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Full text of "The Book of common prayer : and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies"

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■» ■<; ».• »-i, 

HtfiWailgai ^^a^SiST^ SnKwgJIjsat*^ 


/■ X 

Th e B O O K of 


And administration of the 



RITES and ceremonies 

^ O F THE 


according to the use of the 
Church of England 


A Collection of Occasional Prayers, and 
divers Sentences of 


Necejfary for Knowledge and Pradiice, 

Formerly collected, and tranflated into the Mohawk Language 
under the direftion of the Miilionaries of the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gofpel in Foreign Parts, to the Mohawk 



The Gospel according to St. Mark, 

Tranflated into the Mohawk Language, 


Ail Indian of the Mohawk Nat'mi. 



P^^t^p p MMMPMlWttttHiwtWM^ 


N E Y A K A W E A 





A D E R E A^'n'a Y E N T, 




o .\- I, 




Newakbeny Akoyendarake neoni Ahhondatterihbonny. 

A-onca wadiroroghkwe, neoni Tekaweanadcnnyoh Kanyen- 
kchaga Tlikavveanondaghko, ne neane Raditlihuhftatfy nc 
Radirighwavvakoughkguwa ronadanha-ouh, Kanyenke waon- 
dye tfi-radinakeronnyo Ongwe-oevvc. 



St. Mark Raorighwadggeaghty, 

Tekaweanadennyoh Kanycnkchaga Rakowanea 


_ Roewayats. 





1 Tni II 


TH E Society for the Propagation of the Gofpel in Foreign 
Parts, from its firft inftitution, has been attentive to 
the fpiritual wants of the Iroquois, or Six Confederate 
Nations of Indians. In the Year 1701, that Society was in- 
corporated ; and the very next Year, they fent a JMillionary to 
the Mohawks, who were lituated the neareft to the En-^lifh 
Settlements, and have been always confidered as the head of 
the Confederacy. Other Miflionaries were appointed for that 
ilation from time to time ; and by the bleffing of God on their 
labours, the Mohawk nation, and many individuals of the other 
nations, were brought over to Chriftianity. 

It was early forefeen that a tranflation of the Liturgy of the 
Church of England into the Mohawk language, which is gene- 
rally underftood by all thofe nations, would promote the in- 
ilrudlion of the Indians, and facilitate their converfion. Pro- 
per endeavours were therefore ufed to obtain fuch a tranllation j 
which was firft printed at New York, about the year 17 14, 
under the dircdion of the Reverend Mr. Andrews, the Society's 
Miffionary to the Mohawks. This edition comprized the Morn- 
ing and Evening Service, the Litany and Catechifm ; to which 
were added feleft paflages from the Old and New Teftaments, 
and fome Family prayers j which probably was all that could 
then be procured. 

The Communion Office, that of Baptlfm, Matrimony, and 
Burial of the Dead, with more paflages of Scripture, Occa- 
lional Prayers, and fome finging Pfalms, were tranflated by the 
Reverend Dr. Henry Barclay, who had ferved in the Indian 
Miflion with great fidelity and fucccfs for many years ; and 
thefe were infertcdln the next edition of the Indian Prayer Book, 
which was printed alfo at New York, In 1769, under the in- 
fpecftion of the Reverend Dr. John Ogllvie, who fucceeded Dr. 
Barclay in that Million. Both thefe clergymen were eminent 
for their piety and exemplary character, and their memory will 
long be revered by the Indians. 

In the courfe of the late American war, moft of the Indian 
Prayer Books were deftroyed : A very few copies only were 
prcferved; and the Mohawks, apprehenlive that the book might 



be wholly loft ia a little time, and deiirQus alfo of a uevv fupply^^ 
earnellly requefted General Haldimaiid, Governor of Canada^ 
that hc'vyould order it to be reprinted. Iri compliance wTtTi tTieir 
requeft, the Indian Prayer Book was printed at Quebec in 1780. 
As the number then printed was fmall, and fome of the copies 
were unfortunately loil, another impreifion became neceflary. 

The prefent Edition will be found, on examination, to be 
fuperior in many rcfpefta to any of the former impreffions. 
The pointin*, accentuation and fpelling are more correal. Other 
editions were printed in the Mohawk language only ; in this, 
the Englifli is alfo printed on the oppolite page, flereby the 
Jadiaas will infenfibly be made acquainted with the Englillx 
language : and fuch White People in their vicinity as chufe 
toiearn Mohawk, will hence derive much affiftance. 

But befides this addition, the Go/pel of St. Mark is here 
infer ted, with a tranflation of it into the Mohawk language 
by Captain Joseph Brant, a Mohawk by birth, and a 
man of good abilities, who was educated at one of the American 
Colleges. This is the firft of the Gofpels which has appeared 
ijitire in that language ; and it will be a valuable acquifition 
to the Indians, who may hereby gain a more perfedl knowledge 
of our bleffed Saviour's doftrine and miracles, and of the 
way to falvation through his meritorious death and fufferings. 
It will probably be the more acceptable to the Indians for 
being tranflated by a perfon who is of their own nation and 
kindred. A verlion of fome other parts of the New Teflament 
may be foon expedled from Captain Brant ; and he deferves 
great commendation for thus employing his time and talents 
to promote the honour of God, and fpi ritual welfare of his 

The Mohawks are a refpeftable nation. They entered 
into an alliance with the Englifli immediately after the latter 
became pofleffed of the province of New York in the laft cen- 
tury. To that alliance they have faithfully and vmlformly 
adhered, without any deviation, from that time to the prefent 
day ; which may in a good meafure be attributed to their Con- 
verhon, and to the principles which were inculcated by the 
Miffionaries who refided among them. Their decided adherence 
to the Britifli intereft during the late Revolt in America, made 
it expedient for them to abandon their ancient fettlements in 
New York, and remove to Canada, when the Independency of 
the Thirteen revolted Colonies was acknowledged by this 
country. Such was their attachment to our common Sovereign, 
whom they confidcr as their Father, and fuch their predile6tion 
in favour of our nation, that they chearfully fubmitted to this 
inconvenience, rather than remain in their native country when 
uader sv Foreign jurifdiftion. They ^re now fixed in the South 



Weft parts of Canada with their worthy Millionary, the Rever- 
end Mr. Stuart ; and as they all protcfs Chnftianity, arc 
zealous in their Protellion, and have lately exprellbd a ftron<r 
defire that other Indians mis^ht alio partake of the bleffings of the 
Gofpel, it maybe reafonably hoped that they will be inftruinental 
in dift'uling the light of Revelation among thole numerous nations 
of Indians on the American continent, who are ftill buried in 
heathen darknefs and ignorance. Every devout Chriftian will 
readily join in fervent vViflies for the accompliflniient of thia 

It will afford pleafurc to thofe faithful Indians to know — that 
His prefent Majefty was plcafedto exprcfs much fatisfaftion when 
Informed that a copy of St. Mark's Gofpel, tranflatedby Captain 
Brant, was ready for the prefs ; and alfo to fignify His Royal 
pleafure that it fliould be printed for the ufe of the Mohawks.. 
This is now done. A large impreffion of the Prayer Book, with 
that Gofpel, and an equal number of Primers, is printed at the ex- 
pence of Government for their ufe and benefit. This mark of Royal 
attention will not fail to meet with fuitable returns of gratitude 
from the Mohawks, who hold thefe books in high eftimation, 
and were very defirous that they lliould be printed ; and they 
may always expe6t limilar favours, whilll their conduct con- 
tinues to be diftinguilhed, as it has been hitherto, by candour 
and fidelity. 

Before I conclude, it may be proper to obferve— -that this 
edition is indebted for feveral of the advantages which it 
has abpve others, to an Ofiicer, who was many years em- 
ployed in the Indian department in North America. He 
took the trouble of fuperintending the imprelfion, critically 
revifing the whole, and correcting the fucets as they came from 
the prefs. His accurate knowledge of the Mohawk lano-uaoe, 
qualified him for the undertaking; and it is no more than juftice 
to fay, that this is only o?ie out of many inftances of this 
gentleman's unremitting attention to the welfare of the Indians, 
who love and refpeft him as their particular friend. 

London, January 2 ^ 1787. 

The contents. 


'Tp H E Order for 
•*• Morning Pray- 


2. The Order for Evening 

3. The Litany. 

4. Some occafional Pray- 
ers, and a general 

5. The Catechifm. 

6. A Colleaion of Pray- 

7. Some Pfalms and 
Chapters of the Holy 
Bible, with the Gofpel 
of St. Mark entire. 

8. A Colledtion of fome 
Sentences of the Holy 
Scriptures, &c. 

9. The Order for the Mi- 
niftration of the Holy 

10. The Order for the 
public Baptifm of In- 

11. The Solemnisation of 

12. The Order for the 
Burial of the Dead. 

13. Part of the Singing 
Pfalms, &c. 

1. J^E Yakaweah Niyade- 

wighniferage Yonde- 
raenayendaghkwa Orhoen- 
kene Koghferagwigouh. 

2. Na Yakawea Niyadewigh- 
niferage Yondereanayen- 

3. Tfiokhnonwe Yonderea- 

4. Odd'yage Adereanayent 
neoni ne Yondoghrat-ha. 

5. Yondatderighhocnyenit-ha. 
6' Ne Watkeanifla-aghtouh 

ne Adereanayent. 

7. Odd'yake Teyerighwagh- 
kwat-ha, neoniChapter-ho- 
gon ne Kaghyadoghfera- 
dogeaghti, nok oni St. Mark 
Raorighwadogeaghty Gof- 

8. Ne Watkeanifla-aghtouh 
Odd'yake tfiniyoght-hare ne 

9. Yakawea Orighwado- 
geaghti Tekarighwagegh- 

10. Yakawea Yondatnegofle- 
raghflc ne Ickfaongoe-ah. 

11. Yakaweah ne Yakon- 


12. Ne Adereanayent 

13. Odd'yake Teyerighwagh- 



The order for 


Daily throughout the Year. 

^ At the hegtnning of Morning Prayer^ the Minijler 

Jhall read with a loud voice fome one or more of 

thefe Sentences of the Scriptures that follow : and 

then he pall fay that which is written after the 

faid Sentences, 

WHEN the wicked man turneth away from 
his wickednefs that he hath committed, and 
doeth that which is lawful and right, he 
ihall fave his foul alive. Ezek. i8. 27. 

I acknowledge my tranfgreffions, and my fm is ever 
before me. PfaL 51.3. 

Hide thy face from my fins, apd blot out all mine 
iniquities. PfaL 51.9. 

The facrifices of God are a broken fplrit : a broken, 
and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not defpife. 
P/27/. 51.17. 

Rend your heart and not your garments, and turn 
unto the Lord your God j for he is gracious and 


' I ' 



Orhonkene Koghferag\Vegouh. 

^ 'Tjlyondaghfawe ne Orhonkene Aderemiayetit^ Onea 

Katfihuhjlatfy Oweanowdne eahawean'inneakane 

ne ujkah neteas tekeny Tondaddiyadaghkwa Kagh- 

yadoghjeradogeaghtl : Nok onea oya tfinlkarlhhotea 

oghndge Kaghyatonnyoh, 

NE Onea ne Yakaorighwannerakikouh neentfyon- 
donhakanoni Raorighwannerakferagvvegouh ne 
tfinihad'yerhaghkwe, neoni agvvegouh eaho- 
yenawagouhhake k'heyeni neoni Attakwarighihyugh- 
fera, ethone eayonheke Raodonheft. 

Kiyenderi Akwaderighwadewaghtoghfera, neoni 
akheandon tuitkon yegayea Akerighwannerakfere. 

Sadkonghfaghfeght Tfyongwarighwannerre, neoni 
fafaghtouh Ongvvarighwannerakfera agvvegouh. 

Ne Addadawi Niyoh naah Tekanigoghriagon tiud- 
diyagouh : Neoni fiyakaweriaghfanetlkha, O Niyoh, 

Saddadderiaghferatfyonkouh, neoni yaghta Sanena, 
neoni taonlafadkarhadeni Kayanerh-ne Saniyoh ; Ikea 

B 2 randeanrulk 

4 Morning Prayer* 

merciful, flow to anger, and of great kindnefs, and 
repenteth him of the evil. 'Joel 2. 13. 

To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgive- 
nefles, though we have rebelled againft him : neither 
have we obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to 
walk in his laws which he fet before us. Dan. 9. 9, 10. 

Lord, corredt me, but with judgement: not in 
thine anger, left thou bring me to nothing. Jer. 10. 24. 

Repent ye ; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. 
S. Matth. 3. 2. 

1 will arife and go to my father, and will fay unto 
him. Father, I have finned againft heaven, and before 
thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy fon. 
S. Luke 15. 18, 19. 

Enter not into judgement with thy fervant, O Lord : 
for in thy fight Ihall no man living be juftified. Pfal. 
143. 2. 

If we fay that we have no fin, we deceive our- 
felves, and the truth is not in us: But if we confefs 
our fins, God is faithful and juft to forgive us our 
fins, and to cleanfe us from all unrigljteoufnefs. 
1 S. John I. 8, 9. 

1*he Exhortation* 

"PXEarly beloved brethren, the fcripture moveth us 
•^ in fundry places to acknowledge and confefs our 
manifold fins and wickednefs; and that we Ihould 
not diflemble nor cloke them before the face of 
Almighty God our heavenly Father; but, confefs 


Yonder eanayent Orhonkene, 5 

randeanrufk, neoni Ronidareskouh, ronigoenris neoni 
Karighwiyughtferowanea, neoni ronhados Tfiniyodak- 

Kayanerh-ne Ongwaniyoh Tewanidareghtferayeho- 
gouh neoni Addaderighwiyughftani, ne sane yaghte 
yongwat-hondatoen : neoni Kvvaweanond'yon ne Rao- 
weana ne Kayaner Ongwaniyoh, ne ayakwefeke nc 
Sakaweannihogoughtferagouh ne fongvvawi. 
O Kayaner takrewaght, yaghfanakweaghtferagouh: 
ne wahoeni yagh-thafgvvaghtonde. 

Saddatrewaght ; ikea ne Karonghyage ne Kayanert- 
fera ok etho yeyo. 

Eankadketlkoh, neoni Rakenihha eankeghte, neoni 
eahiyegfnire, Rakeni ; kerighwannerakteani Karongh- 
yage, neoni fahhaendon, neoni yaghse yadeyake- 
nefe Eghtfye-ah ayonkenadon. 

Toghlha takvvaghfarine Kadfihhayeghtferagouh ne 
Eghcsenhafe: ikeayaghonghkaneyakonheyagoderigh- 
wagvvarighfhyoh O Kayaner Tfiikoughfonde. 

Ageahake ayagwearon yaghtea Yongwarighwanerak- 
ferayea, ethone teyagwaddadd'yadaghtont-ha, ne- 
oni Togefketfera yaghtewat onkyouhha-t'feragouh : 
Ok onea Ongwarighwanerakfera enewag'yoeni, t'ho- 
righwayerie, neoni yoderighwagwa-righfyuh ne fon- 
gwarighvviyoughfleanifk ne Karighvva-nerea, neoni 
fongwanoghharefifk ne Kaghferoheandagwegouh. 


' A G W A G H gwanorunghkwa Tewadattegeaho- 
"*^ goewa, ne Kaghyadoghferadogeaghti efo yongwa- 
righhonyenis aonfayagwadaddoenderene neoni aya- 
gwarade efotfy Ongwarighwanerakfera neoni Kagh- 
icroheaghtfera ; neoni ne yaghtha yagwaweano- 


6 Morning Prayen 

them with an humble, lowly, penitent, and obedient 
heart; to the end that we may obtain forgivenefs of 
the fame by his infinite goodnefs and mercy. And 
although we ought at all times humbly to acknowledge 
cur fins before God, yet ought we molt chiefly fo to 
do, when we afTemble and meet together, to render 
thanks for the great benefits that we have received at 
his hands, to fet forth his molt worthy praife, to hear 
his moft holy word, and to afk thofe things which are 
requifite and necefTary, as well for the body as the 
foul. Wherefore I pray and befeech you, as many as 
are here prefent, to accompany me with a pure heart, 
and humble voice, unto the throne of the heavenly 
grace, faying after me : 

% A general Confejfion to he faid of the zvhole Congregation 
after the Mimjler, all kneeling. 

A Lmighty and mofl merciful Father ; We have 
•^^ erred and ftrayed from thy ways like lofl Iheep ; 
We have followed too much the devices anddefires of 
our own hearts : We have offended againfl thy holy 
laws : We have left undone thofe things which we 
ought to have done ; And we have done thofe things 
which we ought not to have done ; And there is no 
health in us. But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon 
us, miferable offenders. Spare thou them, O God, 
which confefs their faults ; Reftore thou them that 
are penitent; According to thy promifes declared 


Tondereanayent Orhonkene, 7 

reghtaghkwane fckouh a-onghseghtouh Tfitha- 
kougfonde raefliatfteaghtferagwegouh Niyoh Son- 
gwaniha Karonghyage t'heanderouh ; Ok nenegea a- 
yag'yonderene eawadough Kanigoughraneaghtane, 
yoroughyageantneoni Waderiyaghfawanaraghk'vva, ne- 
nekea tfiniyevvadoktea ne aghfongwarighwiyoughftea 
pe agayeah ayongwayendane yaghtea Sayanereagtfe- 
rbkte neoni Raonidareghtferagough. Neoni et-hogh- 
ke tiutkon aonfayagwadadd'yenderene ne a-oen- 
douh Kanigoenrarjeaghtane raoheandouh ne Niyoh, 
ok ne fuhha eghnayagwadd'yere et-hoghke eayon- 
gwadkeaniflfa-ocnhakej nevvahoeni ayagwadoenrea- 
ne ne Yoyannereaghtferovvanea fongwawi Niyoh, wa- 
hoeni aonderighwaghteandi Raonidareghferowanea, 
neoni ayoenronke Raoweanadogeaghti, neoni ahon- 
warighwanoendpughfe nenegea Eghnikarihhodeanfe 
teyodoughwhentfyoeni ne Adonhetft neoni ne Oyeron- 
ke. Nc wakarihhoni wagvveaniteaghtea fowa- 
gwegouh ne keant-ho fovveanderouh fowadkaniflbuh 
taknonderadd'yeah eawadouh Weriaghsiyoh neoni 
kanigoenranean Weana Aeddewaratt-heah Karongh- 
yage nongadi Niyoghne, d'yonkeweanaghtfereht. 

Agwegouh Tondoiihaganon'ijk, Ne ^andyoughkwa- 
gwegoh Ayeweaneghfere ne Ratjihuhftatjy nok 

CAefhatfteaghtferagwegouh neoni fanidareaghtfe- 
rowanea Ranih-ha : yagwayadaghtoughskvve ne- 
oni okt'had'yorennyouh ne Tfifagh-hahage tfiniyough 
yoghtouh Teyuddinakarondoenvva : Efotfi wagwagh- 
nonderadd'yeght Kayadaghtont neoni Kanoff-hask 
Ongweri : Yongweandakfatonh Saweanadogeagtiho- 
gouh : Yagh-et-ho teyongwadd'yereah ne Karigh- 
vvlyo tfinayongvvayereahhake ; neoni et-hone yon- 
gwadd'yereah ne Karighwhakfeah ne yagh-et-ho t'ha- 
yongwadd'yercanke ; neoni yaghtea yongwaghni- 
fouh na-ah. Ok, O Sayanncr, takweanderhek, ya- 


8 Morning Prayer. A 

unto mankind in Chrift Jefu our Lord. And grant, 1 
O moil merciful Father, for his fake, That we may ' 
hereafter live a godly, righteous, and fober life. To 
the glory of thy holy Name. Amen. 

^ 'The Abfolution or remijfion of fms to be pronounced by the 
Prieji alone Jlanding ; the People Jlill kneeling. 


Lmighty God, the Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift, 
who defireth not the death of a finner, but rather 
that he may turn from his wickednefs, and live; and 
hath given power and commandment to his Minifters, 
to declare and pronounce to his People, being penitent, 
the Abfolution and Remiffion of their fins : He par- 
doneth and abfoiveth all them that truly repent, and 
unfeignedly believe his holy Gofpel. Wherefore, let 
us befeech him to grant us true repentance, and his 
holy Spirit, that thofe things may pleafe him, which 
we do at this prefent, and that the reft of our life 
hereafter may be pure and holy, fo that at the laft we 
may come to his eternal joy, through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord. 

^ The People Jhall anfwer here, and at the end of all other 
Prayers, Amen. 

^ Then the Minijler JJoall kneel, and fay the Lord's prayer ; 
with an audible voice ; the People alfo kneeling, and re- 
peating it with him, both here, and wherefoever elfe it is 
ufed in Divine Service, 

/^UR Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
,^^ Name ; Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be done 


Tondereanayent Orhonkene, p 

gwayefaghfe Yongwarighwannerakfkouh. O Niyoh 
s'heyadoweyendouh nenegea tfyondonhakanoenifk 
Raoderighwanerakfera. S'heyennidareghtfeiouh ne 
Yakaweriaghfanoghwhakteani; tfiniyought fawanean- 
daon ne ne Ongwehogouh yondatdeani Jefus Chrift 
t'feragouh Eghtfidewayaner. Neoni tak'yon O 
fayannereaghtferowane Raniha ne wahoeni raorih- 
hoenyat ; ne onwa tiutkon ayak'yonheghtfera- 
dogeaghtihake,yoderIghwagwarighfhyuh, neoni ayod- 
kanonihake, ne On\vefeaghtakfera Saghfeanado- 
geaghti. 4fne7t. 

Ne ^JtghnereghJJjyuJk* 

CAefhatfleaghtferagvvegouh Niyoh ne Raniha Son- 
gwayaner Jesus Christ, ne yaghtea tef-hakonof- 
has ne Raoneaheiyaet Yakorighwanerakfkouh, ok 
yoyanncre aonfahatdatrevvaghte Raorighwhackfea, ne- 
oni eayagonheke ; neoni fakaweani Raditiihuhftatfy, 
eahowaderighhowanaghte Raongweda ne Yerighvvane- 
rakferaghfweaghfe, ne Atnereaghfyat neoni Karighwi- 
youghftak Ra~odirighwanerakfera : Sef-hakoderr'he 
neoni Raghnereaghfnyuhik yegvvegough ne agwagh 
yerighwannerakferaghfweaghfe, neoni togefke d'ya- 
gwightaghkouh Raorighwiyoghtferadogeaghti. Ne wa- 
hoeni waf-hagweaniteaghteah ne afhonk'youh agwagh 
Kanhadeagtfera, neoni Raonikoughriyoughftouh, ne- 
nekea aharighwanonwene nene onwa tfiniyagwad'ycrha, 
neoni yoddaddearouh ^ayak'yonheke oghnakeanke 
akeahake yaghot-heinouh jieqni akoyadadogeaghti ; 
ayakwavve oghnakeanke ne tfinlyeheawe Ayon- 
gvvadonharake, ra-o-righhoeniat Jefus Chrift Eghtfi- 
dowayaner. Amen. 

Raodereanayent m Royaner. 
COngwaniha ne Karonghyage tighsideron, Wafagh- 
feanadogeaghtine ; Sayancrtfera levve ; Tagferrc 
C eghniawan 

lo Morning Prayer. 

in earth, as it is in Heaven : Give us this day our 
daily bread ; And forgive us our trefpafles, as we 
forgive theqi that trefpafs againll us ; And lead us 
not into temptation ; But deliver us from evil : For 
thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, 
for ever and ever. Jmen. 

<[[ 'J'hen likewife he Jballfay, 
O Lord, open thou our lips ; 

Anfw, And our mouth fhall Ihew forth thy praifc. 
Friejl. O God, make fpeed to fave us. 
Anfzv. O Lord, make hafle to help us. 

^ Here alljlanding up, the Priejljhallfayy 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 
Holy Ghoft ; 

Jnfw. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever 
fliall be : world without end. Amen, 

Priejl. Praife ye the Lord. 

Anfw. The Lord's name be praifed. 

^ I'henjhall be fald or fung the Pfalm following ; except on 
Eafter-Day, upon which another Anthem is appointed; 
and on the nineteeth day of every month it is not to be 
read here, but in the ordinary courfe of the Pfalms. 

Venite^ exult emus 'Domino, PfaL 95. 

^\ Come, let us ling unto the Lord : let us heartily 
r-^ rejoice in the llrength of our falvation. 

Let us come before his pfefence with thankfgiving: 
?nd fhew ourfdves glad in him with pfalms. 


Tondereanayent Orhonkene, 1 1 

cghniawan tfinlyought Karonghyagouh, oni Ogh- 
wentfiage. Niyadewighniferage Takwanadaranondagh- 
lik nonwa. Neoni Tondakvvarighwiyoughftouh, tfinl- 
yught oni Tfyakwadaderlghwiyoughfteani. Neoni 
toglifa takvvaghfarineght Devvaddatdenakeraghtonke; 
nesane fadfyadakvvaghs ne Kondighferoheanfe ; ikea 
Sayanertfera ne na-ah, neoni ne Kaefhatfte, neoni ne 
Onwefeaghtak ne tfiniyeheawe neoni tliniyeheawe. 

Rt-hbne oni rcaroh ne Ratfihiihfiatfy. 

Eatfthiihjlatfy. O Kayaner ditfkaraw Akwaghikwean- 
dakike ; 

D'yondadifk. Neoni Agwaghsene Saneandoghfere atro- 

Eatfih, O Niyoh Defaghfterihheah tackwayadac- 

D'yond. O Kayaner, tefaghjlerihhea wahbeni as- 

Onea agwegouh tantayedane nok Ratsihuhjlatjy are, 

Eatfih. Onwefeghtakfera na-ah ne Ranihha, neoni 
ne Ronwaye neoni ne Ronikoughriyoughftouh. 

D'yond. Tjiniyoughtone ne Adaghfaweahtferagouh 
eghniyought onwa, neoni tiutkouh eakedhake tfiniyeheawe 
neoni tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 

Eatfih. Eghtfifewaneandouh ne Kayaner. 

D'yoiid. iVakowaneandouh Ra-oghfeana ne Kayaner, 

Fenite, exult emus Domino, Pfal. 95. 
Gaffaweght tajttewarighwaghkwafe ne Roydner* 

r\ Garo gaffavvcght tafitewarighwaghkvvafe ne Ro- 
^^ yancr, tewadfenoniyat Ongweriaghfakouh Son- 

Yadidfidewadderaghte Tfid-hakoghfonde ne a-edewa- 
neandon : eghtfidewadfenonniyafisk Teyerighwagh- 

C z Iks 

1 2 Morning Prayer. 

For the Lord is a great God : and a great King 
above all gods. 

In his hand are all the corners of the earth : and 
tlie ftrength of the hills is his alfo. 

The fea is his, and he made it : and his hands 
prepared the dry land. 

O come, let us vvorfhip, and fall down : and kneel 
before the Lord our Maker. 

For he is the Lord our God : and we are the people 
of his pafture, and the fheep of his hand. 

To-day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your 
hearts : as in the provocation, and as in the day of 
temptation in the wildernefs ; 

When your fathers tempted me : proved me, and 
faw my works. 

Forty years long, was I grieved with this generation, 
and faid : It is a people that do err in their hearts, 
for they ha'^e not known my ways. 

Unto whom I fware in my wrath : that they fhould 
not enter into my reft. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever fhall 
be : world without end. Amen. 

^ T^hen Jhall follozu the Pfalms in order as they are appointed. 
And at the end of every Pfalm throughout the year ; and 
likewife at the end of Benedicite, Benedidius, Mag- 
nificat, and Nunc dimittis, JJoall be repeated. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 
Holy Ghoft ; 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever ihall 
be : world without end. Amen, 

^ Then 

Tondereanayent Orhonhene. 13 

Ikea ne Kayaner Roniyohtferowanea : Neoni Ragh- 
feanovvanca fakogennyouh agwegouh Rowaniyoho- 


Raghfnoughfakouhrahhawe Oghwhentfyaghnodousk 
naah, neoni enegeghcfi ne Yonnondennlyoh raowea. 

Neoni Raodeniadare, ikea ronihhaghkwe : Neoni 
Rafnonke Yoghftathadon. 

Kinyoh eghtfidewanideghtea, neoni ta-ctewatsagete : 
detfidevvadontsott-has Kayaner nenenne Songvvaya- 

Ikea ne Royaner naah Ongwaniyoh : nok N'l-Ih ne 
Raongweda fakonoghne na-ah, neoni ne Teyoddinaka- 
rondoc-a Rafnonge. 

Ehtfewaweanaronke Raoweana onvva, neoni toghfa 
Saddadderiaghfaghnlrat : tfiniyawae-uh Dewaddad- 
denakeraghtonke, neoni Eghniferage Karaghyadagh- 
kweah ne Karhagouh. 

Tfiyonkeraghyadaghkwe Eghfifevvaniha-hogouh : 
vvaongwadeniyendeafte, neoni wahont-kaght-ho. 

Kayeri Niyughferaghfea tekaderiaghtik hunghkwe 
nene naa Ronongvvehogouh wagoh : ronnadiadaghton- 
haddiefe Aweriaghfagouh, neoni yaghte haddiyenderi 

Ne wahoenni agwagh yughniron kadohhaghkvve, 
yaghta hondoweyade Akwadorifliughtferagouh. 

Gloria Patri. 

Onwefeaghtakfera na-ah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
waye neoni ne Ronigoughriyughflouh. 

Tfimyoughtone ne Addaghfaweagh-tferagouh, eghniyought 
onwa, neoni tiutkoub eageahake: tfiniyeheawe neoni tfini- 
yeheawe. Amen. 


14 Morning Prayer, 

^ Thnfiall be read diftin^ly with an audible voice the fifjl 
Leffon, taken out of the Old 'Tejlament, as is appointed in 
the Kalendar (except there be proper Lejfons ajjigned for 
that day :) He that readeth fojlanding, and turning him- 
felf as he may bejl be heard of all fuch as are prefent. 
And after that,J]oall be faid or fung in Englifh^ the Hymn 
called, TeDeum Laudamus, ^^//y throughout the Tear. 

^ Note, that before every Lejfon, the Minijler JJoall fay. 
Here beginneth fuch a Chapter, or Verfe of fuch a 
Chapter, of fuch a Book: And after every Lejfon, Here 
endeth the Firft, or the Second LefTon. 

1*6 Deum laudamus, 

'1X7' E praife thee, O God : we acknowledge thee 
to be the Lord. 

All the earth doth worfhip thee : the Father ever- 

To thee all angels cry aloud : the heavens, and all 
the powers therein. 

To thee Cherubiri and Seraphin : continually do 

Holy, holy, holy : Lord God of Sabaoth : 

Heaven and earth are full of the majefty : of thy 

The glorious company of the Apoftles : praife 

The goodly fellowfhip of the prophets : praife 

The noble army of Martyrs : praife thee. 

The holy Church throughout all the world : doth 
acknowledge thee ; 

The Father : of an infinite Majefty ; 

Thine honourable, true : and only Son ; 

Alfo the Holy Ghoft : the Comforter. 

Thou art the King of Glory : O Chrifl: ; 

Thou art the everlafting Son : of the Father. 


Tondereanayent Orhonkene, 1 5 

I'e Deum laudamus. 

f\ NIYOH vvakvvaneandon : kwayenderift-ha Sa- 
^^ yaner. 

Oghwhentfiagwegouh yefenideghtafifk : Ne Ra- 
niha tfiniyeheawe. 

Karonghiyageghronontferagwegouh: neoni Kaelhatf- 
tcghticferhogouh Karonghiyagehogouh yederon. 

Ne Cherubin neoni Seraphin : tiutkont yefa- 

Royadadogeaghti, Royadadogeaghti, Royadado- 
geaghti : naah ne Royaner Niyoh Keand'yoghkwane- 

Ne Karonghiyage neoni Oghwhentfya kanatferon 
naah Saneandoghfera : ne Sakonniflakfera. 

Yefaneanduik ne Kand'yoghkwio ne Ronwaderigh- 

Kanikoghriaghferio ne Prophet-hogoiih yefanaen- 

Ne T'kand'yoghkowanaghtferio Kanoghrowanea ne 
Yagodaddearunh : yefaneandusk. 

Yefayenderiftha ne Onoghfadogeaghtige ne wa- 
hoeni Oghwhentfiagwegouh ; 

Ne Raniha : yaghte yeyodokte Kaneandoghfera ; 

Agwagh Raonhha Eghtfiye-a honwatkoniyoughf- 

Etho niyought Ronigoghriyoghftouh : ne Sheyeyefk. 

O Chrift : Sayanerhkoa ne Kanaendoghtfera. 

Tfiniyeheawe ne Yeye-ah ne Raniha. 


1 6 Morning Prayer. 

When thou tookeft upon thee to deliver man : 
thou didft not abhor the Virgin's womb : 

When thou hadit overcome the fharpnefs of death : 
thou didft open the kingdom of Heaven to all be- 

Thou fitteft at the right hand of God : in the glory 
of the Father. 

We believe that thou ihalt come : to be our 

We therefore pray thee, help thy fervants : whom 
thou haft redeemed with thy precious blood. 

Make them to be numbered with thy Saints : in 
glory everlafting. 

O Lord, fave thy people : and blefs thine heritage. 

Govern them : and lift them up for ever. 

Day by day : we magnify thee. 

And we worlliip thy Name : ever world without 

Vouchfafe, O Lord : to keep us this day without 

O Lord, have mercy upon us : have mercy upon 

O Lord, let thy mercy lighten upon us : as our 
truft is in thee. 

O Lord, in thee have I trufted : let me never be 

^ Or this Canticle : Benedicite, omnia opera 

r\ All ye Works of the Lord, blefs ye the Lord : 
^^ praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye 

Tondereanayent Orhonkene* ly 

Yaghte Sarighwaghfweah yaghte kanaghkwayen- 
deri Ongvve waghfadon wahoeni ne n'neaiheghnereagh- 

Enef heyoeni ne Dyakawightaghkouh ne Kayanert- 
fera nc Karonghyagee-thoghke Kehheyaed 'kferanogh- 
wakte fef-hannyon. 

Tfiravveyendightaghkouh Niyoh tighslderouhRaon- 
wefeghtakferagouh ne Raniha. 

Teyonkwightaghkouh ne teandeghfe ne tefkwak- 

Ne wahoeni wakwanidegthteah Iheyenawas Senhafe- 
ogouh nenahotea Sanegweaghfanoron faghninondon. 

Yates'heyeftakferat ne Odoyoughkwadogeaghti ne 
tfiniyeheavve Kayanertferagouh. 

O Kayaner, fheyadoweyendon Songwedahogouh, 
neoni fheyaddaderift Sarakweani. 

Neoni fhekwadago, neoni fekoweanaght ne tfiniye- 

Yadewighniferage ne Yadewighniferage, wiyo ya- 

Neoni yakwanideghtafis Saghfeana tfiniyeheavve 
yaght-ha ondokte. 

O Kayaner, takvvanikoghraghnirat ne Kae-waende 
yaghta yagwarighwannerak-he. 

Takvvanderhek, O Kayaner, Takwanderhek. 

Sanidareghtfera O Kayaner, teyongvvaghfwad-he- 
don, tfiniyught ife-tferagouh wakadewenodaghkouh. 

O Kayaner, ife-tfcragouh wagadewenodaghkouh^ 
toghfa kadehhea tfiniyeheavve. 

Benediclte omnia opera Domini, 

r\ Ife Kayodeghferagvvegouh ne Royaner, eghtfa- 
^^ doenreah ne Royaner, eghtfeneandon, neoni eght- 
skowannaght tfiniyeheavve. 

D Oifc 

i8 Morning Prayer, 

O ye Angels of the Lord, blefs ye the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Heavens, blefs ye the Lord : praife him, 
and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Waters, that be above the firmament, blefs 
ye the Lord : praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O all ye Powers of the Lord, blefs ye the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Sun and Moon, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Stars of heaven, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Showers and Dew, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Winds of God, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Fire and Heat, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Winter and Summer, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Dews and Frofts, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Frofl and Cold, blefs ye the Lord : praife him, 
and magnify him forever 

O ye Ice and Snow, blefs ye the Lord : praife him, 
and magnify him for ever. 

O ye 

Tondereanayent Orhonkene* 1 9 

O ife Karonghyaglghronoh ne Royaner : eghtfadoen- 
reah ne Royaner, eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskowan- 
naght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Sevvaronghiakehogouh, eghfadoenreah ne 
Royaner : eghtfeneandon, neoni eghtskowannaght 

O ife Oghnegahogouh ne enekea Karonghyade 
gayea, cghtfadoenreah ne Royaner; eghtfeneandon ne- 
oni eghtskowanaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Sewaefhatfteghtferagwegouh ne Royaner, 
cghtfadoenreah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon, neoni 
eghtskowannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Karaghkwa neoni Eghnida, eghtfadoenreah 
ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskowannaght 

O ife Otiftokhogouh Karonghyage, cghtfadoen- 
reah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskowan- 
naght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Yoghftarondiefe neoni Yoaweye, cghtfadoen- 
reah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskowan- 
naght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife O wrong neNiyoh, eghtfadoenreah ne Royaner: 
eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskowanaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Odfire neoni Odarihheagfera, cghtfadoen- 
reah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskowan- 
naght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Ot-horaghtfera neoni Akenha, eghtfadoenreah 
ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskowannaght 

O ife Yoawweyehogouh neoni Oghfakeaghfera 
yowi{loh,eght-fad6enreah nc Royaner: eghtfeneandon 
neoni eghtskowannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Yaonghharaye neoni Odhoraghfera, eghtfa- 
doenrea nc Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtfeako- 
wannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Owifle neoni Onniyeghte, cghtfadoenreah ne 
Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskowanaght tfini- 

D2 Oife 


Morning Prayer. 

O ye Nights and Days, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Light and Darknefs, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Lightnings and Clouds, blefs ye the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O let the Earth blefs the Lord : yea, let it praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Mountains and Hills, blefs ye the Lord : praife 

him, and magnify him for ever. 

O all ye green Things upon the earth, blefs ye the 
Lord : praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Wells, blefs ye the Lord : praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O ye Seas and Floods, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Whales, and all that move in the waters, blefs 
ye the Lord : praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O all ye Fowls of the air, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O all ye Beails and Cattle, blefs ye the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Children of men, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O let Ifrael blefs the Lord : praife him, and mag- 
nify him for ever, 

O ye 

Tondereanyent Orhonlene. 21 

O ife Aghfont-haogon neoni Eghniferahogon, eght- 
fadbenrea ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtfko- 
wannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Teyoghfwat-het neoni D'iogarask, eghtfa- 
doenreah ne Royaner ; eghtfeneandon neoni eghtfko- 
wannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Tevvannirekarahons neoni Odfadabgon, eghtfa- 
dbenrea ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtfk.6-. 
wannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ne Oghwhentfya eghtfadoereah ne Royaner : eght- 
feneandon neoni eghtlkowannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Yonondennyon neoni Youghniaghronnyon 
eghtfadoenreah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni 
eghtfkowannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Sewahondagwegouh Oghwhentfyage wadigh- 
yaronsk, eghtfadbenrea ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon 
neoni eghtfkowannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Sewaghnawerode, eghtfadoenreah ne Royaner : 
eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskbwannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Seniadare neoni Kaihyouhhadennyon, eghtfa- 
doenreah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtskb- 
wannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Kentfiyowaneghfe, neoni agwegouh wadori- 
aneroik Kanbnwakon, egtfadbenreah ne Royaner : 
eghtfenaendon neoni eghtlkowannaght tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Kondfidea-atferagwegouh ne Karonghiagon, 
eghtfadoenreah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eght- 
ikowanna^ht tfiniyeheawe. 

O ife Kondirryodagwegouh neoni Kadfeneah, eght- 
fadoenreah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eght- 
skbwannaght tfini3^eheawe. 

O ife Sewayeongbe-a ne Ongwehbgouh, eghtfadoen- 
reah ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtfkowan- 
naght tfiniyeheawe. 

O Ifrael eghtfadoenreah ne Royaner : elghtfeneandon, 
neoni eghtfkowannaght tfiniyeheawe. 


22 Morning Prayer. 

O ye Prieftsof the Lord, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Servants of the Lord, blefs ye the Lord : praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Spirits and Souls of the righteous, blefs ye 
the Lord : praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O ye Holy and Humble men of heart, blefs ye the 
Lord : praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

O Ananias, Azarias, and Mifael, blefs ye the Lord : 
praife him, and magnify him for ever. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 
As it was in the beginning, &c. 

5[ Thenjloallbe read in like manner the Second Lejfon, taken 
out of the New Tejiament : and after that the Hymn 
follozving; except zvhen thatffjall happen to be read in the 
Chapter for the Day, or for the Gofpel on St. John 
Bapcift's Day, 

Benedi^ius, S, Luke 1.68. 

"DLelTed be the Lord God of Ifrael : for he hath vi- 
■*-' fited and redeemed his people ; 

And hath raifed up a mighty falvation for us ; in the 
houfc of his fervant David ; 

As he fpake by the mouth of his holv Prophets : 
which have been lince the world began ; 


Tondereanyent Orhonkme, 23 

O ife Yetferihhoniyeni ne Royaner, eghtfadoenrea 
ne Royaner : eghtlenaendon, neoni eghtikowannaght, 

O ife Yetfinhafehogon ne Royaner, eghtfadoenrea 
ne Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtfkowannaght 

O ife Sevvanikoughrio neoni Adonhetflhogouh ne 
Yakoderighwagwarighlhy, eghtfadoenrea ne Royaner : 
eghtfeneandon neoni eghtikowannaght tiiniyeheawe. 

O ife Sewayadadogeaghty neoni Yakonigbenrane ne 
Akaweriane, eghtfadoenrea ne Royaner : eghtfenean- 
don neoni eghtikowannaght tliniyehaewe. 

O Ananias, Azarias, neoni Mifael, eghtfadoenrea ne 
Royaner : eghtfeneandon neoni eghtikowannaght tii- 

Gloria PatrL 

Onwefeaghtakfera naah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
waye, neoni ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh. 

Tliniyoughtone ne Addaghfaweaght'feragouh egh- 
niyought onwa, neoni, tiutkouh eakeahake tfi- 
niyeheawe neoni tiiniyeheawe. Amen. 

Benedi5ius, St» Luke i. 68. 


'Adoenreah ne Royaner Raoniyoh Ifrael : ikea 
fackvvah neoni Sakoghnereaghlhyon Raon- 

Neoni yoelhatfte Songwadfenonniafe tfiraketlkouh : 
Raonoghfagouh David Raonhafe. 

Tfiniyought rodaddighne Radighfeana Raoprophet- 
feradogeaghti : ne Sid'yodoghwhentfyadaghfawe radi- 


24 Morning Prayer* 

That we fliould be faved from our enemies : and 
from the hands of all that hate us ; 

To perform the mercy promifed to our forefathers : 
and to remember his holy covenant ; 

To perform the oath which he fware to our forefa- 
ther Abraham : that he would give us ; 

That we being delivered out of the hand of our 
enemies : might ferve him without fear ; 

In holinefs and righteoufnefs before him : all the 
days of our life. 

And thou, Child, Ihalt be called the prophet of the 
Higheft : for thou Ihalt go before the face of the Lord 
to prepare his ways ; 

To give knowledge of falvation unto his people : 
for the remiffion of their fins. 

Through the tender mercy of our God : whereby 
the day-fpring from on high hath vilited us ; 

To give light to them that fit in darknefs, and in 
the Ihadow of death : and to guide our feet into the 
way of peace. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever ihall 
be : world without end. Amm» 

f Or 

Tondereanayent Orhonkene, 25 

Ne wahoeni asfhonkwaghnereghfyuh ne Yonkhigh- 
fweaghfe : neoni Radifnonge ne agwegouh nc Yonk- 
highfweaghfe ; 

Ne wahoeni Yahennidareghtferayerite ne aonea fa- 
kodaddiafe : neoni reyaghre Raorighwiflaghtferado- 

Ne wahoeni yekayerine agwagh youghniron rodda- 
diafifk Abraham Songwaniha : wahoeni aflunk'yon ; 

Nene yonkwadnereaghfyon Radighfnonge yonk- 
highfweaghfe : wahoeni yagthayedfaghnighfeke ahon- 
wayodeghfe ; 

Oyadadogeaghtitferagouh neoni yodderighwakwa- 
righfyon raohaendon : Eghniferagwegouh tfiniyak'yon- 
heke ; 

Neoni Siksah tayefeanadougfere Prophet ne agwe- 
gon tihagowane : ikea tfit-hakoughfonde oheandon ne 
Royaner wahoeni ne aeghtferoni Raohahha-ogon ; 

Wahoeni Raongweda ahonwadiyend'yer-haftea ne 
Atnereaghfyat : ne wagarihhoeni Adadderighwiyogh- 
ftakferagoLih Raoderighwannerakfera ; 

Akarihhoeni ne Kandearouh waderighyendaghfe 
Raonidareghtfera ne Ongwaniyoh nenahotea Songwa- 
nadaghrennawihhaghkwe enegeaghtfy d'yoyeghtagh- 

Wahoeni ta-elhahhakoghfwat-hete ne n'Aghsadakon 
yederon, neoni yoddaghsadare ne Kahheiyon : neoni 
wahoeni dewaghsige ayekwadago Ahahhage Kayan- 

Gloria Patri, 

Onwefeaghtakfera naah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
vvaye neoni ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh. 

Tfiniyoughtone ne Addaghfaweaht'feragough egh- 
niyought onwa, neoni tiutkouh eageahake tfiniye- 
heavve. Amen. 

E Jubilate 

26 Morning Prayer* 

f Or this Pfdlm, Jubilate Deo. Pfal. ico. 

r\ Be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands : ferve the 
^^ Lord with gladnefs, and come before his prefence 
with a fong. 

Be ye lure that the Lord he is God : it is he that 
hath made us, and not we ourfelves : we are his peo- 
ple and the flieep of his pafture. 

O go your way into his gates with thankfgiving, 
and into his courts wdth praife : be thankful unto him, 
and fpeak good of his name. 

For the Lord is gracious, his mercy is everlafling : 
and his truth endureth from generation to generation. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 

As it was in the beginning, is nov/, and ever fhall 
be ; world without end. Amen. 

^ ^henJJiall be fung or faid the Apqftles Creed by the Mini^ 
Jler, and the people Jlanding, Except onlyfuch days as the 
Creed of S. Athanafius is appointed to be read. 

T Believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of hea- 
"■• ven and earth : 

And in Jefus Chrift his only Son our Lord ; Who 
was conceived by the holy GhoU, Born of the Virgin 
Mary, Suffered under Pontius Pilate, Was crucified, 
dead, and buried; He defcended into hell; The third 
day he rofe again from the dead, He afcended into 


Tondereanayent Qrhonkene, 27 

Jubilate Deo, PfaL 100. 

/^ Ife Oghvvhentfyagwcgouh fewadonharon eghtfp^ 
^^ deaghsneRoyaner: ne Adfenonniad-feragouh Sid- 
hakoughfonde Tekarighwaghkwat-ha. 

Agwagh ferhek nene Hoyaner Niyoh naah; fong- 
gwayadilTonh, neoni yaghta onkyouh-ha : onkyouh-h^ 
Raongweda naah, neoni Teyoddinakarondoe-ah Rao- 

O lewadavveyat Ranonhohhagouh fevvaddoenreab, 
neoni Raonoghfagoiih ne yonnaendont : eghtfadoen- 
reah, neoni wiyo fadaddias Raoghfeana. 

Ikea ne Royanertferio, ronidarefkouh naah, tfiniye- 
hcawe : neoni Raodokesketfera eageahake ne Oghne- 
gwaghfa tfiheakaghnekwaghfadadd'ye. 

Gloria Patrl, 

Onwefeaghtakfera naah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
waye : neoni ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh ; 

TfiniyoLightone ne Addaghfaweaghtferagouh, eghni- 
yought onwa, neoni tiutkouh eageahake : tfiniyeheawe 
neoni tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 


'T^Ewakightaghkouh Niyohtferagouh ne Raniha ne 
-*• agwegouh tihhaefhatfte, raoniflbuh ne Karonia, 
neoni Oghvvhentfya : Neoni Jefus Chrift-tferagouh 
raonha-a Rahawak Songwayaner, ne tihhoyeghtagh- 
kouh ne Ronigoughriyoughftoughne, rodoeni yaghtea 
Kanaghvvayenderi Maria, ne Roronghyageah tfini- 
haweniyoughne Pontius Pilate, tehoenwayadaenhare, 
rawonheyouh, neoni ronwayadat ; Nagouh rawe- 
noughtoLih ne Oneflbuh ; Ne aghfeah Niwighni- 
feragehhadont nlfatketfkough ne tfinihawehhe- 
ypughne, ne tefhodeah Karonghyage rawenoughtouh, 

E 2 yef- 

28 Morning Prayer, 

heaven, And fitteth on the right hand of God the Fa- 
ther Almighty; From thence he (hall come to judge 
the quick and the dead. 

I believe in the Holy Ghoft ; The holy Catholick 
Church ; The Communion of Saints ; The forgivenefs 
of Sins ; The refurredtion of the Body, And the life 
everlafting. Amen, 

f And after that, thefe Prayers following, all devoutly 
kneeling : the Minijler firjl pronouncing with a loud voice ; 

The Lord be with you. 
Anfzver, And with thy fpirit. 

^ Let us pray. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Chrijlf have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

^ then the Minijler, Clerks, and People fhall fay the Lord- s 
Prayer with a loud voice. 

OUR Father, which art it heaven, Hallowed be thy 
Name ; Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be done in 
earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily 
bread ; And forgive us our trefpaffes. As we forgive 
them that trefpafs againft us ; And lead us not into 
temptation. But deliver us from evil. Amen, 

^ then the Priejijlanding up JJ:)all fay , 

O Lord, fhew thy mercy upon us, 
Anfw, And grant us thy falvation. 


Tondereanayent Orhonkene, 29 

yef-heanderouh Tfiraweyendightaghkouh Rafnonke ne 
Niyoh ne agwegouh tihhaefhatfte Raniha ; Et-ho tant- 
hayeghtaghkwe ne onea tant-haghroughfa ne ya- 
gonhennyouh, neoni ne yagaweheyoughferouh. 

Tewakightaghkouh ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh- 
tferagouh ; ne Tlikeand'yoghgwiyoughftouh ne O- 
noghfadogeaghtige ; ne Yeyadare Orighwadogeaghti ; 
Entfyondatderighwiyoghfteah Karighwannerrea ; ne 
Entfyontketskouh he Yeyeronke, neoni tliniyeheawe 
Niyag'yonhennyonke. Amen» 

Etjihuhjiatfy. Ne Royaner waetferlwawafe. 
D'yondatijk. Neoni waghyariwawdfe Sewanigbenra, 


Kayaner Takwanderhek. 
Chriji Takwanderhek, 
Kayaner Takwanderhek. 

Raodereanayent ne Royaner. 

COngwaniha ne Karonghyage tighsideron, Wafagh* 
*^ feanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera lewe; Tagferre 
eghniawan tfiniyought Karonghyagouh, oni Ogh- 
wentfiage. Niyadewighniferage Takwanadaranondagh- 
fik nonvva. Neoni Tondakwarighwiyoughftouh, tfini- 
yughtoniTfiakwadaderighwiyoughfteani. Neoni toghfa 
tackwaghfarineght Dewaddatdenageraghtonke ; ne- 
sane fadfyadakwaghs ne Kondighferoheanfe. Amen, 

Etfih, O Kayaner, takyouh Sanidareghtfera. 
D'yond. Neoni takyouh Sanbeghfera, 


00 Morning Prayer* 

Priejl. O Lord, fave the King. 

Anfw. And mercifully hear us, when we call upon 

Priejl. Endue thy Minifters with righteoufnefs ; 

Anfw. And make thy chofen people joyful. 
Priejl, OLord, fave thy people; 
Anfw. And blefs thine inheritance. 
Priejl. Give peace in our time, O Lord ; 

Anfw. Becaufe there is none other that lighteth for 
us, but only thou, OGod. 

Priejl. O God, make clean our hearts within us. 

Anfw. And take not thy Holy Spirit from us. 

^ Then floall follow three Collets ; the jirjl of the Day, 
which jloall he the fame that is appointed at the Com- 
munion ; the fecond for Peace ; the third for Grace to 
live well. And the tzvo lajl Collets fJoall never alter, hut 
daily he faid at Morning Prayer throughout all the Tear, 
as follozveth ; all kneeling ^ 

% The fecond Colle5i, for Peace. 

God, who art the author of peace, and lover of 
concord, in knowledge of whom ftandeth our 
eternal life, whofe fervice is pcrfeift freedom ; Defend 
us thy humble fervants in all aflaults of our enemies, 
that we furely trufling in thy defence, may not fear 
the power of any adverfaries, through the might of 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

% The third ColleB, for Grace, 

r\ Lord, our heavenly Father, Almighty and ever- 
^^ lafting God, who haft fafely brought us to the 
beginning of this day; Defend us in the fame by thy 


Tondereanayent Orhonkene, 31 

Etftb. O Kayaner, eghtfadoweyendouh Koragh- 

D'yond. Neoni I'ondakzvat-hbendats Sanidaregbf/erao-ouh, 
ne etkoghke eagwaroughyebhare. 

Etfth. Sheraghs Yelatfihuhftatfi ne Adderighwakwa- 

D'yond. Neoni feyatfenonniyat karakzveab Songwida, 

Etftb, O Kayaner fadeweyendouh Songweda. 

D'yond. Neoni s'boyadadderijl Sarakweah. 

Etfib. O Kayaner, takyouh Kayeanerea Ongwigh- 

D'yond. Ikea yagbongbka kanika teyonkbiyaderiyogbfejk 
ok fuhba-abj O Songwamyob, 

Etfib. O Niyoh, Weriaghsiyo takyouh niflah onk- 

D'yond. Neoni togbja takwagbkwah Sanigougbriyougb- 

I'ekenibadont Adereanayent wabbeni Kayeanereah, 

r\ Niyoh, ferihhoeni Kayeanereah, neoni fenoenwefe 
^^ Sadekarihhodeanfe, yongwaderiyendare ile-tfera- 
gouh yegaye tfiniyeheawe Eayagonheke, ne unghka 
Aoyodeghfcra titkahheretferio Skeanaentferagough ; 
Senoenak eghtage ne yeyakonigoughrehha Senhafe- 
ogouh Yonkhiadyadondiefe yonkhighfweaghfe, a- 
awagh agwadewanodaghkon faghninont-tferagouh ne 
yaghonghka t'hayakwadsanike Raodef-hatftonk Sako- 
dighfvveaghfe, Raelhatfteghtferagouh Jesus Christ 
Songwayaner. Amen. 

Adereanayent wabbeni Kandearab, 

^\ Kayaner Songwaniha ne Karonghyage, agwegouh 

thiyo-efhatfte Niyoh, ne skeanea t-hiskwayat-he 

nenegea Ondighniferadaghfavve ; Takwadaweyendon 

Sa-elhatfleghtferowanea nenegea Wighniferade; neoni 


22 Morning Prayer* 

mighty power; and grant that this day we fall into 
no fin, neither run into any kind of danger; but that 
all our doings may be ordered by thy governance, to 
do always that is righteous in thy fight, through Jcfus 
Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

5[ In ^ires and Places where they Jing, here follometh the 


^ Then thefefive Prayers following are to be read here, ex- 
cept when the Litany is read ; and then only the two laji 
are to be read, as they are there placed. 

^ A Prayer for the King's Majejly. 

f^ Lord our heavenly Father, high and mighty, 
^^ King of kings, Lord of lords, the only Ruler of 
princes, who doft from thy throne behold all the 
dwellers upon earth ; Moft heartily we befeech thee 
with thy favour to behold our moft gracious Sovereign 
Lord King GEORGE ; and fo replenilh him with the 
grace of thy Holy Spirit, that he may alway incline to 
thy will, and walk in thy way : Endue him plente- 
oufly with heavenly gifts ; grant him in health and 
wealth long to live ; ftrengthen him that he may van- 
quifh and overcome all his enemies; and finally after 
this life, he may attain everlafting joy and felicity, 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

^ A Prayer for the Royal Family, 

A Lmighty God, the fountain of all goodnefs, we 
"^ humbly befeech thee to blefs our gracious Queen 
Charlotte^ his Royal Highnefs George Prince of 
fVales, and all Royal Family : Endue them with thy 
Holy Spirit ; enrich them with thy heavenly grace ; 
profper them with all happinefs ; and bring them to 
thine everlafting kingdom, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amfn. 

^ A Prayer 

Yondereanayent Orhonkene, . ^3 

takyon yaghtha yagwandaghkerane Karighwannerak- 
feragouh, fegouh ayakwavve Tewadohhareghrbnke, 
okne Onkwayodeghferagwegouh ife tferagouh akon- 
wagwadago, wahoeni Saderighwakwarighlhyughfera 
tiutkon eghnayDnd'yere Jesus Christ t'feragouh Son-^ 
gwayaner. Amen. 

Ronwadereanaye-fi'ifk Koraghkb-ah, 

r\ Kayaner Songwaniha ne Karonghyage yeheande- 

^"^ ron, enlgeaghtfi neoni raefhatfle Seghieanagon- 
youh ne agwegouh yeghfeanowanoghfe, Seyanertfera- 
gonyoiih agwegouh Rodiyaner, ne fuhhaah skwadac- 
kwask yondaddennageraghtouh, ife fadkaght-ho Ogh- 
whentsyagwegouh yenakere ; Ongweriaghfagouh wa- 
gwaniteaghtea fadkaghto neoni faddoweyendoiih Ko- 
raghko-ah GEORGE ; Neoni eghtsider ne Roadearat 
Sanigoiighriyoughftouh nene tiutkon ahat-hoendadde 
tfinaghfyere, Tieoni aghrefeke fahhahagouh, eghtfouh 
t'hiyawedowanouh Adaddawightferiyo Karonghyage 
devvight-ha ; Eo-htfouh skeanea t'haghronheke neoni 
Adaskatfera ; Eghtfouh Kaefhatfleaghtfera ne aflago- 
feanl agwegouh Tfinihoenwaghfvveaghfe, neoni ne 
onvva tfighronhe ; Oghnakeanke aondahdenyouh 
tfiniyeheawe Ahatfenonihake neoni Adaskatfera, ne 
rorihhoeni Jesus Christ Songwayaner. Amen, 

Ne Adereanayent tjinihaghnegwaghfa Koragbko-a, 

"O Aelhatfleaghtferagwegouh Niyoh ne yoghnawight- 
-*■ ha Yoyannereaghtfera, wagwaniteaghtea eghtfya- 
daderift Charlotte ne Koraghko-ah Aonheghtyea, neoni 
ne Raghfeanowanea George Korah H^ales, neoni agwe- 
gouh ne Tfiyonoghfode Tfinikaghnigwaghfa ; ne Ihe- 
youh Sanigoughriyoghflouh : Sefadogoughferouh ne 
haondouh Sanidareghtfera, feyadadyrift ahonaskat- 
flouhhake, neoni yefeyat-hew Sayanertferagouh, ne 
rorihhoeni Jesus Christ. Amen„ 

F Adereanayent 

fl^ Morning Prayer* 

5[ A Prayer for the Clergy and People. 

A Lmighty and eyerlafting God, who alone workeft 
•^ great marvels ; fend down upon our Bifliops and 
Curate?, and all Congregations committed to their 
charge, the healthful Spirit of thy grace ; and that 
they may truly pleafe thee, pour upon them the con- 
tinual dew of thy bleffing ; Grant this, O Lord, for 
the honour of our Advocate and Mediator, Jefu^ 
Chrift. Amen. 

iff A Prayer of S. Chryfojlom, 

A Lmighty God, who haft given us grace at this time 
■^^ with one accord to make our common fupplica- 
tions unto thee ; and doft promife that when two or 
three are gathered together in thy Name, thou wilt 
grant their requefts ; Fulfil now, O Lord, the defires 
and petitions of thy fervants, as may be moft expedi- 
ent for them ; granting us in this world knowledge of 
thy truthj and in the world to cpme life everlafting. 

2 Cor. 13. 14. 

'TPHE grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and the love 
^ of God, and the fellowfliip of the Holy Ghoft, be 
with us all evermore. Amen. 

Here endeth the Order of Morning Prayer throughout the 



Tondereanayent Orhonkenei 35 

Adereanayent ne Sakodirthhonyeni neoni Ongwehogouh, 

T^ Aefhatfteaghtferagwegouh neoni tfiniyeheawe Ni- 
■*■*' yoh, fouha-ah fayodeh Tfiranighrackwaght ; Kaf- 
hayadeayeghtas Sanigoughriyoughftouh Rodirighwa- 
wakhon, neoni Raditfihuhftatfy, neoni agwegouh ya- 
kotkeaniflbuh Ronwadiyeni, neoni agvvagh togeske ro- 
nonhha ayefanoenwene fayatfaenhouh tiutkont ne ya- 
aweyaetfenyo Sayadadderightfera. Takyouh O 
Kayaner, Raokonnyoughftak Songwadaddyafisk neoni 
skeanon tea-flbnkyon Jesus Christ. Amen, 

Adereanayent ne Orighwadogeaghti Chryfojlom, 

nnlwagwegouh raefhatfle Niyoh, nene tackwan- 
•*• dearoiih nene onwa fereah oghferoeni yontke- 
aniffa, Ongwadereanayent ifeke eayagwaddadi ; ne 
ilea kaniga tekeni neteas agkfea eayagotkanniflbuh 
Saghfeanagouh, afeyat-hoendatfe ayoyannereke ; Wa- 
gwanegeah ne tliniyerrhe eayenideaghtea Senhafeho- 
gon, ne wahoeni faderiyendare alheyadaghnirade Ka- 
ronghyage eayeaghte ; aghfere kerit, neoni takyouh 
ne onwa tfiyagyonhe ayagwayenderihake Sadogesket- 
fera, neoni tlinondawe ne tfiniyeheawe Ayakyonheke. 

1 Cor. 13. 14. 

"^E Raodearat Songwayaner Jesus Christ, neoni 
•*• Ranorunghkwa Niyoh, neoni Raodyoughkwa ne 
Ronigoghriyoughftouh agwegouh adowefeke tfiniye- 
heawe. Amen. 

Kea ni kanibare ne Orhonkene Tondereanayent Koghfe- 

Fz NE 

The order for 


Daily throughout the Year. 

^ At the beginning of Evening Prayer^ the Minifier 

Jhall read with a loud voice Jome one or more of 

thefe Se?itences of the Scriptures that follow : and 

then he fiall fay that which is written after the 

faid Sentences, 

WHEN the wicked man turneth away from 
his wickednefs that he hath committed, and 
doeth that which is lawful and right, he 
fliall fave his foul alive. Rzek. i8. 27. 

I acknowledge my tranfgreflions, and my fin is ever 
before me. Tfal. 51.3. 

Hide thy face from my fins, and blot out all mine 
iniquities. Ffal. 51.9. 

The facrifices of God are a broken fpirit : a broken, 
and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not defpife. 

Rend your heart and not your garments, and turn 
unto the Lord your God : for he is gracious and 




Yokarafk-ha Koghferagwegouh. 

^ 'ffiyondaghfawe ne Tokarajk-ha Adereanayent^ Onea 

Ratjihuhjiatfy Oweanowane eahaweaninneakane 

ne ujkah neteas tekeny Tondaddiyadaghkwa Kagh- 

yadoghjeradogeaghu : Nok onea oya tjinikarihhotea 

oghniige Kaghyatonnyoh, 

NE Onea neYakaorighwannerakikouh neentfyon- 
donhakanoni Raorighwannerakferagwegouh ne 
tfinihad'yerhaghkwe, neoni agwegouh eaho- 
■yenavvagouhhake k'heyeni neoni Attakwarighihyugh- 
fera, ethone eayonheke Raodonheft. 

Kiyenderi Akwaderighwadewaghtoghfera, neoni 
akheandon tuitkon yegayea Akerighwannerakfere. 

Sadkoughfaghfeght Tfyongvvarighwannerre, neoni 
fafaghtouh Ongwarighwannerakfera agwegouh. 

Ne Addadawi Niyoh naah Tekanigoghriagon tiud- 
diy^gouh : Neoni fiyakaweriaghfanetlkha, O Niyoh, 

Saddadderiaghferatfyonkouh, neoni yaghta Sanena, 
neoni taonfaiadkarhadeni Kayanerh-ne Saniyoh : Ikea 


2 8 Evening Prayer* 

merciful, flow to anger, and of great kindnefs, and 
repenteth him of the evil. Joel 2. i^. 

To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgive- 
nefles, though we have rebelled againft him : neither 
have we obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to 
walk in his laws which he fet before us. Dan, 9. 9, 10. 

Lord, correct me, but with judgement : not in 
thine anger, left thou bring me to nothing. Jer. 10. 24. 

Repent ye ; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. 
S. Matth. 3. 2. 

1 will arife and go to my father, and will fay unto 
him, Father; I have finned againft heaven, and before 
thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy fon. 
4$'. Luke 15. 18, 19. 

Enter not into judgement with thy fervant, O Lord i- 
for in thy fight lliall no man living be juftified. Pfal, 
143. 2. 

If we fay that we have no fin, we deceive our- 
felves, and the truth is not in us : But if we confefs 
our fins, God is faithful and juft to forgive us our 
fins, and to cleanfe us from all unrighteoufnefs. 
I 5. John 1 . 8, 9. 

^he Exhortation* 

■p\Early beloved brethren, the fcripture moveth us 
"*~'^ in fundry places to acknowledge and confefs our 
manifold fins and wickednefs; and that we fhould 
not diffemble nor cloke them before the face of 
Almighty God our heavenly Father; but confefs 


Tokarajk-ha Orhonhene. ' 39 

randeanruik, neoni Ronidareskouh, ronigoenris neoni 
Karighvviyughtferowanea, neoni ronhados Tfiniyodak- 

Kayanerh-ne Ongwaniyoh Tewanidareghtferayeho- 
gouh neoni Addaderighwiyughflani, ne sane yaghte 
yongwat-hondatoen : neoni Kwaweanond'yon ne Rao- 
weana ne Kayaner Ongwaniyoh, ne ayakwefeke nc 
Sakaweannihogoughtferagouh ne fongwawi. 
O Kayaner takrewaght, yaghfanakweaghtferagouh ; 
ne wahoeni yagh-thafgwaghtonde. 

Saddatrevvaght ; ikea ne Karonghyage ne Kayanert- 
fera ok etho yeyo, 

Eankadketfkoh, neoni Rakenihha eankeghte, neoni 
cahiyegfnire, Rakeni, kerighwannerakteani Karongh- 
yage, neoni fahhaendon, neoni yaghse yadeyake- 
nefe Eghtfye-ah ayonkenadon. 

Toghlha takwaghfarlne Kadfihhayeghtferagouh ne 
Eghtsenhafe, ikea yaghonghka ne yakonhe yagoderigh- 
wagvvarighfhyoh O Kayaner Tfifkoughfonde. 

Ageahake ayagwearon yaghtea yongwarighwanerak- 
ferayea, ethone teyagwaddadd'yadaghtont-ha, ne- 
oni Togefketfera yaghtewat onkyouhha-t'feragouh : 
Ok onea Ongwarighwanerakfera enewag'yoeni, t*ho- 
righwayerie, neoni yoderighwagwa-righfyuh ne fon- 
gwarighwiyoughfteanilk ne Karighwa-nerea, neoni 
ibngwanoghharefifk ne Kaghferoheandagwegouh. 


A G W A G H gwanorunghkwa Tewadattegeaho- 

goevva, ne Kaghyadoghferadogeaghti efo yongwa- 

righhonyenis aonfayagwadaddoenderene neoni aya- 

gwarade efotfy Ongwarighwanerakfera neoni Kagh- 

feroheaghtfera ; neoni ne yaghtha yagwaweano- 


^o Evening Prayer. 

them with an humble, lowly, penitent, and obedient 
heart; to the end that we may obtain forgivenefs of 
the fame by his infinite goodnefs and mercy. And 
although we ought at all times humbly to acknowledge 
our fins before God, yet ought we molt chiefly fo to 
do, when we afTemble and meet together, to render 
thanks for the great benefits that we have received at 
his hands, to fet forth his moft worthy praife, to hear 
his molt holy word, and to afk thofe things which are 
requifite and neceflary, as well for the body as the 
foul. Wherefore I pray and befeech you, as many as 
are here prefent, to accompany me with a pure heart, 
and humble voice, unto the throne of the heavenly 
grace, faying after me : 

5[ A general Confejfion to be /aid of the whole Congregation, 
after the Minijler, all kneeling, 

A Lmighty and moft merciful Father ; We have 
"^^ erred and ftrayed from thy ways like loft flieep : 
We have followed too much the devices anddefires of 
our own hearts : We have offended againft thy holy 
laws : We have left undone thofe things which we 
ought to have done; And we have done thofe things 
which we ought not to have done; And there is no 
health in us. But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon 
us, miferable offenders. Spare thou them, O God, 
which confefs their faults : Reftore thou them that 
are penitent; According to thy promifes declared 


Tondereanaytnt Toharajk^ha, 4I 

reghfaghkwane fekouh a-onghseghtouh Tfitha- 

kougfonde racfhatfteaghtferagwegouh Niyoh Son- 

gwaniha Karonghyage t*heanderouh; Ok nenegea a- 

yag'yonderene eawadough Kanigoughraneaghtane, 

yoroughyageantneoni Waderiyaghfawanaraghk'wa, ne- 

nekea tfiniycvvadoktea ne aghfongvvarighwiyoughftea 

ne agayeah ayongwayendane yaghtea Sayanereagtfe- 

rokte neoni Raonidareghtferagoiigh. Neoni et-hogh- 

ke tlutkon aonfayagwadadd'yenderene ne a-oen» 

douh Kanigoenraneaghtane raoheandouh ne Niyoh, 

ok ne fuhha eghnayagwadd'y^re et-hoghke eayon- 

gvvadkeaniflaocnhake, newahoenl ayagwadoenreah- 

ne ne Yoyannereaghtferowanea fongwavvi Niyoh, wa- 

hoeni aondeiighwaghteandi Raonidareghferowanea, 

neoni ayoenronke Raoweanadogeaghti, neoni ahoe- 

warighwanoendoughfe nenegea eghnikarihhodeanfe 

teyodoughwhentfyoeni ne Adonhetft neoni ne Oyeron- 

ke. Ne wakarihhoni wagweaniteaghtea fowa- 

gvvegouh ne keant-ho foweanderouh fowadkaniflbnh 

taknonderadd'yeah eavvadouh Weriaghfiyoh neoni 

kanigoenranean Weana Aeddevvaratt-heah Karonghi- 

yage nongadi Niyoghne, d'yonkeweanaghtfereht. 

j^gwegoub Tondonhaganonlfk* Ne Kandyoughkwa^ 
gwegoh Ayeweaneghjere ne Ratfihuhjlatjy nok 

CAefhatfteaghtferagwegouh neoni fanidareaghtfe- 
^ rovvanea Ranih-ha, yagwayadaghtoughskwe ne- 
oni okt'had'yorennyouh ne Tfifagh-hahage tfiniyough 
yoghtouh Teyuddinakarondoenwa. Efotfi wagwagh- 
nonderadd'yeght Kayadaghtont neoni KanofT-hask 
Ongvveri. Yongweandakfatonh Saweanadogeagtiho- 
gouh. Yagh-et-ho teyongwadd'yereah ne Karigh- 
wiyo tfinayongwayereahhake ; neoni et-hone yon- 
gwadd'yereah ne Karighwhakfeah ne yagh-et-ho t'ha- 
yongwadd'yereanke ; neoni yaghtea yongwaghni- 
rouh na-ah. Ok, O Sayanner, takweanderhek, ya- 
t.i G gwayefaghfe 

4i 'Evening Prayer* 

unto mankind in Chrift Jefu our Lord. And grant, 
O mod merciful Father, for his fake, That \ye may 
hereafter live a godly, righteous, and fober life, To 
the glory of thy holy Name. Amen. 

% The Ahfolt'.tm or remijjton of fins to he pronounced hy the 
Prieji alone Jlanding ; the People Jill kneeling. 

A Lmighty God, the Father of our Lord Jefus Chrifl, 
'*^ who defireth not the death of a finner, but rather 
that he may turn from his wickednefs, and live ; and 
hath given power and commandment to his Minifters, 
todeclare and pronounce to his People, being penitent, 
the Abfolution and Remiffion of their fins ; He par- 
doneth and abfolveth all them that truly repent, and 
unfeignedly believe his holy Gofpel. Wherefore, let 
us befeech him to grant us true repentance, and his 
holy Spirit, that thofe things may pleafe him, which 
we do at this prefent, and that the reft of our life 
hereafter may be pure and holy, fo that at the laft we 
may come to his eternal joy, through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord, Jmen, 

^ Then the Minifler fjjall kneel, and fay the Lord's prayer ; 
the People alfo kneeling, and repeating it with him. 

QUR Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
^^ Name j Thy kingdom come j Thy will be done 


Tondereanayent Tokarajk^ha* 43 

gwayefaghfe Yongwarighwanneiakfkouh. O Niyoh 
s'heyadoweyendouh nenegea tfyondonhakanbeniik 
Raoderighwanerakfcra. S'heycnnldareghtferoiih nc 
Yakaweriaghfanoghwhakteani; tfiniyought favvanean- 
daon ne ne Ongwehogouh yondatdeani Jefus Chrift 
t'feragouh Eghtfidewayaner. Neoni tak'yon O 
fayannereaghtferovvane K^niha ne wahoeni raorih- 
hoeniyat ; ne onvva tiutkon ayak'yonheghtfera- 
dogeaghtihake,yoderighwagwarighfhyuh, neoni ayod- 
Jcanonihake, ne Onv/efeaghtakfera Saghfeanado- 
gcaghti. Amen, 

Ne I'jighnereghjhyujhn 

CAefhatfteaghtferagwegouh Niyoh ne Raniha Son-? 
gwayaner Jesus Christ, ne yaghtea tef-hakonof- 
has ne Raoneaheiyaet Yakorighwanerakfkouh, ok 
yoyannere aonfahatdatrewaghte Raorighwhackfea, ncr 
oni eayagonheke ; neoni fakaweani Raditfihiihitatfy, 
eahowaderighhowanaghte Raongweda ne Yerighwane- 
rakferaghfvveaghfe, ne Atnereaghlyat neoni Karighwi- 
youghllak Ra-odirighwanerukfera : Sef-hakoderr'he 
neoni Raghnereaghfliyuliik yegwegough ne agwagh 
yerighvvannerakferaghfweaghfe, neoni togefke d'ya- 
gwightaghkouh Raorighwiyoghtferadogeaghti. Ne wa- 
hoeni waf-hagvveaniteaghteah ne alhonk'youh agwagh 
Kanhadeagtfera, neoni Raonikonghriyoughftouh, ne- 
nekea aharlghwanonwene nene onwa tfiniyagwad'yerha, 
neoni yoddaddearouh Siayak^yonheke oghnakeanke 
akeahake yaghot-heinouh neoni akoyadadogeaghti, 
ayackwawe oghnakeanke ne tiiniyeheavve Ayon- 
gwadonharake, ra-o-righhoeniat Jefus Chrift Eghtfi- 
dowayaner. Amen. 

Raodereanayent ne Royaner, 

COngwaniha ne Karonghyage tighsideron, Wafagh- 
feanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera lewe'; Tagfcrre 

G2 eghniawan 

- 'I 

■^4 Evening Prayer* 

in earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day pyr 
daily bread; And forgive us our trefpaffes, as we 
forgive them that trefpafs againfr us; And lead us 
not into temptation ; But deliver us from evil : For 
thine is the kingdom, and the power, and tlie glory, 
for ever and eyer. Jmen, 

^ Then likewife he JJmllfay^ 
O Lord, open thou our lips ; 
Anfiv. And our mouth fhall fliew forth thy praifc, 
Trleji. O God, make fpeed to faye us. 
Anfw, O Lord, make hafte to help us. 

5[ Here alljlandlng up, the Priejijhallfay, 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Soi) : and to the 
HolyGhoft; ,V';. 

Anfw. As it was in the beginning, is no^y, ancj ever 
fliall be : world without end. Amen, 

Tr'iefi. Praife ye the Lorfl. 

Anfw. The Lord's name be praifed. 

^ Then fhall he find or fung the Tfalms in order as they 
are appointed. Then a Lejon of the Old Tefiament, as 
is appointed: and after that Magnificat : (or the fong 
of the blefjed Virgin Mary) in Englifh, as jolloweth. 

Magnificat, St. Luke 1.46. 

TyjY foul doth magnify the Lord : and my fpirit 
•^^'*- hath rejoiced in God my Saviour; 


Tondereanayent Tokarajka. ^5 

tghniawan tfinlyought Karonghyagouh, oni Ogh- 
wentfiage. Niyadewighniferage Takwanadaranondagh- 
{\k nonwa. Neoni Tondakwarighwiyoughftouh, tfinl- 
yught oni Tfyakwadaderighwiyoughfteani. Neoni 
toghfa tackwaghfarineght Dewaddatdenageraghtonke; 
nesane fadfyadakwaghs ne Kondighferoheanfe ; ikea 
Sayanertfera ne na-ah, neoni ne Kaelhatfle, neoni ne 
Onwefeaghtak ne tfiniyeheawe neoni tliniyeheawe. 

Et-hbne wahazveahaghfe ne ^atfihuhjlatjy, 

Eatfihuhjlatfy. O Kayaner ditfkaraw Akwaghfkwean- 

D'yondadiik. Neoni Agwaghsene Saneandoghfere atrO' 

Eatjih, O Niyoh Defaghfterihheah tackwayadac- 

D'yond. O Kflyaner, tefaghftenhhea wahbem aS" 

Onea agwegouh tantayedane nok Ratsihuhjlatjy are* 

Eatfih. Onwefeghtakfera na-ah ne Ranihha, neoni 
i>€ Ronwaye neoni ne Ronikoughriyoughftouh. 

D'yond. ^fmiyoughtone ne Adaghfaweahtferagouh 
eghmyought onzua, neoni tiutkouh eakedhake tfiniyeheawe* 

Eatfih, Eghtfifewaneandouh ne Kayaner. 
p'yoi^d* iVakowaneandouh Ra-oghfeana ne Kayaner, 

Magnificat, St. Luke i . 46. 

AGwadonhetil: eghtskovvanagbtferoeni ne Royaner : 
neoni Akenigoenra yodonhahhcre Niyoghtfera- 
gouh Akwatnereaghfyouh ; 


46 Evening Prayer. 

For he hath regarded : the lowlinefs of his hand- 

For behold, from henceforth : all generations Ihall 
call me blefled ; 

For he that is mighty hath magnified me : and holy 
is his name. 

And his mercy is on them that fear him : through- 
out all generations. 

He hath llicwed ftrength with his arm : he hath 
fcattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts. 

He hath put down the mighty from their feat : and 
hath exalted the humble and meek. 

He hath filled the hungry with good things ; and 
the rich he hath lent empty away. 

He remembering his mercy, hath holpen his fervant 
Ifrael : as he promifed to our forefathers, Abraham, 
and his feed forever, 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever Ihall 
be : world without end. Amen. 

^ Or elfe this Pfalm ; except it be on the Nineteenth Day 
of the Month, zvhen it is read in the ordinary courfe of 
the Pfalms, 

Cantate Domino. Pfal. 98, 

f\ Sing unto the Lord a new fong : for he hath done 
^^ marvellous things. 

With his own right hand, and with his holy arm : 
hath he gotten himfelf the vid:ory. 

The Lord declared his falvation : his rightcoufnefs 
hath he openly Ihewed in the fight of the heathen. 


Tondereanyent Tokarajk-ha, 47 

Ne wahoeni fakowadkaght-ho : tfiyodeghthea«uh 

Ikea fadkaght-ho ne onvva : yonkenadoghfere ne 
Kaghnegwaghlagwegouh yoyadaderi-uh ; 

Ikea ne Raes-hatfteghtfera naah ne Rakwaddierafeh- 
haghkwe : neoni Raghfeanadogeaghtouh. 

Neoni Raonidareghtfera naah Oghnegwaghfa ne 
Oghnekwaghfaogontreraktane : ronohhage ncnegea 

Kayodeagh fera-efhatfle tfinihod*yereah Ra-efhatftegh- 
tferagouh : Tehorennyadon neraddinayefe Ronennogh- 
toniyongtferagouh Raonaweriaghfaogon. 

Sagoyadkaghcon radielhatflefe Eghniedskwaraght- 
ferage ; neoni yaoddeaght-heyonh ne Ihagokawannagh- 

Sakokaghteani yondoghkariakskwe ne Adaghkwean- 
nia : neoni Akodfogoah waf-hokonhane ne aogon. 

Shaweghyaghra-uh Raonidareghtfera rayenawafisk 
Rowanhafe Ifrael : tfiniyught Sagoddadd'yafegh- 
haghkwe ne Songvvanihahogouh, ne Abraham, neoni 
raonhha Tfinihonwaghfere ne tfiniyeheawe. 

Onvvefeaghtakfcra na-ah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
waye neoni ne Ronigoughriyughftouh. 

Tjiniyoughtbne ne Addaghfaweagh-tferagouh, eghmyought 
onwa, neoni tiutkoub eageahake: tfiniyeheawe neoni tfini' 
yeheazve. Amen. 

Cantate Domino. Pfal. 98. 

/^ Teghtferighwaghkwas ne Kayaner ne Kareannafc : 
^^ ikea yoneghrackvvaghteanniyon tfinihodyerea. 

Tfiroweyendightaghkouh Rafnonke, neoni Raonunt- 
fadogeaghti : Rof heannieghtferawi. 

N'e Kayaner eneraoni Raos-hennyeghtfera 1 Raode- 
tighwakwarighfyoughtiera ne fidehadikaghneronnyon 
arckho yakorighwiyoughfton, 


48 ilvehmg Pray en 

j' He liath remembered his mercy and truth toward 
the houfe of Ifrael ; and all the ends of the world have 
feen the falvation of our God; 

Shew yourfelves joyful unto the Lord, all ye lands : 
iing, rejoice, and give thanks. 

Praife the Lord upon the harp : flng to the harp 
whh a pfalm of chankfgiving. 

With trumpets alfo and ihawms : O Ihew yourfelves 
joyful before the Lord the King^ 

Let the fea make a noife, and all that therein is : the 
round world, and they that dv^^ell therein. 

Let the floods clap their hands, and let the hills be 
joyful together before the Lord : for he eometh to 
judge the earth* 

With righteoufnefs Ihall he judge the world : and 
the people with equity* 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 

As it was in the beginning, is nov/, and ever fhall 
be : world without end. Amen, 

^ Then a Lejfon of the New Tejlament, as is appointed : 
and after that. Nunc Dimittis, (or the Song of Simeon) 
in Englilh, as followeth. 

Nunc dimittis. St. Luke 2. 29. 

T ORD, now lettcft thou thy fervant depart in peace : 
^-^ according to thy word ; 

For mine eyes have feen : thy falvation. 

Which thou haft prepared :. before the face of all 
people I 


Tondereanyent Yolarajk-ha. 49 

Rawighyaghra-onh Raonidareghtfera, neoni Rao- 
dokesketfera Raonoghfa Ifrael : neoni agwegouh Tfi- 
yodoghwhentfyoktannyon agodkaght-ho ne Raodeaf- 
heanyat Ongwaniyoh. 

Oghwentfyagwegouh eghtfifewadfenonnias Kayaner : 
tefewarivvak, adonharakt, neoni fadoghraghferon. 

Eghtfeneandon ne Kayaner ne faed Harp : neoni, 
ne eawadon ne Oweana teyerighwaghkwat-ha. 

Ne eawadon Teyond-horakwadon, neoni Kahhoen- 
rawatferowanea kaghre yora : O enefewaddadoni Ad- 
fenoenniad, Tfirakoughfonde ne Royaner ne Raghfea- 

Ne Kan'yadarakeghkoah teyongwareoft-ha ne ka- 
neaphon : ne Oghwhentfyagwegouh, neoni Yenake- 

Ne Kaihyonhhadennyon agonidighwa-eke Kon- 
dighfnonke, neoni Yonondennyon fadagodonhareah 
Tfid-hakoughfonde ne Royaner : Ikea daare wahoeni 
ahadogwarighfyeah ne Oghwhentfya. 

Raodakwarighihyughferagon ne Oghwhentfya atte- 
righwakwarighs'yonhheke : neoni ne Ongwehogouh 

Onwefeaghtakfera naah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
waye : neoni ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh ; 

Tfiniyoughtone ne Addaghfaweaght'feragouh egh- 
niyoughc onwa, neoni tiutkouh eakeahake : tfi- 
niyeheawe neoni tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 

Nunc Dimittis. S. Luke 2. 29, 

"D Oyaner, onwa yahaghtaendyeght Senhafe, Kaya- 
^ nertferagouh : tfinifawaneanda-uh. 
Ikea Kaghtege ne yonatkaght-ho : Saef-hennyeght- 

Ne faghferoeni : Tfidhakoughfonde agwegouh ne 

H T'kagh^ 

5© Evening Prayer, 

To be a light to lighten the Gentiles i and to be 
the glory of thy people Ifrael, 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 
Holy Ghoft ; 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever ihall 
be : world without end. jirnen* 

^ Or elfe this Pfalm ; except it be on the "Twelfth Day of 
the Month. 

