Howe, thanks 
for keeping me sane and giving me something to look forward 
to almost every day Most importantly I would like to thank my 
family for all their support over the years (dad, now you finally get 
that pay raise). It's been a blast, but it's good to finally see the light 
at the end of the tunnel. 



DYKE 2006: Jesse E. Hills 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Nick Dowdle 
RAT 2012: Steve Hargrove 


DYKE 2006: Brian Lennon 

RAT 2012: Sean Ayres, Pattanun Chanpiwat 

Ashley R- McCabe 

"Mccabear", "Ash", "Asher" 

Bisbee, Arizona 


Marine Corps 


Akron, Ohio 


Air Force 

Ryan McCormIck 

Smithsburg, Maryland 

Civil Engineering 


German Club 

Bodybuilding Club, RAT Challenge, Special 
Actions Detachment, Mixed Martial Arts Club 

RAT Challenge, Marathon Club, Equestrian Club 

VMl and the Marines have shown me thai "if it ain't ralnin' we ain't 
Irainln',* and thai if there Is free time In your schedule that you must fill 
it with any possible thing that you can. The last four years in this place 
have been quite an experience and one that has made me a very. .differ- 
ent person. The years here have given me the opportunity to make great 
friends and 1 will never forget the experiences that have made me that 
"...different person." The bonds I have forged with the people here will 
always be with me and I will never forget the friends that 1 have made 
here. To my family I want to give thanks for all the support that 1 have 
gotten from that sector. I know that the life path that I have chosen is not 
what you all had expected but I appreciate the support I want to give 
special thanks to my Uncle, because if it weren't for him I wouldn't have 
ever made it to this place and would not be in the good place I am right 
now. I would not have ever made it as far as I have without his support. A 
'shout out' to my rat roommate, who remained my roommate through- 
out our time together. And to all my co-dykes, we had awesome times 
together, ones 1 will never forget. To all my boys in "Duuude Looove' 
Hotel, 1 don't think I would have made It if not for all the good humor and 
support y'all gave me... you know who you are. To my rat. Szu-Ning, all 
1 can say is stick In there and don't let the Institute drag you down. Make 
good friends, they will get you through it. and do what you need to do to 
get out of here on time. "Even if you are on the right track, you will get 
run over if you just sit there." The Institute is a great place to be FROM but 
at the time not a great place to BE. But you never will forget the people. 

1 guess it is the people I have met here that have impacted me 
most. For starters, my dykes taught me more about life and VMl 
than I ever could have learned on my own. They were like the big 
brothers \ never had. My rats, who helped me understand what 
my dyke said when he told me 'Having rats makes me not want to 
have children." My Mom and Dad who supported me with anything 
1 needed, and endured those 12 hour round-trip drives for three 
years. Rankers. ..who made me vividly understand what a brown 
noser truly is. Finally and most importantly my Brother RAT. My 
Brother RAT who were with me as 1 struggled with through the 
ratline, who picked me up after being crushed by the latest ex-girl- 
friend, who stumbled back drunk with me from town, who snuck 
into frat parties In cWies with me, who were with me when I got 
my ring, who laughed at me while I was marching PTs. who helped 
say happy 21st birthday to our fellow BRs in our own special way 
who had the decency to find every weak spot and insecurity 1 had 
and exploit it, who sat with me in the mess hall for hours after 
SRC talking about nothing, who played poker with me, and most 
of all, who wilt have my back no matter where I am or what I'm 
doing. 1 think what VMl is realty about is your Brother RAT. That's 
what I have learned here, that your BRs will get you through the 
shit festival that is VMl, and you will develop a bond with them 
that is stronger than you ever thought possible. A bond so strong 
that you call them your brothers, your family 1 guess 1 owe that 
to VMl, it gave me another family I guess all 1 have left to say is 
that 1 will forever hate VMl, and best of luck Danny and Donnle 
over your next three years: you've made your dykes proud. 

VMl for me has been a time where a lot of fun i 
have been made and where a lot of tough times have been 
spent too. No matter what was going on there were always 
people to help me out along my way. I would like to thank 
my Friends and Family. Without them encouraging me I doubt 
I would have made it through this place. The one thing that 
1 learned and was taught early on by my dykes was that no 
one makes it through VMl alone. 1 would especially like to 
thank Fish, my rat roommate and all my roommates over 
these past 4 years. It has been one hell of a ride and we have 
gone through a lot of stuff together but we finally made it 
through the Mother I. Good luck on all of your future plans 
and endeavors. To all of my rats, enjoy your time here and the 
friendships that you make along your way Time flies by and 
before you know it you will be the ones writing this and pre- 
paring for your own graduation. If 1 could give you any advice 
it is to keep your nose clean and fly under the radar. 1 am 
glad and thankful that the opportunities that VMl has given 
me over these last 4 years. 1 have learned a lot and also have 
learned a lot of what not to do and how to do it. As it is said 
■^'Ml is a place that it sucks to be at, but a great place to be 
from.' 1 am glad that 1 took, the hard way and not the easy way. 

DYKE 2006: Erin Grabowsky 
RAT 2012: Szu-Ning Chang 

DYKE 2006: PhiUohnson 

RAT 2012: Donnie Cox, Danny Moerder 

DYKE 2006: )oey Zyra 
RAT 2012: Andrew Yancey 



Daniel T. McCord 

"Tib Tob", "DFC", "FCC" 

Orlando, Florida 

History Modern Languages/Cult. 


Frank R. Marlnaro 

Miller Place, New York 

Economics & Business 

Marine Corps 

R. Hubbell McGeorge 

"Billy Bob", "Hub", "Mcjorge" 
Erie Pennsylvania 



Lexington Rescue Squad, VMl ERT, Virginia Army i 
National Guard f j 

1 suppose in the end ttiis place really was worth it: if 
nothing else, 1 made some great friends and did manage 
to have some fun times. Stephen - do well. That is all 


DYKE 2006: Joel Burger 
RAT 2012: Stephen Buescher 


They say it's the road less traveled and it became painfully clear as to 
why after finishing my time here at the Institute. Initially it seemed 
hke a terribly poor decision: however upon completion 1 realized that 
VMl and all it had to offer was the only true way to experience college. 
The system forces you to utilize the people you needed and tolerate the 
ones you didn't. On matriculation day 1 walked into barracks for the 
first time with a bunch of strangers. 1 walked out with brothers. EC/ 
BU: The source for my constant and often self inflicted collisions with 
southern "culture' proved to be a true learning experience. Although I 
think I've gotten all the "yall's" someone from north of the Mason Dixon 
line can handle. I managed to walk away from It all with some truly 
great friends. To my Paisans (AI, Nick, llm, Pete, Sean, Ben, losh, 
Dave and Sculley): You are what make's life here tolerable. The bad 
doesn't seem quite as bad and you have the uncanny ability to make 
something really good, well not so good anymore, but 1 suppose that's 
not necessarily a bad thing because of the 1.500 people here you few 
are the only ones that really matter. I will forever cherish the things 
you have taught me. the after dinner discussions, and the endless sar- 
casm. Thank you for everything, o my family: As most of you know 
at one point In time my road to the Institute seemed like somewhat of 
a dead end. Because of your confidence in me I was able to accomplish 
something truly remarkable and I thank you for thai. Mom and Dad 
your support, patience, sympathy and most importantly generosity 
made me realize how blessed and lucky I am. 

'You may be whatever you resolve to be" Only time will tell. 

DYKE 2006: Steven Bartozack 
RAT 2012: 

f ' 

So finally my four years at the Mother 1 have come to an 
end. I'm finding it difficult to come up with words on 
how 1 feel about VMl. Whenever we leave, we always 
talk with one another about our hatred for VMl. But at 
the end of the day, if we all hated here as much as we 
said we did, we wouldn't come back. After thinking 
about it, 1 can't really say 1 loved all of my time here, but 
1 do love VMl. 1 have learned a lot about a few things, 
but the most important thing 1 have learned is how not 
to be. 1 have put in four years, about $30 grand that 
the Army didn t pick up, and a whole lot of work. From 
VMl I will be taking my degree, a wonderful girl from 
the school next door, two lifelong friends, three great 
rats and the knowledge that I am a different and better 
person for my time here. It has been a rough road, but 
1 am honored to be able to say that 1 am from this place. 

DYKE 2006: Kyle W. Schriefer 
RAT 2012: Tyler E. Hutchens 


I Lauren E. McKinley 

' "Layla", "Kin-Kin", "Shorty Pants 

Clifton Parl^, New Yorlc 
I Chemistry 

I Navy 

Ranger Challenge 3. Equestrian Club 

Hi 1 

Patrick B. McKlnney 

"R-eakshow", "Pmacli", "Megatron" 

Big Stone Gap, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force 

VMl Football 

Ronald G. McManus, III 


Niddletown, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

Marathon Club and Big Brother/Sister 


1 have nothing to say. 

. \ -T^ry. 

DYKE 2007: Eri Kumara 
RAT 2012: Desiree Liang 

When 1 first met Patrick McKinney 1 thought to myself what bean 
stalk did this giant fall from? Alt jokes aside, it has been a true 
pleasure knowing Pal over the past few years. He is a true friend 
to the fullest extent of the word. We have had some outrageous 
times at the house and with DAS BOOT, may he rest in peace. Keep 
lifting; work hard, stay true and the sky is the limit. YO PMACK 
WHAT UPPPP -Matt Gift Pat, When I first met you 1 thought gosh 
that's a big human being. Though since that very first day 1 met you 
in the Mess Hall I found out what a kind heart you had! My fondest 
memories of you have to be our summer school sessions that we 
both did over the past three years. 1 had such a great laugh with you, 
especially all them times we would dread Coach Sab's Olympic Warm 
up's and the 5.30am early mornings in the dark ha-hal The workouts 
were tough but it was a privilege to do them a long side you. I love 
you mate! Good iuck next season. VMl Football/RDC forever!- Jamie 
Fernandas The first time you look up to meet Pat McKinney the first 
thing that comes to mind is 'Holy crap!" Pat could easily throw a 
normal size guy through a brick wall, but when you come to know 
him you find out that he would only do that if the person really 
deserved it. Pat is a friend that cannot be replaced. His loyalty and 
honesty cannot be replaced. I have seen many bad times at this place 
and Pat was always there to pick me up and set me straight when it 
seemed like the whole world was out to get me. 1 have spent many 
late nights staving over impossible problems with Pat, ]B, Bryce, and 
losh. At 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning 1 would look across at Pat and 
even though he would be falling asleep he would be willing to walk 
down to the gas station to grab an energy drink. I hope there are 
many more moments to come, 
-lohn Collier 

DYKE 2006: Andrew B. Walton 
RAT 2012: Lost in Battle 

To my family: 1 love you all so much, 1 couldn't 
even begin to express how grateful 1 am 
for everything you guys have done for me. 

To my BRs: Hard to believe it was four years ago that we 
started this crazy journey. You were the only reason I 
came back after breaks, good luck and God bless you all. 

To my rats: Great job this year guys, I'm proud of ya. 
Its going to be a long 3 years but trust me its worth 
it. Try not to get into too much trouble without me. 

To the Decker group: You know who you are. 
It's been an awesome year and half walking in 
Christ with you guys. Good luck next year and 
give me a call when you head back to Toronto! 

DYKE 2006: Kevin ). Simpson 
RAT 2012: Joe Hoerst, Mike Everett 

Stefan T.Mello 

"Sir Stefan Lord of Mello" 
Medford, New Jersey 
Army ' 



James E. Miller 

'led" "jedskf; "Millertime" 

Smithfield, Virginia 


Air Force 

EMT. English Society 

Nicholas R. Mims 

"SinbadT SinT Jim Jones'; "MIMS" 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 



NCAA Football, Writer for the Cadet, RDC 

The last four years have truly been a unique experience. VMl has given 
me a new perspective on life. I will forever be Indebt to and thankful 
for my friends who have done so much for me over the years. To my 
Little Guy, Alex Karl, you have made life here so enjoyable even though l 
have given you such a rough time over the past three years. To Thelmar 
Rosarda, you have always gotten me to do the things 1 wanted to put off 
indefinitely "Three Echo Corporals?!" To Zach Tharp. since matricula- 
tion you have always been there for everything and I would not have 
it nor have made it any other way To Ian Costello, I will miss being 
able to go across the courtyard to have a great time procrastinating. To 
Justin Tammelln, the Whirlwind, we shall continue to sally forth and 
conquer. To Andrew Craig, never have 1 met a nicer space marine. To 
Chris lohnslon, sadly 1 will miss just doing stupid crap with you, and 
knowing all the while you would have my back. To Adam McCllsh, the 
place 1 live In wlil be that much more drab and empty that you're gone. 
To Mark Turner, YUT! And to Gregory Lipplatt. the last but certainly not 
least, words cannot describe our past four years, I am just thankful you 
were a part of them. And to the remainder of Hotel Company and all my 
other BRs that 1 have not mentioned, you have not had a lesser impact, 
I lust ran out of space, but Just remember: Dude Love. To my rat, Jake 
Tharp, it has been an awesome year, and 1 cannot be prouder of the 
cadet you have become, 1 hope 1 have been able to impart some wisdom 
upon you this past year. Without the undying support of my Mom and 
Dad my time here would have been impossible. My siblings Jared, Chel- 
sea, and Evan; you all helped me get to where 1 am today Lastly to the 
most Important person in my hfe, Nicole, for the past two years you 
have made my life complete. 1 know the circumstances have not been 
easy for us but 1 am so thankful for your constant love and support. 

I came to VMl for a challenge. Well I've met that, and 
have made some unforgettable memories and some 
unforgivable friends. And I've found that its my 
friends who made it worth the while, every step of the 
way. So herefe to us: our trips uptown, movie nights, 
room rumbles, weekends out, weekends in, parties at 
my house, Busch Gardens, road trips, ski accidents, 
adventures in Hungary, and the untold follies of Bar- 
racks. 1 wouldn't have missed any of it for anything. 
To my rats Rob and Christian, you guys are awesome; 
I couldn't be happier. To my parents and family thanks 
for everything. I love you guysl It looks like its time 
for us to go out and join the real world. I hope its ready, 
because we're going to take it by storml '09 out baby! 

Where to begin. Time here files when you have the right people 
around you making sure that you see the light at the end of the 
tunnel. Making through this place we call the T is an accomplish- 
ment that we have made all our families proud and some of us lots of 
money 1 know anyone can make It through this place if I could have; 
not being on any of the "Pro" teams has been something good. Why 
stay here on weekends? When you can go out and get drunk Instead 
of seeing SON or any of the other commandant members looking In 
your room on a Saturday night trying to get another Al notched on the 
wall to compare at the end of the semester to see who had the most. To 
the rats In the room, make sure you guys make It through this place 
together and will see each other walk. My senior year here couldn't 
have been better when hearing D laugh for the first time, something 
that the entire corps should hear at least once. To my pale brother from 
another mother, you know we had tons of fun 2nd and 3rd class year 
being us. To my own rats, you guys have done a lot here and I'm very 
proud of you two. 5 star, you know you going to be company CO one 
day. Just don't use your rank against Zach too much- Zach. 1 don't have 
to say much to you because you already know. To my boys Snuffdlddy, 
Coldstone, Albert, and Kev, ... Thanks for all the memories. Thanks for 
Impact you guys have and will always leave on my life. You know you 
got a friend that Is down for you to the end. Last but not least. William 
Bell. Thanks for being there for me when times were hard and being 
there to enjoy the pleasures of the Red Velvet Gub. Qassic times! 
I've been blessed by god to have met the people 1 have and enjoy 
these 4 years here. With that being said. You stay Classy San Diego. 

DYKE 2006: Michael R. Hiltner 
RAT 2012: Jake Tharp 

DYKE 2006:jason Ftaser 

RAT 2012: Robert Earle, Christian Neubaum 

a Vf':. 

DYKE 2006: Terrell Golden 

RAT 2012: Zach Webb, Greg Walker 

76 First Class 

T"™""' IfUMIil'""-" 

Andrew M. Mlraldi 

"Drew'; "DrewpY" "Monster Tard" 

Norwich, Vermont 

International Studies, French 


Ice Hockey, RDC, Pipe Band, TCM 

Michael A. Montoya 

"Spider Mexican" "Skeletor" 

Moorparie, California 


Marine Corps 

CCS, Ranger Challenge 

Amanda F. Moore 

Concord, Virginia 
^-^^ _ Psychology 
Marine Corps 

NCAA Cross Country & Track 4, Triathlon Team 2; 
S6 Staff 3, 2: Psychology Club 2; College Republi- 
cans 3, 2; Baptist Student Union 2: Big Brother/Big 
Sister 2; Recycling Club 2 

VMl has been a long and stressful place, and 1 could 
not have made it through here without my family and 
friends. Thanks a lot Mom, Dad. lake, and Story. 1 love 
you so much. Also, to all the great times and experi- 
ences I had with room 172 and the realm (mostly the 
TCM). Over the past four years, you guys have become 
my best friends, bar none. Im going to miss you guys. 
To the hockey team, 1 had some of my greatest week- 
ends at VMl with you guys. Keep up the good work, 
and bring home the gold. And finally to the rats, good 
luck! And please don't take this place too seriously. Be 
who you want to be, not who THEY want you to be. 

If 1 have learned one thing during my time here 
at the Institute it is the importance of prayer. If 
there is one piece of advice that 1 can give to 
anyone it would be "Don't spaz." Just breathe let 
go and let God. No matter what, everything turns 
out for the best. Just know this too shall pass. 

I may not have enjoyed It all of it, but tm grateful for the lessons that 
I learned, and the amazing friends I gained. To Papa: Thank you for 
reminding me that simple is all you need. To G-ma: Having a back 
bone is critical. To Granny; Thank you for teaching me what not to 
be. To Gall: Striving for perfection is never that far out of your reach. 
You just need to apply yourself. To Ma Although it may hurt, brutal 
honesty Is the best answer. To My Father: No matter what happens. I 
will always love you. To Beth: Thank you for not allowing me to settle 
for anything less. Word to your llama. To lay: Thank you for being the 
Dad that I needed later in life. RS. Don't tell Beth about Hooters. To 
Chelsea: Laughter is key and there is a reason why God did not make 
us sisters. Remember throw those hands up. To Wee: Never let anyone 
stand In the way of your dreams. To Chelsie: My standards are high 
RS. To Holly; We will get what we want out of life. To Boot: Be strong 
and never leave your computer to bake in the sun. Haha. To Mama Jill; 
Your advise Is the best do the dance! To Weeblt: It still amazes me how 
two completely opposite people can get along so well. ATL. To Char- 
lie: Thank you for the advice over the years. It has gone further than 
you think. ES. I'm taking Horus: To Brownie, Karbear iackle, Thomas, 
Taylor, Baity, Zack. Mike. Fish, D-Ray lared. Chris. Blincoe. Timmy and 
Pope: Thank you for endless hours of laughter. Also, Chris Thank you 
for baseball 1 To my closest friends Remember what happened In Old 
Town,* NYCy Tampa/ on "That BoatT stays there. To my dykes, Abby, 
Anya. and Hatley you were the best, and even better you were 2007! 
To my co-dykes I think we lived up to what our dykes wanted us to. To 
my RAT-tle, Chris I could not have asked for a better RAT. lust think, we 
met when you were ready to leave, and I'm thankful you stayed. Make 
your dyke proud! Keep your head up and III catch you on the flip side. 

DYKE 2006: Terry Slack 

RAT 2012: Maxx Hipko, George Statzell 

DYKE 2006: Johnny Garvey 
RAT 2012: Paul Ponsiglione 

DYKE 2007: Abigail Ward 
RAT 2012: N/A 

First Class 77 


Jacklyn D. Morton 

"Jack Attack" "Jackster" 
Dundas, Virginia 
International Studies /', 

Alpha Co. PVT (4,3,2,1), A-1 Club (2,1), Big Brother 
Big Sister (4,3,2,1), RAT Challenge (3,2,1), Habitat 
for Humanity (1), Softball (4) 

Christina R. Mowatt-Larssen 

Oak l-lill, Virginia 

International Studies 


Carter L. Murray 

"Carter E 

Richmond, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 


Honor Court, Football 4, Lexington Rescue Squad, 
VMl ERT, Trap and Skeet Team, SAME 

The I- If you saw two guys named Hambone and Flippy, which one 
would you think liked dolphins the most? Id say Flippy, wouldn't you? 
Youd be wrong, though. Us Hamboner Jack Handey 
Class of 200Q: We have been great en masse, but now its time to 
be great Individually. Good luck! My family: Thanks for your encour- 
agement in everything that I've ever wanted to do. Without you, no 
accomplishment would be as satisfying. Tuff: 1 know 1 owe you a rat 
ring, but one day you'll understand why 1 lost mine. You are the abso- 
lute best brother a girl could ask for, and nothing at VMl ever seemed 
cool until it impressed you. My buddies (drinking and otherwise): I've 
truly enjoyed making the best of our time both here and away. I have 
four years worth of memories of some of the best and worst times of 
my life, and they wouldnt be the same without each of you in them. 
1 wish everyone the best of luck in everything you do. V-ron: Don't 
drink in barracks, and don't get caught up in how much this place 
sucks. Your next three years will alt be hard in different ways, but 
trust me, you will find plenty to laugh about along the way. Good 
luck in all your adventures to come, and I know you will do great 
things. Karen and Eri: 1 cant even express how much 1 learned from 
you guys, or how much I'm still learning from you. I've made some 
of my best memories hanging out with yall, and I'm sure there are 
more to come. You still haven't visited Dundaslab: Pretty much the 
coolest Ring DYKE/ PW buddy ever. I've looked up to you since RAT 
Year, and I'm so proud of everything you're doing in the (yut) Marine 
Corps, (noun) hostages sympathy for captor: a condition experienced 
by some people who have been held as hostages for an extended time 
in which they begin to identify with and feel sympathetic toward their 
captors. (HR: 
'Ember tervez. Ishten vegez." 



Its been a wonderful experience, these last four years at 
VMl. There were times when 1 was sure 1 would never 
finish, yet somehow graduation looms right around the 
corner. And as much as we all complain everyday, I know 
that 1 will miss being here. I dont think theres any place 
quite like it, and its something you have to personally 
experience to truly understand the friendships and the 
good times. I have to thank my friends for being there, 
without you guys 1 would never have finished. We had 
a ton of great times, and still will. And my roommate, 
without you Im not sure I would have a Civil Engineer- 
ing degree. . . Both of my rats have been great, 1 love you 
guys to death. It really is true, "You may be whatever 
you resolve to be" look at me, the Navy screwed up some- 
where and gave me a pilot sloti Finally I'm so proud of 
my little brother. Cammie, it was awesome when you 
decided to come to VMl, and 1 love seeing you here every- 
day, I can't wait to watch you walk across that stage, it 
really will come a hell of a lot faster than you realize.' 

DYKE 2007: Karen A. Bill 
RAT 2012: Veronica Lentsch 

DYKE 2007: Anastasia M. Kovarik 
RAT 2012: Jenna Pickett 

DYKE 2006: Ryan Tibbs 

RAT 2012: Brandon Gary, Brooks Martin 

78 First Class 

Steven H. Nash 

"Nash" "The Big Nasty" 

Madison Heights, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Air Force 

Robert ). Naylor 

Lexington, Kentucl^y 



Chase Nelson 

"Chim-Chim"; "Chimmy" 

Columbia, Maryland 

International Studies, Arabic 

Marine Corps 

# Ml 

RAT Challenge, Bravo Guidon, Little lolm Crew 09, 
VMl Theater, Racquetball Club 

RAT Challenge 

Pipe Band, Body Building Club, Model Arab 


To ray family: I can't thank you enough for all of the 
support you have given me over the last 4 years, both 
moral and monetary. 1 wouldn't have been able to make 
it this far without you. 1 love you. To The Council: You 
guys are what got me through this place. I'm sure you 
all feel the same way. 1 seriously couldn't ask for better 
friends. I know that whatever good memories 1 will 
have of this place, you guys will be a part of them. The 
best memories will probably be of times spent away 
from the Institute, but we had some pretty good times 
in barracks too. This last year has been especially awe- 
some. Blasting M.l.A on the way to Hollins, going places 
in Roanoke we will never talk about publicly, drink- 
ing at McCoys and plotting the demise of The Palms. 
Heres to the continuing shenanigans. To my RAT: Don't 
let this place get to you. Keep your chins up and work 
hard, its worth it in the end. I look forward to seeing 
all of you progress through your cadetships. I hope you 
have learned a lot from your dykes. Make us proud! 

To the Class of 2009: 1-2-1-2::: 

DYKE 2006: Dave Bhatta 
RAT 2012: Spence Dodge 

The past four years here have definitely been an expe- 
rience. VMl didn't end up being what 1 had dreamed of, 
but as time progressed 1 learned that it still had some- 
thing to offer, an opportunity to make some of the best 
friendships anyone could ever ask for. If it weren t for my 
boys I don't think that 1 would have ever made it through 
these past four years. I'll never forget those who helped 
me stick it through to the end and 1 wish them the best 
of luck. To my family 1 can never thank you enough 
for this opportunity. To my friends, 1 congratulate 
you, we did it. So in closing, all 1 can do is pass on my 
words of wisdom, to complete VMl and leave with your 
sanity one must keep their cool, its your only hope. 

DYKE 2006: Barry McCord 
RAT 2012: Ryan Chounard 

Thanks to all my friends, my roommates, my 
family for helping me get through VMl, couldn't 
have done it without all who stood with me. Thank 
you everyone for all the good times, crazy stuff we 
got into since rat year. Hope everyone does well in 
whatever you all are doing following graduation. 

DYKE 2006: Nolan Maxwell 
RAT 2012: 

First Class 79 


— "-^^ 

Richard H.Newklrk 

Albany, New York 
Electrical & Computer Engineering 
%■ Air Force 

•1: . 

RDC, Air Force, Delta Company Cadre, Boxing 

Stephen C. Nichols 

"Random Guy'; "Steve the Terrible" 

Richmond, Virginia 



Competitive Boxing, Arabic Table 

Brian;. NlUes 

Lynchburg, Virginia 
=«=a Psychology 


MMA, )iu Jitsu, Soccer, Philosophy 


VMl lets face it, this place sucks. It drags you down and the Com- 
mandants staff hands out needless confinement and PTs for the most 
minlscule of infractions. Overall 1 would say that coming to this school 
provided more of a hassle to my morale then it did a challenge. At the 
same time there are some things that make me appreciate the fact that I 
did choose to go here. VMl has actually opened so many opportunities 
for me. For instance, had 1 not been forced to take RAT boxing I would 
never have realized my potential as well as how enjoyable it is. The 
boxing team and coaches have helped me the past three years to push 
myself to the edge physically and mentally and always strive to better 
myself. Being here al the Institute also lead me to the option of study- 
Ing abroad. I can sufficiently say that the semester I was in Jordan was 
my best of college. 1 met great people and it really opened my eyes to 
other cultures. However, the best part about this place Is the very few 
people here that you can tolerate, that spend the worst times with you. 
Keep in contact and if you ever need anything just ask and Ml do my 
best to help you out, E, I'm proud of the accomplishments you have 
made thus far. You really have made a transition and I'm proud to be a 
part of that. Keep working on your grades so you can go to Italy! Also 
keep working hard at wrestling and don't get discouraged because itfe 
what you love and always remember why you do it, Marty and Andy you 
guys are crazy Thatfe alt I can say. Marty good luck with your whole 
teddy bears that breathe fire or whatever it is that you never stop talking 
about. Andy. ..your face just annoys me. so if you don't do something 
about it then l will! Seriously though hang in there buddy Trent, BG, 
)oe, Gumpy Marky Mark. Cammy and Scarface. Ya'll an 

Thanks to everybodY who ever helped me In anvthlng for the 
past four years, theres way too many of you to name, but you 
know who you are. A special thank you to my parents though, 
1 don't think you both know how much 1 appreciate everything 
(rides, packages, visits, gracious use of the house, etc.). Big 
Sexy Tiny D, and Seabiscuit . . .what can 1 say? Nothing 1 can write 
here will convey what 1 want to express; just know that yall are 
some pretty sweet roommates. VNl has been my second home 
for the last four years and despite all of the endless crap that 
fills barracks theres a part of me which is sad that I won't be 
coming back for a fifth. Graduating from VMl will unquestion- 
ably be the biggest accomplishment of my life to date. U is one 
of the few things in my Ufe that 1 take true pride in doing. Even 
so, everything 1 put into graduating from VMl will always be 
secondary in my mind when 1 look back at my time here. The 
friendships and experiences with all of my Hotel (Pride of the 
Corps) boys are what I take away from the Mother 1. We've had 
some crazy times and I know that were gonna have a lot more. 

When people have asked me that if I had a chance to start over 
wouldlstillcometoVMMhavealwaystoldthemthatl wasn't sure. 
Now, after experiencing all that the Institute has to offer, I think 
I can give them a better answer. To all of Hotel.... DUDE LOVE 

DYKE 2006: Douglas E. Ziegenfuss, Jr. 
RAT 2012: Kelly McMinn 

DYKE 2006: Dan Wilmoth 
RAT 2012: Eric Russo 

DYKE 2006: Michael Pasquale 
RAT 2012: Caleb Healy 


Philip Noonan 

"Newman" "Nooners" "Little Noonan" 
Springfield, Virginia 
Marine Corps rv 

Cadet Newspaper Staff 4; Rat Challenge Cadre 
3,2,1; Library cadet Assistant 3; Office of Career 
Services 2,1. 

Daniel). O'Connell 


Leesburg, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 


CCS CIC (2009) 

Alex F. Oliver 

Ao: "Oil" 

Charlottesville, Virginia 
-^■^^ International Studies 

Alpine Ski Team (ACIC), Ranger Challenge (ACIC), 
Alpha Cadre, Science & Security Minor, Model 
Arab League, Club Lacrosse Team. 


Its hard to believe that three and a half years \n this 
dungeon is now over. Looking back it felt like the 
ratline would never be over and that Ring Figure 
couldn't come soon enough, but they both ended 
in a flash. My BRs and professors have helped me 
through a lot of bad times; for that 1 am forever 
indebted to them. To Captain Beasley, LTC Messimer 
and Col. Ojure, thank you for all your guidance and 
support. Most of alt it has been the Miller Academic 
Center that helped me through the most difficult of 
times here. To Alpha, T0:ii;i2, it was the greatest 
privilege of my cadetship to be your cadre for Rat 
Challenge. 1 hope that you enjoyed Rat Challenge as 
much as 1 did. To my BRs, the class of 2009, good 
luck in the future, 1 wish you the best of luck and 
that after four years at this place you never have a 
bad day again in your lives. 

1 wish I had been a ghost rat. It turns out no one cares who 
has the shiniest shoes in the real world; they care who has a 4.0 
GPA. I, like many people, got too caught up in the ratline. For all 
the emphasis that is placed on it while you're here, realize that it 
Is only a tiny part of your cadetship. For what its worth, 1 regret 
being a toolbag. Ironically, the two best times of my cadetship 
were not even at VMl. 

Make time to study abroad. Seeing someone elses point of 
view is something every American needs to do. Get an Internship 
if for no other reason than to confirm your sneaking suspicion that 
there is a "real world" out there. You will realize that the people you 
meet in that fabled "real world' have no semblance of the integrity, 
discipline or motivation that you possess. 

To my DYKE- 1 succeeded here despite your influence. 

To my RAT- You are my legacy. Continue to make me proud. 

To the Class of 200P- In life, you meet everyone twice. 

My advice: Get good grades, have long hair and take every pos- 
sible weekend. 

DYKE 2006: Nate Parsons 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Kyle R. Rosch 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Zachary R. Miller 

RA.T 2012: Garrett Newsome, Jake Wood 

First Class 81 


Stephanie M. Ortiz 

Stafford, Virginia 



Corlelle W Parsons 

"Corie" "WyshaY" 

Rockford, Michigan 


Marine Corps 

Swim Team, 
Club, OGA 

! Brother/ Big Sister, Psyctiology 

Kevin C. Pelletier 

"K Per; "KevY Kev" 
Williamsport, Maryland 
_ IS/ML and Cultures 

Cadre 3,2,1; Martial Arts 3.2 

I never thought 1 would make it to this year. Its been 
like a roller coaster ride that never ends and this year 
has been by far the best of the four. 

As much as I never wanted to come back from fur- 
loughs or have summer end, it was always a good 
feeling to be up at 3 A.M. knowing you always have 
someone to talk to somewhere in barracks. And having 
someone to laugh daily till it hurts at the most inappro- 
priate time with the most inappropriate jokes.. .Ihank 
you Celine, Christina, and Kelsey for the amazing 
memories to end this ride- you guys made the ghetto 
an extraordinary time. 

Celine, I love you babycakes!! Dm... can you believe 
we still live together? We have made it through some 
tough stuff. Good luck in the Air Forcel! You better not 
go jumping in any puddles without mel xoxo 

[ couldn't have made it through this school without the help 
of my friends and roommates. Right off the bat, the boys of 
Delta Company 'O'* have had my back. No matter what kind 
of problems I had, or if I just needed someone to vent or talk 
to, they have been there for me. We've had some really good 
times. 1 couldn't have asked to be put in a better company. 
I will remember, and hopefully keep in contact with, them 
for the rest of my life. 1 also couldnt have asked for better 
roommates than the ones I have now. Ateala Tuff and 1 have 
a unique relationship. I know 1 can go to her about anything 
and get an answer that hasn't been sugar coated to save my 
feelings. But we also can be so goofy together... keeps life 
interesting. Roxanne Franck and 1 are on the same page with 
a lot of things. We can go out and have a great time together, 
then come back and handle whatever business we need to. I 
know I can tell her anything and she will keep it to herself I 
thank God for every day that he has given me and for helping 
me through the rough times. I also thank my parents, for 
they are the ones who raised me right, and encouraged me to 
give it my all and work hard for the things that 1 want in life. 

Samantha . 

good luck. Haha. 

This school, as BG Farrel puts il. has character. And anything with 
character he says is going lo be loved as much as it is hated. Those 
words most certainly resonate true when 1 think about this place. I love 
it for the BRs It has given me: Dave you have more heart than anyone 
ril ever know, if 1 had half the heart you do Id have no question in 
accomplishing the things in which I'm pursuing; Rick, you are by far 
the most naturally talented leader I've ever known, you'll do amazing 
things; Hammer, you'll accomplish whatever you point your mind too, it 
wont be long until you're flying your own helo; Dan. you're the smart- 
est person I know, but dang you sleep a lot; and Nick, we only bang 
heads every once in awhile because we think so much alike, I cant wait 
to see you start up your own law firm one day. As much of a gift the 
Institute has given to me in my BRs it has also given me hypocrisy 
and cold heartedness. I never thought id be sitting here writing this 
and only seeing two drum outs my first class year, but hopefully the 
entire Corps is more honorable, however difficult I find that to believe. 
To my rat Brandon. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. I would do 
it all again in the blink of an eye. This school isn't a service academy 
it isn't because its better than a service academy This place humbles 
you, makes you question who you are and what your character is truly 
made of. You will accomplish your dreams Brandon, never forget that 
it is only a matter of time and sweat. You put enough of both in and 
success is the only result. To those that I have trained in Delta, I hope 
1 have inspired you as those that came before inspired me. I know I 
made plenty of mistakes, but know I always tried lo look back and 
improve myself. I implore you to carry on the tradition that is Delta, so 
one day I can come back when I'm old and crippled and point up to the 
4th stoop and say...thats a Delta rat. Good luck to all and thank you. 

DYKE 2006: Joselyn L. Wall 
RAT 2012: Samantha Price 

DYKE 2006: Katrina Powell 
RAT 2012: Kelly Maggio 

DYKE 2006: John Sheckells 
RAT 2012: Brandon Norem 

82 First Class 


Derek A. Peterelt 

Redmond, Virginia 


Marine Corps 

Stafford, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 


Marathon Club, Alpine Ski Team 

My VMl life can be described as relaxed but at times hard, 
long but also quick, and a feeling of enjoyment towards 

the end thats what she said. I've learned some valuable 

lessons throughout my four years such as don't rub shoe 
polish on the brim of your roommates cover so it leaves 
a black streak across his forehead, don't wrap up his cell 
phone in 4 feet of bubble wrap and duck tape, and most 
of all be careful when you decide to go with 13 cadets to 
Cancun Me.\ico. But even so. if 1 had the chance to go back 
la do it all again. Thats what Ive learned most here, that 
even when hard times are thrown our way we can still 
find time to have fun. Lifes too short to stress out about 
the small things. For example, being put on confinement 
for the weekend because you got caught crossing the 
street rather than taking the bridge. I've made some great 
friends here and hope that we will all be able to change the 
world if we stay focused. 1 pray that for all of us going into 
harms way God will give us strength and courage to suc- 
ceed. 1 thank my family and friends who have helped me 
and wish them the best. Good bless and Rah Virginia Mil. 

Richard W Pfrogner, II 


Alpharetta, Georgia 

Mechanical Engineering 


Soccer, Making Drews Life Miserable Club 


To my friends, 1 wish to give you all humpback 
whales, may they follow you throughout your life. 
To my enemies, the next time you eat ice cream 
1 hope it gets all over your face. You will remem- 
ber me forever. To my roommates, remember chill 
and dont spaz. To Zy Ty, may the lines that you 
follow in life lead yoa somewhere else next time. 

DYKE 2006: John K. Shillingburg 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Ryan Loucks 

RAT 2012: Marshall Dalessandro 

DYKE 2006: Kyle Hamm 

RAT 2012: Damien Bartholomew 

First Class 83 

^^Hp^^ i^ V^H 


^^^H| ^^1 


I^^PP^ -^n— ^^H 




John L. Phelps 

Chesapeake, Virginia 


Air Force 

Patrick S. Pillow 

"Stevie G^ "Giggsy" 
Lynchburg, Virginia 


Air Force 

p®- Philip ]. Pohlman 

St. Louis, Missouri 

International Studies and Spanish 


NCAA Baseball 

Pre Law Society. Cadet Battery, NCMT 

The Cadet Newspaper 

"One of the beautiful things about life is that every 
once in a while you come into a situation where you 
want to, and where you have to, reach down and prove 


To Club 108: thanks for the best First class room 1 
could ever ask for: great times and innumerable mem- 

To the RAT of 108: Remember what we taught you: 
stay out of trouble, and wear that Privates belt proudly 
in 2011-2012:; 

It is hard to believe that my time here has finally come 
to its conclusion. After all of the griping and complain- 
ing, the secret BRC uniform inspections and the bones 
for absolutely nothing at all, I have finally found my 
silver lining. No matter what went on here, 1 have the 
greatest friends that will truly last a lifetime. For all of 
those Charlie Company rankers next year, stay strong, 
1 know that you can carry on without my positive 
feedback hahaha. lust remember, like Pillow always 

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who 
points out how the strong man stumbles, or where 
the doer of deeds could have done them better. The 
credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, 
whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, 
who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again 
and again; because there is not effort without error 
and shortcomings: but who does actually strive to 
do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the 
great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy 
cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph 
of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, 
at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place 
shall never be with those cold and timid souls who 
know neither victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt 

DYKE 2006: Brian Winter 
RAT 2012: Mike Devine 

DYKE 2006: Steve Bechtel 
RAT 2012: Dan Fiasconaro 

DYKE 2006: Chris Foltz 

RAT 2012: John Colon, Arthur Morrill 


84 First Class 


Michael L. Porter, Jr, 

Mount Vernon, Ohio 

International Studies 


NCMT 3,2,1: RAT Challenge 1; Cadre 2. 

