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Full text of "The book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago"

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A. N. MARQUIS & COMPANY, Chicago, 111. 


A Biographical Dictionary of Notable Living Men and Women of the U. S. Edited 
by Albert Nelson Marquis. Revised and Reissued Biennally. Edition for 1916-17 
(Vol. IX), published in May, 1916, 3000 pages, full cloth. Price, $5.50 net. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men and Women of the States of 
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. 
Modeled on the plan of "Who's Who in America," but it by no means attempts to 
supplant or supersede that work. It aims, rather, to serve as a useful supplement and 
companion to the national volume, containing thousands of personal sketches which 
are not in the latter. Volume II, issued in 1916. Full cloth; 1200 pages Price $550* 
half leather, $12.50. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men and Women of the City of 
Chicago. Large Quarto, full cloth, $8.50. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men of the City of Detroit, Mich. 
(1914.) Large Quarto, Half Leather, $12.50. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men of the City of St. Louis, Mo. 
(1912.) Large Quarto, full cloth, $12.50. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men of the State of Minnesota. (1907.) 
Full Cloth, $5.50. 


A poem of the present time. By Theodore Tilton. Decorative border design of the 
Trailing Arbutus (from which the book takes its theme), by Ralph Fletcher Seymour. 
Drawings by W. J. Enright. A beautiful half-tone portrait of the Author. India tint 
paper, uncut edges, gilt top. Beautifully printed and bound. Full Cloth. Price, $1.50. 


A complete natural history for popular home instruction and for the use of schools. 
By Dr. A. E. Brehm. Illustrated. Translated from the Third German Edition as 
edited by Prof. Dr. Pechuel-Loesche and Dr. Wilhelm Haacke. Mammalia. Quarto, 
624 pages, full cloth, gold back and side stamps. Price, full cloth, $5.00; half leather, 


By Lennox Browne, F. R. C. S., containing the experience in Abstract and Detail of 
nearly 400 Professional Singers, Actors and Statesmen. 16mo, cloth binding, 120 pages. 
Price, 60 cents. 


Its treatment with regard to after development. By Emil Behnke and Lennox 
Browne. 16mo, cloth, 120 pages. Price, 60 cents. 

A. N. MARQUIS & COMPANY, 440 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, El. 










Copyright, 1905, by A. N. Marquis & Company 
Copyright, 1911, by Albert Nelson Marquis 
Copyright, 1917, by Albert Nelson Marquis 


THE BOOK OF CHICAGOANS was first published in 1905. A second 
edition was issued in 1911. A third edition has been called for, and the 
present volume is presented as the best possible response to that 

This edition contains many names not listed in the earlier issues 
names hitherto unavoidably overlooked, as well as a large number of 
names which- have come into prominence since the previous edition was 
printed. The work of revision has been painstaking and thorough. Not 
only have many new names been added, but each of the original sketches 
has been rewritten in order that the best possible arrangement of the 
data for easy reference purposes might be secured ; and value has been 
added by the inclusion of the names of many leading women. The names 
of women were not included in the previous volumes. 

A casual examination of these pages will disclose not only the pres- 
ence of many new names, but also the absence of a considerable number 
of sketches which appeared in the earlier issues. The omissions are 
accounted for by reason of deaths (THE BOOK OF CHICAGOANS being con- 
fined to the living only), removals from the city, impossibility to find 
present addresses, and a few because they are no longer regarded of 
sufficient importance. 

It is known that 841 persons whose names appeared in the 
previous edition have died and that 408 have removed from the city; 
consequently their sketches have been dropped, and 729 have been 
omitted for other reasons. The names, however, have been included in 
the present edition and reference has been made to the volume in which 
the sketches may be found. 

This feature will be of particular value to those who may wish to 
secure reliable biographical information about many men who were 
prominent in the business or social life of Chicago in the opening years 



of the twentieth century, but who have passed to the "great heyond," 
leaving no other printed record of their life-work. 

In the remaking of THE BOOK OF CHICAGOANS for this is practically 
a new book from beginning to end every source of available names has 
been drawn upon and every reasonable effort has been made to procure 
the requisite data from all who were deemed eligible for inclusion. 
Nevertheless, names which should have been included will be missed, 
but in practically all such cases the omission is not in the least due to 
inadvertence or the lack of effort on the part of those having the prepa- 
ration of the book in hand. Written requests sent by mail were supple- 
mented by personal solicitation when occasion required, and the great 
majority of those applied to responded freely and in a courteous man- 
ner, and to them thanks are hereby extended. A few furnished informa- 
tion with evident reluctance, and others showed complete indifference 
and let the request for data go unnoticed. 

Some names which frequently appear in the newspapers are con- 
spicuous by their absence, for the reason that THE BOOK OF CHICAGOANS 
has endeavored to include only men and women of good standing and 
reputable vocation. 

To make such a publication dependable it is necessary that it 
should be impartial and unpurchasable. THE BOOK OF CHICAGOANS has 
been compiled as a reference book, and all of the sketches in the volume 
have been inserted with that fact in view. Not one has been paid for, 
nor inserted for any financial consideration. 

To secure accuracy the greatest care has been taken. In every case 
where possible the facts were procured at first hands, and the sketches 
were submitted for verification and correction, thus giving to the book 
a quality practically autobiographical. In this painstaking way its 
authenticity has been safeguarded. Its value as a reference book has 
long been established. 

The volume has been confined to living subjects, because the purpose 
from the first has been to furnish a dictionary of contemporaries, and 
to mirror the current progress and history of the city as reflected in 
the life-statistics of its citizens. The men and women whose life- 
histories are here briefly given are in large measure those who control 
the activities and welfare of Chicago in all important avenues of public, 
private, business and intellectual endeavor. The main object of bring- 
ing them together in this compilation is to place within easy reach such 
legitimate information in regard to the personal history of Chicagoans 
as it is natural that one interested in them should desire to possess. 


In the daily work and turmoil of life, in this city of strenuous 
endeavor and achievement, one finds but little opportunity to get 
acquainted with those whose personalities are (outside of his own most 
intimate circles) of most interest. The reader can doubtless think of 
many a leading citizen of whom he would like to know : Where did he 
come from, where and how was he educated, what is his home life, his 
religious, social and political environment, and what have been the chief 
steps in his career? If the reader will turn to such names he will find 
just the information desired. 

Many and varied are the interests controlled or represented by 
persons whose life-histories are here outlined. Business and pro- 
fessional interests are most largely represented, because Chicago 
is, beyond everything else, a business center. The city has made 
unprecedented strides toward business supremacy, and stands first in 
many, and prominent in all, of the important branches of trade, produc- 
tion, and professional effort. This volume, therefore, partakes largely 
of the nature of a business dictionary, and one which contains more 
personal information about the living business men of Chicago than 
can be found collectively in all other books ever printed. Business men 
can find here much more than they ever knew before about their com- 
petitors and customers, and a vast amount of personal knowledge in 
regard to their fellow citizens, both men and women, which is of value 
from a business as well as from a social standpoint. In fact, in all lines 
of useful achievement, the book furnishes as complete a compendium 
and epitome of personal data in regard to those Chicagoans most 
prominently identified with the best movements and interests of the 
city as it has been possible to procure by patient care, experienced 
methods and large expenditure. 

The book has found a prominent place in thousands of business 
offices and homes in Chicago and elsewhere and its usefulness has 
become widely recognized. In fact, it has been the only book to which 
one might turn for trustworthy information about practically all the 
leading men of the city. At the libraries it has been consulted more 
frequently than any other local reference book, and in newspaper offices 
it has been regarded as a positive necessity. 

To the press of Chicago and other cities this volume presents 
features of easily recognized value. Here the newspaper man will find 
facts which are of great value, and by the use of the book in the city 
room the exasperating errors resulting from hasty picking up of details 
from unreliable sources may be in large measure avoided. The truth 


is here given in undiluted form and every item is presented in a plain, 
unvarnished, concise, condensed manner, which may be at once under- 

In number and representative selection of subjects, accuracy of 
detail and authoritative usefulness as a work of reference, it is confi- 
dently claimed that THE BOOK OF CHICAGOANS is the most complete 
compilation of Chicago biography ever printed. Not only is this true, 
but by far the larger part of the information it contains is not pro- 
curable, in print, from any other source. 

With a view to further revisions, as time and necessity shall make 
them advisable, suggestions for further improvements, changes in 
biographical data, notices of deaths and announcements of changes of 
address as they occur, are again invited. 

Chicago, October 1, 1917. 



Indicates that the person is said to have removed from Chicago. Present address is given when known. 

A.A Associate of Arts. 

A.A.A.S American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science. 

A.-A.-G Assistant adjutant-general. 

A.A.O.N.M.8 Ancient Arabic Order of the No- 
bles of the Mystic Shrine. 

A.B.C.F.M American Board of Commissioners 

for Foreign Missions. 

A.B. (or B.A.1 Bachelor of Arts. 

A.C Analytical chemist. 

Acad Academy, academic. 

A.-D.-C Aide-de-camp. 

Adj Adjutant; adjunct. 

Adv Advertising. 

A.I;, and F Ambassador Extraordinary and 


A.F. and A.M Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. 

A.I', of I.. American Federation of Labor. 

Agr Agriculture. 

Agrl Agricultural. 

Art Agent. 

A.I.A American Institute of Architects. 

Ala Alabama. 

A. I. .A American Library Association. 

Am American. 

A.M. (or M.A.) Master of Arts. 

A.M.A American Medical Association. 

A.M.K African Methodist Episcopal. 

Am. Soc. C.E American Society of Civil Engi- 

A.N.A Associate National Academician. 

Anat \natomical. 

Ann Annual. 

Anthrop Anthropological. 

Antiq Antiquarian. 

A.O.H Ancient Order of Hibernians. 

Appmt Appointment. 

Apptd Appointed. 

A.-Q.-M Assistant quartermaster. 

Archppol Archaeological. 

Ariz Arizona. 

Ark Arkansas. 

Arty Artillery. 

Assn Association. 

ABSO Associate, associated. 

Awt Assistant. 

Astron Astronomical. 

Astrophyfl Astrophyslcal. 

Atty Attorney. 

Aug August. 

Av Avenue. 

B Born. 

B.A. (or A.B.) Bachelor of Arts. 

B.Agr Bachelor of Agriculture. 

Bapt Baptist. 

B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture. 

B.C British Columbia. 

B.C.E Bachelor of Civil Engineering. 

B.Chfr Bachelor of Surgery. 

Bd Board. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

B.F.A. . . i Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

Bibl Biblical. 

BiMioK Bibliographical. 

Blog , .Biographical. 

BioJ Biological. 

B.L. (or I.ltt. B. i .... Bachelor of Letters. 

Bldg .Building. 

Blk Block. 

B.L.8 Bachelor of Library Science. 

Bot Botanical. 

Boul Boulevard. 

B.Pd. (or Pd B. ) Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

B.P.O.E Benevolent and Protective Order 

of Elks. 

Brig Brigadier. 

Brit British, Britannica. 

Brit. Assn. Adv. Scl. . .British Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science. 

Bro Brother. 

B.S. (also 8.B. or So.B.) . .Bachelor of Science. 

Bull Bulletin. 

Bur. .Bureau. 

Bvt Brevet. 

Bvtd Brevetted. 

C.A Central America. 

Cal California. 

Can Canada. 

Capt Captain. 

Cav Cavalry. 

C.B.S Bachelor of Christian Science. 

C.E Civil Engineer. 

Ch Church. 

Chem Chemical. 

Chlrurg Chirurgical. 

Chmn Chairman. 

Civ Civil. 

Climatol Climatological. 

Clin Clinical. 

Clk Clerk. 

C.M Master in Surgery. 

Co Company: county. 

C.O.F Catholic Order of Foresters. 

Col Colonel. 

Coll .College. 

Colo Colorado. 

Com Committee. 

Comd Commanded. 

Comdg Commanding. 

Comdr Commander. 

( in, I Commissioned. 

( minim Commission. 

C'onimr Commissioner. 

Con Consolidated. 

Conf Conference. 

Confed Confederate. 

Congl Congregational. 

Conglist Congregationalist. 

Conn Connecticut. 

Constl Constitutional. 

Constn Constitution. 

Constrn Construction. 

Contbd Contributed. 

Contbns Contributions. 

Contbr. Contributor. 

Conv Convention. 

Corpl Corporal. 

Corpn Corporation. 

Corr Correspondent, corresponding, 


Cos Companies; counties. 

C.P.A Certified Public Accountant. 

C.S.A. (orC.S.Anny) .Confederate States Army. 
C.S.N. (orC.S. Navy) . Confederate States Navy. 



Ct Court. 

Cyclo Cyclopedia. 

d Daughter. 

D.Agr Doctor of Agriculture. 

D.A.Ii Daughters of the American Revo- 

D.C District of Columbia. 

D.C.L Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D .Doctor of Divinity. 

D.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Dec December. 

Deg Degree. 

Del Delaware; delegate. 

Dem Democratic. 

D.Eng. (alsoDr.Engring.,orl.D.) .Doctorof Engineering. 

Dep Deputy. 

Dept Department. 

Dermatol Dermatological. 

DIr Director. 

Diet District. 

Dlv Division ; divinity. 

D.l.itt. (or L.H.D.) . . Doctor of Literature. 

D.P.H.(or Dfr.P.H.).. Diploma 1n Public Health, or Doc- 
tor of Public Health. 

Dr.Engring:. (alsoD.Eng,, or E.D.) .Doctorof Engineering. 

D.Sc. (or Sc.D.) Doctor of Science. 

D.V.S Doctor of Veterinary Surgery. 

E East. 

Eccles Ecclesiastical. 

I iron Economic. 

E.D. (alsoD.Eng., orDr.Engring.) .Doctorof Engineering. 

Ed Educated. 

Edit Edition. 

Edn Education. 

Ednl Educational. 

E.E Electrical Engineer. 

E.E. and M.I' Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 


Egyptol Egyptological. 

Elec Electrical. 

Electrochem Electrochemical. 

Electrophys Electrophysical. 

E.M Engineer of Mines. 

Ency Encyclopaedia. 

Engr England. 

I nur Engineer. 

Engrrlng Engineering. 

KiiKrs Engineers. 

Entomol Entomological. 

e.s Eldest son. 

Ethnol Ethnological. 

Bvang Evangelical. 

Exam Examination. 

Exec .Executive. 

Exhbn Exhibition. 

Expdn Expedition. 

Expn Exposition. 

Expt .Experiment. 




F.R.C.F . 

F.R.C.S . 






Fellow Royal College of Physicians 

Fellow Royal College of Surgeons 




Ga Georgia. 

G.A.R Grand Army of the Republic. 

g.d Granddaughter. 

Gen General. 

Geneal Genealogical. 

Geod Geodetic. 

Geog Geographical, geographic. 

Geol Geological. 

Gov .Governor. 

Govt Government. 

Grad Graduated, graduate. 

g.s .Grandson. 

Gynecol .Gynecological. 

Hdqrs Headquarters. 

H.I Hawaiian Islands. 

H.M Master of Humanics. 

H.Ty. (or H.T.) Hawaiian Territory. 

Hist Historical, historic. 

Horace Homoeopathic. 

Hon Honorary, honorable, honorably. 

Ho. of Rep House of Representatives. 

Hort .Horticultural. 

Hosp Hospital. 

Hts Heights. 

Hydrog Hydrographlc. 

la Iowa. 

Ida Idaho. 

IU Illinois. 

Illus Illustrated. 

Ind Indiana. 

Ind. Ty Indian Territory. 

Inf Infantry. 

I-N.G Illinois National Guard. 

Ins Insurance. 

Insp Inspector. 

Inst Institute. 

Instn Institution. 

Inntr Instructor. 

Jnstrn Instruction. 

Internal International. 

Intro Introduction. 

J-O.B.B Independent Order of B'nai B'rlth. 

I.O.O.F Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 

Ian January. 

J.B Jurum Baccalaureus. 

J.C.B Juris Canomci Bachelor. 

J.C.I. Juris Canomci Lector. 

J.D Doctor of Jurisprudence. 

Jour Journal. 

Jud Judicial. 

J.U.D Juris Utriusgue Doctor. Doctor of Both 

(Canon and Civil) Laws. 

Kan Kansas. 

H.C Knights of Columbus. 

K.P Knights of Pythias. 

K.T Knights Templar. 

Ky Kentucky. 

La Louisiana. 

Lab Laboratory. 

Lang Language. 

Lttryngol Laryngological. 

L.H.D Doctor of Literature (also D.Lltt.). 

L.I Long Island. 

Lieut, (or Lt.) Lieutenant. 

Lit Literary, literature. 

Lltt.B. (or B.L.) Bachelor of Letters. 

Litt.D Doctor of Letters. 

LL.B Bachelor of Laws. 

LL.D Doctor of Laws. 

LL.M Master of Laws. 

L.O.M Loyal Order of Moose. 

L.R.C.P Licentiate Royal College of Physi- 
cians (England). 

L.R.C.S Licentiate Royal College of Sur- 
geons (England). 

L.S.A Licentiate Society of Apothecaries 


Lt. (or Lieut.) Lieutenant. 

Lt.-Gov Lieutenant-governor. 

Ltd Limited. 

l.utli J_,utheran. 

m Married. 

M.A. (or A.M. ) Master of Arts. 

Mag Magazine. 

M.Agr Master of Agriculture. 

Maj Major. 

Mass Massachusetts. 

Math Mathematical. 

M.B Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.C Member of Congress. 

Mcht Merchant. 

Md Maryland. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

M.D1 Master of Didactics. 

Me Maine. 

M.E Master of Engineering; Mechanical 

Engineer; Methodist Episcopal. 

Merh Mechanical. 

M.E. Ch Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Med Medical. 

Mem Member. 

Met .Metropolitan. 

Metall Metallurgical. 



Meteorol ............ Meteorological. 

Meth. .............. Methodist. 

ijv, .............. Metrological. 

JJ ................ Master of Forestry. 

yf ................. Manufacturing. 

* ---- ............ Manufacture; manufacturer 

y* ................ Manufacturers. 

*** ............... Manager. 

JJJ ch ................ Michigan. 

I**"* .............. Microscopical. 

*SL- ................ Military. 

"Inn ............... Minnesota. 

JP" ................ Mississippi. 

Ssr' ................ Master of Laws. 

ue ................ Mademoiselle (Miss) 

Mme ................ Madame. 

U"* ................ Managing. 

JJ-1 ................ Missouri. 

ont ............... Montana. 

Methodist Protestant. 

2-f," ............... Master of Pedagogy. 

MB -'.i ............ -Master of Patent La 

FbUol ............... Philological. 

HSS .............. Philosophical. 

5"** .............. Photographic. 

^l''' 8 - ........... Physician. Physical 

f^l'lo" S " TK ...... Physicians and Surgeons. 

rnj-siol ............. Physiological. 

;* ................. Philippine Islands 

'> ............... g lace - 

.............. Polytechnic. 

J, 01 .............. Pomological. 

p'S ................. Province of Quebec. 

J,- K ................. Porto Rico. 

re P ................ Preparatory. 

T 6 *- ............... President 

n jf ............. Presbyterian. 

rsdl .............. Presidential. 

, . -Proceedings. 

1 , r< j 

. .Member Royal College of Physi- 
cians (England). 

.Member Royal College of Surgeons 

M.S. (or M.8o. Master of Science 

** .Mount. 

JJ Mountain. 

JJ5J B Museum; musical. 

Mus.U. (or Mus. i>oc.) Doctor of Music" 
"HI; .Mutual. 


Prosecuting attorney. 


' publlshln S. PUb- 

Pv * 


.Modern Woodmen of America. 





National Academician; National 

Army; North America 


New Brunswick. 

North Carolina. 

North Dakota. 

Northeast; New England. 

National Educational Association 

. Nebraska. 

;*Y Nevada. 

v'r '' w V National Guard. 

V H National Guard State of New York 

" New Hampshire. 

New Jersey. 

New Mexico. 



Nova Scotia. 

New Testament. 




- .... mjx Id wcl. 

"* ................. >few York (state). 

<>. .............. Ohio. 



Order of the Eastern Star. 



i.- ', ............ Organization. 

2 1 ' ............ Ornithological. 

XT ............... Order of st - Benedict. 

" Old Testament 

Officers' Training Camp. 




r n ( r B ' Pd - ) ..... Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

i,?'" ................ Doctor of Pedagogy. 

J.V 1 ............... Master of Pedagogy. 

.............. Protestant Episcopal. 


Doctor of Pharmacy. 

Master of Pharmacy. 

Bachelor of Philosophy. 

Pharmaceutical Chemist. 
............... Doctor of Philosophy 

.T: ' ................ Graduate in Pharmacy. 


5'" M ............... Quartermaster. 

J{ uar ............... Quarterly. 

t * ue ................ Quebec (province) 

*- T ............... quotviie (which see). 

'- M .............. Royal Arch Masons. 

Roman Catholic. 

Revenue Cutter Service. 


Reformed Episcopal. 



Republican ; Representative. 

Review; Reverend. 
.............. Rhlnological. 

B - x ................. Rhode Island. 

Rontgenol ........... RSntgenological. 

R?- T - C .......... p!? 6 "' 6 ce rs' Training Camp. 

" ................. Reformed Presbyterian 

K -K ................ Railroad. 

Ry .................. Railway. 

s ................. Son. 

|- ................. South. 

*" ............... South America. 


1 wla 

|- c - / .......... South Carolina. 

Sc.D. (or D.So.) ..... JJoctor of Science 

Sh ................. School. 

| c *- ............... Science, scientific. 

|n' V ............... Sons of Confederate Veterans. 

g'2 ................. South Dakota. 

g- 12 ................. Southeast. 

c ................. Secretary. 

Sect ................ Section. 

Sem . . . ............. Seminary. 

J5J ................ September. 


Staten Island. 

Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 

............... Sociological. 

|- ? f v .............. Sons of Veterans. 

SPI-- ............... Special. 

Splty ............... Specialty. 

Sq .................. Square. 

f-J ................. Sons of the Revolution. 

*- 8 ................. Sunday School. 

8t .................. Saint; street. 

Sta ................. Station. 

Stalls ............... Statistical. 

Bachelor of Sacred Theology 

Doctor of Sacred Theology 

Licentiate in Sacred Theology 
Sn P' ................ Superintendent. 





. Southwest. 

Tech Technical, technology. 

Tectmol Technological. 

Tenn Tennessee. 

Ter. (or Ty.) Territory. 

Tex Texas. 

T.H. (or H.T.) Territory of Hawaii. 

Th.D Doctor of Theology. 

Tli.M Master of Theology. 

Theol Theological. 

Topog Topographical. 

Tp. (or Twp.) Township. 

T.P.A Travelers' Protective Association. 

Trans Transactions. 

Transl Translation, translations. 

Treas Treasurer. 

Ty. (or Ter.} Territory. 

D. (or Cnlv.) University. 

IT.B United Brethren. 

U.C.V United Confederate Veterans. 

U.D.C United Daughters of the Con- 

Dnlv. (or V.) University. 

U.P United Presbyterian; Union Pacific. 

Urol Urological. 

U.S United States. 

U.S.A United States Army; United States 

of America. 

U.S.C.T U.S. Colored Troops. 

I'.S.N United States Navy. 

U.S.B.C.S U.S. Revenue Cutter Service. 

U.S.V United States Volunteers. 

Va Virginia. 

Vet Veteran; veterinary. 

Vice pres. (or v.-p.) . .Vice president. 

Vol Volunteer ; volume. 

V.P. (or vice pres.) . .Vice president. 

Vs Versus (against). 

Vt Vermont. 

W West. 

Wash Washington (state). 

W.C.T.l Woman's Christian Temperance 


W.I West Indies. 

Wls Wisconsin. 

W.Va West Virginia. 

Wyo. . . . Wyoming. 

Y.M.C.A Young Men's Christian Association. 

Yrs Years. 

Y.W.C.A Young Women's Christian Associa- 

Zool Zoological. 



A.C.L.R.R Atlantic Coast Line R.R. 

A..E.&C.B.B Aurora, Elgin & Chicago R.R. 

A..T.&S.F.Ry Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. 

A.&P.Ry Atlantic & Pacific Ry. 

B.,R.&P.Ry Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Ry. 

B .& A.R.R Boston & Albany R.R. 

B.&M.R.R Boston & Maine R.R. 

B.&O .R.R Baltimore & Ohio R.R. 

B.&O.C.T.R.R Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal R.R. 

B.&O.S.-W.R.R Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern R.R. 

C..B.&N.R.R Chicago, Burlington & Northern R.R. 

C..B.&Q.R.R Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R.R. 

C.,C.,C.&St.L.Ry Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Ry. 

C. of Qa. By Central of Georgia Ry. 

C.G.w.R.R Chicago Great Western R.R. 

C.,H.&D.Ry Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Ry. 

C.,l.&L.Ry Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Ry. (Monon Route) 

C. J.Ry Chicago Junction Ry. 

c.,M.&St.P.Ry Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. 

C.N.Ry Canadian Northern Ry. 

C.P.Ry Canadian Pacific Ry. 

C..R.I.&F.Ry Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. 

C.R.R. of KJ Central Railroad of New Jersey. 

C.,St.P.,M.&O.Ry Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry. 

C.T.T.R.R Chicago Terminal Transfer R.R. 

C. vt .Ry Central Vermont Ry. 

C.&A.R.R Chicago & Alton R.R. 

C.&E.I.R.B Chicago & Eastern Illinois R.R. 

C.&G.T.Ry Chicago & Grand Trunk Ry. 

c.&N.W-Ry Chicago & Northwestern Ry. 

C.&N.F.R.R Chicago & Northern Pacific R.R. 

C.&O.By Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. 

C.&S.Ry Colorado & Southern Ry. 

C.&W.I.R.R Chicago & Western Indiana R.R. 

D..L.&W.R.R .Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R. 

D.&H.Co Delaware & Hudson Co. 

D.&R.Ci.R.R Denver & Rio Grande R.R. 

E.,J.&E.Ry Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry. 

Q.,C.&S.r.By Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Ry. 

G.T.Ry Grand Trunk Ry. 

G.N.Ry Great Northern Ry. 

O.B.&l.Ry Grand Rapids & Indiana Ry. 

Or.W.Ry. of Can Great Western Ry. of Canada. 

H.v.Ry Hocking- Valley Ry. 

I. C.R.R Illinois Central R.R. 

I.&G.N.Ry International & Great Northern Ry. 

K.C.S.Ry Kansas City Southern Ry. 

L.A.&S.L.R.R Los Angeles & Salt Lake R.R. 

L.E.&W.R.R Lake Erie & Western R.R. 

L.I.R.R Long Island R.R. 

L.S.&M.S.Ry Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ry. 

L.V.R.R Lehigh Valley R.R. 

L.&N.R.R Louisville & Nashville R.R. 

M. C.R.R Michigan Central R.R. 

M.,K.&T.Ry Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry. 

Mo.P.Ry Missouri Pacific Ry. 

M.,St.P.&S.S.M.Ky Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste.Marie Ry. 

M.&O.B.R Mobile & Ohio R.R. 

M.&St.L.B.R Minneapolis & St. Louis R.R. 

N-P-Ry Northern Pacific Ry. 

N.Y.C.&H.R.R.R New York Central & Hudson River R.R. 

N.Y. C.R.R New York Central R.R. 

N.Y.,C.&St.L.R.R New York, Chicago & St. Louis R.R. 

N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R New York, New Haven & Hartford R.R. 

N-.Y.,O.&W.Ry New York, Ontario & Western Ry. 

N.Y.&N.E.Ry New York & New England Ry. 

N.&W JBy Norfolk & Western Ry. 

O.S.L.R.R Oregon Short Line R.R. 

O.-W.R.R.SiN.Cu Oregon-Washington R.R. & Navigation Co. 

Pa. R.R Pennsylvania R.R. 

P.M.R.R Pere Marquette R.R. 

P.&R.Ry Philadelphia & Reading Ry. 

P.&L.E.B.R Pittsburgh & Lake Erie R.R. 

s.A.L.Ry Seaboard Air Line Ry. 

S.P.Co Southern Pacific Co. 

T.&P.Ry Texas & Pacific Ry. 

U.P.R.R Union Pacific R.R. 

W.CJRy Wisconsin Central Ry. 

W.S.R.R West Shore R.R. 

Y.&M.v.R.R . . ; Yazoo & Mississippi Valley R.R. 



AARON, Henry J., lawyer; b. in Russia, July 4, 
1879; came to America, 1885; ed. grammar school; 
LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1900; m. Rose Wein- 
stein, of Chicago, Dec. 27, 1905; 5 children. Admit- 
ted to 111. bar, 1900, and since in practice at Chi- 
cago; now sr. mem. law firm of Henry J. & Charles 
Aaron. Dir. Drovers Nat. Bank, Bickett Coal & 
Coke Co., Chicago Sandoval Coal Co., Merrill, Cox 
& Co., Hygienic Ice Co. Democrat. Mason. Mem. 
Chicago Law Inst., Chicago Bar Assn., Am. Bar 
Assn. Clubs: City, Covenant; also National Arts 
(New York). Home: 1533 E. Marquette Rd. Office: 
76 W. Monroe St. 

ABBEY, Charles Peters, lawyer; b. Chicago, May 
23, 1865; s. Frederick J. and Mary (Peters) Abbey; 
ed. Univ. of Chicago; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 
1889; Chicago Coll. of Law, 1891; m. Chicago, Nov. 
21, 1894, Julia N. Trimmer; children: Kathryn 
Trimmer, Stuart Clark. Admitted to bar, 1891; was 
mem. law firm of Millard & Abbey, 1896, changing 
in 1901 to Millard, Abbey & Millard, and on Apr. 1, 
1905, became mem. firm of Dolph, Buell & Abbey; 
mem. Buell & Abbey since Aug. 1, 1908. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., 
Chicago Bar Assn. (sec., Feb., 1904-Dec., 1907; 1st 
vice pres., Dec., 1907-June, 1909), Chicago Law 
Inst., Law Club, Phi Beta Kappa (Northwestern), 
Art Inst. of Chicago. Mason (Park Lodge No. 843, 
Park Chapter, 111. Commandery, Medinah Temple 
Mystic Shrine); mem. Loyal Legion. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Hamilton, Indian Hill, Birchwood Country. 
Recreation: golf. Home: 7625 Sheridan Rd. Office: 
Tribune Bldg. 

ABBOTT, Edith, sociologist; b. Grand Island, 
Neb.; d. O. A. and Elizabeth (Griffin) Abbott; prep, 
edn. Brownell Hall, Omaha; A.B., Univ. of Neb., 
1901; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1905; studied Sch. 
of Economics and Polit. Science, Univ. of London. 
1906-7; (Litt.D., Univ. of Neb., 1917). Resident of 
Hull House, Chicago, since 1908; asso. dir. Chicago 
Sch. of Civics and Philanthropy; instr. in sociol- 
ogy, Univ. of Chicago. Mem. various philanthropic 
organizations and committees. Author: Women in 
Industry, A Study in American Economic History, 
1910. Joint-Author: The Delinquent Child and the 
Home (pub. by Russell Sage Foundation), 1912; 
Truancy and Non-Attendance in the Chicago 
Schools (Univ. of Chicago Press), 1917. Contbr. to 
Jour. Polit. Economy, Am. Jour. Sociology, etc. 
Address: Hull House, 800 S. Halsted St. 

ABBOTT, Edwin Hardy, lawyer; b. Mineral, HI., 
Nov. 25, 1867; s. Silas D. and Indiana (Henry) Ab- 
bott; ed. pub. schs. of Mineral, 111., and Shelby, 
la., at Oberlin, O., Acad. and Coll., 1880-90; Chicago 
Coll. of Law, 1893-4; unmarried. Admitted to bar, 
Supreme Court of 111., 1895. Mem. 111. State Bar 
Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Evanston Golf. Recreations: golf, auto- 
\ mobiling. Home: 418 Hamilton St., Evanston. Of- 
_ flee: 414, 38 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. 

ABBOTT, Frank Danford, musical editor; b. at 
Bethel, Vt., Jan. 29, 1853; s. Luther Burnett and 
Marian Elizabeth (Soper) Abbott; ed. common 
schs., Owatonna, Minn.; m. Eva, d. John Schu- 
gart, of Cedar Rapids, la., 1878. Began business 
as traveler for Geo. Woods & Co., Cambridge- 
port, Mass.; corr. various musical journals, arti- 
cles attracting widespread attention; founded The 
Presto (musical journal), 1884, and during the Chi- 
cago Expn. published daily edit, of paper on the 
grounds of the expn.; official author of Awards 
Souvenir of Musical Instruments of the Chicago 
Expn. ; now pres. and mgr. Presto Pub. Co. Hon. 
mem. various local and European musical and lit- 
erary assns. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Press, 
Chicago Automobile, City, Glen Oak. Author of 
numerous musical papers and monographs. Rec- 
reations: motoring, tennis, golf. Home: Chicago. 
Country Home: Glen Kllyn, 111. Office: 625 Old 
Colony Bldg., Chicago. 

ABBOTT, Frank Irving', lumber; b. Tonawanda, 
N.Y., Dec. 31, 1860; s. Lawrence and Elmira (Van 
Steenburg) Abbott; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. 
Agnes B. Sherman, of Scotland, Feb. 14, 1884 (died 
1910); 2 children: Loraine E.. Edwin I. Resident 
of Chicago since 1865; entered employ of Will & 
Roberts, mfrs. of office fixtures, and succeeded to 
the business, title of Hollstander & Abbott, 1894; 
conducted business on own account, 1899-1911; 
dealer in pine and hardwood lumber since 1911. 
Served in Co. B, 1st Cav. I.N.G., 5 yrs., becoming 
sergt. Mason (K.T., Shriner), K.P. Club: Berwyn. 
Recreations: fishing, hunting. Home: Berwyn, 111. 
Office: 2201 Loomis St., Chicago. 

ABBOTT, Frederick H., ex-secretary Bd. Indian 
Commrs. Removed to Washington. (See Wlio's 
Who in America, 1916-17.) 

ABBOTT, Georg-e B., M.D.; May 18, 1856-June 15, 
1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

ABBOTT, Grace, social worker; b. Grand Island, 
Neb., Nov. 17, 1878; d. of Othman A. and Eliza- 
beth M. (Griffin) Abbott; grad. Grand Island High 
Sch., 1895; Ph.B., Grand Island Coll., 1898; Univ. 
of Neb., 1902-3; Ph.M. in Polit. Science, Univ. of 
Chicago, 1909; unmarried. Teacher Grand Island 
High Sch., 1899-1902 and 1903-7; dir. Immigrants' 
Protective League, since 1908. Mem. Nat. Conf. 
Charities and Correction, Nat. Municipal League, 
Am. Assn. for Labor Legislation, Delta Gamma. 
Mem. Woman's Trade Union League, Consumers' 
League, Chicago Political Equality League. Pro- 
gressive. Unitarian. Club: Woman's City. Home: 
1207 E. 60th St. Office: 1140 Michigan Av. 

ABBOTT, Homer, lawyer; b. Mineral, Bureau 
Co., 111., July 29, 1866; s. Silas D. and Indiana 
(Henry) Abbott; ed. pub. schs. of Bureau Co., 
111., and Shelby Co., la.; A.B., Oberlin (O.) Coll., 
1888; studied law at Lincoln, Neb., 1888-9, Chicago 
Coll. of Law, 1891; m. Avoca, la., July 19, 1906, 
Frances M. Gardner; 1 son, Gardner. Engaged in 
abstract business, Omaha, Neb., 1889-90, at Chi- 
cago, 1890-2; admitted to 111. bar, 1893, and en- 


gaged in practice in Chicago; was senior mem. sity, Union League, Bankers', Evanston Country, 

firm of Abbott, Buchholz & McCombs until 1903; Skokie Golf. Recreations: yachting, golf. Home: 

city atty. for Chicago Heights, 111., 1898; judge of Evanston, 111. Office: 125 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 

city court for Chicago Heights 1903 : 11; now mem. ABE1, Edward James, manufacturing chemist; 

firm Abbott, Hood. Smith & Griggs, Chicago b. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 26, 1859; s. Charles and Wil- 

Heights. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn Mason Odd helmina (Menchin K i Abel; ed. pub. schs. of St. 

Fellow, Elk. Home: Chicago Heights, 111 Office: Louis; removed to Chicago, 1869; unmarried. Iden- 

38 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, and Chicago Heights. tifled since 1877 with the manu f acture o f chemi- 

ABBOTT, John Jay, banker; b. N.Y. City, Mar. cals, and in 1887 established on own account the 

11, 1871; s. John N. and Violet (Gardner) Abbott; business of E. J. Abel & Co., of which is now sole 

ed. pub. schs.; m. Rowena Marsh, of Chicago, owner. Mason (32), Odd Fellow; mem. Royal Ar- 

Jan. 22, 1896. Began as asst. to comptroller of canum. Clubs: Germania, South Shore, Edgewater 

Chicago (now Commonwealth) Edison Co., 1892-9, Golf. Home: 429 Surf St. Office: 2246 W. Austin 

resigning as asst. to the gen. supt.; asst. cashier Av. 

Am. Trust & Savings Bank, 1899, cashier 1902, AB EI., John Prank, M.D., surgeon; b. Chicago, 

and vice pres., 1904-10 and vice pres. of its sue- M n 1S57 John and Marie (Breit) Abel; ed . 

cessor, the C 9 ntmental & Commercial Trust & Sav- b gch Fond du L wi M D Northwestern 

ings Bank since 1910. Republican. Congregation- Uni 1S79 m Cnlcago , Jan . 2 5, 1881, Mary D. 

J 1SL S^Hv, 01 " ?^ ' Chicago Athletic Assn., Mid- Abel En g aged ln practice as physician and sur- 

Day, Mdlothian Country, Chicago Golf^Recrea- from Mar., 1879. Fellow A.M.A.; mem. Chi- 

on: golf. Home: 3 224 Michigan Av. Office. 208 b. ca go Med. Soc. Republican. Mason, K.P., Elk, etc. 

LaSalle St. Home and office: 5200 Indiana Av. 

^n^ 3011 ' s y lvester Orave, lawyer. (See vol. ABBlii Theodore C. P., laboratory diagnosis; b. 

1911-) Gernsbach, Baden, Germany, Oct. 24, 1869; s. Theo- 

ABBOTT, Wallace Calvin, M.D., editor; b. Bridge- dore C. and Barbara (Niess) Abel; brought to U.S., 

water, Windsor Co., Vt., Oct. 12, 1857; s. Luther 1872; ed. pub. schs. and parochial sch. (Lutheran), 

and Wealtha (Barrows) Abbott; ed. Randolph Dubuque, la.; M.D., Jenner Med. Coll., Chicago, 

(Vt.) State Normal Sch.; St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Coll.; 1903; post-grad, work Rush Med. Coll.; m. Florence 

Dartmouth Coll.; M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1885; m. McLaggan, of Chesley, Ont., Can., Apr. 22, 1895; 

Clara Ingraham, of Royalton, Vt., Aug. 10, 1886; i SO n, Donald F. Practiced in Chicago since 1903; 

1 daughter, Eleanor. Settled in Chicago, 1886, and associated with Dr. G. G. Burdick and organized 

engaged in gen. practice; established and built to the Burdick-Abel Laboratory, Sept., 1910; firm in- 

success the Abbott Alkaloidal Co., now The Abbott corporated, Jan., 1916, under same name, and since 

Laboratories; mng. editor Am. Jour, of Clin. Med- vice pres. Fellow A.M.A.; mem. 111. State Med. 

icine. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc., 111. State Med. Soc., Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Mason. Author: Rational 

A. M. A., Am. Med. Editors' Assn. Republican. Medicine (Drs. Abel and Burdick), 1914. Recrea- 

Methodist. Clubs: Hamilton, Press, Chicago Ad- tions: chess, billiards. Home: 925 N. Laramie Av. 

vertising. Author: (with W. F. Waugh) Text-Book office: 7 W. Madison St. 

of Alkaloidal Therapeutics; Text-Book of Alka- ABEIE T.nd-nrlir Hermann M T> h Kon^tan? 

k4 dal f^r-, 1 ^ A 6 v 5 N " Hermitage AV ' Ge^mfny^Ju^^lS^^Sd^A.^O^er^n^ 

Office: 4753 Ravenswood Av. spector) and Maria A. (Schaller) Abele; ed. pub. 

ABBOTT, 'William Lainont, engineer; b. White- S ch. and gymnasium, Konstanz; Univ. of Frei- 

m. Carrie Entwhistle, of Morrison, 111., Sept. 14, berg, l^yrs.; oberarzt of same Clinic, 1% yrs.; m. 
1887; children: Arthur, Helen, Robert, Josephine, Berlin, Germany, Feb. 4, 1901, Antonie G. Nuern- 
Dorothy. Machinist and draftsman in Chicago, berg. Came to Chicago, 1901; since then engaged in 
1884-7; pres. Nat. Electric Constrn. Co., 1887-94; practice limited to diseases of the eye. Physician 
chief engr. power house, Chicago Edison Co., 1894- to Imperial German Consulate, Chicago; consult- 
99; chief operating engr. same since 1899. Mem. i ng oculist to St. Joseph's Hosp.; attending oculist 
Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., to German Hosp.; attending ophthalmic surgeon to 
Western Soc. Engrs. (pres. 1907). Trustee Univ. Alexian Brothers' Hosp. Mem. Chicago Ophthal. 
of 111. (pres. bd. since 1907). Republican. Clubs: goc., A.M.A., German Med. Soc. Catholic. Home: 
Chicago Athletic, Engineers', University. Home: 562 Arlington PI. Office: 1122, 209 S. State St. 
4616 Beacon St. Office: 72 W. Adams St. ABEM.S, Harry Delmont, educator; b. Hatfleld, 

ABBOTT, William Rufui, general mgr. Chicago Mass., Oct. 18, 1872; s. Nathaniel T. and Ruth Eliz- 
Telephone Co.; b. New York, Sept. 18, 1869; s. a beth (Livermore) Abells; grad. Mt. Hermou Sch., 
William McKee and Hester (Beggs) Abbott; ed. Mass., 1891; A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1897; post- 
pub. schs.; m. Mabel Rosalie Harland, of Chi- sr ad. work, same, 1897-8, and later; m. Helena M. 
cago, June 1, 1892; 2 children: Hester, William Sadd, of Ellington, Conn., Dec. 27, 1897. Prin. Mor- 
Rufus, Jr. Clerk in auditor's office, Erie R.R. Co., gan p ar k Acad., since 1907. Pres. Morgan Park 
New York, 1885-8; cashier, Westchester (N.Y.) Bd. of Edn. Conglist. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc., Cen- 
Telephone Co., 1888-90; clerk, Metropolitan Tele- tral Assn. Science and Mathematics Teachers, N. 

&hone & Telegraph Co. (now New York Telephone Central Academic Assn., Alpha Delta Phi. Home: 
o ), 1890-3; identified with Chicago Telephone Co. Morgan Park, 111. 
in various capacities since 1893, becoming gen. 

l r C Mwau X 

Edgewater Country (pres 1905-6) Exmoorcoun Lucille. Came from Germany to Chi- 

try, Delavan (Wis) Country, Industrial CluD or s brother engaged in the mfr. 

u28,o5siparsonsBourna * ABKAMS, Duff Andrew,, engineer, scientist; b at 

Manchester (N.H.) High Sch., 1890-2; admitted to Grand Tower, 111.. Apr. 2o, 1880; s. Hardm Taylor 

bar " 1893? practiced at Peoria, 111., 1893-1904. as and Mary (Kuntz) Abrams;. prep edn. Murphys- 

mem. firm of Stevens, Horton & Abbott; in prac- boro (111.) High ScK; B S. m C E Univ of 111., 

bar assns Law Club. Republican. Congregation- Research Lab., Lewis Inst.. Chicago, since 1914. 
alist. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Univer- Research work in the properties of concrete and 


concrete materials, the work being carried out publican. Home: 3157 Washington Boul. Office: 32 

through a co-operative agreement between Lewis N. State St. 

Inst. and the Portland Cement Assn. of Chicago. ADAI, Sadie Bay (Mrs. Arthur B. Adalr), M.D ; 

Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Math. Assn., Am. Soc. D . Hays City, Kan., Aug. 11, 1873; d. John M. and 

for Testing Materials, Internal. Assn. for Testing wilmit (Hall) Bay; ed. business coll., Denver, 

Materials, 111. Soc. Engrs., Am. Concrete Inst., Colo.; M.D., John A. Creighton Med. Sch., Omaha, 

Sigma Xi, Art Inst. Chicae-o. Progressive Repub- Neb., 1902; m. Arthur B. Adalr, of Denver, Colo., 

lican. Clubs: Illini, Chicago Engineers', Garfield 1392; i S0 n, Loren Wilmot. Practiced in Chicago 

Golf. Recreations: golf and travel. Home 400 S. since 1902; mem. med. staff Municipal Tuberculo- 

Hamlin Av. sis Sanitarium; dir. Frances Juvenile Home. Mem. 

A tn> Tmar- Avtiini- M T> h Wilmington 111 A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc. (vice pres.), Med. Worn- 

Dec 1^ 186^ si e"' and Henrietta (Hart?' Abt r en's rfavy Reserve, Med. Women's Nat. Assn. 

ed! C pub: sens!, S CWcI S ot^n? p n repared ( fo^^onege (council), Chicago Med Soc. (council) Med Worn- 

at Univ. of Chicago; entered Johns Hopkins Univ., en s Club (pres., 1915-16) 1st Dist. Federation 111. 

and completed preliminary med. course, 1889; M.D., Press Assn., Nu Sigma Phi Republican Presby- 

Chicago Med. Coll., 1891; interne Michael Reese terian Clubs: ^? n i an 3 s ,? 1 t 7' B )wnleii l h ; !e E ? lt r 

Hosp., 1891-3; post-grad, work in Vienna and Ber- Med. Women s Club Bulletin Home: 3866 Lake 

lin, 1893-4; m. Lenl Rosenberg, of Chicago, Aug. Park Av. Office: Marshall Field Annex. 

20, 1897; chidren: Arthur Frederick, Lawrence Ed- ATIA-M- Alexander Bruce, merchant; b. Dunferm- 

ward. Specialist in diseases of children; was prof, line, Fifeshire, Scotland, July 2, 1839; s. Alexander 

of diseases of children at Northwestern Univ. and Bruce (Wilson) Adam; ed. schs. of Dunferm- 

Woman's Med. Sch. until it went out of existence; line; m. Boston, July 16, 1868, Alice Nash (died 

formerly asso. prof, diseases of children, Rush 1909); 1 daughter, Elizabeth Bruce (Mrs. H. H. 

Med. Coll.; prof, diseases of children. Northwestern Shearson). Began as dry goods elk., serving ap- 

Univ. Med. Sch., since 1909; attending physician, prenticeship of 5 yrs. in Dunfermline, followed by 

diseases of children, Michael Reese and Cook Co. 2 yrs. in retail store in Glasgow; came to Boston, 

hosps. ; consulting physician to Provident Hosp., 1859, from Scotland and entered the dry goods firm 

Hosp. for Crippled Children, Jackson Park Sani- of Hogge, Brown & Taylor; removed to Chicago, 

tarium, Chicago Orphan Asylum, Mary Thompson 1864, and entered the employ of Keith, Faxon & Co., 

Hosp. and Evanston Hosp. Mem. Am. Pediatric wholesale millinery, which dissolved in 1867; then 

Soc., A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Pediatric with O. R. Keith & Co., in same line, until 1879, 

Soc., etc. Clubs: City, Quadrange, 111. Athletic being a partner in that firm from 1870 until, in 

Assn. Editor of section on diseases of children of 1884, the firm of Edson Keith & Co.. wholesale mil- 

Practical Medicine Series (Head & Co.) over 10 linery, was founded, in which he was a partner 

yrs. Contbr. to Chicago Med. Clinic; has written until 1896; and since the present corporation of 

many monographs on subjects relating to diseases Edson Keith & Co. was organized, Jan. 1, 1897, has 

of children. Home: 4326 Vincennes Av. Office: 104 been its pres. Mem. Millinery Jobbers' Assn. (1st 

S. Michigan Av. pres.), 111. St. Andrew's Soc. Republican. Clubs: 

ACKEBMAH, John B., real estate ; b. Bangor, Me., Chicago, South Shore Country. Home: 2249 Calu- 

Oct. 9, 1876; s. Peter and Mary F. (Carr) Acker- met Av. Office: 24 S. Michigan Av. 

man; ed. pub. schs., Bangor; m. M. Florence Page, ADAMXCK, Gustavo Hattenhauer, druggist; b. 

of Chicago, Dec. 6, 1900; children: Edna L., Helen. Bloomington, 111., Sept. 22, 1863; s. Adolph and Au- 

With Peter Ackerman, contracting painter and gusta (Hattenhauer) Adamick; ed. pub. schs., 

decorator, Chicago, 1893-8; mgr. apartment bldgs. Peru, 111.; Ph.G., School of Pharmacy, Northwest- 

belonging to Whiting G. Press, 1899-1904; mgr. ern Univ., 1887; m. Rose Schley, of Peru, 111., Sept. 

sales dept. Broomell Bros., real estate, 1907-12; in 22, 1890; 1 daughter, Margaret Hay. Began as a 

real estate and loan business on own account since clerk for A. D. Murray, dry goods, Peru; a year 

Feb., 1912. Mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd. Club: later became clerk in the drug store of Dr. R. A. 

Hamilton. Home: 2311 Harrison St., Evanston, 111. Smith, and was also appointed asst. postmaster, 

Office: 69 W. Washington St., Chicago. his employer being postmaster of Peru; then in 

riiirloo H railwav timp service- b in drug store of R. C. Hattenhauer; in business for 

'o X Y Fe'b 19 1856 common schoo" self, LaSalle, 111., 1887-93; traveling salesman for 

ni* rm^n <&i>t 1 881 'l < ^ed Be- Jonn Wyeth & Co., Phila., 1893-1900; pres. A. Arend 

nie Dugan, bept., IS, , 1 son,_; realise- nrl]s , c * sinno iflhn Mm 

Chicago, Lake Shore & Eastern Ry., 1899-1901; gen. ADAMS, Albert Hamilton, patent lawyer; b. at 

mgr. Mobile & uhio R.R., Mar., 1901-Mar., 1902; Jacksonville, 111., Sept. 14, 1863; s. Charles H. and 

gen. mgr., 1902-5, 4th vice pres., 1905-10, Southern Elvira (Hamilton) Adams; ed. Chicago pub. schs. 

Ry.; vice pres. in charge of operation C.&A., Toledo, and Union Coll. of Law; m. Elk Grove, 111., Aug. 30, 

St. Louis & Western, la. Central, and Minneapolis 1888, Carrie Allen; 1 son, Howard Allen. Admitted 

& St. Louis rys., Jan.-Nov., 1910; now pres. Nat. to bar, 1885, and has since practiced patent law; 

Ry Time Service Co. Clubs: Chicago, Glen View, mem. firm of Bond, Adams, Pickard & Jackson, 

Old Elm, Onwentsia. Recreation: golf. Home: Lake 1890-1912, of Adams & Jackson since June, 1912. 

Forest, 111. Office: 58 E. Washington St., Chicago. Mem. Patent Law Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Clubs: 

, . . . 

tntr-r-c-ir T,,,, ,,! TUT in ... H Aiiocrv,T.<r T>O Law, Chicago Athletic. Home: 225 Wesley Av., 

ACKXiEx, liemnel M., lawyer, b. Allegheny, .ra,, f\*\r T>~,.ir TII nffi/** iWrtnortn^nb- Tut rorfM^A 

Nov. 22, 1S57; s. Mahlon F. and Selena A. (Ham- Oak Park - I1L offlce - Monadnock Blk., Chicago. 

mond) Ackley; A.., esern nv. o a., . , re ., mr. gass proucs; . e- 

Reporter, correspondent, etc., of Pittsburgh Com- troit, Mich., Apr. 2, 1882; s. Walter L. and Madge 

mercial Gazette and other Pittsburgh papers, 1879- (Burton) Adams; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; student 

83; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1885; m. Racine, Wis., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch.; m. Emma Edmister, 

1891, Agnes V. Brett; children: Lila F., Laura E., of Painted Post, N.Y.; 3 children: Margaret, Vir- 

Lemuel M. Admitted to bar in 1885; came to Chi- ginia, Antoinette. Identified with manufacture of 

cago, 1887, and since engaged in practice. Editor glass jars, bottles and tumblers in Chicago since 

Third Edition of Brandt on Suretyship. Republic- 1896; mem. firm of Adams Bros. & Co. Mem. Chi- 

an. Mem. Phi Delta Phi. Home: 3807 N. Wilton cago Assn. Commerce. Mem. bd. dirs. Olivet Inst. 

Av. Office: 117 N. Dearborn St. (chmn. building fund com.). Republican. Clubs: 

A<~B.r<5 Tnniae AT D h Riiriins-tnn la Tnlv <!fl Hamilton (chmn. war service com.), Oak Park. 

ItK^FbtSSS 1 Thomas W&Sl'u^J, ; w^^rKo^' ak ^ IU< ffiCe: 136 

Acres; ed. pub. schs., Burlington, Eliott Sem., Bur- " " * <- nic ago. 

lington High Sch.; M.D., Northwestern Univ. ADAMS, Aa Grant, lawyer; b. Sunbeam, Mercer 

Woman's Med. Sch., 1890. Began practice at Ran- Co., 111., Feb. 11, 1868; s. Samuel and Clarissa 

goon, Burmah, 1890; settled in Chicago, 1893; ob- (Kean) Adams; ed. Buda (111.) high sen.; LL.B., 

stetrician at Mary Thompson Hosp. for Women Chicago Coll. of Law, 1897; m. Rockford, 111., June 

and Children, 10 yrs. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. 14, 1894, Lucy Hartwell; 1 son, Winfleld Hollister. 

Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Women's Med. Club. Re- Learned Jeweler's trade in Buda, 111., and after- 


ward followed that business with Giles Bros., Chi- 
cago, for ten years, then took up study of law; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1897, and since in practice in Chi- 
cago. Justice of the peace of the Town of Lake, 
1903-6. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Ma- 
son (32, K.T., Shriner); also mem. Imperial Coun- 
cil Tribe of Ben Hur, Royal League. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Hamilton, Englewood Men's. Home: 
6501 Harvard Av. Office: 76 W. Monroe St. 

ADAMS, Benjamin Stearns, stocks and bonds; b. 
Fort Dodge, la., Dec. 27, 1877; s. John Quincy and 
Frances Cornelia (Smith) Adams; grad. Phillips 
Acad., Andover, Mass., 1896; A.B., Yale, 1900; m. 
Docela Weaver Clarke, of Creston, la., Oct. 30, 
1901; 1 son, John Clarke. Engaged in handling 
western lands from Chicago, 1900-13; treas. John 
Burnham Co., stocks and bonds, since Jan. 1, 1913; 
oast Line Land Co. (Three Forks, Mont.), 
Co. (Marshalltown, la. ) A Re- 

Recreation: golf. Home: Lake Forest, 111. Office: 
72 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

ADAMS, Edward Shield*, commission merchant 
and broker; b. Chicago, Dec. 12, 1859; s. Hugh and 
Amanda (McCormick) Adams; ed. pub. schs., Chi- 
cago; Allen Acad., West Newton, Mass.; Cornell 
Univ. Began as bookkeeper, McCormick & Adams, 
and later became a partner in firm of Cyrus H. 
Adams & Co.; became mem. Adams & Samuel, 
1888; mem. Edward S. Adams Co., brokers, since 
Jan., 1910. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade. Demo- 
crat. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, University, 
Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle. Home: Lake Forest, 
111. Offlce: 208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

Fnl,linn rhbsMiDav Union 
HomV 12?6 Forest 

n TTnK e rUv 

S n Tli y> Offir P 
offlce - 

LSalle t Chi 
s - LaSalle St., Chi 

ADAMS, Charles, surgeon; b. Northamptonshire. 
Eng., May 29, 1847; s. John and Elizabeth (Clarke) 
Adams; brought to America at 10 years of age; 
M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1872; M.D., 
Rush Med. Coll., 1898; m. Mary Curtis, of Welling- 
borough, Eng., 1875 (died, 1888); 1 son, Cuthbert 
C.; m. 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell Gaylord, 1889. 
In general practice, Chicago, 1873-95, exclusively 
in surgery from 1895 (retired 1913); prof. surg. 
pathology, Hahnemann Med. Coll., 1873-5; prof, 
principles and practice of surgery, Chicago Homce. 
Coll., 1875-84. Surg. maj. 1st Inf., I.N.G., 15 yrs.; 
maj. and brigade surg., U.S.V., 1898; surg. gen. 
I.N.G., 1908-13; apptd. 1st It. Med. Reserve Corps, 
U.S.A., Feb., 1911. Mem. A.M. A., 111. Med. Soc., Chi- 
cago Med. Soc., Assn. Mil. Surgeons of U.S, Chicago 
Surg. Soc., Chicago Acad. Sciences; fellow Royal 
Micros. Soc., London. Clubs: Chicago Literary, 
a, Saddle and Cycle. Home: 33 Bellevue 

T*-jri ^,i;.. ,,, !, ,. v, 

ADAMS, Edwin Augustus, clergyman D. 
it_ vfooe rint 91 IQOT. r, \T rt .n . .> T \i ;... ii t* 
^ ln Alass., Oct. 21, 1837: s. Newell and Abigail r. 

/Riou^-i AHm- ctuHont Amho*-=t iftfii- TTnirn 

vrsitiKej Aa<imb, siuaeni Amnersi, 1001, union 

m h . Q OTV . ism D r* 4n/i^r^^ TH^/^I < on 

A "eoi. &em., 18O4-5, ts.L>., Andover 1 neol. bem., 

1868 ' < D - D - Knox and Iu - colls " 1891 >: m - Caroline 
Amelia Plimpton, of Walpole, Mass., May 16, 1866; 
children: Rebecca Elizabeth, Mrs. Annie Lewis 
Harperj Elizabetn May, Kathryn Newell, Edwin 
Plimpton, George Plimpton. Ordained Congl. min- 
istry, 1868; pastor North Manchester, Conn., 1868- 
72; missionary A.B.C.F.M., Prague, Austria, 1872- 
82; pastor Northboro, Mass., 1882-4; organizer of 
work for Bohemians in Chicago, and pastor Beth- 
lehem (Bohemian) Ch., 1884-1907 (retired). Vice 
pres. Chicago Tract Soc. Progressive. Club: Apol- 
los Ministerial. Home: 854 Lakeside PI. 

Bu,T a A S Sl n m S s 

(of Fairneld, Conn.) and Martha B. (Loomis) 
Adams, d. of Gen. Lewis Loomis, of Colebrook, 
N.H. ; grad. Dr. Hanson's Classical Inst., Water- 
ville, Me., 1877; student univ. at Lewiston, Me., 
1878-9; m. Myrtle Heath, of Colebrook, N.H., Sept. 
17. 1883 (now deceased); m. 2d, Alvira Jean Cot- 
tarn, of Truro, N.S., July 3, 1898. On leaving sen. 
in 1879 came to Chicago; spent 1 year in office of 
H. S. and F. S. Osborn and then removed to Osh- 
kosh, Wis., where was admitted to Wis. bar; re- 
turned to Chicago, 1881; admitted to 111. bar, 1882, 
and has since been engaged in gen. practice in 
Chicago. Republican. Mason, K.P.; mem. Guard- 
ians of Liberty. Home: Maywood, 111. Offlce: 180 
N. Dearborn St. 

ADAMS, Cyrn Hall, retired Board of Trade mer- 
chant; b. Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge Co., Va., Feb. 
21, 1849; s. Hugh and Amanda (McCormick) 
Adams; mother was d. of Robert McCormick; ed. 
Chicago pub. schs. and old Univ. of Chicago; m. 
Chicago, Sept. 26, 1878, Emma J., d. of Lyman 
Blair; 1 son, Cyrus H., Jr. Entered employ of 
Cyrus H. McCormick & Co., 1867; became mem. of 
the firm of McCormick, Adams & Co., in 1871, and 
head of the firm of Cyrus H. Adams & Co., 1883; 
retired from business, 1889. During period, 1871- 
89, was mem. of the Arbitration Com., mem. of the 
Appeals Com. and a dir. of the Board of Trade. 
Democrat. Presbyterian. Trustee McCormick The- 
ological Seminary; governing mem. Art Inst. of 
Chicago. Clubs: Union League, Onwentsia, Saddle 
and Cycle. Recreations: golf and literature. Home: 
711 Rush St. Offlce: 208 S. LaSalle St. 

ADAMS, Cyru Hall, Jr., lawyer; b. Chicago, 
July 30, 1881; s. Cyrus Hall and Emma J. (Blair) 
Adams; A.B., Princeton, 1903; LL.B., Northwestern 
Univ Sch of Law, 1906; m. Mary S. Shumway, of 
Chicago June 19, 1906; 1 son, Cyrus Hall, 3d. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1906, and since engaged in prac- 
tice in Chicago Mem. 111. State Bar Assn. Chi- 
cago Bar Assn. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Chicago University, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle, 

ADAMS, Elmer Haney, lawyer; b. New Windsor, 
. 22, 1870; s. Samuel and Clarissa (Kean) 
~~,.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1892: m. 

iter, of Chicago, Feb. 21, 1894; 
Stanley Benning and Thornton Shaw. Actively en- 
gaged in practice at Chicago since 1893; mem. law 
firm of Adams, Crews, Bobb & Wescott. Repub- 
lican. Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 
Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Ma- 
son (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Mid-Day, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Glen View Golf. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: Glen View Golf Club, Golf, 111. Office: 1100, 
76 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

ADAMS, Francis, formerly judge Appellate Court 
of Cook Co.; 1825-Dec. 27, 1915. 

ADAMS, Oeorge, iron and steel; b. Buffalo, N.Y., 
June 22, 1858; s. William and Sarah (McDougall) 
Adams; ed. pub. schs. of Buffalo, N.Y., and in Bry- 
ant and Stratton Business Coll. until 1871, followed 
by a practical training in the steel business; m. 
Minnie Haynes, of Chicago. Aug. 17, 1881; children: 
Claude (deceased), Mont and Harry. Entire busi- 
ness career has been in the iron and steel business; 
resident of Chicago since 1881; Chicago mgr. since 
1894 for Houghton & Richards, of Boston, handling 
their steels for tool-making. Republican. Recre- 
ation: motor-boating. Home: 2835 W. Monroe St., 
Chicago; (summer) Lake Side Resort, Mich. Offlce: 
26-28 N. Clinton St., Chicago. 

ADAMS, George Everett, ex-congressman; b. at 
Keene, N.H., June 18, 1840; s. Benjamin Franklin 
and Louise Ruth (Redington) Adams; attended 
sch. at Keene, N.H. ; family moved to Chicago, 
1853; A.B., Harvard, 1860, LL.B., 1865; during war 
served a short time as mem. of Battery A, 111. 
Arty.; m. Adele Foster, of Chicago, Nov. 30, 1871; 
2 children: Isabelle (Mrs. Mason Bross), Margaret. 
Mem. 111. Senate, 1881 (resigned, 1883); mem. 48th 
to 51st Congresses (1883-91); served on banking, 
currency and judiciary corns. Mem. 111. State Bar 
Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Overseer 
Harvard, 1892-1904; trustee Newberry Library, 
Field Mus. ; mem. Chicago Bd. of Edn. ; pres. Chi- 
cago Orchestral Assn., 6 yrs. Clubs: Chicago, Un- 
ion League, University, Hamilton, Harvard. Home: 
350 Belden Av. Office: 108 S. LaSalle St. 

ADAMS, Harry Coburn, coal merchant; b. Indi- 
anapois, Ind., Mar. 3, 1858; s. Henry E. and Sarah 
(Coburn) Adams; ed. pub. sch. of Bucyrus, O. ; 
m. Chicago, May 22, 1884, Sarah J. Robinson. Was 
for 3 yrs. engaged in railroad work in Columbus, 
O., before moving to Chicago in 1880; then mgr. of 
the Chicago branch of the Turney & James Co.; 
joined, 1898, in the organization of The Jones & 
Adams Coal Co., of which is pres.; dir. several com- 
panies. Club: Union League. Recreations: motor- 


ing- and golf. Home: 568 E. 51st St. Office: 28 E. 
Jackson Boul. 

ADAMS, Henry Ethelbert, toy mfr. ; b. Sandwich, 
111., May 29, 1868; s. J. Phelps and Mary Brainard 
(Phelps) Adams: ed. pub. schs. of Sandwich and 
Northwestern Univ.; m. Mary A. Haviland, of 
Pequanning, Mich., Aug. 14, 1889; 2 children: Flor- 
ence Haviland (Mrs. Paul B. Sommers), Phelps 
Haviland. Began with Sandwich (111.) Mfg. Co., 
1887; came to Chicago and with others organized 
the Ideal Boiler Co., of which was treas., 1894-7; 
mem. firm of Adams & Jones, house heating appa- 
ratus, Boston, 1897-1903; returned to Chicago and 
became identified with Am. Radiator Co., of which 
was asst. treas. 1904-13, treas. 1913-15; since vice 
pres. Kangaroo Mfg. Co.; also treas. Norwall Mfg. 
Co., Chicago, and dir. Sandwich Mfg. Co. Repub- 
lican. Congregationalism Mason (K.T.); mem. 
Sigma Chi. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore 
Country. Recreations: golf and motor boating. 
Home: 1110 E. 52d St. Office: 25 E. Washington St. 

ADAMS. James Alonzo, clergyman. (See Who's 
Who in America, 1914-15.) 

ADAMS, John Benjamin, grain merchant; May 4, 
1853-Dec. 13, 1911. (See vol. 1911.) 

ADAMS, John Quincy, lands and loans; b. Troy, 
Vt., June 16, 1848; s. Benjamin S. and Susan Smith 
(Pierce) Adams; ed. Grand River Inst., Austin- 
burg, O.; B.S., Cedar Valley Sem., Osage, la., 1868; 
m. Frances C. Smith, of Albion, la., Dec. 23, 1874; 
1 son, Benjamin S. Began in 1869 as deputy county 
auditor, Mitchell Co., la., continuing 1 yr. ; trav- 
eling salesman 10 yrs. ; mem. Griffin & Adams, 
bankers, Spencer, la., 10 yrs.; identified with large 
transactions in lands and loans since 1892, and 
from May, 1902 to 1910, pres. of the Adams & 
Denmead Co., dealing in western lands and mort- 
gage loans; pres. Coast Line Land Co., of Three 
Forks, Mont., Adams Investment Co., of Marshall- 
town, la. Republican. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Club: Chicago Athletic. Home: Okoboji. la. Resi- 
dence: Evanston Hotel, Evanston. 111. Office: 39 S. 
LaSalle St., Chicago. 

ADAMS, John Russell, dried fruits, beans, 
canned goods; b. Boston, Feb. 2, 1850; s. William 
H. and Jeannette R. (Bliss) Adams; ed. pub. and 
priv. schs. of New England; m. Chicago, June 25, 
1874, Ella D. Hackett; children: John Hackett, 
Alice Montgomery (Mrs. Joseph L. Gunsaulus), 
Le Baron, Laurence Russell. After leaving sch. 
went to Cal., and was chiefly engaged with Wells- 
Fargo Co.'s Express, 1865-71; returned to New 
York, 1871, and was connected with butter and 
cheese business; came to Chicago, 1873, and was 
with J. W. Doane & Co., coffees; then mem. Cobb 
& Adams, foreign dried fruits, and later in same 
business alone; became connected with Porter 
Bros. Co., 1896; established firm of John R. Adams 
& Co., dried fruits, etc., 1903. Clubs: Chicago, Glen 
View. Recreation: golf. Home: 1360 N. State St. 
Office: 130 N. 5th Av. 

ADAMS, Joseph, retired; b. at Wellingborough, 
Northamptonshire, Eng., Oct. 28, 1851; s. John and 
Eliza (Clarke) Adams; ed. Chicago High Sch.; aft- 
erward studied with pvt. tutors and Chicago Coll. 
of Law; m. Chicago, Oct. 17, 1896, Edith Almy. En- 
tered employ of Adams & Eldredge, Union Stock 
Yards, May 2, 1866; entered partnership with fa- 
ther, Apr., 1887, continuing until latter's death, 
Oct. 30, 1889; then with brother, George J., con- 
tinued business as John Adams & Sons; some years 
later admitted A. W. Kitchin to partnership under 
firm style of John Adams' Sons & Kitchin; retired 
from active business, Jan. 22, 1912, but still inter- 
ested in lumber and land. Vice pres. Chicago Live 
Stock Exchange, 1908-10. Independent in politics. 
Mem. Citizens' Assn. of Chicago, Municipal Voters' 
League, Civil Service Reform Assn., New York, 
Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Forestry Assn., Municipal 
Art League, Civic Federation, Bureau of Justice, 
Public Art League; dir. 111. Humane Soc.;life mem. 
Art Inst. of Chicago; trustee and 2d vice pres. Chi- 
cago Orchestral Assn. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago 
Literary, Saddle and Cycle, South Shore Country, 
Chicago Tennis (life). Has traveled widely during 
recent years. One of original bd. of governors and 
sec. for 15 mos. of Chicago Athletic Assn. Resi- 

dence: Lakota Hotel. Office: 55 Exchange Bldg., 
Union Stock Yards. 

ADAMS, Lyle Edwin, mfr. glass products; b. De- 
troit, Mich., Oct. 11, 1879; s. Walter L. and Madge 
(Burton) Adams; ed. pub. schs.; D.D.S., Univ. of 
111., 1903; m. Agnes Sherman, of Chicago, Oct. 16, 
1906. In practice of dentistry 2 yrs.; mem. firm 
Adams Bros. & Co., jobbers and brokers of glass 
products, since 1896. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Home: 139 N. Mayfield Av. Office: 136 W. Lake St. 

ADAMS, Milward, theatre mgr. (See vol. 1911.) 

ADAMS, Myron Eugene, clergyman; b. Palmyra, 
N.Y., Feb. 19, 1876; s. Myron H. and Lydia (Brew- 
ster) Adams; A.B., Syracuse Univ., 1898; Roches- 
ter Theol. Sem., 1901; m. Roma M. Howell, of De- 
troit, Mich., June 8, 1914. Director 1st playground, 
Rochester, N.Y., 1899; Cleveland, 1901; resident 
worker and probation officer, Welcome Hall Settle- 
ment, Buffalo, 1901-4; head worker, West Side 
Neighborhood House, New York, 1904-6; ordained 
Baptist ministry, 1905; pastor Midland, Mich'., 
1906-9, Warren Av. Ch., Detroit, 1909-12, 1st Bap- 
tist Ch., Chicago, 1912-1916. Mem. bd. dirs. Citi- 
zens' League, Central Bapt. Home, Anti-Saloon 
League. Anti-Cigarette League, Chicago Tract Soc., 
Com. of Fifteen, Chicago Dry Federation, Chicago 
Pub. Welfare Bureau. Scottish Rite Mason (32). 
Club: University. Has devoted attention largely 
to social service since leaving sem. Regular con- 
tbr. to The Survey, Outlook, etc. Chaplain Officers' 
Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, 1917. Home: 6517 
University Av. 

ADAMS, Nathaniel Holder, M.D.; b. Lexington, 
O., Jan. 14, 1871; s. Amos S. and Elizabeth S. 
(Holder) Adams; attended common and high schs. 
of Mansfield, O. ; Ph.M., Chicago Coll. of Pharmacy, 
1890; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. Coll., 1896; 
m. Clara R. Melchert, of Chicago, June 2, 1900; 1 
son, Nathaniel H., Jr. Specializes in diseases of 
the nervous system. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc., 111. 
State Med. Soc., A.M.A., Therapeutic Club, Oak 
Park Physicians' Club. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home: 722 East Av., Oak Park, 111. 
Office: 2257 W. Madison St. and 108 N. State St., 

AT)ATVTS, Robert H., agent for rolling mill corpn.; 
b. Chatham, Ont., July 29, 1871; s. of Robert and 
Marion (Ronald) Adams; ed. high sch., Chatham; 
m. Chicago, June 6, 1900, Anna Louise Stewart; 1 
son, Robert H., Jr. After leaving school, went to 
Detroit and entered the employ of the Detroit Cop- 
per & Brass Rolling Mills as clerk, remaining there 
until 1890; came to Chicago and was salesman in 
the Chicago branch of the same company until 
1892; since then western sales agent and mgr. Chi- 
cago branch. Mason (32). Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Chicago Yacht, South Shore Country. Recre- 
ations: yachting, motoring. Home: 5715 Kenwood 
Av. Office: 111 N. Jefferson St. 

ADAMS, Samuel, lawyer; b. Syracuse, N.Y., Nov. 
12, 1871; s. Charles True and Emma S. Adams; 
prep. edn. at Univ. School, Chicago; A.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1892; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 
Chicago, 1893; m. Louise Koerner, of Belleville, 
111., May 20, 1899; 1 son Charles True. Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1893; formerly mem. firm of Bancroft 
& Adams; mem. Adams & Candee, 1908-11; 1st asst. 
sec. of the interior, June 1, 1911-Mar. 7, 1913; mem. 
Adams, Follansbee, Hawley & Shorey since 1913. 
Prof, of law, Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 1901- 
09. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. and of Legal and Law 
clubs. Clubs: University, City, Harvard, Indian 
Hill; Cosmos (Washington, D.C.). Recreation: au- 
tomobiling. Home: 1330 N. State St. Office: 137 
S. LaSalle St. 

ADAMS, Spencer L., lawyer; b. Skaneateles, 
N.Y., June 12, 1870; s. of Emerson and Annette 
(Austin) Adams; attended pub. schs. 12 yrs.; A.B., 
Cornell Univ., 1893; LL.B., Yale, 1895; unmar- 
ried. Admitted to N.Y. bar, Feb. 7, 1896; to 111. 
bar, same year; first entered law office of H. R. 
Pebbles; then that of Thomas Dent and Russell 
Whitman and later associated with David B. Ly- 
man in practice in Chicago, 1899-1914; mem. Ly- 
man, Adams & Bishop since 1914. Pres. Cornell 
Alumni Assn. of Chicago, 1909-15; mem. Chicago 
Law Inst., Legal Club, Empire State Soc. of Chi- 


cago. Republican. Clubs: University, City. Home: 
1234 N. State St. Office: 69 W. Washington St. 

ADAMS, William, contractor and builder; b. in 
Dairy, Ayrshire, Scotland, Feb. 3, 1861; s. Classon 
and Jeannette (Scott) Adams; ed. Kersland Bar- 
ony Sch., Ayrshire; m. Jessie Browning, of Tampa, 
Fla., Oct. 10, 1895; 2 children: J. Mildred, Jeannette 
Scott. Began as contractor and builder, 1885, con- 
tinuing in own name for 10 yrs. ; incorporated, 
1895, as the William Adams Co., of which he is 
pres. Vice pres. Seven Troughs Coalition Mining: 
Co., Rochester Mines Co., Rochester Continued 
Mines Co.; dir. Bates Expanded Steel Truss Co. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Builders'. Recre- 
ations: fishing, hunting, motoring. Home: 9326 
Pleasant Av. Office: 209 S. LaSalle St. 

ADAMS, William Alexander, lawyer; b. Chicago, 
Sept. 10, 1871; B. Robert Alexander and Mary Mar- 
tha (Riley) Adams; grad. Pinkerton Acad., Derry, 
N.H., 1894; A.B. Harvard, 1898; LL.B., 111. Coll. of 
Law, Chicago, 1902; m. Blanche Spalding Griffin, 
of Thornton's Ferry, N.H., 1904; 2 children: Wil- 
liam Byron, Mary Griffin (deceased). Instr., Univ. 
of 111., 1899-1901; admitted to III. bar, 1902, and 
since practiced in Chicago; mem. Adams, Winnen 
& Adams; asst. county atty. of Cook Co.; village 
atty. of Brookfield; mem. Bd. of Edn., Riverside- 
Brookfield High Sch., 1908-13; prof, of law, 111. 
Coll. of Law, 1903-7. Mem. HI. State Bar Assn., 
Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Mason, Odd Fellow. Clubs: Harvard, Hamilton 
(Chicago). Home: 316 Grand Boul., Brookfield, 111. 
Office: 715 Tacoma Bldg., Chicago. 

ADAMS, William Grant, lawyer; Feb. 1, 1867- 
May 30, 1911. (See vol. 1911.) 

ATIATVTS, William Porter, mfr.; b. Cambridgeport, 
Mass., Dec. 26, 1863; s. Samuel Porter and Caroline 
W. (Davis) Adams (New England ancestry, dis- 
tantly related to President Adams' family); grad. 
Adelphi Coll., Brooklyn, N.Y., 1883; married June, 

1889, Mary Josephine Cook (died Feb. 11, 1895); 1 
child. Edna (Mrs. William Bradley Harrison) ; m. 
2d, Oak Park, 111., Mar. 16, 1897, Maud Prescott; 1 
child, Dorothy. Began business career in fall of 
1884, with H. W. Johns Mfg. Co., New York; came 
to Chicago, 1886, and worked for father's firm of 
Adams & Adams, changed, 1888, to Adams & Adams 
Mfg. Co., of which was vice pres. ; established, Jan., 

1890, Adams Paint & Oil Co., which was changed in 
March, 1890, to Adams & Elting Co., mfrs. of paint 
specialties, of which is pres. Dir. Chadeloid Chem- 
ical Co. of N.Y. Was mem. of 23d Regt. Cadet 
Corps, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 1st It. 13th Regt. Corps, 
Brooklyn, N.Y.; col. Order of the Old Guard, Chi- 
cago. Mem. S.R., S.A.R., Soc. War of 1812, Mass. 
Soc. Republican. Congregationalist. Pres. 111. Com- 
mn. of Perry's Victory Centenary. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Hamilton (life). South Shore Country 
(Chicago); Drug and Chemical (New York); Cres- 
cent Athletic (Brooklyn). Recreations: motoring, 
fishing, hunting. Home: 1437 E. 72d PI. Office: 
724 Washington Boul. 

ADCOCK, Edmund, patent lawyer; 1854-Apr. 26, 
1911. (See vol. 1911.) 

ADCOCK, Edmund David, lawyer; b. Galesburg 
111., Apr. 29, 1877; s. William and Mary Jane (Hen- 
derson) Adeock; A.B., Knox Coll., Galesburg, 1898; 
LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 1902; m. May 
Rex, of Creston, la., Aug. 31, 1905; 1 son, Edmund 
Rex. Admitted to 111. bar, 1902; associated in prac- 
tice with Otis H. Waldo, 1902-4; mem. Wood, Fyffe 
& Adeock, 1905-7, Fyffe & Adeock, 1907-12; atty. 
for Sanitary Dist. of Chicago since 1912. Mem 
Chicago Bar Assn., Law Club, Phi Delta Theta. 
Democrat. Clubs: City. Chicago Athletic Assn., 
South Shore Country, Chicago Yacht. Home: 5800 
Dorchester Av. Office: 900 Michigan Boul. 

ADDAMS. Jane, settlement worker; b. Cedar- 
ville. 111., Sept. 6, 1860; d. Hon. John H. and Sarah 
(Weber) Addams; A.B., Rockford Coll., 1881; spent 
2 yrs. in Europe, 1883-5; studied in Phila., 1888; 
(LL.D., Univ. of Wis., 1904, Smith Coll., 1910; 
A.M., Yale, 1910). With Miss Ellen Gates Starr, 
opened Social Settlement of Hull House, Chicago. 
1889, of which has since been head resident. Insp. 
of streets and alleys in neighborhood of Hull 
House, 3 yrs. Pres. Nat. Conf. Charities and Cor- 

rection, 1909. Writer and lecturer on social and 
polit. reform. Author: Democracy and Social Eth- 
ics, 1902; Newer Ideals of Peace, 1907; The Spirit 
of Youth and the City Streets; Twenty Years at 
Hull House, 1910; A New Conscience and an An- 
cient Evil, 1911. Now chmn. Woman's Peace Party. 
Address: 800 S. Halsted St. 

ADDI1TGTON, Keene Harwood, lawyer; b. Bal- 
timore, Md., Mar. 3, 1874; s. James D. and Emma 
A. (Martin) Addington; ed. priv. schs., Norfolk, 
Va., Norfolk Mil. Acad. and Chicago Coll. of Law; 
m. Florence E. La Victoire, of Chicago, June 26, 
1901; 2 children: Florence Elizabeth, James Ro- 
land. Came to Chicago from Norfolk, Va., 1890; 
was in law office of John T. Richards; admitted to 
bar, Mar. 3, 1895; mem. firm of Richards & Adding- 
ton, 1 yr., Mitchell & Addington, 4 yrs.; associated 
with W. Clyde Jones, 1900, and formed law firm of 
Jones & Addington, now Jones, Addington, Ames 
& Seibold, and jointly with Mr. Jones was for 
many years the official reporter of the Appellate 
Courts of 111.; pres. Sprague Canning Machinery 
Co., University Motor Livery Co.; sec. Benjamin 
Electric Mfg. Co. of 111.; treas. Benjamin Electric 
Mfg. Co. of Can., Ltd.; treas. Benjamin Electric, 
Ltd., of London, Eng., and Frank B. Cook Co. of 
111. Mayor of Lake Forest, 111., 1917-18. Mem. Am. 
Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. 
Republican. Mason. Clubs: University, Chicago 
Athletic, Onwentsia, Old Elm, Shore Acres. Com- 
piler and editor (with W. Clyde Jones): Annotated 
Statutes of 111. (6 vols.), also Notes of 111. and 
Appellate Court Reports (15 vols.). Home: Lake 
Forest, 111. Office: 105 W. Monroe St., Chicago; 
branch office, 2 Rector St., New York, N.Y. 

ADE, George, author. Home: Hazelden Farm, 
Brook, Ind. (See Who's Who in America.) 

ADELSDOBF, Leopold, treasurer Goldsmith 
Bros. Smelting & Refining Co.; b. Walsdorf, Ger- 
many, Jan. 11, 1860; s. Emanuel and Etta (Silber- 
man) Adelsdorf; ed. nat. schs. of Germany; m. 
Minnie Nussbaum, of Plymouth, Ind., Sept. 16, 
1891; 2 children: Samuel, Mildred. Came to U.S., 
1881; engaged in dry goods and clothing business 
at Keitsburg, 111., 1882-1907; removed to Chicago, 
1907; treas. and dir. since 1908, Goldsmith Bros. 
Smelting & Refining Co., mfrs. for jewelry and 
dental trade. Mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chicago Mfg. 
Jewelers' Assn., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Repub- 
lican. Jewish religion. Mason. Home: 4716 Ellis 
Av. Office: 29 E. Madison St. 

ADKINSON, see also Atkinson. 

ADKINSON, Elmer Williams, lawyer; b. East 
Enterprise, Switzerland Co., Ind., Nov. 28, 1844; 
s. Samuel and Jane (McHenry) Adkinson; A.B., 
Hillsdale (Mich.) Coll., 1868; studied law in Law- 
renceburg, Ind.; m. Ella R. Magee, of Chicago, 
1870; children: Henry M., Laura R. Admitted to 
bar at Lawrenceburg, Nov., 1868; practiced at Au- 
rora, Ind., 1869-73, since in Chicago; mem. Magee, 
Oleson & Adkinson, 1873-7, Magee & Adkinson, 
1877-83; since in practice alone. Atty. for Town of 
Lake two terms, 1883-4 and 1886-7. Mem. 111. State 
Bar Assn.. Chicago Law Inst. Republican. Mason 
(K.T.); mem. Royal Arcanum, Royal League. Rec- 
reation: baseball. Home: 5540 Wentworth Av. 
Office: 179 W. Washington St. 

ADLAND. p. Grant, secretary John A. Tolman & 
Co., wholesale srocers; b. Raymond, Racine Co., 
Wis., May 19, 1866; s. Knude and Phoebe (Drought) 
Adland; ed. pub. schs., Raymond and Rochester 
(Wis.) Acad.; m. Alice S. Holland, of Chicago, 
Oct. 6, 1894; 1 daughter, Vera Lucile. Began active 
career in gen. mdse. store, at Raymond, title of 
K. Adland & Sons, 1883, continuing there 7 yrs.; 
came to Chicago, 1890, and was employed as book- 
keeper with S. Peterson & Co., wholesale grocers, 
continuing 1 yr.; then became connected with John 
A. Tolman & Co., wholesale grocers, as accountant 
and held that position for 15 yrs.; has served as 
sec. of the company since Jan. 1, 1907; also sec. 
and dir. King's Model Laundry Co., Chicago. Mem. 
Wholesale Grocers' Assn. Republican. Methodist. 
Recreation: motoring. Home: 714 N. Lotus Av. 
Office: 84 E. Lake St. 

ADLEB, Abraham Kolin, architect; Sept. 13, 
1873-Oct. 29, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 


ADLEB, Herman Morris, psychiatrist; b. New 
York, Oct. 10, 1876; s. Isaac and Frieda (Gram- 
bacher) Adler; A.B., Harvard, 1897; A.M., M.D., 
Columbia Univ., New York, 1901; m. Frances For- 
ter, of Hubbard Woods, 111., Mar. 17, 1917. Asst. 
prof, psychiatry, Med. Sch. of Harvard Univ., 1912- 
17; was chief of staff Boston Psychopathic Hosp. 
until coming to Chicago, Oct., 1916, to make a 
study of the facilities in Cook Co. for detection 
and care of mental diseases and mental deficiency. 
under auspices Rockefeller Foundation and Nat. 
Soc. Mental Hygiene. Designated by Judge Scully, 
Feb., 1917, to make a survey of Cook County's psy- 
chopathic cases and to act as med. adviser to the 
county bd.; apptd. state criminologist of 111. by 
Gov. Lowden, June 30, 1917; dir. Juvenile Psycho- 
pathic Inst since Feb 10, 1917 Fellow. A.M.A.; 
mem. Am. Assn. Pathologists and Bacteriologists, 
Am. MedlCO-Psychol. Assn., Am. Neurol. Assn., 
Am Chem. Soc., A A A.S., N.E. Soc of Psychiatry 
Boston Soc. Psychiatry and Neurology New York 

??3'^- A 1?i n I n- US T? Hn" 
vestifration, Am. Biochem. Soc. Home. 119 E. Hu- 

ron St. Offices: 771 Gilpin PI. and Juvenile Court, 

ABLER, John George, live stock coinmn. ; b. at 
Joliet, 111., July 12, 1874; s. Albert and Frances 
(Lott) Adler; ed. pub. schs. of 111.; unmarried. 
Identified with live stock commn. business at Chi- 
cago since 1894; mem. Adler, Son & Co. since Sept. 

J',n 19 ^ 2 -^ e . m <;. Ch X c ^ so 71 Sto k Exchange. Home: 
840 E. 51st St. Office: Union Stock Yards. 

tery B, 1st 111. Light Artillery, May, 1861, and 
served 3 yrs. and 3 months; m. Chicago, July E, 
1868, Helen Waite; children: Helen Emelia, Charles 
Ernest, Jr., William C., Olive L. Canvasser for 
books and later kept books for publishing house; 
insurance broker, 1868-71; surveyor for New York 
Underwriters' Agency, 1872-3; mem. insurance firm 
of Witkowsky & Affeld, 1873-1914; mem. firm Af- 
feld, Tonk & Co. since Apr., 1914. Mem. Chicago 
Board of Underwriters, Chicago Bd. of Trade, 
Chicago Assn. Commerce; trustee Acad. Sciences. 
Republican. Mem. George H. Thomas Post, G.A.R. 
Clubs: Union League, City. Recreation: horticul- 
ture. Home: 1210 Michigan Av., Evanston, I1L 
Office: 176 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

ADLEB, Sidney, lawyer; b. Chicago, June 13, 
1871; s. Joseph S. and Emma Adler; ed. pub. schs., 
Chicago, and studied law in offices; m. Sara Schoen- 
brun, of Chicago, Sept. 24 1895; children: Joseph, 
Irving. Admitted to 111. bar, 1892; mem. firm of 
Adler, Lederer & Beck. Mem. Am., 111. State and 
Chicago bar assns. Republican. Club: Chicago Au- 
tomobile. Home: 5710 Woodlawn Av. Office: 10 S. 
LaSalle St. 

. Charles Ernest Jr insurance- b Chl- 
28 IS?" ?. hakes Ernes? and Helen 
(Waite) Affeld; ed. University Sch., Chicago; Ur- 
bana (Ct 1 TIniv Rpnosplnpr Pnlv Tnst Trnv 
$$?. ^^^sl^S^t^^O., Apr. \ 1900 ! 
ch ii dre n: Christina McDonald, Charles Ernest, 3d. 

En s a s ed ln inspection work for Hamburg-Bremsn 
Fire Ins Co also as spl agt in Cook Co In for 

same company, 1900-14; partner Affeld, Tonk & Co.. 
Cook Co. mgrs. for Hamburg-Bremen Fire Ins. Co. 
since Apr. 3, 1914; firm also represents large Am. 
companies. Mem. Fire Insurance Club of Chicago, 
Central Y.M.C.A. Clubs: Press, City. Home: 2612 
Hampden Ct. Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul. 

APPIECX. Benjamin Franklin mfr Portland 
cement; b BeHe^lTnU, MST? 1869; s James 
and Anna (Richardson) Affleck; ed. pub. schs.. 
Belleville; m. Agnes H. Adams, of St. Louis, Mo., 
Feb. 20, 1899; 1 daughter, Mildred. Salesman 111. 
Steel Co., 1896-1906; sales mgr. Universal Port- 
land Cement Co. (subsidiary to U.S. Steel Corpn.), 
1906-15, pres. since 1916; pres. Cement Products 
Exhbn. Co., Chicago, Calumet Supply Co., Gary. 
Ind.; dir. First Nat. Bank, Wilmette, 111. Pres. of 
Portland Cement Assn.; mem. Western Soc. Engrs., 
Sheridan Rd. Improvement Assn. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Clubs: Union League, Mid-Day, En- 


us; M.D., Univ. of Md., 1853; (hon. M.D., J.VUBU 
Med. Coll., Chicago, 1873); m. Lebanon Springs, 
N.Y., Xyrissa M. Bates; 3 children: Norman P., 
Philip Sidney, Edah. Began practice of medicine, 
1858; asst. surgeon U.S.A., serving during Civil 
War; med. insp. Bd. of Health, Chicago, 1866-73; 
attending phys., supt. and dir. Brainard Free Dis- 
pensary, 1868-73; attending phys., financial supt., 
med. supt., med. dir. and one of the directors of 
Central Free Dispensary, 1873-1902; lecturer on 
obstetrics, sprine- course, Rush Med. Coll., 1873; 
lecturer on clin. gynecology, spring course, same, 
1875; clinical adjunct to chair of gynecology, 1875- 
94, and clinical prof, of gynocology, 1894-1902, 
Rush Med. Coll.; attending -ynecologist, 1886-9, 
consulting phys. since 1893, 1 < esbyn. Hosp. Mem. 
central com. and of the west div. consulting com. 
of the charity organization, 1884-9; mem. west div. 
consulting com. of the Bureau of Charities, 1892- 
1906. Mem. A.M. A. and state and local med. socs. 
Mem. P.E. Ch. Home: 1639 Washington Boul. 

ADOLFHUS, Wolfe, capitalist and mfr.; died 
Feb. 11, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

ADSIT, Charles C., broker; b. Chicago, July 14, 
1855; s. James M. and Arville S. Adsit (father was 
Chicago's first banker); ed. old Chicago Univ. and 
at Cornell Univ.; m. 1890, Mary B. Ashby, of Louis- 
ville, Ky.; children: Charles C., Elizabeth. Began 
business career, 1877, with Merchants Loan & 
Trust Co., later becoming receiving teller Com- 
mercial Nat. Bank, and afterward paying teller 
Northwestern Nat. Bank until 1887; since then 
broker in stocks, bonds and investment securities; 
dir. Chicago Rys. Co., Hibernian Banking Assn. 


Mem. com. on raw materials of Council of Nat. 
Defense, 1917. Home: 827 Greenwood Av., Wll- 
miatte Til OflRn^- 91 ft ci TO Qoiio Qt r^hi/^a cm 
mette - ili - Office. <ilO fa. Lafaalle fat., Chicago. 

AGAB, James Scanlon, packer; b. Chicago, May 
17. 1864; s. John and Ellen (Scanlon) Agar; ed. 
Lincoln (pub.) sch., Chicago, to 1878; m. Chicago, 
Sept. 15, 1887, Minnie A. Dye; children: Eleanor. 
Ruth, John, Louise, Kathryn. After leaving sch. 
was 5 yrs. in employ of Nat. Bank of 111. In 1886 
formed firm of Agar Brothers (with William G. 
Agar), wholesale dealers in meats, until 1899, 
when consolidated with the Agar-Marshall Pack- 
ing Co., under style of Agar Packing Co., of which 
has since been vice pres. and treas. ; also pres. 
"Western Packing & Provision Co. Home: 1316 
Madison Park. Office: 310 N. Green St. 

AOAB, John, packer; b Carlow Co Ireland, 
Oct. 3, 1838; s. John and Mary (Hollingsworth) 
Agar; ed. by private tutor; m. In Ireland, 1862, 
Ellen Scanlon; children: James S., William G., 
Woodbury S., John T., Ellen. Established in 1869 
as a pork packer and sausage mfr.; now pres. Agar 
Packing Co. Home: 416 Arlington PI. Office: 310 

N '/l r ,!:t? ^ t- 

1Q A 1 O , EE > Jo"?* Alvey, coal merchant. (See vol. 

AGLEB, Oliver Oscar, lumber; deceased. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

Onwentsa Lake Forest Home- 1322 RHchie in' 
>! The' Roolferv Home. 1322 Ritchie PI. 

ery - 

AFFELD, Charles Ernest, insurance; b. Stettin, 
Prussia, Mar. 10, 1843; s. Carl Gottlieb and Louise 
Agnes (Dinse) Affeld; came to Chicago, Oct., 1847; 
attended Dearborn Sch. and Bryant and Stratton 
Business Coll.; clerked in drug store 1 yr. and in 
law office of Arrington & Dent; enlisted in Bat- 

Eileen, editor; b. on farm nr. 

d. William and Mary (O'N 
Ahern; grad. Spencer (Ind.) High Sch., 1881; 
tral Normal Coll. of Ind., 1882; Library Sch., Ar- 
mour Inst. Tech., Chicago, 1895-6. Teacher pub. 
schs. of Bloomfleld, Spencer and Peru, Ind.; asst. 
state librarian of Ind., 1889-93, state librarian, 
1893-5; an organizer, 1896, and since editor, "Pub- 
lic Libraries" (library jour.). Lecturer in several 
library schs. and before assns., clubs, etc. Organ- 
izer Ind. Library Assn. (sec., 1889-96); an organ- 
izer, 1896, and sec., 1896-1907, library dept., N.E.A. 
Fellow Am. Library Inst.; life mem. A.L.A. ; mem. 
111. Library Assn., Chicago Library Club, Am. 
Peace League, Nat. Playgrounds Assn., Nat. Assn. 
Charities and Correction. Clubs: Chicago Worn- 


an's, Indianapolis Fortnightly. Home: 5854 Ro- 
salie Ct. Office: 6 N. Michigan Av. 

AHIiSWEDE, Edward, merchant; b. Walsrode, 
Germany, May 2, 1855; s. Henry and Dorothea 
(Meier) Ahlswede; ed. pub. sens. ; came to Amer- 
ica 1872; m. Rosa Prinzing, Chicago, July 6, 1876; 
8 children: Edward, Herbert, Arthur, Ada, Roland, 
Ruth, Irving and Carl. Began active career as 
clerk for L. Klein, Chicago, and later became man- 
ager for J. W. Kindt; entered business for self, 
1878, with E. A. Lange; became successor to the 
firm, 1884, and had 3 retail stores for several yrs. ; 
organized the Globe Dept. Store, 1899; bought the 
entire interest, 1902. In 1910 organized the Ed. 
Ahlswede Co., of which is pres. Republican. Bap- 
tist. Pres. German Baptist City Soc., German 
Western Baptist Assn.; treas. Old People's Home 
Soc. Mem. Retail Merchants' Assn.; also mem. 
Chicago Plan Commn. Home: 2029 Ewing PI. 
Office: 2500 W. North Av. 

AHKENS. John Paulsen, lawyer; b. Hamburg, 
Germany, Oct. 1, 1851; s. Edward A. and Elizabeth 
M. Ahrens; family removed to U.S., 1855, settling 
in Davenport, la.; ed. high schs. ; studied law in 
office of Gen. J. B. Leake, 1868; taught sen.; came 
to Chicago, 1872; m. 1877, Fanny, d. of Edward 
and Mary J. Hamblin, of Portland, Me.; children: 
Edith Louise (Mrs. Robert E. Kenyon), Leila M., 
Edward H., John P., Jr. Admitted to 111. bar, June 
7, 1873; deputy clerk Superior Court of Cook Co., 
1873-5; engaged in law practice since 1875; ad- 
mitted to bar of U.S. Supreme Court, 1882. Was 
vice pres. Chicago Ry. Equipment Co. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bar Assn., Chicago Law Inst. Republican. 
Baptist. Mason. Club: Hamilton. Home: 3218 Ver- 
non Av. Office: 105 N. Clark St. 

AHRENS. Mary A., lawyer; b. Staffordshire, Eng., 
Dec. 29, 1836; d. William H. Jones; came to U.S. 
and settled in 111., 1854; studied at Galesburg 
Acad.; m. 1st, 1857; then studied medicine and 
earned her diploma; m. 2d, 1886, Louis Ahrens 
(died, 1907). Grad. Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 
1889. Opened the first relief sta. for starving men, 
1893-4, and was instrumental in feeding and lodg- 
ing thousands of homeless people. Promoter and 
founder of the Mary A. Ahrens Mission, a home 
for destitute women; vice pres. Protective Agency 
for Women and Children; a suffrage advocate for 
years; chmn. Woman's Sch. Suffrage Assn. of Cook 
Co., which secured for women the right to vote in 
sch. elections in 111.; vice pres. 111. Women's Press 
Assn. Home: 5484 Cornell Av. 

AIKEN, William James, insurance; b. Fayette- 
ville, Tenn., June 2, 1848; s. Lorenzo Dow and 
Elizabeth (Foster) Aiken; ed. Dickinson Coll., 
Tenn.; m. Madison, Jefferson Co., Ind., Sallie E. 
Boyd; children: Florence B., Howard B. (both 
deceased). Entered Union army at 16 as private 
Co. G, 29th 111. Inf., serving 1864-5. Studied law, 
but never practiced; returned to 111., 1867; was en- 
gaged in mercantile business in Kankakee, 111.; 
came to Chicago, May, 1869, and engaged in com- 
mission business; in employ American Express Co., 
1869-87, and was acting supt. of the company in 
Wis., with headquarters at Milwaukee; returned 
to Chicago, Mar., 1885, as chief clerk and asst. to 
gen. supt. of same company; gen. mgr. Preferred 
Accident Ins. Co. since Aug., 1889. Presbyterian. 
Mem. Columbia Post, G.A.R.; Mason (32, Shriner). 
Clubs: Hamilton, Illinois. Recreations: fishing, 
hunting. Home: 2150 Monroe St.; (summer) Lake 
Geneva, Wis. Office: The Rookery, Chicago. 

AINSLIE. James Stuart, clergyman; b. Otsego 
Co., N.Y., May 6, 1856; s. William and Jeannette 
Ainslie; A.B., Cornell Univ.; studied Yale Dlv. 
Sch.; m. Kate Hopkins, of Ithaca, N.Y., 1883. Or- 
dained Congl. ministry, 1882; pastor Ogdensburg, 
N.Y., 1882-90, Plymouth Ch., Ft. Wayne, Ind., 
1890-1900; organizer and pastor North Shore Congl. 
Ch., Chicago, 1900-15; now pastor Argyle Com- 
munity Ch. (independent), which organized 1916. 
Home: 5057 Kenmore Av. 

AINSWORTH, Franklin Fessenden, publisher; 
b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 5, 1856; s. Joseph F. and 
Emeline Frances (Gilmore) Ainsworth; ed. Bos- 
ton Latin Sch., and Polytechnic Inst. of Brooklyn; 

m. at Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1881, Carrie, d. of 
William Gilbert. Began business with Potter, Ains- 
worth & Co., publishers, 1873; remained with firm 
until its consolidation with A. S. Barnes & Co.. 
and later merged with Am. Book Co.; now with C. 
G. Ainsworth, in firm of Ainsworth & Co., publish- 
ers of school books. Episcopalian. Trustee and 
treas. Western Theol. Sem. and of Church Home 
for Aged Persons; treas. Bd. of Missions Diocese 
of Chicago; agent of the bishop of Chicago; treas. 
Diocese of Chicago; mem. bd. of trustees Endow- 
ment Fund Diocese of Chicago. Republican. 
Served as corporal Boston Latin School Regt. Rec- 
reation: fishing. Home: 4432 Drexel Boul. Office: 
629 S. Wabash Av. 

AISHTON, Richard Henry, railway official; b. 
Evanston, 111., June 2, 1860; s. R. H. and E. Aish- 
ton; ed. Evanston pub. schs.; m. Rosa B. Whitbeck, 
of Tama, la,, Oct. 11, 1881. Entered ry. service, 
1878, as axman engr. corps C. & N. W. Ry., with 
which has since been identified; various duties un- 
til .1895; asst. supt., 1895-7; div. supt., 1897-9; gen. 
supt., 1899-1902; asst. gen. mgr., 1902-6; gen. mgr. 
lines east of Mo. River, 1906-10; vice pres. In 
charge of operation and maintenance, Oct. 20, 1900- 
Dec., 1914, and pres. since May 23, 1916. Mem. 
Federal Industrial Relations Commn. since 1914. 
Home: Evanston, 111. Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul.. 
Chicago, 111. 

ALABASTER, John lie wig, school furniture; re- 
moved to Riverside, Cal. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALBAUGH, George Sylvanus, mfr. ; b. Johnson 
Co., Mo.; s. Jacob Preston and Rebecca (Petry) Al- 
baugh; ed. Ansonia (O.) High Sch.; Earlham Coll., 
Richmond, Ind.; Ohio Northern Univ., Ada; m. Ma- 
bel Harvey, of Jacksonville, Fla., Apr. 25, 1917. 
Teacher in pub. schs. of Ohio 5 yrs.; sales mgr. 
for Powers, Higley & Co. 2 yrs.; associated with 
brother and founded the Albaugh-Dover Co., mfrs. 
"Butterfly" cream separators, farm tractors and 
cut gears, Chicago, of which is pres., treas. and 
gen. mgr.; also founder Western Thread Co. (El- 
gin, 111.) and Sheboygan (Wis.) Couch Co. Mem. 
Chamber of Commerce of U.S.A., Am. Defense 
League, Art Inst. Chicago, Geog. Soc. Chicago. Pro- 
gressive Republican. Methodist. Club: Berwyn. 
Homes: 7117 34th St., Berwyn, 111.; (summer) Fox 
Lake and lodge in Northern Mich. Office: 2100 
Marshall Boul., Chicago. 

ALBAUGH, Henry Preston, sales manager; b. in 
Johnson Co., Mo., Oct. 9, 1869; s. Jacob P. and Re- 
becca (Petry) Albaugh; removed with parents to 
Darke Co., O., at age of 6; ed. Nat. Normal Univ., 
Lebanon, O. ; m. Darke Co., O., Aug. 27, 1891, Carrie 
E. Sullenbarger; children: Forrest R., Hazen L., 
Kathryn R., Anthal E., Listen L., Merton V., David 
L. and Margaret E. Taught school 6 years; moved 
to North Manchester, Ind., 1896; salesman for Chi- 
cago firm, 1896-8; pres. Manchester Coll., North 
Manchester, 1899-1900; moved to Chicago, 1900, and 
organized the corporation of Albaugh, Dover Co., 
mail order and mfg. business, of which was pres. 
9 years. Republican; has taken active part in all 
campaigns since a voter; candidate for congress 
4th 111. dial., 1910. Gives some time to special 
work in sales management and business organiza-- 
tion for large corps., balance of time in travel, lec- 
ture and polit. work. Home: Berwyn, 111. Office: 
2100 Marshall Boul., Chicago. 

ALBERT, Allen Diehl, sociologist; b. Williams- 
port, Pa., Oct. 3, 1874; s. Allen D. and Sarah Ann 
(Faber) Albert; ed. pub. schs.; read law in offices 
of Heber J. May, Washington, D. C. ; attended lec- 
tures in law and polit. science, Columbian (now 
George Washington) Univ.; m. Janet Clark Jones, 
of Paris, 111., June 20, 1901. Reporter, Washing- 
ton Post, 1895-7; various New York newspapers, 
1898; corr. in Cuba, Spanish-Am. War, 1898; Wash- 
ington bureaus, Baltimore Sun and New York 
Sun, 1899-1902, Washington Star, 1902-4; musical 
and dramatic critic, Washington Times, 1904-6; 
city editor, mng. editor, etc., same, 1906-10; pub. 
Columbus (Ohio) News, 1910-11; editor Minneapo- 
lis Tribune, 1912-16, asso. pub., 1914-16. Specializ- 
ing since 1906 on polit. economy and sociology, 
especially subjects pertaining to growth of cities; 
has visited and studied more than 400 cities of 



U.S., Can., Mexico and Cuba, and lectured widely 
for extension depts. of state univs. ; as foreman of 
grand jury, Minneapolis, 1914, exposed failure of 
the city government to suppress organized vice; 
made extensive investigation of industrial condi- 
tions of Atlanta, Ga., 1917; active many yrs. in 
service of organized charity, playgrounds, pub. 
health and city planning; author of law regulating 
savings banks in Dist. of Columbia, now in force, 
Pres. Internal. Assn. Rotary Clubs, 1915-16; vice 
pres. Minn. State Art Commn., 1913-16; mem. Minn. 
State Hist. Soc., Minn. Acad. Social Sciences (pres., 
1914-15), etc. Progressive. Episcopalian; pres. Ch. 
Club, Diocese of Minn., 1914-17. Contbr. series 
biog. sketches, Munsey's Mag., 1905-10, also edito- 
rials for various mags.; wrote (brochure) "The 
Crown of the World" (Canadian Rocky Moun- 
tains). Expert in Japanese and Chinese porcelains 
and Oriental rugs. Home: 1044 Hollywood Av. 

ALBRIGHT, Adam Emory, artist; b. at Monroe, 
Wis., Aug. 15, 1862; s. Zachariah and Catherine 
(Kepler) Albright: art edn.. Art Inst. of Chicago, 
1881-3, Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, Philadelphia, 1883-6, 
Munich and Paris, 1887-8; m. Clara Amelia Wilson, 
of St. Louis, Dec. 24, 1888. Painter of Am. country 
children; has exhibited at many exhbns. in Amer- 
ica; represented at Chicago Expn., in 1893, and 
since in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washing- 
ton, Carnegie Inst. (Pittsburgh), Buffalo, St. Louis, 
Chicago, Paris Salon, Panama-Pac. I. Expn., San 
Francisco, etc. Represented in permanent collec- 
tion of City Art Mus., St. Louis, Toledo (O.) Mus. 
of Art, pub. libraries, clubs, schools, etc. Awarded 
Grower Prize, Art Inst. of Chicago, 1907, 1914; 
Martin B. Cahn Prize, Chicago, 1908. Del. for Chi- 
cago Soc. Artists and Soc. Western Artists, at 1st 
Nat. Art Conv., Washington, 1909, for Chicago Soc. 
Artists to Am Federation of Arts Chicago, 1914. 
Mem. Soc. Western Artists, Fellowship of Pa. 
Acad. Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Chicago Soc. Artists 
(pres., 1915-16), Chicago Water Color Club (dir., 
ex-pres.), Chicago Acad. Design, Am. Water Color 
Soc, New York (life); asso. mem Am. Federation 
of Arts. Home: Hubbard Woods, 111. 

ALBRIGHT, Charles Edgur, life underwriter; b. 
Dancyville, Tenn., Jan. 1, 1867; s. George Nicholas 
and Barbara Ellen (Thompson) Albright; ed. com- 
mon and high schs., Tenn.; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 
Chicago, 1889; m. Laura Uihlein, of Milwaukee, 
Wis., Nov. 21, 1899; 3 children: Lorraine, Marion, 
David. Interne, Presbyterian Hosp., Chicago, 1889- 
91; became an asst. med. dir. Northwestern Mut. 
Life Ins. Co. of Milwaukee, 1891; resigned, 1903, 
and traveled in Europe 18 months; then again be- 
came connected with the company as solicitor of 
life insurance; for 11 consecutive yrs., up to June, 
1916, was the largest producer of life ins. for 

thi nnmnnnv rnnp-inp- hio-h in n Rinp-lo vonr 

s $2^ P 50oVhich ln excetds ?y mo thSf W.&T 
000 the record of any other representative of the 
company; now dir. Wis. Nat. Bank, Wis. Trust Co., 
Wis. Securities Co., Lavine Gear Co., Wis. Sugar 
Co., U.S. Refining Co., all of Milwaukee. Presbyte- 
rian. Mason (32). Clubs: Milwaukee, University, 
Deutscher, Town, City, Milwaukee Country (Mil- 
waukee); University, Mid-Day (Chicago); Union 
. League (New York); Duquesne (Pittsburgh); 
Union (Cleveland). Recreations: golf, horseback 
riding, swimming. Home: 501 Back Bay, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. Main Office: Northwestern Mutual Life 
Bldg., Milwaukee. Chicago Office : 900 The Rookery, 

ALBRITTON, Joslah Luke, clergyman- b May- 
field, Ky., Sept. 13, 1847; s. Luke and'Elizabeth (At- 
kinson) Albritton; ed. pub. schs., Ky.; m. Lydia J. 
O'Rourk, of Louisa, Ky., March 6, 1872; children: 
Fred L., Elmer Sanford; m. 2d, Mrs. Margurite 

ALBHO, Merlin Zeno, M.D., oculist; b. Pough- 
keepsie, N.Y., Oct. 8, 1865; s. Zeno and Mary A. 
(Clark) Albro; ed. high sch., Poughkeepsie; M.D., 
Coll. of Phys. and Surg. (Columbia Univ.), New 
York, 1887; m. Harriet M. Dimmick, of Cazenovia, 
N.Y., July 5, 1905. Began practice at Scranton, Pa., 
1887; outdoor phys. Scranton Poor Bd., 1887-8; 1st 
It. asst. surgeon 13th Regt. N.G. Pa., 1887-91; asst. 
prof, ophthalmology, Post-Grad. Med. Sch., Chica- 
go, 1904-8; attending oculist and aurist. Provident 
Hosp., 1906-8; same, Practitioners' Hosp.; din., 
prof, ophthalmology, 111. Med. Coll., 1908-11; prof. 
ophthalmology, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Coll., 
since 1916. Councillor-at-large Chicago Med. Soc., 
1909-12, councillor, 1906-7, sec., 1908-9; mem. A.M. 
A., 111. State Med. Soc. Home: 3335 Western Av. 
Boul. Office: 4658 S. Ashland Av. 

A I.DEN, Prank All>ert, bank cashier; b. Janes- 
vllle _ wis ; Aug . 2 1, 1870; s. Albert Warner and 
Caroline (Case) Alden; descendant of John and 
Priscilla Alden, of the Mayflower; ed. pub. schs., 
Chicago; m. Caroline S. Larsen, of Chicago, June 
16, 1891; 4 children: Charles Frank, Earle Russel, 
Priscilla Ruth Mildred Gladys. Began with Com- 
mercial Nat. Bank, 1888, continuing 12 yrs.; con- 
nected with coal business, 1900-7; entered employ 
of Prairie State Bank, 1907, and continued with its 
successor, the Central Trust Co., 1912-13; dir. and 
cashier Liberty Trust & Savings Bank since 1913. 
Trustee Califprnia Av. Congl. Ch. Sec. Alden Kin- 
dred of America; mem. A.O.U.W., Nat. Union. Re- 
publican. Clubs: West Side Bankers' (pres.), Illi- 
nois. Home: 210 S. Sacramento Boul. Office: 3158 
W. 12th St. 

AI.DEN, William Tracy, lawyer; b. Pleasanton, 
Decatur Co., la., Sept. 20, 1870; s. of William and 
Lea h (Rock) Alden; Ph.B., Northwestern Univ., 
1891, LL.B., 1893; unmarried. Admitted to bar, 
^93; ] aw clerk, Chicago, 1893-5; mem. law firm of 
wilber, Eldredge & Alden, 1895-9, Alden, Latham & 
young, since Oct. 1, 1899. Mem. Am., 111. State and 
Chicago bar assns., Law Club, Legal Club. Demo- 
crat . clubs: University, Union League, Chicago 
Athletic Assn., Iroquois, South Shore Country, 
Glen View Golf. Recreations: golf, racquet and 
swimming. Residence: University Club. Office: 134 
S. LaSalle St. 

ALDERMAN, Frank Bog-en, tropical lands. (See 
vol 1911 ) 

cuits, 1868-76, Covington, 1876-79, Louisville, 1879- 
82, Ludlow, 1883, Lima, O., 1884. Toledo, 1884-6, 
Bellefontaine, 1886-90, Fremont, 1891-5; presiding 
elder, 1895-8; pastor Butte, Mont., 1898-01, Salt 
Lake City, Utah, 1902, Williamsport, Pa., 1902-03, 
Lewisburg, 1903-05, Dallas, Tex., 1905-07, Ottawa, 
111., 1908-09, Chicago, since 1909. Del. Gen. Conf. 
M.E. Ch., Cleveland, O., 1896. Mem. G.A.R. Pro- 
gressive Republican. Mason, Odd Fellow. Home: 
2016 Evergreen Av. 

,,**?**> f'V'JH Ta y 1 r ', real , esta t e : b - st - ^ lban . s ' 
Vt., July 7 1861; s. Judge Asa Owen and Mary 

Towns .?"? (Taylor) Aldis; St. Pauls Sch Con- 
p rd - N.H.; spl student. Harvard, 1880-2; studied, 
Harva a rd La ,*f Scn ' : m \ Mary Reynolds, of Chicago. 
June , , 8 ' i 8 . 92 ' 1 so "'c^ rt n hu . r Gra !? am ; Engaged in 
ranching in Wyo., 1885-9; in real estate business, 

and trusteeships, Chicago, aS mem. firm Of AldiS, 

A> * N-rthcote. and subsequently, Aldis & Co., 
sl " c . e 189 - Republican. Episcopalian Sec. Friends 
of Am. Art Assn.; trustee Art Inst of Chicago. 
Clubs: University, Chicago, City, Cliff Dwellers, 

OnW - e 5^ la me: Vn e Forest ' In - offlce: Monad- 
nock Blk - Chicago, 111. 

AIVDIS, Mary (Mrs. Arthur T. Aldl) ; b. Chicago, 
June 8, 1872; d. William Collins and Marie An- 
toinette (L'Hommedieu) Reynolds; ed. St. Mary's 
Sch., Knoxville, 111.; m. Arthur Taylor Aldis, of 
Chicago, June 8, 1892; 1 son, Arthur Graham. A 
founder of the "Aldis Playhouse" (a little theatre 
at her country home) where plays are presented 
by amateurs each season. Pres. Chicago Visiting 
N rse As n ^ dir. Chicago Chapter Am. Red Cross, 
Chicago Tuberculosis Inst., Chicago Soc. for Pre- 

Y,? n i lon , Blmdn ss - S 9 C - f Midland AgSff? 1 
Clubs: Chicago Woman s, Fortnightly, Friday, 
AA Oman s City, Lake Forest Woman s. Author. 

lor , e ," e Nigh-tingale (pamphlet) I 9 "' ^ 
Small Stages, 1915; The Princess Jack, 1915; Flash- 
l'g hts . 19 1- Home: Lake Forest, 111. 

ALDIS, Owen Franklin, lawyer; b. St. Albans, 
Vt., June 6, 1853; s. Judge Asa Owen and Mary 
(Taylor) Aldis; A.B., Yale Univ., 1874; studied 
law, Columbian Law Sch., Washington; m. Leila 
Houghteling, of Chicago, 1878 (now deceased). 
Practiced law, 1877-90; retired from active prac- 
tice, 1890, and became trustee of various estates; 
sr. mem. firm of Aldis & Co., real estate. Dir. Chi- 



cago Expn., 1893. Mem. various archseol. assns., 
etc. Republican. Clubs: Century, University (New 
York), Metropolitan (Washington), Chicago, Chi- 
cago Literary, Caxton, University (Chicago). 
Home: Paris, France. Office: 247 Monadnock Blk., 

ALDRICH, Benjamin Frank, clergyman; Jan. 29, 
1863-Nov. 5, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALDRICH, Charles Henry, lawyer; b. LaGrange 
Co., Ind., Aug. 28, 1850; s. Hamilton M. and Har- 
riet (Sherwood) Aldrich; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 
1876 (hon. A.M., 1893); m. Oct. 13, 1875, Helen 
Roberts, of Steuben Co., Ind.; 3 children: Charles 
Roberts, Marion Louise, Helen B. Admitted to bar, 
1876; practiced at Ft. Wayne, Ind., 1876-86, since 
at Chicago; solicitor gen., U.S., 1892-3. Republic- 
an. Club: Union League. Home: 708 Irving Park 
Boul. Office: 209 S. LaSalle St. 

ALDRICH, Frederick Clement, broker; b. Chi- 
cago, Sept. 12, 1862; s. William and Anna M. 
(Howard) Aldrich; ed. pub. schs. and Chicago 
Acad.; m. Gertrude Newell, of Kenosha, Wis., June 
B, 1890; 2 daughters: Anita and Helen. Began busi- 
ness career in grain commission business in 1880; 
became associated with Finley Barrell & Co., 
brokers, Mar., 1909, and admitted as general part- 
ner, Jan. 1, 1911, continuing until Dec. 31, 1915; 
mem. firm of Clement, Curtis & Co. since 1915. 
Mem. Chicago Stock Exchange (pres., 1913-15), 
Chicago Bd. of Trade. Republican. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, University, Saddle and Cycle, Shore Acres, 
Onwentsia. Recreations: golf and outdoor sports. 
Home: Lake Forest, 111. Office: The Rookery, Chi- 

ALDRICH, Ira Rolf, clergyman. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALDRICH, Windsor P., stock broker; b. Chicago, 
May 19, 1876; s. William H. and Mae F. Aldrich; 
ed. pub. schs. and University Sch., Chicago; un- 
married. In stock brokerage business, Chicago, 
since 1902; dir. Tryan Steel Co. Mem. of Chicago 
Stock Exchange, Art Inst. Chicago. Presbyterian. 
Club: South Shore Country. Home: 4519 Green- 
wood Av. Office: 1068 The Rookery. 

ALEX. John K., hatters' and shoe store supplies; 
b. Stemnitsa, Greece, Feb. 15, 1882; s. Constantine 
G. and Zaharo George (Maniates) Alex; ed. pub. 
schs., Tripolis, Greece; m. Marika Philipidou, of 
Saloniki, Greece, Dec. 28, 1913. Came to U.S., Mar., 
1902; in employ of Am. Steel Car and Foundry Co., 
McKee's Rocks, Pa., 1902-5; in grocery business on 
own account, at Pittsburgh, Pa., 1905-8; associ- 
ated, in 1908, with Philip D. Peppas in organiza- 
tion of Peppas & Alex Co., wholesale shoe store 
and hatters' supplies, store fixtures, with hdqrs. 
in Cleveland, O., and branch in Chicago, and so 
continues. Served in Greek Army during Balkan 
and Greco-Bulgarian War, 1912-13. Mem. Greek 
Orthodox Ch. Home: 4711 Winthrop Av. Office: 
167 W. Lake St. 

ALEXANDER, Gerard Mason, mfr. ; Jan. 10, 
1849-Mar. 31, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALEXANDER. Herbert G-. B., underwriter; b. 
London, Eng., Dec. 26, 1860; s. Ebenezer and Louisa 
(Barlow) Alexander; ed. Romford, Eng.; m. Louisa 
Denhard, of London, Eng., 1883 (now deceased); 4 
daughters; married 2d, Edna Bartholomew Miner, 
1917. Came to U.S., 1885; state agent, N.Y., until 
1896, gen. supt. of agencies, at Indianapolis, 1896- 
1900, Ry. Officials' & Employes' Assn.; vice pres. 
and gen. mgr., 1900-6, pres. since 1906, Continental 
Assurance Co., Chicago. Mason. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic Assn., Mid-Day, South Shore, Midlothian 
Country. Recreations: golf, motoring. Residence: 
Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, and Midlothian, 111. 
Office: 910 Michigan Av., Chicago. 

ALEXANDER, John T., live stock; b. Morgan 
Co., 111., Nov. 19, 1850; s. late John T. Alexander, 
who at one time was the largest cattle feeder and 
shipper in America. Entered live stock commis- 
sion business, Apr., 1887, at the Union Stock Yards, 
Chicago, and is now pres. Alexander, Ward & Con- 
over. Office: 310 Exchange Bldg., Union Stock 

ALEXANDER, Stuart Robb, importer; b. Glas- 
gow, Scotland, Dec. 26, 1852; s. John Stuart and 
Marion (Robb) Alexander; ed. King's Coll., Lon- 

don, class of 1868; m. Elizabeth, d. John Forsythe, 
of Chicago, Oct. 29, 1885; 3 children: Stuart Hall, 
John Forsythe, Marion. Began business at Lon- 
don, Eng., 1870-1; in Brazil, 1871-7; again at Lon- 
don, 1877-87; came to America, 1887, and estab- 
lished coffee importing business, in which he con- 
tinued until 1903; then changed to roasted coffee 
business, at which he is at present engaged. Bra- 
zilian consul at Chicago since June 25, 1892. Mem. 
Honorable Artillery of London; Mason (mem. of 
Grand Lodge of Scotland). Clubs: Chicago, Chicago 
Golf. Home: 37 E. Division St. Office: 183 N. Wa- 
bash Av. 

ALEXANDER, William Arthur, insurance; b. 
Corinth, Miss., May 2, 1858; s. James Madison and 
Elizabeth King (McCord) Alexander; ed. Normal 
Acad., Paris, 111., and Tusculum Coll., Tenn. ; m. 
Chicago, Dec., 1896, Maude Julia Greene. Engaged 
in casualty and liability ins. as sr. mem. W. A. 
Alexander & Co., since 1885; founded Exmoor 
Country Club at Highland Park, also Old Elm and 
Bobolink clubs; instrumental in the construction 
and laying out of the Sheridan Road, and vice pres. 
Sheridan Road Assn.; trustee George A. Fuller 
estate; dir. North Stiore Electric Co. and other 
corpns. Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. Southern 
Soc. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Onwentsia, 
Exmoor, Chicago Golf, Old Elm, Bobolink. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Home: Glencoe, 111. Office: 134 S. La 
Salle St., Chicago. 

ALFORD, William Hedley, bank equipment; b. 
Brighton, Sussex, Eng., Apr. 8, 1860; s. William 
and Mary (Page) Alford; ed. in England; came to 
U.S., 1884; m. Council Bluffs, la., Jan. 15, 1890, 
Grace Spooner; children: Marian, Gertrude. Began 
in the West Indies in sugar business, 1877; studied 
architecture in England and entered the employ of 
I. Hodson, architect, Council Bluffs, la., 1885; en- 
gaged as mfr. of and dealer in bank furniture and 
fittings since 1887; vice pres. Ketcham Mfg. Co., 
Toledo, O., 1891-6; eastern mgr. Ohmes Sons' Co., 
1896-8; gen. mgr. of same, 1898-1902; vice pres. 
and sec. Weary & Alford Co., designers of bank 
buildings and equipment, since 1902; also treas. 
Athey Co., weather strips. Clubs: 111. Athletic, 
South Shore Country, Chicago Yacht. Recreations: 
yachting and motoring. Home: 6039 Harper Av. 
Office: 1907 Michigan Av. 

ALFSON, Howard Albert, vice pres. Columbian 
Bank Note Co.; b. Columbus, O., Nov. 24, 1876; a. 
Andrew and Dora (Gesterland) Alfson; ed. pub. 
schs., Columbus and Chicago; Bryant and Stratton 
Business Coll.; m. Emma M. Rost, of Chicago, 111., 
Apr. 23, 1902; 3 children: Dorothy Rost, William 
Howard, Irma Marie. Began in engraving business 
with Western Bank Note Co., Chicago, Apr. 3, 1891; 
resigned, Dec. 31, 1913, and organized Lincoln Bank 
Note Co., of which was pres.; consolidated, Dec. 1, 
1914, with Columbian Bank Note Co., steel plate 
engraving, printing and lithographing, of which, 
has since been vice pres. Mem. Chicago Assn. 
Commerce. Served with 2d Inf., I.N.G., 2 yrs., 1st 
Cav., I.N.G., 2 yrs. Republican. Protestant. Mem. 
Oak Park Lodge, A.F. and A.M.; Park Chapter, 
R.A.M.; Oriental Consistory, S.P.R.S. Recreations: 
motoring, gardening. Home: 704 Wenonah Av., 
Oak Park, 111. Office: 1104 S. Wabash Av., Chicago. 

ALQEO, Thomas Wilson, merchant; b. at New 
York City, Sept. 11, 1847; s. James and Eliza (Wil- 
son) Algeo; ed. pub. schs. and New York Coll.; m. 
Mary O. Williams, New York, Apr. 17, 1876; 3 chil- 
dren: Herbert Edgar, Mary Seeley, Harold Leigh. 
Business life spent in the grocery, coffee and spice 
business in New York and Chicago; in charge of 
credits, since Jan., 1889, of the Thomson & Taylor 
Spice Co., of which he is sec. and treas. Democrat. 
Presbyterian. Club: Chicago Athletic. Recreations: 
baseball, fishing and tennis. Home: 4050 Kenmore 
Av. Office: 536 W. 22d St. 

ALL A IS, Arthur L., coal operator; b. Maries, 
France, Aug. 17, 1868; s. Victor and Sidonie (Col- 
ment) Allais; came to U.S., 1880; ed. in France and 
pub. schs. of Pa. and Ind.; spl. course, DePauw 
Univ., Greencastle, Ind., graduating from its Sch. 
of Theology, 1895; m. Adeline A. Herr, of Brazil, 
Ind., June 13, 1893; 4 children: Paul Florent, Lewis 
Herr, Adeline, Charles Wagner. In coal business 
since 1898; vice pres. United Coal Corpn., C. M, 



Moderwell & Co.; pres. Brazil Collieries Co., Chris- 
topher Stores Co., Zeigler Hospital Assn.; gen. 
mgr. Columbus Mining: Co. Trustee French Church, 
Rock River Conf. M.E. Ch. Republican. Mason. 
Clubs: Union League, Alliance Franchise. Recrea- 
tions; walking, horseback riding. Home: 5145 Uni- 
versity Av. Office: 1060 McCormick Bldg. 

ALLEN, see also Allin, also Allyn. 

ALLEN, Abel Leig-hton, author, lawyer; b. Ken- 
ton, O., Jan. 25, 1850; s. Abel H. and Rebecca 
(Mackey) Allen; B.A., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1875; 
LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sen., 1877; m. Emily Bon- 
nell Leigh, of Clinton, N.J., Oct. 22, 1884. Gen. 
practice civ. and corpn. law. Republican. New 
Thoughter. Mem. Beta Theta Pi. Mason. Author: 
The Message of New Thought, 1914; also article 
on New Thought in Hastings' Encyclopedia of Re- 
ligion and Ethics (Aberdeen, Scotland), 1916. Lec- 
turer on Walt Whitman, Emerson, etc. Home: 1310 
Leland Av. Office: 155 N. Clark St. 

ALLEN. Alonzo Franklin, mfr. Removed to 
Cleveland, O., 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALLEN. Andrews, consulting- and contracting 
engineer; b. Madison, Wis., Jan. 11, 1870; s. Prof. 
William Francis and Margaret Loring (Andrews) 
Allen; grad. Madison High Sen., 1887; B.S. in Civil 
Engring., Univ. of Wis., 1891, C.E., 1893; m. Eliza- 
beth Emerson Cooke, 1916. Engaged in U.S. Geol. 
Survey in Upper Mich., June, 1891; with Edge 
Moor Bridge Works, Wilmington, Del., as drafts- 
man, July, 1891-July, 1893, as asst. engr., July, 
1893-Jan. 1, 1899; contracting engr., Wis. Bridge & 
Iron Co., 1899-1911; pres. Allen & Garcia Co., con- 
sulting and contracting engrs., since 1911. Also 
vice pres. Allith Mfg. Co. Mem. Western Soc. 
Engrs. (pres., 1909), Beta Theta Pi. Mem. Amer- 
ica Lodge, A.F. and A.M.; Wiley M. Egan Chapter, 
R.A.M.; Apollo Commandery, K.T. Clubs: Union 
League, Engineers', University of Wis. (Chicago), 
111. Athletic, Calumet Country. Home: 4653 Hazel 
Av. Office: 955 McCormick Bldg. 

ALLEN, Benjamin, wholesale jeweler; b. Gode- 
rich, Ont., Oct. 7, 1848; s. John and Mary (Braden) 
Allen; ed. grammar and high schs. of Canada; m. 
Mae West Lamos, of Chicago, Aug. 29, 1871; chil- 
dren: Benjamin C., Lewis D. and Bessie (Mrs. 
Phelps B. Hoyt). Came to Chicago, 1865; began 
with firm of M. T. Quimby & Co., wholesale jewel- 
ers, 1865, succeeding to the business in 1870 under 
name of Stark & Allen, and in 1872 firm became 
Benj. Allen & Co.; vice pres. and treas. Spaulding 
& Co.; dir. First Nat. Bank, First Trust & Sav- 
ings Bank, Nat. Safe Deposit Co.; owner Silver- 
smiths' Bldg.; largely interested in corpns. Mem. 
Chicago Jewelers' Assn. (ex-vice pres.), Jewelers' 
Bd. of Trade (dir.), Chicago Assn. of Commerce. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: Chicago, 
Union League, Mid-Day, Onwentsia, Indian Hill. 
Recreations: motoring, travel. Homes: Winnetka, 
111., and 40 E. Cedar St., Chicago. Office: 10 S. Wa- 
bash Av., Chicago. 

ALLEN. Charles Linnaeus, lawyer; Oct. 22, 1849- 
Feb. 11, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALLEN, Charles Warren, lawyer. Removed to 
Phoenix, Ariz. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALLEN, Edmund Albert, lumber commn. mcht. ; 
b. Wilmington, Will Co., 111., Dec. 10, 1849; s. Ed- 
mund and Elizabeth (Shoemaker) Allen; ed. pub. 
schs. of Wilmington, and prep, sch., Lake View, 
Chicago; m. Emma Green, of Quincy, 111., Oct. 16, 
1879; 1 son, Amos Green. In lumber business since 
1865, first in Wilmington as mem. Allen & Son, 
and later of Allen & Bro.; came to Chicago, 1888, 
and has since been engaged in the lumber commn. 
business. Democrat. Episcopalian. Clubs: Church, 
Flossmoor Country. Residence: Del Prado Hotel. 
Office: 812 Chamber of Commerce. 

ALLEN, Harry Windiate, mfr. ; b. Chicago, Nov. 
23, 1874; s. John William and Emma (Windiate) 
Allen; ed. grammar and high schs. and business 
coll., Chicago; m. Winifred J. Niswanger, of Chi- 
cago, June 10, 1897; 1 son, Frank Willis. Began 
in 1890 in the business established by his father, 
1881, mfg. and jobbing of supplies, and machinery 
for bakers, confectioners, etc., in 1895 was admit- 
ted to partnership in the firm of J. W. Allen & Co., 
becoming sec. and treas. upon its incorporation in 

1906; sec., treas. and dir. Meeker Sugar Refining 
Co., Chicago and Meeker, La.; dir. Mid-City Trust 
& Savings Bank. Mem. Nat. Assn. Credit Men, Nat. 
Master Bakers' Assn. Vice pres. Cook Co. S.S. 
Assn. Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Oak Park. 
Recreation: motoring. Home: 205 N. Taylor Av., 
Oak Park, 111. Office: 110-118 N. Peoria St., Chi- 

ALLEN, Henry Asa, consulting mech., elec., civil 
and sanitary engr.; b. Madison, Wis., Jan. 22, 1867; 
s. Gen. Thomas S. and Natalia (Weber) Allen; ed. 
U.S. Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md., class of 1887; m. 
Julia C. H. Hawley, of Chicago, Sept. 28, 1897; 
1 daughter, Julia C. Electrician and machinist 
Western Elec. Co., Chicago, 1890-2; elec. and 
mech. engr., Eaton & Prince Elevator Co., 1892-4; 
private practice, 1894-5; elec. and mech. engr. 
and mgr. engring dept., Fraser & Chalmers Co. 
and the Allis-Chalmers Co., 1895-1906; in prac- 
tice as consulting engr., 1906-11; consulting engr. 
since 1911 for City of Chicago, mech. engr. in 
charge Bur. of Engineering and head of Bur. of 
Waste Disposal. Accompanied President Taf t and 

?arty of engrs. on inspection trip to Panama Canal, 
907. Was capt. commanding 111. Naval Militia; 
It. col. chief engr. I.N.G.; commd. colonel 1st 111. 
Engrs., 1917. Republican. Congregationalist. Ma- 
son (32, Shriner). Clubs: Engineers' (New York), 
Chicago Athletic Assn., Press, Adventurers'. Rec- 
reations: athletic sports. Home: 913 Gait Av. Of- 
fice: 139 N. Clark St. 

ALLEN, J. Henry, surgeon. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALLEN, James Lane, lawyer and author. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

ALLEN, John William, mfr.; b. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
Sept. 4, 1848; s. Almond A. and Lucy (Powell) Al- 
len; ed. Olivet (Mich.) Coll.; m. Emma Windiate. 
of East Leroy, Mich., Nov. 30, 1873; 1 son, Harry 
Windiate. Engaged as flour miller in Mich, until 
1872, and then came to Chicago; in various em- 
ployments until 1881, when established firm of J. 
W. Allen, bakers' and confectioners' supplies; ad- 
mitted son as partner, 1895, firm becoming J. W. 
Allen & Co., inc., 1906, and of which has since been 
pres.; vice pres. Meeker Sugar Refining Co., Chi- 
cago and Meeker, La.; has also farming interests. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Pres- 
byterian. Mason. Recreations: motoring, farming. 
Homes: 175 N. Taylor Av., Oak Park, 111.; (sum- 
mer) East Leroy, Mich. Office: 110-118 N. Peoria 
St., Chicago. 

ALLEN, Leon Menard, railway official; b. Daven- 
port, la., July 4, 1863; s. Elbridge Gerry and Chris- 
tina (Hannah) Allen; grad. Davenport High Sch., 
1879, followed by several months at the Univ. of 
Michigan; m. Katherine Augusta Ballard, of Dav- 
enport, June 26, 1888; children: Leon Ballard, Pris- 
cilla, Francis Gerauld. News editor Davenport 
Gazette, 1880-1; with C.,R.I.&P.Ry., Davenport, 
la., 1881-98; asst. gen. passenger agent, 1898-1901, 
first asst. gen. passenger agent, 1901-2, at Chicago; 
gen. passenger agent for Rock Island Lines east 
of the Missouri River, 1902-3; gen. passenger 
agent, 1903-9; passenger traffic mgr. Rock Island 
Lines since Jan. 1, 1910. Republican. Trustee 
Union Church, Kenilworth. Clubs: Union League, 
Traffic, Skokie Country. Home: Kenilworth, 111. 
Office: LaSalle St. Station, Chicago. 

ALLEN, Paul Biley, clergyman; b. Tompkins Co., 
N.Y., May 6, 1876; s. George Frank and Julia Ann 
(Bower) Allen; prep, edn., Cazenovia Sem. ; grad. 
Drew Theol. Sem., 1902; post-grad, work, Hart- 
ford Theol. Sem. and New York Univ.; m. Ger- 
trude Hicks, of Norwich, N. Y., July 26, 1911; 3 
children: Elizabeth Pauline, Eleanor Hicks, Polly. 
Ordained Congregational ministry, 1902; pastor 
Cambridge, N.Y., 1902-4, Corning, 1904-7, Norwich, 
1907-17, North Shore Ch., Chicago, since Mar., 1917. 
Republican. Mason (K.T.). Home: 925 Lakeside PI. 

ALLEN, Philip Schuyler, college prof.; b. Lake 
Forest, 111., Aug. 23, 1871; s. Ira W. and Lydia 
(Ford) Allen; A.B., Williams Coll., 1891; Univ. of 
Berlin, 1892-4; fellow in German, Univ. of Chicago, 
1895-7, Ph.D., 1897; m. Jessie Acker, of Brooklyn, 
Dec. 21, 1894. Instr. German, Allen Acad., Chicago, 
1891-2; instr. English, Shattuck Sch., Farlbault, 
Minn., 1894-5; asst., asso., instr. and asst. prof. Ger- 



man, 1903-9, asso. prof, since 1909, Univ. of Chi- 
cago Mng. editor Modern Philology, 1900-8. Home: 
6019 Kimbark Av. 

ALLEN, Thomas Grant, M.D. ; b. Leeds Co., Ont., 
Oct. 14, 1863; s. William and Margaret Wilson Al- 
len; grad. Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont., 1888 (gold 
medalist, first-class honorman chemistry, M.A., 
1889); MD Northwestern Univ., Chicago, 1898; m. 
July 10, 1890, Nettie Mabel Fralick, Tronto, Ont.; 
children: Clara, Ruth, William, Richard, Annette. 
Demonstrator and instr. Queen's Univ., 1888-9; sci- 
ence master in Seaforth and Ingersoll, Ont., 1890- 
93; prof, chemistry, Armour Inst. of Tech., 1894-8; 
univ extension lecturer in chemistry, Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1895-8; instr. clinical medicine, Northwestern 
Univ 1901-3; prof, diseases of children, Post- 
Graduate Med. Sen., 1903; asst. prof, pediatrics, 
Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, 1904. Home: 5731 
Dorchester Av. Office: 248 W. 31st St. 

ALLEN, William D., president W. D. Allen Mfg. 
Co., brass founders and mfrs. leather belting and 
gen. mill supplies; married. Mem. S.A.R. Clubs: 
Union League, Skokie Golf, University of Evans- 
ton. Home: 1626 Hinman Av., Bvanston, 111. Office: 
566 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

ALLEN, William Gray, M.D.; b. Chicago, Jan. 
26, 1874; s. John and Jessie (Gray) Allen; ed. Univ. 
of Chicago; M.D., Northwestern Univ., 1896; m. 
Bradford, 111., Sept. 7, 1904, Amelia Harrison Arun- 
dale. Engaged in gen. practice at Chicago since 
1896. Mem. Chicago and 111. State med. socs., A. 
M.A. Republican. Episcopalian. Home: 1520 Wil- 
son Av. Office: 4759 Broadway. 

ALLEN. Worth, lawyer; b. Greensburg, Ky., Oct. 
9, 1887; s. I.ittleberry William and Maggie (Dur- 
ham) Allen; ed. pub. and pvt. schs., Greensburg; 
B.A., Georgetown (Ky.) Coll., 1908; J.D., Univ. of 
Chicago Law Sen., 1912; unmarried. Prin. Pell City 
(Ala,) High Sell., 1908-9; admitted to 111. bar, July, 
1912; in employ of law firms of Holt, Wheeler & 
Sidley, and of Holt, Cutting & Sidley, 1912-15; as- 
sociated with Donald L. Morrill in practice since 
Sept., 1915; mem. faculty John Marshall Law Sch. 
since 1914. Democrat. Deacon Memorial Ch. of 
Christ (Baptist); mem. Hyde Park Y.M.C.A. (com. 
of management). Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Kappa 
Alpha, Phi Delta Phi. Recreation: hunting. Home: 
1106 E. 53d St. Office: 69 W. Washington St. 

ALLERTON, Samuel Waters, capitalist; May 26, 
1828-Feb. 22, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

ALLIN, Frank Wesley, M.D.; b. Cedar .County, 
la., Jan. 21, 1869; s. William H. and Julia (Hol- 
lingworth) Allin; B.S., Baker Univ., Baldwin, Kan., 
1903, A.M., 1905; post-grad, work Univ. of Chicago, 
1902; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1905; m. Elizabeth 
Chamberlin, of Hanover, Ind., Dec. 26, 1895; 3 chil- 
dren: Corinne Elizabeth, Frank Cameron, Josephine 
Miriam. Prin. high schs., Coffeyville, Paola and 
Emporia, Kan., 10 yrs. ; instr., Univ. of Chicago, 
1902; teacher, children's dept. Rush Med. Coll., 
since 1905, now asst. prof, of medicine; asst. at- 
tending phys. children's dept. Presbyn. Hosp. ; at- 
tending phys., Central Free Dispensary. Mem. of 
A.M. A., 111. State and Chicago med. socs., Assn. 
Am. Teachers' Diseases of Children. Republican. 
Methodist. Home: 4403 Washington Boul. 

ALLING-. Charles, Jr., lawyer; b. Madison, Ind., 
Dec. 13, 1865; s. Charles and Harriet Ann (Scovel) 
Ailing; A.B., Hanover (Ind.) Coll., 1885, A.M., 1889; 
LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1888. Admitted to bar, 1888; 
engaged in practice at Chicago. Republican. Judge 
advocate, 1st Brigade I.N.G., 1902-7; alderman of 
old 3d Ward, 1897-1901, of new 2d Ward, 1901-5 
(mem. judiciary com., 1897-1905; finance com., 
1899-1900; chmn. com. on gas, oil and electric light, 
1902-3; chmn. com. on streets and alleys, south, 
1900-1); one of two aldermen on New Charter Con- 
vention, 1902-3; apptd. by governor, atty. for State 
Bd. of Health, 1907. Traveled in China, 1916-17. 
Presbyterian. Grand Consul of Sigma Chi Fra- 
ternity, 1907-9. Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar 
assns. Mason (K.T.). Clubs: Union League, Uni- 
versity. Address: 111 W. Washington St. 

ALLINSON, Thomas William, social service; b. 
N.Y. City, Oct. 4, 1862; s. John William and Eva 
(Brent) Allinson; ed. pub. schs., Boston and Quincy, 
Mass.; pvt. study in Europe several yrs.; m. Alice 

Dow, of Chicago, Apr. 20, 1892; 1 son, Brent Dow. 
Engaged in business successively with Nat. Print- 
ing Co., Armour & Co., Swift & Co., Belfast Linen 
Co., Binner- Wells Co. and Wells & Co.; gradually 
became absorbed in social work and is now head 
resident Henry Booth House (social settlement), 
Chicago; sec. Chicago branch Nat. Assn. for Ad- 
vancement of Colored People; vice pres. Chicago 
Ethical Soc. Clubs: Social Service, Country Club 
for Social Workers, City, Prairie. Recreations: 
walking, reading. Residence: Henry Booth House, 
701 W. 14th PI., Chicago. 

ALLPOKT. Frank, ophthalmologist, otologist; b. 
Watertown, N.Y., Feb. 22, 1857; s. Walter Webb 
and Sarah Maria (Haddock) Allport; ed. at Chi- 
cago Univ. and Racine Coll.; M.D., Chicago Med. 
Coll., 1876; Univ. of Heidelberg, 2 yrs.; m. Kate A. 
Kllwood, of Sycamore, 111., Oct. 26. 1880. Practiced 
medicine, Sycamore, 111., 5 yrs., ophthalmology and 
otology, Minneapolis, 10 yrs., Chicago since 1889. 
Prof. clin. ophthalmology and otology, Univ. of 
Minn, and Northwestern Univ. several years; eye 
and ear surgeon, St. Luke's Hosp.; consulting eye 
and ear surgeon. Chicago Bd. of Edn.; eye and ear 
surgeon. C.&N.-W.Ry., C.&E.I.Ry., C.,M.&St.P.Ry. 
and C.,R.I.&P.Ry. Apptd. 1st It. Med. Reserve 
Corps, U.S.A., Feb., 1911. Ex-pres. Minn. State 
Med. Soc., Chicago Ophthalmol. Soc.. Ophthalmic 
Sect, of A.M. A.; also chmn. conservation of vision 
com. of A. M.A. Home: 305 Fullerton Parkway. Of- 
fice: Chicago Savings Bank Bids. 

ALLPORT, Henry Whlpple, M.D. ; b. Chicago, 
July 5, 1865; s. Walter Webb and Sarah Maria 
(Haddock) Allport; student Univ. of Michigan, 
1884-6; for about 10 yrs. engaged in civil engring. 
on the Pacific Coast, with occasional lapses into 
publishing and magazine work; M.D., Cornell Univ. 
Med. Coll.. New York, 1899; unmarried. Practiced 
in Chicago as a specialist in the diseases of the 
eye, ear, nose and throat since 1900. Mem. A.M. A., 
111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Am. Copy- 
right League. Club: Chicago Athletic. Home: Elm- 
hurst, 111. Office: 1608, 5 S. Wabash Av., Chicago. 

ALLPORT, Walter Heyrtock. M.D.; b. Chicago. 
1863; s. Walter Webb and Sarah Maria (Haddock) 
Allport; Univ. of Mich.. 1884-5: M.D., Northwest- 
ern Univ., 1887; m. Chicago. 1889. Harriet Hamil- 
ton; children: Henry Hamilton. Caroline, Harriet 
Hubbard, Katherine. Surgeon, St. Luke's and Alex- 
ian Brothers hosos. ; formerly prof, of anatomy, 
Northwestern Univ. and former surgeon Cook Co. 
Hosp.: apptd. 1st It. Med. Reserve Corps, U.S.A., 
Feb., 1911. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Surg. 
Soc. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Uni- 
versity, Germania, Saddle and Cycle. Home: 40 
Bellevue PI. Office: 607 Rush St. 

ALLYN, see also Allen, also Allin. 

ALLYN, Arthnr C.. investment banker; b. Hop- 
kins, Mo., May 7, 1887; s. Frank E. and Mary H. 
(Davis) Allyn: A.B.. Univ. of Chicago, 1908; m. 
Nell M. Musick, of St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 1, 1913; 1 
son, Arthur C., Jr. Began active career in employ 
of Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Co., St. Louis, Mo., 
1905; then with N. W. Halsey & Co., bankers and 
brokers, Chicago, 1907-12; sec. Elston & Co., 1912- 
14, vice pres. since 1914: treas. and dir. Dubuque 
(la.) Electric Co. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Englewood Lodge No. 690. A. F. and A.M.: Engle- 
wood Commandery, K.T. Club: University. Rec- 
reation: golf. Home: 508 Cherry St., Winnetka, 111. 
Office: 39 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

ALMERT. Harold, consulting ener. : b. Chicago, 
1877; s. Andrew and Wilhelmina (Walhstrom) Al- 
mert; ed. in Chicago, in engring. 8 yrs., law, 2 
yrs., accounting, 2 yrs.; m. Anita C. Tiedeman. of 
Chicago, Dec. 28. 1907; children: John Gordon, Jane 
Louise. Consulting practice in Chicago since 1909; 
tech. counsel to a number of the largest public 
utilities and industrial companies in the U.S., in- 
cluding Commonwealth Fdison Co., Public Service 
Co. of Northern 111., Chicago, Washington Ry. & 
Electric Co., Potomac Electric Power Co., Wash- 
ington, D.C., etc.; with staff has constructed or 
appraised over $1,000,000,000 worth of public util- 
ity and industrial plants and approved the issue of 
over $500.000,000 par value of securities. Mem. 
Am. Soc. C.E., Western Soc. Engrs., Am. Soc. Mech. 


Engrs., Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., Soc. Automotive since 1915. Mem. Modern Lang. Assn. America. 

Engrs., Nat. Elec. Light Assn., Am. Elec. Ry. Assn., Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Quadrangle, Har- 

etc. Republican. Clubs: Electric, Jovian League, vard (Chicago). Writer of miscellaneous poems, 

Lincoln Park Gun, South Shore Country; Engi- articles, editor college texts, etc. Home: 5756 

neers' (New York), etc. Residence: Parkway Ho- Blackstone Av. 
tel. Office: 209 S. LaSalle St. A1VORD, John Watson, hydraulic and sanitary 

ALMES, Herman Earliart, M.D. ; b. Long-Run, engr.; b. Newton Center, Mass., Jan. 25, 1861; s. 
Armstrong Co., Pa., Dec. 28, 1867; s. Samuel A. and Rev. John Watson and Myrtilla Mead (Peck) Al- 
Mary (Hineman) Almes; ed. pub. schs. and at El- vord; descendant of Alexander Alvord, of Windsor, 
ders Ridge (Pa.) Acad.; M.D., Univ. of Wooster, Conn., 1640, and of Jeremiah Peck, first settler of 
Cleveland, O., July 24, 1889; M.D., Western Univ. New Haven; ed. Howard Univ. Prep. Sch., 1873-4; 
of Pa., Mar. 27, 1890; m. Cochran Mills, Pa., Dec. J. W. Hunt's Normal Sch., Washington, D.C., 1874- 
30, 1891, Cora Carnahan. Practiced medicine at 77; (hon. C.E., Univ. of Wis., 1913); m. Chicago, 
Murraysville, Pa., Apr.-Sept., 1890; at Cochran Sept. 4, 1889, Helen C. Cornell. Engaged in the 
Mills, Pa., 1890-6; in Chicago since 1896. Mem. construction of the Hyde Park Station of the Chi- 
A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Re- cago Water Works, 1880-4, also the enlargement of 
publican. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Colonial, the Lake View pumping stations, 1884-8: city engr. 
Chicago Press (life), Mystic Athletic. Home: 5152 of Lake View, now part of Chicago, 1884-8; de- 
Michigan Av. Office: 4255 Indiana Av. signed the sewer systems of Lake View and Cicero 

ALRUTZ, Loul Ferdinand, obstetrician; b. Chi- a " d from 1890-3 had an important position in 

cago Feb 9 1876- s I ouis ami Bertha (Kreft) Al- charge of an engring. dept. at World s Columbian 

rutz;' M.D'.. Univ. 'of' 111., 1904; m. Helen A. Truax, Exposition under the dir. of works; since 1893 in 

of Kenosha, Wis., May 8, 1907; children: Louis Practice as consulting, sanitary and hydraulic 

Waldemar, Donald Henry. Practiced at Chicago engr throughout the Central West, designing and 

since 1904. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chicago constructing sewer systems for over 75 municipali- 

med. socs. Methodist. Home: 653 N. Lotus Av. Of- f les ' water works for 125 cities water power plants 

fice- 3957 W 16th St ln some 20 localities, sewage disposal plants, dams, 

tunnels, reservoirs, and other miscellaneous work; 

AtSCHTrLER,^ Alfred S., architect; b. Chicago, cons. engr. 111. and kich. Canal, 1897-1901, Dubuque 

du> 1 ^s h t" I T r echj a i ^9 b ; ^die-Hrf &%&; ^^^^ S f&^^^^^, 

1 H?, 9 ., : m ' R , Se , Ha ^ S> f Ch '?f7^ D ;; eC -T 17> iJ? J : ^ Mich., and Des Moines (la.) Water Co., 1907, Mil- 
children: Marian, trances, Alfred ., Jr., Kichard waukee 1910 etc Mem Chicago commn investi- 
H. Began architectural work in office of Samuel A. gatins city expenditures' (1910); mem. Flood Com- 

?o r ftf^ Chicag J 189 ?i,n? em : fi T m T r ^V & A1 , s< u 1 . er> mission, Dayton, O., 1913, Columbus, 1913; mem. 

1 904-7; alone since 190,. Dir^ Jewish Manual Tram- Terminal Commn., Chicago, 1913; mem. Citizens' 

mg Sch Mem. 111. Soc Architects, 111. and Chicago Ter minal Plan Com., 1914. Pres. 111. Soc. Engrs., 

architectural assns., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Ma- 1904 . 6 Western S oc. Engrs., 1910, Am. Water Wks. 

son Club. Lake Shore Country Recreations: golf, A 1910 . A Soc CE A Pub Health 

tennis. Home: Winnetka, 111. Office: 28 E. Jackson Assn ' S oc. Municipal Improvements, N.E. Water 

Works Assn., Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, 

ALSCHULEK, Samuel, lawyer; b. Chicago, Nov. 111. Soc. S.A.R., Soc. Mayflower Descendants, Soc. 

20, 1859; s. Jacob and Caroline (Stiefel) Alschuler; Colonial Wars; fellow A.A.A.S. Presbyterian, 

family moved to Aurora, 111., 1861; ed. Aurora High Clubs: Union League, Engineers', City, South Shore 

Sch.; unmarried. Admitted to bar, 1881; practiced Country. Author of a number of engring. papers 

at Aurora, 1881-1901, Chicago, since 1901; mem. and published reports. Home: 5203 Hibbard Av. 

firm Kraus (Adolf), Alschuler & Holden, 1901-15. Office: 8 S. Dearborn St. 
Dem. candidate for Congress, 1892; mem. State AMBERG John Henry, stationer; b at Mineral 

1896-1900; Dem. candidate' for gov of 111., 1900; ( Hoeffler) S Ambe'rg;' ed. pub. sh"., Minera^Point ; 

judge U.S. Circuit Court, 7th Jud Circuit, by ap- m M Emily P i amO ndon, of Chicago, June 7, 

pmt. of Pres. \Vilson, since Aug. 16, 1915. Home: 18gl; children: Alfred A., Florence A. (Mrs. E. N. 