Deus mifereatur, Pfal. 67, 
/^OD be merciful unto us, and blefs us : and fhew 
^^ us the light of his countenance, and be merciful 
unto us, 

That thy way may be known upon earth ; thy faving 
health among all nations. 

Let the people praife thee, O God ; yea, let all 
the people praife thee. 

O let the nations rejoice and be glad : for thou Ibalt 
judge the folk righteoufly, and govern the nations 
upon earth. 

Let the people praife thee, O God : yea, let all 
the people praife thee ; 

Then fliall the earth bring forth her increafe : and 
God, even our own God, fhall give us his bleffing. 

God Ihall blefs us ; and all the ends of the world 
•fhall fear him. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 
Holy Ghoft; 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever Ihall 
be : world without end. Amen. 

% Thin 

Yondereafiayent Tokarajh-ha* 5 1 

T'kakhfwat-het ne tahonwadighfwat-hete arekho 
teyagorighwiyoughfton : neoni Onvvefeghtakfera Son- 
gweda Ifrael. 

Onwefeaghtakfera naah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
waye ; neoni ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh } 

Tfiniyoughtone ne Addaghfavveaghtferagouh, eghni-* 
yought onvva, neoni tiutkouh eageahake : tfiniyeheawe 
neoni tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 

Deus Mifereator, Pfal* 67. 

"Vrlyoh tackweander neoni tackwayaddaderill J neoni 
•^"^ Rakoughfonde tehaghfwadhet-ha onk'youhhatfe- 
rakta, neoni takvveanderhek. 

Ne ayeyenderihake Sahahha Oghwhentfiage : ne 
Oghnekwaghfakonghfonghtferagwegouh Sanweght- 

O Niyoh Ongwehogouh yef^nnoghvvefere ne On* 
gwehbgouh t-hiwagwegouh yefannoghwefere. 

O nene Ongwedahogouh t'hiyongwanoenwene naah^ 
neonit'hiyongvvadfenoeni : newahoeni Niyoh Attakwa- 
righlhyunghtferagvvegouh, neoni ayakhawe Raoriwa 
Ongwehogouh Oghwhentfiage. 

Ongwehogouh yefanoghwefere, O Niyoh : ne On* 
gwehogouh t-hiwagwegouh yefanoghwefere. 

Ne Oghwhentfya wayon ne yawighyarons : neoni 
Niyoh etho Songwaniyoh ne eafongwayadaderifte. 

Niyoh eafongwayadaderifle, neoni agwegouh ne 
Hodoghwentfyaktanihhon rowadfaghnighfere. 

Onwefeaghtakfera naah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
waye ; neoni ne Ronigoughriyoughflouh. 

Tfiniyoughtone ne Addaghfaweaht'feragough egh- 
nlyought onwa, neoni tiutkouh eageahake : tfiniye- 
heawe neoni tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 

H 2 Tde^ 

52 Evening Prayer, 

% Then Jhall be fa'id or fung the Apojlles Creed by the 

Min'ijler and the people j Jiandhig, 
T Believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of hea- 
•*' ven and earth : 

And in Jefus Chrift his only Son our Lord ; Who 
was conceived by the holy Ghoft, Born of the Virgin 
Mary ; Suffered under Pontius Pilate, Was crucified, 
dead, and buried ; He defcended into hell; The third 
day he rofe again from the dead. He afcended into 
heaven, And fitteth on the right hand of God the Fa- 
ther Almighty ; From thence he Ihall come to judge 
the quick and the dead. 

I believe in the Holy Ghofl ; The holy Catholick 
Church i The Communion of Saints ; The forgivenefs 
of Sins ; The refurredlion of the Body, And the life 
everlafling. Amen, 

5f And after that, thefe Prayers following, all devoutly 
kneeling ; the Minijler firfl pronouncing with a loud voice ; 

The Lord be with you. 
Anfwer, And with thy fpirit. 


^ Let us pray. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Chrijly have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

^ Then the Minijler, Clerks, and People JJjall fay the Lord* s 
Prayer with a loud voice, 

/^UR Father which art it heaven. Hallowed be thy 
^-^ Name ; Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be done in 
earth, as it is in heaven; Give us this day our daily 


Tondereanayent Tokarafk-ha, 53 

1*ekenl/karighware, Onea tayedane, 

'TpEwakightaghkouh Niyohtferagouh ne Raniha ne 
-■■ agwegouh tihhaelhatfle, raoniflbuh ne Karonia, 
neoni Oghwhentfya : Nconi Jefus Chrift-tferagouh 
raonha-a Rahawak Songwayaner; ne tihhoyeghtagh- 
kouh ne Ronigoughriyoughlloughne, rodoeni yaghtea 
Kanaghgwayenderi Maria, ne Roronghyageah tfini- 
haweniyoughne Pontius Pilate, tehoenwayadaenhare, 
rawonheyouh, neoni ronwayadat ; Nagouh rawe- 
noughtouh ne Oneflbuh ; Ne aghfeah Niwighni- 
feragehhadont nifatketfkough ne tfinihawehhe- 
youghne, ne tefhodeah Karonghyage rawenoughtouh, 
yef-heanderouh Tfiraweyendightaghkouh Rafnonke ne 
Niyoh ne agwegouh tihhaefhatfte Raniha ; Et-ho tanr- 
hayeghtaghkwe ne onea tant-haghroughfa ne ya- 
gonhennyouh neoni ne yagaweheyoughferouh. 

Tewakightaghkouh ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh- 
tferagouh ; ne Tfikeand'yoghgwiyoughftouh ne O- 
noghfadogeaghtige ; ne Yeyadare Orighwadogeaghti; 
Entfyondatderighwiyoghfteah Karighwannerrea ; ne 
Entfyontketskouh he Yeyeronke, neoni tiiniyeheawe 
Niyag'yonhennyonke. Amen, 

Etjihuhjiatfy . Ne Royaner waetferlwawafe. 
Dyonddtijk. Neoni waghyariwawdfe Sewanigoenra, 

Dewaddereanayeh. Onea Ayedontsbdea. 
Kayaner Takwanderhek. 
Chrijl Takwanderhek. 
Kayaner Takwanderhek. 

Raodereanayent ne Royaner*. 

COngwaniha ne Karonghyage tighsideron, Wafagh- 
^ feanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera lewe; Tagferrc 
eghniawan tfiniyought Karonghyagouh, oni Ogh- 
wentfiage. Niyadewighniferage Takwanadaranondagh- 


54 Evening Prayer* 

bread ; And forgive ns our trefpafles, as we forgive 
them that trefpafs againfl us ; And lead us not into 
temptation. But deliver us from evil. Amen. 

% 'Then the Friejljlanding up, Jh all fay, 

O Lord, fhew thy mercy upon us. 
Anfw. And grant us thy falvation. 
Prieji. O Lord, fave the King ; 

Anfw. Arid mercifully hear us, when we call upon 

Trieft. Endue thy Minifters with righteoufnefs ; 

Anfw. And make thy chofen people joyful. 
'Priefi, O Lord, fave thy people ; 
Anfw. And blefs thine inheritance. 
Priefi. Give peace in our time, O Lord ; 

Anfw. Becaufe there is none other that fighteth for 
us, but only thou, O God. 

Priefi. OGod, make clean our hearts within us. 
Anjw, And take not thy Holy Spirit from us. 

^ Then fJmll follow three ColleBst the fir fl of the Ddyi 
the fecondfor Peace ; the third for aid againjl all Perils, 
as hereafter followeth : which ttvo lafl Collets Jhall be 
daily faid at Evening Prayer without alteration* 

% The fecond Collet at Evening Prayer, 

/^ God, from whom all holy defires, all good coun- 
^^ fels, and all jufl works do proceed ; Give unto 
thy fervants that peace which the world cannot give, 
that both our hearts may be fet to obey thy command- 
ments, and alfo that by thee we being defended from 


Tondereanayent Tokarajk-ha* 55 

file nonwa. Neoni Tondakwarighwlyoughftouh, tfini- 
yught oni Tfyakwadaderighwiyoughfteani. Neoni 
toghfa takwaghfarineght Dewaddatdenakeraghtonke; 
nesane fadfyadakvvaghs ne Kondighferoheanfe. Amen, ^ 

Onea Ratjihuhjlatfy tahadme, wahaweahhaghfe* 

Etfih, O Kayaner, takyouh Sanidareghtfera. 

P'yond. Nepni takyouh Sanheghfera. 

Etfih, O Kayaner, eghtfadoweyendouh Koragh- 

D'yond. Neoni 'Tondakwat-hbendais Sanidareghtferagouh, 
ne ethoghke eagwaroughyehhare, 

Etjih. Sheraghs Yefatfihuhflatfi ne Adderighwakwa- 

D'yor^d. Neoni feyatfenonniyat karakweah Songweda, 

Etfih. O Kayaner fadeweyendouh Songweda. 

D'yond. Neoni s'hoyadadderijl Sarakweah, 

EtJih. O Kayaner, takyouh Kayeanerea Ongwigh- 

D'yond. Ikea yaghonghka kanika teyonkhiyaderiyoghfejk 
ok fuhha-ah, Songwaniyoh. 

EtJih. O Niyoh, Weriaghsiyo takyouh niffah onk- 

D'yond. Neoni toghja takwaghkwah Sanigoughriyough^ 

Ne 'Tekenihadont Adereanayent, 

r\ Niyoh, onghkarrege kayentaghkwa agw^gouh 
^^ Kanolhaghtleradogeaghti, agwegouh Kadfiha- 
yeghtferio, neoni Rayodeghferakwarighfyeah ; fheyon 
Senhafehogouh Kayeanerea nenahotea yaght-ha yagon 
neOghwhentfya, ne etho Ongweriaghfahogouh onkont- 
hondadde Saweanahogouh, neoni ayonkhinhe ne yak- 


56 Evening Prayer, 

the fear of our enemies, may pafs our time in reft and 
quietnefs, through the merits of Jefus Chrift our Sa- 
viour. Amen, 

^ 'The third ColleB, for Aid againjl all Perils, 

T Ighten our darknefs, we befeech thee, O Lord, and 
^"^ by thy great mercy defend us from all perils and 
dangers of this night, for the love of thy only Son, 
our Saviour Jefus Chrift. Amen, 

^ In ^ires and Places where they ftng, here folhweth the 


% A Prayer for the King's Majejly, 

f\ Lord our heavenly Father, high and mighty, 
^^ King of kings. Lord of lords, the only Ruler of 
princes, who doft from thy throne behold all the 
dwellers upon earth ; Moft heartily we befeech thee 
with thy favour to behold our moft gracious Sovereign 
Lord King GEORGE ; and fo replenifti him with the 
grace of thy Holy Spirit, that he may alway incline to 
thy will, and walk in thy way : Endue him plente- 
oufty with heavenly gifts ; grant him in health and 
wealth long to live ; ftrengthen him that he may van- 
quifh and overcome all his enemies; and finally after 
this life, he may attain everlafting joy and felicity, 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

^ A Prayer for the Royal Family. 

A Lmighty God, the fountain of all goodnefs, we 
•^ humbly befeech thee to blefs our gracious Queen 
Charlotte^ his Royal Highnefs George Prince of 


Tondereanayent TokaraJk-ha» 57 

hidsanlghfe Yonkhighfvveaghfe, ok kea t'hayongwaye- 
tea, neoni fkeanea t'hayakyonhecke ne t'ferage Te^ 
watteatfon Jesus Christ Sbngwaghnereghfyons 

Ne aghfeahhadont Adderenayent, 

/^ Kayaner wakwaniteaghtea, tidfwadhet Ongwagh- 
^^ fadokonghtfera ; heoni takwanhe Tfifanidaref- 
koiightitferagouh ne Waghtcrongeaghtitferagwegouh. 
ne d'yondoneke nenegea Wagsonde, wagarighhoeni 
Raonoronghkwa fuhhaah Eghtfye-ah rodoni Jesus 
Christ Songwaghnereghfliyonsk. Amen. 

Ronzvadereanayenjfk Koraghkb-ah, 


Kayaner Songwaniha ne Karonghyage yehcande- 
ron, enigeaghtfi neoni raef-hatfte, Seghfeanakon- 
nyouh ne agvvegouh Yeghfeanowanoghfe, Seyanertfera- 
konnyouh agvvegouh Rodiyaner, ne fuhhaah Skwadac- 
kwask Yondaddenagevaghtouh, ife fadkaght-ho Ogh- 
whcntsyagwegouh yenakere ; Ongweriaghfagouh wa« 
gwaniteaghtea fadkaghto neoni faddoweyendouh Ko- 
raghko-ah GEORGE ; Neoni eghtsider ne RoadearaC 
Sanigoughriyoughflouh nens tiutkon ahat-hoendadde 
tfinaghfyere, neoni aghrefcke fahhahagouh, eghtfouh 
t'hlyawedowanouh Adaddawightferiyo Karonghyage 
dewight-ha ; Eghtfouh skeanea t'haghronheke neoni 
Adaskatlera ; Eghtfouh Kaefhatfteaghtfera ne affago- 
feani agwegouh Tiinihoenwaghfweaghfe ; neoni ne 
onwa tfighronhe, oghnakeanke aondahoenyouh 
tfiniyeheawe Ahatfenonihake neoni Adaskatfera, nq 
rorihhoeni Jesus Christ Songwayaner. Amen. 

Ne Adereanayent tjinihaghnegwaghfa Koraghko-a. 

O Aelhatlteaghtferagwegouh Niyoh ne yoghnawlght- 

ha Yoyannereaghtfera, wagwanireaghtea eghtfya- 

^adcrift Charlotte ne Koraghko-ah Aonheghtyea, neoni 

I ne 

'^ E'Vemng Prayer* 

Jfales, and all the Royal Family : Endue them with thy 
Holy Spirit; enrich them with thy heavenly grace ; 
profper them with all happinefs ; and bring them to 
thine everlafting kingdom, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Jm/^n, 

5f J Prayer for the Clergy and People. 

A Lmighty and everlafting God, who alone workeft 
•^^ great marvels; fend down upon our Bifhops and 
Curates, and all Congregations committed to their 
charge, the healthful Spirit of thy grace ; and that 
they may truly pleafe thee, pour upon them the con- 
tinual dew of thy blefling ; Grant this, O Lord, for 
the honour of our Advocate and Mediator, Jefus 
Chrift. Amen, 

^ A Prayer of S. Chryfojlom, 

A Lmighty God, who haft given us grace at this time 
^^ with one accord to make our common fupplica- 
tions unto thee ; and doft promife that when two or 
three are gathered together in thy Name, thou wilt 
grant their requefts ; Fulfil now, O Lord, the defires 
and petitions of thy fervants, as may be moft expedi- 
ent for them ; granting us in this world knowledge of 
thy truth, and in the world to come life everlafting. 

2 Cor, 13. 14. 

npHE grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and the lore 
^ of God, and the fellowftiip of the Holy Ghoft, be 
with us all evermore. Amen. 

Here endeth the Order of Evening Prayer throughout the 


IT Here 

Tondereanayent Tokar^sk^ha, 59 

nc Raghfeanowanea George Korah PValeSy neoni agwe- 
goiih ne Tfiyonoghfode Tfinikaghnigwaghfa ; ne ihe- 
youh Sanigoughriyoghflouh ; Sefadogoughferouh ne 
haondouh Sanidareghtfera, feyadadyrift ahonaskat- 
ftouhhake; neoni yefeyat-hew Sayanertferagouh, ne 
irorihhoeni Jesus Christ. Amen* 

Adereanayent ne Sakodirihhonysni neoni Ongwehogouh. 
"n Aefhatfteaghtferagwegouh neoni tfiniyeheawe Ni- 
•^^ yoh, fouha-ah fayodeh Tfiranighrackwaght ; Kaf- 
hayadeayeghtas Sanigoughriyoughftouh Rodirighwa" 
wakhon, neoni Raditfihuhftatfy, neoni agwegouh Ya- 
kotkeaniflbuh Ronvvadiyeni; neoni agwagh togeske ro- 
nonhha ayefanoenwene, fayatsanhouh tiutkon ne Ya- 
aweyaetferlyo Sayadadderightfera ; Takyoub, O 
Kayaner, Raokonnyoughftak Songwadaddyafisk neoni 
skeanon tea-flbnkyon, Jesus Christ. Amen, 

Adereanayent ne Orighwadogeaghti Chryfqfiom. 

'Tp'Hiwagwegouh raelhatfte Niyoh, nene tackwan- 
^ dearouh nene onwa fereah oghferoeni yontkea- 
nilTa Ongwadereanayent iseke eayagwaddadi ; ne 
ilea kaniga tekeni neteas agkfea eayagotkanniflbuh 
Saghfeanagouh, afeyat-hoendatfe ayoyannereke ; Wa- 
gwanegeah ne tfiniyerrhe eayenideaghtea Senhafeho- 
gon, ne wahoeni faderiyendare alheyadaghnirade Ka- 
ronghyage eayeaghte ; aghfere kerit, neoni takyouh 
ne onwa tfiyagyonhe ayagwayenderihake Sadogesket- 
fera, neoni tfinondawe ne tfiniyeheawe Ayakyonheke. 

2 Cor. 13. 14, 

^TE Raodearat Songwayancr Jesus Christ, neoni 
"^"^ Ranorunghkwa Niyoh, neoni Raodyoughkvva ne 
Ronigoughriyoughftouh agwegouh adowefeke tfiniye- 
heawe. Amen. 

Kea ni kanihare ne Tokarajk-ha Tondereanayent Koghfe- 
r agwegouh, 

1 2 Tfioknomve 

[ 6o 3 

f Here followeth the LI "t AN I'', or General Supplication ^ 
to be Jung or /aid after Morning Prayer upon Sundays, 
Wednefdays, and Fridays, and at other times, when it 
Jhall be commanded by the Ordinary. 

1^ God the Father of heaven : have mercy upon us 
^^ miferable finners. 

O God the Father of heaven : have mercy upon us mi- 
ferable firmer s, 

O God the Son, Redeemer of the world : have 
mercy upon us miferable finners. 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world : have mercy upon 
us miferable finners. 

O God the Holy Ghoft, proceeding from the Fa- 
ther, and the Son : have mercy upon us miferable 

O God the Holy Ghofi, proceeding from the Father, and 
the Son : have mercy upon us miferable finners, 

O holy, blefled, and glorious Trinity, three Per- 
fons, and one God : have mercy upon us miferable 

O holy, blejfed, and glorious Trinity, three Perfons, and 
one God : have mercy upon us miferable finners. 

Remember not. Lord, our offences, nor the offen- 
ces of our forefathers, neither take thou vengeance of 
Qur fins : fpare us, good Lord, fpare thy people, 
whom thou haft redeemed with thy moft precious 
blood, and be not angry with us for ever. 
Spare us, good Lord. 


[ 6i 3 

Tswknonwe Tonderea'nlyendaghkzve, 

r\ Niyoh ne Raniha Karonghyage tighsideron : tak- 
^^ waaderhek yongweandeght Yonkvvarighwanerakf- 

Niyoh ne Raniha Karonghyage tighsideron : takwan- 
derhek yongweandeght Tonkwanghwanerakjkonh. 

O Niyoh ne Ronwaye, fakwahne Oghwhentfyagwe- 
gouh : tak\yanderhek yongweandeght Yonkwarighwa- 

O Niyoh ne Ronwaye fakwahne Oghwhentfyagwegoub 
iakwandcrhek yonweandeght Tonkwarighwanerakjkouh. 

O Niyoh ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh, defayeghtagh- 
kouh Raniniha neoni ne Ronwaye : takwanderhek 
yongweandeght Yonkwarighwanerakikouh. 

O Niyoh ne Ronigoughriyoughstouh , defayeghtaghkouh 
Raniniha neoni ne Ronwaye: takzvanderhek yongweandeght 

l> O Sewayadadogeaghti, yoneandont ne Sewayanert- 
fera, aghfeah-nietfyon, nene fagat fayadat Niyoh : tak- 
wanderhek yongweandeght Yonkwarighwanerakskouh. 

O Sewayadadogeaghti, yoneandont ne Sewayanertfera, 
aghfeah-nietfyon, nene fagat fayadat Niyoh: takwanderhek 
yonkweandeght Tonkwarighwanerakfkouh. 

O Kayaner, toghfa allenoghtonn'yon Onkwarigh- 
wanerakfera, neteas Yonkhiyadowwedouh fonaderigh- 
wadewaghtouh, segouh toghfa taghferighwahfera- 
gouhneYongwarighwannerea: feyadanoghftat, OKay- 
aner, feyadanoghftat Songweda, nene feghninouh ne 
wahoeni Sanekweaghfanorouh, neoni toghfa takwagh- 
fwaghfek tiutkon. 

Takzvayadanogh^tat SayanertferiQ, 


62 '^he hit any* 

From all evil and mifchief, from fin, from the 
crafts and affaults of the devil, from thy wrath, and 
from everlafling damnation. 

Good Lord f deliver us. 
From all blindnefs of heart ; from pride, vain-glo- 
ry, and hypochrify ,- from envy, hatred, and malice, 
and all uncharitablenefs. 

Good Lord, deliver us. 

From fornication and all other deadly fin ; and from 
all deceits of the world, the flelh and the devil. 
Good Lord, deliver us. 

From lightning and tempeft ; from plague, pefli- 
Icnce, and famine; from battle, and murder, and 
from fudden death. 

Good Lord, deliver us. 

From all fedition, privy confpiracy, and rebellion ; 
from all falfe dodrine, herefy and fchifm ; from hard- 
nefs of heart, and contempt of thy word and com- 

Good Lord, deliver us. 
By the myftery of thy holy incarnation ; by thy 
holy Nativity and Circumcifion ; by thy Baptifm, 
Fafting, and Temptation, 

Good Lord, deliver us. 
By thine agony and bloody Sweat; by thy Crofs I 
and Paffion; by thy precious Death and Burial; by 
thy glorious Refurredlion and Afcenfion; and by the 
coming of the Holy Ghoft, 

Good Lord, deliver us. 

In all time of our tribulation ; in all time of our 
wealth ; in the hour of death, and in the day of 

Good Lord, deliver us. 


'Tfioknonwe Tondereanalyendaghkwe, 63 

Ne agwegouh Karighwanerakfera, Yodakfeah, Atka- 
roenyaet, ne Onefllighronouh aoriwa, Sanakweaghfera, 
neoni ne tfiniyeheawe ayonded-siraghte, 

Sayanertferio takwaghnereaghfyeah. 

Ne agwegouh Tekaronwekhiink ne Akaweriane, 
Kanayeghfera, Kaniyiightfera, Deyerighvvadennyefe, 
Kanakhueah, Teyondatfweaghfe, Yagoriwakfea, neoni 
agwegouh teyodidikhaghfi Akonigoenra, 

Sayanertferio takwaghnereaghfyeah . 

Nene Kanaghkwa karighwanerrea; neoni agwegouh 
oya Yorighwanerakferakeaheyon, neoni Yagonuf-heah 
ne Oghwhentfya, neoni ne Oneffughronouh, 

Sayanertferio takzvaghnereaghfyeah. 

Ne Tewcanirekarahons neoai Yoronghyaksaton ; ne 
oni Yagoyefaght-ha Kanh-ra, Attoghkariakon; Yondo- 
riyofk, Addattaghfighton, neoni yaghta yottogaet 
Waihheye, Sayanertferio takwaghnereaghfyeah. 

Ne agwegouh Wagoriwharane, neoni ne yaghta 
yekarighwayeri yondatderih-oen'yenifk ; ne Teyogh- 
lira-ugh Akaweriane, neoni ne Yefaweanaghfweaghfe 
neoni Tfinifayereah, 

Sayanertferio takwaghnereaghfyeah. 

Ne Wagarihoeni faneaghrackwaght Songwedado- 
geaghti ; Sadooni Kaghrinouh ; Adatnegofserhouh, 
Attoghkariakon, neoni Tewatdatdenageraghtonke, 

Sayanertferi takwaghnereaghfyeah . 

Ne wakarihoeni ne Seronghyage neoni Onea- 
gweaghfaSaderihheaghfera; ne wahoeniTeyefayendan- 
hare neoni nc Karonghyageanf-houh ; wahoeni ka- 
norons Seghheyat neoni Yefayadat ; wahoeni onwe- 
feghtfera Satketlkvveah, neoni Karonghyage fenogh- 
touh ; neoni ne wahoeni ne itro ne Ronigoghriyough- 
ftouh, Sayanertferio takwaghnereaghfyeah. 

Ne et-hone Waonkwaraghyataghkwe ; neoni Waon^ 
kwayeannereaghfe ; ne Tfincayagweahheye, neoni 
.Eghniferagouh ne Addevveandeghtfera, 

Sayanertferio, takwaghnereaghjyeah. 


64 T'he Litany* 

We finners do befeech thee to hear us, O Lord God, 
and that it may pleafe thee to rule and govern thy 
holy Church univerfal in the right way ; 

We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to keep and flrengthen in 
the true worfliipping of thee, in righteoufnefs and ho- 
linefs of life, thy fervant GEORGEj our moft gra- 
cious King and and governor ; 

We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to rule his heart in thy 
faith, fear, and love, and that he may evermore have 
affiance in thee, and ever feek thy honour and glory ; 
We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to be his defender and 
keeper, giving him the vidtory over all his enemies ; 
We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to blefs and to preferveour 
gracious Queen Charlotte, his Royal Highnefs 
George Prince of Wales, and all the Royal Family ; 

W^e befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to illuminate all Bifhops, 
Priefts, and Deacons, with true knowledge, and un- 
derftanding of thy Word; and that both by their 
preaching and living they may fet it forth, and fhew 
it accordingly ; 

We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to endue the Lords of the 
Council, and all the Nobility, with grace, wildom^ 
and underftanding ; 

ff^e befeech thee to hear us, good Lord, 


^oknonwe Tondereanayendaghhwe, 6^ 

Wakwaniteaghtea takvvat-hoendats Yonkwarigh- 
wanerakfkouh, O Kayaner Niyoh ; neoni nene se- 
ron Sanoghfadogeaghtige eageghfarine neoni aikwa- 

IVakzuaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio. 

Nene seron kaddoweyendouh, neoni kadokeagh- 
nayoughtonh ne Eghtfinhafe George ne Onk'- 
wayanertferio neoni Koragh nene togelke wakwa- 
niteaghtea Yaderighwakwarighfyoughfera, neoni Ron- 

ff^akwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio. 

Nene seron Ranikoenra devvightaghkought*fera- 
kouh Sanoruughkwa ; Neoni eghnayoughtouh le- 
seke afkwadakouh, ne tiutkont raonghha ahhyan- 
'yehefea, neoni okthiwakwegonh Sagwannyeghtfera, 
neoni Onweleaghtak aghrefake ne ahaghteandyade. 

fVakivaniteaghtea takzvat-kbendats Sayanertferio. 

Nene seron Raonhha hiyadeweyendon neoni 
aghfenoena, neoni eghtfon aflagosani agwegouh 

JVakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio. 

Nene seron hiyadaderift neoni hinona Charlotte 
ne Koraghko-ah Akonheghtye, neoni ne Raghfeano- 
wanea George Korah Wales, neoni agwegouh Tfiyakq- 

IVakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio. 

Nene seron ne Roderighwawak-hon Sagoderighon- 
yenifk, neoni Ronwadinhafe ne Onoghfadogeagh- 
tige nene.togefke yeyenderi, neoni ne yoth-takwarlgh- 
fyeah Kanigpenra Saweana dayofwat-hete ; wahoeni 
fagat ayagonheke ayondatderihhoeni ne a-oughteandi- 
' Wakzvaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio.. 

Nene seron Koragliko-ah Ronvvavveanawagouh neoni 
agwegouh Radighfeanovvanoghfe, ahunthtuckhake ne 
Kanigoenra ifat. 

Wakzvaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio. 

K Nene 

66 7'he Litany* 

That it may pleafe thee to blefs and keep the ma- 
gi ftrates : giving them grace to execute juftice, and to 
maintain truth ; 

fVe befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to blefs and keep all thy 
people ; 

IFe befeech fh^e to hear us, good Lord. 
That it may pleafe thee to give to all nations, unity, 
peace, and concord ; 

ffe befeech thee to he^r us, good Lord. 
That it may pleafe thee to give us an heart to love 
and dread thee, and diligently to live after thy com- 
mandments ; 

PVe befeech thee to hear us, good Lord, 
That it may pleafe thee to give to all thy people 
increafe of grace, to hear meekly thy Word, and to 
receive it with pure affedlion, and to bring forth the 
fruits of the Spirit ; 

fVe befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 
That it may pleafe thee to bring into the way of 
truth all fuch as have erred, and are deceived ; 
fVe befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 
That it may pleafe thee to ftrengthen fuch as do 
Hand, and to comfort and help the weak-hearted, and 
to raife up them that fall, and finally to beat down 
Satan under our feet ; 

We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 
That it may pleafe thee tofuccbur, help, and com- 
fort all that are in danger, neceffity and tribulation ; 
JVe befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 
That it may pleafe thee to preferve all that travel 
by land or by water, all women labouring of child, 
all lick perfons and young children, and to Ihew thy 
pity upon all prifoners and captives : 

We befeech thee to hear us, good Loi'd, 



fjftoknonwe Tondereanayendaghkwe* 6y 

Nene seron Ronweananakeraghtouh K'heyada- 
derift neoni Seandearonh neyahadihewe Yoderighwa- 
kwadakweah, neoni ahonderighwadeweyendon nene 
Togeike ; 

Wakwaniiedghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio. 
Nene seron agwegouh Songweda K'heyadaderlft 
neoni k'henoghftat. 

JVakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio i 
Nene seron k'heyouh agwegouh Ongwehogouh^ 
Sagonigoenrat, neoni Kayeannerea ; 

IVakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio, 
Nene seron Ongwanigoenra nenetogefke ayenoen- 
wene, neoni Sanidareghtfera aghferre kea-nick'yer 
ayakoyenawagouh Saweana. 

Wakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio. 
Nene seron Songweda k'heyouh ne Aondighyaroh 
ne Enideareghtfera, ne Saweana Kanigoughrage ayonk- 
runk-hacke, Tfiyakaweriaghfakon ayeyena, neoni 
Kanigoenra akeanahhonde tondakahhaWei 
PVakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio, 
Nene seron ne yakoyadaghconh neoni yondatdeni- 
korhateanifk, tfi-kheronghyehha togefke Yohade. 
JVakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio, 
Nene serori ne I-yetde yedak ne yaghtea yagoya- 
daghniron, keghtenera-unft, ne yedakerafe tlikhe- 
kctlkouh, neoni ne Oneaflughronon dayagwafkwafle- 
r aghkwe. 

(Vakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio, 
Nene seron Kh'enoena k'hefnienouh neoni eakheye* 
yeah, agwegouh ne deyakadoghwhentfyoerii. 
JVakwaniteaghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertferio, 
Nene seron agwegouh ne Oghnegage, neteas Ogh- 
whentfyage kanekah tfiyeyenfe, neoni Ycnerouh, neoni 
Kanh-ra, neoni Ikfaongoe-ah, yondatdenhafe, neoni 
Yondatdenaghfkwiyoh ne aghferiwawafe. 
JVakwaniteaghtea tackwat-hbendats Sayanertferio, 

K 2 Nene 

68 ^he Litany » , 

That it may pleafe thee to defend and provide for 
the fatherlefs, children and widows, and all that are 
defolate and opprefled ; 

We befeech thee to hear us', good Lord, 
That it may pleafe thee to have mercy upon all 
men ; IVe befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to forgive our enemies, 
perfecutors, and llanderers, and to turn their hearts ; 
We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to give and preferve to our 
ufe the kindly fruits of the earth, fo as in due time we 
may enjoy them ; 

We befeech thee' to hear us, good Lord. 
That it may pleafe thee to give us true repentance, 
to forgive us all our fins, negligences, and ignorances, 
and to endue us with the grace of thy Holy Spirit, to 
amend our lives according to thy holy Word ; 
We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. 

Son of God : we befeech thee to hear us. 

Son of God : we befeech thee to hear us. 

O Lamb of God : that takeft away the fins of the 
\Vorld ; 

Grant us thy peace. 

O Lamb of Gdd: that takeft away the fins of the 
world ; 

Have mercy upon us, 

O Chrift, hear us. 

O Chrift, hear us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Chrift, have mercy upon us. 
' Chrift, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us, 

^ Then 

^fwknonwe Tondereanayhtdaghkwe. 6^ 

Ncne seron agwegouh yaghtea yakonif-heandacke 
rteoni Yakoteghrea-unghfe tcyagawenyarusk neoni ok 
t'hiyondattoghraragon ne fatftenyareah. 

I'Vakwciiiitedghtea takwat-hbendats Sayanertfeno, 

Nene scion agwegouh Ongwehogouh Kedar. 

■ IVakzvamtsaghtea takzvat-boendats Sayanertfeno. 

Nene seron Yonkhighrweanghfe neoni Yonkhigh- 
fere ar-herigh\viyoughfteah neoni Roneriyane aonfayon- 

IVakzvaniteaghtea takzvat-hoendats Sayanertfeno. 

Nene seron ne Kayent-hoghferon ne Oghwhentfyage 
k'heyon neoni waghiadoweyendouh, wahoeni ne \va- 
dogeagh yakoyendafe. 

IVakzvaniteaghtea takzvat-hoendats Sayanertfer)o. 

Nene seron takwawi nene togeske Adatrewaghton, 
neoni ikwarighwiyoughfteani ne Karighwannerrea ag- 
wegouh, Yonkwaniskouh, neoni yaghtea yongwaderi- 
yendare, neoni takwawi Enidareghtfera ne Ronigogh- 
riyoughflouh, neoni ayonneraghfton Tiiyag'yonhe. 

IVakwaniteaghtia takzvat-hoendats Sayanertferw. 

Niyoh Ronvvaye : wakwaniteaghtea takwat-hoen- 

Niyoh Ronwaye : zvakzvan'iteaghtea takwat-hbendats. 

O Roye Niyoh : ne waf-hawighte ne Karighwanne- 
rea ne Oghwhentfya ; 

^ak'youh Sayannereaghtfera, 

O Roye Niyoh: ne waf-hawighte ne'Karighwannerea 
ne Oghwhentfya ; 

O Chrift, afkwat-hoendatfe. 

O Chrifl, ajkzjvat-hbendatfe. 

Kayaner, Takwanderhek. 

Kayaner, Takwanderhek. 

Chrift, Takwanderhek. 
Chrifi, Takwanderhek. 
Kayaner, Takwanderhek. 
Kayaner, Takzvanderhek. 


jo The Litany* 

51" Thenjhall the Prieft, and the People with him, fay thi 
Lord's Prayer, 

OUR Father which art it heaverij Hallowed be thy 
Name ; Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be done in 
earth, as it is in heaven : Give us this day our daily 
bread ; And forgive us our trefpaffes, as we for-* 
give them that trefpafs againft us ; And lead us not 
into temptation ; But deliver us from evil. Amen, 

Prieft, O Lord, deal not with us after our fins. 

Anfzv, Neither reward us after our iniquities, 

% Let us pray, 

/^ God merciful Father, that defpifeft not the figh- 
^^ ing of a contrite heart, nor the defire of fuch as 
be forrowful ; Mercifully affift our prayers that we 
make before thee in all our troubles and adverfities 
whenfoever they opprefs us ; and gracioufly hear us, 
that thofe evils which the craft and fubtilty of the 
devil or man worketh againft us, be brought to 
nought, and by the providence of thy goodncfs they 
may be difperfed, that we thy fervants, being hurt 
by no pcrfecutions, may evermore give thanks unto 
thee in thy holy Church, through Jefus Chrift our 

O Lord, arife, help us, and deliver us for thy Name's 

r\ God we have heard with our ears, and our fa- 
^^ thers have declared unto us the noble works that 
thou didft in their days, and in the old time before 

Lord, arlfe, help us, and deliver us for thine Honour, 


^oknonwe Tondereanayendaghkwe, ji 

Raodereanayent ne Royaner, 

COngwaniha ne Karonghyage tighsideron, Wafagh- 
^ feanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera lewe; Taghferrc 
eghniawan tfiniyought Karonghyagouh, oni Oghwen- 
fyage : Niyadewighniferage Takwanadaranondagh- 
f[k nonwa; Neoni Tondakwarighwiyoughftouh, tfinl- 
yught oni Tfyakwadaderighwiyoughfteani ; Neoni 
toghfa takwaghfarineght Dewaddatdenakeraghtonke; 
nesane fadfyadakwaghs ne Kondighferoheanfe. jimen, 

Eatfih. O Kayaner, toghfa daghferighwaferago ne 

D*yond, Segouh T'fyonkwadderighwadewaghton 
toghfa etho na-ikwayer. 


r\ Niyoh Ronidarefkon Raniha, ne yagh-tefweanghfe 
^^^ ne Yagaweriyaghfanoenwaks, neoni fedearrhe ne 
yakonigoenrawiefe yaghtea t'hifkeaghreanni ; Tondak- 
wariwawas Onkwadereanayent ne Tewatdogh-hareagh- 
ronke wagwarighwayehaghfe ; Neoni seron ne fagat 
niyoyannereke eaghtfyena, ne wahoeni agwegouh ne 
•OnefTughrononh neteas Ongvve akoriwa ayonkhiya- 
deghfeghtont, ne farighwiflbn Senorunghkwak atften- 
yarouh a-erea awighte, ne wahoeni tackwanhafeho- 
gon, wshoeni yaghthayagonigoghrondye, Sanoghfado- 
geaghti-tferagouh akwadoenreah wahoeni Jesus 
Christ Songwayaner. 

Detfne, O Kayaner, takwaghfnienouhffadjyadakwaghs 
wahoeni Saghfeana, , 

r\ Niyoh Ongwahoughta yonat-hoendeghkwe, ne 
^^ Ak-hinihhea yonkighrorihhaghkwe yoneaghrac- 
kwaght Kayodegfera ne fayodeghkwe Raodighnifera- 
^ouh, neoni wahoenilTe. 

Detfne, Kayaner^ takwagbfmenoub fadjyadakwaghs 
wahoeni Sakonyeghtfera, 

■"■■"■*■■' Onwe- 

72 ^he Litany, 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the 
HolyGhoft; v 

Anfw. As it was in the beginning, is pow, and 
ever Ihall be : world without end. Ametj,, 

From our enemies defend ns, O Chrift, 

Gracioufly look upon our afflictions. 

Pitifully behold the forrows of our hearts. 

Mercifully forgive the fins of thy people. 

Favourably with mercy hear our prayers ; 

O Son of David, have mercy upon us. 

Both now and ever vouchfafe to hear us, O Chrifl. 

Gracioufly hear us, Chrifl ; gracioufly bear us, O Lord 

Priefl. O Lord, let thy mercy be {hewed upon us ; 

Jnfw. As we do put our truft in thee. 

^ Let us pray, 

XX7E humbly befeech thee, O Father, mercifully 
to look upon our infirmities ; and for the glory 
of thy Name turn from us all thofe evils that we moft 
righteoufly have deferved ; and grant that in all our 
troubles we may put our whole truft and confidence 
in thy mercy, and evermore ferve thee in holinefs and 
purenefs of living, to thy honour and glory through 
our only Mediator and Advocate, Jefus thrift our 
Lord. Jmen, 

^ A Prayer of S. Chryfoflom. 

A LmlghtyGod, who haft given us grace at this time \ 
"^^ with one accord to make our common fupplica- 

tion§ unto thee ; and doft promife that when two or : 

three ' 

'Tfioknonwe Tondereanayendaghkwe* 73 

Onvvcfeagbtakfera naah ne Raniha, neoni ne Ron- 
waye : neoni ne Ronlgoughriyoughftouh. 

Tfiniyonghtone ne AdaghiaweahtTeragouh eghni- 
yought onwa, neoni tiutkouh eageahake : tfiniye- 
iieawe neoni tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 

Ne Yonkhighfvveanghfe takvvayadakwaghs,OChrifl, 

Takzvandei'hek ne TonkhighfoghkzOawiffons. 

Skayeanyon ne Yonkweriyaghfanoenwaks. 

Sedar Songzveda Rodirighzvannerea. 
. Takwathoendats faddewigh Onkwadereanayent. 

Ronwaye David, Takzvanderhek. 

O Chrift, nene seron ne onwa, neoni tiutkon 

O Chrijl, Takzvat-hhendatSffaddezvighkoah 'takwat-hocn- 
dats, O Kayaner Ckrijl, 

Etfihuhs. O Kayaner, Takwat-hoendats Sanidarcght- 

D*yondadiJk. Tfiniyought yonkwarhare. : 


■fX^Akwanltcaghtea, O Raniha, fatkaght-ho fadde- 
wighkoah Ongvvayadakeaheyat, ne wahoeni 
Onwefeaghtfera Saghfeana a-erea takvvahavvightas ag- 
wegouh youkftefe nene togefke eghniyagwad'yerhah 
Ongwarighwannerea ; neoni tak'youh agwegouh ne 
yaghtea Yogwayannereaghfis wagwegouh Ayagvvan- 
yehefe Tfifanidarefkouh, ne Isege tiutkon ayonk- 
wayannereaghftouh ne tliyak'yonheagwayodeaghfe, ne 
Onwefeaghrlera Saghfeana, ne wahooni onkyouhha ra- 
onhah Teddewanihogeah neoni Songwadadyafis, Jefus 
Chrift Songwayaner, Jme?t, 

Adereanayent ne Ortghzvadogeaghti Chryfojlom, 

^T^'HiwagvvegoLih raelhatfte Niyoh, nene takwan- 

**■ dcavouh nene onwa fereah oghferoeni yontkea- 

nilla Ongvvadereanayent iseke eayagwadadi ; ne 

L ifea 

74 '^k^ Litany, 

three are gathered together in thy Name, thou Wilt 
grant their requefts ; Fulfil now, O Lord, the defires 
and petitions of thy fervants, as may be moft expedi- 
ent for them ; granting us in this world knowledge of 
thy truth, and in the world to come, life everlalling. 

2 Cor. 13. 14. 

'T'HE grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift; and the love 
-■• of God, and the fellowfhip of the Holy Ghoft, be 
with us all evermore. Amen. 

Here endeth the Litany. 

Prayers and a general f hank/giving upon feveral 
Oc^ajionsj to be tifed before the two final Prayers 
of the Lit any y or of Morning and Evening 


<[f For Rain. 

r\ God, heavenly Father, who by thy Son Jefus 
^-^ Chrifl haft promifed to all them that fcek thy 
kingdom and the righteoufnefs thereof, all things 
neceffary to their bodily fuftenance ; Send us, we be- 
feech thee, in this our neceflity, fuch moderate rain 
and Ihowers, that we may receive the fruits of the 
earth to our comfort, and to thy honour, through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

% For 

J'jtoknonwe Tondereanalyhdaghkwe* ys 

ifea kaniga tekeni neteas agkfea eayagotkanniffouh 
Saghfeanagouh, afeyat-hoendatfe ayoyannereke ; Wa- 
gwanegeah ne tfiniyerrhe eayenideaghtea Senhafeho- 
gon, ne wahoeni laderiyendare alheyadaghnirade Ka- 
ronghyage eayeaghte ; aghfere kerit, neoni takyouh 
ne onwa tfiyagyonhe ayagwayenderihake Sadogesket- 
fera, neoni tfuiondawe ne tfiniyeheawe Ayakypnheke. 


2 Cor. 13. 14. 

NE Raodearat Songwayaner Jesus Christ, neoni 
Ranorunghkvva Niyoh, neoni Raodyoughkwa ne 
Ronigoughriyoughftouh agwegouh adowefeke tfiniye- 
heawe. Jmen. 

Kea ni kanihare ne Xf^oknonwe Tondereayendaghkwe^ 

Odd^yake Adereanayent neoni Tondcghrat-ha^ 


Teyodoghwhentfyohhon ayokeanore, 

/^ Niyoh, Karonghyage tighfideron Raniha, ne 
^^ raorihhonnyat raonhha rodoeni Eghtfye-ah fe- 
waneandafe agwegouh ne Sayanertfera neoni ne Sa- 
karlwat yoderighwagwarighfyouh ya-ifaks, agwegouh 
nenahotea tfinadeyodoughwhentfyohhon ne Yagon- 
heghkon. Tack'youh, wakwaniteaghtea, nenekea Side- 
yonkwadouhharearon, Ayokeanore neoni akayerite, 
ne wahoeni ne tiiniyawighyarus ne Gghwhentfya ayonk- 
weyon ne Akwayeronke, neoni ne Ayotkonyoughfton 
Saghfeana ne ayoeni ayongwayendane, raorihhonnyat 
J«Uis Chrift Songwayaner. Amen, 

L 2 Adereanayent 

*?6 • Prayers, 

^ For fair JVeather. 

Q Almighty Lord God, who for the fin of man didft 
^^ once drown all the world, except eight Perfons, 
and afterward of thy great mercy didft promife never 
to deftroy it fo again ; we humbly befeech thee, that 
although we for our iniquities have worthily deferved a 
plague of rain and waters, yet upon our true repentance 
thou wilt fend us fuch weather, as that wc may receive 
the fruits of the earth in due feafon, and learn both by 
thy punifhment to amend our lives, and for thy 
clemency to give thee praife and glory, through Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. Jlmen. 

% In the time of Dearth and Famine. 

f\ God, heavenly Father, whofe gift it is, that the 
^-^ rain doth fall, the earth is fruitful, beafts increafe, 
and fillies do multiply ; Behold, we befeech thee, the 
afilidiions of thy people; and grant that the fcarcity 
and dearth (which we do now moft juftly fuffer for 
our iniquity) may through thy goodnefs be mercifully 
turned into chcapnefs and plenty, for the love of 
Jefus Chrift our Lord ; to whom, with thee and the 
Holy Ghoft, be all honour and glory, now and for 
ever. Amen, 

f In 

Adereanayent* *^7 


C\ Oktiwagwegouh raef-hatfte Royaner Niyoh, ne 

^-^ orihhoeni ne Ongwehogouh Akorighwanne- 

rakfera ne Oghwhentfyagwegouh Sadef-hefkoghtuh, 

ne ok yodaddearon fadegouh Niyongwedake neoni 

oghnageanke oya niyavveauh Sadeanron tfinifaye- 

reah, Ifeah, ne yaghte nonweandon t'haunfaikeskogh- 

te; Wagweanideaghtea watkawadeantsot-haghfe, etho 

sane naah Ungwanakweaghfera nenekea Yonghnodon- 

dyeh ne Yokeanorefe neoni Oghnega-ogon ne Yong- 

vvaghfvvatea, ne fekouh seron, togeske onwa kerigh- 

wagvvadakwas ne Ayondonhakanoenwih, neoni kea- 

nayoughton askwanikoughradda ne ayondyeghtagh- 

kwe Tfitkaronghyade, askyon ne Tfidewadoenisk nc 

Oghwhentfyage tfiniwadonnisk-ha ayongwayendanc, 

ne nenekea ne akarihhoni Seghrewaght-ha ayagaweyeh, 

aonfayagwadovveyendoh tfiayakyonheke, neoni tiini- 

yotderighwhinouh Sayanereghtfera onkyon-hage, Sa- 

neandont, Onwefeghtfera neoni Satkonnyoft tiutkon 

ayagwaghteandiate, raorihhoniyet-ha Jefus Chrift Son- 

gvvayaner. Amen, 


/^ Niyoh Karonghyage tighfideron Raniha, fe- 
^-^ rihhoenisk yoyannere tfinighs'yerha ne yokea- 
norofe, ne Oghwhentfyage wadoniyannyosk, ne Kon- 
dirryon yonadcghyaghrondyeh neoni ne Kentfyeho- 
goiih wagonkadadte ; ikariyong, wagwanideaghtea, 
n'eghfoghkvvrtvvif-hon Songweda, neoni tak'youh nene- 
kea Teyodoghwhentfyouhhoh neoni Kanoronghtsihoh 
ne lyeks, (ne yekayeri-oenwe ne wahoeni yagwarongh- 
yagoft Onkvvarighwannerakfera), ne wagarihhoeni ne 
Yoyannereaghfera Sanidareghtfera aontkaraghrago 
Akakowanha neoni Ayotkadeke, takyouh keagaye 
Sayanereaghtsihoh Raniha, ne wahoeni ne Rano- 
runghkwa Jesus Christ Songwayaner ; Nenene aeie- 


y$ Prayers, 

^ In the time of War and Tumults, 

O Almighty God, King of all kings, and Governor 
of all things, whofe power no creature is ^blc to ' 
j-efifl-, to whom it belongcth juftly to punifti finners, J 
and to be merciful to them that truly repent : Save ' 
and deliver us, we humbly befeech thee, from the j 
hands of our enemies; ^bate their pride, aflwage 
their malipe, and confound their devices; that we, 
being armed with thy defence, may be preferved 
evermore from all perils, to glorify thee, who art the 
only giver of all vidtory, through the merits of thy 
only §on Jefus Chriit our J^ord. Amen. 

^ In the time of any common Plagtte or Sicknefs. 

r\ Almighty God, who in thy wrath [didfl fend a 
^^ plague upon thine own People in the wildernels 
for their oblHnate rebellion a.gainft Mofes and Aaron ; 
and alfo] in the time of King David didO: flay with the 
plague of peftilence threefcore and ten thoufand ; and 
yet remembering thy mercy didft fave the reft; Have , 
pity upon us miferable linners, who now are viiited 
with great ficknefs and mortality ; that like as thou 
didft then accept of an atonement, and didft command 
the deftroying Angel to ceafe from puniihing ; fo it 
may now pleafe thee to withdraw from us this plague 
and grievous ficknefs, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

f A Coikn 

j^dereanayent, 79 

wefeke neoni rie Ronigoghriyoughflouh, Roneandont 
Onkonnyoughftak neoni Onweleghtfera agwegouh 
tiiniyehcawe. Amen, 


r\ OktiWagwegouh raelhatfte Niyoh, Sayaner ne 
^^ Akoyanerhogouh, neoni Skwadackwas okti- 
wagwegouh, Tfinifakvvennyat yaghte yawight ta- 
yefado-weanavvarryefe tfiniiko eayadiffouh, fevvoni- 
yoh ne Akorighvvannerakfkouh vvaf-heghrevvaghte, ne- 
oni nenekea newaghsedeare ne tokefke-onvve tfyon- 
donhakanoenis : Af-heyadoweyendon neoni takwaghne- 
reaghfyunk wakweanideaghtea Ongwanikoenrakouh, 
ne tfinihoditsanightneYonkhighfvvanghfe; Seflerunghs 
tfinihadenayeh, falhyont Raodinakueghfera, ferigh- 
waghtoughfe neoni Ronnadevveyena, ne wahoeni tiina- 
yongwayadavvaene Saneregwara ayenkwanhe, tiutkon 
ayongvvanona ne agwegouh Tfiniwaghteronke, ne wa- 
hoeni ayefonwefaghte, fouhhah etho nonwc fe ne n'lfe 
vvalherighvvawafe, raorighhonnyat ne Tehodeantio ra- 
onhha Eghtfyc-ah rodoni Jefus Chrift Songwayaner. 


f\ Oktiwagwegouh raefhatfte Niyoh, ne et-hogh- 
^^ ke ne Royanerh-kbah David Sanakueghtfera- 
kouh, tfyadak niwaghfea Niweannyaweghtferagh- 
fea Ongwe feriyoh Wakyanhradanne, neoni segouh 
fahfeghyarane Sanidareghtfera ne yakodadearouh 
Walheyado-Weyendouh ; Tandakweanderhek yong- 
weandeght Yongwarighwane-raklkoh, ne yotkate 
neoni yotfanight Yonwandafe Yondaddenoghwakta- 
deani ; neoni a-aghfere, fadayoughton afleyarifte Ye- 
farunghyageghronon a-unghkawe yongwaghrewaghte; 
et-honayoughton oni onwa, nenekea Kanhradarinefe 
aereah aslkwahawihtafe, raorihhonnyat Jefus Chrift 
Songwayaner. Amen, 


So Prayers, 

^ A ColleB or Prayer for all Conditions of Men, to he ufedat . 
fuch times when the hit any is not appointed to be faid. 

■ f^ God, the Creator and Preferver of all mankind, 
^^ we humbly befeech thee for all forts and condi- 
tions of men, that thou vvouldeft be pleafed to make 
thy wavs known unto them ; thy faving health unt» 
all nations. More efpecially we pray for the good 
eftate of the Catholick Church; that it may be fo 
guided and governed by thy good Spirit, that all who 
profefs and call themfelves Chriftians, may be led in- 
to the way of truth, and hold the faith in unity of 
Spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteoufnefs of 
Life. Finally, we commend to thy fatherly goodnefs, 
all thofe who are any ways afflifted or diftreffed in 
mind, body, or eftate, [ * efpecially thofe for whom our 
Prayers are defired'] That it may pleafe thee to comfort 
and relieve them according to their feveral neceffities, 
giving them patience under their fufferings, and a 
happy ilTue out of all their afflidtions. And this v^e 
beg for Jefus Chrift his fake. Amen. 

5[ A Prayer that may be faid after any of the former, 

f\ God, whofe nature and property is ever to have 
^'^ mercy, and to forgive, receive our humble peti- 
tions ; and though we be tied and bound with the 
chain of our (ins, yet let the pitifulnefs of thy great 
mercy loofe us, for the honour of Jefus Chrift our 
Mediator and Advocate. Amen, 

* This to be faid when any defire the Prayers of the 

^ A general 

Adereanayent, 8 \ 

Tondaddereanayendaghkwariit'ha Sioknlyagoyada^ 
weaghfe Ongwehokouh. 

ONiyoh ne roghfon neoni feyenawakouh agwe- 
gouh Ongwehokouh, wagweaniteaghtea ne 
Ongwanigoenragouh, niyadeyagouh nene aghfenoen- 
wene aflenadoehaghfe Sahahage ne Yefatfenonyafis 
ne agwegouh Ongwehogouh. Ok oni oya, wakweani- 
teaghteaTfiyoyannereaghtsihon Sanoghfadogeaghtige; 
nenekea ayondatkwadago, neoni ayondadatflerifte 
newahoeni Senigoughriyoghftouh, ne agwegouh 
Tfiondatrevvaght-ha nene yagorighwiyoughftouh yon- 
datdenadoughkwa, ne togefke-onvve Tfidyohade ea- 
yeghte, neoni akonwayenawagouh Tewightaghkouh 
ne aonha-ah ne Kanigoenra, tfinayoughton Kayean- 
nerea neoni Yoderighwagwadakwea ne tfiayakon- 
heke. Tfina-awea wakighroneagfe Seniha Yoyanne- 
reaghtfera nenekea agwegouh kahha-ok aondoniyegh- 
raghkwe ne yagonigoenrawife, neoni yondatdeni- 
koughrarryoh neYeyeronke, neteasTiiniyagoyendagh- 
kwe ; [* Ne agaonhaah nenekea ne yagaweayongwadereana- 
yehagse'] ne aghfenoenwene aghleyeyeah, neoni ayon- 
datnereaghfi tfinikon Teyakodoghwhentfioni, ieni- 
koughraghnirad Tiiteyakodoiighharearouh, neoni a- 
onfayagodaghfkatsftoehake agwegouh Tfinadeyako- 
doghkwawif-hon, nenekea agwegouh wagweaniteagh- 
tea wahoeni Jesus Christ. Amen, 

Neteas kea-Myeh Adereanayent, 

r\ Niyoh, nenenne tiutkon yedeaghre ne yeweniyo 
^"^ neoni etho-niyought waondeweyendouh, tfienah 
nenekea Ongwadereanayent; neoni ethofea-nenne yon- 
khighnereaghtonYongwarighwannerea, ne ayongwagh- 
nereaghfyea ne Yoyannereaghtfera tfifanidareikouh, 
ne wahoeni Tehodeatfoh Jefus Chrift Kea-nifongv/a- 
yerha neoni Songwadadd*yalis. Amen. 

^ Tfioknoiuve Yakokooh-heandoghs, et-hone yondadiheke, 

M Ne 

[ 82 3 

IT A general 'Thank/giving* 

A Lmighty God, Father of all mercies, we thine 
"^ unworthy fervants do give thee moft humble and 
hearty thanks for all thy goodiiefs and loving kind- 
nefs to us, and to all men ; [* particularly to thofe zvho 
defire now to offer up their praifes and thankjgivings for thy 
late mercies vouchfafed unto them.'] We blefs thee for our 
creation, prefervation, and all the bleflings of this 
life ; but above all for thine ineftimable love in the 
redemption of the world by our Lord Jefus Chrift ; 
for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory* 
And we befeech thee give us that due fenfe of all thy 
mercies, that our hearts may be unfeignedly thankful, 
and that we may fhew forth thy praife, not only with 
our lips, but in our lives, by giving up ourfelves to 
thy fervice, and by walking before thee in holinefs 
and righteoufnefs all our days, through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord ; to whom, with thee and the Holy Ghoft, 
be all honour and glory, world without end. Jmen^ .. 

* This to be faid when any that have been prayed for defire to 
return praife. 


[ 83 ] 

Ne Tondoghrat-ha* 

OKtiwagwegoiih Raefhatfte Niyoh, Ranlha agwe- 
gouh Reandearus, Takwanhafe niyadeyagwadye- 
ronyohs wakvvadoenrea Onkweriaghfakouh ne wahoeni 
agwegouh Sayanereaghtfera neoni Senorunghkwa tak- 
wanonwefe, neoni agwegouh Ongwehogouh [J^'t^e aka- 
onha-ah nenenne kanadouhj ne onwe waonwe zvaondoenrea 
neivahoeni yagoyendauh Kayannerea~\ Wakwaneandouh ne 
wahoeni yonkhiyadiflbiih, yokhiyatflerifl-ha, neoni 
agwegouh ne Oyadaderieahtfc-ra nenegea 1 fi- 
yak'yonhe; ok agwegouh aonhha-ah ne wahoeni yagh* 
tea-yayehhewe ayairon Senorunghkwat ne Syerighf- 
youh Ongwehogouh ne yorlhhoeni Sonkwayaner Jefus 
Chiift ; ne wahoeni ne Roadeweyena Keandearouh, 
neoni Yodowenodaghkwad ne Onwefeaghtfera. Neoni 
wakwaniteaghtea tak'youh nenahotea yekayeri agwa- 
noghtonnyoughfe agwegouh Sayanereaghtferahogouh, 
ne ayoni Onkweri yekarighwaveri-onvve aondoenrea, 
yaghok aonha-ah takwanneandouh Agwagh-fkwean- 
dakikeh, ok neoni Tfiyakyonhe, ne wahoeni ife akvva- 
yodeaghfe, neoni isekeh ayagwefeke Orighwadogeagh^ 
ty-tferagouh, neoni YoderighvvagwadakweahOngwigh- 
niferagwcgouh, ne wahoeni Jefus Chrift Songwayaner; 
nenenne ladefewaweniyo ne Ronikoughriyoughftouh 
agwegouh Yontkonnyouhft-lera neoni Onwefeaghtfera, 
ne tfiniyeheawe. Amen, 

* Ne eayondadike tfi onea Yoyannerea-uh ne Yakokohcan- 

M 2 YON" 

[ 84 ] 

A CATECHISM ; that is to fay^ an Injlrudiiofiy 
to be learned of every Perfouy before he be brought 
to be confirmed by the Bijfhop, 

^uejlion. W HAT is your Name ? 

Anfwer. N. or M. 

^ejl. Who gave you this Name ? 

Anfw. My Godfathers and Godmothers, in my 
Baptifm, wherein I was made a member of Chrilt, the 
child of God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of 

^efi. What did your Godfathers and Godmothers 
then for you ? 

Anjw, They did promife and vow three things in 
my name : Firft, that I fliould renounce the devil and 
all his works, the pomps and vanity of this wicked 
world, and all the finful lufts of the flelh. Secondly, 
that I Ihould believe all the Articles of the Chriflian 
Faith. And thirdly, that I Ihould keep God's holy 
will and commandments, and walk in the fame all the 
days of my life. 

^efi. Dofl thou not think that thou art bound to 
believe and to do as they have promifed for thee ? 

Anfw. Yes, verily; and by God's help fo I will. 
And I heartily thank our heavenly Father, that he 
hath called me to this ftate of falvation, throOgh 
Jefus Chrift our Saviour. And I pray unto God tq 
give me his grace, that I may continue in the fame 
unto my life's end. 



[ S5 ] 


Ne Tagoh Niyade ongwedake ayendenhake. 

Yerighwanondoent'ha. OX-henouh Saghfeana ? 

Tayondadi. N. neteas M. 

Ter. Onghka nenekea savvi Kaghfeana. 

Tay. Ne Yonkfeanawi Tfiyonknikohfer-hon, etho- 
nenne wakyadarane Chrift, neoni Niyoh Roye-ah, ne^ 
oni yonkerakvvani Karonghyage yodoeuh. 

IV. Oghneana-ondon'yere ethone Yefeghfeanawi 

^ay. Wa-ewaneandane aghfea nikariwake KTeana- 
kouh : T'yod'yeraeghtouh, ne iffi yaongwadi ne Onef- 
leaghronoh neoni agwegouh Raoyodeaghfera, ne Ka- 
nayeghfera neoni Yawegafe ne Oghwhentfya neoni ne 
Yodakfeanfe Yonouf-heah ne Ovvarouh. Ne tekeni- 
hadont, ne agwegouh aondonwightaghkouh ne Ska- 
righware ne Karighwiyoughflak Dewightaghkouh. 
Ne aghfeahhadont, nene yakyerite Niyoh irerr'he 
Orighvvadogeaghti neoni Weani, ne fagat ayakwefeke 
Eghniferagvvegouh tlinean'konhecke. 

2«-. Yagh-kea teghfanoughtonnyoulk neaghne- 
reanke ne keakayea agwegouh teghfightaghkouh ne- 
oni etho na-aghs'yere nenahotea Saghfeanakouh yaka- 

Toy. Etho tokeike oenwe ; ne ahakfnienon Niyoh 
igerr'he ethoneangadd'yere. Neoni eahhiyadcenreaRa- 
keniha Karonghyage t'heanderon ne Akweriaghfa- 
kouh, nene ronoghweonh nenekea tfinikayadodeah ne 
Yontfenonniat-haghkwe karonghyage K'herongyehha 
raorihhonyat Jefus Chrift Karonghyage Songwayadaha- 
wightha. Neoni Tyenideaghtafiik Niyoh ne areghre 
k'heyouh Keandearouh, newahoeni ok ne fagat aonk- 
yenawakoehhake Tfiniyekadonhoktea. 


86 A Catechlfm* 

Cdtechijl. Rehearfe the Articles of thy belief? 


T Believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of hea- 
•*• ven and earth : 

And in Jefus Chrift his only Son our Lord, Who 
was conceived by the Holy Ghoft, Born of the Virgin 
Mary, Suffered under Pontius Pilate, Was crucified, 
dead, and buried; He defcended into hell; The third 
day he arofe again from the dead ; He afcended into 
heaven. And fitteth on the right hand of God the Fa- 
ther Almighty ; From thence he (hall come to judge 
the quick and the dead. 

I believe in the Holy Ghoft ; The holy Catholick 
Church ; The Communion of Saints; The Forgivenefs 
of fins ; The Refurredtion of the body. And the Life 
everl ailing. Amen, 

^efl. What doll thou chiefly learn in thefe Arti- 
cles of thy belief? 

Jnfw, Firfl, I learn to believe in God the Father, 
who hath made me, ^nd all the World ; 

Secondly, in God the Son, who hath redeemed me, 
and all mankind ; 

Thirdly, in God the Holy Ghoft, who fandifieth 
me, and all the ele€t people of God. 

Tondatderlghhomyentt'hah, 87 

Ter. Yatsirouh ne Skarighware Tefightaghkouh? 


^TpEwakightaghkouh Niyohtferagouh ne Raniha ne 
-■• agwegouh tihhatfhatfte, raonlffouh ne Karonia 
neoni Oghwhentfya ; Neoni Jefus Chrift-tferagouh 
raonha-a Rahavvak Songwayaner ; ne tihhoyeghtagh- 
kouh ne Ronigoughriyoughiloughne, rodoeni yaghtea 
Kanaghgwayendcri Maria, ne Roronghyageah tfini- 
haweniyoughne Pontius Pilate, tehoenwayadaenhare, 
rawonheyouli, neoni ronwayadat ; Nagouh ravve- 
noughtouh ne Oneflbuh ; Ne aghfeah Niwighni- 
feragehhadont nifatketikongh ne tfinihawehhe- 
youghne, ne tefhodeali Karonghyage rawenoughtouh, 
yef-heanderouh Tfiraweyendightaghkouh Rafnonke ne 
Niyoh ne agwegouh tilihaelhatfte Ranihia ; Et-ho tant- 
hayeghtaghkwe ne onea tant-haghroughfa ne ya- 
gonhennyouh neoni ne yagaweheyoughferouh. 

Tewakightaghkouh ne Ronigoughriyoughftonh- 
tferagouh ; ne Tlikeand'yoghgwiyoughftouh ne O- 
noghfadogeaghtige ; ne Yeyadare Orighvvadogeaghti ; 
Entfyondatderighwiyo^hfteah Karighvvannerrea ; ne 
Entfyontketskouh he Yeyeronke, neoni tliniyeheawe 
Niyag'yonhennyonke. Amen, 

7'er. Oghnahotea fadatderighhoeen'yenls tfinid- 
yought nenekea Skarighware Tefightaghkouh ? 

^ay. D'yod'^yereghton, Kadardeiighhoniyenis, ne ak- 
wagh n'dewaki^hraghkouh Niyoh tferagouh ne Ra- 
niha, nenenne nenekea Oghwhentfiawekouh Rak'ya- 

Ne 'Tekenihadont J Niyoh Ronwaye tferakouh nenenne 
i-i neoni agwegouh Ongwehogouh Eghnikwaghfa 

Ne aghfeahhadont, Niyoh Ronikoughriyoughfton- 
tferakouh, nenenne i-i neoni agwegouh fakoyadogh- 
ronkweah Niyoh fakoyadadokeaghltouh. 


8S' A Catechlfitii 

^ejl. You faid that your Godfathers and Godmo- 
thers did promife for you that you fhould keep God's 
commandments ; Tell me how many there be? 

Anfw. Ten. 

^ejl. Which be they ? 


'T'HE fame which God fpake in the twentieth Chap- 

■*• ter of Exodus, faying, I am the Lord thy God, 

who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of 

the houfe of bondage. 

I. Thou Ihalt have none other gods but me. 

11. Thou Ihalt not make to thyfelf any graven 
image, nor the likenefs of any thing that is in heaven 
above, or in the earth beneath, or in the water under 
the earth. Thou fhalt not bow down to them, nor 
worlhip them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, 
and vifit the fins of the fathers upon the children, unto 
the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 
and fhew mercy unto thoufands in them that love me, 
and keep my commandments. 

IIL Thou fhalt not take the Name of the Lord thy 
God in vain : for the Lord will not hold him guilt- 
lefs that taketh his Name in vain. 

IV. Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath- 
day. Six days llialt thou labour, and do all that thou 
haft to do ; but the feventh day is the Sabbath of the 
Lord thy God : In it thou fhalt do no manner of 
work, thou, and thy fon, and thy daughter, thy 
man-fervant, and thy maid-fervant, thy cattle, and the 
ftranger that is within thy gates. For in fix days the 


Tofidatderighhomyentt-hah. Sg 

Ter. Sadouh, nene Yefaghfeanawi yefaweanneanda- 
feh ne Niyoh Sakaweani afayenawakouh, ya'tsiron do 
lianikouh ? 

Tay. Oyefi. 

Ter. Kadi na-nikayea ? 

"VTE NENNE fagat, nenahotea Niyoh yehodadi ne 
'*'^ towaghfeah Chapter Exodus, waheanron, Akya- 
tier fa Niyoh ne kwayadinekeahhon Egypt ne Tfiyet* 

I. Toghfa oya Niyohokon eafayendake Tiifkogh- 

II. Toghfa Aghfaddad'yadoughniferonn*yea, se- 
gouh othenon taonfag'yad'dyereah, ne Karonghyage, 
neoni Oghwhentfiakon ne Kanonwakon kondinakeri. 
Toghfaok ne defadontfot-haghfe ne aghferiwanekenih- 
heke : ikea ne Ak'yaner Saniyouh wakenof-heah Ni- 
yoh, wakerighwaghfton ne Karighwannerrea ne Ro- 
dikfteahokouh Sakodiye-ongoe-ah ne aghfea ne ka- 
yeri N'yadefuitfwanet nene yonkheghroeni ; nesane 
wakennidarefkon teyonkn'yawighferon yonkenonwefe, 
Keyaght'yawaiati yakot-hoentadouh. 

III. Toghfaok Eghtfeanayefaght ne Royaner fa- 
Niyoh : ikea ne Royaner yaghtane ok yaght'ya fako- 
righwaghftanihheke ne Raoghfeana ayontfawanoriat, 

IV. T'fyaderiendarak ne Sabbath feanondado- 
keaghftouhhak. Ne yayak Niwighniferage ne eafa- 
waghfa tfinifewayodeghferon ; oya sane Tfyadakha- 
dont Raofabbath ne Royaner Saniyouh : oneadegh- 
yaghot'henon faghfadyere, Ne ife, yaghta-oni ne 
Eghtfye-ah, yaghta-oni ne Seye-ah, yaghta-oni Egh- 
tfenhafe, yaghta-oni Nifinhafe, yaghta-oni Sakvvariyo 
yaghta-oni Ncgahoghvvhent'liyaye ayefoughwent'fyo- 

N rea-uh, 

po A Catechifm* 

Lord made heaven and earrh, the fea, and all that in 
them is, and refted the feventh day : wherefore the 
Lord blefled the feventh day, and hallowed it. 

V. Honour thy father and thy mother, that thy 
days may be long in the land which the Lord thy 
God giveth thee. 

VI. Thou flialt do no murder* 

VII. Thou ihalt not commit adultery. 

VIII. Thou flialt not fleal. 

IX. Thou fhalt not bear falfe witnefs againft thy 

X. Thou fhait not covet thy neighbour's houfe, 
thou flialt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his 
fervant, nor his maid, nor his ox, nor his afs, nor 
any thing that is his. 

^ejl. What doit thou chiefly learn by thefe com- 
mandments ? 

Jnfw. I learn two things; My duty towards God, 
and my duty towards my Neighbour. 

^tejl. What is thy duty towards God ? 

Anfw. My duty towards God is to believe in him, 
to fear him, and to love him with all my heart, with 
all my mind, with all my foul, and with all my 
llrength; to worfhip him, to give him thanks, to 
put my whole truft in him, to call upon him, to 


Tondadenghhoniyentt'hah. 9 1 

rea-uh. Ikea yayak Niyoda ne Royaner raoniflbn ne 
Karonya neoni Oghwhentfya, neoni Kaniadare agwe- 
goyh tfinhvat, n'yeho-dorifT-hon ne tfyadakhadont 
Niyoda, newahoeni raweandad-deriftouh Royaner nc 
Sabbat Rawighniferadokeaghftouh. 

V. Eahdfkonniyughftak ne lyaniha neoni ne Sanif- 
teahhah ethone ayoenife aghfonheke Oghwhentfyage, 
ne wahoeni afayeannereaghfe Tfid'yoLighwentliyayea 
ne Royaner Saniyoh eanyonh. 

VI. Toghfaok Aghfirriyo. 

VII. Toghfaok t'haonfaghfadokea, 

VIII. Toghfaok aghfenoikoh. 

IX. Toghfaok daeghfewadatfnienouh dayafewadad* 
denoweaghteah Sagh'fyadat. 

X. Toghfaok aghfenoff-ha ne fafyadat yakonough- 
fode, toghfaok aghfenolT-ha fafyadat Teyederouh, 
oeni Ronwanhaafe, oeni konwanhaafe, oeni othe- 
nouh ahhodiyendake Safyadat. 

Ter. Ot-henon faddaderihhon'yenisk tfinid'yought 
nenekea VVeani ? 

1'ay. Kaddaderihhon*yenisk Tekariwake ; nenetfa- 
gat tfineawakyereah Niyoghne, neoni tlineankheyerafe 

Ter, Oghneanahotea kakarode tfineaht'fyerafe Ni- 
yoh ? 

'Tay. Tfineanwakyereah, Raonhhatferakouh endea- 
wakightaghkouh, eahyetfaghnighfeke, eahinorough- 
kwake Agweriaghfagwego.ih, Akwadonhegh'tfera- 
gwcgouh, Ake-elhatfteagh'-tferagwegouh ; Ne eah* 
hikonn'youhfthake, eahhiyadoenrea, raonhha-ah eahi- 
y adowenodaghkwat-hake, y e h hirou hhy ehhake, Rdogh- 

N 2 feana 

p2 '^he Calech'ijtn* 

honour his holy Name and his Word, and to ferve 
him truly all the days of my life. 

^{/?. What is thy duty towards thy Neighbour ? 

Anjw. My duty towards my Neighbour is to love 
him as myfelf, and to do to all men, as I would they 
Should do unto me : To love, honour, and fuccour, 
my father and mpther. To honour and obey the 
King, and all that are put in authority under him. 
To fubmit niyfelf to all my governors, teachers, fpi- 
ritual paftors and maflers. To order myfelf lowly 
and reverently to all my betters. To hurt no body 
by word or deed. To be true and juft in all my 
dealings. To bear no malice nor hatred in my 
heart. To keep my hands from picking and 
ftealing, and my tongue from evil-fpeaking, lying, 
and flanderiqg. To keep my body in temperance, 
jfobernefs, and chaftity. Not to covet nor defire other 
men's goods ; but to learn and labour truly to get 
mine own living, and to do my duty in that ftate of 
life, unto which it Ihall pleafe God to call me. 

CatechiJi.yiY good child know this, that thou art 
not able to do thefe things of thyfelf, nor to walk iri 
the Commandments of God, and to ferve him without 
his fpecial grace., which thou mult learn at all times 


Tondatderlghhoniyemt-hah, pj 

feana neoni Raoweanadogeaghti eakowayefaghte, Ne- 
oni yekayeri-oenvve eahhiyodeaghfe tliniwighneferageh 

Yer, Oghneanahotea kakarode tfineankyerafe Sa- 
fyadat ? 

^ay. Tfineanwagyerea, ne Eahhinoroughkwake tfi- 
niyought kaddatdenoenwefe, ne agwegouh Ongwe- 
hokonh ethonak'hyerea tfiniyought agwegouh ongwe- 
hokouh nayonkyere : Nene yonkwadouwedouh ahi- 
norunghkwake, akhekon'yonghfthake neoni akhe- 
yenawafehh'^ke : Ne tfinakadd'yere ne Koraghkoa 
neoni agwegouh ne Yondatdenakeraghton akhekon^ 
n'youghflake. Neoni akheyat-hoendadiheke ne agwe- 
gouh yongwadakwaghs, akoderighhcen'yenis ne kea- 
niyerhah karighwiyoughilouh neoni Radiweniyofc. 
Akheyenakeraghtouhhake Akenikoenrakon neoni a- 
yotkonn'youghftouhhake tfina-kheyerafe agwegouh 
ne fuhha Yekowanoghfe tfiniyought. Ne yaghonghka 
akheyefaghtea-ypnh Aondakadati neteas Kayodeaghne. 
Oktiwagwegouh Aongwaderighwagwarieghfyeah A- 
katteweyenoeni neoni ayotfakwarighfyouh tfiyakefeke. 
Ne yaght-haondouh ki K'yadagouh adatfwea-uh, 
aonkenikoughraghfeahhake, ne akenoghfkwaghfeke 
kanuf-haghfeke ayonoweahake, Kakonadouh adade- 
waenonda-uh yodakfeah yondaddyadaghkwa, neoni 
yondaddatroriyafis. Akadeweyendouh K'yeronke a- 
akfteroughfe apnthtokhake neoni yaghothenouh t'ha- 
yaoreke, Ne yaghthakhenof-hea akoreah Akoweah, 
neteas takaderiyendagari; nok eawag'y odea neoni eakat- 
ilenyarouh eakeghfake ne teyodoghwentfyouhhoeh 
Kon heghkouh ne goenreane, neoni tfinayoughtouh 
tfikonhe yakyerite, netfineahhanoenwene Niyoh ne- 

Ter, Kenonwefe K'yea, agwagh fadcriendarak, ne- 
nekea Karighwaokonh yaghtea t'hyaghhyerlte Tfini- 
faefhatfteaghtfera, fegouh oeni ya-aghfewe Niyoh Sa- 
kaweani, neoni ethoghtfy ahoewayodeaghfe, ne yagh- 

p^ A Catechljm, 

to call for by diligent Prayer. Let me hear therefore 
if thou canft fay the Lord's Prayer ? 


^UR Father, which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy 
Name ; Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be done in 
earth, as it is in heaven : Give us this day our daily 
bread ; And forgive us our trefpaires, as we for- 
give them that trefpafs againft us ; And lead us not 
into temptation ; But deliver us from evil. Amen, 

^ejl. What defireft thou of God in this Prayer? 

Atifw. I defire my Lord God our heavenly Father, 
who is the giver of all goodnefs, to fend his grace 
unto me, and to all people, that we may worfhip him, 
ferve him, and obey him, as we ought to do And 
1 pray unto God that he will fend us all things that 
be needful both for our fouls and bodies; and that he 
will be merciful unto us, and forgive us our fins ; and 
that it will pleafe him to fave and defend us in all 
dangers ghofhly and bodily ; and that he will keep us 
from all fin and wickednefs, and from our ghoftly 
enemy, and from everlafting death. And this I truft 
he will do of his mercy and goodnefs, through our 
Lord Jefus Chrift. And therefore I fay, Amen* So 
be it. 



Tondaiderlghhonlyenlt-hah* 9^ 

tea tcahhakodearane, nekadi ayoeni Aghfadatderih- 
hoenn'yenihheke ne ayoeni tiutkon aghfatllenyarea 
Adereanayent eayakefakc. Kin'youh wakat-hoendik 
nene aghleweyendeghton Raodereanayent neRoyaner? 

COngwaniha ne Karonghyage tighsideron, Wafagh- 
*^ feanado^eaghtine ; Sayanertfera lewe; Taghferre 
eghniavvan tfiniyought Karonghyagouh, oni Oghwen- 
fyage : Niyadewighniferage Takvvanadaranondagh- 
fik nonvva; Neoni Tondakwarighwiyoughflouh, tfmi- 
yught oni Tfyakwadaderighvviyoughfteani ; Neoni 
toghfa takvvaghfarineght Dewaddatdenakeraghtonke; 
nesane fadfyadakwaghs ne Kondighferoheanfe. Amen, 

Ter. Oghne-nahotea eghtlenekeaniik Miyo kean- 
kayea Addereanayent ? 

Tay. Hinekeanilk ne Royaner Eghtfidewa-Niyoh 
neoni Karonghyage t'heanderouh Raniha, nenenne 
fakowis agwegouh Oyeanereaghtak, ne raonhha neoni 
agwegouh Ongwehokouh arerr'he K'hef-hatflat ne 
Raodearat, ne alhakwakonn'youghftake, neoni afha- 
gwayodeaghfe, yekarighwayerige agwegouh ahoewat- 
hoendatfe. Hiyeni-teghtafis oeni ne af-honkyon, 
agwegouh nenahotea teyadoughwhentfiyuhhon Akwa- 
yeroenke neoni Karonghyage awighte ne Adonhet- 
ll-hokouh ; ne afhunkvv^ayena tfironidearefkouh neoni 
aonfafhonkwarighwiyoughftea ne Yongwarighwan- 
nerrea; Ne na-heanoenwene ne nalhonkweanhe a- 
gwegouh Karighvviyoughftakne neoni Wayodondouh- 
harearouh Akwayeronke ; Ayonkhiyadowweyendouh 
ne wahoeni agwegouh kondighferoheanfe neoni kean- 
, dakfat'ho Karighwanerrea, ne Yonkhinikoughragh- 
fweaghfe neoni tfiniyeheawe Keaheyouh. Neoni 
keankeye agwegouh wakadowenodaghkouh et-hona- 
hadd'yere tfinihonidearefkouh neoni Roddewighk 
Oyannereaghtfera, nevvahoenni Eghfidewayaner Jefus 
Chrifl. Ne wakarihoeni kadouh tfiyeyodkte. Amen. 
Et-ho n'ayawea. 


^6 'ihe Catechif?m 

HOW many SacranntentS hath Chrlfl ordained in his 
Church ? 
Anfw. Two only aS generally neceffary to falvatlon;. 
that is to fay, Baptifm, and the Supper of the Lord. 

^e/i. What me^ncft thou by this word Sacrament? ^ 

Anfw. I mean an outward and vifible fign of an in- 
ward and fpiritual grace, given unto uSy ordained by 
Chrift himfelf, as a means whereby we receive the? 
fame, and a pledge to affure us thereof. 

^ejl. How many parts are thefe in a Sacrament ? 

Anfw. Two: the outward vifible (ign, and the in^ ' 
ward fpiritual grace. 

^ejl. What Is the outward vifible fign, or form in 
Baptifm ? 

Anfw. Water: wherein the perfon is baptized, In. 
the Name of the Father ^ and of the Son, and of the Holf 

^efl. What is the inward and fpiritual grace ? ; 

Anfw. A death unto fin, and a new birth unto rlgh- 
teoufnefs; for being by nature born in fin and the chil- 
dren of wrath, we are hereby made the children o^ 


Tondadertghhon'iyenit-hah'% $^7 


"pvO nikouh Sacrament-hogon Chrift Royondon 
•*-^ Raonoghfadogeaghtige ? 

Toy. Tekeni ok, ne rawerouh teyodouhwhent- 
fyouhhoeh ne Karonghyage ayontfenonn'yataghkwe ; 
keangayea Yondotnegofferaghfk, neoni Orighwa- 
dogeaghti Tekarighwakehhadont. 

Ter. Oghnenahotea Saghronkat-ha nene yondon 
Sacrament ? 

Tay, Kaghronkat-ha tfiniyeyoderlghwlnouh ne 
yontkaght-hoghs Watdenyendeaghftouh ne nakouh 
neoni Karlghvviyoughftouh Yonkhidearonh, Chrift 
Royoendouh, newahoeni et-honayoughtouhhake li-» 
nikayadoteah, et-hosenenne ne lagat yonkwayen- 
dafe ne Wadenyendeaghftouh nenahotea orighwiotfy 

Ter. Tonadeyekhaghfyouhs ne uhikat Sacra- 
ment ? 

Toy. Tekeni : ne tfiyontkaght-hoght-Ha Waden** 
yendeaghftouhj neoni nakouh Karighwiyoughftak 

7''er, Oghnenahotea tfiniyeyoderighwinouh yont- 
kaght-hoghs Waden'yendeaghftouh neteas tfini- 
yought n'eadatnekoserhouh ? 

Tay. Oghnekanoghs ; yondatnekoferaght-ha ne 
Raghfeanakouh ne Raniha, neoni ne Ronwaye neoni 
ne Ronikoughriyoughftouh. 

Ter. Oghnenahotea ne nakouh neoni karighwi-- 
youghflak Keandearouh ? 

Tay. Ne Keaheyoughfe Karigwannerrea, neoni afe 
Waondoeni tfiniyought yodderighwakwadacweah : 
ikea tfiniyeyadodeanfe Karighwanerakferakouh ya- 
kodoeni neoni Ondatd'ye-ongoe-a ne Kanakwea-uh, 
keant-ho waonkhiyoeni ne Keandearouh Ondat-d'ye- 

O Ter, 

9 5 A Catechijriu 

^leji. What is required of perfons to be baptized ? 

Anfw. Repentance, whereby they forfake fin ; and 
faith, whereby they ftedfaftly believe the promifes. 
of God riiade to them in that Sacramento 

^eft. Why then are Infants baptized, when by 
reafon of their tender age they cannot perform them f 

Anfw. Becaufe they promife them both by their 
fureties : which promife, when they come to age, 
themfelves are bound to perform. 

^.ejl. Why was the Sacrament of the Lord's Sup- 
per ordained ? 

Anfw. For the continual remembrance of the facri-^ 
fice of the death of Chrift, and of the benefits which 
we receive thereby. 

^ejl. What is the outward part,, or fign of the 
Lord's Supper? 

Anfw. Bread and wine,- which the Lord hatK 
commanded to be received. 

^ejt. What is the inward part or thing fignified?" 

Anfw. The Body and Blood of Chrift, which are 
verily and indeed taken and received by the faithful 
in the Lord's Supper. 

^ejl. What are the benefits whereof we are- 
partakers thereby ? 

Anfw, The ftrengthening and refreftiing of our 
fouls by the Body and Blood of Chrift, as our bo- 
dies are by the bread and wine. 


Tondatderlghhoniyentt'hah* pp 

Ter. Oghnenne yakaweah eayond'yerea ne yon- 
datnekofferaghwc ? 

Tay. Ent'fyondonhakanoeni, ne n'karlboni enyegh- 
fweaghfeke ne Karlghwannerrea ; neoni Tewlghtagh- 
kouh ne eankarihoeni tokelkeonwe end'yakawigh- 
taghkoiih ne Rowaneanda-uh Niyoh ronouhhage 
keankaye Sacrament tfinikayadoteah yondatdeani. 

7&r. Oghnenne wahoeni yondatnekofleras ne Ik- 
faongoe-ah, ne yaghtayawight Ikfaongoe-ah ne- 
kayeyerice ? 