Joseph T. Purello 

"Joe Con Pro" "Jose" "The Don" 

Richmond, Virginia 

Business and Economics 

Marine Corps 

Haines, Alasl^a 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Air Force 

VMl Wrestling, Rugby, IEEE ' 


1 came to VMl from a tiny school in small town Ohio. At the time 1 
dtdnt know what to expect, but then again no one can truly under- 
stand this place till they have lived through it. Quickly though 1 learned 
what St meant to be apart of this place and what I found were the best 
friends, roommates, and rats, that a person could ask for. After four 
years we all realize that there isn't a single one of us here that dldnt 
have a tough time and the only thing that kept us coming back from 
those weekends and furloughs were the brothers and sisters we had 
made. So looking back on it all If I could do everything over again, 1 
would, as cliche as it may seem there truly is something great about 
this place that is more than the words of this short narrative can tell. 
This feeling stems from the Brother RAT 1 have here, St Is certainly not 
the buildings, the boning, the hot R-tday parades, the sports events 
that got in the way of that extended weekend we could have taken. 
or the quote 'good feeling from taking the road less traveled' So to 
my rats Brian and Justin I am so proud of everything the two of you 
have done, you have truly proven yourselves to your friends, family. 
BRs, and Me. I know the two of you have a wonderful future in front 
of you and that you will both be receiving your rings and diplomas 
before long. And lastly to the members of HAGENDA Ul Chase, Hsh. 
and Zack, what to say other than the best roommates ever, so many 
stories and tales from weekends at Radford to Puerto Rlcan nights 
to grilling out at Goshens! Viva La HACIENDA, and remember every- 
where we go In life, LET THIS ONE PLAY OUT HlLARlFt' WILL ENSUE: 

Thanks to )oe B., Chris, Joe T., the boys from Hotel 
(you know who you are), Dennis, Mark, the ECBU guys 
(Qiris and Steve). You are the guys who helped me sur- 
vive this place from matriculation day to graduation. 
1 can't list all the good times but here are some: the 
ratline, room 303, "to the whipping post" the everyday 
pranks, summer school, room IbQ, JNU Richmond, the 
Stop n Rob, morning FT, Jujitsu open mat, Gunther, 
long nights in Scott Shipp. Call on Me, Frat House admi- 
ration. Spring Break 08, Spring Break 09, Ring Figure, 
Hunans, roommate theme songs, Kroger, Lex Vegas, 
water balloon launches, 'doesn't ]oe have an inhaler?" 
Photoshop, and many more. Special thanks to Mom, 
Dad, Jim, Amy Al, and Courtney. You all gave me sup- 
port, love, encouragement, and advice. I can't even 
begin to express in words how grateful I am for that. 

To my parents, thank you for all of the support you've 
given so generously and to my friends, thank you for 
making VMl bearable. 

DYKE 2006: David ). Rahl 

RAT 2012: Justin Bradshaw, Brian Eads 

DYKE 2006: Richard W Durkee HI 
RAT 2012: Sean Alexander 

DYKE 2006: Nick Saccone 

RAT 2012: David Wagner, Tim Graziano 

First Class 85 



Andrew R. Rademaker 

McLean, Virginia 

International Studies 



\ „^^^v^: 

David R. Radke 

"Dave'; "Davidius" 

Herndon. Virginia 

International Studies 


"^a^,^^^*^ Ross H. Ramsay 

RAT Challenge, Boxing 

I truly believe that my lime here at VMl has been short and sweet. Of 
course there are those long days but it is truly what you make of your 
time here. To my dykes, 1 love you guys and you have always been there 
for me. I would not be the man 1 am today without you all. Chris, 1 
will always think of you as my best friend. To my family Mom. Dad 
and Nate, you have all been so supportive of me and I cannot thank 
you all enough. My success is all because of the guidance and help 
you gave throughout my life. 1 will do my best to make you all proud. 
Be sure of this. 1 love you all so much and thank you. To my RAT, 
make something of your time here. Always strive to improve your- 
selves. I think this place has a funny way of bring that out of you. I 
am proud of you all and t look forward to seeing you progress through 
this place. To my BRs. it has been a pleasure and 1 very much look 
forward to seeing you all very soon. To room 102, Finney you have 
always been a brother to me. We have had our fair share of laughs and 
1 could not have gotten this far without you. Bryce you landed on our 
door step 3rd class year and it was the best thing we could've asked 
for. You have been a great friend and I cannot wait lo see where life 
takes you. David 'Schlaser". you are a great guy and I know you have 
only lived with us for a little but it has been a great time having you 
in the room with us all. To my Delta 09 boys, "The Mafia' I could 
not have ever imagined a better group of friends. To our times at the 
Bay House, Richmond, Sweet Briar. Roanoke, MBC. New Jersey Albany. 
NYC, Chicago, Mexico and so much more. You are all a bunch of classy 
guys and all my brothers. "You Time Will Comer We will all rule the 
world one day I am sure. 1 have no worry about keeping in touch with 
any of you. 1 love you guys, and remember 'in the end- -.we get it all.' 

Charlottesville, Virginia 


Marine Corps 

VMl has been one of the best things to ever happen 
to me, even if 1 did hate it for the first two years of 
my Cadetship. It has taught me many different life 
lessons and has matured me from a High school kid 
into someone whCB ready to take on the world. To all 
my friends at VMl thanks for always being there, we 
had a blast that we will always remember. 1 would 
like to thank my parents for sending me to VMl and 
not letting me go to any other college and spending 
all the money, which you will never see. To my room- 
mates, we had ups and downs living together for three 
and a half years. There are many memories that 1 will 
never forget of each one of you. You guys are some of 
the closest friends that 1 have and we will always be 
friends. To my rats 1 expect you to keep the DYKE line 
going, for the most part you have been good rats, all 
six of you. 1 will make sure to come back next year and 
tailgate for the football games. In the end I'm glad that 
1 came to VMl, although it has been very hard for me 
these 4 years. 1 am very proud 1 made it through VMl. 

DYKE 2006: Erik D. Uber 
RAt 2012: ^\ 

DYKE 2006: Christopher P. Chang-Lo 
RAT 2012: Kyle James 

DYKE 2006: Yau-Ren Kuo 
RAt 2012: 

I l<^ 


Christopher j.Rau 

"Raudadd" "High Class" 

Herndon. Virginia 

International Studies 


Mitchell A. Ress 

"Mitch" "Meech" 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Marine Corps 

Charles A. Rice 

"Rang-a-Tang" "Sweater Vest" 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Economics and Business 

Air Force 

Private 4,3,2,1; PTs 4,3,2,1; Con Pro 3,1; Jazz Band 
4.3,2,1; Brass Quintet 4,3,2,1; Rifle 4; Newman 
Club 4. 

Cadre, Mini Baja Design Team, MMA Club, Body- 
building Club 

Wrecking Crew 2,1; Cadre 3; Sergeant 2; S5 Lt. 1; 
Class Treasurer; Bomb Business Manager, Pre-Law 
Society Treasurer. 

1 was brutallY honest. I said things to make people laugh. 1 partied. 
I crossed the line. I got in trouble. I studied abroad. I got in trouble 
again. 1 learned stuff. 1 made friends. 1 voted Republican but dated 
Democrat. I had but one regret- that we all had to go our separate ways. 
)ust a handful of the many memories: IHTFR Gunther, Hunans/Kroger/A- 
5, Rose Bowl. Germany, "daddys homef Florida, New York, "Gregory Fitzr 
Ring Figure. Physics, 'you gotta do the cookin' by the bookr the Office, 
the Batcave. lex. Vegas in summertime, Gary, Will Ferrell movies, W, 
Captain America. "Plumber-timer CEA training, Gaza Strip, Slum 478. 
the 303. "just think of tt as guys 20 getting lucky: Tough Guise/Guys, 
doesn't foe have an inhalerZ" 'you know that church group I'm really 
involved in?: "KELLY!: Stop 'n Rob, Tales of John Brister, Sleep Eating, 
'To the whipping posti: Rolling Stones > Led Zeppelin, Meatspin, all the 
pranks, "Mrs. Purello: "Cowboys like us: 'High Class, Royalty:: 'EG: 
So what were you doing when 1 got arrested and made my one phone 
call? Me: Sorry dude..we were watching beerfest. [ figured if it was 
important youd call back: 
A few quotes to live by: 
'They say hard work nev 
chance?" -Ronald Reagan 
'A man with a strong will 
'AH men profess honesty a 
would be folly To believe i 

'Never fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning: -Erwln 
Thanks for the memories guys, and good luck. 

ir killed anybody, but 1 figure why take the 

is a majorityC -Andrew lackson 
s long as they can. To believe all men honest 
i something worse: -lohn Quincy 

Mom and Dad, 1 owe everything to you. Without you 1 
would have never made it to VMl. You have pushed me 
through lifes struggles and without your persistence 1 
would have never been able to accomplish what I have. 
You have taught me through your example to always 
work hard physically and academically and 1 cant thank 
you enough tor always pushing me to achieve more. 
Drew, Ricky Chuck, Andy Roxanne, Lee, Leon, Garth, 
you are all the reason 1 am glad 1 came to VNl and 
would never trade our friendships and times together 
for anything. 1 wish you all the best and graduation is 
going to be tough knowing that we are going to have 
to move on. 1 hope 1 get to stay in touch with everyone 
of you and hope we never forget the times we've had 
here. Graham, always try your hardest because you are 
always being watched. You are a very driven individual 
and 1 hope that takes wherever you wish to be. I am 
proud to have someone as tough and motivated as you 
as my RAT. I am proud to be from VMl and it scares me 
to say that 1 will miss our school the second we leave. 

To my parents; mom 1 love you and thanks for the support: dad. 'Ready. 
Eyes. Right: Tori, you better never go to Ring Figure. To my roommates, 
ail of them, thanks for rolling me over when 1 snore. Thanks for the 
good times, and thanks for helping through the bad. CluB 339 I'll miss 
the dance parties. \2t>. I feel smarter just sitting In the room with you 
fellas. To my brothers I will never forget you and will always be a phone 
call away. VMl made me grow up and it taught me lessons 1 will never 
forget. Thanks VMl for leaching me the true meaning of two minutes 
till. ..home cooked food, ..and bromance. VMl Is the only place on earth 
where 13-23 yr old males sit down every day and fix the world over 
cereal. I'm not going to remember my specials, PTs. or confinement, I'm 
going to remember how 1 got them. To my room RAT. you guys are awe- 
some. Stay strong, stay up, and grind. The ratline is four years and il 
only gets harder. Reach your potential and strive to be the best. Study, 
and have fun. Always be a Keydet, a cadet at VMl who works as hard 
as they party, who goes big every time because going home certainly 
isn't an option, who loves his family, country and friends above all else. 
Whose foundation for friendships was built through pain, sweat and 
tears, and then solidified on good beer, and better stories. Whose word 
is gold because they keep their promises and do just as they say they 
will. Who love and respect the women in their lives, if they have them, 
and if they dont then they are theirs for the taking. Here is to the Gass 
of 2009. Here is to Brians dancing. Here is to Zyra and his blanket. Here 
is to throwing up on Drews computer and him not being mad. Here Is 
to Ricky shaking that booty Here is to Chuck and adventure sports. 
Here is to Al and the 'leers. Here is to risked number Ife. Here Is to run- 
ning the block. Here is lo having a house in town. Here is to walking 
in Trumps office. Here is to the good times. Here is to the leadership 
wall. Here is to the memories. Here is lo the sweat and tears. Here Is 
to becoming a man. Here is where a piece of my heart will always be. 

DYKE 2006: Seth Enterline 
RAT 2012: Tom Ryan 

DYKE 2006: Anthony W. Tolomeo 
RAT 2012: David G. Neal 

DYKE 2006: Dave Raser 

RAT 2012: Andrew Powell. Zaher Shihata 

First Class 87 

Jacob T. Rlggs 

James A. Robertson, III 

Michael A. Robertson, jr. 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Civil Engineering 


1 have only a few things to say. To my friends, it has 
been a fun journey the four years we have spent 
together. There was always something new going on. 
To my rats, the journey has just begun for you and 
it isn't an easy road to travel. Some words of advice 
dont lie and don't trust the commandant staff. If you 
follow those two rules you will make it through this 
place. And that is all 1 really have to say about that. 

Ftedericksburg, Virginia 



Manassas, Virginia 



.^ // 



DYKE 2006: Andy Wagner DYKE 2006: Stuart A. Minor 

RAT 2012: Chris Cranstone, Logan McCloud ^^X 2012: : 


DYKE 2006: Bryan D. Winter 
RAT 20T2: 


= ^t 


MiiiJHU'iii i!irji.iiHi r." "^"^ -^ ^ ■^-^^' 


] .4^ 'v^ S^^^^^l 





— 7 >— .-^^^ 


S^m ' ' > ^^^L^Qkjil^^H 

Jacob E. Rochester 

Ashley M. Rohls 

Andrew J. Rohrback 

Dallas, Texas 



: \ 

Alexandria, Virginia 

International Studies 


C The truly great man is he who would master no 

k , C one and who would be mastered by none" 

A ! I KahlilGibran 

Vienna, Virginia 
--^^ Mechanical Engineering 
Marine Corps 

RDC, Club Lacrosse 

First, thank you to my family for the many years of 
support you have given me not only to get to this 
point, but through every challenge 1 have faced. With- 
out your love and support the easiest tasks would 
have seemed Impossible. Second, thank you to "The 
Family" for all the memories we have shared over the 
past four years. Some were bad and some were good, 
but all have brought us closer together. We started 
in the sinks where the dykes taught us well, we now 
finish in the sinks where 1 can only hope we passed 
on our tradition. Best of luck to us all and God bless. 

DYKE 2006: Dan Osbourne 
RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Berit Oftedahl 

RAT 2012: Kelly Morrison, Sarah Strand 

DYKE 2006: Adam Rosenbaum 
RAT 2012: Chris Eraser 


First Class 89 

Thelmar A. Rosarda 

Chatanooga, Tennessee 
Computer Science , \ 

NavY ^^ ' ^ 

Trident Society 4,3,2.1; Cadre 3,2,1; Stonewall 
Guard Drill Team 4,3; The Bomb 1; Big Brother/Big 
Sister 1; Racquetball 1. 

Its hard to believe how four years have gone by not so quickly. Us 
been an experience, to say the least, that I've spent my college years 
In the Institute. There were many good times, some bad ones, and 
some that only a few can remember from memorable weekend trips 
to nearby colleges. 1 have met a lot of great people and learned a 
lot. My experiences during the last four years have equipped me to 
take on the real world. I hope I can serve my country and be a good 
citizen with the things 1 have learned from this place. Thank you 
to my brother rats, friends, and especially to my roommates. Club 
G17/3-134. you all have definitely made this school worth coming to. 
I've had a great time and 1 appreciate all the laughter, jokes, random 
lourney songs that we've had through the years. You all have made 
our four years here a memorable and a good one. To my rats Ryan 
and Will: You two have a long road ahead of you but I have no doubt 
that you will prosper. Keep your heads up and get Involved. Always 
do the right thing, even if sometimes you have to swallow your pride. 
Accept responsibilities for your own actions because at the end of 
the day, you will be facing yourself in a mirror. Keep yourselves 
busy with extracurricular activities, school work and anything else 
to pass the time. You both have been great rats and I appreciate 
everything you both have done for the room. Be good to people and 
show respect to those who deserve them. Above all, always have 
fun. To my Mom, Russell. Aunty Christina and family: Thank you 
very much for all you've done for me. Please know that I appreciate 
every bit of support, encouragement, and love you all have given me. 
No words can explain my gratitude for the all the sacrifices you've 
made to ensure that 1 receive a college education. I will always be 
here if you all need me. 

Aut \ 

I faci 

DYKE 2006: Clinton T. Thompson 

RAT 2012: Ryan Schaedel, William Wild 

Stephen T. Russell 

Chesapeake, Virginia 
Mechanical Engineering ^-^^ 

GC Secretary VMl Swimming, The House 

My success here would not have been possible without my parents 
and family. Mom and Dad, thank you for believing in me and sup- 
porting me with whatever endeavor 1 pursued. Without you guys 1 
wouldn't be graduating from VMl and commissioning into the Navy 
into my dream job. The professors really made VMl a great learn- 
ing experience. My academic success would not exist without your 
willingness to help me succeed. Id like to thank Coach for training 
me for my three years on the swim team. Swimming was my outlet 
and it kept me in shape — and sane — at this hectic place. The best 
thing I'm going to take away from the Institute is the friends I've 
made along the way. These are the greatest guys I've ever met and I 
feel privileged to have such good friends. 1 know in the future I can 
make a call and they'll be there. To all the GC boys, it& been a trip. 
Finney Barrett, and lohn. its been a pleasure helping you guys out. 
To my RAT Chris, and all the other RAT, stay focused and appreciate 
your short time here. Prioritize your academics first, stay out of 
trouble, and everything else will slide right into place. Matt. Usual 
Time had ridiculous conversations, and you have the same apprecia- 
tion for blatant sarcasm as I do. 1 know we made Drew, Will, and 
Lee proud. Rich you're one crazy dude that has provided us with 
many great stories and you're always down for a drinking game — 
especially Pain. lohn. you are the only person I know wtio sleeps in 
proper uniform, but you're a genuine dude. Thanks for letting us out 
at the house all these years and putting up with everyones antics. 
Jamie, life was always interesting with you around. To the rest of 
the Family— Yeo! JB, Andrew, Wayne, Clayton. PMack. Pat. Shawn, 
KB. and whoever else Im missing. You guys made this place worth 
it and helped break up the mindless monotony of VMl, 1 couldn't 
ask for a more outrageous group of friends, and wouldnt want to. 

DYKE 2006: Andrew M. Neckman 
RAT 2012: Chris Rossle 

Nathanael R. Salatln 

Swope, Virginia 

Economics and Business 

Marine Corps 

, // /■ 

Looking back over the four years that it has been since 
1 signed the VMl matriculation book, 1 realize that my 
journey has not been a normal one. Unfortunately 1 
have missed much of those four years with my BRs. 
Between two combat deployments and a semester 
of study abroad in Europe, 1 just was not around as 
much as 1 would have liked to have been. However, 
the experiences that 1 did have at VMl will last a life 
time. The ratline, breakout, my awesome roommates, 
friends, and Ring Figure are memories that 1 will never 
forget. VMl saw some of the highest and lowest points 
of my life so far and while 1 am not yet finished, 1 can't 
help but feel like the best times are behind me as my 
'09 BRs will not be there when 1 get home this time, 1 
want to congratulate, thank, and wish the best for my 
Class of 2009. 1 will miss you all and cannot wait to 
see each one of you again down the road. 

DYKE 2006: Casey lones 
RAT 2012: N/A 

90 First Class 



Brian E. Sandridge 

"Sandman" "Bsand" 

Brownsburg, Virginia 

Business and Economics 

Air Force 

In my time here 1 have made some great friends and 
learned some valuable life lessons. To my BaseCo. 
Boys; Its been a great run and 1 couldn't have asked to 
mal(e any better friends than you guys. BaseCo. 09 

Peter D. Saragnese 


South Brunswick, New Jersey 

International Studies 

Marine Corps 

Cadre, Club Ice hockey. Club Lacrosse 

k 'f5,"<i. 

- ! I 

John M. Saunders 

"John Saun" 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 
.^^ Civil Engineering 
Air Force 


1 can't believe it has already been four years. 1 have 
learned so much here and 1 cannot have imagined my life 
without VMl. My roommates, Andy, Bish, Josh, and Ross, 
you all are my best friends. You have taught me and 
helped me in more ways than you will ever know. Mom 
and Dad, thank you for always being there and helping 
me become the person 1 am today. 1 love you. Grandpa, 
thank you for inspiring me and sharing your stories about 
all of the "good" times. 1 first learned about the "Brother 
RAT" spirit from you. To my rats, never take a day here 
for granted. Take everything this place has to offer and 
embrace it. Your brother rats are always in your corner. 
Greet every challenge with an open mind and positive atti- 
tude. Make sure that when you leave, you leave with no 
regrets, and you leave this place better than you found it. 

DYKE 2006: Jonathan Wilson 

RAT 2012: Chase Worthington, Alan Watts 




w^ ' ifr" 



iSm e 

■ 1 'fni^1ii> 


DYKE 2006: Terrence E. Slack 
RAT 2012: Jordan lida, Aaron Remai 

DYKE 2006: Eric Bliss 
RAT 2012: Ross Stolle 


First Class 91 


Thomas M. Saunders 

"Action Tom'; "Mamma Tom" 

Richmond, Virginia 



VMl Theater, The Council, CQRB 4-Square, Little 
John 09 

Aaron P. Sayers 

"Strong Arm" 'Aaron P" 

Cranesville, Pennsylvania 


Marine Corps 

Semper Fl Society, Marathon Club 

David G. Schlaseman 

Falls Church, Virginia 



NCAA Track & Field, NCAA Cross Country, Club 
Basketball, Club Skeet & Trap Team, Ranger Chal- 


It has been something of an epic tourney my friends. Whether that 
eplcness has been from how long these days have seemed or how 
many movte and song quotes were dropped In a single minute, I cannot 
tell. 1 remember many events in our time here, but those that seem 
to plot the journey through the sea of semesters are those moments 
where creative genius erupted from our concrete stoops. 1 remember 
first playing guitar with Ben as a rat. Plunking rather than plucking 
out the opposite of tasteful tunes, )T teaching me how to beatbox and 
free style, Stu introducing me to new heavier rock music, and Chris 
showing me a breakdanclng move or two. Then we formed the band, 
the Stoop Orderlies, as thirds with Ben and Bryce on guitar and Stu 
and Steve on spoons and jug. We sang about ratline blues, we Jammed 
with three guitars, and tt kept my soul at peace. As seconds Bryce 
and Pat opened my mind to sounds of the t>Os and 70s, 1 lolned old 
friends to hear the Red Hot Chill Peppers live. Chris taught me the V- 
walk, and we sang 'Doo Wa Dlddy DIddy' to OOfe class dinner. Your 
creativity Erik, Chris and lustln gave a man his dream job. Theatre 
has always been a constant in my life here and this final semester 
has been no exception as you all are pari of It. Thanks for sharing 
in that dream loo and of course )oellen. Thanks to those who have 
been models for me to emulate; Ryan Smith '07 and Chuck FVeeman '07. 
There are so many more memories that we'll remember or my journals 
will. Friends you welcomed me Individually let me help you through 
your challenges, and celebrate your victories. I, from a nervous rat to 
a proud dyke and a man rich in friendship, am content, but eager tor 
the new challenges we will face together. Now we stand by each other 
wondering perhaps what will be of the Council In our lifetimes to come. 
We can always trust that each of us wlU be there when another calls. 

VMl certainly offered me the challenge 1 was looking for when 
1 came here four years ago. I've had some great experiences 
and learned a lot about myself. 1 will take a piece of VMl with 
me wherever 1 go and I feel I am a better person for It. 

1 am forever grateful to my parents who have been unwav- 
ering In their support for me. Id like to give a special thank- 
you to my professors, each of whom has taken an Interest in 
my success and Invested themselves in It. Id also like to thank 
the leaders In the corps and staff who have devoted them- 
selves to giving me a constructive and rewarding cadetshlp. 

Ill always cherish the time I've had with my brother rats. 
They're the best of friends and a second family. The bonds 
we've formed are a defining aspect of my cadetship. I wish 
them all the best. 

My final thanks go to Sarah, the love of my life and the 
source of my determination. She has been my Inspiration 
through difficult times and my companion In triumph. 

VMl lives up to its name as being an Institution and 
sometimes I forget that I am actually in college. EVery 
VMl cadet is indoctrinated into a military system with 
no civilian undergraduate or graduate programs. Nev- 
ertheless the abnormal and difficult lifestyle that we 
cadets endure daily is what makes this place unique. 
While other college students party and live carefree 
lifestyles VMl cadets are preparing for the real world. 
We learn integrity discipline, honor, and accept the 
results of our actions. 1 don't regret going to VMl 
because I understand the long term benefits of it. I 
want to thank my family for supporting me while here, 
especially for all the times they visited on a weekend 
or drove down to pick me up. I will never forget the 
friends that I made nor will 1 ever forget my brother 
rats. Good luck to my rats and here is to the best class 
In barracks '09! 

"A Soldier Prays For Peace, But Prepares For War" 

DYKE 2006: Tyler Monger 
RAT 2012: Thomas Winders 

DYKE 2006: Clinton T. Thompson 
RAT 2012: RAT of Room 154. 

DYKE 2006: Philip C. Hahn 

RAT 2012: Vinny Jarells, Ethan Hlltbold 

92 First Class 



Josef M. Schroeder 

Redmond, Washington 
Mechanical Engineering 


Marathon Club 

1 only have a few sincere thoughts that 1 am willing to share 
in this writing. 1 am very grateful for the friends 1 have here 
at VMl. I've come to the point where 1 feel like my roommates 
are almost a second family. There is incredible value in the 
relationships one gains while enduring the VMl system. For 
all my roommates (including rat roommate), close friends, 
and co-dykes, heres to you: 1 wish you the best, hope to 
stay in touch, and see you all many times after closing this 
chapter of our lives. This comes from that former stranger 
you all saw on matriculation day who was odd enough to 
show up with sideburns. As for the rats in the room... stay 
focused on your goals and ambitions. You'll only get out of 
this place what you put into it. Finally 1 must express my 
great appreciation for the support from my family. Though 
they were at the opposite corner of the country, their frequent 
visits and calls throughout all four year's have been a sig- 
nificant positive influence on my life here at VNl. Words 
alone can not describe the gratitude I have for my family. 

Jacob C. Schultheis 

Parkersburg, West Virginia 

English ^ 


Cadet Investment Group President, English Soci- 
ety, VMl Boxing, Private 

What a long, strange trip its been. My friends; you 
are my brothers and 1 hope that 1 have influenced your 
lives as much as you have influenced mine. Its been 
real, its been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. 1 know 
this is iust the beginning, l^eep on livinl My professors; 
thank you for teaching me how to think, I'm forever 
indebted to you. My family: thank you for supporting 
my arduous adventures, 1 couldn't ask for better kin. 

"The futures uncertain and the end is always near" 

)im Morrison 

"There is a road, no simple highway, between the dawn 
and the dark of night, and if you go, no one may follow, 
that path is for your steps alone' 

lerry Garcia 

Ava A. Schultz 

Valencia, California 
International Studies 

The Cadet 4,3. Cadre 3, Marathon Club 2, RAT 
Challenge 1, NCMT 2,1 

"Achieving life is not the equivalent of avoiding 

-Ayn Rand 




DYKE 2006: Nicholas C. O'Connor pyKE 2006: Zane H. Irby 
RAT 2012: Gabe Dongieux ^^T jqu: Alex Benedick 

DYKE 2006: Robyn Sctiaperjahn 
RAT 2012: )anna Coleman, Kelly Burns 

f -s 

V I 
First Class 93 

Noah L. W. Scrlbner 

"Scribs'; "Scribdaddy" 

Armonk, New York 

Mathematics, History 


Ranger Challenge 3,2; Head Cadet Librarian: 5th 
Corporal; Cadre PUT Sergeant; Lieutenant: Cadet 
Writer 2; Cadet Editor 1; Mess Hall Committee 2,1. 

Benjamin A. Scudder 

Petersburg, Virginia 



Julian P. Sculley 

Yorktown, Vlrgiriia 


Air Force 

Phi Kappa Phi, 34 Private, Ring Figure committee 

This has been an interesting four years. 1 cannot believe that I 
am finished with VMl. This feeling of joy and elation is joined 
with a feeling of nervousness. I know that 1 would not have made 
it without the support and love from my parents and grandpar- 
ents whose confidence in me has never wavered. My two sis- 
ters always kept me humble and striving to be the best kept me 
striving. But as graduation comes I know that I will miss my 
roommales, Phil, Steve, lames, and even you Mike. Our room 
was definitely one of the best. We had such great fun, though 
we got on one anothers nerves. I hope that our time together is 
forgotten during our time apart. To my co-dykes, we had a great 
time. We always lived the 123 spirit. My rat Sieve, keep the 
course and keep bettering yourself. The greener pastures are 
there, just keep going, and you will arrive. Remember to have a 
smile about it. You were a great rat, you have made me proud. 
Looking back at the four years of VMl I have to say that some 
moments were definitely better than others. And some people 
here were better than others, but all are great stories. Light- 
ing half the room on fire rat year was thrilling. Ring Figure 
and the nut-tapping incident that ensued. The horrors of MS3 
Spring FIX and LDAC keep me thankful for a nice, warm, 
dry blanket. But the best year was definitely First Class 
year. I reached the pinnacle of cadetship, ready to take on 
the challenges of post VMl life in the Army Overall 1 will 
miss VMl. It has been the home for us the past four years. 


What is VMl really all about? Its about some great 
guys, some 'how did we get so freakin luckv' stories, 
and more laughs than anyone can handle. Us about 
late nights in the Science building and sitting in a car 
in a dark alley. Its about remembering stories and not 
remembering anything. Its about doing it all and get- 
ting out of everything. Its about chillih cans in the 
dorm room and burnin' throats in the boiler room. 
Sometimes you have to start before breakfast and some- 
times continue right through the game. How bad was 
it? Somewhere between not getting away often enough 
and missing it when you leave. Itfe about that feeling 
you get when you see the back side of barracks and 
that feeling skirt got during hell week. Always remem- 
ber that the closest friends are made while laughing 
and enjoying that cynical, sarcastic, warped sense of 
humor we just can't get away from anymore. Was it 
really the worst thing that could happen to anyone... 
Ever? Probably, but opinions are always treason. 

DYKE 2006: Dave Kimsey 
RAT 2012: Steven Lyle 

DYKE 2006: Thomas ?. Bradford 
RAT 2012: Greg Hellenga 

DYKE 2006: Mike Werner 
RAT 2012: Walter Coughlan 

94 First Class 

JiVTJi-JiSlLSAiLti-J LSill 

KurtJ. Seldl 

"Number 1" 

Manassas, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force ^^. 

Ice Hockey, RAT Challenge, NCMT, CWRT, TCM, 


Shannon D. Sellers 

Riverdale, Georgia 
PsychologY - 
Air Force 

Jordan M. Seymour 

St. Augustine, Florida 



m \ 

So four years are finally over, it has not been an easy 
four years, and not exactly fun, but definitely some- 
thing to remember for the rest of my life. Thanks to 
my parents and sisters for supporting me through 
the tough times. Thanks to all my brother rats that 
have helped me these four years and thanks espe- 
cially to my roommates (Tom, Drew, and Ira) the 
TCM and the realm: without you all this place would 
have been a lot worse. Good luck in the future. To 
the rats of 172: study hard, this is a school, you need 
to graduate but remember to have fun at the same 
time. Rules were meant to be broken, just learn how 
not to get caught, and if you do get caught, remem- 
ber that the worst thing they can do is bone you. 

Track and Field 

Many people didn't think 1 would make it here but, 1 
MADE it: 

"Life only demands from you the strength you pos- 
sess. Only one feat is possible - not to have run awayr 
- Dag Hammarskiold (1905-1961) 




DYKE 2006: Jeff Gilmore 

RAT 2012: Tim Gregory, Robert Hale 

DYKE 2006: Lezshell A. Mackall 
RAT 2012: Kaity Harrison 

DYKE 2006: Dan Osborn 
RAT 2012: Bradley Chamberlain 

First Class 95 i' 


TauseefN. Sheikh 

"Beast from the East" 

Lahore, Pakistan 

Modern Languages and Cultures 

Air Force 

Wel-Yu Shih 

"Crasian; "Shihman" 

Yunlin, Taiwan 


Air Force 

Bradley J. Simpson 


Roanoke, Virginia 

Business and Economics 

Air Force 

Bodybuilding Club, International Club. Interna- 
tional Honor Society 

Nens Volleyball 

Big Red Club President, Ring Figure Committee, 
2009 Social Chair, Alpha Company Cadre, Hard- 
core Alpha. 

I don't like to brag too much about VNl, but credit must be given 
where credit is due. I must confess that at times I hated the dally life 
at the Institute, but looking back on it, 1 owe a lot to this organization 

which at times has been compared to a fascist regime. Although I 
have had serious doubts In the past, in hindsight I am glad 1 came to 
this "special" and "unique" environment which taught me the price- 
less skills of time management and multi-tasking. I learned to face 
adversity in the face and take it head-on and lets noi forget the sense 
of brotherhood that comes from showering with your brother rats at 
the end of an exhausting, mind-numbing day. 

1 have been a private for all 4 years of my cadetship and was far 
from what one might call a "role model cadet; but I believe I have 
learned values that might be a bit more important and useful than 
how to shine shoes so they look like coroframs and 1 know these will 
serve me a lot better In life, however, having said that... one must not 
underestimate the satisfaction of being able to look into your own 
shoes and see your reflection in it. 

To my rats - thank you for being good 111' rat-ties and always doing 
your duties. 1 graduate from the Virginia Military Institute with no 
regrets and 1 leave you with this quote that has motivated me to 
rise up every time I've fallen and believe my I've had my fair share 
of falls. 

For a guy who had never been to a foreign country before, it was 
a really special experience that the main purpose for my first visit 
to another country was matriculating to Virginia Military Institute. I 
went through the four-year cadetship as an exchange student. Before 
1 came here, the Taiwanese military trained me to be more adapted 

to the environments. Then. VMl trained me how to speak English 

and drove me nuts. Therefore, I became a crasaln. The hardest part for 
me was the language barrier. The first day 1 came to VMl, cadres told 
my rat roommate Justin Tammelin to teach me how to speak English. 
When we talk about that story nowadays, we both smile. The ratline 
actually passed by very fast. Thanksgiving. Christmas, and then it 
was time to breakout. Breakout meant a lot to us: instead of 2006-3, 
Class 2009 is formed. Today we are the ones leading the Institute; we 
have, and we will make the institute be proud of us. I am so lucky to 
be a part of the Class 2009. RAT you are the ones to carry on what 
we have done and spread out the fame of the institute. You all built the 
brotherhood during the ratline, and its time for you to enjoy the sweet- 
ness together. Never give up your friendship between your brother rats. 
You are THE VMl Class 2012. More than my BRs, I have many families 
here. My roommates' families, my best friends' families, thank you 
for treating me as your son. I doht feel homesick while I have you all 
around. During the ratline, there was a very Important person who 
kept boosting the morale for me when 1 was low-spirited. She is my 
current girlfriend, Xln-Min Yang. Thank you very much for cheering 
on me when I need It. Xin-Min, 1 love you. Last but not the least. Mom, 
Dad, thank you for stopping me from going to the police academy 1 
would not have a change to become a member of class 2000 if i went 
to the police academy. Thank you for supporting me at VMl. 1 love you! 

First above all, 1 would like to thank God for the chance to attend VMl, 
without Him 1 would have never made it through. Second, 1 would like 
to thank my parents for everything that they have done to support me; 
through the good and the bad. they have been there no matter what. 
Whether it was the random trips from Roanoke, being on the parade 
deck before 1 even woke up for BRC on Saturdays to tailgate, trips to 
Wal-Mart, or sending LTC Levenson brownies to keep 122 out of trouble. 
It has never gone un-noticed, you have sacrificed a lot, and for that 1 
am truly grateful. Major Baker, 1 want to thank you for always being 
there for me. When the BU/EC department got me down, you were 
always there to tell me how much Duke sucks or how Tennessee will 
never win again, and you always had a way of making me smile. You 
have been a tremendous mentor, thank you for everything you have 
done for me. 1 truly would have never made it through the department 
without you. Matt, thank you for being such a great roommate for three 
years. 1 could not have had a better person to spend the good and bad 
with. To Trent, Chris, and Kyle, living In 122 with you guys has been a 
blast; I couldn't have done it without each of you. You guys are the best 
friends 1 could ever ask for; YOU made this place bearable. I wish all 
of you the best of luck In the future and wish you ail the success you 
could ever want. To all of the Alpha crew, thank you for always being 
there for me, 1 would have never wanted to be in another company. 1 
could have never made it through the four years of this place without 
each and every one of you. To the rats of 122: CJ. FVankhn. Aaron. Kevin, 
lustin, and Adrian. ALWAYS remember what we have taught you. We 
have tried our hardest to teach you right from the wrong, now itfe your 
turn to carry on our legacy, make us proud. Keep your head up and 
keep on keeping on. All of you will make fine cadets, for years to come. 

DYKE 2006: Michael W Forster 
RAT 2012: Santana, Garcia 

DYKE 2006: Wei-Yin Chanj 
RAT 2012: Chan-Yi Liao 

DYKE 2006: Chris Stone 
RAT 2012: CJ McDonald 

96 First Class 

Travis Smlnk 

Dalmatia, Pennsylvania 


Air Force 

Justin R. Smith 

Hanson, Massacliusetts 

Mechanical Engineering 


Shannon D. Smith 


Alexandria, Virginia 

International Studies 

Air Force 


1 >.. \ 

\ nrir\\,V 

DYKE 2006: Kelly M. Sweppenhiser 

DYKE 2006: James E White 

"If 1 could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be 
it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scien- 
tists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than 
my own meandering experience. Don't worry about the future; or 
worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an 
algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your 
life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the 
kind that bllndside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday. Do one thing 
every day that scares you. Sing. Don't be reckless with other peoples 
hearts, don't put up with people who are reckless with yours. Don't 
waste your time on jealousy; sometimes youre ahead, sometimes 
you're behind. The race Is long, and in the end, lis only with yourself. 
Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you 
succeed in doing this, tell me how. Stretch. Don't feel guilty if you 
don't know what you want to do with your life. The most Interesting 
people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their 
lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don't. 
Get plenty of calcium. Be kind to your knees, you'll miss them when 
they're gone. Maybe you 11 marry, maybe you wont, maybe you'll have 
children, maybe you won't, maybe you'll divorce at 40, maybe you'll 
dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary. What- 
ever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself 
either - your choices are half chance, so are everybody elses. Dance. 
Even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room. Read 
the directions, even if you don't follow them. Get to know your par- 
ents, you never know when they'll be gone for good. Be nice to your 
siblings; they are the best link to your past and the people most likely 
to stick with you in the future. But trust me on 

DYKE 2007: Raevon PuUiam 
RAT 2012: Raquel Sanchez 



First Class 97 



( 9r > ** 

Kevin M. Snevely 

Oakton, Virginia 



Durham j. Snuff In 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 
Air Force 





^B*i ^'■^t 

^^ i^^H 



^ J^H 





1 ^^_^ 



\ ^^^i^B 


v'^ — '^m 

Alexander J, Snyder 

"Ai: Albe" 

Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 


Air Force 

RAT Challenge (1,2,34), Psychology Club (1,2,34), 
Philosophy Club (2,34), College Republicans (1,2), 
Cadet Newspaper (2,3) 

Golf Club, Cadre, English Honors Society 

S-l Captain, Bravo Ops Sgt, Bravo Cpl, RAT Chal- 
lenge ACIC (07-08) 

Take a lot of weekends. 


Thanks Mom, thanks Dad, thanks Tuck, thanks Elsa, 
thanks Grammie, thanks John, thanks )oe, thanks 
Kerry, thanks Tucky, thanks Natalie, thanks Rocky, 
thanks Dublin, thanks Tonka. Thanks )eff, thanks 
Ryan, thanks Chris. RAT, remember what I told you. 