Aurora, 111. Hurley), Ethel M., Lucy E. Came to Chicago, 1868, 

ALSIP, Charles H., brick mfr.; b. Chicago, Jan. and began with Culver, Page & Hoyne, stationers, 

28, 1874; s. Frank and Mary. Jane (Smiley) Alsip; printers, etc.; became connected with Cameron, 

ed. grammar schs. and Metropolitan Business Poly- Amberg & Co., stationers, 1870, and in 1878 was ad- 

technic Inst., Chicago; m. Luly M. Maischaider, mitted to partnership in the firm; dir. Amberg File 

of Chicago, Nov. 10, 1909; 1 son, Frank W. With & Index Co., Loretto Iron Co. Club: South Shore 

the Alsip Brick Co., 1890-1900; then with 111. Brick Country. Recreation: shooting. Home: 3433 Michl- 

Co. 3 yrs. ; engaged in printing and loose leaf busi- gan Av. Office: 163 W. Randolph St. 
ness, 1903-5; organized 1905, the Calumet Brick AM BEBG, John Ward, manager Loretto Iron Co.; 


r Mining Inst. Clubs: 

_. Athletic, Glen View. 

Home: 1311 N. State St. Office: 1400 Fulton St. 

Builders Chicago Rod and Gun Recreations: fish- sinc 1901 Mem Lake Superior 

%& da -ncing billiards Home: 822 Montrose Boul. Chicago Literary, Chicago At 

Office: 1(62 Conway Bldg. Home: 1311 N. State St. Office: 

AX.TXB, Prank W., wholesale and mfg jeweler; AMBESG, Theodore Jacob, se 

b. Ft. Wayne Ind., Sept. 13, 1866; s Nicholas and Flle & Index Co . b Mine ral P, ., . , 

Catherine (\\idener) Alter; ed pub. schs of Ft. 185 g. s John A and Margaret (Hoeffler) Amberg; 

\Vayne; M.A., Notre Dame (Ind) Univ., 1888; m. ed Central High Sch., Chicago; m. Chicago, Sept. 

Mary Rogers of Chicago, Jan. 12, 1897; 2 daugh- 7 1881 Bertha A. Atkins; children: Arthur John, 

ters: Julia Isabe. Came to Chicago 1883; has Theodore William, Harold Vincent, Robert Atkins, 

been identified with the jewelry business since Paul Gregory, Edward Joseph, William Cameron. 

1889; prppr Alter & Co since 1913. Mem. Nat. Began as printer in office of Cameron, Amberg & 

Jewelers Bd of Trade, Chicago Assn. Commerce. C o., 1874; transferred to counting room, 1877; mem. 

K.C. Club: Chicago Athletic. Recreation: walking. of flrm since 1885> conducting letter file business. 

Home: 6156 Sheridan Rd. Office: 16o W. Madison and when that portion of the business was sepa- 
rated and incorporated, 1889, also became sec. and 

ALTON, William, Jr., lawyer. (See vol. 1911.) mgr. Amberg File & Index Co.; sec. Loretto Iron 

AI.TBOCCHX, Budolph, college prof.; b. Florence, Co. Single Taxer. Catholic. Home: 544 Melrose 

Italy, Oct. 31, 1882; s. G. and Pauline (Zamvos) st - Office: 1400 Fulton St. 

Altrocchi; A.B., Harvard, 1908, A.M., 1909, Ph.D., AMBERG, William A., mfr.; b. Albstadt, near 

1914; unmarried. Instr. in Romance langs., Colum- Hanau, Bavaria, July 6, 1847; s. John A. and Mar- 

bia, 1910-11, Univ. of Pa., 1911-12, Harvard, 1912- garet (Hoeffler) Amberg; removed with parents to 

15; asst. prof. Romance langs., Univ. of Chicago, Mineral Point, Wis., 1852; ed. common schs. and 


Sinsinawa Mound Coll.; m. Sept. 7, 1869, Sarah AMES, Jameg C., investment banker; b. Chicago, 

Agnes, d. late James Ward, Chicago; children (liv- Mar. 30, 180; s. Franklin and Emma (Cowen) 

ing): John Ward, Mary Agnes, Genevieve (Mrs. Ames; ed. Harvard Sch., Chicago, until 1897; grad. 

Joseph W. Cremin). Was elk. in dry goods store, Lawrenceville (N.J.) Sch., 1899; A.B., Princeton, 

Mineral Point. Wis., 1860-4; came to Chicago, Jan. 1903; m. Zoe Kendall, of Princeton, 111., July 28, 

2, 1865; bookkeeper Culver, Page & Hoyne, sta- 1906. Began active career in employ of N. W. Har- 

tioners, 1865-70; one of founders of Cameron, Am- ris & Co., Dec., 1903, continuing with that firm and 

berg & Co., stationers and printers, 1870, retired its successor, the Harris Trust & Savings Bank, 8 

1890; pres. Amberg File & Index Co., Loretto Iron yrs.; founder Ames, Emerich & Co., Mar., 1911, and 

Co. In 1868 invented system of flat letter flling now continues as sr. partner. Dir. and mem exec. com. 

in universal use, and numerous other devices in Chicago Morris Plan Bank. Mem. Chicago Assn. 

that line; established br. houses for this business Commerce. Dir. Presbyn. Home for the Aged. Re- 

al New York, 1872, and at London, 1875. Founded publican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, Univer- 

town of Amberg, Wis., 1887, by establishing gran- sity, Onwentsia, Casino. Home: 325 Belden Av. 

ite works, and later town of Athelstane, Wis. Jury Office: 105 S. LaSalle St. 

commr. for Cook Co., 1907-16. Club: Mid-Day Rec- AME s j^,, c ex . co iiector of the port of Chi- 

reations: golf, billiards. Home: 1301 N. State St., p np - fQp P vrt \ iqii i 

Chicago; (summer) Mackinac Island. Office: 1400 li-Jf _ 

Fulton St., Chicago. . AMES, Knowlton H.; engaged in investment 

Euffene coal; b Milwaukee, Wis., ^s^TrL.^B^th^isn^s Co K ' H^m^^hla^ni 

8 a LaSalle st - and 22 w - Monro 

Mittie C. Strong, of Chicago, Oct. 24, 1899; 2 daugh- .,,,, _ 
ters: Frances, Irene. Began as bookkeeper in Chi- , T AMI>I ? c V,, I!l ?? s * ?;? ^' h ?] esa1 ^ ^ is . t '., banke 1 f/ b ' 
cago office of Detroit Stove Works, 1893; in whole- May wood, 111., Oct. 10, 1868; s. Gottfried and Mar- 
sale coal business with Marmet Co. and Consoli- l are AI G H?_ t ^j2 J A J n L 1 ? s T L e ^-. ul V,, sch T S -L M , a , yw ^! 
dated Coal Co., 1896- 
account under firm r 
1903-5; mem. Richards, __, __ 

SST MS b on er (3l?K.T!, n s!ir\ner). R R% P c U r b ea?i a o n ns: B rnS: *SH&gM SSS F "' "~** 

Offic" 8 3T3 d S fi DeSbornSr : "" "" ^"^ ^ ^^^t^^^tO^P^^^^^SK. 

Florists. Republican. Lutheran. Club: Oak Park. 

AMBROSE, Charles, secretary Chicago Mine & Recreations: motoring, fishing. Home: 708 Forest 

Mill Supply Co. (See vol. 1911.) Av., Oak Park. Office: 173 N. Wabash Av., Chicago, 

AMEBSON, George C., surgeon; b. Chicago, Nov. and Oak Park, 111. 

8, 1877; s. William and Matilda (Schaubel) Amer- AMSBAB.Y Wallace Bruce lecturer- b Pekln 
son; grad Austin High Sch., Chicago; M.D., Hahne- In Feb 13 1867; s William Wallace and 'Harriet 
mann Med Coll., 1902; Coll Phys. and Surg. (Univ (H arlow) Amsbary; m. Bertha Louise Morgan, of 
of 111.), 1904; (hon M.A.. Valparaiso Univ., 1911); Pasade na, Cal., May 18, 1903. On stage, 1886-97; 
m. Isabel Coyle, of Chicago, Oct. 3, 1906; 1 son, SUD norte<: Marie Wainwrieht Thomas O Sea- 
William Palmer. Interne, Cook Co. Hosp., 1902-4; gSStoSfl Nat GoodwmT lyceum woS since 1907. 
attending surgeon. Cook Co. and Frances Willard club: Press Aut hor: The Ballades of Bourbon- 
hosps., 1905-13, Garfield Hosp. since 1902, West nais 1904 . Le ctures upon "Kipling," "Riley," "The 
Side Hosp. since 1913; prof^ surgery, Chicago Coll. Folk Lore of To ] stO i," "The Humor of Shakes- 
Medicine and Surgery Ilh Post-Grad. Sch. of Medi- pea re," "The French-Canadian in Song and Story," 
cine; maj. surgeon 111 NG- assigned to 1st Inf. -Robert Louis Stevenson," "William Sidney Por- 
Mem. A.M.A 111. State Med Soc., Chicago Med. ter" (O. Henry), etc. Home: 4809 Lake Park Av. 
Soc., Assn. Mil. Surgeons of U.S., Tri-State Med. 

Soc. Phi Chi. Republican. Methodist. Mason (Aus- AMSTEB, Morris, merchant; b. Hungary, Dec. 
tin Lodge, Washington Chapter, Oriental Consis- 31, 1869; s. Nathan and Rebecca (Feldman) Am- 
tory, Medinah Temple); mem. Royal League. Club: ster; came to U.S., 1882; ed. in Hungary, and pub. 
Hamilton. Author of A Resume on Foreign Bodies sens., Cleveland O; m Dora Menke of Chicago, 
in the Stomach, with a report of an interesting June 22, 1897; children: Virgil, Beatrice (both de- 
case, 111. Med. Jour., May, 1916. Contbr. case re- ceased). Engaged in wholesole gen. mdse. business 
ports to med. jours. Home: 138 S. Hamlin Av. since beginning of active career; came to Chicago 
Office- Marshall Field Annex from Cleveland, 1887; with H. Wolfe & Co., in 
^ r, h nn- vh credlt dept., 1887-93; connected with the N. Shure 

AMERSOW, William BU, MD.;b Chicago Feb. c prem ium goods, novelties and specialties, since 

16, 1869; s William and Matilda (Schaubel) Amer- 1893 ^ di Jewish re igion. 

son; attended Northwestern Univ. ;MD., Chicago Kol ^ e . 2516 N . Ke dzie Boul. Office: 237 W. Madi- 

Homoe. Med. Coll., 1890, Coll. of Medicine Univ. of son st 
111., 1901; m. Madge M. Hubbard, of Chicago, Apr. 

27, 1892. Local preacher M.E. Ch., 1886-90; prac- ANBERSEN, Arthur E., accountant; b. Piano, 
ticed at Chicago since 1890; 1st vice pres. homce. 111., May 30, 1885; s. of John William and Mary 
staff Cook Co. Hosp., 1896-1902; mem. staff Cook (Aabye) Andersen; degree of Certified Pub. Ac- 
Co. Hosp 8 yrs. High phys. for 111. of Independent countant, Univ. of 111., 1908; Bach. Bus. Adminis- 
Order of Foresters. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and tration, Northwestern Univ., 1917; m. Emma Ar- 
Chicago med. socs. Republican. Mason (Past Mas- nold, of Chicago, Aug. 8, 1906; children: Ethyl Ber- 
ter Siloam Lodge, 1898). Club: Alpine Gun. Home: nice, Arthur Arnold. Sr. accountant, Price, Water- 
709 N Central Av. Office: 3354 W. Madison St. house & Co., 1907-11; comptroller, Uihlein inter- 
Aires -Edward Scrlbnar rollptrp nrof clerev- ests - Milwaukee, 1911-12; sr. partner Andersen, De 
^^"h F?,fT't?h- P wi ? Am 21 1$0 s Lucfus Lany & Co " certified pub. accountants, since 1913; 
Bowies' a^d Adeline (Scribneri Ames- A B Drakl P rof - accounting. Northwestern Univ. Sch. of Corn- 
Bowles and Adeline (bcriDner) Ames, A.a L>raKe merce slnce 1912 . Mem . Am . Inst. Accountants. 111. 

2 ^ 1892" era .d ^"sJuIen A i M "DhflosoDh?"Yale Soc - Certified Pub. Accountants, Soc. of Industrial 

^2 4^ fellow' in Dhilos 5hv Univ of Chicago' En &rs., Alpha Kappa Psi. Clubs: Mid-Day, 111. 

M- 4 - J. 61 !?,'?. P* losppny, _yniv^_or cmcago, AthlBtln _ Author: Complete Accounting Course, 

811 Mon- 
is Trust 

Indianapolis' i897-190"0; asso". in philosophy, 1900-li ANDEBSEN, Arthur Olaf, teacher of musical 

instr., 1901-9, asst. prof., 1909 , Univ. of Chicago; theory and composition; b. Newport, R.I., Jan. 30, 

also pastor Hyde Park Ch. of Disciples of Christ, 1880; s. Anders and Helen (Monsen) Andersen; ed. 

Chicago, 1900 . Mem. Am. Psychol. Assn., A.A. pub. and high sens., and under pvt. tutors; studied 

A.S., Western Philos. Assn. Clubs: Quadrangle, music under masters in Boston, Paris, Berlin and 

City, University, Chicago Literary. Author: Psy- Rome; m. Mary Storrs, of Chicago, July 25, 1907; 

cholosy of Religious Experience, 1910; The Higher children: Andreas Storrs, Mary H., Helen L. Has 

Individualism, 1915. Home: 5722 Kimbark Av. been connected with the American Conservatory of 



Music since 1908. Mem. Am. Soc. Musicians. Club: 
Cliff Dwellers (sec.). Composer numerous pub- 
lished compositions and many in MS. which have 
had repeated hearings in Chicago by Chicago art- 
ists, choruses and orchestras. Recreations: tennis, 
golf. Home: 6113 Kimbark Av. Studio: American 
Conservatory of Music. 

ANDERSEN, William O., manufacturing jewel- 
er; b. Chicago, Dec. 26, 1866; s. Sebastian and Caro- 
line (Juergens) Andersen; ed. grammar and high 
schs., and business coll.; m. Stella Leicht, of Chi- 
cago, Feb. 28, 1899; 1 daughter, Vera Louise. Has 
been identified with manufacture of jewelry since 
1884; always with the same house, founded by 
father and Paul Juergens; pres. Juergens & An- 
dersen Co. since death of Mr. Juergens, 1911. Mem. 
Chicago Assn. Commerce, Chicago Jewelers' Assn. 
Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Germania, 
South Shore Country, Edgewater Golf. Recreation: 

olf. Home: 2400 Lake View Av. Office: 108 N. 
tate St. 

ANDERSON. Alexander Pierce, botanical and 
chemical research; b. Red Wing, Minn., Nov. 22, 
1862; s. John and Britta M. (Gustafson) Anderson 
(both natives of Sweden) ; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 
1894, M.S., 1895; Ph.D., Univ. of Munich, 1897; m. 
Lydia Johnson, Highlands N.C., Aug. 11, 1898; 
children: Leonard Alexander, Louise Alexandra 
and John Pierce. Botanist Clemson Coll., S.C., 
1896-9; asst. prof, botany, Univ. of Minn., 1899- 
1900; curator herbarium Columbia Univ., 1901. In- 
ventor new processes of treating cereal grains and 
starch materials. Contbr. to Am. and foreign biol. 
jours. Home: 5552 Everett Av. 

ANDERSON, Augrustine Hugo Wells, clergyman; 
b. Providence, R.I., July 19, 1874; s. Edward John 
and Elizabeth Anne (Butt) Anderson; prep. edn. 
Morey and Gofts Classical Sen., Providence; B.A., 
Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., 1901; grad. Gen. 
Theol. Sera., 1904; (D.D., Highland Coll., Kan., 
1917); m. Emma Webster Powell, of St. Louis, Mo., 
Apr. 29, 1916. Deacon and priest, 1904; rector of 
St. John's Ch., Great Bend, Kan., 1904-5; Canon of 
Christ Ch. Cathedral, St. Louis, 1905-7; archdeacon 
of Cairo, 1907-9; rector All Saints Ch., Ravens- 
wood, Chicago, since 1909. Mem. Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon. Mason. Republican. Club: University. Home: 
4550 N. Hermitage Av. 

ANDERSON, Charles Falmerston, bishop; b. in 
Kemptville, Can., Sept. 8, 1863; s. Henry and Maria 
R. Anderson; ed. Trinity Coll. Sch., Port Hope, 
Ont., and Trinity Univ., Toronto (D.D., same, 1900, 
Western Theol. Sem., Chicago, 1905); m. Janet 
Glass, of Belleville, Ont., Sept. 4, 1889. Deacon, 
1887, priest, 1888, P.E. Ch.; in charge Beachburg, 
Can., 1888-91, Grace Ch., Oak Park, 111., 1891-1900; 
consecrated bishop of Chicago, 1900. Club: Univer- 
sity. Author: The Christian Ministry, 1902; Let- 
ters to Laymen, 1913. Home: 1612 Prairie Av. 
Office: Heyworth Bldg. 

ANDERSON, Charles Titus Augnst, real estate; 
b. Sweden, Jan. 4, 1872; s. Carl Olaf and Mathilda 
Sophia (Svenson) Anderson; came to America In 
1875; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; Y.M.C.A. Coll. (even- 
ing sen.); Soper Sch. of Oratory; m. Clara A. Kaeh- 
ler, of Chicago, June 30, 1897; 4 children: Frederick 
August Kaehler, Dorothy Louise, Ruth Marie, 
Eleanor Clara. In real estate business since 1889, 
for self since Nov., 1898. Sec. and dir. Cook Co. 
Real Estate Bd. Republican. Trustee Holy Trinity 
English Lutheran Ch., Chicago Synod of Lutheran 
Chs.; treas. Home Mission Bd. Chicago Synod of 
Lutheran Chs.; pres. Luther League of America; 
chmn. finance Nat. Convs. Lutheran League of 
America, 1896-1908; pres. Lutheran League of 111., 
1906-7. Recreations: bowling, fishing. Home: 2116 
Sunnyside Av. Office: 35 S. Dearborn St. 

ANDERSON, David Howard, editor and publish- 
er; b. Tara, Can., Nov. 19, 1858; s. Rev. William 
(M.E.) and Jane (Megahy) Anderson; ed. pub. schs. 
and Elgin (111.) Acad.; unmarried. Began newspa- 
per career on reportorial staff of the Elgin Leader, 
1880, with which remained for 1% yrs.; then with 
the advertising dept. of the Milwaukee Sentinel 
until 1884; editor and propr. Bay View (Wis.) Her- 
ald, 1884-5; came to Chicago, 1885, but later In 
same year removed to Philadelphia and published 
the Implement Age, which conducted until 1891; 

returned to Chicago and studied irrigation proj- 
ects, subsequently acquiring The Irrigation Age, 
of which has since been editor; also publisher. 
Author: The Primer of Irrigation. Democrat. Ma- 
son (K.T., Shriner), Elk. Club: Press. Home: 632 
Linden Av., Elgin, 111. Office: 30 N. Dearborn St., 

ANDERSON, Frank Leonard, clergyman; b. Red 
Wing, Minn., Aug. 7, 1865; a. John and Britta Maria 
(Gustafson) Anderson; grad. Pillsbury Acad., 1892; 
A.B., Univ. of Minn., 1896; B.D., Divinity Sch., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1900; post-grad, work at same, 1 
year; m. Linda Williams, of Zumbrota, Minn., Dec. 
26, 1896; children: Paul Alexander and Hope Evan- 
geline. Began preaching at Kasson, Minn., 1891; 
ordained Baptist ministry. 1900; pastor Austin, 
Minn., 1900-5, Normal Park Ch., Chicago, 1905-9; 
supt. Baptist Exec. Council, Chicago, since Oct. 1, 
1909. Republican. Club: Hamilton. Recreations: 
literature, history, travel, nature. Home: 2337 W. 
108th PI. Office: 125 N. Wabash Av. 

ANDERSON, G(ustaf) Bernharcl, lawyer; b. In 
Sweden, Apr. 19, 1867; s. Svante and Johanna Ma- 
ria Anderson; came to America with parents, June, 
1868; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1891, A.M., 1892; Univ. 
of Upsala, Sweden, 1893; LL.B., Kent Coll. of Law, 
Chicago, 1896; m. Alma C. Anderson, of Boston, 
Mar. 16, 1893 (now deceased). In practice in Chi- 
cago since 1896; mem. Anderson & Anderson (self 
and two younger brothers). Originally intended to 
teach Scandinavian languages and literatures, but 
changed mind and studied law. Swedish vice con- 
sul at Chicago. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Swedish 
Hist. Soc., Art Inst. of Chicago. Republican. Prot- 
estant. Mason (Kenwood Lodge); mem. Nat. Un- 
ion. Clubs: University, Harvard, Swedish, A la 
Francais. Recreations: outdoor exercises. Home: 
322 Belden Av. Office: 609 Chicago Title & Trust 

ANDERSON, J. Prank, clergyman; removed to 
Mendota, 111. (See vol. 1911.) 

ANDERSON, John Allen, M.D.; b. Apple River, 
111., June 23, 1866; s. Montgomery Allen and Jennie 
(Hawks) Anderson; ed. pub. schs. of Apple River 
and Warren, 111.; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1898; m. 
Mary Bruner, of Chicago, June 4, 1891; 1 son, Bert 
Allen. Practiced in Chicago since 1898; attending 
phys. to South Shore and South Chicago hosps. ; 
lecturer in chemistry, Training Sch. for Nurses, 
South Chicago Hosp. ; lecturer in practice of medi- 
cine, Training Sch. for Nurses, South Shore Hosp. 
Mem. A.M. A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. 
Soc. Republican. Methodist. Mason (Blue Lodge, 
Chapter, Council, Commandery, Shrine), Odd Fel- 
low. Home: 7718 Marquette Av. Office: 2935 E. 
79th St. 

ANDERSON, Joseph lawrence, clergyman; b. at 
Tarkio, Mo., July 20, 1870; s. William R. and Jo- 
sephine (Reeves) Anderson; A.B., Baker Univ., 
Baldwin, Kan., 1898; M.A., Northwestern Univ., 
1915; S.T.B., Garrett Bibl. Inst., 1914; studied Drew 
Theol. Sem. 2 yrs., 1901-2; m. Annie Kirkpatrick 
of Quenemo, Kan., Oct. 5, 1898. Ordained M.E. min- 
istry, 1898; pastor Linwood and Jewett, 1898, Gard- 
ner, 1899-1901; missionary in New Mexico, 1903-4; 
pastor Florence, Kan., 1905-6, Burton, Kan., 1906- 
08, Conway Springs, Kan., 1908-10, Coll. Hill Ch., 
Wichita, Kan., 1910-13, Wicker Park Ch., Chicago, 
1913-15, Sheridan Rd. Ch., since Oct., 1916. Mem. 
Paul Revere Lodge, A.F. and A.M. Home: 956 
Montrose Boul. 

ANDERSON 1 , Louis M., publisher; b. Chicago, 
Aug. 14, 1882; s. John and Julia (Sampson) Ander- 
son; ed. pub. schs. and Bryant and Stratton Busi- 
ness Coll., Chicago; m. Selma Nelson, of Lanes- 
bor9, Minn., Feb., 1912. Identified with publishing 
business established by father in 1866, since be- 
ginning active career, succeeded to the business on 
death of father, 1910; pres. John Anderson Pub. 
Co., publishers of The Skandinaven (weekly, semi- 
weekly and Sunday) ; also printers and pubs, of 
books. Republican. Lutheran. Home: 2333 Cleve- 
land Av. Office: 511 N. Peoria St. 

ANDERSON, Norman Kendall, lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, Dec. 24, 1876; s. Rev. Galusha (pres. old Chi- 
cago Univ.) and Mary E. (Roberts) Anderson; stu- 
dent Univ. of Rochester, N.Y., 1894-5; A.B., Univ. 



of Chicago, 1899; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1901; m. 
Detroit, Sept. 3, 1902, Louise Holden; 3 sons: Hold- 
en G., Elbridge G., Owen G. Admitted to 111. bar 
Dec. 15, 1901, and since engaged in general prac- 
tice in Chicago. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Delta 
Phi. Republican. Club: University. Recreations: 
outdoor sports, gardening. Home: 565 Willow St., 
Winnetka, 111. Office: 1056 First Nat. Bank Bldg., 

ANDERSON, Feirce, architect; b. Oswego, N.Y., 
Feb. 20, 1870; s. Hugh and Hannah Louisa (Peirce) 
Anderson; A.B., Harvard, 1892; E.E., Johns Hop- 
kins, 1894; post-grad, work ficole des Beaux Arts, 
Paris, architecte diplome par le gouvernement, 
1900; unmarried. With D. H. Burnham & Co. and 
its successors, Graham, Burnham & Co., archi- 
tects, Chicago, 1900-17; mem. Graham, Anderson, 
Probst & White since Aug., 1917. Among important 
buildings designed by the firm are: Peoples Gas 
Bldg., Continental & Commercial Nat. Bank Bldg., 
new Union Station, Chicago; Union Station and 
new Post Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. ; new Equi- 
table Bldg. and Eighty Maiden Lane Bldg., New 
York. Apptd., July, 1912, by President Taft, mem. 
Commn. of Fine Arts, vice D. H. Burnham, de- 
ceased. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi. Clubs: Engineers', 
Chicago, University, Cliff Dwellers, Glen View 
Golf. Home: 4858 Blackstone Av. Office: 1417 Rail- 
way Exchange. 

ANDERSON, Sherwood, author; b. Camden, O., 
Sept. 13, 1876; s. Irwin and Emma (Smith) Ander- 
son; ed. pub. schs.; m. Tennessee Mitchell Ander- 
son, of Chicago, Aug. 1, 1916. Author: Windy Mc- 
Pherson's Son, 1916; Marching Men, 1917. Home: 
12 E. Division St. Office: Brooks Bldg., Chicago. 

ANDERSON, William Arthur, lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 7, 1880; s. David S. and Catherine (Kelly) 
Anderson; ed. grammar and high schs. of Chicago; 
LL.B., Chicago Kent Coll. of Law, 1907; m. Lolotte 
Gilbert, of Chicago, June 3, 1913. Admitted to 111. 
bar, 1907, and since practiced in Chicago. Mem. 
Lawyers' Assn. of 111., Phi Alpha Delta. Repub- 
lican. Catholic. Club: Irish Fellowship. Home: 
3623 Pine Grove Av. Office: 105 W. Monroe St. 

ANDERSON, William France, lawyer; b. Chica- 
go, Apr. 19, 1878; s. William David See and Soph- 

1899; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 1902; 
m. Mary Abbe Gardner, of Hinsdale, 111., Oct. 19, 
1907; 3 sons: William David See, Robert Gardner, 
William France, Jr. Admitted to 111. bar, 1902; en- 

flrm of Gardner, Stern & Anderson, 1905, and of 
Stern, Anderson & Davis, 1910-14, since alone. 
Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Quadrangle, City, Indian Hill, Hinsdale 
Golf. Recreation: golf. Home: 381 Maple St., 
Hinsdale, 111. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg., Chi- 

ANDERSON, William Harkne, broker. Re- 
moved to Los Angeles, Cal. (See vol. 1911.) 

ANDERSON, William Purdy, grain commn. ; b. 
Chicago, Sept. 16, 1862; s. George M. and Ellen 
(Porch) Anderson; ed. pub. schs.. Chicago; m. An- 
nie Allan Ironside, of Fergus, Ont., and Chicago, 
Nov. 30, 1905. Began with the Merchants Loan & 
Trust Co., Chicago, 1877-80; with Bannard, Lyman 
& Co., grocers, 1880-1; became' identified with grain 
business, 1884, and with David Dow & Co., 1884-5, 
Norton & Worthington (later Norton & Switzer), 
1885-1902; in business on own account as W. P. An- 
derson & Co. since 1902. Mem. Chicago Board of 
Trade. Republican. Unitarian. Clubs: City, Edge- 
water Golf, Edgewater Country. Recreation: golf. 
Home: 4501 Beacon St. Office: 327 S. LaSalle St. 

N.J. ; m. Maude Comstock, of Chicago, 111., July 18, 
1889; 3 children: Edward R., Matthew G., Eliza- 
beth. Began as clerk with D. H. Baker, grain deal- 
er, Chicago, 1877; admitted to partnership in firm, 
1881; mem. Baker & Andrew. 1884-9, Edward An- 
drew & Co., 1889-96; became connected, 1896, with 
Nash, Wright Co., of which was vice pres. and 
sec., 1906-10; dir. and sec. Nash-Wright Grain Co., 
1910-16, pres. since 1916; vice pres. Ellis Drier 
Co., 1906-11, and sec. and treas. of Its successor, 
the Ellis Drier & Elevator Co., since 1911; pres. 
Edward C. Plume Co., Chicago. Dir. Bd. of Trade, 
Chicago, 19*05-11, 2d vice pres., 1911, 1st vice pres., 

Austin Lodge No. 750, A.F. and A.M.; Cicero Chap- 
ter, No. 180, R.A.M.; Siloam Commandery, No. 54, 
K.T.; Oriental Consistory, Medinah Temple, A.A.O. 
N.M.S. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Glen Oak Country. 
Home: 320 N. Waller Av. Office: 717-720 Postal 
Telegraph Bldg. 

ANDREWS, Albert Henry, M.D. ; b. Oskaloosa, 
la., Dec. 21, 1861; s. Benjamin C. and Mary (Bruff) 
Andrews; M.D., Med. Dept., Univ. of la., 1889; m. 
Hattie Frazey, of Alton, Kan., 1886; children: Jay 
W., Loire, and Albert H., Jr. Began practice, 1889, 
at Marion, la., later at Springville, la., in general 
practice until 1895; since then in special practice 
in Chicago as oculist and aurlst. Prof, laryngology 
and otology, Chicago Coll. Medicine and Surgery 
and 111. Post-Grad. Med. Sch.; eye and ear surgeon, 
C..R.I.&P.R.R. Editor Journal of Ophthalmology 
and Oto-Laryngology; edited ear section of Prac- 
tical Medicine. Mem. Am. Acad. Ophthalmology 
and Oto-Laryngology, Chicago Laryngol. and Otol. 
Soc., A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc., 111. State Med. Soc. 
Clubs: Hamilton, Physicians'. Republican. Meth- 
odist. Recreations: golf, farming. Home: 4714 
Greenwood Av. Office: 32 N. State St. 

ANDREWS, Alfred B., contractor; b. Chicago, 
shortly after the great fire; s. Rev. Edwin N. and 
Mary E. (Berry) Andrews; descendant of John and 
Mary Andrews, emigrants to New Haven Colony, 
1638; ed. Ripon (Wis.) Prep. Sch. and Beloit (Wis.) 
Coll.; served as draughtsman, supt. and specifica- 
tion writer in architects' offices; m. Jane Van Et- 
ten, of St. Paul, June 9, 1901. Engaged in contract- 

. -n>iitort>i-al 

cago ArcnuecLurai 

AO Art Trt nf 
ASfan., ATI inSl. OI 

-r> Q nn^oiioi- A can rinv^a 
Rationalist Assn. duos, 




i^n T , .-. n .. rnt-v 
ion Jjeague, *Jity, 

r limn-,,. io,, v, r>h- 
, William H., lawyer, b. Chicago, 

Nov 1, 1874; s. Svante and Johanna M. (Magnu- 
son) Anderson; grad South Div. High Sch.; LL.B., 
Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law 1899; unmarried. Prac- 
ticed in Chicago since 1899; mem. Anderson. An- 
derson & Anderson. Republican. Lutheran Mem 
National Union. Home: 6736 Cornell Av. Office: 69 
W. W ashmgton St. 

ANDREW, Edward, grain dealer; b. Tarrytown, 
N.Y., July 9, 1858; s. Matthew F. and Sarah Amelia 
(Patterson) Andrew; ed. grammar and high schs., 
and Bryant and Stratton Business Coll., Newark, 

^ ^1^1 \tn j G- ~c*imr\c* 

N npbo?n St Phifa^o 
N ' Dearborn bt., Chicago. 

ANDREWS, Alfred Xinsdale, mfr. and merchant; 
Dec. 25, 1838-June 10, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

ANDREWS, Archie Moulton, investment banker; 
b. Chicago, Apr. 8, 1879; s. Chester O. and Alice 
(Kelly) Andrews; ed. in pub. schs. in Chicago; m. 
Elinor Underwood, Jan. 27, 1916. Began as mes- 
senger for the stock brokerage firm of Jamieson & 
Co -- and in 190 became manager of the unlisted 
stock de Pt- of A - D - Nast & Co - engaged, 1901, in 
business on own account, as a broker in stocks, 
bonds and securities; became sec. of Dudley A. 
Tyns Co - 1905; now chmn ' board - Andrews & Co., 
investment securities. Mem. Chicago Stock Ex- 
Change. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., 
Chicago Automobile, Chicago Yacht, South Shore 

r-nuntrv Olpn View/ Onlf "Rpr>rpotir>n- va/iVitino- 
^OUniry, Vjrien V lew VjOll. J\eCreailOn. yaCRLmg. 

tr^^y^Q. tr-vansinn in nffifp- 49*. THP Tpmnip Phi 
' ne ' *- v anston, in. (_ ce. 4J5 ihe lemple, Chi- 


ANDREWS, Benjamin Franklin, nose, throat, 
e ye and ear surgeon; b. Pleasant Plain, la., Feb. 26, 
186*: s. Benjamin Crew and Mary (Bruff) An- 
drews; prep. edn. Pleasant Plain Acad.; grad. Oska- 
loosa Business Coll., 1886; B.S., Penn Coll., Oska- 
i oosa> Ia ., 189 i M . A ., 1895; -studied State Univ. of 
i owa; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.), 
Chicago, 1894; post-grad, work Univ. of Vienna; m. 
M. Bertha Hadley, of Thorntown, Ind., Nov. 26, 
1896 ; 4 children: Sarah Mabel, Frances Esther, 
Helen Lela, Milton. Practiced in Oskaloosa, la,, 
1894-1900; in state of San Luis Potisi, Mexico, 
1900-7, holding positions as local surgeon, Mexican 
Nat. Ry., surgeon to the Cobriza Mines and the 
Compania Metalurgica National; removed to Chi- 
cago, 1908; prof, rhinology and oto-laryngology, 



Chicago Eye and Ear Coll., 1908-13, Chicago Poli- 
clinic, 1913-15, 111. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. since 1915. 
Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. 
Soc., Chicago Ophthal. Soc., Am. Acad. Ophthal- 
mology and Oto-Laryngology. Pres. Neighborhood 
Club of Central Sch., Evanston. Republican. Mem. 
Friends Ch. Mem. Modern Woodmen of America. 
Clubs: Hawkeye, Illini (Chicago), Twentieth Cen- 
tury (Evanston). Author of article, Some Reflex 
Manifestations of Intranasal Origin, suggesting 
nerve-paths through which they may travel and 
operations for their relief (Jour, of Ophthalmol- 
ogy and Oto-Laryngology, Nov., 1915.) Home: 727 
Reba PI., Evanston, 111. Office: 32 N. State St., 

ANDREWS, Carlos Samuel, lawyer; b. Annawan, 
Henry Co., 111., Feb. 16, 1871; s. Samuel L. and 
Frances (Talbot) Andrews; A.B., Doane Coll., 
Crete, Neb., 1890; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law 
Sch., 1895; m. Alice Belle Pollack, of Chicago, Oct. 
17, 1907; 1 daughter, Charlotte trances. Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1895; associated with law firm of Paden 
& Gridley until 1898; partnership with Eugene G. 
Fassett in law firm of Fassett & Andrews, 1898- 
1911; mem. firm of Culver, Andrews & King since 
1911. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Clubs: 
Hamilton, Skokie Country. Home: 1705 Livingston 
St., Evanston, 111. Office: 1406, 39 S. LaSalle St., 

ANDREWS, Clement Walker, librarian; b. Sa- 
lem, Mass., Jan. 13, 1858; s. Joseph and Judith 
(Walker) Andrews; A.B., Harvard, 1879, A.M., 1880; 
(LL.D., Northwestern Univ., 1911); unmarried. 
Instr. chemistry, 1883-95, librarian, 1889-95, Mass. 
Inst. Tech.; librarian John Crerar Library, Chicago, 
since 1895. Fellow Am. Library Inst.; mem. A.L.A., 
etc.; hon. mem. Cobden Club. Clubs: Onwentsia, 
University, Chicago Literary, Cliff Dwellers, Cax- 
ton; Harvard (Boston). Recreations: reading, golf. 
Home: 1446 Dearborn Av. Address: The John Cre- 
rar Library, Chicago. 

ANDREWS, E(rtward) Wyllys, surgeon; b. Chi- 
cago, Mar. 25, 1856; s. Dr. Edmund and Sarah E. 
(Taylor) Andrews; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1878, 
A.M., 1881; M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., 1881; studied 
Univ. of Vienna, 1884-5; m. Alice Scranton, of 
Bloomington, 111., 1890; children: Edmund, Eleanor. 
Practiced as surgeon in Chicago since 1881; prof, 
surgery, Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch. since 1883; 
surgeon to Mercy Hosp. since 1881, Michael Reese 
Hosp., 1891, Wesley Hosp., 1900; consulting sur- 
geon Provident Hosp., 1904. Capt. surgeon, I.N.G., 
1884; surgeon U.S. Bur. of Pensions, since 1889; 
appointed 1st It. Med. Reserve Corps, U.S.A., 1911. 
Fellow Am. Surg. Assn., Am. Acad. Medicine; mem. 
A.M. A., 111. State Med. Soc., Miss. Valley Med. 
Assn., Tri-State Med. Soc., Chicago Surg. Soc. (ex- 
pres.), Loyal Legion. Club: University. Author: 
Surgery of the Stomach; New Methods of Herni- 
otomy; Rectal and Anal Surgery; etc. Home: 2525 
Prairie Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av. 

ANDREWS, Prank Taylor, M.D. ; b. Chicago, Apr. 
10, 1858; s. Dr. Edmund and Sarah E. (Taylor) An- 
drews; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1881, A.M., 1885; 
M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., 1884; m. Chicago, 1893, 
Miss Clara M. Gallup; children: Frank T., Jr., 
Howard Gallup, Robert Harvey, Susannah Eliza- 
beth. In med. practice at Chicago since 1884; spe- 
cialist in gynecology; prof, gynecology. North- 
western Univ. Med. Coll.; gynecologist to Mercy 
and Wesley hosps. Apptd. 1st It. U.S.A. Med. Re- 
serve Corps, Feb., 1911. Mem. A.M. A., 111. State 
and Chicago med. socs., Am. Gynecol. Soc., Chicago 
Gynecol. Soc., Miss. Valley Med. Assn., Sigma Chi, 
Phi Rho Sigma. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Liter- 
ary, University. Home: 448 Barry Av. 

ANDREWS, George, army officer. (See Who's 
Who in America.) 

ANDREWS, Iiauncelot (Winchester), chemist; b. 
London, Can., June 13, 1856; s. Alfred A. and 
Louisa (Jones) Andrews; Ph.B., Yale, 1875; A.M., 
Ph.D., Gottingen, 1882; grad. course in philosophy, 
history, etc., at Harvard; m. Anna Ritter Lane, of 
Brooklyn, 1883. Taught in Springfield (Mass.) 
High Sch., 1876-7; practiced as analytical chemist, 
Springfield, 1878-82; prof, chemistry, la. State Coll. 
of Agr., 1884-5; prof, chemistry, State Univ. of la., 

1885-1904; research and consulting- chemist to Mal- 
linckrodt Chem. Works, St. Louis, 1904-10; pres. 
Andrews Chem. Works, Davenport, la,, since 1910; 
spl. investigator in canning, U.S. Dept. of Agr., 
1913-14; research chemist to Victor Chem. Works, 
Chicago, 1915. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc., Am. Inst. 
Chem. Engrs. ; hon. mem. Contemporary Club (Da- 
venport), Davenport Acad. Science. Clubs: Cosmos 
(Washington, D.C.), Quadrangle (Chicago), Chem- 
ists' (New York). Author: An Introduction to the 
Study of Qualitative Analysis, 1891; also many 
scientific papers. Home: 6547 Stewart Av. Ad- 
dress: Victor Chemical Works. 

ANDREWS, Martin, president Andrews Engring. 
Co.; b. Steubenville, O., Aug. 11, 1861; s. Martin 
and Caroline (Wolcott) Andrews; studied at Yale 
1884; m. Chicago, Aug. 29, 1885, Edith Erskine; 
children: Martin, Jr., Barbara Wolcott, Wolcott. 
Began with 111. Wire Nail Co., 1887-90; was vice 
pres. and treas. of King & Andrews Co., Chicago 
Heights, many years from 1890; now pres. An- 
drews Engring. Co. Republican. Home: 5700 Win- 
throp Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av. 

ANDRUS, Sherwood Dlckerson, insurance. Re- 
moved to Detroit, Mich. (See vol. 1911.) 

ANGEili, James Rowland, psychologist; b Bur- 
lington, Vt., May 8, 1869; s. Dr. James Burrill and 
Sarah Swope (Caswell) Angell; A.B., Univ. of 
Mich., 1890, A.M., 1891; A.M., Harvard, 1892- (Litt 
D., Univ. of Vt., 1915); Univs. of Berlin and Halle 
1893; traveled and studied at Vienna, Paris, Leip- 
zig, etc.; m. Marion Isabel Watrous, of Des Moines, 
la., Dec. 18, 1894. Instr. philosophy, Univ of 
Minn., 1893; asst. prof, psychology and dir. psy- 
chol. lab., 1894-1901, asso. prof., 1901-5, prof, and 
head of dept. since 1905, sr. dean since 1908, dean 
univ. faculties since Apr., 1911, Univ. of Chicago 
Ex-pres. Univ. of Chicago Settlement; mem. Am. 
Psychol. Assn. (mem. council, 1902-6, pres. 1906) 
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Clubs: Quadrangle (ex-pres.), University. Author: 
Psychology, 4th edit., 1908; Chapters from Modern 
Psychology, 1911. Exchange prof., The Sorbonne, 
Paris, 1914. Home: 1314 E. 58th St. 

ANGERSTEIN, Thomas Chester, lawyer: b. at 
Hillsboro, 111., Nov. 10, 1886; s. Christian W and 
Mary E. (Edwards) Angerstein; prep. edn. Hills- 
boro High Sch.; 111. Coll., Jacksonville, 111.; Univ. 
of HI. Coll. of Law; unmarried. Admitted to 111 
bar, 1910; atty. in offices of Scott, Bancroft & 
Stephens, 1910; asst. trial atty., Internat. Harves- 
ter Co., 1911-12; asso. commerce counsel same, 
1913-14; in pvt. gen. practice since Jan., 1915. 
Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn., Phi Delta Phi, Delta Sigma Rho, Order 
of the Coif. Republican. Presbyterian (Fourth 
Presbyn. Ch.). Clubs: City, Illini, 111. Athletic. 
Recreations: general athletics. Home: 145 E. On- 
tario St. Office: 1124 Nat. Life Bldg. (29 S. La- 
Salle St.) 

ANGIER, Walter Euefene, civil engr. ; b. Fitz- 
william, N.H., May 18, 1863; s. Philip Doddridge 
and Sarah Arabella (Reed) Angier; B.S., N.H. Coll. 
Agr. and Mechanic Arts, 1885; C.E., Thayer Sch. of 
Civil Engring. (Dartmouth), 1887; m. Mary Eliza- 
beth Powell, of Luling, Tex., 1889; 3 children: 
Philip Powell, Mary Estelle, Robert Mitchell. En- 
gaged in practice since 1887; has resided in Chi- 
cago since 1892; mem. Modjeski & Angier since 
1910. Mem. of Am. Soc. C.E., Western Society of 
Engrs., Engineers' Club (Chicago). Baptist. Home: 
4538 Oakenwald Av. Office: 220 S. Michigan Av. 

ANSON, Adrian C.; b. Marshalltown, la., Apr. 
17, 1852; s. Henry and Jeannette (Rice) Anson; ed. 
State Univ. of la., 1867-9; Univ. of Notre Dame, 
Ind., 1869; Pearsons Business Coll., Philadelphia, 
1876; m. Philadelphia, 1876, Virginia M. Fiegel; 
children: Grace R., Adele, Dorothy, Virginia. Be- 
came identified with baseball, professionally, about 
1871, being 1 year in the Rockford (111.) Club and 
4 years in Philadelphia before coming to Chicago, 
1876; for 22 years capt. and mgr. of the Chicago 
Nat. League Baseball Club; made a trip to Europe 
in baseball interests, 1874, and while with the Chi- 
cago Club made a trip around the world in 1888. 
Was later pres. and treas. A. C. Anson Co., bowling 
alleys and billiard hall. Democrat. Elected city 



clerk of Chicago, Apr., 1905. Home: 6347 Ken- 
wood Av. 

ANTHONY, George Fort Donelson, lawyer; b. 
Chicago, Feb. 18, 1862; s. Judge Elliott and Mary 
(Dwight) Anthony; A.B., Amherst, 1885, A.M., 
1888; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sen., 1887; 
m. Emma E. Niblock, 1895; m. 2d, La Vine Thomas, 
Feb. 20, 1904; 1 son, Charles B. Engaged in prac- 
tice in firm of C. E. & G. D. Anthony until June, 
1907; since dean Am. Correspondence Sch. of Law. 
Mem. 111. State Bar Assn. State senator, 21st Dist., 
1895-9. Mason (32), K.P., Odd Fellow, Elk. Rec- 
reation: baseball. Home: 2920 Burlington St. Of- 
fice: 1007, 431 S. Dearborn St. 

ANTISDALE, Edwin Sawyer, M.D.; b. Manches- 
ter N.Y., May 17, 1861; s. Luther B. and Lucy M. 
(Southworth) Antisdale; B.S., Mich. Agrl. Coll., 
1885; M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1890; m. June 21, 1888, 
Helen L. Gardner, Centreville, Mich., who died 
June 19, 1891, leaving daughter, Helen Gertrude. 
Practiced in Berrien Co., Mich., 1890-3; specialist 
In eye ear, nose and throat diseases at Benton 
Harbor, Mich., 1893-7; removed to Chicago, 1897; 
prof of ear, nose and throat, Chicago Hosp. Coll. 
of Medicine; asst. surgeon 111. Charitable Bye and 
Ear Infirmary for 10 years; mem. of faculty Chi- 
cago Post-Grad. Sch. of Homoeopathy. Has in- 
vented 15 surgical and other appliances and dis- 
covered the cause and remedy for "flat arch" of 
lame people; invented instrument, the use of which 
cures every eye infected by gonorrhoea (estimated 
that this disease causes 85 per cent of all blind- 
ness in U.S.). Mem. Am. Assn. Progressive Medi- 
cine, Regular Homos. Med. Soc., Faculty of Teach- 
ers of Am. Assn. of Orificial Surgeons, Chicago 
Soc. Med. Research (sec.). After years of investi- 
gation of homoeopathy was converted from alo- 
pathy to homoeopathy. Recreations: working with 
mechanical tools and Delsarte movements. Contbr. 
to med. jours. Home: 5403 Woodlawn Av. Office: 
1701, 25 E. Washington St. 

ANTRAM. Harry Alfred, box and label mfr. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

AP MADOC, William Tudor, lawyer; b. at Utica, 
N.Y., Sept. 20, 1873; s. William and Elize (Maurice) 
ApMadoc; ed. Utica Acad. ; spl. course Armour 
Inst. Tech., Chicago, during its first year; later at- 
tended Univ. of Mich., studying in both lit. and law 
depts., LL.B., 1896; m. Sept. 26, 1908, Nelle, d. of 
George A. Gill. Admitted to 111. bar, 1896; former- 
ly mem. law firm Peckham, Packard, ApMadoc & 
Walsh; now practicing alone. Mem. Lower House 
45th, 46th and 47th 111. Gen. Assemblies; chmn. 111. 
Ins. Commn. to consider fire rates and revision of 
laws. Pres. Welsh Republican Club of 111., 1900; 
has campaigned in all campaigns since 1896. Pres- 
byterian. Mason. Sec. Graduate Council Central 
Debating League. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chi- 
cago bar assns., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Clubs: 
University, South Shore Country, Law. Home: 
2518 F. 72d St. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

AFFEL, Arthur Aaron, clothing mfr.; b. Chicago, 
Feb. 3, 1883; s. Himes and Fannie (Simonds) Appel; 
ed grammar and high schs., Chicago; unmarried. 
Has been identified since 1898 with business estab- 
lished by father (now retired) as mfr. men's and 
young men's clothing; mem. Himes Appel since 
1906. and in charge of business with brother-in- 
law, L. Markovitz. Jewish religion. Mason. Home: 
5313 Calumet Av. Office: 125 S. Market St. 

APPEI,, Emma Scribner MacKay, M.D.; b. Chi- 
cago; d. Dallas Dwight and Jennie (Harris) Mac- 
Kay; ed. Chicago Normal Sch.; Morgan Park Acad.; 
Northwestern Univ. Woman's Med. Sch., 1901; m. 
Col. Daniel Mitchell Appel, of Med. Corps, U.S.A., 
1909' 1 son, Robert Godfrey. Began practice in 
Berkeley, Cal., 1902; settled in Chicago, 1914. 
Mem. A.M. A., Woman's Med. Club, Federation 
Women's Clubs, Alpha Epsilon Iota, Home: 6842 
Normal Av. 

APPEI, . Henry, mason contractor; b. Hueblingen, 
Germany, Aug. 2, 1842; s. Friederich and Johanette 
(Schmidt) Appel; ed. pub. schs.; served appren- 
ticeship and worked at stone and brick laying and 
plastering. 1856-66; came to U.S., 1866; m. June, 
1874. Christina Sporeleim; children: Henry Louis 
Wolfgang, Louise Wilhelmine, Ida Caroline, Fred- 

erick Alexander, Adolph Wilhelm. Worked at 
bricklaying at Sandwich, 111., until coming to Chi- 
cago in 1871; was foreman one year for Glading & 
Howard; entered contracting business for self, 
1872, as head of firm of Henry Appel & Son, ma- 
sons and gen. contractors, incorporated as Henry 
Appel & Son Co., and of which was pres. until 1915 
(retired). Mason (32, Shriner). Home: 931 Buena 
Park Terrace. Office: 179 W. Washington St. 

APPEL, Himes, clothing mfr.; b. Cracow, Aus- 
tria, Feb. 14, 1851; s. Jacob Appel; ed. in old coun- 
try and by home study; came to America, 1866; m. 
at Baltimore, Md., Fannie Simonds, of England, 
1884 (died 1900); 6 children: Lillian, Bertha, Net- 
tie, Hattie, Rena, Arthur A. Came to Chicago in 
1876; entered manufacture of men's and young 
men's clothing, 1886. as Himes Appel, and has so 
continued; now nominally retired and lives at Los 
Angeles, Cal. Jewish religion. Homes: Los An- 
geles, Cal., and Chicago. Office: 125 S. Market St., 

APPEL, Jacob M., banker; b. Highland, 111., May 
22, 1864; s. Frank and Maria (Hohmeyer) Appel; 
ed. pub. schs.; degree of Certified Pub. Accountant, 
Univ. of 111., 1905; m. Ida Idler, of Greenville, 111., 
Oct. 20, 1887; 2 children: Vallee O. (lawyer, Chi- 
cago), Mildred. Identified with office of state au- 
ditor of 111., Springfield, in charge of banking and 
building and Ipan depts., 1896-1910; now pres. 
Guaranty Securities Co.; also pres. Certified Audit 
Co.; vice pres. Inter Ocean Casualty Co., Highland 
Park State Bank, First Nat. Bank of Wilmette. 
Mem. of Christian Ch. Republican. Mason. Club: 
Hamilton. Recreations: motoring, horseback rid- 
ing, church and charity work. Home: 5141 Harper 
Av. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St. 

APPEI, Vallee Orville, lawyer; b. Pocahontas, 
111., Aug. 6, 1889; s. J. M. and Ida (Idler) Appel; 
Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1911; J.D., Harvard, 1914. 
Admitted to 111. bar, 1914, and since practiced in 
Chicago; sec. Guaranty Securities Co., Certified 
Audit Co. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon. Mason. Republican. Mem. Disciples of 
Christ. Clubs: Hamilton, South Shore Country. 
Home: 5141 Harper Av. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St. 

,, Carl John, lawyer; b. Galva, 111., Nov. 
11, 1876; s. Charles Lawrence and Johanna S. (An- 
derson) Appell; A.B. and B.S., Augustana Coll., 
Rock Island, 111., 1894; post-grad, work Univ. of 
Chicago, 3 yrs., 1895-6, 1897-8, 1899-1900, complet- 
ing work for Ph.D.; student Chicago Law Sch., 1 
yr.; Kent Coll. of Law, 1 yr.; LL.B., Chicago Coll. 
of Law, 1900; m. at Peoria, 111., Mary E., d. of 
Maj. James Powell, U.S.A., Mar. 4, 1915. Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1900; began practice at Peoria, 111., in 
1900 and was mem. firm of Appell & Rousseau 
(Judge A.V.D.) until coming to Chicago in Sept., 
1903; practiced alone until Jan., 1907; mem. firm 
of Hoyne, O'Connor, Hoyne & Irwin, 1907-July 1, 
1915; since associated with Schuyler & Weinfeld. 
Served as corpl. Troop G (Peoria) and Troop A 
(Chicago), 1st 111. Cav. Republican. Lutheran. 
Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Social Science. Recreations: hunt- 
ing and outdoor exercises. Home: 5543 Glenwood 
Av. Office: 1217 New York Life Bldg. 

APPLETON, Albert I., mfr. elec. specialties; b. 
in Sweden, Mar. 20, 1872; s. Carl John and Paulina 
(Christiansen) Appleton; ed. in old country; m. 
Lillian C. Wihk, of Chicago. Aug. 31, 1910; chil- 
dren: John Albert, Arthur Ivar, Came to America, 
1885; engaged in manufacture of elec. specialties 
since 1903; pres. and treas. Appleton Electric Co.; 
dir. Inland Electric Co. Republican. Mason (Com- 
mandery, Consistory, Shrine). Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Chicago Motor, Electric-Jovian League, Sons 
of Jove, Evanston Country, Glen Oak Country. 
Recreations: motoring, golf, fishing. Home: 5500 
Lakewood Av. Office: 218-230 N. Jefferson St. 

ARLIN&TON, Dred Caraway, district mgr. Phila. 
Storage Battery Co.; b. Marianna, Fla,, Dec. 18, 
1867; s. David and Eliza Susan (Stock) Arlington; 
ed. grammar and high schs., Pittsburgh, Pa.; m. 
Eliza Jane Ferguson, of Pittsburgh, Nov. 16, 1893; 
3 children: Gladys Louise, Robert Ferguson, Mary 
Elizabeth. Began in employ of R. G. Dun & Co., 
Pittsburgh, 1883; then with Oliver Bros., steel, 



1885-7; with Westinghouse Electric Co. and West- 
inghouse Machine Co., continuing 21 years with 
Westinghouse interests, in charge of order, record 
and shipping depts. ; was connected with Edison 
Storage Battery Co., 1909-10; branch mgr. at Chi- 
cago for Phila, Storage Battery Co. since Jan. 21, 
1912. Republican. Christian Scientist. Mason. 
Recreation: automobiling. Home: 1334 E. 53d St. 
Office: 1621 S. Michigan Boul. 

ABMBBTJST, Charles William, mfr. of ry. sup- 
plies. (See vol. 1911.) 

ABMBBUSTEB, Ferdinand Philip, investment 
banker; b. Baltimore, Md., Jan. 18, 1862; s. Charles 
William and Catherine Elizabeth Armbruster; ed. 
pub. schs., Chicago; m. Norma R. Schlichting, of 
Chicago, Aug. 3, 1892. With John S. Stott in the 
stationery business, 1876-82; entered, In a humble 
capacity, 1882, the old pioneer house of Burley & 
Tyrrell (established 1838) the leading house in 
the west in the wholesale trade in crockery, china, 
and glassware; advanced step by step until became 
sec. and treas. of the company; Burley & Tyrrell 
consolidated with Burley & Co., Jan. 1, 1907, under 
firm name of Burley & Tyrrell Co., of which was 
1st vice pres. until May 1, 1915; treas. Chicago 
Land Credit & Trust Co. since May 1, 1915. Mason 
(32, Shriner). Clubs: Union League, Oak Park 
Country, Colonial. Recreations: golf, motoring, 
and fishing. Home: 231 Wesley Av., Oak Park, 111. 
Office: 134 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

ARMOUR, A. Watson, packer; b. Kansas City, 
Mo., Apr. 4, 1882; s. of Kirkland B. and Annie P. 
(Hearne) Armour; ed. Andover, Mass.; m. Elsa, d. 
Augustus A. Parker, of Chicago, Nov. 20, 1907. 
Identified with the packing business since 1903; 
vice pres. and dir. Armour & Co. since 1915; dir. 
Anglo-American Provision Co., Hammond Packing 
Co., Armour Car Lines, Stock Yards Warehouse 
Co. Clubs: Chicago, Mid-Day, Saddle and Cycle, 
Old Elm, Onwentsia. Home: 1200 Lake Shore Drive. 
Office: Armour & Co., Union Stock Yards. 

ABMOUB, J(onathan) Og-den, capitalist, packer; 
b. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 11, 1863; s. late Philip 
Danforth and Malvina Belle Armour; entered Yale, 
but did not complete course, yielding to request of 
father that he should return to Chicago and relieve 
him of some of his business cares; m. at New York, 
Lolita Sheldon; 1 daughter, Lolita. Now pres. 
corpn. of Armour & Co., packers; dir. C.,M.&St.P. 
Ry. Co., I.C. Ry. Co., Nat. City Bank (New York), 
Stock Yards Nat. Bank (South Omaha), Conti- 
nental & Commercial Nat. Bank, Continental & 
Commercial Trust & Savings Bank, Hibernian 
Banking Assn., Stock Yards Savings Bank, Live 
Stock Exchange Nat. Bank, Northwestern Nat. Ins. 
Co., Armour Grain Co., Armour Car Lines, North- 
western Nat. Ins. Co., etc. Trustee, Armour Inst. 
Tech. Republican. Clubs: Metropolitan, Sleepy 
Hollow Country (New York), Chicago, Chicago 
Athletic, Saddle and Cycle, Onwentsia, Old Elm, 
Glen View Golf (Chicago). Author: The Packers 
and the People, 1906. Treas. State Council of De- 
fense, 1917. Homes: Lake Forest, 111., and 3724 
Michigan Av. Office: 208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

ABMOUB. Laurance Hearne, vice pres. Armour 
& Co.; b. Kansas City, Mo., Mar. 8, 1888; s. Kirk- 
land B. and Annie P. (Hearne) Armour; m. Lacy 
Withers, of Kansas City, Jan. 11, 1911. Identified 
with packing business since beginning of active 
career, 1909; settled in Chicago, 1910; vice pres. 
Armour & Co. since 1916. Clubs: Chicago, Saddle 
and Sirloin Saddle and Cycle, Mid-Day, Onwent- 
sia; New York Yacht, Eastern Yacht. Home: 920 
Lincoln Parkway. Office: Armour & Co., U.S. Yards. 

ABMOUB, M. Cochrane, resident partner of 
Rogers, Brown & Co., pig iron merchants; b. Au- 
burn, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1851; s. John and Lillias Ar- 
mour; ed. pub. schs.; m. Hyde Park, Chicago, June, 
1888, Minnie T. Huggins; 4 children. Began busi- 
ness career at Marshall, Mich., as clerk for the 
Hon. George Ingersoll, grain and merchant mill- 
ing; later at same place in grain and grocery busi- 
ness with his father under the firm name of J. & 
M. C. Armour; came to Chicago in 1876, and was 
for some years a dept. mgr. for Adams & West- 
lake Co.; went to Cincinnati, where was vice pres. 
and general mgr. of the Radford Pipe & Foundry 

Co., also partner in the firm of Rogers, Brown & 
Co.; returned to Chicago, 1895, still as partner in 
the firm of Rogers, Brown & Co. Also dir. Chicago 
Short Line Ry. ; pres. Iroquois Iron Co.; vice pres. 
Rogers Iron Mining Co.; dir. Rogers- Brown Ore 
Co., Lake Superior Iron & Chemical Co. Clubs: 
Union League, Country of Evanston, Glen View 
Golf. Home: 1608 Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 
332 S. Michigan Av., Chicago. 

ARMOUR, Philip Danforth, 3d, packer; b. 1894; 
s. late Philip Danforth, Jr., and May (Lester) Ar- 
mour; g.s. Philip Danforth Armour, founder Ar- 
mour & Co.; A.B., Yale Univ., 1914; m. Gwendolin, 
d. Thomas G. Condon, New York, Jan. 8, 1915. En- 
tered the house of Armour & Co., packers, Sept. 30, 
1914, as clerk to learn the business; elected dir. 
Armour & Co., Dec., 1915. Home: 1200 Lake Shore 
Drive. Office: Union Stock Yards. 

ABMS, Harrison, president Arms Palace Horse 
Car Co.; Aug. 3, 1839-July 6, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

aiMTg Herbert Clarke, vice president Central 
Scientific Co.; b. Dubuque, la,, Mar. 3, 1871; s. of 
Charles Henry and Aurora Bartlett (Clarke) Arms; 
grad. Hyde Park High Sch.. 1891; B.S., Univ. of 
111., 1895; m. Elizabeth Watson Gregg, Charleston, 
S.C., June 20, 1900. Has been vice pres. Central 
Scientific Co. since 1904. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Mem. Sigma Chi. Clubs: University, Illini, Skokie 
Country, Ouilmette Country. Home: 33 Crescent 
PI., Wilmette, 111. Office: 460 E. Ohio St., Chicago. 

ABMSBY, James Kendall, Jr., merchant. Re- 
moved to San Francisco. (See vol. 1911.) 

ARMSTRONG, Edward Kent, M.D.; b. Chicago, 
July 1, 1880; s. Harold Blakely and Minnie (Kent) 
Armstrong; M.D., Univ. of 111., 1905, Northwestern 
Univ., 1910; m. Caroline H. Focer, of Cape May, 
X.J., Aug. 11, 1914. Practiced at Chicago since 
1913; attending phys. dept. of pediatrics Cook Co. 
Hosp. ; instr. in pediatrics, Coll. of Medicine Univ. 
of 111.; mem. faculty, Grad. Sch. of Medicine, Chi- 
cago. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chicago med. 
socs., Chicago Pediatric Soc. Republican. Address: 
5501 Prairie Av. 

ARMSTRONG, Frank Campion, clergyman; b. at 
Patricroft, Eng.; s. Capt. Joseph (British Royal 
Navy) and Emma Armstrong; A.B., St. Oswald's 
Coll., Ellesmere, 1895; Dorchester Coll., Oxford 
Univ., 1900; m. Katherine Mary Birmingham, of 
Ravenswood, 111., Sept. 23, 1913. Came to America, 
1903; deacon, 1903, priest, 1904, P.E. Ch.; rector 
St. George's Ch. and St. John's Ch., Wakefield, 
Kan., successively, Ch. of the Epiphany, Sedan, 
Kan., St. John's Ch., Parsons, Kan.; now asst. rec- 
tor St. Paul's Ch., Hyde Park, Chicago. Chaplain 
1st 111. Field Arty.; was with regt. on 'Tex. border, 
1916. Naturalized Am. citizen. Democrat. Home: 
4141 Berkeley Av. 

ARMSTRONG, Frank Edgar, newspaper man; b. 
Springfield, 111., Apr. 6, 1871; s. James and Mary 
(Murphy) Armstrong; ed. St. Joseph's Coll., Teu- 
topolis, 111.; m. Annie A. Day, of Springfield, Nov. 
4, 1901; children: Francis Day, William Howard, 
Anne Gertrude. Learned printer's trade; took up 
newspaper reportorial work, 1893; with 111. State 
Journal, at Springfield, and published a weekly 
newspaper in Springfield, in 1896; removed to Chi- 
cago, 1897; was with the Times-Herald, Inter 
Ocean and Chronicle; with Chicago Daily News 
since 1904, now political writer for same. Home: 
3441 W. Monroe St. Office: Daily News, 15 Fifth 
Av., N. 

ARMSTRONG, Frank H., pres. Reid, Murdoch & 
Co., wholesale grocers; b. Wayne Co., O., July 27, 
1853; s. William B. and Phebe (Hough) Arm- 
strong; ed. pub. schs. and at Cornell Coll., Mt. Ver- 
non, la, (hon. A.M.); m. Blanche Swingley, of Chi- 
cago; 2 sons: Horace W. and John. Came to Chi- 
cago from Mt. Vernon, Dec., 1873, and soon after 
entered employ of Reid, Murdoch & Fischer, in 
sales dept., and in 1881 was given profit interest; 
became sec. when its successor, Reid, Murdoch & 
Co. (wholesale grocers), was incorporated, 1891, 
and upon the death of Mr. Murdoch, 1909, was 
made vice pres.; has been pres. of the company 
since Jan. 1, 1914; dir. Merchants Loan & Trust 
Co., City Nat. Bank of Evanston. Dir. Presbyterian 
Hosp. of Chicago; mem. exec. com. Evanston Hosp. 



Assn.; trustee Cornell Coll.; governing mem. Art 
Inst of Chicago; mem. sr. council Chicago Assn. 
Commerce. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, Com- 
mercial, University of Evanston, Evanston Coun- 
try, Glen View. Recreation: golf. Home: 1030 
Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Office: Reid, Murdoch & 
Co., Clark St. Bridge, Chicago. 

ARMSTRONG, George Buchanan, journalist; 
1847-Aug. 13, 1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

ARMSTRONG-, Horace White, wholesale erocer; 
b. Chicago, June 3, 1882; s. Frank H. and Blanche 
(Swingley) Armstrong; prep. edn. Chicago Latin 
Sch ; A.B., Yale, 1905; m. Jean Cochrane, of Wells 
River, Vt., June 30, 1908; 3 children: Frank H., 2d, 
Jean, Mary Elizabeth. Began work in warehouse 
of Reid Murdoch & Co.; then became connected 
with sales dept. and salesman on road 3 yrs. ; dept. 
mgr. and buyer for several depts. ; sec. and dir. 
Reid Murdoch & Co. since 1913. Mem. Chicago 
Assn. of Commerce. Presbyterian. Clubs: Indus- 
trial University, Evanston Country, Westmoreland 
Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 1101 Ridge Av., 
Evanston, 111. Office: Clark St. Bridge, Chicago. 

ARMSTRONG, James Elder, teacher; b. Brook- 
fleld, 111., Nov. 30, 1855; s. George W. and Nancy 
(Green) Armstrong; B.S., Univ. of 111., 1880 (lion. 
A.M., 1905); m. Clara A. Clark, of Marseilles, 111., 
1883; 4 children: George Wild (deceased), Grace 
C., Charles H. and Juliette Adams. Instr. Univ. of 
111, 1881-2; prin. pub. sch., Arlington Heights, 111., 
1882-4; instr. natural sciences, 1884-9, prin., 1889- 
91, Lake High Sch., Chicago; prin. Englewood High 
Sch Chicago, since 1891. Mem. bd. of trustees 
Univ. of 111., 1893-9 (pres. bd., 1897-8). Pres. Chi- 
cago High Sch. Teachers' Council, 1901-2; treas. 
N. Central Assn. of Colls, and Secondary Schs. 
since 1903. Author: Laboratory Guide in Chemis- 
try (with J. H. Norton), 1891; also articles in edu- 
cational journals. Home: 10638 Prospect Av. 

ARMSTRONG, Julius, supt. Chicago City Mis- 
sionary Soc.; b. LaSalle Co., 111., Aug. 18, 1840; s. 
George W. and Nancy (Green) Armstrong; ed. pub. 
sch , Morris, 111., 1857-60, taking a classical course; 
B.D., Chicago Theol. Sem., 1874; (D.D., Wheaton 
Coll., 1898); m. Grundy Co., 111., Aug. 10, 1865, 
Hattie V. Goodrich; children: Rev. A. H., Mrs. 
Anna Green (deceased) and J. R. Enlisted in 91st 
111. Inf., Aug., 1862, and served 3 yrs., beginning as 
4th sergeant; promoted to 1st sergeant, 1863, and 
to 2d lieut., 1864. Congregational clergyman in 
regular pastorates, 1874-82; since its organization, 
Dec. 12, 1882, supt. of the Chicago City Missionary 
Soc. of the Congregational Church. Dir. Chicago 
Theol. Sem., 1888-1902. Republican. Home: Oak 
Park, 111. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

ARMSTRONG, William C., civil engineer. Re- 
moved to St. Paul, Minn. (See Who's Who in 
America, 1914-15.) 

ARMSTRONG, William Norville, fish importer; 
b. Rochester, Mich., Feb. 27, 1879; s. John and Phe- 
dora (Wait) Armstrong; student Detroit Univ., 
1896-8; m. Carrie E. Douglas, of Chicago, Sept. 9, 
1909. Came to Chicago from Detroit, 1898; entered 
employ of Ben T. Hosking & Brother, importers 
and wholesale dealers in fish products, as book- 
keeper, 1900, becoming sec., 1908, and pres. Dec., 
1913. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Republican. 
Methodist. Mason (Blue Lodge and Chapter). 
Clubs: City, Chicago Motor, Berwyn, Riverside 
Golf. Recreations: golf, motoring. Home: 3100 
Maple Av., Berwyn, 111. Office: 346-348 N. LaSalle 
St., Chicago. 

ARND, Charles, lawyer; b. Bernard's Bay, N.Y., 
Jan. 26, 1855; s. Frederick Arnd; A.B., Amherst 
Coll., 1875; post-grad, work in univs. of Berlin and 
Heidelberg, Germany; studied law in office at Bath, 
N.Y. Admitted to 111. bar, 1878; began practice in 
Chicago; justice of the peace, 1880-6; licensed to 
practice in all 111. state and federal courts, also in 
U.S. Supreme Court; has devoted entire attention 
to practice since 1886; was mem. Sears & Arnd, 
later Arnd, Evans & Arnd, Arnd & Arnd, now 
Charles Arnd. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn. Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., Evans- 
ton Country, Glen View. Home: Evanston, 111. Of- 
fice: Suite 1601, Chicago Title & Trust Bldg., 

ARND, Frederick, lawyer; b. Bath, N.Y., Dec. 7, 
1861; s. Frederick and Caroline (Kreutzer) Arnd; 
prep. edn. Haverling Free Acad. ; A.B., Amherst 
(Mass.) Coll., 1882; student Chicago Coll. of Law, 
1884; m. Anna M. Morgan, of Kansas City, Mo., 
Dec. 30, 1886; m. 2d, Blanche B. Bremond, June 1, 
1892. Admitted to 111. bar, 1884; mem. law firm of 
Arnd & Arnd; mem. Civil Service Commn. of Ev- 
anston 6 yrs.; alderman, Evanston, 6 yrs. Mem. 
Chicago Bar Assn., Delta Upsilon. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Evanston Golf, Evanston (pres., 1910-11), 
Evanston Country, Men's Club of St. Mark's 
Church, Evanston. Recreations: golf, hunting and 
fishing. Residence: Evanston Golf Club, Evanston, 
111. Office: 206 Wabash Av., Chicago. 

ARNESON, Vila, mfr.; Mar. 10, 1840-Aug. 19, 
1911. (See vol. 1911.) 

ABNETT, Trevor, auditor Univ. of Chicago; b. 
Little Hereford, Eng., Nov. 8, 1870; s. John Bill 
and Sarah Elizabeth (Rowbotham) Arnett; prep, 
edn. Latin Grammar Sch., Ludlow, Eng., Montclair 
(N.J.) Mil. Acad. and high sch., St. Paul, Minn.; 
student Univ. of Minn., 1890-92; A.B., Univ. of 
Chicago, 1898, grad. student, 1898-99, fellow, 1899- 
1900; m. Bertha M., d. Prof. H. L. Stetson, of Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., Apr. 21, 1900. Accountant and chief 
clerk, auditor's office, C.G.W.Ry., 1893-6; chief ac- 
countant, 1899-1901, auditor since 1901, Univ. of 
Chicago; also auditor Baptist Theol. Union, since 
1902. Republican. Treas. Hyde Park Baptist Church 
since 1908. Mem. Delta Upsilon. Clubs: Quad- 
rangle (treas., 1903), Flossmoor Country. Author: 
Fraternity Accounting for Chapters, 1910. Recrea- 
tions: golf, horseback riding, gardening. Home: 
5621 Kenwood Av. Office: Press Bldg., University 
of Chicago. 

ARNOLD. Adolph (Frederick William), packer; 
Sept. 9, 1849-Aug. 6, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

ARNOLD, Arthur Chester, surety bonds; b. Chi- 
cago, Oct. 6, 1875; s. August and Katherine (Dex- 
heimer) Arnold; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Maude 
M. Young, of Chicago, June 27, 1900; children: 
Ruth M.. Arnold. Connected with the Fidelity & 
Deposit Co. of Md. since beginning of active ca- 
reer, Nov., 1894; mem. firm of Conkling, Price & 
Webb, gen. agts. of that company, since May 1. 
1908. Republican. Mem. Chicago Lodge No. 4, B.P. 
O.E. Club: 111. Athletic. Recreations: golf, tennis, 
baseball. Home: 7725 N. Ashland Av. Office: 1423. 
175 W. Jackson Boul. 

ARNOLD, Bion Joseph, electrical engr. ; b. Cas- 
novia, nr. Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 14, 1861; s. 
Joseph and Geraldine (Reynolds) Arnold; student 
Univ. of Neb., 1879-80, E.E., 1897; B.S., Hillsdale 
(Mich.) Coll., 1884, M.S., 1887; post-grad, course 
Cornell, 1888-9; (hon. M.Ph., Hillsdale, 1889, hon. 
diploma, 1903; D.Sc., Armour Inst., 1907: D.Eng., 
Univ. of Neb., 1911); m. Carrie Estelle Berry, of 
Reading, Mich., Jan. 14, 1886 (now deceased); chil- 
dren: Maud Lucille (Mrs. Leroy Hartly Moss), 
Stanley Berry, Robert Melville; m. 2d, Mrs, Mar- 
garet Latimer Fonda, of New York, Dec. 22, 1909. 
Chief designer, la. Iron Works, Dubuque; mech. 
engr., C.G.W.Ry.; later consulting engr. for Chi- 
cago office Gen. Electric Co.; independent consult- 
ing engr. since 1893. Designed and built Intra- 
mural Ry., Chicago Expn. ; consulting elec. engr. 
Chicago & Milwaukee Elec. Ry., Chicago Bd. of 
Trade, C..B.&Q.R.R., Grand Trunk Ry. on electri- 
fication of St. Clair tunnel; consulting engr. Wis. 
State Ry. Commn., 1905-7; devised plan for elec- 
trically operating trains of N.Y. Central R.R. in 
and out of New York, and mem. Electric Traction 
Commrs. engaged in carrying on the work; mem. 
electric traction com. Erie R.R., 1900-4; consulting 
engr. for city of Chicago to revise street ry. sys- 
tems of city, 1902; chief engr. rebuilding Chicago 
traction system at cost of $90,000,000, 1907, and 
chmn. bd. supervising engrs. same; consulting 
engr. Pub. Service Commn., 1st Dist., N.Y., mat- 
ters connected with subway and st. ry. properties, 
New York; chief subway engr. city of Chicago and 
consulting engr. on traction matters for cities of 
Pittsburgh, 1910, Providence, Los Angeles, San 
Francisco, 1911, Toronto and Cincinnati, 1912; ap- 
praised properties of Seattle Electric Go., Puget 
Sound Electric Ry. Co., Southern Cal. Edison Co., 
Los Angeles, 1911; Chicago Telephone Co.'s Sys- 



tern, 1911; Met. St. Ry. System of Kansas City 
and Toronto St. Ry., 1913; Mountain States Tel. & 
Tel. Co., Denver, 1914; also of the Denver Tram- 
way Co., 1915. Chosen by the Citizens' Terminal 
Plan Com. of Chicago to review plans submitted 
by Pa. Ry. Co. and others for terminals and to 
recommend a comprehensive system of steam ry. 
terminals for the city; now mem. Chicago Ry. Ter- 
minal Commn.; mem. Chicago Traction & Subway 
Commn., to prepare engring., financial and legal 
plan for coordinating surface, elevated and sub- 
way systems of Chicago. Pres. The Arnold Co. 
Inventor of combined direct-connected machines, 
a magnetic clutch, storage battery improvements, 
and new systems and devices for elec. rys. ; pioneer 
in alternating current and single phase electric 
traction systems. Pres. Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., 
1903-4 (del. Internal. Elec. Congress, Paris, 1900); 
pres. Western Soc. Engrs., 1906-7; mem. A.A.A.S., 
Am. Soc. Promotion Engring. Edn. ; 1st vice pres. 
and chmn. exec. com. Internat. Elec. Congress, St. 
Louis, 1904; chmn. com. A.I.E.E. on Nat. Reserve 
Corps Civilian Engrs. Mem. Naval Consulting Bd. 
of U.S. (chmn. transportation com.); mem. com. 
engrins. and inventions State Council of Defense; 
maj. Engineer Officers' Reserve Corps, U.S. Army. 
Home: 4713 Kimbark Av. Office: 105 S. LaSalle 
St., Chicago. 

ARNOLD, Charles Columbus, lawyer. Removed 
to Riverside, Cal. (See vol. 1911.) 

ARNOLD. Daniel Allen, treasurer Rand, Mc- 
Nally & Co.; Feb. 21, 1843-Mar. 14, 1911. (See vol. 

ARNOLD, Edwin Camp, clergyman; b. Fulton, 
N.Y., Dec. 19, 1851; s. Frederick Augustus and 
Sabra Ann (Fuller) Arnold; ed. pub. schs. of Rock- 
ford, 111.; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1873 (D.D., 
1895); B.D., Garrett Btbl. Inst., 1875; m. Martha H. 
Arnold, of Syracuse, N.Y., Nov. 24, 1880; children: 
Florence Winifred, Gladys, Kenneth Fuller. Or- 
dained deacon M.E. Ch., 1877, elder, 1879; pastorai 
work since summer of 1874; served in Joliet Wil- 
mington, Ottawa, Plainfleld, Waukegan, Galena, 
Batavia and Wilmette (all of 111.); pastor Sacra- 
mento Boul. Ch. and Ada St. Ch., Chicago, 1887-93; 
successively pastor since 1893 of Avondale, Pau- 
lina St., Hermosa and Langley Av. Chs., in Chi- 
cago. Sec. and mem. bd. trustees Rock River Conf. 
Mem. Chicago Methodist Preachers' Meeting, Phi 
Beta Kappa, Prohibitionist. Home: 6632 Ellis Av., 

ARNOLD, Oeorg-e B.; b. Troy, N.Y., May 13, 1867; 
s. James and Sarah J. Arnold; ed. grammar schs., 
and Bryant and Stratton Business Coll., Chicago; 
unmarried. Employed as motorman by Chicago & 
Oak Park Elevated R.R. Co. Mem. exec. bd. Div. 
308 Amalgamated Assn. of St. and Electric Ry. 
Employes of America. Apptd. mem. Chicago Bd. 
Edn., May. 1917. Republican. Home: 4819 West 
End Av. 

ABNOLD, Hugo P., packer; b. Chicago, July 19, 
1873; s. Adolph and Wilhelmina (Kossack) Arnold; 
ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Josephine Lettie, of 
Chicago, Oct. 5, 1897. Identified with packing busi- 
ness since 1886; became treas., 1906. pres. since 
1912, Arnold Bros., Inc., pork packers; dir. Western 
Packing Co., Sheppard & Strassheim, wholesale 
grocers. Mem. Meat Packers' and Sausage Mak- 
er's Assn. of Chicago (pres. 1917), 111. Mfrs.' Assn.. 
Chicago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Lutheran 
Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Germania (treas. and dir.), Glen Oak Country, 
South Shore Country. Recreations: golf, reading. 
Home: 5655 Sheridan Rd. Office: 660 W. Randolph 

ARNOLD. James Middleton, retired; b. Liberty- 
ville, Lake Co., 111., Apr. 26, 1841; s. Christopher 
and Clarissa (Randall) Arnold; ed. Milwaukee, 
W r is., and 2 yrs.' course in coll. at Beaver Dam, 
Wis. ; enlisted as private in 24th Wis. Vols. 1862; 
served with regt., taking part in battles of Resaca, 
Chaplin Hills, Murfreesboro, Adairville, Kenesaw 
Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, 
Spring Hill, Franklin, Nashville, and several oth- 
ers; was 4 months in Libby Prison; and after Jan., 
1865. was ordered to Nashville, where, under Gov. 
Brownlow, was made asst. adjutant-gen, of the 

state and commissioned major of 3d Tenn. Cav. ; 
mustered out of service near close of 1865 and re- 
turned to Milwaukee; m. 1863, Carrie Wallace, of 
Salem, Mass, (died 1875); children: Jay Brentwood, 
Blanche Arnold (Mrs. Blanche Arnold Pearson); 
m. 2d, 1876, Mrs. Laura E. (Kenny) Porter, of 
Salem, Mass, (died 1908). Established in Milwau- 
kee in the business of buying and selling machin- 
ery, 1865; removed the business to Chicago in 1876, 
and erected building at 513-515 Monroe St., in 1884. 
Has been receiver for several prominent business 
houses. Was capt, of the celebrated Milwaukee 
Light Guard, afterward col. 1st Wis. State Militia, 
1872-6, and at same time mem. Milwaukee City 
Council. Mem. G.A.R., Columbia Post 706. Organ- 
ized and equipped Austin Grand Sons of Veterans, 
boys from 9 to 16, the 1st organization of its kind 
in the U.S. Home: 5730 Midway Park, Austin. Of- 
fice: 5733 South Boul. 

ARNOLD, John Jacob, international banking; b. 
Wallace, Ont., Can., Dec. 29, 1870; s. Adam and 
Elizabeth (Strieker) Arnold; ed. country sen., Wal- 
lace; Central Business Col., Stratford; studied law 
with firm of Darling & Mabee, Lestowel, Ont., 1889- 
90; m. Olga D. Hoehn, of Oak Park, 111., June 9, 
1896; 2 daughters: Rhoda Marguerite, Herta Striek- 
er. Began as jr. elk. and asst. bookkeeper, First 
Nat. Bank of Chicago, 1891; advanced to head ac- 
countant, chief elk., asst. mgr. in charge of foreign 
exchange dept., then mgr., and now vice pres. and 
mgr. Trustee Vijlage of Oak Park 3 yrs.; trustee 
Western Old People's Home, Cedar Falls, la,; trus- 
tee Evangelical Publishing House, Cleveland, O. 
Pres. III. Better Community Assn.; mem. exec, 
com. Legislative Voters' League. Clubs: Union 
League, Mid-Day, Chicago Automobile, City, Oak 
Park Country. Mem. 111. Bankers' Assn. (chmn. 
foreign trade com.). Mem. Evangelical Assn. Fre- 
quent writer and public speaker on internat. sub- 
jects. Recreations: motoring, nature study, fish- 
ing, swimming. Home: 341 Keystone Av., River 
Forest, 111. Office: First Nat. Bank, Chicago. 

ARNOLD, Oswald James, secretary 111. Life Ins. 
Co.; b. Rochester, N.Y., Oct. 2, 1873; s. James and 
Elizabeth (McKenna) Arnold; B.S., Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1897; unmarried. On leaving coll. in 1897, 
became asst. to E. D. Stevens, sec. of the 111. Life 
Ins. Co.; later was in the field, appointing agents 
and also soliciting life ins., and in 1900 was ap- 
pointed asst. sec.; elected sec., dir. and actuary of 
the company, 1901; also dir. Hotel LaSalle Co. 
Mem. bd. of governors, and ex-pres. Am. Inst. of 
Actuaries. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason (32, 
Shriner). Clubs: Hamilton, Chicago Athletic, Union 
League, University, South Shore Country, Olympia 
Country. Recreations: golf, fishing. Residence: 
South Shore Country Club. Office: 10 S. LaSalle St. 

ARNOLD, Ralph Glenroy, secretary and treas. 
Arnold Electric Power Station Co.; b. Ashland, 
Neb., Feb. 25, 1876; s. Joseph and Geraldine (Rey- 
nolds) Arnold; ed. pub. schs., Neb.; m. Hazel Vir- 
ginia McLane, of New York, Apr. 5, 1904; children: 
Virginia, Stanton McLane, Randolph. Sec., treas. 
and dir. Arnold Electric Power Station and its suc- 
cessor. The Arnold Co., since July, 1896. Repulic- 
an. Clubs: City, Union League, Hinsdale Golf, La 
Grange Motor. Home: Hinsdale, 111. Office: 105 S. 
LaSalle St., Chicago. 

ARNOLD, Samuel George, mfr. ; b. Elk Rapids, 
Mich., Aug. 19. 1873; s. Samuel W. and Sarephine 
(Bennett) Arnold; ed. pub. schs., Grand Rapids, 
Mich.; m. Edina, Mo., June 3, 1901, Katherine 
Moore. Began with Mfrs.' Mutual Fire Ins. Co.. at 
Grand Rapids, 1887; engaged in elec. business with 
the Grand Rapids Edison Co., 1889; removed to 
Chicago, 1890; in U.S. customs service, 1893-4; then 
with Chicago Telephone Co. until 1901; organized 
Chicago Electric Mfg. Co., 1902, and pres. until or- 
ganization of Arnold Electric Mfg. Co., May, 1904, 
of which was pres.; now sec. Standard Galvanizing 
Co. Past Master Normal Park Lodge No. 797, A.F. 
and A.M.; mem. Normal Park Chapter No. 210, 
R.A.M. Republican. Episcopalian. Home: 257 W. 
66th St. Office: 2619 W. Van Buren St. 

ARNOLD, Victor Page, judge; b. Chicago, Nov. 
17, 1873; s. John and Eliza (Page) Arnold; ed. Jef- 
ferson High Sch.; LL.B., Lake Forest Univ.; m. 


Chicago, Nov. 5, 1905, Amy Eugenia Winchell. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1897, and practiced in Chicago; 
asst. state's atty., 1908-12; judge Circuit Court for 
term ending June, 1921 (presiding over Juvenile 
Court). Sergeant Troop H, 1st 111. Cav., Spanish- 
Am. War. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar 
Assn. Republican. Protestant. Mason. Clubs: Ham- 
ilton, Union League, Park Ridge Country. Home: 
6820 Nicolet Av., Norwood Park. Address: County 

ARNOLD, Wayland Lloyd, manager electric 
companies; b. Hillsdale Co., Mich., July 6, 1863; a. 
Joseph and Geraldine (Reynolds) Arnold; ed. Ash- 
land (Neb.) pub. schs., 1872-80; Univ. of Neb., 1880- 
81; Hillsdale (Mich.) Coll., 1881-2; m. Ida Evans, 
of Mt. Vernon, 111., Sept. 7, 1899. Was jr. mem. firm 
of Joseph Arnold & Son, retail shoe dealers, Ash- 
land, 1882-6; for short time with Am. Loan & Trust 
Co., Ashland; mgr. of Cinderella Shoe House, Min- 
neapolis, Minn., 1887-8; city salesman and agent 
Excelsior Electric Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1889-90; mgr. 
St. Louis office, Thomson-Houston Electric Co., 
1890-2; of St. Louis and Kansas City offices, Gen. 
Electric Co., of New York, 1892-6; and May-1, 1896- 
July 1, 1897, at Chicago office with Gen. Electric 
Co.; mgr. The Arnold Co., 1897-1901, and vice pres. 
since 1901; vice pres. and gen. mgr. Kenosha(Wls.) 
Electric Ry. Co., 1904-7; vice pres. Elgin & Belvi- 
dere Electric Co. Mason. Clubs: Electric, South 
Shore Country. Home: 5427 Hyde Park Boul. Of- 
fice: 105 S. LaSalle St. 

ARNOLD, William O., mfr. and banker; b. West 
Columbia, W.Va., May 23, 1856; s. George Wilt and 
Sarah (Zink) Arnold; first paternal ancestor in 
America settled at Baltimore, Md., 1788; ed. Mo- 
nongalia Acad. and Univ. of W.Va., Morgantown, 
and Knox Coll., Galesburg, 111.; unmarried. Began 
in real estate and ins. business, Galesburg, 111., 
1876; removed to Chicago, 1886, and became iden- 
tified with the A. B. Dick Co., of which was made 
sec. and mgr., 1887, and in which capacity has since 
continued; assisted in organizing the Sheridan 
Trust & Savings Bank, 1909, of which has since 
been vice pres. and dir.; organized The Capital 
State Savings Bank, 1912, and was its vice pres. 
until 1914, since dir.; also sec. and treas. Carman- 

giy Farm Co. Mem. Art Inst. of Chicago (life), 
epublican. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic Assn., Midlothian, South Shore Country. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: Chicago Athletic Assn. 
Office: 730-744 W. Jackson Boul. 

ARNOT, Samuel Femberton, broker; b. at Green- 
ville, W.Va., Aug. 29, 1867; s. Elisha Truesdale and 
Ruth A. (Miller) Arnot; student Univ. of Va., 1887; 
S.B., Fremont (Neb.) Coll., 1897; m. Stella Varner, 
of Sterling, Neb., Aug. 22, 1896. Sr. mem. firm of 
Arnot & Co., grain commn., since 1908. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bd. of Trade (dir. 3 yrs.). Mason, K.P., etc. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Edgewater Golf. Home: 
6708 Kenmore Av. Office: 140 W. Van Buren St. 

ARRICK, Clifford, publicity mgr.; b. St. Clairs- 
ville, O. ; s. Clifford and Margaret Josephine Coch- 
ran (Templeton) Arrick; ed. pub. and prep, schs.; 
m. Florence Gertrude Miller, of Indianapolis, Feb. 
22, 1892; 2 children: Lucy, Clifford,3d. Began as 
topographer, U.S. Geol. Survey, 1884, continuing 8 
yrs.; pvt. sec. to W. H. H. Miller, atty. gen. U.S., 
1892-3; associated in managerial capacity with 
Union and Marion Trust companies, Indianapolis, 
Ind., 1893-8; maj. and paymaster U.S.A., Spanish- 
Am. War, 1898-9; broker in investment securities, 
Indianapolis, 1899-1908; spl. agent Bell Telephone 
System, Indianapolis, 1908-12; mgr. publicity Cen- 
tral Group of Bell Telephone companies, headquar- 
ters, Chicago, since 1912. Commd. maj. q.m., Offi- 
cers' Reserve Corps, U.S.A., Jan. 10, 1917. Mem. 
Nat. Security League (exec, com.), Ohio Soc. of 
Chicago, Indiana Soc. of Chicago (historian). Re- 
publican. Clubs: Union League, Mid-Day, Traffic, 
Chicago Yacht. Recreations: baseball and other 
outdoor diversions. Home: 1307 Ritchie Court. Of- 
fice: 212 W. Washington St. 

ARTHUR, William Henry, lawyer; b. Dublin, 
Ireland, Dec. 27, 1868; s. Harry and Martha (Hen- 
nan) Arthur; came to Chicago in infancy; ed. pub. 
and high schs. of Chicago; LL.B., Lake Forest 
Univ., 1892. Began in fire ins. office of R. A. Waller, 
and afterward was over 5 yrs. in head office of the 

Queen Ins. Co.; devoted leisure to study of law, 
and was librarian of the Ashland Blk. Law Libra- 
ry, 1891-3; asst. corpn. counsel, 1895-1902; since 
then engaged in general practice of law. Dem. 
nominee for judge Circuit Court of Cook Co., 1909. 
Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Mason. Clubs: Town and 
Country, Chicago Automobile, Iroquois. Prepared 
revision of Municipal Code of Chicago, known as 
Code of 1905. Recreations: motoring and general 
athletics. Home: 4240 Kenmore Av. Office: 1600, 
72 W. Adams St. 

ARTINCrSTAIiL, Samuel George, civil engr. ; b. 
Manchester, Eng., Nov. 25, 1845; s. John and Ellen 
(Hall) Artingstall; studied and practiced civ. en- 
gring. at Manchester 6 yrs.; came to U.S., 1869; m. 
Susan Archer, of Chicago, Nov. 1, 1874. City engr., 
Chicago, 1886-8 and 1893-5; formerly chief engr. 
Sanitary Dist. of Chicago. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., 
Western Soc. Engrs. (pres. 1887-8), Am. Water 
Works Assn.; asso. mem. Inst. Civ. Engrs. of Great 
Britain. Mason. Address: 7820 Aberdeen St. 

ARTINGSTAiL, William, civil engr.; b. Chicago, 
May 10, 1874; s. Samuel George and Susan Ann 
(Archer) Artingstall; prep. edn. pub. grammar 
schs., Chicago, and Cascadilla Sch., Ithaca, N.Y.; 
C.E., Cornell Univ., 1899; also studied mech. en- 
gring. at Cornell, summers 1895-9; m. Louise M. 
Hanson, of Chicago, June 19, 1904; 4 children: Wil- 
liam T., Willouise, Virginia, Bernice. Resident 
engr. Sanitary Dist. of Chicago, 1899-1901; asst. 
chief engr. Fla. Southern & Gulf Coast R.R., 1902; 
designer Sanitary Dist. of Chicago, 1902-6; prin. 
asst. engr. Chicago Union Traction Co., 1906-7; div. 
engr. of bd. of supervising engrs., Chicago traction 
system, 1907-13; engr. for harbor and subway com- 
mrs., 1913-15; in private practice since 1915. De- 
signed and built all the new tunnels under Chicago 
River. Mem. Western Soc. Engrs. Mem. Knights 
of Columbus. Home: 1305 Thorndale Av. Office: 20 
W. Jackson Boul. 

ASAY, William Cooper, lawyer; b. Chicago, June 
28, 1857; s. Edward G. and Emma O. Asay; B.A., 
Yale, 1880; studied law in office of his father; m. 
Genevieve Clark, of Michigan, 1906. Admitted to 
bar, 1881; leading counsel in the celebrated Storey 
case, and has been identified with other important 
litigations; asst. city atty. of Chicago, Dec., 1892- 
May, 1893; city pros, atty., 1903-5; asst. atty. Sani- 
tary Dist. of Chicago since 1913. Was for several 
years mem. 1st Regt., 111. N.G. Royal Arch Mason. 
Has traveled extensively. Home: 5553 Wayne Av. 
Office: 910 S. Michigan Av. 

ASCHEK, Theodore, wholesale millinery; Feb. 
25, 1844-Nov., 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

ASHBY. James H., general supt. Union Stock 
Yards & Transit Co.; b. Dutchess Co., N.Y., Nov. 17, 
1847; s. James N. and Sarah (Van Benschoten) 
Ashby; m. 1872, Maria S. Rogers. Lived on home 
farm until 1880, when came to Chicago and entered 
employ of Union Stock Yards as yardmaster, for 
about 6 yrs., when was appointed asst. supt., and 
has been gen. supt. since 1887. Pres. Amity Bldg. & 
Loan Assn. ; dir. Nat. Live Stock Bank, Stock Yards 
Savings Bank, Union Rendering Co. Home: 442 
Oakwood Boul. Office: Administration Bldg., Union 
Stock Yards. 

ASHCRAFT, Edwin M., lawyer; b. in Virginia, 
Aug. 27, 1848; s. James M. and Clarissa (Swiger) 
Asheraft; ed. pub. schs. of Va. and 111.; m. Florence 
R. Moore, of Belleville, 111., Mar. 16, 1876; children: 
Raymond M., Edwin M., Jr., Florence V., Alan E. 
Admitted to bar, Jan. 1, 1873; now sr. mem. firm 
of Asheraft & Asheraft. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., 
Chicago Bar Assn. (ex-pres.). Republican. Meth- 
odist. Clubs: Hamilton, Union League. Recrea- 
tions: golf, hunting, horseback riding. Home: 6046 
Kimbark Av. Office: 108 S. LaSalle St. . 

ASHCRAFT, Raymond Moore, lawyer; b. Van- 
dalia, Fayette Co., HL, Jan. 9, 1876; s. Edwin M. 
and Florence R. (Moore) Asheraft; ed. Vandalia 
pub. schs., 1884-6, Chicago pub. schs., 1887-92; 
srad. Chicago Manual Training Sch., 1894; LL.B., 
Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 1897; LL.B., Lake 
Forest Univ. Law Sch., 1898; m. Chicago, Aug. 3, 
1901, Charleta, daughter of Charles Peck; 2 chil- 
dren: Charleta Jane (b. Dec. 8, 1906), Florence 
Elizabeth (b. Mar. 6, 1911). Admitted to bar, June 


16, 1897; employed by law firm of Ashcraft & Gor- was spl. U.S. atty. 2 yrs.; settled in practice in 

don, 1894-1900; engaged in practice with father Chicago, 1900; vice pres. and gen. counsel Federal 

and brother, Edwin M. Ashcraft, Jr., in firm of Life Ins. Co. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 

Ashcraft & Ashcraft. Trustee Hahnemann Hosp. ; Bar Assn. Republican. Methodist. Mason. Club: 

trustee Eleanor Assn. Republican. Presbyterian. Illinois Athletic. Home: 4342 Lake Park Av. Office: 

Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 168 N. Michigan Boul. 

Bar Assn., Delta Chi. Clubs: City, Lakeside Golf, ATKINSON, diaries Thonuon, secretary Chica- 

Chikammg Country (Pres.). Home: 6127 Kimbark go stock Exchange; b. Elmira, N.Y., Nov. 4, 1864; 

Av. Office: 108 S. LaSalle St. s _ Frank Holway and Helen (Dunn) Atkinson; ed. 

ASHTON. Henry Major, lawyer; b. Arcadia, Wis., pub. schs.; m. Chicago, June 18, 1891, Martha Wells. 

Apr. 6, 1867; s. William and Elizabeth (Faulds) In ry. service with various rds., ending with C..B. 

Ashton; attended the Univ. of Wis., 1889-92; un- &Q.R.R. as general agent at Cincinnati, O., 1884-91; 

married. Admitted to bar, 1898, by the Supreme with Leonard, Atkinson Co., mfrs. of boots and 

Court of 111., and has since continuously engaged shoes, Chicago, 1891-7; with M. D. Wells & Co., 

in general law practice in Chicago. Mem. Lawyers' same line, 1897-9; stock broker with William H. 

Assn. Democrat. Mason. Has done a great deal of Colvin & Co., Chicago, 1900-2; with Finley Barrell 

editorial work in newspapers during political cam- Co., 1902-6; then mgr. Ry. Exchange office, Farson, 

paigns. Contbr. stories to Collier's Magazine that Son & Co.; sec. Chicago Stock Exchange since Dec. 

attracted wide attention. Home: 3716 Lake Av. 1, 1909. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, S.A.R., S.R. 

Office: 10 S. LaSalle St. Mem. 111. Naval Reserve, 1896-8. Republican. 

ASTENITJS, Anthony Oliver Theophilua, musi- Clubs: Chicago, Onwentsia, CHff Dwellers. Home: 

cian; b. Ishpeming, Mteh., June 9, 1871; s. John O. Lake Forest, 111. Office: The Rookery, Chicago, 

and Anna C. (Lundquist) Astenius; attended pub. ATKINSON, Eleanor, author. (See Who's Who 

echs., Chicago; studied organ and harmony under in America.) 

father, also piano and organ tuning, and earned ATKINSON, Gustav E., U S local insp. of ves- 

money as tuner to pay expenses of edn. in music; se i s . j, Trellebor" Sweden Dec 10 1861" s Eric 

studied piano with C. J. Schubert, Frederick Bos- | ; I'J?' Ellin (Andersen) Atkinson -'edhi'sh sch 

covitz Emil Liebling and August Hyllested; organ g^gS,??^ ^Navigation ISSi. Tin. Marif fe 

with Henry Wey, James Watson; musical theory fnlSS* nf Painpsvillp O Ian 15 1894- children' 

^ h A^ e ? r S h tf nMd V' I M Ck t Gieason G P u2ta%? * "olcarV^Canfe 'to' America im! 

Hf?i Ph W h 1 - dl8 1 ; o a< L She i don S ,S h - t e f Sc t len ' master of ocean and lake ships for 15 yrs.; was 

TTn?v iSJSi* P '' R 8 r* f" Northwestern master o f steamer North Western, the first steam- 

&: M'h A o i B ni G , au S ler ' f Ber " en er built on Great Lakes (at Chicago) for ocean 

Springs, Mich., Apr. 9, 1901; 1 son, George. Has trade flrst ship through new Canadian canals to 

appeared with marked success m concerts and re- the ocean ! trading between Chicago and Liverpool, 

citals, as pianist and organist; also organist va- T^mr iqni- IT infni inon nf vp<5pl<5 at Ohirae-o 

rious churches; teacher of piano, organ and har- *& fa deceived 'master' s Tertiflcatef rlfm 

?t M e m "A hi Inde P, end nt SSP u f F**^ f 1 ^ 1 : Sweden and England and unlimited master's cer- 

N^S^Sfr^^iSj^^-A^Af^n^,; tiflcate from U.S. Mem. Am. Assn. Ship Masters. 

North West Chapter No 224, R. A.M.; Aryan Grotto Mason (Blue Lodge, King Oscar R.A. Chapter, 

No. 18, M.O.V.P.E.R. Club: Prairie. Composer of - 

i mi,.. TVI,, .,v,i Ti.n n/rri . H xr c,v, ATKINSON, John P_ supt. Chicago Boys' Club; 

W, John Edward Hall, M.D.; b. Nash- ^ pr j_ 1857-May 8, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

tha N. (Hall > a Atkeisson'; S ed grammar 8 and hi^h ATKINSON, William Walker, author; b. Balti- 

schs., Nashville; M.D., Med. Dept. Vanderbilt Univ., more, Dec. 5, 1862; s. William C. and Emma L. 

Nashville, 1897; m. Martha Petrie, of Chicago Dec. (Mittnacht) Atkinson; ed. pub. schs.; m. Margaret 

29, 1897; 2 children: Charles Edward, Evelyn Mar- Foster Black, of Delanco, N.J., Oct. 31, 1889 In 

tha. Practiced at Chicago since 1898; med. exam- commercial life, 1882-94; admitted to Pa. bar 1894 

iner Royal League since Jan., 1899; anesthetist, to 111. bar, 1903; associate editor Suggestion, 

St. Mary's of Nazareth Hosp., since May 1, 1906, Chicago, 1900; editor "New Thought, Chicago, 

Alexian Bros. Hosp. since Mar. 1, 1915. Mem. Draft 1901-5- Author or compiler of numerous books on 

Registration Bd., 1917. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and New Thought, etc for titles see Who s Who in 

Chicago med. socs., Interstate Assn. Anesthetists. America. Home: 4123 Prairie Av. 

Republican. Episcopalian. Mason (32, K.T., Shrin- ATTLEY, James Miles, lumber mcht.; b. Chicago, 

er); Past Chancellor Commander and life mem. of June 30, 1857; s. John and Mary (McKendrick) 

Reynolds Lodge No. 33, K.P., Nashville, Tenn.; Attley; lived at Polo, 111., 1858-1893; ed. pub. schs.; 

mem. Odd Fellows, Boyal League. Home: 1954 m. Kate McGrath, of Dixon, 111., 1881; children: 

Milwaukee Av. Philip, Alice, George Emmett. Was engaged in the 

ATKIN, Godfrey Harold manager Electric Stor- lumber business at Polo, and is still interested 

age Battery^ Co. ;^b._Eccleshall, _ Yorkshire, Eng., SfTVS2J l 5!f%SLSSf i^q - 1 "^^, ** 
ed. at Elr 

Shaw n of Morl-rsTowT'N J' Dec^Y^Oe V'da'uVh ' HooBrNorth^Am." UnionT "Clubsi Westward Ho, IlL 

ters: Margaret Adelaide Gwendolen Was in em- Athletic. Home: 5903 Midway Park, Austin. Office: 

ploy' of the Pullman Co., 1887-90, Geii. Electric Co., n s - LaSalle St., Chicago. 

1890-99; treas. and dir. Woods Motor Vehicle Co., ATTtEY, John Daniel, lumber; b. Polo, 111., Aug. 
1899-1901; gen. western mgr. Electric Vehicle Co., 16, 1867; s. John and Mary (McKendrick) Attley; 
1901-2; mgr. Electric Storage Battery Co. since ed. pub. sch. Polo; m. Dixon, 111., 1889, Myrtle Dick- 
Mar., 1902. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason (32). inson; 1 daughter, Myrtle. Began lumber business 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., Mid-Day, Chicago at Polo; came to Chicago, 1896; in 1901, with J. M. 
Yacht (vice-commodore, 1904), Indian Hill; Royal Attley. established the firm of J. M. Attley & Co., 
Canadian Yacht Club (Toronto). Recreations: o f which he is jr. partner. Mem. Royal Arcanum, 
yachting and golf. Home: Indian Hill Rd., Win- Modern Woodmen. Clubs: 111. Athletic, The Oaks 
netka, 111. Office: 613 Marquette Bldg., Chicago. (Austin). Home: 5904 Race Av. Office: 11 S. La 

ATKINSON, see also Adkinson. Salle St. 

ATKINSON, Charles Andrew, lawyer; b. Web- ATWATER, Arthur Jerome, coal; b. Fond du 

ster, O., Feh: 9, 1852; s. Lewis A. and Amanda L. Lac, Wis., May 8, 1858; s. John Bowman and Laura 

(Long) Atkinson; early edn. in pub. schs.; taught (Allen) Atwater; grad. high sch., Geneva, 111., 1876; 

sch for 3 yrs., beginning teaching at age 17; A.B., m. May Purdy, of Chicago, Oct. 9, 1889; 5 children: 

Ohio Univ., Athens, O., 1874; m. Florence B. Gilli- Harry Arthur, George Wilson, Elaine Laurette 

land, of Jackson, O., Dec. 25, 1876. Admitted to (Mrs. B. G. Windsor, of Waukegan, 111.), Cordelia 

bar, 18(5; engaged in practice in Ohio and was 4 Althea, Maxine Helen. After leaving sch. entered 

years pros. atty. for Jackson Co., O.; removed to employ Coxe Bros. & Co.; later with the Consoli- 

Lmcoln, Neb., and served as city atty., and later dated Coal Co.; afterward with the New Pittsburgh 

tterv Co b Ecclpshall YorkVhirV Fmr there as pres. of the McGrath & Attley LumDer 

186^6- s 'Godfrey and EHen (Hall) AtSn' : Co -= came to Chicago, 1893; sr. mem. firm of J. M. 

^'^wHS' I4Se"ll?H : vfiSJM ^st^at^an^ SS^oSTSFlgS 

>'f Morristown N.J. Dec 12 1906- 2 daueh- Hoos, North Am. Union. Clubs: Westward Ho, IlL 


Co.; western sales agent Sunday Creek Coal Co. ernmental Machinery, or How to Secure the Short 
since 1900. Republican. Mason (32, Shriner). Ballot," in which he adapted the federal plan to 
Was for 8 years mem. bd. of trustees, was also state, county and city governments, the articles 
mem. bd. of local improvements, Morgan Park, being received with highly favorable comments. 
Vestryman Ch. of the Mediator (Episcopalian). Baptist. Mason. Club: Hamilton (chmn. com. on 
Mem. S.A.R. Royal League, Modern Woodmen of state legislation). Recreations: gymnasium, rid- 
America, Clubs: Ridge Country, Beverly Country, ing, gardening, checkers, chess. Home: 7245 Prince- 
Recreation: golf. Home: 11140 S. Hoyne Av. Office: ton Av. Office: 206 City Hall. 
343 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. ATWOOD, Wallace Walker, geologist. Removed 

ATWELL, Charles Beach, botanist; b. Theresa, to Cambridge, Mass. (See Who's Who in America.) 
N.Y., Apr. 11, 1855; s. of Joseph and Mary (Beach) AUERBACH, Aaron, wholesale millinery; b. Chi- 
Atwell; Ph.B. Syracuse Univ 1879 Ph.M 1882; Ca g , Apr. 22. 1872; s. Henry and Henrietta (Schus- 
post-grad. student, Harvard Univ., 1887, Univ. of ter) Auerbach; ed. grammar and high schs., Chi- 
Freiburg (Baden), 1891; m. Mary Josephine Kel- C ago; m. Rose Marcus, of Chicago, Oct. 30. 1900; 2 
logg, of Watertown, N.Y., Dec. 27, 1883; children: children: Henry Alwyn, Marcus Jerome. Began as 
Henry K., Francis Charles, Ruth Sarah, William ribbon specialty salesman. Chicago, 1888; then with 
Joseph. Instr. Lowville (N.Y.) Acad, 1879-80; Theodore Ascher & Co., wholesale milllinery; mem. 
instr. mathematics and physics, acad., Northwest- Kaufmann Auerbach & Co since 1902 now vice 
?F, n V i",l v <," 1880 - 2 ' P rin - of P" b - schs - s - Evanston, pres . M em. Millinery Jobbers' Assn., Chicago Assn. 
111., 1882-4; mstr natural science, acad. North- Commerce. Hebrew religion. Elk. Home: 6139 
western Univ. 1884-8; instr. biology, 1888-91 prof. Vernon Av. Office: 12 N. Michigan Av. 
biology, 1891-4, prof, botany since 1894, North- TrT-n-n * r^r -n.r,i^ h nv,!^, 
western Univ. City forester of Evanston, 111., 1909- AUERBACH. Benjamin, insurance b. Chicago, 
11. Author: Genealogy of the Atwell Family of s Henry and Jeanette Auerbach; m. Rose Krouch, 
New London, Conn., 1906. Editor: College Alumni of Lamed Kan., Feb. 14, 1 business, 
Record of Northwestern Univ., 1902. Contbr. to Jr hl ag i since 188 ?, : n *L m f m - J 16 "" 1 "* * A M er - 
botanical and other jours. Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. ach, also mem. Herrick, Auerbach & Vastme. 
Am. Soc. Naturalists, 111. Acad. Science, Chicago Clubs: Standard, City, Idlewild Country. Recrea- 
Acad. Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta tlons J 8lt fishing, travel. Home: 4952 Washing- 
Kappa, Sigma Xi. Club: University of Evanston. ton Park pl - Office: 1/23 Insurance Exchange. 
Recreations: camping, walking. Home: 1938 Sher- AURAND, Samuel Herbert, M.D.; b. at Loran, 
man Av., Evanston, 111. Stephenson Co., 111., Oct. 26, 1854; s. Joel and Su- 

ATWZLI. Oeore-e Marvin nrintine- hinrHne- h sannah (Getgen) Aurand; attended Iowa Wesleyan 

St Louis Mo M?r 9 1868- s John" and llura Univ - and Mt - Morris Coll., 1881; grad. Hahnemann 

(Wolfe) At weii-ed bub schs St Louis' m Flora Med - Co11 - of Chicago, M.D., 1884, and has taken 

ns -' bt - L ' ou 3ra i-o-i,., post-grad, courses; m. May 11, 1887, "-=- 

illCTO^H \tV.A.y. 1VCV.I CCL11U110. IIIUIUI lllft, UUUlllry lilt. Q -._., . ! t~l\*l nnrrn *,{,* 1 OO7. v, r* ~l, r>~ TJ~V1 

Home- R400 F11i<s Av office- 7t9 <5 Shormon "3t ^ yrs.; in Chicago since 1897 mem. Cook Co. Hosp. 

,. in. fe. bherman bt. staff 1893 . 4 . prof emeri tus of materia medica and 

ATWOOD, Fred Holme*, lawyer; b. LeRoy, Cal- clin. medicine, Hahnemann Med. Coll. Mem. Am. 

houn Co.. Mich., Feb. 4. 1863; s. Ephraim and Sa- inst. Homoeopathy, 111. Homoe. Med. Assn., Chicago 

mantha J. Atwood; 7th in descent from Dr. Thomas Homce. Med. Soc. Vice pres. Pearl City (111.) Bank. 

Atwood, Wethersneld, Conn., 1664; ed. country sch.. Republican. Mem. and trustee Park Av. M.E. Ch. 

W. LeRoy, Mich.; Battle Creek (Mich.) Coll.; law Mason (32). Home: 2059 Washington Boul. Of- 

dept. Univ. of Mich., 1883-4; m. Minnie P. Best, of flee: 22 E. Washington St. 
Vicksburg, Mich., Nov. 4, 1885; children: Ivan Jay 

Best, Ephraim Henry, Lenna Gertrude. Admitted ^ V ? T ^,' Se ^ ULI ?i..- We ^ on - s ^"5J al p - as , se " g f. r 

to bar, Feb. 20, 1884; practiced alone until 1887; agt. ;b. Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 9 18o6; s. Robert N. 

mem. firm of Cruikshank & Atwood, 1887-97; At- and Sarah (Ford) Austin; ed. Milwaukee pub. schs., 

wood. Pease & Loucks since 1897; trial lawyer of Royal Mil. Acad., Berlin, Germany, 1867-71; high 

the firm; asst. county atty., 1890-1. Mem. Chicago sch. and Milwaukee Acad Milwaukee, li;71-4; m. 

Bar Assn.; presdl. elector on Cleveland and Steven- Clara A. Whitcomb, of Milwaukee. Nov., 1880; chil- 

son ticket, 1893; Democrat until 1896, since Re- dren: Lester W., Juliet, Louise. Began ry. service 

publican. Mem. 111. Soc. S.A.R. Mason (K.T ) as sen. office elk. of the C..M.&St.P.Ry., 1874-80; 

Home: 503 Melrose St. Office: 5 N LaSalle St sen. office elk. in auditing dept., 1880-4, pass, and 

.__,___ ticket agt. at Minneapolis, 1884-8, asst. gen. pass. 

ATWOOD, Harry Puller, lawyer, lecturer, writer; ast . at st . Pau i, 1888-97. N.P.R.R.; gen. pass. agt. 

X on , fa Sfl n S- Morgan Park, 111. Jan. 1, 1870; s. B.&O.R.R. since June 1, 1897. Also chmn. of the 

Orville Elbridge and Martha Elvira (Townsend) e xec. com. of the Central Passenger Assn. Repub- 

Atwood; Ph.R, Univ. of Chicago, 1897; LL.B., Chi- ii ca n. Episcopalian. Club: Chicago Athletic. Home: 

X' T X Smith e ' and S 'niec<f ' of ' former Gov. Wifliimi . AT "! T11 *' Frederick Carleton, president Munic- 

Smith, of Wis.; 1 daughter, Martha Regina. In "5^ Engring. & Contracting Co ; b. Skaneateles 

practice at Chicago since 1899; asst. state's atty., N.Y., June 2, 1853; s. Dorr and Marietta (Hatch) 

Cook Co., 111., 1901-4; mem. firm Wayman Atwood Austin; ed. pub. schs. of New York and Skaneateles 

& Townsend, 1904-6; specialized on business and A ? ad - : - F hlca , s ', 188 J- , Ann , a ,, Bar .T er . ; ??. ildre '} : 

governmental problems. 1906-8; asst. U.S. atty., Wesley Ogden Marion pgden (Mrs. H. A. Richard- 

1908-11; sales mgr., Sheldon Sch., 1911-12; field sec. son >- Began business life m Chicago as resident 

for Chamber of Commerce, U.S.A., 1913-14, during P artner f the firm f Goulds & Austin, farming 

which time traveled throughout the country, meet- ' o ! s ',i 883 - 7; P re f; and treas. F. C. Austin Mfg. Co., 

ing organizations of business men; atty. for Bd. of J 887 ', 1 02; ,S r . e , s - M unic ,ipal Engring & Contracting 

Local Improvements, 1915-17. Mem. 1st 111. Cav., Co. since 1902; pres F. C. Austin Drainage Exca- 

Spanish-Am. War, sergeant Troop M. Distin- Y, ator Co since 1904. Republican. Presbyterian, 

guished himself in college as an orator and de- Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic Assn. Chicago 

bater in the discussion of economic and public Yacht, South Shore Country. Residence: Plaza Ho- 

questions; has delivered orations on "Our Three tel - Office: 609 Railway Exchange. 

Great Wars," "God in American History," "Abra- AUSTIN, Harry Geoffrey, oxygen and hydrogen 

ham Lincoln," "Independence Day," etc.; delivered gas; b. London, Eng., June 10, 1868; s. George 

74 chautauqua lectures on "Business and Govern- Franklin and Clarissa (Malot) Austin; came to 

mental Problems" in Mo., la. and southern Minn., America, 1886; ed. pub. schs., London Mil. Acad., 

summer of 1913, and 56 lectures in Ohio, summer and Western Business Coll. of Ont. ; m. Martha 

of 1915. Contributed articles to the "Hamiltonian," Fletcher Ransom, of Lexington, Ky., Sept. 23, 1891. 

"The Business Philosopher" and the Chicago Her- With Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of U.S. at 

aid on "The Standard Form of Government, a Richmond, Ind., 1888-90: with Nat. Life Ins. Co. of 

Vital War Message," and "Unscrambling Our Gov- D.C., 1890-4; the Northwestern Mutual of Milwau- 



kee, 1895-8, and the Provident Savings Life, 1899- 
1905; sec. Old Colony Life Ins. Co., Chicago, 1906- 
08; vice pres. and gen. mgr., 1908-9, and pres. and 
gen. mgr., 1909-13; pres. Chicago Compressed Gas 
Co., mfrs. oxygen and hydrogen gas; vice pres. 
Nat. Oxygen Co. Democrat. Episcopalian. Mason 
(R.A.), Odd Fellow, Red Men. Club: Manufactur- 
ers (N.Y.). Recreations: books, chemical research. 
Home: 5919 Kenmore Av. Office: 105 W. Monroe St. 

AUSTIN, Henry 'Warren, banking and real es- 
tate; b. Oak Park, 111., Jan. 22, 1864; s. Henry War- 
ren and Martha Sophia (Voorhees) Austin; grad. 
Oak Park High Sen., 1881; W. Div. High Sen., Chi- 
cago, 1884; B.A., Williams Coll., 1888; m. Edna Lee 
Harris, Nov. 17, 1904. On death of father, 1889, 
came into management of his real estate inter- 
ests; first pres. Oak Park State Bank, which later 
changed to Oak Park Trust & Savings Bank, of 
which is pres.; vice pres. and treas. Mackie-Love- 
joy Mfg. Co.; treas. Internal. Roofing Mfg. Co., 
J. P. Seeburg Piano Co. Mem. 43cL 44th and 45th 
111. General Assemblies from 23d Senatorial Dist.; 
now senator 23d Dist.; sch. trustee, 1894-1903; 
treas. village of Oak Park since its organization as 
a village. Republican. Congregationalist. Mem. 
Williams Coll, Alumni Assn. of Chicago (ex-pres.). 
Alpha Delta Phi (nat. pres.). Clubs: Union League, 
City, Oak Park, Oak Park Country. Home: 1022 
Lake St., Oak Park, 111. Office: 179 W. Washington 
St., Chicago. 

AUSTIN, Merritt B., electrical materials; b. at 
Terre Haute, Ind., Feb. 24, 1869; s. Jacob Bartlett 
and Sarah Emily (Grigsby) Austin; ed. normal 
sch., Terre Haute; pub. schs., Chicago; Chicago 
Athenaeum; m. Dorothy L. Lynch, of Oak Park, 
111., Oct. 28, 1915; children: (by former marriage) 
Virginia, Merritt Bartlett. In employ of the West- 
ern Electric Co., 1885-91; Knapp Electrical Works, 
1891-4; entered electrical supply business on own 
account, 1894, incorporated, 1902, as M. B. Austin 
& Co., of which is pres. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., Evanston Country, 
Exmoor Country. Recreations: golf, motoring. 
Home: 1106 Judson Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 700 
W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

AUSTIN, William Baden, bonds and mortgages; 
b. Rensselaer, Ind., Apr. 21, 1860; s. John Martin 
and Sarah Jane (Webb) Austin; B.A., Wabash 
Coll., Crawfordsville, Ind., 1881, later A.M.; at- 
tended Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1882; m. Louie 
Hammond, of Rensselaer, Nov. 7, 1882; 1 child, 
Mrs. Virginia A. Shayne. After graduating from 
coll. entered employ of law firm of Thompson & 
Bro., Rensselaer; admitted to Ind. bar, 1882, and 
entered into partnership with Hon. E. P. Ham- 
mond, 1887, which lasted until Judge Hammond 
went to Supreme bench, 1890; then practiced alone 
until 1900, when removed to Chicago; now engaged 
in handling bonds and mortgages; also managing 
dir. Knox Hat Mfg. Co. of New York. Organized 
the Farmers' State Bank of Knox, Ind., 1892; or- 
ganized the Commercial State Bank of Rensse- 
laer, 1894, and controlled the same (now the First 
Nat. Bank) ; is large owner of real estate in North- 
western Ind. and in Chicago. Trustee Wabash Coll. 
Mem. Ind. State Bar Assn., 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Rep. elector, 9th Congressional Dist., 1916. Has 
been tendered various polit. appointments, includ- 
ing foreign consulships, all of which declined. 
Mem. K. of P., Phi Kappa Psi, Ind. Soc. of Chicago 
(pres., 1913). Clubs: Union League, University, 
Hamilton (ex-pres.), Marquette (ex-pres.). South 
Shore Country. Recreations: motoring, golf. Home: 
103 Bellevue PI. Office: 1144-46-48, 7 S. Dear- 
born St. 

AUSTRIAN, Alfred a, lawyer; b. Chicago, June 
15, 1871; s. of Solomon and Julia R. Austrian; A.B., 
Harvard. 1891; m. Mamie Rothschild, of Chicago, 
Oct. 1, 1901; 1 daughter, Margaret Fuller. Admit- 
ted to bar. 1893, and since engaged in practice at 
Chicago; mem. firm of Mayer, Meyer, Austrian & 
Platt since 1905. Mem. Am.. 111. State and Chicago 
bar assns. Home: 4401 Drexel Boul. Office: 2010, 
208 S. LaSalle St. 

AVERT, Sewell Lee, president U.S. Gypsum Co.; 
b. Saginaw, Mich., Nov. 4, 1874; s. Waldo A. and 
Ellen (Lee) Avery; ed. Mich. Mil. Acad.; LL.B., 

Univ. of Mich., Dept. of Law, 1894; m. Hortense 
Lenore Wisner, of Detroit, Mich., Oct. 11, 1899; 4 
children: Sewell Lee, Jr., Aria, Lenore, Nancy. Be- 
gan with the Alabaster Co., 1894; became con- 
nected with U.S. Gypsum Co., in 1901, and pres. 
same since 1905; pres. Canadian Gypsum Co., Gyp- 
sum Fire Proofing Co.; dir. Lake and State Sav- 
ings Bank, Chicago. Mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce, Delta Tau Delta. Clubs: 
Mid-Day, City, Cliff Dwellers, Glen View, Old Elm, 
Evanston Country, University (Evanston). Recre- 
ations: yachting, golf. Home: 1123 Ridge Av., 
Evanston, 111. Office: 205 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

AYER, Edward Everett, capitalist; b. Kenosha, 
Wis., Nov. 16, 1841; s. Elbridge Gerry and Mary 
(Titcomb) Ayer; m. Emma Augusta Burbank, Sept. 
7, 1865; 1 daughter, Mrs. Frank S. Johnson. Has 
extensive lumber interests in the South and West; 
dir. Ayer & Lord Tie Co. Owns one of finest pvt. 
libraries in the U.S. and an especially noteworthy 
collection of Americana, Dir. Field Columbian Mus. 
(pres., 1893-8), Newberry Library, Art Inst. Life 
mem. Am. Hist. Assn.; dir. Chicago Hist. Soc. 
Clubs: Chicago, Caxton, Commercial, Saddle and 
Cycle, Riverside, South Shore Country (Chicago), 
Country (Lake Geneva, Wis.). Recreation: motor- 
ing. Home: 2 Banks St., Chicago; (summer) "The 
Oaks," Lake Geneva, Wis. Office: Railway Ex- 
change, Chicago. 

AYERS, Frank David, lawyer; b. on farm in Mc- 
Lean Co., nr. Bloomington, 111., June 15, 1867; s. 
Joseph B. and Sarah C. (Hayberger) Ayers; ed. 
prep., literary and law depts. of the 111. Wesleyan 
Univ., Bloomington, 111., graduating 1890; unmar- 
ried. Began practice of law at Ottawa, 111., 1890, 
as mem. firm of Browne & Ayers; came to Chicago, 
1893, forming the law firm of Ayers, Rinaker & 
Ayers; mem. firm Ayers & Ayers since 1906. First 
asst. city atty., 1903-6, city atty., 1906-7; later was 
atty. Chicago Terminal R.R. Co.; atty. Bd. of Elec- 
tion Commrs.; asst. corpn. counsel since 1916. 
Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Mason 
(Shriner), K.P. Clubs: Hamilton, Colonial. Home: 
4500 Grand Boul. Office: Corporation Counsel's Of- 
fice and 505 Chamber of Commerce. 

AYEHS, Seymour Warren, lawyer; b. McLean 
Co., 111., Aug. 12, 1863; s. Joseph B. and Sarah C. 
(Hayberger) Ayers; ed. pub. schs. of McLean Co., 
111., 111. Wesleyan Univ., Bloomington, Knox Coll., 
Galesburg, III.; law course at 111. Wesleyan Univ., 
1889-92; m. Zoe Denby, of Carlinville, 111., Nov. 4, 
1903; 1 child, Elizabeth. From time of leaving 
Knox Coll. was engaged in raising horses and cat- 
tle, until entered study of law; came to Chicago 
from Bloomington, 111., 1892; was sr. mem. of law 
firm of Ayers, Rinaker & Ayers until 1906, since of 
Ayers & Ayers; pres. United Garage Co.; dir. The 
Meyercord Co. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn., Chicago Law Inst. Republican. Mason. 
Club: Colonial. Recreations: horseback riding, lit- 
erature. Home: 4546 Vincennes Av. Office: 505-506 
Chamber of Commerce Bldg. 

AYEES, Samuel Gardiner, educator; b. Peru, 
N.Y., Apr. 25, 1865; s. Rev. David Clough and Kath- 
arine C. (Moore) Ayres; grad. Burlington (Vt.) 
High Sch., 1885; Drew Theol. Sem., 1888; B.D., 
1893; m. Olive Reynolds, of Keeseville, N.Y., Apr, 
25, 1889. Asst. librarian, 1888-92, librarian, 1892- 
Sept. 1, 1911, Drew Theol. Sem.; pres. Correspond- 
ence Sch. of Theology, Madison, N.J., Sept. 1^ 1911- 
Mar. 1, 1912; librarian with title asst., Garrett 
Bibl. Inst., Evanston, 111., since June 1, 1912. Mem. 
Troy Conf. M.E. Ch. Mem. A.L.A., N.J. Library 
Assn. (pres., 1902), 111. Library Assn., Meth. Hist. 
Soc. of N.Y., Am. Peace Soc.; hon. mem. N.E. Meth. 
Hist. Soc., Browning Soc., N.Y. (hon.). Author or 
editor of several vols., for titles see Who's Who in 
America. Address: Garrett Bibl. Inst., Evanston, 


BAACKES, Frank, vice pres. and general sales 
agent Am. Steel & Wire Co.; b. Germany, Mar. 9, 
1863; s. Godfrey and Franziska Baackes; ed. schs. 
in Germany until about 15; m. Katie O'Rourke 
(now deceased); 1 son, Godfrey D.; m. 2d, M"amie 



E. Lutz; 2 sons: Frank, Karl. Spent a year in wire 
nail mills at Oberbilk-Dusseldorf before coming, 
in 1879, to Cleveland, O. ; worked in every dept. of 
the H. P. Nail Co.'s plant, 1879-81; supt. of the 
plant, 1881-4; went to Beaver Falls, Pa., 1884, to 
erect wire nail plant for Hartman Steel Co.; while 
there undertook a series of experiments which re- 
sulted in producing what is now known as the 
Standard wire nail; organized, July, 1885, and be- 
came gen. mgr. Salem Wire Nail Co., of Salem, O. ; 
business was absorbed, Apr., 1898, with other 
plants at New Philadelphia and Findlay, O., by the 
Am. Steel & Wire Co., of 111., of which became gen. 
mgrr. ; upon absorption of this company, Jan., 1899, 
by the Am. Steel & Wire Co. of N.J. was elected 
gen. supt., and in 1900 was elected gen. sales agent 
and dir. of the company, being made vice pres., 
1905. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Union League, Chi- 
cago Automobile, Mid-Day, Calumet, South Shore 
Country, Germania. Recreations: golf, motoring, 
fishing. Home: 4932 Lake Av.; (summer) Baackes 
Lodge, Lake Content, Eagle River, Wis. Office: 
1432, 208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BABE, Washing-ton Irving', lawyer. Home: Au- 
rora, 111. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BABBITT, Benton Holcomb, wall paper; b. on 
farm, Warren Co., O., July 28, 1858; s. James Madi- 
son and Eleanor R. (Hall) Babbitt; ed. common 
schs. of Warren Co.; m. Danville, 111., Dec. 16, 1886, 
Alice Knight; children: Alice (Mrs. Edward M. 
Gallup), Benton Knight, Eleanor, Gladys. At 15 
began work in a grocery store in Warren Co., O.; 
was with Hale & West, wall paper, Lebanon, O., 
1872-8; with J. H. Madden, Danville, 111., station- 
ery and wall paper, 1878-83; came to Chicago and 
was traveling representative for J. J. McGrath, 
1883-7; traveling salesman. 1887-91, and office mgr., 
1891-7, Lartz Wall Paper Co.; Chicago mgr. Alfred 
Peats Co., wall paper, since 1897. Republican. 
Clubs: Hamilton, Congregational, Birchwood Coun- 
try. Home: 1309 Lunt Av. Office: 25 S. Wabash Av. 

BABCOCK, Adolph Borie, stock broker; b. Wash- 
ington, D.C., Aug. 10, 1876; s. Gen. Orville E. 
(U.S.A.) and Annie (Campbell) Babcock; Ph.B., 
Sheffield Scientific Sch. (Yale), 1898; unmarried. 
Since 1900 engaged as a stock broker in Chicago, 
and now connected with Babcock, Rushton Co., 
bankers and brokers. Clubs: Chicago, University, 
Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle. Residence: Chicago 
Club. Office: Home Insurance Bldg. 

BABCOCK, Alfred Jerome. (See vol. 1911.) 

BABCOCK, Frederick Reynolds, lawyer; b. Mil- 
waukee, Wis., May 4, 1865; s. Simeon and Sarah L. 
(Reynolds) Babcock; ed. Univ. of Mich., and Chi- 
cago Coll. of Law; m. Abby Kettelle, of Chicago, 
Apr. 30, 1900. Admitted to 111. bar, 1890; retired 
from practice of law, Jan. 1, 1906, to engage in 
banking and brokerage business as mem. firm of 
Finley Barrell & Co., until 1910. Mem. Chicago 
Bar Assn., Law Club, Loyal Legion. Republican. 
Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, Press, South 
Shore Country, Chicago Golf; California (Los An- 
geles, Cal.), Midwick (Pasadena, Cal.), Nat. Golf 
Links of America. Home: nr. Wheaton, 111. 

BABCOCK, Inland Almanzo, secretary Sprague 
Canning Machinery Co.; b. Freeport, 111., Oct. 6, 
1868; s. Leland A. and Margarette Ella (Bechtol) 
Babcock; ed. common schs. of Freeport, 111., North- 
western Prep. Sch. at Evanston; Lake Forest Univ., 

2 yrs., leaving to enter business; LL.B., Chicago 
Coll. of Law; m. Grace Alexandra Heap, of Chi- 
cago, Nov. 19, 1900; children: Grace Elizabeth, 
Basil Philip. Was with Montgomery Ward & Co., 

3 yrs.; then with Sprague, Warner & Co., and later 
with Bd. of Trade in the grain and feed business of 
Hadfield & Co.; upon decease of father, in 1893, 
succeeded to the estate and devoted time during 
next 2 years to matters pertaining to the closing of 
the estate; later employed by Nat. Bank of 111. and 
by the Western Mutual Life Ins. Co. as cashier and 
atty. until 1899; vice pres. and sec. Sprague Can- 
ning Machinery Co. since 1899; pres. I. W. McCagg 
Co., Chicago; vice pres. Stickney Machine Co., 
Portland, Me. Mem. Nat. Credit Men's Assn. Re- 
publican. Recreation: motoring. Home: 427 Wash- 
ingt9n Boul., Oak Park, 111. Office: 222 N. Wabash 
Av., Chicago. 

BABCOCK, Orville Ellas, banker and broker; b. 
Chicago, Aug. 13, 1872; s. Gen. Orville E. (U.S.A.) 
and Annie (Campbell) Babcock; Ph.B., Sheffield 
Scientific Sch. (Yale), 1894; m. Ellen Walsh, of 
Chicago, Nov. 20, 1901. Became a mem. of John C. 
King & Co., bankers and brokers, 1896; firm was 
succeeded by King, Hodenpyl & Co., and later again 
resumed name of John C. King & Co., succeeded, 
1907, by Babcock, Rushton Co., of which is sr. 
mem. Mem. New York Stock Exchange, Chicago 
Stock Exchange, Chicago Bd. of Trade. Republic- 
an. Clubs: Chicago, University, South Shore Coun- 
try, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle; Racquet and 
Tennis (N.Y.). Recreations: golf, motoring. Home: 
Lake Forest, 111. Office: 137 S. LaSalle St. 

BABCOCX, Robert Kail, M.D.; b. Watertown, 
N.Y.. July 26, 1851; s. Robert Stanton and Emily 
M. (Hall) Babcock; ed. Inst. for Blind, Phila., 1864- 
7; prep. dept. Olivet (Mich.) Coll., 1867-9; Western 
Reserve Coll., 1869-73, A.B., 1873, A.M., 1897: Univ. 
of Mich. (lit. dept.), 1873-4, (med. dept.), 1874-6; 
M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., 1878, Coll. Phys. and 
Surg. (Columbia), 1879; continued med. studies 
Berlin, Munich, Wurzburg, 1880-3; (LL.D., Univ. of 
Mich., 1910); m. Lizzie C. Weston, of Montclair, 
N.J., June 12, 1879; children: Eleanor Clinton, Rob- 
ert Weston. In practice, Chicago, since 1883; prof, 
clin. medicine and physical diagnosis, Chicago 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch., 1887-92; prof. clin. medicine 
and diseases of chest. Coll. Phys. and Surg., Chi- 
cago, 1891-1905; attending physician, 1891-1907, 
consulting physician, since 1907, Cook Co. Hosp.; 
consulting physician to Mary Thompson, Marion 
Sims, St. Anthony de Padua and Passavant hosps. 
Mem. Assn. Am. Physicians, Am. Climatol. Assn., 
A.M. A., Nat. Assn. for Study and Prevention of 
Tuberculosis, Internal. Inst. for Tuberculosis, Am. 
Congress of Physicians and Surgeons; corr. mem. 
Medico-Chirurg. Soc. of Edinburgh; mem. Delta 
Kappa Epsilon, etc. Author: Diseases of the Heart 
and Arterial System, 1903; Diseases of the Lungs, 
1907. Home: 74 E. Elm St. Office: 30 N. Michi- 
gan Av. 

BABCOCK, William Wesley, life insurance; b. at 
Cedar Rapids, la., Sept. 2, 1876; s. John Robinson 
and Josephine (Baker) Babcock; ed. pub. schs.. 
Cedar Rapids; m. Emy E. Davis, of Cedar Rapids, 
la., Feb. 6, 1896 (died 1910); children: Ruth J. 
(Mrs. Fernly R. Harris), Mary E., Hazel L., Wil- 
liston A.; m. 2d, Ella F. Crabb, of Chicago, 111., 
Oct. 1, 1912; 1 son, Robert W. Engaged in educa- 
tional pursuits until 1905; life ins. salesman for 
Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co. of Milwaukee, and 
N.Y. Life Ins. Co., 1905-15; Chicago mgr. for For- 
est City Life Ins. Co., Oct. 1, 1915-June, 1917; Chi- 
cago mgr. Minneapolis Mut. Life, Ins. Co. of St. 
Paul, Minn., since June, 1917. Republican. Meth- 
odist. Mason. Chmn. fellowship com., Chicago 
Sunday Evening Club. Recreation: baseball. Home: 
1101 Maple Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 105 W. Mon- 
roe St., Chicago. 

BACH, Emannel, merchant; b. Bavaria, Ger- 
many, Sept. 26, 1841; s. Isaac and Fanny (Levi- 
gard) Bach; ed. pub. schs. in Bavaria; m. Carrie 
Kohn, of Chicago, Apr. 22, 1879; children: Isaac E., 
Adele I., Corinne E. Came to U.S., 1858; went to 
Oskaloosa, la., 1861, where was in mercantile and 
banking business 27 yrs.; came to Chicago, 1888, 
and established wholesale wool and fur business; 
since 1905 discontinued the wool business; pres. 
Bach Fur Co. Republican. Jewish religion. Clubs: 
Standard, Ravisloe Country. Recreation: golf. 
Home: 5043 Drexel Boul. Office: 108 W. Austin Av. 

BACK, Frederick A., brick mfr.; Feb. 13, 1864- 
1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BACH, Julius Henry, brick mfr.; b. Plochingen, 
Germany, Sept. 21, 1865; s. William and Catharina 
Regina (Haegele) Bach; ed. in Germany and part 
course in engring-., Internal. Corr. Sch., Scranton, 
Pa.; m. Emma S. Braentigan, of Chicago, Mar. 2, 
1903; 3 children: Gilbert Jule O., Julius Irving, 
Elizabeth D. Came to U.S. with parents, 1881; ac- 
tively engaged in brick manufacture since boy- 
hood; assisted father, who started a pottery in 
Chicago, 1883, which soon was known as W. Bach, 
mfr. of brick and tile; title changed to William 
Bach & Sons, Inc., 1895, Bach Brick Co., Inc., 1905, 


brothers sole stockholders; father died, 1912, and Officer Baginski, acquitted of murder; John Kie- 

business now conducted by William, Julius, Henry, bel, acquitted of murder; Edward R. Hlbbard, con- 

Otto and Emil (brother Fred, now deceased, also vlcted In U.S. Court of using mails to defraud, case 

was in business until 1913); vice pres. and supt. afterward reversed; David Rosenbaum, acquitted 

Bach Brick Co., Inc. Patentee of closed top kill of murder; counsel for Ullman & Keller, Supreme 

burning patent and other devices for brick manu- Court of U.S., white slave law declared unconsti- 

facture. Assisted in making 8,000 brick in 10 hours tutional; atty. for "Mike de Pike," acquitted of 

with one machine, about 1884; later made 20,000 conspiracy; for Jack Johnson former champion 

brick with 2 machines in 10 hours, and in plant heavyweight pugilist, convicted of violating Mann 

on Montrose Av. now manufactures 200,000 brick Act, case reversed by U.S. Circuit Court of Ap- 

in day of 8 hours. Republican. Protestant Evan- peals; for Joseph Fish, fire ins. adjuster for the 

gelical Ch. (trustee). Clubs: Chicago Motor, Ger- assured, indicted for 18 cases of arson, trials in 2 

mania, Sharpshooters'. Home: 7306 Sheridan Rd. cases ending in acquittals, etc. Mem. Chicago Bar 

Office: 2647 Montrose Av. Assn. Republican. Jewish religion. Club: Idlewild 

BACK, Leopold, wholesale jeweler; b. Binswan- Country. Recreations: golf, swimming, bowling, 

gen, Germany, Sept. 21. 1844; s. Isaac and Fannie 2' a } klns .: Home: 105S Hyde Park Boul - offlce: no . 

(Levigart) Bach; ed. in nat. sens, of old country; s - Dearborn St. 

m. Julie Einstein, of Chicago, Feb. 27, 1877 (died BACHBACH, Walter, lawyer; b. Chicago, Sept. 

1916); 3 children: Isaac N., Clarence L., Henry K. 13, 1885; s. Charles and Leonora (Goldman) Bach- 

(died 1914). Came to U.S. and settled in Pella, la., rach; ed. grammar and high schs.; LL.B. Chicago- 

1864, and engaged in clothing business; removed Kent Coll. of Law, 1908; unmarried. Admitted to 

to Chicago, 1882, and has since been identified with 111. bar, 1908; began as law elk. in offices of Moses, 

wholesale jeweler's business; pres. and treas. Bach Rosenthal & Kennedy, 1907; mem. of firm since 

& Co. since 1910. Mem. Nat. Wholesale Jewelers' Mar. 1, 1913. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Chicago Bar 

Assn. Jewish religion. Recreations: motoring, Assn., Chicago Law Inst. Dir. Maxwell Street Set- 

traveling. Home: 4742 Michigan Av. Office: 301 tlement Assn. Jewish religion. Clubs: City, Idle- 

Heyworth Bldg. wild Country. Recreations: art, literature. Home: 

BACH, Otto Carl, mfr.; b. Plochingen, Wurttem- 4757 Ingleside Av. Office: 600 Woman's Temple. 

berg, Germany, Jan. 18, 1872; s. William and Kath- BACMEISTER, Theodore, Jr., M.D., surgeon; b. 

arina (Haegele) Bach; family came to America, Toulon, 111., May 15, 1876; s. Theodore Bacmeister; 

settling at Chicago, 1881; ed. pub. schs., Bryant A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1898; M.D., Univ. of Mich. 

and Stratton Business Coll., night and corr. schs.; Homeopathic Med. Coll., 1900. In practice at Chi- 

m. Louise Cora Gatter, of Evanston, 111., Jan. 17, cago since 1900, specializing in obstetrics; lecturer 

1907; 4 children: Otto Carl, Jr., Robert William, on electrotherapeutics, Univ. of Mich. Homoe. Med. 

Marjorie L., Paula Jean. Began to work for father, Coll., 1908-9; adj. prof, materia medica and lectur- 

a brick mfr., 1886, becoming a stockholder of the er on obstetrics, Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago. 

reorganized firm of Wm. Bach & Sons Co., in 1900, Dir. Irving Park Nat. Bank. Mem. Chicago Horace. 

which continued until the retirement of father, in Soc. (sec.). Home and Office: 4041 N. Keeler Av. 

1905, when the present corporation. Bach Brick Co., nrT>*r mi<n-lo snmnaf nhstotrifiaTi- h SnHne 

consisting of himself and five brothers, was organ- Pl ? "wis Jufv 301856- s John Jr arid Chlol 

teed, of which has since been sec Republican. ^Sf^tiSSS^A^^^S^^SK^SXl 

Snn?hin ? Jr L uthe / an - Mem. Nat. Union. Recrea- M .D., Northwestern Univ., 1884; post-grad, study 

Rrt nmol' 9?7 iE t f H me: 7631 Sheridan in Germany and Austria, 1891, 1894-95; m. Vienna, 

Rd. Office. 2647 Montrose Av. Austria, Aug. 17, 1895, Marie von Rosthorn. Prac- 

BACE. William Frederick, brick mfr.; b. Ploch- ticed at Chicago since 1884. Formerly interne of 

ingen, Wurttemberg, Germany, Nov. 29, 1861; a. of Cook Co. Hosp. and asst. surgeon Alexian Bros. 

William and Katharina (Haegele) Bach; ed. pub. Hosp.; prof, obstetrics, Chicago Policlinic, .since 

sch. and spl. course in drawing; m. Marie Lena 1895; prof, obstetrics and head of dept. of obstet- 

Ramspberger, of Plochingen, Germany, 1884; 4 rics and gynecology, Univ. of 111. Med. Sch., since 

children: William J., Adolph F., Albert J., Lillie M. 1903; attending obstetrician to Henrotin, Poll- 

Began in brick mfg. business with father, 1883, be- clinic, University, Evangelical Deaconess, German 

coming mem. firm of William Bach & Sons Co., and Chicago Lying-in hosps. Fellow Am. Coll. Sur- 

1900, vice pres. of its successor, Bach Brick Co., geons; mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago 

1905, and pres. since Jan. 1 1916. Republican. Med. Soc., Chicago Gynecol. Soc., Chicago Pathol. 

Evangelical. Mem. Schwaben Verein. Home: 2820 Soc., Physicians' Club. Mem. Soc. for Ethical Cul- 

Wilson Av. Office: 2647 Montrose Av. ture. Author: Obstetrical Nursing, 1915. Clubs: 

BACHELDOB, see also Batchelcler. University, City. Home: 2156 Sedgwick St. 


(Ayrault) Bacheldor: ed. Lake Forest Acad. In (Knight) Bacon; ed. pub. schs. of Oneida, 111., Univ. 

grocery business at Chicago 5 yrs.; engaged in the of Mich and Chicago Coll. of Dental Surgery, 

hotel business, 1873, as proprietor of the Atherton D.D.S., 1887; m. Mane Thompson, of Chicago, 1887. 

House, the Southern Hotel, and later of the Lex- Engaged in gen. practice of dentistry in Chicago 

ington Hotel, until 1900, when disposed of the hotel slnc e 1887. Mem. Chicago Dental Soc. Republican. 

business and engaged in the real estate business. Mason. Club: Illinois Athletic. Residence: Luzerne 

Republican. Club: Union League. Residence: Lex- Hotel. Office: 31 N. State St. 
ington Hotel. BACON, Edward Richardson, grain; b. Chicago, 

BACHELLi, Cecil Von, surgeon; B.S Univ of Feb. 22, 1857; s. Moses S. and Georgianna (Rich- 

Chicago, 1897, M.S., 1898; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., ardson) Bacon; ed. Ogden Sch., Newberry Sch., W. 

1900. Asso. prof, gynecology, Chicago Policlinic; Div. High Sch., Phillips Exeter Acad.; A.B., Har- 

asst. prof, obstetrics, Coll. of Medicine Univ of vard, 1878; m. Clara Cram, 1879 (now deceased); 

111.; gynecologist to Henrotin Memorial, Chicago m. 2d, Katherine D. Horton, 1902; children: Ray- 

Policlinic, and Lake View hosps. Fellow Am. Coll. mond C., Edward R., Jr., John W., Robert C. En- 

Surgeons; mem. A.M. A., 111. State and Chicago med. gaged as buyer and shipper of grain since 1878. 

socs. Home: 4521 Sheridan Rd. Office- 30 N. Mich- Mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade. Home: 452 Briar PI. 

igan Av. Office: 230 S. LaSalle St. 

BACHBACH. Benjamin Charles, lawyer; b. El- BACON, Francis M., live stock commn. (See vol. 

gin, 111., Jan. 29, 1874; s. Charles and Leonora 1911.) 

(Goldman) Bachrach; A.B., Univ. of Notre Dame, TiAr-ow rpoi-o-e A n ri row* n.iMishpr Removed 

Ind., 1892; student Cornell Univ.; studied Columbia to ifSS-'hSSS? <^P v^l 1911 

Law Sch., N.Y.; LL.B., Kent Coll. of Law, Chicago, to Mass lcllui > etts - < bee " " 

1896; m. Chicago, June 5, 1898, Martha Hartman; BACON, Henry Martyn, lawyer; b. Rochester, 

children: Leona, Marie. In practice at Chicago N.Y., Apr. 8, 1849; s. Samuel Robert and Lucy Al- 

since 1896. Appeared in defense of Alderman mira (Gilbert) Bacon; ed. common schs.; Geneseo 

Thomas O'Malley, acquitted of murder; Baron von Collegiate Inst.; Business Coll.; studied law in of- 

Biedenfeld, acquitted of murder: Charles W. Spal- fices of the late Charles Hitchcock, and Hitchcock 

ding, banker, acquitted of embezzlement; Police & Dupee; m. Anna Tilden, d. of the late William 


Lathrop Moss, of Chicago, Feb. 5, 1894; 3 children: Soc., A.M. A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. 

Robert Lathrop, Anna Elizabeth, Henry Martyn, Republican. Home: 1259 Devon Av. Office: 29 E. 

Jr. Admitted to 111. bar, 1880, and since practiced Madison St. 

In Chicago. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn Chicago Bar B AER, Otto, lawyer; b. in Germany, Sept. 8, 1883; 

Assn Republican. Presbyterian Club ^, V? 1O 3 s - Louis and Johanna (Hart) Baer; brought to U.S 

League, Recreation: athletics. Home: Highland in infancy; ed . grammar and high schs., Chicago; 

Park, Lake Co., 111. Office: 38 S. Dearborn St., North Ch 'ii a g Business Coll.; LL.B., John Mar^ 

,hicago. sna]1 Law Scn _ 1909 . m Bste ii e Koelsch, of Cin- 

BACO1T, Faul Valentine, publisher. Removed to cinnati, O., July 15, 1915. Admitted to 111. bar, 

Boston, Mass. (See vol. 1911.) 1910, and since practiced in Chicago; associated in 

BACON, Robert Stillwell, mfr. veneers. (See vol. practice with Judge Timothy D. Hurley as Hurley 

1911 ) & Baer. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., 111. Lawyers' 

nin-ci-Kmnir t _4j *i- a v.* v, Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Democrat. Jewish reli- 

n B ^?, ^? '>i ^V 5 in 8 i rf ri' J?' Sion. Mason; mem. K. of P., Nat. Union, Woodmen 

Chicago^ Nov. 21, 1883 s. John Joseph and Clem- of the World . -Home: 4908 Glenwood Av. Office: 

ence (Ward) Badenoch; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., unity Bide (127 N Dearborn St ) 
1904; m. Grace Digby Byrne, of Chicago, Oct. 30, g ' u<i ' w> " 

1906; children: Byrne Mennel, Edward Lee. Identi- BAOOOT, James Edward, president E. Baggot 

fled since 1904 with grain commn. business estab- Co - plumbers, gas fitters, etc.; b. Chicago, Sept. 6, 

llshed by father; now sec. and treas. Park & Pol- 1 8 65; s. Edward and B. Baggot; grad. St. Ignatius 

lard Co. of 111. Mem. Sigma Phi. Republican. Bap- Coll., 1881; m. Chicago, 1890, Julia A. Heeney; 4 

tlst. Clubs: University, Traffic. Home: 1033 As- ? hlld ,ren: Edward, Genevieve, Evylme, James E 

bury Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 727 Postal Tele- In 1 88 1 entered the plumbing business established 

graph Bldg Chicago by father, 1861, learning the trade and later hav- 

BA-nvKrn^B- T*** T n .. n T, i, , K T? t S charge of the plumbing and lighting fixtures 

BADENOCB:, John Joseph, hay gram; b. Fyfe- in many of the i ar&e st buildings in Chicago; now 

J^Jfnl^^ifJ^^t'SWLf^Sft? P8. of E. Baggot Co,, contractors for plumbing 

"-. Jonn J., Jr u eceasecy, uawarau. -Annie I.. publican . Catholic. Recreations: motoring and 

(wife of Rev. Percy W. Stephens) David A., Er- tner outdoor diversions. Home: 4357 Vincennes 

Sf e ^ W kr?r e 1-g & Ch C i o C . aS who?e 6 sV e n j e ^?er 1 s n .ry P S &J 1? E ' Lake St ' FaCt ry: 238 K Illin iS 

in 1873 established present firm of J. J. Badenoch "~ 

& Co., commn. mchts. and shippers of hay, grain, T BA iEY ' "f^T *tteron, ^-D.; b. Huntington, 
feed, etc., of which is pres. Was alderman of old Ind " K*^*3 1876 i s ' L ^ on ?' a 1 d Isabe 'l a P. (Pat- 
llth Ward; pres. of the Bd. of Election Commrs. 3 terson) Bagley; ed. pub schs Huntington; Butler 
yrs., and Bd. of Edn. 3 yrs.; gen. supt. of police of u niv. Irvington, Ind.; M.D., Univ. of 111 Coll. of 
the City of Chicago 2 yrs. Mem. Chicago Bd. of Medicine, 1905; post-grad, work, Univ. of Chicago 
Trade. Ex-pres. Masonic Orphans' Home, St. An- g Harvard . Me -, J , Sc , l J- : m ' c , .",",, !, nn o Smlth 
drew's Soc. Republican. Mason (Past Comdr. St. c . nu , r( ; h '. ot t Springfield Mass., Sept. 12, 1902 Spe- 
Bernard Commandery, K.T., Shriner). Recreations: cialist in treatment of eye, ear, nose and throat; 
yachting, fishing. Home: 2956 Washington Boul., P!T ac ticed in Chicago and at Rush Med. Coll since 
Chicago; (summer) Brown's Lake, Burlington, J, 90 .? I instr. Ear, Nose and Throat Dept., Rush Med. 
Wi>5 Offipp- 4nn N TIninn Av rhirnirn Coll. Mem. Am. Med. Assn., 111. State Med. Soc., 
m AV., 01 Chicago Med. Soc., Nu Sigma Nu. K.P. Home: 208 
>T , ,' ^"P" / gram and feed; b. Chi- Clinton Av., Oak Park. Office: 31 N. State St.. Chi- 
cago, May 4, 1875; s. John Joseph and Clemence cago 
(Ward) Badenoch; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Anna 

Carter, of Chicago, Oct. 4, 1898; children: Helen. BAILEY, s&e also Bally. 

Lester, John, Gordon. Associated with father in BAILEY, Clarence Mitchell, brigadier-gen. U.S. 

business since 1888; sec. and treas. J. J. Badenoch Army. Removed to Ft. Wayne, Ind. (See Who's 

Co. Mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade, Chicago Assn. of Who in America.) 

Commerce. Club: Union League. Home: 2912 War- BAILEY, Edward Fayson, banker; b. Almont, 

ren Av. Office: 400 N. Union Av. Lapeer Co., Mich., Dec. 28, 1841; s. Frederick Kins- 

BADENOCH, Rowland Nathaniel, lawyer; b. Chi- man and Sarah (Shaw) Bailey; descendant of John 

cago, Dec. 28, 1871; s. Joseph and Elizabeth (Hill) Baley, Salisbury, Mass., 1635; ed. pub. schs. and 

Badenoch; ed. Englewood grammar and high schs., Bryant and Stratton Commercial Coll., Chicago; 

graduating 1891; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1897; m. Katharine Baxter, of Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 26, 

m. Mary R. Russell, of Jacksonville, 111., Oct. 25, 1866; children: Delia Augusta (Mrs. Arthur H. 