I'ay.. Newahony keankayeatethfyareah yeweanean- 
.dafe : ne wahoenwadighfeanouh nenahotea yako- 
weanonda-uh, akaonhha yeyerite n'kowanha. 

Ter. Ogh nenahotea werouh ne Orighwadegeaghti 
Tekarighwakehhadont Kayoendouh ? 

9%. Newahoeni tiutkouh ayakawighyaghragh- 
koniheke ne Rodeweandeghtouh neoni Raweaheyat 
Chrift, neoni Kayannerouh et-ho d'yoyeghtaghkouh 

T'er. Oghnenahotea yont'-ha ne Wadenyendeagh- 
flouh ne Royaner Raorighwadogeaghtihhadont ? 

Tay.. Kanadarok neoni Oneahharadafehhouhrfera- 
keri, nenahotea ne Royaner fakaweani eayeyenagh- 

7er, Oghnenahotea nakouh kayadareaghkouh, 
neoni Waden'yendeaghflouh tfiniyod'ycrea ? 

'^ay. Ne Rayeronke neoni Raonigweaghfa Chrlft, 
nenahotea togeilceonwe yakoyenah ne d'yakawigh- 
taghkouh ne Orighwadogeaghti Tekarighwakeh- 

Ter, Oghnikayanereaghferotea, ne keantho de- 

'^.ay, Ne Kaeihatilatsk neoni tfyonheghtsihonh 
Ongwadonhet^, newahoeni Rayeronke neoni Ra- 
onigweaghfa Chrift, ne karihhoenis Onkwadonhetft 
fadekowadenondeas Akwayeronke fondakaridadde 
newahoeni Kanadarok neoni Oneahharadafehhotfe- 
akeri. O 2 Yei\ 

100 A Catechlfm, 

^ejl. What is required of them who come to 
the Lord's Supper } 

Anfw. To examine themfelves, whether they re- 
pent- them truly of their former fins, ftedfaftly pur- 
pofing to lead a new life ; have a lively faith in 
God's mercy through Chrift, with a thankful re- 
membrance of his death; and be in charity with all 

A Morning Prayer for a Family, 

A Lmighty God ! Father of all mercies, we thinQ 
"^ unworthy fervants prefent ourfelves with all 
humility before thy divine Majcfty, to offer to thee 
this our morning facrifice of praife and thankfgiving 
for all thy goodnefs and lovingkindnefs vouchfafed 
to us thy finful creatures. We blefs thee for creat-r 
;ng us after thine own Image and Likenefs, for 
making us capable of loving thee and enjoying thee 
eternally. We blefs thee for preferving us froni 
innumerable accidents and dangers through the 
whole courfe of our lives till this time ; for refrefh- 
ing our bodies the night paft with comfortable reft 
3,nd lleep ; for bringing us fafe to the light of this 
clay. We blefs thee for our food and raiment, fo^ 
our health and friends, and for all the comforts and 
accommodations of this life. But above all, we 
praife and magnify thy tloly Name, for thine inef- 


JTondaiderlghhonlyemt'hah, i o i 

Ter, Oghneane yakaweah n'ayond'yere ne wa- 
eghre k'yadaran ne Royaner Raorighwadogeaghtih- 
hadont ? 

Tay, Ne enyondat-denlkoughrifake, ne tokefke- 
pnwe aonfayondatrewaghte Tfiniyakorighwannerea, 
neoni ayoghnirouh ayerheke afe tfieakonheke : neoni 
enyonhegh-tsihouh Endewakightaghkouh Niyoh- 
tferagouh tfironidearelkouh nevvahoeni Chrift : ne 
ayondughreanihheke Ayakawighyaghraghkweanih- 
heke Raweaheyat neoni ayondatdenorunghkwake 
tfiniyought Ondat-degeaongoewa agwegouh On- 


Ne Adereanayent Orhonkhie ne Akanoghfagoub* 

/^Ktiwagwegouh raelliatfte Niyoh ! Raniha agwe- 
>-^ gouh ronidareikouh, yaghteyongwayannere 
Tak'gwanhafe wagwad'yadadadde ne agwegouh 
Ongwanigoenragouh Saniyoghne Yefanakeraghtouh, 
ne wagwarighwayehaghfe nenekea Tfiwaongwar- 
heane ne Yoneandont neoni Wakwadoenreah ne- 
wahoeni agwegouh Sayannereaghtfera neoni yenoe- 
vvight tfiniikwayerea wafriwariwawafe Yonkwarigh- 
wannerakfkonh. Wakwaneandouh newahoeni tak- 
wayadiflbuh yefayereah neoni Tiinighs'yadotea, 
ne wahoeni wafkwatkanoenlyate ayelanorunghkwake 
neoni ayefayendane ne tfiniyeheawe. Wakwanean- 
douh newhoeni wadeskwagh-fniea yaghthayo^nradde 
Tfinayavvea-uh neoni Waghteronke ne tfinahhe 
yak'yonhedd'yefe nenekea keant-ho yekanihhare ; 
Newahoeni tfinifayerea Akwayeronke ne Keawagh- 
fondadighkwe fadaweyenoeni waihcyeyeah neoni 


i02 Prayers» 

timable love In the redemption of the world by 
our Lord Jefus Chrift, for the means of grace, and 
for the hope of glory. And we befeech thee 
give us fuch a fenfe of thy great and manifold mer- 
cies beftowed upon us, as may engage us to a true 
thankfulnefs, fuch as may appear in our lives, by a^ 
humble, holy, and obedient walking before thee all 
our days. 

We acknowledge, O Lordl that we have rendered 
©urfelves unworthy of thy favours and bleffings, 
by our many great and heinous fins : But we do 
with Ihame and forrow confefs our frequent breaches 
of thy holy laws, in thought, word, and deed ; 
that we have left undone thofe things thou haft 
commanded, and done thofe things thou haft for- 
bidden ; and it is of thy mercy alone that we are 
not confumed. But, O moft mighty and merciful 
God, who haft compaflion upon all men, and hateft 
nothing that thou haft made, who wouldeft not the 
death of a linner, but that he fhould rather turn 
from his fin and be faved ; mercifully forgive us 
our trefpafles, receive and comfort us, who are 
grieved and wearied with the burden of our fins : 
Thy property is always to have mercy ; to thee only 


A^ereanayent. lo^ 

fkeanca t*haonkweandawe ; ncwahoeni takwayada- 
noghfladouh wafkwayat-hewe tfid'youghfwat-he ne- 
nekea Wighniferade. Wakwaneandouh newahoeni 
Tfiniyagwakfk neoni Yakwaghkwats, newahoeni 
fkeanon t'hiyak'yonhe neoni Yakhinoghkwe, ne- 
oni ne wahoeni agwegouh ne feyeyeghs neoni 
yekarighvvayeri nenegea Tfiyag'yonhe. Ok fuhha 
agwegouh, wagwaneandon neoni wakwakowanagh- 
te Saghfeanadogeaghti, newahoeni yaghteyeyoteght 
Tfini-fhenorunghgwa ne waghfnereaghfyouh ne 
Ongwehogouh ne rorihhoeni Songwayaner Jefus 
Chrift, ne wahoeni ne Raodeweyena ne Keandea- 
rouh, neoni ne wahoeni Yodowenodaghkwat ne 
ne Onwefeaghtfera; Neoni Wakweaniteeghtea tak- 
youh ethonayoughtouk ayakwanoghtonnyonghkwa- 
ke skowanea neoni teyorighwanedaryouh Sanida- 
reghtfera takwawi, ayakwadatnereanke keanayough- 
touh togeskeonwe Ayondonrea, tfinayoughtoehake 
tliyakyonhe akadokeane, ne akarihhoeni Ayakoni- 
goughradogeaghti, neoni ayakat-hondatfeke tliayag- 
wefeke iseke Ongwighnileragwegouh. 

Wagwadonderene, O Sayaner ! ne yongwatda- 
didaksatouh tfiniyonkwadatt'yerea keanoenwe San- 
heghfera neoni Oyadaderieghtfera, ne wagarih- 
honi efo tfiniyonkwad'yerea kowaneafe neoni 
yoghfwat Karighwannerrea : Ok yakwadehheafe ne- 
oni Yongwanikoenrawife tfiyakwakonhakanoenis te- 
yorighwanedarriouh Tfyonkwaderighwadewaghtouh 
Sarighwadogheaghti, Yonoghtonyouhkwa, Waon- 
dadi neoni et-hone-yakodiyerea ; ne yaghtea et-ho- 
teyongwayerea nenakarihhotea ne ifeah et-ho n'eaye- 
yere; Neoni nenakarihhotea et-honiyongwad'yerea 
ne ife:^h wakwaght'yawearatfe ; neoni et-hodewight- 
ha Tiifanidareskouh ne yaghtea othenon Teyon- 
gwayadaweaghfe. Oky O oktiwagwegouh Raef-hat- 
fte neoni Ronidareskouh Niyoh, ne feandearusk a- 
gwegouk Ongwehogouh, neoni nene yaghtea tef- 


104 Prayers, 

it appertaineth to forgive fins ; fpare us, tlierefofe> 
good Lord, fpare us, whom thou haft redeemed ; 
but fo turn thine anger from us, that by thy pardon 
and peace, we may be cleanfed from all our fins, 
and may ferve thee with a quiet mind all our days* 

We acknowledge, O Lord ! that through thtf 
weaknefs of our mortal nature, we can do no good 
thing without thee; grant us therefore the help of 
thy grace, that in keeping thy commandments, 
we may pleafe thee both in will and deed. 

Teach us alfo to fee how frail and uncertain ouf 
condition is in this world, and fo to number our 
days, that we may ferioufly apply our hearts to hea* 
venly wifdom ; and grant, that as we are baptized 
into the death of thy Son our Saviour Jefus Chrifl, 
fo by continually mortifying our corrupt affections, 
we may be buried with him, and through the grave 
and gate of death may pafs to a joyful refurre^ion* 


Adereanayent* 105 

lleffweaghfe rie feyadiflbuh, nennenne yaghtea tef- 
henof-has ne Raoneaheyyat Yakorighwanerakfkouh, 
ok yoyannere aonfayondatrewaghte Tfiniyerighwan- 
nerafks neoni Karonghyage areghte, tondakwarigh 
wiyoughflea tfifanidarefkouh Tfyonkwaderighwa'. 
dewaghtouh. Tondakwariwawas neoni askweyeah, 
nenenne yonkvvaghwifheaghne ; Ne ife feweniyo 
tyutkon ne aghsedeare, fouhha-ah t'hiferohadd'yefe 
ne waf-fherighwiyonghfteah ne Karighwannerea; 
Takwayadanoghftat ne eakarihhoeni Sayanertfe- 
riyo, takwayadanoghftat, ne neaghfeghnereagh- 
fyouh, ok iffif-hawight Sanakweaghfera tliyakwefe, 
ne wahoeni ne eakarihhoeni Serighwiyougfteani 
neoni Senidareghtfera, ayonkwanoghharefe agwe- 
gouh Tfiniyongwarighvvannerea, neoni ayefayo- 
deaghfe ne fkeanea ayakonigoughrayendake On- 

Wakwadoenrene, O Sayaner ! ne karihhoenis 
ne yaghtea wakatfte Keaheyoughfe tfiniyagwayado- 
tea, yaghteayawight akarighwiyohake tfinayagwad- 
d'verea ne yaghtea t'haghfyadarake ; Takyonh ne 
eakarihhoeni ne ayonkwanhe Seandearat, ne wa- 
hoeni ayakoyenawcigouh tfinif-heyeni, tetfyarouh 
ne Aghfeghre neoni Akodeweyena af-henonwene. 

Takwarihhonni ayonkwaga-eanya tliniyonetfk- 
hah, neoni yaghtea kadogea tliniwagwayadotea 
nenekea Tfiyoughwentfyade, neoni keanayogh- 
touh ayagwarade Tfiniyongwighniferade, ne 
wahoeni ayagwatftenyarouh Onkweryaghfagouh ne 
Tfietkaronghyade Kanikoughrowaneaghtfera : Ne- 
oni takyouh ne -Eayonkhighnegoserhonke ne Ra- 
weaheyat Eghtfye-ah karonghyage Songwayadeaha- 
wight-ha Jefus Chrift, ne akarihhoeni tiutkon akon- 
kewarriyoughfeke yodakfeanfe tfiniyakwad'yerha, ne 
oghferoeni fadeyonkhiyadadda, neoni ne akarih- 
hoeni ne Tfiyondad'yadadaghkwa neoni Tfikan- 

P hokaronde 

io6 Prayers* 

Vouchfafe we befeech thee, O Lord! to dire(3f^ 
fandlif}'-, and govern this day, and all the days of 
our life, both our hearts and bodies in the ways of 
thy laws, and in the works of thy commandments, 
that through thy mofl mighty proted:ion both here 
and ever we may be preferved in body and foul. 

Accept, O Lord ! of our prayers and fupplica- 
tions for all eftates and conditions of men. Give 
thy Son the heathen for his inheritance, and the 
utmoll parts of the world for his poffeffion. We 
befeech thee to keep thy Houfhold the Church 
in continual godlinefs, that through thy protediioii 
it may be free from all adverfities. And of thy 
goodnefs, O Lord ! comfort and fuccour all them 
Vv^ho in this tranlitory life are in trouble, forrow, 
need, ficknefs, or any other adverlity ; look upon 
them with the eyes of thy mercy, give them com- 
fort and fure confidence in thee, and in thy due 
time a happy deliverance out of all their afflictions. 

And we befeech thee, O Lord ! mercifully to 
incline thine ears to us that have made now our 
prayers and fupplications unto thee ; and grant 
that thofe things that we have faithfully afked ac- 
cording to thy will, may efFedtually be obtained, to 
the relief of our neceflity, and to the fetting forth 
of thy glory, through Jefus Cbrijl, our Lord, in 
whofe blefled Name and words, we continue to pray, 


Adereanayent. ^107 

hokaronde ne Keahe^'-ouh tayakwadohhetfle ne a- 
yongwadonharake Tfineatfyagwatkctskoiih. 

A-aghfeiT-he aghfenonwene wakweaniteaghtea, 
O Sayaner ! askwadago Ongwerlyane neoni a-lacfle- 
rifte Keawighniferade, neoni Ongv/ighnlferakwc- 
gouh tfineawe ayak'yonheke Tfiniyeyoderighwi- 
nouh Sariwa, neoni ayongwayodeke tfinif-heyeni, 
ne wahoeni ne wakarihhoeni agwegouh t'hife-ef-hat- 
fle af-heyadanoghftadde tetfyarouh keant-ho neoni 
ne finiyeheawe ne Akvvayeronke neoni Ongwadon- 
hetft ayakonharake. 

Takwayenawas, O Sayaner ! Ongwadereanayent 
neoni yakhiyeniteaghtafis agwegouh tliniyeyado- 
deanfe neoni Tfiniyagoyadaweaghfe ne Ongweho- 
gouh. Eghtferackwas Eghtfye-ah ne Ongwe- 
hoenwe, neoni ne Tfiyodoghwhentfyoktannihhonh 
Et-h6-ahad'yendouh. Wakweaniteaghtea iadovve- 
yendouh ne Sanoghfadogeaghti tiutkon ayako- 
righwiyonghftouh, neoni ne akarihhoeni Tfif-he- 
noghne fkeana t'hayeifeke ne agwegouh Tfiyontka- 
ronis. Seyeyeh neoni feriwawas, O Sayaner ! ne 
agwegouh nenayadotea nenekea keaok-niyoriwis 
Tfiyak'yonhe ne Tewadohhareghronke, Wakonogh- 
waktea, ne Waehetkeaghtfo, neteas oyafonh Tfini^ 
yontkaroeniik ; Af-heyatkaght-ho ne yonidareikouh 
Skaghteke, kaf-heyeyeah neoni ayorighwaghni- 
ronh aghtadewenodaghkwe, neoni af-heyatkano- 
niyate eghnoenwe ayakodafkatftouh Tiiniyoghne- 
reaghfyeah agwegouh Tfiniyakaweaghskwe. 

Neoni wakweaniteaghtea, O Sayaner ! takwat- 
teahoughfadats tiifanidareikouh ne fenikoenrare 
ne onwa Ongwadereanayent neoni Gw^eaniteaghta- 
fisk ; Neoni takyouh nenahotea Tfinifaderighwhl- 
nouh tlinighferhe, agaddowenodaghkouh akwarigh- 
vvanegea, ayof-hatOek ayonkwayendane, ne wahoe- 
ni Tfinadeyongwadoghwhentfyoni ne ayongwagh- 
Ihienouh, neoni Sonwefeaghtfera ne ayagwaghtan- 
dyade, ne wakarihhoni Jefus Chrilt Songwayaner, 

P 2 raonh- 

Ip8 Prayers f 

OUR Father, which art in heaven. Hallowed be 
thy Name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be 
done in earth, as it is in heaven: Give us this day 
our daily bread ; And forgive us our trefpafles, as 
we forgive them that trefpafs againft us ; And lead 
us not into temptation ; But deliver us from evil : 
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the 
glory, for ever and ever. Amen, 

An 'Evening Prayer for a Family. 

A Lmighty God, Father of our Lord Jefus Chrifl^ 
'*^ maker of all things, judge of all men ; we ac- 
knowledge and bewail our manifold fins and wicked- 
nefs, which we from time to time moft grievoufly 
have committed by thought, word, and deed, againft 
thy Divine Majefty, provoking moft juftly thy 
wrath and indignation againft us; we do earneftly 
repent, and are heartily forry for thefe our mifdo- 
ings, and the reniemb ranee of them is grievous 
unto us. 

Have mercy upon us, O Lord! after thy great 
goodnefs, according to the multitude of thy mer- 
cies, do away our offences ; wafti us thoroughly 
from our wickednefs, and clparnfe us from our lins ; 
create and make in us new and contrite hearts, that 
v/e worthily lamenting our p^ft fpllie^, and acknow- 


Adereanayent» 109 

i'aonhha-tferagouh oyadadcrlh Raoghfeana neoni 
Kaoweana, segouh yongwadereanayeh, wakwean- 

COngwaniha ne Karonghyage tighslderon,Wa^agh- 
'^ feanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera levve; Taghferre 
eghniawan tfiniyoiightKaronghyagouh, oni Oghwent- 
fyage : Niyadewighniferage Takwanadaranondagh- 
fik nonwa; Neoni Tondakwarighwiyoughftouh, tfini- 
yught oni Tfyakwadaderighwiyoughfteani ; Neoni 
nesane fadfyadakwaghs ne Kondighferoheanfe ; ikea 
Sayanertfera ne na-ah, neoni ne Kaelhatfle, neoni 
ne Onwefeaghtak ne tfiniyeheawe neoni tfiniyehe'awc. 

Ne Adereanayent Tokarajk-ha ne AkanoghJakouK 

"D Aef-hatlleaghferagwegouh Niyoh, Raniha Son- 
gwayaner Jefus Clirift, RaonifTonh Oktiorigh- 
wagwegouh, agwegouh Ongwehogouh teghf-heya- 
dorcght-ha; Wakwadoenderene neoni yagwanhate 
teyorighwanedaryouh Yonkwarighwannerea neoni 
Yodakfeanfe, ne tfiniyongwayerannyouh rfinahhe 
jie Wakweanoghtonyouh, Wakwadadi neoni tfini- 
gwayerafe fe Niyoh tfiikowanea, tfiniyongwada- 
d'yerea faderighwakwarighfyoiih Kanaekhuea-iih 
neoni Taghfaderiaghtikhonh ; Orighwiyotfi fayak- 
wadatrewaghte neoni Ongweriyane Yongwanikon- 
ranea ne wahoeni nenekea Tfiyongwaderighwade- 
waghtonh. Takweanderhek, OSayaner! tfinoenwc 
kowanea Sayannereaghtfera, ne tliniyeyoderigh- 
vvinonh yotkate Sanidareghrfera, fafaghton Tfyon- 
gvvaderighwadewaghton ; takwanoh hares ne tfini- 
yonkwatfvvatoub. Neoni tondakwarakewas ne 
Tfiniyonkwarighwannerea ; takyoh niflah neoni on- 


no Prayers. 

hedging our wretchednefs, may obtain of thee, the 
God of all mercy, perfed: remiffion and forgivenefs. 

Grant us, O Lord ! the affiftance of thy Holy- 
Spirit, that for the time to come, we may think 
and do fuch things as be rightful ; that we, who can- 
not do any thing that is good without thee, may by 
thee be enabled to live according to thy will ; that 
thy grace may always fo prevent and follow us, as 
to make us continually to be given to all good works. 

Help us, O Lord ! to with Hand the alTaults of the 
enemies of our falvation, the world, the flefh, and 
the devil, and with pure hearts and minds to follow 
thee the only God. Graft in our fouls the love of 
thy name, increafe in us true religion, nourifti us 
with all goodnefs, and of thy great mercy keep us 
in the fame. 

Teach us, O Lord ! fo to number our days, that 
we may apply our hearts unto wifdom ; and grant 
that we may prefs forward toward the prize of the 
high-calling that is before us, with faith and pa- 
tience, with "humility and mecknefs, with mortifi- 
cation and felf-denial, Vv^ith charity and conftant 
perfeverence to the end ; that fo v/hen we fliall de- 
part this life, we may lleep in the Lord, and at the 
general refurredtion in the laft day, may be found 
acceptable in thy liyht, and receive that bleffing 
which thy beloved Son Ihall then confer upon all 
thofe that truly love and fear thee. 


Adcreanayent, 1 1 1 

k'yonhatferagouh afe fasoeni, neoni Onkweriyane 
ayoughteroeleke, nc wahoeni wahonife fiyonkwean- 
deaghr, togeike-onwe ayagvvadadonhate, neoni tfi- 
yongvveandeaght ayakyonderene, la Niyoh ne aon- 
dawighte agwegouh Onidareghtfera ayongwayeen- 
dane, nene yeyot-heh nhaghtonde neoni ayonkhi- 
righwiyoughftcah. Takyouh, O Sayaner ! ne a- 
yonkwanhe Sanigoughriyoughftouh, ne wahoeni 
onwa aondondaghlawea, ayakweghyarake neoni 
agwegouh rfinayagwadd'yere yekayeri-onwe; Ne 
wahoeni yaghteayawight ayoyannereke tfinayakwad'- 
yerhake ne yaghta fyadarake, ne waghlatkanonyate 
ne tfiyag'yonhe tfinighleghre ; Ne wahoeni Sandearat 
tiutkon ayonkhiyatftogate neoni ayakwayaneahhawe, 
ne tiutkon tfinayagwadadd'yere ayakwaddyadon- 
d'yeghte Tfietkayodeaghferiyofe. Takwaghfnienouh 
O Sayaner ! newahoeni ayagwadoriyaghnerohaghfe ne 
teyonkhinihaghrodoghs neRadighfweaghfeKarongh- 
yage wagwightane, ne Oghwhentfya, ne Owarouh, 
neoni ne Onefleaghrononh, neoni Aweriyaghfiyohake 
neoni ne Akonigoenra ayefaghfere ne raonha-a Ni- 
yoh. Tfyent-hohOnkweriyaghlagouh ne akondrungh- 
kwe Saghfeana, takwayehftea ne togefke-onwe Niyoh 
Raodeweyena, takwanhont-hoh agwegouh Yoyanne- 
reaghfera, neoni tfikowanea Sanidareghtfera tondak- 
wadoweyendouh ne fakari'wat. Takwarighhonni 
Sayaner eghnayoughtouh ayagwarade tfiniyonkwigh- 
niferage, ne wahoeni Ongvveriyane ayakwaghkwide 
ne Tfikanikoughrowaneaghtfera ; Neoni takyouh ne 
ayonkwaderighwaghtandyade etho-nonkadighkouh 
tiiyegayeh wiyoh ne kowanea Ayeroughyehhare ne 
yonkhirighwadadih neTewightaghkouh neoni Ayon- 
daghkatftade, ne Ayakorihwhiyohake neoni Ayako- 
nigoughriyouh, ne ayoghtonde ne Kanakhueaghfera 
ne Yonkwadd'yeni, neakene Ayenorunghkwe neoni a- 
yakonigoughraghnirouh yayehhewe neTfiyeyodokte; 
Ne et-hone eayakwayadoendi ncnekea Tfyag'yonhe, 


112 Prayers* 

Charge thy holy Providence, O Lord ! we hurri^ 
bly beleech thee, with us this night, and by thy 
great mercy defend us from all the perils and dan- 
gers of it. Keep us both outwardly in our bodies, 
and inwardly in our fouls, that we may be defended 
from all adverfities that may happen to the body, and 
from all evil thoughts that may afiault and hurt the 

Extend thy goodnefs, O Lord ! to the whole race of 
mankind ; have mercy upon all that are in darknefs 
and the lliadow of death ; take from them all igno- 
rance, hardnefs of heart, and contempt of thy word ; 
and fo fetch them home to thy flock, that they may 
be faved. 

Let thy continual pity cleanfe and defend thy 
church, and becaufe it cannot continue in fafety 
withouc thy fuccour, preferve it evermore by thy 
help and goodnefs. Blefs all our Governors both in 
church and ftate, that in their feveral ftations they 
may be ufeful and ferviceable to thy glory, and the 
public good. We make our humble fupplications 
to thee for all our benefaftors, friends and relations, 
and alfo for our very enemies ; let thy fatherly hand 
be ever over them, let thy Holy Spirit be ever with 
them, and fo lead them in the knowledge and obe- 
dience of the word, that in the end they may obtain 
everlafting life. Look with an eye of pity and com- 
panion upon all thofe who are any ways afflidted or 
diflreffed in mind, body, or eftate ; give them pa- 

Adereanayeiit* 113 

ne Royuner ne ayakwadorlfleraghtouh, neoni ne wa- 
hoeni ne Tfineant-fyontketlkoh agwegouh nc Tfinea- 
dio-hnifeiokrea, iscke afkwavathewe alkvvanonwene, 
neoni nenenne Oyadaderightfera ayonkwayendane 
nenahotea eghcfyadaderiftouh Eghtfie-ah yegwegouh 
neeandeal-hagikon, ne togefkeonwe ne Yefanorungh- 
kwa neoni yeiatsanighfe. 

Serighvvanyeght Yefayadadogeaghti Ayeka-eany- 
ouh, O Sayaner ! wakvveaniteaghtea Onkwanigoenra- 
gouh afkwanona Kea-waghlonde, neoni ne wakarih- 
honi kovvanea Sanidareghtlera takwaddoweyendouh 
ne agwegouh Tfiniwagbteronke neoni Dewaddohha- 
reghronke ; Etho-noenvve faghtandiyat Sayanne- 
reghtfera, O Sayaner ! ne agwegoen-feOngvvehogouh 
Eghnikwaghfa, Ihedearhek agwegouh ne Aghlada- 
kouh ycderouh neoni Yodaghladare ne Keaheyeah ; 
ereah fehhawightas agwegouh tiiniyakanekht-reaghfe 
ne Teyoghfihhara-uh Akaweriane, neoni Yekona- 
daghkvva Saweana ; Neoni tondaghfeyacdat yaieya- 
t-hewe Sand'youghkwage, ne wahoni Karonghyage 
ea-yeghte. Kea-nagayere Sanidareghtfeia yaghtha- 
oughtkavvaghfeke akanohhare Senoghfadogeagh- 
tige neoni ta-aghtfniene, neoni feyouh ne agwegouh 
tfiniyeyaderafe etho aondonyeghtaghkwe Ayakon- 
hennyonke Tfiniyeyoderighwinouh Karighwiyough- 
flak yakowaneanda-uh. Seyadaderift Koraghko-ah 
neoni agwegouh ne Yondatdenakeraghtonh, ne wa- 
hoeni rononhha tfinihad'yerighwayerha ne ayough- 
tandiyade neoni Yayondaghlbnderonh tfinayough- 
touh Sonweleaghtfera neoni ne yegwegouh ayako- 
yannereaghfe. Seyadaderiftakhinoghkw^e ne Owagh- 
rone, neoni agwegouh Yakhinoghkwe neoni yonde- 
weyenonisokoya ne kariwa kea-nihadiyerha nene ro- 
nerouh nene yakorighwdyoughftouh ayakodogeaghfe 
ne aonderighwaghteandi nenekea Aghfadagough 
Ongwehoenwe yederouh ne Tfiniyoughwhentfiade 
erhonoenwe Yak'yonhe neoni ethonayoughtonh agh- 

Q^ feyeda- 

114 Prayers. 

tiencc under all their fufferings, and in thy due timtf 
a happy ilTue out of all their afflidtions. 

In particular, be gracioufly pleafed, O Lord ! to 
blefs the venerable Society, whofe pious endeavours 
are employed to fpread true religion among us* 
Profper the labours of thofe Miffionaries they fend 
among us, that, through thy grace, their miniftry 
may be effectual in delivering the Indian nations in 
thefe parts from fpiritual darknefs, and bringing 
them to the faving light and knowledge of the 
Gofpel ; and from the power of Satan to the living 

And as we pray unto thee, O God f for ourfelves 
and others, lo we delire to blefs and praife thy holy 
name for all thy goodnefs and loving- kindnefs to 
us and to all men. We give thee hearty thanks 
for the prefervation of us the day paft, and the reft 
of our lives, from innumerable accidents and dan- 
gers, for the comforts and conveniences, as well 
as the neceflaries of life. But above all, we laud 
and magnify, and adore thy goodnefs in the re- 
demption of the world by the death and paffion 
of our Saviour Cbriji, who did humble himfelf 
even to the death upon the crofs for us miferable 
finners, that he might exalt us to everlafling life, 
'ieach us to exprefs our thankfulnefs, by fubmitting 
ourfelves entirely to his holy will and pleafure, and by 
Hudying to ferve him in true holinefs and righteouf- 
nefs all the days of our life. Accept, O Lord ! of 
thefe our prayers and praifes, in and through the 
mediation of Jefi(S Chriji, our bleffed Saviour and 
Redeemer, in whofe bleffed name and words we 
farther call, and fay, 
Our Father, &c, 

A Vrayef 

Adereanayenh H5 

feyadaderifte ne tfinihad'yrighwayerha ne yondatden- 
jhaonhhadye cayonkhiyennakeratfe newahoeni ayonk- 
hirighhoen'yenihheke ne wahocni ayotkateke Agh- 
fadakouh Tiideyoughfwathe aonfayondatrewaghte, 
neoni ne tfiracfhatfte OnelFeaghrononh Niyoghne 

Af-heyatkaght-ho ne yanidarefko Skaghtege neoni 
fcdearhek yegwegouh kakiok ayoriwarake, Yakoni- 
konranea, Akonikoghrage, Akoyeronke, netfas tfini- 
yagodeaht; Senlkoughraghniiat ne Tfiyakoionghya- 
gea, neoni aefarighwiyoughfe et-hon.onwe ne ayako- 
dafkatftouh tayondohhetfte agwegouh tiiniyondat' 

Neoni fadeyought kweaniteaghtafis, ONiyohl 
Tfiniyakwadad'yerha neoni t'hiyeyadadennyouh, 
wakwanega Saghfeanadogeaghti ne ayakwayada- 
derifte neoni ayakwaneandouh ne vvahoeni agwegouh 
Sayannereaghfera, neoni Tliniikwanorungbkwa tak- 
wanoenwefe, neoni akwegon Onkvvehogouh. Onk- 
•weriyane wagwadoenrea ne wahoeni Kea-wighnife- 
radeghkwe wadefkwaghfnyene, neoni tfineawe aya- 
g'yonheke, ne yaghteayawight ayonrade tfijiiyawea'r 
qnke neoni Tiiwaghteronke, ne wahoeni waonkhi- 
yeyea neoni yarighwayenlSadeyoughtaghkouh ne Te<- 
yodoghwentfyohlioeh nenekea Tfiag'yonhe. Ok ag- 
wegouh niyadeyotkeannyouh wagwanea-ndouh neoni 
wagwakowanaghte Sayanereaghfera ne feghnereaghii 
ne Youghwhentfyade nerorighhoni Songwayaner Je- 
fus Chrift, ne tehodadeghkwafe ne Keaheyat rodadde- 
weandeghtouh, neoni ne Tfidekiyaghlbnde newa- 
hoeni yongweandeah Yongwarigwanerakfkouh, ne 
wahoeni a-onfal-honkwagetiko ne tfiniyeheawe ayar 
g'yonheke. Takwarihhoenni ayagwadoenrea tfina- 
yongwayerea, ne akarihhoeni tayagwadadeghkwafe 
ayoderighwagwarighfyonh Tfinighleghre orighwado- 
geaghti neoni aghfenonwene, neoni ne akiiihhoni 
ne ayondaderihhonni ne wahoeni ayefayodeaghle no 

Qj; togeske-onwc 

1 1 6 Prayers, 

A Prayer for Repentance and Pardon, 


fOST merciful God, who defireft not the death 
^ of a iinner, but rather that he fhould return 
and live, who haft gracioufly in thy holy Gofpel 
provided for our recovery, and encouraged our re- 
pentance by many promifes of pardon and forgive- 
nefs, fit and prepare me for this exercife of thy 
abundant mercy, by trCie forrow and hearty con- 
trition, by condemning my paft follies, and by fted- 
faftly purpofing entirely to forfake them for the time 
to come: And then, O heavenly Father! for thine own 
infinite mercies fake, and for the merits and fuffer- 
ings of the Son of thy love, in whom thou art well 
pleafed, cleanfe me from all my iniquities, receive 
me into thy favour, and let me continue therein all 
the days of my life, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amen, 

A Prayer 

Adereanayent, 117 

togefke-onwe OrlghwadogeaghtitTerkgouh, neoni 
Yodderighwagwarighfyoiih Ongwighnireragwegonh 
Tfi-ayag'yonheke. Tfyenah, O Sayaner ! nenegea 
Ongwadereanayent neoni Yagwnaeandoghs neoni ne 
wakarihhoeni ne teghfongwadereanayeni Jesus 
Christ Songvvayadaderiftha Karonghyage Song- 
wayadeahawight-ha neoni Sakoghnereaghfyoughs, 
nenenne Oyadaderieghtfera Raghfeanagouh neoni 
Oweanage legouh gwaroughyehha, wagwearouh, 
Songwaniha ne karonghyage tighsideron, &c. 

Ne Adereanayent ne wahoeni ^Jyondatrewaght-Joa 
neoni T'Jyondatder'ighwiyoughJl-ha* 

/^Ktiwagwegouh Ronidearefkouh Niyoh, ne yagh- 
^'^ tegh lenof-has neRaoneaheyatYakorighwanerak- 
fkouh, ok yoyannere ne a-onfayondatrewaghte neoni 
ayakonheke, nenenne fedearouh SarighwifTaghtfe- 
radogeaghti fahheh newahoeni tfyongwayenda-h, 
neoni takwanigoenrat ne wahoeni aonfayagwatdatre- 
waghte ne yorihhoeni yotkate favveanenda-uh ne 
Kandearouh neoni Yonkerighwiyoghfteani, takwat- 
kanoeniyat neoni takenigoiighraghferoni nenegea 
Yondatderighhoen'yenit-ha fagate Onideareghtfera, 
ne karihhoenifk togeike-oenwe Tfyondonhaganonis 
neoni Ongweriyane ayagwaghfweah, ne akarihhoe- 
ni akadeweandeghte ne yodohhetftouh Tfiwagidea, 
neoni ne akarihhoni ayoughnirouh akadadderigh- 
wifla-aghfe ne onwa Aondaken'yondeah akerighwa- 
yerite aongwadi : Neoni et-hoghke, Karonghyage 
tighsiderouh Raniha ! ne wahoeni yaghteyeyodokte 
Sanidareghtfera waghfeghr'he, neoni ne tehodeantfo 
neoni roronghyageah ne Ronwayea Eghtfenorungh- 
kwa, raonhhatferagouh eghtfenonwefe, takenogh- 
hares agwegouh Tfiniwakatfwaton, taken wawas 
Sannoghwightferagouh, neoni aghfeghr'he et-hona- 
youghtoh agwegoiih ne Tfiniwakighniferagetfinean- 


tiS Prayers* 

A Prayer for removing the Obflacles of Believing, 

T O R D of all Power and Might, who art the 
^-^ Author and Giver of all good things ; affift me 
by thy grace, that I may mortify all the inordinate 
and corrupt inclinations of my heart, which oppofe 
the belief of thy holy and heavenly truths. Enable 
me to conquer my evil habits, and govern my unruly 
paffions, that they may not indifpofe my mind in 
embracing that evidence which fo plentifully accom- 
panieth thy divine revelations to the fons of men. 
Let not the fcandalous divifions amongft Chriftians, 
jior the ill lives of thofe that profefs thy holy reli^ 
gion, ever ftagger or weaken my belief of it, fince 
iove and peace, and unity, are marks of thy true 
difciplcs, and that thy wrath is revealed from hear 
ven againll all thofe that obey not the gofpel of thy 
Son. Keep my mind free from all prejudice, which 
puts fo falfe a bias upon the underftanding, even in 
matters of the greatell importance, and which may 
prove fo fatal and deftrudtive to my eternal welfare ; 
that feeing the reafonablenefs of thofe things thou 
haft required to be believed, the perfeftion of thofe 
duties thou haft enjoined to be prad:ifed, and the 
power and force of thofe motives upon which both 
are founded, I may be ftedfaft and unmoveable, and 
at laft receive the end of my faith, even the falva- 
tion of my foul, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

A Vrayer 

Mereanayent, 119 

•we eakonheke, ne aharihhoeni Jefus Chrift Son* 

gwayaner. Amen, 

Ne Adereanayent ne ivahbenl yakonBghtanlgbs 
T'yongwigbtaghkoub e^reah ayeyea. 

CAyaner ne agwegouh tighfef-hatfte neoni fak- 
^ vvennyat nencnne ferihhoenis neoni feyawi ok- 
tiwagwegouh Tfinikarighwiyofe ; takyenawas ne 
akarihhoeni Seandearat, ne akaghtonde agwegouh 
ne yaghteayekayeri neoni yodakfeanfe Tfinikanoen- 
wefe Agweriyane, nenahotea wakenhighteani ne 
Aondongwightaghkouh Sarighwadogeaghti neoni 
Karonghyage yegaye togelke-onwe. Take-ef-hat- 
ftat tfiwakeriwakfea ne akhefeani, neoni Tfini- 
katfwat-ha tfmik'yerha akadevveyenoni, ne yaghte 
ayonkenigoenranea Akenigoenragouh ne tagada- 
deghkwafe tfiniyakaweah, nenahotea keaniyought 
efotfy fenikoughrories Sa-niyoh ferihhowanagh* 
teani ne Ongvvehogouh Ondadd'yeongoe-ah. 

Toghfa tef-henikoughrakhaghfyonkouh ne Tfi- 

aykorighwiyoughftouh, segouh ne ayodakfeahakc 

ne tfiayagonheke nenenne Sarighwadogeaghti ya- 

goyenawagouh, yaghnoweandouh Tfidewakigh- 

taghkouh ereah akeriwayeh neteas t'haondyeghte 

tfiayega-eanyonh Orighwadogeaghti, Teyondadde- 

norunghkwa Kayannerea neoni Sakonigoenrat ne 

Agodevveyena togefkeonwe Sandyoughkwa, neoni 

ne Sanakweaghfera yakorihhowa-naghtouh ne 

Karonghyage d'yawightouh ne Tfineayagoyadawea 

nenenne RaorighwifTatferadogeaghti Eghtfye-ak 

yaghtea gwaweanaraghkwa. Sadevveyendouh ake- 

nigoenra fkeanon t'hageahake agwegouh tayongeni- 

gorhar-ha neavongweahhaghfe kagiok tfini'yeyadotea 

Saniyoh togefl^c-oenwe, ne ayontkaght-ho ne et- 

hoghtfy ne Tfinikarihhhotea nenahotea tfinisereah 

ne wahocni Eandyagawightaghkouh ; neoni ne yc- 


J20 Prayers* 

A Prayer for an effediual Faith* 

f\ Holy and eternal God, who haft gracioufly con- 
^^ defcended to eftablifti with Chriftians a covenant 
of faith and obedience, with the promifes of a pre- 
fent fupply of grace and affiftance, and of a future 
reward to crown all thofe that perfevere in thy fer- 
vice ; O let me for ever dwell upon this Rock, that, 
while I am furrounded with fenfible things, I may 
not be Ihaken by the power of them. That no 
charms of prefent finful pleafures, may make me 
forget that place of torment to which they confign 
me. That the cares of this life, and the deceitful- 
nefs of riches, may never make me negledt a trea- 
fure that faileth not, an inheritance with the Saints 
in light. Work in qie all thofe godly affections 
that may make my faith effectual to my falvation. 
Let the belief of thy paternal care over me produce 
love, honour, and dutiful obedience ; the belief of 
thy Almighty Power, reverence and godly fear; 
the belief of thy righteoufnefs, holinefs in all man- 
ner of converfation ; that faith being the governing 
principle of my life, it may compofe my mind un- 
der all events, by a firm truft and confidence in thy 
wife providence ; and that it may difpel all folicitude 
for wordly fupplies, by a fettled perfyafion^ that 


AdereanayenU i i j 

kayeri nenenne tfineayagoyerea ne ifeah et-honea- 
veyere ne eakoweanoghtonnyoghfe, neoni ne Ka- 
ef-hatfteaght neoni ayoghnirouh nenenne deyont- 
karearouh Tfiniyeydderighwlnouh nenahotea ok 
t'hatetfyarouh akerighwiflouh, Aongenigoughragh- 
nirouh neoni yaghtha onkhwenyatouh, neoni ogh- 
nakeanke a-ong'yendane ne tfiniyeadoktea Tewa- 
kightaghkouh, fadayoghtouh ne Karonghyage a- 
weghte Akvvadonhetft ne aharihhoeni Jefus Chrift 
Songwayaner. Amen, 

Ne Adereanayent ne wahheni ayof-hatjleke Aonda^ 

r\ Sayadodogeaghti neoni tfiniyeheawe Nlyoh, 
^-^ nenenne Keandearatne serouh ne kerighwagh- 
nirat ne YakorighwiyoughftouH ne Tekaweanonda- 
uh ne Tewightaghkouh neoni ayondeweanaragh- 
kwakej ne yakaweah oifghwage aghyf'yefte ne Kean- 
dearouh neoni Ayakoghfnienouh, neoni ne oghna- 
keange ayondadd'yerietfe agwegouh nenennlc ne af- 
heghfeanoni ne ayondanikoughkatflade Saweyena- 

O gien*youh tfiniyeheawe akertakereke nenekea 
Otfieaghrage, ne tfinahhe d'yonkeni'hahhrodeas ne 
yontftokat-ha Kariwa, nenenne Saef-hatfteaghtfera 
yaghtea a-onkenikouhhrodagouh. Ne oghwage ya- 
konikoughroris Tliniyerigh\Vanerakt-ha, tfinonkya- 
dodeaghfte ne Aonkenigorheaghtah Tfitkanakte nc 
d'yonoghwakte nenahotea yonkerighwayenis. 

Ne yontftenyaroughs nenekea Tfiyak'yonhe, 
fegouh kakiok ayoriwarake nenegea Youghwentfi- 
ade a-onkenigourheaghteah ne Kayenda-uh ne 
yaghtea yawight ayakoughtonfej ne tfineayoughton 
ayondadderakwaghfe Akoyadadogeaghti ne Tfide- 
yoiighfwat-he ; Sayodik Ih-t'feragouh agwegouh ne 
Niyoh Ra-orighwiyoughftaghk nenahotea a-onke-ef- 

R hatflade 

i22 Prayers* 

thou wilt wkh-hold no good thing from them that 
walk uprightly ; and that thou art ready to beftow 
good things, if we perfevere in prayer and devotion i 
that ordering all my adtions with a regard to ano- 
ther world, I may fo pafs through things temporal, 
that I finally lofe not the things eternal, through 
Je/us Chrift our Lord. Jmen. i^f^^^>& .r- 



^^dereanayeni* 1 2 jy 

hatftade Tiidewakightaghkouh ne Akatfenoeniya- 
taghkwe Karonghyage. Gien'youh ne Tewightagh- 
kouh ne tlifhenihha Satftenyarouh, waikvvahh-heghfe 
ne Akonorunghkwe, Ayotkonyoughflouh nconi a- 
gonweanaraghkwe Akathoendatfeke ; Ne Tewigh- 
taghkouh 1 finighs'yadotea agvvegouh fe-elhatfle Sak- 
wennyat, aefkwaghtandiyateah i-ightferagouh Ayot- 
konyonghftouh neoni ne Yontfenoeniyadaghkwa 
Karonghyage yotsanight; Ne Tewightaghkouh t(i- 
faderighwakwarighfyouh afkwaghtandiyatcah Origh- 
wadogeaghti Orighwagwegouh ne tfiyakefeke ; 
Ne Tewgihtaghkouh tfiniyought ne Watfltrift-ha 
d'yorighwaniyonde Tfikonhe, ne skeanea A-on- 
kenikoughraghferoni nc agwegouh Tfiniwag*ya- 
daweaghfe ne akarighhoeni ne ayoghniron A- 
ongwadewenodaghkouh neoni ayagwadewenodagh- 
kwaton Tiifanigoughrowanea Sakonyoughtfera ; ne- 
oni ne ereah akahawighte agwegouh Tiinadeyo- 
deryent-hare ne Oghwhentfya yekayeft-ha, ne aka- 
rihhoeni Ayakonigoughkatfeke af-hcyadewanhar- 
hofe ne yaghteayawight af-henoghftatfe Karigh- 
wiyofe a-aghfeghrc ayakoderighwakwarighfyouh nc 
tfi-ayeinfeke; neoni ne fadd'yefea Karighwiyofe ea- 
defseyouh eageahake eayagwahhewe Adercana- 
yentne neoni eayagwaneke ; ne agwegouh agwade- 
weyena akadeweyendon ne akeraghkwake ne oya 
Sidyoughwentfyade, et-honayoughton takadohhetfte 
ne nakarihhotea wadoktanc, ne wahoeni oghnakeange 
nenakarihhotea ne tfiniyeheavve ne keah yaght-ha on- 
waghtonfe, ne rorihhoeni Jefus Chrift Songwayaner. 

112 Ne 

i-2^ Prayers* 

A Prayer for true Religion, 

T ORD of all Power and Might, w'lio art tRe 
'*-' Author and Giver of all good thih^s^ ^aft in 
my heart the love of thy Name, increafe in me true 
religion, nourifh me with all goodn'efs, and of thy 
great mercy keep me in the fame, through JeJUi 
Chrijl our Lord. Amen, 

Ji Prayer for true Chrldlan Zeah 

"l^'Raao'us God, who liaft eri^owed I'ri'e with %h, 
^^ immortal foul, grant that I may apply my rrioit 
ferious thoughts to work out my own falvation with 
fear and trembling. Enlighten my underftandirig, 
that I may fee the wondrous things of thy law; rec- 
tify my will, that I may follow the plain rules of 
good, and efchew the ways of evil; and in all my 
actions fix my heart entirely upon thy glory. Let 
my devout prayers be offered in retirements where 
thine All-feeing eye only enters. Teach me heartily 
to drive that I may enter in at the flrait gate, to 
fight the good fight of faith, and to deftroy the 
whole body of fin. Grant I may be always upon 
my guard againfl my potent and malicious enemies; 
and that the fhort time I have to work, may make 
me careful to improve it to the befl purpofes ; and 
the uncertainty of all things here below, may call off 
rny mind from the objedts of fecular happinefs ; that 
applying myfelf entirely to devotion and charity,, 
juftice and fobriety, I may be prepared in the tem- 

Ade'reanayenU 1 25 

^e Adereanayent ne wahoeni ne togejke'onwe Niyoh 

SAyaner ne agwegouh Se-eiliatfleneoni Sakwenyat, 
nenenne ne farihhoeni neoni s'heyawih ne agwe- 
gouh Tfinikarighwhiyofe ; Tfyent-hoh Agweri- 
aghfagouh ne Akenorunghkwe Saghfeana, takyeftas 
ne togeskeonwe Niyoh Raodeweyena, takenhont- 
hoeh ne agwegouh Yoyannereaghfera, neoni ne wa» 
karihhoeni kowanea Sanidareghtfera takwadoweyen- 
douh ne Sakariwat, ne rorihhoeni Jefus Chrift Song- 
wayaner. Amen. 

Ne Adereanayent ne wahoeni ne togejke^onwe Ka* 
righwiyoghjlak Agoenwatjienyhron. 

TJ Eandearas Niyoh, nenenne takwawi yaghta 
■^^ keaheyoghfe Akwadonteft, tagouh ne tfinakad- 
d'yere agwegouh akadoweyenoni a-akyefte Tliye- 
kannoghtonyous Akatfenoeniataghkwe Karonghyagc 
rie a-onk'yodeke ne Aketfaghnighfeke neoni iTeyo- 

Titfwat-he Akenigoenra ne wahoeni takhkaghra* 
yendane ne Yorighwanrghrakwaght Sari\^aftaghgwa- 
righfyouh; Tlinikyerne wahoeni ne adenoferheah Tfi- 
'myoyannerefe akerighwakyonde, neoni tiiniyeyode- 
righwinouh ne Yodakfeah ayetfaghnighfeke ; Neoni 
agwegouh Akwadowey^na aknlrade Akweriyane 
Ageriwayeh Tiifonwefeaghtfera. 

Gienyouh tfiwagatftehyarouh Adereanayent ne 
Addaghfightonke yeawawe etho-noenwe agwegouh 
i'hiyakotkaght-hous Skaghtake aonhha-ok yakogeas. 

Takwadoweyenonni Akweriyane ne agadadad- 
dyadagenha ne wahoeni neyakadaweyat Tfikeaniyet- 
kanhohhah, ne akalkenha ne KaikenhatYeriyo ne 
rjTewightaghkouh, neoni ne wagwegouh Akyeronke 


4zjS ' Pray en. 

per and difpofition of my mind, for that happincfs 
which thou haft promifed, through the merits of thy 
Son Jefus Chrifi our Lord. Amen. 

oviffE^ 3a tno 

■ii >, 

A Prayer for the Guidance of God* s Holy Spirit. 

f^ LORD, from whom all good things do come, 
^^ for as much as without thee I am not able to 
pleafe thee ; mercifully grant that thy HlefTed Spirit 
may in all things rule and diredt my heart ; that by 
his holy infpiration I may think thofe things that 
be good, and by his gracious guiding may perform 
the fame, through our Lord Jefus Chriji, Amen, 

A Prayer 


Adereanayent, i2jl 

he Yorighwannerea akaghtonde. Takouh tyutkon 
akaddaddenigoenrarake ne tfinonwe ye-efthatfte nc 
Tfiniyonkhfweaghfe agwagh Yakoriwakfea ; ne- 
oni ne Kaniyorighweff-ha tfineawakyodea, akaddat- 
flenyaroughie ne tfinakadd'yere ne ayoyannereagh- 
llouh Tfina-ongyerea ; neoni ne yaghteyorighwado- 
gea Orighwagwegouh keant-ho nongadi tfiniwage- 
nikoghrotea a-ongwadi ne wakenadoenighs nenegea 
Yoghwentfyade Ydkaonwcfkwane ; ne takadadegh- 
kwafe Yoderighwagwarighfyeah ne tfinagad'yere 
neoni Akenorunghwe, Yoderighwagwarighfyouh ne- 
oni Agadeweyendouh ne a-ongwatferoeniyaghkont- 
hoehake kadogea nayoghtouh neoni ayoghrongatouh 
ne Akenigoenra, ne wahoeni Adafkatftoughtfera nc- 
nahotea tfinifawananda-uh ne eayongwayendane ne 
Karonghyagouh, ne wakarihhoenis ne Tehhondeant- 
IbnhEghtfie-ah Jefus Chrift Songwayaner. Jmen, 

"Ne Adtreanayent ne wahoeni ne Eayondaddef-h^'* 
rine ne Niyoh Konigoughrlyoughjiouh^ 

f\ Sayaner ne iseke dewight-ha agwcgouh Karigh- 
^^ wiyofcj et-hofanenne yaghta-akhkweni yaght- 
as'yadarake ne aghfenoenwene ; Takouh Sanida- 
reghtfera ne Sayadaderieghtfera Kanigoenra nc O*- 
righwagwegouh Akweriyane agonwatfterifte neoni a- 
konwatdeweyenoeni ; ne akdrihhoeni Ra-orighwa- 
dogeaghti Sagonigoenrat akenoghtonyon nenahotea 
ne yoyannere, neoni akarihhoeni Raodearat Rakwa- 
dakwaghs ok-nefagat akyerite, ne akarihhoeni Son- 
gwayaner Jefus Chrift. Amen^ 


i^Ji Prayeiru 

A Prayer for a right Ufe of the Means of QraHi 

GRANT, O Ldrd, that I may conftantly attend 
the public inftitutions of thy holy religion, that 
I may never negleft thofe means which thou haft 
cftablilhed for the purifying my corrupt nature, and 
for the reforming whatever is amifs in the frame and 
temper of my mind : That I may approach thy pre- 
fence with humility and devotion, hear thy word 
■with reverence and attention, receive thy holy fa- 
crament with faith, thankfgiving, and charity ; that 
by thefc ordinances of thy appointment, my foul 
may be nourilhed with all goodnefs, and in fuch a 
meafure prepared for that falvation which the blefled 
Jefus hath purchafed, that I may depart in peacc^ 
and in the faith and fear of God's eledt; through the 
fame Jefus Chrift our Lord, ^men. 

A Prajef 

Aderednaj'ent, 1 29 

Ne Adefeanayent ne wahoeni ayotjiakwarighfyeah 
Ayonde ne tfimyoderighivmouh ne Kandedrouh, 

^TpAKOUH, O Sayaner, ne Aongenigoghragh- 
-■' nirouh aong'yodeke ne Karihhowanaghtouh 
karighwadadouh ne Sarighwadogeaghti Karighwi- 
yoghllak, ne yaghtea-noweandouh a-ongwadohet- 
flale ne tfinikayerea nenahotea Sarighwaghniradouh 
ne wahoeni ne akanohharete yodakfea-uh Akeni- 
gonra, neoni ne wahoeni ne ayotilakwarighfyeah 
tfinikheyerea agwegouh nenahotea Sowaderighwadc- 
wagtouh wakoniffa-ah neoni ayotkanonihake Ake- 
nigoenra : ne t'hohah akaghkwide iseke ne A-ong- 
wadenigoughradoweyendonke, neoni akadahoughfa- 
datte Saweana akathondade ne Ayotkonyoughflouh 
neoni akenoeghtonyoghfe, Sarighwadogeaghti Te- 
karighwagehhadont akyadarafeke ne aongwigh- 
taghkouh, Akaddoenreah neoni Akenorunghkwe ; 
nene wakaribhoeni nenekea wadenha-uh ne fenha- 
uh, agonwaghtaghtouh Akwadonhetll ne agwegouh 
Yoyannereaghfera, neoni et-honayoghtonh ne akat- 
feroeniaghkont-hofe ne wahoeni Karonghyage a- 
keghte nenahotea ne Royadaderieghtfera Jefusy e- 
hokweah, newahoeni Kayannereaghtferagouh akagh- 
teandi, neoni Taongwightaghkouh neoni Katfagh- 
nighfera ne Sakoyadoghronkweah Niyoh; ne rorih- 
hoeni ok ne fahayadat Jefus Chrift Songwayaner. 


1 30 Prayer'Sx\ 

A Prayer for a right life of the Holy Sacrament* 

GLory be to thee, O crucified love, who at" thy 
laft Supper didft ordain the holy Eucharift, rhfe 
Sacrament and feaft of love, it was for the conti- 
nual remembrance of the facrifice of thy death, O 
bleffed Jefu^ and of the benefits we receive thereby, 
that thou waft pleafed to ordain this facred and aw- 
ful rite •, all love, all glory be to thee. Ah, dear- 
eft Lord, how little fenfible is he of thy love in dy- 
ing for us, who can ever forget thee I Woe is mie 
that ever a finncr ftiould forget his Saviour! And 
yet, alas, how prone we are to do it \ Glory be to 
thee, O gracious Jeful who to help our memories, 
and imprefs thy love deep in our fouls, haft inftitu- 
ted the bleffed Sacrament, and haft commanded lis 
to do this in remembrance of thee. Let the propi- 
tiatory facrifice of thy death, which thou didft offer 
up on the crofs for the fins of the whole world, and 
particularly for my fins, be ever frefh in my remem- 
brance. O blclled Saviour, let that mighty falva- 
tion thy love hath wrought for us, never flip out of 
niy mind, but efpecially let my remembrance of 
thee in the holy Sacrament be always moft lively and 
affedting. O Jeju ! if I love thee truly, I fhall be 
fure to frequent thy altar, that I may often remcm- 
ber all the wonderful loves of my crucified Re- 
deemer. I know, O my Lord and my God, that a 
bare remembrance of thee is not enough : O do thou, 
therefore, fix in me futh a remembrance of thee as 
is fuitable to the infinite love I am to remember; 
work in me all thofe holy and heavenly affedtions, 
which become the remembrance of a crucified Sa- 
viour; and do thou fo difpofe my heart to be thy gueft 
at thy holy table, that I may feel all the fweet in- 
fluences of love crucified^ the ftrengthening and 


Adereanayent 131 

JW Adereanayent newahoenl ayothtakwanghfyeah 
ne Orighwadogeaghti 7'ekarighwakehhadont ne 




QAonwefeaghtfera ife, O tekonwayadanhare Tfinlfe- 
^ norunghkwa, nenanne f;:ighnageanke yokarask- 
ha Gakouh ne Orighwadogeaghti Tekarighwakeh- 
hadont neoni Wadeanyode ne adadenorungh faddan- 
ha-uh. Newahoeni ne tiutkon akoenwighyaghragh- 
kwake ne Rodaddeavveandeghtouh Sahheiyat, O fa- 
yadaderiuh Jefus, neoni ne ethod'yawenoghtonh ne 
Yoyannetefe ne karihhoenis yongwavendafe ne fa- 
noghwhe-uh nenegea Orighwadogeaghti neoni yot- 
sanight Sa-oyeratne fadanha-uh ; Agwegouh Ayeno- 
rungkwe, agwegouh Sonvveaghtfera iseke. 

Ho, tfyadanorunh Sayaner, yagh-efo tekea t'i- 
Ihathtogeas ne 1 finifenorunghkwa waskweahheyafe, 
nenenne yaghteayawight ayogonikourheah ! Onki- 
deaght-hene ne noweandouh ne Yakorighwanerak- 
skouh ahowanigourheah Karonghyage Sagoyadeaha- 
wightha ! neoni segouh nenne yonhadea ne Yong- 
warhege teanis ne ethona-ond'yere. 

Sonwefeaghtfera ife Oreandearask Jefus ! nenenne 
waskwighyaghraghkweah ne askwaghfnienea, neoni 
Sanorungh Ongwadonhetft tferagouh askwarighwad- 
daghfe, ne orighwadogeaghti Sacrament ferighwada- 
douh^ neoni takwanha-uh keangaye et-honayagwad- 
dyere ayefeghyaghraghkweanit-hake. 

Gienyouh ne tekarighwaferagoh fadadaweandegh- 
touh Sehheyouh, nenahotea fadadaweandeghrouh 
ne Tfidekayaghfonde ne wakarihhoeni Aorighwane- 
rakfera Oghwentfyagwegouh, neoni vvadogeaghtsi- 
houh ne wahoeni Akerighwannerakfera, tiutkon afe 
a-ondoghfeke Akenoghronyough tferagouh. 

O Sayadedyri-uh Karongyage S'heyadeahawight- 
ha, kicnyouh ne Kaelliatfteaghsihon Karonghvage 
yeght-ha Sanorunghk ne wahoeni takwayodeaghfis, 

S 2 yaghtea- 

1^2 Prayers, 

refrelhing my foul, as my body is by the bread and 
wine. O merciful Jefu, let that immortal food 
which in the holy Eucharift thou vouchfafeft me, 
inftil into my weak and languifhing foul new fup- 
plies of grace, new life, new love, new vigour, and 
new refolution, that I may never more faint, or 
droop, or tire in my duty. Jmen. Lord Je/us, 


Adereanayent* 133 

yaghteanoweandon t'hayonikourheah Akenigoenra, 
ok kadogeah-niyoghtouhhak kienyouh agoyenogh- 
tonyoghfe ne Orighvvadogeaghti t'fcragouh Sacra- 
ment tiutkon Ayonheghtsihon neoni ayodhatftad- 
d'yeah. O Jtfus ! eakeahake togefkeonvve eakeno- 
runghkwake tiutkon eak'yaclarafeke Tfidefatwean- 
karahhere Altar, ne wahoeni yotkate wakenoghton- 
rjyoghfe agwegouh ne yoneghrakwaght Sannorungk 
ne tehonwayadanhare Raknereaghfyouh. 

Wakaderiyendare, O Akyaner neoni Akeniyoh, ne 
ok wanoghtonyouh yaghte-yelayerldeafk. O fnirat ne 
eankarilihoeni ethonayoghtouh Akoyenoghtonni- 
yoghfe tfiniyought yotkanoeni ne yakanihharane 
yaghteyeyodokte Addadenorungh ne akenoghton- 
yohheke ; Takyodeaglis agwegouh nenenne Origh- 
wadogeaghti neoni Karonghyage T'yoderighwinegh- 
touh, nenahoteayekayeri ne ahonweanoghtonyonghfe 
ne Tehonwayadanhare Karonghyage Sakoyadeaha- 
wight-ha; Neoni faddoweyendouh ethonayoughtonh 
Akweriyane wahoeni akyadarane isegeEadefatfwean- 
karadogeaghftouh, newahoeni akathtogatfe agwe- 
gouh ne tliniyaweckoenfe wagadd'yenifk ne tfide- 
honwayadanhare Sakonorunghkwa ne yako-efhatfta- 
dies neoni koenwad'yadada-ane Akwadonhetfl, fa- 
deyought Akyeronke Kanadarokne yegayea neoni 

O Ronidarelkouh Jefus, gienyouh ne yaghtea- 
keaheiyoghfe Yakoghtaght-ha nenahotea Orighwa- 
dogeaghtitferagouh Sacrament takyadarakweah, litfe- 
ragouh yaghteawakyadaghnirouh neoni Yonikough- 
keaheyouh Akwadonhetft akoenwatfa-anhouh, afe 
Akyewayefleah ne Kandearouh, afe Tfiakonheke, 
afe Akenorunghwake, afe Ake-ef-hatfteke, neoni afe 
A-onfakadonhakanoeni, ne wahoeni yaghtea nowean- 
douh fuhha taonkerad'yeghtouh, neteas yaghtha- 
kyadaghniroehake, neteas akhetkeaghtfi Tfina-on- 
gyerea. Amen, Sayaner Jefus. Amen, 


C ^3i ) 


Beatus vir qui non abiit* PfaL i . 

LESSED is the man that hath not walked in the 
counfel of the ungodly, nor flood in the way of 
finners : and hath not fat in the feat of the fcornful. 


2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord : and 
in his law will he exercife himfelf day and night. 

3. And he fliall be like a tree planted by the water- 
fide : that will bring forth his fruit in due feafon. 

4. His leaf alfo fliall not wither : and look what- 
foever he doeth, it fhall profper. 

5. As for the ungodly, it is not fo with them : 
but they are like the chaff which the wind fcattereth 
away from the face of the earth. 

6. Therefore the ungodly fhall not be able to 
fland in the judgment : neither the finners in the 
congregation of the righteous. 

7. But the Lord knoweth the way of the righte^ 
ous : and the way of the ungodly fliall perifli. 

Domine^ qu'is habitabit ? PfaL 15. 

T ORD, who fhall dwell in thy tabernacle : or 
•'-' who fliall reft upon thy holy hill ? 

2. Even he that leadeth an uncorrupt life : and 
doeth the thing which is right, and fpeaketh the 
truth from his heart. 

r He 

( ^3S ) 


Toyannere ne rodajkats ne yaghtea haghteandiefe, 
I'eharigh, i . 

XT'Ovannere ne rodafkats ne yaghtea haghtanlefe 
*■ Kahaghferagon ne Radighferoheafe, segouh 
ayedake Ohhahage R:^dirighwannerakhon : segouh 
ayetfkodake Tfiradikonnadaghkwat-ha. 

2. Ikea akv»'agh ne Ranorunghkvva ne Kayaner 
Raoriwagouh : neoni ranoghtonn'yufk Raoriwa 
Eghniferage, neoni Aghfunt-hage. 

3. Nesane raonha yakeahake tfiniyught Karon- 
dlo kayent-houh Kanowaktahogouh : nene Raohik 
fakovvisk tfinivvadonlfTas. 

4. Neoni nenahotea ne yaghtea Kaneraghteanfe: 
neoni agwegouh tfinihoyodea ne rodaskats. 

c,, Yaghtea et-ho t'-hihhadiyadodeah T'hadigh- 
ferohea : ikea tfiniyught Oghfewaghtfera ne ka- 
hawife Tfiyaodaddiefe. 

6. Ne wahoeni radiyadeanfere Radighferoheafe 
Niyoh Raohhaghtferagouh : ne segouh ne Yako- 
righwannerakfkohogouh warighwiyughfton. 

7. Ikea ne Royaner rayendcri ne tfiniyeheyefc 
ne Ronaderighvvagwarighfyuh : Ok ne Radighfe- 
roheanfe tfiniyehonefe, tfiniyeheawe ronwaghtonde. 

Sayaner onghka onwefeke ? ^eharigh. 15. 

CAyaner, onghka onweseke Sanoghfadogeaghtige- 
tferagouh : onghka eayenakereke Onondohha- 
tage Sarighwadogeghfera ? 

2. Nenenne d'yakorighwayeri yeiyefe: neoni Ka- 
yodeghferakwarighfyuh, ne Raweriaghsagouh tha- 
righvvayerids ne ot-heno oni waondadi. 

3. Nene. 

1^5 Pfahns. 

-3. He that hath ufed no deceit in his tongue, nc?r 
done evil to -his neighbour : and hath not llandered 
Ill's neighbour. 

;'i'4. He that fetteth not by himfelf, but is lowly in 
his own eyes : and maketh much of them that fear 
the Lord. 

5. He that fweareth unto his neighbour, and dif- 
appointeth him not : though it were to his own hin- 
drance. . 

6. He that hath not given his money uponufury: 
nor taken reward againft the innocent. 

7. VVhofo doeth thefe things : Ihall never fall. 


Beati^ quorum. PfaL 32. 

Lefled is he, whofe unrighteoufnefs is forgiven 
and whofe lin is covered. 

2. Blefled is the man, unto whom the Lord im- 
puteth no lin : and in whofe fpirit there is no guile. 

3. For while I held my tongue : my bones con- 
fumed away through my daily complaining. 

4. For thy hand is heavy upon me day and night: 
and my moifturc is like the drought in fummer, , £,« 

5. I will acknowledge my fin unto thee : and mine 
unrighteoufnefs have 1 not hid. 

6. I faid, I will confefs my fins unto the Lord : 
and fo thou forgaveft the wickednefs of my fin. 

7. For this Ihall every one that is godly make his 
prayer unto thee, in a time when thou mayeft be 
found : but in the great water-floods they Ihall not 


come nigh him. 

8. Thou 

leharlghwaghkwat'ha* iyj^ 

3. Nene Raonaghfakfke ne yaght-eghf-hakorigh- 
Wanoskwat-ha, neoni yaght-hoghferoheadanihhe ne 
Yenefe : neoni addadkeanron ne tahoghkwafe Sagh- 

4. Ne Raokagbtege ageaghronihheke ne Yegh- 
ferohaenfe : ok ne Sakoniyui^htft-ha nenegea ron- 
watsanighfe ne Royaner. 5. Nene yoghniron ronwa- 
nonda-uh : ne Ahadkaroni et-hone yaghtea oya teaf- 

6. Ne yaghtefhakowis Raoghwifta efo aonson- 
donde : Seo;ouh yaghtpayeyenas Addadawi nene 
yaghtea Hadferohea-teas. 

7. Nenegea eghni yondyerhake : yaght-ha tehogh- 
haraghrone tfiniyeheawe. 

Rodafkats na-ah ne oughka* I'eharlgh 32. 

T> Odaghfkats naah ne oughka Akorighwakfea fa- 
**- yondadderlgh'vviyughilon : ne oughka Yakorigh- 
wannerre karhoron. 

2. Yakodaghfkats naah ne Ongwe nene Kayaner 
nene Karighwariherea yaghtea haghrat-he : neoni" 
oughka Akonigoenragouh yaghtea Wadadenikorha- 
deani na ah. 

3. Et-hoghke okt'hadowakadode Ohkayone : Ak- 
fliyeh wakoghfeant-hoh ne kaondadi. 

4. Ikea Sanuntfakile Weankaondage, neoni Agh- 
font-hea-uh : neoni Akeneanawe oya na-awane ongh- 
llat-heah tfina-awca Akenhage. 

5. Akerighvvannerakfera wakorihhowanaghton : ne- 
oni Akerighvvakfeaghtfera, neoni yaghtea karhoroks. 
6. Wagiron akonyaghneghfere Akerighwanne- 
rakfera ne Kayaner : neoni erea was-hawighte ne 
Karighwakfunghtfera Akerighwannerea. 

7. Ne wahoeni Sadeyagoyadadogeaghti yefani- 
deghtafere ne ayefayadatfaenii : et-ho eayoghnadigh- 
toehake ne Kaghnekowanea rononha yaghtea oni 
teahowagyenaghCere. T 8. He 

J 38 Pfa/mik-KtA^^ 

8. Thou art a place to hide me in, thou flialt pire- 
ferve me from trouble : thou ftialt compafs me a- 
bout with fongs of deliverance. 
- 9. I will inform thee, and teach thee in the way 
wherein thou Ihalt go: and I will guide thee witfj 
mine eye. ^6,1: 

10. Be ye not like to horfe and mule, which have 
no underftanding : whofe mouths muft be held witll 
bit and bridle, left they fall upon thee, ' 

,bn6flr*«|irfnifeojsfBT sfa 

11. Great plagues remain for the ungodly : but 
whofo putteth his truft in the Lord, mercy em- 
braceth him on every fide. 

1 2. Be glad, O ye righteous, and rejoice in the 
Lord : and be joyful all ye that are true of heart, st 

■ A 



N the beginning God created the heaven and the 
earth. svno x "^ "^ 

2. And the earth was without forhi,'' atid void : 
and darknefs was upon the face of the deep : and 
the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the 

3. And God faid, LettUefe be liglit : and there 
was lio"ht. oaobao sijaistjw 

<is T 4. And 


TehartgEwaghk'wai'ba. i 3 ^ 

=^-•-8. Ife' fkyadaghfeghton naah, ife takhenoghne ns 
Tewadogh-haraghronke : ife wadeghskwadafe ne 
Yoranaweskvvat ne Adadinhe. 

9. Konadonire neoni eakorihhonnyh ne N'Ohaha 
tfiniyeheaghfe : eayakawiheghfere tfiniyawan Akagh- 
tege isege naah. 

10, Toghfa eghni-fyadodeahak tfiniyught Ya- 
koghsadeas tfiniyught Addinadi, nenahotea ne yagh- 
tea konthtukha: nene wakonwadihfteronghfe kon- 
dighsene Tfiypdirihflanhonda, neoni wahoeni akot- 
hehhont eayefayerane. 

n. Ne Yakorighwannerakfkon efo Yakoereron- 
wakhon : ok ne Kayanertferage waondowenodagh- 
kwe, ne reahaghwadafe ne Kayanertfera. 
J 12. Sadfenonihhek ne Kayanertferagouh, neoni 
fadoenharek Sewaderighwakwarighfyh : neoni tegh- 
I'erivvak ne yonwefeah fewagwegouh Sewaderiaghfar 


C H A P. I. 

A Daghfaweghtferagouh raoniflbuh Niyoh ne K^- 
'^ ronya ne Oghwhentfya, 

2, Neoni Oghwhentfya Karhagouh keghne, ne* 
toni oriwagouh : neoni enekea Tfi-YoghnodAghfada- 

konghtfera naah : neoni ne Ronigoghriyoughflouh 
Niyoh t'hio-auwe Oghnekage, 

3. Neoni Niyoh waheanrouh Weankehak: neoni 
weande ondon* , . - 

l--.\ is T a '4; Neoni 

140 Genejisj Chap, I. 

4. And Gotl faw the light, that it was good : and 
God divided the light from the darknefs. 

5. And God called the light Day, and the dark- 
nets he called Night: and the evening and the 
morning were the firfl: day. 

6. And God faid. Let there be a firmament ia 
the midft of the waters : and let it divide the waters 
from the waters. 

7. And God made the firmament ; and divided 
the waters which were under the firmament from the 
waters which were above the firmament : and it was 

8. And God called the firmament Heaven : and 
the evening and the morning were the fecond day. 

9. And God faid, Let the waters under the heaven 
be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry 
Jand appear : and it was fo. 

10. And God called the dry land Earth ; and the 
gathering together of the waters called he Seas : and 
God faw that it was good. 

11. And God faid. Let the earth bring forth 
grafs, the herb yielding feed, and the fruit tree 
yielding fruit after his kind, whofe feed is in itfelf, 
upon the earth : and it was fo. 

12. And the earth brought forth grafs, and herb' 
■yielding feed after his kind, and the tree yielding 

fruit, whofe feed was in itfelf, after his kind : and 
God faw that it was good. 

13. And 

Ne Genejisy Chap* I. 141 

4. Neonl Niyoh wahadkaght-ho ne Ovveande ne 
naah joyannere : neoni Niyoh wadhakhaghii ne 
Weande ne Diyogaraik. 

5. Neoni Niyoh wahanadouh ne Weande Ighni- 
fera, neoni Aghfadakonghtfera wahanadouh Agh- 
sont-hea : et-hone Diyogarafkvve neoni Yorhealkwe 
ne naah Teyodighniferadireghtoh. 

6. Neoni. Niyoh waheanron Karonyaradek naah 
ne fadowaghfeanea Oghnekahogouh : neoni ne wad- 
hakhaghii ne dy*6geah Oghnega nenenne Oghnega- 

7 Neoni Niyoh waghroniflah ne Karonya ; neoni 
wadhukhaghfi dyogeah Oghnegahogouh, ne na- 
kont-kaye Tfidkaronghyade, neoni dy'ogeah Ogh- 
nekahogouh nene enekeah ne Karonghyade: neoni 
eghniyugh naah. 

8 Neohi Niyoh wahanadouh ne Karonya Ka- 
ronghyage : et-hogh-ke Diyogaraikwe neoni Yor- 
heaflcwe ne naah ne Tewighniferakehhadont. 

9. Neoni Niyoh waheanron, nene Oghnegaogouh 
onagouh ne Karonghyage konwadkanisaghteani, n-e 
oni ne akonwatkaght-ho Oghftat-heaghsne : neoni 
eghniyught naah. 

10. Neoni Niyoh wahanadouh ne Yoghftat-hea 
Oghwhentfya ; neoni ne watkaniffouh ne Oghne- 
gaogouh waheanadouh Kanyadare ; neoni Niyoh 
•wahatkaghr-ho yoyannere naah. 

11. Neoni Niyoh waheanron, nene Oghwhentfya 
feghyaron Ohhonde Oneraghte, neoni waghyan- 
yent-ha Karondaogouh Kanyunt-ha, niyadewayake 
nene kannahont-ha Oghwhentl'yagc : neoni eghni- 
yught naah. 

12. Neoni ne Oghwhentfya waweghyaron Oh- 
honde, neoni Kanughkwadferio yeyent-hoght-ha 
Kanea Tfinikanneahotea, neoni waghyanyont-ha Ka- 
rondaogouh nenahotea Kanea et-ho iwat Tfinikah- 
hondotea : neoni Niyoh \Yahadkaght-hoh ne yoyan- 
nere naah. 

13. Ef, 

1^2 GeneJisyChnp*%'}A 

13. And the evening and the morning were the 
third day. :'• --v^^sii^^ 

14. And God faid. Let there be light-s'/Jnt the 
firmament of the heaven, to divide the day from 
the night : and let them be for figns, and for feafons, 
and for days, and years : I;. ■ ' ' 

•sfl3Q.riHobgw£$ ,3firigEabn5 

15. And let them be for lights in the firmament 
of the heaven, to give light upon the earth : and it 
was fo. 

16. And God made two great lights ; the greater 
light to rule the day, and the leffer light to rule the 
night: he made the ftars alfo. ^ :; -^.^ -.. ..r. 

^-♦no^HgA 5«in1 

17. And God fet them in the firmara§aMof\tb^ 
heaven, to give light upon the earth, t nLfogsisfifi 

18. And to rule over the day, and over the night, 
and to divide the light from the darknefs : and Goi 
law -that it was good. s>l:j'iriguoA 

19. And the evening and the morning were th© 
fourth day. 

20. And God faid. Let the waters bring forth 
abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and 
fowl that may fly above the earth jn the opci| 
firmament of heaven. a 

21. And God created great whales, and every 
living creature that moveth, which the waters 
brought forth abundantly after their kind, and every 
winged fowl after his kind : and God faw that it wa* 
sood. , ;» 

i2. And God blefled them, faying, Be fruitful, 
and multiply, and fill the waters in the feas, and let 
fov^ multiply in the earth, .^^^^--^jjoaii ^ ; = :;--::b« 

iV^ Qenejis^ Chap. I. i4j 

13. Et-hoghke diyokarafkwe neoni ne Yor- 
heanikwe ne aghfea Niwighniferageh-hadonr. 

14. Neoni Niyoh waheanron, Weandegcahak 
Karonghiyatferagouh ne Karonghyage, wahoeni ta- 
yekhaghfj ne dy'ogeah ne Eghnifera neoni dy'6- 
geah ne Aghfont-heane : nenekea naah Onwaden- 
yendeaghfte, eawadohhetfte, neoni ne Eghniferao- 
gouh, neoni ne Oghferaogouh : 

15. Neoni ne na-ah Aoweandeh ne Karoniyatfe- 
ragouh ne Karonghyage, wahoeni Waende agoeyoh 
Oghwhentfyage : neoni eghniyught na-ah, 

16. Neoni Niyoh waghroniffa nene tetfyareah 
Weandeghferovvanea; nene takaghfnige ne Egh- 
niferahogouh, neoni Kaniweandeghtfera ne takagh- 
ihige Aghfont-heane : oni raoniflbuh Otlistok- 

17. Neoni Niyoh waharaneandakte ne Karoni- 
atferagouh ne Karonghyage, wahoeni akovvaendegh- 
feron ne Oghwhentfyage, 

18. Neoni wahoeni keanogayere Eghnifeiage, 
tieoni Aghfont-heane, neoni ne wahoeni tagakhagh- 
fyoughfeke ne Tfiweande neoni Aghfadakough- 
fera; neoni Niyoh wahadkaght-ho, yoyannere na-ah. 

19. Neoni Diyogarafkwe neoni Yorheailcwe ne 
kayeri Niwighniferagihhadont. 

20. Neoni Niyoh waheanron, ne Oghnegaogouh 
ayawighyarouh efotfi ne Kanoeheghtsihouh, neoni 
Tfideagoe-ah kondidiyefe ne Oghwhentfyage, enekoh 
ne Karonghyade-tferagouh ne Karonghyage. 

21. Neoni Niyoh waghroniffa ne Kentfyowa- 
neaghfe, neoni agwegouh kononheghtslhouh konefe 
tfinikondiyadbdeanfe, neoni agwegouh Tfideaogde- 
wah kondiddiyefe tfinikondiyadodeanfe : neoni Ni- 
yoh wahatkaght-ho ne yoyannere na-ah. 

' 22. Neoni Niyoh wahayadaderifte, waheanroh, 
fewighyarouh, neoni watkadat Oghnegage, Kaniy- 
adaragouh, neoni Tfideagoe-wah wakontkadateOgh- 
-jventfyage. 23. Et-honc 

144 Genejisy Chap. I. 

23. And the evening and the morning were the 
fifth daJ^ 

24. And God faid, Let the earth bring forth the 
living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping 
thing, and beait of the earth after his kind : and it 
ivas fo. 

25. And God made thebeaft of the earth after his 
kind : and cattle after their kind, and every thing 
that creepeth upon the earth after his kind : and God 
faw that it was good. 

26. And God faid, Let us make man in our 
image, after our likenefs : and let them have domi- 
nion over the fifh of the fea, and over the fowl 
of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, 
and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon 
the earth. 

27. So God created man in his own image; in the 
image of God created he him : male and female 
created he them. 

28. And God bleffed them, and God faid unto 
them. Be fruitful and multiply, and replenifh the 
earth, and fubdue it : and have dominion over the 
fifh of the fea, and over the fowl of the air, and over 
every living thing that moveth upon the earth. 

29. And God faid. Behold, I have given you every 
herb bearing feed, which is upon the face of all the 
earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of 
a tree yielding feed : to you it Ihall be for meat, 

30. And to every beall: of the earth, and to every 
fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth 
upon the earth, wherein there is life, 1 have given 
every green herb for meat : and it was fo. 

31. And 

Ne GeneJtS) Chap, I. 145 

2^. Et-hone Diyogarafkwe neoni Yorheafkwe ne 
whifk Niwighniferageahhadont. 

24. Neoni Niyoh wahearon, ne Oghwhentfya ya- 
wighyarouh konoeheghtsihouh tfinikondiyadodeanfe, 
Katsenea neoni kondeferefe, neoni Karryouh ne Ogh- 
whentfiage tfinikondiyadodeanfe, neoni et-ho nea- 

25. Neoni Niyoh waghronifla Karhagouh konefe 
Karryouh tfinikondiyadodeanfe, neoni Katsenea tfi- 
nikondiyadodeanfe, neoni agwegonh kondefere 
Oghvvhentfyage tfinikondiyadodeanfe, neoni Niyoh 
wahatkaght-ho, yoyannere. 

26. Neoni Niyoh waheanronh, kinyouh Yet-hi- 
yongvvedoni Eantfyonkhiyereahake, neoni eaye- 
weaniyohake ne Keantfyohogouh ne Kanj^adarage, 
neoni ne Tfideagoe-ah, ne Katseneah, neoni Ogh- 
whentfyagwegouh kondeferefe. 

27. Neoni Niyoh waflTakoyadifiTah Ongwe fonwa- 
yereah, tfinihayadoteah Niyoh wahhoyadiflah : 
Ratf-hin neoni Rone wafiTagoyadifl^ah. 

28. Neoni Niyoh waf-hakoyadaderifte, neoni 
Niyoh waf-hakaweahhaghfe, yetfiyeghyarouh, ne- 
oni feyatkadat Oghwentfyage : neoni eafeniweaniyo- 
hake ne Kentf-hyohogonh ne Kanyadaiageh, neoni 
Tfideagoe-ah ne Tfikaronghyage, neoni agv/egouh 
Kondirryouh Oghwhentfyage kondeferefe. 

. 29. Neoni Niyoh wahearon, tfyatkaght-ho a- 
gwegouh kwawi Yeyent-hoght-ha tfinikanakers 
Oghvvhcntfyagwegon, Karondaogouh Yeyenthcghr- 
ha : Onwah waghyaniyondca heafeneke. 

30. Ok agwegouh Kondirryouh Oghwhentfyao^e, 
neoni agwegouh Tfideaogoe-v.a ne Tfikironghyao-e, 
neoni agwegouhKondirriyouhkondeferefeOghwhentf- 
yage, nene kononheghtfiuhouh, k'henondeah Eanek- 
cri eakonekfeke : neoni ct-honeayawea. 

U 31, Neoni 

146 Genejts, Chap, L 

31. And God faw every thing that he had made, 
and behold, it was very good : and the evening and 
the morning were the fixth day. 


npHUS the heavens and the earth were finifhed, and 
•*■ all the hoft of them. 

2. And on the feventh day God ended his work 
which he had made : and he refted on the feventh 
day from all his work which he had made. 

3.' And God blelfed the feventh day, and fandti- 
fied it : becaufe that in it he had refted from all his 
work, which God created and made. 

4. Thefe are the generations of the heavens and 
of the earth, when they were created ; in the day 
that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, 

5. And every plant of the field, before it was in 
the earth, and every herb of the field, before it grew : 
for the Lord God had not caufed it to rain upon the 
earth, and there was not a man to till the ground. 

6. But there went up a mift from the earth, and 
watered the whole face of the ground. 

7. And the Lord God formed man of the duft of 
the ground, and breathed into his noflrils the breach 
of life ; and man became a living foul. 

8. And the Lord God planted a garden eafl-ward 
in Eden ; and there he had put the man whom he 
had formed. 

Q. And 

Ne Gene/iSy Chap, I. 147 

31. Neonl Niyoh wahatkaght-ho agwegouh Tfini- 
haonif-houh, neoni fadkaght-ho, yoyannereaghtsi- 
houh, ethone Dlyogarafkwe, neoni Yorheafkwe ne 
yayak Nivvighniferakehhadont. 


"rj^T-HONE kaweyenonda-uh nc Karonghyageho- 
•*-^ gouh, neoni ne Oghwhentfya, neoni agwegouh 

2. Neoni onwa niyeheaweyneandane Niyoh Raoyo- 
deaghfera ne tfinihaoniffouh : yehodoriff-heah ne 
tfyadakhadont Niyoda agwegouh Tfinihoyodeagh- 
ferouh tfinihaoniffouh. 