1 must say I came to VMl for an experience of a lifetime and that 
is exactly what it has been. I truly believe life is about stories. 
When I am old and grumpy 1 want to be able to sU in a chair and 
talk to other old grumpy men about wild stories of my youth. 
VMl has given me plenty of stories, some of which I would 
rather not remember and some 1 hope to never forget. Through 
the many early mornings and very late nights i have learned to 
manage my time, multi task, and most importantly gained a 
wealth of knowledge on personal pranks. I have also learned to 
not believe everything 1 hear because, thanks to extreme bore- 
dom, rumors spread tike wild fire. There is an intangible gift 
this school has given me. Its a feeling that whatever life puts 
in my way, I will be able to succeed. VMl has taught me that 
life isnt always fair, but if I keep trying 1 will one day realize 
my goals and be a better man for it. 1 will certainly miss the 
Institute, which has been my home for the better part of the last 
four years. But my loss does not come without many gains. 1 can 
honestly say this institute has given me a strong character, integ- 
rity a great work ethic, and most importantly — lifelong friends. 

To my roommates: U has been an interesting adventure but 1 
wouldn't change it for the world. Always remember... nose goes 

your responsibility to be the danceman. . .1 have no doubt you wilt.' 

As I inched towards graduation, 1 came to the realization that a com- 
plete summary and reflection of my time at the Institute was Impossi- 
ble to draft. Words and sentences cannot describe the constant battle 
a four year cadetship entails. However, the lessons 1 have learned 
because of the pains 1 have endured are priceless and unique to the 
VMl experience. I would not changed one thing about my cadetship 
everything served a purpose. Perhaps one day I will be able to explain 
my feelings and situation, but certainly not now as I write this short 
narrative. The Paisans: Our dinner conversations brought me more 
laughter than I can explain. We will have to reunite later in life to con- 
tinue the genius, but profanity laced, discussions much was learned 
by all. All of you are my best friends. THE 126: We were a thorn in the 
Instituted side. Our shade will forever remain pulled. I appreciate all 
of you accepting me into your room after Hank graduated early. The 
Chemistry Department: I appreciate the humbling academic experi 
ence that all of you afforded me. 1 am grateful for the relationship I 
had with every professor in the department. Doc Jones you are the 
man, continue to mentor and develop students just as you did with 
me. To the Lers: For giving me something to hope and believe in and a 
connection to home Mom and Dad. 1 thank you for raising me with high 
moral character and never letting me take the easy way out. You were 
hard on me but it made me who I am today. I thank you for affording 
me the opportunity to attend VMl. 1 could not have done this with- 
out you. Brothers and Sisters, being the middle child made me tough 
enough to endure these hardships. My Fiance. Brittany: After dating 
me for my entire cadetship, 1 do believe you also had a full VMl experi- 
ence. Your love and care for me helped through some of the toughest 
times of my life. I most certainly appreciate your patience - I love you. 

DYKE 2006: Jeffrey J. Gilmore 
RAT 2012: Joel Chapman, Mike Strobo 

DYKE 2006: Charlie Brennan 
RAT 2012: DAngelo Smith 

DYKE 2006: John Mundt 
RAT 2012: Joel Hutchens 

Charles D. Snyder 

"Chuck'; "Charlie" 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Air Force 

Christopher D. Somma 

Williamsburg, Virginia 
Air Force 

Ryan G. Spahr 

Annandale, Virginia 

International Studies 

Air Force 


NCMT 3.2,1: RAT challenge 3. 2. 1; VMl ERT 3,2.1; 
Big Brother 2; Color Cpl: Color Sgt; First Class Pvt; 
Cadet Tour Guide 3,2; Ring Design Co-Chair 2. 

NCAA Swimming 


My years here have been a non-stop learning expe- 
rience. Yeah, 1 learned a lot in the classes 1 took 
though my GPA may not accurately reflect that fact. 
But, 1 have also learned a lot from experiences out- 
side the classroom. 1 have learned exactly how not 
to treat people if 1 am trying to earn their respect. 1 
have also learned how to be a decent human being 
despite less than favorable circumstances. This place 
has left me with many memories which 1 will be 
able to draw on and apply to life after VMl. In clos- 
ing, and for Mitch Ress I would like to sum up my 
time here with a lyric from the Grateful Dead song 
titled Truckia "What a long, strange trip its been." 

DYKE 2006: Tom Zager 
RAT 2012: Mike Fiorelll 

One of the first questions someone asked me after Matriculation 
was why am 1 here. To this 1 can not offer some great reason. Fact 
is. 1 came here because I made the decision in bth Grade and stuck 
with it. Over my four years 1 have adapted to the system, sometimes 
loving it, other times hating it, but always taking pride in the ideals 
it represents. For all its problems (The never-ending fight between 
some in the Corps and the administration, or some in the Corps and 
others in the Corps) VMl has in many ways become my home. Most 
people I know here are like family to me; and on occasion 1 have had 
great deals of fun here. Other times the only redeeming thing was 
the quote that I have heard from countless alumni. 'A bad place to 
be, a great place to be from'. There are several people 1 would like 
to thank: my family (especially my mom who has always been sup- 
portive), my Brother RAT and members of the other classes and my 
rats. Earl and Eric, to whom the rest of this is directed. To my RAT; 
remember, after putting up with four years of VMl. everything else 
is easier. I hope you understand something that I did not realize until 
later in my cadetship. This is that there was never a time when all 
was perfect at VMl. There was never a time when the Administra- 
tion heard the Ideas of all cadets or when all cadets took pride in 
being here. That being said, strive for perfection in yourself, try to 
change the wrongs that you see, but realize that not everyone will 
care as much as you do and some things just will not get fixed. 
In closing, I have come to realize that VMl is a place that 
only those who attend can truly understand. Outsiders may 
grasp certain parts, but unless you have been through a simi- 
lar system, you can only imagine what VMl is really like. 

"He is best who is trained in the s 


DYKE 2006: Tim Helmick 

RAT 2012: Earl Ballowe, Eric Mehaffey 

Study abroad was awesome. No matter where I go in the world 
I will always remember my brother rats. Honor those who have 
fought in wars protecting our country. Never forget the traditions. 

DYKE 2006: James Donovan 
RAT 2012: 


First Class 99 

■"■"^""■-""~-'' ' 

..T»..a.— IHi-^— -^..r,r>-^- 


Kelsey L. Stafford 

Charlottesville, Virginia 



Welt first off, I have lo thank my family. Mom, Dad, Sam and Andy, 1 
couldn't have gone through all this without any of you. You all have 
been so supportive all the way through; 1 appreciate it all so much. 
Christina, 1 couldn't have asked for a better roommate of four years. 
There are so many memories that we have had together that I know 
I'll never forget. And I'm sure there are many more to come. Hannah, 
you have made these last two years of running possible, and have had 
many fun experiences! Hang in there, and get out and have some fun 
whenever you can! These past four years have definitely been an expe- 
rience that will stay with me and one that will shape me for the rest of 
my life. I've laughed, cried, fought, yelled, and everything in-between. 
1 know that no matter what craziness and hardships that we all had to 
go through here, it just makes us stronger for it. However. 1 am sad to 
leave behind three unique, amazing rats. Jenn, you can do absolutely 
anything you want at this school, the skys the limit, so don't ever 
settle. Carrie, you can go so far with your attitude and exuberance, 
keep smiling and never let anything at this crazy place changes that 
amazing personality of yours. Silvia, you have so much potential, 
stay strong girl. You are absolutely beautiful; don't let anyone ever 
tell you differently And lenna, you were like my fourth rat. Have a 
blast here, no matter what anyone says and don't be afraid to step out 
of your comfort zone every once and a while. You all have made me 
so proud, 1 couldn't have asked for better rats. Well, my time is up. I 
suppose if 1 had to choose one thought to leave everyone with, it would 
be this. 'Go confidently into the direction of your dreams, and live the 
life you imagined.- Thoreau... And thatfe exactly what 1 plan to do.... 

Christina L. Stalnaker 

"Tina" "Stone" "X" 

Newport News, Virginia 



Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Circle of Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Vice President of Investigations: 
Cadet Equity Association, Hotel Company Execu- 
tive Officer, The Navigators, American Chemical 
Society, Cheerleading, Ranger Challenge 

The most valuable lesson I've learned during my cadetship is to 
take adversity straight on in order to let it make you better, not 
bitter. Many people 1 know have let VMI or the people at VMl get 
under their skin and they let it eat them up inside. At times 1 have 
let this institution take my identity away from me, too. I forgot 
who I really was inside. But as General Jackson said, "You may 
be whatever you resolve to ber Only you can define yourself. 
1 have been fortunate enough to have enough AMAZING friends 
here to let me forget about the enemies. I want to thank all of my 
friends (I don't need lo name you or give shout outs, yall know 
who you are!) for constantly reminding me that I am the only one 
that can define myself. Without all of you 1 would have turned 
bitter, but instead I will graduate knowing that we have had noth- 
ing but good times here together. 1 wish ail of you the very best 
of luck and hope to keep in touch with everyone. Words that I live 
by:Everything is OKAY in the end, if its not okay.... Us just not 
the end yet.Micah & Sam: You two are both beautiful, intelligent 
women and I know you will accomplish so much here. I am so glad 
that 1 have gotten to be your dyke and so thankful for all that you 
have done for me!!! Keep on trucking. Keep me informed on all of 
your many successes to come! I love you both 3 Hollywood RAT: 
Thank you so much for such a great year. You all worked so hard 
for us and should be proud of all you've accomplished together. 1 
can't wait to hear about where you all end up as you work your way 
down to the first stoop. Never forget to stay true lo yourselves 
and each other. 

Trevor V. Stance 

Garden City New York 
Business and Economics 


Cadet Investment Group and Varsity Swimming 

August '05 — thatfe a long road back.One Hell Week, dozens of scream- 
ing cadre, penalties and 15 pounds later, VMl had begun to whittle 
me into shape. . .only the start though. For a coddled boy from Long 
Island, these years have been a mind-boggling adventure! True there 
was always a knot in my stomach coming to E.xlt 191 on 81, with the 
turrets of VMl looming, but the Mother I had her hold. What can 1 say, 
rat challenges, the Crucible and pulling Willie and Travis down the river, 
taking tubes down the Maury during the summer, study breaks to 
Wal-Mart, the Southern Inn or wherever out of barracks. Hotel Compa- 
nyfe amazing Christmas lights and the music after hours — all indelible 
in my book. It was a welcome breather to take leave to study in Seville 
where my Espanola and acquaintance with cervesa expanded. I may 
have been a little shell-shocked those first weeks of my re-entry, but 
it all came back to me as 1 climbed to the third stoop. One week that 
wont be forgotten in Ring Figure. You gotta love the tradition and 
progression down to the first stoop! I enjoyed the movie nights, week 
night drinks with Brush, storytelling with Andrew Rice, live with Alex 
Oliver and always having great teachers to support me. The Econom- 
ics and Business department gave me a tough learning experience with 
the excellent teaching from Col. Busts eccentric classes, to Major Bakerfe 
passion and ability to engage us all. On-the-road times with Coach and 
the team provided some relief from the rigor and rules, and of course 
we have those 2 conference titles. Teammates Alex Brush, Steven Rus- 
sell and the guys in lane one, you made the workouts bearable. Meeting 
every Monday night with the investment group was been the greatest 
hands-on experience. To the rats of room Cll. Garret, lacob, and espe- 
cially Byron, our pleasure to break you in. You did well and keep it up. 

DYKE 2007: Hatley Clifford 

RAT 2012: Carrle Wortham, Silvia Madron 

DYKE 2006: Mary K. Osborne 
RAT 2012: Micah Coate, Samantha Farr 

DYKE 2006: Mike Morris 
RAT 2012: Byron Relyea 

100 First Class 

■ -n-i^^ir-r- -'irrvTrT 'vr-rv: T-ra.'S? 

Daniel Stanlslawskl 

"Stan; 'Tolska': "Ski'; "Big Stan" 

Waynesboro, Virginia 

Civil & Environmental Engineering 


Club Soccer 4; Bodybuilding Qub 3,2; Tau Beta Pi; 
SAME Member; Delta Company Cadre; 1st Platoon 
U 1; Operations Sergeant 2; 3rd Corporal 3. 

Thomas B. Stauffer 

"Tom; "Barbero" 

Greensboro. North Carolina 

History, International Studies 


RAT Challenge Cadre, Guideon, OGA, TCM. 

Brian T. Steel 

"The Bear'; "Steelio; "Big Steel" 

Chilhowie, Virginia 

History and Economics/Business 

Air Force 

Club Golf Team, Hotel Company Clerk, Hotel Com- 
pany First Sergeant, Sigma Beta Delta 

Us kind of hard to believe that this Is all coming to an end. Although 
It did seem like an eternity during some periods of my cadetship, 
when I take time to reflect upon it now. 1 feel as though time really 
has flown by Ftom the rat line on to being a dyke it really was 
a wild experience that I will neither forget nor regret. 1 will never 
forget the memories and friendships that 1 forged from the ratline 
with my maddogs from Delta Company. Also, the moments that 
I've shared with my roommates over the past few years, Jarrett, 
)osh, and of course Ben, will never be forgotten. I've even learned 
to appreciate the usual chaotic classroom moments with my CE 
brother rats. Without these people at VMl 1 don't know how my 
cadetship would have panned out and it is for this reason that 1 
am thankful for all that you all have done for me. Now its time 
to give some advice to my rat and best friend, Boris. I'm proud 
of you for what you have done during your short time at VMl. 
Keep up the good name of the dyke line that began with my dyke, 
Andrew, t^eep your head up, your time at VMl Is relatively short 
and make sure you take the time to stay close to your brother rats, 
for they are what help you through your experience at the 'V. On 
that note, 1 must say it will be sad leaving my brother rats, how- 
ever a new chapter is ahead for all of us. No need to worry about 
me though, I'm heading off to graduate school to finally experience 
that real college life ;-) . Well, good luck to all my maddogs, brother 
rats, roommates, and last but not least to the rats of room 1191 

To all of my family and friends back home who have helped 
me in the past four y^^rs. thank you so much, it has meant 
more than 1 can express. To all of my roommates and friends 
here, you are the best guys 1 know and 1 couldn't have done 
It without you. 1 wouldn't trade the times 1 had with you 
for anything in the world. To my RAT, you guys have been 
great and good luck, don't let this place get the best of you. 

"Yelling at a VMl Cadet is like spitting into the Ocean" 

! began this journey by myself, but finishing it with friends that 
will last a lifetime. There are no words that can explain VMl, but 
1 will give it a shot. 1 once thought VMl would make me a better 
person through inspections, mandatory classes, and a strict honor 
code. However, I learned that I was the one who made me who 1 
am today. Although VMl helped me along in the process. It was me 
who eventually made the final decisions on the path I would take In 
life. With that said, t would have never made it through this school 
without family, friends, and a dedicated faculty. To the class of 2009, 
thank you for the great memories that we will always share. To my 
family 1 will always remember the love and support thai you have 
given me throughout my life, especially throughout the past four 
years. Mom and Dad. thank you for letting me go on matriculation 
day and never having any doubts on what I could accomplish. Jake 
thank you for always being there for me throughout all of our ups and 
downs. To Nathan, Andrew, and Alex, there are no words to describe 
our senior year living together. I will always remember Nathan slob- 
bering on his pillow, Andrew modeling himself after Glenn Beck, 
and Alex measuring himself at night. That Is just a small sample 
of the memories I will take with me. For the past four years, I could 
always come back to the room and let all my troubles go to the way- 
side because there was always someone there to help me through 
the high and low points of my cadetship. To my rats, you have made 
my senior year less burdensome, while at the same time, teaching 
me lessons that have allowed me to mature. 1 will never be able to 
replace these years. Although 1 am happy to leave. 1 will never take 
these four years for granted. 1 can't wait to see where everyone in 
our class ends up; Good luck In the endeavors you choose In life. 

DYKE 2006: Andrew Dernovsek 
RAT 2012: Boris Duvnjak 

DYKE 2006: Christopher S. Chase 
RAT 2012: Matt Dickinson, Sam White 

DYKE 2006: Kyle Lynch 

RAT 2012: Ben Howard, George Jamerson 

First Class 101 

.^T»..».-. IK '.^^,, ^r^- '■"'. 


Christopher A. Sterbenz, Jr. 

Oakton, Virginia 



Nell A. Stewart 

Adam'; "Moses" "Stewy" 

Richmond, Virginia 

MecVianical Engineering 


EMT Cadet in charge, 3 years Lexington Rescue, 
3.5 years ERT, Marathon Club, 2 years English 

Brandon M. StlUo 

Phillipsburg, New Jersey 

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Air Force 


Ny past four years at VMl have taught me to fight through 
adversity and reach this great milestone. Without the sup- 
port of my brother rats, parents, and fiance 1 wouldn't be in 
the position I am in today. After VMI 1 will spend the next 
four years in the Army as a transportation officer build- 
ing off of my experiences at the Institute. 1 am ready for 
what the future will bring and proud to be a VMl alumnus. 


After its all over, I can say it was worth it. I've been fortunate 
to have great roommates and great friends every year I've 
been here. A special thanks to everyone who, through the 
last four years supported me every step of the way. Mom and 
Dad thanks for everything. SHAUN who? SHAUN JONES 1 
would talk about the great things we've done but they are 
not appropriate to be publicly read. Shaun. Curt Ivins. Jeff 
Parker, you welcomed me here and taught me what you knew, 
I'm grateful for the time we spent together. Now for some co- 
dyke loving. TaDuncafish, in the end it was just you and me. 
Jedwetruly went through VMl together. 154 Roomies: Aaron, 
Greg, Gordon, and led. Heres to us. All the guys, theres too 
many to list and I know what would happen if I forget some- 
body, 1 wont attempt that summersault. Brendan, youve 
come a long ways, take what you learn here and apply it. 
I'm confident in you. Rob, Travis, Mike, and. Christian make 
the best out of the time you have here. Congrats class of 
2009. In conclusion: Do something with your life. Cheers. 

DYKE 2006: Mike Maleski 
RAT 2012: Andrew Deal 

102 First Class 

DYKE 2006: Stiaun lones 
RAT 2012: Brendan Honeychuck 

DYKE 2006: Michael D. Werner 
RAT 2012: N/A 



Graham M. Stolle 

"Young Sneezy" "Old Nan" 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

International Studies 


Science and Security, College Republicans, Model 
Arab League. 

As we approach graduation 1 think to myself, what memories would 
I have if I did not transfer to VMl? I would not have 
being in the front leaning rest on the stoop. I would have r 
of grade A quality burgers instead I have memories of Crozet Mys- 
tery meat. 1 would have memories of the best Happy Hour deals 
around but rather I have memories of screaming Rat Bible knowl- 
edge. I matriculated a fat, lazy alcoholic, now . . . well some things 
never change. 

Not for a second have 1 regretted coming to VMl. Not because of 
the ways 1 have changed but because of the people I have come to 
know. There have been hard time and fun times. We have all come 
here with many different goals. However, in the end we all come 
together with the one goal of graduating from VMl. It is not leaving 
on the weekends that I will remember, it is the pushing on the stoop 
after locking the thirds in their rooms, it is the sweat parties, it is the 
rings we earned. 1 thank al! of my BRs for these great experiences 1 
have received. 1 thank my family for their support and I thank VMl 
for only making this a four year institute. 

Megan E. Strand 

"Meg'; "Mego" 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 


Air Force 

NCAA Womens Soccer 

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you are 
riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee 
from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, 
put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Livel -Bob Marley 

These past four years have been an interesting experience 
to say the least. 1 want to give a shoutout to: my awe- 
some roomies of 117- good luck in the real world ladies; 
my partner in crime on and off the field (Z Easy); my 
awesome rat (Gabs)- don't let people bring you down, 
the next few years go by fast so enjoy them the best you 
can; my 111 Sis (Sarah) - 1 am going to miss playing with 
you and seeing you everyday, play hard and have fun! 

John E. Tagg 

Gary, North Carolina 

International Studies 



'^ f 

DYKE 2006: Blake Faller DYKE 2007: Vanessa M. Berrios 

RAT 2012: Hunter Beasley, Craig Walman RAT 2012: Gabby McCarron 

DYKE 2006: jason Long 
RAT 2012: 


First Class 103 


Justin S. Tammelln 

"Tarn TanY; "Tammelin the Whirlwind" 
VestaL New York 
Army ..... ' 

Rugby 4; Competition Pipe Team 3. '"' ' 

As four years come to a close and new chapter of our lives begin I 
will look back on my time here with mixed emotions. Some days 1 
will hate it, and others I will love U. VMl has made the outside world 
easy. Over the past four years 1 have become good friends with a 
number of you and I take interest in your dally lives. You are the 
best friends anyone could ever ask for. To my Brother RAT, I wish 
you all the very best, and I am extremely proud to count myself 
among your ranks. You are true and you are noble to the end and 
I thank you. To my roommates, 1 consider you my family. We have 
shared our good times and our bad. If any of you ever need me I'll 
be there without question; even if that means flying to Taiwan. To 
my RAT, I consider all of you my rats. You should be proud of your- 
selves in what you have already accomplished. You are all on your 
way to becoming fine Keydets and good men. Remember don't Judge 
someone on outward appearance alone because the character of a 
man is much more Important. I am proud of all of you. To my family 
thank you for supporting me through these last 4 years and not even 
asking for anything less then everything. Mom, Dad, Nicole 1 love you 
all very much. Finally to VMl Rugby, I have given you the past four 
years of my life, two shoulders, and unknown amounts of sweat and 
blood. I know and trust the players on this team and I thank all of 
you for your time and your effort. You are all very important to me 
and because of your friendships I stayed at VMl, 1 know you will do 
well under your new leadership and I have no doubt that all of your 
futures will prosper. Coach Howe Thank you. 1 hope that 1 have made 
a mark on the Institute over my time here and that my reputation is 
pleasing to all who hear it. I will miss you VMl. and I will not forget. 

DYKE 2007: Christopher S. Chase 
RAT 2012: Matt Harper 

Alexa C, Tarbona 

"T-Bone'; 'Tbeezy'; "Bizz" "Big T 

Richmond, Virginia 


Air Force 

Drum Major, EN Society, Timmins Gentry Music 
Society, Big Brother Big Sister, QMD CIC, NCAA 
Womenfe Soccer, Club Softball 

First and foremost, I need to thank my entire family for their love and 
support; their faith In me means more than words can describe. Next, 
1 have to thank my very best friends from back home, Krista and Jes- 
sica. Though they may never read this, their understanding and love 
throughout this whole experience has taught me the value of strong, 
unshakable friendship. 1 love you both. Last and certainly not least. I 
need to thank all of my friends here at VMl, the ones who have stood 
by my side and experienced this odd place with me for the past four 
years. To my Brother RAT in Band Co. thank you for all of your love, 
support, and friendship — you are the greatest bunch of guy friends 
a girl could ask for. You're all my brothers, and I love you all. To the 
ladles In the Class of 200P. though we have lost many along the way 
I am proud to be graduating with such a stellar selection of women, 
you will all do great things. To the plethora of roommates I've had. 
thank you for putting up with me, sober or otherwise. The greatest 
and most unforgettable memories here at VMl are with you all. To my 
underclass friends, it has been nothing short of amazing watching you 
all grow into yourselves, chins up until graduation, and best of luck 
in the future. To my beautiful roommate. Domonlque, thank you so 
much for loving me no matter what. You deserve the best, and you will 
find it in time. I love you! To my very best friend, lessica, thank you for 
loving me and supporting me through the best and worst times these 
past four years. You've been the greatest gift this place has brought 
me thus far. It has been a wild ride, and I wouldn't change a thing. I 
love you and I know you will do something amazing with your life. 
To my rat, Lucy. 1 am forever proud of you and good luck with the 
rest of your cadetship. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow this 
year, stay strong and keep smiling! RIP Ernest S. Washington 2-16-08 

DYKE 2006: Robyn M. Schaperjahn 
RAT 2012: Lucille B. Stratton 

Joseph J. Taylor 

Glen Allen, Virginia 



DYKE 2006: Jason T. Major 
RAT 2012: 


104 First Class 




Keith L. Taylor, II 


Mechanicsville, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force 

Zachary C. Tharp 

"Zach" "Corpsman" 

McGaheysville, Virginia 


Air Force 

Drew Thompson 

Perry, Florida 

Mechanical Engineering 


VMl Football, RDC, Concrete Canoe, SAME 

Rugby Football Club. ERT, and Lexington Rescue Club Golf 1; Cadre 3,2,1. 

First of all I would to thank some people who really helped 
me to make it through this place: My parents without them I 
wouldn't be who 1 am, my girlfriend Melissa who has been the 
best girlfriend a guy could have, my boy D WOOD who is my 
best friend for life, and Pat McKinney who has stuck with me 
through long days at football practice and long nights In NEB. 
After being here for four years I have learned a lot and the big- 
gest lesson is that NO ONE makes it through here alone. I have 
been blessed with a lot of friends in the place (yall know who 
you are). I also have to give a huge shout to the football team 
I have spent more time around you guys than anyone here 
and you guys have always been like family, I appreciate that. 

As boring as we say this place is no one has more stories 
than the people I have met here, and by far we have the most 
entertaining stories. Don't get me wrong this place is boring 
at times and then there are those times when the crazy sto- 
ries come into affect, 1 can defiantly say 1 have my fair share 
of them. I think the biggest lesson 1 have learned from all of 
that is that good things and good times can unexpectedly come 
from any place at anytime. I have had plenty of good times and 
plenty of bad times in my time here, I can honestly say that 
1 would not trade any of theses experiences for anything all 
because of the people I have encountered while having them. 

To my parents: Thank you for always being there for me, even when 
you didn't agree with the choices I made when it came to girls, school, 
or job choices. 1 owe you for molding me into the man 1 am today. 
So thanks again and I hope I continue to make you guys proud. To 
my roommates: Mello. you are my closest friend and a person whose 
opinion I value; thanks for ail the advice throughout the years from 
matriculation day to graduation. 'Wanna go out to eat?' Mar, thanks 
for all the good times, going out to meet girls and '1 can handle it. I'm 
a sailor." Kari, last and definitely the shortest, you put up with a lot 
of abuse from Mello and me, but in the end we still loved each other. I 
wish you guys the best in years to come and cannot wait to run into 
you guys soon. To my BBs: I'm going to miss you guys. We have 
survived hell together and we have done it while having fun. We are 
the Class of 2009 and wherever we go in life we will have that common 
bond. To my rats: All of you. Todd. Ryan. Will, Alex, Lee. and of course 
lake, have done something great, but it is only the beginning. Your 
dykes are leaving; it is your turn to suffer through VMl as we have. U 
is a long journey; keep your chin up and help each other, you are co- 
dykes. To my little brother: I'm proud of you lake, you haven't tainted 
the Tharp name at all. You have a different legacy than the rest and 
I know you'll do great. You've always been the smarter one, so keep 
it up; 1 know you il excel here at VMl despite the unique challenges. To 
all my friends: 1 couldn't have done it without your support. You guys 
made this place bearable with the places to crash and the drinking 
partners on the weekends. If you need anything don't hesitate to call. 
Think where man& glory most begins and ends. And say 
my glory was I had such friends. William Butler Yeats 

As I reflect back at my time here at VMl, I know that it is only because 
of my friends, family and God that 1 have made it through. There 
were many times that I was very disappointed with what was hap- 
pening at VMl. I know that 1 have talked to many other cadets who 
feet the same way unfortunately as a cadet it Is easy to get focused 
on the small things that make our life hard day to day and forget to 
step back and take a look at the school we have had the privilege to 
attend. 1 can say confidently that there is no other place that is like 
VMl. 1 am glad that I not only chose to come here but decided to stick 
it out through the tough times. I have made some friendships that 
hopefully will last forever and learned lesson that will serve me well 
as I enter the real world. My roommates deserve a special thanks, 
they put up with my complaining, weirdness and generally difficult 
personality. You guys are awesome; 1 am blessed to have lived with 
you. I would also like to thank all the various people that took me in 
over my cadetship, being far from home it was good to have a place 
that I could get away from VMl. Daren Timmons (Dr. T) deserves 
a special thanks, he took time out of his busy schedule to mentor 
me and push me to grow. 1 know that 1 often took his relationship 
for granted. Finally 1 would like to thank my dykes. i2P probably 
taught me everything I know, or at least everything 1 needed to sur- 
vive at VMl. It has been a great four years, but Tm glad to be done. 

Count it all Joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various 
kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces stead- 
fastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you 
may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. James 1l2-4 

DYKEs 2006: Marcus Barnes 
RAT 2012: TJ Talley, Trae Watkins 

DYKE 2006: Bradley Steidle 
RAT 2012: Todd Sager 

DYKE 2006: Dan Rogers 
RAT 2012: Nathan Iseman 

' 1 i 

First Class 105 



Joseph L. Thompson 

Glasgow. Virginia 


Marine Corps 



DYKE 2004: John Haywood 
RAT 2012: 

Douglas C. Trask 

"Dougie'; "Dougie Fresh" 

Glendora, California 

Mechanical Engineering 


Private - 4, 3, 2, 1; Academic Mentoring - 3, 2; 
SAME - 3, 2; Tau Beta Pi - 2, 1; OGA Vice Presi- 
dent- 1. 

Growing up, I watched tny two brothers successfully tackle VMl. 1 saw 
them change from two goofy high school kids to intelligent, resolule. 
and confident VMl men. Although I was determined to forge my own 
path and go to some other school, I could not help but be attracted to 
the place that changed them so much. Making the decision to go to VMl 
was one of the best decisions of my life. I could not have completed 
four years here without the help of mentors, friends, and family Thank 
you to the ME and Honors faculty for always having open doors. One 
of my favorite parts of VMl was having professors who were so willing 
to give help outside of class and cared so much about their students. I 
could not have become an engineer without their thoughtfulness and 
patience. John Fox, thank you for setting me on the path of a good 
cadetship. You were the best e.xample of a good cadet and an excel- 
lent dyke. Ian, Kip, Daniel, and Reza, thank you for being such good 
roommates and friends. I will always remember singing Kelly Clarkson 
during hell week, trips to Salerno, and joking around until it hurt too 
much to laugh anymore. To the MEs. OGA, Navy mids. and 'broskis'. 
thank you being such loyal friends. You couid make the most depress- 
ing VMl/Navy day a blast. You are all men and women of the finest 
character- 1 can only hope to have friends outside of VMl of the same 
cahber as you. Sam, Bruce, Kyle, and Ray Continue to take care of each 
other and appreciate your time at VMl. There will be ups and down but 
you will look back and value every minute. Lastly I would like to thank 
my family Carl and Scott, thank you for showing me the way and help- 
ing me through all four years. I could not have two better role models. 
I attribute much of my success at VMl and in NROTC to your guidance 
and support. I am so proud of both of you. 1 hope I have made you 
two proud of me- Mom and Dad, thank you for always supporting me. 

DYKE 2006: lohn T. Fox ' 
RAT 2012: Samuel Ramirez 

Tyler W Tucker 

Burke, Virginia 
Air Force 

DYKE 2006: Jason T. Major 
RAT 2012: 



106 First Class 

Ateala L. Tuff 


Newnan, Georgia 


Marine Corps 

Mark A. Turner 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Chemistry History 

Marine Corps 

Swimming, Sports Trainer 

Michael W Vaughn, Jr. 

"Spike" "Woody" 

Columbia, Tennessee 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 


Trap and Skeet Team 1. 

I was a totallY different person when I first came to VMl. I felt I could 
tackle this challenge on my own. 1 learned very quickly that it was 
Impossible to go through this experience on your own. 1 never knew 
what it meant to have to rely on people and for people to rely on me. It 
was very humbling and something that I am grateful for everyday now. 
1 look back and 1 appreciate alt the lessons that this school has taught 
me. 1 feel that my dyke and 1 were paired for a reason because without 
her. 1 know 1 would have never made it through my first semester with 
the attitude that 1 had brought with me to VMl. She showed me the 
ropes and never gave up on me. My roommate, Roxanne Franck is also 
someone that 1 have to thank because without her. I would have never 
become a first classman. She was the one who was always there. We 
pushed each other which made us both better. We felt that as females 
at this school, we had to meet not just the standard put on us, but to 
try to surpass the standard that was put on our male counterparts to 
help earn their respect. My roommate Corie Parsons and I formed a 
special bond that 1 think neither one of us can explain. Between being 
Marine Options and Psychology majors, we pulled each other through 
with the countless sleepless nights and the many silly conversations. 
The love I have for these people is something I cannot put into words 
but is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The VMl 
way of life has been a struggle to say the least but has made a better 
person for it. There is not a doubt in my mind that my life would be 
very different if it was not for this school. For that, I will always be 
grateful. People come to this school with different backgrounds and 
stories. Some are rich, others are poor. Some have had a Leave it 
to Beaver' lifestyle growing up, while others have come from broken 
homes. We all were put into tight quarters and forced to get along. 

I would first like to start by thanking my parents and sister, without 
your prayers and support: it would have been much harder to make 
it through VMl. Your encouragement and support means more to me 
than you will ever know. You have helped me stay the course over 
the last four years and for that I am forever grateful. Looking back 
on my past four years at the Institute, t never thought it would come 
to an end. Itfe true what they say in describing time here. The days 
drag on but the weeks fly by It seems now that the years have done 
the same as welL The memories and the friendships 1 have expe- 
rienced here are something I will always cherish and take with me 
throughout life. The lessons here have also taught me much about 
Ufe and have helped me become a better person and man. To my 
roommates- Justin, Danny and Brian, thank you for alt the support 
and memories we have acquired over the past four years. I couldn't 
have asked for better people to live with, you were truly a bless- 
ing. To all my close friends (you know who you aret: 1 woutdnt have 
made it without you. I have made some amazing friends here that 
I wouldn't trade for anything. You are all such a big part of my life 
and mean the world to me. You were all there through the many ups 
and downs of this place, and I know the bond we share will last for 
many years to come. As we depart here and go our separate ways, I 
hope that we can all stay in touch. To Riley, Caleb. Barrett, Matt, and 
Dave, remember all the things we taught you and hold your dykes 
traditions and values dear. You're all we have left here so make us 
proud. In closing, remember the words of leremiah 20:11 which says. 
'For 1 know the plans 1 have for your declares the LORD, 'plans to 
prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' 

DYKE 2006: Heather Brown 
RAT 2012: Kylie Turner 

DYKE 2006: Todd Wilson 

RAT 2012: Grant Currell, Josh Theroux 

DYKE 2006: Sam Wallace 
RAT 2012: Riley King 

First Class 107 



Bryceon P. Ventelcher-Shulman 

"V-Unit" "Brycenon" 

Woodbridge, Virginia 


Air Force 


Club Lacrosse, English Society History Honors 

Daniel Von Schuch 


Chesterfield, Virginia 



NCAA. Football, Power lifting. Character Counts 

Nathaniel C. Warner 

Norfolk, Virginia 
Air Force 

Honor Court, S2, NCAA XC and track. Triathlon 

It is rumored Ulysses S. Grant once said, "The time 
I spent in Springfield drove me to drink!' After four 
years at VNl, it is easy to appreciate ttiese words. Of 
all the things I'll miss, it will be the time I spent with 
my roommates and close friends. The bonds we've 
formed are the closest anyone can, and 1 know we 
will remain friends for life. Looking back at my time 
at the Institute its been tough and it has made me a 
harder worker. But it also has helped me appreciate the 
little things in life; and it will be hard not to be happy 
without a trumpet waking you up in the morning. 

First 1 would like to thank my mother, father and two broth- 
ers, without their love and prayers I would not have been able 
to make It through VMl. VMl has taught me a tot about friend- 
ship and bonds. 1 have created some of the strongest bonds 
that I will ever have, and they will last me a lifetime. Thanks 
to my close friends, you all have helped me through the good 
and bad times. Thanks to my roommates )ustin, Brian, and 
Mike. I could not have imagined living with anyone else. To the 
best company on the hill. HOTEL Co. thanks for the good times 
we have all had during our time here at VMl. To my rats. Dave 
and Matt, I hope that 1 have taught you guys valuable lessons 
that will help you succeed here. Never forget where you came 
from. Keep up the hard work, 1 promise It will pay off In the end. 

"We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of dis- 
covery guided each by a private chart, of which there is 
no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunltiesr 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Brothers, 1 had no idea the friendships that I would forge over these 
four years. Without all of you, this place would not be worth the 
struggle. Five hundred words will not even begin to scratch the sur- 
face of this experience. 1 will remember and miss all the good times 
I ve shared with many great friends. Brian Steel, 1 am so glad we were 
put together as rat roommates. Without you, I don't know where Id 
be now. 1 look forward to our continued friendsHip after graduation, 
especially when we're old and successful, remembering the good ole 
days over a cold beer. Andrew Rice What can I say? I cant watt till 
we're both back living in Virginia Beach together! Having cookouts 
and sippln on some good stuff while our kids are playin In the yard. 
I'm glad you came to 2P8 when you did. I'll never be able to drink 
Yukon Jack again because of you. Andrew Aloisio. When we're both 
doctors, we're gonna ride our unicycles around and laugh about this 
place. Alex Snyder,Standing up in front of the corps with you almost 
makes formations worth it. 1 enjoy all our talks and am so glad you're 
in the 126 with us this year. Josh Kenny — I've spent many late nights 
philosophizing with you when we definitely should have been study- 
ing! No matter, great memories and still not so bad grades, lared 
Klainbart — Congratulations on aviation! 1 feel only a little bit respon- 
sible for your branch! Haha. Just kidding. But for real, great times 
hating botany with you and great times studying late in Bl and 82 
together! Love ya bro. Andy Zyra, Anytime you want to skip physics 
lab and go surfing, lemme know and we'll roll! To my rats: congratu- 
lations, you're a quarter done! Parents and family — Thank you for all 
your support and kindness over the years. Mom, your tailgates are out 
of this world! Dad, thanks for your quiet wisdom and Jeff, I love you 
bro! Ahma and Abba, thanks for all your love and kindness! 
Katie Snyder— I love you, you're my puzzle piece. 

DYKE 2006: Darren Wellner 
DYKE 2012: Ben Beamer, Andy Chung 

DYKE 2006: Jack Herzog 
RAT 2012: Mathew Palmer 

DYKE 2006: Chris Brandiff 

RAT 2012: Stewart Wilkinson, Jon Ecklund 




Laji.'A';i4.jU*ifc UWBHtg.l»l*^a»ij 

Andrew D. Washblsh 


Saline, Michigan 

International Studies, Spanish 


Ranger Challenge, MMA and RDC 

Myles F. Wasson 

"Fletch: "Fleeha: "The Bear" 
Newburyport, Massachusetts 
International Studies '-^ 

Marine Corps 

Rugby, Charlie Company Cadre, NCMT Cadre, Lex- 
ington Fire Dept, Lexington Rescue Squad 

Jasper W. Watklns 


Grayson, Georgia 


Air Force 

There is no advice I can give to anyone still at VMl or any words of 
wisdom for those of us leaving. Quotes of what VMI tries to make us 
and who we aspire to be can be found everywhere. "You may be what- 
ever you resolve to be? "Never take counsel of your fears" Inscription 
on the Parapet. The Cadet Oath, VMl Mission and especially the shriek- 
ing howl at 3:33 a.m. of DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. The success the 
system creates hasbeen seen on the battlefield and In the boardroom. 
Men reaching the ranks of generals, CEO's or just being noble citizens. 
We chose to come to VMl knowing the struggles we would endure, 
but simultaneously with the hope of succeeding like the alumni before 
us. But perhaps the greatest benefit we will have received is this new 
brotherhood molded around the mutual suffering and respect. Despite 
how cheesy the Brother RAT Spirit' may have sounded or how we still 
)oke about It, it most certainly does exist and it is the only reason some 
of us have made it. Without my BRs this place would have been truly 
treacherous, instead we found humor in what should have been boring 
and painful times. The day we broke out and all cheered the old yell 
for '09 our first time, 1 truly believe everyone^ heart was fully in it and 
we were unified forever as a class; happy to have chosen VMl as our 
college. Some have become disillusioned upon the way to graduation 
for any multitude of reasons. But when we throw our white gloves in 
the air we will be reminded of our unity that we shared around the 
sentlnenal box, and who we are as brother rats will be forever sealed 
at that very moment. I would not have wanted to have attended VMl 
with any other group of Keydets. My Brother RAT are what have made 
this place worthwhile and the bond we share. Thank you roommates: 
losh, Hosey, Ram-rod, and John Saun. Thanks co-dykes Karl and Sphar. 
Thank you to all my brother rats. Good luck to those still here. 