1901; 1 son, Rowland Russell. Admitted to bar, Day, New Haven, Conn.), Annie Baxter (died in in- 

Sept. 15, 1898; engaged in practice of law; now in fancy); m. 2d, Minerva Spruance, of Chicago, May 

real estate business. Republican. Baptist. Home: 9, 1889; children: Edward Payson, Harmon (daugh- 

754 Junior Ter. Office: 105 W. Monroe St., Chicago, ter), Frederick Spruance, Vaughn. Was clerk for 

BADEE, John, lumber mcht.; Aug. 20, 1849-1914. De ". smo j; e & , f" ce ><;hicago, 1860-1, for Copley Far- 

f?pp vnl mil well & Co., 1862, Chicago; bookkeeper at Odell, 111., 

1863; clerk quartermaster's dept., U.S.A., 1863-4; 

BADGER, Alphens Shreye, lumber mcht^; b. Chi- cash ier of bank at Knoxville, Tenn.. 1865-75; with 

cago Leb. 16, 1862; s Alpheus C. and Elvira C. A _ T Stewart & Co., New York, 1^75-82; became 

( Sill tivi 1 1 n n I T-^'j il tfor art tnih cr-lio l*Vilr>o irn m , n r. <-* -j.i. >~.i_ __ _ -i-_ii i_i_ T 

Harvey, 1876-8; was afterward in accounting dept. Trust Co. since 1911; dir. C. B. Live Stock Co. 
Pullman Palace Car Co. and later in wholesale Mem bd of trustees and bd. of mgrs. Y.M.C.A. Re- 
dept. of ! leld, Leiter & Co.; became connected with pu blican. Episcopalian; chmn. central com. Lay- 
Nat. Lumber Co., at Creston, la., 1888, and later men's Missionary Movement. Mem. 111. Soc. Colo- 
treas. and mgr of the company in Chicago; pres nial Wars In . Soc. S.R. Clubs: Union League, 
A. S. Badger Co. since Apr, 1896 |? ome: l m Bankers', Chicago Literary, Church, Midlothian. 
Davis St., Evanston, 111. Office: 140 S. Dearborn Recreation: golf. Home: 2400 South Park Av. Of- 
St., Chicago. fice: 7 w Madison St. 

BADT, Francis Beatns, electrical engr.; Oct. 4, BAILEY Edward William, grain mcht ; b. El- 

1849-Apr. 12, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) more, Vt., Aug. 31, 1843; s. George W. and Rebecca 

BAER, Almerin Webster, M.D.; b. Wayne Co., O., (Warren) Bailey; ed. grammar schs., Montpelier, 
Feb. 3, 1862; s. Benjamin F. and Amanda (Butter- Vt. ; m. Montpelier, Vt., May 26, 1870, Jennie Car- 
more) Baer; ed. pub. schs. of Pa.; Ph.G., Chicago ter (died 1908); children: George C. and Mary 
Coll of Pharmacy, 1885; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Blanchard (Mrs. Fred Meyer) ; m. 2d, Corah Hasel- 
1889. Engaged in practice of medicine in Chicago tine, of Chicago, Oct., 1909. Worked on farm until 
from 1889; now specialist in electro-therapy and 1869; then successively in grocery and grain busi- 
X-ray practice. Mem. Am. Electro-Therapeutic ness until 1877, and later exclusively in grain. 



Came to Chicago, 1879, and established the commn., 
grain and provisions business of E. W. Bailey & 
Co., of which he is sole principal; also under same 
flrm name at Montpelier, Vt., with special co-part- 
ners at that branch of the business, doing a whole- 
sale and retail trade in flour and grain and con- 
ducting a mill. Mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade, Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, Press, South Shore Country, Beverly Golf. 
Recreation: his library. Home: 4868 Kenwood Av. 
Office: 72 Board of Trade. 

BAILEY. E(li) Stillman, M.D.; b. Little Genesee, 
N.Y., Sept. 2, 1851; s. James and Tacy (Hubbard) 
Bailey; grad. Milton (Wis.) Coll., 1873; M.D., 
Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1878; unmarried. 
Practiced in Chicago since 1878; ex-dean Hahne- 
mann Med. Coll. Mgr. The Clinique 10 yrs. Mem. 
Am. Inst. Homoeopathy. Republican. Seventh-Day 
Baptist. Author: Indiana Sand Dunes, 1916. Home: 
6222 Woodlawn Av. Office: 22 E. Washington St. 

BAILEY. Oeorg-e Troy, M.D.; b. Jacksonville, 
111., Nov. 30, 1864; s. James R. and Mary T. W. 
Bailey; ed. 111. Coll., Jacksonville, and Northwest- 
ern Univ. Med. Sch., grad., M.D., 1894; m. Chicago, 
Feb. 14, 1899, Clara Koch; children: John Hayes, 
Helen Hildegarde. Began practice in Chicago, 
1894; med. examiner N.Y. Life Ins. Co. since 1896. 
Mem. A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Ma- 
son (Chevalier Bayard Commandery, K.T.). Recre- 
ations: duck shooting, fishing. Home: 656 E. 45th 
St. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St. 

BAILEY, William E., railway auditor; b. Dowa- 
giac, Mich., Oct. 26, 1857. Began ry. service with 
A.,T.&S.F.Ry., 1884, as clerk in auditor's office at 
Topeka, Kan., 1884-5, traveling auditor and clerk 
in charge of freight accounts Wichita & Western 
div., at Wichita, Kan., 1885-90, spl. agt. in account- 
ing dept., 1890-2, chief clerk to gen. auditor, 1892-5, 
asst. to the 1st vice pres., 1895-9, auditor Southern 
Cal. Ry. and Santa F6 Pacific R.R., 1899-1900, asst. 
gen. auditor, 1900-5, and gen. auditor since Oct., 
1905, A.,T.&S.F.Ry. Ex-pres. Assn. of Am. Ry. Ac- 
counting Officers. Club: Chicago Athletic. Office: 
Railway Exchange. 

BAILLOT, Edouard Paul; b. Paris, France, July 
28, 1861; s. AmSdee and Eliza (Walter) Baillot; 
B.Sc., Univ. of France, 1879; L.H.D., Illinois Coll., 
Jacksonville, 111., 1895; m. Laura Colton Spooner, 
of Lockport, N.Y., July 30, 1889. Came to America, 
1885; began teaching at Cornell Univ., 1890; later 
in charge of dept., Ind. Univ.; prof. Romance langs.. 
Northwestern Univ., since Sept., 1898, also head of 
dept.; has given regular courses of lectures at Co- 
lumbia, Cornell, Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Me., 
etc. Mem. Modern Lang. Assn. America, Soc. 
French Profs, of America (pres. western br.), Alli- 
ance Franchise, Chicago (dir.); Offlcier d' Academic. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: University (Evanston, 111., 
and Chicago). Editor series of French books, 1898. 
Home: 426 Hamilton St., Evanston, 111. 

BAILY. gee also Bailey. 

BAILY, Jacob Xi., lawyer; b. nr. Vermont, Fulton 
Co., 111., Aug. 29, 1851; s. Thomas and Nancy A. 
(Bottenberg) Baily; ed. Oberlin (O.) Coll. and 
Northwestern Univ.; m. Lois C. Foster, of Table 
Grove, 111., Aug. 20, 1876; children: Mrs. Jessie P. 
Twyman, Frances (Mrs. D. S. Farrar). Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1876; practiced law at Macomb, 111., un- 
til 1900, when came to Chicago; head of firm of 
Baily, Hall & Spunner. Trial atty. for the Union 
Elevated R.R. Co., Northwestern Elevated R.R. Co., 
Cicero & Oak Park Elevated R.R. Co.; asst. trial 
atty. Union Traction Co. Democrat. Methodist. 
Mason (K.T.). Club: Union League. Home: 4420 
Berkeley Av. Office: 76 W. Monroe St. 

BAIN, Foree, patent lawyer and elec. and mech. 
expert; b. LaGrange, Oldham Co., Ky., Feb. 1, 1853; 
s. Thomas .1. and Eunitia A. (Foree) Bain; ed. pub. 
schs. of LaGrange, Ky. ; legal edn. in Chicago Coll. 
of Law and Kent Coll. of Law; self taught in 
engring. ; m. Cora Foster, of LaGrange, Ky., Dec. 
16, 1875; children: Clara Louise, Virginia M., Cora 
M., Foree, Jr. Telegraph operator, 1868; electric 
engr. and mfr., 1879-94; consulting engr. since 
1886; frequently called upon to testify as an expert 
in causes in which elec. and patent matters are in- 

volved. Inventor; has designed and constructed 
automatically operating machines and devices- 
practicing as patent lawyer since 1900, and since 
1909 sr. mem. of Foree Bain & May. Mem. Chicago 
Patent Law Assn. Agnostic. Club: Suburban (La 
Grange). Contbr. to tech. jours. Recreations: fish- 
ing, camping. Home: LaGrange, 111. Office: 1648 
Monadnock Blk. 

r, John, banker; b. at Stornoway, Scotland 
Nov. 26, 1868; s. Kenneth and Catherine (Morri- 
son) Bain; ed. grammar sch., Scotland, and night 
sch., Chicago; m. Susan M. Leslie, of Chicago, Feb 
25, 1889; children: Catherine H., Lillian F., John 
H., Marion J., Robert A., Leslie L. Came to Amer- 
ica, 1887; engaged in real estate business since 
1897; mem. John Bain & Co.; also pres. Englewood 
Ashland State Bank, Marquette Park Bank, High- 
lands State Bank, Drexel Park Investment Co., 
Western Av. Investment Co. Mem. Bd. South Park 
Commrs.; mem. Draft Registration Bd., 1917. Dir. 
Chicago Boys' Club. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: Union League, Beverly Country, Olympia 
Fields Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 1534 W. 
62d St. Office: 1610 W. 63d St. 

BAIBD, Duane William, wholesale lumber; b. at 
Greenwood, Wis., Aug. 27, 1877; s. Octavius Hast- 
ings and Marguerite Samantha (Fradette) Baird- 
ed. pub. schs.; m. Florence Guirl, of Clay City, Ind , 
1906. In lumber business since 1899; now pres. of 
the D. W. Baird Lumber Co. Republican. Mason 
(Shriner). Club: Oak Park. Home: 5452 Ellis Av. 
Office: 1026 W. 22d St. 

BAIBD, Edward Fayson, mfr.; b. Phila., Pa., 
Jan. 26, 1860; s. James H. and Adeline Whittemore 
(Torrey) Baird; ed. pub. schs., Montclair, N.J., 
and Hightstown (N.J.) Acad. ; m. Chicago, Oct 30 
1895, Cora Lee Cox; children: Coreta Cox, Edward 
Payson, Jr., and Helen I. Entered employ of Wil- 
liam A. Torrey & Co., New York, 1875; Seth Thomas 
Clock Co., New York, 1879; Electro-Mechanical 
Clock Co., Montreal, Can., 1887; established Baird 
Clock Co., of Montreal and Plattsburg, N.Y., 1888; 
moved to Chicago, 1893; established, 1900, Baird 
Mfg. Co. and in 1915 the Chicago Cabinet Lock Co., 
of which is gen. mgr. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Club: Evanston Country. Home: 1221 Judson Av., 
Evanston, 111. Office: 1850 Otto St., Chicago. 

BAIBD, Frank Theodore, teacher of singing; b. 
Auburn, Mass.; s. Samuel Eddy and Mary Ann 
(Stone) Baird; ed. in Worcester, Mass., also in Chi- 
cago and Europe. Began teaching in Chicago, 1884. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Recreations: golf, so- 
cial life. Home: 274 Main St., Aurora, 111. Studio: 
424 Fine Arts Bldg., Chicago. 

BAIKD, Oeorg-e Ambrose, pres. The Kimberly 
Corporation, holding corpn., operating gen. mining 
concerns; b. Rochester, Beaver Co., Pa., May 10, 
1865; s. Charles A. and Mary B. (Ambrose) Baird; 
ed. pub. schs., Sharon, Mercer Co., Pa.; m. Sharon, 
Mar. 24, 1897, Ella R., d. of Dr. D. P. Stewart; 1 
son, George Stewart. In iron and steel mfg. busi- 
ness with P. L. Kimberly & Co., Sharon, 1881-94; 
asst. sec. and treas. Atlantic Iron & Steel Co., New 
Castle, Pa., 1894-8; mgr. Sharon Iron Co., Ltd., and 
the Buhl Steel Co., Sharon, 1898-9; removed to Chi- 
cago, 1899; vice pres. and mgr. sales dept. Republic 
Iron & Steel Co., May 1, 1899-Jan. 1, 1906; manag- 
ing executor estate of late Peter L. Kimberly, 
1906-11; pres. The Kimberly Corporation since 1911. 
Engaged in irrigation enterprise, the Twin Falls 
Land & Water Co., of southern Ida., and various 
mining propositions in Lake Superior dist. and the 
far west. Republican. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., Union League, Mid- 
Day, South Shore Country (Chicago) ; Duquesne 
(Pittsburgh). Recreation: golf. Residence: South 
Shore Country Club. Office: 110 S. Dearborn St. 

BAIBD, Lucius Olmgted, njissionary secretary; 
b. Chicago, June 15, 1863; s. Lyman and Elizabeth 
(Warner) Baird; B.A., Yale, 1885; student Chicago 
Law Sch., 1887-8; B.D., Yale Div. Sch., 1890; (D.D., 
Drury Coll., Springfield, Mo., 1910); m. Jeannette 
Stuart Woods, of Kingston, Can., Sept. 19, 1895. 
Ordained Congl. ministry, 1890; pastor Pullman, 
Wash, (as mem. "Yale Band"), 1890-4, Ottawa, 111., 
1895-1905, St. Mary's Av. Ch., Omaha, Neb., 1905- 
10; western sec. Am. Missionary Assn., Chicago, 



since 1910. Pres. Congl. Summer Assembly, 1912- 
16 Progressive. Mem. Psi Upsilon. Home: 67 
Crescent PI., Wilmette, 111. Office: 19 S. LaSalle 
St., Chicago. 

*BAIBD, Max, lawyer. (See vol. 1911.) 

BAIRD, Wyllys Warner, real estate; b. New Ha- 
ven Conn.; s. Lyman and Elizabeth M. (Warner) 
Baird- ed Univ. Sch., Chicago; m. Olivia, d. of 
Oliver B Green, of Chicago, 1883 (now deceased) ; 
children: Warner Green, Katharine Louisa. En- 
tered employ of Baird & Bradley, 1878; later be- 
came mem. of firm (established 1865), continuing 
until 1893; since mem. of its successor, Baird & 
Warner, Charles T. Gilbert, John T. Wheeler and 
self. Mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd. (pres., 1903). 
Republican. Congregationalist; treas. Chicago 
Theol. Sem. Clubs: Union League, Indian Hill. 
Recreations: golf, fishing; and hunting-. Home: 446 
Wellington Av. Office: 29 S. LaSalle St. 

BAKER, Alfred Xiandon, stock and bond broker; 
b of Boston citizens temporarily visiting Nova 
Scotia Apr 30, 1869; s.Addison and Maria (Mudge) 
Baker; grad. Lynn (Mass.) High Sch., 1876; stud- 
ied law in office of George W. Smith, Boston; m. 
Mary Corwith, of Chicago, June 5, 1894; children: 
Isabelle, Mary. Admitted to bar of Essex Co., 
Mass., 1881; practiced law with John R. Baldwin 
(firm Baldwin & Baker) at Lynn until 1886; was 
mem. Lynn City Council and Lynn sch. bd. Came 
to Chicago, 1886, and for several years was senior 
mem. law firm of Baker & Greeley, until retired 
from active practice, in 1895, and engaged in busi- 
ness as banker and broker and mem. Chicago Stock 
Exchange, later also becoming mem. Chicago Bd. 
of Trade and the New York Stock Exchange; in 
Jan 1896, was joined by Solomon Sturges and 
Hugh McB. Johnston, now partners in the firm of 
Alfred L. Baker & Co.; vice pres. Nat. City Bank. 
Pres. Chicago Stock Exchange, 1898-1900; pres. bd. 
of trustees, Lake Forest Univ., 1906-7; trustee and 
treas Chicago Bureau Public Efficiency. Clubs: 
Chicago, Union League, University, Commercial, 
Onwentsia (pres., 1901-6), Merchants (pres., 1905), 
University. Recreations: golf. Home: LakeForest, 
111. Office: 141 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BAKER, Charles, grain, stocks, provisions, etc.; 
b. Evansville, Ind., Oct. 25, 1874; s. Charles E. and 
Susan H. (Stevenson) Baker; ed. South Div. High 
Sch., Chicago; Chicago Coll. of Law; m. Nellie C. 
Jillson, of Chicago, Jan. 26, 1904; 2 children: 
Charles J., Martha B. Began as trader in wheat 
about 1890; has been connected with J. F. Harris, 
A. J. White & Co., J. Simons & Co., Logan & Bryan 
and was Chicago mgr. for Keusch & Schwartz Co., 
1913-15; now pres. Simons, Day & Co. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bd. of Trade. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Chicago 
Automobile, Beverly Country, Ridge Country. Rec- 
reations: handball, golf, tennis. Home: 10235 S. 
Seeley Av. Office: 324-328 Postal Telegraph Bldg. 

BAKER, Charles M., telegraph official; b. Alex- 
andria, Pa., Apr. 13, 1854; s. Michael W. and Cath- 
arine S. Baker; ed. pub. schs., Alexandria; m. 
Dwight, 111., Apr. 30, 1874, Nellie C. Adams; 1 
daughter, Adelaide Adams (Mrs. John R. Hilton). 
Druggist at Dwight, 111., 1868-86; telegraph opera- 
tor in connection with drug business, 1870-86; 
supt. of construction, Mutual Union Telegraph 
Co., Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Co., American 
Union Telegraph Co., Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph 
Co., and Postal Telegraph-Cable Co., since 1872; 
built all the lines of the Postal Telegraph-Cable 
Co. from the state line of Pa. to Cal. and from New 
Orleans to Duluth; built and owned a line of tele- 
graph between Chicago and Milwaukee, which was 
sold to Postal Telegraph-Cable Co.; now gen. supt. 
of plant. Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. Republican. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country, 
Electric Club- Jovian League. Recreations: hunt- 
ing, fishing, motoring. Residence: Chicago Beach 
Hotel. Office: 140 W. Van Buren St. 

BAKER, Charles Whalen; Apr. 5, 1856-Oct. 8, 
1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

BAKER, Cornelia, author; b. Jackson Co., O., 
June 16, 1855; d. William and Electra McGhee; 
M.E.L. (Mistress English Literature), Wesleyan 
Coll., Cincinnati, 1871; m. Jackson, O., Wilson G. 
Baker, of Chicago, Sept. 16, 1874. Contbr. short 

stories, verse, etc., to mags, since 1904. Author: 
Coquo and the King's Children, 1902; The Queen's 
Page, 1905; Young People in Old Places, 1906; The 
Court Jester, 1906; The Magic Image from India, 
1909. Address: 221 E. Erie St. 

BAKER, Dillard B., lawyer; b. Mount Sterling, 
Ky., July 9, 1876; s. Joseph W. and Eliza A. (Pence) 
Baker; prep. edn. Grove Acad., Ky. ; Valparaiso 
(Ind.) Univ.; LL.B., Chicago Law Sch., 1903; m. 
Edna M. Prickett, of Goshen, Ind., Nov. 28, 1907; 
children: Dillard B., Jr., Edith Lucille, Jeanette 
Edna. Admitted to 111. bar, 1903, and since prac- 
ticed in Chicago; mem. faculty Chicago Law Sch. 
Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar assns. Mem. Cen- 
tral Improvement Assn., Chicago. Democrat. Pres- 
byterian. Mason. Home: 3669 N. Springfield Av. 
Office: 29 S. LaSalle St. 

BAKER, Edwin Rice, accountant. (See vol.1911.) 

BAKER, Elmer Jerome, publisher; b. Buchanan 
Co., la., Nov. 3, 1861; s. D. P. and Mary C. (Smith) 
Baker; ed. grammar and high schs., Sycamore, 111.; 
Wheaton (111.) Coll.; Univ. of 111.; m. Florence R. 
Rohland, 1902. Resident of Chicago since 1880, and 
after leaving coll., 1882, engaged as publisher; now 
publisher of Farm Implement News. Clubs: Press, 
Chicago Athletic Assn., Chicago Automobile, Chi- 
cago Advertising Assn. Recreations: reading and 
motoring. Home: 819 Buena Av. Office: 169 N. 
State St. 

BAKER, Francis Elisha, U. S. circuit judge. 
Home: Goshen, Ind. (See Who's Who In America.) 

BAKER, Frank, jurist; May 11, 1840-July 9, 1916. 
(See Who's Who in America, 1916-17.) 

BAKER, Frank Collins, zoologist. Removed to 
Syracuse, N.Y. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BAKER, Frank Joseph, engineer; b. Cleveland, 
Sept. 11, 1864; s. William D. and Josephine (Rus- 
sell) Baker; B.S. in Mech. Engring., Univ. of Mich., 
1887; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 1897; 
m. Gayle Nelson, of Chicago, Oct., 1906; children: 
Channing, Nona Gayle. Identified with operation 
of electric light plants and electric rys., 1882-7; in 
practice of law, 1897-1902; vice pres. North Shore 
Electric Co., 1902-11; vice pres. Public Service Co. 
of 111. since Nov. 1, 1911. Asso. Am. Inst. Elec. 
Engrs.; mem. Nat. Electric Light Assn. Republic- 
an. Episcopalian. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: 
University, Chicago Athletic Assn., Exmoor, Sko- 
kie. Home: Wilmette, 111. Office: 72 W. Adams St., 

BAKER, Frank Spencer, architect; b. Chicago, 
May 2, 1874; s. Orris P. and Rose M. (Spencer) 
Baker; ed. Chicago Manual Training Sch., Lewis 
Inst., Univ. of Chicago; passed state examination 
for architects, fall of 1904; m. Mary Wilcoxson, of 
Chicago, Mar. 19, 1909; children: Frank S., Jr., 
Eleonor. Carpenter, 1894-5; architect, draftsman 
and supt. with Holabird & Roche, Shepley, Rutan & 
Coolidge, Frost & Granger, Patton & Miller, 1896- 
1906; practiced alone, 1906-7; mem. Hall & Baker, 
1908-9; practiced alone since 1909. Mem. Builders 
and Traders' Exchange. Vice pres. or sec. Citizens' 
League, 1906-15. Republican. Club: Hamiltpn. Rec- 
reations: gardening, tennis. Home and Studio: Lom- 
bard, 111. Office: 133 W. Washington St., Chicago. 

BAKER, Fredric Philip, clergyman; b. Franeker, 
Netherlands, Feb. 25, 1848; s. Albert and Delia W. 
(Zipma) Baker; ed. Hope Coll., Holland, Mich., and 
Western Sem. of Reformed Ch. in America, B.D., 
1876; (D.D., 1896); m. Holland, Mich., Sept. 14, 
1876, Laura M. Heald; 1 daughter, Grace Lucinda. 
Licensed to preach by Classis of Reformed Ch., 
1876; ordained by Presbytery of Winnebago, 1877; 
pastor Presbyn. chs. at Rural, Wis., 1876-83, 
Marshfield, Wis., 1883-7, Wayne, Neb., 1887-91. Re- 
formed Ch., Constantine, Mich., 1891-3; Presbyn. 
chs. at Hot Springs, S.D., 1893-7, Sheldon, 111., 1897- 
99, Irving Park Ch., Chicago, since 1899. Repub- 
lican. Home: 4047 N. Keeler Av. 

BAKER, Frederick Sherman, lawyer. Removed 
to Detroit, Mich. (See vol. 1911.) 

BAKER, George, general mgr. sales, 111. Steel 
Co.; b. Hamilton, Ont., Can.; ed. high sch. and com- 
mercial coll.; m. Ann J. Brown, 1871; 3 children; 
Annette, Olive, Orrin. Connected with the North 
Chicago Rolling Mills, 1871-8; engaged in manu- 


facture of implements in Can., 1878-89; returned by) Turck; B.A., Milwaukee-Downer Coll.; studied 
to Chicago and became identified with the 111. Steel Boston Sch. of Oratory; m. Frederick Sherman 
Co, of which has been gen. mgr. of sales since Baker, of Chicago, Nov. 10, 1888. Founder, 1899, 
1899, also dir. of the company; sales mgr. Carnegie and editor Correct English Magazine; author and 
Steel Co and Tenn Coal, Iron & R.R. Co. Clubs: pub. of a number of books on "Correct English." 
Union League, Chicago Athletic Assn., Mid-Day, Home: 1616 Maple Av., Evanston, 111. 
South Shore Country, Chicago Yacht, Chicago Au- BAKER, Lucius X., lumberman; b. Kelloggsville, 
tomobile, Evanston Golf. Recreations: golf, bil- Ashtabula Co., O., Aug. 16, 1855; s. Edward P. and 
Hards. Home: 417 Barry Av. Office: 208 S. LaSalle p au lina (Bloss) Baker; ed. country schs. and 
Street. Grand River Inst., Austinburg, O. ; m. May C. Fos- 

BAKER, Henry Dunster, consul; b. Attleboro, ter, of Ludington, Mich., June 26, 1882 (died, 1890); 
Mass Feb 26 1873; s William T. Baker; A.B., 1 daughter, Helen Foster. Connected with Thomas 
Yale, '1896; m. Miss Griffiths, of Australia. Con- R. Lyon, agt. lumber mfrs., Ludington, and en- 
nected with editorial depts. Chicago Tribune, New gaged in various pursuits there, 1874-96; associat- 
York Evening Post and Commercial West, Minne- ed with others, 1893, in organizing the J. S. Stearns 
apolis, to 1904; in spl. lit. work, 1904-7; consul at Lumber Co., Odanah, Wis., of which was sec. and . 
Hobart, 1907-10; spl. duty In New Zealand to In- treas., 1893-1907, pres. since 1907; pres. Baker 
vestigate trade conditions, 1910-11; consul at Nas- Lumber Co., Ashland, Odanah & Marengo R.R., 
sau, 1912-13; spl. detail to investigate opportuni- Langlade Lumber Co.; vice pres. Lyon, Gary & Co., 
ties for extension of commerce of U.S. in India, Scott & Howe Lumber Co., Continental Timber Co., 
1913; consul at Bombay, 1913-14; apptd. commer- Northern Nat. Bank (Ashland, Wis.); dir. Lyon 
cial attache, Dept. of Commerce, Oct. 3, 1914, and Cypress Lumber Co. (Chicago), Callapooia & Rock 
designated for duty at Am. Embassy, Petrograd; Creek Timber Co., Mellen Lumber Co., Bagdad 
consul at Trinidad, W.I., Oct. 27, 1916. Home: Chi- Lumber Co. Pres. Northern Pine Mfg. Assn., 1910. 
cago, 111. Address: Am. Consulate, Trinidad, W.I. Trustee Northland Coll., Ashland; mayor of Lud- 
BAKER Hnrare s a^utant r itv pner b Chipa.- in&ton, 1892. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
sro Julv 18 187Ss Henrv D and A en el M (Milne) Chicago. Chicago Athletic Assn., Union League; 
Baker y ed 8 : pub' MhS^hkS&^SirtM H?$ f 11 ?? lu ^ e tn (1 ? 11 ? rl K} ke % W J?' ) ' ?^ qUameg n n H (ASh h - 
Sch.; B.S., Northwestern Univ., 1901; B.S., Mais. ^v nd) - n I J om ,l' <, A T^In' t S >n iiT Odanah ' 
Inst. Tech., 1903; m. Florence L. Yerxa, of Cam- WIs - and 208 s - LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
bridge, Mass., Apr. 12, 1904; 3 children: Barbara, BAKER, William Henry, coal mcht.; b. on farm 
Edward, Henry. Entered engring. dept., C.&N.-W. in Lyons Tp., Cook Co., 111., Sept. 18, 1865; B. of 
R.R., 1903; then with C.&W.I.R.R., 1905-6; became Digory W. and Agnes (Bielby) Baker; removed 
connected in official capacity with City of Chicago, with parents to Chicago, 1868; ed. Brown Sch.; 
as engr. Water Pipe Extension Div., 1906; later in grad. Souder's Business Coll.; m. Belle Clement, 
Construction Div. and in charge of Designing Div.; of Chicago, June 22, 1891; 3 children. Began in 
engr. Track Elevation Dept., 1910-11; asst. city employ of Baker Bros., coal mchts. ; mgr. of the 
engr., City of Chicago, since 1911. First It. Engr. business, 1890-1905; mem. of firm until became 
Corps, I.N.G.; with U.S. Army on Mexican border, pres. of Baker Bros., 1913. Trustee Sanitary Dist. 
June-Nov., 1916. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., Western Soc. of Chicago, 2 terms, 1900-10. Republican. Clubs: 
Engrs. Republican. Congregationalist. Home: 6657 Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country. Recrea- 
Greenview Av. Office: 402 City Hall. tions: motoring and shooting. Home: 454 Belmont 

BAKES, James B., merchandise broker; b. Char- Av - Office: 37 W. Van Buren St. 

lottesville, Va., Sept. 28, 1869; s. Samuel and Louise BAKER, 'William Vincent, broker; b. at Ranee- 
(Mclntire) Baker; ed. pub. and prep, schs.; Univ. gunge, British India, Nov. 17, 1850; s. Col. William 
of Va.; m. Elizabeth Cheatham, of Louisville, Ky., Thurlow Baker (late of H.B.M. 4th Regt. of Foot) 
June 5, 1898; 1 daughter, Elizabeth G. Entered and Elizabeth (Vincent) Baker; father was 25 yrs. 
mdse. brokerage business in Chicago, 1886; began in British East Indian service; ed. India, England, 
with firm of Hard & Rand, teas and coffees; pres. France and Canada; M.A., McGill Univ., Montreal, 
James R. Baker & Co., grocers' sundries, since P.Q., 1870; m. Frances E. Markley, of Chicago, 
1903. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, Wholesale June 24, 1877; 1 daughter, Ethel Markley. Came 
Grocers' Assn. Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., In- from Canada in 1870 and engaged in life ins. busi- 
dustrial, Glen View Golf, Evanston Country. Rec- ness until 1880; broker in commercial paper, firm 
reation: golf. Home: 1240 Forest Av., Evanston, of Baker & Parmele, 1880-5; mem. firm of A. O. 
111. Office: 1016 Hearst Bldg., Chicago. Slaughter & Co., stocks and bonds, 1890-7; with 

BAKES, John Clark, lawyer; b St. Louis, Mo., E - L - Brewster & Co., 1897-1901, with Edwin L. 
Nov. 25, 1877; s. James and Margaret (Clark) Bak- Lobdell & Co., 1901-4; associate and mgr. with 
er; ed. Evanston (111.) Acad.; A.B., Northwestern Chapman, De Golyer & Co., stocks, bonds, 1904-7; 
Univ., 1901, fellow in physics, 1901-2, A.M., 1902; with A. L. Baker & Co. since 1907. Mason. Clubs: 
student Mich. Sch. of Mines, 1902-3; m. Hester Chicago, Union League, Midlothian, Old Colony. 
Sproul, of Elgin, 111., Aug. 24, 1904; 1 son, James Recreations: golf, fishing, sailing. Home: 2126 
Edward. Admitted to 111. bar, Feb., 1905, and since Calumet Av. Office: 141 S. LaSalle St. 
practiced at Chicago. Mem Chicago Bar Assn., BAX.ATXA, Christian Perdinand, music teacher; 
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Nu. Sergeant major 2d Mo. b . Chicago, July 21, 1861; s. Hans and Hedwig 
Xffl' In . f - I 898 ' Spanish-Am. War; capt. of inf., (Fessel) Balatka; ed. high sch. and Dyrenfurth 
Officers Reserve Corps, U.S.A. Democrat. Meth- C oll., Chicago; studied music under father and 
odist Clubs: University Ouilmette Country Unl- afterward with other local teachers; completed 
versify of Evanston. Wrote: (with Henry Crew) studies under instructors of Royal Acad. of Music, 
Thermal Development of the Spark Spectrum Berlin, 1889-91; degree of Mus. D. from Grand Con- 
(Proc Am. Acad Science), 1901. Recreation: ten- servatory of Music (N.Y. State Univ.), New York, 
nis Home: 347 Hill St., Wilmette. 111. Office: 175 Apr ., 1903; m. Crown Point, Ind., Oct. 2 1901, Anna 
W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. Nordin. On return from Europe assumed director- 

BAKER, John Ezra, lawyer; b. St. Paris, O., May snl P f th e piano dept. of the Balatka Musical Coll., 
23, 1876; s. Benjamin F. and Elizabeth (Furrow) established, 1879, by father; after father's death. 
Baker; ed. Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1891-6; AB Ohio Apr., 1899, became dir. of the coll. and upon incor- 
State Univ., 1897, LL.B., 1898; m. Elisabeth, d. of poration, in 1916, its pres. Mem. German Hist. Soc. 
John T. Alexander, of Chicago, Apr. 30, 1907; 2 Republican. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Recreations: 
sons: John Ezra, Jr., Bruce Alexander. Admitted yachting, literature. Home: 1016 Irving Park Boul. 
to 111. bar, 1898, and has since been engaged in gen- Office: 20 E. Jackson Boul. 

eral practice; mem. Winkler & Baker, 1904-6, Win- BAZ.DEB.STON Stephen V MD b Prince Ed- 

kler^ Baker & Holder Dec, 1906-Sept., 1909, Baker ward lllan? Canada?lS?8; s" of John ?nd SaFah 

1 Holder since Sept 1909. Republican. Mason. (Weeks) Balderston; A.B., Prince of Wales Coll., 

Clubs: University Chicago Athletic Assn Chicago charlottetown, 1887; M.D. Univ. of Pa., 1895; m 

Yacht. Home: 55 Cedar St. Office: First Nat. Bank Jessie Thompson, of Hampton, Va., Jan. 5, 1903. 

ag - Came to U.S.. 1892; began practice in Va., 1895; re- 

BAKEB, Josephine Tnrck, editor, author; b. at moved to Evanston, 111., 1900; commr. of health, 

Milwaukee, Wis.; d. James Byron and Sarah (Ash- Evanston; mem. med. bd. Evanston Hosp. Fellow 



A.M.A.; mem. Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Pediatric 
Soc. Clubs: Evanston, University. Office: 800 Davis 
St., Evanston, 111. 

BALDWIN. A(rchibald) Stuart, chief engr. I.C. 
R.R.; b. Winchester, Va., Sept. 28, 1861; s. Robert 
Frederick and Caroline (Barton) Baldwin; ed. at 
Shenandoah Valley Acad., Winchester, Va., and 
Staunton (Va.) Mil. Acad.; m. Mattie Frazier, of 
Staunton, Va,, Dec. 19, 1883. Rodman on Richmond 
& Allegheny R.R. (now C.&O.Ry.), 1879; asst. engr. 
and engr.. Iron and Steel Works Assn. of Va,, 1880- 
83; draftsman and asst. engr., Phila. extension 
B.&O.R.R., 1883-5; prin. asst. engr., Mo. River 

1886-7; asst. engr. and roadmaster, L.&N.R.R., 1887- 
1901; prin. asst. engr., 1901-3, engr. of constrn., 
1903-5, chief engr. since Mar. 20, 1905, I.C.R.R. Co. 
Mem. Soc. of the Cincinnati in State of Va., Am. 
Soc. of C.E., Am. Ry. Engring. Assn. (pres.), West- 
ern Soc. Engineers. Clubs: Engineers', Homewood 
Country. Home: 1364 E. 49th St. Office: 706 Cen- 
tral Station. 

BALDWIN, C. Kemble, vice pres. Robins Con- 
veying Belt Co.; b. Phila., Pa.; s. Lewis Kemble 
and Sarah B. (Gray) Baldwin; ed. pub. schs. and 
Manual Training Sch., Phila.; M.E., Lehigh Univ., 
1895; m. Helen M. Abbott, of South Bethlehem, Pa., 

in the manufacture of belt conveyors; asso. editor 
American Mechanical Engineers Handbook, pre- 
paring sect, on Hoisting and Conveying Machin- 
ery; has written many papers on the subject of the 
handling of materials for tech. press and engring. 
handbooks. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs.. Am. Inst. 
Mining Engrs., Western Soc. Engrs., Lake Superior 
Mining Inst. Club: Engineers'. Home: 5438 Har- 
per Av. Office: Old Colony Bldg. 

BALDWIN, George Almon, mfrs.' representa- 
tive; b. Utica, N.Y., Nov. 28, 1865; s. of Myron T. 
and Mary C. (Harvey) Baldwin; ed. pub. schs., 

10; judge Appellate Court since Dec., 1910. Has 
been town atty., pres. of bd. of edn. and trustee 
Library Inst. of Oak Park, 111. Trustee Univ. of 
Chicago, Rush Med. Coll. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 
111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago 
Patent Law Assn. Clubs: Union League. Hamilton, 
City, Chicago, Quadrangle. Home: 341 Pleasant 
St., Oak Park, 111. Address: 412 County Bldg., 

BALDWIN, L(anris) Blake, M.D. Removed to 
Louisville, Ky. (See vol. 1911.) 

BALDWIN, Luther Hubbell, president Baldwin 
Equipment & Supply Co. (See vol. 1911.) 

la., Jan. 14, 1860; s. Isaac and Elizabeth (Means) 
Baldwin; ed. pub. schs., Clinton; LL.B., State Univ. 
of Iowa, 1884; widower. Entered practice, 1884; in 
gen. civil practice, Chicago, since 1892. Mem. Am., 
111. and Chicago bar assns., Chicago Law Inst. For- 
mer sec. finance com. Municipal Voters' League; 
dir. Chicago City Missionary Soc.; treas. Ministe- 
rial Relief Assn. of the State of 111. Republican. 
Mem. Soc. of the Cincinnati, S.A.R., Mil. Order of 
Foreign Wars (sec.). Mason (K.T.). Club: City. 
Home: 225 E. Huron St. Office: 1727 Conway Bldg. 
BALEE, Julius, vice-pres. The Brunswick- Balke- 
Collender Co.; b. Cincinnati, O., May 27, 1857; s. 

B. Boiling, o 

Va., Sept. 4, 1901. Began business career, 1875, in 
factory of The Brunswick & Balke Co. (of which 
father was one of founders), Cincinnati, O., and 
has since been identified with the company and its 
successor. The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., be- 
coming dir. in 1890, sec., 1893, vice pres., 1906. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mason (32, K.T.), K.P. 
Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic Assn., South 
Shore Country. Recreations: billiards and golf. 
Residence: Congress Hotel. Office: 623 8. Wabash 

1 daughter, Grace Mae. Identified with the type- 
writer industry, 1889-1912; with the Remington 
Typewriter Co., Chicago, 1889-96, Underwood Type- 
writer Co., 1896-1908; retired on account of ill 
health, 1908-10; pres. and treas. Rebuilt Typewriter 
Co., Chicago, 1910-12; out of business, 1912-15; mgr. 
and treas. Internal. Carbon Paper Co., 1915-17; now 
representative of S. F. Bowser & Co., mfrs. of oil 
and gasoline tanks, storage systems, of Ft. Wayne, 
Ind. Trustee Village of LaGrange, 1911-15. Re- 

ublican. Congregationalist. Mason (32, K.T., 
hriner), Odd Fellow. Clubs: Chicago Motor, Sub- 
urban of LaGrange, LaGrange Motor (1st vice 
pres.). Recreation: motoring. Home: 240 S. 5th 
Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 105 W. Monroe St., 

BALDWIN, George Frederick, banker and bro- 
ker; Oct. 27, 1853-Sept. 14, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BALDWIN, Henry R., lawyer; b. on farm in Me- 
Henry Co., 111.; s. Sebrean C. T. and Lavina (Ste- 
vens) Baldwin; ed. pub. schs. of 111. and at North- 
ern Ind. Normal Sch.; m. Nettie C. Borden, of Crys- 
tal Lake, 111. Was several yrs. teacher in country 
and village schs. in McHenry Co. and also county 
supt. of schs. there; for about 20 yrs. was partner 
in law flrm of Jesse A. & Henry R. Baldwin, in 
Chicago; upon accession to Circuit Court bench of 
Jesse A. Baldwin, took over the law practice of the 
firm. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., 
Chicago Law Inst., Chicago Bar Assn. Mem. Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce. Mem. Royal League, Order 
Columbian Knights. Clubs: Union League, Hamil- 
ton (dir., 1917-18), City. Republican. Baptist. 
Home: 10867 S. Hoyne Av., Morgan Park, 111. Office: 
74 W. Washington St., Chicago. 

BALDWIN. Jesse A., judge; b. Greenwood, 111., 
Aug. 9, 1854; s. Sebrean C. T. and Lavina (Stevens) 
Baldwin; student Univ. of 111., 1872; taught sch. 5 
yrs.; studied law under Hon. T. D. Murphy, Wood- 
stock. 111.; m. Fannie M. Benton, of Greenwood, 
Ill., Jan. 29, 1879. Admitted to bar, 1877; asst. U.S. 
atty., 1877-84; resigned and began pvt. practice; 
for yrs. sr. mem. firm of Jesse A. and Henry R. 
Baldwin; judge Circuit Court of Cook Co., 111., 1909- 

. (See vol. mi.) 

BAM, Edward Henry, belting mfr.; Nov. 12, 
185i-1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BALL, Farlln Herbert, lawyer; b. Chicago, Oct. 
19, 1872; s. Judge Farlin Quigley and Elizabeth 
(Hall) Ball; A.B., Univ. of Wis., 1895; LL.B., Chi- 
cago Law Sch., 1897; m. Laura Frances Leonard, 
of Chicago, Apr. 23, 1903; 3 daughters: Barbara, 
Elizabeth, Jane. Admitted to 111. bar, 1898; mem. 
law firm of Ball & Lunsford, 1901-5, Wolseley & 
Ball since 1906; master in chancery Circuit Court 
since 1912. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago bar 
assns.. Am. Polit. Science Assn., Psi Upsilon. Ma- 
son. Clubs: Law, Legal, Union League, City, Oak 
Park, Oak Park Country. Recreations: gardening, 
walking. Home: 211 Clinton Av., Oak Park, 111. 
Office: 69 W. Washington St., Chicago. 

BALL, Farlln Qnigley, judge; Mar. 28, 1838-Aug. 
29, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BALL, Godfrey Howltt, fancy groceries; b. Mel- 
bourne, Australia, Feb. 15, 1853; s. George Palmer 
and Isabella Ball; ed. pub. schs., Brooklyn. N.Y. ; 
m. Chicago, June 24, 1885, Mary Clement Herriott; 
children: James Percival, Louise Herriott. Identi- 
fled with fancy grocery importing business since 
1870; mgr. Chicago house of James P. Smith & Co., 
New York and Chicago. Episcopalian. Club: South 
Shore Country. Recreations: golf, fishing, hunting, 
baseball. Home: 4028 Lake Park Av. Office: 33 E. 
South Water St. 

TATTWTI Ti-a-nV 1-rtwa.i-ri rpnl potato- =!pnt <ifl 
, , B ,A IIlAKD ' ,f J an * Edw ^ r 7 01 f a l estate - bept - iu - 
l56-Apr. o, 1916. (bee \ol. II 

BALLENGER, William Lincoln, M.D.; Apr. 26, 
1861-Dec. 21, 1915. (See Who's Who in America, 

BALLING-ER, John Ralph, surgeon; b. Atchi- 
son. Kan., Apr. 9, 1875; s. Thomas Edward and 
Julia Relph (Holland) Ballinger; ed. Atchison Co. 
High Sch.; Midland Coll., Atchison, Kan.; Univ. of 
Kan.; M.D., Rush Med. Coll. L Chicago, 1900; post- 
grad. work Johns Hopkins, Univ. of Berlin, 1907, 
Middlesex Hosp., London, 1912; m. Flora Grooms, 
of Richmond, Ind., Apr. 12, 1904. Practiced at Chi- 
cago since 1900; night warden, Cook Co. Hosp., 



1911; surgeon Norwegian Deaconess and West Side 
hosps. ; prof, neurology, 111. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 
Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chicago med. socs., Phi 
Rho Sigma, Sigma Chi. Episcopalian. Mason. Club: 
Ridgemoor Country. Home: 4603 Sheridan Rd. Of- 
fice: 2724 W. North Av. 

BALLMANN, Martin, orchestra and band leader; 
b. Dortmund, Westphalia, Germany, Sept. 13, 1863; 
s. Leonhard and Anna Ballmann; ed. Dortmund, 
Hamburg and Celle, Germany, and Vienna, Aus- 
tria: m. Anna Ritter, of Phila., Pa., Apr. 24, 1893. 
Began to learn flute at 6; became member of band 
at 9, later of orchestras, acquiring large repertoire 
on various instruments; served military term as 
musician in 2d Inf. Regt. No. 77 Band, Hanover; 
became 1st flute soloist, Julius Laube Orchestra, 
Hamburg (65 pieces); came to U.S. as solo flutist, 
Eduard Strauss' Orchestra, 1890; settled In Chica- 
go as mem. Theodore Thomas Orchestra, 1891, 
continuing with that organization until 1907; 
founder, 1907, and dir. Ballmann's Orchestra and 
Ballmann's Symphony Band; founder and dir. Ball- 
mann's Orchestral Sch.; dir. Chicago Sextette Club, 
Medinah Shrine Military Band. Has played en- 
gagements in leading musical centers of U.S. Mem. 
Chicago Federation of Musicians, Chicago Musi- 
cians' Club, Deutscher Kreiger Verein, German 
Soc. of Chicago, Verein Deutscher Musiker von 
Chicago, Masonic Hosp. Assn., etc. Mason (K.T., 
Shriner); mem. Zirkel Soc. of German Masons; 
mem. B.P.O.E. Clubs: Press, Verein Deutsche 
Press, Urgemuethlichkeit, Chicago Skat, Round 
Table. Home and Studio: 1257 Foster Av. 

BALLOU, Amos Percy, mining operator. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BALLOU, Georgre Frost, vice pres. the Osgood 
Co. Removed to New York. (See vol. 1911.) 

BALLOU. Ralph Norton, banker; b. Xa per vide, 
111., Jan. 15, 1877; s. Sylvester A. and Eliza Ann 
(Norton) Ballou; ed. pub. and high schs., Naper- 
ville; Northwestern Coll., Naperville, 1893-5; m. 
Elizabeth Yost, of Naperville, Jan. 25, 1902; 2 sons: 
Ralph Norton, Jr., Ray Allen. Began with First 
Nat. Bank, Naperville, 1897; cashier Nat. Produce 
Bank, Chicago, since 1905, also dir.; vice pres. Ir- 
ving Park Nat. Bank, Bowmanville Nat. Bank, 
First Nat. Bank of Downers Grove, Plainfleld State 
Bank. Ex-Jr. Comdr. Sons of Veterans of Illinois. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Mason. Clubs: Bankers, 111. Ath- 
letic. Recreations: motoring, gqlf. Home: Naper- 
ville, 111. Office: 196 N. Clark St., Chicago. 

BALM. Edmund Alexander, president 111. Metal 
Ceiling & Supply Co. (See vol. 1911.) 

BALMEB, Edwin, author; b. Chicago, July 26, 
1883; s. Thomas and Helen Clark (Pratt) Balmer; 
A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1902; A.M., Harvard, 
1903; m. Katharine MacHarg, of Chicago, June 10, 
1909. Reporter on Chicago Tribune, fall of 1903; 
associated with Graham Taylor in the publication 
of The Commons, Jan., 1904-Oct., 1905, when it was 
merged with Charities, New York; formerly edi- 
torial adviser and contbr. to Hampton's Mag.; also 
contbr. to Collier's Weekly, American Mag., Satur- 
day Evening Post, Ladies' Home Jour., Outlook, 
London Illustrated News, Popular Mag., Youth's 
Companion, and others. Has traveled in Cuba, Mex- 
ico, Europe, Hawaii and Japan. See Who's Who in 
America for list of books and writings. Mem. Soc. 
Midland Authors, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi. 
Clubs: University, Harvard. Home: 727 Lincoln 
St., Evanston, 111. 

BALMEK, Thomas, advertising; Mar. 29, 1848- 
June 13, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BANCROFT, Edgar Addlson, lawyer; b. Gales- 
burg, III., Nov. 20, 1857; s. Addison N. and Cath- 
erine (Blair) Bancroft; A.B., Knox Coll., 1878, A.M., 
1881 (LL.D., 1912); LL.B., Columbia, 1880; m. Mar- 
garet Healy, of Brooklyn, N.Y., Apr. 18, 1896. In 
general practice, Galesburg, 1884-92, Chicago since 
1892; solicitor for 111. of A.,T.&S.F.R.R.Co., 1892-5; 
vice pres. and gen. solicitor, Chicago & Western 
Ind. R.R. Co. and the Belt Ry. Co., 1895-1904; mem. 
law firm Scott, Bancroft, Martin & Stephens, gen- 
eral counsel Internal. Harvester Co., since 1907, 
also of Butler Bros. Republican presdl. elector, 

1888. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn. 
(ex-pres.), Chicago Bar Assn. (ex-pres.), Law Club 
(ex-pres.). Clubs: Chicago, University, Union 
League (pres., 1904-5), Hamilton, Chicago Liter- 
ary, Merchants' (pres., 1899), City, Cliff Dwellers, 
Onwentsia. Author: The Chicago Strike of 1894, 
1895; The Moral Sentiment of the People, the 
Foundation of National Greatness, 1896; Destruc- 
tion or Regulation of Trusts, 1907. Recreations: 
golf, hunting. Home: 77 E. Cedar St. Office: 134 S. 
LaSalle St. 

EANFOKD, Henry Harris, real estate; b. Dan- 
ville, Ky., Nov. 4, 1869; s. William H. and Laura 
(Latham) Banford; ed. Central Univ., Ky.; m. Jo- 
sephine Reid, of Danville, Nov. 14, 1904. Journalist 
and newspaper corr. at Lexington and Danville, 
1888-90; bookkeeper for wholesale grocery house, 
Danville, 1890-1; came to Chicago, 1891, and was 
mem. of the registration com. of Am. Trotting 
Register Assn. 1 yr.; with J. L. Cochran, real 
estate, 1892-5; in business for self, 1895-1905, and 
since head of firm of H. H. Banford & Co. Mem. 
Chicago Real Estate Bd. (sec., 1905). Republican. 
Recreation: motoring. Home: 900 Gait Av. Office: 
40 N. Dearborn St. 

BANGS, Frederick Augustus, lawyer; b. Lacon, 
Marshall Co., 111., Apr. 3, 1865; s. Hon. Mark and 
Harriet Cornelia (Pomeroy) Bangs; ed. pub. schs. 
of Lacon and Chicago; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, 
1886; m. Oct. 5, 1893, Ruth Tileston, of Evansville, 
Ind.; 1 daughter, Ruth. Admitted to bar, 1886; 
joined father in firm of Bangs & Bangs; firm later 
changed to Bangs, Wood & Bangs; now in individ- 
ual practice. Pres. West Chicago Park Commrs., 
1901-5. Col. on staff of Gov. Yates. Mem. Am. Bar 
Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Re- 
publican. Mason. Home: 5838 Washington Boul. 
Office: 522 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BANGS, Hal Crumpton, lawyer; b. Chats worth, 
111., Oct. 8, 1880; s. Edward A. and Ann M. (Crump- 
ton) Bangs; B.Litt., Northwestern Univ., 1901; LL. 
B., Yale, 1903; m. Martha Porter Anderson, of Cyn- 
thiana, Ky., July 23, 1903; 1 son, Hal Crumpton, 
Jr. Admitted to 111. bar, 1905, and since practiced 
at Chicago; mem. firm of Mayer, Meyer, Austrian 
& Platt, since 1907. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi, Theta 
Nu Epsiljn, Phi Delta Phi, Corbey Court (Yale). 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: University, Sko- 
kie Country; also Yale (N.Y. City and Chicago). 
Home: 494 Sheridan Rd., Glencoe, 111. Office: 208 S. 
LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BANGS, John Dean, hardware mcht. ; b. Lowell, 
Mass., July 19, 1855; s. Dean and Eliza Buckley 
(Brown) Bangs; ed. pub. schs., Lowell and Chicago, 
and at old Chicago Univ.; m. Winnetka, July 14, 
1886, Elizabeth Lathrop. Entered father's hard- 
ware store upon leaving sen. and, in 1878, suc- 
ceeded to the business under present firm name of 
John D. Bangs & Co. Was one of the original mem- 
bers of 1st Regt. I.N.G., having entered as sergt. 
and later promoted successively as 2d It. and 1st It. 
of Co. C; was 3 years q.m., afterward elected as 
maj'., and also served as treas., 1879-86 (resigned). 
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, New England Soc. 
of Chicago. Club: III. Athletic. Recreations: golf, 
boating, fishing. Home: 3861 Ellis Av. Office: 421 
S. Wabash Av. 

BANISTER, William Brodnax, officer medical 
corps U.S.A. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BANKS, Alexander French, railway pres.; b. in 
Crawford Co., Ind., Jan. 31, 1861; s. ienry Bartlett 
and Julia C. (French) Banks; ed. pub. sens.; m. 
Blanche Nichelson, of Evansville, Ind., Nov. 13, 
1883. Began with St. Louis & Southeastern Ry. Co., 
1877, as contracting agt., at Evansville, Ind., 1878- 
80; traveling agt. and gen. agt., Continental Fast 
Freight Line, 1880-8; gen. agt. la. Central Ry., 
Peoria, 111., Jan.-Sept., 1888; gen. frt. agt., 1888-9, 
gen. frt. and pass, agt., 1889-90, traffic mgr., 1890-3, 
la. Central Ry.; traffic mgr. Elgin, Joliet & Eastern 
Ry., 1893-1900; pres. Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry. 
and C., L.S.&E. Ry., since 1900. Dir. Continental 
and Commercial Nat. Bank, S. Chicago Savings 
Bank. Clubs: Chicago, Mid-Day, Union League, 
Glen View. Office: 208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BANKS, William Henry, bonded public ware- 
houseman; b. nr. Quincy, Adams Co., 111., June 3, 



1842; s. Eli and Harriel (Belts) Banks; ed. pub. 
schs. and in Bryant and Stratton Business Coll., 
Chicago; widower; 1 child, Harry Pickands. Served 
as clerk for W. D. J. Lake, grain commn. mer- 
chants, 1861, and later for V. A. Turpin & Co., 
packers; clerk for Larrabee & North, hardware, 
Chicago, 1862; became partner, 1868, in business of 
agrl. implements, seeds and tools, with J. Harley 
Bradley, as Bradley & Banks; this firm made first 
shipments of agrl. implements lo Japan, under or- 
ders from Japanese Govl. ; boughl interest of part- 
ner, 1872, continuing as W. H. Banks & Co.; dis- 
posed of inleresl in agrl. business, 1876, and en- 
gaged in sale of celebraled Kelly Barbed Wire, 
conlrolling Irade in 111., Ind., and Wis.; became 
sec. and mgr. Van De Poele Electric Light Co., 
1882; while with Ihis company, Van De Poele in- 
vented the electric Irolley now in use on slreet 
rys. of the world; company built first trolley de- 
vice, which was operated on street car line at 
Lima, O., 1891; became mgr. of a storage company, 
1889, which operated a warrant system of storage 
and issued storage warrants; organized a ware- 
housing company of larger capital, 1899, and con- 
tinued at its head unlil il was merged inlo a New 
York company, of which he was weslern mgr., in 
Chicago; business was conducted by the Am. Ware- 
housing Co. of Baltimore, 1905-7; acquired inter- 
esls of Ballimore company, 1907, and has since 
operated the business individually. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Recreation: walking. Residence: New 
Southern Hotel. Office: The Rookery. 

BANNARD, Henry Clay, brewer; b. N. Y. Cily, 
Dec. 21, 1844; s. John W. and Eliza Landon (Slone) 
Bannard; B.A., Yale, 1869; m. Lafayelle, Ind., 1879, 
Florence Spears (died 1883); 1 daughter, Florence 
Spears (Mrs. Francis Adams) ; m. 2d, Jan., 1894, 
Mrs. Alice Yeakel Stocklon, of Lafayelle, Ind. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar at Springfield, 1869; in law office 
of Norman C. Perkins, Chicago, 1869-70; associ- 
ated with Franklin MacVeagh in wholesale grocery 
business, Chicago, 1870-81; of Bannard, Lyman & 
Co., wholesale grocers, 1882-4; vice pres. and gen. 
mgr. The N. K. Fairbank Co., 1885-96; oul of busi- 
ness, 1897-8; pres. and Ireas. Uniled Breweries Co. 
since 1899. Episcopalian; parishioner SI. Chrysos- 
lom's Ch. Mem. Chicago Yale Assn., Chicago Hist. 
Soc. Clubs: Chicago (pres., 1896-7), Universily, 
Mid-Day (Chicago); Universily (New York). Rec- 
reation: travel. Home: 36 Bellevue PI. Office: 38 S. 
Dearborn St. 

BANNING, Kendall, editor. Removed to New 
York. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BANNING, Samuel Walker, lawyer; b. Chicago, 
Nov. 16, 1878; s. Thomas A. and Sarah J. (Hub- 
bard) Banning; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1900; LL.B., 
Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law, 1903; m. Wheaton, 111., 
Aug. 12, 1903, Grace M. Edson. Enlered law office 
of Banning & Banning (Ephraim and Thomas A. 
Banning) in 1900 as clerk and sludenl and was ad- 
milled lo partnership in Ihe firm July 1, 1903, afler 
admission to the bar same year; specialties of firm 
are palenl, trade mark, copyright and corpn. law; 
sec. Selig Polyscope Co. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mem. Delia Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delia 
Phi. Club: Cily. Recrealion: horlicullure. Home: 
138 5lh SI., Hinsdale, 111. Office: Marquelte Bldg., 

BANNING, Thomas A., lawyer; b. on farm in 
McDonough Co., 111., Jan. 16, 1851; s. Ephraim and 
Louisa Caroline (Walker) Banning; descendant of 
4 Revolutionary ancestors; ed. pub. schs.; studied 
law; m. Dec. 21, 1875, Sarah J. Hubbard; children: 
Samuel Walker, Edith, Thomas A., Sarah Louise, 
Dorothea Esther. Admitled lo HI. bar, Sepl. 15, 
1875; lo bar of Supreme Court of U.S., Jan. 8, 1880; 
general practice, principally in Federal, Circuil 
and Supreme Courts; head of firm of Banning & 
Banning; palenl counsel for many prominenl firms 
and companies in different parts of the country. 
Mem. Palenl Law Assn. (ex-pres.), S.A.R. Home: 
4443 Maiden SI. Office: 140 S. Dearborn SI. 

BANNISTER, Henry Martyii, M.D.; b. Cazenovia, 
N.Y., July 25, 1844; s. Rev. Henry and Lucy (Kim- 
ball) Bannisler; Ph.B., Northwestern Univ., 1863, 
A.M. 1869; M.D., Nal. Med. Coll., Columbian (now 
George Washinglon) Univ., 1871; m. Delia C. Ladd, 
of Chicago, June 14, 1887. On geol. survey of 111., 

1867-8, U. S. Geol. Survey of Territories, 1872; in 
med. practice since 1874; founded with Dr. J. S. 
Jewell and jointly edited Journal of Nervous and 
Mental Diseases, 1874-1881; has been connected 
with several other med. Jours. Mem. A.M. A., Am. 
Med. Psychol. Assn. (hon.); asso. mem. Am. Neu- 
rol. Assn. Contbr. to med. publs. Home: 828 Jud- 
son Av., Evanston, 111. 

BANZET, George Thomas, dentist; b. Sandwich, 
m _ Nov 22 1866- s Albert and Mary (Hickey) 
Banzet; B.S., Chicago Sch. of Science, 1895; D.D.S., 
Northwestern Univ. Dental Sch., 1893; m. Lillian 
E. Randall, of Chicago, June 2, 1898. Engaged in 
practice at Chicago since 1893. Mem. Internal., 
Nat., State and local dental socs. Democrat. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country. Home: 5469 
Cornell Av. Office: 25 E Washington St 

~ BABAC f^ A * rA ' He J?*y . Dtmst ;} n .: T he . at( ! rs; b - 
Chicago, Feb. 8, 1860; s William and Maria (Love- 

Baragwanalh; ed. grammar and high 
of Chicago to 1875; m. St. Louis, Mo., Aug., 1888, 
Emily 1. Williams; children: Elsie (Mrs. F. S. 
Brandenburg, Madison, Wis.), Genevieve, Ruth, 
Cecil, Mabel. After leaving sch., 1875, enlered the 
Pacific Boiler Works, established by father, 1850, 
and later was admitted as a partner under the 
style of William Baragwanath & Son, continuing 
Ihe business afler the death of father, 1888, and 
on Jan. 1, 1904, incorporating it under the same 
style, and now being pres. of Ihe company. Demo- 
cral. Mason; Royal League. Club: Illinois Ath- 
letic. Recreation: billiards. Home: 3435 N. Hard- 
ing Av. Office: Monadnock Blk. 

BARASA, Bernard Philip, lawyer; b. Negaunee, 
Mich., Apr. 15, 1878; s. Baplisl and Mary A. (Mar- 
chetti) Barasa; grad. Sacred Heart Coll., Waler- 
lown, Wis., 1893; Negaunee High Sch., 1896; LL.B., 
Chicago-Kenl Coll. of Law, 1905; m. Edilh N. Gaz- 
zolo, of Chicago, Ocl. 18, 1905; 1 daughter, Kathryn 
M. Admitted to bar, 1905. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., 
Chicago Assn. of Commerce, Chicago Law Inst. 
(bd. of conlrol). Dir. Children's Day Assn. ("lag 
day"); organized "lag day" work for Messina 
earlhquake sufferers, Jan. 8, 1909. Republican. 
Catholic. Mem. Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Ham- 
ilton, Press. Recreations: outdoor diversions. 
Home: 3303 Warren Av. Office: 127 N. Dearborn St. 

BABBEE, William 8.; b. Jefferson Co., 111., Sept. 
28, 1865; s. Thomas M. and Mary S. (Kenner) Bar- 
bee; ed. Wesleyan Univ., Bloomington, 111.; LL.B., 
Chicago Coll. of Law (Lake Forest Univ.), 1904; 
m. Lillian G. Gilen, of Chicago, Nov. 15, 1904. For- 
merly in real estale business; propr. Page & Shaw 
Candy Slores since 1912. Republican. Christian 
Scientist. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Hamil- 
ton (life mem., dir. 3 yrs,), Press (life mem.). 
Recreations: reading and Iravel. Home: 92 
sor Av. Office: 79 W. Monroe SI. 

BARBER, Albert Harris, creamery machinery; 
b. Chicago, Feb. 13, 1882; s. Albert H. and Mary 
(Pennell) Barber; ed. Cornell Univ., 1901-3; m. Lu- 
cie R. Barber, of Polo, 111., Nov. 9, 1915. Upon 
dealh of falher, 1903, succeeded him as pres. A. H. 
Barber & Co., wholesale cheese; also pres. A. H. 
Barber Creamery Supply Co.; dir. William B. Wal- 
ralh Co., inveslmenls. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, Quadrangle. Recrealion: lennis. Home: 
5429 Woodlawn Av. Office: 300 W. Auslin Av. 

BARBER, Courtenay, life underwriter; b. Sim- 
coe, Onl., Can., June 5, 1877; s. Charles Kdgar and 
Josephine Amelia (Lowe) Barber; ed. pub. gram- 
mar and high schs., Simcoe, Onl. ; m. Leila Cook, of 
Chicago, Jan. 16, 1902; children: Leila Cook, Courl- 
enay, Jr., Josephine. Began as clerk in Chicago 
office of the Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of the 
U.S., Dec. 22, 1892, with whicli has since been iden- 
tified, as clerk, 1892-9, solicitor, 1899-1902, and gen- 
eral agent at Chicago since Aug. 1, 1902. Sec. and 
mem. bd. Irustees Chicago Home for Boys since ils 
organizalion in 1906; mem. nal. council, and since 
1910, 2d vice pres. Brotherhood of St. Andrew. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian; vestryman Ch. of Ihe Re- 
deemer since 1903; junior warden since 1916. Ma- 
son (Kenwood Lodge, Oriental Consislory, Medinah 
Temple). Clubs: Union League, Chicago Alhletic 
Assn., Hamilton, Church Club of Chicago. Home: 
4741 Kimbark Av. Offlce: 617 Peoples Gas Bldg. 



BAHBER, Herbert Lee, publisher, and dealer in 
investments; b. Jackson, Mich., May 20, 1865; s. of 
Lev! W. and Martha L. (Naracon) Barber; ed. pub. 
schs. and Olivet (Mich.) Coll.; m. M. Elizabeth 
Graham, of Oskaloosa, la., Aug. 26, 1901; 2 chil- 
dren: Haskell and Bernice. Began teaching sch. in 
Mich, and Ind., which continued until 1890; came 
to Chicago, 1890, and engaged in publishing busi- 
ness, in which remained until 1904; publications 
included various productions of the late Murat 
Halstead and others; engaged as dealer in invest- 
ment securities since 1905, under the firm name of 
H. L. Barber & Co.; also editor of Investing For 
Profit and Williams-Manson News (newspapers). 
Mem. Am. Economic Assn. Western Economic Soc., 
Advertisers' Assn., Mich. Soc. of Chicago. Congre- 
gationalist. Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., Hamil- 
ton, Birchwood Country, Aero of 111., Chicago 
Press. Recreations: his library and bowling. Home: 
714 Stoddard Av., Wheaton, 111. Office: 20 W. Jack- 
son Boul., Chicago. 

BARBER, Hiram, lawyer; b. Queensbury. War- 
ren Co., N.Y., Mar. 24, 1836; a. Hiram and Salome 
(Seeley) Barber; moved to Wis., 184t>; student 
Univ. of Wis. 3 yrs. ; attended Albany Law Sch.; 
m. Louisa, d. of Gen. James McEwan, of Chester, 
Wis., 1857; children: Helen (Mrs. H. L. Kadish), 
Florence (Mrs. D. C. Everltt), Sherman, Cameron. 
Admitted to bar, 1856; practiced at Juneau, Wis., 
later at Watertown, Wis.; removed to Chicago, 
1866; mem. firm of Jussen & Barber until 1869, 
Barber & Lackner, 1869-78; mem. of Congress, 
1879-81; receiver of Land Office, Mitchell, Dak., 
1881-5; returned to Chicago and practiced in part- 
nership with Theodore Brentano until latter was 
elected to bench of Superior Court; since then ir. 
practice alone; master in chancery Superior Court 
of Cook Co. since 1891. Secured original appropria- 
tion for Waukegan harbor, 1880. Republican. Ma- 
son (K.T.). Home: Maywood, 111. Office: 155 N. 
Clark St., Chicago. 

BARBER, John CMld, president Standard Car 
Truck Co.; b. St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., Dec. 12, 1844; 
s. Alonson and Emeline (Child) Barber; on mater- 
nal side descended from early settlers of Saratoga, 
N.Y. ; ed. pub. schs. of St. Lawrence Co., and Rock 
Co., Wis.; served in a Wis. regt. in the Civil War, 
Sept., 1861-Aug., 1865; m. Fannie M. Craig, of Fond 
du Lac, Wis., Mar. 3, 1869; children: Annie C., 
Franklin L., Lee W. Employed by C.&N.W. Ry. Co. 
at Fond du Lac, 1865-71; car foreman N.P. Ry., 
St. Paul, 1871-3; master car builder M..K.&T. Ry., 
Sedalia, Mo., 1873-83; supt. Rio Grande Div. Texas 
Pacific Ry., Ft. Worth, Tex., 1883-5; master car 
builder N.P. Ry., St. Paul, 1885-97; came to Chicago 
in 1898 and organized the Standard Car Truck Co., 
of which has since been pres. Inventor of railroad 
appliances, and originator and patentee of the 
Barber trucks. Republican. Clubs: South Shore 
Country; Commercial (Brainerd, Minn.). Recrea- 
tions: motoring, fishing, hunting, stock farming 
(farm in Minn.). Home: (winter) Chicago; (sum- 
mer) "Twin Oaks," Brainerd, Minn. Office: Mc- 
Cormick Bldg., Chicago. 

BARBER, Sherman, nut locks; b. Chicago, Mar. 
8, 1871; s. Hiram and Louisa (McEwan) Barber; in 
ranch life near Mitchell, Dak. Ty. (now S.D.), 1881- 
88; attended pub. schs., Mitchell; took course at 
Chicago Athenaeum, 1888; m. Ethel May Mess- 
more, of Mishawaka, Ind., Dec. 20, 1905; children: 
Roger Philip, Sherman, Jr., Elizabeth (deceased). 
Was mgr. West Side Natatorium, 1891; employed 
in mfg., 1892; mgr. South Side Natatorium, 1893- 
1900; identified since 1896 with The Jones Positive 
Xut Lock Co., of which is pres. Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Mason. Address: 2812 S. Wabash Av. 

B ARBOUR. Frank, fire underwriter; b. Norwalk, 
Conn., Feb. 18, 1863; ed. pub. schs. Entered ins. 
business in 1880 and later became a mem. firm of 
Smith, Miller, Whitney & Barbour (established 
1874), consolidated in 1901 with R. S. Critchell & 
Co. (established 1863), under firm name of Critch- 
ell, Miller, Whitney & Barbour, fire ins. agents. 
Republican. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Ath- 
letic Assn., Midlothian. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: Chicago Beach Hotel. Office: 175 W. Jack- 
son Boul. 

BARBOUR, James J(osepli), lawyer; b. Hart- 
ford, Conn., Dec. 28, 1869; s. Rev. H. H. and Frances 
E. Barbour; ed. grammar and high sens, of New- 
ark, N.J., to 1886; Chicago Coll. of Law, 1889-92; 
m. Chicago, Sept. 1, 1891, Lillian Clayton; children: 
Justin F., Heman H., Elizabeth. Newspaper re- 
porter, Camden, N.J., 1887; student in office of 
Judge Frederick A. Smith, Chicago, 1888; became 
asst. to Henry F. Eames, pres. Commercial Nat. 
Bank, 1889, and upon admission to bar, 1891, atty. 
for the bank until Mr. Eames' death in 1897; apptd. 
asst. state's atty., Jan., 1904, by Charles S. Deneen, 
reapptd. by John J. Healy in Dec., 1904, and was 
1st asst., 1907-8; as prosecutor obtained convic- 
tions of Inga Hanson for perjury in her suit 
against Chicago City Ry. for alleged personal in- 
juries; of Lucy Hagenow, sentenced to 20 yrs. for. 
murder, resulting from illegal operation; assisted 
in prosecution of officials of Milwaukee Av. State 
Bank; conducted trial of Iroquois Theatre fire case 
at Danville, 111.; removed Lipsey habeas corpus 
case to Supreme Court by certiorari, and obtained 
decision denying right of habeas corpus writ after 
conviction affirmed by the Supreme Court. In case 
of Herman Billik, murder by poisoning, obtained 
initial decision in U.S. Supreme Court that that 
court could not hear appeals from orders denying 
habeas corpus writs except upon certificate of 
judge that appeal is meritorious; prosecuted first 
Sunday saloon closing case; during the afternoon 
of Nov. 16, 1908, caused arrest, indictment, trial, 
and sentence for forgery of Peter Van Vlissingen, 
real estate dealer, guilty of forgeries exceeding 
$1,000,000; resigned Dec. 1, 1908, to enter pvt. prac- 
tice. Active during 1909-14, litigation in New York 
and Chicago In behalf of Mrs. Mary A. Yerkes, in- 
volving her interests in the estate of her late hus- 
band, Charles T. Yerkes; of counsel for defense in 
Eastland disaster prosecution in Chicago and 
Grand Rapids (1915-16), obtaining decision absolv- 
ing boat owners and navigators from blame; or- 
ganized, and first pres. Rogers Park Nat. Bank, 
1913-15; elected mem. 111. Senate, 6th Dist., 1916; 
active in real estate and building operations. Re- 
publican. Mem. 1st Bapt. Ch., Evanston. Mem. 
Park Lodge, No. 843, A.F. and A.M.; Royal Arca- 
num, Royal League. Club: Evanston Golf. Home: 
.7622 Sheridan Rd., Birchwood. Office: 5 N. LaSalle 
'St., Chicago. 

BARD, George Morris, hardware specialties; b. 
Alliance, O., July 22, 1852; s. of Jesse and Sarah 
(Ulary) Bard; ed. pub. schs. of Ohio; m. Beverly, 
Mass., 1881, Helen Norwood; children: Norwood, 
Ralph A., Roy Emerson. In gen. hardware busi- 
ness at Alliance, and Cleveland, 1869-83; in iron 
and steel business at Cleveland, 1883-91; treas. and 
mgr. Ind. Iron Co., Muncie, 1891-9; gen. supt. and 
dir. Republic Iron & Steel Co., Chicago, 1899-1901; 
pres. Norwall Mfg. Co., 1903-7; became pres Barco 
Brass & Joint Co., Mar. 13, 1907. Republican. Ma- 
son (K.T.). Recreations: golf, fishing. Home: High- 
land Park, 111. Office: 212 W. Illinois St., Chicago. 

BARDONSKI. Victor, druggist; b. Wiele, Po- 
land-Germany, Dec. 23, 1852; s. John and Agniszka 
(Mroz) Bardonski; ed. common schs. in Poland- 
Germany, Chicago schs. and grad. Chicago Coll. of 
Pharmacy; m. Josephine Bloch, of Chicago Jan 
22, 1873 (died Feb., 1904); 6 children: Anna Martha 
(Mrs. Dr. F. Kalacinski), John B., Mary (Mrs. 
Walter Chojnacki, Lemont, 111.), Leokadia (Mrs. 
Matt Kalacinski), Matilda, Irene. In drug business 
at Chicago since 1882. Democrat; ex-county com- 
mr. Mem. Catholic Order of Foresters, Polish Na- 
tional Alliance. Office and Home: 1256 Noble St. 

BABDWEIiIi, Orsamns Havelock, manager Chi- 
cago branch The Globe-Wernicke Co.; b. Shelburne 
Mass., Feb. 17, 1859; s. Orsamus O. and Helen 
(Packer) Bardwell; descendant of early Colonial 
ancestry; grad. Williston Sem., Easthampton, 
Mass., 1880; special studies in civil engring. ; m. 
Cora E. Elmendorf, of Chicago, Mar. 6, 1889; 2 chil- 
dren: William O., Louise E. Employed in hydraulic 
engring. dept., Holyoke (Mass.) Water Power Co , 
1882-3; became connected with Globe-Wernicke 
Co., 1884, as traveling salesman, and in 1896 estab- 
lished the Chicago branch of the company, of 
which has since been mgr. Mem. S.A.R. Republic- 
an. Mason. Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., South 



Shore Country, Wausaukee. Recreations: golf and 
fishing-. Home: 5425 S. Michigan Av. Office: 11 N. 
Wabash Av. 

BARFIELD, William O-., architect; b. England; 
has practiced in Chicago many years. Club: Ham- 
ilton. Home: Hinsdale, 111. Office: 58 W. Washing- 
ton St., Chicago. 

BARGES, Richard Watson, lawyer. Removed to 
Independence, Kan. (See vol. 1911.) 

BARKER, Burt Brown, lawyer; b. Waitsburgh, 
Wash., Nov. 3, 1873; s. William C. and Elvira 
(Brown) Barker; prep. edn. Willamette Univ., Sa- 
lem, Ore.; A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1897; LL.B., Har- 
vard Law Sch., 1901; m. Ella Merrill, of Hartford, 
Conn., June 15, 1904; 1 daughter, Barbara. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1902; formerly mem. law firm of 
Wolseley & Barker, now practicing alone; also 
maintains office in N.Y. City and spends about one- 
fourth of time in Chicago; dir. Markets Publishing 
Corpn. of N.Y. City. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State 
Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. (sec.), Alumni Assn. 
Univ. of Chicago; charter mem. Delta Sigma Rho. 
Mem. com. of management Hyde Park branch Y.M. 
C.A. Republican. Baptist. Clubs: Harvard, Union 
League, South Shore Country (life); City (N.Y.), 
Harvard of N.Y. (non-res.). Made a study of the 
relation of atty. and prisoner incarcerated in jails 
throughout the country, with the result that an 
improved system has been incorporated in jail of 
Cook Co., 111. Has in. preparation a work on bar 
assns. of the U.S. Home: 5642 Dorchester Av. 
Office: 112 W. Adams St. 

**ajMM.*M**, Clarence Freeman, M.D.; b. Montvllle, 
Waldo Co., Me., Jan. 19, 1852; s. Isaac Truman and 
Abbie (Dyer) Barker; grad. Kent's Hill Coll. and 
Sem., Readfleld, Me., 1875; M.D., Hahnemann Med. 
Coll. and~Hosp., Chicago, 1880; m. Arta Louise Cul- 
ver, of Chicago, Feb. 24, 1880. Practiced at Hol- 
liston, Mass., 2 yrs., at Manistee, Mich., until 1894; 
removed to Chicago, 1895; former prof, surgery, 
Hahnemann Med. Coll. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeo- 
pathy, 111. Med. Assn., Clinical Soc. of Hahnemann 
Med. Coll. and Hosp. Home: 3942 Ellis Av. 

BARKER, David Nelson, retired; b. at Homer, 
Cortland Co., N.Y., Mar. 3, 1844; s. David Earle 
and Naomi (Hill) Barker; ed. pub. sch. and Cort- 
land Co. Acad., Homer, N.Y., and in Ames Commer- 
cial Coll., Syracuse, N.Y.; m. Waukegan, 111., Sept. 
7, 1870, Mary, d. Alson S. Sherman; children: Earle 
Sherman, Mrs. Marion Barker Wing. Came to Chi- 
cago, 1872; with Jones & Laughlin, 1875, becoming 
mgr., 1894, of the Chicago house formerly known 
as Jones & Laughlins, Ltd., but now as Jones & 
Laughlin Steel Co.; resigned as mgr., July 1, 1916. 
Dir. State Bank of Chicago. Republican. Clubs: 
Union League, Westmoreland Golf. Recreation: 
golf. Home: 1220 Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. 

BARKER, Frank William, retired mfr.; b. Chi- 
cago, Oct. 15, 1851; s. Joseph N. and Frances M. 
(Long) Barker; ed. pub. schs. and old Chicago 
Univ.; m. Chicago, June 15, 1882, Julia R. Shum- 
way; children: Joseph S., Margery, Ellen Gould. 
Admitted to 111. bar, 1877; practiced law until 1882; 
apptd. receiver for an iron concern and abandoned 
the law for iron and steel mfg. Republican. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country, Dunedin 
(Fla.) Yacht. Recreations: yachting and automo- 
biling. Home: 4633 Greenwood Av. Office: First 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BARKER, John Thomas, lawyer. Removed to 
N.Y. (See vol. 1911.) 

B ABLER. Augustus Condon, oil heaters; b. at 
Chester, 111., May 23, 1856; s. Orson L. and Emeline 
A. (Condon) Barker; ed. pvt. schs. and ShurtlefC 
Coll., Upper Alton, 111.; m. Chicago, June, 1878, 
Cordelia J Higgins; children: Alice L.. Harold A. 
Came to Chicago, 1875; elk. for McClay & Tucker, 
produce commn. merchants, 1875-7; entered em- 
ploy of Sidney Shepherd & Co. as bookkeeper and 
asst cashier, 1877, later representing them on road 
until 1886; went to Fremont, Neb., 1886, and joined 
Theo. Huette & Sons, hardware, as partner, re- 
maining until 1892; then came to Chicago, organ- 
izing and incorporating the Huette-Barler Mfg. 
Co.; in 1893 acquired the interests of the Messrs. 
Huette, and changed the name to A. C. Barler Mfg. 

Co. Republican. Club: Chicago Athletic. Home: 
436 Arlington PI. Office: 341 E. Ohio St. 

BARIiOW, Henry Clay, traffic dir. Chicago Assn. 
Commerce; b. Niles, Mich., Aug. 15, 1850; s. Lemuel 
and Hannah (Orcutt) Barlow; ed. pub. schs., Niles, 
Mich., and Amboy, 111.; m. Jan. 12, 1883, Mary Cone, 
of Winona, Minn.; children: Henry Cone, Louise 
F., Frances F. Began ry. service as office boy and 
elk. I.C.R.R., Warren, 111., Feb. 17, 1866; telegraph 
operator, C.&N.W.Ry., Barrington, 111., June, 1866- 
Feb., 1867; elk. and operator on various divisions 
same road, 1867-77; agt. at Norwalk, Wis., 1877-9; 
traveling frt. agt., same road, 1879-81; div. frt. 
agt. Winona & St. Peter and Dakota Central R.R., 
Winona, Minn., 1881-2; asst. gen. frt. agt., 1882-3, 
and gen. frt. agt., 1883-4, A..T.&S.F.R.R. ; traffic 
msr. Mexican Central R.R., 1884-6, Wis. Central 
lines, 1887-93; vice pres. and gen. mgr., 1893-5, and 
pres., 1895-1901, Evansville & Terre Haute R.R.; 
now traffic dir. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Mason. 
Clubs: Union League, City. Recreation: outdoor 
diversions. Home: 2146 Lincoln Park West. Office: 
501 Otis Bldg. 

BARLOW, tools Nathan, M.D.; July 30, 1861- 
Mar. 24, 1916. (See vol. 1905.) 

BAKMORE, Nathaniel ., president F. H. Hill 
Co., coffins. Home: 4837 Kimbark Av. Office: 954 
Washington Boul. 

BARNARD, Frederick, law printer; Oct. 3, 1836- 
Apr. 10, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BARNARD, James Henry, lawyer; vice pres. 
Corpn. Finance Co.; b. Albion, N.Y., Feb. 4, 1869; 
s. Henry B. and Huldah L. (Comstock) Barnard; 
ed. Albion High Sch. and Cornell Univ., 1886-7; m. 
Feb. 3, 1904, Mrs. Louise Black Clarke, d. of ex- 
Mayor John Black, Milwaukee, Wis. Admitted to 
bar 1890 and engaged in general practice; vice pres. 
Corpn. Finance Co.; dir. Hibernian Banking Assn. 
Republican. Clubs: University, Chicago Athletic, 
Glen View. Recreations: travel, golf. Home: 1325 
Astor St. Office: 134 S. LaSalle St. 

BARNARD, William Wilcox, seedsman; b. Chi- 
cago, July 4, 1856; s. William and Miranda (Wil- 
cox) Barnard; ed. grammar schs. and Englewood 
High Sch.; unmarried. Began as bookkeeper and 
cashier with Hiram Sibley & Co., warehouse and 
seedsmen, Chicago, 1871; entered business on own 
account Nov., 1887, incorporated, 1905, on consoli- 
dation with Goodwin, Harris & Co.; pres. and treas. 
The W. W. Barnard Co., seeds and stock food. Ex- 
treas. Village of Washington Heights. Mem. Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Mem. Union 
Ch. Club: Ridge Country. Home: 1924 W. 103d St. 
Office: 233 W. Madison St. 

BARNES, Albert Crane, lawyer; b. Addison, Vt.; 
s. Asahel and Ellen S. (Crane) Barnes; ancestors 
fought in the Pequot War and Am. Revolution; 
A.B., Univ. of Vt., 1876 (LL.D., 1914); LL.B.. Al- 
bany (N.Y.) Law Sch., 1877; m. Jessie Welles Gris- 
wold, of Chicago, May 25, 1895. Admitted to N.Y. 
bar, 1877; in law office at Plattsburgh, N.Y., till 
1879; in U.S. Land Office, 1879-83; practiced law in 
N.D., 1883-5, and since in Chicago except when in 
public office; asst. state's atty., Cook Co., under 
Charles S. Deneen, 1896-1904; elected judge Supe- 
rior Court Cook Co., 1904 and 1911; justice Appel- 
late Court 1st Dist., 111., since 1912. Republican. 
Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago bar assns., 111. 
Soc. Criminal Law and Criminology (ex-pres.), 
Sons of Revolution (ex-pres.), Sons of New Eng- 
land (ex-pres.), Sigma Phi. Mason (32), Odd Fel- 
low. Clubs: Hamilton, Exmoor Golf, Union League. 
Recreation: golf. Home: 1223 E. 50th St. Cham- 
bers: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

BARNES, Albert Rice, printer; b. West Brook- 
field, Mass., Sept. 21, 1851; s. Harrison and Rebecca 
(Rice) Barnes; ed. pub. schs. Brookfleld and acad. 
at West Salem, Mass.; m. Chicago, Dec., 1879, 
Cora Shedd. Came from Mass, to Chicago in 1872, 
and has ever since been engaged in the printing 
business; firm became Barnes & Gritzner, 1873, and 
changed to Bliss, Barnes & Co., 1875; became A. R. 
Barnes & Co., 1879; business was incorporated, 
1902, as A. R. Barnes & Co., printers and copying 
book mfrs., of which is pres.; dir. Central Trust 
Co. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce (drainage and 
sanitary efficiency com., also sr. council), Nat. 



Mfrs. 1 Assn. Clubs: Union League, Evanston, Hen- 
nepin Shooting, Duckville Gun (Utah). Recrea- 
tions: hunting, fishing, travel. Home: 1314 Forest 
Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 1104 S. Wabash Av., 

EAKNES, Carl I.; b. Connellsville, Pa., May 18, 
1872; s. Zepheniah Ellis and Elizabeth (Dawson) 
Barnes; prep. edn. high sch., Connellsville, Pa.; 
M.D , Ind. Univ., Indianapolis, 1892; LL.B., Kent 
College of Law, Chicago, 1898; m. Mable Clara 
Gage, of Indianapolis, 1896. Organized, 1900, U.S. 
Chem. Co., of which was pres. ; was pres. Barnes 
Sch. of Anatomy, and sec. and treas. Chicago In- 
valids' Coach Co. Republican; candidate for Con- 
gress from 6th 111. Dist.. 1908 and 1910. Mem. A.A. 
A.S., A.M. A., Chicago Med. Soc. Mason (32, K.T.). 
Club: Hamilton. Author: Contagious and Infectious 
Diseases, Disinfectants and Disinfection, 1903; At- 
las of Arterial and Venous System, 1905; Anatomy, 
Sanitary Science and Embalming, 1906. Address: 
1977 Ogden Av. 

BARNES, Cecil, lawyer; b. at Chicagd, Apr. 17, 
1880; s. Cecil and Annie Dean (Larrabee) Barnes; 
A.B., Harvard, 1903, A.M., 1904; traveled abroad 
9 months, 1904-5; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law 
Sch., 1908; m. Margaret Ayer, of Chicago, May 21, 
1910; 2 children: Cecil, Jr., Edward Larrabee. Ad- 
mitted to bar in 1908; associated with firm of Mus- 
grave & Lee, 1908-10, Peckham, Brown, Packard & 
Walsh, 1910-15; mem. firm Miller, Starr, Brown, 
Packard & Peckham since 1915. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn., Legal Club of Chicago, A.A.A.S., Phi Beta 
Kappa, Phi Delta Phi. Episcopalian. Clubs: City, 
Chicago, University. Recreations: motoring, boat- 
ing. Home: 1153 N. Dearborn St. Office: First Nat. 
Bank Bldg. 

BARNES, Charles Joseph, real estate. Removed 
to Cal. (See vol. 1911.) 

BARNES, Clifford Webster, trustee estate Simon 
Reid; b. Corry, Pa,, Oct. 8, 1864; s. Joseph and Anna 
(Webster) Barnes; A.B., Yale, 1889, B.D., 1892; 
A.M., Univ. of Chicago, 1893; (LL.D., Lake Forest 
Univ., 1913); m. Alice Reid, of Lake Forest, 111., 
May 5, 1898; 1 daughter, Lllace Reid. Resident 
worker, Hull House Social Settlement, Chicago, 
1893-4; pastor in Chicago, 1894-7; student at Ox- 
ford, Eng., 1898; dir. Student Christian Movement, 
Paris, France, 1898-9; acting pres. Am. Art Assn., 
Paris, 1898-9; instr. sociology and dir. Univ. Set- 
tlement Work, Univ. of Chicago, 1899-1900; pres. 
and prof, sociology, 111. Coll., 1900-5; gen. sec. Re- 
ligious Edn. Assn. of America, 1905-6; now trustee 
Estate of Simon Reid. Spl. commr. to Europe to 
investigate moral and religious training In schs., 
1906-7; hon. sec. and chmn. exec. com. Internal. 
Com. on Moral Training since 1907; chmn. exec, 
com. Legislative Voters' League of 111., 1907-9 
(pres. since 1909); pres. Chicago Sunday Evening 
Club, 1908, Com. of Fifteen, 1911-16, since mem. 
exec, com.; chmn. Chicago Community Trust since 

1916. Pres. Pa. Soc., 1915-16. Clubs: Chicago, Uni- 
versity, City (Chicago); Onwentsia (Lake Forest, 
111.); Yale (N.Y.); Annandale Country (Pasadena, 
Cal.). Recreations: golf, horseback riding, travel. 
Apptd. commr. on U.S. Naval Training Camps, 

1917. Home: Lake Forest, 111. Address: 10 S. La 
Salle St., Chicago. 

BARNES, Frank J(ohn). furniture; b. Swanzey, 
N.H., Sept. 10, 1845; ed. pub. schs. of Athol, Mass.; 
removed to Wis. (when 4 yrs. of age) with parents, 
who located on a farm in Newton, Wis.; m. Julia 
Mead, 1894. Learned chair-making trade in Bos- 
ton, 1861-4; came to Chicago, 1864, and established 
chair jobbing business under name of E. F. Pierce 
& Co.; mem. I. S. Ford Johnson & Co., 1872-83; 
Chicago mgr. for the Crocker Chair Co., 1883-1912; 
branch mgr. E. H. Stafford Mfg. Co. since 1912. 
Republican. Recreation: traveling. Home: 4614 
Lake Park Av. Office: 1407 S. Michigan Av. 

BARNES, Llewellyn Edwin, M.D.; b. Belleville, 
Wayne Co., Mich., Sept. 30, 1878; s. George Norton 
and Ellen E. (Soop) Barnes; ed. grammar and high 
schs., Chicago; student Reliance Med. Coll.; M.D., 
111. Med. Coll. (Loyola Univ.), 1910; m. Mary Tem- 
pleton Wallace, of Rothesay, Scotland, Sept. 25, 
1901; children: Llewellyn E., Harriett W. (both de- 
ceased), Luella Mae. With Stromberg, Allen & 

Co., 1892-1900, P. F. Pettibone & Co., 1900-4; medi- 
cal student, 1905-9; gen. practice, 1910-13; spe- 
cialist in treatment of eye, ear, nose and throat 
since 1913; asso. dir., eye dept. Mandel Memorial 
Dispensary, 1915-16. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and 
Chicago med. socs., Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and 
Oto-Laryngology. Mem. Washington Park Roque 
Assn. Home: 7001 S. Peoria St. Office: 6860 S. Hal- 
sted St. 

BARNES. Nelson Imding-ton, broker; b. Chicago, 
May 30, 1873; B. Charles J. and Mary (Ludington) 
Barnes; grad. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1892; 
B.A., Yale, 1897; m. Anna O. Barker, Aug. 19, 1905; 
children: Mary Ludington, John Barker, Nelson L., 
Jr. Engaged as a broker in bonds in 1900 with 
Tracy & Co., Chicago; became bondsman with the- 
firm of King, Hodenpyl & Co., 1904; now associated 
with its successor, Babcock, Rushton & Co. Re- 
publican. Clubs: Chicago, University, Chicago Golf, 
Saddle and Cycle. Recreations: golf and shooting. 
Home: 22 E. Ontario St. Office: 137 S. LaSalle St. 
BARNES, Philip Richard, lawyer. (See vol. 

BARNES, William ., railway official; b. in Illi- 
nois, Sept. 12, 1857; s. of J. E. and E. A. (Ewing) 
Barnes; ed. pub. schs. and Univ. of 111.; m. J. J. 
Valentine, of Kirkwood, 111., Dec. 14, 1881; 2 chil- 
dren: Lynn (deceased), Gertrude (Mrs. H. H. 
Mitchell). Began ry. service as telegraph operator, 
C..B.&Q.R.R., 1875, with which has since been iden- 
tified, as operator, 1875-80, train dispatcher, at 
Kirkwood, 111., 1880-93, trainmaster, Chicago div., 
at Fulton, 111., 1893-5; chief dispatcher at Gales- 
burg, 111., 1895-1902; supt. spl. car service, 1902-4, 
and supt. of transportation since June 1, 1904. 
Mem. com. on car service Council of Nat. Defense. 
Clubs: Country, Suburban (LaGrange). Home: La 
Grange, 111. Office: 547 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 
BARNES, William Bobbins, jobber of sch. books; 
b. Hinsdale, 111., May 12, 1866; s. Charles Mont- 
gomery and Ellen (Moore) Barnes; grad. from 
South Div. High Sch., Chicago, 1885; m. Nov. 26, 
1896, Blanche, d. of John W. Wilcox; children: 
Charles Montgomery, 2d, John Wilcox; m. 2d, June 
20, 1912, Ella M. Hurtt. Upon leaving sch. en- 
tered the business of C. M. Barnes Co., established 
by his father in 1873, of which was vice pres., 
1898-1900; became pres. of the C. M. Barnes-Wil- 
cox Co., 1900. Mem. S.A.R. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Clubs: City, Congregational. Home: 5029 
Kenmore Av. Office: 1018 S. Wabash Av. 

BARNES, William Thomas, consulting civ. engr. ; 
b. Salem, Mass., May 29, 1871; s. Thomas H. and 
Louisa J. (Varney) Barnes; S.B., Mass. Inst. Tech., 
1893; m. Maude Frances Getchell, of Waterville, 
Me., Oct. 17, 1906; 1 son, Wellington Thomas. With 
G. S. Rice and George E. Evans, engrs., Boston, 
1893-8; resident engr. on reconstruction of road, 
B.&O.S.W.R.R., 1899-1901; became connected with 
Metcalf & Eddy, engrs., Boston and Chicago, 1901, 
resident partner at Chicago since 1912. Mem. Am. 
Soc. C.E., Am. Water Works Assn., N.E. Water 
Works Assn., Western Soc. Engrs., Boston Soc. 
Engrs. Republican. Universalist. Club: Univer- 
sity (Chicago). Recreation: golf. Home: 150 N. 
Menard Av. Office: 111 W. Monroe St. 

BARNETT, Ferdinand Lee, lawyer; b. Nashville, 
Tenn., Feb. 18, 1856, of slave parentage; father 
purchased his freedom, removing to Canada in 
1859, and in 1869 to Chicago; grad. Chicago Cen- 
tral High Sch., 1874; taught sch. 2 yrs.; LL.B., 
Northwestern Univ.. 1878; m. Mary Graham, of 
Ann Arbor, Mich., Nov. 14, 1884 (now deceased); 
children: Ferdinand L., Albert G.; m. 2d, Ida B. 
Wells, of Chicago, 1895; children: Charles A., Her- 
man K., Ida B., Alfreda H. Admitted to 111. bar. 
1878; for nearly 15 yrs. an asst. state's atty. of 
Cook Co., resigning, 1911. Was several years edi- 
tor-in-chief of the Conservator (newspaper pub- 
lished in the interest of Negro race). Mason. 
Home: 3234 Rhodes Av. Office: 184 W. Washing- 
ton St. 

BARNETT, Joseph H., engraving and electro- 
typing; b. Chicago, Jan. 23, 1859; s. Alexander and 
Fannie (Eccles) Barnett; ed. pub. schs. and prep, 
dept. Northwestern Univ., 1874-5; m. Chicago, Dec. 
24, 1879, Henrietta Sigler Wood; children: Fannie 


Eccles, Joseph H., Jr., Henrietta Louise, Irving BARNUM, Gertrude (Miss), sociologist; b. Ches- 
Wood. Began business career, 1880, as clerk for ter, 111., Sept. 29, 1866; d. William H. and Clara 
Blomgren Bros. & Co., engravers and electrotypers, Letitia (Hyde) Barnura; ed. Evanston (111.) High 
of which subsequently was sec. and mgr. until Sch. ; spl. course in economics and history, Univ. of 
1894; sec. A. Zeese & Co.. 1894-9; was pres. Brinker- Wis.; unmarried. Asst. at Hull House, Chicago, 
hoff & Barnett Engraving- Co., organized 1900, but 1889-96, asst. treas., 1895-6; head resident Henry 
sold his interest in 1901 and has since carried on Booth Settlement and editor woman's page, Boyce's 
the engraving and electrotyping business under Magazine, 1 yr.; dean of girls, Port Deposit (Md.) 
the name of Jos. H. Barnett & Co., making half- Inst., about 1 yr.; 1st nat. organizer, and sec. of 
tones a specialty. Was connected with 111. N.G. Women's Trade Union League, 1903-4; gen. organ- 
over 20 yrs., rising to the rank of It. col. Apptd. izer and publicity agt., Internat. Ladies Garment 
jury commr. of Cook Co., July 15, 1910, for term of Workers' Union, 1911-13; spl. agt. U.S. Commn. on 
3 yrs., and reapptd. for same period 1913 and 1916. Industrial Relations, 1913-14; spl. agt. Internat. 
Sec. and trustee First Presbyn. Ch., Austin, 1894- Ladies Garment Workers' Union since 1914. Con- 
1915. Republican. Club: Hamilton (dir., 1905-6-7, slant contbr. fiction stories and articles on sociol. 
elected 2d vice pres., 1910, but resigned to accept and labor topics to newspapers and mags. Home: 
position of Cook Co. jury commr.). Mem. Royal Riverside, 111. 

Arcanum since 1881. Home: 134 N. Mayfleld Av., BABNUM Harrv TTvtio lawvor- h Phtoao-o Ann- 
Austin. Office: 508 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. 23 B f^f; U s '^l^K^rV a^'c^ar^ L^Hyde^) 

BABNETT, Otto Raymond, patent lawyer; b. at Barnum; prep. edn. Riverside (111.) High Sch.; stu- 
Washington, D.C., Sept. 21, 1868; s. Theodore J. dent Univ. of Mich., 1899-1900; LL.B., Lake Forest 
and Eugenia M. (Hodge) Barnett; descendant on Univ., 1903; m. Edith Carpenter Beach, of Winnet- 
mother's side of Robert R. Livingston, of N.T.; ed. ka, 111., June 2, 1914; 1 daughter, Grace Beach, 
pub. schs., Glencoe, 111.; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Studied law in office of father, 1900-3; clerk in 
Law Sch., 1888; m. Mabel D. Rowley, of Chicago, office of James A. Brady, 1903-4; mem. firm of 
June 18, 1895; 2 sons: Lawrence Theodore, Sher- Brady, Barnum & Rutledge,1904-7; associated with 
man Rowley. Admitted to 111. bar, 1889, to U.S. Rubens, Fischer & Mosser, 1907-9; mem. firm Ru- 
Supreme Court, 1897; entered office of James H. bens, Fischer, Mosser & Barnum since 1909; sec. 
Raymond in 1887, and in 1900 formed partnership Northwestern Co. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Delta 
with him as Raymond & Barnett; in individual Chi. Democrat. Club: City. Recreations: tennis, 
practice, 1907-12; mem. Barnett & Truman (Per- bowling. Home: 735 Walden Rd., Winnetka, 111. 
cival H.) since 1912; occupied mainly in the law of Office: 110 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 
patents trade-marks, copyrights and corpns.; prof. BARNUM, Morgan Kin?, railway official. Re- 
patent law, Northwestern Univ. 1902-4, 1910; gen. move d to Baltimore, Md. (See vol. 1911.) 
counsel Vapor Car Heating Co. Mem. Patent Law -.-m, .mm ' i - T^V, IK iMA_n~. 

Assn. (pres.), Am. Bar Assn. (ex-sec, patent sect.), . n B ,~P"?' , ^? 1 ?V J urlst ' Feb - 15 l40-Dec. 
111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Mem. 10 - 1! ' 15 - ( See vo1 - .) 

Park Bd. and pres. Library Bd., Glencoe, 111. Clubs: BARK, Norman Burton, clergyman; b. Mt. Pala- 
Hamilton, Law, City, University, Skokie Country, tine, 111., Jan. 26, 1868; s. Lawrence Clay and Har- 
Chicago Automobile; Cosmos, University (Wash- riet Amanda (Ferry) Barr; B.A., Univ. of Neb., 
ington, D.C.). Recreations: reading, floriculture, 1893; grad. McCormick Theol. Sem., 1897; m. Min- 
golf, hunting. Contbr. to Yale Law Rev., Mich, nie Goodman, of Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 20, 1897 (died 
Law Rev., 111. Law Rev., and other law publs. 1909) ; children: Dorothy, Norman Burton, Jr., Mar- 
Home: Glencoe, 111. Office: Monadnock Blk., Chi- jorie, Lawrence Edward; m. 2d, Sarah Holbrook 
cago. Humphrey, of Chicago, 1914; stepson, Paul Hum- 

BARNETTE lorenzo Welton, concrete special- & re o y f SK^SK^f^^S'lv^^. 
ties; b. N. Y, City June 12 1880; s. Gasper Cisneros Founded olivet Inst., an all-around community 

? P <, Ll PP lnco "> Ba / ne t t . t fi e Vi e -th^h service instn., including settlement, music sen., 
unmarried. .Has oeen laentinea witn tne 

steel business since 1896, beginning in Franklin. 

T-j . . .-,, . ' ' A 1 ^^JMJ ,Ci J , J. L C3 UJ 11. - > I 1 L 1 I .- I I ' 1 S} ^1.0 O1J., A1 Wi LllOl.'JC 

P ^-Vv, , , ? ', ^P " J y, a v e f ,u B Presbyn. Pastors' Fellowship, Presbyn. Social 

of the Concrete Steel Co., of New York (Have- UniO n? Chicago League of Settlements. Home: 

meyer bars for reinforcing concrete, etc.) com- i cnn tr,,rtnn AV nffi^o- 444 RiarVrhawk- =!t 

pany maintains branch offices in Phila., Boston, l 

Chicago, Syracuse, N.Y., and Youngstown, O. Ma- BARR, Robert C., foundryman. (See vol. 1911.) 
son. Democrat. Episcopalian. Recreations: motor- BARR, Silas Miller, life underwriter; b. Aurora, 
boating, motoring. Home: 1234 N. State St. Of- 111., Apr. 14, 1865; s. James G. and Sarah M. (Mill- 
flee: 444 Monadnock Blk. er) Barr; ed. pub. schs. of Aurora; grad. Aurora 

BARNHART, Arthur Middleton, president Barn- J? i&h T S l ch 'V, l883 A 7 m - 1 Si 1 . 6 " ftP"? fO th ,'v, Of p- K \ n f ka " 

hart Rrnc! . <?ninrilr tvno fnnnilora- Fob 17 1 R44 kee ' I 11 -. June 27, 1895; Children: Ruth E., Mar- 

M^v 13 19ri (Spp vol 1911 T J rie L - Flrst business experience in First Nat. 

' Bank, Aurora; started in life ins. business in June, 

BABNHABT, Kenneth, dry goods; Apr. 14, 1858- 1887, with Mut. Life Ins. Co. of N.Y.; has been 

Dec. 6, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) successively connected with MutualLife, New York 

BABNHABT Marvin Elmer lawyer- b Cass Co Life, ^Etna Life and Equitable Life; gen. agent 

Ind., June 17, 1869; s. Jacob ' and MaVy (Fisher) Equitable Life Assurance Soc. for several years; 

Barnhart; ed. pub. grammar schs. of Cass Co., Ind., resigned, June . ,1917, and returned to Mutual 

and high sch., Rochester, Ind.; LL.B., Univ. of Ll f. e j. as f, en - a&e nt . n that date. Independent in 

Mich., 1893; unmarried. Admitted to bar, 1893, and P. lltlc f; Re ? r ? a , tlo , n i mus 1 l Ss ?? m | : , 8 ,i 8 B f O fSS Av " 

since in active practice at Chicago; asst. state's River Forest, 111. Office: 108 S.LaSalle St., Chicago, 

atty. since 1912. Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar BARR, William Allen, M.D.; b. Clark Co., 111., 

assns., Delta Chi. Democrat. Mason (Standard Apr. 4, 1860; s. James and Margaret A. Barr; ed. 

Lodge). Clubs: Iroquois, Skokie Country. Recrea- Northern Ind. Normal Sch.; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 

tion: golf. Home: 521 Surf St. Office: Criminal 1892; m. Princeton, 111., Feb. 17, 1894, Hanna Oh- 

Court Bldg. man. Began practice of medicine in Chicago, 1892, 

BARNUM, Ernest Dressel, manager of Ansonia pracUcef returned to Chicago in 189*3; 'practice^iow 

DCK co. (bee vol. laii.) restricted to diseases of eye, ear, nose and throat. 

BABNUM. Prank Wilson, clergyman; b. Morri- f rof - of ophthalmology, Chicago Coll. Medicine and 

son, 111.; sTaierritt Ferguson and Lucretia (Hun- Surgery; ophthalmologist in Frances E. Willard 

gerford) Barnum; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1899; Hosp 'i, r SUrSe ? n i" 1 - Ch , arl ^;H e E -?, e , and Ea r Infirm- 

m. Emma A. Hume, of Manteno, 111., June 21, 1899; a ?y- Mem A.M.A., 111 State Med. Soc., Chicago 

1 son, Merritt Hume. Ordained M.E. ministry, M ed - Soc Chicago Ophthalmol. Soc. Republican. 

1899; pastor Lake Bluff, 111., 1896-9 Bowen Ch , Home: 744 Independence Boul. Office: 32 N. State 

Chicago, 1899-1905, Centennial Ch., Rockford, 111., Street. 

1905-11, Hemenway Ch., Evanston, 1911-12, Oak- BAKKELL, rinley, retired; b. Chicago, Oct. 28, 

land Ch., Chicago, since Oct., 1912. Home: 923 E. 1864; s. James and Susan (Finley) Barrell; ed. pub. 

10th St. and high schs. and Allen's Acad., Chicago; m. Chi- 


cago Dec 9 1890, Grace M. Witbeck; 1 son, John Genevieve (Hoard) Barrett; ed. pub. schs., Chi- 

Witbeck (died July 1, 1916). Began as elk. for Ir- cago; m. Clara Campbell, of Chicago, May 29, 1895; 

win Orr & Co Board of Trade commn. mchts., children: Oscar W., Jr., Lawrence, Fred S., Stephen, 

Chicago, 1883; in employ Norton & Worthington, Genevieve. Identified with Ins. business since 

in same line, Chicago, 1884-90; entered business for 1890; began with father, firm of O. W. Barrett & 

self, Sept., 1890, in firm of Russell & Barrel!, grain Co.; now mem. H. L. Wayne Co., ins., surety bonds, 

commn.; succeeded, 1892, by J. F. Barrell & Co., Republican. Baptist. Mason (R.A..). Club: Hamil- 

and name changed to Finley Barrel! & Co., 1894, ton. Recreations: fishing, farming. Home: 132 

which continued until his retirement, Jan. 1, 1917. Pine Av. Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul. 

Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago, Old BABBETT, Samuel E., chairman Barrett Mfg. 

Elm, Shore Acres, Onwentsia; Metropolitan (New c o roofing materials. Died Dec. 29, 1912. (See 

York). Recreations: motoring, shooting. Home: vo j 1911 ) 

Lake Forest, 111. Office: 11 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. BABBETT storrs Barrows , astronomer; b. at 

BAEKELL, James, broker; 1835-1913. (See vol. Kingsville, O., Aug. 12, 1864; s. A. Judson and 

1911.) Emily (Barrows) Barrett; A.B., Univ. of Roches- 

BABBETT, Channing Whitney, M.D.; b. Bliss- ter, 1889; post-grad, work, Univ. of Chicago; m. 

field, Mich., Dec. 14, 1866; s. David Fowler and Ida Clark, of Farnham, O., Nov. 24, 1898; children: 

Martha C. (Dewey) Barrett; ed. pub. schs., Fayette Helen Montgomery, Laura Colby, Emily. Prin. 

Normal Univ., Ohio, Hillsdale (Mich.) Coll.; M.D., Middlebury Acad., Wyoming, N.Y., 1889-91; teach- 

Detroit Coll. of Medicine, 1895; m. near Hillsdale, er high sch., Palmyra, 1891-2; fellow in astronomy, 

Mich., July 22, 1896, Luella May, d. of late Nathan Univ. of Chicago, 1893-6; master of Latin and 

Alvord; children: Russell Alvord, Florence Louise, mathematics, University Sch., Chicago, 1897-8; pvt. 

Helen Elizabeth, Ruth Esther. Reared on farm; tutor, 1898-1900; sec. Yerkes Observatory (Univ. 

teacher in pub. schs., 1886-92; student of medicine of Chicago) since 1900. Mem. Am. Astron. Soc. 

in physician's office 2 yrs. of this time, as well as Address: Williams Bay, Wis. 

years 1892-5; interne at St. Luke's Hosp., Detroit, BABBETT, William Eaker, wholesale lumber 

1893-5; house physician to Harper Hosp., Detroit, mc ht June 9, 1859-Feb. 1, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

1895-6; asst. surgeon to Marion Sims Hosp., Chi- BA-R-RTTT Wiina/m KAnrv annlp nroduots- b at 

cago, since 1896; prof, gynecology, Chicago Clinical Mo "S . Co XY ^TehfrS aSd M-irtha (Cham- 

Sch., 1900-6; prof, gynecology r-t,i /.<, D^n/,iir,io - 1 <-o., N.Y., s. C 

stetrics), 1908; The Thyroid Gland, Its Degenera- ?"* J^p" ,Vorv^ HomP- 100 , F ; Chicago Iv 

tions In Relation to Obstetrics, 1914; The Treat- 5Sf't" l ?L TO ? OntaHn =? ome ' l E ' chlcas Av - 

ment of Abortion on the Basis of Its Pathology, Office. 440 W. Ontario St. 

1915; Hernias Through the Pelvic Floor, 1909; The BABBON, Edward Hopkins, lawyer, sec. Edson 

Elements Which Make Success or Failure in Sur- Keith & Co.; b. Chicago, Nov. 7, 1878; s. Mahlon and 

gical Work, 1911. Recreation: farming. Home: 561 Katherine (Hopkins) Barren; ed. pub. schs. of Chi- 

Stratford PI. Office: 25 E. Washington St. cago; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1901; unmarried. 

BABBETT, Edward Ernest, consulting engr. and I" Practice at Chicag o since 1901; sec., treas and 

contractor; b. Port Byron, 111., Oct. 12, 1870; s. dir. Edson Keith & Co. since 1904. Mem. Ill Mfrs.' 

Daniel Thomas and Lucy Ann (Sidlinger) Barrett; As | n., Chicago Credit Men s Assn. Mem Chicago 

ed. pub. grammar and high schs., and Port Byron and 111 State bar assns., Chicago Assn. Commerce, 

Acad 1 vr 1888- erad Curtiss Business Coll Delta Chi. Catholic. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Clubs: 

Minneapolis;' Minn.', 1886; B.S. in Civil Engring!; City Chicago Athletic Assn. Recreations: hunting 

Univ. of 111., 1893; m. Grace Anna Hollister, of Port ?<* fi , s , hln .?- Home: 5332 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 

Byron, 111., Nov. 24, 1894; children: Jordan Hollis- 24 s - Michigan Av. 

ter, Gertrude (died in infancy) and Edward Daniel. BARROKT, John Thomas, western mgr. of Am. 

With U.S. engr. corps in charge of surveys and Powder Mills; b. Cambridge, N.Y., Oct. 26, 1865; s. 

levee constn. on Miss. River, 1893-1901; asst. engr. Thomas Barren and Mary (Cavanaugh) Barren; 

C.,B.&Q.Ry., Apr. 1-Aug. 1, 1901; civil engr. with removed with parents to Chicago, 1866; ed. pub. 

Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Chicago, 1901-4; vice pres. schs. of Chicago; m. Grace, d. of William Fitz- 

Roberts & Schaefer Co., engrs. and contractors, gerald, of Chicago, 1889; children: Marie, Grace, 

since 1904; dir. LaGrange Trust & Savings Bank Geraldine, Thomas, William Mildred. Entered em- 

and Twelfth Street State Bank. Mem. bd. of trus- ploy of the Am. Powder Mills, Chicago office, 1882, 

tees Village of LaGrange, 1906-8. Republican. Meth- becoming western mgr., 1889, also dir. since 1912; 

odist. Mem. Sigma Chi. Clubs: Chicago Engineers', organizer, and pres. Barron Brick Co. since Nov., 

lllini, LaGrange Country. Home: 333 S. Waiola 1915. Democrat. Catholic. Clubs: Chicago Athletic 

Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 332 S. Michigan Av., Assn., South Shore Country. Recreation: motoring. 

Chicago. Home: 1428 Jarvis Av. Office: 7 S. Dearborn St. 

BABBETT, John Patrick, electrician; 1837-Dec. BABBOWS, George Groves, lumber; b. in N.Y., 

28, 1915. (See vol. 1911.) Sept. 6, 1853; s. of Austin Aaron and Harriete 

BABBETT Marcus Lorenzo president of M L (Groves) Barrows; ed. acad., Clinton, Oneida Co., 

BarreTi cS d BarrTttTarnis"co Home: 3733 NY., and Clinton Liberal Inst.;m. Martha Wayne 

ake Park Av Offlop ->w W Tjil-p St Thompson, of Chicago, 1880; 2 children: Wayne 

Groves, Stanley Hill. Entered employ of D. F. 

BABBETT, Oliver Bogers, lawyer; b. Jackson- Groves, lumber mcht., Chicago, 1871; mem. firm 

ville, 111., Oct. 14, 1873; s. George J. and Ellen Charles Bruse & Co., lumber, 1888-94; formed the 

<Watson) Barrett; ed. Pittsfield (111.) High Sch.; South Chicago & Calumet Lumber Co., 1894, and 

Ann Arbor (Mich.) High Sch.; LL.B., Univ. of was pres. of same; later bought out the A. R. Beck 

Mich., 1896; m. Pauline S. Proctor, of Peoria, 111.; Lumber Co. and carried on business under the 

1 son, Roger Watson. Practiced at Peoria, 111., name of The White River Lumber Co.; organized 

1896-1905; was asst. city atty., Peoria; removed to firm of Barrows & Donnellan Co., 1910, at East St. 

Chicago, 1905. Mem. 5th 111. Inf., U.S.V., 1898, Louis, 111. and now pres. of the company; treas. 

Spanish-Am. War. Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar Nat. Kellastone Co. Republican. Congregationalist. 

assns., Delta Chi. Republican. Methodist. Recrea- Recreation: athletics. Home: 7339 South Shore 

tion: collecting books and autographs. Home: Drive Office: 175 Jackson Boul. 

h e ,! W n 0rthl In " 0fflC6: 15 FlrSt Nat ' Bank BldS " BABBOWS, Harlan H., geographer; b. Armada, 

Mich., Apr. 15, 1877; s. David H. and Lucy Eliza- 

BABBETT, Oscar 'William, general insurance; beth (Tenney) Barrows; glad. Mich. State Normal 

b. Chicago, Sept. 9, 1871; s. of Oscar William and Coll., Ypsilanti, 1896 (Pd.M., 1912); S.B., Univ. of 



Chicago, 1904; grad. student, same, 1904-6; m. 
Janie E. Gleason, of Big Rapids, Mich., Aug. 16, 
1898 (died July 23, 1913); 1 son, Robert Harlan; 
m. 2d, Adda B. Weber, of Chicago, Sept. 4, 1915; 1 
daughter, Dorothy Elizabeth. Asst. in geology, 
1904-7, instr. in geology and geography, 1907-8, 
asst. prof., 1908-10, asso. prof, geography, 1910-14, 
prof, since 1914, Univ. of Chicago. Mem. Assn. 
Am. Geographers (vice pres.), Phi Beta Kappa, 
Sigma Xi. Home: 6116 Ingleside Av. 

BARROWS, Stanley mil, mfr. of plasters and 
refractories; b. Chicago, Aug. 11, 1883; s. George 
Groves and Martha Wayne (Thompson) Barrows; 
ed. grammar schs. and business coll., Chicago; m. 
Frances Stehlin, of Chicago, Apr. 26, 1904; 3 chil- 
dren: Louise Hill, Marcia Josephine, George 
Groves, 2d. Lumber buyer, 1902-6; pres. Park 
Ridge Lumber & Coal Co., 1906-14; pres. Nat. Kel- 
lastone Co., since 1914; pres. Park Ridge State 
Bank; dir. Barrows & Donnellan Co., real estate, 
etc. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Park Ridge Country, Flo- 
rida Gun. Recreations: motoring, golf. Home: 
Edgemont Acres, Park Ridge, 111. Office: 19 S. La 
Salle St., Chicago. 

BARRY, see also Berry. 

BARRY, Charles Hart, insurance. Removed to 
Philadelphia. (See vol. 1911.) 

BARRY, John, transportation; Jan. 1, 1850-Mar. 
26, 1914. (See vol. 1905.) 

BARRY, Patrick T., journalist, publisher. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BARRY, Rupert John, lawyer; b. at Muskegon, 
Mich., Aug. 29, 1876; s. John and Rose (Blake) 
Barry; grad. St. Ignatius Coll., Chicago, 1898; 
LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1900; m. Mary Genevieve 
Healy, of Chicago, Feb. 22, 1905. Practiced in Chi- 
cago since Oct., 1900; mem. firm of Barry & Crow- 
ley; sec. and dir. Barry Transportation Co., 1903-8; 
dir. Chicago, Racine & Milwaukee Line, 1909. Mem. 
Chicago Bar Assn., Delta Upsilon, Knights of Co- 
lumbus, Irish Fellowship Club. Republican. Cath- 
olic. Club: Hamilton. Recreations: outdoor sports. 
Home: 4019 Clarendon Av. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St. 
BARRY, Thomas Henry, major gen.; comdr. 
Camp Grant, Rockford, 111. (See Who's Who in 

BARRY, Walter H., treasurer Variety Mfg. Co. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BARSTOW, Rhoda Piie, M.D.; b. Carmel, Me., 
Nov. 22, 1852; d. Silas Symonds and Olive (Green) 
Pike; early edn. in pub. and pvt. schs.; M.D., Hah- 
nemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1888. Began practice 
at Irving Park, 111., 1888; was prof, obstetrics, Her- 
ing Med. Coll., 10 yrs.; med. supt. Daily News 
Fresh Air Sanitarium since 1913. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Homoeopathy, 111. State Homce. Assn., Chicago 
Homce. Soc. Republican. Universalist. Clubs: Af- 
ter Dinner, Irving Park Sorosis. Home: 4210 Irving 
Park Boul. 

BARIELME, Ferdinand E., lumberman; b. Al- 
sace-Lorraine, Jan. 15, 1856; s. John and Mary 
(Weber) Bartelme; came to Chicago, 1866; ed. pub. 
schs. and Bryant and Stratton Business Coll., Chi- 
cago; m. Nov. 12, 1878, Emma C. Tiedemann, of 
New Orleans; children: Mrs. Dorothy Bartelme 
Pole (Chicago), Ferdinand M. and Tonnies T. (Min- 
neapolis), Mrs. Mary Bartelme Cutting (Chicago). 
Began as elk. for Hatch, Holbrook & Co., lumber, 
Oct. 23, 1873; apptd. mgr. of br. yard for Hatch & 
Keith, 1882, successors of Hatch, Holbrook & Co.; 
when The Keith Lumber Co. was organized, 1890, 
to succeed Hatch & Keith, was made vice pres. of 

and to try the cases of delinquent girls; had been 
public guardian of Cook County for 16 yrs., having 
been apptd. by each governor of 111. during that 
period; sec. Public Safety Commn. of Chicago and 
Cook County. Mem. 111. Bar Assn., Chicago Bar 
Assn. Mem. bd. of trustees Soc. for Mental Hy- 
giene. Clubs: Chicago Woman's, Woman's City. 
Home: 721 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111. Office: 
10th floor County Bldg., Chicago. 

BARTELMEZ, George William, teacher; b. N.Y. 
City, Mar. 23, 1885; s. Theodore B. and Caroline 
(Osten) Bartelmez; ed. grammar schs. and Morris 
High Sch., New York; S.B., New York Univ., 1906; 
PhD., Univ. of Chicago, 1910; m. Erminnie Hollis, 
of Bailey's Bay, Bermuda, Mar. 31, 1912; children: 
Caroline Jane, Erminnie Hollis. Asst. in zoSlogy, 
New York Univ., 1906-7; fellow in zoSlogy, 1907-8, 
lab. asst. in zoology, 1908-9, asso. in anatomy, 1910- 
11, instr., 1911-15, asst. prof, since 1915, Univ. of 
Chicago. Mem. Am. Assn. Anatomists, Am. Assn. 
Zoologists, Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma 
Xi, Gamma Alpha. Recreations: tennis, gymnas- 
tics. Home: 1109 E. 54th PI. 

BARTELS, William Henry, publisher; b. N.Y. 
City, Sept. 17, 1849; removed to Chicago, 1853; ed. 
pub. schs., Chicago; m. Marie J. Baeder, of Chicago, 
1869; children: Lillian, Florence, William H., Jr. 
In printing and publishing business in Chicago 
since 1862, having been with the Commercial Ex- 
press, under Joel Henry Wells, 1862-7; in 1867 es- 
tablished, with B. F. Howard, the Daily Trade Bul- 
letin, a Bd. of Trade paper; mem. firm of Howard, 
Bartels & Co., publishers and printers. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bd. of Trade. Residence: Lexington Hotel. 
Office: 332 Sherman St. 

BARTH, Christian Or., hardware; b. Mendota, 111., 
Jan. 29, 1869; s. Mathias and Margaret M. (Buck) 
Barth; ed. Jennings Sem., Aurora, 111., 1887-9; grad. 
Aurora Business Coll., 1889; m. Sarah A. Wingert, 
of Chicago, June 1, 1893; children: Leroy A., Mil- 
ton E Bookkeeper Rehm Hardware Co., 1890-1; 
same for D. M. Osborne & Co., 1891-1900, and asst. 

telme Co., of Minneapolis, Minn., and Cairo, 111. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Formerly mem. of 1st 
Regt. I.N.G. and now hon. mem. Co. A. Mem. Oak 
Park Lodge No. 540, A.F. and A.M.; charter mem. 
Siloam Commandery, K.T., of Oak Park. Clubs: 
Union League, Oak Park Country. Home: 241 N. 
Parkside Av. Office: 2350 Laflin St. 

BARTELME. Mary Margaret, lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago; d. Balthasar and Jeannette (Hoff) Bartelme; 
ed. pub. schs., Chicago; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. 
Law Sch., 1894. Was apptd. Mar. 3, 1913, by Judge 
Pinckney (of the Juvenile Court) as his assistant 

lican. Mem. Evangelical Assn. Mason. Recrea- 
tion: automobiling. Home: 32 S. Mayfield Av. Of- 
fice: 1501 Blue Island Av. 

BARTH, Lewis L., lumberman; b. South Bend, 
Ind., Dec. 31, 1850; s. Henry and Lizette Barth; ed. 
Univ. of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind.; m. Chi- 
cago, 1874, Carrie Halm; children: Helena L. (Mrs. 
Outhet), Hattie (Mrs. Charles R. Clow). Began 
as bookkeeper for father in lumber and grain, 
1869; in lumber business at Chicago since 1879; 
vice pres. and dir. Edward Hines Lumber Co. since 
1892; also vice pres. Lumbermen's Mill Co., Wood 
Street Planing Mill Co., etc. Republican. Clubs: 
Illinois, Union League, Mid-Day, Hamilton, South 
Shore Country, Flossmoor Country, Traffic. Rec- 
reations: fishing, motoring, golf. Residence: Con- 
gress Hotel. Office: 2431 S. Lincoln St. 

B ARTHOLI- . Charles Stephen, mfr. ; b. Plainfield, 
Will Co., 111., Sept. 25, 1857; s. Gilliam and Mary 
(McCreery) Bartholf; B.S., Univ. of Mich., 1880; m. 
Chicago, 1893, Grace C. Bullock; children: Dorothy, 
Herbert Bullock, Winifred, Marjorie, Katharine, 
Beatrice. Was several years principal in the Chi- 
cago pub. schs. prior to 1890, when engaged in 
business; now pres. Standard Diamond Drill Co. 
Republican. Mem. S.A.R. Unitarian. Mason. Clubs: 
Union League, Skokie Country. Recreations: mo- 
toring, golf and music. Home: Glencoe, 111. Office: 
38 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. 

BARTHOLOMEW, Harry Bishop, teacher piano 
and voice; b. Batavia, 111., Apr. 25, 1883; s. Henry 
B. and Ida Josephine (Vaughn) Bartholomew; ed. 
Chicago and Berlin, Germany; unmarried. Organ- 
ist and choir dir. First Bapt. Ch., Aurora, 111., 8 
yrs.; dir. Batavia-Geneva Chorus, 1915,16,17; stu- 
dio in Chicago since 1909. Republican. Home: Ba- 
tavia, 111. Studio: 620 Fine Arts Bldg., Chicago. 

BARTHOLOMEW, Warren Doug-las, lawyer; b. 
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 2, 1878; s. Benjamin and Maria 
(Bartholomew) Bartholomew; ed. in pub. grammar 
and high schs., Louisville, Ky. ; read law in offices 
of Darby & Gates, Princeton, Ky. ; unmarried. Ad- 



mltted to Ky. bar, 1896; engaged in practice at 
Princeton, Ky., until 1903, being city atty. there, 
1900-2; actively engaged in practice at Chicago 
since 1903; trial atty. for Chicago City Ry. Co. 
Was mem. 3d Ky. Vol. Inf. during Spanish-Am. 
War and participated in Cuban campaign. Mem. 
111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Mason 
(K.T., Shriner); mem. B.P.O.E. (Loyal Knight). 
Independent in politics. Recreation: outdoor exer- 
cise. Residence: Windsor-Clifton Hotel. Office: 106 
S. LaSalle St. 

BABTLE, James S., railway official; b. Feb. 22, 
1856; s. of William Toy and Elizabeth (Granger) 
Bartle; ed. pub. schs.; m. Mary R. Boestler, of Chi- 
cago, Nov. 6, 1879; 2 daughters: Virginia, Ruth. 
Began ry. service as elk. Plattsmouth office of C.,B. 
&Q.R.R., 1876; asst. gen. frt. agt., same road, Chi- 
cago, 1884; gen. frt. agt. Hannibal & St. Joseph, 
and Kansas City, St. Joseph & Council Bluffs rys., 
1887-91; asst. gen. frt. agt. same lines and St. 
Louis, Keokuk & Northern R.R., and Chicago, Bur- 
lington & Kansas City Ry., 1891-6; gen. frt. and 
pass, agt., Ind., 111. & la. R.R., at Chicago, 1896-8; 
gen. eastern frt. agt. at New York, 1898-1909; asst. 
frt. traffic mgr., at Chicago, A..T.&S.F. system, 
since Jan. 10, 1910. Clubs: Union League, Traffic. 
Recreation: golf. Home: Evanston, 111. Office: Rail- 
way Exchange, Chicago. 

BABTLETT, Adolphns Clay, hardware mcht. ; b. 
Stratford, N.Y., June 22, 1844; s. Aaron and Delia 
(Dibell) Bartlett; ed. Dansville (N.Y.) Acad., Clin- 
ton (N.Y.) Liberal Inst.; m. Mary H. Pitkin, Aug. 
27, 1867 (died Dec. 19, 1890); children: Male Bart- 
lett Heard, Frederic Clay, Florence Dibell; m. 2d, 
Abby L., d. Bailey H. Hitchcock, of Toledo, O., 
June 15, 1893; 1 daughter, Eleanor Collamore. En- 
tered employ Tuttle, Hibbard & Co., of Chicago, at 
age of 19; Jan. 1, 1882, when business was incorpo- 
rated as Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., made 
sec., now chmn. bd. ; dir. First Nat. Bank, Northern 
Trust Co., Liverpool and London and Globe Ins. Co. 
Has been mem. Chicago Bd. Edn.; trustee Beloit 
Coll., Univ. of Chicago; pres. Home for the Friend- 
less; vice pres. Old People's Home; dir. Art Inst. 
Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Com- 
mercial, Caxton, Chicago Literary, Onwentsia, 
Quadrangle, Twentieth Century. Home: 2720 Prai- 
rie Av. Office: 303 N. State St. 

BABTLETT, Charles Carroll, lawyer; b. Man- 
chester, N.H., Feb. 5, 1868; s. Charles H. and Mary 
F. (Locke) Bartlett; ed. Dartmouth Coll. and 3 yrs. 
in Boston Univ. Law Sch., graduating, LL.B., 1892; 
m. Kendall, 111., Oct. 16, 1901, Iva A. Simons; 1 
daughter, Helen. Admitted to bar, Jan., 1892. Mem. 
Chicago and 111. State bar assns. Republican. 
Methodist. Mason, Odd Fellow. Home: Oak Park, 
111. Office: 38 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. 

BABTLETT, Charles Lincoln, lawyer; b. Morris, 
111., Sept. 4, 1860; s. Rufus and Sarah B. (Wood) 
Bartlett; grrad. LeRoy (N.Y.) Academic Inst., 1878; 
A.B., Brown Univ., 1882, A.M., 1890; m. Chicago, 
Mar. 23, 1895, Marie M. Baker. In practice at Chi- 
cago since 1885; mem. firm of Johnson & Bartlett, 
1888-92, Johnson, Morrill & Bartlett, 1892; atty. for 
Title Guarantee & Trust Co., 1892-1901; gen. solic- 
itor of Chicago Title and Trust Co., 1901-11, since 
gen. counsel and dir. same. Mem. Am., 111. State 
and Chicago bar assns., Chicago Law Inst., Phi 
Beta Kappa. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Evanston (ex-pres.), University (Chicago), Glen 
View. Recreation: golf. Home: 1415 Judson Av., 
Evanston, 111. Office: Chicago Title & Trust Bldg., 

BABTLETT, Frederic Clay, artist; b. Chicago, 
June 1, 1873; s. Adolphus Clay and Mary H. (Pit- 
kin) Bartlett; ed. Harvard Sch., St. Paul's Sch., 
Concord, N.H., Royal Acad. Art, Munich, Germany, 
and studied art in Paris under Collin, Aman-Jean, 
Whistler, etc.; m. Dora Tripp, of White Plains, 
N.Y., Oct. 4, 1898. Professionally engaged as artist 
in mural decorations; has done work in Univ. of 
Chicago, Second Presbyn. Ch., University Club, 
Chicago; mural decorations in Council Chamber of 
Chicago City Hall, New 4th Presbyn. Ch., etc. Sil- 
ver medal, St. Louis Expn., 1904, San Francisco 
Expn., 1915; hon. mention, Carnegie Inst., Pitts- 
burgh. Address: 2901 Prairie Av. 

BABTLETT, Frederick Henry, real estate; b. 
Binghamton, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1875; s. Robert and 
Leodicie (Carle) Bartlett; ed. pub. schs. of Big 
Springs and Midland, Tex., until 14 yrs. of age, 
passing eighth grade; m. Chicago, Nov. 23, 1898, 
Fannie I. Sweepe; 1 daughter, Portia, Began as 
stock boy with Marshall Field & Co., 1890, then 
salesman until 1896; since in real estate business; 
mem. Watson & Bartlett, 1899-1904; organized, 
1904, flrm of Frederick H. Bartlett & Co., sales 
agents and buyers of real estate, buying for cash 
and selling on terms, handling Chicago real estate 
exclusively. Republican. Clubs: Union League, 
Chicago Automobile, Chicago Athletic, Mid-Day, 
South Shore Country, Chicago Yacht. Recreations: 
motoring:, hunting. Home: 4742 Drexel Boul. Of- 
fice: 69 W. Washington St. 

BABTLETT, Valentine Grouse, president Orange- 
ine Chemical Co.; b. Utica, N.Y., Feb. 14, 1892; s. 
Charles Leffingwell and Clara (Grouse) Bartlett; 
prep. edn. Chicago Latin Sch., and Hotchkiss Sch., 
Lakeville, Conn.; B.A., Yale, 1915; m. Marie A. 
Frost, of Chicago, June 7, 1917. Became sec. and 
dir., Aug., 1915, pres. and gen. mgr. since 1917, 
Orangeine Chemical Co., Chicago. Congregation- 
alist. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Club: University. 
Home: 61 E. Oak St. Office: 224 W. Huron St. 

BABTLETT, Warren Qoddard, vice pres. and 
treas. North Western Expanded Metal Co.; b. St. 
Louis, Mo., Mar. 18, 1877; s. James Alfred and Mar- 
garet Missouri (Wineland) Bartlett; ed. Smith 
Acad., St. Louis, 1884-93, and Central High Sch., 
1893-5; m. Arline Morton, d. of Charles E. Brown, 
of Maiden, Mass., Sept. 4, 1907; 1 son, Morton. Was 
clerk in accounting dept. M.,K.&T.Ry.Co., St. Louis, 
1895-1904; sec. and purchasing agent Bes Line Con- 
strn. Co., 1904-7; also sec. Florissant Constrn., Real 
Estate and Investment Co., and vice pres. St. Louis 
& Meramec R.R. Co., 1905-6; purchasing agent Den- 
ver. Enid & Gulf R.R., Denver, Kansas & Gulf Ry., 
1905-6; sec. North Western Expanded Metal Co., 
Chicago, since June, 1907, also treas. and dir. since 
Feb., 1911, vice pres. since 1914. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Home: 860 Vernon Av., Glencoe, 111. Office: 
37 W. Van Buren St., Chicago. 

*BABTLETT, William Alfred, clergyman. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

HARTLEY. Charles Earle, lawyer; b. nr. Cold- 
water, Mich., July 1, 1868; prep. edn. at Denison 
Univ., Granville, O., 1882-5; Harvard Univ., 1885-9; 
LL.B., Lake Forest Univ., 1895; m. Virginia For- 
sythe, July 17, 1892; children: Virginia, Gladys. 
Was engaged in real estate and bldg. business at 
Toledo, O., until 1892; admitted to 111. bar, 1894, 
and since practiced in -Chicago; pres. Anglo-Am. 
Copper Mining Co., McDonough Directory Co. Mem. 
Chicago Assn. Commerce. Mem. Am., 111. State and 
Chicago bar assns.. Delta Chi. Republican. Bap- 
tist. Mason (K.T.). Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chi- 
cago Automobile, Harvard, South Shore Country, 
Kenwood, May wood Golf, Aero of 111.; also Toledo, 
Toledo Yacht (Toledo, O.). Home: 5000 Drexel 
Boul. Office: 1253 Conway Bldg. 

BABTLING, Louis Charles, Chicago manager of 
Nat. Enameling & Stamping Co.; b. at Oldendorf, 
Prussia, Germany, Oct. 25, 1839; s. Louis and AI- 
dine (Fisher) Bartling; ed. pub. sens., Germany; 
m in Germany, 1866, Minnie Deppmeier; children: 
Minnie (Mrs. B. M. Mai), Henry W., Elizabeth 
(Mrs. William R. Schick), William C. Learned the 
mfr. of tin and stamped ware in Germany and, 
coming direct from Germany to Chicago, 1868, 
worked for the Chicago Stamping Co. until 1884; 
vice pres. Kieckheffer Bros. Co., of Milwaukee, un- 
til that business was consolidated, 1899, with the 
Nat. Enameling & Stamping Co., New York, of 
which has since been mgr. at Chicago. Mem. Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Mason (32, 
Shriner). Club: Hardware. Home: 1155 Farwell 
Av. Office: 346 W. Kinzie St. 

EAETON, Arthur Willis, educator; b. Abilene, 
Kan., June 8, 1873; s. of Thomas S. and Mary A. 
(Tonkin) Barton; ed. pub. schs., Abilene; Ph.G., 
Univ. of Wash., 1897, B.A., 1902; Seattle Business 
Coll., 1898; Univ. of Chicago, summer quarter, 
1911; research, dept. of chemistry, Northwestern 
Univ. Sch. of Medicine, 1913-14, and since 1916; un- 



married. Asst. prin. Union High Sen., Waterville, 
Wash., 1902-3; prin. high sen., Aberdeen, Wash., 
1903-4; prof, biology and chemistry, 1904-7, regis- 
trar and see. of faculty, 1905-7, Coll. of Puget 
Sound, Tacoma, Wash.; instr., dept. of science 
Lincoln High Sch., Seattle, Wash., 1907-13, 1914-16 
(leave of absence, 1913-14); instr. botany and 
pharmacognosy, 1913-14, prof, since 1916, North- 
western Univ. Sch. of Pharmacy. Mem. Delta Tau 
Delta, Phi Delta Chi. Republican. Methodist. Rec- 
reations: golf, tennis. Home: 2731 Indiana Av. Of- 
fice: 2431 S. Dearborn St. 

BARTON, Enos M., mfr.; Dec. 2, 1842-May 3, 
1916. (See Who's Who in America, 1916-17.) 

BARTON, George Preston, patent lawyer. Re- 
moved to Altadena, Cal. (See vol. 1911.) 

BARTON, Jesse Billing's, lawyer; May 28, 1850- 
Apr. 18, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

BARTON, Samuel George, president of Barton- 
Hobart Paper Co.; b. in Mercer Co., 111., June 11, 
1871; s. Francis and Eliza (Briggs) Barton; grad. 
Wheaton Prep. Sch., and Wheaton Coll., B.L., 1896; 
m. Bassett.Wis., June 6, 1900, Sarah Elizabeth Bas- 
sett; children: Elizabeth Bassett, William Leroy. 
Began with the old firm of Donohue & Henneberry, 
1897; became connected with the Henneberry Pub- 
lishing Co., 1900; then with the Copelin-Lee Paper 
Co. and the Dearborn Paper Co. until 1910; now 
pres. Barton-Hobart Paper Co., wholesale and re- 
tail paper. Democrat. Congregationalist. Home: 
521 N. Central Av., Chicago; (summer) Twin 
Lakes, Wis. Office: 608 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. 

BARTON, William Eleazar, clergyman; b. Sub- 
lette, 111., June 28, 1861; s. Dr. Jacob B. and Helen 
(Methven) Barton; B.S., Berea Coll., 1885, M.S., 
1888, A.M., 1890; B.D., Oberlin Theol. Sera., 1890; 
(D.D., Berea, 1895; LL.D., Knox Coll., 1913); m. 
Esther Treat Bushnell, of Johnsonville, O., July 23, 
1885. Ordained Congl. ministry, 1885; pastor Rob- 
bins, Tenn. 1885-7, Litchfield, O., 1887-90, Welling- 
ton, O., 1890-3, Shawmut Congl. Ch., Boston, 1893-9 
First Ch., Oak Park, 111., since Mar. 1, 1899. Asso. 
editor Bibliotheca Sacra; editor pastors' dept. of 
The Advance, 1904-12, editor-in-chief, same, since 
1913; lecturer on applied practical theology, 1905-9, 
on ecclesiastical law, since 1911, Chicago Theol. 
Sem.; on staff Youth's Companion since 1900. Cor- 
porate mem. A.B.C.F.M.; vice pres. Congl. S.S. and 
Pub. Soc., 1899-1905, Am. Peace Soc.; dir. Congl. 
Ednl. Soc., 111. Home Missionary Soc., 1900-6 (pres. 
1906), Chicago Theol. Sem.; trustee Berea Coll. 
since 1896; vice pres. Am. Missionary Assn. since 
1913; del. Nat. Congl. Council, 1895, 98, 04, 07, 10, 13, 
15; sec. commn. of 19 on polity and chmn. com. on 
constitution for the Nat. Council, 1913; del. Inter- 
nal. Decennial Council, 1899, 08, Tri-Church Union, 
1906-7. Mem. S.A.R., Chicago Soc. Bibl. Research, 
Soc. Midland Authors. Clubs: Congregational (pres. 
1897), Monday (Boston), Congregational (pres. 
1907-8). University, City, Westward Ho Golf. Apol- 
los, Oak Park. For titles of writings see Who's 
Who in America. Address: Oak Park, 111. 

BAUTZEN, Feter, president Board of Cook Co. 
Commrs., 1910. Was for several years senior mem. 
firm of Peter Bartzen & Son, real estate. Home: 
2546 Lawrence Av. 

HARWELL-WALKER, Francis John, clergyman; 
b. London, Eng., Oct. 25, 1881; s. Thomas and Cath- 
erine (Barwell) Walker; studied science Univ. of 
London, arts and theology, Univ. of Durham, Eng.; 
came to America, 1909; A.B., Oskaloosa (la.) Coll., 
1910, B.D., 1912, S.T.D., 1913; A.M., Highland Univ., 
Kan., 1912, Ph.D., 1913; M.A., Muskingum Coll., 
Ohio, 1915; Sc.D., Milton Univ., Md., 1916; D.C.L., 
Chicago Law Sch., 1916; (D.D., Campbell Univ., 
Kan.; Litt.D. and Ph.D., Univ. of South Minn.; 
LL.D., Oskaloosa Coll.); m. Amy Louisa Largen, of 
London, Eng., July 8, 1908. First took up phar- 
macy and medicine, later drugless healing; organ- 
ist and lay preacher, 1896-1911; deacon, 1911, 
priest, 1912, P.E. Ch. ; rector Ascension Ch., On- 
tonagon, and St. George's Ch., Hancock, Mich., 
1911-15; rural dean and rector St. Mark's Ch., Ches- 
ter, and vicar Holy Trinity Ch., Murphysboro, 111., 
1915-16; asst. St. Bartholomew's Ch., Chicago, 
since 1913. Prof., Oskaloosa Coll., since 1914, Univ. 
of South Minn., since 1915. Founder, 1910, and su- 

perior-gen. Am. br. Guild of the Holy Ghost. Fel- 
low Philos. Soc. Eng., 1914. Mason. Address: 6935 
Stewart Av. 

*BASCH, Joseph, second vice pres. Siegel, Coo- 
per & Co. (See vol. 1911.) 

BASKESVILL, Charles Read, professor English 
literature; b. Covington, Tenn., Apr. 17, 1872; s. 
George Booth and Sallie Lewis (Read) Baskervill; 
B.A., Vanderbilt Univ., 1896, M.A., 1898; Ph.D., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1911; m. Catharine Pendleton 
Quarles, of Richmond, Va., Aug. 19, 1903; 1 daugh- 
ter, Latham. Asst. in English, Vanderbilt Univ., 
1898-9; head of Dept. of English, Central State 
Normal Sch., Okla., 1903-5; instr. in English, Univ. 
of Tex., 1905-11; fellow in English, 1901-2, 1907-8, 
instr. 1911-12, asst. prof., 1912-15, asso. prof, since 
1915, Univ. of Chicago. Asso. editor Modern Philol- 
ogy. Club: Quadrange. Author: English Elements 
in Jonson's Early Comedy, 1911; Some Evidence 
for Early Romantic Plays in England, 1916; also 
various research articles on English lit. history 
(pub. in Modern Philology, Modern Language Pub- 
lications, Modern Lang. Notes, etc.). Recreations: 
golf, tennis. Home: 5709 Kimbark Av. 

BASQ1TIN, Olin Benson, college prof.; b. Dows, 
la Jan 30, 1869; s. Oliver William and Hannah 
(Valentine) Basquin; A.B., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 
1892; A.B., Harvard, 1894; A.M., Northwestern 
Univ., 1895, Ph.D., 1901; m. Jessie C. Guthrie, of 
Aledo, 111. (died, 1907); m. 2d, Anna Stuart, of Los 
Angeles, Cal., Sept. 12, 1908. Chief engr. Luxfer 
Prism companies, at Chicago, 1897, at London, 
1898, at Berlin, 1899; asst. prof, physics, 1901-9, 
prof, applied mechanics, since 1909, Northwestern 
Univ. Editor: Luxfer Prism Pocket Book, 1898; 
Luxfer Prism Hand Book (transl. into German and 
French), 1899; also papers on exptl. work in phys- 
ics and in strength of materials. Chanute Medal, 

1915, by Western Soc. Engrs. for best paper in civ. 
engring. Republican. Methodist. Mem. Western 
Soc. Engrs., Soc. Promotion Engring. Edn., Am. 
Assn. Univ. Professors, Sigma Xi, Delta Tau Delta. 
Home: 724 Foster St., Evanston, 111. 

BASS, Elizabeth (Mrs. George Bass), club wom- 
an; b. Buxton, Me.; d. of Roscoe and Catherine 
(Douglas) Merrill; ed. pub. schs. and under pvt. 
tutors; m. George Bass (lawyer), of Chicago, Aug. 
8, 1894. Ex-pres. Chicago Woman's Club; chmn. 
local biennial bd. for Gen. Federation of Women's 
Clubs conv., 1914; actively interested for many 
years in promoting the welfare of dependent and 
neglected girls in 111. and has served on many 
committees and commissions to promote legisla- 
tion for the care of dependents and delinquents; 
was a mem. of original Juvenile Court Com. of 
111 ; now mem. of Marriage and Divorce Commn.; 
chmn. Com. on Pub. Affairs 2 yrs. Prominently 
connected with Dem. politics since 1914, and mgr. 
of the Woman's Bureau of the Dem. nat. campaign, 

1916, having under her jurisdiction the campaign 
in the 12 states where women vote; now chmn. 
Nat. Woman's Bur. of Dem. Party; mem. Woman's 
Dem. Council of 111.; mem. Woman's Liberty Loan 
Com. apptd. by Sec. of the Treasury. Mem. D.A.R. 
Club: Chicago Woman's. Episcopalian. Home: 6050 
Prairie Av., Chicago; (summer) Manitowoc, Wis. 

BASS, George, lawyer; b. at Williamstown, Vt., 
Dec. 10, 1846; s. Joel, Jr., and Catharine (Burn- 
ham) Bass; A.B Harvard, 1871; student law dept. 
Harvard Univ., 1872; m. Manitowoc, Wis., Aug. 8, 
1894, Elizabeth Merrill. Came to Chicago, 1872, 
and was admitted to 111. bar; in office of Judge 
Beckwith, 1872-5; since then alone. Elected mem. 
of State Senate, 1892; master in chancery, 1888- 
1900; presidl. elector on the Blaine and Logan 
ticket. Mem. of Chicago Bar Assn. Clubs: Union 
League, Harvard. Home: 6050 Prairie Av., Chi- 
cago; (summer) Manitowoc, Wis. Office: 8 S. Dear- 
born St., Chicago. 

BASS, John Foster, war corr.; b. Chicago, 1866; 
s. Perkins and Clara (Foster) Bass; A.B., Harvard, 
1891, LL.B., 1894; admitted to N.Y. bar, 1894. Cam- 
paigns: 1895, in Egypt with English and Cretan in- 
surrection; 1896, across Armenia at time of mas- 
sacre; 1897, Cretan rebellion and Greek War; 1898, 
Spanish-Am. War; 1899, Philippine insurrection; 
1900, Boxer insurrection in China, and march of 


allies to relief of Pekin; 1903, Bulgarian uprising succeeded, 188S; now pres. The Bastian & Blessing 

in Macedonia; 1904, Russo-Japanese War, 6 months Co. Mason (32, Shriner). Mem. North Am. Union, 

in the field with Kuroki's army; with Russian Home: Junior Terrace and Clarendon Av. Office: 

army, 1914-15. Chmn. exec, council and treas. Nat. 129 W. Austin Av. 

Conservation Assn. since 1909 Chmn. Illinois Pro- BASTRTJP, Louis, lawyer; July 8. 1856-Xov. 14, 

gressive State Com., 1913. Fellow Royal Geog. 1914 (See vol 1911 ) 

Soc., London; mem. Explorers' Club, New York. i - , _ ,. ,, 

Club: University. Home: 242 E. Walton PI. Office: BATCHELDER, see also Bacheldor. 

203 S. Dearborn St. BATCHELDER, Frank C., railway official; b. at 

RASS Tvr-frt Tnim Toti" h Rrtnn m Tnhn Fall River, Wis., May 27, 1857; s. Sanford L. and 

Fo^rV^8?5fs^n"j e ohn\., Jr. Pres^ede" Dolly Batchelder; ed. common sch ; m Ursula G. 

ation of Suffrage Clubs; mem. Cook Co. exec. com. O Connell, of Minneapolis, Apr. 2 1894; 1 daughter, 

Progressive Partv exec com Political Eaualitv Dorothy. Began ry. service with C.,M.&St.P.Ry., 

League 111 EquaV Suffrage Assn Cook Co. |u 1874 with which remained until 1888 as operator 

rage Alliance. First Am. woman in P.I. after they and tram dispatcher, at various points; train dis- 

came into possession of U.S. Elected hon. mem. patcher, 1888-93, asstsupt., 1893-9, supt. Wis. and 

lion. In France, Italy, and Balkan States, 1915-16 div., 1901-5, supt. Chicago div., 1905-,, gen. supt. 

doing newspaper and hospital work; in Russia, ma.m line system, Baltimore, 190,-10, B.&O.R.R.; 

1917. Was chmn. exec. com. and active in organ- 1st vice pres., Apr. 1, 1910, pres. since Apr 11. 1912, 

izing women of Middle and Western states for B.&O. Chicago Terminal R.R.; vice pres. B.&O.R.R. 

Progressive party, 1912. Clubs: Woman's City, since 1915. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore 

Woman's Athletic. Home: 242 E. Walton PI. Country, Beverly Country. Home: 4828 Dorchester 

BASSETT, Frederick Fomeroy, piano mfr.; b. at Av ' Offl .2fi 305 Gran ^ Central Station. 

Cincinnati, O., Aug. 13, 1876; s. George Pomeroy BATCHELDER, George Hutchinson, fire ins.; b. 

and Eliza (Andrews) Bassett; Ph.D., Yale, 1900; m. St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 8, 1862; s. George W. and 

Marie Josephine Schulz, of Chicago June 6, 1906; Helen M. (Bartine) Batchelder; grad. East Orange 

children: Frederick Pomeroy, John Andrews, Ralph (N.J.) High Sch., 1878; m. Frances L. Taylor, of 

Pomeroy, Robert Otto. Identified with piano mfg. Denver, Colo., Apr. 10, 1889. In employ of London 

business since 1906; vice pres. M. Schulz Co., Wer- Assurance Corpn., New York, 1880-3; engaged m 

ner Piano Co., Magnote Talking Machine Co.; dir. mining and ins. business in Colo., 1884-1907; asst. 

Brinkerhoff Piano Co. Mem. Phi Gamma Delta, mgr. at Chicago of several ms. companies, 1907-11; 

Republican. Episcopalian. Club: University. Rec- asst. mgr. Rochester German Underwriters, Ger- 

reations: golf, sailing. Home: 6246 Kenmore Av. man-American Ins. Co., Rochester, N.Y., 1911-15; 

Office: 711 Milwaukee Av mgr. Penn. Fire Ins. Co. since 1915. Republican. 

T> aamtm T , a v- i* -n A i Episcopalian. Clubs: Union League, Evanston 

BASSETT, Meal, fire ins. b. HuntSVllle, Ala., r'nlf W^mo' TTvanaton Til r>ffir>e- Tn4iimTi<>> y-f 

Sept. 3, 1871; s. Henry Willis (M.D.) and Caroline G hn l;W r^fra-n 

Elizabeth (Neal) Bassett; ed. pub. schs.; unmar- c 

ried. Began in ins. business at Waco, Tex., 1891; BATEMAH, Floyd Lawerence, forwarding agent 

removed to Chicago, 1901; vice pres. and western and warehouse man; b. Grand Island, Neb., July 26 

mgr. since 1910, of Firemens Ins. Co. of Newark, 1875; s. of Selim James and Josephine E(Boyce) 

N.J., Girard Fire and Marine Ins. Co. of Phila., Me- Bateman; grad. Grand I ? la " d . I | i lirf U Sc J 1 " } 8 ^ 3; m ' 

chanics Ins. Co. of Phila. Ex-pres. Western Ins. Kenosha, Wis., June 11, 1900, Alta E., d. of George 

Bur. Democrat. Clubs: Union League, Chicago, D- Aspmwall; 3 children: Donald F., Lawerence 

Exmoor Country. Residence: Plaza Hotel. Office: and Barbara Jean. Was engaged as a gen. railroad 

137 S LaSalle St accountant until Mar. 1, 1903, and then became sec. 

BABsT-int, _,' ,. T fl i t T> j*^-,i. and treas., later, pres., of the Trans-Continental 

BASSETT, Orland F., florist. Removed to Call- Freight Co. (incorporated, 1899), engaged as for- 
warding, distributing and export freight agents 

BASSLER, Clarence J., lawyer; b. Chicago, Mar. throughout the country, and conducting a general 

13, 1887; s. Eugene and Sarah (Combs) Bassler; warehouse and transfer business at Los Angeles 

LL.B., Western Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1911; LL.M., and San Francisco, Cal., and Seattle, Wash.; sec. 

Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law, 1912; m. Lottie M. Hen- and treas. Chicago Furniture Forwarding Co., for- 

nick, of Chicago, June 30, 1908; 1 daughter, Char- warders for Chicago Furniture Mfrs.' Assn., since 

lotte Isabel. Admitted to 111. bar, 1911, and since Aug., 1915; sec. Chicago Furniture Mfrs.' Assn. 

practiced in Chicago; mem. Bassler, Bippus & Republican in nat., independent in local politics. 

Rose; organized, and sec.-treas. the Blackstone Presbyterian. Clubs: Traffic, Union League, Chi- 

Sch. of Business Law. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., cago Automobile, Wilmette Country, Chicago Yacht. 

Chicago Law Inst. Republican. Baptist. Home: Recreations: golf and motoring. Home: 735 Michi- 

Oak Park, 111. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St. gan Av., Wilmette, 111. Office: 203 S. Dearborn St., 

BASSOE, Feter, M.D. ; b. Drammen, Norway, May Chicago. 