3. Neoni Niyoh tfyadak Niwighnifcrakehhadont 
raweandadokeaghftouh, neoni raweandaderiftouh : ne 
wahoeni eghniyehodoriff-heah agwegouh Tfiniho- 
yodeaghferouh, nehahotea Niyoh tfinihaonifshouh 
ne wahoeni ahaweyeneandaghte. 

4. Nene keangayeah Yonadoeni ne Karonghyage 
neoni ne Oghwhentfyage, et-hone fahaghfa; ne tfi- 
wighniferayeah nene Royaner Niyoh lighronyh ne 
Oghwhentfya, neoni ne Karonghyage, 

5. Neoni arrek-ho ot-henouh fiyoghniyo-ouh Ogh- 
whentfyage, neoni agwegouh arrek-ho fiyoghniyo-ouh 
Ohhonde Kaheandage : Ikea arrek-ho ne Royaner 
Niyoh fihokeanoreghtouh ne Oghwhentfyage. 

6. Ok Yot-faddaeynt-hoh Oghwhentfyage, neoni 
Oghwhentfyagwegouh wakananeaweaghfte. 

7. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh fakoyadoniyadouh 
Ongwe Okeara ne Oghwhentfya, neoni Tfidehani- 
yonkaronde eghyehhorondadouh ne Tfiradoe- 
ryeght-ha ne Adonhetft ; eghkadi na-awea yonhe.- 
oenwe Ongwe Akodonhetft. 

8. Oni ne Royaner Niyoh royent-houh Edentfe- 
ragouh Tfitkaraghwinnegeanfe nongadi; neoni et-ho 
waf-hakodeahhfte ne Ongwe ne fakoyadi ffouh. 

U 2 9. Neoni 

148 Genejis^ Chap, II. 

9. And out of the ground made the Lord God to 
grow every tree that is pleafant to the fight, and 
good for food : the tree of life alfo in the midft of 
the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and 

10. And a river went out of Eden to water the 
garden ; and from thence it was parted, and became 
into four heads. 

11. The name of the firft is Pifon : that is it 
which compafleth the whole land of Havilah, where 
there is gold. 

12. And the gold of that land is good : there is 
bdellium and the onyx-ftone. 

13. And the name of the fecond river is Gihon : 
the fame is it that compafleth the whole land of 

14. And the name of the third river is Hiddekel : 
that is it which goeth toward the eaft of Aflyria., 
And the fourth river is Euphrates. 

15. And the Lord God took the man, and put 
him into the garden of Eden, to drefs it and tp keep 

16. And the Lord God commanded the man, fay- 
ing, Of every tree of the garden thou mayeft freely 
eat : 

17. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and 
evil, thou fhalt not eat of it : for in the day that 
thou eatell thereof, thou (halt furely die. 

1 8. And the Lord God faid. It is not good that 
the man Ihould be alone : I will make him an help 
meet for him. 

19. And 

Ne Genejisj Chap, II. 149 

9. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh okt-hiwagwegouh 
Karondaog^ouh rawighyarouh Oghwhentfyage ka- 
noff-ha-uh tfideyekanere, neoni yoyannerc ne wa-eke : 
neoni ne Yorondonhe fadewaghfeanouh Tfiroyent- 
hoeh, neoni ne Karoenda Yeyenderhaft-ha ne Yo- 
yannere neoni ne Yodakfeah. 

10. Neoni Kah'youhadaddyh et-ho d'yoyeghtagh- 
kouh Eden nenekea Tfikyayent-houh a-ondewe- 
yendouh; neoni et-ho kayeri n'adeyohhyouh-hogea. 

11. Ne A-oghfeana ne dyodyereghtouh Kah'yoh- 
hadaddyhPifon : nenekea oktiyoghwhentfyagwegouh 
weaghnodoughkwa Havilah, Tfikaghwiftoh Otfini- 

12. Neoni ne Tfidyonghwhentfyade Kaghvvifloh 
yoyannere : kanakere oni Bdellium neoni Onyx-flone. 

13. Neoni ne A-oghfeana ne tekenihadont Kah- 
yhohhadaddyh Gihon : nenekea oktiyoghwhentfya- 
gwegouh oktihadeyoghkwadasedouh Ethiopia. 

14. Neoni A-oghfeana ne aghfeahhadont Kahyoh- 
hadaddye Hiddekel : nenekea Tfiyevodhhohhinouh 
Tliyetkaraghkwinekeanfe nonkadi Aflyria. Neoni ne 
Kayerihhadont Kahyohhadaddye Euphrates. 

15. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh wahoyadeahhawe 
Ongwe, neoni wahodeaghfte neTfikayent-hoehEden, 
nenenne ahatfterifte neoni nenenne eahodeweyen- 

16. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh waghfakaweah- 
haghfe ne Ongwe, wahearouh, nenekea tfiniwa- 
kayent-hoh Karondaogouh cafTcneke. 

17. Ok nene Karonda ne Yeyenderhait-ha ne 
Yoyannere neoni ne Yodakfea, yagh-nenne Ta- 
elTeneke : ikea ne Eawighniferayendake nenenne 
eaghfeke, vvaghfih-heye. 

18. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh wahearon yaghtea 
yoyannere ne aka-onhha-ah ne Ongvv^e : Othhiyo- 
niiia-aghfe ne eahotkanonnyatea. 

19. Neoni 

150 Gaiefis^ Chap* 11. 

19. And out of the ground the Lord God formed 
every beaft of the field, and every fowl of the air, 
and brought them unto Adam to fee what he would 
call them : and whatfoever Adam called every living 
<:jreature, that was the name thereof, 


20. And Adam gave names to ail cattle, and to 
the fowl of the air, and to every beaft of the field : 
but for Adam there was not found an help meet for 

21. And the Lord God caufed a deep fleep to fall 
upon Adam, and he flept ; and . he took one of his 
ribs, and clofed up the flelh inftead thereof. 

22. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken 
from man, made he a woman, and broughp her unto 
the man. 

23. And Adam faid, This is now bone of my 
bones, and flefli of my flelh : Ihe ihall be called 
Woman, becaufe fhe was taken out of man. 

24. Therefore fhall a man leave his father and 
his mother, and Ihall cleave unto his wife : and they 
Ihall be one flefli. 

25. And they were both naked, the man and his 
wife, and were not afliamed. 


Ne Genejis, Chap* II. 151 

19. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh roghfouh agwe- 
goiih ne Kondirryoh Oghwhentfyogouh rorac- 
kweah, neoni agwegouh T(ideaog6e-ah Tfikarongh- 
yage, neoni Adam ne waghf-hakoyat-hewe, ne 
wahoeni ahat-kaght-ho tfinahanadoughkwe : neoni 
tfineahanadouh Adam agwegouh tiinikononhe eah- 
hanadoghkwe, n'eakowayatlkwe. 

20. Neoni Adam onea ranadouh Kadsenea ogouh 
neoni ne Tfideaogoe-ah ne Tfitkaronghyade^ neoni 
agwegouh Kondirryoh ne Eghtage konefe : ok ne 
Adam yaghtea hot-fearryoh Ahonwayenawafe ayot- 
kanonyatouh ne ahonwaghfnienouh. 

21. Et-hoghke ne Royaner Niyoh wahodaftea, 
ne Kafereaghtowanea ne Adam, neoni wahodawe ; 
neoni wahoghteghkarodagouh, neoni fahhanondeke 
tfid-hodaghkon Owaghrone. 

22. Neoni neRoyaner Niyoh waf-hakoyadonny ate 
Akonheghtyh, ne Oghteghkarra ne Adam ne t'ho- 
taghkon, neoni raonhage wahyat-hewe. 

23. Et-hoghke Adam wahearon nenekea na-ah 
ne Akftiyeh ne Akftiyendage daweghte, neoni ne 
Owaroh Akewaghrone daweghte, ne kowanadone 
ne Rone, wahoeni d^yoyeghtaghkouh Kadfinadakon 

24. Ne wahoeni fakoyadond'yeghfere Ratfin ne 
Ronihha neoni Ronifteahha, neoni ne Teghniderouh 
tcayoghnir-ha : neoni S'hakawarad eahhadon wa- 

25. Neoni ne niyadoufkouh na-ah ne Adam^ neoni 
ne Rone neoni yaghteh hiyadehheaghfe. 


152 Genejif^ Chap* III. 


NOW the ferpent was more fubtle than any beall 
of the field which the Lord God had made : 
and he fald unto the woman. Yea, hath God faid. Ye 
fliall not eat of every tree of the garden ? 

2. And the woman faid unto the ferpent, We may- 
eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden ; 

3. But of the fruit of the tree which is in the 
midrt of the garden, God hath faid, Ye fhall not eat 
of it, neither Ihall ye touch it, left ye die. 

4. And the ferpent faid unto the woman. Ye Ihall 
not furely die. 

5. For God doth know, that in the day. ye eat 
thereof, then your eyes fhall be opened : and ye 
Ihall be as gods, knowing good and evil. 

6. And when the woman faw that the tree was 
good for food, and that it was pleafant to the eyes, 
and a tree to be defired to make one wife ; Ihe took 
of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave alfo unto 
her hufband with her, and he did eat. 

7. And the eyes of them both were opened, and 
they knew that they were naked : and they fewed 
fig-leaves together, and made themfelves aprons. 

8. And they heard the voice of the Lord God 
walking in the garden in the cool of the day : And 
Adam and his wife hid themfelves from the prefence 
of the Lord God amongft the trees of the garden. 

And • 

Ne Genejis^ Chap* III. 153 


"VTE Onyare onwa nikanigoerhat-ha yokon nc agwi- 
'*'^ gouh Kondirryoh ne Kaheandage konefe nena- 
hotea ne Royaner Niyoh ronihhaghkwe : neoni wa- 
eawcahhaghfe ne Akonheghtyh, rawea, keahoni Ni- 
yoh, yaghtea effevvake agvvegouh Karonda ne Ka- 

2. Neoni ne Akonheghtyh wakaweahhaghfe ncOn- 
yare, Yoghyaniyondouh ne Karonda-ogouh yagwak- 
hek nenekea Kayent-hon. 

3. ,Okne Yoghyaniyondouh Kahheant-hea ne Ker- 
hide, rodadi Niyoh, nenekea yaghtea effevvake, se- 
gouh yaght-ha-afyena, ne wahoeni yaght-ha feni- 

4. Et-hoghke Onyare wa-aweahhaghfe ne Akon- 
heghtyh, yaght-ha-daefenihheye. 

5. Ok Niyoh roderiendare, Neneawighniferadeke 
nenekea eaghfekejTeyefakaghkwarighfyouhhe: neoni 
et-ho n'eaghfyadodea-hake tfiniyught Niyoh, egh- 
fyenderihake ne Yoyannere neoni Yodakfeah. 

6. Neoni ne Akonheghtyh ont-kaght-ho ne Karon- 
dioKakhwiyoh, neoni ne yenoewighttiikoewatkaght- 
hoghs, et-ho nene Karonda ne Yonoff-hat wahoeni 
Ayakonigonghrowanaghte ; neoni wakanyendagouh 
Kahhik, neoni onkeh, neoni wahawea oni Teghni- 
derouh, neoni warake. 

7. Et-hoghke tetfyarouh wat-hoenwadi-kaghkwa- 
righfyh, neoni wahoditokeaghfe ne rodiyadoulkon ; 
neoni Waghvadek-haroeni Oneraghte. 

8. Neoni Wahhoewaweanaronke ne Royaner Ni- 
yoh irefe Kaheandage Tfikayent-hoh ne tfid'ya-odeh 
ne Eghniferage : et-hoghke wahadaghfeghte Adam 
neoni ne Rone Tfit-hakoughfonde ne Royaner Niyoh 
ne Kaheant-heah Tfiyoderondoeni Kayent-hoh. 

X ^. Neont 

154 Genejis^ Chap, III^t^ 

9. And the Lord God called unto Adam, and 
faid unto him, Where art thou ? 

10. And he faid, I heard thy voice in the garden : 
and I was afraid, becaufe I was naked, and 1 hid, 
mylelf. ■> ..u 

11. And he faid, Who told thee that thou waft 
naked ? Haft thou eaten of the tree, whereof I 
commanded thee, that thou Ihouldeft not eat ? 

12. And the man faid. The woman whom thou 
gaveft to be with me, Ihe gave me of the tree, and 
I did eat. 

13. And the Lord God faid unto the woman. 
What is this that thou haft done ? And the wo- 
man faid, The ferpent beguiled me, and I did eai^ - 

14. And the Lord God faid unto the ferpent, Be- 
caufe thou haft done this, thou art curfed above all 
cattle, and above every beaft of the field ; upon thy 
belly flialt thou go, and duft fhalt thou eat all the 
days of thy life. ^.^^^ ,.^,^.^. 

15. And I will put enmity between thee and the 
woman, and between thy feed and her feed: it ftiall 
bruife thy head, and thou Ihalt bruife his heel. 

16. Unto the woman he faid, I will greatly mul- 
tiply thy forrow and thy conception ; in forrow thou 
fhalt bring forth children : and thy defire ftiall be 
to thy huft)and, and he ftiall rule over thee. 

17. And unto Adam he faid, Becaufe thou haft 
hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and haft eaten 
of the tree of which I commanded thee, faying, 
Thou fhalt not eat of it : curfed is the ground for 
thy fake ; in forrow ftialt thou eat of it all the days 
of thy life, 

18. Thorns 

Ne Genejts^ Chap, 111. 155 

9. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh wahoroughyeh-hare 
Adam, neoni wahaweahhaghfe, ka-deghslderouh ? 

10. Neoni wahearouh wakoweanaronke Kahhean- 
dage Tfikayent-hoh, neoni wakteroefe : Ikea akya- 
douikouh ne wahoeni wakadaghteghtouh. 

11. Neoni wahearouh onghka faghroryh ne faya- 
douikouh ? Sako kea ne Karonda nenahotea koyagh- 
tyawearadyh, ne yaghta-aghfeke ? 

12. Neoni wahearouh Adam ne Akonheghtyh ne 
takvvawi, ne wakaghyawi neoni, wakekouh, 

13. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh waghreahhaghfe ne 
Akonheghtyh oghnenahteakeangaye tfinighfadyeroe- 
haghkvve ? Neoni ne Akonheghtyh wagearouh, ne 
Onyare wakenigoerhadeani, neoni wakekouh. 

14. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh waghreahhagfe ne 
Onyare, ne wahoeni tfinaghfaddyere, ne ife teaghfa- 
donhakaryaghtfi yadeaf-hege^ni agwegouh Katsenea, 
tfiniyought agwegouh Kondirryo ne Kahendagegh- 
fouh : Senekweandakike eaghfaghteandiyat-hake, 
neoni Oghwhentfyage eaghfekfakeTfiniwighniferage 

15. Neoni k'hedeaghftane teantfyadatrweah neoni 
ne nekea Akonheghtih, neoni teflenihogeah Kanea 
neoni Kininihogeah Kanea, ne Sakatteafanoentfifta- 
righte, neoni Teyefayadaghrightane. 

16. Ne wahaweahhaghfe Akonheghtyh, eakoyat- 
kadatfe nene aefanoghwaktea eaghfadewedonnyoh 
Seyeogoe-ah : neoniXfidereniderouh'Sanofs-haghfera 
neoni eahaweniyohake ne ife. 

17. Neoni wahaweahhaghfe Adam, nenekea fat- 
hoendadouh Tfiniyoweanodea-uh Tefenideron, neoni 
ne keagayea Karonda sakouh nenekea koeyaghti- 
yawearadighnejwageahjtoghfanen'a-aghfeke negady 
wahoeni ne Oghwhentfya yefewaghferihhoeni waon- 
dakfeane; neoni Eaghferonghyageghtfyne n'eaghfeke 
Eghniferagwegouh tfineawe eaghfonheke. 

X a 18. Oni 

I $6 Genefis^ Chap* III*''^ 

;8. Thorns alfo and thiftles (hall it bring forth to 
thee : and thou Ihalt eat the herb of the field ;• rf^^g 

19. In the fweat of thy face Ihalt thou eat bread, 
till thou return unto the ground : for out of it waft 
thou taken : for duft thou art, and unto duft Ibait 
thou return. ' 

20. And Adam called his wife's name Eve, be- 
caufe (he was the mother of all living. 

21. Unto Adam alfo and to his wife did the Lord 
God make coats of fkins, and cloathed them. 

22. And the Lord God faid. Behold, the man is 
become as one of us, to know good and evil : and 
now left he put forth his hand, and take alfo of the 
tree of life, and eat, and live for ever : ' r 

^ 23. Therefore the Lord God fent him forth from 
the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence 
he was taken. 

24. So he drove out the man : and he placed at 
the eaft of the garden of Eden, Cherubims and a 
flaming fword which turned every way, to keep the 
way of the tree of life. 

>^ ^ 


Ne ^enejis^' Chap. Ill, 15 j 

;;. 18. Gnl eayawighyarouh Ohhikta, neoni Orhef- 
goah : nepni .eaghfeicscke ne Ypdeanekeroeni Ogh- 

19. Eaghfadarihej-uh Tfifkoughronde eaghfenada- 
rackfeke, tfiniyeheawe Oghwhentfya eafeghsadonh: 
ne wahoeni -ct-ho yefarakweah : Ikea Ogeara ne lie 
neoni Ogeara eafeghsadouh. 

20. Et-hone wahanadouh Adam ne Aoghfeana 
Rone Eve, ne wahoeni a-onhha Ongweanifteahha 
agwegouh tfiniyagyonhe. 

21. Neoni ne Royaner Niyoh wafhakaoniffa-aglife 
Adam neoni Rone Adiyadawet Oghnageaghfa, neoni 

22. Et-hoghke ne Royaner Niyoh v/ahearouli, fad- 
kaght-ho ne Ongweh tfiniyawea-uh I-I, yeyendery 
ne Yoyannere neoni Yodakfea. Nenonwa yaght-ha 
Honuntfadadouh, neoni oyeyena ne Yorondonhe, 
neoni tfiniyeheawe ayagyonheke. 

23. Et-ho kadi nlyought wahoyadinegeavve ne Ro- 
yaner Niyoh Tiit-kayent-houh ne Eden, ne wahoeni 
ne aghroghwhentfyoeny tfit-hoewarackweah. 

24. Neoni waf-hakoyadinegeawe ne Ongweh : neoni 
waf-hakorihhont-haghfe Cherubims, tfinoewe neka- 
raghkwinnegeafe ne Tfikayent-houh Eden, neoni nc 
yodoughkode Af-haregowa ne yonoughftaddiyefe^ 
ne wahoeni a-ondaweyendouh ne Yot-hahhinegh- 
touh Tfideyorondonhe. 





CHAP. I. Ferfe iS. 

OW the birth of Jefus Chrift was on this wife ; 
When as his mother Mary was efpoufed to Jo- 
feph, before they came together, Ihe was found with 
child of the HolyGhoft. 

19. Then Jofeph her hufband being a juft man, 
and not willing to make her a public example, was 
minded to put her away privily. 

2,0. But while he thought on thefe things, behold, 
the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, 
faying, Jofeph, thou fon of David, fear not to take 
unto thee Mary thy wife : for that which is con- 
ceived in her is of the Holy GhoU, 

2T. And ihe fliall bring forth a fon, and thou fhalt 
call his name JESUS: for he Ihall fave his people 
from their fins. 

22. Now all this was done that it might be ful- 
filled which was fpoken of the Lord by the prophet, 

23. Behold, a Virgin fliall be with child, and fliall 
bring forth a fon, and they Ihall call his name Em- 
manuel ; which being interpreted is, God with us. 

24. Then Jofeph being raifed from fleep, did as 
the angel of the Lord had bid4«i him, and took 
unto him his wife i^orA iriguvni'li 

45. Aii4 



"Vr E Rodoniyat Jefus Chrilt na-ah tfiniyught : 
•*-^ Nesane neRonifteahha Mary ne rodirighwiflbuh 
ne Jofeph, arekho tfihodinyago, waganerone 
taghyayeghtaghkouh Ronigoghriyoughftouh. 

19. Jofeph aonhha Rone roderighvvagwarighfyeah 
na-ah, neoni yaghtereghre akarihhowanha ayoeni 
Adeheaghfera, agwagh ireghre fkeaneah n'igya*- 

20. Neoni eghniyught nenegea ranoghtonnyoughfl', 
fadkaght-ho, ne Raoroughyageghionon ne Royaner 
wahodiadaddadfe, Raolearegbtakouh, wagearouh, 
Jofeph Roye-ah David, toghfaok tefadoughharearouh 
Mary Teghfenideron taedfyaderanegea ; ikea 
nenahotea aonhhatferagouh yeyadat ne Ronigoghri- 
youghftoughne d'yoyeghtaghkouh. 

21. Neoni aonha vvadewedoghfere fayadatRonwaye, 
ctfenadoghfere Raoghfeana JESUS : Ikea raonha 
eafakoyadackouh Raongweda Tliniyakorighwan- 

22. Neoni keangaye ne agwegouh etho niyaweauh 
ne wahoeni yakayerighfere nenahotea Royaner 
rodadighnene Prophetne wahearouh. 

23. Sadkaght-ho, yaghtea ne Kanaghkwayenderyh 
kaneroefere, neoni fayadat Ronwaye wadewedone, 
neoni eghtfeanadone Raoghfeana Emmanuel ; nena- 
hotea dekaweanadennyon, Niyoh itewefe. 

24. Jofeph et-hone wahoewayeghte tfirodasj 
eghnahayere tfiniyught Raoroughyageghronouh 
Royaner raweanyh, neoni Teghniderouh wadhiyade- 

25. Neoni 

i 6o *SV. MattheWi Chap, L 

25. And knew her not till llie had brought forth 
her firftbora fon : and he called his name J£SUS. 

CHAP. 11. 

OW when Jefus was born in Bethlehem of Ju- 
dea, in the days of Herod the king, behold, 
there came wife men from the eaft to Jerufalem, 


2. Saying, Where is he that is born king of the 
Jews ? for we have feen his ftar in the eaft, and are 
come to worfhip him. 

3. When Herod the king had heard thefe things^ 
he was troubled, and all Jerufalem with him. 

4. And when he had gathered all the chief priefts 
^nd fcribes of the people together, he demanded of 
them where Chrift fliould be born ? 

5. And they faid unto him, In Bethlehem of Ju- 
dea : for thus it is written by the prophet, 

6. And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art 
not the leaft among the princes of Juda : for out of 
ihce iliall come a Governor, that Ihall rule my peo- 
ple ifrael. 

7. Then Herod, when he had privily called the 
wife men, enquired of them diligently what time 
the ftar appeared. 

8. And he fent them to Bethlehem, and faid, Go, 
and fcarch diligently for the young child ; and when 
ye have found him, bring me word again, that I 
may come and vvorfliip him alfo, 

9. When 

A"^^ St, Matthew^ Chap. I. i6i 

25.Neoni ne yaghtea t'hif-hakoyenderha-uh tfinah- 
he onea aonhha t'yodyereghtouh rodoeni Ronwaye 
ondewedouhj neoni wahoyefe Raoghfeana JESUS. 

CHAP. ir. 

■pT-hoghke onwa Jefus onea tfihodoni ne Beth- 
^^ lehem-tferagouh ne Judea, Eghniferahogotfe- 
ragouh ne Raghfeanowanea Herod, fadkaght-hoh 
Rodinigoghroweaneafe Tfidkaraghkvvinnegeafet ah- 
hadiyeghtaghkwe Jerufalem vvahadiwe, 

2. Wahonirouh, kahha naah nihodoeni Raghfeano- 
wanea Judea ? Ikea yakwatkaght-hoikwe Raotfiftok 
Tfidkaraghkwinnegeafe tferagouh, neoni vva-akwawe 
ne wahoeni afhagwanniteaghtafe. 

3. Ne Raghfanoweanea Herod onwa onea 
rothondeght vvaedhodouhhareanrouh, neoni radigwe- 
gcuh Jerufalemne. 

4. Neoni agwegouh waf-hakotkanilfa-aghte ne 
Ron vveaneanageraghtouh Sakoderighhonnyeny, neoni 
RadighyadoghferayenderifeOngwehogouh, waerigh- 
wanondouh raouhha tfinoewenihadoeniyane neChrift. 

5. Neoni wahonweahhaghfe r?onhage ne Bethle- 
hem Judea tferagouh: Ikea eghniyught kaghyadouh 
ne Prophetne ; 

6. Neoni n'lfe Bethlehem Oghwhentfya Juda yagh- 
kea teef-hatflefe watyeftouh Radikowaneghfe Juda. 
Ikea iseke tahhayeghtaghkwane cafakoghlarine ne 
Akongweda Ifrael fakorihhonyenire. 

7. Et-hoghke Herod ne Rodinikoughrowanefe 
ikeanea-ah lakoroughyahearonh, neoni wa-aghfako- 
righwanondoghfetfinaheh t'yoronraurouh neOtfiftok. 
8. Neoni waf-hakonhane Bethlehemne waheanrouh 
fewaghteandyh, neoni akwagh fewefak ne Raksa-ah, 
neoni fadfeariyeghfere eaikwaghrori, neoni wahoenri 
yenkewe, neoni ok N'l oni eahhiyenidegh- 

Y 9. Neoni 

l6z St, Matthew^ Chap, II, 

9. When they had heard the king, they departed; 
^nd lo,the ftar which they faw in the eaft, went before 
them, till it can:ie and flood over where the young 
child was. 

10, When they faw the flar they rejoiced with 
exceeding great joy. 

11, And when they were come into the houfe, 
they faw the young child with Mary his mother, and 
fell down and worfhipped him ; and when they had 
opened their treafures, they prefented unto him gifts; 
gold, and frankincenfe, and myrrh. 

12. And being warned of God in a dream, that 
they fhould not return to Herod, they departed into 
their own country another way. 

13. And when they were departed, behold, the 
angel of the Lord appeareth to Jofeph in a dream, 
faying, Arife, and take the young child and his mo- 
ther, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I 
bring thee word : for Herod will feek the young 
child to deftroy him. 

14. When he arofe, he took the young child and 
his mother by night, and departed into Egypt : 

15. And was there until the death of Herod : that 
it might be fulfilled which was fpoken of the Lord 
by the prophet, faying. Out of Egypt have I called 
jny fon, 

1 6. Then Herod, when he faw that he was mocked 
of the wife men, was exceeding wroth, and fent forth 
and flew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and 
m all the coalls thereof, from two years old and un- 

Ne Sf4 Matthew^ Chap, II.^ i^j 

9» Neonironwat-honde Raghfanoweanea, wahough- 
teandyh ; Neoni fadkaght-ho, ne Otfiftok ne ront- 
kaght-hoghikwe Tiidkaraghkwinnegeafe tferagouh 
ohhaendouh onghteandyh neoni igade tlinoenwe ye- 
gayea ne Raksah. 

10. Neonwafahontkaght-hoh ne Otfiftok wahon- 
tonharea ne kowanea Hadonharak. 

11. Neoni wahondaweyate Kanoughfagouh na-ah 
wahadidfearyh Raksa-a Mary oni ne Ronifteahha, 
neoni akwagh wadhontrakvveaghtarrhouh wahocn^ 
weanideghtale : Neoni tfinihodiye wahadinoendekfy 
ronwawihhe otfinikwar Kariftanorouh : neoni Kagh- 
neghtacko neoni Kaneraghtiyoh. 

12. Neoni Niyoh waghf-hakodogatea waghf-haka- 
weyea ne Ofereaghtakouh toghfaok yefafewadoen- 
koghtHerodne, neT'hiyohah-hate wahoughteandyh 

13. Ethoghke onwa onea tfi wahoughteandyh, fad- 
kaghtho, ne Raoroughyagcghronouh ne Royaner 
wahodyadadatfe Jofeph Kafeareghtakouh, wahea- 
rouh, fatketfkoh, neoni yehaf-haw ne Raksa-ah, 
neoni Ronifteahha, neoni faddegouh Egypt tfera- 
gouh, neoni et-ho tfitfkodak tfineavve tfineantkoyeh- 
haghfe : Ikea Herod fahoyadifake ne Raksa-ah ne 
wahoeni rorriyoghfere. 

14. Et-hoghke wahatketfkoh, wahoyadeahawe ne 
Raksa-ah neoni Ronifteahha raouhhageneAghsoenda- 
gouh, neoni wahaghteandyh Egypt ne nongadi. 

15. Neoni et-honahhe yaheandcroh tfinaghregh- 
heyeh Herod: ne wahoeni akwagh togeike na-ah 
wadoughfere nenahotea Royaner rodadighne ne 
Prophetne, wahearouh, k'heroughyahearouh lye-ah 
ne Egypt. 

16. Et-hoghke Herod fahatkaght-ho ne Rodini- 
goughrowanoghfe ronwanikorhadeany, et-hone ak- 
wagh wahonak-hou, neoni oddiyake lakonha-uh ne 
waf-hakodirryoh agwegonh ne Ikfaogoe-ah ne Keth- 

Y 2 lehcmne^ 


1 64 St, Matthew-i Chap* II. 

der, according to the time which he had diligently- 
enquired of the wife men. 

17. Then was fulfilled that which was fpoken by 
Jeremy the prophet, faying, 

18. In Rama was there a voice heard, lamenta- 
tion and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel 
weeping for her children, and would not be com- 
forted, becaufe they are not. 

19. But when Herod was dead, behold, an angel 
of the Lord appeareth in a dream to Jofeph in 

20. Saying, Arife, and take the ybung child and 
his mother, and go into the land of Ifrael : for they 
are dead which fought the young child's life. 

21. And he arofe, and took the young child, and 
his mother, and came into the land of Ifrael. 

22. But when he heard that Archelaus did reign 
in Judea, in the room of his father Herod, he was 
afraid to go thither : notwithflanding, being warned 
of God in a dream, he turned alide into the parts of 
Galilee : 

23. And he came and dwelt in a city called Na- 
zareth : that it might be fulfilled which was fpoken 
by the prophets, He Ihall be called a Nazarene. 


Ne St, MattheW', Chap. II. . 165 

khenine,neoni ok-thadej^oghkwadasedon radinakere, 
nc Teyoughferage tfiyenakere neoni fuhha kanihonafa, 
tfi-agvvagh fakorighvvanegeany ne Rodinikoghrowa- 
noghfe kadkeh nihodocni ne Raksah, 

17. Et-hone agwagh togeike na-ah yodoe-a, nena- 
hotea rodadighne ne Prophetne Jeremiah, vvahea- 

18. Tfyo'vveanat yakoghrunkea Ramagouh, efo 
Wadadideghreh, neoni Ya-oiighfen-ha, Rachel ya- 
konafe Akoyeongoe-ah, neoni ne yaghteweghre 
ayonkvveyea, ne wahoeni yaghtea yederouh. 

19. Et-hone onvva onea tfihawoheyoh Herod, 
fadkaght-ho Raoroughyageghronoh ne Royaner 
wahodyadadatle Jofeph ne Kafeareghtakouh ne 
Egpyt tferagouh. 

20. Wahearouh, fat-ketiko, eghtfyadeahha ne Rak- 
sa-ah neoni Ronifteahha isegeh, neoni yafaghteandy 
Raodoghwentfyage Ifrael: Ikea ronaheyouh ne ya- 
kefakikwe ne Raodonhets ne Raksa-ah. 

21. Et-hoghke n'ahatketskoh, wahoyadeahhawe ne 
Raksa-ah, neoni Ronifteahha, neoni yeharawe 
Raodoghwhentfyage Ifrael. 

22. Ne ok-fahharonke ne Archelaus Raghfeano- 
wanea Judea tferagouh tfid-honakte Raniha Herod, 
wadhodohharearouh et-ho-nyahare : ok ne Niyoh 
waghf-hakodogatea waghf-hakodeweyendouh ne O- 
feareaghtakouh wahoughteandy Galilee. 

23. Neoni y-haravve ne yaharago tfiwahonakeratoh 
ne Kanadakouh koewayats Nazareth : Ne wahoeni 
akvvagh togeike ne Prophetne rodadighne, rowcana- 
douh ne Nazarene. 


J 66 St. Matthew^ Chap. V. 


AND (Jefus) feeing the multitudes, he went up 
into a mountain : and when he was fet, his 
difciples came unto him. 

2. And he opened his mouth, and taught them, 

3. BlefTed are the poor in fpirit : for theirs is the 
kingdom of heaven. 

4. Eleffed are they that mourn : for they Ihall be 

5. Blefled are the meek : for they ihall inherit the 

6. Blefled are they which do hunger and third 
after righteoufnefs : for they lliall be filled. 

7. Blefled are the merciful : for theylhall obtain 

8. Bleflfed are the pure in heart : for they fhall 
fee God. 

9. Blefled are the peace-makers : for they ihall be 
called the children of God. 

10. Blefled are they which are perfecuted for 
righteoufnefs' fake : for theirs is the kingdom of 
heaven. avuH .1- 

11. Bleflfed are 5'e when men fliall revile you, and 
perfecute you, andfliall fay all manner of evil againft 
you falfly for my fake. 

12. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad : for great is 
your reward in heaven : for fo perfecuted they the 
prophets which were before you. 

13. Ye are the fait of the earth : but if the fait 
have loft his favour, wherewith ftiall it be falted ? 

Ne St. Matthew^ Chap, V. 167 


"VJEONI (Jefus) wahadkaght-ho Kaneaghroweanea 
■^^ wat-hadane Onondouhharage : neoni oneafahad- 
dyea, wahadiwe Raod'youghkwa raonhage. 

2. Neoni Raghsene wahanhodonkouh, waf-hako- 
rihhonny, wahearouh, 

3. Yakodaghikats ne Yeyefaghfe ne Kanigough- 
rage : ikea ronouhha Raodiyaneghtfera ne Karough- 

4. Yakodaghikats ne Akonigoerawife : ikea 
ronouhha ronweaneghyene. 

5. Yakodaghikats ne Akonigoughranetlkha : ikea 
raonwadirakwannire Oghwhentfya. 

6. Yakodaghikats ne Yondoghkarryaks neoni 
Yagonyadatt-heaghfe Yoderighwakwarighfyough- 
fera : ikea ronaghtafere. 

7. Yakodaghikats ne Yakonideareikouh : ikea 

8. Yakodaghikats ne yahhot-henouh teyore Akawe- 
riyane: ikea ronwatkaght-hoghfere ne Niyoh, 

9. Yakodaghikats ne ikeanea t'hiyeafe : ikea 
Niyoh Sakoyeogoe-wa ronwadinadone. 

10. Yakodaghikats ne Yondathnonderaddyefe ne 
wahoeni ne Yoderighwagwarighfyeah ; Ikearonouhha 
Rayodiyanertfera ne Karoughyage. 

II. Yakodaghikats fadeyought neYefaghfweanghfe 
OngwehogOLih, neoni yefaghferefc, neoni Onoweah 
agwegouh Yodaklea yefadadd'yafe ne wahoeni I 

i2.Yodfenonnyat, Sadonharak: ikea eayefayeritfe 
kowanea ne Karoughyagouh ; ikea fadeyought 
fekodighnonderaddiyeikwe ne Prophet-hogouh fewa- 

13. Ife ne Sowaghyotiisk ne Oghwhentfya : 
oughteh Teyoghyotiis onwa ne yaghtea eantfyo- 


1 68 St. Matthew^ Chap. Y* 

it is thenceforth good for nothing but to be caft out, 
and to be trodden under foot of men. 

14. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is 
fet on an hill cannot be hid. 

15. Neither do men light a candle, and put it 
under a bufhel : but on a candleftick, and it giveth 
light unto all that are in the houfe. 

1 6. Let your light fo fliine before men, that they 
may fee your good works, and glorify your Father 
which is in heaven. 

17. Think not that 1 am come to deftroy the 
law or the prophets : I am not come to dcftroy, but 
to fulfil. 

18. For verily I fay unto you, Till heaven and 
earth pafs, one jot or one tittle fliall in no wife pafs 
from the law, till all be fulfilled. 

19. Whofoever therefore lliall break one of thefe ■ 
leaft commandments, and fhall teach men fo, he fhall 1 
be called leaft in the kingdom of heaven : but who- * 
foever fhall do and teach them, the fame fhall be 
called Qfreat in the kino;dom of heaven. 

10. For 1 fay unto you. That except your righte- 
oufnefs fhall exceed the righteoufnels of the fcribes 
and Pharilees, ye fliall in no cafe enter into the 
kinp;dom of heaven. 


2. r . Ye 


Ne St. Maithewy Cbap.V^ 169 

yannereke oghnahorea tayeghyotfiftar-hoghfere ? 
Yaghtetfyoyannere kaniga fuhha ethone, newahoeni 
atfte yeyakodyh, oeoni teayoughlkwaferaghkvvakc 

14. Ife Tetfvvatheta ne Oghwhentfya. Ska- 
nadad Onondohharage, ikea yaghteyawight ayough- 

15. Yaghte segouh Teyehokad6tt-ha, neoni 
ne Kanaghkwakon ayeyea; okhn? vvaeghnlyo* 
deah Tfiyehokatodaghkwa, neoni warkadat Te- 
yoghfwat-he agvvegon ne Kanoghfagouh yederoh 

16. Akwagh teyoghrwatkhek ohaendon ne On- 
gwehogonh, ne Sayodcghferxyofe ahontkaght-hoi 
neoni I-yanihha ne Karoughyage yeheanderouh 

17. Toghfa ferhek kea sakewe akerighfyh Origh- 
wadogeaghty, neteas ne Prophethogouh : kiron 
yaghte-wagouh ne akerighfy, okne eakyerite, 

18. Ikea akwagh wakoyehhaghfe nene Ka- 
roeya neoni ne Oghwhentfya eawadohetfte, ne 
yagh-houskat Tehoyeronitftouh ne Raorighwa-- 
gwarigh'fyat aondohetlle, agwegouh et-ho neaya- 

19. Ne ok oughka et-hone oufkat nenegea 
Keaniyorighwa-a yondatdeani eayentnereaghfyh, 
neoni ne Ongwehogouh tliniyought Yondatte- 
rihhon'yenihheke, ne kaniyaga-ah yeyonda- 
^enadouh ne Kayanertferagoh ne Karonghyage : 
Ok oughkakiok et-ho niyaondy'ere neoni weaya- 
kodaderiyhhonnyeny, ne yekoweanea yondatte- 
nadoere ne Kayanertferagouh ne Karoughyage. 

20. Ikea wakoyehhaghfe neok Saderighwakwa- 
righfyoughfera fuhha teaghfekeany tfiniyught ne 
Radighyadoghferayenderife, neoni ne Pharifees, 
ne yaght-hafewadaweyate Kayanertferagouh Ka« 

Z ai. Sat*^ 

1^0 . iSV. Matthew i Chap* V. 

21. Ye have heard, that it was faid by them of 
old time, Thou Ihalt not kill : and whofoever Ihall 
kill, Ihall be in danger of the judgment. 

22. But 1 fay unto you, That whofoever is angry 
with his brother without a caufe, ihall be in danger 
of the judgment : and whofoever Ihall fay to his 
brother, Raca, ihall be in danger of the council : 
but whofoever ihall fay, Thou fool, ihall be in dan- 
ger of hell fire. 

'23. Therefore, if thou bring thy gift to the altar, 
and there remembereil that thy brother hath ought 
9gainit thee; 

24. Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go 
thy way ; firlt be reconciled to thy brother, and 
then come and offer thy gift. 

2^. Agree with thine adverfary quickly, whiles 
thou art in the way with him : left at any time the 
adverfary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge 
deliver thee to the officer, and thou be caft into, 

26. Verily I fay unto thee. Thou ilialt by no 
means come out thence, till thou hail paid the utr 
termofl farthing. 

27. Ye have heard that it was faid by them of old 
time, Thou ihalt not commit adultery. 

28. But I fay unto you, That whofoever looketh 
on a woman to lufl after her, hath committed adul- 
tery with her already in his heart. 

29. And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, 
and caft it from thee ; for it is profitable for thee 
that one of thy members ihould periih, and r)ot that 
thy whole body ihould be call into hell, 

30. An4 

Ne St. Matthewi Chap. V. 171 

2T. Sat-hondighkwe nenahotea yondatdeanyh A- 
jkokftea-ha, toghfaok affirryoh : okne onghka ea- 
yondatderiyoh, Radidfihayeht-feragouh ne eahoe- 

22. Ikea wakoyehaghfc, onghka ne tahoderigh- 
wadehafe eahonakvvafe N'yadaddegea-ah ne n'thoe- 
waghrewaghte Raodidfihayentferagouh : neoni ough- 
ka eahaweahhaghfe Yadaddegea-ah, Yoddehad, (Ra- 
ca) ne eahoewaghrewaghte Kahaghferovvanea : ok 
oughka eakearon Seande, (thou Fool) ne eahoewagh- 
rewaghte Oneff-heah d'Yodek-ha. 

23. Ne wahoeni, ne eaf-heyawighfere Altarne, neo- 
ni agaye eafenoghtonnyoughwake ne Tfyadaddegea- 
ah othenouh eghyehhaghfe. 

24,1 Et-ho kayendak ne N'eaf-heyouh oheandouh 
rie Altar, neoni yeghfaghteandyh ; teantfyadaderigh* 
wiyoughftouh eandewadiyereghte Tfyadaddegea-ah, 
neoni karo kafeght onea faghtkaw Seyawire. 

15. Okfaok fafanikoughriyoh ne Tefadatfweaghfe, 
tfinahhe segouh iflenefe Ohahhage : ne wahoeni ne 
Yefaffweaghfe yaghtea oughte ife ne Yondatdenage- 
raghtouh, ife ne Yondaddenhafe eahoeyouh, neoni ea- 
yefayadoendyh Tfiyondattenhodoughkwa* 

26. Akwagh wakoyehaghfe, yaghtea s'yakeanfere 
tfineavve Skariftat fadatkarodanyh. 

27. Sat-hoendeghkwe nene Akokfteaha yaka-» 
weaghne yaght-hanirihwanerak-he oya T'hiyedeah. 

28. Ok ne wakoyehaghfe nenegea oughka Akon- 
heght'yea eayondadatkaght-ho ne wahoeni ne fagac 
ayenoff-ha, okfaok Roddirighwannerrea Raoweriagh- 

29. Neoni et-hoghke tfifeweyendightaghkouh 
Skaghtege eafarighwannerakte, ka-llaghkwad, neoni 
iffi-yasady : Ikea ne yoyanneretfifadoenderefe aontoh, 
neoni yaghtea wagwegouh Tfyeronke Oneghfeah 

Z 2 ^0. Neoni 

172 St. Matthew^ Chap* V. 

30. And if thy right hand oifend thee, cut it off, 
and call it from thee : for it is profitable for thee 
that one of thy members fhould perifli, and not that 
thy whole body fhoUld be call into hell. 

31. It hath been faid, Whofoever Ihall put away 
his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement. 

32. But I fay unto you, That whofoever fhall put 
away his wife, faving for the caufe of fornication, 
caufeth her to commit adultery : and whofoever fhall 
marry her that is divorced, coramitteth adultery. 

33. Again, ye have heard that it hath been faid 
by them of old time, Thou Ihalt not forfwear thyfelf, 
but llialt perform unto the Lord thine oaths. 

34. But I fay unto you. Swear not at all ; neither 
by heaven, for it is God's throne : 

35. Nor by the earth, for it is his footftool ; nei- 
ther by Jerufalem, for it is the city of the great king. 

36. Neither Ihalt thou fwear by thy head, becaufe 
thou canfl not make one hair white or black : 

37. But let your communication be, Yea, yea : 
nay, nay : for whatfoever is more than thefe, cometh. 
of evil. 

38. Ye have heard that it hath been faid, An eye 
for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. 

39. But I fay unto you, That ye refifl: not evil : 
But whofoever ihall fmite thee on thy right cheeky, 
tyrn to him the other alfo. 

40. And 

Ne St. Matthew, Chap, V. 173 

50. Nconi engeahake tfifeweyendightaghkouli 
Sefnonke eafarighwanerakte, yehatfyak, neoni ifi- 
yasadyh : ikeane yoyannere ne tfiladonderefe aontouht 
neoni yaghtea vvagvvegouh Tfyeronke Oneghl'eah. 

31. Nconi yeyakavvea, oughkakiok eahayadoendyh 
Teghniderouh, ne waf-hakawanaouhhaKaghyadogh- 
fera Teyondikhaghyat-ha. 

32. Ok-ne ne wakoyehaghfe, ne-na oughka raya- 
dond'yeghfere Teghniderouh, oya akarihhoeni ne 
Akerighwannerea ne waghroniflah, ne aouhha wa- 
kerighwannerake Kanaghkwa : , neoni ne onghka 
eahodinyak-he ne yondadd'yadondyouh ne vvaghni- 
righwannerake Kanaghkwa. 

33. Ok oya fadhoendeghkwe nene Akoksfteaha 
yagawea, kea yaght-hayerihhoneke nene }Oghnirouh 
yakodady, okne eaghlyerite ne Royaner akwagh 

34. Ok ne wakoyehaghfe, yaghteandii orivvagouh 
yoghnirontaghfadadyh ; Tfitkaronghyadenewahoeni 
raouhha na-ah tfireanderoh ne Niyoh. 

35. Nokhare ne Oghvvhentfyate, ne wahoeni 
raouhha na-ah ne TMioraghfidageaferaghkouh ; 
nokhare Jerufalemne, ne wahoeni aouhha na-ah ne 
Raonadah koweanea ne Raghfanowanea. 

36. Nokhare Senontsine y all haghs iron akwagh 
yoghniron, ne wahoeni yagh-Skanoughkwiflerat 
aghferageafte neteas afhoentfiyeftc. 

37. Okne eE-ho eakeahak Saweana, et-ho, et-ho, 
yaghtea, yaghtea : nenahotea fuhha nenegea eake- 
righwareke, tfikondighferoheafe kavageanle. 

38. Sad-hoendeghkwe ne yakawcan, Skakarat 
wahoeni yadeankene Okarat, neoni Skanawirat 
wahoeni yadeankene Onawy. 

39. Okne wakoyehhaghfe ne yaghtea feya- 
toriyaghneroehaghfe Ycghferoheanfe, okne oughka 
eayefakoenreke, neoni yehahftats ItTeweyendch- 
taghkouh Saghranonke, 

4(y, Neoni 

1 74 , Su Matthew^ Chap, V. 

40. And if any man will fue thee at the law, and 
take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke alfo. 

41. And whofoever fhall compel thee to go a mile, 
go with him twain. 

42. Give to him that aiketh thee, and from him 
that would borrow of thee, turn not thou away. 

43. Ye have heard that it hath been faid. Thou 
Ihalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy, 

44. But I fay unto you, Love your enemies, blefs 
them that curfe you, do good to them that hate you, 
and pray for them which defpitefuUy ufe you, and 
perfecute you : 

45. That ye may be the children of your father 
which is in heaven : for he maketh his fun to rife 
on the evil and on the good, and fendeth rain on the 
juft and on the unjuft. 

46. For if ye love them which love you, what 
reward have ye ? do not even the publicans the 
fame ? ** 

47. And if ye falute your brethren only, what do 
you more than others ? do not even the publicans 

48. Be ye therefore perfed, even as your father 
which is in heaven is perfeft. 


Ne St, Matthew y Chap. V. 1 75 

40. Neoni oughkakiok eakeahake eayerhcke 
teyakyaderighwageany, neoni Sadyadawid yeyehawe 
neoni eghtfouh ne Sola. 

41. Neoni oughka eafaghfterohwihheke ouikat 
Mile eahfaghteandy, yahafene tekeny Mile. 

42. Yai"-heyon ne eayefanegea, neoni ne yaghteah 
fenoghftatfe ahyenihhaghfe. 

43. Sad-hondeghkwe yeyakawgehnc eaghfe- 
noruoghkwake Sas'yadat, neoni S-hcgh\veaghfe 

44. Ok-ne wokoyehaghfe, fenoroughkwak Yefagh- 
fweaghfe, feyadaderift ne yefakhonadaghkwa yoyan- 
ijeretfineghfeyerafe neYefaghfweaghfe, neoni feyade- 
reanayehaghs nene yeflaroughyageant-ha, neoni ne 
Yeladfevhat-ha : 

45. Ne wahoeni aondon Sakoye-ongoe-ah na-ah 
lyaniha ne Karoughyagouh yeheanderouh : Ikea 
raouhha kea-nihayer-ha Raoraghkwa ne Taharagh- 
kwinnegeaghte ontoenkoghte ne tfiyeghferohea- 
it, raweroh raghftarond'yeght-ha ontonkoghte, 
ya|voderighwakwarighf-yeah neoni ne yaghtea 

46. Ikea eakeahake ahlenoroughkwake nenene 
yefanoroughkwake, oghnenahotea eayefayeritfe ? 
Tfiniyond'yerha etho-niyoght tefkyad'yereah ne 
Yakorighwannerakikouhogouh ? 

47. Neoni eakeahake ise Sewadadegea-ogouh 
raouhhah tayefewaddaddenoghvveradohheke ogh- 
nenahotea wadeghlhegeany t-hiyeyadade ? Et-ho 
i^iyondyerha ne Yakoiighwannerakikouh, 

48. Et-honyh fewcLinaghnoehak na-ah tfiniyogh 
lyaniha ne Karougbyage-tferagouh na-ah rana- 


( 176 ) 



C H A P. I. 

^pHE beginning of the Gofpel of Jefus Chrift the 
•*• Son of God. 

2. As it is written in the prophets, Behold I fend 
my meffen:ier before thy face, which Ihall prepare 
thy way before thee. 

3. The voice of one crying in the wildernefs. Pre- 
pare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths ftraight. 

4. John did baptize in the wildernefs, and preach 
the baptifm of repentence for the remiffion of fins. 

5. And there went out unto him all the land of 
Judea, and they of Jerufalem, and were all baptized 
pf him in the river of Jordan, confeffing their fins. 

6. z^nd John was clothed with camels hair, and 
with a girdle of a ikin about his loins ; and he did 
eat loculls and wild honey. 

7. And preached, faying, There cometh one 
mightier than I after me, the latchet of whofe ihoes 
I am not worthy to ftoop down and unloofe. 

8. 1 indeeci 



^rt!;)«»oy\ ■*^> ■.,(• 

( ^77 ) 

. ' ' ==?■ 






"VTE Adaghfaweaghtfera ne Gofpel Jefus Chrlfl nc 
'*'^ Niyoh Roye-ah. 

2. A-fe eghniyoght tfirodighyadouh ne Prophet- 
hogouh, fatkaght-hoh yeakhenhine n'Agvvadanhat- 
fera, ne egh-eaye fahheandeafe, nene Eayefahah- 
haghferonnyea fah-heandou tfiniyahefenohattye. 

3. Ne Ovveana ouikagh yeweanodatye et-ho 
Karhagouh, wadouh ne tiy'adearharah tli-nondaha- 
wenohattye ne Royaner, fenihah-hagvvarighfyh ne 

4. John et-ho IhakoghnegofTerah Karhagouh, ne 
oni wahharighwaghnodouh tfif-hakoghnegoireraghs 
ne onfayondatrewaghte ikea ne entfyondadderigh- 
wiyoghflackwea n' Akorigh wanner akfera. 

5. Neoni agwegonh ne ne Judea Youghvventf- 
yade, ne oni ronouhha Jerufalem et-ho wa-eaghde 
raouhageh, neoni agwegouh waghfakoghnegofleragh- 
we Kahyoehhakouh Jordan, waondatrewaghte n'A- 

6. Neoni John Ra-onena na-ah Camel Onongh- 
wer-hou, neoni Raodyadanha Oghna ne dehotyagwa- 
ranheah : neoni Kweayoh iraks neoni ne Tsi-iks 

7. Neoni wahaderighwaghnodouh wahhearou 
kea dare oghnage fhavadah rakef-hatfdeaghferakan- 
nyouh raouha Raonikaghgtfyena yaghdeatfyh devva- 
kerharats ne dakatf-hagede neoni akerighfyh. 

A a lihhs 

178 St. Marki Chap. I. 

8. I indeed have baptized you withXvater : but he 
fhall baptize you with the Holy Gholl. 

9. And it came to pafs in thofe days, that Jefus 
came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized 
of John in Jordan. 

10. And ftraightway coming up out of the water, 
he faw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like 2 
dove defcending upon him. 

11. And there came a voice from heaven, fay- 
injz, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well 

12. And immediately the fpirit driveth him into 

13. And he was there in the wildernefs forty days 
tempted of Satan, and was with the wild beafts, and 
the angels miniflered unto him. 

14. Now after that John was put in prifon, Jefus 
came into Galilee, preaching the Gofpel of the king- 
dom of God, 

15. And faying, The time is fulfilled, and the 
kingdom of God is at hand : repent ye and believe 
the Gofpel. 

16. Now as he walked by the fea of Galilee, he 
faw Simon, and Andrew his brother, cafling a net 
into the fea: (for they were fifhers) 

17. And Jefus faid unto them, Come ye after 
me, and I will make you to become fifliers of 

1 8. And 



•■-■■ ■■ loHMS Preaching ^ 
Baptism i3i Christ, 

Ne St. Marl!, Chap. I. 1 79 

-8. Tihhorighwiyoh wagwaghnekofferaghwc 
Oghneganoghs nahhotea; ok ne raouhha, nc eaght- 
iliilewaghnekofferaghwe Ronigoghriyoghfloiih ea- 

9. Neoni et-ho yah-hont-hewe et-hone Wighni- 
feradennyoewe, ne Jefus tayhayeaghta^hgwe Na- 
zareth nongadyh Galilee, neoni John raouhha wah- 
hoghnekoferaghwe Kaihyoehhakouh Jordan. 

10. Neoni agwagh ne okfa hadeikogoh ne Oghne- 
gage, wahatkaght-ho ne Karoughyage onden- 
hodoenkoh, neoni ne Kanigoera anyogh Ooride 
dondafeaghde wahhottyeahhaghfe, 

11. Neoni et-ho Takondudyh Karoughyage non- 
kadihjWairouh, ife ne koenoroughkwa Koeye-ah,ife- 
tferagouh agwagh wakeriendiyoghs. 

12. Neoni yokondattye ne Kanigoera raouha 
wahhotory Karhagouh nongadih. 

13. Neoni et-ho yerefgwe ne Karhagouh kay^ry- 
niwighniferaghfea wat-hodeanageraghde ne Satan, 
neoni et-ho irefe tfikonefe ne Kondirryo-s6e-ah, neoni 
ne Karoughyageghronouh teh-hocwaghfnyea roe- 

14. Ne onea oghnageankeh Shihoewanaghfkouh 
ne John roewanhodouh, Jefus warawe et-ho Galilee, 
rarighwaghnodouh ne (Gofpel) Orighwadogeaghty 
Raoyanertfera Niyoh. 

15. Neoni wahhearouh, ne yakarine onea tfinika- 
riwade, neoni ne Raoyanertfera Niyoh okhet-ho 
tfyadon-hakanoenyh: tfyadatre\vagh neoni kafenegh- 
dagh'k ne Gofpel. 

16. Ne onea okne tfi-ire Kaniyadarakdattye ne 
Galilee, waghfhakot-kaght-ho Simon, neoni Andnew 
Yadadegea-ah, yadeniroghs Kaniyadarage : (Ikea 
n'itfyakwaghs tfiniyatyerha Katotfyeaght-ha.) 

17. Neoni Jefus waghfhakaweahhaghfe, kafleneh 
akenighnonderatyeght, neoni I eakenirihhouh ne 
Ongvve entfyadenighroghfekc. 

i^, Neoni 

iSo St, Ma}% Chap. I. 

1 8. And ftraightway they forfook their rtets ^nd 
followed him. 

19. And when he had gone a little further thence, 
he faw James the fon of Zebedee, and John his 
brother, who alfo were in the Ihip mending their 

20. And ftraightway he called them; and they 
left their father Zebedee in the Ihip with the hired 
fervants, and went after him. 

21. And they went into Capernaum, and flraight-^ 
way on the fabbathrday he entered into the fyna- 
gogue, and taught. 

22. And they were aflonifhed at his dodtrine : for 
he taught them as one that had authority, and not 
as the Icribes. 

23. And, there was in their fynagogue a man with 
an unclean fpirit, and he cried out, 

24. Saying, Let us alone, \vhat have we to do with 
thee, thou Jefus of Nazareth ? art thou come to de- 
flroy us ? I know thee who thou ait, the Holy One 
of God. 

25. And Jefus rebuked him, faying, Hold thy 
peace, and come out of him. 

26. And when the unclean fpirit had torn him, and 
pried with a loud voice, he came put of him. 

27. And they were all amazed, infomuch that they 
queftioned among themfeives, faying, What thing 


Ne St. Mark, Chap. I. i8i 

1 8. Neoni agwagh okfaok waghyadeweandeghtc 
ne Raoditoh neoni wahhonvvaghnonderatyeghte. 

19. Neoni ne onea oghft5uha fuh-ha ifinoe niya* 
hare, waghihakot-kaght- ho James ne Shakoye-ah Ze- 
bedee, neoni N*yadadegea-ah John, eghoni nihont- 
yeihaKahoewagouh radiyadid Ihadinik-houh nc Ra- 

20. Neoni agwagh okfaok yaghlhakoroughyeh- 
hare ; neoni wahoyadoendyh ne roewaniha Zebedee 
er-ho Kahhoewagouh ne okfa honadadeare nok 
thighfliakonhaouhah, neoni waghyaghdeandy wa- 

21. Neoni wahoneghde et-ho Capernaum, neoni 
agwagho kfaok et-ho wareghde tfiyakotkeaniflbuh ne 
(Synagogue) Aweandadogeaghdonke neoni waghlha- 

72. Neoni wakoneghrago tfinihorihhbdeah: Ikea 
kea na-awea tfiwaghf hakorihhonnyouh anVogh ok- 
thi-ha-af-hatsde thihakowanea, neoni yagheghde- 
yought tfiniyought Tfiroewadirihhonnyenyh. 

23. Neoni et-ho tfiyakotkeaniflbuh ne Synagogue 
rayadare Rongwe Kanigoughrakfea rotyeanih, ne- 
oni raouhha wat-haghfeant-hoh. 

24. Wahhearouh, toghfa eghnadakwayer okthi- 
yongwerohatyeh, oghnahhotea takwatfderifdagh- 
kwa^ ife Jefus ne Nazarethaga ? waghfewe nene a- 
aghfgwaghdonde Roeyenderi ife wahhi Sayadado- 
geaghty Niyoh. 

25. Neoni Jefus wahhorifde, wahhearouh, da-as 
Dodek, neoni kayagean raonhatferagouh. 

26. Neoni ne onea ne Kanigoughrakf-heah egh- 
dage wahovadondy wahoyadadiheadoewe, neoni 
wat-hagh-feant-ho roweandeght, tahayageane raou- 

27. Neoni agwegouh wakoneghrago dayondo* 
neke, Wat-hondaderighwanondonnyoefe Radioty- 
cghgwagouh, wahonnirouh, oghna karihhotea nekea- 



St, Marky Chap, I. 

is this ? what new dodtrlne is this ? for with autho- 
rity commandeth he even the unclean fpirits, and they 
do obey him. 

28. And immediately his fame fpread abroad 
throughout all the region round about Galilee. 

29. And forthwith, when they were come out of 
the fynagogue, they entered into the houfe of Simon 
and Andrew, with James, and John. 

30. But Simon's wife's mother lay lick of a fever, 
and anon they tell him of her. 

31. And he came and took her by the hand and 
lifted her up ; and immediately the fever left her, 
and fhe miniftered unto them, 

32. And at even, when the fun did fet, they 
brought vinto him all that were difeafed, and them 
that were poflefled with devils. 

33. And all the city was gathered together at the 

34. And he healed many that were fick of divers 
difeafes, and call out many devils, and fuffered not 
the devils to fpeak, becaufe they knew him. 

35. And In the morning rifing up a great while 
before day, he went out and departed into a folitary 
place, and there prayed. 

36, And Simon, and they that were with him, fol- 
lowed after him. 

^ 37. And when they had found him, they faid unto 
him, All men feek for thee. 

38. And 

ii rf£3 



Ne Si, Mark^ Chap. I. 1 83 

eah afe tfinakarihhotea ? Ikea okthihakowanea th ha- 
ef-hatsde newaCThreahhaghfe nee'ne yodakfhea Ka- 
nigoera, neoni vvahot-hundatfe. 

28. Neoni agvvagh .okfaok waharihhowanha wa- 
dewadeiighvvarenyh yatyohhetl'de agvvegouh Tiiye- 
nackeronnyoLih okt-hadeyoghgwadasedouh Galilee. 

29. Neoni yokondattye, ne onea tondahadiyagea- 
ne ne Synagogue-tferagouh, et-ho yahondaweyade 
Tfirodinoiighlode Simon neoni Andrew, ronene 
James, neoni John. 

30. Ok Simon Rone Onifleahhah kayatyoenyh 
yonoughwakdany Yodoughgwarrhoghfe, neoni ka- 
rokde wahoewaghror^^ tfiniyoyadaweaghfe. 

31. Neoni warawe neoni dahhanountf-ha aouhha 
neoni wahhaketfko ; neoni agwagh okfaok ought- 
kawe N'yodoughkwarrhoghfgwe, neoni watyakogh- 
fniyene ronouhha. 

32. Neoni Yokaraghfekah ne onea ne Karaghkwa 
Ihiyadoyotfot-houh, waondatyathehhou raouhagek 
agwegouh n'ya-kanlirafe, nok ne yakotyeanyh 

33. Neoni Kanadagwegouh na-ah waontkeanifTa 
oghferoeni et-ho Tfikanhokaronde. 

34. Neoni raouhha faghihakotfyende yawetowa- 
nea ne Teyakokoheandonnyoughs niyadekanhra- 
ge yako-eanrare, nok fahayadinnegeawe yawetowanea 
Oneghflioughronouh, wahannhese ne Oneghlhough- 
ronouh n'akondadyh, ne karihhoeni nc ronwayen- 
dery raouhha. 

35. Neoni Orhoenkeghtfy wahhatketfkoh wahoe- 
nife niya-orheane, wahhaghdeandyh neoni eghwa- 
reghde ok keanoewe t'hihhaouha-ah tfinoewe, 
neoni wahadereanayeh. 

36. Neoni Simon, nok ne ronouhha ne ronefe, 
wahhoewaghnonderattyeghde raouhha. 

37. Neoni ne onea yahoewayadatf-hearyh, wahoe- 
weahhaghfe, agvvegouh n'Ongwc yefayadifaks. 

38, Neoni 

184 St. Mark, Chap A. 

38. And he faid unto them, Let us go into the 
next towns, that I may preach there alfo : for there- 
fore came I forth. 

39. And he preached In their fynagogues through- 
out all Galilee, and call: out devils. 

40. And there came a leper to him, befeeching 
him, and kneeling down to him, and faying unto 
him, if thou wilt, thou canft make me clean. 

41. And Jefus moved with compaffion, put forth 
his hand, and touched him, and faith unto him, I 
will ; be thou clean. 

42. And as foon as he had fpoken. Immediately 
the leprofy departed from him, and he was cleanfecL 

43. And he ftraitly charged him, and forthwitii 
lent him away; 

44. And faith unto him. See thou fay nothing to 
any man : but go thy way, fhew thyfelf to the prieft, 
and offer for thy cleanfing thole things which Mofes 
commanded, for a teflimony unto them> 

45. But he went out, and began to publlfli it 
much, and to blaze abroad the matter, infomuch 
that Jefus could no more openly enter into the city, 
but was without in defert places ; and they came to 
him from every quarter. 


JSfe St, Mark, CJJap.'\. 185 

38. Neoni waghfhakaweahhaghfc ronouhha de- 
waghdeandyhet-honongah tfin'oya t'Kanadayendouh 
nene eakaderighwaghdouh kady oneanen'et-hoh Ikea 
nese wakarihhoni dakaghdeandyh. 

39. Neoni wahaderighwaghnodonh et-ho Raodit- 
yoghgwagouh Synagogues ya-atrohhets agwegouh 
ne Galilee, neoni fahayadinnegeaghferoh n'Onegh- 

40. Neoni et-ho warawe ne Rongwe roerharafe 
(ne leper) raouhage, wahonnydeaghtea raouhha, ne- 
oni wat-hodontfhot-haghfe, neoni wahhearauh toga 
a-aghfere f-hitfyend, oelaghlketfyende. 

41. Neoni Jefus wahonikoughrarege wahhodeare, 
Yahhonifnoiighfa-rageany, yahhoyerea, neoni vvah- 
haweahhaghfe, yodoeh-oh ki : fakontfyende. 

42. Neoni okla tslok ne ok yahhaweaneandane, 
agwagh okfaok ne (leprofy) fonderagewe ne raouha- 
geh, neoni t'hiyoyaneregh-tsihouh. 

43. Neoni raouhha agwagh okfaok yorighwagh- 
nirouh tfinahoyerafe raouhha, neoni tfidoefaghyadek- 

44. Neoni wahaweahhaghfe, tfyagea toghfa ot- 
henouh tsirouh oughka n'Ongvve : Ok kea deaghnoeh 
n'yahafeh, tfit'heanderouh ne Ratfihuhfdatfy, eghtf- 
henadoehaghs* neoni yahhaghtfhouh tiinahhotea ne 
Mofes rorighvvilTouh n'eaghni Kanhrodeaghfayondo, 
ne Wadenyendeaghfdou ne Orighwiyoh eahhona- 

45. Ok raouhha wahhaghdeandyh, neoni tahha- 
daghfawea wahharihhoweanaghde agwagh efo, 
wat-harighwarennyade tfina-awea tfifah-hadouh, 
ne tlinikariwa ne non-kea yagh-deyodoe-ouh ne 
Jefus ne fhegouh kaneaherhea t-hahhadaweyade 
Kanadagouh, ok et-hone ok Karhagouh t'hirefe ; 
neoni ronouhha et-ho wahhonewe raouhage okt'hi- 
wagwegouh t'hondahhonneghferouh. 

B b CHAP. 

!86 ,St- Markf Chap. II. 


AND again he entered into Capernaum, after fomc 
days, and it was noiled that he was in the 

2. And ftraightway many were gathered together, 
Infomuch that there was no room to receive themy 
ho not fo much as about the door : and he preached 
the word unto them. 

q. And they come unto him, bringing one fick 
of the palfy, which was borne of four. 

4. And when they could not come nigh unto him 
for the prefs, they uncovered the roof where he 
was : and when they had broken it up, they let 
down the bed wherein the lick of the palfy lay. 

c. When Jefus faw their faith, he faid unto the 
fick of the palfy, Son, thy fins be forgiven thee,. 

6. But there were certain of the fcribes fitting 
there, and reafoning in their hearts, 

7. Why doth this man thus fpeak blafphemies I 
who can forgive fins but God only? 

8. And immediately, when Jefus perceived in his 
fpirit that they fo reafoned within themfelvcs, he 
faid unto them. Why reafon ye thefe things in your 
hearts ? 

9. Whether is it eafier to fay to the fick of the 

Ne St. Markj Chap. II. 187 

C H A P. II. 
^VTEONI ok-hare raouha et-ho fahhadaweyade ne 
•*-^ Capernaum toghkarra Nonda oghnageankeh; 
neoni wakarihhowanha ne et-ho reanderouh Ka- 

2. Neoni agwagh okfaok yawetowanea waont- 
keanifla oghferocnih, ne nonkeah wat-honearea 
Tfikanoughfode ok oni ne Kanhohakta ok ageahake, 
yaghdeatfy on'ne- e : neoni wahharighwaghnodon ne 
!Niyoh Ovveana ronouhageh, 

3» Neoni raouhhage waoehhoub, ronwavadeahawe 
thiyaweaheyouh ne Rayeronke Palfy, kayeri nihady 

4. Oni ne onea wahhodinoroefe n*et-ho hahhaone- 
•noghdouh tfit-heanderouh, Ikea ne rfinadeyenetfl-ha- 
re, vvahhadirhorockfy ne Kanoughsage tiinoe nihean- 
derouh: ne oneawahhadeditft-hare, et-ho yaoefeghte 
ne Kanakda tiirayatyoeny ne roeh-rare ne Palfy. 

5. Ne onea Jefus wahatkaght-ho tfit'honeghtagh- 
Jcouh, wahaweahhaghfe ne ronoughwakdane, Koeye- 
ah, fayefarighwiyoughllyh ne Sarighwanerakfera 

6. Ok het-ho otogea-ouh radiyadare nc Ront-harh- 
ha (ne Scribes) radiderouh et-ho, neoni wahhonde- 
ryendayendoewe ne Raoneriyaneh. 

7. Oghna nen'ne nigea tiinahaye're tfiroght- 
hare ok-thah-hayerouh (Blafphemies) oiighka nekea 
akagweny onfayondaderighwiyoughftea n'Akorigh- 
wanerakfera ok Raniyoh-fe raouhha-ah. 

8. Neoni agwagh okfaok, ne onea ne Jefus yah- 
hahhewe ne Raodinigoeragouh ne tfi-eghniyought 
wahhonderiyendaycndoewe, ronouhatferagoub, waha- 
kaweahhaghfe ronouhha, Oghna nenne-eh eghnir 
yought wefevvaderyendayendoewe ne Seweriaghfa- 

9. Kanikayeayaghde-kanorouh neahonweahhaghfe 
ne Ronoughwakdane ne Palfy, Sarighwanerakfhera fa- 

,E b 2 yefarjgh* 

1 88 ^Si, Marky Chap. IL 

palfy. Thy fins be forgiven thee : or to fay, Arife, 
and take up thy bed, and walk ? 

10. But that ye may know that the Son of ri^ai? 
hath power on earth to forgive fins, (he faith to the 
fickof the palfy) 

11. I fay unto thee, Arife, and take up thy bed, 
and go thy way into thine houfe. 

12. And immediately he arofe, took up the bed, 
and went forth before them all, infomuch that they 
.-were all amazed, and glorified God, faying. We 
never faw it on this fafliion. 

13. And he went forth again by the fea fide, and 
all the multitude reforted unto him, and he. taught 

14. And as he pafl!ed by, he faw Levi the fon of 
Alpheus fitting at the receipt of cuftom, and faid unto 
him. Follow me. And he arofe apd followed 

15. And it came to pafs, that as Jefus fat at meat 
in his houfe, many publicans and finners fat alfq 
together with Jefus and his difciples : for there were 
many, and they followed him. 

16. And when the fcribcs and Pharifees faw him 
cat with publicans and finners, they faid unto his 
difciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh 
v/ith publicans and finners ? 

17. When 

The He/^limg vMyf Pail s i e &n<ii 
Ci'irntsadliisaLcotsyeinicte niie Falsi<ej,Tnie^'OiuTii A'Valii 

Ne St, Mark^ Chap, II. 189 

yefarlghwlyoiighftea ise; kea-teaf-kayea ne ayairouh, 
fatketfkoh, oni defegh'k neSanakda, oefaghdeandyh? 

10. Ok ne n'a-cfevvaderyendarane I-ih ne Ongwe 
waktyadondaghkou ne Wage-efliatfdeaghferayea 
n'Oghwentfyage nese k'herungwaghfe ne Karigh- 
wanerea (wahhaweahhaghle ne ronoughwakdany ne 

11. Wahhearouh wakoeyeahhaghfe ife, fatketfkoh, 
peoni defegh'k ne Sanakda, neoni wa-as fafagh- 
deandy Tfidefanoughfode. 

12. Neoni agwagh okfaok tahhatketfkoh, wa-ad- 
raghkwe neRaonakda, neoni wahhaghdeandyh tehon- 
wakaghneronnyouh; nenonkea agwegouh okt-hiye- 
y;^konikoughrinegea-ouh, neoni wahhoeyowefaghde 
wahhoewaneandouh Niyoh, waighronnyouh, yaghr 
ijoweandouh teyongwat-kaght-houh eghnayaweane. 

13. Neoni raouhha are wareghde Kaniyadarakda; 
neoni akwegouh ne Keantyoghkwa vvaonderoroke 
raouhhage, neoni vvaghf-hakorihhonniyeny. 

14. Neoni akda vvahhadohhetfde, neoni wahhot- 
kaght-ho Levi ne Alpheus Roye-ah egh'reanderouh 
tfiyeh-heghfniroroks, ne onea wahhaweahhaghfe 
Jefus, daknonderatyeght. Neoni wad-hadane wah- 

15. Neoni n'ealhiyaont-hewe ne tfiycheanderou 
Jefus de-hats-ka-hoe et-ho Raonoughfakouh, yawe- 
towanea ne Publicans neoni Rodirighwanerakf- 
koh, et-hony vvahhont'yea oghferoni ne Jeius neoni 
ne Raot3'^oughkwa : Ikea Rodityoughkowaneafe, ne- 
oni ronwaghnonderatye ne raouhha. 

16. Neoni ne onea ne Rought-harrha (Scribes) ne 
oni ne Pharifees wahonwatkaght-ho tekhondonts ne 
Publicans neoni Rodirighwanerakfkouh, waghf-ha- 
koneahhaghfe wahhonirouh et-ho ronouhhage ne 
!P.aotyoughk\va, Oghna-awea watrhondonde wat- 
hontika-houh (oni wahadighnegira) ne Publicans 
neoni RodirighwanerakskQuh ? 

17. Ne 

ipo St, Marky Chap, II* 

17. When Jefus heard it, he faith unto them. 
They that are whole have no need of the phyfician, 
but they that are fick : I came not to call the 
righteous, but finners to repentance. 

18. And the difciples of John and of the Pharifees 
ufed to fad; and they come, and fay unto him, Why 
do the difciples of John, and of the Pharifees fall, 
but thy difciples faft not ? 

19. And Jefus faid unto them, Can the children 
of the bride-chamber fad, while the bridegroom is 
with them ? as long as they have the bridegroom 
with them, they cannot faft. 

20. But the days will come, when the bridegroom 
fliall be taken away from them, and then fhall they 
faft in thofe days. 

21. No man alfo feweth a piece of new cloth on 
an old garment : elfe the new piece that filled it up, 
taketh away from the old^ and the rent is made 

22. And no man putteth new wine into old 
bottles, elfe the new wine doth burft the bottles, 
and the wine is fpilled, and the bottles will be 
marred : but new wine mufl be put into new bottles. 

23. And it came to pafs that he went through 
the corn fields on the fabbath-day: and his difciples 
began, as they went, to pluck the ears of corn. 

24, And 

Ne St. Mark, Chap. II. ipj 

17. Neonea Jefus wabharonke, wahhearouh aka- 
ouhha, ne yaghtekoerhare yaght-ha deyakodough- 
wentfyony ne Hatf-hlnaghkeanda, ok keadeagh-noe- 
gayea ne n'yakonou^hwakdany : yagh n'l dek-henni- 
yende n'yakheroughyehhare N'yakoderighwagwa- 
righfyouh, ok deaghnouh nene Yakorighwane- 
rackikouh n'onfayondatrewaghde. 

18. Neoni ne Raotyoughkwa ne John neoni ne 
Pharifees ront-ha nene roneadontyeght-ha, neoni egh- 
wahhonewe, wahoenweahhaghfe, oghneane-eh ne Ra 
otyoghkvva John ne oni ne Pharifecs roneadontye^ht- 
ha, ok ne Seantyoghkwa yaghde honeadontyeght- 

19. Neoni Jefus vvaghlhakaweahhaghfe, aondoiih 
Keahyodadeanyode et-hone ayakaweadontyeghde 
tfinahhe eghyederouh n'Yakodeaniyonde oghfero- 
nih? Tiinahhe n'Yakodeanyode oghferony eahadi- 
derondake yaghdeyawegh ayakaweadontyeghde. 

20. Ok onwa yeawadeghniferihh-hewe, ne onea 
N'yakodeanyode ereah eatfyondatyadeahhawighde 
tfiradiderouh ne Ronweananyodaghkwe, neoni et- 
hone deaghnoh eahhonadontyeghde e-thone ea- 

21. Yaghonghka n'Ongvve oni t'hayenikhogh- 
kvvc afe akeahake Adyadawetferakayoen n'egh-ya- 
yeraneandadek: afe kea, ne-eh n'afe neawatkon- 
nyeaghfde eawaghtouh n'akayoe, neoni fuhha ka- 
hedkea eawadouh tfideyoghrlyouh. 

22. Neoni yaghoughka n'Ongvve t'hayedda ase 
Wine Katf-hcdakayoghneh; a-se ne daonderanegare 
ne Katf-he ne afe Wine, neoni eakarine ne Wine, 
eakarighweandane ne Katfliekeaha : Ok ase ne 
Wine agvvaghok Katfhedasege eayedda. 

23 Neoni et-ho na-avvea ne et-ho niyahare Tfikah- 

heghdaye n'Oneaghllde Yaweandadogeaghdonkeh : 

neoni ne Raotyoughkwa tahhondaghfawea ok ne 

tfirone, wahadinaghfaroenko n'Oneaghfte. 

^ 24. Neoni 

igi Sl Mark, Chap. II. 

24. And the Pharifees faid unto hlm,^ Behold, 
why do they on the fabbath-day that which is not 
lawful ? 

25. And he faid unto them. Have ye never read 
what David did when he had need, and was an 
hungered, he, and they that were with him? 

26. How he went into the houfe of God in the 
days of Abiathar the high prieft, and did eat the 
ihevv bread, which is not lawful to eat, but for the 
priefls, and gave alfo to them which were with 
him ? 

27. And he faid unto them. The fabbath was 
made for man, and not man for the fabbath. 

28. Therefore the Son of man is Lord alfo of 

the fabbath. 


AND he entefed again into the fynagogue, and 
•^^ there was a man there which had a withered 

2. And they watched him, whether he would 
heal him on the fabbath-day, that they might ac- 
cufe him. 

3. And he faith unto the man which had the 
withered hand. Stand forth. 

4. And he faith unto them. Is it lawful to do 
good on the fabbath-days, or to do evil ? to fave life 
or to kill? but they held their peace. 

5. And when he had looked round about on them 
with anger, being grieved for the hardnefs of their 


Ne St. Marl, Chap. II. 193 

24. Neoni ne Pharifees wahoeweahhaghfe fat- 
kaght-hoh oghna nenne eghnahhadiycre Yaweanda- 
dogeaghdonke newahhi yaghde t'karighwayeri. 

25. Neoni waghlhagawcahhaghfe, yaghde-fewa- 
weanaghnodoughs tfinahotea nihhoyerea David 
ne onea tliwat-hatkari, neoni wahhadoughkarriake 
neoni tfinihadih ne ronene raouhha, 

26. Wahhi egh wareghde yahhadaweyade et-ho 
Tfironoughfode Niyoh Shiweghniferadennyoughkwe 
AbiatharShihatfihuhfdatfig6wah,ethone roekouh de- 
weanakeraghdouh Kanadaroh'k, ne wahhi yaghde 
t'karighwayeri n'ayeke ne ok ne Raditfihuhfdatfy ne- 
oni waghfhaka-ouh one-ne tfinihady neroneh raouhha? 

27. Neoni waghlhakaweahhaghfe, ne Yaweanda- 
dogeaghtouh yondatshea-eny n'Ongwe, yaghYawean- 
dadogeaghtouh tekoewaghfea-eny n'Ongwe. 

28. Ne gady wahhoni ne Ongwe Ronwaye-ah 
Royaner se oni Tliyaweandadogeaghtouh. 


^^EONI et'ho are yahhadaweyade tfiyakotkeanif- 
^ foh ne Synagogue (Onoghfadogeaghdigeh) ; 
neoni et-ho rayadare ne Rongwe Ronunts-hakf- 
hea-ouh, ronuntf-hadat-heah. 

2. Neoni wahhoewadeanikoerarea raouhha, ne 
taf-hikeaghfotfyend ne Yaweandadogeaghdonke, ns 
gady nahoewariwaghftea ahonondanhake. 

3. Neoni wahhaweaghfe ne Rafnughfakfeahha, 

4. Neoni waghihakaweahhaghfe' ronouhha, t'ka- 
righwayeri kea n'yoyannere tfinayontyere n'Yawean- 
dadogeghdonkeh, kea deas gayea yodakf-hea tfi- 
nayontyere ? ok et-ho yaghothenou def-honeah. 

5. Neoni ne onea tfiwat-hat-kaght-honnyoewe 
okt-hiwagwegouh tfiradidcrouh ronakhVea ne wa- 

C c aweryen- 

1 94 St* Mark^ Chap. III. 

hearts, he faith unto the man, Stretch forth thine 
h^nd. And he ftretched it out: and his hand was 
rellored whole as the other. 

6. And the Pharifees went forth and ftraightway 
took counfel with the Herodians againlt him, how 
they might dellroy him. 

7. But Jefus withdrew himfelf with his difciples 
to the fea: and a great multitude from Galilee fol- 
lowed him, and from Judea, 

8. And from Jerufalcm, and from Idumea, and 
from beyond Jordan, and they about Tyre and Si- 
don, a great multitude, when they had heard what 
great things he did, came unto him. 

9. And he fpake to his difciples, that a fmall 
iliip Hiould wait on him, becaufe of the multitude, 
left they Ihould throng him. 

10. For he had healed many, infomuch that they 
prelTed upon him for to touch him, as many as had 

1 1 . And unclean fpirits, when they faw him, fell 
down before him, and cried, faying. Thou art the 
Son of God. 

12. And he ftraitly charged them, that they 
Ihould not make him known. 

13. And he goeth up into a mountain, and call- 
eth unto him whom he would; and they came unto 

14. And he ordained twelve that they fhould be 
with him, and that he might fend them forth to 
preach : 

15. And 

Ne St, Marl^ Chap, TIL 195 

aweryendakfheaghfe tfiniyoghnirou ne Raoneriane 
wahhaweahhaghfe ne RongA-e ne Ranuntlhaklea, 
llakwarighfyh ne Senunrfhag . Neoni Wahadenuntf- 
hagvvarighly : neoni ne Ri.iuntfhage fakagwekhene 
aniyugh tfiniyought ne fkady. 

6. Neoni ne Pharifees wahhaditfihhayea yehha- 
digvvegouh ne Herodian aouhage nonkadih, ne 
tfinahaciivere n'ahoewarryoh. 

7. Ok Jeius wahadhaghdarrhoh raouhha yehha- 
digvvegouh ne Raotyouglikwa et-ho Kanyadarage ; 
neoni Keantyoghkovvaneah Galilee n'ondayea wah- 
hoevvaghnond( ratyeghde, neoni Judea n'ondayea, 

8. Neoni Jerulakm nongadih, neoni Idumea non- 
gadih, neoni Jordan ifinongadih, ne oni ronouhha 
okt-hiwagwegouh Tyre neoni Sidon, Kantyoghkowa- 
neah, ne onea wa-6eronke ni tfinikarihhovvcaneaghfe 
tfini-hatyerannyouh, ct-ho wa-oewe raouhhage. 

9. Neoni waghfakorlhhont-haghfe ne Raodi- 
youghkwa nene Keanikahhoewaghika ahoewahhoe- 
watfearriyefe n'ahhaditta, ne karihhoeni tiinikeand- 
youghkwa agare tahocwayarorarake. 

10. Ikea yawetowanea faghfhakotfyende, ne non- 
kea wat-honwanetft-haraghde ne oghftouha ok 
honi t-hiyayoro-oghde Rayeronke, tliniyagouh ne 

11. Neoni ne Kanigoughraklhea yakotyeany ne 
onea wahoewatkaght-ho eghdageh watyadondyh ra- 
ohheandouh, neoni watyoughfheant-hah, Ife wahhy 
ne Niyoh Royea-ah . 

12. Neoni agwagh okfaok waghlliakorifde, ne 
toghfa enehaony. 

13. Neoni vvahhaghdeandyh wareghdeOnontohha'^ 
rage, neoni yaghiliakorou9;hyeahhare ne wareghre 
ne keahhak : neoni raouhhage wahhonewe. 

14. Neoni waghfhakovadogeaghfde tekeniyawe- 
are, nene raouhha ahadigwegouh, neoni ne ya-agh- 
Ihakonhiouh ahoughdeandy ahonderighwaghnodouh. 

C c 2 15. Neoni 

ig6 St. Marh Chap, III. 

15. And to have power to heal ficknefles, and to 
caft out devils. 

16. And Simon he furnamed Peter. 

17. And James the fon of Zebedee; and John the 
brother of James (and he furnamed them Boanerges, 
which is, The fons of thunder). 

18. And Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, 
and Matthew, and Thomas, and James the fon of 
Alpheus, and Thaddeus, and Simon the Canaanite, 

19. And Judas Ifcariot, which alfo betrayed him: 
and they went into an houfe. 

20. And the multitude cometh together again, 
fo that they could not fo much as eat bread. 

21. And when his friends heard of it, they went 
out to lay hold on him : for they faid. He is befide 

22. And the fcribes which came down from Jeru- 
falem, faid, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince 
of the devils, cafleth he out devils. 

23. And he called them unto him, and faid unto 
them in parables, How can Satan caft out Satan ? 

24. And if a kingdom be divided againfl itfelf, 
that kingdom cannot {land. 

25. And if a houfe be, divided againfl itfelf, that 
houfe cannot fland. 

26. And 

Ne St. Marlj Chap. Ill, 197 

15. Neoni ne ahadif-hatsdeane ne oefaghfako- 
dittfyende, n'Yakonoughwakdanyony, neoni ne oc- 
fahadiyadinekeaghferouh ne Oneghlhoughrono- 

16. Neoni Simon tehhaghfcnafere Peter. 

17. Neoni James ne Royea-ah Zebedee ; onl 
John ne Yadadega-ah James (neoni raouha \va- 
deghfakoghfeanafere ronouhha Boanerges, ne na-ah 
Shakoye-ah ne Kavveraghs.) 