Its been real, its been fun, but It ain't been real fun. I want to thank 
my family and friends for all their help getting me through VMl. With- 
out your guidance and support I doubt 1 would have made It this far. 
To my teammates on the rugby team, we have had some great times 
and some hard times. I will never forget coachs speeches or the van 
trips all over the east coast, or San Diego. I will also never forget Todd 
Miller, GySgt. Mercardante or any of the others we have lost along the 
way. I want to thank my coaches and professors for all the wisdom 
they passed on to me. I also want to mention Col. Richardson and 
Bill the mailman - without attitudes like yours' VMl would be a lot 
worse. "Troyosaurus" and our rats, study hard and try to stay out of 
trouble and you will be good to go. Finally roommates of the deuce, 
we have had some great times! Thanks so much for the fond memo- 
ries and your help through the bad ones. Lastly, over the four years 
and countless laps of penalty tours, 1 developed a list of ten things 
that 1 learned here at VMl that will probably stay with me for life: 
1 Leadership can't be taught in a classroom. Just do the opposite of 
what you see here, 2 Us O.K. to break rules, as long as you don't get 
caught, 3 VMl builds character... maybe; A sense of humor... definitely, 
4 Country music - it isn't a genre, Ufe religion, 5 If you have to ask 
whether or not you should do something. ..its probably a bad Idea, 
6 Integrity - although 1 really can't stand when SGM Neel cri- 
tiques a rats strain even though he never strained a day him- 
self, he did give me one good piece of advice - "just do the right 
thing"; 7 Most of us don't get out enough to understand com- 
plicated drinking games, but we will dominate keg stands and 
shot gunning, 8 Cadets are generally too lazy to read anything 
this far down a list, 9 DYKEs, boning, raping ducks..., 10 Civility. 

1 hate this place! 


DYKE 2006: lared Sheets 
RAT 2012: Michael Bowman 

DYKE 2006: Scott Donald 
RAT 2012: Troy Warcewicz 

DYKE 2006: 
RAT 2012: 

First Class 109 


Kang-Hung Wei 


Taipei, Taiwan 

Computer Science, Mathematics 


Boxing, Ranger Challenge ';'(■, , -- 

Springfield, Virginia 

International Studies 


Band Company RAT Challenge Corporal; RAT 
Challenge Rock Qimbing 2,1(AC1C). 

Clreasapeake, Virginia 



(/ I 

To the green-eyed girl 
ThereS always some reason to feel not good enougti. And its hard at 
the end of the day. Ill sing it one last time for you- Then we really have 
to go. 1 thought it would be so simple, like a thousand times before. Id 
take what I wanted and just walk away, but I never made it to the door. 
How many special people change? How many lives are living strange? 
Like anyone would be. 1 was flattered by your fascination with me. For- 
ever with you. Forever in me. Ever the same. FUnny when you stop and 
think. Time goes faster than you blink. I was a quick wet boy diving 
too deep for coins. Wear a mask everyday. To hide the pain that I have 
Inside. My home is far but the rest it lies so close. With my long lost love 
under the black rose. 1 pretend that Im glad you went away. These four 
walls close in more every day. But if my silence made you leave. Then 
that would be my worst mistake. So t will share this room with you. 
And you can have this heart to break. And I don't want the world to see 
me. Cause I don't think theyd understand. When everythingfe made to 
be broken. I just want you to know who I am. Again. Slipping out to 
have a cigarette with someone else that hed n 
way, would she like to run away. And try ti 
to leave without saying why. To get up and g 
get In some car. And drive out again. 
To never come back this way... 
And have to say... 
...Heres a toast to all those who hear me all too well 

.. Askher if by the 
~i forget? Or just not to stay, 
I. To catch the last train. To 

It has been a long journey that has oddty been quicker than I could 
have ever imagined. 1 ve been through a lot in my four years at VMl: 
gladly and surprisingly it only being four years. My first week at 
VMl I had heard that Katrina had hit my family down in New Orleans 
and with no phone or computer I had no way of knowing If any 
of them were alright. Luckily they were but within the first week 
here I realized that my life really was going to be different here and 
shut off from most of the outside world. Within my first month 
here 1 managed to almost get kicked out and 1 probably receive the 
quickest Number I In cadet history. After my little stunt of tackling 
the Duke Mascot at an away football game I tried to keep my head 
down and keep out of trouble, but the key word Is tried. My next 
three years here were filled with many ups and downs; thankfully all 
those times were away from the watchful eye of the commandants 
staff. Probably not the brightest person around but 1 always looked 
to have fun and did manage to have fun In my four years here. I've 
grown up since I first matriculated but 1 still feel like a kid, which 
will probably never change. My roommates are great guys that 
I'm proud to call my friends. They've always been there and have 
seen me through the worst of times here at VMl and the best. I'm 
pretty happy how my life turned out here and the friends I made I 
know will last for many years to come. The TCM will always be my 
home here at VMl. Thank you guys for being there for me all these 
years. In a weird way I'll miss this place, but I'm ready to get out. 

DYKE 2006: Han-Lung Jin DYKE 2006: Brian McGill DYKE 2006: Michael S. Child, Jr. 

RAT 2012: Joshua Chao, Chung-Yen Yang RAT 2012:Brian Pool, Jacob Znachko RAT 2012: 

110 First Class 




Washington, Pennsylvania 

International Studies 

Navy -"- 

Council, Color Guard, VMl theater, SAD, S-7, body- 

Ryan G. Willard 

Leonardtown, Maryland 

Mechanical Engineering 


Ian M. Williams 

"Guido" "E-Train" "Papa E" 
Watertown, New York 
~^=.. Psychology 

Air Force 

NCAA Lacrosse 4,3,2; Bodybuilding Club 2; Char- 
acter Counts 1; Big Brother/Big Sister 2, CEA Delta 
Rep 1; Delta 3rd Platoon SGT; Delta 2nd Platoon 


To my famllY: Thanlt you so very much for all your support for me the 
four years I've been here. They helped with everything from money 
problems to food packages. 1 have had a lot of fun all these parents' 
weekends when you have come down. These four years went fast 
didn't they? I'm almost ready to graduate, and it seems like yesterday 
that I made that first rat call home when I had lost my voice. I love alt 
of you. BRs: You are what made it worth it to stay here four years. 1 
have many fond memories to carry with me of ail the fun and crazy 
things we have done together, especially the "council^ lol. Those mem- 
ories will continue to make me laugh when I think of them for years to 
come. 1 have had fun abroad on navy trips with )T and learned many 
key dance moves in clubs from Bahrain to Boston. Cortes and I com- 
bined our powers first class year to take full advantage of weekends. 
Tom, remember when we went biking during the summer in Lexington 
and you wore your special helmet and vest as well as our underfunded. 
Incomplete movie starring Boone? And Dave, we will never forget that 
awesome summer at the house. Stu, thanks again for letting me come 
to your house to watch the Steelers win the Superbowl. Erik, 1 know 
we'll never forget that trip back to my house for Easter break third class 
year when our car rolled twice and we got out and wondered if anyone 
had gotten a picture. Nash. I anticipate a great trip to Pittsburgh before 
we leave this year. Glomb, you make a great OG in our guard pair. 
To my dyke: 1 also owe thanks to you for helping me through rat 
year and showing me the ropes. Kwon, you have done a great 
lob this year. I am proud of you! I remember deciding that 1 
wanted to have you as a rat when 1 met you at the Matricula- 
tion Fair, having a good feeling about you. Remember to keep 
your aim high but to not miss out on the fun things here. 1 am 
sure you will make the most out of your experience. Good Luck. 

I wanted to attend the Naval Academy but going through high school 
in a very competitive area for Naval Academy applicants 1 realized 
that the odds weren't too good. So I began looking at other schools 
with NROTC units. I had wanted to be in the military my whole life 
so normal schools with NROTC units werent as appealing to me 
as military schools. 1 wanted more of an academy-like experience 
where I could learn military discipline and when I found out about 
VMl, I was sold. I matriculated in the summer of 2005 and began 
my Ufes biggest transition. I had originally joined the VMl baseball 
team once I matriculated. However, despite my unwavering passion 
for the sport, I decided that baseball wasn't the priority I wanted 
to focus on keeping my grades up so I could earn a contract with 
the Navy. By the second semester of my rat year I had earned a 3 
Year NROTC scholarship. The military education is what I prize most 
out of VMl. I took tremendous pride in serving as Golf Company 
cadre for two and a half years and turning many young men and 
women into cadets as well as leading Golf Company to two Garnette 
Andrews victories. My first class year started out badly as I had 
many problems working against me which eventually led me to make 
some mistakes and get in trouble with the commandant. However, 1 
owned up to my mistakes and served my penalty fully while I sought 
necessary counseling from the Cadet Counseling services as well as 
my good friends and got myself back on track. I finished my first 
class year having been selected as a student naval aviator and earned 
rank in Golf Company once again. 1 look forward to serving my 
nation and I will miss all my best friends here at the institute dearly. 

When 1 think about the last four years. It truly has gone by 
fast. Everyone will tell you that this will go by in a blink 
of an eye, but you don't believe them. All of your days 
and weeks blend together to make one long day, but in the 
end the year seems a lot shorter than any day I've had. 
Rom your earliest days here you are told, "You can't do this 
place alone" and this holds more validity than anything else 
1 have heard. Thank you to my family for always standing 
by me for all four years; they tell you this place gets easier 
with every stoop but 1 think its the opposite. Thank you to 
my roommates (Doug, Kip, Brewer, and Reza, this counts 
you too). We managed to not kill each other and you all 
have taught me something different. Thank you Coach 
Bartlett, rats are an impressionable animal and you definitely 
steered me in the right direction. Thank you Will, 1 would 
be long gone by now if it wasn't for you. You wouldn't give 
up on me even after 1 had completely given up on myself 
Kyle, here is my advice for you. Keep your head up and fust 
keep moving forward. This place can consume you if you let 
it, dont let it. Remember that you are a reflection of your 
dykes class, do us proud. Always leave the room better than 
you found it. If you ever need anything come and get me. 

DYKE 2006: Frank Dolberry 
RAT 2012: Taeseung Kwon 

DYKE 2006: Justin Guy 

RAT 2012: Casey Riggs, Robert Rice 

DYKE 2006: Will Collier 
RAT 2012: Kyle Hayes 

First Class 111 




"Clay Dawg" 
Louisville, Kentucky 
International Studies 

Marine Corps 

Cadet Waiter, Worm, Gim Company Commander 

I have no Idea how I discovered VMI. I have lived in Kentucky my 
whole lite and never met a VMI alum nor had I heard anything abut 
the school until my senior year of high school, t was Interested in the 
military and wanted to go to a military college. I think I did a Google 
search for military schools and I suppose VMI came up at the tup of 
the list. While everyone complains about this school, I can honestly 
say that I have no complaints. Sure, 1 hate getting 5-I5s because I 
forgot to sign out for optional BRC. But in the grand scheme of things 
1 feel like 1 have been pretty fortunate. I have had great roommates 
all four years and a great group of friends to make fun of this place. 
It was nice for me to get away from home for four years and immerse 
myself in a completely different environment. The one thing that 1 will 
miss most about VMI is hanging out in the room with the roomies. 
Though 1 feel like a huge loser for writing that, some of my greatest 
VMI moments took place in the room. It has been a constant stream 
of laughs from RAT roomies Thomas Hayden and Andrew Rohrback 
and from third to first class year with B) Bradshaw, Patrick McKlnney 
and Andrew again. 1 also enjoyed my time spent working down in 
the Mess Hall. While it really wasn't fun cleaning up after people, 1 
certainly had a lot of laughs down there as well. Of course 1 have to 
thank my family for all the support they have given me: never hesi- 
tating to make the six and a half hour drive from Kentucky to VMI 
to pick me up for furlough, my mothers daily letters when I was a 
RAT and my brother offering to let me crash at his DC apartment any 
weekend I could escape VMI. 1 cannot wait to begin my life in the real 
word and be free for longer than my three month summer break. But 1 
will miss all the ridiculous times spent with my friends at this ridicu- 
lous school. Pat, IB, Andrew and to the rest of the crew: itfe been real. 

DYKE 2006: Barry L. McCord 
RAT 2012: Kyle Marston 


Chesapeake, Virginia 

Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Air Force 

VNIRFC, Concrete Canoe Team, Construction 
Office Intern 

Over the past four years, the bad times have defiantly out- 
numbered the good, which defiantly made the good that much 
better. I would first like to thank my Dad for coming up for 
all the tailgating and to watch the rugby games and to my 
Mom for ail the care packages throughout the years. Playing 
rugby was one few things I was able to look forward to. This 
would not have been possible without the players and coaches 
that made practices hard but fun. U was a work hard - play 
hard atmosphere, and no one showed this better than Coach, 
excuse me. Captain Howe. You did your best sir. to pass on 
your knowledge of not only women, but rugby as well. I 
would like to think that some of it got through. I would like 
to thank the team for a never dull moment and am not exactly 
sure how something went wrong on every Irip, 1 have a lot of 
great memories with you all and 1 will always be a member 

RAT, don't do anything stupid. We don't need any more of 
yall pulling a "Romm'^ You rats didn't do too badly of a job, 
minus the knocking things over in the morning. Good tuck in 
your time here and make the most of it. 

DYKE 2006: Raymond M. Hill 
RAT 2012: Alex Khandan-Barani 

Gary W. Worley 

"Worleybird'; "Larry Sworley" 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Civil & Environmental Engineering 


Marathon Club, Timberframing ' 

As the time comes to leave my second home, 1 think 
back to all the things I've experienced. R-om the lon- 
gest and hardest days of my life to the most enjoy- 
able, VMI has given extremes. Hopefully these 
extremes have conditioned each of us to react with 
ease to the circumstances which make men great. 
I'm thankful for every one of my brother rats and 
will always be there to help when a situation is too 
great to go alone. To my roommates and my rats; 1 
love you guys and I'm sure with each of your strengths 
and focus you can achieve whatever it is you desire. 
Much of my strength 1 attribute to my parents for 
without their help 1 couldn't have made it this far. 

DYKE 2006: Joseph R. Tyler 
RAT 2012: Cody Young 

112 First Class 





'-^^ i 


BlBuBtfinimiMiiitf/iit y 

Aaron L. Yoder 

Belleville, Pennsylvania 


Air Force 

Albert C. Young, III 


Falls Church, Virginia 


Air Force 

If you tell the RDC VP that rules are like a "ham sandwich" how many 
push-ups do you do? How many PTs wiil your company march if 
you and two of your BRs pick the lock to the roof of barracks (using 
only hair pins you borrowed) and hang a banner right before BRC? 
How amazing Is It to know that your company of BRs would rather 
march those PTs with you Instead of turning you In ? How fast do 
you have to run to get from W&ls dorms to yoar room if taps Is in 
four minutes? If you drive to Radford going a hundred miles an hour, 
how long does it take? If you shine a laser in a marines eye on the 
parade deck, how mad will he be? Can you talk your way out of a 
10-630? Is living in the science-building greenhouse for the summer 
worth the experience? What about getting kicked out of the science- 
building by Post Police, only to move a few building down and sleep 
In the boxing room? How many stairs are between the football field 
and your room? Can you have a car on post for three of the 4 years 
you're here? Where are the best places to party In town? If you hold 
rank every year you can, does that make you a tool-bag? If you spend 
all three summers at VMI doing chemistry research, do your parents 
forget who you are? How many townles does It take to beat up 5 
cadets? If you write your yearbook narrative and only mention the 
times you got drunk, drove fast, and broke the rules, will people 
remember you as a crappy cadet? 1 know the answers to all these 
questions except the last one. I hope that future generations of cadets 
find questions tike these and discover their own answers. Id like to 
say that 1 loved every minute of it. but who loves overcoat Inspections? 
RAT. Both of you have what it takes. Don't mess up. To 
my Handler, Mlms, Sculley, and Snuffln: I love you guys. 
I'm glad 1 had the opportunity to share my ride with you. 

Zachary M. Youngsma 

Caledonia, Michigan 
International Studies 


RAT challenge 4,3,2 Boxing 4 

As the year closes all of us 1st classmen begin to think of our post 
graduation plans; be it Jobs, more schooling, or the armed forces and 
we start to ask ourselves "was this place worth it?" Right now, if there 
is one thing that made this place worth It, It has to be the people I've 
met and the friendships made. To my roommates: Mike, Fish, and 
Chase, you guys have become like brothers, you've all taught me 
a little bit about myself US been fun living with you guys, ioking 
on each other in the room, writing papers at 3 in the morning, and 
tearing apart other colleges on the weekends. The memories (albeit 
some are a bit fuzzy) that we made both on post and off post will 
not soon be forgotten. I look forward to a few more good times after 
graduation. Fish, 1 couldn't ask for a better friend and I'm honored 
to be the best man in you and Ashleys wedding, best of wishes to 
you two. To my rats, Ryan aka "Ginger" and Cody aka "Capt. Mellon" 
you guys have been awesome. I've never regretted having you two 
as my rats and 1 couldn't have asked for anything more. Its been my 
privilege to watch you two grow exponentially In lust this year and 
1 wish you the best In the next three years. I leave you with a few 
pieces of advice; find a tight group of friends that support you and be 
yourself - you'll never go wrong. To Col Brodle. Col. Bush, SGM Neel, 
and LTC Levenson - you're mentorshlp has made a lasting impact on 
me and you have had a direct influence In my life and I thank you 
all for your guidance, understanding, and the personal Interest you 
all take in cadets lives. To the other members of the Corps that call 
me a friend, itfe been real, and I've got some great memories that Til 
always take with me. 1 wish you all the best In your various futures 
and look forward to seeing some of you army types In the future. 

DYKE 2006: Kelly M. Sweppenhiser 

RAT 2012: 

DYKE 2006: Scott Bartholomew 

RAT 2012: Arthur Harrington, Randy Baird 

DYKE 2006: Thomas D. Wilson 
RAT 2012: Ryan Schmidt, Cody Franklin 

y.\ ] 

First Class 113 





Celine M. Zlobro 

Henderson, Nevada 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force 

Andrew E. Zyra 

"Zy Ty" 

Chesapeake, Virginia 



NCAA Wometis Soccer 

Hey Yo! 

Its been quite a journey. I just want to give a stiout out to room 
144, my home girls; Mego my Eggo. my partner in crime; Steph. the 
other pea in the pod; and Amanda, the bestest rat-tie I could hope 
for. There are no words fitting enough for you. Mom and Dad, for the 
love and support you have given and reminded me of throughout my 
cadetship- Vollm te, Izdrzi duso moja. 
Goodbye to; 

No locl^s and windows in my door, radiator noises, the infamous 
Ninia Turtles, puddle lumping, late night dress up and dance par- 
ties, spirit drives and Thumper (RIP), sprinting bacli to barracks to 
make taps, BRC, SRC, HC check formations, PTs, confinement, living 
in a petrl dish, having a curfew, after party sleepovers, the CPC, and 
knowing that someone else will be awake at 3AM to hang out with. 

Late Lights: 3 demerits 

Unauthorized haydown; 5 demerits 

Sleeping through class: 5-15 

Getting boned for desertion: 10-630 

Learning to bend the rules without breaking them; PRICELESS 

RAT Challenge 3,2,1. 

"The mind is its own place, and in itself / Can make a 
Heavn of Hell, a Hell of Heavn" -Satan from Miltons 
Paradise Lost, Your time at VMl is what you make of it. 


niUan C. ''O'Hara" Weatherford 


Baltimore, Maryland 



Rat Challenge (High Ropes), Womens Bible Study, 
College Republicans, EMT 

1 am so glad to be a part of the class of 2009. It has 
been my privilege to be your classmate, BR, Mama Rat, 
Ball Bustin' Braves Mom and friend to some of my favor- 
ite people. 1 thank anyone who supported me and wel- 
comed me as their classmate. It is pretty amazing how 
quickly we will be able to remember the good times had 
at VMl over the bad. 1 pray we all meet again and again 
at reunions and in life. 1 hope and pray that as a class 
we will give the Institute a good name and proudly be a 
group willing to serve. 

' The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph' 
- Thomas Paine 

DYKE 2006: Jo Wall 

RAT 2012: Amanda Berrios 

DYKE 2006: Doug Ziegenfuss 
RAT 2012: Matthew Ferguson 

DYKE 2006: Colleen Logan 
RAT 2012: 

114 First Class 

- r-r^TTT-p: ' .>r ■.•r«r: iT.i3;'S!7rw-t 


Brian A. Corley 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Electrical Erigineering 

Marine Corps 

Donald R. Cowart 

Rustburg, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 

Air Force 

Adam F. Good 

Broadway, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 


Kevin W Griffin 

Smithfield, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 


Andrew C. Haines 

Melfa, Virginia 

Civil Engineering 




Bryce R. Lewis 

Salem, Virginia 


Marine Corps 

Bryant ). Martin 

Brian A. Peeler 

Sean A. Thompson 

Ferrum, Virginia 

Springfield, Virginia 

Waldorf, Maryland 

Civil Engineering 




"V^^. ^""' 

Air Force 

c .£ 

O oo 

s > 



Valevictorian: Nick Campbell 
Commencement Speaker: General Petraeus 


- 1 r ,m- 



Institute Awards 

Graduation Parade 


nil 11 Vm 

New Market Parade 


^i^':m^' :^v^^ 




1^*^ mIh ^<^I 



^B^Bw"" ^^^ 




^^ m ''^^^^^1 




^Vf ' ' '' r^^C -li 

^L— "^ 3^H 1 



^ — ci» ia 

Sf. i^° 



The Second Class 
General Committee 

Charles L Cash 

Bryant L. Youngblood 
Vice President 

Edward C. Desch 


Karsten G. Bloomstrom 
First Captain 

Class of 2010, 

Since the beginning of our class we have been defined by one unifying 
word" vision" We all had the privilege of matriculating as the rat mass 
of 07+3 under the leadership and mentoring of the great class of 2007. 
Our Dykes left us with a vision— which we have pursued with great 
effort — to leave VMl better than we found it, improving upon its solid 
foundation of Alumni, which have made our Institute famed. Since we 
left the shelter of our dykefe wings, our class has continued its journey of 
soaring to the top and leaving our mark on The Institute. 
As we departed for our summer jobs, internships, and military training 
all our minds were on Ring Figure and our Second Class year. We came 
back no longer as "bulldogs" but as mentors being tasked with the con- 
tinued development of the class 2011 and the training of the rat mass of 
09+3. Our rings finally arrived, and we entered into the Brotherhood of 
the Ring in a world class fashion like no other class has done before. We 
watched and learned from the class of 2009 studying their every action, 
striving to emulate and improve upon their successes and shortcomings 
to further our goal of improvement. We have helped successfully raise 
up two classes in barracks and are now on the fringe of our final year 
at The Institute as First Classmen. 

As we look ahead to being First Classmen, our class remains unified 
and our vision remains steadfast, to leave VMl better than when we 
found it. While we are excited to begin the next chapter of our cadet- 
ships, 1 challenge each and every one of you to take pride in what we 
have done, striving to push forward improving all the way to the finish 
line on May 16, 2010. We have so much to offer this Institute, and it has 
much to offer each of us if we embrace it. Take pride in our strict stan- 
dards, honor code, and the fact that VMl Cadets are a cut above. Live up 
to and enforce those standards on OUR Corps, ensuring that the reputa- 
tion and success of VMl continues. 

I am honored and humbled to be leading The Corps with such a strong 
class behind me. 1 have great faith in what we can accomplish with our 
unified effort. Our success rests on the shoulders of each of us. Regard- 
less of what you view as your role in The Corps, you are going to be 
First Classmen, the standard. Much will be expected of us, and I have 
no doubt our class will exceed those expectations. Pass on the legacy of 
improvement to our Rats, and never allow yourself or our legacy to be 
clouded by frustration and cynicism. 

Class of 2 






V -jr 

■ifjia>M.iHjm.iii'i.i tmu JiTrm 

Unauthorized Vehlcles..rif s a First 
Sergeant Tiling" 

four of these first sergeants were 
t with a vehicle in the city of Lex- 
n. As a second classman, you are 
allowed to have a car on post or in 
county of Rockbridge since it is a 
it class priviledge. Each of these 
lets lost their rank... for a car. Some 
cadets should he allowed to have a 
licle in Lexington as a second class- 
. Others say if home is far away, 
should be able to keep your car 
newhere off post so you can go home 
ring furloughs. Even some first class- 
have even received parking tickets 
ihey didn't abide by the $65 fee for 
'king their car in an unauthorized 
ation. Time for a rule to be changed? 


^""-""'^--^ -gl 

Howard Abegesa 

Andrew Adams 

Evan Aguirre 

Ahad Ahmed 

Adam Aikens 

Damiso Alexander 

Rory Alfree 

Matthew Allen 

Robert Allen III 

Ottie Allgood 

Earl Aya-ay 

Matthew Babcock 

Paul Bailey Jr 
Andrew Baity 
Chad Baker 
Robert Baker 
Jordan Ballard 
Jason Barnes 

Charles Barnett 

Logan Barnhill 

Christine Beach 

Alex Beckstrand 

Silas Belt II 

Tanner Biagini 

David Bice Jr 

Jonathan Bisuica 

Ian Black 

Karsten Bloomstrom 

Erik Blum 

Thomas Bond 

Brian Bopp 

Jason Bowman 

John Bowman 

Benjamin Brandt 

Eric Brigham 

Justin Brinkman 

Carter Brown 

Donte Brown 

Anson Bryant 

Jonathan Buckland 

James Burleson 

Sloan Burns 



Edward Burton III 
Hugo Bustamante 
Hunter Cantrell 
Michael Caporiccio 
James Carideo 
Jarrod Cartwright 

Stephen Gary 
Dylan Gate 
Stephen Gauley 
Yu Ghang 
Thomas Chapman 
Luke Glementson 

Zachary Collins 
Andrew Gompton 
Brian Connolly 
Jennifer Cook 
Jeffrey Cooper 
William Correll 

Jacob Cox 
Jonathan Cox 
Kevin Cox 
Jarrett Graddock 
Ryan Crean 
Charles Crowder II 

John Curtis Jr 
Clinton Custer 
Bryan Cvengros 
Christopher Czupryna 
Jessica Daniel 
Ericsson Davis 

Robert Davis III 
George DeGennaro 
Scott Delo 
Edward Desch II 
Paul DeValk 
Kyle DeVerna 

Caleb Dixon 
Joshua Dixon 
Elizabeth Dobbins 
Samuel Dobbins 
Christian Dolbey 
Christopher Dommert 

John Duffy 

Christopher Duty 

Tristan Euritt 

Audrey Faiconi 

Jonathan Fanelli 

Evan Farley 

Andrew Faulconer 

Joshua Favaro 

William Feldmann 

Robert Fendley 

Michelle Feole 

Justin Ferrell 

Jonathan Ferro 

Greg Fiasconaro 

Jeremiah Fitzgerald 

Andrew Fleenor 

Shawn Fox 

Maria Franchella 

Daniel Frederick 

Mitchell Gardner 

Davis Garrett 

Angle Gomez 

Matthew Graham 

Garland Gray III 

Kenneth Green 

James Griffith 

Abram Gross 

Troy Guthrie 

Jeffrey Hafkemeyer 

Rachel Halnon 

Sarah Halnon 
Arturo Harvey 
Jared Hendee 
Cody Hennelly 
Joshua Hill 
Robert Hindle Jr 

Andrew Horgan 

Johnathan Home 

Alexander Houser 

Timothy Howard 

Richard Hozik 

Joshua Hughes 


Kyle Hughes 
James Hummer III 
Austin Hunt 
Charles Hunter V 
Ross Hussmann 
Michael Hutchings 

Jarrod Imatani 
Michael Johnson 
Alan Johnstone II 
Carl Josey 
Peter Karonis IV 
John Keilty III 

Sean Kennedy 
James Kerr 
Steven Kerr 
Raymond Kirchner 
Edgar Knapp IV 
Conard Knight 

Anthony Korbely IV 
John Krahling 
Scott Krieger 
Michael Kromm 
Jeffrey Kulat 
Carter Kunz 

Kate Lamneck 
Kilian Landersman 
Preston Landt 

Jared Lawson 
Christopher Leach 
Brett Leonard 

Chien Lin 
Stephen Lindley 
Nicholas Lizotte 


David Lochart 
Lance Long II 
Michael Long 

VIND^ ' " 

Adam Lonon F 
David Lottman 
IMichael Louthan 

Michael Lund 

Scott MacDonald 

Jake Maier 

Julie Markow 

Christopher Martin 

John Maurice 

Matthew Mawyer 

Timothy Maypray 

Dogucan Mazicioglu 

Sean McCoy 

Aaron McKeen 

Robert McMullen 

Joshua McPherson 

Clayton Melton 

Christopher Mendillo 

Gilbert 'Mercedes 

Mitchell Messick 

David Messina Jr 

David Miles 

Andrew Miller 

David Milligram 

Justin Minter 

Brian Molina 

Jacob Moore 

Timothy Moran 
Jason Morgan 
Daniel Morley 
Robert Morris 

Matthew Musick 
Hunter Naff 


Jonathan Nelson 
Emily Neunnann 
Jesse Newman 
Danh Nguyen 
Charles Nicotera 
Mikyle Nikmard 

Douglas Nowak 
Kyle Nweeia 
Anthony Nweke 
Brock Olson 
Justin Ong 
William Orndorff III 

Scott Owen 
David Padgett 
Brandon Page 
Thomas Page 
Daniel Parker 
Asia Pastor 

Lowell Patterson 
Daniel Perestock 
David Phillips 
Randy Phillips 
John Piribek 
Johnathan Pope 

Gerald Popko 
Edmund Preisser 
Jonathan Price Jr 
Anthony Prioletti 
Michael Purpura 
William Quarles 

Randolph Raine Jr 
Charles Range 
James Ray 
Berley Rister III 
Benjamin Robertson 
Jacob Robertson 

Matthew Rodriguez 
Even Rogers 
William Romaine 
Connor Ross 
William Rowcliffe 
Jonathan Safrit 


Matthew Sagar 

Reid Sartori 

Matthew Satterwhite 

Matthew Sculley 

Tanner Sewell 

William Shannon 

John Sheehan 

Johnathan Shirkey 

Joseph Simmers 

Patrick Simpson 

Matthew Sinkez 

Lincoln Splettstoesser 

Bingley Squire 
Jared Starin 
Stefan Stark 

Raymond Starsman 
Alexi Staton 

Robert Stockman III 

Brandon Stratz 

Daniel Strausbaugh 

Ryan Stull 

Michael Sundbeck 

Emerson Suttenfield 

Logan Swanson 

Levi Swindell Jr 

Alexander Taylor 

Virginia Taylor 

Jorge Tellez 

Justin Tench 

Fletcher Thompson 

Owen Thulin 

Racheal Toman 

Joshua Toomey 

Travis Travis 

Miles Treacy 

Owen Trotman 


Kathleen Underwood 
Saif Vazquez 
Kelly VIckery 
Alexander Wade 
Neil Walker 
Kuan Wang 

Kristopher Ware 
Jacob Weimer 
Nicholas Weishaar 
Daniel Welsh 
Patrick Wentzel 
Dominik Wermus 

Leonard Weschler 
Weston Whitcomb 
Sarah Whitten 
Chandale Williams 
James Williams 
Matthew Winks 

Jonathan Winoker 
John Witcher 
Paul Wojtas 
Shawn Wongkachonkitti 
Paul Woo 
Jonathan Wright 

Mathew Wright 
Lieh Wu 
Nicholas Young 
Bryant Youngblood 
Christopher Zarycki 
Michael Zelna 

Honorary Brother 

Major Frank Diorio 

Major Frank Diorio was born in Denville, NJ in 1973. He 
received a bachelor's degree from the University of Notre 
Dame and his Master of Arts in Diplomacy from Norwich 
University. Diorio was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in 
thie United States Marine Corps in 1996. He has served in 
Operation Desert Fox, Operation Enduring Freedom, and 
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Presently stationed at Virginia 
Military Institute Major Diorio has influenced the members 
of the Class of 2010 both as the Senior Marine Instructor 
and OS a TAC seen throughout barracks. We welcome him 
into our ranks as a member of the Class of 2010 and wish him 
luck OS he attends the Marine Corps Command and Staff 
College in the fall of 2009. Congratulations Brother Rat! 

Colonel L L Hurlbut 

Colonel L. E. Hurlbut was commissioned as a secor 
lieutenant in the United States Air Force in August 
1975 through the AFROTC program at Arizona Sta 
University. Colonel Hurlbut completed 26 years of adn 
duty and retired as a Colonel in November 2001. She H 
hod an indelible impact on the lives of the Class of 2010 
many ways. At VMI, COL Hurlbut is the advisor to the J 
(Academics) and the S5 (Public Relations) regimental staf 
Her role in the planning of Ring Figure w 
imperative to its success. She served as the cd' 
sor to the Third Class Finance Committee and the Rii 
Figure Committee, working closely with the Class 
2010 to create a unique and unforgettable expe 
ence. We welcome her into our ranks as a memb 
of thie Class of 2010. Congratulations Brother R( 


^Sf ^ 

132 Ring Figure 



Ring Figure was one of those rare and unforgettable occasions in a codetship when your focus 
is entirely on celebration with your Brother Rats. Typically the impact others moke on our lives is seen 
in hindsight, but Ring Figure weekend was olive with the spirit of brotherhood. From the ring tap cer- 
emony to the forming of the figure, we set a precedent for every class to come. The Russian writer 
Anton Chekhov once said that *man is made better when you show him what he is like." VMI has 
the ability to show you who you are and what you ore like but you won't find that reflection in the 
walls of barracks or on the stoops; you will find it only in the men and women who walk with you: 
your classmates, your Brother Rats. 

Of the many memories we took from Ring Figure Weekend — other than Christmas coming 
early on the 5th floor of the HoJo — I hope that when we do look down at our rings, when we run 
our fingers over the word Mizpah, etched in gold, we remember the closest of our Brotherhood. In 
our long lives ahead, I hope we maintain the memory of what it took to finally enter the Brother- 
hood and let the thought of those days remind us to continue to celebrate past successes and always 
maintain optimism for the future. 

Even Rogers, 

2010 Ring Figure Chairman 

134 Ring Figure 


Congratulations on entering the brotherhood of the ring! On your finger you wear an immortal bond with the Class 
of 2010. Never forget that you are a permanent representative of our class. This ring has mode you an irreplaceable brick 
in the true foundation of VMI. At the class dinner, I said that the spirit of VMI is the spirit of every man or woman who has 
worn the ring. Never forget that every one of you portrays the spirit of VMI as it will be seen in the future. Ring Figure 
put our doss to the test and we passed with flying colors. It could not have happened without the hard work, dedication, 
and fortitude of every one of you. At the beginning of the year, we set goals to make Ring Figure a unifying experience 
unlike any class before us. Looking bock, we could not have satisfied those goals any better. As Ring Figure grew closer, 
our doss quickly come together and everyone put in the work necessary to put on such an event. I feel so fortunate to have 
witnessed such immense growth as a class and as individuals. As said at the Class Dinner, each day that I woke up, my 
pride for this class grows. There is no doubt, in my mind, that we ore the best doss in barracks and next year we will prove 
it. Our class dinner has become the most incredible and sentimental event in my cadetship. The image of every one of your 
smiling faces at the ring presentation ceremony is permanently ingrained in my memory. Cocke HaW was incredibly trans- 
formed to provide us with a wonderful evening with both family and dates, and the Tent Party was the best party that any 
of us had ever attended. Looking toward the future. Ring Figure has set the standard for our class. Next year will require 
on equal amount of dedication and effort from the class in order to achieve the some quality in our product. Next year 
our product will be the Class of 2013, our Rats, and our everlasting legacy. It is our job to provide them with the educa- 
tion and experiences necessary to follow in our footsteps and be the best class in barracks. I will leave you with the quote 
that means the most to me and hopefully means a great deal to you: 'In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice 
this world to those who are at its worst. In the name of the values that keep you alive, do not let your vision of man be 
distorted by the ugly, the cowardly, the mindless in those who have never achieved his title. Do not lose your knowledge 
that man's proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and o step that travels unlimited roads. Do not let your 
fire go out, spark my irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-ot- 
all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. 
I'^-heck your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it's 
Sloan Burns 
2010 GC President 

Ring Figure 135 

Howard Ahegesah 
Christie Abegesah 

Andrew Adams 
Rebecca Lee 

Andy Adldoost 

Amy Neas 

Evan Aguirie 
Catherine Nguyen 

Ahad Ahmed 
Breanne Manning 

Adam Aikens 
Laura Adams 

Damiso Alexander 
Katie Kim 






Paul Bailey 
Helen Cunningham 

Chad Baker 
Kelly Messina 

Robert Baker 

Jordan Ballard 
Erica Shepard 

Jason Barnes 

Sarah Pigford 



Class of 2010, 

Ring Figure was a once in a lifetime chance to enjoy what 
VNl really means to our class. As a class we have accomplished 
many things such as a unified march to 
jacksons Grave, our infamous "lock-in" before a sweat party, 
and most importantly breakout, but we now have a new 
milestone to add, entering the Brotherhood of the Ring. With 
this new accomplisment we have now joined those who have 
passed through the ring before us, and can now truly call 
ourselves VNl cadets. 

That weekend in November will always be remembered as 
the weekend that we spent with our Brother Rats 
celebrating ourselves as a class. Good Luck with the next year 
which will lead us to our graduation. 