18, 1874; s. Rev. L. A. and Marie (Andersen) Bas- BATES, James Benjamin, marine inspector; b. 

soe; came to America, 1893; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Windsor, N.S., Apr. 22, 1842; s. Thomas and Han- 

Surg. (Univ. of 111.), Chicago, 1897; m. Miriam nah (Dyer) Bates; ed. pub. schs. of Nova Scotia; 

Gardner, of Pasadena, Cal., Nov. 30, 1907; 4 daugh- m. Catherine Corrin, of Milburn, 111., May 22, 1879; 

ters and 1 son. Engaged in practice in Chicago children: James Perry, Ida Catherine, Byron Ross, 

since 1897, making a splty. of neurology; asst. Began as a farm hand in boyhood, then served an 

prof, nervous and mental diseases, Rush Med. Coll., apprenticeship in the shipyard of W. C. Fitch, at 

since 1907; attending neurologist to German, Ev- Windsor, N.S. ; came to Chicago in 1869 and worked 

anston, Norwegian Deaconess, Swedish Covenant at trade for W. W. Bates & Co.; was made foreman, 

and Presbyn. hosps. Mem. A.M.A., Am. Neurol. and in 1892 established firm of J. B. Bates & Co.; 

Assn., Inst. of Medicine of Chicago, 111. State Med. now marine insp. Republican. Congregationalism 

Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Pathol. Soc., Chi- Mason. Home: Berwyn, 111. Office: 1049, 175 W. 

cago Neurol. Soc. Home: Evanston, 111. Office: 30 Jackson St., Chicago. 

N. Michigan Av., Chicago. BA grain commn mcht (gee yol 

BASTIAN, Charles Leopold, mfr. soda fountain 1911.) 

parts; b. Baden Baden, Germany, Nov. 16, 1861; s. _ ._,_ ~ , _ __ _ ,., ,-. /= ,,! 1011 

Frederick and Pauline Bastian; ed. pub. schs. of BATES, Morley Da Costa, M.D. (See vol. 1! 

Baden Baden, and Meyers Commercial Coll., Mil- BATES, Onward, civil engr.; b. St. Charles Co., 

waukee, Wis.; m. Chicago, Feb. 18, 1888, Meta Mo., Feb. 24, 1850; s. Barton and Caroline Matilda 

Schroeder; children: Pauline (Mrs. William Lo- (Hatcher) Bates; student Rensselaer Poly. Inst., 

thar), Emily (Mrs. William C. Buttner), Emil, class of 1875, did not graduate; (hon. C.E., Univ. of 

Henrietta, Elsa. Came to U.S., 1880, settling at Wis., 1897); m. Virginia Castleman Breckinridge, 

Milwaukee; engaged in elec. business until 1886; of St. Louis, June 23, 1892. Engr. and supt. bridges 

came to Chicago, becoming mem. of firm of T. S. and bldgs., C.,M.&St.P.Ry. Co., 1888-1901. Trustee 

Wild & Son, brass founders and finishers, to whom Chicago Bur. Public Efficiency. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E. 



(pres. 1909), Western Soc. Engrs. (pres. 1899) In- 
stn. of C.E. (Great Britain), Theta Xi, etc. Clubs: 
City, University, Engineers' (Chicago), Engineers' 
(New York). Democrat. Presbyterian. Home: 832 
Belden Av. Office: 332 S. Michigan Av. 

BATES, Robert Peck, head master Chicago Latin 
Sch.; b. Coventry, R.I., Jan. 28, 1872; s. Mason Ar- 
nold and Cornelia (Peck) Bates; prepared for coll. 
at Windham High Sch., Willimantic, Conn.; grad. 
Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn., 1893; m. Mary, d. 
Judge John M. Lansden, of Cairo, 111., July 1, 1905. 
Head master Chicago Latin Sch. since 1894. Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta 
Kappa. Club: University. Recreation: fishing. 
Home: 17 Scott St. Office: 18 E. Division St. 

BATES, Thomas, lawyer; b. Griggsville, Pike 
Co., 111., Mar. 4, 1844; s. Thomas and Elvira (Cleve- 
land) Bates; ed. pub. schs. ; was in govt. service 
as a wagon-master under Gen. Sully in his expdn. 
against the Indians, 1865-6; assisted father in his 
lumber office at Lincoln, 111.; principal of Oilman 
(111.) pub. sch. 4 yrs., reading law during the last 
2 yrs.; came to Chicago, Apr., 1876, and finished 
legal studies in office of Leonard Swett; m. Dec. 24, 
1870, Sarah H., d. of Albion Ricker, of Turner, Me.; 
children: Rose Cleveland, Alfred Ricker. Admitted 
to 111. bar, Sept., 1876, and was 2 yrs. mem. of firm 
of Swett & Bates, then for 1 yr. of Higgins, Swett 
& Bates, later of Swett, Bates & Haskell and of 
Bates, Harding & Atkins, now Bates & Bates. Mem. 
Law Inst. Republican. Club: Evanston Country. 
Lecturer on insurance law, Chicago-Kent Coll. of 
Law. Home: 2112 Orrington Av., Evanston, 111. 
Office: 39 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BATTEN, John Henry, lawyer; b. London, Eng., 
July 16, 1850; s. John H. and Mary Ann Batten; ed. 
Franklin and Newberry Schs., Chicago, 1856-66; 
Racine (Wis.) Coll., 1866-9; m. Ida Haight, of Na- 
perville, 111., Aug. 26, 1874 (died Aug. 15, 1915); 
children: Marion (Mrs. Albert Hayes Wetten), 
Percy Haight, Ralph Ellsworth. Admitted to bar, 
1872; state's atty. DuPage Co., 111., 1888-96; county 
judge, DuPage Co., first to fill unexplred term and 
later for full term, 1897-1902; acting county Judge 
of Cook Co., assisting Judge Carter 2 yrs.; acting 
probate judge of Cook Co., 1899-1900. Mem. 111. 
State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. 
Club: Hamilton (pres., 1910-11). Residence: Hyde 
Park Hotel. Office: Chicago Title and Trust Bldg. 

BATTIS, Angle Belle (Mrs. William B. Battis), 
pianist; b. Eau Claire, Wis., July 7, 1889; d. Charles 
and Elizabeth Sager; ed. pub. and high schs., Osh- 
kosh, Wis.; studied piano and pipe organ under 
pvt. teachers, Oshkosh, until 1907, when came to 
Chicago to study piano under Emil Liebling; m. 
William Sterling Battis. of Chicago, Oct. 6, 1909. 
Professional pianist and organist at Oshkosh and 
Chicago for 13 yrs.; mgr. Professional Service Bur. 
Christian Scientist. Home: 517 Elgin Av., Forest 
Park, 111. Office: 64 E. Jackson St., Chicago. 

BATTER, see also Banr. 

BAUER, John C., publisher; b. La Porte, Ind., 
Oct. 26, 1858; s. Anton and Catherine Bauer; went 
to Aurora, 111., in early childhood, living there until 
17 yrs. of age; ed. pub. schs.; m. Lena M. Stevens, 
of Chicago, May 25, 1881; children: John W., Harry 
W. Learned printer's trade in Aurora, and in 1873 
became a printer on the Chicago Times; estab- 
lished Union Printing Co. in 1887 and in 1889 or- 
ganized the Horse Review Co., publishers of the 
Horse Review, of which is pres. and treas. Repub- 
lican. Protestant. Recreations: driving and fish- 
ing. Home: Naperville, III. Office: 159 N. State St., 

BATTER, William Charles, electrical enffr. ; b. at 
Cincinnati, Dec. 26, 1873; s. Ludwig and Wilhel- 
mina (Buehler) Bauer; B.S. (in elec. engring.), 
Univ. of Cincinnati, 1896, post-grad, course and 
Instr. civ. engring., 1896-7; student Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1905; Sc.D., Baker Univ., Baldwin, Kan., 1908; 
m. Alice Jeannette Strahley, of Cincinnati, AUK. 24, 
1896. Prof, physics and chemistry, Baker Univ., 
1897-1908; prof, physics and elec. engring., Univ. 
of Denver, 1908-9; prof. elec. engring., since 1909, 
acting dir. Coll. of Engring., 1911-12, Northwestern 
Univ. Also in consulting practice since 1903. Mag- 
netic observer and dir. Baldwin Magnetic Obs., U.S. 

Coast and Geod. Survey, 1900-2; magnetic observer 
in Can. of eclipse for same, 1905. Fellow A.A.A.S. ; 
mem. Am. Chem. Soc., Am. Electrochem. Soc., Am. 
Inst. Elec. Engrs., Soc. Promotion Engring. Edn., 
Sigma Xi. Club: University. Home: 2149 Sherman 
Av., Evanston, 111. 

BATTER, William Fairbanks, manager Chicago 
branch Edison Storage Battery Co.; b. Baltimore, 
Md., Sept. 14, 1868; s. Alex Henry and Helen (Gos- 
nell) Bauer; ed. pub. schs. of Baltimore; m. Bessie 
Cofiell, of Arcadia, Md., Oct. 15, 1902; 2 children: 
Audrey Helen, Patricia Coflell. Identified with elec- 
trical business since 1886, beginning in Baltimore; 
removed to Chicago, 1889; with elec. dept. Pullman 
Co., Chicago, 1889-91; asst. to elec. engr., Elec. Ac- 
cumulator Co., Newark, N.J., 1891-5; foreman elec. 
dept. Pullman Co., Jersey City, N.J., 1895-7; travel- 
ing electrician, Wagner Palace Car Co., New York, 
1897-1900; traveling insp. Consolidated Ry. Elec. 
Lighting & Equipment Co., New York, 1900-4; chief 
electrician M.P.R.R., St. Louis, 1904-6; sales engr. 
Electric Storage Battery Co., Chicago, 1906-8; asst. 
mgr. Chicago office Nat. Battery Co., 1908-9; mgr. 
of Chicago branch U.S. Light & Heating Co., 1909- 
13; asst. mgr. ry. dept. Edison Storage Battery Co., 
1913-14; mgr. Chicago branch same company since 
1914. Clubs: 111. Athletic (Chicago), Mo. Athletic 
(St. Louis). Recreation: golf. Home: 801 Green- 
wood Av., Wilmette, 111. Office: 2025 Michigan Av., 

BATTER, William M., piano mfr. and dealer; b. 
Chicago, Feb. 11, 1870; s. Julius and Anna Maria 
(Mueller) Bauer; ed. pub. and manual training 
schs., Chicago; m. Emma Eagle, of Pa., 1894. Be- 
gan, 1889, in piano business established by father 
in 1857; formerly vice pres. Julius Bauer & Co., 
pres. since 1914. Club: Chicago Athletic. Home: 
5860 Kenmore Av. Office: 305 S. Wabash Av. 

BATTQHER, Albert Howard, M.D., surgeon; b. at 
Bucklin, Mo., Jan. 26, 1883; s. Arthur Oliver and 
Clara Belle (Maddox) Baugher; A.B., Univ. of Mo., 
1908; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1909; m. Ila 
Bell, of Chicago, June 1, 1910; children: Albert 
Howard, John Oliver, Margaret Elizabeth. Asst. 
resident oathologist, St. Luke's Hosp.. 1910-14; 
prof, pathology, Chicago Policlinic, 1914-15; pvt. 
pathologist to Dr. John B. Murphy, 1915-16. Mem. 
A.M. A., 111. State and Chicago med. socs., Chicago 
Pathol. Soc. Club: University. Home: 5201 Ingle- 
side Av. Office: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

BATTM, Harry H., banker; b. New Haven, Conn., 
Mar. 11, 1866; s. Emanuel and Marian Baum; ed. 
pub. schools, Chicago; m. Nettie Lederer, of St. 
Louis, Mo., June 16, 1901; 2 sons. Began as bank 
elk., 1880; pres. Madison & Kedzie State Bank 
since 1913; dir. Chicago House Wrecking Co., Har- 
ris Steel & Wire Co., narris Home Co. Club: Cen- 
tral Mfg. District. Recreations: swimming, golf, 
motoring. Home: 4825 Grand Boul. Office: 35th 
and Iron Sts. 

BATTM, L(yman) Frank, author. Removed to 
Hollywood, Cat (See Who's Who in America.) 

BATTM, William Louis, M.D.; b. Morris, 111., May 
11, 1867; s. Henry and Elizabeth (Zorrman) Baum; 
ed. Morris Normal Sch.; M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 
Phila., 1888; spl. courses in univs. and hosps. of 
Vienna and Berlin; m. Mervyn Winston Lawrence, 
Nov. 24, 1913; 1 son, William Mervyn. In practice 
in Chicago since 1891 as specialist in skin and ve- 
nereal diseases; treas. and prof, skin and venereal 
diseases, Chicago Post-Grad. Med. Sch.; dermatolo- 
gist to St. Luke's Hosp. Sec. Chicago Medico-Legal 
Soc.; mem. Chicago Dermatol. Soc., Am. Urol. Assn., 
A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Chi- 
cago Pathol. Soc., Miss. Valley Med. Soc., Tri-State 
Med. Soc., Physicians' Club; fellow Am. Coll. Sur- 
geons, Chicago Acad. Medicine. Capt. Med. Reserve 
Corps, U.S.A. Republican; was coroner of Grundy 
Co., 1888. Clubs: University, Chicago, Chicago Ath- 
letic Assn., Chicago Yacht, South Shore Country. 
Author of article on Skin Diseases in Practitioner's 
Year Book. Recreation: yachting. Home: 915 N. 
Dearborn St. Office: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

EAUMANN, Ferdinand Otto, mfr. (See vol.1911.) 

BAT/MANN, Oustave, artist, engraver; b. Magde- 
burg, Germany; s. Gustav and Pauline (Nagel) 
Baumann; came to U.S., 1891; Art Inst. of Chicago; 



Kunst Gewerbe Schule, Munich, Germany; unmar- 
ried. Has exhibited in Chicago and in eastern gal- 
leries; Salon des Beaux Arts, Paris; gold medal, 
San Francisco Expn., 1915, for wood cuts; repre- 
sented in City of Chicago collection. Mem. Chicago 
Soc. Artists, Arts Club (Chicago), Soc. Arts and 
Crafts, Boston. Home: Westport, Conn.; (summer) 
Wyoming, N.Y. 

BAUMGAKTL, Isidor, brewer; b. Pesth, Hun- 
gary, Mar. 29, 1860; s. Adolph and Betty (Stein) 
Baumgartl; ed. high sch. and Dyrenforth Univ., 
graduating 1878; m. Chicago, 1881, Bertha Wil- 
hartz; children: Clara (Mrs. H. H. Abt), Lillie 
(Mrs. I. H. Freund), Leroy, Olga (Mrs. Carl Hess), 
Gertrude. Began as bookkeeper in wholesale liquor 
house of Joseph Stein & Co., 1878; mem. Stein & 
Baumgartl, 1880-2, and of Stein Bros. & Baumgartl, 
1882-7; in the real estate business, 1887-9; built the 
Calumet Distilling Co.'s distillery; sold out to the 
trust and organized Monarch Brewing Co.; consoli- 
dated that in United Breweries Co., of which is 
now chmn. of the bd. ; pres. Art Wall Paper Mills, 
Federal Cement Tile Co. Clubs: Standard, Mid- 
Day. Recreations: fishing-, traveling. Home: 4600 
Drexel Boul. Office: 38 S. Dearborn St. 

EAUK, see also Bauer. 

BAUR, Jacob, chemist, pharmacist; Oct. 12, 1856- 
July 19, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BAXMAN, Martin J., commission mcht. (See vol. 

BAXTER, George Edwin, M.D.; b. Griggsville, 
111., Oct. 27, 1874; s. Edwin Walter and Helen Ma- 
ria Baxter; grad. Griggsville High Sch., 1891, 
Whipple Acad., Jacksonville, 111., 193; Ph.B.. 111. 
Coll., Jacksonville, 1896; M.D., Northwestern Univ., 
1899; m. June 7, 1905, Cecile Maude Hitchcock. In- 
terne, St. Luke's Hosp., Chicago, 1899-1901; instr. 
in pathology, 1902-3, instr. in hsemotology, 1902-4, 
Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch. Formerly sec. and 

Sres. North Shore Branch Med. Soc.; mem. A.M.A., 
hicago Med. Soc., 111. State Med. Soc., Physicians' 
Club (ex-pres.). Republican. Congregationalist. 
Home: 5621 Kenmore Av. Office: 4603 Broadway. 

BAXTER, Robert W., railway official. Removed 
to Seattle, Wash. (See vol. 1911.) 

BAYLEY, Edwin Fisher, lawyer; b. at Manlius, 
N.Y., June 11, 1845; s. Calvin Chapin and Ann So- 
phia (Fisher) Bayley; early life on farm nr. Wau- 
pun, Wis., where he attended sch. until 1858; in 
acad. of Brockway Coll. (afterward Ripon Coll.), 
1858-64; served enlistment of 100 days as private, 
Co. B, 41st Wis. Inf., summer of 1864; in Ripon 
Coll., 1864-6; A.B., Amherst, 1868; LL.B., St. Louis 
Law Sch., 1870; m. Anna Katharine Ober, of Chi- 
cago Nov., 1876; children: Helen (Mrs. Charles T. 
Mordock, Winnetka, III.) and Katharine (Mrs. Ed- 
win H. Clark, Chicago). Began practice at St. 
Louis, in office of Elmer B. Adams (late U.S. cir- 
cuit judge) in 1871; came to Chicago, Oct. 9, 1872; 
mem. of firm of Scoville, Corwin & Bayley until 
1877; practiced alone, 1877-85; mem. firm of Bayley 
& Waldo, 1885^95, Bayley & Webster (Charles R.) 
since 1895. Mem. bd. trustees Amherst Coll., 1905- 
10; mem. bd. trustees Old People's Home and Home 
for Incurables. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn. Republican (with mugwump tenden- 
cies). Mem. Kenwood Evangelical Ch. Clubs: Ken- 
wood, Union League, City, University, Indian Hill 
Country, Onwentsia. Recreation: golf. Home: 4634 
Greenwood Av. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St. 

BAYLIES, Ripley N., lawyer; b. St. Helena Par- 
ish, La., Sept. 5, 1845; s. Nicholas and Harriet (Ca- 
hoon) Baylies; ed. collegiate and law depts. of the 
Univ. of la.; m. Harriet Sinnamon, of Osage Mis- 
sion, Kan., 1873 (now deceased); children: Nettie 
B. (Mrs. F. A. Poor), Fred N., Harry L., Harriet H. 
(Mrs. Averill Tilden). Admitted to bar in la., 1867, 
and practiced in Kan. several years; then at Des 
Moines, la., until 1890, elected judge of the Circuit 
Court of Polk Co., la., 1890, and at expiration of 
term resumed practice; in practice in Chicago since 
1892. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., 
South Shore Country. Residence: Chicago Beach 
Hotel. Office: 648 Railway Exchange Bldg. 

BAYNES, James, editor; b. at Valley Forge, nr. 
Phila., Pa., Nov. 30, 1840; s. Beezon and Lowry 
(Humphreys) Baynes; ed. pub. schs. in Pa. and 

Ind., having moved to Ind. at 15; m. Ella Lyon, of 
Salem, Ind., Nov. 21, 1871; children: Harry L., 
Clara. Served 3 yrs. in Army of the Ohio, Civil 
War; participated in Sherman's movements from 
Chattanooga to Jonesboro. Went to Alexandria, 
S.D., 1879, and engaged in publishing the Alexan- 
dria Herald; started the American Swineherd, 1884, 
and removed it to Chicago, 1890; now editor same 
and pres. Am. Swineherd Pub. Co. Mem. Terri- 
torial Legislature of Dak., 1880-1. Republican. 
Mem. George G. Meade Post, G.A.R. Home: 418 W. 
61st PI. Office: 320 Old Colony Bldg. 

BAYS, Alfred William, lawyer; b. Vermont, 111., 
July 12, 1876; s. of Enos William and Elizabeth 
(Smith) Bays; B.S., Knox Coll., Galesburg, 111.,. 
1901; LL.B. Northwestern Univ. Sch. of Law, 1904; 
m. Anna Carnahan, of Chicago, Sept., 1912; 2 
daughters: Catherine, Marjory. Lecturer, 1905-9, 
instr. and asst. prof, commercial law, 1909-12, prof, 
law since 1912, Northwestern Univ. Sch. of Com- 
merce and Northwestern Univ. Law Sch. Mem. 
Cook Co. Real Estate Bd. Progressive. Mason. 
Club: City. Author and Compiler: American Com- 
mercial Law Series (9 vols.), 1911-12, comprising: 
Contracts; Debtor and Creditor; Insurance; Sure- 
tyship; Agency and Partnership; Negotiable Pa- 
per; Private Business Corporations; Real Prop- 
erty; Sales of Personal Property; Banks and Bank- 
ing; Insurance; also Cases on Commercial Law, 
1914. Home: 2549 Eastwood Av. Office: 109 N. 
Dearborn St. 

BEACH, Chandler Belden, editor and publisher; 
b. Groton, N.Y., June 27, 1839; s. Edwards A. and 
Rhoda C. (Churchill) Beach; A.B., Marietta (O.) 
Coll., 1863, A.M., 1866; m. Cincinnati, Dec. 24, 1869, 
Laura B. Nerney; 4 children: E. Chandler, Anna C., 
Rhoda B. Laura E. Capt. and asst. quartermaster 
in Civil War; has engaged in publication and sale 
of various books in Chicago since 1870; dir. Cen- 
tral Trust Co. of 111. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Mem. G.A.R. Editor and Publisher: The Students' 
Cyclopaedia, 1893; The Students' Reference Work, 
1902; The New Students' Reference Work, 1909. 
Recreations: golf, fishing, etc. Home: Riverside, 
111. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BEACH, Clinton Stillwell, grain commn.; b. Chi- 
cago, Aug. 8, 1876; s. Elli Alonzo and Abbie Davis 
(Stillwell) Beach; A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1897; m. 
Ada C. Lloyd, of Chicago, 1903; children: Lloyd E., 
Harriette C. Entered employ of grain firm of E. A. 
Beach & Co., July, 1897; became an officer of Beach- 
Wickham Grain Co. upon its organization, 1903, 
continuing until the corpn. was dissolved in 1905; 
since mem. firm of Beach-Wickham Grain Co. 
Mem. Chicago Bd. Trade, Beta Theta Pi. Republic- 
an. Baptist. Recreation: golf. Home: Ravinia, 111. 
Office: 140 W. Van Buren St., Chicago. 

BEACH, Edmund Chandler, gas company opera- 
tor; b. Chicago, July 24, 1879; s. Chandler Belden 
and Laura B. (Nerney) Beach; A.B., Amherst, 
1903; m. Natalie G. Apperson, of Little Rock, Ark., 
Feb. 18, 1909; 2 children: Chandler Apperson, Mar- 
guerite. Mgr. various gas companies, 1904-12; pres. 
Gas & Electric Improvement Co., Chicago, since 
1912. Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. Chicago 
Hist. Soc., Art Inst. of Chicago, Chi Phi (Am- 
herst). Clubs: University, Riverside Golf. Home: 
Riverside, 111. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BEACH, Elli Alonzo, president Beach-Wickham 
Grain Co.; July 9, 1842-Sept. 8, 1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

BEACH, Elmer Ellsworth, lawyer; b. Civil Bend, 
Fremont Co., la., Dec. 19, 1861; s. Henry Walter 
and Eva C. (Canfield) Beach; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 
1884; m. Jessie E. Taylor, of Ann Arbor, Mich., 
July 27, 18S9; children: Elizabeth Clara, Mae Vee. 
Admitted to bar in 1888; now mem. firm of Beach & 
Beach. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago bar assns. 
Republican. Mason (Commandery, Consistory, 
Shrine). Club: Chicago Athletic. Recreations: 
golf, angling, motoring, etc. Home: 1312 Lunt Av., 
Rogers Park. Office: 111 W. Washington St., Chi- 

BEACH, Harrison !., newspaper man. Removed 
to San Antonio, Tex. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BEACH, Henry Lawrence, wool mcht.; b. at Chi- 
cago, Dec. 22, 1872; s. Elli Alonzo and Abbie (Still- 
well) Beach; ed. Doolittle Grammar Sch.; Chicago 



Manual Training Sen.; Art Inst. of Chicago; grad. 
Arch, and Bldg. Dept. of Armour Inst, 1894; m. 
Marion Copeland, of Chicago, June 10, 1903; 1 
daughter, Helen Elizabeth. Was actively identified 
with real estate, fire ins. and building business for 
7 yrs., erecting about 30 buildings in Chicago and 
vicinity; associated since 1910 with brother-in- 
law, Thomas A. Copeland, of Chicago and Charles 
Milnes, of Yorkshire, Eng., as treas. Chicago Wool 
Co.; also sec. Clybourne Wool Scouring Co.; dir. 
Planters' Coffee Co. Independent Republican. Bap- 
tist. Recreations: tennis and long walks through 
the country. Home: 1227 Ashland Av., Wilmette, 
111. Office: 18 W. Austin Av., Chicago. 

BEACH, Myron Hawley, lawyer; May 22, 1828- 
1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BEACH, Raymond Walter, lawyer; b. Percival, 
la., Nov. 29, 1863; s. Henry Walter and Eva C. 
(Canfield) Beach; spent most of boyhood and youth 
in Grand Rapids and Charlevoix, Mich.; B.S. in 
C.E., Univ. of Mich., 1886, LL.B., 1889; (J.D., Chi- 
cago Law Sch., 1910) ; m. Jennie Healy, of Chicago, 
Oct. 4, 1892; 1 daughter, Ethel Corinne. Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1889, and at once joined his brother, 
Elmer E. Beach, firm of Beach & Beach, which still 
continues, making a specialty of corpn., real estate 
and ins. law; also treas. and dir. Northwestern De- 
velopment Co. and other corpns. Lecturer on com- 
mon law pleadings in Chicago Law Sch. Mem. Am., 
111. State and Chicago bar assns., Chicago Assn. 
Commerce, Delta Upsilon. Republican. Mason. 
Clubs: 111. Athletic, Edgewater Golf, Birch wood 
Country. Recreations: golf, automobiling. Home: 
1615 Pratt Av. Office: Conway Bldg. 

BEAL, Sarell Wood, dealer in timber and lum- 
ber; b. Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 13, 1870; s. Wil- 
liam Henry and Gertrude V. B. (Wood) Beal; ed. 
pub. sens, of Grand Rapids; m. Mary Ellen, d. of 
T. Austin Nutt, of Hinds Co., Miss., Apr. 27, 1898; 
3 children: James Lacey, Sarell Wood, Jr., Mary 
Barbara. Began as office boy with Robinson & 
Lacey, timber dealers. Grand Rapids, In 1887, re- 
maining with that firm until its dissolution in 
1891; continued with its successor, J. D. Lacey, be- 
coming a mem. of the firm of J. D. Lacey & Co. in 
1898, with which company has since continued; re- 
sided in New Orleans, 1894-1908, Chicago since 
1908; vice pres. and treas. James D. Lacey Timber 
Co.; treas. and dir. Clallam Lumber Co.; sec. and 
mgr. Tensas Delta Land Co., Ltd. Clubs: Union 
League, Glen View Golf; Kent Country (Grand 
Rapids). Recreations: motoring, golf, photog- 
raphy. Home: 1333 Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 
1750 McCormick Bldg., Chicago. 

BEALE. William O-exrish, lawyer; b. Winthrop, 
Me., Sept. 10, 1854; s. William and Lucinda (Ba- 
con) Beale; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1877 (LL.D,, 1912); 
read law in office Williams & Thompson, Chicago; 
m. Elizabeth Caruthers, of Chicago, Nov. 2, 1904. 
Admitted to 111. bar, 1881, and since in practice at 
Chicago; head of firm of Isham, Lincoln & Beale. 
Pres. Bd. of Edn., Chicago, 1891-2; corpn. counsel, 
1895-7; one of 3 trustees holding majority of stock 
of Chicago Tribune under will of Joseph Medill, 
deceased. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, University, 
Union League (Chicago); Union, University (N.Y.). 
Home: 40 E. Burton PI. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 

BEALS, Charles Edward, clergyman. Removed 
to Worcester, Mass. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BEALS, H. Wallace, retired; b. in Cass Co., 111., 
Mar. 1, 1868; s. Peter and Eliza M. (Corrie) Beals; 
ed. pub. schs. of Rushville, 111.; m. Chicago, Oct. 1, 
1895, Malvinia S. Tyler; 2 children: Helen Roxana, 
John Tyler. With W. L. Parrotte & Co., Omaha, 
Neb., hats and caps, 1886-90; treas. Parrotte, An- 
drews & Co., Chicago, 1890-4; firm became Taylor 
& Parrotte, of which he was sec., 1894-1904; name 
changed to Parrotte, Beals & Co., Jan. IS, 1904, of 
which was vice pres. and sec. until Nov., 1914, 
when retired. Republican. Home: Winnetka, 111. 

BEAK, Charles, bakers' supplies; b. New Wash- 
ington. O.. June 27, 1874; s. Jacob J. and Catharine 
M. (Karager) Bear; ed. pub. schs.; m. Georgia M. 
Garlick, of Chicago, June 10, 1901; children: Laura 
Mildred, Harold Edgar. An organizer, 1899, of 
Bear Bros. Co., bakers' specialties, of which is 
pres. and treas. Republican. Mason. Recreation: 

fishing. Home: 6336 Kenwood Av. Office: 108 E. 
South Water St. 

BEARD, Charles Heady, M.D.; Jan. 27, 1855- Jan. 
3, 1916. (See Who's Who in America, 1916-17.) 

BEARD, William, teacher of voice; b. at Horse 
Cave, Ky., Sept. 27, 1872; s. William and Ada Anna 
(McKay) Beard; ed. pub. schs., Ky., also in Louis- 
ville, Ky., and Chicago; m. Catherine Thompson, of 
Louisville, Apr. 26, 1898; children: Catherine 
Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth. Engaged for a num- 
ber of years as concert and opera singer; teacher 
in Cosmopolitan Sch. of Music, Chicago, when it 
was organized, and afterward in Chicago Conser- 
vatory and Spry Sch., later began teaching pri- 
vately; now dir. Fountain St. Bapt. Ch. Choir and 
Malek Choral Soc., Grand Rapids, Mich.; head of 
voice dept. Malek Sch. of Music, Grand Rapids. 
Sec. and treas. Soc. Am. Musicians, Inc., Chicago. 
Recreation: golf. Home: 5221 Kimbark Av. Studio: 
418 Fine Arts Bldg. 

BEARDSLEE, Franklin Smilie, mfr.; b. DeKalb 
Co., 111., Dec. 28, 1861; s. Smilie Ransom and Ruth 
(Hebron) Beardslee; removed with parents to Iro- 
quois Co., 111., 1867; grad. Grand Prairie Sem., 
Onarga, 111.. 1884; m. Charlotte Isabel Harland, of 
Chicago, Apr. 8, 1891; 1 son, Harland Franklin. 
After leaving school traveled for various firms in 
gas and electric fixtures until 1889; was one of 
the incorporators of the W. S. Edwards Mfg. Co.; 
withdrew (1901) and organized Beardslee Chande- 
lier Mfg. Co., of which is pres. Republican. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, Electric, Edgewater Country; 
also Delavan Lake Yacht. Recreations: motoring 
and yachting. Residences: (winter) S. Pasadena, 
Cal.; (summer) Delavan Lake, Wis. Home: 5741 
Kenmore Av. Office: 216 S. Jefferson St. 

BEARDSLEE, George Murray, lighting fixtures; 
b. Iroquois Co., 111., June 20, 1868; s. Smilie Ran- 
som and Ruth (Hebron) Beardslee; ed. pub. schs. 
of Iroquois Co., 111., at Bryant & Stratton Business 
Coll., Chicago, and Northern Ind. Normal and Busi- 
ness Inst., Valparaiso, Ind.; m. Constantine, Mich., 
Mar. 30, 1898, Marie Louise Castle. Has been en- 
gaged in the gas and electric fixtures business 
since Sept., 1890, and was with the W. S. Edwards 
Mfg. Co.; upon the organization of the Beardslee 
Chandelier Mfg. Co., 1901, became its treas., and is 
now vice pres. Recreations: golf, fishing, swim- 
ming. Home: 1642 Jarvis Av. Office: 216 S. Jef- 
ferson St. 

BEARDSLEY, Arthur Lehman, manager Chicago 
branch Cleveland Twist Drill Co.; b. Buchanan, 
Mich., Dec. 27, 1869; s. S. L. and Martha (Foster) 
Beardsley; grad. high sch. Kalamazoo, Mich., 1887; 
m. Stella Huggett, of Kalamazoo, June 16, 1896; 
children: Olive Maud, Edward Huggett. Clerk for 
Edwards & Chamberlain Hardware Co., Kalama- 
zoo, to Dec., 1900; then with a lumber firm at Lum- 
ber City, South Ga.; mgr. Chicago branch of the 
Cleveland Twist Drill Co. since July, 1902. Repub- 
lican. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: 111. Athletic, 
Pullman, Machinery (treas.). Recreations: motor- 
ing, billiards. Home: 1624 Farwell Av. Office: 9 N. 
Jefferson St. 

BEATON, David, clergyman; 1848-1913. (See vol. 

BEATTIE, Charles Stuart, lawyer; Sept. 30, 1855- 
1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BEATTIE, Robert Hezekiah, clergyman; b. Beth- 
lehem, N.Y., Nov. 10, 1864; s. Robert H. and Mary 
Ann (Brewster) Beattie; A.B., Princeton Univ., 
1885, A.M., 1890; teacher and prin. prep. dept. Sy- 
rian Prot. Coll., Beirut, Syria, 1885-9; teacher 
classical dept., Princeton Univ., 1889-90; teacher 
English history, Evelyn Coll., Princeton, N.J., 1890- 
91; grad. Princeton Theol. Sera., 1891; student 
Univ. of Berlin, Germany, 1893-4; m. Carolyn Palen 
Weller, of Newburg-h, N.Y., Apr. 16, 1895; children: 
Eleanor, Robert, Elizabeth, Carol, Charles, Dale. 
Ordained Reformed Dutch Ch. ministry, 1891; pas- 
tor Newburgh, N.Y., 1891-1903, First Presbyn. Ch., 
Austin, since Jan., 1903. Mem. Soc. Bibl. Lit. and 
Exegesis, Chicago Soc. Bibl. Research. Home: 321 
N. Central Av. 

BE ATT Y, George Bateman, shirts and collars; b. 
Phila., Pa., Apr. 13, 1868; s. Archibald and Mary 



(Seeds) Beatty; ed. pvt. schs. and Univ. of Kan.; 
m. Effle Andrews Byers, of Chicago, Feb. 23, 1897. 
Settled in Chicago, 1892; mem. firm of Thompson, 
Beatty & Lieberman, mfrs.' agents, 1892-6; became 
connected with Georse P. Ide & Co., shirts and col- 
lars, Troy, N.Y., 1896, and mgr. Chicago house 
since 1905, general sales mgr. since 1915. Progres- 
sive. Episcopalian. Mason, Elk. Clubs: 111. Ath- 
letic. Press; Troy, Pafraets Dael (Troy). Home: 
856 Ainslie St. Office: Jackson Boul. and 5th Av. 

BEATTY, Boss James, vice pres. Inland Steel 
Co.; b. on farm in Beaver Co., Pa., Aug. 12, 1854; s. 
Jonathan and Perthenia Jane (Sheets) Beatty; ed. 
pub. schs., acad. at Damascus, O., and Iron City 
Business Coll., Pittsburgh, Pa,, graduating 1873; m. 
Muncie, Ind., Sept. 12, 1894, Mildred Veronese, d. of 
Hon. J. W. Ryan; children: John Townsend, Su- 
zanne Dodge (died Oct., 1907), Thomas Rosslyn, 
Mildred Veronese. Employed in mercantile busi- 
ness, Pittsburgh, 1873-80; treas. and bookkeeper. 
Portsmouth (O.) Iron & Steel Co., 1880-4; gen. 
sales agt. Leechburg Iron Works and Chartiers 
Iron & Steel Co., Pittsburgh, 1884-8; gen. sales agt. 
W. Dewees Wood Co., mfrs. of planished Iron, 
Pittsburgh, 1888-92; organized Midland Steel Co., 


works were sold, Apr. 1, 1900, to Am. Sheet Steel 
Co., of which was gen. western mgr. until Apr. 30, 
1901; gen. mgr. and dir., 1901-11, and since vice 
pres. Inland Steel Co. of Chicago. Republican, 
Clubs: Union League, Illinois Athletic, Exmoor 
Country, Highland Park. Recreations: outdoor di- 
versions. Home: Highland Park. Office: 38 S. Dear- 
born St Chicago 

. . , 

BEATTY, William Trimble, president Austin 
Mf e- Co.. machinery; b. New Brunswick N.J., Oct. 
1 ii 86 ,li 1; ^iniam Trimb'e < D - D -> and Sarah Col- 
well (Fulton) Beatty; ed. pub schs. of Pittsburgh, 
Pa ' : ?--,Y a i lerl pee Jones, of West Chester, Pa.. 
A <Po r ,; K En < ered employ of Austin Mfg. Co., 

1885, becoming vice pres. and gen. mgr., 1902, and 
pres. 1911; also pres. and gen. mgr. of Austin- 
Western Co. Republican. Mem. S.A.R., Soc Colo- 
nial Wars Clubs: Homewood Country, Union 
League, Chicago Athletic, Chicago Yacht Home: 
-lossmoor. 111. Office: 910 S. Michigan Av., Chi- 
ca so. 

BEAUMONT, George, architect; b. Farnley, nr. 
Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng., Feb. 13, 1854; s. James and 
Elizabeth (Gledhill) Beaumont; common sch. edn.; 
m. Chicago, Apr. 13, 1882, Harriet Wood, of Leeds 
(wife now deceased); children: Marie, Francis 
Harold, George Stanley, Bessie. Began study of 
architecture, 1869; obtained medal of Leeds and 
Yorkshire Architectural Assn., 1880; traveled in 
Europe for architectural study; emigrated to U.S.. 
? e ri m f '? Chica ., 1881: employed as architec- 
!^ al draf t? ma " and Ken. supt. on buildings to 
1886;sincein gen. practice on own account Mem. 

D ?h.i?i t B t ^r-^Z ^- S Sln ? e im i : 8r 
n A T a t ' H f (Pres., 1886- 
) , fellow Am. Inst. of Architects and mem. 111. 

* r.c- / f, icon TOAA\ / A f r* 

Assn. (pres., 1899-1900), Chicago Assn. of Com- 

(Patrick) Beaupr6; m. Mary F., d. Hon. C. W. 
Marsh, of Dekalb, 111., Oct. 20, 1880. Went to Au- 
rora, 111., at 21; admitted to 111. bar; county clerk 
Kane Co., 111., 1886-94; apptd. consul-gen, and sec. 
legation, Guatemala, Oct. 7, 1897; transferred to 
Colombia in same capacity, Oct. 27, 1899; E.E. and 
M.P. to Colombia, Feb. 12, 1903; served there dur- 
ing pendency of Panama Canal Treaty in Colom- 
bian Congress; E.E. and M.P. to Argentine Repub- 
lic, 1904-8, to the Netherlands and Luxemburg, 
1908-11, to Cuba, Aug., 1911-June 28, 1913. Mem. 
Administrative Council, Permanent Court of Arbi- 
tration, The Hague. Del. Internat. Exchange Conf., 
The Hague, 1911; signed treaty with Cuba convey- 
ing Guantanamo Naval Sta. to U.S., 1913; E.E. and 
M.P. on spl. mission to attend inauguration of 
Pres. Menocal of Cuba, 1913, and was made chief 
of that mission. Home: 4224 Hazel Av. 

BEBB, Edwin, lawyer; b. at Salem, 111., Oct. 19, 
1858; s. Michael S. (s. William Bebb, gov. of Ohio, 
and commr. of patents under Lincoln) and Cath- 
erine (Hancock) Bebb; ed. country dist. schs, 
Wheaton (111.) Coll., Univ. of 111.; LL.B., Chicago 
Coll. of Law (Lake Forest Univ.); m. Byron Twp., 
Ogle Co., 111., Feb. 18, 1885, Minnie A. Jones; chil- 
dren: Herbert, Kenneth, Edwin Adams. State grain 
inspector, 1878-83; agt. of the grain receiving 
commn. merchants of the Chicago Bd. of Trade in 
charge of their business at C..R.I.&P.R.R. recelv- 
ln e <3epot, 1883-93; admitted to bar, 1893, and since 
e "S a fed l n Sen. practice. Republican. Home: 1652 
w - 102d st - Office: 69 W. Washington St. 

BECHT, Frank Christian, M.D., teacher; b. Lex- 
ington, 111., Nov. 28, 1879; s. August and Catharine 
(Freidinger) Becht; ed. Bradley Poly. Inst., Peo- 
ria, 111.; B.S., Univ. of Chicago, 1907, Ph.D., 1909; 
Northwestern Univ. Med. Sen., 1912-15; M.D., 
Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch., 1915; m. Ruby A. 
Cumming, of East Peoria, 111., Sept. 13, 1908; chil- 
dren: Arno Cumming, Elizabeth Garnet. Asst. prof. 
pharmacology, Univ. of Chicago, since 1914. Mem. 
Am. Physiol. Soc., Am. Pharmacol. Soc., Sigma Xi. 
Home: 5463 Greenwood Av. 

BECK, Carl, surgeon; b. Milin, Austria, Mar. 26, 
1864; s. Ignatz and Elizabeth (Pollak) Beck; ed. 
common schs. and gymnasium in Prague, Bohemia, 
and med. sch. of the Royal and Imperial Univ. of 
Prague, M.D., 1889; served as asst. in surg. and 
grynecol. clinics in Prague, assisting first Prof. 
Gussenbauer and later Dr. Schauta, famous gyne- 
cologist of Vienna; m. Chicago, Apr. 10, 1899, Eda 
Stein; children: Helen Babette, Frances Eda, Wil- 
liam. Made several trips to America as steamer 
surgeon, 1889-90, and In 1890 settled in Chicago in 
gen. practice of medicine; prof, surgery, Chicago 
Coll. of Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.), Post-Grad. 
Med. Sch. and Chicago Coll. of Dentistry; attend- 
ing surgeon to Cook Co., St. Joseph and North 
Chicago hosps. ; now devoting time to surgery. 
Founded St. Anthony Hosp., with the Sisters of 
Joliet. Founded German Med. Soc. and Bohemian 
Med. Soc. of Chicago; mem. A.M.A. ; also of the 
German Soc. of Surgeons of Berlin, and Soc. of 
Physicians of Prague. Served as volunteer in llth 
Inf. regt., Austrian Army, and later 1st It of 75th 
Inf. Regt. Mem. Independent Religious Soc. Au- 
thor: Principles of Surgery, 1905; also many arti- 
cles in med. jours.; collaborator of Internat. Jour. 
Gynecology and Obstetrics (internal, sec.). Home: 
601 Deming PI. Office: 2551 N. Clark St. 

BECK, Edward Scott, editor; b. Bainbridge, Ind., 
Dec. 12, 1868; s. Moses Milton and Mary Hamilton 
(Scott) Beck; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1893; m. Cora 
Frances Reilly, of Chicago, Sept. 9, 1896 (died Oct. 
12, 1899); m. 2d, Grace Kennicott Redfield, of Chi- 
cago, Aug. 23, 1911. Began newspaper work on 
reportorial staff of the Chicago Daily Tribune in 
1893, with which has since been identified, becom- 
ing night city editor, 1896, city editor, 1898, night 
editor, 1908, mng. editor, 1910. Mem. Beta Theta 
Pi, Loyal Legion. Clubs: University, Cliff Dwel- 

student Univ. of Prague, 1878-83; M.D., Coll. Phys. 
and Surg., Chicago, 1896; post-grad, work, Univ. 

Founder, 1906, and builder North Chicago Hosp., 
and conducted same for 12 yrs. : now surgeon same, 
and treas. North Chicago Hosp., Inc. Fellow Am. 
Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M. A., 111. State, Chicago 
and German med. socs., Am. Roentgen Soc., West- 
ern Surg. Assn., Chicago Surg. Soc., Gesellschaft 
Deutscher Chirurgen. Mason, club: City. Author: 
(brochures) Fistelgange und Abscesshoehlen (Tu- 

T =,k vp o. 

Lake View Av. Office: 

BECK, Joseph C(arl), M.D.; b. Bohemia, Austria, 
Sept. 26, 1870; s. Ignatz and Elizabeth (Pollak) 
Beck; resided in Clinton and Holden, Mo., 1S85-93; in 



Chicago since 1893; ed. pub. schs. of Prague, Aus- 
tria, and in Catholic convent sch. in Holden, Mo.; 
M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.), 1895; m. 
Carrie A. Stein, of Chicago, Mar. 26, 1899; children: 
Elsa, Philip, Joseph C., Jr. Engaged in practice of 
medicine and surgery in Chicago, since 1896, limit- 
ing practice to eye, ear, nose and throat; prof, 
otology and laryngology, Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose 
and Throat Coll. until 1915; asso. prof, otology and 
rhino-laryngology, Coll. Phys. and Surg.; oto-laryn- 
grologist and ophthalmologist to North Chicago 
Hosp., and partner with brothers, Drs. Carl and 
Emil G. Beck and Dr. Bernard G. Katz in the North 
Chicago Hosp.; surgeon in oto-laryngology, Cook 
Co. Hosp.; mem. oto-laryngol. staff, University 
Hosp. Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons, Am. Acad. Oph- 
thalmology and Oto-Laryngology; mem. Am. Lar- 
ryngol., Rhinol. and Otol. Soc., A.M.A., 111. State 
Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Laryngrol. 
Soc., Chicago Rb'ntgen Soc., Chicago Ophthal. Soc., 
Chicago Pathol. Soc., German Med. Soc., Am. Med. 
Editors' Assn., Nu Sigma Nu. Republican. Mason. 
Club: Chicago Press. Recreations: baseball, mo- 
toring, travel. Residence: Parkway Hotel. Office: 
108 N. State St. 

BECK, Rudolph, dentist; Sept. 18, 1868-Mar. 15, 
1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BECKEIT, Albert Charle, wholesale jeweler; b. 
Buffalo, N.Y., Apr. 19, 1855; s. Ferdinand Charles 
and Ulricka (Holz) Becken; ed. dist. sch.; father 
died when son was 10 yrs. old and mother married 
again; m. Driftwood, Pa., Apr. 19. 1883, Grace, d. 
Judge G. W. Huntley; children: Clara Louise, Al- 
bert Charles. After mother's second marriage, step- 
father took him from school to assist in live stock 
business, which proved too hard for him; went into 
barber shop and learned the trade; established for 
self in barber business at Driftwood. Pa., 1874. and 
by 1883 had saved $9,000; entered the jewelry busi- 
ness, traveling among the lumber camps selling 
watches to the men; went to St. Paul, Minn., 1886, 
and established in watch jobbing business, intro- 
ducing the Dueber-Hampden watches in that terri- 
tory; in wholesale watch and jewelry business 
since 1892; pres. A. C. Becken Co. since UOo; has 
a ranch in Ariz, and is interested in lumber. Mem. 
Chicago Jewelers' Assn. (ex-vice pres.), Chicago 
Assn. Commerce. Republican. Mem. First Presbyn. 
Ch. Mason (K.T.). Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Park 
Ridge Country. Recreations: agriculture and trav- 
eling. Home: Park Ridge, 111. Office: Powers Bldg., 

BECKER, Abraham G., commercial paper; b. at 
Warsaw, O., Sept. 21, 1857; s. Nathan and Henri- 
etta (Schaffner) Becker; ed. pub. schs.; m. Chicago 
Feb. 8, 1887, Kate Friedman; children: Helen, 
Louise, James H., Margaret. Began business ca- 
reer Jan. 1, 1878, in house of Hermann Schaffner & 
Co., in which he became a partner, and after the 
death of Mr. Schaffner organized and incorporated, 
July 1, 1894, the firm of A. G. Becker & Co., dealers 
in commercial paper, of which is pres.; dir. Live 
Stock Investment Co., Greenebaum Sons Bank & 
Trust Co., Drexel State Bank, Westinghouse Elec. 
& Mfg. Co. Republican. Jewish religion. Clubs: 
Union League, Standard, Hamilton, City. Home: 
5132 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 137 S. LaSalle St. 

BECKER, Anthony William, merchant and mfr. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BECKER, Benjamin Vogel, lawyer; b. Warsaw, 
Ind., June 20, 1871; s. Leopold and Caroline (Vogel) 
Becker; ed. pub. schs., Warsaw and Fort Wayne, 
Ind., until 1885; m. Elizabeth Loeb, of Jackson, 
Mich., June 20, 1901; 1 son, John Leonard. Came to 
Chicago from Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1887, and began 
to read law in the office of Jacob Newman; admit- 
ted to bar by Supreme Court of 111., 1892, Supreme 
Court of U.S., 1900, and continued in same office; 
became mem., 1898, firm of Newman, Northrup, 
Levinson & Becker, which later changed to New- 
man, Levinson, Becker & Cleveland; retired from 
last named firm, Jan. 1, 1914, and formed part- 
nership of present firm of Levinson, Becker & 
Schwartz; dir. Nat. Bank of the Republic (Chica- 
go), Woods Motor Vehicle Co., Union Switch & Sig- 
nal Co. (Swissvale, Pa.), Webster Electric Co. 
(Racine, Wis. ), Amalgamated Machinery Corpn. 
and Charlton Silk Co. (Chicago), Pfanstiehl Co., 

Walden W. Shaw Corpn., and several other corpns. 
Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn., Chicago Hist. Soc. Republican. Clubs: 
City, 111. Athletic. Ravisloe Country, Lake Shore 
Country, etc. Recreations: golf, traveling. Home: 
4610 Woodlawn Av. Office: 76 W. Monroe St. 

BECKER, Charles Jacob, electrical appliances; 
b. Freeport, 111., Aug. 27, 1867; s. Jacob Henry and 
Katherine (Maurer) Becker; ed. grammar and high 
schs.. Freeport; m. Chicago, Sept. 11 1889, Mar- 
garet A. Kneller; children: Erma (deceased), Ethel 
L. Served 4 yrs.' apprenticeship in machinists' 
trade, 1881-4; with the Belding Motor Co., about 3 
yrs.; in Aug., 1891, with brother, Oliver E., estab- 
lished firm of Becker Bros., elec. repairs and mfrs. 
of dynamos and motor brushes, of which is now 
vice pres.; also vice pres. Am. Maintenance Co. 
(motor insurance). Mason (32, K.T., Shriner); 
mem. O.E.S., Odd Fellows. Clubs: Mystic Athletic, 
Rotary (pres. 1917-18), Berwyn, Berwyn Motor, 
Knapp Island Gun, Brandywine Gun (Memphis, 
Tenn.). Recreations: motoring and hunting. Home: 
3420 Berkeley Av., Berwyn, 111. Office: 23 N. Jef- 
ferson St.. Chicago. 

BECKER, Frederick Jacob, mfr.; b. at Chicago, 
Feb. 6, 1870; s. Frederick and Eva Elizabeth (Mad- 
ary) Becker; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Adela 
Fricke, of Chicago, Apr. 30, 1895; 1 son, Freder- 
ick William. Was in employ of wholesale dept. 
Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. 28 yrs., resigning June 
30, 1912; organized, 1906. the Justrite Mfg. Co., 
mfrs. sheet metal specialties, acetylene and fire 
preventive devices, and has continued as pres. of 
company and chmn. bd. Republican. Christian 
Scientist. Mason (Shriner). Clubs: Birchwood 
Country, German. Recreation: golf. Home: 1628 
Morse Av. Office: 2061 Southport Av. 

BECKER, Frederick Walter, lawyer; Oct. 27, 
1844-Apr. 28, 1910. (See vol. 1911.) 

BECKER, John 'William, tax specialist; b. Clop- 
penberg, Germany, Apr. 9, 1864; s. Herman J. and 
Elizabeth (von Ravensburg) Becker; came with 
parents to Chicago when 3 yrs. of age; ed. pub. and 
high schs., Chicago; m. Boston, Mass., Nov. 19, 
1900, Esther M. Walker; m. 2d, Chicago, Dec. 28, 
1916, Elizabeth G. Kane. Established in real estate 
business on own account, 1884; sold out and en- 
tered county treas.'s office, 1885, as elk.; advanced 
to asst. chief elk. and then was chief elk. for 9 
yrs.; in Feb., 1904. with George J. Lawton, estab- 
lished firm of John W. Becker & Co., een. real 
estate, with a specialty in tax matters. Republic- 
an. Mason (32, Shriner). Home: 904 LaFayette 
Parkway. Office: Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

BECKER, Louis Alexander, president L. A. Beck- 
er Co. (See vol. 1911.) 

BECKER, Lndwig, violinist; b. Cronberg, Ger- 
many, July 23, 1873; s. Jacob and Katharina (An- 
thes) Becker; studied with Prof. Hugo Heerman, 
at Hoch's Conservatory, Frankfort; at 16 played 
under directorship of Brahms, Richard Strauss, 
Weingartner and other leaders; apptd. concert- 
meister, Concert House Orchestra, Frankfort, later 
concertmeister Kroll's Theatre, Berlin; m. Alice 
Dieffenbach, of Frankfurt, Germany, Oct. 12, 1898; 
children: Dorothea, Ludwig, Mignon. Came to U.S. 
upon invitation of Theodore Thomas, 1897, and 
joined his orchestra; served as asst. concertmeis- 
ter and first concertmeister, appearing in leading 
cities of the country; resigned, 1911, and since 
asso. dir. and head Violin Dept., Columbia Sch. of 
Music, Chicago; also dir. Tri-City Symphony Or- 
chestra, of Davenport, la., Rock Island and Moline, 
111.; has played in many concerts and recitals, Chi- 
cago, and other cities. Mem. Soc. Am. Musicians. 
Home: 609 Oakdale Av. Office: 509 S. Wabash Av. 

BECKER, Oliver Edward, electrical engr. ; b. at 
Lanark, 111., Feb. 9, 1871; s. of Jacob Henry and 
Katherine (Maurer) Becker; ed. pub. schs.. Free- 
port, 111., 3 yrs. in Rose Poly. Inst., Terre Haute, 
Ind., 1891-3: Ohio State Univ., 1894-5; m. Chicago, 
June 11, 1902. Mabel Louise Thorsell; 2 sons: Oli- 
ver Edward. Jr., and Richard F. Began electrical 
work in 1888; with brother, Charles J.. established 
firm of Becker Bros., elec. engrs., machinery, etc., 
Aug., 1891; also pres. and treas. Am. Maintenance 



Co.; dir. Internal. Land & Live Stock Co. of Mex- 
ico; treas. Perfection Vacuum Cleaner Co. of Chi- 
cago. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: 111. Athletic 
(life), Chicago Fly Casting, Westward Ho Golf. 
Recreations: golf, automobiling, fishing. Home: 
Oak Park, 111. Office: 23 N. Jefferson St., Chicago. 

BECKER, S. Max, fur merchant; b. Doernbach, 
Germany, Dec. 14, 1865; s. Isaac and Henrietta 
Becker; ed. pub. schs.; came to U.S., 1872; m. Chi- 
cago, Apr. 30, 1891, Lilly Hirsh; children: Rober 
G., Florence E., S. Max, Jr. Lived at Pine Bluff, 
Ark., 1872-81; came to Chicago, 1882, as a dealer in 
wool and furs; established the firm of Wolf, Beck- 
er & Co., 1886; became a member of the firm of 
Bach, Becker & Co., 1888, succeeded by Becker 
Bros. & Co., 1905. Mem. Fur Merchants' Credit 
Assn., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Hebrew religion. 
Club: Standard. Home: 4743 Drexel Boul. Office: 
416 N. Dearborn St. 

BECKER, Simon, merchant; b. Ft. Wayne, Ind., 
Apr. 26, 1856; s. Jacob and Henrietta (Lohmann) 
Becker; ed. high sch.. Ft. Wayne; m. Angola, Ind., 
May 27, 1885, Rosa Stiefel; 3 children. In mercan- 
tile business continuously since 1875, at Goshen, 
Ind., N.Y. City and Chicago; removed to Chicago, 
1903; an organizer of Becker, Ryan & Co., dept. 
store, 1904, and financial mgr. of the firm. Repub- 
lican. Jewish religion. Club: Ravisloe Country. 
Home: 919 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 6245-6257 Hal- 
sted St. 

BECKETT, James Beach, lawyer; b. at Chicago, 
Aug. 12, 1871; s. James D. and Georgiana (Beach) 
Beckett; Ph.B., Yale, 1893; Univ. of Mich. Law 
Sch.. 1893-4; m. Florence Mills Macy, of Western 
Springs, 111., Apr. 27, 1915; 1 son, James Dunceith. 
Admitted to 111. bar, 1896, and since in practice at 
Chicago; dir. Standard Trust & Savings Bank. 
Mem. Theta Delta Chi. Clut>: University. Home: 
LaGrange, 111. Office: 69 W. Washington St., Chi- 

BECKLEY, 'Walter Louis, automobile supplies; 
b. Crystal Lake, 111., Nov. 21, 1867; s. Capt. John E. 
and Emma C. Beckley; ed. pub. schs. of Crystal 
Lake, Elgin (111.) Acad. and business coll. in Chi- 
cago; unmarried. Began at 16 as errand boy and a 
year later was shipping clerk; bookkeeper in iron 
and steel commn. business for 2 yrs.. supt. of iron 
and steel warehouse 2 yrs. Started Mfrs.' & Mer- 
chants' Warehouse (iron and steel storage com- 
mn.), 1890; managed the warehouse for 3 yrs. and 
bicycle material dept. of same for 3 yrs.; organized 
The Beckley-Ralston Co., automobile supplies, 1896 
(incorporated, 1897), of which is pres. Republican. 
Club: Illinois Athletic. Home: LaGrange, 111. Of- 
fice: 1801 S. Michigan Av., Chicago. 

BECKMAN. Bernard Christian; b. Naperville, 
111., Feb. 20, 1877; s. Philip and Elizabeth (Pfeif- 
fer) Beckman; ed. Northwestern Coll., Naperville; 
m. May Ballou, of Naperville, 111., Oct. 24, 1901; 3 
daughters: Bernice, Eleanor, Sylvia Allen. Taught 
sch. 1 yr.; entered employ of Chicago office of the 
Standard Paint Co., 1896, in minor capacity; west- 
ern sales mgr. same company, 1905-12; pres. Beck- 
man-Dawson Co., asphalt shingles, since 1912; 
pres. Winthrop Asphalt Shingle Co., Argo, 111.; dir. 
First Nat. Bank, Naperville. Republican; alderman 
3d Ward, Naperville, 1908-10, 1910-12. Christian 
Scientist. Club: 111. Athletic. Recreations: outdoor 
diversions, gardening, motoring. Home: Naper- 
ville, 111. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BECKV/ITH, Clarence Aug-ustine, theologian; b. 
Charlemont, Mass., July 21, 1849; s. Justin Wil- 
liams and Sarah (Upton) Beckwith; A.B., Olivet 
(Mich.) Coll., 1874, A.M., 1877; studied Yale Divin- 
ity Sch., 1874-6; grad. Bangor (Me.) Theol. Sem., 
1877; Univ. of Berlin, 1897-8; (S.T.D., Olivet, 1892); 
m. at Boston, V. Eugenie Loba, of Olivet, Mich., 
Sept. 25, 1878. Ordained Congl. ministry, 1877; pas- 
tor Brewer, Me., 1877-82, W. Roxbury (Boston), 
1882-92; prof. Christian theology, Bangor Theol. 
Sem., 1892-1905; prof, systematic theology, Chicago 
Theol. Sem., since 1905. Corporate mem. A.B.C. 
F.M.; mem. Soc. Bibl. Research. Author: Realities 
of Christian Theology, 1906. Editor dept. theology, 
philosophy and ethics, in the New Schaff-Herzog 
Encyclopedia. Home: Oak Park, 111. Address: Fac- 
ulty Exchange, Univ. of Chicago. 

BECKWITH, Edwin Burt, M.D.; b. Ridgebury 
Bradford Co., Pa., June 8, 1870; s. Edwin Ruthven 
and Julia Philura (Burt) Beckwith; prep. edn. 
Phillips Exeter Acad., Exeter, N.H.; A.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1899; M.D., Hering Med. Coll., Chicago, 1908; 
m. Ella Blanche Huntington, of Princeton, 111 
June 29, 1910. Practiced in Chicago since 1908. 
Mem. Internal. Hahnemannian Assn., 111. Homce. 
Assn., Southern Homce. Soc., Regular Homce. Med 
Soc. (pres.). Vice pres. Chicago Theosophical Assn. 
Mason, K.P. Home: 1124 E. 44th St. Office: 25 E 
Washington St. 

BECK WITH, Floyd Irving', clergyman; b. on 
farm, Oakland Co., Mich., June 8, 1875; s. George 
Edwin and Elizabeth Marie (Barker) Beckwith; 
ed. pub. schs., Fenton, Mich.; S.B., Kalamazoo 
(Mich.) Coll., 1904; S.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1905, 
B.D., 1906; m. Dorolhy Grace Pierce, of Utica, 
Mich., July 31, 1901; 1 daughter, Dorothea Julia, 
Ordained Bapt. ministry, 1900; pastor 1st Ch , Can- 
ton, O., 1906-11, Tabernacle Ch., Chicago, since 
1911. Republican. Club: Hamilton. Recreations: 
automobile, golf. Home: 3355 W. Monroe St. Of- 
fice: 3300 W. Monroe St. 

BECKWITH, John William, judge; b. Chicago, 
Apr. 17, 1871; s. Corydon and Mary Anne (Smith) 
Beckwith; B.A., Yale, 1889; LL.B., Kent Coll. of 
Law, Chicago, 1892; m. Chicago, Apr. 22, 1898, Eu- 
nice Stuart; 1 daughter, Mary A. Entered practice 
in law dept. of C.&A.R.R., 1892; asst. corpn. coun- 
sel of Chicago, 1903-6; mem. firm of Felsenthal, 
Foreman & Beckwith, 1906-11, Felsenthal & Beck- 
with, 1911-14; corpn. counsel of Chicago, 1914-15; 
judge Municipal Court since 1916. Dir. Hotel Sher- 
man Co. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Democrat. Epis- 
copalian. Clubs: University, Yale, Law. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Home: 743 Lincoln Parkway. Office: N. 
Dearborn St. and Austin Av. 

BECKWITH, Robert Williams, newspaper adver- 
tising; b. Cambridge, Md., Mar. 8, 1858; s. John W. 
and Henrietta (Ennalls) Beckwith; ed. pub. schs., 
and mil. acad. ; m. Elizabeth Covey, of Hudson, 
N.Y., June 1, 1889; 2 children: Earl Doering, Sam- 
uel Corner. Has been identified with The S. C. 
Beckwith Special Agency, newspaper advertising, 
ever since its establishment in N.Y. City, 1880; 
mgr. for the agency in Chicago since 1888. Home: 
622 E. 50th PI. Office: Tribune Bldg. 

BEDFORD, Scott Ellas William, sociologist; b. 
Winterset la,, Mar. 7, 1876; s. Winfleld Scott and 
Jennie (Wilmore) Bedford; A.B., Baker Univ., 
Baldwin, Kan., 1902, A.M., 1903; fellow in sociol- 
ogy, Univ. of Chicago, 1908-11; (L.H.D., Univ. of 
Vt., 1911); m. Gussie Mae Taggart, of White City, 
Kan., June 8, 1905. Prof, history. Baker Univ., 
1902-5, also prin. Acad. of same univ.; prof, so- 
ciology, Miami (O.) Univ., 1908-11; asst. prof, so- 
ciology, 1911-16, asso. prof, since 1916, Univ. of 
Chicago. Asso. editor Am. Jour. Sociology since 
1911; mng. editor Publs. Am. Sociol. Soc. since 1912. 
Mem. Am. Sociol. Soc. (sec. -treas. since 1912), Am. 
Civic Assn., Am. Economic Assn., Am. Statis. Assn., 
Nat. Conf. Charities and Correction, Nat. Housing 
Assn., Nat. Municipal League. Clubs: City (Chi- 
cago), Delta Tau Delta, Tau Kappa Alpha. Author 
of Labor Legislation of Kansas; Modern Cities; 
etc. Home: 6158 University Av. 

BEEBE, Leslie Walter, M.D.; b. Chicago, Aug. 
16, 1872; s. Albert Gary and Frances Lucy (North- 
way) Beebe; grad. West Div. High Sch., Chicago; 
A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1894; M.D., Chicago Ho- 
mce. Med. Coll., 1897; interne. Cook Co. Hosp., 1897- 
98; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.), 
1902; m. Grace Martha Hudson Peters, of Chicago, 
Dec. 28, 1898. Practiced at Chicago since 1897; lec- 
turer on surgery, 1897-1900, adj. prof, principles 
and practice of surgery, 1900-2, asso. prof, since 
1902, Chicago Homce. Med. Coll.; adj prof, surgery, 
1909-13, asso. prof, since 1913, Hahnemann Med. 
Coll.; attending surgeon, West Suburban Hosp.; 
mem., sec. or chmn. Oak Park Bd. of Health since 
1909. Mem. A.M. A., 111. State and Chicago med. 
socs., Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, 111. Homce. Med. 
Assn., Chicago Homce. Med. Soc., Tau Kappa Phi, 
Delta Tau Delta, Phi Alpha Gamma. Progressive 
Republican. Presbyn. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). 
Clubs: Oak Park, Oak Park Country. Contbr. Sur- 


gical Section to Pocket Book of Medical Practice, Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago Hist. Soc Mem 

1899. Home: 125 S. Oak Park Av., Oak Park. 111. Knights of Columbus. Catholic. Clubs: South Shore 

BEECHOFT, David, editor. Removed to N. Y. C 1 ountr y.vfj amiu n - Recreations: outdoor sports. 

(See vol. 1911.) Home: 5612 South Park Av. Office: Otis Bldg., 10 

SEEK, -William O., optician, M.D. ; b. St. John's, f 

N.B., Can., Feb. 10, 1872; s. George N. and Annie , ?, BHI ? S ' KiohoUw O., mfr.; b. Chicago, Oct. 17, 

(Green) Beek; brought to Chicago by parents in *'! s - Peter and Barbara (Kuhn) Behles; ed. pub. 

1873; ed. pub. schs. and Metropolitan Business schs., Chicago, until 1891; m. Minnie Moody, of 

Coll; student Harvey Med Coll, 1890-3; M.D, Chicago, Nov. 4, 1899; m. 2d, May Leawald, Apr. 13, 

Dearborn Med. Coll., 1894; m. Irene Gertrude Wai- 1906; 1 daughter, Lucile. Began business life, 1891, 

lace, of Chicago, Oct. 16, 1912. Started retail opti- and worked with different paper box factories until 

cal business in 1897, which was incorporated in 1902, when became pres. and mgr. of the Julius 

1906 as William G. Beek, Optician, of which has Marquardt Co., mfrs. of paper boxes, which was 

since been sec., treas. and mgr. Presbyterian, established, 1892, by Julius Marquardt, who died, 

Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., Kishwaukee Coun- 1902. Mem. Royal Arcanum; Mason. Recreations: 

try, Olympia Fields. Recreations: motoring, golf, Bolt and automobiling. Home: 4946 Washington 

sailing. Home: 3623 Pine Grove Av. Office: 21 N. Soul. Office: 1545 W. 35th St. 

Wabash Av. BEHBENDT, Arthur J., M.D., surgeon; b. Ger- 

BEEM, lone Fisher, M.D.; b. Spencer, Ind.; d. of many, Dec. 18. 1865; s. Joseph and Cecelia (Spick- 
John Thomas and Elizabeth (Fisher) Beem; ed. holz) Behrendt; Ph.G., Chicago Coll. of Pharmacy, 
pub. schs., Spencer; A.B. Indiana Univ., 1905; M.D., 1886; M.D., Coll. of Phys. and Surg., Chicago, 1891; 
Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.), 1913. Prac- m. Huntingdon, Ind., Feb. 27, 1894, Anna Plummer; 
ticed in Chicago since 1913; specializes in treat- children: Mildred, Florence and A. James. En- 
ment of eye, ear, nose and throat. Mem. 111. State gaged in gen. practice since 1891. Mem. Chicago, 
Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Am. Acad. Ophthal- 111. State and German med. socs., A.M.A., Miss. Val- 
mology and Oto-Laryngology, Women's Med. Club, ley Med. Assn., Physicians' Club. Mason (33, K. 
Assn. Collegiate Alumnae, Nu Sigma Phi. Repub- T., Shriner; med. dir. of Medinah Temple Mystic 
lican. Presbyterian. Recreation: athletics. Home: Shrine). Office and Home: 2026 Fowler St. 
"51 N. Winchester Av. Office: 31 N. State St. and BEHBENDT, Prank E., wholesale and mfg. jew- 
4770 Lincoln Av. e l er; b j an esville, Wis., Sept. 29, 1866; s. Anton 

BEERLY, Gustav E., lawyer; b. Geneva, Switzer- and Mary (Newman) Behrendt; ed. pub schs ; m 

land, July 24, 1877; s. Werner and Matilda (Wee- Polly F. Nash, of Janesville, Jan. 26, 1903; 2 chil- 

land) Beerly; brought to America in childhood; ed. dren: Alice Nash, Martha Nash. Learned jewelers' 

grammar and high schs., Milwaukee, Wis.; LL.B., trade in Janesville; came to Chicago, 1891; has 

Kent Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1899, Northwestern been identified with E. V. Roddin & Co. since 1911, 

Law Sch., 1900; m. Venita Johnson, of Chicago, pres. since 1916. Served in Wis. N.G. 3 yrs. Repub- 

June 25, 1911; children: Ruth V., Gustav E., Jr. lican. Congregationalist. Mason. Recreation: golf. 

Began practice in law dept. Chicago General Ry. Home: 5723 Blackstone Av. Office: 29 E. Madi- 

Co.; then atty. for receiver of State Mutual Life son St. 

Ins. Co. of 111.; asso. in practice with Judge Lewis BEIDLEB Adam 'Warner nrpqident Til 

ir^sn^^wyeri^au^ R^uiS. S!SS 
(K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., _v,_ 

Glen View Golf. Home: 626 Roscoe St. Office: 133 .o? 8 !?*' Prancl j lumber mcht.; b. at Chicago, 
W Washington St 1854; s. Jacob and Mary Ann (Funk) Beidler; ed. 

pub. schs., Chicago, and Bryant and Stratton Busi- 

Chicago Med. Soc. Recreations: motoring, fishing. 

Home: 4544 Michigan Av. Office: 1737 Wabash Av. BEIDUJB, Georg-e, real estate; b. Chicago, Oct. 

riia*i w nmnriptarv mprtipiriPQ nnri 28 ' 1864 : s - Jacob and Mary Ann (Funk) Beidler; 

, onaries w., proprietary meaicines ana p ^ pornmnn c^hrmi nnri ^iiQiTiP<5 nrn m Phinafn 

ariK riia*i w nmnriptarv mprtipiriPQ nnri ' - 

us, onaries w., proprietary meaicines ana p ^ pornmnn c^hrmi nnri ^iiQiTiP<5 nrn 

rfprOT<i tirn- h T>or\r-\a Til Tulv 71 1 Rift c WWIIIWMI [CEsb OQU. , 

preparations, D. JrCOria, 111., JUly dl, lOtU, fa. TTph 99 IQfin TVfartrarot IT "Vnnntr* r-Vi 

Tte*.ir G T> on^ in i oo Vi^itVi c Waotvi T*^O-O-C: oH TTiron r *='J. LA, Ayuu, iviarearei ji.. i oung, cn 

K6V. b. K. ana llvllsaDetn (.tleatn) iieggS, ea. JiVan- Top K Virginia T^nrnthv "Paul T 

o-dH^-al OrtlT "Ploinfiolrl Tl 1 orH TMrt*tViTO.act<i*n ***MJ| V irglllia,, J-^OrOLliy, JraUl \V 

geiicai won., Jriainneia, AIL, a,na iNorinwesiern ivrQ.--!,-.^!*! Accnoioto^ -aritii 'R^iriijiT' " 

TTniv TTvQTitnn fnrtn ft-ftf] \- m (.^ranr-dt; \VilliamQ -ViaiJOrie. ASSOCiatCO- WltH J^eiCller- 

univ., .tivanbion vnon-grau.^, m. r ra,ncefs w iiiiduib, v, r p n TWavvilio XT TI ififil c onr 
t i iS7i- nViiiHyan- \ i M,. *- <J - ivia.yviiie, IM ,u., losi-o, an 

t. i, loil, cniiaren. Aaaie -r ..T^hp,. p n phiVap-r* ISJRS QI -mo-T* 

v 3fi 1 11 ot Phnrlp*? "Wai J-<umDer L/o., i^nicago, i5so-yi, mgr. 

^e-^Q i*>viiip CrUpH Mnv 3fi 1 11 ot Phnrlp*? "Wai 

p Iffnhen Jav Minna Betes Neef E^aled in P r P ert y interests until 1900; now in real estate 
n ^SS^^A^rf^^S'^lS^m^fA^l^M' business. Vice pres. and dir. West Town State Bank. 
gen. m n rain ousinss ir*oint lobo-oo 

J^tJSSS, OUllO Of. V*U., Xllt;., Lyuv r UJ. Wlllvill *-. VV . JDOMga io-*-r* 

is pres., Charles W. Beggs, Jr., vice pres., Stephen ' 

J. Beggs, treas. Republican. Unitarian. Mason. BEIFELD, Alexander, real estate; b. Hungary, 

Home: Oak Park, 111. Office: 1744-1746 N. Rich- July 7, 1864; s. Ignatz and Rose (Herzog) Beifeld; 

mond St., Chicago. ed. in Hungary and Vienna, Austria; m. Chicago, 

oseph, lawyer; b. New Orleans, June - 21 - 1895> F1 r ence Florsheim; children: Rob- 

^.,'mih' fnd'^A ?h! Ki NPw rl O?lPans" 18&1 < in employ of Beifeld Bros, till 1892; became 
LL.B, Lake Forest UnTv., 189? ^ Admitted to bar', e ft m - f a * J ^ eph h B | if ^ & ^" su ?"eded, 

f2! b 19 1 8 l! 8 chT,dr^r^t^7d^e ie C d^^ SS^Ef^&ljs^ 2 ^ 

rr D Wun^9t^^^ I Slv ^Sfff&Sf^ " 

Circuit Court of Cook Co., 1902-3; asst. county 51 Ellls Av - Office. ,6 W. Monroe St. 

atty. Cook Co., 1907-10; now commerce counsel, BEIPELD, Arthur Frederic, M.D. ; b. at Chicago, 

Midland Continental R.R.; apptd. spl. counsel for Mar. 30, 1882; s. Jacob C. and Frances (Deutsch) 

City of Chicago in the Michigan Av. widening case, Beifeld; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1902; M.D., Rush 

1916. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Med. Coll., 1907; post-grad, study, Vienna, Berlin, 



etc., 1908-10; m. Helen W. Abbott, of Marshalltown, 
la., Nov. 12, 1912; 1 child Abbott. Instr. in medi- 
cine, Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch. ; attending phy- 
sician Cook Co. Hosp. ; asso. attending physician, 
Wesley Hosp.; consulting physician, House of Cor- 
rection Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., 
Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Pathol. Soc., Chicago 
Soc. Internal Medicine, German Med. Soc. Transla- 
tor and Editor: The Basis of Symptoms (Principles 
of Clinical Pathology), J. B. Lippincott Co., 1916 
-and 1917. Editor: Transactions Chicago Society of 
Internal Medicine. Home: 4811 Lake Park Av. 
Office: Peoples Gas Bldg. 

EEIFELD, Ernest Leasing-, secretary and treas. 
Hotel Sherman Co.; b. Chicago, Nov. 3, 1889; s. of 
Joseph and Fannie (Grossman) Beifeld; ed. Armour 
Inst. Tech. and Cornell Univ.; m. Gladys Rosen- 
thai, of Chicago, Jan. 3, 1914; 1 son, Ernest, Jr. (b. 
Dec. 12, 1914). Sec. and treas. Hotel Sherman Co. 
and of White City Construction Co.; dir. Chicago 
Savings Bank & Trust Co., Fidelity Safety Vaults. 
Clubs: Ravisloe Country, Standard, Lake Shore 
Country; also The Lambs (N.Y.); Touring Club of 
America. Home: 4752 Ellis Av. Office: 112 W. 
Randolph St. 

BEITELD, Joseph, pres. Hotel Sherman Co.; b. 
in Hungary, Aug. 22, 1853; came to U.S., 1867; ed. 
common schs. ; m. Fannie Grossman, of Chicago, 
May, 1876. Began in employ of Field. Leiter & Co., 
1869-78; engaged in cloak mfg. business, 1878-1902; 
pres. Hotel Sherman Co. since 1902. Republican. 
'Clubs: Hamilton, Standard, Ravisloe Country, Lake 
Shore Country. Recreations: golf, motoring. Home: 
946 E. 48th St. Office: Hotel Sherman. 

BEIL. Carl, sculptor; b. Stetten a. k. M., Ger- 
many, Dec. 9, 1857; s. Johann and Therese (For- 
stenegger) Bell; studied art at Acad. Munich, Ger- 
many; m. New York, Sept. 19, 1894, Irene Maybeck; 
4 children: Margaret, Juliett, Richard, Irene. Be- 
gan in New York, 1885; removed to Chicago, 1894; 
associated with Max Mauch, 1894-1905 (when Mr. 
Mauch died), since then with Leon Hermant, as 
Beil & Hermant. Was supt. sculpture dept. Chi- 
cago, Buffalo and St. Louis expns. Prin. works in 
LaSalle Hotel, Congress Hotel, County Bldg., Chi- 
cago. Mem. 111. State Art Commn. Clubs: City, 
Germania. Republican. Recreation: reading. Home: 
1306 Winona Av. Studio: 19-21 E. Pearson St. 

BEILFUSS, Albert W., printer; 1855-July SO, 
1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BEISEB, Arthur, president United States Blue 
Print Paper Co.; b. Hamburg, Germany, July 6, 
1880; s. Carl and Louise (Hausen) Beiser; ed. at 
Hamburg; m. Agnes E. Hamer, of Capetown, S. 
Africa, Aug. 2, 1902; children: Louise Martha, Carl 
Henry, Helen Ruth. Began in Germany, with agts. 
and importers of American provisions; came to 
Chicago in 1901 and entered insurance business; 
advanced to auditor of U.S. branch Transatlantic 
Ins. Co. of Germany, until San Francisco fire, 1906; 
then became agency supt. for Cosmopolitan Fire 
Ins. Co., of New York, continuing until company 
sold out; bought an interest in U.S. Blue Print Pa- 
per Co., of which has been pres. and treas. since 
Jan., 1916. Republican. Lutheran. Naturalized Am. 
citizen since 1909. Mason (Blue Lodge and Chap- 
ter). Recreation: travel. Home: 911 Winona Av. 
Office: 327 S. LaSalle St. 

BEITLEK. Brooks Kurd, newspaper man; b. at 
Alvada, O., Aug. 3, 1881; s. Samuel B. and Fannie 
(Hurd) Beitler; ed. pub. schs.; m. Clara A. Dunk- 
ley, of Kalamazoo, Mich., Jan. 25, 1908. Began 
newspaper work at Findlay. O., 1900; with Chicago 
Daily News since 1909, city editor since 1915. Home: 
1420 Leland Av. Office: 15 N. 5th Av. 

BEITLEK. Henry Clay, lawyer; b. nr. Hagers- 
town, Md., July 1, 1866; s. Samuel J. and Catharine 
Beitler; ed. Washington Co. High Sch., Hagers- 
town; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1888; unmarried. Ad- 
mitted to bar, May, 1888, and practiced at Hagers- 
town 18 months; removed to Chicago in spring of 
1890; mem. 111. Ho. of Rep. several terms from 
1898; judge Municipal Court of Chicago, for term 
expiring 1914; resumed practice; pres. and gen. 
counsel Ry. Motor Car Co. of America. Mem. 111. 
State and Chicago bar assns. Mem. 111. Commn. to 

Louisiana Purchase Expn. Republican. Home: 729 
Waveland Av. Office: 314 Westminster Bldg. 

BELASCO, Daniel, lawyer; Apr. 23, 1878-July 19, 
1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

BELDEN, Edgar Stanton, engineer. Removed to 
Kansas City, Mo. (See vol. 1911.) 

BELDEN, Joseph Cong-don, wire; b. at Chicago, 
June 11, 1876; s. John Secord and Amanda Williams 
(Pool) Belden; Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific School 
(Yale), 1897; m. Chicago, June 7, 1902, Mary Camp- 
bell Rew; 1 son, Joseph C., Jr. Pres. Belden Mfg. 
Co. since 1902. Clubs: University, Chicago Ath- 
letic. Saddle and Cycle, Onwentsia (Chicago) ; Yale 
(New York). Home: 190 E. Chestnut St. Office: 
2300 S. Western Av. 

BELFIELD, Andrew Miller, patent lawyer; b. 
Chicago, Sept. 6, 1873; s. Henry Holmes and Anne 
W. (Miller) Belfleld; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; Chi- 
cago Manual Training Sch., 1887-90; B.M.E., Pur- 
due Univ., Lafayette, Ind., 1892; LL.B., Northwest- 
ern Univ. Law Sch., 1894; m. Elizabeth T. Mills, 
of Boston, Mass., June 21, 1911; 2 children: Henry 
Holmes, Mary Mills. Admitted to bar, 1894; mem. 
Page & Belfield, 1897-9, Brown, Cragg & Belfleld, 
1901-2; practiced alone since 1902. Mem. Chicago 
Bar Assn., Chicago Patent Bar Assn., Loyal Le- 
gion. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union 
League, Chicago Law, Indian Hill Golf. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Home: 564 Maple Av., Winnetka, 111. 
Office: 1336 Monadnock Blk., Chicago. 

BELFIELD, Henry Holmes, educator; Nov. 17, 
1837-June 5, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BELPIELD, William Thomas, M.D.; b. St. Louis, 
1856; s. William and Selener (Marshall) Belfield; 
student Univ. of Mich., 1872-3; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., Chicago, 1878; post-grad, work in Univ. of 
Vienna; unmarried. Lecturer of Cartwright Fund, 
New York, 1883; prof, genito-urinary and venereal 
diseases, Chicago Policlinic, since 1888; prof, geni- 
to-urinary surgery, Rush Med. Coll., since 1898. 
Pres. Chicago Med. Soc., 1887-8, Am. Assn. Genito- 
urinary Surgeons, 1902-3, Chicago Urol. Soc., 1903- 
04, Am. Urol. Soc., 1908-9; etc. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Chicago Literary. Home: 5438 Cornell Av. 
Office: 32 N. State St. 

BELKNAF, Robert Ernest, sales agent Bethle- 
hem Steel Co.; b. Yonkers, N.Y., Mar. 13, 1875; s. 
Ethelbert and Lydia Elizabeth (Frazee) Belknap; 
A.B., Johns Hopkins, 1897; m. Elizabeth Treat 
Lyon, of Cincinnati, O., and Watch Hill, R.I., Sept. 
14, 1904; children: Anne Elizabeth, Robert Latham 
(deceased), William Ethelbert, 2d, Robert Ernest, 
Jr. Began in employ U.S. Army Civilian Engineer 
Corps, 1896; with Nat. Contracting Co., 1897-1901; 
with Pennsylvania Steel Co., 1901-16; at Steelton, 
1901, asst. sales agent at Chicago, 1902-6, sales 
agent, Chicago, 1906-15, mgr. sales in New York, 
1915-16; sales agent, Bethlehem Steel Co., at Chi- 
cago, since July, 1916; vice pres. Evanston Rys. 
Co., 1912-14; pres. and treas. Belsteel Co.; dir. 
Western Development Co. Asso. Am. Soc. C.E.; 
mem. Am. Iron and Steel Inst., Phi Kappa Psi. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Clubs: University, On- 
wentsia, Indian Hill; Engineers' (New York and 
Chicago); Minnesota (St. Paul, Minn.). Recrea- 
tions: golfing, motoring, sailing. Home: Lake For- 
est, 111. Office: 1917 Peoples Gas Bldg., Chicago. 

BELL, Albert Cunningham, patent lawyer; b. at 
Rochester, N.Y., Nov. 12, 1873; s. William G. and 
Sarah S. (Cunningham) Bell; .ed. grammar and 
high schs., Rochester; M.E., Cornell Univ., 1895; 
LL.B., Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law, 1911; m. Anne 
Dransfield, of Rochester, June 9, 1896; 3 children: 
Helen, Marion Elizabeth, Albert Cunningham, Jr. 
Mech. engr. Brown Hoisting Machinery Co., Cleve- 
land, O., 1903-5; engr. Stromberg-Carlson Tele- 
phone Mfg. Co., Rochester, 1906-7; removed to Chi- 
cago, 1907; admitted to 111. bar, 1911; was mem. 
Brown, Williams, Bell, Hanson & Boettcher, later 
mem. Bell & Huxley; now practicing alone. Trus- 
tee Village of Wilmette, 1917-18. Mem. Chicago 
Bar Assn., Patent Law Assn. of Chicago. Repub- 
lican. Presbyterian. Mason. Recreations: music, 
literature. Home: 1216 Elmwood Av., Wilmette, 
111. Office: 1601 Lumber Exchange Bldg., Chicago. 

BELL, Donald J., motion picture machinery; b. 
Jamestown, O., July 17, 1869; s. Thomas C. and 



Lucia (Chase) Bell; ed. pub. schs.; m. Marguerite 
V. Vance, of Essex, Ont., Can., Apr. 7, 1905. Began 
as grocery salesman; then established theatre pro- 
gram advertising business; entered motion picture 
business, 1897, first as projecting machine opera- 
tor, during this employment designing and manu- 
facturing motion picture projecting apparatus; 
founder Jan 1, 1907, and pres. the Bell & Howell 
Co , mfrs. of machinery for taking motion pictures 
and for manufacture of motion pictures. Vice pres. 
Soc. of Motion Picture Engrs., also of Motion Pic- 
ture Industry Nat. Assn. Republican. Clubs: 111. 
Athletic, Real Fellows, Screen. Home: 1811 Larch- 
mont Av. Office: 1801-7 Larchmont Av. 

BELL Edgar Solyman, M.D.; b. Chicago, June 
15, 1868; s. Robert B. and Ellen (De Wolf) Bell; 
grad. from Ottawa (111.) High Sch., 1888; M.D., 
Rush Med. Coll., 1896; m. Frances Cochran, of Des 
Moines, la., Jan. 18, 1914. Engaged in practice 
since 1896; specializes in treatment of eye, ear, 
nose and throat. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., 
Chicago Med. Soc. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Physicians'. 
Home: 5202 Dorchester Av. Office: 31 N. State St. 

BELL Fred C., banker; b. at Colerain, Franklin 
Co., Mass., Oct. 25, 1862; s. Joseph S. and Sarah L. 
(Packer) Bell; ed. Powers Inst., Bernardston, 
Mass Arms Acad., Shelburne Falls, Mass.; m. Al- 
ton 111 , June 15, 1892, Clara Leyhe. Mem. firm of 
McKey & Poague, real estate, 1893-1911; pres. H. O. 
Stone & Co. since Apr. 30, 1913. Dir. Woodlawn 
Trust & Savings Bank, Woodlawn Masonic Temple 
Assn. Republican. Presbyterian. Mason (32). 
Clubs: Union League, South Shore Country. Home: 
6359 Kimbark Av. Office: 76 W. Monroe St. 

BELL, George Humphrey, merchant. (See vol. 

BELL, Hayden N., lawyer; b. Montgomery Co., 
Va. Apr. 4, 1867; s. John A. and Sarah E. (Keister) 
Bell; ed. Emory and Henry Coll., Emory, Va., 1885- 
88; m. Mary F. Britton, of Marion, Va., Sept. 30, 
1891; children: William H., Margaret E., Sarah E., 
Frank Nelson, Virginia, JohnB. (deceased), Charles 
E Admitted to Va. bar, 1894; practiced in Marion, 
Va., 1894-1906; removed to Chicago, 1906; mem. 
firm of Bell & Sumner until 1912; appointed asst. 
state's atty., Apr. 1, 1912. Mem. 111. State Bar 
Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Presbyterian. Club: 
Southern. Home: 7105 LaFayette Av. Office: Crim- 
inal Court Bldg. 

BELL, Henry Goug-li, agronomist; b. Orangeville, 
Ont., Can., May 24, 1880; s. Emanuel and Martha 
(Hannam) Bell; B.S.A., Ont. Agrl. Coll., 1905; To- 
ronto Univ.; post-grad, studies, Univ. of Me.; m. 
Lueva Patterson, of Orangeville, Can., Dec. 25, 
1906. Asst. experimentalist, Ont. Agrl. Coll., 1905-6; 
asst. prof, of farm crops, la. State Coll., Ames, la., 
1906-9; prof, agronomy, Univ. of Me., 1909-11; 
agronomist Soil Improvement Com. of Nat. Fer- 
tilizer Assn. since 1911. Mem. Am. Soc. Agrono- 
mists, Am. Genetic Soc. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Mason. Author of numerous pamphlets and bulle- 
tins on soil improvement and crop production. 
Speaker betore agrl. orgns. Home: 930 Hinman 
Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 916-917 Postal Telegraph 
Bldg., Chicago. 

BELL, Herbert E., coal operator; b. Columbia 
Co., Wis., June 20, 1867; s. Jonathan and Mary 
(Christie) Bell; ed. pub. schs.; m. Aonilla Bowyer, 
of Chicago, Feb. 11, 1899. Began in employ of L. E. 
Overman; became mem. firm Richards, Pease & Co., 
coal operators, 1887; later mem. Bell & Lea Coal 
Co.; mem. Bell & Zoller Coal Co. and pres. since its 
incorporation; also pres. Bell & Zoller Mining Co., 
Centralia Coal Co. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. 
Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., Edge- 
water Golf. Recreation: golf. Home: 4543 Maiden 
St. Office: 343 S. Dearborn St. 

U.S., 1878; learned printing trade in Detroit, Mich.; 
removed to Chicago, 1887, and engaged in publish- 
ins- business; editor American Poultry Journal 
(oldest poultry jour, in America, estab., 1874) and 
pres. Am. Poultry Journal Pub. Co. since 1910. 
Mem. Odd Fellows, Knights of Golden Eagle. Re- 
publican. Recreations: fishing, motoring. Home: 
Congress Park, 111. Office: 542 S. Dearborn St., 

lawyer; b. Winona, Minn., Apr. 6, 
S. and Frances (Laird) Bell; prep, 
edn. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N.H., and Harvard 
Univ.; J.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1907; m. Miss Natha- 
lie Fairbank, of Chicago, Nov. 11, 1909; 3 children. 
Admitted to 111. bar, 1907, and since in practice at 
Chicago; mem. law firm of Matz, Fisher & Boyden, 
1909-17, of Fisher, Boyden, Kales & Bell since 1917. 
Dir. Chicago Savings Bank & Trust Co., Pine Tree 
Mfg. Co. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Legal Club, 
Law Club (sec.). Clubs: University, City, Caxton, 
Saddle and Cycle; also Harvard (Boston). Home: 
1274 North Av., Hubbard Wtoods, 111. Office: 1130, 
134 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BELL, J(ames) Hamilton, importer teas, coffees 
and spices; Jan. 7, 1839-1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BELL, James Stephenson, M.D. Removed to 
York, Neb. (See vol. 1911.) 

BELL, James W., publisher; b. at Wallaceburg, 
Ont., Can., Aug. 9, 1866; s. Robert and Mary M. 
(Currey) Bell; ed. common sch. in Can.; m. Hattie 
May Judson, of Wallaceburg, July 10, 1888; 1 
daughter, Dorothy (Mrs. Paul Sheehan). Came to 

BELL, Lilian (Lida), author; b. Chicago, 1867; d. 
Maj. William W. and Nancy C. (Brown) Bell; early 
edn. by governess; childhood passed in Atlanta, 
Ga. ; m. Arthur Hoyt Bogue, of New York, May 9, 
1900 (retains maiden name for lit. work). Began 
story-writing at 8; contbr. to mags.; has given over 
500 author's readings in principal cities of U.S. 
Originator, 1914, of the plan to send a Christmas 
ship, bearing presents from the children of Amer- 
ica to orphans of the European war, the idea being 
taken up by more than 1,000 newspapers and sup- 
ported by President Wilson, who assigned the ship 
Jason to make the trip; naval honors never before 
accorded an alien vessel by the British Admiralty 
were paid the Christmas ship on its arrival at 
Plymouth Harbor; the ship carried 7,000,000 gifts, 
secured through active coSperation of 40,000,000 
people, which were distributed in the warring 
countries through the Red Cross. For list of books 
see Who's Who in America. Home: 1024 E. 46th St. 

BELL, Lionel A., real estate mortgage loans; b. 
County Dublin, Ireland, Dec. 30, 1867; s. James and 
Julia (Price) Bell; ed. high sch. and St. Columba's 
Coll.. County Dublin, Ireland; m. Florence Caird, 
of Chicago, Dec. 29, 1915. Came to America, 1886; 
engaged in real estate mortgage loan business 
since 1900. Mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd., Cook 
County Real Estate Bd., Art Inst. of Chicago (life). 
Republican. Christian Scientist. Mason; mem. of 
Royal Arcanum. Clubs: City, Hamilton, South 
Shore Country, Chicago Gun, Evanston Gun. Rec- 
reations: trapshooting, hunting, fishing. Home: 
6905 Lakewood Av. Office: 35 N. Dearborn St. 

BELL, Marcus Lafayette, lawyer; b. Pine Bluff, 
Ark., Jan. 11, 1880; s. late Marcus Lafayette and 
Cynthia Ellen (Vanderwerker) Bell; A.B., Univ. of 
Ark., 1898; law student, Univ. of Chicago, 1903; m. 
Ruth Van Doren, d. of George M. and Catherine 
Van Doren Bogue, of Hinsdale, 111., Nov. 8, 1906; 
3 children: Marcus Lafayette, 3d, Robert Bogue, 
Ruth Juliet. Admitted to bar, 1902, and practiced 
at Pine Bluff, 1902-4; entered law dept. C..R.I.&P. 
Ry. Co., New York, 1904; came to Chicago, as asst. 
atty., same rd., Jan. 1, 1905, becoming local atty., 
Nov. 1, 1906, asst. gen. atty., Aug. 1, 1909, gen. 
atty., Apr. 1, 1910, gen. solicitor in charge of all 
legal affairs of company, May 1, 1914; since appmt. 
of receivers for the company, Apr. 20, 1915, has 
served as gen. solicitor for receiver, in charge of 
all legal matters pertaining to receivership. Gen.' 
counsel Chicago, Rock Island & Gulf Ry. Co.; dir. 
St. Paul & Kansas City Short Line Ry. Co., Bur- 
lington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Ry. Co. and other 
companies connected with Rock Island System. 
Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago bar assns.. Kappa 
Sigma, Law Club, Legal Club. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Chicago, University, City, Exmoor, Indian Hill, 
Kenilworth, North Shore Golf. Home: Kenilworth, 
111. Office: 1025 LaSalle St. Station, Chicago. 

BELL, Will J., law and mortgages; b. Rochester, 
Minn., Jan. 4, 1870; s. of James S. (M.D.) and Julia 
M. (Keith) Bell; ed. pub. schs.. Cedar Falls, la., 
and Canton, S.D.; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1899; 
m. Charlotte L. Ingram, of Chicago, July 1, 1896. 



Began active career with bldg. and loan assn., Chi- 
cago, 1889; then in real estate and abstract offices 
until 1897; began making real estate loans for self 
and clients, 1897; admitted to bar, 1899; in gen. 
practice of law, firm of Bell & Cross; mem. Bell, 
Hodges & Camp, mortgage business; dir. and sec. 
Woodbridge Ornamental Iron Co., Alvorea Chem. 
Co., W. D. Watson Co., Stationer's Engraving Co., 
International Art & Frame Co.; dir. G. J. Mitchell 
Corpn. ; sec. Automatic Addressing Co., Am. Musi- 
cal Art Soc., Rex Radiator Repair and Welding 
Co., B. W. Pokorney Co. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Mem. Cleveland Lodge, A.F. and A.M.; Chicago 
Commandery, K.T. ; Oriental Consistory; Medinah 
Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. Club: Hamilton. Recrea- 
tions: automobile, travel. Home: 4315 W. Van Bu- 
ren St. Office: 69 W. Washington St. 

BELL. William Edward, telephone official; b. at 
Montreal, P.Q., Can., Mar. 6, 1856; s. William and 
Sarah (Williamson) Bell; ed. common and high 
schs. at London, Ont.; m. Evanston, 111., May 11, 
1892, Henrietta Pettit; 1 daughter, Helen Victoria, 
In employ of Montreal Telegraph Co., at London, 
Ont., Aug. 9, 1870-3; with Western Union Telegraph 
Co., at Chicago, 1873-90; supt. Am. Dist. Telegraph 
Co., 1890-3; business mgr., Nat. Cash Register Co., 
at Chicago and New York, 1893-9; gen. supt. 111. 
Dist. Telegraph Co., 1900-1; dist. supt. Am. Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Co., 1901-8; division commer- 
cial supt. same since 1908; also dir. Am. Telephone 
and Telegraph Co. of 111. Republican. Served in 1st 
Cav., I.N.G., 1877-82. Mem. Old Time Telegraphers' 
Assn.; mem. Telephone Pioneers of America. Club: 
Union League. Recreations: outdoor diversions. 
Home: 1449 N. Dearborn St. Office: 212 W. Wash- 
ington St. 

BELL, William White, commercial paper; Apr. 
16, 1842-Jan. 19, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BELLOWS, Edwin, publisher; b. Maryville, Nod- 
away Co., Mo., Oct. 3, 1868; s. Franklin and Mary 
(Dilling) Bellows; ed. pub. schs., Nodaway Co., 
Mo.; m. Mabel Goodwin, of St. Johnsbury, Vt., Oct. 
31, 1905. Settled in Chicago, 1891; formerly part- 
ner Bellows Bros., publishers, then mem. Bellows 
& Sylvester; now pres. Bellows-Reeve Co., pubs, 
children's ednl. books; mem. firm of Bellows & Syl- 
vester. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Republic- 
an. Club: Chicago . Athletic Assn. Recreations: 
travel, golf, fishing. Home: 1444 Estes Av., Rogers 
Park. Office: 104 S. Michigan Av., Chicago. 

BELLOWS, John Austin, publisher; b. Guilford, 
Mo., Nov. 9, 1866; s. Franklin and Mary (Dilling) 
Bellows; prepared at Maryville (Mo.) High Sch.; 
B.S., Northwestern Univ., 1892; student law sch. of 
same 1 yr.; m. Cora Barney, at Lacon, 111., Oct. 16, 
1895; children: Franklin Barney, John Austin, Jr., 
Esther Katherine, Gordon, George Kingsley. Began 
as ms,"r. Parliament Pub. Co., afterwards represent- 
ing Ginn & Co., sch. book pubs.; pres. Bellows Bros. 
Co., pubs., 1898-1912; vice pres. and treas. Hanson- 
Bellows Co., 1912-16; treas. and mgr. Hanson- Bel- 
lows Pub. Co. since 1916. Mem. New Trier Tp. High 
Sch. Bd. of Edn. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Delta 
Phi. Club: Kenil worth. Interested in ednl. training 
of boys and girls. Home: Wilmette, 111. Office: 104 
S. Michigan Av., Chicago. 

EEL SHE. Edwin Luther, pres. and gen. mgr. 
Chicago Portrait Co.; b. La Plata, Mo., Mar. 10, 
1872; s. Thomas M. and Lina (Elgin) Belshe; grad. 
high sch. of La Plata, Mo., 1892; m. Kirksville, Mo., 
Oct. 12, 1899, Alta Baird; children: Edwin Baird, 
Albert Thomas, Martha Evilyn, Alta Dee. Entered 
employ of Chicago Portrait Co. as traveling sales- 
man, Jan. 1, 1895; was made dist. mgr. Feb. 1. 1896, 
and road mgr. Jan. 1, 1897; on Jan. 1, 1899, became 
a stockholder and took position as correspondent 
in the house; elected dir., Apr., 1902, sec., 1903, and 
is now pres. and gen. mgr. Republican. Presby- 
terian. Clubs: Chicaeo Athletic, Hamilton, South 
Shore Country. Home: Norwood Park R.R. 2. 
Office: 509 S. Wabash Av. 

BELT, William Osborn, lawyer; b. Washington, 
D.C., May 16, 1870; s. Robert V. and Joanna W. 
(Kirkwood) Belt; ed. pub. schools and Columbian 
Univ., Washington, D.C., grad. in the class of 1892; 
m. Morrison, 111., June 6, 1890, Cora L. Wood; 2 
children: Robert Kirkwood, Virginia Margaret. Ad- 

mitted to bar in 1892; practiced in New York, 1892- 
95, since in Chicago; specializes in law of patents, 
trade marks and copyrights. Mem. Patent Law 
Assn., Am. Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Repub- 
lican. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Union League, 
Chicago Automobile, Ouilmette Country, Skokie 
Country. Home: 601 Washington Av., Wilmette, 
111. Office: Marquette Bldg., Chicago. 

BEMAN, Solon Spencer, architect; Oct. 1, 1853- 
Apr. 23, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BEMEKT, Alburto, engineer; b. Appleton, Wis., 
Mar. 18, 1862; s. Cyrenius Elihu and Martha Ann 
(Gibson) Bement; m. Eva, d. Daniel Delos Hender- 
son, of Berkeley, Cal., 1910. Learned machinist's 
trade and became supt. and mgr. factory produc- 
ing steam specialties; developed automatic appli- 
ances for feeding boilers, 1897-1900; was mem. ad- 
visory com. for Fuel Testing Expt. Sta., Univ. of 
111.; was mem. bd. consulting engrs. smoke abate- 
ment commn., Chicago; was chmn. of a Chicago 
commn. to devise laws to insure safety in handling 
explosives; conducted many spl. expts. and re- 
searches for improvement of efficiency of steam 
boilers and the prevention of smoke from furnaces 
using bituminous coal, chem. composition of coal, 
etc.; mem. com. Chicago Assn. Commerce to report 
on feasibility of electrification of Chicago ry. ter- 
minals, 1910; was chmn. com. apptd. by Western 
Soc. Engrs. to report on Chicago harbor problem; 
chmn. com. organized for purpose of securing es- 
tablishment of Sch. of Mines at Univ. of 111.; chmn. 
engring. sect. Chicago Assn. Commerce 2 yrs. ; etc. 
Charter mem. Am. Inst. Chem. Engrs. Author of 
first comprehensive report on 111. coal fields; inven- 
tor of appliances for the purpose of air moistening; 
thrice recipient of Chanute Medal of Western Soc. 
Engrs.; etc. Home: Hubbard Woods, 111. Office: 28 
N. Market St., Chicago. 

BEMIS, Edward Webster, economist; b. Spring- 
field, Mass., Apr. 7, 1860; s. Daniel Webster and 
Mary Wood (Tinker) Bemis; A.B., Amherst, 1880, 
A.M., 1884; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1885; m. Annie 
Louise Sargent, of Clearwater, Minn., Oct. 28, 1889. 
Prof, history and polit. economy, Vanderbilt Univ., 
1889-92; asso. prof, polit. economy, Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1892-5; asst. statistician 111. Bur. of Labor 
Statistics 1896; prof. econ. science, history, Kan. 
State Agrl. Coll., 1897-9; later dir. Dept. Municipal 
Monopolies, Bur. of Economic Research, New York; 
supt. water dept., Cleveland, O., 1901-9; deputy 
commr. of water supply, gas, and electricity, of 
New York, Jan.-Oct., 1910; now spl. investigator of 
pub. utilities of water, light, street rys. and tele- 
phones. Mem. com. of Nat. Civic Federation inves- 
tigating municipal ownership; city representative 
Bd. of Supervising Engrs., Chicago Traction; mem. 
advisory bd. Valuation Dept., Interstate Commerce 
Commn.; in charge of valuation pub. utilities of 
Washington, D.C., and consulting engr. various 
other cities on pub. utility questions. For list of 
books and writings see Who's Who in America. 
Address: 139 N. Clark St. 

BENDER, Fred, store fixtures; b. Haizenport, 
Germany, Feb. 7, 1866; s. Benjamin and Sara (Ad- 
ler) Bender; ed. pub. and pvt. schs. of Hatzenport, 
Germany; also high sch. of Kreuznach, Germany; 
m. Elsa Radzinski, 1909; 3 children: Fred, Jr., 
Beatrice, Henry. Jobber and mfr. store fixtures in 
New York and Chicago since 1883. Maj. 1st Regt. 
Chicago Rough Riders. Club: 111. Athletic. Rec- 
reation: motoring. Home: 4449 Ellis Av. Office: 
1243 S. Wabash Av. 

BENEDICT, George H., engraver; b. Warsaw, 
Wyoming Co., N.Y., Aug. 12, 1857; s. Edward R. 
and Levira (Morris) Benedict; ed. pub. schs. and 
commercial coll.; m. Caroline L. Randolph, Mar. 
24, 1880; children: Claire E. (Mrs. H. G. Wiseman), 
Frank E., Lloyd G. Came to Chicago, 1864; worked 
for a time at printing, and then, 1875, an appren- 
tice in the map dept. of Rand, McNally & Co., later. 
1880, foreman in same line for George F. Cram. 
Studied photo-engraving; entered business for 
himself, 1884, later with Blomgren Bros. & Co., and 
with A. G. Spalding & Bros.; again established en- 
graving and electrotyping business, 1886, under 
style of George H. Benedict & Co., and in 1903 this 
firm was consolidated with the Globe Engraving & 
Electrotype Co., of which is treas. Pres. Electro- 



typers' Assn. of Chicago, 9 yrs., and for 2 yrs. pres. 
of the Nat. Assn. of Electrotypers, and Internal. 
Assn. Photo Engravers. Mem. Chicago Assn. Com- 
merce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn. Club: Chicago Athletic. 
Mason (S.R., Shrine). Recreations: athletics, fish- 
Ing, bowling, astronomy. Home: 3004 Warren Av. 
Office: 711 S. Dearborn St. 

BENEDICT, Georg-e Montague, banker; b. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 2, 1860; s. Hiram Wesley and Frances 
(Hatch) Benedict; ed. Chicago pub. sens. ; m. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 22, 1882, Lillie Kate Boyer; 4 children: 
Allan B., Frances, Paul M., Katherine. Began ac- 
tive career with Armour & Co., Union Stock Yards, 
1876; with Union Stock Yards Nat. Bank, 1880-1, 
Merchants Nat. Bank, Chicago, 1882; clerk, 1883- 

1902, asst. cashier, 1902-7, cashier and air., 1907- 
17, Drovers Nat. Bank; vice pres. and dir. Stony 
Island Trust & Savings Bank since Feb. 20, 1917. 
Republican. Methodist. Clubs: Kenwood, Saddle 
and Sirloin, South Side Bankers'. Home: 207 E. 
Chestnut St. Office: 6822 Stony Island Av. 

BENEDICT, Harry, live stock; b. Bureau Co., 
111., 1856; s. Julius and Henrietta (Cleveland) Ben- 
edict; ed. high sch. ; m. Princeton, 111., 1880, Belle 
Kyle; 2 children. Engaged in live stock commn. 
business at Union Stock Yards, 1890, in firm of Lee 
& Benedict, until 1894; firm changed to Benedict, 
Murray & McDowell, in which remained until 1910. 
Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic Assn., South Shore 
Country. Home: 5040 Greenwood Av. Office: 1030 
McCormick Bldg. 

BENRSTON, Charles Alfred, scientific instru- 
ments and optical goods; b. Ludington, Mich., Sept. 
30, 1873; s. of Andrew Peter and Emma (Monson) 
Bengston; ed. Bethany Coll., Lindsborg, Kan.; m. 
Martha E. Laurilzen, of Chicago, June 22, 1898; 2 
children: Norman Elliott, James Owen. Learned 
the business of making scientific instruments and 
engaged in it for self, 1900-11; since mgr. at Chi- 
cago of Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. of New York. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Mem. Central Assn. 
of Science and Mathematics Teachers. Republican. 
Methodist. Mason (Mystic Lodge, Irving Park 
Chapter, St. Elmo Commandery K.T.. Oriental Con- 
sistory, Shrine). Clubs: 111. Athletic, Ridgemoor 
Golf. Recreations: fishing and other outdoor diver- 
sions. Home: 3847 Lowell Av. Office: 122 S. Mich- 
igan Av. 

BENHAM, John, vice pres. Internal. Register 
Co.; b. Western Star, O., May 3, 1846; s. John and 
Melissa (Brown) Benham; academic edn. ; m. 
Bloomington, 111., 1869, Adeline H. Richardson. Be- 
gan as mem. firm of Smilh, Benham & Aiken, 1867; 
mem. Benham & Brown, wholesale colton goods, 
1868-70, C. H. Fargo & Co., wholesale shoes, 1871- 
82, Keith, Benham & Dezendorf, wholesale hard- 
ware, 1883-8; supt. pub. service. Cook Co., 1888-90; 
pres. and Ireas. SI. Lawrence Marble Co., 1891-6; 
vice pres. and gen. mgr. the Consumers Co., 1896- 
1903; vice pres. Internal. Register Co. since Aug.. 

1903. Republican. Mem. R.E. Ch. Clubs: Union 
League, Kenilworth. Home: Kenilworth, 111. Of- 
fice: 15 S. Throop St., Chicago. 

BENJAMIN, Emile, vice president Great West- 
ern Smelting & Refining Co.; b. Dayton, O., Jan. 12, 
1856; s. Bernhardt and Hannah (Block) Benjamin; 
ed. at Cincinnati pub. schs., and business course at 
Gundry's Coll.; unmarried. Clk. in hardware store, 
Kansas City, Mo., 1880-1; bookkeeper In produce 
commn. house, 1881-4; bookkeeper and gen. utilily 
man for Charles Weill, dealer In scrap iron and 
metal, 1884-92; came to Chicago, 1892, and entered 
employ of Reitler & Blum, with whom he organ- 
ized the Greal Western Smelting & Refining Co., of 
which is now vice pres. Mason. Office: 600 W. 41st 

BENJAMIN, Frederic, patent attorney; Mar. 16, 
1860-May 5, 1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

BENJAMIN, Louis, iron mcht. (See vol. 1911.) 
BENN, Alonzo Newton, packer; b. Washinglon, 
la., Nov. 25, 1866; s. John Robert and Nancy Ann 
Benn; ed. pub. schs., Woodburn, la., 1871-81; m. 
Harriell Waterbury Condee, 1910. Telegraph oper- 
ator, C.,B.&Q.R.R., Ottumwa, la., 1882-5; same, 
general offices, Burlington Route, and Western 
Union Telegraph Co., Omaha, 1886; stenographer, 

telegrapher, etc., Nebraska City Packing Co., 1887- 
89; asst. supt., Omaha Packing Co., South Omaha, 
1890-2; mgr., Omaha Packing Co., St. Joseph, Mo., 
1893-5; gen. supt., Omaha Packing Co., Chicago, 
1896-8; mgr. Omaha Packing Co., South Omaha, 
1899-1901; gen. mgr. and dir., Omaha Packing Co., 
Chicago and South Omaha, 1902; vice pres., Omaha 
Packing Co., Chicago, 1903; asst. to the vice pres., 
Nat Packing Co., Chicago, 1904, asst. to the pres., 
1905-12; now pres. Omaha Packing Co. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bd. of Trade. Mason (Apollo Commandery 
No. 1, K.T., Oriental Consistory, Medinah Temple). 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Kenwood, South Shore 
Country. Discovered and put into daily use what 
has since become the generally accepted method of 
receiving and copying telegrams on the typewriter, 
instead of the much slower and more laborious 
handwriting method; devised an overhead trolley- 
Iruck which was immedialely copied and soon 
came into general use; invented, 1915, and patenl- 
ed a process for curing meats in stockinets; in- 
vented, 1916, and patented process and devices for 
smoking meats betler and more economically. 
Home: 4561 Woodlawn Av. Office: 2320 S. Halsted 

BENNET, John Percy, M.D.; b. Halifax, N.S., 
Ocl. 30, 1870; s. John Gordon and Eliza Eleanor 
(Whitehead) Bennet; prep. edn. Girlon House, Hal- 
ifax; M.D., Bennelt Med. Coll., Chicago, 1897; m. 
Willa E. Davis, of Chicago, Feb. 23, 1896; 1 son, 
John Gordon. Practiced in Chicago since 1897; in- 
slr. in genilo-urinary diseases, Chicago Hosp. Coll. 
of Medicine, 1914-16. Mem. Nat. Eclectic Med. 
Assn., 111. Slate Eclectic Med. Soc. (vice pres., 1913- 
14, later president). Republican. Melhodist. Mem. 
Odd Fellows, Modern Woodmen of America, Royal 
League, Redmen. Club: Canadian. Conlbr. lo med. 
jours. Recreation: music (pres. Odd Fellows Band). 
Home: 211 N. Humphrey Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 
21 E. Van Buren St., Chicago. 

BENNETT, A. Milo, theatrical agent and play 
broker; b. Kalamazoo, Mich., Dec. 25, 1865; s. John 
and Anna Marie (Coleman) Bennetl; ed. high sch., 
Kalamazoo, and in Chicago; m. Arline Holborn, of 
Galesburg, 111.; 1 daughter, Alberla; m. 2d, Elhel 
Day, of Boston, Jan. 17, 1908; 1 son, A. Milo, Jr. 
Began as an actor, 1887, and played in "Jane," 
"Michael Strogoff," 40 wks., and in other dramatic 
and extravaganza companies; mgr. "Jane" and 
"Charlie's Aunl" for Frohman, and Ihe "While 
Squadron Co."; propr. and mgr. Bennett's Dramatic 
Exchange, Chicago, since 1891. Was Isl assl. sec. 
of Silver Republican hdqrs., Chicago, and mem. 
Cook Co. Central Com., 1896; made many speeches 
in lhal campaign; del. Silver Rep. Conv., Kansas 
City 1900; apptd. del. Deep Waterways Conv., St. 
Louis, 1910, through Assn. of Commerce; apptd. by 
Gov. Deneen lo Deep Walerways Conv., Lillie 
Rock, Ark., 1912, and Washinglon, D.C., 1913. Now 
a Democral. Protestant. Formerly pres. Dramatic 
Agents' Assn., Order of Owls (1st vice pres. 3 yrs.). 
Clubs: Press (ex-dir., chmn. entertainment com. 
under 3 different administrations), Strollers. Au- 
thor: Zero (played in eastern cities 4 yrs.); also 
pamphlet on the Pullman strike, 1894, a number of 
dramatic sketches, and stories and verse in news- 
papers and mags. Recreations: billiards, verse 
writing. Home: 654 Grace St. Office: 36 W. Ran- 
dolph St. 

BENNETT, Arthur Grant, wholesale grocer; b. 
Deerfield, 111., Apr. 30, 1863; s. Robert J. and Electa 
M. (Hoyt) Bennetl; ed. high sch., Chicago; m. Car- 
rie L. Kimball, of Berlin, Wis., Apr. 30, 1889; chil- 
dren: Sidney Kimball, Beatrice. Entered employ of 
W. M. Hoyt Co., wholesale grocers, 1880; elected 
assl. sec. and Ireas., 1890; sec. and Ireas., 1896- 
1903, when resigned and engaged in the automobile 
business; later again became connected with W. M. 
Hoyt Co., of which is now sec. and treas. Mem. 
Chicago Assn. Credit Men. Club: Skokie Country. 
Home: Glencoe, 111. Office: 22d St. Bridge, Chicago. 

BENNETT, Arthur James Thomas, bridge bldr.; 
b. Edinburgh, Scotland, Jan. 14, 1881; s. Thomas 
and Barbara (McAlpin) Bennett; brought to U.S., 
1885; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; engring. course, Lewis 
Inst.;m. Anna Reid, of Glasgow, Scolland, Sept. 17, 
1902; 1 son, Arthur James Thomas, Jr. Followed 
falher, who was a conlractor and builder; sec. and 



engr. Kenwood Bridge Co. since 1909. Mem. Chi 
cago Assn. Commerce. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Build- 
ers'. Home: 9110 S. Winchester Av. Office: 38 S. 
Dearborn St. 

BENNETT, Edward Herbert, architect; b. Chel- 
tenham, Engr., May 12, 1874; s. Capt. Edwin C. and 
Margaret (Callas) Bennett; ed. pvt. schs. and Bris- 
tol (Engr.) Tech. Coll.; diploma in architecture, 
ficole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France; m. Catherine 
Jones, Oct. 18, 1913; 1 son, Edward H., Jr. Came to 
U.S. about 1890; began architectural experience in 
San Francisco, 1892; after 6 yrs.' study at Paris 
went to New York and was with George B. Post, 
architect, for 1% yrs.; came to Chicago, 1904; with 
D. H. Burnham & Co. until 1909; since in practice 
on own account, specializing on comprehensive city 
planning-. Associated with D. H. Burnham on city 
plans of San Francisco and Chicago; "Patron" ar- 
chitectural atelier, auspices of the Soc. of Beaux 
Arts Architects; mem. City Planning Inst. (exec, 
com.), Am. Inst. Architects. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
University, Cliff Dwellers, Chicago, Onwentsia. 
Home: 1315 Ritchie PI. Office: 80 E. Jackson Boul. 

BENNETT, Frank Ira, commissioner of public 
works; b. Galva, Henry Co., 111., Oct. 17, 1858; s. of 
John I. and Maria (Reynolds) Bennett; ed. pub. 
schs., Chicago; attended Union Coll. of Law, 1879; 
m. Chicago, June, 1884, Anna H. Cortright; two 
sons: Lewis C., Ira F. Admitted to bar, 1880; ac- 
tively engaged in real estate business, with a spe- 
cialty in subdividing- and building- operations. 
Elected assessor of Town of Hyde Park, 1888; was 
alderman from Seventh Ward 6 terms, 1897-1909; 
commr. of public works of Chicago since Dec., 

1916. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: South 
Shore, Mid-Day. Home: 5807 Blackstone Av. Of- 
fice: City Hall. 

BENNETT, Frank Ryerson, cotton goods; b. at 
Leonia, N.J., July 16, 1870; s. Frederic G. and Mary 
Lydia (Ryerson) Bennett; ed. at Englewood and 
Ridgefield, N.J.; m. Ida May Mehrhof, of Little 
Ferry, N.J., Feb. 21, 1901; 1 son, Frederick Ryerson. 
Began active career in employ of A. Featherstone 
& Co., bicycles, 1891, continuing- 10 yrs.; then with 
J. Spencer Turner Co., 1901-3; has been identified 
with the William L. Barrell Co., cotton goods, since 
1903, now mgr. western sales division same. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Mem. United Spanish-War 
Veterans, Jr. Order United Am. Mechanics, Nat. 
Union. Mason (K.T., Medinah Temple, A.A.O.N. 
M.S.). Recreations: fishing, golf. Home: 1509 Morse 
Av. Office: 610 Royal Insurance Bldg-. 

BENNETT, Helen Marie (Miss), author; b. at 
Washington. la.; d. of Granville G. and Mary A. 
(Dawson) Bennett; grad. high sch., Deadwood, S. 
D., State Normal Sch., Spearfish, S.D.; B.A., Wel- 
lesley Coll., 1898. County supt. schs., Lawrence Co., 
S.D., 4 yrs.; editorial writer Deadwood Pioneer- 
Times 4 yrs.; club editor Chicago Record Herald 
3 yrs.; mgr. Chicago Collegiate Bur. of Occupations 
since 1913. Protestant. Club: Chicago College. 
Author: Women and Work, 1917. Office: 17 N. State 

BENNETT, Horace Corbett, lawyer; b. Cheshire 
Co., N.H., Oct. 24, 1841; s. Lyman and Lucinda 
(Wellington) Bennett; ed. pub. schs. and 2 yrs. at 
Appleton Acad., New Ipswich, N.H. ; m. 1870, Char- 
lotte E., d. of Dr. Freeland, of Fitchburg, Mass, 
(wife now deceased); 1 daughter, Esther Freeland 
(died Aug. 2, 1902). Enlisted, Sept., 1861, in 1st 
N.H. Battery, serving 3 yrs. and taking part in the 
battles of Gettysburg, second battle of Bull Run, 
Rappahannock Station, Antietam, South Mountain, 
Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness 
(where he was wounded) and all the battles of the 
Army of the Potomac except Gen. McClellan's Pen- 
insular campaign. Studied law in office of Hon. 
Amasa Norcross, of Fitchburg, Mass., and later 
represented Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., of 
New York, publishers of sch. and coll. text books, 
in the New England States until 1870; admitted to 
the Mass, bar, 1869; removed to Chicag9, 1870; was 
burned out in fire of 1871; since making a splty. 
of commercial law; mgr. of The Credit Counselor 
Co. Democrat. Author: Credits and Collections, 

1917. Home: 2252 W. Madison St. Office: 106 N. La 
Salle St. 

BENNETT, James Ewing-, grain commn. ; b. St. 
Louis, Mo., Apr. 3, 1871; s. Thomas and Jennie 
(Ewing) Bennett; attended pub. schs.; grad. Chi- 
cago Manual Training Sch., 1890; m. Chicago, Apr. 
8, 1902, Bertha Bogue. First business experience 
was with the W. Seattle St. Ry., of Seattle, Wash., 
1891-3; after that was employed in the offices of 
Bennett & Johnson, brass foundry, and in 1894 be- 
came associated with Thomas Bennett & Co., grain 
and provisions, of which was sole propr. ; firm be- 
came James E. Bennett & Co., Jan. 1, 1909. Mem. 
Chicago Bd. of Trade. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
South Shore Country. Home: 5333 Lexington Av. 
Office: 332 S. LaSalle St. 

BENNETT, James O'Donnell, newspaper man; b. 
Jackson, Mich., May 1, 1870; s. Charles Henry and 
Mary (O'Donnell) Bennett; student Univ. of Mich., 
1889-92 (hon. A.B., 1909); m. Susan North Hay- 
ward, of Erie, Pa., June 5, 1901. Newspaper writer 
since 1890, chiefly on Chicago press; connected with 
the exec, staff of Julia Marlowe, 1900-2; corr. Chi- 
cago Journal in Spanish-Am. War; dramatic editor 
Chicago Record-Herald, 1902-14; corr. Chicago Tri- 
bune in European War, 1914-17. Episcopalian. Re- 
publican. Author: Was ich auf dem Kriegsschau- 
platz sah. Editor: When Good Fellows Get To- 
gether. Address: Chicago Tribune. 

BENNETT, Nelson James, underwriter; b. Chi- 
cago, Aug. 20, 1867; s. Joseph and Mary B. (Mc- 
Farlane) Bennett; ed. pub. grammar schs. and bus- 
iness coll.; m. Katharine E. Lewis, of Flint, Mich., 
Feb. 5, 1894; 4 children: Martha Y., Jean May, 
Helen June, John L. In ins. business since 1882; 
now mem. firm of Critchell, Miller, Whitney & Bar- 
hour. Clubs: Union League, Westmoreland Golf; 
University, Country (Evanston, 111.). Home: 1418 
Judson Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 175 W. Jackson 
Boul., Chicago. 

BENNETT, Rawson, journalist and actuary; b. 
Franklin, Ind., Dec. 5, 1863; s. James Clinton and 
Flora (Rawson) Bennett; ed. pub. schs., Emporia, 
Kan., and univs. of Kan. and Mich, (no degree) ; m. 
Milwaukee, Wis., June 29, 1903, Cora Anita Jones, 
Riverside, Gal. Beginning as reporter, served on 
various papers in Chicago, Kansas City, Milwau- 
kee and Marquette, Mich.; joined staff Chicago 
Inter Ocean, 1896, and served as chief editorial 
writer, 1899-1914; editorial writer, Chicago Herald, 
1914-16; now with the Chicago Journal. Actuary 
Northern Life Ins. Co. of 111., 1906-8; consulting 
actuary for various companies since 1908. Repub- 
lican. Unitarian. Mason (Myrtle Lodge, Irving 
Park Chapter, Siloam Council, Oriental Consisto- 
ry; mem. Modern Maccabees, Nat. Union, Royal 
League; life mem. Shakespeare Soc. of New York. 
Home: 6108 Steiner Av. (Jefferson Station). Office: 
15 S. Market St. 

BENNETT, Robert John, wholesale grocer; b. at 
Pulaski, Oswego Co., N.Y., Feb. 9, 1839; s. Reuben 
J. and Alta (Haskins) Bennett; ed. Lake Co. schs., 
finishing at Waukegan, 111., and Racine, Wis., 1856- 
59; m. Chicago, Apr. 9, 1862, Electa M. Hoyt; chil- 
dren: Arthur Grant, Maud B. (now Mrs. Vail), 
William Hoyt. School teacher in Lake Co., 111., 
1856-63; mem. firm since 1865 and now vice pres. 
W. M. Hoyt Co., wholesale grocers; was dir. Atlas 
Nat. Bank, and later vice pres. and dir. Western 
State Bank; mem. firm of Glenn R. Powers & Co., 
gen mchts., Belgrade, Mont. Was alderman, and 
mayor of Lake Forest, 111., 1872-4. Republican. 
Connected with City Missionary Soc.; trustee 
Wheaton Coll.; pres. 111. Children's Home and Aid 
Soc. Club: Congregational. Home: 4250 N. Paulina 
St. Office: 22d St. Bridge. 

BENNETT, William Kainey, lecturer; b. Cynthi- 
ana, Ind., Mar. 22, 1869; s. William Thomas and 
Martha Emily (Carter) Bennett; A.B., Union Chris- 
tian Coll., Merom, Ind., 1893; studied Univ. of Chi- 
cago; B.D.. Chicago Theol. Sem., 1898; m. Ethel 
Clark, of Clarinda, la., Oct. 27, 1897. Ordained Con- 
gl. ministry, 1898; pastor 1st Ch., Darlington, Wis., 
1898-1903, Temple Congl. Ch., Marion, Ind., 1904-9; 
Chautauqua and lyceum lecturer; subjects: The 
Man Who Can; The Master Thought; Machines and 
Millionaires; The Reign of the Common People; 
etc. Mem. Internal. Lyceum Assn. Club: Congre- 
gational (Chicago). Home: 222 N. Lombard Av.. 
Oak Park, 111. 


BENNETT, Willis Henry, merchant. Removed Club: Suburban of LaGrange. Recreation: fishing, 

to California. (See vol. 1911.) Residence: 430 6th Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 732 

BENSINGER, Benjamin Edward, president of Sherman St., Chicago. 

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.; b. Louisville, Ky., BENT, Edward T., coal. (See vol. 1911.) 

Jan. 4, 1868; s. Moses and Eleanor (Brunswick) BENT Qeoree Henrv manae-er retail denartment 

Bensinger; ed. Moseley (pub.) Sch., South Division Geow P Beif* Co ?' Chicleo Oct 11 im- s 

High Sch.. and Bryant and Stratton Business Coll.; George Payne and Clara A <W?neateS Bent- DTPD' 

m. Chicago, Jan. 20, 1896, Rose Frank; 2 sons: Rob- cMcasS Sfanual TrVinin* sflf- strident ^n?' 

ert Frank and Benjamin Edward, Jr. Was with the 2" Univ 1897 9 Univ of Chiclio'' 1898 1 1901? m" 

Brunswick-Balke : Collend e r Co 1885-8; sec Ben- G rtce "ctardn". df U Hinsd^le C lU^Feb'^'l'oe; 3 

singer Self Adding Cash Register Co., 1880-90 children : Deborah Fessenden, George Payne, 2d, 

which concern has since retired from business vireinia Rent Me-r rotaii rtont r"enrp- p Ront 

with Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. since 1890; no ianos since f 901 RenubHranOhfhs- fflr 

became 1st vice pres., 1903, and upon the death of P ' " 

ciatea jewisn tjnariues or unicago, ian. nepuo- office 1 214 S Wabash Av Chicago 

lican. Clubs: Hamilton, Standard, 111. Athletic, 

Lake Shore Country. Recreations: golf and motor- BENT, George Payne, piano and organ mfr.; b. 

ing. Home: Glencoe, 111. Office: 623 S. Wabash Av., Dundee, 111., June 16, 1854; s. Rev. George (Congl. 

Chicago. minister) and Mary P. (Payne) Bent; early edn. in 

BENSLEY, Robert Bussell, anatomist; b. Ham- P ub : t SC R, s ;_ O no a r'' ^ la ^? 9 iB?*SiLi?j? win' 

ntnn nor* v*M. 13 isfi7- "Rnhort Finnic! nnri m - a t Burr Oak, la., Apr. 26, 1876, Clara A. Win- 

CarSiiiS ^Vandeieuri Benslev- A B Univ of To sate; children: Clara Wingate (Mrs. E. G. Meikle), 

ronto 1889 MB 1892- mein Coll' Phvs and Surg George Henry, -Charity Mary, Muriel, Dorothy 

Toronto 1892- m rarriTl?a^Mav of Toronto Sent' Amelia, Charles Matchett, Barbara. Came to Chi- 

12 1892- 2 children Caroline Ala v Robert Daniel cago - 1870 ' worked for David C. Cook (now pub- 

As'st demon ato?of bioloev 1891 98 demons tra- "sher, of Elgin, 111., but then a Jobber of sewing 

for 189$ m !901 Unfv of Toronto- asst' oroT ana 8 " machines and sewing machine supplies); bought 

om%, 1 ! 9 9y-!? 1 a S Yo. 1V p rof., T l5otS, 1 p a rof: ^1907, !" M v Cook's business, 1878, conducted it until 

Univ. of Chicago. Editor Internationale Monats- iSJSf ^S?S-5 s _J. e f,!: n l r ^^' R to M W " nh-~ 

<jr>v.rift fiiy Anatnmio nnrt phvsinintHA 1 91 9 Mom anos and organs pres. Geo. P. Bent Co. Mem. Chi- 

Canadiar Inst BHtish Asfn Adv Sci Assn Am cago Assn - of Commerce. Independent in politics. 

Anatomists, Am. Soc. Naturalists, 'Soc/Experimen- ? W^iSrS.rtf^.'i 1 nm^^'iTi f w hi ^ g ' h I ? me: 

tal Biology, A.A.A.S., Sigma Xi, Alpha Kappa Kap- 5519 Hyde Park Boul - Office. 214 S. Wabash Av. 

pa. Club: Quadrangle. Home: 5447 Ellis Av. BENTLEY, Charles Edwin, dentist; b. Cincin- 

BENSON, Christian Ludwig-, wholesale fish; b nati . O., Feb. 21, 1859; s. Charles E. and Sarah 

Haderslev, Denmark, Apr. 22, 1856; s. J. and Anna i*5L a i so *V. . Bentle 7i, S rad - Cincinnati High Sch.; 

M. (Paulsen) Benson; ed. in Denmark; came to D.D.S., Chicago Coll. of Dental Surgery, 1887; m. 

U.S., 1870; m. Chatrine Lund, of Chicago, Aug., f B lo r en e Augusta Lewis, of Phila Pa., June 2, 

1879; 2 children: Alfred J., Anna (Mrs. Arthur 18 97- Engaged in practice of dentistry m Chicago 

Brownlee). Importer of Norwegian, Swedish and smce 1887; oral surgery Rush Med. Coll. Dispen- 

Holland products since 1876. Republican. Luther- sary, 1887-90; prof, oral surgery in Harvey Med. 

an. Park commr., North Shore Park Dist., 1900-4. goll.; sec. Provident Hosp. Ex-pres. odontographic 

Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). Recreation: traveling. Soc. of Chicago; vice pres Chicago Dental Soc.; 

Home: 5954 Winthrop Av. Office: 648 W. Randolph mem. Nat. Dental Soc., 111. State Dental Soc., non. 

Street mem. Wis. State Dental Soc. Unitarian; mem. All 

Souls' Ch. Mem. Anti-Crime Com.; pres. Equal Op- 

BENSON, Emanuel Oliver, M.D^b at Chicago pO rtunity League. Club: Chicago Dental Golf. Au- 
Mar. 11, 18,1; s. John and Amelia Week (Swenson) t hor of many contributions to dental lit., among 
Olson; grad North Div. High Sch., Chicago, 1891; tnem: obituary of Greene V. Black, M.D.; To What 
Al . A, 1 } 8 " 8 , an S C 9Ji7 Roc ,A S ^ and ' I1 ]- 18 ?, 5; M -D-. Extent Is the Dentist Justified in the Use of In- 
Rush Med Coll., Chicago 1900; post-grad, work, ternal Medication, 1890; A Cursory Survey of Some 
univs. of Vienna and Berlin, 1902, 03; m. Carrie Papers Presented to the Columbian Dental Con- 
Johnson, of Chicago, Oct. 28, 1905; S children: Mar- gress, 1893; The Application of Comparative Anat- 
garet Ruth John Emanuel, Edward Oliver. Prac- omy to Dentistry, 1894; Report of the Investiga- 
ticed at Chicago since Oct., 1903; asst. prof, pedi- tlon as t o What Governments in the Civilized 
atrics Coll. of Medicine Univ. of 111. since 1907; World Had Done for the Care of Children's Teeth, 
attending physician to children, Augustana and 190 o ; The Limitation of the Porcelain Inlay, 1902; 
Lake View hosps. Mem. A.M.A 111. State and Chi- The Porcelain Inlay, 1901; Review of Scientific 
cago med socs Lutheran. Mason, Odd Fellow; Dental Literature, 1908; Patents vs. Ethics, 1908; 
m ^ m i *,? de '; n Woodmen of America, JO Vikings, some Points of Contact between the Medical and 
I.O. Svithiod. Club: Swedish. Home: 1472 Winona Dental Professions, 1910; Care of the Mouth 
Avenue. (book), 1911; Facts, Fads and Follies Concerning 

BENSON, Robert Lee, real estate and invest- Pyorrhea, 1915; etc. Recreation: golf. Home: 529 

ments; b. Louisville, Ky., Aug. 27, 1863; s. Joseph E. 41st St. Office: 25 E. Washington St. 

Wesley and Cora Caroline (Peters) Benson; ed BENTIEY, Cnarles B., commission mcht.; b. at 

pub. schs Chicago; m. Virginia S. Brannon of Schoharie, NY., June 23, 1839; s. Edward Edwin 

Louisville, Ky June 18, 1902. Began in real estate and Nanc v Maria (Galluol Bentlev: ed. Charlotte- 

ing Powder Assn. Pres.~Bd."c6mihrs.rRive"r Foret ^'Jf war "successively as'priv^t'e/'sergt.'.'Tst H 

fo^ 14 Si St ' r- ( i 5 r yr ' ter . m '' ^m. Cook Co. Real Es- cap t., an d was mustered out at its' close, 'l865, as 

tate Bd., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Mem. Ref. i n sp.-gen. of the cav. brigade at Memphis, Tenn. 

Sfn? a ^ h ' C hu ?l Cn i eago 41^^ Assn. Rec- Holds rank of col. of 4th la. and brig.-gen. 2d 

reation. automobiling Home: 121 Gale Av River Brigade la. N.G.; commanded nat. mil. encamp- 

Forest, 111. Office: 1014 People Gas Bldg., Chicago. men ts, composed of regular army detriments and 

BENT, Charles Howard, printer; b. Chicago, Dec. of nat. guard companies, North and South, held at 

21, 1884; s. Charles A. and Cora H. (Stone) Bent; Nashville, Tenn., 1882, at Dubuque, la., 1884, and 

M.E., Univ. of 111., 1907; m. Imo E. Baker, of Cham- at Mobile, Ala., 1885. After war, settled in la.; 

paign, 111., Sept. 21, 1909; 2 children: Marion Lou- came to Chicago in 1885, and since been engaged in 

ise, Willard Osborn. Besan with George P. Bent the grain commn. business. Mem. Chicago Bd. of 

Co., mfr. pianos, 1907; was elected mem. bd. dirs., Trade. Trustee Village of LaGrange, 1908-10. Was 

sec., 1913, treas., 1915-16, same company; organ- chief marshal of the Memorial Day parades at Chi- 

Ized Kuhl & Bent Co., form letters, Job printing, cago, 1901, 4, 10 and 15, and of the Dewey parade 

etc., 1916, and since treas. same. Mem. Chicago in 1900; commanded the first div. at the dedication 

Assn. Commerce. Republican. Congregationalism of the laying of the corner stone of the Federal 



Bldg., Oct. 9, 1899. Elected comdr. Dept. of 111., 
G.A.R., June 8, 1917. Mem. Loyal Lesion (comdr. 
111. Commandery, 1915-16), Hiram McClintock Post 
G.A.R. (ex-comdr.). Presbyterian. Clubs: Subur- 

s a ?th f A v a( r ra rf e ' LaG n aI Jfm Col }!Jn r y om ?> : 211 
t ' S ' Ce: 14 W ' Van Buren 

EENTIEY, Cyrus, lawyer; b Chicago Sept 5 
1861; s. Cyrus and Anna (Riley) Bentley A'B' 
Yale Univ., 1882; LL.B., Union Coll of Law (North- 
western Univ.), 1884; m. Chicago, Jan 8 1889 
Elizabeth King; children: Margaret, Richard. In 
practice in Chicago since May 1883; mem Bentley 
Burling & Kumler. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn. Clubs: University, Chicago (Chicago) 
University (New York). Home: 1505 Astor St Of- 
fice: 203 S. Dearborn St. 

n BEKTI.EY, Prank Ta^art, traffic mgr. 111. Steel 
Co.; b. Charlestown, Ind., May 2 1864; s Francis 
W. and Catherine (Taylor) Bentley ed Charles- 
town (Ind.) pub. schs., Charlestown Acad (pvt ) 
Davenport (la.) Business Coll- m Chautauqua 
Lake, N.Y., Aug. 11, 1889, Catherine' L Brownell 
After several years spent in roughing it in the 
West, entered accounting- dept. of Monon Route 
Feb., 1885; changed to operating dept C &N -w' 
Ry., July, 1886, and to traffic dept. of'c.GW.Ryi 
Apr., 1889; local freight agent of same Chicago' 
1892-3; gen. freight agent Consolidated Steel & 
Wire Co., June, 1894; for Am Steel & Wire Co 
from its formation until Mar.. 1899; since then 
traffic mgr. of the 111. Steel Co., Ind. Steel Co , Min- 
nesota Steel Co., and western traffic mgr Univer- 
sal Portland Cement Co. Mem. Chicago Assn. Com- 
merce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Nat. Industrial Traffic 
League (exec, com., chmn. membership com.). 

.jin me! ,. ^jiuuc*. ^iiicago Athletic Assn., Union 
League, Exmoor Country; Traffic (Chicago and 
New York). Recreations: golf, fishing, yachting. 
Residence: The Lessing. Office: 208 S. LaSalle St. 

BENTLEY, Frederic William, lawyer; b. Edger- 
ton, Wis., July 22, 1860; s. William Perry and Har- 
?, ie , t , Lou l se (Burdick) Bentley; B.S., Milton (Wis.) 
Coll., 1880, A.M., 1890; LL.B., Univ. of Wis 1883- 
m. Josephine Cody, of Cleveland, O., Dec. 27, 1893- 
2 sons: Paul Cody and Alden Robinson. Admitted 
\9 bar ',i!| 3 , : * r ' al a "y- A..T.&S.F. Ry. Co., Wichita, 
Kan., 1883-1900; asso. in practice with J. D. Hous- 
^"'iy^JU^v, 1883 - 90 ; was sen. atty. and receiver 
r r f W '^ W - - Ry # 1894 - 8 ' a y- f r "at banks in 

- - , - JT-,--' ne to Chicago, 1900; asso. with 
l?r, Irv , ln f Osborne, 1900-4, with Hon. Russell M. 
Wing, 1905-11; mem. Coburn & Bentley since 1911 
Lecturer on trial evidence, 111. Coll. of Law. Dem- 
ocrat. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Lawyers' Assn 
Baptist. Mason (32). Club: 111. Athletic. Recrea- 
tions: swimming, working with tools, literature. 
Home: 4inO Kenwood Av. Office: 106 N. LaSalle St. 
EENTLEY, Wllber Gorton, lawyer and under- 

**,! b ' Wa ^ r !:9 wn A N - Y - Dec - 13 - 1835 ' s - Gorton 
;d. common sch. and 


^.ena Tl7 i;, RKA i i'-', -,. 

dr'en- Alkrshn r fLriU'^ff A 'A? alle ; c t 1 ? 1 '" 
Gardiner wfl am T Taa Zrt f?' llc \? e ? ey 
O V ' Emerv l^rvpd x ranf m ,V ?^t ' o^t 
N Y \^ m c/v'frnm Ort 1 J ?Sfii m " i C ' 5*5 
t White H^?T^i.rtf^ v T ' se oT r ? I Z, wound , ed 
fn-in loss of ?Pf^fJl-^f,',=T ' ^ Une t 21 f 1864 '- re ?, u1 '- 
1S64- "artmittlrt m - ' ce Oct " 

to Des AT n P s 

= n, * i 
York 18" 8\ l P n n 


, tt j-a nd 

InS ' ' Of New 

an (Chicago), master in chancery 

s. Court, 1893-1910; gen. practice since 1910 
Mem. Loyal Legion, Western Soc. of Army of Poto- 
mac. Baptist. Recreations: lecturing and writing 
? n , p ,?, triotic sheets. Home: 83 E. Elm St. Office: 
127 N. Dearborn St. 

BENTON, Alphonso Loomis, clergyman; de- 
ceased. (See vol. 1911.) 

BERA1TEK, Emanuel. broker. Mem. firm of Bab- 
cock, Rushton & Co.; also vice pres. and dir. Am. 
State Bank. Home: 1646 N. Richmond St. Office: 
G, The Rookery. 

EEBEZWIAK, leon A., lawyer; b. Starokonstan- 
tlnov . Russia, Mar. 15, 1873; s. Abraham and Sarah 
(Katz) Berezniak; grad. grammar sch., 1884; grad. 
gymnasium, Odessa, 1889; A.B., Univ. of St. Pe- 
tersburg, 1893; LL.B., Univ. of 111. Law Sch., 1902; 
m - Marie Davis, of Chicago, Aug. 15, 1897; 2 chil- 
dren: Dorothy, Abner Herbert. Came to U.S., 1893; 
newspaper reporter, 1893-8, also writer of short 
stories and translator; admitted to 111. bar, 1902; 
Pres. Layor Amusement Co., Midland Credit Ad- 
justment Co., Regal Producing Co. Democrat. Mem. 
O d<J Fellows, Royal Arcanum, Knights of Macca- 
bees. Recreation: short story writing. Home: 441- 

* 1 *" PL fflCe: 1347 - 1349 Flrst Nat ' Bank 

BEBG, John Josef Albert, inventor; b. Randers, 
Denmark, Sept. 9, 1865; s. Adolph F. and Frederika 
(B-alsmith) Berg; ed. in schs. of Denmark; m. Mary 
Soederg, of Denmark, Sept. 9, 1890; 2 children: 
William, Stanley. Learned machinist's trade in the 
olc3 country; came to Chicago, 1890; began manu- 
facture of metal specialties, as John J. A. Berg, 
1892; title changed, 1904, to Metal Specialties Co., 
^ which is treas. and dir., the company manufac- 
luring his inventions, largely automobile accesso- 
Ties. Served in the army in Denmark. Lutheran. 
Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Chicago Motor, Co- 
lumbia Yacht. Recreations: hunting, fishing, mo- 
toring. Home: 5439 Iowa St. Office: 338 N. Kedzie 

BEBG, Morris Henry, Jeweler; Feb. 2, 1853-Dec. 
25, 1915 (See vol 1911 ) 

jjjj.cvi.T.ui.. jjjun.jj, Gustave S., civil engr., contrac- 
tor; b. in Norway, Feb. 24, 1870; s. Johan C. and 
Sophie (Schiestad) Bergendahl; ed. in Norway; m. 
Kristiane Gulbrandsen, of Christiania, Norway, 
June 11, 1892; children: Augusta (Mrs. Herbert 
Firth), Dagney, Ruth, Gustave S., Jr. Came to U.S. 
in 1887; lived in St. Louis for 9 yrs.; was connected 
with the Am. Bridge Co., first as draughtsman, 
then as engr., until 1906; in contracting business 
since 1907, both in St. Louis and Chicago; settled 
in Chicago, 1912; now pres. Bergendahl-Knight Co., 
engrs. and contractors. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., West- 
ern Soc. Engrs., Chicago Engineers' Club. Baptist. 
Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Templar, Ravens- 
wood. Recreations: club life, fishing. Home: 1253 
Norwood St. Office: 111 W. Monroe St. 

EEBGEB, Henry A., lawyer; b. Chicago; s. of 
David and Sarah (Anis) Berger; ed. grammar schs. 
and Northwest Diy. High Sch., Chicago; Lewis 
Inst. ; univ. extension course; Chicago-Kent Coll. 
of Law; m. Dorothy Cole, of Chicago. Apr. 15, 
1913; 2 children: Marie, Marjorie. Admitted to 111. 
bar, 1901, and since practiced at Chicago; asst. 
corpn. counsel, 1911-12; asst. state's atty. since 
Dec. 3, 1912. Democrat. Mason, Knight of Pythias. 
Home: 5233 Michigan Av. Office: Criminal Court 

BEBGEBON, Joseph Z., M.D., surgeon; b. Kanka- 
kee, 111., Aug. 16, 1864; s. Antoine and Luce (Bosse) 
Bergeron; ed. St. Viateur's Coll.; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., 1889; m. Genevieve Ferguson, of Chicago, 
May 20, 1889; 2 children: Marguerite, Arthur J. 
Practiced in Chicago since 1889; now attending 
laryngologist, St. Joseph's Hosp. Mem. A.M. A., 111. 
State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Am. Acad. Oph- 
thalmology and Oto-Laryngology, Chicago Laryn- 
gol. Soc. Catholic. Clubs: University, 111. Athletic. 
Author of Vincent's Angina (111. Med. Jour.), 1915; 
Pillar Compression Forceps (Jour. A.M. A.), 1916; 
Relationship of Apparently Healthy Tonsils to 
Rheumatic Infection (Chicago Med. Recorder), 

T, Nils, M.D. ; b. Venersborg, Sweden, 
Apr. 11 1862; s. Gustaf Thiodolf Svante and Ida 
(Mankell) Bergman; B.A., Coll. of Venersborg, 
Sweden, 1882; student tech. and preliminary med. 
schs., Gothenburg, 1883, 4, 5; came to U.S., 1886; 
M.D., Chicago Homoe. Med. Coll., 1892; studied 
abroad, 1893; m. at Florence, Italy, Tekla Elizabeth 
Birchman, of Jonkoping, Sweden, Nov. 11, 1893; 2 


children: Norna Mankell, Eric Mankell. Interne 
and asst. physician and surgeon, Lincoln Park 
Sanitarium, Chicago, 1890-3; practiced in Central 
111., 1894-1904; removed to Chicago, 1904; prof, the- 
ory and practice of medicine, Hering Homce. Med. 
Coll., 1904-8. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, 111. 
Horace. Med. Assn., Chicago Homoe. Soc., Alpha 
Sigma. Republican. Mem. Ch. of New Jerusalem. 
Mason. Home: 4872 Winthrop Av. 

BERKSON, Maurice, lawyer; b. Rock Island, 111., 
Jan. 16, 1880; s. Simon and Hannah (Sternbers) 
Berkson; ed. pub. schs. of Rock Island; high sen., 
Lincoln, Neb.; Chicago Coll. of Law (Lake Forest 
Univ.); m. Maude May Gelder, of Chicago, July 28, 
1907; 1 daughter, Ethel May. Practiced as mem. 
firm of Fishell & Berkson, 1903-6, Sonnenschein, 
Blumenthal & Berkson, 1906-9, Sonnenschein, Berk- 
son & Fishell, since Apr. 1, 1909. Mem. 111. State 
and Chicago bar assns. Democrat. Mason; mem. 
B'nai B'rith. Recreation: fishing. Home: Winnet- 
ka, 111. Office: 934, 30 N. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BERLIN, Robert Carl, architect; b. Granville, 
Putnam Co., III., Feb. 11, 1853; s. Augustus and 
Helene (Brennemann) Berlin; ed. pub. schs., Gran- 
ville; grad., receiving diploma as architect, from 
Eidgenoessisches Polytechnikum, Zurich, Switzer- 
land, 1877; m. Agnes Augusta Dodge, of Chicago, 
May 10, 1883; children: Lillian Agnes (Mrs. Roy S. 
Bartlett), Marie Valentine, Harold Robert. In prac- 
tice of architecture in Chicago since 1877. Fellow 
Am. Inst. Architects and mem. 111. Chapter same; 
mem. 111. Soc. of Architects. Republican. Club: 
University. Home: 4500 N. Ashland Av., Ravens- 
wood. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BERMIN&HAM, Thomas C., paper mcht. ; May 
21, 1850-1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

BERN3TEIN, Pred, lawyer; b. Chicago, Jan. 18, 
1882; s. H. H. and Bertha Bernstein; ed. Englewood 
High Sch.; Univ. of Mich., 1900-2; LL.B., John 
Marshall Law Sch., Chicago, 1906; m. Lillie Green- 
berg, of Chicago, May 30, 1909; 3 children. Admit- 
ted to 111. bar, 1906, and since in practice at Chi- 
cago; now sr. mem. Fred & Aleck L. Bernstein; 
dir. United State Bank. Clubs: Iroquois, Covenant, 
South Side Jewish Men's Club. Home: 6136 Eber- 
hart Av. Office: 139 N. Clark St. 

BESRIMAN, Edward Charles, cigar mfr. ; b. Os- 
wego, N.Y., Mar. 28, 1864; s. George W. and Eliza- 
beth (Stroud) Berriman; ed. pub. schs. of N.Y. 
State; m. Chicago, 1892, Mary R. Wood; 2 children: 
Katherane M., Edward W. Since 1881 has been ac- 
tively engaged in the cigar-making business at 
Chicago, and now of the firm of Berriman Bros., 
operating Factory No. 83 at Tampa, Fla., and hav- 
ing offices in New York and Chicago. Mason. Clubs: 
Edgewater Golf, Chicago Athletic, Columbia Yacht. 
Recreations: yachting, golf. Home: 435 Diversey 
Parkway. Office: 1044 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 
BEBBY, see also Barry. 

BEBBY, John Bennington, engineer. Was chief 
engr. U.P.R.R., 1898-1905; chief engr., 1905-13, asst. 
to the pres., 1913-14, C.,R.I.&P.Ry. ; was also super- 
vising engr. St. Louis & San Francisco Ry. (Frisco 
System), 1911-12; sr. mem. firm of Berry & Rob- 
erts, consulting engrs., Chicago, since 1914. Mem. 
Am. Soc. C.E. Club: Engineers'. Home: 109 N. 
Kenil worth Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 608 S. Dear- 
born St., Chicago. 

BEBBY, Joseph John, president Meeker Sugar 
Refining Co.; b. on farm nr. St. Louis, Mo., May 23, 
1862; s. Jacob and Frances (Frauel) Berry; ed. 
common schs. and Christian Brothers' Coll., St. 
Louis; m. Julia M. Maybrun, of Galena, 111., May 
18, 1886; children: Harry J., Loretta, Eleanor. 
Began as dealer in groceries and feed, St. Louis, 
June, 1883; sold it out, 1889, came to Chicago, and 
entered the business conducted by the Berry-May- 
brun Co., name changed, 1910, to Oelerich & Berry 
Co., molasses, sugar, etc., of which was pres.; now 
pres. Meeker Sugar Refining Co. Home: 521 Ridge 
Av., Evanston, 111. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg., 

BEBBYHILL, Charles A., contractor; b. Kansas 
City, Mo., Mar. 27, 1880; s. William R. and Mary A. 
(Ryan) Berryhill; ed. Christian Bros. Coll., Kansas 
City; m. Anna Marie Flynn, of Kansas City, May 
20, 1913; 2 children: Mary Louise, Charline Anna. 

In employ of Emery, Bird, Thayer Dry Goods Co., 
Kansas City, May 1, 1891-Jan. 1, 1907; then with 
Am. Cement Plaster Co., May 1, 1911-Jan. 1, 1914; 
gen. mgr. Am. Fireproofing Co., Chicago, since Jan. 
1, 1914. Republican. Catholic. Recreation: bowl- 
ing. Home: 1218 Lunt Av. Office: 111 W. Washing- 
ton St. 

BEBEYMAN, John Bronclg-eest, 1st vice pres. 
Crane Co.; ed. pvt. schs.; m.; 2 children: Paul, 
Ruth. Became connected with the Crane Co., 1892, 
and has held various official positions, 1st vice 
pres. since 1914; sec. Crane & Ordway Co., St. Paul, 
Minn. Republican. Clubs: City, Chicago Yacht, 
Hinsdale Golf. Recreations: golf, motoring, yacht- 
ing. Home: Downers Grove, 111. Office: 846 b. 
Michigan Av., Chicago. 

BEBSBACK, Alfred, engraver; b. Chicago, Nov. 
5, 1856; s. John and Magdaline (Zanner) Bersbach; 
ed Chicago pub. schs.; m. Dec. 25, 1878, Helena 
Malcolm; children: Lillian C. C. (Mrs. D .F. Ander- 
son), Amy A. F. (Mrs. S. S. Porter), Frank John. 
Began with the engraving house of J. Manz & Co. 
as boy 1872, was admitted to partnership, 1880, 
and upon incorpn. of the business, 1890, to J. Manz 
Engraving Co., became sec. and treas. and is now 
treas. and gen. mgr. Mason (33, K.T., Shriner). 
Club: Chicago Athletic. Recreations: music, mo- 
toring. Home: 1120 Michigan Av., Wilmette, 111. 
Office: 4015 Ravenswood Av., Chicago. 

