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Full text of "The Book of Common Prayer, Etc. with the Psalter Or Psalms of David"

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Elizabeth Regina. 

^ I'ARALII'OM. 6. 
IT Darnine DeUi ljrad,non ift fimilii lui tieus in ceek i3 iir terra, qui, 
ciifiodis pa^um y miJtTi(9rdiam(Umfermstuis,qmamhulantctramU 
fS /a/f reriif/as. 

^ j4t iht heg't\^'is^ of Morning Prjyer tki Minrjirr 
{bailrtsd tvithe hud 'Uiiir Jome iite or more of lAtft 
^ntencis of ihr Si*'ipturei ibai follvw. And Then 
tt Jhallji^ ihaivihiib htvriiuniflir lUJi'id Uti- 


:HEN ihe wicked man tumelh 

awny from his wkkedncfs that 

he hath commillcd, and doeth 

that which is lawful and right, 

he fhaJifave his foul alive. Ez.rk. xviii. 17. 

I acknowledge my trarfgreffions, and my 

fin I! ever before me, Pfalm li, 3. 

Hide thy face from my fins, and blol 
out all mine iniquities. Pfulm li. 9. 

Thclacrilicesof Godarea broken fpirit; 
a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou 
wilt not defpife. Pfalm li. 1 7. 

Rend your hesri.and not your garments, 
and turn unto the Lord your God : for he 
is gracious and merciful, flow 10 angt- r, and 

frtit biriti 

Df Alrssrii JBit; 

igt elrglR, 

Sfiin stialUomr < rDD 
tttin of iHf 310111 at 
iisst. »(. jBinn II. 

fTbrrr ahaJUmtiEasiiii 
o( Jjtoli. anOa ^rfprn 
9lior[ iisi. (lum. iiin 


flacT ibc mmtin of 
3(5 us ndtoitrio ts 
jDSipn he DusDdiili 
iiWt i||rt> WM U' 

grllirr, ma? loiinlt 
tDiiliilXin lip III' lio- 


laws which he Tel before us, 


Lordjcorrefl mc, but with judgement; 
not in thine anger, left ihou bring mc lo no- 
thing, yer. X. 24. Pfaltn vi, i. 

Repent ye; for the Kingdom of Heaven 
is at hand. St. Matlb. iji. i. 

1 will arifc, and go 10 my father, and 
will fay unto him. Father, 1 have finned 
againft heaven, and before thee, and am no 
more worthy to be called thy fon. Si. 
Luke XV. 18, 19. 

Enter not into judgement with thy fer- 
vant, O Lord ; for in thy fight ftiall no man 
living be juftified. PJalm cxliii. j. 

If we fay that we have no fin, wc de- 
ceive ourfelves, and the truth is not in us: 
but, if we confefi our fins, he is faithful and 
juft to forgive us our fins, and to clcanfc 
UB from alt unrighteoafnefs, I St. John. i. 


tlllf ttioil JtlUtsn unlii 
inp fjilitt'sliinisc, jno 
lo ini Kill. 0cn.iill). 

slidRJf d'OlEnntnttn 
niKt, Jm, *[. PtS.IM, 

(EARLY beloved brethren, the 
Scripture moveth us in fundry 
places to acknowledge and con- 
fers our manifold fins and wiekednefs; and 
that we fhoiild not dilTcmbte nor elokc 
them before thc'face of Almighty God our 
heavenly Father; but eonfcfs them with 
an humble, lowly, penitent, and obedient 
heart ; to the end that we may obtain for- 
givcncfs of the fame, by his infinite good- 
ncfs and mercy. And although we ought 
at all limes humbly to acknowledge our fins 
before God ; yet ought we mod chiefly fo 
to do, when we aflemble and meet together, 
to render thanks for the great benehis that 
we have received at his hands, to fet forth 
hi» mod worthy praife, to hear his mod 
holy Word, and lo afk ihofe things which 
aie requifite and neceffary, as well for the 
body as the foul. Wherefore I pray and 
befcech you, as many as arc here prefcnt, 
to accompany me with » pure heart, and 
humble v>>ice. unto the thtone of the hea- 
venly grace, faying after me j 

K A gentral Con/ejisn lo he f aid of the luhole 
Cwgrcgaihn after ike MiiiiJIer, all ineeling. 

rti( 3ffliii( Ht wnrain 

stiall llflb U^QII Tfll 
IIMIiot, lit. iSrn, IK, 

rtlt ingil »m tg mm, 
rb( loiD Is nith titct. 
Iioti billaiii. JIun.Dl. 

Itrf a nod Watiltl 
ais Bdil f igiD aoEi 
10 a [it; ID Smilir, 

nimrlr Riiirctn, In 
a Dligln lOiJinfrD to 
I min Btio^i nainr 

mis JOECPtl. Lu, I. 


tiiinl Ultlt %iilc I9> 
to s lUc el 9uti3ti. 

inn (iiiiKt inio rftt 

LMIGHTY and moft merciful 
Faihcr ; We have erreii, and 
ftraycd from ihy ways like !o(l 
ftieep. We have followed too much the 
devices and dcfires of our own hearts. We 
hax'c oficndcd againft thy jiol)" laws. We 
have left undone thofe ihings which we 
ought ti> have done; And wc have done 
thofe ihings which we ought not to have 
done ; Aad ihcre U no health in us. Bui 
rhou. O Lord, have mercy upon us, mifer- 
able offenders. Spare thou them, O God, 
which confefs their laults. Rellore thou 
them ihat are penitent; According to ihy 
promifej declared tinio mankind in Chrift 
Jefu our Lord. And grant, O moll merciful 
Father, for his fake j That we may hereafter 
live a godly, righteous, and ibber life. To 
the glory of ihy holy Name, Amen. 

^ ne Atfelulhit, or Remijioa of fins, te ht pra- 
maiteejh'it/ie ('rirfi alaaejianjwg ; iJlepia- 
plcj/ill in ft ling. 

LMIGHTY God, the Father ol 

our Lord Jefus Chrift, who de- 

firclh not the death of a finner, 

bill raiher ilui he may turn from his wick- 

Autt fflQSrs rrruinib lo 

.iiiDs4ta,Kc. i(?iDlr,tD. 

fHf SDOl »BID mug II 1 1 [I 
III' Lein.inD miiMlni 
n3l|iiflol[(t,<ti, 1,11. 1, 


Morning Prayer. 

ednefs, and live; and hath given power, 
and commandment, lo his Miniftera. to de- 
clare ajid pronounce to his people, being 
pcniteni, the Abfolmion and Remiffion of 
their fins : He pardoneih and abfolveih all 
ihem that truly repent, and unfeignedly 
believe his holy Gofpel. Wherefore let us 
befcech him to grant us true repentance, 
and his holy Spirit, that ihofe things may 
picafe him, which we do at this prefent ; 
and that the reft of our life hereafter may 
be pure, and holy ; (o that at the laft wc 
may come to his eternal joy ; through Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. 

^I Thr l^spli Jhall unfairr iiri, aid al rbi end afal! 
tiibtf pruytrs, Arncn. 

fl Tlita ibt Minijlir Jhall iric/, aid f,iy the LsriTs 
Praytr TvilA in audible 'voice ; the pfofjU aljo Itntd- 
ing, aajrifealh^ii laiibhim, 6oii iite, and luhen- 
foev/r elje it is ujed in Di'vine Str^vice, 

UR Father, which art in heaven. 
Hallowed be thy Name. Thy 
kingdom come. Thy will be 
done in earth. As it is in heaven. Give 
us thie day our daily bread. And forgive 
us oar trefpafTcs, As we forgive thcra that 
trcfpals againrt us. And lead us not into 

$ut Iti; Glisis off itii; 
trn, (or lilt plait rofit"' 
onigoD.&c. >!T!ioD.III. 


ttl( tibcitiKlE Cll hlDS 

Gom, &<. flam, iBll. 

tffiltni ih!tiii'5 

ncrr nrFouiiillsti'i 

lasxs lirouglil (orih 

Qef tirsl tegDIfn 

son. anO locaiiKt 

Dim tn stelOllliiiB 

aMts.sriBMt 111 III 

(n mingiL^c. 

oarntrr IB Itlr ting 
Df ilii 3t<as itiat IS 
Men, fet Djc halic 
arm its sue in t(i 


TSrst. »r. ffnt. II. 

lempuiioni But deliver us from evi. 
For thine Is the kingdom. The power, and 
the glory. For ever and ever. Amen, 
^[ Tien likervifi hi fiiall Jay, 

O Lord, open thou our lips. 
Anjtaer. And our mouth ihall fhcw forth 
thy praife, 

Pfieft. O God, make fpeed to fave us. 
Anfwer, O Lord, mate hafte to help us. 
^T M(/^ allftanding up, tbi Prirjl p/el! Jay, 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : 
and 10 the Holy Ghoftj 

Anfw(r. As it was in the beginning, is 
now, and ever (hail be : world without end. 

Pricft. Praife ye the Lord. 

jia/tair. The Lord's Name be praifed. 

^ ftin Pall hi Ja}d or Jurtg iMi Pfulm filtiraii'ig : 
exiffrr on Eiik'f-Day, upon iviticL utcib/r jimhem 
is jppoinitd ; jird sn tbr Nintleenib day zf t^ery 
Monib it ;j ttol to he rtad berrj hut in the trdinatv 
Courjc oflbe PJitlmi. 

fcnite, exuhtmui Domino, prilm »<>. 
COME let us linganto the Lord: 
letusheartilyrcjoicein thcftrcngrh 
of our Iilvalion. 

Sfnifi Sim 10 BiiDiO, 
ffiolKtPtKniiiiitEialiini, KSin, 111. 

rji[ Qtirin at Sttiii 
tnngs iifisw SfrusO' 
Km to, St. I Kings r. 

Morning Prayer. 

Let us come before his prcfencc with 
thankrgiwing : and ihew ourfelvcs glad in 
him with Plalms. 

For the Lord is a gicat God : and a 
great King above all gods. 

In his hand are a!! ilie corners of the 
earih : and the Ibengih of the hiils is hts 

The fea is his, and he made it ; and his 
hands prepared the dry land. 

O conie, let us worftiip, and fall down : 
and kneel before ihe LiOrd our Maker, 

For he is the Jyird our God : and we 
are the people of his pallure, and the (heep 
of his hand. 

To day if ye will hear his voice, harden 
not your hearis : as in ihe provocation, and 
as in the day of temptation in the wilder- 

When your fathers tempted me : proved 
me, and faw my works. 

Forty years long was I grieved with this 
generation, and laid : It is a people that do 
err in their hearts, for they have not known 
my ways, 

Uniowhom Ifware in my wrath : tiiat 
[hey Ihould not enter into my reft. 

BrtDIO. IhD DtDlbcr ■(;■ 

saa IS cDintoiirO 1- 
salnflliStf. Pfn, tiBH. 

Odnta: nihoLifljDr 1101 

3r(st. ant Igtt tt( 
foung itillS ant his 
nolticr and tlic tiKo 
urmi, ODD bi tboa 

lliftt unHl i trlng 
Ihci IDoiD. tDi IDirot 

HisIibji iDni ma' 
gts. sn no<D iDn 

no ting, Liiciubc mt 
ttatni not lt( loin. 
n|«. »(. Mam. 

Morning Prayer. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : 
and to the Holy Ghoftj 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and 
ever fliall be : world without end. Amen. 

^ Th/n Jhall fvllo'ni tbt Pfulmi in ord/r ai tbty art 
apj^'mtfA. ^nd at ibi tnit oftifcry Pfilm l/truu^h' 
out c/if Ytaff unJ Itkeiifij't af tbt /net Jf Bcncdicite, 
B(nEili<iui, Mjgnifical, anJ NunE Utail^i, Jbatl 

Giory be to the Father, and to the Son; 
and to the Holy Ghofi ; 

Asfwir. As it was in the beginning, ii 
now, and ever (hall be : world without end. 

^ ThiH thai! he rtaJ d'Jtin^ly iv'fi •in audible imke 
tilt FirJI Lejp", r-iken out of the Old Tiflamenr^ tu 
ii Jppotuffj in the CtilmJar^ tieflbt ihtre 6i frQper 
h/jjiim affl^ntd for thai day I Ht ihill rtadelb Ji 

panding and turning bimjejf\ as be may brfl he hear J 
if all fuck m art frejeiti. And after lbat,pallht 

faii srjang, rn EnKliih, Ibi Hymn tailed Tc Dcum 
Ljudamus, dWi/y ibrougbout ibe Year. 

^ Note, Thai htfort tvtr} Ltjjim the Minifitr ^il 
Jay, Here bcglnncth Itjch a ChipWr, or V^tit of 
fuch d Ch:iprcr,4f ttich 4 Boiik: And afttr tvcry 
Lijhn, Here endclb the FirA, tr the Setiond Lef- 

ftiats tssi itii talilrs 
Oul 01 hll AdllD« tM 

bull ibnn.Vtio. mil. 

rli( titiuisiiiics 5 no 
riigan fiillTn Bamn be 
fDinhr, Vi. ijJflTn b 

Evening Prayer. 

^ Tttn a Le^kt ofiAe Nr%i> Te^jmenl, m it U np- 
ptintfd. And after thai Nunc ^limiltts {it tbt 
Song o/^Symcon) rw Engt'jhi m folltnvelbt 

NuBt dimiiiis. Si. Luke ii. 19. 

j^ ORD, now leiieft ihou thy rcrvani 

depart in peace : accord iog co thy 

^ word. 

Fcr mine eyes have fcen : thy falvation, 

Wiiich ihou haft prepared ; before the 

face ot all people ; 

To be a light to lighten the Gentiles ; 
and 10 be the glory of thy people Iftael. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son ; 
and 10 the Holy Ghoft ; 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and 
ever (hall he : world without end. Ameii. 

^[ Or ilji tbh Pfalm j miM it htm til Twtl/lb 
i>aj afiti Msirii. 

Deas mifireatur. Pfalm \xiX\. 

OD be mercifiil unto us, and blcfs 

us : and (hew us the light of his 

^ countenance, and be merciful un- 

That thy way may be known upon earth ; 
ihy faviiig health among all nations. 

atraHiim tBDtitc moaB 
(t lilt duTni oarrlna. 
onli [1(11. il:(.@rn.irl(. 

Br^ilD Clii blDolii niE 
Ihm Haiti (t"ig alicts. 
anD, K[. leinssilll. 

JtnD Jesus b^cr nia 
ctDas.tiit rjmc Ma 
cluci n.uniD ifiDl- 
goiti:, tolirir ihig 

01(1(1 mull l<iin. oil rl- 
i)Kt siHf our, and 

lltf [|tFbilb(JlllllllS 

mslliii mn no nut 

lllif ji[ CuD mlilrb 
souqIiI i|i( ci^S 
((lliOs.ii. 1B41 U. 

Morning Prayer. 

When thou lookeft upon ihec to deliver 
man : thou didft not abhar the Virgin's 

When thou hadfl overcome the Iharp- 
nefs of death : thou didft open the Kingdom 
of Heaven to all believers. 

Thou fittcft At the right hand of God : 
in ihe Glory of ihe Father. 

We believe that thou ilialc come : to be 
our Judge. 

We therefore pray thee, help thy fer- 
vanis t whom thou haft redeemed with thy 
precious blood. 

Make iliem to be nuttibercd with thy 
Sainii ; in glory everlaliing. 

O Lord, five thy people : and blcfs thine 

Govern them : and lift them up forever. 

Day by day ; we magnify thee ; 

And we worfliip thy Name : ever world 
without end. 

Vouchfatc, O Lord : to keep lu this day 
without fin. 

O Lord, have mercy upon ua : have 
tnerey upon us. 

O Lori), let thy mercy lighten upon us ; 
as our truft is in thee. 

IftKHuiiH iltistnuniff. 
iJioO, !.-(. Stn, 11)1. 

ill(i.D[«,si[iins f ])all 
t go UD,\'E. Il£iini. II. 


ALL ye Works of the Lord, blefs 
ycthe Lord :priufehim,and mag- 
nify him for ever. 

O yc Angels of the Lord, blefs yc ihe 
Lord ipraifc him, and rnagnify him forever. 

O yc Heavens, btefs ye the Lord : praifc 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Waters that be above the Firma- 
ment, blefs ye the Lord : praife hira, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O all ye Powers of the Lord, blefs ye the 
Lord : praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

OycSun, and Moon, blefs ye the Lord : 
pmife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Star} of Heaven, blefs ye the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him forever. 

O ye Showers, and Dew. blefs ye the 
Lord : praife him.and magnjiy him for ever. 

O ye Winds of God, blefs ye the Lord ; 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Fire, and Heat, blefs yc the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

Ittl ul> mil TDh and 
CICrlDt, Sc.CiigD.II*. 

mm OKI [lusiFi df 

SliptSr tie- ilLtllE Jill. 

inliJltsus.iDlicn l)( 
itis tagiiicit. lami 
sliiisli tat or inr 
ttiifi. and Ii, lit 

tcaidis nrTc ogidt. 
ta iinfo tilin, anD 
SDtn Sim itic 9 pint 

IT tie l(iD«iri rant n 
eiltlst, 5ipinHT I( 
timi Or iKf fun of 
iBili. iDininiiiiD Itat 

l(irs[Bri)n(5 Mmalii 
Driad, llur Ui on- 
snmns 5110, II IS 
nnntn.i:! inaun. 

O ye Winicr, and Summer, bids ye ihe 
Lord : praifc him, and magnify him forever. 

O ye Dews, and Frofts, Lilcfs ye the 
Lord : praifehim.and magnify him forever. 

O ye Froft, and Cold, blcls ye the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O yc Ice, and Snow, bicfs ye the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify liim for ever. 

O ye Nighls, and Days, bjefs ye ihe 
Lord : praife him, and magnify htm for ever. 

O ye Light, and Dartnefs, blefs ye the 
I.ord ; praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Lightnings, and Clouds, blefs ye 
ihe Lord : praife him, and magnify him lor 

O let the Earth blefs the Lord : yea, Ici 
it praiii; him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Mountains, and Hills, blefs ye the 
Lord : praife him,andmagniiy him for ever. 

O all ye Green Things upon the Earth, 
blefs yc the Lord : praifc him, and magnify 
him fiir ever. 

O yc Wells, blefa yc the Lord : praife 
him, and magnily him for ever. 

O ye Seas, and Floods, bid's yc the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 
O ye Whales, and all that move in the 

e?Eau sellfft Ills binti- 
ilgtit Ura incss otpm- 
logc, Kt, Cie, in. 

CI) I mn^nait Erring rnr 
itrnotir pifisjnr, loot 
at ifif trun. Ofn ill. 

Waters, blefa yc ilie Lord : praifc him, and 
magnify him for ever, 

O all ye Fowls of the Air, blefs ye ihc 
Lord : praifc bim.and magnily him forever. 

O all ye Beafls. and Cattle, blefs yc the 
Lord: praifehim.and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Children of Men, bicfs ye the Lord: 
praifc him, and magnify him for ever. 

O let Ifrael blefs the Lord : praifc him, 
and magnify him for ever. 

O yc Priefts of the Lord, blefs ye the 
Lord ipraifehim.and magnify him forever. 

O yc Servants of the Lord, blefs ye the 
Lord : prsife him, and magnify him forever. 

O yc Spirits and Souls of the Righteous, 
blef) ye the Lord : praifc him, and magnily 
him for ever. 

O ye holy and humble Men of heart, 
bicfs yc the Lord : praife him, and magnify 
him for ever. 

O Ananias, Azarias, and Mifael, blefs 
ye the Lord : praifc him, and magnify him 
for ever. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son ; 
»nd to the Holy Ghofti 

A] it was in the beginning, is novir,and 
ever Ihall be ; world without end. Amen. 

3 tirWtt ttina loq^ til- 
Eiism iiitlll [iriiB, 
lll(Ctl.£(, 311IJII t. 

3rIi lnl|i(<o«iililuilcIi 
unlo.&E. jBai, ilD. 

Krlnllt. * mauiin 1 
UTanainiti iiinr oil 

of ttir arit ci<i9ls. 
ani [tun. aai'ng 
unto.ltr. jBol.iti. 

anD nnogt iDr Sot 
liiiics inn II riBltrB, 

troKt inti tut tti' 
luDcs.Ar.filni cm. 

1 Thtnjbtili bt ttad m lih mannrr Ihe Src^nii LlJJ't^it 
talufi oaf "f fl^ Nnv Ttjiamtnt, And afitr fbttr, 
ihe Hymn foiliKjvip^ i m^'p^ icbrn Ibatjhal! happtft 
To /te rtsd m 'ke Chtipur fir thr Day, vr for tig 
Caf/iil <J« Si, John Bjptift'! Djy. 

Bmeiliaus. Si. Luke i. 68, 

LESSED be ihE Lnrd God of If- 
rael ; for he halh viiited, and re- 
deemed his people ; 

And hath raifed up a mighty falvatlon 
for us : in the houfe of his fei'vant David ; 

As he fpake by the mouth of his hoi)' 
Prophets : which have been fince the world 
bcgJii ! 

That we fliould be faved from our ene- 
mies ; and from ihc hands of all that haic 

To perform the mercy promifed to our 
forefathers : and to remember his holy 
Covenant ; 

To perform the oath which he fware 
to our forei'jther Abraham : that he would 
give usi 

That wc being delivered out of the hand 
of our enemies : might fcrvc hira without 
fear ; 

in mm iiisi <ni smt 
linni, sc. Jctn t>li>. 

jliBiiG siring lliili 
tAiili.Mia luitisirli of 

Morning Prayer. 

In holiners and righteoufnefs before him : 
all ihc days of our life. 

And thou, ChiM, flialc be called the 
Prophei of ihe Higheft ; for iliou (hall go 
before the 6ee of ihc Lord to prepare his 

To give tnowledge of falvation unto his 
people ; for the remiffion of iheir liiis. 

Through the tender mercy of our God ; 
whereby the day-fpring from on high hath 
viftied us I 

To give light to them that fit In darfc- 
nefs, and in the (hadow of death : and to 
guide our feet into the way of peace. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the San ; 
and iQ the Holy Ghoft ; 

As it was in the beginning, U now, and 
ever fliall be : world without end. Amen, 

IT Or Ibh PJnlm, 
Jubilatt Deo. Pfjim c. 

BE joyful in the Lord, all ye lands ; 
feivc the LorJ with gladnefs, and 
come before his prefence with a 

K!ftr(a< [inn miiij i 
lauDeglrt. ■.aiiius, 
coaif (ottt Ptitn it 
inai lD35 Krob caint 

(otMl. hoijnn liinlj 
ma fopiiuiitihiuins, 
ond hfa ts([ bns 

Morning Prayer. 

tti(i<aslntpiif .islfii 

Itrii jpFT.tciB unto 
incui.iit, jaat. imi. 

Idvei ; we ace his people, and the (heep ol 
hiE paliurc. 

Ogojiour way iniD his gatet with thaiikf- 
giving, and into his courts with praifc : be 
thankful unto him, and (peak good of his 

Par the Lord is gracious, hit mercy is 
everlafling : and his truth endureih from 
generation to generiiton. 

Gloiy be to tlie Father, and to the Son : 
and to the Holy Ghoft ; 

As it was in the beginning, is noiv, and 
ever (hall be : world without end. Amen. 

H TtiK jhall bifuHi ar faU Ikt jifojiln- Crtid hy ihi 
MlHJi'. r and ihe ptvple,Jiafiding : except vnly Jucb 
Jdyi ai (it Crtti y~Si. Athjnjfiui h af^iiinisd /« 
be imd. 

BELIEVE in God the Father 

Almighty, Mater of heaven and 

earth ; 

And in Jefus Chrjll his only Son ovir 

Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy 

Ghofl, Born of the Virgin Mary, Siiflircd 

under Pontius Pilate, Was crucified, dead, 

and buried. He defcended into hell i The 

thiri! day he role again from the dead, Ht 

afcended into heaven. And fineth on the 
right hand of God the Falhtr Almighty; 
Ftam ihence he (hall come to judge the 
ijuick and the dead. 

I believe in the Holy Ghoft; The holy 
Calholick Church; The Communion of 
Saints; The Forgivenefs of fins ; The Re- 
furrcftior of the bodv. And the life ever- 
lafting. Amen. 

T jifid afitf tbar, rbefi Pi\iy/rs f^tls^vi^gy ^11 ile- 
vtutiy ktfti'iHgi tbeM'ii*jftr firji freni/uHiirtgwlh 
s hud •voittf 

The Lord he wilh yoo. 
Anjwfr. And with thy rpiric. 

Mimjier. Let m pray. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Chrijl. havr merty upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon as. 

% nn ibt MiniJIi', C/crh. a-i/ fiep/t,fia/!fay rii 
Lorii'i Pravtr ivirb a toaai'sitt. 

?^^>^UR Father, which art in heaven, 
i^]\ Hallowed be thy Name. Thy 
t^^^. kingdom come. Thy will bedone 
in eaclii, A& it is in heaven. Give us this 
day our daily bread. And forgive iin our 
trcfpaflcs. As ive forgive them ihnl trefpafs 




^ jjti\ 









3tsvt ilM, IRonD 
SI1I9 arc torgitrn 
[irr, tir sfi Id DID 
nitiA. ITo ntnm it 

iiirir (e rocsiDrn, ti( 
Van Ml a null. 
Hat ([ saiD UHto 
nil, it. LuX Ell- 

MIC M"«3i'im Dt 
bcbtn it( dig DRV 
Btgl 101 ll.ciping: 

niiuUti at ilii liasi 
In rll(3 ItV Oip ISost 
Hi(n03, *!■. lu, lii. 

againll us. And lead u« noi into temp- 
Ution; Bui deliver us from evil. AmcD, 

H Ttin itt PrirfifianJhg ufjhallfay, 

O Lord, (hew ihy mercy upon us. 

Anjtver. And grant us thy I'alvation. 

Prkft. O Lord, fave tlic Queen. 

Anftotr. And mercifully hear us when 
we call upon thee. 

Prkft. Endue thy minifters with righie* 

Anfmer. And make thy chofen people 

Prkft. O Lord, fave thy people, 

Anfwer. And blefs thine inherirance. 

Prkft. Give peace in our time, O Lord. 

Anjioer. Becaufe there is none other tli.n 
fightetii for us, but only thou, O God. 

Pricft, O God, make clean our hearts 
iviihin U9. 

Anjxotr. And take not thy hoJy Spirit 
fj'om us. 

f Win _*j// yy/™> Ihnt Cal/rai; tit frfl of lii 
Day, -wbcb jball bi Itlfumc ibal n apfeimrd m 
Ihe Cumninnm*! i 'hf fcebrtJ Jar PeaCf i lh< ibird J',r 
Graet to live VfttL And the rico UJt Colit^yjhaii 
never alter, but daily he f"id al Mfrftiig frayer 
t/irsughmtl all the year, ai foltvwfib i 'ill kr.erlsug. 

eftfio a hall balii vlt; 
silcm. »i,, 

iiriiclc ttiatson iiiinio 

Morning Prayer. 

Theficend Colka.for Peaii. 
GOD, who art ihc author of peace 
and loverofconcordiin knowledge 
of whom (Undeth our eternal life, 
svhole fervice is pcrfeil freedom; Defend 
us thy hiimble ferifanis in all aflaolts of cur 
enemies; that we, furcly irufting in thy 
Jefence, may not fear the power of any 
adverfaries, ihrough ihe might of Jefus 
Chrift oor Lord. Atnen. 

The third Co/lfH.for Grace. 

LORD, our heavenly Father, Al- 
mighty and cverlaftingGod, who 
halh iafely brought ua to the be- 
ginning of this day 1 Defend ua in the fame 
with thy mighty power; and grant thai 
this day we fill into no fin, neither run 
into any kind of danger ; but that all our 
doings may be ordered by thy governance, 
lodo always that is righteous in thy fight; 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

% In Sljittts c«i PliKnieitri ltiiy^iig,icri 
J'oUo'nKlt ihc Amhtm. 
t\ Tim ibift fvi Frsym fiUoiiiiig art to be rcaA 
htrSf except vfhtn the Litany it rfad ,' and ihm tnl<t 
the tvjo liijt tire To be realty as ibty ore there place j- 

(Tfii momEn sing bu 
toursc In ibttc p[aii, 

jri}tcI)![btrnof ^lli iro 
phfisuratio m«t(Gl( 
alm.ftf. II SlnQ3 u. 


sviciti rticiT gar- 
Unnlain ifif maii.i). 

lb" nil tm Hill brin- 
ilirsDlf indrirssnb 
EitJlDiti tlinn la lUi 
biog. fitiii II. 



J|e5ii5 birnr tnto rfji 

coat our ilitui tliii 
sotii nnD hgiigfif. 

BorintuntD iVrin.Ii 
Is Uiuicn, jsini 
piapic, Kc. I.U. Id. 

ji Pr/r/fr/er ibe ^ftn's M^jffty. 

LORD our heavenly Father, high 
and mighty, King of kitigs. Lord 
of lords, the only Ruier of princes, 
who doll from thy throne behold all the 
dwellers upon earth; MoH heartily wc 
befecch thee with thy favour to behold out 
moli gracious Sovereign Lady, Queen VIC- 
TORIA ; and fo replenilh her with the 
griceofthy Holy Spirit, that ftiemjyalway 
incline lo thy will, and walk in thy way: 
Endue her plcntcoully with heavenly gifts ; 
grant her in hc»Ith and wealth long to live ; 
llrengthcn her that Ihe may vanquilh and 
overcome all her enemies; and finally, after 
this life, fhe may attain everlafling joy and 
felicity; through jcfus Chrill our Lord. 

A Prsfir for the Rajsl Family. 

LMIGHTY God. the founiain of 

all goodncfs, we humbly bcfeech 

thee lobtefs Albert EdwardVtinze 

of ff'i'hi, the Princefs of Wsla, and all 

the Royal Family : Endue them with thy 

holy Spirit ; enrich them \vith thy heavenly 

[9 tttis tiousi btcmni i 
hill ol IDI'OO, miKi' 
iilinif, &t. JrcdR. nil. 

fNInt [)iiu«i sllill l>i 
for all. «;[, fsal^l) Ini 

Morning Prayer. 

§race; profper them with all happinefs;and 
bring them to ihine eveHalling kingdom; 
through Jefui Chrill our Lord. Amen, 

A Prajir far cht Citrgy and People. 

LMIGHTV and everlaftirg God, 
who alone workdl great marvels; 
Send down upon our Blihops, 
and Curates, and all Congregations com- 
mitted to their charge, the healthful Spirit 
'jf thy grace; and that they may truly 
pleafe thee, pour upon them the continual 
dew of thy blclling. Gran: this, O Lord, 
for the honour of our Advocate and Medi- 
itor, Jcfus Chrift. Amen. 

A Prayer of St. Chryfoftom. 

LMIGHTV God, who haft given 
us grace at this time with one 
accord to make our common fup- 
piications unto ihee; and doll promife, that 
when two or three are gathered together 
in thy Name thou will grant iheirrequcfts: 
Fulfil now, O Lord, thedefires and peti- 
tions of thy fervants, as may be moll expe- 
dient for them ; granting us in this world 

Ultiin ji5fii6B litf- 
ilirm 5.110 lilmtfjli od. 
iijrn, &r. Sen. innii. 

3bBiliimtDB[ up ratln, 
iiiO slotir liJirlr tu i^E 

)rtp( rWff ptirais 
mn Itr SEIIbrs Inn 
Illi ((trrvs Hi thcpra- 
plr (Dii-iuLiiti llOD 

SBS bt> aiitli[lp mil 
III! Dim. ^iK Iti'V 
BiliD, .ir. fill. II HI. 

Morning Prayer. 

bun ilili'if pIKca oC 

knowledge of thy truih, and in the world 
[o come life cverlafting, Amtn. 

1 Cor. iiil. 

HE grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift, 
and ihe love of God, and ihe fci- 
lowfliip of the Holy Gholl, be 
withus all evermore, jimfa. 


The Order for 

Evening Prayer, 

Daily tbnughsut tht- Year. 

If At the he^nitiHg tif Eiftiig Prayer tht M^nifJtt 
jh^ti rejit 'WJfh s loud ifticc (u«ie one or more iff ll'tjt 
Stntetirts if the Scriprurrl Ibat Jotlptv. jind thin 
bi /hall fay Ibat wlaib iivirillinaflir ihr Jatil Sin- 

;HEN the wicked man lurneth 

away from his wickediicis thai 

he hath commiitcd, and docth 

that which is [awful and right, 

hefiial! fave his foul alive. £zt-i. xviii. zy. 

I acknowledge my tranrgreirions, and my 

(in is ever before me. Pfulm li. 3. 

Hide thy face from my fins, and blot 
out all mine iniquities. PJalm li. 9. 

The faerilicesof Godarea broken fpirit : 
a broken and a conltlte heart, O God, thou 
will not defpife. Pj'.ilm li. 17. 

Rend your heart, anditgt your garments, 
and turn unto the Lord your God : tor he 
\i gracious and merciful, flow to anger, and 


(BrlElilsrlirEl) titmiglit 

fB<«ra silt 11 1^1 vi- 
(li Dl : Kills is 

i»al,itr. CmBusilil. 


Ji«us m Ills list 
BiiPdEc as line Dill 
(SI, toot hiiig, snli 
until III Citi glli'D 

ll]aiill9, ntiKr 'I, 
oiiii aaUEM IHf ms- 
rli Its, sailing, {TolK 
(HI, lit, ttKl.ulll. 


iMIitii Ibc DlDs 
Km iuamtUiliili 

Bti frsj tranlirn 

flon. artn tnrippfff 

ttin (n sUuDnilng 

clgrDra. 311I lil«l)lin 

n J raatiirt, Jit. 

The Litan)'. 

That it may plafe ihee ca rule her heart 
in thy faith, fear, and love, and that (he 
may evermore have afSance in thee, and 
ever feek ihy honour and glory ; 

We bejeeck thee is hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe ihee to be her de- 
fender and keeper, giving her the viflory 
over all her enemies ; 

Pf^e befeech tbee H bear tts,giiid Lird^ 

That it may pleafe iliee to blefs and pre- 
fervc Albert Edtaurd Pr'tnci: of tf tiles, the 
Priticefsof Wj/^j, and all the Royal Family J 

Ife bifeech tbee to hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to illuminate all 
Biihops, Priefts, and Deacons, with true 
knowledgeandunderilandingof ihy Word; 
and that both by their preaching and living 
they may ici it forth, and fliew it accord- 
ingly ; 

IVe befitch lite to hear ei, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to endiM the 
Lords of the Council, and all the Nobility, 
with grace, wifiJom, and underllandingi 

We bejeech ihei to hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee 10 blefs and keep 
the Magiftrales, giving them gract to exe- 
cute jullicc, and 10 maintain truth; 


The Litany. 

ff'e bejmb ihic la hear us, goad Lord. 

Thai ii may pleafc thee lo blefs and keep 
all thy people : 

We hifdcb thee te hear us, gasd Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to give to all 
naiiant unity, peace, and concord ; 
ff'e bejaib tbie ta bear ui, gied LerJ. 

That it may pleafe thee to give lis an heart 
[0 love and. dread thee, and diligently to 
live after thy commandinents; 
H'e befsesb thee to hear us, good Lord. 

That ii may pleafe thee to give to all ihy 
people incteafe of grace to hear meekly thy 
Word, aniJ lo receive it wiih pure aftctllon, 
and to bring forth the fruits of the Spirit; 

We befceih thcc lo blur us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee lo bring into the 
way of truth all fuch as have erred, and are 
deceived t 

If'e bifeeeh thee la hear us, goad Lord. 

That it may pleafe ihee to llrengihen 
fuch as do lland ; and to comfort and help 
ihc weaJi-hearicd ; and to raife up them 
that fall; and hnally to beat dovi/n Satan 
under our feet; 

We iefiech ihee lo hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to fuccour, help. 

3linir sollt to Qabin, 
jBalir [ODrmni milt itir, 
anD,&c. llSain. III. 

rii( jurcn of SOita 
liiinga gitmo Jtiuad 
lEDi 10. iii. I Kings i. 

mam IS ihi ling 

Dt tl|( .1ttt5 Ktil IS 

bDin, iDr IDE liunr 
Bt(ii lie Sim In Ibr 

ijisr, it. iflm, II. 

Sriat. onti inUf ttit 
goling (OIIB auli tts 
mnliri inD Ric imo 

iticK unltl [ tTlltl 

DfeiTDgniin. nii.ti. 

The Litany. 

and comlort, all lh»t arc in danger, ncccf- 
Tiij-, and tribulation; 

fFe hefiteh tbe( to bear us, geed Lard. 
That ii may plcafe ihee to prcfervc all 
[hat travel by land or by waiet, all women 
labouring of child, all Tick perfons, and 
young children ; and to (hew thy pity upon 
all prifoners and captives ; 

H'e iefcecb thee ta he<ir us, gnd herd. 
Thai it may pteafc ihee to defend, and 
provide tnr, the ^iherlel's children, ant! 
widows, and all thai are defolate and op- ' 
prefled ; 

H'f. befeecb the/ to hear us, good Lord. 
That it may pleafe ihcc to have mercy 
upon all men j 

We bcjuth ihei is bear Ui, good Lard. 
That it may pleafc thee to forgive our 
enemies, perfecuiors, and (landerers, and to 
turn (heir hearts ; 

We bejiech thee ta bear uj, good Lord. 

That if may pleafe thee to give and pre- 

fervc to our ufe (he kindly fruits of the 

earih, foas in due time we may enjoy them; 

ffV brjiieb ihee to hear as, gmi Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to give na true 
repentance ; to forgive us all our fins, ncg- 

5di] Is rotntarlfll a-- 
11II1S1 rftti, tScn. 1IDII, 

DjOlft; KUioiisininol 
tlmarlt, Sc I 5am.iu 

The Litany. 

ftgences, and Ignorances j and lo endue iis ■ 
wilh thegraceoflhyHoi)' Spirit to amend 
our lives according lo thy holy Word ; 
U't bcfitch tbee to hear us, gaud Lord. 
Son of God: wc befeech thee to liear us. 
Son of God: tve befeech ibee to hear ui. 
O Lamb of God: that takcll away the 
(ins of (he world ; 

Grant us thy peace. * 

O Lamb of God : that titell away ihe 
fins of the world; 

Hare mern iipiin us. 
X) Chrill, hear us. 

O Chrift, hear us. 
Lord, have mercj' upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Chtirt. have mercy upon us. 

CbriJI, h4ivc mercy upon us. 
I^rd, have mercy upon us. 
L«rJ, have mercy upon us. 

fl TAmpalt ihl Prkf, jnd Im fmpli iiAth I'm, JJj 
the Lord't Proyir. 

UR Father, which art in heaven. 
Hallowed be thy Name. Thy 
kingdom come. Thy will be done 
in earth. As it is in heaven. Give us this 

mil of tis tianDs ana 
tT3Uril)tin. >!FiD.riil[. 

Sogon Mlirn Dolnn bt- 

iiii stiiii birin tmnin 

(KStrop indr Iini- 
gts. J«[ ngiD <nis 

Slllll SOD.I^tElllDl 

no imi. triaiiBc Dt 
tdiio nmtlir lUtt, 
tutiiit, &!. itiestil. 

jllirDii raii9(D lU 
malt cniltrrii lo tir 
EUin iliit miic in 
SirlilrKriiT, nnMn 

all ilir cqhsis nm- 
at rcflin lino IP"'S 
ol& ffnD iinncr, at- 

The Litany. 

day our daily bread. And Jbrgive us our 
trefpalTes, Aa we forgive thera rhat Ucfpafs 
againll us. And lead us not into temp- 
[aiion ; But deliver us from evil, Amen. 

Prieft^ O Lord, deal not with us alter 
our fins. 

Anfwer, Nei[lier reward us after our ini- 

JLct BB pray. 

GOD, merciful Father, that de- 
fpifcft not thefighingof acontriie 
heart, nor the defircofiiich as be 
Ibrrowful j Mercifully aflill our prayers that 
we make before thee in all our troubles and 
adverfiLJes, ivhcnibcver they opprefs us; 
and gracioufly hear ua, that thofe evils, 
which the craft and fubtilty of the devil 
or man worketh againil us, be brought to 
nought : and by the providence of thy 
goodnefs they may be difperfed: that we 
thy fervants, being hurt by no perfccotiont. 
may evermore give thanks unio thee in thy 
holy Church; through Jefus Chrift our 

O Lord, arift, bdp us, and Selivir us 
for thy Name's faki. 

JflUfsilbiD Oorg.JTiirn 
tliou arrD fall tipDii t[ic 

atCil'l srctng bee guii 
ig 6(ii(l!l,tiCBir(nfO all 
itiS'(ti,ftr.ll1)liigE 11. 

The Litany. 

GOD, tve hare hcird with our 
eatt.and out fiiheri harcHedami 
lutto lu, the noble wofki that thgu 

didft in llieir da7'«,aiid in the old lime be- 

lore ibein. 

O LtTii, trifi, Mf MS, nnJ iilhtr m 

ftr ihint bmu^. 

Glory be \a ilie Father, and lo iheSon: 
attd lo the HoIyGhoft: 

jinfictr. A) it was in the beginning, b 
now,andcvcr(hallbe: tvurld without end. 

Prom onr enemicj defend ui, O CKrill. 

Grathnjlj htk irfvn tur ii£tiBUii$, 

Pitiful I jr behold thclbrroMiot'our heart). 

Mtrrifallj f»rgivt tbt fini tftbjf/i- 


Favourably with Ricrcy hear our praj'en. 

O Stn *f Datiil, bavt mirej ufea ui. 

Both now and ever vouchfafe to Iiear us, 

O Chrtll. 
Grmitafij biitr at, Cbrijl i graehujiy 
hear m, O Lord Clirijt. 

Priffi. O Lord, let ihy mercy be Ihewed 
upon us; 

Axjtetr. At we do put our trull in thee. 

ttiKDiiicl ihiicounrni. 
MM, ki eio. ijil 

Diti* aiti* noaMl of 
I go >», in. iirin. II, 

rt( Ingil eJIB II 

ItiliiiDvM^irJU itt 
Itiir '1" "'B uitilitl 
sougni llii iiouni) 
(1)110 *,li fllJt ". 

Itis baiiihiD [lint 
slrJigOi Kill of I0< 
aim. llnlt Id. Itfl 

The Litany- 
Lei U9 pray. 
E humbly befeech ihec, O Faibcr, 
meiclliilly to look upon our in- 
firmllies; and for ihc glory of thy 
N;imc turn from us all ihofe evils thai we 
itiofl righteoi:ily have delerved ; and gram, 
[hat in all our troubles we may put our 
whole truU at)d confidence in ihy niercv, 
and evermore feive thee in holinds and 
purenels of living, to ihy honour and glory; 
through our only Mediator and Advocate, 
Jefus Chrill our Lord, jimen. 

A Praytr e/Sl. Cbr^ofiiin, 

,LM IGHTY God, who haft given 
U3 grace at ihii time with one 
accord to mate our common fop- 
plications untoihce; and doll promile, thai 
when iwo or three arc gathered logeihci 
ill ihy Name thou wilt grant their requcfts ; 
fulfil now. O Lord, the dcfires and peti- 
tions of ihy fcrvanis, as may be moH expe- 
dient for them ; granting us in ihii woild 
knowledge of thy iruth, and in the world 
to come life cverlatting. Amtn, 

\m up ttr >o anB 
siKirti 0111 tail" njiiu 

onrT llir. H-t ^ia\. lib. 

Ctl'DO'ttUii* drill t|) 

iDiili (IK ilasKi m 
UMprB, tic. Dun. till. 

z C»r. xiit. 

HEgncc of our Lord Jefii* Chrift, 
and the love of God. and the t'el- 
^>^^f kmfhip of the Hoix Gboft, be ' 
with ui dl evermore. Jtani. 

atnndtlh lie Ltr^NV. 

Prayers & Thankfgivings, 

ufsn fn.'era! Occttfistis, 

GOD, heavenly Father, ivho tf 
thy Son IcruiCiulft haft promircd 
ro alt (bmi that Tcck tny king' 
dont, knd ihi- righiemiCncU 1 here- 
of, all thinjfi neceflity 10 their 
liodily fttftenancr 1 Send u*, vr« beh.-cch ihcc, 
in thn oar iMCtlTity, fucli moderate njn tnd 
Oiovnn, lh»t we may receive the fruiB of the 
cant) to our comfort, and to thy honour | 
ihrimgh Jrfui Chiift our LoiJ, .i«ifu. 

Cht iragiT' imt m 
iirtil«t. Rlcint: II 
■ftau t( Itr j>gn (I 
0ae, lomnuiiii iiui 

^?3in Hliiib his birin- 
ngti (gi 1 mttseffol- 

Fw nonian Bciing ifti 
iti{ |gtt iiiiiK]ni,nDt 
ot itt (mit. i0ra. ill. 

titii Uiii hi an- 
iiiDrTino sub II a 
Biliitn.lrr >llir in. 

r 2 

si tf)l SFl COlSfS, 

inO cmn, Eifing 

ALM IGHTY Lord God, who for 
ihc fin of man dldll once drown all 
the world, rxccpi right perfoiw, and 
aKeiward ot* ihy great mercy liiilll 

Eroniifc never lo deflroy it lb again; Wc 
uinbly befeech ih», that ahhough wc for 
our iniquities have worthily dclerved a plagiie 
111 rail! and warers, yet upon our iriie repent- 
ance thou will lend us fuch wcalher. as that 
we inay rei'elve the fruils of the earth in due 
li:arun ; and learn bolh by thy punilljincnt to 
amend out lives, and fot thy clemency to give 
ihcc praifc and gtory ; through Jcfut Cnrilt 
ijur Lord. Amia, 

In the lime of Dtarlli and Famine. 

GOD, heavenly Falhcr, mhofe gift 
it h, thai the rain doih fall, the 
carlh is fruitful, beafts inrreal'c, and 
fifhes do niulliply i Behold, «c be- 
ktch thee, the afflictions of thy people! and 
grant ihat the fcircity and dearth, which we 
do now mod juttly fiifter for our iniquity, may 
through ihy gtiiiinef* be mercifully turiicJ 
into chenpneli anil nlcnly ; lor the love of 
Jel'us Chriltour Lord, to whom with thee and 
ilie Holy Gholi he all honour and glory, now 
sml for ever. Amen. 

a tftliln ntonnii! tl 
siiBm jtioiil iTjis. 
Bitrn.A'i. lobn n, 

Bl lilt nifllil,. Ira im Mint 
unu.i-r jam. no. 



Or thU. 

GOD, merciful Father, who, in ihr 
(imcof Elirtia lUe prophet, didftfui) - 
(ti'iilj'in Samam turn greal Tordly 
and dearth into plenty and cheajj- 
nels.; Have mercy upon us, thai we, who 
arc now for our uns punilhed with like ad< 
verlily, may likewile find a feafonable relief: 
lilciealc ihc fruils of the cartli by thy hea- 
»eoIy benrdiflion ; and gram that we, re- 
ceiring thy bountiful liherality, may uic the 
Ijine to thy glory, the relief of tholV that are 
needy, and our own comfort ; through Jefus 
Chrift our Lord, Amen. 

In the lime of li'ar and Tumults. 

ALMIGHTY God, King of all 
kings, and Goi'etnourof all things, 
whole power no creature is able to 
refill, to whom it beiongeth juftly to 
pimifti linnrrs, and (o be merciful to them that 
!!uly repent i Save ajid deliver us, we hum- 
hlv befecch thee, from the hands of our ene- 
mies; abate their ptlde, alTwage their ninliec, 
and cunfaund theit devices { that we, being 
armed with thy defence, may be preferved 
evermore from all perils, to glorify tlice, who 
art the only giver of all viflory ; through the 
merit! of thy only Son, Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

Itl fidn [isf lilt ti[«1 
siniir.&i. Jdtin Kill. 

Jliaits SKint Ibtlt 
tll>Ii,s«1»ialUr9l(t Dt 
11)( Vilsp. ftc- |Hil ti. 

aal tir i«Dt ft( Bur 
lonnis inD ii tistirs, 


ictiTisi nun tent a 


(Oiniforifi !!l\!ii lit 
itrit man ar.m imu 


in /^f rime of any commaa Flagut or S'lckntfi. 

ALMIGHTY God, who in thy 
wrath clidli fend a pisgue upon ihiiic 
own people in ihc wiiJcrncfs, for 
their obrtinaiercbdlian againll Mo- 
'i-t and Aaron ; and ulfo. in (he time of kirg 
D'Jvid, diilit llay wiih ihe plague of Pcfti- 
lence ihreelcorc and teii ihoiifind, and yd 
rem<mbering iliy tntrcy didft fave the reft ; 
Havtf pity upon usmkJerahle finnrrs, wlio uotv 
are vifited wirh greni fickncfs and moftsiily; 
that like 35 ihoil diJft thtn accept of an atone- 
ment, and didft tomtnandlhc deftfoying An- 
giil (0 ceafe from puni/hing, fo ii may now 
pleafc ihtc lo withdraw irom us this plague 
qnd gricvoui ficknefsj through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord. A/aea. 

fl h the Ember Wieks, l« bt fltidt^ery day, 
for tkojc thai are la if admilteJ iaia Holy 

piLMIGHTY God, our heavenly 
Father, mho haft purchal'ed (o thy- 
fclf an univerlal Churih by the pre- 
lioua blood of thy dear Son ; Mer- 
cifully look upon rile fame, and at this linie 
liiguide 3 nd govern the minds of thTfervanls 
tile Bifhopsand Paliorsof thy flock, that Ihey 
may lay hands fiiddenly on no man, but faith- 
fully and wifdy make choice of tit pcrfona to 


Icrvc in the lactcd MiniAry of rhy Church, 
And to thoft which Ihall be ordained (o any 
holy funftinn gWe thy grare and heavenly be- 
ntdidlioni thai bolh hy their life and doctrine 
they may Tet forth thy glury, and fet forwiinl 
the lalvation of all men; through JefusChrilt 
out Lord. Amen. 

Or iMi. 

' LMIGHTY God, the giver of ail 

good gifts, who ol thy divine [jrovi- 
dence hall uppoiiittd divers Orders 
ill thy Church i Give thyerace, »c 
humbly belcech thee, to all ihofe who are lo 
be railed li> any ufHce and adminillralion in 
the fame; and lb repknilh them iviih the truth 
iif ihy doflrine, and endue ihem with inno- 
fency of lifr, that they may faithfully lerue 
before thee, to the glory of thy great Name, 
and the btnefii of thy holy Church; through 
Jefus Chritt our Lord. Aitiia. 

^1 A Prayer Ihal may be faid after nny ef 
lie farmer. 

GOD, vthofe nature and property is 
ever to have mercy and lo lorgive, 
receive our humble petitions; and 
though we be tied and hound with 
the chain of our fins, yel let the iiilitvilnels of 
thy great mercy luofe us ; for (be honour ol Je- 
fuiChrili, our Mediaiorand Advocate. Amtit. 

aiiihiim sjin.loTiT.II 

ftiliiKtiiilintiiitt m- 
lUIrrB lo. I 511 (our 

jl^f lErlarranafigiiirD 
brrctr it^rni, qnH tira 
f acr Dltt slirnr as itrr 
sun, and nui'i'll's 

bmislDtiiit IS (hi 
ligtil. 3nli brIiDlli, 
int" agocirrt iinio 
tbiDi, lit. tint, i«ll. 

grsi^ ant. i«tnp 
siiti its (OTgiDcn 
tict, fci s<\r Iodic 
uiutti. f!ii nilium 

lliilEtsrotginiTi, tic 
lulU laui 1 I mil 
IilD bt 94111 unto 
t(i, t[. Lutt Dll. 

H A Prajitr ferl/it HigM Court i/Farliamtnl, 
la it rtaii during l/itir HlJJioa. 

OST grarioiis Gud, we humbly bc- 
leeth thcc, BS for thi^ Kingdom in 
genecal, lb cf(n;ci»ll)' lor iht High 
Court of Parliament, umitioiirmoft 
religious anJ giaclous Queen al this lime af- 
feoibled ! Thai lliou wouldcft be plealcd (rj 
Jircfl and prnlpet all their con ful tat ions to 
the jdvaticcmcnl of ihy glory, the good el 
thy Choreli, thr liifctv, hoixmr, and wdfaic 
of our Sovereign, and her Dominions j thai 
all things may be fo ordered and ftiili-d by 
their endeavours, upon the belt and furili 
foiinJatTon*, that peace and happinefs, truth 
,ind juftice, religion and piety, may ht cKa- 
bliihed among u* for all gi-neiations. Theft 
and all other ncccfTarirs, fur (liem,for u>, and 
ihy while Church, we humbly beg in the 
Name and Mediation of Jefm Chrift our moft 
blelTcd Lord and Saviuuc. Amtn. 

•; A CoUtcl or Freyer for nil Conditions o/mca, 
IB be upd at fiiih lima luhin the Ijlait^ is 
not gpfoinleJ to be /aiJ. 

GOD, the Creator and Pfeferverof 
all mankind, we humbly beleech 
thee for all lurts and condiiiont of 
men} tkatthou wouldeli be pleiftd 

I tilt sliiBiD agnlDst 
llttAa. Uitm.iit. 


mm, mO hrhntn, «lir 
UMsliiious. Aiiin, III. 



tu make thy ways known un(o Ihcm, thy 
iaving heailh iinto aii nations. More elbc- 
cially,«e piay for tlic gooil riiate of the Ca- 
tholick Church ; that it may be io gufded 
and govemeJ by ihy good Spirit, that all who 
profeli and tali ihemlclves Chriftiiins may he 
leil into tbe way of truth, and hold the taiih 
in unity of fpirit, in the bond ol' peace, and 
in tighteoufnels of life. Finally, weconimend 
to thy fatherly gondneS all Ihofe, who are 
any ways affliflect, or di lire fled, in mind, body, 

■wAamourprayerjaridifiredA ^ * ^hit to he 

thatitmaypfeafetheetocom. ^", "^'"^"X 

, '.! , , dcfire ihe Pf;iv- 

lort and reheve ihem, accord- ^,^ ,,^ ^^^ ^-^i_ 

lOg to their leveral neceffities, .g^^on. 

giving them patience Under 

their fufftrings, and a happy ifluc out of all 

their affliilions. And this we beg for Jcfus 

Chrili his fake. Amen. 


% A General Thanhfgi-v'ing, 

ALMIGHTY God, Father of all 
mercies, we thine unworthy fet- 
vants do give thee moll liumhle and 
hearty thanks for ail thy goodnef. 
and loving-kindnclk to us, and to all men^ 

sldni.trc. ,9;[CiR,ID. 

iltais, &r. itlitliii. 

mil .JrruBaldn (c 
brliiin itt [iir aitD 

a> If 111011 JjoairUEn 
BniHuii m ifi( Itaal 


ililiias.Sc, au.ju. 

tSlnlii tiblnoio ji- 
Uisiilim. inaiiu 

tninl^in inrliiiii.D- 

(tiisoil lb r 111(5 null 
BiraWrD itiiin in ffli 


• This to he 
fatd whfn any 
that have been 
prayed iotdttue 
loretum pr/ile. 

[ ' parlicttlurlj) lo ihofe <wAs 
Aejirt mie to offer u/> l/irir 
frniffi anJ lient/gi'vingi Jar 
tkj late mcrs'ui ijnuckfaftd 
Hjife thciH.^ We bicli Ihre 
for out creulion, prcfervation, 
and all (he lilclTingsof tliiuilte ; bill above all, 
for ihine incftimable love in the redemplion 
of the world by out Lord Jtfus Chiiftj for 
the meant of gr»cr, and for llie dope of gloiy. 
And, we htfcech thcc, give U5 thai doe fenlc 
of ill ihy nurrcjet, that our liearfi inav be un- 
feignediy thankful, and that we (hew forth tliy 
piaifc, not oniy with oiif lipi, but in our iivet ', 
by giving up ourfelves to thj' fcrtict, and by 
walking betore thee in hi'linels and righteoul- 
nels all uur da^& i through JcAis Chrilt our 
Lord, to whom with thee and the Holy Ghoft 
be all honour and glory, world without end. 

Far Rain. 

GOD our heavenly Father, who by 
lliy gracious urnvidcncc doft caufc 
the tormer and the btler rain to de- 
fccnd upon the <arth, that it may 
bring forth fruit for the ufe of msn j We give 
thee humble thank: that it hath pleafed thee, 
in our greut ncceflicy, to fend us at the laft a 
joyful rain upon thine inhciilanee, and to re- 
fttlh it when it was dry, Co the gtear comfort 

PBi Uimcn B3r5 611 
leatu ir itirli plip, 
mil), Iri. I ;?,im. itlll. 

I'lKisdiaiie iniM ipu. 
ifi. 111, u ttingi II. 

of us ihy iinworth)' fervants, and to the gl'Jfy 
of (hy holyNamcj through thy mercies in 
J«Ai5 Chrift our Loi'ii. Amea. 
For fair Weather, 
LORD God, who haftjuftly humbled 
us by thy late plague ofi mm ode rate 
rain and waters, ami in thy mercy 
haA relieved and comforted uur louls 
by this ftafonable and hlelTcd change of wea- 
ther; We ptsife and glorify ihy holy Namt 
for this ihy mercy, and will always declare 
rhy loving-kindneis from generation to gene- 
ration) thtough Jcfiis Chrilluur Lord, Amen. 

For flsBty. 

MOST raeriiful Father, who of thy 
gracious goodncfs haft heard the de- 
vout prayers of thy Cliurch, and 
turned our dearth and frarcity into 
chtapnefs and plenty; We give thee humble 
(hanks for this ihy fpeeial bounty ; befeee.hing 
rhee to continue thy loving-kindnefs unto us, 
thai our land may yield us her fruits of In. 
creafe, to ihy glory and our comfort j through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

For Peace anJ Dcli'verance /rum our Eiiemlei. 
ALMIGHTY God, whoirtattrong 
tower of defence unto ihy icrvants 
againft the face of their enemies ; 
We yield thee praile and thankfgiv- 

.frsiis atnt mm itc 
cast oul tlttin Itll 

s.ipLDQ urLio rtirm.Ei 
Is mniliii, ifllKE 

noilSr IS III! tlDIW ot 
PI3|>(T, &i, Uti. III. 

ril( rtiirt wlfBlo 
HID ttit smiirft anil 
ttr t\*tn a n 1)1 K to- 
ll! cfnsiiiicn Imn 

lln!i iniolii Mr 3(- 
GII3 l1l^ suiiiKin inn 
till liiin. dill ilKii 
GalD, )>'i, fBii. iiol. 

ing lor our dclivtratice horn thofe gieal and 
appamnl dangers wliorcvvilh wc wci'e coaipaff- 
cd ; We acknowledge it thy goo<lnefitli;Lt we 
were not delivered over as a picy unio lliem ; 
licft'crhing thee ftfll lo coii!iiiu« luch thy mcl- 
citi towards iis, that all ihe world may know 
tiiat thou art our Saviour and mighty Dcli- 
vcrcrj fliroiFgh Jd'us Chrift our L(nJ, Amen. 

Far rrjhrin^ Publici Ptoce al Home. 

, ETERNALGud,.iurhe3vcnlyF3. 
yV 'ht-r, who alone makell men lo be 
of one mind in a hoiifc, add llilk'ft 
the ':nitfagt of a violent and \inruly 
people i Wcliltls ihy holy Name, that it halfi 
plealed (hec lo appeafe the foUtious tumults 
whith have hecn lately raifed up amongll us ; 
moft humbly befecching thee lo giant lo all 
of US grace, thai wc may hencefol'lti ohedienlly 
walk in thy holy commandments j and, lead- 
ing a quilt and peaceable life in all godlincfs 
and honeftvi may continually ufftr unto tliee 
our lacriticc of praile and thanklgiving for 
theft thy mercies towards os j through Jtfus 
Chrift our Loitl. Antn. 
For Dcli'vtra?ii-e J'rom lltf Plague, or aiher 
common SUhncfi. 
LORD God, who haft wounded us 
furourlins, and conliimed lis for our 
iranfgrellions, by ihy lad- iieavyaiid 
dreaittiil vifiiaiioo ; and now, in the 

iniillt oi jiiilgtHAcnl renicmbermg incn.'y, halt 
reilctmeii our ibiil* tVuiii [lie jaws of death ; 
Wcolfciunto lliy ratlii^rly gonilni-fioiirru-Wri, 
^■11 1 toulsand btxlies wbjch rhuu lialt <Itf liveried , 
[o be ,» living I'acrl (ice unto thee, always praUuig 
anil magnilying ihy merfie* in (ht midit ot 
(by Church ; tbrough Jefiis Chrift our Lurd. 

Or I Ms. 

E luimlily acknowledge befor* tiice, 
O mott merciful Father, that all 
■he |iunjlhmcma which art: threat- 
ened in thy law might julily have 
(alien upon us, by reafon ol our manifuld 
tranfgrcirions and hardnels of heart: Yet fee- 
ing it hath lilcafed thee of thy tender mercy, 
upon our weak and unworthy humiliation, to 
aftWage the contagious ficknels wliercwilh we 
liitcly have been lure afiliftcd, and to reliore 
the voice of joy and health into our dwellings ; 
We ofFtr unto thy Divine Majcfty the fatri- 
ficc of praife and thank I'giving, lauding and 
inagnifyhig thy glorioui Name for fuili ihy 

Jrcfervitionand providence over us; through 
cfu! Chrift our Loiil. Amen. 

hi]]] lEjiriL^ Lhirrfs of 
ellgrr, jiig{i:oinlhJI 

Julian Sim. ifiiinr lit 
an sill Glmii iDr [bS- 
mndltfs. iSdi.iiitll. 

f d.iosrptllDistiniuglil 
tonii iniu iffttppi, iiiti 
Pimii||j[,»;c ^fn.iiin 

appDifHiilfc to Ci- 

ma^itr. pomoii ilic 
fitEii.iVt. jam. iibi. 

taut II AU list 
anpiicc is n<i DIB 
til. imt ttrii. nt 
(Dtirn cr tiiH gi«n 

Ihinlis. buHr II. 
mn iiv !$ (IS niB- 
ripLr3.&ai,''])Ai f-i^ii 
HI, tit. jBai iim. 

The Colleas, Epiftles, and 

Ta bt ufed tbraughsul thi i'ear, 

([ Noll, ihal thi CiitUfI afjvinui fur cvrry Sandiiv, 
or for any Hnh-dav t^i^ **?'* J ''*J'' t^f^ Eiv, /huJ/ 
trfiid 11 ihe Ei'taini- Smm nrxi hifn't. 

The Firft Sunday in Advene. 

The CulUa. 

we may caft away tht works oi 
darkntfs, and pul upon us the ar- 
mour of light, now in ihc tinie uf 
this morlal life, in which ihy Sf.n Jdut Chriil 
came (v vifit us in great humility; that iii 
the bit liay, when he iliall come again in his 
glorious Majcfty to ji'Jc* !>o'h the giiitk ami 
ikail, we may rife to the life immortal, through 
him who livclh anJ rcigneth with thee and 
the Holy Gholt, now anil ever. Amen. 

^[ Thh CtlUB n to ht rifisird mrry Aiy, mi'i tbr 
othir CalUai in rf.fofiJ, kiiil Ch'ifimai E-or, 

jB'lflila'ii'in tcmijlii 
I (nrtli bTiit aiit muir, 
inD, .tr, Acn.ilD. 

seaatt sim id i|[ gro' 
(If DC Istatl. rnis la 
IDli, Ir(. CidDus IDI, 



Firft Sunday in Advent. 

T*e Efifile. Ram ilii. S. 

WE nn rnta any thing, but to lort 
one aaothcr; tiir li« iVixt li:viith iii- 
o(htr Ii4ih fullUUJ ihc hm. Fur 
lltU, Thou Ihalt not cuitimit ailul- 
iiiy, Tliou (hill not Ltll.Thiiii rtialt nnt, 
Thoii Ihili not beai fblle witneii, Thau (halt 
not i-ovrt 1 and il' ihcrc be »ny oihuf com- 
mandmciit, it n btirAy coniprchcndcU in tliU 
Cxymg, nAmrly, Thou (halt invc ihy iici);h- 
buur xi itiyfclf. Love workeih no ill lo b'n 
nciglibuurt llicnrocc luve is t lit t'ullUling of 
the bw. And That, ktuiwinK <hc limr. ihui 
ooi* it is high linic fo awake out ni llctp i 
for now il uuT lilvailon oaivr thin »hen wc 
Ijtlicvnl. The night it di iWrn, ihc -.hj ii 
at buij ) let ui thccrfoic I'ln •■IF the wi>rk.k 
ol' li^rkncli, and let ui put on the armour of 
light. Let ut mlk honcllljr as in the day ; 
Dot in liiMiiig ami iliiiiikrniirlt, niiC in chani- 
bccing and wantonneli, not In Utile and en- 
vying. But put ye onihe Lord J*lijiChriit, 
and m^kc not picvilioii fur the Aclh, Eo lullii 
the lulii thcicot'. 

Tie Gt/ptl. St. Manh. aal. i. 

HEN they liicw nighuntojrrti llilcin, 

and ""ere rometo Bethphngc, unto 

Ihe mount uf01iva,ihtn ftnt Jcfiin 

twodili-ipic", laying unto I hero, Co 

into ihcTitligc over i^alnlt yoi], and Hralghl- 

I tin tn drill ifii- 
inrD ii'.itnii 10,11 \M 
no, k<, I uiiig^ ml. 

i9ll«ta MIS r tiWi 
iboii sttli 9t( (I alI^ 
■ifsti^ra. itKnigiliii. 

init ultr 111 11 

Bi leis mttt. «(. 
Ki sill mitroaft 

Hiitt ihiui. en r( 

tin nil"' ! go int 

(19^ vonnri InO 

•S 2 

ttlngs IU< slioun 


salD unit itrm, 

rjlliiiin sin (i(f 
IThrii jn^tDrirtrKill, 
Jjlfaii^ u( fliiiirrrh. 
Situs, il.So.JOIK, 

Firft Sunday in Advent, 

way yc lliall linil an 3k lied, anil a cnlt wiili 
iicr : loofc ihcm ; and bring ihcm unto mi;. 
And if any man Tay ought iinlo you,ye (liall 
lay, The Lord halh need of ihcm; andltraight- 
way he ivill fend ihem. AH ihis ww done, 
that it might be fulfilled which was fpoken 
liy the Prophet, layinc. Tell ye the daughter 
oision, Bthol(l,thy King comrih uotoihcc, 
meek, and tilting upon an ad, and a coll ihc 
folc of an als. And ihc dil'ciplcs went, and 
did 3^ Jel'u5 commanded ihemi and brougln 
ihe als, anil iht colt, and juit on tlicin iheir 
clothet, and they let him tlicrcon, And -t 
very great multiiude fpiead iheir g;irmenis in 
the way i othcis cut down branches from the 
tries, and llrawcd them in the way. And ihe 
inultitiidts Ihat went before, and that fol- 
lowed, cried, faying, Hoianna lo the ton of 
David i Blefled is he ihai coineth in ihe Name 
of ihe Lord; Hofonna in the liigheft. And 
when he was come into Jeiufalem all the dly 
ivas moved, faying. Who is ihis ? And the 
multitude faid. This is Jelii' the Prophet of 
Naiareth of Galilee. And Jcfus went into 
the temple of God, and <ift o\it ail them that 
Ibid and bought in the temple ; and ovetthrew 
the tables of tilt money-changers, and the fcati 
of them that Ibid doves ; and faid unto them, 
It it ivrillcn. My honfe Ihall be called (lie 
honft of pr.iycr i hut ye have made it a den 
of [hitvcs. 

etc (DollHti Rlio'nti 
lorS.SI. iflji. iiD, 

irtic giMl tiiiiiiin Ilia) 
oiD Rtitirni Hun nM 


Second Sunday in Advent, 

The Second Sunday in Advent. 
Tht CoUea. 

JLESSED Lciii], who haft caiifHl all 
holy Scriptures lo be written for our 
learning; Grant that we may in 
fuch wile hear them, read, mark, 
itam, and inwardly digeft ilicm, that by |>a- 
tittice, and tomlort oi thy holy Word, we 
mJ.y embrace, am! ever huld fail the blcflcd 
hope of everlafting life, which ihou haft given 
us in our Siiviour Jtfus Clirift. Amen. 

The Epiflle. Rom. k«. 4- 
'HATSOEVER things were writ- 
ten aforclimt, were written for our 
learning; thai we through patience, 
and comfort of the Scriptures, might 
have hope. Now the God of patience .iini 
tonlbljtijin grant you to be like mindtd out 
toxvirds another, according to Chvili Jel'iu ; 
that ye may with one mind, and one mouth, 
gloriiy God, even the Father of our Lord Je- 
fiis Clirift. Wherefore receive ye one ano- 
ther, as Chtift alfo received us, to the glory 
of G<h1. Now I lay, that Jel'us Chrift was a 
minifter of the circumdfion for the truth of 
God, to confirm thi; proinifes made unto the 
fathertr i And (hallhe Gentilesmight gloiify 
Cod for his mercy; as it is written. For this 

prjirrablp. anH amotr 
niui. in. 11 £m. tU. 

r%k J 

Sloiira lo ifOtnii Soni' 
iMn.smtiFili moiiii A' 
I1)r,\c. IjiHafli. 1". 

Jtutas liiD giutii 

llktinatriilnl vJLi[ng, 

j-^tfiaiiLsorDri t 

llBS, D' II l3. lalr 

tilin aiii tiM n- 
tuai'. itnD i.5 soon 
IS lir uie 'nmi, tit 
smlt.Ac, fBitniiD, 

stir .!i»3 spat In 
ifTliiiBi's tfirc, inn 
tuBriitn littn, (liv- 
ing: |)<B|ib[3C until 

Second Sunday in Advent. 

caiire I will confels lo ihee among the Gen- 
tiles, anil ting uiilo thy N^nii:. And igaiii 
he faith, Rejoic(r,yc Gentiles, with his people. 
And again, Piaifr the Lord, all ye Gentiles, 
and land him, all ye people. And again, 
Elaios laiih. There ftiall be a root of JcflV. 
and he that fliall riJi to reign over the Gen- 
tiles, in liim Ihali the Gentdes inilh Now 
the God of hope (ill you with ali joy and 
peace ill hcHeving, that yi may abound in 
iiopc, through the power of the Holy Ghiift, 

Til GaJ^il. Si- Luke-ml, i;. 

J5ND there ihall be ligiis in the I'un, 
and in ihc moon, and in the lla^!^ ; 
and upon the e.ii'th dilirefs of na- 
tions, with perplexity, the fca and 
the ivavcs roaring -, men\ heaits failing ihem 
for fear, and fur looking after ihofe thing* 
which are coming on the earth : for (he poiv- 
i:i's of heaven (hafi belhaken. And fheufhall 
they fee the Son of Man coming in a cloud 
with power and great glory. And when !helc 
things begin lo come lo pafi, then look lip, 
and lift up your^; for your retlcinjilion 
draweih nigh. And he fpakc to them a para- 
ble, Behold the fig-tiec, and all the iiec^ -, 
when they now ftioof forth, ye fee and know 
of your own felvcs ihai fumuicr is now nigh 
at hand. So likcwife ye, when ye fee thefe 
things come lo pafs, know ye thai the King- 

Third Sunday in Advent. 

dam o( God ii nigh at hind. Vrrily I (ay 
unto rou,Thitf{cn<i3iionlhill ootpafn airny, 
■ ill ill Iw I'lillillcd 1 ht^ivtn and citlh Ihall 
pagiwiir j hut my wnnit fhalt not pulVjiwHy, 

The Third Sun<Uy in Advent. 

Tie CilUd. 
LORD Jcfu Chriil, wlio at thy firii 
cuniiiig di4ll iVnil iliy mtlfrnpcr lo 
prcpaicthy viny bclotc th<C} Cjfint 
that the tninilien and ftewant* of 
ihy inyllcrin mxjr likcwifc fo prtpire and 
make ready thy wiv, liy tiiniine the hcaitii <it* 
ihc difobcdient to tKe wifdom i5' the juft, that 
at ihy leeond coming to judge the ourld «ve 
may he foiinJ in areeiiublc |iii>)ilc in tliy 
fight, irho iiveft and rcigneA with (be Filhci 
and ihc Holy Spicit, ever one Gad, world 
withoui end. Antt. 

THi EfiJlU. t Cor.U. I. 

^ K r > min lb account uf us, ns of the 
niimlUn of Chrilt, and ftenanlt of 
the myllcriei of God. Moreover, 
it ii rcijuind in IttHards 'hat a man 
be found fnithful. But with me it i> * very 
Anill thing that I Ihould he judged of you, 
orof mAn^jud^emeni : yea. 1 judge not mine 
own (tlf. t'ur I kaow nothing by tnyfcir. 
yet »ni I not henby tudified i Imt he 

Ctt iltugtm ii[oiigli(>> 
long: Sf. tisilm riiii:. 

$11111 llnaK Sot Mill 
iD<( Mis tnnnihrult 
ot Dt9fgel.*c. »UU. 



Pllili Id Biiitka* 
IODIC unio Itiim. |*D 
((Oiiftt Jrsu>.»> 

niiimit tin a tt 

rtufidrt. rtrin ttif 
iDlVlm Dl ilK at' 
•tin or iBoB jinu* 
inn. jkt. (KOI. mil. 

Dicna, iin» tul II 
won lilEibt^ti.anna 

rirt in HIS iigln 
liinii, ini tmBiD 
Itt Knrr tifoTi til IK, 
iflD, &-i-miii.iini). 

Third Sunday in Advent. 

jijilgeth lilt is llif Loi'J. TlifiefoiE judge 
ntilliing bcfotellic time, un(il the LaMlmmc, 
wild boili will bring to liglit the iiiildcii [liingi 
of daikni/la, and will iriakrmaiiitVlt rhecuiin. 
I'tls of the liiai'ts i and ihtn Ih.ill tvi-iy m.m 
have praijeof God. 

7/if Gojjicl. Si. Miith, .1. 1. 

OW when John hnd heard in iht 
prilbn ihc workt of Chrift, he Tent 
two of his dilt'ipIeK, and INid un(v 
him. An ihoii lit that Ihould come, 
or do we look for inoiher ? Jefiit anftveted 
and liiid unto thini, Go and Dicw John again 
lliol'd ihiiigs whith ye do hear and ice: The 
blind reeeive their hghl, and ihe lame walk, 
I he lepen arc cleanird, and ibc dtaf hear, the 
iicadart raiitd upland rhe puorhavcihe Gi^l- 
pel pleached to lliciii : And blclTed is he who. 
Ibcver Ihall not be offended In rae. And is 
ihey departed, Jrliishegan lo fay unto iheniiil- 
'iiudci tonttining John, What went yc out 
intii the ivildevncls lo li'e i a reed Ihaken nllb 
the wind i Bui what went ye out forlo fte? 
a man clothed in foft raimtnl? behold, they 
thai wear iijfl elothing arc in kings' houles. 
But wbaf went ye out for lo lee ? a prophel > 
yea, I fay unio you, and more than a ['roiihet. 
For this is he of whom it is written. Behold, 
1 lend my niilTengrr before thy faee, which 
Ihall prepare ihy nay before ihee. 

J£Ilicn itDU liasi Done 
III llip Blltp. 511 Unllill 
iliii ilMi", k!. Vrccirs, 

ru IDi tlliig. tS-am.IIDI 

The Fourth Sunday in Advent. 

The coiua. 

LORD, raife up (we pray ihtc) thy 
powtr,andronir among us, and with 
great iiiiglil fviccouriisj that where- 
as, ihrougli out llfis and wiikednel's, 
we are fore lot and hindered in I'unniiig the 
rate that is (el before us, thy bountiful grace 
and mercy may fjicedily htlp and deliver us; 
through ihe faiistatlion ufihy Son oiu' Lord, 
to whom with thee and the Holy Gholt he 
honour and glory, world niihout enJi Amen. 

The Efiflle. Phil. iv. 4. 
^EJOtCE in ihe Lord alway. and 
again I fay. Rejoice. Let your 
moderation be known unlo all men. 
The Lord is at hand. Be catefnl 
for nothing 1 but in every thing, by prayer 
and ftipjilicalion with ihankfgiving, lei your 
rcqnelisbE made knoivnnnio God. And the 
peace of God, which jiaflelh all iinderiiand- 
ing, fiiall keep your hearta and minds through 
Chtiit Jefus, 

Till Gaff^t. St. John l 19. 

HIS is [he record of John, when ihe 
rulaicm to afk. him. Whoart ihou > 
And he confeffed, and denicii nol 5 

tuyir loot biur 
GiDing; i iin luno- 

trni of tllc mal!) «t 
ttiis liiei man. loot 
50U10 l(,rtifn,*c. 
illoi. IIOK, 

aiiiltt srni iiiii(«3rn' 
4(t to iffllliiti, Goglng. 
3olfl.Sr[. IJllnJBIIi. 

rtirn llir btng (niit' 

injirrDfEl, jintl Ibrp 

bmogliT, fur. Dinlil di. 

am Scans bim tis 
inia int omr Intt 
a plan its men Snl- 
ggtlii, vttrfc Itrj 

Ihir sat piir, iinO 

but confefled, I am notthr Chrift, Aiidlhcy 
alkiil hill). What then? Art ihou Elias'P 
Anil lie Ikiili, 1 nm not. Art thou that Pro- 
phet ? And he anfwcted, No, Tbtii iaid 
[hey unio him. Who art thou * that we may 
give an anfwer tu them that fetit lis. What 
iayell ihoiiofihyfeif ? Hefaid, T am the voii-i 
of one crying in the «ildetnefs, Makf lliaight 
the way of the Lard, as laid the prophet Elai- 
as. And they which were fent were of the 
Pharilm. And they aflti^d him, and raidiinci 
him, Why hajiliiell ibog then, it" thou be not 
that Cluift, nor Elias, neither that Piopiiet ? 
John anfwered them, faying, I hapiiie with 
water: but there flandeth one among you, 
whom ye know not : He il is who coniing 
jflei me is preferred before me, whofe ihot's 
lalchet I am not worthy to imloote. Thcfc 
things were done in Betbabatu beyond Jordan, 
wliefe Jolu] waa baptizing. 

The Nativity of our Lord, or 

TAf Birlh-day cf Chriji, commntily calUii 


The CotUa. 

'LMIGHTY God, who hall given 
lis (hy only- begotten Son to teke 
our nature upon him, and as at this 
lime to be born of a pure Virgin •■, 

3DiatJLii mDliilii mmtc 
iinti liitt, (tt.iScn.iiK. 

UitcID lli( iDntlD iDaa 
ilKCr piUirliia silclis, 
ann, sn. l litngs itiL 





Grant (hal wrcbcini; rcgcncralr,3n>lm>ilet)iy 
chilJrcB l>y »doMkin >ni) ftncc, imy dailv be 
rvniwcd hj ihy Holy Spirit t llinnigh the linK 
our Lviil JtI'iiii Cdiilt, "-hi' liv^th ind rtign- 
I «lb nitb thcc anil the fame Spirit, ever one 
Gud, world without cod. Jnitv. 

TAt E^U. H(h.i. 1. 

•OD, who at funilry (imet and in A\- 
vert inaoiirrH Tpik* in liinr p»A ui»ti> 
the fatht-n liy ihc pinphrtt, hath in 
tbrrrUHdaplpokcn unmmbvhii 
Sof;,whomhcbath>ppaiDttcl hcirotiill ilimgi, 
by whcim alio lie nikJc ihc wurldk ) nlio licing 
the brighlncli of hit glory, and ihc nprrit 
imagt w hia ptrlun, uid uphntclini; all things 
by Ihr wc>nl of hit puwcr, nlicn lie had by 
hlmrclf purgctl out lini, fat il(ii*n on tile tiglit 
band of ihc Majcfty on high \ being (n|Ldc fo 
much beittr than the angcU, ai he luthby 
inlicHlxnce obrainnt a itiun; cxcrllent name 
tbnnlhey. Par unto which of the anecU faid 
be II anjr lime. Thou art my Son, thit ilay 
hare I begotten ih« -• And apin, I will be 
to him* Paihn, »nd hrlhall be tume a Svn ? 
And ag;tin, when he bringeth in the fitll-lie- 

SIttn into the iPorLd, he faith. And let all 
: angekofGod worihio him. And of ihc 
angel" lie faith, Whu makrth hi« angeli Aii- 
riti, and hit oiinitlen a Hiine of fire. But 
onto lh« Son he Jiiiih, Thy throne, O God, 

Cntgl.tilii tttmiiilK 
(BRBfailp itn; itjri 
i>riiui,«(. 9ra. it. 

Paig cDr irtnlitt tois 
iXTiii ilimritil inliti i 
Its, 110 foElivie. i.t. 

Inb rab'R'liit Bill 
nvi rd \\t pLirr. 
Miiit igiillie 'tax- 

Mtf , ih(t >tip (■■• 

(icte liitn arm iti 
(Dtl -Dcns.Diitii Ibt 
(igDl 1)4iili, inB IDE 
oinii. 41. &». IIHI. 

iDnr Hi itr aunrlcra 

tils stUr. snO loiTt- 
nltC cimi (liiiigiit 


rDrfr, urin his ittnt 
lEItllf,S:t. j)ll|).II(. 

is for fvtr and c:vi:r ; a Iccptic (»!' riglncmlf- 
nels ii tile Iceptit of thy kiiigilom : Thou 
haft loved righltoui'nefs, iind liated iniqiiily, 
therefore God, even rhy God, hath anointed 
Ibee with the oil of gladocls above ihy fcllow!,. 
And, Thou, Loril, in the beginning hull laid 
the foundation of (be earth ; and ihe heavens 
arc the works of thine hands; they (hall pcrifh, 
but tliOM remaiiielf ; am) they all (hail wax 
old as doth a garments and asavefturi' Hiiih 
thou fold ihtm up, snd lliey fliail be changed ; 
but thou art the fame, and thy years Ihall not 

ne Gafpel. St. John i. I. 
N the beginning was the Word, and 
the Word wa* >vitb God, and the 
WorI wa* G.hL The fame ivas 
in the beginning with God, All 
lUings were insik by biin ; and without him 
was not any thing made (hat was made. In 
him was life, and the life wai the light of 
men. And the light lliincib in dai'knels, and 
the darknefs comprehended it not. There 
was a man fcnl fiom God, whofe name was 
John. The (anic came for a wilnefs, lo bear 
witnifs of the light, that all ni^n through him 
might believe. He was not (hat light, hui 
was fcnt to htnr wiinefs of that light. That 
was the tnie light, which lighieth every roan 
that ccimelh into the world. He was in tbi 

leililiiltETit nMrhifti 
iOTti ©Ob faD HBfn 
train lfit,£i. iScn. II, 

ril)E Inin snlD to JHu- 
SC5. ITlon afmlt sniiii 
ititocB.iic. "En. mil. 

Saint Stephen's Day. 

worlJ, an"! the world was iiisile by him, and 
the world knew him nut. He came unto his 
own, and hit own leceived him not. But as 
many as receivcil liim, (o them gave he [low- 
er to becyme the Ions of God, even to tlitm 
that believe on his Name ; which were born, 
not of blood, nor of the will of the flelli, nor 
of the will of man, but of God. And the 
Word was made flefh, and dwelt among us 
(and we beheld hit glory, the glory as of ihe 
only-begollcn of the Father} full o) grace and 

Saint Stephen's Day. 

77w Cotlad. 

RANT, O Lord, that, in all our 
fuffcrings here upon earth for ihc 
trliimony of thy truth, wcmay fted- 
faftly look up to heaven, and by 
laith bthoid the glory that lliall be revealed ; 
and, being filled with the Holy Ghoft, may 
learn to love and blels our perieciitors by the 
example of thy firft Martyr Saint Stephen, 
who prayed for h la murderers to ihee, O blefi'ed 
Jdus.who Itandeft at (he right hand of God 
to luci'OUr all tliole that liifler for thee, our 
only Mediator and Advocate. Amen. 

t tbti IbdII fiilima ibi ColUfl af ihr Naiit-iri.iebkb 
JImiII it JiiA tofltinusUy utifu Nnv-yenri Eve. 

■IssoDnasitirsiiii tuis 
Bone Sustiiii roinTiKin. 
«[« lliai, X-r, .foe. mil. 

ITBtn ttip aiosi unt 
ttirliabg. kt. ifa.nil. 

.Iraiuh loot 1^1 dd' 
Au dnD iDriitipitrlMii 
t'disn llnrn (lain, 

idfflt mcicD S' Ii'iB 
fKliinoiiKtin In till 
[orl;: nnli tl' nlliD o 


>( Ian 1 1 III 1 iDiiit 
([Kin Dili ntncnrK, 
niKKlii iDiia ntmt 
mill III inc. Bun 

vatliig tdi iiii ut. 
VOID, inn th( Bot- 


fn- Me £^i^i. Afli vii. 55. 
TEPHEN, being full of the holy 
Ghoft, looked u]) fteiifallij' inio he.i- 
vrn, and lliw tilt gloty oi God, and 
Ji^llis (landing nn tlic I'ieht htind ui 
Gud, and laid, Behold, I fee ihr heavtn» 
ojjtned, and the Son of Man Handing on ihc 
right h»nd of God, Then (hey cried ont 
with a louil voice, and ftiij.pcd (htir eats, and 
ran upon him wiih oiit accord, and ca!t him 
out of the riiy, and lloncd hitn : and tlif wii. 
ntfTcisljiid do^vn ihcirclofhesalayoungman's 
feel, whufc name was Saul. And ihcy ftoncd 
Stephen, calling npon God, and faying, Lord 
Jefiis, receive my fuirit. And he kneckd 
down, anil cried witli a. loud voice. Lord, Iav 
not (hi!, lin to iheir chaj-ge. And when he 
hud laid this, he fell a deep. 

TAf Gejjxl. S[. Maith. ijlli. 34, 

' EHOLD, I fend itnto yim prophets, 
-^ and ivile men.and fcrihcsi and Ionic 
g of them ye Ihail kill and crucify ; 
and (oini of them Ihall yc Icoifrgi- 
in your fynagogaea, and pei'fccine ihem ffuin 
ciiy 10 city ; that upon you may come all ihc 
righicous blood fticd upon (he earth, from the 
hloud of righteous Ahel unto the blood of 
Zicharias, ion of Batnchias, whom ye Hew 
between ihe temple and the altar. Verily I 
fay unto y('». All (heft thing? (hall come op- 

foirt 10 Ilia bKlinnv 

flJt{, Vf, «ftl. 111(11, 

f iiinF!ini«t nSmali, 
aat rasl Dim inlii tjir 
atn, III, Sonati 1. 

on thi^ generation. O Jcrufalrm, Jefuialcin, 
(hi)u that kllkll the prophets, and [toned ihem 
which arc k-iit unto ihee; how often would 
I have gaihered thy rhiliiren logtther, even 
as a hen gathereth her chickcni^ under her 
wings, and ye would not 1 Behold, your houle 
it. left unto you dtlolatc. For 1 lay unto you, 
Ve fliali not fee me henceforth, till ye (hall 
£iy, BlelTed is he Ihat cnmeth in the Name of 
the Lord, 

Saint John the Evangclift's Day. 

ne ColUci. 
ERCIFUL Lord, we befecfh thee 
to caft thy bright beams of light 
upon thy Church, that it being en- 
lightened by the doftrlne of thy 
blcfftd Apoltle and Evangelift Saint John 
may fo walk in the light ot thy truth, that it 
may at length attain tu the light of everlaft- 
ingiife; through JcI'usChrift our Lord, Amen. 

The Efiftle. I St. John i, I. 
HAT which was from thebeeinning, 
-' ''''^ which we have heard, which wc 
have feen with our eyes, which we 
have looked tipon, and our hands 
have handled of the word of life ; (for the 
life was manit'cfted, and we have feen it, and 
hear witnelk, and Ihew unto you that elemal 
life, which was with the Father, and was ma- 

Strct mils fRirii 
iHigtiiKn inn ilir 
olhtr /Kit; sllllng 
DBri atnuist ttltsc- 

(iilfliri. riiv nm 

tilgli prlrsis ftpliB- 

5bE lurEgrHl [onllniiil- 
Igmtni night, ant Irr, l.iinuii. t. 

<ffillint nitfliinil.tnt 
roll ml jflJTi, roi tlit 
lorn laili, ux. Kiiili i- 

ffsr u.i< D( Urn Iht 

IshcU.tiiD lirainiaa 
DMO mm, Eiit ibt 

angrl sKli lo iDi Uo- 
inm, JFrainul.forl 
f>-(. JHll. IlDIII. 

Saint John the Evangellft's Day. 

nifcllcii unlo us,) That whicli wc have fccn 
and heard declare we unlo you, ihat ye alio 
may have t'cllowlliip wilh us; 'iaiX truly our 
felluwihip h with the Father, and with his 
Son JiAis Chrift, And l:hi-lc things wtilc wc 
iinlo you, that your joy may be lull. This 
then i* thf metlagc which wc have heard of 
him, and dciLiretmto you. Thai God is light, 
,iii<l ill him is tiei darkiielii 3t all. If wc lay 
liiat we have fellnwfliip with him, and walk 
in iiatl(ncli>, wc lie, and du nul the truth : but 
it \ve walk in ihc light, as he is in the light, 
we have fcllowlhiji one with anothcr,and the 
blood of Jefus Chrift hisSoncieanfetUusfrnm 
all lln. (f wc fay that wt have no lin, we 
deceive ourl'clves, and the truth is not In iis, 
If we (cinfefa our fins, he is faithful and juft 
to forgive US our fins, and to cleanfe un from 
ail uiirighttoufnefs. If wc fay that we have 
not iinntd, we make him a liar, and his word 
is not ill u%, 

T/ie Gajj/el. SL John mi. rg. 
ESUS laid unto Peter, Follow me. 
Then Peter, turning about, fceth 
the dilciple whom Jcfiis loved fii(. 
lovyiiig; which alio leaned on his 
breali at I'upper, and laid, Lord, which il he 
that betiayeth ihee ? Pctet fceirig him liilth 
to Jdiis, Lord, and what Ihall thii man do f 
Jci'us faith unlo him. If I will that he tarry 

£jinEciii ri>sr it mill 
"ight, aim lanlt tli( 

3nB itiE lorEr ^pjBr 
flit jonali, ionjiiii. 

lilllctirar, what is that to ihce ? Follow thou 
me. Then went this faying abroad among 
tlie bitlhrcn. That that Jiliripk' ihould not 
die i yet Jd'iis liiid not unto nim. He (hall 
not diei but. If I will that he tarry till I 
i-ome, what is that to ihee ! This is the dili:i- 
ple which tcllilielh of thel'e things, and wrolt 
ihefe ihlngt, and we know ih^t his lelUmnny 
ii inif. And there »l'c alfo in:iny other things 
nhich JeliiB did, the which if lliey Ihould be 
written every one, I fujipule, that even ihu 
world illelf could nut contain the bouks thai 
fliould be written. 

The Innocents' Day. 

Tie ColUa. 
ALMIGHTY Und.who out of the 
itioulhs of b:ihcs und fiicklings hall 
oiilaincd ftrengih, and madeit in- 
fants in glorify thee by their deaths i 
Mortify xnd kill all vices in us, and lb drength- 
en us by ihy grace, that by the innoccnty of 
our livi-f, and tonflancy of our faith even unto 
death.ive mayglorifytliy holy Name j through 
Jeftts Chrilt our Loi'd. Amen. 

For the Efiflle. Rev, ii». i. 
LOOKED, «ndlo,a Lamb Hood on 
the mount Sinn, and with him an 
hundred forty and four thotifand, 
having his Father's Name writttn 

Kiutrii tdudirlt \i \\t 
gil, anO htlioni Joacpti 
IDlSHI.JtC. dui.iiitill 

f lDl[[sEr> tilmiholmv 
3onl icDtlftr I sDuglil 
{iiin, .\r. iffinl. ill. 

ffiTC sioiB al tilt 
stirtilrlitr lurcplng, 

Illllisal}! iDipt.StK 

bDaio liirstif laid 
ibr erpiilctlH. ano 
sain. Sc. jiolin ii. 

Innocents' Day. 

Jnus anurji'fti fr^r 
eui of UJtiom tii liii 

rial »lt ntmls, 3iiD 
■til mrni ing hid 

in their foreheads. And 1 heard a voice ftom 
henvcn, as the voiee of innny waters, and af 
the voice of 3 great thunder: and I heard the 
voice of harperi harping with (heir harps j and 
they fuiig iiH it were a new iiing belorc the 
throne, and before the four beaft-s and the 
ciders; and no man cuuid learn (hat li'ng, 
Ijiit the hundrtd and forty and four ihouland, 
*vhich were redeemed fmm the earth, Thcfe 
are they which «crc nut defiled with women, 
for they are virgins : thefe art they which lol- 
lotv the Lamb whitheifoemr he goelh i theli: 
were redeemed from amniig men, being the 
lirlt-fruits uiiti> God, and to the Lamb. And 
in their mouih was found no guile ; tor they 
an- without fault before the throne of God. 

Tie Cajjiel. St. Mitth. K. 13. 

'HE Angel of ihe Lord appearcth lo 
Jofeph in a dream, laying, Arife, 
and lake the yotnig child, and hii 
mothei, and flee into Egypt, and he 
thfiu (here until I bring thee word ; for Hetod 
will feek (he young child lo (ieflroy him. 
When he aiofc, he took the young child and 
his mother by night, and departed into Kgypt, 
and was rhete until Ihe death of Her<id ; that 
it might be fullillcd which wa^ fpaken of the 
Lord by the piophei, faying. Out of Egypt 
have I called my Son. Then Herod, when 
he law that he was mocked of the wife men. 

Sunday after Chriftmas-Day. 

was exceeding wroth i and lent foilh, and 
(lew all ihe thildren that were in Beihkhem, 
and in all the toalli thereof, irom two ycur 
old and undei', JCOording ti> the Iitik; whi* II 
he had diligently enquired of ihe wile iiicii. 
Then was fulfilled ihal whifh was fpoktn by 
Jert-my the prophet, faying. In Rama mas. 
there a voice heard, lamentation, and weep- 
ing, and great mourning, Rachtl weeping for 
her children, and would nnl be comforted, be- 
«ule they are not. 

The Sunday after Chriftmas-Day. 

the ColUa. 

^LMIGHTY God, who haft given 
MS (hy only- begotten Son to take 
our nature upon him, and aa at this 
time lo be born of a pure Virgin ; 
Grant that we being regenerate, and made 
thy child ten by adoption and grace, may daily 
be renewed liy thy Holy Spirit; through tile 
fime our Lord Jefus Chriil, who livelh and 
tcigneth with thee and the fame Spirit, ever 
one God, world without end, Amen. 

the Epiflle. Gal. iv, », 

OW I lily, that the heir, as long as 
he is a ehild, differeth nothing from 
a fcrvant, thou^li he be lord of all ; 
but is nnder iiilors and governoiirs. 

ilnti 3iiEoIi sMii till 
Riinr of Ik placi pt- 
Hid. .vr. iB(n. mil. 

^inian aiTElDrrrTI: Cfir 

LOtO tl bitll 119. IDtli 

mm. St, Jiitigi3 HI. 

jrsiis s]ID to CDd- 
ini^.tiiK llili finflri 
titri, and 911 iniui 

tln> l^jiiD, .Tiifi pill n 
iiKti. J,t jloliH rr. 

Sunday after Chrift mas-Day. 

until the lime appointed of tlie fiiiher. Ev<n 
fo vtc, when wc wrre children, were in bond- 
age under the elements of the world i but 
ivhcn ihe fulneli of (he time wm come, God 
Jcnt foilh his Son, made of a vroman, mad; 
under the law, to ledcem them ihjt ivcfe un- 
der the law, that wc might icceivc the adop- 
tion of fons. And becaufe ye are Tons, God 
haih lent forth (he Spirit of hii Son into your 
hearts, crying, Abba, Filher. Wherefore 
[hou art no inore a fervant, but a fon ; and if 
3 iitn, then an heir of God through Chrift. 

Tic Gajpd. St. Mafth. 1. 18. 

HE birth of Jefus Chrlli was on this 
wile; When a his mother Matj- 
viai efpoufed 10 Jofeph, before ihey 
came together fhe Wat found with 
chilli of the Holy Ghoft. Then Jofeph her 
huiband, being a jiift man, and not willing 
to make her a piiblicic example, ivii« mindeil 
to put her away privilv. But while he ihoujjht 
on thcfc things, behold, the angel of the Lord 
appeared unto him in a dream, faying, Jolcph 
ifiou Ton of David, fiar nol to take unto 1 1 ice 
Maty thy wife ; for (hat which is conceived 
in her is of the Holy Gholl ; And (be fliail 
bring forth a San, and thou lliak call his name 
JEJiUSj for he (halifjvehii people from their 
fin*. (Now xll this »aj done, thai it might 
be fulfilled which wms fpokcn of (he Lord by 

iSDb, anh Idjd no thfltr 
sttn, [ni.fti. Sin. *. 

rtrri apfiitrt 1 ctlt- 
[is> g( lt(. Hit tDiin 
lit Crt, &(. II UinQt i(. 

the prophet, faying. Behold, a Virgin ftiall 
be wilb child, and Ihall bjing forth a Son, 
and iheyihali call his name Emmanuel, which 
being interpreted is, Gtxl with os.) Then 
Jol'cph, being railed from ficep, did ;is the 
angel cf ihc Lord had bjdiieii him, and look, 
unto him his ivJie ; and knew her not till Ihc 
had brought forth her iirD-born fon : and ht 
called his name JESUS. 

The CircLimcifion of Chrift. 
Tie CflUO. 

LMIGHTY God, who madeft thy 
blel1i:d Son tu be rircumciled, and 
obedient to the law for man j Grant 
ai the true Cireumclfion oi tlie Spi* 
ril ; that, our hearts, and all our membei's, 
being mortifieJ ftgm all worldly and carnal 
lulls, we may in all things ubey thy bleffed 
will ( ihrnugh the lame thy Sou Jefus Chrift 
our Lord. Amtn. 

The Epifik. Rom. iv, 3. 

^,J^i LESSED is the man lo whom the 
Lord will not impute fin. Cometh 
this blelTednefs then upon the clr- 

ciimcifion only, or upon (he uncir- 
cumnlion aifo f For we lay, that faith was 
reckoned to Abraham for righteoufnels. How 
wai it then reckoned \ when he was in cir- 

Clit tlrtC 

o( bicssrn Macf 

tg: «ligln, 

^llirt sl)iaciitnta con 
(oriji D( llir uiO(K of 
Jtaat, &c, 3311011 il. 

mjiiitali, anni Effiilir 
^%s\\ dst, lluin. HIS. 

/(!(( l^f Diolljrt of 
3ntis biiniun id 
t((Di[ ih([> am 10- 

giilirT. mis tuunD 
iD(iJ}ilil[S[ii?it)r till' 
III gliiisl. (Tlifn Jn- 
S(UD, «(- f6it. '. 

rumoilJuil, or in uneircunidfioll ! Nol in cir- 
ciimcifion, but in uiKircumtilioii. And he 
received the !iga of cimiincilion, a ftal nf ihc 
riEhteournel'a of the fa>(h which he had yet 
being iinriicumcifol ; ihat lie iniglit be the 
father of all them that Iwlicve, though ibey 
be not circumcifed ; [hat righteiiuliiefs iiii"ht 
be imputed unto them alfo ! And the lather 
of circuiticitlon Id ibem who aw not of the 
cirtuinciiion only, but alio walk in the Heps 
of thai faith of iiiii- father Abraham, whioh 
he had bting yet uncircumcifed. For the 
promife,lhatliclhoul(lbelht heirof the world, 
ivas nol to Abraham, tir lo his (eed, through 
the Isw, but through the right eon Ihe fa of 
fjith. For if they whirh are of the Uw be 
heirs, faith ii made void, and the proniife made 
of none cffefl. 

TAe Gojfel. Si. Lukeii. 15. 

,ND it came to pal's -^ 'he angeb 
were gone away from them inlu 
heaven, the IhephcrJii fflid one to 
another. Let us now go even unto 
Bethlehem, and fee this, thing which is come 
to pal's which the Lord hath made ftnoH'nimio 
II*. And ilicy fame iviih h.iftc, and found 
Mary and Jiifepb, and (he babe lying in a 
manger. And when they had feen it, they 
made known abroad ihelayiilg which wastold 
them cimcerninK this child. And all ihev 

Biil llirni slgillp lints 
in|) filtiCb noiisi. inB 
111 ma tici. iSfii.jiiii, 

{ IDlII 9praK for trrrinj 1 
Stic moll til gibrnilift IS 
iBld, ,♦«, «-[, e«b.lii 






iluit heard ii wondered at thoir things whkh 
were ("Id them hy (he liii-phtrds. Bui Mary 
krpl itil thel'e things^ and pi'indertd (hem in 
her heart. And the (hcpherdi reiumcd, gin- 
riiying and praiiing GoJ for all the things 
ihsi Ihey hid lieatJ and fren, as it was lold 
unto them. And Avhen eight Jays were ao- 
complilhei! for (he circumciling of the child, 
his name was railed JESl/S, which was lb 
iiained of the angel before he was conceived 
in the womb. 

fl Tti /d«f CiI/tF!, Efiflfr, and Guffd Jhull f- n-tfor 
rvery day efitr mie ibt EfifiaKy. 

The Epiphany, 
Or the Manifcftation of Chrift 
to the GetuWes. 

TJ,i Cdkil. 

GOD, ivhn hjr the leading of a ftar 
didH nianifeft thyonly-hi; gotten Son 
to the Gentile* i Mercifully granl, 
thai we, which know ihee now by 
i.iiih, niiiy afier thii, life have the fruilion of 
ihv gkirioiis Godhead j through Jeliis Chrill 

(Piir Lold. Ame«. 

(Tfir Bfflnf itir ittuiaii 
9||<IU RIJD iivmi ID( 
(iMtiOt. JtT. Otn, III, 

Tilt inB>> 51'liiD h'ln, 

Ol iLlHtl \b until lll((, 
1I)DI] DJ[|J]]L jllin. DEr 

and iMitiibiinDnlh. 
ini aiigrl fiibrirl 
Uas ami tiDin iSoli 
10 1 (III In Salllrc. 

nairiFli j^jiimli. ID 
n oitom jffijncio (o 
<i miin inltpar namt 
mis jDsrpt, lu, I. 

uini mill) ;ijstc in< 
10 t|tf ItLllp (ounlio 
» J tiiji o( 5uliab, 

goilsr ul Ziclurliis 

OIlD ^.llltllt! U;il9il. 

bull, iLlltc I. 

7"A? £fiJlU. Ephcs. iii. I. 

SOR ihis caufe, 1 Paul, the prilbni 
uf Jcliis Chrift (d! you Gen riles ; it 
ye have heard of ihe J ifp en fat ion of 
the gfaci of Go(], which ij given me 
to yovi-wavil : How fhat by revelalion he 
made knumn unto me ihc niyfttiy (as I wrote 
afore in few words, wherehy, when ye reail, 
ye may uniletftaiul my kntiwltdgc in the niyf- 
ttiy of Chiift} which in other ages was not 
made known unto the fonti of mtn, as it is 
now revealed unto his holy Apoliles and Pro- 
phet; hy the Spirit i That the Gentiles Dionld 
be fi'ilow-heirK, and of the fame body, and 
p^irtakcrsuf liii promil'e in Chrift, by thcGof- 
jicl : whereof I was made a minifter, accord- 
ing to the gift of tlie grace of God given unto 
n^e l>y the cffe^hial working of nis power, 
i/nto me, who am iefs than the leail of all 
(aints, is ihisgracc given, that 1 (liould preach 
among the Gentiles the imlearchable riches 
of Chrift ; and to make all men fte what is 
the fellowilLip of the myltcry, which from the 
beginning of the world hath been hid in God, 
who created all things by Jeftis Chrift : to the 
inlcnl, that now unto the ptincipaiilles and 
powefs in heavenly plates might he known 
hy the Church the manifold wifdom of God, 
■K'fording to the elefnal piifpote which he 
jiiii pilled in Chrift Jelusoiu' Lord ! In whom 



we have boldneli anJ atiels with confidence 
bj' (he f'ailh of him. 

riit Goj'pcl. Si. Mjtth, ii. i, 

HEN Jefus was bom in Bcthlthem 
ol" Judia, in thedaysof Herod the 
king, behold, iherc came wile men 
liom llie call ta Jerulalem, laying, 
Where is he thai is bom Iting of (he Jcivs ? 
for vrc have fttn hi* Itit in ihe call, and arc 
come irj wfprdiip him, When Herod ihe king 
hid heard ihcle rhingi, he wait troubled, and 
all Jeiufaicm with him. And when he had 
gathered all the chief priefc and fcribcsof the 
j>eo(ilc liigtther, he demanded of ihem, where 
Chdlt fhuuld be burn. And ihcy laid unto 
him, In Bethlehem of Juilira ; for thus it U 
ivriilen by the prophet. And thou, Bethle- 
hem, ill tfiE land of Juda, art not the leall 
among the princes (>f Judj : fur out of thcc 
Ihal) come a Gnveinuui that Ihall rule my 
pt'jpli; Iliad. Then Hciod, when he had 
jirivily called the wile men, encjnircti of them 
diligently what time the liar appeared. And 
he lent (hem to Bethlehem, and laid. Go, 
snd liiiirch diligently for the yaiing child, and 
when ye hai'c loundhiin, bring me word again, 
ihat I mavi'umcand worlhip him alfu. When 
they had heard the king, they departed ) and 
lo, the liar which thty faw in the eaft went 
befoi-e llicm, till it came and Itnod over where 

Sul It; SDOts Dtl thi 


•lltH«,«C. iClOD.tll. 

tir ulirntdiDiDblgs' 
son. *t. Am. itii, 

Hill ,i[([iiii|iii^iitn 

fBarji Ctpiigf I fortt 
Uri nrsi briDllrn 

SOU. ing ntattin 

tiiiR tn abiitiDliiii 


in 1 miiigEc, lie. 




If ihf Jimi ttiii IS 
torn, Tor Ut trotii 
arcn tli aui in Ibi 

■ DlSI, SiC JBll IL. 

ibe young cliiUl was. WlitiiiUej'law tlicfiar, 
ihcy rejoiccil with cucMJiiia gre»t joy. Am) 
when they were dime into the houli, ihty liiw 
the child with Mary his niolhtr, ami 
fell down ami wijitlii|)pcd hiin ; and when 
they bad ojjciied their ticatiii'rs, ihcy |ircfem(il 
unto him git'i'j ; gold, nml ri.tnkinccn<c, and 
myrrh. And being waintd of God in adrrmti 
that they ihould nol frlurn to Herod, they 
departed into ilieir own coiiniiy another itaj . 

The Firft Sunday after the Epiphany. 
7 /if csiua. 

LORD, we hefeech thee mercifully 
!o rciTive the prayers of ihy people 
whith rail ujion ihecj and grant 
(hat rhey may both perceive and 
know what ihings they ought to do, and alLii 
may have grace and power fsithfolly lo fiillil 
ilie fame; through Jefus Chrilt our Lord. 

Til EpiftU. Rom. >ii, i. 
BESEECHyou the refute, brethren, 
Ijy the mercies of God, thai ye pte- 
iVnt your bodiei a living facrince, 
holy, aei'cp'able unto God, whith 
Is your rtafonabli' fcivlcc. And he nol con- 
formed lo this world ; but be ye iraHifotnied 
by th* renewing of your mind, thai ye may 
prove what is (hat good, and acceptable, and 

3liii[t 3nili 10 moult, 
jtiD.fci. llSmii. III. 

rill iiB(iR tl $titi 
biiniE iKIs >o .Iriusi' 
itm 10,^1. 1 Kingi i. 

Firft Sunday after Epiphany. 

pcrfecl will ot God. Fnr I iay, through (hf 
grave given unlo mc, to every man tliat ia 
among you, not to think oChimielf more high- 
ly than he ought to Ihink, but to think lij- 
bcfly, accoi'ding as Gu<t hath ilealt to every 
mm the ineai'ure of iiiih. For as He han- 
many memberi in one hody, anil all menibei's 
have not the fame office ; lb v/e, being many, 
ate one boily in Chilli, and every one mem- 
bers one of another. 

Tic Go/pel. Si. Luke ii, 41 . 

OW his parents went to Jemfalcm 
every year at the feaft ot" the [lalf- 
over. And when he was twelve 
years old, they went up to Jerufa- 
Icni, after the cuftom of the fcaft. And when 
they had fulfilled the days, as they returned, 
the child Jefu!. tarried behind in Jerufalem ^ 
and Jofeph and his mother knew not of it. 
But ihey, fuppofing him to have been in the 
company, tvent a day's journey, and they 
fought him among their kinsfolk and ac- 
quaintance. And when lliey found him not, 
they turned back again to Jerufalem, feeking 
him. And il came to pals, that after three 
days they found him in the lcm)ile, fitting in 
the midft of the docioi-s, both hearing them, 
and alking them queltionFi. And all that 
heard btni were allonillied at his underliaod- 
ing and anfivera. And when they faw him. 

Utftolli. Hip Broll|(r ID. 
nainsllU". 'Pin. iinii. 

teutsi sgikt unto 
llijBtH. S-t. 1 Sam. III. 

aiiBt, ma mltE lit 
Coung ctiilO inti l)M 
gioigri oni] flit intt 
iSgcpt, miD be tin* 

ttirir until i bclni 
tDllI SCIK fllf [hllli 10 



r 1 -1 1 . 

iji I 1 



tir shall Ocelli Dmsn snail 
ititttii nm (ma 
giE. ^DT Ram IDri 

ti> ItlRg, Ikuiisi nil 
Una iiDtilic i.a!». 

Second Sunday after Epiphany 

ihcy were amazcJ ; and his miilher laid uiilu 
him, Son, why hall: ihoii thus dealt with us ? 
brlitild, thy fathei and I have roiighl ihec for- 
towiiig. And he faid unio tlK'in, Hoiv is it 
thai yt lijught me ? will ye ni>t that I mult 
be Llhoiit my Father's huluieft ? And ihcy 
undcrftood not the laying ivliich he fiiakc 
iiiilo ihem. And he went down with llicni, 
.mtl came to Nnza-teih, and was lubjc^ iintu 
Ihem : but his mother ke|)t all ihefe layiiigi 
in hct heart. And Jcl'us iniTcidcd in wrfdoin. 
andttature, and in labour «ith God and man. 

TheSecoiidSundayafter the Epiphany. 

T/ir ColU-H. 
LMIGHTV and everlafting God, 
who dolt govern M ihingii in hea- 
ven and eartlii Mercifully hear tlic 
liipplicalions of ihy people, and 
grant us ihy pfiicc all l!ie days of our life ; 
through Jel'uE Clirift our Lord. Aweu. 

Tie Efifik. Rom. >ii. 6. 
*■* AVING tlitn gifis differing atcord- 
itiE to the grai'e ihjf is given to us, 
whether plophety, Itl lis prophcfy 
according to the pi opoi'tionollaith ; 
III' niiniliry, let \is wait on our tniniUcring; 
i.if he ihnt icacheth, on teachingj or he (hat 
exhorieili, on exhortation i he that givutti. 



(gnars tjsi ttir latlrs 

Otl> If |M3 lMI1(IS 31ID 


frnr eniiistttirs«ii« 

□igon (Jittn Haluii Dr- 
(irinlpi, J.I, I SJin. « 

Second Sunday after Epiphany, 

let him do it with limplkil:)' ; he ihat ruicih, 
wilh diiigMice; he thai fhewelh iiictcy, willi 
chfi:rtulni.'fs. Let Invi; he wilhuut dil]iiiiiila- 
lion. Ahhor ihal ivhith is evi), rlsave to 
which Is giKid. Be kindly niTciflioncil one lu 
.mother wilh brotherly love, in honour prc- 
fi- fling one another : not [tothful in bulinrl-. ^ 
Kervent iu Spirit j lerving the Lord ; I'cjoiting 
In hope J patient in trihiilalion ; continuing 
inlianf in prayttj diitriluiing to the nefeliiij- 
of faints i given to hornitality. Blefs them 
ivhic'h pcrlccule you; blefs, and curfe not. 
Rejoice wilh them that do rejoice, and «eep 
with iliem that weep. Be uF the Ibme mind 
one lowardi another. Mtnd not high things, 
but ecjndefocnii to men of lokv cl^atc. 

Tie Cofpil. St. John il. I. 
'ND the third day there «as a mar- 
tijgc in Cana of Galilee, and iht 
moihei of Jei'iK was there. And 
both Jefiis was called, and his liif- 
cijile*, 111 the marriage. And when ihey 
wanted wine, the mother of Jcl'iis faith unto 
him. They hove no wine, jefiis laith unto 
htr. Woman, what have I to do wilh ihee >. 
mine huur is not yet come. His mother lailh 
unto the fcrvants, Whaifotver he i'aith unto 
you, do it. And there were let there (\:t 
"ater-pols of ftone, alter the mantiei of the 
purifying of the Jews, conlaining two or three 

il>rrDa rmisfa lU 
aldtn ttil IDitc in 
Sithlcllfin, inlilB 

all ilir laa^iii ttim- 
oi ttoui imo iiiiirs 
olD inn unDcr, Jc- 
rortlns.S,'M«3l II, 

(V-Sf ■K'41*)!!^ 

etl( dingil SJ«I U 
ittt ili( nil tna ftiB 

■ Igililllllntl^Iilll.fDT 

ibir JIT Diifl R>1ri':(] 
agiiulji III! jjuiing 

Third Sunday after Epiphany. 

lirklns apiece. Jefus fallli unto tbein, FitI the 
ivatcr-poh wiih water. And ihcy filled ihcm 
ii|i lo ihc liriiii. And he faiih unto thrm, 
Dra* oul now, and Wur iirilo I lie govern out 
ot' The tcall. And they bare il. Wlien llic 
ruler of lite fcnll h»il lilird ihc water llial wis 
made wine.ind knew not whenoc ii was, (but 
the fcrvants whicli dreiv tlic watei knew,) tlie 
gcrvetnoiu of the fciilt calltd the briJegroom, 
and laith unio liim, Eveiy mm at the begin- 
ning dolh let forth good wine, and when men 
have well diunk, then that which is woil'ei 
fiut tbou hatl kept the good wine until now. 
This beginning of miniclisdid Jefut in Cana 
of Galilee, and iiianifefted forth his glory, and 
hia dilviplcs believed i>n him, 

TheThird Sundayafcer the Epiphany. 

Tie Colkd. 

I-MIGHTY ami everlaliing God. 

mercifully look upon our infrmi- 

ties. and in all oui' dangers und ne- 

cclTities llietch foith thy right hand 

lo help and defend \t% ; through Jcliu Chrift 

our Lord. Antea, 

The EpijUe. Rom. til. 16. 

i^E not ivife in your own eonceits. 

j^ Rtcompcnfc to no man evil for evil. 

g Provide thii^ honeft in the fight of 

all men. Itit be |iolIible, as much 

Jliciit.Kc. tScn. itif. 

Oalrili Kkinioiinsilof 

Itlttditi, 5.1111(15 ^fiill 
£ ga up. Vf II ^am. rr 

Third Sunday after Epiphany. 

>i li«ili in yoii, live peaceably iviih all men. 
Dearly bcloveil, avenge nol you rlc Ives, Inn 
rarhtr give plate iinti> wrath ^ for il is vwril- 
tcn, Vcngcantc 16 niiiicj I will repay, Ihttb 
ihe Lord. Therefoi'e, if thine cnrmy hunger, 
feed him j if be lhirlf,givc bim drinic : fur in 
(o doing thou ibslt Iri^ap coals of lire nn his 
head. Be nol overcome of evil, bul over- 
come evil wilh good. 

Til Gil/I'd. St. Miwh. vlU. i. 
HEN he wnv conic down from ihc 
moumain, great nmltiiudes fol- 
lowed him, And bthokt, (litre 
tanie a Icptr and wordiipped him, 
f;iying. Lord, if ihou wilt, rbou canlf niakc 
me clean. And Jefus put forth his hand, and 
toucht'd him, faying, I will- be thou clean. 
And immediately hi^ Icprufy was cleanlcd. 
And Jelui laitli unto him. See thou lell no 
man, but go ihy way, llitw ihyftif to the 
priell, and offti the gilt that Mofes tom- 
liiaiidcd, for .1 tcftimony unto ihem, And 
when Jel'us w^enrered into Capernaum, there 
lamc unto him a centurion hcfcccbing him, 
and faying, Lord, my lervaot lietli at home 
fick of the paify, eritvourty tormented. And 
Jrltis faith unto him, I will t'ome and heal 
him. The centurion anfwered and laid. Lord, 
I am not worthy that thou thouldeli come 
under my roof j hut fpeak the word only, Jnd 

l.lfl II ; tlip tod laV 
uniuti mil ihdir Km* 
obtrtht, .vt.iCjtD.iin. 

riifr tiilBiittinseiinih 
iD(lt) tni rliisiiiiit 

3iil1.?fsii5. mlitn lit 
mis baoiiiio. mm 
aliiislii out ot IlK 
Uilti, and Ig, lilt 

iLFabrns DiFrr cpEii- 
(0 unin lilin, ant 
John sia tni sglrll 

Oi Kiniilci tami u 
rneu hr ini f «n of 

Biiiin. i;iii lir jii- 
sDmng stit [I IS 

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany. 

my I'ervanc Ihall be hcnicil. Ftti 1 3m a inaii 
iinJer autliority, having roMiers unticr me; 
und I Iky unto iliia man. Go, And he goelh j 
and to anothtr. Come, and he romilh ; and 
to my feivaiit, Doihis, and lii-doerh il. When 
Jeliii heai-d It, he marvdied, and laid to them 
ihac IblluvvfJ, Vetily I lay unro yoii, 1 have 
not foiinii fo great fiillh, no nor in Ifratl. 
And I lay untu you. That many Diall comr 
frLim the eail and well, and (liall hi down with 
Al)rah3m,and If^nc, nnd Jacob, in the king- 
dom of heaven, Butihe children ol'thi' king- 
dom Dial) be calt out into outer tlai'kri<rr<. : 
there fliall he wetping and gnaihiogof Icclh- 
And Jefus hiid unto ihc centurion, Go thy 
w^y, ^nd a.'i ihuu halt lii;)ievcd, lb he it done 
<into thire. And his Ictvant was healed in 
ihe leir-laiue hour. 

The Fourth Sunday afterlhcEpiphaiiy. 

GOD.ivlto knowcli us lobe fel in the 

m\M <if lb mmy and greiit d!ingct>, 
thit by rcalbn ol' the iVailly ut our 
niiure we cannot alway^i (iand up- 
i Grant (o us futh ftrrngih and pioter- 
as may rujipuit us in all lixngro, and 
us through all temptations ^ through 
Chtift our l^rd. Jmei. 


nglli 101 3 mrasDl noi- «iii, lib, 

f tic Dcpau sKlni itr 
mtie Dr«li]sinl,tDDt 
o( ni (run, am. in. 



Fourth Sunday after Kpiphany. 

T*f Efifttt. Kom. liO. t. 

' f <»«y foul be Tiibjeft aoto ih« 
: ghcrpowtn; lbrthcrcuno|>«wcr 
lit of UdiJ 1 ih« powen (hal be are 
riUinotofGoJ. WholWrtf ihtre- 
Kitr r.'iiitcth ibc pcnrei' nflflcih (he oMinaniv 
i>f GcJ: iiiJ ib('<r thill relil) Ihatl rceelvc tu 
iheinlelvei lUnination. Fur rule n are not a 
lertur t» gooil work), but lo (he cril. Wilt 
lEiiiu tbcn not be xlVxi4l ot the fioiver 1 Aa ih.K 
whieh ii f;oo(l, MiA ibou Ihalt bivc pcaifc lA 
ihe fttne: lor he i> Ihe miniller ol Coil i... 
iht< li» good- But if rhou Ao ihul which ii 
evil, be sfraiil ; f»r he brarcth not (lie 1'H'i>nJ 
in vain : for he ii (be miniRec of Gui!, n ix-- 
vengM to execute woih upon him thm Jotih 
evil, WbrrtfoiT ye murt neoii be liihjeif; 
ool ooljr for vrtnth, hin «lli> for roiilVieiiit 
lake, rat for lbi> cauli; pay ye tribute jlIiVi ; 
for (hey arc God's ininillcM, aticmiing (v>n- 
linmllf upon (bii ytry ibing. Ki-ndet there- 
(brc(oall tbeifdiieti tribute to whom tribute 
■1 (liiCiitifluen lo whom cuHom,fntt lo whom 
feai, boiMur to whom hotuut. 

7k* G^Jftt. St. MiUh. vlll. ij. 

ND irhen he tvat tnicred into a (lirji, 

hit difeiplei followcil hitn. And 

behold, there acole a great ttmpelt 

ill the lea, Inji>mui'h that Ihe I1>i|i 

llilltll. a ociaii 1 
ifindtniif (0if)( AII1 

a muln B(ii Kis M 
■Hu* iiniii (Mn. 

alra.fic. J«|ina, 

utira.n giiX. lit. 

D( itt s'l ngsn. 

itiB tint, mnltifl 
unis. *>. |a<it,i>. 

Snl tir lost Ih( ([» 
luvn mn ir Gshrs, 
■llDliIi1l«B1i;ilDtl"l' ilO. 

H'asi'iivcrcd wirh the »^'avfs: but hc^vaaaflcc^i. 
And his difcijiles ciiitiL- rn him, aiid aviokc 
him, laying, lord, lave us ver ptrifli. And 
he faith unto Ihtm, Why aie yc t'carfdl, O yc 
of little faith > Tlieri he arafc, ami rebuked 
the winds iiul tht fca, and there wa* a gi'eal 
oalm. Bui the men mifvelltd, iiiying, Wiint 
manner of man h llii", that even the winds 
and the lea <Fhcy him! And wlicn he ivav 
come to the other fide into the coiintir of the 
Gergtletici, there tntt him two pollVfled null 
devils, coming i>ul of llie tombs, cuceeding 
ficn-e, lb that no man might paft by that iv-i)-. 
And behold, ihey cried out, faying. Whai 
have we to do with thee, Jcfns, thou Son cf 
God,' art thou corne hither to torment us 
before the time i And there was a good way 
tiff from them an held of many fwine, feed 
ing. So the devik befouglil him, faying. If 
ihou call IIS out, fuffcr us to go away into the 
herd of fwtne. And bt faid unto them. Go. 
And when they were eomc onl, ihey went 
into the herd ol fwine : and behold, the ivhoU- 
herd of fwine mn violently down a ftetp jitact 
into the lea, and pcrilhed in the waters. And 
they that kept them fled, and went their way? 
into the city, and lold rvriy thing, and »»hat 
was befallen (o the pofTellcd of the devils 
And behold, the whole city came out to meet 
Jcfus: and when ihey fiw him, they hcfoiighi 
him, that he would depart out of their coatU. 

!i<( I nails toll hiutra lilt, 
itl htm (ist tiK Srei 
aioncfcc, .folin DIM. 

Jesus sciins Itllit 
faiEli.sJLD rotlKBlrtEot 
It'E'llsc. \r, ^.iMi 

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, 

The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany, 

the CoUelt. 

LORD, we biltech iheefo ketp thy 

CImiX'h and hourchulJ urinlinuDlly 

in thy Iruc rfligirnii tliat ihey iviio 

du Itan c.nly upon the lifjpt of thy 

hfavenW grarc may cveniifitc be defeiided by 

ihy migliiy power; through Jelus Chrift our 

Loid. AiffH, 

The Efiftle. Col. iii. ii. 
l^yTon therefore, as the elefl of God, 
lioly and beloved, bo*eIs of mer- 
ries, kindnef-., humblemls of mind, 
■UL-L-kiiel-., Wg-fiiffering i forbear- 
ing -Jiic ;i!iolhei, and foigiving one another, 
it any mar have a titiarrtl againft any ; eveti 
as Chrilt forgave yuo, fu alio do ye. And 
above all (hcie ihingt |iut on chanty, ivhich 
is the bond of prrfceloeli. And let tlie peate 
ot God rule in your liciirts,lo llie wliich alfo ; 
yt' are caJled in one body \ and be ye thank- i 
ful. Let (he word of Chrill dwell in you I 
richly in all wifdoin, teaching and admonilli- 
ing one another in pfalnis, and hymns, and 
r^iirituaj fongs, '■nging witli grace in your 
htarts lo the Lord. And whatfoever yc do, 
in word or deed, do all in the Name of the 
Lorrf Jeliis, giving thanks to God and the 
father by him. 

Vnt(«( iiird mull a 
louDDDlrt. Amiits, 
romi (drill. C til B St 
tliiil mas ornli (Hint 

fflllabamiiliit tilin- 
srltupon Itir riKit, ml] 
ttc. kt. 1 Blnns intt. 

(tntl. euiinC lidnc 
iitl looltDIIIIbanTIs, 
ml] nie (art Uia 
iioiim],,V! .Violin r(. 

iflislia [omlna mioth 
misr, bi-linin tdr itjUii 

Kt bulla nElioiinft 
bitiili tbiin, aiil 1)13 
tier Bin sD(nfiEi(|[ 


lerrr gs mlitx is rm 
liQl)!. Sat tttinie, 
inrrr ittpurrb iir(o 

Sixth Sunday after Epiphany. 

Tif Go/pel. St. Mitih. lili. »*, 
HE kingdum of hL-avcn is likened 
unio a man which liiweci good feed 
in his field. But while men llcpt, 
hit rncmy tame and Inived tatca 
ainung the wheal, and went hia way. But 
when the blade wai fpmng up, and bfoughl 
forth fruit, then appeared the tares alio. So 
the fcrvanl) of the houli; bolder came, and faid 
unto hicn. Sir, AiiA not ihou low good fired 
in thy field > fromwhenceihenhaih ii lire*.' 
He faid unto them, An enemy hath done ihi;. 
The fcrvants faid iinlo him. Wilt ihou then 
that wc go and gather ihcm up i But he faid, 
Nayi leli while ye gather up the tares, ye 
root up allii the wheit with them. Let bo(h 
gron togethct until the harveft j and in the 
time of harvell I vviil fay to the reapers. Ga- 
ther )'e together firlt the tares, and bind them 
in hundliBlohumthem! but gather the wheat 
into my barn. 

The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany. 

TAt CilUa. 
GOD,a'hofL- blclfcd Son was mant- 
tefled that he might deftcoy the 
works of the ilcvil, and make ue the 
(oai of God, and heirs of eternal 
lift; Grant us, we bejeerh thee, that, having 
this hope, tve may purify ouifelvcs, even as 

3 bTiTnnm galD. 

Ill ti 111 liiBii mill an- 
^tDnrb' \^. I w< fcur 
ininlgDSi.X-i. Oan. HI. 


Sixth Sunday after Epiphany. 

Iw is pare I (kit, whca Ik Duit appear again 
with power ind gic*i gl<>ry, wc miiv lie msdt 
tike unto him in hncirrnil and elnnoui khii;- 
doiD i wlwte with ihee, O Filhcr, and ihte, 
O Hulir Ghoft, h< livelh and m^-nrlh, cvtr 
iwc Coil, woild without cud, Jmta. 

Thi EfiftU. ( Si-Johniii. i. 

EHOLD, wlial inUHncr of love the 
Fiihcr liaih IkHiwciI upon ui, (hat 
wr ihmild bccilltdihclbniuf Uod : 
ihcftfod rlir ivorid kuowclh ut not, 
btviule il kneiT him nut. Beloved, now nrc 
ive the iboi ot God, and it doih not yet sp. 
peat tvliit wr llijll be I but we know, thHt, 
when lie (hall Hppcar, we IhjiU he like him ; 
for wc Ihall Ire him at he ik. And every man 
that haih thii hope in him puiifieth himli'lf", 
(Ten at he il pure. Whulbcvcr comnnilcth 
ba tranlerrlTcth alio the Uwi for fm ix the 
tranrgrclKon of the law. And ye kncin that 
he wMmanili;llrd lo lake away our fins) and 
in hilt) il no fin. Whultirvcr abidclh in liini 
fmn<<ti not i whofoever fmnctli hnih not lien 
him, nciiber known him. Little children, let 
IM nan deceive fou : hethatdoeihrighteoul'- 
i;«li it rightcou), even ai he ii righicuiit. He 
lk«t eraiKniitctli lin \\ <>f the devil i loi the 
deril finnclh troRi the liegioninj;. For iliii 
poirpure the Son of God waj maniliiltil, that 
no miphi deOroy the worki of the drv 

Itr Lait, II iim. ill. 

mm, anD biAoKi, ctii 
vtil(»i«>ii, !>■», Ill 

Jctiii Hilt, iKiint 


iir foiiiiifn 


91 4lir !«>'« 


r« oiiiiiii I 

[llilil((«glttn. tt 
tait iDiir 1 uni( 
SKI |( «4i) into 
IR. Ut. 1,M( 111. 

Stlllf n iTdrisniimi 
nmc 3iiai.\ua tic 
ttbdD inc dm tut 

■(pl fnt II, 51)1(1111 

Oil ihoii nHiOsirDr[i 
■niDinn HI iiic iiisi 
Iftlng^. A'(. 1.11.1(1. 

Sixth Sunday after Epiphany. 

TAc Gejfvl. St. MiKh. «!». «j. 

HEN if any man ftiill fuy unto yoii, 
Lo, hew is Chrill, or llitre j bclicvt 
it not. Foi there Ih^ll itlCz fnllb 
Chrilb.aml falfe |)ti>phcis, »nd ftiaH 
Ihcn great Iigii5 anil won Jets -, itiromuth dial 
(if i[ were pi.i(Tible) lliey (liall deeeive ihc 
vcfv eleft. Bchuld, I have lold you before. 
Whtirfutc, if ihcy liull fiiy unto you, Be- 
li'rKi, he III in the ^tferi j go nut forth ; bc- 
huid, lie it in the fecteC ehanibcr'ii believe ir 
iiu(. For as the lightning tomeih out of the 
c.ilt, and Jliincth even unto thi' vrS-^ fo Hull 
alfn ihu cdniing of the Son of Man he. For 
ivherefoevtr the catral'e ii, there will the e«g!e\ 
be jjathettd together. Immniiali-ly -ifter the 
tribulation of thote ilayslhall ihf fun be dark- 
eneif, uml the moon fball not give her light, 
and ihc (tan. Ihail fall from heaven, and the 
poweri of tht henvens Ihall be llialcen. And 
tlirn fti4ll apjicat the fign of the Son uf 
in he.iven ; and ihen Iliall all tbr tribes of the 
earth mourn, and thry Ihall fee the Son o! 
Man roming tn the clotids ot heaven, with 

Eowct and great glory. And he Ibjll fend 
h angels with a gii'st found of a trumpei, 
iind lUty iliall gather together his elefl from 
the four winds,fromonecnd of heaven to tht 

jUlHo sll.itl Mill pllr 
llHll upuoifitt.J^jdiii 

SlIOR.&f. jlKin.ID, 

JTIicti trusts art nirndi 

jtMIS, *(, (BltlUl. 

The Sunday called Septuagcrinia, or 
The Third Sunday before Lenr. 
The CvUta. 
LORD, wc bclnch ibM-fjio .r.,i 1. 
io hc»r ihi pnycn of thy i>«'[iU i 

out oStnrft, majr be iiicicifullv dc- 
linnd br thy soodntri, for (he [Lary of ihy 
Name ( throu^li JcfDi Chrift ouf Saviour, »hi> 
livcfh and rcigncih wiih ilm nnd ilic llol* 
Ghot, trtf one God, wotM withuui tai. 

Tht EfifiU. 1 Cw. Ix. ti- 
NOW ye no(, (hit they which run 
ia a nee run all, but one rciriwih 
ihc jiriie f So ran rhit j-e maif ol>- 
»in. And every iniin thnt lliivcih 
for t^ DiaAety U ceinpenuc In all iliingii 
BOW they do it to obtain a corniptiblc «u«n, 
bui we »n ineorruplible. I therefore So run, 
not uunecrtiinlyi (o light l^noiaione that 
bcattth th< air i but I keep uniUr my bcKly, 
and being it into fubjrdion, lell ihit by any 
nicuu, when I have prenrheil to othcn, 1 
myrdf Ihould be a cafl-an-ay. 

7kf Gtjfitl. St. Micth. II. t. 

HE kin^em of ht^ivcn ii like unio 

a man that ii an hoiilholdcr, »hirh 

•vnii out early in the ■□utninti Co 

hire bbourcn into his vincyntil. 

ns.Sii, I im. itui. 

rBlittllirnstilit pt(. 
ItitCiciactg iiHiipir 
»il. lit. II Kintt (I. 

luuldD, mat 

•RKJl ItCll III. 


(triDit inriiiH jM 
sliiDit iliiui in rOf 

K 2 

ttUDIf inD Vrpn i^ 
list ant inrm Illti 
snlH nuEr ImiigOT. 

IB iDriiitii, f*m' 
tiDusr [siliinDusriil 
iciisn. ki. i.«. Id. 

Sepluagefima Sunday. 

And vrben he hail aj^rvvil nitb rhi- lltioiircr> 
i'or .1 pcily a day, he lent llicni inio iiia vini- 
yartl. And he went out about ilictliini li-jtir, 
and liiw otliem llanititig idle in ihe inafki-t- 
]>bcc, »nd Ikiil unto rRcni, Go yc alio into 
the vineyard, and whalfotvcr is right I will 
give you. And ihcy ivtnt their way. Again 
he went out ahoiii the ti^'ll and nintl^ hDu', 
3n6 did likcwife. And .iboul llic devenlh 
hoiic b< went out, and found others Ihinding 
iillc, atid laith unto ihem.Why ftand yr here 
nil the day idle? They fay unto him, Bt- 
ciufe no mall hath hired us. He faith unto 
thi'ni. Go ye alfo intolhv vineyard, and what- 
lijevcr in right, that fliall j'c receive. So wlien 
even was come, ihe hird of ihe vineyard faith 
unto hiK Itcwanl, Cail the labourers, and give 
them thcii hire, beginning fioin the lall untu 
the (lift. And when llicy came that were 
hired ahoiil ihc eleventh hour, they received 
every man a oeny. But when the firlt tame, 
ihty fiippoftri that they iTiotild hai'e reveivcd 
more J aoiJ they rikcvvrlc rcceivcil every man 
a peny. And when iliey had received it, 
ihcy murmured agaiiilt the good man of the 
hiiulc, faying, Thefe laft have vvtought but 
one hour, and thou hLill m^dir them ecjuai 
unto us, which have boiiie the hiiriltn and 
heat of the day. But he anfwercd one of 
them, nnd faid. Friend, ] do ihee no wrung i 
ilidii nor ihou agree with tne fur a peny ? 

Is mis noust •irofflf 
Dtn it tlilrli(9, mttir- 
:^iMii, Kc. Jrtcin. nil. 

lUitii 6'vit stiill bi 
[i[lrti liDusc m ptipii 
for all. tc. liuii Inl. 


Sexagelima Sunday. 

Take lliat ihine is, anil go lt\y way ; I ivill 
give unto this \^\\ cvtn as unti> rhife. Is it 
nut tawl'til for me ro do what I >villiviih iriini: 
own ? Is ihine eye tvil, befaufe I am good ! 
So tlie laft iliall be firft, and ihe lirft laft i lor 
many he called, but iew cholcn. 

The Sunday called Sexagerima, or 
The Second Sunday before Lent. 
Tit Collen. 
LORD God, wlio feeft ihat we put 
not our truft in any thing that "c 
do; MerriFulIy grant tliac by tliy 
power we may bt defended againil 
all iduerfily ; through jcfus Chrift our Lord. 

Tki Efijtle 1 Cor. xl. 19. 

E fuffer luols gladly, feeing yc your- 
(elvci are wile. For yc fiilFcr if a 
man bring you inCo bondage, it a 
man devour you, if a man take of 
yovi, if a man exalt himlelf, if a man fmiti- you 
on the taee. I fpeak as concerning repniadi, 
as though wchad been weak : howbeit, where - 
infoevcf any is bold, (I fpeak foolifhly.) I am 
bold alfo. Arc they Hebrews? fo am I. 
Ate they Tfraelilcs* (11 am I, Are they ihi- 
feed of Abraham ? fo am I. Are they mi- 
nifters of Cbrift ! (I ijieak s,t, a tijol,) I am 

JiBlirn Jiiattil!'9 trc 
tlirtn siui tiini ifat olT 
men, 4(. etn. mull. 

ibenlonraac up t»[p. 
.inD sntJi nitD t! IDI 
luoti, vc. u fain, m. 

(Tilt rliiff Otlisls 
anO IW Kiib's init 
lie inrTsortlirtin' 
pit (unsiiliili liDn 

ilitD minlii "i>( .le- 
ans hi siiUllliu JiiD 
KtiL laia. Uut intg 

D<in ililric plrcis of 
BllDIt. anil frocn thai 
Hint iaH/ts Emiglit 

Kig (TDtIbI tiB 

mlSIII. 13DISDII It! i«il, iiUi, 

more: in Ubours more abundant ^ in liripet 
j-bove mealuTTj in jii'il'uii? more frcqufnt ; in 
ileaths of(. Of fhe Jews live times rtceired 
I fnttj" ftriprs fave one ; tliricc «S5 I bciten 
iviili [od» i oner was I ftoned ; thrice I fiil- 
rcic.l lliipwretfci i night and a liav I lisvc 
bten in Ine deep ; in journeying often ; in pe. 
I'll)! uf ivnteri ; in pcrijs of lobbcfii; in periU 
by mine own counlrymcn ( in perils by the 
heathen ; in peril): in the I'ity; in pcriU in the 
wildcrnel'i; in perils in the ftaj in perils among 
Irilli; brtlhrcn i in wcarintfs and painfulncli j 
in waleliinga otttJi j in hi*ngef and fhiflt i in 
fiHingii often i in coldand nakednefi ; bclidts 
ihofe things tliat arc without, thai which 
rometh upon me daily, the care of all the 
I'hurL'hes. Who is ivcalt,aiid I am not wc.ik f 
"'ho ii offended, and I bum not ? If I miift 
ntcds gloiy, I will gloiy of the thiiies which 
luni'ern mine infirmities. The God and 
F.itherofour Lord Jefns Chrili, which isblell- 
I'd fot evermore, kiiowrth that I lie not. 

Tie Gajyel. St. Luke vUl. 4. 
HEN much people were gnihered 
together, and were tome to him 
out of every city, he I'pake by a 
parable! A fower went out lo iow 
hii !ecd ; and at he fowed, fome IVll by the 
way-fide, and it was trodden down, and the 
f"wl= of the air dtvomed it. And fome fell 

.4ull4l) sain, ITllllK itt 

us 3t[i bun lo (Ik fzh- 
iRKllits, iSrii.inDil, 

f D.lD9i|iDUig5 Uroiiilii 
Dolnn Into il7iii:|ii, mil 
Dii'lptiA[,KC.0'n mil 


Sexageiima Sunday. 

upon a rock, ^nd as fuun as ii wa^ Ijirung ii|>, 
it witherec! away, hecaule it lacked moiliutc. 
And fume fett among ihorns, ant) the thorns 
I'prang up with it, and choked it. And othtr 
fell on good ground, and fptangup, and bare 
fiuil an hundred-fold. And when he had 
laid theft things, he cried, He that hath ears 
(ohear, let him hear. And hisdilciplesafked 
him, faying. What might this parable he > 
Add he faid. Unto yuu it is given to knuw 
themyfteric5of the kingdom of God ; but to 
Dihert in parable.'' ^ lliat feeing they might 
not fee, and hearing they might not umkr- 
ftand. Now the parable is this : The feed is 
(he Word of God. Thofe by the way-fide 
are tht'y that hearj then comelh the devil, 
and tateth away the word out of thtir hearts, 
left (hey Ihould believe, and be faved. Thry 
on the rock are they, which, when they hear, 
fCfeive iheword with joy ; and theft have no 
rixit, which for a while believe, aiMl in time 
of temptation fall away. And that which 
fell among thorns, are they, which, ivhen they 
have heard, go forth, and are choked ivirh 
catf", and riches, and pltafiiies of this life, 
and bring no fruit to perfefiion. But that 
on the good ground, arc they, which in an 
lionell and good heart, having heard the word, 
ktep It, and bring forth fruit with patience. 


^(litil^iorifi bTsiiglii 
triTili liint inti wiiK, 
<iiic,A'r. iSin, HD. 

jRl19(9 9011 to Itir pCB' 

p[r gf UCiiil, rill; is 
ilm.Iri. <<?iotiiis iDI. 

Srsiis Jl dig IJBI 

siitipci as iliru Hit 
(jr, toak TiiiaD, ant 
mli'ii tic Uatr Qimn 

tillllll^. LlJtf (I, 

laaqiOt td lii^ tiiB' 
[Iplts, saving, Caki 
(It, m. tttv ildl. 

.frniLS Mitt- ail [I 
aljjU l»r oifrnlrrD tu 
Hit (t(5 iiigdi, *(. 
iDi sa» inurrontr 

nnio ilira. f(i |.| 
tiK Uliili I gn ine 
tiric imiilii'r -Inn 

Quinquagelima Sunday. 

The Sunday called Quinqtiagefima, 
Or the next Sunday before Lent. 

Tie Calif a. 
LORD, "liti haft taught us that all 
our Joiiigs ivilliout rharity at no- 
thing won h; Send thy Mvly GhoU, 
anil pour into our hcuttt thai moft 
exi-cllci!lgif(otchjriiy,ihe very bond of pcate 
and of all vitlucs, vi'iihoul whith ivhoibever 
liveth i^ couiilvd AeoA btfiiiF iIice : Grant this 
for thine only Son Jefut Chiift's fake. Amm. 

•Tie EfijIU. I Cor. liii, i. 
HOUGH [ fpeak with the tongurs 
uf men and of angels, and have not 
charily, J am become aa loundiH" 
biafs, or a tinkhng cyml>al. Ann 
though 1 have the gift of proplicty, and un- 
ilerlland all myftenes, and all knowledge ; 
and though I havi^ all faith, lij that I euiiM 
remove moitntainB, and have n<.it oharily, I am 
nothing. And though I bellow all my goods 
to feed the pool, and though I give my body 
to be burned, and have not charity, it prtifit- 
cth me nulhing. Chaiity fuffiielh long, and 
h kind i charily envjeth not j charity vaiint- 
ctli not itfellj is not puffed up, dolh not be- 
have iti'cif uiiliemly, Iceketh nut Jiet own, i; 
not eafily provoked, thinkcth no evil, tejoietih 

( 9iim oil Tai»[ srsr 
IcriD nss^iiii iliii Imir 
no, tfc. Iltliigii nil. 

■ffllsln iain : ^rfiollr 

I IM 9fliU src II DUU 

tninciiis. liUiniisvu, 


Quinquagefima Sunday. 

not in inli|uity, bul rcjoicclh in the Injili j 
beareth aillhingj.lielieveiii all ihings, hopetli 
all ihing*, cndurclh ;ill things. Charity nevei' 
faiJf^rh : but whtilhtr [here he prophecies, they 
lliall fail i ivhethei there be longuea, ihey 
(hall cealV; whether there be knowledge, it 
(iiall vanilh away. For ive know in part, and 
we prophcfy in part. But when that which 
is petfeft is come, then that which U m part 
ftiall be done away. When I was s. child, 1 
Tpake as a child, I underlloud as a child, I 
thought ai a child i but when 1 became a man, 
I put aivay chiidifti things. For naiv we lee 
through 3 glaft darkly ; hut then face to face : 
non I knijw In pait ; but then Ihall I know 
even as alio t sm known. And now abiilcth 
faith, hope, charity, thcfe thrc« ; but the 
greatett of thel'c is charity, 

T/ifGoJ)>tl. St. Lukcivili. ^t. 
HEN Je('ii5 look unto him the twelve, 
and laid unto ihcm. Behold, we 
go up to Jerufalem, and all things 
that are writfen liy the prophets 
concerning ihe Sun of Man Diall be accoin- 
jjlilhcd. For he /hall be delivered unto ihc 
Gentiles, and Ihall be mocked, and fpitefully 
entreated, and fpitted on: and they fh all 
fcourge him, and put him to death ( and the 
third day he Ihall rife again. And they un- 
ilcrttood none of thefe things ; and this fay- 

lLiJr}l.£:c. jilar. jxn. 

friir grtai Oragon iflji 
alft scrfimL tnas tist 
aui.tjlltli.&f, Ero.iH, 

Jtsna tBOMIni all 

tilings that sDoulti 


sain nnio ttKHi, 

i^ii't hoin scrk pf T 
ffliff in^mftfU lilin, 
.trsiis ol nmnrrtti. 

Jihu hall ginrn 

IZltamslinn i 
llsa, bi II 15^ Mr 

film ana Iiic ^tm a- 
lii.i|). 3nl] o; soon 
as lir tcds roLiir, |ir 
OOfili.Sr parErin, 

hig was tiiJ frum (httHj iif:ither Jlucw ihty 
ihc iliiiigi which were fpoken. And ii came 
to pafi, ihxt as h« was cumc nigli unto Jeri- 
cho, a certain hlind man iat by the way-firic 
begging; and hearing the mu kit ude |ial£ by, 
he alked what it meant. And theyiold him, 
that Jefui of Nazareth palleth by. And he 
I'ried, laying, Jcliis, thnu Son of David, have 
meicy on me. And ihey which went hefott 
rebuked liim. That he Ihoiild hold hia peace : 
Kiif he fried io much the more, Thou Son nC 
David, have merry on me. And Jdij6 flood, 
and commanded him to be brought unto him : 
and ivhen he was come near, he alkcd him, 
laying, Whatvjilt thou that 1 fiiould do unto 
thee ? And he laid, Lord, that I may receive 
my light. And Jel'us faid unto him. Receive 
thy fight; thy faith hath faved thee. And 
immediately he received his fight, and fol- 
lowed him, glorifying God ! and all the peo- 
ple, when lliey law it, gave jiraili; unto God. 

The Firft day of Lent, commonly called 

r/if coiua. 

^LMIGHTV and everlafting God, 
who liaieft nothing thai thou haft 
made, and doft forgive the fins ot 
ail them that arc penitent ; Create 

JMb iiiok JlliiirE oMDr 
itvtiWS, onD sniott 
Ulm.&c.ll^iui. Ill, 

f nittn to TcOnuJloni- 
itiiii.sdioiil) inDUCn .V 
ItiLH-r. IjBirb-iD. 


leilging our wrclchL-dncfs, may oblain uf ihec, 
tlie God of all mercy, pert'ect remillion and 
I'orgiveneJs j through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

fl This CoUtCt is f s it frail retry day la Lent afltr ihi 
CslUfl iiffnimcd fir ihi Day. 

For the Epijlls. Jorl 11. ii. 
URN yc cucn [o me, lairh rhe Lord, 
with all your heart, and with faft- 
ing. and with weeping, and with 
mimrning. And rend yeur heart, 
and nol your garmcncti, and turn unto the 
Lord your God ; for he is gracious and mer- 
ciful, (low to anger, and of great kiiulnefs, 
and rcpeiiteth him of the evil. Who know- 
cth if he will rettirn, and rtpent, and leave a 
blelling behind liiin, even a meat-offering and 
■A drink-offering unto the Lord your God ? 
Blow ihc irumpet in Zion, fan^ity a fait, call 
a folemn alRmbiy, gather the people, faniiify 
the congregation, affemblc ihe elders, gather 
the i-hildren, and thole thai fuck the brealls) 
let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, 
and the bride ouc of her clo&t) let the priefts, 
ihe minifters of (he Lord, weep between the 
por(.'h and the allar, and let them fay, Sparc 
lliy people, O Lord, and give not thine heri- 
tage lo reproach, that ihe neathenlhould rule 


ESItirn Sint ilirtain 


rii( %fas spai In 
i^lricar's \itt. anO 
liifittiid hiin. rac- 
ing.' StDiiliisii unio 


Br t*ol 5moi! iDiil 
linn snii mlipul 

Dcdei-icS liiin » lit 

tluMtt, rtirn II 
sonins ot ili( gg- 
Iimiil ice I; Jibiis 
iBio.Jii.fiisi. mil. 

Firft Sunday in Lent. 

owet them ; wherefbic llioultl ihey lay among 
the people, Where is their God I 

TJie Cs/pil. St. Mjwb, tI, i6. 

HEN ye faft, be not at the hypo- 
ctitefi, of a fad coiinlrnantc ; tor 
ihty disfigure ihrlr lates, thai they 
iiiav appear umo men to fiilK Ve- 
rily 1 lay iinio yoii, They have their regard. 
But lhou,vihrn ihuu litllel^ anoint thine head, 
and walh thy face, thai thoin appear nol unto 
men to fall, but unto thy Father whieh is in I'c- 
cieti and ihv Father, which feeth in fecret, 
Ihail reward thee openly. Laynotupt'oryour- 
IcIvoBtrcalijre'i upon earthiwhefenioth and rult 
dijth i-orrupt, and where ihicvet break through 
and Heal ; but lay up lot yourrelve itealures in 
heaven, where neither moth nor nitl doth cor- 
rupt, and nhete thieves do not break through 
nor lieal : fovwherc your ireaTure », there will 
your heart be alio. 

The Firft Sunday in Lent. 

^ LORD, who Tor our Take didll fad 
forty days ond forly niKhtu j Give 
\a gmcc to ufe fiich abftinenec, that, 
our flcih being fubdued to the Spi- 
1 it, we may ever obey thy godly motionk in 
rigliteoulnels, and true holinels, to thy hti- 


fifli^n flmarr fob ntl^ 

Firft Sunday in Lent, 

nour and gloiy, vrti'j liveli and rcigneft with 
(he Faiher and the Hrily Ghoft, one God, 
Mrgrld without end. Amen. 

Tic EfiflU. s Cor. vi. i. 

'E then, a& workers together with 
him, be[eech you alfo, that ye re- 
ceive not the grace of God in vain j 
(for he jaith, 1 have heard ihee in 
a time actepicd, and in the day of falvation 
have I fiictoured ihec : behoid, now is the 
accepted time; behold, now is the day of fal- 
vation i) giving no offence in any thing, that 
the minilhybt nut blamed; hot in all things 
approving ouifelvcs as the minillen of God, 
ill much (laiiencc, in affliflions, in neceflliies, 
in diltrefTi.-s, in ftripes, in imprilbnmenii, in 
tumults, in labours, in watch ings, in falling'- j 
by purenelSjby knowledge, bylung-fuffcring, 
by kindnefs, by the Holy Gliolf, by love un. 
feigned, by the woid of truth, by the power 
of God, by the armour of righteoiifneffi on 
the right hand and on the left, by honour and 
dilhonour, by tvil report and guod lepurt \ 
as deceivers, and yd true ; as unknown, and 

!'ct well known -, as dying, and behold, we 
ive i as chalicned, and not killed j a^ forrow- 
fiil,yel alway rcjoiringi as poor, yet making 
many rich \ is having tiolhiug, and yet pol- 
felTing all things. 

EOtitn It^ou tisst ton' 
nil tlip Hikf, an odidii 
itit lOan. Hit. iCtcIfs. 


a no lilt sQlDlrTB 
Iilaiirn a crautn of 
iCorna, nnD cut II 
upon Ills trat.inD a 

riiC In W~ ilglil 
IiinQ. JUEb TiDOifti 
I6c Hurt btfotr lilm. 

tlllDlf Urlt DItrt 

ftUosliili lilnbaiiK 
Mpiiis: i din tttno- 

((III Hi ilic tint at 
Hits tiisi mail, laol 
fu tii It. 
All. II DK. 

Firft Sunday in Lent. 

TAt Cofpit. Si. Mmtb. U. i~. 
HEN W!is Jtfii! led up of iht Spirit 
inio the wiUcrn^ft, to be lempdi! 
ti!' (lie lievil. And wlicii hf liaJ 
falttii forij- days ind tbttj' nig^bts, 
he was afterward an huiigrcd. And when 
the lenipltr came ti> hiiii, lie laid, If thou be 
ihc Son of God, comiiiBiid that lh*fc Ibne- 
be made bread, Biit he anfwered and laid, 
It is written, Man fliall not live by bread lion«, 
but bv every word that proeeedelh oiil ol tin 
nioiiih of God. Then ihc devil iiketh him 
up into the holy eity, and li'tteth him on i 
pinnacle of the rem pie, and faith unto hiin, 
If ihoube theSonot God, raft thyfelf down ; 
foritl-iWi-itleii, He (hail give his angclschargc 
coiieerning (hec, and in their hands ihey (li.ill 
bear ihcc up, left at any time ihou dam iby 
foot againfl a ftone. Jciiii faid unio bim. It 
i> written again. Thou (lialt not lempi the 
Lord thy God. Again, the devil luketh hitn 
up info an exeecding higli mountain, anil 
(liewelh him all the kingdoms of the world, 
and the glory of them ; and faith unio him. 
All theli; things uiH I give thte,if tbnii will 
fall down and worlldp nic. Then faith Jefus 
unio him. Get thee htnre, Salan ; for it if 
written. Thou flialt woiihip ihe Lord ihj 
God, and him only (hall ihoti ierve. Then 
the devil leavelh him, and bchvid, angeU Came 
and miniDeted unto him. 

ill u ipfilali, s.iblni, 
ia Irt.'M. tUtngBiti, 

Tiitw III! ting ron- 

llllllDrtI, illlD line 
Umuati. ^~(, Omlrtol, 

The Second Sunday in Lent. 

TAt Ci4Ua. 

ILMIGHTV God "ho iVcft ihat «e 
have no |iowcr of ourlclrn to help 
mirlclvo j K<c)> UAbothoutwiitill}' 
in our bodiei, and inwardly in our 
Jbultj tlui »c m»y bt defended from all »d. 
vcriiin nhich iiiAy happen to (he body, and 
from all evil Ihoughia which may ifliiult «thl 
hurt (he Tool ; through Jellu Chnlt our Lord, 

Tit EpijiU. I Their. Iv. i. 