- Racheal Toman 

Ring Figure Editor 08-09 

Charlie Barnett 
Jamie Sorrels 

Logan Barnhill 
Melissa Case 

Christine Beach 
Zach Lungu 

Alex Beckstrand 
Brianna Kinney 

Tanner Biagini 
Madeleine Bade 


Jonathan Bisulca 
Stephanie Scott 

Ian Black .; 

Jessica Whiteman 

Karston Bloomstrom 
Taylor Landies 

Erik Blum 
Taylor Barela 

TJ Bond 
Sasha Simmons 




MgagwaniuMWll M 


Paul Bowman 
Brittam Ledbetter 


Anson Laird Bryant 
Ginger Wells 

Jonathan Buckland 
Kathryn Stephens 

James Burleson 
Katie Price 

Sloan Burns 
Rebecca DeTeresa 

Edward Burton 
Jessica Coocke 

Huga Bustamante 
Carolina Jaamillo 

Hunter Cantrell 
Jess Lancaster 

Michael Caporcicio 
Lexi Bingnear 

James Carideo 
. ' Cat Osborne 

Jarrod Cartwright 
*=^- Caria Gutti 

Stephen Cary 

Dylan Cate 
Natalie Stone 



Stephen Cauley 
Danielle Jagoda 

Yu-Wei Chang 
I-fan Ho 

Thomas Chapman 
Lydia Davidoski 

Luke Clementson 
Sarah Clementson 

Zachary Collins 
Gabriela Gonzalez 

Andrew Compton 
Caitlin Asip 

Brian Connolly 
Nicole Priddy 

Jen Cook 

Jeff Cooper 
Adella Robinson 

Will Correll 
Katie Oler 

Jacob Cox 
Ashley Lawson 

Jonathan Cox 
Tracee Davis 

Marshall Cox 
Taryn Morris 

Jarrett Craddock 
Anna Michlle Walters 

Ryan Crean 
Jacqueline Goode 

Charles Crowder 
Lindsey Nevers 

John Curtis 
Sara Hatchell 

Bryan C\engros 
Cam Baker 

Chris Czupryna 
Lia Fiasconaro 

Jessica Daniel 
Tim Daniel 


/■*»'|:!ll'! K 




George DeGennaro 
Kathleen Kaath 


Kyle DeVerna 
Elizabeth Adams 

Major Diorio 
Charlotte Diorio 

Joshua Dixon 
Amanda Teter 

Elizabeth Dobbins 
Ried Stelly 


Samuel Dobbins 
Rachel Preston 

Christian Dolbey 
Audrey Falcon i 

Chris Dommert BW^ 
Rachael Br>d '• 

John Duffy 
Amanda Allen 

Chris Duty 
Brianna Bertovich 

Travis Edwards 
Jael Cooper 

' Tristan Euritt 
Isa Bryant 

Audrey Falconi 
Christian Dolbey 

Jonathan Fanelli 
Audrey Lewis 

Evan Farley 
Ashlyn AUgood 

^. ^- 

Andrew Faulconer 
Sarina Catalon 

Josh Favaro 
Summer Smith 

Bill Feldmann 
Sabrina Yapo 

Bob Fendley 
Mary Swaffar 

Michlle Feole 
Marc Feole 

Justin Ferrell 
Jessica Brookes 

Jon Ferro 
Alex Ferro 

Greg Fiasconaro 
Meghan Boyle 

Jeremiah Fitzgerald 
Katelyn Shipe 

Andrew Fleenor 
Kelley Benton 

Shawn Fox 
Tiffany Going 

Maria Franchella 
Benjamin Frobisch 

Daniel Frederick 
Cabell Bondurant 

Mitchell Gardner 
Laura Gibbons 

Davis Garrett 
Courtney Miller 

Angie Gomez 
Alberto Gomez 

Matthew Graham 
Heather Campell 

Garland Gray 
Valerie Paquette 

Kenneth Green 
Courtney Elliot 

James Griffith 
Michelle Hughes 



Abram Gross 
Chiesopher Gyamfuaa 

TJ Guthrie 
Meredith Mcdonnell 

Lee Hafkemeyer 
Devina Ardinoto 

Arturo Harve\ 
Katie Zadronzm 



Jonathan Home 
Chandale Williams 

Timothy Howard 
Alyse Strauch 

Kyle Huges 
Devon Harvey 

James Hummer 
Robyn Murphy 

Austin Hunt 
Nicole Heitmeyer 

Charles Hunter 
Liz Jenks 


Colonel Hurlbut 
John Bopp 

Ross Hussmann 
Tanya Elliot 

Michael Hutchings 
Jana Balosnova 

Jake Jackson 
Chelsea Capizzi-Walsh 

McCrary Johnstone 
Cathi Ecklund 

Sean Kenned) 
Kelley Kolar 

James Kerr 
Lauren Martara 

Steven Kerr 
Ana Bryant 

Raymond Kirch ner 
Kathr^n Dixon 

Carl Knapp 
Sarah Hangey 

CJ Knight 
Elise Stone 

Anthony Korbely 
Jennifer Hibar 

John Krahling 
Kill Yocum 

Scott Krieger 
Jessica Nutter 

Michael Kromm 
Ashley Clark 



Jeff Kulat 
Matie Warriner 

Carter Kunz 
Michelle Anderson 

Killian Landersman 
Lauren McKinnley 

Jared Lawson 
Margaret Shellings 

Christopher Leach 
Kayla Ann Foreman 

Brett Leonard 
Catherine Gubisch 

Chien-Chun Lin 

Stephen Lindle) 
Michelle Kint 

/ . 

Mike Long 
Katie Bott 

Adam Lonon 

David Lottman 
Jessica Robbins 

Michael Louthan 
Kelsey Thomas 

Michael Lund 
Alexis Catola 

Scott McDonald 
Maddie Marion 

Jake Maier 
Jill Schlabach 

'>. - 



Julie Markow 
James Einbund 

Christopher Martin 
Blair Barr 

John Maurice 
Chelsea Seidenberg 

Matthew Mawyer 
Erin Lam neck 

Dogucan Mazicioglu 
Virginia Newton 

Aaron McKeen 
Kim Evans 

Robert McMullen 

Eri Kamura 

Joshua McPherson 

Alison Jones 
Clayton Melton 

■ " \ 


Morgan Green 


Chris Mendillo 

Kim Walker 


Gilbert Mercedes 


Rebecca Medina 

Mitch Messick 
Allie Johnston 

., '-^^ ' 


David Messina 

1 i 

Sarah Massie 



Marlon Miles 

,.- ■' 

"' ,.' 



Courtney Winters 

\ 1 



Andrew Miller 


Samantha Copping 

■ 1 ■ - 1 


David Milligram 


Catrina Bentan 

Justin Minter 
Julia Hogan 






Brian Molina 

^ i'' 


. :l 

Sarad Domnarski 




Jacob Moore 
Tori Hodges 

Timothy Moraii 
Brianne Fitzpatrietv 

Corey Morgan 
Damary Rapetti 

Jonathan Nelson 
Claire Stratton 

Emily Neumann 
Ian RatlitT 



/ .• 

^i^>l^^' Jesse Newman 

'' Mary Fleming 

Charles Nicotera 
Kimberly Van Renan 

Brock Olson 
Kerstin Lanberson 

William Orndort t 
Elizabeth Niceh 



Brandon Page 
Nikki Guthrie 

Nelson Page 
Aubrey Wise 

Daniel Parker ^ , 

Colleen Hoffman 

Asia Pastor 
Arnold Pastor 

Lowell Patterson 

Sarah Steinberg "V-^^-^ 

Daniel Perestock 
Amanda Kitchen 

■ ,^ David Phillips 
Alice Bergen 

Randy Philips 
Lisa Ston 

John Piribek 
Laura Resetar 

Jon Pope 
Andrea Woodley 

Gerald Popko 

Maria Judith Soria Diaz 

Edmund Preisser 
Shannon Sullivan 

Jonathan Price 
Theresa Davis 

TJ Prioletti 
Yana Ossenova 

Michael Purpura 
Kritine Untalan 

William Quarles 
Heather Brown 

Clint Raine 
Erike Lambert 

Charles Range 
Laura Campbell 

James Ray 
Emily Deul 

Berley Rister 
Carry Ann Adams 






Ben Robertson 
Chelsea Moore 

Jacob Robertson 
Erica Skinner 

Matthew Rodriguez 
Tonette Robinson 

Evan Rogers 
Jennifer Gilmour 

Williain Romain 
Alyssa Brad) 

Connor Ross 
Meg Momont 

Will Rowel iffe 
Linda Womck 

Jon Safrit 
Ashley Stoneham 

Matthew Sagar 
Grace Dawson 

Reid Sartori 
Becca Cranwell 

Matthew Satterwhite 
..^^ Brodie Lower 

Benjamin Scudder 
Allie Romaine 

Matthew Sculley 
Mary Davis-Lockart 

Tanner Sewell 
Amy Overman 

Will Shannon 
Jessica Rankin 

John Sheehan 
Natasha Jackson 

.^^ ■ 

Jonathan Shirkey 
Caitlin Wood 

Joseph Simmers 
Adyna Galli 

Patrick Simpson 
Mellisa Case 

Matt Sinkez 
Kelsey Andrew 



Lincoln Splettstoesser 
Jenna Wickstead 

Barker Squire 
Murphy Home 

Jared Starin 
Gabrieiie Fairbaugh 

Stefan Stark 
Brandi Fitzferald 

Ra> Starsman 
Katrina O'Hara 

Alexi Staton 
Lance Long 

Robert Stockman 
Emily Hussey 

Brandon Stratz 
Wendy Bennett 

Dan Strausbaugh 
Amanda Thompson 

Ryan StuU 

Brittany Booterbaugh 

Mike Sundbeck 
Brittany Edwards 

Tyler Suttenfield 
Katie Vickers 

Logan Swanson 
Brooke Williamson 

Levi Swindell 
Sharvonne Nelson 

Alex Taylor 
Ashley Crockett 

Virginia Taylor 
Brendan Taylor 

Jorge Tellez 
Natalia Kossobokova 

Justin Tench 
Katelyn Wrinkle 

Fletcher Thompson 
Cori Byrd 

Owen Thulin 
Drew Carter 



Racheal Toman 
Roy D. Toman III 

Miles Treacy 
Caitlin McCart\ 


Kathleen Underwood 
Zach Bolen 




Neil Walker 
Kendall O'Malley 

Kuan-Chih Wang 
Hsin-Wen Yang 

Christopher Ware 
Maria Kinc 

Jacob Weimer 
Nanamari D'Occhm 

Nick Weishadi 
Elizabeth Wise 

Daniel Welsh 
Kara Hartman 

Patrick Wentzel 
Jordan Nendza 

Dominik Wermus 
Brooke Bernard 

Leonard Weschler 
Whitney Malone 

Weston Whitcomb 
Kim Whitcomb 

Sarah Whitten 
Jonathan Gunter 


Chandale Williams 
Jonathan Home 

James Williams 
Lou Seipel 

Matthew Winks 
Leah Thomas 

Jonathan Winoker 
Channina Brauer 

John Witcher 
Elizabeth Saunders 

Paul Wojtas "' 
Kae Smith 

Shawn Wongkachunkitti 
Stephanie Villegas-Hoang 

Paul Woo 
Francesca Minale 

Jack Wright 
Megan Hopkins 

Matthew Wright 
Jessica Walter 

Lieh-Hao Wu 

Bryant Youngblood 
Ashlie Vickers 









Rinq Figure Ball 

152 Ring Figure 



' 4^ 

b O Q r.>.x 








Ring Figure 153 


154 Ring Figure 

Ring Figure 155 



T^ird Class General Committee Officers 

Jonathan E. Twigg 
Vice President 

John C. Manning 

Lane G. Pratt 


n August of 2007 high school graduates entered barracks as boys and girls, boys and girls that had 
Dniy a vague sense of success, challenge, and honor. Throughout the following months these individu- 
als developed not into a group of individuals, but an individual group. The process of developing into a 
:lass has found many of us still struggling to keep up with the rigors of a system that tosses us about 
3n a sea of stress and challenge. The time that we have spent in the Ratline has only given each one of 
js berthing in the vessel we will rig and sail for the remainder of the time we will spend at sea. 

Third class year has found 20II finally realizing the true spirit behind the uniform that we wear every- 
day. The barracks in which we live, and the honor code that is held above The Institute itself. We still 
ind ourselves tossing amongst the waves of challenge, but we have developed our sea legs and the 
Knowledge that will guide our voyage to the safety of friendly seas and ports. 

Second class year will be our time not to heave the lines, drag chains, and rig our vessel for heavy seas. 
Second class year will be our time to begin to guide our newest shipmates and prepare them to one- 
day sail under their own efforts. However we will still be leading under the guidance of our most senior 
shipmates. 20I0. With the guidance of 20I0 and 20lls ability to weather the heaviest of seas we will 
'orge our way to smooth waters. 

20II. we leave in our wake the most difficult part of our voyage. Ring Figure and graduation lie like a 
aeacon on our horizon. Keep our course true and our rigging strong and we will one day step onto land 
ivith the experience of weathered, honorable young men and women prepared to lead those who have 
lot basked in the rain. wind, and sun of our experiences. Good luck and congratulations 20II. 

Writtem b\j Joihv\ Twigg 




Bryon Adams 

David Adams 

Grafton Addison IV 

James Alexander 

Briana Allard 

Robert Anthes 

Joshua Applewhite 

Angelica Arenas 

David Arthur 

Benjamin Ashooh 

Justin Ausborn 

Burton Bacheller III 

Aaron Baez 

Sukhyun Baik 

Chase Bailey 

Andrea Baker 

Henry Baker 

Jennifer Ball 

Jared Balsor 

Ryan Barefoot 

Bryan Barnson 

Nicholas Bates 

Brent Bayliss 

Adam Becker 

Heidi Beemer 

Austin Benda 

Matthew Biebel 

Carl Biggs 

Terrance Bishop 

Adam Black 

Brian Blincoe 

Michael Blue 

James Boatright 

Kevin Bocanegra 

Stephan Bohannon 

Joshua Bookwalter 

James Booth 

James Bost III 

Julian Bowers 

Travis Bowman 

Robert Boyer 

Charles Bradford 

9. w #' 

5 Samuel Bridges 
^ James Briggs 
John Britt 

Dalton Brockman 
Quinn Brownfield 
Timothy Brust 

Joshua Bryan 
Christopher Buck 
Ryan Buell 
Kobee Burnshire 
Ryan Byars 
Jackson Calhoun 

Emilio Calvin 
Ashley Camper 
Joseph Cantafio 
Elizabeth Carlos 
Thomas Carnes 
Christopher Cashen 

Aaron Castro 
Nicholas Chang 
Robert Chenault 
Ching Chen 
Rory Chisholm 
Solomon Choi 

Jeremy Chuidian 
Eric Church 
Joseph Cicero 
Jared Claus 
James Clayton 
Zachary Cline 

Jason Cobb 
Jerry Cole Jr 
Robert Cole 
Gabriel Colon 
Daniel Concepcion 
Christopher Conte 


Ahmed Conteh 

Matthew Covalt 

Alexander Cowdry 

Preston Craft 

Patrick Crandall 

Aaron Cregar 

Alexander Crow 

Richard Crozier 

Isaac Cryder 

Christopher Curtis 

Karl Cutler 

Travis Daniel 

Cody Davis 

Hunter Davis 

Thomas Davis 

Matthew Deacon 

Jon Deane Jr 

Anna DeFrank 

John Digan 

Geoffrey Dinneen 

Danielle Dove 

Vinh Do 

Kyle Drumheller 

Steven Duke 

Ronald Ellsworth 

Daniel Emery 

Nicholas Engle 

Christopher Estrada 

Garrett Evans 

Jason Farley 

John Fede 

John Fiano 

Thomas Fields 



Corey Filla 
Matthew Flora 
John Folger IV 
Christopher Forbes 
Zachary Freitag 
Michael Frossard 

Christopher Fukui 
David Gately 
Christopher Gearhart 
Joshua Geher 
David Gerardo 
Charlie Gerkin 

Kyle Gianni 
Gregory Gibbons 
Caleb Gibson 
Noah Gibson 
Christopher Gingrich 
Mario Giordani 

Michael Girardi 
Jarrod Girod 
Brodie Gleason 
Taylor Godsey 
Kyle Goodale 
James Gordon 

Trenton Gordon 
Hannah Granger 
Sharif Gray 
Thomas Graybeal 
Adam Green 
Terrance Green 

Peter Griffin 
Brandon Griffith 
Arthur Gross 
Chiesopher Gyamfuaa 
Hope Hackemeyer 
William Hagan III 

Tracy Hairston 
Alex Haitsuka 
Christopher Hall 
Thomas Hamlin 
James Handler 
Brian Harding 



Aquisi Harris 

Robert Harris Jr 

Zachary Hartless 

IMariena Hawes 

Bruce Hazelgrove IV 

James Hefner 

John Held 

Cory Hendley 

Zaclnary Henl<e 

Steven Henry 

Jacob Hentges 

IMictiae! Herron 

Alexander Herzog 

Jerry Hickey Jr 

Justin Hickman 

Andrew Hilber 

Lawrence Hill Jr 

Katherine Hindley 

Steven Hite 

Hunter Houston 

Min Hsieh 

Zachary Huge 

Roy Hunter 

Kelson Hurley 

Nicholas Ingold 

Kai Ingram 

Gabriel Itoka 

Dennis James 

Matthew Janak 

Marshall Jarrett 

Joshua Jeffcoat 

Andrew Jeter 

Christopher John 

Stefanie Johnson 

Brenton Jones 

Cameron Jones 

Chaz Jones 

Matthew Jones 

Robert Jones 

Zebulon Jones 

Matthew Jordan 

Fredy Jurkowitsch II 


^#»^y T 




It fi .^; 

[■». «-i 





Joseph Kang 
Samuel Kang 
Samuel Kang 
Joseph Keese 
Carolyn Kenaley 
Christopher Kenney 

Austin Kenon 
Zachariah Kler 
Joshua Kinder 
Jenkyn Klttrell 
Felix KItur 
Dylan Knehr 

Adam Kruithof 
Samuel Landry 
Chad Lawson 
Matthew Leccadlto 
Richard Lee 
Sang Lee 

Richard LeeJr 
Luke Leichty 
Patrick Leugers 
Hung LI 
James Lockett 
Matthew Long 

Thomas Louderback 
Matthew Lowe 
Jeremy Lucier 
Andrew Luxhoj 
Richard Lynch Jr 
Daniel Mahaffey 

John Manning Jr 
Benjamin Martin 
David Martin 
Grant Martin 
Grant Martin 
John Martinez 

Christopher Mayberry 
Sean McAbee 
Zipporah McCann 
David McCown Jr 
Thomas McDavid 
Bryan McDonald 



Casey McElligott 

Nicholas McFarland 

Foster McFather 

George Mclntyre III 

Sean McLachlan 

Daniel IMichnewlch 

Colin Miller 

Travis Miller 

Christopher Milligan 

Geophery Mills 

Curtis Moore 

Zachary Morgan 

Clarke Morgret 

Christopher Moser 

Ermin Mujezinovic 

Michael Munson 

Douglas Nesmith 

Christopher Newcomb 

Ryan Nienstedt 
Kara Noble 
Jacob Norman 
Chelsea Nugent 
Jeremy O'Brien 
Keith O'Donnell 

Charles O'Ferrall 

Denis O'Reilly 

Thomas Pace 

Samuel Palmer 

Louis Papet III 

William Park 

Philip Parker 

Matthew Parmer 

Jordan Peck 

Clint Pendleton 

David Perry 

Matthew Piazza 

Zachry Pitta rd 

Frank Powell Jr 

Lane Pratt 

Ethan Price 

Spilman Pumphrey 

Matthew Radi 

9 # # 

9 M ^ 


# # -f 

Michael Rainey-Wiles 
Adam Ralston 
Alexander Ray 
Jonathan Razack 
Cierra Reaves 
Angela Redmond 

Stephen Redmond 
Thomas Redmond 
Tyler Reedy 
Curtis Register 
Jessica Rende 
Laura Resetar 

Zachary Rhoades 
Stephen Rhodes 
Norwood Richardson 
John Roberts 
Todd Robison II 
Henry Rogers 

Kyle Rose 
John Rushton 
Kenneth Sadler 
Jonathan Santos 
Stephen Sargent 
Robert Saunders Jr 

Alex Scaperotto 
Robert Schaefer 
Thomas Schirra 
Heather Schmidt 
Nadine Schumacher 
Eric Scott 

Mario Scott 
Tyler Secrest 
David Sernalulu 

Colin Sexton | 

Kelly Shumaker 
Justin Simmons 

»«i««^«»».».-«i..^u,«iu.^^«.-j-.-. L-^*m:r<r'smziss^m!M 


Kittisak Siripollawat 

John Sisco 

Brian Skiff 

Andrew Smith 

Benjamin Smith 

Brian Sowell 

Joshua Splinter 

David Stecher 

Richard Steinhoff Jr 

James Stevenson 

Robert Straskulic 

David Stronko 

Jonathan Stumpf Jr 

John Sturgill 

Graham Sullivan 

Patrick Sweeney 

Alexander Symons 

Matthew Talbott 

f ,#., # 

f Y,' 

r^^^C JHi^ ^I^Mi 'Vjln^'iiJiAL'; ■.; '■-: '.mt{j^^^ 

t .1 _..# 

Rainier Tanglao II 
Patrick Terliune 
i^atthew Thomas 
Michael Thompson 
Wade Thompson 
Warner Thompson 

Shayn Tierney 
Korey Tighe 
Marl< Tomlin 
Frank Tontaia III 
Justin Topping 
William Truscott 

Andrew Tunnell 
Jonathan Twigg 
Eric Tyson 
Kyle Valente 
Jared Varney 
William Waldrop 

Leo Walker 
William Walker 
Aaron Weiland 
Korey Wessel 
William Whitehead 
Quinn Wicks 

Matthew Wilcox 
Shane Wilkinson 
Daniel Williams 
Kevin Williams 
Lansing Wilson 
Joshua Wine 

Patrick Winkler 
Eric Wittig 
Adam Woloshuk 
Travis Woods 
Robert Wray III 
Robert Wren 

Heng Yen 
Hisham Yousif 
Nathaniel Zand 
Kurt Zimmerman 
Coleman Zwanzig 



—"— "^""-^ .i..> ■MK.^.-M.. i.^*—M ^.y^nBgg^!:^^ 






A crowd of an estimated 3,000 watched as Vice President Richard 
B. Cheney strode onto VMI's Parade Ground just after 10:30 a.m. on 
Saturday, Nov. 8, which was also VMI's Military Appreciation Day. 




I^^^H \ '"'"""HPi 

?lj rs f| 

11 w 


YMI Corps of padets marches in 
the President's Inaugural Parade 

The Corps of Cadets marched past the 
presidential reviewing stand at President 
Obamafe Inauguration and drew praise from 
the Superintendent. 

"You were the best marching unit In the inau- 
gural Parade; Gen. )M. Blnfbrd Peay Ul 62 said 
In a letter of congratulations to the cadets. 
"Your lines were straight, our vision direct 
and correct, and you marched with pride." 

The Corps was placed at the end of the parade, 
he said, "for you were the finalef 

"It Is a high honor for VMl to participate 
In the Presidential lnaugurattonrPea\ 
said. "For these cadets. It will be ahexclt 
Ing and proud day In their time at VMl, 
and I expect It will be something the^ 
will look back on from a historic t>er- 
spectlve with fondness and memories.' 


VMl Participation In Past tniaugutal Parades 

1909 - President Taft 

1913 and 1917 - Pre^dent Wilson 

1949 - President Truman 

1953 - President Msenhower 

1961 - President Kennedy 

1969 and 1973 - President Nixon 

1977 - President Carter 

1981 - President Reagan 

1989 - President Georg^ pw Bush 

2005 - President George W. Bush 

2009- President Barack Hussein Obama 


174 Matriculation Day 


The Class of 2012 

Where it all started.. 

Class of 2012 175 

Christopher Adams 

Bryant Ahn 

Christopher Aiken 

Bryce Al<er 

John Alerding IV 

Sean Alexander 

Douglas Alvey 
Jordan Anderson 
Nathaniel Anglin 

Colin Antonucci 

Sean Ayres 

William Baber Jr 

Robert Bailey 
Randolph Baird 
Clayton Ballowe 

Franklin Banegas 

Damien Bartholomew 

Jacob Barton 

Benjamin Beamer 

Hunter Beasley 

Alexander Benedick 

Monica Bennett 

Amanda Berrios 

Ethan Betts 

Harold Black Jr 

Aaron Blosser 

Zachary Bontrager 

Colin Bosse 

Jack Boswell 

Christopher Bouldin 

Benjamin Bowles 

Michael Bowman 

Zachary Boyce 



Aaron Bradley 
Justin Bradshaw 
Matthew Brock 
Christopher Brodericl< 
Jeremy Brown 
Kevin Brown 

Brennan Buell 
Stephen Buescher 
Steven Bueso 

Ronald Burks Jr 
Kelly Burns 
James Burton V 

Brandon Butler 
Anderson Caldwell Jr 
Christopher Carr 

Bradley Chamberlain 
Szu Chang 
Pattanun Chanpiwat 
Joshua Chao 
Joel Chapman 
Timothy Chase 

Trevor Childers 
Ryan Chounard 
Mark Christian Jr 
Royce Chuang 
Andy Chung 
Charles Clopper 

Daniel Clynes 
Micah Coate 
Edward Coglio 
Janna Coleman 
Yehonatan Colon 
Christopher Comtois 


Bridget Conley 

Glenn Copenhaver III 

Daniel Coughlan 

Timothy Coveyou 

Donnie Cox 

Christopher Cranstone 

Kyle Crocker 

Kenneth Cross 

Grant Curell 

Matthew Dale 

John Dalessandro 

Stephen Davis 

Andrew Deal 

Raymond Delgado 

Benjamin Denton 

Frederick Derose 

Matthew Dickinson 

Dallas Disbro 

Christian Dodge 

Adrian Dominguez 

Gabriel Dongieux 

John Dongieux 

Connor Downs 

Jon Doxsee 

Sean Dudek 
Boris Duvnjak 
Michael Dvine 

Justin Dwight 

Brian Eads 

Robert Earle 

Sean Eberle 

Jon Ecklund 

Matthew Elliott 


Charles Ellison 
Michael Everett 

Riley Ewen 
Jonathan Failinger 

Samantha Farr 
Matthew Ferguson 
Daniel Fiasconaro 
Michael Fiorelli 
Alexander Firehammer 
Tracey Fischer Jr 

Erik Flading 
Collin Flaherty 
Robert Flaherty 
Joseph Fleshman 
Cody Franklin 
Christopher Eraser 

Kyle Fuller 
Spencer Fuller 
Keith Gabriel 
Vincent Gallo 
Richard Garcia 
Brandon Gary 

Nicholas Gelles 
Bolivar Gil 
William Gillogly 
Christina Gontarski 
James Goodwillie V 
Bobby Gragg 

Timothy Graziano 
Daniel Greenlee 
Timothy Gregory 
Richard Griffith 
Tyler Griffith 
Michael Gwinn 

^MM«>Hj,»m«*tf»m^«^^mj^^!a,.^-r-'''^'^.^nm^-^ /g»^ 

Noah Hagos 

Robert Hale 

James Hardey 

Richard Hargrove 

Jasmine Hariston 

IMatthew Harper 

Arthur Harrington 

Kaitlin Harrison 

David Hayes 

Kyle Hayes 

Caleb Healy 

Nathan Hebb 

Gregory Hellenga 

Shu HEM He 

Ethan Hiltbold 

Maxx Hipko 

David Hively 

Christopher Hodges 

Kyle Hofstetter 

Austin Hogan 

Kevin Holdren 

Ryan Holliday 

Srendan Honeychuck 

Steven Hong 

Jacob Hooker 

Torrance Hoover Jr 

Benjamin Howard 

Bruce Howard Jr 

Alex Hufnagel 

Joel Hutchens 

Tyler Hutchens 

Jordan lida 

Glen Ingham 

Fayette Irby III 

Nathan Iseman 

Patrick Jackman 

George Jamerson 
Kyle James 
Vincent Jarrells 
Joseph Johnson 
Timothy Johnson 
Paul Jokiel 

Logan Jones 
Samantha Jones 
Scott Jones 
Min Jung 
Patrick Karnwie 
Thomas Kendzia III 

John Khandan-Barani 
Jae Kim 
Riley King 
Joakim Kiprotich 
Christopher Kitchen 
William Klick 

Daniel Knick 
Cheng Kuo 
Yakov Kushnar 
Peter Kwapisz 

Taeseung Kwon 
James La France 
Kennedy Larramore 
Stephen Lassiter 

Ryan Lee 
Veronica Lentsch 
Drew Leonard 
Bruce Leuthold Jr 
Dwayne Lewis 
Desiree Liang 

Chan Liao 
Paul Lingamfelter 
Arthur Loefstedt IV 
Keith Long 
Adam Looney 
Adam Lopez 



William Loring 

James Luckino 

Richard Luck INO 

Gregory Lum 

Andrew Luna 

Allen Lutz 

Steven Lyie 
Earnest Lynch 

Joshua Lynch 
Jacob Maclntyre 

Silvia Madron 

Stephen Magee 

Kelly Maggio 

Robert l^lain III 

Matthew Marston 

Adam Martin 

Christopher Martin 

Elisa Martinez 

Alexander Mason 

Gabrielle McCarron 

Justin McCarthy 

Logan McCloud 

Michael McCollough 

Chance McConnell 

Charles McDonald 

Corbin McKee 

Kelly McMinn 

Eric Mehaffey 

Forrest Miller 

Daniel Moerder 

Olivia Moore 

Jacob Morley 

Arthur Morrill IV 

Kelly Morrison 


Claiborn Mosk 
Dion Mosley III 
Joseph Munno 
Santiago Munoz- 
Cameron Murray 

Steele Myers 
Richard Naraine 
David Neal II 
Christian Neubaum 
Stephen Newsome 
Andrew Nieminski 

Brandon Norem 
Sean O'Regan 
Diego Ortiz 

Matthew Palmer 
Bradley Parker 
Lindsey Parkman 

Jeremy Peed 
Shane Perry 
George Piccirilli 
Jenna Pickett 
Melvin Pierre III 
James Poettker 

Paul Ponsiglione 
Brian Pool 
Andrew Powell 
Samantha Price 
William Pugh IV 
Samuel Ramirez 

Zoe Ramsey 
Curtis Rathbone 
Marc Ray 
Andrew Reavis 
Kyle Reese 
Byron Relyea 
Aaron Remai 


Michael Rementer 

William Renfroe III 

Bryan Reno 

Henry Rhodenizer Jr 

Robert Rice 

Carson Richards 

Kyle Richardson 

Christian Richerson 

Casey Riggs 

James Rivas 

Karter Rivera 

Stephen Robarge 

Mitchell Robbins 

Colin Roberts 

Nash Roberts 

Sean Romoser 

Christopher Rossie 

Andy Ruan 

Shaun Ruark 

Eric Russo 

Thomas Ryan 

Todd Sager 

Raquel Sanchez 

Jeremiah Santana 

Ryan Schade 

Ryan Schaedel 

Tice Schenkel 

Ryan Schmidt 

Mark Schumacher 

Robert Seatherton 

Andrew Self 
Michael Shafer 
Richard Sharp 

Amir Shihata 
Zaher Shihata 

Jennifer Sing 




Isaac Sireci 
Garrett Slagle 
Brandon Smith 
D'Angelo Snnith 
William Smith 
William Smith 

Joshua Sneed 
Trenton Snody 

Tyler Snow 
Ayao Sossou 

Zachar/ Spain 
Michael Sparks 
Andrew Stahling Jr 
Alexander Stalnaker 
Barrett Statler 
George Statzel IV 

George Steele Jr 
Gregory Stevens 
Ross Stolle 
David Stradford 
Sarah Strand 
Lucille Stratton 

Michael Strobo Jr 
Edward Surowiec Jr 
Chad Sussman 
Jesse Szwargulski II 

Andrew Szymborski 
Donald Talley 
Lewedwyn Taylor 
Hardy Temoney II 


Jacob Tharp 

Joshua Theroux 

Dane Thornton 

Juan Thrasher 

Adennola Titcombe 

Luke Todd 

Christopher Tosetti 

Mark Trent 

Aaron Trujillo 

Martin Tucker 

Kylie Turner 

Travis Uminski 

Daniel Vaden 

Walter Vanaman III 

Christopher Venissat 

Joshua Visconti 

Spencer Wackelin 

David Wagner Jr 

Craig Waldman 

Gregory Walker 

Raymond Walker 

Troy Warcewicz 

Alan Watts 

Kevin Webb 

Zachary Webb 

Mcdonald Wellford III 

Charles Wheeler Jr 

Walter Whitaker 
Michael White 
Samuel White 

Wayne Whiting Jr 

Dallas Wiggins 

William Wild 

Stewart Wilkinson 

Thomas Winders 

Andrew Wong 

%. # 


A % 


fni"''''i-'ifip ai.i 

9 9 

# ,f * f f 

Jacob Wood 
Caroline Wortham 
Chase Worthington 

Xin Xie 

Andrew Yancey 
Chung Yang 

Maxwell Yates 
David Yost 
Cody Young 

Robert Young 
Jacob Znachko 

The rat mass or 

2009 + 3 


BREAKOUT 2009 - 3 


:^' %i 

'n i\ 














k 1 







2009 CIC: Cadet Michael Cadlce 

190 Rat Challenge 


Virginia Military Ins 


Regimental Commander: Cadet John Saunders 
Regimental XO: Cadet Matthew Hyatt 

ITUTE Cadre 2008-2009 



Alpha Company CO: Cadet Trent Blackman 
Bravo Company CO: Cadet John Alexander 
Charlie Company CO: Cadet Roxanne Franck 
Delta Company CO: Cadet Rick Newkirk 

Echo Company CO: Cadet Graham Stolle 
F-Trrop Company CO: Cadet Nathan Goldsmith 
Golf Company CO: Cadet Durham Snuffln 
Hotel Company CO: Cadet Carter Murray 

^^:.., ;. .<1 s^^-r - -.-^r^-a^SlgSS 



Chain or Command 



THor^raSife Tivli Kaihe 

overnor Timothy Kaine became the 70th Governor 

Virginia on January 14, 2006. He, received his un- 

raduate degree from the University of Missouri 

979 |ind graduated from Harvard Law In 1983. 

Throughout his tenure, Virginia had ^e me- 

aian lq|comes as well as lowest unemploym^tit rates 

In the nation. He led Virginia to be recognized as the 

ost business-friendly state (^OOb, 2007, 

){n America and a state where 'a child Is most 

tp succeed" Education "Week, 2007). 

»r Kalne was born In St. Paul, Minnesota, an^ 
ip In Kansas City. He Is married to Anne Holton.'^ 
f havie three children: Nat, Woody; and Aijnella. 


Chief of Staff 







CommaiKjantfe Staff 

2LT Moore 

adet Chain of Command 

achaty M. Youngsma ^'*' 


^•»?ohn M. Saunders 
; j vRe^|t|i©ntal Commander 


' William W Hyatt 
Regimental Exe^qut^e Officer 

> ' I r \ Karsten^BJo^STrn^om 

f^* Regimental Sergearft Major 

jjarrett L. Bennett ^- Gregory E. Lippi&t • 


Vincent W Abruzzese 
1st Battalion XO 

San^e^ S. RcMte ^r^ ^f' 

1st Bkt^Uon SGM ^ / -m^:. 

agnd Battalion XO 

William R. Shannon 
2nd Battalion SGM 


^Ti^s^s-Mu-a 'ke^ftft^ 


Sg^/: C^af^le^s^ ^an^g^e^ 




Sg^f^^ac^o^S Cq-S 


CMi^lUc^p^^^ ^^f^do/>s^0^n 0^^(^vld Si^S^las^^man dfCo-M^. 

Sg^f^a vld ^o^tfmatp 

a«wa^MWJ^^ffiiB»»!s^»«Hew»ac*M^,.^ - . ,v«.,^i»gR^a^ 



Dlor Sgts: Allen ml. aya-ay u. bustamante mk, Chang YW Hafkemeyer jl, harvey 
Helton OZ, Miller m Morgan JQ Nguyen DV Staton AK, Wang KC, Weschler LM 





sMicHAEL Harvey U Rhys Keller. 

Dps Sgt ShirkW ''" Master Sgt Garr-ftt 

Miriv L 
kxanatu •jcimio m, 
JIsM, Daniel C. 

Robert W. 
iCicci, Scott C. 
loez, Aaron M. 
larnett Cloarles M. 
5arii(iill, Logan H. 
Jeemei; Heidi D. 
lac^, Adam J. 
ilacl^man, Robert! 
ilosser Aaron M. 
locanegra, Kevin M, 
Joo^walter Josfiua C, 
iowman, Travis J. 
iot^ce, Zacfiar\j D, 
ister 3D(in E, 
Jrownfield, Qwinn T 
■urns, Kelli) E, 
■fldica Micliael D. 


Lnrisiian Jr., hAarkh. 
C\ark, Ryan ], 
Correll, William R. 
Cox, Jonatlian H 
Craddoci?, Barrett A, 
Cranstone, Cfiris 1 
Daniel, Jessica A, 
Davis, Codi^ M. 
deLatour Patrick K. 
Dral^ic, Andriia N, 
Di/incan, Tfiomas A, 
Duty, Cloristoploer D, 
Ellis, Fran^ L, 
Estrada, Cfiristoploer R, 
Ewen, Rilei^ 
farlei^, toson E. 
Farr Samantlia K, 
Favaro, tosfiwa L, 
Fendley, Robert L, 
Finger Kevin P 

ilFranlllin, Cody 1. 

'^rantz It, Ric(]ard I 
Fuller Spencer 0, 
'■arcia, Richard A. 
J.arrett Davis R, 
ribbons, Gregory E. 
."■ingricin, Cliristoplier 1 

JGIeason, Brodie L. 

JGreen, Adam P 

JGriffitIo, Brandon A. 

jGross, Abram A. 

JHagan III, William C. 
Haitsi/ife Alex K. 

'Handler James H 
Harrison, Kaitlin M. 
Hartless, Zacl'iary W. 
Harvey X James M. 
Hennelly, Cody 1 
Herzog, Alexander P 
Hiltbold, Etinan N. 

Hodsden Jr., Grid:- ■ 
Holmes, Cl^avis L, 
Howard, Beniarwin D. 
Hummer III, Janoes R. 
Jofinson, tosepin R. 
tofinson, Micliael D. 
Josey, Carl S. 
Keesc, Josepfi M, 
Keller Austin C. 
Keller Rliys A. 
Kendzia 111, Tfiomas A, 
Kenney, Cf^ristopfier R 
Knigfit Conard ]. 
Kunz, Carter I. 
lamneck, Kate M. 
Leccadito, Mattliew T 
Leonard, Drew B, 
Lowe, Mattfiew 5. 
Luna, Andrew P 

Macintyrf, jc^^Of y 
Martin, Cloristoplier B, 
jMatson, Nicfiolas 6. 
McCloud, Logan W. 
'McGeorge, R H, 
iMcPlierson, tosl'iua B, 
iMercedes, Gilbert M, 
iMlms, Niclnolas R, 
IMorley, tacob A, 
Morton, Jac^lyn D, 

[v,a\atnarii£ir Clrlitim R. 

Munson, Micfiael R. 
Murray, Cameron R. 
iNicotera, Cliarles X. 
|Nieminsl?i, Andrew 1 
Nwe^e, Antfony C. 
b'Ferrall, Ovaries R. 

Palmer Samuel C. 
Parl5 Jr.. William E, 
Pendleton, Clint E. 
Pierre 111, Melvin 
Ray, Marc D. 
RazacI?, Jonatl^an C. 
Redmond, Steploen P 
Register Curtis C. 
ea, Byron W. 
Reno, Bryan 5, 
Rfiodenizer Jr., Henry L, 
Riggs, Jacob I 
Roberts, Jofin 5, 
Robertson, Benjamin W, 
Rodgers, Henry L, 
Russell, Stepl^en T 
Sagar Mattfiew H. 