BERSBACH, Emil, 2d vice pres. Tablet & Ticket 
Co b Chicago Nov. 2, 1861; s. John and Magda- 
line (Zernitz) Bersbach; ed. pub. sens., Chicago; 
m. Nora Jeannette Abbott, of Chicago, Oct. 6, 1889; 
1 son, Emil. Held different positions m various 
lines of activity, 1872-86; with the Tablet & Ticket 
Co since 1886; mgr. of the company's branch at 
New York, 1889-99; became sec., 1899, and now 2d 
vice pres. of the company and located at Chicago. 
Republican. Club: 111. Athletic (life). Home: 1504 
Cullom Av. Office: 624 W. Adams St. 

BEETLING. Adolphus Edmund, M.D., surgeon; 
b Northeim, Germany, Jan. 28, 1865; s. August and 
Henrike (Bohne) Bertling; ed. gymnasium at Nort- 
heim until coming to America, 1884; A B North- 
western Univ., Watertown, Wis., 1887; M.D., Rush 
Med. Coll., 1895; m. Alma Dengler, of Chicago, July 
7 1909; 2 children: Adeline and Lolita. In practice 
at Chicago since 1895; asso. prof, surgery, Chicago 
Clin Sch since 1897; asso. prof, genito-urmary dis- 
eases Chicago Coll. Medicine and Surgery, since 
1906?' mem staff West Side How.: mem. staff 
Frances Willard Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State 
Med Soc. Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Urol. Soc., 
German Med. Soc of Chicago. Republican. Luther- 
an Club: Illinois. Recreations: motormg, golf. 
Home: Highland Park, 111. Office: 25 E. Washing- 
ton St., Chicago. 

BESLEY, Frederick Atwood, M.D.; b. Waukegan, 
111 , Apr. 19, 1868; s. William and Sylvia (Jocelyn) 
Besley; ed. pub. and high schs. of \\aukegan, Chi- 
calo Manual Training Sch.; M.D., Northwestern 
Univ. Med. Sch., 1894; m. Mrs. Myra E. Busey, of 
Chicago, Oct. 6, 1910. Practiced in Chicago since 
1894;isso. prof, surgery, Northwestern Univ. Med. 
Sch.; attending surgeon Cook Co., Woman s, \Ves- 
ley and Chicago Charity hosps. Mem. A.M.A., Chi- 
cago Surg. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Midlothian. Maj. Med. Corps, U.S.A., and in 
active service in France, 1917. Home: 4515 Green- 
wood Av. Office: 104 S. Michigan Av. 

BEST, A(lbert) Starr, merchant; b Buffalo, N.Y., 
Apr 25 1871; s. Albert and Estelle (Starr) Best 
ed. pub. schs., N.Y. City; m. Marjorie Ay res of 
New York, Apr. 18. 1897; 4 children: Marshall 
Avres Albert Leonard, Marjorie Starr and Louise 
Estella. Began as clerk in father's clothing store, 
New York, 1888; came to Chicago, 1901, and estab- 
lished A. Starr Best, Inc., infants', children s and 
young men's outfitters, of which has since been 
pres. and treas. Was mem. 7th Regt N.G.IvY. 10 
vrs. Republican. Congregationahst. Clubs: Evans- 
ton Westmoreland Country, Union League. Rec- 
reations: golf, bowling, billiards, fishing. Home: 
2911 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111. Office: 1 N. Wa- 
bash Av., Chicago. 

BEST, Cyrus Williams, manager C. W. Best Art- 
is "series; b. Mendota, 111., Apr. 22, 1865; s. J. E. 



and Hannah M. (Cook) Best; grad. Oberlin (O.) 
Conservatory of Music, 1890, Mus.B., 1906; also 
studied Leipzig, Germany, 1890-3; m. Frances Mc- 
Cracken, of Paxton, 111., June 20, 1900. Dir. Con- 
servatory of Music, Waynesburg, Pa., 1902-9; mgr. 
C. W. Best Artists' Series since 1911. Republican. 
Congregationalism Home: 5631 Kenwood Av. 

BEST, William, cigar mfr. ; b. Canterbury, Eng., 
Aug. 29, 1841; s. William and Mary Ann (White- 
head) Best; family came to U.S., 1852; ed. Canter- 
bury and Chicago pub. sens. ; m. Aug. 1, 1865, 
Louise C., d. Isaac B. Sterling, of Chicago; chil- 
dren: William, Florence G. (Mrs. Walter G. War- 
ren), Grace L. (died aged 13). First employment 
on leaving sch. in 1857 was as omce boy in whole- 
sale tobacco house of John C. Partridge & Co., in 
which, after a few years, he became partner; on 
death of Mr. Partridge, 1876, became head of the 
house and organized the flrm of Best, Russell & 
Co., wholesale tobacconists and cigar mfrs. ; flrm 
incorporated, 1891, as Best & Russell Co., of which 
became pres. South Town collector, 1883; South 
Park commr., 1885-1911 (pres. of bd., 1887-91, audi- 
tor of bd., 1905-11), thus making 25 yrs. of service, 
the longest continuous period ever served by a 
commr. in the City of Chicago; also served as a 
mem. Special Park Commn. Mem. Chicago Assn. 
Commerce. Mason (32, K.T.). Mem. Sixth Pres- 
byterian Ch. Clubs: Mid-Day, South Shore Country, 
Iroquois, 111. Athletic. Recreation: motoring. Home: 
4620 Ellis Av. Office: 535 S. Wabash Av. 

BEST, William, Jr., cigar mfr.; b. Chicago, May 
13, 1873; s. William and Louise Caroline (Sterling) 
Best; ed. Chicago Manual Training Sch.; m. Junia 
Verne Swing, of Mason City, 111., June 19, 1896 
(died 1909); 1 daughter, Vernie Elizabeth; m. 2d, 
Verne Mildred Halbert, of Chicago, Apr. 14, 1911. 
Identified with Best & Russell Co., mfrs. and deal- 
ers in tobacco and cigars, since 1893; became vice 
pres., 1904, and when company merged into The 
General Cigar Co., Inc., New York, was elected 
vice pres. of latter. Democrat. Clubs: South Shore 
Country, Midlothian Country, Calumet Country. 
Recreation: golf. Home: 5429 Cornell Av. Office: 
535 S. Wabash Av. 

BESTOB, Arthur Eugene, president 
Instn.; b. Dixon, 111., May 19, 1879; s. Orson Porter 
and Laura Ellen (Moore) Bestor; A.B., Univ. of 
Chicago, 1901; m. Jeanette Louise Lemon, of Bed- 
ford, Ind., Mar. 24, 1905. Prof, history and polit. 
science, Franklin Coll., Ind., 1901-3; lecturer on 
polit. science, Extension Div., Univ. of Chicago, 
1904-1912; asst. gen. dir., 1905-7, dir. 1907-15, pres. 
since 1915, Chautauqua Instn. Mem. Am. Hist. 
Assn., Am. Polit. Science Assn., Delta Upsilon, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Clubs: City, Quadrangle. Home: 5737 
Kimbark Av., Chicago; (summer) Chautauqua, N. 
Y. Offices: Peoples Gas Bldg., Chicago, and Chau- 
tauqua, N.Y. 

BETSCHE, Charles William. (See vol. 1911.) 

BETTS, Louis, artist; b. Little Rock, Ark., Oct. 5, 
1873; s. Edward Daniel Belts; ed. St. Louis, Mus- 
kegon (Mich.), N.Y. City, Davenport (la.) and Oak- 
land (Cal.); m. Giovanni M. Kurzenknabe, of Chi- 
cago, July 7, 1899. Began portrait painting as child 
of 7 yrs.; represented by portraits of Luther Laflin 
Mills and Charles Eugene Banks, in Chicago Press 
Club; portrait of Prof. G. W. Hough, in Dearborn 
Obs., Evanston, 111.; portrait of Franklin W. Tracy, 
Springfield, 111.; "Apple Blossoms," in Art Inst., 
Chicago; etc. Address: 334 S. Michigan Av. 

BETTS, William Hamilton, casualty ins.; b. Fort 
Gratiot, Mich., Feb. 19, 1875; s. John and Margaret 
(Hamilton) Betts; ed. pub. schs., London, Ont., 
Can.; m. Margaret Boylan, of Detroit, Mich., June 
26, 1901. Asst. auditor Union Station & Terminal 
Assn., Detroit, 1893-8; agency dept, Continental 
Casualty Co., 1898-1903; resident mgr., same com- 
pany, at San Francisco, 1903-6, sec. since May 1, 
1906. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: 
111. Athletic, South Shore Country, Olympia Fields. 
Recreations: golf, hunting. Home: 5119 Kimbark 
Av. Office: 910 S. Michigan Av. 

BETZ, Hugo Edward, M.D. ; b. at Davenport, la., 
Dec. 15, 1861; s. Philip and Mary (Banrose) Betz; 
M.D., Bennett Med. Coll., Chicago, 1896; m. Augusta 
Enderle, of Chicago, Sept. 6, 1887. Practiced at 

Chicago since 1896; supt. Iroquois Memorial Hosp. 
Mem. A. M. A.; trustee Chicago Med. Soc. ; pres. 
Alumni Assn. Bennett Med. Coll. Republican. 
Lutheran. Home: 5500 S. Halsted St. 

BETZ, Matliew J., wholesale millinery; b. Chi- 
cago, Mar. 19, 1874; s. Peter and Mary (Thorn) 
Betz; ed. pub. and pvt. schs., Chicago; m. Margaret 
Kelling, of Chicago, June 16, 1897; children: Cath- 
erine, Helen, Margaret, Mathew, Jr. Has been 
connected since 1887 with D. B. Fisk & Co., mfrs. 
and importers of millinery, Chicago, New York, 
Cleveland, St. Louis and Atlanta; European buyer 
for the company 13 yrs., vice pres. since 1909. 
Clubs: Evanston, Birchwood Country. Recreations: 
motoring, golf. Home: 1319 Chase Av. Office: 225 
X. Wabash Av. 

BETZ, Theodore Herman, Chicago mgr. Frank S. 
Betz Co.; b. Eau Claire, Wis., Mar. 21, 1887; s. of 
Charles F. and Wilhelmina (Ronneberger) Betz; 
ed. pub. schs. and Allen's Business Coll., Eau 
Claire; m. Elizabeth Heath, of Chicago, Jan. 10, 
1916. Began in employ of Frank S. Betz Co., sur- 
gical and hosp. supplies, Hammond, Ind., 1905; 
mgr. Chicago office of the company since Oct. 20, 
1915. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason (K.T., 
Shriner). Clubs: Hammond, Hammond Country. 
Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 5924 Magnolia 
Av. Office: 30 E. Randolph St. 

BE VAN, Arthur Dean, M.D., surgeon; b. Chicago, 
Aug. 6, 1861; s. Thomas and Sarah (Ramsey) Be- 
van; ed. Sheffield Scientific Sch. (Yale), 1878-9; 
M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1883; m. Anna L. 
Barber, of Akron, O., Feb., 1896. U.S. Marine Hosp. 
Service, 1883-7; prof, anatomy. Ore. State Univ., 
1886-7; prof, anatomy, 1887-9; asso. prof, surgery, 
1899-1902, prof, surgery since 1902, Rush Med. 
Coll.; professorial lecturer on surgery, Univ. of 
Chicago, since 1901; surgeon Presbyterian Hosp. 
(ex-pres.); 1st It. Med. Reserve Corps, U.S.A., since 
1908. Fellow Am. Surg. Assn.; mem. A.M.A., Chi- 
cago Med. Soc. (pres., 1898-9), etc. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Glen View, Onwentsia. Home: 2917 Michigan 
Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av. 

BEVINGTON, Edwin Leslie, railway official; b. 
New Lenox, 111., Feb. 22, 1866; s. of William and 
Theresa (Clemens) Bevington; ed. pub. schs., by 
private instrn. and at commercial coll.; m. Etta 
Barrow, of Chicago, Aug. 2, 1896. Began ry. serv- 
ice as bill elk., C.&N.W.Ry. ; entered passenger dept. 
C.&A. R.R., 1882, continuing in various capacities 
18 yrs.; gen. mgr. Denver, Boulder & Northern R.R., 
Denver, 1900-1; became sec. Trans-Continental 
Pass. Assn., Chicago, 1901, and is now chmn. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mason 132. Shriner). 
Residence: The Plaza. Office: 608 S. Dearborn St. 

BICKETT, Cornelius A., coal miner and shipper; 
b. Cincinnati, O., Mar. 15, 1864; s. John and Mary 
(Deighan) Bickett; ed. at Cincinnati; m. Frances 
Ball, Apr. 16, 1895. Came to Chicago, 1892; pres. 
Bickett Coal & Coke Co. since 1905; pres. Chicago 
Sandoval Coal Co., Chicago Bearing Metal Co.; vice 
pres. Franklin Coal & Coke Co., Hygienic Ice Co.; 
dir. Fort Dearborn Nat. Bank. Clubs: Union League, 
South Shore Country, Chicago ^.utomobile, Olym- 
pia Fields Country. Home: 7027 Euclid Av. Office: 
507, S32 S. Michigan Av. 

BXDDXiE. William Baxter, railway official. Re- 
moved to St. Louis. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BEDWXLIi, Joseph. E., contractor; b. at Chicago, 
Feb. 21, 1857; s. Richard and Mary (English) Bid- 
will: ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m.Mary A. O'Sullivan, 
of Chicago, Sept. 14, 1S82; children: Joseph E. 
(clerk of Circuit Court), denevieve, Loretto, Earl, 
Charles, Richard, Arthur. Entered grain business, 
1878, in which year was appointed mem. State 
Grain Inspection; promoted from position of helper 
through intervening duties until became 1st asst.; 
mem. Chicago Council, 1889-97, resigning to be- 
come railroad and warehouse commr. of 111. under 
appointment of Gov. John R. Tanner, 1897-1901: 
chief grain inspector of 111., under appointment of 
Gov. Richard Yates, 1901-4, being the only person 
who has ever served from lowest to highest posi- 
tions in that service. Pres. and treas. The Pacific 
Co., paving contractors; pres. Am. Engring. & Con- 
strn. Co. Mem. Chicago Central Com. 12 yrs.; mem. 



Cook Co. republican Com.; del. to Rep. Nat. Conv., 
1896. Catholic. Home: 5S23 Washington Sou . 
Office: 504, 155 X. Clark St. 

BIEDENWEG, William C., stained glass. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BIEDERMANN, Hans, musical educator; b. Neu- 
damm, Germany, Feb. 6, 1871; s. Johannes and Ida 
(Kapisohke) Biedermann; grad. high sch., also 
Royal Conservatory, Berlin, 1893; m. Camilla B. 
Hoetsch, of Chicago, Mar. 16, 1911. Came to Amer- 
ica, 1899; teacher of music, Chicago, 1899-1904; dir. 
Englewood Musical Coll., 1904-8; dir. Biedermann 
Sch. of Piano and Vocal Art, Auditorium Bldg., un- 
til 1916, now in Lyon & Healy Bldg-. Served in 
German Army, 1891-2. Musical dir. Chicago Teach- 
ers' Chorus, Schiller Liedertafl, Junger Maenner- 
chor, etc. Republican. Evangelical Lutheran. Ma- 
son, Odd Fellow. Home: 408 W. 61st St. Address: 
Lyon and Healy Bldg. 

EIEDER \VOLr, William Edward, evangelist. 
(See \\hos Who in America.) 

BIEKlM, Joseph Favi!, M.D., bacteriologist; b. at 
Chicago, Apr. 1, 1878; A.M., Northwestern Univ.. 
1898, M.D., 1901; student Post-Grad. Med. School, 
1901--. Instr. bacteriology and clinical pathology, 
Northwestern Univ. Med. School, Io99-1902; assc. 
prof, pathology. Post-Grad. Med. School, 1901-2; 
prof, bacteriology, sanitary sciences and pub. 
health, Dearborn Med. School, since 1903; supt. 
and bacteriologist, Municipal Laboratory, Chicago, 
1904-9; dir. scientific and research laboratories, 
Abbott Alkaloidal Co., 1909; bacteriologist to Mercy, 
Samaritan, Wesley hosps. and Post-Grad. Hosp. 
Training School; pathologist and bacteriologist, 
Dearborn Post-Graduate Medical School; prof, bac- 
teriology and special pathology, Am. Med. Coll. 
Home: 5444 Lakewood Av. 

EIERBOWER, Austin, lawyer, author; died Apr. 

12, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BIEED, William Q., railway official; b. Balti- 
more, Md., May 24, 1864; s. Obediah and Mary 
Bierd; ed. pub. and night schs. ; m. Maude, d. E. D. 
Chapman, of Fulton, 111., Feb. 25, 1891. Began rail- 
road work at 17 as bridge gang laborer, C.&N.-W. 
Ry. ; resigned after 5 yrs. ; overseer of construc- 
tion, C.,B.&Q.Ry.Co.; yardmaster U.P.R.R., Chey- 
enne, Wyo. ; trainmaster Norfolk & Western R.R., 
Roanoke, Va.; same Lehigh Valley rd., Buffalo, 
N.Y., until 1902; trainmaster and div. supt., C..R.I. 
&P.Ry., 1902-4; asst. to the gen. mgr., same rd., 
1904-5; gen. supt. and gen. mgr. Panama R.R. & 
Steamship Co., Colon, Panama, 1905-7; gen. supt., 
N.Y.,N.H.&H.R.R., 1907-9; vice pres. and gen. mgr., 
M.&St.L.R.R., 1910-14; pres., C.&A.R.R. since 1914. 
Clubs: Union League, Chicago Golf. Home: 2258 
Lincoln Park W. Office: 608 S. Dearborn St. 

EIEKINGER, William Augustus, M.D. (See vol. 

EIESENTHAL, Max, M.D. ; b. Milwaukee, Dec. 

13, 1882; s. Edward and Eva Biesenthal; M.D., Coll. 
Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.), Chicago, 1904; m. 
C. Bacharach, of Chicago, Dec. 20, 1911. Practiced 
at Chicago since 1904; attending phys. Cook Co. 
Hosp., same, Municipal Tuperculosis Commn. Mem. 
A.M.A.. 111. State and Chicago med. socs., Nat. 
Assn. Prevention of Tuberculosis. Hebrew. Home: 
6045 South Park Av. Office: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

EIGELOW, Edward Alpheus; Aug. 18, 1849-Dec. 
18, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

EIGELOW, Harry Augustus, professor law; b. at 
Norwood, Mass., Sept. 22, 1874; s. Erwin A. and 
Amy (Fisher) Bigelow; A.B., Harvard, 1896, LL.B., 
1899; m. Mary Parker, of Georgetown, Colo., Apr. 
12, 1902. Instr. criminal law, Harvard Law Sch., 
1899-1900; engaged in practice of law in Honolulu, 
H.T., 1900-3; asst. prof, law, 1904-6, asso. prof., 
1906-9, prof, since July 1, 1909, Univ. of Chicago. 
Editor 3d edit. May's Criminal Law, 1905; writer 
of legal treatises and articles. Mem. 111. Bar Assn., 
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta, Order of the 
Coif. Democrat. Clubs: University, City, Quad- 
rangle, Legal. Home: 1225 E. 56th St. 

BIGELOW, Louis Herbert, wholesale paper; b. 
Cleveland, O., May 23, 1866; s. Louis Henry and 
Kate (Adams) Bigelow; grammar and high schs., 

Cleveland, O. ; m. Leila Emily Baird, of Cleveland; 
2 daughters: Ruth, Dorothy. Removed from Mich, 
to Chicago, 1888; in employ of wholesale paper 
house until became connected, Jan., 1904, with Ber- 
mingham & Seaman Co., mfrs. of paper, also whole- 
sale dealers, and is now sec. and dir. same. Mem. 
111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Mason 
(32). Recreations: motoring, fishing. Home: 4716 
Magnolia Av. Office: 208 S. LaSalle St. 

BIGELOW, Nelson P., lumber. Removed to Bige- 
low, Ark. (See vol. 1911.) 

BIGGER, Robert Rush, clergyman; b. New Con- 
cord, O., Apr. 27, 1867; s. James McClure and Nancy 
Agnes (Rush) Bigger; A.B., Muskingum Coll., 1891, 
A.M., 1894; studied Lake Forest Univ.; Ph.D. 
Franklin Coll., 1899; grad. McCormick Theol. Sem. 
1894; m. Anna Margaret Clark, of Cambridge, O. 
Aug. 12, 1891; children: Mary Arnette, Robert Reid 
Ordained Presbyn. ministry, 1893; pastor 3d Ch. 
Wheeling, W.Va., 1894-1903, 2d Ch., Massillon, O., 
1903-9, Westminster Ch., Cleveland, 1909-16, 6th 
Ch., Chicago, since Apr., 1916. Founder Presbyn. 
Brotherhood of America. Progressive Republican. 
Mason. Home: 3614 Lake Park Av. 

i, Ingram Ebenezer, clergyman; b. Hampton, 
N.B., Can., Nov. 23, 1872; s. Ingram Ebenezer and 
Eleanor (Pyke) Bill; A.B., Acadia Univ., Nova Sco- 
tia, 1893; student Newton Theol. Instn., 1893-4; 
B.D., Rochester (N.Y.) Theol. Sem., 1897; Div. Sch. 
of Univ. of Chicago, 1905-8; fellow in ch. history, 
Univ. of Chicago, 1907-8; m. Blanche Thomas, of 
London, Ont., May 5, 1897. Ordained Baptist min- 
istry, Sept. 19, 1894; pastor West Cleveland, O., 
1894-5, First Ch., Oberlin, O., 1897-1905; acting pas- 
tor Capitol Hill Ch., Denver, Colo., Mar.-Sept., 
1908; pastor North Shore Ch., Chicago, 1908-13, 
City Park Ch., Denver, 1913-16, Parkside Ch., Chi- 
cago, since Sept., 1916. Home: 1515 E. 69th PI. 

BILLINGS, Charles Lewis, lawyer; b. Highland, 
Wis.; s. Henry M. and Ann (Bray) Billings; ed. 
common schs., Iowa Co., Wis.; Normal Sch., Platte- 
ville, Wis.; spl. student Univ. of Wis., 1878-82; un- 
married. Chief clerk in office of atty. gen. of Wis., 
1882-3; settled in Chicago, 1883; wrote articles and 
notes upon legal subjects for law journals, 1883-4; 
asst. librarian Chicago Law Inst., 1885; atty. in 
credit dept. of J. V. Farwell & Co., 1886; practiced 
in Kansas City, Mo., 1887-90, Chicago since 1890; 
mem. Paddock, Wright & Billings, 1894-1901. 
Elected state senator 1st Senatorial Dist., Nov., 
1906; Rep. candidate for municipal judge, 1914. 
Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago bar assns., Chi- 
cago Law Inst. Clubs: Law, Chicago, University. 
Recreation: music. Home: 229 E. Huron St. Office: 
69 W. Washington St. 

BILLINGS, Frank, M.D.; b. Highland, Iowa Co., 
Wis., Apr. 2, 1854; s. Henry M. and Ann (Bray) 
Billings; M.D., Northwestern Univ., 1881, M.S., 
1890; interne Cook Co. (111.) Hosp., 1881-2; studied 
in Vienna, 1885-6; m. Dane Ford Brawley, of Wash- 
ington, D.C., May 26, 1887. Prof, medicine, North- 
western Univ., 1891-8; prof, medicine since 1898, 
dean of faculty since 1900, Rush Med. Coll. (Univ. 
of Chicago) ; professorial lecturer, 1901-5, prof, 
medicine, since 1905, Univ. of Chicago. First It. 
Med. Reserve Corps, U.S.A., since 1908; phys. to 
Presbyn. Hosp.; consulting physician to the Chil- 
dren's Memorial, St. Luke's, Michael Reese and 
Provident hosps. ; pres. 111. State Bd. Charities. 
Mem. A.M.A. (pres., 1902-4, treas., 1904-10), Assn. 
Am. Physicians (pres., 1905-6), 111. State Med. Soc., 
Chicago Med. Soc. (pres., 1890), Chicago Neurol. 
Soc., Nat. Assn. for Study and Prevention of Tu- 
berculosis (pres., 1907-8). Head of U.S. commn. on 
sanitation, medicine and food distribution in Rus- 
sia and sent there, July, 1917; mem. med. advisory 
com. Am. Red Cross. Clubs: Chicago, University, 
Chicago Athletic. Home: 242 E. Walton PI. Office: 
Peoples Gas Bldg. 

BILLINGSLEA, Edward L., resident partner firm 
of Rogers, Brown & Co., pig iron. Home: 4539 
Ellis Av. Office: 332 S. Michigan Av. 

BILLMAN, Joseph E., clergyman; b. Minneapo- 
lis, Minn., Feb. 6, 1890; s. J. L. Billman; prep. edn. 
Pillsbury Acad., Owatonna, Minn.; student Univ. of 
Minn.; Univ. of Chicago; m. Vera Sheldon, of Wa- 
terville, Minn., Sept. 15, 1914; 1 daughter, Eunice 



Ada. Pastor Galilee Bapt. Ch., Chicago, since Sept. 
15, 1914. Home: 2019 Wellington Av. 

BILLOW, Clayton Oscar, consulting engr.; b. at 
Shelby, O., June 14, 1860; s. David and Susan 
(Tressler) Billow; grad. Shelby (O.) High Sch., 
1879; m. Springfield, O., Nov. 24, 1887, Helen Park- 
er; children: Robert (died in infancy), Virginia. 
Operator in Shelby Woolen Mills, 1877-8, in sur- 
veying corps as transitman, 1879; in government 
employ, 1880; with James Leftel & Co., turbine 
wheels, Springfield, O., 1881; with Cincinnati, San- 
dusky & Cleveland Ry., 1882, St. John Sewing Ma- 
chine Co., 1883, Champion City Oil Co., 1884-8, and 
during that period, with E. E. Billow, carried on 
experiments with crude oil for fuel and made some 
of the earliest installations of apparatus for stor- 
ing, controlling and burning liquid fuels; gen. 
western mgr. Pasteur-Chamberlain Filter Co., at 
St. Louis, Mo., 1888-9; in 1890, with E. E. Billow, 
came to Chicago and organized Nat. Supply Co., of 
which is sec. Was asst. mech. engineer of the 
World's Columbian Expn., 1892-3, and designed, in- 
stalled and operated the fuel oil appliances con- 
nected with the. power plant (received two medals 
and three diplomas). Mem. Western Soc. Engrs., 
Ohio Soc. (sec., 1913-16; pres., 1916-17). Republic- 
an. Lutheran. Mason (Past Comdr. Apollo Com- 
mandery No. 1, K.T.), Elk, K.P. Co-inventor and 
patentee of the Billow System fuel oil appliances, 
furnaces, forges, kilns, etc. Clubs: Union League, 
Engineers. Home: 1013 Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. 
Office: 416 Grand Av., Chicago. 

BILLOW, Elmer Ellsworth, pres. Nat. Supply 
Co.; b. Shelby, O., May 11, 1862; s. David and Susan 
(Tressler) Billow; student Wittenberg Coll. .Spring- 
field, O., 1883; m. Minnie B. Faust, of Shelby, O., 
1881 (died 1889); children: Vera (Mrs. John Deles- 
tenier), Susan (Mrs. C. B. Adams); m. 2d, Harris- 
burg, Pa., 1891, Jessie McKee;, children: Marjorie, 
Elmer E., Jr. Engaged in oil business at Spring- 
field for 6 yrs., coming to Chicago in 1888, and be- 
coming pres. of the Nat. Supply Co.; receiver Wy- 
opo Co. Mem. Am. Inst. Mining Engrs., Beta Theta 
Pi. S.A.R. Republican. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Club: Press (life). Recreation: traveling. Home: 
823 Washington St., Evanston. 111. Office: 416 W. 
Grand Av., Chicago. 

BINGHAM, Arthur E., lumber mcht. (See vol. 

BIKGHAM, Charles Lyman, mfr. dental supplies, 
retired. (See vol. 1911.) 

BINGHAM, Millard P., president Samuel Bing- 
ham's Son Mfg. Co., printers' rollers; b. N.Y. City, 
1847; s. Samuel Bingham, 1st mfr. of printing 
press rollers. Office: 636 Sherman St. 

BINKOWITZ, Samuel D., vice pres. Am. Insu- 
lated Wire & Cable Co. (See vol. 1911.) 

BIUSWANGEB, Augustus, lawyer; b. at Catons- 
ville, Baltimore Co., Md., Jan. 19, 1844; s. Emanuel 
and Elise (Seligman) Binswanger; ed. pub. schs., 
Baltimore; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 1867; m. Carrie 
Vogel, of Chicago, Nov. 20, 1872 (died Dec. 23, 
1914); children: Ida, Alvin. Practiced at St. Louis, 
1867-88; removed to Chicago, 1888; in charge of le- 
gal business of Nelson Morris & Co. until 1915. 
Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Chi- 
cago Law Inst. Democrat. Mason. Dir. and sec. 
Chicago Sinai Congregation for 5 yrs. Mem. B'nai 
B'rith. Club: Standard. Residence: Hotel Metro- 
pole. Office: 105 W. Monroe St. 

BINSWANGEB, Jacob, mfr.; b. Germany, Mar. 
30, 1862; s. Oswald and Caroline (Kahn) Binswan- 
ger; ed. pub. schs. and commercial coll., Augsburg, 
Bavaria; m. San Francisco, Bella Ottenheimer, of 
Jebenhausen, Germany, Apr. 20. 1890; children: 
Richard M. and Elsie K. Served apprenticeship in 
a wholesale dry goods house of Geneva. Switzer- 
land; came to America, 1883' traveled 16 yrs. for 
Pacific Coast houses; then for a St. Louis firm; 
associated with Ottenheimer & Co., mfrs. of duck 
clothing, 1901-5, and still retains interest in that 
house; propr. Binswanger Children's Muslin Under- 
wear Co. Jewish religion. Home: 5244 South Park 
Av. Office: 510 Throop St. 

BUTTON, Lewis Dexter, brick mfr.; b. at Cedar 
Lake, Ind., Apr. 13, 1871; s. Christopher W. and 

Flora (Pierce) Binyon; ed. high sch., Crown Point, 
Ind.; m. Fanny Spencer, d. of late S. S. Kimbell, of 
Chicago, Nov. 22, 1893; 2 sons: Spencer, Millard. 
Taught district sch. in Lake Co., Ind., until coming 
to Chicago in 1888; was employed by Hibbard, 
Spencer. Bartlett & Co. a short time, then in whole- 
sale dept. of Marshall Field & Co. 3 yrs.; identified 
with brick mfg. industry since 1893 and became 
sec. S. S. Kimbell Brick Co. in 1902, and pres. in 
1907. Republican. Clubs: Builders' (ex-pres.), Au- 
tomobile, Beverly Golf. Recreation: motoring. 
Home: 2604 Kimball Av. Office: 304 Chamber of 

BINZ. Charles Augustus, twines and cordage; b. 
St. Louis, May 30, 1853; s. Stephen and Anna M. 
(Leonard) Binz; ed. grammar and high schs. and 
business coll. at St. Louis; m. Catherine Hetzel, of 
St. Louis, Sept. 17, 1878 (died May 22, 1910): 1 
daughter, Lillian L. (Mrs. Harry L. Malcher). Be- 
gan as order clerk for Curtis & Co. Mfg. Co., St. 
Louis. 1878. coming to Chicago, 1880, as mgr. of 
the branch office; incorporated, l& u o, a separate 
company of the same name, of which has been sec. 
since 1887. Democrat. Mem. Chicago Assn. Com- 
merce. Catholic. Mem. Royal Leaeue. Recrea- 
tions: bowling, motoring, nome: 4363 Kenmore 
Av. Office: 215 N. Desplaines St. 

BIRCH, Hugrh Taylor, lawyer; b. Lake Co., 111., 
Aug. 2, 1848; s. Erastus Mitchell and Sally (Milli- 
gan) Birch; studied Antioch Coll., Yellow Springs, 
O.; m. Maria Root, of Buffalo; 1 daughter, Helen 
Louise. Admitted to 111. bar, 1871, and since prac- 
ticed in Chicago; mem. Gait, Birch & Gait. Was 1st 
asst. state's atty. of Cook Co., 1872-76. Republican. 
Clubs: University, Chicago. Winter home: 12 E. 
Scott St. Office: 69 W. Washington St. 

BIRD, George Henry, automobiles; b. London, 
Eng., Feb. 9, 1877; s. John William and Henrietta 
(Maylem) Bird; brought to U.S., 1879; ed. pub. 
schs. of Chicago; m. Elizabeth Curtis, of Ft. Atkin- 
son, Wis., Sept. 30, 1903; 2 children: George Curtis, 
Henrietta. Began active career in employ of A. 
Flanagan & Co., pubs., 1893; then with Ginn & Co., 
pubs., 1893-5; with C. J. Whipple, bicycles, later 
Whipple & Bird; entered bicycle business on own 
account as George H. Bird & Co., 1902; associated 
in automobile business with A. G. Bennett, 1902, 
title later becoming Bennett, Bird Co.; is pres. 
Bird-Sykes Co., distributors of the Paige automo- 
biles, since 1906. Mem. Chicago Automobile Deal- 
ers' Assn. Republican. Christian Scientist. Mason. 
Clubs: Ouilmette Country, Detroit Athletic. Recre- 
ation: gardening. Home: 510 Washington Av., Wil- 
mette, 111. Office: 2215 S. Michigan Boul., Chicago. 

BIRD, Harry Lewis, editor, lawyer; b. Marinette, 
Wis., Oct. 8, 1870; s. Hon. H. P. and Sarah J. (Fair- 
child) Bird; A.B., Lake Forest Coll., 1894; LL.B., 
Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law; m. Chicago, 1897, Grace 
Wilson; children: Harlan Wilson, Harry Lewis, Jr., 
Elizabeth, Thomas Sheldon. Came to Chicago, 
1894; was on editorial staff Chicago Chronicle 3 
yrs., Chicago Daily News 3 yrs., city editor of lat- 
ter, 1899-1901; chief paymaster City of Chicago, 
1901-4; engaged in gen. law practice with Graham 
H. Harris; later associated with John Vennema and 
James W. Hyde; gen. sec. Legislative Voters' 
League of 111.; asst. editor The Continent; editor 
The Multitude Magazine; sec. Business Federation 
of America; with Chicago Daily News, 1917. Ma- 
son. Club: Hamilton (life mem.; dir., 1906-8). 
Home: 5441 Kenmore Av. 

BIRD, Paul Percy, mechanical engr.; b. Kalama- 
zoo, Mich., Mar. 24, 1877; s. Charles H. and Mary A. 
(Warrant) Bird; M.E., Cornell Univ., 1900; m. 
Elizabeth, d. of Mrs. A. D. Hyatt, of Toledo, O., 
June 20, 1908; children: Paul P., Jr., Mary Eliza- 
beth, Alma Darst. With Newport News (Va.) Ship- 
building Co., 1900-3; instr. in marine engring., Cor- 
nell Univ., 1904; steam engr., 111. Steel Co., South 
Chicago, 1904-7; smoke insp., City of Chicago, 1907- 
11; mech. engr. with Commonwealth Edison Co., 
Chicago, 1911-13; mem. firm of Morton, Bird & 
Whitman, consulting engrs., since 1913. Pres. In- 
ternal. Assn. for Prevention of Smoke, 1910; mem. 
Assn. of Commerce Com. on Smoke Prevention and 
Electrification of Ry. Terminals, Chicago, 1916; 
mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., Nat. Electric Light 
Assn., Western Soc. Engrs., Delta Tau Delta. Re- 


publican. Presbyterian. Club: University. Home: 
Lake Forest, 111. Office: 111 W. Monroe St., Chi- 

BrRDSAIiIi, Richard Maurice, cold storage; b. 
Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y., Jan. 11, 1843; s. Mau- 
rice and Irene Juliand Birdsall; ed. Oxford (N.Y.) 
Acad.; m. Chicago, Mar. 29, 1882, Carrie M. An- 
drews; children: Jennie Irene (Mrs. Prof. F. A. 
Rogers), Carrie Lillian (Mrs. Charles R. Shult- 
heis), Elsie Louise (Mrs. Walter E. Toon). Began 
in retail grocery store at Greene, N.Y.; came to 
Chicago. 1877; became mem. flrm of Birdsall & 
Baker, cold storage, 1878, which later became the 
Western Refrigerator Co., and in 1894 changed to 
the Western Cold Storage Co., of which was sec. 
until 1905, since then vice pres. Served in Civil 
War as orderly sergeant, Co. E, Regt. N.G.N.Y. 
Republican. Mason (K.T.). Recreations: reading, 
billiards. Home: 4158 Washington Boul. Office: 
421 N. State St. 

BUCK, Edward John, brewing; b. Chicago, Apr. 
2, 1867; s. Jacob and Magdalena (Wheelflin) Birk; 
ed. Scammon (pub.) Sch. to 1882; m. Chicago, Oct. 
5, 1892, Amanda Markus; 1 son. William Jacob. 
Began as clerk for a commn. flrm on the Chicago 
Board of Trade, 1882-9; went to the Pacific Coast; 
after 8 months returned to Chicago; learned the 
brewer's trade with the Wacker & Birk Brewing 
Co. and in Aug., 1891, with elder brother, William 
A., organized the Birk Bros. Brewing Co., of which 
is now sec. and treas. Democrat. Clubs: Ger- 
mania Mannerchor. 111. Athletic, South Shore Coun- 
try, Chicago Athletic, Chicago Automobile. Rec- 
reation: motoring. Office: 1315 Webster Av. 

BIRK. William Andrew, brewer; Nov. 11, 1861- 
June 11, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BIRKENSTEIN, Albert, merchant; b. Chicago, 
Nov. 8, 1878; s. Sigmund and Mary (Felsenthal) 
Birkenstein; ed. pub. schs. and Chicago Business 
Coll.; m. Beatrice Schloss, of Chicago, Jan. 25, 
1906; 2 daughters: Ruth, Eleanor. On leaving 
school entered house of S. Birkenstein & Sons, 
metals, in which has been a partner since 1903. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn. 
Mason (32, Shriner), Elk. Club: Hampden. Rec- 
reations: walking, motoring. Home: 939 Argyle 
St. Office: 377 W. Ontario St. 

BIRKENSTEIN. Louis, merchant; b. Chicago, 
Aug. 6, 1866; s. Sigmund and Mary (Felsenthal) 
Birkenstein; ed. pub. schs.; m., Chicago, June, 1897, 
Bertha G. Ulman; 1 son, George U. Since 1881 
engaged in business established by his father in 
1865, and now partner in S. Birkenstein & Sons, 
dealers in metals; also pres. Globe Metal Co.; treas. 
Bryant Mfg. Co. Pres. Nat. Assn. Waste Material 
Dealers; mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, 111. Mfrs.' 
Assn. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: 111. Athletic, 
Hampden. Recreation: golf. Home: 444 Wright- 
wood Av. Office: 377 W. Ontario St. 

BlRKHOFr. George, Jr., real estate; May 16, 
1852-June 27, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BIRKLAND, Norman Sven, coal; b. at Chicago, 
Dec. 3, 1861; s. Jacob S. and Serena (Mauritzon) 
Birkland; grad. Lake View High Sch.; m. Chicago, 
1885, Anna McDonald; children: Norman Donald, 
Evelyn Isabel, Walter Bogle. Became associated, 
1883, with Walter S. Bogle in the coal business as 
sec. and treas. Crescent Coal & Mining Co., con- 
tinuing until 1906; sec. Globe Coal Co. since 1906. 
Republican. Lutheran. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Clubs: 111. Athletic, South Shore Country, Chicago 
Yacht. Home: 9220 Pleasant Av. Office: 332 S. 
Michigan Av. 

BISHOP, Charles Nelson, insurance: b. Kenosha, 
Wis., May 28, 1855; s. Rev. Hiram Nelson Bishop; 
ed. high sen., Chicago; m. Chicago, Sept. 7, 1903. 
Anna Bobbins. In 1872 entered fire ins. agency of 
Thomas & W. A. Goodman, as elk., until 1875; in 
service of The Spectator, ins. journal, 1875-80 and 
1883-5; engaged in mining, and as editor and propr. 
Summit Co. Leader, Colorado, 1880-3: partner in 
fire ins. agency of H. H. Brown & Co., Chicago, 
1884-9; Chicago mgr. for the Northern Assurance 
Co., Ltd., of London, since 1889. Pres. Chicago Bd. 
of Underwriters, 1909. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Illinois, Oak Park, Oak Park Country. Recrea- 

tions: golf, hunting:, fishing. Home: Oak Park, I1I_ 
Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

BISHOP, Clarence Thomas, publisher; b. Elgin,. 
111., Mar. 6, 1870; s. Thomas and Emma (Stringer) 
Bishop; ed. common schs. and "sch. of experience"; 
m. Emma L., d. Rev. Henry Schumaker (pastor of 
German Evangelical Ch.), of Elgin, 111., May 22, 
1895. Began active career as traveling representa- 
tive Cropley-Phillips Co., pubs., 1899, and has since 
continued with the company; was made sales mgr., 
1909; vice pres. and gen. mgr. since July 1, 1916. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Mason (Blue Lodge, 
Commandery, Shrine). Recreations: motoring, 
camera enthusiast. Home: 107 N. Porter Av., El- 
gin, 111. Office: Tribune Bldg., Chicago. 

BISHOP, Henry Walker, lawyer; died 1913. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BISHOP, Howard Francis, lawyer; s. Francis 
Howard Bishop; prep. edn. North Div. High Sch., 
Chicago; B.A., Yale, 1907, LL.B., 1910; m. Virginia. 
Keith, of Chicago. Practiced in Chicago since 1910; 
served as asst. corpn. counsel, City of Chicago; 
mem. Lyman, Adams & Bishop; lecturer on munic- 
ipal corpns. and equitable remedies, Northwestern. 
Univ. Law Sch. Home: 503 Fullerton Pkwy. Office: 
1610 Title & Trust Bldg. 

BISHOP, L(ouis) Bracket!, Chicago mgr. of the 
Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co.; b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 
2, 1854; s. Paul J. and Frances A. (Bacon) Bishop; 
ed. grammar and high schs., Boston; m. Minnie- 
Ridgway, of Chicago, Apr. 2, 1890; 1 son, Ridg- 
way P. Began in wholesale dry goods house, Bos- 
ton, 1869, continuing 17 yrs. ; removed to Chicago, 
1886; became a solicitor for the Mass. Mutual Life 
Ins. Co., of Springfield, Mass., at its Chicago 
branch, 1889, and in 1897 became Chicago mgr. of 
the company; dir. Mt. Hope Cemetery Assn. Mem. 
Life Underwriters' Assn. of Chicago (ex-pres.), 
Nat. Assn. of Life Underwriters (pres., 1912). Re- 
publican. Swedenborgian. Mem. Soc. Mayflower 
Descendants, New England Soc. of Chicago (ex- 
pres.). Club: Hamilton. Recreations: music, liter- 
ature (philosophy), billiards. Residence: Chicago- 
Beach Hotel. Office: 111 W. Monroe St. 

BISHOP, Rufus W., M.D.; A.B., Univ. of Vt., 
1877; M.D., Univ. of Berlin, 1882. Fellow Am. Acad. 
Medicine; mem. A.M. A., Chicago Med. Soc. Office: 
25 E. Jackson Boul. 

BISHOP, Seth Scott, M.D.; b. Fond du Lac, Wis., 
Feb. 7, 1852; s. Lyman and Maria (Probart) Bish- 
op; grad. Pooler Inst., Fond du Lac; studied at 
Beloit (Wis.) Coll.; New York Univ.; M.D., North- 
western Univ., 1876; (D.C.L., LL.D.); learned print- 
er's trade; m. Jessie A. Button, 1885; children: Jes- 
sie E., Mable B. Prof, diseases of the nose, throat 
and ear, Loyola Univ. Med. Sch.; surgeon to Jeffer- 
son Park Hosp., and other hosps. and charity dis- 
pensaries; consulting surgeon to Mary Thompson 
Hosp., 111. Masonic Orphans' Home (LaGrange, 111.) 
and Silver Cross Hosp., Joliet. Mem. Internat. Med. 
Congress, Pan-Am. Med. Congress, A.M.A., state 
med. socs. of 111., Wis. and Minn., Beta Theta Pi, 
etc. Mem. Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Honor, 
Ancient Order of United Workmen. Author: Dis- 
eases of the Ear, Nose and Throat, and Their Ac- 
cessory Cavities; The Ear and Its Diseases; also 
numerous monographs; has written extensively for 
journals and books. Asso. editor New York Medical 
Times. Home: 1726 Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Of- 
fice: 31 N. State St., Chicago. 

BISSELL, Arthur, pianos and organs; b. Chica- 
go, Jan. 1, 1870; s. George Francis and Jerusha 
(Woodbridge) Bissell; ed. Chicago pub. schs., Chi- 
cago Manual Training Sch., Lake Forest Acad., 
Lake Forest Univ.; m. St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 1, 1897, 
Emily Greeley Tredway; children: Emily Greeley 
Tredway, Arthur Dwight. Was 5 yrs. with Weber 
Piano Co.; then 5 yrs. with Lyon, Potter & Co., for- 
mer agents of Steinway & Sons' pianos; sec. Clay- 
ton F. Summy Co., publishers and importers of mu- 
sic and dealers in music, and Chicago representa- 
tive of Checkering & Sons, pianofortes, 1898-1907; 
then organized the Bissell-Cowan Piano Co., of 
which was pres. until Apr. 1, 1910, when the Aeo- 
lian Co. of N.Y. City purchased the lease, good will, 
etc., of the Bissell-Cowan Piano Co. at 409 S. Mich- 
igan Av., and he was resident mgr. of that com- 


pany until 1913; pres. Bissell-Weiserl Piano Co. 
since 1913. Pres. Chicago Musical Art Soc. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: University, Cliff Dwellers, Onwentsia. 
Recreations: Kolf, music (vocal). Home: 50 E. 
Schiller St. Office: 410 S. Michigan Av. 

BISSING, Fetrowltsch, violinist, composer; b. at 
Saratov, Russia, Jan. 4, 1874; s. Justus and Mar- 
garet (Guenther) Bissing; ed. Prague, Bohemia; 
latest instructors, Anton DvoraJc, harmony and 
composition, Ot. Seveik, violin; unmarried. Came 
to U.S., 1906, to Chicago, 1914; engaged in concert 
work, teaching and composing; appeared In con- 
cert before Emperor Joseph in Prague and in other 
European cities. Composer: Synthetical Violin 
Technique (regarded as standard work by many 
teachers of America and Europe), 1909; also other 
tech. studies for violin, songs with piano accom- 
paniment, violin compositions with piano accom- 
paniment, numbers for string orchestra, etc. Home: 
5334 Ellis Av. Studio: Kimball Hall Bldg. 

EITHER, William A., lawyer; b. Sherbourn Co., 
Minn., June 16, 1867; s. Hiram Hall and Safrona 
(Felch) Either; B.S., Northern Jnd. Coll., 1888; 
LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1892; m. Stacyville, la., July 
19, 1894, Lydia L. Penny; 1 daughter, Luella, Ad- 
mitted to bar by Supreme Court of 111., 1892; mem. 
Either & Goff. Pres. Masonic Temple Safety De- 
posit Co., Hill Construction Co.; dir. and mem. exec, 
bd. Security Trust & Deposit Co.; dir. Internat. 
Register Co. Republican. Home: 4400 Greenwood 
Av. Office: 111 W. Monroe St. 

BLABON, Joseph Ward, railway official; b. at 
Farmington, Franklin Co., Me., Apr. 27, 1858; s. 
Joseph Eaton and Martha Ward (Smith) Blabon; 
ed. pub. schs., Portland, Me.; unmarried. Began 
as elk. at Xew York, 1S76; in business on own ac- 
count, St. Paul, Minn., 1883-9; entered ry. service 
on G.N.R.R., 1890, with which remained until 1905. 
as purchasing agt., 1890-9, western traffic mgr., at 
Seattle, 1899-1902, 4th vice pres., 1902-5; was also 
pres. G.N. Express Co. and Northern Steamship 
Co.; traffic mgr. C.&A.R.R., Jan. 1, 1905-Dec. 31, 
1908; vice pres. C.G.W.R.R. since Sept. 1, 1909. 
Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Golf, South Shore Coun- 
try, Traffic (Chicago) ; Minneapolis (Minneapolis) ; 
Minnesota (St. Paul); Des Molnes (Des Moines, 
la.). Office: Peoples Gas Bldg. 

BliACK, Arthur Davenport, dentist; b. Jackson- 
ville, 111., Nov. 15, 1870; s. Dr. Greene V. and Eliza- 
beth Black; B.S., 111. Coll., 1892; D.D.S., Northwest- 
ern Univ. Dental Sch., 1900, M.D., Northwestern 
Univ. Med. Sch., 1901; M.A., Northwestern Univ.; 
m. Lenore Bronaugrh, of Virden, 111., Oct. 19, 1897; 
3 children: Gilmer Vardiman, Mary Barbara, Jane. 
Came to Chicago from Jacksonville. 1895; was en- 
gaged in mfg. business in Indianapolis and Chi- 
cago; practiced in Chicago since 1900; prof, opera- 
tive dentistry, and asst. oral surgeon, Northwest- 
ern Univ. Dental Sch.; oral surgeon, St. Luke's 
Hosp. Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M. A., 
111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Inst. of 
Medicine of Chicago, Nat. Dental Assn., 111. State 
Dental Soc., Chicago Dental Soc., Physicians' Club. 
Republican. Clubs: University, Westmoreland. Rec- 
reations: hunting- and fishing. Home: 1250 Asbury 
Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av., 

BLACK, Frederick E., clergyman; b. in Pa.; s. 
Traville F. and Susan Catherine (Oglesby) Black; 
A.B., Western Union Coll., Lemars, Pa.; grad. Mc- 
Cormick Theol. Sem. ; unmarried. Ordained Congl. 
ministry, 1915; pastor Irving Park Immanuel Ch. 
Democrat. Home: 4251 N. Spaulding Av. 

BLACK. Frederick William, lumber; b. Indian- 
apolis, Aug. 17, 1874; s. William F. and Elizabeth 
(Webster) Black; ed. grammar and high schs.; m. 
Winsted, Conn.. June 20, 1899, Mary Anna Cooke; 
2 daughters: Elizabeth L., Helen L. In employ of 
Greer, Mills & Co., Union Stock Yards, 1894-8; or- 
ganized, and mem. Harman-Black Coal Co., 1899- 
1903; pres. F. W. Black Coal Co., 1903-5; pres. Fred 
W. Black Lumber Co. since 1905; also pres. Black 
Lumber & Veneer Co. Republican. Mem. Ch. of 
Christ. Club: Hamilton. Recreation: tennis. Home: 
5032 St. Lawrence Av. Office: 2245 S. Crawford Av. 

BLACK, George, wholesale hardware; b. in Kan., 
Aug. 23, 1866; s. Samuel and Mary Jane (Stuart) 

Black; ed. pub. schs., Lancaster. O. ; m. Helen Can- 
non, of Lancaster, Nov. 18, 1893; 7children: George, 
Howard, Lawrence, Marcello, Charles, Francis, 
Robert. Clerk in office of Toledo & Hocking Valley 
R.R., at Columbus, O., 1882-7; then bookkeeper 
Internat. Packing Co., Columbus, 1885; office clerk 
"Big Four" .Ry., Pa.R.R., 1886-92 (both at Colum- 
bus) ; with Allerton, Clarke Co., wholesale hard- 
ware, Chicago, since 1893, now treas. of the com- 
pany. Republican. Club: Hardware. Home: Whea- 
ton. 111. Office: 74 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

BLACK, Greene Vardiman, dentist; Aug. 3, 1836- 
Aug. 31, 1915. (See Who's Who in America, 1914- 

BLACK, John Charles, lawyer; Jan. 27, 1839-Aug. 
17, 1915. (See Who's Who in America, 1914-15.) 

BLACK, John Clarke, banker; July 3, 1837-June 
1, 1917. (See Who's Who in America, 1916-17.) 

BLACK, John Donald, lawyer; b. Urbana, 111., 
Sept. 11, 1872; s. Gen. John Charles and Adaline L. 
(Griggs) Black; ed. pub. schs. of Danville, 111., anct 
Washington, D.C.; Columbian Univ. Law Sch.. 
Washington, D.C.; Harvard Law Sch.; m. Chicago, 
Jan. 1, 1902, Margaret Horton Potter; m. 2d, 1911, 
Louise (Love) Beckwith. Admitted to oar by Su- 
preme Court of 111., 1896; now mem. law firm of 
Winston, Payne, Strawn & Shaw. Clubs: Chicago, 
Mid-Day, Glen View, Chicago Automobile. Home: 
2258 Lincoln Park West. Office: First Nat. Bank 

BLACK, Louis N., book pub.; b. Macomb, 111., 
July 27, 1879; s. Ekin and Laura (Phelps) Black; 
ed. pub. schs., Macomb; m. Helen M. Long, of Chi- 
cago, 1904. Began in employ of A. C. McClurg & 
Co., Chicago, 1896, continuing 5 yrs. ; became con- 
nected with the Book Supply Co., publishers of fic- 
tion (mail order house), 1901, now sec. and treas. 
Mem. Disciples of Christ. Recreation: motoring. 
Home: 4114 N. Springfield Av. Office: 231 W. Mon- 
roe St. 

BLACK. Robert A., M.D.; b. Apr. 18, 1879; s. of 
Rev. J. A. and Tizah M. (Cannon) Black; prep. edn. 
Washington Acad., la.; M.D., Northwestern Univ.. 
1904. Engaged in practice at Chicago since 1904, 
making a specialty of the diseases of children; 
prof, diseases of children, Post-Grad. Med. Sch., 
since 1908; head dept. of pediatrics, Chicago Coll. 
of Medicine and Surgery; attending pediatrician to 
Mercy and Washington Park hosps. Mem. Assn. 
Am. Teachers of Diseases of Children, A.M.A., 111. 
State and Chicago med. socs. Office and Residence: 
Del Prado Hotel. 

BLACK, Stephen H., secretary Bauer & Black; 
Mar. 4, 1861-Jan. 4, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLACK, William Joseph, railway official; b. St. 
Louis, Oct. 3, 1864; s. Andrew and Mary (O'Con- 
nell) Black; m. Mary M. Atchison, of Leavenworth, 
Kan., Apr. 24, 1895. Entered ry. service, 1879, as 
office boy; served in various positions until 1887; 
chief clerk passenger dept., Oct., 1887-Jan. 1, 1892, 
asst. gen. pass, agt., Jan. 1, 1892-Feb. 1, 1897, gen. 
pass, agt., 1897-1905, pass, traffic mgr. entire A.,T. 
&S.F. System, since Oct. 10, 1905. Address: Rail- 
way Exchange. 

BLACK, 'William Perkins, lawyer; Nov. 11, 1842- 
Jan. 3, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLACKBURN, Charles, secretary Cincinnati, 
Bluftton & Chicago R.R. Co. Removed to Balti- 
more, Md. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLACKBURN, Francis Adelbert, college prof. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BLACKLEDGE, John Wesley, mfr. automobile 
parts; b. Rockville, Ind. ; s. Thomas Grisselle and 
Susanna (Kenagy) Blackledge; ed. high sch., Indi- 
anapolis; unmarried. Entered mfg. business at In- 
dianapolis; later became mem. of the Mullen- 
Blackledge Co., mfrs. and packers of food prod- 
ucts; organized a consolidation of the largest pea 
canneries in Wis., 1907; started in business on own 
account, 1910, as The John W. Blackledge Mfg. Co., 
mfrs. automobile parts, and so continues. Has be- 
longed to many musical socs. and received medals 
for valuable inventions. Mem. Indiana Soc. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Club: Exmoor Country. Rec- 
reations: golf, shooting, music, motoring. Home: 
11 W. Goethe St. Office: 341 E. Ohio St. 


BLACKMAN, Chester Sidney, grain commn.; 
Aug. 15, 184b-0ct. '22, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLACKMAN. Willis Lemuel, grain commn.; b. 
Jericho Center, Vt., May 2, 1845; s. Henry C. and 
Minerva (Lane) Blackman; removed with parents 
in boyhood to Harvard, 111.; ed. pub. schs. of Har- 
vard; m Fenton, Mich., 1869, Carrie Linsley; chil- 
dren: Winifred (Mrs. E. E. Gray), Willis L., Bon- 
nibel, Marjorie. Came to Chicago in 1862 and es- 
tablished in the grain commn. business later with 
two brothers, forming the firm of Blackman Bros., 
to which succeeded, 1908. Mem. Chicago Bd I. of 
Trade. Republican. Alderman of Hinsdale, 1900-4. 
Congregationalism Recreations: outdoor diversions. 
Home: Hinsdale, 111. Office: Bd. of Trade, Chicago. 

ELACKMABB, Prank Hamlin, M.D.; b. Rouse- 
ville Pa Feb 16, 1871; s. Hamlin L. and Mary C. 
(Gray) Blackmarr; Allegheny Coll., Meadville, Pa.; 
BS Univ. of Chicago, 1893; M.D., Hahnemann 
Med Coll., Chicago, 1897; m. Catherine Strong, of 
Oil City, Pa., June 22, 1899. Practiced in Chicago 
since 1897; specializes in X-ray therapy, radium 
therapv. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc., Chicago Homce. 
Med. Soc., Am. Soc. Clin. Research, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon. Scottish Rite Mason. Clubs: Illinois Ath- 
letic (life), Press (life), Chicago Motor, South 
Shore Country (life), Unanimous (New York). 
Home: 5555 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 25 E. Wash- 
ington St. 

BLACKMER, Ernest Alfred, wholesale paper; b. 
Rockford, 111., Oct. 5, 1863; s. Orlando Cullen and 
Emily Gate (Wingate) Blackmer; ed. Oak Park 
schs ; West Div.High Sch., Chicago; A.B., Williams 
Coll, Williamstown, Mass., 1886; m. Emma Agnes 
Morton, of Oak Park, 111., Nov. 13, 1894; 3 children: 
Laurence Morton, Alan Rogers, Ruth. Employed in 
Chicago by Hammond Typewriter Co. of New York, 
1886-94; with Moser Paper Co. since 1894, sec. and 
dir since 1895. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Clubs: Hamilton, Oak Park. Home: 128 Wesley Av., 
Oak Park, 111. Office: 621 Plymouth Ct., Chicago. 

BLACKSTONE, Harriet, portrait painter; b. New 
Hartford, N.Y.; d. Mills Case and Mary Elizabeth 
(Ladd) Blackstone; ed. Mrs. Foster's School for 
Young Women, New Hartford; art student, Pratt 
Inst., Brooklyn; Academie Julien, Paris; under gen. 
corps of instrs., Paris, 1906-7; also studied with 
William M. Chase, New York. Exhibited in Paris 
Salon, and in leading cities of U.S. since 1906. 
Mem Chicago Soc. Artists, The Arts Club, Inter- 
nal. Soc. Arts and Letters (Paris), Am. Women's 
Art Assn. (Paris). Presbyterian. Clubs: Little 
Room, Cordon. Compiled books, 1901-2, which are 
still in use in high schs. and colleges. Home: 755 
Grove St., Glencoe, 111. 

BLACKWELDEB, I. S., insurance; Mar. 8, 1840- 
Oct. 27, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLACK WOOD, Alexander Leslie, surgeon; b. in 
Huntington Co., Que., Can., July 28, 1862; s. John 
and Ann (Steell) Blackwood; ed. Huntington (Can.) 
Acad. and McGill Univ., Montreal; M.D., Hahne- 
mann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1888, New York Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp., 1889, Johns Hopkins 
Med Sch., 1902; m. Helen A. Winslow, of Ham- 
mond, Ind., Aug. 16, 1891 (died Feb. 11, 1903). Sr. 
prof, materia medica and prof. clin. medicine, 
Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, since 1899. Ex- 
vice pres. Chicago Bd. of Edn. Author: Diseases of 
the Heart, 1901; Diseases of the Lungs, 1902; A 
Manual of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Phar- 
macology, 1906; Pancreas and Ductless Glands, 
1907; Diseases of the Food Tract. Home: 9128 Bal- 
timore Av. Office: 9157 Commercial Av. 

ELAINE, Mrs. Emmons (Anita McCormick 
Elaine), philanthropist; d. Cyrus Hall (inventor 
of the reaping machine) and Nettie (Fowler) Mc- 
Cormick; sister of Harold Fowler and Cyrus Hall 
McCormick; widow of Emmons Blaine, lawyer 
(who died June 18, 1892), s. of late Hon. James G. 
Blaine, of Me. Founder Sch. of Edn., Univ. of Chi- 
cago; for a number of years mem. Bd. of Edn., Chi- 
cago. Home: 101 E. Erie St. 

BLAIR, Chauncey Buckley, banking; b. at Lake 
Forest, 111., Aug. 18, 1886; s. late Chauncey Justus 
and Mary A. I. (Mitchell) Blair; ed. Hill School, 
Pottstown, Pa., 1901-5; B.A., Yale, 1909; m. Mildred 
Marshall, of Chicago, Jan. 4, 1913; 1 son, Chauncey 

Justus Blair, 2d. Began, 1910, as asst. sec.-treas. 
The Kennicott Co., mfrs. equipment for the stor- 
age, measurement and purification of water; sec.- 
treas. same, since Jan., 1914; vice-pres. Boulevard 
Tire & Supply Stores, Inc.; also cashier-treas. and 
dir. Chicago Morris Plan Bank since 1917. Mem. 
Zeta Psi. Republican. Clubs: University, Saddle 
and Cycle, Casino. Recreations: golf and tennis. 
Home: 574 Hawthorne PI. Office: 21 N. LaSalle St. 

BLAIB, Chauncey Justus, banker; Apr. 6, 1845- 
May 10, 1916. (See Who's Who in America, 1916-17.) 

ELAIB, Prank Anthony, mfr. ; b. Franklin Cen- 
ter, P.Q., Can., Sept. 15, 1869; s. Alexander and 
Elizabeth (Anthony) Blair; ed. Huntington (Que.) 
Acad., and Davis and Buie's Business Coll., Mon- 
treal; m. Carrie Eugenia Mann, of Hancock, Md., 
Dec. 23, 1895; 1 son, F. King. Came to Chicago in 
1892, entering employ of the Fitzgerald Plaster Co., 
of which was mgr., 1892-5; with other Chicago en- 
terprises until 1900; began with Foley & Co., pro- 
prietary medicines, as salesman, 1900, becoming 
office mgr., 1902, 2d vice pres. and gen. mgr., 1904, 
vice pres., treas. and gen. mgr. since 1909; also vice 
pres. and mgr. the Magnolia Springs Land Co.; 
treas. and mgr. Foley-Gregory Engine Co. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Mem. I.O.O.F., 111. Commercial 
Men's Assn. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Westmoreland 
Golf, White Lake Yacht. Recreation: motor-boat- 
ing. Home: 633 Waveland Av. Office: 2835 Sheffield 

BLAIB, George Archibald, traffic mgr.; b. Steu- 
benville, O., Dec. 20, 1866; s. James and Mary Jane 
(Robertson) Blair; ed. pub. schs., and Hughes High 
Sch., Cincinnati (did not grad.); law student, Cin- 
cincinnati, 1882-4; m. Ida D. Atkins, of Cincinnati, 
Nov. 14, 1900. Clk. Ohio & Miss. R.R., 1884-9; trav- 
eling frt. agt., A.,T.&S.F.R.R., Cincinnati, 1889-98; 
traveling frt. agt., 1898-1900, commercial agt., Cin- 
cinnati, 1900-7, Pittsburgh, 1907-8, gen. Eastern 
agt., New York. 1908-10. asst. gen. frt. agt., Chi- 
cago, 1910-12, C.,M. & St.P. Ry.; gen. traffic mgr. 
C.&A. Ry., 1912-13; asst. frt. traffic mgr., C.,M. & 
St.P. R.R. since May 1, 1913. Pres. Am. Assn. of 
Freight Traffic Officers. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Mem. Loyal Legion; Mason. Clubs: Union League, 
South Shore Country, Chicago Athletic, Olympia 
Fields Country, Traffic. Office: 319 Railway Ex- 

ELAIB, Henry Augustus, financier ; b. Michigan 
City, Ind., July 6, 1852; s. Chauncey Buckley and 
Caroline O. (DeGraff) Blair; ed. Williston Sem., 
Easthampton, Mass.; m. Grace E. Pearce, of Chi- 
cago, Feb. 19, 1878; children: Natalie, Anita. After 
leaving school in 1871 entered the Merchants' Nat. 
Bank of Chicago, of which his father was founder 
and with which he continued, becoming vice pres., 
until 1902, when the bank consolidated with the 
Corn Exchange Nat. Bank; became receiver North 
Chicago Street Ry. and West Chicago Street Ry., 
1904, and continued as such until the reorganiza- 
tion of the properties into the Chicago Rys. Co., of 
which has been pres. since Nov. 3, 1913; chmn. bd. 
Chicago Surface Lines; vice pres. 111. Trust & Sav- 
ings Bank; dir. Elgin Nat. Watch Co., Common- 
wealth Edison Co., Pub. Service Co. of Northern 
Illinois, etc. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Union 
League, Chicago Athletic, Caxton, Chicago Golf, 
Midlothian, South Shore Country, Exmoor, On- 
wentsia, Saddle and Cycle. Recreation: golf. Home: 
2735 Prairie Av.; (summer) Jefferson, N.H. Office: 
105 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

, Sidney O., merchant; b. on farm, Bland- 
ford, Hampden Co., Mass., Sept. 11, 1846; s. Samuel 
O. and Eli?.a (Osborn) Blair; descendant of Robert 
Blair, who settled at Rutland, Worcester County, 
Mass., before 1720; m. Anna Louise Petty, of De- 
troit, Mich., May 8, 1872 (died Apr. 17, 1916); chil- 
dren: Mary L. (Mrs. Russell E. Burke, N.Y.), Rob- 
ert Osborn. Came to Chicago, 1868; employed as 
elk. in wholesale grocery; engaged in coffee and 
spice business since 1871; founded present com- 
pany, 1878, inc. 1882, and pres. E. B. Millar Coffee 
& Spice Co. until 1913, when retired from active 
management. Republican. Mem. Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Art Inst. Chicago. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country. 
Recreations: fishing, motoring. Home: 4716 Drexel 
Boul. Office: 230 N. Michigan Av. 



BLAIR, Watson Franklin, capitalist; b. Michi- 
gan City, Ind., Jan. 29, 1854; s. Chauncey Buckley 
and Caroline O. (DeGraff) Blair; ed. Williston 
Sem., Easthampton, Mass.; m. Chicago, 1883, Alice 
Keep; children: Watson, Wolcott. After leaving 
school entered the pork and beef packing firm of 
Culbertson, Blair & Co., until 1877; then engaged 
in the grain comran. business on the Chicago Bd. 
of Trade as Blair & Co. until 1890, when retired 
from active business; was several years dir. Mer- 
chants' Nat. Bank (founded by father) prior to 
1902, at which time that bank, after an honorable 
career of 40 yrs., consolidated with the Corn Ex- 
change Nat. Bank, and donated to its employes 
$100,000; now dir. Corn Exchange Nat. Bank, Com- 
monwealth Edison Co., Field Museum of Natural 
History. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic Assn., 
Chicago Golf, Saddle and Cycle, Onwentsia; Metro- 
politan (Washington); Metropolitan, Union, The 
Brook, New York Yacht (New York); RoyalThames 
Yacht, Hurlington (London, Eng.) ; Travelers' (Par- 
is). Recreations: golf, motoring. Home: 720 Rush 
St. Qfflce: 134 S. LaSalle St. 

BLAKE, Charles George, monuments; b. Devon- 
shire, Eng., Oct. 3, 1866; s. William Milne and Ann 
Maria (Prouse) Blake; ed. grammar and high schs. 
of Westerly, R.I. ; Cowles Art Sch., Boston; Art 
Inst. of Chicago; studied monumental art in Eu- 
rope; m. Sycamore, 111., May 10, 1899, Mildred Ger- 
trude Ellwood; 2 sons: Charles E. and Donald P. 
In business alone, 1890-5; admitted brother, W. J., 
as partner; mem. Charles G. Blake & Co., mfrs. of 
granite monuments, since 1905; dir. Calumet Trust 
& Savings Bank, of Morgan Park. Mem. Bd. of 
Trustees of Morgan Park, 1907-10. Mem. Chicago 
Granite Mfrs.' Assn. (pres. since 1912), Chicago 
Stock Exchange, Municipal Art League of Chicago 
(dir.), Chicago Architectural Club, Art Inst. of Chi- 
cago (life). Vice pres. Morgan Park Business 
Men's Assn.; mem. advisory com. 32d Ward Regu- 
lar Republican Organization. Episcopalian. Mason 
(32, K.T., Shriner); Patriarch Militant of I.O.O.P. 
Clubs: Hamilton (life, mem. and chmn. bldg. and 
grounds com.), Ridge Country. Recreations: golf, 
tennis, bowling, billiards. Home: 10835 S. Hoyne 
Av. Office: 108 S. LaSalle St. 

BLAKE, Eclg-ar, clergyman; b. Gorham, Me., Dec. 
8, 1869; s. Charles H. and Abigail (Redlon) Blake; 
ed. common schs. of Me.; grad. Boston Univ. Sch. 
Theology, 1898; (D.D., Neb. Wesleyan Univ., 1909, 
Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., 1915); m. Char- 
lotte Woodman, of Westbrook, Me., Feb. 4, 1891. 
Ordained M.E. ministry, 1895; pastor Salem, N.H., 
1895-9, Lebanon, N.H., 1899-1903, Manchester, N.H., 
1903-8; asst. sec., 1908-12, corr. sec. since June, 
1912, Bd. of Sunday Schs. of M.E. Ch. Republican. 
Knight Templar. Home: 718 Simpson St., Evans- 
ton, 111. Office: 58 E. Washington St., Chicago. 

BLAKE, Emily Calvin (Mrs. Walter B. B.), au- 
thor; b. Manchester, Eng., Sept. 28, 1882; d. Thomas 
and Margaret (Young) Calvin; ed. pub. and high 
schs.; m. Walter R. Blake, of Chicago, Sept. 14, 
1904. Author: Marcia of the Little Home, 1911; En- 
gaged Girl Sketches, 1910; Great Moments in a 
Woman's Life, 1910; Suzanna Stirs the Fire, 1915. 
Contbr. to mags. Home: Lombard, 111. 

BLAKE, Freeman K., lawyer; b. in DeKalb Co., 
Ind., Mar. 25, 1858; s. James O. and Martha (Kel- 
ley) Blake; A.B., Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ., 1881; m. 
Andrews, Ind., Mar. 12, 1884, Iva A. Minnich; m. 2d, 
Chicago, Aug. 5, 1908, Florence B. Marble; 1 son, 
Guy M. Practiced at Auburn, Ind., 1884-9, since at 
Chicago. Mem. Chicago City Council, 1899-1905; 
judge Municipal Court of Chicago, 1906-12. Mem. 
Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar 
Assn. Republican. Methodist. Mem. A.F. and A.M., 
Columbian Knights. Clubs: Hamilton, Ridgemoor 
Country. Home: 4125 Greenvlew Av. Office: 140 N. 
Dearborn St. 

BLAKE, James Vila, clergyman; b. Brooklyn, 
Jan. 21, 1842; s. Hamlin and Elizabeth (Dexter) 
Blake; A.B., Harvard, 1862, B.D., 1866; m. Abbie 
Frances Hovey, of Haverhill, Mass., 1869. Ordained 
Unitarian ministry, 1867; pastor Haverhill, Mass., 
1867-9, 28th Congl. Soc., Boston, 1869-72, 2d Congl. 
Ch., Quincy, 111., 1878-83, 3d Unitarian Ch., Chicago, 
1883-97, then of Ch. of All Souls, Evanston, 111. For 

titles of writings see Who's Who in America. Ad- 
dress: 122 N. Ashland Boul. 

BLAKE, Joseph Si., M.D.; b. Chicago, Aug. 22, 
1875; s. Michael M. and Margaret T. Blake; M.D., 
Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1903. Practiced at Chi- 
cago since 1903; prof, of proctology, Chicago Hosp. 
Coll. Medicine and Surgery; mem. surg. staff Ft. 
Dearborn Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chi- 
cago med. socs., Cook Co. Surgical Soc. Democrat. 
Catholic. Home: 7324 Yates Av. Office: 7 W. Mad- 
ison St. 

BLAKELEY, John Marvin, lawyer; b. St. Paul, 
Minn., June 14, 1864; s. of Russell and Eleanor L. 
(Sheldon) Blakeley; Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific Sch. 
(Yale), 1886; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 1888; m. Emily 
A. Robbins, of St. Paul, Sept. 26, 1908. Practiced at 
St. Paul, 1888-1900, Chicago since 1900; mem. firm 
of Wells & Blakeley. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Law 
Club. Republican. Clubs: University, City, On- 
wentsia Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 1210 
Astor St. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St. 

BLAKER, Clarence Judson, insurance; b. Eldo- 
rado, Kan., July 30, 1882; s. Julian and Amanda 
(Skinner) Blaker; ed. pub. sens., Chicago. Former- 
ly identified with the legal depts. of several ins. 
companies; then engaged as an underwriter, 1906- 
15; associated with O. P. Alford, 1915, in forming 
the Alford & Blaker Co., Ins. gen. agents and mgrs., 
which still continues. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, 
Sons Am. Revolution, Loyal Legion. Republican. 
Mason. Clubs: Union League, South Shore Coun- 
try, Kenwood, Indian Hill. Home: 1234 N. State St. 
Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul. 

BLAKESLEE, Clyde W., grinding wheels; b. at 
Neponset, 111., Mar. 6, 1874; a. Ezra and Caroline 
(MacCraken) Blakeslee; ed. pub. schs., Neponset; 
m. Laura Pliemling, of LaCrosse, Wis., Nov. 21, 
1896; 1 daughter, Melva Laura. Began with Deer- 
ing Harvester Works, 1889; then in employ of 
Samuel Harris & Co., 1890-8; with C. H. Besley & 
Co., 1898-1900, Norton Co., 1900-5; vice pres. The 
H. A. Stocker Machinery Co., 1905-13; mgr. The 
Abrasive Co., mfrs. grinding wheels, since Mar. 1, 
1913. Republican. Protestant. Mason. Clubs: Rota- 
ry, Machinery (pres., 1916-17). Home: 133 N. Hum- 
phrey Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 566 W. Washing- 
ton Boul., Chicago. 

BLAKESLEE, George S., mfr. machinery; b. at 
Paris, N.Y., 1848; s. Lev! and Abbey 'J. (Smith) 
Blakeslee; ed. pub. schs.; m. Louisa Jones, of 
Utica, N.Y., 1871. Began in hay and grain busi- 
ness, Chicago, 1871; joined Chicago Bd. of Trade, 
1876; now pres. G. S. Blakeslee & Co., mfrs. ma- 
chinery; also pres. G. S. Blakeslee & Co. of New 
York, of Sarnia, Ont., Can., and of Blakeslee & Co. 
of Oklahoma. Progressive Republican. Episcopa- 
lian. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Chicago Automobile, 
South Shore Country. Home: 6022 Woodlawn Av. 
Office: 2852 Quinn St. 

BLAKEY, Alvin Jay, investment broker. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BLANCHARD, Charles Albert, college pres.; b. 
Galesburg, 111., Nov. 8, 1848; s. Jonathan and Mary 
Avery (Bent) Blanchard; A.B., Wheaton (111.) Coll., 
1870; student Chicago Theol. Sem., 1875; (D.D., 
Monmouth Coll., 1896); m. Ella Milligan, of Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Oct. 16, 1873 (died Oct. 30, 1884); 2d, 
Jeannie Carothers, of Wheaton, 111., June 30, 1886 
(died Feb. 9, 1894); 3d, Dr. Frances Carpthers, of 
Des Moines, la., Feb. 18, 1896. Agt. and lecturer 
Nat. Christian Assn., 1870-2; prin. prep, dept, 
Wheaton Coll., 1872-4; prof. English lit. and lang., 
1874-82, vice pres., 1876-82, prof, mental and moral 
science and pres. since 1882, Wheaton Coll. Pres. 
Sabbath Assn. of 111.; pres. coll. sect.. 111. State 
Teachers' Assn., 1894; pres. Nat. Christian Assn., 
1903, 04. Author: Educational Papers, 1883; Mod- 
ern Secret Societies, 1903; Light on the Last Days, 
1913; Getting Things from God, 1916. Address: 
Wheaton, 111. 

BLANCHARD, Don Curtis, manager Mechanical 
Rubber Co.; b. Rochester, Pa., Feb. 16, 1864; s. Ira 
Blanchard and Dorcas Elolse (Riley) Blanchard; 
ed. pub. schs., Rochester, Pa., to 1878; m. Alleghe- 
ny, Pa., Oct. 2, 1884, Sophia Mayer; 1 son, Don Cur- 
tis, Jr. Began as messenger boy in ry. office and 



with Western Union Telegraph Co., Rochester, Pa.; 
telegraph operator and mgr. of telegraph office in 
gen. offices of the Pa. Lines West of Pittsburgh, at 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; came to Chicago, 1887, and entered 
employ of Chicago Rubber Works, which changed, 
1892, to Mechanical Rubber Co., started as office 
clerk, became supt. in 1895 and has been mgr. since 
Jan. 1, 1904. Company's plant at Grand Ay. and W. 
Ohio St., mfg. rubber goods for mechanical pur- 
poses, belting, hose, etc.; pres. The Walldren Ex- 
press & Van Co., Chicago, since Jan. 1, 1916; pres. 
The Oakley Warehouse Co., The Claremont Garage; 
dir. West Town State Bank. Republican. Mason 
(32, K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Hamilton, Chicago Ath- 
letic. Recreations: automobiling, baseball. Home: 
2331 Washington Boul. Office: 307 W. Randolph St. 

BLANCHARD, Freclric Mason, professor public 
speaking; b. Williamstown, Vt., Mar. 15, 1867; s. 
George Washington and Louise Hannah (Elmer) 
Blanchard; grad. Goddard Sera., Barre, Vt., 1889; 
Ph.B., Oberlin (Ohio) Coll., 1893, A.M., 1897; grad. 
Emerson Coll. of Oratory, Boston, 1896; m. Susy 
Kendall, of Cavendish, Vt., July 17, 1897. Instr. 
Emerson Coll. of Oratory, 1896-7; instr. in public 
speaking, 1897-1902, asst. prof, since 1902, Univ. of 
Chicago; lecturer and public reader. Congregation- 
alist. Clubs: Quadrangle, Reynolds. Recreations: 
music, agriculture. Home: Lakeside, Mich. Ad- 
dress: 6034 Ingleside Av., Chicago. 

BLANCHARD. Irene Martha (Miss), college 
dean; b. Lower Waterford, Vt., 1876; d. Enoch and 
Susan (Bugles) Blanchard; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 
1898, grad. student 1911-12. Teacher, Battle Creek 
(Mich.) High Sch., 1898-9, 111. Northern Univ., 
Normal, 1899-1910; acting dean of women, 1912- 
13, dean since 1913, Northwestern Univ. Mem. 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Assn. Collegiate Alumnae, D.A. 
R. Presbyterian. Address: Willard Hall, Evans- 
ton, 111. 

BLANCHARD, Wallace, orthopedic surgeon; b. 
Fredonia, N.Y., Dec. IB, 1849; s. Dr. Joseph and 
Jane Agnes (Mills) Blanchard; resident of Chicago 
since 1858; grad. Hathaway's Acad., 1865; M.D., 
Northwestern Univ. Med. Dept., 1869; m. Galifen 
Brandt, July 12, 1900. Engaged in practice since 
1869; specialist in orthopedic surgery; asst. prof, 
orthopedic surgery. Rush Med. Coll.; orthopedic 
surgeon to the Home for Destitute Crippled Chil- 
dren. Mem. A.M.A., Congress of Am. Phys. and 
Surg., Am. .Orthopedic Assn., 111. State Med. Soc., 
Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Methodist. Mason 
(K.T.). Home: 164 N. Ridgeland Av., Oak Park, 111. 
Office: 15 E. Washington St., Chicago. 

BLANDEN, Charles Granger, secretary Rialto 
Co., author; b. Marengo, McHenry Co., 111., Jan. 19, 
1857; s. Granger and Anna Louise (Tiffany) Blan- 
den; ed. pub. schs.; Park Av. Inst., Bridgeport, 
Conn.; m. Elizabeth Mills, of Ottumwa, la., Sept. 
17, 1884. With First Nat. Bank of Fort Dodge, la., 
15 yrs.; came to Chicago, 1890; since 1891 with the 
Rialto Co. (incorporated, 1886), owning the Postal 
Telegraph Bldg.; is sec. and dir. of company, and 
agent of the bldg. Was mayor of Fort Dodge, la., 
1887-8; pres. of sch. trustees, town of Cicero, 1904- 
05. Mem. 111. Soc. Sons of Revolution. Republican. 
Clubs: Caxton, Cliff Dwellers (Chicago); Authors' 
(London, Eng.). For writings see Who's Who in 
America. Home: Oak Park, 111. Office: 332 S. La 
Salle St., Chicago. 

BLATCHFORD, Eliphalet Wickes, mfr.; May 31, 
1826-Jan. 25, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLATCHFORD, Nathaniel Hopkins, mfr. lead 
pipe; b. Quincy, 111., Sept. 25, 1849; s. Rev. John 
and Frances (Wickes) Blatchford; ed. Chicago 
High Sch. and at Norwich, Conn.; m. Ella Marion 
Philbrick, Concord. N.H. (died 1899); children: 
Francis Wickes (M.D.), Nathaniel H., Jr.; m. 2d, 
Helen D. Wheeler, Ripon, Wis., 1901. Entered office 
of E. W. Blatchford & Co., as elk., 1869, with which 
has since remained; also mgr. branch office of 
United Lead Co. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Clubs: Skokie Country, Union League. Recreation: 
golf. Home: Winnetka, 111. Office: 230 N. Clinton 
St., Chicago. 

BLATCHPORD, Paul, secretary National Metal 
Trades Assn.; b. Chicago, July 18, 1859; s. E W 
and Mary E. (Williams) Blatchford; A.B., Amherst, 

1882; m. Frances V. Lord, of Bangor, Me., 1887; 
children: John, Dorothy L., Barbara, Charles L. 
With Blatchford & Co.'s lead works, 1882-1900; sec. 
Central Supply Assn. since 1900; sec. Chicago br. 
Nat. Metal Trades Assn. since 1903; sec. and dir. 
E. W. Blatchford & Co. Gov. 111. Soc. Mayflower 
Descendants, 1907-9; It. gov. 111. Soc. Colonial 
Wars, 1908-9; mem. 111. Soc. S.A.R. Republican. 
Mason (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: University, 'West- 
ward Ho, Caxton, Oak Park Country. Home: 33$ 
N. Euclid Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 139 N. Clark 
St., Chicago. 

"BIATT, Maurice Lamm, M.D.; b. Tankton, S.D., 
July 25, 1879; s. William and Frances (Lamm) 
Blatt; grad. Yankton Coll. Acad., 1898; M.D., Rush 
Med. Coll., 1903; post-grad, study, Vienna and Ber- 
lin, 1901; m. Irma Mickel, of Chicago, Dec. 20, 1910. 
Interne St. Luke's Hosp., Chicago, 1903-5; instr. 
pediatrics, Univ. of HI.; mem. attending staff Mu- 
nicipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium; gen. staff Michael 
Reese Hosp.; attending phys. contagious dept. Cook 
County Hosp. Served as sergt. 1st S.Dak. U.S.V., 
Spanish-Am. War and Philippine Insurrection r 
capt. Med. Corps, 111. N.G., assigned 1st 111. Cav. 
Mem. A.M. A., Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Pediatric 
Soc., Assn. Mil. Surgeons of U.S., Phi Beta Pi. 
Club: City. Home: 5134 Greenwood Av. Office: 10* 
S. Michigan Av. 

BLAUVELT, Martin Post, railway comptroller. 
Removed to New York. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLAYNEY, Frederick Hamilton, M.D., surgeon; 
b. Summerton, Morrow Co., O., Jan. 3, 1869; s. of 
Henry Giles and Mary Caroline (Todd) Blayney; 
A.B., Washington and Jefferson Coll., Washington, 
Pa., 1891, later A.M.; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., 
Chicago, 1898; m. Grace Beymer, of Corning, la., 
June 29, 1904; 2 children: Anna Elizabeth, Freder- 
ick Arthur. Taught Latin and Greek in Corning 
(la.) Acad., 1891-5; interne West Side Hosp., Chi- 
cago, 1898-1900; engaged in gen. practice of medi- 
cine since June, 1900; formerly clin. instr. in sur- 
gery, Coll. Phys. and Surg., and 111. Post-Grad. 
Sch.; maj. Med. Corps, I.N.G., assigned to 2d Inf. 
Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. 
Soc., Assn. Mil. Surgeons of U.S., Chicago Assn. 
Commerce, Phi Gamma Delta, Nu Sigma Nu. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Mason, K.P. Recreations: 
camping and shooting. Home: 115 N. Lockwood 
Av. Office: 59 E. Madison St. 

BLECH. G-ustavus Meximilian, surgeon; b. Riga, 
Livonia, Nov. 28, 1870; s. Johann (M.D.) and Jo- 
hanna (Wohlfarth) Blech; collegiate edn., Riga 
City Lycee; studied medicine in Germany, France 
and U.S.; M.D., Barnes Univ., 1894; hon. degrees- 
from other professional schs.; m. Rose Berken- 
stadt. Engaged in practice of medicine since 1892; 
consulting surgeon People's Hosp.; chief surgeon 
Lincoln Hosp.; prof, surgery, Loyola Univ. Dir. 
commanding 111. div. Red Cross Field Corps; 
served as asst. surgeon of vols. during Spanish- 
Am. War. Mem. A.M. A., Miss. Valley Med. Assn., 
etc. Mem. Soc. for Ethical Culture. Author of 
several med. books and contbns. to med. literature. 
Home: 1008 Leland Av. Office: 25 E. Washington 

BLEI, George Frederick, mfr. and dealer in coop- 
erage supplies, etc.; b. Chicago, Oct. 18, 1872; s. 
Daniel and Wilhelmina (Lad wig) Blei; ed. pub. 
schs., Chicago, and in Bryant and Stratton Busi- 
ness Coll.; m. Ida M. Saubert, of Chicago, Oct. 23, 
1897; children: Ruth M. C., Henrietta O., George W. 
Connected in various capacities with several mer- 
cantile concerns in Chicago until 1901; then joined 
J. D. Hollingshead in organizing the Hollingshead 
& Blei Co., mfrs. of cooperage supplies, of which is. 
pres. Mem. Chicago Sharpshooters' Assn. Clubs: 
111. Athletic, German. Home: 3534 Janssen Av. Of- 
fice: 10 S. LaSalle St. 

BLESSING, Lewis Greene, mfr.; b. Manteno, 111.. 
Mar. 28, 1873; s. John Lewis and Jane (Esgar) 
Blessing; ed. pub. schs., Morris, 111., and Chicago 
m. Grace Elizabeth Williams, of Columbus, O. 
Sept. 1, 1896; 1 daughter, Marion Elizabeth; m. 2d 
Rosalie Koch, of Chicago, Oct. 4, 1910; 1 daughter 
Jane Henrietta. Clk. in gen. offices of C..B.&Q.R.R. 
1889-94; bookkeeper, Cleveland Faucet Co, Chica- 
go, 1894-5, Berner-Mayer Co., 1895-7; dept. mgr. 
Liquid Carbonic Co., 1898-1900; with Gilmore & 



Blessing, coal, 1900-2; traveling salesman, Charles 
L. Bastian Mfg. Co., 1902-7; treas. and gen. mgr. 
The Bastian-Blessing Co., mfrs. soda fountain 
parts, etc., since 1907. Also pres. Ferguson-Lander 
Mfg. Co.; vice pres. E. R. Moore Co., Co-operative 
Adv. Co., Endflre Extinguisher Co. Republican. 
Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Hamilton, Chicago 
Motor, Colonial, Oak Park Country, Glen Oak Coun- 
try. Recreations: motoring, traveling, baseball, 
golf. Home: 701 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111. Of- 
fice: 120 W. Austin Av., Chicago. 

BLESSING, 'Wilbur Paul, manager Presbyn. Bd. 
of Publication and Sabbath School Work; b. Green- 
ville, O., Feb. 12, 1875; s. Ira W. and Elizabeth 
(Herbert) Blessing; ed. pub. grammar and high 
sens., McPherson, Kan.; m. Grace Anderson, of 
Dayton, O., July 21, 1899; 2 children: Genevieve 
and Holly Paul; m. 2d, Vinnie Shideler, Mar. 25, 
1914. Engaged with United Brethren Pub. House, 
Dayton, O., 1893-1900; identified with the Presbyn. 
Bd. of Publication and Sabbath School Work since 
1900, as asst. mgr. until 1903, and mgr. of the Chi- 
cago depository since 1903. Mem. Ohio Soc. of Chi- 
cago. Republican. Club: 111. Athletic. Recreation: 
golf. Home: 1122 E. 46th St. Office: 509 S. Wabash 

BLEYER, diaries Edwin, mfrs.' agent; b. Dav- 
enport, la., Aug. 1, 1856; s. Maurice H. and Antoi- 
nette S. Bleyer; ed. pub. schs. of la. and St. Louis, 
Mo.; widower; 1 son, Clifford Melville. Began busi- 
ness career in St. Louis, but has been a resident of 
Chicago since 1885, except for 5 yrs., 1901-6, in 
New York and Los Angeles, Cal. ; identified with 
mfg., 1889-1912; since in mfrs.' agency business. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn. 
Served on staffs 2 govs. of III., title of col.; was 
sec. and treas. The Interstate Nat. Guard Assn. of 
America for 6 years. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, Chicago Athletic, Chicago Yacht; Engi- 
neers', Aero of America, Machinery (New York). 
Recreations: traveling, literature. Residence: Union 
League Club. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 

BLISS, Amos B., electrical engr.; b. Hillsboro, 
Albert Co., N.B., Can., Oct. 6, 1862; s. Amos A. 
and Malvina (Rayworth) Bliss; ed. pub. schs., Hal- 
ifax, N.S., Mt. Allison Acad., Sackville, N.B., 1877, 
78; matriculated in Mt. Allison Univ., Sackville, 
1878; studied scientific course, but left coll. dur- 
ing sr. year, 1881; m. Flora C. Crawford, of Hali- 
fax, N.S., Dec. 22, 1885 (died Feb. 8, 1907); chil- 
dren: Amos A., Stella R., Bessie; m. 2d, Wilena M. 
Dewar, of Lowell, Mass., Nov. 25, 1908; 1 son, Don- 
ald R. Began as elec. contractor, Halifax, N.S., 
1885; installed and operated telephone and electric 
light plant in Sackville, N.B., 1886; supt. and elec. 
engr., lighting plant, Moncton, N.B., 1887-9; same, 
Consolidated Electric Co., St. John, N.B., 1889-95; 
engaged in mfr. of motors, Lowell, Mass., 1895-8; 
treas. and gen. mgr. New England Motor Co., 1898- 
1912; mgr. branch office Heinze Electric Co., at Chi- 
cago, since 1912. Republican. Methodist. Club: 
Chicago Motor. Recreations: hunting, golf. Home: 
815 N. Kenilworth Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 1256 
S. Michigan Av., Chicago. 

BLISS, Charles Lewis, fire ins.; b. Carroll Co., 
111., Nov. 11, 1852; s. George Jenkins and Climanda 
(Preston) Bliss; ed. Northwestern Univ., class of 
1875. Engr. on N.P.R.R., 1873-4; actuarial dept. of 
Nat. Life Ins. Co. of U.S.A., 1875-8; then with land 
dept. of C.&N.-W.Ry.Co. until 1885; fire ins. since 
1885. Republican. Mason (Shriner). Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Jackson Park Yacht. Recreation: 
yachting. Home: Downers Grove, 111. Office: In- 
surance Exchange, Chicago. 

BLISS. EliaSim Raymond, lawyer; b. at New 
Brunswick, N.J., Sept. 3, 1846; s. George Ripley 
(D.D., LL.D.) and Mary A. (Raymond) Bliss; ed. 
Univ. of Lewisburg, Pa., and old Univ. of Chicago, 
A.M.; LL.B., Columbian (now George Washington) 
Univ., 1873; m. Margaret Holmes, of Chicago, 1882. 
Has lived in Chicago since 1863; admitted to bar, 
1873, but did not begin practice until 1876; county 
atty. Cook Co., 111., 1882-4, 1886-9; as county atty., 
established, 1869, validity of law permitting annex- 
ation of Hyde Park, Lake View and other suburbs; 
recently identified with negotiations relating to 
Chicago's traction problem; gen. counsel and dir. 
Chicago City Ry. Co. Judge advocate gen. I.N.G. 

(retired). Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. 
Mason (33); was one of 3 Masons apptd. to carry 
out plan of erecting Masonic Temple in Chicago. 
Clubs: Union League, South Shore Country. Home: 
4863 Lake Park Av. Office: 38 S. Dearborn St. 

BLISS, Eliakim Raymond, Jr., lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, July 1, 1885; s. Eliakim Raymond and Mar- 
garet (Holmes) Bliss; preliminary edn. grammar 
schs., Chicago; grad. University High Sch.; Ph.B., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1910; LL.B., Chicago-Kent Coll. 
of Law, 1912; m. Lila T. Tollifson. of Chicago and 
Wheaton, 111., Oct. 12, 1914; 1 child, Margaret Lila. 
In real estate business, and sec. and treas. Santo 
Domingo Lumber Co., 1909-12; practiced alone in 
Chicago since 1912; sec., treas. and dir. Concrete 
Mixing and Conveying Co. Asso. mem. Chicago 
Real Estate Bd.; mem. Cook County Real Estate 
Bd., Chicago Law Inst., Chicago Bar Assn., Am. 
Red Cross, Art Inst. of Chicago (life). Delta Tau 
Delta. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Union 
League, Press (life). Recreation: photography. 
Home: 6920 South Shore Drive. Office: 38 S. Dear- 
born St. 

BLISS, Gilbert Ames, college prof.; b. Chicago, 
May 9, 1876; s. George Harrison and Mary Maria 
(Gilbert) Bliss; B.S., Univ. of Chicago, 1897, M.S., 
1898, fellow, 1899-1900, Ph.D., 1900; student Univ. 
of Gottingen, 1902-3; married. Instr. mathematics, 
Univ. of Minn., 1900-2; asso. in mathematics, Univ. 
of Chicago, 1903-4; asst. prof, mathematics, Univ. 
of Mo., 1904-5, Princeton Univ., 1905-8; asso. prof, 
mathematics, 1908-13, prof, since 1913, Univ. of 
Chicago. Asso. editor Annals of Mathematics, 
1906-8, Transactions Am. Math. Soc., 1908-16. Mem. 
Nat. Acad. Sciences. Republican. Mem. Delta Kap- 
pa Epsilon. Clubs: Quadrangle, University. Home: 
5625 Kenwood Av. 

BLISS, James Harris, Jr., department store 
mcht., accountant; b. Sugar Grove, 111., Oct. 13, 
1889; s. James Harris and Grace E. (Carter) Bliss; 
prep. edn. West Aurora (111.) High Sch.; North- 
western Univ. Night Sch.; m. Ethel Taylor, of De 
Kalb, 111., Apr. 28, 1915. Served as auditor Streator 
Telephone & Telegraph Co. and Peoples Home Tel- 
ephone Co., Leavenworth, Kan., 3 yrs.; then gen. 
mgr. Chicago, Aurora & DeKalb R.R. Co., 5 yrs.; 
with Anderson, Delany & Co., certified pub. ac- 
countants, 4 months; sec. -treas. Siegel, Cooper & 
Co. since Nov., 1916; auditor for Central Div. and 
Chicago Chapter, Am. Nat. Red Cross. Certified 
pub. accountant; mem. Am. Inst. Accountants. 
Lecturer Northwestern Univ. School of Commerce. 
Republican. Mason (R.A.), Elk. Clubs: City, Kis- 
waukee Country (DeKalb, 111.). Home: 214 S. Lom- 
bard Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: Siegel, Cooper & 
Co., Chicago. 

BLISS, Samuel Eugene, mfr.; b. Jericho, Vt., 
Jan. 31, 1846; s. Samuel Butler and Sally Clarisa 
(Cadwell) Bliss; ed. Underhill (Vt.) Acad.; m. at 
Saginaw, Mich., Sept. 29, 1869, Mary Frances 
Hickok. Worked in shop of father, blacksmith and 
carriage builder, 1862-4; elk. in hardware store, 
Burlington, Vt., 1864-8; came to Chicago Mar. 23, 
1868; elk. and traveling salesman until 1885; in 
business for self as dealer, 1885-91; sold out, Feb., 
1891, and started in business as a mfr. of shafting; 
organized Bliss & Laughlin, Harvey, 111., incor- 
porated, of which he is pres. and treas.; was pres. 
Metropolitan Trust & Savings Bank; vice pres. and 
dir. Central Trust Co. of 111. Mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn. 
Pres. 111. Soc. S.A.R.; vice pres. Nat. Soc. S.A.R. 
Republican. Mason, K.T. (Past Master and Past 
High Priest of Chapter and Past Grand Sovereign 
of the Order of Red Cross of Constantine). Club: 
Chicago Athletic (life). Recreations: fishing, hunt- 
ing. Home: 3630 Lake Park Av. Office: 1025 W. 
Jackson Boul. 

BLOCK, Emanuel J., steel ; b. Cincinnati, O., May 
22 1880; s. Joseph and Rose (Cahn) Block; ed. pub. 
sens., Cincinnati; m. Helen Mannheimer, of Chi- 
cago, Dec. 2, 1908; 2 children: Marjorie A., Helen 
Rose. Has been identified with steel mfg. since 
1901; now asst. sec. and asst. treas., also dir., In- 
land Steel Co. Dir. Chicago Home for Jewish Or- 
phans. Republican. Mason. Clubs: Standard, Lake 
Shore Country, Ravisloe Country, Hammond Coun- 
try. Home: 4928 Greenwood Av. Office: 38 S. Dear- 
born St. 



BLOCK, Isaac, iron mcht.; Dec. 23, 1840-July 11, 
1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLOCK. Leopold B. steel; b. Cincinnati, Jan. 13, 
1869; s. Joseph and Rose (Cahn) Block; ed. pub. 
schs. of Cincinnati; m. Cora B. Bloom, of Chicago, 
June 20, 1900; 4 children: Joseph, Leopold, Babette, 
Eleanor. Entire business life has been in the coal 
and iron trade, first in Cincinnati, and since 1897 in 
Chicago; treas. and dir. Inland Coal & Washing Co., 
1897-1905; vice pres. Inland Steel Co. Republican. 
Clubs: Standard, Ravisloe Country, Lake Shore 
Country. Home: 4412 Drexel Boul. Office: 38 S. 
Dearborn St. 

BLOCK, Louis James, teacher, author; b. in Aus- 
tria, Sept. 10, 1851; s. Lazarus and Fanny (Gostorf) 
Block; A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Washington Univ. Prin. 
John Marshall High School, Chicago, since 1895. 
Mem. N.E.A., North Central Assn. Colls, and Sec- 
ondary Schs. Clubs: Chicago Literary, 20th Cen- 
tury, Cliff Dwellers, City. Lectured on Platonism 
at Concord Sch. of Philosophy, 1878, on philosophy 
of literature, Glenmore, Adirondacks, N.Y., 1885. 
Author: Dramatic Sketches and Poems, 1891; The 
New World and Other Verse, 1895; Capriccios, 
1898; Many Moods and Many Minds, 1906; The 
Judge (play), 1915. Contbr. to periodicals. Home: 
133 Oak Park Av., Oak Park, 111. Address: John 
Marshall High Sch., W. Adams St. and Kedzie Av., 

BLOCK, Philip Dee, steel mfr.; b. Cincinnati, O., 
Feb. 16, 1871; s. Joseph and Rose (Cahn) Block; 
grad. Hughes High Sch., Cincinnati, June, 1888; m. 
Chicago, June 1, 1899, Celia F. Leopold; children: 
Madeline Babette, Philip Dee, Jr. With Block- 
Pollak Iron Co., Chicago and Cincinnati, 1888-1903; 
with Inland Steel Co. since 1903 as vice pres. and 
treas.; vice pres. Chicago, 111. & Ind. Ry. Co., Buf- 
falo Steel Co.; dir. Indestructible Post Co. Clubs: 
Standard, Ravisloe Country, Lake Shore Country. 
Recreation: golf. Home: 4920 Greenwood Av. Of- 
flce: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BLOCK, Willard Thomas, capitalist; Jan. 6, 1853- 
Mar. 17, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLOCKI, Frederick William, electric and steam 
railroads; b. Chicago, Nov. 2, 1868; s. John and 
Emma (Leadbeater) Blocki; ed. high sch., and 
Lewis Inst., Chicago; m. Chicago, 1899, Louise Wol- 
tersdorf; 1 son, Frederick A. L. Engaged in busi- 
ness as druggist and mfr. of perfumes; treas. firm 
of John Blocki & Son; now treas. Brennan Constrn. 
Co., Blocki-Brennan Refining Co. Has been active 
In politics in Chicago. Apptd. by Mayor Carter H. 
Harrison, Jr., as supt. of Bur. of Maps, City of 
Chicago; 6 mos. later promoted to deputy commr. 
of pub. works, and, after 18 mos., commr. of pub. 
works; reapptd. after 2 yrs., and held that position 
until Apr., 1905, when was elected treas. of the 
City of Chicago, term ending 1907; now mem. Bd. 
of Review of Cook Co. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 111. 
Athletic, Germania Maennerchor, Iroquois, Illinois, 
etc. Recreations: motoring, fishing. Home: 822 
Buena Av. Office: 11 S. LaSalle St. 

BLOCKI, Gale, lawyer; b. Chicago, Dec. 22, 1870; 
s. William F. and Emily L. (Hallock) Blocki; grad. 

frammar sch., River Forest, 1886; Oak Park High 
ch., 1890; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1895; mar- 
ried; 3 children: Gale, Jr., Jane, Barbara. Began 
practice, 1895; went to Gal. to take charge of west- 
ern litigation for Chicago clients In 1896, and prac- 
ticed in Los Angeles for 1 yr. ; opened an office in 
Chicago, 1897, and has continued in active practice 
since that time; mem. Tinsman & Blocki; first vice 
pres. Woodlawn Improvement Assn., also of Shel- 
don Sch. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., 
Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Clubs: Hamilton, 
South Shore Country. Home: 6407 Kimbark Av. 
Office: 38 S. Dearborn St. 

BLOCKI, John, perfumer; b. on feudal estate, 
Hanswalde, near Koenigsberg, Prussia, June 15, 
1845: s. Frederick William and Emma (Doehling) 
Blocki; came to U.S. with parents, 1850; ed. pub. 
and pvt. schs., Sheboygan, Wis. ; m. Emma Lead- 
beater, of Chicago, Oct. 7, 1867 (died 1913) ; 2 chil- 
dren: Frederick William, Jeannette (Mrs. Hugo T. 
Petersen). Began apprenticeship in store of F. A. 
Wheeler Sheboygan; came to Chicago, 1862; with 
wholesale drug house of Fuller, Finch & Fuller 

and Its successor, Fuller & Fuller, 1862-5; formed 
partnership with E. Dietzsch and A. C. Hesing, 
1865, and engaged in business as Dietzsch, Blocki 
& Co., later Blroth, Blocki & Co.; sold interest to 
Mr. Biroth, 1869, and bought interest of Mr. Mears 
in Mears & Rockwood, conducting business under 
title of Rockwood & Blocki; burned out by great 
fire of 1871, and started again, taking in brother, 
E. W., as partner; moved to 20 Market St., 1872; 
title of firm now John Blocki & Son, mfrs. per- 
fumery. Mem. Perfumers', Soap and Extract Mfrs.' 
Assn., Am. Pharm. Assn., 111. Pharm. Assn., Mfg. 
Perfumers' Assn., U.S.A.; Chicago Veteran Drug- 
gists' Assn., Chicago Drug Club, etc. Clubs: Ger- 
mania, Chicago Automobile. Home: 523 Oakdale 
Av. Office: 117 E. 13th St. 

BLOCKI, William P., druggist; Dec. 8, 1841-Aug. 
23, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLOME, Rudolph S., general contractor; b. Mon- 
roe, Mich., Apr. 7, 1871; s. Joseph and Caroline 
(Blome) Sedlaczek (legally changed to Blome); ed. 
Monroe (Mich.) High Sch., Univ. of Mich, and De- 
troit Business Univ.; came to Chicago, 1891; m. 
Chicago, Jan. 18, 1899, Viola Josephine Dix. In 
Jan., 1892, entered the business of Joseph Stam- 
sen, established 1866, contractor for cement pav- 
ing and concrete constrn. ; became partner, Jan., 
1894, under firm name of Stamsen & Blome; ac- 
quired sole ownership of the business after the 
death of Mr. Stamsen, 1896, and the title changed 
to Rudolph S. Blome Co.; firm name Blome-Sinek 
Co. since 1914; company has offices in Chicago, 
New York, and Vancouver, B.C., and has erected 
many large bldgs. and other structures. Pres. Chi- 
cago Concrete Contractors' Assn. Clubs: Union 
League, Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country, 
Germania. Recreations: golf, motoring, travel. 
Home: 612 Deming PI. Office: 139 N. Clark St. 

BLOMFSLDT, Peter Axel, machinery; b. Hoping, 
Sweden, Apr. 10, 1858; s. of Peter Eric and Anna 
(Bernwall) Blomfeldt; ed. pub. schs. in Sweden; 
came to Chicago direct from old country, 1880; m. 
Chicago, Oct., 1896, Emily Samuelson; 1 son. Axel 
Allen. Learned machinist trade in Sweden; after 
coming to Chicago worked at the trade until 1896; 
established in business, 1896, under firm name of 
Blomfeldt & Rapp, special machinery. Mem. Swed- 
ish Engring. Soc. Republican. Mason; mem. Inde- 
pendent Order of Svithiod. Home: 6523 Greenview 
Av. Office: 108 N. Jefferson St. 

BLOMBKEN, Oscar Nathaniel, retired; b. near 
Gothenburg, Sweden, Sept. 11, 1848; s. Carl and 
Hanna (Benett) Blomgren; came to Chicago with 
parents in 1854; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Chi- 
cago, Dec. 31, 1876, EmmaPeterson; children: Edna 
Olivia (Mrs. Rev. Adolf Hull, of Rock Island, 111.), 
Natalie Amanda, Ray Augustus. After learning 
trade engaged on own account, in 1875, in busi- 
ness of engraving and electrotyping, and was pres. 
of Blomgren Bros. & Co., engravers and electro- 
typers, till 1909 (retired). Mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn. 
Was mem. Sch. Bd., Lake View. Recreations: 
yachting and fishing. Home: 1449 Fargo Av. 

BLOOM, Henry M., mfr.; b. N.Y. City, Sept. 18, 
1870; s. Julius and Jennie (Hirsch) Bloom; ed. pub. 
schs., Chicago; m. Frances Guthman, of Chicago, 
Nov. 2, 1905; 2 daughters: Dorothy Helen, Mildred 
Irene. Began in employ of Rosenwald & Well, 
1898-1901; entered manufacture of white goods, 
1901; now pres. White Goods Mfg. Co., mfrs. night 
robes, bath robes, pajamas, summer clothing spe- 
cialties, etc., of which is pres. Mason. Home: 5420 
South Park Av. Office: 325 S. Market St. 

BLOOMTIELD, Willis Elliott, manager Chicago 
office Houghton Mifflin Co. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLOOMINGSTON, Prances Drake, M.D.; b. at 
Skaneateles, N.Y. ; d. Samuel M. and Cornelia H. 
(Benson) Drake; descendant on paternal side of 
Samuel Drake (col. of Minute Men), of West Ches- 
ter Co., Colony of N.Y., 1775; also Elija Drake, 2d 
It. of 1st Battery of Arty., 6th Regt. of N.Y., 1807; 
descendant on maternal side of Benoni Benson, 1st 
It. of Mendon Co., Mass., and Steven Benson, Sr., 
pvt. same company; ed. grammar and high schs., 
Painesville, O. ; Lake Erie Coll., Painesville; Chi- 
cago Kindergarten Coll. and Lit. Sch.; M.D., Her- 
ing Med. Coll., Chicago, 1900; m. John S. Bloom- 



ingston, of Chicago, July 9, 1883 (died 1901). Prac- 
ticed in Chicago since 1900. Mem. Am. Inst. Ho- 
moeopathy, Internal. Hahnemannian Assn., Chicago 
Homoe. Med. Soc., Englewood Homce. Soc., D.A.R., 
Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, 
P.E.O. Club: Woodlawn Woman's. Author: Post 
Partum Hemorrhages (read before International 
Hahnemannian Assn.), 1907; Constipation and 
Comparative Treatment of Bath Schools (London 
Congress of Homoeopathy), July, 1911; Nosodes 
and Their Use (read before same congress); A 
Case of Diabetes; Bufa Rana (read before the In- 
ternat. Homoa. Assn.), 1913; Applied Homoeopathic 
Philosophy (read before Internal. Hahnemannian 
Assn.). 1913. Home and Office: 6132 Kenwood Av. 

BLOSS, Sidney M., banker, lumberman; b. Ne- 
braska City, Neb., Apr. 17, 1866; s. James G. and 
Catherine (Rector) Bloss; ed. high sch., Lincoln, 
Neb.; m. Alice Williams, of Waukesha, Wis., Nov. 
25, 1897; 3 children: Richard W., Katherine Jane, 
Helen W. Began as office boy with W. P. Rend & 
Co., coal dealers, Chicago; bookkeeper for H. W. 
Hickox, 1882-5; mem. firm Bloss & Baker 4 yrs.; in 
retail lumber business as S. M. Bloss & Co., for 3 
yrs., then handled subdivision property. Became 
interested in the Lyon Cypress Lumber Co., 1903, 
and superintended erection of its plant in Gary- 
ville, La.; has been gen. mgr. of the company from 
the start; now pres. S. M. Bloss & Co., bankers; 
pres. Garyville Land Co.; dir. Continental Timber 
Land Co. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Mid- 
Day, South Shore Country. Home: 5308 Hyde Park 
Boul. Office: 160 W. Jackson Boul. 

BLOSSOM, George W., underwriter; b. Dubuque, 
la., Oct. 1, 1854; s. Alonzo and Frances E. (Wil- 
liams) Blossom; ed. pub. schs. of Dubuque; m. Chi- 
cago, 1888, Carrie R. Boardman; children: George 
B., Francis R., Katherine May. Began in a fire ins. 
agency at Dubuque, and afterward in the office of 
the western dept. of the German-Am. Ins. Co., 8 
yrs., and in the western dept. of the Conn. Fire Ins. 
Co., 3 yrs.; then became a partner in Fred S. James 
& Co., Chicago; also a partner in the New York 
agency of Fred S. James & Co. and one of the mgrs. 
for the U.S. of the Gen. Fire Assurance Co., the 
Urbaine Fire Ins. Co. of Paris, France, and the 
British Dominions Gen. Ins. Co. of London. Clubs: 
Union League, Mid-Day, South Shore Country, Ex- 
moor, Indian Hill. Recreations: golf and motoring. 
Home: 955 Green Bay Rd., Hubbard Woods, 111. 
Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

BLOUKE. Milton Baker, M.D.; b. Stoyestown, 
Somerset Co., Pa., Feb. 19, 1862; s. Henry and Su- 
san (Kimmel) Blouke; ed. pub. and pvt. schs. in 
Pa.; M.D., Chicago Homce. Med. Coll., 1885; m. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 19, 1891, Ola Louise Matthews; chil- 
dren: Louise, Pierre, Dorothy, Elizabeth. Prac- 
ticed in Chicago since 1885; attending surgeon, 
Chicago Homoe. Hosp. Mem. Draft Exemption Bd. 
Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, 111. Homce. Med. 
Assn., Chicago Homos. Med. Soc. Congregational- 
ist. Home: 2907 Washington Boul. Office: 22 E. 
Washington St. 

BLOUNT, Anna Ellsworth, M.D.; b. at Oregon, 
Wis.; d. Henry Green and Ruth Amelia (Barnhisel) 
Ellsworth; prep. edn. Oregon High Sch.; B.S., Univ. 
of Wis., 1892; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Woman's 
Med. Sch., 1897; studied univs. of Berlin, Munich 
and Vienna, 1903, 04; m. Ralph Earl Blount, of Oak 
Park, 111., June 10, 1893; children: Walter, Earle 
Ellsworth, Ruth Amelia. Teacher, high sch., Aus- 
tin, 111., 1892-5; interne. Cook Co. Hosp., 1897-9; in 
practice at Oak Park, 1899; teacher of physiology, 
Woman's Med. Sch., 1899-1901; practice since 1904. 
Mem. A.M. A., Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Equal 
Suffrage League, Chicago Peace Soc., etc. Atheist. 
Clubs: Nineteenth Century, Civics, Woman's City. 
Especially interested in equal suffrage and eugen- 
ics; now chmn. Eugenics Edn. Soc. of Chicago. 
Home: 124 S. Oak Park Av., Oak Park, 111. 

BLOUNT, Fred Meacham, insurance; b. White- 
hall, N.Y., Jan. 24, 1853; s. John Darwin and Sarah 
(Meacham) Blount; came to Chicago in childhood; 
ed. old Chicago Univ.; m. Chicago, Mar. 25, 1874, 
Kittie E. Deane; children: Harry D. and Kittie E. 
(Mrs. Charles F. Weinland). Began as messenger 
with Merchants' Loan & Trust Co., and thence to 
asst. treas. of U.S., Chicago, and at the starting of 

the Chicago Nat. Bank went with it as receiving 
teller, became cashier and later vice pres.; now sr. 
mem. firm of Fred M. Blount & Sons ins.; resident 
vice pres. Mass. Bonding & Ins. Co. since 1910. Has 
been mem. Bd. of West Chicago Park Commrs. and 
Chicago Bd. of Edn.; former treas. Sanitary Dist. 
of Chicago, Bd. of West Chicago Park Commrs.: 
mem. 111. commn. to La. Purchase Expn. ; presdl. 
elector, 1908; del. to Rep. Nat. Conv., 1904, 1908. 
Life mem. Art Inst. of Chicago; mem. Chicago 
Hist. Soc. Republican. Protestant. Clubs: Union 
League, Hamilton, Illinois. Recreation: golf. Home: 
Wheaton, III. Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul., Chi- 

BLUE. Robert, oculist; b. Belle Plaine, la,, Oct. 
3, 1876; s. John D. and Ella (Anderson) Blue; A.B., 
Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, la., 1900; M.D., North- 
western Univ. Med. Sch., 1904; m. Harriet Read, of 
Chicago, June 30, 1908; 1 daughter, Yvonne. Instr. 
Dept. of Ophthalmology, Northwestern Univ. Med. 
Sch.; oculist on staff of Wesley Memorial Hosp. 
Mem. 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Chi- 
cago Ophthal. Soc. Republican. Methodist. Home: 
1555 E. 61st St. Office: 25 E. Washington St. 

BLUM, August, banker. Removed to Pasadena, 
Cal. (See vol. 1911.) 

BLUM, Henry 8., lawyer; b. Hungary, Jan. 19, 
1884; s. Morris and Fannie (Roth) Blum; came to 
U.S., 1891; LL.B., 111. Coll. of Law (DePaul Univ.), 
1903; unmarried. Admitted to 111. bar, 1907, and 
since practiced in Chicago; sr. mem. firm of Blum, 
Wolfsohn & Blum. Republican. Mem. B'nai B'rith 
(pres., 1917), Covenant Club of Chicago (pres., 
1916). Mason, Odd Fellow, K.P. Club: Hampden 
(dir.). Home: 1619 S. Millard Av. Office: Westmin- 
ster Bldg. 

BLUM, Julius, men's furnishings; Dec. 19, 1849- 
July 27, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) . 

BLUM, Sidney Julius, knit goods; b. Chicago, 
Feb. 15, 1882; s. Julius and Carrie (Sonlander) 
Blum; grad. St. John's Mil. Acad., Delafield, Wis., 
1898; m. Irma Winter, of Chicago, Feb. 22, 1908; 2 
children: Robert S., John J. Identified since 1898 
with business established by father and Simon S. 
Blum, in 1882; was admitted as partner, 1900, and 
now sole propr. Blum Bros. (Bavaria Knitting 
Mills). Mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chicago Assn. Com- 
merce. Republican. Jewish religion. Mason, Elk. 
Club: Standard. Home: 5602 South Park Av. Of- 
fice: 121 S. Market St. 

BLUM, Simon S., merchant; Sept. 16, 1856-1914. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BLUMENTHAL, Isaclore Sidney, lawyer; b. at 
Leavenworth, Kan., Nov. 20, 1879; s. Solomon and 
Rebecca Jennie (Shaffer) Blumenthal; ed. pub. 
schs., Chicago; pvt. schs. and instruction in Ger- 
man and ancient langs. and English; LL.B., Chica- 
go-Kent Coll. of Law (Lake Forest Univ.), 1900; m. 
Ruble Radzinski, of Chicago, Feb. 3, 1909; 1 child, 
Ethel Anne. With William E. O'Neill, atty., Chi- 
cago, 1894-1906; admitted to bar, 1901; mem. Son- 
nenschein, Blumenthal & Berkson, 1906-9, alone 
since 1909. Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar assns., 
Cook Co. Real Estate Bd., Western Economic Soc. 
Republican. Mason; mem. B'nai B'rith. Home: 
Kenwood; (summer) Crystal Lake, 111. Office: 7 S. 
Dearborn St., Chicago. 

BLUNT, John Ellsworth, civil engr.; b. Brainard, 
Tenn., Dec. 25, 1828; s. Ainsworth E. and Harriet 
(Ellsworth) Blunt; ed. Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Mass.; m. Augusta E. Wood, Oct. 11. 1853 (died 
Nov. 21, 1911). Engr. on various rys., Ga. and Ala,, 
until 1862; constructing engr. Chicago & Galena 
Union R.R., 1862-4; div. engr., 1864-88, chief engr., 
Nov. 1, 1888-Dec. 3, 1899, consulting engr., Dec. 3, 
1899 , C.&N.W.Ry. Home: Evanston, 111. 

BLUNT, John Ellsworth, Jr., banker; b. Wheat- 
ton, 111., Aug. 12, 1870; s. John E. and Augusta 
(Wood) Blunt; ed. pub. schs. of Wheaton, 111., and 
Winona, Minn., and grad. Winona High Sch., 1886; 
m. Carlene Curtis, of St. Paul, Minn., June 4, 1898; 
children: Curtis E., John E., 3d, Carleton, Lucretia. 
Entered employ of C.&N.-W.Ry. in 1886 as messen- 
ger; remained with that company and the C..M.& 
St.P.Ry. as telegraph operator, ticket agent and 
traveling passenger agent of the C.&N.-W. until 
1892; with Second Nat. Bank, Winona, Minn., Jan.- 



Mar., 1893; came to Chicago, and in Dec., 1893, en- 
tered office of Farson, Leach & Co., remaining un- 
til Jan., 1899, when entered service of the Mer- 
chants' Loan & Trust Co., organizing its bond dept., 
and was elected vice pres., Jan., 1910. Clubs: Mid- 
Day, Union League, Glen View, Bankers'. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Home: 1131 Michigan Av., Evanston, 111. 
Office: 112 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

BLUNT, Katharine, home economist; b. Phila., 
Pa., May 28, 1876; d. of Stanhope E. and Fanny 
(Smyth) Blunt; A.B., Vassar Coll., 1898; Ph.D., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1907. Asst. prof, food chemistry, 
Home Economics Dept., Univ. of Chicago, since 

1913. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc., Assn. Collegiate Alum- 
nae, etc. Episcopalian. Clubs: Woman's City, Col- 
lege. Home: 1156 E. 56th St. 

BLYE, Birdlce (Miss), pianist; studied at Lon- 
don, Paris and Berlin; pupil on piano with Ernst 
Rudorff, violin with Dr. Joseph Joachim, musical 
form with Philipp Spitta, ensemble with Dr. Wal- 
demar Bargiel, Beethoven's sonatas with Dr. Hans 
von Bulow and finally with Anton Rubenstein. 
Played with leading orchestras and at leading fes- 
tivals in Europe; has given many recitals and con- 
certs in U.S.; played before two administrations at 
the White House, Washington, D.C. Has an exten- 
sive repertoire in the classics, also plays the best 
of the modern compositions. Recognized authority 
in interpretation of MacDowell. Address: 5424 
Blackstone Av. 

BLYMYER, B. P., stoves, ranges and refrigera- 
tors; b. Mansfield, O., Feb. 6, 1867; s. Frank and 
Cassandra (Jameson) Blymyer; ed. pub. schools, 
Mansfield; m. Ellinor S. Siddall, of Chicago, July 
20, 1898; children: Ellinor Schell, Frank. Began 
active career with Blymyer Bros. Co., tinners, 
Mansfield, 1886-97; removed to Chicago, 1897, and 
became Chicago mgr. for the Favorite Stove & 
Range Co.; organized, 1908, The Blymyer Co., of 
which is pres.; company represents Favorite Stove 
& Range Co., Floyd-Wells Co., Orbon Stove & Range 
Co., Odorless Refrigerator Co. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Mem. United Commercial Trav- 
elers' Assn. Club: Ouilmette Country. Home: 
626 Lake Av., Wllmette, 111. Office: 1414 S. Wabash 
Av., Chicago. 

BLYTHE. Hugh, broker; b. Burlington, la., Aug. 
22, 1878; s. Joseph William and Margaret Eliza 
(Gear) Blythe; A..B., Harvard, 1901, LL.B., 1903; 
prepared to practice law, but was not admitted to 
practice; unmarried. In employ of C.,B.&Q.Ry., 
1903-5; entered brokerage business, May, 1905; now 
partner firm of Harris, Winthrop & Co. Republic- 
an. Clubs: Chicago, University, Saddle and Cycle, 
South Shore Country, Casino; University, Racquet 
and Tennis (N.Y.). Recreations: outdoor diver- 
sions. Home: 54 E. Division St. Office: The Rook- 

BOAK, Robert, fish merchant; b. Halifax, N.S., 
Sept. 17, 1872; s. of Robert Burns and Jennie E. 
(DeBlois) Boak; brought to U.S.. 1881; ed. pub. 
schs. and Manual Training Sch., Chicago; m. Nana 
M. Donnelly, of Pittsburgh, Dec. 6, 1899; children: 
Alice Roselia, Robert, Charles Donnelly, Nancy. 
Began in father's office, 1893, and was admitted to 
partnership in firm of R. B. Boak & Co., 1895, in- 
corporated, 1914, and since vice pres. and gen. mgr. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Duluth Commercial, Chi- 
cago Norske. Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 
Hubbard Woods, 111. Office: 342 N. LaSalle St., 

BOAK, Robert Burns, wholesale fish inch t. ; b. at 
Halifax, N.S., Dec. 29, 1849; s. Sir Robert and Ma- 
tilda S. (Anderson) Boak; ed. pvt. and government 
schs.. Nova Scotia; m. Jennie E. DeBlois, of Bath- 
urst, N.B., Dec. 19, 1871 (died 1904); children: Rob- 
ert, Mary M. (Mrs. V. M. Harding), Jean (Mrs. D. 
F. Badger), Louise DeBlois (Mrs. Karl R. Slocum); 
m. 2d, Grace Edith Crane, of Chicago, 1906; 1 
daughter, Laura Crane. Entered father's office 
(Halifax, N.S.), 1866; became partner in firm of 
Robert Boak & Son, 1871; came to Chicago, 1881; 
established under own name as a broker and com- 
mission mcht. in salt and canned fish; took his son 
into partnership, 1893, under name of R. B. Boak & 
Co., importers of salt and canned fish, incorporated, 

1914, since pres.; also sec. and treas. Boak Fish Co., 

of St. Paul. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Mem. 
Royal League, Nat. Union. Clubs: Rotary, South 
Shore Country. Recreations: motoring, golf, trav- 
eling. Home: 4744 Kimbark Av. Office: 342 N. La 
Salle St. 

BOAL, Ay res, real estate; b. Chicago, Mar. 26, 
1879; s. Charles Thomas and Henrietta (Ayres) 
Boal; grad. Harvard Sch., Chicago, 1896; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1900; m. Leslie Stewart Johnson, of Winnet- 
ka, 111., Jan. 1, 1906; children: Ayres, Jr., Stewart, 
Thomas and Henrietta. In real estate business in 
Chicago since 1901. Mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd. 
Clubs: City, University, Chicago, Chicago Yacht, 
Saddle and Cycle. Home: Winnetka, 111. Office: 122 
S. Michigan Av., Chicago. 

BOAL, Charles Thomas, real estate; b. Reading, 
O., Apr. 16, 1832; s. Dr. Robert and Christiana 
Walker (Sinclair) Boal; removed with parents to 
Lacon, 111., and was ed. in pub. schs. there; m. Hen- 
rietta Ayres, of Chicago; children: Horton S. (de- 
ceased), Edna M. (Mrs. S. D. Flood), Anna C. (Mrs. 
A. B. Wickes), Ayres. Settled in Chicago, 1854, and 
later connected with firm of Hall, Kimbark & Co., 
wholesale iron, in which afterward became a part- 
ner. Recruited a company of inf., 1862, and be- 
came an officer in the 88th 111. Vol. Inf., serving 
with regt. until end of the war. After war engaged 
in hardware business in firm of Austin & Boal, 
afterward changing to Charles T. Boal & Co.; 
burned out in Chicago fire, Oct. 9, 1871; engaged in 
wholesale stove and hollow-ware business until 
1894; in real estate business since 1894. Mem. Chi- 
cago R.E. Bd., Mil. Order Loyal Legion. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Chicago, Onwentsia, Twentieth Cen- 
tury, South Shore Country. Recreation: traveling. 
Residence: Congress Hotel Annex. Office: 122 S. 
Michigan Boul. 

BOAND, Jules Augustus, mfr. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOARD, Ellsworth Haltby, mfr.; b. Morristown, 
N.J., Apr. 24, 1855; s. David J. and Susan P. (Lewis) 
Board; came west to 111. in childhood; ed. country 
school; m. Evanston, 111., 1883, Madelaine Randall 
(now deceased); children: Harold E., Edward P., 
Dorothy R. Lived on farm 40 miles south of Chi- 
cago; came to city when 19 years old; entered em- 
ploy of C.&N.W.Ry. as check clerk loading freight 
cars; advanced to other positions during 9% years' 
service, being chief clerk of freight auditor's office 
for last 3% years with railway; pres. and treas. 
Cross Press & Sign Co.; also treas. Buena Ventura 
Plantation Co., Bahia Honda, Cuba. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Club: Evanston. Home: Evans- 
ton, 111. Office: 1510 Dayton St., Chicago. 

BOBB, D wig-lit St. John, lawyer; b. Dakota, 111., 
July 19, 1876; s. Daniel Bingman and Arminda 
Frost (St. John) Bobb; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 
1899; A.M., Harvard, 1900, LL.B., 1903, post-grad, 
student in law, 1903-4; unmarried. Began prac- 
tice at Chicago, 1904; associated in practice with 
Matz, Fisher & Boyden, 1904-9; mem. firm of 
Adams, Bobb & Adams, 1909-13, Adams, Crews, 
Bobb & Wescott since 1913; engaged chiefly in 
corpn., banking and ins. law. Acting editor "Mu- 
nicipal Affairs," published by New York Reform 
Club, summer of 1899; asst. in history, Harvard 
Univ. and Radcliffe Coll., 1900-1; asst. in econom- 
ics, Harvard, 1901-2; lecturer on pub. service 
corpns., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 1904-9; lec- 
turer on pub. service and municipal corpns., John 
Marshall Law Sch., 1904-9. Mem. Am., 111. State 
and Chicago bar assns., Am. Economic Assn., Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce, Alpha Kappa Phi, Phi Beta 
Kappa. Republican. Methodist. Clubs: City, Har- 
vard, University (Chicago) ; University of Evans- 
ton (vice pres.), Evanston Club, Exmoor Country. 
Recreations: golf, horseback riding. Residence: 
University Club Evanston, 111. Office: 1100 Fort 
Dearborn Bank Bldg., Chicago. 

BOBO, Fred Mowen, mfr. and mcht.; b. Lima, O., 
July 21, 1881; s. John Lewis and Ella Florence 
(Mowen) Bobo; ed. pub. schs.; Princeton- Yale Sch.; 
Univ. of Chicago; m. Catherine Radcliffe, of Cin- 
cinnati, O., Oct. 5, 1907. Associated with father as 
sec. of John L. Bobo & Co., tailors' trimmings, 
since 1902, vice pres. since 1915; organized Am. 
Lock-Nut Co., railway supplies, 1909, and vice 
pres. same, 1909-10, pres. and treas. since 1910. 



Mem. Psi Upsilon. Mem. Evangelical Ch. Cluba: 
South Shore, Chicago Athletic, Chicago Yacht. 
Home: 4507 Lake Park Av. Office: 234 S. 6th Av. 
and 10600 Corliss Av. (Pullman Station.) 

BOBO. John Louis, tailors' trimmings; b. Day- 
ton, O., Feb. 5, 1851; s. John and Margaret (Waltz) 
Bobo; ed. pub. schs. of Ohio; m. Lima, O., Aug. 7, 
1877, Ella F. Mowen; children: Breta (Mrs. Burt 
T. Stanton), Fred Mowen. Retail clothing busi- 
ness at Lima, 1868-80; came to Chicago, 1880, and 
became mem. of firm of J. H. Lesher & Co., tailors' 
trimmings, until Dec., 1902, when that firm was 
succeeded by present one of John L. Bobo & Co., 
of which is senior mem. Mem. Chicago. Assn. of 
Commerce. Democrat. Clubs: Union League, Floss- 
moor Country, South Shore Country, Olympia 
Fields Country. Recreations: motoring and golf. 
Home: 4246 Drexel Boul., Chicago; (summer) Dia- 
mond Lake, Mich. Office: 234 S. 5th Av., Chicago. 

BOCKIUS, Franklin B. von Eisen, M.I L: b. Ga- 
lena, 111., Mar. 9, 1848; s. Joseph Rex and Marie 
(von Eisen) Bockius; finished course in Galena 
High School, 1864; enlisted in Co. C, 140th 111. Vol. 
Inf., and served to end of war; B.S., Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1868; M.D., Northwestern University, 1872; 
m. Racine, Wis., 1891, Doretta Brenzel; children: 
Doris von Eisen, Frances von Eisen. Engaged in 
practice at Chicago from 1872; med. dir. of Chicago 
Relief and Aid Soc., 1872-82; asst. to prof, of chem- 
istry, med. dept. Northwestern Univ., 1872; physi- 
cian, 1872-8, and after that consulting physician 
to North Side Dispensary; prof, of forensic medi- 
cine. Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, 1881-91. 
While continuing med. practice took course at 
Union Coll. of Law, graduating, LL.B., and third 
in his class, 1886; also studied honKEOpathy in 
Northwestern Horace. Coll., 1878-80. Contbr. to 
med. and literary periodicals. Home: 4657 WUlson 

BODE, Frederick, merchant; b. Exkwarden, Ger- 
many, Aug. 20, 1856; s. of Frederick and Sophia 
(Kimmann) Bode; ed. Hanover Realschule; m. Au- 
gusta Ebeling, of Chicago, June 19, 1880 (died 
1907); 2d, Esther Ellen Simpson, of Chicago, June 
19, 1909. Came to America, 1870, and entered em- 
ploy of D. B. Fisk & Co., wholesale millinery, Chi- 
cago, as errand boy, 1871; advanced to city buyer; 
with Gage Bros. & Co., 1874-6; with Edson Keith 
& Co. as buyer and mgr. of hat dept., 1876-92; with 
others, 1892, purchased the business of Gage Bros. 
& Co., and since pres. Pres. The Millinery Jobbers' 
Assn., 1902-11; mem. exec. com. Chamber of Com- 
merce of U.S. Republican. Clubs: Union League, 
South Shore Country (pres. 1908-9, 1912-13), Chi- 
cago Athletic, Industrial (pres. 1912). Home: 5825 
Blackstone Av. Office: 18 S. Michigan Av. 

BODIITE, William Lester, supt. of compulsory 
dn. ; b. Marion Co., Mo.; s. Joseph and Eliza (Lew- 
is) Bodine; ed. pub. schs.: m. Clinton, la., Feb. 10, 
1890, Mae Richardson; children: Helen, Robert. 
Came to Chicago in 1881 and then went west; was 
newspaper man originally; state labor commr. of 
Colo., 1890-3; elected vice pres. Nat. Assn. of Sta- 
tisticians at Denver convention, 1892; apptd. spl. 
master commr. of U.S. court (8th Judicial Dist.), 
with headquarters at Omaha, 1893; came to Chi- 
cago, 1895; with Times-Herald as political reporter 
until 1899; elected supt. of compulsory edn., July 
13, 1899, by Chicago Bd. of Edn. (holds under Civil 
Service Law). Chmn. of Chicago Child-Saving 
League legislative com., which carried the child- 
labor and compulsory edn. bills through the legis- 
lature in 1902-3; served on exec. com. of Cook Co. 
Child-Saving Conference. Hon. pres. for life Nat. 
League of Compulsory Education Officials; pres. 
111. Compulsory Education League, Chicago Public 
Service League; dir. Juvenile Protective League. 
Clubs: City, Chicago Motor. Home: 4517 Magnolia 
Av. Office: 7 S. Dearborn St. 

BODMAN, Luther W., paperboard; Feb. 4, 1845- 
Jlay 14, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOEGERSHAUSEN. Frederick Carl, district 
sales mgr. Alberger Pump & Condenser Co.; b. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 22, 1883; s. J. Fred and Mary (Engel- 
king) Boegershausen; ed. grammar schs., English 
High and Manual Training schs., Armour Inst. 
Tech., Chicago; m. Martha Hoefke, of Chicago, 

July 18, 1906; 1 daughter, Judith. Began active 
career as asst. engr. Heywood Bros. & Wakefield 
Co., 1898; then with the Inland Steel Co., Chicago 
Heights, 1901-2; engr. Western Electric Co., 1902- 
6; sales engr. Parker Boiler Co., 1906-10; dist. sales 
mgr. Alberger Pump & Condenser Co. since 1914. 
Republican. Mason, Elk. Club: Oak Park. Recrea- 
tion: motoring: Home: 809 S. Ridgeland Av., Oak 
Park. 111. Office: 111 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

BOEPPLER, William, musical director; b. at 
Pferdsfeld, Germany, Feb. 21, 1863; s. Karl and 
Catherine (Pauly) Boeppler; ed. high sch., Kreuz- 
nach Conservatory of Music, and Univ. of Leipzig, 
Univ. of Bonn; m. Ida Brueggemann, of Wies- 
baden, Germany, Sept. 14, 1896. Came to U.S., 1894, 
and settled in Milwaukee, Wis. ; organized Milwau- 
kee A Cappella Chorus, 1895, Wis. Conservatory of 
Music, 1899, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, 1902; 
moved to Chicago, 1904; now dir. Wis. Conserva- 
tory of Music, conductor Milwaukee A Cappella 
Chorus and McDowell Club Chorus, also of the 
Singverein, the Germania Club, and the Male Chor- 
us of First Nat. Bank, all of Chicago. Has served 
as teacher of many of the leading musical artists 
of the country. Republican. Protestant. Clubs: 
Germania, German, Chicago Turngemeinde. Home: 
929 Edgecomb PI. Office: 921 Kimball Bldg., Chi- 
cago, and Wis. Conservatory of Music, Milwaukee, 

"BOERSIANER," see Friend, Emil. 

BOETTCHER, Henry Rudolph, M.D.; b. Holton, 
Kan., Apr. 15, 1866; s. of Ferdinand and Margaret 
(Storke) Boettcher; ed. Holton (Kan.) High Sch. 
and Campbell's Normal Coll., Holton; M.D., Hahne- 
mann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1890, and Harvey Med. 
Coll., Chicago, 1895; m. Olga Krohmer, of Chicago, 
Oct. 31, 1896; 2 children: Henry Ferdinand Kroh- 
mer, Katherine Olga. In drug business at Holton, 
Kan., 1885-7; began practice at Chicago, 1890; sur- 
geon to 111. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; eye 
and ear surgeon to Englewood Hosp. ; ex-surgeon, 
eye dept. Rush Med. Coll. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State 
and Chicago med. socs. Republican. Mem. Peo- 
ple's Liberal Ch. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). Clubs: 
111 Athletic, South Shore Country. Recreations: 
golf, shooting. Home and office: 6336 Harvard Av. 

BOGERT, William Benezet, president Bogert, 
Maltby & Co.; b. Providence, R.I., Oct. 2, 1860; grad. 
Brown Univ., 1882; m. June, 1887, Ella Loomis, of 
Springfield, Mass, (died Dec. 25, 1909); children: 
William Benezet, Jr., Theodore Loomis, Frances 
Hoyt; m. 2d, Caroline Wallace Wood, of Louisville, 
Ky. Jan. 10, 1914. Engaged in cotton mfg. busi- 
ness at Taftville, Conn., 1882-4; came to Chicago, 
1884, becoming mem. of the Bd. of Trade; mem. 
Carrington, Patten & Co., and later Bogert, Maltby 
& Co , brokers in grain, provisions, stocks and cot- 
ton. Dir. Chicago Bd. of Trade, 1897-9 (chmn. exec, 
com., 1898-9). Mem. S. of R. (ex-pres.), Soc. Colonial 
Wars. Clubs: Union League (dir., 1909-11), Chica- 
go Athletic, Glen View, University of Evanston 
(pres 1906-7, 1910-11), Evanston Country. Resi- 
dence: University Club, Evanston, 111. Office: 140 
W. Van Buren St., Chicago. 

BOGLE, Walter Scott, coal mcht.; b. Dover, N.H., 
Apr. 3, 1852; s. Daniel and Mary (Boyd) Bogle; re- 
moved to Chicago with parents at 9; grad. Chicago 
High Sch., 1868; m. Delia E. Stearns, of Chicago, 
Mar., 1872; children: Walter S., Jr., Mary (Mrs. C. 
W. Gilmore), and Mrs. Nellie D. Chance. After 
graduation entered father's coal business; was 
mgr. for years of the Del. & Hudson Canal Co.; 
pres. Crescent Coal & Mining Co. until 1914; pres. 
W. S. Bogle & Co., Inc., Retlaw Mines Co. and 
Essanbee Mines Co. ; dir. Fort Dearborn Nat. Bank. 
Mem. West Park Bd. 3 yrs. Democrat. Mason 
(Apollo Commandery K.T.). j^x-pres. Iroquois 
Club. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, Chi- 
cago Press, South Shore Country; Manhattan (New 
York). Home: 510 Roscoe St. Office: 343 S. Dear- 
born St. 

BOOTJE, Hamilton B., Jr., b. Chicago, Dec. 26, 
1868; s. Hamilton B. and Emily Augusta (Hoyt) 
Bogue; grad. Phillips Exeter Acad., N.H., 1889; 
A.B., Princeton, 1893; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. 
Law Sch., 1895; unmarried. Admitted to 111. bar, 



1895, and practiced about 6 yrs.; now in real estate 
business. Office: 5 N. LaSalle St. 

BOSANNON, lacy B., florist; b. Versailles, Ky., 
Feb. 5, 1872; s. Henry B. and Mary (Todd) Bohan- 
non; ed. Woodland Coll., Independence, Mo.; m. 
Eula Allen, of Sedalia, Mo., June 3, 1897; 2 chil- 
dren: Jenette A., Lacy R., Jr. In floral business 
since 1897; established the Bohannon Floral Co., 
retail florists, 1907, and since continued as head of 
company. Mem. Nat. Union, North Am. Union. 
Club: Kawanas. Recreations: music, fishing, base- 
ball. Home: 4338 N. Robey St. Office: 76 E. Mon- 
roe St. 

BOKART, James Cambura, live stock commn. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BO HIT, Henry John, journalist, publisher; b. in 
Cuyahoga Co., O., Feb. 7, 1855; s. Henry C. and 
Henrietta (Koechel) Bohn; ed. pub. schs. and Bald- 
win Univ.; m. Bertha Roselle Bowlby, of Chicago, 
1891; children: Harold Jay, Olive Ramona, Louise 
Mildred, Beryl Marion, Carliemax. Worked on farm 
until 18. in sawmill at 19, printing office at 20, 
telegraph office at 22; came to Chicago in Dec., 
1876; became foreman in newspaper office at 23, 
and since Apr., 1879, has been a publisher; now 
mem. firm of H. J. Bohn & Son, editors and pub- 
lishers of The Hotel World, founded Apr., 1879; 
publisher of tech. books and class papers, and with 
Harold Jay Bohn, propr. Bohn Mfg. Co. Was chmn. 
and has for 34 yrs. been a mem. of bd. of dirs. 
Hotel Men's Mutual Benefit Assn. of the U.S. and 
Can.; organizer and sec. and treas. 111. Hotelkeep- 
ers' Assn. Organized the Chicago Trade Press 
Assn., and long an officer; trustee Village of Mor- 
gan Park 4 yrs.; pres. of bd. of commrs. of Calu- 
met Park Dist.; organized Hotel Assn. of Chicago, 
1897, and still sec. and treas. Republican. Agnos- 
tic; chmn. bd. of trustees Independent Religious 
Soc.; mem. Haeckel Fellowship Club. Mem. Ohio 
Soc. of Chicago (sec. 6 yrs.), Horticultural Soc., 
Art Inst. of Chicago Chicago Assn. of Commerce 
(chmn. subdivision No. 66). Clubs: Union League, 
Press (life mem. and financial sec. 2 yrs.), Hamil- 
ton (charter mem.), Ridge Country. Recreation: 
nature study. Home: 10980 Prospect Av. Office: 
1330, 440 S. Dearborn St. 

BOH1TEN, George J., tea and coffee mcht.; b. 
Chicago, Nov. 7, 1870; s. George and Anna Mary 
(Zilligen) Bohnen; ed. St. Anthony's parochial 
sen. ; m. Mary A. Neckermann. of Chicago, Sept. 14, 
1897; 3 children: Theodore George, Edwin Joseph, 
Virginia Elizabeth. In employ of C. R. Cave, dry 
goods, 18S4-7; patternmaker Vierling Steel Works, 
1887-96; became connected with the Eureka Tea 
Co., 1896, and now buyer, sec. and treas. same; dir. 
Stony Island Trust & Savings Bank. K.C., Forester, 
Royal League. Home: 6817 Bennett Av. Office: 
502 W. 26th St. 

BOHNER, George, mfr. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOISOT, Entile Kellogg, banker; b. Dubuque, 
la., Feb. 26, 1859; s. Louis and Albertina (Bush) 
Boisot; ed. grammar and high schs. of Dubuque; 
m. Lillie Reid, of Chicago, Nov. 4, 1891; children: 
Louis M., Marion. Employed in German Bank, Du- 
buque, 1875-8; with First Nat. Bank, Chicago, since 
1878, in bond and foreign exchange dept., of which 
became mgr., 1897. Upon the opening, Dec., 1903, 
of the First Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago, was 
apptd. its vice pres. and mgr.; elected pres. same, 
Jan. 11, 1916; vice pres. Nat. Safe & Deposit Co., 
Chicago, Terre Haute & Southeastern Ry. ; dir. 
First Nat. Bank, 111. Southern Ry. Mem. Chicago 
Stock Exchange. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Un- 
ion League, Chicago Golf, Mid-Day, South Shore 
Country, Lake Geneva Country. Recreation: golf. 
Residence: Blackstone Hotel. Office: 56 W. Mon- 
roe St. 

BOISOT, Louis, banker; b. Dubuque, la., May 23, 
1856; s. Louis and Albertina (Bush) Boisot; A.B., 
Hamilton Coll., 1877; LL.B., Columbia, 1879; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1880; m. Mary Spencer, May 13, 
1887; 1 child, Pauline. Practiced law in Chicago, 
1880-1904, except a short time in Colo.; trust officer 
First Trust and Savings Bank, 1904-15, and vice 
pres. since 1913. Clubs: University, City, LaGrange 
Country. Recreations: golf, gardening, chess. Au- 
thor: By-Laws of Private Corporations, 1892-1902; 

Treatise on the Law of Mechanics' Liens, 1897. 
Contbr. to legal periodicals. Home: LaGrange, IlL 
Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg., Chicago. 

BOXT7M, Bichard Drummond, insurance; Jan. 
30, 1854-Apr. 17, 1911. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOIiBENWECK, Frederick, general mdse.; b. at 
Heilbron, Germany, Apr. 14, 1842; s. Carl George 
and Christina Boldenweck; ed. in Germany until 
12 years of age, when rame to America; mainly ed. 
by practical experience; m. Chicago, Oct. 29, 1876, 
Salina Alexander. Began mercantile business on 
Blue Island Av., 1866 and has ever since continued; 
business conducted in own name. Republican. 
Lutheran. Mem. Nat. Union, Royal League. Home: 
6022 Vernon Av. Office: 6343 S. Ashland Av. 

BOLDEITWECK, William, ex-assistant U. 8. 
treasurer. (See vol. 1911.) 
BOLDUAN, Frank, mfg. chemist. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOLES, Frederic T., lumberman; b. Three Rivers, 
Mich., June 7, 1866; s. of Thomas H. and Rachel 
(Trattles) Boles; ed. Constantine (Mich.) High 
Sch., and 3 yrs. in Olivet (Mich.) Coll.; m. Annette 
Hinman, of Portland, Mich., Oct. 24, 1894; 2 daugh- 
ters: Marion, Winifred. Began with Detroit Lum- 
ber Co., Menominee, Mich., 6 mos., 1888; with Per- 
ley Lowe & Co., Chicago, 1888-9; identified with 
The Lord & Bushnell Co., lumber, Chicago, since 
Jan., 1889, beginning as salesman, later sec., vice 
pres. and gen. mgr., and pres. since 1906. Also 
pres. Great Northern Lumber Co., Leavenworth, 
Wash. Congregationalist. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Union League, Hinsdale, Hinsdale Golf. Rec- 
reations: motoring, golf. Home: 45 3d St., Hins- 
dale. 111. Office: 2424 Laflin St., Chicago. 

BOLGER, Thomas J., investment banker; b. in 
Waterloo Co., Ont., Can., Sept. 7, 1856; s. John and 
Mary (Charles) Bolger; ed. pub. schs. of Canada; 
m. Kate C. Johnson, of W. Williams Tp., Middle- 
sex Co., Ont., Can., Dec. 7, 1880; children: Rev. T. 
Johnson, Florence Kate (Mrs. Theo. F. Elworth), 
Mayme Esther. Began in municipal bond business 
in Chicago, Jan., 1894, as pres. Thomas J. Bolger 
Co., which, in 1912, became Bolger, Mosser & Wil- 
laman. Trustee and treas. Northern Bapt. TheoL 
Sem. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, Art Inst. of 
Chicago, Humane Soc. Chmn. bd. of trustees Sec- 
ond Bapt. Ch. ; dir. and mem. finance com. Chicago 
Bapt. Exec. Council, Chicago Bapt. Hosp.; mem. 
Church Federation of America. Republican. Club: 
Hamilton. Recreations: motoring, travel. Home: 
1916 Potomac Av. Office: 29 S. LaSalle St. 

BOLLENSEN, George Steininger. foreign mgr. 
Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co.; b. Xaperville, 111., Aug. 8, 
1875; s. Louis Christopher and Lizzie Anne (Stein- 
inger) Bollensen; ed. pub. schs. and business coll.; 
m. Florence Eleanor Risley, of Rochester, N.T., 
Sept. 20, 1905; children: George Joseph, Robert 
Hinde, Louis Charles. Has been connected with 
the Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co., mfrs. calculating ma- 
chines, since 1893; now foreign mgr. for same; 
managing dir. Comptometer, G.m.b.H., of Berlin, 
Germany. Republican. Methodist. Home: Wil- 
mette, 111. Office: 1713-1735 N. Paulina St., Chicago. 

BOIiIiES, Charles Edwin, merchant, banker; b. 
Cambridge, Vt., Oct. 14, 1844; s. Lemuel and Mary 
Ann (Weaver) Bolles; ed. Fulton (111.) Mil. School 
and at Wheaton (111.) Coll.; m. Turner, 111., Sept. 
19, 1867, Mattie Butterfleld (died Apr. 14, 1910); 1 
daughter, Mrs. Abram Gale; m. 2d, Jennie Brice, 
May 15, 1912. Served in Civil War as pvt. Co. K, 
13th 111. Vol. Inf. Began business career buying 
and selling hides; traveling agt. H. C. Tillinghast 
& Co., 10 yrs.; senior partner Bolles & Rogers, 
dealers in hides, wools, pelts and tallow, 1880-1908; 
pres. West Chicago (111.) State Bank; dir. Avenue 
State Bank of Oak Park, Harlem State Bank (For- 
est Park, 111.). Republican. Clubs: Union League, 
Oak Park. Recreations: fishing, hunting; lover of 
good horses. Home: 917 Lake St., Oak Park, 111. 
Office: 129 W. Kinzie St., Chicago. 

BOLTE, Anson lee, secretary Waugh Draft Gear 
Co.; b. Lexington, Mich., Sept. 20, 1860; 8. William 
Henry and Jane Usher (Baker) Bolte; came to Chi- 
cago, Dec. 25, 1867; grad. Haven Grammar Sch.. 
1876; m. Chicago, Oct. 13, 1887, Marlon Endicott; 3 



children: Edward Endicott, Charles Lawrence, 
Russell Anson. Beginning in 1876, was employed 
In clerical capacity until 1892; vice pres. Cole Lith- 
ographing Co., 1892-1900, Snitzler & Bolte Adver- 
tising Co., 1902-5; sec. C. J. Boedeker Coal Co., 
1905-6; sec. Waugh Draft Gear Co. since 1907. En- 
listed in 1st Inf., I.N.G., 1879; apptd. sergt., 1886; 
comrad. 2d It., 1887; 1st It., 1888; capt., 1894; mus- 
tered into U.S. service as capt. 1st III. Vol. Inf., 
1898, for war against Spain; served in Cuban Cam- 

aign; hon. mustered out, Jan., 1899. Mem. S.A.R., 
oc. Foreign Wars, Soc. Army of Santiago de Cuba; 
ex-comdr. 1st Regt. Veteran Corps. Republican. 
Methodist. Mason. Clubs: Chicago Yacht, Olympia 
Fields Country. Recreations: golf, fishing, bil- 
liards. Home: 3757 Ellis Av. Office: 122 S. Michi- 
gan Av. 

BOLTE, Charles Qny, mfr.; b. London, Ont., Can., 
Feb. 8, 1857; s. William Henry and Jane Usher 
(Baker) Bolte; came to U.S., 1868; ed. Haven Sch., 
Chicago; m. Jessie Willard, of Chicago, Dec. 18, 
1882; 4 children: John Willard, Guy, Linda and 
Don (deceased). Pres. The BoltS Mfg. Co., mfrs. 
lighting systems and brass goods. Served In 1st 
Regt. Inf., I.N.G., 16 yrs., retiring as capt. Meth- 
odist. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Skokie Country. 
Residence: Skokie Country Club, Glencoe, 111. Of- 
fice: 125 S. Racine Av., Chicago. 

BOLTS, Guy Willard, mfr.; b. Chicago, 111., Apr. 
26, 1888; s. Charles Guy and Jessie (Willard) 
Bolte; B.S., Univ. of Mich., 1909; Mass. Inst. Tech., 
1910; unmarried. Was western mgr. Advertising 
& Selling Magazine, 1915-17; vice pres. The Bolte 
Mfg. Co. since Jan., 1917. Mem. Battery D, 111. 
Field Arty. Mem. Phi Gamma Delta. Home: 234 S. 
Maple Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 125 S. Racine Av., 

BOLZA, Oskar, mathematician. Removed to Ger- 
many. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOMAN, Charles H., life ins.; b. Calmar Co., 
Sweden, July 9, 1848; s. Charles M. and Caroline 
(Anderson) Boman; ed. pub. schs. in Sweden; m. 
Rock Island, 111., June 9, 1880, Margaret Cervin; 
children: Ella, Rudolph, Anton, Anna, Berndt, Her- 
bert. At age of 22 came with parents to U.S., lo- 
cating at Galesburg, 111.; clerk in gen. store for 
about a year; dealer in stoves and hardware at 
Rock Island, 111., until Sept., 1902; sec. Scandia Life 
Ins. Co., Chicago, since 1902. Republican. Luther- 
an. Recreations: gardening, hunting and fishing. 
Home: 5220 Kenmore Av. Office: 30 N. LaSalle St. 

BONANNO, Baoul Spoleti (Prince of Cattolica 
and Duke of Misilmeri), opera and concert singer; 
b. Palermo, Italy, Oct., 1887; s. Luigi and Theresa 
Bonanno of the Princes of Cattolica; ed. Palermo 
Gymnasium; Lyceum; Military Sch.; Conservatory 
of Milano. Born of a family of soldiers; started 
for a military career, but abandoned it to study for 
the opera; appeared in many European opera 
houses; made three concert tours in U.S., and has 
appeared as baritone soloist with leading sym- 

honic orchestras of the country; formerly dir. 
ch. of Opera, Sherwood Music Sch., Chicago. The 
only exponent of Italian folk songs in America. 
Mem. Chicago Artists' Assn. Christian Scientist. 
Club: Chicago Press. Compiler: The Folksongs of 
Sicily and other Italian Regions, 1917. Recrea- 
tions: golf, fencing, hunting. Address: 700 E.-40th 
St., Chicago; (summer) 3109 S. Grand Av., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

BONBBIGHT, Daniel, educator; 1831-Nov. 28, 
1912. (See Who's Who in America, 1912-13.) 