E befcech yoii, birthren, and exhort 
you by the Lord Jelut, that as ve 
tiavr [cci-ivrd oi Ub how yr oiigfil 
lo w.ilk, inJ to |>lcal'c G<xl, fu ye 
wouhl abo*jnd more and more. For ye know 
what com mind menu we gave yoji by ihc Lurd 
Jel'u'. For this w the wjfl of God, even yoiir 
rin^ilimt'ion, ihai yc Humid ahltain from for- 
nicaiibn ; that every &nc of you Ihould know 
how to pontfi hii vefl'el in janflifidlion and 
honour] nut in the luflof cont^iiirceni'c, rvrn 
M ih< Geiiiiln which know not Co<l ; that no 
man go beyond and dcfriiid his brother In any 
nutter i bctanfe that the Lord ii the avenger 
of all Inch, ai wc alfu have fotEW'^rned you, 
and icDilicd. For God hnth not called \a un- 
to unclrinnels, but unto holincfi. He thtrc. 
ti>te ihaiderpirtth defpileih not man, but God, 
nho hath alio given unto \n hit holy Spirit. 

flW^tlm lot B lit nooG 
at itt Butai DScrltig, 

ll^irr gjilKiinQ MirNs 

IngjIniuiiMTc ti« 
11019 jm iioic init 

BDIDil. IDDdr thrg) 

i^ii sihi nnr, hid 

anil luliinilitiiliim 
sum 10 ilKilin. 
nniiti m li'ut isil- 
Uaij, lIlttdBijctu- 

rtGili llni ann ttr 
[Ulltiaris.iiiicnt llii 
flglll lunn, InD lt>I 
ottirc. (f[. iLu.iiiii. 

Third Sunday in Lent. 

T/ie Gojpel. St. Match, iv. ti. 
ESUS went thenee.iimi departed Intu 
the coaltiof Tyre and Sklon. And 
behold, a woman of Canaan camr 
out of the lame fosfts, and cried 
oiitoliini, faying. Have mercy on me, O Loi'd, 
ihou Son of David ; tnydatighlcrisgrievoiilly 
vexed with a devil, Bol he anfivered licr nui 
a word. And his difcl pics came ami brfougiu 
him, faying. Send her awayi foi ihe ericlh 
after us. But he anfivcrtd and faid, I am 
not felit, but unto the lot) Iheep uf tlie Ixiufi 
of Ilrael. Tlien came flic and worihippcti 
him, faying, Lord, help me. But he aolivif- 
ed and falJ, It is not meet to take the chil- 
liren't bread, and to laft it lo dugs. And (he 
faid. Truth, Lord ; yet ihe dogs eat of the 
rrambs which fall from their mafter's table. 
Then Jefus anfwercd and faid nnlo her, O 
woman, great la thy faith ; be it unto thee 
even as ihou wilt. And her daughter was 
made whole from that very hour. 

The Third Sunday in Lent, 

The CMeil. 

^E befeech tliee. Almighty God, look 
upon the hearty defites of thy hum- 
ble fervanls, and ftrelth foitli tlit 
right hand of ihy Majeliy, to be 

Third Sunday in Lent. 

our defence againit all our enemies j llirougli 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

TheEfiftte. Ephcf. v. i. 
E ye therefore followers of God, as 
deal' rhildren ; and walk in love, as 
Chrill alio halh loved us, and hath 
given himfcif for u^, an oiFcring ami 
a facritice lo God lora fwc«t-fniclling favoui'. 
But fomtcalion, and all uncleannefs, or covel- 
oufncf^, lei it not be once named anion gll: you, 
atberomelh faints; neither fillhincfs, nor tool- 
i(h-tallcing, nor jelling, which are not conve- 
nirntj but rather giving of thanks : for this 
ye know, (hat no wliurcmongev, nor unclean 

Eerfon, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, 
ath an J* inheritance in the kingdom of Chrift, 
and of God. Let no man deceive you with 
vain words; for becaufe uf thelc things cometh 
the wrath of God upon the children of dllb- 
bcdience. Be not ye therefore partakers with 
them : fur ye were fotnelimes daiknefs, but 
now are ye light in the Lord : walk as chil- 
dren of fight i (for the fniit of the Spirit is 
in all goodnefs, and righieoulhefs, and truth ;) 
proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. 
And have no felluwihip with the unfioitfid 
works of darknefs, bnt rather reprove ihem : 
for it is a ihame even to fpiakot thol'ethingi. 
which are done of them in fccret. But all 
things that are reproved are made nianifeft by 

;£1llh Ihi lib iDblrlillic 
iLorC i^ali Uan Mita 
ttuni il)(,&(. ©rn. l(. 

fititlnrt eiiB loidD' 
scs, riiDii shin sinl'r 

Wnr Of 11(1 BoltFltrs 
iDtlh n sprar pltiriD 
li(fl sitif, antF tortli- 
uUli [Jinr tUrtioul 

corn, diiti Eih ircortl 
IGIIur,&[. %t,y,.l\x. 

JoSfpD itgC (III M- 
n^ ing ntJCpiDiiin 
1 (din liiKR cloib, 

Inmt arJildi ti hall 
ticmn oiiiisin in tht 
inrtj dnDttiiDLlrm 


the light ; for whaifoever doth make manifi-It 
is ligiii. Whcrefbtc he iaitli, Awake, thou 
thai deeped, and arile from the dead, and 
ChriftQiall give thee light. 

The Goj}eL St. Luke i\. 14. 

7ESUS was calling oot a devil, and 
itwasdumb. And it came [0 [lafs, 
when the devil mas gone out, the 
dumb {pake ; and the peopli' won- 
dered. Bill Ihme of them faid. He calletli 
uutdevila thi'otig^h Beelzebub, the chief of the 
devils. And others, tempting him, fought 
of him a fign from heaven. But lie, know- 
ing their thoughts, fairl unto them. Every 
kingdijm divided againtt itfelf is brought to 
(Itiolniion -, anda lioiife divided againll a, houle 
fallcth. If Sal^n alfo be divided againd him- 
fflf, how fhall his kingdom [land ( becauf'e ye 
(,\y, that I ealt out devils through Beelzebub. 
And if I by BteUtbub call out devils, by 
whom do your Tons calf them out J therefore 
dull they be your judges. But if I with the 
finger of God (all out devils, no doubt the 
kingdom of God is come upon you. When 
a ifrong man :trmtd kccpeth his palace, his 
goods are in peace -, but when a dronger than 
he diall come upon him, and overcoinc him, 
he takvih from him all his armour wherein 
be truKed, and divideth his fpoils. He (hat 
is not with me is againd me : and lie that 


jfa QQDiiaBlliraun dias 
tioDn 3iisfiiia (Dininin- 
Vfll lOll. &[. its. Dllf. 



(Tljin thriF aiosc inC 
ihibtdp, St. Isi.itJI. 



Fourth Sunday in Lent. 

gathereih not wiih me firatitrelh. When tlic 
UDclcaii fpirit is gone out of a man, he walk- 
eihihi'oiighilry placed, lecking reli ; 2iid find- 
ing none, helaiin, I will remi'n unto my hunle 
whence I came out. Ami ivhen he coineth, 
hefindeth itfwepi and garniihcJ. Then goeth 
he Alid takcth to him leven uthcr I'pirit^ mori; 
wicked ihan himfelf, and they enter in, and 
itnell there -, and the lall liate of thai man h 
worie ihan the lirft. Anil it came to paf>, as 
he Tjiake ihcic things, a certain woman of the 
corapany lift up her voite, and laid uiiio him, 
BIcfTfd lb the womb that hare chi.'e, and the 
paps ivhich thnu haft fucked. But he faid, 
Vca rather, blelied are (hey that hear the 
Word of God, and keep it. 

The Fourth Sunday in Lent. 

iR ANT, ive befeech thee, Almighty 
God, that we, who for our evil deeds 
do worthily deferre to be piinilhed, 
by thi; comfort of thy grace may 

menifiilly be relieved ; through our Lord and 

Saviour Jeiiis Chrill. Ain:n. 

The Epijlll. Gil. iv. II. 
^ELL me, ye that dcfire to be under 
jn the law, do ye not hear the law ? 
( ^'".J For it is written, that Abraham had 
two Ions, the one by a bond-maid. 

CIHfB SoBtpl) 
fame ta hl^ birElirrtL 
itiii;, ».-(. ©rii. iitbii. 

enthrptoat \\i%m\'r,. 
inn casi him Inio It)' 
srj. lit. Jon^n I. 

JC( Idia li to J mint 
llilDii III! or a rott, 
tnhrirltt 'ass nrttri 
miin jjei lalb. 3nti 


(Lllllly IDI III! sJb. 

tain, .iiiti il)F sot- 

/BigSjiin in) ttll 

palrhK. (Thr nm 

lilgli priraii v ptil- 

Fourth Sunday in Lent. 

the othtr by a Irec-wyman. But he wlio 
>vas of llic bund- IV Oman wai burn ;it'tcr the 
flclli i l>ut he of ihe iree-woman wai by pro- 
niilc. Which things arr an allcgury : lur 
ihefe are tht- Iwo toveiisntii the one frum 
the iiiouiit Siitii, which gcndciilh to boniiagc, 
which is Agar. For this Agar is mount Si- 
n^i in Arabia, and anl'wcrelh lo Jcrulatvm 
whii'h now is.atiil is in bondagt with heiihil- 
(Iri-n, But jL-ruiAlcm which 'n above is Tree ; 
which is the mother of us ail. For it ii> writ- 
ten, Rijoitc, thou barren that bcarcft not; 
bleak forth and cry, (hou that (taviitcll not : 
for ihedeliilaic hath many mure child rfa than 
llie which halh an hulband. Now wc, bre- 
thren, as tlhic was, arc the children of pro- 
niiftr. But as then he that wat born after the 
RcCii peirL'CUted him that mas bom after thi: 
Spirit j even lii it ii now. Neverihekli, what 
fiiih the Scripture? Caftout the bond- worn an 
atid her fon ; for the fon of the bond-woman 
lliall not be helrwith the fon oflhc free-woman. 
Su then, brethren, we are not chlldien of the 
bom!-woinan, but of the free. 

TieGn/fitl. St. John vi. i. 

■ESUS went over the fea of Galilee, 

which is the feaof Tibcrtai. And 

a great multitude followed him, be- 

caufe ihcy faw his mifudcs which 

hcdid tin ihem thai were difeafed. And Je- 

Fourth Sunday in Lent. 

fus ntnr up ititu a muunlain, and there lie I'm 
with his dIR'iples, And (he PaJTover, a ff all 
of the Jews, was nigh. When JeliiB th*n lill 
up his eyci, ati^ la"i a great company rome 
unio him, he Tailh unia Philip, Whence Ihall 
we buy bread, that theft may eal i (And this 
he faid lo prove hitn; for he hinili;lf knew 
what he would do.) Phdip anfirered him, 
Two hundred peny-worlh of bread h not fut- 
liclenl fur them, that every one of them may 
take a little. Orie of his diCciples, Andrew, 
Simon Peter's brother, faith unto him, There 
is a lad here, which hath five barley- loaves, 
and tnrofmall fifhes : but what are tiieyamonj; 
lb many ? And Jefus laid. Make the men iit 
diiivu. Now (here was much grafs in the 

Sbcc. So the men fat down, in number about 
ve thoufand. And Jefus took the loaveii, 
and when he had given thanks he dflVributed 
to (he difciples, and the difciptes to them thai 
were fct down; and likewife of the fillies as 
much at ihey would. When they were filled, 
h« faid unto his difciples, Gather up the frag- 
meitl« (hat lemain, ihnt nothing be loll. 
Therefore they gathered them together, and 
filled twelve baflteli with the fragments of the 
five barlcj'-loiivef, whirh remained over and 
above unto them that had e^ten. Then ihofe 
men, when they had ften the miracle that Je- 
Ais did, laid. This h of a truth that Prophet 
that Ihould come into the world. 

jFdi tmr tt tilin lilt 
lirBCTB laitr tslii' 

Dtie inrn, Bill lilt 

jBBfl satti to IBt lDit> 
intn ^rar mit.liri 
&i. iitji, itBdi. 

damson rnac ni inrTi- 

iilglii. min mat hie 

ODOrs, tn. JTilora ID(, 

anil Iftf Into sfstt 
iiiriottii fall, oRliit rial 

Fifth Sunday in Lent. 

The Fifth Sunday in Lent. 

ne Colka. 
J^ Ebtfeech ihce. Almighty God, mer- 
I'iRilly to look upon fhy ptitple ^ 
that by ihy great goodnefs lllty may 
be governed and prelrrved ever- 
more, bolli in body and foul ; through Jefos 
Cbrift our Lonl. Amtn, 

The EpiJlU. Hch. ii. ii. 
HRIST being come an High Prieft 
urgooil (hinge to come, by a crca'cr 
anil more perfefl tabernaik', nal 
mad:; with handb ; thai is lo fay, 
not of this building! ncilher by the blood of 
goars and laIves ^ but by his own blood he 
entered in once into the holy place, having 
obtained eternal redemption lor U!«. For if 
the blood of bulls and of goats, and the alhcs 
of an heifer fprink-Ung trie untlean, fanilifi- 
cth to the purifying ot the Rrlh ; hoiv much 
mote Ihall the blood of Chiilt, who, through 
the ttertml Spirit, offered hiinlelf without iiiot 
Co God, purge your ronfcience from dead 
works lo lervc the living God ! And for this 
caufe he iii the Mediator of the new tefta- 
ment, that by means of death, for the redemp- 
tion of the tranfgrelilons thai were under the 
firft tcllanient, they which are called might 
receive the promife of eternal inhetitLiiiec. 

HfulKr itmtinn lo Hii 
till, itnt ttnoiti Soarpn 
iDGsiiDi,ii,-[. iScn.itiliit 

[ lodtsrit Ijlmiliiit inii 
BOLtl MDrlJi: f spugCl 
nini, Si-[, ifaul. 111. 

Fifth Sunday in Lent. 

The Gojjiel. Sc. John »lli, 46. 

ESUSliid, Whlcii of yon convinceth 
me of lin ? and if I fay tht (ruth, 
why duyenot btlicvc me? He ihat 
ii of God hcirtth God'swofds j yt 
therefore hear Ihem not, becaule yc are nol 
of God. Then ajifwered the Jews, and faid 
unto iiim. Say we not will, that thou art .1 
Sjmiritan, and haft a devil ? Jefus anfwcrcd, 
I have not a devil ; but I honour my Father, 
ajid yc do diihonour mc. And I fcek not 
mine own glory \ there is one that fceketh aiut 
jiidgcih. Vciily, verily, I fay unto you, If a 
man keep my laying, he fliall never fee death. 
Then laid the Jews unto him, Noiv we know 
that thou hati a devil ; Abraham is dead, and 
the (iropliets j and ihou fayeft. If a man keeji 
my laying, he lliail never rafte of death. Art 
thou greater than our father Abraham, whiih 
is dead } and the lirouhets are dead ; whom 
makeft thou thy felt ? Jefusanfwered, If I ho- 
nour myfelf, my honour is nothing ; it is my 
Father that honooteth me, of whom yc fay, 
that he i^ your Gud : yet ye have not fcno«'n 
him i but 1 know him ! and if I (IiovjUI fay, 
I know him not, I Hiall be a liiir like unto 
you I but I know bim, and keep his laying. 
Your latbci Abraham rejoitcd to fee my day, 
and he faw it, and «as glad. Then faid the 
Jewi unto him, Thuu art not yet fifty years 

rb' lliQ ssfCi unro I9i' 
n[r[' ^ □Jii1r[,f]ir3(r- 
nani, Jcr. Diiiirl Dl. 

lilili (iDin tDiin, ^fim t 
taunt). Sit, iSsTit. tir. 

TO fdirp tOigtiKn' 
gnltt uggui Dt |iO 

[i$l DEI iirDiL3, ano 
ant lucnt dQD Idle 
IUtui,:u[. IBai.ibl. 

JlSUS 50 ID 10 Cto- 
>is. Ilm till Cngti 
trti. mt eri nun> 

itin hiinlr.JttOBHi » 
Inis. S.I Jgi)ii 11. 

Sunday next before Eafter. 

old, and halt ihou feen Abraham ? Jtfu* laid 
unto liitin, Vciily, verily, I lay iiiitn you, be- 
fore Abraham was, I am. Then took they 
11)1 Hones rn cafl al him : but [efus hid hini- 
Mf, and went ou( of lh< temple. 

The Sunday next before Eafter. 

LMIGHTV and evetialiing God, 
•vho, of thy tcmler lovi towards 
mankind, halt fent thy Son, our Sa- 
viour Jel'us Chrilt, to lake upon him 
our flefh, and to fuffer death upon the croft, 
ihit all m.inkind Hiould fiiUow the example 
uf his great humility -, Mercifully grant, (hat 
we may both follow the example of his pa- 
tience, and alfo be made psrtakcnj of his relur- 
teition i through the fame Jefui Chrift our 
Lord. J me II, 

T6( EfijUe. Piiil. ii. 5. 
«^ ET this mind be in you, which wa; 
alii) in Chrili Jcfusi nho, being in 
(he fonu of God, thought it not 
roblieryto be equal with God; but 
made himfetf of no rEput&liort,a[id took upon 
him the form of a lervant, and «.i5 made in th« 
likcnel^ of men-, and being found in falliion 
M a man, he humbled himli:lf, and became 
obi^dlcnt unto death, even the dtLith of the 

ant .^.irDti (itllrg inr 
naint ut Hir )Ijei bi- 
mil. &(, Am. mil. 

AlBron ■nBtcrrni: Or 
jLoED ii mitii us, uhii 
ittro, III. JuDflrs Di 




Sundav next before Eafter. 

croft. Whtixfow Owl aih hatli liiglily ci- 
illetl hint, and givm him i Name whirh ii 
ibovc cTttj-name; thii ai ihc Nameof Jc-Ai'. 
cvcfy kn« liioulii bow, of ihing* in hciycn, 
>iut thing) in earth, ind (hiiigt iinilcr the 
canhi and ibil crcry lanj[iic Ihould contefji 
llinl Jtlus Chrill it I.or4, to llir glory of God 
fh* l-mhfr, 

T*< Ge/jstl. Si, Mitth. iitii. i, 

HEN ihcmainingKai come. ill the 
chief priclU itid eldcn of tn« pco- 
pic took counfcl acainft Jcfui, to 
put him rodFiih. And when they 
bad bound him, Tlicy M him away, and clr< 
livened him in Poniiiit PilaM thr governour. 
Then Judai who had bc-irayed him, when he 
fawthtt he wit conJrmned, npenlcd himfclf, 
and hrou^hl again (he thirty ykim of fitvet 
to (h< chief piiclb and clJcr«, faying, I have 
finnrd, in lh:ir I have betrayed the innoMtii 
blood. And ihey (M, What it that to m t 
fee thou to tint. And he ealt down the piccei 
of fiUtr in the temple, and departed, mdweiit 
and hangrd himfcif. And the chief prlcllt 
took the fdver eicctt, nnd laid. It Ja not law- 
fill far to put them into the Irctfury, bccaiife 
it b the price uf blood- And they took coiin- 
fcl, and bought with them the ponei'» field, 
to borv ftranecn in. Wherefore thai field 
nil. r^itkd. The field of blood, unto ihii iSty. 

noQ. am nns nu mtir 
sun, rm. xi. Om. » 


rut" igpimV I ita- 
list al dn. tnt tmn 
■If ei(. M. iiltiugi it 

£t lift tttiAta 
tlV •pelia *nl« 
lt(n. t' uiii '(' 


tr bIrsB'li J^nn 

Sunday next before Eafter. 

(Then was l^lfilied ihat which was fpoken by 
Jtrtmy th< propbel, laying, And llicy look 
tilt ihiily pieces n( lilvet, I lie price i)f him tliaf 
was valued, whom they of the childcen of If- 
racl did value. and gave them for ihc poltcr'i 
(icld, as the Lord appoinled me.) And Jel'iis 
ftuod before (he guveinouti and the govct- 
nouralked him, laying. Art thou the King 
of the Jews ? And Jcliit faid unto him, Thou 
layclt. And when he was uccufed i>f the chief 
priefti and elderr., he aiifwered nothing. Then 
faith Pilule UMlu him, Hvarcft thou not hoiv 
m^iny things they witncf^ againli ihce f And 
he nnfweied him lo never 3 word, infomucli 
thai rhe govcrnour marvelled girntly. Now 
at (hat lesft the govern our was wont lo reteale 
unto llie pciiplea prifonct, whom ihey would. 
And (hey had then a nudiljle prifuner, called 
Barabhas. Therefore when they were ga- 
thered together, Pilate faid unto them, Whpni 
will ye (hat 1 rcleale unto you I Barabliaii, ui' 
Jefus which is called Chrift? For he knew 
that for envy they had delivered him. When 
he was fet down on ihe judgement- leal, his 
.wife lent unto him, laying. H^ve thou nothing 
to do with thai juft man : for I have liiffnisd 
many things this day in a drcain becaufe ot 
him. But the chief prielb and elders pcr- 
fuadcd the multitude that ihey ftiould aik Ba- 
ribbds, and dclltoy Jcfus. The eovernout 
anIWered and laid unto them, Whethei of the 

■wain will vt that I rtlcile unto jrou.' Tbey 
^id, Buiabku. PUatcfaithunti>(hem,What 
IbiU 1 ilo (IwB with Jcl'ut, which ia calird 
Chn'A t They all by unio him, Lcl him be 
(Tucilitil. And the govcmoui bid. Why, 
what evil halh he done I But chejr crie4 out 
lbenMire,liyu)g,Leihim becrudned. When 
PibU 6r IBK h< could prevail nothing, bul 
fhat nthcr a tumult wat inadc, he look iru^r, 
and iralhetl hii htndi before ihc multicuilc, 
laying, I am innoceni ol' ihe bloud oi thii jull 
pcrfon 1 fee ye K> a. Then anfmereJ all ihe 
people, and laid, Hii blood be on u>, and on 
our children. Then rclrafrd he Birabbai 
unto them i xaA when be had IboiirKnl Jcl'i» 
he delivered him to be crucified. Then ihe 
foldicn ol' tile govrmour took JcfuB into ibc 
common hall, and gathered unio him the 
whole hand of foUlierw. And they itripprd 
him, and put on him a fcatlet robe. And 
when they liad plan cd aetown of tliornii ihcy 
put il upon his lieid, and a reed in hit liehl 
hand : and they boned ihc knee bctiire him, 
and mocked him, laying. Hail, King of the 
Jcwi. And they fpit upon him, and look the 
reed, and linoie him on ihe head. And after 
(hat they bad mocked bim they took the robe 
off from him, and put hit onn laimcnt on 
him, and led hiiu anay id crucify liim. And 
»» ttiry tame out tiity luund a man of Cyrenc, 
Sinioii by name ; him tbey compelled to bear 

Uti iteu ntillgd unio 
ini tjtl)ii'6tiobs(, iiilr 
n mi tin, 4ttii,ititi. 

I ttrmoEttBitinibHig 

IBitt itii mDitrt et 
3nn> tiiiTsitiili to 
initt nri troiMiiD 
titDII tt'I CI" (■■ 

gctbtt, una (oust 
Biiftitmii iij (br do- 
te gbooi. flan Jo- 
»»t. «C IBIL I. 

flni) in tnc CI Mimil). 
tllr angrl Aanilcl 
mis ami (ran Oon 
tn (It; In Tallin. 


niinrb fliiirrlh. lo 

Oirijin ntBiinrH W 

1 iniii uihusi iimnr 
nas joEcpi), lu. I. 

Sunday next before Eafter. 

hi] crufs. And when they were comt unto 
a place I'allcJ Golgotha, tli:H is (o (ay, a place 
ut a fcoU, (hey gave him vinegar Tn clrink 
niiiiglcd with gilT: and when he had Iilled 
iheteof, he wovild not drink. And they tru- 
cilied him, and parted his ^nnent!, calling 
lots ; that it might be fulnlled, which was 
J'poken by the prophet. They parted my gar- 
ment* among (hem, and upon my vefturc did 
they tail lots. And fitting down they watched 
him there J and kt up over his head his ac- 
culaiion written, THIS IS JESUS THE 
KING OF THE JEWS. Then were there 
two ihieves crucified with him; one on (he 
right haml, and another on the left. And 
they that pafled by reviled him, wagging their 
heads, and laying, Thuu that dclltoycll the 
(emple,and buildeft it in three days, lave thy- 
(elf: it thou be (he Son of God, come down 
from the crofs, Likewile alfo the chief priefts 
mocking him, with the fcribes and elders, 
faid. He laved otheii, himlelf he cannot fare : 
if he be the King of Ifrael, let him now come 
down from the ctula, and we will believe him. 
He triiKed in God ; let him dclivtr him now, 
if he will have him s for he laid, 1 am the 
Son of God. The thieves alfo, which were 
crucified with him, calf the lame in his teeth. 
Now from the filth hour ihcie was darknclii 
over ail the land unto the ninth hour. And 
abovit the ninth hour Jelus cried with a loud 

fTht srcBe! i^c moinan 
^Ilall Itcjb upan tTr( 
{|i3[iat. k[. Sen. la. 

rtiE angil satB n hlui, 
f!l\c loin isantb iliri. 
moil niU.ini. juli. Di. 


Monday before Eafter. 

wake, laying, £ii, Eli, lama fiihtteJUJuaut thai 
ii M lajr, My (Jod, fny God, why ball thou 
^tCtk<awti Sonic of tliiin ili«( ftmni \htt<-. 
wbcn they hcanl thm, iui, Thii mm < ill>r[i 
li>r Eliv. And ftraigliotay one a( tbtm mn, 
. ind look * rpiingc, and liUcd il witli viiicg;ii, 
and put il on a rml, an4 ){ave hini to rlimk. 
Tlv< reft laid, Lil be, let u» fn whether Eliai 
will roratc to fm'e illiii. Jdiii, v>li<'[i he hud 
cried ajcain with > loud voice, yitUird up (he 
gboft. And behold, the vail ol the temple 
waa itnl in twain from the Itiu to the bottum, 
■ad tbe catth did quake, and the rockh mit, 
and the ];nve« nere opened, and many bodies 
of ^iiitt which llept arolc, and came out of 
the K^avta after hit nfurredlon, and went liir<> 
the holveitj-.andappcattdunio loany. Now 
when lh« centurion, and ihry that were wiih 
bin), watching Jciui, law lh« taclhiiiiakc, nnd 
thorelhinK><hatw«rt done, they fcaredgrcally, 
laying, truly ihit wra* the Son of Gud. 

Monday before Eafter. 

fsr tie EfiftU. If.l. Uiii, i, 
■"HO i> ihii that comclh I'cnm Edom, 
with dyed gatmenti Irum Boitah ! 
(hi> [hat ih gloriou» in hia apparel, 
Iravellinj; in (he frrcatntri of hit 
llrength } 1 thatlpcak in righ(cuur[irr>, inighiy 
to lav*. Whef«li>r« art thou fed in thine ap- 

iat>ilB.*E. t»iDB,li. 

lit &»<), gnDitic*piiii 

attii (glrb ll»ir la- 
u it( tuif lounni 
to 1 (i[|i al JulMt, 

ant (nldcD liiioltit 

«nD fiiiliiTta ^UbI' 
eiill. ftiilc r. 

C£ltin ilfi DJpS 

Jiir; bciugni tsilb 
f (i'si trsolitrr 

acB, null iDiiecrti 

(Itltirs.inblaio liiin 
m ininitt, lie 

Monday before Eafter. 

parel, and ihy gannints like him ihal tread- 
th in ihe wine-ta( ! I have iroddcn thtivine- 
rcfi alone, and of the people ihert vaA none 
with me : for 1 will tread them in mine anger, 
and trample them in my fury, and their bloorf 
lliall be Iprinklcii upon my garments, and I 
will ftain all my raiment. For the day of 
vcngtantr is in tnine heart, and the year of 
my redeciacd h conic. And I looked, and 
there was noni: to help; and ! wondered chat 
there was none to ophold : therefore mine own 
arm brought lalvalion unto me, and my fury it 
upheld me. And I will tread down the peo- 
ple in mine anger, and make them drunk in 
my fury, and I will bring down ihelr ftrength 
to the eii'th. I will mention the loving-kind- 
nelles of the Lord, and the praifesof the Lord, 
according to all thai the Lord halh bellowed 
on us, and the great goodnefs towariU the 
liouie of Il'rucl, which he hath beftowt'd on 
ihcm, according to his mercies, and accord* 
ing lo the multitude of hi? loving-kindnefies. 
For he faid. Surely they are my people, chil- 
dren that will not lie -. ft he was itieir Saviour. 
In all their 3fHi6lion he was afHifled, and the 
angei of his prelencc laved them : in his love, 
and in hi!> pify, he redeemed them, and he bare 
them, and carried them all the days of old. 
But they rebelled, and Tcxed his Holy Spirit j 
ihcfcfore he was turned (o he (heir enemy, 
and ht fought againft them. Then he te- 

ftltroiMIF pUrr iDlKrr 
on Itioti. \c. iBstV, 111. 

iht litrHnaclr Dm tlos- 
soin. (.-[. Hum. lOlt. 

Monday before Eafter. 

mcmbticd (Ik dajrt of okl, Molei and hit peo- 
ple, living, Whtrt ii he tliar brought thnii 
U|> out iM (he lea with the llicplicnl nf hlx 
nark t where i> he that |iii( hit II<>ly Spirii 
vnihin him f that led them by the iiRtit hand 
of Motirt,Kiih hit gluriuut ann, dividing (In 
water betnn ihciii, In nuke himlcti' in ever- 
biting Name ! ihut led them through the decji 
» an hotic in the wildeinclii, thai thev Ihouid 
iieit liumble^ At i bcull gcKth ^l^wn Into ilic 
vlllcjr, the Sjiiiit of (he Lord c^uled him to 
fell: la didit thou lead thy people, lo mikc 
ihylelf a glorioui Name. Look down t'lotn 
heaven, RIhI behold fintu the habitation of thy 
holineli, and of thy glor}': where it thy ital, 
and thj- ftrenf^h, the ibunding a( thy bo«ili, 
and ol ill)' mcnin towauli me ? Art they 
rettrained i Doubtlels thou in our Father, 

though Abuham be igitorani of ui, and It- 
rael icknuMltdite u» not : Thou, O Loni, an 
our Fa>her,uur Redeemer, thy Name it finm 
evcflalKng. O LonI, why halt thi>u inAdv 
us to en from thy way*.' and hardcneJ our 
hearts from thy fear f Return tor thy It'ri'.niiri' 
fake, the tribekof thine Inhrf itsme. The [iro- 
ple of thjr hnlineli have poilclVcd it bill a lit- 
tle nhile : our adverfulei hale trodden down 
thrfan^uary. W care thine i thou never bj reft 
rule over theni| they were not called by thy 

atnrr MB t* BiWB, 
iinS.fci. Ii£iii. III. 

Fit aiirm or ^tirti 
utmt»tlfisiD .liiuu- 
iia to. III. I Biiitsi. 

f/(h(i( n Iftf ting 
IT ilir Jin* itai II 
tun, fit Br k4gi 
inn t'G lilt IB ttt 

twnill II Din-UK ttn 
itr«i.*i. jlat II. 

ansT, iiib ritic itr 
IDung [lull] inn bis 
ffoltEi dnCt Rfr into 
e«lti'>>iiK b( 1M 

iDm umil i Ming 
lllrr njorli. lor (pfioO 
billiirit tltTliim III 

Monday before Eafter. 

Tie Go/fel. St. Mjtk »iv. i. 

FTER two days was ihe fcaft of the 
Padbvcr, ami of unleavened bread : 
and the thief pridts and the lerlbrs 
fought how they might lake him 
by I'J'ult, 1111(1 put hiin to death. Bui they 
laid, Not on the left 'here be an 
uproar of the people. And being ill Bethany, 
in the houft of Simon the lejier, as he (at at 
meat, there came a woman having an alabalter 
box ot ointment of tpikcn.ird, very prccioii.>i ; 
and Ihe brake the box, and poured it on hii 
head. And there weie fome (hat had indig- 
nation within iheitilelves, and faid. Why was 
this wade of (htoinlincnt made? for it might 
have been fold far more than three hundred 
pence, and have been given to the poor : and 
they murmured againii her. And Jel'us faid. 
Let her alone ; why trouble yv her > ihe hath 
wrought a giiod work on me ; lor ye have 
the poor with you always, and wlienlbever ye 
will ye may do them good ; but me j-e have 
not always. She hatb done what (he rould ; 
flic is conic atorchand to anoint my body lo 
the burying. Verily ! fay unio you. Where- 
foever this Gofpel lliall be preached through- 
out the whole world, this alio that (he hath 
done (hall he fpokcn of for a memorial of het. 
And Judat Ikariot, one of (he twelve, went 
ujilo the chief prieftsi to betray him unto them. 

C ^1 

Mondsy before Eafter. 

And wbcn ihity heard it rhey ocrt gUd, uid 

Eroniiftil ta give him monfj-. And he Iciught 
ow he might coiiTciiieiitly lieitar him. And 
ihc lirl) day ■>! unleavened brcKi, »hcn thcj' 
killed the ii»nbrer,h»dilclp]nfaid unio him. 
Where wilt thou th»t wc go and ptcuart, tint 
tlioii ma^clt eat ihe ^lalTovcrf And he Iciid- 
(ill I'orlh iwo of hit difciplei, and fiilh unio 
ihem. Go jrc into the c'ny, and there OvAl 
meet y<i\i a man ticicmg a pitehei of niter i 
fallan him : And ivherclbever he Ihall go in, 
iiiy ye to the Hood-man of the houTe, The 
Matter Taiih, wbrre n the guell-chaniber, 
wbere I ihitll cat ihe pifTover with my dilci' 
fi*%i And he will Ihcw ]rou a large upper- 
room furniflicd, Mnd prepared i there mikr 
read/ for un. And hit i^fciulc* went forili, 
and (-anic into the cilv, and found u he had 
r^iid iinlo llictn i ind ihe^ made ttady the 
pulTover. And in the evening hecomclh with 
iKc twelve. And as ihey iii, and did eat, 
Jflut laid, Venly I liy unto yuu. One olyuu 
which calelh viith nic (hull lictray me. And 
they began ru be Ibrrowful, ind to lay unto 
him cine by one. Is it I F and iiiujthcr laid, 
Is it I r And he anfwercd and faid unto them, 
It ii oue of ihe twelve that dipnclh with me 
in the di/h, The Son of Man indeed gwlh, 
oiit ii written of him : but wo tn thai man by 
ivhiiiTi the Son ot Mm it betrayed : good were 
it foi llut m^i) if ho had never been bi'in. 

]«»ra rui Id' Mii:n 
ggi If bis tills iriD 
BtiUIDrm. ifFiD.iiiK 

riir ptillsllnis II nV 
tiim ttiLcn Domn tt- 

itiuiltirs. O'sliil 
Oiiiiop itdi ini- 
grt. Sk nm nit 

stiiiii iJB. Ui( titi 
KB tlni. Bdiuu Ul 
Icitct nuiilir lait, 
ODJl.trc. IWSHI. 

^rroO HU9I9 til 
Ellin iCit Dtrr IK 
Citniitli'tR. ant In 

ItJ rlir iois^s iWtt' 
el tTn]n Hug priis 
«lll iiiO uiiDrt, ![• 
cg[Dl>ln.^^ t«ii II. 

Monday before Eafter. 

And 3f ihcy did eit, JcfuB took bread, and 
litcfltd, and brake il, and gavr In (htm, and 
laid, T»ke, cut i this is my body. And he 
look the rup, and when he had ^iven ihanks 
lie giive it t'j ihcm : and they airdrsnk ijI" it. 
And he laid iiiiro them, This is my liloud ul 
ihe new icftament, which is (bed for many. 
Veiily I fay unto you, I will drink no more 
of the fnilr of the vine, until that day lliat I 
drink it new in the Kingdom of God. And 
whtn ihty had fung an hymn they went out 
into the mount of Olisrs. And Jciiis faith 
unto them, All ye Ihall be offended becaufc 
of me this night : for it is written, I will I'mifc 
the Ihcuherd, and the Iheep Ihall he li'atlered, 
But, alter thai I am rilcn, I iviil go befoic 
you into Galilee. But Peter faid unto him. 
Although all Ihall be olfended, yet will n'.>t 
I. And Jefu5 faith unto him, Verily I fay 
unto thee. That this day, even in this night, 
bcftire the cork crow twice, thou fhalt deny 
me ihrire. But he Ipake the mure vehcmenlly. 
If I (hould die with thee, 1 will not deny thee 
in any wite. Likewifi; alio iaid they all. And 
they came to a place which was named Geth- 
fcmane : and he faith to hi? difciplei. Sit yc 
here, whde I (hall pray. And he taktth with 
him Peter, and James, and John, and began 
to he lore amaicd. and to be very heavy, and 
laith unto them. My foul is exceeding ibrrow. 
hil unto death ; tarty ye here, and watch. 

(tiDii iiih Mil uuon Iti 
trusts, liaa, mi. 

Monday before Eafter. 

And be inat forvntrd a Utile, and fell on tlic 
eround, anil itnjri, ihar, if it were pi>flihl<, 
ihc hi^ir la'i^ki ax(-. from him. Anil h< fjid. 
Abbi, Fitht'ijallthinn^in polElile unto thee ( 
take awxytbii cup from me; □evertheleli, not 
ohat I vriil, but what tbuu wilt. And he 
Cometh and finilcth thciii lleeping, and faith 
onto Peter, Simon, Hecpcl) thou ! cniildcit nm 
thou watch one hour f Waieh ye and prav, 
tcA <rc enter into temptalion i the fpirit truly 
ii tcidy, liui the Adli i* (veaJt. And again 
hen-ent away, and prayod.andfpakc the lame 
noidk. And when he returned he found them 
*<1e«panin, (for ihcii (yeiwcre heavy,) nei- 
ther wilt they what to aol'ivcr him. Anil lie 
conKth the third (imc, and faith unto them, 
$)«ep on now, nnd lake joiii ttA i it ii enough, 
the houi M conie ( behold, ihr Son of M^in i> 
betrayed iaia lh« handu of finncn. Kife up, 
let usfO; h>, h« that beirayelh me it at hanil. 
And immediately, while he yet fpafce, conieih 
jinlan, on« of the twelve, and with him a grrai 
multitude with fnordi and Ai«et, from the 
chief prltfli, and the foibeii, and the eldcn. 
And be thai betrayed him had given them a 
token, fivin;;, Whomfoever t Aall klfi, ihii. 
fame a he { lake him, and lead him awav 
fafely. And at loon i« h< Ma> cnmc he grrrtii 
ttraiKhlway to him, and faith. Mailer, millrr ; 
uid l^iAtd him. And ihcr hiJ their hindi 
on him. and took him. And one of lliem 

;nf4 AOl Dt rbli (Ounirp 
Urob, trt. 0'n iii'. 

IttliiD.MIxng ihA 
I to ut. '•' '< run 1^ 

rDr laitl Ml> I* 
fnt»li' Stiti.tnt 
litMniti brant An 
■HDiArT 1)10 ue inia 

Itif ]ii «iit Uti'tt 
sniiDIi iti fSDng 



tus tiglKiD, rum 
slMlatK oui tt itr 
main, ann lo, ilit 

bEdiidia uifrt nttii- 
n iiiiiD Irliii, nng 
)olt» Sam rtr silin 
Of iBoD, «.'f , ffla .III, 

Monday before Earter. 

ili»t rtood by drew a. livoiJ, and fmoic a fcr- 
vant of the high [iriclt, and cut olF his car. 
Atn( /tfutanrwered.anjfaid imio r hem, Are 
ye ominc out as aga.inft i ihict, wlih rwords 
anil <^Llti Itave^, tu Fakf me P I wasdaiiv with 
you ill ihe tcmpie teaching, and ye loot me 
not ; biit ihr Scri|iii)rci mult he fulfilled. And 
they all fnrfouk hitn, and Hed. And there 
followed him a oei'lam y^^i^"^ man, having a 
linen cloth caft aboui hib naked hodvi and 
the young mm liid hold on hitn ; and he left 
the linen cloth, qnd Hed from ihem naked. 
And they led Jefiis awiv (o the high prieft ; 
and with him were aifemWed all the thief 

frielli, and the etUcri, und the fiTlbes. And 
cter follow cil him afai' off, even intothcjialace 
of the highpriell; and hcfai wilhthefervants, 
and ivarmtd himfclf at the fire. And ihe 
chief priclisand all (he (.1:111 ncil fought fo(»ir- 
iiels againlf Jeliis to put him to dealh j Ji.nd 
found none. For many bare felfe wlincfs 
ngainll him, but their wiincft agreed not to- 
gether. And theiT arofc ceitain.and barefatie 
wilncfs againii him, faying, Wc heard him 
fay, I will deliray this temple that h made with 
hands, and within three day? 1 will build »n- 
olher made wilhirut handi,. But netlhci fo 
(lid thcirwitnef* agree together. And the high 
piieft limjd up in the midil, and aflced Jefuk, 
ihying, Ajir»ereft ihou nothing? what is It 
vviiich ihcfe witnefs againft ihee ? But he held 

i.111 UV Ibp Kill ft 

slrrltD BUI tjilin OiHIQ 
aORIDt. fie. 4CI0II.I1II. 

Monday before Eafter. 

hii peate, and anTwered nothing. Again the 
high priett atkird him^ and inid unto hrin, An 
thou ihe Chrift, the Son oJ' the BIcllid > And 
Jtfus laid, I am ; and ye ihsU li-e the Son ot 
Man fitting on the right hand of power, and 
turning in ihe itoud* of htawn. Then the 
high priclt rent h<& clothes, md laith, What 
need we my ("unher vviintlles I ye have heard 
the Malphemy : ivhat think ye ? And they all 
(•■.indemned liini to be guilty of death. And 
fonie bc^an to I'liit on him, and to cover hk 
face, and lu bulTel him, and to fay unto him, 
Projihcfy: and the Icrvanlidid lliike him with 
llle jialnn of iheir hands. And as Peter was 
beneath in the pal^e there cumeth one of the 
maids of (he high pticlii anil when Iht hw 
Ptttr warming himlelf (he looked upon him, 
md faid. And thou alfo waft with Jcl'uii of 
Nazartth. But hedenied, faying, 1 know not, 
ntithei undi:rftand ] what thoii laytft. And 
he went out into ihu porrh ; and the cock crew. 
And a maid taw him again, and began lo lay 
lo thtm that ftood by. This is one of ihem. 
And he dtnied it again. And a Utile alter, 
they that llood by faid again lo Peter, Surely 
thou ^itone of ihem ; fur thou ana Galilean, 
and ihy I'petch agieeth thereto. But he began 
to curfe and to fwear, laying, I know not ihi.i 
man of whom yt fpeak. And the fecond time 
ibc fock crew. And Peter called to mind the 
word that Jeliis faid unto him. Before the coi k 

riir tiinptir camt lo 

1)1(11 Ot riK Son ot 
iBoD. [OintnaiiEi I list 

VFeiii srllirli Ins blitli' 

riQlM far a inrgs at pm-- 

brrae But tl' an- 
Elnitlng nit. It Is 
liirliltn,(.i iflai-IO. 

Cli( wnniiiii srctiig i 
irci ID tF ptiosani, toot 
01 inr fruit. &•«. iti. 

firftniD, mginin i 

in nut, siBint 

crow l«ice, thou lliall deny me Ihrice. And 
whtn he thought (hereon, he wept. 

Tuefday before Eaftcr. 

Fari/ie EpijUr. Ifiiah 1. 5. 

HE Lord Gad balh o|]cned mine e^r, 
and I was not rebelliuiis, ncilhti 
turned away back. ! gave JDy baik 
t(Hhcfmit<T6,and inycnecltito ihi'ni 
ihat plucked off ihe hair; 1 liici not my fair 
froiti fhame and fpilliTig. Fur the Ixjrd Go<.l 
wili heipine, ihefetbrelhall I not be Confound- 
ed : therefore have I fef mvfacelikeaBint,and 
I knoit that 1 ihall not he afliamcd. He n 
near that jitftifielh me; who will contend with 
me f Let us (land (ugether j who is mine ad- 
verlary ? let him tome near to me. Behoid, 
the Loi'd God wili help me ; who in he ih»! 
Ihail condemn me? to, they all (hall wax 
old a& agarnient : the moth Ihall eat ihcm up. 
Who ii among yiiu ihntfeatelh (he Loid, that 
obeyeih the voice ol' his Tervani, that walkeih 
In darknels, and hath no tight .' let him tnitt 
in ihc Name of the Lord, and llay upon Ins 
God. Behold, all ye that kindle a tiie, thai 
compali yourrvlvca about with lpark*i walk 
in the light of your fire, and in the fparksthal 
ye have kindled. This fliall ye have oFmine 
hand, ye Ihall lie down in forrow. 

IlEriigln win mas HI- 
sri^co riiufll {icjis, 
mniti: i-c. 3Dbn D. 

3na InttKfDUctli iDitrll 

Tuefday before Eafter, 

T4« Gujj-ct. Si. Mirk .V. 1. 

ND ftnightway in ihc inoming the 
chief pnclls held a can lull a lion wiili 
tlie el Jers, and ftribes, and the whole 
council, and bound Jcl'iis, and car- 
ried him away, and delivered him lo Pilate, 
And Pilaie alkcd hiin, Ar( ihou the King ol" 
the Jews? And he anrwcring faid unto him, 
Tliou fayeft it. And the chief prieils accufed 
him of many things ■. but heaiifwcred nothing. 
And Pilate aikedhim again, faying, Anfwer- 
el( ihou nothing ? behold how many things 
ihey witnefs againft thee. But Jefus yet 
anfwercd nothing -. lb that Pilate marvelled. 
Now ai that feaft he relcafed unto them one 
prifoner, ivhomfoeverthey defired, And there 
was one named Baiabbas, which lay bound 
with them that had made inl'urrcflion with 
him, who had commilled murder in the infur- 
region. And the mulriiude, crying alouil, 
began to dclire him lo do as he had ever done 
vinto (hem. But Pilate anIWered them, fay- 
ing, Will yc thai I releale unloyou the King 
of the Jews? For he knew ihat (he chief 
priifte had delivntd him for envy. But the 
thief priclls moved the people, that he Ihould 
rather releale Barabbas unto them. And Pi- 
lil« anfwered, and faid again unto lhcin,What 
will ye then that [ (hall do unto him whom 
calliheKingof the Jews f And they cried 

1(1 nil" "SI lilt 6isi 
sloiit,&[, ^Dtin nil. 

jlrGiiG suing ttcll 
IDi D4Ib;. tit, 

3iib nrioot Ihc fiD( 
loilrg mn fi fslics, 

aiiD[oal![fi iiLiia^ra- 

lOUII Mm, ft.tI]IIIG. 
ramidirit rdiii Hi 
itii nis niiti (tnt' 

■nil), tgiino honb 
ant foDimut tings, 
*iiii ni9 Firr Udg 

out again, Crutify him. Tlieo Pilate Jiiiil 
unto ihcm. Why, what evil haih he dont ! 
And Ihey cned out ihe more ciccrJingly, 
Crucify him. Antl lb Pilate, willing to con- 
lent tLe people, relcHlcd Barabbas unto iheni, 
am) delivered Jefu*, when he had fcourgiil 
him, to be cruciAed. And the Ibldiers led 
him away into the hall, called Ptailorimn ; 
and theycal! together ihe whole band. And 
ihey clothed him with purple, and plaited a 
cruwn ot~ thorns, and put it about his head : 
and began (o I'alutc him, Hail. King at the 
Jews. And ihey fmotc him on the head wiih 
a reed, and did I'pit upon him, and bowing 
ihi'ir kneesworlhipped him. And when they 
had mocked him they took off ihe purple firim 
him, and put his own clothes on him, and led 
him out to crucify him. And ihey compel 
oneSimonaCyrenian, who naffcd by, coming 
out oi" Ihe country, the father of Alexander 
and RufuB, to bear his crol's. And they bring 
him unto the place Goigotha, which is, bring 
interpreted. The plate of a fcull. And ihsy 
gave him to drink wine mirigied wilh myrrh ; 
but he received it not. And when they had 
crucified him they parted his garments, calling 
loti upon them, what every man Ihould take. 
And ii was the third hour, and they crucified 
him. And the fuperftription of hit accufa- 
tlon was written over, THE KING OF 
THE JEWS. And wilh him they crucify 

eilliition tl|(c|)illi,iini> 
iDc. kC- I Kings IDII, 

ifpllslii [iiini]it IRIg llii 
fiDUsi. tiliDiD ili( rnill 
mu, lit. li Bings ID. 




Tuefday before Eafter. 

two thieves, [he one or his right hand, and (he 
other on his left. And the Scripture was ful- 
filled, which faiih. And he was numbered wiih 
the Iranl'grelTors. And ihey that pafled by 
railed on him, wagging their heads, and lay- 
ing. Ah, thou that dellroycft the temple, and 
buildell it in (htee days, five thyfrif, und come 
downfrcrni ihectnfs. Likewile alfo the chief 
priclii mocking faid among themfclvcs, with 
the ri-ribes. He ikved others ; hlmiUt he can- 
not favc. LetChrifttheKingoflfraeldefcend 
now from the crofs, that we may fee and be- 
lieve. And they that were crucified with him 
reviled him. And when the fiith hour was 
come, there wns datkncis over the whole land 
until the ninth hour. And at the ninth hour 
Jclu^ tried with aloud voice, faying, Elai,Elai, 
lamafabae/il/iaai? which is, being intetprelcd. 
My God, my God, why hall tliou iorlakcn 
me ? And (bme of them that ftood by, when 
they heard it, faid. Behold, he calleth Eiias, 
And one ran and filled a fpungefull of vinegar, 
and [Hit it on a reed, and gave him to drink, 
laying, Let alone j let us fee whether EMas 
will come to take him down. And Jcfus cried 
wilh alond voice.andgaveuplheghoft. And 
the vail of the lemple was rent in twain from 
the top to the bottom. And when the cen- 
lurion, which Dood over againlt him, law that 
he (a cried out, and gave up (hcghoft, he laid, 
Truly this man waa the Soti of God, 

i juDriLDUltDunflt^DDtLt 
III rl|f sialii ^tn.iUill. 

ffrbLEcTiL^Cnfjidt an' 
smritg- lo. i sH tout 
iiirnliiiise,&(. Sun. ui. 

Itff mj^lritiafigurrtl 
trfoi' ihon ^iil CIS 
tllraiDsllini USIDI 

IsiTiA! mniir aeltir 
ttdlil. anO bdlnlD. 
rflrvr appr^rfb unto 
ttft«.l((- ^al.iDli. 



Wednefday before Eafler. 

9lnb BR Fnigivin 
nit. Ui Blir miti 
much' JTc iDljoin a 

[(iMi Is fotgtnrn, ti( 
Until liiti i lilili. 
3nls hr 931D lima 
in, <[[. l,uc( bii. 

Wednefday before Eafler. 

TAi BpijiU. Hcb. i<. i4. 
HERE a Ictlamtut «, there mufl 
i\ta ofncc'clTit)' be-ihe ilcnih ot (lie 
tcltator; for a IdUmeiir is of fonr 
lifter men arc dead \ otherwjfc tl 11 
ofno fttvngih at all whilji ilie icllaior liveih 
Whtieiipon, nciihtr ihc Srft (citaineiit was 
cieilicaled wilhoul blooil -. for when Mof'es had 
Ipnkcn ivety precept to all the people, accotJ- 
iiig to the law, he took ihc blood of OalvH 
and of goaK, wiih water, and fcarlct wool, and 
hj'llbp, and fprinkled both ihe book, and all 
the people, Ispiig, This ii the blood of thf 
left.imenl, which God Imlli cnjtiinrd iinlo you. 
Moreover, he fpiitilcled with biood buih Ihe 
tabernacle, »iid all the vciTcts of the ininiiUy. 
And almoft all things ate by the law i)urg<d 
with lilond ; and without fiiedding of blood 
ii no rcinillioli. It was ihercfWc iiectlTafy 
ihal the pBltems of thiogj. in the hejvcnt 
Ihoiild be purihed with thefe ; but the hea- 
venly thingi iheinrelics with bctlrr factilife* 
than ihefe. For Chrill is not entered into 
the holy placn made with handi, which are 
the figii'res of (he inie, but into henven illcif, 
now- lo appear in the prcleiicc of God Ibr in j 
nor ve( (hat he Ihould oHer himfelf often, is 
the nigh prieli riilerelh into the holy pbrc 

niDid Bjm (s fi.itnoa. 

I Tianr sinii'D iplnst 
tb' t-oil. II fniK. III. 

3>ioii loelKO iiMntVlD 
rum, ant Orlit][D, sllr 
Ibis iicious fliini. ill. 

Wednefday before Eafter. 

every ysar with hlooiJ of othet^ : forlhcn mil ft 
he often havi fuftcrcd linte ihe fourdation of 
the world j bul now once in tlii: end of ihe 
world bath lie appeared to put away (in by the 
ftcrifiee ui himlslf. And as it is appointed 
unto nwn once to die, but after this the judge- 
ment: ia Chrift was once offered to bear the 
fiDs of many; and unto them that look for 
him (hall he appear the feeond time wiihout 
fin unto liilvation. 

TAe GoJPtL St, L«ke luii. i. 

OW the fcaft of unleavened bread 
drew nigh, which is called the PalT- 
over. And the chief prieft? and 
Icribes fought how ihey might kill 
him i for they feared the people. Then en- 
tered Satan intoJndasfumHmedIfc3riot,bein^ 
of the number of the twelve. And he went 
his way, and communed with Ihe chief priefts 
and taptains, how he might betray him unto 
ihem. And they were glad, and covenanted 
to give him money. And he promifcd, and 
IbuBht opportunity to betray him unto them 
in the abii;nce of the multitude, Then came 
the day of unleavtned bread, when the paiT- 
ovet muft be killed. And he fcnt Peter and 
Jwhn, faying. Go and prepare us the palTover, 
that we may eat. And (hey faid imtu him. 
Where ivilt thoii that we prepare i And he 
faid unto them, Behold, when ye are entered 

Ifflliii sliill Imci pit; 
linn iiponilirr,J^3<tU' 
flalrtn. &r. j[rrm. JD. 

DliiiG, 1-r. {ttidii. 

IZtlirn -Flirlsi ramf 
star jcrnsiiirn lie 
brtilt ifir dtp inD 

etoifor ir.^irinQ: 

Jliiltlton DoDsiiDtn 
Kniliin 01 ilic 1(131 
In itiis i^c Bii; Ittar 
i|lnQ«. li'C, I.U.1I1, 

EdiiAd Itidr tdc- 
mtiKsin iftf »ip,d- 

tttt rui noffiii tNn> 

'Mi.inirt inrm in rnc 
■4! pB«l i( 

Wcdncfday before Eafter. 

inifi tlie city, tlirrc (hull a min mecl you, bear- 
ing a pitcher of water) follow him into llic 
hoiifc where he emcicih in. And yc (hall lay 
iinio ihc good-man of the houfe. The Msftcr 
laitli \in(u ihcCj Wlicrc is xht guell-chamber, 
where I tliall eat the paircwci willi my Uili-i- 
pWs ! Ami he Ihall llicw you a laruc iipptr 
L'oom furnilheil ; there make ready. And ihey 
went, and found tm he had faid unto ihein i 
and llicy made ready the [laiiiiver. And when 
rlie hotii was crime hi fat down, and the twelve 
Ajjulilcswiih him. Ami he faiil unio them. 
Wit It deli re I have deiired local this palfovci' 
with ymi before I I'ufFer; for I fay unto you, 
I will not any more cat (hereof, until it he 
fulRlled in the Kingdom of God. And lie 
look the cup, and ga ve thanks, and laiil,Til.= 
lhi>, and divide it amon^ yourlelvcs. Fur I 
fjy unto you, I will not drink of tlie fruit ol 
the vine,unlillhe Kingdom of God Ihallcomc. 
And he took bread, and gave llianks, and 
brake it, and gave until them, liiying. This 
ii my body, which ii given for you ; this do 
in remembrance of me. Like wile alfo the cup 
jftet fujiper, faying, Thiscu|) it I he liewlelia- 
mcnt in niy blood, whiih is Ihcd for you, But 
lichold, the hand of him thai heirayelh me h 
with me on the table. And truly the Son of 
Man gocth as it was dcteniiined -, but wo unto 
thai man by «hom he la bcttaycd. And they 
began to enquire among ihemlelves, which of 

CDiiisc 111 ibm tUt. 
inn, 1^1. Hilt, sBtu. 

CtirctiiintNtdiii ptn 
ftinsiiiiKig men f II 
sti. XE. u Smgs u. 


Wednefday before Eafter. 

rhcm it >^'as (hat fltuuld do ihis ihing. And 
ihcre was alfo a ftrifc among ihcin, which of 
ihem fliould be actOHritcd ihe greateft. And 
he laid unio them. The kings of ihe Gentiles 
cxcrcile lordlhip over them, and they thai ex- 
crcife authotity upon them are called bene- 
faflors. But ye lliall not be lb; biithelhati^ 
grealcit among you, Icl hini be as llic youiigetj 
and he that li chief, a; he ihat dolh lel've. 
For vthcihet is greater, he that litteth at meat, 
or he that leivelh r is not he (hat TitCeth at 
meat ? but I am among you at he ihat fervcih. 
Ye are they which have continued wiih me 
in my It m [Hat Ions. And I appoint onlu you 
A kingdom, as my Falhet halh appointed umn 
me^ that ye may eat and drink at my tabic 
in my kingdom, and lit on thrones, judging 
the twelve tribes of Ifrael. And the Lord 
laid, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hathdeiired 
to have you, that he may lift you as wheat ; 
but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail 
not; and when thou art con veiled, llreng then 
thy brcthien. And he laid unto him. Lord, 
I am ready to go with thee both into prifbn 
and lo death. And he faid, I tell ihee, Peier, 
the cock Ihall not crow this day, befoie that 
thou Ihall thrice deny that thou knowell me. 
An*.l he laid unto tliem, When I ient you 
without purfc, and fcrip, and tlioes, lacked ye 
any thing? And they laid. Nothing. Then 
faid he unto them, But now, he that hath a 

i& this hdiEsr firrpint a 
dill nf ifilttts. bjlirit- 
iipsii, tit. Jrrciii, Dtl, 

jainr IIDUSC Btmi 111 
Ts^IlfD a housr of prn^ir 
lot ill.&c, Isaijli foi. 

ttmfli asB trgiin to 
cost D"t >D'ni t^il 
sole ant baugni, 

5ii"nonnn! ilirin.Il 
Is niilirn. Ittliu 


CrJCrr. Irt.lii. ilt. 

Oc iDitt gricBU 
mo llii srrlbis anil 
IbtfUiinsof iltrefD- 

ttll hiui. Hill IIKv 

Wednefday before Eafter. 

purfe, let him take It, and likenifc hii fcrip i 
and he that hath no Twotd, let him fell his gar- 
metil, and buy one. For I fay unto you. 
That this that ix written muft yet be acecrni- 
plilhed in me. And he was reckoned among 
the iranrgrifTors 1 foi the thine* eooeeininj; 
ine have an end. And ihcy iaid. Lord, be- 
hold, htrc arc two fwords. And he Taiii unio 
(hem, It i* enough. And he came out, and 
«cnt, as he was wunt, to the Moutil ol Olivev, 
and his dird(iles alfo followed him. And 
when he was at ihc place, he laid unto thcin, 
Ptay, that ye enter not into temptation. And 
he was wilhdtawn from them about 3 ftone'i 
caft, and kneeled doivn and prayed, living. 
Father, il" thou be willing, remove this cup 
ftom nie ! nevetlhelefs, not my will, but thine 
be done. And there appeared an angel unto 
him ftom heaven, Itrengthcning him. And 
being in an agony, he prayed more earn ell ly ; 
and Tiis fweat was as il were great drops of 
blood falling down to ihe ground. And when 
he role upfront prayei,aml wascoraeto hisdif- 
ciples, he found them deeping for fortow, md 
fnid unto them. Why lleep ye ? rife and piay, 
left ye enter into temptation. And while he 
yet fpake, behold, a multitude, and he that 
was called J udai, one ol the twelve, went be. 
fore them, and drew near unto Jefus fo kifi 
him. But Jeliis faid unto him, Judas, betray* 
ell thnu the Son of Man with a kiiB ? When 

JJIIini .iosrili's (![(■ 
illrrii 5,im Hin atji b«. 
fOdi. &[, Sen. iiiDii. 

BiJp. St. II ^jui. 10. 




(hrywluiwcTt nboul him law whutM-oultl fol- 
low, tliey laid unio hiiti, LorJ.lhall Bt fmitt 
niih (lie iWoni ! And i)!!! of thtm (more the 
ftrvamof the high prirA.andcwialThit right 
car. And Jdiii anfincrcd anil laid, SiilFcr yr 
ihuifiir. And In touched hii car, and healed 
him. Then Jcl'ui raid unto tlic chief pticlli, 
and C3p(iinii>r thcleniplr,iiidlhc rider* who 
were come to him. Be ye come <njt i* aMiiiil) 
» thief, n-ith r«oids and lUio I When I ivii 
diily with you in ihetrmplt, yc Hreichcd forlh 
I'.i' h^ndi a^iinlt me: but tnln it your hour, 
and the power of daiknelg. Then tcicik they 
him, ind led him, and brought him inio tlic 
hiKh prieli') houle i and Peter fDllonrd idi 
'iff. And when they h;td kindled a lire in the 
midA ot' the hall, and wrtc let down tugcllier, 
Fcter lat down amonj; them. But a rcrliin 
maid beheld him, ai he fat by ihc lire, and 
ramellly lui>ked upon him, and faid, Thii 
man wss alio with liiiii. And he denied him, 
faying. Woman, I know him not. And aflct 
a little while anolhet law him, and laid. Thou 
>rl alio of them. And Peter faid, Man, I am 
■MM. And Ahi.iiE thvfpai-eoronc hour after, 
another con hdentlyatfitnirdirayinjCiOf a tiuih 
this frilow alfo wa* with him i for he ii a 
Galilean. And Peter I'nid, Man, I know not 
what ikiiu fayell. And inimediaielv, while 
hr yel I'pakc, thcrnrk tfcw. And tlic Lord 
turned, and looted ujiim Peter j and Peter 

Jatlti tilh. ^omr Ifi 
n siU tin 10 i^c l4k- 

<H(lU:s. «(n.iirtll. 

NDn iBig VFacpi. inb 
ttBIKtxi.fct ein.iiiii 

Cb'r JbtnlnrtDiiHDo 
tiim ilHiii' giciis «l 
sllDit.inb liDinilii 

IllDI JtMli S9U(tl 

owarioniig u tt- 

muur. llMgfl ttl 


4n«3 ti {lis liBi 
SHptn IS tDri tlD 
III, loiit tittt. odB 
mlldl St van glDiD 

remembefrd ihr wotd of ihe Lord, how he 
had laid unto him. Be to re the cock cron, thou 
Ihall deny mc thrice. And Peler went oul, 
^nd wept bitterly. And (he men that held 
jelus mocked him, and I'moie him. And when 
ilicyhad hllndt'oldcd him, they Itruck him on 
the face, and alked him, faying, Prophely, 
will) is it that I'mole ihcc ! And many other 
things bbfphemoully fpake ihey againii him. 
And as Toon as it was day, the Men of ihc 
people, and the chief uriells, and the fcribes, 
came together, and led him intn their council, 
faying, Art tiiou ihe Chrift I tell us. And 
he faid unto ihero. If I tell you, ye will not 
hctieve : and if I alfo alk you, ye will not 
anfivei me, nor let me go, Hereafler Ihall 
(he Son of Man lit on the right band of the 
jjoiver of God, Then faid they all. Art ihou 
ihcn the Son of God ? And he faid irntolhem, 
Ve fay thai I am. And they faid. What need 
ivc any further witnefs > for we outlelvesliave 
heard of his own mouth. 

Thurfday before Eafter. 

T/ieEpijUc. iCot. li. 17. 

N this that I declare unio you, I 
praiie you not j that ye come to- 
gether not for the belter, hot for 
the ivorft. For firit of all, when 
ye come together in the church, I heat ihai 


/fliltJtlsidiclp lnoiiaDl 
(tiiti CriaD inn diiik, 

illlt.Ilr, IBIR.IID. 

IRn^tGSiiin Id tHr |irO' 
111 iK tarnil; riilfi IE 
ihJi, It, ipiooua 101. 


Thurfday before Eafter. 

ihcre be divlllons amung yoii, and I partly 
believe it. For there mult be aifo iierelSes 
among you, that they who are approved may 
be made manifelt among you. When yct'ome 
together therefore into one place, this is not 
lo eat the Lotd'i liipper: for in eating every 
one laketh before (ithcr his own fiippcri and 
one is hungry, and another is diun ken. What, 
have ye not houfes lo tat snd to drink in ? or 
defpife ye the church of God, and Ihame them 
that have lioi ! What IhalJ I fay lo you ! 
ihall I pralfe you in this ? I praii'e you not. 
For I have received of the Lord that which 
alfo I delivered unto you. That the Lord Jc- 
fus, the fame night in which he was betrayed, 
took bread j and when he had given thanks, 
he brake It, and faid. Take, eat ; this U my 
body, which is broken for you : this do in 
rrmtmbrance of me. After the fame man- 
ner alfo he took the cDp, when he had flipped, 
faying. This cup in the new teftamcnt in my 
blucMl ', this do ye, as oft as ye drill Ic it, in re- 
membrance of me. For as often as ye eat 
this bread, and drink this cup, ye do (hew the 
Loid's death till he come. Wherefore, wlio- 
foever (hall eat this bread, and drink this cup 
of the Lord, unworthily, lliall be guilty of the 
body and blood of the Lord. But let s man 
eiimine himfelf, and fo let him eat of that 
br;ad, and drink of that cup, Foi hr that 
ealeth and drinketh unworthily eatelh and 

i Stm III tsTKI SEtl 

ittft assttii) ilint hati 
no. ^r. I Kings istx. 

ffllelil eolh : SrhoDi 
tloii stilt srt II Ultn 
IDIoiti'E. livings nn. 

Jraus Slid: Jll ft 
stinll hr glliutiO tg 
mi [Ills ntatit. f--c- 
JCE 5JitL mDicoDrr 

unig llltin, ^it m 
tim Uliilr I gu IM 
inap ijOiiDit. 3nll 
til. Ki. fiait.itDI. 

llllll[|9 tlini SbDUl* 

sdiD uiilo ittm, 

?5llniin afr« ill 
3M115 It fl.iiartiti. 
J|i?n3,A(, 30.10(11, 

Thurfday before Eafter. 

dtinkclh damnation lo h i m felt, not dilctrning 
tlic L.urd'!> bully. Pi>t lliiii caulc many an- 
weak and lickly among you, and many lletp. 
For if wc would judgi; ojitlelvcs, wc lliouid 
nol be judged. But when wc arc judged, wt 
arc chalientd iif tlic Lord, llial vie lliuuld nui 
be condemned witli the woiid. Whercfoic, 
my brethren, when ye toine logcther to eat, 
tarry one for another. And if any m^n hun- 
ger, let him eat al home ; ihat ye lome not 
lo^elher untu condemnation. And the tell 
will I iel in order when I come. 

T/ie Goji-tt. St, Ufct .liij, I. 
HE whole multitude of ihcm arofe, 
and ltd him unto Pilate. And they 
began to atcufe him, faying. We 
found this fclloiv perverting the na- 
tion, and forbidding to give tribute to Cifar, 
laying. That he himlclf is Chiift a King, 
And Pilate alkcd him, faying. An thou the 
King of (he Jews? And he anfvre«d him, 
and laid. Thou fayeft it. Then faid Pilate 
to the chief prieftf, and to the people, 1 find 
no faidt in this man. And they were the more 
fierce, faying, He ftirrethuj) the people, teach- 
ing throughout all Jcwiy, beginning Irom 
Galilee to thit place. When Pilate heard ot 
Galilee, he aiktd whether the man were a 
Galilean. And a» loon as he knew that he 
belonged luito Herod's jurifdiflion, he lent 

JTdrfBoKsd mttdis 
1,1110. It. jeat. itti, 

fmc grraf Ht^gtR i|ia( 
0(0 arriiFiii ma^ rj5t 

Thurfday before Eafter. 

Iiim tu Herod, who himleif was alfo at Jctu- 
lalcm at thai lime. And vvh«n Heiod fjw 
Jcfus lit wii cuceeding glad i for he was de- 
(itous to lee him of a luiig fcafon, becaulc he 
had heard many things othim j and he hoped 
to have fccn Ibme miracle done by him. Then 
he ([ueftioneil with him in many words; but 
he anfwcrcd him nothing. And tlic chief 
priell?^ and Icribe* ftood and vehemenlly ac- 
cufed him. And Herod with his men of war 
let him ai nought, and mocked him, and ar- 
rayed him in a gorgeous robe, and lent him 
again Co Pilate. And ihe fame day Pilate 
and Herod were made friends together ; for 
bcforelhey were at enmity between thcmltlves. 
Anil Pilate, when he had called together the 
chief priells, and the nilers, and the people, 
laid tiiilo them, Ye have brought thib man 
unto me.ais one that pervertelh the people ; 
ami behold, I, having examined him before 
you, b;ive found no fault in this man touching 
thole things whereof ye accufe him : Nn, not 
yet HcroiT: for I fent you to him; and lu, 
nothing worthy of death is done unto him. 
I will therefore challile him, and releali: him, 
Forof neceffity he muftveleafe one unio them 
at the feaft. And they cried out all at once, 
faying. Away with this man, and releale unlo 
ux Barabbas : (who fur a certain fedition made 
in the city, and for murder, was raft into pri- 
fun.) Pilate therefore, wiUingtoreleafc Jelus, 

Jiali (Mk atnrr anitr 
VUcdblp, anb sini^tE 
1)1 m, lie. I ( Sum. Ill, 

riinon Id rrnrtni jQnji' 
innn.atntirtli ingnt; li 
ilit.fcc. lentil. r(. 

JuOiB tun glain 

^tnoinsEFDri E 
tiss, tt II Is^ latt 

hi in iinli irmi him s- 
VilB. anb J5 snon 
ae lir mis iDini, lj( 
godll.&r. fSarHilD. 

(Tut 3i<as sftt In 
«rbri9ts tan, ant 
IiiiilrtKD tlin, siu- 
lag: {KspUfsj nnio 

tl il)it satu iliii < 

Blld BUI! IBlttOUt 

Thuritiay before Eafter. 

fpake again to them. Bui they cried, laying, 
Crucily liitii. pigcity hiiii. And he (aid unto 
them the third lime. Why, what evil hath he- 
done I 1 have found nocavdcofdesthin him: 
1 ".-ill therefore chartiie him, and let him go. 
And thiy were inllant ivith loud voicci, re- 
rjuiring that he might be cr\ii^iiicd ; and the 
voices of them and of the chief pricfti pre- 
vailed. And Pilate gave fentencc that it 
(hould be its they required. And he rclcal'cd 
untn ihem him that for fi-dition and murdei 
was cait into prifon, whom they had defirt d ; 
but he delivered Jefuh to iheir will. And as 
they led him away, ihey laid hold upon one 
Simon a Cytenian, coming out of the country, 
and on him they laid the crofs, that ht might 
bear it after Jcliis. And there followed him a 
greatcoinpany of people, and ufwomi:n, which 
alfo bewailed and lamented him. But Jefuf, 
turning unto (hem, laid. Daughters of Jerula- 
lem, weep not for me, but weep for yourWrcs, 
and for your children. For behold, the days 
areeuming, inlhewhiih they fhall fay, Bitlicd 
are the barren, and the wombs that nevtr bare, 
and the paps which never j;ave fuclc. Then 
ihall they begin to liiy to the mounriina. Fail 
on usj and to the hills. Covet us. For if they 
do thcfe things in a green tree, what Hiall be 
done in the dry? And there were alio two 
other, malefactors, led with hini to be put to 
death. And when they wetecomeioihe place 

Mlhrn i^sm ttitisttur 
alifr^naiin Btbitt m- 
CrtrtiCBa, t^i, Acii.ii. 

<(>[<sli<ilimorEreof III 
inm.&s.i^i.ii Kin It. 

Thurfday before Eafter. 

which is called Calvary, there they irucifieO 
him j and Ihe n>:iktailors, one on the right 
hand, and the other un the lell. Then laid 
Jeliis, Fathei, forgive ihcm, for Ihcy know 
nut what they do. And thvy parted his rai. 
mcnt, and call tots. And the penile llood 
beholding -, and the rulers ^fti with them dc' 
tided him, laying, Kc laved others ; lei him 
favc himfelf, if he be Chrift, thi: dioiirn ot 
God. And ihc fol-iieis allij mocked him, 
coming to him, and offering bim vinegar, and 
Uying, If thou be the King of the Jews, fave 
thyferf. And a fupe r fori p lion alio was wrintn 
ower him in lelti-rs of Greek, and Latin, and 
JEWS. And one of the inalefaflors, which 
were hanged, railed on hiiji, faying. If thou 
be Chtift, fave thyiclf, and us. But the other 
anfwering rebuked him, laying, Dolt not thou 
feat GoLi, leeing thou art in the fiime condem- 
naiion f And me indeed juftlvj for wc re- 
ceive ihe due reward of our deeds, bot this 
man hath done nothing amils. And he faid 
unto Jefus, Lord, remember me when thou 
Cornell into thy kingdom. And Jefus faid 
unto him, Verily I laj^ unto thee. To-day 
flialt ihou be with tne in paradifc. And it 
wa& about the fixlh hour: and there wasadark- 
ndi over all the earth until the ninth hour. 
And the fun was darkened, and the vail ol 
the temple was rent in the midll. And when 

rhEuljiiiglrrrB ploiigh^D 
iiDOiimiibin tli'liiiintf 
«na,«t. Baalamiir. 

faun svuli .loh Inlili 
Borr bolltt fTom tfir 9olr 
o[ niB toot. Ill- Aatil. 

eilntr Id liniBbaB 
loosi unto Ihtm, inn 
scouiiih Jisui. oRt 
OiKIirciIi Elm U tc 

iiucltirli. rilrn llic 
soIDlriB ct iHi gg- 
bfinoi in OK 3iBirs, 

3lltl jtBUS IIIICI bl5 

I pUc( nimtti 4^01- 
geihi, nhnr Itirj 

IBfc a (Of our, inD 
J[5ii5.*r. Jain III. 

away fins, Wlierefnre, when he iijmelh inio 
ihe worlii,he I'nilh, Sacnficc anJ ofti-iiiiglhou 
wouldtft not, but a body halt thou prepared 
Tnc ; In burjic-otlcrings and TacriKcn lor lin 
thovi hall baii no plealiirc : Then laid I, X-o, 
I conic (ill the viduiiie of the book it is writ- 
ten of itie) to do thy will, O God. Above, 
when he laij. Sacrifice and ofFi:ring,andbiirnt- 
offering"!, and offering lor lin thou wouldeft 
not, neither hadft [ilealiire therein, ivhich sit 
offered by the Law : then laid he, Lo, I conii: 
to do thy will, O God. He lalterh away liie 
firft, that he may eftahlilh the lecond. By 
the which will we are lanilificd, through the 
offering of the hotly of Jeftis Chrili once lor 
all. And every pricll (fandelh dally minil- 
lering, and offering oftentimes the fame facri- 
liccs, which can never take away fin*. Bui 
this man, after he had oft'ercd one facrifite lor 
rins, for ever fat down on the right band of 
God i from henceforth etipcfling till his ene- 
mies be ina,de his foot-llool. For by one offer- 
ing he hath perfected for ever theiti that are 
fanaifiedi Whereof the Holy G holt alibis a 
wiinelstous! for after that he hadfaid before. 
This is the covenant that I will make with 
ihcm afttr thole days, feith the Lord, I will 
put my laws into their hearts, and in their 
minds will I write them ; and their fins and 
iniquities will I remember no more. Now 
where remiffion of ihete is, there K no rnore 

abntnin iiiitinr mooti 
of itii Uiiini dUrttiig, 
anbliin. Kcflrn.tJIl. 

erhiiin itit iDittotu mis 

!tl(t( (UllKtlHB BUcliB, 

anD. ic!. I Einas itii. 




Good Friday. 

offering fur lin. Having therefore, brctliren, 
boldiuli to enter into die holied by ihe blood 
of Jel'us, by a n«w and living way, which he 
hath confecrated for us, through the vail, that 
ii to lay, his fldh ; and having an High Prieit 
over ihc houli: of God ; id iis draw near with 
a (iiiF heart, in full alTiirance of faith, having- 
our hearts fpriukW from an evil i^onfdence, 
snd oor hodies wallied with pure water. Let 
us hold fall ihe prufellion of our failh with- 
out wavering i (for he is fiiiihl'ul that pro- 
niifedi) and Itl us conllder one another to 
provoke unto love, and to good works; not 
forfakina the alTcmbling of ourlclves toge- 
ther, a» the manner of Ibine it ; but exhorting 
one another -. and fo much the more, as ye 
fee the day approaching. 

T/,^ GnJ^il. Si- John »i-. i- 

, ILATE therefore took Jefus, and 
^9 fcourgcd him. And the fuldlers 
^ platted a crown of thorns, and put 
it on his head, and they put on him 
a purjile robe, and faid. Hail, King of the 
Jew* : and tlicy fmolc him with their hand^. 
Pilate therefore went forth again, and laith 
unto them. Behold, I bring him forth to you, 
that ye may know that 1 hnd no fault in him. 
Then eame Jefus forth, wearing the emwn 
of (hoing, and the purple robe. And Pilate 
failh unto them. Behold the man I When 





-?— S^■=^3»*^ 

and igtiin ihrf ttcti 
couti la tilt Diatr, 
mliirD ii iitlrn ical- 
tttg, thcrr nti iiU' 

rtGiD [llm nnD Ific 
tlgni b^iiO, onti ini 
Otfttt, 4[(. S.U.IIHI- 

^ -lain iDTDtL^M 
tiinmnBli' lOrri' rraft 

nil In itic mlDst tiillti a 
a a In, jiin fiEijjicti. &:. 



Ont ot inr 30 10 1 Its 

lis aim. Lint fI^r^ 
niill II mr tbrccoiil 


Ilf riialSJlDLIIUKK- 

itcli. jntr Ms trtno 
|5IIU(, W. Jot- III, 

Good Friday. 

ilie chief prielts thereCoreanil officers law him, 
ihcy cried oui, faying, Cnicify him, crticily 
him. Pilate faith unio ihcm. Take yc him, 
and criirity 1>iin : for I lind no fault in him. 
The JcwB anfweted him. We hare a law, and 
by uur law he ought to die, brcaufe he made 
him fcif till Son of God. When Pjlale there- 
fore hfafd t,hnl frying, hi; was the miD'E afraid ^ 
md went again into the judgement-hall, and 
laith unto Jefii!, Whence art thou ? Bui Je- 
(w! gayc him no anlivcr. Then faith Pitale 
unto him, Speakeft thi*u not unto me ? jLnort- 
c(t thuu not that I have power to crucify ihce, 
and have power to releafe theef Jefui an- 
fwercd, Thou couldeft have no power at all 
againit me, ewept it were given thee fiom 
above; therefore he that delivered me unto 
ihee halh the greater (in. And from (hence- 
forth Pilate fought to releafe him : hut ihc 
Jew« ctied out, laying, If th<)u let lliii; itian 
go, thou art not Cxfat's friend ! wholbever 
makcih himftlf a king fpeakerh againit Ck- 
far. When Pilate tlicreforc heard ihat lay- 
ing, lie brought Jefiik forth, and lit diiwn in 
the judgement- feat, in a place thai i> called 
the Pavement, but in the Hebrew, Gibbilba. 
And it was the preparation of the palTover, 
and about the fiith hour: and he faith uiiKi 
the Jews, Behold your King I Bui (hcf ctieil 
out, Away with him, away with him, crucify 
him. Pilate lailh unto them. Shall 1 rrticiiv 

fjiiifliln tibiniiiciiihr 
ilntn •Bsv tit lali'n 
frttn <ni,LVi. OiB. 11, 

fTbrlxtli silK 10 i>i>> 
SI9, irban tCtli anOr 

your King ? Tlie chief priells anCwc red. We 
have no king but Ca^far. Then d.livcred he 
him thtrefiire unio ihem to he rnicified ! and 
th<]r took Jefiis, and led him away. And he, 
t>esiriii^ hi&crolk, went lorth inh) a plnt'e cal)i:d 
tlie |ilicc of a itull, which it called in rlie 
H(brew,Gc)lgoiha! where iheyrrucilitO him, 
and twif other with him, on cillier lide one, 
and Jel'us in the mtdn. And Pilale wrote a 
(iile, and put it on the crob ; -inJ the writing 
KING OF THE JEWS. Thin title then 
read many of the Jews : fijf the plaice where 
Jefui Wis crucified was nigh to the city; and 
it wuB written in Hebrew, and Greek, and 
Latin. Then (aid the chief prlcfts of the 
Jews to PiUtc, Write not. The King of the 
Jews J but thai he faiJ, I am the Kinj; of ihe 
Jews. Pilate an fwerad, What I have wiitien, 
I have written, Then the fuidiers, when they 
h^d <'rUf;E]ied Jefus, touk his garments, and 
ili.ide four parts, to every fokticr a part j and 
aifohiscoat : now the coat was without fcitn, 
woven troin the (op throughout. They fai<i 
therefore among iheml'elvea, Let ns nut rend 
it, but call lull lor it, whole it ihall be ; that 
the Scripture might be fulfilled, which failh. 
They parted my raiment among ihcm, and 
ti>r mv tfeltiire ihcy did call luts. Thefe things 
therefore the foldiets riiJ. Now there rtood 
by ihe crofi of Jelils his mother, and his ino- 

Jisr;!) looU tli( tt- 
Vflntl IDt.1D(!D (t In 
A ritdit Ijnrn rlof^n 

IssDinasinrEiin ma; 
DrO l||<it,\-|. 3dg. UiiI. 

tomt mnitfi ti( tigt 
miuii niiirDrii (n i|)r 
cocB onOliitallili 1 
gull .tit.iSai.n til. 

t:ncii ilHo lusi ina 
iDcninlliilglil. anrnont 
IDrbnOc.lir. i~a.iiii 

b Ian II In « lomt 
tUsi 4UI of I rock, 
nbiriiii uiiiB Rinci 
nan rti [alB. 3nD 

piling Isi lb' ftib- 
Ixib, 4nB IDr aat- 

ther'i (ifter, Mary tht wife of Cleophas ond 
Msry Magdalene. Wlitn Jf fuflhcccforc few 
hiiinothcr,aiidlhc Jircipklfandingbv.whom 
he luved, he faith unlo his moth ff, WomBn, 
behold ihy fon. Then ftith he to the ilifci- 
|)le, BthoH thy mollitr. And from (hat hour 
that dirciplc took hirr unto hia own home. 
After this, Jefui, knowing that all ihings were 
now accomplilhed, that the Scripture might 
he fulfilled, (iiith, I third. Now there was l«( 
avelTel full of vinegar -. an<l they filled afpungc 
with vinegar, and put it upon hyflbp, and put 
it to hii mouth. Whi-n Jclui therefore had 
received the vinegat, he laid. It it finilhcd; 
and he bowed his head, ind eave up the ghofl. 
The Jews therefore, becaule il wa? the pre- 
paration, that (he bodicH fhoiiUI not rrmain 
upon the crnlb on the fabbath-day, (tor ihal 
labbath-daywatan high-day,) befoHf;ht Pilate 
that their le^ might be btokcn, and that ihey 
might be taken away. Then came the fof- 
dicis, and brake the legs of the firft, ind of 
the other which was rtueitied with him. Bui 
when they came to Jefus, and faw that he 
watdear) already, (hey brake not hitlcn. But 
one of the foldiers with a (pear pierced nis fide, 
ind forthwith came Ihereoul blood and water. 
And he that faw it bare ircord, and hia record 
it true I and he knowclh that he faith true, 
[hat ye might believe. For thefc thinp were 
done that the Scripture (hould be fulfilled, A 

{£tbni .looiDb iiiis 
tgmi to tilB binlirrt). 
tttj. tt. ACR- tiioli. 

fottiniiaoi uflonat, 
Snb raat Mm tnio tbf 
sri, At. ionit >. 


bone of hiiti fhall not be broken. And as 
another Sciiiiiure lalfh, Th<y lliall looE 
him whom they pierced, 

Eafter Even, 

J^RANT,0 Irfjrd.thaliiwe art bnp- 
liied into the death of lliy biflird 
Son our Saviour Jefus Clirift, lb by 
continual mortifying our corrupr 
atrc>!Iioii! »T maybe buried with him; and 
that through the gravt, ami gale of death, 
wc may pafs (o our joyliil rcliirrcftionj for 
his merits, «ho died, and w-as buried, and 
rofe again for us, thy Son Jefus Chrift otir 
Loril. Amtn. 

Tkc Epijllc, I Si. I'M. ]■-;, 17, 
T a better, if the will of God be lb, 
thai ye fuffer for weli-doing, than 
for evil doing. For Chrift alio hath 
unce fulTercd for finii, (he juft for 
ihe unjull, (i|3t be might bring us to God, 
being put 10 death in Ine fleili, bill quickened 
by the Spirit. By which alfo be went and 
preached tmto the Ipitit* in prifon ; which 
luinctiiue were difobcdicnt, when on::e the 
Ion g-fulFc ring of God waited in the days of 
Noah, while the ark wa; a preparing; wherein 
t(«, rhil is, eiglit IbuU, were faved by water. 

Otir bae ittarg 
fHiglialfn ang itr 
dl&ir jVaip Billing 
mtt ogglnsi tbt si- 

piilrt". Oi ntil 
Tjj^ ihaEfa[[oiDft)int 



Jac fMi at tl> tti 
l(i*rt» nm una- 

Brio m«, ei(( till 

liigM sain la ilir mo- 
mill -^uriisi Jnit 
ST. jBji. ribiil. 

Eafter Even. 

The like figure wKereunto, even haptll'ra.iJolh 
iillb now five u», (not rhc putting away ihc 
lil'h of tlic fliini, but the anrwcr of a good 
tonfciciii-e towards God.) by tlic rclurte-ftion 
of Jefiis Chrift ; ivho is gone itlln heaven, and 
is oti the right liond of God, aiigclsand autho- 
riiies and powers bcingrnade fubjcfl unto him, 

T/if Gofftl. Si. Mjtlh. iivil. 57. 

HEK llieivtn was tuiiie.t here canic 
a rich m>n of A riniaiiixa, nuni'd 
Jofephiwhoalfo himfcif«asjtfiifr' 
dilti|>lc. He went to Pilate, »nti 
begged thelioiiy of Jrliiy, Then Pilate onu- 
maiided ilie body to In- dclivctvd. Aiid when 
Joliph had uktn llle body, he wrapped it In 
a clean linen cloth, and liiid it in his own new 
tomb, which he hud hewn uiit in ihc rock; 
and he rolled a great ftonc to the door of the 
i*e{iij|(hrr,anddcpaited. And rheie was Maty 
Magdalene, and the othir Mify, filling over 
againrt ihc lepoU-hrt. Now the next day thai 
lollowcd thednyof tlie pieparalion, the chief 
[iri efts and Pharifecs came togelhcr untu Pi- 
late, laying, Sir, wc remember thai thai dc- 
ccivcr (aid, while he wasycl iiiive, Aftcrlhree 
day* I will rife again. Command therefore 
thai the (i;jiulrhrcberaadt fiire until ihc third 
day, lei* hit diftipks tome by nJEht and (teal 
him away, and lay unto ihe people. He is rifen 
from the dead : lb the laft error Iliall he wotfc 

Samson TDSi at iiiw 

n I gilt, jinli mot ttit 

I llo<;is,irc. .JiinaES iltl. 

3nti lilt Itn siiitr 
unto IhrtLstj. ana Jlrjsl 
Din .Jmili- Jsuiib II 

than ihe firlt. Pilate iaid unto them. Ye have 
a watch i go your way, make it a; furc m you 
cm. Su lliL-y went and made the rej)iilciir<r 
I'ltie, Icaling ihc ftone, and leltjng a •valili, 


% ^r Miming Freytr.inJIcdd iif ihi Pfslm, O(onif, 
Jet us fing, &c. ibtje Atuhmijhiill ht J^ng iir jaid, 

■ HRIST our palffiver is laerifircd for 
lis: therefore let u& keep the feaft ; 
Nol with thf old icaven, norivitli 
the leaven of malice and wickcd- 
neit : but with ihc unleavened bread of fin- 
«rity and truth, i Cor. v. 7. 

^HRIST being raifi-d from the dead 
dinh no more : death hath no more 
dominion over him. 

For in thai hedied, h« died unto fin 

once;hutin thathclivcihjheliveth unto God. 

I^ikewife redum ye alio yourfelves lo be 

dead indeed unto Cin : but alive unto God 

through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Rom, vi. 9. 

S HRIST is tifen from the dead: and 
become the fitH*fnjiis of thcni that 

For liucc hy man caraede^rh ; by 
man came alio the rcfurreftion of the dead. 

For a& in Adam uU die 1 even fa in Chrill 
Ihall all be made alive, i Car. xv. la. 

GruDtn filurnrlr 10 Iht 
Dil, inti b'liuin josigli 
Tnisiioi.Ki. iSiiuiiiDII 

IlDlllsirlt tlOllU'ivif 
SU11I losrit. 1 sought 
i;(>D. &c. (Com. lii- 

fHBiv aunt at \U 
stDUlrliti (Drriing, 
inlraa eI|[|iii«i.sI|i 

toUKCr Iiiterll Inio 
Itt aiiiiililiir, anD 

the CslUa. 

^LMIGHTY God, who ihrowjh 

' (hincoiily-beg>olIenSci(iJcru* Chiill 

haft ovcrrome dcaih, and opened 

unto us rhc autc of rvcrtafting lite ; 

Wc hcimhly hcfirech ihec, lliat,«sby thy l'|ic. 

oiai grari- preventing us ihou doit put into 

our miiid^ good dcfiivt, fo by ihv t-oniiiiiinl 

help wc may bring tha lame lo good tffeil i 

through JclUk Chril): uur Lutd, vtlio livcthniid 

rcigncth with ihce and the Holy Gholl, ever 

ont God, world without «nd. AmtH. 

Til EfiJlU. Col. ni. I. 

F yc then be rifrn with Chrill, feck 

thofc things which are above, where 

Chrilt filtelh on th< tight hmid of 

God. Set your afTrflion on ihingt 

jbovc, not on ihingi on the tjtth : for jre 

an; dead, ami your lite is hid with Chrift in 

God. Wh<n Chrilt, who i^ our life, flial! 

appear, then Ihnll fc uKo appear with him in 

glory. Moitily therefore your menibeti which 

ire upon ihr earth i fornicTition. »nf Iranneft, 

innnlinale afTctlinn, evil cnnriipifcencc, and 

t-nviiournefi, which is idolatry : For which 

mm, tt. Oiniii si. 

ffltirn { haV tiisct i 
ruir nam ttirui, ttirn I 
fciinc, sc, nni. I". 


things" fake (iie wriiiii of God cometh tin ilic 
chiUreu of difotiedience. In ihe ivhk'h ye 
alio wnikeii dime time, wIicd ye lived in ihem. 

Tie GaJPe!. Si, Jnhn u. i. 

HE lirll day of ihe week comclh 
Mary Magilaleneeatly.when it vras 
yet dark, unio the fepulthte, and 
feetti Ihe Qonc talctn away frnm ihe 
It|jultliie. Then (lie runneth and comelh (o 
Simon Peter, and to i!ic utiier dili^ipic whom 
Jel"u5 loved, and faith unto ihcm, They have 
laktii away the Lord out of the fepiilchre, 
and wc know noc where they have laid him. 
Peter therefore went forth, and that other dif- 
ciple, and tame to the fepukhrc. So ihcy 
ran both together ; and the other difiiple did 
outr«n Peier, and came firft to the fefmlchre; 
and he, liouping down and looking in, law 
(he linen dfthea lying ; yet went he not in. 
Then c'niueth Simon PetErfoUowinghim,and 
wenl into the fepulchrc, and Iceih the linen 
clothes lie; and the najikin that was about 
his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but 
mspped togplher in a place by itfclf. Then 
went in alio that other difciple which came 
firft to the fepiilchi'c, and he fa w, and hehevcd. 
Fur aa yet I hey knew no! the Scripture, that 
he muft rife again from the dead. Then tht 
dilciples went away again unto their gwn 

am Satgt aUtV tjr 
namr uf i!]c glJtc tit- 
nitl, Sri, OiLi. sixu. 


OIlHDit insmttcl: Tti 
Lorli ti Ultl) iin, tttlij 
1(IR, &c. juDnia Hi. 

jrsus siiB 10 ni- 
mne, Cut tbf Gngir 
brii, ont Ert minr 

III? tmiD. mil iiui II 
inio. kc. Jotnii. 

ffirm, 6r Trias tt- 


Monday in Eafter-Wcek. 
Mon<Uy in Eafter-Week. 

Tit csiua. 

.LMtGHTV God. who through ihv 

only-bigotlrn Son Jcl'u* Chtift halt 
oveicninr death, and o)iciici5 anta 
ui the gate of everUfting Ul'e i We 
humbly befcech ihei:, ihat. as by th* (pecial 
grare preventing us ihou doft put into our 
iriinilt good d^rires, lb by ihy conlinual help 
ivc may bring ihc failit lo ROod efFeft ; thn.nijli 
Jefut Chriil oui Lord, mlio liveth and ntJii- 
cih with thcc and the Holy Gholl, ever one 
God, world without end, Amrn. 

For lAe Ep^ilt. AOi i. h- 
ETER opened hit mouth, nnd Turd, 
Of a truth I pcri'eivE that God ii 
no refp«ilerofperlbnl[ butinevciy 
nation he that fearctli him, and 
ivorktih rightcijiifnefi, is accepted with him. 
The ivord which God fcnl unta the children 
of Ifraeljpreachinepeaceliyjeruj Chriil i (he 
is Loid of all;) that ivord(I fny) ye know, 
which was publilhed throughout all Judna, 
and began fiom Galilee, aficr the baptiAn 
which John preachtd : how God anointed 
Jcfus of Naiatcth with the Holy Gholl, and 
with power i who went about doing good, 
and healing all that wete opprcfied of the 

0ttA> anv (DAK 1)0 msr{ 
9tin. im.kt. Oiii D 

riQT If tii.inll ttnn 
at GT(.&(. II Xing* II. 

devil : for God was with him. And we are 
witnclVcs of alt thing; which he did, both in 
the land of ihe Jtrws.and in Jcmlalvm ) whom 
they llew, and hanged on a tree : Him G'jd 
mlrd un ihe third day, and ftiewcd him opcnlj' -, 
no! to all the pco^ilc, but unto witnelTts chofcn 
before (if God, even lo us, who did cat and 
drink wilh him after he rofc fmin the dead. 
And he t-ommanded us to [ircach unto the 
jitojile. and to (cftify thai i( i;^ he who was or- 
dained iif God w he the Judge of quick and 
dead. To him give all the prophets witnclfi, 
(hat thinugh his Name wholbcvcr believeth 
in him fhall rectivc remiflion of fins. 

Tie Geffil. St. Uke niv. ij. 
EHOLD, two of his difciples went 
that fame day to a village calird 
Rmmaus, which was frnin Jerufa- 
Icm about threefcore furlongs. And 
they talked together of all theft ihing^ which 
had happened. And it came to pafs, thai 
while iheycommimcd loge(her,!ind rtalbned, 
Jefus himlclf drew near, ,ind wen! with them. 
But their eyes were hnlden, that they il'onld 
nnt know him. And he Eiid unto llieni, 
What manner of rominiinications are thele 
that ye have one to anuilier, as ye walk, and 
are lad • And the one of ihcm, whole name 
wan Clcupas, anfwering, iiiid iinio him. Art 
thrm only a Hrauger in Jcrufaleni, and haft 

rftm afiall torat a toD 
Innh Dl il}[ Biort it 
3CSBC, V(. JIaaiah ii. 

^Iltrr still! itni( 3 31^1 
at J^aroFi. anh a srrplri 
sfijii ti9(. fliiin. iiin 

(Tilt MriC 

et ei(S3tli fSoi 

ifir oitgin, 

till miHtr ot 

faff ih{ mnilnv "[ 
bifott fhrp ijinc 10' 

EUtn. ME (ounD 
Ulltilltn bo IDr no- 
It lllML Cttt Jl- 
•rpt,*[. AM. I. 

Monday in Eafter-Week. 

not known ihe lliing:&whk'h;irccoroc to pad 
iheve in ihcfe days? And he laid unto themj 
What ihiiigsf And they laid unto him, Can- 
ttming Jcfusof Naiarith, who wasa |ir<i))hct 
mighty in deed and word, before Gotland M 
Tlic pcopli'; and how the chief prieiU ind our 
I'ldcn delivered him to be condemned todeatli, 
^md have ctucilicd him. But we ti'tiltcd that 
it hid been he which Oiould have redcEinci] 
Ili-atl : and befides all thif, to-day i> the lliiiTJ 
djy linct thel'e thing* were done. Yea, and 
nrliin women alfo of our company made us 
alionilhed, which were early at ine lepiilehrc ; 
and when ihcy found not hi* body, thej- cimr, 
faying, that they had alio fcen a vifion ol 
ingchi, which liiid that lie wa> alive. And 
certain of them which were with nt went to 
the fepiilihre, and found it ei-en ft at rhe 
women hid faid 1 buthini Iheyliiwnot. Then 
he faid unto ihcm, O fnoU, and flow of lieart 
ID believe all that the piophetk have fjiokm i 
ought not Chrift to have fulfefed ihefe thingt, 
and to enter into hi« glory ( And beginning 
at Mofca, anil all the priiplleU, lie expounded 
unto them in all the Scriptures (lie thinjii' cun- 
cerniiig himfelf. And they drew nigh unto 
tile villag« whither they went ; and be made 
m though he would have g'tne tuither i but 
they conllrained him, faying. Abide with us, 
for it h towatdi evening, and the day it far 
fpent. And he went in to tarry with ihem. 

But tI)ou luuaa unu 
mcdili't'aliduiii, lilt 
la ui) tun, atn.iiig. 

Ulfr. gn.xc. Zct H 

TuelHajf in Eafter-Wcek. 

And it came to pal*?, as he fill at meat with 
lli«ni, he took bread, and liklled it, and brake, 
and gave to ihetn. And thi-ir eyes were 
opened, and they knew him, and he vanillicJ 
out of iheir fight. And they laid one lo an- 
other. Did notour heart burn within us, ivliilc 
he talked wtth tis by the way, and while he 
openeij to us the St riplures ? And theyrofe up 
the Ikme hour, and returned to Jenifaleni, and 
found ihe eleven gathered together, and them 
that were with them, laying, The Lord is 
rifen indeed, and haih appeared to Simon. 
And they told what things were done in ihc 
way, and huivhe was known of ch era in break- 
ing of biead. 

Tuefday in Eafter-Weck. 

Tit Collet. 
JLMIGHTY God, who through thy 

only-begotten Son Jefua Chrift haft 
rjvertome death, and opened unlo 
us the gate of everlafting lifej We 
huii'hly belcech ihet, that, as by thy ipecial 
grace preventing us thou doft put into onr 
fnindt good defires, fo by thy continual help 
iB^may bring the fame to goodeffefl; through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord, wno liveth and reign- 
cih with ihee and the Holy Ghoft, ever one 
God, world without end. Amea. 

rtic sccUdI ttr UDmaii 
ef]ii[ irtaD upon ilii 
ttuDiir. iti. Sin. III. 

triir ingrl eaftip fllm, 
iriii &otD lemtliitirt, 
iDoii Diiuni. Sat bi 

ana itiihiDiitiDnil). 
Itir llngil ISilTdl 
IMS Sim figin eoD 
to a Ml m (fimtlii. 

1 Uirgln iliindb id 
1 iRin WinBi nintr 
urns 3oBt|)Jr. i,a. t. 

Tuefday in Eafter-Week. 

arm Uiiili liisn m- 
■0 n mil ci jIiiD.iti. 

and rnlfrrb Inro Iht 
liniisi <f 2-arli.irus 
OnD s.llltlitl ilrllfiS' 
bun, iiiKcl. 

J'sr til Epiftlt. AOt I'm. a6. 

EN ami brctliitii, tliililreii of (he 
Hock of Abiatiim, mid wholbcver 
among you feai'tth God, to yon !• 
the word ot'this lalvatiuii lint. For 
they ihat dwell at Jcrulalcin, and their rulcli, 
beraule they knew him noi, nor yel the voices 
of the promi CIS which arc read every iabbalh- 
day, [hey \n</t fulfilled ihcm in condemning 
him. Andlhoiigh ih«y found nocaufeofdvalli 
in him, yet delired they Pilule thai he Ihttuld 
be llain, And wiien they li ad fullillcd M ihar 
w.ik written of him, they look him down flora 
the tree, and laid him in a fenulchre. Btil 
God raifed him from the dead ! and he was 
fcen many diyi of ihcm which came u|i wiih 
him from Gahlee to Jeriifakm. «ho are hi« 
witneffes nnto the people. And we declare 
unlo yoii glad lidings, how (hat ihe promilt 
which was made unto tlie fathers, Goil haili 
fulfilled the fame onto us their childien, in 
thai he hath raifed up Ji'fu« again i a^ it is alfu 
written in the i'etond Pfalm, Thou art my 
Son, this day have I begotten thee. And u 
concerning that he raifed him up from (he 
dead, now no more to return to coniipllon, 
he fald on this wife, 1 will give you the furc 
mercies of David. Wherefore he faith alii) 
in another Plalm, Thou (halt niit hiifcr ihine 
Holy One lo let corruption. For David, after 

aiiS iKo^sirtutntltUt 
aim s.iiTi,aL-(. iffmli.iD, 

IO3 <igul DdiIi inngnifii 
rlir ^citti. iiH^mpsk'tti 
tiilli iitii(riD,XT. III. I- 

Tuefday in Eaftc^-^^^c^;k. 

Ik hid icrvtd hit own gcDcrvion by the will 
of God, fell on ikcp, and vru laid uncn hit 
r4tliei>, Mill Cxv voiruplion s But he whom 
Cjod railcil again l^w no (-orrtipilun. Bt it 
kiuiuia uDlo yo\x rli<rcfi>tc,mcu ind bnriiren, 
(tial iliruugh thii niaii is rici<bod unto you 
the for^inntUof {mt i khi) by lirm all lh*t be- 
lien arc jolltlied from ill ihin{(>, from which jrc 
could not bejulliliedbythclawol Mule*. Be- 
wRn tlicicfore, Ictt llutieomc upon you which 
i* rpokco of in the prophetic Behold, yc He- 
Ipiters, and wondet, udi) pcrilh i lui I work a 
HTorkui your ds>'>, a woik which ycfliall in no 
wile believe, (hou|[h a man declare it untajroti. 

Tit Gijptl. St. Luke iiU. ]6. 
|3jj|£mESUS hiiiilelf [IciniJ in ihc midft of 
SOIraA them, and faiih unto lliem, Pmcc 
'■< unto you, But ihry ««rc tcrii- 
licd ind »HViKl>E'd, and I'lippolcd 
ihsi liur hail r^cii a fpint. And he fiia un<» 
(hem, Why arc ye ItouhleJ, and why du 
ihcnighli arile in your hcarti > Behold tny 
haniU and my feet, thai it is I myli-lt'i hundlc 
mc, and lce{ for a fpirit hath i>o( llclh and 
bonei. u ye fe« me have. And when he had 
tluit Ijioken, he Ihcwcd them hii hxiuU ut'\ 
hit leet. And while th<y yri IkIictciI not foi 
joy, ind wundeted, he faid unto ihcm, Have 
yc here any meut } And they gave him a piece 
of 1 broiled li(h, and ■>f an honeycomb. And 

Vnl Ifn tlitni at tit 
iiii.txini sUtt atnt- 
oA itou.a-r. iSioD. III. 

J ma's lot (King D'l I 'n 
rgi UBna4iUltlli tloi- 
sooi. la. 0na. il 

IfflDin inr aira 

ttrrr aiiDuif litbfV 

|B4ti bnuoM (<i>t 

trT fLnl trgalEin 

nn. u/t Ktmn 

tla to iiDinaiint 

doiSis, tnl II IB bin 

III 1 MJiigii. ill- 

Kirft Sunday after Eafter. 

ot Itli JiDs Itil IS 
(trii, (in Ut V" 
s[tn tl9 SHI in Iti 


■IltSf, ^I IttJI- II. 

he took it,3.nii did cal before ihcm. And be 
faid unto llicm. Theft ate thi; wuiJs nliicli I 
rpakciinln you, while I waiiyct with you, ihal 
aU thlngi miift be fulfilled whicli were written 
in ihc lawuf Molo.and in the Prophrls, and 
in the Pliilm* rimrcming me, Thtn openrd 
he [licir uniitrftanding, that they might un- 
tlertV.ind the S('ri|mire*i, and faid uiilo them, 
I'hiK. it i^ Hrillcn, and thut it behaved Chrift 
to fiiffer, and to rile fiom the dead the thiid 
day ; and that repentance and lemijlion of 
fins [huiild be t)rcachc(l in his Name omoiig 
all nations, beginning at Jerufalem. And ye 
arc witiicHn of Ihcle things. 

The Firft Sunday after Eafler. 

T/tf Col/ea. 
LMIGHTY Father, who httll given 

thine only Son to die for our lins 
:ind to rile again lot our juftitica- 
tion ; Grant us Co to put away the 
leaven of malift and wickcdnefi, that we tnay 
alwayfervethce in (lurenels of living and trulh, 
itiiungh the metiib of the fame thy Son Jclui 
Chiiftour Lord. Amen. 

TAe Epiftlt. 1 St John v. 4. 

HATSOEVER n born of God 

overtonieth the world ; and this a 

Ihc viflory that ovcrcnmctli the 

world, even our faith. Who is he 

aiiniT situ 10 una, 
JttiKr L DttEniinl nil til tur. 

frilr 40(111 Dt ^tltl 
b(iiios|l(i3ti) JmiM- 
Icin lu, is I Slugs i. 

Firft Sunday after Eafter. 

ihat ovcrcomelh the world, but ]ie tliat be- 
lievelh (hal Jefus is the Son of Goi) > This 'a 
he ihat eaine by water and blood, even Jeiiib 
Cilrift ; not by waicr only, but by water aud 
blood : and it i^ the Spirit ihaibeareih witnefs, 
bccaufe the Spirit is truth. For there are three 
that bear record in heaven, the Father, the 
Word, and the Holy Ghoft : and ihefe lliree 
arc one. And there are three that bear wil- 
nefi in earth, the Ipirit, and the water, and 
the blood : and thefe three agree in one. If 
«e lei'eive the witnefs of men, the witnefs of 
God is greater : for this is the witnefs of God, 
whith ht haih teftified of his Son. He that 
Sclieveth on the Son of God bath the witnels 
in himfelf; he that believetb not God hath 
made him a liar.beeaufc he beiieweth not the 
record that God gave of his Son. And this 
is the record, that God bath given to us eternal 
life ; and thiis life 'n in his Son. He that hath 
the Son hath life ; and he that hath not the 
Son hath not life. 

Tie Gpjpel. St John «. 19. 
"'-^HE fame day at evening, being the 
firft day of the week,whetl the doors 
were (liut, where the difciples were 
aifcmbled for fear of the Jeivs, came 
Jcl'us ami Hood in the midit, and I'aith unto 
ihem, Peace be unto you, And when he had 
lb fiid, he (hewed unto them his hands and 

BrftalB, t1)p luHd C- 

sau IS cominrlrll 1- 
gjnaaiilicc flrn.iiDIt, 

jSlrtliil sgotr uino 
ttiisclt. «c. I £lDI, III', 

at(5i, JnD lair ib< 
piing cliid) inD W 
inDitii miO Hit >n» 
iPSClii, inn it tDou 

■ftit onlll 1 ttltti 
tlir tuiitlJ.rotairiBIl 
nillsriH llli CItllD 10 
IKStiag Ijlin. tHlt.ll, 


p» -v ■ V ■ K '■ V • v-^i^ 

RisliilliTirjIi ggnrn 
ilKirjIIan. t\t glpall 

grs. jor tiea ilirf 

sKill sail, ;;ir ti.tgi 
Ito Ring. brcjILEnr at 
hlirEi iiii itif l^rD, 

Second Sunday after Eafter. 

Iiis fiile. Then writ ihc difciplrs glad when 
ihcy law lh< Lord. Then laid Jtliih ti> ihnn 
again. Ptacc be unto you : At my Father 
haih rcntine,evcn lb iVnd I yoii. And «hcn 
lie had fald [hii, he breathed im tlii-iii, anil 
I'ailh unto them. Receive ye the holy Gholi. 
WhoftliKVct (itis ye remit, they arc remitted 
unto ihem ; and whol'efocver firut ye riuin, 
they lire retained. 

The Second Sunday aftei EaAcr. 

Til Cellfff. 

LMIGHTY God, who haft given 
thine only Son In br iinlo us both 
a facrilicc for Cm, and Mo in en- 
fampic of godly life ; Give he grace 
that we mav always nioft thankfully receive 
that his incltimal>!e benefit, anJ »l(o daily en- 
deavour ourfflves to follow the blclTcd Iteps 
of his moft holy life; through the fame Jeiun 
Chrift our Loril. Ameii. 

Tki EiyiU. 1 St. Pit, ii. ij. 
HIS is thnnk-ivoithy, if a man for 
'^1 conftiente toward God endure {jtief, 
iGl ruiTcring wrongfully. For whit 
ghiry is it, if, when ye be buHclcd 
fotyourfaulti, yelliall take ii patiently? But 
if, when ve do well, and fuifer for ii, ye lake 
it patiently j lhi»is acceptable with God. Kor 
even hereunto vtete ye culled ; l^iaulc Chrilt 

|tdsr« rati iti( utirs 
eiit dt t)is tiinOo inn 
htdlc ilifinr 'fitt Jiiii 

cnt eeiiisiiiia stg 

Bigen ttllm ag>a Or 
(anitc. »i. (fan. t. 

Second Sunday after Eafter. 

alio AlfFcred for us, leaving us an fxaiiijilc. 
that yt (hould follow hi? lieps: who JId no 
fin, neilher was guile foiiiiJ in hi* mouth; 
who, when he was leviled, reviled not again j 
when hel'ulFcred, he ihrealened not ; but com- 
initled hitnfelf to him that judgelh rightcoufly ! 
who hit own lelf bare our fins in his own body 
on the tree, (hat we, being dead to fins, fhould 
liKt unio righteoufnefs: by whofc it ri pes ye 
were healed. For ye were as [heep going 
nllrayj but arc now returned unto the Shep- 
herd and Bidiop of your fouls. 

TAs Gofpci. St, John i, ii. 

ESUS faid, I am the good Iliephcrd ! 
the good (htphcrd givcth his life for 
the fiiecp. But he that is an hire- 
ling, and not the fhephcrd, whofc 
own the iheep arc not, feelh the wolf coming, 
and leavelh the fhecp, am! fleet h j and the 
wolf catcheth them, and feattereth the iheep. 
The hireling fleeth, beeaufe he is an hirtling, 
and carclh not for the (hcep. I am the good 
flicpherd, and know my fliccp, and am known 
of mine. Aa the Father knortifth me, even 
fo know I the Father ! and I Xaj down my 
life for the Ihetp. And other fheep I have, 
which are not of this fold ; (hem slfo I muli 
bring, and iheyfhall hear my voice ; and there 
(hall be one fold, and one lliepherd. 

tt>mi(i [3 uses 111 
sum iliai mere in 

mi ini [oisis ilictr' 
or troiiE tlUD piqrs 
alb dnn iiEitirr, u- 
coTblng, ftc. fCtit, II, 

Ihoii int (itl iigun ttir 
liiKSlB. ISiim. oil. 

aitilli scil'S An son 
10 tflrall.ttfsiinrtiall 
il)rsirD, Sings ]l. 

(Tilt ingM silt n 
Saanb i'lEi. dad 

mgttiri ml) id inlo 

tD't 9" <i"li IDtllCti 
atuflM il]r nil 111 
ItlllD s.'kl. fBll.ll, 

The Third Sunday after Eafter. 
Tit CalUa. 
LMIGHTY God, who Iheweft to 
them that bf ill error the Irghl ot 
ihy icuth, to Ihc intiiii diat xhty 
may reiuin into the way of righlc- 
uulVieft ; Grant unto all ihcni thai art id- 
milted into the fcUowfliip of Chri If s Religion, 
that they may efdirw thole ihing^ ihai are 
Contraty lo their profeflion, iind (bllow all liith 
things as lie agrccihit lo the lame ; through 
our I^rd Jcluii Chrili. Amcv. 

JAe Efiflle. iSt. Pci.Ti. ir. 
EARLY beloved. 1 befceth you as 
lb .111 gel'* and jiilgrims, abftaiii tVnni 
flefliiy luli>, which wai ag.ilnft the 
luul ; having your cotiverrntion ho- 
i ndi among the Genliirs -, ihat, »hcic»i lln:v 
Ipeak againli you at evil doers, ihcy may, hy 
your guod work.> which they Ihall tieholil, 
gloiil^ Gud ill the dayof vilitatlon. Subniil 
yoiirlelvei lo every ordinance of man for (he 
Lord's lake j tvhcilier it be to ihe Kins, n 
rupreme; or imlo govcmour(,*( unto ihrm 
ihat arc fent hy him, for ihe puiiiilimem of 
«vil doent, and for ihc pnile of ihem llut do 
well. Fot fo i» the will of God, thai wilh 
ivcll -doing ye may pul lo filenre the ignorance 
of fooliOi men ; ai free, and not iilio|; yotir 

Thrf ouNI IhIG ^ouLilrlp- 
.latiti.lri, iStn ml. 

amiii istitdiiinsiiot 

incftcTD.sjfins Still 
I an UD, i< (1:^1111. 11. 


TJii Cofpil. Si. Jolm ivi. 16, 
ESUS l"aid 10 his difriplcs, A liiilt 
wliilc and yc Ihall not lee me ; and 
again, a Utile while and j-c Ihail lee 
nie i becaufe I go to llit Kathci-. 
Then laid I'uinc of his dilciples among them- 
Jeivea, What i^ this that he lailh iinio us, A 
little while and ye Oiall not fee me \ and again, 
3 little while and ye fliall I'cc inc \ anil, Bei'aiire 
I go TO the Father? They laid therefore, 
What is this that he faith, A lillle ivhile ? 
we cannot tell what he faith. Now Jcfus knew 
that they were delirous to all: liiin, anil laid 
unio them. Do ye enquire among yourfclvcs 
of (hat I laid, A little while and ye lliall not 
fee nie) anil again, a little while and ye thai! 
I'ee me? Veriiy, verily I lay utllo you. That 
ye fhall weep and lament, but the world Ihall 
rejou'ei and ye Ihall be Ibrrowfiil, but your 
Torrow (hall he lurneii into joy. A woman, 
when Ibe is in Itax'^il, hath Ibtrow, becaul'e 
hci'hour is eome: bul^hfoun d»ilhe i^ delivered 
of (he cliilii, Ihc rememberelh no more the an- 
guilh, I'orjuy that .1 man is born into the world. 
And ye now ihcrcfure have I'orrow ; but I 
will fee you again, and your bean Ihal! rejoice, 
and your joy no man takeih from you. 

txn iiv \\f ririi me 
alirlfll out Hint floiill 
DDntlic, fcc. Wirolr, JID. 

rQcf cnttoicuitraniC 

IdUIi ori cIUBItr o( 
gidcrE.tlc. flDin.illl. 

;iiili.t<au9, t»l)(ii b' 
Das tipllitli, ramr 
straliti Dui g( lti( 
uatn. anD 11. IDi 

liiiDrnB Utci ogin. 
rh iinta ])4tn. ann 
Solin SHU X\\t Epiill 


(Tilt iimpiri caiiK in 

iltoa Of lilt fun 01 
flDO. rninirtiirtD illii 

tHraisignu tr iniOi 

suiiins sum, (I (3 
miitrtn xcinitin. 

Fourth Sunday after Eafter, 

The Foiuth Sunday after Eaftcr. 

Tic CdUa. 

ordei- the unruly willi and affefHons 
ot fini'ul itiun J Grant unto tliy peo- 
ple, ihat tliey limy love the iliing 
ivliifh ihou commandeft, anodefiiv that which 
ihoii (iofl promilc -, (hitt to, among the rumlry 
anil manifold i-hungct of the wnrld, uur heaitt 
may furely there be fixed, where true joys are 
lo be found ; through Jcfus Chtift our Lord. 

Tht Epiflk. St. J.imMi. 17. 
VERV f;oo<i gift, and every pcrtra 
gitf istVom above, andcomtth do«n 
ttOTO the Father of lights, vviih 
whom is no vailablenels, neither 
Ihadow of turning. Of hiii own will begat he 
115 with the Word of truth, that we ilionld be 
a kind of firU-fruits of his creatures. Where- 
fore, my beloved brethren, let every man be 
I'wift to hear, (low to I'peak, flow to wiaih { 
for the wrath of man worketli not the lightc- 
oufnefs of God. Wherefore lay apart all 
filthinefs and rii|icrliiiity of naiighttncfk, and 
receive with meeknefs ihe engrafted Wotd, 
which is able to liiv« ysur Jbuk. 

riglit foi t n(ss nt pn- 
tjgc, ki. iSin. iiD. 

Clit mDuiin stung ifit 
iiii 10 tii ilii^int.toiil 
of lEiE Iriiil, dm- lH 

Fourth Sunday after Eafter. 

The Gafftl. St. John ivi, 5. 

ESUS 131(1 unto his difciplcs, Now 1 
go mywayloliimllial Itnl me, ami 
none of you alkeih me, Whilher 
goeft tlioii ? But, betaulc I have 
laid ihufe things unlo you, forrow h.ith filled 
your hcait, Neverthclffs.I tell you tlit (ruth j 
it ra expedient for you that I go away ; for it 
I go not jivny, the Conifortrr will not come 
unto youj but if I depart, I will lend him 
unto you. And when he is come, he will re- 
prove tile world of iln, .md of righipoulneli, 
and of judgement! of fin, beoaufc they believe 
not on mc; of righteoufnefs, berauic I go to 
my Father, and ye fee nie no more ; of judge- 
mfiit.becaufctheprinceof ihiaworld is judged. 
1 have yet many things lo iiiy unio you, but 
ye cannot bear ihem now, liowbcit, when 
be, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide 
rou into ull truth : for he Ihsll not (peak of 
Itimfcif j but whatfocver he ftiall hear, that 
(hall he Ipeak ; and he will llnw you things 
(o come. He lliali glorify me : for he (hail 
n-ceivc of mine, and lliall ilitw it unto you. 
Ail things that the Father liaih arc mine: 
ibcrercire faid I, thai he iliall take of mine, 
and lliall ftii-w it unto you. 

ttrhmli, i leeaim 1 
If aitifiTflr rjiuir oiil 

at till Bra (dibh. 
ontt (Cuti, Bdplni 
untit,*c, («jnli. 

a ciniln maRtDits VI- 
mitia iii\iu\ nisis. 
Dbdi, £[. i'fiB I>. 

Sat lnieitaiirlI)tiilT[[i 
at i||(iiillil.3fsiisuifiii 
unit, Si. iBii. IID. 

Xitli Itr iDdlt t^r til 
loaui; ,TiiD [I Itstrs, 
am IttnRrftiirTOtrd' 


Fifth Sunday after Eafter. 

The Fifth Sunday after Eafter. 

T/if ColUff. 
LORD.froiii whom 3II good [hina* 
do come i Grant to us thy humble 
Icrviinls, ihal by thy holy infpita- 
tien vvt may think thofe ihin^s rhat 
he good, and by tliy merciful guiding may 
pciform iht fame ; through our Lord Jtfus 
Chrlll. jiimn. 

TJic EpiftSe. St. Jamrs i, ii. 
;E ye doers of thr Word, and noi 
hmrers only, deceiving your own 
iclves. For if any be a hearer of 
ihu Word, and not a doer, he is like 
unio a man bcholdin? his natural face in a 
glafs. For he beholcfclh himfdf, and gocth 
his «iiy,and (Iraiglirway forgcttcih what man- 
ner of man he was. But wliofo lookelh into 
the perfect law of liberty, and cominotth 
therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but 
a doer of the work, this miiu (hill be bleliiril 
ilk hi£ deed. Tf any man among you fceni to 
be religious, and bridleth noi his tongue, but 
deccivelh his own heart, this man's religion is 
vain. Pure religion, and imdefiled before Goii 
and the Father, i? this. To vifit ihe faiherlcfn 
and widowii in their alHiflion, and to keep 
himlelf unfpotted fram the world. 

Irt nim roBI n< GCSI 
slrnif, »[. JdCii em. 

.fiEuB nrlng ttrlt 
taliO.siitiutD'siO » 
IVi pilsti'''* 

Fifth Sunday after Eafter. 

7hf Gsfpil. St. John ivi. 13. 
SERILY, verily I fay imto you, 
Whatfoever ye (hall aft the Fuller 
In my Namr, he will give It you. 
Hitherto have ye alked nothing in 
my Name : alk, and ye (hall receive, thai your 
joy may be full- Thcfc thing'! have 1 fpoken 
unto ytiu in proverbs 1 the time eomcth when 
I Ihail no more fpeak unto yoii In proverbs, 
Ijut I (hsU (liew ynu plainly of the Father. 
At that day ye Ihall alk in my Name : and I 
fay not unto you, that I will pray the Father 
for you ; for thi Father himfelf loveth you, 
becaufe ye have loved me, and have believed 
that I tame out from God. I came forth 
from ihc Father, and am come into the world : 
again, I leave the world, and go to the Father. 
His difi'ijiles faid unto hlra, Lo, now Ipeakelt 
ihou plainly, and fpeakeft no proverb. Now 
arc wc furc that tlinu knowcft all things, and 
needeft not that any man lliould alk thee ; by 
tills we b*iieve that thou tameft forth from 
God, Jcliis anfwered them, Do ye now be- 
lieve ? Behold, the hour cometh, yea, la now 
rome, lliat ye (hall be fcattcrcd every man to 
his own, and Ihall leave me alone : and yet 1 
am not alone, hecaufe the Father is with me. 
Thefe things I have Ijioken unto you, that in 
■ncye might have peace. lu the world ye (hall 
have iiibiihiion; but beof good chter.I have 
oveirome the world. 

ifrinah Gtrrlrhrll Aim- 
s:\i iigoii [liirnilb.gnli 
Itir, St, ISrnoEtnil. 

>(rll5l)3 (Dining mio (lit 
ni)u<tr, bchon titr cMlt 
tniE. &(. llKlnj-iiD. 

iTIitlsl (cifB 10116 i 
lout no III, Laiarus. 
(oinf rBCIfl. (TSin Di 
Itial Inis tritr am 

hrin. DniiiiD tinii 
anV til 9 tarr nu 
aaunO, ill .Wml- 


sun, iun l}ie clDlDcs 

Hurt jslc III" astdt 

light, ana ei<)Dit>. 
It)"' itvtatiJi unlo 
ttrui, vc. in II. iMi. 

The A fee nfi on-Day. 

RANT, we btftech thee, AlmigUt)' 
fji^fe God, that like as we <lo believe thy 
nil I y- begotten Son our Lord Jtfin 
Chrift to have afcended into the 
hiraveiit; lb wc niHy Mo in heart and itiiiid 
I hither ali-end, and wi ill him conllniiitlW dwell, 
who livelh and reigneih with thee and the 
Holy Ghaft, one God, world without end. 

For tie E/>iJ!le. Afls i, i. 
HE foinier Irealife have I made, O 
Theophilub.of all that Jeliis hcEan 
both to do and teach, until the day 
in whit-'Ii he was taken up, after that 
he [hrough tile Holy Gholl had given com- 
mandments unlu the Apoliki whom he bul 
cholVn ; to whom alio he flieived himlelf alive 
after his pallion, by inTiny infallible pioufs ; 
being Icen ot them forty dnyn, and Ipeaking 
of the things pertaining to the Kingdom of 
God ; and, being aAembled togelncr with 
them, commanded ihem that they Ihoilld not 
depart from Jeruiakm, but wait for the pr»- 
mile of the Father, which, fnilh' he, ye have 
heard of me. For John truly baptiwd with 
water, but ye Ihall be baptized wiln the Holy 
Gholi not many days hence. When ihcy 

IntDifatglii iScn.iiill. 

S(Iimj)ilia())ii IS- 
Biom»: lo, !B(t (wr 
in(nIoosc,&c. Din, ill. 

The Afcenfion-Day. 

ihtfefore were come (ogither, ihey aiked of 
him, laying) I^rd, wilt thou at this time rc- 
ftoFE again the kingdom lo Ifrael J AnJ he 
fiid unio ihem. It h not for you to know the 
lim«t^ or the lealona, which the Father hath 
put in hi? own power. But ye ihall receive 
power after that llie Holy Ghoft is come upon 
you ; and ye (hM be wiinefl'cti unlu me, b»rh 
in Jcrufaiem, and in all Jiidia.and in Sama- 
ria, ami unto the ultcmioit pan of the earlh. 
And when he had fpoken thefe things, while 
ihcy behdi), he was taken up, and a doiid 
received him out of their ftght. And while 
they looked ItedfaKly towand heaven, as he 
went up, behold, two men flood by them in 
white apparel J which alio faid. Ye men of 
Galilee, why Aaaii ye gaiing up into heaven ? 
This lame Jeiiii, which is taken up from you 
into heaven, Ihall fo come, in like manner as 
jre have lecn him go into heaven. 

Tie Goffel. Si. Marlt ivl. 14. 

ESUS appeared unto the eleven as 
thcyffit at meal, and upbraided theni 
ivilh iheir unbelief and hardnefs of 
heart, becaufcihcy believed not them 
nrhii-h had feen him after lie was rifen. And 
he faid iinio ihem. Go ye into all the world, 
and preach the Gofpcl 10 every creatine. He 
that lielievelh and is baptlied (ball be favcd ; 
hut he thai belicvclh not Ihall be damned. 

tBiBltr sill lo tlaitan. 
I iani 5lnnrD agittn^i 
ttrc 4.arli. uf im, lU, 

larcit IddBcTt apDiT Jflp' 
rum, and tftitni. slii 
tt>is ItctoiiB. fliim. III. 

JtsDS said, fHiat 
■109 arc firgiitn 
trt. tit stit Wn 
mu(B, Co mlmin i 

linic IB toraiDin. it 
Ddih iiiii I iMiic. 
anil Ik Bill unft 
Dir. sc. i.\itt Mi. 

atn Jrziiaiitm ^I 
lifliilo ttif (iir una 
Deul tdc;IRg. 

nitlRDU OlDsItDtD 

lia*bn «i nr Umi 


Ibinn.sti. lu. Ill, 

Sunday after Afcenfion-Day. 

AdiI tlitle ligns Ihall Toilow them that believe : 
In mv Name (hall ihey <aft out devils j ihcy 
Ihill Ipealc nilh new lotiguct ; they Ihail l;ikT 
lip feri>cnHi and if lllev dunk any Jenilly 
thing, it Ihall not hurt lliem ) they fhall Iny 
hands on the lick, and ihcjf (liall recover. So 
then after the Lord hsd Ipoken unto them, 
he was received iii> inta hcivcn, and lat on 
the tight hand of God. And they went forth 
and preached every where, (he Lord working 
with ihein, and confirming (he Word with 
(igna following. 

Sunday after A fcen (ion-Day. 

Tie CiUetl. 
GOD the King of glory, who halt 
exalted ihine only Son Jefus Chrili 
with great triumph unto thy king- 
dion m heaven ; We befeeeh thee, 
leave us not fotnfortlefs; but fend to iis thine 
Holy Glioft to comfort us, and exalt us unlo 
the fame place whither our Saviour Chrilt is 
gone before, who liveih and reignethwith thee 
and (he Holy Ghoft, one God, world without 
end. Amm. 

riir Efiftli. I StPet. it. 7. 
fHC end of all things \i at hand ; he 
ye therefore fober, and watch unlo 
prayer. And above all things have 
fervent rharity among yourjelves : 

JM\,a iW\ hint site 
Mirn L[pDnt|]rr,0 jliu- 
siliin.tE. JiltCUMD. 

irttlr (tistsad lutiHli 




Sunday a^r Afccnfion-Day. 

fix chiritjr ftiall coy«t iht muliiludc of fitu. 
Vic hofpiulily one to anolixr Kilhoui gtuda- 
ing. As every man hath itrtivcJ thf gift, 
even b ftiiniflcr the fimc owe to anoiher, m 
KMid L^cinh of the manifolij grace of God. 
If anv man fpeak, let him (^k *» ihc on- 
rloi ut God I if any maa miniOer, Irt him Ai> 
it M of th* ability whieh God eivelh ; that 
(lod in all thing* iitiv Iw Honhn] throujth 
Jel'ai C1> rift, to whom be praifcand dominion 
lot ctH iMd ever. Ameo. 

TAt G*/f*i. St. J«hn I*. i6w "kd t*n il 
Chipter xtI. 

HEN the Comforter i«romc,whoni 
I mill lend uiilo you irom the Fa- 
thcf,«V(ii the Spirit uf truth, whit'li 
^toccedethfroni the Father, hefhalt 
tcltifyof me. And je ailo IhaJlbcat witncl's 
breaulc ye lia»e been with me fiom the be- 
ginniag. Thcic tilings have I Ipokrn uniu 

Sou, (hat yt ihoulil ilot he iitfcnded. Thry 
■all pit you out of the rynigneuM : yea, the 
linic rometh, thai whofiteitr killeth you will 
(hink ih-il lie tloetli Uwl Icrvice. And chele 
thing* will they do unto you, bcraufe ihey 
have not known the Father, nor me. But 
iIkIc tbingi have I told you, that, when the 
time Ihall coint, ye may remember that I tohJ 
you of thcia. 

tcttiai using I* Ji- 

luulo. nMg 

■gcrtt iMit (tr- 

atiinia itrntf,*- 


(DM« It iflt Villi. 

lat. lit. l£in. leiii. 

XtriimniiiMtn' pr* 
pbrm (luic lit mniuPii- 
itj. *(. 11 mult tl. 

iTiii cm toirni Mm- 
it)r«iiT iti<iiir«gnS 
iiKUtt itta III igi 

Bit- muttt 

Jtsiistmniliiiii llii 
tllRliI' inn Bigan to 
fflai am rite in tfijr 

sijiinouiiTD tnrin.ti 

Is UltrllNI. ^AIllE 


(Illlt. tie. 1,U. III. 

^OD, who as M this time didll teach 
y, the hearts of ihy bilhfii] people, 
ji by llic leiiiling ti) them the light 01 
- rhy Holy Spirit J Cirani us by ili« 
lame Spii'il to liavF a light juilgfiKtrnt tii all 
tliingi, 30(1 evermore to rcjuicc in his holy 
fcmfoii i tlii'ough the meiiis of Chriit Jclut 
out Saviiiijr.wholiveth ami teigiieth with thee, 
ill the unity ot the fame Spirit, one God, wotld 
without end. Amen. 

Far the EfijUe. ASts ii. i . 

HEN the day of PciKeroft was ftjlly 
foine.they were all with ui)e accord 
in one place. And fiiddenly there 
rame a tijuntl from heaven, as ul'a 
rufliingiiiighty wind, andit filled all (hehoufc 
where they wefe filling. And thei'e appeared 
unto them cloven tongues, like as of fire, and 
it fat upon each of them: and they weie all 
filled with the Holy Ghoft, and hfgan tolprak 
wirh other tongues, as the Spirit gave ihern 
Utterance. Anil (here were dwelling at Jcni- 
falem Jews, devout men, out of every nulion 
undec heaven. Now when this was noifcd 
abroad, the multitude came together, and were 
confounded, beeaufc that every man heard 
them [^eak in his own language. And they 

trtii pi iliirlirs, ffllim 
iinnii. Xc Jtiiin. ml. 

jiUtiF Quusr aball \» 
(jlliD a lioiiai of t"V" 
igi3ll.!,T. {snub If' 



ivcrt all omJitd, «nd marvclUd, hjing ont 
to Another, Bcliolil, are nuc nil thcic irliich 
(prak GalilcJin»f AiiJ ho* hmr wc every 
nun in out o«n toiiButwhefeinwewerebotn? 
Parihiant, and Mnl«t,^i>^ Ehmit", and il« 
dwrlkrs in Mtlopvtimia, and in Jiidxn, ami 
Ciiipadocia, in Pontui, itnd Alio, Phrygia, 
and Pamjihylia, in Egypt, Knd in the )>irlt of 
Lilly* aboui Cyrtne, and lltini[tr» ot Komt, 
Jcwi, and i'rultlytrsi CreCn, itml Ai'nlii^ii^ 
nc ilo he*r thcin Ificik in our tongii^i, ilic 
iTondcrliil iMrki of God. 

TAt Gof^l. St. John tiv, 1 5. 
ESUSfaiduntohiidifciplct, Ifyclovt 
n», k«cp my commandinrnti. And 
I willpny the Father, mil he IhulJ 
give you ini>thc( Coraforter, tlmt he 
inty abide wHh you i'ot ever ; even the Spi- 
rit of truth, nhom the world cannot rtri'ive, 
iKnufc It leclh him not, ncithrt knowelh hlini 
but yc know him \ for he dwcUeth Milh yn\i, 
and Ihitit be in you. 1 Kill not ieive you 
eomfortlels ; I n-lll comf to you. Yc( n lit- 
tle while, and (he wnrld feeth me no more [ 
but ye Ice me ; bectufc I live, yc Ihlll live 
alia. At thai dav ye lliall know, that I am 
in my Father, and yc in me, imd I in you. 
He ihKt hath my commandment*, and kecp- 
cih them, he U ii thai lovcih me ; and he that 
loveih me Iliatl be loved of my Fitthcr, and [ 

Ulb'n .fi^MPh't brc 
illKn iim tiiin ]Mi DIt. 

IM sleoB taiv tip 1(1 

rui I till rmts 
in* ih( iiiiit>» ui 

tbt ilttn gf ttn I». 
pit I on I 111 III tttt 

tttc alttl lili Jr- 
*tt« »D Mb) III g 411 > 
t<l( tl<ui. em ll(| 

X 2 

btin tUMs fWi If 
llni jutos sougtii 

oppoiiuimg m t(- 


will luvc him, and *iil iiiauif'cll myftlf lohini. 
Juilat Ikiih unto him, (noi Ilcariot.) LonI, 
how ii it lliat thou wilt manifrli ihylelruiilu 
us, and not unto the world ? Jtfiis anfwered 
and laid unto him, If a man love me, he will 
keep my words, and my Father will love hiin, 
and we will come unto him, nnd make oui 
abode with him. He that loveth m: not k«p- 
«ih not my layings t and die word which ye 
heat is not mine, but the Father's which fciit 
me. Thele things huve I Tpolcen unto you, 
being yet piel'ent with you. But the Com- 
I'otltr, which ii the Holy Gholl, whom ihc 
Father will lend in my Name, he (hall teaeK 
yoii all things, ^nd bring all things to yout 
remembrance, whalfocver 1 have laid unto 
you. J'l-jee I leave with you, my peat'e I give 
untu you i nut m the world givcth, giie I 
unto yoii. Let not your heart be troubled, 
neitliei' let it be afriiid, Vc have hcaixl how 
1 laid unto yt>u, I go away, and come agitin 
null) yern. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, 
becaufc I laid, I go unto the Father; (bt my 
Father in greater than I. And now 1 have 
told you hetbre it come to pali^, that, when it 
It eomc to pal's ye might believe. Ilercat'ter 
I will not lailc much with vou ! lot the prince 
of this world comet h, and hath iiulhlii); in nic. 
But that the world may know that I [ovc the 
Father ; and ai the Father gave me command 
ment, even Jo I do. 

Jubili tm. •taml III 
■IS srii Dim ID |j)t (sh- 
indtiiiis. em, rirvll. 

sojusieC mas troHttii 
DaUjn Inid tf^gppi, and 
|l(tigti<i(,^( ^(".titii 



^3^2^ A-^A'^TVi.lV-«^.»>lVA-ilr— ■iV-^Jr-'i . r-. 



Monday in Whitfun-Week. 

Monday m Whiifun-Week. 

TAf CaUicl. 
MJOD, who 3s ai this lime didft leach 
S|, ihe hearts of ihy faithful people, by 
ilic fctniingtoihcm ilic light uf ihy 
Holy Sjjiiit j Gram \ii by the lame 
Spiiit to have a tight jiidgemetit in all things, 
and cvermotr to rejoiee in hia holy comfort ; 
through Ihe mcritsofChriftJrl'us our Saviour, 
wholivelh and reigneth with thee, in the unin' 
of the lameSpiritjOiie God, world without etui. 

For lilt Epiflle. Afls .. j4, 
?HEN Peter opened his Tnoiiih.and 
faid, or I truth I perceive that God 
is no lel'pcfler ot perfoni; but in 
every nation he that fearelh him, 
ami worketh rightcoufners, is accepted wiih 
him. The Word which God lent unlo the 
ihihlrtn of Ifrael, preaching peace by Jelus 
Chrifti (he is Lord of all that Word, I 
lay, ye know, which was jufalifhed through- 
out all Judaea, and began Irom Galilee, after 
the baptifm which John preached -. hoiv God 
anointed Jefus of Naaareih with the Holy 
Ghoft, and with power ; who went about do- 
ing good, and healing all that were opiitcfied 
of the devil : fur God was with him. And 
we are ivilnefFcs of all things which he did, 
both in (he land of thejewii, and In Jerusalem j 

9(SII5 SI (II? [JBl 

siieD'r is llllp <l(ll 
cm, iDuH brrjn, inD 

fBcttDOi'VKtl liiouelil 
lottli DrtiV oiitr Isiiir, 

fttosrssiilli to l||( ptB- 
i>(i ol Estatl : SDls Is 
iliit, &r. iffiiQtiiiibl. 

ttauis, trjtt II. 
gntgiDr lo lil;^ Ma- 
Il|ilrs.s3iiriig, Tltt 
tit, iii. ftiat iibl. 

.IKII3 salt '111 gc 

alfal[ br orrrnETrB l)[r 
mi tail iilgtli. it- 
il)E ejlll ineriBDir 

iinlo ttim, 7I1 ifi 
D(r( iDljilc I gs ant 
vrg; nonbri. and 
III. Hi. inai. itOI. 


Monday in Whitfun-Week. 

wliuin they l)ew,3n[l hanged nil n nee : Mim 
God raifed up the third oily, and iheivtd him 
openly ; nnt ID all the peoplF, but unto wit- 
iieffes choltn before i^f God ; cvtn to us who 
did cut and drink with him after he rofe fToin 
the de.^d. And he commanded ui to picach 
unto the peopk, and to tcllify that it i^ he 
which wiii ordained of God to be the Judgt 
of nuick ind dead. To him give jJI the piu- 
pheti wilnefs, that through his Name whofo. 
ever bclieveth in him (hall rcecivi; rcmiirioii of 
lins. While Peter yet fpake thtie wolits, the 
Holy Gholt fell on all Incm whirh heard the 
word. And they of the cireunicifion, which 
helicved, were allonidlcd, as many m came 
with Peter, becaoll: that on the Gentiles alio 
was pouted out the gift of the Holy Gholt, 
For I hey heard them Iptak with tonguei, and 
oiagnify God. Then anfwefed Peter, Can 
any man forbid water, that thefe (huuld not 
be liapliicd, which have received the Holy 
Gliiift as well as we i And he toinmanded 
them to be huptizcd in the Name of tl.e Lord. 
Then prayed they him to (any certain days. 

TJieOoJj-fl. St. John ill. 16. 

OD fi> loved the world, that lie gave 

hi* only-begotten Son, that wliofo- 

cvcr belicveth in him fbould not 

ptrilh, but have evcrlafling life. For 

God lent not his Son into the woiTd to con- 

r ^n\B oil {and sial- 
Mie Kb slitcii ilisi DiB 
no, in 1 "tilnQs iiU- 

i?ll«(iO fllit : IKBdID 

iboii Sim ill 11 turn 
tli(iiiipr>. liKingsDll. 



Tuefday in Whitfun-Week. 

demii the world, but ihat ihe world tliioiigh 
iiim migllt be lived. He that helieveih on 
him is not condemned i but he (hat bclievcih 
not is condemned alieaity ; becaiilc he halh 
nut believed in the Namcot'theoiily-bcgoKen 
Son of God. And thii h ihe condemnatiun, 
ihailighi iii'ome inloihe world, and men loved 
darknels rather than light, becaufc ihcirdeeds 
ivcrecvil. For every one thai doethevjl hateth 
tile light, neither cometh to the light, left his 
deeds Ibould [it reproved. Bot he that doeth 
truth cometh to the light, that hiMtecdsinaybe 
made manit'ell, that theyare ^vrought in God- 

Tuefday in Whitfun-Wcek. 

Tit coiua. 

OD, who Si at this time didft teach 
ihe hearts of thy faithful people, by 
the fending to them iht light of thy 
Holy Spirit: Grant us by the (atne 
Spirit to have a right judgement in all things, 
and evermure to tejoice in his holy comfort i 
ihiough ilie merits of Ch rift Jefusonr Saviour, 
who iiveth and reigncth with tlice, in the unity 
of the fameSpiritjOne God, world without end. 

Fii- l/ie KpijlU. Ails vlii. 14, 

HEN the ApoHles, which were at 

Jcrufalem, heard that Samaria had 

received the word of God, they 

lent iinio them Peter and John ; 

(ri)t (aoT!3l) niiglns 


lurt. iit. iBii. Jib. 

irnr grrnl tuagon llial 

irri) ^frprni mas Hat 
out, Eillie,\'[ EtD.rtl. 

Jlrsns Kitoming ilt 

Iblngs IIIM EhDUlIi 


sain unto iCiui. 

?3lbnm 5r(t; prt 
Ctrn .nismirrti litiR. 
j(5ii5 lit flatarfU). 

Tuefday in Whitfun-Week. 

$Mii tin ginin 

tiM. it II Is, Utt 

lim inn Iiili tip t- 
Uic. Halt IS aoen 
la l» ihis (Dinr, CI 
ggiintc lejcllilii. 

who, whfn (hey were come ilciwn, prayed far 
ihi'in.tlMiihcy might receive tht Holy Glifill : 
{foi ai yei he was fallen upon noni of theiti ) 
only they were biipliicd in llie Name of the 
Lord Jeliii.] Then laid they ihcir haniln on 
them, and they received the Holy Gholt. 

TAi Co/pel. St. John », t. 
lEKILY, veiily I fay unio you, He 
that enicrcth not by the door into 
the Ihcep- fold, hut ciiniljfth up fomc 
other way, ihe liiine Ik x thief siilI 
a robbiT. But he thai enieicth in by ihe liooi 
Ta the ihcpherd of the (heep ; to him the potter 
openeih j and the (hetp hear his voice, and 
he cillclh his own Ihccp by name, and Icadcth 
Ihcm out. And, when he piiiteih forth hit 
own (licep, he goeth before them, and ilie 
llieen follow hiiii : for ihey know hi« voii-c. 
And a ftranger will ibcy not follow ; but 'vill 
flee from him j for ihey know not the voii e 
•A lirangers. This paiahlcipake Jellis imto 
them £ but ihey underllood not what things 
ihey were which he fpakc unto ihcm. Then 
faiit Jeliis unto them again ; Verily, verily I 
fay unto you, I am the door of the (liccp, All 
that ever came before inc irc ihicsct and rol>. 
bersi hut the flircp did not henr them. 1 
am the dour j by me if any man enter in, lie 
ihall he faved, and (ball go In and out, and 
find pafture. The ihief comcth not bin for 

.foah iiiDt 3biici asllii 

IhJn^sinBrtn monEp k 
llir. i-i. iia^rli. ID. 


to fteai, and to kill, and to deliroy ! 1 am 
come that they might have life, and tliat they 
might have it more abundantly. 

Trinity-S und ay . 

LMIGHTy and everlafting God, 
who haft given unio us ihy fcrvanis 
grate by tlic conrcflion of a true 
laith to acknowledge the glory of 
the eternal Trimtyj and in the power of the 
Divine Majefty to ivorlliip the Unity ^ We 
beferch thee, that lliou nouldcft keep us lled- 
laft in tbis faitb, and evermore defend us from 
all adverllties, who liveft and reigncft, one 
, God, world without end. Apitn. 

For the EpiJIIe. Rev. iv, i. 
^FTER this I lookeil, and behold, a 
door was opened in heaven i and 
(he firft voice which 1 henrd was as 
it were of a trumpet talking with 
me ; which faid, Come up hliher, and I >vill 
fiiew thee things which inuft be hcieafter. 
And inimedialeiy I was in the Spirit; and 
behold, a throne was fet in heavtn, and one 
lat on ihc throne : and he that fat was lo look 
upon like a jafper and a fardtne Itonc ; and 
there was a rainbow round about the throne, 
in light like unto an emerald. And round 
about the throne were four and twenty feats ; 

fianien Bum lilt Ijltitr 

bin, 00, 

rnt JrlDS spit in 
ifftKars Intl. and 
tunc tun tlin. siU' 
ing: Vtipiicsii unio 

trr inn smtU ili(i> 
igiiit salt mlrHlul 
in ttii.Jn.jVii.nni. 

iDD^c tinED (bnn^3QD 
tKilDlTdl IllDI ID tic 


itiitlSfB, (Tfitn til' 

SDliltlTS tl Idr 1|0' 
11(111 01 loot: 9(5119 


and upon ihe frats I faiv four and iwtniy 
cldcn litling, clothed in whirc raiment [ anil 
thty had on ihcir heads crowns of gold : And 
om fif ihc throne proceeded lightnings, and 
tliiinderiiigi, and voicsf. And ihcte weic 
Icvtn Isnipi- of lire hurning before (he thrrjnc, 
whii'h aic ihc fcvcn fpiiiti of God. And l>c- 
fure the throne there was a Tea of glafk like 
unto ciydil I and in the midrt of the ihioin', 
and roond about the llironc, were four heaj{\ 
full of eyes before and behind. And tht liili 
beall WHS like a lion, and the ftcond beafl like 
a c:ilf, atid the third btaft had a lace as a man, 
and the fourth bcalt was like a flying eagle. 
And (he four bcalis had each of them iix 
wings about him ; and they were full of eyes 
ivilliiii! and theV rcll nut day and iiigbt, lay- 
ing, Hoiy, holy, holy. Lord God Almighty, 
whii'h was ^tid ih, and is to come. And when 
lllolirheaH^givi: glory, and honour, andlhiinks, 
(o him tliiil (at on the throne, who liveth tor 
ever and ever, the four and twenty elders fall 
down before him that fat on the ihtonc, and 
ivorihip him that liveth lor ever and ever, and 
fait their crowns before the thnL)ii«, faying. 
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glot)', 
and honour, and power i for thou hall created 
all things, and for thy pleafure they are and 
were created. 

mirDloiigtifr^ plDu^DcC 
■mon mv li»» ilitginiiiii 
long. ^-i. LdsdlOKriLi. 

Satan siimlr Sob lot It 
sore Dolls Irsui tni Bilr 
of tll£ tODt, )tt. itt (1. 

TMt C*Jptl. Si. John »i. I. 

HERE wu > man of ihc Pharir«n. 
Dimcil Niccdciiiui, i ruler <if (he 
Je«i 1 (he linic wiiic (O Jcl'us lijr 
night, and fiiil unto him, Rabbi, 
••« knuw ihat thou art a teacher come Irum 
God : for tu> nun (un ilo (hcfc miraclet thai 
ihou docll, except God be niih him. Jcfui 
anrnxrid and faid unto hun. Verily, verilj' I 
Ay untn ilicv, Exccjit a man be burn again, 
he cannot fee (he Kmxdom of God. Nico- 
denituliiiih unto him, now can a man be bum 
when he it old ! ran fac enter the fccond time 
into hii aiolbec'i womb, and be bom f Jefui 
an/Wrml, VcriK'i rerilf, I hy iiniu (lice. Ex- 
<ept a man hch»mof watct, And of the Spirit, 
he cannot cniec into ihc KiiiEdoin at Cod. 
Thut wlijrh n born of the flcfli a flcili ; and 
that Mhicfa ii born of the Spirit it fpiiit. Mar- 
vtl nor that 1 laid unto thee, Yc mull be bum 
ipin. The wind bloweih whcfc it lillclh, 
and thou heareA the found thereof, but canA 
not tell whence it cometh, and whither it go- 
elhi fo it evcrjronc thai is born of ihc Suirii. 
Nicodcmui anmeicd and faid unto him. How 
can ihcfe tbingi be i Jrfiu anfwcrcd and f^iid 
unlo him, An thou a moltcr of Ilracl, and 
Itnoweft not ihefe thing* ! Verily, verily 1 fiy 
iinto thee, We fpcak that we do know, jinl 
lellifx that wc have ficn j and yc receive not 

flStn It'll Bui >«« 
111 tkf talr. *'t Domn 
ltlltt>ll.*(. iffdil*. 



ane ini oamaa 
pUiufi 1 tToEoa at 
iMim. int cut II 

iita IB CIS Ttgti 
tonv, mt ttuit 
il)( tnii DctoK tla, 

Firft Sunday after Trinity. 

our wifncr*. If 1 have iMd you eartlilj' ihlngs, 
and ye believe iiol[ ho™ lliall ye believe, if I 
tell yini of heavenly things? And no man 
liaih afcenclcil up to lieaven, but he that came 
down from heaven, even theSi>ii of man, who 
i» in heaven. And as Mofe lifted up (he 
fcrptni ill the wiWernels, even lo mult the Son 
fif man be lifted up ; thst whoforver bclicvclh 
in him niuutdnot pcriIh,buE have etcmal life. 

The Firft Sunday after Trinity. 

GOD, the ftrength of all (hem rhal 

put their trufl m thee, meieifally 

ncccpt out jviayers; and becMuli? 

through the vtcaknelinf mir iiiotlnl 

nature we can do no good thing without ihee, 

grant utihe help of thy gtni'c.that in keeping 

oi ihy tommandments we may plcale rlicc, 

both in will and deed ; through Jclus Chrilt 

OUT Lord. Amn. 

TAl Epifllt. I St. John iv. •}. 

KLOVED, lei ut love one another i 

fitr love is of God, and every one 

that loveih is bom of God, ind 

knowcth God. He (hal lovcth not 

knowcth not God ; for God i« love. In thik 

was manifefled the love of God lowaidi ui, 

^rirttil tirni tinrsstii' 
gi( >o ir<ll|it|i, saclni, 
f-a lEI.iK. iKingotli. 

irbrn rt( llni torn- 
etonitil,»c. Cinlfl ei. 


pvj;^ -vv>r^ -^^ir^ ^=3!^ W^ 


Firft Sunday after Trinity. 

iKcaule (hat GotI l«nl hisonly-bcgotlcn Sun 
intothrwifrld, thai ire might live ihrough him. 
Herein is lovt, nol rhac we l»vcd Gud, but 
thai hr loved ui, and ftnt his Son lo be ihc 

tropiliation lot our litis. Beloved, if God lb 
ivcd u>, wc ought alio to luve one anolher. 
No man huh I'een God al any time. If we 
love out aiiolhrr, God dwtllelli in us, and hi« 
love is pcrfei'lcd in us. Hereby know we that 
wedivdlin him,aiul he ia us; bccaufe he hath 
given us of hit Spii-il. And we llave (een, and 
do (eltiiy, th;it (he Father fent the Son to be 
the Saviour of the world. Wholbever Ihall 
confefs that Jefus k the Son of God, God 
dwellcth in tiim, ind he in God. And we 
have known and believed the love that God 
hath to us. God is lovej and he that dwel- 
leth in lovcdwelleth in God, and God in him. 
Herein is our love made perfefl, that we may 
have boIdneCi in the duy of judgement ; be- 
catile 3i he it, To are we in this world. There 
15 no fear in love ; but petfeil love cillcth out 
fear ; becaiilc fear halh lormcnt : He that 
fcartth ii not made perfeii in love. We love 
him, becaul'e he liift loved us. If a man fay, 
I love God, and hatcth his brorher, he is a 
tiar ! tor he thai loveih not his brother, whom 
he halh fecn, how can he love God, whom 
lie hath not fecn ! And this Lommandmcnt 
have we from hini, That he who loveih God 
love his braihet iilfo. 

flbriflani toot rf)r InooQ 
of IDf tuinl oEmng, 
antlolt, jiri.din.ijll. 

anD.^rsusbaii tls 
cigssanD (imi Ihio 
t vun nam to fltl- 
g«ltn. Vint lltj 

Itiii 9101 iiu. gut 

itinoii it( amgn bis 

idiir BatliEilnB suths. 
tr. I Kings ID 

9nb DliiiicicncR 
nmi ID 111 vli(t, 

tlllit ll>in inn IDc 

tmi'tlDICe.lllKIl lll( 

tigni ttnn. tan iCi 
OMn, St. ill. mil. 