■ayers, Aaron P 
■cl^ultz, Ava A, 
emalulu, Daud A, 

Isiiirfey, Jolinatloan J. 
impson, Bradley J. 
mitf], Benjamin A, 
■mitl^i, Sliannon D. 
Dwell, Brian P 
pariss, Micl^ael A, 
tafford, Kelsey L. 
talna^er Alexander L, 
teele Jr, George G, 

Strand, Saralo E. 

Stumpf Jr, Jonatl'ianC 

Szwarguls^i II, Jesse L. 

Tomlin, Marie D. 

MminsiSi, Travis J. 

Walleec Raymond A. 

k'v'ebb, Kevin R. 
Wellford III, McDonald 
Welsfi, Daniel L. 
Wloitcomb, Weston D. 
wicfersfiarrt Ir, Cfiarles L. 
Williams, James Z. 
Wood, Jacob A. 
Xia Xin w. 
young, Robert P 
Zelna, Mici^ael D. 


NANT Christopher R. Johnston 

Matthew Glomb LT Stephen Anderson IT Eric Keirstead 


ami. David C, 
Mldoost Andrew M, 
Alexander 111, 3o(in X 
ftMderson, Stepl^en B. 
ftndweza 111, Jose G, 
Bafef Robert E. 
5allard, Jordan W, 
3arrow. Mervin L, 
Beac(i, Cl^ristine M, 
Beamet Beniamin L, 
Bec^5trand, Alex 1. 
Benedict, Alexander J 
Bennett Monica P 
Betts, Etiian L. 
3ond, Tfemas ]. 
Bootfi, Kevin I 
Bosse, Colin f 
Bowers, Julian J, 
Bowman, Jason M, 
Bowman, Josepfi M, 
Bradford, Cfiarles J, 

Sradsfew, Justin A. 
Buell, Brennan C. 
Cantrell, Hunter B, 
Carlton It, William R. 
C^ao, Josl^ua H. 
Cliuidian, Jeremy G. 
Cloppet Cfiarles B. 
Coate, Mical^ M. 
Collins, Zacf\artj X 
Comtois, C(iristop(ier J. 
Cortes, Cloristian 
Crandall, Patrick D. 
Crocfef Kyle R. 
Davis, Steploen f 
Desc(i 111, Edward J, 
Dodge, Cl'iristian 5. 
Dommert CWstoploer ' 
Downs, Connor X 
Dunaway Jr, Dennis M 
Eggleston, Patrick 0. 

lEngle, Nicloolas V 
lEvans, Garrett R, 
ifarley, Xaylor L. 

JFelts, Benjamin W. 

Feole, Miclielle P 
JFiref^amrvief: Alexciiider R, 
JFIal^erty, Robert X 
Icately, David R. 
■Gerardo, David £. 
■Gerl^in, Cfiarlie D. 
IgII, Bolivar 
iGiliogly, William N. 
iGlomb, Mattliew J. 
JGodsey, Taylor D. 
*Hago5, Noaf\ 

Hebb, Natl^an D. 

Heiotges, Jacob B. 

Hicfey Jk, Jerry L. 

Hill, Jo5h\a 0. 

Hindle Jr, Robert L, 

Hiavaty, Dana J. 
Hoyt Tory K. 
Hiitcfiings, Micl^ael B. 
Ingold, Nicfolas W, 
)o(iii5fon, Cfirlstopftef R, 
Jones, Brenton X 
Jones, Daniel D. 
Kcironis IV Peter J, 
Keirstead, Eri^ M. 
Kituc Felix K. 
Kitur Felix K. 
Klicl^, William B, 
Koseclei, Cl'ielsea M. 
Kruitfiol; Adam X 
Kwon, Xaeseung 
Lyncli, Josliua D 
Madron, Silvia C, 
Magee, Stepfien G. 
Main 111, Robert L, 
Moloney, Patrick A. 
Mazicioglu, Dogucan 

McKeen, Aaron C. 
McLacfilan, Sean K, 
Meliaffey, Eric C. 
Mendillo, CInristopl'ier J. 
Messina Jc, David C 
Miles, David M, 
Muiezinovic, Ermin 
Munoz-Otalvaro, Santiago 
Myers 111. Steele X 
Nasio, Steven H 
Newsome, Steploen G, 
Nienstedt Ryan R. 
O'Brien, Jeremy A. 
Ortiz, Stepfianie M, 
jPaga Xfomas N. 
Pec^, Jordan M, 
"eelec Brian A. 
t'icfett Jenna M, 
°icisett Jenna M, 
°ittard, Zaclnry M. 

Poettfer James G. 
Redmond, Angela A. 
Rementer Mcftael J. 
Robison II, Xodd L, 
Ryan, Xfomas J. 
Saunders, Xfomas M. 
Scfamaclief Mar^ A. 
Scott Mario N, 
Self; Andrew H 
Sfiafer Micloael A. 
Sired, Isaac J. 
Sneed, Josloua R, 
Stradford, David X 
Stratz, Brandon M, 
Swndbecl? Jr, Micfiael X 
Suttenfield, Ervierson X 
Swanson, Logan K, 
Szymbors^i, Andrew J, 
Xaylot Josepl^ J. 
Xerliune, PatricI? K. 
Tfiompson, \Namer C. 

lornton, Dane M. 
Frotman, Owen T 
Frujillo, Aaron J. 

'.iderwood, Katfileen T 

.3i, Kang-Hung 

.simer Jacob L. 
[wfiitten, Sarain V 

inders, Tliomas R. 
Wmiler, Patrick A. 
.'.'itcfiei; Jolnn K, 
.'.'ortWngton, Cfiase P 
[A/rigfit Jonatlian W. 

;arycl«i, Cfiristopfier S. 

;iobro, Celine M, 


cone STIE 



Sot RDwaiFFE Master Sgt Robertson 


Alexander III, James W. 
wdersoM II, Ned N, 
wglin, Natfianiel R. 
^wsborn, Justin P 
Bait^, Andrew W, 
Barnes, Joel R, 
Barnson, Bryan 5, 
Bowles, Benjamin I 
Bradsfiaw X lames B, 
Brai/n, Kyle 0, 
BrocI?, Mattfiew R. 
Broc^man, Dalton M, 
Broderic^, C(iri5top(ier M. 
'.armen, Zacfiar\j C. 
~.m\et. Bryce A. 
'.at\i), 5tepf\en G. 
'.(\amberlam, Bradley A, 
;^en, C^ing-Hang 
rfoi, Solomon 
;^ownard, Ryan N, 

Clementson, LM(?e A, 
Connolly, Brian C. 
Cowdry, Alexander M, 
da Cunf\a. Oaretfi E, 
Dalessandro, Jofin M, 
Daly, losfiua E, 
Daniel, Travis L, 
Denfon, Benjamin D, 
DeVall?, Pawl B, 
Devine, Micl^ael M. 
Eberle, Sean A. 
Ellison, Charles 0. 
Ellswortin Jr, Ronald 
Englefiart Matffiew 1 
Faison, Micliael A, 
Feldmann, William R, 
Fiorelli, Micliael 1 
Flading, Eril? M. 
Francis, Kyle W. 
Franci?, Roxanne M. 

IFranfelin, Conor B. 
iFMllei; Kyle D 
iGallo, Vincent M. 
iGardnec Mitclieil 1 
iGirod, lanod A. 
Icontars^i, Cfiristina L, 
Icrabill, Adam J. 
fAragq, Bobby A. 
lOray III, Garland 
iGraybeal, Tl'iomas B. 
ICreen, Terrance J 
iGrif f itii, Tyler C. 
iHabersang, Dennis M, 
iHala Robert A. 
'Hardmq, Brian 1 

Harrelson, Nicf^olas 1 

Harris, Aqwisi M. 

Harvey, Bradley N, 

Hayes Jr, David C. 

Henry, Steven R. 

Hernandez, Adam S. 
Herron, Mic(iael C 
Hingley, Daniel M. 
Hunt Austin L. 
Ingram, Kai S. 
Iseman, Natliar " 
Jofinson, Timoti' ■ 
Jones, Mattfiew ■ 
Jones, Scott T 
Keitli, Alan W, 
Kennedy, Sean ,'.' 
Kenon, Austin M 
Kerr Steven M, 
Kosec^i, Dere^ J. 
Kwapisz, Peter M, 
Leiand, Derricl^ S, 
Lentscli, Veronica J. 
Loring, William B. 
Lutz, Allen H 
Martin, Adam D. 
Maurice, Jolin S. 

McDonald, Cfiarle; 
Mills, Geopliery A, 
Montoya, Michael A 
Moore Jacob M, 
Moran, Timotloy J. 
Mirqan, lac(\m\/j R. 
Naylor Robert J. 
Nicfels, Stephen C. 
Padgett David A. 
Page, Brandon A. 
Parfer Philip E. 
Perry, Sfiane M, 
Petereit Oere^ A, 
P(iillips, Randy D. 
pillow, Patricia 5, 
jPonsiglione, Paul J. 
^uarles, William C. 
Reavis, Andrew L, 
Renfroe III, William T 
[Ress, Mitcloell A. 
Ricfiards, Car5Dv\ S. 

.AitcMI M, 
Robertson Jr, Michael A, 
Robertson, Jacob A. 
Romaine, William T 
Rowdiffe, William M, 
Russa Eric L. 
Sager Todd A. 
Sandridge, Brian E. 
Scfiultlieis, Jacob C 
Seymour Jordan M. 
Sl^ieeloan, Joloio A. 
Simpson, Patrick G, 
Sisco Jr, Jol'in M. 
Smin(?, Travis 
Snody, Trenton D. 
Splettstoesser Lincoln F 
Stevens, Gregory F 
Stillo, Brandon M. 
Stull, Ryan A, 
Sturgill, Jo(in R. 
Surowiec Jr, Edward A. 

ell Jr. Levi A, 
Taylor Alexander J, 
rfiompson, Micl^ael B, 
■(^raslier Juan £. 
Freacy. Miles P 
Tuff Ateala L. 

/acfelin, Spencer C. 

Ia\ker. Neil C. 

larcemcz. Troy J. 

tasson, Myles F 

/ebb, Ooristoploer L. 

i/essel, Korey S. 

(illiams, Cfiandale N, 

'irt(^, Paul R. 
Wren, Robert L. 
Yav\ce\^, Andrew P 
Yates, Maxwell L. 

5arsRSf5^'s?*?^~ffi^»' Ji" 

MAB - 

it(ie5, Robert W, 
ends, t\v\qe\\ca ^ 
ifec C<f\ad A, 
illowe, C\aijj\on E, 
meqas. HanMm 1. 
irton, lacob C. 
mtraqet lacfiarv, 9 
mman, Mcfiael W, 
swec Daniel C. 
idge5, 5amMel C. 
own, Kevin T 
lesclnet Stephen G. 
teso, Steven 1 
impbell III, Nici^olas M 
irnes, 7f\Dmai W, 
irtwrig^t tarrod D. 
lanpiwdt PattanMn 
opet Nicfolci5 A, 
iveijOM, Timotl^y M, 
mart III, Donald R, 

Donnie 5, 
Crean^ Ryan C, 
Croziec Richard T 
Cwstei; Clinton R, 
Disbro, Dallas ), 
Duffy, tol^n M, 
Earle, Robert T 
Ecflund, }on H 
Edwards, Travis A, 
Efte^foar Reza 
Euritt, Tristan 5, 
f awlconec Andrew L. 
Fiano, tolon M. 
Fiasconaro, Gregory F 
Fitzgerald, ')eremaf\ C. 
Fleenor Andrew D 
Fox, Sf\awn A. 
fukvi, C(iri5top(oer N. 
Oelles, Nicfnoias C. 
Gerardo, tos^wa M. 
Glass III, Donald M. 

Giiebe, MarK E. 
Good, Adam E 
iGoodwillie V tames G, 

ottwald, Tfomas D 
iGral'iam, Sl^awn P 

■raziano, Timotloy M, 
|Grey, David G. 

acfemeyer Hope E. 
iHall, Cl^ristopl^er H 
Harrington, Artfiwr W, 

arris Jf, Robert R. 
iHawes, Marlena E. 
Hayes, Kyle P 
He, SfiM-Hwi 
'neld, Jof\n 0. 
Hively, David H. 
Holliday, Ryan E, 
HoioeycloMCl^, Brendan 
Hozii?, Ricl^ard M. 
Hi/fnagel, Aiex M, 

Ingfiam, Glen T 
Irby III, Fayette R, 
irby, Zane H 
tames, Kyle T 
tones, Zebulon N, 
Kang, tosepio 5, 
Karnwie, PatricI? 
Kim, Micfoael J 
Kimsey, Beniamin F 
Kyler Beniamin G. 
Landt Preston M, 
Larramore, Kennedy ; 
Lee, ¥i5mSf\enq 
lee, "banq H, 
Liang, Desiree S. 
Lin, CWen-Cl^un 
ELloyd, Stepl^en ], 
LwxCioJ, Kenneth B, 
MacDonald, 5cott T 
Marrow, ^wlie M, 

Ward, Casey A, 
Webb, Zacfcry L, 
Williams, Ian M, 
Woo Pai/I C. 
Wriglit Matlnew T 
yang, Chmq^en 
youngblood ~)i.. Bryant L. 
yoMsif; Hisl^am M, 


McCord, Daniel T 
McGraw, Oariel G. 
McMinn, Kelly M, 
Miller tames E. 
Mlntec )M5tln 5. 
New^ir^, Ricferd H 
Hikmard, Mi(?yle A, 
Norem, Brandon E. 
Olson, Broc^ 1. 
Pace, Tlnoraas H 
Parl?er Daniel G, 
Pelletier Kevin C, 
Phelps, loiw\ L, 
Plccirilli, George A, 
Radfe, David R. 
Rainey-Wiles, Michael 
Reedy, Tyler 5, 
'Ricl^ardson il, Norwood 
jRoberts, Colin A. 
jRossie, Cl^ristopl'ier A, 

5awnder5 lr„ Roberts, 

Sewell, Tanner H 

Simmons, ^wstin M. 

Siripollawat Kittisa^ 

Smltli, William T 

Somma, Cftristoploer D, 

Stanislaws^i, Daniel 

Statler Barrett A. 

Steeper David W. 

Stewart Neil A. 

Stocl^rwan III, Robert T 

Stoile, Ross 5. 

Talbott, Mattlnew M. 

Tanglao II, Rainier 

TIneroMX, tosfiwa R, 
A.T^ompson, Fletcher 5. 

Tierney, Sfoayn P 
R, Titcomba Ademola P 

Tras^, Dowglas C. 

Vazquez, 5aif A, 







Lieutenant Hamilton H. Harris 

"IRDSARDA IT Remington Adams IT Kevin Snevely LT Noah Scribner 



Master Sgt Kirchner 

Ajjins, Remington 

^ifens, Adam 5, 

illgood :)K, Ottie E, 

ilto, Andrew ], 

indersoM, Jordan W, 
Baird, Rcindolpfi K. 
Beasley, Hunter T 
Berenfoltz, Evcin 5, 
Bice X David 6, 
Bowldin, C(iri5top(ier L 
Bradley, Aaron l 
Brown, Natfianiel Q 
Byam, Tyier A. 
Cantafia tosepfi 3, 
Carideo, tames A, 
Cart: C^ristopfier D, 

lang, Szw-Ning 
Cl^apman, Joel B. 
Clowang, Royce ], 
Clayton, James I? 
Cline Zacf]ari) I 
Colon, Vefcnatan T 
Conte(o, Alomed 0. 
Cooper Jeffrey R, 
Corley, Brian A, 
Cross, Kennetl^ J, 
Cwrell, Grant E, 
Dinneen, Geoffrey M, 
Do, Vinfi Q, 
DongieMX, Jof\n R, 
Downing, David C. 
Di/idel?, Sean I 

t Justin T 
t.^en KyleM, 
Eailinger Jonathan P 
iFarley, Evan A. 
Ferro, Jonatlian 5. 
Fiasconaro, Daniel J. 
Fields, Thomas W, 
JFrederic^, Daniel K, 
iGiordani, Mario R. 
Gomez, Angle 
Griffin, Kevin W, 
Gyamfuaa, OniesopAer 
Haines, Andrew C. 
JHarris, Hamilton H 
'Holdren, Kevin 5. 
iHoofer Jacob K. 

Home, Jonati 
Huffman II, Micnaei d. 
Hunter II, Roy M, 
Hwtcfiens, Tyler E, 
lida, Jordan M. 
Jaclsson, Eric 0. 
Jarrells, Vincent A. 
Jones, Robert E, 
Jwrfowitscli II, Fredy W. 
Kang, Samuel 5. 
Kier Zacfiarialo A, 
Kiproticfi, JoaBm K, 
Kiprotic^, Joai^im K. 
Kircfiner Raymond A. 
Kuo, C(oeng-Wei 
Leutlooid Jc, Bruce I 


Liao, Cfnan-yi 
Lincoln, Cfiaries P 
Long, Micliael A, 
Luc^ino, James F 
Lyie, Steven H 
McFaffiei; Foster S, 
Millet Mar(? W. 
Molina Brian H, 
Moore, Olivia L, 
Nugent Chelsea M, 
Piazza MattlnewA. 
Pofilman, PInilip J. 
Price, Samantfia D. 
Prioletti, Antfony J. 
i"nrpura, Micloael J, 

Ramsey, Zoe E, 
Rosarda, Tfielmar A, 
Ross, Connor J. 
Sadlef Kennetio D. 
Scaperotto, Alex M, 
Scott, Eric B. 
Scribner Noali L. 
Smitli, Brandon A, 
Snevely, Kevin M, 
SossoM, Ayao A, 
Stolte, Graliam M. 
Strand, Megan E, 
Strobo Jr, Micfiael R. 
Stronfo, David J. 
Todd, Lufe J, 

JTunnell, Andrew C. 
ITyson, Eric S, 
Ivarney, Jared R. 

^enissat Cloristopl^er W. 

rtaldman, Craig R, 

Waslobisl^, Andrew D. 

^(oeeler Jr, Cloaries G, 
f/Mtefiead, William A, 
piggins, Dallas L, 

^/ild, William J, 

N'mo^et: lonatfian N, 

v^ov\gf,acf]oy]^ltt\. 5f\awr\ w. 

Nu, Liefi-Hao 
f/en, Heng-YOM 
Voder Aaron J. 
Yost David E, 



HAN B. Goldsmith 


Lieutenant Richard B. Gammon 




u Alex Harms 

lER Lilly LT Andy Zyra 







)ps Sgt Buckland Master. Sgt R/ 

begesafi, Howard A, 

\ifen, Cfiristoplier R. 

Alerding IV 3o(in £. 

^\hee, Rory P 

Allard, Briana H 

Allen, Byron C. 

*iKitoMMCcl, CoIIm M, 
iBacfcller III, Burton P 
■Bailei) y., Paul 5, 
iBartfelomew, Damev\ 0. 
■Belt II, 511(35 A. 
■Berrios, Amanda C 
iBIIncoe, Brian D. 
iBoatriglit III, lames T 
Isrown, Career L. 
Isrown, lerem^ E. 
iBwc^iand, tonatloan L. 
ICaporiccio, Micliael A. 

Chmq, Andt) 1. 

Cicero, tosepfi R, 

Claws, 5ared T 

Coglia Edward A. 
Copenfiaver III, Glenn T 
Cruz, Edwin J 
Cw\nnq(\am, Joseph R. 
DeGennaro, George M, 
Dionne, Andrew G, 
Dixon, loshAa R. 
Dobbins, £lizabet(i C. 
Everett Michael T 
Frossard, Micliaei 1 
Gammon, Ricfiard B, 
Gar^j, Brandon C. 
Coidsmitln, Natfianial B, 
Granqer, Wannafi E, 
Green, Kenneth 5. 
Griffitfi, Riclnard A, 
Handler IV George L, 
Hardey, lames W. 
Harms, Alexander 3, 

HQzelgrove IV Bruce R, 
Herslo, GreqorV) R, 
Hofstetter Kyle P 
Hoover y.. lonance D. 
Hug(ies, Joshua A. 
Hwgfies, Kyle R, 
imatani, Jarrod 5. 
3ames II, Dennis 1 
lef fcoat tosloua A, 
loerdens IV Pfiilip 1. 
lolonson, Stefanie M. 
tolnnstone II, Alan M. 

o^iel, Paul A. 

ones, Cl^az D 
kcing, Samuel K. 
.Keilty III, toinn P 
k^andan-Barani, lof\f\ A. 
iKorbely IV Antfiony J 
jLaFrance, James 1. 
landry, Sarnuel N, 
Lawson, Chad A. 

Lee, Ryan A. 
Lewis, Bryce R. 
Lilly, Cliristopl^er P 
Loefstedt IV Artlowr B 
Lwcier Jeremy T 
Lwm, Gregory 5, 
Lund, Michael W. 
Maggio, Kelly E 
Martin, Grant K. 
Martinez, Eiisa A. 
McAbee, Sean 1. 
McCarthy III, Justin H 
McKinley, Lauren E. 
Miller Colin B, 
Moore, Curtis A. 
Morrill IV Artlour B, 
Naraina Ricliard S, 
Neai II, David G, 
Nesmitfi, Douglas S, 
Norman, Jacob S, 
Ortiz, Diego A. 

Papet III, Louis M. 
Parmer Mattloew R, 
Patterson IV Lowell H, 
Perestoci?, Daniel P 
Pfrogner II, Ricloard W, 
Powell, Andrew E. 
Price, Et^an R. 
Radema^er Andrew R, 
Rademafec Andrew R. 
Raine Jr, Randoipln C 
Ralston, Adam T 
Reese Kyle D. 
.Riclierson, Cliristian I 
Robarge, Stepfien T 
Rolils, AsWey M. 
iRomoser Sean M. 

'i Sfiaun P 
^. ■ie'-, RyanP 
..' ;lj, Mattliew J, 
iearoerton, Robert E, 
jSl^il'iata, Za^er H 

S^iff; Brian! 
Slagle, Garrett W, 
Snow, Tyler W. 
Spalir Ryan C, 
Splinter Josl^ua M, 
Staloling Jr, Andrew I 
Starsman, Raymond E, 
Taylor Lewedwyn K, 
Temoney II, Hardy L, 
Tl^ompson, Drew E, 
Tontala III, Frani5 J. 
Toomey, Josfiua K. 
Vaden, Daniel B. 
Valenta Kyle A, 
Bryceon P 
Wade, Alexander M. 
Watleins III, James E. 
Watts, Alan A. 
Wic^s, Quinn C. 
Wine Joshua A. 
Wine Josliua A, 

BLOOe & Gl 





■ Ross Ramsay LT Garth Willard 

iGT Squire Ops Sgt Bisulca Master Sgt McMullen 

ftfef Bryce R. 
Wexandei; Sean M, 
*ilvey, Dowglcis 3, 
Asfcoli, Benjamin 1. 
H^tei, Sean E, 
3aber )k, William C, 
Bafoc Andrea J 
Ball, Jennifer D. 
Benda, Austin 3, 
Biggert Nicholas D, 
Bisuica, Jonathan C. 
Brin^man, Justin T 
Bryan, Jo5(\ua 5. 
Burns, Sloan C. 
Casloen, Cliristop^er W. 
Cfiapman, Tloomas C. 
Conte, Cliristopfier W, 

fian, Daniel W, 
Crouse, Lloyd R. 
Crowder II, Cliarles C, 

Davis, Ericsson W. 
Deacon. Mattloew T 
Deal, Andrew C. 
Deane X 3on B. 
Delgado, Raymond A, 
Dongieux, Gabriel J. 
Di/ife Steven G. 
Femandes, Jamie B, 
Fisclier X Tracey A, 
Flora, Mattfew W. 
Francloella, Maria N. 
Freitag, Zacfiary A. 
Gefier Josfiua I 
Gibson, Noafi 3. 
Gift Mattloew L. 
Gober Josfnua T 
Gordon III, James H, 
Gross Jr, Arthur 5, 
Gwinn, Michael T 
Hanson, Sara L, 

-largrovc, Riclnard 5. 
IHicl^man, Justin E. 

4organ, Andrew R, 

■-' ' Andrew M, 

■-■ . '. i Jr, Bruce L. 

' , - Cameron 0. 

■Jones, Samantlia L, 

Jung, Min K. 

Kerr James T 

Kitchen, C(iristopfer E. 

Knic^ Jr, Daniel W. 

Lassiter Stepfien 0, 

Leicfity, Lul?e B, 

Leonard, Brett A, 

Li, Hung-Xin 

Lingamfelter Paul 5, 

Locliart David N, 

Looney, Adam J, 

Loutl^an, Micl^ael R, 

LucI?, Ricl^ard S, 

Li/ifeenbill, Micfielle E 
Madsen, Niels A. 
Martin, Grant D, 
McConnell, Cfiance J. 
McFarland, Nicfclas E 
McKee, Corbin 5. 
McMullen, Robert '■ 
MicAnewic^, Dan: ; 
Moerder Daniel h 
Morgret Clarfe 5 
Morrison, Kelly C 
Munno, Josepl'i I. 
Musici^, Mattioew R 
Naff Hunter W, 
Newcomb, Cfiristopfier 0. 
Newman, Jesse L, 
Dng, Justin A, 
D'Regan, Sean R. 
Parser, Bradley J. 
Pumpl^rey, Spilman T 
Radi, Mattfew 0. 

Ramirez, Samuel K, 
Ramsay, Ross H, 
Ratfnbone, Curtis B, 
Rfoades, Zacl^ary G. 
Rice, Robert H. 
Ricliardson, Kyle R, 
Rivas, James M, 
Roberts Jr, David W, 
Roberts, Nas^ E. 
Rodriguez, Mattfiew R 
5atterw^ite, Mattliew R, 
Scfiaefec Robert B. 
Scioenfel, Tice L, 
'Sc^roeder Josef M. 

ellers, Sfiannon D. 

(iiloata. Amir H 

infoz, MattiiewA, 

■mit^, Andrew K. 
'5mit(i, DAngelo R, 
3iiuffin, Durlnam J, 

Snyder Charles D. 
Squire, Bingley B, 
Stratton, Lucille B, 
Tailey Jr, Donald A, 
Taylor II, Keitio L. 
Tl^arp Jacob S, 
Tloomas, Mattliew 5. 
Tfiompson, Josepl^ L. 
Tfiompson, Sean G, 
JUm, Owen C. 
Vanaman III, Walter L. 
Vicfery, Kelly M, 
WaKer Leo A, 
Ware, Kristopfior S, 
Weisfiaar Nicholas B, 
wWtaiser Walter B, 
Will^inson, Sloane L. 
Wilkinson, Stewart f.' 
Willard, Ryan G, 
Wilson, Lansing R, 
Worley, Gary W, 






U Mark Iuf 

IT Dan 0"Gonnell 

a z^siu\'m 



)ps Sgt Barnes ' Master Sgt Popko 

'3. Gvistop'Aer Q, 
i^med, A(icid f 
mmoM, Jacob A, 
ailey, Robecf N. 
arefoot, Rycm 5. 
ames, Jaion J. 
ates, Nicl^Dlas L, 
ec^ei; Adam C. 
lell, Willie M. 
iagii^i, Tanner B. 
\ac^ X Harold D, 
lae^. Ian M. 
ilue Miciiciel A, 
Jwme, Dayton D. 
irandt Beniamin 0. 
irannen, Jacob 0. 
irig^am, Eric 5. 
iritt III, toloio G. 
irwst Timotl^y ]. 
lur^s X Ronald A, 

Caldwell ]r, Anderson C, 
Calfoi/in, toci^son C, 
Calvin, Emilio 
Cats, Dylan G. 
Chace X. 'b\eg^en D. 
C<r\\,i(C<i\. Eric B, 
Clynes, Daniel R. 
Colon, Gabriel A, 
Cornpton, Andrew B, 
Cood, Jennifer A. 
Crounse, London C, 
Cutler Karl W, 
Czupryna, Cf\r\5\opfief P 
Davis, Thomas 1. 
Delpech Laurens M. 
DeVerna, Kyle A, 
Dominguez, Adrian A, 
Doxsee, ]on-T(^omas 
Duane, C(irlstop(ier E, 

Elliott Mcittliew 5. 
FafI; tonatfian 6, 
j^ Ferrell, Justin I 
^ii./y ^raset Clirlstoplier C 
'Oh C'Cbriel, Keitin B, 

It^ -iLoodale, KyleO. 

^f i ijore, Cliarles A, 
' *-"f;^ '^iitlii'le, Troy J. 

-alrston, Tracy M, 
-arlston, Jasmine L. 
-ayden Jr, Tliomas A 
-ealy, Caleb N. 
|Hill Jr, Lawrence W, 
Hindley, Katl^erine 5. 
Hodges, Cfir'ntopfter I. 
Holmes, Travis W. 
Houston, Hunter L. 
Huge, Zac^ary H 
Jac(?man, Patrici? W, 
lamenon X George T 

Kal^umu, Ian A, 
Kelley, Alexander G, 
Keys, 5f\ane H 
King, Riley P 
Knapp IV Edgar C. 
Krafiling, Jo(in Mlcl^eal R, 
Kriz, Nicholas M. 
Kulat Jeffrey R. 
Landersman, Kilian C. 
Lewis, Dwayne A, 
Long, Keitio W. 
Lopez, Adam A, 
Manning Jr, Joinn C, 
Marston, Mcitt(oew K. 
McCabe, Asliley R. 
t^cCarron, Gabrielle M, 
AAcClislo, Adam J, 
McCoy, iean K, 
Mclntyre 111, George L. 
McKinney, Patrick B. 

Miller Forrest N. 
Milligan, Cfiristopl^er L, 
Morley, Daniel L, 
Mos^, Claiborn A. 
Mosley 111, Dion 
Murray, Carter L. 
Neumann, Emily R, 
Nilles, Brian J. 
Nowal?, Douglas V 
OConnell, Daniel J. 
D'Donnell, Keitl^ W, 
Drndorff 111, William R, 
Palmei; Mattfiew D 
ParlSman, Lindsey L, 
Peed, Jeremy G. 
Peterson, Sean M. 
[Piribe^, Jolin T 

leo, Gerald B, 
iPratt Lane G, 
Pug(o IV William R, 

Putnam, Isaac B. 
Redmond, Tfomas L. 
Resetar Lawa 0, 
Riggs, Casey J. 
Rivera, Karter L, 
Robertson III, James A 
Ro^rbac^, Andrew J. 
Rose, Kyle 5, 
Safrit Jonatlian 5. 
Santos, Jonatfen 0, 
Sargent Stepfien A, 
Sartori, Reid C, 
Scloirra, Tfemas A, 
Sloeil^l^, Tawseef N, 
Simmers, Josepfi M, 
Smitii, Justin R. 
Spain, Zac(iary A. 
Stalnafer O^ristina L, 
Stanco, Trevor V 

Starfe, Stefan A. WInitIng Jr, Wayne 5. 

Steel, Brian T willig, Clayton B. 

Steinfof f Jr, Ricliard P Woitas, Paul J. 

|Sferbenz X CMstopfter A, Woods, Travis R, 

Strausbaugl^, Daniel A, young, Cody V 

Sullivan, Oldham D lv^anz\q, Coleman A, 

Sussman, Cl^ad A. 

Symons, Alexander W. 

hdgg, Jo^n E. 

Warp, Zachari/, C. 

jTliompson, Wade P 

Travis, Travis T 

Trent Mark A, 

Turnei; Kylie M. 

Turner Mar^ A. 

Vaugfin Jr, Micloael W, 

Von Sclouclo, Daniel 

Wagner Jr, David T 

Waldrop, William B. 

Wloite Jr, Micloael R. 






Peter Saragnese 



LT Ira Gallagher 



Ew Beard LT Alexa Tarbona 

Ps Sgt Phillips Master Sot Brown 

*iMder5on, )oih\a N, 
^pp\ewHte, 305(01/10 A. 
t\fth\r, David R, 
Bdbcocl?, Mattfiem 5, 
Bcifei; Domoniqwe R, 
Qavjhs, Breiot E, 
Beard, Andrew 3. 
Biggs, Cari 1 
Bisloop, Terrance W, 
Biwm, Eril? M, 
Bootft, Jamei M. 
Bost III, James I 
Bosweii, Jac^ I 
Bowlder Jr., Albert 3, 
Bradiey, Mattl^ew A, 
Bris^i, 3acqMeiine M. 
Brown, DOMte D 
Bryant Anson L, 
Burleson, 3ames A, 
Butler Brandon L. 

Carwpei; Ashley E, 
Capuozzo, Mario D, 
Cauleii, 5tep(nen R, 
C(ienaMlt Robert R, 
Cliiiders, Trevor 0, 
Cole 3r, 3erry 5, 
Cole, Robert R, 
Coleman, 3annci R, 
Coliie, 3acob S. 
Concepcion, Daniel E, 
Conley, Bridget A, 
Costello, Ian R, 
Craig, Andrew P 
Cregar Aaron 3, 
Crow, Alexander C, 
Dale, Matt(iew 3, 
Delo, Scott 3, 
DeRose, Frederici^ N, 
Dicl^inson, Mattfiew I 
Digan, 3o(^n M, 
Dixon, Caleb C, 

lOonovcin, Patricif W, 
IDoseff; Alexander I, 
:»rurn(ieller Kyle E, 
; ' • " '3rian R, 
;,, _, .; Daniel w, 

jFergwson, Mattloew 5. 

IFilla, Corey R, 

Ipieslnman, Jo5epf\ M, 

jFrizzell, William R, 

%Ga\\aqher. \ra A, 

loianni, Kyle K, 

|0ibb5, 3eremy L, 

jGreenlee, Daniel 3, 
Ciregory, Timothy 3 

"Griffin, Peter E 
Orif fitin, 3ame5 0, 
Halnon, Racfnel E, 
Halnon, Sarali 3 
Hamlin, Tfiomas G, 
Harper Mattl'iew D, 

Hellenga Gregory I, 
Hendley, Cory 3, 
Herring, Taylor R, 
Hilber Andrew 3. 
Hipl?o, Maxx D, 
Hoerst 3o5ep(^ D. 
Hogan, Awstin M, 
Hong, Steven S, 
Hurley, Kelson G, 
Hussmann, Ross W, 
Inman, 3acob D 
lav\ak, Mattlnew C, 
3eter Andrew W, 
3o(nnson, Daniel S, 
3one5, Logan P 
Kenaley, Carolyn N, 
Kim, 3ae-Min 
Kim, 3onat(ian 3 
Kinder 3os(ni/ia P 
Kne^r Dylan 3 
Kozifowsisi, Nicole G, 

Kuslonat Yafeov A, NelsonCnaseW 

Lamb, Nelson A, Neubaum. Cfiristian 

Lawson, 3ared C, Nweeia, Kyle A, 

Leacio, Cliristopfier M, Perry, David K, 
Leenliouts, 3ames M, Phillips, David M, 
Locfett 3ames 5. Pool, Brian T 

Louderbacl^, Tfomas W, Porter 3r, Micl^iael L, 
Lyncfi 3r, Ric(iard N, Powell 3r, Franl5 R, 
Martin, Bryant 3, Preisser Edmund C. 

Martin, Cl^ristopfier R. Purnell, Sean T 
Mason, Alexander K, Ran, Cliristoplier 3 
Mawyer Matthew W, Ray, 3ames M, 
hhayjoertv,, C(iri5top(ier B, Reaves, Oeno A. 
McColloi/igIn, Michael B. Remai, Aaron M, 
iMcCown It., David A, Rister III, Berley L, 
McDonald, Bryan C, Sancfiez, Raquel A. 
McElligott Casey T Saragnese, Peter D, 
McGann, Micfiaei P Scfiaedel, Ryan E 
McManus 111, Ronald G. Scfimidt Ryan S, 
Messici?, Mitci^ell K, Scudder Benjamin A, 
Miraldi, Andrew M, SeidI, Kurt 3 

ton Lolin A, 
(narp Ricfiard T 
ii(n WeiYu 
[imafer Kelly H 
I 3ennifer I 
ing 3ennifer J. 
imitfi William P 
[Starin 3ared E, 
zell V George W, 
if fer Tfiomas B, 
rmelin 3u5tin 5. 
I i^ona Alexa C, 
itfi 3i/istin R, 
fToman Racf\ea\ E, 
TMcfer Martin R. 
Tucfer Tyler W, 
Visconti, 3o5loua D. 
Weber 3ared P 
Wentzel, Patricia A. 
Wloite, Barrett C. 
wWte, Samuel C, 

Wilcox, Matthew 3, 
Woios^ul?, Adam 3, 
Wong, Andrew M, 
young, Nicloolas A, 
youngsma, Zacf\ar\j M, 
Znaclofe, 3acob T 



VM1& Academic Program offers a rigorous curriculum that pro- 

t educated and internationally engaged citizens of ctiaracter. It 
es a broad four-year core curriculum and fourteen nationally 
lized majors in engineering, science, liberal arts, and social 

! curriculum offers exceptional opportunities for undergraduate 
rch, foreign study, internships, and participation in activities 
sored by the Institute Writing Program. The Institute Honors 
:am presents special challenges and rewards for VMls most 
smically outstanding cadets. 

efaculty, 96% of whom hold Ph.D.s, are renowned for teaching 
ience, mentorship of students, scholarly engagement and exper- 
jommitment to service, and encouragement of undergraduate 
Irch. Small class sizes enable faculty to interact closely with 
s both inside and outside of the classroom. 

226 Academics 

Economics and Bulsness 

Colonel Floyd H. Duncan (Department Head), Major Samuel K. Allen, Major Elizabeth W Baker, Major James T. Bang, Colonel Atin 
Basu Choudhary, Colonel H. Francis Bush, Lt. Colonel Barry R. Cobb, Colonel Karen Guthermuth, Colonel Stewart W. Hosted, Major 
Raymond ). MacDermott, Colonel Robert W. Moreschi, Lt. Colonel Tinni B. Sen, Mr. Roscoe B. Stephenson, 111, Colonel Clifford T. 
West Jr., Ms. Linda R. Moreschi. 

English and Fine Arts 

Colonel Emily P. Miller (Department Head), Lt. Colonel Kurt ). Ayau, Mr. B. Drummond Ayres, Colonel William D. Badgett, Colonel 
Gordon V Ball, Colonel S. Alan Baragona, Mrs. Susan B. Coleman-Croushorn, Doctor Michael ). Crowley, Lt. Commander D. Alexis 
Hart, Colonel John G. Leland, Mrs. Lynne B. McCombs, Colonel Christina McDonald, Colonel Robert L. McDonald, Colonel David A 
Rachels, Major Jennifer M. Santos, Lt. Colonel Roger C. Thompson, Lt. Colonel Pennie ). Ticen, Mr. Ronald R Salutsky 


V""'' /^ 


Colonel Rose Mary Sheldon (Department Head), Ms. Barbara E. Lachman, Lt. Colonel Elena Andreeva, Brigadier General Charles 
E Brower IV Mr. David W. Coffey, Lt. Colonel Timothy C. Dowling, Colonel R. Geoffrey Jensen, Dr. Clifford A Kiracofe, Colonel A. 
Cash Koeniger, Colonel Kenneth E. Koons, Colonel N. Turk McClesky, Colonel Malcolm Muir Jr., Major Eric W. Osbourne, Mr. Adam 
Trusner, Captain Blair R Turner, Colonel Bruce Vandervort, Colonel Mark E Wilkinson. 