BOND, Carrie Jacobs, composer; b. Janesville, 
Wis., Aug. 11, 1862; d. Hannibal (M.D.) and Emma 
(Davis) Jacobs; ed. pub. schs.; m. Frank L. Bond 
(M.D.), of Iron River, Mich., June, 1887 (died 
1895). Pres. C. J. Bond & Son, pubs. Mem. Am. 
Assn. Pen-Women; hon. mem. Kappa Beta Gamma. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Woman's Press, Amateur 
Musical, etc. Composer: Seven Songs, 1903; Ten 
Songs, 1904; Eleven Songs, 1904; Path o' Life, 
1910; Stories in Verse, 1910; A Perfect Day, 1910; 
Little Pink Rose, 1911; O Haunting Memory, 1912; 
Hundred Years from Now, 1913; God Remembers 
When the World Forgets, 1914; To-Day, 1915; Do 
You Remember? 1916. Home: 6939 Jeffery Av., 

Chicago, and Grossmont, Cal. Office: 744 S. Michi- 
gan Av., Chicago. 

BOND, William Alonzo, real estate; b. Newark, 
N.J., Nov. 15, 1849; s. William Scott and Phoebe 
Elizabeth (Baldwin) Bond; prepared for coll., Lake 
Forest (111.) Acad.; m. Sarah Barber Fisher, of 
Chicago, Sept. 8, 1874; children: William Scott, 
Juliette G. (Mrs. Robert V. Massey), Laurence 
Colton, Rachel Elizabeth (wife of Lt. Comdr. Ral- 
ston S. Holmes, U.S.N.), Phyllis Eleanor (de- 
ceased), Gladys Alberta. Engaged in real estate 
business at Chicago since 1871; mem. firm of 
Turner & Bond, 1875-1892; organized firm of Wil- 
liam A. Bond & Co. in 1892, of which has since 
been sr. mem.; pres. The Pressed Prism Plate 
Glass Co. Pres. Chicago Real Estate Bd., 1893; 
vice pres. Chicago Assn. Commerce; trustee Chi- 
cago Bureau of Public Efficiency, 1910-11. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Kenwood Evangelical Ch. Clubs: 
Union League, Camp Fire (Chicago); Hennepin 
Shooting; Duckville Gun (Utah). Recreations: 
hunting, fishing. Home: 4025 Drexel Boul. Office: 
25 N. Dearborn St. 

BOND, William Scott, real estate; b. Chicago, 
May 9, 1876; s. William Alonzo and Sarah Barber 
(Fisher) Bond; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1897; 
LL.B., Kent Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1899; unmarried. 
In law offices of Peck, Miller & Starr, 1897-1900; 
admitted to 111. bar, 1899; now mem. real estate 
firm of William A. Bond & Co. Vice pres. Univ. of 
Chicago Settlement. Republican. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Quadrangle, City, South Shore Country. Rec- 
reations: athletics, hunting, fishing. Home: 4643 
Woodlawn Av. Office: 25 N. Dearborn St. 

BONE, Alfred Bufns, telephone official; b. Shel- 
byville, Ind., June 25, 1871; s. Alfred Plummer 
and Louisa Matilda (Deacon) Bone; ed. pub. schs., 
Shelbyville; student Bethany Coll., W. Va., 1890-2; 
m. Estelle Kennedy Aldrich, of Greensburg, Ind., 
Sept. 7, 1892; 3 children: Hester Louisa, Julia 
Walker, Alfred Rufus, Jr. Began as telephone 
operator Greensburg Telephone Co., 1887, serving 
later as repairman, collector and gen. asst.; busi- 
ness mgr. Anderson (Ind.) Democrat, 1893-5; spl. 
agt. Interior Dept., Washington, 1895-8; business 
mgr. Greensburg Telephone Co., 1898-9; with Chi- 
cago Telephone Co. since 1899, successively as so- 
licitor, suburban exchange mgr., spl. agt, commer- 
cial supt. and now gen. commerical supt. Mem. 
Chamber of Commerce U.S.A., Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce (chmn. ways and means com. council), 
Telephone Pioneers of America, Beta Theta Pi. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Mason, Elk. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, Traffic, Electric (pres. 1915), 
Business Men's Prosperity (pres. 1916), Ridge 
Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 7233 Harvard 
Av. Office: 212 W. Washington St. 

BONGGBEN, Olof Jakob, editor; b. at Bergane, 
parish of Habol, Dalsland, Sweden, Oct. 7, 1854; s. 
Olof O. and Maria B. Bonggren; grad. Coll. of 
Venersborg, 1874; (L.H.D., Bethany Coll., Kan., 
1900); m. in Sweden, Johanna Sporre, Sept. 24, 1877 
(<died Oct. 8, 1903); m. 2d, Olga Amalia Lundin, 
Apr. 29, 1905 (died Oct. 1, 1906). Came to U.S., 
1882; had been connected with newspapers in 
Sweden; editor of the Svenska Amerikanaren, 
Swedish newspaper, since May 3, 1883. Author: 
Bibeln mot Bibeln, 1879; Lasarelif, 1879; Forst- 
lingar (poems), 1882; Det hemlighetsfullas verld 
(theosophical), 1892; Sanger och Sagor (poems), 
1902; Second Coming of the Christ, 1911. Transla- 
tor: Helvetet och Spoken (from Robt. Ingersoll), 
1878; Csesar's Kolonn (from Ignatius Donnelly), 
1891. Home: 2407 N. Kedzie Boul. Office: 208 N. 
5th Av. 

BONHAM. Walter B., Chicago mgr. Triumph 
Electric Co. of Cincinnati; b. Lakeville, Dakota Co., 
Minn., Feb. 6, 1871; s. Eugene W. and Sarah (Pen- 
ny) Bonham; ed. pub. schs., St. Paul, Minn.; m. Ida 
Staley, of Farmer City, 111., Jan. 15, 1902; 2 chil- 
dren: William W., Helen Louise. Teacher in elec- 
tric sen., Chicago, 1898-1900; began in elec. busi- 
ness as selling representative of various com- 
panies, Chicago, 1900; mgr. at Chicago for Triumph 
Electric Co. since 1910. Methodist. Mason (32, 
Shriner); mem. Royal League. Clubs: Electric, 
Jovian League, 111. Athletic. Recreations: golf, 



motoring-. Home: 9515 S. Robey St. Office: 327 S. 
LaSalle St. 

BONNER, Charles, brick mfr.; b. Mahoning, Pa., 
Feb. 15, 1855; s. Jeremiah and Eliza (Hutchinson) 
Bonner; student Allegheny Coll., Meadville, Pa., 
\877-9; m. May Stanley Kelly, of Tionesta, Pa,, 
June 14, 1883; children: Archibald B. (deceased), 
Bertha M. (Mrs. Amos G. Allen), Charles A. En- 
tered manufacture of brick in Chicago as May, 
Purington & Bonner Brick Co., 1887; later oper- 
ated as Charles Bonner & Co., incorporated, 1905, 
as Bonner & Marshall Brick Co., of which is pres. ; 
also pres. Builders' Teaming Co. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Clubs: Builders', South Shore Coun- 
try. Recreations: golf, motoring. Home: 5752 
Harper Av. Office: 133 W. Washington St. 

BONNER, Francis A(ug-ustus), railway econom- 
ics; b. Chicago, May 20, 1885; s. Andrew William 
and Eleanor C. (Burke) Bonner; grad. Lake View 
High Sch., 1903; A.B., Harvard, 1907; m. Celestine 
Louise Horine, of Chicago, Mar. 25, 1913. Began 
with editorial dept. Chicago Evening Post, 1908; 
ry. editor and asso. financial editor same, 1909-13; 
asso. dir. Bureau of Ry. News and Statistics since 
May 1, 1913. Furthered "See America First" move- 
ment, 1910-14, traveling throughout U.S. and Can. 
and to Cuba and Alaska and contributing several 
series of travel letters. Adopted, 1912, by Black- 
feet Indians, Mont., as "Nee-Nay-Nook-Ka" (Chief 
Elk). Republican. Club: Harvard. Assisted in 
compiling Railway Statistics of U.S.A. and The 
Railway Library, 1913-16. Recreations: music, 
reading, golf, travel. Home: 6331 Wayne Av. Of- 
fice: 1529 Railway Exchange Bldg. 

BONNER, Robert Johnson, professor Greek; b. 
Oxford Co., Ont. Can., Oct. 24, 1868; s. John and 
Nancy (Turnbull) Bonner; B.A., Univ. of Toronto, 
1890; grad. Ont. Law Sch., 1893; Ph.D., Univ. of 
Chicago, 1904; m. Annie Willson, of Ridgetown, 
Ont., Dec. 25, 1894. Prof. Latin, John B. Stetson 
Univ., De Land, Fla., 1900-3; asso. instr. in Greek, 
1905, prof, since 1913, Univ. of Chicago. Asso. edi- 
tor Classical Philology. Mem. Am. Philol. Assn., 
Classical Assn. of Middle West and South. Author: 
Greek Composition, 1903; Elementary Greek, 1907; 
Evidence in Athenian Courts, 1905. Address: 5470 
Greenwood Av. 

BONNEY, Lawton Corl, president Chicago Starch 
Co.; b. Chicago, Jan. 2, 1862; s. Charles Carroll 
and Lydia A. (Pratt) Bonney; ed. Chicago pub. 
schs.; m. Milwaukee, Aug. 14, 1895, Olive Baker. 
Began as messenger, Merchants Loan & Trust Co., 
1881, and was promoted until became chief elk.; 
sec. Douglas Park Bldg. Assn., 1888-92; sec., treas. 
and dir. Chicago Gen. Ry. Co., 1892-9; engaged as 
investment broker to Mar., 1910; pres. Chicago 
Starch Co. since Apr. 1, 1910; also pres. Western 
Paste & Gum Co. Formerly mem. Co. H, 1st Regt. 
I.N.G. Christian Scientist. Club: Union League. 
Recreation: golf. Home: 2149 Adams St. Office: 
2710 Throop St. 

BOOMER, Henry Bust, broker. (See vol. 1911.). 

BOON, Clement Lavern, bonds and investments. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BOOBE, Harry, pork packer; b. at Shrewsbury, 
Eng., Nov. 28, 1852; s. John and Sarah Ann (Da- 
vies) Boore; ed. pub. schs. in Eng.; came from Eng. 
to Chicago in 1869; m. Chicago, Oct. 1, 1877, Lydia 
M. Forrest; children: Harriet E. (Mrs. Harry B. 
Minor), Sarah. After arrival in Chicago worked 
for various firms in the pork packing business un- 
til 1888; went to Nebraska City, 1888, for Chicago 
Packing & Provision Co., remaining 1 yr. ; went to 
St. Louis as a partner in the East St. Louis Pack- 
ing & Provision Co., 2 yrs. Returned to Chicago, 
1891, becoming connected with the Internat. Pack- 
ing Co.; continued in that company until they sold 
out in 1894; assisted in organizing the Continental 
Packing Co.; on Nov. 12, 1903, established business 
for self under name of H. Boore & Co., pork pack- 
ers. Mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade. Episcopalian. 
Mason. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore 
Country. Recreations: hunting and fishing and 
other outdoor sports. Home: 4804 Vincennes Av. 
Office: 160 W. Jackson Boul. 

BOORN, William Charles, fire underwriter; b. at 
Kenosha, Wis., Aug. 30, 1863; s. Charles P. and 
Huldah Maria (Stevison) Boom; ed. pub. and high 
schs., Peoria, 111.; m. Peoria, Oct. 14, 1897, May C. 
Giles; 1 son, Philip Henry. In service of Orient 
Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn., and London and Lan- 
cashire, of Liverpool, 1888, becoming agency supt. 
of the western dept. of that company, 1897; with 
Hartford Fire Ins. Co. since Jan. 1, 1902; asst. gen. 
agt. of western dept. of same since Nov. 1, 1903. 
Clubs: Union League, Kenwood, Ridge. Recrea- 
tions: music, golf. Home: 4584 Oakenwald Av. 
Office: 39 S. LaSalle St. 

BOOS, Albert S(idney), banker. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOOT, George William, M.D., surgeon; b. Wilton 
Junction, la., Mar. 3, 1870; s. Robert and Sarah 
(Goforth) Boot; ed. pub. schs. of la.; M.D., Univ. 
of the Northwest, 1893; M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1898; 
post-grad, work, Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Minn., 
Northwestern Univ., and in Vienna; m. Estelle H. 
Bennett, of Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 6, 1899; 1 son, 
George William, Jr. Prof, pathology, Sioux City 
(la.) Coll. of Medicine about 1895; practiced in 
Chicago since 1903; asst. prof, ear, nose and throat 
diseases, Rush Med. Coll., since 1915; ear, nose and 
throat surgeon to Children's Memorial Hpsp., 1910- 
16; asst. otologist to Presbyn. Hosp. since 1911; 
attending eye, ear, nose and throat surgeon to- 
Cook Co. Hosp. since 1913;"eye, ear, nose and throat 
surgeon to St. Francis Hosp., Evanston. Fellow 
Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. 
Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Am. Acad. Oto-Laryngol- 
ogy, Chicago Laryngol. and Otol. Soc., Institute of 
Medicine (Chicago), A.A.A.S. Progressive. Unita- 
rian. Recreation: geology. Home: 1945 Sherman 
Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av., 

BOOTES, John Dwight, secretary Commercial 
Security Co. Removed to Rochester, N.Y. (See vol. 

BOOTH, Alfred Vernon, grain cornmn. ; b. Du- 
buque, la., May 25, 1865; s. Sidney and Anna. 
(Porch) Booth; ed. pub. schs. of San Francisco; m. 
Milwaukee, Wis. Oct. 12, 1892, Ada Bercry; 1 son, 
Alfred Bercry. Began business life as purser on 
Cal. Transportation Co.'s steamers, 1882; came to 
Chicago, 1883, beginning as messenger boy for 
Brosseau, Booth & Co.; then with W. S. Booth & 
Co.; later with John W. Hepburn & Co., H. G. Gay- 
lord & Co., and C. A. Wyland & Co.; mem. of Bd. of 
Trade in 1889, and in 1893 started in business alone- 
as a broker, and was a specialist in long time priv- 
ilege business; since May, 1901, of firm of Al V. 
Booth & Co., Chicago and Milwaukee, principal 
broker in Bd. of Trade memberships. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: South Shore Country, Swan 
Lake. Home: 5127 Cornell Av. Office: 69 Board of 

BOOTH, Edwin Lincoln, coal; b. at Suspension 
Bridge, Can., June 1, 1860; s. Joseph and Frances 
(Sutton) Booth; ed. pub. schs., Toronto and Ham- 
ilton, Ont, to 1875; m. Erie, Pa., Feb. 4, 1886, Sarah 
Edith Vincent; children: Blanche, Dorothy, Edwin 
Lincoln, Jr., Donald. Was clerk for his father in 
railroad business in Hamilton, Ont, 1875-9; stenog- 
rapher for gen. freight agt. M.C.Ry.Co., 1879-81; 
moved to St. Paul and became stenographer with 
the North- Western Fuel Co.; advanced in com- 
pany's service and became, 1890, 2d vice pres.; 
removed to Chicago in same capacity, 1899, and is 
mgr. the Chicago office. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Club: Union League. Recreation: golf. Home: 
4923 Lake Park Av. Office: 343 S. Dearborn St. 

BOOTH, John, mfr.; b. at Radcliff, Lancashire, 
Eng., Dec. 30, 1833; s. James and Maria (Walker) 
Booth; ed. common schs., Lancashire, Eng., to- 
1847; came to U.S., Sept., 1851; to Chicago, 1856; 
m. Chicago, Jan. 1, 1857, Julia Heffernan (died Feb., 
1891); m. 2d, Chicago, Nov., 1892, Louise Ford; 
children: James, Isabella, John, Julia, Florence, 
Stella, Charlotte, George. Learned trade as wrought 
iron and wire worker in England, 1847-51; worked- 
for Stevens & Co., in N.J., 1851-6; came to Chicago, 
1856; worked consecutively for Snow & Co., Mark- 
ley, Ailing & Co., Jones & Price; in business on 
own account as mem. firm of Booth & Conway, 
1866-8; then alone until the big fire of 1871; estab- 


lished again in Feb 1872, in firm of Jones & Booth assns.. Lawyers' Inst. Democrat. Clubs: Iroquois, 
until 1883- then alone, as a mfr. of wrought iron Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country. Flossmoor 
and wire goods and wire cloth; retired May 1, 1909. Country. Home: 5128 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 38 
Republican. Episcopalian. Home: 2148 Cleveland S. Dearborn St. 
Av. BOBEL, Lewis Constant, automobile accessories; 

BOOTH. William Gordon, real estate: b. Dundee, b. Indianapolis, Ind., July 27, 1893; s. Lewis Con- 
Scotland Julv 7, 1874: s. James and Jane (Gordon) slant and Nellie (DeWitt) Borel; ed. pub. schs.; 
Booth- came'to America 1885; ed. pub. schs., Chi- Indiana Univ., Bloomington, 1910-11; unmarried, 
cago; 'm. Jessie M. Shields, of Chicago, Feb. 18, Entered employ of Remy Electric Co., at Ander- 
1896- 3 children- Frederick S., Jean C.. William son, Ind., 1912; mgr. at Chicago for same, 1914-17; 
Gordon Jr With the real estate firm of Turner & asst. mgr., since 1917, of United Motors Service, 
Bond and its successor, William A. Bond & Co., Inc., factory representatives of Remy Electric Co., 
since 1891; admitted as a co-partner Jan. 1, 1909. Dayton Engring. Laboratories Co. and Klaxton Co. 
Sec. Chicago Real Estate Bd., 1911. Methodist. Protestant M as 9 n - S?F e ?&? nS: .>?i V^f 1 - 1 " 8 ' 
Recreation: fishing. Home: 7538 Eggleston Av. Home: 4717 Sheridan Rd. Office: 2641 Michigan 
Office: 25 N. Dearborn St. Boul. 

BOOZ, John Taylor, lawyer; b. Saunton. Va., BORO, M. Edward, banker. (See vol. 1911.) 
Aug. 21, 1868; s. John Wesley and Emma (McGhee) BOR1AMTD, Brace; b. Chicago, July 31, 1880; s. 
Booz; ed. pub. schs. and at Fishburne Mil. Acad. ; late John Jay and Harriet (Blair) Borland; A.B., 
m. Bess Rutherford, of Ky., Sept. 5, 1914. Was Harvard Univ., 1901, S.B., 1902; m. Dorothy, d. Le- 
connected with Norfolk & Western R.R., in Va., as roy W. Fuller, of Chicago, June 24, 1909. Engaged 
relief agt. and operator for 5 yrs., from 16 to 21 in mech. engring.; invented a lock used by safety 
yrs. of age; published the Waynesboro Times, at deposit companies. Clubs: Chicago, Saddle and Cy- 
Waynesboro, Va., 1889-91; sec. Va. Press Assn., cle, University, Union League. Home: 2632 Prairie 
1890-1, studying law during that period; was ad- Av. Office: Borland Bldg. 

mitted to the Va. bar; came to Chicago, 1892, and BORLAND Channcey Blair, real estate; b Chl- 
has since been engaged in general practice. Demo- Nov 26 1878 . s i ate Jonn Jay and Harriet 

crat. Mason (Lodge and Chapter). Clubs. South- (Blair) Borland; grad. Lawrenceville (N.J.) Sch., 
ern. Iroquois. Residence: Hotel Bentmere. Office. ig97; A.B., Harvard, 1901; Harvard Law Sch.. 1 yr.; 
38 S. Dearborn St. m Belle McCullough, of Chicago, June 23, 1904; 3 

BOPP, -William George, lawyer; b. Chicago, Mar. children: Harriet, Beatrice, Martha. With John H. 
3 1880; s. Charles and Friedericke (Schiele) Bopp; Wrenn & Co., 1902-3, Northern Trust Co., 1903-4; in 
A.B. Univ. of 111., 1902, Ph.B., 1903, J.D., 1904; m. charge of Borland properties and buildings since 
Emma Knoke, of Chicago, June 12, 1906; 2 daugh- 1904, and mgr. same; also pres. Borland Mfg. Co.; 
ters: Helen Bernice, Marion Lois. Admitted to 111. dir. Corn Exchange Nat. Bank, Chicago Rys. Co., 
bar, 1904, and since engaged in active practice in Building Mgrs.' Assn. Trustee and sec. St. Luke's 
Chicago. Mason (Lake View Lodge, Lincoln Park Hosp., and the Old People's Home of City of Chi- 
Chapter, St. Bernard Commandery, Shrine). Mem. cago. Episcopalian. Clubs: Harvard (Chicago, New 
Class A, Reserve Officers' Training Camp, Ft. Sher- York and Boston), Chicago, University, Saddle and 
idan, 111., May 15-Aug. 13, 1917. Home: 4436 Mag- Cycle, Chicago Athletic, Onwentsia (Chicago) ; New 
nolia Av. Office: 139 N. Clark St. York Yacht; Eastern Yacht (Marblehead, Mass.). 

BOBCHABDT Conrad Robert, secretary Nat. Recreations: outdoor diversions. Home: 2622 Prai- 
Mosaic Tile Co.; b. Adlich-Briesen, Germany. June rie Av. Office: 1508 Borland Bldg. 
3, 1886; s. Carl and Mathilda (Wohler) Borchardt; BORIAND, Leonard Clifford, MD ; b Cook Co., 
brought to U.S., 1894; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1909 m May 2 5, 1863; s. Dr. Matthew W. and Emily 
(Phi Beta Kappa); m. Marie Griesbach, of Chicago, L a( j<j (Robinson) Borland; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; 
Sept. 7, 1910; 1 daughter, Marie Anna. Engaged in M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1887; m. Chicago, 1897, 
real estate business with Hanson & Decker, 1909- Louisa Marie Ulscht; 1 daughter, Viola Louisa; m. 
11; sec. since 1911 of Nat. Mosaic Tile Co., mfrs. 2 d, Mrs. Petrine Wold; 1 son, Leonard C., Jr. En- 
and contractors art marble and terra?o floors, etc. Kage d in general practice of meaicine and surgery 
Lutheran. Club: German. Home: 6163 \\inthrop m Chicago since 1887; formerly prof, physiology, 
Av. Office: 2101 S. Kedzie Av. a( jj prof, nervous diseases, prof, nervous anatomy. 

no-nriiT'-B.Ti'r ivir+ Pi-ertariclr secrptjirv did- Chicago Coll. of Medicine and Surgery; formerly 
ahv PaoWn*??' dec ^ (See v'ol 1911 ) P rof - and head *>*& f Anatomy, Univ. of 111. Med. 

Sch. and Dental Sch.; prof, practical anatomy, prof. 

BOBDEN. Hamilton, merchant; June 21, 1835- physiology, prof, physical diagnosis, Chicago Coll. 
Oct. 11, 1911. (See vol. 1911.) of Dental Surgery; prof, practice of medicine, Jen- 

BOKDEN, John, explorer; b. Chicago, 1885; s. ner Med. Coll.; asso. in gynecology, Chicago Coll. 
late William and Mary D. (Whiting) Borden; g.s. Medicine and Surgery; asst. prof anatomy Chi- 
John Borden; B.A., Yale, 1906; LL.B., Northwestern cago Coll. Dental Surgery; med. dir. Sch. and Dis- 
Univ, 1908; m. Ellen, d. James B. Waller, of Chi- pensary of Physical Therapy; distributor, 111 Dem- 
cago, Feb. 2, 1907; 2 daughters. Admitted to 111. onstrators' Assn. Mem. A.M.A 111. State Med. Soc.. 
bar, 1908. Big game hunter; several whaling and Chicago Med. Soc., German Med. Soc. Club: Chi- 
Arctic expdns. in his own ships; his ship Great cago Automobile. Home: 2525 Smalley Ct. Office: 
Bear was wrecked in Behring Sea, Aug. 10, 1916, 209 S. State St. 
he and crew camped for 15 days on uninhabited BO RW lannfa whr>lp<!alp tailor- h Wollpnb 

Clt \TQ ttVipw'a TlaTlfl frnm whiph thpv Wprp rps- Hl/ttM, JXLO8B, \\IlOiebd-ie IdllOI , U. W Ollel ' 

1 " 


WoTrs H^^ (Yal) ciubs Chicago Sadde and ca s. "76, and engaged in retail clothing business; 

Cycle Ontveniia Chicago Golf etf Home 1020 originated the "tailoring to the trade" business, 

Lake Shore Drive Office"' 6 \ Michigan TV ' 1877 ! P res - M - Born & Co - Dir - Michael Reese Hosp. 

^ ak( Republican. Club: Standard (pres. 1896-7). Recre- 

BOBDEBS, M(ichael) W(ashingrton), lawyer; b. ations: traveling, golf. Home: 4801 Drexel Boul. 

Randolph Co., 111., May 9, 1867; s. James Johnson Office: 540-544 S. 5th Av. 

and Mary A. (Ritchie) Borders; A.B., Monmouth r\t*tni-t* nr<m~_ --!, !!. -i-_ 1-7 

(111.) Coll., 1888; Columbia Law Sch., New York, , <,????*!* WUUaln ' Q1 llna y official; Mar. 27, 

1891 m. Alice E. Abbe of Kirkwood 111. Feb. 9 1842-1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

. ., . 

1891; m. Alice E. Abbey, of Kirkwood, 111., Feb. 9, 

1892; children: James, Edward, Melville, Horatio. BORNHOEFT, John W., printer and pub.; b. at 

Admitted to bar, 1891; practiced at Belleville, 111., Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, May 21, 1868; s. of 

for 11 yrs., and was master in chancery of the Cir- Nicholas and Doris (Meyer) Bornhoeft; came to 

cuit Court of St. Clair Co., 111., 1900-2; removed to U.S., 1883; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Emma Wal- 

Chicapo, Apr. 1, 1903; gen. counsel for Morris & lor, of Chicago, June, 1907; 2 children: John W., 

Co., packers. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago bar Jr., Ethel Wilhelmina. Learned printer's trade un- 



der Fred Klein, and worked for various concerns; 
founded Columbia Printing Co., 1892, and has since 
continued as its head. Mem. United Typothetae of 
America. Evangelical Lutheran. Mason. Club: Ben 
Franklin. Home: 2856 Burling St. OfBce: 632-636 
N. Halsted St. 

BOBOWSKI, Felix, president Chicago Musical 
Coll.; b. Burton, Eng., of Slavonic parentage, Mar. 
10, 1872; studied music first under pvt. masters; 
grad. Conservatoire, Cologne, Germany, In violin, 
pianoforte and composition; lived in London until 
1897; m. Edith Frances Grant, of Aberdeen, Scot- 
land, Oct. 9, 1897. Dir. dept. of composition and 
lecturer upon mus. history, Chicago Mus. Coll., 
1897-1916, pres. since Apr., 1916. Composer of 
works for orchestra: Marche triomphale, 2 suites; 
Symphonic poem, "Eugene Onegin" (MS.); Valse 
Pathetlque for orchestra; Allegro de Concert for 
organ and orchestra. Chamber music; Piano; So- 
naterusse; Preludes; Concerto with orchestra 
(MS.); also composer of many smaller works. 
Violin: Here Mazur, Schoumka Ukrainienne. Aria; 
2ieme Mazur, Adoration, and others. Organ: Suite; 
2 Sonatas. Voice: Songs, etc. Also critic and writer 
on musical subjects; mus. critic of Chicago Even- 
ing Post, 1906; mus. editor of Chicago Herald since 
1909. Author of the hist, and analyt. programmes 
of the Theodore Thomas Orchestra (now Chicago 
Symphony Orchestra) since 1908. Home: 1221 Ca- 
talpa Av. Address: 624 S. Michigan Boul. 

BOSTON, Elon Q. f chautauqua mgr. ; b. Flint, 
Mich., Mar. 31, 1889; s. Joseph Henry and Emily 
Jane (Wright) Borton; grad. high sch., Flint, 1906; 
A.B., Greenville (111.) Coll., 1910; student law dept. 
Univ. of Chicago, 1913-14; unmarried. Nat. travel- 
ing sec. (except 1 yr.), Intercollegiate Prohibition 
Assn., 1910-15, now sec. same; organized branches 
of the assn. in more than 300 colleges and univs. ; 
salesman, fleldman and field supt., Nat. Lincoln 
Chautauqua System, summers, 1908-15; mgr. oper- 
ating dept., Mutual Lyceum & Chautauqua System, 
since Dec., 1915. Mem. Internat. Lyceum Assn. 
Home: 812 Stockton St., Flint, Mich. Office: 910 
Steinway Hall, Chicago. 

BOBWELIi, Frank t.. dry goods commn. mcht.; 
Aug. 20, 1858-Mar. 14, 1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOSLEY, Edward Franklin, mfr.; b. at Chicago, 
May 29, 1869; s. baniel Webster and Mary E. W. 
Bosley; ed. high sch., Chicago, to 1887; m. Chicago, 
Apr., 1899, Harriet L. Benham; 1 son, Maurice Ed- 
ward (by previous marriage). In 1887 entered the 
business established by his father in 1869 as a 
mfr. of weather strips, and was sec. of the D. W. 
Bosley Co. until, upon the death of D. W. Bosley, 
in 1899, succeeding him as pres. and treas. ; also 
pres. Standard Cleaner Co. and Metropolitan 
Weather Strip Co., New York City. Republican. 
Mem. Mil. Order of Loyal Legion, first class (by 
Inheritance). Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore 
Country, Lake Geneva Country; Mid wick Country 
(Pasadena, Cal.). Home: 1367 N. State St., Chica- 
go; (summer) Lake Geneva, Wis. Office: 122 S. 
Michigan Av., Chicago. 

BOSTEDO. Louis Gardner, mfr. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOSWOBTH, Charles Henry, banker; b. Mari- 
etta, O., Jan. 14, 1858; s. Sala and Joanna F. (Ship- 
man) Bosworth; A.B., Marietta Coll., 1877; LL.B., 
Cincinnati Law Sch., 1879. Admitted to Ohio bar, 
1879, and practiced at Cincinnati, 1879-82; began 
ry. service as elk. for the contractor of Cincinnati, 
Van Wert & Mich. Ry Van Wert, O., 1882-3; pay- 
master, St. Louis Coal R.R., 1883, becoming asst. 
gen. frt. and pass. agt. of Its successor, St. Louis, 
Alton & Terre Haute R.R., to 1888; auditor and 

en. frt. and pass. agt. St. Louis & Chicago R.R., 
pringfield, 111., 1888-90, gen. mgr. same, 1890-5; 
also receiver and gen. mgr. Chicago, Peoria & St. 
Louis R.R., 1893-6, and upon reorganization, 1896, 
became vice pres. and gen. mgr.; pres. Peoria & 
Pekin Union R.R.. 1895-8, and vice pres. and gen. 
mgr. same, 1898-1900; pres. 111. Southern R.R., June 
1, 1900- Jan. 7, 1902; was federal bank examiner for 
a time, then pres. Peoples Trust & Savings Bank, 
Chicago, until 1914; dir., 1914-15, chmn. bd. and 
federal reserve agent. 1914-Dec. 31, 1916, of Fed- 
eral Reserve Bank of Chicago. Dir. Evanston Trust 

& Savings Bank. Mem. Delta Upsilon, etc. Home: 
Evanston, 111. 

BOSWOBTH, Harry John, dental supplies; b. at 
Cannon Falls, Minn., Sept. 1, 1873; s. Charles H. 
and Amelia C. (Richards) Bosworth; ed. Elizabeth 
St. Sch., Chicago; m. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 26, 
1894, Anna Florence Rogers. Began in 1889 with 
111. Dental Mfg. Co., continuing until Jan. 1, 1891; 
with the Keller Dental Co., 1891-2; with Gideon 
Sibley, in the same line, 1893-1902; mgr. of the Rit- 
ter Dental Supply House, 1902-14; in business for 
self as Harry J. Bosworth Co. since 1914. Repub- 
lican. Mem. B.P.O.E. and K.P. Club: South Shore 
Country. Recreation: automobiling. Home: 1026 E. 
46th St. Office: 6 N. Michigan Av. 

BOTKE, Jessie Arms, artist; b. Chicago, May 27, 
1883; d. William Aldis and Martha (Cornell) Arms; 
ed. grammar schs., Lincoln and Lake View High 
Schs. ; Art Inst. of Chicago; m. Cornelius Botke, of 
Haarlem, Holland, Apr. 15, 1915; 1 son, William 
Arms. Has exhibited at Art Inst. of Chicago, New 
York Water Color Club, Am. Water Color Soc.; 
represented in Municipal Gallery, Chicago. Mem. 
Chicago Soc. Artists. Club: Cordon. Address: 1542 
E. 57th St. 

BOTSFOBD, Henry, retired packer; b. Ann Ar- 
bor, Mich., July 30, 1834. Came to Chicago, 1855; 
mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade since 1858; began in 
packing business, 1863. Clubs: Chicago, Union 
League. Home: 2129 Prairie Av. Office: 160 W. 
Jackson Boul. 

BOUFFLEUB, Albert I., surgeon; b. Springville, 
Wis., Aug. 20, 1864; s. Philip and Mary A. Bouffleur; 
prep. edn. Viroqua (Wis.) High Sen. and Valparai- 
so (Ind.) Unrv.; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1887; m. 
Charlotte Martin, 1913. Engaged in practice of 
surgery at Chicago since 1887; asst. prof, surgery. 
Rush Med. Coll., 1895-1912; surgeon in chief., C..M. 
&St.P. Ry. Co., Washington Boulevard Hosp. ; at- 
tending surgeon, Cook County Hosp., 1890-1912. 
Mem. Am. Assn. Ry. Surgeons, A.M.A., 111. State 
and Chicago med. socs., Chicago Surg. Soc. Club: 
Chicago Athletic. Home: 2449 Washington Boul. 
Office: Railway Exchange Bldg. 

BOUQHAIT, Andrew B., lawyer; b. Chicago, June 
19, 1871; s. Andrew and Sarah A. (Brenock) Bou- 
ghan; ed. pub. schs.; St. Ignatius Coll.; Lake For- 
est Univ., Law Dept., 1893; unmarried. Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1893; candidate on Independent League 
Ticket for county judge of Cook County, 111., 1906. 
Mem. 111. State Bar Assn. Catholic. Organized 
movement in 1904 against loan sharks which re- 
sulted in legislature passing law under which the 
First State Fawners Soc. was incorporated. Rec- 
reations: hunting, traveling. Home: 659 Welling- 
ton Av. Office: 10 S. LaSalle St. 

BOUGHEB, William Sherman, M.D.; b. Athens, 
O., June 21, 1867; s. of John and Lucy (Gibson) 
Bougher; prep. edn. Athens High Sch.; M.D., Jen- 
ner Med. Coll., Chicago, 1908; m. Marian S. Wal- 
lace, of Chicago, Aug. 28, 1912. Practiced at Chi- 
cago since 1908. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chi- 
cago med. socs. Republican. Mason, K.P., Odd Fel- 
low. Clubs: Columbia Yacht, Sportsman's of Amer- 
ica. Home: 6342 S. Green St. Office: 6304 S. Hal- 
sted St. 

BOUBNIQTTE. Augustus Eugene, professor of 
dancing; b. Cirey, France, Oct. 27, 1842; s. Augus- 
tus and Pauline Bournique; came to New York 
with parents, 1845; ed. pub. schs., at Acad. of the 
Holy Infancy, Manhattanville, and at Bourseaux 
Acad., Brooklyn, N.Y.; m. Chicago, June 14, 1862, 
Elizabeth Ann Corning; children: Eugene A., Alvar 
L., Hugh L. (deceased). May E., Lyman G. Re- 
moved with parents to Chicago, 1857; clerk in 
father's plate glass business until 1858; then in 
dry goods house of Ross & Foster, 1858-61; after 
that with clothing house of George T. Belding & 
Co. Studied and practiced dancing from boyhood; 
with wife, established Bournique's Dancing Acad., 
1865; fire destroyed the building in the great fire 
of 1871; rebuilt on 24th St., between Mich, and Ind. 
Avs., and in 1883 built the academy on 23d St., be- 
tween Prairie and Calumet Avs., also conducting 
branches in various parts of city and vicinity. 
Recreations: fishing, canoeing, billiards. Home: 
Lessing Annex. Office: 624 S. Michigan Av. 



BOTJRNIQUE, Eugene Augustus, real estate; b. 
Chicago, June 13, 1864; s. Augustus Eugene and 
Elizabeth Ann (Branigan) Bournique; ed. public 
schs. ; m. Chicago, 1894, Stella Grace Curtis; chil- 
dren: Joy, Hellen, Ruth. Was for 13 yrs. associat- 
ed with father, Prof. A. E. Bournique, teacher of 
dancing; head of Eugene A. Bournique & Co., real 
estate, since 1890. Mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd., 
Chicago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Clubs: Mid- 
Day, Exmoor Country, Highland Park. Home: 
Highland Park, 111. Office: 38 S. Dearborn St., 

BOURQUE, N. Odeon, surgeon; b. Paris, France, 
Apr. 6, 1878; s. John Ophelias and Eugenie (Dar- 
tez) Bourque; prep. edn. Paris; M.D., Univ. of 
Paris, 1903, Univ. of Nashville (Tenn.), 1906; di- 
ploma, Univ. State of N.Y.; Ph.D., Univ. of South- 
ern Minn., 1910; m. Louella Landwer, of Chicago, 
Aug., 1910. Began practice in Beaumont, Tex., 
1903; removed to Chicago, 1906; head prof, anat- 
omy and surgery, Chicago Hosp. Coll. of Medicine, 
also dir. and chmn. bd. of censors; pres. of staff 
and chief surgeon, Fort Dearborn Hosp. Mem. 111. 
State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Cook Co. Med. 
and Surg. Soc., Canadian Assn. of French Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, Acad. de Medicine Frangaise, 
Chicago Anatom. Soc. Mason (Shriner). Author: 
Students' Handbook on Anatomy, 1916. Home: 3839 
Grand Boul. Office: 3831 Vernon Av. 

BOUTEliL, Henry Sherman, diplomatist. Re- 
moved to Washington, D.C. (See Who's Who in 

BO WE, Charles Nelson, dental supplies; b. Buf- 
falo, N.Y., July 28, 1856; s. Charles Nelson and 
Mary A. (Blodgett) Bowe; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; 
m. Lydia Harriet Monks, of Benton Harbor, Mich., 
August 6, 1878; 1 son, John Hamilton, D.D.S., Chi- 
cago. Came to Chicago from Detroit, 1864; began 
active career in employ of Chicago office of Water- 
bury Clock Co., fall of 1878; became traveling 
salesman of H. D. Justi & Son, Jan. 1, 1876; west- 
ern mgr. for company since 1899. Republican. 
Christian Scientist. Mason. Recreation: music. 
Home: 3909 W. Jackson Boul. Office: 810 Masonic 

BOWEN, Joseph TUton; Apr. 1, 1854-Mar. 29, 
1911. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOWEN, Louise de Koven (Mrs. Joseph Tilton 
B.), social worker; b. Chicago, Feb. 26, 1869; d. 
John and Helen (Hadduck) de Koven; ed. Dearborn 
Sem., Chicago; m. Joseph Tilton Bowen, of Chi- 
cago, June 1, 1886 (now deceased). Pres. Juvenile 
Protective Assn.; vice pres. United Charities, Chi- 
cago; treas. Hull House, Chicago; dlr. Sch. of Civ- 
ics and Philanthropy, Com. of 15. Mem. State 
Council of Defense and chmn. Women's Com. of 
Council of Nat. Defense. Progressive. Episcopa- 
lian. Clubs: Chicago Woman's, Woman's City, Fri- 
day, Cordon, Hull House Woman's. Author of sev- 
eral vols. for titles see Who's Who in America. 
Home: 1430 Astor St., Chicago; (summer) Bar 
Harbor, Me. Office: Hull House. 800 S. Halsted St. 

BOWER, Robert Allan, map maker. Removed to 
Pasadena, Cal. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOWEBSOCK, Clement Cory, lawyer. Removed 
to St. Paris, O. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOWES, C(harls) Prank, valves; b. Crete, Will 
Co., 111., Dec. 25, 1865; s. George H. and Sylvia A. 
(Adams) Bowes; ed. pub. schs.; m. Alice W. Eggles- 
ton, of Chicago, July 27, 1889; 2 children: Lau- 
rence C. and Leon F. Began, 1880, with E. B. Pres- 
ton & Co., succeeded, 1886, by W. D. Allen Mfg. 
Co.; continued with the latter and, after various 
promotions, served as vice pres., 1899-1907; mgr. 
Chicago office of The Lunkenheimer Co., engring. 
specialties, since 1907. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Rec- 
reation: hunting. Home: 9556 Prospect Av. Office: 
188 N. Dearborn St. 

BOWES, Frank B., railway official; b. Chicago, 
Jan. 29, 1862; ed. pub. schs. Began ry. service with 
I.C.R.R., 1876, with which has since been identified; 
elk. in auditor's, gen. frt. and gen. pass, offices, 
1876-87; gen. northern pass, agt., 1886-94; asst. 
gen. pass, agt., 1894-5; gen. frt. agt. southern lines 
and Yazoo & Miss. Valley R.R., 1895-1903; asst. 
traffic mgr. same lines, 1903-5, frt. traffic mgr. 
same, 1905-8, and gen. traffic mgr. I.C., Yazoo & 

iliss. Valley and Ind. Southern rys. since 1909; 
vice pres. of same rys., in charge of traffic, since 
May 1, 1912. Club: Union League. Home: 6727 Eu- 
clid Av. Office: 602 Central Station. 

BOWLES, John P., live stock commn. ; b. Quincy, 
III., May 26, 1859; s. John and Mary (Cass) Bowles; 
ed. pub. schs. of Quincy, 111., and Gem City Busi- 
ness Coll.; m. Quincy, Oct. 18, 1893, Ella Bertha 
Hense; children: Dolores Joan, John Hense, Helen 
Edith. Reared on a farm and from boyhood iden- 
tified with live stock business, in which was en- 
gaged at Edina, Mo., before coming to Chicago, 
1880; was with Keenan & Hancock 9 yrs.; mem. 
firm of Tomlinson, Bowles & Co. 7 yrs.; after that 
3 yrs. of Strahorn, Hutton, Evans Commn. Co., un- 
til present company of Bowles Live Stock Commn. 
Co. was organized, Aug. 1, 1899, of which is pres.; 
also pres. Chicago Feed & Fertilizer Co. Democrat. 
Clubs: South Shore Country, Saddle and Sirloin. 
Home: 4340 Vincennes Av. Office: Exchange Bldg., 
Union Stock Yards. 

BOWMAN, Charles John, produce commn. mcht. ; 
b. Oneida Co., N.Y., Aug. 31, 1873; s. Lucius S. and 
Elizabeth (Kurd) Bowman; ed. pub. schs., Jack- 
son, Mich.; m. Olive Pursell, of Indianapolis, Ind., 
June 17, 1902; 2 children: Mary Elizabeth, Charles 
Pursell. Has been identified with commn. business 
since 1892; pres. Bowman & Bull Co., 1912-16; pres. 
Bowman & Co. since 1916. Republican. Mason. 
Club: Oak Park. Home: 238 S. Scoville Av., Oak 
Park, 111. Office: 136 W. Lake St., Chicago. 

BOWMAN, Ernest M., secretary and dir. the 
Bowman Dairy Co. Home: Lake Forest, III. Office: 
158 W. Ontario St., Chicago. 

BOWMAN, John Qabbert ; b. Davenport, la., May 
18, 1877; s. John R. and Mary A. (Gabbert) Bow- 
man; A.B., State Univ. of la., Iowa City, 1899, A.M., 
1904; grad. student Columbia, 1904-5; (LL.D., Coe 
Coll., 1912, Univ. of Miss., 1914); m. Florence Ridg- 
way Berry, of St. Louis, June 29, 1908. Newspaper 
work, 1899-1901; instr. English, State Univ. of la., 
1902-4, Columbia, 1905-7; sec. Carnegie Foundation 
for the Advancement of Teaching, New York, 1907- 
11; pres. State Univ. of la., 1911-14; dir. Am. Coll. 
of Surgeons, Chicago, since 1915. Clubs: The Play- 
ers, St. Andrews Golf (New York), Cosmos (Wash- 
ington, D.C.). Home: 1415 Estes Av. Office: 30 N. 
Michigan Av. 

BOWMAN, Johnston R., president Bowman Dairy 
Co. Home: 436 Wellington Av. Office: 158 W. On- 
tario St. 

BOWMAN, William Charles, manager Linen 
Thread Co.; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb. 9, 1861; s. The- 
odore H. and Angeline (Major) Bowman; ed. Brook- 
lyn Collegiate and Poly. Inst., and at Noelle's Sch 
of Language, Hanover, Germany; m. Chicago, Apr., 
1901, Carrie M. Warden. Connected with the Linen 
Thread Co. since 1887, beginning in a subordinate 
capacity, becoming mgr., 1900; also sec. of the Art 
Marble Co. Republican. Recreations: automobil- 
ing, yachting, fishing. Residence: Plaza Hotel. Chi- 
cago; (summer) Sylvan Beach, White Lake, Mich 
Office: 154 W. Austin Av., Chicago. 

BOWMAN, William Henry, real estate. (See vol. 

BOWSING-, William Palmer, secretary of C. H. 
Worcester Co.; Oct. 18, 1868-July, 1914. (See vol. 

BOWSriELD, Colvin C., author; b. at Orange- 
ville, Ont., Can., 1855; ed. pub. schs. and in printing 
office; m. Inez Pierson, of Ellendale, N.D., 1899. 
Reared on farm; learned printer's trade; became 
writer on country weeklies, later Washington corr. 
and subsequently contbr. to Chicago Tribune, Chi- 
cago Evening News, New York Times, Buffalo Cou- 
rier, etc.; was 1st sec. N.Dak. Senate, 1889, when 
statehood was established; now residing on model 
farm nr. Elgin, 111. Republican. Author: Making 
the Farm Pay, 1913; Wealth from the Soil, 1914; 
How Boys and Girls Can Earn Money. 1916. Home: 
Elgin, 111. Office: 134 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BOWYER, Iiorraine Pleetwood, real estate and 
coal; b. Mt. Pleasant, la., June 30, 1866; s. Lewis 
Franklin and Elizabeth Sarepta (Surface) Bowyer; 
grad. Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind., 1885. After 
leaving coll. entered staff Chicago Daily News; 



then in 1889 in the wholesale coal business; now 
pres. and treas. of the Kanawha Valley Coal Co.; 
vice pres. New Kanawha Coal & Mining Co. Has 
large real estate interests at Chicago, owns the 
Bowyer Blk., 305 N. Mich. Av. Republican. Recre- 
ations: srolf, driving-. Office: 305 N. Michigan Av. 

EOYCE, Simeon Leonard, lawyer; Jan. 14, 1850- 
Sept., 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BOYCE, William D., publisher; b. Allegheny Co., 
Pa., June 16, 1860; s. David and Margaret J. Boyce; 
ed. Univ. of Wooster, O. Began as adv. solicitor, 
Chicago, 1881; became newspaper pub. in Dak.; or- 
ganizer and mgr. bur. of correspondence, represent- 
ing 1,200 newspapers, New Orleans Cotton Expn., 
1884; established "patent inside" house, Chicago, 
and Winfleld, Kan.; assisted in establishing the 
Saturday Blade, Chicago, of which became owner; 
bought Chicago Ledger and other publs. now pub. 
by W. D. Boyce Co., of which is pres. Owner of 
Boyce Bldg., Chicago. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, Chicago Athletic. Home: 504 Wrightwood 
Av. Office: 508 N. Dearborn St. 

BOYD, Edward B., railway official; b. Greencas- 
tle, Ind., July 18, 1861; s. George M. and Ann G. 
(Thorpe) Boyd; ed. pub. schs. in Ind.; m. May 
Marshall, of Chicago, Oct. 16, 1889. Began ry. serv- 
ice, 1883, in gen. offices C.,R.I.&P.Ry., becoming 
chief rate elk., 1887-92, 2d asst. gen. frt. agt., 1892- 
86, 1st asst. gen. frt. agt., 1896-7, gen. frt. agt. lines 
west of Mo. River, 1897-9, and gen. frt. agt. lines 
ast of Mo. River, 1899-1904; mgr. transportation 
dept. Chicago Bd. of Trade, 1904-8; became asst. to 
the vice pres. "Gould System," Jan. 1, 1908; now 
chmn. Western Trunk Line Com., Chicago. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Hamilton, Exmoor Country. Recrea- 
tions: outdoor sports. Home: 4558 Lake Park Av. 
Office: 610 S. Dearborn St. 

BOYD, Jeanne Marg-aret, composer; b. Mt. Car- 
roll, 111., Feb. 25, 1890; d. James P. W. and Jane 
Ann (Hughes) Boyd; prep. edn. high sch., Fremont, 
Neb.; lit. and musical courses, Frances Shimer 
Sch., Mt. Carroll, 111.; studied plane and composi- 
tion under Emil Liebling, Chicago, 1908-13. Head 
of Harmony Dept., teacher of piano and coach- 
accompanist in Lyceum Arts Conservatory, Chi- 
cago, since 1914. Mem. Chicago Artists' Assn. Con- 
gregationalist. Composer of various songs. Home: 
5227 Cornell Av. Studio: 600 Lyon & Healy Bldg. 

HOYDEN, Ralph Whitintr, business mgr. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BOYDEN, William Cowpor; b. Sheffield, 111., Apr. 
6, 1864; s. Albert W. and Ellen R. (Webb) Boyden; 
grad. Phillips Exeter Acad., 1882; A.B., Harvard, 
1886, LL.B., 1889; m. Mabel G. Burlingham, of Chi- 
cago, Apr. 13, 1893; children: William C., Preston 
B., Margaret, Elizabeth. Admitted to bar, 1889; 
practiced, 1890-7, as mem. of firm of Hamlin, Hol- 
land & Boyden; mem. Matz, Fisher & Boyden since 
1897; dir. Central Trust Co. of 111., Sullivan Ma- 
chinery Co., Liquid Carbonic Co. Overseer Harvard 
Univ. since 1911. Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar 
assns., Chicago Law Club. Republican. Clubs: 
University, Chicago, City, Indian Hill. Home: 
Winnetka, 111. Office: 134 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BOYESEN, Norman Travel, lawyer. (See vol. 

BOYLE, Daniel, printing, binding and engrav- 
ing; b. County Donegal, Ireland, June 6, 1854; s. 
Francis and Nora (Ward) Boyle; came to U.S., 
1863; ed. parochial and pub. schs.; m. Mary E. 
O'Meara, of Scranton, Pa,, Aug. 1, 1881; 8 children: 
Mary E. (wife of Emil A. Roch, M.D.), Francis J., 
Lillian A. (Mrs. C. H. Heyden, 9f Oak Park, 111.), 
John H., Daniel, Jr., Agnes, Christopher C., James 
V. Apprenticeship to the printing business, Spring- 
field, O., 1868; became salesman for C. H. Blakely 
& Co., Chicago, 1886, later with J. C. Winship & Co. 
and Slason Thompson Co.; entered employ of The 
Henry O. Shepard Co., as salesman, Oct. 1, 1899, 
and later was elected dir. of the company; sec. and 
dir. since 1915; treas. and dir. Lakewood Lot Own- 
ers' Assn., Lakewood Utilities Co., Lakewood Street 
Ry. Co. Mem. Chicago Advertising Assn. Mem. 
Royal League, Royal Arcanum, Knights of Colum- 
bus. Democrat. Roman Catholic. Clubs: Irish Fel- 
lowship, Traffic. Home: 1331 Greenleaf Av., Rogers 
Park. Office: 632 Sherman St. 

BOYLE. John Patrick, ice; b. Chicago, July 6, 
1870; s. Thomas and Mary (Maginnis) Boyle; ed. 
Chicago Manual Training School; LL.B., Chicago 
Coll. of Law, 1888; m. Grace O'Brien, of Chicago, 
Mar. 28. 1894; children: Marion, Thomas, Grace, 
Irene. Practiced law a few years; asst. pros. atty. 
of Chicago during Mayor Washburne's administra- 
tion; mgr. Lincoln Ice Co., 1892-5; asst. gen. mgr. 
Knickerbocker Ice Co., 1895-6; mem. firm of Walsh, 
Lange & Co., wholesale grocers, and its successors, 
Walsh, Boyle & Co., 1897-1906; now pres. Boyle Ice 
Co.; vice pres. Associated Industries Fire Ins. Co. 
Democrat. Mem. Knights of Columbus. Clut>s: 111. 
Athletic, Edgewater Golf, South Shore Country. 
Home: 6900 Sheridan Rd. Office: 136 W. Lake St. 

BOYLES. Charles Dickinson; b. Chicago, Aug. 1, 
1865; s. of Charles C. and Hannah (Dickinson) 
Boyles; ed. high sch., Chicago, and old Chicago 
Univ.; m. Detroit, Jan. 31, 1899, Edith M. Johnson. 
Began in employ of The Albert Dickinson Co. in 
1878, while still attending school; became asst. sec. 
on incorporation of the company in 1887, and sec., 
1888-1912; now pres. Hoboken Mfrs. R.R. Co. Epis- 
copalian. Club: Union League. Recreations: golf, 
horseback riding. Home: 625 Oak St., Winnetka, 
111. Office: Conway Bldg., Chicago. 

BOYLSTON, John, engineers' supplies; b. Chica- 
go, May 6, 1864; s. John and Alice (Quinlan) Boyls- 
ton; ed. pub. schs.; m. Mary Moore, of Chicago, 
1888; 4 children: Emily (Mrs. Hollis Gleason), Ma- 
rie, John, Ruth (Mrs. Roy Rennicker). In mercan- 
tile business since 1886; ex-pres. \\estern Kieley 
Steam Specialty Co.; now pres. Boylston Steam 
Specialty Co. and Chicago Engineers' Supply Co. 
Home: 4526 Maiden St. Office: 120 W. Illinois St. 

BOYNTON, Charles T., vice president Pickands, 
Brown & Co.; b. West Stockbridge, Mass., Dec. 5, 
1858; s. Charles Sumner and Elizabeth (Thompson) 
Boynton; ed. pub. schs., Catskill, N.Y. ; m. Anna E. 
Bell, of Catskill, N.Y., June 17, 1880; 3 children: 
Elizabeth, Edith, Donald. Came to Chicago, 1879, 
and entered employ of the Washburn & Moen Mfg. 
Co., as office boy, with which remained until 1898; 
was gen. western mgr. of that company when it 
was sold to Am. Steel & Wire Co., of which was 
gen. sales agt. and dir. until June, 1900; pres. Shel- 
by Steel Tube Co., 1900-2; vice pres. Pickands, 
Brown & Co. since Mar. 1, 1902; vice pres. By- 
products Coke Corpn., Rogers-Browne Ore Co. ; dir. 
Continental & Commercial Nat. Bank, Continental 
& Commercial Trust & Savings Bank, Dearborn Co., 
Buck & Rayner Drug Co., Semet-Solvay Co. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Chicago, Onwentsia, Exmoor Coun- 
try, Evanston Country, Highland Park. Recrea- 
tions: golf, motoring, fishing, shooting. Home: 
Highland Park, 111. Office: 332 S. Michigan Av., 

EOYNTON, Melbourne Parker, clergyman; b. at 
Lynn, Mass., Nov. 6, 1867; s. Benjamin Skinner and 
Mary Elizabeth (Croscup) Boynton; ed. Cal. Coll., 
Oakland; Div. Sch., Univ. of Chicago; (D.D., Des 
Moines Coll., la., 1910); m. Hattie Wells, of San 
Jose, Cal., Sept. 8, 1892. Ordained Bapt. ministry, 
Sept. 8, 1892; consecutively asst., acting, and pas- 
tor First Ch., San Francisco, 1894-7; pastor Lexing- 
ton Av. Ch. (now Woodlawn Bapt.) Chicago, since 
Aug., 1897; erected new edifice and dedicated it Oct. 
26,1902. Mem. hdqrs. com. 111. Anti-Saloon League; 
recording sec. Chicago Church Federation Council; 
good citizenship com. Bapt. Brotherhood of Chi- 
cago; dir. Midnight Mission, etc.; pres. Chicago Ch. 
Federation Council; 1st pres. 111. Vigilance Assn. 
(2 terms). Home: 6529 Ingleside Av. 

BOYNTOW, Percy Holmes, professor English; b. 
Newark, N.J., Oct. 30, 1875; s. George Mills and 
Julia Hoyt (Holmes) Boynton; A.B., Amherst, 1897; 
A.M., Harvard, 1898; grad. student Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1902-3; m. Lois Damon, of St. Louis, Oct. 11, 
1902. Instr. in English, Smith Acad., St. Louis, 
1898-1902; reader in English, Univ. of Chicago, 
1902-3; actg. asst. prof, of English, Washington 
Univ., winter quarter, 1903; asso. in English, 1903- 
05, instr., 1905-9, asst. prof., 1909-14, asso. prof, 
since 1914, also dean in Junior Colls., Univ. of Chi- 
cago. Sec. of instrn., Chautauqua Instn., 1903-14; 
prin. summer schs., same, since 1914. Mem. Psi 
Upsilon. Clubs: University, Quadrangle, City. Au- 
thor: London in English Literature, 1913. Joint 



Author: First View of English and American Lit- 
erature, 1909; Principles of Composition, 1915. 
Asso. editor The English Journal. Home: 5748 
Kimbark Av. 

BOYNTON, Stuart Dunlevy, mechanical engr. ; b. 
Chicago, Nov. 23, 1869; s. Charles W. and Mary 
(Morris) Boynton; ed. pub. and manual training 
schs., Chicago, until 1886; in real estate business, 
managing father's property, 1886-9; M.E., Cornell 
Univ., 1893. In U.S. Revenue Service as 2d asst. 
engr., 1893-4; resigned 1894 to come to Chicago; 
was mgr. and principal of the storage business of 
C. W. Boynton until 1906; since then pres. Power 
Equipment Co., contractors for steam and electric 
plants. Club: Union League. Recreations: golf, 
motoring, fishing. Home: 211 E. Ontario St. Office: 
Fisher Bldg. 

BRACE'S', Smith Herbert, railway contractor. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BRACE, Julius, mfg. confectioner; b. at 
Schoenwald, Germany, May 21, 1859; s. Martin and 
Wilhelmina (Hamler) Brach; brought to U.S. by 
parents when 7 yrs. of age; ed. in schs. of Germany 
and Burlington, la.; m. Katharine A. Cunningham, 
of Chicago, Sept. 24, 1885; children: Edwin James, 
Francis Leo, Anna Theresa. Came to Chicago from 
Burlington, la., 1880; engaged in mfg. confection- 
ery business since 1881; pres. and supt. of the 
Dreibus-Heim Co., 1896-1904; now sr. mem. E. J. 
Brach & Sons. Republican. Mem. Royal League. 
Home: 945 Gait Av. Office: 543 N. Franklin St. 

BRACKEN, Willard 8., M.D.; b. at Henry, 111., 
Sept. 23, 1867; s. Archibald and Esther (York) 
Bracken; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch., 1902; 
m. Octavia Hobbs, of Chicago, Aug. 21, 1892; 1 
child (deceased). Formerly instr. nose and throat 
dept. Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch.; clin. prof, 
ophthalmology, Bennett Med. Coll. (Loyola Univ.); 
supervisor ophthalmology, Chicago Dept. of 
Health; associated with Dr. E. Fletcher Ingals, in 
nose and throat work, 1906-16. Mem. A.M.A., 111. 
State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Phi Delta. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Home: 
5007 Grand Boul. Office: 104 S. Michigan Av. 

BRACKEN, Mrs. Willard S. (Octavia Bracken), 
teacher of singing; b. at DeWitt, la,; d. Thomas 
Thompson and Huldah (Cral) Hobbs; musical edn. 
in Paris, France; studied with Pauline Viardet- 
Garcia and Madame Mathilde Marches!; m. Wil- 
lard Sherman Bracken, of Chicago, Aug. 21, 1892. 
Pres. Cosmopolitan Sch. of Music and Dramatic 
Art. Mem. Soc. Am. Musicians. Club: The Cordon. 
Home: 5007 Grand Boul. Studio: 9th floor, Audito- 
rium Bldg. 

BRADBURY, Clifford C., patent lawyer; b. Rich- 
mond, Ind., Sept. 8, 1880; s. Wilbern K. and Eliza- 
beth (Lipton) Bradbury; ed. pub. schs., Richmond; 
Swarthmore Coll., Pa., 1901; B.S. in E.E., Purdue 
Univ., LaFayette, Ind., 1904; LL.B., Chicago-Kent 
Coll. of Law, 1909; m. Dorothy Fairbanks, of Roch- 
ester, N.Y., Sept. 7, 1911; 2 children: Wilburn Fair- 
banks, Arthur Donald. Began in engring. dept. 
Western Electric Co., July, 1904; with Kellogg 
Switchboard & Supply Co., Chicago, 1905-9; admit- 
ted to Ind. bar, 1909, N.Y. bar, 1913, 111. bar, 1915; 
connected with Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Mfg. 
Co., Rochester, N.Y., 1909-12; with patent dept. 
Western Electric Co., New York, 1912-14; mem., 
firm of Williams, Bradbury & See, patent lawyers, 
Chicago, since Jan., 1915. Recreation: automobil- 
ing. Home: 204 S. Harvey St., Oak Park, 111. Office: 
1315 Monadnock Blk., Chicago. 

BRADEN. Joseph Coll, insurance broker; Jan. 
29, 1858-Apr. 15, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BRADFORD, William Josiali, paper mcht. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BRADLEY. Benjamin Webster, grain commn. ; 
b. Brodhead, Wis., April, 1863; s. William W. and 
Marilla A. (Taft) Bradley; ed. pub. schools; mar- 
ried. Engaged in grain commn. business at Chi- 
cago since 1879; now mem. Hulburd, Warren & 
Chandler; mem. Chicago and New York stock ex- 
changes. Chicago Board of Trade, Minneapolis 
Chamber of Commerce, St. Louis Merchants' Ex- 
change, New York Produce Exchange. Clubs: 
Hamilton, South Shore Country, Flossmoor Coun- 

try. Home: 5527 Hyde Park Boul. 
LaSalle St. 

Office: 208 S. 

BRADLEY, Herbert E., lawyer; b. at Brooklin, 
Ont., Can., Dec. 20, 1874; s. Thomas and Margaret 
(Bradshaw) Bradley; ed. pub. schs. of Ont., Port 
Perry (Ont.) High Sch., Whitby Collegiate Inst.; 
LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1900; spl. student in North- 
western Univ. Law Sch., 1909; m. Mary W. Hast- 
ings, June 21, 1910; 1 daughter, Alice Hastings. 
Taught in Canadian schs., 1893-5; came to Chicago 
in 1896; was with firm of Morgan & Wright until 
1898; engaged in gen. practice of law; mem. Mac- 
Chesney & Bradley, 1900-3, MacChesney, Becker & 
Bradley, 1903-13; practiced alone since 1913. Inter- 
ested largely in Chicago real estate; vice pres. 
Windsor Park Bank; sec, Dewey Cement Gun Co. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Mason; Past Regent Ft. 
Dearborn Council Royal Arcanum. Clubs: Twenti- 
eth Century, Quadrangle, Builders'. Recreations: 
horseback riding, camping. Home: 5344 Hyde Park 
Boul. Office: Chamber of Commerce. 

BRADLEY, John Dorr, real estate agt.; b. Bos- 
ton, Feb. 9, 1864; s. Richards and Sarah A. W. 
(Merry) Bradley; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1886, LL.B., 
1890; m. Chicago, 1896, Frances E. Kales; 2 daugh- 
ters: Alice Pritchard, Eleanor. Practiced law in 
Boston, 1890-3; came to Chicago in 1894 and was 
associated with the real estate office of Bryan 
Lathrop until 1897, when became connected with 
firm of Aldis, Aldis, Northcote & Co., and later 
mem. present firm of Aldis & Co. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, City, Cliff Dwellers, Onwentsia. Recreations: 
agriculture, outdoor sports. Home: Lake Forest, 
111. Office: Monadnock Blk., Chicago. 

BRADIiEY, John J., U.S. marshal; b. Ottawa, 111., 
1866; ed. pub. schs., Ottawa. Came to Chicago, 
1886; entered employ of Swift & Co. in car shops; 
later with Chicago Junction Ry., becoming chief 
clerk, resigning Feb. 1, 1902; since engaged in real 
estate and ins. business. Alderman from 30th 
Ward, 2 terms, 1902-6; candidate for county treas., 
1914; apptd. U.S. marshal, Norinern Dist. of 111., 
1914. Was mem. Dem. Co. Central Com. Catholic. 
Home: 4840 Grand Boul. Offices: 804 Federal Bldg., 
and 4709 S. Halsted St. 

BRADLEY, Joseph Harley, mfr. (See vol. 1911.) 
BRADLEY, Kenneth McPherson, musical educa- 
tor; b. Campbellsville, Ky., Sept. 27, 1872; s. J. S. 
and Anna D. (McPherson) Bradley; ed. Add Ran 
Coll., Tex 3 yrs., Univ. of Wooster, O., 1 yr., 
Univ. of Ky., 2 yrs., Cincinnati Coll. of Music, 1 
yr., Cincinnati Conservatory, 2 yrs., by pvt. teach- 
er, Paris, France, 1 yr. ; unmarried. After finishing" 
sch., organized sch. of music at Waxahachie, Tex., 
removed it 3 yrs. later to Fort Worth, Tex., where 
conducted it 4 yrs.; dir. Bush Conservatory of Mu- 
sic, Chicago, since 1902. Lecturer, pianist, theorist 
and instr.; has lectured before many musical clubs 
and colleges. Author: Harmony and Analysis; The 
Triangle. Was first to establish the preceptorial 
methods in music schs. Home: 39 E. Elm St. Of- 
fice: 800 N. Clark St. 

BRADLEY, Luther Daniels, cartoonist; Sept. 29, 
1853-Jan. 9, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BRADLEY, Mary Hastings (Mrs. Herbert Ed- 
win B.), author; b. Chicago; d. William and Lina 
(Rickcords) Hastings; B.A., Smith Coll., Mass., 
1905; m. Herbert Edwin Bradley, of Chicago, June 
21, 1910. Congregationalist. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi 
(Smith). Clubs: Cordon, College, Twentieth Cen- 
tury. Author: The Favor of Kings, 1912; The Pal- 
ace of Darkened Windows, 1914; The Splendid 
Chance, 1915; also short stories in Woman's Home 
Companion, Harper's, American Mag., Good House- 
keeping, etc. Home: 5344 Hyde Park Boul. 

BRADLEY, Preston, clergyman; b. at Linden, 
Mich., Aug. 18, 1888; s. Robert McFarlan and Anna 
Elizabeth (Warren) Bradley; grad. Linden High 
Sch., 1905; student Alma (Mich.) Coll., 1905-6; 
studied law, Flint, Mich., 1906-9; spl. work Univ. 
of Michigan, 1909-10; unmarried. Student pastor 
Grand Blanc (Mich.) Ch., 1907-9; student pastor 
Ch. of Providence (Presbyn.), Chicago, 1911-12; 
withdrew from Presbyn. Ch., July 1, 1912, and be- 
gan preaching independently; founded Peoples Ch., 
Chicago, July 5, 1912 (first meeting place corner 


Clark and Addison Sts.; moved Oct. 5, 1913, to Wll- 1883-1914; sec. and treas. Klein, Brady, Friedland- 

son Av. Theatre). Lecturer on drama, philosophy, er, Inc., since 1915, and of H. Brady & Son, gloves, 

art. Home: Wilmette, 111. Republican. Jewish religion. Home: 854 E. 62d St. 

BRADLEY, Balph Boblnson, lawyer; b. Chicago, Office: 2909 Indiana Av. 

Mar 17, 1870; s. of John and Sophia (Robinson) BKAGDON. Merritt Caldwell, M.D.; b. Auburn, 
Bradley; ed. pub. schs. and Univ. of Mich., 1892; N.Y., Jan. 6, 1850; s. Charles P. and Sarah (Cush- 
LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 1893; m. man) Bragdon; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1870, 
Maude Louise Morrison, of Ft. Madison, la., Jan. A.M., M.D.. 1873; post-grad, studies in Chicago 
10, 1900. Admitted to bar, 1893, and became asso- Med. Coll., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Phila., and at 
elated in 1894 as a jr. partner in the firm of Col- Vienna; m. Elizabeth Wayne Byerly, of Phila., 
lins, Goodrich, Darrow & Vincent; law firm of June 6, 1876; children: Elizabeth, Wayne, Charles 
Goodrich, Vincent & Bradley was formed, 1895, Ridgaway, Sara Frances, Merritt Caldwell, Jr. 
and so continues; personally is gen. counsel Chi- Engaged in practice at Evanston since 1873; mem. 
cago, North Shore & Milwaukee R.R. Republican, attending staff Evanston Hosp. Dlr. State Bank of 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago Yacht, Union League, Evanston. Mem. Bd. of Edn., Evanston; trustee 
South Shore Country. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. Northwestern Univ. since 1899, also First Meth- 
State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Home: 5141 odist Ch., Evanston. Mem. Am. Inst. of Homos- 
Kenwood Av. Office: 443 The Rookery. opathy, 111. State Med. Soc. Home: 1709 Chicago 

BRADLEY, Thoma E. D., lawyer; b. on farm nr. Av - Evanston, 111. 

Waynesville, DeWitt Co., 111., Dec. 13, 1861; s. John BBAINARD, Edward Cliauncey; b. Cleveland, O., 
Enoch and Sarah (Spry) Bradley; grad. 111. State Jan. 12, 1856; s. Chauncey and Malinda (Parks) 
Normal Univ., 1883; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Brainard; ed. pub. schs. of Cleveland; m. Chicago, 
Chicago, 1888; m. Chicago, June 26, 1890, Lizzie Nov., 1881, Eleanor Millar; 1 son, Millar. Former- 
Russell; children: Eleanor, Paul Russell. Admitted ly pres. Foulds Milling Co. (retired). Republican; 
to 111. bar, June 14, 1888, and engaged in practice; del. Rep. State Conv., 1904. Clubs: Union League, 
mem. Young, Makeel & Bradley, 1890-1902, Foster, Suburban of LaGrange (ex-pres.), LaGrange Coun- 
Bradley & Stetson, 1902-10, Bradley, Harper & try. Home: 237 S. Spring Av., LaGrange, 111. 
Eheim since 1910. Prof, of law, Northwestern TITJ. A TVTIT A TVTP Tnhn uutnn rienrvmnir h oi 
Univ. Law Sch., 1891-2; prof. law. of contracts, evi- na u o De621 186?- s Lewis Chrifan and 
dence and equity Jurisprudence and pleading Kent gg; jVi?(Bllmi?) 7 hSiikSSp? P5^5dS o 
Coll. of Law, 1892-9; prof, law of contracts and war d High Sch., Cincinnati; A.B., Wittenberg Coll., 
evidence, Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law. 1900-13; asso. Springfield O., 1890 (D.D, 1911); grad. Hamma 
editor dept. med jurisprudence. Am Law Register g?v |ch Tfepringfield, 1893 m Sarah SBreckS,- 

Ifar ^snT' C 8 h 9 ic; 6 go M B?r Tssn'f^lfi^DeVt'a 8 ^ *&$*& Gar^' ^am^L^n ^Ti" 

Republican. Trustee Chicago Foundlings; Home, ?^^fib^^totl?^ e i8l-lg&. 

?n b Av a !Q S n T U 2 S? ^S**! Home - Wilmette, vue Ky i|9 6 .i 90 6, Calvary Ch., Chicago, since 

111. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 190 vlce pres Synodical Bd. of Home Missions 

BRADLEY, William Harrison, consul-general; b. and Ch. Extension of Evangelical Luth. Synod of 

Galena, 111., June 3, 1848; s. William Henry and Northern 111.; editor Chicago Lutheran Advocate. 

S. S. Bradley; A.B., Yale, 1872; student, Columbia, Home: 4114 N. Tripp Av. 

1879-80; m. Mary Capen Gray, of Springfield, Mass., n n. w r-iT i*anh nrairi a.ithnr n.,hiiQV,7-- h 

An*. 9K 1S7Q- 9A Ony-nnna Tawcnn nf phipae-n BJfiAWCH, Josepn Creraia, author, publisher, b. 

v 1883 Am consul at Nice France 1889-93 at Columbia, Tenn., Nov. 21, 1866; s. Joseph and Mary 

' 1 89? 190? at ManchestM Ene 1903 5 Jones (Polk) Branch; student Univ. of Tenn., 1881- 

lotfi-iyuo, at jviancn ester, ji-ng., iuo-o, C o. T C.HIO-VI TT*ivt i QBK 7 *DQ t^vin^^t^r, 1 ccc 

como 1 QAR fi nnn=iil <smp 1 Qdfi-7' * ' l^ClUgl! UHIV., 1 OS 5-7 , >.., ITinCCton, 155O, 

.. fc>a,nie, 1.3UO~0, COXlaUl, btllllt;, UUW~1 , r,+ ,\Atf\St TT JIT r\f T~J,-ivl in /"* nv-vnnmr 1 QQf + iirl t nA 

/nnaiii van at Montreal ftui <nnpA Aiie- IK 1 *n? studied Univ. of Berlin, Crermany, 1887 studied 

CSbs tentSry^Nlw^k?;' Univ^ty, Chiclgo ' JL 1 ,'l rt 0ffl S e rt 5,? O /-, Ma ^ T , N ^!; Vl 1 1I fi e !i ' 8 Te ,S"- : h Un - 

Literary (Chicago), Mt. Royal (Montreal). Home: HS?% btrTsil^sfSte Ind'county ?lven^eatty ' 

fhinnp-o Af1Hr*<!' Am r'nnQnIatp-npn Mnntrpal *oi JLII. udi , j_yii, bid-ie tinu county icvenue any., 

PO oSn consulate i*en., mo .eai, Igg9 . 93; chmn . com . on edn . and admission to bar, 

w " ^ a - 11 - Tenn., 4 yrs. ; chmn. com. on platform and resolu- 

BRADSHAW, John Herman, merchant ; May 4, tlonSf Dera . sta t e Conv., 1898; moved to St. Louis, 

1836-July 9, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) Mo., 1899; chief Dept. of Inspection of Boilers and 

BRADT, Charles Edwin, clergyman; b. LaPorte, Elevators, St. Louis, 1903-7, also chief engr., St. 

Ind., Nov. 7, 1863; a. Isaac Henry and Ann Eliza- Louis, 4 yrs.; moved to Chicago, 1908, to take 

beth (Bastow) Bradt; A.B., Univ. of Wooster, O., charge of own books pub. by Rand, McNally & Co., 

1886, A.M., 1889, Ph.D., 1897 (D.D., 1905); m. Nellie later entering pub. business on own account, as 

Acken, of Humboldt, Neb., June 11, 1889; children: The Branch Pub. Co., of which is pres.; pres. The 

Margaret, Gordon, Edwin. Ordained Presbyn. min- Joseph G. Branch Sch. of Engrring., Joseph G. 

istry, 1889; pastor Second Ch., Lincoln, Neb., 1889- Branch Pub. Co., Practical Electricity & Engring. 

96, First Ch., Wichita, Kan., 1896-1905; sec. Pres- Pub. Co. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., Kappa Sig- 

byn. Bd. of Foreign Missions at Chicago since 1905. ma. Democrat. Episcopalian. Mason, K.P. Club: 

Mason. Home: Evanston, 111. Office: 609 S. Wabasb Southern. Author: Heat and Light from Municipal 

Av., Chicago. and Other Waste, 1906; Stationary Engineering (3 

BRAnWFT,!. Thomas lawvpr- h Chicago Dec vols.), 1907; Conversations on Electricity, 1908; 

26 Sf?sHon JamTsB and Mvra (Colbv) Brad- Gespraeche Ueber Elektrizitaet, 1909; Electric 

well' fath'p? was ludee <3 ^ Countv and [Probate Wiring, 1910; Practical Mathematics for the En- 

Cmir't of Pook Co ed Lake Forest Acad Brown & ineer and Electrician, 1912; One Thousand Ques- 

^ourt 01 I^OOK ^o. , eu. .uaKe * oreot At-aii., rsruwii *;-_ QTI H \n^-ovo 1Q19 "Wrm^- 49^Q Tki*Av<*i *R/mi 

Sch., Univ. of Chicago and Northwestern Univ. ^Ki^M HnSSLSi Home - 4 ' Drexel Boul. 

(no degrees); m. Hattie Barton, of Chicago, Jan. ( 

1, 1887; 1 son, James Bradwell (M.D.). Admitted BRAND, Charles Herbert, sand; Nov. 16, 1864- 

to 111. bar, 1885, and since practiced at Chicago; May, 1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

police magistrate at Harrison St. Police Station; B BAND, Horace 1., publisher; b. Chicago, Oct. 6, 

sec Chicago Legal News Co Mason (i2 ) Clubs: 1868 s . Mlchael an d Philippine (Darmstaetter) 

Chicago Press, Columbia Yacht. Home: 4626 Lake Brand; ed. pub. schs. and University Sch., Chicago; 

Park Av. Office: 32 N. Dearborn St. B s ln Mech Engrmg., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1891; m. 

BRADY, Hugo, knit goods mfr.; b. Cuxhaven, Louise M. Keller, July 27, 1897; m. 2d, Mrs. Mar- 
Germany, Sept. 12, 1854; s. Bernhard I. and Emma gareta True, Jan. 31, 1910; 1 daughter, Erna L. 
(Friedman) Brady; ed. pub. schools in Germany; Sec. to father in real estate and. loan business, 
emigrated to U.S., 1869; m. Chicago, June 16, 1885, 1891-3; sec. and treas. J. P. Wolf Mfg. Co., mfrs. of 
Mathilde Schoenfeld; children: Paul A., Doris (Mrs. furniture, 1893-5; treas. Brand, Bullen & Gunn Co., 
George A. Wheeler). Was clerk in retail men's fur- malsters, 1896-7; pres. and treas. Brand Bros. Co., 
nishing store, Washington, D.C., 1869-75; mem. brewers, 1890-11; pres. and treas. since 1911, 111. 
firm of Franc & Brady, men's furnishings, Toledo, Pub. Co., publishers Illinois Staats-Zeitung: and 
O., 1875-9; founder and propr. men's furnishing Chicagoer Presse. Mem. Mass. Inst. Tech. Alumni 
goods store of Hugo Brady, Peoria, 111., 1879-83; Assn., Phi Beta Epsilon. Republican. Lutheran, 
mem. Friedlander, Brady & Co., mfrs. knit goods, Clubs: University, Press, 111. Athletic, German 



Press, Germania, Edgewater Golf, South Shore 
Country; Nat. Press (Washington, D.C.). Home: 
533 Wellington Av. Office: 24-28 S. 6th Av. 

BRAND, Rudolph, president United States Brew- 
ing Co.; Apr. 10, 1851-Mar. 24. 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

BRAND, Virgil Michael, brewer; b. Blue Island, 
111., Jan. 16, 1862; s. Michael and Philippine Brand; 
ed. pub. schs., Chicago. With Michael Brand Brew- 
ing Co., 187&-89, which became a part of the U.S. 
Brewing Co., with which remained until 1891. 
Was out of business, 1891-9, but in the latter year 
established the Brand Brewing Co.. of which has 
since been pres. and mgr. ; was also pres. Globe 
Brewing Co. till It was absorbed by the Brand 
Brewing Co., Jan. 1, 1910; vice pres. Brandsville 
Fruit Farm Co. Mem. K.P., Art Inst. Chicago, 
German Hist. Soc., Chicago Numismatic Soc. Club: 
111. Atheltic. Home and office: 2530 Elston Av. 

BRANDON, George Rnel, mechanical engr.; b. 
Salt Springs, Mo., Sept. 10, 1869; s. Calvin Knox 
and Louisa McClellan (Russel) Brandon; ed. pub. 
schs., Detroit; B.S. in Mech. Engring., Univ. of 
Mich., 1891; m. Luella Jenkins, of Chicago, Nov. 27, 
1899. Has been identified with the Whiting Foun- 
dry Equipment Co. and its predecessor since 1891, 
vice pres. and gen. engr. since 1906. Mem. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Engrs., Western Soc. Engrs. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago Engineers', Floss- 
moor Country. Recreations: golf, motoring. Home: 
Flossmoor, 111. Office: 1245 Marquette Bldg., Chi- 

BRANDRIPF, Charles Daniel, accountant; b. at 
Millville, N. J., Feb. 18, 1874; s. Charles P. and 
Emma J. (Gandy) Brandriff; grad. Missouri Val- 
ley (la.) High Sch., 1891; student la. (now Grin- 
nell) Coll., Grinnell, la., 1892-5; B.L., Univ. of 
Mich., 1897; m. Lola E. Chapman, of Missouri Val- 
ley, la., May 6, 1901; 2 children: Charles Edward, 
Helen. In service with C.&N.-W.Ry. since 1897, 
successively as accountant, Missouri Valley, la., 
1897-9, accountant in gen. offices, Chicago, 1900-2, 
gen. bookkeeper, 1903-9, and gen. auditor since May 
1, 1910. Republican. Protestant. Clubs: 111. Ath- 
letic, Skokie Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 
Glencoe, 111. Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

BRANDT, Henry, wholesale boots and shoes; b. 
Province of Hanover, Germany, Feb. 16, 1855; s. 
Henry and Adelheit (Haake) Brandt; ed. nat. schs. 
of Germany; m. Ida S. Schwartz, of Chicago, June 
10, 1881 (died 1903); 4 children: Henry C., Alfred 
C., Ella (died Mar. 18, 1914), Louise. Was with H. 
F. C. Dovenmuehle, wholesale shoes, 1872-88; in re- 
tail shoe business, 1881-1907, wholesale since 1907; 
sr. partner H. Brandt & Sons. Mem. bd. of dirs. of 
parochial sch., Evangelical Lutheran Ch., 20 yrs. ; 
mem. bd. of dirs. German Hosp. 3 yrs. Republican. 
Evangelical Lutheran. Recreations: outdoor life. 
Home: 553 Arlington PI. Office: 307 W. Monroe St. 

BRANEN, Frank, M.D.; b. Fayette Co., O., Aug. 
5, 1865; s. William and Margaret (Briggs) Branen; 
ed. Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; M.D., Hahnemann Med. 
Coll., Phila., 1891; m. Lillian Sanford, of Charles 
City, la., Sept. 10, 1894. Gynecologist to Garfield 
Sanitarium; lecturer materia medica, Hahnemann 
Med. Coll. Mem. 111. Horace. Med. Assn., Cook Co. 
Homo?. Med. Soc. Republican. Mason, K.P. Home: 
3521 Monroe St. Office: 32 N. State St. 

BRANHAM, Benjamin Pope, publisher and print- 
er; b. Owen Co., Ky., May 26, 1865; s. Benjamin 
Osborne and Nannie S. (Forsee) Branham; ed. pub. 
schs. of Ky. ; m. Sallie A., d. James Johnson, of Ky., 
Sept. 8, 1882; children: Goldie M. (Mrs. Harrison 
Cotner), Bessie P. (Mrs. Frank Murphy), Lucile M. 
(Mrs. Charles T. Minter), Camille L. Began learn- 
ing printing trade in early boyhood; became con- 
nected with the Courier-Journal Job Printing Co., 
Louisville, Ky., 1884, and has since remained with 
that company, becoming vice pres. in 1902; also 
pres. Ben. P. Branham Printing Co., publishers of 
Hotel Bulletin, Chicago; vice pres. Insurance Field 
Co., Louisville, publishers of weekly ins. paper. 
Democrat. Baptist. Clubs: Union League, Chicago 
Automobile, Chicago Advertising. Home: 613 Ful- 
lerton Boul. Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul. 

BRAREN, Edward P., mfr.; b. Chicago, Oct. 31, 
1858; s. Nahmen and Charlotta (Thies) Braren; ed. 

pub. schs. and pvt. sch. (German), Chicago; m. 
Mary Becker, of Chicago, May 4, 1882; children: 
Edlyn, Waldo Western. Began at 13 as messenger 
boy with Pacific & Atlantic Telegraph Co.; with 
Pullman Co. 12 yrs. 7 of which was gen. store- 
keeper at Pullman, 111.; in real estate business at 
Kensington and Roseland (suburbs of Chicago), 
1889-1904; vice pres. and supt. Weller Mfg. Co., 
mfrs. of elevating, conveying and power transmis- 
sion machinery, since 1904; dir. 111. Mfrs.' Casualty 
Assn. Republican. Lutheran. Mem. North Shore 
Lodge No. 927, A.F. and A.M. Clubs: German, Park 
Ridge Country. Home: Park Ridge, 111. Office: 1856 
N. Kostner Av., Chicago. 

BRAUDE, Emil, wholesale jeweler; b. at Mitau, 
Germany, Dec. 15, 1868; s. Abraham S. and Chasse 
(Meiselson) Braude; ed. in old country; m. Anna 
Caplan, of Leeds, Eng., Dec. 1, 1894; 7 children: 
Heyman L., Jacob M., Clara, Sidney, Benjamin, 
Freda, Abraham S. Identified with wholesale jew- 
elry business since 1883; came to Chicago, 1891; 
entered business on own account, 1894; pres. and 
treas. since 1900, Emil Braude & Bro., watches and 
jewelry. Mem. Nat. Jewelers' Bd. of Trade. Dir. 
Kehilath Jacob Congregation, Marks Nathan Jew- 
ish Orphanage. Jewish religion. Mem. B'nai B'rith, 
K. of P. Home: 1149 Independence Boul. Office: 
307 Heyworth Bldg. 

BRAUDE, Morris, M.D.; b. at Mitau, Courland, 
Russia, Dec., 1883; s. Abraham Samuel and Libbie 
(Barr) Braude; ed. govt. schs. of Russia; came to 
U.S., 1893; grammar and high schs., Chicago; Univ. 
of Chicago, 1901-3; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1905; m. 
Dorothy Rosenstein, of Mishawaka, Ind., Nov. 3, 
1914; 1 child, Fay. Practiced at Chicago since 
1905; asso. in neurology, Michael Reese Hosp. and 
Rush Med. Coll.; attending neurologist, Jewish Aid 
Dispensary. Mem. A.M. A., 111. State and Chicago 
med. socs. Jewish religion. Home: 1100 Independ- 
'ence Boul. 

BRAUN, see also Brown, also Browne. 

BRAT/IT, David Johann, retired; b. at Esslingen, 
Kingdom of Wurttemberg, Germany, Dec. 30, 1842; 
s. Johann N. and Rosine (Hamm) Braun; attended 
pub. school from 6th to 14th year, and attended 
several courses of evening schs. later on; m. Buf- 
falo, N.Y., Apr. 2, 1868, Laura U. Haussler; chil- 
dren: Rosa Clara (Mrs. C. E. Browne), Frieda 
Laura (Mrs. James C. Downs), Sidney D. R. Served 
4 years' apprenticeship as metal spinner in Ger- 
many; came to U.S., Feb., 1867; worked at trade at 
Buffalo, 1867-70; came to Chicago, Aug., 1870; 
worked at trade for Taft, Schwamb & Co. until 
Nov., 1874; mem. firm Braun & Geiss, electric fix- 
tures, 1874-7; changed to Braun & Abbott, 1877-80; 
bought out Mr. Abbott, 1880, and conducted under 
own name until incorporating the David J. Braun 
Mfg. Co., 1889; retired from business, Apr., 1915. 
Republican. Mason, Odd Fellow. Home: 6800 N. 
Ashland Av., Rogers Park. 

BRAUN, George Philip, Jr., investment securi- 
ties; b. Chicago, Feb. 10, 1885; s. George Philip and 
Martha Ellen (Vail) Braun; grad. Phillips Andover 
Acad., Mass., 1903; student Yale, class of 1907 
(non-grad.); m. Vesta McFatrich, of Chicago, Mar. 
16, 1908; 2 children: George Philip, 3d. James Bur- 
ton. Pres. George P. Braun Co., oleomargarine 
mfrs., 1905-8; on floor Chicago Stock Exchange, 
1909-11; now dealing individually in investment 
securities; pres. The McFatrich Land Co. Repub- 
lican. Presbyterian. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). 
Clubs: University, Union League, Chicago Athletic, 
Glen View, Chicago Golf. Recreation: golf. Home: 
1221 Astor St. Office: 11 S. LaSalle St. 

BRAUN WAETH, Anna M., M.D.; b. Muscatine, 
la., Jan. 11, 1857; d. Jacob and Louisa (Wagner) 
Braunwarth; grad. Muscatine High Sch., 1874; stu- 
dent State Univ. of la., 1874-5; student la. State 
Med. Coll., 3 yrs., 1879-81 inclusive; M.D., Woman's 
Med. Coll., Chicago (now affiliated with North- 
western Univ.), 1886. Practiced in Monmouth, 111., 
1886-90; interne Woman's Hosp., Chicago, 18 
months, 1890-2; supt. Post-Grad. Hosp., 1892-3; 
asst. to Dr. Byford, 1893-1902; practiced alone 
since 1902. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chi- 
cago Med. Soc., Chicago Polytechnic Soc., Chicago 



Geog. Soc., Internal. Geog. Soc. Home: 3119 South 
Park Av. Office: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

BRAWLEY, Frank, ophthalmologist; b. Orion, 
111!, Nov. 23, 1875; s. Ellia T. and Lizzie S. (Hig- 
gins) Brawley; grad. Peoria (111.) High Sen., 1895; 
Ph.G., Northwestern Univ., 1897; M.D., Univ. of 
111. Med. Dept., 1902; m. Mary Vernon Wilson, of 
Detroit, Mich., Apr. 24, 1907. Practiced in Chicago 
since 1902; oculist and aurist to St. Luke's Hosp. 
Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M. A., 111. State 
Med. Soc., Chicago Ophthal. Soc., Chicago Laryn- 
gol. Soc., Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and Oto-La- 
ryngology, Phi Rho Sigma. Clubs: Hamilton, South 
Shore Country, Olympia Fields Country. Author of 
numerous monographs on the eye and accessory 
sinuses of the nose; contbr. to Am. Ency. of Oph- 
thalmology, and Ophthalmic Therapeutics, Oph- 
thalmic Operations, etc. Editorial sec. Ophthalmic 
Record. Home: 7211 Crandon Av. Office: 7 W. 
Madison St. 

BRAY, (Thomas) Henry Trnro, author; b. nr. 
Truro, Eng., Dec. 16, 1846; s. Richard and Lavinia 
Howe (Truro) Bray; came to America at ]6; 
matriculated and did first year's work in North- 
western Univ., 1871; B.A., Victoria Coll. (Univ. of 
Toronto), 1875, M.A., 1878, LL.B., 1883; B.D., Drew 
Theol. Sem., Madison, N.J., 1876; LL.B., Univ. of 
Mich., 1883; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 
1902; passed the ten yrs.' post-grad, course for 
LL.D., Victoria Univ., Cobourg, Can., in 1885; m. 
Agnes Lewarne, of Cobourg, 1875 (died June 18, 
1877); m. 2d, Mabel Summy, of Vinton, la., Aug. 17, 
1878 (died Jan. 2, 1885); m. 3d, Mary Wormald, of 
Maysville, Ky., Oct., 1888. Deacon, 1877, priest, 
1879, P.E. Ch. ; first charge in Canton, Miss.; rector 
successively of chs. in Pueblo and Greeley, Colo., 
Manitowoc, Wis., and Booneville, Mo.; was deposed 
at own request in St. Louis, Mo., 1889, by the 
bishop of Mo.; later in practice of medicine, Chi- 
cago. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, 111. State 
Homo?. Soc. Theist. Author: The Knowability of 
God, 1887; God and Man, 1888; The Evolution of a 
Life, 1890; Reason and Dogma, 1894; The Living 
Universe, 1910, 2d edit., 1914. Address: 1216 Car- 
men Av. 

BREAKSTONE, Benjamin Henry, M.D., surgeon; 
b. Suwolk, Poland, Russia, Mar. 27, 1877; s. Judah 
Reuben and Esther (Semiatisky) Breakstone; ed. 
primary sch. and Grammar Sch. No. 2, N.Y. City, 
to 1889; grad. Scranton (Pa.) High Sch., 1893; 111. 
Coll. of Psychology and Suggestive Therapeutics. 
Aug. 1897; passed examination, 111. State Bd. of 
Health, Apr., 1898; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1899; 
B.S , Carnegie Univ., 1910; attended Cook Co. Hosp., 
1897-9; m. Rose Friedman, of Chicago, Apr., 1905; 
4 children: Judah Reuben, Blanche Dorothy, Ir- 
ving, Annette. Asst. in gynecol. clinic, 1897-9, asst. 
attending neurologist, 1899-1900, attending sur- 
geon, 1900-1, house phys., 1901-2, Central Free Dis- 
pensary; adjunct prof, chemistry, Jenner Med. 
Coll., 1899-1900; phys. to (and hon. mem.) Friends 
of Poor since 1898; phys. to (and hon. mem.) Mu- 
tual Friends 2d Regt. 111. Vols. since 1898. Attend- 
ing surgeon, 1899-1901, surgeon in chief since 1901, 
Red Shield Sanitarium; surgeon in chief dept. of 
skin, venereal and genito-urinary diseases, Mai- 
monides Polyclinic Hosp.; adjunct prof, diseases of 
women, 111. Med. Coll., 1900-2; attending derma- 
tologist and genito-urinary surgeon, 111. Med. Coll. 
Dispensary, 1899-1901; attending gynecologist, 
1904, and asso. attending surgeon, 1901-12, United 
Hebrew Charities Dispensary; prof, genito-urinary 
surgery and venereal diseases, Jenner Med. Coll., 
1903-9; attending surgeon, Olivet Mission Dispen- 
sary, since 1903; surgeon to Cook Co. Hosp., 1904; 
consulting surgeon Mary Thompson Hosp. for 
Women and Children, since 1909; attending sur- 
geon Jefferson Park Hosp. and Polyclinic since 
1908; consulting surgeon Rhodes Av. Hosp. until 
1911; prof, genito-urinary and clin. surgery, Ben- 
nett Med. Coll., 1909-10; also prof, surgery, Ben- 
nett Med. Coll. since its affiliation with Loyola 
Univ., 1910; founder, dir. and surgeon in chief, 
Maimonides Hosp., until 1914; dir. Chicago Hebrew 
Inst., 1907-9; surgeon in chief, West End Hosp.; 
specializes in surgery and diseases of women. 
Mem. A.M.A., Chicago and 111. State med. socs., 
Chicago Acad. Surgery, 111. Surg. Soc.; 1st vice 

pres. West Chicago Med. Soc. since 1902; hon. 
alumnus 111. Med. Coll.; founder and mem. West 
Side Physicians' Club; mem. Chicago Assn. Com- 
merce. Mem. and examiner E.R.K.P., I.W.S.O., O. 
B.A., A.O.S., K. and L.S., I.O.B.C.U.; mem. I.O.O.F. 
Independent voter, except Republican in nat. elec- 
tions. Clubs: Press, Lawndale, Self- Educational, 
McKinley League,- Eldorado. Recreations: music 
and art. Author: Every Day Surgery. Contbr. Chi- 
cago Med. Recorder, 111. State Med. Jour., Internal. 
Clinic, Am. Jour. Clin. Medicine, etc. Home: 3716 
Douglas Boul. Office: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

BREASTED, James Henry, Orientalist, histori- 
an; b. Rockford, 111., Aug. 27, 1865; s. Charles and 
Harriet N. (Garrison) Breasted; A.B., Northwest- 
ern Coll., 1888; studied Chicago Theol. Sem. (par- 
ticularly Hebrew), 1888-90; A.M., Yale, 1892; A.M., 
Ph.D., Univ. of Berlin, 1894; (hon. B.D., Chicago 
Theol. Sem., 1898); m. at Berlin, Germany, Frances 
Hart, Oct. 22, 1894. Asst. in Egyptology, 1894-6, 
instr. Egyptology and Semitic langs., 1896-8, asst. 
prof., 1898-1902, asso. prof., 1902-5, prof. Egyptol- 
ogy and Oriental history, since 1905, Univ. of Chi- 
cago; asst. dir., 1895-01, dir. since 1901, Haskell 
Oriental Mus., U. of Chicago, chmn. Dept. of Ori- 
enlal Languages, since 1915. Collecling for Univ. 
of Chicago in Egypl, 1894-5; Thomas leclurer, 
Richmond (Va.) Coll., 1897; appld. (1900) on mis- 
sion lo the museums of Europe by comrnn. of the 
Royal acads. of Germany (Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, 
Gottingen), to copy and arrange the Egyptian in- 
scriptions in those museums for the Egyplian dic- 
tionary, for the completion of which the acads. 
were commissioned and endowed by the German 
Emperor; dir. Egyptian expdn., Univ. of Chicago, 
1905-7; Morse lecturer, Union Theol. Sem., 1912. 
Asso. editor Am. Journal Semitic Languages, The 
Biblical World. Corr. mem. Royal Acad. Sciences. 
Berlin. For titles of writings see Who's Who in 
America. Address: 5615 University Av. 

BRECHEB, Oscar W., lawyer; b. Sandwich, 111., 
Dec. 5, 1871; s. Gustave and Barbara (Woelfel) 
Brecher; grad. Lake View High Sch., 1889; Chicago 
Coll. of Law (Lake Forest Univ.), 1892; m. Dora 
Brauckmann, of Chicago, Oct. 21, 1896; 2 children: 
Helen Georgine, Paul Welford. Admitted to 111. 
bar, 1892; associated with law firms of Blanke & 
Chytraus, Blanke, Chytraus & Deneen and Chy- 
traus & Deneen, 1889-98, with Deneen & Hamill, 
and Charles H. Hamill, 1899-1906, Rosenthal & 
Hamill 1906-10; sr. mem. Brecher & Chindblom 
(Carl R.) since June, 1910. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar assns. 
Mem. Royal League. Clubs: City, Congregational, 
German. Recreations: golf, motor boating, fishing, 
outdoor sporls. Home: 516 Briar PI. Office: 410, 
69 W. Washington St. 

BRECKINRIDGE, Sophonisba Preston, social 
worker; b. Lexington, Ky.; d. of William Campbell 
Preston and Issa (Desha) Breckinridge; A.B., Wel- 
lesley, 1888; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1901; unmar- 
ried. Asst. prof, household administration, Univ. 
of Chicago, since 1908. Actively interested in civic 
and philanthropic work; sec. Immigrants' Protec- 
tive League; dir. dept. social investigation, Chica- 
go Sch. of Civics and Philanthropy. Author: Legal 
Tender, A Study in Am. Monetary History, 1901; 
(with Edith Abbott) The Delinquent Child and the 
Home, 1901; (with Marion Talbot) The Modern 
Household. 1912. Address: 2559 S. Michigan Boul. 

BRECKINRIDGE. William Lewis, civil engr. ; 
b. Louisville, Ky., June 29, 1857; s. Marcus P. and 
Lucy (Long) Breckinridge; prep. edn. pub. sens., 
Alton, 111.; C.E., Washington Univ., St. Louis, 1879 
(hon. M. A., 1906); m. Irene Waples, of Alton, 111., 
Oct. 15, 1891; 2 sons: William Lewis, Jr., and 
Frank. Began engring. career with the C..B.&Q. 
R.R., 1879, and became engr. of maintenance of 
way, 1900. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., Am. Ry. Engring. 
Assn., Western Soc. Engrs. Republican. Home: 
4465 Berkeley Av. Office: 546 W. Jackson Boul. 

BREDE. Max L., real estale; b. N.Y. Cily, Feb. 
25, 1865; s. Lewis and Esther (Etllinger) Brede; 
ed. in pub. sens., Chicago; m. Chicago, Mar. 4, 1889, 
Rosa Pick; children: Maude, Teresa. In gen. mdse. 
business in Mo., 15 yrs.; removed to Chicago, 1890, 
and was in shoe business on the West Side; con- 
nected with the Chicago Bar Supply Co., 1901, which 



later consolidated with Albert Pick & Co., of which 
has since been vice pres. Also engaged in real 
estate operations. Mason, Elk. Home: 5228 Ingle- 
side Av. Office: 6 N. Clark St. 

BREDING, Beii SToble, lawyer; b. Minneapolis, 
Minn., Mar. 14, 1873; s. John Oscar and Marie 
(Lyons) Breding; ed. grammar schs. and Central 
High Sch., Minneapolis, graduating 1892; student 
Univ. of Minn.; John Marshall Law Sch., Chicago; 
married. Practicing alone, specializing in commer- 
cial, corpn. and real estate law. Mem. Am. Bar 
Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Ma- 
son (K.T., Shriner). Home: 7037 Clyde Av. Office: 
111 AV. Washington St. 

BREED, Reuben Leonard, supt. Chicago City 
Missionary Soc.; b. Utica, Mich., Jan. 11, 1874; s. of 
Rev. Dwight P. and Delina (Briggs) Breed; prep, 
edn. high sch., Michigan City, Ind.: A.B., Olivet 
(Mich.) Coll., 1894 (D.D., 1913); B.D., Chicago 
The.ol. Sem., 1899; post-grad, work Univ. of Chi- 
cago and Columbia Univ.; m. Estelle Potter, of 
Kewanee, 111., May 21, 1896; 2 children: Eleanor 
Delina, Clara Estelle. Ordained Congl. ministry, 
1896; pastor 2d Ch., Moline, 111., 1895-8, Wabasha, 
Minn., 1898-1902, Menomonie, Wis., 1902-5, Ft. 
Dodge, la., 1905-9; asst. sec. Charity Orgn. Soc., 
N.Y. City, 1909-11; same, Congl. Home Missionary 
Soc., 1911-16; supt. Chicago City Missionary Soc. 
since Dec., 1916; dir. Union Theol. Coll. Progres- 
sive Republican. Home: 209 N. Long Av. Office: 
19 S. LaSalle St. 

BREED, Roswell Allen, leather. (See vol. 1911.) 

BREEN, Georgfe Tinker, sales mgr. ; b. New Cum- 
berland, W.Va., May 6, 1882; s. of John Scott and 
Ambrozine (Murray) Breen; ed. pub. and high 
schs.. New Cumberland; m. Emma Hall, of St. 
Louis, 1905; 1 son, George Edward. With engring. 
dept. Terminal R.R., St. Louis, 3 yrs. ; identified 
with the Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co., of New 
York, since 1903; sales mgr. at St. Louis, 1903-11. 
in charge Chicago office since 1911. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Mason (K.T.). Clubs: Rotary (dir.), 
Edgewater Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 
5823 Winthrop Av. Office: 211 W. Washington St. 
BREEN, James W., lawyer; b. Chicago, Aug. 31, 
1873; s. Thomas and Mary Breen; ed. pub. schs.; 
LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1897; unmarried. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1897, and since practiced at Chi- 
cago; asst. pros. atty. under Mayor Busse, 1907-11; 
asst. corpn. counsel since July 24, 1915. Mem. 
Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Home: 5241 Mor- 
gan St. Office: 511 City Hall. 

BREIEEBT, Henry C., structural engr.; b. Pekin, 
111., Aug., 1875; s. John H. and Marie (Ackermann) 
Breidert; prep. edn. Havana (111.) High Sch.; B.S. 
in C.E., Univ. of 111., 1898; m. Jennie Myrtle Sny- 
der, of Havana, 111., June 14, 1902. Began as struc- 
tural draftsman, Keystone Bridge Works, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 1898, continuing 2 yrs.; then in same 
capacity with C.,M.&St.P. Ry. Co., at Chicago, 1900- 
1901, Am. Bridge Co., at Chicago, 1901-2; designing 
engr. Ft. Pitt Bridge Works, at Pittsburgh, Pa., 
1902-8; contracting engr. at Chicago with same 
since 1908. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., Western Soc. 
Engrs. Clubs: Illini, Chicago Engineers'. Recrea- 
tion: amateur photography. Home: 319 Vine Av., 
Highland Park, 111. Office: 2013 Fisher Bldg., Chi- 

BREITUNG, Albert, cigar mfr.; b. Saalfeld, Ger- 
many, Sept. 27, 1861. Came to America, 1884. Mem. 
Chicago Assn. Commerce, Royal Arcanum, Nat. 
Union; Mason (32). Clubs: Union League, Chi- 
cago Athletic. Hamilton, South Shore Country, Chi- 
cago Automobile, Germania Maennerchor. Home: 
4117 Wrightwood Av. Office: 306 S. Dearborn St. 

BREMERMAN, Lewis Wine, surgeon; b. Wash- 
ington, D.C., Aug. 12, 1877; s. Laban Trout and 
Helen Kate (Rhinehart) Bremerman; prep. edn. 
pub. grammar and high schs., Washington; A.B., 
Central High Sch., Phila., 1897, A.M., 1905; M.D., 
Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1900: m. Helen Tope, 
of Oak Park, 111., Sept. 26, 1905 (died Sept. 13, 
1906); m. 2d, 1912, Mrs. Margaret E. Alexander, 
nee Thomas. Interne, Pa. Hosp. for Injured Per- 
sons, Fountain Springs, Pa., 1900; same W. W. 
Backus Hosp., Norwich- Conn., 1901; practiced sur- 

gery in New York, 1902-7, in Chicago since 1907; 
specialist in kidneys and bladder. Asso. prof, urol- 
ogy, 1904-5, prof., 1905-7, New York Sch. of Clin 
Medicine; prof, urology, Bennett and Practitioners' 
med. colls., Chicago, since 1910; prof, genito-uri- 
nary surgery, Univ. of Iowa, 1914-15; surseon to 
Oak Park Hosp.; consulting urologist, I.C.R.R. 
Capt. Med. Reserve Corps, U.S.A., in active serv- 
ice. Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. Am Urol 
Assn. (a founder), A.M.A., Congress of Clin. Sur- 
geons of N. America, Chicago Urol. SoC. Chicago 
Med. Soc., Miss. Valley Med. Assn., Am. Soc. Magi- 
cians. Democrat. Methodist. Clubs: Chicago Au- 
tomobile, Southern Club, Illinois Athletic, Chicago 
Press, Olympia Fields, Calumet Country. Has 
written over 150 articles for med. jours.; now 
writing a text-book on genito-urinary diseases. 
Recreations: magic and necromancy; has devised 
modifications and invented many new experiments 
in magic. Traveled extensively in U.S. Home: 6426 
Kenwood Av. Office: 104 S. Michigan Av. 

BE.EMNER, David Francis, retired; b. Ottawa, 
Can., June 30, 1839; s. Robert and Rachel (Brooks) 
Bremner; removed to Chicago, with parents, 1848; 
ed. Univ. of St. Mary's of the Lake; m. 1865, Kath- 
erine, daughter James Michie, of Lyons, 111. In 
1861 was 2d It. of the Highland Guard, a co. of 
J.N.G. under the first call for 90 days, which, at the 
expiration of that term, enlisted as a body for 3 
years, becoming Co. E, 19th 111. Vols., of which was 
1st It.; won a captaincy at battle of Murfreesboro; 
at Missionary Ridge, carried the regimental flag 
over the last entrenchment, after three of its 
bearers had been shot down in quick succession 
and his own overcoat had been riddled with bul- 
lets. Engaged as cracker mfr. at Cairo, 111., 1865; 
sold out and established in same business at Chi- 
cago; business was merged in Am. Biscuit & Mfg. 
Co., of which was pres.; later it became part of the 
National Biscuit Co., of which was a dept mgr. 
and dir. until about 1906. Was 3 yrs. mem. of the 
Chicago Bd. of Edn. Home: 5001 Greenwood Av. 

BREMNER, Georg'e Hampton, civil engr.; b. at 
Marshalltown, la., Dec. 17, 1861; s. William and 
Catherine C. (Hampton) Bremner; C.E., State Univ. 
of la., 1883; m. Red Oak, la., Sept. 5, 1888, Louie A. 
Stephenson; children: Charles W., Annabel F. and 
George H., Jr. Engaged in engring. works in ry. 
service since graduation, beginning with the C.G 
W.Ry., 1883, and with C.&N.-W.Ry., 1884; with the 
C.,B.&Q.Ry. in various positions, 1884-1914, becom- 
ing engr. 111. Dist. ; with Interstate Commerce 
Commn. since 1914, now dist. engr. Central Dist. 
Div. of Valuation. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., Western 
Soc. Engrs., Am. Ry. Engring. Assn. (treas.) Home: 
37 N. Madison Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 910 S. 
Michigan Av., Chicago. 

BREMNER, Robert Joseph, mfr.; b. at Chicago, 
Sept. 20, 1864; s. Robert John and Annie (Connelly) 
Bremner; ed. pub. school, Orland, 111., 2 yrs. at St. 
Ignatius Coll., followed by 6 months at Bryant and 
Stratton Business Coll., 1881; m. Chicago, Oct. 20, 
1886, Susan Riordan; children: Robert Joseph, Jr., 
Frank M.. Susan L., Joseph Edward, Paul A., Wal- 
ter J., Aloysius and James. Since leaving school 
has been engaged in the baking business, begin- 
ning with the p. F. Bremner Baking Co., and later 
with the Am. Biscuit Co.; then for 6 years with the 
Nat. Biscuit Co., from whom, on Jan. 1, 1904, ac- 
quired the plant formerly known as the William 
Schmidt Bakery. Forester, K.C. Recreations: fish- 
ing, hunting, bowling. Home: 4728 N. Ashland Av. 
Office: 1276-1282 Clybourn Av. 

BRENNAN, Bernard Q., packer; b. Sparta, Wis., 
Oct. 24, 1864; s. James and Mary Brennan; ed. pub. 
schs.; m. Elizabeth Grace, of Chicago, July 15, 
1913; 2 children: Bernard T., Rose Mary. Began in 
Chicago, 1883, as a live stock broker, title of B. G. 
Brennan & Co., which still continues; sec Nat. 
Provision Co., 1897-1905; pres. Brennan Packing 
Co. since 1905. Democrat. Catholic. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, South Shore. Beverly Golf, Saddle 
and Sirloin. Home: 4737 Ellis Av. Office: 3916 
Normal Av. 

BRENNAN, Frederick Biazlitt, secretary and 
treasurer The N. K. Fairbank Co. Removed to 
Fennville, Mich. (See vol. 1911.) 



BRENNAN, John Edward, grain commn. mcht.; 
b. Chicago, May 1, 1880; s. Patrick and Catherine 
(Liston) Brennan; ed. St. Joseph's parochial sch. 
and St. Ignatius Coll.; m. Catherine E. Moore, of 
Chicago, June 23, 1909; 4 children: Catherine Doro- 
thy, Ruth Mary, John E., Jr., Robert James. Be- 
gan active career as office boy with Eschenburg & 
Dalton, 1897; advanced through various positions, 
and represented the firm as corn salesman on Chi- 
cago Bd. of Trade, 1905-7; associated with John 
Garden, as Brennan & Garden, grain and seeds, 
since 1907. Democrat. Roman Catholic. Mem. 
Knights of Columbus. Recreation: home life. 
Home: 1128 North Shore Av. Office: 160 Jackson 

BRENNAN, Patrick, packer; b. Ireland, May 4, 
1861; s. of James and Mary (Flannery) Brennan; 
came to America with parents, 1864; ed. pub. schs.; 
m. Annie M. Boggle, of Chicago, Feb. 9, 1882. Be- 
came connected with the Union Stock Yards, 1878, 
and soon commenced to deal in live stock; started 
a slaughter house, 1897, under the name of The 
Nat. Provision Co.; property totally destroyed by 
flre in summer of 1904; at once formed The Inde- 
pendent Packing Co., of which has since been pres. 
Mem. Draft Registration Bd., 1917. K.C. Clubs: 
South Shore Country, Chicago Athletic. Home: 
4941 Drexel Boul. Office: 4033 S. Halsted St. 

BRENNAN, Thomas V., packer; b. Chicago; s. 
Patrick and Annie M. (Boggie) Brennan; student 

Packing Co. K.C., Elk. Clubs: South Shore Coun- 
try, Olympia Fields Country. Home: 4941 Drexel 
Boul. Office: 4033 S. Halsted St. 

BRENNAN, William Francis, contractor and 
mfr.; Aug. 26, 1860-Dec. 21, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

BRENNE, Richard, mechanical engr.; b. in Ger- 
many, May 9, 1869; s. Carl W. and Emilie (Schulte) 
Brenne; college edn. in old country; m. Caroline 
Brenne, of Chicago, Mar. 12, 1892; 7 children: Au- 
gusta (Mrs. John Hittan), Carl, Fred, Emily. Rich- 
ard, Mary, William. Came to America, 1890, and 
has since been connected with the Kaestner & 
Hecht Co., mfrs. passenger and freight elevators; 
chief engr. and sec. same since 1909. Home: 2436 
N. Talman Av. Office: 500 Throop St. 

BRENNEMANN, Joseph, M.D.; b. at Peru, 111., 
Sept. 25, 1872; s. of Joseph and Mary (Schaefer) 
Brennemann; Ph.B., Univ. of Mich., 1895; M.D., 
Northwestern Univ., 1900; St. Luke's Hosp., 1900-2; 
m. Bessie D. Daniels, of Chicago, Jan. 2, 1905; 3 
children: Mary Elizabeth, Barbara, Deborah. Asst. 
prof, diseases of children, Northwestern Univ. Med. 
Sch., since 1909; prof, same, Chicago Post-Grad. 
Med. Sch., 1905-6; attending phys. diseases of chil- 
dren, St. Luke's, Wesley and Cook Co. hosps. Mem. 
Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Pediatric Soc., Inst. 
Medicine of Chicago, Nu Sigma Nu. Contbr. on 
diseases of children. Home: 5803 Blackstone Av. 
Office: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

BRENNER, George, manager city office of Swift 
& Co.; b. Chicago, May 28, 1860; s. George and 
Mary Ann (Haven) Brenner; ed. pub. schs., Chi- 
cago; m. Chicago, May 17, 1883, Eugenia F. John- 
son; children: Edith A., George J., Eugenia M. 
First business experience was in employ of S. D. 
Childs, Jr., & Co., printers; then with Frank Clif- 
ton & Co., grain and provisions, as settling and 
margin clerk on the Bd. of Trade; remained with 
that firm 15 yrs. and in 1888 became identified with 
Swift & Co., as bookkeeper, and eventually was 
made city mgr., and Bd. of Trade representative. 
Club: Ravenswood Whist. Home: 5448 Lakewood 
Av. Office: 76 W. Monroe St. 

BRENT ANO, Theodore, judge; b. at Kalamazoo, 
Mich., Mar. 29, 1854; s. Lorenzo and Caroline Bren- 
tano; ed. pub. schs. and in Germany and Switzer- 
land; LL.B., LL.M., Nat. Univ., 1881; m. Minnie 
Claussenius, of Chicago, May 17, 1887; children: 
Johanna von Tilly, Carola, Dorothy. Home has 
been in Chicago since 1859; admitted to bar by 
Supreme Court, D.C., 1882; atty. in office of corpn. 
counsel, 1887; asst. city atty. Chicago, 1888; judge 
Superior Court, Cook Co., 111., since 1890, and now 
chief justice Criminal Court of Cook Co.; present 

term expires, 1921. Republican. Home: 1247 N. 
State St. 

BRESLICH, Ernst Rudolph; b. Insterburg, Ger- 
many, Aug. 30, 1874; s. Louis Friedrich and Her- 
mine (Kummer) Breslich; came to U.S., 1892; A.B., 
Baldwin-Wallace Coll., Berea, O., 1898; A.M., Univ. 
of Chicago, 1900; m. Marie D. Christiansen, of Chi- 
cago, Dec. 25, 1902; children: Paul, Erna, Herman, 
Golde. Head of the dept. of mathematics, Univ. 
High Sch. (Univ. of Chicago), since 1912. Metho- 
dist. Author (with George W. Myers) : Myer's Sec- 
ond Year in Mathematics, 1908; Breslich's First- 
Year Mathematics, 1915; Breslich's Second-Year 
Mathematics, 1916; Breslich's Third-Year Mathe- 
matics, 1917; Logarithmitic Tables and Mathemat- 
ical Formulas, 1917. Home: 7100 Rhodes Av. 

BRETZ, J. Karlen, geologist; b. Ionia Co., Mich., 
Sept. 2, 1882; s. Oliver Joseph and Rhoda Maria 
(Hewlett) Bretz; A.B., Albion (Mich.) Coll., 1905; 
Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1913; m. Fanny Challis, of 
Unionville, Mich., June 26, 1907; 1 son, Ruflolf 
Challis. Asst. prof, geology, Univ. of Wash., 1913- 
14; instr. in geology. 1914-15, asst. prof, since 1915, 
Univ. of Chicago. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma 
Xi. Recreation: mountaineering. Home: 10750 S. 
Western Av. 

BREWER, Orville, publisher; b. at Ashton. 111., 
Mar. 31, 1857; s. of James and Elizabeth (Pratt) 
Brewer; prep. edn. Allen's Acad., Allen's Grove, 
Wis., 1867-9, Lee Center (111.) High Sch., 1870-3; 
A.B., Beloit (Wis.) Coll., 1878; m. Elizabeth 
Brough, of Indianapolis, Oct. 25, 1895. In pub. busi- 
ness since 1900 as Orville Brewer Pub. Co., sch. 
text books. Republican. Author and publisher: 
Brewer's National Songs and Hymns; Brewer's 
Popular Song Book; Brewer's American Song 
Book; Brewer's Assembly Song Book: Brewer's 
High School Song Book; Brewer's Art Studies and 
Famous Paintings; etc. Home: 2923 Ellis Av. Of- 
lice: 1304 Auditorium Bldg. 

BREWER, Robert T., real estate; b. at 
June 13, 1863; s. John S. and Helen M. 
Brewer; ed. high sch., Chicago; m. Paula Fabian 
Seckel, of St. Louis, Dec. 1, 1902; 2 sons: Fabian S., 
Jerome S. In mercantile pursuits, 1881-90; mfg. 
business, 1890-6; real estate operator, Chicago, 
since 1896; firm of Robert T. Brewer & Co. for 
several years; now managing own property. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic Assn., Chicago Yacht, Germania. 
Recreation: yachting. Home: 1347 N. State St. 
Office: 38 S. Dearborn St. 

BREWSTER, Edward Lester, banker, broker; 
June 22, 1842-Mar. 21, 1911. (See vol. 1911.) 

BREWSTER, Walter Stanton, banker, broker; 
b. Evanston, 111., Sept. 4, 1872; s. Edward Lester 
and Mary (Niles) Brewster; ed. St. Paul's Sch., 
Concord, N.H., until June, 1891; A.B., Yale, 1896; 
m. Kate Lancaster, of Chicago, Jan 24, 1903; 2 
children: Sarah, Edward Lancaster. Entered serv- 
ice, 1896, of Edward L. Brewster & Co., bankers 
and brokers, and in Jan., 1899, was admitted to the 
firm, and July 1, 1904, Edward L. Brewster & Co. 
was succeeded by the firm of Russell, Brewster & 
Co., consisting of Edward P. Russell, Walter S. 
Brewster and C. L. Peniston. Mem. Chicago Stock 
Exchange (gov.), New York Stock Exchange. Dir. 
United Charities (chmn. exec. com.). Clubs: Chi- 
cago, University, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle, 
Cliff Dwellers, Casino, Gagemere; University, Yale, 
Sleepy Hollow Country (New York). Recreations: 
golf, horseback riding. Home: Lake Forest, 111. 
Office: 116 W. Adams St., Chicago. 

BRICKWOOD. Albert William, lawyer; Nov. 21, 
1855-Mar. 24, 1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

BRICKWOOD, Blaine Jackson, lawyer; b. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 5, 1888; s. Albert William and Genevieve 
M. (Jackson) Brickwood; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; 
Lewis Inst.; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 
1908; unmarried. Began practice with father, 1908, 
title of Brickwood & Brickwood; practiced alone 
since death of father, 1915; sec. and dir. Wolfertz 
Deformity Appliance Co.; sec. and treas. Am. Ex- 
porters' Corpn.; treas. and dir. Electric Service 
Co. of America; dir. Fair Oaks Park Cemetery 
Assn.; consul for Venezuela in Chicago since 1914. 
Mem. III. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Delta 
Upsilon, Delta Chi, S.A.R. Republican. Congrega- 



tionalist. Club: Chicago Press. Recreations: art, 
music, literature. Home: 859 Wellington Av. Of- 
fice: 6 N. Michigan Av. 

BBIDGE, George Smith, commission mcht. ; b. on 
farm, Jefferson Co., Wis., June 28, 1860; s. Robert 
and Isabella (Kelley) Bridge; ed. pub. schs. and 
State Normal Sen., Whitewater, Wis.; m. Chicago, 
Jan. 19, 1887, Betsy A. Randall; children: Isabella, 
George Randall. Engaged in milling business at 
Whitewater, 1881-4; special partner In firm of T. D. 
Randall & Co., commn. mchts., Chicago, 1885-95; 
gen. partner same firm, owning half interest in 
business, 1895-1902; established under own name 
as commn. mcht. in grain and hay, 1902, and in 
1903 admitted John R. Leonard as partner, firm be- 
coming Bridge & Leonard. Mem. Chicago Bd. of 
Trade. Republican. Congregationallst. Mem. Home 
Lodge, No. 508, A.F. and A.M.; Chicago Chapter; 
Chevalier Bayard Commandery, K.T. Clubs: Ham- 
ilton, Saddle and Sirloin, University of Evanston, 
Evanston Country, Westmoreland Golf. Recrea- 
tion: outdoor life. Home: Evanston, 111. Office: 
Board of Trade, Chicago. 

BBIDGE, Norman, M.D.; b. Windsor, Vt., Dec. 
30, 1844; s. James Madison and Nancy Ann (Bag- 
ley) Bridge; high sen. edn.; M.D., Chicago Med. 
Coll. (now med. dept. Northwestern Univ.), 1868, 
Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1878; (hon. A.M., Lake 
Forest Univ., 1889); m. Mae Manford of Chicago, 
May 21, 1874. Prof, clinical medicine, 1887-98, prof, 
medicine, 1898-1901, emeritus prof, since 1901, 
Rush Med. Coll. (Univ. of Chicago). Mem. Chicago 
Bd. Edn., 1881-4 (pres. 1882-3); mem. bd. election 
commrs., 1886-90. Republican. Mem. Assn. of Am. 
Physicians; corr. mem. Acad. Sciences, Arts and 
Letters of Wis. Author: The Penalties of Taste 
and Other Essays, 1898; The Rewards of Taste and 
Other Essays, 1902; Lectures on Tuberculosis, 
1903; House Health, 1907; Fragments and Ad- 
dresses, 1915. Office: 901, 104 S. Michigan Av. 

BRIDGES. Horace James, lecturer; b. London, 
Eng., Aug. 31, 1880; s. James and Mary Elizabeth 
(Harding) Bridges; spl. courses, London Univ.; m. 
Lucy, d. Archibald and Edith English, of London, 
June 2, 1906. Asso. leader, with Stanton Coit, of 
W. London Ethical Soc., 1905-12; leader Chicago 
Ethical Soc. since Apr., 1913. Trustee Booth House 
(social settlement), Chicago. Mason. Club: City. 
Author: The Ethical Movement Its Principles and 
Aims, 1911, 2d edit., 1912; Criticisms of Life 
Studies in Faith, Hope and Despair, 1915. Home: 
610 Belden Av. Office: 410 S. Michigan Av. 

BRIGGS, Charles Harold, leather; b. St. Louis, 
Mo., Nov. 7. 1874; s. Charles Edward and Rebecca 
(Whittaker) Briggs; ed. pub. schs., St. James Coll., 
and Washington Univ. (all of St. Louis); m. Olive 
Fox Hafke, of Chicago, Nov. 7, 1907; 2 children: 
Charles Harold, Jr., Stanley Whittaker. Clerk in 
passenger dept. C..B.&Q.R.R., at St. Louis, 1894-7; 
sec. to the gen. mgr., 1897-1900; in leather business 
since 1900; pres. Charles H. Briggs Co. since 1905. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago Athletic. Chicago 
Yacht. Recreations: motoring, golf. Home: 827 
Dakin St. Office: 231 N. 5th Av. 

BRIGGS. Clare A., cartoonist. Removed to New 
York. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BBIGGS, Clement 'William Kenneth, surgeon; b. 
London, Eng., July 14, 1881; s. William and Anne 
(Watson) Briggs; brought to U.S. at age of 12; ed. 
grammar and high schs., Chicago; admitted to 
practice by 111. State Bd. of Health, 1906; post- 
graduate work at Chicago; m. Charlotte Audrey 
Fleischer, of Chicago, Feb. 26, 1908; 2 children: 
Audrey Helen (deceased), Donald Preston. Asst. 
chief surgeon Chicago Emergency Hosp., 1906-8; 
prof, toxicology, Chicago Coll. of Medicine and 
Surgery, since 1909; chief surgeon Hearst News- 
papers, J. V. Farwell Co., brotherhoods of ry. 
employes, and 30 other smaller concerns. Mem. A. 
M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Mason (Blue Lodge, Chap- 
ter, Commandery, Shrine). Home: 4448 Maiden St. 
Office: 424 Hearst Bldg. 

BRIGGS, Walter Merrill, clergyman; b. Elgin, 
111., July 8, 1891; s. of Charles Alfred and Eliza 
Briggs; ed. Elgin Acad.; Rockford High School; 
student DePauw Univ., 1912-15; grad. Garrett Bibl. 
Inst., 1916; unmarried. Ordained M.E. ministry, 

1913; pastor Lemont, 111., 1910-12, Cumberland, 
Ind., 1912-15, Douglas Park, Chicago, 1915-16, Nor- 
wood Park, Chicago, since Oct. 9, 1916. Mem. Chi- 
cago Meth. Preachers' Assn., Delta Tau Delta. 
Home: 7117 Hood Av. 

BBIGHAM, Bret Hart, life underwriter. Re- 
moved to California. (See vol. 1911.) 

BBIGHAM, Edmund Douglass, railway official; 
b. Dunkirk, N.Y., Dec. 28, 1856; s. George F. and 
Aurilla D. Brigham; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. 
Ishpeming, Mich., 1879, Edith Nortnmore. Began 
ry. service as telegraph operator C.&N.W.Ry., Ish- 
peming, 1873; with C.&N.W.Ry. since Nov. 2, 1874, 
as cashier, Ishpeming, 1874-9, agt. at Peshtigo, 
Wis., 1879-80, Ishpeming, Mich., 1880-2, traveling 
frt. agt., Fond du Lac, Wis., 1882-5, chief elk. gen. 
frt. dept., Chicago, 1885-8, div. frt. agt. Wis., Ga- 
lena & Madison and Madison & Peninsular divs., 
1888-93, asst. gen. frt. agt., 1893-1900, gen. frt. agt. 
from Feb. 1, 1900, and now asst. frt. traffic mgr. 
Clubs: Union League, Mid-Day, Chicago Athletic, 
Hamilton, Skokie Country, Church. Home: Glen- 
coe, 111. Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

BBIGHAM, Henry H., freight transportation and 
car mfg.; b. Sharon, Wis., Aug. 31, 1868; s. Rev. 
George F. and Aurilla (Douglass) Brigham; ed. 
Sharon High Sch. ; m. Belle Hanna, of Burlington, 
Wis., Nov. 27, 1894; children: Erwin Risley, Edith 
Margrett, Henry H., Jr. Employed as telegraph 
operator and local agt. by C.&N.W.Ry. until 1893; 
removed to Chicago and engaged in commercial ry. 
and industrial traffic service until 1908; organized 
the Atlantic Seaboard Despatch and the North Am. 
Car Co., 1908, and since pres. both companies. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: Traffic, 
Union League, Church, Skokie Country, Chicago 
Yacht. Recreations: golf, yachting. Home: 815 
Greenleaf Av., Glencoe, 111. Office: 327 S. LaSalle 
St., Chicago. 

BBIO-HT, Orville T., educator; b. Richland, N.Y., 
1840; ed. Univ. of Wis., 1857-9; m. Cora Christian, 
1885; 3 children. Began teaching at Spring Prairie, 
Wis., 1859; prin. graded schs., Lake Geneva, Wis., 
1860-2; county supt. schs., Walworth Co., Wis., 
1865-8; prin. graded schs., Omro, Wis., 1868-70; 
came to Chicago, 1870; prin. Foster Sch., 1870-4, 
Douglas Sch., 1874-87; supt. 6 grammar schs. and 
prin. high sch., Englewood, 1887-92; became county 
supt. schs., Cook Co., 1892, and is now dist. supt. 
Home: 6515 Harvard Av. Office: 830 Tribune Bldg. 

BBIGHT, Philip Vaughan, fish products; b. Tyne- 
burth, Wales, Dec. 11, 1879; s. William and Jane 
Avis (Greaves) Bright; brought to America, 1884; 
ed. high sch. and Washington Univ., St. Louis; m. 
Anne W. Chatfield, of Chicago, Apr. 2, 1902; chil- 
dren: Philip Vaughan, 2d, Medora C. Has engaged 
as importer of salt and canned fish products since 
1904; pres. and treas. P. V. Bright Co. since 1908. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, Am. Norwegian 
Chamber Commerce (dir.). Clubs: Traffic, Ouil- 
mette Country, North Shore Golf. Recreations: 
motoring, travel. Home: Wilmette, 111. Office: 148 
W. Kinzie. St., Chicago. 

BBII.Ii, George Mackensie. mechanical, elec. and 
architectural engr. Removed to New York. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BBIMSON, William George, retired ; b. Tiverton, 
Eng., Apr. 27, 1850; s. Ellas and Mary (Thome) 
Brimson; ed. Norwalk (O.) High Sch., Bryant and 
Stratton Bus. Coll.; m. Susan H. Smith (M.L.A., 
prin. High Sch., Norwalk, O.), Aug. 28, 1873 (died 
Aug. 24, 1910). Telegraph operator, 1868-71, train 
dispatcher, 1871-5, L.S.&M.S.Ry.; supt. Logansport, 
Crawfordsville & S.W. Ry., 1875-80; trainmaster, 
1880-1, supt., 1881-8, L.E.&W.Ry.; trainmaster, C.& 
E.I.R.R., 1888-90; supt., 1890-1, pres., 1891-6, Calu- 
met & Blue Island Ry. ; pres. and gen. mgr., Chi- 
cago, Lake Shore & Eastern Ry., 1896-9; gen. mgr., 
1899-1907, vice pres., 1907-10, Q.,O.&K.C.Ry.; be- 
came pres. Tex. City Transportation Co. and Tex. 
City Ry. Co., Apr. 1, 1910. Progressive. First vice 
pres. Northern Bapt. Conv., Am. Bapt. Home Mis- 
sionary Soc., Am. Bapt. Publ. Soc.; pres. 111. Bapt. 
State Conv., 1913-15; pres. Chicago Baptist Social 
Union, 1914-15. Home: 426 W. 62d St. 

BRIMSTIN, William Edgar, secretary Federal 
Life Ins. Co.; b. Toronto, Can., Dec. 4, 1876; s. of 



Hugh and Mary A. (Owens) Brimstin; ed. pub. 
schs., Model Sch. and pvt. sens., Toronto; grad. 
Jarvis Collegiate Inst., 1895; completed sch. train- 
ing in Upper Canada Coll.: m. Katharine Green- 
wood, of Toronto, Dec. 6, 1899. Besan in the policy 
dept. of Imperial Life Ins. Co., Toronto; then in 
actuarial dept. of Mfrs. Life Ins. Co.; with the 
Federal Life Ins. Co. since 1899; came to Chicago, 
1900, as policy clerk, Federal Life Ins. Co., served 
as chief clerk, 1902-4, asst. sec., 1905-8, sec. since 
1908. Republican. Methodist. Mason (32, Shrin- 
er). Clubs: Hamilton, 111. Athletic, Colonial, Olym- 
pia Golf. Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 838 
51st Boul. Office: 168 N. Michigan Boul. 

BRINCKERHOFF, Clarence Eugene, surgeon; b. 
Homer, near Joliet, 111., Nov. 9, 1859; s. John and 
Rebecca (Breckenridge) Brinckerhoff ; descendant 
of old Knickerbocker family; removed to Chicago, 
1861; ed. pub. schs.; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., 
1885. and since in practice at Chicago. Mem. A.M. 
A., Chicago Med. Soc. Recreations: travel, hunting, 
fishing. Home: 3102 Washington Boul. Office: 507 
N. Halsted St. 

BRINK, Arthur Perry, express; Nov. 11, 1855- 
Dec. 6, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

BRINKERHOFF. William Temple, piano mfr.; 
b. Cleveland, O., Jan. 9, 1870; s. William Britton 
and Fannie R. (Temple) Brinkerhoff; ed. pub. 
schs., St. Joseph and Clinton Co., Mo.; Lampkin's 
Coll., Clinton; m. Clara Markley, of Humeston, la., 
Feb. 6, 1894. Engaged in wholesale cigar business 
at St. Joseph 10 yrs. ; settled in Chicago, 1900, and 
entered piano mfg. business with father; pres. 
Brinkerhoff Piano Co., mfrs. of pianos and player 
pianos, since its organization, 1911. Mem. Chicago 
Piano and Organ Assn. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Mem. B.P.O.E. Clubs: Hamilton, Colonial, Oak 
Park Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 332 S. Oak 
Park Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 209 S. State St., 

BRINTNALI., William Henry, banker. (See vol. 

BRITIGAN, William Henry, real estate; b. St. 
Marys, O., Dec. 9, 1881; s. Albert and Sarah A. 
Britigan; ed. pub. schs., Dayton, O. ; Union Chris- 
tian Coll., Merom, Ind.; Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ.; 
m. Mary P. Sibley, of Valley Falls, R.I., May 2, 
1902; children: Herbert Dana, Katherine Alice, 
Wolstan Dixey, William Henry, Jr. With adv. and 
sales depts., Nat. Cash Register Co., Dayton, O., 
1899-1901; same depts., Library Bureau, Boston, 
Mass., 1901-3; ednl. dir. West Side Y.M.C.A., New 
York, 1904-7; there organized 1st real estate class 
in the country, of 250 real estate men, and pub. 
Practical Real Estate Methods; asst. to comptrol- 
ler (real estate office) Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., 
New York, 1908-9; mgr. for Joseph P. Day, real 
estate auctioneer, New York, 1910-14; came to Chi- 
cago, 1914, to sell Marquette Manor for the Assets 
Realization Co., and completed sale of $1,700,000 
lots in 6 months (greatest lot sale ever accom- 
plished in Chicago) ; in business on own account 
as William H. Britigan since Sept. 1, 1915; special- 
ist in sale of subdivision property. Mem. Chicago 
Real Estate Bd., Real Estate Auctioneers' Assn., 
New York. Republican. Club: WindsorGolf. Home: 
6950 Euclid Av. Office: 800 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BBITTAIN, Joseph King-, real estate; b. Green- 
ville, Mercer Co., Pa., Dec. 27, 1867; s. Jeremiah R. 
and Nancy Davidson (King) Brittain; ed. Green- 
ville (Pa.) High Sch.; Thiel Coll., Greenville, Pa.; 
m. Harriett D. Borland, of Chicago, June 15, 1896; 
1 son, Ashleigh Woodruff. Started in a LaSalle St. 
real estate office in 1888 as rent collector; opened 
office under name of J. K. Brittain & Co., 1891; con- 
solidated with Wm. H. Brown & Co., 1901, as Wm. 
H. Brown & Co., dealing largely in N.Dak. lands; 
in Nov., 1903, the firm name was changed to Brown 
& Brittain, dealing in Chicago real estate and first 
mortgages, and carrying on business in N.Dak. and 
Mont, lands; vice pres. of N.Dak. corpn. known as 
Wm. H. Brown Co. Sec.-treas. and dir. The Real 
Estate Assn. of 111. Mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union League, 
Ridge Country. Recreations: traveling and driv- 
ing. Home: 7126 Princeton Av. Office: 205 Tacoma 

BRITTEN, Frederick Albert, congressman; b. at 
Chicago, Nov. 18, 1871; s. Michael and Eva (Fey) 
Britten; ed. pub. schs.; studied architectural draft- 
ing at Lewis Inst.; m. Alma Hand, of Weiser, Ida., 
Mar. 4, 1907. Began as contractor, 1894; now sr. 
mem. Britten & Reynolds. Alderman 23d Ward, 
1908-12; chmn. Civil Service Commn., 1909: mem. 
63d, 64th and 65th Congresses (1913-19), 9th 111. 
Dist. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Ham- 
ilton, South Shore Country, Germania (Chicago); 
Army and Navy (Washington, D.C.). Recreations: 
athletics and swimming. Home: 327 Belden Av. 
Office: 8 S. Dearborn St. 

BRITTON, Gertrude Howe (Mrs. James A. Brit- 
ton), social welfare worker; b. Chicago, Oct. 30, 
1871; d. James and Marie Louise (Long) Howe; 
ed. pub. schs., Chicago; grad. Froebel Kindergar- 
ten Coll., 1897; m. James A. Britton (M.D.), of 
Chicago, Apr. 30, 1904. Resident of Hull House 
since Oct. 11, 1895; teacher of kindergarten and 
had charge of the nursery there until June 1, 1907; 
first officer of Juvenile Protective Assn., 1910-15; 
mem. Chicago Bd. of Edn., 1913-16; supt. Bur. of 
Social Service of Cook Co. since Feb. 15, 1916. 
Home: Hull House, 800 S. Halsted St. Office: 1130 
County Bldg. 

BRITTON, Sumner Charles, publisher. Removed 
to N.Y. City, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

BROAD, Charles A., wholesale millinery; b. at 
Freeport, 111., Dec. 3, 1868; s. of Augustus F. and 
Mary Josephine (Hamm) Broad; ed. pub. schs., 
Freeport; m. Florence Falke, of Chicago, Oct. 21, 
1913; 1 son, John William. Began in employ of 
William Walton Sons, dry goods, Freeport, 1880; 
removed to Chicago, 1898; traveled for Albert 
Haufe & Co. 3 yrs.; then associated with others 
and bought out the business, forming Weiskopf & 
Co., of which has been pres. since 1914. Mem. Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Mem. Knights 
of Columbus. Club: Calumet Country. Recreations: 
golf, fishing. Home: 5516 Everett Av. Office: 37 S. 
Wabash Av. 

BBOADBENT, Thomas Albert, dentist; b. in 
Henry Co., 111., Sept. 29, 1862: s. William and Mar- 
tha (Prince) Broadbent; ed. Knox Coll., Galesburg, 
111., and at Chicago Coll. of Dental Surgery; m. 
Chicago, Oct., 1887, Clara Potter; children: Earl 
Robert, Donald Potter. Resident of Chicago since 
1885; engaged in practice of dentistry since 1887; 
was prof, dental surgery, Coll. of Phys. and Surg., 
4 yrs. ; demonstrator and instr. Chicago Dental Coll., 
4 yrs. Sec. Nat. Assn. Dental Examiners, 111. State 
Bd. Dental Examiners. Mem. 111. State Dental Soc., 
Chicago Dental Soc. Mem. Delta Sigma Delta, Phi 
Delta Theta. Republican. Mason. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Ravenswood, Edgewater Golf. Home: 
4410 N. Hermitage Av. Office: 25 E. Washington St. 
BROCK, Andrew A., real estate and mortgage 
broker; b. Sterling, 111., Mar. 6, 1865; s. E. Fred and 
Jennie (Lyman) Brock; ed. pub. schs., Sterling, 
111.; m. Josephine Crawford, of Sterling, June 5, 
1889; children: A. Stanley, F. Crawford, Lyman D., 
A. Gait. Engaged in gen. real estate and mortgage 
business, in Chicago, since 1891; mem. Edgar M. 
Snow & Co. Mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd., Nat. 
Assn. Real Estate Exchanges, Chicago Assn. Com- 
merce, Chicago Bd. of Underwriters. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Recreations: fishing, hunting. Home: 
5117 Kenmore Av. Office: 69 W. Washington St. 

BROCK-JONES, Charles, insurance broker; b. 
London, Eng., Feb. 10, 1856; s. Benjamin and Ma- 
tilda (Davies) Brock-Jones; ed. pub. schs.; m. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 17, 1888, Elizabeth Morse. In fire ins. 
business in Chicago since 1880, beginning as office 
boy with McCormick Bros. & Findlay, later with 
Fisher Bros., and afterward with W. W. Caldwell; 
established, 1885, firm of Charles Brock-Jones & 
Co., ins. brokers and so continues. Episcopalian. 
Mason (K.T., Shriner). Club: Western Springs. 
Home: Western Springs, 111. Office: 175 W. Jack- 
son Boul., Chicago. 

BROCKLEBANK. John Charles (Fremont), mfr.; 
b. St. Catherines, Can., June 1, 1854; s. John W. 
and Catherine (Waugh) Brocklebank; direct de- 
scendant of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, of Mass. 
Colony; ed. St. Stephen's Coll., Annandale, N.Y., 
and law dept. of New York Univ.; m. Anna Wood- 
ward Durell, of Chicago, July 8, 1890; 1 daughter. 



Caroline Rae; m. 2d, Mrs. Louise D. Cole. 1909. Ad- 
mitted to N.Y. bar, 1876; with Mutual Life Ins. Co. 
of New York, in N.Y. City, until 1885, when came 
to Chicago as rep. of the Mfrs.' Paper Co. of New 
York, of which was 2d vice pres. and western mgr. 
a number of years; was pres. J. C. Brocklebank & 
Co., paper mfrs., title of J. C. Brocklebank since 
1914. Republican. Episcopalian. Was mem. 71st 
Regt. N.G.N.Y. Mem. S.A.R., Soc. Foreign Wars, 
Colonial Soc. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Glen View, 
Edgewater Golf (ex-pres.). Home: 5000 Sheridan 
Rd. Office: 519 The Rookery. 

BROCKMAN, Albert J., real estate; b. Chicago, 
May 23, 1874; s. J. Henry and Sophie (Deppe) 
Brockman; ed. St. Paul's parish sch. (Evang. Lu- 
theran) ; pub. grammar sch. and English High and 
Manual Training Sch., Chicago; m. Emma Dorothy 
Schwarz, of Chicago, Sept. 26, 1900; 2 children: 
Gilbert Hugo (deceased), Marion Helen. Began in 
employ of the Wirt Electric Laboratories, continu- 
ing 2 yrs. ; then engaged as instr. in manual train- 
ing, pub. schs. of Chicago, 8 yrs.; in real estate, 
renting and loan business in own name since 1903; 
sec. Sterling Furniture Co.; dir. Foltz Smokeless 
Furnace Co. Treas. Apartment Bides. Assn., 1913- 
14; ex-vice pres. Cook County Real Estate Bd. (dir., 
1912-13). Independent Republican. Evangelical Lu- 
theran. Club: City. Recreation: motoring. Home: 
908 Windsor Av. Office: 111 W. Washington St. 

BifcODE, William Demetrius, M.D., surgeon; b. 
on farm, Fillmore Co., Minn., Sept. 21, 1870; s. Pe- 
ter and Lucy (Elliot) Erode; attended Decorah 
(la.) Inst., 1889-90, Valparaiso (Ind.) Normal Sch., 
1891-2; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1896; (A.M., Ewing 
Coll., 1910); m. Clara Bell Heagle, of Valparaiso, 
Ind., Aug. 30, 1900; 1 daughter, Geraldine Burnetta. 
Began practice, 1896, at Union Mills, Ind.; removed 
to Chicago, 1899; mem. consulting staff, Mary 
Thompson Hosp. ; mem. attending med. staff, Fran- 
ces Willard Hosp.; prof, clinical medicine, Chicago 
Coll. of Medicine and Surgery. Mem. III. State Med. 
Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Baptist. Ma- 
son. Club: Illinois. Home: 2323 Jackson Boul. Of- 
fice: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

BRODHEAD, Lucas, farmer, pres. Ashland Elk. 
Assn.; Apr. 12, 1844-1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BBODSKY, Jacob Joseph, wholesale grocer; b. 
Kiev, Russia, Jan. 1, 1879; s. Isaac and Esther 
Brodsky; brought to U.S., 1883; ed. pub. schs., Cor- 
ry. Pa,; in. Fanny Greenblatt, of Chicago, Apr. 10, 
1899; 4 children: William, Sidney, Leo, Victor. 
Came to Chicago, 1894; began as clerk in grocery 
store; became salesman for Grossfeld & Roe Co., 
wholesale grocers, 1905, continuing 8 yrs.; organ- 
ized Brodsky, Palmer & Gelber Co., wholesale gro- 
cers, Aug., 1915, and became pres., name changed 
19 Brodsky-Gross & Co., Feb. 1, 1917; company spe- 
cializes in Sincerity Brand goods. Republican. Pa- 
tron Mark Nathan Orphans' Home, Jewish Home 
for the Aged. Mem. Art Inst. of Chicago. Recrea- 
tion: motoring. Home: 1617 S. Millard Av. Office: 
652 W. Randolph St. 

BBOEKSMIT, John Shaw, cashier Harris Trust 
& Savings Bank; b. Cedar Rapids, la., Feb. 12, 1881; 
s. John Cornells and Laura (Shaw) Broeksmit; 
A.B., Coe Coll., Cedar Rapids, 1901; A.B., Yale, 
1904; unmarried. Began in employ of Merchants 
Nat. Bank, Cedar Rapids, Feb., 190o; cashier Citi- 
zens Nat. Bank, 1906-8, Merchants Nat. Bank, 1908- 
11 (both of Cedar Rapids); cashier Harris Trust & 
Savings Bank, Chicago, since May, 1911. Trustee 
Coe Coll. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, University, Union League, Onwentsia. Home: 
185 E. Chestnut St. Office: 115 W. Monroe St. 

BBOE1I,, Albert Charles, M.D.; b. Dubuque, la., 
Mar. 4, 1864; s. John and Rosa (Sinnigrer) Broell; 
grad. high sch., Dubuque, la,; M.D., Chicago Med. 
Coll., 1886; m. Chicago, Oct. 1, 1896, Agnes Happel; 
children: Frederick Gaudenz, Rose Helen, Albert 
Frank. Engaged in practice at Chicago since 1886; 
asst. attending phys. St. Joseph's Hosp., 1890; at- 
tending phys., same, 1895; several years attending 
phys. Home for the Aged. Mem. A.M. A., HI. State, 
German, and Chicago med. socs. Catholic. Recrea- 
tions: fishing, swimming. Office and Home: 1954 
Fremont St. 

BBOMBEBG, Isidore, merchant. (See vol. 1911.) 

BROMBERG, Moritz, merchant; Nov. 23, 1847- 
Feb., 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BRONSON, Hermon, mfr. (See vol. 1911.) 

BRONSON, Leonard, manager National Lumber 
Mfrs.' Assn.; Aug. 3, 1856-Dec. 25, 1915. (See vol. 

BBONSON, Solon Cary, theologian; b. at West 
Union, la,, July 26, 1855; s. Harvey S. and Jane 
(McCool) Bronson; A.B., Upper la, Univ., Fayette, 
la., 1875, A.M., 1879; B.D., Garrett Bibl. Inst., Chi- 
cago, 1878 (D.D., 1894; D.D., Cornell College, la., 
1902); m. Frances Avann, of Cleveland, O., July 2, 
1879; children: Edna M. (Mrs. A. W. Campbell, 
Seattle), Elizabeth G. (Mrs. E. W. Brownell, Seat- 
tle), Earle A. and Reid R. Entered M.E. ministry, 
1878; pastor in la. at Hopkinton, 1878-81, Water- 
loo, 1881-4, Toledo, 1884-7, Clinton, 1887-92, Bur- 
lington, 1892-6; Cornelia Miller prof, practical the- 
ology, 1896-1913, prof, practical theology and social 
relations since 1913, acting pres., 1908-9, Garrett 
Bibl. Inst.; also sec. of the faculty, same. Trustee 
Upper la. Univ., 1902-5; pres. Chicago Boys' Club. 
Mem. Soc. for Bibl. Research, Federation for So- 
cial Service. Republican. Clubs: University of Ev- 
anston. City, and Gull Lake (Mich.) Country. Au- 
thor: Religious Delusions, 1895. Home: 2026 Or- 
rington Av., Evanston, 111. 

BROOKE, Freeborn D., clergyman; b. at Oregon, 
Ogle Co., 111., Dec. 27, 1858; s. William and Paulina 
Roena (Healy) Brooke; ed. pub. sch., Eagle Point, 
111.: m. Ridott, 111., June 28, 1882, Lizzie B. Bardell; 
children: Clarke Harding, William Sullivan, Lena 
Harriet, Mae Evangel. United with 111. Annual 
Conference, Free Meth. Ch., and traveled in the 
itineracy for 10 yrs.; presiding elder, 1891-1901; 
pastor Dearborn St. Free Meth. Ch., 1901-4; pre- 
siding elder Elgin dist., 1904-7; pastor Evanston, 
111., 1907-10; presiding elder, Chicago dist., 1910- 
14; pastor Englewood Ch. since 1914. Treas. 111. 
Conf. Bd. of Trustees Old People's Rest Home; 
sec. Chicago Industrial Home for Children; pres. 
bd. trustees Evansville Junior Coll.; pres. of Free 
Meth. Minister's Mutual Aid Soc. Prohibitionist. 
Home: 1142 W. 62d St. 

BSOOKS, Everett Wellington, lumber mcht.; 
Dec. 29, 1840-Mar., 1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BROOKS, James Carter, lumber; Aug. 25, 1837- 
Apr. 15, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BBOOKS. Jesse Wendell, clergyman; b. Cheshire, 
Conn., Sept. 26, 1858; s. Jesse R. and Louise A. 
(Smith) Brooks; 6th in lineal descent from Henry 
Brooks, of the New Haven Colony; A.B., Rutgers, 
1881; grad. Union Theol. Sem., 1884; Ph.D., New 
York Univ., 1889; m. Louise Bissell, d. Prof. Na- 
than Upham, of Brooklyn, 1884. Ordained Congl. 
ministry, 1884; pastor Bay Shore, L.I., N.Y., 1884- 
87; in Europe, 1887, Stuyvesant Av. Ch., Brooklyn, 
1887-8, East New York Dutch Ref. Ch., Brooklyn, 
1888-94, Irving Park Ch., Chicago, 1894-8; sec. and 
supt. Chicago Tract Soc., 1898-1914; pres. Union 
Missionary Training Inst., New York, 1914-16; 
again sec. and supt. Chicago Tract Soc. since 1916. 
Sec. Northwestern Agency of Am. Tract Soc., 1898- 
1902, 1910-14- N.Y. State supt. Christian Endeavor, 
1887-8; an organizer and 3 yrs. vice pres. Am. Soc. 
Comparative Religion; mem. Bd. Domestic Mis- 
sions Ref. Ch. in America and chmn. Gen. Synod's 
Sabbath Observance Com. several years and ad- 
dressed Congressional Com. regarding the Sunday 
closing of Chicago World's Fair, 1893. Mem. coun- 
cil Hope Coll., 1898-1904; mem. bd. mgrs. Am. Sab- 
bath Union and of Lord's Day Alliance of U.S., 
1892-14, vice pres. since 1914; mem. exec. com. Fed- 
eral Council Churches of Christ in America since 
1912. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Chi Psi; organizer 
and first sec. Chicago Alumni Assn. Union Theol. 
Sem. Home: Wheaton, 111. Office: 440 S. Dearborn 
St., Chicago. 

BBOOKS, Virginia (Mrs. Charles 8. Washbnrne), 

reformer, lecturer; b. Chicago, Jan. 11, 1888; d. of 
Oliver Henry and Flora (Pennock) Brooks; m. 
Charles S. Washburne, of Chicago, Apr. 3, 1913. 
Began reform work in West Hammond, 111., Dec., 
1910; disreputable resorts closed after long and 
hard-fought campaign, and reform ticket elected, 
Aug., 1912. Founder and 1st pres. Hammond Settle- 



ment Assn. Presbyterian. Mem. Chicago Political 
Equality League, 111. Women's Press Assn.. Ham- 
mond Chamber of Commerce. Author: Little Lost 
Sister, 1915; My Battles with Vice, 1915. Home: 
619 Groveland Park. 

BBOOME, Tliornhill, president Midland Ware- 
house & Transfer Co.; m. Caryl, d. John Alden 
Spoor, of Chicago. Pres. Midland Warehouse & 
Transfer Co.; also sec. and dir. Chicago Junction 
Ry.; dir. Liberty Trust & Savings Bank, People's 
Stock Yards State Bank, Stock Yards Savings 
Bank, West Side Trust & Savings Bank. Clubs: 
Saddle and Cycle, Casino. Home: 127 E. Chestnut 
St. Office: 1312, 38 S. Dearborn St. 

BROOMELL, Chester Cliapin, real estate; b. at 
Chicago, Feb. 19, 1862; s. George D. and Ellen 
(Chapin) Broomell; grad. Hayes Sch., 1875, Central 
High Sch., Chicago, 1879; m. Lena F. Johnson, of 
Chicago, July 2, 1888; children: Ellyn C., Francis J., 
Mary. With Chicago Public Library, 1877-80; with 

A. W. Wheeler, wholesale hardware, 1879-82; with 
Lapp & Flershem, wholesale jewelers, 1882-4; one 
of organizers, and treas. Cook Co. Abstract Co., 
1885-90; dept. mgr. Chicago Title & Trust Co., 1890- 
1900; then sec. same for several years; sec. and 
dir. First-Mortgage Bond & Trust Co. until 1904; 
mem. Broomell Bros., real estate, since 1904. Re- 
publican. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Ham- 
ilton, Chicago Whist, City. Home: 5750 Midway 
Park, Austin. Office: Conway Bldg., Chicago. 