7/u Gojptl. St. Lulu «i. 19. 
'HERE wBiR certain rich man, which 
was clothed in purple, and fine linen, 
;ind fared liiinptuoully every day. 
And ilicfc was 1 rcrtaiii beggar 
tianied Lainrus, whith w3> laiJ a! hii gate 
full rif foies, and dcfiring lo be fed with the 
crumbs, wliicli fell from tlie rich man'i table ■ 
innreover, (he dogs came and licked hi* lores. 
Anil it came (o paft, that the beggar died, 
and was carried by the angels into Abraham'i 
hrilbm. The rich man atlb died, and wai 
buried ! and in hell he lift up his eyes being 
in torments, and feeth Abraham afar off, and 
Lazarus in his holom. And he cried and 
faid. Father Abraham, have meiey e>n me, 
and lend Laianis, that he may dip the tip of 
his linger in water, and cool my tongue j for 
I am tormented >n thi» llame. Bui Abraham 
laid. Son, retneinbcr that thou in thy life-lime 
rcceivedft thy good ihingi, and likewife Laza- 
rus evil things ; but now he i-s comforted, 
and thou an tormented. And bclideiall this, 
betweenusindyouihereisagreat gulf fixed : 
lb that they who would pals from hence tij 
you cannot ; neither can theypafi to ui, thai 
would come from ihenee. Then he faid, I 
pray thee therefore, father, that (hou wouldelf 
lend him to my lather's houfe : for I have five 
brethren ; that he may teltify unto llu-m, Icti 
lliev alfo come into thi« place of liirmenl. 

fTiitJI 'i])ii nritigtl 
(unnlncl^ fDrif CTjfl 
iittose.tri. 0tn. It. 

<l?9if lit ti'pntl nu 
iniinlbtmlDX Dllt 1 

SltD. WD tlSllMII. kt. 

Second Sunday after Trinity. 

Abraham Attli unto him. They have Mi>rc* 
and the pn^hMi; U( ihcm hnr llitiii> And 
lie liiid, Nav, f*th<r Alinluni; but if unr 
vital unto Ihem from ihc d<ail, rhcy wilt re- 
pent. And he fud unt'j him, If thry htur 
not Mofra and ihc nroi'hcii-, ncithct will thev 
be periuaded, though one tole from the dead. 

The Second SuiuUy after Trinity. 
Tit CclUa. 
L0RD,whoncverfai1cfl tohcluand 
irottiv. til tin wham ihou doll brine 
'< ilfullFcarind luvci K<rp 

ci'h thee, uniirr the pn>- 

-fihyijooii providtnctjindiniktuiio 
prtpeluil Itli :iivl love uf \\iy huly 
Njiiuci ihfuugb JcfiuChriflout Lord. Aiatn. 
the Efifttt. 1 St. John >.l. ij. 
ARVEL not, mj' brcthnn, if the 
world hile you. We know (hat 
we have palled from death imtn 
life, becauie we love (he bttlhrcn. 
He Ihlt luveth ciol hit brolhcrabidcth in dnih. 
WboforvtT hitcih hii bmlhtf i> i murdeier : 
knd ye knon that no munlcrct hnih rKrnil 
lile abiding in him. Hereby peivrivc wc ih< 
love of God, beciufr he laid down hi» life for 
Ilk: and ne ought to lay down our live* for 
Ihc brelkrtn. But wholi> hath thit fibtXA's. 
gouit, and fcelh his biothel have need, md 

Ion Mod im iiiirii 
(nialtt.Kc. Stn. ll. 

rci Icit E>]lt 10 PHo- 
nn, rtiDii utiau iiniii 

Ci(( o( rD( soIOirra 

am t «pi(i tiiTot 
tl* ilBl. iM bii^ 
Biib mi itniHi 


(Oit. cnt ti> iiraiti 



I I 

JOB 1(11 tool MiC tO' 

n an« nrapiiB inn 
■ (icdii iincR (lull). 

Second Sunday after Trinity. 

llmrteThup hUhowfl&nf coiiip3fFtf>iiiTUnihiii)i 
how dwellfth the love of God in him f Mj 
little children, le-t us not love in word, neither 
in tongue^ hut in deed, and in truth. And 
hereby we know that vve are of (he truth, and 
Ihall afltire our hearts brfotc him. Foi if out 
heart condemn us, GoJ is greater than oui 
heart, and knoweih all thing*. Beloved, if 
our heart condeitin us not, then have we con- 
fidence towards God. AuJ whatlbcver we 
allt, we receive of him, becaufe we keep hij 
commandments, and do thofe things that ate 
pleafmg In his fight. And this h hii com- 
mandment, That we fhould believe on the 
Name of his Son Jeliis Chrift, and love oite 
another, as he gave us commandment. And 
he that keepeth his commandments dwelkth 
in him, and he in him : and herebv we know 
that he abideth in us, by the Spirit whiih he 
harh given us. 

T/u Go/pel St, Luke ilv. l6. 

CERTAIN man made a great fup- 

per, and bade many ; and r«nt his 

lervantai ruppcr-timeto lay to them 

that wen: bidden. Come, for all 

things are now ready. And they all with one 

conleni began to make excul'c. The lirrt f»id 

unto him, I have bought a piece of ground, 

ami I mull needs go and lee it j I pray thee 

have nic cxtufed. And another faid, I havi- 

SaADDllilSinFflllll Dae 

Bflluii InstiiM EoininLiti' 

Etin ID(|| aiost and 
mniiill nlglit.iiiDigali 

Third Sunday after Trinity. 

bought lire yoke of owa, >b<I I go io prove 
tbrin ; I pnv ih« hive me nculrd. And 
aaother bti, I have married ■ wife, and there- 
fotr t cannot comt. So that TciTant exmt, 
and Aiewtd hi* lord ihefe ihinjci- Then ihc 
madcr of ihe houfe being angry £uil to lii< Icr. 
vant, Gonut (|uiclcly iiiio the Itrcct* and lann 
of the dty, and bting; in hlthec ihe poor, ddiI 
IhemaTincil.andlhelialt.and ihc blind. And 
(he fervant Aid, I,ord, it a dome u ihoii hull 
eo«ninandcd, and yrl there is room. And the 
ton) faid unto lh< lervtnt. Go out into the 
high-wrap and hcdgn, and ropipd thrni tn 
come in, that my houft may be filled. For I 
fay vote vow, That none orihofr men v>hi<:li 
were bidden fliall Oltc o^ my fuppci. 

The Third Suiuby after Trinity, 

Tie CtlUH. 

LORD, ire beleech tlie« mcrrifully 

to hear t»; and ^tant thnC ne, lo 

whom thou hall gircn an heitty dr- 

fircio^ay,inaybyiliy rni|;htyiid Iw 

deRtDded and comforted in all dansen and ut- 

v*rf)liei[ ihruugli JcfiiiChrill out Laid. ^JHH. 

Tie EfiJUe. i St. Pet, «, 5. 

^LL of jTDu be fiibicj) one to knoihef, 

and be clothed irilh hwRiilliy: for 

God rcfilteth the ptoud,and givelh 

gtarctothchunihU. Hutnblc your- 

tmtn jMrpt MS 

igpt M iia til It" K. 
ibti. Ac. 4<ii. iitoll. 

iDtciiHi uvJaaiD. 
tM EUl Urn (nw If 
Ml. •(. Sontt L 


R* un II la 1 iMl 

tilta Ml M a Ml. 
MtKTTlii M* aftn 
Bia III till, lit 

(rtrcl mis fBlTg 

■IDcr Mi'v SI King 
«B(c iiKnsl tttat- 

Piilchrf. riir mil 
Dip rCirfiiiiDiDiDibE 

Dlgb siirais x (C4' 


Third Sunday after Trinity. 

rdveslherefofiunderthe mighty handofGoil, 
ihat he may cxall you in due timei cafting 
ill your cate upon him, for hecarelh for you. 
Be fuber, be vigihtit ; bcciufe your advtrfary 
ihe devil, 35 a roaring lion, wallccth about 
fecking wliom he may devour: whom refill 
lUdfalf in thi fallh, knowing that tlir fame 
alfliifiions ire accomplidieJ in your brethren 
rlut are in the world. Bui the God of all 
grare, who hath called u* into his eternal glory 
bv Chiift Jei'u5, after that ye h*ve fuffered a 
while, make you perfcfl, ftablifh, ftrengthen, 
fettle you. To him be gloiy and dominion 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

T/it Gijptl. St. Luke iv. t, 

HEN drew near unto him all (he 
Public.ins and linnenilartohelihiiii. 
And the Pharifecsand Icribes mur- 
mured, fayiTig, This man rcceivetii 
linners, and ealcth with thtm. And he ipake 
this parable unto them, fjying. What man of 
you hating an hundred Iheep, if he lole one 
of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine 
in the wilclcrnefs, and go after that which is 
loft, until he find it ? And when he hath found 
it, he layeth it on his Ihoutders, rejoicing. 
And when he comelh home, he calleth toge- 
ther hli friend* and neighbour*, faying unto 
them, Rejoice wiili mc, lot I have found my 
fhecp wliith was loft. I fay unto you. That 

3i)[ to'rptit ctntinuil- 
irais. 9.1, limrn. i. 


(in 111! ^IIl. (01 ftj! 

Lug liiit. iti. Kuiii 1. 


Fourth Sunday after Trinity. 

likewire joylhall be in heavrn over od« rmiitr 
fliat ftpenteth, more ihan over ninety and nine 
jutl perluns, which need no repentance. Eilhci 
iviiAt woman having len pieces of filver, if ftie 
iole one piece, dulh not light a candle, and 
I'ntep (he hnufe, and jeek ddigcnily till (he 
find ii r And when flie hath found it, Ihe call- 
eih her friends and her neighbours ingcthcr, 
faying, Rejoice vwth me, for I have found the 
piece which I had loll. Likewife, 1 fay unio 
you, There is joy in the prefcnceof the angels 
of God over one finner that repenceth. 

The Fourth Sunday after Trinity. 

(S^^^S GOD, the protefioi- of all that trull 
SKflSk '" '''"» wilhonl whom nothing is 
^^^^ rtrongi nolhing is holy; Incixafe 
^^°"^ and multiply upon us thy merty ; 
that, thou being oui ruler and guide, we may 
fopafi through things lemporal, that wc finally 
Iole nol the things eternal i Grant ihis, O hea- 
venly Father, for J cfusChrift's fake our Lord, 

Tkt Epiflle. Rom. viil. 18. 
RECKON that the fuffcrings of this 
prefeni lime are not worthy lo be 
compared with the glory which Ihall 
lie revealed in us, For the earncit 
eiepcflation of the creature waiteth for the 

SiDinan tosr U inm* 

nigt)l, ant IgoK lh( 

doois, jJE. juDBCS ml. 

unlolhf Sen, meiKiisi 
oii( Jflfiallr Janafi (I 

tw ((It «( tlin (t( 
llr(|(n itKti tsiin. 
Arjb uiin, Uai ib( 

nngri Sdlhloinr IDD- 
mm ' ^fJir iLQi.fQil 

&t. fBiI. lit 111. 

3tpn[(IiiE unplng. 

VDIEit txisrll In'n 
ttr sipuEEtrr, dnO 
HIS, &i. JtCn IJ. 

Fourth Sunday after Trinity. 

!ri iiiiftftaiion of ihe Ibns of God. For ihi; 
I i<.,iturc was made Tabjc^ to vanrt)r, not wil- 
lingly, but by tcafoii o( him whu luith tub- 
jcif^Icu the rninc in hone : becaufc the cmturc 
illciraliu Hull bcdrtivcrcd iiuiii ihc bondage 
of corruption, inio the glorious liberty of the 
children of God. For we know that (he wliolc 
creation gtoancth, and travaileih in pain loge- 
ihcf imlirnow. And rot only they, but oiir- 
fclvcs alfo, wliiLb liave tlic Htli-thiits uf ihc 
Spirit, even we ourfelves groan within our- 
Ci-Ivcs, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the re- 
demption of our body, 

TAt Gtjptl. St. Luke vi. j*. 
^^fe'JE ye therefore merciful, as your Fa- 
■■u r^v '*•" '■"'' " merciful. Judge not, 
^^^Jg and ycfhallnot bejudgeJ^ eoiidtnin 
Bill, anil yc IVisil not be condemned ! 
forgive, and ye (hall be forgiven ; give, and 
it ITiall be given unto you j good nitaiiire, 
ptFlTcd duivn, and lliakcn togelhi-r, and tun- 
ning over, fliall mtn give into yiiur bofom. 
For with (he fame meaiurcl hat yt mete withal, 
it Oiall be mealuted to you again. And he 
fyiakc a parable unto ihem. Can the blind lead 
the blind 1 lliall they not both fall into the 
ditch } The dil'ciple a not above his malfer { 
but every one that it perfect fhidl be as hit 
mafter. And why ibmi the mote 
that n \n thy brulber's eye, but pcrceivcli: not 

Sfubrii tiriitniti l« tlir 

el'. inD U'lmin juSFUli 
mas iiDi.Ki. 0(11, iiiDii 

fionl logitt: I «Dugt> 
eiui, &t. «TiBi. 111. 




Fifth Sunday after Trinity. 

the brxni I hat ii in thine own eye ! Either how 
canii ihoii Ciy to thj" bfoihct, Bniihet, let mc 
pull OIK llw Biotc tlist U in ihinc eye, nhcn 
tbou iliyrdf iKholdcft not (he Ivmn (hat i'. in 
thine oitii eye f Thou hypM-iite.caftoul fiift 
the beam uulof tliine own rye, iml thrii fliilt 
thou fee vlearly (o [>iill out the inoK that ii 
in (by brother'* eye. 

The Fifth Sunday after Trinity, 

RANT, O Lord, we bcfeerh thee, 
ihit (he roiirfe of ihik wodil may 
be lb pcnccibly ordered by thy go- 
vernance, thai thy Chiiteh may joy- 
fully fervclhce inillcodlytlilictnert i through 
Jefus Chril) out LorJ. Amtn. 

TAf EfifiU. I Si, !•«. iii. g, 
|E ye all of one mind, having com- 
pnlHon <iiic of miolhtr, love n.i brc- 
ihien, be piiifid, be coiiricoiii ; not 
rcndciing evil forevil, or niling for 
niling; but conitatiwife bkllliigi knowing 
that y« are theteunlo called, (hat ye ibould in- 
herit » blefling. For he that will love life, 
ami (ec good djj'-, Irl him refrain hi> tongin- 
from evil.andhiilipuhaiihey fiicaknogmlc! 
let him clVhew evil, anil do jjooil ; let him feck 
ptjce, andenfiie It. Tor ihc eyes uf llit Lonl 

mil OOiitirl.ibtirr- 
Danr. ai. Omil tl. 

itinittsui lOtin. itiB I 
touot.Kr. •EtiH. III. 

jisM ((pntrt (N( 

sal 01 BDOM t( tat 

■ D' arfii aaQ (an 
tlfui.K i»it ml. 

Jisss saiD 10 ttio- 
uiiis,t><" Its BbiI" 
trti, lit til mini 

N»9,inl euiliiitr 
It; nine, in» gill li 
liiig. In. Jiemt. 

Fifth Sunday after Trinity. 

ice over the tighlcous, and hiii care arc upcn 
umo iheir prayers % but ih« face of the Lord 
i« igiinft inrm that do evil. And wtio is lie 
that •vill harm you, if ye be follower) of th^l 
which ii good ( But and if ye fuffer for Tigh- 
(euurncls~fiik.c, happy are y;: and be nvl afraid 
uf llieir terror, neitlicr be troubled ; but fuic- 
lify the Lord God in your hearn. 

TZ/i Giijpfl. Si. Luke V. I. 
T rame to pafn, thai as the people 
prelled upun liim to hear ihe Word 
of God, hettoodbytht lakeofGen- 
nefareih, and faw iwu lliips llanding 
by ihe lake i but the fifiicrmen were gout out 
or them, and were «alhing their new. And 
he entered into one of (he Oiip.i, nhicli <vai 
Simon's, and prayed him ihar he would thmli 
out a little from the land : and he iht down, 
and taught the people out of the Hiip. Now 
when he had left fpeaking, he f^iid unto Simon, 
Launch out into the deep. and let down your 
neli for a draught. And Simon anfwering 
faid unto him, Mafter, wc have toiled all ihe 
night, and have taken noihingj nevetthek-ft, 
at ihy word I will let down ihe net. And 
when they had this done, they inctofed a great 
multitude of fifties, am! (iicir net brake. Anil 
they beckoned onto iheir partners whirh wcir 
in the other fliip, that they Ihould come and 
help them. Ajid they came, and filled both 

anB 9>c>» totltl) Itt 
vami »l Itt v<'" P>' 
nn:. St. «rn. iiiii. 

Loin h niiti IS, ntt 
Iftn. 6i. Sutgn ll. 

Sixth Sunday after Trinity. 

ihe ihipt, I'll (hat ihcy licgsn to link. When 
Simon Peter faw it, he ftU down at Jdii?' 
kncES, faying, Depurt from me, for I atti a 
finfiil itiaii, O Loiil. For he wai aftonilheJ. 
and all that were with hiin, at the draught 
of the lifh« vtliich they liad taken ^ :ind to 
was alio James, and John, the Ions of Zebe- 
liee, whii'h were partners with Simon. And 
Jel'ui laid unto Simon, Feat not, from hence- 
fonh ihou Ihatt raith men. And when they 
had broitghl iheir Ihip to land, they forfook 
all, and followed him. 

The Sixth Sunday after Trinity. 

GOD, who half prepared for them 
that love thee fiich good thinga as 
pafEman'snnderflandingj Pour into 
our hearts Inch love toward thee, 
that wc, loving thee above all things, may uh- 
tain thypromilcs, which exceed all that we can 
defite i through Jcfus Chrift our Lord. Ainen. 

Tht EfifiU. Rom. vi. J. 
JjNOWye not, that to many of m as 
welt buplitrd into Jifus Chrift were 
hapiiicd into his death f Tlicrcfoie 
we art Lulled with him by baptilm 
into death i that like ai Chrilf was taifed up 
ftom the dead by the glory of the Father, 

ScD, Due D>I13 liD mnti 
irrn, fit,t.[, iftrii. «. 

rftiTi aegraicD i iliil- 
n« 01 firr. mil liotsts 
of bii. kx. II Bliiga ii. 

is all It iDi Lord 
aiO Gpotin unto 
ihciii, 1i' 10.19 (t- 


Ctl bltlt 

tt tICSSib (BlT| 

Sixth Sunday after Trinity. 

even lb wc Mo Ihouid walk in ncwnclsuf litV. 
For if we have bten planted togeiher in ihe 
Ulceneln of 111) dcuth, ve l\iM be ullb In the 
likcnelsof his rcfurrcilion i knowingthia, rllal 
our old man is fmcified with him, that the 
Ijoily of I'm might be deftroytd, lliit hence- 
forth we Ihuiilil not I'erve fin. Fur he that 
is dead it freed fi'om fin. Now if wc be dead 
with Chrifi, ire believi; tliai we jhall alfo live 
with him i knowing that Chrilt being taifed 
from the dead diclh no more ; death nalh no 
more dominion over him. For in that he died, 
he died unto lin once ( but in that he livcth, 
he livcth unto God. Likewile reckon ye alfo 
yourfelvc^ to be dead indeed unto fin, but alive 
unto Cod thiough Jcfus Chrilt our Lord. 

TAt Gojpci. St. Miittb. ». »o. 
'ESUS faid unto his diltiples, Eicept 
your righieoiifnefh lliall ei;ceed the 
tighleoufiidnuf tile Sii'ibes and Plia- 
tLfei-5, ye (hall in no tafe enter into 
the Kingdom of hcavcu. Ve have heard that 
if was laid by them of old lime. Thou (halt 
not kill ; and whofoevtr (hali kill, Ihall be in 
danger of the judgement. But I fay unto you, 
that vfholbcver !£ angry with hii brother «ilh- 
out a caule Ihall be in danger uf ihc judge- 
ment 1 and whofoever thall lay to hii brother, 
Raca, Diall be in danger of the couneil i but 
whofoever (lull fay,Thou tool, Ihall be in 

Chcir shell iDDic run 
farili «f lii siailt i! 
Jiiisi. &[. Jsjiag II. 

af .iljioli, lavi srtiriii 
ibill Hit. Iltim. Ilia 


Scveiitii Sunday after Trinity. 

dan^r of hell-fire. Thttctbre iftliou bring 
ibir gift to iht iliar, and there temcmbrrett 
that thy brother hath ought againftihtfi leave 
(bcic thy gift bcbre ihcili*r, uiul go ilir wxy, 
liril be rceonciled to thy broihcr, nnil then 
cotne and offer thv jpfi. Agree with thine 
(drcriiry quickly. whil«> ihou art in the way 
with him i Icll it miy lime the uivrltnTy de- 
liver (hte to the )ittlgr, and I he jiiil^e ilelivrr 
thee totbtoflicrr.and thoubcc^ilt imnprifcin. 
Verily I fay unto thee, Thou Ihallby no meant 
come out ihence, till thou liali puJ the ullcr- 
nioll fi/tbing. 

The Seventh Sunday after Trinity. 

TAf Mil.-}. 
;ORD of all ]iowrcr ami inigbl, 'vUo 
urt the author ind {;ivcr ul jill ^cn>d 
thing! i Graft incur heiitj the lovt 
of thy Name, incrcaft in us true re- 
ligion, nourilli ut with ull gucidnrfi, and of 
thy great mcrey keep IK in iliciiinci through 
JetW Chrifl our Lord. Amnt, 

Tit EpiftU. Rom. vi 19. 

SPEAK, jfwr thi manner of men, 
for ai ye have yielded your mem. 
beri fenanti 10 uncleanntfi, and to 
iniquity, unto inicjuity ; <ven fo now yield 

Kill ItOU SfttligD URID 

mi tiibn Blieiigr. mD 

IKiWapritdtiCrT thill 
sbcmjiii tifliDrnrOir T<i 
Billi. lit, Ki. Cob HI 

Snb inllirtiifflunin. 

Dis 9(11 tTom iSta 
(Da (Itf IK 0<iUI», 

Uls Jliisrpe- 9.U- 1, 

Seventh Sunday after Trinity. 

your members fervants to righ icon fntii, unto 
liulinvl's. For when yc wcic the Tovanii ui' 
fin, je were fiee (icm righleoulhela, Whal 
tVuil had ye then in ihulc things whereof yt 
are now ilhameii t tor ilie ciiti of thofe ihingv 
ix Lltuih. But now being made tree Irom fin, 
anJ become fervinis lo God, ye have your 
fruil iinio holinefi, and the end cverUllin^ life. 
For ihe na get of I'm i^ dcalh i hiil ihe gift ot 
Uud a eternal life, through Jefus Chrift our 

Til Go/pil. St. MMk Tiit. i. 

iNlhofeiiaysihciiiulliiude being very 

great, and having nothing to eat, 

J cl'us called his difciiilei unto him, 

and faith unto them, I have coni- 

plffion on the multitude, bucaufe they have 

now bctn with me three dayfc, and have no- 

tiling to eat : and if I lend ihern away lilting 

lo tlicir own houl'ea, they will lain! by the 

wavi fordiveoof ihemcamefromfar. And 

hii difriplrs anlwcred him. From wliencc can 

!x man falisly thefe men with bread here in the 

wildetnefs * And he allied ihem. How many 

Ioflue« have yc .' And ihcy faid, Seven. And 

he commanded the people to fit down on the 

ground. And he took the Icvcn loaves, and 

gave thanks, and brake, and gave lo hii diJ- 

tiplcs to fet before them ; and they did (ct 

them before the people. And they had a few 

rinall (idles i and he bk-rted, and commanded 

fTtisiinonnr uiinin 
BTitll iK'ti upon itii 
tialivl, At. Ain,ni, 

ITIir ins'l sslD lo tim, 
rirr ifiiti ih EitJitr lliir. 


Eighth Sunday after Trinity, 

to Tel them allii l)elbfe them. So ihey did eat, 
ind were filled : and ihcy look up of the 
hioktn meat ihat was left fcven balkets. And 
they thai had eaten were about four thourand. 
And he lent ihem away. 

The Eighth Sunday after Trinity. 

Tkt Coiua. 

GOD, whofe never-failing provi- 
denif orderelhaUlhingsboinin hea- 
ven and earth j We humbly belierh 
thee to put away from us all hurtful 
thiiigs, and to give us thole things which be 
profitable jiir us; through Jel'iis Chrift our 

Lord. Ameit. 

Tit Epijlle. Rom. >ili, iz. 
RETHREN.wcarc debtors, not to 
the ficlh, to live after the flelh. For 
if ye live after the flelh, yc Hi ail die j 
but if ye through the Spirit do mor- 
tify the deeds of the body, ye (hall live. For 
as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they 
are the fonsof God. Foryehave not received 
the fpiric of bondage again to fear; but ye 
have received the fpirit of adoption, whereby 
we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit itfeif benr- 
c(li wilnels with our fpirit, that we are the 
children of God ; and if children, then hein- 
heifs of God, and joint-heirs with Chrilf : il 

3ijd fdu^rs irrurntti ra 
jlnhtolKstdiriFi In liib 
snn sfllB.iVc, Cioll.ii). 

(epsgiil VotA inigniFp 
tlir l,i)rc,in(i iiu;9c(rti 
1>iit TiioiciD.&c. Lu. I, 

mint mlin tinslt In- 
te iftt hlllf coiiBirp 
10 a [»[ Of iuBifi, 

int cniirct IniDtdr 
nnusr of Satliotlia 
onB solulfD VrUst- 
brft Lull I. 

T 1 

nun jc(iiiniil(9l|[D 
lift Kisl ftrgoHfn 

(lolhrs. HID 1^10 t'x' 
In .1 iiiiinait. S.t. 

Ninth Sunday after Trinity. 

lij be that wr luffcr with lilm, thit we m»y 
be alio glurilied logsther. 

Tie GoJi^t. St. Mnth. tii. 1 5. 

EWARE of falfe prophets, which 

romelo you in Ihccp's clothing, but 
inwardly (liey ate lavening wolves. 
Ye ih.iU know them by their friiitt -. 
do men gather erspci of thorns, or figs of 
thiltles f Even lo every good tree bringeth 
fiirth gooii fruit j bvit a corrupt tree bringeth 
forth evil fruit. A Rood trrc cannot brinj; 
forth evil fruit; neither can a cotrupt itte 
bring forth good fruit. Every ticc that bring- 
eth not forth good fruit \% hciwn down, and 
tall into tlic tire. Wherefore by (heir fruits 
yt (hall know them. Not every one that fnitll 
unto me. Lord, Lord, diall enter intu the 
Kingdom of heaven ; hut he that doclh ihc 
wdl of my Father which is In heaven. 

The Ninth Sunday after Trinity. 

T-ie Colka. 
RANT tout. Lord, we befeech thee, 
the Ipirit lo think aDd ilu alvtayi 
fuch things ai be rightful j that ivc, |. 
who cannot (io any thing ihal i> 
good without thee, may by ibcc be enabled 
to live according to thy wilij through Jcfui 
Chrift out Lord. Amtn. 

Put lli|i sDors >ll Itiv 
(rii.toirMtlait iBl\ri(- 
iinil)Pii,iri. tl»iiD. Ill, 

itii iilinaarlr tul Vts- 
tavi.&t. fliiin. nil. 

Nintli Sunday after Trinity. 

rhe EflflU. 1 Cor. i. i. 
BRETHREN, I would not thai ye 
(hould be ignorant, how thai all iiiii 
fathers weie under the cloud, and 
all [iilled through thi Tea; and were 
all baptized unto Moli:s in (he cloud, and in 
the fcB) and did all eat the lame fpirilual nieai, 
and did ail drink the Qme rniiiluul drink: 
(for they drankof ihatlfiiritua! Rock that fol- 
lowed them ; and thai Roct wasChrilt.) But 
with inanyof iheni God was not well plea fed ; 
for they were overthrown in the wild erne In. 
Now thefe things were oui examples, to the 
intent we ihould not luft after evil things, as 
they alii) lulled. Neither be yc idolaters, as 
were foine of ihern j as it is written, the peo- 
ple fa( down to eat and drink, and rofe up to 
play. Neither let us commit fornication, aa 
fome of them committed, and fi'll in one day 
three and twenty thoufand. Neither let us 
tempt Chrift, as fome of them alio tempted, 
und were deHroyed of ferpents. Neither mur- 
mur ye, as fome of them alfo murmured, and 
were deftrnyed of the deftroycr. Now all thefe 
things happened uniothemturenlamples: and 
ihey are written fur our admonition, upon 
whom theendsof the woild Ji'e tutne. Whci'e- 
fure let him that thlnkelh he ftandeth take 
heed lelt he fall. There hath no temptation 
taken you, but fuch as n common lo man : 

atnrc sallt is DaDtO, 
it ntt roll [mint toliAin'. 
inu.&c. II £1111. lu. 

Cnc Quttit o( f hitm 

bllRgElKUlO JHUS3' 

Kin w. br. miiigs i. 

aSlllttr IS tilt ling 
tfitii iras tbiii ts 
tiDrn, for tat HVt 
sttv Ills atjT m EDc 



iDiSE, in. (Bit. 11. 

ailai, in» UKt tilt 
coiixn 'MID aKB niA 

inDHiri HID In mid 
ifiSIIt, ang Dt inou 

il)nt (iiiril t Dnnii 
tlitt »tit. f « lemi 
aiiisiit itiiiliiniie 

but God » faiihftil, who will not fufiir you 
to be lempled above ihal ye 3re able i but 
will with the temptation alio make a way to 
cfcape, that ye may be able to bear it. 

T/ie GoJ^tl. St. Lukt i»l. i. 
ESUS faiJ unto hi? dirciplet. There 
was a certain rirh rnati which had 
a ftewaid; and the fame was acciifcd 
iinio him that be bad waih^d hi& 
grjuds. And he called him, and fold unio 
hint. How is it that I hear this of thee ! Give 
an iiccmmt of thy ftcwardlhjp -, for ihou niay- 
efi he no longer ftewird. Then the ftcward 
faid within hiinfelf, What fliall I do f for my 
lord (akclh away from mc the fte«3ftl(hi|) i I 
i-annot dig, to beg 1 am alhsmed. [ am rc- 
folved what to do, that, when I am put out 
n't the ftcwardlhip, they may rertive me into 
their hoiilis. So he called every one ')f hii 
lord's debtors unto him, and faid unto ihefirft. 
How much Qwelt thou iinio my lord > And 
he faid, An hundred mcafiircs of oil. And 
he laid iinio hhn. Take thy bill, and fil down 
quicltty, and write fifty. Then liiid he to an. 
other, And how much owett (hou } And he 
laid. An hundred mcaliires of wheat. And 
he faid unto him. Take thy bill, and mriie 
fonrfrotc. And the lord conimcntled the un- 
juft fteward, hccaufe he bad done vviiily ! for 
the children of ihti world are in iheir genera- 

BtND. ilip bicihtt C 

$411 \v [aiitfari:0 i. 

lainsiitti dirt. oDll 

fUlrliar scnti iinio 
ijttistlt, tit tSio.iii 

Tenth Sunday after Trinity. 

tion wrftr ihan the children of tiglit. And 
I fay unroynu, Make lo yoiii'i'clvts friends of 
(he mammon of unrrghleoufncfs ; tliat wln-n 
ye fail, ihey may receive you inio evei'latting 

The Tenth Sunday after Trinity. 

TAt CalleH. 
^■^ ET thy merciful ears, O LorJ, lie 
\i$Sfi open to the prayers of tliy luiiiililc 
fi^rvGnls i and thai (hey may obfain 
[heir petitions make them toalk fuch 
(hingiaslhall pleatetheet ihioughJel'u^Chrill 
our Lorii. Ame^i. 

The Epiftle. I Cor. di. I. 
CONCERNING fpirilual gifts, bre- 
thren, I would not have you igno- 
rant. Ye know that ye were Gen- 
tiles, carried away unto ihelt: dumb 
idols, even asye were led. Wherefore 1 give 
you to underftaud, idat no man fpeaking by 
the 5|iiiit of God callelh Jel'us acciirlcil \ and 
that no man can lay that Jefus is the Lord, 
but by the Holy Gholl. Now there are di- 
vcrfities of g'Us, but the fame Spirit, And 
there aie ditfrrences of adminiilrations, but 
the feme Lord. And there are iliverfilics of 
operation^ but it is tin iame God, who work- 
eth all in all. But the manifeliation of ilic 
Spiiril i^ given to every mau ivi prirfit withal. 

fHnsra raat ttr iiWm 
Ijr.ikt Ifiim. Cio.vnil. 

r\,^ nil 1 1 latin ts finB 
OigDii tJllfn Osffin Vr 
lore Ihr, t.-<. li'iUK. ti 

ftfsnallbii^k OoDin 
Otsiroji I5ilt Ima. 
0(9, ^Eir riDlB itrtp 

sftall saii.Mtrlmiif 
Tti Itnfl, br^AiisE IDE 
fcartD iio( ihf lord, 
lotiil. i-f. (nostii. 

■um i|ii am in 


Tenth Sunday after Trinity. 

all l^r roj^ra ttinr- 
of fiDDi Ibt prits 
Olt int unlit, ili- 
lorlrlnj.St. i«ai. 11. 

For to one it givrn by the Spirit iht ivord of 
wifiloin i to another Ihc word ol knuwlcii^c 
by the lame Spirit ; lu anoilier fiilli by il>c 
lame Spirit ; in another tlie gifit of hraliiij; 
by tlw lame Spirii -, to mother ihe vrorkinj; 
ot miracles; toanolhcr prophecy | toinolhiT 
dilccming of fpiritsj to another ilivrn kindi 
of tonguci ) to another rlie inlerpreutJon of 
longu^^. But all thele worketh (hat one >inl 
the Itrlf-l'ame Spirit; dividing to every man 
leverally u, he will. 

Tie GiiJpiL St. Luke .It. 41. 
ND when he was come near, lie be- 
held the city, aii<J wc|it over it, fay- 
ing. If ihoiihadft known, even ihoii. 
at leali in this thy diy, the things 
which belong unlo thy peace I but now tlu-y 
are hid from ihinc eyes. For the days flial'l 
come upon thee, that thine encmiet (lull call 
a trench about (hce, and compals thee round, 
and keep thee in on every fide, and ftiali lay 
ihee even with the ground, and (by children 
within ihec j and ihcy (hall not leave in thee 
one Hone upon another J becaufc thou fcncw- 
eft not thelimeof thy vifilalion. And he went 
into the temple, and began to call out them 
ihat fold therein, and (hem that bought, lay- 
ing unlo them. It is written. My houle is the 
hoofe of prayer; but ye have made it a den of 
(hievefc. Ami he Inuglil daily in (be temple. 

itoD inn (Jii ogon tD( 
griisis. I£iui. nil. 

Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. 

The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. 

GOD, "ho d«lire(i ihy Klmiglity 

po««r nioll chieflv in (hewing mrrc) 
itmI I'itj'i Mttcifiillj' giant unto ^l^ 
futh a mrafurc of thy gntc, thai 
Kc, iiiDiiinf; the my of ihy commaiidment., 
imyi)btaii>tliygnciou<ipiomllri,an(l be madr 

fanak«ii of thy hi'^ivcnly ttcHifutc j through 
cfot Chrill our LoiJ. AMia, 

Tit EfijIU. I Cor. «v. I, 
re: THKE.M, I declare unto you the 
tiiitjjrl wlikh I preach *d untuyoii, 
nhk'h alli> yc have rccclvctl, ami 
whertiu ye rfand ; hy which »\to ye 
aRfuvedilfyckerp m nieinory whil I prtficheil 
uliloyou, unlrl»)ic hxvc bclicicil in vain. Pur 
I iJelivcreiJ iinlo you lirli of til that which I 
airo>ecciv(il,howllial Chrill died forourfini, 
accord in){ to the Scripturev; and ihlt he wn* 
buficil I Hnd that he Kile igj'm ihc thjcd day, 
ucoiding to ihc Scripturo) and thai hr nti 
femof C>]>hu, thecof the twelve: after that, 
he Wat Cttn of shove five hundred hreihren at 
oitn I of whoin the grrjiter part remain untu 
ihii prefent j hut Ibme arc fallen allecp : after 
that, he wis recti of Jamet ; then of all (he 
Apoltirt I and lill ol all, he was ften of mc 
alio. 11 of one bum uut of due lime. For I 

tD'Kmlll Itis (ounlrD. 

iaifD, kr. Am. mi. 

llltl.iJili.ajiiinjf fill! 
1 JO np, tic. Iti-ivi. II 

irtt Rngil silt IS 
Jmet Ii>«r, unD 

111! (|llll4tlll>*lilS 

ndtiR ant |> wia 

iliii j« HUB attiih 
siugni i|i( viung 
itiiiB5,n. mu-H. 

aiiCSrsus.lDbdi III 
Ibis DjdUiiI, umr 

siiiinti cm or itt 
blirc an> Id. itt 

liingnrs mill oprn' 
99 uiiro l:i]ii, anD 

JDtlll SAISlllC IDItll 


Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. 

am ilic Icaftol I he Apullln, that um nul meci 
lo be callvd nn Apoitir, htfauft I pcrCccuIccI 
!he Chiircli of God. Bui by Ihe grace of Coil 
I 'sm whjt I ami and hit grace which was 
bcliuweil upon mi' «a« no( in vhiii ; but I la- 
boured more ^hundaiill]' than ihcy all) ytt 
not 1, 1'llt ihe grace of God which «»* with 
me. Therefore whtihcr it wen I or ihty, ki 
we jircaeh, aliil ib ye believed. 

TAt Co/^el. St. Luke ivilt. 9. 
ESQS fjisltc ihlii parable unto cer- 
tain which trulted inlttcinlclvctlbAt 
thej- were righteou*, and defpifcti 
olhcn: Two men went up into the 
(einple lo pray ; the one a Phniiiie, aud (he 
other n Publican. The Phaiifce ftiiiiil and 
prayed thu» with himfelf, God, 1 thank ihee, 
that I am not m other men are, eitonionert, 
nnjidt, adulttrrrn, or even as thih Publican ; 
I fait twice in the week, 1 give lithct of xll 
ihai I (loflef!!. And the Publican, llindin^ 
-ifar •A', would not lift up lb much ai hit ejtJ. 
unio heivcn, hut fmoic upon hi>> brealt, fny- 
ins;. Gml be merciful to me a finuer. I telj 
you,lhi»man went down to bii houie jiiftllied 
lalher rhaii llic olher 1 for every one that cn- 
altelb himlelf Ihall lie nbufcil 1 and he ib«i 
humbklh hiinfelf Iball be exalted. 

till uD itip loll ine 
simrli mil (liiDC nam 
(Dctilit, *;( 'f'lull lit. 

trtt)) (Ri ttun 1 btinrt 
mil am rlusltiol 

tH»t5, tit. pDa. 111). 

The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity. 

T/,e Calha. 
f^LMIGHTY and everljfting God, 
* who art always more ready tu hear 
iliin we [Q pray, and art woiit (o 
give more ihaii either we defire, or 
delervej Puunlown u(joli ustlie abundance of 
ihy mercy; forgiving us ihoie ihings whercoi 
our cunlbienre is afraid, md giving us thole 
good things which wu are nol worthy to alk, 
but through ihc jncriis and mediaiioii of Je- 
fus Chrili, thy Son, our Lord. Amen. 

The Eflflle. » Cor, iii- 4, 
UCH iruil have wc through Chrifl 
10 God-ward : not that we arc fuf- 
(icient of ourlelvcs to ihink any 
(hing 39 of ourlelvea; hut our lut' 
ficiency ia of God. Who alio hath made us 
jble miniliers of the New Teftainent % not ot 
lhcleller,buti)f (he Spirit; for tht letter kill- 
eth, liul ihc Spirit giveth life, But if the 
minilt ration of death wrilien and engraven in 
llaii« was glorious, lb that the children of If- 
cael couUI not (ledfallly butiulJ the fa™ of 
Moles for the glory of his toumenaiice, whith 
glory was to be done away ; how (hall not ihe 
miudtration of the Spirit he rather glorious ? 
Fur if the miniftration of cotidcni nation be 

fi'llr trmpIEr ramr rn 
tUdU tic tl>l $j]ll of 

eotF, (siniiunli Itiii 

tfrrsr slants br mallr 
errjB, cut hi in' 
emnmg sam, W is 

oiilltril..^-r. IHat.lD. 

««Iii gttlflli 1)^9 Clrlti' 
rrjllll for 4 nir33 at poi' 
taat.jirr. 10(11. i:iD. 

Cll< niinin string Itt 
ir(( 19 er iliaaiiii. tmili 
uf t|ir frull, 0[n. III. 

trliuir*, 1 ttmiiMii J 

i£iini<itiiii iims tin 

inb (Etcc, sailing 
unu. in. fHot.ii, 

Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

j^lnry, much more duth (he minlftralion of 
rightcuul'ncri nccccd in glory. 

TAt GeJpeL St. Uvk ill. 31. 
ESUS, departing from ihe toad* of 
T^re and SiiJon, came iinto the lea 
ol Galilfc, Ihtougli (he miclllof llic 
Liiafts ijf Dctjpulis. And ihey 
liriiig unto him one fhat was tltaf, Jiitl liid 
an imprdiincnl in his fpcct'h ; an;! llicy hrlrrch 
Kim rri pat hiu liand upun llini. And he t'jok 
him alide from ihc multitude, and piil his fin- 
gers into hilt vat«, and Isc lpi(, and louchtd 
hi)- lon^ej and looking up 10 htJtf^n, he 
ilghed,,ind lalth unto him, f/^/i/i/;uMii, that is, 
Be opmcd. And fttaightivaj- hi^ ear? wire 
opened, an 1.1 the Itrjngof hiiilonsncwafiliintled, 
ind he Ipaki plain. And he charged them 
lh;L< lliey fliouki tell no man : hut the more 
he tliaiged ihciii, lb iluiL'h the moic a great 
deal lliey pubUllicd ir i and were beyond inea- 
fure Alton ilheii, litying, He hath done all ihingk 
well ) he maketli holh (he deaf to licar, ind 
the dumb to (peak. 

The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity. 
7/,i CalUci. 
LMIGHTY and mcrdfiil God, of 

whofe only eitt it vomelh that thy 
fiiithliil people do unto thee ttilclnd 
laudable fei-vicci Grant, we befccth 

i crililii man nan et- 
BfjatO mOtil prats. 

anil IntfirtouTili ma Kit 
iini™,*c, (Bji. im, 

Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

thc^, that w(^ may lo takhfuiJy Icrve ihrc in 
thii. life, that ive fail not finally to altain tli', 
heavenly ptomift' ; through the meritE of Js- 
Als Ctirill our Lord. Amen. 

TlieEpiflU. OjI. iii. 16. 
O Abraham and hii itfA were the 
prDinilcs nia(it. Hi' fairh no!. And 
to fteds, as of many j botasofonei 
And 10 thy feed, wtiich i* Chrift 
And this I /ay, That the I'ovcnanl that was 
foiifirmcd beture of God in Chrllt, the Law, 
vrhich Will foiii hundrtdind thirty years after, 
cannot dilannul, thai it (houlii make the pro- 
miie of none effefl. For if the inheritance be 
of the Law, it is no more of promlfe i but God 
gave it to Abraham by promifc. Wherefore 
then Jetvcih the Liw ? It wa* addud btcauft 
of tianfgrelTifins, till the feed ilioiild Cf>iiie, to 
«'hoin Ins promil'e was made ; and it was or- 
diined liy angels in [he hand of a mediator. 
Now a mcdiaior in not a mediator of oni- ; but 
Cud is one. Ii> the Law then againlt tile pto- 
mll't. of God ! God forbid : for if thtre had 
hcen a law given which could have given lite, 
vctily riglitcoufncrs Ihould have been by the 
Law. Bill the Scripture halh concluded all 
imdef fm, that the proniile by fnith of Jcfn* 
Chrift might be given to them that believe. 

Ill nitii iisi thr licsi 
stDiii. &i. JoDn gill, 

Sisiis srdng tlitii 
flllll.sKtIotbrsIrl ot 

anB til lODk ini fiti 
iDillrs ilnn II flaflFS, 

Dm aiLD [i]i:ii^[D, inD 
tliKI inD pni 11)1 

fhrlsi mrD Uirili a 
JauD DEiirr, fi,AiariiE, 
uniKgiiti. rBin (it 


fPiTiL btjunb tljnD 
inb iDitiiutiDtgiins, 
inn Ills (<ii( icis 
toiiBH.K-r Aobnii 

•emaV sliitthre tun- 
':ilf unaii tlicdiiin.niiD 

4>lie 111 coin l"g Inlo ll)i 
Imust, CrtiolD lllr riKie 
inis, i-E, iinrngs in. 


Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

The Cl>Jf€L St. Luke 1. 1%. 

LESSED arc iht eyes wliicli fte the 
things ihat ye fee. For I lell ynu. 
That many pi ophcts and kingi have 
iltfitetl In fee ihol'e ihings which ye 
i'ee, and have not li'cn Ihtm \ and to licarthnfr 
tliiiicswhii'hye lieac.and have no! hi-ard ihein. 
Aiici bcholil, a cecuin Lawyer ftood up, anil 
tonipttd him, laying, M lifter, what fhafl I do 
lo inhtTil elerna.! hhe? He JjiJ unto him, 
Whal iswritten in the Law? howreadeft ihou ? 
And he anlwcring laid. Thou ftiali love the 
Lotd lliy God witTi all Ihy heart, and wilh all 
thy I'crul, and ivilh all thy ftfenglh, and wilh 
all ihy minii ; and ihy neighbour at ihyli;lf. 
And lie faid unto him. Thou halt anfivcrcd 
right ^ this do, and ihnu fhall live, BuE he, 
willing tojuliily hi mil-It", fiiid unto Jefii', And 
who is my neighbour f And Jeliis anlwcting 
laid, A eeriain man went down from Jenila- 
Icm to Jcrirho, and fell among ihicvct, which 
ftripped him of hiirKimenl,anJ wounded him, 
ind departed, leaving him halt" dead. And 
by thance there came down a eeriain Prii-ii 
that way, and, when he faw hini, he palled by 
on the other lidc. And likewiJe a Levitt, 
when he was at the place, came and looked 
on him, and pafl'ed by on the other fiile, Bur 
a certain Ssmaritan, as he journeyed, rami- 
'vhcre he was; and, when he faw him. In- h^iJ 

t. !«! 

E b'Dr KoQi lotin D rabaiir 
111 illli sig))t ^tti.iCIU. 

(IfUurtaSniiiat on- 
smnrV: Lo. Este (mir 
iiiinieosc&i. San. lit. 

Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

coingTallionon him, and went li> him, and liiiuniJ 
II]) his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and 
dr him on h'n own bcali, and brought him tu 
an inn, and took care of him. And on the 
moifow, when he dei)aited, he took out two 
[lence, and gave (hem to the holt, and faid 
unto hiin. Take care of him ; and whaifbever 
ihou fpcndclt more, when I come again, I ivilj 
repay ihee. Which now of thefe thrct, think- 
rll thou, was neighbour unto him that fell 
among the thieves? And he faid. He (hat 
(hewed mercy on him. Then laid Jefus unto 
him. Go, and do thou likewlfe. 

The Fourteenth SundayafterTrinity. ' * 

Tif CoIUa. 
LMIGHTV and evcrlafting God, 

five unto us the increall; of faith, 
ope, and charity; and, that we 
mayoblain (hatwhich Ihou daft pro- 
mile, make 119 to love that which ihou doll 
command ; through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

Tht Epiflle. G,il. v. 16. 

S AV then, Walk in the Spirit, and 
yi Ihall not fulfil the luft of the flefii. 
■'^ For the Helh lufteth againll the Spi- 
* ^ rii, and the Spirit againll ihe Belh ; 
and ihcle are contrary the one to tho othtr \ 

i)!' In J 5 In 11 a (i J mid 
bflort iSrm.aKd (ila 
liiif DlO^hini 113 tic 
siin.anD tiisdglDra 

liglii. 3nti be III III, 
ttiiti flppFiiirl! unto 

9tsii9 3Vt. (Kinp 
Bins OK loioiniTi 
in. (01 Bl)( ;«b!ii 

toin [DM I (Kile. 

inn IjE stID unle 
td. itr, lBli( bll. 

Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

(o thai yc caiiiwr Jo ihe ihingilhat yt would. 
Bui it' ye lie Icil by llie Spiril, yc me not uii- 
liit ihc law. Now il>E wiifkx of the flelh arc 
in ai I i 1 eft, w h if li a re ihe ft , nd II Itery , fo loicatioii , 
undeaiineli, UlVivioufncIs, Holatty, witch- 
craft, halrtJ, variance, emulations, wi'alh, 
lirife, (editions, licrelies, envying, murders, 
driinfceiinefs, revellings, and Uich like : of the 
which 1 tell you hemri;, 3t [ have alfo told 
you in time paft, That they who do futh things 
thall not inherit the kingdom oi^ did. But 
the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, lone- 
(utfering, gcntlenefs, goodnels, faith, mtit- 
nefs, temperance : againii fuch there is no law. 
Ami they that are C!irill:'i have crucified (he 
Helli, with the ajfeftlons and lulls, 

T/ie Gaffel. St. Luke ivjj. 1 1. 
N D it came to (lafs, as Jefus went to 
Jcrufalem, that he palTed through 
the midlt of Siimuris, and Galilee. 
And as he entered into s certain 
village.lheremet himlen men that were leper*, 
whicfiilood afar off. And iliey lifted up their 
voices, and faid, Jefus, Mafter, have mercy 
on us. And when he i'aw iheln, he faid uiilo 
ihem. Go, (hew yourlelves unio the prielfi. 
And it came (o paCs, that, as they went, they 
were clcaiifed. And one of them, when lie 
iiiw that he was healed, (nrncd hack, and with 
a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on 

iDnnlti silti ID tlitnaii, 
t nmr sdiiub agiinsi 
itliiLBrli, II -iiiu. iti- 

riim, inn tnhDic. sirr 
loaslrvrous, (tmn.ill. 

Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

his face 3t his feel, giving him ihanks ( and 
he mas a Samaritan. And Jefus anfwering 
laid. Were there not Itn elf anfrtl f but where 
are the nine ? There arc not found that re- 
turned to give giory to Gixi, fave this fl ranger. 
And he laid unto him, Arife, go thy way, 
ihy faith halh made thee whole. 

The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

The Colkcl. 

EEP, we befeech thee, O Lord, thy 
Church with thy perpetual merey : 
andjbetaufc the frailty of man with- 
out thee cannot hut fall, keep lis 
ever hy thy help from ail things huitful, and 
lead us to all things profi table tu our falva- 
lion i through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

The Epijlk. GjI. .5. ii. 
E fee how large a letter I have writ- 
ten unto you with mine own hand. 
As many as di:lire to make a fair 
(hew in the flelh, they lonHrain you 
lo be citcumeiferl ; only lell ihey Ihould fiifier 
jicdi;culioii for the croft of Chrift. For nci- 
tli<r they thtmiiilvch who are circiimeifed keep 
the law; but dtlire tu have vou ciiTumrifed, 
ihil they may glory in your flelh. But God 
forbid that 1 fliould glory, favc in the crols of 
uur Lord Jcfos Chriit, by whom the world i* 


mil JJiruBSlim (ri 
trtrie ilic "is mm 
titpi ror il.siptng: 

Wilinou nansiiuin 
HnolDn <it Ihi Ii43t 
fn ililE ilip Dill iliosc 
Itt'iigs.A-r. t.u.ili. 

i<iiniipunilici,(r;i.}m] Jittiii, m, 

FStit f(i5i5at( intnin 
oiiita. ill. ieuix. 

(ETIlTisi tilrlnorg Ji- 
epTcot ih'ii gar- 

thiriur noiun dTiii' 
aiiiiBicJp iKrm ni ijf 

Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

crucilitd tinto mc.ind 1 unto thir world. For 
in Chrift Jfl'us neither drrumi-idijii availelli 
anything, nor untttcumoi(lon,but anewc(ca- 
lure. And as many as walk according to tliis 
rule, peace he on incm, and incrcj', and upiin 
the Iliiel of God. Ftoni henceforth let no 
man irouhle mci for I bear In my body the 
marks of the Lord Jcfus. Btclhren, the grate 
of our Lord Jefus ChriO be with your Ipirit. 

T'lf Gefpel. Sf, Mjtih, v'l, »+. 
man can lerve two mailers ! for 
either he will hate the otie, and love 
ihc other; or rlfc he will hold in 
the one, and del'pile the other. Ve 
f.iiinoi lerve God and Mammon. Therefore 
I lay unto you. Take no thought for your 
'ifc, what ye Ihall cat, or what ye lliall drink j 
nor yet for yotir body, what yc fhall put on ; 
Is not the life more thin meat, and the body 
than raiintotf Behold the fowl? of the air; 
for (hey fow not, neither do they reap, nor 
gather into barns ; yet your licavenly tather 
Ift'dtth them. Arc yr not much better than 
they f Which of you by raking thought can 
adilotie cubit unto hi? ftature ? And why take 
ye thought for raiment ' Confiderthe lilies of 
the field how they grow ; they toil not, nei* 
thcr do they fpin : and yet I fay unto you, 
That even Solomon in all his glory was not 

mint in ilirlr olap, 
I inD, at. Him, ibiii 

I rDittiilliTtnafifttiin 
I plids (ifflt 10 mf(( KEK 
i s|}i, Jcc. t( Sings II. 

Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

arrayed lifccont of ihcfe. Wherefore, it God 
To clottic the grafs of the field, wliieh today 
Is, anJ to-morrow is call into the oven ; (liall 
he noi much more clotlic yuu, O ye of littk' 
f»ith ? Therefore take no thoiisht, faying, 
What fiiall vie eat ? or what fhall we dritik ■ 
or wherewithal (hall we be rl-ilhed ? (fir after 
a!i theft things do the Gentiles feck :") lor your 
heavenly Father knoweih that ye have need 
of all thefe ihmgs. But leek ye firll the king- 
dom of God, and his righteoufnefs, and all 
theft things Ihall he added unto yoii. Take 
therefore no thought for the morrow ; for the 
morrow Ihall take thought for the things of it- 
lelf ; fofficieiit unto the day is the evil thereof. 

The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. 
T/« Colha. 
LORD.iveheleech thee, let (hy ton- 
linuat pity elcatife and defend thy 
Church; and.bccaiife it rannol con- 
tinue in fafely without thy fuccoiir, 
pTeftrve it evellnorc hy thy help and goodnet's) 
through Jeliis Chrili our Lord. Amen. 

Tht EpiftU. Ephef. iii. ij. 
§K^!® DESIRE that ye faint not at my 
,_t3Jb2J ttibiilalioni for yoii, which is your 
i fo'i r"* ^ gloiy. For this caule 1 hoiv my 
' **^ knees unto the Father of our Lord 
Jtfm Chrili, of whom the whole family in 

3ISU3 lirnKniii Itr 
irndr anb tugiin id 
(iBi out fdui (hat 
soft iiiD toiigti. 

siiiiiisunn iDmi.EI 
IS miiiirii. SZiBi 
tiDnat i3ili'I)iiu9tiit 


Is tbls Uouat hciuint i 
»n *f leitliis. mnni 
upcR.&[. atifin. ntt. 

IHIlir 1)DII3t Ell.llt III 

tDiall.&c. tsiUt mi. 

att itif !f(ibi9 iititi 
pit (onsulirn [mm 

lus t^ siiDillli) snU 
till ti'H' Uui Itirc 

Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity . 

heaven and eaiih is named, tbal ht would 
gum you, according lo ih« ritlicsuf liit^lor^> 
to lie ft reiigt helled with riii^hl by his i.i)irit 
in ihc inner inun j dial Clirill may dwell in 
youi llcarls by tailUi ihat yc, being iocit«i 
and grounded in love, may be able to colji- 
piebetid niih nil IJintfc, what ii tbe brcadih, 
and Itnylb, and depth, and hrighli and l<j 
know ihe love of Chrift, wliitb palVcih Jiiioi*- 
ledge, ibit ye miebt be tilled wilb all the hil- 
ncft of God. Now unto him that ii ablo to 
do exeeeding abundanlly above all thul hc 
alkorlbmlt.aceording tolbepowcrtliatwork- 
eth in us unto him be glory in the Church by 
Chrili Jeiiis, thtuughuut all aget, ururld willi- 
out enj. Amen, 

Tit Ca/fcl. St. Lultc vii. n. 
,NDit came lopalliihe day after, iliai 
Jtlus wcnl into a city culled Nain -, 
and many ot' his diliiplc> went with 
him, and much pef-ple. Now when 
he came nigh lo the gate of the city, beliuld. 
there vtus a dead man carried out, the only 
I'jii nf hli miither, and (lie wai a widow ; and 
mucli people of the city was with her. And 
when tbe Lord faw het, be had cuiiipaflion 
on he, and laid unto her. Weep not, Ajui 
he came and touched (he bier, (ntid (hey that 
bare him Hood ftiU,) and he faid, Voung man, 
ITay unto thee, Arile, And he tbnt wasdrnd 

WilfllB SllBl»ll"B bit 

iliitnaalD him ttti ti 
(010, 111. 0<ii, iitmi. 

HbHIeminsi uiitirlii, 
inn SMOD ni(t tip <li 
»n, I", II :f'l<>>, It. 



Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity. 

lilt up, Slid began to Ipeak : and he delivci-ed 
him lo his mmher. And there cami a fear 
on all, Jind thej' gloiified God, faying, Ths( 
a great Piophel is rifen up among us, and that 
God halh viiifcd his people, And this ru- 
mour of him went fotlh rbroughout all Judiea, 
and throughout all ihe region round ahout. 

The Sevenleenth Sunday afterTrinity. 

!ORD, we pray thee that thy grace 
mav alwsys prtvent and follow us, 
and make usconlinually lo be given 
to all good works i through Jtfits 
Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

Tilt Efijlle. EpheC is. I- 
THEREFORE ihe prifonerof the 
Loi'ii bclVech you, that ye walk 
"Otthy of the vocation iiliereniih 
yc ate tailed, with nil lowliiieli^ and 
mtfkncfs, with long- liifie ring, forbearing one 
iriuLher in love j endeavouring to keep the 
unity of the fpirit in the bund ul pi-scc. There 
is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are 
called in one hope of your callingi one Lord, 
one faith, one baptifm, one God and Fathei 
of ail, who rs above all, and tlirough all, and 
in you all. 

I JnDlll 9110, <!rDmt Itt 

Ufl 3!ll Kmio tn( l9(- 
mailllra, ^rn.inilll. 

I osuii inio 'Ifmtt, ing 
I tiiiiltDat,ict.i9cii.iiiii. 

him rIMvlih ihlcira nf 
BlIDir, 311(1 fromibal 
llnit JiiC.iB siriigtif 

IP PDF lull (Id to It- 

Itac iThtlsi tlB 
misiii. {tglDon Ihi 

J reus III uis <m 
Eiistir J9 ibiii Ills 
(It, tool tiNt, ini 
tDhrn hr taS olD'i> 

tll.llllis. Irdht li, 
int] A^Qr la Qls DtS' 
III, arc, fBlt. tmi. 

TicGeJ^'fl. St, Luke >i». i, 
T came to pals, a? Jel'un went into 
llie hoiift- o(' onr of rhr thitf Pliari- 
'^;^ lec&toeaT bread cn lh*f iabbarh-iLijTj 
*' thai tiicy watcheit him. AnJ bc- 
li'ilJ, iherc tvas a rcttain man before him 
whk'h liud the ilroply. And Jefus aofwering 
I'jiakc uiilo ihe Lawyers and Plisri lies, faying, 
Is it lawful lo heal on ihe fabbath-day ? Ami 
they held ihtir peaw. And he took him, and 
heakd him, ^iid let him gu ; and anfweied 
thi'tn, faying, Whith of you Ihall hive an aft, 
oranux, t'alli-n into a pit, and will notltraighl- 
way pvili hiMi out on the fahbach-day. And 
llicy coil liJ not mi'wer him again tol he fe things. 
Atid he put i'lirth a parable to thoft whicK 
wete bidden, when he marked how they (.'hole 
out the chief rooms, faying unto them. When 
thou an bidden of any man lo a wedding, 6( 
not down in the higheft rooni ; lell a mort 
honourable man ihan iboii be bidilen of him j 
and he that bade thee and him come and fay 
lo thee. Give ihi* man place i and ihou begin 
with ftiame to take the loweli room. But 
when thuu art biiJden, go and <1t down in the 
iowelt I'ooni i ihat, when he that bade thee 
Cometh, he may lay unio ihee, Ftirnd, go up 
liighei : then fhak thou have worEhip in the 
prclence of them that fit at meat wilh thee, 
•and he that hnnibleth himielf fliallheeialteJ. 

t'lrtilsrtifili ^^gllBlll 
EoitU liirjn nnn IDiut, 
ilntt,*-c, iDin. ilD. 

Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity, 

The Eighteenth SundayafterTrinity. 

The CalUa. 
ORD,vvebcf«ch thee, gram thypcn- 
ple grair lo wilhliand ihe leinpta- 
(iotnof ihe ivmki, [he fieili, ami the 
di'vilfanclivithpureht^art^and mintls 
lo ffillovi' thee the only God ; through Jcfus 
Chrifi our Lord. Antm. 

The Epijllc. I Ciir. i. 4. 
THANK my God alway? on your 
behalf, fot ilie grace of God whlrh 
is given you by Jefu* Chriit ; liiat 
II) every thing ye are enriched by 
him, in ail ulteraiire, and in all knowledge ( 
even as ihe teftimony of Chrift was roiifirmeit 
in yoj i fo thai ye tome behind iti no gift j 
waiting for rhe coming of our Lord Jefus 
Clirii), who Ihall alio contirm you unto llie 
end, that ye may lit blamelefi in the day of 
our Lord Jtfus Chrift. 

T/ie Go/pel. Si. Maiih. iiii, 54, 

HEN the Pliarifees had heard that 
Jefus had put the Sadiiucces to 
filencc, they were gathered (oge- 
(her. Then one of them, who was 
J Ljivver, allied him a queilion, tempting hiin, 
and faying. Mailer, which is ihe great cnm- 
mandmenl in the Law » Jefus faid unto him. 
Thou Ihalt love the Lord (hy God with all 

I sin i[[ Isciil aril 
IcrrD ,i£stiirD itijl Diiti 
tt0, Sti, I iHnau nil. 

«llsta Sim : eifiold 
llldn stiill sii II Diitli 
IlltntcDca. liitlnssbll. 

jtsus siitr: ^11 fi 
shall ti( gtlinlKV to 
mt 1)119 lUBlif, &[. 

t>t nils IIIDTtaDtt 


birr iDlitlr E gg nnO 
erau goiiDir, ^iit 
lit, Ki. mn. II91. 













Nineteenth Sunday after 'i'rinity. 

jisuB tnotsing «tl 

BacD iiniB ili'in, 

fdligin sir* pi T 
Cite ansuiiiTl) tlm, 
3ESUS at flanTnt], 

ihy hean, and with nli ihy luul, and with sU 
ihy mind. This h the tirft and great com- 
oiaiiilmt'ni. And llie fccnnd Ik like ttnlo h, 
Thoullinh loveihy ncighbout as ihyl'elf. On 
ihcfc (wo cummundmi'iit!; hang nil ihc Luw 
and ihr Projiheta. While ihc Pharileeswrrc 
gathered togtiher, Jclus aikcil (hem, laying, 
Whai think ye of Chrift ? whofe fon is he ? 
They iay unio him. The I'oti of David. He 
/aith unto them, Haw then Jolh David in Ipi- 
til call liim Lord, laying. The Loid laid iinio 
my Lord, Sit thou on my tight hand, till I 
make thine enemies thy foof-ffool ? It' David 
then i:all him LoiJ, huiv is he his Son ? And 
no man wns able (o anfivcr him a word ; nei- 
ther diii'lt nny man from that day fottli aft 
him any more quclliiins. 

The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

Tie Ci>lU3. 
GOD, foral much aswithooi ihee we 
are not ahle t<> plcufe ihcc j Merci- 
fully gnm, that thy Holy Spirit may 
in alt ihings dircft and rule our 
hiartsj through JefuBChriU'iur Lord. Aueen. 

Tit Epijtlt. Ephcf. iv. 17. 
[HIS I lay thcicitiie,3nd teftifyin the 
Lord, thai ye henceforth walk not 
as other Gcniiles walk, in the vanity 
of their mind ; having the under- 

Cltr (DDUSll Dt'lllRS 


iriif flriii nriiiin rtrii 

Hit srTDiiii iiiis r.1^1, 

Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

Ilaniling iiarkentd, being alienated fV'im ihc 
life of GoJ llii'ougli tht ignorance tlial ib in 
them, becaiife of (he bllndners of iheir lieari \ 
nhu, being pall fei^ling, have given (hcmfcJves 
over unto lal'civimi foe fs, to work all uiielean- ! 
nt6 witii grctiiincfs. But yt have not Ih 
learnerf Chrlft -, if So be that yc have hrard 
him, and have been taught by him, ah (lie 
rruth is in Jefns : that ye mil off, concerning 
the former convcrfation, inc old man, 1^'hidl 
i^0Or^\lpt according fnthe dcceitlul lute j and 
he renewed in the fpiril of yuur mind ; and 
that ye put on the ne* man, which after God 
U crtuted in rightcotifncrs and true holinefs. 
Whetetore, putting away lying, fjieak every 
man truth with his neighbour: for we are 
memliei's one of another. Be ye angry and 
fin not : kt not the fun go down upon your 
wrath ! neither give place to (he devil. Let 
liim that (kilc Iteal no nifite ; but rather let 
liliTi labuur, working with hia hands the thing 
which h good, that he may have to give lo 
him that ncedeih. .Let no corrupt commu- 
nication proceed out of your mouth, but that 
which ib good tu the ule of edifying, that it 
may minilK-r grace unto the hearers. And 
grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby 
j'c arc ll'aled unto the day of rrdtmption. Lei 
all bitternefR, and wrath, and anger, and cla- 
niou t, and evil- fpcaking, be put av\ny from you, 
with all malice. And be yc kind one to aii- 

.}oah toDli abnic osllif, Uiim. (11. 

5iinDn 10 rinrdn JunO' 
idjn.atubtlli mgntf & 
ilir,\-c. IfRith. in. 

^iiBas liinglUtu 

^Iliaittsurncr i 
llss, tit II Is: tLilic 

Clm ma rijli luni n- 
aj|i. .Inn us man 
ae tt ID'S imm, lit 

Ctii Sriiis sgai in 
DiilIi'ilEli Uiin, snii- 

|l( ihai sinstr iliri r 
Vri" Mir iDliboiit 

TwentietK Sunday after Trinity. 

otlicr, lendci.iiMricd, forgiving one anoiher, 
even asGoJforChrift'sOikehaihturgivrn you. 

T/ie Cojfd. S(. M«tl.. ii. I. 
E5US «nlered iniu a Aiip, and pallVd 
ovoi, and came into his own ciiy. 
And litliolJ, ihey broiiglit to him 
a man lick of the jially, lyin^ on a 
bed. And Jcfii:-, feting tbt'ir failh, fuid tinto 
ihc Tick of ihc pnliy. Son, be of giiod clicer, 
(hy llns be fijtgiveii (hee. And behold, txr- 
tain of iht fcriiiesfaid within ihemlelns. This 
man bl^fplu'lnclh. And Jclilt, knowing thirii 
tliuuehls, faid, Wherefore think ye tvll in 
yourlliLirts > Foi whether is culler to fay. Thy 
iins be forgiven thee? or lo fay, Aril'c, and 
walk ? Bill (hat ye may know that the Son 
of man lialh ijowtr on earth to forgive llnt^ 
(then failb ht tu the fick of the palfy,) Arifc, 
take up ihy bed, and go unto thine hoofc 
And he arofc, and departed to his houfc. But 
when the multitude iaw it, they marvelled, and 
glorilied God, who had given fuch powecuntu 

The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity. 

Tfit ciiua. 

ALMIGHTY and moft mcrciriil 
God, of ihybouniiful goodnelskeep 
us, ne bcfcech ih«e, from all things 
that may hurt U* ; that we, being 

vUntin IDoin lliifilliri 




Twentietli Sunday after Trinity. 

rcatly^th in bodyanJ (biiliTnay cheerfully ac- 
fomplidi tliolc rhiiigs ihnt thou ivouklcft liavc 
dant; ihrotighjcliis Clirift our Lord. Anira. 

The Epiftlc. Ephef, v. 15, 
^^ £E then that yc walk circumrpcftly, 

not as fodii, but as wiib, rcdeiiiiiiiig 

the titiir, hccaufe the days are evil. 

Whtretore be ye nul unwllc, but 
uiiderftanding what the will of the Lord is. 
And be not drunli ^ilh wine, wherein is ii- 
«ii; but be filled with the Spiriti rpeakiiig 
lo youtfelves in pralms, and hymns, anil ipi- 
titual longs; fitiging Jnd making nulody in 
your heart to the Lord; giving thanks always 
for all things unto tlud and (he Father, in the 
Name of out Lord Jefiia Chrift ; fubmitling 
yoiii lelves one to another in the fear of God. 

T/ieGafpcl. St. Mjtih. mil. i. 
ESUS faid, The Kingdom ot heaven 
is like unto a certain king, who 
made a marriage for his (on ; anil 
fent forth his leivants to call ihein 
that were bidden to the wedding; and ihcy 
wniiUi not come. Again, he fent forth other 
leiv.ints, laying, Tell them which arc bidden, 
Behold, I have prepared my dinner ; my oxen 
and my farlingt arc killed, and all things are 
ready ; come unto the marriage. But they 
made light of it, and went their ways, one to 
his hTiii,anolheito his mert'handife : and Ihi 

VllllHtl email bae 
rDiainniDilinn, jnn 
tir([DrriI) tint 10 bi 

triKiiTin. riitiT iii[ 

aDtnUTS Df ttrt QD- 

Dttflor iDDt .Irsiig 
III to, irI.IBal. 1)011, 

nfltliliiDSlicis ilougtrlr 
upDnrnpliarl; ^IhtpmaDr 
Inns, 1/1. Bsjlin [iili. 


f 3tan amoti Jab Ulili 
soKliiillE tiotn il)r Boli 
or Ills foot. «c. inbll. 

piaiitD 1 (10 mn cl 

(tuna, ant vut It 
ap» III? bull, inn I 

Twenty-firft Sun. after Trinity. 

[tninanltook Im Tcrviintt, and ciitrraltd them 
l'l>itcriilly, nnd ilrvr ihcm. Bui when llic king 
htani Thereof, lie wa« tviolh ) and lir fcnl forth 

his armies, and dtftroytd thofc inurdeicn, and 
I'liriit up ihcir cily. Thru ftith ht lu his fcr- 
vantJi, The wedding i^ rc;(ily, but they who 
were hidden were not wodhy. Go ye dierc- 
fnrc into the high-ways, and as many as yc 
llinll ItiiJ lild to the marriage. Si> thufe fct- 
vnnlii went out imo the high-nnyi, and ga- 
ttiL-rcd together all, as many as they found, 
hiirli h,-|d anil good ( and the wedding wa» fur- 
ii][hi:il with gucHk, And when the litngramc 
in to fee tht gutils, he faw there a man whirh 
h.i(l not un a wcdding-gatnicnl. And he 
faith unio hini, Frieiid, huw canicli tilou in 
hither, no! having a wedding-garment ! And 
he tviis rpFtchlel't, Tlicn laid the king to the 
lerva-nls Bind him hand and foul, and lakr 
him awav, and caft lilm into outer darknef^ : 
there (hall he weeping and gnalhing of teeth. 
For many mc called, but few ate chofen. 

The Twcmy-firft Sunday after 


Tit CbIU3. 
JRANT, we bclEcrh thee, merciful 
Lord, to thy (iiihful |>eoplt pardon 
and peace, that llicy may he cleanfed 
from all their linii, and letve 

Twenty-firft Sun. after Trinity. 

wiih a quiet mind ; thruugh Jefus Chrift out 
LoiJ. AiHcn. 

The EpiJIU. Ephef. vu lo. 

y breiliren, be ftrone in the Lord, 
and ill llic poivtT" of iiis miijhl. Put 
OH the whole armour of God, thai 
ye may be able (o (tanii againft the 
IV lies of I he devil, For we wreltle uoi aeaiJili 
jlelh and blood, hot againft [irincip;ilities, 
ngainft powers, againft the rultrs of the dark- 
nefb of this world, againft f|iiriiU3l wicked- 
nel'a in high places. Whcicfore lake unto 
yoo the whole armour of Gijd, lliat ye may 
be able (o withiiand in the evil day, and, 
having done all, lo ftand. Stand ihtrefore, 
having yout loini> girt about with Irulh ; and 
having on Ihe breaft-pUtc of rightcouUid>i 
and your feet Ihod with ihc preparation of 
iht Goljicl of peace j above all, taking the 
Ihicld of faith, wherewith ye (hall he able to 
ijUench all the fiery dans of the HJckcdj and 
take the helmet of lalvaiion, and the fword 
of the Spirit, which is the Word of God : 
praying always with all prayer and llippiita- 
tioii ill (he Spirit, and watching therenillo with 
all pcrfcverance.and fupplitation for alt fninls; 
and for me, ihat uilerance may be given unlo 
nie, that 1 may open my mouth bnliilv, to 
make known ihe myftery of the Gofpel, for 
whioh I am an ambalVador in bond-* ; that 

Jdtttl SI tit a iiitESiit' 
git ID diiiili, ^iptng. 
f«lct,&c, things lu. 

Clirti Itc King tom- 

iniiiinrli, IHC !ltt 

limu jilt, Kr. Oaiilrl lil. 

Bllllil IDDn IDillll 

Si iii]9i)cii hi3 nanus 

bCfDri III! IRUllllUllI. 

(iii< otint itui ol 
tills iiisi min. igolt 
jjou to <t, (TCin.Ac. 
f6ii\. iron. 



andSraua tfltf Us 
mssinb iidk Into 
t (Hit Bflrart »iir- 

ittri illi onr. gnti 

Twenty-firft Sun. after Trinity. 

therein I may Ipcik boldly, lu I ought lo 

7//^ Ga/)vl. St. John iv, 46. 

HERE was a certain nolilcman, 
w'liuic Ton was lick at Capfrimuoi, 
When he heard ihat Jefus was cniiie 
out of Jii''^» inlo Galilee, he iveni 
untn him, a.n<l hd'ntiglit him <hat lie would 
come dovi'n and heal hk luiij foi' he iva* at 
ihe point of draili. Then laid Jefus iinio 
him, Exiept ye ii^e ligii" and wonticre, « «ill 
not believe. Thcnoblemaiifaith unto him, Sir, 
I'omt down ere my child die. Jefti* ftith unto 
him,Gu I hy way, thy Ion livcth. And ilieman 
btlicved ihc word ifiat Jtfus h»d Ijiokcn unto 
liim, and he wem his woy. And, »s he was 
now cuing down, his iVrvanti met him, ind 
told him, laying, Thy fon livcth. Then en- 
qnired he of them the hour ivhen he hcgan 
to amend : and they faid unio him, Vi-licrdaj- 
at the fcvciith hour the fever let! him. So 
the tallicr knew that it wan at (he fame hour, 
in the which Jel'us faid unto him, Thv foti 
liveth I and hlml'elf believed, and hia whole 
houlc:. This is again the (ccond miracle that 
Jclii! did, when he was come out of Judwa 
into Galilee. 

Slltalum foDttlK ttnli 
p( lit litiini Ddnlitg, 

Bcnon tDr miltoiD ii>,i' 
Itirrt soiCtttiig siiiE' 
drill, ire. 1 Ctnga iti;' 

Twcnty-fecond Sun. after Trinity. 

The Twcnty-fecoiid Sunday after 

|ORD, "« befcech ihee to kctp t!iy 
houlhold ihc Church in cnnriniiil 
godlintri ; ihat thnxigh thv prolcC' 
(ion it niuy be (>cc frum all kJvcr- 
CtrOjinddcvmitly j;ivcii ro fcrvcihce !n ^gauA 
vrotki, (o the gioty of thy Name ; through 
Jtlui Chrid Diir Lord. Antt. 

Tie EfiftU. WA. i %. 
THANK my God iiuon c»«y re 
mcinhninre of yon, (irwjvtini'vrry 
prayer ut mine for you all ninkliig 
r«<[uvlt with joy,) Icf yi'oi fcllii«. 
fhip in ihic ColfTl from tlic lit)) iby uniil now ; 
brtiixciMlUntiof ihiivery ihing,Thi(ht who 
bath bepin i g«oU work in you will |<crlurin 
it until (h« d«y orjclui Chrill j rvcn m it i>. 
mci-l for mc to think (hi> of y<iii all, bccaulV 
I hate yoii in my heart, inifmuch u both in 
niy bond), anil in the defence and coiilitm;i- 
tion of the Galpel, yc all ait [larukcrt of my 

fraee, For God it my ra'oid, how ^mtly 
looK after you all in the howeU ot jefii< 
Chrilt. And ihu 1 ptay.thai your love niiiy 
■bound ycl more una mote in kiiovrlnlge, an>l 
in all jud{;(ini.'ni : thai yc may ipptovc thing'' 

riAii ti\n nnughl 
•Itrus. n. acn. Id. 

ipup llir (teglirt tin 
(III in itir ffliOti Ditti i 
5(to, onn (isiHKd. *c. 

JnD nnio itt)i Mn 
lent K iVt t'ttr. 


u>(. 11(1 ( itip rh' 

titib tiiin M lt( 
ilgV MnD, mil ili( 
oiliir. &(. (It. iim. 

(^'nf o( Itit 30[tilri5 

nis 91E11, ant> f trill' 
bidt (imt iDrirom 



Twetity-fecond Sun. after Trinity. 

thnt 3VC cloellent, llmt ye may he fiilCL'n:, anij 
wilhout ofTeni'e, till ih< diy of Chrill ! beiii^ 
(ilkil with (he tViiits of righlcoufiiclB, whicii 
are by Jrlus Chtift, unto iBc glory aiij praili.' 
of God. 

•TAr Go/Pel. St. Maiih. iviii, »i. 

ETER litid unto JcI'uk, Lurd, how 
uft ni^ll my brolhfr fin a^aiiifl mo, 

^IQ'y and 1 fuigivc him f lill ftvciiliines f 
■*"-" Jrfus liiitli uiilo him, I fay noi uniu 
ihce, until feren times; but until fevenly timfs 
ftven. Therefurc is the Kingdom of heaven 
likeiii:<i unloaci^i'taiii king, which would titkr 
account of hi^ lei'vanls. And when he had 
begun to wns htoughl unto him, 
ivhieh uwed him ten thoiifand taltnts, But 
fiitafmiich M he had nut lii pay, his lurd (.uiii- 
mandcd him 10 be Ibid, and his wife and chil- 
dren, and all that he had, and payment to be 
made. The fersant therefore fell down ami 
wnilhi]i|:ed him, laying. Lord, have patience 
with mr, and I will p!iy thee all. Then the 
lord of that fcrvant was moved with compaf- 
lion, ami loofed him, and forgave him the 
debt. But the fame li;rvaiit went out, aad 
found one of hi>> l'c)Ii>w-fe(v3nts, which owtil 
him an hundred pence i ant) he laid handi i»i 
him, and took him by the ihioat, faying, I'.iy 
me that thou oivcll. And hit icllow-ferv»nl 
fell down at hi^ feel, and belbtight him, r:iV' 

Twenty -fecond Sun, after Trinity. ■/ 

ing, Have paliciicc witli mc, and I will pay 
thee all. And he would iiol ; but vital and 
call him into [irfron, till be ilioiitd pay tbc 
debt. So whm liis fdlovi-.ftrvantH law what 
was done, thty were very lorry, and came 
and toid iintij iheir lord all that was done. 
Then his lord, after that he had called bim, 
laid unto him, O llioii wicked Icrvant, I for- 
gave thee all thai debt, betaufe ihoo dcfiredft 
mc : flioijldcll nut ib'm alfo b.ive had com- 
paifion on ihy fcllow-lcrvant, even as I had 
[■iiy on thee ? And his lord mas wroth, and 
delivered him to the tormentors., till he flioiild 
pay ail thai was due unto him. So likewile 
fhai! my heavenly Father do alio unto you, 
if yc from your hearts forgive not every one 
hia brother their tieipaffcs. 

The Twenty-third Sunday after 

rhi Cotka. 

GOD, our refuge and ftrciigth, who 
art the author of all godlinefb^ Be 
ready, we befeech thee, lo hear the 
devout prayersof thy Church J and 
grant that thofe ihings which we a(k faith- 
fully we may ohrain eHeflually; through Jt- 
liis ChriA our Lord. Amen, 

Josrpli logt iliE ti- 
de DDti nrsEiiiolifn 
a (kin Itnin rlott, 

to nth iDtxrn |ii hali 
lirmit ouiEiin In the 
(Dit. niiB tjitDllm a 

assoonoBirpfBiin Inja 
liflluii .it^nuii iDinmiR' 
om it4t, :([. 3iis. btii. 

irtm inrii nos( inn 
ititUntip. J;i. ijSa.iiH, 

i)( U(l) [I III 1 l*mb 
rnn em of i n<K, 
unnttti a IE ntnic 


(iirnu fsr rtt sjt- 
tiiih, DiiB ini sut- 

Twenty-third Sun. after Trinity. 

Tfie EfyiU. Phil. iii. 17. 

RETHREN, be follower togtthef 
of mc,aini mark iheni whifh walk 
fi' ill yt linvc 115 Cor an enmniplo. 
(Fi>i- nian)" walk, of wlioiii I hiivt 
lull! vou ol'ttn, am! nuiv tell you even w«]i- 
ing, ihai ilwy arc ihe (nciiiits of ilic croli •.'l" 
Chrift ; whole end U dcftruflion, whofe ci>d 
is iheir litlly, anil wholV glory is in ineif 
lliame, who mind cadlily tilingi.) For our 
convn-raiion i> in heaven ; from whtnrr a\(o 
we look for the Saviour,! he Lord Jclu-iCliiilti 
who lliall change our vile hody, thai it may 
be Tifhirined like iinto hii glofious body, at- 
tording to the working wherel)y he is able 
even (n fiibdne all things uiilo hiinfelf. 

TAt Cojptl. St- Matrh. «iii. 15. 
KH^^ HEN went the Pliatifcci and took 
■^1 [?fi eounlil how (hey might cniangle 
^^Ipra him ill Ills talk. And (hey lint out 
r^att^ unto him their dilViplM, with (he 
Hemdians, laying. Mailer, we know thai thou 
art true, and tcachcft the way of God in iriith, 
neither carell thou for any man : for ibou re- 
gardcft not the [icrfon of men. Tell xa there- 
lore, what thinkell ihiiu i Ih it lawful lo give 
tiibiite luiro Cifar, or not.' But Jrfiii |'cr- 
eeivcd iheir wickednels, and laid. Why tempt 
yc mc, ye hypoctilei f fliew me the tribute- 
money. And they brought unto him a pfny. 

Sffillirii Jogtpfi Qos 
muir Id Ills ttdtittn. 
thi;, &(. 0rn. lubtl, 

f p||)(nlaoli ug.loiiili, 
Hit [1st liim IniD ifii 
5fi, ^-[. ^onjh I. 

Twetity-fourth Sun. after Trinity. 

Ami helaitli uniu lliem, Whoii ib ihis image 
ind rupetfc rip lion ? Tlicy fay unto him, 
Carlar's. Then IJilh he unlo ihiin, Render 
ihetef'ore unto Cifar the tilings which are Cae- 
far'si and unto Gud the things that ure God's. 
When ihey had heard thde ivurds, ihey niai- 
velled, anJ Id't him, iiid went their wiy. 

The Tweniy- fourth Sunday after 

TAe CoU.a. 
LORD, we berecth thee, ablhlve thy 
people from their offcncefi that 
through thy bountiful goodncis we 
may ati be delivered from (he bards. 
of t hole fins, which by oni' frailly we have 
commiitcd: Grant this, O heavenly Father, 
for Jefus ChriiVs fake, our bleRcd Lord and 
Saviour. Amen. 

rhc Ej-ijUc Col^i, J. 
E give thanks lo God and the Father 
ol our Lord Jefus Clirirt, praying 
always (or you, fince wt heard of 
your failh in Chrift Jcfuv, a-nd of 
ihc love «lii(.'h ye have to all the Ihimsj for 
the hope whit'h is laid up for you in heaven, 
whereof ye heard before in the word of the 
tdith of the (lol'pel [ which is come unto you, 
ai it U in all the world, und hringeth forth 
f(ui(, i-s it doth alio in you, fince the day ye 

Trrfrr mis itltjfij 
]fl.<iaaliii anlr ibc 
gth" ^<ir[> billing 
otii igiln^t iliF G(- 

Diilrhrt- rfif ntii 

(UN Qf arc PlIFIIIQ, 1(11 

nish [ir.cM? fi pill'^r.fCIB.iiBil. 

fei 1(11 ol tilB t>( 
»(lll inrn. tul IlK 

tngdaalDtaitgE Idd- 
nimajiiairli jliGiiB, 
ill. fttil. iJOitl. 

Twenty-fourth Sun. after Trinity- 
heard of it, and knew tht grace of God in 
ituth. Ae ye alfb learned of Epapliras, our 
dear fcllow-icrvaiil, ivlio i' for you a failliful 
miiiilicr fjf L'hrift ; who alfo declared unto us 
your love in llie Sjiiril. Foi tliis taufe we 
alio, lince the day wc heard it, do not ceal'e 
to jitay flit voii, and to licfii'e thai ye might 
be filled mitli the k-tiowledge of his will in all 
wifdom and rpi ritual underltanding ; that yc 
might walk worthy «( the Lord unto all 
pleaiing, being fruitful in every good work, 
and intreafing in the knowledge of God ; 
ftrenglhen<;d with all might, aecording to hh 
gloi'ioua power, uJiFo alt patience and long- 
lufFi'ting with joyfulnefsj giving thanks unto 
the Father, which liath mudi: ui meet to hi- 

fiarlakerii of (he inherilanee of the laints in 

TAe Co/pel. St. M,itch. ii. |8. 
llILE^eiiis fiiakc the le things unto 
John's dileiplesi behold, thcrecame 
a certain ruler, and worftiipped him, 
iiiying. My daughter is even now 
dead ; but come and lay lliy hand upon her, 
and (he Qialt live. And Jcfus arofe, and fol- 
lowed him, and lb did his difciplei. (And 
behold, a woman, which was diftafed with 
an ill'ue of blood twelve years, came behind 
him, and touched the hem of his garment ; 
for (he faid within hcrfcif. If I may hut touch 

JBimson risf nl inlD- 
ntjitll. iM lOD* ttt 
niMiis, ,vr. Jiito'E nl, 

iinlDItIc ti5ll,.iiiti(IIJ';l 







Twenty-fiftli Sun, after Trinity. 

his garment, I (hall be ivholc. But Jtlii^ 
■turneil him aboiif] anil, when he Ihiv her, lie 
lii<l. Daughter, l)c of good comfort, [hy faith 
liaih iiiaiicthecwhole. And ilie wuman was 
mide whol* from that hnui',) And ivhcn 
}e(\l\ came inlo the rulcr'i hoiile, and law the 
minllreU and the people making a nolle, he 
faid unto ihcm, Give place i for the maid h 
not dead, bot ilttpelh, And ihej' bughtd 
him to fcorn. But when the people were put 
fotih. lit went in, and took her by the hand, 
ami the maid arofe. And the fame hereof 
went abroad into all that land. 

The Twenty-fifth Sunday after 

Tie Collncl. 
jTJR up, we beleech ilice, O Lord, 
'the willMiflhy failhtui jjeuplcj that 
ihey, pk-ntcoully bringmg forth the 
fruit of good workv, may of lliee he 
pkniroudy rewanied j through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord. Aint'n. 

Far the Epiflle. Jrr. niii. 5. 
EHOLD, the davs come, fajlh the 
Lord, that I will raift iinlo David 
a righteous Branch, and u King Ihall 
reign, and ptofpcr, and (hall execute 
judgement and Jultice in the earth. In his 
ilav" J^dahlhall heraved.andliiaeHhalldwcll 

Briibitr rrinmin 10 tlK 
DilSnOI.&I, filK.II-lDl 

scinl leDrtti' ( Eougti 
llhn, !.'[. iTunl. III. 

l«ii^ siicli 01 llli 
scpiilctii m»iitng, 

IDr Ecpulititc, iim 
sain, kf. iolin rT. 

Snot itmiiicD tnt 

ouiaf Btim lir tiH 

Twenty-fifth Sun. after Trinity. 

lafcly ! and this U his Name ivhcrebj lie fti;ill 
be tailed, THE LORD OUR RKJHTE- 
OUSNESS. TbefetWbch»ld,lliC(U)tcuinE, 
faiih liic Lord, thai ihcy Ihall no niore fay. 
The Lord livelh, which brought up the I'hil- 
dren oFlfiaci out of (he UnJ ui Egyj^i ; but, 
rhcLnnJ liveth, which Ixuuglit ii)>, and which 
led tbi- Iced of ibc hoiiTc ol Ifracl am ol' ibe 
norlh-cuuntry, nnd Icam illcipunitlcswhidKi 
I hail driven ihciii j and ihvj- Ihtiil dwitl in 
iheir uHii lanil. 

T/-t Gnj'fel. St John vl. j. 
HEN Jcl'itti iheti lifl u|i hlkcycs, »nd 
law a great companj' rorae uillo 
him, he lailh unto Philip, Whtiite 
^ail we buy bfead That ihi^le nmy 
tal * (And ihis he laid to iitovc him ; for he 
himl'elf'kin'w what he wmild do.) Philip an - 
I'werei! him. Two hundred penyworth of bread 
s not fufficicnl fur them, that every one of 
them may talcc a littie, Oneut his ^ifnplet, 
Andre", Simon Peter's bmiher, lailh unto 
him. There is ii lad here, which hath five bar- 
ley-loaves, and two fmull fillies i hut what are 
lliey among lb many > and Jci'us laid, Muke 
tile men lit down. Now there was much gnl* 
in llic jilace. So the men fat down, in nutn- 
ber ab.iiit five llnjiifand. And Jeliii look tin- 
loaves, and, when he had yivcn lhanfc>, he 
dillrihuied to the diiciple<, and ihc dlfciple^ 

E\\i KlngailliiinioQj' 
alilT^i aifliil.inrsir' 
Dsnl, ii(, Daaiil «. 

CabiD ( tiali lussrV ) 
Imlt rriin iliciR. itm f 
(imnli. i-[, *Cinl. III. 

Saint Andrew's Day. 

to them (hat tvtte fct iltiivn, and Jikcwili; of 
the lillies, a> much is they would. When 
Ihty wi'tr filled, he laid iiiKo hi.s dlftipjcs, 
G.itlier up the tVagmcnts thai tciiiaiii, ihat 
nothing be loll. Theretorcihcygalhcred them 
logTihet, and lillrd twelve balkcis with the 
tragmi-tils ot the live barley -loavci, which re- 
mainid over and aliove unto .them (hat had 
eaieD. Then thule men, when they had fcen 
ihe miracle that Jeltis did, faid, This is of a 
troth that Prophet that Ihould come into the 

^ It tbve br any mart Sundays hffore ^Jiiem-Suiiday, 
the HervUi offtmi cf tkift SanJjyx ihitt norrt amitrcd ' 
^J'nr iht Epipfiaity JhaUbe laliEn ip'ojiipphfa many 
4» ei-f hert injuring. And if thtri be ffwtr^ tic 
wtrptat may be nnittedi Providtd rbjr r/rj iaji 
Cdl/;'i, Efiffii, jnJ Gujprljh^ll ahoayi tr ejtd ufaa 
ibl Hundiiy nf^; btforc Ad'\tent. 

Saint Andrew's Day, 

The alka. 
{LMIGHrV Goil, who didft give 
luch grace unto thy holy Apoltlc , 
Saint Andrew, that he readily oliey- i 
edlhccallinguf ihySuLlJcfusChnll, 
and tollowud him without delay ; Grant unto ' 
Uisll, that we, buing tailed by thy holy Word, , 
niay torthwilh give up ovirielves obeditntly 
to fulfil thy holy commandments i through 
the lame jefus ChriH our Lord. Amen. 

f] iiiiKatiti 
lll[> Hunt, .niB Eui il 

Sim JaiDt miKD iiit 
nimt u( Iflf plJir 13'- 
nlf[, &r, iSrn. iiiii. 

SlOitn atislgircB: Oi 
\axi DC mitt iiB, tolii 
■Den, vc. S'ltigis Di. 

V 3 


it Kiicr iti Lctii 
tilt snotrn unit 
Itifin, U n>.i9 tt- 

(nil 991111111' itt III 

Saint Andrew's Day. 

7Ae EfiJiU. Kom. i. 9. 
; ¥ thou Ibalt conre& with thy nunith 
the XjitA Jcfu-, and Aialt bt^tirvc in 
thine henrt ihai God h»t)i railed 
hiiti from the deail, llimi rtialt br 
fnvcd. For with ihc heart man Iwlicvctli unto 
rlf-!iteoofners, and nilh llic month confcflion 
is mailc unto fjtvation. For ihc Srtiplun 
faith, Whol<>cvcr bclicvclh on him fli.ill iiM 
Ik iOi.iinfi). For (here is no difference be- 
tween the Jew and the Greek 1 for the lame 
Lord over all it rich unm all that tall upon 
him. For whofncvcr ihiU tall Hpon I he Nsmf 
of the Loiil Ihall he I'^ved. Havi then (h.-ill 
ihty tall on him, in whom they have nor be- 
lieved ? And ho™ Ihall they believe in him, 
uf whom thcjrhave not heard f And how Ihall 
ihcy hear without 3. ])rcjchet ? And hovf Ihall 
ihey preath, cxccpi ihcy he Centi A» it is 
wriiien, How beaiitit'ul are the feet of ihcm 
that preach (he Gol'jiel of peace, and hiriig 
glad tidings of good things \ But ihey hare 
not all obeyed the Gofpel. For Efaias fnith, 
Lord, who hslh helievcd oorreporl ? $•> then 
faith ometh by henring, and heating by ibe 
Wor<l of Gofl. Bui I fay, Have ihey not 
heard ? Yes verily, their lirtind went into all 
the earth, and their word; unto the cmU of 
the world. But I fay. Did not Ifracl know ? 
Firll Mofes faith. I will provoke you to jea- 
loufy by them tliat are no people, and by a 

lAsD, Ant u«s «' <i>oi> 
;irR. tot, «:(. Sin. g. 

iTD'tt mnm « tlia- 

ilol Dl ([T(. 4ng DDtsn 
o( tin, ir. It Btngs i(. 


S%int Thomas the Apoftle. 

fouliOi nuii'Hi I Aill anger v<ni> Bui Efaiai 
nyvn b">lii,jnduiih,l«iifi>un<loftlicmil>ai 
Ibugbl me not) [ lAatiimilr munilVli miiutlKm 
ikai aiknl nut^iftcc me. But to Ifrarl h< latth, 
All ihy lent; I hive llrriihcd ionli ray hand> 
unto a difobnlienl and g^iinliiyiiig pi:ui)lc, 

Tit Ctffiel. St. Miiili. ]t. tl. 
!j ESUS, cilking by the fci of Gatilt*. 
£iw fo btcthmi, Simon callcvt Pc- 
tcri and Andrew hii bnxhcr, rifl' 
■—~~ 'lag anci inloihefta.ffonhey wert 
tilhtn;) ^ndhe fsiih uotolhem, f'oIlu«r mci 
and I will mike you £lhtn of men. Anii 
ibejr rtraighiwi}' left their neu, and tbliowed 
him. And roin|[ on from (hence lit fa* 
ulhiTtwobrelliren, Jamcilht km of Ztbnltx, 
and John hi* biolher, in a Ihip vi lib itclicdee 
tbcir father, mending Ibcir ntli) and be 
called them. And ihey immediiiilv left ihe 
diip uiii ihtir blhcr, and followed him. 

Saint Thomas the Apolllc. 

fit CdUS. 

r'^I.MICHTV and octliving Gixl, 

' who for the more eonfirmition oi 

the fiilh ilidll liifficr thy litilv Apof' 

lie ThomsH To be dnuhlfnl in ihy 

Son's refiirreflion i Grint u» In pcrteflly, anil 

without al] doubt, to believe in thy Son Je- 

fii>Chrift,lhatuurKiiihTn thy light nui ncvti 

rCrrt iMIf iam( 3 ml 
(Dtit o( ini utirt tt 

riirB sM)l»mfii stm 
tl J.iioti, inD J s«pii- 
itittt mi. fium >tic 

B( tMirn (Kit; 
lit Wrtla. 

jBiii; ibE miilKi af 
Jnns bciioilKB id 

brfdTr t\\ip camr lu- 

Saint Thomas the Apoftle. 

lie rrfiroveil Hear iik, O Ltini, thrungh ihv 
fame Jefin Chrift, lo wham, wiih ihce and 
itit HoIyGhoft.beall honour and gloiy, now 
iin<l lor cvcmioit. Amrn. 

Thf EfiJiU. Ephcf, ii. 19. 
OW ihcreforc ye att no morr 
liringers and forciKHcra, biil fcUoi*- 
ctrizcn^ ni'th the lalnt^ anJ of ihc 
hoiifholtt of God J anil «re buili 
ii|iun ihe fuundntion of the Apolllc) and 
Prophets, Jtl'in CliHll himleifheinc the chief 
corncr-ftont 1 in whom all ihe builUing, filly 
I'ramed tognhcr, growcth unto an holy tetn- 
(lie in tile Lord ; in whom ye all'oave liuiliicil 
together for an habitation of God, through 
the Spirit. 

•Tie GiiJJ'i!. St. John 11. 94. 
HOMAS, one of the twelve, cilied 
DiiJymiis, was not with thtm when 
Jelus came. The uthrr tlifcipln 
therefore faid unto hjni, We have 
leen the Lord. But he faid unto them, Eic- 
ccjit I Ihall lee In his hands the print of the 
iiaili, and put my liiig>^r intu the print of the 
nails, and ihrult uiy hand tnio hit fide, I wIU 
ii'il believe. And after eight days n^ain hi* 
Uilciples were within, and Thoinaa wiiTi them : 
tliincamejeliii, the doors being llml, and flood 
in the inicirt. and laid. Peace be unto you. 
Then i;iith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy 

Cut ttidu stisiiaa unit 
IDC [iitliii s bDU»r, iM 
10 uig tiD. Oin.iiK. 

{mill sptaK fir trilMt 
indi. jfoi, ,W. 


Converiion of Saint Paul. 

Kn|:rr, andhehoU my luni(>i an>l rtich hilhcr 
ihr hurl, anil ihmll il into my liitc ( anil dr.- 
am faiihlcli, bui btlicvins. An<t Thiinia' 
anlwrnvl »nd faid unt« liim, \lv Lord, and 
rny God. Jcluiliith unlo him, Fhomai, bc- 
C3uf« thou hull itta me, tkuu luH believed ; 
bitiTid arc lh<)r tlixt hart noC rrcn. and y«t 
have h<l>ev«tl. And m:iiiv Mhrr (•g,nt tiiilv 
did Jcrixtin lhcpTtlcnccbl'lliidirci|>l<>,lThic(i 
vc niM laritrcn in (hli book. But ih«i< are 
writtrnilhai jr mif^t bclkvi that Jcliit itihe 
Chiitt, ih« Son of God; and thai bclievin|; 
yc nii)[hi have lii« rhnugh hU Name. 

The Converfion of Saint Paul 
7Ar f.WfrvJ. 
r.nT> •• tm, through ihc |'rcachliig 
ilnl Auolllc Smut P^»l, 
iLiheligniofihcRt.fpc! Ill 
iliiii< rhiau{rhoiit ihe world ; Gram, 
*cr btimli tln'f, ihll we, having hii wondtr- 
ful cnovofion in i(iiiciill>i'.iiirc, iniylhcw fiirth 
our ihanktutneli unto ihcc for the lame, by 
following the half il<iflrin« which he taoghlj 
through Jr fill Chnlt our Lord. Amrm. 

FtrlAr Kfifi^e. Adi it. i, 

ND Saul, yet breathing out thmt- 

rningtanil llaughtcr agaloll ihcdil- 

rif Irt of the Li>f<l, (vrnt unto the 

hijih ptkA, anil dcfiml i>f him lei- 

sMii i)(ie iioen tin 
IdloI.Jx. ^(s.lil. 

W.\t ingtl Hit 19 niie. 
rti tjirl) »<iiiTh in" 
rtmu giumi. jui ui 

ttr Sill I «4»ii<l 
■M Mat Kiwi ««| 
n* (ilf ■■ **iiln. 

Mart fUilttlt. w 

a aaa sIi*m Mar 
tDd*i Sncrl fc*. I. 

Mini nitn tistr in- 
n tiK tidlg imiiiLrp 
10 1 Kl; uT JuQiig, 

■no iiilirin 11110 ibi 
hou'^f of £df Dallas 

bitC, Hukc I. 

Converfion of Saint Paul. 

leri la Dnniakii^ to ilie lynagoguci, ili^t. il 
tip found any of this way, wheihrr they wcrt 
intri <jr womrn, he migh( bring ihcm boimd 
untojcfulalem. An<.l,;ishtji»urneycd, hecanie 
m-ar Damafnis, and liiddenly thrrc fhincd 
rmind aboul liim 4 light from htavtn. And 
hi- fell lij tlie eaitli, »ud heard a voice faying 
unlo him, Saul, Saul, why pcrftciitcft ihoii 
incf Andhei.iid, Whojri thou.Lord? And 
tilt Lotd faid, I am Jefuu whom thou jierfe- 
eutirt : il ik hatd for lliee 1<> kick agaiiill the 
ptirks. And he, trembling and alioniftied, 
fiiid, Lurd, what wilt ihuu have me to do! 
And the Lord fsid onto liim, Arile, and pi 
into rhe city, und it Ihall be lolii thee >vhal 
thou mnft do. And the men whith journeyed 
"'ilh him ftood Ijiecchleft, htaring a voice, but 
feting no man. And Saul aiofeiVom theearth, 
and when his eyes were iipcntd hcfaw no man; 
but they led him by the hand, and brought 
him into Damafcm. And he iva? three days 
without fight, and neither did eat nor drink. 
And ihtrt was a certain difciple at DamajViis, 
naiiii:d Ananias, And to him faid the Lord in 
a villon, Ananias. And he faid, Behold, 1 
am htre, Lord. And Ihc Lord faid unto him, 
Arile, and go into the Ifrtet which is called 
Straight, and cnquiie in the hoiile of Jnd.i^ 
for one called Saul, of Tarfus! for behold, he 
prayeth, and huth ieen inavilion a man named 
Anania^i coming in, and putting his hand on 

^rre JfiDSfsiriuTiTiCio 
inb BdiD.&t. le-ioa.iD. 

/flp aoTil botli magnify 

Converfion of Saint Paul 

him, (hai he might receive his Tight. Then 
Atiinias anftvcrcii. Lord, I have hvMid by 
many of ihi* msn, how much evil he hath 
done lo thy Hiinti it Jcnilhkm ; anii here he 
hilh authority from the thief priefti to bind 
ill that call on thy Naitic. Bill the Lord laid 
iinio liim, Gn thy visy ; for he is a choleii 
vcilel iinto nic, tu bear my Name before (he 
Gtiiiilci, md king^, mid the children of II- 
tael : for 1 will Ihcw him how great thing* 
he mull fuffer my Name's lake. And An- 
anias went his wny, ami entered into the houiej 
and, putting hii hands on hitn, laid, Bioiher 
Saul, the Lord, (even Jefus thai appeared un- 
to thee in llie way a.\ thou i^amelt.) hath lent 
me, that thou mightcif receive (hy light, and 
be filled with the Hoiy Ghoft. And imme- 
diately (here tVIl from his eyes as it had been 
Icales ; and he received light forthwith, and 
siofe, and was baptized. And when he had 
lereivcd meat, he W3> ftrenglhened. Thun 
wa? Saul certain days with the difciplis which 
were at Datnalirus. And Itraightway he 
preached Chtili in the lynagogues, that he is 
ihe Son of God. But all that heard him were 
atnurd,and laid. Is not this he that ileftroyrd 
them which raJled on ihi^ Name in Jerufaltm, 
and came hither for that intent, that he mi^hl 
bring ihem bound unto the chief priclls ! But 
Saul increafcd the more in ftrcnglh, and con- 
founded llie Jews which dwelt at Daitiafcus, 

tnrti ncramptlBtift 
ja<iii! trougtt iDitti 
her Irt^l ttaoilrn 

son, anU Oit mort 

flm In sEDSftOUng 


111 a n\.witi.)a. 

Vul lh|! Slll)r9 DII till) 
ttft.fonCf iiijvt itfittc 
on (tiDu.fci. UFioa. ill. 

ihr talimicli Did e las - 
^tm.trr. ilum. imt. 

tt Hi 3>ma init is 
born, for ^t tain 

■tin nis sill 111 iVi 

Uoisditli'in fjailin 
Ihisr. III. iKii. •!. 

7"A/ C"ey>c/. St. Matth, ih. sj. 
ETER anlWctrd and fiid iinto Ji. 
fus. Behold, we have t'orfnkcn all, 
and followrd ihec -, what fhall wc 
have (herefore > And Jdiis l^iiil un- 
to lliem, Verity I lay u mo you, That yc wliirh 
have t'nllowcil mc, in llie rcgrncriHion whfll 
ihe Son of man <hjll lit in ihc rlionc o( ha 
glory, ye alfo (hall fit upon iwclve (hrwics 
judging thf twelve ttibcs of Kistl. Anil 
every line liiut h:il)i I'urlaken houin, ot bre- 
thren, or liders, or father, or motlicr, or wife, 
or children, or lands, for my Niimc'ii like. 
Ihall ret'clvean hiindred'folil.and (liall inhriit 
i-verUlting lire. But many that urc firll IhaJI 
be lall, and ihc lafi ftiall be lirA. 

The Prcrentation of Chrift in ihc Temple, 

coinititnlj cilltd. 

The Purification of Saint Mary 

the Virgin, 

Till ciua. 

LMIGHTVand everlivingGod.w 
hinnbiy ticfcech (hy Majclly, thil, 
i< ihy only-begoiien Son wai ihi« 
(lay pivli'ntcd ia the Itmple in liib- 

itll»l SJIS 10 04IIIII, 

'VlVr [obfilinfniLrtiinr. 
laBitt, II leiui. 111. 

btmos |l(iiiDjRiisa> 

lis n, icr I Kings i, 

Purification of Saint Mary. 

Itincc of (Mir flrlh, fo wt m»y be iiiTlciitnl 
unto thee w>ih pure and fkan hcitri, by tbc 
(une ibjr Son Jtiiu Chrill our Lord, .^av«. 

EIIOLD, I will hoA my mtflrnnr, 
mil hclliall girrpin Ihcmjtbrtotr 
me : ind the Lo«d, whom ye ink, 
A«U foddcnlv conte to hb temple ^ 
even the me&utr of Im covenant, wham ve 
•Jdirfat ini bcEaU, he (hall enmc, riitli the 
i^rU of bob. Bui who mav abide the itay 
ol' hii coming 1 and who llull tlanil when he 
apptarclh * toe he U like ft rt^ner'a Ace, ami 
like hiUcn' foap. And he ikall lit ax a re- 
fioccaod purifier of IiJtci; and be AinH pari- 
fy iht fun* of Levi, anil putge lh««i ■• nJd 
and filrer, thai tbcy may oCer unto iW f^ird 
an oAeitnjt in riebtooufuefe. Then Ihail ibr 
llSeriBEi of Jiiitah anil Jcrufalem be plnliiil 
oato ibe LotiI, m in (he •Ixyn of M, aiiil i< 
'in fcnner yeati. And I irill come near tr, 
•jou lo iiMlgenwnl, and I mil be a fnili wit- 
IMfea^iafttbefotcercn, an>lag*inli theailiil- 
Icren, and agaioll taHe-fwesren, and agilnft 
tboCt ibai opfitti* the hireling in hit w*gci, 
(be widow, and the faihcilefi, and that turn 
>6de the Annect from hii rig;hi,uul licar not 
, bitb Ibe Lord of hoAa. 

anw. in» iiK lit 
■Mtn wt tit ma 

itni Btiii ( Mini 
■nil »tie. Ini Titntl 
mil tta til ma u 

Furiiication of Saint Mary. 

Irtirti) iliiK Itia- 
|M, jFDr nntt iliv 

(MR* Bai lli( Urt. 

TAi liejjul. St. Lukeil. ii, 
ND h'Ikii tlic days of her jiurilica- 
lioii.actorjinuiollie LitwofM'"''', 
were id'oiii|iTillicd, llity biimgli! 
him lo Jcculilcm.topreient iiim to 
iUf l.ntil i (as it ii nriltiii In (lit: L»vv of lilt 
l.-]id, Evciy mnlc lh»t oprnclh ihe nimib 
(bail be railed lioly lo the Lord j) and lo offer 
a ^rilicci ai-turiling to ili^il it'liji'h is lliid in 
tlic Luw of ill c Lucd, A pairuf lui'lle-duvrf, 
or (wti young pij^eoni. And beliuld, ihere 
wni a min in Jeriiljieiii, whole naiiic w»( 
Symci-tn t and the Uri<^ hiaii vr;u julV Jn<j de- 
vout, wailing for the conlblilinn at' Iliad; 
and the Holy Ghuft uas iipuii him. And it 
>vas ruveakd tinio liim hy ilic Huly Gliull, 
that he lliould nut Ice death, before he hiui 
liren the Lord's Chrift. And he tame hy ihe 
Spirit iultJ the tciniilrt and wlicti the parent- 
brought in thechiiil Jtl'm, to do for him after 
the I'ulloin of the l.iw, then took he him up 
in his nrm', and Neilcd God, and faid. Lord, 
no A- leitcft thou thy ftrvLiiit dcparl in [ustt, 
acnjfding to ihy word : iVir mine eyes have 
lien thy lalvation, whiih thou hall prepared 
before ihc face of iti people i a light to li^bttii 
till" Gcnlilet, and ihc gmiy iif thy people If- 
rnel. And Jolcph and hit mother marvelled 
:it tholv tilings ivhieh were Ipolccn of hitn. 
An<! Symeun bUll'ed lhi:ini and li(id tinio 
\!iry his mother, Behold, this child it let foi 

/Hosrs [<1SI lilt Mblrs 
iiui at ills tinSs inO 
uTiliiillcin. iCiD. 111(1. 

O.ipon till in DolDii b(' 
Toll IITI- Jli. i^aeei. U- 

Saint Matthias's Day. 

ihc tall and tiling again ot mJiiy in in jcI j 
ami fur a ligii Hhich ([\M be fpukcn aguiiill j 
(yea, afword Ihnil jiiirce f hniiigh thyciwn foul 
alfo i) that the Ihoughl* of iiiany liearis may 
be cevealed. Anil there was one Anna n" 
phophetcls, rhe Jaugluer ot Phamiel, ol" the 
tribe ufAlei; Ihc w-ii-uf s grcai age, and li^d 
lived with an hulband feven ytai^ iVoin lu-i 
virginity : and (he wna widow of about four- 
Icoreand fourycjrni which dcp^irttfd not from 
tbl tcuipie, but fervcti Gud ivith fallings and 
prayers night and day. And the coming in 
tliJI inftant gave thanks likcwil'c unto the 
Lord, and fpakrof liim to all them [hit looked 
for redemption in Jeruliicm. And wlun they 
had peifoijiu'd all thing* according to the law 
of llii:L{iid, they ret II r IK d into GaliJie to their 
own city Nazareth. And iliechild gre\Y, and 
waned llrotig in fpirit, filled with wifdom •, 
and the grace of Gml was upon him. 

Saint Matthias's Day. 

T/;e Colleel. 
ALMIUHTV God, »hu into tht 
placeol ihciraitc:!- Jiidasdidlithooli: 
thv fuithful fLrvint Malihiai to be 
ot the ntiinhcr of ihc Iwrlve Apof 
ilei ; Giant ihal thy Chuicli, being alway 
jirefervfd from fallc Apolllei, maybe ordercil 
and guided by tiiithful and iriie pjftof-i 
ihrough Jefus Chiill out Lord, Amen. 

3(111 (5 mil 10 Snig.rurii 
tllBB anil tall upon tlir 
prirala. Ifom. itu. 

llllillii Birmg fiii son 
Id b( gioti. Orsimprll i[l 

(tirroo (4iii9rB all 
niatrili'Kitciiio b> 
suin mil lunr m 
Biihitlirnt, jnli in 

111 lilt ni3ts Ittrt' 
at IroEit (Old ptars 
Dili inl vntifr, »■ 
tottliio.iK fait. II. 

SoErsb; Btlst.ttti 
niDili'i -mn go mtn 

tb'i! '" drib UitiliD 
sniiglit IM F<i"iil 

Saint Matthias's Day. 

tar the Ep-JiU. Aft. i, 15. 
N thofc d.iys Perer ftood up in llic 
midli uf die (lifrrplcs, trnd laid, (the 
[lumber ol tlie names together wcit 
abuulnii hund ted and twenty,) Mi'ii 
;ind breihreii, this StriptuiT mitft needs have 
heen fulfilled, whiili (lie Hoi)- Ghuft liy the 
iiiuuih of David Ijiakc before ctmreminit Ju- 
das, whicli was guide 10 ihtm that toot Jt- 
fun 1 for he was numhtrcd with us, ind haii 
dblaintd part of (his minilli y. Now (bii man 
purcliafcd a field with ihe reward of initjuitv . 
and falling headlong he biirft afunder in t)ir 
midft, and all his boivtU giifhed out. And 
it wa& known unto all the dwellers at Jerula- 
Icm, inibmuch as that field is called in their 
proper tongue, Aceldama, that i'i to fay, The 
field of blood. For it it wiittcn in the book 
of Pfalms, Let his habitation be defolate.anit 
let no man dwell therein i and, Hisbilhopriek 
let another lake. Whei'eforc, of ihcfi- men 
wbi<'h have coinpanicd with us all the time 
thai the Lord Jetiis went in and out among 
us, beginning from the baptifm ol John, nnio 
that fame day that he was taken up fmrn lis, 
mull one be ordained tri be a wilnefs «i(h Ui 
of hl« rel'iirrcftion. Ami they appointed two, 
Jofeph called Barlabas, who wai liirnanicd Jul- 
tus,and Mallhias. And I hey prayed, and iaid, 
Thou, Loid. whii'h kiioweft [he hearts of all 
men, iliew whether of thefe two ibou lull tho- 

infroiilDi litis [Oil II lip. 
Sifob, *t. iSrn. iiri. 

tIKlLDrOiiiiiig 5II1II 

\ QO lip, Vr. ^IFdllE. IL 

Anmiiiciation of the Vii^in Mary. 

fen ; ihilheniiy lakcpinof iliiiminfllij'xncl 
apofUtlliip, fnim oliicli Judaibtr inuiljijFefnaii 
fell, th:ir W nigtil^ tAhisowiiDUcc. And 
ibcy zavc forth their lioii) indibclaifdl iipun 
M:illlii»,aii(lhcinaniiinbci«dn'lth (he eleven 

ThrCef^l. St, M.tih. ti, i%. 

txT ihal time Jcl'ui RnlvtircJ and laid, 

I ilijck il^re, O Father, Lord of 

hcNVi-ii aiiJ tirtli, hcraufc tliD» l>:ilt 

hid thd'c iliin|;<> Irom the nilc and 

pnldini, and halt reveMeil ihcm unia baba. 

Even io, Fsllicr, fur lb it lecmtd good in \)\y 

llghi. All rhinp »rc dclircrcd miio ii« o( 

my Futlxi 1 and no man knoweih ihc Son, 

bill the Father j ntilhtr koowcth any man the 

Fiihcr, (xvr the Sun, and he to whom tut vcr 

the Son will rcreal him. Come iinlo ine, all 

ye that labour and are heavy ladrn, and I will 

i;ivc jiui jcft. Take mjr yoke upon you, an*l 
earn of mcj for I am mrelc and lowly in hcaii 
and ye (hall find rell unto your foiili. For 
my yoke U nfy. and my biinlcn ii light. 

The AnnuncUiion of the bleflcd 
Virgin Maiy. 
TAe CtlUa. 
'E licfcKh ihr«, O Li>ril, |H>iir thv 
eraec inio our heam -, ilui, at >tf 
have known thtincamationofihy 

^in «( Tiir n0 x»i 

snrlft Dtl itilLK Mat 
oertDK. kt. iTigft.itli. 

nu tagtiirD. (4i« 
snugti «ui gt ihr 
milt. 3nt 10, ((( 

en Dint mni tptn- 
ID QUID tiiiii, inS 
Bonn itttilii iflilt 

(Tlirlsi. fitping: tt 
thnu III inr 5DII ol 
0dd, I mil Ilia no IN' 

ittGi' flours b(mi«( 
tttiV. em t|f an- 
fimiilitg <ii(li. Il IE 

Son Jfius Chrift by ihe meffagc of an angci, 
(b by his crol'a aiii) uaflion w; may lie broughi 
unto the glory of kis rcfurrtflion i through 
iht ilinic Jefiii Chrift our Lord. Jmtn. 
For ill! Epifttt. Ifii. iiii, 10. 
OREOVER, the Lord fpake Again 
unto Ahai, faying, Afk ihei; a figii 
of the Lord thy Cjod ; alk. iteiiln:i 
in [he depth, or in the height ibove 
But Ahflt I'aiii, I ivill not alk, ntitlier will I 
lempt the Lord, And be faid, Hear ycnoiv. 
O bouie of David i Is itn fmail ihingfory.m 
lo w-cary men, bnt willyc wfarymy tiod affo ? 
ThereftirE the Lord hiinfelf Ihall give you i 
lign i Behold, a Virgin Ihill conceive, and 
bear a fon, and (lull call his name Inimamiel. 
Biitlcr and honey lliall he eal, that h< may 
know to refufc the evil, and ihnufe (he gootl. 

rill Gofpil. St. Luke i t6, 
ND in the fixth month the angel Ga- 
hriel ivsb fcnl from God unto a city 
of Galilee named Nazareth, lo a 
Virgin eljioufed to a man whoK- 
name was Joli'ph ol (he houfe of David ; and 
till Virgin's najiic wan Mary. And ihe angel 
came in unto her, and laid. Hail, ihoii thai 
an highly favoured, the Lord is with thee -, 
bicll'ed art thou among vvomen. And when 
Ihc faw him (lit was troubled at his faying, 
and caft in her mind what manner of falnia- 


TiDln foio incssdtgoi' 
iigr. III. ®c«. lit. 

TTlic ID Din an sreing iftr 
ltd to bt glcisanl, looli 
Dl inr triiil, lOcn. u(. 


tion ihislhould be. And the ungcl fiid untn 
her, Fcai not, Mitry ; for ihoii hall foimil fa- 
vour wilh GdJ. Ami behold, thou (lialt con 
ccive in thy womb, and bring foilh a Son, 
and llialt i-all hk name JESUS. He [liall he 
gtcal, and Ihall be called (lie Sun of the Hij:li- 
(11^ and tlic Lord Goij Ihall give unto him 
ihe (hroneof his father Daviil. And lie iliall 
reien ovet (he huulc of Jarub for ever ; and 
of bis kingdom there (hall be no eiiil. Then 
laid Maty unto the angel, Hoiv lli^iti lhi< 
be, Iceing I )cnon~ not a man ? And the 
nnfrei iniwcred jnd faid unto lier. The Holy 
Gliolt Diall come upon ihee, and ihe power of 
the Highclt (ball ovctftiadow thct ; tlirtefore 
alio thai holy thing wbirh Ihnll be bom of 
thee fiiall be called the Son of God. An.l 
behold, thy coulin Elitabeth, Ibe halh albt 
roMcived x Ton in her old age; and thjaialhe 
fixih month with her who W3^ called barren ; 
for wiih God nothing Ihall be inipolTiblt. 
And Maty fiiid. Behold the handmaid of the 
Lord j be it unto me according to tliy word. 
And the angtl dcjiarlcd (to ni Tier. 

Saim Mark's Day. 

Tit ColUii. 

ALMIGHTY God, who hall in- 

Ittiiiicd thy holy Church with the 

heavenly doeirine of thy Evangclilt 

Saint Matk ,- Give iis giaer, that, 

3 trrlAln man Inas ii- 
m&a rriuiii vtiiB. 
iiitin.i.[. JIPliii D. 

Srit intliitautltiliiiiEti 
iinlg,A-r. iHat. I<D. 

Bttioii. I asmin a 
ir.iii]JnJ[r rainr nut 

inti rriie, ^aptng 
iinic, &t. idji.ii. 

snn IK loot iiii fiDc 
igiDrs HUB iiCiinis. 

urn JDD iiri'sbirr. aitn 

being not like (-hiliircn carried away with every 
blal): uF v^in (lofliine, we may t>F cilablilhcd 
in the tnith of lUy holy Golimlj through Je- 

lus Chrill oor Lord, Amen. 

TJif E/'iJIie. Ephef. iv. ?■ 
NTO every one of us is given grate, 
acct>idinc;to the meirure of ihegitt 
of Chiiit. Wherefore he f»ith, 
When he afe^^nJed up on high, he 
led fapliviiy capiive.aml girt gills nolo men. 
[Nuw ihit he ali^cmled, what ii ii but tlint 
he »lfo litl'ccndctl firft into the lower pans ol 
ihe cirth > He chiti (tefcended i^ the fimeilro 
that alccnded up far above ull heavens 'bat 
he might till all ihingi.) And he gave fomc 
Apc-tiics, and ioEne Prophets, ai'id h»mc Evah' 
aicliltf, and foine Pafiurs and Teachers ; foi 
ihe pi^rl'efiing of the laint^ fo' 'he work of 
the iiiinillry, lor the edifying of the body of 
Chiilli (ill vve all coiiie in ilie tiiiity of (he 
taith. and of the Itnotvledgcotlhc Son of God, 
ontu a perfefl man, unto ihe meafurc of the 
liaturc of I he lulnclB of Chrill -, ihal we hente- 
forin be no mote cliilJmi, tofi'ed lo and fro, 
and carried about with every wind of doflrine, 
by ihe Height of men, and cunning etaftincfi, 
whereby thi:yliein vi^ait lo deceive j but fpcak- 
jng (he truih in love, Jnay grow up into him 
in all ihings, vthich is the head, even Chrill : 
trom whom ihc whole body fiilvj-iiiit-d tu^^e- 

In li>in i»r III' Gisl 

SIDBt, Ht, juliii mil. 

SrsR9 siilRc ittrit 
riiti.som loiliisirii o( 


Saint Mark's Day. 

ilicr,«i*d eompsfled by ihjtwhkh evrty joitii 
fiiptilitth, acconJing lu (he rfft^ti'l nufkini 
in we moluT* of every p»Jt,ni«kcth invrci^ 
of (Uc b<Kl)'iUiiiolheeoityingof itlVll' in lore. 

Tdf/ Gf/ptl. Se. John IV, I. 
AM (he Inir vine, hihI my Pkriiit 
it ihc hufbandman, Evety liianch 
ittmelhalbnrvthnot I'tuil helakcth 
awny I and every brjni'h TliHt Ixnr- 
etb fttiif, )ie piirgelh il, llial it tniy liriiig turf 1\ 
inore fruii. Now ye are clean (litough (he 
wi>nl whirh I h»vc fpnJcen unio yoii. Abide 
in nae, aiiil I in you. As (he brxnch eanno( 
hear fruit of irftlf,excep( ilaliideiii the vine i 
no KMK can ye,cii,'ept ycabiilein me. lani 
the vine,ycare(hchranrhei. Ilelhatibideih 
In ine, and I in him, ilie fame bringrih tonh 
muchfriiiti for viiihiwit iiicyeoiiiiliiriyihing. 
If a nun abide not in me, he i* raft fonh -ly 
» branch, and ii wilhered ; and men gaibcr 
(hem, and call (hem into the tire, jnJ they 
arc Iwiiied. If ye abide in nie, und my vtnnU 
abide in yon, ye ihall aJk whni ye will, and 
it 0>all be done unm you. Herein is my Fa- 
ther glarilic<l,th:it ye beac much fruit j (a H\M 
fcbe my ilifdplfk. A«thc Father hoih hived 
mc, Co hive I loved you : raniiniie ye in mv 
Io»e, If ye keep (hsil 
•bide in tny love i even a>i I h»vi: kept my 
Fathcr'HcnmiTiandincnti,inii abide in lii>l"vc. 

fimtli iiKiiliiD tiim 
irdujigii inrcllKI.lnt 
It), 11. 1 liino«iB[i. 

Aflgtii rom'ng iniD Itir 
ttaiu, btllDIt itir zlinii 

urtrm nut wn t 
lege told. LtitiDS, 
anileilii rtiin ti 
IfldE tDAS tni fjinr 

rgnd, hnuiili twnt 
inS loai uiinMiit*. 
US l)<i (]ii Bu 
bgunl.lif, ,Saln tt. 

Hi uijattinsligiiirti 
liCoii iniui.anli his 
Nil BID -^liiniastht 
iiin, iiiO iiisilDilirs 

Itglii. atiD DrJioie, 
[Jtrrr aii4i(3irn iitilo 

Ssint Philip and Saint James. 

tii»« hate [ Iboken iitiio you, 
igliE remain m yuu, anil ihal 


Thdt thill 
my joy m ^ 
joy might ba full. 

Saint Philip and Saint James's Day. 

fj^^ ALMIGHTV God, whom tmly 
IfSwJlV to know is tvcrlalling liTc ; Grunt 
us pttftilly lo knoiv ihy Son jclv^ 
Chiill lo be the way, ihc iruih, and 
the life ; that, following the llfpi of thy holy 
ApnlHes, Saint Philip and Sainl Jami's, w-e 
iiuy ih'dfaltly walk in ihe «ay that Iradeth I'l 
etei'nil lifcj through the fame thy Son Jcrii> 
Chrift our Lord. Amn. 

Thf EpiflU. St. JjtnfS i. i. 
J!? AMES, a feivant of God »nd of the 
Lord Jefm Chrilf, to (he twelve 
^,,r iiihe* which are Icaitcrcd ahrond, 
gicfiiog. My brethren, fount it 
jII j(iy when ye (all inio divir* lemplamm'. ; 
knowing Ihis, lh;il ihe tiyiiij; of your fsirh 
wurktth patitnir, Bui Itl [laiience have her 
perfcfl work, that ye may be (>cr(cfl and cu- 
lire, wanting nothing. If any of ymi Uck 
wililom, let him alk of God, that giverh to all 
men lilicrnliy, and upbiaidtth not, md it rtiall 
.■ given him. Bui let hi.n alk in faith, no- 
thing wavering ; iot he Ihat wavtrclh i^ like 

iilllisictii. iScn.iDIII. 

|1 r tut M moor on- 
stu'ird' fto, I sn (urn 
mcnlDDSr.lK. Qin. ill. 

Saint Philip and Saint James. 

Li wxvF of ihc Tea, UHvui nitb the niikt, inil 
tuffcJ, For Irt nut th« man lliink that he 
fhakl tM«i»c any thing of (be LoH. A dou. 
blc-miulcd nun ■« unAnblc in all hli wiv>. 
Lrt lh< bii>:htr ol lun dcgrn rcjciicc in ili a 
he MCKiltnli iHjt the lii-h in ihat he iiii< . .>. 
low; bnaulc niihe flnwtc of ihf ("raftljc llinli 
|>j|i may, For tbi fun it no U'oiier rit'cn 
Mi<hkbumtn|;heii(, but ilwiibtrTththc grif), 
4nJ 'he flontr thereof lallcih, ami the finte 
of lh« filhiuo (if it pcrilhelh: ibalfolluTl Ihe 
lieti inin fide >n:iy in hi) wi^b. BIcIT^I it 
(he mkn ihai endureih tRii)ir>iion | Tor whto 
he ii rrinl, he Ihall receive the crown of lile, 
which ibr Lunl haih proinilid to ihem rh«( 
love hrm. 

Tie Cf/f^l Si. J-bo .iv. i. 
■ND JeAii£iid unio bit ijifriplo, 
not yuui hort be troubled ; ^e be- 
lini in <ii><l, IicIkvc allii ill me. In 
m^ Fatbci'i houl'c are niui)' tiun. 
lionii ifit were not !«,] would hlTc lolJ rou. 
I go tti fivpin a ]iUcc fot vou i ami if I ^ 
and prepare a place for jrou, I will ci>nic again, 
and retcir c you un'o mvfelf, thil where Jam, 
tbett ye maj' lie atlis. Ami whither I go ye 
know, and the w>y ye kanw. ThoinM lalth 
un?o biiD, Lord, we know not whiihtt thou 
Ijiiell, »r«l bun CJii le know the way f Je- 
lii> fiitb iiAKi htm, I BBi the wvVt llie trtiih, 

SMiksiiti IS fiiihin 

It( l^tB. 11 ^tUL. Ill, 


rua, ut ttlnlB. slir 
attiituti, pun.iit. 

Jnm aiit. M*ar 
nil* (II (01 01 Ma 
lit, tet «ti lain 
•ait. ft •»» t 

^ •§. 

litllr I* ItiVHa. f 
>Dth IDM 1 Unit. 

aiD Di Mife »i* 

tiT. »e. MkiWI' 

ttll(» m citD nnD 

Imhisiliv i>.]lilbii9i 
Itilnos, *t iu.rlj. 

Saint Barnabas the Apoftle. 

and ilie lit'i^i iio man cuincth untu the Fx- 
ihcr bill by n>c. If ye had knonii me, yr 

lliuiilil liuvc known my Fnihcr iiCi : and from 
litnieforlh yt know liiiu, »nil bave (ccn him. 
PIiili{> r^lih iiniti him, Lord, fhciv ut the Fi- 
tlitr, and it fuHiceih us, Jcliisfailli unio him, 
H.ivc 1 btCLi lb long time tvitli you, and vtl 
ball [hou nut kiioivii me, I'hilijr? He ifial 
haiH Itcn rat hwh l«n the K.iihcr; and how 
lliyelt ibuii then, Sliew us the Fulher ^ Be- 
lieved ihoii nut that 1 am in ihc Father, and 
the Falhcr In me f The wnrds ihac I fgmk 
unto ymi I (peak not of inyfelf ( biit the Fa- 
thci !hat dvvclktb in me.hedoelh the work* 
Believe me, that I am >n ihc Fatbci, ami the 
Father in me; oi dfe heheve me for the vcr> 
wutici' Cikc. Verily, verily I iay unto yon. 
He that brlicvclh on me, the works ihjt 1 1\'> 
Oiall he lionllb; and greater works than ihefe 
llial) Ite do; berauli; I go i;nio mv Father. 
And whairocverye (lialt aflt in my Name, thai 
will I lid, that (he Father tnny he glorified in 

the Son. If ye Ihsll alk any ihing in my 

Name, I will do it, 

Snint Barnabas the Apollle. 

7/c CalltH. 
LORD God Almigh tv, whudidften- 

due thy holy A|ioIllc ^arnahan with 
lingular gifti of the Holy Ghoft ^ 
Leave us not, we beleech ihtc, del- 

lliUt stiall tiiDr pIIF 
iiirn iipmilKr.rt.lriii' 
sJltni^Jti- Jrrrm, ID. 


Saint Barnabas die Apoftle. 

tilute of thy manifold gif», nor yet of grate 
lo ufe ihtm atnay to thy honour and Eloty i 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

Forthi EfiJIU. AS, li. It. 

S^i^af JDINGS of ihefe things caine unto 
Q5j|Sfc '^"^ car" of the Churcli which wa? 
fe^if^ '" ]"^^^^"" i a""! 'licy f«nt forth 
'3**^ Barnabas, that he lliould go as far 
as Anrioch. Who, when he tame, and had 
[■f.u the graoe of Ood, tvas glad | and cx- 
liijtted them all, that with purpofe of heart 
tlity woidd cltavc unto the Lord. For he 
ivas 3 good ina]], and full of the holy Ghoft, 
and of faiih : and much peupli was added 
unlo the Lord, Then departed Barnabas lo 
Tarl'us, fnt lo leek Said. And when lie had 
foimd him, he brought him unto Antioch. 
And it tame lo pals, Ihai a whole year they 
affcmbled ihcmlelves with the Church, and 
tuught much people : and Ihe dilciples nere 
called Chrillians liill in Aniioch. And in 
ihefc dayj came prophets ftom Jerufalem unto 
Antioch. And there liood up one of them 
named Agalius, and figniiied by the Sptrtt, 
lh*t there Ihould he great dean h throughout 
ail the world j which came to pafs in thr days 
of Claudius Ciefar. Then the difriples, every 
man according to his ability, determined to 
fend relief unto the brclhrcn which dwelt 

riii ffloiBrn smj (ii 
laiii^r III Mrclr plari', 
ano, i-c. Ham. mill. 

rbi rtiilliiiii otih' ItD 
pt)ils taaitie tnrcf kr^li 
sh), Sl-c, It Uliiga II. 

ifltiisi iiniuB'Li Ji- 

TU^ilfin. inanp 
sgriiD tliiit gii' 

EhiE LLLi DiJEun braR' 
(IirsDR ihTlirrssnV 
STialD't) iliiw ui lt)( 
iDJli feart i[. 

3nm UirntinrD ilir 
iriniili itiD Digjti |g 
ttSI oil! IhtIR III II 

solo DUD ttugBi. 

SlCing iiTila llirm, El 
<S UlEIEIrn. fQMir 
gcactc, >.-(. ^11. III- 

ly comma 

: aiiciihci, ns I have liiveil 
^^ you. Grcaicrlovehaili noman than 
-^ thii, lliat a man layilown his liR' for 
liis friends. Ye arc niy I'dciiilK, if yu Jo whst- 
focver I coiiiniaiKi you. Hcnccfonh I call 
you nol furvants j fur the ftrvani knowtlli no( 
ivhat hit lord doclh i but I have called you 
friends ; for all things thai I have heard <if 
my Father I have made known unto you. 
Ve have no: chofni me, hut 1 have choftn 
ytiu.and orda.ined yoii.thni ye (lioiiiiJ go aiiil 
hring lorih friiii, and that your fruit (hould 
remain; that whalliifver ye Ihall a(k of (he 
Falher in my Name, he may give it yon. 

Saint John Baptift's Day. 

LMIGHTV God, by whofe provi- 
dtnce thy I'ervant John Baplilt was 
nondcrfuliy bora, a.od lent lo pre- 
pare the way of ihy Son ourSavlour, 
by jircithing of rejicntancc; Make us (b w 
follow his doflrinc and holy life, ihil vre iBuy 
truly repent according lo hiE preaching i ana 
after his example connanlly fpeak the truth. 

fs Ib'E llniisr liroiiRr a 
B(n of itilfiKS. OIlfK- 
Bpitn,.vt, Jrinn, on, 

fiiiini Imiisi Gtiill tt 
ciillrii a ttnusi ii( pripir 
(oiill, J[c. 1901.111 m. 

Saint John Bapriit's Day, 

buldly rebuke vkt, ind paiiently fiiffer for rhe 
itiilh'i fake j thiough Jefus Chrift our Lord, 

For tie EfiJUt. Ifii. >1, i. 
jOMFORT ye, comfort ye my peo- 
ple, iailh you( God. Speak ye 
tomtorlably lo Jtrulalein, and cry 
unto her. Thai ht-f warfare is ae- 
DDipliflicd ; thai her Iniquily ia parduntd : 
(he hath received of the Lord'^haiiii •.{•la- 
for all her fms. The voite of him that 
■ritth in the wildenicft, Pn-pare yc the way 
of iheLord.niaki-llraSght in thedefeft a high- 
way for our GchI. Every valley Ihall tic ex. 
ailed, and every mountiiin and hill (hall he 
made lew, and the crooked (liall be made 
ftrsighi, and the rough pbctj plain. And 
the glory of the Lord (hall be revealed, and 
all fidh (hall fee ii logi:ihc(; for the mouth 
(It the Lord haih fpoken it. The voice laid, 
Cry. And he faid. What (hall 1 cry? All 
flelh ii gtafs, and all the goodlincfs thereof is 
\-i [he flower of the field. The grafs wilher- 
eih.thcllowerfadelh, becaufe the Spirit of the 
Lord bloweth upon it; lurely the people is 
graft. The grafs ivitheteth,lhe flower fcdeth ; 
1>"I the word of our God (hall (land for ever. 
O Zion, that bringcft good tidings, get ihcc 
up inio the high mountain ; O Jerulaleni, 
that bringcll good tidings, lift up thy voioe 
with Itrtngih ; lift it up, be not afraid ; fay 

fTh' tliltr ptItEts 
inH E^r arr^brs anD 
ini (Itirre ot thr ito- 
p[< ninsnltrli lnu 

Bi>5 bn Biitllllii Jnti 
Kill dim, &ISI Ihif 
Ma, f.'c. fSii. xxtl. 

ilSlllin Jnscplt'ii bri 
llirtn i!\m Ulm ntitr g(t, 
rlitR, kr. iSm. iiinil. 

Ibsilomrosf uprarlp. 
inD stooli bittD bp tiir 
Uiap,\-fr It ^din. rb. 




BUvrv; iiin iTUiniliJi 
Hint .auDoa SDiiglil 

optinniiiiiiy 10 bt- 
tniBiit. llDlDim ilif 

Saint John Baptift's Day. 

unto llic citits ot' Judah, BchoM your Goil 
BeholJ, Ihe Lord Goil will come with ftioiig 
hin<),aLi(l Ilia arm Ihall vmU for liiin : behold, 
liis rrwiiril h H'lth him, atict his wurk bcroti' 
him. He (ball feed hit flock like a (hephcid ; 
lie Iliull gather (he lambs with hii Mm, and 
entry ihrin in his biilbm, and Ihall gently lead 
ihufc thai arc with young. 

Tif Go/ft/. St. Luke i. 57. 
LISABETH'S full lime came that 
^ (lie rtiould be delivered i and flit 
Jj hroiighrforlhafon. Andhermigh- 
■ hours aJld her couCns heard hmv llie 
Lord had Ihcived great mercy upon her ; and 
ihty rtjoiccd with her. And it came to pais, 
ihal on ihe eighth day they tame lo circum- 
cile the child j and they called him Zachatiak, 
after the naineol his tathrr. And his mother 
anlwercd and laid. Not Co ; Itm he (hall be 
called John. And they laid unto her, Thsrc 
is none oF ihy kindred that is tailed by this 
name. And they made (igns to his lather, 
how he would have him railed. And he aiktd 
for 3 wriling-lahlc, and wrote, laying, Hi« 
name is John. And they ma iTe lied all. Ami 
his mouth was opened immediately, and his 
tongue lonied.and he j'pake, and pi'ailed God. 
And fear came on all that dwelt round about 
ihem; and all thefe layingswcre noitedabroad 
ihroiighuulallihchill-coiintiyof Judaea, And 

JuD<ilt «9lli, 'iToinr lit 
IIS sri; liiTO '1 till tBti' 
inoildfs. (Srn.rixliU. 

DoQit Into icniipi, IIIC 


Saint John Baptift's Day. 

all they that bad hcafil iheiii laid them up in 
iheir iiearrs, faying. What manner of cliiW 
lliatl this be I And the hand of the Lord was 
wllhhim. Anil his father Zacharias was filled 
iviih the holy Ghoft, and prophelied, faying, 
BltlTed he the Lord God oi Ifracl ! for he hath 
vi filed and redeemed his people, and hath rai fed 
up an bom of talvation for ua in the hoofc of 
his lervant David ; as he fpake by the mouth 
of his holy prophets, whifb have been firre 
(he world began j ihat we fiiould be faved 
from out enemies, and from (he hand of all 
thai hate us; (o perform the mercy promifed 
m our fathers, and to remember his holy coi'c- 
ninti the oath which he fware lo am father 
Abraham, that he would t;rant unto us, that 
we, being delivered out ol the hands of our 
erKmies, might ferve him without fear, in ho- 
lineis and righleoufneis before him all the 
days of our life. And thou, Child, (halt be 
called the Prophet of the Highcft : for thou 
fliilt go before the face of the Lord to prepare 
his ways i to give knowledge of lalwation unto 
hii people, by the remiilion of their llns, 
(hr.^ugh the lender mercy ot our God, where- 
by the day-fpriiig from on high hath vifiied 
lit; to elve light to them that fit in darknefs 
and in Ine (hadow of death, to guide out feet 
into the way of peace. And the child grew, 
and waxed ftrung in fpirit ; and was in the 
•lelirtis till the day of his Ihewing unto Ifrael. 

loilli liiriia mi Wni, 
gnD.Kc, <Srn, ilb. 

iMiisis sKl! to tilt vn- 
[[( of t5tail : (Till? IS 
Tlw, tn. iffiuliiis 101. 

3rsua 31 [lie I351 
Slipper as tUv Bit 
rot, Hot triaH, ant 
ubrn tir iie ginrn 

ttisiiRs. buKr II, 
iimsjini to tiE niB- 
rat, kc. Wai. rid. 

stall ht oniiitiiti to 
»( i6is ntalii, stc. 
Eve BatD innrrnDrT 

Dnlo iliEiii, Sil cr 
fieri lulillr I SB i]iii 

Sni> Dsiitii, ^nB 
E. «[. ffil, nb|. 

Saint Peter's Day. 

7V/f Collect. 
Jetus Clirift ilidft give to thy Apof- 
rle Slim PeWf many ciceilent gilts, 
ind coiiimandedft him ejineflly to 
iced thy flnck ; Make, we bcfcech thte, ill 
Billiups and Pallori diligently to preach Ihy 
holy Word, and iht people obediently to fut- 
low tlie lame, that they may lei'cive the crown 
of everlatting glory ; through Jefus Chrift OUf 
Lonl. Amtn. 

For the EfiJUe. Atti lii. I. 
1-BOLIT that time Herod the king 
Itretched forth hif hands to vtx eci- 
lain o( the Chorch. And he kilkd 
-James the brothel of John with the 
Iwoiii. And, becaufc he faw it pkafed tht 
Jews, he proceeded furlhct to take Pi'ter alfo. 
('nieii were the days of unleiivencd biead.) 
And nhen be bad apprehended him, he put 
him in prifon.and delivered him to four qua- 
ternions of loldiei'5 to keep him, intending 
after Eafter to bring bim forth to the people. 
Peterthcrefoie wasxeptinprilbn J but mayer 
vvasmade without ceafing of the Choich unto 
Gwl for him. v\nd when Htiod ivould have 
brought him forth, the (lime night Peter was 
deeping between two foldicis, hound with two 
L-bains ; ond the keepers before the door kept 

I saw all Isiarl srat* 
Krtn 13 sDc'V tDui Han 
ns.»i. I Bines nil. 

IDoti still str II tBiltl 
incnrrpis, lIBIRgBDII, 

Saint Peter's Day, 

^hc prifon, And behoU, ihe angel of the 
Lord came upon him, and a light fhfned in 
(he prifon ; Lind he fmote Peter on tlic lidc, 
ind railed him up, faying, Arile up quickly. 
And his chsins fell oft" from his hands. And 
the angel laidunlo him. Gird lhyfelf,and bind 
en thy I'andala: and fohe did, And he faith 
unlu him, Caft thy ganneTit about thee, and 
follow me. And he went out and followed 
him ; and will not that it was true which was 
done by the angel; but thought helawavilion. 
When they mere paft the firft and the lircond 
\vard, ihey rame unto the iron gate that lead- 
clh unto the city, which opened lo ihem of 
liis own accord j and they went out, and paU'ed 
on through one ftrcet, and forthwith the angel 
departed from him. And when Peler was. 
loine lu himfcif, he fald. Now I know of a 
furcty, ihat the Lord hath fent his an^el, and 
hath delivered mc out of the hand ot Herod, 
2nd from all the cxjieflation of the people of 
the Jews, 

Tlie Gofpel, Si, Mitth, jtvi. 1 3. 
HEN Jefus came into the coalls of 
Ciefarca Philippi, he alfced his dlf- 

■^ ciples, faying. Whom do men fay 
that I, the Son of man, am ? And 
they faid. Some lay that ihou art John [he 
Baptilt, fonie Eliaf, and others Jeremiad, or 
one of the prophet?. He laith unto them, 
But '.vhnni fay ye ihat I am ? And Simon 

(TBf fjoii5(i tiirjltts 
f^ilrr illsir.^ Jrln B, LDtO , 
aorn, ,Vf, jHjr, iiB. 

Sit great etigDn itil 
DIB 3nprni Das msi 
gui,ril1rli.\(, Nrn.ill, 

Srsiis tnuniing ill 

ftilnga itiit sliiiiilti 


EUtCr iiiila ijiein, 

?f IfiDin &rrl7 iir } 
CllfE jn^luitfo'tilm, 
Srsii? It l!a;i»(in. 

Saint James the Apoftle. 

tin. III II is: nil 

him inS lisa [iim t- 
map. 3]it IS saan 
4s ||{ 11 JE roml. it 

Peicf aiifwcrcd ind faW, Thou an ChiJll, ilii: 

Son of the Hiring Goil. And Jefui »nf«cre<i 
and ihid unio hini, BiclTcil .in ihou, Simon 
Bar-jona : for Befli ind lilood hath nol nvcrIkI 
it iimo thee, but my Father which U in hea- 
ven. And 1 fiiy alio unto thee, Thnt thou 
att Pftrr, and upon ihii rock I will huiU my 
Churi'h J and the gates of hcil not pre- 
vail jgninfl ir. And I will giv« unto thee 
(he Iteys of the kingdom of htsven : and 
ivhatlbn-ti thou lliali hind on earth ihall he 
bound in heaven ; and whatfotvcr thou (halt 
loofc on ftnh Ih.ill be loufcd in heaven. 

Saint James the Apoftle. 

RANT, O merciful God, that ak 
thine lioly Apolllc Saint James, 
Ji leaving hi* father undallllialhc had, 
■'^ without delay was obedient unto 
ingof thy Son Jeliis Chrili, and fuUowcd 
, iV) «e, foilaking all worldly and carnal 
ifleiTlions, may be evermutc ready tu follow 
thy holy eonimandmenlsi thraughJcrusChrilt 
oiir Lord. Jmin. 

f-f Epifik. Aihri. ii,inJ pjit ol" Chap. ill. 

N thote dayR ^-amc prophets from Je- 

mftlem unto Antioch. And there 

flood iLp one of them named Aga- 

biia, and lignitied by the Spiril, ilial 

SmIi \*ii\ abncT nlti 
pdfntlii, tun «iniiii llSiut. III. 

jdnon re ntttn Jim. 
ttiin , «inililti DiDiiii i> 
tnt. VI iflSflfli. 10, 

Saint James the Apoftle. 

there (houlJ be great dearih throughotit all 
the world i ivliicli cunc to piii in the ihiys 
of Cboilius Cifkr. Then ihedilciples, every 
iii;in accortling to his ability, Jctermincd to 
leTid relief unto the brethren which dwelt in 
Jiidsca, Which alio they did, and lent il 
lo the elders by the haniis of Barnabas and 
Saul. Now about that time Herod the king 
ftretehcd forth his hand to vex certain of the 
Church. And he killed James the brother "f 
John iviih the f«ord. And, becaufc he law 
it plealed the Jews, he proceeded further to lake 
Peter alfo. 

ne Gejpil. St. Matth. xt. lo. 
HEN came (o him the mother of 
Zchedte's children with hct llant, 
worfhipping him, and deliring a cer- 
tain thing of him. Ami he laid 
onto her, What wilt thou '; She faith unto 
him. Grant that thefc my two fons may lit, 
the one on thj- right hand, and the other on 
the left, in thy kingdom. But Jelusanlwercd 
mil ii'iii. Ye know not what ye alk. Are ye 
able lo drink of the cup that I Ihall drink of, 
and to be ba]i(iied with the baplifm that I 
»m baptized with } They lay unto him. We 
jrc able. And he ftith unto them. Ye Ihall 
drink indeed of my cup, and be baptiwd with 
the baptifm that I am baptized with ! but to 
tit on my right hand, and on my left, is tlot 
mine to yjve i but it lliall be given to them 

flUitn TLtnin i*!tjilicr 
of iPana.iti samilir it.i 
Iicl:nf5fl,&c, ^rrt.u, 

linn.«o.»i. il Bin. II. 

fTIlt SlUB EpDI In 

ifllirlBl's lott. int 
buStim llm, siu- 
Ingr VtoptirBp unit 

■15,411^ In 1^1. tDliors 
hr ttiil siniiK iliitT 




lltliK III Kiublas 
loo^iunioihtiit, inli 

gcKnnra tiiin is iir 

(CmltltB, ClKll III! 

■olDlirs df tlir gO' 
Urimr toot jlisiiB 

for whom it is prepared of my FitlnT. And 
when the ten heard ll.they were itiiived witii 
mdi^nation igainl) the iwo litrlhicn. Bui 
JttuscaUedehem untohira.ainl laid, Ve know 
lh»t tht pL'iiiTOS of thi- Giiililcs exctcile dn- 
niiiiion over ihein, and thuy thni arc gfcnt 
eicrtife authority upon ihim. But it Ihall 
iiol be ill among you ; but whofoever will br 
great among y<'ii, let hiin be your miniltcr ; 
^iiid whofoevtr will be chief among you, let 
him be your fcrvaiil ; even as the Sun of man 
f!ime not to be mtniitcred imtn, hut to mini 
llcr, and to give hja life a tanlijni for m.jny. 

Saint Bartholomew the ApoDle. 

■T/jf CnUcH. 
wliodidlt give lo thine Apoftle Bar- 
iholumew grate truly to believe and 
to preach ihy Word j Grant, ivi' 
lul^jeth thee, unto ihy Church, to loue that 
Word wliich he believed, and both to preach 
jnd receive the lame; through Jcfus Chrilt 
our Lord. Amen. 

For thi Bl-ijilt. Afls V. u, 
V the hands of the Ajiulilcs were 
many figns and wonders wrought 

imung the people ; (and they were 
all with one aeeord in Sohinion*" 
porch r and of the ttft durft no man join him- 

Saint Bartholomew the Apoftle. 

Icif lo them ; but ihe people iiisgnificil thL-m : 
and be lit vers were the more added to the Lord, 
multitudes hotli of men and women ;) iiifo- 
miich rhat they brought forth the lltk into 
ibc ftrects, and laid them on beds and couches, 
ihat at the leait the fliadoiv of Pdcr [laffing 
hy tnight uverfhadow lonie of ihcnih Xliti't 
ijiiiie alfo a mukitiidc out of the tides round 
about unto Jerufalem, bringing (itk folks, and 
lliern which were vexed wilh unclean fpirils; 
and ihcy were henled every uae. 

Tie Gof/iel. St. Luke mii, i^. 
JND thtrc was alio a ftrifc among 
ihera, which of (hem flioiild be ac- 
counlcii the greatrll. And he faid 
onto them. The kings of the Gcn- 
Iilci exertife iortlllii)i over theni j and they 
ihai exereife aulUofity upon them are calltd 
btncfailors. But yc fliall not be lb : but he 
that is grcaleft among you, icl him be as the 
younger ; and he that is chief, as he that lioth 
lerve. For whcthet is greater, he that littelh 
al meal, or he that ferveih ? is not he thai 
liltcth al meal ( but 1 am among you as he 
that icrvL'th. Ye arc they whiuh nave con- 
linurd wiih me in my templalions. And I 
appoint iinio you a kingdom, as my Father 
halh appointed unto ine ; that ye may eat and 
dtitik al my table in my kingdom, and lit on 
thrones judging [he twelve tribes of Ifmei. 

.InU [||( sulclrts 
(iliitin a iromn gf 
lUonis, nnD put It 
iipun Ills nriD, onB a 



?Sllirn ihou bnBi eout 

mi ilin littn. Bii tona 
Ibit iDau, tic. <<?[tl[s. 

TccD m Ills tiglii 
TiarQ, diiD fiQiuEO 
till nnrr trintr IHQi, 

Slmttsiltunla OidiO. 
Sailm III lUdu tliat iTlt^i 
loitttlng. tSam.noi. 

It miEttni tiD ninM 
trfdTF tiK iniiliUubCi 
tfoiilni: I Dm inno- 

iini iiT (rir D'jUj ot 
Ill's luEi iiiin, liiiil 
IBal. IiDII. 

Saint Matthew the Apoftle. 

Saint Matthew the Apollle. 

ALMtGHTY GoJ, who by tl.y 

bW!cd Son diillt call Matlhew I'lom 
(he receipt of fuftoiii robe an A[i(rl'- 
tlc and Evaligclili ; Gram us gtace 
Xo lorlhke all covetous delirci, and inordinutr 
lour of ticlies, and to follow th« fcnic iliy Son 
Jeliis Cli rift, who iivcihjnd rcigneth with ih« 
and the Holy Gholi, one God, world without 
end. Amtn. 

The Ef'iflte 1 Co.. iv. (. 
HEREPORE feeing we have this 
minilliy, as we have received incrfy, 

we fsini not i but liive renounced 
the hidiim lhine» of dilhonefty. not 
walking in craftinefs, norhandliiig ilie Word 
of God deceitfully, hut by manitclistion of the 
truth commending ourli'lves to every man's 
conlcieiii'e in the I'ght of God. But if out 
Goljicl be hid, it ii hid to them tliul are loll ! 
in ivltoin the God of (his world hath blinded 
the minds of ihetn which believe not, till the 
light of (he glorious Go&el of Chrili, who ii 
the image of God, Ihould ihine unto them. 
For we preach not ourfelves, but Chrift JtRii 
(he Lordi and ourfelvei vour r<rvaiit»for Je- 
lus' liike. For God, who comnisniled the 
light to Ihine out of dutkncft, hath Ihined in 

g(T n> I^Utiili. slgl«|. 


riirn ili( ling (OB' 

innnDtD, ino tfirr 

tnughi, Kr.Stiiiilti. 



Saint Michael and all Angels. 

ourheartG.tozive (he lighl of the knowledge 
of the glory ofGod, in the facEof JeAis Chrift. 