International Studies & Political Science 

Colonel lames ). Hentz, Mr. Louis H. Blair, Colonel R. E. Burnett, Major Dennis M. Foster, Colonel Richard ). Kilroy Major 
Howard B. Sanborn IV Mr. E. Douglas Ayer Jr., Mr. Scott E. Belliveau, Doctor Patrick M. Mayerchak, Mr. Christopher 
B. Russell, Captain Blair P. Turner 

ZZ8 Acariemics 




umaammasea mm 

The Modern Languages and Cultures 
Department refused to have its picture taken 
for The Bomb. The Bomb Staff apologizes 
for this disappointment. 

Modern Languages and Cultures 

PsychologY and Philosophy 

Colonel James T. Gire (Department Head), Colonel Herbert F. Barber, Najor Dave 1. Cotting, Major Scott T. Frein, Lt. Colo- 
nel Keith A. Kline, Colonel Thomas N. Meriwether, Doctor Duncan 1. Richter, Major Glenn R. Sullivan, Doctor C. Kirby 
Arinder, Colonel James M. Eicher. 


>-' X N 

*s- ^ -^ r?fefi-i 

Academies 2^9 /^ 

■SSfV ./f.'- 

??.: X 


! '-■' ■ 


Colonel Richard A. Rowe (Department Head), Major Anne B. Alerding, Colonel Thomas S. Baur 75, Colonel Wade E. 
Bell, Major Paul R. Moosman )r. '98, Major Leah R. Stands, Colonel James E. Turner '65, Ms. Joyce K. Blandino, Ms. 
Eileen T. Hinks, Mrs. Deanne L. Moosman, Mrs. Karen Fredenburg. 


Colonel Robert E. Ludt (Department Head), Lt. Colonel Judith B. Cain, Ms. Eileen T. Hinks, Colonel Tappey H. Jones, 
Major Daniel E McCain, Colonel Daniel Y. Pharr, Doctor Dale R. Raymond, Colonel Henry D. Schreiber, Mrs. Donna M. 
Smith, Lt. Colonel Stanton Q. Smith, Lt. Colonel Daren J. Timmons, Colonel James E. Turner 

230 Acalemics 



Mathematics and Computer Science 

Lt. Colonel Troy ). Siemers (Department Head), Colonel Mac Baker, Colonel Lee S. Dewald Sr., Colonel Myke H. Gluck, Lt. Colonel Gregory N. Hart- 
man, Commander Daniel S. Joseph, Major Leah Lanz,Colonel Thomas C. Lominac, Major Meagan C. Herald, Mr. Richard S. Miller, Mr. Richard S. 
Miller, Colonel Soe Than, Colonel Michael ). Tierney, Colonel Vonda K. Walsh, Colonel William B. Walsh, Mr. John V. 
Mirabella, Ms. L. Jane Randall, Mr. John Vosburgh. 

Physics & Astronomy 

Colonel John R. Thon^pson (Department Head), Mr. David M. Allen, Najor George M. Brooke IV Lt. Colonel Daniela 
Topasna, Lt. Colonel Gregory A. Topasna, Colonel Stacia K. Vargas, Doctor Chi-Chin Wu. 




--.-''■^••^N .«<- 

--*&^, X. 



Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Colonel R. Wane Schneiter, Lt. Colonel Charles B. Bott, Colonel Peter W Hoadley Colonel W Grigg Mullen, Major Charles 
D. Newhouse, Colonel John H. Page, Captain John E. Riester Jr., Colonel Gary K. Rogers, Secretary Carol Entsminger, 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Colonel J. Shawn Addington (Department Head), Colonel Daniel W. Barr, Colonel David L. Livingston, Colonel D. 
Todd Smith, Colonel James C. Squire 

232 Acailemics 




/». t -' r?Jg 

-^: "^^ 

^^M^^ / 

Mechanical Engineering 

Colonel Timothy M. Hodges (Department Head), ColoneU. Howard Arthur, Doctor Robert L. Beran, Ms. Joyce K. Blandino, 
Colonel Joseph Blandino, Lt. Colonel Jon-Michael Hardin, Lt. Colonel Matthew R. Hyre, Captain Robert L. McMasters, 
Colonel W. Wayne Neel, Colonel Woodson A. Sadler, Lt. Colonel Gerald A. Sullivan. 

Physical Education 

Colonel James A. Coale (Department Head), Captain Stephen T. Baur, Mr. Thomas Calomeris, Major Jack B. Johnson Jr., 
Captain Chad A. Joyce, Colonel Holly J. Richardson, Captain Monte R. Sparkmen, Mr. James H. Whitten 






w ^v 



AeSdfemitV 233 /^ 



AIR f 

234 Academics 







' '.^-. 




§ 1 4^ I If 








"Colonel Harold H. Worrell, Mr. Siklru Afisy, Msgt. Roger Ammons, Msgt. Travis H. Bean, Majorr 
mobert ]. Cook, Major Eric R. East, Major Jim Kilbourne, Major Scott E. Loria, Major David C. Martin,j[ 
IMsgt. Shawn Rost, Ssg. Bradley B. Seay, Major Sherri L. Sharpe, Captain, James G. Sheldon, Ms.| 
ujjackie Simmons, Mr. Shawn R. Simmons, Msgt. Phong H. Iran, Msgt. Timothy Travis, Mr. Thomas! 
lAtkinson, Mr. Larry Campbell, Ms. Elizabth Dunlap, Ms. Kristy Funkhouser, Ms. Kathy Ruffinf 

•/^ ;i*a 







.,;7T<i. J ^^ 





Academics 235 

236 Academics 


Academics 237 

^■- :^. 

Miller Academic Center 

Lt. Colonel Mollle Messimer, Lt. Colonel Anna Crockett, Major Teri Beasley Mrs. Monica Duke 

Preston Library Staff 

Colonel Don Samdahl, Ms. Brianna Page, Lt. Colonel Susie Hastings, Doctor Megan Newman, Ms. Gwen Sichol, Ms. 
Tonya Moore, Colonel Diane Jacob, Ms. Mary L. Kludy Ms. Cathy Wells, Lt. Colonel Janet Holly, Captain Nilya Car- 
rato, Ms. Linda Covington, Ms. Nancy Kirby, Ms. Virginia Smith (Also pictured - Colonel Hess) 

^ >^>.' 

238 Acailemics 




'•^^^^^ '5;^ 



^000 Committee 

The hallmark of a VMI education is that it is operated and enforced by cadets. The VMl 
committees include the Honor Court, Officers of the Guard Association, Rat Disciplinar} 
Committee, Cadet Equity Association, and the Cadet Counseling Services. 

i ^"^-^'-—M 

4 7M- :4 

■ J^-^**:'^^ "W^^SP^ - 

lit ill f Mi 



2009 Honor Court 

Alexander G. Kelley 
Vice President 

Mervln L. Barrow - President 

Nathaniel C. Warner Robert T. Blackman 

Vice President for Education & Defense Vice President for Investigation 

Andrew M. Hosey Carter L. Murray 

Prosecutor Prosecuter 

Second Class Representatives - Assistant Prosecutors 

Charles E. Allgood, Charles C. Crowder, lohn M. Curtis, William R. Feldman, Richard M. Hozik, Weston D. Whitcomb 

The 2008-2009 Honor Court of the Virginia Military Institute is 
composed of six first classmen and six second classmen. These 
twelve cadets bear the responsibility of guarding the most precious 
aspect of VNU the Honor Code. The Court is responsible for not only 
educating the Corps, but also investigating honor violations and 
adjudicating Honor Court trials. All members have been voted into their 
positions, and entrusted by their peers to uphold the standard of honor 
that generations of VMl cadets have lived by since the school^ beginning. 

Written by Cadet Mervln Barrow 
President of the Honor Court 


Officers of the Guard Association 

Nicholas M. Campbell - President 

Douglas C. Trask Justin R. Smith David A. Ferreira 

Vice President Secretary Defense Counsel 

Thomas Duncan Stephanie Ortiz 

Alpha Rep Bravo Rep 

Evan Berenholtz Gregory Hersh Gary Worley 

Echo Rep Foxtrot Rep Golf Rep 

Christopher A. Sterbenz 
Defense Counsel 

Adam Grabill 
Charlie Rep 
Michael Vaughn 
Hotel Rep 

Benjamin Kyler 
Delta Rep 
Thomas B. Stauffer 
Band Rep 

The Officer of the Guard Association is made up of fourteen first class 
privates. The OGA enforces Institute regulations regarding misconduct, 
alcohol misuse, hazing, and any other offense deemed necessary by 
the General Committee or the Commandants Staff Also, the OGA 
represents the privates of the Corps, by voicing their concerns 
to the GC and Commandants Staff The OGA can be summed 
up as an organization that represents the average Cadet, and 
protects Cadets, vs/hile upholding the standards of the Corps. 

Written by Cadet Nicholas Campbell 

President of the Officer of The Guard Association 

Rat Disciplinary Committee 

Richard H. Newklrk - President 

Jamie B. Fernandas Hamiliton H. Harris Jarrett L. Bennett 

Vice President Secretary Operations Officer 

First Class Representatives 

Remington D. Adams, James B. Bradshaw, Alexander L. Doseff, Dennis M. Dunaway Franlc L. Ellis, 

Matthew L. Gift, Joshua M. Gerardo, Patrick B. McKinney, Andrew M. Miraldi, Nicholas R. Nims, 

Christina R. Mowatt- Larssen, David R. Radke, Andrew J. Rohrback, Keith L. Taylor, Mark A. Turner, 

Andrew D. Washbish, Clayton B. Willig, Albert C. Young 

Second Class Representatives 

Michael B. Hutchings, David A. Padgett, Daniel P Perestock, John T. Piribek 

The Rat DisciplinarY Committee of 2008- 2009 was composed of twenty 
two First-Class members, nominated by their classmates, as well as four 
Second-Class members who had been appointed by their class. The mem- 
bers are responsible for transforming the Rats into a class. This years RDC 
has been called by many "the most influential" in decades, and is respon- 
sible for conducting a Breakout never seen before in the history of VMl. 

Written by Cadet Richard Newkirk 
President of the Rat Disciplinary Committee 

-«-»»'^w!imi" ■■ 

i> <> 


itlMi ^, 

■-<ia&dr^^''fit''>i5^sG'>' ', 

Cadet Equity Association 

^Jacqueline M. Brlskl - President 

Rammy G. Barbarl Kevin ?. Finger Christina L. Stalnaker 

Vice President Vice President Vice President 

Assistant Investigators 

Tanner H. Sewell, Caleb C. Dixon, Michael T. Sunbeck, Jr. 

Company Representatives 

Charles M. Barnett, Dana ). Hlavaty Michael A. Robertson, Jr., lan M. Williams, David C. Downing, 

Alexander ). Harms, Niels A. Madsen, Laurens M. Delpeck, Jonathan J. Kim, Holly A. Giacolone 

Jessica M. Rende 

The purpose of the Cadet Equity Association, a sub-committee of the General Committee, 
Is to provide education on equity to the Corps of Cadets In accordance with the guidelines 
established by the Superintendents Statement on Equity at VMl and to monitor a Post-wide 
climate of respect and equitable treatment for Cadets. The CEA Is tasked with training 
the Corps and conducting Investigations In situations related to gender, racial, religious, 
ethnic, and other types of discrimination. The Virginia Military institute Is committed to 
an atmosphere of human dignity In which our basic organizational culture and climate Is 
founded on mutual respect. 

Written by Cadet Jackie M. Briskl 
President of the Cadet Equity Association 

I'i pi 

Cadet Counseling Services 

Dan O'Connell- CIC, Riley Wlrth- ACIC 

Rob Allen, DQ Baker, Dan Bogert 

lacob Cox, Rick Frantz, Qiris Martin 

Michael Montoya, Isaac Putnam, Mike Schroeder 

Ray Starsman, Justin Tench, Kelly Vickery 

This has been a successful year for the Cadet Counseling Staff. We truly made great strides beyond last years 
strong finish. "We were lucky enough to have a committed group of peer counselors who worked hard throughout the 
year. After a week-long training session in peer education and counseling, we hit the ground running in support of 
this years ratline. With everyone help, we were able to assist those who sought guidance. This year, VMl had our 
highest rat retention rate ever. 

After matriculation, we were able to focus on health and wellness education for the entire corps. Some notable 
events that took place this year were the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, the Great American Smokeout, 
and VMIS own Stress Busters: an event held each semester before finals, which gives everyone some time to relax and 
have fun. This event was especially successful due to the generosity of our local churches. Their support and dona- 
tions were crucial to the execution of this event. 

For the second year in a row, we held the Tobacco Quit Challenge, which is a 30-day program to encourage 
cadets to cease any and all tobacco use. This continues to be the most requested program that CCS offers. Each year 
we have seen cadets dedicate themselves to the program and emerge tobacco-free. The entire corps gets involved In 
the process and, without everyones collective enthusiasm this program probably would not be nearly as great of a 

As the departing CIC of CCS, 1 would like to express my gratitude to those of you who entrusted CCS with your 
needs. 1 would also like to thank my devoted staff of the 2008-2009 academic year for your excellent work and dedica- 
tion. Ny wish is for next years Cadet Counseling Staff to build on the successes of this year, just as we did from years 
previous. Good luck to everyone in each of your endeavors, and please remember that there is always someone there 
to help you In times of need 

Written by Cadet Daniel O'Connell 
CCS CIC 2008-2009 

Timber Framers Club 

Starin JE, Pendelton CE, 
White SG, Statzell GW, 
Ellison CG, VonSchuch D, 
Krysiak RC, Wild WJ, Drakic 
AN, Duvnjak BZ, Hayden TA, 
IVIanning JC 

Big Brother 
Big Sister 

Morton JD, Kari AK, Gomez 
A, Krumm AM, Beach CD, 
Blume DA, Duncan TD 

Music Society 

Winks MD, Cox KM, Bailey 
CM, Tosetti CR Lawson JC, 
Baker HM, Lockett JS, Crow 
AC, Tighe KA, Tarbona AC 

Theater Club 

Alexander JT, Baker DR, Cor^ 
tes C, Edwards TA, GlombI 
MJ, Hanson SL, HIavaty DJ^ 
Kim JJ, Lippiatt GE, Martin 
BJ, Nash SH, Saragnese 
PD, Saunders TM, StaabDJ^ 
Wiezorel< JA, Cook JA, Cox 
KM, Dobbins EC, Franchella 
MN, Hussmann RW, Lawson 
JC, Neumann ER, Prei sser 
EC, Ahmed Ali Bishop TVU^ 
Mayberry CB, O'Brien JA^ 
Reaves CA, Sexton CA, Shu* 
maker KH, Tierney SR Twigg 

Lexington Fire 

BohananS, TaibottM, 
WassonR GottwaidT 

Prelaw Society 

Vickery KM, Marino R Duncan 
TA, Secrest TR, Kimsey BR 
Luxhoj KB, Nardine RS, Rob- 
erts NE, Davis SR Kwon T, 
Wright JW, Crowder CC, Gra 
ham MW, Finger KR Locketi 
JS, Sussman CA, Abruzzest 
VW, Brush AC, Barbari AG, 
Hebb ND, Davis TJ, Conte C, 
Reedy TS, Fede JH, McMuilen 
RRGray SL, Ferreira DA, Ricej 
CA, Bailey CM, Crandall PD^ 
Leichty LB, Ferr o JS, Childer: 
TO, Gyamf uaa C 

Civil War Roundtabie 

Barnes JR, Holt BG, Scudder 
BA, Adams DC, McCormick 
RG, Abruzzese VW, Hussman 
RW, Hunt AL, SeidI KJ, Milli- 
WR Stronko DJ, Rice RH, Ri- 
vas JM, Cregar AJ, Tighe KA, 
Gerkin CD, White SG, Ayres 
SE, Ecklund JH, Graziano TM, 
Young AC, Dwight JT, Johnson 
JR, Krysiak RC, Perry S, Ewen 
R, Vaden DB, Newcomb CD, 
Wood JA, Gillogly WN, Leu- 
Carter BA, Kwon T, Miller FN 

Psychology Club 

Stolle GM, Betts EL, Price SD, 
Lloyd ST, Kimsey Bli Krysiak 
RC, Roberts NE, Briski JM, 
Larramore KS, McLachlan 
SK, Bishop TW, Snevely K, 
Ortiz S 

Virginia Historical 

Lamb NA, Morgan JD, Raine 
JD, Ayres SE, Earle RT, Ewen 
R, Krysiak RC, Cox DS, Gelles 


11— T1-" 

Special Actions 

Lin C, Olson BJ, Page TN, Hen- 
dee JN 

Quad A 

Lloyd SJ, Gerkin CD, Do VQ, 
Skiff BJ, Green TJ, Sergent 
SA, Klajnbart JM, Price ER, 
Thompson C, Neumann ER, 
KM, Gordon TA, 
Stevenson JJ, Lee RE, 
Whitehead WA, Varney JR 

Big Red Club 

Simpson BJ, Blackman RT, 
Hyatt WIVI, Krumm AM, Dun- 
canTA, Harvey JMjShirkeyJJji 
Pillow PS, Stalnaker CL 

College Republicans 

Stolle GM, Denton BD, Palmer MD, 
Beasley HT, Hargrove RS, Healy 
CN, Gelles NC, Buell RS, Fiorelli 
MJ, Colon J, Rvark SR Secrest TR, 
Richardson KR, Alerding JE, Cox 
Ramierez SK, Stolle RS, Gianni KK, 
Leuthold BT, Statzell GW, Greenlee 
DJ, Tellez J, Huffman MS, Johnson 
ES, Miller AW, Crowder CC, Desch 
D J, Young RR Waldman CR, Neal DG, 
Hooker JK, Wilson JKJ 


Range CA, Jurkowitsch FW, 
Stronko DJ, Milligram DM, 
Lum GS, Remai AH, Briski JM, 
Daly JE, Spain ZA, Jones MR, 
I MD, SeidI KJ, Ray JM, Gelles 
NC, Schirra TA, Harris HH 

English Society 

Lippiatt GE, Miller JE, Cook 
JA, Duncan TA, Steward NA, 
Statzell GW, Tellez J, Gwinn 
MT, King RR Secrest TR, Lin- 
coln CR Pastor AT 

College Bowl 

LippiattGE, StaufferT, Mau- 
rice J, FendleyB, Davis T 

Philosophy Club 

Antonelli ML, Barnhill H, 
Choudhary Basu, Noid TR, 
Bishop JA, Cauiey SR, Chap- 
man JB, Cox JT, Edwards 
TA, Ellsworth R, Fendley RL, 
Fernandes JB, Ferreira DA, 
Fields CS, Gomez A, Harley 
WE, Johnson ML, Jokiel PA, 
Keller AC, Leer E, Lippiatt GE, 
Mccabe AR 


Daniel JA, Reaves CA, Arenas 
AF, Noble KM, Strand ME, 
Baker AJ, Kittrell JL, Gianni 
KK, Shumaker KH, Parkman 
L, Coate MM d 


Baker HM, Secrest 
TR, Suroweic EA, 
Harris BA, Lukenbill 

Glee Club 

Giacolone HA, Arenas 
AR Baker DR, Chang S, 
Childers TO, Dickinson 
MT, Hainon RE, Halnon SJ 
Harris AM, Johnson DS 
Jones S, Kwon T, Lee RE 
Martin CR, Mosk CA, Pre 
isser EC, Shumaker KH 
Spahr RG, Wermus DM 
Whitten SV, Daniel Thorn 

Sounding Brass 

Resetar, Lippiatt, Cook, 


' The Cadet 

Kosecki CM, Rosarda 
TA, Rice CA, Toman 
RE, Graham MW, Kim 
JJ, Jurkowitsch FD, 
Conte C, Brannen JD 


Clubs not pictured: 

College Democrats 

Jazz Band 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Pipe and Drum Band 












'?L *''Kj$^i<%. in *» 






Dreading SRC because getting a Just use the people who park on Rt. 11.. 

plate of food takes thirty minutes ^^^ ^^^^ *» Your car is only 191 steps 


Getting boned for doing stupid things like 
being improperly dressed outside of your 




When they closed down new barracks, they left a "strip of rooms on tne front siae oi 
barracks open to cadets. These poor cadets heard every nail pounding as constructi( 
was done each day right outside their room. So much for a nap! 

What Sunday brunch? It s all left overs! 

Sign Out Details 

:CP - Fits! CIciss Permfr 

»lurn Tim* 

he sound of barracks going to sleep... and 
adets staying up late to study... or play video 

5 miserable days in the woods... well for 
most at least. "Id rather be at VMl." 

Yeah., enough said. 

i :^ 


f f 




^ / 









V ''^-^^^ 



larracks caught on fire during our 

study hours so they evacuated the entire thing! 


What Easter Furlough? Kill Bunnies! 

Ultimate Frisbee 

Holt BG, Baker CA, Bradley MA, Daly JE, Johnson DS, Lamb NA, Thompson JL, Bopp BM, Cvengros BD, Francheiia 
MN, Musick MR, Preisser EC, Turner JR, Wade AM, Hall CH, Gingrich C J, Michnewich DA, Boyce ZD, Comtosis 
CJ, Doxsee J, Dudek ST, Fioreiii MJ, Firehammer AR, Fiading E, Graziano TM, Healy CA, Holliday RE, Hooker JK, 
Loring WB, Markley SH, Naraine RS, Robertson GM, Schade RR Schaedel RF, Turner KM, White SA, Wood JA 

Club Soccer 

^ 0^ J ■^•PRt^Ol^ 

Winks MD, Kerr JT, Custer CR, Fiasconaro GR Dietrich C, Nguyen DV, Leugers PW, 
Bocanegra KM, Bailey CM, Splinter JM, Hickey JL, Clementson LA, Park WE 

Club Hockey 

Adldoost AM, Arthur DR, Cowdry AM, Fields TW, Gliebe ME, Hale RA, Hoerst 
JD, Morgan AR, Mendillo C J, Miraldi AM, Parmer MR, Saragnese PD, Smith JR, 
Wittig EE, Spain ZA 

Club Golf 

gtP^E|?fV»0 H 

Col. Rivers, Clark RJ, Jurkowitsch FW , Thompson DE, Hodsden BL, Snuff in 
DJ, Lloyd S J, Phillips RO, Glass DM, Hariss HH, Blume DD, Worley GW, Duncan 
TA, O'Connell DJ, Sneavely KM, Deacon MT, Capt Sheldon 

Club Basketball 








: ~:~'^~, ":-:-" - 


' a 



\y2jj W" 

f v^ 

1 ra 



55 40 

1 'SIT) 

i2ih ! 



SCI 1 


1 ^la? tk w;,i 


1 ^ If 32 " 



H\V '''^1 




Harvey JM (CIC), Black IM, Cashen CW, Chen C, Choi S, Compton AB, Cox JT, Faulconer 
A, Gibbons GE, Gibbs JL, Hentges JB, Hsieh HM, Keller AC, Kerr SM, Kriz N, O'Reilly DL, 
Smith BA, Stark S, Toomey JK, Yen H 

Softball Club 

Tarbona AC, Rhinelander JM, Toman RE, Vickery KM, Pastor AT, Halnon SJ, 
DeFrank AM, Parkman LL, Stratton LB, Chang SN, Coate MM, Harris BA 


Martial Arts 

Wermus DM, Miller AW, Halnon RE, Baik S, Scudder BA 

Mixed Martial Arts 




Francis K, Dixon JR, Dixon C, Grabii A, Moser CD, Ferreira DA, Johnston CS, Squire BB, 
Horbal J, Bartoi JW, Sexton CA, Peeler BA, Goldsmith N, Eagle NV, Bishop TW 


^iro ■ l.'^N D^ ATE '^ E R ^O ^'v ' R ^v' R ■ D."-- E N Q: H E R ^ ^ C H TS • • 

'^9 « 

Aguirre EJ, Bacheller BR Beard AJ, Brister JE, Brown NO, Calhoun JC, Chapman TC, Connolly 
BC, Correll WR, Costello IT, Dacunha GE, Doseff Al, Englehart MJ, Garrett DR, Gleason BL, 
Haines AC, Hingley DM, Hurley KG, Johnson MD, Klajnbart JM, Knight CJ, Lippiat GE, Madsen 
NA, McFather FS, Mello ST, Naff HW, Pratt LG, Rhoades ZG, Rodgers HL, Ross CJ, Sturgill JR, 
Tammelin JS, Tharp ZC, Wasson MR Watts AD, Winoker JN, Wirth PR, Woods TR, Messina DC 

Boxing Club 

Brinkman JT, Czupryna CR Davis TJ, Felts BW, Gianni KK, Hefner JN, Henry 
SR, Herzog AR Keese JM, Nichols SC, Santos JO, Splettstoesser LF , Thomas 
MS, Walker LA, Zwanzig CA 

Strength Club 


Allard BH, Ashooh B J, Baez AM, Book waiter JC, Brockman DM, Clayton JR Davis TJ, Def rank 
AM, Fukui CN, Gerardo JM, Gibson NJ, Hafkemeyer JL, Harrelson NJ, Jones MA, Kirchner 
RT, Kittrell JL, McFather FS, Parsons CW, Radi MD, Swanson LK, Treacy MR Trotman OT^ 
Wright MT,WuLH 

Alpine Ski Club 

Farley EA, Oliver AR Brinkman JT, Williams DR Pelletier KC, Fiorelli MJ, 
Peterson SM, Relyea BW 

Marathon Club 

Brewer DC, Wor ley GW, Peterson SM, Saunders JM, Schroeder JM, Stewart, N A, 
Brown JC, McManus RG, Griffith BA, Eggleston PO, Bishop TW, Gallagher 
lA, McFarland NA, Straskulic RA, Louderback TW, Harms AJ, Stumpf JC, 
MillsGA, Tyson ES, McCormick RH, Wilson LR, Dobbins SS, Ahmed AR 
Leccadito IVIT 




^ m 1^^'' 



^Iv ' 








- 7 '^' P 















1 1 




I ■ 



» Ir 


F"'^ ' 






• • • ^^'^ 





^'^ ,. 






•^ ;i 




— n 










O «., 









^ ^ fea^^??iJii2^pi 


-^. w^, 

3r»d Yellow Floats orx HigK- TKe l^stx 



■ ■ 




r * > 
pa / 

■ ^4 



{^ i 



^■•i- .r 

jj**i " 




^ IT 











V. c 





^% ^^^ 

-*^«-A ^^^^^ 





Track a Field: FOR THE 


Basketball: VMI TWIN 


DAY, March 2nd BY THE 

women's Soccer: THE VMI 








O^e Voice Cry- God Bless our Team, a^d ViVjj 



Frl. Feb 20 North Carolina 

Sat, Feb 21 North Carolina 

Sun. Feb 22 North Carolina 

Tue, Feb 24 Old Dominion 

Wed, Feb 25 Richmond 

Frl, Feb 27 YngstwnSt 

Sat, Feb 28 YngstwnSt 

Sun, Mar 01 Bucknell 

Wed, Mar 04 William & Mary 

Frl, Mar 06 Rider 

Sat. Mar 07 Rider 

Sat, Mar 07 Rider 

Sun, Mar 08 Rider 

Tue, Mar 10 Norfolk State 

Wed, Mar 11 Virginia 

Sat, Mar 14 Presbyterian 

Sun, Mar 15 Presbyterian 

Sun, Mar 15 Presbyterian 

Tue, Mar 17 Virginia Tech 

Wed, Mar 18 Virginia Tech 

Frl, Mar 20 UNC AshevUle 

Sat, Mar 21 UNC Ashevllle 

Sun, Mar 22 UNC Ashevllle 

Tue, Mar 24 Richmond 

Frl, Mar 27 Charleston Southern 

Sun, Mar 29 Charleston Southern 

Frl, Apr 03 Liberty 

Sat, Apr 04 Liberty 

Sun, Apr 05 Liberty 

Wed, Apr 08 VCU 

Sat, Apr 11 Gardner-Webb 

Sat, Apr II Gardner-Webb 

Tue, Apr 14 lames Madison 

Wed, Apr 15 Longwood 

Frl, Apr 17 Radford 

Sat, Apr 18 Radford 

Sun, Apr 19 Radford 

Tue, Apr 21 Old Dominion 

Wed, Apr 22 Norfolk State 

Frl, Apr 24 WInthrop 

Sat, Apr 25 WInthrop 

Sun, Apr 26 WInthrop 

Tue, Apr 28 William & Mary 

Wed, Apr 29 lames Madison 

Sat, May 09 Coastal Carolina 

Sun, May 10 Coastal Carolina 

Mon, May 11 Coastal Carolina 

Thu, May 14 High Point 

Frl, May 15 High Point 

Sat, May 16 High Point 

272 NCAA Sports 

r\ OOV^V>rl— OvJI^^i=, 

A RECAP: Sluggers and Smink Send VMI Past Gardner- 
Webb, 21-3 on April 10th, 2009 at Virginia Military Institute. 

VMI slugged a school-record 
seven home runs while starting 
pitcher Travis Smink allowed just 
one run through seven innings as 
the Keydets defeated Gardner- 
Webb, 21-3, in Big South action 
on Friday, April 10th at Gray-Mi- 
nor Stadium. 

Sophomore Alex Haitsuka and 
juniorTanner Biagini each hit two 
home runs for the Keydets (13- 
1 8, 7-5 Big South), who collected 
season highs in runs (21), hits 
(25) and RBI (20). VMI scored 
in all but one inning in the victory, 
being held scoreless by starter 
Aaron Haynes (1-2) in the third 
inning. Haynes took the loss 
for the Bulldogs (15-14, 4-6 Big 
South), however, surrendering 
13 runs on 15 hits through 3.2 

Smink (5-2), meanwhile, al- 
lowed just a fifth-inning, solo 
home run to Matt Rizzuto in 
improving to 4-0 in five confer- 
ence starts this season. The 
left-hander struck out five, and 
with the victory, moved into a tie 
for fourth on VMI's career wins 
chart with 1 4. "I thought that our 
offensive approaches were great 

Marlin Ikenberry 

VMI Baseball's Head Coach 

VMI Class of 1995 

early," said VMI head coach Mar- 
lin Ikenberry, whose team ran out 
to a 1 0-0 advantage in the second 
inning. "I was proud of how we 
played and competed during that 
game, especially the guys coming 
off the bench. Travis Smink, once 
again, did an outstanding job that 
night for us." 

The Bulldogscould not capital- 
ize off of a pair of hits in the first 
inning, before the Keydets wentto 
work offensively. Biagini's three- 
run home run gave VMI the lead 
for good. 



r-' 'W' 

--» %*»^— I— 


NCAA Sports 273 

VMl earned the -2 seed in this years Big South 
Championship, the best seed the Keydets have earned 
since joining the Big South Conference. 

The teams -2 seed is also the best positioning 
that VMl has had in a league-wide (non-divisional) 
tournament since the 1977-78 season. (VMl was the 
North divisions 2 seed in the Southern Conference 
Tournament in 1995-96). Interestingly that 1977-78 
tournament was also the last time that a postseason 
game was played at VMl, when the Keydets defeated 
seventh-seeded Davidson 95-80 at "The Pit!' 

Historically, 2 seeds have not fared all that well 
in Big South Championship Finals. All-time, second 
seeds are 6-8 in the Championship Games, including 
a 45 mark against ^1 seeds. The record improves of 
late, however, with - 2 seeds going 43 over the past TO 
years in Finals, including a 66-48 win by 2 Winthrop 
over 1 UNC Asheville last season. 

Virginia Military Institute 
head basketball coach Duggar 
Baucom was recently named the 
National Association of Basket- 
^ ball Coaches (NABC) 2009 Dis- 
^ trict 3 Coach of the Year. 


VMl senior guards Chavis and Travis Holmes were both 
named to the Richmond Times-Dispatch's All-State 
Second Team. 

VMl ranl<ed first in the country in scoring (93.8). 3-point 
FG made (13.8), steals (14.2), turnover Margin (+9.5). 

Baucom led the Keydets in 2008 to a 24-8 record, the 
second most wins in school history and most wins in the 
program's history. 

The Holmes Twins, Chavis and Travis were named "All 
Conference Honors" this season, their last season com- 
peting for Virginia Military Institute. 

274 NCAA Sports 



Fri, Nov 14 Kentucky 
Sun, Nov 16 Virginia 
Tuc, Nov 18 MA Bible 
Thu, Nov 20 Stevenson 
Mon, Nov 24 Campbell 
Sat, Nov 29 Jksnvillc St 
Wed, Dec 03 Winthrop 
Sat, Dec 06 UNC Ashville 
Tuc, Dec 09 Campbell 
Sat, Dec 13 S. Wcslcyan 
Sun, Dec 21 Army 
Wed, Dec 31 Richmond 
Sat, Jan 3 Gardner-Webb 
Mon, Jan 5 Chalstn Sthrn 
Sat, Jan 10 Coastal C 
Mon, Jan 12 Presbyterian 
Sat, Jan 17 Liberty 
Wed, Jan 21 Radford 
Sat, Jan 24 High Point 
Thu, Jan 29 S. VA 
Mon, Feb 02 UNC Ashville 
Wed, Feb 04 Winthrop 
Sat, Feb 07 Gardnr-Wcbb 
Mon, Feb 09 Chrlstn Sthrn 
Sat, Feb 14 Coastal C 
Mon, Feb 16 Presbyterian 
Tue, Feb 24 Liberty 
Sat, Feb 28 High Point 
Tue, Mar 03 #7 Coastal C 
Thu, Mar 05 #3 Liberty 
Sat, Mar 07 #1 Radford 

NCAA Sports 275 


A Recap from the Paul Short Run in October 2008. 

Sophomore ErminMujezinovic and senior Donnie Cow- 
art finished within five seconds of each other to lead the 
VMI men's cross country team to a 32nd place finish on 
Friday at the Paul Short Run, hosted annually by Lehigh 

Mujezinovic (Herndon, VA) placed 98th overall with a 
time of 25:09 in the event's Brown 8K race. Cowart came 
in with a clocking of 25:14, good enough for 112th of the 
298 competing runners and 45 teams. Junior Matt Sat- 
terwhite turned in an impressive time of 26:08 to place 
195th for the VMI men, followed by freshman Marshall 
Dalessandro (26:39, 229th). Rounding out the scoring 
for the Keydets was junior Matt Sagar (26:40, 230th). 
Also competing for the Keydets in the race were freshmen 
Noah Hagos (26:58, 248th) and Ray Delgado (28:17, 

^4mni*^P%tl "^^'^ 



276 NCAA Sports 


Frt Aug 29 

VMl Season Opener 

at Lexington, Va. 

Sat, Sep 20 
Liberty Invitational 
at Lynchburg, Va. 

Frl, Oct 03 

Paul Short Invitational 

at Lehigh, Pa. 

Blue Ridge Open 
at Boone, N.C. 

Sat, Nov 01 

Big South Conference 


at Lynchburg, Va. 

Sat, Nov 15 

NCAA Regional 


at Wlnston-Salem, N.C. 

NCAA Sports 277 


^ ^w ophomore Hannah Granger earned her 
^^^^ first All-Conference finish to lead VMl to a 
fourth-place finish on Saturday at the 2008 New 
Balance Big South Conference Womens Cross Coun- 
try Championship, presented by UCS. 

Granger (Radnor, PA) placed sixth overall with 
a time of 18:56 on the 5K course, becoming only 
the second Keydet to earn a Big South All-Confer- 
ence honor. Grangers finish led the Keydets to 
their best-ever finish in a conference cross country 

championship, coming in fourth of the nine com- 
peting teams after being voted sixth in the confer- 
ences preseason poll. 

Freshman Jenna Pickett turned in an impressive 
18th-place performance with a time of 19:41, plac- 
ing sixth among freshmen in the race. Classmate 
Carrie Wortham finished 23rd with a personal-best 
20:11 clocking, followed by senior Kelsey Stafford 
(20:25) in 28th overall. Freshman Jennifer Sing 
rounded out VMls competitors by placing 61st with 
a time of 23:27. 

278 NCAA Sports 

XC Schedi^le 09 

Fri, Aug 29 VMl Season Opener 

Lexington, VA 

5 p.m. 

2nd of 4 

Sat, Sep 20 Liberty Invitational 

at Lynchburg, VA 

9:15 a.m. 

3rd of 6 

Fri, Oct 03 Paul Short Invitational 

at Lehigh, PA 

U:00 a.m. 

No Score 

Frl, Oct 17 Blue Ridge Open 

at Rock Hill, SC 

4:30 p.m. 

15th of 26 

Sat, Nov 1 Big South Conference Chshlps 

at Lynchburg, VA 

10:30 a.m. 

4th of 9 

Sat, Nov 15 NCAA Regional Championships 

at Wlnston-Salem, NC 

11:00 a.m. 

NCAA Sports 279 


Sr. Keith Taylor 

players on the team. ..can 
play both safety positions... 
one of the most physical 
players in the secondary... 
listed on the post-spring 
depth chart at backup 
strong safety but has the 
experience and ability to 
step into a starting role. 

Sr. Nick lUlims 

Was moved to the offensive 
line late last season and 
continued in that role in 
spring practice. of the 
most athletic linemen on the 
team and will be a welcomed 
asset on the offensive line. . . 
worked out at left tackle 
and will join converted D- 
lineman Ben Brandt in that 
spot to give the Keydets 
a solid left side of the of- 
fensive line. ..worked hard 
in off-season conditioning. 

Jr. Tim lUlaypray 

Has developed into one of 
the most dynamic perform- 
ers to ever wear a VMI foot- 
ball uniform. ..named Lindy's 
Magazine 2008 Big South 
Conference Preseason Of- 
fensive Player of the Year... 
can hurt defenses a number 
of ways with his versatility... 
greatly improved his block- 
ing ability last year and in 
the recent spring practice... 
will be counted on to spark 
the offense again this sea- 
son with his big-play ability. 

Junior Tim Maypray scored four 
touchdowns to help VMI to a 
49-27 win over Presbyterian on 
Saturday afternoon at Foster 

VMI closed out the season 
with a win on Senior Day and a 
4-7 mark. Presbyterian finished 
with a 4-8 record. 

The Keydets posted their first 
win a season finale since 2002 
when the Keydets knocked off 
The Citadel 23-21 in Charlotte, 
N.C. VMI also logged a4-2 mark 
at home, theirfirst winning record 
in Lexington since 2003. 

The Keydets rolled up 648 
yards total offense including 497 
on the ground and converted 8 
of 11 third down tries. The 1,138 
combined yards total offense 
by both teams set a new Fos- 
ter Stadium record surpassing 
the 1,060 yards churned up by 
VMI and Gardner-Webb in a 
three-overtime game won by the 
Bulldogs, 55-52 in 2005. 

Junior fullback Howard Abe- 
gesah collected his ninth 1 00- 
yard game of hiscareerwith 151 
yards on 15 carries against the 
Blue Hose. It was Abegesah's 

fourth trip over the 100-yard 
mark this season. 

Junior quarterback Kyle 
Hughes returned to action after 
a four-game absence due to a 
hamstring pull and completed six 
of seven passes for 151 yards 
and one touchdown. 

The season finale marked the 
first time VMI had all three of its 
top offensive weapons, Maypray, 
Hughes. andAbegesah playing 
in the same game since the Ohio 
game in week four. 