18. Neoni Andrew, neoni Philip, neoni Bartho- 
lomew, neoni Matthew, neoni Thomas, neoni James 
ne Roye-a Alpheus, neoni Thaddeus, neoni Simon 
ne Canaan- haga, 

19. Neoni Judas Ifcariot oni ne raouhha na-ah ne 
tehonikoughrafere ne raouhha : neoni wahhoneghdo 
Kanoughfode yahhondaweyade. 

20. Neoni ne Keantyoghkowaneah wa-onwe arc 
oghferonih, ne nonkea-wahhoni are oni ne ok aho- 
digwennyoh n'ahadinadarake. 

21. Neoni ne onea Rondaddenoughkwe wah- 
hoeronke, egh-wahhoneghde nene ahonwayena : I- 
kea wahhonirouh, yaghse t'hiyef-hanikoughrayerih. 

22. Neoni ne Rought-harrha nene Jerufalem 
t'honaghdeantyouh, wahhonirouh, raouhha fagat ne 
Beelzebub, neoni ne T'kayadagweniyoh ne Oneghf- 
houghronouh, ne rayadinnegeaht-ha ne Oneghf- 

23. Neoni yaghf-hakononke raouhhageh, waghf- 
hakaweahhaghfe wat-hadeanageraghde tfrdahha- 
dadyh, oghna-nayaweane Satan oefayoyadinnegeawe 
Satan ? 

24. Neoni toga nonkea Skavanertfera okt'ha- 
daondek-haghfy oya-t'hadagyadouh, yaghde yawight 
oefonderighwaghdeandy Tfinikayanertfera, 

25. Neoni toga Kanoughfa ok aouhha daonde- 
noughfak-haghfy yaghde yawegh Akanoughsodake, 

26. Neoni 

198 St. Marhy Chap, III. 

26. And if Satan rife up againft himfelf, and be 
divided, he cannot fland, but hath an end. 

27. No man can enter into a ftrong man's houfe, 
and fpoil his goods, except he firft bind the flrong 
man, and then he will fpoil his houfe. 

28. Verily I fay unto you. All fins fhall be for- 
o-iven unto the fons of men, and blafphemies where- 
with foever they ihali blafpheme : 

29. But he that fliall blafpheme againft the Holy 
Ghofl, hath never forgivenefs, but is in danger of 
eternal damnation; 

30. Becaufe they faid. He hath an unclean fpirit. 

31. There came then his brethren and his mother, 
and ftanding without, fent unto him, calling him. 

32. And the multitude fat about him, and they 
faid unto him. Behold, thy mother and thy brethren 
without feek for thee. 

33. And he anfwered them, frying. Who is my 
mother, or my brethren ? 

34. And he looked round about on them which 
fat about him and faid, Behold my mother, and my 

35. For whofoever Ihall do the will of God, the 
fame is my brother, and my filter, and mother. 


NeSf. Marky Chap. III. 199 

26. Neoni toga Satan dondahhadane ok raouhha 
ahadatkareaghrago, tahatyadakhaghfy yaghde ya- 
wigh fhegoh dahadake, er-ho aondokdea. 

27. Yaghoughka n'Ongwe t'hayegweny yayon- 
daweyade Raei-hatfde Ronoughfode, aycdakf-ha- 
deane Raovveagh-foe-ah, niyare ki ondontyereaghde 
ahonereanke ne Raef-hacfde, neadeaghnoeh aha- 
daksade Tfironoughfode. 

28. Agwa^h wa-agweahhaghfe, agwegouh nc 
Karighwanerakfhera entfyondaderighwiyoghftea n'- 
Ongwe Ondatyea-ogo ah, neoni Tliniyakorighwakf- 
hadannyouh ka ok noewe agtahake eaycrighwakf- 

29. Ok raonhha n'ea-harighwaksade ne Ronl- 
goghriyoughftoiighne, yaghnoeweandouht 'honfayon- 
daderigh\vi\oughliea, ok Waghdeiononke ne tli- 
niyeheawe Eayondetsiraghde : 

30. Afe keah wahoeweahhaghfe, rotyeanyh se ne 

31. Et-ho egh-wahhonewe ne Rondadegea-ah ne 
oni Ronifdeahhah, neoni t'hihadikeannyadegowah, 
yahhondeanhane yaoeweanonke ne raouhha. 

32. Neoni ne Keantyoghkowanea et-ho yeyada- 
rayea t'hadefonwaghkwadasedouh neoni wahoeweah- 
haghfe raouhha, iatkaght-hoh, Sanifdeahhah neoni 
Sewadadegea-ah yefayadifaks nife. 

33. Neoni daghfakodattvaferonouhha, wahearouh, 
oughka na n'Ifdea-ah, Akwadadegea-ah deas hea- 
vy eah ? 

34. Neoni watkatkaght-honnyoewe okthiwa- 
gwegouh tliradldarayea tfireanderoh neoni wah- 
hearouh, fatkat-hoh n'Ifdea-ah, Akwadadegea-ogbe- 

35. Ikea oughkakiok et-honayeyere tfinihanoe- 
wefe ne Niyoh, ne fhadeyought Akyadadegea-ah, ne- 
oni AkyadeanolTcahha, neoni Ifdeah, 


i^b Si. Markj ChafAY. 

C H A iP. IV. 

AND he began again to teach by the fea fide : and 
there was gathered unto him a great multitude, 
fo that he entered into a ihip, and fat in the fea, and 
the whole multitude was by the fea, on the land. 

2. And he taught them many things by parables, 
and faid unto then! in his dodlrine. 

3. Hearken, Behold, there went out a fower to 
fow : 

4. And it came to pafs as he fowed., fome fell by 
the way-fide, and the fowls of the air came and 
devoured it up. 

5. And fome fell on ftony ground, where it. had 
Hot much earth, and immediately it fprang up, be- 
caufe it had no depth of earth. 

6. But when the fun was up. It was fcorched, 
and becaufe it had no root, it withered away. 

7. And fome fell among thorns, and the thorns 
grew up, and choked it, and it yielded no fruit. 

8. And other fell on good ground, and did yield 
fruit that fprang up, and increafed, and brought 
forth, fome thirty and fome fixty, and fome an 

9. And 



iHE JARABJLEof the ^0^\^ERS. 

i<fe St. Mark^ Chap, IV. 26 1 


*^EONI raouhha tahadaghfawea a-re ne waghf- 
'*'^ hakorihhonnyeh ne Kanyadarakda : neoni et-ho 
na-ah waontkeanilTa ra-ouhhage Keantj'oughkowanea, 
ne nonkea wahhoeni Kahhoewakouh .vahhaditta, 
heoni wahhattyea Kanyadarakda: neoni ne Keant- 
yoghgwagvvegouh et-hone Kanyadarakda Eghdiyo- 

2. Neoni raouhha waghfakoderihhonnyea ro- 
nouhha eso Yoriwake ne Wat-hadeanageraghdagh- 
gwannyouh (Parables) neoni tfinahhearouh ne ro- 
nouhhage ne Tlihorihhodea. 

3. Tfyadahoughfadat : Sat-kaght-ho, wa-eghde 
Niyent-hoghs wa-eyent-hoghfe. 

4. Neoni tfinearoyent-hohhatye, oddyake Oh- 
hahakda wakayendane, neoni ne Tfideaongoewah 
wagonewe onfakondighgwe. 

5. Neoni oddyake eghyakayend-ne tfia ty*onea- 
yage n*Oughwhentfyage, tfinonwe yaghefo Teya- 
onghwhentryare ; neoni yokondattye Wakeanxoh ne 
karihhoeni ne yaght-ha deyoferea-ouh n'Ough- 

6. Ok tfi-onea Onderaghgwagarade, et-ho fon- 
dakeahheye ; neoni ne karihhoni ne yaghde-Yogh- 
deronde fakeahheye. 

7. Neoni oddyake Oghnioewaragouh yakayen- 
dane neoni ne Oghnioeware hondeghyarouh neoni 
waodoerokdaghkwe yaghde yoneahondaoiih. 

8. Neoni t'hikade ne eghkayendane tfi-Tyough- 
whentsiyouh, neoni ondoeny wakeanahhondea nene 
Wakeanio, neoni ont-kadade, neoni yakahhewe 
oddyake aghfea niwaghf-hea, neoni oddyake yayak- 
niwaghf-hea, neoni oddyake Teweannyawe. 

D d 9. Neoni 

^P2 . 5/. Markj Chap, IV. 

9. And he faid unto them. He that hath ears to 
hear, let him hear. 

10. And when he was alone, they that were about 
him, with the twelve, afked of him the parable. 

11. And he faid unto them, Unto you it is givea 
to know th^,^ myftery of the kingdom of God: but 
unto them that are without, all thefe things are 
done in parables: 

12. That feeing they may fee, and not perceive, 
and hearing they may hear, and not underftand : left 
at any time they fhould be converted, and their fins 
fhould be forgiven them. 

13. And he faid unto them, Know ye not this 
parable? And how then will you know all parables? 

14. The fower fovveth the word. 

15. And thefe are they by the way-fide, where 
the word is fown, but when they have heard, Satari 
Cometh immediately, and taketh away the word, 
that was fown in their hearts. 

16. And thefe are they likewife which are fown 
on ftony ground, who when they have heard the 
word, immediately receive it with gladnefs: 

17. And have no root in themfelves, and fo endure 
but for a time : afterward, when afflidtion or per- 
fecution arifeth for the word's fake immediately they 
are offended. 

i^i And 

Ne St. Marky Chap. IV. 263 

9. Neoni raouhha waghf-hakaweahhaghfe ro- 
nouhha, Nenenne ne Tehahhoughde raghronk-ha, 
raronk niffa. 

10. Neoni ne onea raouha-ah, ronouhha ne ra- 
ouhha radigwegouh, ne tekeniyaweare, wahhoewa- 
righwanondoughfe ne Teyorighwageawaghdannyouh 

II Neoni waghf-akavveahhaghfe ronouhha, isege 
3'etfiyavvy n'lse n'eafewaderyendarake Tfiniyode* 
righwafeghton Royanertfera Niyoh : Ok ne ronouhha 
ne t'hihadidea, agwegouh nene keakayea Tfiniyo- 
riwake ne ok ne Terighwageawadontea watyerade. 

12. Nene yekea agaouhha ayontkaght-ho, neoni 
yaght-ha deyekarayendane, neoni youghronkha 
ne ayakot-hondeke, neoni yaght-ha yoenronke ; 
afekea akare ka ok noewe ne n'Onfayondonhaka- 
nony, neoni n'Akorighwannerakfera onfayondade- 

13. Neoni raouha waghf-hakaweahhaghfe yagh- 
kea defewaderiendare negea-eah Tekarighwagea- 
waghdouh ? neoni ogh kadi neayaweakeahha n'agwe- 
gouh eafewaderiendarane ne Tekarighwageawagh- 
dannyouh ? (Parables) 

14. Ne Rayenthoghs wahhayent-ho ne Oweana. 

15. Neoni ne keagayea nen'eahhohahakda-n6n« 
we, n'Oweana nikayent-houh,okh6neatfiyakaghr6n- 
kea ne Satan dare yokondat'yea, neoni donsakagh- 
kwe yoefakahhawe n'Oweana, nene kayent-houh 

16. Neoni ne keagayea ne-ene, egh-onenlyoght 
nene Oneayage n'Oghwentfyage kayent-houh, aka- 
ouhha ne onea yakot-honde ne Oweana yokondat- 
tye wa-eyena waontfheanoenr. 

17. Neoni yagh-deyoghderonde ne akaonhhatf- 
ragouh, neoni ne kadi wahoeni keanontkatfdade : 
oghnakeanke, ne onea Wa-eroughyagea neteas ne 
"VVaondaderighwaghrodfdea onderighwaketfkok I 

D d 2 kea 

|o4 'S^* ^^^% Chap, IV. 

1 8. And thefe are they which are fown among 
thorns : fuch as hear the word, 

19. And the cares of this world, and the deceit- 
fulnefs of riches, and the lufts of other things enter- 
ing in, choke the word, and it becometh un- 

40, And thefe are they which are fown on good 
ground, fuch as hear the word, and receive it, and 
bring forth fruit, fome thirty-fold, fome fixty, and 
fome an hundred. 

21. And he faid unto them. Is a candle brought 
to be put under a bufhel, or under a bed ? and not 
to be fet on a candleftick? 

22. For there is nothing hid which fhall not be 
manifefted : neither was any thing kept fecret, but 
that it Ihould come abroad. 

23. If any man have ears to hear, let him 

24. And he faid unto them, Take heed what you 
hear: With what meafure ye mete, it ihall be 
meafured to you ; and unto you that hear, Ihall 
more be given. 

25. For he that hath, to him fhall be given ; and 
he that hath not, from him Ihall be taken evea 
that which he hath. 

26. And 

Ne St. Marly Chap. IV. 205: 

kea ne n'Oweana eayakoghfdonde, et-ho yokon- 
dattyea ok t'hoefayakogeaghradea. 

18. Neoni ne keagiyca ne akaouhha neane egh 
ne Oghnionwaragouh kayent-hone : tfiyakot-honde 
ne Oweana. 

19. Neoni Tfiniyakotfden'yarouh nekea Yogh- 
wentfyade, ne oni ne Tfinikotfhanighne Atlhoko- 
waghtfera, ne oni ne Tfiniyonikoughrodakwaght 
oyaf-hou niyadeyoriwakeh ondaweyade, ondoe- 
riokdea ne Oweana ne wahoeni yagh deyonenhon- 

20. Neoni keagayea ne aga-ouha nenne egh 
Tiiyoghwentfiyoh kayent-houhoene tfiyakot-honde 
ne Oweana, neoni wa-eyena, neoni yakahhewe, wa- 
kaneahhondea, oddyake aghfeaniwaghf-hea n'a- 
gakoh, oddyake yayakniwaghf-hea, oddyake ea- 
ikagh Teweanlyawe. 

21. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, Oh- 
hokada kea ayehhewe et-ho yayeyea Ka^ 
naghkogouh, kea teas gayea ne Kanaktogon ye- 
yea ? Neoni yagh egh t'hayeghniyodea Yehokado- 
daghkwag ? 

22. Ikea yaghogh-t'haorihhodea ne aoughfegh- 
doehak ne yagh eneh t'hiyaondoghfere ; yagh oni 
nonweandoh oght-haorihhodea ayodaghfeghdaouh, 
ok deaghnoeh yeyorihhowanhaouh. 

23. Tokah oughka ne Rongwe, Tehhahhough- 
donde raghronkha, raronk nifla. 

24. Neoni wahhakaweahhaghfe Tfyadeanikoe- 
rareah tfinahhodea t'fyat-honde : Ot-hok Niwa-. 
deniyenideaghtferodcahak eayefadeniyent-haghfe; 
t'kariwakonde eatyondenyendea n'lfe : neoni ife 
ne fat-hoende t'kariwakonde efo-feahha eayefon. 

25. Ikea raouhha ne royea t'kariwakonde ea- 
hoeyouh ; neoni ne raouhha ne yaghdegh-hoyea, ra- 
©uhhage n'onkadeatfyeghkwe ne tiinahodea royen- 

26. Neoni 

aa6- St, Marky Chap, IV". 

26. And he faid, So is the kingdom of God, a» 
if a man fhould call feed intoi the ground, 

27. And fliould fleep, and rife night and day, 
and the feed Ihould fpring and grow up, he know- 
cth not how. 

28. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herfe-lf,' 
iirft the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn 
in the ear. 

29. But when the fruit is brought forth, imme- 
diately he putteth in the fickle, becaufe the harvefl? 
is come. 

30. And he faid, Whereunto Ihall we liken the 
kingdom of God ? or with what comparifon lliall 
we compare it ? 

31. it is like a grain of muftard-feed, which 
when it is fown in the earth, is lefs than all the 
feeds that be in the earth. 

• 32. But; when it is fown, it groweth up, and be- 
cometh greater than all herbs, and ihooteth out 
great branches, fo that the fowls of the air may 
iodge under the Ihadow of it. 


33. And with many fuch parables fpake he the 
word unto them, as they were able to hear it. 

34. But without a parable fpake he not unto 
them : and when they were alone he expounded all 
things to his difgiples, 

/ ZS' And 

Ne Si. Markj Chap. IV. Ss^ 

26. Neoni wahearouh, Eghsekeaniyought ne Ro- 
yanertfera ne Niyoh, tfyniyought tokah n'on- 
kcah ne Rongwe yahodyh ne Kanea et-ho Oghwent- 
fyage Kaheghdage. 

27. Neoni ahodavve, neoni ahatgetfkoh ag^fon- 
dage neoni keavveandc, neoni ne Kanea et-ho 
Akeanio neoni aondeghyarou, yagh dehhodery^n- 
dare tliniyetyerea. 

28. Ikea ne Oghwentfya aohha wa-aweghyarou 
tfyondoeny Yakaneahhondea, tontyereaghde Wa- 
keanaghsondea, eadeghnoe yakaghradayermc, ogh- 
nakeankc Yaneghfdayerine n'Oghraghdage. 

29. Ok ne onea ne tfiwakeaneahhondca yaka- 
hhewc, yokondattye Yakeanekeriyakt-hake wah- 
hayea,. ne wakarihhoeny n'eayahahhoewe Tfiniya- 

30. Neoni wahhearouh, ka oughde noewe n'a- 
donfagyadderea neRaoyanertfera Niyoh ? neteas ogh- 
nahodea donfagyatyerea ne da-edewariwarea ? 

31. Keagayea defkyatyerea, s'Kanea-at Muftard 
Kanea, ne kaha onea eayeyent-ho, ne Oghwentf- 
yage, ne eghyeyoghft-houh agwegouh tfinigouh 
ne Kanea-ogoh ne Oghwentfyage gayea. 

32. Ok ne onea kayent-hoh, ondeghyaronh, neoni 
aouhha fuhha wakowanha tfiniyought n'oddyake 
agwegouh Ohhonde-soewa, neoni wakanhaghtouh 
Yonhaghtowaneaghfe, ne nonkea Tfideaf-hocwa 
et-ho akonoewede Oneaghrogouh tfi-Yoraghgwa- 

33. Neoni yotkade ne eghniyought Teyorigh- 
wageawaghdouh (Parables) tfiwahhadadyh raouha 
ne Oweana ronouhhage, ase tfinahadigweny tlironat- 

34. Ok yaghdea nenne T'hadehorighwageawagh- 
douh tfiwahadadi ne ronouhage : neoni ne onea ok 
ronouhha-ah, raouha wat-harighwat-he'de agwegouh 
tfiyadekariwage ne Raotyoughkwage. 

35. Neoni 

20 8 St, Marhf Chap* Vf. 

35. And the fame day, when the even was c©me^ 
he faith unto them, Let us pafs over unto the other 

36. And when they had fent away the muhi- 
tude, they took him even as he was in the Ihipj 
and there were alfo with him other little ihips. 

37. And there arofe a great ftorm of wind, and 
the waves beat into the Ihip, fo that it was now 

38. And he was in the hinder part of the Ihip, 
afleep on a pillow, and they awake him, and fay 
unto him, Mafter, careft thou not that wc pe- 

39. And he arofe, and rebuked the wind, and 
faid unto the fea, Peace, be ftill : and the wind 
ceafed, and there was a great calm. 

40. And he faid unto them. Why are ye fo fear- 
ful ? how is it that ye have no faith ? 

41. And they feared exceedingly, and faid one 
to another, What manner of man is this, that even 
the wind and the fea obey him ? 


A ND they came over unto the other fide of the fea, 
into the country of the Gadarenes. 
2. And when he was come out of the Ihip, im- 
mediately there met him out of the tombs, a man 
with an unclean fpirir, 

3. Who 

Ne St. Markf Chap. IV. zdp 

35. Neoni ne Saheghnifera ne onea Yokaraghf- 
kha, raouhha waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, kiri'- 
yoh dewaghdeandih tewadohhets ifinonkadighkoh 

36. Neoni ne onea faghfakonadegwaghde ne 
Tlinikeantyoughkwa, ronouhha raouhha wahone, ok 
ne-e n'egh ne tfirayadyh. Kahhoeweyakowaghne 
ok sane oni wahone raouhha oya Kanikahhoewafa, 

37. Neoni et-ho noewe ontketfkoh kowanea 
Owrouh watkaweraghkwe, neoni tfiwatyongware^ 
eghfde waoyeaghde ne Kahoeweyat, ne fe wahoeni 
©nea wakaghnekanaghne. 

38. Neoni raouhha oghnagea-noewe t'hayadih 
ne Kahhoewakouh, rodas rotkoefere, neoni wahoe- 
"waycghde, neoni wahoeweahhah Sevveaniyo yagh- 
kea-deghfeghre wa-agweahheye? 

39. Neoni wahatketfkoh, neoni wa,hharifde tfi- 
yaode, neoni waghreahhaghfe ne Kanyadara fkea- 
nea, das-dodek. Neoni ne Yaode Wakawereant-ho, 

40. Neoni ronouhha waghfakaweaghfe, ogh- 
nea ne-e esotfy wefewaghderone ? oghna-awea ne 
yaght-ha tedifeweghdaghkouh. 

41. Neoni ronouhha kowanea wahhodighde- 
rone, neoni wat-hondadeahhaghfe, ogh-noe niyotye- 
rea tfinihayadodea hekea, egh nene ok oni ne 
.Owerouh ne on'ne Kanyadare wahhoweanaraghwe. 



EONI ronouhha erea n'akanyadaradyh, yahhoe- 
newe Enakeraghferakohhe Gadarenes. 
2. Neoni ne onea wahadidaghkoh ne Kahhoe- 
wakoh, yokondatyea wat hoewaderaghde egh da- 
yea Tfiyeyattadarryouh n'Ongweh yodakf-hea 
Kanigoera ratyeanih. 

E c 3. Raouhha 

2LO St. Markj Chap, V. 

3. Who had his dwelling among the tombs, and 
no man could bind him, no not with chains : 

4. Becaufe that he had been often bound with 
fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked 
afunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces ; 
neither could any man tame him. 

5. And alwa^'s, night and day, he was in the 
mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting 
himfelf with ftones. 

6. And when he faw Jefus afar off, he ran and 
worshipped him, 

7. And cried with a loud voice and faid. What 
have I to do with thee, Jefus, thou Son of the moft 
high God ? I adjure thee by God that thou torment 
me not. 

8. (For he faid unto him. Come out of the man, 
thou unclean fpirit.) 

9. And he afked him, What is thy name ? And 
he anfwered, faying, My name is Legion : for we 
are many. 

10. And he befought him much that he would 
not fend them away out of the country. 

1 1. Now there was there nigh unto the mountains, 
great herd of fwine feeding. 

12. And all the devils befought him, faying, 
Send us into the fwine, that we may enter into 

13, And 

NeShMark^ Cbap.V. m 

3. Raouhha egh t'hihanakere Tfiyehattadarryoh, 
neoni yaghoughka n'Ongwe t'hayegweny, akhoe- 
wanereanke, yaghtea oni Tfinevvat-honwariftodar- 

4. Ne kaiihhoeni yodkade ronwaghnereaghne 
ne Teyondaderiftodarrhoghft-ha, neoni ne Teka- 
riftodarhoeh t'hadewadodarighfyh tiiraghnereaghne, 
neoni ne Teyondaderiftodarrhoghft-ha t'hadewade- 
yakhoe ; yagh oni oughka n'Ongwe t'hayegweny a- 

5. Neoni t'yodkouh, Aghfondage neoni Eant'- 
yeghke, et-ho irefe Tfiyonondennyouh, neoni Tfi- 
yondattyadatta-aghft-ha, raweanodattyefe, neoni ro- 
dadnereahattyefe Oneaya rat-ha. 

6. Ok tfi onea yahotkaght-ho Jefus inouh-niyore, 
wat-haraghdade neoni wahhonideaghtea raouhha. 

7. Neoni wat-haghfeant-ho roweandeght neoni 
wahhearou, nahhotea takwatfteriftaghkwa, Jefus, 
ife Yefaye-ah nene Enegeaghtfy Niyoh ? t'kakon- 
dane Raghfeanagouh Niyoh ne toghfa takerough- 

8. (Ikea wahhearouh raouhhage, katfyagean ne 
Rayadakoh ne Rongweh, ife yodakf-heah Kani- 

9. Neoni wahorlghwanondouhfe, nahhotea yesa- 
yats ? neoni raouhha dahhadady, wahhearouh. Le- 
gion yonkyats : ikea yongwat'kadefe. 

10. Neoni agwagh efo wahhorighwanegea raouhha 
nene yagh-t'honfaghfakodegwaghdane ronouhha ne 

11. Oewa et-ho kea niyore-ah na-ah Yononden- 
nyouh, Yodityoghkowanea koewadinoughnattyefe 
Kufkus yonadekhonihattyefe. 

12. Neoni agwegouh ne Oneghf-houghrono-okouh 
wahhoewarighwanegea raouhha, wakonnirouh, et- 
ho nonka takwadegwaght Kulkufn'eh, nene n'eaya- 
gwadaweyadea onouhha. 

E e 2 13. Neoni 

13. And forthwith Jefus gave them leave. And 
the unclean fpirits went out and entered into the,^ 
fwlne, and the herd ran violently down a flee p place 
into the fea (they were about two thoufand) and 
were choked in the fea. 

14. And they that fed the fwine fled, and told it 
in the city, and in the country. And they went out 
to fee what it was that was done. 

15. And they come to Jcfus and fee him thatwai 
poflefTed with the devil, and had the legion, fitting, 
and clothed, and in his right mind, and they were 

16. And they that faw it, told them how it befel 
to him that was poflefTed with the devil, and alfo 
concerning )the fwine. 

17. And they began to pray him to depart out of 
their cpalls, 

18. And when he was come into the fhip, he that 
had bepn poffefled with the devil, prayed him that 
he might be with him. 

:fi9. Howbeit, Jefus fuffered him not, but faith 
unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them 
how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and 
hath had compaflion on thee. 

20. And he departed, and began to publiih in 
Pecapolis, how great things Jefus had done fqr 
liim ; and all men did marvd. 

ific 21. And 

Ne St. Marki Chap, V. 213 

13. Neoni yokondattyea Jefus dahhawerehhatyea 
onouhha. Neoni ne Kanikoughrakfeafe wakondi- 
yageane neoni vvaonadaweyadea Kuikus, neoni Tfini- 
yodityoughkwa watkoeraghdade yakontsneaghde 
Teyoghioewis et-ho Kaniadaragouh (Tekonnyawe- 
eghtferaghfea ne oughdeh) neoni ct-ho vvakondoer- 
yokdea Kanyadarage. 

14. Neoni ronouhha ne radinoendeaghfgwe ne 
Kuikus wahhondegoh, neoni yonfahhontrory ne Ka- 
nadagoh, neoni tfiyenakeronnyouh. Neoni et-ho wk- 
eaghde ne ayontkaght-ho tfinahhotea tfina-awea. 

15. Neoni et-ho waoewe wahhoewayatoreane ne 
Jefus neoni wahhoewatkaght-ho raouhha ne O- 
neghf-houghronouh rodeweaniyoughfdeanighne, nene 
Legion, et-ho reanderouh, neoni fhohhere neoni ro- 
nikoughrayery neoni ronouhha wahhodighderone. 

16. Neoni ronouhha ne wahhont-kaght-ho, wah* 
hont-rory ne tfinahoyadawea raouhha ne Onegh* 
ihoughronouh rodeweaniyoghfdeanighne, neoni ne 
tfina-awea ne Kufkus. 

17. Neoni ronouhha tahondaghfawea wakhoewea- 
nideaghcea raouhha ne erea oesareghde ne ro- 
nouhha Raonadoughwentfyage. 

18. Neoni ne onea et-ho warawe Kahoewa- 
kouh, raouhha ne Oneghf-houghronouh rodeweani- 
yoghfdeanighne, wahhonideaghtea nene a-aghne- 
feke raouhha. 

19. Ok sane, Jefus yaghdeh-hawerou et-ho niya- 
wea, ok deaghnoe wahhaweahhaghfe, fafaghdeandyli 
egh safeght tfit'yederon ne Shenoghkwe, Ihsghro- 
righne Tfinikarihhowanea ne Royaner tfinahhyayere 
tfinahhyat'yerafe, neoni tfinahhyeadeare ; 

20. Neoni raouhha erea sareghde, neoni tahha- 
<3aghfawea wahharihhowanaghde et-ho Decapolis, 
Tfinikarihhowaneaghfe Jefus tfinahhotyerafe ra- 
ouhha ; neoni agwegouh n'Ongweh wahodinegh- 

21. Neoni 

'214 • Si. Mark, Chaf» V. 

21. And when Jefiis was paffed over again by 
ihip unto the other fide, much people gathered unto 
^im, and he was nigh unto the fea, 

22. And behold, there cometh one of the rulers 
of the fynagogue, Jairus by name, and when he faw 
him, he fell at his feet, 

23. And befought him greatly, faying, My little 
daughter lieth at the point of death, I pray thee, 
come and lay thy hands on her^ that fhe may b€ 
healed, and fhe Ihall live. 

24. And Jefus went with him, and much people 
followed him, and thronged him. 

25. And a certain woman which had an ifluc of 
-blood twelve years, 

26. And had fufFered many things of many phy- 
ficians, and had fpent all that Ihe had, and was 

-nothing bettered but rather grew worfe, 

27. When Ihe had heard of Jefus, came in the 
..prefs behind, and touched his garment. 

28. For flie faid. If I may touch but his clothes, 
I ihall be whole. 

29. And ftraightway the fountain of her blood 
was dried up : and fhe felt in her body that ilie was 
healed of that plague, 

30. And Jefus Immediately knowing in himfelf, 
that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about 
in the prefs, and faid. Who touched my clothes ? 

3 I. And 


Healeth^* SickWoman" 
^Raiseth IAirits^TDafchter 

'^odhoewiitefitfiTfckowj&tfyejnicfe . nojk. 



Ne St. Markf Chap. V. 215 

21. Neoni ne onea Jefus fahhadohhetfde are ne 
Kahhoeweyage ne erea nonkadighkon, efo Ongwe 
waontkeanifla-a raouhhage, neoni raouhha ok et-ho 

22. Neoni fatkaght-ho, et-ho dare Ihayadad ne 
ne Radirighwakwadackwaghs ne Synagogue, Ja- 
irus roewayats, neoni ne onea wahot'kaght-ho ra- 
ouhha raghsige wahhatyadondyh. 

23. Neoni agwagh wahhorighwanegea raouhha, 
radouh, kaniyaga-ah Kheyea-ah yeyat'yony yaih- 
heyoughfe, wakoeyeanideaghtea et-ho a-aghfeghde 
neoni a-aghfeanisnoughfarea aouhhage, nene onfa- 
yotfyende, neoni eayonheke. 

24. Neoni Jefus sahne raouhha, neoni efo Ongwe 
wahoewaghnonderattyeghde raouhha, neoni wat- 

25. Neoni kayadatogea Tyodhoewifea oya Ka- 
raghkvva tekeni Syoghferare et-ho fliiyoyadaw- 

26. Neoni efo yoriwake tfiniyoroughyagea oni 
efo Yoriwake n'Atfhinaghkeanta nahhotea, neoni ag- 
wegouh yodeanhaghdouh tfiniyoyendaghkwe, ne- 
oni yaghot-henoe teyokwennyoh ok hegea an- 
.nyough fuhha dakarighwakeannyade. 

27. Ne onea Ihoeronke ne Jefus, et-ho oewe 
tiideyeghsihhare oghnagea nonkadih, neoni yagaye- 
na ne Ra-onenah. 

28. Ikea wagcarouh, toga ne ok ne yakyena nc 
Raonenah, et-ho eafkyeweandiine. 

29. Neoni agwagh okfaok tfiiiityawenouh n'Ao- 
negweaghfa oughllatt-hea : neoni yahhontftogea 
tie Kayeronke nene tlifakoewatfyende tfinlyoyada- 

30. Neoni Jefus yokondatyea roderiyendare ra- 
onha-tferagouh oughdcandih Kafhatfteaghfera, 
"wat-hadaghradenihhoh Keantyoghkwagouh, wah- 
hearouh, oughka wakayena n'Akenah ? 

31. Neoni 

2i6 Si.Markj Chap, V« 

31. And his difciples faid unto bim, Thou feed 
the multitude thronging thee, and fayeft thou, Who 
touched me ? 

32. And he looked round about to fee her that 
had done this thing. 

33. But the woman fearing and trembling, know* 
ing what was done in her, came and fell down bC'^ 
fore him, and told him all the truth. 

34. And he faid unto her. Daughter, thy faith 
hath made thee whole ; go in peace, and be whole 
of thy plague. 

35. While lie yet fpake, there came from the 
ruler of the fynagogue's houfe, certain which faid. 
Thy daughter is dead, why troubleft thou the 
mafter any further ? 

36. As foon as Jefus heard the word that was 
fpoken, he faith unto the ruler of the fynagogue. 
Be not afraid, only believe. 

37. And he fuffered no man to follow him^ favc 
Peter, and James, and John the brother of James. 

38. And he cometh to the houfe of the ruler of 
the fynagogue, and feeth the tumult, and them that 
wept and wailed greatly. 

39. And when he was come in, he faith unto 
them, Why make ye this ado, and weep ? the 
damfel is not dead, but fleepeth. 

40. And they laughed him to fcorn : but when 
he had put them all out, he taketh the father and 
the mother of the damfel, and them that were with 
him, and entereth in where the damfel was lying. 

41. And 

l<te Sii Marh Chap. V. 217 

51, Neoni ne Ra-otyoughkvva wahhoeweahhaghfe, 
deghfkanere Keantyoghkowanea teyefanetft-haragh- 
dohhattyea, nene saddn, olighki yahhonkyena ? 

32. Neoni raouhha wat-hat-kaght-honnyoewe 
t'hadaghgwadasede ne ahat-kaght-ho aouhha ne- 
nekea etho nakayere. 

33. Ok ne Tyot-hoewifea watyodouhharearouh 
neoni waoyadisfhoughkwe, yoderiy^ndaretfina-awea 
n'aohhage, oewe et-ho, neoni eghdage ontyadoen- 
dyh raoheandouh, neoni wahhoghrory agwegouh 
t'karighwayery ne Tokeaghfke-oewe. 

34. Neoni waghreahhaghfe, Koeyea-ah, Tfidifegh- 
taghkouh ne felatfyende : wa-as fkeanca t'hitfifani- 
koughroendak, neoni fasadouh tliniafyadaweaghf- 

35. Aghfouh roght-hare 'nea waoeweh tayeyeagh- 
taghkvve tfit-honoughfode ne Rarighwagwadack- 
waghs ne Synagogue ne e wa-alrouh, Sheyea-ah 
*nea yaweahheyouh : oglineane fuhha ok deaghfe- 
nikourharea ne Raweaniyoh segouh ifi noewe ? 

36. Agwagh ne ok Jefus vvahharonke ne Ovveana 
n'egh waondady, wahhaweahhaghfe net-ho ne Ra- 
righwakwadackwaghs ne Synagogue, toghfa aefagh- 
derone, ne ok ne kafeghtaghkoehak. 

37. Neoni waghfliakonhefe yaghughka n'Ongwe 
ne ahoewaghnonderatyeghde, ne ok ne Peter, neoni 
James, neoni John, ne Yadadcgea-ah ne James. 

38. Neoni warawe Tfironoughfode ne Rarighwa- 
kwaddackwaghs ne Synagogue, ne oni wahatkaght- 
ho yoritftare, yontftarouh agwagh yondadenafe. 

39. Ne onea Rodaweyadouh, waghfhakaweahhafe, 
oghnea ne-eh ne kea tfinifewatyerea oni fewatftarr- 
ha ? ne ok nekea ne yodas ne Kayadafe. 

40. Neoni wahoewaghfderifde wa-akokeaghra» 
dea. Ok ne onea agwegouh faghfakoyadinnegeawe, 
ne yaghf-hakoyadeahhawe ne Roniha neoni ne 
Onifteahha ne Kaksa-ah, neoni ronouhha ne tfini- 

Ff hadl 

$iS St» Mark, Chap. V# 

41 . And he took the damfel by the hand, and 
faid unto her, Talitha-cumi, which is, being inter- 
preted, Damfel, (I fay unto thee) arife. ''t 

42. And flraightway the damfel arofe and walk- 
ed ; for fhe was of the age of twelve years ; and 
they were aflonifhed with a great aftonifliment. 

43. And he charged them ftraitly, that no man 
Ihould know it : and commanded that fomething 
iliould be given her to eat. 


C H A P. VI. 

ND he went out from thence, and came into his 
own country, and his difciples followed him. 

2. And when the fabbath-day was come, he began 
to teach in the fynagogue : and many hearing him, 
were aftonilhed, faying, From whence hath this man 
thefe things ? and what wifdom is this which is 
given unto him, that even fuch mighty works arc 
wrought by his hands ? 

3. Is not this the carpenter, the fonof Mary, the 
brother of James and Jofes, and of Judas, and Si- 
mon ? and are not his filters herewith us? And they 
were offended at him. 

4. But Jefus faid unto them, A prophet is not 
without honour, but in his own country, and among 
his own kin, and in his own houfe* 

5. And 

NeSt. Markf Chap. V. ii^ 

had! ne raouhha ronene, neoni yahhondaweyade tfi- 
noewe t*yeyatty6eny ne Iksakeahha. 

41. Neoni raouhha tahhanantf-ha ne Kaksa-ah, 
neoni waghreaghfe, (Talitha-cumi,) nene kidouh, 
Seksa-ah, (wakoeyeaghfe) fatketfkouh. 

42. Neoni agwagh okfaok ne Kaksa-ah ontkets- 
koh neoni oughdeandyh; Ikeatekeni-yoghferare tfi- 
nityoyeah ; neoni wa-akorighwaneghrago ne ko- 
wanea Yorighwaneghrackwaght. 

43. Neoni waghfakorihhoendeane agwegouh, 
yaghoughka n*Ongwe t'hayakoderiyendarane: neoni 
waghfakaweaghfe kaflenouh eaghfka enouh ne 


^TEONI fahhayakeane wareghde, neoni et-ho sa- 
•*• rawe tfi raouhha agwagh ranakere, neoni Rao* 
tyoughkwa roewaghnonderattye, 

2, Neoni ne bnea Wa-aweandadogeaghdane, 
tahhadaghfawea waghfakorihhonnyea et-hone Syno- 
gogue ; neoni yawctowanea yakott-hoende na-ah, 
wa-akorighwaneghragoh, wairouh, Kah oughde- 
noe tahhawe nekea-ea Tfinikarihhodeafe ? neoni ogh- 
na Kanikoughrodea oughde ne roewawyh, ne ki nong- 
keah n'agwagh Kayodeaghferas-hatfde yoyodeh ne 
Rafnonke ? 

3. Wahhy yagh kea n$ degeah ne Ranoughso- 
nighs, Royea-ahy ne Mary, ne Yadadegea-ah ne 
James neoni Jofes, neoni ne Judas, neoni Simon ? 
neoni wahhy yagh kea ne Rondeanofeahhah keant- 
ho oghferoeni deweanderouh ? neoni t'ha-hodi- 
keaghradea raouhhage. 

4. Ok Jefus waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha. 
Prophet et-ho noewe ok yaght-ha hoewakon- 
liyeghfde, tfi agwagh ne raouhha ranakere, neoni 

F f 2 ok 

'%i^ "JT/* Markf Chap. VL 

5. And he could there do no mighty work, fave 
that he laid his hands upon a few fick folk, and 
healed them. 

6. And he marvelled becaufe of their unbelief^ 
j^nd lie went round about the villages, teaching. 

7. And he calleth unto him the twelve, and be- 
gan to fend tl|em forth by two and two, and gave 
them power over unclean fpirits. 

8. And commanded t;hem that they fliould take 
nothing for their journey, fave a ftafFonly : no fcrip, 
po bre£id> no money in their purfe : 

9. But be il^pd with fandals : and not put on two 

10. And he faid unto them. In what place foever 
ye enter into an houfe, there ^bide till ye depar; 
from that place; 

II. And whofoever Ihall not receive you, nor hear 
you, when ye depart thence, Ihake off the duft un- 
der your feet, for a teftimony againft them. Verily 
I fay unto you, it Ihall be more tolerable for Sodom. 
^nd Gomorrha in the day of judgment^, than for t^iat 
city. ^ ■ ' 

12, AntI 

^e St. Marh Chap. VI. ^21 

^k Otyoijghgwakouh ne Radaddcnoughwe, neoni tfi- 
Konoughfode ne raouhha. 

5. Neoni yagh ne et-ho tehhotyerea Akayo- 
deaghferas-hatsdege, ne kiok na-ah nene Waghf* 
hakonifnoughfarea toghkarra Niyongwedake n'Ya- 
konoughwakdanyh, neoni faghf-hakotfynde. 

6. Neoni wahhoneghrago ne wakarihhoeny tfi- 
Yagh-detyakaweghdaghkouh. Neoni wahhagh- 
deandy wahatkwadoewe et-ho tlikanadayendo na-ah, 

7. Neoni yaghfakononke raouhhage ne Teke- 
nif-hadire, neoni tahhadaghfawea ne yaghfakonhane 
ronouhha teyongwedakehhattye, neoni waghf-ha- 
gaouh Kaef-hatsdeaghtfera n'eayoghtorarake ne 
wahhetkea Ranigoera. 

8. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha nene 
yaghot-henoh t'hahadihhawe ne Raonat-hahhi- 
nonke, ne ok n'Adeanits yadekayadyh : yagh-oni 
ne Scrip, (Kayare) yaghtea oni ne Kanadarohk, 
yaghtea oni n'Oghwisda aondaghke n'Akoghna- 
datferagouh : 

9. Ok ne ok ne teayakoghdarryonke Aghta : 
fieoni yaghtea ne takenihake n'Akodyadawid. 

10. Neoni wahhearouh n'onouhhage, ot'hok Ni- 
wadoughwentfyodeahak tfinoe n-eaflewawe eafewa- 
daweyade Kanoughfagouh, et-ho eafeweanderondake 
tfi-erea n'eatfiffeweghde ne et-ho Wadough- 

11. Neoni oughka ki-ok ne yaght-ha yets-hi- 
■yena, yagh oni t'heayetf-hiyat-hondeke, ne onea 
creah eatfijfleweghde, ne et-ho tfyakearawak ne 
Ogearare ne Tfyaghsidakoiih, Ikea ne eawatrorih- 
heke ronouhhage nonkady. Agwaghwagweahhrighfe, 
feahha na-ah teayonou2;hyanighd;'4ne ne tfiniyawea- 
puh ne Sodom neoni Gomorrha n*eaweghhiferadeke 
Tiinadeayondattyadureghde, n'et-ho Kanadayea. 

12. Neon^ 

%ti St. Marli Chap. VL 

12. And they went out and preached that mefi 
Should repent. 

13. And they caft out many devils, and anointed 
with oil many that were fick, and healed them. 

14. And king Herod heard of him (for his name 
was fpread abroad) and he faid, That John the Bap-^ 
tifl was rifen from the dead, and therefore mighty 
works do fliew forth themfelves in him. 

15. Others faid, That it is Elias. And others 
faid, That it is a prophet, or as one of the pro* 

16. But when Herod heard thereof, he faid. It is 
John whom I beheaded, he is rifen from the dead, 

17. For Herod himfelf had fent forth and laid 
hold upon John, and bound him in prifon for He* 
rodias' fake, his brother Philip*s wife ; for he had 
married her. 

18. For John had faid unto Herod, It is not law- 
ful for thee to have thy brother's wife, 

19. Therefore Herodias had a quarrel againft 
him, and would have killed him, but Ihe could 

20. For Herod feared John, knowing that he was 
a juft man, and an holy, and obferved him ; and 
when he heard him, he did ma»y things, and heard 
him gladly. 

a I, And when a convenient day was come, that 


Ne St. Marl<i Chap. VI. 223 

12. Neoni wahhoughdeandy neoni waghderigh- 
waghnodouh ne Ongwe ne onfayondatrevvkghde. 

13. Neoni ronouhha fahhadiyadinnegeavve ya- 
wetowanea Oneghf-houghronouh, neoni waghf-ha- 
konoughkaweGeayeh yawetowanea neneYakonough* 
wakdany, neoni faghfakoditfyende. 

14. Neoni Koragli Herod wahharonke raouhha • 
Jefus (Ikea ne Raoghfeana wadewaderighwarenyh 
wakarihhowanha) neoni wahhearouh, nene John ne 
Sakoghnegofferaghs fhotketsgweah tfihaweahhe- 
youghne, ne gadi wahhoeni Kayodeaghferas-hatfde 
tfinahontyerea wahhaderilihowanaghde ronoulihx 

15. T*higade ne vvairouh, ne wahhy Elias. Ne- 
oni t'higade oni wairouh Prophet ne kea-eah, ket 
deas gayea ne-e eafkagh ne Prophet-hogouh. 

1 6. Ok ne onea ne Herod wahharonke na-ah, 
wahhearouh, John negea-eah raouhha ne Reniyarri- 
yagouh, raouhha Ihotketfgwea Keahheyadne. 

17. Ikea Herod raouhha yeghf-hakonhaouk 
neoni roewayena ne John, neoni roewanerea raouhha 
roewanhodouh Ranaghikwa Ikea Herodias oriwa, 
raouhha Yadadegea-ah Philip Rone ; ikea raouhha 
rodinyakouh n'aouhha. 

1 8. Ikea ne John raweany ne Herodeghne, kea 
det'karighwayery ne kea n'lse doefetfyaderane nc 
Tfyadadegea-ah Rone. 

19. Ne gady wahhoeni ne Herodias teyorl- 
Warheouh raouhhage nongadyh, neoni ahhorryokc 
raouhha, ok yagh deyokwennyouh. 

20. Ikea Herod wahotsanige ne John, roder- 
yendarc Yongwediyoh, neoni Royadadogcaghty, nc 
rodeanikoerare raouhha ; neoni onea rodeweanat* 
honde, eso Yoriwake tfinahhayere, neoni tfirode* 
weanat-honde wahatf-heanoenyh. 

21. Neoni ne onea waoweyeaflane yahhondegh* 
niferilihewe, nene Herod Weghnifera tlinihonake- 


224 'SV. Marky Chap. VI» 

Herod, on his birth-day made a fupper to his \otds, 
high captains, and chief eftates of Galilee : 

22. And when the daughter of the faid HerodiaS 
came in, and danced, and pleafed Herod, and them 
that fat with him, the king faid unto the damfel, 
Afk of me whatfoever thou wilt, and I will give it 

23. And he fware unto her, Whatfoever thou 
Ihalt afk of me, I will give it thee unto the half of 
my kingdom. 

24. And fhe went forth, and faid unto her mother. 
What ihall I aik ? And Ihe faid. The head of John 

the Baptift. 

25. And fhe came in ftraightway with liafte unto 
the king, and afked, faying, I will that thou give 
me by and by in a charger, the head of John the 

26. And the king was exceeding forry, yet for his 
oath's lake, and for their fakes which fat with him, 
he would not reje(9: her. 

27. And immediately the king fent an executioner, 
and commanded his head to be brought ; and he 
went and beheaded him in the prifon. 

28. And brought his head in a charger, and gave 
it to the damfel : and the damfel gave it to hei^ 

29. And when his difciples heard of it they came 
and took up his corps, and laid it in a tomb. 

30. And 


Ne St. Mark, Chap. VL 225 

radouh waghf-hakaweanyodea ne Raoyanetdaokouh, 
Radighfeanowaneaghfe, neoni ne T'hadiyadagwe- 
myofe ne radinakere Galilee : 

22. Neoni ne onea n'Akoyeyah ne Herodias 
dondaweyade, neoni watkanonnyagh-kvve, neoni tah- 
haweridiybne Herod, neoni ronouhha ne eaikaghne 
radlderouh ne raouhha, ne Koiah waghreahhaghfe 
ne Kayadafe, Takerighwanondouh tfiok nahhotea 
caghserheke, eankoeyouh. 

23. Neoni yorighvvaghnirouh wahhaweaneandafe, 
tfioknahliotea eaghfkerighwanondoughfe, ne eankoe- 
yoh n'xfTc, et-ho ne fadewaghfeanea niyekanihharanc 

24. Neoni foughdeandy, neoni wa-aweahhaghfc 
n'Onifteahhah, ot-oughde nahhotea eankerighwanon- 
doh? neoni wagearouh ne Raonontfy ne John ne 

25. Neoni saweghde agwagh okfaok watyoghs- 
terihhea et-ho Koraghne, neoni wakarighwanondoh, 
wagearouh, kenocwefe nene ife a-aghfkouh oewah 
Keghratne ne Ra-onoentfy ne John ne Shakoghne- 

26. Neoni ne Kbrah yoneghrackwaght wahha- 
weryendaklhea : ok Ihcgoh sane ikea ne ne Aoriwa 
tliniyorighwaghnirouh rodadyh, neoni ikea ne Ra- 
odiriwa ne raouhha eafkaghne radlderouh, yagh- 
deh-hanoewefe n'ahaweanondyh. 

27. Neoni yokondattye neKorah yaghlhakonhane 
ne Shakodirryoghs, neoni waghfhageaweahhaghfe 
n'eantyehhawe ne Raonoentfyh: neoni wareghde 
neoni yahhonnyarriake raouhha et-ho Tfinanaghf- 

28. Neoni wa-ehhewe ne Raonoentfy Keghratne 
karattye, neoni yakoeyouh ne Kayadale : neoni ne 
ya-a-ouh ne Onifteahhah. 

29. Neoni ne onea ne Raotyoughkwa wahhoe- 
ronke, et-ho whhonewe neoni wat-hadighkwe nc 

G g Raoyeroen- 

526 St. MarJi^ Chap. Vh 

30. And the apoftles gathered themfelves together 
unto Jefus, and told him all things, both what they 
had done, and what they ha.d taught. 

31. And he faid unto them. Come ye yourfelves 
apart into a defert place, and reft awhile : for there 
Were many coming and going, and they had no 
leifure fo much as to eat. 

32. And they departed into a defert place by Ihip 

33. And the people faw them departing, an^ 
many knew him, and ran afoot thither out of all 
cities, and outwent them, and came together unto 

34. And Jefus, when he came out, faw rnuch 
people, and was moved with compallion toward 
them, becaufe they were as fheep not having a 
ihepherd : and he began to teach them many 

35. And when the day was now far fpent, his 
difciples came unto him, and faid. This is a defer; 
place, and now the time is far palled ; 

36. Send them away, ^hat they may go into the 
country round about and into the villages, and 
buy themfelves bread : for they have nothing to 

07. He 

Ne St. Marki Chap, VI. 227 

Raoyeroendakeahha, ne oni et-ho yahhadideaTfiyon- 

30. Ne oni ne Apoftlehogouh wahhontkeanifsa 
ogbferoenih et-ho Jefusne, neoni wahhoewagh- 
rory agvvcgouh n*othenouh, detfyarouh ne tfinah- 
hontyere, neoni tfinaghfakodlrihhonnyeh. 

31. Neoni waf-halaweahhaghfe karo kafleneght 
tliatfyouhha-hak Karhagouh noewe, eadefewadonfs- 
hea nyare : Ikea ase yawetowanea yagohattyeh neoni 
tfyakoghdeandyouhhattyeh, neoni ne ronouhha 
yaghde-yaweght ahonoerifleandane are oni ne ok ne 

32. Neoni ereah wahhoneghde et-ho Karha- 
gouh noewe Kahhonweyagowaghne ok adaghfegh- 

33. Neoni wahhoewadlgea n'Ongweh ronouhha 
tli-erea wahhoneghde, neoni yotkade ne wahhoe- 
ivayendercne raouhha, neoni watyoeraghdade egh- 
dageghfhouh et-ho nongadih tayoughdeantyonkoh 
agwegouh tfi-Kanadayendouh, neoni yahhoe- 
wady yatoreane, neoni waoewe oghferoenih ra- 

34. Neoni Jefus, ne onea tahhayageane, ne wagh- 
fakotkaght-ho Sakotyoughkowanea, neoni ne wa- 
honikoughrareke ne Keandearouh ronouhhage, 
ne wahhoni ronouhha aniyought Teyodinagaron- 
doe-ah yagh-eaf-hig'ea deyodiyea n'Akoewadikagh- 
datyefeke : neoni tahhadaghfawea waghfakorihhon- 
nyeh ronouhha efo Yoriwage. 

2^^. Neoni ne onea inouh Ondeghnifereahawe 
noewa, Raotyoughkwa raouhhage wahhonewe, neoni 
wahhoeweaghfe, Karhagouh wahhy ne keant-hoh, ne- 
oni nonwa ne n'ifinih tfi Ondeghniferine. 

36. Sas-heyadegwaght, foughdeandyh nene yoe- 
fahhonewe Tiityenakeionnyoh, neoni et-ho tfi-Ka- 
nadayendoe-a, neoni ahondatninoefe Kanadarohk: 
Ikea yaghot-henoe dehhodiyea n'ahadige, 

G g 3 37, Raouhh* 

228 S/. Marki Chap, VI. 

37. He anfwered and faid unto them, Give ye 
them to eat. And they fay unto him. Shall we go 
and buy two hundred pennyworth of bread, and 
give them to eat ? 

38. He faith unto them. How many loaves have 
ye ? go and fee. And when they knew, they fay. 
Five, and two fifhes. 

39. And he commanded them to make all fit 
down by companies upon the green grafs. 

40. And they fat down in ranks, by hundreds, and 
by fifties. 

41. And when he had taken the five loaves, and 
the two fifhes, he looked up to heaven, and blefifed, 
and brake the loaves, and gave them to his difciples, 
to fet before them : and the two fillies divided he 
among them all. 

42. And they did all eat, and were filled. 

43. And they took up twelve bafkets full of the 
fragments, and of the fifties. 

44. And they that did eat of the loaves were about 
6ve thoufand men. 

45. And fl:raightway he conftrained his difciples 
to get into the fhip, and to go to the other fide before 
unto Bethfaida, while he fent away the people. 

46. And when he had fent them away, he departed 
into a mountain to pray, 

47. An4 

NeSt. Mat% Chap. VI. 229 

^y. Raouhha tondahhadady wahhearouh ne ro- 
nouhage, yetfhiyoh n'lfe n'eahhadige. Neoni fahhoe- 
weahhaghfe raouhha, Eayagwaghninoehha kea na- 
ah tekeni Teweanyawe (penny) tfinea-yoghf-heagh- 
feraghfke ne Kanadarohk, neoni eayahhiyoiih ro- 
nouhha ne eahhadeke? 

38. Raouhha waghfakaweahhaghfe ne ronouh- 
ha, do ni-Kanadarage fewayea ? wafene yatfyat-kaght- 
hoh. Neoni ne onea waditokeaghfe, wahhonnirouh 
wifk, neoni Teckeantfyage. 

39. Neoni raouhha waghfaweahhah agvvegouh 
eghdage yondedarayea Eakeantyoghkwadogeahha- 
donke et-ho Ohhondage. 

40. Neoni waondedarayea Tekanearadennyouli, 
ne Teweanyawe-ehattye neoni wilkfouh Niwaghf- 

41. Neoni ne onea watraghkwe ne wiik ni*Ka- 
nadarage, neoni ne Teckeantfyage, Karoughyage ya- 
hat'kaght-hoh, neoni wahhayadadirihfde, neoni wat- 
hayak-hoe ne Kanadaroh'k, neoni yaghfhagaouh ne 
Raotyoughkwa, ne oheandou aghfakodiyeahaghfe : 
neoni ne Teckeantfyage wahak-haghfyoenkoh Rao- 
dityoughgwakouh agwegouh. 

42. Neoni ronouhha agwegouh wahhadike, neoni 

43. Neoni doefahadighkwe tekeni yaweare Ni- 
wat-herake ne Wa-akokwine, neoni ne Keantfyoh. 

44. Neoni ronouhha nene wahhadike ne Kana- 
clarohk wifk Niweanyawe-eghtferaghfea oughde 
Ongwe (niyongwedake). 

45. Neoni agwagh okfaok raouhha t'hondagh- 
fakonough doefe ne Raodyoughkwa n'oefahhonditta 
ne Kahhoeweyakowaghne, neoni n'ahhoughdeandy 
ne erea nongadighkouh ohheandou ne et-ho Beth- 
faida, aghfouh ne raouhha eafeghfakodegwaghde 
tlini-Keantyoughkwa n'eatfyoughdeandyh. 

46. Neoni onea tfyakoghdeantyonke, raouhha 
aerea wareghde Onontohharage ne et-ho yahaderea- 
nayea. 47. Neoni 

2^0 St. Markf Chop. VI. 

47. And when even was come, the fliip was in the 
midft of the fea, and he alone on the land. 

48. And he faw them toiling in rowing : (for the 
wind was contrary unto them) and about the fourth 
watch of the night he cometh unto them, walking 
upon the fea, and would have pafTed by them. 

49. But when they faw him walking upon the fea, 
they fuppofed it had been a fpirit, and cried out. 

50. (For they all faw him, and were troubled :) 
And immediately he talked with them, and faith 
unto them. Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid. 

51. And he went up unto them, into the fhip, 
and the wind ceafed : and they were fore amazed in 
themfelves beyond meafure, and wondered. 

52. For they confidered not the miracle of the 
loaves, for their heart was hardened. 

53. And when they had pafled over, they came 
into the land of Gennefaret, and drew to the Ihore. 

54. And when they were come out of the Ihip, 
llraightway they knew him, 

55. And ran through that whole region round 
about, and began to carry about in beds thofe that 
were fick, where they heard he was. 

56. And 

(1 rii PRW qiiv 



Ne St. Marl, Chap* VL 231 

47. Neoni ne onea Yokaraghfkha, ne Kahhoe- 
weyakovvah *nea Sadekanyadarrhea noewe, neoni ra- 
ouhha-tfiwa et-ho Eghdiyogeh. 

48. Neoni waghfakot-kaght-ho ronatorianerouh 
Todikawehhattyeh : (ikea akde tfinityowereahha ro- 
diweraghraouhhattyea) neoni onea oughdeh kaye- 
rihhadont Tfiniyodaghfondadihhea et-ho wareghdc 
ronouhhage, ireh Kanyadarage, neoni afhakotohhetf- 
deany ronouhha. 

49. Ok ne onea ronouhha wahhoewatkaght-ho 
raouhha ireh Kanyadarage, wahhonere ok Adonhets 
kea ? neoni wat-houghfeant-ho okfa. 

50. (Ikea ronouhha agwegouh wahhoewat-kaght- 
ho, wahhonaderoughyeaghtea:) neoni yokondattyeh 
raouhha waghfhakoweanarane, neoni wafhakaweah- 
hafe, fewanigoghraghnirouhhak, I-ili ne kea-eah, 
toghfa a-efewaghderone. 

51. Neoni et-ho wareghde ronouhhage et-ho 
Kahhoewakouh ; neoni vva-atkeweariyake tfiyaode: 
peoni ne-e ne koewayats wahhodinikoughrinnegeane 
ronouhhatferagouh, neoni yeyottohhetfdouh vvahho- 

52. Ikea ronouhha yat'ha tehhodiyadoreghdouh 
ne tfiniyotyanadouh ne wifk ni-Kanadarage ; ikea 
ronouhha Raoneriane na-ah kaniradouh. 

33. Neoni ne onea wat-hondohhetfde ne reanoe- 
g^dy, wahhone et-ho Oghwentfyage ne na-ah Gen- 
nefaret, neoni Atfyakta wahhoneghde. 

34. Neoni ne onea ronadidaghkvveane Kahoewe- 
yagowaghne, agwagh okfaok wahhoewayenderene 
nene raouhha, 

55. Neoni watyoraghdade Enakeraghlerakoughf- 
houh nene agwegouh Tfiniyenakeraghfcra okt-hade- 
yogvyadasedouh, neopi dayondaghfawea ne yehhawe- 
nondyefe Kanakdage ne n'et-ho n'Yakonoughwak- 
dany, tfinoevve n'lre waoeronke. 

56. Neoni 

232 St, Mark, Chap, VL 

56. And whitherfoever he entered, into villages, 
or cities, or country, they laid the fick in the ftreets, 
and befought him that they might touch, if it were 
but the border of his garments : and as many as 
touched him, were made whole. 


•npHEN came together unto him the Pharlfecs, 
•*- and certain of the fcribes, which came from 

2, And when they faw fomp of his difciples eat 
bread with defiled (that is to fay, with unwaftien) 
hands, they found fault. 

3. For the Pharifees, and all the Jews, except 
they walh their hands oft, eat not, holding the 
tradition of the elders. 

4. And when they come from the market, except 
they wafh, they eat not. And many other things 
there be, which they have received to hold, as the 
wafliing of cups and pots, brazen veffels, and of 

5. Then the Pharifees and fcribes alked hlm| 
Why walk not thy difciples according to the tra- 
dition of the elders, but eat bread with ui^waflicn 
hands ? 

6. He 

Hit St. Markf Chop. VI. 233 

156. Neoni tfioknoewe yehhadaw^eyade^ et-ho tfii* 
Kanadayendoe^ahj Kanadakoh deas, agwagh tie deas 
nok t'hiyenakeronnyouhj et-ho wa-eyea n'Yako- 
r.oughwakdanv Tiidekanadosjeaghferouhjiaeaiii waK» 
hocwarighwanegea nene ne ok oni tc^ah oghftoebia 
yayeyena tfiyotfde ne Raodyadawtd ; neoni ase tfi- 
nikouh ne oghftoeha yaoro-oghde raouhhage^ fy* 
yeyadagwekhene fayoendouh. 


Tjj*T-HOGHKE waoewe oghferoeny raouhha-ge 
"*-^ ne Pharifees, neoni nli ne Rough t-liarrKa, ne 
na>ah ne Jerufalem nonga taKhoneghde, 

2. Neoni ne onea waghf-hakonat-kaght-ho odd« 
yake ne Raotyoughkwa wahhadmadarake Rajdif^ 
noughfahetkea (nene ayturouh, yagh-depkoghtf- 
yohhare) ne wahhadirtgKwatf-heary ne na-ab feo*- 

3. Ikea ne Pharifees, neoni agwegouh ne ne Jfewf^ 
haga, niyare eantewatyereaghte eayooghtryoKfeare, 
ct-none deayontikahoub^ radirighweahhawe ne Ra* 
dighkowatieaghfe ne Takarighwadattye Kaiigh* 

4. Neoni ne onea Tfityonkeghrontaghkwa don« 
dayeyeaghdaghkwa, et-ho are enougbtfyohhatehhe, 
yaght-ha dahhontikahouh. Neoni eso Yonwake 
oyaf-hou n*adekarihhodeafe ne egh tfineayoghdowh 
ne na-ah rodiyenah n*eahhadirighweahbawakej ne 
nonkea ne n*yenohhare ne Kerat, Cup^hogoc-ah, 
neoni Kadhe soe-ah Kariftat&sde«ah Kerat, neoni 

5» Et-h6ghke ne Pharifees neoni ne RoyigKt* 
harrha Raouhha Ihahhoewarighwanbendougbfe, 
(wahhonnirouh) Oghna-ah yagbneh tebhonaderatt- 
yeh ne Seantyouhhkwa Tfinikarihbodea ne Radiko* 
waneaghfe radiri^hweabbawei^ ok riidiks Kanadarohk 
vaghs^ tthhona^tfyohhate ? 

H h 6. Ro\ihha 

234 Sf' ^^^^y ^^^P' VII. 

6. He anfwered and faid unto them. Well hath 
Efaias prophefied of you hypocrites, as it is writ- 
ten. This people honoureth me with their lips, but 
their heart is far from me. 

7. Howbeit, in vain do they worihip me, teaching 
for dodtrines the commandments of men. 

8. For laying afide the commandment of God, ye 
hold the tradition of men, as the wafhing of pots 
and cups : and many other fuch like things ye do. 

9. And he faid unto them. Full well ye rejedt the 
commandment of God that ye may keep your own 

10. For Mofes faid. Honour thy father and thy 
mother : and, Whofo curfeth father or mother, let 
him die the death. 

1 1 . But ye fay. If a man fhall fay to his father 
or mother. It is Corban, that is to fay, A gift, by 
whatfoever thou mightelt be profited by me : he 
Ihall be free. 

1 2 . And ye fufFer him no more to do ought for 
his father or his mother : 

13. Making the word of God of none effect 
through your tradition, which ye have delivered : 
and many fuch like things do ye. 

14. And 

Ne St. Mark^ Chap, VII. ^2^ 

6. Raouhha dontahhadady vvaghfhakavvealihaghfe, 
Et-hoghtfy tfinihoyerea ne Efaias ife eghtfhifevvea- 
douhhouh tfinit-haweanade yagea-ah Sewarigh- 
wiyoghfdon, (t'hiyeyakonoeweagndon) ase e.hni- 
youht kaghyadouh, keakayea Ronongwe rong- 
konnyeaghft-ha ne (Radighsene) Radighfkwtan- 
dage, ok ne Raoneriane inouh tfi-ne-n'adeyagwaderc. 

7. Ne non'kea-kaghfdontfdou, tfinihontyerha 
ronouhha yongweanideagbfei^hs, ihakodirihhonnyeny 
ikea Tfinakarihhotea ne n'Ongwe Yakorighwilfouh 

8. Ikea akta wefewattyeghde tfinighft-hifeweany 
ne Niyoh roghtyawearadouh, ne fewayenawagouh 
ok Ayondoughtfera Ongwe Akorivva, ne nonkea 
eayenohhare ne Katfhes6e-ah neoni Cuphogoe-ah : 
neoni yotkade oyafhou Eghnikarihhoteafe eghnife- 

9. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, kananouh 
ife wefewaweanondyh tfinigouh eghtfhifeweanighnc 
Niyoh nene a-efewarighwawakhouh Karighwadattye 
ok Ayondoughtsera tfyouhha Aghfewaiiwa. 

10. Ikea Mofes rawea eghtikonnyughft-hak ne 
Yanihha neoni Sanifleahha: nc oughkakiok karigh- 
wakfea eahaweahhaghfe ne Ronihha toga deas 
Ronifteahha, reahhey Keahheyatne. 

11. Ok fewadouh, togat ne Rongwe ahhaweaghfe 
ne Ronihha Ronifteaha deaf-heaweah, Corban, et-ho 
niyoughtouhhatye, ne nonkea ne airou, Wakoeyoh, 
oghkiok nahhotea onea teayonderighwatfha: onea 
ki ok theayondadevveaniyoke. 

12. Neoni onea degh tfifewaweaniyoghfde ne 
eaheanoughdou ne eahfhakoweanaraghkwe ne Ro- 
nihha Ronifdeahhah deas heawea: 

13. Tfyonnighfne Raoweana ne Niyoh ne n'yagh- 
ot-henou t'yadayorihhondane keat'kayea aoriwa 
nese warighweahhawe Karighwagayouh Karighwa- 
dattye, ne na-ah yetfirighwawyh : efo Yoriwake ne 
sakah eghnikarihhoteafe ne et-ho ni-fewatyerrha. 

Hh z 14. Neoni 

14. And ynhttk he had called all the people utim 
him, he faiid unto them. Hearken vinto me everjjp 

one of you, and underfiand^ 


X%. There is nothing from without a man that 
entering into him can defile hira : but the things 
whicih come out of him, thofe are they that defile 

the mano. 

16. If any man have tsx& to hear, let him 

17, And when he was entered into the houfe from 
the people, his difciples aiked him concerning the 

18, Aiid he faith unto them^ Are ye to witliout 
umderSaiuding-^alfo ? Do ye not perceive, that what- 
Ibever thing fiom without entereth into the man, it 

cannoc defile him. 

19-, Becaufe it enteieth not into his heart, but 
into the belly, and goeth out into the draught, 

purging ail meats ? 

%<a, And he faid. That which cometh out of the 

wm^ that defileth the man, 

ai. For from within, out of the heart of men, 
proceed evil thou^ts, adulteries, fornications, 


22, TheftSj^ coTetou&elSj^ wickednefs, deceit, 


Ne St, Mml^ Chop. VIL 237 

14. Nconi ue onea yaghfakoroughyehharc agwe- 
gflnih ne Ongwe raouhliage, waghiakawealihaghfc 
fonouliha, Takwadahhoughfadats tfyadalihoughfadat 
Ughne ni-yadeifyongwedake, neoni fewaronk, 

15, Yagh ne kea othenou ne ktfdeh-nahhoyeron- 
dsidilikou dakayeaghdaghkwc ahodaweyadea ahha- 
oogwedabhetkeghde ne Rongwe : ok kea deagh gay ea 
ne na-ah ne raoulihatfcragoh eant-kayageane, ne 
deagh noe na n'et-ho eakaongwedahhetkeaghde ne 

16, Niyadetfyongwedake ne Tchhahoughdonde 
raglironkat-haj raronk ki a^fah ne tfinikadouh. 

ly. Neoni ne onea yehhodaweyadouh Kanough- 
fagouh ct-ho tahhayeaghdaghkwe tfiyakotkeanis- 
foc-6i5e, raouhha Raotyoughkwa fahoewarighwa- 
nondoughfe raouhha tfiniyotyerea ne Tekarigh- 

iS. NeoBi waghf-hakaweahihaghfe ne ronouhha, 
yagh kea ne kea defewaghrunk-ha oni kea n*ise ? 
yagh kea t'hiyefewanikoughrayendafe nene tfiok 
nahiiidtca atfdeH n'aiioyeroDdadighne Rongwe ne 
nonkea ne ot-henouh arake, yaghde yaweght a-ha- 
ongwedahlietkeaglide ; 

19, Ase kea ne wahhoeni yagh Raweriane thi- 
yaondaweyade, Ranegweandakoh ok, neoni fakaya- 
geine ne atfdeii falahadouh doefahotyadohhetfde, 
agwegouh tfi-n'iraks ? 

20, Neoni wahhearouhy nene daweghde daka- 
.ymgean€ na-ah ne raouhha tfeiagouh, ne-eh eah- 
liaongwedaMietkeaglide ne Rongweh. 

ai, Ikeadakayeaghdaghkwenakouh, Raweriagh- 
fjkooli nonkadib ne Rongweh, t'houghdeandy yo- 
dakfeea EiMJOUgMonnyoughtfera, Kanaghkwa Ka- 
righwanerea, teyontyeronnyoughs Kanaghkwa, Ayon- 

22, Yeneaglifgwaglis, Yakoniyouli, Yodakfeafe, 


23B Sf. Marky Chap, VII. 

lafcivioufnefs, an evil ej^e, blafphemy, pride, fool- 
iflineis. iM\^4 

23. All thefe evil things come from within, and 
defile the man. ;'^ 

24. And from thence he arofe and went into the 
borders of Tyre and Sidon, and entered into an 
houfe, and would have no man know it ; but he 
could not be hid. 

25. For a certain woman, whofe j^oung daughter 
had an unclean fpirit, heard of him, and came and 
fell at his feet. 

26. (The woman was a Greek, a Syrophenician 
by nation) and fhe befought him that he would caft 
forth the devil out of her daughter. 

27. But Jefus faid unto her, Let the children firft 
be filled : for it is not meet to take the children's 
bread, and to caft it unto the dogs. 

28. And fhe anfwered and faid unto him, Yes, 
Lord : yet the dogs under the table eat of the 
children's crumbs. 

29. And he faid unto her. For this faying go thy 
way, the devil is gone out of thy daughter. 

30. And when ihe was come to her houfe, fhe 
found the devil gone out, and her daughter laid 
upon the bed. 

31. And 

Ne St, Mark, Chap. VII. ^^9 

Yakonofl-heah, Roewatf-haweanoryat-ha ne Niyoh, 
Kanayeghtfera, Karighwagwegouh ne yodegh n'a- 

23. AgvvegOLih nene kcagayea Tfiniyorlwake 
yodakf-heafe daweghde nagouh nonkady, neoni 
wahhoegwedahhetkeaghde ne Ongweh na-ah. 

24. Neoni vvahatketskoh et-ho yahayeghdagh- 
kwe neoni wareghde TiinadewadoughwhentlVak- 
dattye n'ane Tyre neoni Sidon, neoni yahhada- 
weyade Kanoughfagouh, neoni rerhaghkwe yagh- 
oughka n'Ongwe t'hayakoderyendarane ; ok yaghde 
yodoe-ouh n'ahadaghfeghde. 

25. Ikea kayadatogea Tyodhoewisea aouhha Ako- 
yea-ah kea nityakoyeahagHne yakotyeany wahhetkea 
Kanigoera, ne na-ah wa-6eronke raouhha, neoni 
wa-oewc et-ho Raghsige ontyadondy. 

26. (Ne Tyodhoewisea n'akayatodea na Greek, 
Syrophenician n'Aoughwhentfyodea) neoni raouhha 
wahhorighwanegea nene arere kyadinnegeaghne 
Oneghf-houghronouh n'Akoye-a yakotyeanyh. 

27. Ok Jefus waghreahhaghfe aouhha, Nyare 
eayakoghdane eandewatyereghte n'Ikfaogoe-ah: Ikea 
yagheghdeghkarihhodea ne da-ayeghkwe ne Ikf- 
ha-goeah Ako-nadaroh'k, yakoewannattyeafe Er- 

28. Neoni t'hondondade neoni wagearouh raouh- 
hage, et-ho, Sayaner: segoh sane Erhar ne naah nva- 
deyakorighweyaghftouh nagouh Atekwaghraghkfe- 
rogouh eakondike ne Iklhaogoe-ah enyakonilereafy 

29. Neoni waghreghaghfe aouhha, Ikea tfinegea 
n'aghsirouh waghnyoh fafaghdeandy, ne Oneghf- 
oghronouh fakayageane n'yakotyeanighne ne She- 

30. Neoni ne onea yahhoefocwe ne Tfityonough- 
fode, ne waotokeaghfe ne Oneghf-hoghronouh 
t'fyoyagea-ouh, n'Akoyea-ah yakotyeanighne yeya- 
tyoeny Kanakdage, 31. Neoni 

is4« -1 Sf. Marif Cbi^. VIL 

31. And again, departing from the coafts of TyrC 
and Sidon, he came unto the feaof Galilee, through 
the niidft of the coafts of Decapolis. 

32. And they bring unto him one that was 
deaf and had an impediment in his fpeech : and 
they befeech him to put his hand upon him. 

33. And he took him afide from the multitude, 
and put his fingers into his ears, and he fpit, and 

touched his tongue. 

34. And looking up to heaven, he fighed, and 
faith unto him, Ephphatha, that is. Be opened* 

35. And ftraightway his cars were opened, and 
the ftring of his tongue was loofed, and he fpake 
plain. ' 

36. And he charged them that they Ihould tell 
no man: but the more he charged them, fo much 
the more a great deal they published it j 

37, And were beyond meafurc ailoniihed, fay- 
ing. He hath done all things well j he maketh both 
the deaf to hear, and the dumb to fpeak. 


Ne St. Marly Chap, VII. 241 

31. Neoni are erea sareghde ne et-ho nonkadih 
Tyre neoni SIdon, et-ho sarawe ne Kanyadarage 
ne Galilee, ne fadewaghfeanea ne tfiwadoughvvent- 
fyade ne Decapolis. 

32. Neoni ronouhha et-ho wayat-hewe raouh- 
hage fayadah tehahhoughtagwegouh, neoni Rawea- 
nakf-heah ; Neoni wahhoeweanideaghcea ne ya- 
honifnoughfarea raouhhage. 

33. Neoni raouhha akta wahoyadeahhawighdc 
ne tfinoeniyakotkeaniflbuh, neoni Yahheanilhough- 
satta raouhha ne Rahoughdagouh, neoni raouhha 
wahhanitfkerarrhoh, neoni kea niyahhayere ne Rea- 

34. Neoni yahhatkaght-ho Karoughyage fah- 
hoeriferakerea neoni wahhearouh wahhaweah- 
haghfe raougha, Ephphatha, ne na-ah, waden- 

'i^c^. Neoni agwagh okfaok ne Rahoughsage on- 
denhodonkouh, neoni tfiyoghfaradattye ne Reanagh- 
sage ont-derighfy, lieoni raouhha wahhadady yogh- 
ronkat ok hadenoserhea. 

36. Neoni raouhha waghfakorihhondea ronouhha 
waghfakodady nene yagh kea n'Ongwe t'ha-agh- 
fakodighroryane. Ok negea tfifouhha eso waghfa- 
korihhondea ronouhha, n'eadeaghnoe fouhha eso 
wahhaderihhowanaghde ( wat-haderighwarenyade ) 

37. Neoni na-ah ne yeyodohhetfdouh ne wa- 
akorighwaneghragouh, waighronnyoh agwegouh, 
t'hiyoyannere Raouhha tfinahhayere : wahhagweny 
fayoeronke ne Teyonhoughdagwegouh, neoni waon- 
dady n'yagh deyondadihhaghkwe. 


242 St. Marlkj Chap. VIII. 


TN thofe days the multitude being very great, and 
■■" having nothing to eat, Jefus called his difciples 
unto him, and faith unto them, 

2. I have compaffion on the multitude, becaufe 
they have now been with me three days, and have 
nothing to eat : 

3. And if I fend them away failing to their own 
houfes, they will faint by the way : for divers of 
them came from far. 

4. And his difciples anfwered him. From whence 
can a man fatisfy thefe men with bread here in the 
\vildernefs ? 

5. And be afked them. How many loaves have 
yc ? And they faid. Seven. 

6. And he commanded the people to fit down on 
the ground : and he took the feven loaves, and 
gave thanks, and brake, and gave to his difciples 
to fet before them : and they 4id fet them before 
the people. 

7. And they had a few fmall fiihes : and he 
blelfed, and commanded to fet them ^Ifo before 

3. So 


Ne St. Marly Chap. VIII. 243 


T-HONE noewe Niweghniferadegkwe agwagh 
Keantyoghkowanea, neoni yaghot-henouh de- 
yakoyea naycke, Jefus yaghfakononke ne Raot- 
youghkwa raouhhage, neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe. 

2. Wahhedeare nekea Tfinikeantyoughkwa, ne 
wahhoeni ne ronouhha onea aghfea Nonda Ihiyak- 
wese neoni yaghot-henouh tehhodiyea n'aha- 

3. Neoni toga nonkeah oefakheyadegwaghde 
oefahhoughdeandy yagh-dekhodiniahhat tfinoe t'ho- 
dinoughsodouh eahonadakeaghiokweghfe tliniyeaf- 
hone : Ikea niyadeyongwedage ne inouh flioni- 

4. Neoni Raotyoughkwa tondahhondady raouh- 
hage, ka n'ondayehhawe ayegweny Ongwe aya- 
koghdane tfi-nekea nikeantyoughkwa Ronnongwe 
ne Kanadarohk ahoewadinonde ne keant-hoh Kar- 
hagouh ? 

5. Neoni waghfakorighwanondoefe ronouhha, 
do nikanadarage fewayea ? neoni wahhonnirouh, 

6. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ne tfinikeant- 
youghkwa ne eghdage Oghwentfyage ayondeda- 
rayea: neoni watraghkwe ne tfyadaghk nikanada- 
rage, neoni wahhadoughraghferouh, neoni wat-ha- 
yakhoh^, neoni yaf-hagaouh ne Raotyoughkwa ne 
oheandouh af-hakodigeghroehaghfe : neoni et-ho 
n'ahadiyere oheandouh wahhadiyea Tfikeantyogh- 

7. Neoni toghkarra Nikeantfyage rodiyendagh- 
kwe : neoni wahayadaderighfde, neoni waghfako- 
rihhondea ne Raotyoughkwa nene oheandou-onc 

I i 2 8. Et-hc 

244 ^^» Marky Chaf. VIII. 

8. So they did eat, and were filled : and they 
took up of the broken meat that was left, feven 

9. And they that had eaten, were about four 
thoufand : and he fent them away. 

10. And flraightway he entered into a ihip 
with his difciples, and came into the parts of 

11. And the Pharifees came forth, and began to 
queftion with him, feeking of him afign from heaven, 
tempting him. 

12. And he fighed deeply in his fpirit, and faith. 
Why doth this generation feek after a fign? verily 
I fay unto you, There Ihall no lign be given to this 

13. And he left them, and entering into the iliip 
again, departed to the other fide. 

14. Now the difciples had forgotten to take bread, 
neither had they in the Ihip with them more than one 

15. And he charged them, faying, Take heed, 
beware of the leaven of the JPharifees, and of the 
leaven of Herod. 

16. And they reafoned among themfelves, faying. 
It is becaufe we have no bread. 

17. And 

Ne St. Marky Chap* VIII. 24^ 

8. Et-ho na-aweane wahhadike, neoni n'awahho- 
naghdane : neoni doefaghdighkwe ne teyokwagh- 
riouh tfinayodadeare tfinikouh wahhodighkwe, ne 
na-ah tfyadagk Niwat-herake. 

9. Neoni ne nan'eh wahhadike na-ah kayerih 
oughdc Nivveannyavve-eghtleraghlea : neoni lagh- 
fakodegwaghde fahhoughdeandy. 

10. Neoni agwagh okfaok wahhaditta Kahhoe- 
weyakowaghne yehhadigwegouh Raotyoughgwa, 
neoni wahhonewe et-ho nonkadighkouh ne Dal- 
nianutha Wadoughwentfyade. 

11. Neoni ne Pharifees wahhonewe, neoni 
tahhondaghfawea ne wahhoewarighwanondonn- 
youghfe raouhha, radirighwifaks raouhhage ne 
Yotyanadouh Karoughyage ondaweghde, tehhoe- 

12. Neoni ne fahha-oeryagerea watyofereany ne 
Raonigoeragouh, neoni wahhearou, oghna-ah 
eghna-eyere ne kea Yeghnegwaghlade yakefaks 
Yotyanadouh ? agwagh wagweahhaghfe yaghtea 
Yotyanadouh t'hayondadouh ne kea Kaghnegwagh- 

13. Neoni erea sareghde ronouhhage, neoni 
fahhaditta Kahhoeweyakowah, n'egh are sareghde 
ne erea nonkadighkouh. 

14. Noewa na ne Raotyoughkwa yagh defhon- 
neyaghre n'ahhodihha ne Kanadarohk, yagh oni 
ne Kahhoeweyakowaghne deweh Skanadarat- 

15. Neoni waghf-hakoghretfyarouh, wahhearouh, 
tfyattadenigoerareah, toghfa ne a-escwarane ne 
Raonatteagwaght-ha (Leaven) ne Pharifees, ok oni 
ne Raotteagwaght-ha Herod. 

16. Neoni wahhoederyendayendoewe ronouhha 
Raodityoughgwagoh, wahhonighronnyouh, ne ki nah 
wahhoeni ne yagh deyongwayea Kanadarohk. 

17. Neoni 

246 St. Mark, Chap. VIIL 

17. And when Jefus knew it, he faith unto them, 
Why reafon ye, becaufe ye have no bread ? perceive 
ye not yet, neither underftand? have ye your heart 
vet hardened. 

18. Having eyes, fee ye not ? and having ears, hear 

ye not ? and do ye not remember ? 1 

19. When I break the five loaves among five 
thoufand, how many balkets full of fragments took 
ye up ? They fay unto him, Twelve. 

20. And when the feven among four thoufand, 
how many bafkets full of fragments took ye up? 
and they faid. Seven. 

21. And he faid unto them, How is it that ye do 
not underftand ? 

22. And-h£xcsmeth to Bethfaida, and they bring 
a blind man unto him, and befought him to touch 

23. And he took the blind man by the hand, and 
led him out of the town ; and when he had fpit on 
his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he aiked him 
if he faw ought. 

24. And he looked up, and faid, I fee men as trees, 

25. After that, he put his hands again upon his 
eyes, and made him look up : and he was reftored, 
and faw every man clearly. 

26. And 

Ne St, Ma)% Chap. VIII. 247 

17. Neoni ne onea Jefus wahhotogeaghfe, wagh- 
fakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, oghna-ah welewadericn- 
dayendoewe, wahhoeni yagh defewayea ne Kana- 
darohk ? yagh keah thiyefewanikoughrayendafe 
ihegoh yagh oni delewaghronkaghs ? Ihegoh kea 
yoghnirrha-ouh ne Sevveriane ? 

18. Defewakaghkaronde yagh defewakeah ? ne- 
oni defewahoughdonde, yagh defewaghrunk-ha ? 
neoni yagh kea ne kea defeweyaghre ? 

19. Ne onea iliadekhrighde ne wilk ne Kanada- 
rage Keantyoughgvvagouh wifk Niweanyawc-cgh- 
tferaghf-hea, do Niwat-herake t'hitkahhere tlifewa- 
noughgwafouh ne yokgwaghriouh ? wahhoeweah- 
haghfe tekeni-yaweare. 

20. Neoni ne onea ne tfyadagh Keantyoughgwa- 
gouh ne kayeri Niweannyavve-eghtferaghfea, do 
ni-Wat-herake thitkahhere tfifewanoughgwafouh 
ne deyokgwaghriouh ? neoni wahhonirouh tfya- 

21. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, ogh- 
ni yotyerea ne kea-eah ne yaghde fewaghrunk-ha ? 

22. Neoni et-ho warawe yahharawe Bethfaida, 
neoni et-ho wahhoewayat-hevve Tchharoewegouh 
ne Ronwe raouhhage, neoni wahhoewarighwane- 
gea ne kea niyahoyere raoiihha. 