The Gofpel. S(. Mji[h. U, 9. 
ND iiaJefusjialTed tbrlli from thence, 
he law a man named Mallhcw, fit- 
ting at ihe reteijjt of rullom : and 
he lailh unto him, Follow me. Ami 
h« arulv, and tbllowtd him. And it came to 
pa&, as Jd'tis (at at meat in the houl'e, hchold, 
marl)' Piiblic3n!< and linners came, anil latdown 
with him and his difcipU*. And when the 
Pharifee* Taw it, the y faid unto his diiiriplet. 
Why eateth your Malter «ilh Publicans and 
finners? Bui when Jclub heard that, he faiil 
unto them, They that he whole need not u 
phylician, but they that are (itk. But go ye 
inil learn what that meaneth, 1 will have mer- 
cy, and not facrifite \ for I am not come to 
call the righteous, but finners to repentance. 

Saint Michael and all Angels. 
Till caiua. 

EVERLASTING God, who hall 
ordaincJ and eonftituted the lervlces 
of Angels and men in a wondtrful 
order J Mercifully grant, that as thy 
holy Angela alway do thee fcrviee in heaven, 
lb by thy appointment they niiiy liitcour and 
defend us on earth j through Jefus Chrirt our 
X-ord. Amen. 

and 3rsiis Carr ni3 
rca^s iRli umi Inia 
a plJC nimrti iPii|. 
imtii, rati'it (tilt 

itiiT 5ini sni, mil 

lUtdhJiK icidl; ihf taiTOb 
uf III! biimi otirtlng. 

Inriiuin ilir bniiim tonE 
rlirrr OJiii'ims sllElis, 
iiiD. Vr. I iiinfis jml 

B B 

Xnl) mnin ilirv UHi 
Mini n Iti Dlnfi, 

Saint Michael and all Angels. 

tliti til in ino lilt 
(D<l otrrs.oiitaiini 
ilglii iiiiiin, iiin tiic 
mnic i((. ilii, iiill. 

for /Jr EfijHe. Rev, m. 7. 
HERE wii^'vat in hfsvcn: Michael 
aiitl ili^ aiiyris fiiughl agajnft llu' 
ilragun.niKftlic ifragon foiighl ai"l 
his angeis) nml prcvaitetl niir, iiei- 
(htr «n ilicir placf fouml aiiy iiimc in h«a- 
vcn. And the Bfcaf dragon wa' cali oul; lliiH 
old ici'iicnt, called the desil and Snian, nliirh 
dtcfivcih the ivhole vvovld ; he wai- cuft out 
into the i;irili, and hi« aiigtla were fait out 
with liiiii. And I hcjrd n loud voi« lining 
inlitaven,No>vi»cmiK lalviilion.andilifiigth, 
smi ihc kingdom of our God, ami the |JO"cr 
ul kix Chrilf ! lilt ihe aiCiili-rolouf brclhrtn 
ii call down, which arculcd thim bttbrc <jilr 
God liiy and night. And they ovciraiiic him 
liv tht- hlofid ot Iht Lamb, snd hy the noril oi 
tlii'ii Idlinioiiyi and ihey hived not thi-ir lives 
1.1H10 ihedesih. Thertfore rejoice, yt )itavtn», 
and ye that dwell in thtini. Wo to lh« in- 
huliiicrs olfhccatlh, and of the lea : fot the 
dciil is I'oiiic dovvn nnlo you, having gnai 
l^■l^^lh, becaufc he knoweth that he luth hui 
a (liorl time. 

The Go/pel. St. Mii'h. tviil. 1. 

r (lit liiTiie lime came the iliftil'l" 
iinioJefiif^.iiiying.Whiii'tht (, 
eft in the Kingdom of heaven ? And 
Jefus Ciilltd a iillle child unto hiin, 
him in the niidit of ilum, and lliid, 
lay unto you, Except ye \k convi-i'td. 

Saint Luke the Evans^elift, 

)n<i become as lilllecliiklrcn, ye DialJ noi eniei 
into the Kiogd'jiti of heaven. Whofotvtr 
iherdore Ihallhiimblc hlmlelt* as tliia little 
tliilii, ihf fiimc is greatcll in tlie Kingdom of 
heaven. And wliolb (hall reieive one fuc'h 
liirle L'lilid in my Name, rectivelh mt. But 
•vholalliillofTcnJ uneot llicrclilttciine-;whii.'h 
hiflieve in me, it were bellct for liim that 3 
niilHonc wert hanged alioul hi* nerk, and that 
he were Jrmvned in ihe ileplh of the lea. Wo 
Hntothc ^vitrld beeaul'e of *>ifcii<.'e3 : for if mtilt 
needs be that oScin'cs come : but ivo lu lliat 
man by whom the offence conicih. Wherc- 
lore il ihy haor) or thy foot oti'end thee, i"iit 
them off, and 4;aH thenj Irom thee : it is bel- 
ter for rhce ro enter into lil'e halt or maimed, 
rather than having two hand^i or two feet to 
hr rait into iverlalting fire. And if thine eye 
offend ihee, pluelc it L'lit, ind en ft it from (hec; 
H IS belter for thee In inter into lilt with one 
cyr, rather tb^n having (wo eyes lobe caft Into 
hell-liir. Take heed that yc dcfjiife not one 
ol thi'le little oneui for I lay unto yoii,Thai 
in heaven their angel> do always behold the 
face of my father which is in heaven, 

Saint Luke the Evatigelift. 

the Phyfiiian, whofc praile is in rlit 
Golpcl, to be an Evangelift, and 

ftgiB iPr.*r. em. 'I. 

ipni of ihr sDlOlrrs 
InlEt] a 5[irjT cif^fcB 
l]ls Bill, ,tiiti ronh' 
mtin (imi ttirttmit 

BloiiIigntiUiti't. ant 
[DiO, anD H^ rrcDrll 

|SIIU(,&( .lull- III. 

riit Istlt sit to fflo 

~r5, rildl 5llJiT SilirtE 

ilii mil, Xc, fit im. 

Saint Luke the Evangelift. 

Jasfph loan ilji bu 
tV anB niiii(S(Diitii 
t drjii linin rlmt, 

Ininh IJihl^t III linl 
liriDh QuirDrn hi rOf 

■till .(tr.ffii.ii til. 

Phyfiiianof ihcloiil) Miy il pUaft tln;r,(hat, 
by the wholtfome medicines of tlit d u61r inert e- 
iivcivdbyliim.jill the difcalesofoiir fouls may 
be li«alecl ) thruiigli (he: nicritt of thy Son Je- 
Tui Chfift our Lord. Amen. 

The Efifile. i Tim. i». 5. 
ATCH ihuu in all iliinp, endure 

gelift, mJkc full proof of thy iiii- 
iiiBcy. For 1 am now rcaiij' (o 
lie uRereil, and the time of my departure vt at 
hand, I have lixighl a giXKl tight, ] have 
fintlhcd my conrd'i I have kc|>t the failh. 
Hencefotih there i» laid up for me a crown 
of lighltoul'ncri, which the Lord, the ri^hte- 
oui Judge, (hall give me at that day ! mid nut 
10 inc only, but unto ail them alfo that love 
his appearing. Do thy diligtnic to rome 
ihoflly unto me: far Dcmae; halh lorlaken 
mc, having loved (his prdcnt world, and ii 
dejwrlcil unto Thrffalonica [ Crefcciiii 10 Ga- 
laiin, Titu> unro Dilinaiia. Only Luke it 
with mc. Take Maik and bring liim with 
thee; for he is profilahle to me lot the ini- 
niltry. And Tychicii-i have I (irnt to Ephe- 
fiis. The cloke that I left si Tru3& with Cai- 
ptit, when (hoii coineli, bring with (hec i and 
the books, but efpecially the parchments, 
Alexander Ihc cop pct-fniith did mc much evil . 
the Lord icwaiJ him according to his woik-'. 

Oomn JmitraJ cmiiuian 
tltltial,«[. ioi.slli. 

trtiR ll|t[ aiii9( iM 
tliibotp, be. I;a.[ill. 

Of' whom lie Ihouvvare alio, for he hath grtally 
wilhltood our ivorils. 

Sr. Lukff 1' 1- 

f^T^l HK Lonl appoinird oihcr itventy 
'jM 'j^ alio, and ftiit them two and iwo be- 
■ V?7 5^ ''"^' hisiBce iiKo ivrry ciry and jilai'c 
^^^ whrrher ht; liimrtlT wyutd tunit, 
Thcrtfure laid heuTi(otheiii,The harvtlt truly 
is greal, but ihc laUouicri are lew ; pray ye 
ihcretuie the Lord of ihe liarveft, tbat he 
wiiuid Tend 1'urth labnuitii into his harvell. 
Go your way ; beh'dil, I ftiid yoii forth ns 
lambs amoiij; wolves. Carry iitillier purft, 
nor lcnp,nor thfie^j and faUite no man by ihe 
way. And inio whstlijt-i'cr houfe ye ciiler, 
firit liy. Peace be to rhi> hoult. And if tht 
fon of peace be thtre,your peace Ihali reft upon 
il ; if mil, il Ihall turn lu yuii a^in. And 
in the lame huufe remain, eating and diin Icing thing* a* they givc! for the labour^^r ]^ 
worthy ol hii hire. 

Saint Simon and Saint Jude, Apoftles. 

T/h- Cn/lca. 

ALMIGHTY God, who haft built 

thy Churth upon liie foundation ot 

the Apolili:. and Prophets, Jelus 

Chrilthimlclf bting the head corncr- 

Itciie , Grant uk To to he joined together in 

iinily iif I'pirit by their doilrine, thai we may 

inr lain li In t unit 
himn ont or i iirri, 
bjlimlB It as III on 
mm girl Hid. 3iiD 

III II ait mas iht pir- 
DiTltiB for tnt sat- 
balli. nnd Hit sat- 


nrac 10 nis ttfilitin, 
llrp. X-t. am, riiuli. 

^DIDiDIoiK uclmiil), 
Jilt lasi liliii ILU« m 

^ Saint Simon and SaJnt Jude, 

^st tut it tlin Iti 
ttima mtrt (Sign- 
iBtiD. tnt criimc is 

iiigrlsiitiiolt)! Wo< 
HUB. fill RSI, rail 
tnoiEcf srct j(«us. 
*(. Stit. utim, 

be made an holy temple acceptable unlo thcr i 
through Jclus Chiilt our Lord. Arntn. 

Tht EpiftU. St. Judc I. 

I>rotlicr ol' James, lo ihcm (hjt arc 
fanflificd by God (hr Fiiihcr, and 
prefervedinJcfiisClirift, and called: 
Mcicy unlo you, and pfareiind lovr be niul- 
tiplicd. Beloved, when 1 gave all iliiigelic* to 
write umuyoii of thcrojiniiiin [ w». 
needful toe me lo write unto you, and exhoit 
yuu, thnt ye IhouM earnellly lontcnd lur thi: 
t'ailh whieh vraj once delivered \%\\\» the liinlx. 
For iherc me certain men cirjit in unawnret, 
who were before uf old ordained to ihit Con- 
Jemiialiijn ; ungodly men, lurnhig the grate 
of our God into tafcivioulhcrs, and denying 
ihe only Lord God, and our Lord Jefui Chrilt. 
I will therefore put you in remembrance, 
though ye once knew lhi&, how that the Loid, 
having laved (he people out ot the land of 
Kgypi, aftcrwstd deftroytd them ihnt UelicveJ 
noi. And the anzelt which kepi not their 
firll ellate, liul led theii onji haliilation, he 
hath reterved incvctlaHingchafn!! undcriiark- 
nefsuniothcjudgemcniolihegreaiday. Even 
as Sodom and Goniorrha, and I he eitiee about 
ihein in like m:iniier K'^'ing tliemletves ovet 
In fotnirniion, and gonig after rtiange fieJh, 
;ind let forth for an example, fufTerJng the ven- 

nifltir, (in» loat Itt 

uniDiCi R^ti.onlitii'gsl 
em JDtit. jDitit II- 



jjcancc of eic>n:il lirr. LiJccwiIi; ullb lliclc 
tiUhj drcamcn dctilc the flcHi, lierpile Uiinii- 
nion, and Iptak evil of digmda. • 

The GaffiL St. John .v. 17, 
MIESE thinp I i-oinuiand yoii, llist 
yc lore one inoiho. If ilic world 
h»tc jrou, yt know i|i3t it haitd mr 
hcforc it hultd you. If yc wrtc cf 
the «otld, the norld iToulil love hi>««n r hut 
hn-auli ft art not of the woild, hul I have 
chofcn jrou ou( of the world, therefoic the 
ivorld haltih yoii, Rrmonhcr ihe wotd iliai 
] faid nnlo you. The frrvmil it not greairt 
thsn the lord 1 if they have petfecured me, 
they mill alfo prrfr«(itc you ) if ihcyhiivekcpt 
mv faying, they viiU kerji yoiir'> alfo. But 
all (hrfc thingi will they do unto you for my 
Nume'k f^kr, ticciufe they knon- nut him (hat 
fcni mc. If I h;ui not coine and Ipukeii unio 
them, they had not hadlin: hul now they have 
no tiuke for ihcic lin. He that hateth me 
hairih my Father alio. II I had not done 
amoiiK ihem the worlct which nunc other man 
didftSty had nol had lin ; but now have ihcy 
lioih leen,and hated both me and my Father. 
But thit Cometh to [>iif«, that the wucd miglil 
be fullUied thai ii written in their law, They 
hated me without a caiirc. But when the 
Comtoetcr ix come, whom I will lend nmu 
yau from the Father, even the &)iiiit nl truth. 

Ktubcn TrliiitirD \t Ih 
III. ant tiNib 3istpl 

iMilisnt ttninitur 

stnl iDDiit' ( saugln 
tla. tit- *\ti\. 111. 

laiip GiDoo II ilir 
iigiiltliTt nirptng. 

tilBrD tirisal imp 
itt sipuKtiit. ID* 
sdD.Jn. jlotnii. 

All Saints' Day. 

ci^i iMi minis, Jilt 
sCt mini 3ii« iDid 
iHm.i-c. /■Bor.ilil, 

whitli ptiiiHileih from the Father, he (hall 
turtit'jf ul' me. Anil yt alfo (lull birar «iinel>, 
ln-Liiii/c yr have been with me liiim (lie bv- 

E'"" ins- 
All Saints' Day. 

ALMIGHTY' Gf»l.«lio liall knit 
lu^crliff lliiuc Ai^ti in oiii: t'l.immti^ 
iiiiili anil Icllowlhip, in the injltii'al 
bud)' ui lliy Sun Clirill uiir Luril ; 
Grant lis grac<^ lii la ^nilo^' rhy hidlfJ Saints 
ill ill vimioui- and K"illy living, that nc ma.v 
lomt to tliolc iinfpeakiibk joyi, which thou 
h.ill ptcpaici! tor llicm tlwt imtsiynidly love 
thee ; lliruiiyh Jcllis Chrili uur Litiil, Amen, 

Fw Ihi E^ijllc. R(ii. vii. I. 
N'D [ liiw' jnoLher angel aleeniiing 
from iheeaft, having thi: Ti-alof rlic 
Wintr God j and ht cried with a 
imid voice to ihe four angeW, lo 
whom it was given to hurt the titrth, unil the 
lea, laying, Hurt nut the carih, neither the 
lea, nor llie tret^ lill ive h4ve lealcd the fer. 
I'ant'; iif our God in their torcheiids. And 1 
heani the mini her of them which were li;..lcd ; 
and ihcfc were lealcii an hundred and fuiij 
lioulsnil, of all the tribe? of the 
eof Judawett fealed twelve tlimi- 

Of tlie tribe of Reuben were fealed Iwelue 

Oriiietribeof GaJ were fealed twelve ihou- 
I'and > 

Of the tribe of Afer were fealed twelve thou- 

Ofth* tribe ofNcplithali were fealed twelve 

Of the tribe of Ma nalTes were fealed twelve 

Of the tribe of Symeon were fealed twelve 

Of the tribe of Levi were fealed twelve thoii- 

Of the tribe of Ifathar were fealed iweive 
thou fa lid. 

Of the tribe of Zabulon were fealed twelve 

Ofihe iribe of Jofeph mere fealed twelve 
thou land. 

Of the tribeof Benjamin were fealed Iweli't 

After ibiEi 1 beheld, and lo, a great multi- 
tude, which no man could number, of all na- 
tions, and kiiidredti, and people^ and tongue^^ 
ilood before the throne, and before the Lamb, 
clothed with white robes, and palms in their 
hands ; and cried with a loud voice, faying. 
Salvation to our God which fttteth upon the 
throne, and uulo the Lamb. And all the an- 
gels liond round about the throne, and about 

aitO Jitdt ciUiB Hf 
naini t( tW llui Ut' 
nicl, At. 0rn, mit. 

annn anamrrrD: ^lir 
Ini lit Dill) 113. tube 

l(tR, iil. jiieQis Di. 

JfSUS E.lltl 10 riiii' 

mis. pill lli|i tingtt 
iltrc, mil set mlm 

tn SMtfri uniD 
iniin, tl( niJ5 t!- 

AU Saints' Day. 

intBauiilx tight 

llie diler>, anil the tour bealis, Miti Icll hctur. 
tht ill rone oil [heir Ijoi^s '*"d wcnlhi|>pcd GlhI, 
laying, Amen; BIc-Bing, and gloiy, and wil- 
Jum.niid lli3iiklgiviiig,unil honour, and pow- 
er, dnd JTiight, lie untu our GchI fat ever 3n:1 
eviT. Anirn, 

TAeGyPel. Si. Mmh. v. i. 
ESUS, ftciiig ihc multitudes, wtiil 

i.ip iiUu a ittoifTiEiiTn ; and when he 
was liji, hi> dilL'ijjlo caiiie iimo him. 
And ht opened his mouth, anil 
taught ihi-m, laying, Bicfli^il aii; tlit pear in 
Ijiii'ii ! for thtir's ii the kiiigLlom of hc»veii. 
BklTcd are they ihit iiiouni ; for they (Imll be 
tomforltd. BitiitU are the inetk ; for thiv 
Ihali inherit tlu' earth. Blcfli;d art- they nhicli 
ifo iiiingtr jnd tliirll attrr righlcouliielii ! liir 
ihey fhall he tilled. Blciri-il s,ie tiie nieicilol : 
for they Ihall ohtoin mtti-v. Bidlcd are llic 
purB ill heart; foi they fh.ill Tec Gwl, BitfiiO 
are the peafc-maJtec? i for thi'y ihall be railed 
the children of tlod, BiclTtd are (hey whitii 
are pertc:cuted for tightcoufners' fake -. lor 
thcir'^ 11 the kingtiom of heaven. Blcfl'ed ar< 
ye, when men niai] revile ymi, and perfitute 
yciu. and ihall lay all nianner ul* evil ag;iiiilt 
yoti Ijiicly fur my fjkc. Rejoice, and be ts- 
I'ctdinggud i for great is your reward in ht.i- 
vcn ; lt>f til perlecuied they thc(irophei»vvliii'h 
ncrti hetiire you. 

AoD, Ilia no mill 
s»n, tor, .vr. i9cn. D. 

?|ITir iiipritrD d rhl' 
Tlat of ^Tt. Alltt iMIfSirA 
<jf till, !>-(. II Kings II 


Tlic Of^r of ihc 
Admi munition of the Lord's Supper, 

Holy Communion. 

O K»Kt-mfbj!l/irmff ibiir tamo it if* Otrntr, 
M .'tjJICmt t'mi lii,4ty tifi't. 

tf Am JM< 0(1 «•>■/ u til ■rJ/ihu'i ly wrj 
tr4nJ,fitilj' lit Crfi'tfitliftt lii'iiytjfittMi 
lit Cirrdfft t^%*f£ J*>il\Vjfr ihi't ft ^il ,^i i'm 
tad A£9ffi*tt i-tw, 'ImI \m d*r t\\'^ t^ f'-jut^ lu/ 
IHHU n tit tinj'l TlHt,¥1lll it tjif tft*:yi/t' 
llfiJ ^ftfllf H *«« IrtJj itftV/J r'J d^'JiJ 
ttl j'trwmlr nauttty hft, itjt lilt Ci*friftlM s<) 
ittiiiyiijtu^J, tDAi* if/i'i %vt'riJftnliJi jrd 
litl it t^b 'litmftrjrd tU /KTixi, la tvicm iithiri 

T TU famt trAr jhjll iht C^au xfrmi it <: .' 
rwtiwJnmti f<fitfvitkMA^M*diijieitAit . , 
nt' /*^n^ itrm 19 ^ P^rr jitri tf J ti Lif J : I-: 

irfittftttHilt ji ^ifvsn tr imrrwt ii/trgni/tim 
ilu ttitHr tf ht Aftirr ^i.' rtM lit stttr Earh in) 
fMiffiJ *ri''6 i-m, ani f nuU ttmiil fir Ital *■ 


^rjujjtj fj a goMy vniry, But fnnma ps!t in hit 
Jrvtitiriiniji and mtirn-f : tbt Aftitjl/r in ibet tatf 
tu^hr to tijmit tht ptniuii fjoi le thi Ivh O^n- 
inunhn, .mj ni.s him thai 'i uhA'.BUt^ rrt^ideA 
itar rvcry M^mJIir Jo itp<tl',«g jij, .11 " fptiifira 
hl^tbit, i^ /if ritut prtititf^t Pariig'iU'Ji <,f ihli Rk^ 
6rrcJr,Jiwi/ ii oi/i^fJ ro givt aH ti<it,i'Hi I'J i^e Jant K 
w rbt OrJinary jvithinfburta^dayiaftir aT fhijar~ 

yViJjfl^ pfryon uavrjing to Mc Otrtott. 

^ riv Tiibl/f rif ibe Cutumufki-timr htt^^i^g a fti' 
vjhitt Lntn iUib iifvit ii^jhalljitifidin itt fffJv .y 
ttf CbtinK vr in tfit Cfi^nrtlt tvhirt M'irn'fg at\f 
Eviii,ng P'jyer art uflvihltd ro br Jinti, And ib^ 
Pr.tfi fianJittg jl til N'.nb-Jiiic (/ tin Tiihts /iviV 
Jtiy til Lo'il'i Prayir, viiit tbt ikiUH /ifUiXt}'mg, 
ihi pe-.pU inet/iitg. 

UR Faiher which art in heaven. 

Hallowed be ihv Name, 1'hy 
kingdom come, Tliy will be done 
m eauh, Aa ii is in heaven. Give ui ihis 
day oui daily bread. And forgive ua oui 
tre!pafl"c3, As we forgive ihem thai trcl'pjft 
againll us. And lead us not inlo lcn)}iu- 
cion ; But deliver us from evil. Amen. 

7ir CalUfl. 
LMIGHTY God. unw w nom ill 
heurls be open.all defire; kngtvn, 
and from wlitjoi no fecrcis arc 

bid i Clennfe the ihoughti ol our lieitti by 
ihe laf^ttt'ioa of ihy Hcdv Spirit, ilut we 
m»y pcrfUlly love rlK«,in«) worthily m«g- 
nily thy My Name ; through ChriU our 
Lord. jfMtx, 

t Tin AhV /i> /"'wt, nriiMf W ri* ^<^r, rtttnf, 

I iijtmflljtiliU TEN COMMANDMEtfTai ^^.i 

^ III fttfli jiul tvilnt^Atll, tflii rtf-jr Cttrm^.i- 

Mr«F, ^ GvJ ^t'tj ftf lift fr^tjfrr^im tt^etj' 

fir \ht trnt f*p, *»t jTMt ti kHf lU }m ft itt 

lim 1$ ami, Mftliivah, 

OD fpckc ihde wWi, •nd faid ; 
1 am (he l-ord ihy God : Thou 
Ihalihave noneoih^r godt but tnc. 

Pfiplt. Lord, have tatJ^y upon ut, and 
incline our hearts lo keep ihi> law. 

MiKiJItr, Thoo (halt doi makf to ihy. 
fcif any gr*vcn image, nor the likcncf« of 
nny ihiiig tliat is in hvaveti above, or in the 
citih bcDcaih, or in the water under the 
earth. Thou (halt not bow down to them, 
nor ivorfhip them : <br I the Lord thy Gad 
am ■ jealoui God, and vifii the Tint of the 
faihen upon the children, iinio the third 
and fourth generation of them thai hate me, 
and flieiv mercy \iv,tn thoufanda ia them 

C lit SI Icsiis. 

Clin tisMliTit at 

JKW Rintnn (ID) 



tilngtll tiaisrK. 

The Communion, 

tliat love me, and keep my commDiiilmcnij, 

Pn/>/e. Lord, have mercy upon ua, and 
mchnc our hearts to keep this law. 

Mlniftfr. Thou fhalt not lake ihe Name 
ni the Lord thy God in vain : for the Lord 
will not hold him guililefs, that lakcth his 
Name in vain. 

Ptopie. Lord, have mercy upon us, and 
incline our hearts to keep this law. 

Mmi/ler. Remember thatlhou keep holy 
the Sabbath-day. Six days (halt thou !*• 
bour, and do all that thog halt to do ; but 
ihe fcvcnth day is the Sabbath of the Lord 
thy God- In it thou flialt do no minner 
ofwork,thou,andihyloii,andlliy daughter, 
ihy man-fcrvant,and thy maid-fcrvanl. thy 
cattle, and the Hrangsr that ia within thy 
gsies. For in fix days the Lord made lica- 
vcn and earth, the fca, and all that m theift 
is, and refted the feventh day : wherefore 
the Lord blefied the feventh d*y, «nd hal- 
lowed it. 

Peepk. Lord, have mercy upon u», and 
incline our hearts to keep this law. 

Miniflir. Honour thy father and thy 
mother i that ihy days may be long in the 
lund, uhich the Lord thy God givcth thee. 

Pt«fl4, Lord, have mercy upon at, ami 
incline our hearu to keep this Uw. 

Miaifirr. Thou ftijit do no mtirder, 

Peifle. Lord, have mercy upon lu, and 
incline our li»r(t C4 keep chii law, 

MiDtjUr. Tliou fti»\\ not comitiii adul- 

Ptsplf, Lord, hive mercy upon lu.and 
incline our hcaru to keep tSit )itv. 

MiBiJitr. Thoa flult not Itejl. 

Ptupk. Lord, liavc mercy ution ui, and 
incline our hcird 10 keep ihii Uw. 

M'mifitT, Thou (halt not bear lalfc nrii- 
ncf) >pbll thy neighbour. 

Ptaflt. Lord, have mercy upon ui, and 
incline our hearts to keep thii law. 

Mmijrir. Thou flwlt not covet thy 
neighbour'! houre, thou Ihali not covet thy 
neighbour'* wife, nor his fcrvant, nor hii 
maid, nor hii ox, nor hit lit, nor any thing 
that is hii. 

Pnplt. Lord, have mercy upon us, and 
MTiic all thefc ihy laws in our hearts, we 
befcech ihee, 

1 Ttiw fimti fiUam t«i tf ittft niH OiHtflt fir thi 
^ii; 'In P'itJI fijiiiHt ai lirfott, itidjayi'i. 





The Communion. 

Let ua pray. 

LMIGHTY God, whofc kingdom 
is cvcrlulliiig, and power iniiniic ; 
Have mercy upon ihe whole 
Church I and fo rule the heart of thy chofcn 
Servant t'ICTORIJ.O'it Qiicen and Go- 
vcrnour, ihal Ihc (knowing whofc minille; 
{he is) may above all (hiiigs feek thy honour 
and gloty : and that we, and all her lub- 
jefls (duly confidcring ivhofe authority Ihe 
haili) may fwihJoIly fcrve. honour, ana 
humbly obey her, in ihec, and (or ihcc, ac- 
cording to iliy bleflcd Word and ordinance; 
through Jefus Clirill our Lord, who wiih 
ihec and the Holy Ghoft livclh and rcign- 
cih, ever one God, world without cud. ' 

LMIGHTY and evcrlsftlng Gnd, 
we are lauglil by ihy holy Word, 
that the hearit of Kings are in 
thy rule and governance, and liuc thon doD 
difpolc and turn ihciti aa i( reemclh bell 
to thy godiy wifdom : We humbly bcfcech 
thee lb to difpofc and govern the hci»(t of 
i'lC.TORIA thy Servant, our Qiiecn and 

The Com m union. 

Governour, that, in all her ihoughts, words, 
and works, (be may ever leek ihy honour 
and glory, and lludy to prefcrve (hy people 
commicied lo her charge, in wcalih, peace, 
and godlinefa; Grant this, O merciful 
Father, for thy dear Son's fake, Jcfus Chrift 
our Lord, Amen. 

II Thn>jb.ill trf^idibcCulUfloflhiDny. jfndim- 
mrjijrrfy o/rir lAi CilliS ihe P'hjl Ihall riad ibi 
EjuBlt, ^ay'mg. The Epiftle \iir, [lie jwrtion of 
Scripiure appointed for ihc Ep'tl^le] is WIKcn In 

ihe CtiapTcr of — —'beginning it the 

Veife. AnA ibi Efifili ended, ht piall jay. Here 
endeth the Epinie. T/uHjhaii ii read lit Gdffrl 
(ibi ^iip!e all Jlaiding aft) jaying. The holy Gul- 
pel ii wrliien An the ChiipTer of be- 
ginning 4r the Vcrfc. And the Gtjj^l sndfd, 

jhxtl be Juitg or jaid tbr Vrted fnUifwingt the people 
Jiill Jljndin^j M befurt. 

BELtEVE in one God the Father 
Almighty, Maker of heaven and 
earth. And of all things vifible 
and invifible : 

And in one Lord Jefus Chrift, the only- 
begotten Son of God, Begouen of his Father 
before all worlds, God of God, Light of 
Light, Very God of very God, Begotten, 
not made. Being of one fublUnce with the 
Father : By whom all ihings were made. 

fBntii tiijtitn miib 

== W*' 

'«-■?■-*-'- ^:-; J 

__-=-r'^-*^ IJ^ 


The Communion. 

Who for U3 men, and tor our falvalion came 
down from heaven. And wat inwrnate by 
the Holy Ghoft of the Virgin Mary, And 
was made man. And wu ctueified xlfa for 
LIS under Pontius Pilaie. He fuffered md 
ivas buried, And ihe third day he rofe again 
jccording to the Scripmres, And afccndcJ 
into heaven. And lillclh on the right hand 
of the Father. And he fliall come again 
with glory to judge both the <iuick and the 
Jeud : Whofc kingdom (hall have no end. 
And I believe in the Holy Ghoti, The 
Lord and Giver of life. Who proceedclh 
from the F.iiherand iheSon, Whoiviih ihc 
Father and (he Son lof.cthcr iiworlhipped 
and glorified. Who fp.ike by the Prnphels, 
And I believe ^ne Caiholick and ApoUolicL 
Church. I acknowledge one Bjptifm lor 
the reniifiion of fini, .'^nd I look for the 
Kefurre^tion of the dead. And ihe life of 
the world to come. Amen. 

^ TiiK lit Curtli Ji-ill inlfi itiat lit fnfU tiUl Fajlitji-Jjyi, ji is lit Ifni ftlXnf 

I'X It hi abjftid. jinj tkm tlfi fi/Mtjfii* UJ 
jtMii nvIKe it fp-'tn tj itt C^amuntiH J dVi/ B'uft^ 
Ciranaiiitafd Ktrvtrnmu^iijiibfintj^. And ir^ikvtit 
//vi! tr fr!-:/jimld cr fyatli/l-vj it Ibt Cbur.t, dt'ltg 
rht t\mf vf Oit'i"e Se*\^iir, ^nr t'V I At Minipi' : ii" 

The Communion. 

Iif iim My liafttrntntM a fftftiiiii in ttt Ruin 

Jittfj tfitt fUn. 

Thn^ltfif/mi rlv &rw. v«w i/rf« llimUlu 

.:-i^i^ jiifutk.u Urttjur n ii fn fink, if M- 


Ttrw/tjJ/ltl FlitJI rtlw tnU UrJ'l T4Hr,Mj 

kx" '*< Ofiirlirj,frfl»£ ui (r lmlr< if lUJl &•■ 

ttva fiHrmtj, a it Uintttt imjt (WHuinf i> til 

ET your tiglit (o Ihinc before men, 
ilut tliry mvf l« Tou( good wvfks, 
ftnd glorify ymi tMhtt wKii'h i> in 
heaven. Si. Matli. v. 

Lay not up foe youifclTn irrifurc upon the 
cairb I where the rull and tnoili doili turrupt, 
»nd nlicrc chicvn Iwrak ihiough and rtcil ; 
bill lay up for yourlciv» trol'urci in hcavm ; 
whetr neither ruft nor moth doth corrupt, and 
whirr tliicm do not brc*k Ihrough and llnl. 
Si. Maiih. v\. 

Whatfoevcr ye would ih»t men ftiouU do 
unto you, nen To do unto tht-m i for lh» i> 
the L»i» and llic Pro|>hci«. Si. MailA. vii, 

Not crery one ihat faith unio mc. Laid, 
Lunl.null enter into the Kingdom of htaven ; 
but be that docth (he will at' my Fulller whidi 
a in heaven. St. Malik, vii. 

Zitehcm (iood forih, »ntl faiti unto the 
Lorvt, Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I 
);iie to the puor) and if I have done iiiy wr<>ng 

It!" lan. 


"'"^. . 


Igimiiut 19 u ( 

to aiir mail, I reftore foiir.fold. Si. Lukt xn. 

Who goelh a waiiafeat any time of llisown 
eoft? Who planieth a vmcyatd.andcareth not 
ol'ihc fruit tlictiot"? Orwhofccdeth a flock, 
and caltthnotoflhe milk of (lie flock f i Cw. ix. 

If we have jown uqCu yoa I'pititiial tilings, 
is it a great mailer if we Ihall reap your world- 
ly tilings? I Cor. ix. 

Di) ye not know, lliat lliey who miniltef 
sboul holy thing! live of the factificei and 
they vvhu wait at the altar are partaken with 
the altar? Even fo hath theL(inl:ill(ii)fdiuned, 
that they w)io ptcich the Golpd Ihauld lii'c 
of the Gofpel. i Cor. ix. 

Hi! that foweth lillle (hall r<;»fi Utile) and he 
[hat j'i>weih plenteoiilly fti^ll iv3v pirnicoully. 
Let every man do according ai he ii difpoTed 
ill his heart, not giudgingly. or of neccffily i 
for Gtjtl lovetli a thetrfiii givet. i Car-, ix. 

Let him that is taught in the Word minillee 
unio him thai leacheth, in all good things. 
Be notdecciveil, Godisnot mocked i for what- 
(bevet a mail fowcth thstflisll he reap. Gel.v't, 

While we have time, lei u* do good itnio 
all men ; and AitciaJly unio tbrin that aix of 
the houliiolJ of faith. Col. vi. 

Godlincfs a great rirhei, if a man be con- 
Tent with that he hath : fjr we brought ni>- 
rhing into the world, neither may we cairy 
jiiy thing out. i Tim. \\. 

Charge them who aic liih in this ivoeldt 


J' he Com m union. 

ihal ibcy be rnuly to give, and gtiil to iJillri- 
bmt t Inyingupinllorcfor Ihcnilcli'n i gooit 
Nii.ruldliuii igtinlt the lime to mmc, llul ihcy 
ir.^^s ailRm rlcinnt lit«. i 7im. vi, 

OotI ii col iinriehttoiii, tti>i he nil! fintgri 
ytnir worki, and labtnir that piorccdtth of 
lovrt which lovtjc hivt(he»'tJlbilii»>.';irm '^ 
liikc, nho have iiiinillrrcil iiiilalhc Iii>ii'\. <ii<l 
yrl do minilltr. Htt, t't. 

To do jEooil, and to dlAributc, fotgtt not -, 
for with luch liicrificcx Uoii i> well ptnrcit. 
Hit. xiii. 

Wholb hilh (hi* vrorld'i good, ind fccth 
hii brother have neMf,*ndfliulli:th np hiicinn- 
pillioa frvm him, how dwclkih (he luvc ol 
God in him t t Si. JtAa iii. 

Give aim* of thy g<K>di, and never turn ihy 
face from any poor man ; and then the fact 
of the Lord fliall not bt lurncil away ftoni 
th«, Titiil iv. 

Be merciful after thy power. If (Ixiii halt 
inuch, give |ilenti'>u(1y -. if ihoii hull i'mlc. Jn 
(hydiligttice gladly to give ot that litili ; |. ir 
Ibgathetttt thou ihyleil :i guoJ rcw^id in ilti 
da* of neceflily. Tolrit iv. 

He that haih pity upon (he poor IcnJctli 
unto the Lord : and look, what he layeth om, 
it (hall be paid him ajtain, Prav. xix. 

Blellcd he the mail (h:it prcivide(h foi (he 
firk and nrtdy i the Lord Ihall deliver him in 
the time i)f ooiiSle. Pi'Mm «1f. 


fliairr IB iit(WBrt 



rfiinni ovprisDilt 

The Communion. 

V H^Mlp rbeft Hementri art im rmdin^, lie DsactKi^ 
C&wtlnViirJrni^ or otbirjir pe'fon .jfipoinltd fw tkai 
purf'tijit Ji^H rntpitt the Almi for the P«r, tfitl 
mbf tlmaiions tf :hi fnfiU, in u Ji.-itl infii if U 
frmiJid ly ihr Parijh fm rtai pu/pc^ i itiiif rriY- 
reitilf irmi it fa (*< FruJI, wio ftvll tiimily fni- 
ft'ii iimt f/iitf it iipi'i ihc Itfily Tnhie, 

II AMtiivhip lltert ii a Cbmrnunisnttie Pr'u^ Jb^H ibff 
flaci afun ibi TMr jii IHKfb Srttd and fKlHf, ai 
htjbili itM /uJficirHI. 

Afitr lahiib Jooty lit Piufi Jhall fay, 

Lcl us pray for the whole (tale of Chrirt'i 
Church mililam here in eaitli. 
JLMIGHTV and cvitliviti^ GoJ, 
who by ihv holy Apoftle hal! taugUl 
u^ ID make peaven, and fupjittiM- 
lioni, and tu give thank's, tor ill 
I oidd i Wc humbly hcletcb 
I ihtc nidll mctei folly {la ar- V '*'" ** "' 
! cffi our aim and ablalioni, ■''"" ", =*'■"""'■ 
««J] to >ecdve tliclc our ;»',-A" '*""'■'' 
pr^yn-s which «e offer «mo ^tl,""'';"'^' 
I thyD,v,.uM3jcltyi bcrecch- „„„,, j, /,« „, 
iiig ihce 10 inlpire ruixin- „fgiX 
iiaTly the univerfal Church 
wiih the fpirit of tnilh, unity, and concord i 
And grant, (hat all they that do confers thy 
holy Name niay agree in the truth of tliy boty 
Word, and live in unity,and godly love. We 
brli-erh thee ilfo to fave and delend all Chril'. 



The Communion. 

liaii Kinei, Piiiuri, anil Govcrnoun) and 
fpecliiUy tliy Scrvini VlLTORtA out Qjirrn j 
rl'ii unilcT her vt tmy be godly and <|uici]y 
/' .crncd 1 And grant unto htr whole Coun- 
i II, xnd t(i all ihul arc put in luthuHty under 
her, thai they nuy truly and indiRciEittly m\- 
niftet juAicv, (o the puDifhmcnt of Kivkedncrii 
ind vice, and to the ma in (c nance uf thy tmc 
rclinoB, ami riitae. Giit mee, O iMXvenly 
Falher, lo all Bilhop* trnd Ciirato, that (her 
may both by their life und doctrine Tel fbiih 
thy true aiid lively Word, and rightly :mit 
duly adminiiltr thy holy Sicriincnii; Anil 
to all thy people give ihy heavenly grate ) 
and tlpecially lo tliii congregation nerc pre- 
lent \ Ihal, vtiih meet; heart and due r«vtr(lK«, 
they »n«y hiat, and receive thy luiljf Word^ 
truly ferving ihee in hulinelt and tighicoul- 
na£i all the da\-i ot their lil^c. And ire inofl 
httmUy hcleccii thee of ihy gooducl's O Lord , 
to rousfort and liiccout all ihi-m, »ho in ihii 
Iranfitory lite are in iroulile.forrotv, neoi, lie t- 
nel's or any other advtrAty. And we alio 
bleli Ihv billy Name for all ihy foivanti de- 
puted ini»liic in ihyfnilh and fear ; liclclch- 
tngthee to ant tii gtacx lb lo folloiv thcii 
I good nainpTes that with thctn we mny be 
' panakert o( thy heavenly kingdom i Ur.mi 
I (hii, O Father, tor Jcfut Chiilt'a lake, out 
only Mediator and Advocate. Ama. 

Sirtnirti stonn la 
tti dm. 

IH'Ulrrrtd ililn kg 
Jut 1 1 1). 


Coutigi Is tola In 


The Communion. 

lit* tfiAt bflj CmintnitH, (luhiri or fiull mlwjji 
d» n^K tbt Sundfi^t or jomi H^Iy-djy^ j mmtdmrelf 

£EARLY beloved, on -Aiy nexl 

I purpolc, <h rough God'^ alTillunrc, 
to adminillcr lo all I'lich as Ihilll 1>( 
lel'gioully and dev on llyUi (pored li\c 
molt comlurtaljle Sarcaimni of ihe Body »nd 
Blood of Chrlft ( lo be by thtm rcitiviil in 
remembrance of hiH mcritorioiit Crolt »ii(l 
Pnllion 1 whereby alone we obiain remilBon 
nfauifin!i,andBte mndcpartakcnoftheKinjc- 
Jom of heaven. Wherefore it it our iluly to 
render moft liiimblc nnd hearty (bxnkii lo 
Almiehty Gml out heavenly Father, for Iha! 
he halTigiven hit Son our Saviour JcliiiChril), 
not only (o die (or u«, biit alfo to be our Ipt- 
rltunl food mid fiiDcnanrc in that holy Sacru- 
mcnt. Whieh being ib divine and tomfort- 
xble 3 thing to them who rretivc It worthily, 
and lb dangerous lo thcltl that <ivill |iticfuine 
to rrteivi- it unworthily ( my duty h lo ri- 
liort yoii in the mean leifon to confider the 
dignity of that holy myllety, »nd the grciil 
peril ot the unworthy rei'civmg ihetrof ; and 
lb to fesrch and examine youtownionl'eicnec*, 
fand that not lightly.andiificr the manni:r of 
dilTcmblen with God) but ia) ilist ye may 
eome holy ■nd rle«n to futh a heavenly Fcflrf, 
in the inatriaoe-pirmenc required by God in 

The Communion. 

iiolyScnpliirc,3iiil lie received as worthy par- 
lakers ot [hat holy Table. 

Thd ivriy and mtans thereto it ; Firft, to 
examine your lives and con veriat ions by the 
rule of God's commandments ( and whcrcin- 
loevcr ye (hall pertcive yoiiiTeives to have of- 
tciidcd, cither by ".ill, word, or deed, there 
lo bewail yout own linliiiiief*, and to confefi 
youtfelvtk to Almighty God, with full pur- 
(mjIb of amendment of life. And if yc Ihali 
petceivc your offences to be fueli as are nol 
only againll God, but allbagainll youi neigh- 
bours j then ye lliall reconcile yourlelves unlo 
ihem ; being ready to make reftitution and 
latisfa^ion, according to the uttermoil of your 
powers, for all injurici and wrongs done by 
yoil to any otherj and being likewifc leady 
to forgive others thai haie offended you, as ye 
would h»ve forgivenefs of your oHVnteB ai 
God's hand : for othcrwife the receiving ol 
the holy Commitnion doth nothmg elle but 
incr^alc your damnation. Therefore if any 
of you he a blafuhcmer of God, an hiudertr 
or ilandercr of his Word, an adulterer, or be 
in malice, or envy, or in any other grievous 
crime, rejicnt yoii of your (ins, or efie come 
not to that holy Table ; left, after the taking 
of thai holy Sacrament, the devil enter inlu 
you, as he entered into Judas, and fill you foil 
of all inifioiiiei, and bring yoii to deltru^iun 

fintll i-il li.vrlv ipul T'lul. 

rioiptilnrf « 11(6(16 
inn DriDlii6. 

{iilim|i[[>inci na- 




•tcscbriinK inDoictl 


10 IDI (Bt, 


.The Communion. 


And bKUift it is rniuilile, that no nian 
li>iiul<lcomctal}iclii>)v Ojmmtinion.biit wiah 




HBPA^ : f<ill irull in God\ mcrcv, luid wlih a quiet 
^B^^r ■ iiiilcicnit i ihtrtforc il i icft be *iiy <if you, 



<<lio by iliii nicini caiiiiui iiuU'l hit owe ix>n- 

(i-tencr hi-ri:lii, liul rci|iiimh furtlicr minlVirt 


■ f ■ . ■imlcl, In him romt to me, or to fane 


..;ii T ililtrtel and Icntnccl Miiiificr uf G<«1'> 
Wiint, ami <i|)t:n li'u cmf ; lliit by (h« min- 

^—f^ 1 _l1^^h" 

1= '\ i ^ r 


illry of G"ir> hitiy Woiil he taky nf*lrc the m9 


bciiclii nf abfoluiion, logciher niih gholUy 9 

cmiiilcland ulvi(^,to the cguiriin;; i>f hiiiwa- 9 

Triuncc, and avuidiiig uf all Icrujik »ni liiiubl- 9 

tiilnrli. fl 

tSvmI/ sf 9 

% Or, in lift ifjhdilfit ih fffli itf/itr*! It etmt 9 
lift 'ill Ettufiaii f. In 

^■RM; KARLY Moved hicthien.on • M 

H ^Jt linieiid.byOud'i^nKc.tocelebraie 19 

W X^ llie Lord'i Suppet ! unto whieh, in In 


'^' Gml'i biliall.I bid you nil lliiitarr |M 


here prrfcill i :uid Infrirch jmi, (tit ih* Lun)'y9 

oI^Bbm .^H 

JeluK ChriltV fake, thai yc will nol lefufe to pB 


come iherelo.beinglblovingly called and bid- 9 

|n^S9l ^^H 

den by God himfcll'. Ye know hu".' ghevuui B 


nnd unkind a thing il it, when a iii.iii halli 9 
[iirparird a rich fcM, decked hit table with all X 



kind ofprov!lion,l<jtb»t there Uckcih nothing HI 


but ihe guells tu fit donii i a»<\ yet they who HI 

F^^^^^^JnH ate callril (ivilhoiit uny caiilV) mult unlhank- |9 


liillv rt'liik' tci come. ^Vhicb oi y^n.! in loth 

Sttdllng. isDUfn 

Iftt in lie 

^V^^it^nlB^HEpvH^Br d^BBBBTrl^b^^^l^H 



» cafe ivoulii iiol bemcivrit ! Who vvoulil not 
^ihinka grew injury imi wrong done unio dim ^ 
IW hereto re, moft dearly lieloveii inChrilt;Mkt 
rye gooJ heed, lili yf. wiilidrawiiig yourlelvei 
' From (his huly Supper, provoke God'i indig* 
natiiiii agaiiiA you. It is an ealy iiiatler tor 
I mm Id fny, I will doI rommoniciite, becaule 
1 am othcrwife hindered with worldly bufi- 
atft, Bui liich excufes art not lb eaiily ac- 
cepted anil allowed before God. If any man 
lay, I 3111 3 grievous firmer, and therelbre am 
straid lo come ! mherelort then do ye not re- 
pent and amend ? When God calleth you, 
are ye iioi afliameU to fay ye will not come ? 
When ye (houid return lo God, will ycextiifc 

Jiourfcives, and fay ye are nut readv ? Con- 
idcr eameftly with yourfclves how little futh 
tcigned exeufes will avail before God. They 
' that tefuftd the fi:aft in the Gofpel, becaule 
they had bought a farm, or woold Iry their 
yokes of oxen, or becauie they were married. 
'ths nut lb eKCoIed, but counted iinw'(>rihy 
' the heavenly fcalV, 1, for my part, Diall be 
( ind, according to mine OtScc, I hid 
I Ihe Nanieof Goil, I call you in Clirift'; 
'half, I eihurt you, an yc love your own lal- 
vaticin, that ye will be partakers ot this holy 
Communion. And as the Son of God did 
vouthlhfe 10 yield up hi? lijul by death upon 
(be Crofs for yotii falvalion ; fo it in your duty 
!•■ rcirive the Communion in remembiance 


itiai (s tiatii. 
lliiDirli. It. 


gticiit 111 nmti. 

The Communion. 

or the lacrifirr of hisi]ealli,SKlic Iliinfdf halii 
coinmandcH : nhich if yc Ihall nrgUA ro do, 
coiiliiirr wiih )-o\irlelv« how.- gmi injury yr 
lin untu Gud.ind howfure puniitinicnl hon^- 
ctli ovci' yfliif hvailn for llie fiiiuc i nlicn jrt 
wilfully nhllxin From the I.oixl'ii TjiUlc, aiid 
tcparaic tVumyaur brethren, who come TO fctit 
• 111 till' binqiK't of that mull heavenly loml. 
Thcic ibin^ if jx tsrnelUy confidcr, yr will 
by (lOd'i bthcc >i-tiirn tu a bciitr ininiJ i lor 
(he obtaining whereof »c (h»ll not reafc lo 
iii»kr our humble pciiiions utito Aliaightjr 
Ciml out Imvcnly Fath(r. 
^ ytr tlx fimtcflite af^tjfifn ^/rii Ctntmvit^t '^^ 
drnmumfaHti tii'g nnvmittily flaai ftr ihi •>■ 
iriviiti of lit btlj &urtmtm, lit fritfijkaHfay i\i : 

EARLV lielovcd in the LonI, yc 
thui mitid til come lu the holy Com 
niunion of (he Body and Blood ot 
■)Ur Siiviotir Chiilt, niuH roiifider 
how S.iint f.iiil cxhortcth nil iicirnoMliligtmly 
to try and elamine ihcmliilTci, befotcthi-v pK- 
(iinii' to Ml of that Bread, and drink of ihit 
Cup. Ffir as the Wiirtit a gtvst, if nrilb a 
true iictlitrtit hcait and iivcly tuilh wc «cci»t 
thai fioly Sacrninenl j (for intn »vc fpiiilually 
I'^it (he Iti'lh of Chritt, and drlnlc h» blood'; 
thtii wc d«fll in Chi ill, niid Chrilt in ai g we 
lire one with Chiill, iind I'bnrt with uh i) Ut 
\\ flir' rlnn^T!" '_■]"- ir, it wi- i'['['i-ive the t'lmc 









^^^^i^k£ ^fUp*fe.ll^HI 



' ] 

^Efefe *n 

Wl ^^-dWlMA^dUl^l 


y . 



JmJ V .^mVMiW^ 


The Communion. 

unwuithily. For thni *ie urc Kti'lty ot t^< 
Boily and Blood nt Chrill our Savimir ) wc 
e«t uiil iIiibIc our own damiulioo, oot ron- 
GJ«iing the LotxI'i Body ; wc kindle Goil'ii 
until a^iiill i» I Wc prOvMQ IliiB to J>ilgiK 
tit nith ilircn Jilciret, >B(I fucidry kincit o( 
ilraih. Jndp lh<relb(v yoiirlclvci, btcihnn, 
thai yv be not judgml of the Lord ; trptni 
you tiuly fur yuiir lint paJl i have a lirtly and 
Aedfilt tjiith in Chrill our Saviour ( 4iikiiiI 
)-«ur \ivti, aiui be in pcrfct>l thariry nilh ull 
men i To fiiall ft b« iriMt partaken of thofe 
huly myJItrin. And above ill lhiiig%yc mult 
;j;irr moli bumble -tnd hearty tlinnk* to Cod, 
ih( Faihcr, the Son, uid the Holy Gholt, fur 
ilie redempiioii of (b« woilij by the deilh and 
ji>l1)un ol' uut Saviour Chrill, botb Guil and 
mail i nho did humble bimrdl, even to ilie 
dciib upon the Ctoli, for ui, mircnblc linnen, 
vho lay in darkiicri und (be flmdui* of dcilh | 
ibiC Ik inighl nuke u> ibe cbililieti of God, 
and exalt UI In cierliliing life. And to the 
tnd iliai we iliould al«*iy remember llw ex- 
ceeding gri-at tuvr of our Malln, uid Mily 
Saviour, Jtlut ChriA, ihu> dyin^ foi ut, and 
iht innumerable bencliti which by hii pre- 
i iou^ bluoil-llKddiiig he hath otitainrd to ui \ 
iif li>ilh intli tilted and untwined huly inylirrict, 
a> piedgci of ti>» love, and ibr a Tonlinual re- 
rocRibranctof hLi death, toour great and tod- 
leli coinloti To tiiiti il"Trl'trr, wllh tlic 



rnc msnlt u«ltlt th 
mills. Jo»(iit». 



4I<D( a aard Enill «s 
UPUIra. mil. 

Fxlhcr and die Holy Cliolt, let us give (r> 
wc are moll bounilcn; continual thinki ; lub- 
milling uiirlclvcs wholly ro hie holy iilll am) 

CIcafurc, niiij HtiJying lo Iccvc him in irui' 
olincliand rightcoulncfs ail ihedayi afou: 
life. yifli^n. 

H TttHJballiti FriefifayKihrm!tattamitsrttth\ 
I At huh Commttiitt, 
E thai ilo tfuly and carncftly reiicnr 
you of your fiiis, and aft in lo-r- 
anJ charity wirh your livighbouri, 
and iiil<iid Id lenJ a new life, fol* 
lowing thrt'omiiKin Jmeiits of God, and walk- 
ing from heni'tfortli in liU holy way>; Dri" 
near with fsith,aml tnkc ihit holy Satninxnl 
to vour comfort ; and make your mniiWc i-on- 
ftltion to Almighty God, incckly kneeling 
upon your kntEs. 

t Tbtijhillihiigrmtil Conft^n ti maJt, J* ihr nami 
of all fflyft ibiU jrt mii*srd to mtit-e Itt kolj C=w- 
muiriati, iy em of ihi MitiJIrri ; ioli bt and all !ni 
ftiiflt inirlhg huMl'lf Hpait lirir lam, md Jtiinf, 
LMIGHTY God, Faihct of'our 
Lonl Jcfus Chrift Mafctr of il) 
things, Judge of all men i Wc ac- 
knowledge iind bewail our mnnifold 
tins and trickednds. Which ivc, from riini" Vj 
lime, motl grirtoully have conimilleii, B\ 
thought, wold, and deed, Againli thy DivinV 
Majeily, Provoking raoftjullly tliy ivralli anti 
imligiiarion sirairili u^. We do cainelUv rr- 

The Communion. 

pent. And are heartily forry for thefe our mil- 
lioingsi Tlicfcmcmbunceofihtm is grievous 
unto us i Tlie biirdrn of (hem is intolerable. 
Have mercy upon us. Have merty upon ui, 
nioft meri'iful Firheri For tlw Sim nur Lonl 
Jelui Chtift's fake, Forgive us ill that is part ; 
And grant that we may evtr hereafter Serve 
inil plcafc tliee In neivncfs of life. To thu 
honour and glory of thy Name ; Through 
Jefus ChriU our Lord. Amen. 

% Ti/n //.'all lit FrilJI (st ibl B;/bip, tring frrfinlj 
Jl.itit/ uf-^and Iwnhgbimjelf luiht ^foiilrtp'-i/mtihii 
ibii jibjol^itii/n, 


thcr, who of his great merry hath 
promiied forgivenels of fins to all 
ihcm that with hearty repentance 
jnd true faiih turn uiilo him ; Have mercy 
upon yoil j pardon and deliver you from all 
your fin?! confirm and ItrL-nglhtn vou in all 
goodnefe; and bring you to evellaiting life ; 
through Jefus Chrifl our Lord. Amcii. 

1 Tbtn pal! <b' FtiiJI !^y. 

Hear what comfortable words oiir Saviour 

ChrilHaith unto all that truly turn to him 

OME unto me all that travail and 

jre heavy laden, and I vuiU rcfrelh 

you. Si. Mallh. -ii. aB, 

So God loved the world, that he 
gwe his only-hegoriin Son, to the end that 


: >^'., 


13 1^3 

I II. (Est. Dl. 

all (hat believe in him Jhouid noi iicnUi, bul 
have eretlafting lifc. St. Jsita m. i4. 
Hear alio what Sxint Piul liiiih. 

Tills is a iruc Ijiyiog, ind worthy of all 
men to be received. Thai Chiilt Jelua eamr 
inlo the world to fave finncn. i Tim, I. 15, 
Hear illb whal S;iint John faith. 

If anv man lin, we liave »n Advocate with 
the Fatter, Jefu^ Chrilt the rightcoui ; and he 
is the propitiation for our fins, 1 St.J^Hu. i 

1 ji/itr tuBki lir Pritftjbill frKtiJ,Jiijiw£, 

Lift up your heart!. 

Aafiuer. We lift them U]> unto the Lord. 

P'U/I. Let tis give thanks unto our Lord 

Anfxuer. It is meet and right fo to do. 

t fbtiip^lt tU Prufi turn Ic ihl taril'i 7tb!i,t<idJiiJ, 

T !• very meet, right, and our bound - 

en duty, that «c xh,k ^.i, 

Ihould at all limes, (Ho,y Fnhtt] 

and in all places, w.^ i, smaia 

Sive thanks unto lllee,0 Lord, e* Trinity-Sun- 
[olyF.ither, Almighty, Ever- dijr. 
lalling God. 

\ lUftflvUftShn lit Pnftr Fr^art, tttrjli^ t> 
ilx ijM(, :f lirri tt ^'f JfKialiji *fffiiiiuli ar tiji 
immii'iaiilj fi-\!l fillofo, 

HEREFORE with Angcit ui<i 
Archanircii, and with all the rain- 
paiiy of lieavcii, wc laud and mag- 

nifj thy glurtaus Name i evermore prajfing 
ihcc, ind laying, Holy, hoiy, Imly, Lord God 
ofhofts, heaven and carih arc liill of thy glory: 
Glory he 10 ihcc.O Lord moll High, Amen. 


Uj>ari Chi'iltm as-day, anjfi-vrn Jay! afler. 
t.ECAUSE ihou (iidll give Jclus 
Chrili ihine only Si>n lo tic born as 31 
ihisiimc lor us; whri.hy ihe opei-a- 
lion ol Ihe Holy Gholi, was made 
very man of the luhtonce of ihe Virgin Mary 
hi^ mother^ and that without Ijiot of lin, to 
make us clean fiom ail fin. Therefore iviili 
Angels. iSi. 

Vpin Ealler-Jay, andfc^en dayi after. 
JUT chiefly are we bound to praiii; 
thee for the glorious Rcfurieilion 
of thy Son Jeiiis ChriU our Lord : 
fur he is the very Paltdial Lamb^ 
which was ofFtred for us, and halh taken away 
the fin of Ihe world ) who by hi* death halh 
dcHroyvd death, and by bin tifing to life again 
halli lo useveilaHinglite. Therefore 
with Angels, Sf. 
Vfuri Alccnfioii day, aaJfe'vea days after. 
THROUGH thy raoft dearly beloved 
Son Jeliis Clirlll our Lord; who 
after hi* molt glorious Refiirreflion 
manifeflly appeared to all blsApof- 

tits, and in their ligKtafrend^d upinwlitaveit 
to prepare a place for uf ; that wlicic Ik' ii, 
thillicr we niigiit allii afciMiil, aiiil ici|;ii with 
him in glory. Therefott with Angel", SSt 

Upon Whit-fiinday, aitJJix 4ayi afltr. 
HROUGH Jcfus Chrift our Lord -, 
(.j ;ict'or(Iing lo whole muft Ituc jiro- 
inilc;, ihc Hbly GhoA c3Xat down m 
at this lime iiom hcivcn with a fud' 
d<n gicil founJ, ai it h;i'l hern a mighty nind, 
in the likencfiof fiery (ungues lighling upon 
the Apulllcs, 10 teach them, and \a lenil ihem 
to all truth ; giving them bmh ihegift of divers 
languagcj, and alio baldncfi with fervent leal 
cunilantly to pri.-3i*h the Golpcl unto alL na 
(ionn) nhereby wc have been hruught oui ul 
i)arkncl» and erior Into (he clear light aiid true 
ki>o«ledge iiflhee, and of thy Son Jeliii Chrift, 
Therefore with Angels, (Sc. 

XJpaa Ihrfeaft ay'Trinity untj. 

' HO 3[l one God, one Lord ; not one 
only Perfon, but three Perluni in 
one Subftanw. For (hat wliich we 
believe of ihc glyry of the Father, 
llie lanie we believe of (he Son, and of ihe 
Holy Gholl, without any difference or inv^- 
quality. Therefore with Angels ^^• 

H After mth of wbisb FnfMii Jh.ill immrdiallly k- 














'i'be Communion. 



S**»HERKFORE «ith AnRtl. ind 

Ifjl ^IR£ Archingrlt, anti niili nil the cum - 
"^Ur iS ^ ^'^^ o> Bcavtn, Kc kiid and maj;- 

gat ®*** oifjr thj- glorious Sunt \ evennore 

^^^^^ abPVE^^^S^^^^^^I 

rjj prxiling ibtr, and rxpngi ""'Xi i">ly> holf, 
jHl'I Lord Ood of ImiAi, heaven ind canli arc full 



aB^U of thy glory : Glor^r bo (o Ihn, Lord moll 

r&M High. Amn. 

T r^i/hoi/ ii< ;>™a i>«^v •^^w " '^ '' 


I'li^ij^r in i*f "Jiw i/tll ihm litii /btil '... V. 


^HVi 7 v^^S^M 


\WW8I '^ ^" *"" p'*l>""e lo come to thi^ 


A^nffiD ihyTablr, Umcml'ul Lotil, trull' 


0ftM DJI in i>ur OHn righttuufncli, b'lt 



iin ihy mtnifuld ami gr«it mrrric. 
We an not worthj- fo much m to |pMhcr up 
the (Tumbt under thjr Table. But thou att 
the famt Lord, whofc pKipetty h nlwijrs to 
have uKrvy! Giant uk IhcwfotT. grariouv 





LorJ, lo to cit ihc fltfll of thy dear Son Jr- 
llit Clifill, 3iid lu diink hii blond, that our 
linlul liodin may be ri»Ic rlnn by hit body, 
and uiir iouU wallud (hroiii-h hit moH pte- 



EHHFR dual blontl, ind ihai wc ma)- evcnnun dwell 


■jDff|p in hin>i and lie in us. Amrn. 

f iw^ ' It^'ltt P'hJI, fljidrng ilfiti lit r-W, Ulbf. 

y I'^ar^j^l 


iL^wA v4trtdibi S'lii t*i HHiu, 'ku icmty aiiii itt 



VJhK mmn.M'ir/iaKjJtttttjttatlit BtiJ i'fi't lit 






-•f* I'riiif »/ C-*rft'rffi**. ►'* ^'.A'.liV^^ 

Pr- Z^&"^ 


llK'^'xi^&i ^ft"l>^ ~S^*i_'*'^^ 


^UdiV^ uTj — - ^tSb^^t'^^T' '^^^ ^>1 



ft^Rj 3CA\^f\llffi.'^MB'^™ ^%i 



Ww^SVsixa^^-^^^^SMK^SSBm 1 

Uiriit) IcgiiKtt 


1 T^iS'^^^syrji r?i.'rVi-v-x^BiMM 




K^^^^^^L i' \\ rl 1 tf^O'^MiA ft ^>MftS^^W^^ 



i. ' 




eilitltp firtllti lti( 

tx 111 III 1RI ni(4t. 

The Communion. 

fhir, wlio of Ihy lcn>icr uletcy Jidll 
give iliiiir cniyScn Jeliw Chrtii lo 
I'lifiVi' dtjih upon ihf Crof* tiir our 
i'cdein|>(ion ^ who niidt linn; (by his one ob. 
lalion of himlelf oin'r ulfttmt) a full, pcrltii, 
and fuHicicm liu'rifK't', uliUtiiiti, »iid l^tisfiic- 
tlun, fur the lini of llic whole woiid ; and did 
inflilulr, and in hit holy Golpel lommnnd ii- 
to conliniie, a perpetual memory of that hik 
pm'ioiitJviith, unhl hit coining aguin i Hear 
uft, O niercifvil Fatlicr, wv n^oft huinljly be- 
feech thee j and grant thai we receiving Miele 
thy creaiurcf of bread and wine, atrordmg ro 
rliy Son our Savioar Jcfus Chrift's holy inlli- 
tulioii, in remonhrance of his dcslh and pal- 
fion, may be partakeiiiuf his moll blelled Body 
ind Blood 1 who, in rhe 
fame night that he was be- 
trayed, 'look Bread; and, 

when he h^id given thanks 
f he hrakc il, and yave ii lo 
his diffiple*, laying, Take, 
eat, I lhisi« my Body, which 
11 given for you ; Do this 
in remembrance of im;. 
Likewife afiei fupper he 
§took the Clip; and, when 
he had given ihanks, he 
gave it to them, laying, 
Dfink ye all of lhi» i fur 

• H,riih!Fr„JI 
h I! mil till Pjiit 
iftrv t'it harnit : 

•f Anil Aire To 
hrr,ik ihr Srroii! 

1 .iKilimiiLiy 
Ml Bi-iiid. 

Ink/ ite Cupi*t^ bii 
kind ! 

thii IJ is my Biiu>d of lilt 
Nrw Tdismcnt, which is 
(hnl for you ami for many 
for the reniillion of fms! 
Dc (hia, 3S lift as ye Ihall 
drink il, in irnmiiibiaiice 
III inc. AmiH. 

h'i iwi/t upon iiif'y 

fir fJirgoafia^ubiih 
tbtr/ ii tiny JViitf ru 

1 tint Jhill ihr M'tn'ifiir fi'P rmnc lit drnmitxhii 
in laih iindi hmjdf, aid ibin frmnd m driivirlii 
J'limt Is ibl Bilhoft^ Piirjli, and Dlacl,HI,ih like imiK- 
"^'i ('J ■'"7 hr Prrfintt) and aj'ltr that ru iht pe^p/c 
a/Js m oFArr^ jntu their t>aifdi, all mcttly kifaimg- 
^rtJ, -u/bpi bt dilhitrilk ibi Bnad ft anj one, ie 


f HE Body of our Lord Jefus Chrlft, 
which was given for (licf. [irefrrvi' 
ilw body and Ibul unio everUIUng 
lite. Take anil cat this in tciiicm- 
bianec ihal Chrill died for rhec, and feed on 
him in thy heart byfaiih with thankfgiving. 

t And i*f MiniJItr that dilitirtib ibt C»f la any 
one Jbtitt Jjy, 

• HE Blood <tt our Lord Jefus Chrilt, 
ii which was (bed for thee, prelerve 
.. ■ ) j> - j ihy body and foul unto evcrisfting 
'J^-^^ life. Drink this in remembrance 
[hat Chrift's Blood was llied for thee, and be 

«|ltltT tl»ltl IrlBI 
la Ibt iNntp. 

jail Id. uu. 

?l)r niitgjrti iDiiliholii 
tin ntinir. »(. 
if Slip mil. 

£ ans a 5Erinorr. irtV 
[F roio'll •■m 

% 1/ iki t in/nrarct H'lsll or Wiitt it all jftHI tifiri 
al! hotu cammtinkMrii/, ibr Pritji h it <wjuriitt 
tuort aciirJing to ike Fa'* ieftrr prtfir-itj i if- 
ainn'me at [Our Saviour Chitit in llic fame night, 
&t.'\ for tbi llt^iif Bfthi Brtadi .lit Jul [LiJcC' 
wili-al>(r Supptt, 6ft.J_/or itf tUJJ'mg "flit Caf. 

5 WTrfH ell li,yiii ii.mnuKktttJ, ibt M'>':Prt jhiH n- 
tkfh ID iht Lut^'i 'labWi und revtr<9idy ^i,\c/ ffm 
It Itlbtti ''tihii'^tib tif tbmnJti'jU'i K''imi*tt, £rt*r» 
"1^ ihf Jiime ii^iii ajWr iitt" cLrb. 

% Ti-injhali ibl I'liip jay itt Lli'd'l P'llJI',ltt pt 
pit 'tpcAlilg rj'llr liim mry Ftntkn. 

UR Fwhcr, vrhieh art in h«avtn, 
Hallowtd be thy Namr. Tliv kine- 
iltini come- Thy will bt annc la 
Eirih, A> it i> in h«avcn. Give ut 
ihis tliv our ilaily bread. And torgivc ua our 
trcfpallcs, A« wi; fc>rgiv« Uictn tlt*I tctljxirh 
3Eainft 06. And Itad in not imo (rmptxtioii j 
But deliver ui from evil ; Pot thine b ihc 
kingdom. The power, »nd the glory. For ever 
and «vcr. Arnvn, 

1 jlfw jk^U t, JaiJ iifiiimsib, 

LORD and heavenly Father, we thy 

hvunblt (ervanti. enlirely delirc ihy 

rilherly gcKKlncIa incicifully to tx- 

(i-|ii thi> our lUf rtlice nf prxifc snd 

ilianklgivingi molt humbly belcKliing thee 

to grxnt, that by the incnti and death at' thv 

Son JeJuiChtift,andihr(iugh faith in hii Mom, 

«rtanip risitnti tt> 

The Communion. 

Acuid.illlliy vvhuir Churi'h mayohlam rcniif- 
lion ol'otir dm, snd all other bcncfihi of hispar- 
fioo. And here we oHrr and ptcrenciintoihec. 
O LonI, ourLclucs, our luuti, and bgdies, to 
lie a rtalViniblc, holy, and lii'tly latrifii'e unio 
thee i humbly bclccchinff ihrc, ihat all v/e, 
who lie patiakeM of thii holy ComitiMiiion, 
miy be fulfilled niih thy zncc and heavenlv 
bcneditl'on. And althmigh we Iw unworthy, 
thiough ouf manifold tin*, to olFer uiilo ihi^e 
any ftciifiic, yet we bcfceth ihce to jctcpt 
tht<aiirbotinden duly atid ler^ice; notvvelgli- 
ing our merits, but pardoning our olFencci, 
through JcfuA Chrilt our Lord; by whom, 
and with whom, in the unity of the Holy 
Ghvll, all honour and glory be unto ifaec, O 
Falhiir Almighty, world without end. Amen. 

Or l/iii. 

(f^LMIGHTY and everliving God, 
ivi; moli heartily ihaiik thee, forlhal 
thou doli vouL^hlafc To feed us, who 
have duly received ihefe holy myf- 
tctiei, with the Ipirituul food of the moli ptc- 
dou5 Body and Blood of ihy Son our Saviour 
Jefus Chnfti and doft ilTurc us thereby of thy 
favour and goodnefi towards us ; ind that we 
p are vely membefs incorporate in the myltital 
™ bodv of thy Son, which is the blelled roinpanv 
ofalllaithtu I people i and are alio heirs through 
hope of thv cvetlafting kingdom, by the me- 

tlDiDiD otr, 
ff itltl. m. 

Ef 1 ttmlitr or si sit r t 
nitcti 01 DriniiiK, \(. 
.tiwrs 1 1. 

I IBIS Hit iiib gr 
II 19 1 If 6 mr. 

JB.IIIII. lit. 

(iti of the mort pvccincit ileaih and naflion of 
ihy dear Son. And wc moll humbly hclierh 
thvc. U hcsvtnly Father, lb to illilt un wilb 
thy j;rn.c, thgt »c tnay t'ontimic iii thai holy 
tcUuwIliip, xnd do nil Jtich good vrorkt ax thou 
lialt prepared for us lo wilt! in i through Jr- 
ihi' Ohrilt our Luitl, to whom, with thc« >nd 
ihc Holy Olioll, be all hoiiuiir and glofj-, 
world without end. Antn. 

1 TltH Jhali U fiiU >r f»K[, 
LORV be ti> God on high, ;ind in 

eai'th].ic»i.'c,coiid willlowHiiJfiiivn. 

Wc pi^ile ihfe, we biciia thci, nc 
- worAiip thcc, wc glority thee, »c 
give Ih»nks tu ibcc lot thy gnu glory, O 
Lord Gild, iicaveiily King, Goil tlic Father 

O Lord, the only-begotten Son Jcfu Chrilt f 
O Lord God, Lumb oi God, Son of the Fa> 
thcr, that takcll nvay the llm ill" llic world, 
have meicy upijii us. Tlioii ibm iibcA Hway 
the lini of the woi'ld, huve merty upon \n. 
Thou tli.1t tukcll away the fiiii of the world, 
icceivr our pwyer. Tlimi ih»( ilflcft at tht 
right hand of God the Father, have nicKy 
upon us. 

For ihou only art holff ihou only art the 
Loril i thiiii only, O CliTilt, with tile Holy 
Gholl, art moll high in the gloiy of Cod the 
i'aiher. Amia. 

bill net 0'>lll( lift to 

iPirlr. oil. 

1 Tilt lb, Pr.JI (tr Sifrf i/i€ tiy4fi'i)PiU 
li' lirm drfart imn rij( Bltpig. 

H E peace of Cod, wkjch piflcih all 
uiiorrDjincling, knp vour hcairi ami 
miniJii in the kiionlc<iK< anil li>v« 
of God, and of hu Son jefm ChriA 

our Lord i unit ili< btcTing ut God Almighty. 

the F.ilbtr, (t>; Sun, and the Holy Ghc^, be 

unongft )Mu and rciniin with you Alwayi. 


T Ciiliai n IrfniJafltr lit Offiritrj, tvimi ittn it 
n C im w T if , rrrfffiKt Jiyiir Hvif tajiti 
ftmtmnitjaaitijt, i tfi^mai eci^tm ^11 firvi, 
afilr lit dlSifti ritbtr tf HittritmT tr £vnu^ 
Fri^, Cmmunim, or Ulmj, tj lit J^nitm y 

SSIST Of infrrirull7, O Lord, in 
(hfie out fupiiliraliom and praycra, 
«iid difpofc the way of thy lefviiiB 
lowurJi th( attuififn(-nt of cvtrlalt- 
Mg liilvaliuni lh»t, anions all the I'lungri. 
ind rhani'o of chit morliJ life, they may evcc 
be defemJcd by ihy mott zmcioui and rc*dy 
help i ihiough Jtfua ChriS out Lord. Ame». 

ALM IG HTY Lrrtil, «nd evtrlafting 
God, viHirhlifc, wc belVrch thee, to 
diivf), fatlitify, illJ govetn, both our 
hearti and bodin in the wsyv ot 
thy Iswn, and in ihe works of thy (ommand - 
iii(nr>i that through thy moll inijrilly pro- 

[QIjI^ rii piLsoii inU jjt 
(lor. jKjiiii, lit. 

leflion, liolli heie and «vet, wc miy be pre- 
lirrvcd in body and foul ; thipugh our Lotd 
ind Saviour Jefus Chrill. •fmnr. 

IRANT, we betrtrh th«, Almighty 
God, dial the words, wliitli nc tiave 
hc^ird tliis day wiili our oulward 
cniii, mny ihroiigh ihy grare be To 
gi-jfted inwardly in our hearts, ili:it <hcy may 
bring ftirlh in iik lUe froil of gimd living, to 
tile lioiiour ind prallb of rhy Naiiit j thiuiigh 
Jcfiij Clirift our Lord. Jmm. 

REVENT 115, O Lord, in all our 
iloingi* with ihy molt gracious Ja- 
voui, and further iis wilh thy cod- 
linusi help i thai in all our woilu 
begun, continued, and aided in ih«e.we may 
glorify thy lifly Name, and finally liy thy inercy 
obtaiti evetlarting life ; (hrougii Jcfus ChriH 
our Lord. Amen. 

,LMIGHTV God, ilic ft-unuin of 
all wililiim, who knowcft nor neitr- 
filits hffote wc alk, and out igno- 
rance in aflting) We befeech ihet 
to have comfiadian upon our inlirniilic I and 
ihole things, whiih tW our unworihinclk wt 
(iaic not, and for ourblimlncl^ wc cannni aiL, 
vouchlafe lo give ui, for the worlhinefs of rliy 
Son Jcliis Chvill our Lord. Aia. 




The Communion. 

iLMIGHTY God, who hall nro- 
niiled (o hear (he |ietitions ot' tnrni aft in thy Swi'i Ninie | Wr 
btfctch rhM mrt<-ifiilly lo iiiflinr 
thbf tin lo usthmhivcniade now our prjyci^ 
■oul ru|i)ilioilions unio thcc ; and at^ni, ilui 
iholt ibinp, which we have ^ithhilly aJkcd 
Jtcordin^ ro (tiv nilt, iii:iy cffc^oally be oli- 
ttintd, to (hr relief of our ntceffiiy, »nd lo (he 
IcittiiK forth of thy glory } ihrough Jeliji 
ChrilTour Lord. Amtii. 

% Uj>.' '!x Si*dffi «rf e'ht fUfy-iUji (if thai : , 
m GnKaT.suJ p>i!! ti pid it! ilti h jpfrinitd ^i 
lit Ctamvj^-on, ^nrii tki /itJ sf iht grist'al P'jyrf 
[Fdi ihe whole lbt« of ChnA^ Church miiilsnt 
htit in cinhj rafuiiv iv'V^ «w «r am ^'M CW- 
leSi lifi irfin r/tarfiJ,a»iltJit£ nilt lit Bli^ng. 

S jiiiil ilrrt /kilJ tt n atiirartm tf ih Lt'il'i Sup- 
pfTf <axffr tb/rr Ik j tt^viiinl KamAir n f uvtwvjTj' 
ton villi lilt ^iifi, aen'iinf^ n h\t Sfcrtllt*. 

% Ai4 if i^iri hf fttit akvtii tiiiniy frjcm in tbt 
Fir!p if i''K* ti 'triivt iht Ctmwnmit' i jrt 
(iv'i^i'.'if "J CftmnMUn, ritrfi fiar (v ik'n 
at itn ktfl} timmHitfll wiiA liv FriiJI. 

T AnJ M CtlMrj) tad CtlltpJin C*^.h<, ani C>A 
ItTftf ^B^irt fift art miiwy Pru^i find DftKMi-, 
itij/Ml aJI rtuivi ibt Ctismumtn w'lA lit FiitJI 
rtirr> Swdiy at ibt Ittfi, txtift thy Uvt t ri^M- 

jili /nfi » lU mU'jry. 


rtii *ti iiiV all (l»li* 
s^a[l OiJiii. utn ditB 

leiiirt lit «ll lutll- 

injBaMlltr bdr> 


nnQf iifli5(: irrntir 
Nrrnquafttssni^i mitt 

TKe Communion. 

f^etji:lkny •u>fii<y any ptrjon halh ar might htwtwt- 
eerning ihi BrtJiJ and H'int^ it Jh^U^^a tkat fht 
Brtad BiJucbAi Ji yj'uai to it tatttj ; but ikt i*^ ^kJ 
fartji iVhtat M"ad tlyiT ^rt^r/trtitntij mtyht gtttn^ 

IF jinJ if any j/ the Bfisd and ffifte rrmain bmfm^ 
irMidf iiii Curate fhail ii^^v if m ^t Mifn vft i Amr 
•f^t rrmain ej' tkae wt-r* tuJj CMft<fatttf,itAait 
nbl it ijrritj vut iff tht Ciur^b^ iftU the Frie^ sitd 
Jaeb other if tbt id,mmunietinti •/* hr p^H ihtn laii 
nfiff Ainifjha//, mrntJiaffly after iJke BttJ^agy r/vr- 
rettj)/ ttit anJ drink the fame^ 

H Tht Brtad and If^ntfar fhe CtmmumoKfhai! te ff^^ 
firded by iht Curtirt .tad tht ChMr(h-'watdi%% at ihr 
nbargei of the Panjb- 

^ jind nalti, that emtry P.trifhhnf fhali nmniuiiie^iTf 
rf* tht lenji ihret I'lmn in tbt yrefj af^hith Eitfirr 
;□ hf *nt. ^jid yearly ar Bsjifr e^vry Pjwi^KHfr 
fhiH rntoa -ujith the ParfoHx t'k^r^ or CurtiTe, u 
Mi vr tbeir Dtputy sr DrfiHiiet i a^dfsy ffl tbtt *f 
bim ail E<ilffuifi!cal Vu/ieif jceyfitwuhl^ dutf ttr/t 
afJ at that time to he ^id. 

IT ^f'f tht Diifine Servitt tndtd, thf fooit/y ghfK -ft 
the Offertory fhaU ht diffvftd j/ t^ijuit ^jom and 
ihjrittihU vjei, tn the Miami' *nd C^unh-vkM^deri 
jbal! tkinknt. t^^ftii* ifttty difig^fr, ttfiMli $t 
difpoffd a/ At the OrdtriA'yfbAll aff*int. 

" TTITHEREAS It li ordained in thli Office for 
*' VV the AdiuLniAration of the Lord's Supper, 
" Ihnc the Communicanta ihouItT receWe the f^mc 
'^ knrelln^ ; (which order U w*Il meuti fot 4 fig- 


Olf pr[ai]irlp. 

*' nification of our liumWe and giatcful acknow- 
*' ledgemcnt of the benefio of Cbrift thtrcin given 
" l« ill wnitliy Receiven, and liir Ihe avoiding of 
** fuch profanacion and ^iifordf^r in the lioly Coni- 
*' munioni af might oiherAife enfuci) yclTlefl the 
" fjmt kneeling /hould by »ny pcrfon!, eithci oul 
" of ignorance and infirtnily, or qu! of malice and 
fc *■ cbftinacy, be mifconlbnjed sad depraved ; It i^ 
H *' hereby declared. That thereby no adoration ia in- 
^' rcn*Ied, oruiight EobedoQt, cither unro the Sacra- 
*' mental Bread or Wine there badlty received, or 
** unto any Corporal p:elenee of Chrili's naturaT 
•' Fleili and Blood. For the Sacramental Bread and 
*■ Wine Tcmairi flill in their very natural fubflance$, 
"and therefore may not be adored j ((V that were 
■' Idoljtry, to beibhotrcjof all failhtul Chriliianij) 
" and the natunl Body and Bluod of our Saviour 
" Chrift ire in Heaven, and noi here ; il being 
" againitlhe tiutli of Chrift's natural Body to be at 
** one time tn more places than one," 

(IrmrniE sniii tum, 

The Mi 111 Ural ion of 

Publick Baptifm of Infants, 

To be iifed in the Church. 

\ Tin ftfpir uri » ir ai/mmijhrd, tier it it meS tinvnuil iKil 

B^ftij'm p^uld nal hr ^Jm:i:Sf iJ Irur ufvn Smd<tJI,Mj irif 
HiN-Jnyi, vibti 'hi miijl numirr of prripU Mmf latilhcr [ .u 
w/JlJhr thai rh/ CaM^rtj^arian thru ptefrnt m-ty iijfi/y lit rt^ 
ct'niiirafihimtivtiiiirwIyiafimsaiiiiiAniitmbiFii/ChriJI'i i ,11 iija iiiaiiji in i/ii Bapiljm if Ixftnti rvty Mac 
pic/ml mjy te Ml in rnsirttrjnit /f kit Mun frrfi^Ktt mjilr 
rt GriJ II ill Bafiifm. Fir tebick caujt utja k ji Deftilicni 
tbaf Baflfm 6r miiijiertj m tbt -valgAr etntur, NrtitriMi'ii , 
(if erLtJ^iijf Jo ffjuirtj) Chi/Jrm may ti paptitfd vt^n ot v 
ithtr Jwiy, 
1 -*irf s«!, ibiii ihirtfball it fir tvtry Malf-eiiU if h lap- 
liiud 1^0 Ge-ifaibtri and one GKimuibtf t titdftf tvtrj iv* 
nid/f, Bni Goiiforbtr and i<rtK Gi^molbf/i^ 

1 Wtm ihtrt arcCbiliirtn iiibt&apli»rJ,ibr Pamtijhill /^ 

insar/tdgr rbtraif Irurr ni/rbt, oi- in iht Mirninj icfiri tttit- 
glKning^f Mnr^m^ Praytr^ltlAe Catair, jhtj ibeii lb* GtJ- 
f'altiri jnd GKdmolbtrl, ^nit ibc peopl< ivilb lAi Ci>i/t/rrn^mxfi 
*s r/.fdr al 'ii l-\nl, rtlkrr mm/Jialrlj iflit ibt lafi LiJI^n 
at Mmiinr Pr^yttyor ilii immidiaiity afltr lit laji Lt0iiia! 
Evining Prayer, ji iht Cuiati by hit dijcrriianjbatl jtffeinl. 
/ltd ibi Priifl i-imitg IS lAi Fanr, (tabiib ii lir* It bifilUJ 
i^nlipuit U^lrr,} ^dftatding ltirt,jhiitlj,iyt 

AI'H ihii Child t>«*n «lmily bipiUod, m not 

1 l/lhf/anfwrr.Sot Tini fiall lit Fri/jl frwrrJ 

D£ARLY bclovcii, (nrtfTinuch ti all men ifc coocc'rvcJ 
A n4 burn in Tin ^ inJ thit our SivioiirC};riflliitfa, Nunc 
tjn Ciller into tht Icingdum of Cud. cxtxpr he be TC£enei>f« 

Publick Baptifm of InJ'ants. 

jinit ham anew or Waier and of iht Huty Ghoil j 1 bclccth 
you to oh upon Cod (he Father, through oui Lard Jdu^ 
Chr^ft, that of hii bounteous mtrcy he wUI gram ta thii ChiU 
rhat rhing whi(h by nature hr tannot have j thai be may be 
baptized with Water ind ihc Holy Choft, and received imu 
Chrift's holj Church, and be mide j HtJtly msmkt' of the fame- 

f ThenJhaU tht Priefi jay. 

Let ua pray, 

ALMtGHTV and everla^Dg God, who of thy great mercy 
dHA fjvr Noah and his tamiJy in the aric ^um perifh- 
ing by warer > and alio djdft lafely lead the children of Ifrnel 
thy people through the Re^d Sea, ligu^ing thereby ihy hols 
iJiprifm \ anil by the Baptifm of thy well-beloved Son Jelui 
Chtid, \n the liver Jordan, didfl finClily Water to ihc myf- 
riol wilhlng awoy oJ' fin i We bcfecch thee, ibr thine infi- 
nice (n«d«, (hat thou wilt mcrcUiiUy look upon ihh CbiU i 
w^ihi^mand lancllij ^►rin with the Ho]y Gholt ^ ihiiE^r, bein^ 
delivered from thy wrath, may be received into the jirk ol 
Chrift'B Church i and being rtedfdfl in faifh, joyful through 
htipe, ind rooted in charity, may fo pais the waves o\ thji 
trr>ijbleromc world, that linally be may come to the land ol 
cvcrUftfng life, thete to reign with thee world ^sithoiiC end \ 
through Jefu5 Chrift our LonJ. jfmen. 

ALMIGHTY and inimortal God, the aid of all chat need 
the helper of all (hat llee <o ihee fbr ruccour^ the ttft 
of them that belir^ve, and the rcfunedtlon of the dejd ^ Wt 
<.aJi irpon thee for rhi Infuyr^ that ht, coming to thy hol^ 
Baptilm, may receive itmillion of kii lina by fpiritgal icgcn 
cration. Receive htm.O Lord, « thou hait promifed fay thy 
well-beloved Son, fjiymg, AHc, and ye fhill have % kek,anL] 
y« fhaJl And ; knock, iind jt Siv^il be opened unto you : So 
give now unlQ us alk ; let us that feek find ; open the 
gile UEtto tii lh,iC kfiijulc ; chit ibU Infant may enjuy ihc cvcr- 
Ullinj^ benedi^iun of [by heavenly waOiing, and may Come 
TO the eternal kingdom which [hou b^ll promiled by Chrill 
our Lord' Atifv- 

H Thtnjball tbt people fiand yp^ and the PrieJijhaUfiiy, 

H«ac the words of the Gofpel, written by Saint Mark^ in ihi 

tenih Chapter, i>t the thirreeoih Verfe. 

Pubiick. Baptirm ot" liit'aiics. 

THILV bioughi yuuiig chilJien to Chrift, tiiit he Ihaulii 
taucli ihcRii nnd hisdildptitiebukciJihDrethil brought 
ih#mk BuE «hcii Jornt Uw i% he W3& much ilifplufrdfand 
lijil un^J thrm» Sitr^r the litElc children to come uxiEo ntc^ 
^nd tDrl>i<i chpm nor > far of fuch is (he kingdom oj' Cud, 
Vecily I hy iinio you, Whofoevci /hill not teccive the kioE- 
dom ol' Gail an little child, he Iball not rnter tlicirin. AaA 
he took them up in hU ua\t, put hit haadt upon them, and 
iileired (hem. 
1 /)/iif ihr Gs/juJii rtad, lU Mmifitr filal! malmkii Iritf Ex' 

BELOVED, yr heir in ihii Gol'pcl ihn worJi of our Si- 
lioui Chril), ihjt he commiiKleJ the thildrm Co be 
l)roug]iE untu hifn ( how he t>tifi]?d (hole (h>< would hue 
k(fl ihrm (iom him ( how ht tihoiwth all nien to follow 
iheir innnctniy. Yc pcictltc how by hii outwird geAuic 
jfld deed he decbieJ his gaud will Cow^id ihecn ) foi lie cm- 
brjceJ ihem in Wn atmi, he laid fiLn hand! upon them, irvJ 
bfi^lfid rhtm- Duubt yc not thercfoEti, but ciEtieHly bclicie, 
thp'LT hr will likewilc ravoiirably fcceivf r/;ri pielcnt Ittfjnr i 
thdC he will fmbiacf ^inr with ihe atmaot'-biameecy} ihschf 
will giv« unto b'lm the blcllini; oE'cletniil IJIc, ind makr bm 
pjtiikit of bin rteililKng lEmgdom. Whricliirr vie being 
thui perfktdiled of the good will of oue heavenly Fachera 10- 
»~jrd) r^rj JnfaPt, de^l-ireJ by liis Son, Jefus Chiift { iDd no- 
EhJii^ Joubitfjg but thjiL he Tjvouribly jllowelh thjichulublc 
woik ol'uut'i 111 liiliigin^ ihii Infanl lu h!i holy llipiifm; let 
HI l.iithl'ully iind devoutly give Ihintti untA him, ^nd Uy, 

ALMIGHTY ind cvtEbDing God. heavenly Fiiher, uw 
pvt thee humble ihinki, iV that ihou haD vouch- 
I'nfed to till ui 10 (he koowlsdjc of ihj' gtate, and iiitli in 
tbee I Inceile thli knowledge, und conAtm tiiii Hllh in ui 
FV(tnij(e. Give [hy hulj Sfitll to liii laftnl, ihM it tnij 
l>e born igain, ini be m^c ^a h'lr of evetliifiing liilKtikin i 
Ehrough our Luid Jeru>Chil(t,who livelli ind rdgnelh with 
thee and the Haly Spirit, now and tcrevn, Amttt. 
Y TlaJhiU lit Ptitfijtnk <ntt ibt GtJ/nii'i aniGU- 
t*mtrt m tbii vifc. 

DEAm.Y beloved, yc hLtre bioughcMii Cii'U here to be 
b,i|iElied. ye hjvc priyed that our Lard Jefui Ch'ill 

Pubiick Baptifm of Infants. 

would vouchfafc to rtccivt tin, to relcafc him of iii fins, lo 
iaalUfj Aim witli the holy Ghoft, lo giwe Aim the kbgiiom of 
hc4Vcn,aiid cverUEting llt'c. Ye have heard alfo that our 
Lord Jefus Chrill hath piomifrd in hii Gofpf! to gram all 
thefc things that ye have pfpiyed Jar -, which promift he, for 
hill part, will mofl iurcly keep and perform. Wherefore, 
atter thla promife made by Chrift, ihh Jirftiirf muil alfo faith- 
fuilyj for All part, promise by you that are Ais fureties, (ikntil 
iv come of age to take it upon £m_/r^,) that ^e will renounce 
the dtfvil and ail his works, and co^ulantly believe God^s holy 
Word, aad obediently keep itis commandments, 

I demiind there fete, 

DOST thou, in the name of this Child, lenouncc the devil 
and all hit works, the vain pomp and gioiy of the 
world, with all covetnus defires of the fame, and the carnal 
defnes of the flelh, lo that thoti wilt not follow, nor be led by 
them ? 

^njiuer. 1 rcnonnce Ihem all. 

DOST thou belierc in God the Father Almighty, Maker 
of heaven and earth ? 

And in JefusChrift his only-begotlen Son our Lord? And 
that he waa conceived by the Holy Gholl ; born of the Virgin 
Mary; that he fuffered under Pontius Pilate, wa> ctucified, 
dead, and buried ; that he went down into hell, and alii) did 
rife again the third day; that he akendcd into hEdvcn, and 
litteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty ) and 
from thence ihall come again at the endof the world, to judge 
the ^uick and the dead ? 

And doll thou believe in the Holy Ghoft; the holy Catho- 
lick Church j the Communion of Saints; the RemilTion ol 
fini; the Refurtedlion of the flerti; and cverlafting life after 
death ^ 

A-fwir. All this I lledfaftly believe. 

ILT thou be baptiied in this faith. 
Anjiver- That is my defire- 

WILT thou then obeillentiv keep God*! h«]y will and 
command men It, an J wilk in tbe lame all tbc dnjil o/ 

iby life > 

jinjiuer. 1 Will. 

t Titnjhall thi Pricjtfaj, 

O MERCIFUL Cod, grant that the old Ad»m in iMi 
CbilJ m.iy bt lb t>utie>l, thii the new man niiiy be niltd 
up in bim, j^mtn, 

Clint ihit all cornil aHe^ions inay die in bm, tni thai 
jll thin^i btionglne (o ibe SpWit may live and grow in J/m, 

Grant thit^ miy hive power ind DreJiglh to hivevifloi}', 
and ta triumpi), againlt the devil, ijie world, md tlie flelK 

Grnint tli^t wliofoever it heie dedicared lo (hee by ouf of* 
lice and mjniflry niiy Jjfa be endued with heJvenly vlrEvelr 
tni e^eTlaJlingly rcwatdeJ,cbTougb (by Jtiercy^O bleflVJ LDf4 
God, who doft livt, and govern jll things, woild wicbsui end. 

ALMIGHTY^ evcrlivin^ God, wbor^ inDftdrsrlvbeMvcd 
Son JrluiChrift, loi ihe luijivtncfsDt'ourlini, did ihtd 
4iut of his n^uR: preciaua iiic bmh wa'^r aaA blood i and pivc 
cumnundmcTit id hjj dirciple^, thpi ihcy niould go tPJCb ill 
nations, and bjpiiM thim In the Name o( the Falbcr, llie 
^on, and the Holy Ghol^ i Rfg.ird. we befeicb [hrc, the fup- 
]illc^[ions of thy congregation j landitj thie Water to the 
myftical wafhing away ot Ian \ and grant tbat tbii ChilJ, nour 
CO be b4pii£cd therein, may tCL-dTc the fulnelE of thy grace, 
lai evdt remain in the number of thy Bichful and (left bbil- 
dicn ) ihrtiugli Jcfut Chiift our Ijird. jlmta. 

H Tin ibi F'i<fljhall lah ihi CtllJ hn iii haitdi, tnj Jbull 
fity iv rAt Godjatbtn ji»J Gadthotlt'if 

Nime tbii Child. 
If ytftd tbm iraming it jffrr ihtm (ifrhry^U frjjy him tt^t 
ibi Ckild my null laduri U } hi pull dip il in lUH'tUT dif- 
t'trlly and tiiarilji Jfyi^X\ 

I tnptiic thee En tlkc Naneof thfr Father, and of Che 
' Son, and of the Holy Glioft. Amcrrr 

^ Bur if rhey trrti/y that ihe Child h 'Weak^'it jhjU Jii^ce to pour 
H''alfr upon it, fiy'^g ibeforejiiid Itr^irji, 

NJ bapt'iie thcc In the Name of the Faiher^aniorche 
« Son, aTid of the HolyGhoft. Amen- 

t Then the Prkft pjU Jay, 

WE receive this ChiM \n%a ihc congregation of Chrift'5 
fliJck," ami do fign httn with the ^ „ rA p ' /> 
fign of the CrQr>, \n tolcm chat hereafter „. „ - -, y 

Ae flialt not be alTLimed to conFefs the ^ , f.,-,m r 
I- i_ r/>i_ 'rt. -c I I J- n upaTtthtCtUiTihre- 

raith or t^hnft crucihed, and tnanlully to /^ , -^ 

6ght ntiJer his banner, a^'mfl lin, the 

iaoiIeI, :ind the devil \ and to continue Chrifl't faithful foldler 

and ien^ant unto his lifers end- Amen. 

1[ TlitnfijUsbe Priejipyt 

SEEING now, dearly beloved brethren, that tbhCkildh re- 
gcnemre, and gralCed Jnio the body of Chnll's Church, 
let lii give thdnk« unto Almighty God for thefe bcncl^i& { nnd 
wkh one accord make our prayen uoca him, chat thu Chsi-i 
may I^d the reft of his life iiccording to thia beginning, 

S TbfHJhailbeJaiJ^dnkfsttrmgi 

OUR Fathef,whith art in heaven. Hallowed be thy Name, 
Thy kingdom come, Thy ^^iU be Jone in e^rth, A^ 
it \t in huvrn, Gtve usp this di^y our dalCy bread, Aui I^it- 
givc ui OUT trtfpalTti, A> wc forgive thcn^ chat trcfpaii ag^inft 
us. And kad ui not into temptation j But drlJvcr ui from 
evil. Amrn, 

^ Thtnjhjlirhe Prfcflfiy, 

X T TE yield thee hearty thanks, moft merciful Father, chfll 

VV it hiiih pleafed rhee to regenerate rbit Infant with thy 

holy Spirit^ to receive him for thine own Chill by ailopCion, 

and to incorpor:ite him into thy holy Church. And humbty 
we befeech thee to grant, thjr hi, being dead unto fin, and 
living unto righteoufnefa, Jnd being burled with Chrin in hia 
death, may cruclJy the old man, and utterly abolilh the yhote 
bodv of fin ; and that, at ht ii made f-arfaker of iSe de^th of 



thy San, he miy allg be furrjAc of hU icIliTrtClioa i Co chat 
fiRalty, ufldi [he nliduc of ihy botyChgi(h,itr miy be<i«ni- 
hirjior of ihioe evalifting kingdom ; through Chrid our 

t Tirn. alip'i^i^t ff, Iti PniflpaUfa^ it tii Cldplhirl aai 
Godmotbrrt thit Sxiorralrun Jt/Urwing, 

FOKASMUCN u lAii Child iaib ftomiki \>y you tii fuic 
tifs to icnounic the i<y'\l ^nd jII hi- woilcs, to btlitve 
in God, ind to Setit him; ycmuft irnicnihcf,thitit \i your 
ptrtf laA A\i\Ki to fee ttitt <bii Infant be [au^htf fo foon is ^v 
/hall be iblf to Iciin, wliit i iolcmii voi*, [itomifc, Jnd pio- 
(cliion, hi halt here made bj you. And Ihat it mJy know 
ihefe things the better, ye fliall oil upon 'imta hctr Sermons j 
and thiefiy ye (hill provide, that ia may Iciin the Cieed, llle 
Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandment*, in the vulgir 
tongue, and all other things which a Chrillun atif;hc to know 
3nd beliere !□ his fours health ; and that rhii Chid m>y be 
vlrtuoully brou|hc up to le^d d godly and a chriltUn life; re- 
membering always, that Siplifm doth rt^tcicnt unco m our 
proielTion ) which ii, to follow thi ciimple of our S.ividut 
Chrilt^ and to be mtAe like unto him ; ihdl, u he died, ^nd 
rofe again lorui, lo fhould we, who ire biptiftd, Jie Irom Qn, 
md rife Jgiin unto righceourneli ^ continujUy monifying all 
uur evil and cDiniplalTcClian>,inddiiiIy pioteedingin all vir- 
tue and godlinefs of living, 

f Tbm jhall hi aid ani Jay, 
V?^ J'c to take care tll^t rhh Child tie brought to the Biflmp 
I to he tonllrmed by him.fii f™n asircat; fty the Cued, 
the Lord'i Prayer, and the T*n Commandmenti, in the vul- 
gationgue,ind be further infltu^ed in the Church -Catec hi fni 
fel ferth tor that purpofe. 

IT ii ceitain by God's Word, Ih>( Children which icc bip- 
tiied, dying bcfiin: they cotninii iflual lir;, are undoubt* 
cdly favcd, 

Tq tike away all fcruple coneetning the ufe of the fign of 
the Ctofi in Dipiifm ; the true eirlic'tion thereof, and the 
jull tealons loi the rcuining of it, mjv l-e iein in the iitih 
CiFioii, litfl puWidicd In the Vfir MIJCIV. 


The Miniflraiion of 

Private Baptifm of Children 

in Houfes. 

T TJw C^aiti s/n^ Parl/kJMI tfit» mU^ til ftifh, 
ridf tin iif/t au fit Otfi^mif iM' QiUrn Im^if iA*» 
'kt^trfmmi^mitiiiattfitr thai Hni,fMterIttiy- 
daj ft&iigbtnatm, umlrfi tfca *['ui tmdrm^tmtUt <diijr, r> 
U ffrwvti ty Ibi Ct'tli. 

1 itfWdJt itef/htttTBtni liim, itM vificM JElf fnoar taafi 
a^ ittgitf ihij frtairt mtt ttar CiiUrrm n in ttftitU ^ 
himt Im i£r^ bHJa. But win maJ /Ml atifrl litm Ji It 
Jt, lie* Bjpt-^JbaHitaimti/Ur/Jtiiltilfiftili! 

f r»^, Af (i« MiAtSf if ibi Parlfk (tr, m kit tifnn, any I 
tihc' lanffti Mitrfirr f W «• it f^ttU) wV* rk* rJui 
arifttji^! rjiV lyu tW, IBldfiy ih llrj"! P'ijf, fdfi 
tty tfibt CtiUtti affiiKiA n ttfii4 iifirt m Itf Ftm if j 
Pui&t ~ " ' ' -.. . - 

; Btftifm, M lit limt ai frijaf iri^tm niti Jt^ 
jtm lun, lit diU itlnrtun/J lyfrf »' it" ' 
Itt Miivjlir^llftar Wittr afta n,jirfi*i lirjt 

t \ajaie ihn In the Nimc of th« Fithrr, «ad 
of [heSon,Ml ol'ihe Hul/ Ghdil. Amtn. 

f tha, atl ImtSai; 4^m, Itr Mhi/Ur Jhail 
£rc* ihaiUl am CnJ, aid firf. 

WE)ieldil>«h«ct]rtluaJu,aioft ntrdrul FMtier,thil 
It )ulk [ilcilc4 due to TCfptuttx riit /a/aM with thy 
Mr Spirit, M Kceivc iw Ibc thine awn CbilJ by jiIokiod, 
, MMMucpcnttinilBeBtKThaljiChiirch. And we hum- i 
Uf Mnch ibcB M gnat, thit atkiii now midc aarultr of \ 
the fcitb «f Ibj Sos, lo if mar tc tU'o o( hii iTfurrcflion ; 
tmt llul linllit. with the rTiJuc ei ch; Stinci, bt aitj inherit 
thine ecetlifluii lungiam ; ihro^h the Cibk thjr Sm Jcfui 
'" riA our Lord, /tiartt- 


C z^ 1 

Private Baptifin of Infants. 

^ jfnj iirtlvm not doubt ^ hut that the Child fi hdpth^d n tow- 
fully and fuffiiUiity hiptiacdf j*id bogLt n-Jt to h< Imah^tl 
agmv. Tft nt^^trrhtitu^ \f the Chitd^ wbkh u afief thiffi'l 
liaptiztdf da jfstrrwjrd I'ltietit it tgprdhai th-tt it it &>sugiit 
inia the Churchy to Iht iattnl that^ if the Minifitr of the J^me 
Pttrijh did himftlf hafti'st that Ckildt rhe dn^rvgiiliui njv 
be icysificd pf rbt true Form •f S'lptifm^ by hm pni/aiily It- 
pjn eJtJ i It tubkb njr htjihitl fjy thuif 

1CCRTJFV you, ihiit according (i> the due and prcrcnbc<t 
Ordrr of rhiT Churchi iif (ufb a timt^ and at J*i(b t /^tf^f* 
t{;8}rc silvers whncflVa 1 b^ptrt^d thi« Child. 

fl B'if if the Child \vfrt hffpthtd by any other Itvfkt Mi^\Jir't 
fftfn the Mimjier of tit raftjh^ •mhtre ths Ct'imvui) iu'^i vr 
{lirWeiid, fihill tx-um'trfe aid try wbcilter lAr CAild hr Lnv~ 
fvlly i'lipii^ed, or 'it, In ivhUh cajf, 'f'^^fi '^^' ^'"t '"V 
Child fd the Cliitrih du anfurer, that the fame Child is a/ready 
bapritifdy the^Jhall the Minsjier exjtrtine themfurlhtr^fajin^j 

By whom wjfl thii Child baptiicd f 
Who was prrfcnt when ihis Child wi4 baptiiti F 
Bei^'iuCe lomc thm^;^ clirnrb] to ihl> Sacrament m«y happen 
Co be amitted (hum^h I>3f or hxftr, in Atch [Jmet dT ntre- 
mity i fhercfottf 1 demkind furihcr of you, 
With whit mittrr wjs thig Child bjiptiaed ? 
With wh4i wurdA wsa this CZiHd hiiprJKcd ? 

^ ^nd fthe I^iitujiir p}o,U find hy thi tnftvtri tfju^k at trin^ 
she Cb/td, that sH ihhp ii^re dbnt at fhey i,uf&s tt bti ttfn 
J?-iiil nut hf cbeijtin ibt Cbild i^lain^ but jholT ftcti^!t idm tf* 
o'te ^fihejlock of true ik'ijttafi pe6pltfj<iyi'ig ihvJ, 

ICERTJFy you, chjit in thU cjfe ftli h well done, anJ k- 
corJrng unto dut otdrr, concerning the baptbUg of thlt 
Uhild ; who tfrng botn In original fin, and in the wr«h of 
God, if now, by (he Ijvpt of Regcncnrion in fijpIJIm, rt> 
ceivcd inro the numW ot' the chilJrcn af God, and hci^ of 
evprlaftjng lire ! lur our Lord JcJ'js Chriil doih not deny Uh 
grace and mercy unto I'uch infjuR, but mofl lovingly 4ath 
sa\1 them unto hJm, pe the holy Colpcl doth wirne^ to our 
comEbft on ihU wik. 

Private Baptifm of Infants. 

it. Mark I. I J. 

TIlEy btouiihl ydung <hildna to Cbrlft, thM he Aould 
louch them; ind hli difclpin r<bak«d tliofc lliU 
fcraofhl ihem. But when Icfui liw \t, lie wit much djf- 
plMwiand (ui untochfni,5uI}cr thr llnic chiidr^ti eo come 

UTiEo mci and t-Jlbid tlicm nut ; ^lit u/ fuch Ji Eho icinf dom 
at Cv^p Verify J iiy U11C0 yuu, WhiiTucvcr ihjll nuE tE^ccire 
the kingtliini ol Ggd ua littlocli11d,lic Ihill not riittr therein. 
And he took thfin up in hitarmt, puthii handtupon them, 
lad liIclTcd them, 

^ .^1^ 'b ^Vi>^ ■' "-^t '^ MUifit' JImU mah till iflif 
ErirlalitM rfan lilt vnrJi sfltt Glfpil. 

BELOVED, yt bur in thii Gofpil ibc wotdi of our Si> 
viouT Chnll, that hr c-immindrl the childtcn to br 
brDu^hi unto himi how he blimcd iholc (hiC WiiuM hive 
kept them from him | how he (ihorTtd ill mrn lo Ibltaw 
tbdrinnacencf. Ve prrceive how by hil outwjrd gelt ure And 
det<i hf (le^UredhiigachJ uviLl toward them | f«r hcVmbnc^d 
iheni m hii atmi| he liid hit bindi upon tbem, ind bJcHird 
cLcm. Doubt fc not thertforr,bu( ufncitty believe, rhit he 
hith likewlfe lii-oufibly leuived /*•! prtlent Ji/jtHi 1 (hit 
he htib embiiird Aim with tht itmi ol hli iiiefcy i »od (M 
hr hjlb |jiiimikd jn lii» holj WoiJ) will give untg tin the 
biclling o!"et.-inil liic, Jiid laikc i-'ia fM'iMi' ol" hii emliiii' 
inj kingdom. Wheiefore, we bring tliui peifiniled of llie 
IfouJ will of our heavenly Ffiher, iJcclarei by hii Son Jefut 
Chiill, tnwaii itii I"/^', let ui liiihlutly ind dcvuutly |ivE 
rbnnki unto hrnt^ ind l4y the l^nycr wliich liie Lord him- 
[el^Edugiic ui: 

OVK Father, which »t In heiven,Kiillowed be thy Name. 
Thy kln^diim uame. Thy wiU he doi^e in cjith, Ai 
Ie ia in hcjvni, Gjve ua thirdly our dtily breid. And fur- 
give ul oar ttcf^iita. At we ibrgive Ehcm [hjE tTErpafb agAinll 
HI. And Icid ui nut into temptaljon | But deliver ul from 
evil. Amen. 

AIJ^ICHTy and evcrljfling God, heavonly FsJh(t, »» 
give thee humhlt ihanlcs, llut thou hlft voHchfiftd to 
*nll in to the knowledge af thy gnce, anil ^iih in thcr f In- 
cfejfe thib kn^wlfifge, and confirm thig faith in ui rvermorc 

Private Baptifm of Infants. 

Give ihy holy Spirit tf* thu /rr/an^thjt be, being born igtin, 
and bcirtg made jw hdr of ev^rhnjng filViitinn, through our 
LorJ Jelit) Chiift, may cantiuuc thy ffr^nnff tnd ^ttj'm ihy 
piomik ; ihraugh the (acne our Lord jcCm Chr'tik thy Son^ 
who iivech inU reigncch with ihce jnd the Hoiy Spirit, now 
ind fca ever, jimen. 

^ Tktn p^ll fie Pr'i/fi Jmand tbt Nam of thf Chi/di ^$ich 
b/ifig h the Gottfinbfn and Godmothift ^rsiioiiKtd, tAf Mi~ 
itijiff jhnU fd^t 

DOST lhoo,in the naracuf ihli Child, rtnognct (h< JetjI 
and all his worlcj, the vain pomp and glury of this 
wofld. with all cnvcloiia delircf of the fjmtj and thp carnal 
dE;liTc4of thf ElcE}],ra that thou wilt not follow, nor be led by 

^afivrr. I renounce tbem aH- 

DOST thou belUv^ in Goi the Fjfher AlmiE^tyi Maker 
of hcdvrn and f.iti\\x - 

ApiJ in Jtfus Chrift \ui only-ln-gotEtn Son uur Lord P And 
x\\.\x. he Wis conceived by thr Holy Ghoflj born of the Vir- 
gin Maiy i that he lufirrcd under Pantlu^ Pilate, wii cruci- 
fled, den j, and btirSed ^ th^t he wenC down into hdl, and alio 
did rile ag^m the third day j that he -ifcrndfd Into heaven, 
^nd (itreth at the iig^^ hand of God the Farher Almighty \ 
,inJ from rhence Hiall romc igain at the mid of the world, to 
judge the quick and the dead ? 

And duflithoLi believe in the Holy GhoAj the holy Catho- 
HclcChurch; the Cnmmunion of Sainti J the RemiHian of 
lini; thf! Kefurrcftiun of Ehcileth| and cverEaftmg life dtWr 

jSrtfiuer. All ihis 1 lledf^llly believe, 

WJLT ihou then obeditnily keep Cod"* holy will »nd 
com mind men t&j and wilk \n rhe I'dme ill the d*yt 
of ifiy Y\F'-? 

AHftver. I will. 

f[ Thn the Pritfi fhijU Jay, 

WE receive thj» Child into cJic congrce-itltm Qt' Ciirili's 
flock," and do fign him with th< , „ tbt P ' 
figo of the Crofs. in token that here- a_;/ i C f i 
after ir^ Dull not bea/hamed ta conlcI» ■' ,, y^j-jj' ^ 
ihc fulb of Chnli crucined, and man- , , •' 

fully Eo fight under his b^inner, againCl ' 

li[>, chf wirrldi :ind thi: tlcvil \ and Eo cimElnue ChriA't faith- 
ful foldicr and frrvanE unto hit life's cnd^ Ami^n, 

^ Then Pali the Pricjl Jay t 

SEEING noiAT, dearly beloved brethren, that fi/i CbUd'uhy 
Bdprifm regeneratCf and grafted into (he body of Christ's 
Churk:hf Ert az give thanks unto Almighty God tor thefe 
bztirhts \ And with one accord nuke our prayers unEo hircif 
that '^f m^y lead the tcfmi hii life aci:ording tu thia^iLgLoning. 

f[ Then Jhal! thi PrUj! Juy^ 

WE yield thee moft hearty thanks, moft merciful Father, 
that it haih pleaftd thee to rcgentrate /.fr^i Infant with 
Ihv holy Spirit, to tsz^xw him for thine own Child hy aduptioni 
and to incoTpurate him Into thy holy Church. And humbly 
we befeech thee to gr^nt, chat he being dead unto fin, and 
hving unto righteoufneft, and being buried with Chrili in hia 
death, may trucify ibe old man, and utterly abofiJli the whole 
body of fin ; and that, ai he h made paruitr of the dejih of 
thy Son, hi may alfo be jmrraker of his rclurrciSion i Jo th.if 
firijlly, with ihc refidue of thy holy Church, he mjy br art 
inhcririir of clfine evcrlafting kingdom i through Jelus Chrlll 
our Lord, j^mri. 

^ Then, altjiandin^ up, th Minijier Jhall tnnh ih'n ExhortatioN 
to ihr Gadfathen jfid Gudmcthen, 

FORASMUCH aa lAh Child bath promifi^d by you i;i fnrc- 
ties to renounce the devil and all his works, to believe in 
GqJ, and to ferve him ; ye muft remember, that it is your 
parti and dudes to fee that tJtii Infant be tjught, lo loon as A< 
ihs'-l be able to learn, what a folen^n vow, promile, and pro- 
felTion he Lilh made by you. And that he any know thefe 
things the better^ ye lliall cjM upon him to heir Sermons; 
anA cLle^v ye HiaW provide, that te may le^rn the- Creed, the 
Lord's Prayer, and thf Ten CommandmcnB, in the vulgar 


Private Baptifm of Infants. 

tcinguc, tnd ail other ibings which > ChriftMn oughl to know 
.ind bclleup to his lours hcjiih ; and that ibii Chilli nuy bt 
vii ttkoujly brought up to \tiii godly and a cbrlllijn IJic ^ re-* 
membering alway, that BapTifm ilaih reprcfcnt unio us our 
^roftflion \ whiiih JE, (o tbJIow the «iAmp]c of our Saviour 
ChrUtf and to be made like unco him « thati l1i he died, and 
E^fc agjin Tor ua, (o IhouM we, %vho are biptifed, die iiom 
fin, ind i1fc again unto righceoufnert^ continually (norlilyln^ 
all om evil and corrupt a liVclions, and dally proceeding in all 
virtut and godiincft ollivlng. 

% Bill if I Ivy (tfiiV* hring ibc Infatl In lU Church do main 
Jucb uiiittmtfi anjv/tn io !b< PricJI'i ^!tej}ivnit ja ihat U can- 
nol ttpj/ciir (hat tilt Oiild tvai bapti^nd ivhk Water, In th« 
Name of ihe Father, anJ of the Son, and oi the Holy 
GhuJt, t^iiihicb art ejjintiat parti sf Bsptijmt') tAta It] tit 
Frifji ^iptist it in thtform brfore apfidintid Jor Puhlic Bap^ 
lifrti of Infants ; favmg that at ibt dipprng ^f the Child in tit 
Fiatf bt Jhall itft ibiifhrm afiucrds. 

IF thou art not already baptiied, N. I baptiie thee In the 
Name of the Father, and of ilic Son, and of the Huly 
Choll. Amen. 

The Miniftration of 

Baptifm to fuch as are of riper 

Years, and able to anfwer 

for themfelves. 

^ PfktH any fucb ptrjoni, si an if ripir yian, art M it tap- 
linj, timrly natict jhull be giine la Iki Bijhtp, ir iwicin bt 
Jhall apptial fir liai pwpofi, a ivai bifsri at ihi liajl, bj 
Ihe Parinli, urjominthtr difinrr pirjam ; ttntfodiu cart msj 
tr lakrnjir tluir Examliatioii, wbilfiir ibiy hcja^itntly it- 
firaflfd in ibi Prini-ipUs iif tic CbriJIian Kiligiim -. and rial 

Baprifm of fuch as are ot riper Years, 

f-iwy may he ixb^rieA la prcftjrc fhernftlvei ^ib Prayeri and 
Facing fur tAe reitiuing of :hh baly Sjtr.imettt, 

ff j^nd iftbfyJhaU he fianii fit, then f/re Godfalktrt anti Gotf- 
mnrbfrs (fit peopk fifing offtmhUd upon she Sunday cr Holy- 
diy appointed} jhitli ht rt-zidy fo p'rfinF ihem at tbf F<-'il 
immedialtly after ihfftcend Le£bn, tiller at Mining or Ei/en- 
ing Prayir, ai Jie Curali in bii difcritkn JbaH think ft, 

^ ^ud landing there, the Fricji JbtiH ajk^ ttjbether any of ihe 
ferfcHi &ere preferred lie Aaplhedf c/r no; Jf ihty fbati anj-uJer ^ 
No ; thenpnaii ibe FricJI Jaj ihm^ 

'EARLV beloved, forslmuch a^ aU men are cpn- 
rtived and burn in fm, (and tli^t which Si horn of 
the fleih 19 flcfli,) and they that are ia the flefh 
cannot pldalb God, but live id Tin, committing 
manyj£^ujl tnnCgr^lTiona j aiid that our Savluur Cbri{t Qich, 
None can cnlrr Into ihc k.]ngdum oi' God, rtiicpr he be rr ge- 
nerate and bam anew of Water and of tbe holy Ghofi^ I 
bifeech you tO call upon GoJ tlic Fatber, (hrou^b Our Lord 
Ji-fus Chrifi, that ot~ hia bcunteou^ goodness he wlU grant 
to ibefe perjoni that whji^h by nature they cannot have,- that 
Ihey may be baptised with Ware* and Uxc ho\y Ghoft, and re- 
ceived into Chrift'i holy Church, and be made Uvcly mem- 
itn ot the famei 

t TbenJhitUtbe Friejlfay, 

Let ui pray. 

(5r J^d here aU zbe Congregation JhaU kneel. ) 

mg by watery and ajio didit lately fc-ad Ciic cuiiarrrn or irraeE 
thy people through the Red Sca» figuring thereby ihy holy 
Baptifm i and by the Baplifm of thy Well-belovpd Son Jcfus 
Chrift, in che river Jordan, didll fandil^ the element of water 
to the myflJcdl walhlng away of lin ; We bcfeech thee, fiir 
ihinc infinire mercies, that thou wilt mercifulfy look upon 
iheft t^y Jfrvirnli i wafli item and findlJIyriw™ with the holy 
Ghon, that 'Aey, being delivered from thy wrath, may be 
^^^ leceivpd into the ark of Chrift's Church ; and being ftidfaft 
2S '" '^''■'hj joyful through hope, .ind rooted In charity, mny Eo 

» -n iiA'l>A* A*l>i'fl*A ^V^^&^'LVV^J^CV'^^^ 

1 .^^-WAiV'^W^W^m^Vf'^lV^ 


Piiblick Bapnfm of fuch 

piii the wdvu or Lhta tToubrcCLmie wotU, thai ^natly f^^v 
mjy come to iFic (anJ of tvcrbAmB Hfc, iScrc fo reign wich 
tb» world wirhflui «nil ^ chrvugh JtC\}S Chritt our Lord. 

ALMIGHTY and ImmorCjt Cod, theaidof all thatnwd* 
tht liclper of all that fltc to thcc ibt I'uccour, ihr Jili: 
of them thar believe, and the rcfiirff ^Um of Ihe dej*! : Wc 
call upon chcc for rAefi f^trjhnij tliat t/nvt coming to ihy iioly 
Bjprifn}, may rtccivc remiiriun of f^i/ fins by ffiiitiiji] rege- 
ni^i'atjan. Rctr'tvc rhtrrty O Lord, a£ thirii h?!^ pttunJCed by 
rhy wcU-brlovedSuhf faying, Atk,and yc JLjH rft^eivi:; ffch^ 
.irui yr IIijU lind; knock, and it fhall be opened unto you : 
So give now unEo u& ch^i ^rtk j Id ii3 tb^t frck nnd ; open 
fhc g^tc unrcF MS thar knock ; rhaT rhtfi pfrfo/u may enjoy the 
evcrl.ifting bcnedkhon of thy heavenly wafting, anH oiay 
come CO the eternal] kingdom which thou hiD procnifed by 
iJhnft our Lord. Amitt, 

1 TAtfijhJi the ptopk/fatid apt and tbt Pr'iffifiaiijay, 

Htjr the words of the G&fpri, wrltrru fay SJat John^ in the 
diirJ Chapter, bcgjnnJng ut the firft VcHc, 

THERE Wis J min of the Phurifrra, namvd NTcodcmus, 
a ruler of the Jews. The fime^anic to Jcfui by night, 
and fnid unro hiui, Rjbbl, wr know that thou art 3 teacher 
come from God j lor nu man can do thefe miraclH ihqt thou 
doeft, except God be with him, Jefos jnlwercd and fald unto 
him. Verily, verily 1 by unto thcc. Except a man be born 
agjin^ he cannot lee the kingdom of God. Nicodemul liich 
unto him, How can a man be born when he la old ? Can he 
cntei the fecond lime into hi^ mother'a womb,and be bom ? 
Jclua J nlwercd, Verify, verily 1 f:iy imto thee. Except a m*n 
t>e born of water and of the Spiiit, he cunnoc enter into rhe 
kingdom of God. That which is horn of ihc fleih i» fleit; 
and that whUh ia born of the SpLriE is fplric Maivcl nut 
Ehut I faid unto thee, Ve muit. be born again. The wind 
bloweth where it lillcrh, jnd thou heareii t\\c. found thereof j 
but canA not [ell whence it cometh, ^nd whither k ^eth -. 
fo it every one that ii boin of the Spirlr. 

il Aj}tr itsifkh ht Jh.^li f.ty this Exhortation Jhlio^vfig. 



as are of riper Years, 

BELOVED, ye hear in thii GofpcL the eiprefs words of 
our Sivlour ChnA, that cvcept •> man b« born ot' watrr 
dnd of the Spirit, he cannot enter Into the kmgdom afGod, 
Whereby ye may perceive the great nccelTity of thJB Sacrament, 
where it raiy be hid, Likewife, immediately before h'n af- 
cenfion into heaven, (as we read in the lall Chapter ofSainl 
Mark's GolpeJi) he gave command to his dlfciptes^ faying. 
Go ye into All the wortd, and preach the Cofpei to every crea* 
ture. He that believeth and is baptized Hiall be Javed ; but 
he that believeth not fhall be damned. Which alfo fheweih 
unto Hi the great benefit we reap thereby. For which c^ufc 
Saint Peter the Apol^le, when upon his iirfl preaching of the 
Gofpcl many were pricked at the heart, and faid to him and 
the reft of the Apoftlea, Men and brethren^ whai ftall we do ? 
replied and fa'id unto them, Repent, and be baptizeJ every one 
of you for the r«miiHon of Cms, and ye fhail receive the gilt 
of the Holy Ghoft. For the promife it to you and your chil- 
dren, and to all thjc are alar off, even as many as the Lord 
our Cod (hall call. And with many other words enhorted 
he them, fiyinfi. Save yourlclves from this untoward genera- 
tion. For (as the fame Apoftle tei1:i^c;th in anotht^r plar?) 
even Baptifm doth alfo now favc us,(noC the putting away of 
the liFth of the flelh, but the anfwer of a ^ood conrdence to- 
wards God^) by the refurredjon of Jefus Chrilt. Doubt ye 
not therefore, but earnel^Jy believe, ihat he will favoLirably 
receive r/ieje prefent trr/flffj, truly teptnting, and coming unto 
him by faith j that he wiU grant fhem remilTion of rheir lin^f 
tad beilow upon r^fn the Hoty GhoA j that he witl give ihem 
the bleiTing of eternal life, and make them ^aritiken of hii 
cvcilaftjng kingdom. 

Wherefore we being thus perfuaded of the good will of our 
heavenly Father towards theft prrfons, declared by his Son Je* 
fu^ Chrilli let us faithfully and devoutly give thanki to him, 
and Oy, 

ALMIGHTY and evetlaftine God, heavenly Fafher, we 
give thee humble ihankfi, fot that thou hall vouchfafed 
to call ustoihcknow^edgeof thy grace, and faith in Choe : [n- 
creafe this knowledge, and con^rm ihia lalth in uh evetrnure. 
Give thy holy Spirit to fivfe fxerjons, that (hty may be born 
again, and be made AnrJofeveflaAingfaivatlon , through oui 


Lord Jeliu ChciA, who livctb and nignelh wilb thee and Che 
Holy ^irU, now ;iiid fat rver, jimia. 

<! Tien tti PriiJI Jball ffmi to ihi peribn! It it hafi'med M 
(All mifi ! 

WELL-BELOVED, who aie come hither ricfiting to re- 
tcivc holy Bjptilin, _fi! hjvc heard ho-jv ihe congrc- 
Rition halh prayed, thjt our Lotd Jtfus Clirift wouM icmch- 
ijir 10 iccrive you and bicli you, to relulc yuu of your lira, 
III give you tha kingdom of hcivto, and evcrlillliig life:. )V 
lijvc ho.ird alfo, that our Lord J''"' Chrift hath promiieJ in 
hji holy Word [o grant »U ihoft things that wc have piayctt 
for i which pfomile he, for hU part, will molt futely k«p 
»nJ perform. 

Whrteiorp, after thii promifc made by ChriA, jf mult alio 
taithfulLy, ^f yout part, projikift in tin prcfence of cbefeyour 
Witncflei, and this wholrcon/fTe^4iion, thai jf will lenouiic^ 
the devil and all hii wurkt, and tunlluntly belifve God'i holy 
Wotd^and otcdimtly kerp his tummandmcnti. 

fl Thm Jhall lit Pricfi i/rmanil of inch o/rbf ffrfias « it iip- 

DOST thou renounce Ihc devil and ill hit work*, the Vlin 
pomp init gloiy of the world, with all (ovctoui defiln 
of the lame, and ihc farnal dcfiret of the ^Ih, fo that thou 
svJlt not ^ullo^v, nor be led by (hem ^ 
An^'VjST- 1 irnuunee them all- 


DOST thou bcllcre in Qui the F»lhet Almiehly, Miket 
[if heaven and citth ^ 

Atid in JeAis Chrifl his only-begotten Son our Lord ^ Aad 
thit he was conccivid by the Holy Ghoft ; born of the Virgin 
M*fyi that he fuflrred under Pontlui Piljtc, wai crucified, 
LJe^dj ind buried { rhnc he went <Jown inu helt, and alfo di^i 
rile aeain <he thiid day ; thai he ifcended into hetven, ixd 
fiueth at the right hand of God tht Father Almighty i and 
from thence fhall come again fit (he cndol Ihc world, (o judge 
the quick and the dead ^ 

And dolt thou believe Is the Holy GboR ( the hoIyCiiho' 

as are of riper Years. 

.lick Churchy the Communion ot* Sain»; [he RpmilTian of 
'Ciui [he itcfuTTcOioaof the Hclh; and cvctlaibng life afur 

jinjiucr. All ihit I Aedfiltly believe. 

WILT ihou be bsptiied in (hij &itb ? 
Aiijwcr- Tbj[ ii my defirc. 

WLT thou [hen obediently keep God's holy will Dud 
commandments, and wa[|[ in the lame all the days 
of thy life? 

Anjwir. 1 will endeavour fo to do, God beinE my helper. 
% Thmflmll ibt PrUfi fay, 

O MERCIFUL Goil, grant lh« the old Adam in thcjrftr- 
Jam may l>e To buried, that the new man mjy be raided 
lop in ihtm. Amffi^ 

Gr^nt that all carnal alTedlinns may die in ihcm, and tint 
all things belonging to the Spitit may live anil grow in ihim. 

Grant that ibry may have power and ftrength to havevjc- 

jteiy, and to triumph, againit the deril, the world, and the 

'fldh. vVrorn. 

I Grant that (iey, being here dedicated to thee by our office 
and miniftry, may alio be endued with heavenly virluei, and 
tveilaftingly rewarded, through thy mercy, O blclTed Lord 

I God, who doll live, and govern all things, world without end. 

ALMIGHTY, everllving God, whofe moft dearly beloved 
Son Jefus Chrin, tor The fi^rgivcnefs of ourlins, did Ihed 
I Out of his mo^ pcrcioufi Lide both waTcr and blood, and gave 
Icommindmeni to his dUciples, thai they ftould go teath all 
\ aationt, ^nd bipcire them In the Name of rhe Father, the 

Son, ind the Holy Ghoft ; Rq|an!, we befcech thee, the fup- 
I plication! of thia congregation ; lanflify this Water to the 

myltical walhlng iway of Qn ; and grant that the perfuui now 
I to be baptiaed therein^ may receive the fulnefs of triy grace, 
. tni ever remain in the number of thy faithful and ele£t chll- 
I dren, through Jcfui Chrift our l^ord, jirrtti- 

Publick Baptifm q( fuch 

% Thtn pall tbi Frirfl ttth t^eh pfrfoa t« irt haJtttatJ fy ihr 
rigiil band, and fiacin^ Aim tanvfnitH/ly iy the Fanti atOird- 
ing fo All difcrtti^TiypitU afk the Codfalbtrs and Gitdmtthtrs 
ihe Namci and thtn Jbalt dip bhm in tin itfattrfer ftwr vAafer 
upon hintf jityin^, 

NI hApti» chcc In rhc f^^me of the Father, flJtd of the 
* Son, and of the Holy Choll- Amcm 


IT Tbiiptllib, PrUJIfay, 

receive this pctfon inlo the cooBregiiion of Cbrift'i 

llocic,* and do fign liim with the fign of the Ciali, in 

' H 1 P " n w''^" l*"" hereiriet In Qull not be 

ihallm L Cfll'lL "(h'^'d tQcontcftthefjithof Chriftttu- 

.1™". "r '' ! cified. and manCullv 10 nght under h« 

L, J ' banner, againft lin, the woild, ind the 

devil; and to continue Chrill'i lililitul 

foldlet and lervant unlo bi% lilc's end. Amen. 

? TitHjbBlllhe P'itftfy, 

SEEING oowjdeaily beloved bicthicn, that ihrji ptrfani eri 
rcjjcomiti, 3nJ grafted into the body of Chrill'&Churcli, 
Irt us give thanks unto Almighty God for tlkcle brnefiE^ 
and with one accord malce oar ^ti'jen unto hjm, that itcf 
n\ay lead the rcH of thtir life accordin|^ to tbii beginning. 

% Thru fivll ti Jaid iht Z^riTi Fraytr, til Isml'ing. 

OUR Father.whichartinhcaven, Hallowed be thj-Njoie. 
Thy kingdom coinf. Thy will be done in earthi A^ 
it la in heaven, 01 ve un ihii day our dally bread. And li^r- 
give ui our trelpaflri, A) we forgive them that trefpjfs igjinft 
us. And Iciid ui not inu tem[iUligai But ddivei gt from 
evil- Amen. 

WE yield [h« hamhle thankt, O heannly Fithsr, that 
liiou hall vouchfatcd to call ui to the knowlriJgr of 
ihy grace, and taich in thee \ IncroTe thii knowlrdcr, and 
conlinn this taiih in us eveimore. Clvi thy holy Spirit to 
ihtft ftrhm ! that, being now born asain> and madr triri of 
cverlalling lalvallon, through oui Lord Jcfut Chtift, slit may 
conlinup thv /r'^^^rj. and attain thy proniireii thrnu^h rhe 

. j^i 

iAoit Lord jeius Chrld ihy Son, who hv?ch iind rcrgnifth with 
Eiicr^in the unjcyoflhclimF Holy Spirit, EverlalUngly. Amen. 

y Then, ati JlanJing i^p, the Priefi JhuU u/f ch'a Exhort jtlofs jU- 
iofuangi /peaking lo the Cudfatbrri .md Gaiimathtrijirji. 

FORASMUCH a» thtft ptrjom bnvf promifedin youf prr- 
lence ti> renounce Ihc dtviLind all hia works, Eo belicvi^ 
in God, and to ferve him ; ye tnuft remember, that \t ia yuur 
P-irt and duty ta put Mf« in mind, what a folemn vow, pro- 
mi^ and profpfiion tb/y bjii/e now made before thig congre- 
garlon, and elpeci^lly bclore you /,^i> choferi wilnelTea. And 
yc are alfo to caM upon J^em to ufe all diligence lo be nghtly 
inftfuiieJ in God's holy Word j thiit io ih/y nay growm ^tact-, 
and in the knowledge of otir Lord JeAit Chritl,and live godly, 
nghleoully, and fol^rly in this preJent world. 

(If And rhtn, ff>faking ro ibe nciv bapilwd pejfcna, he psall 
proiffd, iind/i'yt) 

AND^s for you, who have now by Baptifm pui on ChciEl, 
iE j& yout pJtE and duly alio, bting midc the ihitdrcn of 
God and of the light, by faith in Jcfu5 Chrift, to walk anfwtr- 
ably 10 your ChriHian calling, and aa brcometh the children 
orjight i remembering always thaf BapEifm reprcfenteth unro 
us oni profcJiiun j which ii, ro follow the example of outS-i- 
viour Chrifl, and to be madt- llkt unEo him \ that a& he died, 
and rofc again for a^ -, fo (hould we, who 4Tp baptbcd, d.c 
iVom iin, and fife agjin unto righfeoufncftj Continually mor- 
tifying alE ojr evil and coriiipt affcftJons^ and daily proceed- 
ing in all vjttue and godlinefs of Living, 

H It is expedient thjt ei/ery perfidy rhut LtptivJ^ Jf^uld he caH' 
jirmid hy the E'ljbtip jt) jhofi after b'li H^tplijm ai cornfenienr/y 
may he ; that J9 he may be admitted tn the Imly Commumon. 

^ Ifur^y pefpfi "flt hap(h>ed in tbtjr infancy Jbali he hrmtght to 
he h^pli^ed hffsre ibiy come to years of dijcremn to anfwfr for 
tbemji/ves i it may Ju^e to uje the Q^e for PuU'rck Bapiifin 
of Iifanttgur (in caje of extreme danger ) the O^efar Pri-tMite 
Boptifm J only changing the 'u/ord [InfantJ^or [Child or Pct- 
fonj at ociapon rs^aireth. 

•>'^^ ^^^;y;i^ 


c c 3 

A Catechifm, 

That is [o Tiy, 

An Inftruflioii to be learned of every Perfon, 

before he be brought to be Con- 

lirmed by the Bilhop. 

■HAT \i ^ouf Name * 
Arijiuer, J^. or M- 
Sinrpm. Who gjvE you ih'it NamcF 
Anfivr, My Godf^thcii and Gadmolhvninm'i' 
B^pEkim 1 wherein 1 wa^ made a member of Chrljl, ihc<hiJd 
of God I and an inhetirur oi [he kingdam of heaven* 

S^rpm. What did youi Godlaibi^ii and Godmolhen thea 
lor you ? 

Anjioir. They did promile and vow three ihlngi in my 
name. Fitft, thai I Ihauld renounce the devil and all hii 
works, the pomp; and vanity ai [his wicked wofid, and aJI 
tlic lintiil luRs of the flelh. Secondly, that I Ihould Mieve 
all the Articles of the Chriflian Faith, And thirdly, that 1 
thoulJ keep God's holy will and commandments^ and walk in 
thr Tame all the days of my life. 

Suiflhn. Doll thou not think thil thou art bound to be- 
lieve, and iQ do, as they have promiftd iot thee ' 

Anj-airr. YsaTciilji and hy God') help fo 1 will. And 
I hc.irtilv thank' our htavcniy Fathrr, ih^E he hath called 
me Co thii Rate ai fdlvaEJan, through Jcfua ChiiA our Sa- 
viour. And 1 ptay uqeq God to give mc his gracc^ ihlt J vtAy 
tiintLnuc in the fame unco my lifc'& end. 

Rehearfe the Ailiclet of thy Belief, 


I BELIEVE in God the Father Almighty, Mikecof heaven 
and earth : 


A Catechifm. 

Aad in Jcfut Chrill hit only Son our Laid, Who wat con- 
ceived by the Holy Ghoft, Bom' of ihc Viijin MJry, Suflited 
undrr PonEius Pilate, Was crucified, dead, and buried, He dc- 
fcended into hell; The thiid day he lofe again fjom the 
dead. He aTc ended into heaven. And fineih al ihe lighch^nd 
o( God the Father Almighty { Fiom thence he liiali come 
to judge the quick aad the dead. 

I believe in the Holy Ghoft ; The holy Catholick Church ; 
The CommuniDn of Saints ; The Forgivenefs of fins j The 
Refurrcflion of thehodyi And theLilicvetlafting, Amen. 

SlurfiicH. What doft thou chiefly learn in thefe Articles of 
thy Belief? 

A'ljwrr. Fiift, 1 learn to bellete in God the Father, who 
hath made tue, and all the world. 

Secondly, in God the Son, who hath redeemed me, and all 

Thirdly, in God the Holy Ghoft, who fanftilieth me, and 
all the Ble£l people of God. 

You fiid, that your Godfathers and Goiimothers did pro- 
mife for yon, that yoii ihouid keep God'a Commandments. 
Tell me how many there be? 

Anjiotr. Ten. 

^cfiiiH. Which be ihey ? 


THE fame which GoJ fpikt in the twentieth ChopCer of 
Exodus, laying, 1 am the Lord thy God, who brought 
thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the hoLifc of bondage, 
J. Thou Ihalt have none other gods but me, 
II. Thou rhiLt not m^^kc to thyfclf any graven image, nor 
the lilcenell of any thing that Is in heaven above, or in the 
earth beneath, or in the water under the earth. Thou flialt 
not bow down to them, nor worfhip chcm : for 1 the Lord 
chy God am a jealous God, apid viftt the Uns of the fathers 
upon the children, unto the third and fourth generanon of 
them that hate me, and (hew mercy unto thoufands in them 
that love me, and keep my commandments. 

[li. Thou thall not lake the Name of the Lord [fay God in 
vain : for the Lord will not hold him guililels that Iiketh 
hit Name in vain. 

IV. RememlKr thai thou keep holyCho S-ibbdlli-iIsy. Sii 
d:>ys fliati ihou l.ibouT, ani Jo a[l thou hnU la do ; but 
tilt Icventh day is the Sitbath of the Lord tlly Ood. In il 
thou Ihah do no mann^ at work, thou, and thy Ion, And thy 
daughter, thy man-fervant, and thy mJid-[crv*nt, thy clitllc, 
and the flranger thith within thygitct. For in Rx dayt the 
LoTii made heaven an^l earth, tiic Tea, and All that in them 
is, and rcfled the feventh day ; wherefore tbc Lord bleflcd 
the fcvcnlh d,iy, and hallowed it- 

V. Hunout thy fathci and ihj' mothrr, that thy ii»« may 
be long in the land tvhkh the Luid thy Ood givoth th«. 

VI- Thou fliiilt do no nlurdcr- 

VII. Thou (halt not tomtnit adulifry. 

VIU, Thou Ihalt not ftnl. 

IX. Thou (halt net bear lairewltneriiplnftih^ndghbour, 

X. Thou Ihalt not covet thy nclghbout's houle, thou ihalt 
nt-c covet thy neigh liour'9 wife, nor hii fervtnt^ nor hit maid, 
nor hia ox, nor hia afs, not any thing thtt ia hji. 

What doft thou chiefly Iparn by theft Commandment! ! 

Afi^tiitr. i learn ti*o thiiTg^ : my dutj towohll God, and 
my duty (owarJa my Neighbour, 

Siurjihn. Whjt Is thy duty towards God ? 

Aijvicr. My duty towards Ood, Is to betieve 1(1 him, ti> 
tear him, and to love him with all my heifi. with ill my 
mio.i, with all my foul, and wiih ill my llienElh ( M wor(hli> 
him, lo sivt him thanlct, to put my whole trull in him, i^ 
C4U upon him, to honour his holy Name and his Word, »nJ 
to Icrve him truly all the dayi of my life. 

QliiJIk". Whit 1b ihy duly towaidi thy Neighbour ? 

AujtiKT. My duty towards my Neighbour, ii to love hzm 
a myj'elf, and to do to all men, as I would they Ihould do unto 
me . 'I'o love, honour, ai>d fLJecour my fhither and mother . 
To honour and obey the Queen, and all that are put in aurhc.. 
riiy under hen To futimit inyfdf » >11 my govetnoun, 
[t«her»,IpiiltualpjflorjiniJnUliei»i To order tnyfeli lowly 
and reverently to all my bettcrl I To hurt no boiy by woid 
Qor deed I To be ciiie and juH in all my dealing i To bear 
no malice nor hatred In my heart i To keep my handt from 
picking and Ideating, and my Tjngue frorrkevlj-lpeiking. I^ln^, 

ind n»ndcring ; To keep my boi</ in icmpeunce, fobcmefs, 
and chaftity : Nnt to covet nor dcfiteotlicr mtn'i goodi; hot 
to Icim and labour trul)" to get mine own living, and to du 
my duty in [hat Ibte of lile, unto which U (bill pldiii CoJ 
to ciH me- 

My good Child, know thii, that thou itt not able to dt> 
thel* things of thyfelf, not to walk in the Commandments 
of God, and to fcrve him, without hla fpecial giace ; whith 
thou mvH tentn at all times to call for by diligent prayet. Let 
mc heat iheiefore, if thou canlt fay the I«id'> Prayer. 

OUR Father, which an in heaven. Hallowed be ihy Name. 
Th^ kingdom come. Thy will be <Jone in eaidi, As 
it is tn heaven. Give ot thi« tfay our daily btead. And for- 
give tis out trefpanea, As we fot]{ive them that trerpars kigiinl^ 
ui. And lead us not into temptilion ; But deliver u> ftom 
evil. Amen. 

^rjlh". What delireft (hou of Cod in this Prayer? 

A'^fiun- I defite my Lotd God our heavenly Father, who 
\i the giver of a[] goodnels, to fend his gtace unto me, aad to 
all people^ chjt we may wotlhip ikim, ferve him, and obey 
him, as we ought to do. And I pray unto God, that he will 
lend us all things that be needful both for out fouls and bodies^ 
and that he will be merciful unto us, and forgive ua out Am \ 
and chat it will pleal'e him to five and Aeftni us in all dangers 
ghoAly and bodilyj and that he will keep U!^ ^om all lin and 
wickednefj, and from our ghoftly enemy, and from everlaft- 
ing death. And this I tniH he wiU do of his mercy and good- 
nifs, ihtOLigh our Lotd Jefui Chrift. And therefore I fay. 
Amen, So be it. 

HOW many Sicnmenti hitb Chrift ordiined in his 
Church ? 
Aithoir. Two only, as generally necelTaiy to falvadon, that 
is to (ay, Baptifm, and the Supper of the Lord. 

^u/Jihn- What meanefl: thou by this word Sucrnnenl f 
jl'kxir. 1 mean an outwaid and vilible fign of an inward 
and Ipilituil grace given unto ui, ordained by Chrift himfelf, 

r I 

u 1 meini wbcnby we rnciv« the itrat, tad i plcJgc to 
atTurr ui thereof, 

^BiSia. How many put* aic theie in a Suitmenl? 

rpirittidj g'lf c- 

S^ijcfliitii. Whit it (he outwanl illiWe fign o( fgrm ::• L-j. 

Aafwir. Wjwtj wherein th« |ierron ii hwtiied /« (ir 
N,\mt of the Feiffirtf snd of the ia«i nflf/ o^/if ih!y Gbifi. 

^ejtiou. Wh^c H the inwitiJ anJ fplrliuAl ^jce f 

jiajiarr. A ileJih iinio fin.anJ j new birth unto righieouf- 
ncfo : for being by nature born in (in, inJ the chitdrcn of 
wrath, we arc hereby mide the children o( grjce, 

^Bf/iiL^M. Wlijl i> «i)ui(eil i>l" pctfoni to be tupEJied f 

yi-ifavi-, Rcpenance, whereby lliejriwliltefini inij Faith, 
whtteliy (hey ftedftlHj believe ihe ptpmiles oI'CoJ made Co 
them in thit SjcramfnC- 

X!jirflion, Why tlien art Infjnii bipilicd, when by rea&n 
f f lUfli Ecnder *gc they cannot perform them ^ 

AnHver. Becdule they promilc chem boEhby [JielrSureChdi 
whkh pronii[e,when theycotne to igetthemrclvesire bound 
[□ perlorm, 

Slurjiiaii. Why wa& the Sacrament of Ihe Lord^i Supper 
orijincd y 

Aitivjtr. For the cent'mual remembrance of the fjct^ficc of 
the deiih of Chri<i, and of the benefici which wc itfCiK 

Si^ifihn, Wbal it the autwttd part or fign of the LdkI'i 
Supper ' 

Aifuitr. BoiJ and Wine, which the LorJ huh tma- 
mjndtd m be rcteived, 

litutflkn, Whjt ii the inwaid pari, or tblng figmlitdf 

Aijwt'. The Body and Blood otChrill, which art tcTilymJ 
rndeed taken and leceivcd by ihr failhfolinthc Luid'i Supper. 

^ijlion, What are the btncfio whereof we ire pirtiken 
ihueby • 

Aiijiiii'. The llrengUienlnu and tefieftilrnjof our foula by 
'Hl Body .ind Btooil ot out bodlei arc by the Bread 
and Wine. 

Siatpen. What U icqutnd nf them who com* to the LorJ'a 
Suppet ■ 

A Catechifm, 

j9nfu/fr. To ei'iminc tlicmfclves, whcEher they rf^p^nr 
them Cruty i>f th?jr former tiuSf rtedfjilly purpoGng Fd Ic^jJ j 
Dew litv > bavf a tUrly faicli m God's merty through Chrilt, 
with ir thankful remembrance of his death j and he in thirliy 
with all men. 

^ 7bf CuFtiTt of every Pjrijh P^U diligently upon Sund-iyi and 
Hoiy-dnyi^ after the fecand LtJJ^'ti at E-veah^ Prayer, opeaiy 
in ihe Cburcir injlra^ and txamht fu many Children af An 
P^njbfeit unto lumbal bt ^11 Ihink comjenient^in fome p&rt 
of t hit CaUnhifm. 
fl And all Fathers^ Mathersy M^Jieri, and Damei, Jhall caitfe 
ibc'tr Chi/drtH, Servantx^ and Jfpprenticfif (ivAkh have not 
Icjr/ied their Calethifm^) t^ come 19 the Church at the (me ap- 
pointedf and oledimtly lr> hcar^ and be ordered by the Curate, 
until fuch time ai ibey have leamid all that ii here appointed 
for thrm In learn. 

f[ Sofijun ai Children are came M a competent age, and can fa\', 
in their Afvfher Tcngue^ the Creed, the Lor/Tt Fray/r^ and the 
Ten Com/nandTnenli ; and atjo can anftuer to the olhtr ^^ejfiijns 
of thii jhort Cateehijm i they Jhill be brought to iheSijbop. 
And every one Jhall have a Godfjlher^ or a GodTHOther^ at a 
If^tnefs pfiherr Confirmation. 

M^ And lobrnfocver the Sijhi'p Jhall ^i^/r knirwledgt fQr Children 
to he brought unto him for their Canfrmatian^ the Curate of 
every Parijh Jball either brin^^ or fend in ivriting, loith his 
band fubjcTibed thereunto, the njtnei afall Juch perfum •wifbin 
hit Pari/h, ai he Jhail think ft ti^ be prefenled to the Bijhvp to 
be eonfrmed. And^ if the Brjhop approve of them^ be fhaH 
(onfrm them in manner fel/niaing^ 

The Order of Confirmation, 

Of Laying on of Hj^nds upon ihofc that arc bap- 
tized and come to Years of Di fere rion- 

^ Upoi the Jay nftpoirtujf all ihar are to It then cQ/iJirmedf htin^ 
Jilacej. anjjiandiag in orders bifire tbi Si/htip ; ht (or Jomi 
'itber Mii<Jt/T Aippomttd by him) Jbali rtita tots FTtfaetJh!- 

O ^he end Eh^t Can^rmarlDn may be minii1«rei3 
Ca the moFE fldiiying of fuch A3 (h-ill rcceivt it, (fie 
Church haih [huughf good Eo orderf That none 
hf^Ec^arter (hiilk be CanRfmed, but fuch ai un iity 
the Crecd^ Ehe Lurd'^ PttycTf and the Ten ComminflmeiilA ; 
and can ilia tnfwcr ro fuch adicr QuclUonSf ai in Ehc ihaii 
C3.tcchi(m itc contained : whkh otAct is very contenicnl to 
be obfcrvcdj to the end, that children, being now come to 
che ycati of dircrctian, ^nd having Icirned what thcit God^ 
fAihen and Gt^dmalhtrt {xomifcd for them in Baprirm, (hey 
may themfelvea, with their own mouch and confcnt, opcnN 
before rhe Church, ratify anJ confirm the fame; and al(o 
promife^ that by the grace of God ihey will evermore en- 
dejvour themfelvcB Jajthfully to ohfpf ve (iich things, u they, 
by their own confeffinn, have afTcnted unto, 

^ TArn Jhj!! rbe Si/ftBp fay, 

DO ye hcre^ in the prefcnce <if God, and of this congre- 
gation, renew the Tolemn promife and vow that W3i 
ni^de in your name at yont BapEifm -, taafy'ing and connrm- 
ing the f^me m your owri perfons, and aclcnowled^inj^ yL>ur- 
fclvpfi bound Ed believe, and to do, all ihofe things, which 
yo^ir Godfdthera ani Godntothera then unde(^^ok itjr yo4» ? 

9 jSnd tivry mefhall euJ'ihly anfiufff 

I do. 


The Bijhfpy 
L^R help IS in the Name of the Lord \ 
Aii^iiHr^ Who hjth made beiven and urrh. 


The Order of Confirmation. 

Bijinf. Bl<ir-il bt iJiE Niini7 i,( the LDfiJ j 
Atjmf. Hcnteliirth, wurld without tnil. 
B:Jtcf. Luiii, be»( our puywi. 
AxfasT. Kai let out <ty cjme untu iliec. 

Tit S'Jhuf, L«t m jirjy. 

ALMIGHTY ind evriljilng Gwl. who haA vouchrdfcil 
to rtK"i"»te thcfe ihy /efvjmi by WjMt in-1 ihe Huly 
Ghoft, an J han given untn [htm forgivrncri oFilJ iheic Giii ; 
Srrcngibcn ihtm, uv bct>c<h th«, U Lord, with the Holy 
Gho(t thcCamlfirteriinililiiilyincrcare >n ihrm (hy minlluM 
1(1 tb ol' |[Nte ; the Ipirii of wirdofn and undcclUiidlng i ihr 
fpirioi^counlrL inJyhoftty Arrngih ( the tpiTicor^kniawlcdgr 
ind true goilUndi | anil llU ihcm, U Lai>l,wl[h (he fpiilt ot 
thy haly I'tif, now inil iai e\er, Amin. 

fl Tkin til rf ihm 'm iriir hmlini ti/fi fU B^jUf, tt Jbt!' 
■'jj til ijtJ ujKH rii bud ej'ntrj ant frvanUj, Jajting, 

DEfEND, O l^fJ, Ihii ihy Child [or if>ii ib^ &r%vi,i] 
H'iih (hy heivtaly S'acc, [hai ^r may (antinue thine 
for t»M I inU JiUj indcjfc In ijij holy Spirit itioir and mute, 
until ti came unio thy tvciliitlnc kingdom. Amen. 

^ Tim /ball rtt Bi/beffay, 
The Lord it with you. 
Arjvur, And with thy fpitit. 

^ jind (nil hutlmg dniiin) lit Bijhufjbill aJi, 
Lei ui pray. 

OL'RFalh«r, which art >nh«ven,Hjllawed be ihjrKamc. 
Thy kLngdDm come. Thy will be done in larth, A> 
II ii in heaven. Gitt vt thii da^ ouf daily bread. And for- 
give UI uur TTcrpanri, Ai wr rbrgive them that trcfpariagainll 
ui. And Eud ui noE into temptation \ But deliver ut Irom 
nil. Amen. 

Aid ibli CtHm. 

ALMIGHTY and fvrrli«in|[ God, who matefl ui both 
to will and CO da tholr lhini;i thai be i^xti and accepta- 
ble unco ihv divine Majelty | We make our humble fuppU- 
i^afioni unia thee for Elide thy Tervintiiupon whom (alter the 
rurripir of thy holy Apotllei) we have now i-iid gur hiniis. 

tu ceriiiVihcm (byihis fignjol" thy Ijvour and gracioua good' 
nefi towatdB ihem. Let thy ^thcfly hand, wc brfreth thee, 
ever be over them j let thy Holy Spirit cvci be with rhcm ; 
iind lb leiJ thrm in the knovk'ledgc -ind obedience of thy 
Word,tl]drin r ht end thtymdyubtajne verb Aing life; through 
our Lofd fcfuB Chrirt, who v/hh thee and the Huly Gh^Jl 
liveth jnji rF?ignrEh> rv^r one God, world without end. ^men, 

O ALMIGHTY Lord, and eveThfiirTg God, vouchfafe, 
WF bpfeech ihce, to dife^, I.inclJEy, ariI gaiiern, bolh 
our hc^fts iind badi«. in tbt wayb o(~ thy Lau^s, ind in ihc 
H'orkiol thy coTnmjndmcntsi ihat, through (hy nioEf mighty 
prL>te^ion both hcfc md ever, ^e may be prcfefvcd in body 
andlbulj [hrough uuf U>rd and Sjviuur JriuaChtlft^ jitatn. 