NCAA Sports 281 



Ffi. Oct 03 

Alumni Game 

Sat. Oct 25 

Washington and Lee 

(Lee-Jackson Classic) 

Sat. Feb 07 




Sat. Feb 21 


Sat. Feb 28 


Tue, Mar 03 


Sat. Mar 07 

Robert Morris 

Sat. Mar 14 


Sat. Mar 21 


Sat, Mar 28 

Saint Joseph's 

Sat. Apr 04 


Sat. Apr 11 

Siena (Senior Day) 

Sat. Apr 18 


Wed. Apr 22 

Mount St. Mary's 

Sat. Apr 25 



A RECAP: VMI Lacrosse tops Wagner College in Staten 
Island, New York on April 18th, 2009 for their first win of the 

The VMI lacrosse team earned 
its first win of the 2009 MAAC 
season Saturday. April 18th, top- 
ping the Wagner Seahawks 1 2-7 
in a conference contest played in 
Staten Island, N.Y. 

With the win, VMI moves to 
2-10 on the season and 1-5 in 
MAAC action, while Wagner 
drops to 1-12 and 0-6 in league 
play. The Keydets were led by 
Colin Bosse, who equaled his 
career-high with four goals and 
dished out an assist. Junior Brett 
Leonard had three goals, and Tim 
Moran and Jacob Weimer added 
two a piece. Wagner was paced 
by Will Macumber, who had a pair 
of scores for the Seahawks. 

There, the Keydets got goals 
from Moran, Leonard and Long to 
add to their lead, and take a 9-5 
lead into the locker room. Dur- 
ing the first half of play, VMI was 
outshot 20-16 and outgained in 
groundballs, 15-13, but still held 
the advantage. 

Coach Jeff Shirk begins his third year as 
the head lacrosse coach at VMI. He was 
named the new head coach of the VMI mens 
lacrosse team in July 2006. 

The second half was a more de- 
fensive oriented effort, with VMI 
outscoringWagner3-2to account 
for the final margin. Moran and 
Leonard scored in the third, while 
Bosse added his fourth and final 
marker in the fourth quarter. 

For the game, VMI was out- 
shot 39-27, but Keydet keeper 
Alex Benedick made 10 saves in 
earning his first careerwin. Rubin 
made seven saves for Wagner in 
the loss. 

NCAA Sports 283 

MeeHke Team.. 

284 NCAA Sports 



This year, the rifle team is led by first classman. 
Gielsle M. Kosecki. Chelsle was the only female on 
the rifle team until this academic year. She con- 
siders her two classmates. Thomas Gottwald and 
James Leenhouts as equal captains as each of the 
three first classman had a rote building the team 
this year. 

VMI m^ie Scfiedi^ie 


at Morehead. Ky. 

JJSP/USP Women_ 
at Lexington, Va. 

Nov 01 ]ohn)aY/tUP 

at Lexington, Va. 

Nov 15 Coast Guard 

at Lexington, Va. 

Dec 06 MIT/Mass Maritime/Wentworth 

at Cambridge. Mass. 

Jan 24 

at Lexington, Va. 

Feb 07 Ttie Citadel 

at Charleston, S.C. 

Sectionals i3 U niversity of Kentucky 
Feb 14 All NCAA Teams 

at Lexington, Ky. 

Feb 21 

Penn State 

at State College, Pa. 

MAC Championships 
Mar 07 All MAC Teams 

at Lexington, Va. 

. The VMI Rifle Team shoots everyday, Mon- 
day-Friday from 4pm to 6pm after classes. Not only does this team shoot but they also 
conduct high intensity workouts that include long runs, sprints, and crossfit exercises, 
as well as going to the gym to lift weights. Exercise is very important to this team so 
that they are healthy and their resting heartbeat levels are lower than most athletes. 
The team is known around post for their intense style of exercising but also for having 
the best record out of all the NCAA teams at VMI. The Rifle Team has taken the MAC 
ROTC championship for the past 8 years in a row. This year both the second team and 
first team placed in the top two of their respected categories. 

b -. m.. m.. j 

fee. akm. iMM . mm . .-4 

NCAA Sports 285 




VMI men's soccer has placed four among those earning Big South 
Postseason Honors, headlined by goall<eeper Brian Sowell's All-Big 
South Second Team recognition, as announced Wednesday night at 
the League's annual men's soccer awards banquet, held in Conway, 

Also earning postseason awards for the Keydets were Daniel Welsh, 
who was tabbed to the Big South All-Academic Team for the second- 
consecutive season, as well 
as freshmen Ayao Sossou 
and Brandon Gary, who both 
earned All-Freshman Team 

Sowell has a standout 
sophomore season in net 
for VMI, despite missing the 
campaign's first three games. 
He finished the regular sea- 
son ranl<ed fourth in the Big 
South in save percentage 
(76.1%), and eighth in goals 
against average. The sec- 
ond-year netminder pitched 
a pair of shutouts, coming in 
back-to-back games in mid- 
October, to boost VMI to their 
two wins of the 2008 campaign. In addition, the Yorktown, VA., native 
leads the Big South in saves per game, having stopped 5.58 shots 
per contest, more than 1 .3 better than the next-best goalkeeper. 

Welsh, a junior from Evans, GA., has played in 11 games this sea- 
son for the Keydets. The midfielder scored his first career goal against 
Coastal Carolina, and has posted additional significant contributions 
off the field. Welsh holds a 3.80 GPA with academic stars, is an active 
member of the VMI Cadet Investment Group and holds rank in the 
Corps of Cadets. The Peach State native has been a multiple-time 
dean's list honoree, is a multiple-time Big South Presidential Honor 
Roll recipient and was named to last year's conference all-academic 
team. In addition, he was recently named to the CoSIDA/ESPN The 
Magazine Academic All-District Second Team. 

Sossou, who hails from Frederick, MD., is a defender known for 
his speed and quickness. The freshman has played in 12 games for 
VMI this season, starting seven, and has been an integral part of the 
back line thanks to his speed and quickness. 

Gary, who also is a defender, was one of the most reliable parts 
of the VMI starting lineup this season. The Richmond native played 
in all 16 contests for VMI, one of just three players to do so for the 
2008 Keydets. He started 1 5 of those contests, and frequently showed 
leadership and tactical skill in his efforts on the back line, as he was 
often assigned to the opponent's top scorer. 

286 NCAA Sports 

Ben Freakley enters his third season as head 
coach ot the VMI men's soccer team In his first 
two seasons. He has led the Keydets to a noticable 
improvement, going from just two wins his first year, 
to SIX in 2007 







In Smcer 



The 2008 VMI women's soccer season was one to 
remember for Keydet fans, as the team enjoyed its 
most successful campaign to date, one which led to the 
Big South Conference Semifinals and netted several 
league honors. 

The recognitions continue to pour in for the program, 
as the website, listed VMI 
among the 25 Most Improved Division I programs in 
the country. The rankings are computed by comparing 
last year's ranking, an approximation of net goals per 
game, to this year's ranking. 

Additionally, the NCAA has recently published its 
RPI rankings for the 2008 season. In the report, VMI 
jumped 88 spots from last season, tied for the 16th- 
highest climb among the 318 programs listed. 


288 NCAA Sports 

Si\fimnii^n§' Scfpedu/ie .j^ 

Sat, Oct 11 
Sat, Oct 11 
Sat, Oct 25 
Sat, Oct 25 
Sat, Nov 01 
Sat, Nov 08 
Sat, Nov 08 
Sat, Nov 08 
Sat, Nov 15 
Sat, Nov 15 
Sat, Ian 17 
Sat, Ian 24 
Sat, Ian 24 
Sat, Ian 24 
Thu, jan 29 

lames Madison 



North Carolina 


Johns Hopkins 

Loyola (Md.) 

Saint Francis 


Mount St. Marys 


Mount St. Maryfe 


St. Peter§ 


Sat, Feb 21 

CCSA Championships 




■ he VMI men's swimming & diving team placed 

■ fifth and the women's team placed 11th at the final 
day of the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association 

(CCSA) Championships, held at the Gabrielsen Natatorium 
on the campus of the University of Georgia. 

The men were once again paced by freshman James 
Goodwillie, who bested his own 200 backstroke record with a 
1 :55.43 in the consolation finals, placing ninth in the event. 

The Keydets got a lOth-place showing in the 200 butterfly 
from junior Tristan Euritt, where he swam a personal-best 
2:07.03. VMI also got llth-place finishes from junior Will 
Rowcliffe in the 100 freestyle, coming up just two-tenths off 
the varsity record with his 47.43 clocking, and senior Dan 
Bogert in the 200 breaststroke with a time of 2:14.95. Senior 

290 NCAA Sports 

Trevor Stance also placed 11th in the 1650 freestyle, where 
he turned in an 18:28.25 clocking to lead a trio of Keydet 

With VMI and Howard tied in the team competition for 
fourth place entering the final event, the 400 freestyle relay, 
the Keydets managed only a fifth-place finish, coming in 
nine seconds behind the Bison in third place. The teaming 
of Rowcliffe, Euritt, junior Justin Ferrell and freshman Matt El- 
liott swam a 3:15.94 in the event. 

For the women, the relay team of sophomore Chelsea Nu- 
gent, senior Stephanie Ortiz, sophomore Lizanne Carlos and 
freshman Veronica Lentsch also established a new school 
record in the 400 freestyle relay, turning in a time of 4:16.20, 
besting the old mark by over 11 seconds. 

'^iMimmln^ Team KG^^Pen 

AUard, Briana 
Carlos, Llzanne 
Lentsch, Veronica 
Nugent, Chelsea 
Ortiz, Stephanie 

Alexander, Sean 
Alfree, Rory 
Barnett, Charlie 
Bogert, Daniel 
Brush, Alex 
Craft, Preston 
Dale, Matt 
DeValk, Paul 
Doxsee, Jon-Thomas 
Elliott, Matt 
Euritt, Tristan 




Fernandes, Jamie 

Rowcliffe, Will 

Ferrell, Justin 

Russell, Stephen 

Goodwillie, James 

Schumacher, Mark 


Hayes, David 

Snow, Tyler 


Howard, Benji 

Stance, Trevor 


Hufnagel, Alex 


Jeffcoat, Josh 


Jeter, Andrew 


Kenny, Josh 


Miles, David 


PonsigUone, Paul 


j Sports 291 


.^y Y-^ ,. ^ / 


For the first time since joining the Big South, the VMI 
men's track and field team earned an overall runner-up 
finish in a conference outdoor championship, as the 2009 
New Balance Big South Outdoor Track and Field Champi- 
onships concluded Saturday. April 18th, at Cupp Stadium 
in Radford, Va. 

VMI was in a battle for the runner-up position all day, 
as Coastal Carolina dueled with the Keydets for that spot 
throughout the meet. The final results came down to the 
4X400-meter relay late in the meet, and behind the efforts 
of Felix Kitur, James Alexander, and Kyle Fuller, VMI was 
able to finish fifth to clinch the second-place finish with a 
time of 3:19.36. All told, the VMI men's and women's pro- 
grams combined for over 50 seasonal or lifetime bests. 

292 NCAA Sports 

Me^'^XC Schedu.le 



Feole, Michelle 
Granger, Hannah 
Hackemeyer, Hope 
Hariston, jasmine 
Harris, Aqulsl 
Harrison, Kaitlln 
Lamneck, Kate 

W&men'^ Track 

McCann, Zlpporah 
Pickett, Jenna 
Resetar, Laura 
Sellers, Shannon 
Sing, Jennifer 
Stafford, Kelsey 
Williams, Chandale 
' Vortham, Carri 

^^jKBMWmm^ Track ScAe^MK^^ 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bsat, Dec State Golden Gala :|^^^^^^^^| 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^HlTi, )aii Dane ^^^^^^^^^^1 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sat. Relays '^^^^^^^^1 

^^^^^^^^^^^H Akron ^^^^^^^^^^1 
^^^^^^^^^^^K B:l, Feb27 Big Soutti Indoor Championships ^ ^^^1 
^^^^^^^^^^E Sat. Mar 07 1C4A/ECAC Championships '^^| 
^^^^^^^^^R B:i,Mai'27 VNl/W&L Invitational 1^| 

^^^^^^^^^^^B Fti, AprlO Univ. of Virginia Invitational ^^| 
^^^^^^^^^^^^B| Sat, Apr T8 Big South Outdoor Championships 
^^^^^^^^^^^B Apr Penn Relavs 
^^^^^^^^^H| Apr Chance 
^^^^^^^^^^V Fti, Mavis 1«A/ECAC Championships 

H^^^^^^^^^K^ Fri.May29 


GoKeydets Go Keydets Go Keydets Go Keydets Go Keydets Go Keydets 


Split time at heavyweight 
with Josh Wine. ..Went 9- 
9 overall and 3-3 in dual 
matches... Won the heavy- 
weight class at the Davidson 
Open (1 2/1 )... Scored a dual 
victory in VMI's 21-14 win 
over Campbell (1/1 2). ..Won 
a match at the Southern 
Scuffle and at the All-Acad- 
emy Championships. ..Also 
played on the football team 
at defensive line. 

Senior Kyle Eigert 

Competed in 1 1 of VMI's 1 4 
duals. ..posted a 6-2 win at 
1 97 lbs against Rory Bosek 
of Liberty... wrestled at 1 74, 
184 and 197. ..posted a 
major decision at the All- 
Academy Championships, 
wrestling at 197 lbs. 

Sophomore John Pope 

Competed in 12 of VMI's 
14 dual matches... Placed 
fourth atthe Davidson Open 
at 125 pounds. ..Pinned 
Mostafa Ibrahim of George 
Mason while wrestling his 
lone match of the year at 
133 lbs. ..Defeated Tyler 
Sim of The Citadel for his 
first SoCon win. 

Captures Second Straight 

SoCon Championship 

Sophomore Josh Wine cap- 
tured his second straight South- 
ern Conference Championship 
with a 4-2 decision against 
UNC Greensboro's Joe Shef- 
field, winning the heavyweight 
championship and earning an 
automatic bid to the NCAA 
National Championships, being 
held in two weeks in St. Louis, 

Wine (Fredericksburg, VA/ 
Massaponax) was one of VMI's 
four placewinners at the SoCon 
Championship, held atthe McAI- 
ister Field House on Post at The 

Citadel. VMI had fourth-place 
finishes by Joe Munno (149), 
Andrew Szymborski (174) and 
Ronnie Ellsworth (197), placing 
fifth of the six teams compet- 

Munno (Glen Allen, VA/St. Chris- 
topher's) lost a major decision 
to Appalachian State's Savva 
Kostis to begin the day, then won 
a 9-2 decision over Justin Spar- 
row to reach the Consolation 
Final. There, he wrestled a closer 
match with Kostis, but came out 
on the losing end, 11-5. 

Szymborski (Crown Point, IN) 

got off to a good start, taking a 
5-2 decision over Davidson's 
Kevin Cook, before falling to 
the eventual champion, Chat- 
tanooga's Jason McCroskey, 
in 5:30. Szymborski bounced 
back to pin ASU's Logan Parce 
in only 44 seconds, before being 
pinned at5:17byUNCG'sByron 

Wine will continue his season 
at the NCAA National Champi- 
onships, beginning onThursday, 
March 1 9 at the Scottrade Cen- 
ter in St. Louis, MO. 

296 NCAA Sports 


Women's Soccer 

Men's Cross Country 






Mixed Rifle 

■'' I 

Men's Soccer 

298 NCAA Sports 






Women's Cross Country 


NCAA Sports 299 



Thelmar A. Rosarda 
Managing Editor 

Chelsle Marie Koseckl 

Rachael Toman Fredy Jurkowltsch 

Ring Figure Editor Club/Club Sports 

Christopher Conte Jacob Brannen 

Third Class Editor First Class Editor 

Sports Editor 

C. Andrew Rice 
Business Manager 

Jonathan Kim 

Matthew Grahaiti| 

Mrs. Monlka B. Dickens 
BOMB Advisor 

Thank you for your donations: 


)on and Denlse DeVerna 
Majorie Davis 















'c-l^l ■.?H;:' J" 'S«-^-'ii 

^lOi^^prcnntse the deUghtfullV vague: 


Congratulations to Cadet Justin Y. Adkins 
and the Class of 2009 

Fly Like An Eagle 

Fly like an eagle, my boy. 

Into the vast space above. 

Leaving all the petty jealousness 

And the naggin insecurities below. 

Into the realm where you and 

You alone are the lord of the realm. 

Where only you are responsible for. 

Whatever happens to you. 

Its a space where not the many can be found. 

For not many have the will nor way to reach. 

But once you reach there you are. 

In a league of your own, untouched by anything. 

Victory and defeat shall have the same meaning. 

And mere mortals cannot touch you. 

Tower shall you above all rivalries and plotting. 

And Fly alone shall you in a world of your own. 

Proud and majestic, fearing none in life. 

- Ratnaker Sadasyul 

^^K.^.^ f/M 

Wk e\~^M 



■h J^^l 1 



Great achievement Is usually born of great sacrifice, 

and Is never the result of selfishness. 

Napoleon Hill 

We are so proud of your accomplishments and Immense success 
Love, Dad, Mom, Nick and Elizabeth 

304 Recognition Ads 

^oshByerlY- Class of 2009 

All niv grow 111 cind (knolopmonl led mo lo 
bolkne Ihcil il voii roullv do Ihc riglil thing, 
and ii vou plciv bv the rules, cind il wniw gol 
good (Miougli, solid jndgnienl dnd coiiiinon 
sense, Ihtil von re goinij lo he dhle lo do 
v\htile\er vou wcinl lo do uilh your life 

Congrcituldlions Josh, you eonlinue lo iiuike 
us proud. 

Ue lo\e \()u, Dcjcl, Dtuii, (Jiiul, Jessica, Sltiiile\, 
Crunddd (Uid Miini 

Richard B. Gammon 
Class of 2009 

To Be a Virginian 

either by 

Birth, Marriage, Adoption 

or even on one's Mother's side 

is an Introduction 

to any State in the Union 

a Passport to any Foreign Country 

and a Benediction from 

Almighty God 

Congratulations Richard 
We are so proud of you! 
Love Mom, Dad & family 

Following in your brother's footsteps you have created a legacy 

We are so proud, and love you, 
Mom, Dad, Greg, Alex, Allison and Lia 


Recognition Ads 305 


"bemg coy]f\dey]t of tfois, 
tf\at He w(io began a good 

\Nor^ Iki i^oM will 

can\^ it otn to completion 

wiotll t^e da\^ of C^irist ')e5\A5' 

P(iil, 1;6 

Cadet Nathan 

Class of 2009! 

How far you have traveled... 

From rat year to: 

Academic honors 

S2 Captain 

Honor Court for Education and 


Medical School 

LORD wltCi 

W^rt av\d H(| 

|^)0i/ir pcjtfi 

Prov 3:5-(; 

°l can do a\\ tfilngs \ho\Aq^ 
Ch\5\ w(oo strengTJ^ds me' 

306 Recognition Ads 


■/n V 

Michael, You have this treasure in a jar of clay 
to show that this all-surpassing power is from 
God and not from you. You were hard pressed 
on every side, but not crushed, perplexed, but 
not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned, 
struck down, but not destroyed. You always carry 
around in your body the death of Jesus, so that the 
life of jesus may also be revealed in your body. 
1 Corin. 4:7-10. We are so proud of you Mijol 

Congratulations on your graduation! 

Love, Dad, Mom, David & Rachel 


on your graduation from VMl. You 

accomplished your mission with dedication, 

persistence, excellence, and integrity. 

You are one of Americas finest! 

We are very proud of you. 

God bless you. Love, Mom & Dad. 

Trevor Van Yahres Stanco 
AND Friends of VMl 2009 






with great pride and love, 
Mom, Dad, Alexa and molly 

Recognition Ads 307 

Jared Meier Klajiibart ^09 

Wh^n the \eLy\v\e Jic?, the? Jrc?ani6 e\v\, wh(?ii the? Jr^anie 

c?nJ, th^rc^ i^ no niorc^ cyeatneee." 

May you l^avc? bc'hinJ .=i lc?cjaoy of cyeatmee. 

6alud! Moni and Pa J 

Dear Kyle, 

Congratulations on the 
completion of your 4th 
class year. You've had 
success in the classroom, 
on the track and in form- 
ing friendships that will 
last the remainder of your 

We love you. Mom and 

TammY- Wei-Yu, 
Andrew and Ian 

We're very proud of our 

Band Guys! 

Love YOU! 
Mom and Poppa Costello 

! ill 


308 Recognition Ads 


We are all verij proiAd 

of 1)01/1, i\ke \p\A nailed 

\^\5 pictMre keQ\) up 

X'he good wori^, 

Wfe love5 \p\A'. 

Dad, MoKw, Darian, 

Brandan, av\d Mawri^ 











CLASe OF 2009 



LOVE. l\AOr^ & DAD 

Burton RC. Bacheller III 
Class of 2011 

We are proud of you - 
two more years! 

Love Mona and Pop 

Michael Shafer 

In a short time, you've changed 

from a rat into a cadet, a 

roughneck into a gentleman, 

and a youth into a man. 

Congratulations on a Successful Yearl 

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BRYANT. Your families are proud of your accomplishments and wish you 

ongoing success in all your endeavors, God Bless. 

Ring Box By The Class of 2010.; designed and built by Melvin Lawson 

Frank Ellis 
Class of 2009 

Frank, I'm very 
proud of you! 

Love, Dad 

R. Gar! 

"Live the Dream" 
LoAve, Mom, Dad, and 



M / 






310 Recognition Ads 

Joshua Nolan Anderson 
Class of 2009 

You've worked so hard and 

we're so proud of you. 

Semper Fidelis - 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Graduation 2009 
Rammy Barbari 

To our Dearest Son and Brother, 

Rammy, Congratulations on your graduation. We 
are so proud of all your accomplishments at VMI 
and what you've done with your life so far. May God 
give you the patience, wisdom, and courage you will 
need to fulfill your dreams. We will always respect 
and love you for the beautiful person you are. 

With all our love. 

Mom, Dad, Christina, and Kelly 

Recognition Ads 311 


From the Rat Line to the 
Inauguration Parade! 

Always keep that can-do spirit 

you had as a Rat and be proud 

of your accomplishments. 



Dad, Mom and Tyler 

Congratulations Jackie Briski! 

All that is gold does not glitter. 
Not all those who wander are lost; 
l.R.R Tolkien 

We are proud of youl Love Mom, Dad, Meredith and Melissa 

312 Recognition Ads 

Jacob T. Riggs 

Class of 2009 





You've always chosen a different path and 
we are all very proud of you!! You've been 
through many tough days - we've seen you 
sleep in lawn chairs, celebrate birthdays 
with your family, enjoy many a tailgate 
and don't forget that class ring. I hope you 
always follow your dreams and I pray God 
will keep you safe along the way! 

Love Mom , Matt, Jimmy, Gran & Grandpa, 
Uncle Chris, Aunt Jenn, Christa and 

Recognition Ads 313 


Uinnie, we are so proud of you! 
Love. Mom. Dad and Sis 



Congratulations Cadet T.D. Hoover and Class of 2009/20 1 2 

Love, Mom and Dad 

314 Recognition Ads 

Charles M. Hunter 
Class of 1929 

Charles M. Hunter 


Class of 2010 

Charles M. Hunter 
Class of 1975 

We are so proud of you. Love Mom, Dad, and John David 


Jarrett L. Bennett and Charles G. Wheeler, )r. 

Never a finer match was made than this Dyke and his Rati 

larrett, you are the BIG BROTHER, the MENTOR, and FRIEND 

To whom 1 wish to express my gratitude, appreciation and a thank you. 

No matter where the path of life takes you, please know that you will stay in our hearts 

forever. Charlie and 1 will always be there for you, you are family. 

We Congratulate You Sir, With a Job Well Done! 
With Our Love and Admiration 

Mary C. Wheeler (your rat-mom) and Charles Grafton Wheeler, Jr. (Charlie) 

Recognition Ads 315 

Roommates from Rat 
Year to First Class Year! 


David R. Radke - Congratulations! 
Deda/ Qass of 2009 and U.S. Army Commission 


You found your path in life with perseverance and 
resilience. With your strength you chose to rise to 
the challenge. You became a leader 1 knew you could 
and always can be. Travel your journey with integrity, 
honor and passion! May God be with you and bless 
your every step. 

With Pride and love always - Mom, Dad, and Nate 


We are very proud of your accomplishments 
at VMI. Let your future be bright and full 
of wonderful opportunities. Congratula- 
tions and may you find success wherever 
life takes you! 

God Bless - We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Andy 
Katy and Becky 

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VMI 2012 




for active for students 


In Memory of Cadet Robert Knight '11 
"You may be whatever you resolve to be" 


yv^ -wv 

Robert personified Stonewall Jackson's famous quotation above. 

Robert loved camping and being outdoors, serving his Boy Scout troop in all 

leadership positions and earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Active in sports 

at Smithfield High School, he lettered in football, wrestling and track. While 

at Smithfield, he achieved the rank of Lt Colonel in JROTC and was Batallion 

Commander when he graduated. 

Beyond all these accomplishments were the intangible but equally important 
attributes about Robert. He was a beloved son and grandson, brother and 
uncle, nephew and cousin. He had a quick wit and definite opinions that he 
didn't hesitate to share when asked. At an early age, he set his sights on a 
military career and was focused on attending VMI. His dream was to be the 
best cadet in the best company while representing the I with great pride. 

We ask that you honor Robert by serving VMI and our country as the best 

cadet you can be. Thank you for keeping his memory alive through your 

actions. - from his family. 


"oh the places you'll go."- dr.seuss • henrico doctors hospital • march 25, 1987 • 7 lbs. IOV2 ozs. • 
"Wednesday's child is loving and giving" • mom • dad • grandma • popple • nana • papa • uncle 
dexter and aunt nan • rachel • whitney • lauren • cozy coupe • rocks • bugs • sabot school • trips 
to "the country" • happy • funny • summer visits to aunt jean's • aunt June and uncle "bacon" • 
randy • roy • darlene • harry • carolyn norton • sarah Josephs • riding bikes • family • cheese • 
easter egg hunts • the red jeep • fishing with popple • collegiate school • after school • summer 

camps • waltie • deedee • "the cougars" • baseball • guitar • earth science award • mr. 

greenbaum • rock collection • class of 2005 • nags head • san francisco • sanibel • the "prize 

shell" • grand canyon • four corners • bryce canyon • maine • thunderhole • hiking • the asticou • 

newport • boston • new york city • Charleston • quail ridge • gettysburg • sante fe • Williamsburg • 

alaska • the river • shark's tooth "island" • sailing camp • golf carting • star gazing • growing things 


• a young vineyard • 
kayaking • sewing • 

coin collection • stamp 

collection • knife 
collection • curiosity • 

• "i love you the 


• jebbie • mosby • 
mr. kitty • pumpkin 

• bernie • petey • 
new market/ethyl 

corporation • powell 
economic endowment 

• Spain • morocco • 
the rug story • deane 
and hugh • scott, jay 

and Julie • linda and 
jack • dr. and mrs. 
bundy • the waterfowl 
festival • mark and 
jody • the abacos • 

snorkeling • duck 
hunting • malalcue 

lodge • argentina 

• "pal/buddy/bosco/ 
sweetheart/booboo" • 
guitar • beer brewing 

• "the round table" - j.b. bradshaw, josh byerly John collier, bryce carter ' 
donovan, Jonathan kim, ted clarkson • corporal • the yorktown parade 
parades • bowling • hydroponic gardening • concerts • sporting clays • 




'Charlie" Company 

• photography • music I 

• genealogy • civil war 
history • etchings • the] 

still • "happy trails to 

you" • vmi • 

matriculation • hot • 

august 20, 2005 • 

• "meet your cadre" 

• rat bible • straining • 
the rat line • sweat 

parties • room 416 • 

josh, hamid, derrick • 

new market • break out I 

• dyke - scott 

bartholomew • uncle 

dykes - dan rogers, 

genya skvortsov, tim 

papenfuse, wilson 

nance • co-dykes - 

albert young, drew 

thompson, steve 

anderson, joe bartol • 

the governor's inaugural | 

parade in Williamsburg 

• pettigrew academic 
scholarship in 

engineering • tailgating| 
' room 305, "thirds" - pat 
► movies • gun shows • 
hourigan construction • 

• vmi civil war round table • "hanging out" • room 205-"seconds", pat donovan, eric keirstead, torn 

saunders • ring dance • cameron • sergeant • trap and skeet team • appendectomy • room 1 45 

"firsts"- pat donovan and Jonathan kim • colonel bott • daniel hingley and the lab • firing "little John" • 

rat -Stephen davis • passing the f.e. exam • graduation • what next? • hiking the appalachian trail? 

engineering? • "the best is yet to be"- robert browning • "what lies behind us and what lies before 

us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" - ralph waldo emerson • "go confidently in the 

direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined" - henry david thoreau • 

we are so proud of you and love you so much • mom, dad, deedee, waltie, grandma, nana 

318 Recognition Ads 

Christopher R Lillij 

As your journey at VMl ends, greater challenges and goals lie ahead. You have made 
us incredibly proud of you, through your determination and commitment to succeed. 
Congratulations on your army commission and VNl Graduation! 

Love - Mom, Dad, Ethan, and Family 

Congratulations Josh Gober 

It was not always easy, 

it was not always fun, 

but it was always worth it! 

We are so proud of you!! 

Your browser may not support 

display of this image. 

Mom, Dad, & Meredith 

eOwiN loeL CRUZ - bui^gos 

You have worked so hard and diligently and 

have made us so proud. Congratulations! We 

hope you continue to shine and become a 

positive force in society. May God bless you and 

keep you safe as you begin your new journey in 

the U.S. Air Force. 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Luzed & Javier 

Recognition Ads 319 



Jacob Scott Collie 

Class of 2009 

We are so proud of you. We 

know you've worked very 

hard. May the Lord bless 

and keep you safe wherever 

you may go! Congratulations 

on your VMl Graduation! 

We love you. 

Dad '84, Mom, Andrew, 

Zachary and Mark 


Qiiiim /\daiiis! 

The journey 

has been 

challenging bnt 

yon made it 

Me are so Prond 

of Yon!! 

Lo>e >Iom Dad 
and Casey 




\1» ^ 


Cadet H.L. Temoney, 

you have grown 
into an outstanding 

christian man. 
We are very proud 

of your 

Stay strong, 

determined, and 

always put God 

first. Remember 

you are our hero. 

Mom and Dad 

320 Recognition Ads 


C©igpatiilatMH8, Gpl Curtis Clayton Eegister aiKdl (Glass of 2011! 

That which begins with 
a dream puts you to the 
test of giving it breath, 
but you must have faith 
and endurance to talie 
the brick-scraping bacli 
sliding mistakes and 
carry-on past the bone- 
cracking life-slams to 
prepare steadfastly for 
the moment when the 
shoulder tap comes, 
"Ready?" Then, you can 

engage with 

audacious puissance a 

forthright "Yes, 1 am!" 

Cadet Eric Douglas Jackson 


... To First 


Love Always, 
Mom and Dad 



Recognition Ads 321 



Cadet Brian Bopp 

Believe and never give up! 

With Pride and Love, 

Mom, Dad, Katie, Kristen and Michael 

Congratulations Alex and Chris, too! 

Scott Jones 
VMl Class of 201 2 

Congratulations Scott on surviving the Rat Line^ 

322 Recognition Ads 

Evan Scott Berenholtz 
Class of '09 

Cony fill II kit ions on orhieving 
vonr dreoni! 

I'orked hard ond iwwr 
ijiWe lip! 

ore so very proud of you! 

Loi'e, Mom & Dod 

Cadet Doug Alvey, 

A true patriot! Congrats on 

Ifinding your way back to VMI 

|to prepare for future service to 

your country! 


Mom (LTC Sandra Alvey) and Dae 

(CPT (ret) Alan Alvey) 

Recognition Ads 323 

.*'.: - rq^wsa 


Thanks to 

Dyke Trent Blackman 

For your mentoring 
and moral support 
through the ratline 


'!!.. •■ 

rf/i ii ■ ;i- 

Class of 2012 

From Matriculation 
as the Rat Class of 
2009+3 to Breakout! 

324 Recognition Ads 



Matriculation, Rat Line, Hydrattng the 
BRfe, Legion 121, Breakout, Rugby Team, 
Berlin, Tallgatlng, Ring Figure, Long- 
wood Trips, Rugby, Pipe Band, Rose 

Bowl, Summer School, RDC, 

Inauguration, Rugby, The Chieftains, 

Savannah, The Razors, Great BR& and 

Friends, Rugby, and Ac Stars! 

Congratulations on a wonderful 
VMl experience! 

The Lord bless you and keep you: 

The Lord make his face to shine upon you 
and be gracious to you: 

The Lord lift up his countenance upon 
you, and give you peace. 

Numbers 6: 24-26 

Love, Mom, Dad, Dana, Corl, Matt, 
and all the girls 

It was destined to be - by design, by tradition, by desire. Your 
achievement and strength have made it so. Congratulations! 

Take off and soar. 

Grandfather - U.S. Navy Pilot 
James H. Bust r in - 1942 

Alexander James Frledland 
VMl Class of 2009 

The Dream. 
Alex 1992 

With much pride and love - Mom and Steve, Dad and Debbie, Grandma 

and Grandpa, Harrison, 

Cambria, Christopher, Amanda, Sophie and Maggie 

Recognition Ads 325 

Alexander G. Kelley 

We are so proud of you! 

Your loving family 

"But those who wait on the LORD shall 

renew their strength; they shall mount 

up with wings like eagles, they shall run 

and not be weary, they shall walk and 

not faint." 

i -^/ 

326 Recognition Ads 


From Rat to First, we are so very proud of you. 

Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishments! 

All our love. Mom, Dad, Tom and Lucky. 


How very proud you make us! 

We know much you love where you're 

planted and would like to in^ this sage 

advice we wish we woulda got when 

we were your age: 

live each week 

like it's 

Shark Week! 

Love, TheFam 

LiAM J. Wild 








Recognition Ads 327 

•:< !-fma 


Regimental S2 Lieutenant & Regimental Drum Captain 

Class of 2009 

WG Kope >-oiir drecuns take yoii... to t\\e corner of vour smiles, to tke 

KinKest of voiir hopes, to tke windows ot opportiuiLtles. and to tke most 

special places your keart kas eoer known.' 

we are so proud of vou. 

Lcoe. Mom. Dad. and noiu" Family 

Congratulations on your First Year at VMl 
We are so proud of you! 

"The joy of the Lord is your Strength!" (Neh 8:10) 

Love and Best Wishes, 

Papaw, Mamaw Dad, Mom 

Kimberley, Kambrey, and 


328 Recognition Ads 



Hess & Co. 

Jewelers & Engravers 



„ " "^ 

' Family owned and \ 
operated since 1884! 

122 South Main Street • Lexington, Vo. 24450 • (540)463-1652 



Cadet Kyle Richardson 

Class of 2012 

We are proud of the path you have chosen, and making it through the ratline. 
We knew you could do it. All our love. Mom, Dad, Alec & Ben 

Congratulations XY^ Sean! 

We are so proud of your achievements. We wish you a successful future 
and the best of Good Luck. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Tara, The Peterson Family and cheers from your Donnelly 
Family in Ireland 

330 Recognition Ads 



Burress Marksmanship Scholar Award 
- Captain of the Rifle Team 
- Athlete of the Year Award 
- Editor-in-Chief VMl BOMB 
- 2009 VMl Graduate 
- Fantastic Daughter 

Congratulations on your successes and a 
very bright future. 

You have made us very proud. 
Love always - Mom and Dad 

Recognition Ads 331 


We are so proud of you for 
taking the road less traveled. 

Love - Mom, Dad, and Brooke 

Christopher L. Cole 
Class of 2009 

Joseph Randall Cunningham 
Nay yo^ always look back on your 
days at VNl with fondness and pride. 
We are ALL so proud of you. 
Love, Mom 

William Justin Ballou 

Class of 2009 

Your family is extremely proud! 
Love, Mom 

332 Recognition Ads 

Don Tequila liic 

455 Cast I>eLsoii 


Lexington V/l 24450 

Authentic Mexican Cuisine 
I Daily Specials! 

Discount Margaritas on Wednesdays! 

A Favorite for All Cadets! 


CLASS OF 2009 




Recognition Ads 333 

Now you can shop online for 

textbooks and collegiate clothing and gifts. 

Also check out information about special 

events, faculty authors, and much more. 

Take advantage of 24/7 service for your 

shopping convenience at the 

bookstord website. 


Virginia Military Institute 

Keydet Bookstore 

Lexington, m 24450 



IS just I 

with your 
website . , . 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2003 


Managed Services, Managed Better 
"We are here to serve You/' 

VMI Dining Hall 

PH at Lejeune Hall 

at the Visitor Center 

334 Recognition Ads 

Scholarships Operations 

,SPIRIT^_ * 

I! »)iMiii!!!iH ' 

/llllltlH »"'^'fc 

IKIIM' -* 



^ CLUB ^ 

"Supporting the SPIRIT and development of a successful 
Division I Athletic Program that benefits the whole of VMI." 


to the 
CLASS OF 2009 


Recognition Ads 335 


From The Editor-in-Chief, 

It has been an honor to be the 2009 Editor-in-Chief for the BOMB this 
year. 1 can say, without a doubt, it has been a challenge, but with the 
support of my friends, family, and mentors, 1 believe this book is a 
success and 1 hope you enjoy it. 

This book would not have been complete without the support of my 
staff. To Thelmar Rosarda, Andrew Rice, Racheal Toman, Jonathon 
Kim, Matt Graham, Jake Brannen, and Fredy Jurkowitsch, thank you 
for being by my side and complying with my needs. To Colonel Bush 
and Mrs. Dickens - Thank you for your constant support. You never 
failed to point me In the right direction. Racheal - 1 know you will do 
an excellent Job as EIC next year! 

To my friends, (I hope 1 don't forget any of you but if 1 do, I apologize) 
thank you for always giving me encouragement and telling me it was 
all worth It in the end. I love you all!! Zoe- My rat - 1 adore you! Please 
stay positive and always put 100% in your work. Keep aiming for 
those ac stars, 1 know you can do It. I will be here for your 2lst and 
you better come visit me in NYC/Puerto Rico. Michelle - You became 
the sister I never had and I'm so glad we became friends. I can always 
count on you to be honest to me. Love you smudge! Holly- You are an 
amazing woman and I know you will do great things. 1 will miss you 
soooo much, but 1 know we will visit each other throughout the years 
as we both ended up in tropical islands! Enjoy Hawaii, and remember 
our pinky promise. Mandi- You are one crazy country girl, but I love 
you. 1 can always count on some good food and a bottle of wine with 
you. Love you. jillian - You have become an amzlng wife, a soon to be 
amazing mother, but first and foremost - an amazing friend. 1 missed 
you A LOT this year, but count on me to take care of baby Maebry 
whenever you need me to. Jackie- I'm so glad you roomed with us this 
past year. Good luck in the Army and stay in touch. I'm still count- 
ing on a crazy Richmond night with you. Thomas - you are the best 
"guy" friend a girl could have. I will miss you terribly. James- Pinky, 
keep shooting straight! All my 2009 "I'm on a boat" spring breakers 
- 1 will miss your company and all your smiles. Brownie, Karebear, 
Drew the "choopie'; Zack, Mike, The Delta Boys, Clay, jason, John - it 
has been a pleasure. Stay in touch and come visit me in Puerto Rico! 

So here it is. I present you the 2009 VMl BOMB. Enjoy! 
And how many Moes are there? Can you guess? 

Yours Forever, <^H/{a%L£.3(oi.£ckL QviLeniin 

Class of 2009