23. Neoni wanhonuntf-ha ne Tehharoewegouh, 
wahhoyadinnegeawe ne Kanadagouh ; neoni ne onea 
waheanitikerarhoh ne Rakaghdege, waghnifnough- 
farea, wahhorighwanondoughfe do waghfatkaght- 
hoh kea ? 

24. Neoni yahhatkaght-ho, neoni wahhe-rouh, 
tekhkanere Ongwe anyough Karonda i-yea. 

25. Oghnakeanke, yoefahheanifniighfarea are 
ne Rakaghdege, neoni wahhaweaghfe yonfahhat- 
kaght-ho : neoni raouhha fahhadouh, neoni wahha- 
gea waghf-hakogea n'Ongwehogouh ok adeanoefer- 
hea yogeant. 

26, Neoni 

248 St, Marlij Chap. VIII. 

26. And hefent him away to his houfe^ ^^yij^g? 
Neither go into the town, nor tell it to any in the 

27. And Jefus went out, and his difciples into 
the towns of Cefarea Philippi : and by the way he 
afked his difciples, faying unto them. Whom do 
men fay that I am ? 

28. And they anfwered, John the Baptift ; but 
fome fay, Elias ; and others. One of the 

29. And he faith unto them. But whom fay ye 
that I am ? And Peter anfwereth and faith unto 
him, Thou art the Chrifl. 

30. And he charged them that they Ihould tell 
no man of him. 

31. And he began to teach them, that the Son 
of man muft fuffer many things, and be rejected of 
the elders, and of the chief priefls and fcribes, and 
be killed, and after three days rife again. 

32. And he fpake that faying openly. And Peter 
took him, and began to rebuke him. 

33. But when he had turned about, and looked 
on his difciples, he rebuked Peter, faying, Get thee 
behind me, Satan : for thou favoureft not the things 
that be of God, but the things that be of men. 

4. And 

Ne Su Marl^ Chap. VIII. 249 

26. Neoni fahhodegwaghde tfinonka Th'onouo-h- 
fode, wahhearouh, yaghoni Kanadagouh t'hoefagh- 
fcde, yagh-oni oughka t'ha-aghfeghrori ne kea ne 

27. Neoni Jefus wareghde wahhayageane, neoni 
ne Raotyoughkwa nonkadyh Kanadagouh nane 
Cefarea Philippi : Neoni ok ne tfirone raouhha 
waghfhakorighvvanondoughle ne Raotyoughkwa, 
wahhearouh, t'henou yondonnyoh n'Ongwe nenc 
oughka n'l-Ih ? 

28. Neoni tondahhondady raouhhage, John ne 
Shakoghnekofleraghs ; ok oddiake yondouh, Elias ; 
neoni t'higadef-hoe yondou, ne eafkagh ne Prophet- 

29. Neoni waghfhakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, ok 
oughka kady n'lle fewearouh n'l-Ih ? Neoni Peter 
tondahhadady neoni wahhaweahhaghfe raouhha, 
ife wahhy ne Chrift. 

30. Neoni waghfakorihhondea ronouhha nene 
yaghhoughka n'Ongwe da-aghfhakodighroriane ne 
na-ah ne Raouhha. 

31. Neoni raouhha tahhadaghfawea waghfakorih- 
honnyeh, ne wahhearouh Ongwe Roewayea-ah 
agwaghok eahharoughyagea efo Yoruvage, neoni 
yaght'ha hoewaweanaraghkwe ne Radikowaneaghle 
neoni ne T'hadiyadagweniyofe ne Raditfihughiiatfy 
neoni ne Rought-harrha, neoni ne eahhoewarryoh, 
neoni oghnakeanke ne aghfea Niweghniferuge eaha- 
ketfkoh are. 

32. Neoni raouhha wahhadady ne ne tfinahhcarouli 
ok t'hont kwat-ho. Neoni Peter wahhotkondea, neoni 
tahhadaghfawea ne wahhorifde raouhha wahhori- 

"^1^, Ok ne bnca wat-hatkarrhatdenihhouh, neoni 
deghiakokaghneronn3^ouh ne Raotyoughkwa, raouh- 
ha wahhorifde Peter, wahhearouh, aknagea feght, ise 
Satan : Jkca ife yagh-deghfenoewcfe nene Niyoh 

K k tfiniha- . 

250 St. Marky Chap. VIIL 

34. And when he had called the people unto him, 
with his difciples alfo, he faid unto them, Whofoever 
will come after me, let him deny himfelf, and take 
up his crofs, and follow me. 

35. For whofoever will fave his life, ihall lofe it : 
but whofoever ihall lofe his life for my fake and the 
gofpel's, the famefhall fave it. 

36. For what Ihall it profit a man, if he lliall 
gain the whole world, and lofe his own foul ? 

37. Or what lliall a man give in exchange for 
his foul ? 

38. Whofoever therefore fliall be alhamed of 
me, and of my words in this adulterous and finful 
generation, of him alfo Ihall the Son of man be 
alhamed, when he cometh in the glorj'- of his 
Father, with the holy angels. 



N D he faid unto them. Verily I fay unto you, 
that there be fome of them that Hand here, 
which fliall not talle of death, till they have feen 
the kingdom of God come with power. 

2. And 

Ne St, Mark^ Chap. VIIL 251 

tfinihanoewefe, ok deaghnoe ne-e tfinahhotca-lhoe ne 
Ongweghne Akorivva. 

34. Neoni ne onea yaghfakononke n'Onwehhogoii 
raouhhage, yehhadigwegouh ne Raotyoughkwa oni, 
waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, ok kagiok yenoewefe 
n'eatyonkfercghde I-Ih, kinyoh raderighvvadegouh 
raouhha tferagouh, neoni derighk Raoyaghfa, neoni 
raknonderattyeght I-Ih. 

35. Ikca oughkakiok ranoewefe teahhonough- 
yanige tfiron-he, eahhoghdoefe na-ah ; ok oughka- 
kiok eahhoghdoefe tfiron-he ikea ne I eankerih- 
hoeny neoni ne Gofpel Orighwadogeaghty, ne fa- 
eyadat na-ah eantfyondattyadogouh. 

36. Ikea oghna nahhotea yeahhatfeanonnyad^ 
ne Rongwe, toga-noe-keah Onghwentfyagwegouh 
ahhadevveaniyoghfde, neoni akayadaghtouh ne ra- 
ouhha Raodonhets ? 

37. Ne deas oghnahhotea ne Rongwe a-aghfa- 
gaouh ne dahhadadou ne Raodonhets ? 

38. Oughkakiok kady eayongwadehhase I-Ih, 
neoni ne Akeweana ne kea-eah Kanaghkwayako- 
righwannerakikouh neoni Yakorighwannerakfkouh 
Eghnegvvaghfa ; Raouhha kady ok-hare nea-ne-i 
eh oni eaf-hodehhase ne Ongwe Roewayea-ah 
ne onea eantreh ne Raoewefeaghtferagouh ne Ro- 
nihhah yehhadigwegouh Radiroughyageghronoe- 


"f^EONI waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, agwagh 
■*-^ wagweahhaghfe, nene nonkea na-ah oddyake 
ronouhha negea radikeannyade, ne na-ah arekho 
ne t'heaonatkaght-hoe nene Keahheyouh, nyare 
eahhonatkaght-houh ne Raoyanertfera ne Niyoh 
eawawe okt'heaka-af-hatftcke. 

Kk i 2. Neoni 

252 St. Markj Chap. IX. 

2. And after fix days, Jefus taketh with him, 
Peter, and James, and John, and leadeth them up 
into an high mountain apart by themfelves : and he 
was transfigured before them. 

3. And his raiment became fhining, exceeding 
white as fnow : fo as no fuller on earth can white 

4. And there appeared unto them Elias with 
Mofes : and they were talking with Jefus. 

5. And Peter anfwered and faid to Jefus, Matter, 
it is good for us to be here : and let us make three 
tabernacles : one for thee, and one fqr Mofes, and 
one for Elias. 

6. For he will not what to fay, for they were 
fore afraid. 

7. And there was a cloud that overfhadowed 
them : and a voice came out of the cloud, faying, 
This is my beloved Son : hear him. 

8. And fuddenly, when they had looked rouftd 
about, they faw no man any more, fave Jefus only 
with themfelves. 

9. And as they came down from the mountain, 
he charged them that they fhould tell no man what 
things they had feen, till the Son of man were 
rifen from the dead. 

10. And they kept that faying with themfelves, 
queftioning one with another what the rifing from 
the dead iliould mean. 

11. And they alked him, faying, Why fay the 
fcribes that Elias mull firft come ? 

12. Anc^ 


\A>4t-}iaayaaacIcte tsidieliioevfakanere Chrift . 

- ""^ jl| I H i >f i^ ,r - 

NeSt, Marh Chap, IX. 253 

2. Neoni oghnakeanke yaj'ak Nonda, jefus 
wahhoyadeahhawe raouhhage, Peter, neoni James, 
neoni John, neoni waghfakonoentf-hene ronouhha 
Onontohharage Yonoendis ok-t'bihonouhha-tli\va : 
neoni Wat-hatyadade ne tfidehoevvakanere. 

3. Neoni ne Raonena wadewaderondea, ne nya- 
dewakde kearagea anyogh Onyeghde : ne n'Ough- 
wentfyage n'yagh t'hakagweny et-ho n'akearagea- 

4. Neoni et-ho vvaghfakonatkaght-ho ne Elias 
ineh Mofes : neoni wat'hadight-harea ne Jefus. 

5. Neoni Peter tahhadady neoni wahhaghfe ne 
Jefus, Seweaniyoh, waongwayannereaghfe tfi-keah 
iddewese : kinyoh tewaghfgwareah aghfeah n'ea- 
Kanoughfagehhake : eafkagh ne Ise Sanoughfa, 
eafkagh ne Mofes, eafkagh oni n'Elias. 

6. Ikea ok yagh dehoderyenda-oewe tfinahotea 
a-hearouh, Ikea ne tfmahhodighderoeny. 

7. Neoni na-ah Wakeatfhadarea wat-hodido- 
geaghde : neoni et-ho Dayeweanninegeane Otf- 
hadakouh, wairouh, nenegeah ne rinoroughkwa-oewe 
lyea-ah : eghtfhitfyat-hondats raouhha. 

8. Neoni ok t'hontya-ak, tfy ne onea wat-hont- 
kaght-honnyoewe t'hat-houghgwadasede, yaghough- 
ka n'Ongwe oya defeghfakonatkaght-hou, yadeha- 
yady ok ne Jefus. 

9. Neoni ok ne tfi-fhonatfneaghdouhhattye tfi- 
Yononde, waghlhakorihhondea ronouhha nene 
yaghoughka t'hafakodighroryane tfinahhotea wah- 
hontkaght-ho, n'yare ne Ongwe Roewayea-ah 
eaf-hotfletfkwea ne Keahheyadne nongadyh, 

10. Neoni wahhadiyena ne Tfinahhearouh, 
yadehhadeyadiok tehhondaderighwanondonnyonyh 
oya ok eas, ne oghnahhotea ne Ealliatketfgvvaghte 
tfi-Eahhaweahheyoughne akeadouhheke. 

11. Neoni ronouhha wahhoevvanondoefe, wah- 
honnirouh, Ogh na-ah ne rondouh ne Rough t- 


254 St»Mark^ Chap, IX. 

■ Iftnrf 

12. And he anfwered and told them, Ellas verily 
Cometh firft, and refloreth all things ; and how it is 
written of the Son of man that he muft fuflfer many 

things, and be fet at nought. 


13. But I fay unto you, That Elias is indeed 
come, and they have done unto him, whatfoever they 
lifted, as it is written of him. 

14. And when he came to his difciples, he 
faw a great multitude about them, and the fcribes 
queftioning with them. 

15. And ftraightway all the people, when they 
beheld him, were greatly amazed, and running to 
him, faluted him. 

16. And he afked the fcribes. What queftion ye 
with them ? 

17. And one of the multitude anfwered, and 
faid, Mafter, I have brought unto thee my fon, 
which hath a dumb fpirit : 

1 8. And wherefoever he taketh him, he teareth 
him ; and he foameth, and gnafheth with his teeth, 
and pineth away ; and I fpake to thy difciples, 
that they Ihould caft him out, and they could 

19. He anfwereth him, and faith, O faithlefs 
generation, How long ihall I be with you? How 
long ihall 1 fufFer you ? bring him unto me, 

20, And 

Ne St. Mark, Chap. IX. .255 

harrha nene Elias agwaghhok eant-hatyereaghde 
cantreh ? 

12. Neonl tahhadady n6oni waghfhakoghrory, ne 
Elias tkarivvakonde eant-hatyereaghde eantre, neoni 
eaf- hayeride agwegouh n'ot-henouh ; neoni tfikagh- 
yadou na-ah Kaghyadoughferadogeaghdy, neOngwe 
Roewayea-ah nene raouhha agvvaghok eahharough- 
yagea efo Yoriwake, neoni agearoh eahhoeyoeny. 

13. Ok agwagh wagweahhaghfe, nene Elias 
otokea-ouh onea irouh, neoni etho n'ahhoewayere 
raouhha t(i-ok nahhotea n'ahhadiriwayerc, afse 
eghniyought tfikaghyadou ne raouhhage. 

14. Neoni ne onea et-ho sarawe tfiradiderou ne 
Raotyoughkwa, waghiakotkaght-ho Keantyoghko- 
wanea et-ho ok kea t'hiyoiight, neoni ne Roiigh- 
t'harrha (Scribes) fhakodirighwanondonnyony ro- 

15. Neoni agwagh okfaok agwegouh ne Ongwe, 
ne onea yahhoewatkaght-hoh, kowanea wahhodi- 
righwarane, neoni wat-hoeraghdade et-ho raouhhage, 

16. Neoni waghfakorighwanondoughfe neRought- 
harrha, (Scribes) nahhotea yetf-hirighwanondoufe 
ne ronouhha ? 

17. Neoni fhayadah ne Tfinikeantyoughkwa 
tahhadady, neoni wahhearouh, Seweaniyoh, r'iyat- 
heh isege ' lyea-ah, ne na-ah yagh-dewadady 
Kanigoera rotyeanyh : 

18. Neoni tfi-ok-noewe n'eah-wahhoyena, wah-^ 
hoyadaratfyonko ; neoni wat-heanokarany ne Rana- 
wige, neoni wahhayadayefl-ha; neoni wakheghrory 
ne Seantyoughkwa, nene ronouhha oefahoewaya- 
dinnegeawe, neoni yagh-dehhodigwennyouh. 

19. Neoni tahhadady, wahhearouh, O yaght- 
ha detkaweghdaghkouh Eghnegwaghfa, do neawe 
eandewesekc ? Do neawe eaghfgwaroughyagean- 
douh ? karo daghtf-heCe n*yadeahhawyhl-ighne. 

20. Neoni 

256 St. Markf Chap. IX. 

20. And they brought him unto him : and when 
he faw him, ftraightway the fpirit tare him, and he 
fell on the ground and wallowed, foaming. 

21. And he afked his father, How long is it 
ago fince this came unto him ? And he faid. Of a 

22. And oft times It hath caft him into the fire, 
and into the waters to deftroy him : but if thou 
canft do any thing, have compaffion on us, and 
help us. 

23. Jefus faid unto him. If thou canft believe, 
all things are poffible to him that believeth. 

24. And ftraightway the father of the child cried 
out, and faid, with tears, Lord, I believe ; help 
thou mine unbelief. 

25. When Jefus faw that the people came run- 
ning together, he rebuked the foul fpirit, faying 
unto him. Thou dumb and deaf fpirit, I charge 
thee, come out of him, and enter no more into 

26. And the fpirit cried, and rent him fore, and 
came out of him ; and he was as one dead, 
infomuch that many faid. He is dead. 

27. But Jefus took him by the hand, and lifted 
him up, and he arofe, 

28. And when he was come into the houfe, his 
difciples afked him privately. Why could not we 
caft him out ? 

29, And 

^"^iac/itu ^A^' 


Casteth out a DEVirir^ „ 
^aliaLVSLclFirKed'eaLwe Ofie 0)]hif-lio<[?liro]niolii „ 

Ne St. Marli^ Chap. IX. 257 

20. Neoni et-ho vvahhoewayat-hewe raouhhage : 
fteoni ne onea wahhotkaght-ho agwagh oklaok ne 
.Kanigoera waghyadararatfyouh ; eghdage wakayen- 
dane, erea ok yetfyoyendaouh, ratfdigouh. 

21. Neoni wahhorighwanondoefe raouhha ne 
Ronihha, Do nahhe et-ho fhihhoyadaweaghle ? 
Neoni wahhearouh, Shihakf-ha-ah et-ho fhi- 
y ought. 

22. Yotkade ne Otfifdage wahhoyadondy, neoni 
ne Aweanke, ne a-aghreahheye : ok toga a-aghf- 
gweny ot-henouh nVaghfyere, takweandear, tak- 

23. Jefiis wahhaweahhaghfe raouhha, toga en- 
deghseghdaghkvve, agwegouh n'ot-henouh yodoe- 
ouh ne raouhhage ne t'haweghtaghkouh. 

24. Neoni agwagh okfaok ne Ronihha ne Rakf- 
ha-ah wat-haghfeant-ho, neoni ok Okaghferagouh 
wahhearouh, Sayaner, takeghdaghkwe ; takyena- 
was ise tliyaght-ha tedewakeghdaghkouh. 

25. Ne onea Jefus vvahatkaght-ho nene On- 
gwehokoh et-ho wa-oewe yedakhenontye ogh- 
feroenih, wahharifde pe kanhrakfea Kanigoera, 
wahhearouh ne raouhhage, vvakoeyeahhaghfe ise, 
yaght-eghfeweanagh teghfaontagwegouh, katfya- 
gan ne raouhhatferagouh, neoni toghfa onea 
fafadaweyad ne raouhhatferagouh, 

26. Neoni ne Kanigoera wadevvaghfeant-ho, ne- 
oni wahoyadaratfyonko wakaneghrackvvaghde, neoni 
dakayageane raouhhatferagouh: neoni et-ho na- 
awea tfiiuyought n'Yakaweahheyouh : ne nonkeah 
ne Yakotyoughkowanea ne wairouh, waghreahheye. 

27. Ok Jefus dahhonunts, wahhoketskoh ; neoni 

28. Neoni ne onea Kanoughsakouh yahhada- 
weyade, Raotyoughk wa wahhoewarighwanondoughfe 
adaghfeghdonke, oghna-nea-ne-eh yagh deyongwa- 
gwennyouh n'oefaghfagwayadinnekeahhouh ? 

L 1 29. Neoni 

258 St, Marky Chap, IX. 

29. And he faid unto them. This kind can cpine 
forth by nothing but by prayer and tafting. /cnBf 

30. And they departed thence, and pafTed through 
Galilee ; and he would not that any man fliould 
know it. 

31. For he taught his difciples, and faid unto 
them, The Son of man is delivered into the hands 
of men, and they fliall kill him, and after that he 
is killed, he Ihall rife the third day. 

32. But they underftood not that faying, and 
were afraid to afk him. 

'^'Tt' And he came to Capernaum, and being in 
the houfe, he afked them. What was it that ye 
difputed among yourfelves by the way ? 

34. But they held their peace : for by the way, 
t-hey had difputed among themfelves, who Ihould 
be the greateft. ,., 

35. And he fat down, and called the twelve, and 
faith unto them, If any man defire to be firft, the 
fame ihall be laft of all, and fervant of all. 

36. And he took a child, and fet him In the midft 
of them ; and when he had taken him in his arms, 
he faid unto them, 

37. Who foe ver Ihall receive one of fuch children 
in my name receiveth me : and whofoever Ihall 
receive me, receiveth not me, but him that fent 


38. And 

Ne St. Marky Chap, IX. ^59 

29. Neoni waghf-hakaweah ronouhha, kcakayea 
tfinakarihhodea ne-ok et-ho nayawea ne yaghot- 
henouh n'oya ne-ok n'Adereanayendaghtferagc ne- 
oni eayakaweadontyeghde. 

30. Neoni et-lio yahhoiighdeandy, neoni yahhon- 
dohhetfde ne Galilee; neoni yaghdereghre nene 
oughka n'Ongwe ayakoderyendarane. 

31* Ikea waghfakorihhonnyea ne Raotyough- 
kwa, neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhah, ne Ong- 
\ve Roewayea-ah Radifnonke eahhayendane ne Ron- 
nongwehokou, ronouhha eahhoewarryohake, eaf- 
hatketikoh aghfeahhadont Niweghniferage. 

32. Ok yagh dehhonaghronkea nene tfinahhodea 
wahhearouh, neoni wahhoewatsanige n'oefahhoewa- 

33. Neoni warawe ne Capernaum, et-ho onea 
Kanoughfakouh reanderouh, waghfhakorighwanon- 
doghfe ronouhha, oghna-nahhodea defewarighwa- 
kenhea ne ife tfi-nitfyouh tfi-non-deffewe Ohhaha- 
keghfhouh ? 

34. Ok t'ahhontodade n'othenoe ahanea: Ikea 
tfi-nondahhone, wat-hadirighwakenha ronouhha-tfi- 
nihhadih, ne oughka feahha eayekowaneahhake. 

o^i^. Neoni raouhha wahhattyea, neoni yaghf-hako- 
nonke ne Tekeni-yawcare, neoni waghlakaweah- 
haghfe ronouhha, toga kanega ne Ongwe eayough- 
ikaneke ne akaouhha ondayondongvvedattyeregh- 
de, ne fha-eyadat oghnagea entfyagaoeny agwek- 
tsihhouh, neoni Akonhatfera t'heawadouh. 

36. Neoni raouhha vvadeghfakoyadaghkwe Ikf- 
ha-ah, neoni et-ho wahhoderouh raondineahher- 
heah : neoni ne onea wahhodyadeahhawe, wagh- 
fakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, 

37. Oughka kiok eayeyena eafkagh tiinekea ni- 
Kakfadodea Kfeanakouh waonkyena n'l-Ih : neoni 
oughkakiok eayonkyena, yagh I deyonkyena, ok 
raouhha ne ne t'hakenhaouh. 

L ] 2 38. Neom 

26q St. MarJi^ Chap. IX. 

38. And John anfwered him, faying, Matter, we 
faw one calling out devils in thy name, and he 
followeth not us; and we forbad him, becaufe he 
foUoweth not us. 

39. But Jefus faid. Forbid him not: for there is 
no man which (hall do a miracle in my name, that 
can lightly fpeak evil of me.^ 

40. For he that is not againfl us is on our 

41 . For whofoever ihall give you a cup of water 
to drink, in my name, becaufe ye belong to Chrift, 
verily I fay unto you, he Ihall not loofe his re- 

42. And whofoever ihall offend one of thefe little 
ones that believe in me, it is better for him, that 
a milflone were hanged about his neck, and he were 
caft into the fea. 

43. And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it 
is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than 
having two hands, to go into hell, into the fire that 
never Ihall be quenched : 

44. Where their worm dieth not, and the fire Is 
not quenched. 

45, And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off; it Is 
better for thee to enter halt into life, than having 
two feet, to be caft into hell, into the fire that 
never Ihall be quenched ; 

46. Where 

Ne St. Ma>% Chap. IX. 261 

38. Neoni John dahhadady raouhhage, wahhca- 
rouh, Seweaniyoh, wa-agwatkaght-ho eaikagh \va- 
koewadiyadinntkeaghferouk Oneghf-houghronoe- 
hokouh Ise Saghfeanagouh, neoni yaghdea degh- 
fongwaghnonderatyeghdouh ; neoni waghfagwan- 
hefe, kady ne wahocny ne yaghdegh ongwagh- 

39. Ok Jefus vvahhearouh, toghfa eghtf-hitf- 
yaghtyavvearat : Ikea yaghoughka n'Ongwe na-ah 
Yotyanadouh tiinahatyere ne I Kfeanakouh, nenc 
ahagweny yaght-ha hakerikghkwake ahadady yo- 
dakf-heah ne I-Ighne. 

40. Ikea raouhha nene yaghdegh fongwarigh- 
waghrotfdeanyh et-ho rayadareghkouh onkyouh- 

41. Ikea oughka kiok eayefouh Cup Oghne- 
kanoghs ne aghfnegira, ne I Kfeanakouh, nene 
eakarihhoeny tfi-Chrift Raongweda, agwagh vvag- 
weahhaghfe, yaghde-yaweght akayadaghdouh ne 

42. Neoni oughka kiok deayondadereafaron- 
gwaghfe eafkagh ne nekea kaniyagasa nene t'yaka- 
weghdagh n'l-Ih, feahha yovveyeafdouh ne ra- 
ouhha, nene Kat-heferonyat-ha Oneaya ahoghtyea, 
neoni yahoewayadondyh Kanyadaragouh. 

43. Neoni toga Sefnonke eafanikoerakf-hade, 
tfya-ak : ase feahha yoweyeafdouh ne ife ne ya-agh- 
fadaweyade yeaghfonheke Karoughyage, ne deagh- 
noe tekenyh Tafefnoughsondake, ne Oneghf-houh 
eaghfeghde, et-ho tfi-Tyodek-ha nene yaghnoe- 
weandouh t'hi-yaoefwe : 

44. Tfinoewe ne Otfinoewa yagh t'hakeahheye, 
neoni ne Yodek-ha yaght-ha oefwe. 

45. Neoni toga Saghsige eafanikoerakfade, tfya- 
ak; ase feahha yoweyeafdouh n'lfe ya-agh-fadavve- 
yade eafatf-hinokatany ycghlonheke, ne deagnoe 
ne tekeny da-aghfaghfidondake^ Oneghf-houh yea- 


262 St, Markj Chap, IX. c 

46. Where their worm dieth not, and tteHreis 
not quenched. 

47. And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out : 
it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of 
God with one eye, than having two eyes to be caft 
into hell-fire ; 

48. Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is 
not quenched. 

49. For every one fliall be falted with fire, and 
every facrifice Ihall be falted with fait. 

50. Salt is good : but if the fait have loft his 
faltnefs, wherewith will you feafon it ? Have. fall: 
in yourfelves, and have peace one with another, /^ 


A N D he arofe frorti thence and cometh into the 
^^ coafts of Judea, by the farther fide of Jordan : 
and the people refort unto him again ; and, as he 
was wont, he taught them again. 

2. And the Pharifees came to him, and afked 
him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife?- 
tempting him. ,,v 

3. And 

Ne Su Marh^ Chap, IX. 263 

yefayadondy, et-ho tfi-Tyodek-ha yaghnoewean- 
douh t'hiyaoefwa. 

46 Tfi-noewe ne Otfinocwa yagh t'hakeahheye, 
neoni Tfiyodekha yaghnoewcandouh t'haoefvva. 

47. Neoni toga Skaghdege eafanikoughraksade, 
kastaghkvvaght : ase feahha yoweyeafdouh n'lse ne 
ya-aghfadaweyade ne Raoyanertfera ne Niyoh ne 
eafka eafeghfkaradaghke, ne deaghnoe ne tekenyh 
Ta-aghfkaradaghke ne Oneghf-hou Tyo-deckha 

48. Tfi-noewe ne Akotfinoewa yagh t-hakeah- 
heye, ne Yodeckha yat-haoefwa. 

49. Ikea agwektsihhouh na-ah teakaghyotfif- 
dar-houh ne tli-Yodeck-ha, neoni niyade-kane- 
youghtf-herage na-ah tekaghyotfifdarrhouh ne Te- 

50. Teyoghyotfis yagayanerreghtsihouh na-ah : 
ok togat, eawaterakewe tfi-Teyoghyotlis, yaghtea 
ot-henouh t'honfayonfte ? Sevvaghyotfiftayendak 
tfyouhhatf-heragouh, neoni fevvayendak ne Skea- 
nea nahhotea tfineandatteafewadadyere ne tfy» 

C H A P. X. 

T^ E O N I raouhha wahhatketfko et-ho yah- 
*" haghdeandy neoni yahharawe et-ho noevve 
Judea nongadighkouh, ne inouh isi-nongadyh 
Jordan : neoni n'Ongweghokou wahhoewatkeaniffa- 
aghfe are raouhhage ; neoni, ase nene Tehhoewa- 
doughwentfyonyh, raouhha waghf-hakorihhonnyea 
are ronouhha. 

2. Neoni ne Pharifces wahhonewe raouhhage, 
neoni wahhoewarighw'anondoefe, t'tkarighwayery 
kea n^ ne Rongwe ne oefahhayadondy ne Rone ? 
wat-hoewadenakeraghde raouhha. 

3. Neoni 

264 St. Mark^ Chap, X. 

3. And he anfwered and faid unto them. What 
did Mofes command you ? 

4. And they faid, Mofes fuffered to write a bill 
of divorcement and to put her away. 

5. And Jefus anfwered and faid unto them. For 
the hardnefs of your heart, he wrote you this pre- 

6. But from the beginning of the creation, God 
made them male and female. 

7. For this caufe Ihall a man leave his father and 
mother, and cleave to his wife ; 

8. And they twain Ihall be one flefh ; fo then they 
are no more twain, but one flelh. 

9. What therefore God hath joined together ; let 
cot man put afunder. 

10. And in the houfe his difciples a/ked him again 
of the fame matter. 

11. And he faith unto them, Whofoever Ihall put 
away his wife, and marry another, committeth 
adultery againft her. 

12. And if a woman ihall put away her hufband, 
and be married to another, Ihe committeth adul- 

13. And they brought young children to him, 
that he Hiould touch them ; and his difciples re- 
buked thofe that brought them. 

14. But when Jefus faw it, he was much dif- 
pleafed, and faid yntothcm, Suffer the little children 


Ne St. Markj Chap. X. 265 

3. Nconi raouhha tondahhadady neoni wah- 
heaiouh ne ronouhhiige, oghnahhodea eghtfifewe- 
vveany ne Mofes ? 

4. Neoni wahhonnirouh, Mofes kea nihhoyerea 
ne eayeghyadoLih Kaghyadoughfera ne Teavondek- 
haghfyide, neoni ne crea eakoevvayadeahhawighde. 

5. Neoni Jelus tondahhadady neoni wahhearouh 
ne ronouhhage, Ikea ne se tfini-yoghnirouh ne 
Seweriane et-ho roghyadouh nene kea tfi-na-Ka- 

6. Ok tfi-nongady ne Ihondondaghfawea Sah- 
hayadifTa-a Niyoh fakoyadoenyh ronouhha Ratfin 
neoni O-onheghtyea. 

7. Ikea nenekea karihhoeny ne Rongwe eah- 
hoyadondy ne Ronihhah neoni Ronii'deahhah, 
neoni ok Rone deaghyaderanegea ; 

8. Neoni ronouhha teghnikheah na-ah S'nl- 
warah eakeahake : et-hone se-kea onea yaght-ha- 
defnikheah ok deaghnoe S'niwarah. 

9. Tfinahhodea gady ne Niyoh tehhoyeghsdouh, 
yaghdea ne ne Ongweh t'hoefayerighfy. 

io. Neoni ne Kanoughfagonh Raotyoughkwa 
fahhoewarighwanondoughfe raouhha are ne ok ne 

1 1. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, Ough- 
ka kiok eaf-hayadondy ne Rone, neoni oelah- 
honnyake 6ya-a, whahharighvvannera-ake Kanagh- 

12. Neoni toga Tyot-hoewisoh eahhoyodondy ne 
Rone, neoni oelayonnyake oya, wakarighwannera- 
ake Kanaghkwa. 

13. Neoni waondatyat-hewe Akodlkfadonyflioe- 
ah raouhhage nene kea n'ya-aghfakoyere : Neoni 
ne Raotyoughkwa waghfakonarifde. 

14. Neoni ne onea Jefus vvahhatkaght-ho, cso 
wahhoderoefe, neoni waghfakaweahhafe ronouhha, 
Yonkyatorean nilfa nenegea Keaniyekf-hadafe, ne- 

M m ' oni 

266 5V. Mark, Chap* X. 

to come unto me, and forbid them not : for of fucli 
is the kingdom of God. ''I^\. 

15. Verily I fay unto you, Whofoever Ihalt not 
receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he 
Ihall not enter therein. 

16. And he took them up in his arms, put his 
hands upon them, and blefled them. 

1 7 . And when he was gone forth into the way, 
there came one running, and kneeled to him, and 
afked him, Good Matter, what fhall I do that I may 
inherit eternal life ? 

18. And Jefus faid unto him. Why callefl thou 
me good ? there is none good, but one, that is 

19. Thou knoweft the commandments; Do not 
commit adultery, Do not kill. Do not fteal. Do 
not bear falfe witnefs. Defraud not, Honour thy 
father and mother. 


20. And he anfwered and faid unto him, Mafter, 
all thefe have I obferved from my youth. 

21. Then Jefus beholding him, loved him, and 
faid unto him, One thing thou lacked : go thy way, 
fell whatfoever thou haft, and give to the poor ; 
and thou fhalt have treafure in heaven ; and comc 
take up the crofs, and follow me. o ;:?«> 

^ . .: M 22. And 

Ne St, Marky Chap, X. 267 

oni toghfa yetf-hiyaghtyawcarats : ikea eghse ni- 
yeyadodea ne Raoyanertiera Niyoh. 

15. Agwagh wagweahhaghfe ne ise, Oughka 
kiok eakeahhake yaght-ha yeyena ne Raoya- 
nertfera Niyoh tfiniyought ne kaniyaga-ah Ikf- 
ha-ah, yagh t'hiyohhadaweyade er-ho. 

16. Neoni wadeghfakoyadaghkwe waghfako- 
tyadeahhawah,\vaghfakonnifnoiighfarea, neoni wagh- 

17. Neoni ne onea roghdeantj^ouh At-hahhi- 
nonke, et-ho wahhoewarane tfyeyadah, neoni wat- 
hoewadentfot-haghfe raouhha, neoni wahhoewa- 
righwanondoughfe, Seweaniyotferiyo, otnea.vatyerea 
nene a-ondouh ayonkerakwaghfe tfiniyeahheawc 
Akonheke ? 

18. Neoni Jefus wahhaweaghfe raouhha, Oghna 
aghyoyannere waghfkenadoughkwe ? yagh nekea 
oughka n'Ongwe deyoyannere, ok eafkat, deagh- 
noe ne ne Niyoh. 

19. Saderyendare wahhy ne Tfiniwaghtyawera- 
douh ; Toghfa Kanaghkwa aghferighwanerake, 
Toghfa fherrlyoh, Toghfa feneaghfkouh, Toghfa 
t'hiya-aghfeanoweaghde a-aghfeyatroryea, Toghfa 
a-aghf-henikorhadea deaf-heaweah, fhekonnyegh- 
aft-hak n'lyanihha Sanifdeahhah oni. 

20. Neoni tondahhahdady neoni wahhearouh n^ 
raouhhage, Seweaniyoh, agwegouh ne kea igeah 
wakadeanigoerare et-ho tyodaghsagea Shidewa- 

21. Neadeaghnoe ne Jefus wat-hotkanere ra- 
ouhha, wahhonoewene, oni wahhaweahhaghfe, Tfyo- 
rlwat difadokdanyh ; waghnyoh fafaghdeandyh, 
fadeaghninouh tfiok-nahhbdea eafayendake, neoni 
Iheyouh n'Yakodeah ; et-hone eafadeweaniyoghfde 
Kayadadcrighft ne-Karoughyage ; neoni karo ka- 
feght defeghk ne Tekayaghfonde, neoni taknon- 

Mm 2 22. Neoni 

268 St. Markf Chap. X. 

22. And he was fad at that laying, and went away 
grieved : for he had great poUeiflions. 

23. And Jefus looked round about, and faith 
unto his difciples, How hardly Ihall they that have 
riches enter into the kingdom of God! 

24, And the difciples were aftoniihed at his words, 
but Jefus anfwereth again, and faith unto them. 
Children, how hard is it for them that trufl in 
riches, to enter into the kingdom of God ? 

25. It is eafier for a camel to go through the eye 
of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the 
kingdom of God. 

26. And they were aftoniihed out of meafure, 
faying among themfelves. Who then can be 
faved ? 

27. And Jefus looking upon them faith, With 
men it is impoffible, but not with God ; for with 
God all things are poffible. • 


28. Then Peter began to fay unto him, Lo^ we 
have left all, and have followed thee. 

29. And Jefus anfwered and faid. Verily I lay 
unto you. There is no man that hath left houfe, or. 
brethren, or fillers, or father, or mother, or wife^^ 
or children, or lands, for my fake, and the goi^-j 

30. But 

Ne St. Mark, Chap, X. zSg 

22. Neoni wat-honlkoeriake n'anc tfinahoeweali- 
haghfe, neoni erea sareghde raweryendaks-heagh- 
fere : ikea asc yavvetovvanea tfmihhokade. (Rotf- 

23. Neoni Jefus wat-hatkatt-honnyoewe t'hat- 
haghywadasede, ne waghfakaweahhaghfe ne Ra^ 
otyoughkwa, agwa anyogh fereaghkene t'hiyayon- 
daweyade Raoyanertferagouh Niyoh nenc Yakotf- 
hogbvvah ! 

24. Neoni Raotyoughkwa wahhodincghrane ne 
Raoweanage, ok Jefus tondahhadady are, neoni 
waghfakaweahhaghfe, Gwayea-ah, Yorighwan-hight 
(kanorou) se kea akaouhha nene eghyakodevvea- 
nodaghkouh ne Akotfhokovvaghtfera, ne ayonda- 
weyade et-ho ne Raoyanertferakouh Niyoh ! 

25. Seahha keagayea yagh dekanoroii n^-ah 
ne Camel (Karryotowanea) ne daontohhetfde Tfi- 
dewahoughdakaronde Devvaderoewaronkoght-ha, ne 
deaghnoe n'Akotfliokowah ne Ongwe yayondawe- 
yade et-ho ne Raoyanertferagouh Niyoh. 

26. Neoni ronouhha na-ah yeyottohetfdou tfi- 
nahodineghrago, nok ronouhha tfinihadih wah- 
honnighronnyouh, ou^hka kadi oughde kea ayegwe- 
ny-keahhane ayakoyadadery ? 

27. Neoni Jefus wadeghf-hakotkanerea ne ro- 
nouhha vvahhearou, ne Ongweh t'hikanorough- 
tsihouh, (yaght-hayegweny) Ok yaghdea ne Ni- 
yoh : Ikea ne Niyoghne agwegouh n'ot-henouh 

28. Etiijne Peter dahhadaghfawea ne wah- 
hearouh, *Nea wahhy, n'l yongwattyouh agwegouh, 
neoni ise kwaghnonderattyca. 

29. Neoni Jefus dondahhadady oni wahhearou, 
agwagh wagweahhighfe, yaghoughka n'Ongwe 
nene yakottyoh tfiya-Konoughfcde, Ondadegeaogoe- 
ah, Ondeanofeahhokou deal-heawea, Ondadenihha, 


270 «SV. Marky Chap. X. 

30. But he Ihall receive an hundred fold now in 
this time, houfes, and brethren, and lifters, and 
mothers, and children, and lands, with perfe- 
cutions ; and in the world to come eternal life. 

31. But many that are firft, Ihall be laft : and the 
laft, fir ft. 

32. And they were in the way going up to Je- 
rufalem : and Jefus went before them : and they 
were amazed, and as they followed, they were 
afraid. And he took again the twelve, and began 
to tell them what things (hould happen unto him. 

33. Saying, Behold, we go up to Jerufalem, and 
the Son of man fliall be delivered unto the chief 
priefts, and unto the fcribes : and they ftiall con- 
demn him to death, and Ihall deliver him to the 
Gentiles ; 

34. And they ihall mock him, and Ihall fcourge 
him, and Ihall fpit upon him, and Ihall kill him ; 
and the third day he Ihall rife again. 

35. And James and John the fons of Zebedee 
€ome unto him, faying. Matter, we would that 


Ne St. Mark^ Chap. X. 271 

Ondadenifdeahha, deaiheawea Yakonnyagoh, deaf- 
heawea Ondatyea-ogoe-ah, deaf-heawea Aka-ough- 
wentfya dcas, ne I akerlhhonnyad, nconi ne Gofpel. 

30. Ok se eahhayena caikagh-Teweannyawc 
n'iyadetfyoghnanet nok noewa ne kea oughvvage, 
Kanoughfaokou, neoni Ond.idcgeaogoe-ah, neoni 
Ondeanoefcahhogoe-ah, neoni Ondadcnifdeahhokou, 
neoni Ondatyea-ogoe-ah, neoni Oughvventfya, yakene 
ne Oeyondaderoughyageande ; neoni ne oya dawe 
Oughwentfya tiiniyeaheawe Yeayakonheke. 

31. Ok yawetowanea nene tyakotyereaghdou, 
6ghnagea entfyakaonyh ; neoni ne oghnagea yaka- 
onnyouh, ne deatyontyereaghde. 

32. Neoni ne tfiront-hahhine wahhonenough- 
douhhattye tfinongadyh ne Jerufalem ; neoni 
Jefus wahhaghdeandy wahhahheande : nconi ro- 
nouhha agwagh wahhodineghrako, neoni ok ne tfi- 
roewaghfere ronouhha, rodighderoefere na-ah. Ne- 
oni doesaraghkwe are ne tekenyhf-haderc, (fahha- 
digwekhene,) neoni dahhadaghfaweah ne waghfa- 
koghrory tfmahhoddea-okouh tfineahoyadawea nc 

33. Radouh, tfyatkat-hoh, kea waongwenough- 
douhhattye Jerufalemnej neoni ne Ongwe Roewa- 
yea-ah et-ho eahhoewayena ne T'hadiyadagwe- 
niyofe ne Kaditfihuhfdatfy, neoni ne Ront-harrha; 
(Scribes) Raoditf-henca eawadouh, neoni ronouhha 
eahhoewadeweandeghde n'eaghreahheye, neoni eah- 
hoewanattyeafe raouhha ne Yaghdeghhodirighwi- 
yoghfdouh ; (eahoewadinaghfkouh) 

34. Neoni ronouhha eahhoewadontorryade eah- 
hoewakonnadaghkwe, neoni cahoewaghfoghkwa- 
vviiTouh, neoni eahhoeweanitfkcrafleraghwe, neoni 
eahhoewarryoh raouhha : nconi ne aghfcahhadont 
Niweghniferage eaf-hatketfko are. 

35. Neoni James oni John ne Sakoyea-ah ne 
Zebcdee w^newe raouhhage, nconi waghnirouh, 


272 St. Markj Chap. X. 

thou fliouldeft do for us whatfoever we Ihall dc- 

36. And he faid unto them, What would ye that 
I ihould do for you ? 

37. They faid unto him, Grant unto us that we 
may fit, one on thy right hand, and the other on 
thy left hand, in thy glory. 

38. But Jefus faid unto them, Ye knfwc not what 
ye afk : can ye drink of the cup that I drink of > 
and be baptized with the baptifm that I am baptized 
with ? 

39. And they faid unto him. We can. And 
Jefus faid unto them. Ye fliall indeed drink of the 
cup that I drink of; and with the baptifm that I 
am baptized withal, Ihall ye be baptized. 

40. But to fit on my right hand and on my left 
hand, is not mine to give, but it Ihall be given ta 
them for whom it is prepared. 

41. And when the ten heard it, they began to be 
much difpleafed with James and John. 

42. But Jefus called them to him, and faith unto 
them. Ye know that they which are accounted to 
rule over the Gentiles, exercife lordlhlp over them'.; 
and their great ones exercife authority upon them. 

43. But fo fhall it not be among you : but 
whofoever will be great among you, Ihall be your, 

44. And 

Ne St, Ma}% Chap, X, 273 

Seweanlyoh, yakweghre, et-ho na-aghfgyatyerafc 
tfioknahhodea eayakyaghfkaneke. 

36. Neoni wahhearouh ronouhage, Oghnahhodea 
iseneghre ne I-Ih tfinakyatyerase ? 

^y. Waghnirou ne raouhhage, takenirihhouh 
nene yayakyattyea, eafkagh tfi-feweyendeghdagh- 
kouh, neoni n'eaika feghfenegwady n ea-ne-eh, ne 
et-ho Socwefeaghtferagouh. 

38. Ok Jefus waghtakaweahhaghfe ronouhha 
yagh detfyaderyendare nahhodea waghskeninnegea : 
a-efenigweny kea a-cfenighnekirade ne Cup nene 
k'nekighrat-ha ? neoni ne a-etfyatfnekofserhouh ne 
Adatnckofserhouh nene I-Ih yonkhnckofseraghl- 
douh } 

39. Neoni faghnirou ne raouhhage, ayakeniguc- 
ny. Jefus waghfaka^veahhaghfe, et-ho orighwiyo 
na-ah eafenighnekirade ne Cup nene I-lh k'nekigh- 
rat-ha; neoni ne yekenigwegouh ne Adatnekoflcragli 
nene I-Ih yonkhnekofleraghsdouh yevvagwegou oni 
neise ne eayetfighnekofleraghwe: 

40. Ok ne ayontyea easkagh tfikevveyendegh- 
daghkouh neoni easkagh ne Skenegvvady yagh ne I 
dekeweaniyo nea-akheyou ; ok t'hariwakonde sane 
ne eayondadou aouhha ne-eh n'yakorharats, 

41. Neoni ne onea ne oyery nihhadih wahhoeronke, 
ronouhha tahhondaghfawea ne agwa-eso wahhona- 
deroefe tiina-avvea ne James oni John. 

42. Ok Jefus yaghfakononke lonouhha, neoni 
waghfakaweahhaghfe, fewaderyendare ne tlinikarih- 
hotea ne Yekowaneaghfe niyadcyoughwcntfyage, 
t'hihadiweaniyo tfineahadiyere eahoewadirihhondca ; 
ne Rodighfeanaweaghtennyouh ne tkakondc ea- 
tighfakononoughdoefe ronouhha tfineahadiyere. 

43. Ok yagh kadykea nise eght'hayoughdouh 
tfinitfyouh : ok oughkakiok eahhakowanea tfi- 
nitfyouh raouhha Sewan-hatfcra eakeahake eaghtf- 

N n 44. Neoni 

274 S^* Marky. Chap. X. 

44. And whofoever of you will be the chlefefl 
fliall be fervant of all. 

45. For even the Son of man came not to be 
miniftcred unto, but to miniller, and to give his 
life a ranfom for many* 

46. And they came to Jericho: and as he went 
out of Jericho with his difciples, and a great num- 
ber of people, blind Bartimeus, the fon of Timeus, 
fat by the high-way-iide, begging. 

47. And when he heard that it was Jefus of 
Nazareth, he began to cry out, and fay, Jefus, 
thou fon of David, have mercy on me. 

48. And many charged him that he Ihould hold 
his peace : but he cried the more a great deal. 
Thou fon of David, have mercy on me. 

49. And Jefus flood ftill, and commanded him to 
be called : and they call the blind man, faying 
unto him, Be of good comfort, arife ; he calleth 

50. And he calling away his garment, rofe, and 
came to Jefus. 

51. And Jefus anfwered and faid unto him. What 
wilt thou that I lliould do unto thee ? The blind 
man faid unto him, Lord, that I might receive my 


52. And Jefus faid unto him. Go thy way : thy 
faith hath made thee whole. And immediately 


NeSt,Marl:, Chap, X. 275 

44. Neoni oughkakiok tfinitfyouh eant-Kaya- 
dagweni3'oke kea neayawea Akonhatfera agwegouli 
eakeakake tfinitfyouh. 

45. Ikea et-ho kady onea ne eghna-ah ne Ongwe 
Ronwayea-ah yagh deroh ne na-ah ahoewatfde- 
rifdouhhattyeseke, ok se deaher raouhha waghfa- 
kotfderifde, neoni waghfaka-ouh Tfironhe eantfyako- 
derongwaghdea eso yagea. 

46. Neoni et-ho wahhonewe Jericho : neoni ok 
ne tfifahaghdeandy fahhayageane ne et-ho Jericho 
yehhadigwegouh ne Raotyoughkwa, ne oni Keant- 
yoghkowanea Ongwe, Tehharoewegouh Barti- 
meus, ne Royea-ah ne Timeus, et-ho reanderouh 
tfiniyot-hahhinouh akta ranek-ha. 

47. Neoni ne onea vvahharonke nene Jefus na- 
ah ne Nazaret-haka, dahhadaghfawea wat-hagh- 
feant-ho, neoni wahhearouh, Jefus, ise David Royea- 
ah, a-aghfkideare. 

48. Neoni yawetowanea ne wahhoeweahhaghfc 
da-af-dodek : ok hc-keah feahha ne waght-hagh- 
feant-ho eso, ise ne David Royea-ah, a-aghfki- 

49. Neoni Jefus ok h*6nea tfiwat-hadane wagh- 
fakaweahhaghfe karo itregh : neoni yahhoewea- 
nonke ne tehharoewegouh, wahhoeweahhaghfc, fa- 
donhareah, faghdeandyh ; taghyeanonkc. 

50. Neoni kea t'hahhottyeghde ne Raosa, (rao- 
nena) et-ho wareghde, neoni yahharawe tfi-itrade 

51. Neoni Jefus tondahhadady raouhhage wah- 
hearouh, oghnahhodea ighfeghrc nene I-Ih tfina- 
koeyatyerafe ? Ne tehharoewegouh wahhearouh 
raouhhage, Sayaner, nene akycna ne a-ak-geah- 

52. Neoni Jefus fahhearouh raouhhage, Wagh- 
nyoh et-ho n'yoh saseh : tfidifeghdaghkouh fefaya- 

N n 2 dakwek- 

276 St» Mark J Chap, JC. 

he received his fight, and followed Jefus in the 


AND when they came nigh to Jerufalem, unto 
•^ Bethphage, and Bethany, at the mount of 
Olives, he fendeth forth two of his difciples, "* 

2. And faith unto them. Go your way into the 
village over againft you ; and as foon as ye be 
entered into it, ye Ihall find a colt tied, whereon 
neyer man fat ; loofe him, and bring him. 

3. And if any man fay unto you, Why do ye 
this? fay ye that the Lord hath need of him, and 
ftraightway he will fend hirn hither. 

4. And they went their way, and found the colt 
tied by the door without, in a place where two ways 
met ; and they loofe him. 

5. And certain of them that flood there, faid 
unto them, What do ye loofing the colt ? 

6. And they faid unto them, even as Jefus had 
commanded : and they let them go. 

7. And they brought the colt to Jefus, and cad 
their garment? on him ; and he fat uppn him, 

8. And 

Ne St' Mark, Chap, X. 277 

hfde. Neoni yokondattyca fahha 
hhageahaghkwe) neoni wahhoghi 
derattyeghde ne Jefus ne Ohhahageghf-hoe-ah, 

dakwek-heghfde. Neoni yokondattyca fahhagea, 
(tfiyagh dehhageahaghkwe) neoni wahhoghnon?.' 


"^^ E O N I onea wahhonewe kea-niyoreah ne 
•*• Jerufalem, et-ho Bethphage, oni Bethany, 
et-ho tli-Yononde ne Olives, yaghfajconhane tegh- 
niyaghf-heh ne Raotyoughkwa, 

2. Neoni waghf-hakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, 
Waseneh eghyabhaseneh Kanadagouh ne ok egh- 
noewe tefevvadogeaghdouh ; neoni agwagh ne ok 
yetfvadaweyade ne et-ho, ea,fenitf-heary Takfo- 
fa-an et-ho kanereane, n'arekho noeweandonh Ya- 
konitfgwaghhere ; eafenighnereaghfy, eandifeniya- 

3. Neoni toga oughka n'Ongwe eayetf-hiyeah- 
haghfe, oghna nea-ne eghnifeniyere? eafenironh 
nene Royaner tehhodoughwentfyony raouhha, 
neoni agwagh okfaok eant-hondade eant-hadean- 
yeghde keant-ho. 

4. Neoni egh waneghde, neoni waghnitf-heary 
ne Takfosah-ah egh kanerea Kanhohakta atfde, et-ho 
na-ah teyonat-hahhaderaouh ; nepni waghnereaghfy 

5. Neoni katokeah ronouhha ne egh radikcan- 
nyade, waghfakoneahhaghfe ronouhha, Oghneanc- 
eh n'awea fenighnereaghfy ne Takfofa-ah ? 

6. Neoni waghnirouh, et-ho sc a-agwagh ne 
Jefus n'ighfonkenirihhondanyh fonkeninhaouh : 
neoni wahhoeweanouh yaghniyadea-awe. 

7. N^oni yoefaghniyat-hewe ne Takfofah tfifa- 
konha-ouh Jefus, neoni vvahhadlrea ne Raonosq 
Kayeronke ; neoqi et-hp w^hheanitikwarea. 

8. Neoni 

278 St. Marky Chap* XL :\A 

8. And many fpread their garments in the way • 
and others cut down branches off the trees, and 
ftrawed them in the way,^ . , _ .-^■H■u :.> 

9. And they that went before, and they that fol- 
lowed, cried, faying, Hofanna : blefled is he that 
Cometh in the name of the Lord. 

10. Bleffed be the kingdom of our father David, 
that Cometh in the name of the Lord ; Hofanna in 
the higheft. 

1 1 . And Jefus entered into Jerufalem, and into 
the temple : and when he had looked round about 
upon all things, and now the even-tide was come, 
he went out unto Bethany with the twelve. 

12. And on the morrow when they were come 
from Bethany he was hungry. 

13. And feeing a fig-tree afar off, having leaves, 
he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon :^ 
and when he came to it, he found nothing but,' 
leaves; for the time of figs was not yet. , . 

14. And Jefus anfwered and faid unto it;, ^o 
man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And hisj , 
difciples heard it. ' j-i 

1 5. And they come to Jerufalem : and Jefus 
went into the temple, and began to call out them^ 
that fold and bought in the temple, and over-r 


Ne St, Mark^ Chap, XL 2^^ 

8. Neoni Yakotyoughkovvanea dayedakweaghdar- 
rhoh cas n'Akaosa tfiniya-awenouhhattyea: t'hikadc 
ne wa-eahaghtoskare N'yoderondocnyh, dayedak- 
weaghdarrhoh ne tiiniya-awenoehattye. 

9. Neoni ronouhha nene ohheandouh ron-ne, ne- 
oni ronouhha ne oghnagea nonga dahhone, 
wat-houghfeant-ho, rondone, Hofanna : rodaghf- 
kats na-ah raouhha nene tahhayeaghdaghkwe ne 
Raoghfeanakouh ne Royaner. 

10. Kayadaderightfera keahak ne Kayanertfem 
na-ah Songwanihhah David, nene tahhayeagh- 
daghkwe Raoghfeanakouh ne Royaner; Hofanna 
na-ah ne Enekeaghtfy. 

11. Et-hoghke Jefus wahhadaweyade Kanada- 
kouh Jerufalem, neoni et-ho Kanoughfakouh ne 
(Temple): neoni ne onea wat-hat-kaght-hon- 
nyoewe t'hadaghgwadasede agwegouh wahhat- 
kaght-ho n'ot-henouh, neoni noewa ne Yokaragh- 
skah oewe, wahhaghdeandy fahhayageane et-ho 
sareghde Bethany yehhadigwegouh ne Raotyough- 
kwa Tekcniyawcare. 

12. Neoni ne Wa-orheane ne onea tondahha- 
diyeaghdaghkwe Bethany nongadyh raonhha wah- 
hadoughkariake na-ah. 

13. Neoni yahhatkaght-ho Tfyokaghreghdc 
se inou T'kerhide, Yoneraghdonde, yahharawe, ror- ^ 
harattye ae eaghlka-enoh a-hatfeary ne et-hoh: ': 
neoni et-ho warawe, yaghot-henoc teghyatf-hcar- 
tyouh ne ok ne Yoneraghdonde; Ikea arek-ho 

14. Neoni Jefus dahhadady ne wahhearouh,^ 
yaghoughka n'Ongwe t'honfayongake ne Sah- 
highk kea neawadaghfawca ne tliniyeaheawc. Nc 
oni Raotyoughkwa ronat-hondc. 

15. Neoni yahhoenewc nc Jerufalem; neoni 
Jefus et-ho warcghde Onoughfadogeaghtige, (^nc 
Temple) neoni dahhadaghfawea aifdeh yahhddy 


280 S/. Mark J Chap, XI. 

tliVew the tables of the money changers, and the 
feats of them that fold doves ; 

16. And would not fuffer that any man fhonld 
carry any veflel through the temple. 

17: And he taught, faying unto them, Is it not 
written. My houfe fhall be called of all nations the 
houfe of prayer? but ye have made it a den of 

18. And the fcribes and chief priefts heard it,' 
and fought how they might deftroy him : for they 
feared him, becaufe all the people was aflonifhcd 
at his dodtrine. 

19. And when even was come he went out of 
the city. 

20. And in the morning, as they paffed by, they 
law the figM:ree dried up from the roots. 

21. And Peter calling' to remembrance, faith 
unto him, Mafter, behold, the fig-tree which thou 
curfedft, is withered away'. 

22. And Jefus anfwering, faith unto them, Have 
faith in God. 

23. For verily I fay unto you. That whofoever 
ihall fay unto this mountain, be thou removed, and 
be thou caft into the fea, and Ihall not doubt in his 


Ne St. Marky Chap. XL 281 

nene Yondeaghninoughs neoni ne Yeghmnoughs 
ne et-ho Ka-noughfagouh, (ne Temple) neoni wah- 
haweront-hoghferouh ne Adekgwaraghk ne Ogh- 
wifda ne deyondadawighfkwe, neoni Tliyontyea- 
daghkwa ne Yondeaghninoughs Oride ; 

16. Neoni waghfkonhefe ne ot-henouh oughka 
ayehhawy ne eaghfka-enouh nTeraghkwa ayehha- 
wy dayontohhetfde Kanoughfakouh Onoughfa- 
dogeaghdige (ne Temple). 

17. Neoni waghfarihhonnyea, wahhearouh ro- 
nouhage, yagh kea dekaghyadouh, ne VVake- 
noughsode eakoewanadoughkvvake N'yadeyakaough- 
wentfyage Kanoughsode Adereanayendaghk? ok 
kea n'lsewayereah ne Yeneaghfgwaghs Yakonak- 
dede (Yakodadenoughfodanih). 

18. Neoni ne Roughtaharrha (Scribes) neoni 
ne T'hadiyadagweniyoh ne Raditfiheahfdatfy wah- 
hoeronke, neoni wahhadirighwifake ne tfinahha- 
diyere ne ahoewarryoh; Ikea roewatf-hanighfe, 
ne wahoni agwegouh n'Ongwe yakoneghrak- 
gwaghs na-ah ne Raorighwage ne tfioihhorih- 

19. Neoni ne onea Yokaraghfka oewe wahhagh- 
deandy fahhayageane ne Kanadagouh. 

20. Neoni ne Orhonkene, ok ne tfi-egh wah- 
hondohhetfde, fahhontkaght-ho ne Tfyokagh- 
reghde Tiikerrhide yoghllatthea-ouh Oghdeghrage 

21. Neoni Peter faghreghyarane, wahhaweah- 
haghfe raouhha, Seweaniyoh, fatkaght-ho ne Tfyo- 
kaghreghdefe nVneghfrewaghdouh yodakeahhe- 

22. Neoni Jefus tahhadady waghfakaweah- 
haghfe, Dafeweghdaghkoehak ne Niyohferagouh. 

23. Ikea agwagh vvagweahhaghfe ne ife, nene 
oughka kiok akoeweahhaghfe ne kea Yononde, 
crea fegbt, neoni yafatyadondyh Kanyadaragouh ; 

O o neoni 

28^ St. Marly Chap. XI. 

heart, but Ihall believe that thofe things which ho^ 
faith Ihall come to pafs, he Ihall have whatibever 
he laith. 

24. Therefore I fay unto you, What things 
foever ye defire when ye pray, believe that ye 
receive them, and ye fhall have them. 

25. And when ye fland, praying, forgive if ye 
have ought againfl any : that your Father alfo 
which is in heaven, may forgive you your tref- 

26. But if ye do not forgive, neither will your 
Father which is in heaven forgive your trefpaffes. 

27. And they come again to Jerufalem : and as 
he was walking in the temple, there come to him 
the chief priefts, and i:he fcribes, and the elders. 

28. And fay unto him. By what authority doeft 
thou thefe things ? and wno gave thee this authority 
to do thefe things? 

29. And Jefus anfwered and faid unto them, I 
will alfo afk of you one queflion, and anfwer me, 
and I will tell you by what authority I do thef? 

30. The 

Ne St. Marh^ Chap. XI. 823 

Reoni ne yagh t'hadahadcrycnr-harea ne Raweri- 
aghfakouh, ok eant-havveghdaghkouh nene tfinah- 
horihhodea wahhearoiih na-ah yeawawe, ct-ho 
neayawea eatihoyendane tfi-ok-nahhodea eah- 

24. Ne kady wahhoeny wagvveahhaghfe, ooh- 
kiok n'Aorihhodea keahak eafcvvaghikaneke ne 
onea eafewadereanayea, eandifeweghdaghkouh ne 
yodoe-ouh eafewayena tfinifevvaghikaneks, neoni ea- 
Wadouh eafewayendaiie. 

25. Neoni ne onea eafewadake, eafewadereana- 
yendake, fayetf-hlrighwiyoghfdeah ne toga kaneka 
nlyetf-hiyatfwadeanyh : nene Yaghnihha oni na-ah 
Karonghyage t'heandcrouh, eafyarighwiyoghfdea 
(tfinitiifaderighvvadewaghdouh) n'lghtf-hatfwadea- 

26. Ok toga yagh t'houfaghferighwiyoghfdea, 
yagh oni ne raouhha ne lyanihba na-ah ne Ka- 
roughyage t'heanderouh t'houfaghyarighwiybghf- 
dea tfinightf-hatfwadeanyh. 

27. Neoni et-ho are fahhonnewe ne Jerufalem : 
neoni ok ne tfi-ire et-ho Kanoughfakouh ne 
(Temple,) et-ho wahhonevve wahhoewayatoreane 
ne T'hadiyadagweniyofe ne Raditfihuhftatfy, ne- 
oni ne Rought-harrha (Scribes) neoni ne Radiko- 

28. Neoni wahhoeweahhaghfe, Oghny Kakovva- 
ilaghtf-herodea tfinighfattyerha n'lse ne kea gayea 
Tiinikarihhodeafe ? neoni oughka fakowanaghdouh, 
oughka farighwawy tii-et-ho nigh-fatyerha tiinekea 
ni-Karihhodeafe ? 

29. Neoni Jefus tondahhadady neoni waghfaka- 
weahhaghfe ronouhha, I oni kinyoh eakwarighwa- 
nondoefe Skariwagh, neoni eadeghfkwadattyase, 
neoni I oni eakwaghrory ne oghna-Kakowanagh- 
tferodea tfinikatyerrha neiiegea Tiinikarihho- 

* ^ O o 2 Ne, 

284 St. Marh, Chap. XL 

30. The baptifm of John, was it from heayen, 
or of men? anfwermc. 4 *»sfc? 

31. And they reafoned with themfelves, faying. 
If we Ihall fay. From heaven, he will fay, Why 
then did ye not believe him ? 

32. But if we fliall fay, Of men, they feared 
the people : for all men counted John, that he was 
a prophet indeed. 

33. And they anfwered and faid unto Jefus, We 
cannot tell. And Jefus anfwering faith unto them. 
Neither do I tell you by what authority I do thefc 
things. . 


A N D he began to fpeak unto them by parables : 
*^ A certain man planted a vineyard, and fet an 
hedge about it, and digged a place for the wine-fat, 
and built a tower, and let it out to hufbandmen, 
and went into a far country. 

' 2. And at the feafon he fent to the hufbandmen a 
fervant, that he might receive from the hufband- 
men of the fruit of the vineyard. 

3. And 

Ne St, Marky Chap. XI. 285 

30. Ne Shakoghnekofleraghs John, Karough- 
yage kadikea nonkady ni-tyawenouh, keadeas-kayea 
ne Ongweghne nonkady ? katfyadady. 

31. Neoni wahhonderyendayendoewe ronouhha 
tfinihhady, wahhonnighronnyouh, toga a-ediwea- 
rouh, Karoughyage nonkady, ok fa-eghhearouh, 
oghkadyna neane-e yagh t-hadeght(ife\veghdagh- 
kouh ? 

32. Ok toga a-edevvearouh, Ongweghn'eghnon- 
gady, nene faghfakoditsanygh ne Ongwehokouh : 
ikea agwegouh n'Ongwe ronere ne John nene na-ah 
ne raouhha agwagh tokeaghfke Orighwiyoh Pro- 
phet higeah. 

33. Neoni tondahhondady wahhonnirouh ne 
Jefus, Yaght-ha yagwagweny ayagwatrory. Neoni 
Jefus tondahhadady waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, 
Yagh ki oni n'l t'hakwaghrory ne tfini-Kakowa- 
naghtferodea tfinikatyerrha nenekea Tfinikarihho- 



'EON I da-adaghfawea wahhadady ronouhhage 
nongady nene Wat-harighwageawaghdon- 
nyouh : Otogeaouh ne Rongwe wahhaheghdoeny 
wahhayent-ho, neoni wahhatkwironnyade t'hiwa- 
gwegouh, neoni wahhagwade ne tfinoewe ne 
Wine eakayendake, neoni wahhanoughsoeny Yo- 
noughfaghnirouh, neoni ne waghf-hakorihhondea 
ne Radiyent-hoghs, neoni wahhaghdeandy wa« 
reghde ne inouh T'yenakerc. 

2. Neoni tfiniyeyent-hockwaghs yaghfakonhane 
Radiyent-hoghfne ne Shakonhase, nene ahayena 
ne Radiyent-hoghfne nongady ne Tfiniyoighyan- 
yondaghkwe ni-Tfikahheghdayea. 

3. Neoni 

286 .St. Mark, Chap. Xll. • 

3. And they caught him, and beat him, and knt 
him away empty. 

4. And again he fent unto them another fervant : 
and at him they call ftones, and wounded him in 
the head, and fent him away IhamefuUy handled. 

5. And again he fent another; and him they 
killed : and many others, beating fome, and killing 

6. Having yet therefore one fon, his well be- 
loved, he fent him alfo laft unto them, faying, 
They will reverence my fon. 

7. But thofe hufbandmen faid among themfelves. 
This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and the 
inheritance fhall be ours. 

8. And they took him, and killed him, and calt 
him out of the vineyard. 

9. What fliall therefore the Lord of the vineyard 
do? he will come and deftroy the hufbandmen, and 
will give the vineyard unto others. 

10. And have yc not read this fcripture? The 
flone which the builders rejedied is become th^ 
head of the. corner. 

II. This was the Lord's doing, and it is mar- 
vellous in our eyes. 

12. And 

Nel^t* Marh^ Chap. XII, 287 

3. Neoni ronouhha wahhoewayena, neoni wah- 
hoewa^^eaghdannyouh, neoni fahhoewadegwaohde 
a^okoh n'lbre fahliaghdeandy. 

4. Neoni nok are yonfaghfakonhane ronouhhage 
t*hikade ne Sakonhasc: neoiu vvahhoewaneayoyake, 
wahhoevvakarewaghdc Raonvantsine, neoni fahhoe- 
wadekwaghde yodchhat tfinahhoewayere. 

5. Neoni n'ok hare yonnighlakonhane t'hikade: 
neoni raouhha ronouhha wahhoewarryoh : neoni 
eso sane ne t'hikade, nok t'hahhoevvadirryo-ah, 
neoni wahhocwadirryo-oewe odcl3ake. 

6. Rodadcarouh segouh na-ne wahhoeny eaf- 
kagh Royea-ah, raouhha ronoioughkwa-oewe, ra- 
ouhha yahhonhane oni n'oghnakeanke ronouhliao^e, 
radouh, eahhoewakonnyeaghfde neane n'lyea-ah. 

7. Ok keagayea ne Radiyent-hoghs wahhon- 
nirouh ronouhha tfinihadyh, nenekea deaghneah 
Kadevveaniyoghlde dare ; eghtf-hidewarryoh ra- 
ouhha, neoni n'Ahodeweaniyoghfdouh I Ong- 
gwawea eawadouh. 

8. Neoni wat-hoewayadaghkwe raouhha, neoni 
wahhoewarryoh, neoni isly yahhoevvayadondy ne 

9. Ogh kaciy ne et-hone ne Royaner ne Tfikah- 
hcghdayea n'eahhattyere et-ho carawe ? Eaghfa- 
koghdonde ne Radiyent-hoghs, neoni eafeghTaka- 
ouh Tii-royent-houghne t'hiyeyadadennyoughfe. 

10. Neoni yagh defewaweanaghnodoughs kea 
Kaghyadoughferadogeaghdy ? Ne Cneaya nena-ah 
lie Radinoughsonighs wat-hadighfwea oe se ontya- 
dakweniyofte ne-e se na-ah T'kayadagweniyoh 
t'kakowanea ne Tfideyodenhoughdawea-eh : (Ka- 

11. Kea gayea na-ah ne Royaner tfmihayerrha, 
neoni Yorighwaneghrackwaght na-ah tfi-deyagwa- 
kanere Akwakaghdcge ? 

12. Neoni 

288 St. Marky Chap. XII. 

12. And they fought to lay hold on him, but 
feared the people: for they knew that he had 
fpoken the parable againft them : and they left him, 
and went their way. 

13. And they fend unto him certain of the Pha- 
rifees, and of the Herodians, to catch him in his 

14. And when they were come they fay unto 
him, Matter, we know that thou art true, and 
careft for no man : for thou regardeft not the perfon 
of men, but teacheft the way of God in truth : Is 
it lawful to give tribute to Cefar, or not? 

15. Shall we give, or ihall we not give? but he 
knowing their hypocrify faid unto them. Why 
tempt ye me? bring me a penny, that I may fee 

16. And they brought it: and he faith unto them, 
Whofe is this image and fuperfcription r And they 
faid unto him, Cefar's. 

17. And.. Jefus anfwering faid unto them, Render 
to Cefar the things that are Cefar's, and to God the 
things that are God's. And they marvelled at 

18. Then come unto him the Sadducees, which 


Ne Sf. Marhi Chap. XII. 289 

12. Neoni ronouhha wahhdinghwisake n'eakoe- 
vvayana, ok waghfakoditf-hanige ne Ongweho- 
kouh : ikea ronaderyendare neiie tfiwahhadady ne 
Teyorighwageawaghdouh ronouhha fhakodouh : 
neoni erea fahhoneghde ne raouhhage, fahhough- 
deandy tfini-t'honenouh, 

13. Neoni daghfakodinhane ronouhha raouh- 
hage radiyadadogea ne na-neh Pharifees, neoni ne 
Herodians, ne ahhadiyena raouhha Raoweanage. 

14. Neoni ne onea et-ho wahhonewe wahhoe- 
weahhaghfe raouhha, Seweaniyo, vongwaderyen- 
dare nene n'lsetokeaghlke-oewe Teghfongwedayery, 
neoni yaoughka teghferaghkwa n'Ongwe : Ikea 
yagh deghfyendarrha tfiniyeyadodea n'Ongwe, ok 
ferighhonnyeny tiinityoderighvvinouh Niyoghne 
Tokeaghfke-oewe-tferagouh : T'karighvvayery kea 
n'eaghfakyouh a-agh-fakvvarorokl-he ne Cefar, kea 
deas kayea ne yaghdea ? 

15. Eaghfakyouh gady keah, kea deas ka- 
yea ne yagh-tha-aghfakyouh ? ok roderyendare-oewe 
ne tfiok t'hihadirighwaghraghkwa t'hiye-oneano- 
weaghdouh, waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, oghna- 
ah wadeghikwadeanakeraghde ? kaflenihha ne Penny 
nene akatkaght-ho. 

16. Neoni et-ho wa-ehhewe. Neoni waghfaka- 
weahhaghfe ronouhha, Oughka ne Aoyadony neoni 
ne kea Kayanadouh ? Wahhonnirouh ne raouhhage, 
Cefar Raoweahk. 

17. Neoni Jefus tondahhadady waghfakaweah- 
haghfe, Eghtf-hitfyadeweandeghdas ne Cefar ne 
Tfinakarihhodeafe ne raouhha raweaniyouh Cefar, 
neoni ne Niyoh ne Tlinakarihhodcase nene Niyoh 
raweaniyouh. Neoni ronouhha wahhoewanegh- 

18. Et-hoghke wahhonewe raouhhige ne Sad- 
ducees, ne na-ah ne rondoughs yagh-T'hoefaj^ont- 

P p kctfkouh ; 

290 St, Mark, Chap, XII.^ 

fay there is no refurredlon : and they alke4 ^iim^ 
faying, -oimno 

19. Mailer, Mofes wrote unto us, If a man's 
brother die, and leave his wife behind him, and 
leave no children, that his brother Ihould take his 
wife, and raife up feed unto his brother. 

20. Now there were feven brethren : and the 
firft took a wife, and dying left no feed. 

21. And the fecond took her, and died, neither 
left he any feed : and the third likewife. 

22. And the feven had her, and left no feed ; 
laft of all the woman died alfo. 

23. In the refurredtion therefore, when they fliall 
rife, whofe wife Ihall (he be of them ? for the feven 
had her to wife. 

24. And Jefus anfwering faid unto them. Do ye 
not therefore err, becaufe ye know not the fcrip- 
tures, neither the power of God ? 

25. For when they ihall rife from the dead, they 
neither marry nor are given in marriage : but are as 
the angels which are in heaven. 

26. And as touching the dead, that they rife : 
have ye not read in the book of Mofes, how in the 
buih God fpake unto him, faying, I am the God 

Ne Si. Mark^ Chap, XII. 291 

ketfkouh ; neoni wahhocwarighwanondoughfe, wah- 

19. Seweaniyoh, Mofes fongwaghyadoefe, Toga 
ne Rongwe Yadadegea-ah caghreahheye, neoni 
Ronekeahha eayodadcare raoghnagea, neoni yagh 
dehhodiwirayea, nene Yadadegea-ah deafyattyca ne 
Ronekeahha, neoni ne eaf-haketfko n'Yadadegea-ah 

20. Onwa nonkea na-ah Tfyadaghk Nihhonda- 
degea-aghne: neoni ne tahhatyercaghde vvahhon- 
nyake, neoni waghreahheye yagh Tehhowirayenda- 

21. Neoni ne tekenihhadont toefahhyattyea, 
neoni waghreahheye, yaoni neane tehhovvirayenda- 
ouh; neoni n'aghfeahhadont et-ho ne na-a\vea. 

22. Neoni ne tfyadaghk radigwcgouh wahho- 
dinnyake aouhha, neoni yagh-deghodivvirayenda- 
ouh ; ne oghnakeanke agwegouh ne Tyodhoewisea 
oni wakeahheye. 

23. Ne Entfyontketlkoh ne-eh gady, ne onea tef- 
hadidane, oiighka Rone eawadouh n'aouhha tfini- 
hadih ? ikea ne-tfyadagh'k Rodine-keahha aouhha, 

24. Neoni Jcfus tahhadady wahhearouh ne ro- 
nouhhage, Yagh keah defewayadaghdo-oe kady, ne 
karihhoeny ne yagh defewaderyendare ne tiini- 
Kaghyadoughferodease, yagh oni ne tfinihhaef- 
hatfde ne Niyoh ? 

25. Ikea ne onea deantfyedane entfyontketikoh 
ne Keahheyonke nonkadyh, ronouhha yaghdea oni 
t'hoefayakonnyake yaghdea oni t'hoefayondaden- 
nyakdea: ok se aneayoghdouh tfiniyough ne Ka- 
roughyakeghronouh, ne na-ah Karoughyagc t'ha- 

26. Neoni ne Tfiyaorighvvifaghde ne Yaka- 
weahheyouh, nene entfyontketlkoh : yagh keah 
defevvaweanaghnodoughs Raoghyadoughferagouh 
ne Mofes, tliniyawea-ouh Oighyeanokouh Niyoh 

P p 2 fahhodattyafe 

292 •-'•S'/. MarJij Chap. XII. 

of Abrahanij and the God of Ifaac, and the. God of 
Jacob? n no^ 

27. He is not the God of the dead, but the God 
of the living : ye therefore do greatly err. 

28. And one of the fcribes came, and having 
heard them reafoning together : and perceiving that 
he had anfwered them well, aiked him. Which is 
the firft commandment of all? » 

29. And Jefus anfwered him, The firft of all the 
commandments is. Hear, O Ifrael, The Lord our 
God is one Lord; 

30. And thou flialt love the Lord thy God with 
all thy heart, and with all thy foul, and with all 
thy mind, and with all thy ftrength: tlais is the 
firft commandment. 

31. And the fecond is like, namely this, Thou, 
fhalt love thy neighbour as thyfelf: there is none 
other commandment greater than thefe, 

32. And the fcribe faid unto him,. Well, Mafter, 
thou haft faid the truth : for there is one God, aodi, 
there is none. other but he. /t3 

33. And to love him with all the heart, and 
with all the underftanding, and with all the foul^ 
and with all the ftrength, and ta love his neigh- 

Ne St. Marly Chap. XII. 293 

fahhodattyafe raouhha, wahhearouh, I-Ih ne Ni- 
yoh ne Abraham, neoni ne Niyoh ne Ifaac, neoni 
ne Myoh ne Jacob ? 

27. Raouhha yagh ne Nlyoh degeah n'Yaka- 
weahheyouh, ok ne Niyoh ne nane Yakonhe. Ne- 
kady wahhoeny kowaneaghtsihouh wefewaka- 

28. Neoni fayadah nene Rought-harrha 
(Scribes) warawe, neoni rot-honde, ne oghferony 
tfinat-hodirivvawea : neoni yahhonikoughrayendane 
nene t'karighwayery tfinoedahhadady ne ronou- 
hage, wahhorighwanondoughfe raouhha, ka ni- 
kayea ne tyotyereaghdouh Weanyh ne agwekouh 

29. Neoni Jefus tahhadady raouhhage, Ne tyo- 
tyereaghdouh na-ah ne agwegouh Tfiniweanyh, 
Tfyat-h6ndek,'*0 Ifrael, ne Royaner Ongwaniyoh 
fayadah ne Royaner: 

30r Neoni eaghtf-henoroughkwake na-ah Ro- 
yaner Saniyoh Seriaghfagwegouh, neoni Sadonhetf- 
heragwegouh, neoni Sanikoughragwegouh, neoni 
Sef-hatfdeaghferagwegouh, Keagayea ne tyotye- 
reaghdouh Weanyh. 

31. Neoni nanc tekenihhadont fadeyought, kea- 
gayea, fenoroughkwak Saghfyadat ne tfifenighfa- 
dad'denoroughkwa: Yaghkane t'hakadeke Awea- 
ni-hake feahha Akarihhowanea tfi ne kea niyoghc 
ne kea-eah. 

32. Neoni ne Raght-harrha (Scribe) wahha- 
weahhaghfe raouhha, Seweaniyoh, agwagh et-hogh- 
tfy ne tfinaghsirouh, ne n'agwagh Tokeaghike- 
oewe : Ikea Ihayadah na-ne Niyoh, neoni yagh- 
kaneka ne t'hakadekc ne ok ne Raouhha. 

33. Neoni n'eahhoewanoroughkwake n'Eaka- 
weriaghfagwegouh, neoni agwegouh Tfiniyough- 
ronkha, neoni Akodonhetf-heragwegouh, neoni 
agwegouh Tfiaile-ef^hatrde, neoni eahhonorough- 


294 St. Marky Chap, XII. A 

bour as himfelf, is more than all whole burnt offer- 
ings and facrifices. ^bi 



34. And when Jefus faw that he anfwered dif- 

creetly, he faid unto him, Thou art not far from 

the kingdom of God. And no man after that durft 

afk him any queflion. 

2$> And Jefus anfwered and faid, while he 
taught in the temple, How fay the fcribes, that 
Chrift is the fon of David ? 

36. For David himfelf faid by the Holy Ghoft, 
The Lord faid to my lord. Sit thou on my right 
hand, till I make thine enemies thy footftool. 

37. David therefore himfelf calleth him Lord ; 
and whence is he then his fon? and the common 
people heard him gladly. 

38. And he faid unto them in his dodtrine, Beware 
of the fcribes, which love to go in long clothing, 
and love falutations in the market places. 

39. And the chief feats in the fynagogues, and 
the uppermoll rooms at feafls : 

40. Which devour widows houfes, and for a 


Ne St. Marky Chap. XII. 295 

kwakc ne Saghniyadat tfinihadaddcnoroughkwa ne 
raouhha, yeyottohhetidouh kcagayea Karihhowa- 
neaghnonke ne Yondawighs Roewaniyougkkwa 
Otfil'dage ycyeaghs ne Niyoh. 

34. Neoni ne onea Jefus wahhatkaght-ho tfi- 
tahhadady yorighvvakonnyeaghft, wahhaweahhaghfe 
raouhha, yagh inouh dedeghsese ne Raoyanertlera- 
gouh ne Niyoh. Neoni yaghoughka ne et-ho 
oghnakeanke n'aye are Ihirighwanondoughs eghika- 

35. Neoni Jefus tahhadady neoni wahhearouh, 
tlinahhe waghfakorihhonnyca ne Kanoughfakouh, 
(ne Temple) wahhy rondouh ne Rought-harrha,^ 
(Scribes) nene Chrift na-ah David Royea-ah ? 

36. Ikea David raouhha lawea ne Kanikoughri- 
yoghfdaghkne, N» Royaner wahhaweahhaghfe 
n'Akyaneda, Satyea keant-ho Tfikeweyendeghdagh- 
kouh Khefnonke, nyare eakheyoeny ne Yesaghf- 
weaghfe ne Deaghfeyaraghlidageaseraghkwe. 

37. David ne wahhony ne raouhha yadehhayadih 
wahhonadoughkwe raouhha Sayaner ; neoni ka non- 
dawe kady na-ne raouhha Royea-ah akeahake ? 
neoni ne ok Hongwesoeah t'hikea-ah roewat-honde 

38. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha ne 
Raoriwagouh tfinihhorihhodea, Tfyadadenigoerarak 
tfinihadiyadodea ne Rought-harrha, (Scribes) na-ne 
radinoewefe tfironefe ne yoefoughfe ne Raodinena, 
neoni radinoewefe ne tahhoewadinoughweradouh 
ne et-ho Tfiyondeaghnin6nt-ha Yontkeghrondagh- 

39. Neoni ne tfi-Kanakdagweniyose ne et-ho 
tfiyakotkeasouh ne S) nagogues, neoni n'agwagh 
Enekeaghtfy ni-Kanakdennyouh ne onca Waonda- 

40. Ne r)a-ah fakodikarrycny ne Yakodeghre- 
oughfe Yakonoughsodouh, neoni ikca t'hihhade- 


2^6 St. Markf Chap. XII, 

pretence make long prayers: thefe iliali receive 
greater damnation. 

41. And Jefus fat over againfl the treafury, and 
beheld how the people cafl money into the treafury : 
and many that were rich call in much. 

42. And there came a certain poor widow, and 
Hie threw in two mites, which make a farthing. 

43. And he called unto him his difciples, and 
faith unto, them, Verily I fay unto you, that this 
poor widow hath call more in, than all they which 
have caft into the treafury. 

44. For all they did cafl in of their abundance: 
but Ihe of her want did caft in all that ihe had, 
even all her living. 


A ND as he went out of the temple, one of his 
"^ difciples faith unto him. Matter, fee what 
manner of Hones, and what buildings are here. 

2. And Jefus anfwering faidunto him. Seed thou 
thefe great buildings? there Ihall not be left 



Ne St. Marly Chap, XII. 297 

righwaghraghkwa radirighwetft-ha ne wahonderea- 
nayea : ne-e kady na eahhadiyena ne feahha ko- 
wanea Eahhondetslraghdaghkwe ne oddyake tfi- 

41. Neoni Jefus wahhattyea eghnoewe n'adc- 
yodokeaghdouh tfinoe kayea tfiyoght-kawaghs 
ne yeghwifdaroroks, (ne Keandearouh n'Aorihho- 
dea) neoni teghfakokanere tfiniyakoyereahattyeh 
n'Ongwehokouh tfiyeyakottycfe n'Oghvvifda: ne- 
oni yawetowanea nene Akotf-hogowah elb ya-akbdyh. 

42. Neoni et-ho waoewe yeyadatogeah yako- 
deagh Yakodeghre-oughfe, neoni yaodyh tekeni 
kea-natekarifda-ah, nene yetfyogea-ah ne Skarifdagh 

43. Neoni yagh-fakononke ne Raotyongbkwa 
raouhhage, neoni waghfakaweahhaghle ronouhha, 
agwagh wagweahhaghfe, nene keagayea ne yodeaght 
Yodeghre-oughfe yaody feahha eso ne tfinikouh 
agwegouh ya-akody ne et-ho : 

44. Ikea yaghne t'hakarihhoeny ne tfiniyawe- 
dase yahhonattyeghfouh : ok n'aouhha dewatkar- 
viaghfe yaody kady agwegouh tfiniyoyendaghkwe, 
ne n'agwagh agwegouh ne Yonheghkone. 

O O o o o 


"VTEONI ok ne tfifahhaghdeandy fahhayageane 
•^^ Kanoughfakouh, (ne Temple) fayadagh ne 
Raotyoughkwa wahhearouh ne raouhhage, Seweani- 
yoh, fatkaght-hoh tfiniyotycrea ne kea Oncaya- 
okouh, neoni tfiniyeweyeana ne Sa-enoughsony ne 
kea-cah ! 