^ Thrn lift Bijhop' jbnU ii//i them, J'tytng ihuj, 

THE Blcfiirtg of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, 
xnA the HolyGhott, be upon yoij, and remain with you 
for ever, ^mtn- 

% And there pait none he aJmirred to fh Hcly Communlevt unt:i 
Ja<h upttaibe be tanfirntd^ir he ready 4vd tttfif^ui ta ^ <f*- 

The Form of 

Solemnization of Matrimony. 

fl I'ifJI riv Biii'in of III! ibat an te it murr'nd tuiiitir mufi /. 
fHbttJI.tA in the Chk^iit ih'tikvtral Sitiidayi, during tit ttm 
uf MarniUf Soi'iie, 6f ff E^-rnin£ Sir^'tc/, (if itfrt it im 
j\ft/ntsng Se'i/nt,J 'mmtdmltiy aftir ihi ftcniid hfjf^n i tbt 
Curjrt J-jyi'ig afirr the acciijhmtd Ntitnittf, 

Pl'BLlSK ihf Binni ol'Mirrijge bclwrcn M. of 
-^ and N-of — - If any of yoa know cauCc, of 
juft inijHMlimtnt, why rilefe t"* pcrfoni Oiould 
^ nol he juincd togeihtr in holy Moirimonj', jt arc 
ludwlstt it, Thi) » (he Aift [/«iiW,or ihrj] am^vfiOi- 


Solemnization of Matrimony. 

Ibr Sjnn m'^Jl tr nfiud •■ tlfl' FfUhlt} mJ 'it Ckrjtt •/ 
ibi IM P^'jt ihall ti fittmjiiv Mitrimeiy ^nolm it/m, 
wkifa ti Cr'ti/tMi if tit Aim ithg iitutiijiij,j>aii ilr 
Cuttm ^ilv tibiT Fiinjb. 
^ jIllhtdj^Mjt'mnfft'mttJfitfthmi^vititilffMttr'Mmty, 
lit ftrjimi Ittt mii/KiJ ^iill ctmr inn tin tnfyt/ltt Cta'ti 

iM iILiH « fA> riibi i-atil, juid ill ifiiiui si rM lift, if* 
t'lifi Ji'jJI J.,j, 

DEARLY bclnnd, ■! m ipthem) tagcihei hoc in ttic 
fifht of Cad, ind in ths fact o( thh cangtc([jtian, lu 
join W|Kha( chit Man ind thiiWsmjn in hnly Mitrimanyi 
wUch u an honouraMt tthlr, inAimlTil nf <>olI in ihe time 
af Hun'i innoc<n(r,riEnii)>n|[unlo ui ihc niyltiial union th^t 
ii (kCwIii Ctarilt ml hii Church; which hnly cil»« ChriR 
jdornetl inj ticiuiidfil wiih hii pic((o«. jnd firrt mrr.i.-lr 
tht< h« wFotifhi, in Cjni ol GtliJf^j in^ j< com m .- :i ' i r .^ i^: 
Siinc PjuJ to be hoaouriblc imongilt men [ anil 'hi j'-r.iri- ■ 
not by^ny to be entr^prLifd, nor Eikcn in hand>(in^dviiebiEy> 
lightly, or wiotonly, (o fitiifj men'i (ainil lufti and ajvpt- 
tiia, like biulc bcifli tbithiMfluunilcrllindintj bulKuc- 
irmly, [iili-THily, idvilcilly. lubcrlv. anJ in th* fair of Cod i 
dulytonlidttingtbeuuliafarwhitliMatilmonj waiardaind. 

Fitfl, It WH otdaintd far thr protreitrun of (hildreo, to be 
brDii^hi j]p in chr iet\ ind nurtuiv of the Lord, htii la lh« 
pniJc ^^hift holy Name. 

SiTCondly, li ivat ordiinfd fat i tcmedy a|tlDn lln, ind to 
jvoid fornicjTinn i chjt H^ch pcrTonii n hivt not the gift of 
contjnency mi^hcmdtry, and kFcpiheRifcIvciiJTiJeAlciJmFm- 
btfi o/Cliiift"! body. 

1 hudly, It wai otdjlnH for the mutual fotltty, hrlp, and 
(omlbft, that the pni ought to hi»r of the othet, both in 
fiotjtAty and adTetfity. Into which holy eftilc ihele two 
pciloni ptficnt tome now to b« joined. Thctetore if inj 
mm ua Ihcw iny juft ttule, why ihcy miy not lawfully bt 
j'liricd lugethTT, kt him noia' iftvt, ot rtle hcKifCct <ot evcf 
huld hii puu. 

t jiiida!Jii,Jfakiii wits ibi frijimt liat Jball Im murriii, bt 



IREQ^'IRE and charge you both, it x' "''" >'i>'<r*tit the 
JtcjJtuI day of jodgenwnt wh*n iVit ffcrch uf ill httcti 
Ihill be dil'dolcdithii >l either of ygu know any impnl^mcnt, 
why yt miy not be lawfully joined logcihtr in Mjiiinn<>ny, 
ye do now confcli it. Foi be yc well ilTur«d, lh» (o many 
at an: coopled together othetwile ihin Cod'i Word doth allow 
ue not joiniJ lagithrr by Cad i neithcT ii tbili Maitimony 

H Al irliiit lint of Marrm/r, !/tity BiM JflM^I mlJaitri 
any in/itJminl, ii'iy ihy may lol if toKflrJ li(Hlrr hi Ma- 
lrimiMy,iy God'i Lain, </r lit Lmii of iMi Ritilm I tmdviSII 
he ^itnj, enii fii^iirnr fmrtritt mfA Aim,ntAe pariiu | vrlft 
par in a Camihn (is ibt ftll vabutffiiih ctarrti a> lit frr. 
JUKI 19 he matrltJ da tberiiiyfujfa'm)lvfrvvtih allegalker: Ibeei 
ihr fsteiB'iiulian nujl hi Aefirtrd, vnlll fmb Imu HI lil Iriiti 
tl iried. 

^I l/ic impid'ampi hi alltdged, rHiiJhall lit Csrtli fay un 

ibe Mttif 
M. TT riLT ihou have ihii Woman tr> thy wtddtd wife, 
VV to liw togdhfi after Goil'i ordjnante in the holy 
e^die of Matrimony i Wilt iltou love hefi comlnrt her, ho- 
npur, and l;«p her in flcknfftand in htalih ( and, fotlalcing 
all uthcc, liecp thee only unto hir, lo long ai ye both Hull 

t Tht Mm jkall tffiuif, 

I will. 

% Tiiifitill fir Piiefifny »»« !l* Wtmjn, 

N. XT TILT (hou have thii Man to thy wedded hulbrad, 

VV to live together alter Goii'i ordinincr in the huly 

efbic of Mjirimony ' Wilt thoii obey hitn, and l<rv< him, 

lovt, honour, and keep him in ficltnri'i nnd in health; and, 

fcirfoking all oiher, keep ihee only onlu him, lu long at ye 

liijtli rtiall live' 

5 rii IfimanJlvJijiHfanr, 

I will. 

K rtit/jjll itr M-mfiirJtjt 

Who uitFth thii Womin to be minied to thii Man f 

Solemnization of Matrimony. 

5 Titw^tll iky [nt lint IrHbH tact Pl*tr im itil mjMiur. 

Ttl Atnijlfr, rttflv>i[ ll« fftmta tl btf faltlr't nr fr'unfi 
Iti^i./bJliMJiii/AU/ivllHii rjrii btnd ii tatr rti tTi- 
H^n *t i(f rij^il ktiU, and I'Jiy ajirr ban al ftUratlb. 

1M. uJlc ihce N. to my wrddrd mff, t" liivc and to hctd 
l^m (hit dijr frtfw*ri, far hstrrr uv ^vorle, for richer for 
poArcTf in ficJcRcli 3iil1 in holrh, (o lo^^c inJ m chfHft, till 
Jnth u> da pirT) according to Cod^i holjr ardicuhccy iit'i 
litcmo I plight iher mj Raih. 

^ Hn/ktCI i*^ ^» r*/,r il^Vi f /tj lU V:au*, wm* i*r 
ritii %itj 'ahnt ih Mat ij hxt r![ti ivtj,jlvi! htreiiijijay 
ajH' lit Atrm/hr, 

Iff, akt ili«c M, u njr wiJdH huaHa4, in tuTc and u 
holdirnnithiidiji ibrwinl, ^ benr[fiirH'<Hrc,laTiichci 
fnr poorrr, in fxlcacli and in hnlthf tu \ort, i:hailk, and lu 
«bry, tiU iruU ui da put, iccofdlDl M Cod't boly oiJininu i 
ind Ihenca 1 gftt thte my troih. 

f[ Tirt/lu.'.' ityj ajai* tit/i ibtir ianJi I and tin Mapbattgivi 
k-fi i^ ft'iitjt a mar,ldniin ibt Jami ufai lln hat milA lit 
auuJl-.ttJ <liity n lii Friffi aid Clirt. Andlkt FritJI,iti'mi 
lit It''!, /fw'/ -liliwr ii anlt ibt Af j», Is ful ii »/wt /S 
ftrritfitfrrtflbttyimaH'tU/itiaod. Andlki MavtaU- 
inX ibt /ting iJitri, and latigtl iy Itt Friifl,Jl>tlljay, 

WITH ihii Ring 1 ihct wed, wiili my body I ihtc wor- 
/hjp, ind vr'ixb ill my worldly goudi I th«( «nr)aw : 
III the Hitne of the Fiihfr, ini) of the Son, and of (he Uo)j 
Chad. Amea. 

5 Tin itc Atait Icavlat Itl Rinr Mtn tkt /iarit /urT t/'tt 
U\ma*'i lift knd, Ihij fimll Bali bml duo* i axdltt Mx- 

Let UI pray* 

O ETERNAL Cod, CmioriRd PtirctvsrafallminlcJnd, 
Cint of alJ fpititiul jiact, ttid Author of evetUfling 
lilr} fend thy birlling upon ihdia ihy Icrvinti, ihii min and 
thit mum an, whom wc bld> i<i thjr Nim«i that, it llucand 
Rrhrcii iiied fjiihtully together, fo thefc prrfengmiy futfly 
pfrt'jrm nn'l keep the voi* jiJ covenant briMTLit thctn midr. 

H M 1 

Solemnization of Matrimony. 

whercel this Ring given md rcceWeiJ h alahin .ind pledge,! 
nnd mjyever irmim in pertcCt love jntt pejce together^ anil 
live according tg thy tawi ) ihruugli Jcfus Chrill am Loid. 

f 7'ira /!«/; ibi Priifi jtln iMr right hamti Ittttitr, axdjej. 
Thole wham God hith Joined cagctbci lel no min (lui 

f Then Ibsll thi Mimfltr Jfiak aim itt frnf/r. 

FORASMUCH IS M. jnJ N. Iuve confcnttd logerher In 
holy wejlotk, and hive wicncired ihc fame beltite Cud 
aad thii c^nipany, iind (Jicrcl^ have given and pli^dgrd thfir 
trjsh either ta othci", jnd have dccbrrd (he lime Ijy giving 
anij receiving afd l^'^^gi ^ndEiy-jmniRg of hands; Ipranauncc 
llisc they be M,in ind Witt logether. In the Name of [he 
Father, ami of the Son, and of the HulyGhoA, Arieo. 

H jiud ihi Miiiijlcr jhill jild lliis 8!'£iijr. 

GOD Che Father, God the Sun, GuJ the Holy Ghoft, blefi, 
ptelcrvc, and keep you ; the Loid merciluUy »i(h Iiii 
favour lonk upon you , an-\ lb fill you with all fpluitial bene* 
dictJun and ^racr, ttjji ye njiiy fa live togerher la thU lire, that 
in the world [o come ye may have life ei-eilafling. Aiea. 

H Tim ihi Mimjttr or Ckrh.giiiig n ihi Ltrd'i Ttt/t,/ull 

Jay trjittg ibi! Pjjim fillmiinx. 

Bwii omftfjM Piklm cxiviii, 

BLESSED arc all they thai fea> tin Lord i and vnllc k hli 

FoTchnu ))iali(Miihe labour of ihine hiadi i O wtit it thee, 
and hipi>}* lliali (hou (if. 

'I'hy wife (lull he as the fmhful vln* i npCQ lh« WJl3« t-l 
tlnr>e houfe j 

Thy i: hi Idren tike the olive branchei i round abont thy cable. 

Lo, thill ttuil the man be blelTed . (hit (eaicth the I-otd. 

The Lord from out of Slon (hall To blefi thee i ihat thou 
thalt fee Jerufalem In ptofpeiity 4ll thy lifc long ; 

Yei, that iliou (hall fee thy cliiWien j children : »nd pcaee 
upon Ifrarl. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the Holy 
Ghoft ; 

Ai It wu Ld tbe br|'innia(i ii How, mi rva ihiU be i woild 
ulihout end. Amen. 

fl ft- M>1 F/jlm. 
Dial mifirrMnr. Pfjlm Imli, 

C*^ OD b« mcrtlAil unto ui, mil \i\t(i u i and Acw ui tlit 
J lil^ht ot' hli (oununinu, mil be mcrdlul unto ut, 

Thjiihy wi]i miy be known upsa (onh i th]>fiiio|tit3lth 
jmoni; flU ndClon*. 

I.ri the people fn\(t (hee, O God I y«t, tei *tl the pcopk 
pfiife rhcc, 

() [tt the Ritiuni njoiee (id be gii4 i fat thog Ibxll juc))[< 
llic lotie riijhicnunj', ind gsTcin ihr niiisa* upon eirlli. the people pciife thee, O Coi i ye*, let >tl the peopi' 
pnifc thee, 

I'hen Ihill the e>ilh brin( foith her inetule : and God, 
even our pwn Gud| thtH £^ve ua hit birring. 

<iad ihill btili ucanil ill ihe end) u( the world dull fear 

Gloiy be Eo the Father, uid to tbe Son : ind to the Holy 

Aikwnin the beg>nnm^iinOw,aBd ever /hall be: world 
withoal (Dd. Amen, 
1 rtf P^Ih adtd, arj itr Miit mJ ibt tfmttm tnnlmi Ufirt 

lit Lvil'i TjMtf ih Fritfi Jlmiim[ «i ibi Tstlf, anJ f immij 

kit f*<t trtixtrji thrm^ JhaJl jjy, 

Leed, have mrrcy upon ui, 

ATtJibtr, CbrvA, have mere)' upon UI' 

IMmiflrr. Laid, hue mercy upon vt. 

OVR Fither,whichirt lnheaien,Njlloired bethyKime. 
Thy kingdoin (jm*. Thy will be done in ntth> Ai 
it 11 in hejren. Gire at ihii day our djily bend. And fbr- 
git« UI out txeipiirrh At we forjivt them chti nefpili ifilnA 
u>. And lead u> not ioto lemplaiion i Bot dctlitr ui liom 
oil. Amen. 

Mi'ijt/r. O Lord, five thy fcrvant, ind thy handmaiii | 

^n/w. Wlia pul iheit null in tbre. 

JttmiJIer. O Lonl. (end them help from thy holy place | 

Aitfwt': And fvermore defeTXd ihem, 

kftlj>ir. Ik iinii} them ■ lauet oribengih. 

Solemnization of Matrimony. 

Ai^iatr. From the fjce o{ their (ntDI)'. 
Mifi'Jler. O Lordf hear uiir prjyef. 
Anjiotr. A.nd let our cry come unto thn. 

OGOD of Abniiam. God of Km:, God of Jacob, t>l«r> 
thclir thy Ictv^nn, nnd low ihr l'pr>l of eternal lite in 
[htif hejio; thjt whalfotivrr m (liy holy Won) chcy llull 
proBiAbLy Irikrn, chcy mjy m Jcfd Outfit (helJniF- Lriok, O 
LurJ, mercifully upon them from bdvtn, dnU bIcA them. 
And J^ [hou djJA fenJ thy blelling ujion Abrdhim iai Saiah, 
tt> ihrir pfar tomlWt, lb vouchiile to frnd thy hkfiing upon 
their tliy letvanBi thai lh»y obeying thy will, and alwiy 
□ring in fafeiy unjcr chy protcilion, niqy abide In ihy loic 
until iheir livei' mil ; thiough Jefus Chrilt our LotJ. jtmai. 
^ Ybh Frjytr ntxtfillotving Jhj/I bt ^mttftJ, vjhtrr Ike tyimait 
h J^ajt ibilJ-heai-ing, 

O MERCIFUL I-ofd, and hri.cnly Fither, by whoftHti- 
cious gifi nunkinj h intKjftd ; Wc bcfeech thee, af- 
lift with thy blelVmg thefe two peilbni, tlicy may both be 
fruitful in ptotrcitiun of chl I Jrcn, and aUb live together fo long 
in godly love and honefty, that ihey may fee their children 
chiiftianly jndvirtuoully brought up, to thyprailcand honour; 
through Jcfufl Chrilt our Lord. Amtrt. 

OGOD. who by ihy mighty power lull iniile all ihing! 
ofnothing g who alfo (after othff EitlngF fecm orders 
didfl appiunt, that QUI of mm (ctoated iftvi thine Own Image 
and fimiliiude) wumin IliouW ttlte her beginning ; and, knit- 
tine them togtihcr, didft teadi that it fliould never be Uwfid 
to put afunaeiiiiofe whom thou by Miitrimiiny hiJft mideone ; 
O GDd.whu bill eonfecrateJ the lljle of Matrimony tu fmk 
an ejicellenl myltcry, that in it 1% lignified and reprelenfei the 
l'{)lrituat marriage and unity betwixt Chnll and hit Church { 
Luok mertiluUy upon thck thy lervanti, that both chii man 
may love hii wifi:, actor Jlng to thy Word, (al Chhfl did love 
hjl fpoufe the ChuEfh, who gave hjmfelt for it, loving and 
cberithing it even ai his own flclh.) and ilfo that iJii* woman 
may be loving and amiable, faithful and obedient to her liuf- 
liand I and in all quietnefa, fobricfy, jnJ peace, be a Folio wet 
nt' hnlv nnd goiily Trutrona. O LnrJ, tl^fi them hufli. nH 


Solemnization of Matrimony. 

gnnt them Co inherit thy cverlafling kingdom -, through Jc- 
lus ChtiJt Qur Lord- Amen. 

f Thtn Jhali ibe PruJI J^iy, 

ALMIGHTY God, who at the bcgmning dij cfcatf our 
firft parents, Adam and E*r, and did fan^fy j*nd join 
them logpthrt in marriage j Pour upon yon (he ricJifa of hi* 
gra(«t faultily and bkli you, that y? may pkafc Mm both in 
body and Ibul, and Uvc together id holy love unto yout Uvea' 
end. Amen. 

fl After iiibiebj if there fft no Sfrnion Jec/arhg the duties of 
Miitt jnd ^ife, the Mlnijier Jhatl read m fi^llviaetb. 

ALL yp that are married, or that intend tu lake the holy 
cftate pf Matrimony upon you, hear whar the holy 
Scriptirri; doth fay as roochtng the duty of hulbjnds towards 
their wives, and wives towards their hulbi^nds. 

Saint Paul, in his Epilllc to the Ephetians, (be tifth Chapter, 
darh give thh commandment to all manied men \ Hujbands, 
tave your wives, t\ea a£ Chrift alfo Loved the Church, and 
gave himfelf for it, that he might I'an^liiy and dcanfc It with 
the wafhing of water, by the Word { that he mighl prpfeni 
it to himfelf a glorious Church, not having fpoE, or wrinkle, 
or any iuch thing ; but that it {hould be hoLy, and without 
blrmLfli. So ought men to Jovti their wives as their own 
bodies. He that luveth hi^ wifeluvech hlmfelt : for no man 
ever yet hated his own ^vih, but naurillieth and i^heillhelh 
it, even as the Lotd the Church : fur wc are members of bir 
body, qf his Arlh, ^nd of hU bonet- For thiJi caufe IhaU a 
mjn leave bis fatlier and mother, and Hiall be joined unto bi^ 
wilt i md they two IhaU be one flefli. Thia la a great myf- 
tery ; but 1 fpcak concerning Chrift and the Church. Never- 
Thetefo, lee every one of you in parric^ar To love his mfe, 
even as hJmfelf. 

LJlcewife the fame Saint Paul, writing to the Cololtians, 
fpeaketh thus to all men that are married \ Hufbands, love 
your wives, and be not bitter againft them. 

Hear alfo what St. Peter, the Apofttc of Chrifl, who 
was himfelf a married man, faith unto them that are mar- 
ried y YehulbandSjdweU wUhyout wivea aeCL>rdlng to know- 
ledge ; giving honour unto the wife, a^ unto the weaker vef- 

Solemnization of Matrimony. 

jcl^ind a being hciii together of the grace ofliA?, thn youi 
piayrn be nol hindered, 

HjihcrEQ ye have hcMrd the duty of the hulbind toward 
[he wil^- Now Likewife, ye wiv«, hta,t and Icjin youf dU' 
tie! towird youi hulbsnds, even jj it is plainly fct tarlh in 
holy Scripture, 

Siini Paul, in the afcrcnamcd Epiftle w the Epheliins, 
teichcth you ihusj Wive, fubmlt youiIiluH unio your own 
hulbandi, at unto the Lord. For the hulbjnd h the he)<l of 
tlir wife, even as Chrill is the head of ilic Church ( jnd he 
is the Saviour of the body. Theiclbre a the Church it fubjeA 
unto CHril), (o let the wivet be to therr «wn hulbinds In 
rvery thing. And again he faith. Lei the wift fee that (he 
fFveffnce ber hufbanil. 

And in his Epillle lo the Co loflitns, Saint Paul gitcth you 
(his Ihort leiroa i Wivei, fubmil J^uilelveJ UQto yout own 
hulbands, ai it I! lit >n the Luid. 

Slim Peiet alfo doth inlhufl you very welt, thus fiylng ) 
Ye wives, be in ftibjedHon to youi own hulbandij that, if 
any obey not the Wi>rd, they aifo may without tiie Word be 
H'on hy thtr convetfarion of the wives; wi^ile cliey behold 
your clialle cotivcrfarion coupled with lear, Whofc adortiing, 
let It not be that Dutwitd adorning of plaiting the hair, *nd 
of weajing oE gold, or of putting on of apparel > but let il be 
the hidden man of the hear I, in ihit which is not carrLiptit>Ic| 
even the ornament of a meek and i^uiet fpirit, which i^in the 
r^^ht of God of great price. For after this manner in the old 
lime the holy women aLfo, who truiled in God, adorned Eiiem' 
lelvei, being In fuhjetlion unto their own hulbandij evrn ai 
Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord ( whofc diughten 
ye ate as long ai ye do well, and an not afraid wilh any 

fl // il contviiictii liai ibc tifui-mnrriiil pirfini finmlJ rtrthn tht 
lifh Ci^mmvHtoH ar fiv rime sf thfir marriage, tr at ihrjirft 
^^i^-rtunlly iij'itr rht'ir Marriagt- 

The Order for 
The Vifitation of the Sick. 

aifier of tbi Par'tpi ft^&), timing into thtjtek fwrfitt'i Avttj'e^ 

EACE be ta this houfe.and to all chdC dwell Ja »I. 

fl H^a he lamrtk into the fick malt's preftnctt he 
Jhali Jay, inee/ing dmvit, 

R EM-EMBER not. Lord, our iQiqulcieSi nor the init^uiciea 
oi our fo^rtaEher^: Spare u&, good Lard^ipre thy peo> 
jvlr^ whom thou hjli redeemed wJEh thy molt prccjoui blL}ad, 
aod be not angjy wiih us for ever. 
Jhtj^fier, Spare u», good Lord, 

^ Then the Min'Jier fiall Jay^ 

Ltt u^ pray. 

Lord, have mercy upon uf- 

Cbript have merry upon ui. 
Lord, nave mercy upon ua< 

OUR FaihfT, whkhait'm hfaven. Hallowed berhyName. 
Thy kmsdom come. Thy will be done in earthf A« 
k is in heaven. Give m this day our daiJy breaJ. And tor- 
give us our trerpdlTes, As wr fbrgive them thit (rrfpafs jgninA 
iH. And ]tid ut noi into tcmpution i But deliver us Irom 
evil. Amco. 

Mj'iijttr. O Lord, fave fhy Cervrntit^ 

jitpivtr. Which puttcrh hii trull in ihfc. 

Mmijier. Send him help from rhy holy pLicej 

^"kvcr. AnJ evermore mightily defend him. 

Mifijler, Let the enemy luive no advantage of him ; 

j^fifutr^ Nor the wicked approjch to hurt him. 

Afini/ier, Be untj him, O Lord, a flrong tower, 

j^njiusr. From the face of ,fc/j enemy, 

M<n\Jicr, O Lord, hear our prayers, 

jifffutr. And tcf our cry ctmic unto thee. 

The Vilitation of the Sick. 

OLORD, look down from heaven, bchoM, vifit, ind tt- 
lieTc thh ihy ftrvant. Look upon Aim wUh the ryci 
oi thy mercy, nire ^im coinfoit ^nd furt ennlidpiicr in thtc, 
dctVniJ Arpvi irom Ih? d,4n£cr ol" rhe enemy, dnd keep £/~n in 
]>E:rp;tiijI pc4ce and Cafetyi through Jcfut ChiiA our Lord. 

HEAR us:, AtmighCy and mofl mifrciFulCod jnJ Siviotir; 
rilend ihy ncculiamcEi gooduHf to thin thy frrvini 
who h grieved with ricknefs, S^n^ily, we befcech thee, 
rlii^ thy ^tbctly correction ro ^/n ; that Che lenlc of Ah weak- 
i\cu atJiy add lirength to hh Nith, in6 feiioulnelK Ed Aii tr- 
penbnec : That, If it fhaU be thy good plejilure to reltois in* 
Co hit fottiitr healthy 4fm4y leid the relldue of bii life in thy 
fcATt md to ihy glory: or clfc, gWc him grace fo To tflfce tiiy 
VffiiZiatiDii, thjt, after tbl^ pjiinful life endcJ, ht miy dwrJl 
wiib thrc in tife everlaftingi through JefusChrllt our Lord. 

^ Thm JhaU tfie l^n'ijier t:thorf tbt^k ferfon afrtr thhj^rmt 
or ofAer Uh, 

DEARLY beloved, know rhl&, chiC Almighty God ii <he 
Lord of iiJc and dmhj ani of all ihingi to them per- 
taining, ai youth, llrengih, health, age, we^knef^* ^nd Tick- 
ncfi. Wherefore, whatfaever your lickneffl i>i kn^^w yog 
i^cruinly, thdi U h Cod's vilitJtion, And for what ciutc fu* 
ever thifi licknef] h fent unto yoki ^ wheth^T it be lo tiy your 
patience for the example of othen, and thai your filth miy 
he found 1ft the day of the Lord IjudAMe^ elarloui^ tnd ho- 
iiLjiir-.ibJe, Eoihe increafeof ftlory tmi rndlrla fclkiiy j or clfe 
IE be Tent kinto yon Co corieCt and an^enJ in you whatlocver 
liaih offend ihe eyee of your heavenly Father^ know yoii 
crrMinEy, rhat if you truly repent you of yovf lins and heir 
yiiiir ficknefi pitkncly, tiufting in God'i mncy, for hii deu 
Son Jefui Chriirifakeaind render unto hin^ humbk th^nka 
fi^r his l^thorly vlfiudonj fubmitung you'l«lf wholly linto hi* 
will, it (hill turn to your profit* and help you forwiid to the 
t'^ht way (hat leadelh unto eiferlfeAing lile. 
fS I/ihe pfrjhn fj/irfd ir ^^ryjick^ thtn lit C^rur« auy md hu 
tjrhanatiQH ft /hn ftan^ nf t/fe frifnai. 

The Vifiiation of the bick. 

TAKE thcnibrc in good pin tfir chiflJfimFnt of the 
Lord [ For(ji Siini fjul Ijtth In the (wdJfiK Chapter 
tit (lie McbrrwiJ wbotn the Lord loteth be ihaflcncllif tiiA 
liourgeth tvciyfon wboini ht leuiveth. If yi endure thai- 
Cening, Clud deikih wtih vuu II vriih luni ; t-ir vhit (on ii 
he wliom ihe Either thiilenrth iidif But i( jc be withom 
cKil^jcment, whemtf til tn purUkcrti then aft yc b>lfjr^ii, 
jnd hul iLini. Furrhermotef we bdve bid fjihcrt uf our Jicfh, 
wh'r^^b cwtreaed us, and tre give lltrm rcffcjcnec: (lidll we 
not much rjlher be in TubjedttQn unra iJie Father cf TpiriEf, 
frid Vivf ' Tor tbey vrfil)' R>t i ^ew d^yi chaflened m atirr 
iheit o«in plf ifure i bui he for ou' profir, ibit we migbi be 
pimkcn at' bit bolincri. Thefc word;, food ir.>cl«r, ire 
wiicMn in holy Sitijvtute for our comfon jn.f inllrgftion ; 
that w< diouU ptientl]-, and with ihjnkfgiving. bcjt out 
bearcnlj Piiher i correllian, vthenfoevef ity aciv matiner of 
idvrrGiy it a»[I plufe hii graciouigODdnc'iEo vtRt ui. And 
ibeie (HoM be no greicei camforc to Chrilllan pciront, ibm 
lo be mJile like unto Chriit, by fuftcrlnf pjcienlly ddvetfitiei, 
Iroublei, jn-I fidmertti. For he himlell' went nut up lo joy, 
but AiH lie ruflticd pain ; lie tntcicd not into hit g1>»y belotc 
Jie »«i (iu(ified. 5i> trulj our wjj lo eternal joy ii lo fuffci 
litie ivitb Chrirt ; and out duot to tntcr into cleinil lite is 
gild))' 10 die wiib Chrill { ilmt we nii)' life t^tin f'lom deilb, 
And dwell witb liimino'erLiflingllrc, Now tbeitfotc, tilting 
jrour rieknelt, which je thus pioJitiLile for you, p,iricnrly» I 
eihort you, in the Name of Cod, to remember the prufriri'iii 
which yo^ made unto God in your Baptit'm- And for-ifmuch 
la after (hit lifn tliert is an account lo begiven unto the riijii- 
ttni^i Judge, by whom alt (nu{t be judged, without icl'pe^ oT 
prrlont, I rrt^uire yoa to etirnine yourjelf and your cQate, 
tioih toward Cod and man i lo that, acculing and condemn- 
ing yoaifelf lor your own ftulo, you may find metcy at oui 
liuvenly Faihei'i bind lor Cbiill's f>li:F,and net be accufcd 
and coiidenined in ihiT feirful )<idgcniFnT. Tbeiefoie 1 (hi 11 
reheiifc to yoti the Artkleiof our F^llb, that you nijiy know 
ivhetbec you do believe u 4 ChriAUii man Ihould, or na, 

1 Hire iti Mmijlrrjhall rtirarJtitiAriKlatfilu Fa'ut, 

The Vifitation of the Sick. 

DOST thou belirvcin God the Fathct Almighcy, Maker 
of hMvcn and earth ? 

And in Jcfus Chrifl his only -begotten Sun unr Lord ? And 
that he was tonceived l*y the Holy GhoEl, born of the Virgin 
M.iTy J that he fulfcred undei l*i>atiui Pjl*Ee^ was cniciiled, 
dcjd, nnd biiiied ; that he WL'iat down into hellj and alio did 
I'lic ag,am Che (hird day ; thai he jrccnd^d Into heaven, 4nd 
fittelh »t the fighl hand of Gad the F*thef Almighty ; and 
from thence (h-il I come ogain at iheendof the world j Eu judgf 
the *{uk^ and the dead ? 

And doft ihou bdjeve m the Holy Chof! { rhc holy Ca- 
thollcicChurchi the Com muni on ofSainOi (he Remillioii of 
lins^ the RcTiirrt^ion of (he fle^i and everUAlngU^ after 

H Thtji^iptrjtiHjhaUanfwr^ 
AM this 1 fledfittly beljeve. 
1 T^ffl ^// tbt Mmijttr ejeamiie wberhir he rrjnni him truly 
of biS ^lit j/nJ be in cbiiiiry 'with all tht imrid ; eieborting 
^im 10 forgivf^fr'/m The hsttvm of Mi Amff all fttrferti liji 
hii^c offended him i jnd if he huth offended jny olber^ tt oA 
them fjrgitienejx i and ivhtre he hith dsne hjury ir ^vrangro 
niy miUf tJuji he m^he amende to the utieTtnt>p of fih funvtr. 
^4nd if fit hath nat he/are di/pnffd vf hh jr^di, iel him then ^ 
iidmonijhed fj m.ikc his H^iUf and la dec/art hii Dibti, laAot 
he ff^etb^andiabjiiimain^unto bim i for the bttttr diJcAtirg^ 
ing of bh (onftiemej and rbe r/uieTfiefi of bh Emuturi. But 
men fbould of en be fut in rernembr^tnce to tjie order for rt* 
fettiing if their temporal ijlatti, •ivhUji ibty are m health, 

H I'hefrtvordi before rthearf/d may he fa'id btfcre tMe J\^inifier kt- 
I'w rhii Prayer^ ds heJhaUfee e.tuft. 

1 The Mifliptr Jbofld mmmii eamefily to mwt JuthJUk pt'funt 
as tire oj abiU'y tv be libirgl to life poor, 

IF Hfe JhiU the Jiik perf^n be mo^ed to maie a fpeeiel Co»frjfton 
ofbii^ni, if be fed his canfeience rrttubled ii/iiA any ^vetg/iiy 
matrar. After luhich C<infe^oit, the Priefi pgll tibfeh/i bim 
(f he humbly and hejn'ity d/fre if) after this frt, 

OUR Lord Jcfwi Chiil!, who hjth left power to his Church 
to abfolv;; all (inneis who truly rrpeot aod believe in 
him, of his great mercy forgive thee thine oficncea: And by 




The VifiCation of the Sick, 

his authority ^Dnimlttcd (o me, 1 ablblve cbee from all iby 
Ciiiit In ihc N^rnc af the Father, and of the Son^and of tbe 
Hi^ly Oholf. Amen. 

1 And then the Prhfi jhaH py the CoUefl fiHtjw'mi. 
Let us prjy. 

OMOST rnfrdful Cod, who, according lu [he muItJtLidp 
of thy merde^j doJl fo put away the Jins uf rhtilr who 
truly reprnt, thai thou remembei-eft them na more^ Open 
[hjnc eye of mercy upon thia ihy fErvant, who mail e^rncilly 
dcfipeth pardon and furgWcneftt Renew m h'mj moll loving 
Father, whjlfoevcr hath been decayed by the fraud and malke 
of rhf devil, or by bn own camjil uilJ and IraiLnef:i ; preferve 
ind continue thiA fjck member In the unity of the Church ; 
confider bit contritLon, accept bh tears, aJTwage hh pain, as 
dtill fcem to ihcf mo|^ tipedienL for him. And forifmucb 
ai be puttcth bU full Iruft only in ihymrrcy, impute not unto 
him hii former fm^, but ilrengthtn bsm with thy bicficd 
Spirit; and, when thou art plealed to t^ke him henci^, takt^ 
hipi unto thy favouTf through the merits of thy moA dearly 
bel&ved Son Jefna Chrift our Lord, j^vun. 

H Thenjball rU Mmijierfay thh Pj'ulm^ 
In tt, Dfmine,jjfer,ivi. PfiU \tx\, 

IN ihce, O Lord, have 1 put my triid ; let me never be put 
to canfufion : but rid me, amj deliver me in thy rlghtc- 
oufnefs y Incline thine ear unto mtf and (ave mt. 

Be thou my flrong hoM, whereunto t may alway refort ; 
thou hall promifed to hetp mcr; for thou art my houff o( 
defence, and my caAte. 

Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the ungodly i 
out of the hand of the unrighteous anil cruel man. 

For thoui O Lord God, art the thing that 1 long tor : rhou 
art: my hope, even from my youth. 

Through thee have I been holden up ever fince 1 waa 
born ! thou art he that took me out of my mother's womb; 
my pralfc ihall aJway be of thee. 

1 4m become as it were a monflcr untD m^ny : but Eny fure 
trull ia in thee. 

O let my mouth be liried with thy praife : that I m^y fing 
of thy glory and honour all the day long- 

' '/JjA 


dlt mc noiaway in Eh? clmcof agv iforOike mc mtt whcji 
my {^length /jilcih tat^ 

For miiid crifmirs Ipcalc a^tnll me^ ini thty thit lay wait 
for niy loul Cike chclr counii-l (ogeihtir, laying •- God hath 
faviiken hJm, pcHccuEc hLin, and ukv Uim ^ for thcrr is none 
to deliver him. 

GonolF^Tirom me^OCod :myGndfhaAe thee to help mc, 

Lctlhfm hecuDfoundvdand pcrilhthjt^rcagainJt my IduI : 
let them he covered with fhamc and dilhunout that Jcek. to 
do mc evil. 

Asliir me, t i^'JIl pitirody abldeilway :and wJll praU« thcc 
morp and more. 

My mtruth Ihall daily rpcaJc Df thy rigbtcoufncfs and TaIva- 
lion : far 1 know ho end thpreor. 

I wiU UQ forth in the Hxength of rhc Lord God : ind vyiU 
make mmlion of thy rigb^cpufnefs only, 

Thoo,DGod,hAn{3ughrmcfTom my youth upuniil now: 
ibcreforf wUI I t«lf of xhy wondroiiA worki, 

Forfikr: mc not, O Godf lA mmc old ag«, whtn 1 am griy- 
hf odfd : until I h-ive ihewed thy ftrengfh iinw thif |f nsra- 
tion, and thy power fo all chat are yet for ta come. 

Thy rjghre^iufnefa, O God^ i^ veiy high, and gfUE thin^ 
ire they ih^t thou half done ■- O God, who it JJkc unto thee ^ 

Glory be to the Faihcrj and to the Son : jnd to the Holy 

As it waft in chcbeginojrig,isnow, and ever ihall bei worM 
without end. A(nfJi> 

OSAVIOLTR of thp world, who by thy Croft and pre- 
cioiLs BUiod hall redeemed U5j Save ut, and hcfp uk, we 
humbly befeech thee, O Lurd. 

II Thru Jhail lit Mmlpr fiiyy 

THE Almighty Lord^ who 1b a mott llrong tower to all 
them ihdEput tlieir irul) in him, To whom all things m 
hEravcOj (n r^rth, and under the earth, do bow and obey, be 
no* and evermore thy defence; and make thee know and 
feel, that there IS none other Name under hc.ivcn given to 
man,Jn whom, and through whom, thou may ell free) ve health 
and lalvatlon, but t»nly the Name of oUr Lord jefua Chrift. 


f ^FjJ afnr Ibatjbailjay, 

UNTO God's gradouB mercy and ptnieflioii wp cammit 
thee- The Lord bleJs ihec, and keep thee, TU 
Lord maJcf hii fai^e to ihioti upon theej and he g»cioiit unto 
tbt^c. The Lard IjiE up Lis cuuriE^naDce upuji thee, and give 
ihee peace, both now and cvcfoiurc. AfteB, 
Prayer Jhr oftck child. 

O ALMIGHTY God, and merciful Father, lo whom alone 
briung ihe liTuci of Iffc ind death ; Look down from 
heaven, we humbly bcfpccK ihee. whh cht eyes of mrrcy upon 
this child now lying upun ihe bed of fickncft ; Vifu him, O 
Lord, with thy JalvaiJan t, deliver him in thy good appointed 
time from hit bodily p^in, and fave kh foul for thy mercies^ 
l^ke : That, Ifit ihall be thy pleafure to prolong hit day? here 
on earth, in m^y live ro thee, and be an inflrument Qi thy 
glory, by fcrving thee faitlifully, and doing goad in bU gene- 
ration I or elfe rrccive b\m into thofE: heavenly habitatldns, 
whttc thp foLibaf ihrm thai llfepin the Loid lcfusenji>y pen 
pelujl reft and felicity. Grant thJSj O Lord, Tor thy merciea' 
fake, in the iamc rhy Son our l^rd Jefua Chrift, who Lvcih 
and feignerh with thee and the Holy Ghoft, ever one God, 

*0fld without end. Amsn. 

A prayer for a ftii ^rjvrj^iabeit ibvt fipptafttk Jmall hope of 

O FATHER of mercies, and God of all comfoiT,ouronly 
help in time of need ^ We fly unto thcc for fuccour in 
behalf of this thy fervant, here lying under thy haod in girat 
weaknefa of body. Look graciouny upon him, O Lord , and 
the more the outward man decayethi flrengthen bmf we be< 
fcecb ihee, fo much the more continually with thy grace and 
holy Spirit in t^ie inner mjn. Give him unEeigned repent- 
ance for all [he errors oi hh life paCt, and ^edfait l^iirh in thy 
Son JeluB ; that kis fins may be done away by thy mercy, 
ii\A hii pardon fealed in heaven, before be go hence, and be no 
more fecn. We know, O Lord, that thrrc h no word im- 
pol&ble with ihee; and thai, if thou wiLi, thou cinfl: even yet 
raifc him up, jnd grant him a longer Continuance amongft us: 
Vet, forafmuch as in all appearance the time oi Ai$ di[Tolunon 
draweth near, fo fit and prepare i^j*, we befeech thce,againfl: 

The Vifitatioii of the Sick. 

rJit: hum of dcaEb, thuc jifcer Afi <J(piiturc hence in pcjce, jnd 
ill thy Civour, Ail foul may he riccivfd into thin* iveibfling 
Itingdam, ihiougli the merits and nicdiaiian Drjefui Chiill, 
thine only Son, our Lord and Satiour. Aititn^ 

A tommendaSory Prayer f^/r ajitk ptrfon at the point of M^rtsrf, 

O ALMIGHTY Gt>d, wkh whom do live the Tpirili of 
jutt men made pertc£l,iifEef they drc deli vfrrd from their 
c;irlhly pfifons ^ We humhiy commend the foul of this thy 
fcrvsnt, nut dear briiikrr, 'tnta thy hands, n! into the hamls of 
1 liithAil Creator, and molt merciful Siviouti moft huml>1v 
bcfetchins thee, thstjt may be precious in [hy fight. Wiifi 
it, VIC pray thee, in (he btood of thil immaciitjte Lamb, iha 
wjs lljin to lakeawiy tht lin) of the wotlil ; thjt whjtibevct 
delile merits it m^y hjive (onrrj^f d in chemiJ^tof thiaQiiferA- 
t'lc 3i\i naughty worJd» tlitough the luH^ of the tlefh. or (he 
mies of Satan, being purged and done awiy, it may be pre- 
tented pure jnd withuiit fpot before thee. And icichuf who 
fuirvive, in thiund other lilte daily Ipcdacles of mortality, to 
fee how frail jnd uncertain oor uwu condition i^ j and io t<t 
number our days, that we inay ferioufiy apply uiit hearts to 
that holy and hcrjvcnly wifdum, whillt we live here, which 
may in the end bring us to lifeevetlafting, through the meriti 
of Jefus Chrift thine only Son our Lord. Amit. 

A Prayer fir ferfsm IrouhUd in milH er it esufiit'CI. 

O BLESS ED Lord, the Father of merctes, and the God of 
all comforts; We befcech thee, look duwn in pity and 
companion iipon this thy afflicted IcrvafiE. Thou wiiteil bit* 
Ecr things ^gaind him, and makeft bim to poffels bh foimcr 
miciuiiies j thy wroth liith hard upon tiw.jnd fcii foul is faW 
of Erouiile : But, O metciful God, who hurt written thy holy 
Word for our learning, that we, through patience and tom- 
lort of thy holy Scriptutcf, might have hope i gi ve */«»« tigh t 
uoderllaniiingot'Aiw/r//', and of thylhreati and ptomilcsi ihai 
if may neither call away hh confidence in thee, nor plaee it 
inywfiencbutin thee. Cite Wmilrength agjinli all *ii temp- 
taiioni, and heal a1! bii dlftempers. Bicik not the hruifeJ 
reed, nor queneh the fmuking flax. Shut not up thy tender 
mercies in dilpleal'urc^ UiAt make^iA' to hear of joy and g!i4- 

The Communion of the Sick. 

iirei Aim irom feu of the tnrmy, j(i<l liJx up iht h|;hi of ch) 
uunCciuncc upon 4ji>, MtlRitr £;Hpc.i»i(hrDughthcxDtrlli 
and mcdbtian cif Jtlu* Chnft out Lord' «^iiffl. 

The Communion of the Sick. 

^ Fs^ajmitrh n ali fwrrj/ mtn it JnhjiU ta maty Ju4Jti f^hi'i, 
AiJi^jti^Aid Jiik^rJItif tidevir nAitfliliii tl/fhtf ttrnt lixyJhuU 
dt^rt ear t/ibii bfr f lAe'tfvrt^ it iA< iaifitt itvy may k* 2wyt 
m ,1 naJifuji ifJtt,tvAtffji,ttftritJtHi//pJfitfiyl'ittigbryC$4ti 
t^U tJirm^ liir C^'diii Jhili dUi^fntty frum time ii Umt (kkt 
rfftiiaiiy i* 'iv l\mf if ffjii/iit^-r^ ar ifh' ivfiji'tus ^ci^tft) 
itlwl ihfetf Pjirijl-wirtri ta ttr a/trn nrti-vi/i^ if iht My Cm- 
mnAitM of ikt Body 4tTj B-oad if tur Suviair ChriJ9, ^tfitn if 
fbjtl I* pn^JitHy AJmtniJt/rid m Tht Church f that Jo dvine^ 
tttry ofjy, in tjjt offi/JJ/ii vifirjtion, Aaiv ttt iiji caufr It fir 
ilijifuififj for tali oj tbtjumt, Svr ffiAf^fi fitrjan tt ftat at/f 
n ctM"? iAt Churik^and y/t it dtjifita n rtctivr tht Csmmu- 
ntan in hit houfi j thtn ht muji pvr cimrly nntUt la iht Car^rr, 
J'S^'/j^"£ ^0° ^*°^ nany rivn grt fo iamtaunisalt ^itir him, 
(tvhishfh^ii ht ihfB, or Puv ^t tht i'^Jlt) d"*' ^•n^*f a ro"- 
ifjiifnr ftUit ia tht Jtik nua'i ivuftf wf^ dU lAinri atti^'grf 
Jt f^rfartd^ tk-il iht Curate r^y m'ffitiiy miiiptr^ bt ^ill 
th<T4 itUhr^ttt t^e H^y Ctmnumnj I'tginniftg'withtbi CatUit. 
EfifiU, and Gvff^t btrt fdinftmg, 

LM[GMT\', virriiving God, Miket of irunlcW, 
who dotk cOTrv^ thofrwhofn fhou *tol1 lov«( kind 
chtllirr wtry one whom (hou Jolt ititivt \ Wc 
beffech ihee to h.t\'e mttty u[fon (hii thy lervpni 
vjJiE^ with thine banJ, intj to grAnt (h'( i-t mny ttke tii 
fitkntCt patiently, Jnd te^itvtr hit bodAy he^jIcJi, (if II be tliy 
[TBciouf Will i) jn^J whtnlWvcF flit Tuul fhaU dcpiit from thf 
Wy> ic raiy be without fpot presented unto Uiog| through 
Jcfiis Chrfrt out Lord. Ariea^ 



The Commutiion of the Sick. 

Wf EpiJlU. Hebr, lii. 5, 

My ron,dcrpirc nol <hou the challcning of the Laid, nor 
fiioc when ihou Vl ich<ikti "t" him. Vol whom the 
\jtrA IdVFth he chaflcneth j and fcourgcth rvery Ion vhum 
he rpcrivcth. 

The Cifl>t!. St. John v, 14, 

VERILV, venlyl Qy unto you, HttWhemrth my wotd, 
iiid bcllcvtth on lilm thjt frncme, hjth e-verljHmg 
Ytfijani fhiU nuc came inEo condemnation j but is paJIcd irom 
dfa^h tintu Viiv- 

^ AJltr xvhkb the Pr'icji Jbatt prfKfed aaordiitg ts ibejermtf' 
fi'riprijfrihtdfnr ibr boh Communion fb/ginmito at tbtf'^IMtJi 
[Ve tha! Jo truly, Jkc] 

T Wl /if (imt of iht 4ifiriiiiiio« of lit hi>lj Sdiramtnt, ibi F'irJI 
JImU Jii'Jl r/ffiife tbt Commtt^ion iumlelfiafd ajif mim^n u/itu 
lirti rial art appsmrrd le cemmuninit v/ltt rbtjkl, and lifi 
of till to iht jiik Jirfun. 

% Sui if a man, liihcr iy t^s^im of rjiirtmiiy effctarfl, tr/tr 
imini af lujrniitg in dm tnnr ta 'hi CHralr,irJt' lack i^mii- 
pany to rtitivt rijiih AiiKt of by any orhtr jvfi ImffJinitwtt dv 
nol rtceivf t^f Sfiir,imfat 0/ CAriff' I B'idy nrfd Btoitdt thtCtfratt 
pjiill injint£l hirHtthot f ht liri truly rrp/nr itim of bit fnijOnd 
firilfsjily Mini 'bar Jtf<-> Ck/IJl baib f'^'rid Jrarb upon ih 
C'ofifor Aiittt eniiJJ-'td bii Blood fur bit redemptionf tarittjUy 
rrmemlMn^ig /ht bfaefrs bt Aurb ibereAv, and ^rvinp Aim ktarty 
liaKki \liinfiirt, bt Jaih rai aft! drink Ibi Body tnd Bind ef 
oitr SoTiuur Cbriji picflabty to bii Soni't beattkf airitttgt it 
da ool tictiiii ibi Sacritmttil lU'llb bii mnuih. 

f Him the fnk firjan 11 liifittd, aod riitivHb lit biJy Ctonn- 
«io« all M lint limt, itrn ill PritJI,fer mirt txftdilkn, flull 
tm affibifurti afihc fijiiuiimti ibr Ffjim (In t1i(e,0 Lon), 
hive I put my truft, &t.] jnd go Jlr^ighi it tht Cmmmtioit. 

% In ibi limt of Ibi Plillnl, &HV11I, or jach elbtr likt stnugitu 
limn effatmji or dljiafii, vibin ikbi of iki Farifii crmigi- 
louritttn ii ffoltin lo eommunitine viirb tbtjUk in ibiir itAi, 
far fear tiflht tnft^itin^upon Jpttitl rr^ii/Jl of ihi difrjfijy the 
MiiiJItr mjv aalv iortjynummli vo^rb iim. 

The Order for 
The Burial of the Dead. 

Here h to It noted, that Iht O^t enfuing is net ffl /v uJedfoF 
any that die un^att'i^td^ "it exrommtinkati^ or have Jaid'uhieni 
hafldi iifkn IfitMJel'Vtty 

% The Prirji and Cle'kt meetiar the Corp/e at tU tntrance of the 
CAunb-y/irdf aird gnrag before if, eilbtr into (he Chartif, ar 
ti/tifardj lAe Gruiit^JbjUfayi Brfagf 

AM ihc rcfgrrcdlloft an J the lift, fiilh the Lord : 
he thai belicveth m me, though heweredrad, yei 
'If ihah he lite : and whofoever liveth and belJcveth 
f 4 in me (hiil never die. St- John su 2j, 16, 

1 KNOW that my Redeemer Hvelh,and ihathefliall ftand 
ar the laiter d.ty upon the e^rih. And though after my 
fkifl worms del>roy this body, yet in my flefh Hull 1 fee God : 
whom J ihaXl fee for myfcU'i and mine eyu JhaU behold, and 
not another, y^h lix- a;, a6, 17. 

WE brought noThing into this world, and lEia certain wt- 
can carry nothing out. The Lord gave, and the Lord 
hsth taken away ^ hicffed be the Name of the Lord. 1 Tim. 
vL 7. yob L IT. 

% After they are come into the Church, Jbail he read one er hotb 
cf theje Pfalnti f&ilifuj'mg, 

D'ixif tufiodsiim. PfaL xtxxx. 

I SAID, I Will take h«d to my wij> : that 1 offend not in 
Hiy tongue. 

1 i*'il] keep my mouth AK it were with a btidlc : wUle the 
ungvidly Is in my Jighc 

1 held my (ongue, 4ind fpakc nothing % 1 kept AleDce,yea, 
even from good wordi^ but it wa3 p^in and grief to me- 

My heart was hot within mc, and while I was thui mufmg 
the fire kindled : and at the lafi 1 (^;kk.c wuh my tongue \ 

Lcid, IrCme know mine end, and thenumber of my days '. 
thJt 1 may be rertiAed how long I have to live 

Behold, thoD halt made my days aa it were a fpan Ion? : 




At the Burial ot' the Dead. 

ani minp age Is even ai noEhJng in rcfpc^ of thte i im^ 
verily every min living i^ all^gether vanhy. 

Fof man wjilkcth in i vain Ouduw, and iliJi|uirtPth him- 
Cflf'm vain : he hcipcth up ckhu, and caflavt Cell who ihill 
gather them. 

And now. Lord, wh^t h my hope : truly my hope U even 
in r]n:r, 

DebvcF m? from all mine oScncei : und mjikc mc not 4 
lebiike auto the iaoWHt, 

J brcimc dLimb, ind opened Hot my moach ; fbr St wjt 
thy doing, 

Takf th]f plague aWJy iVom me s I am even conr«mcd 
by m^jns oCchy hcJvy hand. 

Whrn choii with rcbiilirfl doft chafttn m^n kt fm, tlmu 
m^ikcJl: his brjuty to conlumr away, like as if were 3 Riuth 
fiTlting a gJiTTiFut : every man ihercfore i* but vanily. 

Hcjr my priyer, O Lord, and with thine f^jis vonlidcE my 
cluing : hold not thy pejjce at my !»», 

Fur I am 3 (ktinget with Ehee : and a ibjaufner^as ill my 
lathers wfrCi 

O Tpjkrc me a licEic, ihjt 1 m^iy reiiover my Jlicngth ; bc- 
rbre [ go hcncc> arid be no more Teen, 

Clury be to thfi Faihtfr, stad to the Son : ind to th« Holy 


As U wa£ in thp b[!gmning, Ts now, ind cwr ihatl be i 

worlJ wirhoui end- Amen. 

LORD, thou hjf^ b»n oui refuge : from on« g«nent1on 
10 another. 

ficrbreihe mouatdins rverc brought forth, or ever theejitb 
and the world weie mide : thou ait GoJ ^rom evclA^lng, 
afiLJ world wichouterid. 

Thou Eurnelt m-in to dcAruftlon 1 ag«ln llxmi fityelli Come 
iigaln, ^c thild/en ol men. 

Fuf a thouUnd ycatt in thy fight ire but U yelUrdny : 
reein^ thai )( pijEl 3« a Witch in the night. 

A\ (oun ,j« rhui) rWtfrcft them, thry ere even u • flec^: 
and f4de AWjy luddcnly like the grull. 

In rhe marning it is green, and (frowcth up : but In the 
evening JE \i cut down, dried up, and withered. 

At the Burial of the Dead, 

Fur wt confiime away in thy diiple^fuft ! and are afraid 
at thy wrathful mdignuuon. 

Thou haft Cet pur miiJepda befofc thee : and our lecret 
fins in rhff light of thy countenance. 

For when thou art angry all our djvS ATC gone : Wt bring 
our years Co nn end, » It were a cjle that is toJd- 

The -iAys of our age are [hrecfcorc years and ttn ; and 
though men be fo ftrong^ that they come Co fourtcorc yean : 
yet it iheir ^Ireoglh then but labour and fbrrowi lb foon 
paficih U awny, ind we arc gonr. 

But who icgjrdEith the power of thy wrach : fai even 
thcziiftci 3S a man fcarrth, lo ]s thy diJplealure. 

So teach uf to number our days : that we may apply our 
hearer unci svJEdom- 

Turn thee ag:iiri, O Lord, at the bit : and be gracious 
unto thy fETV^ntfi. 

O l^lisiy us with rhy mercy, and that foon : Co fhall wt 
rejoice and tie gljii ^\] tlie daya of our life, 

ComEbrt us again nowaftcr the rime that thou hult pEagued 
us ; and for tht yran wherein wc h*vc fufi'ered advcrilcy. 

Shew thy rervjnr& thy work i and rheJr children thy 

And the glorious Majcfly of the Lord our Cod be upon us : 
pTofpCT thou the work of our hands upon U6> O prolper thou 
aur handy- work, 

Gluxy b« to the Father, and to the Son : and to the Ho]y 

As it wai in the beginnmgt i> now, and ever ihall be t 
worEd without end. Amen^ 

f Thtn Jhall fiiiimi thr Lejfoa taken owt ef thefifteentb Chapter 
fl/" tbijormer Efujiie e/ Saint F^ttl tit the Con/tiinaHi, 

1 Cor. IV. 2D- 

NOW 1h Chrift rifeii from ibe de^d, and become the 
lirft-frbic$ of [hem that flppr. For fince by man camt 
dcJih, by man came aifo the refurrcflion of the dead. For 
iL in Adam all die, even fo m Chrift Ihall all be made alive. 
But every man in hia own order : Chrift the firft-ftuitSi 
afterward thej that are Chrift'*, at hr* coming. Thtn cometh 
the flnd, when he Ihall have delivered up the kingdom to 


At the Burial of the Dead, 

God, even the Farher J whrn heffiillhavc puldown ill tuIc^ 
ind ill luihority, and po«er. Farhemnft rcig^, t'L' 'jc hacli 
pu: a][ encmict under his feci. The bft enemy thiir l>iaU be 
dcnroyed \i dfich. For he hjth put aH things uodfr hl& IvcF. 
Bur whea he l^itli, all rhinos are put under him, it ii maaW 
Erll that he J!: eiccptt-d, which did put all thingi under him- 
And wht:n all ihrn^ Oi'll be fubducd unfa him, ihen {hill 
the Sen olfo himlel^' be fubje^ unto hjn) thar put all (hlnga 
under him, that Cod tany be all m all. Elfd whjr Ihall thty 
du which are baptised for the dead, if the dead Hf? noE At ill t 
Why ire thry then baptized Ibr the dead P «nd why AjjiJ we 
ill jcapirdy tvery hour? J proCefl by your rejoicings which 1 
hiivr \n Chrifl JeiuB our Lord,l die daily. If alCfr ihc man- 
ner of men I have t'oughi with beafh ar Ephefus, what nd- 
vintdgfth it n:>e. if ihf dead riie not? Let ui eat and drink, 
for tg-morr^w wt die. fie nut deceived : cviJ communiO'- 
tiojia corrupt good fnanneta, Awjike to righteoufnefi, and 
fin not J for lomc have nor (he Jcnowlcdgt or God. I fprtk 
chu to your Ihame. Bur fome man will fay. How are the 
dead T^ifed up ? and with what body do they come ^ Thoii 
tool, chat which rhou fowefl U not ^^uickpncd, cicept it die> 
And that which ihou foweft, thou fowcft nut ihjl bojv ihil 
ihall be, but bare grain, it may chance oT whc^r, or ol fom? 
orhfr graia : But God gitreth tC a body, a) \l hith i>]e»kd 
him, and to every feed hit own 1>ady, All itclh is not ihe 
fame flrfh ; but there is one kind of ficfh of men, unnther 
Hrih of bcjlls, another of AHies, and another of bird^. There 
JTC .ilfo cf:lellijl bodi^s^ ind bodies terrcArial i but the glory 
of the cclcftbl is one, and the glotj of the letteftrial ii 
another. Theie ifi one glory of the fjn, and annrher glory 
of vhe moon^ and anofher glory of ibe 1^at»3 for one n«r 
dlfTeifth irom another liar m glory. So alfo Is the refuTTrv- 
tionof the de^d : Jc ii fown in corruptioJi f ji it taifcd m in- 
corruption : Et ti Town in dlDionour i h n nifed in ftlory e 
It is ibwn in we^knefs i h is r^lfcJ in power s tt it fown a 
natural body ; it ii raifej a Ipirituji body. There ii a mniMl 
body, and chcrc I5* I'pirUuNl body. ArnJ foiti> written, The 
ArEt Adam wai made a living foul ^ (he Uft Adim w«i 
made a (juichening ipittt. Howbcil, that w» nut lAtlt which 
r< fpifiiuat, but that which is natural ; ^nJ i/Uiwatd lh*E 
^vhith 15 fpir'iruil. The tirrt mjn ts nf tlif earf It, rarf^iy - the 

At the Burial of the Dead. 

leeand nun U the Lard from hEaven. As is ihe Eiri)jy, llicli 
are thry rhit art earthy : and ai is ilit heavenly, tuch art 
thty aUDrhsI jfehcavEnly- And a^ we havcboinE chcimigi: 
ol'thc earthy, we fli.ill alio bear (hE imige of the hratenly. 
Now this I iay, hrelhten, that fltfii and blood cannot Inhcril 
che kingdom of Cod ; neither doth corruption inhvrit infor- 
ruption. fiehotd}! JliEwyoo a myllFTy : We Jhallnotallfleep, 
but we Ihdll al^ be changed, In a moment, in the twinkiin^ 
of an eye, ai (he lift trump, (for the trumpet Ihill founit,) 
and the dead Ihail be rjiled incorruptible, and we ftali be 
changed. For this corruptible muR put on in corruption, and 
this mortal moH put on imtnortility. So when this corrup- 
tible Lhal I hjveputon Incorrtiptkon, and this mortal Ib^li have 
put on immort.}|lcy ; then Hiall be brotight to pafs the faying 
ibal is written, Death lb fwatlowed up in vi^ury. O ^rath^ 
whereia thy ftlng? O grave, where la thy viflory ^ The fling 
of death i^ iiniand the f^rength of fin ii the law. But thanks 
be to GoJ, which giveth us the vlflory through our Lord Je- 
fus Chrift^ Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye fti'dlafl, 
unmoveable, always abounding in ihc work of (he Lord, for- 
afmuch as ye know ihjiyout Uboutis not in vain in the Lord. 

\ ffhtit ibty come to ibt Grave, ii.'bili the O/r^jt h nitide ready 
lo III ISiil into Ibi earih, the PrieJI Jhall fay, or ihi Pr^eJI aid 
CUrii pell flag I 

MAN that is born of a woman hath but a (hort time to 
life, and is tiill of mifety. He (omclh up, and is tui 
down, like a flower j he (leeth as it were alhadow, and never 
conlinueth in one ftay- 

In the midit of liis we are Iji death : of whom may we 
fcek for fuccour, but of thee, O Lord, who for out fins art 
]uftly difpieafEd? 

Yet, O Lord God moft holy, O Lord moft mighty, O holy 
and moft merciful Saviour, deliver us not into ihc hiKcv paina 
uf ctemaE death. 

Thou knoweft, Lord, the fccreta of our hearts i (hut not 

ihy merciful ears to our prayer; but fpate us. Lord moft holy, 

O God mofl mighty, O holy and merciful Saviour, [hou moft 

wjithy Judge elernjl, fulFer u9 not, at our Ijfl hour, for any 

I pains of di'alb, ra fall from rhcc. 


At the Burial ot' the Dead. 

H Tbiii,miili ibe ttrib jhill ki cjjl upon ibi BsdybyfvmifiacJ- 

'"s h' '^' P"'j' p^'t jiix 

FORASMUCH at h hi[)i plcjfcd Almlghly God of hii 
EteK tni-iey ro ukc unCu liinilelf chc ioul Qf our ilcjit 
brsihi' here drpjRcd, wc Ilictrl'circ cummlt Ail boily lo the 
I,ro>inJi EjrtK <□ »rih, alhrt to ijliei, duA to dulli io fore 
.ind ccrialn hop? uf the Kcfurntliun cu (Cernil tlfc, through 
cur Lord JeluEL Chr'ilt i who (hA\ change ouf vUe body, thjt 
icmij be like unto hijglotiaun body, according to the mighij 
hvorkihgt whereby h« ij able to fubduc all ihingi Io himlc'f- 

1 Tlcn JlialUt fiid 1,' frtig, 

I HEARD d voice from hcaron^ faying unto me, Wnlc, 
From herrfiefaith bfelTird ate the deail *hich die in the 
Lt>rd : even fo faith the Spirit j tttr they reft frorn their U- 


f rirn (6c PriiJI jfvll /dy, 
Lord, have mercy upon ue, 
CbfiH, bavt KKvij upon us. 
Lofd, havt mercy upon ua. 

OURFathcr^wliich jTiinhcavtn, Ha^owedbcthy K4m«. 
Thy kingdom come- Thy will he done in earth. At 
it i& in litaven. Give u» tbit dayour daily bread- And for- 
give ua our ttcfpaflcs. As we largivr ihrni that trcfpali again!) 
Lii. Atid lead ua not inu Icmpniion ; But dcUier st from 
:til. Ameri. 


ALMIGHTY Cod, with whom do livt the foirin of [hem 
tlut depart hence in the Lonlt and wiin whom the 
fouls of the iaiihfol, ifier they ate deli vetrd from ih» burdtn 
o!" the lleih, are in joy and lelitJry i Wi gire thre heiity 
thinh>,ti)r that it hath pleafed thee to deliver ihiiont ir^r^rr 
out of ihe miferietof this finful world [ befeechinR thee, chat 
it miy pleafe thee, of thy gi^ciooi goodnefi, Diortlylo accom- 
pliih the numlier of thine eleel,>nd to hilten ihy klnedom; 
ihit WF, with all ihofe that are departed in the true hith of 
thy holy Name, may have our pcrfta confnmmitlon and bllA, 
both in bod^ and joul, in ihy tcetnil «nd etviluting glory ; 
ihrough Jelus Chrilt our Lord. jlB>tn. 

O MERCIFUL God, the Father af our Lord Jcfus Cbn0, 
whoischerefurTedtion and the Wic\ JnwHom whofoever 
believeth Oiall live, though he die j and whofof^ver live[h, ^nd 
belle veth In hiin,llia]l noldie eternally j who^Kohitth taughl 
us, by his holy Apollle Sjinr Pjul, no( to be forry, ii men 
without hopr, for ihem that Hccp in him -y We meekly he- 
fecch fhpu, O Fjiher, lo raife ua rrom ihe death of fin unto 
ihe riiti dF righlEOufnEr^ ; thai, when we Ihall depart th!fi life, 
we may rdl in him, as our hope h this omt brvilftr ioih j and 
that, at rhe generaJ Refiirre£lion in the lall d^y^ we may be 
lound iscceptabtein thy fight; and receive that blclTing, which 
thy well' beloved Son Ihiiil then pronotince to all that lave and 
fear thee, favingr Come, ye blelTed chilJren of my FaihtTf re- 
ceivc the kingdom prepared for you from thr; beginning of 
Ehf world : Grant thiji, we befeech thee, O merciful Fathrr, 
through Jcfua Chtifl, our Mediator and Redeemer. Amen^ 

THE grace of our Lord Jcfus Chriff, and the love uf Gad, 
an^l ihp fdlowEhip or the Holy Ghoft, he witJi la all 
etermore. Amtn^ 


Thanltfgiving of Women after Child-Biith, 

commonly called. 

The Churching of Women. 

1 Tte H^omaii, el ike u/uat lime afler ier Dtli-Berj,fiall <wrt 
inio thcCintrebtitieniiy jpl>ii'!i!tdtiiiiiithert jh,:H tnrej dt/uyt 
in Jvmr iari'vcnieut piact, at bali' been jccujhiacj^nr as lk€ Qr^ 
di«ary patl dire^i ; Aid thin ibe Bneji jhaii juy unfi btr, 
goodncfs W give jog file dcliv«in«,and hath pre- 
^ Itivriyan in ^^^ great dsngrrof Child -birih j foa 
OialltberclbiegivelicaiEy thantfiunioCodiOadr^, 

iS Tkiajhall ihi Prieftjy iht [nvlij PJalm,) 
D'fltxi ^uummn. 

1AM tirW plealcd ; that [he Lord hilh htinJ the nvct ai 
my prjytr i 

That he hath inclined his eir unla me : ihcrelbn will 1 
call upan him as long a 1 live. 

The fnarcs of denth compatTeit mc round absul i and the 
pain» of hrlt gat hold upon me- 

1 found trouble jnd hfavinefs, :ind 1 called upon the Name 
of the Lord : O Lorii| I beicech thee, (Jeliver my foul. 


The Lord prcfcrvtih the fimpli : I was in mifMy, «ad he 
helped me, 

Tgin again (hcDUntoihy rtfl,Oinyroul: iorlhcLord )uth 
rewarded thee. 

And whj' ihou halt deliveici] my foul from death : mine 
cjcs from lean, and my feel from felling, 

] will w^ilk before the Loid : in the land of the liting. 

1 believed, and thetefbrc will 1 fpnli( but I was fon trou- 
bled : I laid In my lulk, AH men are lian. 

What ic»iid IhiU 1 give unio the Lord i toi *11 (be bene- 
Hi^ [hot he hi^rh <loni? unco mc^ 

I wlllreceWo ihe tup ol' lilvalion : and tall upon (he Nome 
ofrhc Lord, 

1 will pjy my vowi now in the pcefenee of all hii people! 
in the tourts oftht Lord's houfe, even in the m[dft oltW, 
O J^ruf-itcfm. Pfalfc the Lord. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the Holy 

As It was in the beginning, is now, and ever Hull be: world 
without end. Amen, 

Or, P^lm cxxvii. Nifi Dominni. 

EXCEPT the Lord build the houie : their labour is but loft 
that build it, 

Eicept the Lo»d keep the eily i the watchman wakelh but 
In vain. 

It ia but loA labour that ye ha^eto rifeupei^rly, and To Isle 
take n&, and eat the bread oi carefulnelb : for fo he giveth 
hii beloved flee p. 

Lo, children and the fruit of the womb : are an herittge and 
^ft that Cometh of (he Lord. 

Like as the arrows in the hand of the gianc : even la are 
the young chitdren. 

Happyis the man thai hath his quiver full of them! they fliall 
not beafli3medwbeD theyfpeak with their encmica in the gate. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the Holy 

As it was in ibe beginning, la now, and everihailbe: world 
without end. Amen. 

H Tliinlbi Priiftjballjay, 

Let lis pray. 

Lord, have mercy upon us- 
C!:rip, have ncr<y i/J^t USt 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

OUR Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. 
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, Ag 
it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread- And for- 
give US our trcfpaffe!. As we forgive them that trefpafi againft 
us. And lE:id ui nnt into temptation ^ But deliver ua from 

The Churching of Women. 

evil : For ihine i> the kingdom, The power, anil ihe s\aty. 
For fver and ever. Amen. 

MiniJIrr. O Lurd, live chii wihdifi ibyleivant; 

A'lfimr. Who putirth het Hull in thee. 

Mii':ftrr, Be thou 10 hti 1 ftiong lower ; 

Anfmr. Ffom the fete ul' her enemy. 

Mimjitr. Lord, hear our prayer. 

Aitjwtr. And let our cry came unio thee. 

MlniJIir. Lei Ul piay. 

O ALMIGHTY Gud, weB'ive thee homblc thanks 
chuu hiin voui^hrnEed tu deliver (hi; vroiiun tby letvmt 
from the gre^t pain and peril ofChild-birrh \ Gt^nr^we b(h. 
leech tltee, mol^ merciful Father, that Ihe, through thy hfilp, 
may both Faithfully live, and walk according to thy urjlj, m 
this life prelent i and aifomay be partaker ol'everUllinggloiy 
in the life to come; through Jtfus ChilH our Lord. WwAt 

II The H'umtinj Jhit cnmetb to give h/r TimHtt, mujl c^Fr ffic^. 
ramfd O^rings j and, ifihfre he a Communioiit ii h coifvaitat 

A Commination, 

Or Denouncing of God's Anger and Judge- 
ments againft Sinners, 

Wtih certain Prayers, to be iifed on Xhc liril diy of Leni, 

and at other Tim<s, oi the OrJinjfy 

(hill ippolnl. 

1[ ^fier Morning Prayeryihe Litany indrd arfarjin^ ts the astaf- 
rapieii Tnjnmry rbt PrieJIJhall, in tkt Rcading-Pttv Br Pu^pif,/iiy, 

^g&fJRETHREN, in the Ptimitive Chiircli there was .1 
I^Ui^ ^oiily difclplinef rhar, at the beginning ot' Lent, 
|v lucrh [lerlbnsaa Aood convJ^tedDf noCorjoiis lln were 
put to open penanci^, and puniJhed in this worJd, 
ihat thvit [oiih might be favcrd in the day oTrhe Lord j and 
that others, admonithed by Elicir example, might be the raotc 
ifuiA to oftcniJ, 

Inllciii whetcof, (until the fald dtfcipline may be reftorcd 
again, which h much to be wjlhed,) jr la thuughl good, [ha[ 
at this time (in the prefence of you all ) (houl j be read the 
general fenrenCG of God's curling againft ImpeniEcnC fanners, 
gathered out oltbe levrn and twentieth Chdp Eer of Dcu re ran q> 
my, and other places of Scripture ; and thaC ye Ihoiild aitl wer 
to every Sentence, jlmin ; To [he intent that, being admo- 
nilbed of the great Indignation of God againit finncrf, ye may 
the r.ithur be moved to earneft and true repentance j and may 
"jilt mule warily in ihefe dangeroui daysi fleeing rtom fuch 
vices, tor which ye affiim with youcown mouths the curfe of 
God 10 be due. 

CURSED is the man ihnt naketh any carved or molten 
image, to woifhip it, 

1 jfrni lii fiDfiliJhal! anjwrr andjej. 
MtaiJIir. Curfed ii he that curiclh hia father or mother. 
Aijimr, Amen. 

Mimfitr. Curled it he thai temovelh bis ncighbout't land- 

A^iinF, Amen. 
Unifier, Curled is he tluc tnalfcth die bUnd to go out of 

j^ifiv€fy Aman* 

M"i<Jlir. Curftd is h<; rlijit pcrvcri«h iLcjude^mentofthe 
iVLingcr, the lathcttclB, and widow^ 
^iif^ifer. Ain«n. 

Minijht, Curled is he thai iiuiteth hit Deighbfrur facrelly. 
AihtJfr, Amen. 

MiHsfitr. Curfcd IS he thai Eicth with hii neighbour's wife. 
Afif-iVtr. Amen. 
Aftfijiir. Curfcil Is be that tiketh rewird Co fluy the inno- 

^rrfiiwr. Amen. 

Aif'/ier. Curfed i^ he that putteth liii truH In mm, vtd 
Ulifth man fofhiidetcnce,and in Ma heart gacihfrnmtht Lord. 

j^"Jivfr- Amen, 

M.'i}\ptr, Curfcd arr the unmerciful, fa rmcsmrs, and idu]- 
r?rcr&i covetdus pprfom, jdolaten, Oandcren, drunkardG, and 

Anjiuer. Amcfl* 

NOW feeing iharatl rhpyireicCUrfcdfaslhepr<:ipiietDa- 
*id lirifcth wlcnefa) who do err and go aftny ^Tpm the 
comcn^Qdmcnn of ij-A\ tct us (nmcnibeTing the dri^ad/ul 
Judgemenf hanging ov« ogr hwJ*, and always rtady to till 
Ljport us) r?Eurn unto o^r Lord God, W[ih alt eontriiion anil 
meckoefs of heart j bewailing and bmcnting our finful H/'c, 
.mknowlcdging and confdfing out ofiencei, and f«king tu 
brrng fortti worrliy fruUs of pmance. For now i^ the ix pur 
Linio the fftotof the trees, To thatcvrry tree that Ijringeth nni 
fbrth ]jood fruit is hewn down, and call into ihc fire. It \% 3 
hcjr fill thing to fall inlothe hands of Ehe living GocJ i he (h^U 
pour down tain upon the finners, iharE^, fire and brimftone, 
fturm and tempcft j this (hall be their portion to drlnfc. For 
]u, the Lord is coine out oc' his p]ai:e tn vJtU the wickedneEa 
uffoLli asdwelE upun the cjirth. But who nuy abide the day ot' 
hia coming? Wholhall bcable to endure whei] hcappcarelh- 
His i^n is in his hand^and he wlU purgriiiB floor, ^nd g^Ehcr 
his wheat into the barn \ hut he will burn the chjjTwith tin- 
qiienchaMc firf. The day of the Lord Cometh as ji thief in I 


A Commination. 

the night: and wh«n men ilull lay, Peace, and all ih1ng3 nt 
f^tj then ihalL ludden dcftruclian come upon them, n ]-.<rrow 
Cometh upon a womin travailing with chjiJ, anj they ih.ill 
nat cicdpe. Thtn ihaW appear the wrath of GdJ In the Jjy 
of vengeance, ^hich obftinaic Qnncn, through the Atibborn- 
nef&ol'ihelr hrirt, hjvc hcjpcd un[o Themfetves i which de- 
fpifeJ [hegooLlncr^,pdtlcncr,jiid[ung'Jufferaaceof God, when 
he ca!leth them CDntinmlly to rtprntancr. Then Ihjll chry 
cal] uponnie,(riiith the Lord,) btt I will nor hejt ; they fli.ill 
fcek me tarly, but they ibaU not find mc i and ihat^ bccaufe 
ihey hated knuwlcdgCi and retcived flat the fear of the Loni> 
but abhorred my CDunfeli and dcrpilrd my cuirc^ion. Then 
Jh^ll it be too Utc to kn[>ck when the dooi ftiall ht ihui ; and 
too Jaic to cry for mctcy when it ii the time ul jaflicc, O fer- 
riblcvoict of moftjuft judgement, whith fluM be pronounced 
upon (hem, when it Ihall be faid unto them. Go, yc qurfcd, 
info the fire everlalling, which is prepared for the devil and 
hJi angeli. Therefore, brethren, take we heed bccime, while 
the day of faJvation lafteth ^ tbr Che night cometh, when none 
Can work. But let us, while we h^ve the light, believe in 
rhe li^ht, and waTk as children of the light; ih^t wc be not 
ca^ into uttrr darknefa, where h weeping and gnjFhing of 
teeth. Let u^ not nhuie the guodncEa of God, who callelh ub 
metcjfully Eo amendment, and of hiAendlcf^ pity promifeth us 
lor^ivenels of that which is psfl-^ if with a pcrfc^ <ind true 
hejrf we rctufn unto bim. For ihough our fins be si red aa 
fcarlef, they fliall be made white ai fnow ; and though they 
he like purple, yet they Iha'l be made white as woof. Tuinyi: 
(faith the Lord) from all your wicked nefa, and your fin lhjJ[ 
not be your dcftru^lon : Cuft away from you all your ungod- 
tinefi that ye have done : Make you new heart;, and a new 
fpirif i Wherefore will yc die, O ye houfe of Jfrael) leeing 
(hat I have no plcafurc in the death of him that dielb, Eaith 
the Lord God ? Turn yi? then, and yclhall liwe. Although 
we hiive Qnned, yet have vre an Advocate with the Father, 
Jefjs Chrift the righteoui i and he is the propitiation for our 
fms. For he waa wounded for our olfcnces, and fmitlen for 
our wickednefs. Let u^ therefore ri!turn unto him^ who is the 
merciful Tecelver of all true penitent linncra; affaringourfelve^ 
that he is rrady to rcmvc ua, and moll willing to parJon us. 
J| if we come unto him with faithful retvenr^ncc; Ifwefubmlt 

A Commination. 

ouifrlvci unto him, ind final hcncefotlh walk lo hit w»y* } 
if wc will cikc liisrafj yukr, ind iighi burden upnn us, to fol- 
low him in lowllncli, piticncc, and churity. and br orderrd hy 
Uir gflvcrnancc of his Hnly Spirit j Jcf Icing alw.iyi hil glory, 
and Icrving him liulyin ourvociTianwith tliankfgiving: Tliia 
if we do, Chrift will deliver in from rhe curfc of tht law, ind 
from EhcexErememalcdiftion which i}uil]EghEuponlhctn(h3t 
fhall h? [et on thr Icjr hand ; and he will {ct ui on hii righr 
luTid, and give UI thj: gni clous benedi^mnofhis r,-ilher,eocn-> 
mjiDdinjf u> to [skc polTriTiDn of hiii glorious kingdom J Unto 
which he vouchfjfi: to bring us all, for bis infinite iDcriy. 
1 Thtnjhatl ibey all hirri vpon their ftitei^ tinj the Prirjl etd 

Clirh intiUng (m rit pUci lebsrr ibry art sicujlsmtj in fay 

tbs LiiMy) jhM jay ibis Ffulm. 

Miftrrie mei, Dtm. Pfilm 11. 

HAVE mrrcy upon mc, O Cod, after thy great goodnef^ ; 
accofdingla the mulEitude of thy merciei do away miiu- 

Wjii me througlily froai my wicki»Ineri i and clranfe me 
ftom my lin. 

For I acknowledge my faul^: and my Qd is ever bclnre mc, 

Ag'iinft thee only hive I iinncd, ^nd done thii evil In thy 
light ! ihit thou mightert be juftified in thy rjyicg, ind cleir 
when thou jrt judged. 

Behold, 1 wji Ihjpcn in wlckcdncfi ; ind in lin huh tnj 
mother conceived me- 

Bot lo, ihou required Iruth ia the inward parts : and Ihili 
make me to undeiftjnd wiillom fcctetlv- 

Thou Ihall purge me with hjirop, and I Ihall be clean : thou 
Ihilt wsili me, and I Ihall be whiict than fiiow. 

Thou (halt make me hear of joy and giadncls ! that the 
bones which thou haft biuken may rejoice. 

Turn thy lice jwiy from mylins: and puiootall my mifdeeds. 

Mike me a dean heart, O God ; and renew a right fpirit 
^vithln me, 

Cjftmcnotawjyfrom thy prefenee sand take not ihy holy 
Spirit ftom me, 

O five tat the comrDd of thy help again : and (1:iblil)i me 
with thy free Spirit. 

A Commination, 

Then Ihall I tcacb thy wap unto the wicked : ini linnci? 
ihill l« conveiCcd unto thee. 

Ddlvtr mp Irnm blood'guiliinefs,0 God, thou chat art the 
God of my health :andn>ytonKuefhilirmgofchynghtfoiirnFl3- 

Thou fli^ltopen my Iip^, O Lord i and my mouth /hall (hew 
thy praile. 

For ihau d^ijrcii nu fjcnfice, e]fe svould J give it thee : buE 
thou ddighleft not in hurnE-offeringa. 

The facrifice of Cod h a troubled fpirit : ^ brclwri and con- 
trite hejrt, O Cod, ihsit thou not defpife, 

be fivourialile and EraciouiuntoSion: build thouihewatls 
of Jemr-ilem, 

1 hen ihjLi thou be pleafed with the facrifice of righteouf- 
ncls, wjth the burnt'offeriiiEB and oUationB i then /hall they 
oiTer young bulluclci upon thine a^tar. 

CJory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the Holy 

j^nfiver. As it was in the beginning, li now, and ever ihiW 
be •- world without end. Amen. 

Lord, have meicy vipon ua, 

Chntij have racrny i/pan ui^ 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

OUR Father, which art in heaven. Hallowed bethyN.ime. 
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done m eaith^ As il 
» en heaven. Give ul (hl$ day oar daily bread. And forgive 
us our trefpalTca, As we tbrgive them thi^t ttclpals againit us. 
And lead ua not into temptation -, But deliver oa from evil. 

Mmijler. O Lord, faVe thy fervantSi 

Anjttjer. That put their truft in thee. 

MiBifier. Send unio them help Irom above. 

Ai^'ii'sr. And evermore mightily defend them. 

Mintjltr. Help js, O God our Saviour. 

^«/uvr. Andfor the glory ofthy Name deliver uaj bemer- 
ciftll to us finner^, for thy Kame''* lake. 

Mifii^er. Q Lord, hear our prayer, 

Afffwtr. And let our cry come unto thee, 
M'mijltr. Let u^ pfsy^ 

OLORD^ we b^Eire^h thc^?, mcrcilully hear dur pTay^rs, 
and fiJaTi: jll thole who con Icl'i their fins unto thee; rhji 


A Comminatioa. 

tUey, whoCe confclenca hy (in are accufcLlt ^Y ^T merciful 
pai-kion may be abfalvcd ^ Through Chrit) our Lord, Amtn. 

O MOST mighTy God, and merciful F*^hcf,wh&hal!com» 
pillian 'ipon ^W men, ond hat? A nothing ih^cilum hdtt 
made 5 who wouLdcft nor the *]eath of a linficr, hui thar he 
Ihould mhcrmrn from hi« Ahfand befavcd \ Mprcifo^ly iut- 
give UB our irefpDiTcs - receive iA<Jcomibrcus,who are grieved 
jiid weihfd wiih the burdpn <jf our fins. Thy property fs 
ilwjyi til bivc mercy i co ib«Ponly iiapperl-iinctb to fotgive 
lin^. Spjrr U9 thcr«lorC| good Lord, t^itiTt thy people, whom 
ihou haft redeemed ; enTer notmro jiMgem*fti with thy lei- 
vants, who jre v'lLe earth, ind mlferiLile finnrrt ; bur lo tum 
tiuly tepeni ui of our &ult&. anii To m^he huftcrahclp u&ii 
this woilJ, thflt we may ever Uve wirh thee in thfl world to 
come \ through Jefua Chrl^ oitt Lord. Arntn, 

•1 TiifKp&H ibf pt^pU Jay rhuiintfcHivvrh^afifKihr Mintjitr. 

TUKN ihou u% O good Lofd,inii fo ihilE we be lutneJ, 
Be fjvouTjble, O Lord, Be favouraWe to thy people. 
Who turn lo ther in weeping,t>fling, ant! praying. Fur thou 
iit 3 metcllul God, Full oi compalTion, Long-I u fieri ng. and of 
^rs3i piTy. Thou fparefl vhen wc deicrve pumflimcnf, And 
in thy Wfjth thinkcft upnn mercy. Spare thy people, good 
Lird, IpafC them. And let not ihine hTritage he brought to 
csjfifufion. HcJr Ui, O Lord, for thy mctcy is giejt. And jfter 
ihv imiltitude of thy mercies look upon us ^ Through the 
mcrils^ind mediation of thy bliGcdSon^ Ji^fuaChrilloiirLord- 

If Then tie Minifier stent Jh^ll fay, 

THE Lord blcfiui, and kccpua^ Che Lord tittup chcLighE 
of hU countenance upon us, ind give u« peace, now und 
for evermore. Amtn. 


Pfalms of David. 

Thi Firjl Day. 


Psalm :. Btaiat iiiV, jaj nan abiil, &c. 

LE5SED id thcnian tlial lialli not 
walked in ihccoiinftl of ihc un- 
godly, nor ftood in the way of 
linners : and hath noi fat in tile 
feat of tlic fcomful. 
1 Bui his delight is in (he law of theLoid ; 
:iii>l in his law will he eiercife himlelf day 
and night. 

3 And he Ihall be like a tree planted by 
rhe water-fide i that will bring forth hii fruit 
in due feafon, 

+ His leaf ilfo (hall not wither : and look, 
whatfocvcr he doeih, it (hall jirofper, 

5 Ai forthcungodly,il in notl'o with them : 
liiii they are like the thalf, which the wind 
kattertlh away from the face of the earth. 

6 XhiTefure the ungodly Ihali not he able 
tu lland in the judgement : neither the linneni 
In (he tongregaiion of the righteous. 

7 But the Lord knowcth ihe way uf the 
ii<;hleous : and the way uf the ungodly lliall 


7b< Cliigtnt. 




rtit BiiKf. 

Etntr ItlDugD ttDo 


(AOiqwsDl liiir, 

Ofljt I. The Pfalms. M<ir».\ 

PsALP4 II. ^uare frcmvirujit gtniei f 

H Y do the hcaihcn fo furioufly rage 
together ! and why do ihe [ic(i|iie 
imagine a vain tiling? 

1 The kings of the earth (land 
up, and the rultrs take counlel together : 
againft the Lord, and againli Uii Anointed. 

3 Let us break tlieir bonds aAindci : and 
oalt away thcii curds from us, 

4 He that dwcllcih in heaven Oiall laueh 
them to fcorn : the Lord (hall have ihero in 

5 Then fliall he fpeak unto them in his 
wrath ; and vex them in his fore difpleafHrc. 

6 Vet I have fet my King : upon my ho!y 
hill of Sion. 

7 I will preach the law, whereof ihe Lord 
halh faid unto me ; Thou iirt my Son, this 
day have I btgotlen ihec. 

8 Defirc of me, and I Ihall give thee th< 
heathen fur thine inheritance : andtheulmoft 
pans of ihc earth for thy pofTeflion. 

tj Thou fhali briiife ihcm with a rod of iron : 
and break (hem in jiieces like a potter's vellel> 

10 Be wife now therefore, O ye kings ; be 
learned, ye that are judges of the earth. 

1 1 Serve tlie Lord in fear ; and lejoice unto 
him ivith reverence, 

1 1 Kifs the Son, left he be Rngry, and la 
ye perifli from the right way ! if hw wrath be 


The Pfalms. 

fcindied, (yea, but a little,) bkfled are all they 
that put Incir trull in him. 

Psalm in. Damine, quid maltiplieal'i ? 
I ORD, how are (hey iticreafcd that 
trouble mt ; many are ihcy thai rife 
againit me. 

1 Many one there be that fay of 

my loiil ! There is no help for him in his God, 

] But (houjO Lord, arlniy defender ! thou 

avt my worlhiii, and the lifter up of my head. 

4 I did tall upon the Lord with my voice i 
and he heard me out <jf his holy hill. 

5 I laid me dawn and llcpt, and role up 
again : for the Lord fulfained me. 

6 1 will not be afraid for ten Ihoufands of 
the people : that have fet ihemfeJves againft 
me round about. 

7 Up, Lord, and help me, O my God : 
for thou fmitell ^11 mine enemies upon the 
cheek-bone; thou hall broken thetecihof the 

i Salvation belongeth unto the Lord ; and 
ihy blelTmg \i upon thy people. 

Psalm iv. Cum immcarem. 

I EAR me when I call, O God of my 
righteoufnefs i thou haft fet me at 
liberty when I wah in trouble j have 
mercy upon nie, aiiJ hearken unlo 
I "'y prayer. 

Cbl >'(SCDUIIt, 

Clie Baton, 

Eiclns or notllltf. 
£IU(or to inj; fulip. 

a:ilibi^lliip A- IBt- 
tTAir i-'iOstirDtiiiri 

I O yo I'jns of men, how long will yt blal- 
|>hcitie mini- henu\ir ; and have fiich jilcaruTi^ 
jn vaniiy, anil feek alter Icaling I 

) Know thin alfo, tliat ihc Lord hathi-hofcn 
to hlmli'li' tilt man thai Is gtxlly : when I call 
ii]iijn the Lurd, he will hear me. 

4 Siand in iwe, antl lin not : eominiine 
with ycLir own hcni'i, an<i in your chanilur, 
and W Itill. 

5 Oflcr ilie laeiiliee ciF ngtiieournels i and 
])nt yoiir iriift in the Lord. 

6 There be many that fay : Who will (hew 
us any good I 

7 Lord, lift ihoii up ; thellghtofthy coun 
tenanre upon us. 

8 Thou hali put gladntft in my bcaft : 
llni'e the lime that their t'orn, and wine, and 
oil, inciealed. 

9 1 will by inedownin peicc.and nkemy 
reO ; for it is thou, Loid, only, thut inRkel'l 
me (livell in fafety. 

P9ALM V, Ffrha mea auribui. 

ONDER my Hoiils, O Lord : ton- 
,1 (iiier my meditarion. 
I'j; 1 O hearken ilioti unto the voict 
of itiy calling, my King, and my 
God : for unfo thee wilt 1 make niv piayer. 
5 My voice (halt thou hear belimei, O 
Lord : early in the morning will 1 direfl my 
prayer iinlff thet, intT ^vill ionk up. 

Mom. The Pfalms. D4y I. 

4 For thuu act ihc GuU halt no pica- 
line ill wickcJnefi i iieiihcrflmllanj'cvildwdl 
nilh ihce. 

5 Such u be foolilh (hall not Hand in thy 
fipht 1 for ihuu halcit all lh«m that work va- 
in l v. 

6 Thou Utah deftroy ihem that fpcal: Iwf- 
in^ ' ihc Lord will abliui bulli tlic bloud- 
[hiift* and drtcitful mna. 

7 But IS fot mc, I will come into thine 
houft, even upon themultitudtof thy mercy i 
and in Ihy fcir will I worflilp toward thy huly 

t Lead me, O Laid, in thy right con fuels 
bcciufc of mine enemiw ; make thy way plain 
before my face. 

9 For (here 'n no faithfii1ncr> in hit mouth i 
their inward part* are vety wickednefi. 

IS Their throat ii an open Icpulditt i they 
Ratter with their tonKue. 

1 1 Dcllroy thou them, O God j let thcin 
peiiih through their own imaginations ; calt 
them out in the multitude of their ungodli- 
neft J for they have tcbtllcd againft thcc. 

II And let all them that put their trull in 
thee rejoice ; they Diall ever be giving of 
(hanks bccaufe thou defenddl theni i they 
that love thy Name (hall be Joyful in ihcc ; 

I J For liiou. Lord, will give th^ hlefling 
unto the rigliteoun : and with thy tsvoiirsbic 
tinJn^rl'E^^Jt ikuu deftndhim asrtifli j Shield, 

Poit slKri inn sTitplirift inniusiliit: 
MIC uuitHtliaat. laiaaim ai tig. 


ntt Bttm. 

T!tii (liiliiRi tiiiit l( 

Ct( BtittDtt. 

en»n no mtct t- 

(Tntflliis Is run 


ctt im. 

ttcmi, iDtDlitgs mi, 
IBaiKiit inpiall. 

CTDi Unlglir. 

'CIS iluioGl nlglii. 

Daf t. 

The Pfalms. 


PsAl-M VI. Dom'me, ne mfarBrt, 

LORD, rtbiike me not in ihinc in- 
iligiiatioii ; ncillitrchaften me in thy 
[; dif[)lcafurt, 

1 Have mere)' upon me, O Lord, 
for T am weak : O Lorn, heal tat, for my 
bones are vexed. 

] My lijiil i\tn is Tore (touhled : but, LonJ, 
how long wilt thou piinllli me ? 

4 Turn tlice, O Luiil, and deliver my foul : 
O five me for ihy mercy's f»ke. 

% For in death no man remembereth thee : 
3Dd who wilt give thee tbanki in the pit i 

6 I am weary of my gioaning i cverynighi 
walh I my bed : and water my couch with 
niy tears. 

7 My beauty a gone fot very trouble : and 
worn iH'ay becaofe of all mine eneniie*. 

i Away from nie, all ye that work vanity = 
(or the Lord hath heard (he voice of my 

9 The Lord hath hcanl my pclitian i th* 
Lord will receive my praver. 

10 All mine eiieiiilek m»ll he ronfuimded, 
and fore vexed ; they Ihiill be turned hack, 
and put tci Qiamc fuddenly. 

tSAt iLntns 4iiQ Unreins ol inii, 

pDlU III til liVlKMM- 

Evea. The Pfalins. Day i. 

Psalm vm, Dominc, Deui meus. 

LORD my God, in thct liavt t put 

my trull: ; fave me from all them 

tlml pcriccule me, ami ilcliver me ; 

1 Left he ilevoiir my foul, likea 

lion, and tear it in pieces : white there U none 

to helji, 

3 O Loril my God, it I have done any fuch 
thing : or if there be any wickednels in my 
hancls J 

4 If I have rewarded evil unto him that 
dealt friendly with me i yea, I have delivered 
him that without any caiife \i mine enemy ; 

5 Then let mine enemy perfecute my liiul, 
and lake me : yea, let him tread my life duwn 
upon the earth, and lay mine hnnniir in the 

6 Stand up, O Lord, in thy wrath, and lift 
tip thyfelf, becaufe of I he indignation of mine 
enemies ; arjlc up for me in the judgement 
ttiat thou haft commanded. 

7 And (o (hall the congregation of the peo- 
ple come about ttiec ; for their lakes therefore 
lift up tliyfelf again. 

i The Lord iliall judge the people ; give 
lentente with me, O Lord ; aecording to my 
ri gill eou file Is, and according lu the innocency 
that iff in me. 

9 O let the wickednetsof the uiigodty come 
to an end ; but guidd diuu the jiill. 

Ct( iffMUlrt. 

C^qufrr ICiCralit, 

€U Autgr. 

iSimi In, JfilVor, 
SOUb in ig liuDsc- 

Ct( Am""- 

ia Jusiin, atltit: 
tTonc (0 mt OSS I II. 

1 Foi ihe righteous God ; irieth ihc very 
hearts nitd rein). 

ti My help c'lrneth of Gwl i wbo pre- 
firivelh (licm that nic iruE of heart. 

11 God is a righuoui Judge, ftrong, ami 
pnticnl : and Godis provoked cveiy day. 

ij If a man will iwt turn, he will whi-t 
his {word : he halh bent his bow, -iiid niadi 
it ready. 

14, He hath picpated foi him the inftni 
mcnts of death : hcordaineth hiaairowiagainlf 
the perCtfulors. 

ij Behold, he travailcih with ni'ifchief : he 
hatli conceived forrow,aud bcoughElortli un- 

16 He hath graven and digged ii]j a pit ; 
and is fallen hinilelf into (he dtftcuiiion that 
he made for other. 

1 7 For his travail Ihall come upon his own 
head : and his wickednels Ihail fall on hit 
own pate. 

iS I will give thanks unto the Lord, ac- 
cDiilingio his righleoufneis : and I nilJpraile 
the Name of the Lord moll High. 

Psalm viii. Dom'me, Demiaux ne/lrr. 

LORD nor Gijvcrnour, ho« excel- 
lent is ihy Name in all the world 1 
thou thai hnii fet thy gloif above 

the heai'ens 1 
1 Outuffhe mourli tii very Ti.ihe^ aiid luck- 

fn (n il5 llBtlOIt LIT llK Ji.lDt. 

■^jmmmfmm>T^'- \- 


lings haft rhuii urJaincd ftrengtli, becaure ul 
thine cncinicb : tlial ihou mighlelt H'M the 
enemy, ami the avenger. 

5 For I willconlidcr (hy heavens, even ihe 
works of* cliy fingers ; tbi: moon and ihe ftsrs, 
«hlch thou haft ordained. 

4 What is man, ihal ihoii art mindful of 
him : and (he Ton of man, that thou villteft 
h^m ? 

5 Thou mailcft him lower than the angels ; 
[o crown him with giovy and worftiip. 

6 Thou niakeft him to havi; dominion of 
the ivurks of thy hands ! and thou haft pnt ail 
things in I'ubjection under his feet ; 

7 All ftieep and oxen : yea, and the bealis 
of thr field ; 

S The fowls of the air, and the fillies of ihe 
fea ! and whatfoever walkelh thiough the 
paths of ihc feas. 

9 O Lord our Governour ! how excellent 
is thy Name in all the world ! 


Psalm ix. Coafilehur IJH. 

i^fff^^ WILL give Ihank-sunfo thee, O 
JQI LjJ Lurd, with mv whole heart -. I will 
fc3v ^ fpenk of all tliy marvellous works. 
' "^ si will he gkd and rejok'e in 

thee : yea, my ibngs will I make of thy Name, 
O ihnii iTioft Highi-ft. 

£rrg(aut m l,am. 

italif ifii laias, 
SnD briir inu (iiiisi. 

esi anorlKl. 

The Pfalms. 


J Wliilc mine ciicmicK »rt driven back i 
ility lliail f;ilt and pcrilli at thy prtlcncc. 

4 For tliDu liaO maiiiuiiicd niy right and 
my ciufc : thou ait fct in the throne thai 
judgeft right. 

5 Th'iu hall: rebuked the heathen, and dc- 
ill'oyed the ungodly : tliou haft put Out ihcit 
name (at cvct and ever. 

6 O thou enemy, delltuflioiii ure come to 
.1 p<:rpcrL]al end '- even at the cjtie^ which tliou 
Uaft dclti'uycd -f their mcinoiial \i periflied with 

7 But (he Xxird fhall rndure for ever ; he 
hath ill'u prepared hlx leat for judgement. 

8 Fur he llioll Judge ihe world in (ighleouf- 
nels ; and mlniller true judgement unto the 

9 ThcLorJalfowiilbeadefeneefortheop. 
pretled : even a refuge in due lime of trouble. 

10 And iheyihat know ihyNumewJIIpul 
their truit inihee ! for (hou. Lord, haft never 
f;ii!ed them that leek ihee. 

O pralle the Lord which dwcltelU in 
Siun ; (hew the people of his doiiig>. 

11 For, when lir makelh inquifition for 
blood, he rcmembcrclh thtm : and fargcitcih 
not ihe complaint ot the poor. 

13 Have mercy upon me, O Lordj con- 
fider the irouble which I iiiffer of ihem that 
hate me : thou thai IrftcJl me up from the 
gates of death. 


rtir^hH.nJiflJiDi-liirtasiiiniiE.L^LiiiiLi '^priD; 
iLhd oMkr^ ThFii) In fUcr ^itiitfrr. 




14 That I may lliciv all thy prailes witbin 
ih< ports of the cfaugliler of Sion : I will re- 
joice in ihy faivahoti. 

I 5 The heathen are funk doven in the pit 
that they made ; in ihe fame net which they 
hid privily, is their foot taken. 

16 The Lord in known lo execute judge- 
ment : the ungodly is trapped in the wurk uf 
his own hands. 

1 7 The wicked (liall be turned into hell ; 
and all The people Hiaf forget God. 

18 For the poor (hall not alivay be for. 
gotten : the |iatieni abiding of the meek (hall 
not pcrifh for ever. 

19 Up, t-ordf and let not man have the 
upper hand : let the heathen be judged in (hy 

10 Put thtm in fear, O Lord : that the 
heathen may know them lelves to be but men. 

Psalm X. Vi quid, Domine ? 

HY fiaiideft thou fo far oB, O Lord ; 
^ and hided thy fate in the neeiiful 
tiine of trouble ? 

I The ungodly for his own iult 
dolh perfeciilc the poor : let them he taken 
in the crafty wilineis that they have ima- 

3 For the ungodly hath raaJc boafl of his 
uivii btart~s defire ; and fpeafceih good of the 
L'ovt-lou^, whom God abhorreth. 

trt' UiiliE. 


Cbr PtiDSlilan, 

S]isii iniiET aviis 
mrtti nt. 

Cti aaitangmn. 

D.ry 1. The Pfalms. 


+ Tilt ungodly is fo proud, that he rarcdi 
tiol for God ; iicilhvris God in all his thoughts. 

5 Hi* ivaj-s are alivay giievous i thy judge- 
ments are far above: out of lii> light, anil ihtrv- 
I'on delieth he all liiv enemies. 

6 For hi' h»th laid in \m heart, TmOi, 1 
(hall ni;vcr be calt down i iherc IIidU ni> harm 
happen unto in«. 

7 His moulh is full of curling, dectir, and 
frauLl : under his tongue is ungodiinefs and 

S He liiltih lurking in tiie thlevifti cornerh 
of I he ft reels ; and privity in his lurking dent 
doth lie murder ihc innocent j faiscyet are fct 
againll tin.' poor. 

9 For he lieih waiting lecretly, even as » 
lion lurketh he in his den : that he may lavilh 
the poor. 

10 He dotli ravilh the poor i when he get- 
tcth him into his net. 

1 1 He falleth down, and humblclh him- 
felf ! that the congregation of the poor may 
fall into the hand'i of liis captains. 

12 Hl- hath faiU in h'li hcWI, Tilth, God 
hath foigolten : he hidelh away b'n, fue, iml 
he will iK'vcr fee it, 

1 3 Arifc, O Loiil God, and lift up thine 
linnd : forget not the poor. 

14. Whercfotclhould the nicked blafph«mc 
God ! while he doth fay in his heart, Tufli, 
ihuii Gud carelt not for it. 

15 Surely ihoii h.tit I'ccii tl -. iot ihou bi-- 
holdcft ungoJlinel'j mJ wning. 

(6 T)iAt ihoii maycll take ihr<rr into 
[hint hand i (he |)i«iridiiimi»clh hitijfclf unto 
thee J for thmi nit the helper of the frivndJc[>>. 

i; Brcili ihou ihe power of tht unecHlly 
ui\J maticioui : lake away hjt ungoillincit, 
MiA (lidu Dislt find none. 

iS The Lord 'a King for ever ind ever : 
and the heathen arc pcrithcd OuT of llic land. 

II) Lord, thuu hall heard the ilirlire ot' the 
poor I thou prcparcli their heart, and tliinc 
I'lr horiccneth thereto; 

»o To hdp the fithcrlefs and poor unto 
their right : that the man ut* the earth be no 
mure exalted igainft cliem. 

P; XI. til D^miHO ronfi-h. 
^fef^^B N the Lord put I mv trull : how fny 
^^I^J ye then lo my ibuf, that (he (honld 
j ^^-^ riee u a bird unto the hill f 
«^^ra , For lo, the ungijdly bend iheir 
buiv, and m.ikc ready their atrowi. within the 
.^uivcf ! that they may privily fliool ai them 
rttiich arc true of hear!. 

1 For the foundations will he raA down ; 
jmi what hath the righteous done i 

4 The Lord it in his holy itmple i the 
Lunl'i (eat U in heaven. 

; Hit eyes conlidcr the poor : and Kit eye- 
iiiii irv the fhildrcn of men. 

Ct' i^crilli. 

tlt.irgnBS(n (run 


m HUftt VUIM lIDIt. 

SK Ciuinpcici. 


(Ett lluiBuilaiil, 
Albr flQunl) bp ino- 


S The Lord aliowclll the righlertuB i bul 
the tin^(iJly,3nd him that deli ghtelh In nklc- 
cJntft doih liit Ibiil ablioi'. 

7 Uputi ihc ungodly he (liall rain fnam, 
lire ami biiinftone, ftuini atiJ leinpeft : ihis 
Ihull bi: tlicii' portion lo drink. 

8 For ihe righieoiiB Lord lovdh righlcouf- 
ncii : liis counicnancc will behold the thing 
that is }\iA. 


p5ALM X[i, Saliiunc asj'ac, 

f ELP nic. Lord, for there is not one 

^ godly man left ; tor the faithful 

are minillied from among the ehil- 

dr^ii of men, 

I They talk uf vanity every oue with his 

neighbour ; they do but filter with their lips, 

ainfdiffcvnble in iheir double heart, 

3 The l^rd Ihail root out all dcctilfiil Hps . 
and the tongue chat fpeakctb proud tilings , 

4 Which have faifl, With our tongue wdl 
wc prevail : "e iiK they that ought to fpnk, 
who is lord over us? 

; Now for the {.'oiiiforller!! trouhleii* lake of 
the needy j and becaufe of the deep lighing 
of the poor, 

6 I will iii>, iaitb ihe Lord i mid will help 
every one from him that fwcUcth agKinA him, 
and will I'cc him al reff. 

7 The word? of (he Lord ate pure wnn;; : 




,111 iiiusi ncrCs Dn. m H'ctr nai itii 
4fiur wis5n^i bn^\i Drin&Di'^>lirt< tori J 



eitn as tlic filver, which from tlie earth 
Irieda and ptirified levcn times in llie (ire. 

8 Thou (halt keep them, O Lord ; thou 
ftiiltprefcrve him from this generation for ever. 

9 The ungodly walk on every fide : when 
they are exalted, the children of men are put 
to rcljuke. 

Psalm xiit. Ufiai jao, Dtmine? 
OW" long wilt thou forget me, O 
Lord, forever ; how long wilt ihou 
hide thy face from me ? 

1 How long Ihal! I feek couulel 
in my foul, and be lb veied in my heart : how 
long Ihall mine enemies trinmph over mc ? 

3 Confider, and hear me, O Lord my Gnd : 

lighten mine eyes, that I lleep not in dealh. 

4. Left mine enemy fay, I have prevailed 

:ig3inl} him : for if I he call down, they that 

[rouble me will rejoice at it, 

5 But my truft ia in thy mercy; and my 
heart isjoyfiil in thy falvation. 

6 1 will ling of the Lord, becaufe he hath 
dealt fo lovingly with me ; yea, I will praifc 
the Name of the Lord molf Higheft, 

Psalm xiv. Dixit in/ipiens. 
HE fool hatli faid in his heart i There 
ii no God. 

a They are corrupt, and become 
abominable in their doings : tliere 
[hat dottik |[oo<.l, iii^ nii[ one. 

est Dtummtr. 

<Sriimm(r, all lagr- 

ail BDinicrs to m; 


Etii Iff II pill n. 

(ETsiiluii.milKb Ulll) 

mi luDlaln i muBl 


Cli £>1D1«. 

Diiy i. The Pfalnis, Errn. 

J The Lord looked down from hcnvcn 
upon the children of men i to l« if there 
were any that wuuld undei'ftand, and li-ck 
alici' God. 

4 But ihcynrc all gone mil of the way, ihry 
are altogcihct become uboinlnablc : there li 
none that dotlh gmiJ, no not one. 

5 Thcii ihioai is uji i.jien liiniUhre, with 
liieir tongues hari; ihey deceived : (be poifon 
of afos is \indet ihelr lips. 

fi Tlicii mouth is full iif curfing and bit- 
tctncfs ! theit feet aie fwifl to ihtd blood. 

7 Deiltufiiou and unhappineii ii in llieir 
ivays, and the tvay of peace have they not 
known : there ih no feat of God before iheir 

g Have ibcy no knowledge, that they are 
all fufh worker* of milihiet ; eating up my 
people ai it weft bread, and call not upon the 
Lord ! 

9 There were they brought in great ftar, 
fvcn where no fear was : tor God is in the | 
gtntr:ilirm uf the righteous. 

!□ As for you, ye have made l mock U 
the coiinrel o( the poor : becaufc he paltctU 
hiittruft in the Lord. I 

II Who Ihall give jalv^tion nnio Ifmcll 
uut of Sion ? When ihc Lord lurneih the 
cajitivlty of hi! people ; then ftiall Jacob re- 
joice, and Ifrael Ihall he glad. 


PSAi.u XV. Domine, quis hahitabit? 

ORD, who Dial) dvtell in ihy taber- 
nacle : or who Ihlil teft upon thy 
holy hill } 

I Even he, that Icadcth an un- 
corraptlife : and ducth the ihing which is 
light, and fpeaketh ihc truth from his heart, 
; He that halh ufed no deceit in his tongue, 
nor done evil to his neighbour : and hath not 
flandercd his neighbour. 

^. He that fellcth not by himfrlf, but is 
lowly in his own eyes : and makelh much of 
ihcin that fear the Lord. 

% He that iiveareth unio his neighbour, 
and difappointeth him not : though it were 
to his own hindrance. 

6 He that hath not given his money upon 
uJury ; nor taken rewaiB againft the innocent. 

7 Whofo doetb thcfe things ; (hall never 

Psalm xvi. Confcr-va mc, Domind. 

^f^SSf; RESERVE me, O God : for in ihec 
rah^^) have I put my truft. 
ffli^?^ » O my Ibul, thou haft laid unto 
^"^^^ the Lord : Thou art my God, my 
goods are nothing unto thee, 

J All my delight is upon ibe iaints, that are 
u the caith ; and upon fuch as excel tn virtue. 

(TDr jBncCani. 

flciilifr tiad noi 

Win mf prrsMdi. 

Day 3. 

The Pfalms. 


(Tit Vclnirta, 

In DC si! line It J 

Spciit Is HKuc iv. 

4 Buiihcyihairunaitetanotliergod; Ihall 

have gi'cal trouble. 

5 Theii ilrink-f^ffciings of blood will I ncii 
olFer : iiciilier make mention of their namti 
within my lipi. 

6 The LorJ himfelf ii the portion of mine 
inheritance, and of inycup : thou llialt main- 
tain my lot, 

7 The lotisfalien unto IDS inafair ground! 
yea, I liave a goodly heritage. 

S I will thanlt the Lonl for giving me wim- 
ing ! my Kins slfo chaften me in the niglii- 

9 I have fct God always bcfiiie me : fci 
he is on my right Iiand, therefore I Ihall not 

10 Wherefore my heart was glad, and my 
glory rejoiced ; my nelh alfo IhalTrell in liojic. 

1 1 For ivhv ? thou fhalt not leave my foui 
in heil i neltner Ihitt thou fuffer ihy Holy 
One to fee corruption, 

II Thuu Hialt Qicw me thepath of life; 
in ihy prefcnce is the fulnefs ofjoy : and at 
thy I'iglit hand there is plcafurefor rvermon-. 

PsflLM xvlt. Exaui/i, Domne. 

f EAR the right, O Lord, confider my 

complaint ; ami hirarkcn unto my 

prayer, ihai gueth noloul of feigned 


1 Let Illy (iiilcnce come forth ftoui thy 



The Pfalms. 

D„s 3, 

prelcnce : and let thine eyes look upon the 
thing that it tqual. 

3 Thou hali proved andvifiled mine heart 
in the night realbii ; ihou haft tried me, and 
Ihalt find no wiekcdners in me : (or I am ut- 
terly purpofed ihat my minilh Ihall n>il offend. 

4 Bccaiife of men's works, that are done 
againft ihe words o( thy lips ; 1 have kept 
me from ihe n^ys of (he dcftroyer. 

5 O hold thou up my goings in thy paths ; 
(lijt tny footfteps flip not. 

6 I Iiavccalledupon tlice, O God.forthoii 
ilislt licar me i incline thine ear to nie, and 
hcai-ken unto my words, 

7 Shew ihy marvellous loving-kindnefs, 
thou that art the Saviour of them which put 
their trull in thee i from fuch as lelill ihy 
right hand. 

a Keep me as the apple of an eye : hide 
roe under the (hadow nt thy wings, 

9 From ilie ungodly (hat trouble me : mine 
enemies compals me round about lo take 
a may my foul. 

10 Theyare indofed in ihclr own fat : anJ 
their month fpeaketh proud things. 

11 They lie wailing in our way on every 
liile : turning theireyea down to the ground ; 

IX Like a.'i a lion ihat n greedy of his prey -. 
:ind as It were a lion'a whelp, lurking in I'ecrei 
pi. ices. 

I ! Up, Lord, difappoiiit him, and caft hini 


Tht) sdiEi not goltr. 
jFtom aiitli can itriE 

flo ciTinp^sB nor dn. 

etc fniisliAnDinon. 

I^Doni no mm, 
JTot 1 Da Of 51 Ml. 

down : deliver iny fiiul froon tbc ungodly^ 

which is a fword ofihinei 

14. From ihe men of tliy hand, O Lord, 
iVom ihe men. I lay, and from th? ex-il world ; 
which have (heir poitlun in this life, ivhofi 
bellies ihou filklt with ihy hid treafure, 

15 They have children ai (heirdefirc! and 
leave the reft of their iubllance for their babca 

16 fiutai forme, I will behalil ihy prefcnce 
in righicoufnels : and when I awake up alter 
thy Iikenelii, I Hiall be fatiiilied wiih it. 

Psalm xviir. Dais'"" I', Domiae. 

WILL love Ihee, O Lord, my 

ftrongih ; the I.()ni is my liony rock, 

and my defence ; my Saviour, my 

God, and my mighr, in whom I 

will iruft, my buckler, ihe horn alfo of my 

liilvation, and my refuge. 

1 I will call upon the Lord.which is worthy 
to be prailed : fo (hall I be late from mini: 

3 The Ibrrows of death com{iiil1cd mc . 
and the overflowings of uiigodlinelV nmdc me 

4. The pains of hell came about me ; the 
fnares of death ovcrlouk. nie. 

S In mv trouble I will call upon the Lord ; 
snd cnniplnin iinlo niv God. 


The Pfalms. 

6 So llial] he hear my vuicc out \ti his holy 
temple ! and my comiitaint fhall come before 
him, it fliall eiittr even iiiio his cars. 

7 The earth (reinbled and quaked i the 
very foimdatiuns alio of the hilk lliook, and 
were removed, becaule lie was wroth. 

i There wetil a Imokc our in his prefenee ! 
and a conliiminE fire out oi his mouth, fo that 
Loa!s were kinilled at it. 

9 He bowed the heavens alfo, and came 
ituwn : and it was dark, undir hi^ feet. 

10 He rode ii|ion the cherubims, and did 
Hy : he eamc flying upon the wings of the 

1 1 He made darkners lii> fecrec place : his 
pavilion round about him with dark water, 
and thiek clouds to cover him. 

\z At ihe hrighincrs of his prefcnce his 
clouds removed ! hail-ftoiies and coals of fire. 

I J The Lord alfo thundered out of hea- 
veoj and the Highcll gave his thunder : hail- 
Ifones, and coals of fire, 

14. He lent out his arrows, and fcattered 
iliera ! he ciift forth lighmings, and dcfttoyed 

15 The fprings of waters wen fcen, and 
the foundations of the round world were dif- 
tovercd, at thy chiding, O Lord : at the blalt- 
ing of the breath of tby dilpleafure. 

ifi Hcihailfcnd down from on highloftfuh 
ii]-- r .iiuf fli.ill r iL'i' me out ot manv ^vLHer'i, 

^ ■*/"_. >:/ifi 

rtit jausKiius. 

5'tlB!(l|il|i5 (Lip: 
□<inrr Utili int 

Clil jfiroWcfi. 

Snn unn tni imp. 

etc SM\. 

till (oollsli iiip fonD 
I Ircj li itir tonti. 

17 He niull Jellvcr mc from my fttongell 
enemy, and IVom them which hate m< 1 for 
llicy Jtc too itiighty for me. 

1 8 They prevented mc in (he day of my 

trouble ; but the Luril ivaa my upholder. 

19 He brought mc forth atfo into a pUw 
of hbcrty ; he brought mt forth, even becaufc 
he had a favour unto me, 

to The Lord fliall rtwaid me after my 
righleouH deatinu : accunlin|; to ihe cleaii- 
nefs of my hands fliall he ret om pen It me. 

1 1 BcL'aule I have kept the ways of Ihe 
Lord : and h:ivc not forlakcn itty Gtxl, as the 
wicked doth. 

II For I have an eye unto all his laws 1 
and will nol calt nut hi) commaiulments from 

13 I was alio imcornipt before him t and 
elihcwe.l mine own wiitcJnefs. 

H. Therrfort^ Ihall the Lord revvard m^ 
after my righteous dealing : and according un- 
to tlir deaimelb of my hands in his eye-ljght, 

15 With the holy thiio (halt he holy 1 anti 
with a perfect man thou (liait be peifefl. 

16 With the clean thou ihalt be clean : 
and with the froward thou (halt learn fro- 

17 For thou ihalt favc the people that are 
in aJvcrfity ; and ihalt bring down the high 
looks of the proud. 

18 Thou alio Ih.ili light mv cnndlc s iht 

[fur ftlsr, till stmplf. aiio rnriii Ois'"\ 
L Itr ^r TsirjTiinnDrttrn'niififii iiurn ititr 

I.i>rd my God Ihall make my Jarkncft to be 

19 For in thee I ftiall dircomfif in holi wf 
men I and with the help of my God I (hill 
leap over ihc will. 

]0 The vinj of Cud ii an unilclikd wuy i 
the word of the Lord xllu Is iricl in the lire ^ 
he is ilie defender «f all thrm that put thcic 
iiuH in him. 

;t F'lrnho ii God, but the Lord I ornho 
hith uny llcengtli, except our God ? 

;i It it GikT, that girdcih me with llrengih 
uf V3X : and makeih ray way pcrfrfl, 

55 He maktih my feel fiki; harts* fret 1 
and fflteih me up on hluh. 

H He teachclh mine liandi (o fight : and 
mine anus Ihatl breik even » bow of (itel. 

J5 Thou halt sivtti me (he dcfi'iiix of rln 
f^Ivatlun I thy right hand alli^Iliall hold mcii|>, 
,ind thy loving correflion (li.)ll make ini great. 

j6 Thou llialt make room cnnoijh under 
nie for to go 1 that my foulftcp- lli-iU im' I 

37 I will follow upon mini; ^lumiL., 
ovetiake them ! neither will I turn again ull 
1 have deftroycd them. 

;g I will finiti- them, thm the)- (liall iini 
be able tu ftsnii -. (nil fill muler my feci. 

J9 Thou hall girded me with ftrcngih unto 
the battle : (Iiou Ihalt throw down mine ine- 
miet under me. 

40 Tliou had made mine enemlei alfo to 

Ctt Ctflgli. 

Jfotl lUl {OOH- 

Ori X 111'* uiHjk ^ijf w\ «ivi\r iiinij UV 1 

to help them : yea, even «nto ihc Lord (hal 
the^y crv, hul he IIihII not hear them. 

41 I' will hest them -u rnial] as the du 
bef'ort the wind : I will vaft ihtm out as the 
eliy in tlie llreets. 

45 Thniiftialtili'liveciiiefiwmlhc flrivingi 
of ihc pi'oplc ; and thou fliJilt make me the 
hcail ol ihe heathen. 

44. A people whom I have not known 
Iliall Icrve me. 

45 A> fooii at they heat of inc, they (hill 
obey me : but the Itiange children Ihall dif- 
limble ivith me. 

46 The llrange children (hall fall 1 And be 
sfroiil out of their prifons. 

47 The I-oi'd livelh, and blelTcd be my 
lirong helper : and praiied be the Gud of my 

43 Even (he God that feelh that I be a- 
venged ; and Itibdueth the people unto me. 

49 II ii he that delivrtc'h me from my 
cruel enemies, and tclleth me mi above mine 
a<lverlariet 1 thou fholt rid mc mm the wick- 
ed man, 

JO Foi- this cauie will I give thinki unto 
ihce, O Lord, imong the Gcniilci : and fing 
priiles unto thy Name. ' 

ji Great profpcriiy givtth he unto hi) 

AUrm. The Plalms. Day 4. 

ICing : iiut Aicwcth laving-klndncli unto Da- 
viil ill* Aiiointol, and unto liii Cecil for evcr- 


Pt*lM XIX. i^li laarratU. 

H& Imvcnt dccUir i)i< glory of 
Uod ; and the limuiiicDt Ihcwcih 
hii banily-wurlc. 

1 One day tcUelh anathci : aiul 
one nieht rcrittielli another, 

J 'riiere i» neither fpcech not Unguagt i 
liiit (htir voice?! are heird among ihcm. 

4 Their Jbunil it gone out into all lanili i 
itiJ their n-onJi into the rnJ> of ilic wurJcl . 

5 In them lint!] he let a labernade foe the 
lull I whifh civile I h furlh iii biidcgrooni iiiii 
of hii chsnibcr, anil re;oi<clh Ut u giant (o 
run his courfe. 

6 It goeih forth frum the ultcrmoft pan nf 
the hcat'cn, and runneth about unto the rniJ 
tif il again : and there ii nothing hid from 
tlic heat thereof. 

7 The l»wof the I.oi\I ifiun iinil'i'lril l.uv, 
c.jnverling the ibul : the tcrtiinoin i.f fin Luid 
11 fuic, and f;iveth wil'doni unid the liinjrlc. 

i The lliituitt of the Lord arc right, and 
rejoice the hrart : the I'liiiiiii^ndiiieiit o( the 
Lord is pure, and eiveth light unto ihc eye'. 

5 The tVjr "I Uir I.iTil i> cli^un, ind en- 

ti.i. ..,.1 of liigl)r-5i aifliii 
Lie Qntf liirf Ejalu. aB i^r Do ir<. 



iCIlt ODIpIru. 

tewgirss iDtutt 

tnoii Or. 
rtou niisi 4lDlg 

ttllt mt. 

JJiiKO 3(911 iDan 

IlllSt 91) ' 

Xs I im. an litsll 

llion Ihf 


iSoniini (OH E im 
vmir malt. 


Qucb'BS iiiB pel It - 

"sa : I II 16, 

Cfitli mllpignniit- 

iliiicih tor ever : ihe jutlgrmrnts of the Lor'', 
are true, and rightcom ultogcllier. 

10 More lo be Jcfireil arc rliey ih.-iii 

yea, llian inufh line gold i fwceler all" n 
honey, and ihe honey-comb. 

1 1 Murcinrcr,by(lieinrH(hyrervantliugbt: I 
ami in k.i:L*ping <•)' iheni ihcic It grent reward. 

I J Who can tell how oft he afttndcth ; O 
cleanfe ihou me from my fccret bulti. 

I \ Keep thy firvant alf'i frmn prdiimpiu- 
oos (id', itft ihcy get tl>e dominion over me : 
lb (iiM I be undchlcd, and innocent from the | 
great ofFtncc. 

H Let Ihe wonlii of my mouth, and the 
nieiiitation of my heart : be alway acceptable 
in ihy light, 

15 O Lord : myftrenglh,and my redrcmtr. 

Psalm xx. Exaudiat It Dsmiaui. 

HEI.ordhcarihccin theilayof ttou-l 
lile ; the Name of the God of Jacob | 
defend thee ; 

I Send thee liclji from (he Ct-tic- 
riiary ; and ftrenglhen ihee out of Sion j 

3 Remember ill thy ulFcringt 1 u)d accept I 
thy biirnl-lViiticc ; 

4, Grant ihec ihy heart's drfire : and fulfil | 
all thy mind. 

5 Wr will rejoice in thy nilvation,and tri' 
umph in ihe Name of the Lord our CJod 1 the 
Lord perioral ail ihy pcTiiiiins, 

fair ttil sal in llii jilgtirst nrm, 
flti lilt ti" tiDn (CI uoi(ir»' Bill. 

6 Now know I, thai (he Lord licipidi hit 
Anuinlcd, and will litJi' him from his holy 
heaven 1 even wiih ib« wholclbmc Arcngrh «t 
liii '''K')' hand. 

7 Some puc (heir Iriill in rharimt, mid Come 
in hoiiti : but wi will remembct ihc Nainr 
of the Lord our Gud. 

S Thev ire brought down, and fallen i but 
we arc lifrn, ind fljnd iiprighi. 

9 Save, Lord, and hear ui, O King of hea- 
ven 1 when tve call ujiun (hcc. 

Psalm xxt. Daminf, in -virtttle laa, 

^^'-^^HE Kingihall rejoice in ihylliength, 
,1 O Loitl E exceeding glad (hall he be 
of thy ftlvmioii, 

1 Thou haligiven him hit hcni'i'ii 
drlirc : and halt nol denied hiiti the requcll of 
hit lim, 

] For thou fhalt prevent him with ihclilcll- 
ingi of goodnefs ; and ftiali fet a crown of 
pure gold upon hii head. 

4 He afked life of thee, sod (h"ii gaveft 
him a long life ! even for ever snd ever. 

5 Hit honour it ^rcal in thy falvacion : glo- 
ry and great nornilp llialt thou by upon 

6 For ihou (hilc give him rverlalling feli- 
city I and inake him glad with ihc joy of thy 
roil lite nance, 

7 Andivhy? iM-CJuli.- ihc KingpUHelh hii 

Cftt llt«*alcie. 

«ouiuri5 or aiioi 

■ Nil 111, 
laliiti iliK Uiilb iitg 


CSt *''laiDiiiil(M, 

r(5(0UBIf»S t to 

riDI npirr: 
Sat Df ibrm I bibr 

&l][0llt3« t»i*i UD 

ViKiit Ihiiscit U 

The Pfalms. 


tnift in the Lord : and in (he mcrejr of the 
mort Hi"hcft lie (hill not miflarry. 

S All thine enemies Ihall feel ihv hand : 
ihy light hind Ih.ill Anil out them itiAt hitc 

9 Thou (halt make ihcm like a fiery oven 
in lime of thy nrath : the LonI lli.itl ilelliov 
them in his .iifpleafure, and the fire ih.ill con- 
fume (liem. 

10 Their fniit (halt thou root out «f ihe 
earth : and their {ad from among the children 
of men. 

1 1 For they intended niiii'hicf againll (hec ; 
md imagincci I'lu-h a device as thejr sre not 
able to perform. 

11 Thcreftre (halt thou put them to (tight : 
and the llringa of thy bow ihalt thOu make 
ready agoinli the face of them. 

i; Be thou exalted. Lord, in thine own 
ftrength : lb will we fingiandpraiferhy power. 


Psalm xxii. Deaf, Dtut mtui. 

Y God, my God, look upon me ; 
why hall thou foilaktn ni« i And I 
art To from my health, and from I 
the words of my eomplaini J 
I O my God, I cry in the day-lime, bii: I 
thou heaiel) not - and in the oiglil-lir»(rin alio 
I take nri reft. 

Evtn. The Pfalms. Day +. 

I And thou continuelt hoJy i O thou wur- 
fliip of Ifracl. 

4. Our fathers hoped in thee : they truftcd 
in thee, and thou did!) deliver them. 

5 They called upon tliee, and were holpen ; 
they put their ttuft in thee, and were not con- 

6 But as for me, I am a worm, and no 
m»n 1 a very fcorn of men, and the out-calt 
L>t the peuple. 

7 All they that fee me laugh me to fcorn ; 
they Oioot out their lips, and Ihake their heads, 

S He trufted in God, that he would deli- 
ver him ! let him deliver him, if he will have 

9 But thotl art he that took me out of my 
mother's womb ; thou waft my liopc, when I 
hanged yet upon my mother's brealls. 

10 I have been left unlo thee everfincc I 
was born 1 thou art my God even from my 
mother's woinb. 

II O go not from me, for trouble is hard 
at hand ; and there is none to help me. 

11 Many oxen areccme about me ; fat bulls 
of Bafan clofe me in on every fide. 

1 3 They gape upon me with their mouths : 
as it were a ramping and a roaring lion. 

14 1 am poured out like water, and all my 
hones are out of joint : my heart alfo io the 
midft of my body is even like melting wax. 

Dijili tB his iiiluDf colli muointt : 
lPw(trs5, Ouiin. Diithiss, dnn lirdirt- 

!:*> juoat'B iuai((. 

iBittmii DC jiustlre's 

I omcDmrtDratitii) 



ijiOiarF Tlic hus- 
tanD'3 eatii, 

KinaiO ihri uol 
mutt ualn. 

Stt 0tKII(IDDinlll. 

Am Iks WH' dns 

San IE III re >ni> Ii«. 

I 5 My Itrcnglh indricJ up like a potHiciJ, 
iiTi<! myrnnguci'Ieavcrli (oiiiygumii ; aiid.clii>ii 
Ihalt biing nic inio ihc duft of deaih. 

t6 Koi many (log& art romc about me; and 
ihe council of ihe wicked layclh fiege againli 

17 Thevpitrccd my hands and itif feet i 1 
may (ell ull my bonct : ihcy llaiid Ibtring and 
lo'iking U|iijn me. 

iS They port my ganntnii among ih*m ! 
md call lott upon tny vellurc. 

19 But be not iliou Tar from me, O Lord : 
thou art my I'liccour, hiifte ihce to help me. 

JO Deliver my foul tVom the I'wom i my 
darling iVum iht power el* ilie dog. 

II Sive me from the lion's month : thou 
halt heard ni« alfo from among the horns at' 
the unicomn, 

:i I will declare thy Name unto my bre- 
thren : in ih« midi) of the congregation iviil 

I pr-jile (hec. 

ij O praife the Lord, yr that fear him : 
magnify him, all ye of the feed of Jacob, and 
fear hirn. all ye feed of llrael ; 

1+ Foi he liaih not dcfpiled, nor abhorred, 
ihc low eftatc of the puur 1 he halh nut hid 
bii face liom bim, but when he collcil tlRtO 
him be beard him. 

as My praiie is of thee in the gria( cimi- 
gregution : my vows will 1 jierforni in the 
(iglir of itifm [li^i li-.iL Miti, 


The Plalms. 

Day +. 

a 6 The poor (hall cat, an J be fatisficd ; they 
that feck after the Lord fliall praili him ; your 
heirl Ihali live for ever. 

17 All the ends of the world Ihall remem- 
ber themfelves, and be turned unto the Lor<I : 
;i(id all the kindreds of the nations (hail wor- 
Ihip before him. 

lE For the kingdom is the Lord's : and he 
is the Governour among the people. 

29 All fuch as be fat upou earth : have 
eaten, and worlhipped. 

30 All they that go liovtn into (he duft 
lliall kneel before him ! and no man hath 
quickened his own foul. 

31 My feed lliall fcrve him : ihey (hall be 
counted unto the Lord for a generation. 

32 They fhall come, and the heavens Ihall 
declare hia righleuufnels : unto a people that 
(hall be Ijorn, whom the Lord hath made. 

Psalm xxtii. Domlnus regit me. 

HE Lord is my Ihepherd : therefore 
can I lack nothing. 

1 He lliall Iced me in a green 
paftiirc : and lead me forth befidt 
the waters of comfort. 

} He lliall convert my foul ; and bring me 
forth in the paths of lightcoufncfs, for his 
Name's fake. 

+ Yea, though I walk through the valley 
of the fliadow of liuaih, I will ttat no evil : 

Jflrrcliaiii s^tlfr. 

Brant ADA nrDtr so 

nlci, !Dlii. 

Sanii artd ino St- 

Ulcli iBin'G miuti. 

911 iiii t\im miinin 

IDF llnlD 

Idi Biatsi. 
fflomr IdieQ uir in 

fur thiiu art nith me j thy rod and thy Aaff 

com fori me. 

5 Thou (halt prepare a tabtc Wlitn; mc 
ngaiiill them that irmiblc me : thou hai): an- 
ointed my head with oil, and my cup (hall be 

6 But ill)' lovinz-kindncfs and mercy (hall 
follow me all the days of my life ; anil I will 
dwell in the houfe of llie LoiJ for evtr. 


Psalm xxiv. Domim tfl terra, 

jig' HE earth is the Lord's, and all thai 
I'^irS'/- iinreinis! tile comnafs of the world, 
and they thai dwell therein, 

I For he batb founded it upon 
the leas : and prepared It upon the floods. 

I Who ftiall ali-riid into the hill of the 
Lord : or who (hall rife up in his holy place ? 
+ Even he ihat hath clean hands, and ,i 
pure heart : and thai halh not lift up his mind 
untovaniiy.nor fworn lodeceivehiEneighboui. 
; He Hiall receive the bielfing from the 
Lord : and righteoufDefs from the God of his 

6 This is the generation of them that (eek 
him ieven of them that leek thy face, O Jacob. 

7 Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be 
)c lift up, ye everiaftiiig doors ; and the King 
of ^Inrv '>'i!f iTiine in. 

*inuL»u "- 

(.Is Eiraili 111 tflia moiK rijlli Hi: Ninnip 
re '111 nr.i'ti 'rrtwiiriofnici-i'^iin ■. ainn. 

Msrn. The Pfalms. Dny 5. 

8 Who \s the King ot glory ; il is the Lord 
ftruiig and mightj', even tlie Lord mighty in 

9 Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be 
ye lift up, ye everlafting doors 1 and the King 
of giory fliail come in. 

10 Who is the King of glory ; even the 
Lord of hofli, he is the King of glory. 

Psalm xxv. Ad re, Domiae, Uiiofvi. 

NTO thee, O Lord, will I lift up 
my foul j my God, I have put my 
irult in thee : O lel me not be con- 
founded, neither let mine enemies 
Iriumph over me. 

2 ForaJI they that hope in ihee fliall not 
be afliamed : but fiith as tranfgreli without 3. 
caufe (hall be put lo contufion. 

; Sliew me tby vi3.yi, O Lord ; and teach 
me ihy paths. 

4 Lead me forth in thy truth, and learn 
me ! for thou art the God of my falvalJon ; in 
ihee hath been my hope all the day lung. 

5 CaU to remembrance, O Lord, thy lender 
mercies : and thy loving- kindnefl'es, which 
have been ever of old. 

6 O remember not the fins and offences of 
my youth ; but according to thy mercy think 
thou upon me, O Lord, for thy goodnels. 

7 Gracious and righteous is the Lord : 
tticiefore will he teach fmncrs in the way. 

Sfisi, gallani, ml 

pp, (mil;. 

an inii?i win mr y 


iBrast ilili (otiijui 

anti uain. 
fK Ean III! clibis 

ina a"<i- 

Foil no Dioir, i s.ic: 

The Pfalms. 


t Tlicm (list are meek (hall lie giiidt Ir; 
jiidgrinenl : and Tuch 3i>are gentle, I hem l)uil 
he kain hi* way. 

•} All iht path? of the Lord ate mercy uid 
rtuih : unto liich as keep hU covenant, and 
his I dtim allies. 

10 For thy Name's fake.O Lord i be mer- 
ciful \inli> my fin, for it is great. 

1 1 What man is he, that feai'cth the Lord : 
him fliall he teach in the way that he (hall 

II His foul IhiU dwell at cafe i and his feed 
Hull inherit (be land. 

13 The fccret of the Lord h among them 
■hat fear him % and he will Ihcw theni hii. cove- 

14 Mine cye^ are ever looking unio the 
Lord ; for he Ihati pluck my feet nut of ihenel. 

ij Turn thcc unto mt, and have mercy 
upon me : for I am dcl'nlale, a.nd in milery. 

16 The forrows of my bcml are enlarged : 
O bring thou me out of my doubles. 

17 Look upon my ailverfity Diid mifery : 
and foi'give me all my lln. 

1 3 Cutifider mine enemies, how many they 
arc : and they hear a tyrannous bate againll 

19 O keep my foul, nod dellrcr me 1 let mc 
not tie confounded, for I have puttny ttuRin 

so Let pcrftilnelB and righteous dejliui.- 

fttmt ID iiDt.aneilni ■• Dii: 



The Pfitlms. 

Day 5. 

-vail upun ine ! lor my liopt lialh been in thee, 
11 Deliver IlVael, O GoJ : oul of ail his 

Psalm xxvi. Judica mi; Domini. 

^ E ihij^i in V Judge, O -LorJ^for I hax'f 
walked innoccnlly : my Irull: liath 
b«n alfo in tlie Loid.i hereto re Ihaii 
I not fail. 

I Examine me, O Lord, and prove me : try 
out my reins and my liearl. 

3 For thy Itiving-kindnefs is ever before 
mine eyes ; and I will walk in thy (ruth. 

4 I have not dwelt witli vain perfoni ; nei- 
ther will I have fcUowlhip wllh the deceic- 

5 I have hated the congregation of the 
wicked : and will not fit among the xmgodly. 

6 1 ivill walli my hands in innocency, O 
Lord : and li> will I ^o to thine altar ; 

7 That I may (hew (he voice of thankf- 
giving ; and tell of all thy wondrous murki, 

8 Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy 
boiife : and the place where thine honour 

9 O Ihut not up my foul with the linners : 
nor my life with the blooil-ihirltyt 

10 In whole hands is wickediitfs: and their 
right hand \s full of gifts. 

I I But as for me, I will walk Innocently ; 
O deliver me, and he merciful unto me. 


atmp tnltn Nttci 
anO r|it(5t, 

JForftiD M' Ibou 
must Irtsr. 

Sttptnt's GQitt. 

B( iDnu fount '■ 


ji My toot ftaiidctli right : I will prailc 
(he Lord in ihc congregations. 

Psalm xxvu. Damittui iltuminath. 

HE Lorul Is my light, and my falva* 
liun ; whom then (hail I fear ; ihc 
Lord is the llrcnglh uf my life; of 
whptn then lliall I be afraid ? 

a When ihe wicked, even mine encmiw, 
and my foes, cameupnn me lo ealup my fltlh ; 
they (tumbled and fell. 

% Though an holi of men were laid againft 
me, yet Ihall not my heart be aftaid : and 
though [here rofe up ivir againll me, yet will 
I put my Inift in him. 

4. One thing have I dcfired of the I.ord, 
which r will require : even that 1 may dwell 
in the houte of the Lord all the days of my 
liif, to behold the fair beauty of the Lord, 
and to vifit hii temple, 

; For In the time of trouble he fhall hide 
me in his tabernacle : yea. In the I'etiet place 
of hi^ dwelling fhali he hide mc, and let me 
up upon a rock of llone. 

fi And now (hail he lift up mine head : 
above mine enemies round abuut me. 

7 Therefore will I offer in his dwelling jji 
oblation with grent gladnefs ; I will ling, and 
fpeak iiraiies unto the Lord, 

Eftit. The Pfalms. D^y y 

t Mdck-ci) unto mir voice. O X>ord, when 
I cry iinio ihec i hiVE mere]' upon me, anii 

hwr me. 

9 My lirart halli tilkfii of ihec, Seeic ye 
my fact i Thy face, Lonl, will t ftelt, 

10 O hide not thou >hy fare from me : nor 
rail thv iL-rvunl away in dilplralure. 

1 1 Tiinii hull licrn my luccimr ; leave mc 

r L When my fithvt and my muitierfDrfakt 
mc I ihi* Lonl likclh me «|i. 

I ; Teach me rhy way, O Lonl : inA lead 
me in the tight way, becaule of mine eiiemici. 

(4 Dclivec mc not over iiilii ihe will of 
mine idverfaiic* ; fiyr (hcft are fulie wiincflcv 
rifen up againft me, and lUch a> [peak wron};. 

i; I Ihuuld uttcily have lainlcd i but (lijt 
I believe eerily (o lee the gootlnelii of the 
Lonl in ihe land of the living. 

16 O itirry thou the Lord'* Icifure i \k 
fltoiic,anil he Ihall eunifort thine heaHj and 
pui tilou thy triift in the Lo(d. 

PiALM xxviit. AJ te, Domat. 
i,";?NTO ihrc will 1 cry, O Lotd my 
k ftrenpih i think no liroin of me j 
Pell, if lliou make a; lli<.»igli ihou 
hcaicll not, I become like thcni 1h.1t 
go down into the pit. 

I Hear the voice of my humble petition), 
when lety luLtu ihcei when I holdup in v IliithU 

tICt il!ii«alf. 

Oi ilmu pom gt 

rctii muii ailtvi 
tx xiiitn. 

riir Vddi jL^lain>iiL, 

Hi iliaii nitit so 

Ctioij mitsi (n|[i al 

mil Uoor. 

The Pfalms. 

Eft It. 

Kbt Intanl. 
Id, iliiiiiiitiE ntiiit 

towaids llie metry-lcat of thy holy tempk, 

} O |)ltjck mc not mvay, neiilicr ileltruv 
me ivilh (lie utigudly and wick«d doers : whJtrii 
fpcnk IVienilly In Iheir neighbours, but iinn- 
^ine luilihiet in their hearts. 

4 Rewafd ihem according to their d««ds ; 
snd according to rhc wicktdiltJs of llielr own 

5 Recompenfc them after ihc work of their 
handi^ ; pay Iheni that ihcy have del'en'ed, 

S Flit they regard ticjt in iheir mind the 
work* of the Loid, nor the operation of his 
hands : therefore lliall he break: thcin duwa, 
and not build them up. 

7 Praifed be the Lord : for he hach heard 
ihe voice of my humble pelitions. 

8 The Lord is my litvngth, and my lliield ; 
my heart halh trullid in hi in, and I am helped; 
rliercfore my heart daiicelh for joy.and in my 
fong will I prail'e him. 

f The Lord it my Iti'tngth i and he i* ihe 
wholcfome defence of hii Anointed, 

\a O favc thy people, and eive tliy blefling 
unto thine inheritance ! teed them, and fel 
them up for ever. 


I Give the Litiil the liuiiuur due unLo hi> 
Nimc ! woaihjp ihc Loni wiih lioly woi- 

] It >> the Lord, Chitl commanJclb thi; wa- 
ten : it it lh« gloriuui Gad, thai innkcEli the 

4 It 19 the Lord, (hut riilcih ihc Crsn the 
Toicc of the Lord i> miphiy in operaiion ! the 
Toici of thf Lotd ly a ct'iHuui vuiot. 

J The Tuirt iif ihc Loril Ixciketh the ee- 
dar-irecs : j-ej, (h< Lotd breikelh ihe tcdan 
of Libonus, 

ti He luakcih them nlfn to Ikip like n caJf t 
Libuius Mo, and Sinon, like a young uni- 

7 The voice of ihc Lonl dividclh (he flanm 
of firei the voice of the Lord lliaitcih iht 
wlldemefs : yea, the Lord Ihakcth the wilder- 
nei5 uf Cadei. 

% The Toice of ihe Lord makeih the hindi 
tobringtbttli young, and dllcovercih ihc tliick 
liudici ; in hik temple dolh every man fpenk 
of his honour. 

9 The Lord iillclh ihove the water-flood i 
and ihc Lord t^muncth i King for ever. 

to The Lord DmII give fttcnglh unto hii 
people i the Lord fliill give hii people the 
blelling of pEncT. 

cut ilringfroi. 

I am itii congucm. 

Silt Sing, 

Droit gi ting, 
I ]nusi tC'i DiinD' 

irtE m*'. 


HABit iltir mr. 

C|li jHtiguls, 

WILL msgnify tliec, O Loti!, for 
ihou hxft {et me up i and not niadt 
my foes to triumph over mc. 
I O Lord my Cod, I cri<»I unto 
thee -. and lliou haR: licaltd me, 

J Thou, Lord, liall broiighi my foul out 
of hell : thou liaft kepi my lite from thtm that 
go down (o the pit. 

4 Sing praifcE imto ihe Lord, O ye Jaiott 
of hiv : and glvF ihsiiks unto him fur a remem- 
brani'e uf hik huliiiels. 

5 For his wi-aih cndureih but the twink- 
Irng of an i-yt, and in hie plcafure is life -. Ixa- 
uinels may cnduie for a night, but joy Comclh 
in the morning, 

6 And in my profperity I faid.I Ihall never 
be removed i thou. Lord, of (hy guudncfe hall 
mode my hit) lb Drong, 

7 Thou didft turn thy lace from me : and 
I was troubled. 

E Then L-ried I unto (hce, O Lord : and 
gat me !o my Lord right humbly. 

5 What profit is thtri; in my blood ; vrhcd 
I go Jiiwn to the pit P 

lo Shall the diift give thanks unto thee : 
nr Iliall it ilcfijre thy truth > 

II Hear, O Lord, and have mercy upon 
nic : Lord^ be ihou my helper. 

II Thou halilurnea my fieaviners iolo joy ; 
ihtiu hafl pui oir my fackcioih, and girded mc 
wiih gladnels. 

ij Therefore Aiall every good man (Ing of 
thypraili: without ccaliiig ; O my God, I vvill 
give thanks unto thee for evei'i 

PsftLM XXXI. Ill le, Domiue.fpiTii'vi. 

N thee, O LonI, have I put my iriift ; 
lit me nrvi't be put to toiifurioii, 
dtliver me in thy tighleoulneis. 
3 Bow down liiine ear to me i 
make haftc to deliver me. 

j And be ihou my ftrong rock, and houfe 
of defence '. thai thou mayeli fave me, 

+ For tltou art my llrong rock, and my 
oaftle : be thou alfo my guide, and iead me 
for ihy Name's fake. 

5 Draw me out of the net, that they have 

laid privily for me : for thou art ray ftrcnglli. 

fi Into thy hand:4 I commend my Ibirit : 

r'or thou hiit redeemed me, O LorJ, thou God 

of truth. 

7 I have hated them that hold of fuperfti- 
lious vanitieEi % and my trull hath been in the 

S I will be glad, and rejoice in thy mercy : 
for thou haft confidered my trouble, and haft 
known my foul in advcrfilifs. 

(TSf Baroii. 

Kitons of noBlllie, 

l^alDlurniii Lii lNn,iiini;t"rCio sinnr 



CI)' arlDllstif. 


Zbnx itiiiiiotlnii 




9 Thoii halt not Ihiii mt up into ihe hand 
of the enemy ; but haft fet mj' icct in a laige 

10 Hnve mercy upon me, O Lon(,r(ir I nm 
ill trouble; and mine eye isionlumnl IW very 1 1 
heivinefs ; yea, my Ibtil ami my body. 

11 For my life ii waxen old with hcnvU 
nefs : and my yean with mourning. 

It My itrength fjiilelh me, bccaulc of mine 
iniijuily -, nail, my booea iiic confumcd. 

I J I became a reproof among all mine en- 
cmicj, but cl'pecially among my neighbours : 
and thtyof mine acquaintance were nfraiil of 
me [ and they that did fee me ivithciut con- 
veyed thcmfelvct from me. 

14 1 am ('.lean forgotten , as a dead man ouf 
of mind : 1 3m become like a broken velTel. 

I ; For I have heard the biafphemy of the 
moltirude ! and fear is on every fide, while 
they confpire togctiier agninft me, and take 
their counfcl to lake avvay my life, 

16 But my hope hath been in thee, OLonI 1 
I have faid. Thou art my God. 

17 My time is in thy hand ( deliver me 
from the hand of mine enemiea i Knd (mm 
ihem that perftcute me. 

1% Shew thy foviinl the light of thy emin> 
lenanei- ; and fave nic for ihy mercy'* fake. 

19 Let me not be confounded, O Lord, fori 
have called upon ihcc ! let the ungO'lly he put 
to coiifiJhim.iiiiil til- put 1(1 filcnCi- in flic yinvc. 

tii^bnps IDF ti.tnr uualii iFit tntr 

jrijirjIlmu'ii'untJlOr.uh Fifljflt.i 

■ jf.y.y.y.- 


• is^ 

EvfM. The Pfalms. D«j 6. 

*o J>t rhe lying lipi be put to lilcnte -. 
which criKlly, ilil'JiIntully, ind dcrpitcfulW, 
Tpcolc againit (he rij^litcooK. 

II O how plcniilul i> thy goodneft, which 
thou haA bid up f'oi llicm ihat irii ihcc ; and 
(hat ihoii h«tt prr|i*rcil fot iWhi ilmt |«it thiii 
troll in ibee, e»cn before iht ibni of men I 

»i Thou ftiall hide ihcm jirivily bv thine 
o«n prcltnoc from tlic provoking i>f nil nieii ; 
thoii flialt k«p ihcm licretly in ihy lalwrna- 
clc from tlic (trile »f longuei. 

»3 Thiink* bt lo the Lord i (or hr hath 
Ihciveil ate inai'velluua grrit kindnefi in a 
flrong city. 

14 And whm I made haftr, I Ct'id i I *ni 
call oiit of the light of tliinc eyes, 

»5 Neverlhcitli, thou hcardcft the voice of 
my prayvr i when I critd umo thee. 

16 O love (he Lord, all yc hii> lainti : for 
the Lord jircferveth them that lie fivithliil, and 
[■Icnltoiilly tiwiiiJcth the proud dijtr. 

17 Be Aivaa, and he Ihall eltablilli yoiir 
hcxn : all ye (hat put yout truH in the Lotd. 

PiALM XXXK. Btali, iimram. 
^LESSED h he whol* unrighteous 

ncfs it forgiven : ftnd whole fin i^s 


B'elird \\ tile m^in unto whom 

tTDi Botln. 

ITiiD iMDing tioui la 


(TDr tnt. 

KtRinr, Inelitgs ill. 
St nit 11 mil (111. 

Day a. The Pfalms. £w». 

ihe LotJ iinputeth no (in i and In whole (pi- 
rit rhere ii no guile. 

5 r<'t whilr I lii'ld my tongue ! my bona 
cunfumcil awMy through my daily cumptiiii' 

4 For ihy hand b heavy upon me day and 
night { and my moilliiii: is like ihr drought in 


5 I will arknowltdgc my fin tinto ihte ! 
and mine unrightcoufbefs have I not hid. 

6 I jiiid, I will confefs my fins unto the 
LdixI : and fo Ihou furgaveft the wickednefs 
ot' my (in. 

7 Fur this fliallcvrry one thai is godly maki- 
hii pr.iytr unto Ihet, in a time when thou 
maycli be found : but in the gteat wster-floodi 
tbcv Oiall nut toinc iligli him. 

8 Thou art a place lo hide mc in, thou 
(hah p re ferve me from trouble ; llioii Ihattcoiii' 
palii me about with longs of deliverance. 

9 I Hill infoim ihee, and teach ihcc in the 
ivjy ivhercin thou flialt go ! and I will guide 
thee "'ith miiie eye. 

10 Be yc not like to horfe and mule, whii'h 
have no underllanding : whofc mouths mtill 
he held with bit and bridle, lell they fall upon 

1 1 Greil plagues remain for the ungodly ! 

hut whofo pullclh liis ttiift in ihe Lord, mer- 
cy emUrareth him on every fide. 

1 1 Bf tjliiil, O y:: rightfous, and rcjoirc in 

ihc Lard : uid be joyful, all ye thai are true 
o( heart. 

Psalm xxxm. Extiliate,jvfti. 
EJOICE in ihe Lori, O yc righic 
<tui 1 fui it bccomeih well die Jull to 
be thankful. 

1 PraifcihcLord withhatpifmg 
jir:iir» unto him with the lute, aud Inllniment 
ol ten lifing*. 

J Sing unio ihc Lord a new fong ! fing 
priiltt liiHily unto him willi a good couragt. 
4. For tlic word of the Lord is ti'ue : and 
ill hii worki arc f'liihrtil. 

i He loveih riphieoufneli and judgement ! 
tht earth h full '•{ the gooiliicls of the Lnrd. 

6 By the w.iil f>f the Lord were thr hcu- 
veii's made : and all the holb of ihem by the 
brf3th uf his mouth. 

7 He gathcreth the watcn of the fen togc- 
ilier, as it were upon in heap : and layetli up 
the dtep, u in a trfufurr-houfc. 

i Let dl lite enrib tV:ir the Lord : ftnnd in 
awe of him, ill ye that dwell in the woild. 

9 For he fpaJtc, and it was done : he coin- 
m.inded, and it llofid fall. 

o The Lord hringnli ihc tiiijnli.-I (jf the 
heathen to nought ; and makeih the devirn 
of the people to be of none eft'efl, and caltcih 
am (he rDiinlcIs of princes. 

II The coullfel of ibe Lord Ihall r-nJnu- 

rtll Osgulct. 

(^sgiiirr ibf li(4lir, 

Cdr Utttiilfinin. 

CtE SuBgt. 

iTamr on, jiiDgr, 
smut w ID tTulgt 

for ever : and die thoughts of his hean IVom 

gciLeralion ti> generarit^ji. 