BBOOMELL, Francis Ely, real estate; b. Chi- 
cago, Feb. 6, 1874; s. George Dare and Ellen B. 
(Chapin) Broomell; B.S., Swarthmore Coll., 1893; 
m. Georgia Silver, of Chicago, Sept. 23, 1908; chil- 
dren: Kenneth Foster, Margaret, John Graham. 
After graduation spent a year in Washington, D.C., 
in the study of architecture; returned to Chicago 
and became identified with real estate business; 
mem. Broomell Bros, since 1904. Mem. Chicago 
Real Estate Bd., Delta Upsilon. Clubs: University, 
City, Edgewater, Edgewater Golf. Home: 6233 
Winthrop Av. Office: Conway Bldg. 

BROOMELL, Georg-e Dare, educator; b. Chester 
Co., Pa., July 27, 1832; s. John and Letitia (Parry) 
Broomell; academic edn.; m. Chicago, 1861, Ellen 

B. Chapin; children: Chester C., George D., Francis 
E. In business at Phila., 1854-6; came to Chicago, 
1856; principal Dearborn School, 1857-63; in busi- 
ness, 1863-5; resumed position as principal of 
Dearborn Sch., 1865-6; prin. Haven Sch., 1866-9; 
asst. supt. schs. of Chicago, 1869-70; at own re- 
quest was relieved and apptd. teacher of mathe- 
matics, Chicago High Sch., resigned, 1882; mem. 
firm of Wanzer & Co., commn. mchts. on Chicago 
Bd. of Trade until 1893; since retired. An advo- 
cate of phonetic reform in English spelling. Uni- 
tarian. Home: 2129 Prairie Av. Office: 241 Conway 

BROFHY, Tmman William, oral surgeon; b. in 
Will Co., 111., Apr. 12, 1848; s. William and Amelia 
(Cleveland) Brophy; acad. edn.; D.D.S., Pa. Coll. 
Dental Surgery, 1872; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chi- 
cago, 1880; (LL.D., Lake Forest Univ., 1889; Sc.D., 
Univ. of Pa., 1914); m. Emma Jean, of Chicago, 
May 8, 1873 (died 1899); m. 2d, E. W. Strawbridge, 
of Moorestown, N.J., Mar. 31, 1908. Pres. and prof, 
oral surgery, Chicago Coll. of Dental Surgery; 
cons, surgeon to Presbyn. Hosp. ; oral surereon 
St. Joseph's, Michael Reese and Frances Willard 
hosps. Pres. 14th Internal. Med. Congress, Inter- 
nal. Commn. of Edn.; del. 4th Internal. Dental 
Congress, at Madrid, Spain, 1893. Fellow Am. Coll. 
Surgeons; mem. Internal. Dental Federation (pres. 
1915), Assn. N. Am. Surgeons, Assn. Mil. Surgeons 
U.S.A., Nat. Assn. Dental Faculties, Inst. Dental 
Pedagogics, and many others. Clubs: Union League, 
Chicago Athletic. Home: 6007 Kenmore Av. Of- 
fice: 81 E. Madison St. 

BEOSS, Mason, lawyer; student Northwestern 
Univ., class of 1883; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, 
Chicago, 1884; m. Isabel F., d. George E. Adams, 
of Chicago, 1906; 1 son, John Adams. Admitted to 
111. bar, 1884, and since engaged in practice at 
Chicago. Mem. Omega Chapler Sigma Chi, Chicago 
Bar Assn., elc. Clubs: Universily, Saddle and 
Cycle, Onwentsia, Chicago Literary. Home: 20 E. 
Goethe St. Office: 69 W. Washington St. 

BKOSSEAU, Leonard Anguste, grain commn.; b. 
Chicago, July 13, 1891; s. Zenophile Peter and Eliz- 
abeth (Leonard) Brosseau; student Georgetown 
Univ., D.C., 1909-12; m. Jessie Marie Whyland, of 
Chicago, Feb. 21, 1916; 1 daughter, Patricia. In 
grain commn. business, Chicago since 1914; mem. 
Brosseau & Co. since 1915. Mem. Chicago Bd. of 
Trade, Phi Delta Phi. Catholic. Clubs: University, 
Germania. Recreations: tennis, golf, music. Home: 
540 Oakdale Av. Office: 67 Board of Trade. 

BROSSEAU, Louis Charles, grain commission; 
b. Chicago, June 26, 1886; s. late Zenophile P. and 
Elizabeth L. Brosseau; A.B., St. Ignatius Coll., Chi- 
cago, 1905, and Harvard Univ., 1907; m. Helen Eliz- 
abeth Geraghty, of Chicago, Apr. 26, 1913. Head 
of firm of Brosseau & Co., grain commn. Mem. of 
Chicago Bd. of Trade. Catholic. Clubs: Harvard 
(sec. 1911, 12, 14, vice pres. 1916), University, 
Edgewater Golf. Home: 443 Barry Av. Office: 67 
Board of Trade. 

BROSSEAU, Zenophile P., grain commn.; Oct., 
1840-Mar. 10, 1915. (See vol. 1911.) 

BROTHERS, David M., judge; b. Neenah, Wis., 
Jan. 1, 1861; s. Martin and Katherine Brothers; ed. 
pub. schs. of Wis.; West Div. High Sch. and Bry- 
ant and Stratton Business Coll., Chicago; student 
Chicago Coll. of Law; LL.B., 111. Coll. of Law. 
1898; m. Agnes B. Bulger, Chicago, Feb. 1, 1883. 
Admitted to 111. bar, 1898, and began practice in 
Chicago; asst. state's atty., under Healy and Way- 
man, 1902-8; judge Circuit Court, 1915-21. Repub- 
lican. Unitarian. Mem. Lawyers' Assn. of 111., Chi- 
cago Bar Assn. Mason; mem. Nat. Union, North 
Am. Union, A.O.U.W. Home: 2050 N. Racine Av. 
Address: County Bldg. 

BROTHERS, Elmer De Witt, lawyer; b. nr. De- 
catur, Ind., June 30, 1860; s. Clark and Ann Mary 
(Stevens) Brothers; B.S., Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ., 
1882; Hopedale (O.) Coll.; LL.B., Univ. of Mich. 
Law Dept., 1892; m. Cora Ann Manley, of Lansing, 
Mich., June 30, 1892. Supported self in school by 
teaching, 1878-84; supt. schs., Council Grove, Kan., 
1884-6; admitted to bar, 1888; began practice, Chi- 
cago, 1892; associated in practice with the late Lu- 
ther Laflin Mills, 1895-1904, and with his son, Mat- 
thew Mills, as Brothers & Mills, 1908-16, and with 
Frank M. Fairfield, as Brothers & Fairfleld, since 
1916. Lecturer John Marshall Law Sch. and in 
med. and dental depts. of Univ. of 111. Mem. Am. 
Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. 
Republican. York and Scottish Rite Mason, K.P., 
Odd Fellow. Club: Hamilton. Author: Medical Ju- 
risprudence, 1914; Dental Jurisprudence, 1914. Rec- 
reations: swimming, photography, automobiling. 
Home: 7054 N. Ashland Boul. Office: 39 S. LaSalle 

BROUG-HTON, John Wheat, fire insurance; b. St. 
Charles, Minn., Nov. 17, 1866; s. Henry E. and Mar- 
tha K. (Armstrong) Broughton; ed. pub. schs.; m. 
Harriet Herrick, of Poultney, Vt., Oct. 21, 1891; 3 
children: Ruth S., Mary, Harriet. Came to Chicago, 
1876; began in employ of mfg. concern, 1886-7; was 
clerk for R. H. Labagh & Co. (Bd. of Trade) until 
1889; then became a mem. of the board and en- 
gaged as trader, to 1907; broker in investment se- 
curities until 1915; since in fire ins. business; pres. 
River Forest State Bank. Mem. S.A.R. Clubs: 111. 
Athletic, Chicago Yacht. Recreations: motoring, 
yachting. Home: 253 Keystone Av., River Forest, 
111. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BBOUILLET, Ralph Julian, M.D.; b. Chicago, 
Aug. 7, 1884; s. of Julian and Cordelia (Cheffer) 
Brouillet; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; M.D., 111. Med. 
Coll., 1905; m. Isabelle McClintock, of Chicago, 
Dec. 25, 1907. Practiced at Chicago since 1905. 
Mem. A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc. Mason, Odd Fel- 
low. Home: 3537 Western Av. Boul. Office: 2456 W. 
38th St. 

BROWER, Jule Franklin, lawyer; b. Ottawa, 111., 
June 19, 1868; s. Frank F. and Ruth Waldon (Mill- 
er) Brower; ed. pub. schs. of Ottawa and Chicago; 
student Northwestern Univ., 1887-8; LL.B., Chi- 
cago Law Sch., 1892; m. Katherine L. Wells, Oct. 9, 
1913. Admitted to 111. bar, 1892, and since actively 
engaged in practice at Chicago. Resident consul 
of the Republic of Guatemala, at Chicago, since 
1909; acting consul Republic of Honduras; vice 
pres. Pan-Am. Consular Assn. of Chicago. Mem. 



Chicago Bar Assn., Art Inst. of Chicago. Mason. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Edgewater Golf. Home: 
531 Briar PI. Office: 1331 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BROWN, see also Browne, Braun. 

BROWN, Archibald L., general sales agt. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BROWN, Arthur Charles Iiewis, college prof.; b. 
Avon, N.Y., Aug. 18, 1869; s. Rev. Fortune Charles 
and Sarah (Lewis) Brown; A.B., Hobart Coll., Ge- 
neva, N.Y., 1893; A.B., Harvard, 1894, A.M., 1895, 
Ph.D., 1900; Rogers traveling fellow of Harvard at 
univs. of Paris and Freiburg, 1900-1; m. Octavia 
Crenshaw, of Richmond, Va., June 16, 1907. Instr. 
in English, Haverford (Pa.) Coll., 1896-8; instr. 
and asst. prof. English, Univ. of Wis., 1901-6; prof, 
and head of dept. English, Northwestern Univ., 
since Sept. 20, 1906. Mem. Modern Lang. Assn., 
Am. Folk-Lore Soc. (pres. 111. br.), Society Amicale 
Gaston, Paris, Irish Texts Soc. (sec. Am. Council), 
Phi Beta Kappa. Democrat. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
University (Evanston), Cliff Dwellers (Chicago). 
Author: Iwain, A Study in the Origins of Arthu- 
rian Romance, 1903. Editor: Macbeth (in the Tu- 
dor Shakespeare), 1911. Home: 625 Colfax St., 
Evanston, 111. 

BROWN, Charles Albert, patent lawyer; b. Man- 
chester, N.Y., Aug. 25, 1858; s. Thomas A. and 
Emily A. Brown; A.B., Univ. of Rochester, 1879, 
A.M., 1889; LL.B., Lake Forest Univ., 1890, LL.M., 
1891; m. Chicago, July 27, 1892, Caroline Cotton; 
children: Kenneth, Malcolm, Meredith, Winifred, 
Barbara, Marian, Gordon. With Western Electric 
Mfg. Co. and its successor, the Western Electric 
Co., Chicago, 1879-91. In practice of patent law 
since 1891; dir. Milwaukee Sanitarium Assn., Hins- 
dale Trust & Savings Bank, Hinsdale Cemetery 
Assn. Mem. Patent Bar Assn., Am. Bar Assn., 
Phi Beta Kappa. Republican. Clubs: Law, Union 
League, City, Hinsdale Golf, LaGrange Motor. 
Home: Hinsdale, 111. Office: 1550 Monadnock Blk., 

BROWN, diaries Edward, secretary of Central 
Electric Co.; b. Phila., Pa., July 15, 1866; s. George 
F. and Catherine (Wager) Brown; ed. pub. schs. ; 
m. Helen Deshler, 1911; children: Charles E., Jr., 
Elizabeth, Deshler. Was employed for 5 yrs. in the 
wholesale dry goods house of Marshall Field & 
Co.; became connected, 1890, with the Central Elec- 
tric Co., electrical supplies, of which he has been 
sec. since 1892. Clubs: Chicago, Onwentsia, Saddle 
and Cycle, Shore Acres, Gagemere. Home: Lake 
Forest, 111. Office: 320 S. 5th Av., Chicago. 

BROWN, Charles I.eRoy, lawyer; b. Meyersdale, 
Pa., Dec. 14, 1874; s. George W. Ira and Magdalene 
(Miller) Brown; parents moved, 1878, to Dixon, 
111.; A.B., Dixon Coll., 1892; attended Univ. of Mich., 
1893-5; LL.B., Northern 111. Coll. of Law, 1897; m. 
Alice McHugh, of Chicago, June 28, 1911. Admit- 
ted to bar, 1897; was associated in practice with 
William Barge at Dixon, for few months; in fall of 
1897 moved to Chicago; in law dept. of N. Chicago 
St. R.R. Co., 1898-9, Chicago Union Traction Co., 
1899-1901; gen. practice in association with James 
W. Duncan, 1901-5; mem. firm of Morrison, Brown 
& Gould, 1906-10; practiced alone, 1910-16; mem. 
firm Brown & Slade since 1917. Mem. Am., 111. 
State and Chicago bar assns., Chicago Soc. of Ad- 
vocates. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Mid-Day, 
Law, South Shore Country. Recreations: horse- 
back riding, golf. Home: 1130 Hyde Park Boul. 
Office: 105 S. LaSalle St. 

BROWN, Charles Turner, patent attorney and 
patent and mech. expert; b. E. Bethel, Vt., May 3, 
1849; s. Jonathan Marston and Susan Stone (Turn- 
er) Brown; descendant of Colonial ancestors and 
Revolutionary soldiers on both sides; ed. at pub. 
schs. and Gaskell's Business Coll., Manchester, 
N.H., and Phila. (Pa.) Poly. Inst.; married; chil- 
dren: Mrs. Alice Brown Ross, Maud. Practiced 
civil and mech. engring., 1872-9; read law and was 
admitted to practice by Supreme Court of 111., Nov., 
1881; has made patent law a specialty. Mason (32, 
Shriner), Odd Fellow; mem. Gesang Verein Froh- 
sinn. Club: Press. Home: 814 S. Sacramento Boul. 
Office: 127 N. Dearborn St. 

BROWN, Charles Walter, author; b. St. Louis, 
June 23, 1866; s. Prof. Isaac Hinton and Esther L. 

(Quin) Brown; grad. Edwardsville (111.) High Sch., 
1883; studied Univ. of Mo., 1885-7; (hon. A.M., Mc- 
Kendree Coll., 111., 1902); m. Mary Nelson, d. Con- 
gressman C. C. Matson, of Ind., Sept. 14, 1904. En- 
gaged in lit. work since 1887; spl. writer on St. 
Louis Republic, 1889-93; lecturer on hist, and ednl. 
subjects. Author of various books, for titles see 
Who's Who in America, 1912-13. Home: 5938 Wln- 
throp Av. 

BROWN, Edward Eagle, lawyer; b. at Chicago, 
June 4, 1885; s. Edward Osgood and Helen Ger- 
trude (Eagle) Brown; A.B., Harvard, 1905; LL.B., 
Harvard Law Sch., 1908; m. Phyllis Wyatt, of Chi- 
cago, 1913. Admitted to 111. bar, 1908, and since 
practiced in Chicago; mem. Miller. Starr, Brown, 
Packard & Peckham; atty. First Nat. Bank, First 
Trust and Savings Bank. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., 
Legal Club, Law Club. Democrat. Clubs: Mid-Day, 
University, City, Caxton; Harvard (New York). 
Home: 179 E. Chestnut St. Office: First Nat. Bank 

BROWN, Edward Milton, M.D., surgeon; b. Ot- 
tawa, LaSalle Co., 111., Jan. 1, 1869; s. Edward and 
Mary (Prindiville) Brown; grad. Ottawa High Sch.; 
M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch., 1893; married. 
Practiced in Chicago since 1893; surgeon to West 
Side Hosp. ; prof, surgery, Chicago Coll. of Medi- 
cine and Surgery; same, Post-Grad. Sch. of Medi- 
cine. Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M. A., 111. 
State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Surg. 
Soc., Physicians' Club, Art Inst. of Chicago. Club: 
Palette and Chisel. Home: 4623 Ellis Av. Office: 
25 E. Washington St. 

BROWN, Edward Osgood, judge; b. Salem, Mass., 
Aug. 5, 1847; s. Edward and Eliza (Dalton) Brown; 
A.B., Brown Univ., 1867; law studies, Salem, Mass., 
and Harvard Law Sch.; admitted to bar, 1870; m. 
Helen Gertrude Eagle, of Chicago, June 25, 1884; 
children: Edward Eagle, Helen Dalton, Walter El- 
liott (U.S.N.), Robert Osgood, Mary Wolmarth. 
Asst. clerk Supreme Court of R.I., 1870-1; began 
practice in firm of Peckham & Brown, Chicago, 
1872; candidate for judge Superior Court, 1893; 
counsel for Lincoln Park Commrs., 1894-7; judge 
Circuit Court, Cook Co., 111., 1903-9, and apptd. jus- 
tice Appellate Court, 1st Dist., 1904; mem. law firm 
Peckham, Brown, Packard & Walsh, 1909-10; again 
elected judge Circuit Court, Cook Co., 1910, and 
again apptd. justice Appellate Court, 1st Dist., Dec. 
1, 1910; mem. law firm of Miller, Starr, Brown, 
Packard & Peckham since 1915. Radical Democrat; 
nationally active in single tax movement. Mem. 
Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar 
Assn. Clubs: University, City, Chicago Literary, 
Law, Mid-Day, Press, Iroquois. Has written sev- 
eral legal papers and pamphlets relating to lit- 
toral rights on Lake Michigan; many papers and 
pamphlets on the single tax and other econ., polit. 
and hist, subjects, and opinions in vols. 117-192, 
111. Appellate Court Reports. Home: 1216 N. State 
St. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BROWN, Edward Vail Lapliam, oculist; b. Mor- 
rison, 111., Aug. 15, 1876; s. George H. and Marga- 
ret (Lapham) Brown; A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1902; 
M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., 1897, and Rush Med. 
Coll., 1898; m. Frieda M. Kirchoff, Aug. 10, 1912. 
Interne Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, 
1899; student in eye pathology, Berlin, 1902, Vien- 
na, 1906-^7, also in clin. ophthalmology, Vienna, 
1911-12; attending oculist, Cook County and Pres- 
byn. hosps. ; asst. prof, of eye pathology, Univ. of 
Chicago; asst. prof, ophthalmology, Rush Med. 
Coll. Mem. A.M. A., Inst. of Medicine of Chicago, 
Am. Ophthal. Soc., Chicago Ophthal. Soc. Home: 
Winnetka, 111. Office: Peoples Gas Bldg., Chicago. 

BROWN, Edwin Franklin, banker, mfr.; Jan. 26, 
1862-Feb. 15, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BROWN, Everett Chase, live stock commn.; b. 
Oneida, 111., Oct. 14, 1863; s. Thomas and Emily 
(Ware) Brown; ed. pub. schs., Bryant and Strat- 
ton Business Coll.; LL.B., Chicago Evening Coll. 
of Law (Lake Forest Univ.), 1892; m. Glencoe, 111., 
Dec., 1901, Elizabeth Sawyer Dupee. Entered em- 
ploy of St. John & Brown, live stock commn. mer- 
chants, 1881; now gen. mgr. of the Brown-St. John 
Commn, Co. Mem. Co. C, 1st Inf. I.N.G., 5 yrs. 
Mem. Chicago Plan Commn. since 1909. Apptd. 
mem. U.S. Live Stock Industry Com., 1917. Repub- 


lican. Presbyterian. Mason (K.T.). Pres. Chicago 
Live Stock Exchange, 1916-17; pres. Nat. Amateur 
Athletic Union, 1910-11. Clubs: Chicago Athletic 
(pres. 1909, 10), South Shore Country (pres. 1914- 
17), Olympia Fields Country, Saddle and Sirloin. 
Recreations: golf, motoring. Home: 4558 Ellis Av. 
Office: Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards. 

BROWN, Frank Arnold, mfr.; b. Chicago, Oct. 
14, 1872; s. David Paul and Ellen M. (Francis) 
Brown; ed. Ravenswood pub. sch., Mich. Mil. Acad. 
and Lake View High Sch.; m. Chicago, Aug. 14, 
1895, Ella Grace Bryan; 3 children: Dorothy G., 
Olney Frank and Gertrude. In Mar., 1894, went to 
work for Sfluire Dingee Co., mfrs. of pickles, vine- 
gar, etc.; later took charge of sales and Chicago 
office; became vice pres., later treas., and is now 
pres. of the company. Republican. Methodist. Ma- 
son (32). Clubs: Hamilton, Westmoreland Coun- 
try, Ouilmette (ex-pres.), Ravenswood (ex-pres.). 
Recreations: motoring, golf. Home: 502 Washing- 
ton Av., Wilmette, 111. Office: 1908-1918 Elston Av., 

BROWN, Frank Melven, purchasing agt. ; b. St. 
Joseph Co., Mich., Feb. 14, 1855; s. Spencer and 
Julia A. (Harwood) Brown; ed. grammar and high 
schs. ; m. 2d, Clara I. Ackerman, of Chicago, Oct. 7, 
1916; 2 children by first marriage: Willard L., Mar- 
vin H. Served as telegrapher and station agent, 
Mich. Cent. R.R. Co., 5 yrs., beginning 1876, ticket 
agt. C.&N.-W.Ry. 1 yr.; train dispatcher U.P.R.R. 
3 yrs.; in mercantile pursuits until 1898; then be- 
came connected with the Anaconda Copper Mining 
Co., at Anaconda, Mont.; purchasing agent same 
company at Chicago, since 1902. Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Club: 111. Athletic. Recreations: golf, 
motoring, working with tools. Home: Elmhurst, 
111. Office: 1825 Peoples Gas Bldg., Chicago. 

BROWN, Frank Townley, patent atty. ; b. Louis- 
ville, Ky., Aug. 2, 1857; s. of Theodore and Bailie 
(Bryan) Brown; prep. edn. pub. and pvt. schs.; 
LL.B., Columbian (now George Washington) Univ., 
Washington, D.C., 1879; m. Harriette Marshall, of 
Ga., May 26, 1908. Was examiner and later prin. 
examiner and atty. for U.S. Patent Office, 1876-89; 
admitted to D.C. bar, 1879, Supreme Court of U.S., 
1885, 111. bar, 1889; came to Chicago, 1889, and since 
actively engaged in practice of patent law; mem. 
Butterworth, Hall & Brown, 1889-93, Brown & Hop- 
kins, 1905-14, Brown Nissen & Sprinkle since Sept., 
1914. Republican. Mem. Patent Bar Assn. (ex- 
pres.). Clubs: Chicago Athletic, University, South 
Shore Country. Recreations: collie dogs, golf, 
horses, driving and farming. Home: 426 Surf St. 
Office: 1124 Monadnock Blk. 

BROWN, Frederick Anson, lawyer; b. Decatur, 
111., Aug. 9,1867; s. Josiah and Sarah Elvira Brown; 
LL.B. Univ. of Mich., 1889; m. Jan. 7, 1891, Mary 
Lois Roby; children: Kilburn Roby, Mary Lois. 
Admitted to 111. bar, 1889, practiced at Decatur, 111., 
1889-90, Tacoma, 1890-8, Chicago since 1898; spe- 
cializing in ins. law; mem. 111. State Bd. of Law 
Examiners; dir. Lincoln State Bank. Dir. Central 
Howard Assn. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar 
Assn. (vice pres.), Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Law, Union League, Press, South Shore 
Country. Frequent contbr. to Insurance Law Jour. 
Home: 5485 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 10 S. LaSalle 

BKOWN, Frederick Harvey, inventor; 1843-1911. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BROWN, Frederick lee, lumberman; b. Albion, 
Erie Co., Pa., Nov. 4, 1870; s. Henry King and Ly- 
dia (Barns) Brown; grad. Edinboro (Pa.) State 
Normal Sch., 1891; Univ. of Chicago; m. Conneaut, 
O., Dec. 27, 1899, May Carlin Bigelow. Taught in 
pub. schs. of Pa., Minn, and Ohio, 1891-1901; prin. 
grammar sch., Akron, O., 1897-1901; with Cran- 
dall & Richardson, wholesale lumber, Chicago, 
1901-6; mem. firm Crandall (James N.) & Brown, 
wholesale hardwood lumber, since 1906; also pres. 
Lumbermen's Mut. Casualty Co. and The Elgin 
Motor Car Corpn. Pres. Chicago Hardwood Lum- 
ber Exchange. Mason. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Ken- 
wood, South Shore Country. Home: 1637 E. 53d St. 
Office: 3300 S. Racine Av. 

BROWN, George Tan Ing-eu, surgeon. Home: 
Milwaukee, Wis. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BROWN, Harry Adam, secretary and treasurer 
Squire Dingee Co.; b. Providence, R.I., Jan. 17, 
1876; s. David Paul and Ellen M. (Francis) Brown; 
ed. Chicago pub. schs.; m. Chicago, Apr. 14, 1898, 
Maud Billings; 2 children: Nellie Frances and Paul. 
Began in real estate office, and afterward with 
Sweet, Dempster & Co.; identified with Squire Din- 
gee Co., mfrs. of pickles, since 1898, becoming sec. 
and treas. of company, 1902. Republican. Home: 
Wilmette, 111. Office: 1918 Elston Av., Chicago. 

BROWN, Harry Fortes, water meters; b. Red 
Oak, la., Dec. 10, 1872; s. George B. and Mary 
(Forbes) Brown; ed. pub. schs. of Red Oak, la., 
and Iowa State Coll., Ames, class of 1892; m. Ames, 
June 18, 1895, Blanche Granger (died Oct. 15, 
1905); m. 2d, Cecelia L. Arnold, of Owensboro, Ky., 
Jan. 17, 1907; 2 sons: Harry A., Herbert B. Was 
engaged in various mercantile and banking enter- 
prises at Red Oak, la., 1892-1900; came to Chicago, 
1900, and has since been western mgr. for the Nep- 
tune Meter Co., of N.Y. City. Republican. Mason 
(32, K.T., Shriner), K.P. Club: Hamilton. Recre- 
ations: motoring, hunting, fishing. Home: 835 Fair 
Oaks Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 565 W. Washington 
St., Chicago. 

BROWN, Heman Hampton, M.D., oculist; b. at 
Jersey Shore, Pa., July 8, 1863; s. George R. and 
Elizabeth G. Brown; ed. literary and med. depts. 
Univ. of Mich. (M.D., 1886); m. Adrian, Mich., 1886, 
Myrtle L. Poucher; children: Myrtle, Belle. After 
graduation established in practice in Ohio, and for 
4 yrs. was U.S. pension examining surgeon under 
the Harrison administration; came to Chicago, 
1892, and has since practiced as a specialist in oph- 
thalmology, otology, rhinology and laryngology. 
Was formerly associated in dept. of ophthalmolo- 
gy, in the Chicago Policlinic, and in same dept. of 
the 111. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; oph- 
thalmologist to Tribune Hosp., Columbus Hosp. ; 
was prof, ophthalmology and 8 yrs. pres. 111. Med. 
Coll.; prof, ophthalmology, Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose 
and Throat Coll. Mem. Am. Acad. Ophthalmology 
and Oto-Laryngology, Chicago Ophthal. Soc., A.M. 
A., 111. State and Chicago med. socs. Republican. 
Club: University. Home: Manor House, Edgewater, 
111. Office: 31 N. State St., Chicago. 

BROWN, Henry Seymour, clergyman; b. Roches- 
ter, N.Y., Nov. 2, 1875; s. John Milton and Cordelia 
Jane (Fletcher) Brown; prep. edn. Lyons Tp. High 
Sch., LaGrange, 111.; A.B., Univ. of Tex., 1897; grad. 
Princeton Theol.Sem., 1900; (D.D., Blackburn Coll., 
Carlinville, 111., 1917); m. Emma Slee Underbill, of 
East Aurora, N.Y., June 25, 1907; children: Fletch- 
er Gridley, Katherine Underbill, Henry Seymour, 
Jr. Ordained Presbyn. ministry, 1900; asst. pastor 
South Park Ch., Newark, N.J., 1900-2, Tabernacle 
Ch., Phila., Pa., 1902; pastor 1st Ch., East Aurora, 
N.Y., 1902-5, 1st Ch., East Cleveland, O., 1905-12, 
1st Ch., Lakeview, Chicago, since 1912. Club: City. 
Home: 4232 Kenmore Av. 

BROWN, Henry Temple, member firm of Chase 
& Sanborn, importers of teas and coffees; b. Yar- 
mouth, N.S., Jan. 21, 1866; s. of George S. (mem. 
of Provincial Parliament) and Elizabeth (Bond) 
Brown; grad. English High Sch., Boston, 1885; m. 
Chicago, Nov., 1893, Anna F. Lenz; children: Eliza- 
beth Anna, Ronald Norman. On graduation ob- 
tained a position in the coffee importing business 
in Boston, and a year later entered the employ of 
Chase & Sanborn; for 2 yrs. traveled for the firm 
through Neb. and Colo., and in 1888 became asst. 
mgr. of the Chicago dept. of the firm, devoting par- 
ticular attention to the development of the tea 
business. Admitted to partnership, Jan. 1, 1900. 
Mason (Lincoln Park Chapter R.A.M.). Club: Chi- 
cago Athletic. Home: 831 Buena Av. Office: 76 E. 
Lake St. 

BROWN, Isaac Eddy, Y.M.C.A. worker; b. Chau- 
tauqua Co., N.Y., May 17, 1849; s. Russell McCary 
and Electa Louisa (Sherman) Brown; grad. 111. 
State Normal Univ., 1874; A.B., Knox Coll., 111., 
1892, A.M., 1896; m. Mary Johnson, of Greenfield, 
Wis., Dec. 28, 1881. Prin. Decatur High Sch., 1874- 
80; state sec. 111. Y.M.C.A., 1880-1909; a founder 
Western Secretarial Inst. Y.M.C.A., 1884, and start- 
ed Training Sch. Y.M.C.A., 1890, the two being com- 
bined, 1896, to form the Inst. and Training Sch. for 
Y.M.C.A. (now Y.M.C.A. College), of which he has 



been dean since Sept. 1, 1909. First pres. of 1st 
student Y.M.C.A. in 111., at 111. State Normal Univ., 
1872; mem. 21 yrs. and pres. 13 yrs. of Bd. of Inst. 
and Training Sen. Y.M.C.A. Congregationalist; del. 
to Nat. Council Congl. Chs., 1915. Mem. Art Inst. 
of Chicago, S.A.R., Alden Kindred America. Clubs: 
Congregational, Chicago City. Author: Y.M.C.A. 
Buildings; Fifty-five Years, Y.M.C.A., Chicago; va- 
rious Y.M.C.A. pamphlets. Home: Oak Park, 111. 
Office: 5315 Drexel Av., Chicago. 

BROWN, James Edgar, lawyer; b. Monongalia 
Co., W.Va., Feb. 8, 1865; s. Granville and Eliza- 
beth (Watson) Brown; (great-grandfather, Thom- 
as Brown, was a soldier of the Am. Revolution and 
fought with Gen. Greene at the Battle of the Cow- 
pens, S.C. ; grandfather, Samuel Byrne Brown, was 
a soldier in the War of 1812; father was an officer 
in the Union Army in the Civil War); B.S., W.Va. 
Univ., 1889, LL.B., 1891. In practice in Chicago 
since 1892; admitted to practice in all the state and 
federal courts and the Supreme Court of the U.S. 
Has traveled extensively and made a spl. study of 
municipal affairs and administration of justice in 
various countries of Europe; has taken active in- 
terest in local, state and nat. politics and as cam- 
paign speaker. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Cook County 
Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce, Nat. Geog. Soc., 111. Soc. S.A.R. (state 
registrar), 111. Soc. War of 1812 (pres.), 111. State 
Hist. Soc., Chicago Hist. Soc., Nat. Star Spangled 
Banner Assn. (treas.); patriotic instr. Sons of Vet- 
erans. Club: Hamilton. Author: Genealogy of the 
Brown Family of Prince William County, Va., 1898. 
Contbr. to various mags, on criminology and so- 
ciology, also on legal, patriotic and miscellaneous 
subjects. Recreations: traveling, hunting and lec- 
turing. Home: 904 Wilson Av. Office: 1253 Conway 

BBOWN, John A., lawyer; b. Tannersville, Green 
Co., N.Y., June 21, 1876; s. James and Catherine 
(Gogrgin) Brown; ed. under pvt. tutor and later in 
North Div. High Sch., Chicago; LL.B., Kent Coll. 
of Law, 1898; LL.B. and LL.M., 111. Coll. of Law, 
post-grad, course, 1899; m. in Chicago, Margaret 
Glessner, of Galena, 111., Oct. 12, 1912; 1 daughter, 
Margaret Ellen. Started in study of law by occu- 
pying positions as elk. of Circuit Court of Cook 
Co. under Frank J. Gaulter; later elk. in law office 
of Lackner & Butz; when Jacob J. Kern retired 
from state's atty.'s office, 1896, and formed a part- 
nership with Elisha S. Bottum, started in with 
them; Mr. Bottum died in 1898 and Charles D. Ful- 
len became partner, as Kern & Fullen; became si- 
lent partner in that firm and upon retirement of 
Mr. Fullen, 1900, firm became Kern & Brown until 
1910; in practice alone since Oct., 1910; identified 
with formation of large industrial corpns. and a 
gen. equity and law practice; purchased the prop- 
erty including the lake, at Glen Ellyn, 1907, and 
subdivided the same, and added it to the village, 
the subdivision being known as John A. Brown's 
Addition to Glen Ellyn, DuPage Co., 111. Demo- 
crat. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., 
Phi Alpha Delta, Empire State Soc., Central Y.M. 
C.A. Past Regent 111. Council Royal Arcanum; 
mem. Northwestern Council Royal Arcanum, Ban- 
ner Lodge No. 219, K. of P. Clubs: Press, 111. Ath- 
letic, Kenwood, Prairie, Chicago Gun, Chicago Rifle. 
Author of special articles for legal publs. and oth- 
ers, also has written extensively briefs for courts 
of appeal. Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 
7146 Paxton Av. Office: 1601 Chicago Title & Trust 

BROWN, Lincoln, real estate; b. Galesburg, 111., 
Sept. 23, 1861; s. Luke S. and Elmina (Wright) 
Brown; resident of Chicago since 1868; ed. high 
sch., Chicago, to 1876; read law in offices of Walk- 
er, Dexter & Smith, in which remained until 1884. 
Sec. Metcalf Stationery Co. until 1891; retired 
1891-5; since 1895 in real estate business in Chi- 
cago; also pres. Elk Rapids Iron Co. Mason (32). 
Clubs: Caxton, Chicago Athletic, City; also Row- 
fant (Cleveland). Home: Evanston, 111. Office: 123 
W. Madison St., Chicago. 

BROWN, Marshall L., wholesale produce; b. at 
Sycamore, 111., Nov. 11, 1861; s. Caleb and Louisa 
A. (Jackman) Brown; ed. high sch., Sycamore; 
married 1901. Began in wholesale produce busi- 
ness on Water St.. Chicago, 1888; pres. and owner 

Marsh L. Brown & Co. Also dir. of Chicago Cold 
Storage & Warehouse Co., Mexico Fuel Oil Co. Re- 
publican. Congregationalist. Mason (K.T., Shrin- 
er). Clubs: Chicago Athletic (life mem.), South 
Shore Country (life mem.). Home: 5435 Michigan 
Av. Office: 79 W. South Water St. 

EBOWN, Morean Roberts, M.D.; July 26, 1853- 
Mar. 22, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BROWN, Paul, lawyer; Dec. 1, 1864-Dec. 19, 1914. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BROWN, Philip Sidney, lawyer; b. at Evanston, 
Wyo., Apr. 10, 1876; s. Clarence A. and Corinne 
(Stubbs) Gooding; mother married Frank E. Brown, 
1883, who in 1890 legally adopted him as his son; 
grad. Hyde Park High Sch., 1894; student North- 
western Univ. Law Sch., 1895-6; LL.B Kent Coll. 
of Law, 1897; m. Rose Swain Brown, of Minneapo- 
lis, Minn., Dec. 22, 1906; 2 sons: Frank Edward, 
Philip S., Jr. Was in law office of Clarence S. Dar- 
row, 1896-1900; in practice alone since 1900. Joined 
Social Dem. party, 1900. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., 
Art Inst. of Chicago. Recreations: golf, yachting. 
Home: 219 Park Av., Hinsdale, 111. Office: 1438, 
38 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. 

BROWN. Ralph Crissman, M.D.; b. Morrison, 
111 , June 10, 1878; s. Orville H. and Anna (McKay) 
Brown- S.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1902; M.D., Rush 
Med Coll., 1904; interne, Cook Co. Hosp.; post- 
grad work Univ. of Vienna, 1OTO-12; m. Marion 
Phoebe Mills, of Chicago, Dec. 2, 1913; 1 son, Ralph 
Gordon. Practiced at Chicago since 1912; asso. at- 
tending phys., Presbyn. Hosp.; asst. prof, medi- 
cine, Rush Med. Coll. Capt. Med. Reserve Corps, 
U.S.A. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc., Acad. Medicine 
of Chicago, Soc. Internal Medicine, etc. Republic- 
an Presbyterian. Clubs: University, Quadrangle. 
Home: 4723 Kenwood Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan 

BROWN, Richard Hunt, M.D.; b. N.Y. City, Dec. 
2, 1862; s. Richard and Thalia (Newton) Brown; 
grad. high sch., Canneld, O., 1879; 3 yrs. at Frank- 
lin (Ind.) Coll.; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., Chi- 
cago, 1891 (2d honors); m. Fremont, O., Apr. 6, 
1893, Elva L. Powers; children: Ralph Powers, 
Eben Newton and Elva Powers. Practiced in Chi- 
cago since 1891; specialist in diseases of the eye, 
ear, nose and throat; conducted clinic at West Side 
Dispensary in this specialty, 1892-1902; asso. clin. 
prof, diseases of ear, nose and throat, Coll. Phys. 
and Surg., 1902-16; otologist, West Suburban Hosp. 
Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M.A., 111. State 
Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Congregationalist. 
Clubs: Illinois Athletic, Gnosis (literary). Contbr. 
many articles to med. jours., among them: Plastic 
Operations on the Nose (Wis. Med. Jour.); Case of 
fcxfoliation of Anterior Arch of the Atlas (A.M.A. 
Jour.), 1904; Submucous Resection of the Nasal 
Septum (Wis. Med. Jour.), 1906; A Guarded Burr 
for the Septal Resection (The Laryngoscope, St. 
Louis), 1907; The Tonsil Question (111. Med. Jour.), 
1909; Modern Advances in Medical Science (Plexus 
Med. Coll. of Univ. of 111.) ; Chronic Running Ear 
(111. Med. Jour.), 1916; also articles on Eugenics, 
Foreign Travel in Cook County, Modern Methods 
of Prolonging Life, etc. Recreation: swimming. 
Home: 2742 Jackson Boul. Office: 1102, 7 W. Madi- 
son St. 

BROWN, Saug-er (Monroe), M.D.; b. Bloomfield. 
Ont., Can., Feb. 16, 1852; s. Stewart and Catherine 
(Comer) Brown; ed. Albert Coll., Belleville, Ont., 
1872-3; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll (New York 
Univ.), 1880; m. Bella Christy, of Chicago, July 9, 
1885; 1 son, Christy. Asst. phys. Hosp. for Insane, 
Ward's Island, New York, 1880-1, Danvers (Mass.) 
State Hosp. for Insane, 1881, Bloomingdale Asy- 
lum, New York, 1882-5; acting med. supt., same, 
1886; prof, neurology, Post-Grad. Med. Sch., Chi- 
cago, since 1890; prof. med. jurisprudence and hy- 
giene, Rush Med. Coll., 1892-7; asso. prof, medi- 
cine and clin. medicine, 1901-6, prof. clin. neurol- 
ogy since 1901, Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.). 
Attending phys. St. Luke's, St. Elizabeth's, Cook 
County hosps. ; 1st It. Med. Reserve Corps, U.S.A., 
since 1908. Conducted (with prof. E. A. Schafer) 
series of vivisection experiments on monkeys at 
University Coll., London, 1886-7, which afforded 
first conclusive proof that in these animals the 
center for vision is in the occipital lobe; results 


were published as an Investigation Into the Func- 31, 1913. Mem. Mil. Order Foreign Wars of U.S.; 

tions of the Occipital and Temporal Lobes of the comdr. 111. Commandery and comdr. in chief Nat. 

Monkey's Brain (Philos. Trans. Royal Soc. of Lon- Commandery Naval and Mil. Order Spanish-Am. 

don), 1888. Mem. A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc. Am. War; pres. Veteran Corps, First Inf., I.N.G. Epis- 

Neurol. Soc., Chicago Neurol. Soc.; fellow Royal copalian; mem. Brotherhood of St. Andrew; pres. 

Soc. of Medicine (Eng.), New York Acad. Medi- Nat. Conf. of Church Clubs. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 

cine. Clubs: Union League, University, Glen View, letic, Union League, South Shore Country, Church 

Wrote: Hereditary Ataxia, with Clinical Report of (Chicago); Army and Navy (New Tork and Wash- 

26 cases (Brain), 1892; Responsibility in Crime ington, D.C.). Home: 5210 Kenwood Av. Office: 808 

from the Medical Standpoint (Popular Science Marquette Bldg. 

o1 ?n^ y nVty D )? C 6c\ 89 V9f4?M e eis E u U r!s n fTr SmS 19 Jf f - * . clergyman. (See voL 
the Nutrition in the Psychoses (Jour, of A.M.A.), 

June, 1915. Home: Kenilworth, 111. Offices: 59 E. BROWN, Walter Burrows, mfg. chemist; b. at 

Madison St., Chicago, and Kenilworth, 111. Grand Detour, Ogle Co., 111., Apr. 23, 1874; 8. John 

-oT>mirT e~*4. ! ... v, T^Bn , /-> T^~K ic Spalding and Cornelia E. (Turner) Brown; B.S., 

BROWN, Scott, lawyer b. Defiance, O., Feb. 15, TT n i v nf Til 18Q7 M ! inns- m Antoinette Man 

1875; s. of Frank George and Katherine (Oliver) Farren (Oberlin Coll 1901? at Paris i Fran 

Brown ; prep, edn Omaha High Sch. ; A.B., Univ. of fs* ^O^Atst."^ h'e "" ' ^MetESt"*? 1 But- 

C ^S I^tt ^ Fv'^t^ T^ nA r; U ^X;,' 18 A 9 I= m ' t&lo, 1897-9; asst. chemist C.&N.W.Ry., Chicago, 

Lida Scott, of Eyanston, 111 Oct. 5, 1902. Admit- 1899 . 1900; chief che mist Morris & Co. Chicago 

ted to 111. bar, 1899 practiced in Chicago, 1899- iqnn 1- a reptinis- fhomist ar,A pen nnt Viptnr 

1901; dir. Chautauqua Instn., 1901-5, now trustee; Chemical Works 1903 Tsno^vicl-Srps Mem 4m 

gen. counsel and sec. Studebaker Bros. Mfg. Co. Hhl n Soc and Soc Chem Industry (London^' Ma^ 

111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Alpha 

Delta Phi, Phi Delta Phi. Republican. Clubs: Uni- BROWN, Walter Zolvah, auditor 111. Life Ins. 

versity. Union League, Quadrangle, Westmoreland Co.; b. Coventry, Conn., Oct. 26, 1855; s. Walter C. 

Country (Chicago); Lotos (New Tork); Detroit and Sarah A. (Clark) Brown; ed. Natchaug High 

(Detroit). Home: 1745 Orrington Av., Evanston, Sch., Willimantic, Conn.; m. South Paris, Me., June 

111. Office: 208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 24, 1880, Mabel Phelps (died 1908); children: Wal- 

nimr =*, * T..I i * TJ,,I,I ter G - < dled 1905), Edith, Burton, Edwin, Mildred; 

BROWN Stewart Reed, lawyer; b. at Brooklyn, m 2d Port i and> O re., June 28, 1909, Marie A. Luce. 

? P 1 n ; S ' "V e r E ar r. S an i*SSSJJf Taught school in Conn., 1872-3; cashier and book- 

Eraser) Brown ed. Marquette Grammar School, Vppni,,. fr, r TJ F <?ninnov X- C'n hnp mfrs T vnn 

Chicago; Central Y.M.C A.; extension work Univ. SS^tolsibfthSTrat to N>V" Yo'r hei TO! 

of Chicago; LL.B Lake Forest Univ 1897; m. tre&s _' to the r ' e ceiver of the Lackawanna & Pitts- 

Evelyn Wilson, of Toronto Can., Sept. 1, 1913. In burgh By . (subsequently reorganized as the Lacka- 

practice at Chicago since 1902 mem. firm of Me- wnT f n a i, RrmthwArtarri Ttv ^ anri was identified 

Mahon, Cheney & Brown until 1914; gen. counsel ^ft^thVrailroad ^^prole^^ne^ in^banktng 1 aSd 

Produce Reporter Co since 1914. Mem. Chicago brokerag e business on Wall St.; came to Chicago. 

Bar Assn., Commercial Law League America. Sec. 1009 onri wn<3 -with thp "Rnnkwnnri T=trn<? whnip^alA 

l n flv, vo,n4<n 

t., 1901-3, and mem. advisory bd., 1904-9, now T if . T _ B p n 

-so. mem.; trustee Cumberland Presbyn. Ch. Ma- ^ u f d e lto J ? ; S - a C s O i: 

^l^au^^^.^'ofSSlfiSi^l^ t1^a e n itS Cl u r b^H i a^?on\%^ 7 ce^e P s U ^ iC |^ 

1900; was mem. com. that worked for boulevarding *!$ ^ n > l mnteu? nho"ograph? Home- ffinsdale' 

Jackson St. and the speedways in parks; actively fiT^fflcefToSLaSane It .Chicago 
engaged in racing sport, winning several races, and 

later engaged in lawn tennis diversions, affiliating BROWN, William, Jr.. lawyer; b. Jacksonville, 

with several lawn tennis clubs. Recreation: ten- 111., Oct. 24, 1870; s. William and Clara (Robb) 

nis. Home: Lincoln PI., Highland Park, 111. Office: Brown; ed. Whipple Acad., Jacksonville, 111., 1886- 

212 W. Washington St., Chicago. 87, 111. Coll., Jacksonville, 1887-9, U.S. Mil. Acad., 

1889-92; LL.B., Washington Univ., St. Louis. 1896; 

BROWN, T. Bartonr, coffee broker; b. St. Mat- m . Chicago, Dec. 30, 1903, Marguerite, d. William 

thews, Ky., Sept. 6, 1858; s. Theodore and Sally R. Manierre; 1 daughter, Margery Manierre. Ad- 

(Bryan) Brown; ed. local schs. until 12 yrs. of age, mitted to bar, June, 1897; in law dept. of C.&A.R.R. 

then at Rugby Sch Louisville Ky., 6 yrs.; m. Co., 1897-1900; formed partnership with T. J. Sco- 

Nanny Dorsey, of Ky., Dec. 28, 1886; 3 children: field as Scofield & Brown, representing C.&A.Ry. 

Helen Dorsey, Rose Louise, Lydia Lawrence. With Co. as district attys., and the M..K.&T Ry.Co , as 

J. W. Doane & Co., coffee and tea, Chicago, 1884- local attys.; associated with Eugene E. Trussing 

1902; associated in business with Lawrence, Brown an d Hoyt King, formed firm of Trussing, Brown & 

& Co., 1902-9; coffee broker on own account, title King, which continued, 1903-7; mem. law firm of 

of T. Barbour Brown & Co., since 1909. Democrat. Hay (William Sherman) & Brown since 1907, rep- 

Episcopalian Clubs: Exmoor Country, Lake For- resenting Wabash and M.,K.&T.Ry. companies as 

est Winter, Sangamois Shooting. Homes: 1443 N. local attys. Dem. nominee for judge Superior Court 

Dearborn St., Chicago, and Lake Forest, 111. Office: of Cook Co, 1909; apptd U. S naval officer of Cus- 

326 W. Madison St., Chicago. toms for Port of Chicago. Nov., 1913. Mem. Chi- 

Lou . 

Emma jane (..layiur; r>rowii; eu. PUU. anu IllB" \~a-ar'" Wnmo- 1K1fl Doarhnrn 

schs., St. Louis; learned trade of pattern-maker at Law Home. 1510 Dearborn 

Vulcan Iron Works, St. Louis; worked at trade Aaa 

until 1882; took partial law course at Union Coll. BROWN, William Bruce, steel furniture; b. at 
of Law, Chicago, 1883; was patent office drafts- Edinburgh, Scotland, Feb. 3, 1876; s. William and 
man, 1883-4; m. Fannie Garrison Dayton, of Chi- Margaret MacDougal (Reid) Brown; ed. pub. schs. 
cago, Jan. 30, 1888 (died Dec. 28, 1901); children: and Navigation Sch., Edinburgh; came to U.S., 
Melville S., Taylor G. (deceased), Charles Everett, Mar., 1892; m. Hinsdale, 111., Dec. 2, 1905, Sara Mor- 
Jessie Imogen, Dayton Reginald E., Fannie Susan; gan Gardner; children: Gardner, Elizabeth Mac- 
m. 2d, Jessie May Catlin, of Ripon, Wis., Nov. 3, Dougal, Keith Spalding, Ruth Edgerton. Became 
1904. Admitted to bar, 1884; mem. Brown & Mehl- identified with Durand Steel Locker Co., mfrs. of 
hope. Served in Mo. N.G., 1877-80; then in I.N.G., steel furniture, 1906, as vice pres., treas. and gen. 
until retired as maj. (at own request), Nov., 1899; mgr. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Served in 
served in 1st 111. Vol. Inf. and Provisional Battal- 1st Cal. U.S. Vols. in Philippines during- Spanish- 
ion of Engrs. in war with Spain, 1898; apptd. Insp.- Am. War and Philippine Insurrection. Mem. Nat. 
gen. I.N.G., rank of It. col., Feb. 24, 1908; chief ord- Soc. Army of the Philippines. Republican. Mason, 
nance officer, I.N.G., May, 1910; retired as col.. Dec. Clubs: Chicago Athletic Assn., Hinsdale Golf. Rec- 



reations: golf, swimming. Home: Hinsdale, 111. 
Office: 76 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

BROWN, William Coren, general mgr. Chicago 
Drop Forge & Foundry Co.; b. Plainfleld, N.J., Aug. 
26, 1872; s. Edward Lownes and Helen Struthers 
(Jones) Brown; ed. pvt. sens., Plainfield, N.J., Chi- 
cago pub. schs., and Chicago Manual Training 
School; m. Catherine Bulkley Dewey, of Chicago, 
Sept. 29, 1903. Came to Chicago, 1882; engaged 
with A. F. Seaberger in wholesale hardware busi- 
ness, 1890-5; became identified with the Chicago 
Drop Forge & Foundry Co., 1896, becoming gen. 
mgr. in 1908. Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Cal- 
umet Country. Home: 5014 Blackstone Av., Chi- 
cago. Office: 447 Kensington Av., Kensington, 111. 

BROWN, William Curtis, mineral grinding; b. at 
Shelbyville, Ind., May 31, 1859; s. William and El- 
vra (Victor) Brown; m. Katherine Wells, of Brook- 
lyn, N.Y., Nov. 12, 1884. Came to Chicago, 1880; 
began as clerk for William Blair & Co.; identified 
with iron and steel business, 1884-1902; pres. U.S. 
Mica Co., 1902-11; mgr. The Mineral Grinding Co. 
since 1911. Republican. Mason (32). Home: 730 
Forest Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 179 W. Washing- 
ton St., Chicago. 

BROWN, William Henry, real estate; b. Warren, 
111., May 14, 1860; s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Camp- 
bell) Brown; ed. Cedar Falls (la.) Normal Sch. and 
Valparaiso (Ind.) Business Coll.; m. S.D., 1885, 
Hattie Aunger; children: Paul E., Ethel F., Cecil 
A,, Raymond P. Was engaged in real estate busi- 
ness for many years before coming to Chicago, in 
1901; now sr. mem. Brown & Brittain, real estate; 
pres. William H. Brown Co. Republican; was may- 
or of Devil's Lake, N.D., 1900-1. Mason. Clubs: 
Union League, Ridge Country. Home: 10324 Long- 
wood Boul. Office: Tacoma Bldg. 

BROWN, William Horace, author; Aug. 7, 1855- 
Mar. 19, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BBOWN, William listen, iron mfr.; b. at St. Jo- 
seph, Mich., Aug. 23, 1842; s. Hiram and Jane Reese 
Tilton (Liston) Brown; ed. pub. schs. and Garden 
City Acad., Chicago; m. Catharine E. Seymour, of 
Chicago, Sept. 27, 1871. Began as elk. Bd. of Trade 
commn. house, Chicago, 1857; enlisted in Chicago 
Mercantile Battery Light Arty., July, 1862, and 
served actively with command until July, 1865; 
mustered out as q.m. sergeant; participated in 
siege and occupation of Vicksburg; siege and 
occupation of Jackson, Miss.; movement on Texas 
coast below Galveston; Banks Red River Expedi- 
tion; movement on Mobile, etc. Bookkeeper, 
July, 1865, later partner, organizing, 1883, Pick- 
ands, Brown & Co., of which is pres. ; an organizer, 
1890, and pres. Chicago Shipbuilding Co.; an or- 
ganizer, 1899, later pres.. Am. Shipbuilding Co.; 
pres. Federal Furnace Co.; dir. 1st Nat. Bank, Chi- 
cago, 1st Trust and Savs. Bank, Lackawanna Steel 
Co., Bi-Products Coke Corpn.; also dir. furnace 
companies, iron mines, steamship companies. 
Trustee Northwestern Univ., Chicago Symphony 
(Thomas) Orchestra. Republican. Swedenborgian. 
Mem. Am. Iron and Steel Inst., Soc. Naval Archi- 
tects and Marine Engineers, G. A. R. Mason. Clubs: 
Chicago, Commercial, Mid-Day, Press, Caxton, On- 
wentsia, Glen View, Old Elm, etc. Home: 217 
Dempster St., Evanston, 111. Office: 332 S. Michi- 
gan Av., Chicago. 

BROWNE, see also Brown, also Braun. 

BROWNE, Aldis Jerome, real estate; b. Wash- 
ington, D.C., Nov. 25, 1886; s. Aldis B. and Mary 
(Delahay) Browne; B.S., Sheffield Scientific Sch. 
(Yale), 1907; m. Elizabeth Stone Cunningham, of 
Chicago, May 1, 1911; 2 children: Aldis J., Jr., Se- 
cor Delahay. Entered real estate business in Wash- 
ington, D.C., 1907; removed to Chicago, 1908; now 
sec. Standard Office Co.; partner Ross & Co. Mem. 
Realty Club of Chicago, Building Mgrs.' Assn. 
(vice pres.). Republican. Clubs: Yale, University, 
Casino, Saddle and Cycle. Home: 149 E. Chicago 
Av. Office: 848 Railway Exchange. 

BROWNE, Charles Edward, electrical supplies; 
b. Colon, Mich., Oct. 27, 1864; s. William Henry and 
Marion (French) Browne; ed. grammar and high 
schs., Niles, Mich.; m. Rosa Clara Braun, of Chi- 
cago, Nov. 25, 1891; children: Loretta Clara (de- 
ceased), Hedwig Violet. Pres. Am. Elec. Supply 

Co. since Feb., 1905; dir. Henry Newgard & Co. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mason (32, K.T., Shrin- 
er). Clubs: Hamilton, Evanston, Belmont Golf. 
Home: 6733 Greenview Av. Office: 955 Washington 

BROWNE, Charles Francis, artist; b. at Natick, 
Mass., May 21, 1859; s. George Warren and Erne- 
line (Wetherbee) Browne; studied at Boston Art 
Mus., 1882-4; Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, 1885-7, and at 
ficole des Beaux Arts under GerSme and other mas- 
ters, 1887-90; m. Miss Taft, sister of Lorado Taft, 
May 21, 1909. For many years instr. and lecturer 
on history of art, Chicago Art Inst. Edited Brush 
and Pencil, 1897-1900. Exhibited at Paris expns., 
1889, 1900, Chicago Expn., 1893, and the important 
current exhibitions. Asst. U.S. commr. gen. fine art 
expns., Buenos Aires, and Santiago, Chili, 1910; 
asst., dept. fine arts, and mem. Internal. Jury of 
Awards, Panama-Pacific Internal. Expn., 1915. 
Winner of Fine Arts Building Prize ($500), Chi- 
cago, 1908. A.N.A., 1913; mem. exhbn. com. Am. 
Federation of Arts; mem. Soc. Western Artists 
(pres., 1912-14), Chicago Soc. of Artists (pres., 
1913-14) ; dir. Municipal Art League of Chicago; 
life mem. Nat. Civic Assn. Clubs: The Little Room, 
Cliff Dwellers, City. Studio: 1543 E. 57th St. 

BROWNE, Francis Fisher, editor; Dec. 1, 1843- 
May 11, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BROWNE. J(ohn) lewis, organist; b. London, 
Eng., May 18, 1866; s. William and Mary Anne 
(Grace) Browne; brought to America, 1875; ed. In 
U.S. and Europe- (Mus.Doc., Univ. State of N.Y., 
1902) ; m. Lottie Grace Gray, of San Francisco, Oct. 
4, 1891 (died 1914); children: Lewis R., William A. 
Served as soloist, Royal Acad. of St. Cecilia, Rome, 
1901; organist Wanamaker's Egyptian Hall, Phila., 
1907-10; World's fairs, St. Louis and Jamestown; 
Carnegie Concerts, Pittsburgh; more than 500 ap- 
pearances in Phila.; recitals in Chicago, New York, 
Pittsburgh, St. Paul, Minneapolis, San Francisco, 
Toronto, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Savannah, Oma- 
ha, Altoona, etc.; designed great organ in Medinah 
iSemple, Chicago, and conducted important con- 
certs there; conducted Atlanta Festival 3 yrs.; or- 
ganist and choirmaster, St. Patrick's Ch., Chicago, 
since 1912; head of theory dept., Metropolitan Con- 
servatory. Mem. 111. Chapter Am. Guild of Organ- 
ists (dean, 1916-18); distinguished mem. Royal 
Philharmonic Acad., Rome. Mason (Oriental Con- 
sistory, Medinah Temple). Composer of opera, "La 
Corsicana"; Missa Solemnis; more than 60 songs 
(sacred and secular); pieces for organ, orchestra, 
part-songs, etc. Recreations: swimming, athletics. 
Address: 130 S. Desplaines St. 

BROWNE, Maurice, theatrical director; b. Read- 
ing, Eng., Feb. 12, 1881; s. Frederick Herbert and 
Frances Anna (Neligan) Browne; B.A., Univ. of 
Cambridge, Eng., 1903, sr. classical scholar, Peter- 
house; m. Ellen Van Volkenburg, 1912. Teacher 
until 1906; founder, 1906, Samurai Press, pub. 
works of Georgian poets; came to U.S., 1910; 
founder, with Ellen Van Volkenburg, 1912, dir. Chi- 
cago Little Theatre. Author: Zetetes and other 
poems, 1905; Eplthalamios, 1906; Job (dramatic 
poem), 1906; Songs of Exile, 1907; The King of the 
Jews (a tragedy), 1916; also prose publs., The Na- 
ture and. Function of Poetry, 1908; The Temple of 
a Living Art, 1913; The New Rhythmic Drama, 
1914. Home: 1014 S. Michigan Av. Office: 410 S. 
Michigan Av. 

BROWNE, Waldo Ralph, editor The Dial. Home: 
Wyoming, N.Y. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BROWNING, GranviUe Williams, lawyer; b. In- 
dianapolis, Ind., Mar. 14, 1856; s. George T. and 
Elizabeth (McClung) Browning; B.S., Univ. of 
Mich., 1877; m. Carry Woolfolk, of Chicago, Sept. 
13, 1903; 2 children: Elizabeth, Granville. Admit- 
ted to bar, June, 1880; partner of Samuel M. Moore, 
chancellor of the Superior Court, until 1886; mem. 
firm of Woolfolk & Browning, 1890-5, Browning & 
Shepard, 1898-1905; master in chancery Superior 
Court, 1897-1906, Circuit Court, 1906-16. Atty. of 
West Town of Chicago, 1886-7; candidate for judge 
Circuit Court, 1893, 1897; special counsel for City 
of Chicago, 1897-1906. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., 
Chicago Law Inst. Democrat. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Chicago, University, Onwentsia. Saddle and Cycle, 


Law. Recreations: automobiling, farming. Home: Am. Union. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Physicians 

1510 N. Dearborn Pkwy. Office: 8 S. Dearborn St. Home: 1503 Jackson Boul. 

BROWNING, Thomas Walter, broker; Jan. 4, BRUMLEY, Daniel Joseph, civil engr. ; b. near 

1866-June 2, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) Leipsic, Putnam Co., O., Mar. 19, 1865; s. Joseph 

BRUBAXER, William A., chairman Prohibition and Phillippina (Leffler) Brumley; acad. edn. Ohio. 

Central Com. of Cook Co. (See vol. 1911.) INormal Univ., Ada; C.E., Ohio State Univ., Colum- 

HlglOIl, 111., <_>Cl. 10, JLSII, Jlilia. IViayerS, 1 SOU, l^aw- Opf, f and Oft IQni' rnarlrnoetar- T *,M n R ^-liVo 

rence Woods. In employ Am. Express Co. at Clin- 5??hV^ ' , Q n'i r , oacl , master L.&N.H.K., Eliza- 
ton, Wis., Mendota and Bloomington, 111., 1870-5; SSf^TJft P^rin -}' ^11' i?&'in ' Sou ., tnern 

B 'ru h ce M & X Brow'n ^ho'li^Tonf'eclfo^erT^ioon? 1 str "-' <"&Srt 1MO. I C^R.Rand Tazgo & M^ 

n^tnn is/nT W,^vd t Ch,v '. ??97 'tn t^ X all y R - R - ' e . n e r - maintenance of way, I.e. and 

T>frTn>r-t Av Offino- TV dfith ?t onr! "Pank*ir Av v A-".'-*., ioi,o-^. xvcpuuiii;a.ii. iviemuuisi. i*t:ill. 

ce. w. 4t>tn fat. and PacKers AV. Am Soc c E _ Am Ingt E]ec Engrs Am Ry En _ 
BRUCE, Edward Malcolm, M.D. ; b. Aurora, 111., gring. Assn., Am. Com. of Electrolysis. Clubs: Chi- 
May 10, 1861; s. Malcolm Robert and Euphemia cago Engineers', Olympia Fields Country Ohio- 
Bruce; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1891; State Univ. Club of Chicago. Recreations: pho- 
m. Marion Alexander, of Aurora, Nov. 15, 1893; tography and gardening. Home: Flossmoor, 111. 
children: Constance Fay and Malcolm Alexander. Office: Room 706, I.C.R.R. Station. 
Practiced at Chicago since 1891; prof, theory and nvm/nurr-T T^.^._<V TITIIH,,, .! , 
practice of medicine, Hahnemann Med. Coll., since C h52S?SS2 ^ 187^ s of^H^nrv and SnUnna 
1900. Mem. city, state and nat. Horace, med. socs. Vstofn Brummel Vrad St FranriT <Sflnn Cnn 
Club: City. Home: 5331 Dorchester Av. Office: 29 Quincy, 111 .,1889; m. Chicago, June ! 12, 1895, Mamie 
E. Madison St. Rose Berresheini. In fire ins. business, July 15, 
BRUCKER, Matthew W., M.D., surgeon; b. Em- 1889-1914; formerly mem. firm of Brummel Bros., 
pire, Wis., Apr. 6, 1882; s. Peter and Gertrude insurance underwriters, Chicago; dir. Aetna State 
(Schneider) Brucker; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg. Bank since Mar., 1913; in real estate business since 
(Univ. of 111.), 1906; m. Helen F. Mullee, of Lowell, 1914. Clubs: South Shore Country, Edgewater Golf, 
Mass., Oct. 26, 1909; 1 son, Matthew W., Jr. Prac- M. Athletic. Mem. Knights of Columbus. Recrea- 
ticed in Chicago since 1906; laryngologist to West tions: bowling, golf, swimming. Home: 5833 Ken- 
Side Hosp. since 1912; prof. clin. laryngology Chi- more Av. Office: 111 W. Washington St. 
cago Coll. Medicine and Surgery, since 1914. Mem. BRITMMEIi, Henry Christopher, fire ins b Chi- 
Chicago Med. Soc. Catholic. Club: 111. Athletic, cago, Jan. 11, 1878; s. Henry and Susanna (Stoll) 
Recreation: athletics. Home: 3845 W Van Buren Brummel; grad. St. Francis Solanus Coll., Quincy, 
St. Office: 735 S. Crawford Av. and 30 N. Michi- m., 1895; m. Mabel Taylor, of Cincinnati, June 1, 
gan Av. 107; children: Gordon, Jerome, Marian. In fire 
BRUCKNER, William T., banker; b. at Monroe, ins. business since May 25, 189B; was Cook Co. spl. 
Mich., Aug. 4, 1869; s. George W. and Ann Eliza agt. and mgr. for Western Underwriters' Assn., 
(Spalding) Bruckner; ed. pub. schs., Monroe, Mich.; Chicago, Jan., 1900-Apr. 1, 1902; sr. mem., since 
m. at Santa Barbara, Cal., Edith Alexander, May, 1902, of firm of Brummel Bros., Cook Co. mgrs. for 
1911; children: Herbert A., Charlotte Spalding. Be- various ins. companies; dir. New Brunswick Fire 
gan with the Wells & Nellegar Co., in 1890, con- Ins. Co., German Bank of Chicago. Mem. Chicago 
tinuing 1 % yrs.; became identified with the Com- Assn. of Commerce. Mem. Knights of Columbus, 
mercial Nat. Bank in 1892, and has since remained Recreations: golf, bowling. Home: 6313 Winthrop 
with it and its successor, the Continental & Com- Av. Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul. 
mercial Nat. Bank, in various capacities, becoming BRTIMMITT nan Brpariov Hprsrvman rtitr>r- h 
vice pres. of latter upon the consolidation in 1910; B atlev F^ T i,,e ^ i? i-? ' jLI e and Ann'F* 
also dir Lake View Trust & Savings Bank and fS^l^Bru^illl came to America, 1882? stu- 
f, stat^ R=r,k Hawthorne, 111. Republican. rtiB(1 Kan Atrrl Coll A P. Raker TTniv 18fl4 AM 

T nCnlla Gf r*Vlinnfrn *JO,ll., UL X1U n O.1 u, JnLdll., OCp L. A b , loot. J^IILdCU 

. Laballe bt., Chicago. MB ministry, 1891 (ordained, 1893); pastorates, 

BBUDER, Xu Q., coal; b. Granville, 111., Feb. 3, Lawrence, Kan., 1891; Maple Hill, Kan., 1892; Alta- 

1873; s. Christian G. and Barbara (May) Bruder; mont, Kan., 1894; Fort Smith, Ark., 1895; Little 

ed. pub. schs., Granville; Bryant and Strat ton Busi- Rock, Ark., 1897. Asst. editor The Epworth Her- 

ness Coll., Chicago; m. Elnora Grace Lowitz of aid, 1901-10; mgr. dept. circulation, Methodist Book 

Chicago, Mar. 20, 1903; 3 children: Catherine, Vir- Concern, 1910-12; editor The Epworth Herald since 

ginia, Leonard George. Came to Chicago from 1912. Mem. bd. of control Epworth League of M.E. 

Granville, 1889; has been identified with the coal Ch. Progressive. Club: City. Author: Epworth 

business since 1890; was with Peabody Coal Co. 13 League Methods, 1906; The Efficient Epworthian, 

yrs.; mgr. Davis Coal and Coke Co. and later mgr. 1914. Home: 2523 Park PI., Evanston. Office: 74 

B. Nicoll & Co.; mgr. at Chicago of the Cleveland & Rush St., Chicago. 

Western Coal Co., of Cleveland, O., also of William BBTIUDAQ-E -Edward TarkKon inwvpr- h Camn 

C. Atwater & Company, Inc., dealer in Pocahontas be H X Y M?v 1? 1869 \ 9 ?c't and' Marfa L," 

^T^IJrll^-S^Ch^o^StSSSSue. 1 *^ < Arm^ong^runda^f Ve'niWwlth V^enfs to 

(K.T., Shrmer). Club. Chicago Automobile. Kec- De troit, Mich., in 1880; ed. pub. schs. of Campbell, 

reation: farming. Home: Mokena, 111. Office. 1135 N Y a ^ d De tfoit until 1883; employed in railroad 

Old Colony Bldg., Chicago. offlce in Detroit and Chicago; studied law in leisure 

ERUMBACK, Arthur Henry, M.D.; b. Hancock hours; admitted to 111. bar, 1892; LL.B., Chicago 

Co., 111., Mar. 31, 1862; s. Thomas Benton and Abbie Coll. of Law, 1893; m. Germain Vernier, of Caen, 

D. (Southwick) Brumback; ed. Carthage (111.) France, Dec. 17, 1913; 1 son, Edward J., Jr. Prac- 
Coll. ; M.D., Coll. of Phys. and Surg., Chicago, 1884; ticed in Chicago since 1893; mem. 111. legislature, 
m. Augusta, 111., Dec. 12, 1884, Rose G. Steed; m. 2d, 41st and 43d gen. assemblies, from 6th Senatorial 
Milwaukee, Wis., July 17, 1889, Sophia J. Wiborg; Dist. of 111.; elected, Nov., 1904, pres. of the Bd. 
children: Benton Lee, Marion. Practiced at Mound of County Commrs. of Cook Co., and re-elected 
Station, Brown Co., 111., 2 yrs.; at Kansas City, Mo., Nov., 1906; resigned Apr. 16, 1907, to become corpn. 
4% yrs., Chicago since 1890; gynecologist to West counsel City of Chicago, which office he held until 
Side Hosp. Mem. Draft Exemption Bd. Mem. A.M. Apr., 1911; apptd. judge of Court of Claims, 111., 
A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Repub- 1915; resigned to become atty. gen. of 111. for term, 
lican. Mason (32). Mem. Royal Arcanum, North 1917-21. Was vice pres. for 111. of Pan-Am. Expn.. 


Buffalo, N.Y. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Chicago Bar BRUNT, John Paul, box mfr. ; b. Osage Mission, 

Assn., Chicago Lawyers' Assn. Mason (32, K.T.); Kan.. Aug. 17, 1881; s. John Rich and Lois C. (Van- 

mem. K.P., Royal League. Clubs: Chicago Ath- laningham) Brunt; ed. grammar schs.,.Kan. and 

letic. University, Industrial, Hamilton, Sangamo, Anderson, Ind.; grad. high sch., Anderson, 1899, 

Illini Country. Home: 2422 Orchard St., Chicago, Anderson Business Coll., 1900; m. May Llewellyn 

and 705 S. Grand Av., Springfield. Office: 734 Otis Lindberg, of Chicago, Aug. 17, 1910; children: Paul 

Bldg., Chicago, and Supreme Court Bldg., Spring- Rich, William Griffin. Successively sales corr., 

field, 111. salesman and sales mgr., Sefton Mfg. Co., for Chi- 

cago, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Anderson, Ind., 1904-14; 

BRUNE, Adolf Gerhard, musician, composer, vice pres. and sales mgr. Mid West Box Co., of 

critic; b. Bakkum, Germany, June 21, 1870; s. A. Chicago, Kokomo and Anderson, Ind., since Sept. 1 

Wilhelm and Anna (Segers) Brune; studied har- 1914. Pres. Nat. Assn. Fibre Box Mfrs., 1916-17. 

mony, composition, piano, organ and violin under Democrat. Elk. Home: 809 Buena Av. Office: 1610 

masters in Germany; came to U.S., 1889; m. Mary Lytton Bldg. 
R. Ramsey, of Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 7, 1899. Instr. 

of musical theory, Chicago Musical Coll., since BRUSH, Charles Eliphalet, architect; Mar. li, 

1898; organist St. Joseph's Ch. and Cathedral, Peo- 1855-Oct. 31, 1916. (See vol. 1911.) 

ria. 111.; was asso. musical editor Chicago Inter- BRUSHINGBLiM, John Patrick, clergyman; b. 

Ocean. Has written 3 symphonies, and much other Cuba, N.Y., Feb. 16, 1855; s. Thomas and Mary 

music, more than 50 songs, variations, and other (O'Hern) Brushingham; ed. grammar and high 

pieces for piano. Recreations: reading and study schs., Olean, N.Y.; Randolph Inst., N.Y. City; A.B., 

of literature. Home: 1260 Bryn Mawr Av. Studio: Northwestern Univ., 1881, A.M., 1884, B.D., 1883 

624 S. Michigan Av. (D.D., 1901); m. Lillia S. Norton, of Olean, N.Y., 

RU.TTKT-R Frank c rlprirvjnjin (<VP vol 1911 ) Oct - 12 > 1881; children: Nellie Brushingham Starr, 

ER, Prank C., clergyman. ( 11.) Robert M John N Began preaching in Chicago, 

BRUNER, Prank Q., psychopathologist; b. Strea- 1875; ordained M.E. ministry, 1885; pastor Ravens- 

tor, 111., Mar. 28, 1874; s. John Mathew and Anna wood until 1884, Fulton St. Ch., Chicago, 1884-7, 

(Haney) Bruner; grad. Northern Ind. Normal Sch., Ada St. Ch., 1887-92, Ravenswood, 1892-4, Fulton 

1896; supt. schs., Dwight, 111., 1899-1901; fellow St. Ch., 1894-8, First Ch. until 1907, Sycamore, 111., 

Univ. of Neb., 1901-3, A.B., 1903; instr. Columbia 1907-11, now pastor South Park Av. Ch. Mem. Gen. 

Univ., 1903-5; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surgs., 1905; Conf. M.E. Ch. for 20 yrs., Rock River Conf. since 

Ph.D., Columbia, 1907; m. Lottie Weldy, of Cold- 1883. Was mem. Com. of 15 to organize Municipal 

water, Mich., June 28, 1906. Supt. of sections of Voters' League of Chicago; mem. advisory bd. of 

anthropometry and psycholometry, St. Louis Ex- Commn. on Morals (sec.); mem. Draft Exemption 

pn., 1904; psychopathologist, dept. of child study Bd. ; mem. Chicago Methodist Social Union (once 

and ednl. research, Chicago Bd. of Edn., since 1905. pres.), Phi Kappa Psi. Trustee Wesley Hosp. York 

Author of various monographs, papers and arti- and Scottish Rite Mason, Shriner, Odd Fellow. 

cles. Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Psychol. Assn. Club: Union League. Author: Catching Men, 1906: 

Mason. Methodist Home: 5047 Kenmore Av. Of- Spiritual Electrology, 1911. Home: 3314 South 

fice: Tribune Bldg. Park Av. 

BRUNKER. Albert Rldyely; b. Phila., Pa., Jan. BY AW, Alfred Cochrane, real estate and loan 

7, 1883; s. Robert J. and Edith (Henry) Brunker; agent; b. Chicago, July 22, 1852; s. Frederick A. 

ed. Germantown Friends' Sch., Phila. and Univ. of and Ann (Hodgson) Bryan; ed pub schs. of Chi- 

Pa.; unmarried. Served as mining engr. through- cago; m. Chicago, 1889, Helen A. Thompson; chil- 

out the West for Harrison Bros. & Co., Inc., Phila., <Jren: James A., Beatrice H., John F After leaving 

1903-8, also as sales mgr.; gen. sales mgr. in New sch. learned printing trade; engaged in real estate 

York, Pittsburgh and Chicago, for Am. Steel Foun- bu s i ness j 1874; joined by brothers, F. W. and J. C., 

dries 1908-12; pres. Liquid Carbonic Co., Chicago, 1888, and organized firm of Bryan Bros., real estate 

since 1913; also pres. Atlantic Steel Castings Co. and loans. Home: Hinsdale, 111. Office: 138 N. La 

(Chester, Pa.), Pyramid Paint Co. (Phila.), A. R. Salle St., Chicago. 

Brunker & Co. (Phila.); vice pres. Ky. Lumber Co., BRTAH, Charles Page, diplomat; b. at Chicago, 

Lexington, Ky.; vice pres. and treas. The Gosso Co., Oct. 2, 1856; s. late Hon. Thomas Barbour and Jane 

Chicago. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc., Navy League of Byrd (Page) Bryan; ed Univ. of Va., 1877-9; LL B 

U.S. (pres. Chicago sect.). Republican. Clubs: Columbian (now George Washington) Univ., 1879; 

University (Chicago and Phila), Indian Hill (Chi- admitted to bar, 1878; unmarried. Resided in Colo., 

cago), Germantown Cricket (Phila.), Duquesne 1879-84; mem. Colo. Ho. of Rep., 1880; col. on staff 

(Pittsburgh), Railroad (New York) Graduates Gov. Eaton of Colo., 1884; made 2 tours of Europe 

(New Haven). Residence: University Club. Office: for Chicago Expn., 1891, 1892; mem. 111. Ho. of 

3100 S. Kedzie Av. Rep., 1888-97; col. on staffs of Govs. Fifer, Oglesby 

BRUNNER, Edward, mfr. derricks, etc.; b. Chi- , .sq 

cago, Nov. 27, 1864; s. John and Mary (Smidt) J2JHJ" ?9of 'to Po'r^eil lf(^ 9 to B^l 
Brunner* ed oub schs Chicaeo* m Anna Karl of 'U^-Jan., laua, to Portugal, isiM-y, to .Bel, 

' A,, "or qn ififio- nhiMro^- r^rtmriA ciWr 1909-11; ambassador extraordinary and plenipo 

t^nicago, Aug. ou, JLooV , cnnuren . vjeriruue (,jw.r&. t ttT ,*iQ*. v + rt TO nan A n o- 1 9 1011 xrnir i QI 9 TJdrMiH 

H. W. Harty). Anna and Fred. Learned black- i 1 e c ^ ar g e t c or ^ P'bv "ifmDe'ror of lloan with C ?ami 

smith's and machinist's trades; entered manufac- c^m^S^Sa/^S^S^.aoS^^6^^ 

ture of derricks, stone jacks and tools, 1884; now [ *g f. So? ForAVn Wais War of 1812 vJt~ 

sr. partner Brunner & Lay. Mason, Odd Fellow, gran I'^m'sh Am Waf ClSbs- Armv and N^vv 

Mem. Turnverein Recreations: athletics, motor- ^ ^f ^ro^ouian^wlsMn^ln^Vnlv^- 

mg. Home: 1822 Millard Av. Office: 570 W. Polk slty (chicafro)j etc Home: Elmhurst, 111. Address: 

iet - University Club, Chicago. 

BRUNNER. John, engineer; b. in Sweden, Nov. BRYAN, Edward Arthur, mfr. (See vol. 1911.) 
22, 1864; s John and Anna (Ericson) Brunner; BRYAN, Frederick William, real estate; May 13. 

grad. Inst. Tech., Stockholm, 188 1; m. Miss Mitch- ic48-Mar 12 1117 (Sop vnl iqii 1 
ell, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Nov. 16, 1892. Came to i"^, T I , i *, VT K ,, 

engr Bridge "Ipt B&M R WgsW T 'charge IMS-tt&SSStttf&i (igft^ S&a"; 

Sf rYn" ept. M^vtr^O.) Brldgl" Co", f*S% Lpub. and high schs. of Chicago; grad. Rush Mod. 

* ' 

chief of Buf of UneTine and onstrn Citv of c - M mem - Brvan Bros - vice P res - Boynton Wool 

Pmsburgh, 1899-190?f wU S h IlllnoU ^SteeTco since g? urin t c ,S- ti Me 

1902. Mem! Am. Soc. C.E., Am. Iron and Steel Inst., ?, h o ic S & T A | h ? '"& t 

Am. Soc. Testing Materials, Internal. Soc. Testing li8 w - ^a-baue bt. 

Materials, Am. Ry. Engring. Assn., Western Soc. BRYAN, Thomas Joseph, chemist; b. Warwick- 

Engrs., 111. Structural Engrs.' Assn.; life mem. Art shire, Eng., Sept. 26, 1869; s. Joseph and Martha 

Inst. Chicago. Clubs: Union League, Chicago En- (Hatfield) Bryan; A.B., Colgate Univ., 1893, A.M.. 

gineers. Home: 627 Dartmouth PI., Evanston, 111. 1895 (D.Sc., 1915): student Univ. of GOttingen. 

Office: 208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 1899, Univ. of Heidelberg, 1900; Ph.D.. Univ. of 



Freiburg, 1901; m. Wissie Etha Myers, of Cham- 
paign, 111., Jan. 31, 1906. Asst. in chemistry, Col- 
gate UniV., 1893-9, Wesleyan Univ., 1901-2; instr. 
chemistry, Williams Coll., 1902-3, Univ. of 111., 
1903-6; state analyst, 111. State Food Commn., 1906- 
13; chief chemist, Calumet Baking Powder Co., 
Chicago, since 1913. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc., Phi 
Beta Kappa. Home: 515 N. Elmwood Av., Oak 
Park, 111. Office: 4100 Fillmore St., Chicago. 

BRYAN, W. 8. Flumer, clergyman; b. Allegheny 
City, Pa., Aug. 30, 1856; s. Samuel S. and Kate 
(Plumer) Bryan; grad. Davidson Coll., N.C., A.B., 
1875, A.M., 1878, Columbia Theol. Sem., 1878; (D.D., 
Centre Coll., Ky., 1892); m. Dec. 1, 1887, Alice C. 
Reid Staunton, Va.; children: William Plumer (de- 
ceased), Alison Reid, Helen Reid, George Plumer. 
Ordained Presbyn. ministry. 1878; pastor of chs. in 
Randolph Co., W.Va,, 1878-87; pastor Asheville, 
N.C., 1887-92, Second Presbyn. Ch., Cincinnati, O., 
1892-5, Ch. of the Covenant, Chicago, since Feb. 1, 
1895. Home: 840 Belden Av. 

BUY AN, William Edward, lawyer; b. Port Hope, 
Ont., Can., Sept. 12, 1867; s. James and Letitia 
(Rothwell) Bryan; ed. Port Hope High Sch.; Cana- 
dian Business Univ., Toronto; Lake Forest (111.) 
Univ. Law Sch.. 1897-8; m. Minnie C. Haskell, of 
Chicago, Feb. 24, 1892; 1 daughter, Ethel May 
(Mrs. Lyman A. Keys). Engaged as stenographer, 
clerk and cashier, 1888-95; law clerk in the law 
dept. Armour & Co., 1895-8; admitted to 111. bar, 
1899; asst. counsel for Armour & Co., 1899-1907; 
mem. law firm of Seitz, Bryan & Wilber, 1907-12, 
Bryan, McCormick & Wilber since 1912; gen. coun- 
sel Wilber Mercantile Agency, Chicago; sec., dir. 
and counsel Palmer Tire & Rubber Co. Mem. 111. 
State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mason; mem. North Am. Union. 
Recreation: automobiling. Home: 6731 Chappel 
Av. Office: 155 N. Clark St. 

BUY AN, William Frank, educator, author; b. at 
Goldsboro, N.C., July 3, 1879; s. John William and 
Bela (Stevenson) Bryan; Ph.B., Univ. of N.C., 1900, 
AM. 1908; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1913; m. Julia 
Sheppard Adams, of Asheville, N.C., Sept. 14, 1910. 
Instr. Bingham Sch., Asheville, N.C., 1900-7; instr. 
in English, Univ. of N.C., 1907-8; fellow in Eng- 
lish, Univ. of Chicago, 1908-9; instr. in English, 
1910-13, asst. prof., 1913-15, asso. prof, since 1915, 
Northwestern Univ. Mem. Modern Lang. Assn. 
America, Soc. for Advancement of Scandinavian 
Study, Zeta Psi, Phi Beta Kappa. Democrat. Epis- 
copalian. Author: Studies in the Dialects of the 
Kentish Charters of the Old English Period, 1915; 
The English Familiar Essay (with R. S. Crane), 
1916. Home: 624 Clark St., Evanston, 111. 

BRYANT, Arthur W., lumber mcht. (See vol. 

BRYANT, Clifford Wellington, lumber; b. Lex- 
ington, Mass., Oct. 11, 1859; s. Albert W. and Nancy 
(Wellington) Bryant; ed. in pub. schs. of Lexing- 
ton; m Nellie Levy, of Trenton, Tenn., Nov. 4, 
1890; 1 daughter, Cornelia Crawford. In wholesale 
drug house in Boston 5 yrs. ; removed to Chicago, 
1882, and entered employ of The Soper Lumber 
Co., with which remained until 1887; with the 
White Lake Lumber Co., 1887-1915; in business on 
own account as the C. W. Bryant Lumber Co. since 
1915. Republican. Mem. S.A.R. Mason (32, K.T., 
Shriner), Elk. Recreation: reading. Home: 3635 
Michigan Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av. 

BRYANT, Edward Francis, banker; b. Dedham, 
Mass, Apr. 30, 1861; s. Oliver F. and Minerva 
(Richardson) Bryant; ed. Chauncy Hall, Boston; 
m. Florence A. Runnells, of Nashua, N.H., July 18, 
1888; children: Donald Runnells, Dorothy F. Til- 
linghast, Marion Farley. Began in banking busi- 
ness at Woburn, Mass., 1879, becoming cashier 
First Nat. Bank there; came to Chicago, 1885; pres. 
Pullman Trust & Savings Bank since 1902; vice 
pres. and dir. Roseland State Savings Bank. Clubs: 
Chicago, Chicago Athletic, Midlothian Country, 
South Shore Country. Home: 4932 Lake Park Av. 
Office: Arcade Bldg., Pullman. 

BRYANT, Henry Willis, president of Bryant & 
Stratton Business Coll.; b. Cleveland, O., July 22, 
185o; s. Henry B. and Lucy Stratton Bryant (fa- 
ther was pioneer in field of business edn. and with 

brother-in-law, Henry D. Stratton, founded the 
Bryant & Stratton Business Coll. in Chicago in 
1856); came to Chicago with parents, 1860; Har- 
vard Univ., class of 1879; m. Chicago. 1887, Antoi- 
nette Kellogg Re Qua; children: Catharine Re Qua 
and Willis Re Qua. In 1879 became associated 
with father in the management of the Bryant & 
Stratton Business Coll., and in 1892 succeeded his 
father as pres. Republican. Club: Union League. 
Home: 2454 Michigan Boul. Office: 80 E. Randolph 

BRYANT, John J., retired grain mcht.; b. Eliza- 
beth, N.J. ; ed. pub. schs., Elizabeth; m. Matilda 
Miller. Went to New York, 1863, and was in em- 
ploy of H. B. Claflin & Co., wholesale dry goods, 
until 1864; enlisted, 164, in 9th N.J. Vol. Inf., 
serving to end of war; came to Chicago, May, 1871; 
gen. agt. Elliptic Sewing Machine Co. 2 yrs.; in em- 
ploy of C. P. Comstock & Co., grain commn., 1873- 
75; in business for self as sr. mem. of Bryant & 
Co., 1875-1906, now retired. Mem. Chicago Bd. of 
Trade from Jan., 1872 (dir. 1883). Mem. S.A.R. 
Mason. Home: Riverside, 111. 

BRYANT, John Jay, Jr., stock broker; b. Chi- 
cago, Dec. 9, 1875; s. John J. and Matilda (Miller) 
Bryant; ed. at the Harvard Sch., Chicago; U.S. Na- 
val Acad., 1891-4; LL.B., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, 
N.Y., 1898; m. Caroline Ferguson Voight, of Nor- 
folk, Va., Nov. 22, 1916. Admitted to the N.Y. bar, 

, ., . , . .. , 

1898, 111. bar, 1899, and engaged in practice at Chi- 
cago, 1899-1901; mgr. bond dept. Granger Farwell 
& Co., bankers, until 1907, when that co-partner- 
ship became the Farwell Trust Co., of which was 
sec., 1907-9; resigned, 1909, to accept mgrship. Chi- 
cago office of Jas. H. Oliphant & Co., of New York; 
resident partner same since July 1, 1916. Mem. 
Chicago Stock Exchange. Mem. Sigma Phi, S.A.R. 
Clubs: University, Union League, Chicago Golf, 
South Shore Country. Recreations: golf, horseback 
riding. Home: 230 E. Delaware PI. Office: The 

BRYANT, William H., western mgr. The Felters 
Co.; b. Neosho Co., Kan., Dec. 1, 1878; s. Joseph 
Allen and Ida K. (Planner) Bryant; ed. pub. schs., 
Olathe, Kan.; m. Minnie Spurr, of Joliet, 111., Sept. 
19, 1910. Engaged in leather business, N.Y. City, 
1896-1900; then became identified with the Am. 
Felt Co., New York, continuing 1900-9; with the 
Felters Co., mfrs. of felt, of Boston, as mgr. in 
Chicago since 1910. Progressive Republican. Mem. 
Christian (Disciples) Ch. Recreations: golf, auto- 
mobiling. Home: 6142 Woodlawn Av. Office: 205 
W. Monroe St. 

BKYDGES, J. Charles, M.D., surgeon; b. Harris- 
burg, Ont., May 20, 1858; s. William and Ellen 
(Heffernan) Brydges; ed. grammar and high schs., 
Dundas, Ont; M.D., Rush Med. Coll. (Univ. of Chi- 
cago), 1892; m. Jennie I. Brown, of Kewanee, 111., 
Oct. 2, 1884. Successful in passing examination by 
111. State Bd. of Med. Examiners, 1910; also has 
license to practice in Tex. and N.M. ; served as asst. 
surgeon, ear, nose and throat dept. 111. State Eye 
and Ear Infirmary, 1893-5; mem. faculty and instr. 
medicine and surgery, Harvey Med. Coll. (now Jen- 
ner Med. Coll.), 1893-6; apptd. mem. Chicago City 
Bd. of Health and served 1 yr. on diphtheritic 
staff, 1896; apptd. med. interne, Peoria State Hosp.; 
transferred to Quincy, 111., as physician to 111. Sol- 
diers' and Sailors' Home (resigned June 12, 1914); 
now mem. faculty of Chicago Hosp. Coll. and sur- 
gical staff Fort Dearborn Hosp. Headed list in civ. 
service examination for quarantine officer, Chicago 
City Bd. of Health, 1914. Mem. 111. State and Chi- 
cago med. socs. Baptist. Recreation: baseball. Of- 
fice and Home: 711 E. 37th St. 

BRYSON, Charles lee, author; b. Dade Co., Mo., 
Mar. 10, 1868; s. James Neil and Margaret Anne 
(Hargis) Bryson; Central Normal Coll., Danville, 
Ind. ; m. Georgia DePue, of Franklin, Ind., Oct. 21, 
1897. On staff Denver Post, 1901-12; now on staff 
Chicago Examiner. Clubs: Denver Athletic, Den- 
ver Press. Author: Tan and Teckle, 1908; Woodsy 
Neighbors of Tan and Teckle, 1911. Home: 6142 
Dorchester Av. 

BRYSON. William John, retired civil engr.; b. at 
New Rochelle, N.Y., July 16, 1845; s. William and 
Julia Goodwin Bryson; ed. pvt. schs., followed by 



special courses in civil engring.; m. Emma Edna 
Horton. Began practice in 1863 in employ of U.S. 
Govt. as asst. engr. U.S. Engr. Corps; employed on 
work for the City of Chicago, 1867; engaged in 
govt. work in Chicago, Appleton, Wis., and Osh- 
kosh, Wis., 1874-98; asst. engr. and asst. to pres. of 
the C.&A.R.R., 1900 (retired); dir. James B. Clow 
& Sons, Joliet & Chicago Ry. Co., Drake Hotel Co. 
(Blackstone Hotel). Pres. St. Luke's Hosp. Clubs: 
Chicago, Union League, Hamilton, Mid-Day, Sad- 
dle and Cycle, South Shore Country. Glen View. 
Home: 731 Buena Av. Office: 410 S. Michigan Av. 

BUCHANAN, De Witt W.,coal mine operator; b. 
Chicago, May 16, 1876; s. Milford D. and Mary S. 
(Wheeler) Buchanan; prep. edn. Harvard and Uni- 
versity schs., Chicago; M.E., Purdue Univ., Lafay- 
ette, Ind., 1898; m. Apr. 12, 1905, Grace D. Follans- 
bee (died July 19, 1906); m. 2d, Helen S. Stoppen- 
bach, of Jefferson, Wis., Nov. 16, 1915; 1 son, 
DeWitt W., Jr. With engring. dept. I.C.R.R.Co., 
1898-9; resigned to enter coal mining business with 
the Wilmington Star Mining Co., of which is sec. 
and treas. ; also sec. and treas. Old Ben Coal Corpn. ; 
pres. the Coalfield Co. Mem. Western Soc. Engrs. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic (life), South Shore Coun- 
try, Oconomowoc Lake. Recreations: yachting, 
hunting. Home: 5488 Everett Av.; (summer) 
Oconomowoc, Wis. Office: 332 S. Michigan Av., 

BUCHANAN, Frank, ex-congressman; b. Jeffer- 
son Co., Ind., June 14, 1862; s. Joseph and Emeline 
(Connor) Buchanan; ed. pub. schs.; m. Minnie Mur- 
phy, of Chicago, Mar. 17, 1898. By trade a bridge 
builder and structural iron worker; pres. Bridge 
and Structural Iron Workers' Local Union No. 1, 
Chicago, 1898-1901; pres. Internal. Union, 1901-5. 
Candidate for Congress, 1906, 1908; mem. 62d, 63d 
and 64th Congresses (1911-17), 7th 111. Dist. In- 
dicted, Dec., 1915, by Federal Grand Jury of N.Y. 
City for alleged conspiracy to violate the Sherman 
Anti-Trust Act, by restraining shipment of muni- 
tions of war to foreign nations. Democrat. Home: 
2502 N. Central Park Av. 

BUCHANAN, James Nelson, real estate; b. cor. 
Dearborn and Adams Sts., Chicago, Oct. 16, 1849; 
s. Nelson and Ellen Maria (Paine) Buchanan; ed. 
pub. schs.. Palmer's Acad. and Dyrenfurth's Coll., 
Chicago; m. Chicaeo, Oct. 17, 1876, Isadora Berry; 
children: Grace (Mrs. G. H. Lamberton), William 
Xelson, Isadora Berry. Began In employ of Cul- 
ver, Page & Hoyne, 1864; was with Hollister & 
Phelps, 1867-8; took up contracting and real estate, 
also operated coal mine in Ind.; in real estate busi- 
ness, loans and ins. as owner or agt. since 1871. 
Mem. 36th Gen. Assembly of 111., representing 2d 
Dist. Mem. Co. A, 1st Regt. I.N.G., serving as pvt., 
corpl., sergt.. It., and 2% yrs. as capt., total service 
of 8V4 yrs. in the regt.; was in 1st Brigade staff 
8% yrs., with Gen. Charles Fitzsimons, as commis- 
sary and asst. insp. gen., rank of It. col. Episcopa- 
lian. Club: Press. Recreations: camping, trout 
fishing. Home: 5555 Kenwood Av. Office: 74 W. 
Washington St. 

BUCHHALTEB, Simon, concert pianist and com- 
poser; b. Kiev, Russia, Apr. 20, 1880; s. Aaron and 
Sahra (Rosenberg) Buchhalter; studied with Ju- 
lius Epstein and Stephen Stocker, Vienna, Austria; 
m. Jeannette Grace Bluestone, of N.Y. City, July 9, 
1902. Came to U.S., 1892; first appearance in Amer- 
ica as pianist, in New York, 1905; made concert 
tour of western cities, 1912; composer of many 
choral and orchestral works, also pieces for piano 
and songs; one-act opera, "A Lover's Knot," per- 
formed by Chicago Grand Opera Co., Jan. 15, 1916. 
Home: 1226 E. 54th St. Studio: 521 Fine Arts Bldg. 

BUCHHOLZ, Frederick William, mathematician, 
i See vol. 1911.) 

BUCHSBAUM, Samuel, mfg. jeweler; b. Szorte 
Teglas, Hungary, Aug. 12, 1S65; s. Herman and 
Marie (Greenwald) Buchsbaum; ed. in pub. schs., 
Hungary, to 1879; m. Chicago, Feb. 19, 1893, Jennie 
Herskovitz; children: J. Herbert, Chester William, 
Alice. Mildred. Emanuel. Engaged in mfg. in o 
country, 1879-84; came to U.S., 1884; after a year 
in New York, removed to Chicago, 18S5. and en- 
tered shop of M. Newmann; established for self, 
1888, as mfg. jeweler under present firm name of 

S. Buchsbaum & Co. Mem. Chicago Jewelers' 
Assn., Jewelers' Club. Republican. Mason (K.T., 
Shriner) ; mem. B.P.O.E., B'nai B'rith, Austro- 
Hungarian Soc. Club: 111. Athletic. Recreations: 
golf, motoring, inventing intricate mechanical de- 
vices. Home: 5430 Michigan Av. Office: 401 Ma- 
sonic Temple. 

BUCK, Carl Darling, philologist; b. Orland, Me., 
Oct. 2, 1866; s. Edward and Emeline (Darling) 
Buck; A.B., Yale, 1886, Ph.D., 1889; mem. Am. Sch. 
Classical Studies, Athens, 1887-9; studied in Leip- 
zig, 1889-92; (LittD., Univ. of Athens, Greece, 
1912); m. Clarinda Darling Swazey, of Bucksport, 
Me., Sept. 10, 1889. Asst. prof. Sanskrit and Indo- 
European comparative philology, 1892-4, asso. 
prof., 1894-1900, prof., 1900-3, prof, and head of 
dept., since 1903, Univ. of Chicago. Mem. Am. 
Philol. Assn. (vice pres., 1913-15), Am. Oriental 
Soc. Author of various books, for titles see Who's 
Who in America. Address: 5733 University Av. 
BUCK, James P., M.D. (See vol. 1911.) 
BUCK. Lillie West Brown ("Amy Leslie"), dra- 
matic critic; b. W. Burlington, la., Oct. 11, I860; d. 
Albert Waring and Kate (Webb) West (father Ind. 
journalist); grad. St. Mary's Acad., Notre Dame, 
Ind. (with honors), 1876; m. Harry Brown (died 
1890); m. 2d, Franklyn Howard Buck, of Tex., 1901. 
As "Lillie West" was opera bouffe prima donna; 
original Fiametta in La Mascotte, and other so- 
prano rOles in Audran's, Offenbach's and Plan- 
quette's operas; dramatic critic Chicago Daily 
News, under pen name "Amy Leslie," since 1889. 
Author: Amy Leslie at the Fair; Some Players; 
Plays and Players. Home: 6814 Crescent Av., Nor- 
wood Park. 

BUCK, Niels, architect, builder; b. MorsB, Den- 
mark, Mar. 24, 1866; s. Christ and Cecil Buck; ed. 
pub. schs. in Denmark; m. Chicago, Mar. 1, 1892, 
Emma Rubart; children: Fred, Downell, Adelaide. 
Learned trade of cabinet maker in Denmark, near 
Copenhagen; at age of 17 came to Chicago, and 
started in with A. H. Andrews & Co. as a cabinet 
maker; was later with Jenson & Dryer as supt. of 
carpenters and builders; studied architecture and 
became mem. of firm and gen. supt. of Wheatley, 
Buck & Co. and then from 1893 was in business for 
himself as architect, and in 1903 was joined by 
Fred Schroeder, forming firm of Niels Buck & Co., 
contractors and builders (Mr. Schroeder withdrew 
and Mr. H. T. Becker joined firm in 1915); treas. 
Christopher Coal Mining Co. Republican. Luther- 
an. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). Club: Chicago 
Automobile. Recreation: motoring. Home: 6332 
Kenmore Av. Office: 105 S. LaSalle St. 

BUCK, Orlando J.; b. Buckfield, Me., Dec. 30, 
1852; ed. high sch., Buckfleld, and normal sch., 
Paris, Me.; married. In business in Boston 6 yrs.; 
in charge New York factory of The Rubber Paint 
Co., of Cleveland, O., 2 yrs.; removed to Chicago, 
Jan., 1881, and established factory for same com- 
pany; supt. of factories of William Wrigley, Jr., 
Co., 1911-14 (retired); now vice pres. Otis Litho- 
graph Co., Cleveland; dir. William Wrigley, Jr., Co. 
Mem. Art Inst. of Chicago. Republican. Clubs: 
Hamilton (dir. 1917-18), 111. Athletic, South Shore 
Country, Union League. -Home: 9900 Longwood 
Drive. Office: 604 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BUCK, Robert Herman, eye surgeon; b. Horton- 
ville, Wis., Nov. 6, 1876; s. Charles F. and Mary S. 
(Ehr) Buck; grad. Ryan High Sch., Appleton, Wis., 
1897; D.D.S., Chicago Coll. Dental Surgery, 1903; 
M.D., Univ. of 111. Coll. of Medicine, 1907; m. Laura 
Edna McNown, of Goodland, Ind., Mar. 4, 1909; 1 
daughter, Mary Eleanor. Practiced in Chicago since 
1907; surgeon to Lakeside Hosp. since 1908; chief 
of clinic, 111. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, 
since May, 1915. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., 
Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Mason. Home: 1136 
Pratt Boul. Office: 15 E. Washington St. 

BUCK, Silas Earl, text-books; b. Sturgis, Mich., 
Nov. 23, 1862: s. Benjamin C. and Adelia (Green) 
Buck; ed. pub. schs., Sturgis; m. Blanche Gray, of 
Beaver Falls, Pa., 1885 (died 1888); 1 daughter, 
Erma G. ; m. 2d, Jennie M. Balding, of South Bend, 
Ind., 1900; 1 daughter, Marian Elaine. In Chicago 
office of Clark & Maynard, pubs., New York, 4 mos. ; 
then with J. B. Lippincott & Co., Phila,, 3 yrs.; re- 



turned to Clark & Maynard, which changed to Ef- 
fingham, Maynard & Co., 1882, Maynard, Merrill & 
Co., 1903, Charles E. Merrill Co., 1907; mgr. Chi- 
cago office Charles E. Merrill & Co., pubs. coll. and 
sch. text-books, New York, since 1911. Republican. 
Club: Quadrangle. Home: 5705 Kimbark Av, Of- 
fice: 323-325 E. 23d St. 

BUCK, William P., railway official; died 1912. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BUCKBEE, John Calvin, engineer; b. at Galena, 
S.D., July 12, 1876; s. Arthur and Fannie (Woods) 
Buckbee; ed. high sch., S.D. and Utah, supple- 
mented by 5 months at Univ. of Utah. Began as 
mechanic of Eureka Hill Mining Co., Eureka, Utah, 
1892-5; supt. Sunbeam Mining Co., Silver City, 
Utah, 1895-8; came to Chicago, 1898; special engr. 
on mining plants for Fraser & Chalmers and their 
successors, the Allis-Chalmers Co., 1898-1906; pres. 
.T. C. Buckbee Co., engrs., 1906-14; pres. Peoples 
Crushed Stone Co. since 1914; pres. Northern 
Gravel Co. Apptd. by Gov. Deneen del. to Nat. Min- 
ing Congress, 1906. Republican. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Chicago Yacht. Recreations: billiards, 
fishing. Residence: Chicago Athletic Club. Office: 
1735 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BUCKINGHAM, Ebenezer, capitalist; Jan. 16, 
1829-Feb. 25, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUCKINGHAM, George Tracy, lawyer; b. Del- 
phi, Ind., Apr. 21, 1864; s. Tracy Wilson and Helen 
(Clark) Buckingham; ed. common schs. and nor- 
mal sch., Ladoga, Ind.; studied law in office of W. 
J. Calhoun, Danville, 111.; admitted to bar, 1890; m. 
Danville, Nov. 3, 1893, Victoria Donlon; 1 son, 
Tracy. Was a mem. at Danville of law firm of 
Buckingham & Troup, 1893-1908; came to Chicago, 
May 1, 1908, as mem. of firm, now, Defrees, Buck- 
ingham & Eaton; pres. and chief owner of Dan- 
ville Belt Coal Co. While at Danville organized or 
was financially interested in various business ven- 
tures; asst. state's atty. Vermilion Co., 1894-8; can- 
didate for justice Supreme Court of 111., 1907, to 
succeed Justice Wilkin, deceased; convention bal- 
loted 155 times lacked 5 votes of majority. Rep- 
resented defendants in govt. cases against the 
packing companies, Alaska Land Co., and many 
cases before federal courts and courts of last ap- 
peal. Has appeared widely as public speaker in 
nat. conventions, in support of nat. defense propa- 
ganda and at political meetings in various states. 
Mem. I.N.G., 1886-1904, last rank col. Trustee In- 
sane Hosp., Kankakee, 1897-1901; pres. Joliet Pris- 
on Bd., 1901-5. Republican. Methodist. Mem. Ver- 
milion Co., Chicago, 111. State and Am. bar assns. 
Mason (32), K.P., Elk; mem. Modern Woodmen of 
America. Clubs: Union League, Hamilton, City. 
Recreations: motoring, golf, etc. Home: 5700 Wood- 
lawn Av. Office: 105 S. LaSalle St. 

BUCKLER, Herbert E., president H. E. Bucklen 
& Co.; July 9, 1848-Jan. 10, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUCKLEY, Charles Wilbur, grain commn. ; b. at 
Peoria, 111., Aug. 20, 1857; s. Robert C. and Eliza- 
beth M. Buckley; ed. pub. schs. of Peoria, 111.; m. 
Peoria, 1882, Nannie B. Johnston; children: Robert, 
Saidee, Warren, Elizabeth. Removed to St. Louis, 
Mo., 1880, and engaged in the grain business; came 
to Chicago, 1884, and has since been continuously 
engaged in commn. business; vice pres. Pratt & 
Buckley until 1905, when firm dissolved; mem. 
Buckley & Co. since 1905; also pres. W. G. Press & 
Co.; sec. and dir. Somers, Jones & Co.; mem. Buck- 
ley Co., Peoria, 111.; pres. Phillips Land Co. Mem. 
Chicago Bd. of Trade (dir., 1898-1901). Clubs: Ex- 
moor, Highland Park. Recreation: horseback rid- 
ing. Home: Highland Park, 111. Office: 924 Web- 
ster Bldg., Chicago. 

BUCKLEY, Edmund, lecturer. Removed to Kra- 
mer, Ind. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BUCKLEY, Homer John, secretary and treasurer 
Buckley, Dement & Co.; b. Rock Island Co., 111., 
Mar. 16, 1879; s. John A. and Mary (Sullivan) 
Buckley; ed. pub. schs., St. Ignatius Coll. and Bry- 
ant and Stratton Business Coll., Chicago; m. Lu- 
cile Kathleen, d. of Willard F. Wallace, of N.Y. 
City, Sept. 23, 1908. Began business career with 
Marshall Field & Co., 1891, as messenger, remain- 
ing for 15 yrs. in various positions, resigning as 
mgr. of the circular advertising and follow-up sys- 

tems, 1905: organized the corpn. of Buckley, De- 
ment & Co., direct by mail advertising, 1905, of 
which has since been sec., treas. and dir.; pres. 
Standard 5 and 10 Cent Stores, 1908-14. Pres. Nat. 
Assn. Direct Mail Advertisers. Mem. Chicago Assn. 
Commerce (chmn. postal service com.). Democrat. 
Catholic. Mem. Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Advertising, LaGrange Country, Irish Fellow- 
ship (sec., 1904-10), Chicago Athletic. Recreation: 
golf. Home: 240 8th Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 605 
S. Clark St., Chicago. 

BUCKLEY, John P., dentist; b. Lowell, Ind., Dec. 
20, 1873; s. William and Elizabeth Nancy (Darst) 
Buckley; ed. grammar and high schs., Lowell; 
Teacher's Course, Valparaiso Univ.; Ph.G., Valpa- 
raiso Univ., 1896; D.D.S., Chicago Coll. Dental Sur- 
gery, 1898; m. Mabel Jennie Snyder, of Chicago. 
Sept. 25, 1898; 1 son, Clarence Elmore. Teacher of 
chemistry, Chicago Coll. Dental Surgery, 1896-1903; 
prof, materia medica and therapeutics, Univ. of 
111. Coll. of Dentistry, 1904; same Chicago Coll. 
Dental Surgery, since 1904; vice pres. and sec. Den- 
tal Protective Assn. of U.S. Trustee Nat. Dental 
Assn.; ex-pres. 111. State Dental Soc., Chicago Den- 
tal Soc. Republican. Presbyterian. Mason. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, Chicago Automobile, Colonial 
(Oak Park, 111.), Westward Ho Golf. Author: Ma- 
teria Medica and Therapeutics 1909. Home: 505 
Fair Oaks Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 39 S. State St., 

BUCKLEY, Michael Joseph, dentist; b. Chicago, 
May 26, 1877; s. Patrick and Mary (Ready) Buck- 
ley; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; D.D.S., Northwestern 
Univ. Dental Sch., 1908; m. Christie Kebrdle, of 
Creston, la., Sept. 28, 1911; children: Michael J., 
Charles K. Practiced in Chicago since July, 1908; 
spl. demonstrator in orthodontia, Northwestern 
Univ. Dental Sch. Mem. Chicago Dental Soc. Ma- 
son. Recreation: motoring. Home: 4223 W. 21st 
PI. Office: 2100 S. Crawford Av. 

BUCKLEY, Robert Wilbur, broker; b. St. Louis, 
Mo., Apr. 14, 1883; s. Charles W. and Nannie B. 
(Johnston) Buckley; ed. pub. schs., Evanston, 111.; 
m. Alice Hodges, of Battle Creek, Mich., Apr. 28, 
1908; 2 children: Charles Wilbur, Robert Sidnye. 
Began in breakfast food business, 1902; joined Bd. 
of Trade, Chicago, 1906; now sec., dir. and treas. 
Somers, Jones & Co.; dir. Northern 111. Cereal Co., 
Northern 111. Macaroni Co. Alderman of Highland 
Park, 2 terms. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Union League, Exmoor Country, Highland Park. 
Home: Highland Park, 111. Office: 89 Board of 
Trade Bldg., Chicago. 

BUCKLEY, Sara Craig-, M.D.; b. at Churchville, 
X.Y.; d. James W. (M.D.) and Sarah Sharon (But- 
terfield) Craig; ed. normal sch., Geneseo, N.Y. ; 
M.D., Univ. of Mich. Dept. Medicine and Surgery. 
1884; interne Woman's Hosp. Foundlings' Home. 
Detroit, Mich., 1884-5; studied in Europe and Great 
Britain, 1885-6; m. Edmund Buckley, of Birming- 
ham, Eng., July 15, 1885; 1 daughter, Dorothy 
Savery. Physician in Doshisha Hosp., Kyoto. 
Japan, 1886-92; trip around the world, 1892-3, to 
Europe, 1914. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., 
Chicago Med. Soc., Med. Woman's Club of Chicago, 
D.A.R., Chicago Polit. Equality League, Chicago 
Univ. League. Republican. Congregationalist. Rec- 
reations: art, literature. Home and Office: 551U 
Kenwood Av. 

BUCKLIN, Edward Ira, lawyer; b. Danby, Vt., 
Sept. 18, 1873; s. Charles Knox and Samantha 
Elizabeth (Vail) Bucklin; ed. Burr and Burton 
Sem., Manchester, Vt., 1888-91; LL.B., Kent Coll. of 
Law, Chicago, 1897: m. Edith M. Farnsworth, of 
Hyde Park, Mass., Mar. 25, 1908; 1 son, Edward 
Ira, Jr. Practiced law alone, 1897-1902; formerly 
mem. Bucklin & Bucklin, now mem. Bucklin & 
Scheunemann; sec., treas. and mgr. Ironite Co. 
Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., S.A.R. Served as pvt. Co. 
H, 1st Inf., I.N.G., 1896-7. Republican. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mason. Club: Westmoreland Country. 
Recreations: outdoor exercises. Home: 2862 Bur- 
ling St. Office: 111 W. Washington St. 

BUCKLIN, Vail Rhode*, lawyer; b. Danby, Vt., 
Aug. 16, 1878; s. Charles Knox and Samantha 
Klizabeth (Vail) Bucklin; grad. Burr and Burton 
Sem., Manchester, Vt., 1894; LL.B., Chicago-Kent 
Coll. of Law, 1902: m. Imogene Pearl White, of 


Chicago, May 29, 1906: 1 daughter, Imogene. 
Taught in pub. schs., 1894-1900; mem. firm of Buck- 
lin & Bucklin, 1902-14, and of Bucklin & Scheune- 
inann since 1914; dir., co-sec., co-treas. and co-mgr. 
Ironite Co. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. 
Congregationalism Home: 716 Sheridan Rd. Office: 
111 W. Washington St. 

BUCKCTEB, John lee, lumber. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUDD, Britton Ilirie, railway pres. ; b. San Fran- 
cisco, Sept. 7, 1871; s. Wayman C. and Annabelle 
(Parks) Budd; ed. pub. schs., Chicago, and Shat- 
tuck Sch., Faribault. Minn.; m. Katharine Kreigh, 
of Chicago, Jan. 1, 1900. Began as mem. of a ry. 
surveying corps in Ohio, 1892: was with the Intra- 
mural Ry. at Chicago Expn., 1893; in 1893 entered 
service Met. West Side Elevated Ry. Co. and served 
in various capacities, becoming pres., Apr. 10, 1910: 
also pres. Northwestern Elevated R.R. Co. and 
South Side Elevated R.R. Co., since Aug., 1911. 
Apptd. chief exec, for receiver of Chicago & Oak 
Park Elevated R.R., Nov., 1911. Clubs: Union 
League, Hinsdale Golf. Home: Hinsdale, 111. Of- 
fice: 1234 Edison Bldg., Chicago. 

BUDDE, John George, rubber tires: b. Mt. Pleas- 
ant, la.. May 27, 1874; s. Dietrich Adrian and Re- 
liecca Jane (Cuddy) Budde; grad. Mt. Pleasant 
High Sch. and Elliott's Business Coll., Burlington, 
la.: m. Anna Dorothea Wolfgram, of Chicago, Oct. 
4, 1899. With Nat. State Bank of Mt. Pleasant for 
" yrs. before coming to Chicago in 1897; identified 
with Regan Printing House as sec., treas. and dir., 
1898-1914; branch mgr. Miller Rubber Co., 1914-16; 
now sales mgr. Kansas City Tire & Rubber Corpn. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Hawkeye Fellowship. Rec- 
reations: hunting, fishing. Home: 635 S. Oak Park 
Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 30 S. State St., Chicago. 

BUDLCmG, Joseph James, market gardener; b. 
Chicago, Nov. 16, 1868; s. Lyman Arnold and Louise 
(Newton) Budlong; student Northwestern Univ., 
1887-91; unmarried. Identified since beginning of 
active career with market gardening business es- 
tablished by father in 1857: now pres. L. A. Bud- 
long Co.: also pres. Lake View Trust & Savings 
Rank. Home: 2406 Foster Av. Office: 5224 Lin- 
coln Av. 

BTTDZBAN, Nicholas Stanislaus; b. Poland, Ger- 
many, Sept. 15, 1877: s. John and Julia (Jagodzin- 
ska) Budzban; came to America with parents, 1879; 
cd. at St. Stanislaus parochial schs. and St. Stanis- 
laus Coll., Chicago; m. at Chicago, Sept. 25, 1901, 
Mary Kolassa (died May 20, 1908); children: Eu- 
genia, Anna; m. 2d, Pauline Grabarski, June 28. 
1910; children: Cecilia, Daniel. Engaged in real 
estate and ins. business, 1907-13; deputy clerk of 
.Municipal Court since 1913; sec. and dir. Eagle 
Brewing Co. Mem. Bd. of Local Improvements 
.luring Mayor Dunne's administration. 1905-7; 
mem. State Bd. of Equalization, 1908-12. Demo- 
crat. Catholic. Mem. Catholic Order of Foresters, 
Maeierz Polska, Home: 4018 Oakdale Av. Office: 
City Hall. 

BTJECKING, Edward Frederick, M.D.; b. Wash- 
ington, Franklin Co., Mo.. Sept. 18, 1857; s. Dr. John 
Henry and Minnie (Grieve) Buecking; ed. at St. 
Francis Solanus Coll., Quincy; M.D., Bennett Med. 
Coll., Chicago, 1876, and Louisville Eclectic Med. 
Coll., M.D., 1877; m. Apr. 13, 1879. Alona R. Wat- 
kins; children: Henry Watkins, Vera Clark. En- 
gaged in practice in Chicago since 1877, in which 
year became lecturer on anatomy and orthopaedic 
surgery in Bennett Med. Coll., of which has since 
been, successively, prof, principles and practice of 
surgery, and of clinical surgery. Served as sur- 
geon at Cook Co. Hosp., surgeon-in-chief at Chi- 
cago Policlinic and Post-Grad. Policlinic schs. 
Mem. 111. State Eclectic Med. Soc. (ex-pres.). Chi- 
cago Eclectic Med. Soc. (ex-pres.), Nat. Eclectic 
Med. Assn., Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Home: 
:1301 Cottage Grove Av. Office: 32 N. State St. 

BUEHLEB, -William Emmett, M.D.; b. Hatboro, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 27, 1869; s. of George 
Washington and Alice (Lewis) Buehler; prelim- 
inary edn. Hatboro Loller Acad. and pvt. sell, and 
pub. schs., Phila,; M.D., Coll. of Medicine and Sur- 
gery, Chicago, 1904; post-grad, work Hering Md. 
'nil., Bennett Mod. Poll, and Am. Toll. Medicine. 

and Surgery (all of Chicago), also Vienna, Austria, 
1909; m. Ella May Abel, of Phila,, Sept. 5, 1893. 
Practiced since 1903; prof, obstetrics, Hering Med. 
Coll., 1907-8; prof, anatomy, Bennett Med. Coll., 
1907, minor surgery, 1908-9. Pres. Public Safety 
Commn. of Chicago and Cook Co. Mem. A.M. A., 111. 
State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Am. Orificial 
Surgeons Assn., Am. Nat. Red Cross, Pa, Soc. of 
Chicago; del. Internal. Congress Physicians and 
Surgeons, Budapest, 1909. Pres. 111. Masonic Hosp. 
Assn. Baptist. York and Scottish Rite Mason 
(33); mem. Odd Fellows, P.O.S. of A. (pres. Wash- 
ing-ton Camp, No. 485), Elks, I.O.R.M., L.O.O.M., 
K.P. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, City. Home: 3758 
Sheffield Av. Office: 64 E. Van Buren St. 

BUEHB. Karl Albert, artist; b. at Feuerbach, 
Stuttgart, Germany; s. Frederick K. and Fredericka 
(Doh) Buehr; grad. Art Inst., Chicago, 1894; m. 
Mary G. Hess, of Chicago, June 28, 1899. Bronze 
medal, St. Louis Expn., 1904; hon. mention, Paris 
Salon, 1910; silver medal, Chicago Soc. Artists, 
1914; silver medal, San Francisco Expn., 1915. His 
painting, "Beatrice," purchased by Chicago Art 
Com., 1915. Mem. 1st 111. Cavalry, Spanish-Am. 
War, 1898. Home: 1727 Chase Av. Studio: 1555 E. 
57th St. 

BUEIi, Munson Parker, live stock commn. ; b. at 
Croton, Licking Co., O., Oct. 14, 1845; s. Joshua H. 
and Lucy (Gear) Buel; ed. pub. schs., followed by 
short term at Granville (O.) Coll.; m. Chillicothe, 
Mo., Mar. 13, 1873. Evaline Wigley; children: For- 
est Lee, Daisy (Mrs. McNeil). Reared on farm in 
Ohio until 17; in gen. merchandise store at Croton, 
O., 4 yrs. ; moved to Austin, Nev., and was asst. 
cashier nat. bank there 2'/4 yrs.; health being af- 
fected by confinement, severed connection with 
bank and went to Chillicothe. Mo., and engaged in 
buying and handling live stock; became mem. live 
stock commn. firm of Hunter, Kvans & Co., St. 
Louis, May 1, 1876; moved to Chicago, Apr. 15, 
1885, and began business under same firm name, 
inc., 1889, as Evans-Snider-Buel Co., of which was 
vice pres. until 1894; since then pres. Pres. Chi- 
cago Live Stock Exchange, 1H04-H. Republican. 
Mem. Evangelical Ch. Club: Saddle and Sirloin 
(ex-pres.). Home: 4720 Greenwood Av. Office: 5 
Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards. 

BUELL, Charles Clinton, lawyer; b. Sterling, III., 
Feb. 14, 1867; s. Clinton C. and Mary A. (Niles) 
Buell; grad. Sterling High Sch., and afterwards 
attended Univ. of III., leaving' in sophomore year; 
m. Maude Hoyne, of Chicago, Oct. 26, 1892; chil- 
dren: Temple Hoyne, Charles Clinton, Jr., Frances 
Vedder. Came to Chicago, 1886, and read law in 
office of uncle, Ira W. Buell; admitted to bar in 
Mar., 1888, later forming partnership with uncle 
under firm name of Ira W. & C. C. Buell (dis- 
solved); mem. firm of Buell & Abbey since Apr. 1, 
1905. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. 
Democrat. Presbyterian. Mason (32, Shriner). 
Clubs: Law, Chicago Athletic, Iroquois, Exmoor 
Country. Recreation: bridge. Home: HighlandPark, 
111. Office: 1612 Tribune Bldg., Chicago. 

BUETTNEB, Emil, wholesale florist; b. Hanover. 
Germany, Dec. 14, 1856; s. Ernst (M.D.) and Elisa 
(Pollack) Buettner; ed. high sch., Bremen; came to 
U.S., 1871; m. Bertha Hildebrand, of Milwaukee. 
Wis., May 17, 1892; 4 children: Margaret, Gertrude, 
Elizabeth and Helen (twins). Began in florist bus- 
iness with his brother-in-law, R. Asmus, N.Y. and 
N.J., 1871, continuing 10 yrs.; came to Chicago, 
1881, and entered florist business on own account; 
partner in firm of E. WSenhoeber & Co., 1882-97; 
lias conducted business in own name since 1897: 
also pres. A. L. Randall Co., Duro Paper Products 
Co.; treas. T. Buettner & Co.; dir. Park Ridge State 
Bank. Mem. Assn. Am. Florists, Rose and Carna- 
tion socs., Chicago Florists' Club. Republican. Lu- 
theran. Clubs: Germania, Park Ridge Golf. Home: 
4248 Hazel Av. Offices: Park Ridge, 111., and 180 N. 
Wabash Av., Chicago. 

BurriNGTON. Eugene Jackson, capitalist; b. 
Guyandotte, W.Vo., Mar. 14, 1863; s. James H. and 
Columbia (Nicholas) Buffington; student Chicker- 
ing Inst., Cincinnati, 1879-80, Vanderbilt Univ., 
1881-3; m. Drucilla Nichols Moore, of Catlettsburg, 
Ky., Nov. 27, 1888; children: Eugenia Moore, Sarah 
Louise. Treas. Am. Wire & Nail Co., Anderson, 


Ind., 1884-8; sec. and treas. Am. Steel & Wire Co., Colonial (dir.). Recreations: motoring, tennis. 
1888-9; pres. 111. Steel Co. since Jan. 1, 1899; pres. Home: 5466 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 206 S. Wabash 
Indiana Steel Co., Gary Land Co.; dir. Continental Avenue. 

^S3r?^ a LS^^^^5*T2 . BUI.1.ABD, Albert Wilder,, investment, banker : 


OAO o T'nOnii^. c+~ " <"iu- " ~ " -vii . <" w iiinreu urtiiy, ui i\i iiiiifiipuii^, mum., jjec. 

alle St., Chicago. 24, 1904; 3 children: Frederick Gray, Richard Wil- 
BUFFTJM, Joseph Howard, oculist. Removed to der, John Gushing. Associated with E. H. Rollins 
San Francisco, Cal. (See vol. 1911.) & Sons, investment bankers, 1894-1916, latterly as 
BUFORD Cnlamnn (irnvag siirsrpnn- h T afav- dir.; assisted in organizing, Apr., 1916, investment 
ette Co Mo Jan *^ 187 s of L G and Orri banking firm of Bullard, Hetherington & Co., of 
Tchin?)' ferd^ed: Ventworth Mil. Acad? Lex- which, is pres.; dir. Southern 111. Light & Power 
ington, Mo.; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med Sch., c -: "J lc 1 e ? es i and hl mgr - <%?*} Western Power Co. 
Chicago, 1894; m. Iroquois Co., 111., Sept. 6, 1899 of Cal., 1912 Republican Protestant Clubs: Union 
Ada M.' Abildgaard; children: Morgan, Shelby fffiF?*ri"JH??' B " d Men's of Chicago (pres., 
Mary, Coleman, Jr., Robert Lee, Margaret, Samuel 3915 vVi I ^g, reatl 1 o n n : S i t ? n 1 is ,', re din f.;, Home: Glen ' 
Walker, John. Physician, 111. Eastern Hosp. for the coe - nl - Office. 105 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 
Insane, Kankakee, 1894-6; personal asst. to late Dr. BU11.ABD, Elihu Robins, commission mcht.; b. 
Christian Fenger, 1896-1900; has specialized in sur- Wendell, Mass., Jan. 5, 1848; s. Albert and Saman- 
gery since 1900. Instr. clin. surgery, 1897-1907, tha (Robins) Bullard; ed. common schs. of Mass.; 
also instr. operative surgery, 1900-1, Northwestern m. Etta Rudd, of Orion, Mich., May 17, 1882. Be- 
Univ. Med. Sch.; now instr. clin. surgery, Rush gan as clerk at Amherst. Mass., in 1864; came to 
Med. Coll.; prof, surgery, Chicago Policlinic; sur- Chicago, Apr., 1869; bookkeeper for a South Water 
geon to Children's Memorial and Chicago Policlinic St. commn. house, 1869-84; went to Detroit, Mich., 
hosps. Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M. A., in 1884, becoming bookkeeper for The G. H. Ham- 
Ill. State Med. Soc., Chicago Surg. Soc., Chicago mond Co.; returned to Chicago, 1889, and engaged 
Inst. of Medicine, Chicago Med. Soc., North Side in wholesale fruits and commn. business; mem. 
Med. Soc., Soc. Med. History, Zeta Chapter Nu Sig- firm of F. E. Nellis & Co., 1889-1915 (retired). Re- 
ma Nu. Mem. Royal League. Home: 441 Surf St. publican. Congregationalist. Club: Illinois. Rec- 
Offlce: 122 S. Michigan Av. reation: billiards. Home: 633 Elmwood Av., Oak 

BUHLIG, Walter H., M.D.; b. Chicago, Sept. 24, Pa f k ' "' 

1876; s. Moritz and Louisa (Weissinger) Buhlig; BTJMEK, Fred Fitzherbert, maltster; b. Dela- 

ed. pub. schs.; B.S., Univ. of Chicago, 1901; M.D., ware, Ont. Co., Can., Nov. 25, 1853; a. William F. 

Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch., 1903; m. Blanche E. and Anna (Mullen) Bullen; ed. common schs. in 

Arter, of Chicago, July 1, 1903; children: Blanche Can.; m. 1883, Cora Belle, d. Thomas Landers, of 

Louise, Ruth Martha. Pathologist to Ohio Hosp. New York; 1 daughter, Mabel La Clare Bullen 

for epileptics, Gallipolis, O., 1903-4; instr. in bac- (Mrs. Herman F. Friested). When 14 yrs. of age 

teriology, 1904-7, asst. prof. clin. pathology, 1907- came to 111.; soon after went to Kenosha, Wis., and 

12, clin. asst. in medicine since 1912, Northwestern was employed in malt house of his brother, George 

Univ. Med. School; attending physician, German Bullen; became stockholder 3 yrs. later, in Lill & 

Evangelical Deaconess Hosp. since 1911; mem. Bullen Malting Co., Chicago, later known as George 

asst staff in medicine Wesley Hosp. since 1912. Bullen & Co.; built malt house at 52d and Moffett 

Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Sts., 1889, organizing and becoming pres. and treas. 

Soc Chicago Pathol Soc Soc Med History, En- of Fred F. Bullen Malting Co.; sold business in 

glewood Med. Soc. (pres., 1916-17). Republican. Sept., 1897, to Am. Malting Co., of which was asst. 

Protestant. Mason (K.T.). Home: 372 Normal sen. mgr., 1899; dir. since organization of Standard 

Parkway Office' 25 E Washington St Trust & Savings Bank. Interested in Merchants' 

,-,. ., ,_,, , x ~ Distilling Co., of Terre Haute, Ind. Mem. Chicago 

BULXI.EY, Almon Wheeler, lawyer; b. Groton Bd of Trade Clubs . Cni Athletic, Chicago 

TOmpkinS Co., N.Y., Apr. 13, 1852; S. LorenZO and AiitnTnnhilo ^mith ^hrro OmiTitrv MnrnA- fi141 


Stafford (died Jan. 4, 1896); children: Helen, Jo- B 5 M *?. Frederick, general contractor; b. Dev- 

sephine. Admitted to 111. bar, 1879; deputy clerk nshlr ev Eni y R Se , pt - ^ "J S " , Jos ! an Mary 

Appellate Court of 111., 2d Dist., 1879-80; settled in Jane (Morey) Bulley; ed. pub. schs , Toronto Can.; 

Chicago, Aug. 1, 1880; mem. firm of Bulkley, Gray n ?- 11 Emma A Va -S? oe \3 t C 5, lca J?' June 25, 1896; 3 

& More, 1895-1912, Bulkley, More & Tallmadge children: Olive E Allan E. Bernice M. Brought 

since 1912. Mem. Draft Exemption Bd. Mem. Am., to Toronto, Can , 1871; identified with the building 


Her __ 

Windsor Golf. Recreation: golf. Home: 7154 Eu- , 

did Av. Office: 137 S. LaSalll St. (<r,). Mason (K.T.Shriner) Clubs: Union League, 

TO,, T,, Kenilworth. Recreations: motoring, fishing. Home: 

^TTZ-Z!, Follett Wilkison, lawyer; b. LaSalle, 111., Sheridan Rd., Kenilworth, 111. Office: 25 N. Dear- 
June 30, 1870; s. E. Follett and Helen (Perrin) t, orn g t Chicago 

ro ; tt\ d w U ,^,Oc1 iC 2 h 6, ^''&33S$Wfr- n **' *?** *?. "?^ ,?- at Otterville, 

fo Mr ^ a l?nce SSS ^ve # ng.', -&^b&SS^^&iS 

to 111. bar, IS, since engagea in acuve ce, Rritioh Armv art n,,h =^v, nV-u<n. <tt 

, of the company, 1875, until Mar., 1880, when start- 

BULL, Glen C., vice pres. and treas Bird Coal & ed in malleable iron business for himself at Ro- 

Iron Co.; b. Kokomo, Ind., Nov. 18, 1885; s. Howard c helle, 111.; moved it to Chicago, 1884, and with his 

L. and Frances (Trees) Bull; ed. grammar and brother, James E., incorporated 111. Malleable Iron 

high schs., Kokomo; Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ.; Lake c o o f w hich is pres.; also pres. Internal. Land & 

Forest (111.) Coll.; m. Ruth E. Loop, of Kokomo, Llve stock Co. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago, Glen 

June 26, 1912; 1 son, Glen C Jr. Deputy clerk vlew Golf Home: 541 Deming PI. Office: 1801- 

Howard Circuit Court, Ind., 1908-9; dir. and sales 182 5 Diversey Parkway. 

mgr. LaSalle Extension Univ., 1913-14; now vice -BITT T nrir" T mp T-riwarrt mfr- Tin ?! is-u 

pres. and treas. Bird Coal & Iron Co.; vice pres. 19 B = UIl ( ^ C f ', J ? m f , Edward ' rafr " Jan ' 31 ' 1{ 

Am Trust & Security Co., Am. Commerce Assn.; 1 1D - I 

treas. Olympian Motors Co. Progressive Republic- BULLOCK, Thomas H., investment securities; b. 

an. Methodist. Mem. Kappa Sigma, Mason. Club: in Ireland. Nov. 29. 1868: s. Thomas and Mary 



(Wherry) Bullock; brother of "Shan F." Bullock, 
Irish author, London, Eng. ; ed. hish schs. in Ire- 
land; m. Christine Greenfield, of Chicago, June 15, 
1903; 2 children: Catherine Mary, Gordon Wherry. 
Came to U.S., 1891; in stock and bond business 
since 1915. Served in Co. F, 1st Inf. I.N.G., 3% 
yrs. ; and in Troop C, 1st 111. Cav., as sersrt. during 
Spanish-Am. War. Republican. Episcopalian. Ma- 
son. Recreations: yachting, golf, automobiling, 
gymnastics. Home: 244 N. Menard Av. Office: 39 
S. LaSalle St. 

BUNCH, Francis Marlon, grain commn. Removed 
to Virginia. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUKCrE. Qnstave Herman, lawyer; b. Meltzow, 
Province of Brandenburg, Germany, Feb. 22, 1865; 
s. Carl and Christine (Fraude) Bunge; came to 
America, 1872; ed. common schs.; 3 yrs.' course at 
Seminary of Evangelical Synod of North America, 
Elmhurst, 111.; admitted to 111. bar, 1898; m. Fan- 
nie M. Mason, of Kernan, LaSalle Co., 111., Feb. 22, 
1888; 1 son, George Herbert. Employed as station 
agt. at various points in 111. on A.,T.&S.F.Ry. and 
C..B.&Q.R.R., 1888-98; began law practice in Chi- 
cago as mem. firm of Gray & Bunge 1898, later, 
Bunge, Thorpe & Burns, and Bunge & Harbour; 
pres. and gen. mgr. Post Am. Forwarding Co.; 
atty., village of Downers Grove 6 yrs.; mem. Bd. 
of Trustees 2 yrs., Bd. of Edn. 2 yrs. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bar Assn. Democrat. Congregationalist. K.P. 
Club: Traffic. Home: Downers Grove, III. Office: 
35 N. Dearborn St., Chicago. 

BUNKER, Charles Henry, insurance. (See vol. 

BUNNELI,, John Alexander, grain commn.; b. at 
Brantford, Ont., Apr. 21, 1864; s. Enos and Cor- 
nelia (Kennedy) Bunnell; ed. pub. schs.; m. Paris, 
Ont., Apr. 11, 1896, Kate Capron Baird; 1 daugh- 
ter, Margaret. Came to Chicago in 1882; became a 
mem. of the Chicago Bd. of Trade, 1891, and a mem. 
of firm of Hately Bros., commn. mchts. in grain 
and provisions. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Chicago Bd. of Trade (dir., 1897-9; pres., 1909). 
Mem. Royal Arcanum. Clubs: Union League, Ex- 
moor, Church. Recreations: golf, church matters. 
Home: Highland Park, 111. Office: 70 Board of 
Trade Bldg., Chicago. 

BUNTE, Ferdinand, manufacturing confection- 
er; b. Germany, July 16, 1846; s. Charles and Flor- 
ence (Schamhard) Bunte; ed. pvt. sch. in Germany; 
m. Phila., Pa., Aug. 16, 1868, Maria Fauss; chil- 
dren: Theodore W., Charles F., Martha (Mrs. W. 
Kunkele, of Germany), Laura (Mrs. Albert Kiin- 
kele, of Germany), Florence (Mrs. Walter A. Kee- 
ter, of Chicago). Lived in Phila., 1865-76; served 
in U.S. Marine Corps, 1865-7; in the candy business 
in Phila., 1867-76; came to Chicago, 1876, establish- 
ing, with associates, the firm of Bunte Bros. & 
Spoehr, incorporated Mar. 1, 1903, as Bunte, Spoehr 
& Co., and in Apr., 1906, as Bunte Bros., of which 
has since been pres. Republican. Was 3 yrs. mem. 
Bd. of Edn. of Rogers Park prior to annexation. 
Mason (Park Lodge No. 843). Home: 423 Belmont 
Av. Office: 720-728 W. Monroe St. 

BUNTE, G-ustav Adolpk, mfg. confectioner; b. at 
Lemgo, Germany, Aug. 31, 1852; s. Charles and 
Florence (Schamhard) Bunte; ed. pvt. schs. in Ger- 
many; m. Chicago, June 1, 1879, Philippina Week; 
children: Oscar C. A., Elsa Florentine (Mrs. Walter 
Kellner), Charlotta. In candy business in Phila., 
1866-9; came to Chicago, 1869, continuing in same 
line, and in 1876, with brother Ferdinand and C. A. 
Spoehr, established firm of Bunte Bros. & Spoehr, 
mfrs. of candies, firm incorporated, Mar. 1, 1903, as 
Bunte, Spoehr & Co., of which was vice pres. until 
Apr., 1906, when name was changed to Bunte Bros., 
of which was vice pres. and treas. until 1913, since 
treas. Mem. Schwaben Verein, Harmonie Maenner- 
chor, of Lake View. Home: 618 Fullerton Av. Of- 
fice: 720-728 W. Monroe St. 

BUNTE, Theodore W., mfg. confectioner; b. at 
Phila., Pa., Jan. 16, 1870; s. Ferdinand and Maria 
(Fauss) Bunte; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Anna C. 
Torkilson, of Rogers Park, Chicago, June 10, 1891; 
2 children: Ferdinand Andrew, Harriet Marie (Mrs. 
Fred L. Goss). Associated in business with Bunte 
Bros., mfrs. high grade chocolates and candies, 
since beginning of active career at age of 14; gen. 

mgr. since 1908, also vice pres. since 1913. Mem. 
Nat. Confectioners' Assn., 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chicago 
Assn. Commerce. Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: 
Birchwood Country, Wilmette Country. Recrea- 
tions: motoring, outdoor life. Home: 732 Junior 
Terrace. Office: 720 W. Monroe St. 

BUNTING, Ouy J., railway comptroller; b. in 
Va., July 14, 1881; grad. high sch. in Va. Began as 
gen. accountant of a small ry. in Va., 1900; ac- 
counting expert in ry. affairs, Interstate Commerce 
Commn., Washington, to Isll; gen. accountant, 
July, 1911-15, gen. auditor, 1915-17, comptroller 
since July 3, 1917, C.,M.&St.P.Ry. Home: 1221 
Hood Av. Office: 1205 Railway Exchange. 

BUBCH, William Arthur, vice pres. Pathescope 
Co.; b. Warwick, Can., Oct. 6, 1864; s. Oliver Edson 
and Sarah Jane (Wright) Burch; grad. Jennings 
Sem., Aurora, 111., 1885; Ph.B., Northwestern Univ., 
1890, with honors in history and oratory, taking 
Kirk Prize; one of founders of Northern Oratorical 
League; m. Dora M. Bovee, of Chicago, Sept. 15, 
1892; 1 son, Arthur Courtenay. Entered M.E. min- 
istry, 1886; served in ministry for 19 yrs., in 111. 
and Minn., last charge being South Park Av. Ch., 
Chicago; retired from ministry on account of seri- 
ous eye trouble. Financial sec. Northwestern Univ., 
1900-2; was in employ of New York Life Ins. Co. 
in Chicago; became field supt. Columbian Nat. Ins. 
Co. of Boston; represented the Mutual Benefit Ins. 
Co. of N.J. and was 111. mgr. for Northwestern 
Nat., of Minn.; vice pres. Methodists Church Sup- 
ply Co., 1909; in land and timber business, 1909-16; 
vice pres. Pathescope Co., motion pictures for 
schools and churches, since 1916. Mem. exec. com. 
Methodist Social Union; was mem. Chicago Com. 
of Gen. Conf. M.E. Ch., Dewey Reception Com., 
Com. of 100 Lincoln Centenary Celebration, etc. 
Trustee North Shore Music Festival Assn. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Delta Upsilon. Club: Hamilton; ex- 
pres. Chicago Delta Upsilon Club. Recreations: 
golf, bowling, fishing. Home: 618 Colfax St., Ev- 
anston, 111. Office: 17 N. Wabash Av., Chicago. 

BUBCH, William Elbridgre, coffee mcht.; b. St. 
Paul, Minn., Nov. 22, 1869; s. William H. and Eliz- 
abeth (Norwood) Burch; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; 
m. Emma L. Sherer, of Chicago, Apr. 27, 1902; chil- 
dren: William Elbridge, Jr., Norwood, Dorothy. 
Entered coffee business in 1884, with J. W. Doane 
& Co., and represented the company in Brazil, S.A., 
1894-9; entered, 1899, Sherer Bros. Co., importers, 
of which was sec. and treas. until 1908; mem. Ruff- 
ner, McDowell & Burch, coffee and spices, since 
1910. Republican. Clubs: City, Skokie Country, 
Glencoe. Home: 1203 Maple Av., Evanston, 111. 
Office: 326 W. Madison St., Chicago. 

BUBCHABD, Edgar Warne, public appraiser; b. 
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 7, 1862; s. Mortimer Nelson 
and Jane G. (Warne) Burchard; ed. pub. schs., St. 
Louis; m. Chicago, July 18, 1S94, Ella Elliott; 1 
daughter, Marjorie. Was first engaged in business 
for himself in firm of E. W. Burchard & Co., whole- 
sale jewelry, and in 1891 became chief accountant 
for the Am. Radiator Co.; later became auditor and 
financial man for the Ames & Frost Co. until 1900, 
when, with William E. Coats, established the 
Coats & Burchard Co., pub. appraisers and engrs., 
of which is treas. Republican. Veteran 1st Regt. 
I.N.G. Episcopalian. Mason. Club: Hamilton. Rec- 
reations: reading, billiards. Home: Kenilworth, 111. 
Office: 11 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BUBCHABD, Edward lawyer, civic worker; b. 
Freeport, 111., Sept. 5, 1867; s. late Horatio Chapin 
Burchard (mem. of Congress, 1869-79, dir. of the 
mint, 1879-85) and Jane (Lawver) Burchard; Ph.B., 
Beloit (Wis.) Coll., 1891; spl. studies, Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1894; m. Alice Barton, of Freeport, 111., Oct. 
4, 1893; 1 daughter, Marion B. Resident of Hull 
House, Chicago, 1891-2; chief elk., mines dept., 
World's Fair, Chicago, 1892-3; recorder and libra- 
rian. Field Mus. Natural History, 1894-8; chief of 
library and archives division, U.S. Coast and Geo- 
detic Survey, Washington, 1898-1903: chief of or- 
der division, Library of Congress, 1903-6; sec. Civic 
League, Freeport, 111., 1908-9; dir. of Extension 
Dept., Chicago Sch. of Civics and Philanthropy, 
1909-14; dir. various city club civic exhibits, 1912- 
15; sec. Civics Extension Com., 1014-15; civic sec. 
Community Council of Harrison Tech. High Sch. 


Dist., Chicago, 1915. Progressive. Mem. Am. Assn. 
of Museums (charter), Beta Theta Pi, Social Serv- 
ice Club. Club: City. 2254 Marshall Boul. Office: 
123 W. Madison St. 

BUBCHABD, John Charles, lawyer; b. Ft. At- 
kinson, Wis.. Sept. 26, 1867; s. George W. and L,UT 
cinda E. (Charles) Hurt-hard; B.S., Beloit (Wis.) 
Coll., 1892; m. Daisy l<\ Plummer, of Chicago, Oct. 
18, 1899; 1 son, Donald Edward. Learned printer's 
trade at Ft. Atkinson after leaving- high school; 
after graduation from coll. came to Chicago and 
studied law; in practice in Chicago since 1894. 
Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar assns., Beta Theta 
Pi. Republican. Congregationalism Home: Wil- 
mette, 111. Office: 10 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BUBDETT, John Burrns, elevator supplies; b. at 
Nashville, Tenn.. Jan. 20, 1861: s. Dr. William M. 
and Sallie E. (Potter) Burdett; ed. pub. schs. of 
Nashville; m. Independence, Mo., 1893, Jessie Hen- 
ley; 1 daughter, Esther Lucile. Began in commn. 
business at age of '20 as representative of coffee 
and sugar plantations. Burdett & Hayes; in the 
wool-carding business at Nashville, Tenn., 1885; 
same year went to Kansas City and leased the 
plant of the Electric Clock Co., operating it for I! 
yrs. ; came to Chicago, 1890, becoming mem. Bur- 
dett & Rowntree, inc., 1S93, as the Burdett-Rown- 
tree Mfg. Co., mfrs. elevator supplies; pres. Bur- 
dett Mfg. Co., Burdett Oxygen Co. Was mem. Por- 
ter Rifles. Nashville, Tenn. Democrat. Methodist. 
Club: Ridge Country. Recreation: motoring. Home: 
10244 Longwood Boul. Office: 309 St. Johns Ct. 

BUBDICK. Alfred Stephen, editor; b. DeRuyter, 
N.Y., Feb. 15, 1867; s. of Rev. Stephen and Susan 
(Maxson) Burdick; A.B., Alfred (N.Y.) Univ.. 1886; 
M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1891; m. Ella Grace 
Brown, of West Hallock, 111., July 9, 1891. In gen. 
practice of medicine since Apr., 1891, at Dunlap, 
111., Tampa, Fla., and Chicago; prof, practice of 
medicine. 111. Med. Coll., 1899-1904. Author: Stand- 
ard Medical Manual, 1904. Editor Med. Standard, 
1899-1904; mng. editor Am. Jour, of Clin. Medicine 
since Jan., 1904. Mem. Draft Exemption Bd. Mem. 
Chicago Med. Soc., 111. State Med. Soc., A.M.A., Am. 
Acad. Medicine, Am. Med. Editors' Assn., A.A.A.S. 
Republican. Home: 2148 Giddings St. Office: 4753 
E. Ravens\vood Av. 

BURDICK, Arch O., insurance; b. at Chicago, 
Apr. 30, 187S; s. Oscar and Fannie (Munson) Bur- 
dick; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Frank McCourtie 
Burdick, of Chicago, June 10, 1903. Began in ins. 
business in Chicago, 1894; became mem. firm Rol- 
lins & Burdick, 1899: vice pres. Rollins Burdick 
Hunter Co. since 1912. Republican. Mason (Cove- 
nant Lodge No. 526). Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
South Shore Country. Recreation: travel. Home: 
2616 Lake View Av. Office: 175 W. Jackson Boul. 

BURDICK, Charles Baker, hydraulic and sani- 
tary engr.; b. Chicago, Mar. 6, 1874; s. William 
Richard and Mary (Dewey) Burdick; grad. Wallace 
High Sch., Sterling, 111., 1891; B.S. in municipal and 
sanitary engring., Univ. of 111., 1895; m. Mabel 
Taylor, of Chicago, Oct. 8, 1909. Asst. engr. to Al- 
vord & Shields, engrs., Chicago, 1895-7, and to John 
A. Cole, 1897-1901; asso. in firm of John A. Cole & 
Son, 1901-2; partner in firm Alvord & Burdick, en- 
srs., since 1902. Designed and supervised water 
supply and sewage system of Gary, Ind. ; engr. for 
municipal filtration works at Evansville, Ind., and 
Niagara Falls, N.Y., also works of water supply 
and sewage in about 75 cities. Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., 
Am. Water Works Assn., Western Soc. Engrs., 111. 
Soc. Engrs. and Surveyors (ex-pres.), Sigma Chi. 
Clubs: Chicago Engineers'. University, LaGrange 
Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 419 S. Waiola 
Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 8 S. Dearborn St. .Chicago. 

BURDICK, Gordon Granger, M.D.; b. Janes ville, 
Wis., Sept. 15, 1862; s. Edward F. and Mary Electa 
(Newell) Burdick; ed. pub. schs., Janesville, Wis.; 
Mitchell (S.D.) Univ.; M.D., Northwestern Univ. 
Med. Sch., 1890; m. Chicago, 1889, Alvina L. Seltz: 
1 son, Edward Franklin. Ranching in S.D., 1880-4; 
resident of Chicago since 1884; engaged in prac- 
tice of medicine since 1890; was surgeon, Columbia 
Dispensary and the Charity Hosp. ; asso. prof, sur- 
gery, Post-Grad. Med. Sch.; chief surgeon People's 
Hosp.; prof, of radio-therapy and photo-chemistry, 

111. School of Klectro-Tlierapcutics; prof, physiol. 
therapy. Bennett Med. Coll.; sec. Burdick-Abel 
Clin. Laboratory. Mem. A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc. 
Club: Press. Author: X-Ray and High Frequency 
in Medicine, 1908; Rational' Medicine, 1913. Asso. 
editor Child Betterment. Contbr. numerous arti- 
cles on med. jours. Recreations: politics and pho- 
tography. Home: 1600 Sherwin Av. Office: 7 W. 
Madison St. 

BURGER, William Henry, c-ivil engineer; b. at 
Caribou, Colo., May 2, 1874; s. Henry and Caro- 
line P. (Mohr) Burger; ed. pub. schs., Boulder, 
Colo.; B.S., Univ. of Colo., 1896; post-grad, work, 
same, 1896-7; m. Elizabeth L. Shotwell, of Evans- 
ton, 111., Aug. 7, 1912; 1 son, William Henry, Jr. 
Instr., Univ. of Colo., 1896-7; with engring. corps. 
Colo.&N.W.Ry., 1897-9: aid and asst., U.S. Coast & 
Geodetic Survey, 1899-1910; asst. prof. civ. en- 
gring., 1910-15, prof, since Sept., 1915, Northwest- 
ern Univ. Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Soc. C.E., 
Soc. Promotion Engring. Edn., 111. Engrs.' Soc., 
Delta Tau Delta. Presbyterian. Club: University 
of Evanston. Home: 618 Clark St., Evanston, 111. 

BURG-ESS, Ernest Watson, .sociologist; b. Til- 
bury, Ont.. Can., May 16, 1886: s. Edmund James 
and Mary Ann Jane (Wilson) Burgess; A.B., King- 
fisher (Okla.) Coll., 1908; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 
1913; unmarried. Instr., Toledo (O.) Univ., 1912- 
13; asst. prof, sociology, Univ. of Kan., 1913-15; 
asst. prof, economics and sociology, Ohio State 
Univ., 1915-16; asst. prof, sociology, Univ. of Chi- 
cago, since July 1, 1916. Mem. Am. Sociol. Soc., 
Am. Economic Assn., Am. Assn. for Labor Legisla- 
tion. Club: City. Author: The Function of Social- 
ization in Social Evolution, 1916. Home: 919 E. 62cl 

BURGESS, John B., president Englewood State 
Bank; dir. Englewood Safety Deposit Co. Home: 
336 W. 64th St. Office: 235 W. 63d St. 

BURGESS, William, clergyman; b. at Norwich, 
Eng., May 26, 1843; s. William and Elizabeth (Tay- 
lor) Burgess; ed. Dowson Coll., Norwich; m. Fran- 
ces A. Miles, of Norwich, Aug. 2, 1865. Lecturer, 
Scotland, 1868-70; lecturer and sec. National Med. 
Assn., for Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts, 
England, 1872-5; editor Medical Enquirer, 1875-8: 
ordained Congl. ministry, 1879; pastor Canton, 111., 
1882-5, Mendon, 1885-90, Des Plaines, 1897-1902. 
Park Manor. Chicago, 1905-8; sec. Am. Vigilance 
Assn. since 1911; sec. Pub. Safety Commn. of Chi- 
cago and Cook County since 1915; dir. 111. Vigi- 
lance Assn. Author: Land, Labor and Liquor, 1879: 
The Bible in Shakespeare, 1902; The Religion of 
Ruskin, 1905; Bible Side Lights from Shakespeare. 
1913; The World's Social Evil, 1914. Home: Des 
Plaines, 111. Office: 10 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BURGHART, Charles V,, general contractor; b. 
LaCrosse, Wis., Jan. 17, 1879; s. of Gerhard and 
Emma Salome (Goslyn) Burghart; ed. grammar 
si-hs.. Chicago: m. Mabel Dorothy, of Chicago, 
Sept. 16, 1905; 3 children: Ruth Margaret, William 
Theodore, Robert Edwin. In employ of C.,M.&St.P. 
Ry., 1895-1901; became connected with the Bates *.- 
Rogers Constrn. Co., 1901, and now sec., asst. treas. 
and dir. same. Roman Catholic. Mem. Knights of 
Columbus. Clubs: Union League, Westmoreland 
Country. Home: 108 Woodbine Av., Wilmette, 111. 
Office: 875, 37 W. Van Buren St., Chicago. 

BUBHANS, Frank Dennis, clergyman; b. Bur- 
lington, la.. July 7, 1866; s. Denslow and Clara 
(Cornick) Burhans; freshman and sophomore yrs. 
la. Wesleyan Univ.; A.B., Univ. of Denver, 1894; 
B.D., Chicago Theol. Sem., 1898; (D.D., Tabor Coll.. 
1910); m. Burlington, la., Aug. 21, 1894, Cornelia 
F. Krieehbaum; children: Ivan Denslow, Lucile 
Marie. Was for ."> yrs. in retail grocery business. 
and then 4 yrs.. 1886-90, in wholesale grocery busi- 
ness with John Blaul & Sons, Burlington, la.; 
financial agt. Univ. of Denver, 1894; pastor Congl. 
Ch., Park Ridge, 111., 1895-8, Plymouth Congl. Ch., 
Salina, Kan., 1899, Washington Park Congl. Ch., 
Chicago, 1900-12, Central Ch., Dallas, Tex., 1912-14. 
Park Manor Ch., Chicago, since 1914. Pres. Colo. 
Oratorical Assn., 1893-4; pres. Congl. Ministers' 
Union of Chicago and Vicinity, 1909; pres. Alumni 
Assn. Chicago Theol. Sem., 1916-17. Home: 6947 
Vernon Av. 