2. Neoni Jefus dahhadady wahhearouh ne ra- 
ouhhage, Tcghlkanere ne kea-eah Kaweyeanowa- 
Q^q nea 

298 St. Markf Chap. XIII/ 

one ftone upon another, that fliail not be thrown 

3. And as he fat upon the mount of Olives over 
agahift the temple, Peter, and James, and John, 
and Andrew afked him privately. 

4. Tell us, when Ihall thefe things be? and 
what fhall be the lign when all thefe things Ihall be 

5. And Jefus anfvvering them, began to fay. Take 
heed left any man deceive you. 

6. For many Ihall come in my name, faying, I 
am Chrift : and fliall deceive many. 

7. And when ye Ihall hear of wars, and rumours 
of wars, be ye not troubled : for fuch things muft 
needs be : but the end Ihall not be yet. 

8. For nation Ihall rife againft nation, and king- 
dom againft kingdom : and there fhall be earth- 
quakes in divers places, and there ihall be famines, 
and troubles : thefe are the beginning of forrows. 

9. But take heed to yourfelves : for they fhall 
deliver you up to councils; and in the fynagogues 
ye fhall be beaten; and ye fhall be brought before 
rulers and kings for my fake, for a teftimony 
againft them. 

10. And 

Ne St.Mat% Chap, XIII. 299 

nea Tfiyakonoughsoenigh? Yaghkaneka na-ah 
Skaneayat t'hadonfakayai'erake ne yaghdca cghdaee 

3. Neoni ok ne tfireanderouh Onontohharagc 
ne Olives, ok hegh-noe deyottokeaghdouh tfi-noe ne 
Kanoughfodc, (ne Temple) Peter neoni James 
neoni John neoni Andrew wahhoewarighwanon- 
doughfe adaghfeghdonke, 

4. Tackvvaghroryh katke ne onea et-ho n*eaya- 
weane ne kea Eaghtfinikarihhodea ? neoni oghna- 
hodea eankeandouhheke ne onea et-ho agwcgouh 
yekayerine ne Tfinikarihhodea? 

5. Neoni Jefus tahhadady ronouhhage, tahha- 
daghfawea ne vvahhearouh, Tfyadadenikoerarak 
agare eas eayetfinikoerhadea oughkaok ne On- 

6. Ikea yawetowanea eayoewe ne I-Ih Kfeana- 
kouh, eayondouhheke, I-Ih ne Chrifl; neoni na-ah 
eayondaddenikoerhadea yawetowanea. 

7. Neoni onea eafewaronke Aderiyoghfera, ne- 
oni Eayonderiyoghferouh, toghfa ne daefewadde- 
nikoerrharea : Ikea ne eghnikarihhodeafe agwagh- 
hok eghneayawcane; Ok ne Tfiyeyoderrihhokde 
arekhoh ncane t'heakeahake fliegouh. 

8. Ikea T'yaka-oughwent-fyah na-ah deayedane 
ne T'hiyakaoughwentfyade ne eayondadat-kokon- 
dea, neoni Skagoraghtf-hera neoni T*hikayanert- 
ferade ne eahhotkondea: neoni na-neh Tcyaough- 
wentfiff-houghfeke t'hikadef-houh tfinoewc, neoni 
ne Eayakaweandaghfke, neoni Teyonikoer-haraght : 
ne-e wahhy ne kea-eah 'neadewadaghfawea Oni- 

9. Ok Tfyadadenikoerarak ne "ife: Ikea et-ho 
yeayetf-hiyat-hewe Tiityakotsihhayea; (eayetf-hi- 
naghlkonyh) neoni TfiyakotkeanifTouh ne Syna- 
gogue-tferagouh eayetf-hiyefaghde : neoni ct-ho 
efiyetfiyat-hewe tfiradiderouh ne Radirighwagwa- 

Q^q z righfyoughs 

300 Sf. Markj Chap* XII L 

10. And the gofpel muftfirft be publiHied among 
all nations. 


11. But when the)^ fliall lead you, and deliver 
you up, take no thought beforehand what ye fliall 
fpeak, neither do ye premeditate ; but whatfoever 
Ihall be given you in that hour, that fpeak ye : for 
it is not ye that fpeak, but the Holy Gholl, 

12. Now the brother fliall betray the brother to 
death, and the father the fon : and children fliall 
rife up againft their parents, and fliall caufe them 
to be put to death. 

13. And ye fhall be hated of all men for my 
name's fake ; but he that fliall endure unto the end, 
the fame fliall be faved. 

14. But when ye fliall fee the abomination of 
defolation, fpoken of by Daniel the prophet, ftand- 
ing where it ought not, (let him that readeth un- 
derftand) then let them that be in Judea flee to 
the mountains : 

15. And let him that is on the houfe-top, not go 
down into the houfe, neither enter therein, to take 
?.ny thing out of his houfe ; 

16. Art(} 

Ne Si. Mark, Chap. XIII. _Joi 

rlghfyoughs neoni ne Gorahhokouh ikea I Akeriwa, 
(eakarihhoeny) ikea ne watrory ne ronouhhage. 
< lo. Neoni ne Gofpel (Orighwatogeaghty) agwagh 
ok eandewatycreaghde eankarihhowanaghdouh Akot- 
youghgvvakouh ne Niyadeyakaoughwcntfyage a- 

11. Ok ne onea eayetf-htnontlhine, watokea- 
yeayetsidcroiih, (Sevvanaghfgwa eakcahake) toghfa 
yafeanoiighdonnyouh ohheandouh tfinahhodea eagh- 
sirouh, toghfa ot-henouh fattadenikoughrifsoehak : 
ok tiioknahh/)dea eayefawiacke nene saga eavvadat- 
tyeh nene ne Hour, ne-eh caghfadady : Ikea 
yaghse dekeah ne eaghfadady, ok Ronikoughri- 

12. Noewe et-hone nene Yadadegea-ah eabho- 
nikoughraferea n'Yadadegea-ah eahhodevveandeghde 
eaghreahheye, neoni ne Roevvanihhah ne Sakoyea- 
ah : neoni n'Ondattyea-ogoeah na deayedane ro- 
nouhageh ne Sakonadewedouh, neoni eahhoewa" 
nadevveandeghde deaghnighheye. 

13. Neoni eayetf-highweaghfcke agwegouh 
n'Ongwe ikea I n'a-akerihhonnyat ; Ok raouhha 
nene yadehharihhoghferade yehhahhewe Tfiyeyo- 
dokde, ne fahhayadagh eahhoewayadackoh eahho- 

14. Ok ne onea na eafewatkaght-hoh Winade- 
yonocyanight, kaye se eawadouh tfinit-haweagh- 
nate Daniel ne Prophet, irade tfinoewe yagh-ct-ho 
t'hakea-hake (kinyoh raouhha na-ne eahhaweanagh- 
nodouh ronikoughrayendane) et-ho ne ronouhha 
na-neh Judea tferakouh radiderouh rondcgoh 
tfi-Tyenondennyouh ni-yehhoneh : 

15. Neoni kinyoh raouhha na-nch Kanoughsa- 
geh reantsgwahherc, yaght-ha tondahhatsneaghdc 
ne Kanoughi'akouh, yagh oni t'hiyocfahhadawcyade, 
ne yadonsaraghgwe ot-hcnouh ne Raonoughfa- 
kouh : 

16. Neoni 

302 . St. Mark^ Chap, XIII. ^-^^ 

1 6. And let him that is in the field not turn back 
again for to take up his garment. 

17. But woe to them that are with child, and to 
them that give fuck in thofe days. '^® 

18. And pray ye that your flight be not in the 

19. For in thofe days ihall be afflidion, fuch as 
was not from the beginning of the creation which 
God created, unto this time, neither Ihall be. 

20. And except that the Lord had Ihortened 
thofe days, no flefh iliould be faved : but for the 
eled's fake, whom he hath chofen, he hath fhort- 
ened the days. •- 

21. And then, if any man ihall fay to you, Lo, 
here is Chrifl, or, Lo, he is there: believe him 

22. For falfe Chrift's, and falfe prophets fliall 
rife, and fhall fliew figns and wonders, to feduce if 
it were poffible, even the eled:. 


23. But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold 
you all things. 'uobriii'jfl 

24. But in thofe days, after that tribulation, the 
fun fliall be darkened, and the moon flialjj not. give. 
her light ; ,L>!t ^oAm^^a^ 

25. And 

Ne.Sf. Mark, Chap. XIII. 303 

1 6. Neoni kinyoh raoubba na-neh Kahheandage 
yerefe yaghdea noefahhaghkede fhegouh ne yadoe- 
fahhoghkwea ne Raoncna. 

1 7. Ok wa-aihhcye akaouhha nene yenerouh, neoni 
akaouhha nene yontfdaront-ha ne et-hone Eawighni- 
feradenionke ! 

18. Neoni aontyefeahhake yaghtea Koghferagc 
t'hakeahake ne et-hogkeh noewe. 

19. Ikea ne et-hone Eavveghniferadenionke Tc- 
wadonnhakarryeah, tfineayaweine ne na-ah ne yagh- 
noevveandouh egh detyawea-ouh tfinonkadih tyO" 
daghfawe fhondahhayadiflah na-neh Niyoh raya- 
diflbuh, ne keant-ho oughwage, yagh oni bya egh- 

20. Neoni toga ne Royaner yaghkea t'ha-agh- 
rontfdahhene-ah et-hone Eaweghniferadenionke, 
yagh ogh-T'haowaghrodea taondohhets akoewaya- 
dakouh ayakoyadadery : Ok nene Sakoyadado- 
geaghfdouh akorihhonnya-at, ronouhha ne fakoya- 
darackwea, (nene tokeaghike Yakoyeghtaghkoh:) 
keanihha-ontfJoe-ah Keaneaghreghniferetfda. 

21. Et-hogh'keh, toga oughka n'Ongwe eayetf- 
hiyeahhaghfe, Tfyat-ka;^ht-hoh, keah reanderouh 
ne Chrift; ne deas, eavairouh, et-ho noewe t'hean- 
derouh ; toghfa kaghtf-hifcneghdaghk. (Toghfa 

22. Ikea onowea Chrifl, neoni onowea Prophet- 
hokouh na-ah teahhadidane, neoni eaghfakodina- 
doe-haghfe Yotyanadannyoh neoni Yorighwanegh- 
rackwaghdennyoh, tfineayawcane eankarighwaya- 
daghdoughferouh ok oni ne t'heawatyerea, tiineaya- 
koyadawea ne Shakoyadarackweah. 

23- Ok tfyadadenikoerarak : tfyatkaght-hoh, oh- 
heandouh tackwaghrory ife Orighwagwegoiih. 

24. Ok ne et-hone noewe Eaweghnifcraden- 
nyonke, oghnakeankehn'ea eayorighweanda-ouhTfi- 
neayakoyadawea, ne Karaghkwa eantyokaraghwe 


^04 St. Markf Chap. XIII. 

25. And the ftars of heaven Ihall fall, and tlic 
powers that are in heaven Ihall be Ihaken. 

26. And then Ihall they fee the Son of man 
coming in the clouds, with great power and glory. 

27. And then Ihall he fend his angels, and Ihall 
gather together his eledt from the four winds, from 
the uttermoft part of the earth to the uttermoft part 
of heaveti. 

28. Now learn a parable of the fig-tree : When 
her branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, 
ye know that fummer is near : 

29. So ye in like manner, when ye Ihall fee 
thefe things come to pafs, know that it is nigh, 
even at the doors. 

30. Verily I fay unto you. That this generation 
ihall not pafs till all thefe things be done. 

31. Heaven and earth Ihall pafs away: but my 
words fiiall not pafs away. 

32. But of that day and that hour knoweth no 
man, no not the angels which are in heaven, neither 
the Son, but the Father. 

[3. Take 

Ne Sf. Marh^ Chap. XIII. 305 

ll^-ah, neoni ne Eghnida yagh t'hadoefakaghffvvat- 
liede ; 

25. Neoni ne Otfiftoghkhokouh oddyake nc Ka- 
roughyage eandewafeaiie na-ah, neoni ne Kaef- 
hatfdeaghtfera-okouh ne Karoughyage gayea dea- 
watkarearonh na-ah. 

26. Neoni et-hoghkeh na-ah eahhoewatkaght- 
hoh nene Ongwe Roewayea-ah eantre Otf-hada- 
kouh yeghnigvvegouh ne Kaef-hatfdeaghtferowa- 
nea neoni Oewefeaghtfera. 

27. Neoni et-hogh na-ah yeaghfakonhiinc ne 
Raoroughyakeghronoe-okouh, neoni eaghfakodiva- 
darorokeoghferoenih ne Sakoyadadogeaghfdoiih t'ha- 
deayoughwentfyawerrhoh, tfinongadyh n'agwagh 
tfinadeyoughwentfyakdattye, ne n'agwagh tlideyod- 
okdanihhpuh ne Karoughyage. 

28. Noevva tfyadaderighhonnvouh ne Tekarigh- 
wageawaghdouh na-ne Tfyokaghrcghdefe Karon- 
da; ne onea n'Aonhaghde na fhegouh odonkah, 
neoni ean' kaneraghdondea, tfyaderyendare ne 
Akennha ok het-ho onea iwe. 

29. Ne kady fadekarihhodea, ne onea na-ah 
eafewatkat-hoh nenekea Tfinikarihhodeafe eawawe 
et-ho neayaweanc, tfyaderyendare nene onea ok- 
het-hoh ne n'agwagh onea Kanhohhakda. 

30. Agvvagh wakweahhaghfe, ncne kea-eah 
n'Oewayeghnegwaghfade na-ah yagh t'hayontoh- 
lietfde nyare agwegouh ne kea-ea ct-ho neaya- 

31. Karoughyage neoni Oughwentfyage na-ah 
eawadohhetfdarfiwe : ok n'Akeweanokouh na-ah 
yagh t'haondohhctfde. 

32. Ok ncne Eghweghniferade neoni nene cgh- 
weawadeke ne Hour, yagh deyakoderycndare 
oughka n'Ongvve, yaghdeatfiwe nc Karoughya- 
keghronoe na ne Karoughyakouh, yagh oni ne 
Roewayea, ne ok ne Ranihhah. 

Rr 33. Tfya- 

jo6 Sf, Markf Chap. XIIL* 

33. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye 
know not when the time is. >/ 

34. For the Son of man is as a man taking a far 
journey, who left his houfe, and gave authority to 
his fervants, and to every man his work, and com- 
manded the porter to watch. 

2^. Watch ye therefore, (for ye know not when 
the matter of the houfe coineth : at even, or at 
midnight, or at the cock-crowing, or in the morn- 

36. Left coming fuddenly, he find you ileep- 

37. And what I fay unto you, I fay unto all, 


A FTER two days was the feaft of the paflbvcr, 
•^^ and of unleavened bread : and the chief priefts 
and the fcribes fought how they might take him 
by craft, and put him to death. 

2. But they faid. Not on the feaft-day, left there 
be an uproar of the people. 

3. And being in Bethany, in the houfe of Simon, 
the leper, as he fat at meat, there came a woman 
Iiaving an alabafter box of ointment of fpikenard, 


Ne Si, Marl^ Chap, XIII. 307 

33. Tfyadadenikoerarak, tfyattyeghwadea neoni 
tfyadereanayea : Ikea yagh defewaderycndare ne 
onea et-hone noewe. 

34. Ikea ne Ongwe Roewayea-ah tfiniyogh na- 
ne Rongweh ne wat-hahhaghgwe Wat-hahhi- 
nontferis, wahhonoughsondy Tfironoughfode, neoni 
waghlaka-ouh ne Yondeanakeraghdouh ne Sakon- 
hafe-okouh, neoni niyadehhady wadokeaghtfy n'eah- 
hoyodea, waghfakaweahhaghfe ne Teyenhohhanoe 
ne fattyeghwadea (ne katigh fatteakoerarea) 

35. Tfyattj^eghvvadea kady : Ikea yagh defe- 
waderycndare katkeh onea ne Raweaniyoh tfi- 
Kanoughfode teantre : Yokaraghfk-hah, toga deas 
Aghsont-heah, toga deas tfinit-kondadighs ni' Kit- 
kit, toga deas Orhonkeghtfy : 

36. Agare eafewatyerea tfiok teantre, eaghtf- 
hifewayadatf-heary eaieweandafeke. 

37. Neoni tfinahhodea kadouh ne isege, ka-r 
douh agwegouh, tfyattyeghwadea. 


/^Ghnakeanke tekeny Wadewada na-ne wadean- 
^^ yode ne Paffover, (Odonkoghde koewayats) 
ne oni ne yagh dewat-deangwaghdouh Kanadarohk: 
neoni ne T'hadiyadagweniyofe ne Raditfihiighf- 
datfy neoni neRought-harrha (Scribes) radirigh- 
wifaks tfinahadiyere n'ahoewayena ayotkonke tfi- 
nonderlghwayerade, neoni n'ahoewarryoh. 

2. Ok wahhonironh, yaghdea oughde ne et-hbne 
ne Wadeanyode Eaweghniferadeke, akare eaf-ok 
ya-t'ha-defewadat-hondeke n'Ongwehokouh. (toga 
eant-hondearoh eaf-hoewakadackoh) 

3. Neoni et-ho reanderouh Bethany, Raonough- 
fakouh ne Simon ne Ro-oerarafgwe (Leper) ok ne 

*.tfireanderouh tehhontikahouh, et-ho oewe, Tyod- 
'"' Rra hoewifea 

JO? St. Mark, Chap. XIV. 

very precious, and Ihe brake the box, and poured 
it on his head. 

4. And there were feme that had indignation 
within themfelves, and faid, Why was this wafte 
of the ointment made? 

5. For it might have been fold for more than 
three hundred pence, and have been given to the 
poor. And they murmured againfl: her, 

6. And Jefus faid. Let her alone, why trouble 
ye her ? fhe hath wrought a good work on me. 

7. For ye have the poor with you always, and 
whenfoever ye will, ye may do them good: but 
me ye have not always, 

8. She hath done what ihe could : fhe is come 
aforehand to anoint my body to the burying. 

9. Verily I fay unto you, Wherefoever this 
Gofpel Ihall be preached throughout the whole 
world, this alfo that ihe hath done ihall be fpoken 
pf, for a memorial of her. 

10. And Judas Ifcariot, one of the twelve, went 
unto the chief priefts, to betray him unto them. 

II. And when they heard ir, they were glad, 
and promifed to give him money. And he fought 
how he might conveniently betray him. 

12; And 

Ne St. Mark^ Chap, XIV. 309 

hoewifea kahhawy Kalihoughfis ne Alabafter, Wea- 
yeniyoghtslyoLih Spikenard, Kanoughgwatf-hera- 
norouh agwagU yoyanerehtsihhouh ; neoni waka- 
nondckf-hy ne Kahhoughfis doeweroera n'Onon- 

4. Neoni ne^ et-ho oddyake tahho lighfvvadea 
ne ronouhhatferakouh, neoni vvairouh, oghna nene 
keakaye se ondouh nenekea Yakeayewaght-ha. 

5. Ikea avakodeaghninonke fe fcahha elb n'agh- 
feaghlea n'Adeweannyawe-ehake Nikaghwiftakeh, 
neoni ne ayondadawy n'yakocleaght. Neoni wakoe- 
wariwaghfdea aouhha. 

6. Neoni Jefiis wahhearouh, yawerouhhattyeh 
niffa ; oghna nea-ne wadifewcreant-harea ? wa-oyo- 
dea Kayodeaghferiyoh ne I tfi-nongvvattyerafe. 

7. Ikea ne Yakodeaght tyockouh ne eafewa- 
gwekoiih, neoni t'hikaweanlyoh, ne onea eafTevvere 
yoyanere tfiniyak-hiyer : ok n'l-Ih yagh tyotkouh 
degeah oghfeioeny. 

8. Et-ho n'akayere tfinakagweny: keant-ho oewe 
ohheandouh nongadighkouh ne wa-aoghkawenc 
Kyeronke (onkyatoghkaghde) ne tfi-eayonkya- 

9. Agvvagh wagvveahaghfe, tli-ok-noewe ne kea- 
gayea Gofpel na eayerighwaghnodouh yadeayoh- 
hetfdc tli-Youghwentiyade, nok oni ne keakayea 
nene tfinagayere eawatrorihhake na-ah ikea ea- 
koeweghyarake aouhha. 

10. Neoni Judas Ifcariot, fayadagh ne tekeniya- 
weare, et-ho wareghde tfit'hadiderouh ne Raditfi- 
huhfdatfigowah, ne tahonikoughraferea ne ro- 
Jiouhhage. (ahodeaghninouh) 

11. Ne onea wahhoeronke, ronouhha wah- 
hontfeanony, neoni vvahhadiwaneandane ne eah- 
hoeyouh Oghwifda. Neoni wahharighwifake tfina- 
howeyefdea tCnoedahharighwayerady ne tahhoni- 
koughr^ferea raouhha, 

12. Neoni 

3IO St. Mark, Chap. XIV. "^ 

12. And the firft day of unleavened bread, "when 
they killed the paflbver, his difciples faid unto hini^ 
Where wilt thou that we go and prepare, that thou 
mayeft eat the paflbver ? 

13. And he fendeth forth two of his difciples, 
and faith unto them, Go into the city, and there 
Ihall meet j^ou a man bearing a pitcher of water: 
follow him. 

14. And wherefoever he fhall go in, fay ye to 
the good man of the houfe, The Mailer faith. 
Where is the gueft-chamber, where I fhall eat the 
paflbver with my difciples? 

15. And he will fliew you a large upper room 
furniflied and prepared : there make ready for us, 

16. And his difciples went forth and came into 
the city, and found as he had faid unto them : and 
they made ready the paflTover. 

17. And in the evening he cometh with the 

18. And as they fat, and did eat, Jefus faid. 
Verily I fay unto you, one of you which eateth with 
me, ilia 11 betray me. 

19. And they began to be forrowful and to fay 
unto him one by one, Is it I ? and another faid. Is 
it I ? 

20. And 

Ne St. Mark Chap. XIV. 311 

12. Neoni ne Tondeghniferatyereaghde na-n^ 
yagh t'hayont-eakwaghde ne Kanadarok, ne onea 
wakoevvadirryoh (ne Wadeanyode) PafTovcr, Rao- 
tyoughkwa wahhoeweahhaghfe, kahha ighfeghre 
noewe ni-yayakvve neoni ne ayagwadearharade, 
nene a-aghfeke na-ne (ne Wadeanyode) ne 
Paflbver ? 

13. Neoni yaghfakonhane teghniaghf-he ne Rao- 
tyoughkwa neoni waghf-hakaweahhaghfe, wafeneh 
et-ho Kanadakouh ; neoni et-ho deafewadder'ine ne 
Rongwe Oghneganoghs rahhavvy Yetfiyeaghtagli- 
kwa: ne yeghtfiienighfere raouhha» 

14. Neoni tfioknoevve yeahhadaweyade eafeni- 
rouh ne Yongwediyoghne Ronoughfode, Ne Son- 
gwaweaniyoh radouh, ka noewe ni-Kanakda- 
rackweah tlinoewe n'eankeke (ne Wadeanyode) 
ne Paflbver yeyagwegouh n'Aketyoughkwa ? 

15. Neoni eaghtlifeninadoehaghfe Kanaktowanea 
nene ne keagh noe ni-Kanakde kaghferonyagh- 
kweant-houh neoni kaweycneanda-ouh : et-ho noewe 
n'atfyadearrharat tfi-neadewatfde. 

16. Neoni ne Raotyoiighkwa wahyaghdeandy 
neoni yahhanevve Kanadagouh, neoni waghnitf- 
heary eghniyought tfinahhodea fakaweanyh : neoni 
waghnirrharade ne Paflbver. 

17. Neoni ne Yokaraghfkhah et-ho warawe j^eh^ 
hadigwegouh ne tekeniyaweare. 

18. Neoni ok ne tfiradidderouh, tehhontfka- 
houh, Jefus wahhearoiih, agvvagh wagweah- 
haghfe, Tfiyeyadagh tfinitfyouh na-ah ne de- 
dewadonts, deayonkenikoughraferea. (eayongvva- 

19. Neoni tahhondaghfawea ne wahhoeryen- 
dLikf-hea, neoni wahhoeweahhaghfe eafkatfouh dah- 
honderade, adea I-lh ? neoni akorea ok fayairouh, 
I-Ih kea? 

20. Neoni 

312 SuMarkj Chap. XIV. 

20. And he anfwered and faid unto them, It is 
one of the twelve that dippeth with me in the dilh. 

21. The Son of man indeed goeth as it is written 
of him : but woe to that man by whom the Son of 
man is betrayed ! good were it for that man if he 
had never been born. 

22. And as they did eat, Jefus took bread, and 
blelTed, and brake it, and gave to them, and faid. 
Take, eat : this is my body. 

23. And he took the cup, and when he had given 
thanks, he gave it to them : and they all drank 
of it. 

24. And he fald unto them, This is my blood of 
the new teftament, which is ihed for many. 

25. Verily I fay unto you, I will drink no more 
of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink 
it new in the kingdom of God. 

26. And when they had fung an hymn, they 
went out into the mount of Olives. 

27. And Jefus faith unto them. All ye fhall be 
offended becaufe of rne this night : for it is written, 
I will fmite the Ihepherd, and the Iheep Ihall be 

28. But after that I am rifen, I will go before, 
you into Galilee. 

29. But 

Ne Sh Marky Chap. XIV. 31 j 

20. Neoni tahhadady waghfakaweahhaghfe, fa- 
yadagh oghfeawea ne tekeniyaweare, nene teyon- 
kenitlyeghdouh ne I-Ih ne Keghratnch. 

21. Ne sane Ongwe Roewayea-ah orighwiyotfy 
raghdeantyouhhe, afe eghniyought tfikaghyadouh 
ncRaouhha: ok waghreahheye na n'et-ho Rongwe 
ne teahonikoughraferea ne Ongwe Roewayea-ah ! yo- 
yannereghtsihhouh ne nan'et-ho Rongwe nc toga 
yaghnoeweandouh t'hahhonakeradouh . 

22. Neoni ok nene tfiwat-hontlkahouh, Jefus wa- 
atraghkwe Kanadarohk, neoni wahhayadaderighfde, 
neoni wat-hayake, neoni waghfakaouh ronouhha, 
neoni wahhearouh, feniyenah, senek: nenekea ne 

23. Neoni vtatraghkwe ne Cup, neoni onca f-hl- 
yodoerea, waf-hakaouh ronouhha: neoni agwegouh 

24. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe, nenekea n'Ake- 
nigweaghfa ase Kaweaneandaouh, (ne ase Tefta- 
ment) ne na-ah yoghnouh Yakotyoughkowanea 

25. Agwagh wagweahhaghfe, onea et-ho tfina- 
akhnekirane Oneahhare Kahhighk et-ho ne nyare ne 
ne Eaweghniferadeke ne eakhnekira ase ne ct-ho 
Raoyanertferakouh ne Niyoh. 

26. Neoni ne onea wa-at-hadirighwaghkwe, wah- 
hadiyakeane ct-ho wahhoneghde tfi-Tyononde ne 

27. Neoni Jefus waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, 
Sewagwegouh defewadereagh-farongwaghfe n'l-Ih 
eakarihhony (eaghlkwyadondy) ne noe Wakea- 
waghfondaddye : ikea kaghyadoefe caheyeghte ne 
Sakotsderift-ha ne Teyodinakarondoe-ah, neoni ne 
Teyodinakarondoe-ah t'hiyadakoereny na-ah. 

28. Ok oghnakeanke nene eafewakatkctfgweake, 
ohheandouh eanke vea-tfidewe et-ho Galilee. 

S f 29. Ok 

314 St, Mark, Chap. XIV. 

29. But Peter fakl unto him. Although all ftiali 
be offended, yet will not I. 

30. And Jefus faith unto him, Verily I fay unto 
thee, that this day, even in this night before the 
cock crow twice, thou fhalt deny me thrice. 

3 1 . But he fpake the more vehemently, If I Ihould 
die with thee, I will not deny thee in any wife. 
Likewife alfo faid they all. 

32. And they came to a place which was called 
Gethfemane: and he faith to his difciples, Sit ye 
here, while I Ihall pray. 

33. And he taketh with him, Peter, and James, 
and John, and began to be fore amazed, and to be 
very heavy. 

34. And faith unto them. My foul is exceeding 
forrowful unto death : tarry ye here, and watch. 

35. And he went forward a little, and fell on the 
ground, and prayed, that if it were poffible the 
hour might pafs from him. 

36. And he faid, Abba, Father, all things are 
poffible unto thee, take away this cup from me: 
neverthelefs, not what I will, but what thou wilt. 

37. And he cometh, and findeth them lleeping, 


Ne St. Marh^ Chap. XIV. 315 

29. Ok Peter wahhaweahhaghfe raouhha, t'ho-sc- 
et-ho agwegouh na-ah teyakodereaghfarongwaghle, 
(eayefayadondy) ihegoub yagtidea n'l-Ih. 

30. Jefus vvahhaweahhaghle, agwagh wakoeycah- 
haghfe, nenekea Weghnifcrade, ne n'agwagh oevva 
kea Waghsonde arek-ho tckeni t'heayonadadihhake 
ne Kitkit na-ah, aghfea n'aJfagh fatnanetta, eagh- 
fadonnhyeane yaghdegh-ikyenderyh. 

31. Ok Ihegouh tondahhjc!ady feahha Rov/ca- 
naghnirouh, toga et-ho akihheye atyaghriikouh, 
yaght-haondouh ne akadonhyea (n'akirouh yagh- 
negh-hiyendery) yaghdeyaweght ka-noedcrigh- 
wayerade: Satyawea neoni ne wahhonnirouh agwe- 

32. Neoni wahhonewe tfi-noewe koewayats 
Gethfemane: Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ne Ra- 
otyoughkwa, fevvattyea keant-hoh, tfineawe na-ne 

33. Neoni wahhoyadeahhawe, Peter, neoni James, 
neoni John, neoni dondaghfavvea n'agwagh yonegh- 
rackwaght wahhoyadarioh, youkfde ne Earienda 

34. Neoni waghkaweahhah ronouhha, Akwa- 
donhets ne niyadewakde ne yoroughyagea ne et-ho 
Keahheyatneh : kea tfyattyea neoni tfyatyegh- 

35. Neoni Yahhahhaghdeandy oghflouha ifinoe- 
weh, neoni eghdage wahhatyadundy, neoni wahha- 
dereanayea, nene togat igea nonkea aondouh ne 
et-ho noewe n'lwade ne Hour tahhatohhetfdafe. 

36. Neoni wahhcarouh, (Ayawea) Abba,Ranihhah, 
agwegouh n'ot-henouf-hoewah okt-hiyodoe-ouh 
n'lse, ereah tack-hawighdafe nene keagayea Cup : 
nok fhegouh sane, yaghdea ne ne tli-I eghni- 
wakenikoLighrodea, ok ise tiini-fenoewefe. 

37. Neoni egh-sarawe, neoni waghfakoyadatf- 
hcary ronouhha rodidas, neoni wahhaweahhaghfe ne 

S f z Peter, 

3i6 St. Mark, Chap. XIY^ 

and faith unto Peter, Simon, fleepeft thou ? coulckft 
not thou watch one hour? n 

38. Watch ye and pray, left ye enter into temp- 
tation: the fpirit truly is ready, but the flelh is 
weak. '^ 

39. And again he went away, and prayed, and 
fpake the fame words. 

40. And when he returned, he found them aflcep 
again (for their eyes were heavy) neither wift they 
what to anfwer him. 

41. And he cometh the third time, and faith 
unto them. Sleep on now, and take your reft : it is 
enough ; the hour is come ; behold, the Son of 
man is betrayed into the hands of finners. 

42. Rife up, let us go; lo, he that betrayeth me 
is at hand. 

43. And immediately, while he yet fpake, cometh 
Judas, one of the twelve, and with him a great; 
multitude with fwords and ftaves, from the chief 
priefts, and the fcribes, and the elders, 

^ 5n 

44* And he that betrayed him, had given 
them a token, faying, Whomfoever I Ihall kifs, 
that fame is he: take him, and lead him away 

45. Anci as foon as he was come, he goeth 



Ne St. Mark, Chap. XIV. 317 

Peter, Simon, feandas kea ? yagh defackwennyouh 
'nea-aghfattyeghwadea eaikagh Hour ? 

38. Tfyatyeghwadea neoni tfyadereanayca, agare 
yefewadaweyade Tewadadeanakeraghdonke : Ne 
Kanigoera tokeaghfke-oevvc yorrhare, ok ne Ovva- 
rouh yokeahheyouh. 

39. Neoni okhare erea sareghde, neoni wahhade- 
reanayea, neoni fahhadady ok ne Sakaweanagh 

40. Neoni ne onea egh sarawe, waghfakoyadatf- 
heary are rodidas (ikea yokfde ne Radikaghdege) 
nok oni yagh-dehhonaderyendare tfinahhodea ahon- 
niroh n'ondahhondady raouhhage. 

41. Neoni n'aghfeahhadont ne et-ho sarawe, 
neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, Senidas noewa 
onea, neoni tfyatorifl'-hea: onea na et-hoh ; ne Hour 
onea oewe; tfyatkaght hoh, ne Ongwe Roewayea- 
ah na wat-hoewanikorighraferca (vvahhoewadeaghni- 
nouh) et-ho Radifnonke ne Rodirighvvanerakf- 

42. Tfyaketikoh, dewaghdeandy : tfyatkaght- 
hoh, ne raouhha nene wat-hakenikoughraferea ok 
het-hoh onea. 

43. Neoni yokondattye lliegouh nihhoght-hare, 
warawe ne Judas, ne Ihayadagh ne tekenyf-hadere, 
neoni radigwegouhattye Keantyoghkowanea radih- 
hawe n'Af-hare Aghfigwe oni, et-ho tahhadyeagh- 
daghkwe tfit-hadiderouh ne t'hadiyadagweniyofe 
ne Raditfihuhfdatfy, neoni ne Rought-harrha, 
(Scribes) neoni ne Radikovvancaghfe. 

44. Neoni raouhha nene wat-honikoughraferea, 
Sakodeanakaraghdeany ronouhha, rawea, Oughka 
kiok kea ak-deahhik\vannyouh, ne na raouhha: no 
egh eaghtfifewayena, neoni eaghtf-hifewaghdeant- 
yade fkeanea-ah. 

45i Neoni agwagh ne ok warawe, agwagh ok- 
faok et-ho niyahare raouhhage, neoni wahhawcah- 


31 8 Si. Mark, Chap. XIV. 

ftraightway to him, and faith, Mafter, mafter; and 
kifled him. 

46. And they laid their hands on him, and took 

47. And one of them that ftood by, drew a 
fvvord, and fmote a fervant of the high prieft, and 
cut off his ear. 

48. And Jefus anfwered and faid unto them, Are 
ye come out as againll a thief, with fwords, and 
with ftaves to take me ? 

49. I was daily with you in the temple, teaching, 
and ye took me not : but the fcriptures muft be 

50. And they all forfook him and fled. 

51. And there followed him a certain young man, 
having a linen cloth caft about his naked body ; 
and the young men laid hold on him^ 

52. And he left the linen cloth, and fled from 
them naked. 

^^, And they led Jefus away to the high prieft ; 
and with him were aflembled all the chief priefts, 
and the elders, and the fcribes. 

54. And Peter followed him afar off, even into 
the palace of the high prieft: and he fat with the 
fervants, and warmed himfelf at the fire, 

SS* And 

Ne. St. Mark J Chap* XIV. 319 

haghfe, Seweaniyoh, feweaniyoh ; neoni wat-ho- 
kwannyoh laouhha. 

46. Neoni kca niyahhoewayere raouhha, neoni 

47. Neoni fayada ne et-ho radikannyade, waght- 
hafegvvaraghkwe, neoni waghfakoyeaghde ne 
Roewadinhafe no Raditfihuhl'datfigowah, nC' ni 
Yahhohoughtyakde. (tfiraweyendeghdaghkouh nun- 
gad ih) St. Johriy Chapter 18. I'erfe 10. 

48. Neoni Jefus tahhadady neoni waghfaka- 
weahhaghfe, deflewe keah aniyought tfiniyogh 
ne Yeneaghfgwaghs ayecf-hiniyende, fevvahawy 
Af-hare Aghfigwe oni, ne caghfkwaycna? 

49. Niyadeweghniferage yedewagwegouh ne 
ise KanoLighfakouh, (Temple) kvvarihhonnye- 
nyh, neoni yagh deghfkwayena. Ok se keah ne 
Kaghyadoughferadogeaghdy agvvaghok Yeakaye- 
rine tfinikaweiinake. 

50. Neoni radigwegouh wahhoewayadondy ne 
raouhha wahhondegouh. 

51. Neoni et-ho roghnonderattye raouhha ot- 
tokea-ouh Ranekeaghderoe-ah, ne ok yekeah ne 
Oniyadara-ah nahhodea ne Rot-hay eaghfaghfegh- 
daghkouh ; neoni ne Radinekeaghderoe-ah wah- 
hoewayena ne raouhha. 

52. Neoni wahhaghtkawe n'Onyadara-ah nah- 
hodea, neoni wahhattodarighfy wahhadego raogh- 

53. Neoni ronouhha yahhoewayadeahhawe ne 
Jefus et-ho tfit-heanderouh ne T'hayadakwenij^oh 
ne Ratlihuhfdatfyh : yehhadigwegouh raouhha ro- 
natkeaniflbuh agwegouh ne Raditfihuhfdatfikowatf- 
houh, neoni ne Radikowaneaghle, neoni ne Rought- 
harrha. (Scribes) 

54. Neoni Peter wahhoghfere inouh niyare dA- 
re oghnagea, agwagh et-ho yahharawe yahhadawe- 
yadeTfikanoughfodcgowagh, tfironoughfode ne T'ha- 

'/iiix u^^ yadagwcniyoh. 

320 Sf. Mark, Chap. XIV. 

^^, And the chief priefts, and all the council 
fought for witnefs againft Jefus to put him to death, 
and found none. 

56. For many bare falfe witnefs againft him, but 
their witnefs agreed not together. ~ 

57. And there arofe certain, and bare falfe wit- 
nefs againfl him, faying, 

58. We heard him fay, I will deftroy this tem- 
ple that is made with hands, and within three days 
I will build another made without hands. 

59. But neither fo did their witnefs agree to- 

60. And the high prieft flood up in the midft, 
and afked Jefus, faying, Anfwereft thou nothing ? 
what is it which thefe witnefs againfl thee ? 

61. But he held his peace, and anfwered nothing. 
Again the high priefl afked him, and faid unto him, 
art thou the Chrifl, the Son of the BlefTed ? 

62. And Jefus faid, I am : and ye ihall fee the 
fon of man fitting on the right hand of powef, and 
coming in the clouds of heaven. 

63. Then 

tie St. Mark Chap. XIV- 321 

yadagweniyoh ne Ratfihuhfdatfigowah ; fieoni et-ho 
wahhattyea tfiradiderouh nc Roewadinhafe, wah- 
hodeayea Tfiybdfk-ha. 

55. Neoni ne T'hadiyadagweniyofe ne Raditfi- 
huhl'datfyh nconi agwegouh ne Roditsihhayca 
ivahhadirighwifake tfinahhodea kaneka n'ayakode- 
ryendarake eafka-enouh na raouhhage ne Jefus n*a- 
oghftonde ne n'ahhoewarryoh ; neoni vvahhonderigh- 

56. Ikea yawetowanea waontroryh Onowea tfina- 
iioewatrory raouhha, ok ne tfinikariwake yakode- 
ryendare tfinaontroriannyouh yagh Skariwagh de- 
deyodoe-ouh oghferoenih. 

57. Neoni et-ho wat-hadane rayadatogea, neoni 
Onowea tfinikarihhodea wahhaweahhaghfe, wah- 

58. Neoni yongwat honde wahhearouh, eake* 
noughfarighfy nekea Kanoughfode (ne Temple) nenc 
Efnonke yakodoe-ouh-Saenoughsoeny, neoni aghfea 
Neavvada nok na eafkenoughfiffa t'hikade yagh 
OghfnougKfa t'heawadouh. 

59. Ok Ihegouh oni nanne tfinikarihhodeafefc 
rontrory yagh kariwah deyodoe-ouh oghferoenyh. 

60. Neoni ne Ratfihuhftowanea wat-hadane ka* 
fteaherrheah, neoni wahhorighwanondoughfene Jefus, 
wahhearouh, Yagh dedeghfadadighs ot-henouh ? 
Oghnahhodea nekea-eah na-ah tlinikarihhodeal'c 
wefaderighwarorokf-he ? 

61. Ok kea t'hihhoyerea, neoni yagh ot-henouh 
det^hodadih. Ok-hare ne Ratfihuhftowanea fah- 
horighwanondoughfe, neoni wahhaweahhaghfe, is6 
keah ne Chrift, ne Roewayea ne Kayadaderigh- 
tfcra ? 

62. Neoni Jefus wahhearouh, I-Ih: neoni eaghtf- 
hifewat-kaght-ho na-ah ne Ongwe Roewayea-ah 
eaUeandcrondake tfiraweyendeghdaghkouh Raf- 

T t nvnkc 

322 i$V. Mark^ Chap. XIV. 

63. Then the high prieft rent his clothes, ahct 
faith, What need we any further witnefles ? 

64. Ye have heard the blafphemy ; what think 
ye ? And they all condemned him to be guilty of' 

65. And fome began to fpit on him, and to cover 
his face, and to buffet him, and to fay unto him, 
Prophefy : and the fervants did ftrike him with the 
palms of their hands. 

66. And as Peter was beneath in the palace, there 
Cometh one of the maids of the high prieft. 

67. And when Ihe faw Peter warming himfelf, ihe 
looked upon him, and faid. And thou alfo waft with 
Jefus of Nazareth. 

68. But he denied, faying, I know not neither 
underftand I what thou fay eft. And he Went out 
into the porch ; and the cock crew. 

69. And a maid faW him again, and began to fay 
to them that ftood by, This is one of them. 

70. And he denied it again. And a little after 
they that ftood by faid again to Peter, Surely, thou 
art one of them : for thou art a Galilean, and thy 
fpeech agreeth thereto. 

71. But he began to curfe and to fwear, faying, 
I know not this man of whom ye fpeak. ^ -^*^ 

i,T^n<.rt_: ^1, And 

Ne St. Mark, Chap. XIV. 323. 

nonke Kaef-hatfdeaghkneh, neoni eantre Oif-ha- 
dagouh Karoughyage. 

63. Et-hoghke ne Ratfihuhftowanea wahharatf- 
yonkoh ne Raoncna, neoni vvahhearouh, oghnah- 
liodea deyodoughvventfyouhhouh ne f-hegoh Ifi-r 
noewe yaoefedewarighwifake ? 

64. Sewat-honde vvahhy tfinahharighwayefaghdc ; 
oghnahhodea ifiewcre? Neoni radigvvegouh wah- 
hoewadeweandeghde wahhoevvarighwarot'fdea wa- 
onondanhakc ne eaghrcahheye. 

65. Neoni dayondaghfawca oddyake wahhoe- 
weanitlkerofforaghwe, neoni wahhoewarhoroke ne 
Rakoughfke, neoni roewagoereks, neoni rondouh 
yahhaf-he, Prophet wahhy : neoni ne Roewadinhafe 
roewagoereks Radifnonke-ronha. 

66. Neoni ok nc tfireanderouh ne Peter eghdage- 
n6e\ve tfi-Kanoughfode-gowah, el-ho i-yea ikaya- 
dagh nc Kondiyadafe wadinhase-ogouh ne et-h© 
kondiderouh Ratfihuhfdatfighne : 

67. Neoni ne onea vvahhot-kagh ne Peter ro- 
dekyea, wat-hot-kanerea, neoni wagearouh, ife 
wahhy ne fcnigwegouh ne Jefus Nazarct-haka. 

68. Ok wahhadonnhiyea, wahhcarouh, yagh dc- 
wakaderyendare yagh oni tekaghronk-hah tfinah- 
hodea sadouh. Neoni yahhayageane Kanhohhakouh ; 
neoni ne Kitkit ondady. 

69. Neoni Kayadafc ne Koewanhafe arc wah- 
hotkaght-hoh, ncpni dondaghfawea ne wa-akaweah- 
haghfe ne et-ho yekannyade, Ne wahhy Ihayadagh 
ne tfinihhadih. 

70. Neoni wahhadonhiyca are. Neoni ok-nahe- 
yah oghnakeanke nene et-ho radikannyade w^- 
alrouh are nc raouhhage nc Peter, Tokeaghfke wah^, 
hy, anyogh ife eafkagh ne tfinihadih : Ikea ife nc 
Galilee-haka, nioni et-ho nighfevveanodea oni. 

71. Ok dahhadaghfawea ne Karighwakf-hca ne- 
opi Yorighwaghnirouh wahhadattyade, wahhearoub, 

T t 2 yagh-dch 

324 ^^f Marhf Chap, XI V,;^ 

72. And the fecond time the cock crew. And 
Peter called to mind the word that Jefus faid 
unto him. Before the cock crow twice, thou Ihalt 
deny me trice. And wl>en he thought thereon, h^ 


AND ftraightway in the morning the chief 
priefts held a confultation with the elders, 
and fcribes, and the whole council, and bound 
Jefus, and carried hirrj awaj?^, and delivered him to 

^J And Pilate afked him. Art thou the King of 
the Jews ? And he anfwering, f^id unto him, Thoi^ 
fayeft it. 

3. And the chief priefls accufcd him of many 
things : bi^t he anfwered nothing. 

4. And Pilate afked him again, faying, Anfwereft 
thou nothing? behpld how many things they witnefs 
^gainft thee. 

|. But Jefi^s yet anfwered nothing : fothat Pilate 

6. Now at that feaft he releafed unto them one 
ffifpner, w^omfoever tjiey defjred, 

7. And 

Ne -Su Marly Chap. XIV. 325 

yagh-dehhiyenderih ne kea ne Rongweh ne eehtf- 

72. Neoni ne tekenihhadont ne Kitkit wakon- 
dady. Neoni Peter faghreghyaranc ne Tfinikawca- 
nake nene Jefus tfinihhaweanih, Ne arek-hoh ttke- 
nih deayonadadihhake ne Kitkit, 'nea na-ah aghfca 
na deagfatnanetta ne aghfadonnhiyea tfi-tak- 
yenderyh. Neoni ne onea ne wahheaggdonnyouh 
Jaghrey^rane, Watrhaghfe^nt-hoh. 


Y^EONI agwagh okfaok ne Orhonke ne t'ha- 
•*'^ diyadagwenlyofe ne RaditfihLihfdatfy wat- 
hadiyadoreghte yehhadigwegouh ne Radikowa- 
neaghfe, neoni Ront-harrha, neoni ne Keantyogh- 
gwagwegouh ne Yakotfyeiihayea, neoni wahhoc- 
wanerake ne Jefus, neoni vvahhoewayadeahhawi«hde 
yahhoewayat-liewe tfireanderouh Pilate. 

2. Neoni Pilate wahhorighwanondoughfe, ife kea 
ne Goraghkowah nejewf-haka? neoni tahhadady, 
wahhaweahhaghfe, ne na tfinahhodea waghsirouh 

3. Neoni ne t'hadiyadagweniyofe ne Raditfi-? 
huhfdatfy wahhoewarighwaghrotfdea efo Yoiiwake 
tfinikarihhpdeafe : ok yaghot-henouh t'hadet-ho- 

4. Neoni Pilate fahhorighwanondoughfe are, 
wahhearouh, Yaghot-henouh dedeghfadadighs ? fat- 
kaght-hoh, tfagh-wahhhy yawetowanea Yoriwake 
tfi ne faderighwa-eghfdea ife. 

5. Ok Jefus Ihegouh yaghot-henouh det-hoda^ 
dih ; ne nonkea ne Pilate vvahhoneghrakouh. 

6. Noevva ne et-hone Wadeanyode eafeghfakogh- 
ncreaghfy ealka ne n'Aghfkwa, ka ok nikayea eah- 
i^onnirouh kea keahak. 

7. Neoni 

336 St, Marki Chap^ ^,. ,^^ 

7. And there was one named Barabbas, which 
lay bound with them that had made infiirredtiorv^ 
with him, who had committed murder in the 

8. And the multitude crying aloud, began V^^ 
deiire hiui to do as he had ever done unto them. 

9. But Pilate anfwered them, faying, Will yc 
that I releafe unto vou the King of the Jews ? 

10. (For he knew that the chief priefts had 
delivered him for envy ;) 

11. But the chief priefts moved the people, td 
defire that he fhould rather releafe Barabbas unto 

12. And Pilate anfwered, and faid again unto 
them. What will ye then that I Ihall do unto 
him, whom ye call the King of the Jews ? 

13. And they cried outa,gain. Crucify him. 

T 4. Then Pilate faid unto them, Why, what evil 
hath he done } And they cried out the more 
exceedingly. Crucify him. 

1 5 , And fo Pilate willing to content the people,, 
releafed Barabbas unto them, and delivered Jefus, 
when he had fcourged him, to be crucified. 

|6. And the foldiers led him away into the hall, 


Ne Si. Marky Chap. XV. 32; 

^. Neoni ec-ho ne na-ah fayadagh roewayats 
Barabbas, ne na ranerea et-ho ronouhhage wah- 
hoghftonde ne waghf-hakaweanondy Waghfakori- 
waghftea, ne Yerighvvagwadackwaghs neoni rotf- 
ivadouh Sakorryoh. 

8. Neoni ne Tfinikeantyoughkwa karitftode 
rodiweandeght, tahhondaghfawea nc wahhoewarigh- 
wanegha raouhha ne et-ho na-ah fakotyerafe nenc 
tfinoe takarlhhodeahhattyc tfinahhe. 

9. Ok Pilate tondahhadady ronouhhage, wah- 
hearouh, atfkweh ne onfakwaghnereaghfyafe ne G6- 
rah ne Jewf-haka? 

10. Ikea roderyendare ne ne Raditfihuhfdatfi- 
gowah na roewanaghfkony (roewayenah) raouhha 
ikea ne ok ne Kanofs-ha*ouh aoriwa. 

11. Ok ne Raditfihuhfdatfigowah daghfakadi- 
nlkoughradda n'Ongwehokouh, nene kea yea-aya- 
oefahhoghnereaghfy ne Barabbas ne ronouhhage. 

12. Neoni Pilate tondahhadady, neoni wahhea- 
rouh are ne ronouhhage, oghnahhodea fewanoe- 
wefe kadi ne tfinahiyere ne raouhha, ne roewana- 
doughkwa Goraghkowah Jewf-haka? 

13. Neoni ronouhha waoroughkweantftakaregh- 
re, (wahhonirouh) Tehhoevvayendanharea. 

. 14. Et-hoghke Pilate waghfakaweahhaghfe, ogh- 
nekca, agwagh nahhodea yodakf-hea tfinihhotye- 
rcah? n'eadeaghnoc fcahha wat-hodi-heareghde nc 
n'yadewakde, (rondouh) Tehhoewayendanharca 
niflah t'kagondane. 

15. Neoni na Pilate wareghre thiakonikough*' 
rayeryn kinyoh n'Ongwehhokouh, fahhoghne- 
reaghfy ronouhhage nc Barabbas, neoni waghfa- 
kodewcandeghdafe Jefus, wahhoghfoughkwawifl- 
houh, n'eadeaghnoc et-ho ne onea deahhoewayen- 

16. Neoni ne Shodar yohhoewayadeahhawc ct- 
ho yahhoewayadinnyonde Kanhohhakouh, koewa- 


328 St. Markj Chap. XV. 

called Pretorium ; and they call together the whole 

17. And they clothed him with purple, and 
platted a crown of thorns, and put it about his 

18. And begad to falute him. Hail, King of th« 

19. And they fmote him on the head with a reed, 
and did fpit upon him, and bowing their knees 
worfhipped him. 

20. And when they had mocked him, they toofk 
off the purple from him, and put his own clothes 
on him, and led him out to crucify him. 

21. And they compel one Simon, a Cyreniaff, who 
paffed by, coming out of the country, the father 
of Alexander and Rufus, to bear his crofs. 

22. And they bring him unto the place Golgotha^ 
which is, being interpreted, The place of a fkuU. 

23. And they gave him to drink, wine mingled 
with myrrh, but he received it not. 

24. And when they had crucified him, they 
parted his garments, calling lots upon them, what 
every man ihould take. 

25. And it was the third hour, and they crucified 

26. And the fuperfcription of his accufation was 
written over, THE KING OF THE JEWS. 

2^. And 

•s'odw "id' 

HieSevek LastIMords, 




Ne St, Marh^ Chap, XV. 329 

yats Pretorium ; neoni yahhoewadinonke ne tfini- 
Yodittyoughkwa oghferoenyh. (Ne Shoclar) 

17. Neoni ronouhha vvahhoewaraghfe Tfya- 
dakoughkowah oroeya t'hohah niweaferodeah, ne- 
oni vvahhadinhaghieroeny, Wahhocweanoughvva- 
rotferonnyea Ohhikda, neoni wahhoewanoughwa- 

18. Neoni tahhondaghfawea ne wat-hoewanoi]c»h- 
weradouh (rondouh Niyawea) Hail Goraghkowali 
ne Jewf-haka ! 

19. Neoni roewayeght-ha Adaghk Raonunt- 
sine, neoni wahhoeweanitfkerofleraghwe, neoni teah- 
hoewadontf-hodany roeweanideaghdafe. 

20. Neoni ne onca wahhoewakonnadaghkvve, 
fahhadirighfy ne Tfyadakoughkowah loevvaghfe- 
ronnyadone, neonri fahhoewaghfcronnyade ne raoiih- 
ha agwagh Raonena, neoni et-ho vvahoewayadcah- 
hawighde tfi-yadeahhoewayendanharea. 

21. Neoni t'hondahhoevveanoughdoefe fliaya- 
dat Simon ne Cyrene-haka, et-ho rattohhetfdanc, 
ne Tfi-yenakeronnyouh tahhayeghdaghkwe, nc 
Ronihha ne Alexander neoni Rufns, ne vvahhahawc 
raouh ha neRaoyaghfa Jefus. 

22. Neoni wahhoewayat-hewc etho Golgotha, 
ne na ne, tekaweanadennvouh ne et-ho nocwe koe- 
vvayats, Oghflaweafera Onuntfyh. 

23. Neoni wahhoeyouh ne ahhaghnegira Wine 
tekayeghfdouh Myrrh: ok yagh dehhoycnah. 

24. Neoni ne onea wat-hoewayendcinharea, neoni 
wat-hadik-haghfy ne Raonena, vva-eyanade enekcah 
a-akody nene kawcniyoh ok ne roderafvviyoh nc 
Raowcahk eawadouh niyadehhadyh. 

25. Neoni ne na-ah onea aghfeahhdont Hour 
neoni wat-hoewayendanharca. 

26. Neoni ne Kaycroenitfdouh tfinanhoghf- 
tonde Kaghyadouh enekcah nonkadih, NE GO- 

U u 27. Neoni 

^30 Sf, Marky Chap, XV. 

27. And with him they crucify two thieves, the 
one on his right hand, and the other on his left.' i' w 

28. And the Scripture was fulfilled, which faith. 
And he was numbered with the tranfgreflbrs. 

29. And they that palTed by, railed on him, 
wagging their heads, and faying. Ah, thou that 
deftroyeft the temple, and buildeft it in three 

30^ Save thyfelf, and come down from the 

31. Likewife alfo the chief priefts mocking, faid 
among themfelves, with the fcribes. He faved 
others, himfeif he cannot fave. 

32. Let Ghrift the king of Ifrael defeend now 
from the crofs, that we may fee and believe. And 
they that were crucified with him, reviled him. 

33. And when the iixth liour was come, there 
was darknefs over the whole land, until the ninth 

34. And at the ninth hour, Jefus cried with a loud 
voice, faying, Eloi, Eloi, lama fabachthanif which 
is, being interpreted. My God, my God, wliy haft 
thou forfaken me \ 

35. And 

Ne Si. Mark, Chap, XV. 331 

27. Neon! raouhha yehhadigwegouh wat-hoe- 
wadiyendanharca tcghni-aghfeah Nineaghfgwaghs, 
ne feyadagh tfinonga Raweyendeghdaghkouh nok 
n'eafkagh Skancgwadih. 

28. Neoni ne Kaghyadoughferadogeaghdy na- 
ah yakayerine na, ne wadouh, neoni et-ho na-ah 
wahhoewayadarea yaoughwadigwikde na-ne Ra- 
dirighvvaneraks. (Yagh eghondeweanaraghkwa) 

29. Neoni ronouhha nene eghrontohhetfl-ha, 
vvatyedane, et-hoh watyoenoughkarearoiih raouh- 
hage, ife igcah nene Eaghfenoughfarighfy (ne 
Temple) neoni Eafeghfenoughfiffa na aghlea Nea- 

30. Safadattyadagoh noewa ife, (yadeghfya- 
dih) neoni kafatlneaght ne tfi-Tekayaghfonde. 

31. Sadeyought oni nca-ne nc Raditfihiifdatfyh- 
gowa roevvakonadaghkwa, rondonnyouh ne tfinih- 
hadih, yehhadigwegouh neRonght-harrha, (Scribes) 
Seghfakoyadackwaghs ne t-hikadef-hoe-ah nok n'a- 
gwagh raouhha yagh t-hahakweny oefahadat*ya- 

32.,Kinyoh ne Chrift ne Goraghkowa ne Ifrael 
t'hatfneaght tfi-Tekayaghfonde, nene teadewakane- 
rake neoni eadeghtfideweghdaghkwe. Neoni ne ro- 
nouhha ne yehhadigwegouh ne Tehhadiyendan- 
hare, wat-hoewaderiaghdikhoe wahhoewarighwagh- 

33. Neoni ne onea yahyak-hadont Hour yakah- 
hewe, Tayokaraghwe na-ah ne ct-ho ok-ihi-Yough- 
wentfyagwegouh, et-ho ne ne tyoughdouhhadont 
Hour tfinakariwife, 

34. Neoni ne et-ho ne tyoughdouhhadont Hour 
Jefus wa-at-haghleant-ho roweandeght, wahhearouli, 
Eloi, Eloi, lama fabachthani ! ne na-ah ne Teka- 
weanadennyouh, Ake-Niyoh, ake-Niyoh, oghna- 
ah waghikwadeweandeghde ! 

ij u 2 35. Neoni 

332 St, Marhj Chap, XV. 

35. And fome of them that flood by, when they 
heard it, faid. Behold, he calleth Elias. -^ 

36. And one ran, and filled a fpunge full of 
vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to 
drink, faying. Let alone; let us fee whether Elia> 
will come to take him down. 

37. And Jefus cried with a loud voice, and gave 
up the ghoft. 

38. And the vail of the temple was rent in twain, 
from the top to the bottom. 

39. And when the centurion which flood over 
againft him, faw that he fo cried out, and gave up 
the ghoft, he faid. Truly this man was the Son of 

40. There were alfo women looking on afar off: 
among whorn was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the 
mother of James the lefs, and of Jofes, and Sa- 
Joiiie : 

41. Who alfo when he was in Galilee, followed 
him, and miniftered unto him, and many other 
vvomep which came up with him unto Jerufalem. 

42. And now when the even was come (becaufe 
it was the preparation, that is the day before the 
fabbath) ■ ■ 

43. Jofeph of Arimathea, an honourable coun- 
(ellor, which alfo waited fpr the kingdom of God, 


Ne St. Mark, Chap. XV. 333 

.^55. Neoni oddyake ne et-ho radikeannyade, nc 
enea ronat-hondc, wahhonnirouh, Tiyatkaght-ho, 
yahhoroLighyehhare ne Elias. 

36. Neoni fayadagh wat-haraghdade, yahhatragh- 
gwe OneraghCa yeghnidaghgwaght-ha, neoni vvah- 
hanaghne Teyoghnekaghyotfis otf-haghdc, oni 
Adaghkne waghrohharea, neoni yahha-ouh n'ah- 
haghnegira, wa-airouh, tfyea-eah raweroehattye nifla; 
dedewakanerah deaghnoe af-hikeah itreh ne Elias 
ne reant-hoyadatfneaghde. 

37. Neoni Jcfus wat-haghf-heant-ho Rowean- 
deght, neoni wahonikoughradouh waghreiih- 

38. Neoni ne Kaghfiraghreahhoiih nene Ka- 
noughfakouh ne (Temple) ondcratfyouh, enekeah 
tondaghfawea yahhoktea eghtage vva-atkarine. 

39. Neoni ne onea ne Raghfcanovvanea (Cen- 
turion) na ne ok egh irade, tehhakanere tfinahhaycre 
tfivvat-hoehheareghde, neoni tfiwaghreahheye, vvah- 
hearouh, Tokeghfke-oewe nekea ne Rongweh na-ah 
ne Niyoh Royea-ah. 

40. Et-ho na-ah oni ne Tyonat-hoewifea det- 
kondikanere inouh niyore : tfinikondih aouhha na-ah 
Mary Magdalene, neoni Mary ne Ronifdeahha James 
ne kanighra, neoni Jol'es, neoni Salome : 

41. Onouhha onea-neeh ne onea et-ho fhirefe 
na Galilee t'ferakouh, roewanonderattyefkwe raoiih- 
ha, neoni tehhoewaghfnyeghkwe, neoni yaweto- 
wanea t'hikondide ne Tvonat-hoewifea na-neh 
radigwegouhhattye ne et-ho iOiarawe Jerufalem-neh. 

42. Neoni noewa ne onea ne Yokaraghfk-ha 
oewe, (ne karihhoeni na-ah ne Waondearharadc, 
nene Eayorheane na N'yaweandadogeaghdouh nc 

43. Jofeph ne Arimathea-haka Yodongwedakon- 
nyeghts Ratfyeahhayeghs, ne na oni ne ranoughne 
ne Ra-oyaneriferane Niyoh, warawe, neoni wareghdc 


334 St. Marky ) Chap. XV. 

came, and went in boldly unto Pilate, and craved 
the body of Jefus. . ij 

44. And Pilate marvelled if he were already 
dead: and calling iinro him the centurion, he afked 
him. Whether he had been any while dead. 


45. And when he knew it of the centurion, he 
gave the body to Jofeph. 

46. And he bought fine linen, and took him 
down, and wrapped him in the lindn, and laid him 
in a fepulchre which was hewn out of a rock, and 
rolled a llone unto the door of the fepulchre. 

47. And Mary Magdalene, and Mary the Mother 
of Jofes, beheld where he was laid. 


A ND when the fabbath was paft, Mary Magdalene, 
•*^ and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, 
had bought fwcet fpices, that they might come and 
anoint him. 

2. And very early in the mornirrg, the firft day 
of the vi'eek, they came unto the fepulchre at the 
rifing of the fun : j ., '.; 

3. And they faid among themfelves. Who fhall 
roll us away the ftone from the door of the 
("epulchre ? 

4. (And 

Ne St. Markj Chap. XV, 335 

ct-ho Roweanaghnirouh wahhoweanarane Pilate ne 
tahhaghfniye ne raouhha ne Raoyeronda Jefus. 

44. Neoni Pilate wahhoneghrakoh ne toga to- 
keaghike ne on'ok na-ah haweahheyoiih : nconi 
yahhononke neRaghfcanowanea (Centurion) raouh- 
hage, vvahhorighwanondoughfe raouhha, atfkweh 
ne keah wahhoenifla tfinahhe t'havveahheyouh ? 

45. Neoni ne onca wahhoderyendarane ne 
raouhhage nonkudih ne Raghfeanovvanea, (Cen- 
turion) wahha-ouh ne Oyerondane Jofcph. 

46. Neoni wahhaghninouh Kaniyadarlyoh, neoni 
tahhoyadatfneaghde, neoni wahhoghwenoeny n'- 
Oniadarah, neori yahhoyattyoenide et-ho nakouh ne 
Sepulchre ne na-ah Otfdeara kaghferoenighne, oni 
tahhakarrhadeKaneayowanea et-ho tfi-Kanhokarondc 
ne Sepulchre, (ondennhodoughkwe) 

47. Neoni Mary Magdalene, neoni Mary ne 
Ronifdeahhah Jofes, tekondikanere tlinoe weyah- 

C H A P. XVI. 

^EONI ne onea ne Sabbath na-ah ontohhetfde, 
'*'^ Mary Magdalene, neoni Mary ne Rodinifdeah- 
hah ne James, oni Salome, yodighninouh Kanough- 
kwatferacko-oefe, nene goenere et-ho yayakvvawe 
neoni ahoewayatoughkwawe. 

2. Neoni agwagh Orhonkeghtfy, ne Tondeghni- 
feradyereaghd^ neTiina-tekyadeadadere, yakoencvve 
et-ho ne Sepulchre 'nea Takaraghkvvinnegeany 
et-hone : 

3. Neoni wat-kondadeahhaghfe tfinikondlh, 
Oughka oghnoe keah eayouhhineaya-karrhaden- 
nyadea erea eawatgwide tfi-Kanhokarondc ne Se- 
pulcre ? 

4. Neoni 

336 St. Mark, Chap. XVI. 

4. (And when they looked, they faw that the 
(lone was rolled away) for it was very great. 

5. And entering into the fepulchre, they faw a 
young man fitting on the right fide, clothed in a 
long white garment, and they were affrighted. 

6. And he faith unto them, Be not affrighted, yc 
feek Jefus of Nazareth, which was crucified : he is 
rifen, he is not here : behold the place where they 
laid him. 

7. But go your way, tell his difciples, and Peter, 
that he goeth before you into Galilee : there fhall 
ye fee him, as he faid unto you. 

8. And they went out quickly, and fled from the 
fepulchre; for they trembled, and were amazed : 
neither faid they any thing to any man ; for they 
were afraid. 

9. Now when Jefus was rifen early, the firfl day 
of the week, he appeared firft to Mary Magdalene, 
out of whom he had call feven devils. 

10. And fhe went and told them that had been 
with him, as they mourned and wept. 

11. And they, when they had heard that he was 
alive, and had been feen of her, believed not. 

12. After that, he appeared in another form unto 
two of them, as they walked, and went into the 

13. And 



The I1esurre(CT!om. 

Ne St. Mark^ Chap, XVL ■^2>7 

4. Neoni ne ohea yakontkaght-ho, vvakont-kaght* 
ho ne onea ereah kahhawighdouh kakarrhadennya- 
douh. Ikea agwagh n'akowanea n'Oncaya. 

5. Neoni yakondavveyade et-ho ne Sepulchre, 
wahhoewatkaght-ho Ranekeaghderouh Rongwc 
reanderouh tfinonkah ravveyendeghdaghkouh rotfe* 
ronnyadouh i-yoes kearagea nc Kaonena ; neoni wa^ 

6. Neoni waghfakovveahhaghfe onouhha toghfa 
a-efewaghderoene. Eghtf-hifewayadifaks Jefus Na- 
zarethhaka, ne na ne tehhoewayendanhare : Shot- 
ketikweah i yagh keah tegh-heanderouh tfyat-kaght- 
hoh tfinoewe n'egh oewa yadaycndaghkwe* 

7. Ok deaghnoe fatfyaghdeandih ya-etf-highrory 
ne Raotyoughkwa neoni Peter, nene wareghde 
fevvahheandouh nongadyh et-ho Galilee tferakouh : 
et-ho yeaghtf-hifewagea, ale eghnih-tfifewaye- 

8. Neoni fakoughdeandy okfaok, neoni fakonde- 
goh : Ikea na-ah waodiyadiTs-houghkwe, takon- 
doeneke waodineghrago : yaghoni ot-henouh de- 
yonea oughka n'Ongweh : Ikea waodighderoene. 

9. Noevva ne onea Jefus fhotketfkwcah na-ah ag- 
wagh Orhonkeghtfy ne Tyodcghniferatyereagh- 
douh Sahheandeandane, fahhoewakea dontyereaghdc 
Mary Magdalene, aouhha-tferagjouh Ihayadinnc- 
keahhouh tfyadaghk Oncghf-hoeronoc. 

10. Neoni oeghdeandy neoni fayakoghrory ro- 
nouhha ne roencfgvve raouhha, ok nc tii-roewani 
neoni rontfdarrha. 

11. Neoni rononhha, ne onea wahhoeronkc nenc 
Ron-he, neoni aouhha wahhot-kaght-hoh, yagh- 
negh-honerouh tokcghfkc. 

12. Oghnakeanke, are fahhoewagca ne oya ra- 
yadenoene (yaghdegh hoewayendere-ouh) ronouhha 
teghni-aghflieh, netfinihhadih ok nc tli-inch, oni 
waneghde Enakeraghferagouh . 

X X 13. Neoni 

338 Sf. Markj Chap. XVI. 

13. And they went and told it unto the refiduc: 
neither believed they them. 

14. Afterward he appeared unto the eleven, as 
they fat at meat, and upbraided them with their 
unbelief, and hardnefs of heart, becaufe they 
believed not them which had feen him after he was 

15. And he faid unto them, Go ye into all the 
world, and preach the gofpel to every creature. 

16. He that bclieveth and is baptized, lliall be 
faved ; but he that believeth not, Ihall be damned. 

17. And thefe figns fhall follow them that be- 
lieve ; In my name fhall they caft out devils : they 
Ihall fpeak with new tongues ; 

18. They Ihall take up ferpents, and if they 
drink any deadly thing it ftiall not hurt them; they 
ihall lay hands on the fick, and they ihall recover. 

19. So then after the Lord had fpoken unto 
them, he was received up into heaven, and fat on 
the right hand of God. 

20. And 

HE /is 

Ng Sf. Marky Chap, XVI. jjc^ 

13. Neoni waghyagluleandy neoni faghf-hako- 
dighrory nc tfinihhadih: yaghoni det-hoewencgh- 

^ 14. Oghnakeankeh noewe raouhha faghfakodo- 
daghfyafe fahhoevvagea ne cafkaghladire, ok ive 
tfiradiderouh tehhontika-houh, neoni waghfakori- 
vvaghfdea ronouhha ne tfi-yaght'ha det-honcgh- 
daghkouh, neoni tfiniyoghniroefc ne Raoneriane, 
ne wakarihhoeny ne tfiyaght'ha dcdeghfakonegh- 
daghkouh ne ronouhha na-ah ne fahhoevvagea *nea 

15. Neoni waghfakaweahhaghfe ronouhha, 
Wafeneh ilc t'hi-Youghwentfyagw^gouh, neoni 
tfyaderighwaghnodouh ne Gofpel Orighwadogeagh- 
ty niyade-yongwcdake ne Ongweh na-eyadotea. 

16. Raouhha nene eant-haweghdaghkouh neoni 
eahhotnekofferagh-hake eahoyadadery ; ok raouhha 
nene yaght-ha det'havveghdaghkouh, cahadctsi- 

17. Neoni kea-kadi-gayea tfini Yotyanadannyonke 
nceayakoughnonderattye akaouhha nene tyakawegh- 
daghkouh ; ne Akf-heanakouh na-ah ronouhha 
eafkovvayadinnegeaghferouh ne Oneghf-houghro- 
no-6kouh ronouhha : na-ah eahhondattyade ne afc 
Ovveanahokouh ; 

18. Ronouhha deahhadiyadaghkwe Onyare, neoni 
toga eahhadighnegira eaghfka-enouh ne Keahhe- 
yondeas n'Ahorihhodea yotkoe, yaghdeyaweght 
na-ah ahodikarewaghde ; eaghf-hakonenifnoughfa- 
rea na-ah N'yakonoughwakdany, neoni eatfyekewi- 
deane na-ah. 

19. Et-ho gadv-dcaher oghnakeankeh ne Royaner 
*nea Ihadef-hodight-haraghkwcah ne ronouhha, ra- 
ouhha na-ah Tahhoewayadadirondea ne Karoughya- 
gouh, neoni yahhattyea Tfiraweyendeghdaghkough 
Rafnonkeh nc Niyoh. 

Xx2 20. Neoni 

^p Sf. Mark, Chap. XVlA 

2d. And they went forth, and preached ievery 
where, the Lord working with them, and confirm^ 
ing the word with fi^ns following, AMEN. 



Ne St. Marky Chap. XVI. 34J 

20. Nconi wahhoughdeandy, nconi waghderigh- 
waghnodonnyoh tfi ok noewe, ne Royaner ro- 
yodea-oehattyefe yehhadigwegouh ne ronouhha, 
neoni yorighwaghniratfdouhhattyefe ne Owe ana nc 
Yotyanadanny ouhoghnonderattyefe. AMEN. 




I-IH WAKHYADON, Aucttst 1774, 


[ 342 3 




Of the Holy Scriptures* 

Tj^OR the prophecy came not in old time by the 
"■• will of man: but holy men of God fpake as 
they were moved by the Holy Ghoft. 2 Peter i. 21. 

All fcripture is given by infpiratlon of God, and 
is profitable for dodtrine, for reproof, for cor- 
redtion, for inflrudtion in righteoufnefs: That the 
man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnifhed 
lanto all good works. 2 Tiw. iii. 16, 17. 


[ 343 3 


Ne Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty, 

tKEA ne Prophecy Okt'ha-onea na yaghtea yako- 
**• righwiflbuh ne ayakorighhonike Ongwe : ok 
Raongwedadogeaghty Nlyoh Ronikoughriyoghftouh 
ne d'yoyeghtaghkouh fakonikoughda-eany tfiniho* 
nadady. 2 ?cter i. 21. 

Agwegouh ne Tfinikaghyadoghferadogeaghty 
Niyoh Sakodeweanaghf-eany, neoni yotkanoeny 
Ayondatderihhonny, Yowadaghkeh, ne A-onfayon- 
deweyendouh, ne Ayakorighwaweyefteah neneannc 
Yakoderighwagwarighfyouh : Ne wahoeni ne Niyoh 
Raongweda D'yakorighwayery Okt'hikayodeaghfe- 
ragwegouh yoyannerele D'yakorigh\rayerife. 2 Tim, 
iii. 16, 17. 

244 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures* 

Concerning God* 

I AM the Lord, and there it none elfe, there is no 
5 God befides me : I girded thee, though thou 
haft not known me. Ifa. xlv. 5. 

But the Lord is the true God; he is the living 
God, and an everlafting King: at his wrath the 
earth Ihall tremble, and the nations Ihall not be able 
to abide his indignation. Jer. x. 10. 

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him, muft 
Avorftiip him in fpirit and in truth. S. John iv. 24. 

Now upto the King eternal, immortal, invifible, 
the only wife God, be honour and glory, for ever 
and ever. Amen, i Tm. i. 17. 

Thus faith the Lord ; let not the wife man glory 
in his wifdom, neither let the mighty man glory in 
his might ; let not the rich man glory in his riches. 

But let him that glorieth, glory in this, that he 
underftandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord, 
which exercife loving kindnefs, judgment, and righ- 
teoufnefs in the earth : for in thefe things I delight, 
faith the Lord. Jer. ix. 23, 24. 

For there are three that bear record in heaven, 
the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghoft : and 
thefe three are one. 1 John v. 7. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty "fslmyoght-hare. 345 

'Tsin'ihayadotea N)yob, 

T-IH ne G'yaner, neoni yaghtea kanniga ne Oya, 
■*' yaghte oya Tefkanniyoughferaych : l-I ca- 
koughlbioeni, et-ho-lc neanne yaghtefkheraghkwa. 
Ifaiab vix. 5. 

Ok ne Royaner ne Raodokeglifke-oewe Niyoh ; 
raouhha ne ronheghtsihoch Miyoh, neoni ne tfini- 
yeheavve Raghfcanowancah : ne Raonakweaghfera 
Wad'youghwhcntfiff-hoghkwe, neoni ne Ongweho- 
gouh yaght'heayawight akoewadaghkatftati'c Ra- 
onakwcagiifera. Jeremiah x. 10. 

Kanigoenra t'higea Niyoh ; neoni ne-neanne Wali- 
oeweaniteaglitca, eahoewaniteghtale Kanigoeragouh 
neoni Tokeghfke-oewe. S. John iv. 24. 

Onwa ne Royanerli-kowa tfiniyehcavve, Yakonhc- 
oewe, ne yaghtca-hoewakeaghs, ne agwegouh 
Tfinihonigoera Niyoh, Yotkonnyeft neoni Oc- 
wefeaghtlera, ag\vegouh tfiniyeheawe. Amen* 
I Timothy i. 17. 

Kcaniyought radouh ne Royaner; ne Yakoni- 
goughrowanea yaght-ha yondaddencandouh Tfiya- 
konikonghrovvaneah, neoni ne Yef-hatlTe yaght-ha 
yondaddencandouh Tfiye-cf-hatfle ; ne Akotfogo-ah 
yaght-ha-yondaddcncandonh ne Tfiyakotfogo-ah. 

Ok ne-neanne eayondaddcncandouh, keant-ho ca- 
yondaddeneandonte, ne Yakonikoughrayendafe ne- 
oni Yonkyendcry, ne I-Ih G'yaner, -yoyannere 
tfineakhcyere Yoth-tackwarighfyouh, neoni Ya- 
koderighwagwarighfyouh ne Oghvvhcntfyage : ikea 
n€-na-Karihhotea wakocwefkvvanny, radouh ne Ro- 
yaner. Jer. ix. 23, 24. 

Ikea aghfea niyady nc-neanne Ronaderiycndarc 
.Karoughyagouh, ne Ranihha, ne Ronwaye, neoni 
ne Ronigoughriyohgdouh : neoni nenekca, aghfea 
Niyady Tfyayadat. i Join v. 7. 

Y y Tf^niay- 

346 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, ^t>"5l 

Concerning the Creation, 

npHOU, even thou art Lord alone: thou haft 
made heaven, the heaven of heavens with all 
their hofV, the earth and all things that are therein, 
the leas and all that is therein, and thou preferveft 
them all, and the holl of heaven worlhippeth ihee» 
Neh, ix. 6. 

He hath made the earth by his power, he hath 
eflablifhed the world by his wifdom, and hath 
flretched out the heavens by his difcretion. Jer^ 
X. 12. 

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and 
honour, and power: for thou haft created all things, 
and for thy pleafure they are, and were created. 
Rev. iv. II. 

Concerning good Angeh, 

npHE angel of the Lord encampeth round about 
^ them that fear him, and dclivereth them. 
"Ffal xxxiv. 7. 

Praife ye him all his angels: praife y« him all 
his hofts. Pfal, cxlviii. 2. 

And it came to pafs that the beggar died, and 
was carried by the angels into Abraham*s bofom, 
-S*. Luks xvi. 22. 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty 'Tsiniyoght-harc. 347 

^simyawea-ouh Ra-onijfa-ea'hoeh, 

T S E, Et-ho-nighsya(^6teah fouhha-ah ne Savaner; 
■■' ise (aghfouh ne Karoeya, ne Karoiighvage nc 
Karoughyagchogouh, neoni Keandyough\\agu'e- 
goiih, ne Oghwhcntfya neoni agwegouh nenahoiea 
et-hiyegaye, ne Kanyadare neoni agwegouh waf- 
heyonhcdde, neoni laycnawagouh agwcgoiih ; Ne- 
oni ne Keand'youghwagwegouh Yeroughyagcghro- 
Houh ycfaniteaghtalis. Nch. ix. 6. 

Raouhha raoniffouh ne Oghwhentfya ne waka- 
rihhoeni Raof-hatfteaghk. Raouhha roddcweyc- 
noeni ne Yoghwhentfyage ne wakarihhocni Ra- 
onikoughrowaneaghfcra, neoni ne Karonghyage 
rokovvanaghtouh ne wakarihhocni Raonigoera. 
Jer. X. 12.. 

Ise, Sayaner, Tfyadanoroiih nc acfavendane ne 
Oewefeaghtfera, neoni ne Ayorkonyoughftouh, ne- 
oni ne Kaef-hatfleaghk : ikea ise Orighwagwegouh 
faghfoLih, neoni ne vvakarihhbeni t'haghlcghr'hef 
et-ho niyavvea-ouh, neoni kaghlbuh. Rev. iv. 11. 

^Ts'miy^weaghfe Teroughyageghromntfenyoh. 

"^E Raoroughyakcghronoiih ne Royaner teghf- 
"^ hakonihaghrodoiih ne na-yadotea, ne-ncanne 
Roevvatsanighfe, neoni waondatnereaghfyouh. Pfjl, 
xxxiv. 7. 

Eghtfeneandouh agvvegouh Raorougliyakeghro- 
nouh, Eghtfeneandouh agwegouh Raodyoughkwa. 
Pfal. cxlviii. 2. 

Neoni nc et-ho na-avveanePvonikaghfkweah wagh- 
reah-heyeh, neoni. ne Karoughyakeghronouh wa- 
hoevvayat-hewe Rana/kwakouh Abraham. S.Luke 
xvi. 22. 

y y 2 Tsiftikond' 

348 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Concerning evil Angels or Devils, 

F^OR if God fpared not the angels that finned, 
but caft them down to hell, and delivered them 
into chains of darknefs, to be refer ved unto judg? 
ment. 2 Feter ii. 4. ^ 

Be fober, be vigilant; becaufe yoair adverfary 
the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, feeking 
whom he may devour, i Peter v. 8. 

Concerning Providence, 

'T^HY righteoufnefs is like the great mountains ; 
r^ thy judgments are a great deep : O Lord, 
thou preferveft man and beaft. Pfal. xxxvi. 6. ^ 

The lot is caft into the lap : but the whole 
difpofing thereof is of the Lord. Prov. xvi. 33. 

And Jot) faid, Naked came I oijt of my mo- 
ther's womb, and naked fliall I return thither : the 
Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; bleffed 
be the name of the Lord. Job i. 21. 

The eyes of the Lord are in every place, behold- , 
iflg the evil and the good. Prov. xv. 3. 


Kag hyadoghjeradogeaghty T'smyoght^hare, 349 

T'sinikondyadodehnje Onejfoughronouh, 

TKEA eakeahake Niyoh ne Karoiighvake ronouh 
-*• nr-nc-annc yodirighwannerea, y.^^hcea t'hac ho- 
noghyaniej?;ouh, ok nc-neinne Oneghfouh lako\'a- 
doiu'yeah, nconi lakocleweandeghcouh ne yodarncrea 
Aghsadakouh, ne wahoeni Tfinadcant-hcaghroiighfa 
teayondattyadoreghte. 2 Pet. ii. 4. 

Toghfa faiioughwaraghtouh, neoni fadyeghwa- 
deah : ikea nene Yaghfweaghfe ne Oneflbughro- 
nouh teghyanihhaghrodoufk tfiniyought Kcariks 
yonakwea-ouh, irese, fakoyadifaks oughkagiok 
af-hakoyadaratfyonkoh. i Pet. v. 8. 

fs'mlyodyerea Taka-eanyoh, 

CAderighwagwarighfyoughfera et-honiyought fa- 
^ deyought ne Yonondennyouh-gowah; Saddewen- 
deghtfera kowanea Yoghnodocs : Sayaner! fheyena- 
wagouh OngwehogoLih nconi Katsenca. Pfalm 
xxxvi. 6. 

. Ne Yondattyakhoeni ne enekea waondadad- 
dyeafe ; ok ne wagwegoiih Tfinadekayadoreghtouh 
Royanerhne davvighce. Proverbs w\. 33. 

Neoni Job wahearoiih, akyodbfkouh tewakya- 
gea-ouh Kanekwcandagouh Iflea-ah, neoni akvriObf- 
kouh Oghwcntfyagouh cafkeghte : ne Royaner 
rackwawih, neoni ne Royaner fahago; ne Raogh- 
feana ne Royaner wakadocnrea. Joh. i. 21. 

Ne Rakaghtege ne Royaner agwegouh Tfikanak- 
tennyoh yckayeah, fakbgeas ne Ycghferbhea neoni 
Yakoyannere. Proverbs xv. 3. 


550 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Concerning the Fall of Many and his Recovery by 



TXT'HEREFORE, as by one man fin entered into 

the world, and death by fin; and fo death 

paffed upon all men, for that all have finned. Rof?i. 

V. 12. 

For there is one God, and one mediator between 
God and man, the man Chrift Jefus. i Tim. ii. 5. 

And we have feen and do teOify, that the Father^ 
fent the Son to be the Saviour of the world. 
I John iv. 14. 

Neither is there falvation in any other : for there 
is none other name under heaven given among men 
whereby we mult be faved. A^s iv. 12. 

And (having made peace through the blood of 
his crofs) bv him to reconcile all things unto him- 
felf, by him, I fay, whether they be things in 
earth, or things in heaven. Col. i. 20. 


Kaghyadoghferadogcaghty 'fslnlyoght^hare, ^S 

T'smiyaweil'ou/j Tagodackerct'OuJj ne Ongwehogouh^ 
neoni ne Sef-hakoketjkouh ne rorlhhoeni Chrijl, 

TV[ E wahoeni, tfiniyoiight Tfyongwedat yako- 
*^ rihhoeni ne yakohhe' Karighwaneraktane ne 
Oghwhentfyage, neoni ne wakarihhoeni ne Karigh- 
wannerea ne Keaheyouh ; neoni ct-ho-niyought ne 
Keaheyouh agvvcgonh Ongweliogouh yakocyadat- 
t-hcaghfe, ikea agvvegouh Yakorighvvanneraks. 
Rom. V. 12. 

Ikea fayadat-ok ne Niyoh, fayadat ok T'hldcwa- 
nihogea Niyoh neoni ne Ongwehogouh, ne Ongweh 
Chrift Jefus. i Tim. \\. 5. 