II Blefled are ihc people, whufc Giiil i? 
th(^ I.uril Jrliovah : and bk-IIed are the folk, 
thai he bath chol'en to liim to be bit inhcril- 

13 The Loid looked down from heaven, 
and beheld all ibe children of men ; from the 
habitation of hii dwelling he coiiljdcrclli all 
them that dwell on the eailh. 

14 He falliioneth all the hearts of th«m : 
»nd undei'liandelh all (heir woiks. 

15 There it no king that can be Aved by 
tht multitude i.if an holl : ncilliei' is any mighty 
man delivered by much Ilreiigth. 

16 A borft is counled but a vain thing to 
lave a man ; neiihei Ihall he deliver any man 
by his great Itrength. 

1; Behold, the eye of ihc Lord is upon 
them that fear him : and upon them that put 
their trull in his mercy; 

18 To deliver their foul from death ! and 
to feed them in the lime of dearth. 

15 Ouf lijul halh piiicntly tarried for the 
Lord : for he is our help, and our fhleid. 

10 For our heart (liall rejoice in him i bc- 
caule we have hoped in his' holy Name. 

ji Let thy merciftil kindneli, O Lord, he 
upon us 1 like as wc do put our trull in 

f'i LIT iii L.iDil"rii in |j)r grinr. 

Evtn. The Plalms, />*» s. 

Psalm xxxiv, SriuMttim DamiKe. 

WILL ilway give ihinki unto ilic 
Lord : his prai& IhnJl ever be in my 

s My foul Ihall moke hecboalt in 
ihc Laid : the humble iixnil hear thereof, anil 
be glud, 

3 O piaiic ibe Loril wiih mc : and let ui 
magnify bii Name together. 

4 I iought (he LunJ, ojltl he heard me ; 
yea, he lielivireil tnc otit oi all my idi. 

5 They had an eye unto him, and were 
lightened : and iheir firn o^cre nut alhamed. 

S Ld.ihciMMxerieth.indihcLcirdlieareth 
hi)niy<a,snd Hivcth him uutofallhii ttoublo, 

7 The angel at the Lord tatritth round a- 
boutlhem ihaf tear him ; and Jclivctcth them. 

8 O lafte, and lee, how giacioui the Lord 
it : blelTed it tbe nun ih^iT ttiillcili in him. 

9 O (cm ihc Lu(d, yc thai are hi> [Uinl\ i 
Ibf they that fear him lact nothing. 

10 The lionM dci I:iek, and I'liH'er hunger : 
but they who Trek the L»fd lliall ivani rin 
manner of thing that is good. 

1 1 Come, yc chitdien, mid hearken unto 
inc I I will teach you the fear of the I.on!. 

■ I Whai roan It he (hat tultcih to live : 
and wuulil fain fee good days > 

i; Kcrii ihy longiie from evil : and ihy 
Ii^"r4, ih-ir fficv I'piik III- ^ 

fttguul iilJiD. 

ijMt (ti iins. 
ant t«i mil ttatt. 


ittaiioi, E ihr> 'III 
Eo mo ifiuilB mill. 

; i>^y J. The Pfalms. Mtm. 

14 El'thevr evil, and do good : feck peace, 
and enr^Jc ir. 

15 The tyeioftlic Lurdareover the righte- 
ous : and liis ean are open utiio iheir priyers. 

ifi The countenance ot" the LorJ is againit 
iheni thai ilo evil ; (0 roitt out the remem- 
brance of thcni from ihc earlU. 

IT Tile rij:h!eoii!.[rv,antl (lie Lord beartlb 
litem ; and delivcnitli tlicm uuC or' »1] their 

ig The Lord n nigh unto ih«in that ar« of 
a cooii iie heail : and will favt I'uch at be o( 

50 humble i[iitit. 

19 Great arethcirouble^of (he righKous: 
but the Lord dclivereth him out of all. 

10 He keepeth all lii« bunei ; fo that not 
one of them is broken. 

11 But iniiforiune ihall flay the ungodlv -. 
and ihcy (hat hale the rigliteoiu lliall lie de- 

II ThcLotddeli»etB(h thcfoulsof hii fer- 
viMi t and all they that put their tnifl in hini 
111 all not be deltiliite. 

1 Lay hand upon the lliield and buckler i 
and liaiid xip (o heJp me. 

3 Bring forlh l)ic Ipe^ir, and Hop the way 
againit ihem that pcrftcute me ; lay unto my 
luul, I am thy fatvatioii. 

4 Letthcnihei:<hiiFi]Uiided,andpiitto/hamer 
ihal ih'k afii^r my Ibiil : let them he turned 
back, and brought lo confiifion, iliat imagine 
milehitf for me- 

; Let ihciti be as the duA before the wind : 
»nd the angei of lUe Lord Itatttriiig them. 

6 Let their way be dark and llfppcry : and 
let the angel of the Lord perfeeote (hem. 

7 For they have privily laid their net lu 
deltroy me without a cauli: : yea, even with- 
out a caufe have they made a pit for tny foul. 

5 Let a fudden dellruflion come upon hlni 
unawares, and hi:> net, that he halh laid pri- 
vily, catch himlelf ; that he may fall into his 
own roifchief, 

9 And, my foul, be joyful in the Lord : it 
Ihall rejoice in hi» ialvation. 

10 AH my bancs Ihall lay. Lord, who i^ 
like unto thee, «'ho dtlivcrell the poor from 
him that is too ftrong for him ; yea, the poor, 
ind him that is in mlfery, from him that fpoil- 
elh him ? 

It Falfe wilncfles did rile up ; they laid lo 
my charge things that I knew not. 

11 They rewarded me evil for good : lo 
the great (llli:omfori of my foul. 

Cite bjiliit- 



(Till t9D!'filtian. 

Cboii >n»s< itDan 
Itilib ur. 

niK aaitonouiri. 

IdOU nil no Men, 
lotD Tlisii must III. 

O'-'T -. 

The Pfalms. 


1 1 NcvettheUls, when rhey were fick, I put 
on rarkcloih, anii liumblrd my foul nirh fall- 
ing : and my prayer Ihall luni into mine own 

1+ I belwvcd myftlf asihough it had been 
my tVicnd, or my brother: I weiii heavily, a. 
one (hat mourntlh for his molher. 

1 5 But in mine adverlity they rejoiced, and 
gathered ihemftlves togeiher ! yea, the very 
atijcfl; came tugether agairilt ine unawirei, 
making mouths al me, and ccaicd not. 

1 6 With the flatterers i*erE bufy mockers i 
wlio gnafiied upon me with iheir teelh. 

17 Ij>rd, how long wilt thou look upon 
this: O deliver my Ibul liom the caUmttitt 
which they bring on mc, and my darling from 
the lion*. 

iS So wilt I give (hcc ihankt in the gml 
coiigregilion 1 1 will piaife thee among much 

19 O let not them that are mine enemies 
triumph over me ungodly ; neither let lh«m 
wink with their ejcs that b^lc me without a 

10 And why ? iheir commiming is not for 
peace t but they imagine deceitful wordi 
iigainll Ihem that are quiet in ihe land. 

»i They gaped upon raewilhtheir mouths, 
and raid : Fie on thee, fie on thee, we fnw it 
with our eyes. 

!j Thii thou haft leen, O Lord ; hold iim 

>~D.iri. nor iiitei[(n( lan [tidhII, 
Tf1!|f II DMib ooiD Diirpii!! to issall. 

LWw*. The Pfalms. Dty 7. 

thy (onguc ihtn, go iiol far from itie, G 

1) Awxicc, ind ftand tip tojiiilj^ my iiiixr- 
rel : amgt thou toy caufc, my God, and my 

14 JiicIm me,0 Lord my God, according 
ID thy rlghicDul'ncIJi : and let them not tr>- 
umpli or« me. 

1 5 Lf I thtm Hot fay in theJr htart*. There, 
thrrc, lit woiilJ wr h»vr It i ndditr !« them 
fiy. We have •levmircd him. 

»6 Let them bepuitdconfulioDund Ihime 
tngclhvr.that rcjolci- nl my trouble : let ihem 
br dothcil wiih rehiikc anil dilhoiiour, that ihemlelvn ngainlt me. 

17 Let ihtm lie glad ind rejoice, that fa- 
vour my rij^htcoui deitinK > yea, lei ihem fay 
ilw:iy, IBle^ed he ihe Lora, who hath pical'urr 
in the iirolpciily of hit Ictvant, 

iX And a* for my longue, it (hall be talk- 
ing of thy righieoulnels : and of thy jir»ife 
all the day lung. 

(ID' Hiiiin. 

Vtiiii. tn invsli<(lti 
Km giiss II (ircii 


R[[ musi 10 iti 

Cbr Viitsiiifitni. 

•igigounli tp mis 


J The wofJsof hianioulhari; iintighKoiis, 
and full ol'tkccil : he llaih t<rtt oil' tu licliavc 
Iiiinlclf nil'dv, >n>l to do good. 

4 He iiDUg^incth milchicl' upon hubcil,and 
Uaih I'd liimlTlf In no good way % nvilhcrdotb 
he abhor any thing thar in evil. 

5 Thy mercy, O Lord, rcnchclh lintn (he 
heaven* i and thy t'aiihfiilnefi unlo ihc douds. 

6 Thyrighteourncfsllandclh likt theltpong 
mounrahs : Ihy judgcnicntt arc like the great 

7 Thou, Lord, flialt fave both man and 
bcaft; How fxvclknt ii thv mercy, O Goii i 
and ihe chitdtrn of men U\A] put iheit inift 
under (he Ihadow of lliy wing*. 

g They fhall be latiilieij with the plentc- 
oufnclliof thy houiViand tlioii ftialigivclh<ni 
ilrink of thy pinfuics n* out of the tiwr. 

9 For with thee h the well of life ; and in 
thy light ftiall wv (n light. 

10 O coniiniit foiih thy loving-kindn- i 
uniij them thnt know thee : and thy righu 
oul'ncf- unto them that jiv trwe of heart. 

11 O let not the foot of [jride cotni- :■ 
me ; and let nul the hand of the tingn'i 
wn down. 

ti Theie arc they lailcn, »H ilut «oi 
wickednefi i they a.rc call down, Uid ihail ii 
be able to lliind, 


RET not thylilf bccaufe of (he un- 
godly : ndlhcr be ihou envious 
again ft the evil doers. 

1 Fiirliiey (hall IboQ be cutdown 
like the grafs ! and Ik withered even as ihe 
green herb. 

) Put thou thy truft in the Lord, anJ he 
doing good i dwell in the land, and verily 
thou ftinlt be fed. 

4 Delight thou In the Lord : and he Ihall 
give thee thy heart's delirc. 

5 Commit thy may unto the Lord, and put 
thy truft in him : and he ftiall bring it to pafs, 

6 He Ihall make thy righteoufnefs as clear 
as the hght -. and thy juft dealing is the noon- 

7 Hold thee dill In the Lord, and abide 
[latiently upon him ; but grieve not thyfelf at 
him, whole way doth prolper, againft the man 
that doeth after evil counfels. 

8 Leave off from wrath, and let go dilplea- 
iutei fret not thyfelf, elfe /halt thou be moved 
to do evil. 

9 Wiekcd doers Ihall be rooted out : and 
they that patiently abide the Lord, thofe {hall 
inherit the land. 

10 Veta little while, and the ungodly Ihall 

Clt Sruuitnn. 

Stnimnn:, ttll ugt- 

ail apnitTS iB Bi 



CDil II pill n I nusi 


Hit £dIIi|(i, 

joloiri, e;inc iiciiii- 

Cu tnu long Dupngr 

Diy 7- 

The Pfalms. 


he dean gone: thou fliall look »fwr his plate, 
ind he Ihall be aws)'. 

1 1 Bui the nieck-Aiiiilcd (hall poUcA (he 
ciilh : and ftiall be rcfreAicd in ihe multitude 
of peace. 

] I The ungodly feekelh counlel againft the 
juli : and gnalheih upon him with hii teeth. 

1 3 The Lord (hall laugh him to icorn ! for 
he hath (een thil hit dsy is coming. 

14. The ungodly have diaw 11 out [hefAotd, 
and have beni iheir bow ; to tail down die 
poor and needy, and to llay fuch as, ate of a 
light L'onverl^tion, 

15 Theit I'word fliall go through their own 
heart ■. and iheir bow fliall be broken. 

lA A fmail tiling that the righteous halh : 
is better than great tichcs of the ungodly, 

17 For the arms of the ungodly iiiall be 
broken :and the Lordupholdelh the righteous. 

18 The Lord knowtth the days of the god- 
ly > and their inheritance (hall endure forever. 

ly They iliall not he confounded in the 
perilous time : and in the days of dearth ihey 
Ihall have enough. 

lo Ai for the ungodly, they fhall perilli ^ 
and the enemies of the Lonl (hall coniiimc m 
i\\c fai of lambs : yea, even as the Ihioke, (halt 
they conl'ume away. 

J I The ungodiybbrtoweth, and naycth not 
agiiin : but the righleoui is merciful, and li- 

Qinvi onlti mitrtniiipiiins giiiu - 

i»a tiMiip siiKiirte Im lu tiui. 


Even. The PfailtiS. Day 7. 

i» Such as are bUflcd of God lliall poffels 
the land : and they that arc curfed of him 
(hall be rooled out. 

II The Lord orderelh a good man's going I 
and maktth his way accrplsble lo liimfclf. 

14 Though he fall, he (hall not be calt away! 
for (he Lord upholdcth him with his hand. 

15 1 have been young, and now am old ; 
and yet faw I never the righteous forfaken, 
nor his feed begging their bread, 

i5 The righteous is ever merciful, and lend- 
eth : and his ked is hlelTed. 

17 Flee from evil, and do the thing that is 
good ! and dwell for evermore. 

18 For the Lord lovcih tho thing that is 
right : he forfal^tlh not his that be godly, but 
they are prelerved for ever. 

29 The unrieiitcous (hall be punilhed : 3- 
for the feed of the ungodly, it (hall be rooltit 

30 The righteous (hall inherit the land; and 
dwell therein lor ever. 

J I The mouth of the righteous in exercifed 
in wildom ! and his tongue will be talking uf 

31 The law of his God is in his heart : and 
his goings (hall not Hide. 

33 The ungodly feeth thf righteous ; and 
feekelh ocrallon lo (lay him. 

34 The Lord H'ill not leave bim in his hand ! 
nor i:othI<'itiii him when he i^ judged. 

rvr Mmtaitt. 

Bill nit mil not 
•Siv m priBuane. 


irtt Viintna. 

biBrattling Its 

Sttnt ca ibtnt igt. 

J5 Hope ihou in the Lord, mil, keep his 
way, and ht Ihall promote thee, ihal ihou 
fhali poircfj the land : when the ungodly fhali 
pcrilh, thiju Ihalc I'cc it, 

3(1 1 unyleif have I'een the ungodly in great 
power ; anil flouridiing like a gtcen bay-tree. 

J7 I wtnl by, and lo, he was gone 1 1 ibughi 
hull, liiit his place could nowhere be found 

38 Keep iiinoc«ncy, and lake heed iinio 
the ihing that is riglii : for that Oiall bring a 
man peave al [he kit. 

39 ■ As for ihe tranfgrenbrs, ihcy (hall perilh 
together : and the tnd of the ungodly is, ihey 
(hall lie rooted out at (he laft. 

4x1 Bill the falvatlon of (he righteous Cometh 
of the Lord : who h alfo their ftrength in die 
lime of trouble. 

41 And the Lord (hall Itaiid bylhem.and 
lave ihcin ; he Ihall deliver ihem from the 
ungodly, and iliall fave them, becaule they 
put theii' truft in him. 


Psalm XXXVui. Daptine, ni in furore. 
UT me not to rehvike, O Lord, in 

1.(1 ptiiiiiiin sut. 

ut lily liilpldalutc ! n^iihcr is (here any reft in 
my Lonca, hy rcal'un of nij- iln. 

4 Kof my w ii-knhiclTcs are gone over my 
dead ; and are like a fore burden, loo heavy 
for me lo besr. 

5 My wounds ftink, and are corrupt : 
I h rough my fooliilioefs. 

6 I am brought inio fo great trouble and 
mii'ery : thai I go mourning all tilt day long. 

7 Fur my luins are filled with a fore diftaJb : 
,ind there h no whole pan in my body. 

8 I Lun ticble, and lore rmiilen ; I have 
roared for ihe very dilqiiiifnels of my heart. 

9 Lord, thou knowtll all my dehre : and 
Jiiy groaning is not hiil from tliee. 

10 My heart panieth, my lirength hath 
failed me : and the fight of mine cyei h gone 
from me, 

1 1 My lovers and my neighbours did ftand 
looking upon my (rouble i and my kinfmen 

Dood atar oif. 

11 They alio that lought after my life laid 
fnares lor me ; and lliey that went about lo 
ilo me evil talked of Aicktdnefs, and imagined 
ilfCcit all the day long. 

I } As for me, I was like a deaf man, and 
heard not : and as one that is dumb, who doth 
not '.ipen his moulh. 

14 I became even 3i 3 man that hearclh 
not ! and in whofe mouth are no icjuoofs. 

1; For in thcc, O Loid, have 1 put my 

(Till Elth Mm. 

rbi^ sllUft norgolt. 
jFrom Qtalti tan ilE[ 
Dull till lb. 


Cp ustt t mtiGtli 

££iiili tn» ihii lib- 

rai 90 alD. 


Cti( imttix. 

Hd {omcii^s HOT art, 

Cl)( nusUnVinttn, 

LabDui no moTr, 
^Qi ! li.itrstJir, 

D^y t. The Pfalms. 

irult I chou Hialc anCtni fur nic, O Lord niv 

16 I hive required ihst they, even mine cnc- 
■iiio, IliouU not Irrumph over me t lot ivbcn 
iiiy ftxit nipgicil, they rejoiced gttatly agalnll 

17 And I, truly, am feiin the piagueiiiiKl 
iny heayincls is ever in my light. 

iS Fot I will confels my wickcdncf-i : and 
be forty for my fin. 

19 But mine rnemici live, and are mighty: 
and they that hale inc wtwngfolly ire many 
in niimbci'. 

10 They illii ihit rcwanl evil for good xrc 
agiini) me : beraule 1 i'ollovr the thing thai 
good h. 

1 1 Foi'i'ake me not, O Lord my God ■ be 
not ihou far from nie, 

11 HbUc thee to help mc : O Lord Cod of 
my lalvation. 

Psalm XKXtx. Dixi, (ufioJiam. 

SAID, I will take heed to my wayi; 
that I iiffi;nd not in my tongue. 

I I wdl keep my mouiliMiI were 
with a bridle : while the ungodly ik 
! in my fight. 

] I held my tongue, and [pnke nothing : 
I Jcejit filcnre, yea, even Itom good wordsj 
bill It vvas pain and gficf to ine. 

4 M'.' lu-irl WHS hot within nic, and while 

XoDKFbrDicf MO <rr. 110 tdll. 
I >!t] n ;n J I riFs ami 10 tuij t|n ttO, \ 


■y-y^y g -if-yfe ' 


Mfrii. The Pfalms. D/iy s. 

I was thus mtifin^ tht fire kindled : and xt 
the Ixll I rpike tvith my tnngtie ; 

J Lord, lei me know mint end, and ihe 
numFirr uf my 6ay^ i lliat I maj' be cciliticd 
how lung I li»ve to live. 

6 Rchold, ihou halt mode my ifp u it 
mcic « fpin long ! and mine ig< is even a» 
nolliing in irfiircl of rhee | and verity every 
mun living is allo«rlicr vjinit^. 

7 For m.iii uilkcih In b viin Ihadow, and 
ilirquietelh himkit in vain i he lieapelh up 
riclifs.anii (-jnnut icil wliolhall gather ihcm. 

S And n»w, l.ntd, what i* my hope :Iruly 
my hope it even in thee. 

9 Deliver me I'rom alt mine olfi'nrci t and 
make me nol i ccbuke uniu (he tViulilh. 

10 [ became dumb, i>nd opened not niy 
moulh : for it wai thy doing. 

1 1 Take ihv plague away tVom me i I am 
eem conAimcd by iKe meant of (hy heavy 

II When (hou with rebuke* doll chaften 
man ior tin, ihou makelt hli b4luly to I'un- 
lumc away, like 3^^ il were a iiialli licltin^ x 
gaitncnl : every man (heieforc ii but vanity. 

1) llcarmypraytiiO Lord, and with ihiiie 
ears cunlider my railing i hold not thy peace 
at my t<af>. 

141 For I atii n Dranger with ihec : and a 
fojoumer, as all ray fatneti were. 

15 O (pare itic a link', (hal I may recover 

!n song, (n Dinri, ID M'i. In VUe. 
tun lost dill itfi. mm mttpi in cur 


frilt fSnstiianB. 

^ttitriiihrtr (iij: 

LJ.IiKi niiD nit 


CD' i-DtpDciD, 

floC aim mc n((|. 

SCr jfmL 

0Ti( rDDCiBf] iiib (unCi 

my itnnglh : before I go hence, and be nu 

more feeii. 

Psalm Xt. Exftclaai fxfrffavi. 

WAlTKniiwicndyfor the Lord i 
Slid lie inrlincd unio me, and heanl 
my rail inn. 

1 He biought IDC tlfu out of lit': 
liori'ihie |]ir, out nf the mire and clny i iiid 
let my feet upon ihc rork, »lnl otdettd niv 

; Aiidlieh»ihi>utanrwfbnginniymoulh! 
tvea 3. ihaiiklKiving iimn niir God. 

4 Many Diall fee k, and tVir : and fball pur 
iheirtnilt in the Lcnl. 

5 BIclled ii ihc man (liM liatll fct hi< liopt 
in (he Lurd land tuineil nol uDlo lh« proud, 
and lo liich at go ahaut with liet. 

£ O Lord my God, great arr llie wondrau; 
wurks which ilioii halt dunt. like »% be nllo 
thy ihuiighls which tiie to iw-ward : and yel 
there ii no man that ordereth ihem unio thee. 

7 It' 1 OiAild dcclnre ibcm, and fpcuk ul' 
them: they Ihould be inotcihaii I iiaabic E" 

t Sacrifice, and itiear-olFeTing, iluiu nrould- 
etl not : but mine ears halt thou open«l. 

9 Huinl-i'iH'ctiii^, uiid facrifirc forliB, bkit 
thou not required : then fuid 1, Lo, I coanc, 

10 In the voliirnc of the book it imrkttn 
of me, thai I Ih'iiilil kilfil thy wilt, O ni<f God 

tLJT \ii nii^r. III! sLiniili. ibD (Btio aillH' 
=\ 3ii 1)11 <mii Ldui print) to oBrf Dill* 


1 u^ 


I am conient to do it ; yea, thy law is wiihjn 
my heart. 

1 1 I have declared thy rigbteoiifncrs in (he 
great eon grr gallon ; lo, I will nut refrain my 
lips, O Lord, and that ihou knowel), 

II I have not hid thy righteoiifnels within 
my heart : my talk hath been of thy truth, 
and of thy laivation. 

13 1 have not kepi back thy loving mercy 
and truth ! ftuin the great congregation, 

14 Withdraw not thou thy mcicy from me, 
O Lord : let thy luving-kiiidnelk and thy trutli 
alway preler\'e me. 

!5 Fur innunierahle troubles arc come a- 
iiout me; my iinshavc taken liich hold uiion 
me that I am not able to look up ; yea, Iliey 
3ie more in number than the hairs of my head, 
and my heart hath failed me. 

ifi O Lord, let it be thy pleafiire to deliver 
me ! make halie, Loril, to help me. 

17 Let them be afliamed, and confounded 
together, that feek after my ibiil to dtllroy It : 
let ihem be driven backward, and put to re- 
buke, that willi me evil, 

1 8 Lei them \k delblate, and rewarded with 
lliame : that fay unto me, Fie upon thee, fie 
upon thee. 

19 Let all thofe that feek thee be joyful 
and glad In thee : and let fuch as love thy 
lalvatiun (ay alway, The Lord be prailcd. 

a^' As for n;c, J am poor ami neeilv ; but 

(Tljl 6'11114t. 

for i tm runt. 

Cb( til BUI. 

or inrtnii>. 

JFtai not mt, 
rDKiign 1 giiil^iir. 

llie Loril carclh tin me, 

II Thou art myhelper nnd redeemer sinakc 
no long (artying, O my God. 


Ps A L M X L I . Bealui fui inltUigil. 

LESSBD is lie ihai tonlidcrcih ili 
ijour and needy ; ihe Lord IhiU ili 
liver him in ihc time of trniiblc. 
1 The Lorxl preftrve him, an 
keen liim alive, tliar he miy be btell'ed upi.';. 
railh : and deliver not thuu him into I lie ivj' 
of his enemies. 

3 The Lord comfort him, when he licil. 
lick upon his bed . make thou all Llis bed n 
hit licknel^. 

4 I faid. Lord, be merciful unto me : heal 
my Ibiil, for I have tinned againll (liee. 

5 Mine enemies fpcak evil of me : When 
(lull he die, and his name pcrilh f 

6 And if he come to fee me, he fpcaketh 
vanity : and his heart conceiveth falfthood 
within himlelf, and when he comcth I'orth he 
(ellcth it. 

7 Allmincenemiciwhifpertogelhcragainll 
me ! even againii me do ihcy imagine thi» ct il , 

8 Let ihe fentence of guilunefi proceed 
againll him : and now that ho lielh, let bim 
rile up no mote. 

■) Yra.evcn mine own familiarfrieiid, whom 


Eftn. The Pfalms. Day i. 

I iruilcil : whodidahb calof my bread, h«h 
laid great wait for mc. 

10 [tiiibt thoumeidfut umoinc,0 Lord I 
nllc ihuM meupig^iln, and I Dull reward ihcm. 

1 1 By thit ( know (liou tafiurrll me ; ilial 
mine enemy doih not triiim|>h agaiiilt me. 

1 1 And when I am in my heallh, ihnu U|>- 
liolilell me i anil fhilt int rat bclbrc ihy fnic 
tor cm. 

n BldTedbcthcLardGadof Ilrac] i world 
wiihuui end. Amen. 

PlALM XLII. SjitBta-imildum. 
\ IKE ai <hc hart dclirvih the water- 
brDok> : lb lanifcih my Ibiil after 
thee, O Cud. 

I My foul iiiihirll (bf God.yca, 
cvtn tot the living Goil i when (liall 1 toinc 
!■) ;ipii(ii- Itffotc tile ptel'cnrc of GikJ 1 

J Nly iciin liavc been my meat day ami 
niylit ; wIhIc iliey daily lay unto me, whet 
ii nt>w thy CJoii i 

4 Now when t think thereupon, I {kiui' 
out my heart liy uiyfelf : for I went with (he 
nuiltiiutir, and liioughl tketn forth into the 
houl'e of God ; 

5 In (he voice of pnilc and ihankf^ving i 
unonK liich at keep holy-day. 

C Why art thou /b full of heavlitelt, O my 

(bill: and why alt lhoulbJir.|uitted within rncf 

7 I'ut (hy tnilt in God : for I will yet give 

friiDKu tboagk 

tbou be. 
Cliog muai i«ig 

Dill) mr. 

mi Vnnifaa. 

Vtlriftas nf niaQ 

ttBT matt. 


Cnr DuiD'sa. 

OuilirBs inn ttln- 

irns: [dfii. 

C^dtd hilliiionntEi- 

o«^ 8. The Pfalms. £r«. 

him thanlcs for the lielp of his counieiuncc. 

S My God, my foul is vmcd within roc ; 

(iKrefore will 1 teniember thee cnnceniing thf 

lanil of Jordan, aiiij thr little hill of Hermoii. 

9 One detp taller h anoihet, becaulcof the 
noitf uf ilie watcr-pJiies : oil thy wavri and 
Iturnis are giine over me. 

10 The Luitl hath gtanled his {•>ving-kiiiii- 
neft in llw day-time ; iiid in the niglit-fcafoa 
did 1 fiiig of him, and made my pmycr unto 
the God of my life. 

1 1 I will fay unto the Goil of my llcengih. 
Why haft thou forgotten me : why go I thus 
heavily, while (he enemy opptelTcth me? 

II My bones are fmitlen afimder as with 
a fxvord ; while mine eiicmiei that trouble nir 
cal) me in the teeth ; 

I] Namely, while they fay daily unto mc i 
Where is now thy God ? 

14 Why art thou fo vMed, O my foul : 
and why art thou Co diiijuletcd within me ? 

15 O put thy tnift in God t for I will yet 
thank him, which is the help of my countc- 
n:in['«, and tny God. 

Psalm JaJiia me, Dcm. 
f IVE feiitence wirh me, O God, and I 

defend my caufe againl) the ungodly 
people : O deliver me fiom the de- 
(eillul and Kicked man. I 

1 For thou art the God of my ilrrnglh, | 

fCtr lllai s]i 111 ilir iitgljii^i Gist. 
Itt JjlEr liru ifutu fcr a'OTinr^' uril. 

MsrH. The Pfalms, Day 9. 

why haft thou put me fiom thee ; and ivhy go 
I (b heavily, while ihe rnemy oppreflcrli van > 

3 O lend out ihy light and thy ttuih, that 
ihey may lead me ! and bring me unto ihy 
holy hill, and 10 ihy dwelling. 

4 And that I may go unto the altar of 
God, even iinio (he God of my joy and glad- 
nefs : and upon the harp will I give (hanks 
unto thct, O God, my God. 

5 Why art (hou lu htavy, O my foul ; and 
ivhy art ihou fo dilijuieted within mc ? 

6 O put thy tni(i in God ; for I will yet 
give him thanks, which is the help of my coun- 
tenancI^, and my God. 


Psalm xliv. Dim, auribui. 

E have heard with our cars, O God, 
our fathers have told us : what (hou 
liaft done in their time of old { 
I How thou haft driven out the 
heathen with (by hand, and planted ibem in : 
how thou haft defttoyed the nations, and caft 
ihem out. 

} For they gftt not the land in poHefnon 
(hrough their own fword : neither was it their 
own arm that helped them ; 

jj. But thy right hand, and thine arm, and 
the light of thy eountcnance ; bttautt thou 
hadft a favour unto ihcm. 

lirauii\ Imnniir. and r . ooall 110 lulill . 
Dniin, ulicn nt (omnh. 5i)iiiifi1i 11. 

(TCl •EDunti^s. 

VSMhUss or a til 

Ibou at. 


Ct^r ViaroELiilrsB- 

Vl3ciiiintC39 I so 

nnt spair . 
jFor at tSfin I giDc 

no riti. 


Clir t>Jroiiraa. 

Virgaic Ibsstlt a 

CD uou f OD irgdd. 

5 Thou an my King, O God : fend lidji 
unto Jjrob. 

6 Throiigli ihct mill wc overthrow ooren- 
emies : aiiJ in tliy Name will we Iread them 
under, ihai rife up ig^inft us. 

7 For I u'ii] not trult in my bow ; It Is no[ 
my fwoi'd that lliall help me ) 

S But i< k ihou that favel) us from «u( ene- 
mies : and puttcft th«m t« conliifton that haii 

9 Wcmakcourbosftof God nil tiayiong: 
and will pralle ihy Nanic lor evef. 

to But now thou art far oft, and putlcltuf to 
confijf'Oii 1 and got ft not forth with ouraimies. 

1 1 Thou niaheli us to turn nut baiks upon 
OUT cnemivs : lb that they which hue u^ Ipuil 
our goods. 

1 1 Thou letiell MS be eaten up like Ibecp : 
and halt fcattered us among the heathen. 

13 Thou felkll thy people for nought j and 
takeft no money for them. 

14 Thou makcli us to be rebuked of our 
neighbours : to be laughed to fcurn,and had 
in derifion of them that are routed about ua. 

ic ThouniakeJiu5 to be a by.vvord amonr 
the heathen : and thai the people Ihakc tbetf 
heads at us. 

r6 My confufion h daily hcfoie roe 5 and 
the ihanie uf my faec hath covered me ; 

17 For the voice i)t the llandcrer arid biaf- 
lAcintt : lui" rhe enemy and avenger. 


atf UiO hrrr nflffi for ujonnrs' infflj 

\ tyi 

Mtri. The Pfalms. Djy 9. 

18 And ihoueh all thU be come iijion u«, 
ytt do nt not forget rhcc i nor behave our- 
ftl»n Irowardly in xhy co\rn»al. 

■ 9 Our lieait n noi tamed back 1 ncithti 
out llepi gone out of thy vny ■ 

10 No, not when thou liaft finittrn ni into 
the J<lxce of (tmgont ; tnd coverrd u* witli 
(he ftinilow nf (Itath. 

»i If we have forgoiicn llw Name of (iiir 
Uu<),an(t hulden u|i our hsndt 10 niij- lii»iigc 
griihlhallnot Gudrnrchitout ? for he know- 
ctli ihe i-ery feerctmf the heart. 

11 K'-r ihy fike lliii nre we killed a!! the 
■in I iiir [ and are counted »i Iheep appointed 

Tih hi IJ LIEI. 

>i Up, Lord, why llecpcl) thou 1 awake, 
nmt be not nhftnt from us for ever, 

»+ Whr, .-(".,,. I, .,!,!( III. ,11 thy tNl-t ! ind 
foti^Clleft i-'NI" Mlii: r h .jjllI L fill- - 

15 For out foul ii biouj-ht low, cv«i iiiilfi 
(he dull i our bcllr cleave ih unto the ground. 

Ill Arife, and help uh i and deliver iik for 
thy mercy'j fake. 

Psalm xI-V, Eraelaifii etr wKam. 

V heart U inditing of 1 |;ood matter 1 
I I'peak of ih« ihingi which I have 
made unto ihc King. 

1 My tongue it the pen : of a 
ft.iUjf writer. 

) Thou 3tt fairer than the children '■fiiit-ii 1 

rbi Alitor I ££llfi. 

Milrain la .|i»lli('> 

I iin lontf to tut ibp 



The Pfalms. 


(reaii nri iMiih in 

Sn tn m tui uf 

Bill II. 

full ul' grace arc iliy lips, bccaule God hat)i 
blcircd thee fur ever, 

4, Gird (h« witli thy fword upon thy thigh, 
O thou iTiull Mighty J ac('uidi)lg to thy nui- 
lliip And renown. 

5 Gogdiuckhare thou with thine honour : 
rld(-un,bcc3ul< uf (he wurdiif tiulh.of mcrk- 
iii.'0>, and rit;h(coufncli -, anil thy lighc h»nd 
Iholl icach inec (etriblc ihinyi. 

6 Thv arrows are vcty ftiaip, and the peo- 
pie llialf be Tulidiied unto thcc : even in the 
iniJft among the King'* enemies. 

7 Thy feat, O God, endursth for ever ! the 
Iceptre uf tliv kingdom iji a right ftepTrc. 

B Thou hart loved righleoulnef*, and hated 
iniquity : whtrefore God, even thy God, halh 
anointed thee with (he oil uf gladoels above 
ihy frllows. 

9 All thy gannenls fmell of myrrh, aloes, 
and calfia ; out of ihe ivory palaces, whereby 
dKy hate made thcc glad. 

10^' daughters were among thy ho- 
nourable women : upon thy right nond did 
(land the ([uccn in a vcliure of gold, wrought 
about with diver^i tolour«. 

Hearken, O daughter, and confidcf, in- 
dine thine car ; forget alfo thine own people, 
and thy fatiier'i houfe. 

12 So (hall the King have pleafurc In thy 
lu-auty : fur he h Ihy Lord God, and worlhip 
thou him, 

Giliolti us Dm 

anD nom lit ir 

tbil bfiili: IlLflc luiir ^.]; I J 
lb all UjrjpprG IL] rLir M 

13 Antl ihedaughierof Tyre (hall bi^ diere 
with ngifl :llk>r as llie rii^h alfu among the peo- 
ple (hall make iheit fupplicalion bclore thee. 

■ 4 Tile King's ilaughter is all glutiuus 
within 1 her clothing is of wrought golrf. 

t ; She niail he brought unto ihc King in 
raiment of needle-work : the virgins that be 
her fellows lliall bear her company, anil Ihall 
be brought UOto thee. 

iS With joy and gladnefs (hall thty be 
brought; and Ihall enter into the King's palace. 

I ? Inlttad ol ihy fathers thou (halt have 
I'hildicn 1 K'hom thou mayeft make princes in 
all lands, 

1 8 I will remember thy Name from ont 
generation to another; therefore Ihall the peo- 
ple give ihanks unto thee, world without end. 

Psalm xlvi. Deut Hcfier refagium. 

OD is out hope and llrength ! a very 
prefent help in trouble. 

I Therefore will we not ftar, 
(hough the earth be moveJ : and 
though the hills he carried into the midlf of (he 

3 Thongh the waters thereof rage and 
fncll : and thongh the mountains Hiake at the 
tempcft of the iiime. 

4 The rivers of the flood thereof (hall make 
glad (he city of God ; the holy place of the 
tabcrnatlc of the mod Highi^ft. 

Hrini jnt niDriso 

nl". [Did. 

Dame afiti iiin Or- 

vllnicn'B il^liti. 

Zn<K aiiti irlin, put 
otr iiDut IiddD . 

I aui cmni id liii ^du 
a Don 


(riiintll ilien liiBi 

Bo iTi I ho II mtiltin 
inn linlD. 


The Pfalms. 


5 God is in tli< midft uf 1i;r, ihtrcfore dioJl 
IIk^ not be r<rinqved ; Gad fhall liflp her, and 
thai I'iglil early. 

<> The heathen make much ado, ani! ilic 
kingdonii arc moved : but Gud hilli Ihewed 
Ilia vtiit'e, and the eatth jhall melt nws^. 

7 The Laid of holli i& with lit : the God 
of Jacob is out refuge. 

% O cDtiie hiihti', und behold the works af 
the Lui'd : what dcllruiliun he halh brought 
upon the earth. 

9 Hemakelh warstoceafeinall I he world i 
be brcaketh the bow, and knnppcth (he fpeit 
in I'undci', and buincth tbe tliatioh in the fire. 

10 Be Dill then, and know ihnt I am God . 
I will be exalted among the heathen, and I 
will be exalted in Ihe earlh. 

1 1 The Lord of bolb H with us i ihc Gud 
of Jacob is our refuge. 

4 He iViiIl choore out an heritiin for u> : 
even tlie worflii'i) of Jacob, nhom he lovcJ. 

; God it gone up wilh a inetiy noire ; and 
the Loni with the lound <>( the Inimp. 

6 O Ting prailn, fiiigprnlct unto our God : 
O ling prailft, linr praifes unto our King, 

7 for God IB tiie King (if all the earth : 
linj; yr pnllei wTlh iindcrdanding. 

5 Gad reignelh over Ihc heathen ! God fit- 
tetli u]>on his holy feat. 

9 The princt* of the |>eopIe sre joinrd un- 
to the people of (he God of Abraham : for 
GikI, which it vrry high e«ali*d, doth defend 
the enrlh, as it were with a fllield. 

PtALU XLVIil. MagKiu DomiHUS. 

REAT is the Lord, and highly to 
be prjiled : m ihe cityof oul God, 
even upon hii holy hill. 

1 The hill of Sion Isa lairplace, 
-i!iJ [he joy of (he whole earth i upon the 
nijith-lidc lieth (he tily of the gieat King , 

God is well known in htf palocci u n fore 

J For lo, the klngt of the eniih j art gw 

thttrd, and gone by togeilier. 

+ They inai-vclled lo ll^c fueh ihiiigj ! ihey 
wiie iftonillifd, -iiid fuddenly tuli down. 

5 Fear came there upon them, -ind Ibriow ; 
Hs upon 1 woman in het liavnil. 

□(jtn iai.n M Iiriiii g( Qiittt: 


Snsi. gilliiiii. iitv 

Oir. Emit. 

Ill wat Igiit nt i- 

CD( Ojinoi3ill[, 

aiiO dll fs but 
aoms' mrit 

Day g. 


Qrl^i rtip litDKC 

aiiri pjin, 
Jgi f am isg rlibn 

idD gam. 

The Pralms. 


6 Thou lliali break ilie Ihips of ihc f«a : 
ihrougli the eaft-»inJ. 

7 Like ns ive hive heard, ib have irc Cten 
in the cilyof ihc Lord of ihe <ity of 
out God : God uphoMtth the fame for ever. 

E Wcwait forthylovliig.kmi.lncr», O Cixll 
in ihe midil of thy temple. 

D O God, according to thy Name, (b is 
iliy praile unto the world's end i thy righl 
hand is full of rightcoulnefi, 

19 Let the mount Sloii rcjoicci and thr 
t{a.ughtcr of Judah be ghd : becaufe of thy 
judge men IS. 

II Walk about Sion, and go round aboul 
her 1 and tell the towers thereof. 

11 Mark well her hulwarks, fet up hei 
houfei ; ihnt ye may tclt (liem thai come aftet. 

ij For this God ia our God for evM aind 
ever : he Ihnll he our guide iinio death. 

Psalm XLix. AuMu ire, omnrt. 

HEAR ye thif,all yc people : pon- 

deritvvilli your ears, all ye that dwell 
in the world j 

2 High and low, rich and poor : 

niie with aoothet. 

; My mouth (hall fpeak of nifdom : an 
my hrait (liull mufc ot iinderlfanding. 
4. 1 will inclint: mine ear to the pi 
fhew my dark fpeech upon the h:ir|'. 
Wherefore (hoiild 1 feat in the diivi ot 1 

.Tlini tl> UDE. ILID ElUir EQ DEf 
Jinn flrJITT U4 IIEir rEfmjIJfi. 

Et'm, The Pfalms. Day 9. 

wickedners : and when the wivkeilnclii ot my 
htth compllTeth me round aboul > 

6 There be fome that pul iheir trull in (heir 
goods : anJ boaft tbemfelvti in the multitude 
of their riches. 

7 But no man may deliver his brother : nor 
make agreement unto God for him \ 

S For it coft more to redeem ihcir Ibuls ; 
fo that he muft let that alone fur ever; 

9 Yea, ihough he live long : and fee not 
the grave. 

10 For he feeth that wife men alfo die, and 
perilh together ; as well as the ignorant and 
looJilh, and leave ihcir riches for other. 

1 1 And yet they ihink that their houfei 
Ihali continue for ever ; and that their dwell- 
iiig-gilacci Ihall endure from one generation 
to another; and call the lands after their own 

iz Neverthelefs, man will not abide in ho- 
nour : feeing he may be compared unto the 
hearts that periih ; this is the way of them. 

1 3 This is their fooliJhnels ; and their pof- 
terity prsife their faying. 

14. They lie in the hell like (heep, death 
gnaweth upon them, and the righteous Ihall 
have domination over them in the morning : 
theif beauty Ihall confume in the fepulchfe 
cut of their dwelling. 

15 But God hath delivered my foui from 
the plate of hell ; for he (hall receive me. 

I lie iiKBL. lur bulLpJc. alio CQiMja^Um 

Irr ^!.^n[kf ciiinDrllrbioolwpLiiirLi riirr 


SiDIp Dllfll (UlltF 

S'rllil [ifttfimi 
mnst Irfst. 

riir ^uisi. 

AlBisiiiti ne am; 
jFort imlligt 



Sliou wuai inur 
iniDiiii fgID, 

Bl lt)[ tin nrcri sa 

a I fiBi coniititudi' 



The Pfaims. 


i6 Be not ihou ilVaid, though cine bv [mslji- 
rich ; or if the glory of his Imuie be increakH , 

17 For he Ihall carry nothing awiy with 
him when he ilieth 1 nTilhct Ihill hi;i polii|j 
follow him. 

t% Fur while he lived, he counted himfel! 
nil happy man : and to long at (hoa doeft well 
unto lliylvlf, men will Iptak good of thee. 

19 He Ihall follow the genci'XLion of hii 
fatheiii : and Ihall never lee light. 

10 Man being in honour hath no under- 
ftunding : but ia compared unio ilie beafls that 

PsALU L. Dim Aeorum. 
HELord,evrnthcmoft mighty God, 

hath I'poken : and called the world, 
from the rifing up of the liin, unto 
the going down thereof. 
9 Our of Sion hath God appeared I in per- 
fefl beauty. 

1 Our God ihall come, and Ihall not kttp 1 
tiUntci there (hall gn before him a confumin^ 
Are, and a mighty lempefl (hall be llirred up 
round about him. 

4 He Ihall call the heaven from above i aiid | 
ihc earth, that he may judge hii people. 

5 Galhermy faints togftlierunlome 1 thoI< I 
that have made 1 covenant with me with fa- I 

I ^iDPUiiiiiitui fjuif, rof4<tDlPrB1i4lL. 
, fti sin tf Bull) ttib inJti OS IDkII. 


^ H^i 

6 Anil (h< hcavtn Ihall declare hu lighto- 
oiifiMlV 1 tor Gi>d Ik Jiiilge himlclf. 

7 Hfi', O my pc'ijilc, ;ind I will ipok i I 
m;lc]r»'ill Icfiily ajTiinlt ihec, O iriwl; tor 
I iia Gud, even tliy God. 

I I will not r«f>[ovc llicc bcraurc of illy Th- 
criAco, or for th)' biirnl'<-iTcriiig> i bci':iii[c 
they were tlol llway belorr me. 

9 t will lake nci biilluvk out of thine houic i 
noi he-goat oiil "I ihy MJk. 

10 Pot all the lieaHt of the fuirll arc mine : 
and b itc the caiik upon a (houland hilh. 

I I I known! I (lie fiiwK upon iheinuuntiiinti 
anil the wild bealli of (hr Aciti »rc In my Ji^hl, 

11 If I be hungiy, I will not tell ihcc : <ai 
the «tau1e wortil inniine. and all that it iheirin. 

t ; Thinkelllhou lh;it 1 will eal liulli' ridli i 
and Utink the lilood of goattF 

14 Offer unto God th»nkrgivin|[ : and pay 
iliy voMi unto the molt Higheft. 

I J And cull uiion me in the time of trou- 
Ulcilbivill I lieartnEe,and (houlh^ill jinife nic. 

16 But unlo the ungodly faid God: Why 
doll I boil ptcueb my laws, and lukcUmy I'ovi-- 
nant in thy iiioiidi j 

17 WhertM llkiti hattll to he reformed 1 
and had c;ili my wiird* behind thee I 

iS When iliuu fawelt a thief, thou coii- 
fciiieillt unto liim : iiml lull been pui'iuLit 
with the adultticii. 

5 I'Tiou halt \i'. fhv mijiith fpcalt vvlrktd 

ni ilioii pool or 


Chou must uirt Ml 
tr plrastO, 

ft' Von Ulimiln 

rnou miisi inin HI 
mi' 60111. 

fUt tndmi. 

ta, rhia imit tiaci 
I siiiiti mitii np 

rni ;fiii. 

ffillSEIIsti atitr fonli 
{ tin* lt\i liimD. 

Day to. The Pfaltns. Mer^. 

nets ! and with itiy fongtic ihou halt let fuiili 

so Thou fmtA, and Ijiakvft af^inft thy 
broilwr : yen, and haft flaiidired thine own 
mother's fon. 

1 1 Thcfc things hall ihoii done, and I held 
my longiis, and thou ihoughicli wickedly, 
that I am even fuch a one a" ihylc^lt' : but I 
will repriive th«, snd frt btfore lh<e the 
tilings ihnt thou hsii done. 

i3 O fonfider this, ye that foiget God ; 
lei) I pluck yuu away, and there be none lo 
dclivci' yiiu. 

If Whofo offcreih me ihanki »nd pnile, 
he liunouicth inc : and to him that otdercth 
hli^conveilalion riglil twill 1 Ihcw the falvatioii 
of God. 

Psalm li. Mijirert mti, Deui. 

p AVE mercy upoti me, O God, after | 
! ihy great goodnels i according to I 
the muttiiuiieorihytnei'aeidoaivay 
mine olt*cnrcs. 
1 Walh me throughly from my wicked- 1 
nefs ; and rieanfe me tVom tny fin. 

; For I acknutvledgE my latills : tuid my I 
fin is ever before me. | 

4 Againfl thee only have I linned, aodi 
done this evil in ihy fight : that thou miglit- I 
iH l>e jiillificii in ihy Ihying, and riear when I 
rhou art jii(!i;i!il. 

I'd tntn sntn virr ttmt. 



Msr». The Pfalms. Day lo. 

5 Behold, I was (hapen in wickednefs ; and 
in fin hath tiiy molher conceived me. 

6 But lo, thou rcijuitdt iruth in the inwaril 
parts : and ftialt make me to undcrftand «il- 
dom i'ecret\y. 

7 Thou flialt purge me with hylTop, and 
1 fliall be clean : ihou fhalt wafh me, luid I 
(ball be whiter than fnow. 

3 Thou Ihalt make inc hear of joy and 
gladnefi : that the bones which thou haft bro- 
ken may rejoice. 

9 Turn thy face from my fins 1 and put out 
all my mifdecds. 

ID Make me a clean heart, O God i and 
renew a right fpirit within me. 

1 1 Caft me not away from thy prcfencc : 
and take not thy holy Spirit from me, 

1 1 O give me the comfort of ihy help again i 
and ftablilh me tvith thy free Spirit. 

ij Then ftiall I teach thy ways unto the 
»icked : and finners lliall be converted unto 

14 Deliver me from hlood-guiltinefi, O 
God, thou that art the God of my health : 
and my tongue fhall ting of thy righteoiifnels. 

1 5 Thou Ihall open my lips, O Lord ! and 
my mouth Ihall (liewf ihy pi-aile. 

16 For thou deilreft no facrifice, elfe would 
I give it thee : but thou delighted not in 
burn I -offerings. 

r7 The faciifice of God is a troubled fpi- 

Ctl' f^mpcrR. 


iain itrr [ongorni, 

Olltl ItDSlD ttDl 


ril 1 91 hroiccn and coRiriie hcatt, O Goil, Hiilt 
thou not dcfpifc. 

iS O be favourable and gmcious unio Sion : 
build thou the walla of Jciul'alcm. 

19 Then llialt thou br iilcafal n'nh the 
liKTificeof tighleoulWli, wit'i ihi liurnt-offer- 
i 1 1 ; ^ ^lul oblations : ifacn Ihall they uffcr yuuiig 
lijIlK'ki upon thine altar. 

Pi.iLM Lli. SiuiJ ghriarii f 

HY boiilleH ihoii lliyfelf, (hmi ty- 
tatii : that thou cant) do milfhicf ) 
I Whceasihe goodnc&ofGod I 
endu'clh yet daily ? 

3 Thy loiigiit iiiiaeineth wickedncGi i ind 
with lies thou cuttcli like a Iharp ntot. 

4 Thou hall loved unrighttoufnefi more 
(hm goodncrk : and to talk of lies mare tlian 

5 Thou haft loved to fpcak all words thai 
may do hurt : O (hou fallc tongue. 

6 Therefoie iliill God dclltoythFe for ever; 
he (hall lake thee, and [■Kiik "bee out of thy 
dwelling, and root ihcc out of the land of the 

7 The righi«ouK atfo fhall l«e ihii, and 
fi-ar -. and Ihall Jaugh him to fcom ; 

S Lo, thii h the man that took nM Ood 
for his ftrcngth : but trufted unto the multi- 
tude of his riches, and ftiengthened hrmlcK 

itl hi= "ii llcdllulll. 

rti jBiiguls. 


The Pfalms. Da\ 

9 As for me, I am like a green olive-lrec 
iri the houle of God : m}> trult is in i)ie lender 
mercy qtGod far ever and ever. 

to I will always give ch.inki unlo ihce liir 
that thoi) hall done ; and 1 will hope in thy 
Name, for thy laints like it well. 


Pbalm lih. Dixit ivjif-ii/n. 

HE foolilli budy hath laid in his 
heart : There is no Goil. 

1 Corrupt aie they, and become 
abominable in their wickedneft ; 
lbt:re is none that doeth good. 

3 God looked down from heaven upon the 
children of men : lo fee if there were any, 
that would undcrftaTid, and feek after God, 

4 But they are all gone out of tile way, 
tliey Ire altogether become abominable : there 
Is alfo none that doeth good, no not one. 

5 Are not they without undcrltanding that 
work wickedncfs i eating up my people as if 
ihi-y would eat bread ( ihey have not called 
upon God, 

6 They were afraid where no fear was -. 
for God hath broken the bones of him that 
bi'fiegtd thee; thou haft put them to cunfu- 
iion, becaule God hath defpifed them. 

7 Oh, that ihc falvation were given unlo 


(rtr Qirtn. 

Samns ot notllllg, 
imax to mt tiilij. 

(Tftt risfount. 

<(^iT[ DC risctniil, 


D«y lo. The Pfalms. £trw. 

ti'rucl out of Sion i Oh. thxi the Lord would 
dfliver his peupk- out of caplivity ! 

8 Then Ihould Jacob rejoice i and Ifratl 

lliould be rig 111 gUd. 

Psalm UV. Dtui, in wmiit. 
AVE mi", O God, for rhy Name"! 
fake ;aiidivengemein tliyftrciigih. 
1 Heat my prayer, O God : and 
heai'ktn unio ihe words of my 

5 For ftrangcrs are rifen up againft me : 
and tyrjiif, which have not God before iheit 
ejei, fcek afitr my foul. 

+ Bch-ild, God U my helpci ! ihe Lord h 
with then] thai uphold my foul. 

; Hf Ihall reward evil unto mine «nemiu ; 
lUfiroy Ihou them in thy truth. 

6 An uftering of a free hrati will I givr 
thee, and prajfe ihy Name, O Lord : bccaofe 
it is fo coiiiforrablc. 

7 For ht hath delivered me out of all my 
(rouble : and mine eye hath f«n hi* defiit 
upon mine cncmie>. 

Emu. The Pfalnis. Day lo. 

] The eitttaj crieih To, and ilii; ungotll)- 
i-omrth on (o fall i Icir ihc^ arc mindnl to An 
Rie franc milchicf; io maliciault}' are ihcy let 
Kga!nil mc. 

4 My hcirt ii dilquictcd within mi i and 
the tvar of dnth it fallen iiu<m me. 

J Fcarfulnrli aixl trcmblinjj ore tome upon 
■lie I and an horrible dread hath uvcrwhcJmvd 

& And I r^iiil, O that I had winEi like a 
liuvc : I'rit then would I Ak away, and be at rcll. 

- Lii, ilicn ivuiild 1 ^t me away fiLr oft'! 
ii\d lanjjw ill ihc wiUlcritcJ'a. 

5 1 ivould make biltc to rlirapc : btraufc 
of (hf itormy wind and tcmptlt. 

9 Dtfttny ihfir (ungiiro, O Lord, and di- 
vide them : f»r 1 have Ipicd unrightcoufnel't 
and ilrifr in the rily. 

!□ Day and night ihcy ff> about within 
the ivnJU therciif ; mifchief aJlb and forrcw 
itc in [he midft of il, 

11 Wickrdneisii therein idec«il and guile 
go not out oflhrir Itcrcti. 

11 For il il nut an open cncmv, that hatli 
done me ihii diflionour ; for then t could have 
bumc it. 

I J Neither was it mine adutrfarv, that did 
magnity himfelf againil mc : tor (ficn nerad- 
ventgre 1 would have hid mylelf from him. 

■ 4- But it w^iK even thnn, my companiun : 
my j^uiilc, JHJ.l ")ini: tji^o t^iniilur fni-iid. 

tDili stiKp anDsttitrio ill musi «u: 
Uli lauglii ihi simi, itic gidii D( lip. 

trtt Dmot. 

Clip luOinB Ddut II 

Vtdtli so n«i( ■' 

rhp gi4ss Is tnn 



tfamt. lo[<tlii|B iLI. 
Bin II II iii|i [ilL 

I ; We look iWcer nounlcl tiigcihcr i aii<l 
ivalkcd in the hoiift of God a fcicndi. 

1 6 Let ilctitli come haflily upon ihcm, and 
lei them ^ii down t|iiicl[ inlu hell ; fur vvick- 
edncls Li in their dwellingi, and amon^ them. 

17 Ah frjr ititr, I viiit caJl upon Uod 1 and 
the Lord diall tave me. 

18 In the evening, and morning, and ai 
mum-diiy will 1 ptay, and ihit inftantly ; and 
he ftiall licar my viiite. 

19 II h he inac hath ilclivercil my Tmil in 
peace from the ballle thai wai againft me : 
ii>r ihciT uxrc many with mt. 

10 Vca, tvtn God, that tndiiwlli for ever, 
lliall hear me, and biingthem down : for they 
will not turn, nor fear Gwl. 

11 He laid his hunds upon fuch at b« ai 
peace wilh hira : and he brake hiioovcnaiiT, 

*i The ivordiof his mouth were foftei'lhm 
butler, having war in his heart : hi« woni> 
were (moother than oil, and yet be llicy very 

I) O cart ihy iHirJen upon the Lord, nod 
he fliall nuiitifli thee : and Ihail nui fiiScr ihr 
riglittous to fall for ever. 

14. And as {ot ihem : ihou, O Goil, A1.1JI 
bring them into the pit of dtftruflion. 

j; The blood-thirfty snd dcTOilful men 
Ih^ill not live nut half thctr dayi ; nevcrtbclrli, 
my iruD ihall be in ihee, O Lord. 


Mem. The Pfalms. Diy 


P»ALM tvi. Miftrm ma, Diut. 

E merciful unto me, O God, for man 
encth Kbout to ilcvuur nic : he is 

daily fishlilif;, nnil troublini; itic. 
1 Miiie rncmicn ur? ilaily in hand 
Id Iwnllow nic U|] ; fur tlKV lir inanj- lliil 
liglii ijjainft i-ae, O thou molt Highcit, 

5 Neverlhelrl's tliough I am fomelime 
afraid : yd ^vl I luy trull in ihce. 

i I ivill praift Gm!, ticcmii of his worj : 
I hiive put my irult in tiod, and will nol fear 
nliat ftclh can Jn untr) mr. 

i They daily miflike my words : nil thai 
they imagine i< to do mc rvil, 

6 They hold all tu^cther, and keep ihfm- 
lelvei rlofr ; jnd mark my flcpi, when ihey 
lay "jit for my foul. 

7 Shall they tfcape for (heir wickcdnefs ; 
ihou.O God, in thy dir|ileafureiliall call ihcni 

t Thou tcllcf) my flitting* ; put my tcin 
into thy bottle i »rr not theft things noted 
in lliy Imok ! 

9 Whenfoever 1 rail upon thee, then (liail 
mine encmict lie put to flight : tliis I know; 
for God i> nn my tide. 

to In God'i word will 1 rq'oict ! in the 
Lord'it wurd will I i ■••i\i'n\ t mr- 

Cti iGsoWK. 

•Ostiilci Mir bi4tli, 
lltiODIa IIDIIOdMl, 

CO I iScnilnnan. 

DToitii Qn, JiiDgt, 
Oimiiti m( ID II lino I. 


Sit Jcstiit, a((« : 

D«T 11. The Pfalms. M 

1 1 Yta, ill Gi'd hai'c I put my tnifl i I will 
not br afi^kl what Diun ran da unto inc. 

1 1 Unio thfc, O God, will I pay my vows : 
unto thtc will 1 give thanks. 

I J For (hou hali utcUveml my foul fT\>ta 
death, and my tl-nt Irom lulling : th*t I in«y 
walk bcfotr Got! in the light gt' the living. 

Psalm lvii. Mifirtri met, Rimt. 

E mctclful unto me, O God, be mer- 
ciful unto mc, tor my Ibul ttultelb 
in thee : and under the Ihsdow <if 
thy wings fhall be my trl'iigc, until 
this tyranny be ovci-naft. 

» I will call unto the mod high God : trtn 
unto the God that fhaJl perlonn the caufc 
whidi I have in hand. 

S He fliall lend from heavtn : and lave n« 
trom ihe lepront of him that would cat me up, 
\ Gud Iliall lend forth his mercy and truth : 
my IbuI is among lions, 

5 And 1 lie even among the children of 
men, that arc let on fire : whole teeth arc 
rpears and arrowi, and their tongue a Ihoip 

6 Set up thyfelf, O God, above the hta 
veni ; and thy gloiy above all the earth, 

7 They have laid a net for my feet, and 
pi'ffli-d down my foul : they have digged a 
pit before nie, and ate fallen into the midll 
0^ It rhcmfelve^. 

juogc ind Susiik sintrntc bin, 
To Kr IS tiDllnr'S m iNitfiDi. 

Mirx. The Pfalms. D/iy ,,. 

8 My heart it. fixed, O GtiJ, my heart is 
fived ! I will fmg, and give praife. 

9 Awake up, my glory; awake, lute and 
harp : I myftlf will awake right early. 

10 I will give [hanks unlo thte, O Lord, 
among the people : and I will fing unto thee 
among the iimions. 

1 1 For (he grcalneft of thy mercy rearh- 
eth unto the heavens ; and thy truth unto the 

11 Set up thyfelf, O God, above the hea- 
vens ; and thy glory above all the earth, 

Psalm lviii. Si 'vere ul'iijuc, 
RE youi- mindi fet upon nghteouf- 
nels, O ye congregation : and do 
ye judge the tbmg that is right, O 
ye fons of men ? 
1 Yea, ye imagine mifchief in your heart 
upon the earth : and your hands deal with 

3 The ungodly are froward, even from 
ilicir mother's womb : as foon as they are 
^iirn, they go adray, and fpeak lies. 

4. Xhey arc as venomous as the poifon of 
J lerpent ; even like the deaf adder that liop- 
peth her ears ; 

5 Which refufeth to hear the voice of the 
charmer 1 charm he never fo wifely, 

6 BreafctheirtecihjOGod.intheirmouth'ij 
Imile the jaw-bunes of ilie lii.'ii'', O L'U'd ; IlT 


Irint ttir intDB, 
and (j[S[ mp f jiist. 

rtif aiiJjttKi. 

sit iOaun. 

llMftt. tttri cill 
ITii inu 011110 leM. 

(Till s HI Jiff. 
£ll'"il. tDriiicniian 

D«y II. The Pfalms. £w«. 

tlltm tail away likewalti' that runnelh 3| ■ .. 
anil ivhifn they lliuot theii irrons lei tlum in. 
i-oofed out. 

7 Le( I hum con fume awaylikt a fiiu'l, atnd 
bf like- the iintlniclj' fruit of a woiii»n i uid 
let ihein not Ice ihc Jim. 

S Oi ever ^our pots be msiic hot with 
thorns : la Ut indignalioii itx him, even m a 
thing that is raw. 

9 The I ighieoiis fhall rejoice when he leclh 
ti)« vengeance : he ftiall wafh his fooeftepo in 
the blooJ otthe uiigoJIy. 

io So that a man Ihall fay, ycrily there is 
a rtward for the righteous : doubtlels there h 
a Uod that judgtth ihc earth. 

Psalm Lix. Erife mi de immiiit. 

We^^ ELIVBR me froni mine enenuei, 
O God J defend me ftom them thai 
,,j file up againft me. 

I O deliver me from ihe nicked 
dotTi : and favc me from the blood-ihir(t]r 

3 For lo, they lie waiting foi my foul : the 
mighty mm are gathered againtt nic, wirhoul 
any oli'ente tir fault of me, O Lonl. 

4 Tiicy run and prepare themfelvea with- 
out mv fault : arift thou therefofe lo help me. 

ang olDtrs iniin in gljir siiictiD. 


Even. The Pfalins, Z)«y n, 

5 SlamI lip, O Lord God of hofts, thou 
God of irrsci, to vifit al[ the heathen ! anJ 
he not mcrtiful unto them offend of ma- 
iiciou^ wicfctdnels. 

6 Tlity go to and fro in ihc evening ! thiy 
grill like a dog, and tun about through the 

7 Behold, they fpcak with their mouth, 
:ind Avords are in their Ups : for who doth 
liear ? 

8 But thou, O Lord, llialt have ihem in 
derilion : and thou Ihalt laogh all the heathen 
to fcorn. 

9 My ftrcngth will lafcriheunto thee: for 
thou art ihc God of my refuge. 

10 God Ihewclh me hi^ gondneft ulente- 
oully : and God ftiali let mc fee my defire 
iip'.4i mine enemies. 

1 1 Slay (hem mif , left my people forget if ; 
but fcatler them abroad among the people, 
and put them down, O Lord, our defence. 

11 For the lln of ilicir month, and for the 
words of iheit lins, ihey (liall be taken in their 
pride ; and why t their preaching is of curling 
and lies. 

1 J Confiime them in thy wrath, confume 
ihem, that they may jicrilh : and know that 
It is Gnd that fuleth in Jacob, and unto the 
ends of the world. 

14 And in the evening they will return ; 
^rin like a dog, and will go about ihe city. 


Cfii tiilifl. 

SiMilll iiif stall Bt(- 

CD* VRpAKliiii. 
BID int. 

/},(■* II. The Pfalnis. Eno. 

1 5 They will run here and There tor mefli t 
and gnidgc if ihey be noi OiiUiied. 

iC As for tiic, I will fing ot thy powtr, 
and "'III piailVtliy mtrcy btlimes in ttie morn- 
ing 1 fur thou hali been my defence and tcliigc 
in the day of my trouble. 

17 Unto ihce, O my llrciigth, will ! fing ! 
for thou, O GihI, atl my refuge, and my met- 
L^l'ul God. 

Psalm i.x. Dfus, rtfulijU hsi. 

GOD, Ihou hall cult us out, and 
iVattticd us abroad ; thou hal) alio 
been difplenled j O turn thee unto 
ui agiiin. 

1 Tliou haft moved the liind, and divideii 
it : heal the lures (liereof, fur it Ihaketh. 

J Thou hail Ihcwed <hy people heavy 
iliings ! ihou hift given lis 1 drink of deadly 

4 Thou haft given a. token for fuchitsivar 
thee : that they may tiiumjih becaulc of the 

5 Therefore were thy beloved delivered ; 
hi;lp me wlfI] thy right hand, and hc^r inc. 

6 God bath Ijiolcen in his ho Un els I nil! 
rejoice, and diviJe Sichem : and mete out the 
valley of Succoth. 

7 CiWail h niine, and ManalTeii is mine 1 
Ephraini alfo is the Itreiiglh of my hexd j 
Judili ii Tiiy la*-giver ; 

twii nm 9D liiQh, 
iJite tUdu iniiBi lit. 

1NII HI. IIUI UrDIlLIIC 1.111 VII1I.11[. 

JJAIIiiii On lb gmi] uutve^iig ^^sill. 

I £(vv. The Pfalms. J>0j n. 

% Muib h my Hralli-put ) over Eilum niU 
I call uiit my IIioe i Phililiia, be tliuu glud of 

9 Who will Iciil mc into lh« lltoog city : 
n-tift will bring mc iiiW Eilom ? 

to Hill not ihou rift ut Out, O God i mit 
not (hou, O God, jfo out niih our hoDi -> 

■ I O M thuu our help in iroubit : lor vain 
is (he htip of man. 

II Through God will wc do f^M l^i : 
lor ii is he that fliiall (read down our cncmici. 

PlAl.M l.Kl. ExauJi, Dm. 

EAR my crying, O God i gin tar 
unto my pnytt. 

■ Frum thcrndiuf ihccartU will 
I cull upuii thcc 1 when my heart 
ii In hcavineili. 

f O kt me up noon the rock thai l> higher 
than I I lot ihou halt btin my hope, and a 
i(r<>n); timer for mc a^init the enemy. 

4 I will dvtrll in thy tabcmarle for crcr : 
4tid my trull Hull be under (be nnering oi 
I by wingt. 

f Foi thou, O Lnnlihall hcaid mYdefirct : 
ind hirt Rivtn an heriiij;; unto tiiole thai 
Tear tlly Nami-. 

'6 Thou ihall grunt the King a long life -, 
thnt hit yean may endure throughout all ge- 

7 He ftiill dwell bcfite God lor ev.r : O 

Drith ipim tot fillD 

I>t4t grim ID git(« 

Sttitiniii IiiM. 
ptT rial, Bit (fint 

911 mil SI 10 itir 


CDi Biitsiimiiiil. 
•IDrsounti III) iiiia 




Day i». The Pfalms. Mum. 

prepare tby loving merry ami feithliilnctii, 
that ihey may preitrve him. 

8 So will I ilway Ting pmirc unto ihy 
Name : That I may dally ptrltiini my vvvr<i. 

Psalm lxii. Nokhi DiaF 

V foul tnily vrnitelh Dill upun God : 
for o!" him comcth my lalvation. 

1 He vrril}' \i my Aiciiglli a^A 
my falvation ; he is my delence, ib 
that I fhall not greatly tall. 

] How long w illye imagine mirdiiefagai nil 
cvety man ; ye Ihall be luin all ihc Ibit of 
you ; yea, ai a tottering wall Ihill ye be, and 
like a broken hedge. 

4 Their device is only how to nut him i«i! 
whom God will exalt : ilicir delight is in Vta ; 
they give good words with iheir mouih, but 
(-ui'li- with their heart. 

5 Nevi:rthelefk, my Ibul, wait ihou ftiU up- 
on God : for my hope is in him. 

6 He truly is my ftrength and my falva- 
tion : he is my defence, iu that I mall not 

7 In God ii; my health, and my glory i ifae 
rock of my might, and in Goil is my truft. 

E O put your trull in him alway, ye peo- 
ple ; pour out your hearts before him, for God 
I* our hope. 


ail miisl lucCn Wr, tai nriC not icll 
ilMir inrssiiii' limti U"" soiinliili Bjtll. 

9 A) tor the cliildrcn of men, thry >rc but 
yaa'sty j th« ehildnn ol' mtn arc dccciiful vp- 
oo the wcighn, ihcjr »rc kltogcthec IJghtci 
llian vMnitj illelf. 

10 O irult nut in wrong and tobbcry,give 
not yourlclro uriu ranitv i it' riches incRttle, 
let not your hcirl iipim thcili. 

1 1 God Ipntc onrc, anil twice I havt ilfo 
hc»fJ the ftmc 1 ilut pown bclongcth nnio 


I i And thai ihoii. Lord, art iiicrcifiil : for 
!h:.\i rrwanldt ctcty man arcording lo hi* 

PtALW LXiii. IVw/, Dtuimui. 

GOD, thou art my God i e«rly will 
t r»k thee. 

» M)f foul lliirHrili for tliee, my 
Hcfti alfti lonnlh after (lire i in -i 
iiaiifd and dry lind whtic no water ih, 

} Thus lu»e I i'wked for thee in holinefi : 
that I might hthold illy iiowet ami glory, 

4 For thy loTing-kindnrl''' U better than 
the life iifclf ; my liin Ihall praife ih«. 

J Ai long »K I hvc will 1 miignify ihee 
on ihi> manner i and lift u[i tny hiinds in t\\y 

6 My foul Oigll be faliifitd, «vcn U it were 
with niarrcitv and fatncl'i i when my mouth 
prjiftlh thee with joyful lipt, 

7 Have I iiDt rmn'inbrtcd thee in mv lii 

Ctt SlPUIlBtl. 

Bnn«tr, t4ll togt- 

811 soreins Id a| 
tin lift. 

Ett dFik 

mt ' 

Day II. The Pfalms. A/»«f. 

jiid liicHiglit upon ihce when I wm waking f 

S Bctaule Ihou haJt iKcn my helper i ihcre- 
fore uudcr the lliaiiuw ol' thy wing% will I 

9 My foul liangeth u|ion thet t thy right 
huiul hxlh iijiluiMcn me. 

!□ Thi:rc >llb (hat Icckthchurlormy Ibul : 
they (hull go unJer the tatih. 

1 1 L<t (hem tall upon the edge of the 
iWiifil ; th;it ihcy may be K paiiion li>r foxct. 

i;t Bur the King ihall rejoice in God; jU 
they alfo thit fwcar by him Hull be com. 
mended 1 f'M tile inouih uf them thai Ipeok 
lica lliall be n»p)icd. 

PsaLM Lxtv, ExaiiJi, Dtai. 
EAR ray voice, O God, in my ptar- 
er : pKlVrve my lilic from tear «{ the 


1 Hide me frnm the ^iherin^ 

iiigethct of the frowaid ■. an<l from the inl'iit- 
rcciion of ivitketl doen j 

5 Who have »htt their tongue like a fword . 
and Ihoot out ihcit anowi, even hitter wocU; 

4 That they iijy urivily fhooi at hitn thai 
is perfefl \ ftiddciily do they hit him, and feai 

J They enMU rage theihrdvct in mifchicf : 
and eommiine among rhemlelve* how they 
niay lay I'nares, and lay, lliat no muii fhall fet: 

6 Th«y imagine wickeilncfs, and piaiiilc 
It ; fhM they ktcp ftiTil among llicmrelves, 
tvery man in ihc ilecii of his htait. 

:• Bill Guil <]iEill hiildeiily (hoot at them 
ivilh a fwift arrow ■. thai ihtymali bcwuuiidcd. 

8 Vca, their own longuet (hall make them 
fall : inlbmuch lint wholb leeth (hem ihall 
l:LUgh ihi^in to li:urn. 

9 And all men that Tee it Ihall fay, Thia 
liath God done ; for ihey fhall fitncive ihal 
■( IS his work, 

10 The righreous fliall rejoice in the Lord, 
and put his truli in him : and all they that 
^iie true of heart Ihall be glad. 

Psalm lxv. Tc i/tcel hymnus. 
HOU, O Ood, art prailed in Sion i 
and unto ihet Ihall the vow be per- 
formed in Jcrnfalem. 

1 Thou that hcareft the prayer ! 
unto thee Ihall all Helh eome. 

3 My miliJeeds prevail againll me : O be 
thou merciful iiiito our fins. 

4 Bleffcd is the man, whom thou choofeft, 
and receivelt tmio thee '. be lliall dwell In tby 
court, and Ihall he I'atisfied with the plcafures 
of thy huiife, even of thy iioly temple. 

5 Thou fhall (liew iis wonderful thing* in 
thy tigkteoiifnefs, O God of our falvalion ! 

File iHprcBaai. 

fiilitrr cijfi not 

tirin at gciEuilir, 

rt( V'lB'tn. 

S((Rt i» ittnc igr. 

SnOistnt imoi!. 

thou that an the hope of all the ends "i (ii. 
cai'th, ind ul' the^ii thiit i-emaiii iii ttie lir'.^id 

6 Whoinhisftrengttirectclhffl.II themoun- 

laiii* ; and it gitiitd about with power. 

7 Whti llilieih (lie ruglng ot the lea : aaii 
the iioile of hit waves, anil the muditejii of ihe 
pen [lie. 

8 They ilfo thai dwell in ihe unemiQll 
parKuf the I'^rlh Ihall be stV.iid at thr tokens i 
ilmu thiii maki-ft the outgoings cf tilt morn- 
ing and cvetimg to pnilr thee. 

g Thou viiiicft tfie earth, and blelTcA ir i 
thou tnukclt it vcty pkntiouj. 

10 The God i" full of water i therti 
prepaieft their corn, for lb thou providell for 
tht earth, 

11 Thou watered her furrows, (hou fttld- 
elt rain into the little viikys thereof ! lliou 
rnakeft it loft with the drop* of rain, anJbUff- 
c(( the inireafc of it. 

1 1 Thou ctowneft the year with thy good. 
nets : and thy cloiidii dmp fatnels. 

13 They iliall droii upon the dwellings of 
the wildcrnefi : and inc liiile hillk Ihill icjoire 
on every liiie. 

14. The folds Iliall be fiiU of ilictp : the 
valleys alio lh»li ftand fo thick with i'0ni,lhai 
they Ihall laugh and ling. 

iih IJtinrristDiot miit nilglioin'* pn : I 
Jchc llni-i tot nff, tuf tilt IS ntfi. I 



E^-cB. The Pfalms. lisy u. 

Psalm Lxvt. JubitaU Deo. 

BE joyful in Gott, all yc lands ; 
ling jirailes unlo tlie Imiiuur ol" jiis 
Nnmc, make hb prailc lo be g!o- 

2 Say unlu Gnd. O ho*!" moiiderftil artlhou 
in ihy work^ : iKroiigh the greatncfs t»f ihy 
power Hiotl chine enemies W lounii liars unto 

J For all the world (liall worflilp thee ; ling 
of lliee, and praifc lliy Name. 

4. O come hitli[:r,and behoM [he ivork? of 
Goil ! how wonderful he is in his doing to- 
ward the children of men. 

5 He turned (he lla into dry land ; To that 
they went through the ivarcr on foot j there 
did ive rejoice thereof. 

6 He ruleth with his power for cvtrj his 
ryes behold (he people : and Inch as will 
not believe Qjall not be able to exall theni- 

7 O praife our God, ye people ; and make 
the voice of his praife to be heard ; 

3 Who holdcth our foul in life : and fuf- 
fcreth not our feet to flip. 

9 For thou, O God, haft proved U5 : thou 
[ilib had tried u.s, like as fdver is tried. 

10 Thou broughteft ui into the fnare ■. and 
laidcft trouble iipon our toins. 

11 Thuu fufleredft men to ride over our 


rtr siioii itoi aoK. 
jFrom Diiili ran Ibti 

Cr dgll' { must ti 

afllflh llifr iftit LI(- 

t^l flo 0[D. 


bbOLir no moXt. 
Joi i UI>( iatt. 

licadi : ne went thruugh lire atiil ivalvr, and 
tlioH li'oiightcft us oul imo a "cnlthy ['Urr 

li [ will go inio ihine houft wiih' bmnt- 
offiriiigs ! ami will pay ihcc my ruivs, whu 1' 
I pmmilril with my lips and lji«lcc with ii< 
mdutli, when I was in liDiible. 

13 1 will offer imio thee fai buriiM"-.. r:- 
ficcB, with the iiiccnle of rami ; 1 will tik 
bullockt an<J go»i(. 

14. O come hiihcr, and hearken, alt yv thai 
feac God : and I will tell you whxt he hath 
(lone lor my luul. 

] ; I railed imiu him with my mouth i and 
gave him iHailci wilh ray loneiic. 

16 Ifl incline unio wiekedneii with mine 
heart I the Lord will not hear inc. 

17 But GikI hath lic»rd mc 1 and conli- 
dered ihc voire of my prayer. 

iS Praifed be God who hath not caA out 
myprajfor 1 nor (umud hii mercy from nic. 

Psalm i.Jtvii. Drvi mifirtnlur. 

:oO be merciful untout, and Ucfs at I 
and fhcw ni the light of hi; cctin- 
tsnance, and be mervifiil unto in ; 
I That ihy way may be knowii 
upon eanh : thy faving heilih amongall na- 

3 Let the pcn|)le iiraifc lhee,0 God : ye*, 
lei all the people praift thee. 

4 O let (he natiins rejoice and he glad 

Vt Dill D(tln. no III. no ull, 1 
t:M a» t ris giBr M Bmt Iti nil I 



Mtrn. The Pl'alms. Day \\. 

ibuu Aiali judgr ih« folk lighteoudy, and 
govftn thf iiationt upon tsrth. 

5 Let ihe (leoplc miiiJi; (hce, O Cod i Itt 
«U ihe people pnife ihte. 

6 Ttirn Ihall the mrlli bring forth her In- 
prtafe ; anil GoJ, even out uwn God, Qialt 
give us his blelting. 

7 God Oiall bleft us : and all the «ndi of 
the worlii Ihall fmr him. 

Psalm lxviii. F.xur^at litui. 

ET God (irife, uiii let hii cneniicB 
be fi-atttroi \ let llicm allii [hat hale 
bim flee before him. 

1 Like ai the lh<:t] drive them aw^iy : and like u wax 
mcllcth -It the tire, ia let the ungmlly pcrilh 
at the prefcnct of God, 

J But let the righteous be glad and rejoice 
before God : let them al]i> be nicrty and joy- 

4 O fmg unto God, and fing praifes iinio 
lijs Name ; magrtlfy him that lideth upon tlic 
heaveni, at it were upon an horl'e j prailc him 
in hii Name JAH, and rejoice before him. 

J He is a Father of ihe lalherlcl!, and ile- 
fendeth the caufe of ihe widows : even God 
in his holy habitjition. 

': \\z <- tilt (i(i(l tlr.t ni.iki-ih Mi.-ii t,-> hf 


titt jaiidEURe. 

Ghr Jrli'iilirtli. 

i-titt ttlT^ stiKII. 

Run uiitTiiKcicfD. 

D.iy li. The Pfalms. Mtm. 

uf one mind in in houfc, and bringcth the 
pritiiners out of tapiivlly : but Ictleih the 
riiii3g:ites coiitiiiue in lijafceneiB. 

7 O God, vvhen thou wcntelt forth twfoiv 
the people : when thou wentell through tht 

8 The earth Ihook, and the heareni drop- 
ped St the preftnce of God ; even as Sinai 
alio ivoi" moved at the prrlonce of God, mho 
is the God of Ifracl. 

9 Thou, O God, fenteft 3 gracioui rain 
upon thine inherilxnce : and retrellicdlt it 
when it was vvciify. 

10 Thy congKeation Ihall dwell therein : 
for thou, O God, naft of thy goodnels prc> 
pared foi the poor. 

1 1 The Lord gave the word : great im 
the company of the preachers. 

II Kings with thcii atiiilee did flee, and 
were dtlbomfited : and they of the houAtold 
divided the Ipoil. 

13 Though ye have lirn among the poti, 
ycrt Ihall ye lie as the wings of a dove : ttiat 
is covered with filver wingi, and het fcathcn 
like gold. 

14. When the Almighty feattered kiitgt 
for their fake : (hen were they ks white a« 
fnow in Salmon. 

I ; As the hill of fiafan, fo is God'H hill : 
even an high hill, as the hill of Bafnn. 

16 Why hop ye lb, yc high htlU i tbu U 

Sit JFool. 

Mrm. The Pralms. Diy n. 

God'a hill, in ihc which il plealctli him to 
dwtU ^cx, the Lorii wiliahtdc in it fur tvtr. 

17 The charion of God arc rwcnly (hoo- 
fsnci, fv<n thoulandt of ingcU : and tnc Lotil 
il xnoni; ihmi, a* in tlic holjr pbci of Sinai. 

iS Thou art gone u|i on high, ihnu hall 
kJ capiiviiy captive, and received gift* 
■tici) I yea, ema for ihinc cnemici, thai the 
Lord God might d»r!l anmng them. 

19 Pfaifed Iw the Lotd daily i even the 
God who helpelil ui,and pisutcth hii benefit. 
upon \\t, 

10 Urn oar God, even th« Grtd of whom 
cometli falvation : God it the Loid, by whuin 
we tfc»|i« death. 

XI God Ihitll wound ihv head of his ene- 
roict i and iht hairy li',il|i of finh a one lu 
goelh on liill in hii wickcdncfi. 

11 The L<)rd hath faid, 1 will bring my 
pci^file again, a> 1 did ftuin Bafun ; mine own 
will I biing agii'n, a' I itid fumetiine fniin 
the deep ot the fea. 

• 1 That thy foot may be dipped in the 
bloud of thine cncmiel : nnd ihul the lunguc 
■if thy ilngi may be ted thtiiugli the lame. 

14 It i* well Icetl, O God, how thou ^ueO : 
how thou, my God and King, goeft in the 


a J Tnc fingers go before, the niinlitels fol- 
low alter ; in the iridll are the danilek play- 
ing with the limbrcis. 

Ctii EtgDat. 

11(1(1 ng 15 BiiiK ; 
Jfsc i am oinr. 

CDi Itiii<K- 

riiinl { 101 erst: 
jTet i (nny iret. 


0( Btucti. 

tMuBI inB oft. 
etmt tt DC (UIB, 

Dfl^ 13. The Pfalms. Msm. 

j6 Giv< ihuiks, O IlracI, uniij God the 
Lorti in ilic congtcgnliuiis 1 fruin llic gimind 
iif ihc heart. 

17 There ii little Bcnjnmin their ruier,and 
iht prini'et of' Judah their counfclithcprincn 
III' Zabiiton, and ihe princet of Nrjihlnaii. 

18 Thy God h>th lent foith lirv-iigth for 
th» : ItabltHi the thing, O God, that ihnu 
hall iviuughl in qs, 

29 Fur iliy iriiipli'% hkt HI Jcruralnn : fo 
Ditill kings bring |irercnli tinto lh«c. 

30 When the rompany of' the fpeBr-nMn, 
and iTiultitiuie of tiic mighty ate fcattercd 
abroad anuing tile beailK o( ihe iicopic, Co thit 
they humbly bring iiiwci (if fiii'et land when 
hi; hath fcattered the people that dcJight in 

ji Then Iball the prince* cmne out of 
Egypt : the MaiianV land Ihail foon llretth 
out her hiinda unto God. 

^i Sinji; unto God, O ye kingdoms of the 
earth ; O ling prjifr? unto the Lord j 

U Who fitteih in tbL' heavens over all from 
the beginning : li>, he doth lend out hi*voior, 
yea, ind that a mighty voice. 

jt Aftribe ye (he povvet lo God ov« Ifn- 
el : hi> wodhip, anil lltcngih H in (he rlovik. 

J5 O God, wonderful art thou in ihjr holy 
places : even thi; God of lltafi ; he will f^vc 
lltcnglh and power untv liis people t blelM 
be God. 

©1 (ntMtp, 

Evfn. The PClInM. D-y tj. 

PlAi.Hl.xtx. SalwiM au foe. 
AVE roe, O God ; for ihe witcn 
an come in, even unro my Ibul. 

I I lllcic lilllnlliatlccpinirciivhcrt 
no gniund i^ ■. I am cunic into deep 
walcn, lb chat [he floodi run over iiir. 

J I imKrjnuf cryingi my ihroai ii ilry t 
my lighi tiiilcili rat lor waiting To long upon 
my God. 

4 They rlut halt me wilhoul a raule arc 
more chuii the haii> uf my lieail i they that 
arc mine tncmiei, and would ileltioy int guilt- 
IciV, are mighty. 

5 T piid litem the th!ng« thai ] never look ; 
God, ihoii knowcrt my fimplcntft, und my 
laulti are nol hid from (hee. 

II Let noi ihem thji Itull in thee, O Loiil 
God of lioitt, be uHumcd (<it my c;kul<: : let 
not chorclhairecktiiee be confounded through 
me, O Lord God of Ifrael. 

7 And why \ for thy fak* have I fuffered 
reproof ! Ihamc hath covered my (ace. 

8 lambecomeaftrangcruntomybfctlirin: 
even an xlieii \uiio my mother's children. 

9 For ilic leai of Ihine houfe halh even 
eaten me : and the rtbukci of ihcm that re- 
buked ihce are fallen upon inc. 

10 I wci>r,ind ohallcned niyfcif with fall- 
ing : and ih:ii ivit turned lo my re|iioaf. 

CBt itrtl lufii of tiigli(9i Oritu 
i.» Celt ^rit ma. a \" Du <^'c. 


tit iffmoifsi, 

iKdu bi, 
rt»ii nusi auif 
B"ti mr. 


QDEI sfr . 
3l>i [ am. fig iblll 



I » 

iri)I (tnnrrsa, 

piloirssDl llgC 

CDniinl eon I idi 

ggui mill. 

cni Dufhrss. 

Oflj I]. The Pfalms. £t«. 

1 1 1 put un fackcloth alio i aud tliey jell- 
ed ujion me. 

11 TUcy tliat Tit in the gate fpeiik againft 
me ; ami the ilranfcards make (ong*- upon me. 

13 BiiE,Lor<!, I make my prayer unto tlipc 1 
in an acceptable lime, 

t4 Htar me, O Goil, in the miillitude of 
tliv meicy : even ill (lie triilh of thy falvotlon. 

'i J Take me out of the mile, that I fink 
not % O U< me he deliveted fiom them that 
hitc nic, and out uf the deep wateis. 

j6 Let not the wnler-flood dtowtr me, nei- 
ther let ilie deep fwnllow mc up : and let not 
the pit fhiit het moulli o]ion mc. 

1 7 Heai me, O Lord, fot tliy loving-kind- 
nefs is comfortable ; turn thee unto me ac- 
cording trj the multitude of thy mctfies. 

iB And biiic not (by face from (hy fervant, 
for I am in trouble ; O hafte ihee, and heat mc. 

19 Draw nigh unto my foul, aitd f^te it : 

deliver nie, bcciiul'e <'»t mine ciieinica, 

10 Thou haft known my leproof, my Ihamr, 
and my dilhonour : mine auverfaries arc all 
in thy light. 

11 Thy rebuke hath broken my heart j I 
am full of hcavinefs : 1 looked for fome lo 
have pity on me, but there was no man, nei- 
thet found I uny to coinfod mc. 

IS Tliey gave me gall to eat : and when 

1 was thirliy they gave mc vinegilr to drink. 
13 Let llidlr fable be made a fiiare to take 


The Pfalms. Da<t 


tliemlelvn nithal i and let the thingi ihal 
Ihoulil liivcbccnfoiilieirwciillhbcuiHo them 
in ocnfion of falling. 

14 Let their eyes dl- blinded, that they lec 
tiol : »nd cvft liiiiv ihciu iluwii their !j»ck». 

tj Pour out ihinc inJitiinlion upon them 1 
xiid let thy wrathful dirpreifurG »ke bold of 

16 Let their hnhitatinn be void : and no 
man to dwell In their tenli. 

• • Fur they perfrcule him whom thou half 
lini'i.-iL ; jtiil tlii-y (»^k how clicy may ve:i 
UiLin irhoni thou hilt wounded. 

iS Lei them (all tVum one nickcdnefs to 
another : and not contc into thy rlghieouJ'ncft. 

ig Let tlirm be wipcil out of the book uf 
the living : and not. be nricten among the 

50 Ai for me, when I am poor and in hca- 
vlnefi ! thy help, O God, fhall lift me up. 

31 I will praife the Name of God with a 
long : anil m»ciiify it with ih.tnkf'giving. 

31 Thik alw fliull ['c the Lord ; better 
than a bulluck thai hath horm and huofi. 

3; The humble thall tonJidcr ihiv and br 
glad: fet Ic ye aflerGod, and your Ibullhall livr. 

34 For the Lord heaieth the poor : and 
defpilcth not his ptilbncrs. 

]; Let heaven and earth praife him i the 
let, and all 1h.1t movcih therein. 

^6 For Gcid mill lave Sion, and build (lir 

Cf <C<ii>tii*a. 

flinnms or Mil , 

ICou iri, 
IsliOc iDc miltl mp 

fft' t'laranilrM. 

lalil's gill iiiDlgli, 

dlin of Juilah : thai nivn may dwrJ] there, 
md have it in putTclTion. 

57 The pollfrity alio of his fcrvanis Ihall 
inhcEiC it ; anil they ihat love his Nuili' Uiail 
dwell therrin. 

PiALM LXX. Deuf itt a,f;ttMriam. 

ASTE thcc, O God, to deliver me i 
make hatle Ici help me, O Irfird. 
1 Let ihembe kllianicd aiiil con- 

founileJ that reck >ftcr my Ibul : 
ct ihcm be lumeJ backward and put to eon- 
iulioii ihni wiJli me evil, 

i Let ihem for theic reward be foon bioughi 
lo fli«me 1 ihjt cry over me. There, there. 

4 Bui let all tboCe ihut ieck thee be joyful 
and gbd in thee i and lei alt fiuh la delight in 
(hy ialvstion fay alway. The Lord he pnifed. 

; Ai for mc, ! am pooi' and in mifeiy ; 
hallc thee unto me, O God. 

6 Thou art my helpei, and my ledeemer i 
O Lord, maJce no long tarrying. 

Psalm lxxi. In ti, Dornim, Jjtrtivi. 

\ N ihee, O Lord, have I puc my truft, 
lei me litver be put to confulion : 
but tid me, and deliver me, in thy 
righieoufncfsj incline ihintenr un- 
to me, and five me. 

^.liL iliir 'M|[ 111 rJir fiialjrfll sut. 
:li[ [Jib Tint DDlD W aaimn' miit 

A/snr. The Pialms. Day 14. 

t BcrhoumTftrongholdiWliercuntoIniay 
alvTHv rcl'uri : lliou h»(l proTnifcil 10 help mc, 
fnr ibou art my baaft of dcfenw, and my 

) Dclivtr me, O my G0.I, oiil of fht hand 
of the ungodly 1 out of ihe hand of ihc un- 
rig ti ten uit and cnicl man. 

4 For thou, O Lord God, nn the ihlii;; 
ihit 1 long (or : ihou ait iny hope, even from 
my youth. 

J Through thee have I been htildcn up 
ever Cnce 1 nu bora : thou art he tliat took 
me out of my mother*! womb ^ my praile 
(hall be alivayt of ihrc. 

6 I am become ai it were a monftcr unto 
many : but my lure irult ii in thcc. 

7 O let my mouth be filled with thy prajfc ! 
that I may hng of (by glory and honour all 
tlic day loug' 

i Cult inv not awny m lllc time of age : 
fotf^kc me nut when my llrciigth falleth me. 

9 For mine cncmiei- fpeak againit me, atid 
tlicy that lay wail lor my foul take thcii coun- 
1^1 together, lay mg, Ood hath forfakcn him i 
|icrfcrutc him, anil cake him, for there is none 
to deliver him. 

10 Go not tar from me, O God 1 my God, 
liafte thee to help me. 

1 1 Let tlicm be caufounJed and perlfb that 
3tt againft my foul : let them be covered with 
lllimf Jrii) ilidinnuur llint ti.k (!■ .1" iiu p-vjl 

i:tt JiitgiS £IIIR. 

fBtCam 01 Snailit'S 
lultr, I 

I im [giniit fii«(tif i 


bines gimi, 

Giimtn III" 1101 

UiETh paitt. 



Bin« Kill mp ifnt. 

mvmiun't tnuu. 
CD'u 411 lie c bit In 


D/iy 1*. The Pfalms. A;r/-*.| 

II Ailor mc, I willpillcntlyobidcalw'iy : 

and. will praift thee morr ami inore. 

i^ My mouih lliilhliity (prstk. oi ihy right- 
courtieu and falvalion i for I knnvt no mil 

If r will go fotlli in tile firansth of the 
Lord God : nnd nlll make mciitian uf tliv 
lightcuufnrfi only, 

15 Tliou,OGo<l,hi.ft taught mcfram mv 
y(iUth Uj> until now 1 thcrtibcc will I tdl of 
ihy wnndroun worki, 

16 Forlake me not, O God, in mine old 
age, when I am grey-hcided : until I have 
fliewed thy liienglli uniu this generation, and 
thy powettoRlllliem thntnre yd foi la come. 

17 ThyrightcoufiieiijO God, It very high-, 
and great thil1g^sIC they that thou hail done i 
O Goil, who is likf unto iheE? 

(8 O whai greu ttoiibici jnd idvfrfilio 
liift ihoii (hewed me I and yel liidft thou turn 
and rciVtni me ; yea, and bioughtcfl me from 
the deep of the earth again. 

1 9 Thoii halt bmuglit nie to great honour ; 
and comforled me on every fide. 

«o Therefore will I praifc thee and thy 
fAilhftilnclii, O Gnd, playing upon an inflru- 
ment of miillck ; unto thee will I dng iijion 
the harp, O ihou Holy One of Ifrael. 

1 1 My iipE will be fain when I ling umo 
thee 1 and lo will my Ibul whom thou haf) 

^ ^ 

rilii'Ki lib !i'v-fNji ^omr Iimi Bin 01;. 
.lilB nUlu lie DUD lit UMIDIO 10 Elig. 




The Pfalms. O-n 


11 Mf l[]nE:uc al(a Ihall talk of thj r!gh- 
tcouTnclt all inc day long : fot ihcy xrc con- 
l'ouii<ic<l »nd brouglit unto fliain« th»t f«k 
tu Jo me tvW, 

PsALy LXXK. Dtut,ja,6mim. 

IVE (he King rh^ juclgemcnlt, O 
God : ami Ihy nghccoiirnd) unto 
the King'i fon. 
1 Tlicn Ihatl he iudgc thy peo- 
ple K'CoTding unto tight 1 and dclVnil the poor. 
J The mountain* alfo (hall bring peace ; 
and (lie little hillt righteoul'iicli unto the pco. 

4 Ht Ihall keep (he fimple folk by their 
tight ; defend the children of the poor, and 
punifh the wicinc duet . 

5 They Ihail tear ihce, ai long as ihe fun 
ann moon enduirth i fiom one gcnerniion to 

G He Ihall <-ame itomi like the rain into a 
flrter of wool : «Tcn at the drops that water 
the earth, 

7 In hit lime (hull the rightcout flourilh i 
yt», and abunilancc of peace, fo long as the 
muon rmliirclh. 

S H'w dominion Ihall be alfo from the one 
leu to the other : and from the Bood unto the 
WOlld'h rod 

9 They that dwell in the «ildcrorfi (liall 
kneel before him : hisencmieiihalllitkihrJuft. 


M.t>> nil ii'i^un iDiiiliiti iimniRg 

jtt Btwt i> >»it ti: >Dig enng. 

imtutiint »iaMr. 

*ln. [tui. 
•inu (lilt ai l(- 


(Till* ant nm. til 
oS iiuur liout . 

I im (Dini ID go giu 


Clliisgli ihos Mtt 
gtigti itiD uDin, 

V" Jrl IDs II Dlism 
mil (lut). 

fin I ant gim; in 

iSmr Riiili mi In 

/)ay .4. The Pfalms. Af^nf. 

10 The kings of Thaifii and of the U!c\ 
lliall eire preltDi* '. the kings of Anbu aiul 
Saba lliill tiling K'fti. 

1 1 All king^ Ihall fall down before him i 
all iiHlions Ihaii do him l'cn\c<. 

1 1 For lie fliall deliver the poor nhen he 
cricth : the needy alio, and him that hath ii<> 

13 He fliall be faviiurablc to the fimplc 
and needy ; and Hiall prelerve llie f(iiil> ot 
lire puor. 

14 He Ihall deliver their Ibu In Frum fallhood 
and wrrjng : and dear AiaU (heir blood be in 
iiii ilgbt. 

15 He (liall live, and unio him fhall be 
given of tile gold of Arabia ! umyer lliall be 
made ever unto him, and daily mail he be 

16 There Ihsit hi so heap of corn in the 
enith, high upon the liilU i his fiuit lliall 
(hake like Libanu;, and ihall be gieen in the 
city like gtaf; upon (he earth. 

17 Hit Name Ihall endure for ever; hii 
Name ihall remain under the fun among the 

tioliei'ities : which Ihall be blelTed ihrough 
lim -, and all ihi heathen (hall praifr him. 

1 3 Bicffed be the Lord God, even the God 

of IlVael; which only doclh wondrous things; 

[9 And bteffed be the Name ot lii^ Mijefty 

for ever: and all (he earth lh4ll be titled with 

his M^jcliy. Amen, Amen. 

lis Bent III iliiB mnrUi ijiiD ib( >lrl(ij .1 
I Sat; Dmli U'tiKiitlDtnKiAet'stmV' I 

Psalm Lxxtii. ^am baaas IJrml! 
RULV Gml i* loving unio lirwl : 
cvtnuntoruchaiircbl'ai'kan Imrt. 
J Ncvctthciflt, iny (ecl were «!- 
molt gone ; my tmdingi hul nxll- 
nigh llipi. 

3 Aiuiwhjr? I vr»sricv«cl at ihcwirknl : 
I do illb Ice the ungotll)' in lui-h prufuFtity. 

4 Fur they arc in no peril of dcatli i ijut 
an lulty and Ihung, 

J They come in no mlifortunc like other 
folk I neiih« are ihey pligueil like other men. 

6 And (hit is the caule that they arc (o 
holJtn with pride i and overwhelmed with 

7 Their eytK fwell with latneri ! Kiid ihey 
do even what they lull. 

t They corrupt other, and fjncak of vriekcd 
blaJ'nheniy i ilieic talking u againll the molt 

9 For ihey ftntch forth their mouth unto 
the heatei) : and tlMir tongue goelh through 
the world. 

10 Therefore fall ihr people unto them i 
and thereout luck they no llnill advMiitugc. 

11 Tiilh, liiy ihcy, how Ihould God per- 
reive it : it there knowlcilge in the molt High 1 

11 Lo, thele are the ungodly, iheft prof, 
per in rlie ivoild.and lliel'eliave richci in pol- 


fJtti. gilltttt. Ml 

gir. [Uit. 



T.u Siinotitilc. 

mn piiR. 
anD gat 11, 

Dtfj 14.. The Pfalms. Evex. 

Ivllion : and 1 laid. Then have I clcuilni nt\ 
htarl in vain, and wallicd mine hsiidi in in- 

1 3 All the day long have I been {>iinilh«i] 1 
jnd ch^ilicned every morning. 

1^ Vc3,andJ had almolt laid even nther : 
but \(i, then 1 (hoiild have condemned the 
gencriiion of ihy children. 

I j Then tliDughl I to iinderftand thit ; but 
it vvaK (»u hard I'ur me, 

16 Until I went into the fanfluary of God ; 
then underliood 1 llie end of there men ; 
r7 Namely, how ihou doll lit ihcin in llip- 

Sery placet -. and caAell them down, and ile- 
ruyeft ihcm- 

18 OhihtiwruddeiilydoibeTtonfuineipc- 
rifli, and come 10 a fearful end I 

19 Yea, even like as a dream when one 
awuketh 1 (o flialt thou m.ikc theit image lo 
vanilli out of the eity. 

10 That my hcait vrasgrieved :and it Weill 
even through niy leini. 

I I So ftHdifli was I, and igtiocant : tvcn 
it weic a bead before ihee. 

»i Nevcrllidcri, 1 am alway by ther : d 
thou haft holdtn me by my righl hand, 11 Ciirijii j 

13 Thou (halt guide me will) thy counici : jfaHB ■ 
and afiei that rcttive nic with glory. n^JHR " 

J*. Whom have I in licuven but thee : ai. - ■ ' 
there i« none upoiv eailh that I delirc In cm 
parifon of thee. 


Bv/H. The P&lms. Day 14. 

a f My flcfh and my Iwarc faitcth : but GdU 
it tlic llrcii(>tli of my heart, ami my porllun 
for ever. 

16 For lo, they that foifakc th«c (hall pe- 
rifh I (liou liall dcllrovcd all them itnt com- 
mit fomicaiiiM) Rgjiinli ihcc. 

17 But it it |;cHid for me to hold mc tall 
by Gud, tu put my fruli in tlic Lord God i 
■ikI tu <)>titk of all ihy work* in the gatct of 
iht daughter of Sioii. 

Psalm lxxiv. Ut f/uiJ, DtutT 

GOO, whettforc »r( thou lUfciil 
frciiii III lb long i why is (hy wralh 
(o hot igninll the Iheep of thy paf- 
tuiv i 

I O think upon thy rongregntion : whom 
thou hjft purchafcd, and rraeemed of old. 

I Think upon thv tribe ofthiDc inheritance I 
and niuunt Sion, whirrin thou haft dwell. 

4 Lift up thy feet, that thou mayel) utterly 
deliioy evety enemy : which hath done evil in 
thy lanfluaty. 

; Tiiinr udverfarie* roar in ihc midft ai thy 
rongrcgalioni ; and (ei up their bannen for 

6 He thai hewed limber iiforc out of the 
thick iteet 1 wBB known to king it lo an ex- 
cellent work. 

7 But now they break down alt the carved 
ii-ork (hereof; with ltc^ ami himmtrs. 


amiii ttiin bniirr 
mo rtiiisf, 

/Of i%j \M itin 
auai iRst. 






etiptnt'E esttr, 

III tbsu taunt «t 

trtou inuBi intci 

I mo irtf (a ID, 

Kc lt|( MP Dtbn BO 

St IKBI reudtttcn 


$ They have fet fire upon thy holy place:, ; 
ami \invc defiled lli« ilwdiing'pbcc of ihv 

Namt, even unto the ground. • 

9 Vca, they faid in their heaiK, Let us 
make havoc of litem allogelher : thu; hive 
they burnt u|i all the houretufGnd in ibeliiiHl. 

10 We fee not our tokens, there ii noriHie 
prophet more i no, not one ii there among xa, 
thai iintkritandeth any more. 

tt O God, how long Ihall the adverftrr 
do this dilliunour : how long Ihall the enemy 
blalplwme thy Name, for ever? 

1 1 Why withdrawcft thou ihy hind > why 
pluckcft thou not thy tight hand out of iby 
holoin lo ronfunie the enemy f 

1 3 For God is my King of old i the help 
that is done upon earth he doeth it hinifclf. 

■ 4. Thou didll divide the Tea (hiuiigh thy 
jiowcr ! thou brjkefl: the heails of (he ifnigons 
m the viaters. 

If Thou finotelt the hcadsof Leviathan in 
pieces ! and giveft him 10 be meat for ihe 
people in the ivildemefs, 

lis Thou broughtetl nut fountains and wa- 
ters out of the hard locki ; thou diiedft vp 
mighty walcrs. 

17 Tile dayisthine.and the night Is thine ; 
thou haft prepared the light and the fun. 

iS Thou haft let ail the borders of the 
earth : ihnii halt made fiimmer snd winter. 

I ij Renicmbet this, O Lurd, how ihc ene- 

I jtimci taril^mr f^inf, it f jirh nir ?Ua[l 
I ITar 5(n b[ Odlli tltn trv.pOf m ibiJl: 

my hath rebuked i and liow th« foolilli peo- 
ple haih blafphcincd thy Name. 

10 O d»liv»r i>oC the Ibul of thy turtJc-dove 
unio the mutlitudc uf the rneliilet i xntl iVir- 
gcx not ihc con^rtgiition of the poor foi- ever, 

11 Look upon the covenant : for a)l the 
cailll ii lull uf datknefi, and ccucl habitation'. 

IS O let not the fiiii|ileg<> an'jy uHiamnl i 
but let the poor and needy give praile unto 
thy Name. 

1} ArifCjO God, initintsin thine own csufei 
rfmembrr how the fooUih man blafphemcth 
ihee daily. 

»4 Fiirgct not the voice of thine cncinin i 
the prel'umpiion of them that hate ihct in- 
crraftlh ercr more and more. 


PiAt-M Lxxv, Cai/rr&imiir titi. 

NTO thee, O God, do we give 

thanki ; yea, unto thee do ne give 
thank I. 

I Thy Name alfo is Co njgli ! and 
that do thy wondroui works declare. 

i When t [eccive th« congregation : I (hall 
judge according iinto right. 

4 The caiih it weak, and all the inhahitei; 
thereof : t bear op the pillari of it, 

5 I fail! unto the fools. Deal not fo madly : 
"JTiii \o th^ ungodly, Set not up your horn. 


'rtitmlEt, inr^linplr. inmiiTg Drgrtct 
I ^11 Dt funrroLtLDrdfOtjobtpunid rbtr.j 

Sir lEiltilt. 

Ki [llmi tour n 

Kt iftott nrbrr ao 
FtiDu muitinUttl 



fri)i Enriiit- 

Ld. iIiis iltili inn 
f strini mlib nip 

I Inn* til ttst. 

6 Set ituC up jrbur botnon high i and rpuk 

not with a din neck. 

7 For promotion ttnncth neither from the 
eall, nor tVom thi: weft ; not ytt from the 

S And why I God is the Judge i be |>iic- 
lelh dowrn one, and lettelh up mother, 

9 For in Ihe hind of the Lord there is a 
cup, and ihc vcioe i^ red : it is full mixfd, and 

lie poure^h out ol the iarne. 

10 Ai for the dregi thereof; all the un. 
godly of the earth ihall drink them, and fuck 
them out. 

1 1 Bui I will talk of the God of Jacob ; 
and prailc him lor ever. 

II All the horns of the ungodly alfo will 
I break ; and the hoinsofihe righteous Ihall he 

Psalm Lxxvi. Nolui in JuJjra. 

N Jewry 'vt God known i hit Name | 

is great in Ifrul. 

I At Sairm Is his tabemach i | 
and his divclling in Sion. 
1 There lir^ke he the arrows of the bow 1 1 
the Ihield, ihe fword, and the battle. 

4 Thoii art of nioie honour and might 1 1 
than the hills of the robbers. 

J The pioutl are robbed, they have Qtpt 
iheir Deep: and all the men whole handn were 
mighty have found n-jiliiiM. 

XgMii>i,n(imintT.i'ii""IiiiitDIIi I 





The Pfaims. 

6 At thv rebuke, O God of Jacob ; hoth 
tht rttutiut and horle arc lallfii. 

7 Thou, cTtn thou »it (o bt fcitnl i ind 
who may ftand in thy iighi when thou art 

t Thou didfl ciufc thy juctgrmeni to be 
In:ircl from heaven i the e»rth trembled, ind 
iv.. iHll. 

5 VV'htn God srofe lo jndKem«nt i and to 
help all the meek ujran nith. 

)r> The lierccneli of man (hall (urn to tliy 
r III. 1 and tht Brnxntfi of ihcm (halt thou 
itlf jin. 

1 1 PromlTc unto the LncJ yoiit God, and 
k.t<pit,allfethiiarF round about him ! hring 
piefcnti unio him that oucht lu be feartil, 

II He Ihall refrain the Ijiliit of nrintei ; 
and ii wonderful arnon^ the kingsof the earth. 

Psalm lxxvii, ^ete rtea ad Dimiitum. 

£^^^ WILLeryuntoGod xithmy voicc! 
30Jlt& '"" unto God will I cry with my 
KS^^ voiot.ind heftiallhearken unlonie. 
■ I 111 the time of injf lioubit 1 

Ibiigfat the Lord 1 my lore lan, and ceafcd niit 
in the nighi-fcalbn ; my foul refiifcd comfbil. 

3 Wben I am in hcavincli, I will think 
upon God : when my heart a vexi'd, 1 will 

4 Thou holdcl) mine cyci wakln;; : I am 
fo leeble, tV..' I t.i^iriiii li-.r,rli 

0( jKoti lilts Sll- 



Rti Sing. 

riir ZDuIc, 

□lit I lliiustl I toil 
Btncr tun mi. 

etc mmula, 

jViigiiis at \isi, 

5 I have tonfidered ihc days of old i and 
the years tlial aii: pslt. 

6 I call lo rtnwinbcince my fong : and in 
the nighi I conimuoi with miue own hcait, 
and Icarch out my Ipirits. 

7 Will ihe Lord abl'ent hlmlelf for ever -. 
and will he be no marc inticatcd i 

8 Is hi* vnetey clean gone for ever i and ii 
hi« proniilc come utterly to itn end foi ercr- 
mur« ? 

9 Hath God forgotten lo be graclotis ; and 
will he Ihut up his Joving-ktndnefs in ililjilca- 
filre ! 

to And I Tald, It h mine own inHrmily ; 
but I will reniemlicr the ycxti of the light 
hand of [he molt Hightft. 

1 1 I will [emcmbvrthe works of the Lord : 
and call to mind thy wonders of oil) lime. 

II 1 will th'inl; alfo of all (hy ivorkt ; and 
my talking (hall be of thy doinffi. 

1} Thy way, O GoH, i{ ho^ i who i* lo 
great a God a.i our God ? 

14 Thou art the God that docth uiondcR : 
and hall dec lated tliy power among Ihc people. 

15 Thou haft mightily delivetvd thy peo- 
ple : even the Tons of Jaroh and Jofeph. 

16 The waters liiw ihee, O God, lh< wa- 
ters law thee, and were afraid 1 the dcplht alio 
were troubled. 

17 The clouds poured out water, the aii 
thundered .- and thine irtows went abioacl. 




Ev(a, , 

The Plalms. 

D03 I J. 

iS Th( voice of thy ilmnder was Iwaiii 
round about : (h< lightnings I1icin« upon tlic 
ground j ih« earth was movnl, and fliouk 

19 Thy way it in the fri, and ihy path* 
in tn« igKU waters : and tliy loulltcps iirc noi 
know n. 

»o Thou Icddtft thv ptople like Ihetp ! by 
the hnnd <il* Moiet and Aaron. 

P$ALM Lxxvill. Atw.filt.pipalt. 

EAR my kw, O my people ; incline 
your cars unio thv wordi of rny 
1 I will open my month In a pft- 

nblc : I ivill dfclure hard rcntcnces ol' aitt • 

3 Wbith wc have heard and known ! iiul 
liirh a« our fslhers have (old us j 

^ Thai n'e ftiould not hide ihem from lla 
children of the generations to come : but to 
(hew the honour ol (he Lord, his mighty and 
wundctt'ul nnrkt ihM he hath done. 

J He made a covenant with Jacob, and 
gare Ifi'acl a law i which he coninilinded our 
torelaiheia (o ic.ich their children 1 

6 That their poltcriiy might know it ; and 
the children which were yet unborn ; 

7 To the intent that when tliey iraine up : 
they might flicw their childien the Ikme | 

Ctt Vlsroniil. 

aiihtfstogi; jat- 
I mill. 

Ctf Bisliof. 

Cletiops giitii inB 


S TliM thvy might pui their trult iii God % 
iioit not lu forget the works of God, but !•■ 
keep hUcotnmandmenlii 

J Andn<iltc>be3itheIrforeJ3ihcrK,afiith> 
lc1« and ftublwrn generation : t gcneniion 
iliai Tet not tlicit htm aright, and whole fpi- 
rit cleivcth not ftcdialtly unio Cod i 

[ Like 3! (he children of EphiMim i who 
being hatnclfcd, and carrying bovw, turned 
ihemrdvet hack in the day ol battle. 

1 1 They kepi not the covenant of God i 
snJ would not tvalk in hl^ law ; 

II But foigat what he had done i and the 
wonderful workslhM he had Dicweil fur th«m. 

■ ; Marvellous things did he In the light of 
our forefathcis, in the land of Egypt : even 
in the field of Zoan. 

14 He divided the fel, and let them go 
through r he made the waters to Hand on an 

ij In the day-time alfo he led them iwith 
a cloud : and all the night through with a 
light of fire. 

1 6 He clave the hard reeks in the ivilder- 
nch : and gave them drink thereof, U it had 
heen out or the great depth. 

17 He bronghiwstenout oftheftonypoeki 
lb thai it gullied out like ihe liven. 

iS Yet for all ihis I hey finned more aRainH 
him : and provoked the molt Higheft in ihe 

Efen. The Pfalms. Day 15. 

19 Tliry tempted God ill ihtir heafts ; anil 
pequired meat for ihtir luft. 

10 They Ipake againft Goil allb, faying : 
Shal! God prtpare a table in the iviUicrntft ? 

n He fniote (he ftony rork indred, that 
ihc wsler giilhcd out, and the llrcaras Hovted 
withal ; but can he give bread alfo, or provide 
tledi for his peoplr } 

11 When the Lord heard this, he mas 
wroth ! fo the fire was kindled in Jacob, and 
there came up heavy dil'pleafure againlt llracl^ 

13 Becauie they believed not in God i and 
put not their truli in his help. 

14 So he cuinmanded ihe clouds above: 
and opened ihe doors of heaven* 

15 He rained down manna allii upon them 
tor to eat ; and gave ihem food from heaven. 

16 So man did eat angels' food t for he lent 
I hem meal enough. 

47 He caiilcd the caft-wind to blow under 
heaven i and through his power he bi'oiighl 
in the Ibulh-weli-wind. 

j8 He rained fiefii upon them as thick as 
duft i and Feathered fowls like as the fand of 
the Tea. 

19 He let it tall among their tenis : even 
round about their habitation. 

;o Soiheydid cat,and were welltilled ; for 
he gave them (heir own defire ; they were not 
difappointed of their lutt. 

51 But while thi: meat was yet in llnlr 

e|t Buttr. 

Ctt riiDtni bD« Is 
pas I. 

Cti i^n. 

iStmi ImDlngs ill. 
Biaii II n i«ll. 

ITIli Bnlgbl. 


Drtf IS. The Pfalras. 


nioulhs the hcavv wnth of Goit cuiile upon 
ihtm, and (l(w tht weaitliieU of (hero ! yen, 
and I'inolT duwn iIk chof«a men dial were in 

^1 Kut for ill ihb they finnrd yet more : 
limt belinvcd not his wondrous works. 

3 ) Thcrrfurc ilieit days did h< vonrooic in 
vanily i and ilicir years in trouble. 

;4 W hen he llew them, thry fought hun i 
and turned thcnieiily,niidcnEuiir<diLrii'rGod. 

s; And they rtnicmbercd that God wu 
their liretigth i aoJ tb»l (ht liigh God viai 
their redeemer, 

36 Nevcrtheleft, ihcy did but flMtrr him 
with (heir itsoulh 1 and Jilll-mbttd witk hitn in 
their tongue. 

37 Fociheirhciirtwils not whole with him: 
neitheri-oiitinuedthcyftedlaft in hitcovenim. 

}S But he vrxk I'li incrtifut, thai he forgave 
their mildeedi : and dclhoyed ihein not. 

59 Yia, many a time tomeii he hit wrath 
.-iH-jy ; and wouM ilul lulVcr hUwhuIe diljilea- 
lure to aiife. 

40 For he conlidercd Ihac they nere but 
He/li ; and that (hey were even * niiul UlU 
pallclh jway, ^nd cometh not again. 

41 Many a lime did they provoke him in 
the wildenirfs : and grieved him in the ilelert, 

41 They turned ba^lt, and tcmiited God j 
and moved the Holy One in Ifracl. 

4.; Ttn-v ilirni!?ht not iif liii hand : and of 

flulD llr III UIE Ctt4II. 

Efin. The PfalRlS. Day 15. 

(lie day when he delivered them from the hand 
of the cneni)' i 

^ How he had ivrmight his miracles in 
Egypt - ^^'^ hiswnnders in the fiAi of Zoan. 

+; He mined their waters inio hloml : lb 
that they might not drink of (he rivci-s. 

46 He lent lice amoiig rhem, and devoured 
(hein up : md frog? to deftroy them, 

47 He gave iheir fruit unto the catehpilPar ; 
and their labour umo the grafshopjier. 

48 Hedeilroyediheirvineswilh hail-ftones; 
and their 1 mil berry- trees with the froft. 

49 He liuutc their cattle alio with hail- 
llones : and their flocks with hot thunder- 

50 He caft upon thera the furioufncls of 
his wrath, anger, diipleafure, and trouble ; 
and lirnt evil angels among them. 

51 He made a way to his indignation, and 
fiiared not (heir Ibul from death ; but gave 
[heir life over to the peliilcnce -, 

51 And linote all the firlt-born in Egypt ; 
the moft (irincipal and mightiell in the dwell- 
ings of Ham. 

55 But as for hi? own people, he led (hem 
forth like Iheep : and carried them in (he *vtU 
dcrncfs like a flork. 

54 He brought them nut fafely, (hat they 
Ihould not fear ; and overwhelmed their ene- 
mies with the Tea. 

^5 AnJ brought thera within (he borders 

Sti iSatultt. 

esgnltt xtti tint, 

(rni Sin III man. 

KTiifflt oii.Jiiliat. 

ctnii m DID aDGiii. 

fltfjF ij- The Pfalms. fe/s. j 

of Ills fAnfluary : even la Kit mounCRln whidi 

he purchaird with hU right hand. 

j6 HEtaitoiit the heathen aIfi>))cruT«)litm - 
caiifod their land to be divided among ihrit: 
for an hcntage, and made the tiibes of tlht:! 
to dwell in thtiT tents. 

57 Smhty tempted, inddirpUaftdlheinoii 
high God : and kept not hh telliiituniri \ 

5S But mined theii back», and fell awaj 
like iheif torrtatbera : flarlitig afidc like u 
brckrti bow. 

59 For ihey grieved him with iheir hill- 
altars : and provoked him (o dilpIeaAire nilh 
their iitinge*. 

6c When God heard (his, he was nroth : 
and tuuk. IbrE dir|]lejfiire aC irrael. 

61 So thai he forfookt lie tabernacle in Siloi 
even the tent that he hid pitched iniong men. 

6z He delivered iheii power into captivity i 
and llicir beauty into llt< enemy's hand. 

6; He gave his people over illii unto the 
fword ! and was wroth with his inheritance, 

64 Th<? lire conJiiincd thtir yoimg tiicll i 
and their maidens were not given 10 mutri:)^. 

65 Their prieftt wcic limn with the Iword ! 
an>l there neie no widowt lo make lamcnla- 

66 So the Lord awakcil n> one out of JImjii ' 
and like a giant rcfrclhed with vrlne. 

67 Hefitiolehi^icnctnictin the hinderpuls; I 
and pot ihcm lo a perpetual (liime. 

I .siitiiiiati«A<i9ti»aiiinnicbi>t: 

I are i-.t us riettiiM In Illf tl(». 




JVf r». 

The Pfalms. D.ii iS, 

it He Kt'urrd the labemarle of Jiifepli i 
I and (hijfc not ihr iribr of Ephraim ; 

£9 Bill chale (he tribe nf Juilah i even ihe 
I hitl ol'Siun which tic loi-cd. 

70 And there he bliilt HU Ktnple on high ; 
land Inid ih« foundaiion ofii like the gn^unil 
1 which he hitli mailt continiulJy. 

71 He chol'e Div'ii *llo hit fcrvant 1 and 
look him nway from the (heep-folili. 

7» A»he »»»fiiIlo«vingthec«r»gmtiviih 
young onei he took him : thai he niii;ht fcrd 
Jacob hi) people, ind Il'nel hit inheritance, 

73 So he led ihcm with a t'lithhil and true 
j heart : atid tulcd ihem prudently with all hit 
I power. 

PSALU l.XXlX. Com, vntramt. 

GOD, the heathen are come intn 

thine inheritance ; thy holy temple 

have they defiled, and made Jemfa- 

lem an heap of Hones. 

I Tlie dead bodiet of thy icn-anK ha»e 

Ihey given (o be incit nolo the fowls ol' the 

air ; and the HcHi i>t thy laintt unto the beaitt 

of the land. 

1 Tlifir blood haTf they ihcd tike water 
on every fide of Jerufalem ; and ihetr wai no 
man to bury (hem. 

4 Vi'ii lie lici-ciiiie .in .>pen (h«me to o«r 

lit I11IU. xii turn, no ucKi 
flimn omit an injir t ^h\fi 

f f Tguai (I (40. 

aul t(9T mr uu»t. 

(th atlolaI^ 

CIijtb US inao iiiBt. 

fHirni. { ihrt (all 

Illii ^«i(iii. 



D^y It. The Pfalms. «#r«. 

ciiciiiio 1 3 very Ici^rn and derilicn unto ibcm 

thai are lound nbout u«. 

5 Lunl, huw lung wilt ihou be angry : Ihall 
iliif JciiliJiiiy bum iike lire tWcver? 

ti four Dill thine indignation iip»n the hcii- 
tlicn that huv« not known thcc :anil upon the 
kingddma ihni !iavciio[(..itInl iiponrhy Nunie. 

7 For llicy have di:v<juicd Jicoti : and l»Id 
waltc !ii«dwclIing-|ilEici-. 

S O remember nol niir old fint, but hare 
mercy upun ut, and that Ibon : IW wc ore 
come to jjrrat niilery. 

p Hcl|> 111^ O Cod of our lalvation, Ibr the 
glory (it' thy Nimt! Odeli»et uii^ndbc mer- 
t'iliil iinin iiui liiiH, for rliy NHtni-'t liiJce. 

to WhiTcforc do the heathen ftiy i Where 
is now their Ciodf 

II O lei ihe venseince of thy iVrvantt' it 
hlooil thll ii Ihed ; be openly flicwed upon ' 
the heailicn in our fight. 

11 O let ihe Ibriowful fighing of the pti- 
Toners come bel'oie thee : MVoraing to the 
gti-iinelk cit" thy pontr, prefttvc thou tkoA 
thai arc uppoinled (o die. 

I] And for the blolphemv wherewith our 
ncighbourshavehlalplitmeiliiiec I reword ihou 
Illcm, O Lord, Icvcn-fiild into (heir bofom. 

1+ So wc, that are thy people, and llieep 
fitthjf ualiutc, (hull uivelWlliankt tor ever: 
and will siHay be Aiewinff forth thy praile 
t'tom gcneialion to sceneralion. 

rnrjLijr.iiiiiii i|ii ,, .igswrt; 

ifor*. The Pfalms. Dnj i*. 

Psalm Lxxx. ^i regit Ifrael. 

EAR, O thou Shephsrd of Iftad, 
thou thai leadeftjofeph tiltea lliee[i: 
Ihuw thyrdC alio, lliou ihat rutell 
upon the rherubijnB. 
I ilctore Epliraim, Benjamin, and ManaA 
fcs ; itir up thy ftrength,and come, and htlp us. 

3 Turn lis again, O God : lliew the lighl 
of thy countenance, and we (liall be whole. 

4 O Lord God of hofts ; how long wilt 
thou be anffry with thy people that prayeth t 

5 Tiiou teedelt iliem with the bread oi'fears: 
and givefttheiti plenteoufneis of tears to drink. 

6 Thou hall made us a veiy llrife unto our 
ncighbouti; an dour enemies laugh us lo icorn. 

7 Turn U5 again, thou God of holU -. iliew 
the light of thy countenance, and we fhall be 

S Thou hall: brought a vine out of Egypt - 
thou liali cal) out the heathen, and plsnlcd it, 

9 Thou mad^Ll room for It : and when it 
had taken root it filled Ihe land. 

I o The hills were covered with the Ihadow 
i)f it : and the boughs thereof were tike the 
goodly cedar-lrees. 

I I She Ibetched out her branches unto the 
Tea : and her bouebs unto the river, 

12 Why haft thou then broken down her 
hedge : that all they that go by pluck aS her 
l; rap 1:5 i 

(rm 1MM. 

esatti) Ki sliall piC' 

Cbi k: una ri lilt. 

OU' MSiMill, 

(TlfDu innfli diD^i! 
am int. 

Xti asdgiionn. 

let* Ml sa nish, 
■.DID rho" in 113 1 lir. 

Z)rf» i4. The Plalms. 


13 The wili) lioar out of ibe nouii dolli 
rooi it up 1 Hnil ihc wild beilti of the field 
di-vour it. 

If Turn (hee again, thou God of holh, look 
down from heaven ! heboid, and villi ihhvinej 

15 Aod the place of the rincjard tliai thy 
right hand lidlh pittnted 1 nnd ihe branch thai 
thuii inadel) To Itrong for ihyfclf. 

ifi It \\ burnt with fire, and cut down : 
mil I hey Ilia 11 pcrdh at the rebuke of ihycuin- 
ij Let thy hand be upon the man of thy 
right hand : and upon ihe Ton of man, whotii 
Ihou madell fo tirung foi Ihine own fcif. 

iS And lb nil] not we go back fruin ihee i 
O id ui live, and we Ihail call upon thy Name. 

ic| Turn usagoin, O Lord God of hoik : 
Ihew the li^hi of thy countenance, and hc 
Ihail be whutc. 

Psalm lxxxi. Exullatr Dft. 

ING we merrily unto God our] 
lltengtb : make a cheerful noilV un* 
to ihc God of J.icob. 

s Take the pfalm, bring hither 
the rabrel ; the ititrry liaip with the lute. 

J Blow up the trumpet in the new-moon 1 I 
even in the (ime appointed, and upon our lo- 
lemn fcaft-day. 

4. For (hi« wns made a ftatute for lO^cti 
irid n l.iiv nf the God of Jsroh. 

' Nxn.narmrliicind'n tirn-ii. 
afflhrn ttraili hutli ciirimsE 10 IIMII. 




The Pfalms. 

5 This lie oi'damcd in Joltph tor a ttfti- 
mony ; whtn he fame oiitot ihe land of Egypl, 
and hs-d heai'd a Itrange language. 

6 1 eafcii his fiiouldcr from ilie hurden land 
tiN hands were delivered from malting th<; 

7 Thou callcdll upon mc in troubles, and 
f delivered tliee : and hfard thee what hnie 
:ii the ilorm fell u}iiiii thee. 

8 I proved thc£ allb : at the walersofflrifc. 

9 Hear, O my peuple, ami I will afluie ihce, 
O Ifrael ! if ihou wilt hearken unto me, 

10 There Ihall nn iliange god be in ihce ; 
neither Ihalt thou worfliip any other god. 

1 1 I am ihe Lord thy God, who brought 
thcc out of tlie land of Egypt ; open Hiy 
mouth wide, and I Diall fill it. 

11 But my people would not hear my voice; 
jnd Il'iael nould not obey nic. 

I J So I gave tliem up unto theirowin hearts' 
Uilfs ! and let thrm follow their own imaglna- 

14 Olhal my people would have hearketirii 
unto mt ; for it Ifiail had walked in my way^, 

1 J I lliould IcKin have put down their ene- 
mies : and turned my hand againli their ad- 

t6 The haters of the Lord fhould havcbern 
found liars ; but iheir lime ilioiild have en- 
dured for ever. 

17 He (hoiild have fed (hem alfo with tht 

Stir iertilB. 

Ktroin, in tlie gliliin 
D(ai grnss In Otdtl 


XII mu«i n tti( 

Psalm lxxxii. Dtui/litii. 

OD Oandtth in the coogrcgsrion nl' 

princci : hr it ■ J»iJg* nmong gods. 

» Ho>v lung willye gire witiiij; 

jiidgtmcnt : and nxrpt thr pctfoiu 

ot'lhc ungfiilly ? 

J Dtftnd ihp poor and fjthtrkfi : fee ibzt 
Tuch » ar« in nctd mil nn't-llily lisrr tiji;ht. 

4 Di^liver ihe oiit'i-an and poor: livr (bcrri 
from the hnnd of ihe ungodly. 

J Thry will not be Icarnrd nor undcrftand, 
but walli on Hill In darkiK-r^ -. all ihc futiuila- 
tiotM of the earlh are out of eourft. 

6 I have laid, Ve ate gotls ; xnd ff, jrc ail 
iherhiliirrn ol'thc mnft Higlicft, 

■} But ye ftiall die like men ; and fall like 
i"*nc of fill! prlnoc*. 

8 Arile, O God, and judge thou the cartl> : 
lor (hoiu (halt takv all hnthen to thine inhe. 

|£w*, The Pfalms. Dnj itt. 

muniiuriiig i ind thijf tliai hate thee have litt 
up rhcir hrjd. 

J They have imagined rtafiily againft thy 
people ■ >ml uktu cuunicl iguInA thy IVcrci 

4 TTicy have faid, Come, and let us root 
ihcm out, ihat they be nu mure a pcuplc ; and 
thai ihc name oi Iftnel may be n<i more in (c- 

5 For they have cxii ihcir hradt to^iftliir 
with one conlcni ; and are eonfoierate agiini) 

tllCC i 

6 Thetibcrnaeletof thcRdomiict,and the 

irmaelilri ; the Muabllei, and Hagarcns ; 

7 Gcbil, a.nd Ainmun, uiid AiiMtek : the 
PhiliHin«, with them thai dwell al Tyre. 

S AITut idfu i« joined with ihem i and have 
liiiljicii the childirn of Lot. 

•) But da thou 10 ihem at unto the Madian- 
iici 1 iinlu Silcni, and unto Jubin at the brouk 
of Kilbn { 

to Who perilhed ai Endortand became 
an the dung of the caith. 

II Make ihcm and their princes like Oreb 
And Zeb : yen, make all ihiir princn like 3' 
Zebn ami Salmana^ 

la Who fay. Let ai take lo ourfelvn i the 
hoiiirt of (jod in iK'IIVfTiim. 

1 ) O my God, make them like unto a 
nhecl 1 and at the lluhbte b<:forc ttir nind \ 

14 Like i- ihc fuc ih.ii liuiiii-tli u|) the 

SiM Biiiininit. 

Oruinintt. (ill ibq'- 

BIlialBtcrs to mp 


rii( ico(ioiu. 

«jipii(n, iiitTit anil 

Ets loulilii f tnusl 


woud : and as the flame that coilluineth tin- 

15 Perrcciite them evtn Co wJlli thy leri 
pfll t and make iliem afiaid with ihy iWni 

i4 Make their laces alhinicd, O Lord -. 
(har thty may Itek thy Name. 

17 Let [hem be conlbuniicd and vexed cn-r 
more anil more : !« them be put to Ibumc, 
and pefiUi. 

iS And thry Ihall know that ihou. whoTe 
Name is Jrhovih l art only the muft Htghcll 
over all ihe eaiih. 

PiALM Lxxxiv. Sigam dileda! 

HOW unliable are thy dwelling! ; 

thou horA of hoftil 

> My I'mil hath a delife and Ioqi;. 
iiig to cnttt into the OOulti of tEe 
my heatt and my flelh rejoice in the 
living God. 

3 Vc."i,therparrowhalli found hcrtnlmufc, 
and the fwallow a ncft where (he may lay htt 
yoimg -. even thy ali:arb,0 Lotd of bolls, my 
King and my God. 

4 BIclIcd are they that dwell In thy houlc : 
ihciy ivill lie nl"'iy (iiailing thee, 

5 Blelftd ii the man vlhoie flren^h it in 
thie ; in wlinlt heart ate ihv w/w. 

6 Who going through the » ale nf mifctv 
ufe it for 3 well : and the poaU are filled Hitii 

filii ;7«iinti- 

Even. The Pfalms. Day .6. 

7 They will go frnm ftrenglli lo (trenglh ; 
iiid mito the Goii of gods appcatelh every 
one ot them in Sion. 

S O Lord God of hofta, hear my prayer : 
hearken, O God of Jacob. 

9 Bvhold, O God our defender : and look 
upon (he face of ihine Anointed. 

10 For one day in ihy coorls : is better than 
a fhoiilknd. 

1 1 I had rather be a door-keeper in the 
honfe of my God ; than to dwell in the tents 
oC iingodlinefs. 

II For the Lord Godisa light and delcDce: 
the Lord wdl give grace and worlhip, and no 
good thine ihali he withhold from ihem that 
live a godly life. 

■ 3 O Lord God of holts ; bklTed Uthe man 
that pucteih his trait in thee. 

P&ALM Lxxxv. Senedixifii, Do/nine. 
ORD, (hou arlbccome gracious unto 
thy land : thou hall turned away the 
captivity of Jacob. 

a Xhou haft forgiven the olFence 
of thy people : and covered all their fins, 

J Thon haft taken away all rhy diloleafure ! 
and turned thyfelf from thy wrathful indig- 
nation . 

4 Turn us then, O God our Saviour : and 
let thine anger ceafe from us. 

^ Wilt ihou be dil'pkafed at us for ever : 

ilcllllft (tilttllDt 

eratt im intsiiiDr, 

riii €11 1 ten. 

|[)r Viloins. 


Spent IS ttint igi. 

The Pfalms. 


inil "ill iliou Itrcii'li out thy vrraih from one 
ycneralion lo another > 

6 Will iliou nut lum again, and quicken 
us 1 tliat iliy people may rejok'c in ihec ? 

7 Shew us thy incrcy, O Lord i Kn4 grant 
ui ihy lalf Jtion. 

S I will hearken what the Lord God will 
fay fonccrning mc i fill' he (hall Ipcak jieace 
unio hii people, and to hii f»inti, thai rbcy 
turn not agiin. 

9 For hit falvatiou ii njgh ihcm trar 
him : that glory may dwell in our land. 

10 Mcrcyand Inilh ate init together 1 righ- 
leoufnefi and peace have killed each other. 

11 Truth Innli Suuiilh out of the eurtb i 
3nil f iglitEuufncfji hath hjukcddon'n from hea- 

i» Yea, the Lord Ihall Ihew Wing-kinil- 
neli : and our land flijll give her incre.ife. 

1 ) Rightfoufncfi Oiall go hcfure liini i ami 
he tliall liirct^l his going in the way. 


Psalm lxjixvi, lH<lma, Dv/une. 

OW down thine ear, Lord, and I 
hear me i for I atn poor, and in 

1 Prcfervc thou my foul, for lam 
holy ; niy God, fuvc thy fcrvanl thai pulletii 
hill trull m (hce. 


The Pfalms. 


5 Bt mcri-iriil unto mt, O Lofd ; for I *ill 
rail diily upnn ihcc. 

4 Cumtort ih« Toul nfthy Temnt i for unto 
lh<c, O Lor), <Io I lift up m^ foul. 

5 FonhouiLordiKigoodHndgruiouiiind 
ofurmt mercy unioallihcmtliiiirall upon (hff. 

6 Giffc c«r. Lord, unto my priyet ; ami 
pund«r tlic Toicc of my humMc dclirci. 

7 In tlw lime of my IrouMe I will <ail 
upon tli« ; for lliou liiirtft mc, 

3 Among the goili llnrc ii iiont likr unto 
thee, O Loiil ; thete U not one that e»n do «• 
thou docli. 

y All naliont whom thou hjft miidf IIidII 
come and wotfliip thee, O Lonl : »nd JliuU 
glorify thy Name, 

10 Fur ihou an great, and docA wondrous 
tiling) I thou an God alone. 

1 1 Trarh me tliy way, O Lord, and I will 
wallc ill thy truth : 6 knii my liract unto thee, 
ihut I iiiLiy I'ear thy Name. 

ti I will (hank I'hcr, O Ltird my God, with 
:ill my heart : and will praile thy Name fiir 

1 1 Fur great it thy mercy lowani mc i and 
thou haft delivered iny foul from the nrthec- 
mull hell. 

■ 4 O Cod,iheprDiid at« rifcn sgnhift inci 
and the conjcregaiiont of naughty men have 
fought after my liiul, and have not fci ihec 
bcfiiic rlicif eyck. 

OMilp inr9 nti nil Br of lofiiili' 
fliritlh r^nnh Lim Mini] hr.ii'h 

til' Kiili iMon. 

trill! Mtn ROT golD, 



rai ao Dtrr. 

rtii StiKin. 

00 nniEnH not m, 

irtit iqu&biiisiuin. 

l4BDiit no fflDir 

pafliQii anil inert-y t Irjiig-rofferiliE, plcnlcou- 
iti gooitj^rl^^ and Imth* 

iti O ruTii ih« then unto me, aivl h.i. 
merry in>on me i kivc ihj' ftrcnc;' 
li'rv:uit,uiil hclji the Ion of' Ibiiii . 

■ 7 Shew lame lokcti upon iii>: tui ^>j(til, 
ihii ihcy whu lialc iiic may fee it, and be 
altiuDcil 1 liediule ihou, Lcrd, hatt holpcn ' 
mc, and comfoned me. 

PiALM LXXXrii. Fundamenta rJM. 

ER foimdAtionx lie upon ihe holy 
hilU ! the Lord lovelli t?ir gstCB of 
Sion more lti»i) all rhc dwellings of 
J xcob. 
» Very excellein things arc Tpulica of llwe i ^ 
diou I'ily t>( God. 

3 I will (hitik upon Rahab and Babylon j I 
with, ihcni ihat kiiQw me. 

4 Behold ye the Philiftintu alfi> i and they 
of Tyre, witn the Mariana; Ici, there wm he 

J And of Sion i( Ihall \>t reported tlial he 
ivsH hum in her : iiid the mull nigh Ihall ftii- 
lililVi her. 

6 The Lord (hall rehcarft itwVn hevvriteth ' 
rip the nc'iplc i that he was bom there. 

7 Tlic lingers jllb and trumpeters fti all he 
rclicarli^ ■ All tnv frctli Q-nngH (lial! be iti fhce. 

PsaLM Lxxxviit. Domine Dm. 

LORD God of my falvalion, I have 
cried day and night before thee : O 
letiiiy prayer en Itr into thy prclciict, 
jllcliDE thine ear tinto my tailing, 

I For my foul U full of (rouble ; md my 
life draweih nigh unto hell. 

3 I am counted as one nf them that go 
down into the pit : and I have been even as 
3 man that hath no flri:nglh. 

+ Free among the dead, like unto ihem that 
aru wounded, and lie in the grave i who arc 
(jui of remembrance, and are cut away from 
thy hand, 

5 Thou haft laid me in the loweft pit : in 
a place "of darknefh, and in the deep. 

6 Thine i nil ignition lielh hrtrd upon me : 
and thou halt vexed me with all thy ftorms, 

7 Thou halt put away mine acquaintance tar 
from me ;ami made me tobcahhorreJof them. 

8 I am lb fall in pri/on : that 1 cannot get 

9 My fight failelh for very trouble i Lord, 
I have calSd daily u|ion thee, I have ftretched 
forth my hands unto thee. 

10 Doft thou Hiow wonders among the dead i 
or ftiall (he dead rife up again, and praife thee ? 

II Shall ihy loving-kindnels be fhewcd in 
the p;rave i or thy faithlulneis in deftniition ? 

11 '^ImU thv ^^■^Jlu[l^Jus ^vofk'. In klM'huii in 

(Till :rl|rlili('0. 

lUttt iCt atin, 

i\a am mmn. 

ett Jfmi. 

nttaoiisti inn iphu 

Dgyij. The Pfalms. 


[|iF durk : and thy righreoiilncf! in ibe land 
where xh things arc foigotlcn i 

13 Until lliee have li^clei,!, O Lord 1 atxl 
early (hall my [irayer come beibrt tbee. 

1* Lord, why ibliorreii ihou my foul ! nnd 
hidcft thijii thy face fioni me ) 

1; I nm ill miftry, anJ like unto him that 
it lit the point in die : even frcini my youth Up 
'liy tcniirnluve It'iifferFtiiviihatraublcilniind. 

16 Thy wntlxful dilplcafurcgoelh ovc( mtt 
anii the tear of thee haih undooc me. 

17 They cumi; rcnjnd about inc daily liktr 
water J and coinpallcd me together on trtty 

18 My lovers and friends hi8 thoM put 
anay fiom mc : and hid minD Mifusintanee 
out of my fight, ' 

Psalm lxxxix. Miji'uoriiia! Domim. 

' V fong (hall be alwjy of ihc loving- 
kindiiefi of the Lord 1 niih my 
miuih will I ever be Ihewing ihy 
truth from one generktioD to an> 


I For I have faid. Merry (liall be frt up for I 
eveti thy truth llialtthoollabUlh in the Ih'kviiu. I 

1 I have made a covenant with my chofeii 1 
I have fworn unto David inyfcrvant) 

4 Thv iecdnill I rtablilh fT rvcr 1 and fet 1 

)?nr IDLsr, itiislmglf. iimitTif B'gtd.l 
1 .1 a liu (ntrr m^ncrllcn lo utrpunig tbti. 

up [hyihionctVom one generation (Oiuiuchct. 

5 O Lord, llic very htnvf he niill praiic ihy 
wondtnui Hotks ; ami ihy tfuili in ihc con> 
gtcgalion o( the faints. 

6 for ivlici •> be among the cloud* : thai 
Ihall l)c compared untu the Luril I 

7 And w&ai i» he among the getdi : thai 
Oiull be like un(o (hr Luid t 

8 God is vefy greatly lo he frircd ill the 
council of the I'^inii % and to be hid in reve- 
rence of all (hem ihat are lOiind alu.ul lilrti. 

9 OLoiJGtiJijf liu(i»,wlioi»likennttithcri 
(hy imth, raoft mighiy Lord, ii on every fide. 

10 Thou rulcit tlit raging of Uit feii i thou 
ftiilcft the wavci thcTCijf when thry milr, 

1 1 Thou hali fuhdned Epypt.ind deltroyed 
it I ihuu hail Icattcreil tliiiie enemies abroad 
with thy mighty wm. 

II The heavem ate thine, the earth allb it 
thine : thou hail laid the foundation of the 
rounil world, and all th»t therein is. 

1 5 Thou hart tnjiie the north sndiherniith; 
TaSot and Hetmon fh»ll tcjoice in ihy Name, 

■ 4 Thuii halt I mighty arm ! lirvng i' ihy 
hand, and high i' thy right hand. 

t; Ki[;h[eournelii anil equity ate (he hahi- 
lation fit illy leat : mercy and iriilli fhall gu 
before thy Mcc. 

lA Blelfcd is the people, O Lord, that can 
rejoice in thee ! rhty lliall walk in the light 
i][ thv countenance. 

GUI I9(gl«. 

Rtstlxi IS Dim; 
Jloi [ am lomt. 

tut iswb. 

VDung >nli DIB, 
€ami u inn f«ni. 

or limfiiE. 

jFrii noi mi, 
Cftonit (QTliIftt. 

Day 17. The Pfalms. 

17 Theirdelightlhallbcdailvintby Name: 
and in thy right coiulneJii lliall ihcy make ihclc 

I g For ihou an ihe glofy of their ftrengih ; 

.iTiil in thy loving-kiniiiiclg thoH llialt lilt up 
■ III! Imrni. 

19 For thf Lord it iiurdel«nce : Uie Holy 
One of U'rael 'is nut King. 

20 Thou Tpakclt ibmciime In vllinni unto 
tliy faints, and raidl) : 1 have laid help upon 
one that ii mighty j I have c»altcd one L'l>ali;n 
out ci the peojile. 

It 1 hivv mund David my fcrvant : with 
niy holy oil h^ve I anuinti^d hiitl, 

2: My h.-ind Ihali hold him fali : and my 
arm (hall lltcngthi^n him. 

1} The enemy llisll not he able to do him n 
violence : the Ton of wickedncls (hall not huit ~ 

J4. I will fmlte down his fora before hii 
{icz : mid plngiie them that hale him. 

15 My iniih sifo and my mercy (hall be 
with him I md jn iny Name Aiall hi« horn be 

ii5 I will fel his dominion atfo in the lea : 
and his light hand in the Auodi>. 

IT He Thall call me. Thou ail my Father I 
my God, and my ftrong Iblvillon. 

iS And 1 will make him niy lirA-bortl t 
higher ihan ihe kinp of the earth. 

1^ My itictcy wilt [ keep for 111. ■ 

iCIIMIOIIDr^ nail IMF ILltltT 
SoliTiin iiis liHf I'fiiiiilp 


The Pfalms. D. 

ly ir- 

i:iiirc I Had ray coventnl ihill ilind fall will) 

!i nil. 

-.o Hn feed illb will 1 make co cndMre lor 
'. > cr : :i»d hii throne lu the J.1}'> uf lic^ivcii. 

ji Bui if hit children fnrfakc my kw : anil 
walk not ill mjr jii Jgrincntt ) 

:t It thcjr break iiw ftatiiio, mil kecj) nut 
I I . (oinmanilnicnM: I will vifii iheir offcncwi 
<:U ihc ml, hihI llicir lin wiib Iboiirgc*. 

, ) Ntverthcirfi, my loving-kind ncU will I 
ijoi utterly lake from him :iior fulTcrmy Itulh 

CO tilil. 

34 My covenant will I not bmk, nor slier 
iht ihisg that in gone out of my lipi : 1 have 
fworn once by my liolincfh, that I wtll not 1^1 

3 ; Hi* feed diall endure for tvar i uid hU 
(tat ii like M ilir liiii brforr n>«. 

}i He (hall liind hH for evcttnore ai the 
moon ; and u ihc liitliful witotfi In hcnven. 

37 But tliuu halt ablicirml and furlitken 
ihine Anninted : and nd dtfpleafcd at him. 

]S Thou hall hiokoi the cuvcnont of ihy 
Itrvam I and cirt hii cruwii lo ihe ground. 

yj Thoii haft ovcrthiown all his hcdgci : 
»nJ broken down hit itiong hold?. 

40 All ihcy that gf> by J)ioil htm : and he 
it become a reproach to hU neighbour. 

41 Tliou h:ill let up the eight hand of hh 
CIIF111 in I and iii.idc all h it advetl'a nm to rejoice. 

41 Tin III hit\ taken away the cdijc t-f Iii.-^ 


jlr 1I111 Mill 6i luaiHsi B>oi([ 
Ui Or.iD ]inf irnnk. i^ i' Do ' 

f D( V51II1IHBS. 

lOmpirsi iniiitt 

tliDn tt, 
frnau mtisiitoip 

Bull inr. 

:,^ ^ 


iQHrrii ilss tttl 

asi am. BB (lilt 
tlioii bt. 

■ B9H . \m, 

pclitcr;s tf ^lii 

0ODIIIII Don { am 

gdiii male. 

livonl 1 and gi>cll liim nut littury in the bat- 

4^ Thoii liall put out hi> glory i and <»A 
liis ihraiic lUiwn to tlic groiinil. 

44. The day) of lii& youth hiil thou ihoti- 
cticil : mill coveted him wiili difhonour, 

4j Lord, how long wiit thou hide thyfelf, 
for ever ; ind Ihili thy wjsih burn like fire I 

4* O rniicmljrr how ilioil my limo h -. 
wheiefori halt ihou miidc.ill iiicn lor ii'iui;ht ' 

47 What mati ii he thji liveih, nnd liiill 
nur l'i;r death : and (hall hi- deliver his tuiii 
from ihe hnnii of hell f 

48 Lord, where are ihy oW loving-kind- 
nclTi-t ; ivhich thou fwurcll unto David in thy 
truth ? 

41) Remember, Lord, the rebuke (hat thy 
rtrvaiiCi lixve : and how I do bcur in my bo- 
I'orn the rebukes ot' many people } 

5a Wherewith thine enemies hiive blaf- 
|ihemod ihte, and llnndeivd ihe fooifteps of 
thine Anuinrird i ptailtd br the Lord tor ever- 
more. Aincn, and Amen. 

ihe iivorld were mad^ j (hou art God from 
ivtrlafling, and world without end. 

5 Thou liirndl man to dtliriiiHtin ; again 
(hou r3yi:lt. Come iigain, yc chilJren of men. 

4 For a (houfand years in thy liglit art but 
16 ycfttrday ; feeing that is pall js a watch in 
fhe flight, 

5 As fuun as thou I'tatlereft tliem tlicy are 
even as a Hcep : :ind lade aivay fuddenly liki^ 
ihc grals. 

6 In the morning it is green, and groweth 
up : bill in the evening it h cut down, dried 
up, and withered. 

7 For wei'onl'umeaway in ihy difplcafurc ! 
and ars nl'raid at thy wraihful indignation. 

i Thou haft fet our milUceds before ihee ; 
and our fecrel (ms in tht light of ihy eounic- 

9 For wlien thoii art angry all ounlays are 
gone : wc bring our years to an end, as it 
were a lale that h tuld. 

to The days of our age are three leore yea i'^ 
and tin j and though men be lb lliong ihat 
ihey rome to fourJcorc years : yet is llicir 
(Ircngth then but labour and furrow j fo foon 
gmireth it away, and we are gone. 

II But who TLgardfth the power of thy 
wrath ; for even thereafter as a man fearelh, 
lb is thy difpltaftire. 

II So (earh us to number our days i that 
ivt may apply our hrarts onto wifdum. 

Muiii, iiunniit, inD ildir5 oojil no mini : 
■ DiJili. nilTii iir [oiiitili, scoildl) l^ 

(Till kfTsuniiBs, 

iCouiTtrsa ci mbll 

thou art. 
lalnCf ibrcUiiiliMi 



. ^t* 

r&r VISEOuiUffls. 

Eini EUiiTr. 
jfor at tttm f |>aDr 
\ia ait. 

rO' HIT on MS. 

BtciincBS tntrine 

PKpirt msiil [D 


r J Turn (hoc again, O Lord, al ihe \n& -. 
and he gracious unto thy l<rv;knit. 

14 O fnliify ui with lliy mcrty, nml tli:ii 
ioon : lb fliall wc ctjoiic itnii Ik glad ill ihc 
ilxy^ of our life. 

15 Comfort iiiagaiD now afnrthetitnBtliit 
lliou halS plagued UH ; and fur (he ycAn whric- 
in we lisvc Aiffcicd advetfity. 

16 Shew thy ftrvaati thy work i and tJieix 
cliildrdi ihy glory. 

17 And the glorioiii Majefiy of the Lord 
our God be upon us ! proljwr thoo the work 
of oui hands upon us, O profper thou our 

PsAi.M XCii ^Habitat. 

H05O divellvdi under llic defence 
of fhc molt High : l)ijll.ibide undct 
ihe lliidow ol (he Almighty. 
1 I wilU'ayiintothcLord,Thou I 
ait my hope, ami my ftrong hold : rny God, | 
in him wiil 1 triili. 

) Fur hi* Ihall liclivtr thee from the fnare 
of (he liiiiKL-r : and from (be oaifoinc pelli- 

4. H(f Ihnll defend ihee under hU ning^ I 
;im1 tliuu [Ii3l( be fafc under hU fe-itheri : hU | 
fiiiihfuliiefii and truih fhali be thy (liieUI and I 

5 Tliiiu Dialt not he afraid fnr any terror 1 
by iiii;li( : nur fii' llir iiifit\ I tint flielh by day j 


The Pfalms. 


fi For the ptlHIcncc thai will^cih in dark- 
iicli ! nor for the fickiirft that dcltroycth in 
I he noon-daf, 

7 A Ihoiiland lh:ill fait btlidclhccjind ten 
rhouranil II [h]r right hftnJ i but >i fliall not 
i.i:<me iilgli ilice. 

i Ye», wilh tliinr ntt fliall ihou behold : 
ind fee the rcKird of the uiiKodty. 

9 For thon. Lord, atl mjrlKiuc i thou halt 
I'd ihlnc tiiiiilV of tUfrnco very nigh. 

10 There lh;ill no cvil happen unlo ihcf i 
neither Ihall any plague conic nigh thy dHcIl- 

I ■ For he Ihill give hii ingrl> vliargc over 
tliec 1 (') keep ihcc in all ihy waji. 

13 Ihcy tliull bear thee in their handi i 
that rhou hurt not thy fiinl againit i (teinc. 

1 J Thciu thiili Ko upon the lion and adder ; 
thcyuiin^ lion and the dragun llinli thou trrid 
under ihy feet. 

14 Bcciule he hath lc( hii love upon me, 
thncturc will I deliver him : I will let him 
TIJ1, heraiitc he h:ith knciwii my NHiiir. 

I J He &all call upon ne, and I will hear 
him : yea, I am with him in trouble | 1 will 
deliver him, and bting him to honour. 

i6 With lonff life nill I faiiity him : and 
lliew him my falvation. 


Dr^lt tf tis mrgbinclli tDltDllKr 
i5»I(lfSl. Ciirli. Oiii6t5>, inB Sllnrr 


fc ,i^ 

trtt JUDgoUlift. 