BURXAXTS, James Audubon, law and real es- 
tate; b. LaPorte Co., Ind., Oct. 28, 1852; s. Peter 
and Martha Hunt (Andrews) Burhans; A.B., De 
Pauw Univ., 1875, A.M., 1878; LL.B., Northwestern 
Univ. Law Sch., Chicago, 1877; m. Valparaiso, Ind., 
Oct. 7, 1879, Jessie Pierpont Smith (now deceased). 
Admitted to 111. bar, 1877; pres. Burhans, Ellin- 
wood & Co., real estate Mem M.E. Church. Pres. 
Cook Co. S.S. Assn. 1899-1901; sec Worlds First 
s.S. Conv., London, 1889: del to World s Fourth 
s.S. Conv., Jerusalem 1904 Pres. M.E. Old Peo- 
ples ^"i 6 - Chicago, 1898-1906 endowment treas. 
since 1906; pres. Epworth Children's Home, 1893- 

^? Pv, : r< ; s - or vice p es 'i, and en ? own ^Q I ?, t r, treas " 
Methodist Deaconess Orphanage since 1900; pres. 

Agard Deaconess Rest Home and Amanda Smith 
Industrial Home; pres. Chicago Deaconess Home; 
trustee Wesley Hosp., Chicago Boys' Club Pacific 
garden Mission, Jennings Sem., etc. Mem. Chicago 
Bar Assn. Republican. Club: Union League. Au- 
SSF/*** * Mumci P a } Bonds; A Digest of the 
statutory Laws Governing the Investment of Cor- 
porate and Trust Funds. Home: 5310 Magnolia Av. 
Offlce: 25 N. Dearborn St. 

sistory and Shrine; K. P., K.O. T.M.M., Eagles. 
Clubs: South Chicago, Ainsworth, South Chicago 
Automobile (pres.). Calumet River Boat, 8th Ward 
Republican (vice pres.). Home: 8926 Exchange Av. 
Office: 9233 Commercial Av. 

BTJRKHAI.TER Robert Prosens, lawyer- b at 
Maquon, 111., May 18, 1873; s. James Louis and 
Mar tha Ellen (Adle) Burkhalter; grad. high sch.. 
Galesburg, 111., 1890; student Knox Coll., 1891-2; 
Univ. of Chicago, 1894-6; (treas. and mgr. Western 
Oratorical Assn., 1895-6); Columbia Univ., New 
Yo rk City, 1896-7; New York Law Sch., 1897-8; 
LL| . B Chicago Law Sch., 1902; m. Elizabeth Whit- 
more Greene, of Corinth, Miss., Aug. 23, 1898; chil- 
dren: Robert p., j r . (deceased), Mary Louise, Louis 
Alame th. Admitted to bar, Memphis, Tenn., 1898, 
Co rinth, Miss., 1899, Chicago, 111., 1902; partner of 
U-S Senator James Hamilton Lewis, 1912-15; later 
mem Burkhalter, Grossberg & Newfleld; now mem. 
Burkhalter & Newfield. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. 
state Bar Assn Lawyers' Assn. of 111., Chicago 
Bar j^an., S . A .R. Democrat. Presbyterian. Mem. 
Kn jg nt g o f Pythias. Club: Press. Residence: Chi- 
cago Beach Hotel. Office: 1849 Edison Bldg. 

> mfr - Removed to 

ern Univ., 1869; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1871; m. 
Myra Webster, of Rockford, 111., Dec. 5, 1878; chil- 
dren: Harold Webster, Ralph Haney. Began prac- 
tice in Chicago in 1876, and has continued in prac- 
tice ever since, except while on the bench for 9 yrs. 
as judge of the Circuit Court of Cook Co., and 1 yr. 
as judge of the Appellate Court for the 1st Dist., 
1893-94; now in gen. practice as head of firm of 
Burke, Jackson & Burke. Lecturer on equity juris- 
prudence and procedure, Chicago-Kent College of 
Law, and in 1904 succeeded the late Judge Moran 
as dean of that coll.; mem. bds. of dirs. of many 
corpns. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., 
Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Methodist; ex- 
pres. Methodist Social Union of Chicago. Clubs: 
Union League, Hamilton, Illinois. Writer of ency. 
articles on equity. Home: 6163 Kenmore Av. Of- 
fice: 8 S. Dearborn St. 

BURKE, Elliott A., wholesale hardware; b. New 
Harmony, Ind., Sept. 12, 1866; s. Luke A. and 
Miriam (Elliott) Burke; ed. pub. schs., New Har- 
mony and Lafayette, Ind.; m. Edna A. Pettit, of 
Waukon la., June 30, 1897; 2 children: Richard P., 
Fulton E . Began as elk. in retail hardware store, 
Aberdeen, S.D., 1883; traveling salesman for Hib- 
bard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., 1888-1903; sales mgr. 
same company since Jan., 1903, and sec. of the 
company since 1915. Congregationalist. Clubs: 
City, Oak Park, Oak Park Country. Recreations: 
fishing, hunting, golf. Home: 520 Fair Oaks Av., 
Oak Park, 111. Office: 303 N. State St., Chicago. 

BURKE, Richard E., judge Superior Court of 
Cook Co., 1910-16; died June 16, 1916. 

BURKE, Robert Emmett, contractor, granite 
blocks; b. Chicago, Sept.. 1858; s. Richard M. and 
Catherine Burke; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Chi- 
cago, 1890, Louise J. Spangenberg; 1 son. Learned 
the printing trade and worked at it 15 yrs.. and 
after that was a news dealer. Became sec. of the 
Democratic County Central Com. and sec. of the 
County Democracy; now mem. of the Dem. State 
Com.; managed the campaign of Carter H. Harri- 
son, Sr., for mayor, 1893, and those of Carter H. 
Harrison, Jr., 1897, 99 and 1901; oil inspector of 
City of Chicago. 1897-1901; since then head of firm 
of Robert E. Burke & Co., granite contractors. 
Home: 1432 N. LaSalle St. Office: 154 W. Randolph 

BURKE, Squire Smith, banker; b. in Can., Jan. 
22, 1875; s. Harmon S. and Emily E. (Root) Burke; 
came to U.S. with parents in infancy; ed. pub. schs. 
and South Chicago High Sch.: m. South Chicago, 
Jan. 7, 1902, Anna Heinsen. Began active career 
as a newsboy in Chicago; became connected with 
Calumet Nat. Bank as messenger, becoming vice 
pres., July 9, 1904; also in loan, real estate and ins. 
business. Republican. Baptist. Pres. South Chi- 
cago Business Men's Assn.; vice pres. Retail Mer- 
chants' Assn. Pres. South Chicago Old Settlers' 
Assn. Mem. Harbor Lodge, A.F. and A.M., Con- 

mf r. ; 
deceased. (See vol. 1911.) 

BURKHOLDER, Charles A., M.D., surgeon; b. at 
London, Ont., Can., July 8, 1886; s. Jacob F. and 
Millie (Barkey) Burkholder; S.B., Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1911; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1912; m. Lala 
Winterringer, of Arcola, 111., Dec. 15, 1914. Asso. 
prof, ophthalmology, Bennett Med. Coll. (Loyola 
Univ.); asst. surgeon 111. Eye and Ear Infirmary. 
Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. 
Soc., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Rho Sigma. Re- 
publican. Protestant. Royal Arch Mason. Home: 
6312 Drexel Av. Office: 108 N. State St. 

BURKHOLDER. Jacob P., M.D.; b. Ont., Can., 
Sept. 10, 1861; s. Samuel and Mareda (Fockler) 
Burkholder; ed. pub. schs. of Stouftorth and Mark- 
ham, Can.; M.D., Western Univ., London, Can., 
1892; m. Millie Barkey, of Chicago, 1884; children: 
Charles Augustus, Ferol (daughter), Otto Freder- 
ick. Began practice in London, Can.; a resident 
and practitioner in Chicago since 1893; prof, oph- 
thalmology, Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 
Coll. until 1911; prof, ophthalmology, Dept. of 
Medicine, Loyola Univ.; prof, physiology, Dental 
Dept., Univ. of 111. until 1912. Mem. 111. State Med. 
Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Author: Anat- 
omy of the Sheep's Brain (text-book), 1907, 2d 
edit., 1912; Normal Vision and Diseased Fundi 
(Annals of Ophthalmology). 1905. Home: 6130 
Greenwood Av. Office: 108 N. State St. 

BUR1EY, Clarence Augustus, lawyer; b. Chi- 

settled in Conn., 1646. maternal ancestor in Long 
Island, between 1660-80; ed. Miles Mil. Sch., Brat- 
tleboro, Vt., 1865-8; Amherst Coll.. 1868 (non- 
grad.); LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, 1876; m. Wau- 
kegan, 111., Nov. 11, 1880, Avis H. Blodgett (now 
deceased); children: Ruth Monell, Avis; m. 2d, 
Mar., 1913, Mary E. Burley; 2 children: Anna Bur- 
ley, Mary Burley. Admitted to bar, 1876: with 
William H. McSurely, established firm of Burley 
& McSurely, 1889, which was dissolved on election 
of Mr. McShurely as judge of the Superior Court: 
dir. Merchants' Loan & Trust Co., Burley & Tyr- 
rell Co. Pres. Chicago Hist. Soc. Republican. Uni- 
tarian. Clubs: Chicago, University, Union League. 
Chicap-o Literary, Caxton. Home: 848 N. Dearborn 
St. Office: 79 W. Monroe St. 

BURX.HTG, Edward Burnham, lawyer; b. Eldora, 
Hardin Co., la,, Feb. 1, 1870; s. Edward and Lucy 
(Burnham) Burling; ed. pub. schs.; A.B., Grinnell 
Coll., 1890; A.B., Harvard, 1891; LL.B. and A.M., 
Harvard Law Sch., 1894; m. Louisa Peasley, of 
Chicago, Nov. 9, 1902; children: Edward, John Lan- 
caster. Admitted to 111. bar, 1895; with Cyrus 
Bentley in firm of Bentley & Burling until 1915; 
since mem. Bentley. Burling & Kumler. Mem. 111. 
State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. 
Club: University. Home: Hubbard Woods, 111. Of- 
fice: 203 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. 


BURLING, William Slocomb, president Martin vice pres., 1906, and vice pres. in charge of traffic 

Grate Co b Canandaigua, N.Y., Nov. 24, 1861; s. C..B.&Q. and C.&S. rds., Jan. 31, 1910. Democrat. 

Joseph and Lydia (Allen) Burling; ed. pub. schs. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, Exmoor 

of Waukegan, 111.; m. Brookfleld, Mo., June 6,1887, Country, Traffic. Home: Kenilworth, 111. Office: 

Dolle G., d. of Joseph Niles; 1 son, Harold Dodge. 547 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

Traveling salesman for wholesale hardware firm BURNHAM, Daniel Hudson, architect; Sept. 4, 

of Pratt & Co., Buffalo, N.Y., 1882-5; with Wheel- 1846-June 1, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

er, Madden & Clemson, Middletown, N.Y., mfrs. of BUBNHAM. Edward hair iroods- h at TTnnkRpt 

saws, until 1890; entered mfr. of gray iron castings NH \"v:ilS48s James fnd Lucv A (Taylor)' 

in Chicago 1890; sold out in 190 il and became pr es. %*: ^mo^'^^ren^o^l^S. 

and mgr. Martin Grate Co. mfrs iron specialtes. NH ed d , t sch windnam NH followed by 

Pres Village of Rivera ide^ 111- 191 7-19. Republic- COUTKe in Bryant ^ stratton Commercial Coll?, 

an. Episcopalian. Clubs. Hamilton, Riverside Golf. Manchester, N.H.; m. Chicago, Jan. 23, 1879, Mary 

Recreations: golf, motoring Home. Riverside, 111. McGee; children: Edward, Jr., Frederic, Raymond, 

Office: 343 S. Dearborn St., Chicago. Mary Qenevieve, Clarence, Norbert, Gerald, Har- 

BURLINGHAM, Frederick Wrlsrht. life insur- old, Isabel, Julian, Donald. Came to Chicago, 1867; 

ance counselor; b. Cairo, 111., Dec. 22, 1868; a. E. P. in hair goods business since 1871. Mem. Chicago 

and Susan M. Burlingham; A.B., Harvard, 1891, Assn. Commerce. Republican. Club: Chicago Ath- 

A.M., 1894, LL.B., 1894; m. Sarah McD. Breck, of letic. Home: 932 E. 50th St. Offices: 138 N. State 

Claremont, N.H., Dec. 19, 1906; 2 daughters, Susan St. and 24 W. Washington St. 

B. and Barbara. Practiced law in Chicago, 1894- BURNHAM, Frederic, lawyer; b. Chicago, Mar. 

1900; asst. mgr for Charles D. Norton, gen. agt. 7 lggl g Edward and Mary (McGee) Burnham; 

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., 1900-4, in in- AB Yal 1902 . LL .B., Northwestern Univ. Law 

vestment business, 1904-15; opened own offices as Sch 1906; m Adda M Gnost of Denver, Colo., Jan. 

life ins. counselor, Aug. 1, 1915. Republican Pres. 4 _ 19n Began Iaw work ln offlce of Ho yne, O'Con- 

Associated Harvard Clubs since May 20, 1916. Con- nor & H oyne, Chicago, 1902; connected with legal 

gregationalist Clubs: Law City, University. dept c.&N.-W.Ry.Co., Chicago, 1905-9; asst. state's 

Home: Winnetka, 111. Office: 821 Corn Exchange atty of Cook Co _ 1909-12; practiced alone and as 

Bldg., Chicago. mem. law firm Northup, Burnham, Fairbank & 

BURN, see also Byrne. Klein until 1917; now associated with Mayer, 

BURN. William Heber mfr.; b. Toronto, Ont., Me .y er . Austrian & Platt. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 

lar^'l 2 B'u'rn^ed' TJ DO ^Canada ^oV* Toronto m" Bet^K^pafphflSeHiTphi. ^ulmcln^Catno'lic! 
Ma?y Conkling Stockton; of Rockford, 111, Sept. '. ^nic^rde^com^H^mn S^fx d"/ (e ^ n ' 

& CaVnoleSk'lTm^irmer^hant^a^d 8 mfrffi gfj^' Omce^Ol^Cmtlne^l' ComL"cM Bank 
ronto, continuing until 1889; sec. Buhl Stamping 

Co Detroit, until 1893; came to Chicago and has BUBNHAM, Hugh Lascelle, lawyer; b. Chicago, 

since been sec. and dir. Sturges & Burn Mfg. Co., Mar. 14, 1857; s. Edwin R. and Mary D. (Lascelle) 

mfrs. of dairy and sheet metal specialties. Vice Burnham; ed. pub. schs., Chicago Acad.; LL.B., 

pres. 111. Mfrs.' Assn. Republican. Episcopalian. Union Coll. of Law, 1882; m. Chicago, Dec. 29, 1885, 

Clubs: Oak Park (pres. 1909, 10), Traffic. Home: Mary L. Burt; children: Dorothy, Constance, Law- 

657 Sheridan Rd. Offlce: 508 S. Green St. rence B., E. Crebert, Katharine P., Phyllis E., Ed- 

BUBNAP, Bobert lord, assistant freight traffic T^'jPx ^ r n n rt es n Vo;V^H^ ? n i ^hu- 1 pin T 'p^ m nf t vni t a O B -p irf 
. ,. v. Dmvi4v*A AT* Gar^t 9n i c 1 9 . o Txr?i*in* ioo, and practiced in k^nicago. rres. or village 01 

mgr.; b. Burlington, Vt., bept. t(J, 1872; S. Wilder G | pn View t tpi-ms tjwprlpnhnr^lnn rinho- TTni 

Luke and Fannie L. C. Burnap; A.B., Dartmouth vprsltv ripn VJPW V -Tw Hrrnp- r-in Vipw Til 

Coll., 1894. Began as elk. in offlce of station agt., veraltv . Glen Vlew - Law - Home. Glen View, 111. 

Central Vt. Ry., at Ogdensburg, Vt., Oct. 15, 1894; BUBNHAM, John, stocks and bonds; b. Chicago, 

successively timekpr., elk. to div. frt. agt., elk. in Nov. 28, 1878; s. Daniel H. and Margaret (Sher- 

commercial agent's offlce, New York, traveling frt. man) Burnham; ed. grammar and high schs., Ev- 

agt., commercial agt., same rd., and agt. Nat. Dis- anston. 111.; Hill Sch., Pottstown, Pa.; Princeton 

patch Fast Freight Lines, New York, until 1905; Univ.; m. Catharine W. Wheeler, of Evanston, 

gen. frt. agt. same rd., 1905-8; asst. gen. frt. agt., 1906; children: Catharine, John. In brokerage busi- 

1908-11, asst. frt traffic mgr. since Nov. 1, 1911, ness in Chicago as John Burnham & Co. since 1903. 

Grand Trunk Ry. Clubs: Traffic, Exmoor Country, Clubs: University, Chicago, Union League, Old 

South Shure Country (Chicago); Ethan Allen (Bur- Elm, Glen View. Recreations: outdoor sports, 

lington, Vt.); Transportation (Buffalo). Residence: Home: Evanston, 111. Offlce: 41 S. LaSalle St., Chi- 

Lakota Hotel. Offlce: 112 W. Adams St. cago. 

BURNETT, Bobert Alexander, produce mcht.; BUBNS, see also Byrnes. 

b. Kirkcudbright, Scotland, May 4, 1848; s. Robert BUBNS, Clyde Penlmore, editor; b. Belle Plaine, 

and Elizabeth (Crowe) Burnett; ed. in Scotland; Kan., May 4, 1880; s. Jonas Jerome and Jennie 

came to America, 1867; m. Kenosha, Wis., Oct. 15, Elizabeth (Hill) Burns; ed. pub. schs., Chicago, and 

1881, Mary Pearce. Engaged in farming, 1867-70; Chicago Manual Training Sch.; m. Nina C. Brokaw, 

salesman, 1870-5; organized firm of Connor. Bur- of Granville, 111., Sept. 17, 1902; children: James 

nett & Co., 1876; bought all interests of the firm, Jerome. Barbara, Miriam Brokaw, Jeannette Mu- 

1880, and conducted gen. produce business as riel. Engaged in electric railway construction. 

R. A. Burnett until 1892, when firm became R. A. 1900-5; asst. mgr. Chicago & South Shore Ry., 1902- 

Burnett & Co. Pres. Wholesale Fruit and Produce 03; with Railway Review since 1905; mng. editor 

Assn. Recreation: reading. Home: 4636 St. Law- same since 1915. Republican. Congregationalist. 

rence Av. Offlce: 173 W. South Water St. Recreations: camping, fishing. Home: Glen Ellyn, 

BUBNHAM, Clara ionise, author; b. at Newton, Ia offlce: 537 s - Dearborn St., Chicago. 
Mass.; d. late Dr. George F. Root, composer; moved BURNS, Elmer Ellsworth, author; b. Monroe Co., 
to Chicago in childhood; m. when very young. Has la., Feb. 22, 1868; s. Aaron William and Martha 
written poems and stories for many mags., and the Ann (Prather) Burns; B.S., Simpson Coll., India- 
text for many of her father's cantatas. Author of nola, la., 1894; post-grad, work, Univ. of Chicago, 
a number of books, for titles see Who's Who in 2 yrs., 1894-5 and 1898-9; m. Harriet Thompson, of 
America. Address: The Elms Hotel, E. 53d St., Indianola, la., June 23, 1898. Bejjan as teacher, In- 
Chicago; (summer) Bailey, Me. dianola, 1895; teacher of physics, Joseph Medill 

T>TTT-KrTTiw m-,,,,10 *!,. ^oiiT,,. n <fl n i.>i. H High Sch., Chicago, since Sept. 1, 1904. Mem. Soc. 

BUBNHAM, ciauae Beorpre, railway mclal, b. Midland Authors. Methodist. Author: The Story 

\ T3 "Jri," . e f u ' 1 Jio ^ at S i of Great Inventions, 1910; also a series of tech. 

(Brawn) Burnham ed. pub. schs. of St. Paul m. ,,_ Arirt r o<- a - ^i^ Hnmp AV Rprwvn in 

Mary Gillis, of Minneapolis, Sept. 6, 1904. Began c le Av " " yn> 1J 

ry. service with G.N.R.R., St. Paul, 1895, with BUBNS, John E., lumberman; b. Natick, Mass., 

which remained in various capacities, 7 yrs.; en- Mar. 20, 1867; s. Lawrence and Ellen Agnes (Dal- 

tered foreign traffic dept. of C..B.&Q.R.R., 1902, be- ton) Burns; grad. pub. sch. of Natick, Mass.; m. 

coming foreign traffic agt., 1904, asst. to the 1st Agnes May Hines, of Chicago, 1894; 5 children: 



Dalton Francis, Dorothy Loretto, Ruth Edna, Eu- 
nice (deceased), John E., Jr. Started in lumber 
business at Lowell, Ind., 1893; sold out to Wilbur 
Lumber Co., and began business in same line at 
Chicago in 1898, as the John E. Burns Lumber Co., 
of which is pres. Mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn. Democrat. 
Mem. Columbian Knights, Knights of Columbus, 
Chicago Assn. Commerce. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Builders'. Recreations: motoring, flshing, golf. 
Home: 6159 Kenmore Av. Office: 700 W. Chicago 

BURNS, Randall W., lawyer; b. Lansing, Mich., 
Jan. 21, 1864; s. David and Lavinia H. (White) 
Burns; prep. edn. Albion (Mich.) High Sch.; Albion 
Coll.; LL.B., Lake torest Univ. Law Sch., 1893; m. 
Bertha dough, of Chicago, Dec. 18, 1894; children: 
Susan K., Bertha Helena, Randall Essex. Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1893, and since practiced in Chicago; 
mem. Gardner, Foote & Burns; dir. Hinsdale Slate 
Bank, Brennan Packing Co. Mem. 111. State and 
Chicago bar assns., S.A.R. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Clubs: University, Hinsdale, Hinsdale 
Golf. Recreations: golf, flshing. home: Hinsdale, 
111. Office: 1602 Corn Exchange Bank Bldg., Chi- 

BURNS, Walter Noble, writer; b. Lebanon, Ky., 
Oct. 24, 1872; s. Col. Thomas Edgar and Chris Ella 
(Noble) Burns; ed. pub. and high schs., Louisville, 
Ky.; m. Rose Marie Hoke, of Chicago, Nov. 10, 1902. 
Began newspaper work on Louisville Evening Post, 
1890; later connected with St. Louis Post Dispatch, 
Kansas City Times, Denver Republican, San Fran- 
cisco Examiner; Sunday editor Chicago Inter- 
Ocean, 1910-14, Chicago Examiner, 1915; now on 
Chicago Tribune. Made a whaling voyage in the 
brigantine Alexander, out of San Francisco, in the 
'90's, to the South Seas, Behring Sea and Arctic 
Ocean, reaching 74 decrees north latitude. Served 
in 1st Ky. Inf. during Spanish-Am. War, 1898, tak- 
ing part in Porto Rico campaign. Author: A Year 
with a Whaler, 1913. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Club: Chicago Press. Home: 3221 Broadway. Of- 
fice: The Chicago Tribune. 

BURN'S, William Henry, clergyman; Sept. 11, 
1840-Apr. 4, 1916. (See Who's Who in America, 

BURNS, William Henry, railway official; b. Chi- 
cago, Apr. 23, 1865; s. of Patrick and Margaret 
(Casey) Burns; grad. pub. schs., 1881; m. Jan. 17, 
1893, Mary E. Ryan, of Albany, N.Y.; children: 
Warren H., Esther, Frances, Howard. Business 
life has all been in the service of the C.,R.I.&P.Ry. 
Co., beginning as elk. in the store dept., July, 1881; 
roadmaster's office, 1882-3; elk. and chief elk., in 
office of freight auditor, 1883-98; auditor frt. traf- 
rtc, 1898-1902; asst. gen. auditor, 1905-9, gen. audi- 
tor since Dec. 10, 1909. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Ridge 
Country. Home: 7317 Princeton Av. Office: La 
Salle Station. 

BURNS, William John, detective agency; b. Bal- 
timore, Oct. 19, 1861; s. Michael and Bridget (Tra- 
hey) Burns; ed. parochial and pub. schs. and busi- 
ness coll.; m. Annie M. Ressler, of Columbus, O., 
July 5, 1880. Pres. The William J. Burns Internal. 
Detective Agency. Progressive. Roman Catholic. 
Office: 609 Transportation Bldg., Chicago; Wool- 
worth Bldg., New York, N.Y. 

BURR, Albert Henry, M.D.; b. Hancock Co., 111., 
Aug. 19, 1850; s. Andrew and Harriet E. (Dickin- 
son) Burr; prepared for coll. at Hedding Sem.; 
Ph.B., Northwestern Univ., 1877; M.D., Chicago 
Med. Coll., 1881; m. Lizzie L. Westlake, 1879 (died 
1881); m. 2d, Chicago, Nov. 5, 1885, Johanna Hess; 
children: Marguerite H., Walter Andrew. Prac- 
ticed since 1881; attending phys. to Provident 
Hosp.; adj. prof, practice of medicine. Coll. Phys. 
:ind Surg. (Univ. of 111.), 1897-1900. Mem. A.M.A., 
Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Methodist. Home: 
1317 Farwell Av. Office: 32 N. State St. 

BURRAS, Charles Hayes, lawyer, surety under- 
writer; b. N. Fairfleld, O., July 16, 1873; s. Oscar 
and Annette (Hakes) Burras; student Lake Forest 
(111.) Univ., 1894-6; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 
189; m. Charlotte Ritchie Meredith, of Chicago, 
Dec. 30, 1895. Admitted to 111. bar, 1896; mem. firm 
of Vermilyea & Burras, 1896-7; atty. for the pub. 
administrator of Cook Co., 1900-4; pres. Joyce & 
Co., gen. agents for Nat. Surety Co. Mem. Chicago 

Bar Assn., Phi Delta Phi. Republican. Mason, Elk. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chicago Yacht, The Forty, 
Chicago Automobile; The Lambs (New York). Rec- 
reation: golf. Home: 368 Williams St., River For- 
est, 111. Office: The Rookery, Chicago. 

BUKRELL, Ernest Lincoln, leather belting; b. 
Stone Church, Pa., Mar. 21, 1865; s. Rev. John II- 
gen and Susan Elizabeth (Schwartz) Burrell; ed. 
pub. schs.; m. Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 21, 1888, Alice 
Bridge Willetts; 1 daughter, Florence Willetts. 
Entered service of Charles A. Schieren & Co., of 
New York, tanners and mfrs. of leather, May 12, 
1880; served in various capacities at New York; 
mgr. Western br. at Chicago, 1889-1913; was pres. 
Charles Munson Belting Co., 1902-7; pres. Burrell 
Belting Co. since 1913. Mem. of Royal Arcanum, 
Royal League, Nat. Union. Club: Edgewater Coun- 
try. Home: 1358 Thorndale Av. Office: 413 S. Her- 
mitage Av. 

BUHHELIi, George T., engineer, contractor; b. 
LaSalle, 111., Nov. 9, 1873; s. Frank C. and Mary 
(\\heatman) Burrell; largely self-ed.; m. Hattie 
Westwood, of Streator, 111., Aug. 2, 1898; children: 
George T., Jr., Joseph T., Frank C. Sheet iron 
worker by trade; machinery salesman until 1898; 
mem. flrm G. T. Burrell & Co., 1898-1902; pres. Bur- 
rell Engring. & Constrn. Co., builders of grain ele- 
vators, since 1902. Republican. Methodist. Mason 
(32, Shriner) ; mem. Royal Arcanum. Clubs: Mys- 
tic Athletic, Oak Park Country. Recreations: flsh- 
ing, hunting. Home: 460 N. Forest Av., River For- 
est, 111. Office: 1102 Webster Bldg., Chicago. 

BURRES, Joseph Reuben, lawyer; b. Coles Co., 
111.; a. George W. and Amanda (Woods) Burres; 
reared on farm; ed. pub. schs. of Coles and Doug- 
las counties, 111.; De Pauw Univ., Greencastle, Ind.; 
LL.B., Wesleyan Law Sch., Bloomington, 111.; m. 
Almeda May Wamsley, of Tuscola, 111.; 1 son, Jo- 
seph. Before and after his graduation was teacher 
in the pub. schs. of 111., and served 4 yrs. as county 
supt. of schs. of Douglas Co.; admitted to 111. bar, 
1885, to Supreme Court of U.S., 1909; moved to 
Tacoma, Wash., and practiced law, but returned to 
111., 1892, and has since engaged in gen. practice in 
Chicago. Mem. Am., 111., and Chicago bar assns. 
Republican. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner); mem. Ori- 
ental Consistory and Woodlawn Commandery. 
Clubs: Hamilton, Mystic Athletic. Has written 
some short stories dealing with the sentimental 
side of Masonry, among them the "Story of the 
Roses," which went the rounds of Masonic litera- 
ture. Home: 1400 E. 59th St. Office: 1217 Conway 

BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice, author; b. Chicago, 
Sept. 1, 1875; s. Maj. George Tyler and Mary Eva- 
line (Zieger) Burroughs; ed. Phillips Acad., Ando- 
ver, Mass., and Mich. Mil. Acad., Orchard Lake, 
Mich.; m. Emma Centennia Hulbert, of Chicago, 
Jan. 31, 1900. Served in 7th U.S. Cav., Ft. Grant, 
Ariz., short time (discharged by favor); treas. Am. 
Battery Co., Chicago, 1899-1903; dept. mgr. Sears, 
Roebuck & Co., 1906-8; 'same, A. W. Shaw Co., 
pubs, of System, 1912-13; in interim was gold 
miner in Ore., storekeeper and cowboy in Ida., po- 
liceman in Salt Lake City, etc. Mem. Loyal Legion. 
Progressive. Club: Press. Author: Tar. an of the 
Apes, 1914; The Return of Tarzan, 1915; The Beasts 
of Tartan, 1916; also numerous novels and novel- 
ettes for magazines. Home: 414 Augusta St., Oak 
Park, 111. 

BURROUGHS, George Tyler; Oct. 13, 1833-Feb. 
15, 1913. (See vol. 1905.) 

BURROWES, Alexander J., college pres. Re- 
moved to St. Louis, Mo. (See Who's Who in 

BURROWS, Herbert V., insurance; b. at Phila., 
Pa., May 4, 1871; s. Robert Bryson and Flora (Val- 
entine) Burrows; ed. pub. schs., Williamsport and 
Phila.; m. Janet Adele Schontag, of New Rochelle, 
N.Y., June 9, 1896. Was with Citizens Fire Ins. Co. 
of New York 14 years; became connected with 
Starkweather & Shepley, Inc., fire, marine and 
casualty ins., Providence, R.I., 1902, and has served 
as mgr. for the company at Chicago since 1907. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Mem. Kenwood 
Lodge, A.F. and A.M.; Normal Park Chapter; 
Englewood Commandery, K.T. ; Shrine. Republic- 
an. Episcopalian. Club: Union League, Chicago 



Athletic, South Shore Country. Recreations: golf, 
motoring. Home: 5436 East View Park. Office: 175 
W. Jackson Boul. 

BURBOWS. William French, packer; b. Somer- 
ville, Mass., Nov. 13, 1859: s. Robert and Parmelia 
(French) Burrows; family removed to Chicago, 
1865; ed. pub. schs. ; m. Annie L. Libby, of Chi- 
cago; children: Louisa L., Marjorie P., William F., 
Jr., Arthur A. With Underwood & Co., packers, 
1875-82; identified with Libby, McNeill & Libby 
since 1882, becoming sec., 1893, vice pres., sec. and 
dir., 1905, and pres. Mar., 1915. Also dir. Fort Dear- 
born Nat. Bank. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, 
Exmoor Country, South Shore Country. Home: 4847 
Woodlawn Av. Office: Union Stock Yards. 

BURRY, James, surgeon; b. Montreal, Can., Jan. 
3, 1853; s. William and Mary (Bryson) Burry; early 
edn. in pub. schs.; M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., 1875; 
m. Lisbon, 111., Sept. 2, 1879, Caroline J. Sherrill; 
children: Caroline J., James, Mary S., Emily S. 
Began practice in 1875 at Raub, Benton Co., 111.; 
came to Chicago in 1883 and since engaged in prac- 
tice of medicine and surgery; chief surgeon 111. 
Steel Co.; surgeon E.,J.&E.R.R. Apptd. 1st It. U.S. 
A. Med. Reserve Corps, 1911. Mem. Chicago Surg. 
Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., 111. State Med. Soc. Inde- 
pendent in politics. Presbyterian. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Chicago Athletic. Contbr. to med. jours. Rec- 
reation: farming. Home: 5430 East View Park. 
Office: 208 S. LaSalle St. 

BURRY, William, lawyer; b. Montreal, Can., Jan. 
10, 1851; s. William and Mary (Bryson) Burry; 
A.B., Harvard, 1874; m. Jane R. King, of Chicago, 
June 3, 1896; 1 son, William. Admitted to bar, 
1875; mem. Runnells & Burry, 1887-1905, Runnells, 
Burry & Johnstone, now Burry, Johnstone & Pe- 
ters, principally corpn. law. Mem. Am., 111. State 
and Chicago bar assns. Democrat. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: Chicago, University, Onwentsia, Law, Sad- 
dle and Cycle. Home: 1432 Astor St. Office: 108 S. 
LaSalle St. 

BUBSIK, Frank, president Bursik & Krupka Co.; 
b. in Bohemia, Sept., 1868; s. Frank and Ellen Bur- 
sik; ed. in Bohemia; came to Chicago from Aus- 
tria, 1887; m. Chicago, 1893, Annie Zelenka; chil- 
dren: Helena, Annie, Emma, Frank, Lillie, Olga. 
Learned trade of cabinetmaker in old country and 
followed it at Chicago until 1891, when engaged 
in sash and door mfg. ; in 1899, with Edward Krup- 
ka, established as mfrs. of sash, doors, blinds, 
frames, fine interior finish and stairs, and in 1903 
incorporated as Bursik & Krupka Co., of which is 
pres. Home: 1443 S. Central Park Av. Office: 1919 

5. Fairfield Av. 

BTJRSO1T, William Worth, inventor and mfr.; 
Sept. 22, 1832-Apr. 10, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BURT, see also Burtt. 

BURT, Alonzo, vice president and treas. Chicago 
Telephone Co.; b. on farm nr. Cambridge, O., Dec. 

6, 1849; ed. pub. schs., Cambridge to 15; m. Vir- 
ginia Clark, of Washington, O., 1873; 2 daughters: 
Mrs. J. L. Procter, Chicago, and Mrs. R. W. Scott, 
Phila. In employ mdse. concern, Cambridge, O., 
1864-73; in ry. postal service at Cincinnati, 1873- 
92, as elk. and chief elk., 1873-9, supt. Cincinnati 
Post Office, 1879-84 and supt. ry. mail service at 
Cincinnati, 1884-92; mem. spl. commn. apptd. by 
Postmaster Gen. to investigate methods of con- 
ducting the large post offices, 1883, 84; represented 
Bell Telephone Co. as mem. bd. dirs. of all its com- 
panies west of Chicago except Pacific Coast, from 
1892; also gen. mgr. Mo. & Kan. Telephone Co., 
comprising Mo., Kan., Okla. and Ind. Ty., 1893-1900 
and pres. same 1900-5; pres. Wis. Telephone Co, 
1905-11; 1st vice pres., treas. and dir. Chicago 
Telephone Co. since 1911. Mem. of Telephone 
Pioneers' Assn., Chamber Commerce U.S.A., Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce, etc. Mason. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: Union League, Traffic, Electric - Jovian 
League, Oak Park Country (twice pres.). Home: 
Oak Park, 111. Office: 212 W. Washington St., Chi- 

BURT, Andrew G-ano, president Standard Rubber 
Shoe Co. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUST, Frank H., president Y.M.C.A. Coll.; b. at 
Galva, 111., Feb. 3, 1863; s. George Preston and 
Frances (Willard) Burt; B.S., Knox Coll., Gales- 

burg, 111., 1886; degree of M.H., Internal. Y.M.C.A. 
Coll., Springfield, Mass., 1910; (LL.D., Knox Coll.); 
m. Lola Maddox, of Galva, 111., May 5, 1896; 3 chil- 
dren: Roland W., Helen M., Margaret J. Prin. pub. 
schs., Marengo, 111., 1886-9; student sec., 1889-95, 
asst. sec.. 1895-1900, 111. Y.M.C.A.; state sec. Y.M. 
C.A. of Mo., 1900-3; dean, 1903-5, pres. since 1905. 
Y.M.C.A. Coll., Chicago. Dir. Y.M.C.A., Oak Park. 
111. Republican. Baptist. Club: Union League. 
Home: Oak Park, 111. Office: 5315 Drexel Av., Chi- 

BTTRT, Frederic Percy, publisher. Removed to 
New York. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BURT, Henry Jackson, civil engr. ; b. Urbana, 
111., Feb. 6, 1872; s. Henry Jackson and Isabelle 
(Dunlap) Burt; B.S. in C.E., Univ. of 111., 1896, 
C.E., 1914; m. Edith Fleming, of Champaign, 111.. 
July 2, 1901; children: Henry Jackson, Luella, 
Jesse Fleming, Morris Nathan, Helen Edith. 
Draftsman, 1896-9; railroad surveys and construc- 
tion, 1900; asst. prof. civ. engring., la. State Coll., 
1901; designer, estimator and office mgr.. Am. 
Bridge Co., Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colo., 
1901-11; structural engr. for Holabird & Roche, 
architects, Chicago, since 1911. Mem. Am. Soc. 
C.E., Western Soc. Engrs. (pres., 1917), Am. Soc. 
Testing Materials, Soc. Promotion Engring. Edn. 
Republican. Mason. Clubs: University, Chicago 
Engineers', Illini. Recreations: motoring, travel. 
Home: 1027 Elmwood Av., Wilmette, 111. Office: 
1400 Monroe Bldg., Chicago. 

BUBT, Horace Qreeley, railway pres.; Jan., 1849- 
May 19, 1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BURT IS, Guy Seaman, foundry; b. Hudson, 111.: 
s. Edwin Lewis and Martha (Barsby) Burtis; grad. 
111. State Normal Univ., 1900; m. Iris O'Brien, ot 
Deer Creek, 111.; children: Laurence, Guy S., Jr. 
Pres. James A. Brady Foundry Co. since 1900. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Mason (32). Clubs: Hamil- 
ton, South Shore Country. Home: 7139 Normal Av. 
Office: 35th St. and Ashland Av. 

BURTON, Arthur M., vocal instructor; b. Ba- 
tavia, 111., June 20, 1871; s. George and Ann (Ben- 
son) Burton; ed. in Chicago, London, Paris and 
Berlin; m. Anna Mae Sawyer, of Chicago, Nov. 15, 
1899. Teacher of singing, in Chicago, since 1901. 
Mem. Soc. Am. Musicians. Republican. Christian 
Scientist. Clubs: Cliff Dwellers, Little Room. Rec- 
reations: golf, gardening. Home: Geneva, 111. Of- 
fice: 618 Fine Arts Bldg., Chicago. 

BURTON, Charles A., machinery; b. Shelburne 
Falls, Mass., May 6, 1854; s. Augustus G. and Lu- 
cretia (Wheelock) Burton; ed. common schs.; m. 
Lena Bragg, of Kalamazoo, Mich., Jan. 1, 1890; 1 
daughter, Josephine (Mrs. J. C. Van Riper, Jr.). 
Has been identified with manufacture of bookbind- 
ers' machinery, in Chicago, since 1882; business 
established by father, 1878; sole propr. A. G. Bur- 
ton's Son since 1900. Mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn. Club: 
Chicago Athletic. Recreation: yachting. Home: 
6338 Kenmore Av. Office: 118 S. Clinton St. 

BURTON, Charles Pierce, author. Removed to 
Gary, Ind. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BURTON, Charles Smith, lawyer; b. Elyria, O., 
Nov. 9, 1852; s. Nathan Smith and Sarah John 
(Fairfield) Burton; ed. Univ. of Mich., class ot 
1872; m. Phebe A. Millard, of Chicago, May 3, 1887: 
4 sons: Robert N., Norman L., Ernest R., Clifford 
K. In practice at Chicago since 1882, patent, copy- 
right, trade mark and corpn. law; has represented 
Chicago mfrs. in patent and copyright litigation in 
many different circuits of the U.S. courts; prac- 
tices in U.S. Patent Office as sr. mem. firm of Bur- 
ton & Burton. Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar 
assns. Republican. Baptist. Pres. Bd. of Edn., 
Oak Park, 1894-7; pres. Oak Park and River Forest 
Tp. High Sen. Bd. of Edn., 1899-1909. Home: 311 N. 
Grove Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 1415 Marquette 
Bldg., Chicago. 

BURTON, Ernest DeWitt, theologian; b. Gran- 
ville, O., Feb. 4, 1856; s. Nathan Smith and Sarah J. 
(Fairfield) Burton; A.B., Denison Univ., 1876; grad. 
Rochester Theol. Sem., 1883; student Univ. of Leip- 
zig, 1887, Univ. of Berlin, 1894; (D.D., Denison, 
1897, Oberlin, 1912); m. Frances Mary Townson, of 
Rochester, N.Y., Dec. 28, 1883. Taught in acad. and 
pub. sch., 1876-9; instr. N.T. Greek, Rochester 



Theol. Kern., 1882-3; asso. prof. N.T. interpretation, 
1883-6, prof., 1886-92, Xewton Theol. Instn.; prof, 
and head of dept. N.T. lit. and interpretation. Univ. 
of Chicago, since 1892. Asso. editor, 1892-1906, and 
since 1913, editor-in-chief, 1906-13, Biblical World; 
editor American Journal of Theology, since 1897; 
Oriental ednl. commr., Univ. of Chicago. 1908-9; 
dir. Univ. Libraries, Univ. of Chicago, since 1910. 
Author of a number of books, for titles see Who's 
Who in America. Home: 5525 Woodlawn Av. 

BURTON, Margaret Ernestine (Miss), author; b. 
Xewton Center, Mass., Apr. 18, 1885; d. Rev. Ern- 
est DeWitt and Frances Mary (Townson) Burton; 
A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1907. Sec. Y.W.C.A., Univ. 
of Minn., 1907-8; sec. Y.W.C.A., Univ. of Chicago, 
1910-12; sec. Nat. Bd. of the Y.W.C.Assns. of U.S. 
A. since 1913. Baptist. Club: Women's University 
(Xew York). Author: The Education of Women in 
China, 1911; Notable Women of Modern China, 
1912; The Education of Women in Japan, 1914; 
Comrades in Service, 1915; Women at Work in 
the Orient, 1917. Home: 5525 Woodlawn Av., Chi- 
cago. Address: 600 Lexington Av., New York. 

BURTON, Oliver Milton, mlr.; b. Geneva, 111., 
Mar. 18, 1877; s. John and Elizabeth Lucy (Long) 
Hurton; ed. pub. schs. and business colls., Chicago; 
m. Ann J. Tatham, of Chicago, Oct. 20, 1909. Be- 
gan business career with father, 1895; became sec. 
and treas. of Oliver M. Burton Co., 1899, and has 
been pres. and treas. since 1905; also pres. and 
treas. Dixie Cotton Felt Mattress Co. Mem. Chi- 
cago Assn. Commerce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chicago 
Assn. Credit Men. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, Indian Hill, South Shore Coun- 
try. Home: 185 E. Chestnut St. Office: 2024 S. Ra- 
cine Av. 

BURTON, William Meriam, oil; b. Cleveland, O., 
Xov. 17, 1865; s. Erasmus Darwin and Emeline 
(Meriam) Burton; ed. Western Reserve Univ., 
Cleveland, O.; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1889; m. Kean 
Woodruff, of Louisville, Ky., Dec. 27, 1911. Has 
been identified with the Standard Oil Co. since 
1889; vice pres. Standard Oil Co. of Ind. since 1914. 
Republican. Clubs: University, South Shore Coun- 
try, Exmoor. Recreation: motoring. Home: 999 
Lake Shore Drive. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 

BURTT. see also Burt. 

BTJRTT, Joe Beatty, lawyer; b. Utica, Clark Co., 
Ind.. Dec. 4, 1862; s. Eli and Paulina (Hardin) 
Hurtt; ed. dist. schs. at Utica; student Oberlin (O.) 
Coll.; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1888, LL.B., 1889; m. 
Anna H. Gurney, of Hart, Mich., Mar. 26, 1890; 
Children: John Gurney, Helen Katheryn. Clerk in 
law office of Sidney C. Eastman, Chicago, 1889-91; 
mem. law firm of Sherman & Burtt, 1891-1902; 
practiced alone, 1902-3; firm of Burtt & Kriete, 
1903-7, Burtt, Kriete & Kriete, 1907-8, Mahony, 
Hurtt, Kriete & Kriete, 1908-12, alone since 1912. 
Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn., Chicago Alumni Assn. of Univ. of Mich., 
Oberlin Assn. of 111., Am. Peace Soc. ; pres. Frater- 
nal Edn. Assn.; ex-sec, dept. of fraternal and so- 
cial service of the Religious Edn. Assn.; chmn. 1st 
com. on fraternal orders at a national peace con- 
gress; was the first person to discuss fraternal or- 
'lers at a nat. ch. or religious gathering; dir. HI. 
Marriage and Divorce Commn. ; trustee Sane 
Fourth Assn. Democrat. Congregationalist. Ma- 
son (32), K.P., Odd Fellow. Prominently identi- 
fied with movement in favor of better fraternal 
'In.; advocates that each nationality, church, lodge 
or other organization assume responsibility for its 
own delinquents and undesirables; also advocate of 
preventive litigation and legislation; inaugurated 
si movement for crime prevention. Addresses: Fra- 
ternal Education (pub. in "Education and National 
Character"), 1908; Fraternal Orders and Peace 
(Proc. 2d Nat. Peace Congress), 1909. Recreation: 
fraternal edn. Home: 5408 University Av. Office: 
Ashland Block. 

BURWASH, Henry John, M.D.; Nov. 17, 1854- 
Feb. 8, 1917. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUSBY, Leonard Asbury, lawyer; b. at Jewett, 
Harrison Co., O., May 22, 1869; s. Sheridan and 
Margaret (Quigley) Busby; A.B., Ohio Wesleyan, 
1894; LL.B., Northwestern, 18!K~>. Began practice 
at Chicago, 1895; mem. firm Jackson, Busby & Ly- 

man, 1898-1901, Lyman, Busby & Lyman, 1901-6, 
Shope, Zane, Busby & Weber, 1906-12, Busby, Web- 
er, Miller & Robinson, 1913. Gen. counsel, 1908-12, 
pres. since Dec. 28, 1911, Calumet & South Chicago 
Ry. Co.; gen. counsel, 1910-12, pres. Dec. 28, 1911- 
14, Chicago City Ry. Co.; pres. Chicago Surface 
Lines since Feb. 1, 1914. Trustee John Crerar Li- 
brary since 1901. Mem. Phi Delta Theta. Demo- 
crat. Clubs: Chicago, Law, Mid-Day, Chicago Golf. 
Home: 3118 Sheridan Rd. Office: Borland Bldg. 

BUSCH, Francis X., lawyer; b. Detroit, Mich., 
1876; ed. grammar sen., South Bend, Ind.; gracl. 
high sch., Coldwater, Mich.; came to Chicago, 1895: 
LL.B., 111. Coll. Law, 1901, LL.M., 1902, D.C.L.. 
1903. Admitted to bar, 1901; asst. corpn. counsel 
and atty. for Chicago Civil Service Commn., Apr.. 
1904-Jan., 1906; was gen. atty. for Nat. Plumbers 
and Gas Fitters' Union of U.S.; candidate for 
Dem. nomination for .judge Municipal Court, 1912. 
Prof, common law pleading and law of bailments, 
111. Coll. of Law, from 1903; ilean DePaul Univ. 
Law Sch. Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar assns., 
Lawyers' Assn., etc. Catholic, Clubs: Iroquois, 
City. Home: 2080 Greenleaf Av. Office: 29 S. La 
Salle St. 

BUSENBARX, William R., broker. (See vol. 

BUSH, Bertha E., M.D.; b. Sterling, 111., Nov. 19, 
1865; d. Martin Luther and Catherine j^ush; M.D., 
Northwestern Univ. Woman's Med. School, 1889. 
Practiced at Chicago since 1889. Mem. 111. State 
'Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., 111. State Micros. Soc. 
Episcopalian. Address: 1644 Morse Av., Rogers 

BUSK, David L., railway official; b. at Sharon, 
Wis., July 31, 1855; s. Jacob H. and Martha Bush; 
ed. pub. schs.; m. Racine, Wis., 1879, Nellie M. 
Smith; 3 children. Began ry. service as night oper- 
ator on the Western Union Ry., 1872; chief opera- 
tor at Racine, Wis., 1875-7; train dispatcher, Jan. 
18, 1877-Sept. 26, 1880; supt. telegraph, Western 
Union and Sabula, Ackley & Dak. rys., May 1, 1877- 
Jan. 1, 1882; supt. Racine & Southwestern div. C., 
M.&St.P.Ry., July 1, 1887-Feb. 1, 1888; supt. James 
River div., Feb. 1, 1888-Jan. 31, 1890; supt. South- 
ern Minn, div., Feb. 1, 1890-Aug. 15, 1894; supt. of 
Hastings and Dak. div., Aug. 15, 1894-Apr. 1, 1898; 
supt. River div., at St. Paul, Aug. 15, 1894-May 1, 
1898; asst. gen. supt. at Milwaukee, May 1, 1898- 
May 1, 1903; gen. supt. entire C.,M.&St.P. System, 
May 1, 1903-Oct. 1, 1909: gen. mgr. entire system, 
Oct. 1, 1909-Jan., 1913, vice pres. in charge of op- 
eration C.,M.&St.P.Ry. since Jan., 1913. Home: Ev- 
anston, 111. Office: Railway Exchange, Chicago. 

BUSH, Henry W., fire underwriter; Nov. 29, 1847- 
1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUSH, William Henry, retired mcht. ; b. Martins- 
burg, Lewis Co., N.Y., Oct. 22, 1849; s. James and 
Caroline L. (Hills) Bush; ed. Lowville (N.Y.) 
Acad.; m. DeKalb, 111., Feb. 1, 1877, Elva Glidden 
(died 1906); m. 2d, Oct. 20, 1908, Ruth Gentry, of 
Kansas City; 2 children: Wilhelmina Gentry and 
Ruth Emeline. Clerk for Seth Miller & Son, Con- 
stableville, N.Y., 1866-8; came to Chicago, 1869; 
engaged as wholesale dealer in hats, caps and 
gloves; pres. and treas. of William H. Bush & Co., 
and later of Bush Hat Co.; retired Jan. 1, 1917. 
Mem. Chicago Hist. Soc., Art Inst. of Chicago 
(governing mem.), United Charities (dir.). Trus- 
tee Fourth Presbyn. Ch. Clubs: Chicago, City, Cliff 
Dwellers, Caxton, Edgewater Golf. Recreation: 
travel. Home: 1538 N. State Parkway. Office: 1446, 
38 S. Dearborn St. 

BUSH, William Lincoln, piano mfr.; b. Chicago, 
Mar. 3, 1861; s. W. H. and Mary J. (Brunt) Bush; 
ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. Chicago, Feb. 26, 1887, 
Pearl E. Barrow. Began with George Woods & 
Co., mfrs. of pianos at Cambridgeport, Mass., 1877, 
first in the factory and later as traveling sales- 
man; represented W. W. Kimball Piano Co. as trav- 
eling salesman. 1879-81; road mgr. for a Board of 
Trade firm, 1881-5; with his father and John Gerts, 
formed firm of W. H. Bush & Co., 1885, of which 
was mgr. and when business was incorporated, 
1889, as the Bush & Gerts Piano Co., became sec. 
and mgr., and upon death of his father, became 
pres.; also pres. Bush .t Gerts Piano Co., of Tex., 



Bush & Gerts Piano Co., of Memphis, Tenn. Treas. 
and founder Bush Temple Conservatory of Music 
and Dramatic Art; pres. Bush Temple of Music 
of Dallas, Tex. Pres. Chicago Harmonic Assn. Re- 
publican. Mason, Shriner. Residence: Plaza Hotel. 
Office: 1550 Dayton St. 

BTtsTrwr-T T rinrioa Woni-ir M F> r<?pe vol 
1911) Charles Henry, M.L>. rol. 


BUSHNELL, Lemuel Moffett, mfr.; b. Ashtabula 
Co., O., Jan. 8, 1844; s. Sidney S. and Laura (Mof- 
lett) Bushnell; ed. pub. schs. of Ohk>;m. Chicago, 
Annie Creswell; 1 son, Charles E Early life spent 
on a farm; came to Chicago in 1862 in the employ 
of J W. Bushnell & Bro., commn. mchts until 
1867; exchange clerk Union NaU Bank 1867-8; in 
retail hardware business with D. H. Wells & Co., 
as a partner; later engaged in hardware manufac- 
turing, Vaughan & Bushnell, incorporated in 1882 
as the Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: Illinois, Union League, Glen View, South 
Shore Country. Residence: Parkway Hotel. Office: 
2130 Carroll Av 

b. Beloit, Wis., Apr. 6, 1866; s. Jackson 
Sarah Eli. a (Lewis) Bushnell; grad. Beloit Coll., 
1888; unmarried. Has been connected with the 
Commonwealth Edison Co. as elec. engr. since 1888; 
vice pres. 111. Maintenance Co. since 1906; mem. 
Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., Am. Soc. Heating and Ven- 
tilating Engrs. Congregationalist. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Exmoor Country, 111. Athletic. Recreation: 
athletic games. Residence: University Club. Office: 
72 W. Adams St. 

B, Fred A., mayor; Mar. 3, 1866-July 9, 
1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUSSE, William; b. Elk Grove Tp., Cook Co., 111., 
Jan. 27, 1864; s. Louis and Christina (Kirchoff) 
Busse; ed. pub. and German Lutheran parochial 
schs. Lived on farm during earlier years; farmed 
for self, 1885-90; succeeded his father in gen. store 
business at Mt. Prospect, firm now William Busse 
& Son; dir. Arlington Heights State Bank. Deputy 
sheriff Cook Co. under Sheriff Gilbert, 1890-1900; 
mem. Bd. of Cook Co. Commrs., since 1900 (re- 
elected every 2 yrs.) and pres. of bd., Apr. 15, 1907- 
Dec. 5, 1910. Republican. Lutheran. Home: Mt. 
Prospect, 111. 

BUSSEY, George Newton, M.D., surgeon; b. Al- 
bion, V\ is., Dec. 18, 1864; s. Benjamin and Jane 
(North) Bussey; student of Albion (Wis.) Acad., 
1883-8; Ph.B., Univ. of Wis., 1890; M.D., Rush Med- 
ical Coll., 1893; house physician Augustana Hosp., 
1893-5; m. Chicago, May, 1899, Flora M. Squires; 
children: Frederick Newton, Kenneth George. En- 
gaged in gen. med. practice since 1893; attending 
phys. and surgeon, Ravensvvood Hosp. Dir. Ravens- 
wood Nat. Bank. Mem. North Shore Branch Chi- 
cago Med. Soc., 111. State Med. Soc., A.M.A., Univ. 
of Wis. Club, Physicians' Club. Republican. Meth- 
odist. Recreations: hunting, fishing. Home: 4543 
N. Hermitage Av. Office: 1810 Wilson Av. 

v v'v- ATM i 

k'- ohn'rtn i - "\ > o' i 

k; children: Irene (Mrs. Charles C. Meloy), 

Cornelia. Entire business career has been in the 
stove industry, beginning in 1873 in the repair dept. 
of the Bussey, McLeod Stove Works; in 1876 en- 
tered the Chicago office of the same company; was 
for several years pres. the Chicago Stove Works, 
Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Illinois. Recrea- 

r inn fiohiTicr Wnrt-A- R99R ifanrrtnr-a Atr 
lome. 5^<!5 Kenmore Av. 

, Clark A., M.D., surgeon; b. Carroll 
Co., 111., Nov. 8, 1870; s. Joel B. and Laura V. 
(Shoemaker) Buswell; ed. pub. schs.; Cornell Coll., 
Mt. Vernon, la.; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Univ. 
of 111.), 1900; m. Emma Rink, of Elgin, 111., Nov. 4, 
1903; children: Clark Joel, Robert Rink. Practiced 
at Chicago since 1903; surgeon to Ravenswood 
Hosp. Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. A.M.A., 
111. State and Chicago med. socs., North Shors Surg. 
Assn., Physicians' Club. Progressive Republican. 

(Smith) Buswell; ed. pub. schs. ; m. Brooklyn, N.Y., 
Oct. 8, 1890, Josephine del Risco; children: Joseph- 
ine (wife of Dr. Willard D. Duckworth, White 
Plains, N.Y.), Walter (student Wesleyan Univ., 
Middletown, Conn.), Marian, Florence. Began in 
the office of Provident Savings Life Assurance 
Soc., in N.Y. City; clerk in the home office of the 
Home Ins. Co. of New York, 1885, and has remained 
in the service of that company continuously ever 
since> removing to Chicago in June, 1903, as local 
mKr . Treas. Chicago Bd. of Underwriters, 1906-11; 
vice pres. same, 1911-14, pres., 1915-16-17. Served 10 
yrs as mem . of the 2 3d (Brooklyn) Regt. N.G.N.Y. 
p res byterian. Recreations: salt water sailing, fish- 
lng Home: 1014 Greenwood Boul., Evanston, 111.; 
(summer) Center Moriches, L.I., N.Y. Office: 175 
w Jackson Boul Chicago 

i,_-_,_,._ = ' -n-m . c-i v,. 

+ *&** n ^ B p ' ^ 1 ?? 7 1 2 res - r ? lliott -^ lshe l 
Co.; b. LaGrange, O., May 3, 1874; s. George W and 

P ar M - <^ a h st ' n r ) ? u f we , 11 A, Pre , ! ?- ",, "fsiVf: 

ton <-> H , lgh ^ ch ^ S , tud / n w r erl , m n 'n\?t 4 : 
m * Katharine M. Gott, of Wellington, O., Oct. 23, 

land, O., 1894; then with United Typewriter & Sup- 
ply Co. until 1901; became connected with Fisher 
Book Typewriter Co., of Cleveland, and continued 
with its successor, the Elliott-Fisher Co.; vice 
pres. same, in charge of western sales, hdqrs. in 
Chicago, since 1914; dir. Husted Co., Cleveland. 
Democrat. Clubs: Oak Park (Oak Park), Cleveland 
(O.) Athletic. Recreation: motoring. Home: 608 S. 
Kenilworth Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 14 N. Frank- 
lin St., Chicago. 

BUTLEB, Albert Edwin, investment banker; b. 
Cameron, Mo., Feb. 14, 1879; s. Frank H. and Mary 
(Fruen) Butler; grad. pub. sens., Chicago, 1894; 
Armour Inst., 1894-5; Evanston Township High 
Sch., 1897; Northwestern Univ., class of 1903; m. 
Agnes Howard, of Evanston, 111., 1905; 1 son, How- 
ard. Associated with John Burnham, 1903, and or- 
ganized firm of Burnham & Butler, dealers in 
stocks and bonds; name changed to Burnham, But- 
ler & Co., 1904; withdrew from that firm and or- 
ganised firm of A. E. Butler & Co., 1909; also sr. 
mem. Butler, Small & Co., industrial financing. 
Mem. Chicago Stock Exchange since 1905. Enlisted 
1st Cav. 111. Vols., May 10, 1898, Spanish-Am. War; 
discharged at Ft. Sheridan, Oct. 11, 1898; enlisted 
1st Cav. I.N.G., Oct. 12, 1898; served Virden, 111., 
riots, Oct., 1898; commd. 2d It., Aug., 1899; 1st It., 
1900; recommd., 1903; apptd. capt., ordnance officer 
and insp. rifle practice, 1st Cav., I.N.G., 1906; mem. 
111. State Rifle Team, nat. matches, Seagirt, N.J., 
1905-6, Camp Perry, O., 1907; placed on retired list, 
Oct. 1, 1910. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi, Theta Nu Epsi- 
lon (Northwestern Univ.). Republican. Methodist. 
Clubs: Evanston, Lincoln Park Yacht, Evanston 
Gun, Campfire. Recreations: military, rifle shoot- 
ing, hunting, fishing. Home: 1732 Chicago Av., 
Evanston, 111. Office: 116 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BUTLEB, Burridg-e Davenal, publisher; b. Louis- 

sch - edn - > - Winifred Whitfield, of Grand Rapids, 
Mich - < di e d 19( > 4 ): m - 2d - In a Hamilton Busey, of 
Tniv ^n iqftK in eriit^rioi wnt-k rVanii 

1885-93 advertising msr ChicTc , 'issf 9- 
. i Omaha Dillv News Tvie'p nres f 1899 St 
p au l Dailf New? (v^ce ^rls " 1900 ^ MinneaDolis 
g^ 1 ^f 1 ^ ?.*J2 , (v 8.?7Sa > newsu-iDe? nrooer 
tits and returned to CMc-ieo 1909- owSe? and nub 

lilhe^Thfpr-Urie Farmer "(founded 1841) sft!ce 
iioiicr A lie x^itiine r di mer (.louiiueu 101 1 y biiice 

1909 . pres Prairie Farmer Pub. Co. Mason. Pres. 
Agrl. Publishers' Assn. of U.S., 1914-16. Interested 
in civic reform and practical charitable work; 
owns art collection, postage stamp collection. 
Clubs: Union League, Exmoor Country, Agate. 
Mem. Am. Automobile Assn., Touring Club of 
France. Recreations: golf, fishing, motoring, for- 
eign travel. Home: Waverly Rd., Highland Park, 
111. Office: 536 S. Clark St., Chicago. 

BUSWELL, Henry Grant, insurance; b. Jersey 
City, N.J., Mar. 4, 1865; s. Henry L. and Isabella 

BTTTT;T-R rrtwarji -Bnriroas mor-rhnnt- v. 
BU ,T; ^ E ,?' E ? W *?&?. U ' * S f?*', OrvUhKnd 

Me How e e C ) BuUe"' &*& "uS. Trt m 
Jane, d. William Henry Holly, of Norwalk, Conn., 
issn with brother. George H., founded house of 
Butler Brothers, at Boston, 1877; now at New York, 



Chicago, St. Louis and Minneapolis; dir. Corn Ex- 
change Nat. Bank. Chmn. ways and means com., 
and chmn. of dept. admissions and collections, Chi- 
cago Expn., 1893. Pres. for yrs. Glenwood (111.) 
Manual Training Sch. ; trustee Hull House, Chi- 
cago Orphan Asylum, Girls' Refuge, First State 
Fawners' Soc., Art Inst. Home: 199 Lake Shore 
Drive. Office: 440 W. Randolph St. 

BUTLEB, Eugene Kincaid, real estate; b. on 
farm nr. Rome, N.Y., June 8, 1843; s. Ezekiel and 
Eunice (Shaw) Butler; ed. Kenosha (Wis.) High 
Sch.; m. Sarah R. Olmsted, of Geneseo, 111., Mar. 4, 
1867; children: Hulbert W., Frank (died in in- 
fancy), Robert S., Edward Earl. Worked on farm, 
1859-66; entered employ of C. H. & L. J. McCor- 
mick, as salesman, continuing with that firm and 
its successors until 1898 in various depts., becom- 
ing sec. and gen. mgr. ; now in real estate and land 
business; pres. The Keystone Co., Sterling, 111., 
mfrs. of farm implements, 1902-5. Republican. 
Club: Union League. Recreations: travel, motor- 
ing. Office: 105 N. Clark St. 

BUTLEB, Francis Feabody, bonds; b. Chicago, 
Apr. 12, 1887; s. of Hermon Beardsley and Jessie 
(Peabody) Butler; ed. The Hill Sch., 1902-5; B.A., 
Yale. 1909; m. Deborah Hunter, of Fargo, N.D., 
Aug. 31, 1912; 2 children: Hermon Beardsley, 3d, 
Deborah. Connected with Peabody, Houghteling & 
Co. in various capacities since May, 1910; dir. Chi- 
cago Morris Plan Bank. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Chicago, University, City, Saddle and Cycle. 
Recreations: golf, tennis. Home: Winnetka, 111. 
Office: 10 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

BUTLEB, Frank DeWitt, fruit and vegetable 
shipper; b. Berlin, Wis., Jan. 5, 1857; s. DeWitt 
Clinton and Adeline Matilda (Saxton) Butler; ed. 
high sch., Walnut Hills (Cincinnati), Ohio, 3 yrs.; 
m. Katharine Jones, of Oshkosh. Wis., Mar. 27, 
1890; 3 children: Hugh DeWitt, Margaret, Kath- 
arine Lois. With Roundy, Peckham & Co., whole- 
sale grocers, Milwaukee, Wis., 1874-87; entered 
jobbing business in Chicago, 1887; partner Butler, 
Homan & Co. since 1891. Independent Democrat. 
Mem. B.P.O.E. Club: City. Home: River Forest, 
111. Office: 84 W. South Water St., Chicago. 

BUTLEB, Frank Osffood, paper mcht.; b. Chi- 
cago, Apr. 22, 1861; s. Julius Wales and Julia (Os- 
good) Butler; ed. Brown Sch. and Central High 
Sch., Chicago; m. Louisville, Ky., June 10, 1886, 
Fannie M. Bremaker; children: Paul, Julius Wales, 
Jr. After leaving sch. entered employ of J. W. 
Butler Paper Co. and became vice pres. in 1890, 
pres. in 1913; pres. Natoma Farm, Hinsdale, 111. 
Republican. Clubs: Union League. Hinsdale Golf, 
LaGrange Motor. Recreations: farming, stockrais- 
ing, dairying. Home: Hinsdale, 111. Office: 221 W. 
Monroe St., Chicago. 

BUTLEB, George Frank, M.D., author. Home: 
Attica, Ind. (See Who's Who in America.) 

BUTLEB, Horace Graham, publisher; b. Clear- 
field, Pa., Mar. 13, 1877; s. Henry Seymour and 
Maria Thatcher (Patterson) Butler; ed. pub. schs., 
Blairstown, N.J.; Blair Presbyterial Acad., Blairs- 
town; Princeton Univ., 1895-7; m. Jessie Skelton, 
1902 (died 1908); children: Catherine Richards, 
William Skelton; m. 2d, Susan Farley Rolfe, of 
Champaign, 111., May 3, 1911; children: Martha, 
Emily. Entered employ of Scott, Foresman & Co., 
publishers, 623 S. Wabash Av., Chicago, 1897; be- 
came connected with Henry Holt & Co., about 1903, 
and in a few months was apptd. mgr. for the house 
in Chicago; has been western managing dir. for the 
company since 1915. Independent Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Recreation: motoring. Home: 
Downers Grove, 111. Office: 2451-9 Prairie Av., Chi- 

BUTLEB, Hurbert 'Wilson, real estate; b. Free- 
port, 111., Jan. 10, 1868; s. Eugene K. and Sarah 
(Olmstead) Butler; ed. Chicago pub. schs.; LL.B., 
Yale. 1888; m. Viola Douglas; 1 son, Douglas; m. 
2d, Chicago, Sept. 17, 1901, Alice Carter; 1 son, 
Eugene K., Jr. Engaged in real estate business 
since 1890. Alderman from 27th Ward for 5 terms. 
Republican. Mem. First Congl. Ch. of Jefferson 
Park. Mason (K.T.), Odd Fellow, K.P. Club: Ham- 
ilton. Home: 5410 Giddings St. Office: 105 N. 
Clark St. 

BUTLEB, John Gaffe, manager Chicago branch, 
Pillsbury Flour Mills Co.; b. Concord, N.H., Dec. 1, 
1856; s. Nehemiah and Mary (Gage) Butler; ed. in 
pub. schs. and Penacook (N.H.) Acad.; widower. 
In 1879 entered employ of Chas. A. Pillsbury & Co., 
flour mills, Minneapolis; continued with its suc- 
cessor, the Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mills Co., 
Ltd., and became mgr. Chicago office, 1903; name 
changed, 1908, to Pillsbury Flour Mills Co. and so 
continues. Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs: 
111. Athletic, South Shore Country. Recreation: 
driving. Residence: Chicago Beach Hotel. Office: 
112 W. Adams St. 

BUTLEB, Jnlins Fred, wholesale paper; b. Chi- 
cago, July 20, 1866; s. Julius Wales and Julia A. 
(Osgood) Butler; grad. West Division High Sch., 
1884; m. Lillie T. Taggart, Louisville, Ky.; 1 daugh- 
ter, Florence Elizabeth. After leaving sch. entered 
his father's wholesale paper business; was made 
gen. supt. of the mfg. depts., 1891, sec., 1892, vice 
pres., 1913. Mem. Paper Trade Club of Chicago. 
First It. Co. G, 2d Regt., I.N.G., 5 yrs. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Clubs: Union League, Chicago 
Athletic, Oak Park. Recreations: farming, horse- 
back riding. Home: Oak Park, 111. Office: 221 W. 
Monroe St., Chicago. 

BUTLEB, Jnlins Wales, paper mcht.; May 7, 
1828-Oct. 17, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

BUTLEB, Morton, timber lands; b. New York, 
Feb. 2, 1859; s. Cyrus and Marion (Beardsley) But- 
ler; ed. pvt. schs. in New York and at Yale Univ.; 
m. Julia S. Pettibone, of Buffalo, N.Y., Apr. 16, 
1884; 4 children: Gerald Morton, Donald, Nora 
(Mrs. E. L. Ryerson, Jr.), John Meigs. Entered 
printing house of the Buffalo Courier as asst. sec., 
1884, continuing until 1885; removed to Chicago 
and entered employ of Joseph Rathborne, and 
shortly after became mem. firm of Joseph Rath- 
borne & Co., owners of several southern mills, with 
which continued until 1896; pres. New River Lum- 
ber Co., 1901-8; engaged in buying timber lands 
since 1908. Clubs: Union League, Evanston Coun- 
try, Evanston Golf. Recreations: motoring, hunt- 
ting, fishing. Home: Evanston, 111. Office: 140 S. 
Dearborn St., Chicago. 

BUTLEB, Nathaniel, educator; b. Eastport, Me., 
May 22, 1853; s. Nathaniel and Jennette (Loring) 
Butler; A.B., Colby Univ., 1873, A.M., 1876 (D.D., 
1895, LL.D., 1903); m. Florence Reeves Sheppard, 
of Chicago, 1881 (died June 21, 1902); 2d. Lillian 
M. Googins, of Chicago, Dec. 12, 1903. Asso. prin. 
Ferry Hall Female Coll., Lake Forest, 111., 1873-6, 
Highland Hall Coll. for Women, Highland Park. 
111., 1876-9, prin. same, 1880-4; master Yale Sch. 
for Boys, Chicago, 1879-80; ordained Bapt. minis- 
try, 1884; prof, rhetoric and English lit., old Univ. 
of Chicago, 1884-6; prof. Latin, 1886-9, prof. Eng- 
lish lang. and lit., 1889-92, Univ. of 111.; acting dir. 
Univ. Extension Div., 1893-4, Univ. Extension asso. 
prof. English lit. and dir. Univ. Extension Div.. 
1894-5, Univ. of Chicago; pres. Colby Coll., 1895- 
1901; prof. edn. and dir. cooperative work since 
1901, dean Coll. of Edn., 1905-9, Univ. of Chicago. 
Del. Univ. of Chicago to World's Congress on Univ. 
Extension, London, 1894. Address: 1217 E. 56th St. 

BUTLEB, Bush Clark, lawyer; b. Northwood, 
la., Aug. 27, 1871; s. Lindley S. and Julia (Picker- 
ing) Butler; Ph.B., Iowa State Univ., 1893; m. Isa- 
belle Crilly, of Chicago, June 6, 1901; 3 sons: Rush 
Clark, Jr., Crilly, Milburn. Admitted to bar, 1894; 
mem. firm of Cassoday (Eldon J.) & Butler, July 1, 
1899, until partner's death, June 18, 1910; sr. mem. 
Cassoday, Butler, Lamb & Foster (specializing in 
practice of interstate commerce and Sherman law 
cases), partners being William E. Lamb, ex-Judge 
Stephen A. Foster, Harry Eugene Kelly, C. R. Hill- 
yer, Ernest O. Best, Cornelius Lynde and Herbert 
Pope. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago bar assns., 
Chicago Law Inst.; life mem. Art Inst. of Chicago; 
charter mem. Com. of Fifteen. Congregationalist. 
Mason. Clubs: Union League, University, Law, 
Midlothian Country, South Shore Country, Indian 
Hill. Author: (with Cornelius Lynde) The Federal 
Trade Commission and the Regulation of Business 
under the Federal Trade Commission and Clayton 
Laws, 1915. (This publication has had nat. circu- 
lation.) Home: 3826 Michigan Av. Office: 1414 
Monadnock Blk. 



BUTLEB, Slieppard (Emery), newspaper man; 
b. Highland Park, 111.. July 9, 1883; s. Nathaniel 
and Florence Reeves (Slieppard) Butler; prep. edn. 
Coburn Classical Inst., Waterville, Me.; A.B., Colby 
Coll., Waterville, Me., 1903; A.M., Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1904: m. Bertha Ballon, of Chicago, Jan. 4, 
1909. Instr. in English and Greek. Coburn Classi- 
cal Inst., 1904-5; reporter Chicago Tribune, 1905-9; 
spl. writer, asst. dramatic critic and Sunday ed- 
itor, Chicago Record-Herald, 1909-14; day city edi- 
tor, Chicago Examiner, 1914-15; editorial staff Chi- 
cago Tribune since 1915. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsi- 
lon, Phi Beta Kappa. Independent Republican. 
Clubs: Press, Chicago Automobile. Home: 946 
Ainslie St. Office: 7 S. Dearborn St. 

BUTIiEB, Walter, lawyer; b. Kinderhook, Co- 
lumbia Co., N.Y., Jan. 7. 1841; s. Walter and Maria 
(Van Alen) Butler; resident of Chicago since Oct. 
16, 1844; A.B., Princeton, 1862, M.A., 1866; m.Wau- 
kegan, 111.. Feb. 10, 1881, Bertha Heinrichs. Taught 
school in N.J., 1862-3; read law in offices of Wood- 
bridge & Grant, Chicago, Aug., 1863-5; admitted to 
bar, 1865, and since continuously engaged in gen. 
practice. Master in chancery, Circuit Court of 
Cook Co., 17 yrs.: alderman from the 25th Ward, 
1899-1901. Dir. 111. Humane Soc. since 1901 (ex- 
pres.). Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Home: 646 Fuller- 
ton Av. Office: 112 TV". Adams St. 

BUTLEB, William J., M.D.; b. Park Hill, Can., 
May 8, 1874; s. James and Catharine (Doyle) But- 
ler; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1894; unmarried. Asst. 
prof, diseases of children. Rush Med. Coll., 1903-8; 
asst. attending phys., dept. of diseases of children, 
Presbyn. Hosp., 1903-8; prof, and head of dept. of 
medicine. Chicago Coll. Medicine and Surgery; at- 
tending phys., Cook County Hosp., Frances Wil- 
lard Hosp. Apptd. 1st It. Med. Reserve Corps, U.S. 
Army, 1911. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chi- 
cago Med. Soc. Home: 3220 Jackson Boul. Office: 
7 W. Madison St. 

BUTT, George B., M.D.; b. Seneca, Kan., Apr. 28, 
1876; s. Edward and Ida (Pinckney) Butt; prep, 
edn. high school; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. 
Sch., 1900: m. Kathrine Collins, of Chicago, Apr. 
26, 1910; 2 children: Georgia, Edward. Practiced 
at Chicago since 1900. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and 
Chicago med. socs. Republican. Mason. Club: Bev- 
erly Country. Home: 6017 St. Lawrence Av. Of- 
fice: 401 E. 61st St. 

BUTTEBFIEIiD, Bay Evan, clergyman; b. at 
Weathersfleld. Vt., Apr. 25, 1883; s. Stephen War- 
ren and Sarah Josephine (Mudgett) Butterfield; 
prep. edn. Kimball Union Acad., Meriden, N.H. ; 
A.B., Dartmouth, 1906; grad. Hartford Theol. Sem., 
1909; m. Minnie MacGilvary Saunders, of Worces- 
ter, Mass., June 8, 1908. Ordained Congl. ministry, 
1909; pastor Medway, Mass., 1909-11, First Ch., 
Woodhaven, N.Y. City, 1911-14, Thomas Memorial 
Ch., Chicago. 1914-17, First Ch., South Chicago, 
since May 1. 1917. Republican. Clubs: Scrooby, 
Congregational. Recreations: tennis, camping. 
Home: 9002 Escanaba Av. 

BUTTOIiFH, Albert Charles, wholesale grocer. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

BUTTON, rrank Morse, landscape gardener; b. 
Brandon. Vt., Aug., 1866; s. Frank R. and Laura A. 
(Morse) Button: grad. Brandon (Vt.) High Sch.; 
C.E., Univ. of Vt., Burlington, 1887; m. Florence 
Brison. of Chicago, Apr. 17, 1894; 1 daughter. In 
engring. work q.-m. dept. U.S.A. on constrn. of 
Fort Sheridan, 111., 1889-93, mil. post. Little Rock, 
Ark.. 1893-5; asst. engr. World's Columbian Com- 
mn., 1891-2; identified with O. C. Simonds, land- 
scape gardener, Chicago, since 1895, becoming a 
mem. of O. C. Simonds & Co. in 1903. Fellow Am. 
Soc. Landscape Architects; mem. Sigma Phi. Re- 
publican. Congregationalist. Clubs: Edgewater 
Country (pres.). City. Home: 5242 Magnolia Av. 
Office: 1101 Buena Av. 

BUTTON. William Jesse, textbook editor. (See 
vol. 1911.) 

BTJTZ. Otto Charles, lawyer; b. Chicago, May 2, 
1857; s. Caspar and Julia (Magnus) Butz; ed. Kin- 
zte Sch. and Wiedingers German Sch., Chicago, 
Schau's German Sch., New York; LL.B.. Univ. of 
Mich., 1877; m. LeRoy, N.Y., Mar. 3, 1880, Alice 
Uogers; children: Robert Otto, Theodore Caspar, 

Herbert. Admitted to 111. bar, Apr. 1, 1877; since 
practicing in Chicago, first in firm of Butz, Eschen- 
Inirsr & Prussing, and successively, Butz & Eschen- 
burg, Otto C. Butz, Lackner & Butz, Lackner, But/. 
& Miller, and since 1915 of Butz, Van Ammon & 
Johnston. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago bar 
assns. Republican. Home: Winnetka, 111. Office: 
69 W. Washington St., Chicago. 

BUTZ, Theodore Caspar, mortgage investments: 
b. Chicago, Aug. 16, 1888: s. Otto Charles and Alice 
(Rogers) Butz; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; Rugby 
Sch., Kenilworth. 111.; Lewis Inst., Chicago, Athe- 
naeum Business Coll.; m. Jean Hitchcock, Feb. 14, 
1912; 1 son, Howard Hitchcock. Began active ca- 
reer in 1904; then went to Robertson & Lackner 
and was admitted to the firm, Jan.. 1908; Mr. Rob- 
ertson withdrew and name changed to Lackner & 
Butz Sons, which continues; dir. Northwestern De- 
benture Bond Co. Mem. Mfrs.' and Dealers' Club, 
Chicago Assn. Commerce, Cook Co. Real Estate 
Bd., Art Inst. of Chicago. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Exmoor Country, Highland Park. Recreations: 
athletic sports. Home: 822 Sheridan Rd., Highland 
Park, 111. Office: 111 W. Washington St., Chicago. 

BUTZOW, Arthur M., M.D.; b. Chicago, Nov. 7. 
1874; s. C. H. and Emma Mary (Kraul) Butzow; 
grad. high sen., Chicago, 1894; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., 1898; m. Chicago, Nov. 27, 1901. Mary A. 
Arens. Interne, St. Joseph's Hosp., 1898-9; since 
then in gen. practice; personal asst. to late Nicho- 
las Senn, 1898-1907, at St. Joseph's Hosp.; instr. 
bandaging, 1 yr., instr. anaesthetics, 1 yr., Rush 
Med. Coll.; attending phys. and surgeon, St. Jo- 
seph's Hosp. Dispensary, 1900-4; attending surgeon, 
St. Joseph's Hosp., since 1904. Mem. A.M.A., Chi- 
cago, 111. State and German med. socs. Office and 
Home: 1704 Otto St. 

BUXBAUM, Emanuel, wholesale clothing; b. at 
Eibechheim, Baden, Germany, Feb. 2, 1855; s. of 
Moses and Malka (Schlesinger) Buxbaum; ed New 
York; m. Chicago, Nov. 12. 1889, Julia, d. Abraham 
Kuh (died July 10, 1899); m. 2d, Apr. 22, 1903, Car- 
rie L. Hart; children: Myra C., Louise R. Came to 
U.S., 1860; engaged in clothing business, and 1889, 
became connected with the wholesale house of 
Kuh, Nathan & Fischer Co., of which he has been 
pres. since 1901. Hebrew religion. Clubs: Standard, 
Ravisloe Country. Home: 4418 Michigan Av. Office: 
330 S. Franklin St. 

BUZZELL. Edgrar Augustus, lawyer; b. Lowell, 
Mass., Oct. 10, 1860; s. Rev. Oliver Augustus and 
Mary Adelaide (Merrill) Buzzell; A.B., Univ of 
Chicago, 1886; m. Apr. 4, 1888, Jennie Isetta Gib- 
son, of Chicago; children: Edgar Gibson, Althea 
May, Harold Winfield, Merrill Elliott, Miriam Do- 
rothea- Admitted to bar, Oct., 1888; mem. firm of 
Holden (William H.) & Buzzell, 1890-1915; practic- 
ing alone since 1915. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn Chi- 
cago Law Inst., Phi Kappa Psi (pres. Chicago 
Alumni Assn.), Art Inst. of Chicago (life). Re- 
publican. Club: University. Recreation: farming 
Home: 6136 Ellis Av. ; (summer) Delavan Lake 
Wis. Office: Hartford Bldg., Chicago. 

BYEBS, John Wesley, live stock; b. York Co., 
Pa., Dec. 12, 1844; s. Jacob and Sarah (Myers) 
Byers; ed. pub. schs. of Pa.; m. Harrisburg Pa 
1868. Frances M. Mohler; children: Nellie A., Pina 
B., Daisy M., Ralph M. Born and reared on a farm 
at the age of 19 came to 111. and engaged with his 
brother in the live stock commn business for sev- 
eral years. Salesman at the Union Stock Yards 
with Denney & Redman, live stock commn., till 
1876; associated with brother and others in the live 
stock commn. business, first under firm name of 
Patterson, Byers & Co., later under the name of 
Byers, Moon & Byers, and since 1890 under the 
style of Byers Bros. & Co., with branches at South 
Omaha, Neb., South St. Joseph, Mo., and Kansas 
City, Mo. Mem. Chicago Live Stock Exchange Re- 
publican. Home: 426 Oakwood Boul. 

BYFOKD, Henry Turman, gynecologist; b. Ev- 
ansville, Ind., Nov. 12, 1853; s. Dr. William H. and 
Anne (Holland) Byford: grad. Berlin (Germany) 
High Sch., 1868, and Williston (Mass.) Sem., 1870: 
M.D., Chicago Med. Coll. (Northwestern Univ ) 
1873; m. Lucy Richard Larned, of Chicago, Nov. 8. 
1882; children: Genevieve (Mrs. diaries S. Rol>- 



erts), Mary (deceased). Heath Turman, William 
Holland. Engaged in practice in Chicago; prof, 
srynecology. Coll. Phys. and Surg., Chicago (Univ. 
of 111.), since 1892; surgeon to St. Luke's Hosp., 
Chicago. Apptd. 1st It. lied. Reserve Corps, U.S.A., 
1911. Hon. pres. Internal. Congress Gynecology, 
1896; F.R.C.M., England; fellow Am. Coll. Sur- 
geons; pres. Chicago Gynecol. Soc., 1887-8; mem. 
Am. Gynecol. Soc., A.M.A., Western Surg. and 
Gynecol. Soc. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Kenwood 
Country, South Shore Country, Chicago Literary, 
Physicians' (Chicago); Authors' (London). Au- 
thor: Manual of Gynecology; Diseases of Women 
(with late Dr. William Heath Byford). Joint Au- 
thor: American Text Book of Gynecology; Keating 
and Coe's Clinical Gynecology; Kelly and Noble's 
Operative Gynecology: To Panama and Back, 1908. 
Contbr. over a hundred papers on gynecol. subjects. 
Recreations: art, literature and modern languages. 
Home: 1411 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 112 S. Michi- 
gan Av. 

BYLLESBY, Henry Marison, electrical engr. ; b. 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. 16, 1859; s. Rev. DeWitt Clin- 
ton and Sarah (Mathews) Byllesby; ed. Lehigh 
Univ., Pa.; m. Margaret Stearns Baldwin, of Ro- 
selle. N.J., June 15, 1882. Was associated with 
Thomas A. Edison in the early days of electric 
lighting in N.J., and has been identified with many 
movements and advances in elec. enterprises. Now 
pres. of H. M. Byllesby & Co., engrs., Chicago; also 
officer and dir. Mobile (Ala.) Electric Co., Ft. Smith 
(Ark.) Light & Traction Co., Okla. Gas & Electric 
Co. (Okla. City, Okla.), Enid (Okla.) Elec. & Gas 
Co., Muskogee (Okla.) Gas & Elec. Co., Ottumwa 
(la.) Ry. & Light Co., San Diego (Cal.) Consolidat- 
ed Gas & Elec. Co., Standard Gas & Electric Co., 
Ark. Valley Ry., Light & Power Co. (Colo.), Appa- 
lachian Power Co. (Va, and W.Va,), Securities Ex- 
change Co.; dir. Pub. Service Co., London, Eng;. 
Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., West- 
ern Soc. Engrs., Nat. Electric Light Assn., Nat. 
Civic Federation (exec, com.), Chicago Civic Fed- 
eration (treas.), Universal Mil. Training League 
(exec. com.). Mem. exec. com. St. Luke's Hosp. 
(Chicago); dir. Chase House. Clubs: Chicago, 
Union League, University, Automobile, Glen View 
Golf (Chicago) ; Metropolitan, Bankers', Recess, 
Lawyers', Railway (New York) ; Minnesota (St. 
Paul); Tavern, Pendennis (Louisville); Minneapo- 
lis (Minneapolis); Arlington (Portland, Ore.); Lake 
Geneva (Wis.) Country, Lake Geneva Yacht. Re- 
publican. Home: 4358 Drexel Boul., Chicago; (sum- 
mer) Lake Geneva, Wis. Office: 208 S. LaSalle St., 

BYBAM. Harry E., railway vice-pres. ; b. Gales- 
burg, 111., Nov. 28, 1865; s. Maynard and Cornelia 
Byram; common sch. edn. ; m. Estella Berquist, of 
Galesburg, 111., May 26, 1891 (died June, 1909) ; 2d, 
Mrs. L. T. Morrison, Oct., 1910. Entered service of 
C.,B.&Q.R.R. Co. as call boy at Galesburg, at 16; 
was stenographer and elk. at Chicago until 1889; 
elk. in gen. mgr.'s office and chief elk. in vice pres.' 
office G.N.Ry., St. Paul, 1894-8; asst. gen. supt. 
Mont. Central Ry., Great Falls, Mont., Mar., 1898- 
Oct., 1899; supt. Cascade div. G.N.Ry., Everett, 
Wash.. 1899-1902: asst. to 1st and later to 4th vice 
pres. C.,R.I.&P. Ry., Chicago, 1902-4; gen. supt. 
Southwestern dist. C..R.I.&P., Topeka, Kan., Feb.- 
.luly, 1904; gen. supt. Neb. dist., C..B.&Q.R.R., Sept., 
1904-May 15, 1909, asst. to 2d vice pres.. May 15, 
1909-Feb. 1, 1910, 2d vice pres., Feb. 1, 1910-Sept., 
1917, C..B.&Q.R.R.CO.; pres. C.,M.&St.P.Ry. since 
Oct. 1, 1917. Home: Evanston, 111. Office: Railway 
Exchange, Chicago. 

BYRNE, see also Burn. 

BYRNE, John Henry, M.D. (See vol. 1911.) 

BYRNE, Miriam (Miss), author; b. Chicago, Jan. 
13, 1886; d. James and Hannah (Elliott) Byrne; 
sjrad. West Div. High Sch., 1902. Author: The 
Would-Be Witch. 1906; House of the Red Fox, 1908. 
Home: 4337 Wilcox Av. 

BYRNES, see also Burns. 

BYRNES, Frank, M.D., surgeon; b. Fond du Lac, 
Wis., May 4, 1863; s. Maurice and Rose (Reilly) 
Byrnes; ed. common schs. and commercial coll. at 
Fond du Lac; M.D.. Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1894; 
m. Chicago, Sept.. 1.897. Annie M. Burns. Engaged 

in practice at Chicago from 1894; interne, St. Eliz- 
abeth's Hosp., 1895; asst. in anatomy, Rush Med. 
Coll., 1896-7; formerly attending phys. to St. Eliza- 
beth's Hosp.; surgeon to Cook Co. Hosp.; at present 
surgeon to Columbus Hosp.; prof, of surgery, Ben- 
nett Med. Coll. (Loyola Univ.). Mem. Chicago Med. 
Soc., A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc. Mem. Knights of 
Columbus, Wis. Soc. of Chicago. Home: 454 Mel- 
rose St. Offices: 29 E. Madison St. and 3203 N. 
Clark St. 

CABLE. Benjamin Stickney, assistant sec. of 
commerce and labor.; Sept. 24, 1872-Sept. 27, 1915. 
(See vol. 1911.) 

CABLE, Fayette 8., piano mfr. ; b. Cannonsville. 
N.Y., Mar. 18, 1855; s. Silas and Mary (Goodrich) 
Cable; ed. pub. schs. and at Delaware Lit. Inst., 
Franklin, N.Y.; m. Kate Elting. of Ellenville, N.Y., 
Oct. 16, 1879; children: Anne S. (Mrs. Thomas L. 
Powell). Rachel Elting (Mrs. J. L. Hench), Gladys 
Goodrich, Dorothy Roselle. Was in the sch. book 
business with A. S. Barnes & Co., N.Y. City, 1876- 
80; then came to Chicago and represented Porter & 
Coates, of Philadelphia, in same line until 1890; 
became connected with the Chicago Cottage Organ 
Co. and was sec. of the same until 1899, when name 
was changed to The Cable Co., of which was pres. 
until 1903; then established the Fayette S. Cable 
Piano Co., and in July, 1904, the business was re- 
organized as the Cable-Nelson Piano Co., mfrs. of 
the Cable-Nelson pianos, with factory at South 
Haven, Mich., of which is pres. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Clubs: Union League, Hinsdale. 
Recreation: farming. Home: Hinsdale, 111. Office: 
209 S. State St., Chicago. 

CABMAN. James Piper, writer. Removed to Cal- 
ifornia. (See vol. 1911.) 

CADY, Jeremiah Klersted, architect; b. Indian- 
apolis. Ind., June 29, 1855; s. Charles Warner and 
Abigail Aikman (Kiersted) Cady; B.Arch., Cornell 
Univ., 1876; m. Madison, Wis., Oct. 8, 1891. Paget 
Daniels (died 1914); 2 children: Jessica and Paget 
Kiersted. Came to Chicago, 1883; in employ of 
Burnham & Root, 1883-7; mem. Handy (Frank W.) 
& Cady, architects, 1887-1909, since alone. Episco- 
palian. Club: University. Recreations: golf and 
walking. Home: 1217 Astor St. Office: 179 W. 
Washington St. 

CAHUt, Edward T., lawyer. (See vol. 1911.) 

CAHN, see also Kalm. 

CAHN, Benjamin Robert, stock and bond broker: 
b. Chicago, Aug. 26, 1862; s. Aaron and Ida (Lorie) 
Cahn; ed. Allen Acad., Chicago, and Cornell Univ.; 
m. Chicago, Dec. 8, 1891, Belle Austrian; 1 son, 
Alvin Robert. Since 1887 actively and- successfully 
engaged in present business. Mem. New York 
S*ock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange (pres. 
1905-7), Chicago Bd. of Trade. Republican. Treas. 
Michael Reese Hosp., Chicago Lying-in Hosp. and 
Dispensary. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Standard (ex- 
pres.), Ravisloe Country. Home: 4720 Greenwood 
Av. ; (summer) Oconomowoc, Wis. Office: 38 N. La 
Salle St., Chicago. 

CAHN, Bertram Joseph, secretary and treas. B. 
Kuppenheimer & Co.; b. Chicago. Nov. 10, 1875; s. 
Joseph and Miriam (Schwab) Cahn; A.B., Yale, 
1896; LL.B., Northwestern Univ., 1898; m. Irma B., 
d. Jonas Kuppenheimer, of Chicago, Nov. 5, 1907: 
children: Terese Isabel, Bertram J., Jr. Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1898, and practiced at Chicago until 
1913; sec. and treas. B. Kuppenheimer & Co., mfrs. 
clothing, since 1913. Mem. 111. State and Chicago 
bar assns. Republican. Clubs: Yale, City, Lake 
Shore Country. Home: Lake Forest, 111. Office: 415 
S. Franklin St.. Chicago. 

CAHN, Louis M., secretary Progress Tailoring 
Co.; b. Ashland, O., Apr. 16, 1874; s. Jacob and Re- 
Sina (Tillman) Cahn; A.B., Harvard, 1895, LL.B., 
1897; unmarried. Admitted to 111. bar, 1898; in 
offices of Newman, Northrup & Levinson, 3 yrs. : 
mem. firm of Holzheimer & Cahn, 1900-4, Rosen- 
baum & Cahn, 1905-13; sec. Progress Tailoring- Co. 
since 1913. Republican. Active in the promulga- 
tion of social settlement and charitable work. Mem. 



Chicago Bar Assn. Clubs: Standard, City, Ravis- 
loe Country Home: 4907 Grand Boul. Office: 161 
W. Harrison St. 

PA-H-n Mnrtnn David broker- b Chicago Sept 
28 ill?' f Josenh Ind Mirilm (Schwab) Cahn : 
AB Yale Un?v 1901 After Saving college em- 

inri investment securities Mem Chicago Stock 
ExchanKe Republican Clubs' R^visloe CWntry, 
City, La*ke Sho?e Country . Home" 4809 Grand Soul! 
Office: 1068 The Rookery. 

ern S clergyman; b. Danville 
lli., Dec. 31. 1866; s Charles R. and Eliza (Smith) 

8H? ; ftSE? l ?ff ! ft S* .^Tnuan M blrter" 
1890, M.A., 1900 (D.D., 1907) ,m Lillian M. Dieter, 

of Sedalia Mo., Sept. 20 1900. Ordained Presbyn. 

S^'^^^Q 89 ^/^ 1 .^? Ph^h h^n "?nof. 1899' 
Mo., 1896-9 Edgewater Ch., Chicago, since] i. 

Moderator Presbytery of Chicago, 1910-11; dir 
Chicago Law and Order League; mem. Council of 
Federated Churches of America. Mem. Beta Theta 
Pi. Club: University. Recreation: golf. Home: 
S546 Kenmore Av 


CAIBNS, Charles Andrew, railway official, b. at 
Cleveland, O.; s. Peter and Ann M. Cairns; ed. pub. 
schs., Cleveland. Began as messenger in gen. of- 
fices Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianap- 
olis Ry., at Cleveland, 1878; stock elk., later chief 
elk., pass. dept. combined C..C C.&I., Indianapolis 
& St. Louis and Dayton & Union rys., 1889; chief 
elk. pass, dept., 1889-90; asst. gen. pass, and tkt. 
agt., 1890-2, Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas City Ry.; 

ln f'^n^ntss^and^^'alt y i'895 8 190 5 3 a'ATgelf 
piss. S an n d ?kt SS a|f since ^63. 18 Home: 3 '54 a o n 3 d ]!or n : 
Chester Av. Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul. 

Peter M D b Chicatro 
nd Ann (Roach) Caldv?e1 ; 
Tln?v 1i?pd S?h 1876 Rush 
r. 1877 PotHneen Univ 187 Univ of 

hii is'sn- 1^' FH^h^th % O'N'pill of Chicaeo 
Dublin 1880 nr ^Elizabeth S O Neill of Chicago 

^irt-l nnrt PAonST'? ho?ns med dir ^ Chicago Ex- 
nard s and People s hosps med. dir Chicago ^x 

Th?Sfnn a w?th ^nar mmi's tDDroval of thf 0y 
Thompson, with i unanimous approval of the : City 

Council, to succeed the late Dr. i neoaore a. oacns 
as supt ..Municipal , Tuberculosis Sanltw-lun: ,oi ^CM- 

A a STA (35 Tii 4 S V.M.?'r * Phi'rlSf Md Soc (e m ' 
A M.A., 111 State Med. Soc Chicago Med. Soc (ex- 

pres.), British Med. Assn. Democrat. Catholic. 

Mi U rhU^Tv A&r.- irvi Mawr St^ and f N 
r? w& S i'J' Address ' Bryn Mawr bt- a 
Crawford AV. 

CALDWELL, Frank Bevis mfr.; b. at Chicago, 

to supt of motive power. 1883-5, D.&R.G.R.R.; 
identified with the C.&N.W.Ry.Co. since 1885, as 
sec. to the pres., 1885-1909, and sec. of the corpn. 
since Jan. 12, 1909; also sec. C.,St.P.,M.&O.Ry. 
since Oct. 21, 1910; sec. and dir. since Oct. 20. 1909, 
of 25 subsidiary companies of the C.&N.W.Ry.Co. 
Mem. S.A.R Republican Mason. Clubs: Railroad 
(New York) ; Oak Park Country. Recreations: au- 
tomobiling, golf. Home: 130 East Av., Oak Park, 
1". Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago. 

CALDWELL, Oliver North, mfr. ; b. Indianapo- 
' is . Ind., Feb. 2, 1869; s. Henry W. and Hannah Ann 
<Nt ^Ca'^n; & West ^Hi,h^ch Chi- 

Ta s ylor . l s ' o wn No ' rth . Continuously connect- 

ed with H. W. Caldwell & Son Co., engrs., found- 

d machlnist s, of which is now vice pres., 

t and dj Djr Mercantile Trust & Sa f lng ^ 

Bank - Presbyterian. Clubs: Oak Park, Chicago 
Athletic (Chicago); Machinery (New York). Home: 
531 Linden Av .f Oa k Park, 111. Office: 17th St. and 
\ V estern Av Chicaeo 

* *t Jill .T * go l,_,. 

CALDWELL, Otli William, botanist; b. at Leba- 

non - In(3 -' Dec - 18 - 1869 = s - Theodore Robert and 
Belle Caldwell; B.S., Franklin (Ind.) Coll., 1894; 
p^.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1898; m. Cora Burke, of 
Por tiand, Ind., Aug. 25, 1897. Prof, botany, East- 
ern IU state Normal fech., 1899-1907; asso. prof. 
botany, 1907-15, prof, same and supervisor of nat- 
ura i sclen ce since 1915, Sch. of Edn. of Univ. of 
Chicago; was dean Univ. Coll., 1913-16. Prof, bot- 
anyi univ. of Ind. Summer Sch. of Biology, 1904. 
F e n O w A.A.A.S. Author several botanical works. 
Contbr. to science jours. Home: 5524 Kimbark Av. 
CA1.HOTJN, William Jame., lawyer, diplomat; 

JijrfWj 19 ' 1916> ^^ ^^ Wh '" 
CAXXIBTS, Harvey Reeve*, clergyman; b. Valpa- 
rals . In(J " A P r - n - 186 : s. William Thomas and 
Arabella Thurza (Reeves) Calkins; A.B., North- 
western Univ., 1888, A.M., 1891; B.D., Garrett Bibl. 
Inst - 1890 = traveled and studied in Europe, 1890-1, 
an(J ]g9 m He]en M Pearson of Evansto n. 111. 

Jul y 8 - 189 < died Mar - 27 - 1893 >: m - 2 ^' Ida Von 
HoJ Qf Cincinnati o Oct 3 1894 ordained M.E. 

ministry, 1892; pastor Castle Rock, Colo., 1891; 
Haymarket Cn Denveri 1892-3; Sheffield Av. Ch., 
r, h f r , a , r icqx o. IWliurinni-w fioirt ovano-oiiet ISQS 
C 9 h 'gf g m > i s 1 s 8 ionary if Tnd^ "BOO" off fewJ'rtShlp 
sec - Commn. on Finance, M.E. Ch , since 1912 
Me Beta Thet& Autnor: victory of Mary 

Christopher, 1903; Mind of Methodism. 1905; A 
Man and His Mon4y, 1914; The Human East, 1916; 
The Pagan West, 1916; various pamphlets and re- 
vlew articles. Home: Evanston, 111. Office: 1020 S. 
Wabash A v., Chicago. 

. MAMtt 

; mam 

on/1 Hit* W \V 
and air. rl. W. - 

r>ir TVT&m K t Vi T)\ \T Ti'no'r'H Til 

nnhl^?' PrMbVteriaS Home- 

n Park Av Oak^rk ifl ^Office"' mhS ft 
TO * \ A,, ohino ^^ arK - "* umce. ma 01. 
and Western Av., Chicago. 

CALDWELL, Frank Congleton, mfr.; b. Indian- 
apolis, June 22, 1866; s. Henry Wallace and Han- 
nan Ann (North) Caldwell; ed. Chicago pub. schs.; 
LL.B., Union Coll. of Law (Northwestern Univ.), 
1887; m. Grace Bevis, of St. Louis, Jan. 4, 1888; 
children: Frank Bevis, Henry Wallace, Adelaide, 
Constance. Admitted to 111. bar, and practiced, 
Chicago, 1887-.2; vice pres H W Caldwel. & Son 
Co., engrrs. and machinists, 1892-1908, and pres. 

c.Inna 1 QHQ T~l- C\ri\r T3o f\r Tr-not A QQ v \ n *> Ran If 

since 1908. Dir. Oak Park Trust & bavin^s BanK. 
Republican. Presbyn Mem Oak Park Sch Bd 

??nE!n h^k- aY<fo FnVinJ^V New Yo^rk) Home-' 
U 4K N ^Cpnnwo?th Av Oak Park m Office- 17th 

st ^d ^Veslrrn Av Chicaeo 
St. and \\ estern Av., Chicago. 

. . 

r . n v. AA \ /-"alUirna- &A hio-h cr-h Phi 
* ** 'JCc^ ^tlJ K1I1S , cQ. Illg II bC 11., ^lll 

1898 - Henrietta Harland; 2 daughters: Henrietta 
Mar y and Elinor Harland. On leaving school en- 
tered emp]oy of D w Irwln & Co sraln co mmn.; 
tnen with various flrms until entering business on 
own account, 1899; mem. firm of Wrenn, Calkins & 
Egan, stock and grain brokers, until 1909; since 
then mem. of L. A. Calkins & Co. Mem. Chicago 
Bd. of Trade. Clubs: Hamilton, City, Edgewater 
Golf, Edgewater Country, Skokie. Recreation: golf. 
Home: 5857 Kenmore Av. Office: Board of Trade. 

CALDWELL, John Davis, railway official; b. at 
Lynn, Mass., July 4, 1863; s. John Lord and Sarah 
(Davis) Caldwell; descendant of John and Sarah 

& 1 2SSf^2^, W Mi : I SgSan J ^S > i. 'oTjact 
son, Mich., Oct. 23, 1890; 3 children: Louis Golds- 
borough (in Am. field service in France), Marga- 
ret (Mrs. Benja.nin L. Dall), Edward Cook. Tele- 
graph operator Pa.R.R., 1880-3; operator, 1883, sec. 

ia ,,nMiui,,,,-- v. 

ts Berd and Mary "(KtiJ) 
- A R ronr^^tn^r, cnr 1 \ iiniv issn- m 

- , A. D., LreorscLO\S M \LJ.\^,. ) U HIV., it OU , ID. 

A A rbor, Mich., 1886, Mary Donnelly; children: 
Bernard Edward/James (all now deceased), Mary 
s - Emma Margaret. On graduation from coll.. en- 
tered law pub ' house of Callaghan & Co. (of which 
father was founder, 1864), and since 1881 has been 
a partner in tne flrmi and now pres . of tne corp n. 

Club: Chicago Athletic. Homes: 5502 Hyde Park 
Boul., Chicago; (summer) Williams Bay, Wis. Of- 
flee: 401 E. Ohio St., Chicago. 

CALLAHAK, Charle. H., lawyer. (See vol. 1911.) 

CALLAWAY, William ., M.D.; b. Fulton, Mo., 

Dec. 11, 1869; s. William L. and Sarah J. Callaway; 

prep. edn. State Normal Sch., Kirksville, Mi, : M.D., 

Barnes Med. Coll., St. Louis, 1897; m. Martha Ter- 


ry, of Fulton, Mo., June 10, 1900; 2 children: Wil- CAMEBON, Dwight Foster, lawyer. (See vol. 

liam Terry, Thomas Russell. Engaged in practice 1911.) 

at Chicago since 1898; prof. clin. medicine, 111 CAMEBON, Edgar Spier, painter; b. Ottawa, 111., 

Post-Grad. Med. Sch since 1908; prof, internal M 2 6, 1862; s. John Rush and Emily (Spier) 

medicine and head of dept 111. Post-Grad. Med. Cameron; ed. pub. schs., Chicago Acad. Design, Art 

Sch.; dm. prof medicine, Chicago Coll Medicine students' League, New York, Academic Julien and 

and Surgery; attending physician West Side Hosp. co i e des Beaux Arts, Paris; m. Marie Gelon, of 

Contbr to med jours. Mem. A.M A 111. State Med. Chicago, 1890. Art critic, Chicago Tribune, 1891- 

Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Mason (Union Park Lodge 1900; exhibitor Paris Salon; hon. mention, Yerkes 

No. 610, Corinthian Chapter, St. Bernard Com- p rize Competition, 1892; worked on decoration for 

mandery, Medinah Temple). Recreations: motor- Chicago Expn., 1893; mem. Internal. Jury, Paris 

ing and fishing. Home: 3015 Warren Av. Office: Expn., 1900; silver medal, Paris, 1900. Most impor- 

Suite 1400. 32 N. State St. tant work is "Dreamland" and group of paintings 

CALLENDER Joseph Eliot, insurance' b Peo- awarded M.A.L. prize and later exhibited in spl. 
ria. 111., Nov. 19, 1866; s. Eliot and Mary (Frye) Am. exhbn. at Royal Acad., Berlin; represented in 
Callender; ed. pub. schs., Peoria, 111.; m. Florence collections of chl , ca f ?., H , ls t S Er Unlon League, 
G. Hewitt, of Peoria, 1888; 1 son, Hewitt. Mfg. Arche and Woman s Aid clubs, Chicago; mural dec- 
chemist at Peoria, 3 yrs.; then asst. cashier Dime , r , atl n s , ta Suprwnj Court Library Springfield, 
Savings Bank until 1898; came to Chicago and en- I"-! Butler Prize, Art Inst Chicago 1913. One of 
gaged in the ins. business; was sec. of the Mac- founders Municipal Art League, Chicago ; mem. 
donell, Baker, Callender Co., 1901-5; since resident Chicago Soc. of Artists. Club: Cliff Dwellers. Ad- 
mgr The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corpn. of dress: 1 

London, Eng. Republican. Baptist. Mem. Loyal CAMEBON, John Hlllyard, bonds. (See vol. 1911.) 

Legion, Naval Order of the U.S. Club: Chicago CAMEBON, John M., lawyer; b. Ottawa, Can., 

Automobile. Home: St. Charles, 111. Office: 175 W. Sept . 18j 1867 '. s . Neil and M ' ary (McRae) Camer- 

Jackson Boul., Chicago. on; ed . grammar and high schs.; m. Anna M. Iver- 

CALVEBT, Thomas Elwood, chief engr. C..B.& son, Jan. 1, 1895 (died June 12, 1917); children: 

Q.R.R.; b. nr. Phila., Sept. 10. 1849; s. Isaac and Alan C., Juliette A. (deceased), Anita C. Admitted 

Phoebe (Rhodes) Calvert; Ph.B., Yale Univ., 1870; to 111. bar, 1889; associated, 1889, with law firm of 

widower. Began ry. service in engring. dept. of C., Campbell & Custer, and, 1896, with Custer, God- 

B.&Q.R.R., 1871, and was supt. lines west of the dard & Griffin until formation of firm of Custer, 

Mo. River, 1875-1905, and chief engr of the entire Griffin & Cameron, in 1903; since May 1, 1908, the 

system since 1905. Republican. Office: 547 W. Jack- firm name has been Custer & Cameron. Mem. Am. 

son Boul Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. 

f^rtrf-v T i,- T i, * i K CM! T CtNMl). Republican. Episcopalian. Resident of 
tm3*EFliHSi&l Pofi-- f rYi?' ?n g h' t % Chicago, 1869-96, since that time of Riverside, 111.; 
land, Aug. 15, 1876; s. Patrick and Delia (Doherty) trustee Village of Riverside, 1901-5, and ores, of 
Calvey; ed. nat. sch., Co. Sligo, Ireland; unmarried. tne village 1905 9 Mason (32 Shriner) Clubs- 
Came to World's Fair, Chicago, 1893; went to work Hamilton" Church 'Prairie Riverside Golf Homi 
in Auditorium Hotel as bell boy; promoted through Sdo^son R R?veriide 111. Offlcl 818 The ~ 
various depts. and was elected mgr., 1914. Repub- erv - 
lican. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Club: Hinsdale Golf. '. 
Recreations: golf, motoring. Address: Auditorium 

Hote1 ' Cameron, of Chicago, 1890. Has exhibited~at Salon. 
CAMBRIDGE, William Boyd, district sales mgr.; Paris; Art Inst. of Chicago; St. Louis Expn., 1904; 
b. Ellsworth, Me., Mar. 10, 1889; s. Arthur Adams etc. Mem. Chicago Soc. of Artists; hon. mem. Le 
and Belle (Southerland) Cambridge; ed. grammar Cercle Frangais. Club: The Cordon. Recreation: 
and high schs. in and around Boston, but circum- sketching outdoors. Studio: 10 E. Ohio St. 
stances made it necessary to leave high sch., in 3d CADCEBOTT Ocsiin inwvpr- h Mnntroal Pan 
term, before graduating; unmarried. Entered em- M ar 2? 1868'; sCo^n and Annie (Mun?o) Cam- 
ton', Mass., 1904, as office boy, and has since con- 7 0n T.f. B PU ChlcaSo Cofl of "ifaw (Lake^Forest 
tinued with the company; advanced to timekeeper, ij n 'i v ^ is'oV m Rosamond M Gilbert? of Phioaa-n 
asst. shipping elk., then in charge of shipping and VSe 31 1910-^' sonl^^ssia^^dAfln Donald ^fd' 

ttttTJ^fiit'^S^ra^ aS Sa , leS , I S a 1 n e T a fi y "? mi "ed to bar! 1893; mem. in. State Bar Assn.! CM- 

1910, and aist. mgr. in Chicago since 1911. Liberal ,,., R-- A<sin Ronnhiiran Mann IK T qviHn- 

?r e s? U ^n an - R Pr teS , t - ant - Mem Chicago Sharpshoot- f ^^mn^Crim^il a^pYfctice. 

TA" RrnaViw^t f?mP-' in 5 T S ii ot" 8 ' Home - 1898 ; Illinois City and Village Laws, 1905. Revised 

4832 Broadway. Office. 10 S. LaSalle St. and en i arge d Jones' and Binmore's General Legal 

CAMEBON, Anson, M.D.; b. at Millersburg, O., Forms, Pleading and Precedents, 1902. Home: 1255 

Mar. 19, 1874; s. Robert Matthews and Rachel Rosedale Av. Office: Otis Bldg. 

(Mayers) Cameron; grad Millersburg High Sch., CAMEBON, Peter Ferguson, insurance; b. Glas- 

1892; A. M., Bethany Coll. w - Va., 1895; M. D gO w, Scotland, Feb. 7, 1859; s. John and Mary (Fer- 

Hahnemann Med Coll., Philadelphia, 1900. Resi- gU son) Cameron; ed. Hyde Park High Sch.; m. Cin- 

?!nn P n P lolan Hahnemann Hosp., Philadelphia, cinnati, Apr. 11, 1889, Mary A. Wynne; children: 

900-1; in practice in Chicago since 1901; prof. Mary A Florence W. In Chicago branch office of 

pediatrics and clin asst. in pediatrics, Hahnemann the Northwestern Nat. Fire Ins. Co. of Milwaukee, 

Coll and Hosp., Chicago. Mem Am. Inst. Homce- i 87 6-88; with Fred S. James & Co., 1888-92; since 

opathy 111. Homoe. Med. Soc., Chicago Homce. Med. mem . f5 rm of P . F . Cameron & Co. Democrat. Pres- 

Soc. Mem. Christian Church. Clubs: University, byterian. Mem. St. Andrew's Soc. Recreations: 

iVi *S KO , t- Hom e: 25 E. Elm St. Office: 30 N. flower gardening and other outdoor diversions. 

Michigan Av. Home: 5748 Blackstone Av. Office: 175 W. Jackson 

CAME SON, Dan Uhl, dentist; b. Millersburg, O., Boul. 

S B " 14 'J1 76; s - of Robert Matthews and Rachel CAMEBON, William Allan, mfr.; b. at Detroit, 

(Mayers) Cameron; ed. pub schs. of Millersburg Mich Aug . 9, 1876; s . Alexander and Sarah Kath- 

and Dayton, p.; D.D.S., Phila. Dental Coll 1899; i een (Saunders) Cameron; ed. pub. sch. and St. 

student Benmng Sch. of Anatomy, Phila., 1894-8; p au r s Sch., Detroit. On leaving sch., 1894, became 

Garretson Hosp of Oral Surgery; m. Anna Barton connected with the Kellogg-Mackay-Cameron Co., 

Doverspike, of Kittanmng, Pa., Aug. 3. 1908; chil- mlrs . of boilers and radiators, of which was treas 

dren: John ^ heaton, Gordon, Dan, Jr., Barton. an d dir many years' now pres Cameron Schroth 

?/, aC i "" d a , 1 , C h f i C , a /, ", ln n C 5,"'^ "!]?! .?* S' P.- Republican. Clubs; Chicago Athletic, Chicago 

. Herbert in vestment securities; 

b. Oakland, La., July 12, 1875; s. Addison and 

. , ., , . 

CAMEBON, Daniel Boss, stationer, printer. Re- Frances (Harrison) Cammack; ed. pub. schs at 
moved to Altadena, Cal. (See vol. 1911.) Waco and St. Mary's Sch., San Antonio, Tex.; m. 



Lena Chloe Thomas, of Batavia, N.Y., Sept. 4, 1902; 
1 daughter, Frances Addison. Admitted to bar at 
Waco, Tex., 1899; practiced at Waco until 1902; 
judge Corporation Court, 1902-6; removed to Chi- 
cago, 1906, and engaged in bond and investment 
securities business; mgr. of Chicago office of Well, 
Roth & Co., of Cincinnati and New York, since 1915. 
Club: Union League. Recreations: cross country 
walking. Home: 1029 Washington Boul., Oak Park, 
111. Office: 901 Borland Blk., Chicago. 

CAMP, 'Walter Mason, editor; b. Camptown, Pa., 
Apr. 21, 1867; s. Treat B. (capt. Co. F, 52d Pa. 
Vols, Civil War) and Hannah A. (Brown) Camp; 
C.E., Pa. State Coll., 1891; m. Blue Island, 111., May 
2, 1898, Emeline Sayles. After leaving coll. was 
surveyor and draftsman with Southern Pacific Co. 
in Gal.; chief engr. and supt. Rainier Av. Electric 
(interurban) Ry., Seattle, Wash.; work train fore- 
man and section foreman, Seattle, Lake Shore & 
Eastern R.R.; post-grad, student in electricity and 
steam, Univ. of Wis., 1895-6; with Englewo9d & 
Chicago Electric (storage battery) Ry., as insp. 
of materials in 1896 and as supt. of constrn., 1897; 
chief editor Railway Review since 1897. Mem. Am. 
Soc. C.E., Am. Ry. Engring. Assn., Roadmasters' 
and Maintenance of Way Assn., Ry. Signal Assn., 
Chicago Engineers' Club. Recreations: farming, 
and visiting western Indian reservations. Author 
and pub. Notes on the Track. Home: 7740 Union 
Av. Office: 537 S. Dearborn St. 

CAMPAKINI, Cleofonte, musical director; b. at 
Parma, Italy, Sept. 1, 1860; studied at Royal Con- 
servatory, Parma: m. Eva Tetrazzini, of Florence, 
Italy May 15, 1887. First conducted at Parma, 
1881; prin. condr. Royal Opera, Coyent Garden, 
London, 1897-1906; first came to America, 1883; dir. 
Manhattan Opera Co., New York, 1906-9; gen. mus. 
dir. Chicago and Phila. opera companies, 1910-13, 
sen. mgr. since 1913; notable in productions of 
Salome," "Natoma," "The Secret of Susanne," 
'Cendrnion." "Le Jongleur de Notre Dame," 
"Thais," "Louise," "Pelleas et Melisande," "Sam- 
son and Delilah," "Dejanire," "Cleopatre," "Monna 
Vanna," etc. Hon. citizen of Parma, and recipient 
of many orders from crowns of Italy, Austria, 
Spain and Portugal, also from govts. of Brazil and 
Argentina. Mason. Home: Parma, Italy. Address: 
Auditorium Theatre, Chicago. 

CAMPBELL, Alexander Ferg-us, agent for Chi- 
cago Underwriters' Assn.; May 20, 1852-Dec. 23, 
1913. (See vol. 1911.) 

CAMPBELL, Archibald Matthew, building con- 
tractor. (See vol. 1911.) 

CAMPBELL, Daniel Alexander, ex-postmaster; 
b. Elgin, 111., June 23, 1863; ed. high schs., Winne- 
bago Co., 111., and in law at Union Coll. of Law, 
Chicago. Admitted to bar, Mar. 5, 1886. Mem. 38th 
Gen. Assembly of 111.; postmaster of Chicago, Apr. 
16, 1907-17. Republican. Home: 5646 Sheridan Rd. 

CAMPBELL, Date Scott, vehicle springs; b. at 
Greenleaf, Kan., Aug. 10, 1886; s. George S. and 
Ruth (Scott) Campbell; grad. Topeka (Kan.) High 
Sch., 1905; unmarried. Has been identified with ve- 
hicle spring mfg. business continuously since 1905; 
sec. Tuthill Spring Co.; vice pres. Vvales-Adamson 
Co. Mem. Soc. Automotive Engrs. Mason (Shrin- 
er). Clubs: 111. Athletic, Englewood. Home: 6432 
Yale Av. Office: 760 Polk St. 

CAMPBELL, Mrs. David Allen (Ola Barnes 
Campbell), editor The Musical Monitor; b. Platts- 
mouth, Neb.; d. Hon. J. W. and Martha D. (Gage) 
Barnes; ed. high sell., Plattsmouth; Ladies' Sem., 
Mt. Pleasant, la.; musical study, Chicago, New 
York and London, Eng. ; m. David Allen Campbell, 
of Plattsmouth, Neb., June 28, 1882; 3 children: 
James Patterson, Newton Colin, Paul. For many 
years a contralto singer, prominent in church and 
oratorio work; editor and owner The Musical Mon- 
itor, official organ of Nat. Federation of Musical 
Clubs. Especially interested in philanthropic work 
and in assisting deserving girls in developing their 
musical talent. Charter mem. and hon. vice pres. 
Nat. Federation of Musical Clubs; hon. pres. Mati- 
nee Musical, Coffeyville, Kan.; hon. pres. Musical 
Research, Lander, Wyo. ; hon. mem. Matinee Musi- 
cal, also Fortnightly Club, Lincoln, Neb., and Tues- 
day Club. Bartlesville, Okla. ; chmn. community 

music of Nat. Council of Women. Progressive Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Home: 616 S. Michigan 

CAMPBELL, David C., real estate and invest- 
ments; b. Wheeling, W.Va., 1834; ed. pub. schs. of 
W.Va.; m. Iowa, 1862. Mary A. Shonts; children: 
John A., Charles P., David S. Was in banking in 
Centerville, la., 1871-93, when removed to Chicago; 
now pres. Campbell Investment Co. Home: 9204 S. 
Robey St. Office: 230 S. LaSalle St. 

CAMPBELL, Donald Francis, college prof., ac- 
tuary; b. East River, St. Mary's, N.S., Can., Apr. 
26, 1867; s. George and Ellen Esther (Gunn) Camp- 
bell; B.A., Dalhousie Coll., Halifax, N.S., 1890; B.A., 
Harvard, 1894, M.A., 1895, Ph.D 1898; m. Lou 
Rena Bates, of Danielson, Conn., Mar. 28, 1906; 2 
children: Donald, Elizabeth. Instr. mathematics, 
Harvard Univ., 1897-1900; prof, and head dept. 
mathematics, Armour Inst. Tech., Chicago, since 
1900; lecturer on ins., Northwestern Univ. Sch. of 
Commerce, 1909-11; sec. and actuary, 111. Pension 
Laws Commn. Mem. Am. Math. Soc.; fellow Am. 
Inst. of Actuaries. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: University, Faculty, Elks. Author: The Ele- 
ments of the Differential and Integral Calculus, 
1904; A Short Course in Differential Equations, 
1907; A Short Course in Life Insurance, 1909. 
Home: 1134 Oak Av., Evanston. Office: 76 W. Mon- 
roe St., Chicago. 

CAMPBELL, Edmund Schnreman, teacher and 
painter; b. Freehold, N.J., Oct. 28, 1884; s. James 
Wall Schureman and Mary (Valentine) Campbell; 
ed. Freehold High Sch.; Stevens Prep. Sch.; S.B. in 
Architecture, Mass. Inst. Tech., 1906, S.M., 1907; 
studied ficole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Mem. fac- 
ulty, Carnegie Inst. Tech., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1907-14, 
Armour Inst. Tech., Chicago, since 1914; now prof, 
architectural design and acting head Dept. of Ar- 
chitecture. Water color painter; has exhibited for 
a number of years at the important exhbns. of U.S. 
Mem. New York Water Color Club, Pittsburgh 
Assn. Artists Artists' Guild. Clubs: The Arts (Chi- 
cago), Park Ridge Men's. Home and Studio: 36 E. 
Center St., Park Ridge, 111. 

CAMPBELL, Edward Taylor, railway official; b. 
Lansingburgh, N.Y.; ed. pub. schs. Engaged in ex- 
press service until 1893; sec., 1893-6, chmn., 1896-9, 
Southwestern Traffic Assn.; purchasing agt. Minne- 
apolis & St. Louis R.R., at Minneapolis, 1900-1; 
purchasing agt. at New York City, 1902-9, gen. 
traffic mgr. at Chicago, since 1909, Erie R.R. Dir. 
Midland Paper Co. Mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade, 
Chicago Assn. Commerce, Empire State Soc. of Chi- 
cago. Clubs: Union League, Mid-Day, South Shore 
Yacht, Midlothian Country (Chicago); Union 
League (New York). Home: 1116 E. 46th St. Office: 
1303 Transportation Bldg. 

CAMPBELL, Frank James, publisher; b. Pike 
Co., 111., 1868; s. Archibald and Elizabeth (Fisher) 
Campbell; ed. pub. schs.; m. Emmaline Hawkins, of 
Scranton, la., June 15, 1893; 1 son, Frank James, 
Jr. (2d It. U.S.M.C.). In newspaper work before 
entering publishing business, 1899; pub. Fine Arts 
Journal. Republican. Protestant. Club: Illinois 
Athletic. Recreations: motoring, outdoor sports. 
Home: 6649 Kimbark Av. Office: 30 N. Michigan Av. 

CAMPBELL, H(ilary) Eraklne, lawyer; b. Hava- 
na, 111., Oct. 3, 1876; s. Washington Hilary and 
Elisabeth (Conwell) Campbell; ed. Racine Coll. 
Grammar Sch., Univ. Sch., of Wis., Univ. of Chi- 
cago, Leland Stanford Jr. Univ., Northwestern 
Univ. Law Sch.; m. Lorraine, d. Howard J. Decker, 
of Chicago, June 25, 1901. Admitted to 111. bar, 
Oct., 1902; associated first in practice with firm of 
Parker & Pain; later in office of Charles E. Pain; 
now mem. firm of Pain, Campbell & Kasper. Mem. 
111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago 
Law Inst., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Republican. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Edgewater Golf, Edge- 
water Country. Home: 1066 Berwyn Av. Office: 
Room 1301, 38 S. Dearborn St. 

CAMPBELL, Homer Charles, lawyer, mgr. Re- 
tail Credit Co.; b. Akron, O., Jan. 19, 1881; a. Jacob 
Riley and Mary (Begeman) Campbell; grad. Akron 
High Sch., 1899; A.B., Adelbert Coll., Cleveland, 
1903; LL.B., Western Reserve Law Sch., Cleveland, 
1905; m. Lottie Durbin, of Cuyahoga FalUs, O., Feb. 



7, 1911. Practiced law in Cleveland as mem. Camp- 
bell & Waite, 1905-10; became mgr. Cincinnati of- 
fice of Retail Credit Co. (life ins. and individual 
reports), July, 1910; mgr. same company at Chi- 
cago since Jan. 1, 1913. Mem. Western Efficiency 
Soc. Republican. Lutheran. Mason (Lodge, Chap- 
ter, Commandery, Al Sirat Grotto and Al Koran 
Temple, all of Cleveland). Clubs: Mystic Athletic, 
Kiwanis. Recreations: motoring, fishing, golf. 
Home: 1112 Pratt Boul. Office: 1349-1351 Conway 

CAMPBELL, James Tweedie. M.D.; b. Whitby, 
Ont., Can., Nov. 9, 1865; s. James and Rebecca 
(Tweedie) Campbell; ed. pub. and high schs., Whit- 
by, Can.; M.B., Univ. of Toronto. Med. Faculty, 
1889; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll. (New York 
Univ.), 1889; M.R.C.S.. Royal Coll. Surgeons of 
England 1890. Engaged in practice in Chicago 
since 1890; laryngologist to St. Luke's Hosp., and 
prof, laryngology, rhinology and otology, Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch. Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. 
A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Coll. of Physicians and 
Surgeons. of Ontario, Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago 
Laryngol. Soc. Clubs: University, South Shore 
Country. Home: 4621 Woodlawn Av. Office: 30 N. 
Michigan Boul. 

CAMPBELL, John F.. commission mcht.; b. at 
Hamilton, Ont., Can., Oct. 27 1864; a. Robert and 
Annie (McMurray) Campbell; ed. pub. schs. and 
Collegiate Inst., Can.; m. Laura A. Lindsay, of 
Toronto. Dec. 21, 1892; 5 children: Stuart McMur- 
ray, John Harold, Norman Lindsay (deceased), 
Marion Laura, Ronald Kenneth. Came to Chicago, 
1886; with D. B. Scully Syrup Co., 1886-90; book- 
keeper and pvt. sec. for O'Neill & Williams, whole- 
sale syrups and molasses, 1890-8; commn. mcht. in 
groceries, under name of John F. Campbell, 1898- 
1910; pres. John F. Campbell Co., wholesale commn. 
sugar, rice, etc., since 1910. Recreations: fishing, 
boating. Home: Hubbard Woods, 111. Office: 326 W. 
Madison St., Chicago. 

CAMPBELL, John Franklin, oculist, aurist; b. at 
Thornhill, Ont., Can., Jan. 17, 1864; s. John and 
Caroline Matilda (Clay) Campbell; M.D., C.M., Vic- 
toria Coll. (Univ. of Toronto), 1886; L.R.C.P., L.R. 
C.S., Edinburgh, Scotland, 1890; m. Inez Olds, of 
Springfield, 111., Aug., 1908. In practice since 1886; 
settled in Chicago, 1890. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State 
Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Author: Education of 
the Blind in the Public Schools, 1904. Home: 856 
E. 65th St. Office: 1823 Field Annex Bldg. 

CAMPBELL, John Galley, M.D.; b. Fonda, N.Y., 
Dec. 6, 1869; s. of John D. and Mary (McLaury) 
Campbell; A.B., Hamilton Coll., 1893, A.M.. 1896; 
M.D., Northwestern University, 1896: m. Nelle M. 
Hawksworth, of Chicago, June 25, 1900; 2 daugh- 
ters: Margaret, Mary Louise. Interne, St. Luke's 
Hosp., 1896-8; since then engaged in practice of 
internal medicine and obstetrics; clinical instr. 
medicine. Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch.; med. ref- 
eree Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, and exam- 
iner for Mo. State Life Ins. Co. Mem. A.M.A., 111. 
State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Physicians' 
Club, Theta Delta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Nu Sigma 
Nu. Republican. Presbyterian. Home: 7143 Prince- 
ton Av. Office: 6914 Wentworth Av. 

CAMPBELL, John Gladstone, lawyer; b. Whitby, 
Ont., Can., Jan. 28, 1869; s. James and Rebecca 
(Tweedie) Campbell; grad. Toronto Univ., 1890; 
took course in law at Osgood Hall, Toronto, 1890-1; 
came to Chicago, 1891. Admitted to bar, 1892; as- 
sociated with the firm of Aldrieh, Payne & Defrees, 
and when that firm was succeeded by Defrees, 
Brace & Ritter, became a partner in the latter; 
then mem, Defrees, Buckingham, Ritter & Camp- 
bell, now Campbell & Fischer. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: Union League, Legal, Law, Chicago Golf, 
South Shore Country. Recreation: golf. Office: 38 
S. Dearborn St. 

CAMPBELL, Balph Bankin, M.D. Removed to 
California. (See vol. 1911.) 

CAMPBELL, Bichard Cobden, railway official; b. 
Davenport, la., Sept. 2, 1866; s. James Daniels and 
Ada Kate (Campbell) Campbell; A.B., Williams 
Coll., Mass.. 1090; m. Maude Goodwin, of Marshall- 

town, la.. May 1, 1905 (now deceased). Traveling 
agt. and insp., Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron 
Co., 1891-4; chief elk. to lines sales agt., 1894-6 
chief elk. to gen. mgr. and to 2d vice pres., 1896-9 
Phila. & Reading Ry. Co.; gen. western frt. agt 

Elgin, 111. Office: 500 Old Colony Bldg., Chicago. 

CAMPBELL, Bobert Willis, lawyer; b. Frank- 
fort, Clinton Co., Ind., July 30, 1874; s. Joseph C 
arnfl Lena (Nicoll) Campbell; B.A., Leland Stan- 
ford Jr. Univ., 1896; Hastings Coll. of Law, San 
Francisco, 1897-8; read law in offices of Reddy 
Campbell & Metson (father a partner), San Fran- 
cisco; m. Bertha Gary, of Wheaton, 111., Sept. 10 
1901; 1 daughter, Julia Elizabeth. Admitted to Cal 
bar, 1899; removed to Chicago, 1904; mem. firm of 
Knapp & Campbell; gen. counsel 111. Steel Co. and 
other corpns.; mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn. Republican. Methodist. Mason (K T ) 
Clubs: University, Union League, Law, Westmore- 
land Country. Home: 1733 Hinman Av., Evanston 
Office: 208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. 

CAMPBELL, Bobert Wilson, secretary Brownell 
Improvement Co.; b. Phila,, Pa., Apr. 21, 1872- s 
James Hayden and Theresa (Logan) Campbell- ed 
pub. schs., Phila.; Girard Coll., Phila.; unmarried! 
In the steel and wire business, 1889-98; sec Brown- 
ell Improvement Co. since 1898, also dir Mem 
Betsy Ross Flag Assn. Republican. Presbyterian 
Mem. Modern Woodmen; Chicago Lodge No 4 B P 
O. Elks; Loyal Order of Moose. Clubs: Hamilton! 
Traffic; Old Colony (New York). Recreations: out- 
door sports. Residence: Strand Hotel. Office: 1220 
Chamber of Commerce Bldg. 

CAMPBELL, William Lome, druggist; b Toron- 
to, Ont., Can., Dec. 23, 1871; s. John and Caroline 
Matilda Campbell; ed. pub. schs., Toronto, and at- 
tended Wellesley High Sch., 1885; grad. Ontario 
Coll. of Pharmacy, 1890; m. Chicago, 1891, Laura 
^"o? 1181 ^ Geor e e - Began as druggist in Toronto, 
1885, and continued there until after graduation in 
pharmacy; came to Chicago and in 1896 joined in 
the organization of the Economical Drug Co. of 
which was vice pres. until 1916, since pres. and 
mgr. Presbyterian. Mason (K.P., Shriner), Knight 
of Khorassan. Club: Mystic Athletic. Recreations- 
athletic sports. Home: 5300 Blackstone Av. Office: 

CAMPBELL, William Patterson, safety deposit 
mgr.; b. Bath, N.Y., Nov. 30, 1846; a. Charles W. 
and Harriet (Hoyt) Campbell; ed. pub. sch., Bath, 
N.Y., and Acad. of Canandaigua, N.Y.; m. Chicago 
Feb. 13, 1871, Alice Ten Eyck. Was clerk in Pay 
Dept., U.S.A., during- last 2 yrs. of Civil War; clerk 
m wholesale drug house of Smith, Cutler & Co 
Chicago, 1866-8; entered govt. service as ry. postal 
clerk, Feb., 1868, promoted through grades and be- 
came asst. gen. supt. in Washington, 1890; re- 
signed, Feb. 28, 1893, and became connected with 
Am. Surety Co., in Chicago; connected with that 
and other surety companies until July, 1901; mgr. 
Chicago Safe Deposit Co. since Jan. 1, 1902 Re- 
publican. Mason. Home: 5704 Dorchester Av. Of- 
fice: 125 W. Monroe St. 

CAMPION, John, fire marshal. (See vol. 1911.) 
CANAVAN. Austin Aug-ustus, lawyer; b. Phila., 
Pa., Nov. 5, 1852; s. Anthony and Ann (Hughes) 
Canavan; removed with parents to 111., 1857; grad 
St. Viator's Coll.. Kankakee Co., 111., 1874; LL.B., 
Yale La*v Sch., 1876; m. Chicago, Dec., 1881, Emma 
Valliquette. Admitted to bar of Conn., 1876, and to 
bar of 111. same year. Catholic. Home: 4512 Indi- 
ana Av. Office: 25 N. Dearborn St. 

CANBY, Caleb Harlan, broker; b. Massillon, O 
Dec. 7, 1856; s. of Caleb and Mary D. (Preswick) 
Canby; ed. Brooklyn, N.Y., and Colora, Md.; m. Jane 
Lynch, of Brooklyn, Nov. 13, 1884; children: Caleb 
Harlan, Jr., Mary, Joseph L., Lloyd, Stuart M. 
Mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade since 1890, and since 
engaged in commn. business under firm name of 
C. H. Canby & Co.. of which is sr. mem. Was pres. 
Chicago Bd. of Trade 2 terms. 1914-16; mem. Chi- 
cago Stock Exchange. Club: Chicago. Home: 4821 
Kills Av. Office: S Board of Trade. 



CANBY, Caleb Harlan, Jr., commission mcht.; b. 
Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 20, 1886; s. Caleb Harlan and 
Jane (Lynch) Canby; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m. 
Ruth M. Cudney, of Chicago, Apr. 16, 1914. Identi- 
fied since beginning of active career, 1903, with 
grain commn. business established by father; now 
jr. partner C. H. Canby & Co., grain and provisions. 
Capt. Officers' Reserve Corps, U.S. Army, by appmt. 
of Pres. Wilson, Nov. 6, 1916. Mem. Chicago Bd. of 
Trade. Club: Chicago. Home: 5142 University Av. 
Office: 8 Board of Trade. 

CANDLISH, William James, lawyer. (See vol. 

CANFIELD, airs. George Edwin, author; see 
Gordon, Elizabeth. 

CANNON, John Cornelius, general mgr. Cregier 
Signal Co.; b. Chicago, Sept. 11, 1863; s. Cornelius 
and Ellen (Dooner) Cannon; ed. Franklin and Jones 
schs., Chicago, graduating at 14; m. Chicago, Nov. 
19, 1890, Anna Redell; children: Irene, Clara. Upon 
leaving sen., 1877, entered employ of Western 
Electric Co.; promoted at different periods until, at 
time of leaving that company, May 18, 1903, was In 
city trade; with Western Electric Co., altogether, 
26 yrs. ; mgr. of the Consolidated Fire Alarm Co., 
1903-6; gen. mgr. Cregier Signal Co. since 1906. 
Chmn. Bd. of Election Commrs., July 9, 1906-May, 
1909; chief clerk Bd. Election Commrs., May 1, 
1909-Dec. 6, 1910; supt. of employment for Commrs. 
of Lincoln Park, 1911-17; supt. and sec. same, 1917. 
Represented 26th Ward in Chicago City Council, 
Apr., 1897-Apr., 1899; candidate for nomination for 
city clerk, 1911. Republican. Mem. Irish Fellow- 
ship Club. Recreations: baseball, fishing. Home: 
4047 Hermitage Av. Address: Care Commrs. of 
Lincoln Park. 

CANNON, Thomas Henry, lawyer; b. Chicago, 
Jan. 23, 1864; s. Thomas and Mary (Walsh) Can- 
non; ed. pub. schs.; grad. Chicago High Sch., 1881; 
Chicago Coll. of Law, 1892; m. Catherine A. Mul- 
len, of Chicago, Aug. 7, 1906. Began practice, 1892; 
associated. May, 1897, with James H. Poage in firm 
of Cannon & Poage which still continues. Mem. 111. 
State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Lawyers' 
Assn., Chicago Law Inst., Chicago Hist. Soc. Re- 
publican. Catholic. Mem. Catholic Order of For- 
esters (sec., 1892, and high chief ranger since 
1894), Knights of Columbus, Columbian Knights, 
Royal League, Royal Arcanum, Modern Woodmen; 
ex-pres. Nat. Fraternal Congress of- America. 
Clubs: Hamilton, 111. Athletic. Home: 4326 Sheri- 
dan Rd. Office: Stock Exchange Bldg. 

CANTEIOU, Robert C., wholesale coal; b. in 
Lowndes Co., Ala., July 4, 1866; s. William LaMar 
and Josephine (Conolly) Cantelou; ed. pub. schs., 
Birmingham, Ala.; m. Belle Coben, of Newport, 
Ky., Sept. 28, 1892; 1 son, Stanley David. Moved 
with parents to Birmingham at age of 6; began ac- 
tive career as sec. to Col. J. W. Sloss, pres. Sloss 
Furnace Co., Birmingham, 1887; traveled succes- 
sively for Hall Bros. & Co pig iron (Louisville, 
Ky.), Forsyth, Hyde & Co. (Chicago), McFarlane & 
Co. (Louisville), Castner, Curran & Bullitt, whole- 
sale coal (Phila.), Consolidation Coal Co. (succes- 
sor to Fairmont Coal Co.); western mgr. Houston 
Coal Co. since 1907. Protestant. Mason (K.T., Con- 
sistory, Shrine); mem. O.E.S., Elks, K.P. Club: 
Chicago Automobile. Recreations: athletic exer- 
cises. Home: 347 E. 45th St. Office: 700 Old Colony 

CANTILLON, -William David, railway official; 
Aug. 5, 1861-Dec. 13, 1914. (See vol. 1911.) 

CANTY, Prancls James, general atty. "London 
Guarantee & Accident Co.; b. Erie, Pa., July 3, 1862; 
s. Jeremiah H. and Mary (Hendricks) Canty; ed. 
Erie (Pa.) pub. schs. up to 1877; Stratford (Ont.) 
High Sch., 1878; Lawrence Univ., Appleton, Wis., 
1879; Milwaukee (Wis.) High Sch., 1880-1; Chicago 
Coll. of Law, 1893-6; m. Mary H. Coulson, of Wash- 
ington, D.C., Nov. 23, 1897; children: Francis Coul- 
son, Mary Loyola, Laura Mercedes. Worked for 
Wis. Central Ry. and C.,M.&St.P.Ry., in gen. freight 
and claim offices, and on the road as agent, 1881- 
92; last position, 1891-2, in charge of freight for 
latter ry. in Chicago; with Am. Casualty Co., as 
adjuster, 1893; had charge of claim dept., London 
Guarantee & Accident Co., 1893-6; since gen. atty. 

for same company. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Inde- 
pendent Democrat. Catholic. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Chicago Yacht, Chicago Automobile, Beverly 
Country. Home: 11228 Longwood Drive. Office: 134 
S. LaSalle St. 

CAPITAIN, Henry D., mfr., alderman; b. in Eng- 
land, 1862; educated in Germany; came to Chicago 
in 1879; married. Pres. Western Leather Mfg Co. 
Alderman of the 25th Ward since 1911; (chmn. lo- 
cal transportation com.). Republican. Was instru- 
mental in organizing old Village of West Ridge, 
and the Ridge Av. Park Dist. and served as elk., 
trustee and treas. at various times; was sen. trus- 
tee in old Village of Rogers Park. Was pres. Rog- 
ers Park Improvement Assn. several terms; vice 
pres. Ways and Means Com. of North Shore Im- 
provement Assn. Home: 1508 Estes Av. Office: 184 
W. Lake St. 

CAPPER, John Sheville, merchant; b. Phila., Pa,, 
Nov 19, 1867; s. Henry and Sarah Jane (Sheville) 
Capper; ed. pub. schs.; m. Chicago, Apr. 25, 1888, 
Nellie Ebersole; children: Howard Chislett, Emma 
Bessie (deceased), Marion Nell, Marguerite Ger- 
trude (Mrs. E. B. Beaver), John Sheville, Jr. Be- 
gan business career as cash boy with C. W. and E. 
Partridge; then 5 yrs. with C. R. Harshberger, and 
3 yrs. with W. B. Blackman & Bro. ; pres. and treas. 
Capper & Capper of 111., mfrs. and retailers men's 
furnishing goods; also pres. Capper & Capper of 
Minn. (Minneapolis), Capper & Capper of Mich. 
(Detroit). Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce (dir. 
1917), South West Mich. Breeders' Assn. Demo- 
crat. Universalist. Mason (Consistory, Shrine). 
Clubs: Prosperity, Chicago Athletic. Recreations: 
breeding high grade cattle (Guernsey), books and 
outdoor diversions. Home: 5652 South Park Av., 
Chicago; (summer) Roseheath Orchards, Oster- 
haut Lake, Grand Junction, Mich. Office: 100 S. 
Michigan Av., Chicago. 

CAPPS, Joseph Almarln, M.D.; b. Jacksonville, 
111., Feb. 28, 1872; s. Stephen R. and Rhoda S. 
(Tomlin) Capps; A.B., 111. Coll., 1891; M.D., Har- 
vard Univ. Med. Sch., 1895; A.M., Harvard Univ., 
1897; m. E. Christy Brooks, of Chicago, 1904; chil- 
dren: Richard, Frances, Robert. Fellow in pathol- 
ogy, 1895-6, house physician, 1 yr. (1895), McLean 
Insane Hosp., Waverley, Mass.; house physician in 
Boston Lying-in Hosp., 1897; house physician, 
Mass. Gen. Hosp., Boston, 2 yrs.; in gen. practice 
in Chicago, since 1897; instr. and asso. prof, medi- 
cine, Rush Med. Coll., since 1898; asst. visiting 
physician Presbyterian Hosp.; attending physician 
Cook Co. Hosp. since 1906. Apptd. 1st It. Med. Re- 
serve Corps, U.S.A., 1911. Mem. Am. Assn. of Phy- 
sicians, A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc., Soc. Internal 
Medicine. Republican. Club: University. Home: 
2532 Prairie Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av. 

CA&BAUGH, Harvey Clarence, army officer; b. 
Fulton Co., Pa., Apr. 11, 1858; s. Jacob and Julia 
Ann (Verdier) Carbaugh; grad. U.S. Mil. Acad., 
1882; grad. Arty. Sch., 1896; m. Ethel Greene, of 
Brooklyn, N.Y., June 9, 1885 (now deceased); 2 
children (both deceased). Commd. 2d It. 5th Arty., 
June 13, 1882; 1st It., Apr. 25, 1888; capt. asst. adj. 
vols., May 12, 1898; It. col. judge advocate vols., 
Nov. 15, 1898; hon. discharged and apptd. maj. 
vols., serving Apr. 17, 1899-Mar. 28, 1901; capt. 4th 
Arty., U.S.A., Mar. 2, 1899; maj. judge advocate, 
Feb. 2, 1901; It. col., Dec. 18, 1902; col. judge advo- 
cate, June 14, 1909; retired at own request, over 30 
yrs.' service, Feb. 19, 1913. Served as adj. gen. 2d 
Div., 5th Army Corps, Santiago Campaign, 1898. 
Supt. of employment for South Parks, Chicago, 
since Aug. 27, 1913. Admitted to N.Y. bar, 1886. 
Mem. Alumni Assn. Northwestern Univ. Law Sch. 
Clubs: Chicago; Army and Navy (Washington, 
D.C.); Chevy Chase (Chevy Chase, Md.). Author: 
Human Welfare Work in Chicago, 1917. Home: Ely 
Drive, Wheaton, 111. Office: E. 57th St. and Cottage 
Grove Av., Chicago. 

CARD, William Dlnsmoor, broker. (See vol. 1911.) 
GARDEN, John, grain dealer; b. Phelps, Ontario 
Co., N.Y., Dec. 10, 1855; s. John and Bridget (O'Con- 
nor) Garden; ed. Chicago pub. schs. and St. Mary's 
of the Lake (parochial); m. Chicago, Dec. 29, 1878, 
Ann Reynolds; children: John (deceased), William 
H., James L., Mary Rosina. Began as a maltster in 



the employ of Union Brewing Co., Chicago, 1871; 
later, with father, rented a malt house of Doyle 
Brewing Co., and operated it for several years; in- 
terested in the Garden Malting Co., 1880-90; in 
malting business on own account, 1890-7, which he 
sold to the Am. Malting Co. in 1897 and was buyer 
for that corpn. until 1908; mem. firm of Brennan & 
Garden, commn. mchts., since 1908. Catholic. Mem. 
Knights of Columbus. Home: 426 Belmont Av. 
Office: 160 W. Jackson Boul. 

CABDONA, Raymond, banker; b. Detroit, Mich., 
July 8, 1868; s. Joseph and Eleanor Cardona; ed. 
St. Patrick s Acad., Chicago; m. Julia O'Connor, of 
Chicago, June 22, 1890. Engaged in banking busi- 
ness at Chicago since 1888; now pres. Reliance 
State Bank (organized 1917). Clubs: 111. Athletic, 
Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country, Westward 
Ho Golf. Home: 3026 Washington Boul. Office: 
Madison St. and Ashland Boul. 

CARD WELL, James Robert, president of Union 
Dratt Gear Co.; b. Concord, Va., Oct. 27, 1873; s. 
Charles Wesley and Dolly Ming (Franklin) Card- 
well; grad. manual training sen. of Washington 
Univ., St. Louis, 1893; m. Zonella, d. of W. L. Dur- 
bin, of Chicago, Mar. 14, 1904; children: Dorothy, 
Virginia. With Am. Cotton Oil Co., In various ca- 
pacities, 1893-1905; organized, Apr.. 1905, and since 
pres. Union Draft Gear Co.; also pres. Cardwell 
Mfg. Co. Has invented a number of devices now in 
use, including the friction draft gear. Guarantor 
Northwestern Univ. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, City, Western Railway, Edgewater Golf. 
Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 2100 Pratt Av. 
Office: 332 S. Michigan Av. 

CAREW, James, actor. (See vol. 1911.) 
CAREY, see also Carry, also Gary. 

CAREY, William P., vice pres. Carey-Lombard 
Lumber Co.; Aug. 25, 1861-Mar. 8, 1915. (See vol. 

CARKART, George Tappen, commission mcht.; 
b. Chicago, Oct. 17, 1871; s. Richard L. and Lucinda 
A. (Smith) Carhart; ed. pub. schs. ; m. Chicago, 
Sept. 19, 1894, Susie P. Page; 2 daughters: Dorothy 
Murray, Margaret. After leaving sch. in 1888, en- 
tered employ of Montague & Co., commn. grain, 
etc., of which became pres. upon incorporation, 
1896; now pres. Carhart-Code-Harwood Co. Mem. 
Chicago Bd. of Trade. Republican. Mason. Home: 
Waukegan, 111. Office: 35 Board of Trade, Chicago. 

CARLLLE, William Buford, postmaster; b. Le- 
banon, Ky., Jan. 21, 1870; s. Charles Robert and 
Mary Prudence (Spalding) Carlile; ed. pvt. schs., 
Lebanon, St. Mary's Coll., Ky., and Louisville Busi- 
ness Coll.; m. Memphis, Tenn., Apr. 26, 1893, Vir- 
ginia tontaine. Entered ins. business, 1890, and 
was apptd. spl. agt., traveling from the home office 
of the Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York; was made 
insp. of agencies for the U.S. and Can., 1896, and 
came to Chicago, 1899, to organize the western spl. 
dept. and was mgr. Chicago agency, 1900-17; post- 
master of Chicago since 1917. Clubs: Chicago, 
Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country, Chicago 
Golf, Chicago Yacht, Mid-Day. Residence: Virginia 
Hotel. Office: The Post Office. 

CARLIN, Nellie (Miss), lawyer; b. at Chicago, 
June 24, 1869; d. Stephen and Catherine (Smith) 
Carlin; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; Chicago Athenee- 
um; Bryant and Stratton Business Coll.; Chicago 
Musical Coll.; grad. Chicago Coll. of Law, 1896. 
Began as stenographer and bookkeeper with J C. 
Grant Baking Powder Co., 1892, continuing 2 yrs.; 
same position with Graham & Sons, bankers, 1894- 
95; with Darrow, Thomas & Thompson, and Alt- 
seld, Darrow & Thompson, lawyers, 1895-1910; pvt 
practice, 1910-13; pub. guardian of Cook Co., by 
appmt. of Gov. Dunne, since May 23, 1913. Mem 
111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Lawyers' 
Assn. of 111. (chmn. bd. dirs.), Women's Bar Assn. 
of 111. (chmn. board). Pres. Women's Protective 
Assn.; chmn. municipal courts com. Chicago Polit. 
Equality League. Club: Woman's City. Author of 
assays on reform work in courts, and social better- 
ment that have been published in various mags. 
Recreations: Irish and philosophical literature 
Home: 4314 Vista Terrace. Office: 722 County Bldg. 

CARLSON, Anton Julius, physiologist; b. Bo- 
huslan, Sweden, Jan. 29, 1875; s. Carl and Hedwig 
(Anderson) Jacobson; came to America, 1891; B.S., 
Augustana Coll., 111., 1898, M.S., 1899; Leland Stan- 
ford Jr. Univ., 1899-1903, Ph.D., 1902; m. Esther 
Sheagren, of Rock Island, 111., Sept. 26, 1905. Asst. 
in physiology, Stanford Univ., 1903; research asst. 
Carnegie Instn., 1904; instr., Woods Hole labs., 
1904-7; asst. prof, physiology, 1904-9, asso. prof., 
1909-16, prof, since 1916, Univ. of Chicago. Fellow 
A.A.A.S. ; mem. council and sec. Am. Physiol. Soc. ; 
mem. Soc. Experimental Biology and Medicine. 
Progressive. Clubs: Quadrangle, City. Contbr. to 
Am. and German jours, of physiology. Home: 5228 
Greenwood Av. 

CARLSON, Gnstaf Henry, civil engr. and sur- 
veyor; Apr. 16, 1848-Feb. 10, 1912. (See vol. 1911.) 

CARLSON, Martin, clergyman. (See vol. 1911.) 

CARLTON, William Newnliam Chattin, libra- 
rian; b. Gillingham, Kent Co., t-ng., June 29, 1873; 
s. of William Thomas Chattin and Alice Isabel 
(Newnham) Carlton; came to America, 1882; ed. 
Holyoke (Mass.) High Sch., 1887-9, Mt. Hermon 
Sch., Mass., 1890-1; pvt. study, aided by Rev. Sam- 
uel Hart, D.C.L., 1893-5; (hon. M.A., Trinity Coll., 
Conn., 1902; L.H.D., Trinity, 1915); m. Sara Hay- 
den, of East Hartford, Connecticut, June 24, 
1903: 2 daughters: Sara Newnham and Patricia 
Hayden. Assistant in the Public Library at 
Holyoke, Mass., 1887-90; asst. librarian, Watkin- 
son Library of Reference, Hartford, Conn., 1892-9; 
librarian, Trinity Coll., Hartford, 1899-1909, and 
instr. in English, same, 1901-3; librarian, New- 
berry Library, Chicago, since July 1, 1909. Mem. 
A.L.A. (council), Bibliog. Soc. America, Soc. for 
Advancement of Scandinavian Study, Am. Hist. 
Assn. Episcopalian. Clubs: Little Room, Cliff 
Dwellers, University. Publications: A reissue in 
facsimile of Short Catechism Drawn Out of the 
Word of God (by Samuel Stone), with Intro., 1899; 
Relation of the Pequot Warres (written in 1660 by 
Lieut. Lion Gardener), printed from the original 
manuscript, with hist. Intro., 1901; Charles Jeremy 
Hoadly, LL.D., A Memoir, 1902; Bibliography of 
the Official Publications of Trinity College, 1824- 
1905, 1905; Poems and Letters of Lord Byron, 1911; 
Origin and Character of the Icelandic Sagas, 1912. 
Contributor to The Library Journal, Encyclopedia 
Americana, Educational Review, Modern Language 
Notes, Bibliographical Society Papers. Home: 2820 
Sheridan Rd. Address: The New berry Library. 

CARMACK. Edgar H., life underwriter; b. Mo- 
nongahela, Washington Co., Pa., July 10, 1852; s. 
Josiah W. and Margaret Carmack; ed. Pittsburgh 
(Pa.) pub. schs., Western Univ. of Pa., 1865; m. 
Clara Vrooman, of Chicago, June 29, 1887. Book- 
keeper in life ins. office, Mar., 1870; sec. Mutual 
Life Ins. Co. of Chicago, 1873-6; western mgr. Con- 
tinental Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, 1876-Jan