[ jjii lotni to inDtt; 



Biniari thr ttus- 
DinD's oifrt. 

Rrliijcn ititi DOT 
Dull giln 





Strc etmlinoinin. 

IDiRir iliir ran llni 

Rbtu «i [loiBig in 

and iiciarKmap 

Hay 18. The Pfalms. W*i-». 

PsaLM xcii. fisirvM f/f tenfittn. 

T is 3 goml thing (u give (hanks 
unto the Lord 1 nnd to <lne iiniilts 
unlo tliy Name, O mod I]ij(lielt ; 
I Ti> tell ot' thy loving-kindncft 
catly in 'he morning : and of thyiruili In tlw 
nignt-lrafon \ 

3 Upon no inftiumcnt cf ttn ftring*, and 
upon ihe Kile : upon a loud inflrumcnl, ;inil 
upon Ihc liarp. 

4, Fot thuii. Lord, luil mad? me gist) 
through ihy woiki : and I will rejoice in 
giving yiraile for thr opcciliuntof ihir hintU. 

5 O Loid, how gloiious are thy works : thy 
ihtiughis are very deep. 

6 An iinwirc man doth not well canlider 
■his : and a fool dolh not underhand it. 

7 VVhenihcungodlyaregreen isihcgraii, 
and wlien all the workors of wickedneli dp 
flourilh: then IhiiU they be dellroycd tbrevci , 
hut thou. Lord, art ihe moll HigWll for evti- 

% For lo, thine cncmlc;, O Lord, lo, thine 
enemk'ii II13II ui'rilli ; nnd nit the workcn of 
iviikednels Ihtill be dc(lfov«l. 

91 But mine horn Iliall'be exalted like ihe 
hnrn o(~ an unicorn ; for I sxa anointed with 
I'rclh oil. 

10 Mine eye niro fhall fee hit luft of mtnc 
enemies : and minr ear QiaU b«ar hU define 



r'Nin i| , linrtr^utniirt rimt iDrrCQip \ 

ft'ffl. The Pfalms. D.y i«- 

ot" the wii;licii that arili- up agamll me. 

1 1 The righltoub Ihall Huurilli like u palrn- 
iree : ami Ihall Ijireail abroml like a ceiiar In 

11 Siu'h ai !ire planted in ih< litmfc of ihe 
Lord ; Ihall floiirilh In the coiirtb oi the houlc 
uf our Gud. 

13 Tliey alio flmll hring forth more fruit 
in ihcir igc : and lliutt be fat and well- 

14 That iheymay (hew how true the Lord 
my llrengih is ; and that (here is no unrigh- 
teuufnels in him. 

Psalm Xcin. Damiaui rcgnavit. 

^^HE Lord is King, and hath put nn 
"^ gturious apparel : the Lord haih put 
(111 his apparel, and girded hlmlelf 
H-ith (hength. 
: He hath made the round world lb fure : 
that it cannot be moved. 

3 Ever llnce the world began hath thy feat 
been prepartd : thou art fi'om evcrlaliing. 

4 The floods are nfen, O Lord, the floods 
have lift up their voice ; the floods lift up their 

5 The waves of the Tea are mighty, and 
rage horribly ; hut yet the Loid, who dwclleih 
on hio;lii I'' nilj^luiti". 

jM([cllllu s iilifl. 

Btani aiiD ncDcr s» 

nlrl, iOIK. 

Oailtr iifirt \sif Dr- 

.C. >lk — 

irtoiigt itiDU tianc 
silprc linn qaJD . 

lilt 111 iliou IDLWn 
mil limn. 

tnt iMiEi, 

UTonr tDirl) nutn 
His II. 

i)/'j is. The Pfalms. £w 

fi Thy ttltimnnies O LoiJ, are vttf futc : 
holinel't becomciii thine lioiife for over- 

PiALU xciv. Demi ulthnurii, 

LORD God, lo whom vcnge»nce 
lidongxih : thoii Gud, to whom 
vengeance belongclh, ilicw tliyl'elt', 
1 Ariie.ihnujudgeol tlicworldi 
311(1 rvwanl ilie prciud altct tlicir dclciving. 

I Loiil, how long (hall llif ungoiJIy : how 
long lliall ihc uTiKudly triuniuli ? 

4. How lung Ih.ill jiW wicked docn (yak 
fodifitaini'uily :aiid make luch proud boafliiie > 

5 *l'licy I'liiiie down ihy people, O Lord : 
Lind iriiiiliJe thine hetitige. 

6 Tlitymurdetthewi3ow,»ndthellranger ! 
and put ihe t'atherlelii to death. 

? And yet (llcy fay, Tulh, the Lord Ihall 
nrir jVc : neither Ihall the God oi Jacob re- 
gard it. 

S T:ike heed, yc unwile among the pto- 
)>]< 1 O ye t'ocilk, when will ye underOantl i 

9 Hcihm planted the car, fhalt he not heart 
01 he ihit made the eye, fliall h« not fee I 

10 Or he thul noiduelh the heathen ik » 
he tearlicih man knvwIcdgCf fhall no4 he 
liunilh ! 

I I The Lord knowelh the ihoughlsuf man 1 
(hill tlicy .11'C l)iit v;tin. 

li Biefleii ii the man whom (hoiK'hiniiti tit, 
O Lord -. and ttadicft him in thy lii" i 

L [Ills Bimn Tiiit> iti itiiintt: 


- '^: 


I Svn. The Pfalms, D^ty it. 

I J Thai thoo isaycll giic him patienrc in 
limrofadvcrltty ■ uniil tnc pi( b< <ligf[«l vj, 
fot the ungoilly, 

■ 4. For (be Lord will not fail hit people 1 
neilhct will he fotCikc hit inheriiincc ; 

■ J Unlil fiehl(i>uln<t> tum again uolo 
jadgtineDt : alMucfa m aie true inlicart (hall 
folloiT i(. 

16 Who will rife up "ith me af^inli ihe 
wii'kcil I or who Mill lake toy part agiinit the 
cvii-dotri f • 

17 If ihc Lord lud not belpcU me : It hul 
not failed but my (alii had been put to fiUncc. 

1! But when I faid, My fool hith llipt : 
thy nicicy, O Lonl, hcM me up. 

19 In ihe muititudc of the ibrrnwi ihat I 
had in my bean.: thy comfom have refKllicil 
mj Ibal. 

lo Wik ikou hare My thing to ito witli 
tfaeAoolaf wickettncft : H'bich imagineih miJ- 

a I They ^he( ibcm logcchn igainO the 
iirul oi the rightcoua : and romlrmn (he in- 
nocent blood. 

It But theLordismyrefugeiandmy GoJ 
it the Itrrngth «)' my etinfiitencir. 

I) He (haJI iccampenfc them ihcii wirlccil- 
neli, and deAniy ihem in (heir own malice ; 
yea, (he Lord our God Ihall deltroy them. 

fmb. iilliiif, mil 


FDc OiuiiLSdlt. 

Mt pom, 
fat ita tuetiitt* 
n» gam. 


fa[l no inorf. f am 
jIdi h'nrf pdu musi 

riiitt IS line, inD iin( >o nti : ^, 

Ann nrjitt a« lllif flmi4Flf« Xw 

< iiitt IS line, inn itat >o nti 
gpa guilt as ii«( iitimiic. 

D./V 19. The Pfalms. Msm. 

Psalm xcv. fimte, exuktmat. 

COME, let i» lins unto th« Lotil : 

let HE hfanily rcjujt'c 111 the Itti'tigtti 

lit mir rHivaiinn. I 

J Let us come bcfoit his prcftncc 

ibaiikiViving : and (hew uurfclon glad 

in liirn witli pfalm*. 

; Fui' the Lordl* 1 gtril God : ind I grcil 
King above nil gods. 

4 In his hand in all th*r romerE of lli< 
earth : and the ftrciigth of the hills is his alfo. 

5 The Tea n hih, and he mnde it 1 and his | 
hands jirejiared ihe dry land. 

6 O ciimr, let ui wotfhip.and tall dtywn : 
and kncfl bclwe the Lnn! our Muker. 

7 Forhci«(heLoritrjurGodi»ndweare the I 
people of his pallutc, sad the Ihecp nt hit hand, 

S To-dsy if ye will heir his voice, harden 
not your hearts : as in the piovocaliiHi, tad 
»* in the day of temptation in the nild^riielti 

9 Wlicn yiiur fjthets tempted me ! priyrcd 1 
me, and fn™ my works. L 

10 Forty years long wms I gtirveil nith'l 
till' grnctation, and laid i Ir is a people that r 
do etr in theit hesrtt, for they have not knonn 
my may* ; 

1 1 Unto whom I fware in mjr wrwlK 1 (Kit 
tiuy ftmiilil mil enlui iniu my reft. 


Mem. The Pfalms. Diy 19. 

PsaLm kcvi. CanlaU Domim. 

SlNGunlotlieLorda netv long: fin i; 
iinlo the Lord, all the whole entlli. 
1 Sing unto (he Lord, and praife 
hi^iNaine : be lelling of his falvalioii 
troni day to day. 

3 Declare his honour unio the lieathen ; 
ami his wonders unto all pcoplt. 

4 For ihe Lord is great, and cannot woi-- 
thily be praifed : he a mate to be feuicd thitli 
all gods. 

5 As for all the gods of the heathen, they 
are but idols : but it is the Lord that made 
the heavens. 

6 Glotyand worftip are before him : powti 
and honour arc in his fanfluary. 

7 Aicribe onto the Lord, O ye kindreds of 
the people i at'cribeunto the Lofd wotlhip and 

8 Afcrihe unto the Lord the honour due 
iitilo his Name 1 bring preients, and come into 
his courts, 

9 O worihip the Lord in the beauty of ho- 
linifb : let (he whole earlh Hand in aweolhim. 

10 Tell it out among the heathen that the 
Lord is King ; and that it la he who hath 
TTiade the round world lb fall that it cannot 
be moved ( and Jiow that he Aiall judge the 
people righteoiiily. 

1 1 Let :he heavens rejoice, and let the eatth 


■mill nun buiiii 
J no t^rr^r, 

JFot mil nil inou 
must Uist, 

£titbir»S iMItl. 

SithPU DDung 01 

irtmii must iniFi 

iiim tnt to ID. 

aoni fill a nil n. 
Br thr aoD nittrso 


be gtad : let the lea make a noilc, andall lliai 

1 he rein is. 

I: Let the ftld be juyful, anil M tbac » 
in it : then lliall all (lie trees of The wooil te- 
joift litfore (he Lord. 

I \ For he comeeh, forlie comelh to judge 
the eatih i and with ri^hleoulhrfi to judfjc 
[he world, and ihe people wilh hih tnitfi. 

Psalm xcvii. Deminat rtgnavit. 

HE Loiii k King, the orlh may be 
glad ihereoi' ; yea, tht multitutlc ot 
ilic ill« may be glid thereof. 

1 Cl(iud<) and dafknefsare lound I 
about him -. righlcoiiloels and jviilgemcnt are I 
the batiiiation of his feai. | 

1 There Ihall go a fire bcftire Kim i and 
burn up hit enemies un every lide. 

4 HiK lightnings gavclhine untollienorld : 
the earih law it, and was, afiald. 

5 The hills melted like wax at the prcfcnct I 
ofthc Lord : at the prelirnce <if ihc l.i>td of! 
the earth. 

6 The heavens have declared his righteouf. | 
nefri : and all (lie people have feen his glor^. 

7 Confounded be all they that worfhip I 
earvcd iniagcii, and thni delight in vais gudt i [ 
ivorlliip him, dll ye godi. 

8 Sion heard </( it, and rejoiced i and the 
daughters of Jml;)h were glad, beeaule ol (hy i 
iii'IncineTirs, O Lord. 

(Jhuin ijirihlui ismi. t«t,itll|inr 
If or ?rn ti' hdil fiiili initr uy 

9 For thou, Locd, ±ri tiighcr tlian ali that 
an in cht earth : thou an cxiiltrd ht abuvc 

10 O yt tli«i love tilt Lord, fee that yc halt 
ihe thing wlijch ik evil ; the Lord piclcrvtth 
the foiili of hit laintii he Oiall deliver ihrm 
tfoin ihe hand of the ungodly, 

1 1 There ik ftirunc iip a light for the righ- 
teous ; and jojfal gladneft for I'uch aa ire tfuc- 

II Rejoice in (he Lord, ye rii^hieous ; and 
give (hanks r<:>[ a rcniciiibrjiiet ul' hii liulilKlii. 


Pf iLM XCVill. CaKttilt Damiiia. 

SING unto tlir Lixd :i new fong ; 
for he halh done marvellous things, 
1 With hiiown righi haiiil, and 
with hit holjr arm ; hath he gotten 
hiralell' the viclnfy. 

i The Lord declared hif falvntion ; his 
H^htcotirnei'i hath he openly fhewed in the 
llj;ht of ihi heathen. 

4. He haihremtrahered his mercy and truth 

tcinjid the lif>iirc of Ifracl : and all the end* 

of the "iirUl h.ivel'ren thcfalvalionofoui'Ood. 

5 Shetv yoiiritWet joyful unto the Loid, 

:ili ye land; 1 fing, rejoice, and eivc thanks. 

fi Pr.iife the L'l'd ii|iun tlii' liiirp 1 fiiig (o 
the harp with a ;ifalpii of ihankl'giving. 

ri)t If 1 111(1 r. 

Hi iliou imni gt 

rnou aii3< m<tc m( 
ti DiijBig, 

riii Pmr f^limiin. 

Et itiDu niert se 

Sbtf must inttf •! 
mil opot. 

irit liiliai. 

lo, iti» niiu tiii'i 
I flirot lent mil 


Alt (ODlisti jnS fgnD 
t trtdt ih( tmn. 

7 With lrunii)rUal<*o,andlliawiiis: Olbcw 

j-niitftlvt* joyful before ihe Lord the King. 

9 Let ihe Tea make a noilV, mill M UvM 
llivtcin h 1 tbc rooml worM, lltil they chat 
ilivell ihciein. 

y Let ihc floodiL flap their hands, and Id 
the hiili he joyful together belun the Lord i 
lor lie is tome to judge the catih. 

10 Wiih (ighitoulneft (hall he judge the 
KorlJ : and the people with equity. 

Psalm xlix. Dininui ngniiiiii, 

HE Lord iiKing, be i lit- people nti; . 
fo inipalient : he littelh Dctneclt the 
chcnihiim, be the earth never fo 

1 The Lend i& great in Sion; Mid high abnir 
all |icoiilc. 

3 Tltey iliall give thanks unto thy Name i 
which is great, wonderful, and holy. 

4 The King's power loveih judgement | 
ihou halt picparcd ci|uily i ihnii hall executed 
jiidgcmsni and righteoulhelii in Jacob, 

5 O magnify the Lord our Cod i und fall 
down belbte his I'oolltool, foi he it hulv- 

6 MofcB and Aaron among hii priefti, an;! 
Saniui'l among futh 9>i call upon liiii Name : 
thel'e veiled upon the Lord, and hchcatd ilum 

7 He fpake unto them out of the rloudy 
pillar : for they kept hi; tellimonit~.<, and ihe 
laiv he gave thou. 


mo stiiF. 10 Ttiigtri. pffung nor oia. 

t rimii lii-iitlcll thciii, O Loiil iiiir GfnJ : 
tliou foigii-dt ihcm, O God, :ind punlJlicJlt 
llicir UMn invention*. 

^ O mugnify (he Lonl out GikI, and wur- 
(lii|] him u|ion bit hiAy hill i foi the Lord our 
God \i holy, 

PtALU c. Juhilnie Dea. 
BE jiiyful in ihc Laid, all yc latidi ] 
Lcrvc tlic Lo(d with gludncl'>, »jitl 
''■jilivhcrijrc hit iirclcDi'r wilhalanf. 
1 Itr yc fure that the Lord ht is 
GcjlI : it i^ he thai lialh iiudc u>, and not wc 
<jiirlcU*(3t we art his people, ind the Ihccp 
i>f lii- (laftiirr. 

) O ^D ynuf way into hit gnici with thankr- 
givingj and inio hit routti with praifc i be 
'hanki'iil untu him, and fpcak guud of bio 

4 For ihc Lord ii giaciniii, hii mercy i» 
irverlaliing : and lii\ iniih cnduicth iVuni gc- 
tie ration Ig griieralion. 

PtALM ct. Mijiritcr£am ti judieium. 

L*^,"]'V lirag fliall be of iiitrvy and jiidge- 

' mriit iUiltothcc,0 Lord,»ill I ling. 

1 O lei mc have uudcrltandin}; ; 

in ihe way ot' gudliner». 

i Wlicn wilt lllou come uiilo nic ; I will 

^.llk in my lluufc with « jwiftii heart. 

4 I will mkc no wicked thing in hand . t 

Vt' tfngnti. 


fftt Date. 

IBii>{ IDoiibIi llmi 

Olnir ntliTint. 

/)njp 10, The I'i'tlni'- 


hate iht litis .if unfaitlitulneli i there Umll no 
iiich ricave unlo me. 

5 A frowarJ bean Diall dfpsrt from mc i 
I wiii rin[ know a wicked [lerlon. 

6 Wliolij privllj-ilandereth his neighbour ; 
him will I deftroy. 

7 Whofci haih dfo i proud look and high 
liomscli i J tvill not fiiiFtr him. 

8 Mine eyes Joiik ujion fiiih as are fsith- 
(iil in tile land : that thty may dwell ivilli me. 

9 Whofo leatleth a godly life ; he Ihnll be 
my lervant, 

10 Thcie (hall no deceitful pcrlbn dwell 
in my houft i he rhac lellcih lies (hall not tarrv 
in my light. 

11 t liiall ftinn dcltroy nil the ungodly ihai 
are in the land : tliat I may ruot oul.all witked 
doers from the city of (he Lord. 



EAR my prayer, O Lord i and lei 
my crying come unto ihec. 

a Hide not thy face frum me in 

the time of my trouble i inclilii' 

ihine unto mc when I callj O heat ine, 

and ihat right loon. 

3 Put my days are confiimcd Sway Iik( 
linoke : and my bones arc bum) up a* it wer>: 
a fire-brand- 

4 My heart is Imillen down, and wiiheied 
like gfafs ; lb that I furget lo eat my bread. 

5 for the voice of my groaning : my bones 
will (carce tleave to my fltlh. 

6 I am become like a pelican in the wilder- 
neis : aiid like an owl that i^ in the defert. 

7 I have waii-hcd, and am even as it were 
a fparrow : that fitteth alone upon the boufe- 

S- Mine enemies revile me nil the day long : 
and they that are mad upon me are Inoni t»- 
gelher againii me. 

9 For 1 have eaten alhc^ as it were bread : 
and mingled niy di'ink with weeping; 

to And thai bceaule of thine indignation 
and wrath i (at thou haft taken me up, and 
calt me down. 

1 1 My days are gone like a lliadow : and 
I am withered like grals, 

iz Butlho",OlJijrd, (halt endure forever: 
and thy rtmembrance throughout all genera- 

13 Thou (halt arife, and have mercy upon 
Sion i for it h time that thou have mercy upun 
ber, yea, the time is come, 

14 And why ? thy fervanlB think upon her 
ftones 1 and it pitjcth them to lee her in tile 

ij The heathen (liall fear thy Name, O 
Lord ; and all the kings of the earth thy 

Ctt BlTD*, 

Bicins of notllll]!, 
SttliT K in; fiallj!. 

aU t'lsiouiu. 

lOatl ui I'tSEOUnl, 

f.f anUbiBttuf. 

antlliisliiig V iQC- 

rtpf( \ itij pttllrm 
i DISH. 

litr HiEtDii. 
BisIitDe iioai itit 
air slide Of ltl[(i!B, 

D^i xo. The Pfalms. 

Mira, ' 

lA When (he Lord Ih till build iipSiuoi 

jnd when liw gloiy ftiitll appcir; 

17 Wlicn he lui'nrlli liim unto tht pfujrirr 
III' ilic puur dciiiiuic : md dcrinlcih not tli«ir 

1 1 This ili;ill be wthMn for thofe that come 
»f(c[ : and the [leojile which fliall be bom 
Ihall (iriiili- the Lord. 

19 Fill lie I1U1I1 luukcd ilonn fmin his liinc- 
fusfyioiit lit" ihe heaven dkl tht LntJbehoW 
iht cinh ) 

10 Thai he tiiighl hear iht iiiourningi of 
Aieh as art in fsjiljvily: and delivrr (he chil- 
dren nppoinled unto death ( 

11 Thai they may declaie the Name of tin 
Lord in Sion ; and his worftiin at Jtmlalcm ; 

a I When the peiiplt are gathrnii togelhir; 
and the kingdoms alio, to fcrvf the Lotd. 

>5 lit brought down my ftrtngih in my 
journcv 1 and Ihonencd my days. 

14. But I (aid, O my God, take me not 
away in the midft of mine age : as for ihv 
year*, ihcy endure throughout all gene(ati<ini. 

15 Tliou, Lord, in the beginning halt laid 
iht i; m nii alio 11 of tile earl h ; and the heavens 
are the work of iliy hands. 

ifi Tlicylhallperilh, but thou (lialt endure 
they all (lial) wax. old as doth a garment j 

17 And asavcntirclhalithoiii'h',in^c them, 
and they (hall be ehangrd ! but thou art tiic 
lanir, and thy yeari IbjU not tail. 

Psalm cm. BriuJU, miima mta. 

RAISE rlie Lotil. O my foul : and 
all ihai it wirhin mc \in\k lii> huly 

I PmITc rh« LonI, O mf foul i 
mil l(>rget □□( all hU bcnrlit* j 

3 Who forgivtth ill thy fin : and hoUih 
ill tliinc inRnniilrt ; 

4. Who Tavcih thy life from deft riifl ion 1 
ini! (-rowndh thct with mcKy and loving- 
kindncii ; 

5 Who faiUfieth thy mouth niih njood 
ihiiigi : milking thee young and lufty as an 

6 The Lotd cxcnitclh righieoufiicft and 
juclgcnicnl ; IW d) ihrm (hut are opprcllird 
nitn wrong. 

7 He Ihcwwl his «ay» iinio Mofo [ hi* 
wiii'ki uniA ilic rhililtni lA \in.c\. 

t The Lotd iifiillof eomiiiirtion and mer- 
ty I long-ftifftring, jnd of gtral goodnrli. 

<, He will not al«iy lie chiding 1 neither 
kvq'cth he hi> angtr for eier. 

10 He hnthn(ild«*lt wilhuiifttrui.irlin>^ 
norrewaidcd u< according loout wickediiciro. 

It For louk how hieh the heaven ii in cciiH' 
j.nrifon of the earth ! ki grral is \\n- mercy alio 
loivntd ihctn tliir fear him. 

Ct( Doiist, 

criir lora. 


loninga «[|. 
jii mc cull. 

0D( Unlotii. 


11 Look how iviilcallb the eaii ittVoin ihi; 
wtft ! lb ftr liath he I'el our fins from us. 

ij Yca,like as J fatlicrpilicth his(nv[i . hil- 
drcn 1 even lb li the Lotd meivifiil urUn rliLiii 

ihat f»r him. 

14. For he k-iiijwcth whereof nc arc made s 
he itmciiibcrelh that wc .ice hul dull. 

15 The days ol man arc but at grafs s fi.i 
he Hiiiji'i<heih a.s a ftoH'nr of ihe Add, 

16 For as fooii oa ihe wind goelh over il, 
it h gone : and thr pUci' ilierrof Oiall know 
it no more. 

17 But ihe merciful goodncfs of the Lord 
indiirrth for ever and (vrt upon [hem ihll 
feat him landhutrighleoulhefa iipou child ecu's 
children ; 

18 Even upofi fui'h as keep hii eovensint ! 
and think upon hit commindiTicnlii to da 

i^ The Lord huih pieparrd hiH fr-it in Iica- 
ven ! and his kingdom ruleth over all. 

10 O praifc (he Lotd, ye angtlt of hi>, yc 
[hut excel in (trength : ye that fullil hii eoni- 
maodment, and hearktn unto the voice of hit 

:i ptaife the I<ord, all y« hit hoIU 1 yc 
I'ci'vanti of hiii that do his pleafurc. 

11 O I'prik good of ihe Lord, all ye norki 
of hU, in all places of his dominiuo ; praifc 
thuii tite Lonl, O my loiil. 



The P(alms, Ony zo. 


Psalm civ. Bcnedk, aaima mis. 

RAISE tile Lord, O my (bill i O 
Lnril my God, tlioii »i't becjinc cx- 
Ci:c:lln|; gloiious ; lliuu art ilothed 
with niajefty ami honour. 

2 Tiioii detkeit thy fcif' with liglitas it were 
with a. garment : and Ipreadell out the hea- 
vens like a curiain. 

3 Wiio layeth the beaiiii of his chainlicrs 
in rhewatt:rs:aiid make th the rlouds his cha- 
riot, and ivalketh ii^ioii tlie wings of ihe wind. 

4 He makelh his angek fpirits : and his 
minifters a flaming fire, 

5 He laid the foundation? of the eanh : 
(hat it never fhouhl move at uny liitif. 

6 Tlinn roveredit if with the deep like as 
with 3 garment : the waters Hand in the hiUs. 

7 At ihy rebuke they flee : at the voice of 
thy ihiindcr they arc afraid, 

8 They go up as high as the hills, and down 
to (he valleys beneath : even unto the place 
whidi ihou hali a|>poinnd for ihcm. 

9 Thou halt fet them their bounds vvhith 
they fhall not pals; neither turn again lo tovtr 
the earth. 

iQ He fendcth the fpringn into the rivers : 
whirh run among the tiUU 

II All beiillit of the field drink thereof i 
and the wild alFes queiiLh their ihirlt. 

Clli iCsiJulit. 

flfsflulrc tfpf traor. 

CD( Suiat. 

tttmi on, 
act I III mt 

tlf 3a9t(if . 

I 3 Bcliilc thcni llmll ihelowlsoltheair liavt 
(heir hahitaiion : indfing among ihc branches. 

I J H* wstertth tlic hills frum above ; thr 
eattli is filled wilh the fiiii! ot ihy worku, 

14 He biingelh forih griis for Hie caitlc : 
and gix'u-ii herb fur Ihe Icrvice of men ; 

15 That he may bring food out of (he 
«artli, and wine ihai makfili glad ihe heitt of 
man : and oii 10 maku him 1 clicvrful conn- 
tcnaiioc, and hr;!iil 10 ftrtngthen man's heart. 

16 The trees of the Lord aifo arc full vf 
Tap : even ilie ci'^ari of Lihanus which he 
halh planted ; 

17 Wherein the birds make their iicfts : 
and the fir-trirs arc a dwelling for the llork. 

iK The high hilli aa* a refuge for the wild 
goats : and foarc theftuny rockKfortheci>nie4. 

1 9 He appointed the moon for certaiu &i- 
ions : and the fun knowclh hi^ going down. 

!□ Thou makeli darknels that It may be 
nighi i wherein :ill the bealfs of the furcll ilo 

II The lions roaiing after their prty s do 
fcek their meat from God. 

li The fimarifeth, and they get them tvny 
together ; and lay ihtm down in their dens. 

13 Man gouth forth to hii work.ind lo hit 
labour : until the evening. 

14 O Lord, liow manifold are thy wurks : 
in wirdum hall thou iimdc llitjn all ; the earll- 
is full of thv riches. 


15 S^ 1^ tJi(^ great and wide Jea alTo ; ^'licre- 
in are ihingi creeping in numerable, both I'mall 
and great bcalts. 

i6 Thure go the fliips, and there is thm 
Li;via.<1ian : whom thau haft made to take his 
paftime therein, 

17 Tliefe wait all upon thee ! that thou 
mayeft give them meal in due I'eafon. 

18 When thoii givcft it thtm thry gather 
it ; ami when thou openeft thy hand they are 
filled with good. 

19 When thou hidtft thy lace ihuy are 
troubled ; whtn ihou lakcft away their btcalh 
they die, and are turned again to their dufl. 

30 When rhou Icltclt thy breath go forth 
they Iball be made ; and thou llialt renew the 
fate of the earth. 

31 The glorious Majefty of the l^rd Ihall 
endure for evet ! the Lord Ihall rejoice in his 

31 The earth Hiall tremble at the look of 
him 1 if he do but touch the hills, they (hall 

3 ] I will fmg unto the Lord as longas T live : 
I will praife my God while I have my being. ■ 

34 And fo iJiall my words pleafe him ; my 
joy ihall lie in the Lord, 

35 Aa fur tinners, they (hall be confumed 
out of the earth, and the ungodly (liall come 
to an end ; praiie thou the Lord, O my foul, 
praife the Lord. 

C6e atiPtBft. 

JUijot, I tin "11 

ICtt £'tliilff. 

f (aKKOinnlBEioD. 


PiALM ev, CMfiitmini Domim. 

GIVE thanks unio the Lord, anil 
rill upon hw Namt ; lull ihr people 
what iliiiigt he li^ttli tinnc. 

I O let yijur foniji beofhim, ami 
priile liira ; and ici your talkinji be of ill hii 
wonJrouB workt. 

; Rtjoii'c in hi', holy Nnme ! Ic( the hearr 
of them rejoice ihut feek tht Lord. 

4, Seek the Lord ant) liis ftrcuglli i Tculi hit 
face evtrmote. 

i RcmcmbcT ihe marvcUouinorkt ihalhe 
haih done ! his wotiU«r», and lhcjudg«meiil!< 
of his moii(h, 

6 O ye Itcd of Alirahim lii> fervam ! >t 
childrvli of Jaccib \\\o I'liolerl. 

7 He is the Lord uur Gud ; hitjiidgemento 
arc in all Ibc worlil. 

8 He h;ith been alwny mini}|ula)'hif rnvc- 
nam and proroife : th:il he made to a ihou- 
fliid genciatiuiiA i 

9 Even the covenanl that he niaitc wlih 
Abraham : ind th« uuth that lie fwiirc unto 
Ifaap ( 

10 And nppoinieil ihcrimc tinio Jaonti IVir 
ahw ; and lolltaellor in everlafting leftimcnt ; 

ti Saying, Unto ThcR »ill I ^ive the land 
of Cjina-in ; the l<iT of sniiE' mbfrlr'irirr : 


II When thcrcwcrtifTt but 1 feurufihcmi 
I an<t i\kv llranperi in the l.iml. 

t J ^^h»IIiItlcaIlhcf went from nncnaiinn 
. lo anoiher ; from one kingdoni to anothtr 

H He TuRcrcd no man to ilo rhem wrong i 
Inii tcprorcd even kiiigj for their fak"; 

1 5 Touch not mine Anoinin! i Kiid ito my 
pmphet* nc harm. 

1 6 Morcovei, he nilltd for a dearth upon 
The Uiid : and dellro^cd all chc ptovifiDn of 

I- Bui he had fcnt a man licfijn: them ; 
p^ •* Wliofefctt ihryliuit in the Aociu: the 
—J iron entered into bin foul ; 

1} UntiJ ihc time CAmc that hli cnurewai 
known i the word of the Lord tried hiro. 

to The king Tent, and ddivrtcd hiin i the 
piiiioe t>f the people let him no free. 

:i He niWe him lunl alio ol* hi« honle : 
mid ruler of all hi* ftibliancc j 

j(i Tbai he miRbt inform hit prince* after 
lu' rtili : xiid teach hii Icnatort wifdoni. 

:] Ilrael allixamr iiil<> I^K>'pl ;anJJaeo1i 
"SI a ftrjnger in the land oi llam. 

H And he increaled hii people exceeding- 
ly : and made ihein itrongct than ihcic cnc- 
mici J 

1 i Whofc heart ttimed fo, thai they haled 
iiiilicopie ; and deuh iiiitraly u-ith hit I'rrvans. 

j£Oe DrAtf AiDiRpin lUiicta^ name r 

Ct( DilNC 

Vmr. Sum (.HD till 
UIUI nt stall vn- 


''-fiLT-- •:. 

etc UTsnsiiiDle. 

fmisiiMr.t grmi: 

rbt 9tp*iti*o- 

fTfrijii must utniv 

^^1 '^■. 

ISDl noi so high, 
lelD itoo in IIS I Uc. 

/Jrfy »i. The Pfalms. Mira. 

>A Then lent he Mol'et liis Icfvant i »tu' 
Aaron wliom lie Imd chofen. 

17 And (hcle thcvvcd ha lokcni tiaony, 
ihcni : and ttondci'^ in ihc land orHjiii. 

iS Kc fcfiir datknc<h, ind it nai dark : snd 
(hty were not obedient unto hi> word. 

I', H< iiirntd theii watcn into bloud i and 
lU:^. lilli. 

3 j I iitir land brought forth ftogi i yea. 
Lvcn in their kina>' chambcri. 

] 1 He Ipike the wuni, and there came ill 
manner of fiies i and lice in ill iheir quartcn. 

ja He gave iheni hail-llont» for rain : and 
flaniM of fire in ihcii land. 

^} He finote theii vinn alfo indlig'trcet ; 
3iid deftroyed ihe trees that were in their C'lSltv. 

54 He fpakc the word, and the grifihoji- 
pvK cmne, and catrr|iillais innuraenble : and 
did eat up all the grafs in their i-ind, and de- 
voured tile fruit ot iheir ffttund. 

3 J HelhioleallihcfirlT-boin inlhcirknd: 
eren I he rhief of all their fttength, 

jS He brought them fiirth alio with lilver 
and gold : there Was not one feeble perlbn 
among tlieir Itibes. 

57 Egypt was glad at their departing i for 
thty were afraid of ihem. 

ii He fpread out a cloud to bca civv«ring i 
and lite lo give light in the niuht-leariin. 

59 At theit dtlire he btoughl qiiaiU i tod 
ill; filled them with the bri'sil ol Iie;iven. 

r J >'*.ifi. niir "IE 
(Cfflllltn Diain t 

oiiinri.m pnond. 
bait jiurposcfn H'fSii^- 



Et'cn. The Pfalms. Day ai. 

40 He openi'il the rock uf ftune, and (he 
'vaicfi flowed oiil ! lb that rivers ran in the 
dry places. 

41 Furwhv.' he remembered his holy pro- 
mile : anti Abraham his fervant. 

4^ And he brought forth his people widi 
joy -. and his cholen with gladncli ^ 

4,5 And gave them the laniis of ihe hea- 
then : and they look, the labunniof the people 
in pofleirion \ 

44 Thai they might keep his liatutes ; and 
oblerve his laws. 


Psalm CVt. Conjilemini Damino. 

GIVE thanks unto the LortI, for he 
i.s gracious ; and his mercy endureth 
for ever. 

1 Who can ejtpreft the noble afls 
of the Lnrd 1 or Uiew forth all his praile ? 

3 Blclftif arc they th:il alway kutp judge- 
ment ; and do righteoufnefs. 

4 Remember me, O Lord, according to the 
lavour that thou bcarelt untu thy peojile : O 
vilit me with thy falvaiion ; 

J That I may fee the felicity of thy chofen ; 
and rejtiice iti the gludnefi of thy people, and 
give thoEiks with thine inheritance, 

6 We have finneil with our fathers ; we 
have ilone ainil*;^ and dealt "■i(-keil]\ , 

CDt Siralti. 

iBftaltt. i« ilip slilcin 
Biat fliiiss In gticn 

fEioi^nl 11 a tins. 

rSr rtuintiirc. 

an miisi 19 r|if 

Cri|( liliirstiiDJui, 

OlDrsnunO dp incs' 

ITil lomr liilltiniii toQ' 

The Pfalms. 

T Our failicis rcgifJcd mit tiiy HOiiders ir. 
Egypi, m-ilhcr kepi they ihy great goQilncI'- 
in tciiicmbrancc ; but were tlilbbtdieiit at the y 
fea, even at she Red Co. 

i Ni^vcnht'leli, he lieliied them for hh 
Name's lake ! that he might make hii power 
lo be known. 

9 He rchiikeil the ReJ fea alfo,and il wafc 
dned up : Jo he led (hem through the deep, 
i^i tlii'ongh a wildemeii- 

10 And he faved them ('[orn ihc adverfn- 
ry's hund ; and delivered iheill from ihtr hand 
Dt' the enemy. 

11 Ae for thole that ipoublcd them, the 
vralers overwhelmed tliem i tliere was rot one 
of ihcm left. 

la Then believed ihoy his words land iing 
nraile untn hiin, 

15 Btii within a while iheyforgat his tvork.11 
atid would not abide his cotiofer 

14. But luft came upon them in the wilder- 
nel's 1 and they tempted God in the defert, 

15 Ami he gave ihem ihcir dcllrc 1 and 
lent Icanncfs withaJ inio their foul. 

16 They angered Moles alio in the tent* I 
and Aaron ihe ftint ol' the Loi>d. 

17 So the earth opened, and fwallo wed up 
Dalhan : and covered the congregation ut 

I B And the lire wis kindled in their com- 
pany n fh^ tT^ilie !>nillL up [111- iiruynllv. 

atlmiiot ntrOBdf. luf nirtt nor irlh 
iPiir imssasf llallJ tltllsoilMO'ti OdI 

:&^i^>^m^ ^i 

19 They maiie a tali' in Horcb ; and wor- 
ihippdl ihe oir.ltin iiii;ii;r, 

10 Thiia lh<y (urnciTlhtit glory ! into llic 
liiriilituJr "t" » vtii tliat catctli hay. 

11 Ai»l ihcy fiii'gii (iinl tlicit Saviour I wlio 
lui) dciiie lb Kfta' fhinip in Ejiypi ; 

St Woiidnjut wifikt ill the Uiid uf Ham : 
ind fvarful ihiiic> l>y liic Reil Tea. 

a; So ht liij. he would hai-c defttoycJ 
ihem, had nut Molb hlx choli'H llooif hulmr 
hlin in ihe eip : (n [urn away Ills wi.itlil'iil in- 
Jignaiion, Iclt \w Ihuuld dcltruy ihciii. 

14, Yea, ihcy llioiiglil (('i>iiioI' tlui plral'unt 
hiid ; jiid gave no credence unlo his word ; 

15 But iiiunmircd inlheirtetiKinnd brurk- 
cned not unto the voice iif the Lard. 

16 Then lift he up hii hand aicainft them : 
to overthrow theni in ihr wildernrfti 

a 7 Totaftomiheirlecdamoiig thcivaiiont: 
niid to Iraller tlieni in the Undi. 

if They Joined ihemlcUriLiiiitn Itail-peort 
and ate the offering of ilit dead. 

1 J Thiifc ihty pmvoked him to anger iviih 
(heir own inventions .- and the plague viai 
gfcat among them. 

to Tiicn Ilood up Phinetsand praynl lanil 
I" the pia^iic reareii, 

;t And ihal wai counted unto him fm 
rightcourneli 1 among all pollcrilici for ever- 

Jj They j.njj(reil hini alio nt the waten of 

CDi □niinmtr 


an sDiUltis lo ap 


To 1'a.i iQrin itr 

([(t Cipttin. 


CIlIi tuulu I inu3i 


$alillrT, liibi a IDH- 
l\a iiir ''I'll totw 


Day >i. The Pfalms. 


Orit'c : So that tic pumfheil Mofcs for thcii 
like* i 

5) Bccaiift they provoked his fplrit : lb 

thai he Ijiakc iin^Jvili^dW with liis lijis. 

H Njirhci' dellroytd they the heathen ! as 
(hi- Lord ifJiMinandcd them ; 

3 ; But wen- miii^Ivd amiing the heathen s 
and kanifd their works. 

j6 Inliiimirh that they wor/hijiped ihtir 
idols, which turned to their own dctiy -■ yea, 
they oiFtred iheir I'ons and their daughter! 
iiiitti dcutb 1 

37 And llicdiiinocemhioodicvetiibe blood 
of their foos and of their diiiighten : nhom 
they offered unto the idols of Canaan ) ajld 
the land wjs defiled with blood. 

38 Thus were they ftaincd with (heir own 
workpi : ^id went a wlioring with iheir ovrn 

59 Therefore wai the wrath of the Lord 
kindled againit hi' peo|ile ; inlbinuch ihlt he 
abhorred hti own inheril^nre. 

4.0 And he gsve them over into the hand 
of the heathen ; and iliey that hutcil them 
were loriU over ihcm. 

4.1 Theirenemitfopprtft'edlhem! and had 
thfJn in lubjei^tiun. 

4-1 Many a Iinie did he deliver them : bil* 
they rebelled againlt him with their own m- 
ventiuiiH, and were brought down in their 


+1 N eve ft he tr Is, when he law their adver- 
liiy ! he heard rheir complainl. 

44 Hcthoughtuponhisi'ovenant.andpiiieJ 
ihcm, according uiilo the multitude of hit. 
inereies : yea, he made all llmre lliat led them 
away captive lo pity ihem. 

4; Drlivtrus, O Lord our God, and gallicr 
us from among the heathen : (hat ive may give 
thnnk-s unto thy holy NaiiiE, and make our 
boajl of ihy praife. 

4.6 BlcHcd lie the LorJ Gotl of Ifraelfrom 
everlalting, and ivorlJ without end : and let 
all the people fty, Anicn. 

Psalm cvii. CDaftemim Domiim. 

GIVE thank* unto the Lord, for he 
is gracious ; and his merry enduretli 
for ever, 

1 Let them give thanks whom 

rlie Lord hath redeeitird : and delivered from 

the hand of the enemy ; 

3 And gathered thciiiout of the lands, from 
ihc eaft, and from the well : from the north, 
and from the louth. 

4 They went allray in the wil.lemefi out 
of the way : and found no city lo dwell itl ; 

J Hungry and thirfty : their foul fainted in 

6 S'j they cried unto the Lord in their trou* 

Il\sr gun ot ooin. fi iJUr Inrnsi. 
in 05 6(1 ntjili Uti 6' noi lo5( 

CS( JHftrlmii. 


^f lohin onbclr^, 
.1 liiiM no Diip. 

CU CtIiiiiis. 

Sginl Its ID lac igi. 

1.11 ptliilliig sun. 

/)»y 11. The Pfalms. 


bit i ami lie dtlivired them from iheli iliilrciV. 

7 He led (hem faith by ihc right way -. thai 
ihcy miglit go to ilir lity where they onclt. 

% O ihal mtii noulil thi^rdorc pniic tbc 
Loid IVir hii t^orKinrU ; and ileclarc ihc woM- 
Ocrs ihat he tWih lor the children of mtn I 

5 For he fatiilirih ilir cmpiy loul : and | 
fiLkzh the htmgry loul wirli gnoiiiK-fB, 

10 Siirhitslil in dirknclk, and in t Uc (li.tduit 
of litafh ; bi-iiigtjfl bound in milriy anil iioiii 

11 Btcaiili: lliey [fbcllcd againfj the wordi | 
of the Lord : mid lightly icgWcd the cutiniU I 
oi'lhi- niort Highcft ; 

i> He alii) hiDiighi down thtir hemi 
through hcavinefs : they fell down, ;<iiJ there 
was none lo htip them. 

I J So when ihey critd unto (he Lori in 
(licir iruuhle -. he delivered tliem out «f iheit 

14 For he brought them out of darkncf*, I 
and out of the Diadovv of death : and brake | 
llicir bonds in fonder. 

15 O that men would tlittiifore pniiV th< 
Loid for his goodiielli : and dccbic the won- | 
del* that he iKitih for ihe children of men ! 

16 For he hiiih broken the gats? i>K biulii ; 
and finitien the bars of iron in fundcr. 

17 Foolilh msn arc plagued for their of- | 
fence \ and bccnule of their wjckednclk. 

iS Their foul abhorred ;ill manner of itiVS: ' 
and ihey were even hard at deaih'b door. 

tUt til iiiiris arnit SKli ntsogm's po 
SUf 11013 (01 npr, luc Ott a mrn. 


I Mors. The Pfalms. D^j »». 

19 So whinideyrrieduniothc Lordiniheii 
troubit : he delivered liicm nn( ot" their liiflrels. 

to Helen! his word, and healed them 'and 
ility were laved frnm ihcir deftiuiiion. 

11 O ihat men would therefore prailc the 
Lord for his goodliels : and dei'lare the won- 
JeiTi that he cfoclli for the children of men ! 

12 That they would oH'er unto him the fa- 
crifice of thank tgiving : and tell out hb work^ 
"iih gladnefs I 

13 They that go down to the fea in lliips: 
and occupy their tmllnersin great waters i 

J4 Thel'c men Ice the works of llie Lord : 
and his wonders in the deep. 

zf For at his word the Itor my wind arifeth 1 
which lifleth up the waves thereof, 

»6 They are carried up to the heaven, and 
down again to the deep ; their foul melteth 
away bccaule of the trouble. 

17 They reel 10 and fio, and ftaggcr like 
3 drunken man 1 and :ire at their witV end. 

1! So when tiley try unto the Lord in ihcir 
trouble ! he dclivcrcth ibtm out of their diT- 

19 For he niakeib the ftorm to reafc : Jo 
th:il the waves tlicreof are liil!. 

30 Then are ihcy glad, hccaufe ihey arc at 
I eli : and lit he bringcih (hem unto the haven 
where they would he. 

%i O that rncn would therefore praiie the 
Lord for hii goodncfs i and declare the won. 

DriiUuSi? iiiilirl6r of mrjiilj' 
EDrJtli fotrrrD nor JirnQ litJlii] 


riili sllcrr not gum, 
^toin Ordiliun itrt 

Gtlc4grD tRon. 

Bis riBHt I uiiisi il 

Xlilin lAti llnl 111- 

(91 m nlo. 



ltt( Sriiein. 


Day i». The Pialms. Mam. 

dtrs thai he doeth for the children of men ! 

\i Thai ihey wuuld exalt h{in alia in ihc 
cmigregation iif (he people : iUid pralfe him 
in the Icat of the i-Wcr*! 

j^ Wlio lurneih ihe floods into a tvildet- 
iiel^ : nnd dricih up ihc waier-fpringi- 

H A IVuilltil land makt'th he harneii i (or 
ihe wli'kcdnd^ of rliem tlist dwell (herein. 

■} ; Again, he makeih the wildcinef^alUnd- 
ing water! niid ivatcr-fpringsof a dry grounii. 

36 And therc he feileth ihc hungry 1 (h»i 
they m3V build tLem a city ti> dvelT in { 

jT Thai ihey mny fow rheit land, and plant 
vineyards ; to vield them rniiti i)f increale. 

;S Hr blellelh them, To that they multiply 
exiEtdingiy 1 and luffereth not their cattle to 

J9 And again, when they are minifticd, 
and brought low : through op ptEflion, through 
any plague, or ttoiililt j 

4.0 Thuiit;h he luSer ihein 10 be «vil in- 
trcati-d ihioiigh tyrants : and let them vtander 
uut ot the way in the wildernels ; 

41 Vci hilpt'th he the poor out ofmifetv : 
and makeih hiin houiholdslikeaflock i>f(li«j'. 

41 The righteous will conlidmhi*, and it- 
joicc ; and the mouih of all wickedncla fhali 
he ftoppcd. 

4) wholii is wife will ponder th«fc thing* : 
and ihcylliall underlland the luving-kindnel^ 
of [he Lord. 


The Pfalms. /)rtv n. 


Psalm cvni. Paraium cor meum. 

GOD, my h*ar( i:i ready, my lieait 
15 ready.: I will iing and give praifc 
wilh the belt member tint I have. 
1 Awake, thou lute, and harp : 
I myfcif will awake righi rarly. 

J I will give thanks unto ihee, O LorJ, 
among the pcupic i I will ling praifes iinli.i 
thee among the nations. 

4. For (hy mercy i" greater thanlhc heavens: 
and lliy (ruth reachetli unto [he clouds. 

5 Set lip thyi'fit', O God, above the hea- 
vens : and thy glory above all the earth. 

6 That ihy beloved may be delivered \ !ct 
thy right band Jave them, and hear thou me. 

7 God halh fpokrn in hih holinefs : I will 
rejuire therefore, and divide Sirhem, and meie 
out the valley of'Suttoth. 

8 Gilead i> mine, and ManalTcs is mine : 
Ephraim alio is ihc Itrtiigth o(' my head. 

9 Judah i.sniy law-c;ivev, Moab is my walli- 
pot : over Eiioui will I tall out my flioc ; 
upon PhiiiHia will 1 iviumph. 

iG Who will lead me inlu the llfong cily ; 
and who will bring me into Edom f 

1 1 Hall not thou t'orrakcn 11s, O God ; and 
wilt not thou, O God, go f'orHi with our hnft>i * 

fi, O help us againll ibc enemy ; lor vain 
it the help of man. 

rbr fHuElrii 

Intr tbr tttn. 
Jut wn nc (tcrp. 

I ; Thruugh GikI •"•: llialJ <lo gtcal ad^ : 
jndit is lielhslOisU ttcKil ciuwii our mi-mio. 

Psalm ctx. Z>f»> laudum. 
'OLD iitii iliy tungue, O G<jJ of my 
ytXiie : liirlhcmoiitlidf ihciineoilly, 
yi.-a, ihc mouih of ihe dcrcklful \> 
(jpentd upon mr. 
> And Ihvy li^vc Ipoktn sgninft lar miih 
fairc tongiicH : \\\ey c< nil ]>a lied mc about Mtt 
wiili wuids of liarrcd, and tbughc agiinll mc 
nithaut a uulc. 

] For the luvc that I liail unio rlivm, lo, 
tliry lake nuw my roiiiraty pin : but I gUc 
iTiyfeif unto prayer. 

^. Thus have they tewanleJ me evil (or 
guod ; and liiilti'd lor mj gooil wilt. 

5 Set thouan ungodly mjin lobe ruler over f- ■ • 
litm : and lei Sntnii Hand at his rig^hc hand. 

6 When fcnltn.e it given upon him, lei 
him be rondemned ; »nd let bis prJjrrr bt 
lurnrd into fin. 

T Let his Jays be few i and lei tnolher take 
hill ufttl^e. 

a Let his children be fatherkA i and bi* 
wife a widow. 

<) Let hiii ehildren be vagabondi, and beg 
rhcir h]t-H(l ; lei Thcin leek iC (Ifo out of de- 
Iblate plarei. 

lo Lei ihc extoiiioneteonlumcall thai he 
li.irh : ^ni\ lei llii- 111 anger rpdil hii Ijboiir. 

Clir SM- 


The Pfalms. Day n. 

1 1 Let th«re be no man to pjiy him i iior to 
have cumpafiion upon liis fiithcrlrii chiliirtii. 

I i Lcl his pcirtcrily he dfrtroyed ; anil in the 
next gencraiiinl Ie( his name be dean put out. 

I i Ltl the wifktdntli. of hif fathers be had 
in remembrance in ilie light ot (he Lord : and 
let not the fin uf his Tnuther be done away^ 

14. Let ihem »li*ay be bclbnr tlic Lord ; 
that he may root out the memorial of them 
hum off the earth ; 

15 And (hat, bcrauft his mind was not to 
do good ; but peilccmed the pooi helplel!. 
man, that he might (lay him that was vcscd 
at the heart. 

16 His delight was in rviiTm^, and it fhall 
happen unto him : he luvtJ not blcffing, there- 
fore fhalj it be far from him. 

17 He clothed himlelf <vith I'titling, like 
as with a raiment i and it that] rome into his 
bowels like waier^and like oil into his bAnes. 

iS Let it be unto him as the floka that he 
hath upon him : and 39 the girdle ihiit be is 
alway girded withal. 

! 9 Let it thus happen from the Lord untij 
mine enemies : and to [hole that fpeak evil 
again li my foul. 

10 But deal thnii with me, O Lord Goil, 
according unto thy Name : fur fweet is thy 

II O deliver me, for I am helplefsand poori 
Jiid my htail is woiimied within me. 

cm U((i«. 

fu I in coac. ' 





or floott. 

Rom a mn *n. 

KTooiI 10 Dig tolt. 


II 1 gij like ihe iliauluw ihal ittparl- 
cih : anil am dnvi-n awiyu the gfafkhon^K'i, 

1) My knto are weak ihrougli faftmg ! 
my flclli is 'Iritd up tor wunt ai talncfi. 

1+ 1 liceaiiie nilv a itiirofltil iiiilo thfin : 
they liiat lonkcd iiijoii mc (lukcii llicir licmU. 

1 ; Ili-lp ixK, O Lotd my Uod : O favc nii; 
aiti>tdiiig lo thy mtrty I 

id And they thall know, how thaT ihi) th 
thy hind ; and ihal thou, Liird, iuft lione ii. 

17 Tliniigli Ihey cuife, yrl bkfs thou ! and 
let [hem be C'lnfoiiinlcii that lili; up igainil 
mc ( bul let fliy Icrvanl rtjoicc. 

1 8 Let mine advcrlii'ies be clothed with 
IhaiiR' ; and let thfm ruver ihmilelvet with 
rhcif own I'onriilirin, afi with a I'loke. 

ig A(.forme,l mil give gical thatiksunlo 
The Lord with my mouth : ind prajle hini 
amung tlit miiltilnde ; 

3D Fui htlliall lijiid al the light h;ind ofiht 
poor i 10 lave hisrmil Itomimrighteouijuilgi 

Mt/ra. The Pfalms. D/iy 13. 

5 In ihc liny uC ihy power fliall ihe peopia 
filTcr tbee iVee-wiil offering-, witli an holy wor- 
lliip ! the dew of thy birth [b ot ihe womb of 
the morniiig. 

4. Tile Lord fwart, and will not repeiit : 
Thou arl a Ptii-ft lor ever after the order ol 

; The Lord upon thy right hand : fhiill 
wound even kings in the day of hib wrath. 

6 He Ihall judge among ihe heathen ; he 
Ihall till the places with the dead bodies : and 
iinite in lundtr the heads over divers countries. 

7 He Ihall drink of the brook in the way ; 
therefore (liall he lift up his head. 

Psalm cxi. Coi/lnbor lilii. 
WILL give thanks unlo the Lord 
with my whole heart ; lecrctly among 
i The works of the Lord are 
great ; fought out of all them that have plea- 
fure (herein. 

] His work is worthy to be praifed, and 
had in honour : and his righteoulhefi enclureih 
for ever, 

4 The merciful and gracious Lord hath fo 
done his marvellous viorks : that ihey ought 
to lie had in reniembranee. 

5 He hath given meat unto them that fear 
him : he (liall ever be mindful of his covenant, 

6 He hath Ihewed hi^ proplc the poiver ol 

SDr iCnpttSE. 

<Sili|>rtaa il)anill 

ilimi br, 
Tim niu^I Jliij 

lent ini. 

Cm «jluc(ri. 

Vilnrr$<te( nioll 

UTttiimi con I It in 

pnr injit. 

flurliJ'ssinl^ pitn' 

([M : [dill. 

SmtIi ii.illi'conliin- 

hin wiirka ! that he may give them the heritage 
of the heathen. 

7 The wotki pf his haniU ate verity am) 
judgement ! ill his rommaiidments are tiue. 

8 They lianJ laft for ever unil ever ; intl 
are done in ituth and eijiiity. 

9 He fcnt rcdcinpliiiii unto hl« pcaple : he 
hsth roininanileil his covenant for evei ; holy 
jiid reverend U his Name. 

10 The fear of tin- Lord is the hcgitiiiiiig 
ofwittlomia good undefllanJing hsiveaU thr>' 
ihai do therealVcr j the piailc S( b cndutclh 
for ever. 

PiALlkl CXII. Effl/uj iiir, 
LESSED is tilt m.iii feireth the 
Loid ; he hiiih great delight in hii 

1 His l«d (hall lie mighty u|ioii 
farth 1 the gem-ralirin of ihc faithlul (li.tll he 

J Riches and plenleniifnefi Ihill be iti hi> 
hoiile landhisrighlioufiielsendiirelhforn'tr. 

4 Untoihc godly (here ariietUuplichtiin lie 
dLitknciichc ismeiiifiil, loving.andtightcoiit. 

5 A gnod (iiaii is metciful, iind lendeth : 
and will guide h'n woid^ with dili^rdion. 

6 Foi' ne (hall never be itnivtd : and Ihi- 
I'igiiteoua (liall be ha.d in cvcrlalling reniem- 

7 Hi' "■ill n>"il he afraid of any ci'il lidinpi ! 


SSIt lllil sjliii Elir (inill'31 sul. 
air isil tTif iiuih Iti mill mis' miiil. 

lor lin bcarl ftandeth fait, and belicveth in the 

S His licartiseftublifhed,iiiid will not llirliifc: 
iinlil he lee his dcllre iipun bin cncinir^. 

9 H<: haih dil]>crrcJ abioad, and given lo 
the poor ; and hh rigliteoiilliefj rcmaiiieth Inr 
ever; his honi Ihall bt exalted wiih houom. 

10 The uiigiidiv (hall lee ii, and il Ihall 
■grieve him ; he (hall gnalh with his teeth, anil 
[■unliime away; thedvlire of ihe ungodly (hall 

Psalm cxnt. Laudaie, fiueri. 
RAISE the Luril, ye fervants : O 
piaife the Name of tht- Lord. 

I BlelTcd he the Name of (he 
Lord ! from this lime forth forever- 

3 The Lord's Name is praifed ; from the 
rifing up of the fun unto the going down of 
the f:iine. 

4 The Lord is high jhiive all heathen : and 
his glory above the hcavcnii. 

5 Who is tike unto thi; Lord our God, that 
hath his dwtlling fo high ; and yet hnmhlelh 
himt'cif to behold tht thing* that are in hea- 
ven and earth ? 

6 He taketh np the liinple out of the duft : 
and liflcth the poor out of the mire ; 

7 Thai he may ftt him with the princes ; 
evtn with the primes of his people. 

(Till CDiialras. 

iiroiinlfss or lobal 

ihBiE an. 
isirinr lift null n; 


<ID( 't-'iMUunuss. 

I'latoiiBlisB I Dt 

not SDAK ; 
fiet tt itfm I tut 

M fllf. 

The Pfalms. 

Bitgnrss triK ut 

£tv«. I 

rn Lite. 

iMlla gip inD liir. 

i He niKkdh the barren woman lo keep 

lioiilcmml in he a joyful mother ufdiildtm. | 

PsAi.w cxiv. In txilm Ifi'ael. 

)1EN IfnelcamcQiiiorEgypriand 
the hoiilc of Jacob from among 
tlic ftiange people, 
> Jiiihh wu hit finfiiiuy i nad 
Ifiad hit dominion. 

I The i'cn, law that, anij fled i Jordan ott- 
driven hack. 

4 The mounuini Ikippcd like lanu i urn: 
the lilile hiili like young Ihetp. 

5 Wh«t lilcth ifiec, O thoii lea, (liat tliou 
fledilcn t and ihou Junian, that thou wad 
driven back ? 

A Ve ni'iuiitain^, that ye Ikipiicd like nuni : 
and yc little hill^, like young <hcep ? 

J TicmWf, rhuu cjith, at the prefcnte of 
the Lord : at ihe pi'efcncc oi the God of }i.- 

% Who rurneil the hard rock into a ftand- 
Ing water i and (he flint-ltonc into a fpting' 
ing well. 

PsAF M CXV. Nan nahh, Domini. 

OT unto iiv, O Lotil, not unto us 
but unio ihy Ninie give the prajlc i 
fur thy loving mercy, Jlid lor (hy 
inilh'ii fake. 

I >asi.iir.Tiai[i'grr<,[iDun||><"ll<l 
I Td trslst Oijic Wt If toll. 

i h)> 


Even. The Pfalms, Dey ij. 

I Wherefore fhall the healhen lay : Where 
IS now (heir QaA ! 

3 As for our God, he is in heaven ! he hath 
June whalfaevcr plcafed him. 

4 Their idols are filver and gold ; even the 
>«ork of men's hands. 

5 They liave muiitlis, and fpeak not : ryes 
have ihey, and lee not. 

6 They have ears, and hear not : nofes have 
[hey, and iVnell not. 

7 They have hands, and hjnJIf not; ftet 
have they, and walk not ! neither fpeat they 
through their thru at. 

S Theyih^i make them ure like unto them; 
and fo are all fiirh as jnii their (ruli in (hem. 

9 But ihuu, huufe of Ifrael, Iruli thou in 
[he Lord ! he U their fuicour and dcfenie. 

10 Ve houft of Aaron, put your irnlt in 
the Lord : he is iheir helper and defender. 

I I Ye that fear the Lord, |iut your trult in 
the Lord ! he i= ihcIr helper and defender. 

11 The Lord hath hten mfndfnl of ns, and 
he Ihall blels us ; even he Hiail blcfii the houfe 
of Ifrael, he <ha!l hicls the huufe of Aaron. 

I ] He Ihall blefs them [hat fear the Lord : 
both fmall and great, 

14 The Lord Ihall inoreafe you more and 
mute 1 you and your children. 

15 Ve are the blefled of ihe Lord : who 
made heaven and earth. 

16 All the ivhiile heavens are (he Lurd's^lhe 

JKaaim or JasllriG 

I am tami (g rnO (fit 

11 ti. 

i)-y 14 Tlie Pfalms. 


KW flrailcDBinan. 

Banri dfETT mf Knr. 

earth hath he given 10 the children of men. 

1 7 The dea3 praife not lh«e, O Lord 1 ner> | 
ihcr all they that gu tlowii iura rilencc. 

1 3 But we will jiiaile the Lord : from thn 
time turth far cvetmorc. Praife the Lord. 

Psalm cxvi. Diltxi, yii»/uem. 

AM welt )>lcalcd : (hnt the Lord 
haih hfitd the voice of my prayer j 
2 That he hath iiitlincd his ear 
iml" iiu' : thcri'Fure will I oil ofim 
him it, long as 1 live. 

J The iiiarei of death tompaflol me round 
abtiui : and the paint of hell gut huld upon 

4 1 fhall find truiible and heavineft, and I 
will call upon the Name of the Lord : O Lord, 
I befeech thee, deliver my fail. 

; Gracious is the Lord, and righteous i JV3, 
our God iii mcrvifiil, 

6 The Lord pieferveih the limple : I wa- 
in inilvry, and he helped me. 

7 Turn again ihen unto thy reft, O my 
Ibul : for the Lord hath rewarded ihee. 

i And why ? ihou hall delivered my AmI 
from dinth s mine cyev from (can, and mjr 
IVet from fallin);;. 

9 I will walk before the Lord ! in the land 
of the living. 

10 I believed, ar»1 llieicfore will I (peak -, 
iiul I was fore iroubled ; 1 laid in my halU, 
All men are Hal's, 

11 Whatrcwanllhalllsiveunlothe Lord; 
f'lT all [he bcncUta chat he liatli done unto 
rne ! 

II I will receive the cup of iaivation i and 
call upon the Name of the Lord. 

13 I will psy my VOW5 now in the prefence 
of ali his people : right dear in the fight of 
the Lord is the death of hiti faints. 

14. Behold, O Loid, howihat I am thyfer- 
vanc : I am thy fcrtaliT, and the fon of thine 
handmaid ; thou hull broken my bonds in 

1 5 I will offer to thee the facrifice of thankf- 
giving : !Lnd will call upon the Name of the 

16 I will pay my vows unto the Lord, In 
the fight of all his iicojile : in the toiirls of the 
Lord's houfc, even in the midit of thee, O 
Jerulalcm. Prallc the Lord. 

Lau-late Da/niauBi. 

PRAISE the Lord, all ye heathen : 
pr.iile him, all ye nations, 

2 Foi his mercitiilkindnelsisevcr 
more and more towards us : and the 
I truth of th< Lord endiirelh for ever. Praife 
the I.ord. 

BriDr inn nitrr h 

till. C»'ff. 

Bmn ifict np tt- 


ITiiit g»a nim, Vit 
Dif poDi Mtv: 

i im cent 10 Do lou 

KUg thtfnsubairi. 

Etonth ibOD tmlic 
stitti iin gglO 
lltl (rl ITigu Dlltlln 


DduiiO ££1iiiiiin. 

D^j n- The I'falms. Mem. 

PlALU cxvni. Cert/Jicmim DemixB. 

GIVE iluiilu tintollic Lord, for lie 
is grati'ni* i Iwciiufi; hit mercy en- 

ilurefh I'ar ever. 

> Lci Ifiarl no* coiifcft, that h* I 
15 gracious ! anil ihathis inctvy tiiilurdh fur | 

J Lei ihe hoiifc of Aaron now ronfcfi : ihai | 
his merry endtifEih for ever. 

4 Vca, let <hein nuw lliat ftar tli« Lonl | 
cnnfel's : ihat liii mercy riiduielli forever. 

5 I called iiiion (hr Lord in croubJe : and 
the Lord henrd me U brge. 

6 The Lord it un my fide i I will not fr-ti \ 
iivhiil man ilm-lh uiilu mc. 

7 Tlic Lord taketli my part with them th>' 
help me : therefore fhall I fee my deiire upon 
mine cnemitJ. 

S It is belicr lo tnilt in the Lord ; than lo I 

put any ('on^deiicc in mxil, 

<} It is belter to Irull in the Lord : Than to I 
put any confidence in princes. 

10 All nations compalTed mc round about i 
hvl in lli« Name of tne Lord will I dctliny 

11 They kept me in on every fide, they 
kept me in, I lay, on every lide : but in iIk 
Nsmc of the Lord will 1 dclUoy ihcm. 

II They came ahfnif inc like hcc, and are 
eiiiiifl even Hi the fire itmoiig ihc thorn" : for 

W J~°''' i^r.Itti MTIinrrtnf1ifrH5ll6'4Q10Ip. 1 ■ 

in the Name of iht Lord I will dtltroy tlitin. 

13 Thou liall tlirull ibreat me, thai I might 
fall ! but (he Lord was my help. 

1 4. The Lord in mv ftrengtli, and my fong ; 
and ii; become my falvadon. 

1; T)iB voice of joy and heallh is in Hie 
dwellings of the righteous ; ihc right hand 
of till Lord bringfli mighty things to pal?. 

Ill The right hand ot (he Lord lialh (he 
prt-cmlncnce : the right hand of the Lord 
hringelh mighty things to paft. 

17 I fliLilT not die, but live : and declare 
the wort'i of the Lord, 

1 8 The Lord hath challened and correfled 
me ; but he htllh notgiwen me over unto death, 

»9 Open me the gatts of righteou(hefa : 
that I may go into lliem, and give thanks unto 
(he Lord. 

20 This is (he gate of the Lord 1 the righ- 
teous fhall enter in(o it. 

11 I will thank thee, for thou haft heard 
me ! and art bernme my Salvation. 

21 The lame ftone which the builders re- 
futed : in tici'omc the hcad-ftone in the corner. 

!■} Thii is the Lord's doing : and it is mar- 
vellous in our eyes. 

14 This U (he day which the Lord hath 
made : we will rejoice and be glad in it. 

ij Help me now, O Lotd 1 O Lord, fend 
us now profptrity. 

i6 Eli:fl't:d be he that tometh in the Name 


f rcsl). go I lint. inB 

gip. [IHiii. 

3|[ must ttllB ui a- 

ScHi itip li(*ni 

■>B ptltt. 
fm I am itt tUtits 

inH lain. 

rnti namtrt, I sat; 
jFdc trnirpuinusT 

D^y !+,. The Pfalms. 


nt ihe Luril : wc have willicil you gdod lurk. 
vc ihar sre of the houft of the Loril. 

27 Goii is the Lotii «lio haih lliovcil n« 
lighl 1 bind the IniTificc with ('utd»>, yea, even 
uiitu [hi: liorn^ of the altar. 

tS Thou art my God, and I will (hank 
ihcf : (hou an my Gud.anil I will utailVthoe. 

'■9 ^ gi" thanks until tlic LriM, for he it 
g^rjicious : and hit mercy cndurelh for ever. 


P;ftLM CXIX. Bfati immaculati. 

LESSED are illofc tbnt arc ondi- 
HM in tlic way : and walk in the 

law of the Lord. 

I Blcdi-d are ihey lint keep hii 
leltiiiionies : and feek him with their whule 

) For they who ia no wiekcdncli : tnlk 
in his ways, 

4 Thou halt charged ! that w* fliall dili- 
gently keep tliy command men is. 

5 O rb^it my wayn were niciJc ib dire^ : 
that I might keep thy ftaniten ! 

6 So (linll I not be confounded 1 while I 
havt icfpi'fl unto all (hy com maud men ts. 

7 I will thank thee with an unfcignc.i heart; 
wlitn 1 fhall have learned the judgemenli <rf 
ihy righteoiifntfi. 

8 I Aill kceji thy ccremonie* r O forAkc 
me not utterly. 


jri.irt lit ub: anti iiint id Oh; 
1 QrJiir ji^iitii firiiiaJJp 

/• fat mriget ? 

HEREWITHAL iKall a yjung 
inanclcanlc lii*iviiy:cvL-n hy ruling 
bimfcif afttr ihy word. 

lo Willi my whole heart have 
I lbuj(hl (hcc : O let mc nol go wiuiig uiit ul' 
lliy vunitiuDdmcnli. 

1 1 Thy woiils have I hid within my heart ; 
■hat I Ihoulil nui lin againit ihcc. 

It BiclTcd art ihou, O Lord i O inch mc 
thy Ihtutif, 

1 3 With my tipi have I been telling i of 
all the judgcmrnl> of ihy mouth. 

■ 4 I have had as gnat delight In the way 

of ihy lelVlinonirt ; as in ;ill manner ol' rich';!. 

i; I will talk of ihy lom man dm en Is i ami 

have refpf^ uolo thy way». 

1 6 My dellghl Ihall be in thy llatutei : ami 
I will nol forget ihy word. 

Ritribui ferva lua. 
DO well uiiTo ihy fcivant : that I 
may live, »nd keep thy word. 

iS Open ihoii min« lyi-i : that I 
may l«c the wondrous lhing» of ihy 

19 I am a flranget upon carlh ; O hide not 
ihy fommandmenti from Tnu. 

10 My funl breukelh out for the very ftr- 
vcni dtllfc 1 ihal il hiilh alway unlu thy juilgt- 



9iDit< utih tiu'iti 

Su Itf lit: I Ceil 
musi trist. 


fflDu MUM mtn 
til lump (oiB. 

D.I1 i+. The P(alms. fj^r. 

II Thau halt rebuked ihf jifuud litoJ <.ijr- 
I't'il are they that da err from tliy comnuQil- 

a O turn from me ftinmeand tsl«ike;fiir 
[ have kept tliy tertiniunits. 

13 P(incc» al(o Jid lit and fpcak againH 
me : but thy imam if otcupicd in thy ft-,tluK«. 

14 For thy iclli monies ai'e my delight : nnil 
my cininl'tllur*, 

Adhctjit fa-vimenia, 
VIbuk'lL'avcth to the dot) : 0()ii>ckcll 
iliou iiic, arcotding to thy word. 

;6 1 have acknowlrdgrd my 
w»y;,an<llhoulieariJelline: O teai'h 
nif thy lliitutcs. 

17 >lake mc to underftand the! w»jr of ihy 
coniman<lnient} : and fo fliall [ talk of (hy 
wondrou* workt. 

iS My foul mcl'elli away for rery heavi- 
nels : comlorr thuii iiic areording unto ih)' 

19 Take from me the "ay of lying i and 
raiilt ihdu me to make much of thy law. 

30 I have chofcn the way of tmth : and 
thy jmlgemenls have I laid before me. 

II 1 hnvc (iuck unto Ihy teOimoiiiM 1 O 
Lord, ('oiiRmiid me in*t. 

ji I will tun the way of thy rommanil- 
mfriiii ! when tliou hail fei my heart at li. 



Ltgtm ptHK. 
EACH mc, O Lord, rh« waj- of thy 
ftatutn : and 1 (hall keep it unto 
the end. 

)4 Give inc umltrftandinjf, and 
t t\y.\\\ keep thy law ! yta, I jlmll kscp it iriili 
mj' wlmlc licart. 

1 5 Mjkc me 10 go in the pith eif thy (-om- 
nia ml men ts : for tlicicili i> my ildirc. 

iG Incline my heart unco iliy idtlmonies : 
»iij not to covciou(n<l>. 

)7 O tuitl awiv mine eye*, left they behiiiii 
vanity ! and {|iilttcfl tliou me in thy way. 

%% O Ihbluli ihy wonl In thy Tcrvant : thai 
I ni»y (car thee. 

15 Take sway the rebuke that I am afraid 
of i Ibi ihy judgrmeniN »tc good. 

40 Behold, my delight iiiin ihvcommand- 
mcnti I O quicken me in ihy ri^^htcournelv. 

El vtmitt fHprr mt. 
ET thy loving mervy rome alfo unto 
me, O Lonl : even thy laltAiiun, 
according unto thy noril. 

41 Su Uluil I make anfwer unlu 

mi Mjl'iihemrrN : foi' my (mil i> in ihy wciid. 

45 O lake nolthcnoidof thy trulh iillcrlv 

■jut (ji my inuuth ! for niy hope is in (hy 



til ttmu vnot 01 


rtou nusi tnilC int 
U Dlii9(ll. 


Odu innsi luln tl 

inn Itiaf, 

Iji, itts mm liriii 
i tiimr lEiiO mp 


l>iy 15. The Pfalms. Mtm. 

4+ So (liall 1 alivay keep Ihy liiw : j-ta, for 
ever anil ever. 

4; And I will viilk a[ liberty 1 for I luck 

thy cum 1113 nilnicnis. 

4^ I will I'penk of ih)' Ifltimoniei aiSo, even 
before kingt : and will not be 3.lli3iiK'd. 

47 AmT my dclighi fliall he in thy coin 
nijiiidmcnts ! vvhidl 1 hive loved. 

4G My lianil-i alio ivill I lift up unlo lh> 
cDiiiiii;indrt]enti, vthicli I liave loved 1 und inv 
ftudy fliall he in thy liatutcs. 

Mimor tjlo fervi tui. 

THINK lipon ihy fttvani, asniii- 
terniiiglhy wotd: wherein ihou haft 
<'.^Ui<^d me Til put my li-ult. 

50 The fame is my fomfoit in 

my trouble ; tor thy word halh ijiiickened me. 

ji The proud have had mc eiceediiigly in 

deiilion 1 yet have I not llirinked from thy 


51 For I remcmlifred thine everlalting 
judgements, O LonI ; ami received i-omliiH. 
55 I am horribly afraid 1 tor the ungoiUy 
that lorliike [hy law. 

54 Thy flatutcs have been my Ibngt 5 in 
ihe hoii/e of my pilgrimage. 

Si I have ihi)ughtuponihyNamc,0 Lord, 
in rhc night-lejion : aniJ have kept thy lfl». 
Sfi This 1 had 1 becaule I kept thy tiotn- 

Day ij. 

FarlM mm, Demint, 
HOU in my ponion, O Lord i I 
have ptomikJ in k«p ih^ law. 
;E I inaJc my hiimMi; petition 

ill thy prcfrnre with my whole hturt : 
U lie merciful unto me, accorillng tu thy woril. 

55 l{3lk-dininioviDwa*itDrcmembtancc: 
and itiincJ my fett onto illy ttttlmonifi. 

&□ I mailc hiltc, and piolotigcU ilul (hf 
lime ; to ketp thy rammanJmctiK. 

61 Tile tongiii^tioni of the ull[;odly hive 
ttiblicd me -. hut I^uve not tbrgottvn [hy luw. 

6t At miilniglit I will rile In give thtknk>i 
unto th« ! bccaiilc of ihy righleoiu judge- 

(>3 I am a rompininn (if all llirili tlliil fcur 
ihec : atid keep thy cammnndmcnls. 

64 The catth.O Lord, i> full of ihymerty ! 
O teai;li me thy liitulci. 

BonilaliiH fiiijii. 
LOKD, lliou hall dealt graciouAy 
viiih tliy ftrvsnt ! aMording unto 
iLy word. 

66 O Ifjitn mc tiue iindcillxnd- 
ing and knowkdgc ; fur 1 have believed (h) 

67 Bcturt I was iroubled, f wfnt wiong i 
but now have I kepi thy wotd. 

6i Thou art good and giacioui : O tcich 
ini ilr. f* iiiJ[i V 

Cti Onptm. 



CD< Oukr. 

BtRcc If in ni. 

Diy »5. The Pfalms. £iy*. 

69 The proud have imagintd a lie xgainH 
me : but I will kerp Chj' commaDdmetiK vriih 
my whole heart. 

70 Their heiri ii at litasbnwn : buttuj 
ilelighl hath been in ihy law. 

71 It is gotiJ (if! me that I have been tii 
truvihle : ths>t I may lenm thy lluiilei. 

71 The law of thy nHniiii is deacef unto 
ine : than thoiirands of goM and fii-evr, 


Manui luit ftcirum mt. 
HV h.inilh h.-ive made me and Fa- 
Ihioned me : O wive me underihuid- 
ing, rhnt I maj^ learn thycominuid- 


74, They that fear thee will be glad whtn j 
iliey fee me : becaulc I have put my trull in if 
ihy word, 

7; I know, O Lijrd, that ihy judvemenii 
aic right ! nnd thai thou of very fnitlifulncl* 
haft cauled me to hr troutilcd. 

76 O let thy mertifiil kindiiets be my com- 
fort i acfonling lo thy word tinio (hyfctvajll. 

77 O let thy loving mtrtie* come unio me, 
that I msy live ; foi thy Isw is tny delight. 

^t Let the proud be fonfuiinded, for thc> 
go wifkediy aE>onl to dellroy mc ; but I wii; 
be occupied in ihy coinmnndment*. 

79 Let fiich ■XX ftar thcc, and have known 
f hv fcl'irnnnius ■ be [iji Mi-il 

Ei-t/i. The Pfalms. Dai 15. 

So O lei my hear! be Ibund in thy Itatutes : 
thai I be not afhamed. 

Defec'tt anima men. 
V foul hath Idiiged for (!iy falvation : 
and I have i good hope becaufc of 
thy ivnnl. 

Bi Mine eyes lung fore for thy 
word : faying, O when wilt tliou cojiiforl inc ? 
Sj For I am bciome like a bottle in the 
fnioke : yet do I not forget thy liatulcs. 

8+ How many arc ihc days of thy fervallt : 
whell wilt thou be avenged of them that per- 
fetute me ? 

S5 The proud have digged pit) for me : 
which are noi after thy laiv. 

86 All thy commandment* are true : ihey 
[lerlecute me fallly ; O be thou my help. 

87 They had almoft made an end of me 
upon earth % but I foi look not ihy command- 
men is. 

88 Oijuicken me after chy loving-kiitdllefs: 
^ind fo lliall I keep the teAimunies of thy 

In irlcmum, Domiae, 

LORD, thy word : cndurethforevet 
ill heaven. 

90 Thy Irnlh aJfo remaineth from 
one generation to another : thou haft 
laid the foundation of the earth, and itabidelh. 
gj They cuniiTiuf ihi^ il.iv ai'i'Onlin^ ^^ 


)^j[isaiiOl>iiiiiLi6ii»rr soinrtiiiit, 
'v^flilt OJtaiiHn liaO.attliiiiifDiii sllun ?-■ 


Hbt Vtstauiiu 
j>in tr I'lijtoimi, 



■libb'sfiop ft fBf 

sttt & ihr pioniRci 
1 gmii- 

CVi Bldiop. 
fitsllofs giiilic onl 
j|[< eIitd III m; tolt. 

ihine ordinance i t'or all things tfxe th: ■. 

9! It* my lUltghi had no( been in iby lIlv^ 
I fliould havt ptriihrd in my trouble. 

9; I will ntvtr forget ihycomiiiandmenl' 
fur nith them thou haft <)utrkcncd me. 

94 I am thine. O Hive me : (at 1 b:ivc fought 
thy commandmcnin. 

9; The ungodly laid iwait fotine lodeilray 
me : but I will ajtifidec ihy icUimonki. 

96 I ffc that all iliiiigh I'omc To an end t 
bul thy commandment i* Mttceding brold. 

^Dmado dUcxi ! 

ORD, H'hai love have lunto (hy kvr : 
all ihe day long is my ftody in it. 

5S Thou through ihy I'oiiinjaod- 
mtntshall made me wifec ihui mine 
; for they are ever with m«. 
have mor( undcrllanding than my 
leaihers ; for (hy leftinionies are my fludy. 

100 I am wifcr th»n the aged 1 bccoule I 
Iceep ihy command me nrs. 

101 I have icfraiiK'd my feet from cvtiy 
evil way : that I may Icetp ihy word. ' 

loi IhavcnotlhrunkftomthyjudgrmenBi 
for Ihou tea ill cH me. 

laj O how fivect arc thy word» tmto my 
ihroat ! yea, fweeler than honey imto my 

[0+ Through thy commandments I get 
nnderftandins ■ therefore I haieallevih 

■- k: 

Mtrv. The Pfalms. D,ij is. 


Ltntraa ptdihus iniii. 

HY tmrA n a linftrn unto ray fwt i 
*nA a liKht unto my pallii, 

106 1 Ii3vc iWrn, xnd am lied- 

i»7 I am I roil bird aliuvc mcafurr : quicken 
rac, O Lofil, arccitilinu lu (!i^ wonl. 

lot L,«t ihtfrcc'K'inotreringiiof'myBioutfa 
plcafc ilict, O Lord : and inch itic ihf jodge- 

109 Mjr foul i« alwRy In my hand 1 yee do 
I iiot for^ei ihy Irw. 

> 10 Tbc ungodly have laid a fnare fur inc : 
hut yet I fwcrvnl nor Irom ihycomniandmcurv. 

■ 1 1 ThyielliniunirNhavc 1 claimed J^mioe 
heriiagc for <vcr : an-i nhy ! ihcy are the vti^ 
joy of jnir heari. 

Ill 1 hait applied my hnit to fiillil thy 
Ibtutcs alway 1 cvm unio ihc tiid. 

HATE ihem iIihi imagine evil 
ihingi 1 but thy law do 1 love. 

ti+ Thou art my defeort anJ 
lliiclil I aiid my irult li in ihy wortl 

■ ij Awayironiniv.yc w!<ked il Aillkcc}' 
tbc commatidmenit of my Goil. 

I ifi O Ibblilh me arcording to thy ^oni. 

J 'rltihttEinV stiCDtitcli illDiiiin 



Ctrnnina DtHiis 


eiiicti ot n»( I- 

Eft allM I* tu* 



uroiiK. lotMnDa ill. 

Ctt UuiuM. 

TIs llntosl ntaitt. 

Osy i«. The Pfalms. Afw*. | 

llixt I may lire : ind let me ROt he Ai(»f- 
poinitd ofniy hope. 

1 17 Hoiii lliou mc up, Mil J 1 fliall be difc i 
j-«, Illy ikliglit fliall he ever in tbv fixtutn. 

lit Thou hall tinddcn dawn all them ihu 
ilepatt ftom thy fhauta : for lh«y inxgiM | 
but dectit. 

1 19 Thciu piiitcll away all the ungodly of I 
the cAtth like drols : ihctcliitv I lore ihy tef* 

110 My firfli tnmblctli for Ttvr of ikrr 1 1 
and I am afiatd of thy judgcmelils. 

Ftd juStium. 
DEAL with thr thing that it bw- I 
f.ii and right : O give mi: not over ' 
unto inini^ opprcfruni. 

til Mnke ihijii thy iVtvant t< . 
licliglii ill that which a giHid : that the ptntid 
do II I c no wrong. 

113 Mine tyw art wsfted avny with look- | 
ing for tliy health i and for the vroid «f tliy 

134 O deal with iliyrcrvanticcuriting onto I 

ihy loving inercy : and trach inc thy ftmutn. 

U5 I am thy fcrviiiii, O gmni mc iiijdcr- 

Aaiulin? 1 that I may know thy tcltimonio. | 

is6 11 is time (or tliee, Lord, to lav to 

thine hand ; for they havr di-ltrcyi^l ihy law. 

117 For 1 lovt thy Kiiiiniainiiiicnti ; aUwc 

gold and preciouii Done. 

<;iS(i).orn5iiiD Itnigtunotlsli.l 


Mmv. The Ffalms. Day »c. 

iiS ThtKtorc hold 1 floiglil all thy com- 
maniimcnii : and kll litre way* Initerl^ Bbhvi. 


H V ttltimoniu irt wrondciful ; thtre- 
fore doth my foul krri> (lion. 

I JO When thj' woni pocili forth i 
it {{ivcih lit;hl Mid imclctftiiniJing 
unto ihc limplc. 

ijt I bpcncd my mouth, and drew En nir 
hrcalh : for n\j detighi wai in ih)- command- 

i;i O look thou iipun mc, iind be merci- 
ful unto OK I ai- ihciu uicli to do unco thoft 
thai love thy Name. 

tn Order tny Aept in Uij' i*ard : and fu 
Hull no wlt'ktilnclii have dominion over me, 

I J4 O deliver me from the wrongful Unl- 
ingt of mm : and io Hull 1 keep thy com- 

ij; Shew the li^hl of thycountenincc up- 
on thy ferrant : and teach me thy HalMlct. 

ij6 Mine eyes gufli out with water ! b«- 
nad men keep nuE thy Ian. 

yttj}ut ti, DamiM. 
IGHTBOUS arc tlivu.O LonI : and 
true ia ihy judgement. 

I it The leHimoniei that thou 
lull comniandcd i are txceeiling 
rl^hrcoiii and true. 

C(ri tfmaiK. 

0st«Tt I hi tiMI. 
ftbaots nDliirrMt. 

•TAi Acntlinm, 

ttf 3MV- 

Vtomr oil, jtntrQi, 
Sillllti ml Id iruDgt 


f Ir juMlri. ailer: 
^tiiu ID in? assiic 


dj 16, The Pfalms. Etva. 

I 39 My tc-i] liuth even conlunied mc i bc- 
caufe mine eiiumic* hav« forgotten (hjr K«r<lh. 

14a Thy word Is iricd lo ihc attcrmoll : 
and ihy fcivanl lovelh it, 

141 I atn ljna]l, an<l of no itpuiatioti 1 j«l 
di) I oot fofgtt tliy cuinma nil menu, 

141 Thy righicoiilncli it an cvcrlatlln^ 
righteuufrwrB 1 ind thy hw is tht truth. 

I4J Tniuhleanil hruviodV havt tnkeli liolii 
iipuii mc ; yet it niy delight in thj'fomnixiui- 

144 The tiglilruufiicf-> of itiy Icltimonin in 
rvetlalHiig 1 O grant mc uniicrilaiKiing, and 
I Ihill live. 


Claaavi in tola carJe mto. 
CALL with iny whole heart 1 hear 
me, O Lord, 1 will keep thy &ii~ 


146 ~Vc3, «vcn \iiilo ihcc dtt I 
tall : help me, and I (liall ki:t|) thy telljmo- I 

147 Eatly in the morning do I cry uoM | 
llice ; for in thy woi'd is my Inift. 

145 Mine eye'' imvcot the nighl-watch«k i 
(hat I might be otcupied in thy word*. 

149 Hear my voice.O Lo(d,a<coiidingujl- I 
[o ihy loviiig-kindnelK 1 ijiiioketi iiic, &ix-Ord> | 
ing as thou m «'onl. 

T.a lie IE laDtluil^ m ihr omdi. 


The Pfalms. Dni j6. 

150 They draw nigh that of malice perfe- 
cute me ; and anE Isr from thy law. 

i;i Be thou nigh at hand, O Lord : for 
^11 thy commandiiicnts are true. 

ifx As toncernina thy leftimonies, I have 
known long lince : that thou hall grounded 
ihem for ever. 

fide liwailitaUm. 

CONSIDER mine advetfity, and 
k- deliver me i for I do not forget thy 

ii4 Avenge thou my caufe, and 
deliver me : quitken mCj aci'ording to thy 

155 Health is far from the ungodly j for 
they regard not thy llatutes. 

i;6 Great is thy mercy, O Lord : quicken 
me, as thou art wont. 

157 Many there are that trouble me, and 
perlecute me ! yet do I not fwerve from thy 
tefti monies, 

r;S It grieveth me when I fee the tranf- 
grrflbrs ; bccaufe they keep not thy law. 

1 59 ConGdcr, O Lord, how I love thy com- 
mandments ; O quicken me, according to thy 

1 60 Thy word is tnie from everlafting : all 
the judgements of thy righteoufnels endure 
for evermore. 

ftcgcam 31 1.11m. 

Lraeiinc Ijqs, 

ffipoi. 1 1 hi (111 

Primdfti fifrjtuati fimt. 

RINCES haic perfrculcJ me with- 
out I ciulc : but my bnrt JUndclh 
in iiw( of ihjr wotiT. 

■ 1i I am u ^lad of rhy word i 
,tk iiiii; ihit tiiulcih crc3i i|i>iilt. 

i6j Ai for lici, I !iai{ and abhor ihtm i 
bul thy Uw do 1 Icive, 

11S4 Scvt'u limna Jayilol prufc thM ibe- 
Mul'e "f thy nghtcous jiidgcmcnti. 

165 GrMt U the peace thai th<y have who 
love chy kw : and they ate not olFtniicd W 

ti>6 Lend, I have looked for thy Aving 
henlih : and done ahti tliy cunimandmrnM, 

1S7 My foul hath kc^t thy icllinioiiien: and 
loved them exceedingly, 

i£S I have kcDt ihy commandmenl* and 
tcftimonies ; for all my ways are before thee. 

tor nil thy toimiuncimciiQ »te lighieoiii. 

IT) Lit llilnc hand liclp me : for I have 
ihiiicn iliv cominnnilfncntt. 

174 I Kavc Innetd hr thy laving litallh, 
O Lord I und in thy law n my delight. 

17 J O Itl my foul live, and it fliall praife 
()n;i ..rii! ihy jiidgcmcntu flnll hcl|i mc. 
-.. I havr pjne aAray like a llicep that ii. 

■ 'ii :t 'liy r«mnt, for I do not tbrgci 

; ;i'. ri iiiiiiiic-ntt, 

Psalm QXX. AJ Daminam. 

HEN I will ill iruiihlc I calkd upon 
ihv Lord : niid hr henttl nK. 

1 Deliver my TouljO Lo(d,fioni 
lying lips : iind from 11 dcccilliil 

-j Whatrtwardlllall Ix given or dnnc imru 
ihcv, ibuu (allc tongucicven nitghiy ind I1i»r)> 
^iiu>vt, with hut burning coiU. 

4 Wriitmc, ihAt 1 am I'ditllnuncd todwvll 
iviih Mefech : and to have my htbitntiuii 
jtu'jng the Mnti of ICcdai. 

; My luu] hath long dwelt among them : 
iliit me cneiiiio tiiito peace. 

6 1 labour for pe^icc, but when I fpeak uniu 
(hem thereof: they m»kr ihem ready 10 bat- 

(TDt t'j4iiii. 


eSc PUlisiiiiin. 

Situ inuElAUaii 

P«AtM CSXI. levtnJocuki. 

WILL lift up mine eye* unto tht 

liills: front whtncc come III my liclp. 
I My licli) cumcthevcn ticm the 
Lo(iI : H'llo halU mvlc heaven and 

J He will not fuflVr iliy foul lo hr movtll : 
KiiJ he iliat l:«pe!li ihn will not llccp. 

4. Behold, hi' th;ii kev-pclh H'rul : HirII Dei 
(her llumbirr nor lli-tji. 

5 TheLiitil hinil'cit'i* thy keeper ilhc Lord 
T« thy dcfcno: upon thy right hind ; 

6 So iliaE the fun (hill not burn thn by 
day : neilher the moon by night. 

7 Tlie Lord Ih.ill pirlci've thee tVnin »)\ 
evil : ye;),it iscven hethal ftinll keep thy Toul. 

S The Lord Ihall preR-rvc th^ goiog oiii, 
And ihy I'oniing in 1 hum llii^ tune fbtlh fui 

5 for thcic i> ihc lat ot* jiiilgcmcnt i rvtn 
(lie Teat of llif houli: of David. 

6 O piay liir ilic pmce of Jcrulalem : ihcy 
dixU piafprr that love ihcc, 

7 Pkui: be within ihy wilU i aiiil [iIcnK- 
oufneiV Miihiii iliy pabcct. 

t For niyI>(ttJitriiiniicuinpanian»'nikct; 
1 will widi th« piof[itri(y. 

9 V<», liccauie ol ihe hoiifc of ihc Lend 
our God I I t*ill Icck lo do thee gooil. 

Psalm txxiii. A.I It Jfi-mi ocuhi mioi. 
NTO thee lift I up mine eye* ! O 
ihou ihii divclh'li 111 ihc licuveni. 

• Behold, even m the ryeiof ler. 
«-anlB Idok unto the hand of their 
nmDcn, and i> the cyct uf a mniJen UDIo the 
W.\xk\ ut lier itiilireft : even I<j out eyn nait 
iipiiii ihc Loni our Gud, until he have mercy 
upon lit. 

\ Havcmerc]ruponu*,OI.ord,havtmcrcy 
upon Ui ; foT wc are utterly defpiled. 

4 Our foul ii filled nith the leornful re- 
proof of the wdllhy i and niih the defpire- 
I'ulneA of the proud. 

PiALM tjt.xiv. Niji qis'ut liam'mui. 

''-■'"*F ihc Lord himielf had not been on 
out Cide, now m»y Uiael lay ! if the 
LonI himlflf had not been on our 
lltif, when mm role up ajptinlt ii« i 

kin in. in itieahKB 
firir gtoifi m (nrn 

an mu^i (0 Tilt 

Day 17. The Pfaims. Mtra. 

t Tlicy had lualluwcd ut up qukk : when 
they were lo wrathtiilly dirplealcil at 111. 

] VcB, ihc waten had drowned at 1 anil 
[he ftmm had gone over cur (bul. 

4 The deep wnten of tlu; ptuud 1 hid gone 
creii uvci- mir Ibul. 

5 Bui praifed be the Lord : «ho halii noc | 
given ut over for a pcvv iiiilo Ilicir (crth. 

6 Oiir ibul ik cicapcd cwn a* a Innl out of I 
the I'nare of the fonlcr : (he ihue a broken, ' 
anJ we are delivered. 

7 Our help Ihiideth In <hc Nime of the | 
Lo(d : who halh made hcii'cn And catth. 

Psalm cxxv. Qui tenfidiait. 

HF-V'lhatput iheiciniftin 1 he Lord 

(hsll be rvin ai the tnouM Sion : 

which may not be removed, but 

ftjndcth lift tor ever. 

» The hilis ftnilii about JiTiifiilem : (Vvn 

lb ftandeth the Lord round about his peofilt, 

from ihis time forth for evermore. 

J For rhc rod of the ungediy eomrth not 
into ihe lot of the righteous ; left the ti^te- 
ou^ put their hand unio wickrdnelt. 

4. Do wtll, O Lurd 1 unto tlioli; tlial ir- 
good and true of heart. 

5 As tor liith a! turn back unto their ol^ ■ 
'lickcdncls 1 the Lord ihitl lead ihem fbnb 
with the evil docia) but peit^clliall be upon 

ew Vuismunt, 

amrsDunBtD mrS' 

fTo null SI1I1011I BjQ 



Evtu. The Pfalms. Daj »7. 

PtALM CXNVI, Jii intvtrttmA. 
HEN ibc Lfinl lumcd again ihcri»i> 
livitj- of Sion ! ihen were we like 
unto then) thil <lmiil. 

] Thtn Hu our inouih (i)lnl 
ivitli blighter 1 and out tonpie niih joy. 

) Thru will thej' aiiKinj-ibc hcatlicn t The 
Lord hath done grtat thing) for them. 

4 Vci, the Lonl hath done gmt thing* lor 
ui iJmd)* ! whereof wo rejoice. 

5 Tumour cA|itirity,OLurd tat tbr riven 
io lUe foulh. 

6 They Ihit fiiw in trin ; flixll nap fn joy. 

7 Hr (lint now ^ix-ih on hi» warweepitig. 
md beircth forth good fcctl ; Ihsll doiibtlcfi 
come >gAin with joy, and bring hi* Ilieavct 
oith him. 

P»ALM CXXVIt. J/f/! DumittJ. 

XCEPT the Lord build the houle : 
their Uliuiir n but lult (hat builil it. 
i Etrcpi the Lord keep iherJiy i 
lilt "Jithmiin wiketh but in v»in. 
J li 11 lull loH hbour (hat jre hultr to rile 
<rp earlv, ind Irilnie rake rcli, mil cii ihc brrail 
lit (atetoinels ; torfo hceivcth hii beloved fltep. 
^ Lu.cliildreD and (he fnill of the womb ; 
irc an her itige and gift (hut tonieth of (he 

ti I biuin |^]r li«igir»li<i| imtt il (lint, 
□itli tall III loldiirt II tfjin's linD. 

tU Orinnii. 

Srunatr. Nil lHt> 

in sontif t« i« Hf 
tin no. 

rgt Ji((. 

.Ifiti, iir ihDu a\at, 
To u>i> ititin tnr 



(irtDiiln.maritl luKi 

Ct< So in 1(1. 
£«1IP(H, t'V il fou- 

Day 17. The Pfalms. fir*-", 

J Like as the ain»vi in Ihc hanil of tlu 
giant : <vcn fo are the yoting children. 

£ Happv is the man ilist hnlh hi> quirct 
full of tncin 1 tl)i-y fhil! not bcalli.iiiitd wllcn 
ilicy I'pcak niih lh«ir enemies in the gale, 

PsAtM cxxvtii. Btali emnti. 

LESSED arc all iliey that l«ar the 
Lord : and ivnlk in bi> wayt. 

1 For ihbu lli.-ili cat the iaboun 
of ihine Winii : O well U ihec, and 
happy dtilt ihuu bv. 

3 Thy wit't Hinll he as the fniilful vine ; 
up'in ihe W31U of thine houlc. 

4 Thy (hrldien like the olive-branches 1 
round about iliy table. 

5 Lo, ihiii^ Ihall (he man be blcfTcil 1 ihal 
rcAicih the Loni. 

6 The Lurd iVom uul uf Sion fliaJl To blel^ 
ihcc : chiit thi>u Jhnlt Jec Jcrufnlem in prof- 
pcrity ull ihy life lon^. 

7 Yea, that thou llialt fee thy childmN 
children 1 and ptacc upon liracL 

Psalm cx.VlX. S^ff txfvsaa*triaU. 

ANV itime hivcibeyfonghtBrAinll 
inc fcum my youth up 1 may Ifricl 
now f*y, 

a Vca, mnny a time have tlwy 
vexed me fiom tay rtiuth up : but ihey have 
ni}i prevailed igainjt me. 

ilirilh [111 111 inilrit rl0[dlaa tiallT 

ann iiiirrv snuitts i«t a tall. 


s;u*^^^i*^*ivu4ri.^^*^r ; 


The Pfalms. Day 17. 

) The plomcrs plowed upon my back : and 

inaile long fiirrows. 

4. But tile righleous Lord : hath heirn the 
ftiares of ihe ungodly in pieces. 

5 Let them beconfoiiiiJcdand lurned back- 
'vjtd : aa many as haue evil will at Sioii. 

6 Let ihcm be even sis the grjls growing 
upon the houfe-tops ; ivhich wiilietelh afotr 
it he pluckctl lip ; 

7 Whereof the mower filleth not his hand : 
neither ht that bindcth up (he Ihcives his 

S So that they who go by fay not fo much 
;i'i, The Lord profperymi ; we willi you good 
luck in the Name of ihc Liird. 

PsaLm Cxxx. De profundU. 
UT of the deep have I called unto 
thee, O Lord ; Lord, hear my voice. 
•2. O let thine ears conlider well : 
the voice of my comjiliiinl. 
3 If thou, Loid, will he entreme fo mark 
what is done amiis : O Lord, who may abide it ? 
+ For there is mercy with thee i therefore 
ihalt thou be feared. 

5 I look for the Loi'd ; my foul doth wait 
for him : in his word is my Irult. 

6 My foul fleeth unto the Lord i before (he 
morning watch, I lay, before the mol'ning 

7 O IlracI, trull in the Lord, for with the 


I ?n .IS (i|> ntaiii [ii( >[ aat Hat I 


Ctt /BCTCbsnt. 

Il'iibn ((4(1 net 
iraa ini prrsuaBr. 

iTiriDnn nnirrifii, 
J ham nu pup. 

:^a^8-tra-s -If ■■*■": 

/>*r it. The Pfatms. 

Lord There in mercy i and ttiili him itgilnite- 
DUi rcilcmpllnn. 

S And he Aiall redeem irrwl : from all hi> 

Pt.iLu Kxxxi. D»miite, aaii til, 

ORD, t iiin litii liigli-niindtd 1 1 h»vr 
no prom! Iniikx. 

I idnnot nerHrcmyftlf ingnal 

nistlcti 1 which afe too high for me. 

J But I [cfiaiii my fuul, aiiil Jicep it loM, 

ike »^ a child I ha) K wcanej from lit* moitter i 

yea, my foul ii even ai a wcintd chilil. 

4 O Ifrael.trullin theLord:l'rom'rh!*dmc 
forth for evcfinorc, 


PfALM cxxxit. Mimtaio, DMitnt. 

ORD, rcinciiibd D;ivid : and nil bit 
<iaiil>lc j 

1 How he ftvnre unio lh« LQnJ i 
anil vow^d a vowunio the Almighty 
Ciod of Jai'iib i 

J I will not fonie wiihiii llic (ahcfiixcU of 
iiunt- houft : nor climb up inlo my l>ed ; 

4 I ivrll nol liiffer mine e^e» to llccp, nor 
mine eye-liils lo lliiitilier i iicitlm tlie ttmple* 
uf (iiy head Id like any reft ; 

! Until I lind oiii a place for llic Icmple of 
' : ati liHbiciiiun fur the mighiy God 

JWsr». The PfalmS. Day tS. 

6 Lo, we licard of ihc fame a( Ephiala : 
and found it in the wood. 

7 Wc will go into hi; tabernacle : anU fall 
low on our knees before hii f'ootllool. 

8 Arift, O Lord, into thy reft iiig- place ; 
thou, and the ark of thy ftretiglh. 

9 Let \\\y prieftii be clothed with righteouf- 
nels i and Ici ihy fainis ling with jojfuEnels. 

to For thy fervant David's fake ; turn not 
away the prefence of thine Anointed. 

1 1 The Lord hath made a faithliil oalh 
unio David 1 anti he ihali not ihrink from it ; 

II Of [he fruit of thy body: fhatt 1 kt upon 
thy feat. 

13 If thy children will keep my covenant, 
and my teliiuionies that I (hall learn tlielii : 
iheir children alfo (liall fit upon thy leat for 

14. For the Lord hath chofen Siom to be 
an habilalion for himfelf i b« liath longed h\ 

» s This (hall be my reft for ever ; here will 
I dwell, fur t havtr a delight therein. 

16 I will blels her viduals with increafe ; 
and will I'atisfy her jioor with bread. 

1 7 I will deck her priefts with health ; and 
her faint; ihall rejoice and hng, 

]g There (lull I make (he horn of David 
10 floiirilh 1 1 have orda,ined a ianiern for mine 

19 As for his enemies, I (ball . lothe them 

Clu Hirt jBoii, 

riiff BilKfi nor sBm, 
^Tom diiKlirauitiiE 
HI I III 1)0 [U. 

E^ r<gl]i I mual be 

Jaitn III" tl)Jil Ilt- 

f&l 50 nln. 

irit anl8CIT. 

fit camgiH mnitl. 

Sit RntlMMn. 

l^binitno mat. 
jfm I t*(r<TKf. 

vthlth firlj 

upon the hitl of Sion. 

4 Fur tlicce ilir tj3iil )]toinir(ct liii bldfing: 

ami life fbi eveimorc. 

Psalm cxx.viv, Erte aane. 

EHOLD now, iirailr (lie Lord : ali " 

ye Icrvnnts of the LmJ ■ 

1 Ve iliat \iy nighi ifaud ui thi 
lioiifc of ih< lord : even in th< 

tinjj r* L>r tlic hokil'c of nur Gud* 

; Lift nil yawT hftndi in the Iknjtuirx : md 
[jtaiir the Lord. 

4- Tlie Lni'd thai mnJe litaven and onli -. 
give ihcc biclting uuc ul Siun. 

PRAlSEiheLord.lttidjcihrNatiw ' 
"I (he Lord : pr»ile il, O ycfervantt, | 
of tilt LurJ i 

i Ve ih.'ii ll.ivii) in ihc li'mfr of 


ihe LorJ;ifi Ihe court* of the liodfe of our God. 

3 OpvaifetheLoidjfurlhcLordisgtarioiis: 
O ling prailes iinio his Name, for ii is lovely, 

4. For why ? the X.ord hath cliolen Jatoh 
unto himfelf i and Ifrael for his own polTfnion. 

; For I know ihat the Lord is great : and 
ihac our Lord is above all gods. 

6 Whailbcver the Lord pleafed, ihat did 
he in heaven, and in earlh 1 and to ())(■ lea, 
and in all di:cp places. 

7 He bringeth forth ihe clouds from the 
ends of the world -. and lendelh forth light- 
nings with the rain, bringing (he winds out 
of his tresfures. 

S He linote the firft horn of Egypt ; both 
of man and bcaft. 

9 He halh lent token; and wonder^ into 
the midS of thee, O ihoii land of Egypt : up- 
on Pharsoh, and all his fervanls. 

10 He fmole dlvcts nationi^ : and llew 
niighly kings i 

1 1 Sehon king of the Amoi-itrs, and Og 
the king of Baliin : and all the kingdoms of 
Canaan ; 

II And govt their liind to be an heritages 
even an heritage onto Ii'racI his |icoplc. 

I J Thy Name, O Lord, end u ret h forever ! 
lb doth ihy memorial, O Lord, from one ge- 
neration to anothtr. 

14 For the Lord will avenge his people : 

O.IV iS. 

The Pfalms. 


bflHi IAD sbtn. 

Sm Intilj mi (rrtiL 

I J As for ihc imaeci of ihe licttllicn, (Iki 
;iiT but lilver anil gold : ihc woik of mrii's 

16 They hart iiioulliii, andlpciik noCiCfn 
h3V« they, bul ihcj ice not. 

17 Tlicy have eati* ind yet they hear not 1 
neither l> there any bieath in iheit mouibt. 

tS Thcv that nuke ihcin mc like udio 
I licm I and fa are all ihcy that put their IruU 
ill ihtm. 

19 Pi'aili the Lord, yt houle of Iftati : 
ptiife the Lord, yt houle of Aaron. 

10 Ptiife the Lord, ye houfc of I^vi : ye 
thai feat ilic Lord, praiii; the Lord. 

1 1 Pcailcd he the l^id out of Sign : who 
divellcth at Jerufalcm. 


Pbalm CXXKVi. Ceirfilemini. 

GIVE thanks unio ihc Lord, for hr 
ii gracious J iind hi> metcy endureth 
for eve!. 

:t O give ihanki iinlu the God ol 
»ll gods J for hii merty cndurelh fcr ever. 

3 O thank the Luril of nil lords ; for hii 
piiLTLT Einlurclh for ever. 

4 Who only doeth great wonder* ! for liin 
mcn'y endiirelh for ever. 

5 Vfho by his cxetllent wifdoili mildc the 
hcivcns ; for his niiicy tndiirtrh fur tvtr. 

(i)i Jfmi. 

M fuodali jnli lonb 
i bjiat lh( trail b. 

Evia. The Pfalms. D-y 28. 

6 Who laid oul ihce.viii above the waters : 
for his mercy [ndiireih for tvcr, 

7 Who hath made great lights 1 for h» 
mercy enduretli for ever j 

S The fun 10 luie the dny 1 for his mercy 
endtirelh for ever j 

9 The moon and the liars lo govern the 
nighl ; lor his mcicy tnduielh for evet. 

ro Who fmotc Egypt ivilh thclt firft-born 1 
for hismrrt)- eiidurtih forever; 

11 And hroiighl out Ifrael from among 
(hem : for his mercy endurcth fur evcrj 

la With a mighty hand, an<i (ti'etchtd out 
arm : for his mcrty endureth for ever. 

15 Who divided the Red fea in two parts : 
for his mercy enduielh fur evcti 

14. And matic Ifrael to go through the 
iiiidrt of ii 1 for his mtrcy endureth for evti. 

1 5 But as for Pharaoh and his hoil, he 
overthrew ihem in the Red fea j for his mercy 
cnduretli fur ever, 

6 Who led his people through the wilder- 
neft : for his mcrcy cndurctli for ever. 

1 7 Who finote great kings : for his mercy 
endureth for ever; 

18 Vea, anil ilew mighty kings : for his 
meivy enjureth for ever j 

19 Sehon king of the Amorites 1 for hi" 
mercy endureth tot ever j 

10 And Og the king of Bal'an : for hi^ 
mercy endureth for ever; 

tlic istuiijr. 

foi iam [uiiK. 


CljC liDIJUt. 

VDnng iiiD em, 
ifemi to inc fnllr. 


0.n .J. The Pfalms. 


21 Anil gave anay their bnil for an faeri- 
ligc : fiH iiJH nierry cniliiretli for cvtr j 

II Evtn for in WitdKc unio Ifrnel liitfci- 
vHiit i Itir liii mercy cndumli for ever. 

») Whn miiciiibcri.'ii na when ne were in 
li'ouble : for hii nierpy cnilumh for c»er ( 

a^ And Iii.h dctiveml ii& from our snc- 
iiii» [ for liit inrny tndunMh for ever. 

»5 Whci (jivcili fowd to all flrih i ibi hit 
mcivy riiduicih fur cvtr. 

16 U give thinks imto the God of hc»ni 1 
fur liis iiicriy cndurrlh for cvtr, 

37 O give tlianLi uiiiu tbc Lotil of lordi : 
for hii mercy cniluKth for ever, 

1'salm fxxxvil. Super fiamiaa. 

V llic naleri of Bahyloo we flit <ti>wii 
and wrpt i when w< remembered 
(dee, O Sion. 

1 As fijr Our lisr|i?, we hanged 
ilii:iii up -. ii)K)ii ihc treet that ire thetrin. 

J For They that led ui away captive re- 
quired of us then a fun^, and melody, in our 
hcavinefs ! Sine Vis ime of ihc lijng! of Sion, 
4 Ho" (linir wc fing the Lotd'n long 1 in 
a Hrflnge land ? 

; II I forget thee, O Jeriiliilem : let my 
right hand fijrgct h*r cuTining. 

fi If 1 do not remember thsr, let mytongur 
t'(e;ivt To the roof ol mv iTjouih : yelj it I ivrc- 
fii' riol Icniljlem in niv mirlh. 


Svrit, The Pfalms. Day il. 

7 Remcmbci llic children of Eilum,OLori], 
in ihe diy of Jernlaiem : how ihey faid, Down 
with il, down with it, even to [lie ground. 

8 O daughter of Babylon, waited with mi- 
fcry ; yea, happy Ihall he be that rewardcth 
thee, as lliuu halt fi-rvcd as. 

9 Blelled (liall he be that takcth thy chil- 
dren i and thraneth them againi) the IJones. 

Psalm cxxxvni, Confileboriil/i. 
^^^^^ WILL eive thanks unio thee, O 
J!yJ Bj Lord, willi my whole heart : irvcn bc- 
^ J t^ft ^"""^ ^'**^ gtjJa will I fing prail'e unlo 

1 I will worlhip toward thy holy (emple, 
and praife thy Name, becavil'e of thy loving- 
kindnclsandtcuth; for thou haft magniliE^ thy 
Name, and thy Word, above all things. 

3 Whm I called upon thrc, thou heardcll 
me : and enduedli: niy ioiil with much llrcngrh, 

4 All ihc kings of the eaith Ihall praile 
thee, O Lord : for tliey have heard the words 
uf ihy moiiih. 

; Yea, they fhall (ing In the way« of the 
Lord : (hal great is the gluty of (he Lord. 

6 For ihuugh the Lord be high, yet lialh 
he refpet't nnio the lowly ; as for the proud, 
he heholdeth thciti afar otf. 

7 Though I walk in the midft of trouble, 
j^et flialt ehoi) refrefh me ; ihou (liall Hretch 
forth thy hand upon the furioiifntfs of mine 

Cllr *^^iriii[r5S. 

U^ln|l^(SB ibDngt 

inoii U, 
Sliau HI list amip 


€«r iDiirrii. 

■Oui'in iiso ilmu 

aa3t all : 
as i ain.sgsbill 

Ihou ei. 



Co nun I vn» f tn 
l^flui [[idfr. 

Buchrsjinl (tin- 

Day *■). The Ptalms, 


(nrmicH, and thy liglii hand lh>ti lave me. 

tl Tlic Lurd jhall make good hU laring- 
kinducfi [owatd me : yea, thy rattty, O Lwd, 
«iid<itcth tVii' cvcc ; ilcrpil« nut then (lie wotks 
oi lliinc own hAiiJa, 

Psalm cxxxix, Damiite.froi^JH, 

LORD, thtiii haft ftartlird mt out, | 

sxkX knoM-n nic i thoti kiinwefl itijr 

ilavrn- lining, and mine up-iifing ; 

thou underluiiddl my thuuglili loHrg 


> Thou art about tny pith, and about my , 
hcA : vnd Ipicll out all my wav^ 

; t'pi lo, there it ni>t a woritiii my tongue i 
but ihoii, O Lord, knowrft it altogether, 

i Thou halt f'alhioned me hehind atid be- 
fore : and bid thine b.ind upon rnc, 

J Such knowlcilge U [on ivundertul and 
excellent for me : I ronnnt atuin unln it. 

6 Whiiherlhall I gu then I'tinn thy Spirit: 
or whither lliall I gfj then from thyprrftncc? ] 

7 If 1 elimbiip mto lira v en, thou an tliere 
if I go down to hill, thou iit then itfn, 

S If I tnkt (he wings i>( the inotning : iri. 
rein.iiii in I he uticrmiiil iiart'. of (he fca | 

9 Even there alfo Ihnll (hy hmd trod nic i 
.iivl thv right hind Ihill hold me. 

in f P" I <\\. P-'railvtiiiort tlir r<;i r knell: (ImII I 

Mil IhJl 34:111 ll|[ liiiiniiE :.IJt, 
-Irr [iii iiirr iipip rir ^uoiuirfi in'. 

L'ovcr me i tbcn fliall my night be iurnt:d to 

1 1 Yea, the darkncfj Is no cJ.irknrf!^ ivitli 
thee, but ihe nigUl is as cle^r a^ ihc i\^y ; the 
Llarknels anil lighl lo thee ^rc both alike, 

li For my reins art thine : tliou halt co- 
vered me in my mother's womb. 

1} 1 will givE tliAnks unto tliEe, fur I am 
fearfully and wonderfully mailc ! marvelloui 
3it tliy workj, and iliai my foul knowcili right 

14. My bones are not hIJ from tlict 1 though 
I be made leci'etly, and fafliioned beneath In 
the eaith, 

15 Thine eyes did fee my fubftanec, yet 
being im|ierfe^l : and in iliy book were all my 
memhers written ; 

16 Which day by day were falhignedswhen 
as yet there was none of them. 

17 How dear arc ihy tounfels unto me, O 
Goil ! O how great is the litm of them I 

18 If I tell them, they arc more in nimiber 
than the fand 1 when I wake up I am prefent 
with thee. 

19 Wilt thou not (lay the wicked, O God -. 
depart from me, ye blood-thirliy men. 

10 For they f|)eak unrighteoiifly againfi 
ihee;3nd thine enemies take iby Name in vain, 

11 Do not I hatt them, O Lord, that hate 
ihee 1 and am not 1 grieved with thole that 
I i!l- up againi) ihee ? 

ITlit VlBiDnnuas. 

irtr iL'mintcEX, 

Oiiiiirss or lubot 

tliiiu in. 



fur (.Jiullise, 

VarontEs D»Di tut 



Ustm ttt *i^f ''^"^ 

II Vea, I liate iheiD tight fore »«Ten a- 
though they were mine enemit*. 

;j Try me, O God, and r«k the ground I 

mylicnrLi prove mi'.and examine inyrhoiifth: 
1+ Look wtll if there be any Hiy ■>)' wii k 
ednefs in me : *nd lead nie in the nay tn; - 

PsaLM c:(L, firi/* of, Damiae. 
ELIVER mc, O Lord, fiom ilie e»il 
man ! and prefetve me from the 
wicked man. 

1 Who imagine mifrhief in (heir 
hearts i and ftir up itrile all the day long. 

J They have ftiarpeiied their tonguei like 
s ler|ient i adder's poilinn is vindcr (heir lips. 
4. Keep me, O Lord, I'rom the hands of the 
ungodly ; preftrve mc from the wicked men, 
who ate jHirpoiiid to overthrow my poing*. 

; The priiud have laid » fnsre tor me, and 
I'piei;! .1 net abrimd ivilh cord* 1 yea, anil tct 
irap'^ in my ivay. 

6 I laid tinto the Lord, Thou art my God : 
hear the voiic of my |>iayrr», O Lonl. 

7 O Lord God, ihon flrcnglhof my bcilth 1 
thou huA covered my lieitd in the day of hattle, 

B l.ct not the ungnilly have \\n deOrt, O 
Lord 1 let not hit mifrhievouR iin>ginalion 
prolpcr, left ihey be too proud. 

g Let till' miti'hirf ofthcirumi liptfiill upon 
the held o( them -. thai cuiipali me iihoiit. 



^ 13^} 

Mir«. The Pfalms, Da» »f. 

10 Let hoi buming coab fall npon ihcin i 
III ilicin bf calt inio ihi: Ait, and into the pit, 
Iliat ihcy niver rile iip ugiin. 

1 1 A nian fuil uf wonJi flixU not profptr 
upnn ihc caith : cvU (h>U hunt ihe wicked 
perliin to i>vcithrow him. 

la Sure I 4III ihat the Loiil will »vciie« the 
)>oot ; and malnrain the caiilc '>f the licTj)l<l'>. 

I) The ligbMoun alio Ihall ^ive ihnnkh 
unto thy Name i and lh« jiill (liatl cunlinuc 
in ihjr light. 

PiALM CXLI. Damiiu, lUnupoi. 

ORD, I call UBOU tli«, bulte thee 
untu me i ami confidcr my voice 
when I cry iimo thfc. 

I Let mv priycr be fel futlh in 
thjr fight ta the inctnie : atui lei ih< liflio); up 
ol mr handt be «n tvtniii)! lacrilicc, 

J Mt a watch, O LorJ, iK-fon: my moulb : 
ind keep the door ol' my lipt. 

4 O IcI not mine hentc be inclined to itiy 
ei'ilihini;: let me not be occupied in uneudly 
H'oiki with the men that wurk wifkconclii, 
Jill I Ml ot lut-h ihingi i,i plenle ihcin. 

J LtllbciigUtcuuiniihetlniiicmclticndly I 
.ind reprove me. 

6 But let not their prcciout bJmi break 
m^ bead i yeai, I will piay yet againtt ibeir 
nicked nelV. 

7 Lei their jiiilg^ei He ivcrlhtown in lloiiy 


ru Juggt * Ulm- 

fBiDim D< Juillri's 

i im rainr ta (fTDrfi|t 




ItDnoun'E Sttift. 

ntiDu i« ilciltl in 

and ]i[(iil bnl mi 
nor I [I. 

Day tg. The PfallTiS. Eft: 

placw ! <h*t Ihty may hc»r my wgrili, iui 
they «rt fwttt. 

8 Otir bonci lie fcatteted bcfoie the pit i 
iilce «s when one brwktrh and hewctli wuoil 
upon the carlh. 

5 Bill mini cyc^ look unlo thw, O Lonl 
GnJiiiithdiiHiyiruft.Oi-aftnotfiiitmy ibul, 

10 Keep me trorn ilic Inure ih»l ihty hjiv* 
laid fot IB* i and from (he iraps of Hu: wkkid 

1 1 Lrt the ungodly fill intu tlwir own nets 
logctlier 1 snd k-t mi: <vcf elclpe ihtin. 

P5AI.M cxLii. feet Bira aJ Damiitum. 

CRIED unro the Lord with mr 
voice ; yrEi| even tintn ih< Lofd' di*i 
I make my iupplication. 

I I pcmieil out ray complaints 
belore him : ami ilien'cii him of my trwuhlr. 
) Wlien my rpUil was in hcavine& ibou 
knewEft my path : in the way «v herein I walked 
have they piivily laid » fnare for me. 

q, 1 looked allu iipun my right hand i »nd 
fiiw thtre was tio man that would knoiv me. 
; I lisd no plaee to flee unto : ami no man 
cared for my foul. 

6 lericdimto thee, O Lord, »nd laidtThoii 
;irt my hope, and mypoviioi' iniht- land iif tin 

Brtiuia us titioilii SDini ilini oiTifliC \ i 
, 3n« nDDi ui Olid at aricart itt'.tj f 


7 Confider my complaint : for I am brought 
very low. 

S O Jclivcr me ftom my perftciitotB ! foi 
ihey are too (iroiig tor me. 

9 Bring my Ibiil out of prifon, thai I may 
give thanks unto thy Name : which thing if 
thou «'ilt giant me, then Ihall the righteous 
refort unto my compnny. 

Psalm CXLiii. Domme, exauM. 

EAR my prayer, O Lord, ind coii- 
fider my dchre : liearken unto me 
forthy truLhand righteoufne&'fake. 
1 And enter nut ijito judgement 
iviih thy fervanl : for in thy fight fhsli no man 
living be jullified. 

J For the enemy halh perleculed my foul j 
he hath fmittcn my life down to the ground : 
he hath laid me in the darknels, a^ the men 
that have been long dead. 

4 Therefore is my fpirlt vexed within roe : 
,»nd my heart within me is defoiate. 

5 Yetdo I rememberthe time pafti I mule 
upon all thy works ; yea, I exercife myfelf in 
[he works of thy hands. 

fi I ftrctch forth my hands unto thee : my 
foul gafpcth unto ihee as a ihii-fty land. 

7 Hear me, O Lord, and that ibon, for my 
fpirit waxeth faint : hide not thy face from 
me, left I he like unto ihcm that go down 
JnTij the pit. 

i«tici)iiirs aiutf. 

SrglE aiitr ntDtr bd 

Hi". 1 01 If. 

Otnct adirntii Dc- 

<i([im jnb gain: 
GlI in Itigii IlliUIn 

Ifaiune lilAoiiian, 

^ini lint port; tn 

It' lUJisi, 
Cotnr miiti ml in 


Wjtj (a 

The Pfalms. 


8 Olctnwhociliyloving'kiodnclibctiiDcv 

in iht morning, fcf in I'lcc i" my trutti (hiw 
lliou itif the way thai 1 (hcmW vrilk in, ("of I 
lil> im my l(Ju! unlo thcc. 

9 Dclivrimt, O l^n), ftom mine enemies ! 
fur 1 fl« unto lh« to liidc int. 

10 Ttacli me to do iht ihing that pleali^lli 
lliee, for thou att vnj God i let thy hiving 
Spirit lead me lorth inlo the latuk M tighlc- 

1 1 <liiicken me, O Lord, for thy NJime'v 
fake i jnd foi thy rightcouitieli.' fake brin^ my 
ibul out of Ii'ouhtc. 

IS And of thy goodners 0»f mine enr- 
mirs : and dellroy ill ihtm that v« my foul j 
I'ov I am ihy fervant. 


PsiLM L'XLiv. Btitidielui thfniatu. 

LESSED be the LotJ my ft(en|;th : I 
who icachcih my hnnda to war, and I 
my fingeti to light j 

1 My hope and my fotltefk, my I 
caitli: 111*1 dtlivcrcr, my defender in whoni 1 1 
tiultivvhorubduclh my people that iiuudcTitie. 
) Lord, what is man. iliat thou h«H Juch 
t>;rpc£l unto him :<ir the Ion of man, that thou 
I'o rega'dcft him ? ^ 1 

4 Man it like a thing of Douglit i his tiine | 
putlelh away like a lliiilow. 


$ fioi* thy hcavcDs, O Lard, and come 
.lown I touch tbc mountain^ and Ihe^ Ihalt 

6 Cifl fiitth ihy Hghining, and tcif them ; 
Ihoui out thine »nnw% and ronliiinr them. 

7 ticnd iluwn thine hand itoin above i dc- 
lircf me, and take me out of the grtaC natrn, 
from the hand of Ann^e children i 

8 WhoJe mouth tafkeih of vinitv : and 
tlieii right h.ind ii a tichi hand of «'il:kedtIe^!>■ 
9 I will lin^' :i new linig unto ihec.O Godi 

and fiiig jinilo unto thi-c upon a ten-It ringed 

10 Thou hall given viflory unto king): 
and hilt dclircietl David th]t fcrvunt frani the 
peril of the fword, 

1 1 Save me, and deliver me fmm the hand 
of" tttiingi- children ! wliofe mouth lalkcih of 
vaniti^, und their right liuud a i right hnnil i>f 

li ThatDurlonsinxy^rDwiiputhcyoimg 

pljnts I and that our dauglitcn may be a* the 
I" 1 1 idled loiiico of tile temple , 

I ; That i>iir garncrt may he full anil ]il<n> 
icoui with M manner of ftorc ; thai our Iheep 
may hring forth (houlandt and ten ihoufandi 
ill our Itirtts. 

14. That our (iirn nisy be ftmitg (n laliour, 
that there lie n<> dicay ; no Icidinj; mto eap- 
liviiy, and no complainiaB in our ftreets. 

15 Hsppy are the people that are in fiieh 

^ ^_-^ >fq ,-1 


B'JlIl fD'^rlll noi iJna tilllll. 



fn»t. |i[|giii, IM 

flan Wit. 


etc BMODlMlIC 

jrtirr, tnttt, MB 

11 tit 
and iti rs bBt 

UDimi mint. 

VltlSf ihC lltDUT 

•nn iiiiln, 
#er iim rhf rlibra 
inS gitn, 

Sloil no DIDEE* I sic. 

JFdi tiinri ^nuDiust 

Drfj ;o. The Plalms. Mfri. I 

1 cafe : yea, blelTed are the people nbo have 
the Lord for their God. 

Psalm cxlv, Exallabt U, D*ut. 

WILL magnifj' thee, O God, my 
King 1 and I will pralie thy Name 
^of tor CTCr anil trer. 

1 Every day nill I give ihinkn 
unto thee : and pniile ihf Name hr ever an>l 

3 Great id the Lord, and marvellfiiis "■""►>! 
to be pniilcd : there 'u no end of hi* gfeatncix, 
4- One generation (hail praile tny watk' 
unto aiiolher : and di-clart (hv power. 

5 As for Hie, I will be talking of thy yr<tr- 
IU'i\i ! thy glory, thy piiife, Mltd Wimilroi» 
work? I 

6 So that men llLalJ fpcak of the might of 
ihy nini'vellous i&i i and I will alio tell of 
thy {{"^atncl's. 

7 The mcmoiiat of ihine Abundant kind- 
nc ti (liall he Ihewcd : and men (hall ling of thy 
I igliteoiilnefs. 

il The Lonl isgracioo'i,andinervirulilong- 
fxilTering, and of great gocidneJt. 

9 The Lord is loving unio every man : and 

hii mercy i^ over alt hit wotki. 

10 All thy works piaife thee, O LonI latid 
ihy (aims give ihank^ unto llice. 

1 1 They llieiv the glory of thy kingdom i 

and talk al thy pou-cr ^ 





The Pfalms. 

Dxy lo. 

II Tim tliy p«Hcr,tb^sli>iy, antlmighti- 
ntCi of thy kingdom : migiit be known imlo 

13 Tb]r kingdom is an tvrrlaHins ki'ns:- 
Ui'iii : xnil (hy dixiitniun codurclii ihraugU- 
ou( all »f;t*. 

14, The Loid uphnldfth all fiirh ai fall ; 
iiiil liftclh tip all thuli: thui an; ilo«n, 

1 J Th« cyrtofatl wiiit upon thct, O Lon.1 -. 
ind ihon gii'cft iKcm tlicinnMi in <liit ftiliin. 

lb Thuii oprnrit ihilK hind 1 anil lillcll M 
l\i\ngi likini; with |ili-iitcciuliicls. 

17 Tile Lofil n riglntciuhin all h'u way* 1 
am! holy In ail hit woikn. 

ti The Lonl if niph unio all them tliai 
•,-ail tijK>n him : yea, all lOch ai uill upon him 

19 He will fullil (hcdcfiic nl'llicm lliar fc^r 
liiin : he iiSt) will lieir ihcir cry, Jiiii will help 

>o The Lorit prejcrvclh all lli«m ihst love 
him ; hiji fc^ittcrcrh abroad ill (he iingudly. 

11 My mouih (liill fpcak the praitc «t' iht 
I, '.lid : and kt uU flcDi give thanka unto hi; 
liuly Naiiic for evei' inil tvur. 

LSt CXLVI. LanJa, aauna mta, 

KAISEthcLonl.Omyruuli wliil« 
I live will I praili: (he Lurd 1 yta, 
u long 31 I have any being, I will 
line pmifn unio my God. 

aiDiti mill) tiinif 

jMlllU IHKlKn 

gtirctjiins lUlu. 
ttr Thiiu f piing or 

Ilttu mu&i in lie 
Inio me |giD. 

X O put noi yuiir (mil in prinrts i" ' : i 
my I'hilii of man : for ihcrr ii> no help in liitiii, 

3 For when tlie brcalh of man ([•■wlh fiitlli 
he Ihall turn ignln (o hit cinh : and then all 
his flioiipbtf pciifti. 

4 KJtlTcd ii be that halhlhcGoilof Jicxib 
foi Kis help 1 and Mhofe hope U in the Lord 
his God ; 

5 Who made heaven and carili, the fea, 
and all ihat therein i& : who kcepeth his pro- 
mile ('or ever i 

6 WIio hclpeth them tt> right that fuRVr 
wrong -. who leedeih the hungry. 

7 The Lord loofeth men out of prifon i the 
Lord glveth fight lo Ihc blind. 

S The Liiid httpeih them that are ^llen ; 
(he Loni taielh foi the rightemu. 

9 The Lord eareth foi' the ftrangersi hede- 
kndeih the fnthcrlcis anil widow : m for the 
way of the ungodly, he turneih i1 up(ide down. 

10 The Lotd thj- God, O Sluii. OxaW be 
King lu( eveimore ; and throughout nil gene- 
ral ion>. 

I The Lord doih buiid \ip Jemiklem : and 
gather together the out-cafts of IfracL 

3 He liealeth thufe thai are broken In heart: 
and givelh medicine to heal their fickncfc. 

4 He leilelh ihc number of the ftarn ! mil 
callcth iheni all hy ihcir names. 

5 Great isuvir Lord, and great is his power: 
yea, and his wifdcim is infinite. 

6 The Lord fcdeth Dp the meek: and bring- 
eth the imgodly down to the ground. 

7 O fing unto the Lord with ihaiikfgiving : 
fing pi-ail'cs uptin the harp unto our God j 

8 Who covctclh the heaven with douds, 
and prepareth rain for the earth : and maketh 
iht- gtals togmvv upon the mountains, and herb 
for the ufc of men j 

9 Who giveth fodder unto the cattle : and 
feedeth the young ravens that call upon hini. 

10 He hath no plealure in the [trcngth of 
m horfe i neither ilulighteth he in any man'& 

II But the Lord's delight is in them that 
fear him : and put their truil in his mercy. 

la Praife the Lord, O Jetufalem ; pralle 
thy God, O Sion. 

1 J For he hath made fail the bars of thy 
gales i and hath blefl'ed thy children wiihin thee, 

14. He makeib peace in thy borders : anil 
filleth thee with the flour of wheat. 

ij He fendelh forth hiscomniandmenl upon 
cartli : and his word runneth veiy fwiftly. 

Cdt ftiHilt. 

Gi IttDU «Diir 01 
riiDii ni'isi mitliiiii 


irti lalinl. 

i.1, i«(s iihii mil 

IHTilic luiiC mj 

tff (gulls I) ing fnnD 
I»tf41i 'lit IB"". 

Orfv i». The Pfnlms. £rca. 

I 6 He givclh ihow like wool : and Icaller- 
eih the hoat-froft like ilhcs. 

I? He calltth ("orth h» lec like mwlcls : 
who is able in nliittc his ffoll f 

iS Hi- icndcrti oul his wonl, and mclltth 
them ! he bioweth with hi* wind, and the 
nitcn (iow. 

19 Hr nicwcrh hi* word umo Juob 1 hU 
llatiiio j.ntl t>idinanc<s imro llhuL 

;o He hatli not dull fo nitli iiiy natiooi 1 

PSALM cxLVllt. /jtuJalf DamiHum. 

him in the height. 

i Prairehim,aI1 ycnngelKof bii> I 
iiraifc him, all his hoft. 

3 Prniii; liini, fun and niaon 1 praifc bim, 
all yc \\»xt mill light. 

+ Praifthim.slUehenvensi undye waWr? 
that arc above ihe he-ivens. 

S Let them pmifc the Name of the hciiA : 
for he rpjkc the word, and thiy were made } 
he c<*nimandcd, and ihey "fere created, 

G He halh made ihem t'aft forever and ever 1 
he hath given them a law which (hall not be 
broken . 

7 Praift the Lord upon earth : ye dragon*, 
iml ill deeps j 

i Fire and hail, fnnw and vapoun : wind 
and iWm, fulfilling his 'vird ; 


iJ^v ■\o. 

g Mouiilaiiis and all hills : fruitful trees 
and all redai-' j 

10 Beaft- and all cattle : woriilB and fca- 
ihered fuwls, 

11 Kings of the earth and all pccj]ile ; 
printes and all judgts of the world j 

1^ Vuung men and jtiaidtns, oM men an<t 
children, praife the Name of the Lord ; for hh 
Name only is ciccilenC, and his praife abovi 
heaven and earth. 

15 He lliall exalt the horn of his people ; 
all his faints lliall praife him : even the chil- 
dren of Ifrael, even the people that (erveth 

Psalm cxlix. Coalali Domino. 

SING unto the Lon! a new fong ! 

let the congregation of faints praife 


1 Let Ifrael rejoice in him that 
nude him : and let the children of Sion be 
joyful ill their ICing. 

3 Let them praile his Name in the dance: 
let them fing praifes unto him with tabrct and 

4 For the Lord hath pleafure in his peo- 
ple : and helpeth the meek-hearted. 

5 Let the faints he joyful with glory 1 let 
them rejoire in their beds. 

6 Let ihepraifesof Godhein their mouth : 
and a ttvo-edged fvrord in their hand.>i 


Cliuslitiili tiitti 

bmugti III Itlnts 

ID nouDlii' 

^ilhrt. tnlirili Itt 
lati. (fltl. iiD. 

DfiraTI (lom nil, jt 
[U[3rli, [iiio lOrcUsf- 
ino Gn, iDl)l<ll IE,fcc- 
JBmi. rid. 


The Pfalms. 


■j 'I'u be avenged of Uie hmhen : and to | 
rebuke tlic pcupk ; 

% To bind their kitigs in chslns i and (heir | 

nobles with links of iron. 

^ Thai they inav be avengtil of thrtn, ai 1 
i( 1$ ivi'ittcn I Such nonotir have all lii^ faints, i 

Psalm CL. Laadate Deminuvi. 

PRAISE Guil ill his holincl^ : praife I 
,^V him ill the firmament of his power. 
yjf % Pcaile him in his noble aAit 
praife Itim according to hit txc«lleot 

^ Pinife him in rhe found of Ihe trump*! i 
prailc him upon ihe lute and harp. 

4. Praile him ill ilic cymbaU and danceti , 
praife him u|)on the Hring* ind pipe. j 

; Pi'aile him upon the well-txined ciinibals j | 
praife hiin iipc.r (lie luuil eyinhals. T 

6 Let every thing that hath bicatli : pnllc 
I lie Lord. 

Forms of Prayer 

To be ufed at Sea, 

IT Tht Mornsng aad Eiiening Ser^tt to U aftdJtiUytft Sen Jhul! 
le tie fiime tvbicA h np^js'itfui in the Book *>/ Common Pr^yzr^ 

^ Tbeje miejo/ieziiing Priiyirs art to ht alfs vjed in ktr Majt^^i 
I^o'uy every day, 

ETERNAL Lord Cod, who abne rpreadcft ouirhe 
hFdvca&f and rukU the racing of rhcrcQ ; whi^hitll 
i^DmpaTcd the w:itfT4 wkh boundi until day and 
night come to an end ; Be pltafcd \a rcctJve mfo 
tfiy Almighty and moft gracious protcflion the prrrom *>f us 
thy fefvantB, and the Fleet in which we ferve, Prpfcrvc us 
from the dangers oi the fca, and from fhe violence of the 
enemy j that we may be a fafcguard unto our molt gradnuJ 
Sovereign Lady, QM^ccn FJCTORl^, and her Domininm, and 
a feturity for fuch a^ pafs on the Tea* upon their lawful occa- 
liona i ihat Lbe inhabEl^nta of our llland may In peace and 
quictnefa fervr thcP our Cod ; and that we may return in 
iafctj ro enjoy rhe blefling? of the land, with the truila of our 
labouiSf and with a thankful remembrance of thy mercies to 
prailr and glorify thy holy Namej through Jcfus Chrift our 
Lord. Amen, 

PREVENT us, O Lord, In alt our doingt, with thy mofl 
graciouG favour, and furthers with thy continue] help; 
(h^i in all our work^ begun, continued, and ended in ther, 
we may glorily thy holy Njrae, and finally by thy mercy ot>- 
Cain cvcrbAing life; through Jefkio ChriH our Lord- Amen. 

1[ Frayfri to he ujtd in Stvmi at Sea. 

OMOST powerful and glnrinua Lord Cad, at whofe com- 
mand the windi blow, and tift up the waves of the fea, 
and who ftilleft the rage thereof; Wc thy creatures, hut mi- 


[CTibl: Snnen, da In ihis our grut difliTfi tty unce thcc tai 
liclp : Sivc, Lord, or clfe we pciilh. Wc eonlcb, wbca wc 
hivr been life, and fccn all things quid iibiiul ui, we htir 
lorgol llicc our G«J, inJ ref'ufcd to hciikfn lo the Hill voice 
of thy wofd, jnd to obey thy cumnutndmf^nti •- But no*' we 
Ice, how tcnible thou Jil In att thy wotlu of wonder j the 
grdt Cod to be ftnti ibone ill : And rhcrefoie w< idorc thy 
Ulvine Majefly,ii;knawledginglhy pomtr.tni Impturing tby 
goodncli. Help, Lord, and live ui An thy merty'i fika in 
jctm Chriii thy Sof), our Lord. Ami9^ 

Or Jkh, 

OMOST gloHoui tnA gncloDi Lord God, who dwvlkfl 
in hcdven.buc b£lio^«J«A jH ihingt b^tow { IfOokJowiit 
wt bcfccch (her, ind hear ut, uUlnfi ouioE the depth of ml- 
fcry. ind out of the jawt <ti cM» deiih, which U ready now 
ro t'wiElow kisup : Sive, Lord, or clli: we per^lh- The Nvittf» 
[he hving, ihall priife thee. O fend thy word ^i commmd 
ro rebkjlcc the nglng windt. ind the roaring {r^\ that we, 
being delivered from this diftrefs, may iive to iVrvc thee, ao^ 
Ed gioiily thy Namf: aU the d»yi ol' our tjfc. He^r, Lvrd, 
iniJ faveus, tbr ihc inltnite menu of our blcfTcd Slviuur, tliy 
^□n, our Lord JcfuH Chrifl, jimtn. 

H 7'Af Pmyfr m ^efjiJ hfforc s t^gbt af Sa againjl j^y Ertrmy. 

OMOST powcrfu) and glorioub Lord God, the Lord u] 
hulh, that rulcA and ^mmandr^ all thin^i Thou 
fiEFfn in rhtr thmne judging tl|£hr,qnd ihcrcfbre urc nuke our 
aijdrcla TD thy Divine M^jcfly m ihia uur nccclhty, chil tbou 
wuuldeA lake c3^e caufe into thme nwr^ h>nd, jind juJ/c be- 
tween tja ind uur enemies. Sth updiy lltcngth. O Lord, and 
cun^e and help uii^ for tliou givrtt not ilway the birrlc tj ihv 
tirQR^t but cinft Uve by many or by few. O let nor Otir firu 
nuw cry n^jtinll ua for vengeincST but hear ui (hy poor fcr* 
vjnr^ begging mercy, ind impKiring ihy help, and thai thou 
wouMcCt l>c a delcncf unto iii a^JLuil Ehe fj^c uf (he enemy. 
Mdke it Appear thai ihou 4rE our Sjviour and ml^htj' IMI-* 
veTer, through Jcfji Chfift our Lord, Amrn. 

1 S'wrf Prgytrt fur fiagh /vrjviti^ livl cafnal BWrf tt^*i* tn 
PfiiVf w'lh itthrri. hy r/j/un ^f ittt FigAr, or St^tm^ 


to be ufed at Sea, 

General Fraj/ers. 

LORD, be iticrclful to us linncrs, and liivc u^ for thy mer- 
cy *8 fake. 
Thou arc thegrcjit God, (h^chjft made gnd mlc^aU things : 
O ddiv« ui ioT thy Njine's lake. 

Thau ^rt thf great Gud to be iured ibavc all : O r;ive ua, 
chat we rnjy pfjile thee. 

Special Prayers tvhh refpe^ to the Enemy. 

THOUj O Lord, aft juft ,ind powerful j O defend ourcaufc 
3gj'in[l the face or" the enemy. 
O Cod, thou art 4 J^rong tower of defence to all that Eee 
untD thee t O Jave ub trom the violence of the cnrniy. 
O Lord of hoL^i, 'iglit for ua^ that we may glorily thee. 
O fulfer us not to fink under the weight of our lin?, or the 
Violence of the eni-my, 

O Lord, arlfe, help ua, and deliver u) for thy Name's Jake. 

SiiQrt Prayers in fejfe^ of a Storm. 

THOU, Lard, that ftilleft the raging of tht ic3, hciar, 
hear us, and f^vc us, that we pcrHh not- 
O bItfTcd Sa viour, that did Fi Tavc thy diliiipips rE:idy to petllb 
in a ftoTtn^ hear us, and fave us, WO befecch thee. 
Lord, have mercy upun us, 
Chrilt, hive mercy upon U9- 
X^rd, have merty upon ua, 
O Lord, hear us. 
O Chrid, hcjr ui. 
God the Father, Cod the Son> God the Holy Ghoft, hi¥e 
mercy upon us, fave ui now and evermore. Amen, 

OUR Father, which artin hdiven, Hallowed be thy Narnr. 
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done In earth, A$ 
it U In heaven. Give m thia day our daily hreaJ. Aixd for- 
give ul our trefpalTcG, As we furgivc them thaE trefpafs 'ig^lni) 
us. AnJ lead us not into fcmpUtion -, But deliver us JToni 
evil ! For thine is the kingdom, The pow^r, a.nd the glory, 
For ever and ever. Amcn> 

IT ^yhfi there JhaU he mmincnr djiPger, .n tfijfiy ai can he fparett 
Jram nfcejjiiry Jcrtike in the SbiltJhaSt br enHeti togethcr^anji 



mail art bumitt Cbnfi^9nafit*!r_fint«GoJ: 1/1 It/ikt fVfr\ 
iifiiougkl ft'iiiiSy « rtfitS Bfit ilajt ft'lkultr fau a/ vihitl 
ha nnfciatir Jhall actufi Nm ; /yntig al fi/hvxtt. 

Tie Cas/e^ati, 

pf lit ihingj, Jjilgc of all men j Wc jilcnnwlcdg* inil 
hf ^.ij] oor [ndF)lfo^t dm jnd wkkedticfit Whirh Wf^ irom 
tim; Co time, moll gricvDully have commintil. By ijiougbc, 
word, and ittd, Again!) thy Dinnc MijcDy, Provoking mod 
juftiy thy wrilh iti4 imltgnjllon agdinA U4, We do rirneAfy 
rFprnCt And ite be^rnly foriy for ihcfe our mifdomgi i Tlie 
remtmbr^nce of them it giicvods unto uii The buTiien oj 
tKflm \i m:DleT.kbtc. Have tacTiy upon us, Have mercy upon 
m, moft merciful FathelJ Fo" thy Son outl-ard Jet'ulCbiiH'l 
(iilce, Forgive mall <hit >i pall) And grant thai we miy ev«[ 
hcreafiei Setve and plcaft thee In newneri of life. To the 
hiinoui and glory of thy Name J Through JeTu) Chrill qui 
J.prJ. Ameo- 

^ Then JhaU iht Pritp^jf tbtrt It any in tht&bip^prsMBunctthit 

AUAIGHTX Gulf, our liejvcnly F^iHcr, who nf hii gitM 
meicy hath pminiftfd foTgl^vntfiol tins taall chrvn ihaf 
u'ilh hearty repentance and criic faith turn unto him j HaVf 
mctcy upon yuu \ pardon anii deliver you from all your fin< \ 
contirm and llrengrhen you in all j^uodnefa, and bring you 
tct cVEtlaAing life ; through Jefus Chi-ilt our Lord, Amtti-, 

Thanifsiviag afur a Siarm. 
yuhitatt Om. Pfalm Inl. 

OBE joyfui in God, all yc landi : ling pnlfo unto (lit 
honour of hii Name, makf hlf pr4lfc to be gloriouip 
Sjy unro God, O how wondciful an ihou In thy Woilu ; 
through [he gre»tnefi of thy pgwei dull thine (ntroiet be 
Ibund tlan unro thti?- 

Forall ihewoild Aill worfhip ihte i Ang of thee, and prilfc 
thy Mime. 

O came hitliar, and beheld th« wofki of God i how wen. 
derful he ii in hii doing toward ibt childmi of men. 


He turned the fea inlo dry bud : fo thai rhey wcdc through 
the water on fbol { there did we rejoice thereof. 

Hemleth with his power for ever; his eyea hehold thepeo- 
pie ; and fuch as w\]\ Dot believe fhall not be able to etak 

praile ow God, yt people : and make ihe voice of his 
prjjfc to bt hr^Jrd - 

Who holdech oar foul in Ufb : and fulTcrech not out ftti 
to flip. 

Fur thou, O God, hjfl proved ua ; ihou alfo haft tried us, 
like Lis liEver js tried. 

Thou brooghtctt ua into the fnare : and laideA trouble upon 
our lainA. 

Thou fufiereJft men to ride over our headt ! we went 
chroughEireAnd water, and thou brou^htell us oullnto J wealthy 

1 will go into thiFie houfe with bumt^oIferingE : and will 
pay thee my vow% which I promlfed with my Itps, and Ipake 
with my mouth, when 1 waf in trouble, 

1 will offer unto thee fat burnt'lachliceB, with the inccnie 
of rama : I will olfcr bullocks and goats. 

come Iiithtr, and hcarktn, all yc that fear God ! and 1 
will telE you what he h^th done for my i'otil. 

1 called unto him with my mouth i and gave him prailb 
with my tongue. 

If 1 incline unto wickedneA with mine heart ; (He Lord 
will not hear me. 

Bill God hath heard mc : and conliderird the voice of my 

Hraifed be God who ha[h not call out my prayisr : dqt 
turned his mercy from me. 

Glory be to the Father^ and to the Son ^ and to the Holy 

Aa it was m cbc beginning, \b now, and ^ver fliall be : world 
without end. Amen. 

CoiifiUmini Domini/. Pfalm cvii. 

OGIVE thiriks unto the Lord, for he Js gracious ; and 
hia mercy endureth for ever. 
Let them give (hanks whom the Lord hath redeemed : and 
ilelivered from the hand of the enemy ; 


Forms of Prayer 

And gathered (hem out of the lini]i. fmm llie fa!), mil 

from the weEt : from the north, ind iVom the fauth. 

They went Jihiji in the wildernelJ out of the wijf i »nJ 
round no city to dvelt In i 

Hungiy tni thiiOy i their foul tainted In them. 

So ihiy cried unto the Lord In their trouble : ind he de- 
livered them from thtir dilheli- 

Hc led rheni Innh by the right wtj : diil they might ga 
to ihi city tthErc they dwelt. 

Olhitmen wnuldtheretarepnirethe Lord for his goodnefii 
and Jecl^re the wonden that bednethforthi thildten of men ! 

For he litiilieth tho empty inul -. and filleth ibe hungiy 
tuul with goLtdneli, 

Such as fit \i\ darkncls, and in the fhidow of death : btinjt 
hii bound in mifcry ^nd iron i 

Btcaufe ihry rebelled a^inlt the words of the Lor4 : and 
lightly regarded Ihe counfel uf (he mod Hl^heft ^ 

Ht alfo brought down rheiT heut through heavinefs : rliey 
fell down, and theit wvt none to help them. 

So when theyciled untn the Lorii in thclt crouble : he dc- 
tivettd them out of their diftreft. 

For he brQughEthemout of darknefa^andoutof the iKadou- 
of death : and brake their bundti in funder. 

O that men would therefore pralfe the Lord for hit food- 
nt^fa ; and declsre the wonders that he doQlh fur the children 
i>f men I 

Fur he haih broken the gatei of hrafa : and fmitten the 
bar* of iron In t'under- 

FooliHi men Are plagued for their offence : and beeAtife of 
thi^ir wickednefa. 

Their Ji>ui abhorred all manner of melt t and they wne 
even hard at death 'a door. 

So when they cried unto ihe Lord in their trouble : he dc- 
iiuereif them out of their dillrefi. 

He feni his word, and healed ihem : Ind thty wtrc {aved 
from their •Icfttu^ion. 

O that mm would therefore piaife the Lard for hit Eood- 
nefs : and declare the wonders that he doeth for the children 
til men 1 

Thnt they would efiei unio him the ftctifile «' thinJcf- 
fivini ; and tell out hii worki with gladnefi ! 

They thai go do*n tn the lea in ihipa i ind octupj- ihrir 
bulincEa in ^rcn wjEvr^ ; 

Thcfe men I'cc the works of the Lard : and hil wondcts in 
the drcp. 

for at hia word ihe flormf wind arifcth ; whkh Jifccth up 
the wavci rhrrcof. 

They are carrird up to the heaven, and down again Cp the 
deep : their foul meEttth Awsy becaufc af the trouble' 

They red to and fro^jind ftaggef like a drunken main ; mnd 
pre at thctf wtl's end^ 

So when they cry unto the Lord in their Croitble : he dc- 
livcreth them out of their diltrefs. 

For he makcth the rtorm to teife : lo thot the waves thereni 
are flilL 

Then are they glad, becaufe they itc at ttH : 'ind (o he 
bringeth them unto the haven where they would be^ 

O chat rncn woliM therelbie pralle tht: Loid Ibr hi^good- 
neCJ : and declare the wonden chjt he dotth tor ihr chddren 
of men ! 

That they would esixlt him alfo in the congregation of the 
people : and praife him in the feat of the elders I 

Who turneih the lloods into a wildernefa : and drieth up 
the water-springB. 

A fruitful Ijnd makdh he barren : for the wickrdnef} of 
them thai dwell therein. 

Again, he maketh the wildernefa a ftanding water : and 
water-fpringa ol a dry ground. 

And there hefettcth the hungry : ihut they may build them 
a city to dwell in j 

That they may fow their land, and plant vineyatdi ! to yrtld 
them Jruits of increalK 

He blelTeth them, fo that they multiply exceedingly : and 
lufftreih not their cattle to decreafe. 

And ag:3Jn, when they are minilhed, and brought low; 
Chrouj^h opprelTion, through any plague, or trouble^ 

Though he fuft'erthem to lie evil intreated through ty tan is: 
and let them wander out of the way in the wildcrnefa , 

Yet helpeth he the poor out of mifery : and mafceth hJTn 
houlholils like a flock of ihcep- 

The righteous win onn^Lertbii, and rejoice : and the mouth 
of all wickednef^ HtJlt be topped. 

Forms of Prayer 

Wholb ii Mle will ponder theie ihlngi ; ind ihfjr AiU 
unilerft4nd ihe iDvtn^'hmdneU of (he Lord, 

<;iory be Co Ihc Fjthci, and to tile Soil I »Di tO th« Hcly 
Cho'l) i 

At i[ was in ihe bepnning, i> now, and ever lliall be : worM 
wilhuuc end. Amen. 

OMOST blelftd and glniioui LoiJ God, who irt of infi. 
niregoodnefjand mere)' ; Wclhy poor ere jturei, whom 
ihau hill made and preletved, holding oui fouli in life, and 
now reJcuing us out of the jawiof dcjth.humbl;^ pTcleni ouf- 
fclvfs igjin belbre \hy Divine Mujertj, 10 offer 4 Uciilkr of 
pr/ild and ihaiilifgiving, for that tliou hsiideft u> when we 
cjiled in out trouble, and ilidft nut caft oot our puycr, which 
we mjde before thee in our giejl diflrell ; Even whin we 
gave all loi loll, our Ihlp, our gDuds,«ur Iivei,lhen dJdIt ihou 
mercifully look upon u&, and wonderfully Ci^mmand a dch- 
verante; for which being in Ufcty, do give all pr^iifr 
and gloiy (o thy hoi) Nauig ) thigugh Jcfui Ctiilt oui Laid. 

Or lAii 1 

O MOST miglity and graclnusgood Ood, ihj mercy ii ovrt 
all Ihy works, but in fpeclal manner llath been extended 
toward u&, whom thou haft lis powerfully and wonderlutty 
defended. Thou haft Hewed us terrible thingi, and wonderj 
in the deep, that we might lee how powerful and grji^rou> 
a God tliuu irtj how able and ready io help cljcrn tluf ftull 
in thee. Thou haft Ihewed u3 how both windi and leas obey 
thy command ; that we may learn, even from them, hereafter 
to obey rhy voice, and to do thy will. We therefore hleis dnd 
jglorify thy Name, fur [hi& thy mercy in laving ui, when <« 
were ready to perilh- And, we bcfeech thee, make us at (ruljr 
lenfible now ol thy mercy, a^ we were then of the danger : 
And gin ul hcurl! always ready lo elpreJi our tli an Itfulnefl, 
not only by wordg, but alio by our live*, in being more obedi- 
ent ro rhy holy eommandmeni?. Continue, we befeech thee, 
This rhy goodnefs to ui j that we, whom thou haft laved, may 
ferve thee in hollnefs and lighteoufncfs all the duyj of our 
lifej through Jcfus ChriH our l.ord and Saviour. WWr. 


to be ufed at Sea. 

Ajt Hymn o/Prai/e and T/iaakfgi'viiig afler a dangcrQus 

OCOME, Irt 113 give ihinica unio ihc Lord, for he is gra- 
cioLia : jnd his iHE^rcy cndnrFih for cvtr. 

Great ja thf LorJ, and greatly to be prjUcd j Itt the xe- 
deemed of ihe Lord fay fti i whom he hath delivered frtun 
the mercllefs rage of the fea. 

The Lord Is gracious ^nd full of cQmpaiIlon:l!nw lo^agcj^ 
and of grcar mercy. 

He haEh not dfslt with ui according Co our fins - neJther 
rewarded us according to our iniquities. 

But as the heaven h high above the earth t fo great hath 
been his mercy towards ua. 

We itiund trouble and heavmcfs : we were even at death's 

The wsiera of the fta hiid weM-nifih covered ub ithe proud 
water* bad well-nigh gone over our fouL 

The iti roared : and the ilormy wind liAed up the waves 

Wc were cariicd up asU were to heaven, and then down again 
Into the der^p : our foul mcllf^d within us, becaufe of trouble \ 

Then cried we unto thee, O Lord '. and thou dtdR deliver 
us out of our d^nrefs. 

DleHed be ihy Name, who didfl not defpife the prayer of 
thy fervants : but dldJt hejr our cry, and hall (kvcd us. 

Thou didft fend forth thy cumrruindment : and the windy 
florm ceafed, and was turned into a calm. 

O Jet us theretbrc praifc the Lord tor hi» goodneft : and de- 
clare the wondcia that he hath done, and Oill dorih fur the 
children of men, 

Praifed be the Lord daily ; even the Lord that helpcih \n, 
Jlnd potirelh his benefits upon li9» 

He is our God, even the God of wliom Cometh {alvation : 
God is the Lord by whom we liavc escaped dejth. 

Thou, Lord, hall made us glad through ihe operation ol 
thy hands : and wc wilt triumph in thy ptaiTe^ 

BlefTed be the Lord God : even the Lord God, who only 
doeth wondrous things; 

And blertcd be the N^me of his Majcfty for ever ■ and lee 
every one of ua liy. Amen, Amen, 


Forms of Prayer^ 

Glory br Co the pKher^ and &> the Sod : ind Bo Ebc Hofjr 


Aakwu fn rhcf be^iimng|I» now, :inil ever Hull be : world 
wUhauC end. Amen. 

z Cor, xliL. 

TH£ gTifeof our Lorii J^efui Chrin^ »ifid (he lover of Crtd, 
ahJ rh? ffplowlhip »I the H«ly GhoU, be with ut aU 

AjHr ViBafy or Drli'v^ratttf from an Enemy. 

A Pfilm or Ilynti nf Pr^'Jt itid Tb.ialijgiving after fiihry. 

IF chc Lard had aot bren on nur fide, now may wc Jay : if 
the Lord h^mfdf bdd noEhrcnon ouriidr, when mco nit 
up Afjirilt us i 

They hdd fwallowed u» up quick ; when they were To 
wmlhfiElIy diEplcafcd at ug. 

Vca, Ehe waren hiiil druwncrd u»f 3n<3 the tlre^im hud gone 
over our Caiii -. the deep waters ol' tIic proud had gone »ver 
out loul. 

Butprjiifed be the Lord i who hith notgivta u« ovef ai i 
prey unto thcm- 

Thf Lord hath wrought : n. mighty falvaTion for ui, 

Wc gjt not thin by our own [word, atithst v^-nb it our own 
^rm thjT (Jived ua : but thy right h^nd, jnd thine arm, and 
the lij^ht oE thy counEemnec, bfCdulc thou hadft i iitvour 
unto un. 

The Lord h;iEh ^tppearcd for us : the Lord hath covered our 
h»ds,dnd m:ide uii to Hand In the diy cfbaltle. 

The Lord hath appeared for us -- the Lord hiith QVcnhrown 
uLir eucmiea^and d^lhrd in pifcre thole that roEe ups^inJt ui. 

Therefore not unto uSf O Lard, qoe unio uaibutllolo thy 
Name be given the gfory^ 

Thr; Lord hath done ^reat things for u> : fhe LorJ hj(h 
done grejt rhingi foi u?, ibr whith *e rrjoicc. 

Our help Ibrideth In the Ndmc of the Lord i who halh 
ni^de heaven ind e^rtb. 

Bteffed be ihc N^nie af the Lord ; &om chii rime foith for 

Clory be to the Ftihcr* iod CO rhc Son i and do ibc Holy 
Gh.jft ^ 


to be ufed at Sea- 

As IE wjs in ihc beginning, \a now, and ffvcr fhall be i world 
vjchoLii end. Amen. 

IF y^/ler tbii Hymn may bt Jung tht ~Vt Dcum- 

O ALMIGHTY Gnd, the Soverei^jn Cnmmander of all 
the vrorld, in whofr: h^nd Is power iJiid mi^hc which 
none b able ti> wilhftand ^ We blifa and magnily thy great 
and glorious Name for this happy VJflory, the whole glory 
whereof we ili) afcribe to thee, whu jrl the only giver of Vii:» 
lory. And, we bele^ch thee, give us graee to Improve ihla 
greit mercy to thy gtory, the advancement of thy Cofpe^, the 
honour of our Sovereign^ and, as much » In u^ licth, to the 
^,'Od of all nnjnkJDd. And, we befeedi thee, give us fuch 
■J, frnfe of this great merc^, is may eng,tgc us to a true th;ink- 
fulnefa, Aich as may appear in our lives by ;m humblei holy, 
and obedient walking befoie tliee atl our days, through Je- 
{us ChFJEt uur Ldf(1 ; to wham with thee and the Holy Spi- 
ritf as ibt atl ihy merc^e^i, {o In pirticular far thJs Vi^ory and 
Deliverance, be all glory and honour, world wlchouc end^ 

a Cor, Jiii- 

TH£ gnce of our Lord jefus Chrilf, and the toveof God, 
and the letlowfli'lp of the Hoty Gholl, be with ub all 
evermore. Amin- 

At the Bufiai o///j/rir Dead at Sea. 

^ The Orcein the CoTNmon Prjyer-booktnjy be uftd; anlyin^tad 
ij/';if/fit«'-(rf*[Wcihcrefnrc commit his body to the ground, 
earth lo earth, (^c.'\jay^ 

WE thcrcfcre commit Mi body to the deep, to he turned 
into corruption, loolting for the refurre^ion of the 
body* (when the Sea Ihall give up her dead,) and the life ol 
the world to come, through our Lord Jelui ChrlA \ who at 
his commg Ih^li chiinge our vile body, that it may be like his 
glorious body, a? Cording to the mighty working, whereby he 
i& able to fubduc all things to himfelf. 


The Form »nd Manner of 
Mikbg, Ordaining, an<i Confccraiing of 

Bifhops, Prieftsj and Deacons, 

A«ordirig CO the Othltf o£ the 

United Church of England and Ircbnd. 

T it rvidttfS unt> aU mtti Ail'iently rtdJinj^ xbe l^lf 
&rifturt und ane'itni jinrAvn, rAai fnm the ^p«j^ 
ilti" timt ibirt hatii ifrff U'tj'e Ordfr> uf Mmijltn 
in CJi/ijTt Chu'ibi Bijbopt^ F'ltjh, atii Dcjci/m. 
ffi'-iA Offim ivt'f fvfrmarf jjrf it JuiA rrvtre/ij Kfiimittn;>n^ 
^hn fo miiH migt'l f'rtfumr m rxttult any of thim, fXftpl btVHri 

A'l Ti^Mifiiifir rhtjamti etui t!fi hy futifUc Prayrr^ ^ijh /k- 
p^ilisn of HanM.'Wfit iifpravrJMii admilitit thtraitSi hy Imv- 
fui Authjfiry. AnJ litrtfvre^ to the inunt tbfit rh/jt OrJi't 
mayii cm'ttiutdt at J ri^vrinrlv HjtJ and /JttfmeJ, it tin O'^iftJ 
Chunb o/'EiUjlind and ItrUnd ( is man ^U he tm^vjut.i »f 

Chti'th P^EnjUnd aad ht\xa6,,or fnffered iv etetme attytfUt 
jWhi FunBhniytvirft ** U taUtd, ttttJyt.tan'mni, ^iJadmiUfd 
:Atrtiinra, at^ardinj* 19 tht Fsrtn ht'eafi" /a^'/wwi^t^fSr h*rrh tijJ 
ft/rmcriy F-ftifc^Jfaf (Unfurathrt^ ar Ord'tafiba. 

Atid ri-ne Jbatl ke admiffed tf Dla^\ mfpt V ^ TWh^- 
fbrtt ytari iff age, u/tttjt ie ha-ve a Facuily. Amd f^?fy mj* 
^virtib " io he adnttied a friijf Jhall ht ft/U FiU'-a/rJ-nvfr'v 
^fdn tld. And t^'ity aiaff 'wintb ti to h vrdained cr C-^Jt^taUd 
Biihoppitil Ujutly Tiinyytitfi ofaii. 

jinA tfv Bijh>p>y tnoivin^ thhtr ty ^mfelft or hy Jjiffuifnr 
uji'imitny^ any Ptrfon 10 he n itxin of tirimi-v tt/rt^rfaeitXf a*^l 
TVjf^diff crimt; jndf f/ttf Jirdmin'if.'ioit c»J tn-j/f ^iJ^n^ iin 
Ucr-ned in rbe Lalm Tittgut^ and (^^iimtiy mSr^hd i« Mty 
&npzartf tB.iy .tt the time* ^pfBinitd i" tbi UinsA, ar lijtf «tr 
ur^tf/f/ oii.i/i'/n^ nyeH jume <ttber Sittday or My-Jiry, » tirefitt 
i/the CAurcb, tittmn him d Dfattn^ in/utb mannir and Jerm at 

t'tr/Aftcr f'tilwtftlh. 



The Form and Manner of 

Making of Deacons. 

5 »^M rii Jjy apftaiid ty ibe Si/bap is cowe, aficr Maming 
Prayer ij iitjid, IhC't jhjti he a &rm}a or ExUrlel'ioti, lii- 
clarmg <ht Duly and Office of !,ck ai mme ta te aJmili^d 
Diacanii hmo inugurytbat Ordtr h :k ihs Ciur.-lMif ChriJI, 
aKd al/e, hew Ibr fnpli augii in tfictm ihem in ihtir Office. 

T Firji the AcchdencQn^ or his D/putv^ pall p'rknf itnto tht 
Bijhep (Jilting in h:i cliuit nrjj (o i/,r holy TMc) jueh ai 
defire la te orjaimd Dejcom, (racb of ibem iring diceorly 
hahittJi) favirig ihefe tuordi^ 

^<^EVEREND FJlhrr in God, 1 picfcn! uFito yi>u 
^ theje pt^ijjn^ prcfiint, lu be admUti^d Dcacanst 

Tbe B.Jhof. 

TAKE heed ibit ihc pctfun!, whom ye prefent unto uj, 
iit ipl and meet, Ibr their learning and godly convc:- 
fjiion, tu rtcrcile thrit Minifin; duly, to ihe honour ot Cud, 
and ihe edilyinB ol' hi! Church. 

If T/ii jinbdeiiiiit Jball arf^vcrf 

1HAVE enquitfit of ihcm, and alio ciamined them, and 
Chjnk tljem I'j ro be. 

H Thin ihe Btpsp jball Jay late ihe fesfle i 

BKETHRES, if there be any of you who knnweth any 
Impediment, ot not4L>k Crime, in any of ihcfe prrfoiiii 
prelented to be ordered Deacons, (ut the which be imght not 
lo be admitted to thjt Office, let him came forth in the Name 
of God, and Jhew what the Crime or Impediment is. 

^ ^nd if ffTty grvat Crime or ImpedimcKl Ife ohjeSifdj tbe Bijhop 
JbaU Jiircejje from Ordering rbal perjcrt, unlit juth limi ai ihe 
pari\ actufed fhatf lie fo-jfid eirar of I till Crime- 



^ Ttfi it/ Bijhjp (•.■^mmindmi jixh ai fitill ir fsaid mat n 
ti O'dmd 10 1h< Pinyttjlhi Ca'^riggtiaii'ipatU^tunh ili 
Cif^ jff J pe^^li fnjtntf ^ng *r jay ibe l^rsry^ w^b :*' 
trt^t tl Jitliru/tlt. 

The lAlany end Suffragrs. 

OGOD the FJlhcr, uf heivcn : h<ve meny upon ua OU' 
(ciablc fin n CIS. 
Cvd lit Faibtr, af btavi* : Icvt mtrij nfni « miftntlt 

O Ood tbr San, Redeemer oT the world ; h>vc RICIC; upon 
ui mifenble Tinnen- 

Cad ihi Sm, Ridamtr tf tht vierld i tav* mruj xfim u 

O Cud ihe Holy Ghull, proceeding fcom the Fjthei tni 
the Son ! have mcrty upon nt milerjblr finneri, 

God ibc Ihly Gh(iJi,fri>;itdmifTam thi t'-ahtT mud itf 
Sui i Ajv£ m/riy vj^n ui miferjiU^nntfi. 

O holy, hlfffe.f, anii glorioiii Ttinity, Ihwr Pfrfoni ind 
one OoJ : have mei<y upon m nillerible linnm. 

(w/y, hlijjtd, ^'d glc-km Trimly, itrir frrjoai and tn 
Gad : ftuvi mrity upt'n m miJe'ghUJlniifi. 

Remember not, Lurd, our alfenie^, nuT the otfencetaront 
/brcTathcrs \ neilhei [Jkc ihuu vcn^incc ol «ui AnI I Tp^re 
lit, good Lord^ fpare thy peoplci wboiTi chotj h^ft fedeemciJ 
wtEhthy EnoApzfcioii&b]ooi,9ndben"t jngry witii ul fuiever- 
^^r< HI, fas'/ £4p^^ 
Fmtn all evil and iinichict'j frum fin, from (he ctitfti «nd 
jITjuIti of' the dtvl] I tfrxn thy wnlh, anJ Iroin everllfti'ig 
bj J m nation, 

Oosd Latd, dtlnvr m. 
From ulf blindEkefa of heart | froin ptidf, v/in-glitry, InJ 
hypacrii'y j ftom envy, hairedi and miUc<i and all unchiri' 

&orf tofrf, dtlitllr US. 

From fbmintJon, inJ ill orhFi de idly lin ; and tcom lU 

the deceia of the warlJ, the di Ih, anil the devil, 

Csod i- <-■/. lltiittr III. 

From lightning anil tempeAi fiom pliguc. pcRi knee, and 

liimine i Irrnn battle dnif rnwrdert and triin^ lui^den d»th, 



The Ordering of Deacons. 

From il[ fedilion, pt'ivy cunlpincy, and rebdlion j (Vom 
lU tJiredofb^nei hcTcly, and /chifm ; from haidnffs ofhcjrt, 
4Ad conUiDpt of thy Wonl ind Commdndmrnt, 
Cvcf' Lcrti, JfUvtr Hi. 

By rhc myf^rry oF (hy holy LriCJrnjiion i by ihjr boLy Na- 
rivlfyind Clrcumcifion | by thyBapcifmi FalUng, ind Ttmp- 

fTuiW iar J, drlivrr w. 

By thine Agony ^nd bloudy Swc4E ; by ihy Crofs and 
PjlTioni by rhy prfdous Death and Hurjil f by thy glarious 
RcJ liiTCction and Arcfnrioni lad by (hi coming oi lh« HoU 

^W Lcrd, Jfitvfr ■!< 

In all lime of our tribubt^oa j in all Umr of out wcAlch ; 
m the hour ol deidii and ^n the diy ol judgcmcat. 

We tianen do bcJ'ecch chce Eo hcjt ii&f O Lord God ; and 
[haE ir iTijy plejff thee Eo rule and govern ihy holy Church 
univerfdl In che right wjy j 

That ii may plcd/e thee :o keep ajKlArrnglhen in ihc (rue 
worthip^irig uf thrr» In tiKhtccTLifncfi And Jio1in«l< uf lilt;, 
thy Scrvjni yjCTORJAj out (noft gudom Qoccn and Go- 
v;:Tnour ; 

H^e bejtech thrt ta hiar uj, prnd Lard. 

ThdC h may picafe chre to rule hrr heart in thy fatth,f^ri 
and lovf, and that Oi# may evcrmotc hav* aUiance in thee, 
jnd ever feeic Ihy honour and glory i 

That it may plcife rhec \n be htr dercnJcfj ind keeper, 
giving hci the viSury over fl]l hcl encmirj ; 

^t befrrsh itte te brar ut^gaod Lnrd^ 
Thai icntiy ple^felhce tublefii and ^nietvr ji/iicri EJtifiirii 
Prince of fy^Ui, the Prmcda of ^tf/«, and alL the Roy-I 
t~atni]y \ 

f9^e btjtnh tkn ro hiar vt, ^fmd Lard* 
That i| m*y pleile thee to illuminate ill Bllhops, Prlefti, 
and Deacons, wirh "uc knowlrifgp and ursdciflflnding of thy 
Word ; and that both by their preaching and living they may 
ir trrrrh, anjl Qifw 'ic ii-iTrtTilinelv \ 

The Ordering of Deacons. 

That h 

H't bijrtih lint ffl Aear kj, gui^J h>rd. 

f^rviniS} now 

to be admitted Co the Ordrr of Deacons, [or Prirjij^ And to 
puf thy grace upon them \ (hit they may duly enccule their 
Ortitc, to [lie edifying of thy Church, and ihc filory Qt chy 
hci]y Njmci 

/^ beftiih ihet :o fitar uf, g^ej httd. 
Thjiit mjy plcjle chcc to «n<Jueche Lordaof the Council, 
and all the NobilUy, with grace, wlldom, and undcrlUnJing y 
^r bejrtch tbet m hear ui, good Lord. 
Thai It may pledle thee to blefs anJ Jceep the Mdgrftnite<i 
giving them grace to execufe JLiftlce, and lo m^mntl'i truth ^ 
Ift hcjeeck 'het to htjf vJ, gr/od Lord, 
Tfiat it may pi cafe thpc ti tlcfs 4iid ke*p jll thy people ^ 

ff< bejetib fhet to htar hi, ^oqJ LvrJ. 
Th^t il mjy plcafc thee to gii^c lo al] nittlom umty* puce, 
and concord ^ 

^yf hfjneh rba tv hnr aj, good Lord, 
Thar it may piai'z t\iev to ^'we us an heart to lovr and 
ilrcid thee, and diligently to live Jifter ihy to mm and mc Jits i 
Jf'e Itjiech fivf to hear wi, ^b'ld Lt'rd. 
That it mjv pltjfe thcf to give ro utl rhy people incrcjle 
of ^racc to hear mceJtly :hy Word, and to Kcciwc Ic *ith 
pure aff'eftUn, and to bring ibrth the fruio of the Spirit^ 
We hejttch thic ta htar ui^ good Lcrd. 
Thit il mty pleafe thee to bting int^ the way of truth ill 
fuch ai have rrrc^dj and arc drceJvcd; 

/►^ hffetcb ttet II hear fti, pwJ L'?'-f/. 
That JC may pieale ihee to Arengthen Tuch di do ftandj 
ind to conr^bit and help ihc wMk-heirfed \ and to ra'Hc up 
them tliatfjH ; and linally to beat down Satan under our feet ^ 
ff^t hfji^ih liife lo bear m, £Utfd Lord. 
ThiiE it may plrtifc chf^c to fucizourf help, and comfort, all 
that are in danger, neccllily, and tribulation j 

fi'f htfttch thee to hfjr ui, good Lofd, 
That it may plcaie thrc to preliTVq jII that irivel by Imd 
gr by v/jtcTj a«I women bbourlng ol chiid, ill fick pcilbn^. 
jnd young children ■ and to ihc^v thy pity upon all pitlbnen 
ind capiivtij 

/fif Df/Irc^ thee to hear its^ good LarA, 


TJie Ordering of Deacons. 

That U may pleafc chee to defend, and provide for, Ihr 
radicrlf ]<i childien and widows, aad all that arc defohtc and 
upprplTetl ^ 

^"'f hej(tch riff ra hear m, good Lp/-*/, 
ThiE it may plijlc thee to h^vc mercy upjn jII men ; 

/^'j: h''Jtecf: ibfe to hf-ir u»j goo*/ icrj/. 
That it muy pl^jlP the? to forgUc ugr enemies, pcrlccu- 
tors, and Hi^ndcrcrf, and to turn their hi-art^ i 
/^f bejceih ihie tn be-tr m, good Lard. 
That it may plcale thte to give and prPlerve to our ufe 
the kindiy fruit! of the earth, fo as in due time we mjy en- 
joy them { 

fFe lejtech the So bear uij good Lord. 
That it may plntc thcc to ^jive iis true repentmcc; to 
lorgive ue n\\ our lins, neglJgenceSf and ignorances \ and to 
endue us >vith the grace of thy Holy Spirit to amend our hve^ 
according to thy holy Word \ 

ff^e bejfrcif thee to hear bj, g^ad Lord. 
Son of Cod : we befeech thee to hear U5, 

&jfi ofGod ; tve bffercb ibee lo hejjr us. 
O Lamb or Cod i that tikeft iway the fina of the world | 

Grant Hi thy ptjte. 
O Lamb of Cod : rbac Eakcll aw^y the liriH of the wjrIJ ^ 

Jiu'Vf nseny upon ui. 
O Chrill, hear U6. 

O Chrtffj hear us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mernf upin as, 
Chrit^j have mercy upon ii3. 
C^rijif Ad«f intr,y upon us. 
Lord, h.ite mercy ijpi>n us. 
L rdj Aave mercy ufHiH bi. 

H Tben fbail the Priefitand tht people wkb bim^fiy rbe Lt,rd'i 

OUR Father, which art in heaven, H.illowed be thy Name. 
Thy Jfingdom come. Thy wjll be done in earth, A^ 
it ie in heaven- Give U6 ihie day our daily bread- And for- 
give us our trelpilTcs, As we forgive them that trefpalb jgainft 
US' Add lead us not inTu temput^on ; Bot deliver ua from 
fvil- Amen. 


The Ordering of Deacons, 

l'riij>. O Lord, Scji not with us iflcr our fins. 
Aoj'iiMr. Neithci Jtviiti at ilia our Iniijutlict. 

Let ut pray- 

OOC)l>, merciful Fitticr, [hit defpircft nat Uie (ighiriE 
pf 4 conlrttr hrait, nor rhtf *lrfirc of fuch is be forrow- 
fill i Me»i:jFiiHv JtTift uur priycra rb-il wc mjkf before lh« 
in jIt uur troiibEci jnd ditvrrlitioi wh^inlnrvrr they ofpnfi 
Li^ ; .mH grji^iouOy h»r ob» thjt tltoie tvik, which the cnft 
4nd lubtifcy of Ebp dtvil or man utirkrEh n^^inlt us b« 
brought to nought i ind by ih( pmvidcntt of tlij- gooJncii 
[hey iruy be dilpftiei j that we thy fcrvants, bring liuit by 
no pf ilfcuiions, may rvctmnnr ^iva thwki unto ihce in thy 
holy Church ; thtuugh JrTus Chfill our Lord. 

Lard, ^r^i ^'^f^ Wj durf Jtil'Vir i/sfor ihy Ni"nc*l^h, 

OGOD, vie hive hnrd »iih our m(s, jnd out lillicn 
hive dfctared unio us, tht nodit i^nrlu [h<)t ihou didlt 
in their diyi, jnd in the old time lielbrc them. 

LarJ, arifi, Mf hi, end dilivtr us Jar th'mi huntiir. 

Clary be le the y*liier, and ID the Son i mil (a iho Holy 

A'jviir. Ai it was in tl)r heglnning, isnow.and cvtt JhiU 
be i world vvirhouE rnd. Amen. 

From our eneiiiiti defend us, O Chril!. 

Gracioajly luA ufon our j^t!Hun:, 

Pilifuiiy behold the lorrows ul uuf hejttt. 

Mvftifutly ffrgi'iie tbfjins «f thy peo/iU. 

F.ivouTibly with mercy heir otit pr^yera, 

Q Son of D.ivU, hnvr m/ny upon tii. 

Both nuw sn'i ever soucbfijfc to hr«r vi, O Ciiriflh 

Grgchujly bar ui, O CbriJI ; gralKUjIy biar ui, Lird 


Pri^Ji. O Lord, let Ehy mf rey be fhewed u]ioa u* j 
Aiijfvir. \i we Jo put our Eruft in thee. 

Let lit ri^X' 

WE hunilily Scfctdi tiiee, O F^lhet, mercifully lo look 
upun out infirmities ; and ki the e^oTy nl liiy N-iiiie 
tutu fVoin ui ill thofe evils ihll we moil rijhtpoully hjve 
tlfferfeii ; mi grant, thii in ill our troublei we n.iy put uur 



wjiate trult and contidenCF in chy nieicyf and Evermcrc ietvi: 
thcE in holinefs and puretiefa of living, to thy honour and 
glory i through our only Mediator and Advucate, JcfusChiin 
our Lurd. A*ncR. 

^ Then jhall he Jung or f aid the Service for lie Oimmartio/t^ivifA 
the (kiU^t Efiji'e^ and GaJfJ, asjlUvwerh. 

ALMIGHTY God, who by thy Divine Providence h*ll 
appoinicd divers Oidera oi Minirtera in thy Church, 
jnd didit inlpire thine Apoltlei la chuol? inlu the Order ot 
Deacons Ehc lirjl M.irtyr Saint Scephcn^ with olhers^ Merti- 
Eully hthold iheJe tby iervmits now called to the: like Oflitc 
and Adminllb-sliLrn ^ rcplcnilh thrm fo with thr irulh of thy I 
Dodririf, Bud adora ihrm with Jniiuctncy of Ut'c, ih^E, both 
by word And good fKJtjiplc, thry may failiirully feine thee in 
thii Office, iG the glory of thy Name, and the edification of 
thy Church ; through the merits uf out Siviourjefua Chrift, 
who iivcih and rrlgncth wlch thee and che Holy Ghoftj now 
uni for Tver, jimta. 

the EpijUe. i Tim iii, B. 

LlK.EWlS£mun [he Deacons he gravf^notdoobletongited) 
not given ta much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre, hold- 
ing the myftrjy ni the &'iih in a pure confcirnce. And Idi 
thefe fllfo firl! be proved \ then let them ufc rhc Office of a 
Deacon, being found blarnelcA, Even fo mult their wlve« be 
grave, not ll^nJerers, Iut>t:r', l^iihful in i[l thingi^ Let the 
Dcdcona be the hurhjnd:^ of unc wift:, ruljng thdr children 
und their own houfes wtlL Fot they that have tiled ihc 
Oflice of J Df^Jcon well pgrchafe lo thpmfelvea a good de- 
grce^ and great boJdnefi jn rhe faith whkh id in {l\\x\i\ 

Orclfi thit^ out tifthtfixth of the Acis o/tht Apofiks. 

THE.N the- twelve called the multitude of the dirciplra 
unto tliemf and f.iid, It is not reafun that we lliouFd 


The Ordering of Deacons. 

lciv« the WurJ of God^ anJ fcrvc UbUi. Wlicicforc, btt- 
rhr^n, look yc out among you t'cvsn men of hfmcft icpDrt, 
fnU of the Huly Glluft anJ wiWom, whom we mjy appuint 
uvrr thil bulincfs- But we wiU j^ivc ourfclvrs cx^ntiDUHHy to 
prayer, and m (he mlmflr^' of the Ward, And the fijing 
plr^Ied the whale mulliEudc, And (hey chofc SlepheUi J 
man full of fdiEh, and uf^ the tialy GKoft, ind Phjlip, and 
I'ruchurua, and Nlcanor, and Timon, anil Pjtmenai, ind 
Niculu I pmralyrr of Ancioch i whom cbev fc( belvrv fh4^ 
Apot^Jcii jnd, wh^n Ihcy had prayed, they kid ihtir h.iii'l^ 
OTI ibem> Apid [he Word vi GoJ inireiffd, and the numtid 
of the diftipltfi multiplied in JemUlcm gte^tly, and « gi*Ji 
company «f (be PiJcIb were obcdJenI :u the Ijith. 

^ Wfli^ if/fiftf rfif Gc/pti, tht Bifhopy fiHln^ m hit tbair^jhttl 
ija/i tka O-ilb if rAt ^t^j Suprjrn^iy.aad^igairi^ iiiefcvitr 
and authnnty tf ^lU Jirtign PA^imauty It hi minijierai xntt 
every one nft^tm that art » bt- OrdcTtd^ 

The Oath Gj'xht ^ttn'i Sa^ffrfigioty. 

I A. 8. do fwc-ir, ihai I do from my heart abhor, dvtcA| 
and 4&jurc, at. impiuui and hcreticjl, ihat djmiubU Doc- 
trine and Polirion, (hat Princo excommunicated ar deprived 
by the PopF, ot any Aulhorily of the See of Rome, may be 
deposed ur murdered by their Subjc^tsi or any other wh-ttfu- 
rvrr. And J do declare, ^hat no foreign Prince, Perfon, 
PrcUre, Suie, or PLXcnfAtC, hatb> or uu^ht to have, my 
Jurifdietionfc P^wer, iuperiurity. Pre-eminence, oi Autho- 
rity. CccleGiiAkat oi Splniua], within tbii R«j]m. So ir/p 

% Thi"$ jhall tht Bifhop tj^^nHine Ftury ^ru of r^rm that a'l le- 
Iv O'dindf in ihe pn-Jiicf of ihe piofle^ •'ft"' tAh mjntitr 

DO yoii rnift you are inwjfdiy moved by the Holy 
Clioft to tflke upon you thij Offinf an^* Minirttitiori, 
CO icivi Gol for the pfomoirns *' ^'> K^ory, jrid the *.-iiiy- 
ing of bit people ^ 
Afjiof I rruft fiK 


The Ordering of Deacons. 


Tht Bjhop. 

DO you Ihink that you arc iiuiy calE«d, according ta rhe 
xsitloE'aur Lord Jcfus Chritl, nnd ihc iluc Order of this 
Rcdlnif To chr Mimilry of rhe Church ? 
Apf'wtr^ i thinlc iu. 

DO ycpu uTifdgncdly helievf all thf GjDonical Scriptures 
ot the Old and Kew Tcflatncnt ? 
jinjiuer. 1 do believe them. 

ILL you diligently r^ad thc^ Gme unro thcf peoplr af- 
rambled in the Church where yuu ihull be appointed 
TO ferye ? 

Anfivtr. I vfill, 

I T appertiintth to the Office at' i Deacon, in the Church 
_ where he fliil] be appointed to fervc, to affift ihe Prlert 
'" Divine Service, and fpccijEly when he mimftereth the holy 
^ommunian, dnd to help him in the diltrlbiition thereof, an) 
Co read hcily Striptiitcs and Homilies in the Churchy and to 
inftruO thL- youth in th? Caiechifm -y in the ablence uT the 
IVicft to bjpciEP infitnls, and tu prench, if he bc admitted 
[hereto by the Biihop. And fiirthermorc, it is bis Office, 
^hcTP provifiun la To madef to Jearch lor the Tick, poor, and 
impotent people of the P-inlh, to indm^Ie their clUtcs, namea. 
and places uJiere they dwells unEo the Coratr, that by hh 
exhortation they may he letieved with the alma of the Pi- 
rilhlonerf, or others. Will you do this gindly and willingly 't 
Anjiucr^ 1 will ^ do, by the hcEp of Gud. 

The Sip'^p. 
ILL you <<pply all your diligenqe to frame and fa^ion 


your own lives, and the lives of your Ismllies, dC' 
trjfding to the Dc^rinc uf ChTTftj jnd to make bath your- 
f[:]ves and diem, jfl much as in you Ueth, wholc^kirnc exam- 
ples of ihc flocJc of Chnft ? 

j^nfiivr. J wjj] lb dit, ihe Lord being my helper. 

WILL y<ju rtvtrcnrly obey your OMinif^^ ani othfj 
chic: Minlftti* ol the Churchy 4iid tbfm to uhom 
the charge and gitvcrnmehC "*er you is (ominttteOi foltovp- 
ing wich > gljJ miriJ ind will their goilly cJmonUtoni ^ 
v^n/uv, I will rndcivour mylclf, ill? LorU bring my 

1 TAen rht Btthtp hyiiig bit H-iiiii Jrxvnl/y vf^n tbt I£/aJ tf 
ctvy tftf tj rbtmj bttmhly knrittag hrfi.rt him,fixt!ipy^ 

T7\KE choii Auihnrrty Co fiecuE? the Olfi^r ot' x Ducon 
in the Church oT Gi>iJ cominicuJ unto ibrr ( In ihf 
Nam? of the F^thcttindo/th? Sontand of thr Hdy Chofl. 


^ r*fl< jAd// /i* BlJJ^f, dtlkfi' to every eat ij thtm tM Nnv 
Tfjf-imnit, /**yifi£, 

TAKE ihou A"lhi>rity to rcjil the Golpcl hi (he Churcli 
of Goi, and iu pC'ich the LJmc, it thou be iherflu 
licenfcJ by rhc BiAop himfeJfp 

^ Jivi fff' ff tAtmf aj'^.iMt4 hy she Bifhof^JlMli r^J tbt 

St. Luke xiL 35. 

LET your Uiint bf girded uboul, itnd youf li^hli burning \ 
jnd yc youtrclvfs like unlo men thit a'iiC Ajt thm 
lA>rJ, whrn ht^ wiJI rcfufn irom \hc wfJding j ChiiF, when 
hr comt^th And kaockrcli, (hfry ntiy oprn unio him immt' 
iiLJTr]y» BUllird jrc ihoEc ffrv^nti, whom <h« Luni nhcn 
fir Lomcth fh,ill find wjiching. Verily J lay unto -jov, ihat 
^e []u[J gifhi hlmlirl^, and makt^ them (□ lit rluwn to meat, md 
'vlU omc forth ind fcrve th^m. And if he JhjU cam^ in 
the fccond wjich, ar come in the rhird w^tch^And And tb^m 
Jfi, blirlTei sire chuJe Jerv^nra- 

\ t'Atn Jb^i rit Bfhop frocttJ in rbf Qftrnvnitn, and aU th^t 
ari O'JtrtJ ^jfi lar/yt and rtttivi til Hsh CvummiiiM iht 
Jlimt day itjf A tbi B'Jbop. 

^ The (Utfunafiion enJtd^ afler iht taS Called, gnd mtntdiatih 
6rfir€ rbt Bettediflmn, fiiaii hr Jjid .'hffr QtUem fiUw^nf. 

The Ordering of Deacons. 

ALMIGHTY God, giver of a!! good ihmga, who of thy 
j-TnAt gacadncHi ha^ vunchf^ied id accept and tnkc [hcfr 
thy fcrvanhi unio the OHitc oi Deacons \a thy Churth i 
Mike thctsif we bcfpccb ibee, O X^rd, to be modcft, hum- 
bif, and conftant in iheir Miniftration, Co have a ready will 
Ed Dhlrri^e all tptritiial Dtfcipllnc; (hal Chry having always 
the tf ftimonyof q good cOTikii^ncct^nd concinuing ev« flabL? 
ind Amng in tbySon Cbrilt, m^yfo welt behave rh^mlelves 
in this inferior Oliice, (hat they may be fuund worthy to be 
cslled unro the higher Miniftrlea in thy Church; Ihrough 
(he fame thy Son our Saviour Jefm ChriJI, lo whom be gloiy 
And honour wotld wiLhou( end- yimet. 

PREVENT ii3j O Lord, in all o^ir doings with thy moft 
gracious favour^ and further lis with thy continual hrlp^ 
that in all utir works begun, con(inu?d, and ended in thee, 
we ni:iy glunEy tJiy holy Name, and JinaUy by thy mercy ob- 
tain cvcrljftiiig life \ tlirough Jtfus Clmft our Lord. Amtn^ 

THE peace of Cod, which paflcth all undcrflanding, keep 
your hearts ami minds in the knowledge and love of 
God, Jnd of hi^ Son Jefus Chrifl our Lord: And the Btf;!- 
fing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy 
Ghoft, be amungft you, and remain with you alway$, Amm^ 

T And bfre it muji he lifcliifctl nnto thi Deacon, that he mitji 
cnnriner h Ihat O^ice of a Deacon She Jfn" "J ^ ivhole year 
{tx^epl for rejJbi.ihU caajei it Jbalt oloeriifife Jee^ good unfo 
iht B'ijhof) fo the iattnf £e may he ptrJeUt ^"d iveit expert i" 
ihc ihingi appertaining te Ibe Ec<iejiajikal Adm'smfiralkn. 
In execbiing 'whereof if be he found fu'thfui and diligent , hi 
may be admitStd by hit Diifccjan to Ite Order of Priejihoodt iti 
she timet appoinled in the Cani?n ; or elje, on vrgeni oaajioit, 
tipcn fame aiher Suadey^i^r Huh-day^ in l&e face of the Chufcb, 
infifib mapoer »ndform ai bereajltr foitoweth. 


Ordering of Priefts. 

U H^m ikt rffly epfimtJ l-y 'in Sifixp it iumi, ifur jHirwng 
i'rtitrr It luihd, rbifi jhiill *» n Strmen or kxcvrniim, it- 
iU-'inf lU Dull •'"i' 0^' '//"'* "' """< '" *' •nimiimf 
Friijfi; ima HiriJ/irf itvi O-drr ii tn the Civtch tfCbrijI, 
and atje binu liv feofli uaghl It tflrim ittm in rhrir Ogiit, 

% fnpt 'hi ArthdfffCi^ti,, Of, in bit ahjem:!^ SB/ ajr^ntett ia iii 
Jhad, jhail frijtm oiln {if Bilhef (fitimgin in tkair rfrt ic 
lie lii'y TabW) ull ihim thiil Jbull imivc ibt Oidrr ef Pritjl- 
bvid 'hoi Jiif (tsih ef ibfm iring Jnrxily tvhil'd) anj fij, 

'('Reverend Fplh« in Cod, I prefcnt unw ^i>i. 
thcle pcilans prelent, to Ik jdmillcd to the Order 
of Prirfthood, 

Tin BlpKp- 

TATCE hf<t] chat the perfonSf whoin yc prcfcut unto u«, 
he apt jnd rnrfl, tur chcji karmng and jfciJCy convert 
ration, to eJt^rcilc their MiniAry duly, id the Ji on our of God, 
mil ihc cdifjing oi his Church. 

1 Tlif ji'ttdtjcBx JhaU Atifaitr, 

IHAVE fni]utrcd of ihcm, and >\(o eiamined them, and 
think iheni fo w bt, 

^ Tbn lit B'/lMf Jh,il! fay unro r(>t fnpli ; 

GOOD peoplt, thtft arc t!iry whgm wt puipofc. Cod 
willing, to rrctive tlii* d«j unia thr holy OfB(« of 
Priefthood : For jftrr due cijminition we find not lo the 
cnntraiy but that they be XiwfvXiy tilled to ihelr Funt^lon 
jnd Minillry, and that they be pcrfuns meet lot the fiine- 
Bui yet if there beany of you, who knowcth any Impediment, 
ut notable Crime, in jny of them, for the which he ought 
not to bereceiiej into lliii holy Minittry, let him come lonh 

The Ordering of Priefts. 

in the NiniE of God, and ihew what the Ciime or Impedi- 
THent ij. 

1 And if any grml Cr'imr or Imp^iliminl ir, ibc Bifixp 
Jhult jurcpjjs from OrJenng iLni pij-Jln, urtlilfuck lime jj rht 
parly osmijffil JbM! L^ fitund dtur of thai Crime- 

^ Then ibc Sipiff {ca-nmenSni /uti ai jball hi fiatil wtrt n 
he Ordertd 10 lAe Praye''i of' lAe coivregttlioa) Jlwll^imrh flu 
CU'gy and ptopje prejenf, Jiiig i.r Jay tie LitaHyt wilh lie 
P'oyen, Hi ii before appointed in lee Form of Ordenng Dra- 
funtff^ve only, liitil, in the proper Stt^rage ibere added, the 
iirord [Deacons] Jivi^ he ptniltrdf and fbf ivcrj [^Piiclbj in- 
ferled injteatt f it. 

1 Tien pall if fung or /aid ibe Serr-ici far the Commsm'.'i, ■uiiih 
ibc UiUa, Epijik, and Cijpei, ai foUo'.eetb 

The CMea. 

ALMIGHTY Cod, giuer nf all good things, who by ihy 
Holy Spirit haft ippomled diners Orders of Miniltrrs 
in the Chorch ; Mercifully behold ihele ihy fer/ants now 
called 10 the Of^ce of Piicfthood; and repleniih them fo 
with the Eruth of thy dudlrine, and adorn them with inno- 
crncy of Hie, that, both by word and gtiad ciamplr:, thty mjy 
faiihfully ferie thee in thji Oflice, to the glory gf tl.y Name, 
ivA the ed ill [rat' on of thy Church ^ through the merioof <>or 
Saviour Jefua CEirilt, who llveth and ri^igneth with tbec and 
the Holy Gholl, world without end. jimtn. 

The EpijUe. Ephes. iv. 7. 

UNTO every one of m ii given gncf, according to the 
roeafuie of the gift of Chrift. Wbcrcfbte he faith, 
When he jfcendod up on high, he led capti/lly captive, ind 
gave gife unto men, (Now that be afcended, what is it but 
that he alfo defcenrted firll into the lower parts of the earth ■ 
He that dcfcended is the fame alio that afcendeii up far above 
ill heavens, thai he might fill all thinp.) And he gate fnme 
Apaflles, and fome Ptophcls, anJ fbme Evangelifls, and rnmt 
I'aftors and Tcjchers ; for the perfefling of the Saints, for 
the work of the Miniftty, for the edifying of the Body <■! 


Chilft ; till wc (11 come in the unity of the ftitli, iod o( 
zi\t hnowlvd^F of tK? Son of God> unco a pcrfrA mail) unto 
■he m»rure ot'thi llilurc of tbt fulnefi ofChiiA. 
T jf/lir tblijhal/ir'iiil fir till Gofjt! furl f/ lie mil!l>Ctaftrr 
of&iinl Mitthvv/fatfiilcmrilA. 
Si. Matth. ii, 36, 

WHEN Jcfus fiVf the niuttituJM, he wji fnosed *![h 
conipiltion on thtm, becjuf'e they /4in(eil, jnJ wo* 
^aTtcrrd jibrojEi, m ihecp hiving no fhcfherd- Then f^illi 
he unco fiii diiciplca, The harvcLt Iruly U pientcQUi^ hut the 
Tabau'tis ire ftw- ]*ray ye therefore the Lard of the har* 
veA, that be wili fend ^rih l^bouren into hja harvet). 

H Or rljt this thai fiUviverb, obt oftl'e ttnib Chiller of S.iifir 

St. John t, 1, 

VERILY, verily 1 tjiy unln you. He that enterclh not trtr 
the door intu the Iheep^fold, but ellmbeFh up fotne 
otbri way, the fame rs thirf jtid a roKbcr But he that 
cnttreth in by the doo' is the Shephcid of the rtiecp. T.i 
liim the portei openeth, mil the Ibecp hem hii loite ( anJ 
he callcth hii own ilicep by nime, and Icideih thtm out. 
An6 when he put«th forth hi5 own (beep, he goeth bclun 
them, and the fliecp follow him 4 for they know his voice. 
And a llisnger will they not I^llnw, hut will Ret iVom !>tm . 
Jot they know not the voice of Elimgcr^, This parable fpake 
Jefus unto theiDf but they undetlVood not what things the} 
were which he fpahe unto Ihrm. Then faid Jefus nnt.. 
ibem again, Verily, verily 1 fay unln you, lam the dnor o' 
the Iheep. All that ever came helore me are thieves anit 
robbers ; but the Iheep did not htit them. 1 am the dooi ; 
hy me if any man enter jn, he Ihall tie I'lveil, tnd Iball go in 
und out, iii6 And pal^ure. The ihief comcth not hni tor i" 
Ileal, mi to kill, Jnd to ieflroy : I am Come that they mighi 
have life, and ihJt they niisht have it mart ibundimly- 1 
am the good Shepheid : the good ShepheiJ giveth hii life 
for the Iheep. Bui he that Is an hireling, and nut ihe Shep- 
herd, whbte own the /heep are not, leelh the wolf coniiir^, 
and leaverh the fheep, and flrclh ; ^nd the wolf' tlttJiplh 


(hem, ifiJ fcittetrth ilie fti«p. The hireling flKth, bccaufc 
he ii in hircJifig, unJ tJreih Hot iljr (he fliccp, I im the 
(ood Shcp^icrd,and know my fhecp, and Jm known ofminrr 
At the Father knowelh (nr, even fa knuw I (he Fjeberi 
4nd I by down my lii^ foe the Aiccp. And other (heep J 
hjvr, which irc notot' thia fold : them tl[o t mull brjng, 4nil 
they Ihitl hejr my voice} ind there ^all be one fold, tn^i 
one Shepherd, 

f TiviT ihi Sijho^firiimg is £rr fb^irtjhali miniftrr vnr^ nvry 
4H off Arm the 0*nh rfintuUf Ikt £^f<n\ Sttfirewufy, m il ti 
k4f{>re ftt ft'th it :ht Farm Jar tAf Ortimng */ J^tatoni* 

m Attit tbar dontt hrfhsUfty tirfi 'iv" ji beft^frtr fMinutih. 

YOU have hcutJ, Bicthten, at wdl Jn your pnvdtfi ei»- 
mmjition, ji \n (he exhorEillun which w-ii now made 
to yoLi, 4iid In the holy Jxdonf taken out of the Corpel, and 
the wnfm^t o^ (he ApoRle*, of what dj^ily, and cf how 
great importince this OlRcc i^, whcrcunro je are called. 
And nuw jj^^ln we cihort you, in the N^ime of our Lord 
Jetm Chr'ril, chat you have in cemcmbMnce, into how high 
a Digniry, and (o how weighty an O^ce and Chirge yt arc 
calLed ; that is to fjy, to be McHcngen, W>(thmen, and 
Stewards ol the Lord \ (a cuch, and to piemonl^T to TecLJ 
and prirvidc \ot the Lntd'i family j to fcek for Chrill't Jheep 
thai jre ditperftd abroad, atini for his children who are in the 
midli of thin naughty world, chat tlicy may be fived through 
Chrill for ever, 

Hjve ilwayT therefore printed ii your nmeiohrance, how 
^ft^ii a Fretfure is committed to your (har^e. For they iie 
the theep of Chrilf, which he boLight with hi^ dea(h, jnd {o^ 
whom he fhed hii blood. The Chufch and Congregation 
whom you niult letvc, a hiflSpoufci ind hii Dody. And if 
it fhatl happrn the fame Churchi or iny Member cheieol^ to 
take iny hurr or hindranfc hy rcafon of yijur negligence, yc 
know the greatflffi of (he fault, and ilio the horrible punilh- 
menC chi( will enfue. Wherefore consider wl(h vQUffclve* 
(hr end of you; Mlniftry rowjrdi (he children of God, to- 
wiEd) Ehe SpLmfc itnd Body of Chriil x dnd fee tb^tyou never 
ceife your Ulmur, your I4r< and diligence, unlU you hutc 
Jone all ihai lieth in you, according fo your bounden duty. 

The Ordering of Priefts. 

(■> tiring All filch as are or Ihall bcci^mmitled to jourchar^, 
unro that agTFcmcnE in the iVith and knowledge of Got], and 
to ch4I tipcnel4 and peric^lnefs of age mtJhriil, ihaC there be 
no plice lel'c among you, either fbr crtoi in nliijion, « fbi 
vicioufnelt in tifi^. 

FoTjImjch then as yfiur OfHce ii borh i>f To great ueel' 
lency, iml ol fo great difiitully, ye fee with ho* gftit tire 
jiid lludy ye ought to .ipply yuudeivu, jj well tlut j'e mij 
Ih^HT youriflves duIiFui and thankful unto that l^td, who 
Iiith pliced you in /a high a Dignilyj asiKb to beware, liiM 
n^rihcr you yourfelTet olfend, nor be occilion ihil oihcn 
olfrnd. HiJwtieii, ye cinnoi have a mind and will ihcKIa 
□f yauifcivM i for thai wiiland abitityligiTen of Cod alone i 
therr^br? yc oughtf md have need, to pray carnellly l^r hit 
Huly Spiiit. Anil feeing that you cannot by any Other means 
conipjfi the doing of fo weighty a work, pettaining to tlic 
fjiimtion of man, but with doflrine and eahoTtilion tnkcn 
jut of the hgly ScT-ipturei, and with a life igrecaWc to the 
lamp^ confider how Audiouj ye ought ta be in reading ami 
ti^arning the Sciiplurcs, and in traming the miTinera both of 
yourfrived, and of them that fpccially pertain unco ynii, ac- 
fnrding to the rule of the fame Seripturet : and for Tms fi^if- 
iitnc caufe, how ye aught to Furfake unA (et afide fas fnuch 
an you may) all worldly fiirej and Audio. 

We have good hope that you have well weighed md pun- 
deted thefe things with yourlelves long brlbre thii time ( and 
that you have tiearly dMcrmined, by God'l grice, M give 
yourletvei wholly to this Oflice, whereunto It hath plofed 
God to call you : fa that, as much ii Ilcth In you. you will 
apjtiy yourfrlves wholly To this one thing, and draw all your 
car« and Audies thii way ; and that you will coniinuaEly pray 
to God the Father, by the Mediation of out only Saviour 
Jefu! Chrift, for thr heavenly allitence uf the Holy Ghull j 
ihji, by daily reading and weighing of the Scriptures, yc may 
wan riper and ftronKer in your Minliiiy ; and that ye may 
fo endeavour yuurfeh-cs, from lime to time, to fanftily the 
livesof you and yours, and to ftlliiun them after the Rule and 
DoOrine of Chrift.Ihit ye may lie wholcfome and godly n- 
ampies and pitlerns foi the people to follow. 

And now, thjt thii prcfeni Congtcgation of Chtlit here 
alTcmhlcd may alfo undrtfland your minds and vviili In [hrfe 



The Ordering of Prlefts- 

thingSj md that tWit your promifc may the more move you 
ro do your diitiea, yc rtiiill anfwcr pliinly to ihcfp things, 
which wcj in the N^me of God^ and of hU Church, ihjil 
di^mand uf you touching the time. 

DO yau think In your htart, that you b? truly called, ac- 
curdmg to the will of oiir Lord JpIlii Chrin, ami the 
otdiT Di this Unircd Churth of England and Irf/auti, to the 
Order and Mihlftry of Pnclthood ? 
Ai^fwer. 1 think it, 

ARE you perfuadeJ thit the hnly Scriptuwi contain fuf- 
iicicntly all Doftrine requireJ of ncceifity ibr eternal 
falv-^rian through taifh in Jefua Chrift? and Jre you deter- 
mined, out of the Taid Scripcares ed inftrud) ihe people com- 
mLEicd ti your charge, Jrid to teach nothing, as required of 
neccfiicy Iq eternal lalvaiion, btif that which you ihaH be per- 
Tuaded may be concluded and proved by the Scriptute ? 

^rtfiver. 1 am fo perfuaded, and have fo determined by 
God'i gracf . 

Tbe Sifljup. 

WILL you then give your faithfi]] diligence always To 
to minifter the Dofinnt jnd Sicramentf, jnd the 
Djfcipline of Chrlftj ai the Lord hath commanded, and ii 
rhis Church and Realm hath received the fiime, according to 
the Commandments af God , fu that you may teach the peo- 
pk committed to your Cure and Charge with aM diligence to 
keep and ablervc the fame ? 
Anfwtr. 1 will {k^ do, by the help of the Lord. 

tlye Bip^.p. 

WILL you be ready, with all falfhftil diligence, to ha- 
njlh and drive away all erroneous and ftriin£e doc- 
tfinos contrary to God's word ; and to ulc both public and 
private momtions and ejthorLationSi a» well to the fick as lo 
the whole, within your Curet, as need Hull require, and oc 
calion ih^JI be given ? 

Anjivir. \ will, ihe Lord being my helper. 

The Ordering of Prtefts. 

Tin Bj/hof, 

WILL you be dill ten I in Pnyen, inJln l<si\ng of the 
holy Sctipttiici, ind in fuch flgilln n help to llie 
knosvkdge ol' ihc (imt, liiying ilide the R<i>ly ol tbe wucld 
tnd thf HTUif 
Anjiiiir. 1 will enitcjvauf iriyfeir lo ta do, ibe Lord being 

Illy liclpcr, 

WILL you be dilipnc to frjme jnd Artfiicm your 9ira 
ielreif tnd \-<i\ir fftmitidi, iccnrding to llif f>k>^rin<- 
of Chtifl i jnd EC mLikr hocfi yourfcWct and thenif at miKh 
■jt In you Ilrlh, wliulcromr ciimpleiand BilIErniCa ihc llock 

^-j-axr. I will apply myfelf thereto, the Lord bring mj 



WILL you maincim ind fcl t'orwirJE, » mutli » licth 
iDyui%^Li^itin?/i. puc«|dnd lave.arnonfi AllCbriOiJii 
)ici)plc, ind clpccjilly imong tlicni thjt aie or llijll be <uni- 

rr,[ltpj to youf cbir^c ? 

^A/TCV, 1 will £u dOf fhe Lord being my helper 

Tt! Bijbnp. 

WILL you reicrenily obey your Otdiniiy, and othri 
chlri MiniDcri, unM whom ii commiited the (hirge 
-ind government over you ^following with a gJi'i mini an>J 
uvlll iheir godly idmonitioni, aaJ fubmiRing yourfetvci In 
ibeir godly judgements? 

A'foKr. I will lb do, ihc Lord being my helper, 

ALMIGHTY God, who hjtli given you t'hli will lo do 
ill (hcle ihingi i Grant alio unta you Dicnglh inJ 
pawet ID perform (he lime; thjt hr may accumplilh hi> 
woik which he hitll begun in youj thtuugli Jefui ChtlA 
jur Lord. Afntn, 

1 yf/)rr tfih, ibi CongregBtion jSw// ht J^rtd^ ^rtt^ m iht^ 
ffjytn, fv mukt tirir bvmbU jaji^lkaiiops rs uodjtr *U iktft 
thsn'ft :fiiribr^biU- Prayers there psiUl'f ^Imtr ttf^tfv fi ff^'- 

The Ordering of Priefts. 

^ .Ifiir Khkh jhill br fu'z " fe'ul it 'I" Bi/hcfirhi prrJtM 
I: be ardjiaid F'ii/ls all tfutUKg) Vtni, C'eKoi Spit.iui ; 
it! Bijbof iigiiiiiiiig, mil lit Fntfis,i'd utai lA^turtfrt- 

COME, Holy GhoD, our Touli Inlpin, 

Thou the jnolntmj Spiiit ift, 
Ilia dtfi Ik} Jtva-ftti pfii imfarl. 

Thy blrtlcd UnOlon fwm ibote, 
h mmhrl, lift, anijiti aflavc. 
Enslblc wjlh ptrpctuel light 
The tiulmji of our bUrideJfi^ht, 

Anoint and chnr DLir loilrd ^cc 
fyuh iht ahundancf ff^^y £'"■■*'■ 
Keep fir Dur Ibn, giie prJCt it home • 
When ihau an [ii'idt, m ill «■ nim. 

T«cli ut To knuw ihc Fifher, Sod, 
jifH lin, s/i^lt, II it hal Out. 
Tiijt, Ehrough Eht a|^ ill lion; , 
Thii mjj ht osr ntdl'fi fong ; 

PnaCt to thy rttrnal mrrit, 
Falhi', &n, dW H:ly Sfirk. 

Or liii ! 

COME, Holy Ghoft, eicrnjl God, 
Procerdlng trom ibovr« 
Both frnm ibt Fatitr^ and ibi Soitf 
Tbr Cod offitttt and Itvii 

VKit Dui mindt, into our hcata 

Thy bravroly grace inTplrf | 
T^i iruik Ami BtdliHrfs ut may 

Put jut tun h full 4tfft, 

Thug art the veiy Com^rter 

In grief And all diittrfn; 
The hiotieniy gift if Gad mjfi highf 

A': f:"^jte i-tin ir tXpUp i 





The Ordering of Priefts, 

The tounciin ind ihc living Tprm^ 

Ol joy celcftist ( 
The Jirtfo kright^ the !fvt Je fstieiTj 

The U/t^'mnfyiritujL 

Tlinu In thy gilb arE manifkiM, 

By them Chnft's Church Joth ftjoJ i 

In f^nhfit! he^rn t^Bii v/rWJi xby Uwi 
Thijngtr of God' t hand. 

According to thy promifCf Lortl, 
Thou givcfl fpccth *il)i gfatci 

That ibroagh iby btlp GoJ^i pr^ytl KMy 
Rfjoufi'i in fvejy p/acf. 

O Holy Ghoit» intg our tnMs 
Scad down ihy Fi'iv'nly ]iJ5ht^ 

KintHe aur bfarti lijilb fervent aftf/| 
Toffr'it Guit Jay anj Hfght- 

Our wcalcn^fs ftrengthcn inJ confirm, 
(For, Lon^j thou"il ua f™i;) 

Tiijf neirhir dfvit^ ivorldj aorjiijb, 
A^iJinji la may frfvaU. 

Put bick our enemy ftt from U5, 

And hrlj} ub ro obtain 
P#j« in oar btnitt tvi'tf Ga^ and Blafft 

{Tbe kjl^ the initfi £aii {] 

Aa i s,Ufil thjJF (hou bfing, O LarJ, 

Our TCpLJcf and our ^uidf^ 

W* way ^fj^f the jn^Tii ^rf^itf 

And nfvir from sbicjlidrt 

Such in»Iiirc8 ot^chy powerful fract 
Criint, LonJ, to us, v/c pray j 

That thou may^f} he our G/Hijeilt^ 
At the Uft driJii/ui day, 

Of&t'w'e jnd of difRntion 
DifTulve, O Lord, ihf binds, 

Aifd knit the tnoti of peact and iuve 
ThtOi/^houl nil i^hrifi\Qn i,snd\. 

The Ordering ot" l^rieils. Ui the gtict ihii we laty knew 
Thf Fxhrr of all might, 

Tkii wi fflih ltlrni,i Rim 
Jiljj £-ji» iti hlififul f^hi I 

An<l tint we may with pcldQ lid(h 
Etci icknawltJgc thcc. 

One Gtd il Ptrfim Tbrtt. 

To Cod ihe F-ithec Uud «flj pnUCk 

And to till blcfTcd Son, 
Atd ra lit Maty Spirii 'fgratt, 
d-ifual Thru in One. 

AnJ fiiy wc, ihit our only Lord 

Waulj plcile JiU Spirit to fcJiil 
On ali tbiir jhuH p'^feji iiii Same, 

From hentt tt tkt 'woriJ's eijd. jtmea* 

1 Thai Jwe, the BipapJbsiU p'lr/ in ikii viji, alJ f^, 

Lf t 111 prAy, 

ALMIGHTY God, itid hnvenly Fatlitr, who, of thine 
tnfinitp love anJ ^noineis towi'di m, haft jjivpfi to u* 
ihy onlj ind mill dtirly belovc J Son Jdui Chilli, to be our 
RcdfemeTj and the Aulhorot'cvtrUAIng ILlri who^jiiVer b« 
had made perfVdt our redemption by hit death, ind wjl af- 
tended into hc>ver>, Tent jbroad into the world hii ApoEllet, 
Prophcti. Eidnjcliih, Docluri,«nil PJlhus; by whrjfe libour 
ind mlniHiy he gilhcred tagcilicr > grut ili^clc in itl tlic 
j'lici ot' the wDrld, to fet faith E)ic cicrn il pniJs of thy holy 
Same i For ihefc lo great benctlC^ oi thy eternal goodnclr, 
ind fur that thou hill vouchrilcd to call thtfe thy I'ervinCi 
here prcfeiit to the fame OI3ii:e and MIniftry appointed rijr 
the falvaticin of manlcind, we render unto thee mafl hearty 
thankt, WF praifeand WL>rlhtp lliee \ and wc humbly belecch 
thee, by the lime thy blelTcd Son, to grant unto all, wliJch 
either hett or elfewbcre eall upon thy hoty N*tne, that wr 
miy continue to (hew ourlelvrt tiainklul ntito thee lor ihefr 
jnd all other thy benrtits{ and ihjt we may daily Increale 
and go tbtwardi in the knowledge and felth of the* ind thy 

The Ordering of Priefts. 

S<)n, by the Huly Spuii. So rhu is well by theft ihy Mi- 
niftcri, »» by them over whom iliry fli.ili be jppuiitcil (hy 
Mmjftcrt, thy holy Name may hr for ever gloiificd, ind thy 
bltfirii kingiiom cnbiged f through [he fume thy Son Jtfm 
Chnft our Lord, who IWcth mJ rrlgnr^h wUh ihcc i» !l:e 
unity of the f4me Holy Spirit, world wj(h<iul end. Wmm. 

% ifhtn ihh Praytr ii Joae, ike Si/bap toitb tbt PritJIi ^tfmt 
jhtli lay ihe'ir Ajmix fn-erti!/y upitn rhi htad aj'f^iry imf tAar 
re,eivtih the Order of PriiJIhaad ," the Rictivtrj humS/y tnttU 
m£ upon their kniei^ jnd ibe ff'Jhe^ J'iy"'^, 

RECEIVE the Holy GhoU for the Offitt^ and Work oft 
Fricft m (he Church of God, now Mmmkl**t unto 
[hcc bj ihe Impofitlori of our hatidi, Whofir Tint thou do<A 
■orfjivr, they die forgiven \ atid whofe lina rhou doft jcciint 
they are ECtdined, And be thou a fiiichful Difpcni'tr of the 
Word of Gad| and of his holy S^crinicna; In (he N<Lme 
o:ihcFachcr,andafihcSon,andof (he HoIyCholl. jfmtn. 

H Thtn thf Bip/op jhail dthftr to every tne vf thtm kiialmg^ ttt 
BibU into Ail hand, J'ttyingt 

TAKE thou Authonty to preach the Ward of God, and 
to miniilcr the holy Sdi:rAmenti m the Cungregacioiij 
'^here Ehou Ihjlt be lawfully appointed tliereunto. 

% ffflrn rhh h dane, ihe Nicene CraJ Jhall fn fung ar Jaid ; 
and the Bifhop jhall tjfler that gonnin tin Sfr^'ht of lAf Con- 
muniau, lobicb aU thfy that rrcavt Ord/ri Jh^U tetke t^gy- 
tbtTt ^"'^ remjifi ti tht Jsme p/stt le^trt Handt nvt laiJ 
vpi/n ihem^ unti! fucb r'n^e us tbey bain rt£th/ed ibt Com- 

5 The G/miNUfion bring d^ut, aptr the hji CoihSi, ttfd imewJi- 
^ilely b^/ort the Binttiiclxm^jhaU he fmd ibi/e CfUt^. 

MOST merciful Faiher, wc befecch thee to fend upon 
(hcfe thy fervinti thy heavenly blefling ^ th»E thty 
mayheckothcd wkh Tighreournera, and that thy Woid jpnkcn 
by thrir mouihi may hjve fuch Tucccrs, thii h may n^rtr be 
ipL>kcii in vain. Grant alfo^ tbjE wc may b!iv« ^ct to heu 
and Te^c'jvr what they HialJ deliver oiiE of ihy molt hol> 

I'he Ordering of Priefts. 

Word, or ijfTvcible (D (he ittnt, u ihc mcinl of oar Jalvit- 
lion i rhdl in ill out vroidiand decdt vf may feck ^by (loryt 
.md the inctrifc of th)' kinidDin j (hrau(h J«lii( Chrilt out 

LonJ. Amt», 

PREVENT ui, O Lord, in ill our Amn^, with ttij- mon 
^rjcioiK t^vouT, And lurtbff ut with \\\f canlinuij h^I^t ^ 
ihii in all our work) brnun, cnniinur^l, ind tndcd in (h», 
"t may gloriiy ihy holj N»mi, ind linitly by ihy mtKy ob- 
tiln cvetliAiiig til( i thiakij(b Jrlui Clitil) our U)rd, Amtn. 

THE peace of God , which paJTcth ill undecAandin|ul<«p 
your heJfii anj mindi in t1i« tcnowlv«ij;r mi tove or' 
Ciud, and of hit Son Jffui Cbiill out Lord : And lh« blef- 
(int of Ood Almlfhty, tbc Father, ihc Son, ind the Hi4y 
(ilidft, be >muB(<t you, ind tenuin wllh you elwayi. jiaun. 

% /4*d if 9n it* jam€ ^/jy 'iw Ordfr tf Dtnitnx tt gptxn lijomt, 
hhJ 'it Qriir tf PrdpixKil le sMnj; lit Diaiwi ffmH it 
fifi fttfrviJ, mJ tilt Ibi Pnifli I jirJ il Jhall fugiit itf' 
lit Lufy In inn kid ft' tali. Thi Ctillifli IkaU iui tr 

rflJl frfi, lUl /i- Duiont, lim thai fir Priifil. r*. 
tf'JIIr jf-j!! hi Ephrf. i». 7—11, ai i^fsti in ith Offti. 
ImmiAtMily *fu' nh\d\ ii»j fhM art rg tt rwJt Dtmnk 
Jhitll u)f ibc Oiib jf Sufrtmaty, tt mmlmil, and Ordmird, ' 
ai it d^^v f^rtjcr^itd^ Tbf^ *nt 9f tlum lun-inj^ ritii llv 
th/fti {toiiii /bull hi ilit*r Mt «/Si, Manh. i«. $4 — jlJ, 
ailuftrt h iba |MI«( v iJfi Si. Lulieiii, }(— 1<, «> ti- 
fiii in lit Ptrn/iir lit Ordiriflj> o/" i)ftiio*(,) itiy itat an 
H tt mait Friefii ftmll llinvljr UU tU Oath sf Safitmaiy. 
bi ncami'Md, and brdaitid, at 11 ia thll Offiii ir/sri aff«itlt.i 




The Form of 
Ordaining or Confccrating 

of in 

Archbiftlop or Bifliop ; 

Which ii ilway* lo be ptrformed upon fome Sxmdiy 

% Ht^ri a!J f' rfljf J tin dvly fripart/t in the Chirefi^ sit\i ftt ie 
srdfr, .jf'rrr AfafHmg Prayrt h tttdtd^ ftt ^tAfiifix* [t^ff/ir 
Bib/r Si/hnp ,'i>jitmir({) Jbill iig'i rii C'mmiaiioi' Seriiirtj m 

Thf coiua. 

LMIQHTV Oud, who b;' thy Son Jcful Chiift 

dictA givF to Thy h<>1y ApoAiF} mjnjr rxccHcnr 
Eit'n, ind dldft cliJ'ijr ihon lo St<i ihy fleck i 
Civr gncff, «c bclctch ihcc, to .ill Biftopi, ih« 
I'jftoR of ii)y CbiUi-ii, ih.i! ifiry mjy rtiljgcnily pir.ich Ihy 
Word, jnii diiljatlminiSir the £odly iJifciplInc I)>cr(ori id] 
gr^nc to \\vt proplc, that ifacy [n;iy cbejicnily ToUdw <hc 
l.iire \ thji all may rtceii'e the crown ol^vtiUfling jlotj } 
ihtoutb J«rui Child «u> Lard. Amii. 

H Ani taahf BijbefPttii ti^i tbt Zfi^lt. 
I Tim. iii. t. 

THIS ii > true laying. \t ■ min dclirc the Office o( i 
Bjlliip^ he J?liTi:ih A guad work. A Bifttjp tbcn mtift 
be bEimdc^^, thr huibjnd of ontr wiff, vigilant, fobrr, nf 
good br ha viour. given to hofpitiEky^apt to trich j noE {IvfA 
Fo wine, no jlrtktr, not greedy 0/ fllthy lui^rr, hat pjlient, 
nut 3 bfii^lcr, ntrt ci^vetaun \ one that ruEclh vvIE hit own 
houli, haring liia thildrcn in fubjcfljon with all ttavil) ; 
(For it a min know not how to tuir bii own houfe, how 
Ihill he like nm of the Church of GodP) Not a naikt, 
left he'mg lifted np with pride he fall into the tonJemntflon 


The Confecration of Billiops. 

jf the devil. Moreover, he muft have i good report of them 
whjch ttv wiEhout; ieR he T^JF into rcprojch,and the fnare 
of the devil. 

Or thfi. 

For t/i^ EpifiU. Afta 11- 17. 

FROM Mifctus Paul lent to Ephefiis, and called the el- 
ders oi the Church. And wKeii they w«re i:onie to 
Kim^ Le faid unio them, Ye Itno*, from rhe firft day that 
I came iii[Q Alia, afier whjt m,mner 1 have been wlcJi you vJL 
•\t ail [fjEode, lervlng che Lord with jll humility of mimj, 
:md with mmy ccAia and ternpMtion& which befrl me by the 
lying in Wiiit of the Jcw$ : AnJ how I kept back noth'mg 
[hot was profiuble unto you, but have flicwfiJ you, and h itfc 
Ljughc you publkkly, and from houfe to houfe, tcltifying 
Ijijlh to the Jews, and alio to the GreekEi itpentancc towiid 
God, and ("uth towiid our Lord Jefua Chri(l. And now be. 
liold, I ^o bound la Ehe fEJiril onto Jerulatem, not knowing 
the ihings that Q\a\\ bcfal mi; there j iave that the Holy 
Ghoft wiinelftrh in evi!iy city.fiiying, Thaf bonds and uffl'n-» 
tions dbide me. But none of thcie things move me, nelther 
coupii ] my Eife d?ar unto m^frll, fo thjt 1 mij^hr finiili my 
courfe with joy, and (he mlnllt^ry which 1 havi; received of 
the Lord Jclus, to teftify the Colpel of ihe g"ce of God. 
And now behold, I know ihjt ye all, among whom I ha^c 
giine preaching the kingdom of God, lliall lee my face no 
more. Wherefore i tjkr you to recotil this day, that J Jm 
pure from the blood of all men. For I have not fljunned [o 
dee tare unto you all the counfel of GoJ, Take heed there- 
fore unto yourfelvci, and to all the flock over the which the 
Holy Ghoft hath mjde you Overleers, to feed the Church of 
God, which he hath purchiled with his own blood. For I ij^nif* 
know thi5| that after my Jcparling fhill grlevoui wolves en- |{7:A-1 
tcf in among you, noE fpiring the Hock. Alfo of yoor own 
Iclvea ihiM men arife Ipeiking pervcrfe things, to draw awjy 
difciples aftE;r Ehem, Therefore watch, and remember, that 
by the fpace of three ycjrs, I cealbd not to w-irn every one 
night and d^y wich lean. And now, brethren, I commend 
you to God, and to tht word of his grace, which is able to 
hulld you up, iind to give vou an inheritance amon^ all them 


The Confecration ot' fiijhops. 

which ore (intlificd. I hivc<o>tnd n» iota'aii[vtc,ot gold, 
01 jppani ^ ycj, yc yourlclvr^ know, thJt (hcU hjmiJt h«ve 
niiniAcffd tinro my nrcrlfiTica, and Eo Iht^m Clut w«r with 
mc, 1 h^vc thc#cd you dIE ihinif^f hi^w ih^f Id Ubourinj[ yc 
Oki^ht t» fuppt^zE the weik ; ifid ru nnifmher (he xi-tirdn oi 
the Laril Jefus, liaur he ftid, ]c ia moic blclTecl [s giv« tlua 

^ rim Miitrr Si/hep Jhjit rM4ltfC<-/fii. 
St. jcihn iii. i;. 

JESl'S Ciith lo Simun i'rtcr, Sininii, ion of Junji, kited 
(hoLi inr man ihjn tUrfe ' H< f^^th unto Mm, VcJ, 
LorJ^ thou knowell thai I love ihcc- He {kitfa untu 
hitn, Fecil mj- lambs. He Tikh to him igiin lln' fccoivl 
lime, Simon, ("on ot" Jodai, lovcft ihou m* ' He l«!h unw 
him, Vti, Loii, Thuu knowcft ihji 1 Invr ihcY. Hr fiiih 
unro h'in:^«Fce<f my Dicep. He Lalth unto him thr third time, 
Simon, fon ol'Jonjs. lovctl thou mcf Piwt *» K'i""! 
becmli he fsid ouia him the ihiid timt, Lovtft thou me f 
And he bid unto him. Lord, thou kno^c^ all thingi ; thou 
knowrll ihat I love thtre. jelu* Uiih unto him, Feed my 

Ortlfrlhii. St.Johnii. 19. 

THE lime day 11 evening, being the dtftAri of the week, 
when ihe Joon weie (hut wheM <hc dtlcirlo >«>( *(■ 
I'embled (ot teit or the Jewi, come JeTus, ini Hood in the 
midft, and Tilth unto them, t'eJce be unio you, And when 
hr hid lb f'iil, he fhcwed unto them hli hindi anJ hli Ade. 
i'fcen were [he difciplcj gUd. when they Ciw the L«td, 
Then iiiih J«rui tu ihem agiin, fejce be unto you : u iny 
Father h4lH farnr me, even fo ti:nd I you. And when he had 
t.iid thia, he brc4tht'i ori them, and fitith unto them, R^ 
eeive ye the Huly GhofI, Whotejoever fin* ye remit, clwy 
jfc ri^miited unto them \ and whuleibcver Iin4 yt ivfiA, 
they no retained. 

Or litis. St, Matt, iiviii, 18, 

JESUS came and fpike unio iJiem, faying. All pown ii 
([iveo iinip me in heaven jnd in earth. On ye ihiju- 
forc and teich all natiom, bapiiiinj them In the Name 

of lilt F«h«,»niJoflhcSun, luJor [he Holyfilinflj tfjch. 
■ng ihcm iDobftrvt all tliinfi ahtirixHT J half (flmminJeil 
|0u I iwJ la, i am nitti yuu *J<i<f,tt<n wilo the cnJ o/thc 

I'M, if< EUai.1 Btjh^f ivijiril ™i"M t^i Knfi:)/is.JI h 

fujomJ ij foil BiSr^ffMsi ihi A'tti^fiKfif itjl f'^im, 
r itjtmt uitr Siftxe jfftiiiJ Ar Imlui Ctmmljftn) la 
jift^t fittiiiT >■ th ihiir itrar lit itlj Tuilt, nU ik 
B^Jhift ihit friK%t iamJltyiHr, 

MOST Kocrrnd TtsUrt in CgJ, we prclent ohm you 
ihii (o-lly ind mtl-l«4>n«l oiin to be OnJilncd ind 
Craftcutcd liiihop. 

T -fhtjlMli iti AttUifM Ji»i<^ Ilk ^}n«'i Mroimfir 
lit CcnfnrMKt, «rf «¥/( it nit rttJ. A^d /tr Otik it&tt- 
mf rill triimoliJimin if itt ^firt'i SMrtwutj. yiW/ it 
mmifiirrJ n itt/rr/m iltftii, at M it/il JhiH tttir, it i/v 
Firm ff lit Ordtrtar tf Dttami. jM ikafktlt tift tt 
mi»-fiiirj awi rif« lit Ailt rfJat OltiUiiKi tt lit j^ii- 
Hjlvft v/iilrtvri*. 

Tie Oath ifJ»e OlrJieet* ft lit Art/ttj/itf, 

IN tlie NtniB of Gud. Amen. I ff, chafen BiCbop of 
ihe ChuRli and Sec of M da pn>l«A ind promilf iJI Jue 
Kverenoe and obrditnce to tbt AnfaUtboii and la ti>t Mc- 
fra|inl1cic>l Churcli af N. ind n their Sucieirorl 1 So help 
mc God, ihraugfa JrCui ChiiS. 

Y Tbii Otri/uU tw tt midt m iU C—Jartiia if an 

1 Tita lit jirtbiiijbtf y&hV matit ibi Cf(rtpaiiM fnfni it | 
f'aj,fi}ni itui » liini 

BRCTHItEK, it 11 written in the Gofpfl afSiint Luke, 
Tint our Siviaui Chrilt (ontinued ihe whole night in 
pny«r, bttair he dlJ choole ind Hrnd forth hit Cwelre Jkpaf- 
tl(i. It iiwiilun ilfo in (he AOi of ihc Aponiet, Thi( Ihe 
Difcipin who weie >E Ani'och did fill *nd pray, belbi* they 
laid hinili on I*idI and Bnnahati and fent them loTtb. Let 

t « 

I'he Coiilecracion of Bifhops. 


u) ihrtcUm. Iolio*ing th< ciampk of our Silioor Chnft. 
ind hie Apniilfs, fitft &1I fu jiriycr, bcf-ffc «» admit, and fena 
Cm[h this pFKiin prrtctited unEu ut, lu the «Qik whcieunta 
wc trull (he Holy G1i»fl hith ciilcd him. 

Of Jir^ng h/aiimi, /•Kir only, liv' af'rr Mi pl-tit. Tint It 
nviy fkak ihcF la iUuminjrii ill Hiitiopi, (d'T., li* [irtffr 
.'vujjVjji tbire fiillira/':'g /hall if emiirtJ, and ih'ii 'mfiriiJ m- 
/Irjd rfii i 

HATit m«y plcjic tliec lo blcfi ihilourBrotbct tlc(l<fl, 
and to ftai thy et«« upun hlni, ihut he may duly m- 
rculc ihc Office whctmnlu he 11 CJlleJ, KJ ihe cditylBj *f 
ihy Chuich, and Co the huiiuur, prtile, and gtary 0^" thj 
Njmc i 

Anfwer. J^t tt/trcb iha M ktar w, pt^d Lard, 

1 ThiK jh-iH hi /did liAi Prayf falliruiiKg. 

ALMIGHTY GoJ, givct «f iill gagd thingt, who by ihy 
Hi>]y Spirit hiH jippointed divi^rs Order* of Minillrri 
in thy Ciutrch -, Merci/tilly bchald thit thy fmiiint navrcifjpd 
To the Work ?nd MiniAiy of ) Bilhop \ and rcplcniOl him h 
wirii chf trulh of thy do£trmf, jind adiirn liim with Inno- 
crncyot"llf*,lliit, both by won! and deed, he miy fiiihlully 
(crve tW in thii Officr, fa thr glory of thy Nimt, ind ihc 
fdilying and well-governinEol' thy Church j ihraugh ibc me- 
iit;of oui Siviaur Jerui ChriH, whoUveih )nJ nign«ih vAOt 
ijicc mJ the HoJyGhaO, world without end. Attrn, 

t Til" (A( Anhhipnf, frn'rug m hh ihait, pull /r/ ttiim thn 
a to he OjnJttraUdy 

BROTFIEBjtar.ifmucIi ji thf hnly Scriptu(« and [he jo- 
iifnt C.inum cammsnd, th.ii we fluiuli! not be hilly in 
i. lying on hand*, and admitting any pcrfifn la OavernmiRt in 
die Church o|■Chri(l,^vhich he hjih purchifed with no l«fi 
pier than the rffufiun if his own blood i before I admit ynn 
to liiii Adminift ration,! wilE esiminc you in cerliin Article), 
to the end ihdt the Congfcgition prelctil may h4K i iri*l, 
jnd hear witneli, how you be minded to behave yourlclf in 
the Cinireh of Cod. 

ARE you perfuadcd xUat you be truly called ra this Minif' 
traiion, JtctifJins lo the wil) af our Lord Jcfus Chiift, 
ind the ordti ofihis RcJim f 
Anjtvir. I urn Ig pcrfuadeJ. 

Thi Anhkipiip. 

ARE yju pdrriudril thjt tlie holy SciipCuifl tontiln luf- 
ficirntly aU dodiiine requittd of nccefflty lor flernal 
ia'i jiion through fjiih in Jefui Cliriftf and jrc jou deirf- 
niincd out of ihp fjmt holy Scriptures to inftru^ rhc people 
committed to your chdrgr^ and to trach or maintain nothing 
IS reijuircii of rectllity to eternal falvition, but that which 
you Ihall be perfuided m^y be concluded and proved by the 
lime } 

jinj-aicr. I tm io perfuadcd, ind detiTiniDed, by God'$ 

Tki ^r.-tl!/lKf. 

WILL you then faithfully eicrtife yourfcif in the lime 
holy Scrij'tLircs, and call upon God by pr.iycr, for ihc 
true underrtanding of the fjniej fo as you may be able by 
ihrm to teach and cihoit with wholrlbme Doftrint) and to 
wijli^tind And convince the gimfjycn? 
jinjivcr. I will fg ■Jo, by the help of CoJ. 

Tir Arikb'ipKf. 

ARE you ready, with all faithful diligence, to banilli and 
diive away all erroneous and fi^'iinge doiflriiie contrary 
10 Cod'5 Word i iwi, both privately and Openly » call upon 
.m.l encourage others [o the fame ', 

Aij-wir. I am ready, ilie Lord being my helper. 

Til A'Mijhp. 

WILL you deny all ungodlmefa and worldly luib^ and 
livt foberly, rifbteuuHy, and ^udly, in thi^ prefenl 
world \ that you may llicw yuurfelf in all thingn an nample 
of good work^urLtoorhcrs, rhat the adverfaty may he Alhamcd, 
bavini; nothing to fjy agilnft you f 
A'Jmtr. I will lb do, the Lord being my helprr, 


>K . ^V.-a .^XWia>itAilf ja^fil.V#.wfewhT^>ft 

The Coniecration of BiHiops. 

WILL you milnain and ftt ftrwud, j) miith h A4II 
lit in you, iguieinett, lot*, inl putcimQiifjII men ^ | 
mil luch u be unifuicEs dilbbcJitn^ ind ciminni;!, wiiLin 
jjui DmitU, (uirrd jnj punilh, actaidint to ruchauihoiit; 
It iruu luvc hf GdJ'i WdiJ, and «■ M you Hull t« toininlc- 
icil hy Ihe Oriliiuncc of ihii Rcilm f 

Mj'wtr. 1 wlli <u du, by tbt hc)pgr'G«d. 

WILL you hf faithful Jo Ordirning, linding, or byini 
handi upon othrrtf 
^nfvxr, 1 will fo be, by ihc htlp of C«d- 

WILL yiiU llifw yaurfdf grnilt, ini ht merciful toi 
ChiiA'i fake to poor inJ Atoly people, and to jll 
!irjng?jj iJcrtituic uf litlp .' 

jinjivcr. I will li) Ihi^w oiyfctf, by Odd'l hclf. 

f Thtn tru Archhipx^Jlaidmg ujtjhall firf, 

ALMIGHTV Goil,our licuccnly Fjlhcr.wtio !i»lli gi«n 
you J ji)Oi] will to do jI] thtJe Ehinfa, C^raoC altb unrc 
vou l^rcfigtli 3n<i powrr (o ^ErTform \\\f- Unic ; rhar, hf ic- 
compli/hing in you the good wot It whieli he hath bcjuo, you 
tnnf bt laditd prilid sRd irctpKhenfiblrr jt (lie Uil^t dayj 
thiough Jcliii Chtift our Loti. **w«, 

f I'ht" p.-all 111 Bifaf 'Ua l-Hl OB f/w rf^ 6f iht Efijiifil! 
htiiu i ^^*lJ, tiffl'"^ JcTfi, VcnJ, Creator Spirit ui,//W/ ^ 
/""£ "'' J'"'^ ^'^' ^''™' '^' jlni^'jbsp It^tfinin/^t urj rAt 2t- 
Jlxpi, iv'ii Sfici fitfc tri frifmr, tiifititn*[ if wrfii, ai 

CUMt, Huly GHoH, oui fouls infpire, 
And liitUfi wM irlijh^ljirt. 

Thau the jnulnllng Spirit tit, 

tyii> dyjl lAy Iniv/vM p/li impa'^K 



The Consecration of Biihops. 

Thy blcffcd Un^Ion from above, 
h comfort^ lij'tj anj^rt of Im-t. 
Enable ulth perpffu>il light 
The Juhrfx nj out LUfidt-t ^ghl . 

Anoinr Jiid cheer our foiled face 
H'lth cite ahundaaa sf tby o^rjct. 
Kffrp lar Dur fucs, givr pcjce ■( home: 
IVhere thsH ffrt guiAt^ no ill ian eoau, 

Tpjch us to kno^v ihe F^Lth^r, Stin, 
^i--J lAeff sfioib, to be bul One. 
Tlidr, [hruugh (he a^cs aUafong, 
Tbit Mtiy he our tfidJiJt Jang j 

PniJe to iHy FFErnal mf^rlt, 
Farher, Suti, and JJJy Sj/irir. 

Or th'ii i 
/^OME, HolyGhoft, eternal Go^, tfc. 


Ai he/bre in the Form far OrJerirtg Pnefis, 

% Thaitnd^d^thijirMjhf/hsUPy, 

Lard, our pfjyer. 

AfiJ^itjsr, And let our ciy come unto ihtc 

Let us pray> 

ALMIGHTY GnJ, an^ mort merciful Father, who nf 
diine infinilc gnoJnefs haft givpn thjne Only and dtarly 
bfToved Son Jelu5 Chilft, tcj be our ReJeemef, and ih* Au- 
thor or'everUlVmg Jjfc ^ who, aficrthjit he had made perfr^ 
our Redemption hy his deaih, and wjs ixfcended intolieaven, 
poured down his girta abundanlly upan mrn^ making lome 
ApolTlea, fomc Prophets, lome Ev;in[£f litfs, Ibme Pallors and 
DtjCtors, to ihr rdifying and making pertVfl his Church ; 
Grintj we bcfecch ihcp, [p this thy Icrvant /uch gMcr, lh,il 
he may cuermoie be ready to fpread abroad thy Gospel, ihc 
glahi tidijip of rfconcili,i[ion wj[h thee \ jand uTe ihc autho- 
rity givers him, not to dtrtrufllon^ hut to (jlvatrr>n ; not ta 

The Conrec ration of Biihops. 

hurl, but lo brlj>: lb ilut *i i wiicjind latthlul liivmt, 
giving to thy family ihcir ponion ia>flije iHlbni he may jr 
bfl be reteiveit inw fvcdafling joy i ihroBgh Je/ujChrlilum 
l^nl.who, wUh tlifc and ihc Holy GhoHi livechlDd i<tftiiclli, 
one GoJ, world wJlhoul tnil. ^irirn. 
f Ttltl Ibtjf'Mi/iupmJBi/vJiijIrljialJhi/llaylltlr tuwtfi 

upon iht bfad of fAe i/iStJ H'jbap hittiiig Iffirt thtm upim 

hi inrettihf Jlriliiitjhvp jayingt 

RECEIVE Ihc Holy CImIt, Toi the OtEcc and Work of 
a Bi^op in cbt ChuTi:}i of titiil, now cnminitlc^l unto 
[hee by ihc Impolilion of our h,ind&; tn ila Nime ai chr 
Father, and ol the Son, *nd ol' the Holy Qhnll. Ameo, 
An<l tcmcmbci that ibou flir up thir ^ucc of Cod which ii 
givtn thee by ihii Impolition ol" our hanli i for God hath not 
^ven us the fpitlt of feir,bui of pOHCii and love, and ibbci- 

GIVE hrcil unto reading, cxhaiuiion, inJ dij^tinc. 
'riiink upon iht things contained In thij Book. Be 
diligent in them, tint the jnucifc tomiflg thtieby miy be 
nunitcfl onlQ jU nilfl. Tjke heed unto thy ftlli aod lu doc- 
trine, and be diligent in duing ihcm : for by lo duinu ihou 
Ih.ilt both fuvc thyfelf and them that bear ihce. Br to the 
Hock uf Cliril^ A ^cplicrJ, not .'L wolf ^ feed Ei^cm^ dCTour 
[]]i!m nut. Hold up the weak, hcAl ibe lick, bind up the 
biokcn, bring again the out-calls, f=tk ihe loft. Bt fo met- 
^iliil, ihii yun be not ton (cniili; fo mininer dilci|>line, ihal 
you loiget not mercy : that when the chief Shephciil dull 
ippeaiyou nuy leceive the nrieT-fiding (town of gloi; , 
ihtuugh Jefus Chtlft our Lord. ^mn. 

% Thtn tie Ar<bti^Jhip jhaH piti^tti in ibt Cfmmutiiiin'Str^<^ i 
vttfh ^tib-im rhr trcw CvajftrjUd Bijhep (wiVi iib^tyjbaJS 

% Andfii' Iki lip CalttH, immfdiauly bifin Ibt Smdiain, 
jhjH itjaiti ibtjt Prjjtrs. 

MOST mcrtiful F^rlier, we befecch thee to tirod down 
upon thii fliv ti'vint tby heavenly blertini^i snd lo 

■'n.-lur bim wilb thy holy Spirir, rb.ii he, prsiehjny ih\- 



The ConfecratioH of Biihops, 

Wotd. mjy ngtonly lie carntli to leprove, befeech, and rt- 
bukc withafl pniicnceand do£lriiic ^ but alfo may be (ofudi 
ai bi:Zievc A wholrfome eiampLf , in word, In convcrr^tioni In 
love, in hhh, in chiftity, and in purify ; ihst, laiihfiillj 
liilfiiling bis coud'c, at tlic latter day he miiy lettii'c the crown 
oi" righienufncrs, laid up by ihe l^rd ihc rigbieou! J"dEe, 
wba liveth and rci^nt^tb one Gcjd \vith ihe Father and iht- 
Holy Gholtf world tvilhout endn yimen. 

PREVENT ut, Lard, Jn all outddngs, with thy moft 
gradoui iavout, and Airihcrus wiih ihy conlinual belp ( 
thai in all our worlti begun, tontinutd, and ended in thee, 
we may glorify ihy holy Name, and finally by thy mercy 
obtain ever lifting lift j through Jeloi Chtift our Lord, -rfwcn, 

THE ppjce oF God, which partclh all understanding, keep 
your heiiils and minds in the knowledge and kwe of 
tjod, (ind ofbia Son Jefus Chrift our Lord i AndlhehlelTing 
ot Cod Afmiehly, the Fjther, the Son, ,ind tfie Holy Gho[t 
be amonglt you, ^nd remain with you always. AiKu, 


A Form of 

Prayer with Thankrgiving 

To Almighty God ; 

To be uftJ in M Chorchei anA Cliipcli wiliiio ihlt Reilni, 
*vcty VctTf upon ihe T*pncicth Day tif ^unt ; bring Ult 
l^jyon which Hfr Mijdiy br|pn Her htppy Hc({1. 

* Til Smmt ihiSi ii ihJamivHli lit ii^ial 0^<i fir Jh!j- 
diiyt in all liin^i f rxeift tubal it hat ihil Ofia alitrtBi^u 

f Ifihii Day JhiH hafftit is jirSund*]-, lih v/Utr Offafuil 
^ ffjri/, at it falh-w/ilit inliribf. 

% MsrniPg F'trfir JhjU Jugm ttrifb ihrjt SfHUItttu 

EXHORT that firll of an, SupptlcJtiun>,PnyTn, 
Inlirciririum, und giving nf Th.inln, iw nude loi 
all mm j far Kingi,, ind far all ih« trr in Au- 
ihoriry i rhai wr mi)' I«d a dulii ind Mjccjblc 
liir, in jll e«<IIincli and hontlty; For (hit it good and a^- 
'.-(pnblf t)nn> Cod our Siviour. ■ Tim. n. t, i, ^. 

ll w( lay tLit wc have no lln, wc tSe»ivc Durfclvci, and 
the tntTh ii not in ui 1 buF>if wc coalcfi our fina, Jic ja'ajrii- 
riil anj ju<l to turgivc ui our lini. Mid to deanff ui tcom •!! 
untigl.icouliidi. I Si. yeAn I. S, 9. 

1 Injirad fl/'Vcnilf eiultrrnul fi* HvmnJoUf^vmj^ Ihali htLiii 
°r Jiiit^i out ypfrhy il\r Priijl,a«d aitolhtr by iht Cttrk and 

OLORD oar OaTrmour : bow cmllcnl it thy Nime in 
all ihc world I fjatm vjji. 1 . 
Jjiri. tvkii u mai. ihii ibtu haffmb "b*^ <""' i'" - " 
ill fan e/mai, rhil ilviijo 'tgardijt Aiwf PMrn ctYiv. %. 

The mfrcittti und ^rjcioiti LorO hath io done ha marvrF- 
I'tiii woiki : ihul ihc) uujhc [0 be h<id in icmcDibnDcr. 
I'falm tii. 4. 

fhtil mm 'aviiU It-rriforr f^ajft rhf Lifjfir ih gKjv^i .- 

Mil fiUtlm tit tnndfl ittf 6* Arfl fir i^ ckiUrn tf avs .' 
Pl'ilm. c"U, »i. 

t!«hold, O Cod our ddfcndfr i ind look upon ihc {xm o( 
ihint Anoinnd. P/tIm tiiiiv. 9. 

O btUi^tt iiftrr pmii ta itj f^ilt : rhti irr fitrficfi Jl^j: 
:im, Pfiloi ivii. 5. 

Gnnt the Queen ii long Ute i lad nulu h« gl^ with the 
joy of'ttiv (ountcniiK*. /*)iiii Ul. *. tl Iii. ( 

juiljiilijii/ittji, liM Itiy may fljirti htr. flilm 111. ^. 

In lirt time lei (he ilgbteoui naurlOi : sn<) let pcitc tw in 
jU uuf baideii. PJelm liilt. 7. & ulvll. if. 

v^i yif Jv tafKiiij ekihe tbivt mtfb^ivmt j Aw/ Pfcit brr/iif 
Ut htr crvvaw ^wfijb^ PXiilm ctiiii, ig. 

Blcffed he the Lati Cnd, (V(n the Cod of Ifntl ; which 
nolj J.inh arondiDiii ihiniji. ffd/w lliii. ll. 

J^nd i/^/f./ if lii S,tml ifhh Miijifiiftr tvtr 1 a«i til lir 
tirtbjiwi. ^ flliJ ^ilb ins M^jljij* A^tity ^mtn. Vef. J9. 

Clary be ti the Filhef, and lo the Soa i and tu tbe Ha\} 
Clinil j 

jli if «w( in ill itjintlKi, U ami, a^J <virjball h luur/.i 

Piiiftr PJalmt. u. xxl. cl. 

Tht t'lTjl, Jolh. i. to the «n<j of cha ninth VoTr. 

Ti Dm,. 

Tbr Stand, Rom. xlil. 

JMUii Dn. 

% Til SuffrJX" "'" '/'" '*' CrrtJjhil.'JIand livi. 
P'irj}. O Loid, flie* Ay mercy upon 01. 
Aofwer. And gniM lu lly JalvMhn. 
P-iifi. O Loid. fi»e the (ijueen ; 
Anlwer. tfH faliith tir irufi it iJui. 
P'n/I. Send hct help fiam thy boly pUee. 
Anfwcr. And nvriatin mi/^tliiy Jr/rnJ Arr^ 
i'riiji. L*! Iicr cntmlrt have no admitige ipinlt her. 
Antwpr- hit nuT Iti mi.-kij jfifr^it ib hurt h/r, 
PrUfl- EnJuc r^y Minlfters wiih riKhteoofnefi- 

A Form of Prayer for the 

Anli"»i. Jl^tit mail ityiii/m ftufitj^'ul. 
PrieJI, O LotJ, iiivt thv peoplf^ 
A^llMtt. Alii Iritjl l6iflr tri^iJatiH. 

f'^'fl. (jiic pc-icc in oiM rime, O Lori. 
AnJwer. Bitiuji ibm it Mcr ubrr liai Jtjlitii fir m, tar 
tulj ihaa, GU. 

Priifi. Be unto ui, O LorJ, ( dmnj| towtr | 

Anfwfr, yran lhtfi$ce sfmr tntmiti, 
F'itfi- O l.ntd, Imr our prtycr i 
AnlMVr. Aid ^I Btir try t^Jiit vnl9 tbet. 

fMiviif Colltll ef i'hi'ijgivi'g fir Hit Mtjtfy'l Atr^— 

to th/ Thrvnf. 

ALMIGHTY Coil, who ruIrR ovrr all the kinftlamt al 
ihc World, IFiJ Jirpgf«tl of llirtn icioritini Co thy goat 
plufurc ( Wc ^U14 th«« unfctgned thanki, for ihjt ihou whH 
ple^fcd, IS ofl rhif diy. ta p1i<f Thy Servjnt our Sovr^L'i^^Ti 
Lady, i>nan flCtORIA upon tht "Ihroof oJ" thii Rr.iliri, 
Lci t!ij wlliiom be her jjmdc, anJ Icl thine Jim (liciiiUiiicn 
htr i irt jiillitr, Hulli, and holindi, let pcicf jnd lov», jnit 
.ill (holt vifCiiM th« jdotn iht Chtifliin I'mfrllion, Douiiih 
in lict diyij tJirftt ill her nmnlilt ind <ni)aiV[int9 to thy 
g1ai7,ind tfic utltarr'ol'bcrpioj-lci ind pvf utGticclo obcj 
hcf chrrrfiiily nnd witlingly tor ^onttrptice IHtc i th.ii nelehtf 
our [inful pdJTiunii nor our pnvirc IntrrtTtt, mjy di]j[ipuii][ 
hricticiiur thr puKlklCftooHl ; let her ilwayi pofTtla the hcjfh 
uF hcT pi^iiplr, fhjt [h(y mity nwct br wJOtin^ in honour la 
lici i'rilun, jnd duDlfui fuiimiflioii lo hr< Auihuiity ) let hcj 
Rcigii Ue loH(s ind piorprtoui, and crown Jict wl[h Immotti- 
Iity iiilhclilc tu cmiic; tlnouijli Jefui Chilflour Loid, ^lun. 

H In Ibt inJ i/ilt Lilaiy {-tvinl- jktti thrati ii ujiJ ufaa !hs 
Day) afiir the CIha [We liumbly beftedi iJict, O Kithtr, 
&t.]jh,,ll tkr j'alluiumg PtafiT.Jsr tkt £>^<armi lUyal Fa- 
mily, it ajtd. 

OLORD our God, who iiplioWell «Bd governed al! Ihiiiiji 
in heiven ind titih ; reteive oui liumble puycn, wiili 
ourhurEylhanklgiiingiilurourSuvcRiEn Ljdy t'JCTOfi I A, 
u on (hi^ 4ty, let over m by thy y,nLe And providence in hr 
uur ijueen ^ and fo together with her blela A'iitt F,d\vjr,i 

Twentieth of June. 

Printe o/ JFaUif the Princefs of ff^ahr, and all the Royal 
Family ■ ihar they all , ever CruWingin Thy gon<l nets, prott^fd 
by thy pow^r^ and crowned with Eliy gracious anj endl^a 
favour, may continue before thee In health, peace, joy, ano 
honour, and may live long and happy lives upon earthy and 
afcer death obtain evcrhlting lite and glory m [he kingdom 
of heaven, by the Mciits and Mediation of Chrift Jcfus our 
Saviour, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit, Jivclh 
and Teigneth ever one Cod, world without end. jimcft. 

IT T&en Jbffllfiiloitf lAii CoUe^tfor Goifj proreffian ofihe ^cen 
ogainjl all htr t«emks. 

MOST gTscious God, who haft fet thy fervant^/'JCTOfi/^ 
our Queen upon tbeThroneof her Anccftors, we mo(^ 
humbly bcfcech thee to prote^ her on the fame from all thr 
tiangera to which fhc may be expofcd ; Hide her from the 
gathering together of the froward, and Irom the infurrcfliun 
of wicked doers j Do thou weaken the hands^ blafl the dc- 
(ign^f and defeat the enterprlttA of all her enemies, that no 
(ecretconfpiricies, nor open violences, may difquiel her Reign . 
but thatj being fafely kept cinder the Jhadow of thy wing, ami 
fupportcd by thy power, ihe may triumph over all oppolition ; 
that fit the world may acknowledge thee to be her defende- 
iinJ mighty deliverer in alldifSeuIriE^andadveitities} tliruugj. 
Jcfua Chrift out Lord, Avitn. 

% Then ihf Prayer fir the High Court of Purfjament fi/JiTthig) 

% In the Communion Ser-vite^ mmediately before the reading oj 

the Epiftk, inpead of the Ca/lcffjlr the ^tcn, and that of ri 

DajyjhiiU he uftd this Prayer for the ^aif, at Supreme Gv 

irernour cf (hh Churih. 

BLESSED Loidj who haft called Chrirtian Pfinces to ttf 
defence of thy F*ilih, und hjft made Jt their duty to pro 
mote the fpiritual welfare, together with the temporal inter 
eft of their people i We acknowledge wUh humble and thank 
ful hcatta thy great goodnefs la ua, in Jetting thy Servant ou' 
moft gradoL]^ Queen over this Church and Nation \ Give her, 
we befeech thee, all ihofe heavenly graces that are requlfLtL 
for fo high a truft ■ Let the work of thee her God profper in 
her handsi Let her eyefi behold the fuccefs of her defign; 
for the fervice of ihv (rue Mcligion !-ftib'ifhed ^>mongfl uj ; 





A Form of Prayer for the 

And mike her i blTtTfii inftiumcnt of proltaing and id- 
vincing thy Tnilh, whcrcvet il it petlpcuteil ind appKlTfil j 
Let Hypocrify and Piofi4n<;ncliL, SuptrJli[}on and Idalltry, Ay 
before het iace ; Lrt not HerefiFA nnd hlCe Da^rines ililliiEb 
the peice of ifir Church, norSchifini and taulelefi Ditifiom 
weaken \ii Bui grant ui to be of orje heart and one mind tn 
fervmg thee our God. and obeying ittt Jfcording to thy will : 
And ihjt theft blciringi may he (ontinued tu iftei-agei. In 
there neYcr be one wanting In her houje fo fuccecd her in the 
government ol" (his United Kingilom^ that aur pollcrjry ttity 
fee her children's chitdrenf and peace upon iftiel. So hx 
that are thy peiiple, and (heep of thy pafture, (lull giit thee 
[hanhi for eier, and will always be Hiewing tbnh thy ftnilc 
from generation to gcncraiion. yimen, 

T/it EfiJlU. (St. Pet. ii. it. 

DEARLY beloveJ, 1 befeeeh youiitirangcnind pilgrleni, 
ibAain from tTefhIy lulb, which war igainft the IbuT ^ 
having yuur convetfition honea jmong the Gentilei : that, 
whercaa they fpeik againA you as eviE-doris, thry irMy, bv 
your good worlts which thry fliii] behold, glnrify God in the 
day of vilita^ioTi. Submit youtli^Ives to every ordinance of 
man lor the Lord's falce ; whether U be to the Kin^, t% fu- 
pieme; or unto governours, u unto them that tie lent by 
him (01 the punirtiment of evil-doer^, and for the praile ai 
them (hat da welL For io js the will of God, that with well- 
doing ye m^y put to Glence the ignorance of fooEiih men : as 
free, and not ufing yom liberty tor a cloke of milicioufntfl, 
but ai the fervanti of God. Honout lit men. Lore the 
brothcthond. Fear God. Honour the King. 
f/ie GoJJiel, St. Matth, iili. 16. 

AND they lent out unto him iheir dilciflei, with (he He- 
rodians, faying. Mailer, we know that thou art true, 
and leachett the way of Gol! in truth, neither Orel) thou for 
any man : for iboii regarded not the perl'on ol men. Tell 
ut therefore, What ihlnkell ihou ? Ii I1 lawful to give tri- 
bute unto Csfar, or not ? But Jefua perceived their wicked 
nel's, and faid, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocritej ? fliew me 
ihe trrbute-mooi'y. And they hfoiight onto him 4 peny. 
And lie faith unto them. White is this image and fuperfdip- 

^ .'^i 

Twaitiecl) of June. 

lian > Thty by unea him, Cvfjr't. Then fiith )i« unifl 
ihrm, Render the rcforg unto Otiiw (h« thing! whJehanCv- 
iii'ii and nun Cnd ihv thing! (hat in God'i. Whro lJi;y 
hi4 bcui tUrtt wordt, [hty mirtttl«il, ind left Urn, and 
"tot iheir wjjr. 

t 'frV It* Niccne OhJ jhtil /tUim Ikt Sirmtn. 
% Iw lit Ofi'itijfiidiJ iHi SmiiiKt it rfidi 

LET]'Oiir IljhT Tolhinebtfo'e men, ihil they miy let you t 
£iHiJ urorkt|iD] fturlfy y^ur Fiihtr whirh ii la htiv?n- 
^^ Jitt'i, V. |6. 

1 A/lir itt Frtftr [For the whole Iblc of CtuiA't Chuich, 

A Pri[yfr/»r Unity. 

OCOD the Fiihei of aur Lord Jeliii Chri(l,aut only Si- 
•ioui', rhe I'rjnce of t^eue ) Olve ui giioe ledouny id 
liy ta hcut iht put dingen wt (k io by otr unhappy Ji< 
■ ilioni. Take twij M hilitd ind ptcjuiike, iinJ mImiIlx 
evei etl'e m>y hinJcr ui from godly L'niun tnii L'uncuiJ : ilui, 
a) ihciF ii bat one &wly, jnJ one Spirit, iinJ ooe Hope uf our 
OllLn^ one Lord, one F^Uh, one B4p1iim, one God «rxd Fi- 
ther of ut nil, Id wc miy IkenceA^rth be All of one harr^ and 
of one foul^ united in one holy bnndofl^uth And Peace, tti 
Fjith And Charity, And may Ailh one mind ind une mourh 
glofirychetg thfough lefot Chrill aor Lord, Amtrt- 

GRANT, O Lord, we hcfeecli thee, that the couife of 
thii world may bt fo peiceibly oidrrtd by thy govtm- 
ance, <hdt thy Chureh may joyluUy fcrve (hte in all godty 
t^ufernefi, throi>j{h Jefui Chrift our X^rd. Wnvif, 

GRANT, we btleeeh thet, Almiglity Cod, tli»t the wonli, 
wh-(h we ht»c lieord tli« djy vrJlh our outwHil enii, 
<niy through (hy g'xe be To frificd Inwardly In our hciili, 
ihtt they mAy bring (otih in ui (he fruit of guod living, u 
[he lionoui ii\i piille uftli)! Kinic; through J sl'ui Chriflout 

ALMIGHTV G«d, the fountninof ill wlfdom, who know- 
ell our neicllitlei before vro illi, und oui ignorince in 

alkingi We bel'eeeh ihee ti> line eomptflion upon oui inlir- 


Twentieth of June. 

initiai ind ihofe ihingt, whkh fcT our unworttilncii we d^rc 
not» tnd f(t€ out blinilncft w( cannot jlk. voucfafi^t IQ pve 
Hi Asr the woTthmEr& of thy Son JeTus ChiiA our LoiJ. ^^jatt 

THE pcjM of God, wliich pifffih tEl un,lcrftintllng, kt«p 
yuut htAtis ind tntndt in (hc knowledge And Lie or 
God, inA of hii !ioii Jeliit ChnU out Loid J And the blcllln^ 
'jlCod Alini[;^^cj,thc Farh«, the Son, ind the Holy Ohol^ 
be imojv^ft yoji, and ncnain Yiith yoa alwiya. jinum. 

" Cyjy^ Will Hid Plcifijrc is Ttml thcic Fmir Fomi* of Pnv« uiJ Sn- 
" *^ wioe, nuilc for fht Fifth of Movrmbcrt (he 'JliuTielli of Jjifiuryi ibe 
" rwcni>-ni[iih uf XUy, irtd thir Twfnu«b i»f J jm, toe iotlhwiih pEUitcd 
'^ tiii'l pkiblirhcil^ dftJ kiinfiMici [he BdqIi Q^ ComniDn Priftf ntd Ltnirnr 
" of [}ji! L'liriH Chiii'L'1\ rpf Efk^lriiiil ^vtA rrduvii id be qfaJ yeuly «n ^c 
" idfd lUy*. Ill a!! C'iihEiltiJ aiiJ Culk|£Jiklc Cb)irfhc« »iiJ ClhycU^ [a all 
■■ Chapels (jf Cullcra uid Hilji wjTJiiii Out lF[ii*prlit]« uf Cli^i^, C*«' 
" bniJEf^ »rri liuhiln. will of our CcUi^a af Ewn ■nd WincheJttfr, *ird 
^in ilJ Pdillh-ChuEvhcf di>L[ Chipeb wiibin thofe pdib vf Our Dbir^ 
" KiiiE^uiD uJIfl Eir^Ijikil riiNl Ir^laiiil, 

** Given >i out Cumi Jir KHifiLigEOn iha Tirmrr-rtrtt 0*f 
"«f June, iai7. Ill tfi« Fint Vw Af Our &cl][n. 

" J, RVt5ftLl^« 

*"VICTO«I\ %. 
" CY^^ ^^'•^ *"*^ ITfjfuif it, Thjl & mBcIi of Onr f*Bl Rovil wrjmm 
-' ^^ <jf The Twcrk[>'-Gr(l D^ Crf lune. One ihaufanH tigbl rnmdrT^ u' 
" iJjjtTT'ffvcrt, iij [be FjhX Yrti<t< itat Rct^n^ u U rHCL^tiibc'<>Fe f«iifti, 
'* ht rtvufceiL, jjid tbji The Vfe i|f rbt fajd Purm^ ■jf Pmrer uid iiernce 
" made loi ihc Firth of Novtinber, Uic Thimcih of JinuHV, «hl the 
"'I'lceni; -ninth ol M^j he hcucfforrh JliconEhkiiei] \» itJ CUtbMral and 
'- CLiUcgijrc ChuTcticj jui? CSj;]iIi, in ill CTkapct^ of CnlLrvn v^A Ntlb 
" i^'iiliiii □■*; t;rii^en~uin nf <iiil'citln CurLbt^LTv^ itij Dublir^ md of Our 
^^ i:uJli£n af CiDii vid WJLi(TiEtirr« Jiid in ■JlPm-ifh^Chmcbti v4 Chi' 
"pcIiivLihln tIicP'*itiaft>iH-l'iii!cJ KiiiBdom ciClol FnuEii>d uiJ IrctiLtil. 
" kkL rtvi; [h? fnut Ktimu nf Pnv^^ 'ti<1 ^rvkx be not HKerArrfL prin|r4 
" 'ikI jM>blii}jird wJEli Qi vii»ci#1 la (ht fionlt of Cuiomvii ^■yrfl «tU 
^' LiEurgy of The (;njE^ Chnrfb of Eiifiiitd iiid ItcIui'I. 

**Giirtn« Our Court A| ^, Junci'i. thfi icr<nWairh V>%y s^Juiu- 
"nry, «ll59, in die T^enry-jftoinl V<jf cf our Hi-jgn, 
** Hr He/ Maje|lv> Comnuitir, 

"6. H> WALPOLE," 


Agreed upon hy ihe Archbiftiops and Bilhops of 
boili Provinces, and the whale Clergy, 

[n tbt Canvicjti^n AJJen at Loniion in i!,e yttr 1562, _/or ihe 
ii<vi/liiing nf Di^rtrjitiii of Opiniinty jvd far tht cjliiblijb'm? cj 
Canjsnt tsuthmg true Rih^ntn i Rtju'tnled by Ifii Majepy'i 
Cammandmtnty ^\b U;i Royal Dtelarjiion prtfxtii thtreuni^. 

His Majefty's Declaration. 

tT^^^ElWG l)y God'£ Ordinance, icizording to Our juft 
M^l^^ 'I'illc, Defender aftbe Faitb^ and Stipreme Gmern^ 
yv our of rhe Cburcb, vjilbin ibefe Our Di'mJiioHt, We 
"^ hdlij it moil ue^^iils Cq ihis Our Kingly OSfict, 
ind Our own tEllgious Zrat, 10 cnnlVrve and moiFiuin thr 
Church tommitttJ to Our Charge, in Unity of true Re- 
ligion, «nd in ihf Bond of Ptatt j and not to futftr unntccf. 

Ury DilpuUtionJ, Altcrciiiotis, or Quefiions tu be raifcd, 
whith mjy nuurilh Fa^ion botli in the Church and Coin- 
moEiweaLlii. Wr have therefore, upon mature Delibentiun, 
and with the Advice of fo many of Our BiCliopb at might coa- 
vcnrrntly be called tojjether, thought fit to makt thia Decla- 
ration tollowmg ; 

TiiJt tht Articles of the Church of Eflj/j>irf( which have 
been allowed and .luthoriicd hcrctoturc, atjil wiifch Our C[er[jy 
generally have fiibicrlbeJ unto) do contain the true Dttfftfinc 
of the Church of England aBtecahle ro God't Word : wbicli 
We do thertfore rstity and confirm, requiring all Our loving 
Siihjctli to conrmue in the uniform PiofrlUon thcteolj and 
prohlbiliFig (he leaft dilierencc from the fald Atticlei, which 
to ihjE End We command ro be new printed, and thi» Our 
Declaration to be puivljlhed therewith. 

That "We jie Supreme Governour of the Church of Eng- 
land: And that if any DilTcrence arife about the rtlemal I'o' 
Iky, concerning [he MimBiaai, Qirmni, jnd other Cm^irarhm 
whatlocvcr thereto belonging, the Clergy in iheir Convon- 
litm is to order and fettle ihem, hsTing firft obtained leave 


Articles of Religion. 

imiiei Our BrMil S«l fo (o da i and Wc ippiuvlng tbrir liid 

OrJinancn anil ConAitutioni j provliftng th^e rmnp be made 

Thil out o!" Our fiUttly C»IC thai llie Churchmpn ranj 
■lo the Wurlc whith li ptoptr unio item, liic Billiopi »n.i 
Clctjjr^ fiam time lo time in CuiiMtJtion, upon thclt Jiiim- 
bli' IJcl'ife. llull h-ivc Licence undci Ouc Bniki !ical la ilcli' 
t>cMrr ulf aail la itu tU luth ThrnpL^il^ bein|[ made plajn by 
El]cni,]lnd ilFcntcd unIo by V'l, Hi^ili concern theCtttiaA CoA' 
ririu'iiLr 0t ilic Dvdlrjnc and Dikipline of the Chunh oi 
Knj^Jn/id n<rw etljhlijlird i frum which We vAl not t^dutr 
jiiy viryin^ or dcprEiDg in the Erjfl Ot^rtt, 

Th^l fur (he fiielenl^ (liougb tome difftrtncti hivt hvrn 
ill rjifcd, yet Wc akf tomfoit lo tbii, shK all Cl»iE;men 
wliiiin Out Hrilm hjvc *Iwjj» moll willioglj' fiiblcfibeu tu 
ihe Anklci en^DliDii^d ; wliicb U an argument to L'>> (h4t 
ihfy all igtc<L in tlii- ituc, uj'ust, litcnl meinlne of jbe fild 
Ariiclit 1 and ihit cvn iathol'; cutIoui polnttiiii wbi<h [be 
frefcnidifierrntentie, mcnof'>ilt Ibrts tike the AitJciesof* iJie 
Church ol' tuiU'J \o It; tor tbcin j whicli ii ui Jigumeiu 
.i$sm, tliit Dune al~ them Intend any delefllonor the Article* 

Thiit thrirfoie in chcr? borb curiuut and unhappy difTer- 
cncG, which have lot Jo niiny hundred yeJiFEf in jifferpnt 
TiETiea iiid jiljcea, ctercifed tfat Church c.f Cbiil^^ We wiLI. 
th^r i\V fuithcT Ckiiiuua fearcb bt inid jtlde» and tiiefe dilpLitei 
(hut up in Cod'! promirci, ai (liey be genetjlly lift t'orth to 
u> in ihi holy ScripturvG, and Ihc eenetil mrining ol die 
Anieies ol the Church of £'^/dWaii,-aiding n> them. And 
That no man hereA/[?r lliali either ppint, or picach> to draw 
rlie Arlitle ilide inf way, but llull fubmit to it in the plain 
and lull mc'nmg thereol*: and Ihall not put bit awn I'enle or 
enrnment to be the nvcaiiing al the Aiciclc, but diall uke It 
in the literal and grammitJtjl leorc 

That if any publicU Rcadcf iti either of Our Univerriliet, 
or any H*ad or Maftcr of a College, or uny utlicr peifon le- 
Ipeftively in eitlici uf thtm, ilijll alfij any new feiile to my 
^Vrlicle, or fhlll ptiEilicldy reaif, determine, oi ittild any pub- 
lick OrfFiutJtiDn.or futicr any fuch tu be held either wji,in 
either tide Univcriitics jirCoUe^ rcfpefllwly; or if -irij Di' 
sine in [he UnivcrliucB Ihall preach or print any rhlngeirhEr 

Articles of Religion. 

wiyi other thu is alrejdyefliblifhed in ConvixitiDn wkh Our 
Royal AHeni ; ht, or thty thf Oifcniitra, Ihjli b= liable lo 
Our itirpJeaTurc, ind the Church'i ((nluic in Our Commil- 
fion Ecdcli.ifticjl, ai well ai any other: And We will fee 
there ihaU be due ERcution upon them. 

Articles of Religion. 
I. Of Faith in the Holy Triniij. 

_^iHGIlE is but one living and true God, eTCtldlting, 
y^iii. withoLic budy^par^^f or pillions j of inlinile po^rr, 
wifdom.and gnodnrlsi tlic Maker, 4nd Frcft^rve^ 
of all things bath vifibleandlnrilibic. And inuniiy 
ai lliii Godhead thcie be time Peifoni, of one fubHance, 
power,and ccerniry ; the Fa[her,theSonf and the Hoi jr G holt. 

It. Oflhs Word or Sen of God. iv/ik/i luai made 
'verji Man. 

THB Son, which i& the WurduycheFAthirr, tifgotirn from 
everljfting of the Father, The veryjndctrrnal Gnd,3nd 
uf one liibnabcc with the FathpTj took Man*i nature in the 
wutnb ol" the blelTed Virgin, oi* her fubftjnce ! lb that iwn 
whole and perflift Naluies, that is to Tiy, the Godhead anil 
Manhood, were joined together in one Petfun, nevct Eo br 
divided, wherc:uKls one Chrift, very God, anil very Man i whu 
truly rufTercd, was cruciBed, dead and buried, to reconcile hJ^ 
Father to us, and to be a factifice, not only lot original guilt, 
but alia for all aflual fms of men. 

III. OflhegatHg dnian ofChrift inio Hell, 

AS Chtllt died for us, and wai buiied, To tlCa is il to br 
believed, that he went down into He.l, 

IV. Of the RifurreBm sf Chrifi, 

CHRIST did truly rile again from death, and loak again 
his body, with flelh, bones, and all things appeftatntng 
ro the pertc^ion of Miin^s nactirei w^rrewith he alceml^rd 


inio netven, and ihctc fituth, until he icnirn U judgs all 
Men i( tlic Utl dxj. 

V. Ofthi Uel^GhJI. 

THE Holy Ghiift, pmccdinji froRi the Fjllitr ind the Son,' 
it o( one fubtl^QCf, mfjcfly, »nd f lory, wUh the FldkC* 
inJ the Son. very t,ni etnnal God. 

vr, 0/ lit HuffickiKj »/ iht hilj Serif Oirtt fir 

HOLY Scripture (ontiinech tU iWngi nnefliry to ft\n- 
liun: fo that wh*tfu{ve( Js noi tfid therein, dm njy 
lie pmvcl llicichy, h not to be reiuTicd of jn)' mm, thu It 
i)iau[J lir belkvrd is >n iTticIc of the Fiilk, or be thought 
ri^^iiiritT ur n(k:ilTaiy til litvitlun. In the nime of the holy 
Scripture we do undcrtljnd iholrOnonictlBdolcior the 014 
jind NewTcA^fmeni, of whdle luthurily WJ9 itcta iny dosbt 
in the Church. 

Ol'ilif Nimeund Number of the Cinanicil Bontu, 



Tic Firjl B^i <ifSamutl, 
Jbt St£gn.i i?yoi of Sjmuci^ 
Titl Flrp Bcai of K;ng!. 
Tht Setr^Bii Book </ Kingif 

rti Saiid Stti erChnmkUt, 
rU Firjl Bui ofFJirait 
Tbt S^iiJ Bedt tf EUtm, 
n, B«ili if Efiitr, 
T/u Bait 'f3<*. 

Till Pravati, 
Ec<lrjii<ftlt er Pruibir, 
CjHlicn, or Sbnp 1^ SoUmirf 

Fiur PrI/fltlSI lit griMI't 
T-uiikt Priflltl lit i'/l. 

Aod llie other Banks [;» Hiirnmt fiiilh) lh« Church doth 
cad Irir e»mpte of tire iiid hiltiuUiun ut (nunncrt; but yel 
doth It not Kpply them La etdblilh iny duCtrinei fueh vs 

rhefti tbJiuwing : 

rtr B«ik of Ififitim, 
yt/i.1 /h &i of S^gct, 
t!J'a(t ibr PrapUr, 
Ut S^ng of It, Tirir CMdftn, 
Ti< Slory of Siijunray 

rhr Tbi'd Bmk of Efdras. 

riv Btai •,/ J*sA«., 
Tbi Bait U, 
Til ri/l iflf^ Boat if Efihrr, 

of Bi! niti Iki Wrj^n, Thi Vi'JI Brtk af Atuitbm, 

"J'.i F'^yri if Miinajlii, Tt< HiifJ Bttt if AfMnttfi, 

Alt the Biwki ul ilic New Tcliimcnt, ii (1x7 '" com- 
monly rei2ivccl, vrc do recrivc, jnd Account them CjinonieaL. 

VII. Of;^tOUTrj1amtiit. 

THE Old Teflamtnt it nut tontMijtftlhe New: fot butli 
]n llic Old and NewTclbmciKevnUHiniili'c l>i)tfcic>l 
to Mankind by Chilli, who it the only Mediflrtir be1*rmGi;iJ 
iiTid Man, being both OuJ and Man* Whcrefbtc Tliey dfr 
not to be bcjrdr wl^kh it\^n thjc the old FjEheia did inulc 
ttntjr for tTanTft^Ty pramifn. Although the ijw given (torn 
God by Mofn, j^ touvhin^ Ccnmonin and Rtie*,di> not bind 
Chriniin men, noi tht Civil ficcTpttlhticaf ought of motf- 
lity to be received in any common wrilih ; ]rel nalwiihl>and- 
ing, no Chrilliin man whatlrMirer if free from th« obtdltnce 
of the Command me nti which are (ailed Mo'al. 

nil. Of lit thrtf 

THE Thtce Citeds A'rtriir Creed, yfi^dici^ai'i Crtt^, and 
thjl whith it (ommonty salted the Af'Jiltf Creed, 
liught ihoiaughly tu be (e<(lved md believed i for ibey mjj 
lie pjovcd by molt certirn wjrHnW of boly Striptute. 

IX. O)' Original tr Birlk-fm. 

ORIGINAL Sin ftindcth not In the lullowinB of M^m. 
(ji the Prl^iani do viinly tjlll ;) but It 1> the I'luli ind 
ccrrupilun uf the Kjture of eveiy mun, thilt naFurally i> In- 
^endeietl of the oBfprLhg at' yl*tjm ; whcrel-y man ii vrij ^r 
^onc ttam nriginjl rl^lileoiirnHs^nd ii of hli awn n^turt in^ 
Lilined Eo cvij. lb ihnt chf Helh luiLi'tb always contrary to (lie 
fpililj and therelotc in r\ny petlon born inlo ihli world, >l 
dtfctveih God'i wr^ih and dammiion. And thii inlc£tmn 
[>f nuture doth rrmiici, yea in thrm that Arc regrnrrjerd ^ 
whereby fhe luit of The fl^^th, called In GivlktfAranr'njJii''h"i, 
udiich iome -fo eipound the wlfdom, lome (t nfualliy, Ebme 
the iffcttiun, Itfnic the ilelire. of the Hclh, Ii no[ fubjeift t'l 
the Law of God' And althou||h there ii no condemnjcloii 
toi tlicm thii believe and iie biptited. yet the Apolllc duth 
^onlelii.thatconciipllMnceind lull htth of llfelf the nature 

.•--■« iyi^^lfit'^-Jiif^A-^i^.mVtm-^t 




Articles of Religion. 

X. Of S'rit-tt ill. 

THE condition of Mm ititrche (i[\ ai Alt»i'niac\i,t'tia 
he csnnol Ima iflil pnpifr himlelf, by hitownnatunl 
Itnntlh and Kood woiki, Cu laiih, mil cilllng upon Cod: 

Whcicfoit wc hjvr nu powrr to do good wotks jjlafjnl jnd 
ji^tcpuble t" G(id, wiihout the grjti n( GoA by Chiiff pre- 
venting us^ that we miiy hare 4 good wlH, md workms with 
o^j v'hfn we hive th»t |(oo^ will. 

XI. Of l^e Juflifirnlitin of Man. 

WE in accounted lighicaui bciareCDdiUnlyfuillieme- 
rkni'Dur Lord >nd Suvjour JcftLS Chrifl hf Fabb^ >nd 
not tar OUT own workt ot deicrvingi : WiLcrL-fort^thst wc arc 
J u tallied by Kjicli on\y\tt mofl wholcliiine DD£tnnr-)ind very 
lull oi comfoit, as more lirpijris »pKlT«d in tho Homilfof 

XII. O/GnsJ irorif. 

ALBEIT Ihit Good Wnrks, which itelhe fniici of Fi'itb, 
md lijUoui afiri Ju[tili(4tion, cannot jut iwiy out fini, 
.inrl tnimr (he fev^rity of God's juil^rnieni i yet ire thtj 
l^lc-ir»ng and Kcepuble to God in ChrjA, and do fpring out 
ntcelVdiily of i true in J lively Faith | infomucli chaiby ihcni 
1 lively Faith miy be as etiJenily known ai i tiec dlltetntil 
by ih« fnill. 

xiii. Cyff'dffa iefere yufiificali<m. 

WORKS done before the gtace of Chritl, »nd til* In- 
fpintion of di! Spirit, ire not plMfint to God, for- 
afmucb )i ibty fpring not of fiiih in Jefiis Chrift, neither do 
they Riike men meet to receive gnie.or (as iht School^a- 
thonf^y'^defcri'e grxe oFcongruity : yearatilfr, forihar (hejr 
ire not done a& God hath willed and corTtintadfd thvin Co b« 
ilon», we doubt not but they have the n»ture of fin. 

XIV. OftforkitfSuptrengatioii. 

VOLUNTARY Worlii befidti, over inj iUn, Go4'i 
Comniandmrnti, which Ihey ull Worki olSupctna- 
gjtii>n, cinniii be tiught without atroginc) ind impiety I fof 
by ihem men do dedire, ihic they do not only lender BDto 

(rid fi much ai ihev lie bound !o do. but that they do mote 


Articles of iieiigion. 

rbr his fake, Elian of bounden duly isr^ijuired : whereas Chril) 
faith pJalnEy, When yc Uaw done all EhaC art Lommandcii to 
yoUf iLy, We are unproAtabli- Jet rants. 

XV. Of Chrifl ahfte fiKhhout Jink 

CHRIST in the truth of our nature waa nude like un^n 
tiB Jn afl Ehinga, fin only eicept, from which he wab 
cle,^r]y void, bath in hi^ ^tih, and In his fplric. He came to 
be tht Lamb wiihuut tpoF) who, by {acu^zc of himfelf once 
made, fliould tike awny the fina of rhe woild^ ami fin, as Sain r 
ypirp faith, was not in hjm. But *U we the reft, although 
baptiffrd, and boin again in Chn1l,yel offend in many thingi ^ 
dtid if we fay we have no finj we deceive okirfelves, and the 
tmth IS not in ub. 

XVI, OfS'titaJier Eapfifrn. 

NOT every deadly fin willingly ccjmmjiccd afwr Baptifm 
i::finagairill[hcHoEyGholl,andi]npjirdonab]c, Where^ 
fore the grant of repeocance is nor to be denied [o fuch a^^ll 
into ftn afrcr Baptifm. After we have received the Holy 
Ghoft, wc may dcpirt from grace given, and fall into fin, and 
by thi'gfjcruf God Wi: may arifc agam^^nd amend our Ijvea. 
And dictcfoic ihcy arc to lie condemned, which fiy, they can 
no more fm aA long as they live herc^, or deny the place of 
fbrgiveacff to fuch as truly repent. 

XVII, Of Fredeftinatiott and Ele^ion, 

PREDESTINATION u Life la the eveiinfting purpofe ol 
God, whereby (before the foundations of the world w(rc 
Idid) he hnth conibntly <JecreeJ by hie counfel fecret to m, 
to deliver from curfe and dAmnacion Ihofe whom h? halit 
^hofen in Chrilt okii of mankind, and to brmg them by Chni! 
to cverlaiting filvdtion, ai velTels made to honour. Wherr- 
ibre, they which be endued with io txcellent a benelit of God 
be called ktccording to God'i purpofc by his SpiciC working in 
due Jcafon : ihey through Grdce obey the calling : they hm 
juftified freely : they he made fons of God by adoption : thev 
be made like the imiige of hi« only-begotten Son JciusChritt : 
they walk religioully in good works, and at length, by God's 
mere/, they ittain to everbfting felrcky. 



Articles of Religion. 

Ai thr p>dly conliJmlJnn of Prodeftinition, and our Etvc- 

tion in Chtiflf uf[]k] ni i'weeu plaf^n^fVii Qn1p»kjbleccqn' 
fit^ to ^tiiy ]vTion:^in4 in^hn fmi in ilionfcZvcs (he work > 
injl nfihr Spitil of thrift, tnoinlyiBS ihr woikiof (hf flvOi, 
gnd ihfircirihly inanil>tn,Mdiln'HmgupthnT mindtn hig^ 
and hfivenly ihinp, » well btnvlf ■( dotli gnMly tltabliih 
,ind codliiin ttitii ^ilh of (Ctrnil Saltition ta bt tnjo^cJ 
ihiDugh Chrin,*! bccauir it <lotb iVnrntl} kinjlr ibiir loir 
rowjrds God^ So, far <uri<iu« jnd carnjl prrltin*, iickin^ thr 
Spirit of ChfiA, tob»r umEinudlt^ bcforr Ehcirrjft Ac Uti- 
rrni:e oi God'i Prfdtfti nation) is a moH diinjicntm dounfill, 
^hrrcby the Devil daih thrufl ihtm cither into drfpc^biion, 
oi into wfewhleirntltof mod un^lMd living, no leli fKciioui 
tluin drfjicfAtion. 

Fu(Eh4;fmorf, we muArrceivv God's promiftiiA futb u>fc, 
^i ihcy bt gtncntTv fel t'orfh Co ui in boly Sc'iptbte i in^^ 
ill uHf doinKi. thiil Will or' Go* ii to be followed, wkkb m 
fajvc apieflly deeliireJ unu ui in (h« Waid of G«d. 

XVIII. Of' oblaimn^ rltrnal Sali-alhm asty by iAr 
Namt ')/ Cfiriji. 

THEV alio SIC to be bid KtiaitA that prcrume la dy, 
Tbii every mm Ihill be lived by ibc L^iwurSt^ which 
lie proletTclh, lo ihil lie be diliKrnl Is fnmc bit life xccrd- 
tn^ ^> rhat ljw,tnJ ibe light of Njiiire. Fvr holy Scnpturt 
<liiib let ciui unto UI only the Nimeof JcFui dtiijl, wheral^ 

XIX. Qflkt CAurri. 

THE viribleChuiihof ChrlAI) a (ingiegitionaf tiithlul 
men. In the wliich the puce Word of GoJ l> prtai;hed, 
jnd the Sattsroenn Ijr duly mlnlfteied tceoiding W Ckillt'i 
orditiantt in ill thofo tSingi thw of neceAty Bic ft-juifiK to 
the fame. 

Aithi Cbac(iiol7triifalim,yiJiuK4lru,uii.iiiifktt, h«w 
Fcred 1 fo alfo the ChuKh of Rime hilfa ened, nM only in 
their living and mtonei of Cetemonlu, but illb is Butltn 
of Faith. 

Articles of Reiigioa. 

XX. Of the Authority of the Church, 

THE Church halh power Co decree Ritea or Ceremonies, 
and mithnriry in CgnlroveTfies of Faith : And yet ic h 
not Ijwfu] lor the Chuich to ordain any thing ihat is coalrarv 
tj God't Word wriCLen, neither may it ia eipound one pljcc 
of ScfipCiire, fhji it be repugnant to anotherp Wbcrdore, 
j[thuugh the Church be^ witncr&anH a keeper of holy Writ, 
yet, aa )t ought not to decree any thing agatnft the ilime^ io 
htiidej the fanm ought U not to enfortt ^iny thing Co be be- 
lieved fut nccpflity of ialvjcion. 

\xi. Of I he Authority of General Cauanh. 

GENERAL Councils irijy ni^t be gathered together with- 
out the commandment and wilJ of Princes- And when 
they be gathered tugecher, (rbr^rmuch as they he jn dfTL-mbly 
of men, whereof all be not j^u verged with the SpirJr an J Word 
i}f Cadi} they ai:iy err, and fDmelimes h^re erted, rven in 
[hingi pertaming unto God>. Whereluri: things urdsined by 
them 3S neceniiry to Jalv^Eion have neither ftvengtli nor au- 
iliuFJty, unlcfs i[ may he declared that they be cjkcn out of 
holy Scripture- 

XXII. Of Purgattiry, 

THE Romiffi Doftrine concerning Purgatory, Pardon?, 
Worfhkpping and Adoration, as wtU uf Imager 43 of 
Reliques, and alio invocation of S,;int!;, is a ibnd thing vaJn)y 
invenced, and grojnded upim no WiirMnty of Scripture, but 
rather repugnant lo the WorJ of' Cod, 

xx^wu Of MifiiJfen'Hg in the Congregatha. 

IT Ls not lawful fur any man to take upon him the olhi:'.' 
of publicJc preaching, or miniftcring the Sacraments in 
ihe Congregation, bctbrc he he lawfully called^ and fenc to 
execute [he fame. And thnle we oughr to judge lawfully 
cjllcd and fent, which be chofen anJ called to this work by 
men who have piiblick aothoTiry given unto them in the 
Congregation, Co call a:kd fend MJni(ters into the Lotd'tvine- 




Articles of Religion, 

XXIV. Offjieaiiits in ikt Cutfrt^atim iafiuk a Ttoffu 

as lit /•cuf/e anJerjIaiiJtlA. 

IT it 1 ihin; pUJflly rtpugnint ta ihc Word of Cod, anil 
the tuftom of ihc Primitive Church, to luvc pufcikli 
fiiycr in the Chuxh. or lo mlnlitrr the SictainentJ la * 
longuc not unilcflbadtil of the pcoplr. 

XXV, 0/tAtSa.remfiM. 

SACRAMENTS orJiincJ of Chrlft l>« net only hiJ^t. o< 
ifikcni ui Chiidijn nicn'l proftffloDi liirt nthti thcj' be 
(ctiiJh itiit wltncHcs, Jrid (fftWjil ligni ol gucF>iniI Ciud'i 
giiod will towiiils us, by thr *hkh hr ijolh voik Intliiblj 
in UI, ind ilotli ni't onlj' qukkcn, buc tllo Atcntlhcn nod 
tanfifm our Vtlxh la him- 

Tknr irc two Siuramcnrs ordiinei of Chilli Oar Lcpil In 
thr Oi.fiicl,tli*lis tofjy, Biptifm.jnd ihe Supper of the Lari!. 

Tlittte ii\t i:onimi>nly c:iU(rd SjcrAmrnls, llijll it Co fiy, 
CLmfr^miti.-Jii, Prnjnce, Otdctt, M-itilniurty, ind Eicmnf 
Uoflion.ait not tnbe (ounitd lorS.itfamtntiot'thrOotptl, 
biliig fiich » hive gioviii piitiv of tht corrupl IbnnwinK or 
the Apofllri, piitly Jie ItjEciol iitc allowed in thr Sc(ipTi>rfi[ 
buiycr hive ndt [Ike njiurc or Satiimcnn with B.ipTilni^ahd 
Ehe LttfTi Supper, far ihat ihry hive nor any vlfiblc Ag«i 01 
tercmuiiy oidiincd olGoil. 

The Sjcfimrnn v.eie not ordained of Chilft to be £aicl 
upun, nttobeeiriiedibout, but ihitwt (houlil duly ulc Ihcm. 
And in luch only a worthily receive (he time ihey h^vt ■ 
iKhulcrome ettcC) iit opention : but they thai ie(«ive ihcm 
uEiwnrrhily purch.ife tu chcmfcNes damndClon, ti Sitint P^si' 

xxv:. Ofiht Umvtrt/iiHtfl cftke Miiifitri, ivikA 

iinJifs >kI I fie ifftil 0} Ikt Secramtiit. 

ALTHOLIGH in ihe villble Church ihe evil be iv«r mm- 
gled wiih rhc gwd, md fDmctimcs the evil hive ctiler 
authority in Ihe Mliiifiriilon of the Word Jnd Sicrunenti, 
yet r'oralinuch n they di» ni^t thf fume in their own nnnie. 
but in Chrii!^i, jnd do miniArr by hia eommFllion md -tu- 

Articles of Religion, 

ilioiiiy, urn mty itfi: thEir Minjlliy, baih in hcaiing the WuiJ 
vf God, and In ihc iccciving of ihf Sacumenu. Nciihci ii 
ihe tifcH of ChrlH's ocdinince Ukcn iwiy by ihcir wickr^J- 
ncli, nor the gtace of God^j gifii iimlniitcd iiom I'u^ h ii bv 
r'jjtb jnd righcly do rrcdvc the Sac ram e pita TnitiJltcrcil untrt 
ilicm j ivhkli be i:ff»ilujt, betiulc gfChriil's inftituilun and 
ptomifc, allhaugh they be mlniflercd by evil men. 

[ enquiry be made o^ evil Minifters, and ihjl they be flki- 
cui'ed by thoLe that have knovvletige of Ehetr oEfeniies ; and 
dnjily being luund guiity, by jnfl judgement be de^jfi^d. 

XX nr. Of Bafili/m. 

BAPTISM is not only i fign of piafeniaiii and maik of 
diftiiince, whereby Chtiftiin men me difgerncd from 
utheis that be not chiiftcned, but it Is alio a (ign of Regcnt- 
rjtirin or new Birth, where by ^ a« by iin inniumenr, tijey lh,ii 
receive Bspllfm rightly jre grjfted into (he Chute ll ; the 
promjfes of [lie forgivenf fa of Hn, and of uor adoprian to be 
rhe Tons of G-'d by ihc Holy Giioft, ate vilibly figncd anil 
fealed ^ Faith ia conllrmei, and Grace increafcd by virtue of 
prayer unto God, "I'he BAptiftn of yuun^ Cliildrrn JA in any - 
wile to be retained in the Churchy as moA^ErBeabl' with the 
inifilutjon of Ciiiilt. 

sxvrii. Of Ike Lord's Supper. 

THE SuppLT of the Laid ii noton^ya llgn ef thelov* thai 
Chriftians ought lo \Mit among ihemfclve) one to 
another j bm rjihcr ii ii a Sacrament of our Redemption by 
Chriil's death 1 inlijmuch that lo foch a> tightly, worthily, 
and with faith, receiie the fame, the Bread which we breilc 
is a partaking of the Body of Chrifl ; and likeulfe the Cup 
of Blelling is a partaking of the Blood of Chril). 

Tranfubflanria[ion(or the change of the fublfancc of Bread 
.ind Wine) in (he Supper of (he Lord, cannot be proved by 
holy Writ! but is repugnant to the plain words of Scrip- 
tare, overihtoweih the nature of a Sacrament, and hath given 
□c<ifiL>n ro m^ny luperftltions. 

The Body of Chilli it given, taken, and eaten, in the Sup- 
p[:r, only afler an heavenly and IpiritLLal manner. And the 


inem whcKby ihc Buif ni Chtin i> racrirtd inij Mtco in 
ilii Supptr it Fiiih. 

Tht Sicrjnient of the Lonj'i Supper wu not by Chilll'i 
aiilintnce Kferucd, caniciJ aboui, Iift«d Up, Of WOtOilppCid. 

XKtX. Of l^t H'kyj tvbuh rat nsi thi BaJyofCirifl 

IK llie life a/tie LarJ'i Suffer. 

THE WicImJ, and tuch i> be vuU o< a. llxly hith, il- 
th<iugh Ehfy do carnilly ind vifib^y prrfs with tbrir 
Ffclh^ai Sjiat-^u^vy^/Arjich^Cbr S4cr4mcRt nfthe Bodyarvi 
BlcHjd af ChrMt, yrE in no wife ire ihcy parnkti* i)f Chrjtt: 
hui nrlief, to their condfmnition, do cai and drink the Ggn 
ot 9ui*a»nt of To gim a thing. 

THE Cup of th* Lori Is rot to be itniti to the lj». 
pco]ilc: lilt both thf pjiB ot' (he Lurd't Stcnmcnt, 
by Chdn't oriilni'ice jnd commindincnt, niighl lo be mi' 
ninctcd to all Chrinbn men alike. 

\Axi. Of the ont Oblatkn ff CMJl finipeii Upon tit 

THE OtTcrJng of ChiiR oncg nude » ihii pcilFfl redemp- 
tion, propitjaEioRt md rititfd&ii>n, lor all the Una of 
the whole world, both ori^ and i&udl \ and there \i none 
other latisJa^ion for fin, but ihjjt dione, Wherel^ire the fa- 
<iii(u.a of Maffct, in the which It wii cammonly f^id, tint 
the Ptieft did oAet (.'hilR far the qujclc and the deiid, to huve 
(emlDiuB of fuin or guilt, were bblplxaioui I'lMci, and 
Jingeram deceit*. 

ssxii. OfikeMarriBf-tcfPritfii. 

BISHOPS, Priefh, and D«con>, are not tomminded by 
Cud"i Law, (irher to »ow the eilate of T.nglc lilt, Br c« 
alifljiii from mairijgf ! theiefoie It \t lawful ilfu fur them, 
a for all otiier Chriftim men. tu inurry at iheir uwn Jilcn- 
lion, as ihey ih^ll judge the fame lo [erve better tt) p)dllnefi. 

Articles of Religion. 

_\.\.xiii. Of excommtimcate Per/brtSj fi^^v they art to 
he avoided, 

THAT pcrfon which b;^ open i1 en unci it Hon of the Church 
Is rightly cut ofT from ihc unity af [liEf Churchj ^nd 
excommunicated, onghr ru be raken o/the whofe mulcifiide 
ol":hc faiihful, as an Heiithcnand Publican, until he be openly 
reconciled by penance, jnd received Into rhe Church by a 
Judge that hath aucliorlcy thcrcuntd- 

xxxiv. Of the Traditions of the Churchy 

IT is noi neceli'jty ihat Tradlrians ami Ceremonies be In ^il 
places one, or utterly like j iur at all timrs they bavr been 
divers, and may be changed according to rbc diveffitiea of 
couniries, dmeS) and men'* mannrri, ib dui nuthing be or- 
diincii agiinfl God's Word. Whoruevcr through his private 
judgrmcnt, wtltingly aad purpofely, doth openly brealc [he 
tr^ditiuEitandcrrcniaEiicsof the Churchj which be r^ot repug- 
nant to the Word of God, and be qrdAmfttjrfi appTOVtd by 
cofftmon authority, ought to b^ rebukrd openly, (iha^ others 
mav feir to du the like,) as he thai olfendelh jgainll the 
commcn cfder of the Church, and hurteth the auEhoTity of 
Ehc: M^igiRrale, and wcrundcth the conlcieacea of the weak 

EvETy pjTticuUr or naimnal Churth hjih authnrity tn or- 
kljin, change, and abolish, ceicmonies or ill" of the Church 
ordained only by man's authority, fo rhat all rhings be Jonc 
to edifying^ 

xsxv. Of Homiiiti. 

THE fecond Book of Homilies, the fevcral dtlea whereol 
wc have Joined under ih'^ Article, doth canfaina godJy 
,md wholcfome Dodtr'ine, and necelJJry for thefe times, a^ 
doth the toTnirr book of Homilies, which were fee forth in 
tlie timeof £f/i<'fir</ theSixth I an«l thcrciore we judge them 
to be read m Churchei by the Miniltert, dihgentJy ami dif- 
tindtly, that they m^y tit underhanded of the people. 

Articles of Religion. 


Of thf Name* of the Homilin. 

F jbi R'gir Up i/"< Ovili. 
1 A^iii'P f"il 'f Sdtlatrj. 

) OJ'iht iif^irmg jmd kiiping ilij* tfCbttiia. 

< A-ai^ft Ghtttmy and D'wikn»ijt. 
b .fj»*«jl E-najt tf AffartK 
7 Of f'tjtr. 

i 0/ :i< PUn and Timt i/ Prajir. 

If 7'iv (iiKwm ftajci jid Simimeiiri m^bi n it mkifiir/ti 
in J ixstvn tvit^Mt. 

10 Of lit ntitrttid iflaKt:\7ii tf G>J!l Wtti. 
I J Of Atmi-4itiiv, 

11 6f ibi Ntlk^ly if Orifl. 
13 OflbiPjjjie*tfCi-iJI. 

H Olitt Sijvm^im yCirifi. 

It ^ tfe WMrcty rtaitrmg tf' ttt Satitminl *f' ibt Sotfy awd 

■ e Ofitt Gifii ofikt Htlj Gtffi. 

li Of the Siiiii of Mjirlmoiy. 
1 y Of Re^ntantt- 
20 A''i*ffji Jilenift. 
-I A^jlnji RibrUtsn. 

.x.\xvi. Of Cmfccrathn »f Bi^sft ttMil Winfitr). 

THE B'iulc o^ Confi'crjfion of Afcbbrfliopti v^d BSlhoptj 
jod OrJcting c.f PiUlln anJ Oratam, Uicly IJi (iitth 
in ihc lime of EJiivi the SiiiH, ind cpnAimtd il lt>t Ijme 
lime by luihorlly of l*jil(.ini<ni, >lo(b conain ill tliinp nr- 
Cflfiry to fuch Cnnfrftation ind OrdrHngi n«itht» hitli It 
my ihln^ thai of iticlf u fojitiftiiioui Jn-I unjoiilj'. AnJ 
therefore wholoevtr irp (onle<ratt-l or orJrtrd i«oriling in 
the Riteioltlut Book,ftn(tlhe fecooilycirot'lhe foKnimed 
King £'/Ti^v^./ijncrjihA[lmf, ur heteifter (hiXi be <onfcCf4t«d 
or orJirr-t jtioiillng to ihc iJmc Riici; urr <!t(re< 4tl liich 
to be lishil)', okJciI]', mil liwtuliy <on.lV<Tttci| ind otdcrrJ. 


Articles of Religion. 

XXXVII. OflAeCiiiilMagiJIralei. 

THE Quecn'i Majcllyhsth ihccliitf powtf in ih'n Realm 
o! Eaghnd, and other her Dominions, unto whom tht 
chifl'GoVFrnmcnl of M Eflalet of this Rcalni, whether (htj 
be Eccler'kjlticj] ur Civil, in all caufea di>lh appvrrjjn, and 'm 
nut, nor uu^ikt to be, fubjeff to any foreign JutifdiClion, 

Whprr wc allribiilc tu the <^uecn'a Majcfty the chief gu 
vcrnitient, hy whlcii Titles we underl^and the mi]]d$ of lumc 
fljnderoua folica to be offended \ wc give not to our Prince: 
ibe miniftering either of God's Word, or of the Sjcrjmcnt-, 
the which thing the Injunfliuns aifo lately fet torch iiy £/ra- 
ahith our Queen do moft plainly ttftlfyi but that only pre. 
rogative, which we fee to have been giucn always to all ^odli 
Princes in hoi j Scriptures by God him fell ; ih^c js, that iJicy 
Ihould nile all etUce^s and degrets committed to their cbar^t 
by God, whether ihey be Ecclcjiajlical or Temporal, and re- 
(IrJln with the civil fworil the ftubborn and evildoers. 

The Bifliop of Rome hilh no juril'iiftion in this Realm of 

The Lauis of the Realm may puntlh Chrillian men with 
dc.LCh, far heinous and grievous olTences. 

Jl U hiwful Rir Chnllian men, al ibecommaadment of thi' 
Migiftnie, to wear weapons, and fcrve In the wais. 

jixxviTi. Of Chr'ifiian men! Goodi, luhkh arc not 

THE Riches nnd Goods of Chtidians art not common, as 
touching the right, title, and polTcliion of the !inic, .11 
cerMin Anah.iptilla do filfely biv^ft, Notw thflanding, every 
njan ougiit, ot^ fuch tltlrigs as he po^TeDirth, liberally co givL' 
alma to the poor, aceordiug to his ability- 


XKXix. 0/a ChnjUatt man"! Oath, 

S we CQnfpfs that vain and raJTi Swear'mg Is fbrbiddrn 
Chrilli^n men by aur Lord Jcfus ChriA,jind ^/rwri hi^ 
Apnille, To we judge, th^t Chrilti;in Reli^iun dnth not prui- 
lul>][, but th^C a m:in muy fwcsr when chc MagillrsLle re- 
iiuimh, in a cjufe of iJiih and charily, To U be done jto>rdm^ 
[o ihc Prophet'* teichiny, in juflicc, judgpfntot. apid truth. 

The Ratification. 

THIS Bui e/A'ritln hfert iiim'fiJ, ii apm afprmd, 

h rti *J}€»i mJ cmfiM t/mr Sfti'tign Laij ELIZABETH, 
ij tht jratt if Gti, if tt^lltnd, F'M<1, toj InU^, ^um, 
DiftKltr tftbr Failt, (St. HtUi jirluin Mm Jitittr'ttrty 
'dj. iiwj anfirwHd Jj[A' ly itr fatjrrifdin of lit iiirji </ :£/ 
A'lt^^itf 4>»J BHIfPft rf tbi Ul^'lmiji, jtj fy ikr [nijirif- 
lk» tfti* tshiit Qrrjj ifiU ^iikir-bmft in Itrlr ConvKJtiit, 
M Iht Ttarifw LtrJ 1571. 

A Table of the Articles. 

nirjl Camiiit. 
9». Of Furjinrj. 

±t. Of ACnljIt'iii h lb, 

1(, 0/Sj<ititj; hi lit &■- 

if. Qftht Sjcttninti. 

16, Of lin Umaoribitfft ef 

»7- Of B,<itifm. 
»8. Ofilli Li-Si Safftr, 
!$■ OfiiicH'itijJft't'iiai 

]& O/UlhtinJi. 
]l. OfCbriJIicnrOUalim. 
)i. Of lie JU^riage ff 

%\. Of EamBHunkMt Ptr- 

34. O/ihi TraiH'um tfitt 

;^. Of ilmilui. 

JD. Of CmfitrMin^ tf Mi- 

J?. O/ChvH MiiiP'*iii. 
tS. OfCir-fimai'iGttJt, 
J9. OfaariftU»mn'tO*tl. 

'■ (~\^ ''"•'^ '""'" "'h 

W TrimiJ. 

I. Of- Ck-.a Ibr &n >f<M. 
1- 0/ i\-t taint dcnvn ixta 

lldlf * 

4. Of bit Kffurrtiikm. 

5. Of'iiHiiy Chfi. 

it. Of Ik/ SupiitKKy sfiln 


7. Qfiki Old Viflnmcm. 
S. Of lit Tbr,tCrrub. 
9. Of OripnjI ar Birlb'fn, 
IQ. Of fru-will. 
tl. Of Jlljl^firatks. 
12. Of frmid ly^fit. 
1;, Of ty^vi, lufir, Juf:>f- 

14. Of Ifijb ef Sufirlrigj. 

1;. Of CiriJI eli»i v/iibani 

16. OfS'M iifUr Bafilfm. 

17. Of I'rrjiflin^imi and 


I I. Ofi,ii.iinmf; Sahailiai iy 

19. Of lb/ Chiirtb, 
iQ. Of ibt AulUrkif af Ibr 

A Table of Kindred and Affinity, 

Wherein wliofoevcr arc rrbtcd ore tbrbjilden 

in Sotijilurc sntt uur Law> to 

many Wgctlief. 

A Miifi 11.11' "uf ma"} til /IfyiiiRmniityintmiirryM-iiliitt 

1 /grandmother, r /^ramdfather, 
1 vJ<;di " " 

J ^^i^e's GnndmoLhcr. 

^ Fjihii'i Sifttr, 

; Mnihci'i Sifltr, 

6 F«I>«'i Brolhcf't Wifr. 

1 \J Gi)n<Iino[|i(t's 

J Hi\SB\ai't Cinnd.alhcr. 

4 F^thct't Brolhcc, 

; Mdtlicr'i Biaihcr, 

6 Fjther'i Siflrt'i Hunianl, 

7 Mgihrr*! Bmihci't WilV, ? Mother"* Siftei's Hufbinit, 
S Wift'i Father') Siil«r, S Hiirt!aodiF«her"iBnit)i«. 

9 Wiit't Molhcr'i Strttr. 9 Hulbind't Moih«"j flro- 


10 Morlier, 

1 1 Sup-Muihrr, 
ri W.ic't Miilher. 

10 Father, 

■ I Stip-Fithcr, 

11 HulbMKl'i Fjihei. 

t-i Oiughter, 

14 Wile's Djughlet, 

I 5 Son'i Wilt 

16 Sillcf, 

1; Wiii't SiHcr, 

tS BiDihei'. Wife, 

I] Son, 

■4 KuAund') Boo, 

ij Diughtei'i Kulbtnd. 

16 Brolhir, 

r; Kulhind'! Bmther, 

t% Sifter'i Hulhind. 

TiJ Son's Dm ghtrr^ 
)l Son's Sc.11'5 Wift. 

19 Son't Son, 

10 Dju(hMr'> Son, 

31 Son'i DiughtErV Holland. 

in( DooK 01 commcm priv«r, ww. wir 
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