Neoni yongwat-kaght-ho neoni yongwaderyen- 
dare, ne Raniha ronha-ouh Royea-ah ne Karough- 
yage af-hakoyadeahawighte ne Oghwhentfyagwe- 
gouh. I John iv. 14. 

Neoni ne Karoughyage yaghtea oya akarivva^ 
rake: Ikea yaghtea oya Akaghfeanayendake ne 
Tfikaroiighyage ne neanne ne Ongwehogouh ayon- 
daddawihne akarihhoeni nenahotea Karoughyage 
ayongwayadeahawighte. ASs iv. 12. 

Neoni (ne raonhha rorihhueni Kayannerea raonyh 
ne wakarihhoeni ne Raonigweaghfa Tfidehoewaya- 
danhare) ne Rorihhoeni kadouh Orighvvagwcgouh 
faddeweycndouh raouhage, ne karihhotea ne Ogh- 
whentfyage, ne na-karihhotea ne Karoughyagouh 
gayeah. Col, i. 20. 


352 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

How Chrift became Man. 

"DUT when the fulnefs of the time was come, 
■*-' God fent forth his Son made of a woman, made 
under the law. Gal. iv. 4. 

And in the fixth month, the angel Gabriel was 
fent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Naza- 
reth, S. Luke i. 26. 

To a virgin efpoufed to a man whofe name was 
Jofeph, of the houfe of David; and the virgin's 
pame was Mary. 27. 

And the angel came In unto her, and faid, Hail, 
thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with, 
thee: blefled art thou among w^onien. 28. 

And the angel faid unto her, Fear not, Mary: for 
thou haft found favour with God. 30. 

And behold, thou flialt conceive in thy wonib, 
and bring forth a fon, and ihalt call his name 
JESUS. 31. 

He fhall be great, and fhall be called the Son of 
the Higheft; and the Lord God Ihall give unto him 
the throne of his father David. 32. 

Then faid Mary unto the angel, How Ihall this 
be, feeing I know not a man? 34. 

And the angel anfwered and faid unto her. The 

Holy Ghoft Ihall come upon thee, and the power 

of the Higheft Ihall overfhadow thee : therefore 

alfo that holy thing which ihall be born of thee, 

* fliall be called the Son of God. 2>S' 





Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty Tsiniyoght^hare. ^Si 

fslniyawect'ouh Ongwe fahadouh Chrlji. 

C\^ et-hoghke ne tfiyehont-hewe et-ho nocwe, 
^^ yehhonha-ouh Niyoh Royca-ah ne Akonhcgh- 
t'yenke t'hahayeghtaghkvvc, wahaweanaragkwe ne 
Karivva. Gal. iv. 4. 

Nc Karoughyakeghronouh Gabriel Niyoh fakon- 
ha-ouhhadd'yeh ne Tfikanadaych Galilea-tferagouh 
koewayats Nazareth. S, Luke i. 26. 

Ne yaghtea-Kanaghkwayendery ne-neanne teyode- 
righwhiflbuh ne Ratlin ne Raoglifeana igea Jofeph, 
ne oghfcroeni Rodinoughfode David ; neoni ne A- 
Oghfeana yaghtea-Kanaghkwayendery Mary. 27. 

Neoni ne Karoughyakeghronouh wakodawey^- 
touh, wagearouh,Wadyefanogh\veradouh, cfo yefan- 
dearouh, ne Royaner yarighvvawafis, yefayadaderif- 
touh ne teyakodyeftouh Akonheghty-ogouh. 28. 

Neoni ne Karoughyakeghronouh wa-aweahhaghfe, 
toghfa tefadouhhareghrohhek, Mary : ikea Yendea- 
rouh Niyoghne farighwatfearryoh. 30. 

Neoni fadkaght-ho, Eaghfcnerone, neoni Ron- 
waye eaghtfadewedouh, neoni eaghcfenadoughkwe 
Ra-oghfeana Jefus. 31. 

Eahhakowaneahake, neoni ne Roewaye ne Ene- 
keaghtfy Eahhoevvanadoughkwe : neoni Niyoh nc 
Royaner ne eahawea Raonitlkwarak Ronihha Da- 
vid. 32. 

Et-hoghke Mary wa-aweah-haghfe ne Karough- 
yakeghronouh, Oghnoe-na-neayawea, yagh-tekhe- 
yendcry ne Etfin? 34. 

Neoni ne Karoughyakeghronouh tondady neoni 
wahaweah-haghfe, ne Ronigoughriyoghftouh eah- 
yadaweyadeah, neoni ne Racf-hatfteahk ne Enc- 
keaghtfy eafadeah-hararane : Nc cakarihhoni oni nc 
Akoyadadogeaghty ne eaf-hcyadevvedouh, Niyoh 
Roewaye eahoewanadoughkwe. 2S' 

Z z Neoni 

354 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

And fhe brought forth her firft-born fon, and 
wrapped him in Twaddling clothes, and laid him in 
a manger, becaufe there was no room for them in 
the inn. S. Luke ii. 7. 

And there were in the fame country fhepherds 
abiding in the field, keeping wajtch over their fiock 
bv night. 8. 

And lo_, the angel of the Lord came upon them, 
and the glory of the Lord Ihone round about 
them ; and they were fore afraid. 9, 

And the angel faid unto them, Fear not: for 
behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, 
which fliall be to all people. 10. 

For unto you is born this day, in the city of 
David, a Saviour, which is Chrift the Lord. 11. 

And this fhall be a fign unto you r Ye ihall find 
the babe wrapped in fwaddling clothes, lying in si 
manger. 12. 

And, fuddenly there was with the angel, a mul- 
titude of the heavenly hoft praifing God, and 
faying, 13. 

Glory to God in the higheft, and on earth 
peace, good will towards men. i^. 

And it came to pafs, as the angels were gone 
away from them into heaven, the fiiepherds faid 
one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, 
and fee this thing which is come to pafs, which the 
Lord hath made known unto us. 15. 





.. The SHEFHEIBJDS.^tj.- 
Birth of Chmfst. 

Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty Tsmiyoght-hare. ^^^ 

Neoni ondevvedouh ne tond'yereghte wahodewc- 
douh Ronwaye, nconi Onyadarah wahorajrhfe, ne- 
oni wagaye ne Karondotleragouh ; ne vvahocni Wa- 
hodlnaktayoh-haTfiyondavveyadaghkwa. &. LukeW.']. 

Neoni Et-ho-noenwe runcfe ne Radinoghnad- 
d'yefe ne Teyodinagarondof-ah, Kahhcant-hcah ra- 
didcrouh, neoni radlnoghne ne Raoditsena. 8. 

Neoni fadkaglit-holi, ne RaoroughyakeghroiK)uh 
ne Royaner oghfcroeny radikannyade, neoni nc 
Raoewefeaghtlera ne Royaner wahonadeah-harane ; 
neoni wat-honadouhharearouh ne kovvanea Tcyo- 
dohhaiearouhk. 9. 

Neoni ne Karoughyakeghionouh wakaweah- 
haghfe ronouhha, ne toghfa tefewadouh-harearouh : 
Ikea Tadkaght-hoh, wagwaghrory kowanea Yotfe- 
noenniyat, ne-neanne agwegouh Ongwehogouh tfini- 
yakawea. 10. 

ikea ncnc kea Weande waghtfifewadoenyafe nc 
Karoughyage Kahfakoyadeahawighte, ne-neannc 
Chrift ne Royaner, ne Raonadakouh David. 11. 

Neoni keagaye Eafaden'yendeaghfteah : eaght{- 
yadatfeary ne Raksa-ah Roewanyadaratferagwc- 
Rocny, neoni rayad'yony Karondotferagouh. 12. 

Neoni, oklaok, ne goneh ne Raroughyakeghro- 
nouh nc yotkate ne Kandyoghkwa Karoughyage 
tayeghte, roewancandoughlk Niyoh, nconi \va- 
irouh. 13. 

Oewefeaghtfera Niyoh nc Enekeaghtfy Tfitka- 
roughyage, neoni Kayannerea Ogh'.vhentlyage, ne 
Ongwehogouh waondaddenoewcne. 14. 

Neoni et-ho niyawea-ouh tfi onca ne Karough- 
yakeghronoogouh onca tfihocwadiyadondycah 
Karoughyage tfyonenoughtouh, nc Radinoghnc 
Tcyodinagarondoe-ah wat-hondadcahhaghfc, Gln- 
yoh devvaghdeandy a-eddeweghte Bethlehem, nconi 
a-cddcwatkaght-ho ne tfiniyawea-ouh et-ho noewe, 
ne nahotei ne Royaner tfinilbtigwayerca. 15. 

Z z 2 Nconi 

2 $6 Sentence f of the Holy Scriptures, 

And they came with hafte, and found Mary and 
Jofeph, and the babe lying in a manger. i6. 

Of Chri/Ts Life in this World. 

^njTHO did no lin, neirher was guile found in bis. 
^' mouth. I PeJ, ii. 22. 

Then thofe men, when they had feen the miracle 
that Jefus did, faid, This is of a truth that prophet 
that Ihould come into the world. ^. yohn, vi. 14. 

Ye men of Ifracl, hear thefe words ; Jefus of 
Nazareth, a man approved ot God among you, by 
miracles, and wonders, and figns, which God did by 
him m the midit of you, as ye yourfelves alfo know. 

^ Concerning Chriffs Death, 


E is defpifed and rejected of men, a man of 
forrows, and acquainted with grief : and we hid 

as it were our faces from him i he was defpifed, and 

we eiteemed him not, Ifa, liii, 3, 


HIE OfF£MW((^ of tke 

Three Kijcgs. 

iXmi tea im 1 -Ko)ra<i5iiliiera$5'e Roe v/awaJiiHif 

Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty ^siniyoghl-harf. 357 

Nconl wahonewe tehodi^hfterihhea-ouh, neoni 
wahaditfeary Mary, neoni Jofeph, neoni Raksa-ah 
rayadiyoeny Karondotfcragouh. 16. 

fsmyawea''OuhJtghron'he Chri/l m OgJnvhentJy^ge. 

"KjE-neanne yaghtea ot-henouh tchhorighwanncrca, 
^^ segouh yaghtea ot-henouh aj'akorichwatfcar- 
ryouh Raghffigouh af-hagonikour-hadeanin. 1 Pet, 
ii. 22. 

Et-hoghke ne-neanne Ongwekogouh yakotkaght- 
hoh ne Yod'yanadoub ne tfinihad'yerea Jefus, vva- 
irouh, nenekea tokeghike-oewe, ne Prophet-ikcah 
ne-neanne Oghwhentfyage rawih. S.yohnx'i. 14. 

Ife Sewatfin Ifraelhaga, ncnckca fewat-hoendat 
Tfinihaweanotea; Jefus ne Nazaret-haga, neRbngwc 
Niyoghne tefewad'yegftouh yetfinadoenis ne wa- 
karihhoni Kaef-hatfteaghfera neoni Yoncghrak- 
waghteannyouh, neoni Yodd'yanadouh, ne-neannc 
Niyoh tfinihod'yereane rorihhoeny ne fewanehhcr- 
rheah, ladeyought oni fewadery endure. JBs ii. 22. 

Tsmyaivea'ouh Rawiaheyht Chrijl. 

'T> Oewakeaghronihhaghkwe, neoni ne yaghtea 
"^ hoevvaraghkwah ne Ongwehogouh ; ne tfini- 
honoughwaktan'yocny, neoni Tehoewadenakeragh- 
touh Tfi wahha-hetkeaghrfy ; neoni niyadeyagouh 
waontkoughsaghfeghte nena-hoevvagea; Roewa- 
keaghronihhaghkwe, neoni yaghtef-hagwaraghkwoh. 
Ifa, liii. 3. 


^5^ Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

But he was wounded for our tranfgreffions, he 
was bruifed for our iniquities : the chaltifemenc of 
our peace was upon hiai, and with his ftripes we 
are healed. Ifa. liii. ^. 

Who his ownfelf bare our fins in his own body 
on the tree, that we being dead to fin, fhould live 
unto righteoufnefs : by whofe ftripes ye were 
healed. \ Pet. ii. 24. 

And we are witnefles of all things which he did, 
both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerufalem : 
whom they flew and hanged on a tree. A6is» x. 39. 

Looking unto Jefus the author and finiflier of our 
faith ; who, for the joy that was fet before him, 
endured the crofs, defpifing the fliame, and is fet 
down at the right hand of the throne of God. 
Heb. xii. 2. 

For Chrift alfo hath once fuffered for fins, the 
jufl: for the unjuft, (that he might bring us to God) 
being put to death in the flelh, but cjuickned by 
the Spirit, i Pet. iii. i8. 

But this man, after he had offered one facrifice 
for fins, for ever fat down on the right hand of 
God. Heb, x. 12. 




Kaghyadoghferadogtaghty Tsmlyoght-hare* 35^ 

Tfinihoyadawea-ouh ne wahocni Tfyongwaderigh- 
wadewaghtouh Rocwa-eafoch, nc wahocni Yongvvatf- 
wailannyouh tehoevvayadaghrlghtouh : ne wahoe- 
vvaghrevvdghte ne-neanne Kayanncrea waonk-hih- 
heghfe wahhoderighwakeghrohhaghfc ; nconi ne 
yorilihoeny Tfiinhonoughwhaktcan'ycny ne tfyonk- 
hiclyendaghkouh. Ifa. liii. 5. 

Nc-neanne raouha Ongwarighwancrakfcra Raya- 
dagonh rahavvyne Oyendage, ne wahoeni ayagweah- 
heyafe ne Karighhwannerea, nc Yodcrighwagwa- 
righfyouh ayak'yonheke: ne rorihhoeni Ra-onough- 
wakteaghfcra yetfufyendoiih. i Pet. ii. 24. 

Neoni yongwaderyendare nenahotea agvvegouh 
tfinihod'yereah, tctfyarouh ne I'fironadoghwhentf- 
yodea ne Jews nconi ne Jerufalem: ne-neannc roewar- 
ryoiih neoni Roewayat-hare Oyendage. Acls x. 39. 

Yontkaght-hos ne t'hihakowanca Sakoghf-hannefc 
neoni Royeritouh ne Tewightaghkouh ; Jefus nena- 
hotea, ne wahoeni ne Adonharak nc-neannc roewa- 
righwayeny, ne Tehoewayadanhare rodaghkatfli 
douh, neoni Adeheaghfera roewakeaghrony, neoni 
yehodd'yeah T/iraweyendeghtaghkouh Rafnonkc, 
Niyoh Tiirakoghfonde, Heh, xii. 2. 

Ikea Chrift oni roroyghyageandaghkouh ne wah- 
hoeny Karighwannerea, raouhha Rodderighwagwa- 
righfyouli ne akorivva yaghtea Yakodeiighwagwa- 
righfyouh, (ne wahoeni Niyoh ne aghfongwayat-^ 
hewe) ne-neanne roewarryoh ne Owagbrone, ok 
foeweayonhedouh ne waka;ihh6cni Kanigocra. 
I Pet, iii. 18. 

Ok nenegea Rongwe (ne na-ah Chrift) tfi-onea 
Rodatdeweandeaghrouh ne wahoeni ne Karigh- 
wannerea rodatdeweandeghraghkouh, yeheanderouh 
tfiniyeheawe 'I'iiraweyendcghtaghkouh Raiiiouk« 
Niyoh. Heb. x. 12. 

360 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

OfChrift's Refurremon. 

XITHO was delivered for our offences, and was 
^^ raifed again for our juflification. R0m.vf.2c,, 

And that he was buried, and that he rofe again 
the third day according to the fcriptures. i Cor. 
XV. 4. 

And we declare unto you glad tidings, how that 
the promife which was made unto the fathers, 
God hath fulfilled the fame unto us their children, 
in that he hath raifed up Jefus again. J^s xiii. 32, 33. 


Chrlfi afcended into Heaven, 

ND fhe went and told them that had been with 
him, as they mourned and wept. Mirk xvii. 10, 

And when he had fpoken thefe things, while they 
beheld, he was taken up, and a cloud received 
him out of their light. A5ts. i. 9. 

Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right 
hand of God, angels, and authorities, and powers, 
being made fubjed: unto him. i Pet, iii. 22. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghfy 'Tsimyoght^hare, 36 ; 

Ne tJimyawe^'Ouh fahatketfkouh Chrijl, 


'E-ncanne Rocwadawcandeghtaghkouh ne wahoe* 
ni Ongwarighwanneraklcra, neoni foewaketf- 
kouh ne wahoeni Af-hongwarighwagwadukvvaghfe. 
Rom. iv. 25. 

Neoni ne Roewayadat, neoni Soewaketfkweah 
neaghfea Niweghniferakeahhadont, ne Tfinikaghya* 
doughfeiotea. i Cor. xv. 4. 

Neoni Wagwarigh-howanaghtca ne yondaddewea- 
neandafe ne tfinihodiyadawca-oiih Yonk-hinihha, 
ne raouhha Niyoh fongwayeridouh Sakodiyea-ogoc- 
ah, et-hoghke fliotketfkouh Jefus. A^s. 32. 

Karoughyage fawenoghtouh Chr'ift. 

"VTE Royaner et-hoghke onea ne fadehodight- 
"*" harakweah ronouhha, Karoughyagoiih f-liawe- 
noghtouh, neoni yeheandcrouh I'firavveyendeghtagh- 
kouh ne Rafnonke Niyoh. Mark. xvi. 19. 

Neoni et-hone keangaye fahaweaneandane, ene- 
geah wahoewayadcahawighteh ne tfidihadikaghnc- 
ronnyouh, neoni Oghsondoghk wat-hoyadaghkwe 
tfidehadikanere. A^i i. 9. 

Ne-neannc yeheanderouh ne Tfiraweyendegh- 
taghkouh Rafnonke Niyoh, tef-hodeah Karoughya- 
goiih nongadyh ; Ne Yeroughyakeghronouh, neoni 
Yakogwennyadannyoiih, neoni Yc-el-hatflefe, fako- 
hatTeroenio;hnc. i Vet. iii. 22. 

A a a TsiH!yod*yhe» 

362 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures. 

Concerning Chrijl^s fitting at the Right Hand of 
Gody and making Inter cejfion for us. 

T>UT we fee Jefus, who was made a little lower 
■*-' than the angels, for the fufFering of death, 
crowned with glory and honour ; that he by the 
grace of God Ihould tafte death for every man. 
Heb, ii. 9. 

Stephen being full of the Holy Ghoft, looked up 
fledfaftly into heaven, and faw the glory of God, 
and Jefus ftanding on the right hand of God. 
^^ vii. e^i^. 

Who is he that condemncth ? It is Chrift that 
died, yea, rather, that is rifen again, who is even at 
the riglit hand of God, who alfo maketh interceffion 
for us. Rom. viii. 34. 

But this man, becaufe he contlnueth ever, hath 
an unchangeable priefthood. Heh, vii. 24. 

Seeing then that we have a great high pried, that 
is pafled into the heavens, Jefus the Son of God, 
let us hold fall our profeflion. Hih, iv. 14. 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty fsiniyoght-hare, 365 

^siniyod'yerea tjiyehehfiderouh ChrKi T'siraweyen" 
deghtaghkouh Rafnonke Nyoh^ neoni tjinit-ha- 
d'yerha I'eghjongwadereanayeny* 

/'■^K Waf-hagwatkaght-hoh Jefus, ne Oewe- 
^^ feaghtfera neoni Yotkonnyeft tchot-wanoewa- 
vanhaftouh ; ne-neanne Owaghrone kanighra-ah ro- 
do-6e-ne ne tfiniyeyadoteah Yeroughyakeghrunouh, 
ne yorihhoni tfinihoroughyageali ne Keaheyouh, 
ne wahoeni raouiiha aharihhoni ne Raodearat Nl- 
yoh Ongwehogouh ne af-hakaweaheyafe. Heb. ii. 9. 

Stephen rod'yenyh rananouh ne Ronigoughri- 
youghftouh, neoni Wahagaghraketfkouh wahat- 
kaght-hoh Karoughyage nongady, ne Wahatkaght- 
hoh Ra-oe we feaghtfera Niyoh, neoni Jefus iradde 
Tfiraweyendeghtaghkouh Rafnonke Niyoh. AE\s 
vii. s^. 

Oughka ne OnefTeah eayakoyadoendy ? Chrlft 
ne-neanne Ravveahheyouh, et-ho ne fuhha ne-ncan- 
ne oni fongwakfetfkouh, ne-neanne oni tfirawe- 
yendeghtaghkouh Rafnonke Niyoh yeheanderouh, 
ne-neanne oni Teghfongwadereanayeny. Rom.'^\\\. 34. 

Ne wakarihhoeni nenekea Rongwc, ne wahoeni 
ne tfiniyeheawe onea tfineayoughtoiih, yaghtc- 
waghtoghfe Sakorighhonyenifk. Heb. vii. 24. 

Ayeka-eayouh et-hoghke Rakowanea Son- 
gwarihhonyeny yongwayea, nc-neanne tehhodohetf- 
touh ne Karoughyage-hogouh, nc-neanne Jefus ne 
Niyoh Roewaye, kinyouh nenekea yongwaye- 
nawagoehak yongwaweanonda-ouh. Heb. iv. 14. 

Aaa 2 l^i 

a 64 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Concerning Chrift's commanding his Difiiples to preach the 
Gofpel to the fVorld, and Baptifm, 

J^ O ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing 
^^ them in the name of the Father, and of the 
Son, and of the Holy Ghofl. S. Mattk xxviii. 19. 

He that believeth and is baptized, fhallbe faved; 
but he that believeth not, Ihall be damned, S. Mark 
xvi. 16. 

Then Peter faid unto them, Repent, and be 
baptized every one of you, in the name of Jefus 
Chrill, for the remiflion of fins, and ye fhall re» 
ceive the gift of the Holy Ghoft. Acis ii. 38. 

For the promife is unto you, and to your child» 
ren, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the 
Lord our God Ihall call, 39, 

Then they that gladly received his word, were 
baptized : and the fame day there were added unto 
them about three thoufand fouls. 41, 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty I'siniydght-hare. 365 

Ne tfiniyodyerea ne Sakoriglmmnyeghtouh ase Raorigh* 
wijfa-aghtferadogeagbty Chijl ne Raod'youghkwa ne 
akorighwaghnodouhhattyefe ne Toglrjohentfyadc, neoni 
tjinikarihbbteh ne l^ondatnekojferas. 

"VT'-Afevvaghtand'yonkoh ferihhonnyh agwcgouh 
ne OngvvehogoLih, ne fa-cyadat eayondat'nc- 
kofleraghwe ne Raghfeanagouh ne Raniha, nconi 
ne Rocwaye, neoni ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh. 
Matth. xxviii. 19. 

Ne-neanne eand'yakawighraghkouh neoni ca- 
yondatnekofserhonke, Karoughyagc eaycghte ; ok 
ne-neanne yaghtea tyakawightaghkonc, Onegh- 
feah eayeghte. S. Mark x\\. \6. 

Et-hoghke Peter waghfakavveahhaghfe ronouhha, 
fewaddatrewaght, neoni niyadetfyouh ayondatnckof- 
feraghwe ne Raghfeanagouh Jefus Chrift, eantfyon- 
dadderighwiyoughftaghkouh ne Karighwannerea, 
neoni fewayendafere ne Raodycfea ne Ronigough- 
riyoughftoh. AEis ii. 38. 

Ikea yetfiweniyoughftouh ne Tfineayavvca, neoni 
Seyea-oegoc-ah, nconi agwcgouh nencanne inouh 
yeyeafe, et-ho-nikouh tfineaf-hakoroughyehhare ne 
Royaner Ongwaniyoh. 39. 

Ne-neanne et-hoghke Wahoewaweanoewene vvai- 
yena, Waondatnekofferahhoeh, neoni ne Sa-cgh- 
niferat wa-eyefte_kca-nikouh aghfeah Niwcanyawc-r 
cghtferaghfeah Adonhetfl. 41. 


j66 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Concerning the Lord *s Supper. 

A ND he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake 
"^^ it, and gave unto them, faying, This is my body 
which is given for you : this do in remembrance of 
me. S. Luke xxii. 19. 

Likewife alfo the cup after fupper, faying. This 
cup is the new teflament in my blood, which is 
Ihed for you. 20. 

For I have received of the Lord, that which alfo 
I delivered unto you, that the Lord Jefus, the fame 
night in which he was betrayed, took bread : 
I Cor. xi. 23. 

And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and 
faid, Take, eat ; this is my body, which is broken 
for you : this do in remembrance of me. 24. 

After the fame manner alfo he took the cup, when 
he had fupped, faying, This cup is the new tefla- 
ment in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink 
it, in remembrance of me. 25. 

For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink 
this cup, ye do Ihew the Lord's death till he come. 

Wherefore, whofoever ihall eat this bread, and 
drink this cup of the Lord unworthily, Ihall be 
guilty of the body and blood of the Lord, 27. 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghiy Tsiniyoght'hare. ofi^ 

Ne tfmiyod'ycrea ne Tekartghwakeahhadont ne Royaner 

^^EONI Wat-hanadaraghkwe, neoni onea tfiho- 
**■ doereah, wat-hayakhoeh, neoni waghf-hakawea, 
wahhearouh, nene Kyeronke nenahotea ise Se- 
wariwa wa-etsiyouh Eayongweghyaghrafeke. ^S*. Luke 
xxii. 19. 

Sadeyought oni Katfe yeghnekighrat-ha ne onea 
Kakonke Yokarafk-ha, vvahearouh, nenekea Katfe 
Yeghnekighrat-ha ne afe Tekaweanonda-ouh Akeni- 
gweaghfagouh, nenahotea Ise Sewariwa Wakrihhre. 

Ikea Royanerhne wakyendaghkouh, nenahotea 
oni kyawane nlse, ne Royaner Jefus, ne Aghfont- 
hea-ouh et-hoghke fahoewanikorhatea, ne wat-ha- 
nadaragh-kwe. i Cor. xi. 25. 

Neoni onea fahhadoereah wat-hayakhoeh, neoni 
wahhearouh, Tfyena, fek : Nen'Akyeronke, neWati. 
yetfiyakhoehaghfe : et-ho na-fewayer eayonkvvigh- 
yaghrafeke. 24. 

Sadeyought Wat-hatsedaghkwe yeghnekighrat- 
ha, ne onea Kakonke ne Yokaralkha, neoni wah- 
hearouh, Nenekea Katfe yeghnekighrat-ha ne ase 
Tekaweanonda-ouh Akenigweaghsakouh: et-ho ne 
fewayer, tfinikouh ne eafewaghnekirah, eayonkvvigh- 
yaghrafeke. 25. 

Ikea tfinikohk keankayea Kanadarouhk eafewake, 
neoni nenekea Katfe eafewaghnekirah, ferihhowa- 
naght ne Raweaheyat ne Royaner ne tfinadant'h- 
re. 26. 

Ne kady wahoeni oughkakiok yaghtea yakotfero- 
nyaghkont-houh keah-gayca eayenadarake, neteas nc 
Raotfe Yeghnekighrat-ha ne Royaner eayeghne- 
gira, ne-ncanne eayakotkarayehaghfe ne Raoye- 
ronke neoni Raonegweaghfa Royaner. 27. 


368 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures* 

But let a man examine himfelf, and fo let him 
cat of that bread, and drink of that cup. 28. 

Concerning Repentance* 

T> EPENT ye therefore and be converted, that 
-*-^ your fins may be blotted out, when the times 
of refrelhing Ihall come from the prefence of the 
Lord. A6ls iii. 19. 

If we confefs our fins, he is faithful and juft to 
forgive us our fins, and to cleanfe us from all un- 
righteoufnefs. i John i. 9. 

Let the wicked forfake his way, and the un- 
righteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto 
the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him, and 
to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. Ifa. Iv. 7. 

I tell you, Nay: but except ye repent, ye Ihall 
all likewife perifh. ^S". Luke xiii. 3. J 

He that covereth his fins, fhall not profper : but 
whofo confefleth and forfaketh them, fliall have 
mercy, Prov. xxviii. 13. 

Likewife I fay unto you. There is joy in the 
prefence of the angels of God, over one finncr that 
repenteth. S, Luke, xv. 10. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty I'smlyoghf-hare. ofii) 

Ok ne Ongwe eayoudatden3^endeaghfte akaouhha, 
neoni eayeke nene kea Kanadarouhk, neoai eayegh- 
nekiraii nenekea Katfe yeghnekighradaghkwa. 28. 

'Ne tjinaysyere Ajondatrezvaghte» 

QAladevveyendonh kady, neoni fadat-threwaght, ne 
*^ vvahoeni Sarighwanaerakfera aonfayenohhare, et- 
hoglike ne wadogea ne eayakawiftoghte eawawe, ne 
Tfirakoghfonde ne Royaner. ASls iii. 19. 

Eageahake Ongwarighwanerakfera eayagwagh- 
fweaghfeke, Rodoweanodaghkwa neoni Roderigh- 
wakvvarighfyouh ne vvaf-hongwarighwiyoghfteah ne 
Karighwannerea, neoni waf-hongwanohharefe ne 
agwegouh Tiinitfongwaderighwadewaghtouh. i John 

»• 9- ^ . 

Ne Yakorighwanerakikouh eayakonhhondy tfi- 

niyeyadotea, neoni ne Rorighivanhighfe Rennogh- 
tonyoughs : neoni Royanerhne eayond'yadon- 
dycghte, kea-na-yoghtouh raouhha eafeghf-hako- 
deare ; neoni Ongwanlyoghne, ikea faf-hakorigh-* 
v/iyoughfteah Teyorighwanedarryoh. Ifa, Iv. 7. 

Wakoyehhaghfe, Yaghtea : okeakcah.tke yaghtea 
tfy9ndat-hrewaghtane, fewagwegouh ladeayough- 
touh watoghfere. S. Lukd xiii. 3. 

Ne-neanne Yerighwaghfeght-ha Tfinitfyonderigh- 
wadewaght-ha, yaght-ha yakoyannereaghfe : Ok ne 
neanne waondoenderene eayonghtkawe, Adadidea- 
roLili yakoyendafere. Frov. xxviii. 13. 

Keaniyought wagweahhaghfe, yonatfenoeny ne 
Raoroiighyakeghronouh Niyoh wahoeni tfyeyadat 
YakorighwannerafKOuh ne-neanne eatfyondat-hrc- 
vvaghte. 5. Luke xv. 10. 

Bb b iVtf 

370 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Of Faith in Chriji, 

TTR that hath the Son, hath life ; and he that 
** hath not the Son of God, hath not life, i John 

V. 12. 

Thefe things have I written unto you that believe 
on the name of the Son of God ; that ye may know 
that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on 
the name of the Son of God. 13. 

Neither is there falvation in any other : for there 
is none other name under heaven given among men 
whereby we mull be faved. J^lsiv, 12. 

And this is life eternal, that they might know 
thee the only true God, and Jefus Chrift whom 
thou haft fent. S. John xvii. 3. 

And this is the will of him that fent me, that, 
every one which feeth the Son, and believeth on 
him, may have everlafting life: and I will raife 
him up at the laft day. S. John vi. 40. 

For God fo loved the world, that he gave his 
only begotten Son, that whofoever believeth in 
him, Ihould not perifh, but have everlafting life. 
S, John iii. 16. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty I'simyoght^hare. 37: 

A^^ tjinayoughtouh A-ondayakazvtghtaghkouh Chr'tjl 

"VTENEANNE yakoyea ne Roewaye, ne neanne 
"^ Yakonheghtferayeah ; ne neanne yaghtea ya- 
koyea ne Niyoh Roewaye, ne neanne yaghtea Ya- 
konheghtferayea. i John v. 12. 

Nenekea n'Akarihotea kwaghyadoefe ne neanne 
eand'yakawightaghkouh ne Raghfeanagoiih ne Ni- 
yoh Roewaye ; newahoeni afaderiyendarake eah- 
fayendane ne tfiniyeheawe Eghsonheke, neoni ne 
wahoeni tefeghtaghkouh ne Raghfeanagouh ne 
Niyoh Roewaye. 13. 

Segouh yaghtea ne oya Karoughyage ayontfenO'- 
nyadaghkwe : Ikea yaghtea Kaghfeanaye tfinit-Ka- 
roughyage tfinit'Youghwhentfyage ne neanne On- 
gwehogouh ne Ayondatfeannawy ne akarihhoeni 
Karoughyage ayontfenoenyadaghkwe. j^s iv. 12. 

Neoni keangayea ne tfiniyeheawe Eayakonhekc, 
ne yefayendery ne n'lse ne togefke-oewe fayadat 
Niyoh, neoni Jefus Chrilt ne neanne Eghtfenha- 
ouh. S. John xvii. 3, 

Neoni keagayea ne Tfinireghr*e ne neanne ra- 
kenhaouhhadd'yeh, ne niyadeyagouh ne neanne ne 
eahhoewatkaght-ho Roewayea, neoni raouhha t'fe- 
ragouh eand'yakawightaghkouh, ne tfiniyeheawe 
Eayakonheke: neoni eankheketikouh Tfineawadegh- 
niferoktea. .S". John. vi. 40. 

Ikea et-ho nihanoroughkwe Niyoh ne Yogh- 
whentfyade, ne Raouhhah roddcwedouh Roewaye 
fakowy, ne wahoeni niyadeyagouh ne-neanne ra- 
ouhha-tferagouh eandyakawightaghkouh, yaght-ha 
yedakseane, ok ne tfiniyeheawe Eayakonhennyonke. 
^S". John iii. 16. 

Bbb2 A'.- 

72 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Of Obedience. 

T_rE hath fiiewed thee, O man, what is good; and- 
"*"*• what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do 
juftly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with 
thy God > Micah vi. 8. 

And befides this, giving all diligence, add to 
your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge ; 2 Pet, 
!. 5. 

And to knowledge, temperance ; and to temper- 
ance, patience ; and to patience, godlinefs ; 6. 

And to godlinefs, brotherly kindnefs ; and to 
brotherly kindnefs, charity. 7. 

For if thefe things be in you, and abound, they 
make you that you Ihall neither be barren, nor un- 
fruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jefus Chriil, 

For the grace of God that bringeth falvation, 
hath appeared to all men ; Tit. ii. xi. 

Teaching us, that denying ungodlinefs, and 
wordly lulls, we fhould live foberly, righteoufly, 
3,nd godly in this prefent world. 12, 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty Tslniyoght-hare, 373 

'Me tfinayoughtouh ne Ayont-hoendatfekc, 

"OAOUHHA yetfirighboewanaghteany, O Tfyon- 
•^ gwe, nenaliotea liiniyoyannere; nconi oghna- 
hotea ne Royaner yanekeanis, ne ok Yothf-tackwa- 
righfycah tfineaghs'yere, nroni Yoyannereaghtfera 
eaghfenoughweleke, neoni Kanigoeragouh ne eaye- 
efeke ne Saniyoghne ? Micah vi. 8. 

Neoni ne fagat oni, agwegouh eaghtfatftenya- 
reah-yeghf-hewe, yehaf-hew Tlitefeghtaghkouh Yo- 
yannerele, neoni ne Tiiyoyannerefe Yonth-togat-ha. 
2 Fet. i. 5. 

Neoni ne Tfiyonth-togat-ha Ayondeweyendouh, 
neoni ne Tfi-ayondeweyendouh Ayondaghkatftad- 
de, neoni ne Tii-ayondagbkattladde Ayakorighwi- 
yoghfteah. 6. 

Neoni ne Tfi-akorighwiyoghilouh Ondaddegeaoc- 
goe-ah Tayondaddenornghgwake, neoni ne Tfi-on- 
daddegea-ah Teyondaddenoroughkwa agwegouh 
Tayondaddenoroughkvvake. y. 

Ikea nenegca Eafarighwayendake, ne- 
oni eayotkadeke, yaghtea s'ogouh, scgouh eakane- 
hoendea ne Atli-togatferagouh Songwayaner Jefus 
Chrifl. 8. 

Ikea ne Karoughyage Yontfenoeniyadaghkwa 
Raodearat Niyoh, lakod'yaddadady agwegouh On- 
gwehogouh. Tit.'n. \\, 

Takwarihhonnyh, ne Karighwannerakfera, neoni 
ne Oghvvhentfya Yonoff-hcah ayagwayadondy, aya- 
gwadeweyendouh, nconi ayoderighwagwarighfyeah, 
nconi ayongwarighwiyoghftouh tfi-ayak'yonheke 
ncnckca Youghwhcntfyade. 12. 


374 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures* 

Concerning Prayer. 

AND whatfoever ye fhall aik in my name, that 
■^ will I do, that the Father may be glorified in 
the Son. S. John xiv. 13. 

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of 
grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace 
to help in time of need. Heb, iv. i6. J 

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon 
him, to all that call upon him in truth. Pfal. 
cxlv. 18. 

I exhort therefore, that firft of all, fupplications, 
prayers, interceffions, and giving of thanks be 
made for all men : i 'Tim. ii. i. 

For kings, and for all that are in authority ; that 
we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all god- 
linefs and honefty. 2. 

Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God 
in the heavens. Lam. iii. 41, 

Of Thank/giving. 

CONTINUE in prayer, and watch in the fame 
* with thankfgiving. Col, iv. 2. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty 'Tsimyoght-hare* 375 

Ne tjintkarihhotea Adereanayent, 

]S^EONI tfiok-nahotca eaghfenoff-haghfeke KYea- 
■^ nakouh, ne et-ho nenkyere, ne wahoeni ne Ra- 
nihane Roewaye-t'feragouheahhoewefaghte. S.John 
xiv. 13. 

Kinyouli ne Yongwayadaghnckarouh et-ho ya- 
cddewe ne Tfit-hakoghfonde ne Kandearouh, ne 
wahoeni ayongwayendane Enidareghfera, neoni Kan- 
dearouh ayagwatfeary ne wahoeni ayonkighfni-e- 
nouh ne Tfineawatkannoeny et-ho-noewe. Heb» 
iv. 16. 

Ne Royaner t'hohah irefe agwegouh ne neanne 
roewarughyehha, ne Tokeghfke-oewe-tferagouh. 
Ffal cxlv. 18. 

Wakoyeyeah ne wahoeni, Orighwagwegouh ne 
ne tfineayeyere, Eaheyeniteaghtea, Addereanayent, 
Eayondaddereanayehaghfe, Eayondoeghreanihheke 
ne agwegouh Ongwehogouh. i Tim. ii. i. 

Eahhoeweanad'yerafe Koraghko-atfouh, neoni a- 
gwegouh ne neanne Yondaddenageraghtouh, ne 
wahoeni fkeanea t'hakeahake neoni Tfi-ayak'yon- 
heke tfinayoghtouh agwegouh Ayongwarighwiyogh- 
ftouh, neoni Ayotkonnyeghfteah. 2. 

Kmyouh Dewaderiaghfaketlkouh fadeayough- 
touh ne Akwafnonke Niyoghne ne Karoughyage, 
Lam. iii. 41. 

Ne l^ondoghrat-ha, 

T^Addogca-niyoghtouhhak ne Sadereanayent, ne- 

•■^ oni fadyeghwatea ne sagat ne Aghfadoughrean- 

nihheke. Col. iv. 2. 


^'■j6 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Giving thanks always for all things unto God 
and the Father, in the name of our Lord Jefus 
Chrill. Eph.w 20. 

In every thing give thanks : for this is the will 
of God in Chrift Jefus concerning you. 1 Tbef.\, 


Blefs the Lord, O my foul : and all that is within 
me, blefs his holy Name. Pfal. ciii. i. 

Of Watchfulnefs of our Thoughts, tVbrds, and Mions, 

I. Of our l^houghts* 

TT^OR out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, 
-*• m.urders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, falfe 
witnefs, blafphemies. S.Matth.xv. 19. 

Thefe are the things which defile a man : but to 
eat with unwafhen hands, defileth not a man. 20. 

2. Of our IVords. 

GOOD maa out of the good treafure of the 
heart, bringeth forth good things : and an evil 

man, out of the evil treafure, bringeth forth evil 

things. S, Matth, xii. ^S' 



Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty fsimyoght-hare. 3 7 j 

Ayondoerea tyutkoh ne ayoeni Orighwagwe- 
gouh Niyoh neoni ne Ranihha, ne Kaghleanagouh 
Songvvayaner Jefus Chrift. Eph» v. 20. 

Eghtladoerea Nlyoh agwegeofe ikca: kean- 
gaye ne Tfinireghr'he Jefus Chrift tTerag-ouh iset^e. 

Eghtfeneandouh ne Royaner Akwadonhetft, ne- 
oni agwegouh tfiniwat Gyadakouh Raoghfeanado- 
geaghty. Pfalm ciii. i. 

Ne Ayondyeghwddaghkwe ne zvahb^ni Ongwanoghton- 
y ought fer ay Tslniyondadh neoni Akodeweyena, 

I . Ne 2'agzvanoghtonnyoughkwa, 

TKEA ne Akaweriyane koughteandiyefe kaghfcro- 
"*• hea Wanoghtonnyouh, Waondadderiyoh, Ka- 
naghgvva-Ycrighvvanneraks, Yenofkwaghs, Te- 
yondatlnyenos Yakon6\vea,Yondadd'yefaghtannyohs. 
S.Matth. XV. 19. 

Nenekea n'Akarihhotea ne neanne ne Ongweho- 
gouh Yagodaksat-ha : ok ne wk-ekc yaghte Ya- 
kogh-tfyohhare yaght-ha yagodaksate ne Ongwe- 
hbgouh. 20. 

2. Ne Tagzvadad-d'yat-ha, 

NE yakea-Ongwediyofe Karighwiyofe tfiniyeyerha 
ne t'kayageanfe Akaweriyane ne yoyannerc 
kayenda-ouh : neoni ne yeghferohea Ongwe Ogh- 

C c c feroheanda 

378 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures. 

But I fay imto yon, That every idle word that 
men lliall fpeak, they fhall give account thereof in 
fhe day of judgment. S. Matth. 36. 

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of 
your mouth, but that which is good to the ufe of 
edifying, that it may minifter grace unto the 
hearers. Eph. iv. 29. 

But fornication, and all uncleannefs, or covetouf- 
nefs, let it not be once named amongft you, as 
bccometh faints : Eph. v. 3. 

Neither filthinefs, nor foolilh talking, nor 
jefiing, which are not convenient: but rather giving 
of thanks. 4. 


Of our ABions. 

T ET your light fo fliine before men, that they 
"^ may fee your good works, and glorify your 
Father which is in heaven. S. Alatth. v. 16. 

For we muft all appear before the judgment-feat 
of Chrifl; that every one may receive the things 
done in his body, according to that he hath done, 
whether it be good or bad. 2 Cor. v. 10. 

That ye may be blamelefs and harmlefs, the fons 
of God, without rebuke, in the midft of a crooked 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty Tsiniyoght^hare. ^^^ 

feroheanda tfiniyeyerha kayageafe ne Kaghferohea 
yakoyenda-ouh. S. Matth. xii. 35. 

Ok wakoyehhaghfe, ne Tfiiiiyakodeweanaksa- 
touh nenahotea ne Ongwehogouh tfiniyakodadyh, 
nene sagat Eayefarighhodaghs'yafe ne Tfinadeant- 
heaghroughfa Eaweghnileradeke. 36. 

Yaghtea Yodakfea taghfcweninnegeane, ok Ea- 
karighwhiyohake tfinayawea ne ayontfenoeniya- 
daghkwe ayakorihhoeny, ne wahoeni yakodehhe 
ne neanne ne Yakot-hoende. Eph. iv.' 29. 

Ok Kanaghkvva-Yerighwanneraks, neoni agwe- 
gouh Yodakfeanfe, neteas Kaniyoughfera, toohfa 
ne ayetfinadoghkwe, fadeayoghtouh ne Akoyada- 
dogeaghty Akodeweyena. Eph. v. 3. 

Segouh yaght-ha-Yotkonnyoghftouh, segouh Ya- 
korighwagateh, neteas Yekonnat-hah, nenahotea 
yaghtea et-ho t'hayeyere : ok fuhha efo eayondough- 
reanihheke. 4. 

3 . Ne . Tsyniyagzuadycrha. 

T^Inyouh Tefaghfwat-hek keanayoghtouh Ahodi- 
•*-^ raghkotea ne Ongwehogouh, ne yahhontkaght- 
ho Sayodeaghferiyofe, neoni lyaniliha ne neanne 
ne Karoughyagoiih yeheanderouh caghroewcfaghte. 
S. Matth. V. 16. 

Ikea dewagwegouh cayonkhirighhodaghs'yafc 
nc tfinoewe eaheantfkwarake Chrift, ne wahoeni 
niyadeyagouh eayehawighte nenahotea tfiniyod'ye- 
rea Eycronke, ne tfiniyond'yerhaghkwe, ne Eayo- 
yannereke neteas Yodakfea. 2 Cor. v. 10. 

Ne wahoeni tfinaghfy'adodeahake aghfadewe- 
yenoeny neoni afaderighwagwarighfyuh, NiyoW 
Sakoyea-goe-ah a-ondouh, yaght-ha-yondatrevvagh- 

C c c 2 tane 

280 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures. '' 

and perverfe nation, among whom ye ihlne as lights 
in the world. Fhil, ii. 15. 

Concerning the Obfervation of the Lord's Day. 

Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day, Sec. is the 
Fourth Commandment. 

A ND hallow my fabbaths; and they Ihall-be a fign 
■^ between me and you, that ye may know that 
J am the Lord your God. Ezek, xx. 20. 

Of the Duties of Hufhand and Wife. 

rjUSBANDS, love your wives, and be not bitter 
"*■* againft them. Col.m. 19. 

Wives, fubmit yourfelves unto your own hufbands, 
as unto the Lord. Eph. v. 22. 

For the hufband is the head of the wife, even as 
Chrift is the head of the church : and he is the 
Saviour of the body. 23. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty 'Tslniyoght-hare, 38 1 

tane Raodineaherh-bane, teyotsaktouh neon'i te- 
yotkarhadennyouh Eghnlgwaghfa, nenahbtea tfini- 
yought Tekaghfwat-hct-ha ne Oghwhentfyage. 
PhtL ii. 15. 

Ne tftniyodyerea ne TentJieHJi-ha Razvighnifera ne 

Saderiyendarakfeweandadogeaghjloh'hak ne Sabbath , &c. 
ne Kayenhhadont IVeany. 

CEweandadogeaghtieft akwagh n'l-Ih Sabbath-ho- 
^ konh ; neoni ne Eahoewadden'yen-deaghflouh 
teddewanihokouh neoni tefewanihhogouh, ne wa- 
hoeny afewaderyendarake, ne I-Ih ne G'yaner fa- 
Niyoh. Ezek. xx. 20. 

Ne tjineayakoyerea ne Etjin neoni 'Teghniderouh, 

CEwatfynhogouh, yetfiiioroughkwak Tefewean- 
*^deroub, neoni toghla feghfweaghfek. CoL iii. 19. 

Sewanheghtyogoe-ah yetiSwenaraghkwak ne Te- 
feweanderouh, tfiniyought ne Royanerhne. Eph. v. 

Ikea ne Ratfin ne Roewakowanea ne Teghnide- 
rouh, fadcyought oni Chrift ne Roewakowanea ne 
Qnoghfadokeaghtige; neoni Royenawagouh neAko- 
yeronda. 23, 


382 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures* 

Of the Duties of Parents towards Children, 

'T'RAIN up a child in the way he fhould go : and 
■*■ when he is old, he will not depart from it. 
Trov, xxii. 6. 

My fon, hear the inftruftion of thy father, and 
forfake not the law of thy mother. Prov. i. 8. 

Chaften thy fon while there is hope, and let not 
thy foul fpare for his crying. Prov. xix. 18. 

And thefe words which I command thee this day, 
Ihall be in thine heart. Dent. vi. 6. 

And thou (halt teach them diligently unto thy 
children, and Ihalt talk of them when thou fittefl in 
thine houfe, and when thou walked: by the way, and 
when thou lieft down, and when thou rifefl up. 7. 

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to 
wrath : but bring them up in the nurture and ad- 
monition of the Lord. Eph. vi. 4. 

He that fpareth his rod, hateth his fon : but he that 
loveth him, chaftneth him betimes, Prov, xiii. 

Of the Duties of Children tozvards their Parents* 

Honour thy Father and thy Mother, &c. is the Fifth 
Commandment . 

/CHILDREN, obey your parents in all things : 
for this is well-pleafing unto the Lord. Col. iii. 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty 'Tsimyoght-hare, 3 8 -> 

Ne Tshieafdkodiyerdfe Takodiwedouh Sakodiyea-oegoe-ah, 

CErlhhonn)^ ne Ikfakoe-ah ne eandewad'yereaghte 
fadaghfaweah tfineayoghtouh ne eayeyfcke : tfi- 
onea eayond'yadlffah, ne yaght-ha koewayadoendyh. 
Prov. xxii. 6. 

Kyeah, fat-hoendat ne Yaghrifl-ha l-yanlh-ha, ne- 
oni toghfa iffiya-farihhoendy nc Sarihhoenyenis Sa- 
nifteahha. Prov, \. 8. 

Eghtfaghrifthak Eghtfyea-ah tfinahhe yorharatfl:, 
neoni toghfa tehonoughyanik Sadonhetftne wahoeni 
tehaflea-et-hofk. Prov. xix. 18. 

Nenegea Tfinikaweanake ne neanne tfinakonhane 
oewa^ Seriyaghfakouh eawadaghke. Deut, vi. 6. 

Neoni Seyea-ogoe-ah eahoewanikoughradda, ne- 
oni ne eaghfadadd'yadaghkwe Sanoughsagouh tfiyeh- 
lietikodake, neoni eafewat-hahhidak-he, neoni tfi- 
ne-aghsaradde, neoni tfi-'neaghfatketfkoeh. 7. 

Neoni Ise Yetfinihha toghfa fenakvveany Seyea- 
ogoe-ah : ok feyeghyareah ne ferihhonnyenlhhek 
neoni feyeghyehhek ne Royaner. Eph. vi. 4. 

Ne neanne Raon-h'ya yoadeweyendoes, roghf- 
weaghfe Roye-ah : ok ne neanne ronoroughkwa, ok- 
t'ha-onea na roghfoghkwawiff-hous. Prov, xiii. 24. 

Ne tfmeah-fakodiyerafe Radikfa-ogoe-ah ne Roezvanade- 

Eghtfionnyouhjl-hak lyanihha neoni Sanijleahha, Sec, 
ne fVi/kbadont IVeany. 

CEwakfagoe-ah, feweanaraghk'wak Ycfadewcdouh 
^ okt-hiorighwagwegouh: ikea ne Royaner nc 

rariffhwanoewefe. CoL iii. 20. ^ , n 

^ Eghtikon 

384 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Honour thy father and mother (which Is the firft 
commandment with promife). Eph. vi. 2. 

The eye that mocketh at his father, and defpifeth 
to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley ihall 
pick it out, and the young eagles Ihall eat it. Prov, 
XXX. 17. 

Whofo curfeth his father or his mother, his lamp 
ihall be put out in obfcure darknefs. Prov, xx. 20. 

For God commanded, faying, Honour thy father 
and mother: and, He that curfeth father or mother, 
let him die the death. S, Matth. xv. 4. 

Of the People's Duty towards their Minifters. 

BEY them that have the rule over you, and 
fubmic yourfclves : for they watch for your 
fouls, as they that muft give account : that they 
may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is 
unprofitable for you. Heb. xiii. 17. 


Let the elders that rule well, be counted worthy 
of double honour, efpecially they who labour in 
the word and dodtrine. i ^im. v. 1 7. 

Let him that is taught In the word, communicate 
unto him that teacheth, in all good things. Gal. vi. 6. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty tmlyoght-hare, 385 

Eghtfkonyouhhftak I-yanihha, nconi Sanifteahha, 
nenahoteane t'yod'yereghtouh Weany ne Aweanean- 
da-ouh. Rph. vi. 2. 

Ne Eakaghtegc ne Rotfawaenoriyat-ha Ronihha, 
neteas ne koewakeaghro-nihhe ne Ondatdenifteahha 
akoewawenondy, ne neanne Tfyoka\vego-ah ca- 
yakodikaghtaweye, neoni ne Adenawireghtoe-ah 
Odoen-yont eakoendike. Trov. xxx. i 7. 

Oughkakiok Ronihha neteas Roniftcahha ea- 
yondevveandeghte, ne Aohhogada eayoefwaghte 
Aghsadakouh tfitkahonly. Prov. xx. 20. 

Ikea fakaweany Niyoh, ravveah, Eghfkonnyoft- 
hak lyaniha neoni Sanifteahha: neoni oughkakiok 
Ronihha neteas Ondatdenifteahha eayondevvcan- 
deghte, ne neanne eaya-ihheye-oewe. Matth. xv. 4. 

'Ne tfmeahoewaycrafe ne Ongwehogouh RaditfthuhJ- 


CEweanaraghkwak Yefaheandeafc, neoni feyat- 
*^ hondadihhck: ikea ronouhha koewad'yeghwa- 
danyh Sewadonhetft, ne neanne cahhoewaciirih-ho- 
daghs'yafe ; ne wahoeni et-ho nahond'yere ne ahho- 
nadouhharake, neoni yaght-ha Yaka-oughscnhake, 
ikea ne yaghtea yotkanbeny. Heb, xiii. 17. 

Ne Yakorighwavvakhoeh ne neanne yakodewe- 
ycndouh yonilerift-ha teyoghn^net wa-ekonnyefte 
ne ea^ondadderaghkwake, kaddogea ne neanne ya- 
koyenda-ouh ne Oweana, neoni Yondadderighhoen- 
viyeny. i Tim. v. 17. 

Ne neanne Yondadderigh-honyenifk tfinikavvea' 
notea Niyoh Raoweana, eaf-hoyeyannereghfe ne 
Roewarishhonnyenis. Gal. vi. 6. 

Ddd A^ 

386 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 
Of the Duties of Toung and Old People. 

I. Of Toung Ferfons. 

X% EMEMBER now thy Creator in the days of thy 
•*-^ youth, while the evil days come not, nor the 
years draw nigh, when thou ilialt fay, I have no 
pleafure in them. Ecclef, xii, i. 

Wherewithal Ihall a young man cleanfe his way ? 
by taking heed thereto according to thy word. 
Tfal. cxix. 9. 

Young men likewife exhort to be fober-minded. 
fit, ii. 6. 

Flee alfo youthful lufts ; but follow righteouf- 
nefs, faith, charity, peace, with them that call qn 
the Lord out of a pure heart. 2. Tim. ii. 22. 

Ye ihall not fwear by my name falfely, neither 
flialt thou profane the name of thy God : I am the 
Lord. Lev. xix. 12. 

But continue thou in the things which thou haft 
learned, and haft been affured of, knowing of whom 
thou haft learned them. 2 Tim. iii. 14. 

2. Of aged Perfons. 

npHAT the aged men be fober, grave, temperate, 
found in faith, in charity, in patience : Tit. 
ii. 2, 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty Tsinlyoght-hare. 387 

Ne tfmay^yere Tenekeaghderbntf-honh neoni Akokjlea- 


I. Ok ne 7'mehaghderontf-houh, 

pGhtfenoghtonnyouh (cghtfiyaghraghkouh) oewa 
^^ ne Yayadiffouh ne Eghniferagouh Tfifene- 
keaghderouh, arrekho ayody ne Weghniferakfeanfe, 
neoni ne Tfiniyoghferage onea wadokt^ne, nena- 
hotea aghsirouh, yaghtea kerighwanoewefe ne 
Sakariwat Ecclef. xii. i. 

Kahha-nikayeah ne Enekeaghderouh Eahadevvc- 
yenoeny Rao-hahha ? ne Eahoyenawagouh tfinigh- 
Tewenoteah. Pfal. cxix. 9. 

Ne Radinekeaghderontf-houh fadeayoghtouh roe- 
waneyighs ne eahondeweyenoeny. 7*//. ii. 6. 

Sadekwaghs ne TfinyenqfT-has Enekeaghderouh: 
neoni ferighwaghfereght Yoderighwakwarighfyouh, 
Tewightaghkouh, Yenoroughkwa, Kayeannerea, 
nena-eyadotea ne yehoewaroughyehha ne Royaner 
ne Yakaweriaghsiyoiih. 2 Tim. ii. 22. 

Toghfa aghtfeanayefaghte, ikea ne aghfvdaksatc 
ne Raoghfeana Saniyoh : I-Ih ne G'yaner. Lev. xit.* 


Kaddokea nVefyadodeahak nenahotea yefarigh- 
hpenyeny, neoni tokeghike-oewe tfiniyefayerafe, la- 
deryendare ne yarighhoenyeny. 2 Tim. iii. 14. 

a. Ne Akokjlea-ho-gbe-ah, 

VtE Rodikfteaho-goe-ah yaght-ha yakonoughwa- 
*• raghtouhj eayondeweyenoeny, eayeka-ca- 
youh, ne eayoghnekaronke Tfidevvightaghkonh, 

D d d a Ji« 


88 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures , 

The aged women likewife, that they be in beha- 
viour as beconieth holinefs, not falfe accufers, not 
given to much wine, teachers of good things ; 3. 

That they may teach the young women to be 
fober, to love their hulbands, to love their. chil- 
dren, 4. 

To be difcreet, chafte, keepers at home, good, 
obedient to their own hufbands, that the word of 
God be not blafphemed. 5. 

Of SuhmiJJion to thofe that are in Authority. 

CUBMIT yourfelves to every ordinance of man, for 
"^ the Lord's fake : whether it be to the king, as 
fupreme. i Pet. ii. 13. 

Let every foul be fubjeft unto the higher powers. 
For there is no power but of God : the powers that 
be, are ordained of God. Rom. xiii. i. 

Whofoever therefore refifteth the power, reiifleth 
the ordinance of God : and they that refift, ihall 
receive to themfelves damnation. 2. 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty "tsinlyoght-hare, 389 

ne Eayenoroughkwe, Eayondeanikoughkatfladde. 
Tit. ii. 2. 

Ne Odikflea-on-goe-ah, Odinheghtyh fadeayogh- 
touh, ne ronouhha tfinakondiyere tfiniyought Ako- 
yadadogeaghty, yaght-ha kondikonadaghkvve, 
yaghtea eso t'hakondighnegira Oneaharadafeh- 
hontferackery, ok Eayakoderighhoenyenihheke ne 
tfinyoyannerefe. 3. 

Ne wahoeny onbuhha eayakoderighhoenny Kon- 
diyadases-houh akondeweyenoeny, Akondinorungh- 
kwake tekondiderouh, Akodiyea-ogoe-ah akondino- 
roughkwake. 4, 

Akondeweyenoeny akongwe akeahake, ne aye- 
no iighfanoena, ayakoyannereke, Tekondiderouh a- 
hoewadiweanaraghkwe, ne wahoeni ne Ra-oweana 
Niyoh yaght-ha yekonadaghkwe. 5. 

iV(? tftnahoewadiyerafe ne neanns Tondaddenakeraghtouh. 

AGVVEGOUH ne Ronongvve yondanhafc fewea- 
^^ narak, ne wahoeni ne Royaner rawerouh : Ko- 
raghkowa teas, ne T'hihhakovvanea Rokwennyatfe- 
rayeah ; i Fet. ii. 13. 

Agwegouh Adonhetfthogouh eayondattyeagh- 
fteah Yondatdenakeraghtouh ayondaddewcanaragh- 
kvve. Ikea Nlyoh Sakonakeraghtoughferbeny, neoni- 
ne Yondattenakeraghtouh ne neanne yedcroen- 
douh, ne fakonha-ouh Niyoh. Rom. xiil. i. 

Oughkagiok ne eayondaddewenoendy ne Yon- 
daddenakeraghtouh, ne wahhoewavvenocndy Niyoh 
roddanha-ouh : neoni oughkagiok eayondadewe- 
Boendy, akaouhha waondaddeweandcghte, 2, 

39^ §£tite^(:es of the Holy Scriptures • 

Of Affii^ions, 

TT Is good for me that I have been afflifted : that 
I might learn thy ftatutes. Pfal. cxix. 71. 

Now no chaining for the prefent feemeth to be 
joyouSj but grievous : neverthelefs, afterward it 
yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteoufnefs unto 
them which are exercifed thereby. Heb. xii. 11. 

I win bear the indignation of the Lord, be- 
caufe 1 have finned againft him. Mic. vii. 9. 

For whom the Lord loveth he chafteneth, and 
fcourgeth every fon whom he receiveth. Heb, 
xii. 6. 

For our light afflldtion, which is but for a mo- 
ment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and 
eternal weight of glory ; 2. Cor. iv. 17. 

While we look not at the things which are fecn, 
but at the things which are not feen : for the things 
which are feen, are temporal ; but the things which 
are not feen, are eternal. 18. 

Of Patience 

"VT/HEREFORE, feeing we alfo are compafled 

about with fo great a cloud of witnefles, let 

ts lay afide every weight, and the fin which doth 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty ^stniyoght-han, 39 : 

Ne tjiniyazveaghfe Tondatdyesaght-ha. 


'Ag'yanereaghfis nc yonkyesaght-hajzlikwc: 
nene wahoeny Tfinifarig'nvhiflbuh wakadad- 
derighhoenyeny. Pfd. cxix. 71. 

Agwegouh TfiniyondatlbglikwawIlT-hoimhs ne 
n'oghwage ne yek:iri\vate ne ayr^odonharake, ok 
ayakonikoughraneghteah : et-ho-sane, ne oghna- 
keanke wakaneahoendeah ne Yoyannercaghlcra ne 
Yoderighwakwarighfyouh ne na-eyadotea ne Saka- 
riwar yakodadderighhoenyeny. Heb. xii. 11. 

Teankadadeghkwafe ne Royaner Rao-nakwheagh- 
fera, ikea hirighwanerakrcany. Af/V. vii. 9. 

Ikea nene fakonorou^hkwa ne Rovaner fakosh- 
foghkwawiir-houghs, neoni vvaghf-lfakoghrewaghte 
niyadehady Sako\ea-ali ne n'af-hakoyena. Heb, 
xii, 6. 

Ikea yaghte yorighwakfte Yong\vayesaght-ha, ne 
kea-ok-nahhe ondohhetile, yongwayodeaghfilk nc 
yenoewight tfiniyeheawe ivakoden^yendeaghfte ne 
Oewefeaghcfera. 2 Cor. iv. 17. 

Ne tfinahhe yaght-ha dakoewayadoreghte ne na- 
karihhbtea ne tewatkaght-hos, ok ne nakarihhotea 
yaghtea kocwatkaght-hos : ikea ne nakarihhotea nc 
tewatkaght-hos waddoktane; ok nc na-karihi-or^a ne 
yaghtea koewatkaght-hos, tfiniyeheawe igeah. 18. 

Ne tfinaynugbtoub Ayondenikoughkatjlade. 

NE eankarihhoeni, ct-hoghke oni kea-niyought 
kovvanea Oghsondoughk ne yonkhighrbris 
teyongwanihhorca yongwadd'ycny, kinyouh yong- 
wkrih-hoendy agwegouh youkilefe, nconi nc Ka- 


39 2 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

fo eafily befet us, and let us rLin with patience the 
race that is fet before us. Heb. xii. i. 

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith work- 
eth patience. James i. 3. 

But let patience have her perfe(ft work, that ye 
may be perfed: and entire, wanting nothing. 4. 

Of Contentment, 

T>UT godlinefs with contentment is great gain. 
^ I "Tim. vi. 6. 

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is 
certain we can carry nothing out. 7. 

And having food and raiment, let us be therewith 
content. 8. 

Let your converfation be without covetoufnefs ; 
and be content with fuch things as ye have. Reb. 
xiii. 5. 

• And now abideth faith, hope, charity, i Cor, 
xiii. 13. 

But thefe are written, that ye might believe that 
Jefus is the Chrift the Son of God, and that believ- 
ing ye might have life through his name, S. John 
XX. 31. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty 'Tsmtyoght^hare. 3^5 

rlghwanerakfera ne neanne yongwanikoughrodac- 
kwahs, neoni kinyouh yongwanikonghkatftek, nc 
a-edewaghteandy Tfiyoughtandlyat-ha, ne neanne 
yonkhiyeny. Heh* xii. i. 

Saderyendarak ne yefadden'yendeaghfis ne Tfi- 
defeghtaghkouh yoyodea-ouh ayondenikoughkat- 
Jftadde. James i. 3. 

Ok ne yondaghkatl^ats wa-eweyeneandane, ne 
wahoeni a-efaweyeneanda-ouh nconi wagwegouh 
ayotflakwarighfyouh yaghkannega teyorlware ayat 
kodokt-haghfe. 4. 

Ne D^yakoddddenikoughrayeridouh, 

"h^ E Karonghyage Yontfenenyat-ha ■ kowanea 
Teyondeants-has ne tayakonikoughrayerite. 
1 7im. vi. 6. 

Ikea yaghtea ot-henouh ne teyongwahhe Ogh- 
whentfyage, neoni yorighwadogea yaghtea ot-he- 
nouh t'haonfayagwayageawe. 7. 

Neoni cayongwayendake I-yeks neoni Yough- 
kwats, et-ho eayongwadaddenlkoughrayeridouh. 8. 

Tfi-yeghsefeke toghfa fani-yohak ; neoni fadaddc- 
nikonghrayeritoehak ne n'oghwage, ikea rawea, 
yaght-hida-«d'yadlkhaghf-hyh, scgouh yaght-ha- 
goeyadondy. Heb. xiii. 5. 

Ok oewa eayonkwayendaneD'yakawightaghkouIi, 
Yakorhare, neoni Yenorounghkwe. i Cor, xiii. 13. 


Nenekea Kaghyadonnyouh, ne wahoeni eandi- 
ghtaghkouh ne Jefus igcah ne Chrift Nivoh 
Roewayea, neoni ne wahoeni eandycfcghtaghkou- 
hakc ne aghsonhcke Raoghfeanakouh. S. John 
XX. 31. 

Eec Ok 

J94 Sentences of the Holy Scnptun\. . ^^^ 

Now our Lord Jefus Chrift himfelf, and God 
even o«r Father, which hath loved us, and hath 
given us everlafting confolation, and good hope 
through grace. zTheJJ. ii. i6. 

.; By whom alfo we have accefs by faith into this 
grace wherein we fland, and rejoice in hope of the 
glory of God. Rom, v. 2. 

BlefTcd be the God and Father of our Lord Jefus 
Chrift, which according to his abundant mercy, 
hath begotten us again unto a lively hope, by the 
refurredtion of Jefus Chrift from the dead, i Pst, i. 3, 

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good 
unto all men, efpecially unto them who are of the 
houfliold of faith. GaL vi. 10. 

Of Drunkennefs, 

TZ' NOW ye not that the unrighteous Ihall not 
''■^ inherit the kingdom of God ? i Cor. vi. 9. 

Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor 
rcvilers, nor extortioners, fliall inherit the kingdom 
of God. 10. 

And take heed to yourfelves, left at any time 
your hearts be overcharged with furfeiting, and 
drunkennefs, and cares of this life, and fo that day 
come upon you unawares. S, Luke xxi. 34. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty Tsmyoght-han. 395 

Okoewa Songwayaner JefusChrift raouhha, neoni 
Niyoh ne Songwaniha, ne fongwanoroughkwagh- 
kwe, neoni fongwawy ne tfiniyehcawe Yonkhiye- 
yehhs, neoni Yorhoratferiyoh Kandcarouh tfera- 
gouh. 2 TheJJ. ii. 16. 

Neoni Songwaneandouhs ne Tfiyorharatfl ne 
Raoewefeaghtfera Niyoh. Rom, v. 2. 

Roneandont ne Niyoh neoni Ranihha Songwa- 
yaner Jefus Chrift, ne neanne tli-kowanea Roni- 
datclkouh, feff-hongwadewedouh ne yonhcghtsi- 
hoeh Yorharatft, ne rorihhoeny ne fotkctikweah 
Jelus Chrift ne tfinihaweahheyoughne. i Pet, i. 3. 

Et-hoghke tfinea-we eandcvve'leke, kinyouh yo- 
yannere tfinayet-hiyerafe agwegouh Ongwehogouh, 
ne d'yakawightaghkouh. Gal. vi. 10. 

[iV(? Teghmhagaji-ha Yakonoghzvaraghtoghfe, 

VT'Agh kea tefaderyendare ne yagh-teyakoderigh- 
wagwarighfyoLih ne yagh-t'hayondadderak- 
waghfe Raoyanertfera Niyoh ? i Cor, vi. 9. 

Segouh Yeneaghfkwaghs, segouh Yagoniyoefe, se- 
gouh Yeghnekagaft-ha yakonoghwaraghtoghfe, se- 
gouh Yekonadaghkvva, segouh okt'ha-ondadegh- 
kwa, yagh-t'hayondadderakwaghfe Raoyanertfera 
Niyoh. 10. 

Sewanigoerarak, ne Sewerlyane katke-ok togh- 
fa yonikoughrodagouh ne Yadeyondyeronnyocs, 
neoni Yeghnekagaft-ha yakonoghwaraghtoghfe, ne- 
oni koewatflenyaroefe nenekea Tfiyakonhe, ne- 
oni ne et-ho*nea Weghniferodeahake yaghtea agh- 
fadVerok et-ho ne fayadaweah. S. Luke xxi. 34. 

E e c 2 Kinyouh 

39 6 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures. 

Let us walk honeftly as in the day ; not in rioi 
ing and drunkcnnefs, not in chambering and war 
tonnefs, not in (trife and envying, i^ow. xiii. 13. 

But put ye on the Lord Jefus Chrifl, and make not 
provifion for the flefh, to fulfil the lulls thereof. 1^. 

Woe unto them that rife up early in the morn- 
ing, that they may follow ftrong drink, that con- 
tiuVie until night, till wine inflame them. Ifa. v. 11, 

Of Lewdnefs and Unckamefs, 

^hou Jhalt not commit Adultery, is the Seventh Com- 

ND the man that committeth adultery wiih 
another man's wife, even he that committeth 
adultery with his neighbour's wife, the adulterer 
and the adulterefs Ihall furely be put to death. Lev. 
XX. 10. 

If a man be found lying with a woman married 
to an hufband, then they Ihall both of them die, 
both the man that lay with the woman, and the 
woman : fo ilialt thou put av/ay evil from Ifrael, 
Deut. xxii, 22, 

Neyerthelefs, to ^void fornication, let every man 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty Js'mlyoght'hare. 397 

Kinyouh et-ho n oe-Weghniferodeahakc ayot- 
konnyeghftouh tii-ayakwefeke ; yaght-ha dayond'- 
yeronnyouh neoni Yeghnekagaft-ha yakonoghwa- 
raghtoughfe, yaghtea Yakoghdaght-ha tfivonogh- 
faweaghte neoni Yoadakfeanfe, yaght-ha Tayon- 
dattfweah neoni Ayondaddenakwafe. Rom. xiii. 1 ->. 

Ok eghtfyena ae Royaner Jefns Chrifl, neoni 
toghfa fatftenyarouhs ne Owarouh ne akanolT-hagh- 
feke. 14. 

Ne Wakodeaght-hene ne neanne Orhoenkegh- 
tfy yontferoenis Kaghneka-af-hatfle kocwaghferefe, 
neoni yaontkoendeah tfinahhe Towaihhoughsa- 
doughs, ne onea yakod'yakeghtadouh Oneaharada- 
fchhontferakery. Ifa.w, 11. 

Ne Tadeyond*yeronnyoJk neoni Todakfedfi» 
Toghfa ta-onfaghfaddgeah. Ne tfyadakhadont Weany, 

T^E Ratfin oni ne neanne oughkagiok Tcghni- 
•^ derouh rodinaghkware ne tfi-onea Saghniyadat 
Teghniderouh rodinaghkware, tokeghfke-oewe ea- 
yondadderiyoh ne Ronaghkvvare neoni ne Yo- 
naghkware. Lev. xx. 10. 

Eakeahake ne Ratfin eahoewayadorcanc t'hi- 
hayadadde roeweanadereanayeny Onhcghty eghni- 
natfeke, tetfyaroiih teaghnihhcye, ne Ratfin nc 
neanne ninatfkwe ne Onheght'ye, neoni ne Onhcgh- 
ty: Kea-kady-neayonghtoiih eaghs'yakeawe nc 
Kaghferoheafe Ifraelne. Dent. xxii. 22. 

Ne wahoeni nc Yagh Kanaghkwa-yerighwancrakt- 
lia, nlyade-hady Radltfin cahawcniyohake Teghnide- 

39 S Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

have his own wife, and let every woman have her 
own hufband. i Cor. vii. 2. 

Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed un- 
defiled : but whoremongers and adulterers God will 
judge. Heb, xiii. 4. 

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and murderers, 
■and whoremongers, and forcerers, and idolaters, 
and all. liars, fliall have their part in the lake 
which burnetii with fire and brimftone: which is 
the fecond death. Rev. xxi. 8. 

What, know ye not that your bodies are the 
members of Chriil > Ihall I then take the members 
of Chrift, and make them the members of an har- 
lot ? God forbid, i Cor. vi. 15. 

What, know ye not that he which is joined to 
an harlot, is one body ? for two (faith he) fhall be ' 
one flelh. 16. 

But he that is joined unto the Lord, is one 
fpirit. 16. 

Flee fornication. Every fin that a man doeth, is 
without the body : but he that committeth forni- 
cation, finneth againft his own body. 18. 

, What, know ye not that your body is the temple 
6f the Holy Ghoft which is in you, which ye have 
of God, and ye are not your own? 19. 

For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify 
God in your body, and in your fpirit, which are 
God's. 20. '''•'^^>' 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty fsinlyoghi-hare, ay^ 

rouh, neoni niyade-kondikeah n'akondiweniyohakc 
aouhha Teghnlderouh Ratlin, i Cor. vii. 2, 

Ne Yakonnyaks yotkonnyehft agwegoefe, neoni 
yaght-ha-yedaksate Yakonitlkaraghkweah: ok Ka- 
naghwa-yerighwanneraks neoni Yenaght-kwar-ha 
eahfakodeweandeghtc Niyoh. Heb, xiii. 4. 

Ok nc yotsanight, neoni yaght-ha dedyakawigh- 
taghkouh, neoni Yondadderiyos, neoni Kanaghkwa- 
yerighwaneraks, neoni Teyondereanakeant-ha, ne- 
oni Kayadoeny koewayodeaghsegiis, neoni agwegouh 
ne Yakonoewease, tfi-eayondaddiderouh ne tfid-yo- 
dck-ha neoni Eayonkeaghreandavve : Nenahotea 
tekenih-hadont Eaya-ihheye. Rsv, xxi. 8. 

Atlkwe yaghtea tefewaderyendarc ne Sewayeronkc 
Raoftondaritfera Chrift ? Ne kady keah Raoftonde- 
ritfera Chrift igade, neoni akonifla-ah A-oftonde- 
ritfera ne Kanaghkwa-karighwaneraks ? Ne yaght- 
ha-6endouh. z Cor, \\. 15. 

Atikwe yaghtea tefewaderyendarc ne neanne koe- 
warighwavvafis ne Kanaghkwa-yerighwaneraks, Sa- 
kayerondat wahhyadouh ? Ikea (radouh) ne neanne 
teyeyaghfe Sakawarat eawadouh. 16. 

Ok ne neanne ne Royaner roewarighwawafis, ne 
Sahodinikoerat. 17. 

Saddegwas ne Kanaghkwa-yerighwaneraks. Ar 
gwegouh ne Tfiniyerighvvaneraks Ongwehogouh, 
enegeah n'Akoyerondaddy ; ok ne neanne Kanagh- 
kwa-yerighvvanerakteany Eyeronkc. 18. 

Yagh-kea tefewaderyendarc ne Sewayeronkc nc 
Aonoughfa ne Ronlgoughriyogftouh ne neanne 
yad'yeny, ne Niyoh t'hiyawih, neoni yagh-tefadad- 
deweniyoh ? 19. 

Ikea kanoroughtf-hihoeh yefaghninouh : keana- 
yonghtoh eghtsoewelaghte ne Niyoh Tfyada- 
kouh, neoni Sanigoerakouh, nenahgtea Niyoh Ra- 
oweah, 20. 

406 Sentences of the Holy ScrtptUirisS'^ 

Of Death. 

A ND it is appointed unto men once to die, bur 
^^ after this the judgment. Heh, ix. 27 

• For what is your life? It is even a vapour 
that appeareth for a little time, and then vaniiheth 
away. James Iv. 14. 

So teach us to number our days, that we may ap- 
ply our hearts unto wifdom. Pfal. xc. 12. 

For I know that thou wilt bring me to death, and 
to the houfe appointed for all living. Job. xxx. 23. 

I have faid to corruption. Thou art my father : 
to the worm, Thou art my mother, and my iifter. 
Joh. xvii. 14. 

And I heard a voice from heaven, faying unto 
me. Write, Bleffed are the dead which die in the 
Lord, from henceforth : Yea, faith the Spirit, that 
they may reft from their labours ; and their works 
do follow them. Rev, xiv. 13. 

Of Judgment, 

15 EJOICE, O young man, in thy youth, and let 
•■■^ thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, 
and walk in the ways of thy heart, and in the fight 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty 'Ts'miyoght-hare. 40 : 

Ne tfiniyod'yerea Keahh-eyouh, 


E agwegouh Ongwehogouh yondaddeany nfkat 
eaya-ih-heye, neoni oghnakeanke Teyondad- 
d'yadoreghte. Heb. ix. 27. 

Ikea do-na-niyought tfi-sonhe ? Yagea ne Yotsa. 
dode ne neanne kea-ok-nahhe ne koe\vatkaght-hos> 
neoni oghnakeanke ok t'houghtouh. James iv. 14. 

Et-ho niyoghtouhhak takvvarihhoenny ayagwarad 
de Tfiniyongwighniferage ne ayagwatfeary a-ontli 
tockhake Ongwery. Pfal. xc. 12. 

Ikea wakaderyendare ne Keahhe-yonke yeikyat- 
hevve, neoni Tfiyontkanifla-anhe ne Tfikanough- 
fodeagwegouh yakonhennyouh. Job xxx. 23. 

Ne wakirouh ne Tfi-yong'yadat, ife Takyca-ah 
K-akeny; Neoni Otfinowa Illea-ah, neoni Ak- 
yadenofouhha. Job xvii. 14. 

Neoni wakheweanaronke Karoughyage tonde- 
weanayeghtaghkwe ne neanne waonkweahhaghfe. 
S'yadouh, Karoughyage eayeghte ne Yao-awea- 
hs-yoghferoub, ne neanne Royancrtferakouh ne ya- 
ih-heyoghfe, onea-ok-6ewa, et-ho wudouh ne Ka- 
nigoera, ne wahoeny ayondoriff-heah ne Tfiniya- 
koyodeaghferoghkwe ; neoni Aokodeweycna wa- 
koghfereghte. Rev. xiv. 13. 

Ne tjineayoghtouh Tfinadant-heaghrbnghfa ne-tcas liago- 


SAddonharak, O Sewanekeaghdcrouh, Tfifc- 
wadonhonm-yah, neoni kinyouh fanikough- 
rorryca Seriyane ne Egnnifcrakouh fighfcnekeagh- 

F f f dcrouh. 

4© 2 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all thefe 
things God will bring thee into judgment. Ecclej\ 
xi. 9. 

Then fhall the duft return to the earth, as it was : 
and the fpirit fhall return unto God who gave it. 
Ecdef. xii. 7. 

For God Ihall bring every work into judgment, 
with every fecret thing, whether it be good, or 
whether it be evil. 14. 

And the times of this ignorance God winked at ; 
but now commandeth all men every where to repent: 
ASls. xvii. 30. 

Becaufe he hath appointed a day, in the which he 
will judge the world in righteoufnefs, by that man 
whom he hath ordained ; whereof he hath given 
affurance unto all men, in that he hath raifcd him 
from the dead. 31. 

But I fay unto you, That every idle word that 
men fhall fpeak, they lliall give account thereof in 
the day of judgment. Matth. xii. 36. 

For the Lord himfelf Ihall defcend from heaven 
with a ihout, with the voice of the arch-angel, and 
with the trump of God : and the dead in Chrifl 
Ihall rilefirft. i "Thef. iv. 16. 

Whofoever therefore Ihall be aihamed of me, and 
of my words, in this adulterous and finful genera- 
tion, of him alfo Ihall the Son of man be afliamed, 


Kaghyadoghferadogcaghty Tsmyoghi-hare. 403 

derouh, neoni yafat-hahhitta ne Seriyane, neoni ne 
kontkaght-hos Skaghtege: Ok faderyendarak, nc 
Niyoh ne wahoeni nenekea Orighwag veo^ouh ea- 
yefayat'hevve ne Tfinadeantf-hakokhaghi\h. Ecclef. 
xi. 9. 

Et-hoghke ne Okeara Oghvventfya eafewadoiih 
ne tfiniyoghtone ; neoni nc Kanigoera eafewcghte 
Niyoghne ne neanne fakovvighne. Ecclef x-i. 7. 

Ikea niyad-Kayodeaghlerage eahharihhodighfyh 
Niyoh Tfideaghfakoyadoreghte, ne agvvegouh 1 fi- 
niyoderighwat-seghrouh, kea-teaf-kayeah yoyan- 
nere, neteas tfiniyodakftanfe. 14. 

Neoni et-hone ne tfineawe yaghtea yakoderi- 
yandarouh yehidkaght-hoh Nivoh ; ok agwegouh 
oevva fakoghrory Ongwehokonh okt'hiwagwegouh 
cantfyondattrewaghte. Jcis xvii. 30. 

Ne wakarihhoeny Raweghniferadokcaghftouh ne- 
nahotea et-hoghke ne Yoghwhentfyade yodcrigh- 
wakwarighlyouh teaghfakoyadoreghte teyondattek- 
haghf-hy, ne eahharihhoeny Tfyongwedat raouhha 
yehonha-ouh ; eankyeride-oewe tfinea-fakoyere On- 
gwehogoiih, ne wahoeny raouhha Roketfkweah nc 
Tfinihaweahheyoughne. 31. 

Wakoyehhaghfe, ne Niyade-yevveanake yakode- 
weanaksatouh ne Ono;weh6a;ouh tfinivakodady, ro- 
nouhha ok ne sagat eayerihhodaghfy deal-hako- 
yadoreghte ne Tlinadeaf-hakok-haghfy. S. Matth. 
xii. 36. 

Ikea neRoyaner raouhha ne eahharoughyehhare ne 
Kondiyadakweniyoh ne A-odiweana, neoni nc Rao- 
hoereawats Niyoh, dant-hadafe^ighte ne Tfir-ka- 
roughyade : neoni ne neanne Chrift tferagouh ya- 
weanda-ouh ne eandewad'yereghte eayontkctfkoh. 
I Thef iv. 16. 

Oughkakiok I-Ih neoni Akeweana koewadeh- 
ha-sehhaghkwe nenekea Sewaderighwadewaght-ha 
neoni Yakorighwanera-aklkouh Eghnegwaghfa ; ne 

Fffz neanne 

404 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures i^ ' "^^^ 

when he cometh in the glory of his Father, witk 
the holy angels. Mark viii. 38. 

•0/ Hell, 

npHE wicked fhall be turned into hell, and all 
the nations that forget God. Pfal. ix. 1 7. 

And fear not them which kill the body, but are 
not able to kill the foul : but rather fear him which 
is able to dellroy both foul and body in hel], 
S. Matth. X. 28. 

I faid therefore unto you, that ye fliall die in 
your fms : for if ye believe not that I am he, ye 
Ihall die in your fms. "S*. John viii. 24. 

That they all might be damned, who believed not 
the truth, but had pleafure in unrighteoufnefs. 
2 '^hef, ii. 12. V 

When the Lord Jefus fhall be revealed from 
heaven, with his mighty angels, 2 1'hef, i. 7. 

In flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that 
know not God, and that obey not the gofpel of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift. 8. 

For if God fpared not the angels that finned, but 
call them down to hell, and delivered them into 


Kaghyadoghjeradogeaghty tsmyoght-hare, 405 

neanne ne Ongwe Roewayea-ah oni eaghfakodeh^ 
hafe et-hoghke tfi-n'eamwe ne Ra-oewefeaghtak- 
seragouh Ronihha, ne fadeayoughtouh Yerough- 
yakeghronoentferadogeaghty. S.Mark viii. 38. 

Ne tjiniyod'ycrea Oneghfeah, 

"^E Yakorighvvanera-akfkouh ne cayondat'hrekc 
"*' Oneghi'eah nongady, neoni agvvegouh yagh- 
tehoewaraghkwa Niyoh. Pfal. ix. 17. 

Neoni toghla ne fetfaghnighlek ne neanne Oye- 
roenda ne eakoevvarryoh, neoni yagh-t'hakoewa- 
gweny ne Adonhctfl akoewarryoh: ok luhha efo eagh- 
letfaghnighlek ne neanne tetiyarouh Adonheft neoni 
Oyeronda eahheandaksare ne Oncghfeah. S. Mattb, 
X. 28. 

Et-hoghke koeyeany, ne Sarighwanerakfera- 
gouh ne eaghfihheye: ikca eakeahake yaght-ha 
tifeghtaghkouh ne Tfi-n'I-kyadotea, Sarighwane- 
rakieragouh eaghsihheye. S. John. viii. 24. 

Ne wahoeni ronoiihha agwegouh cayondadde- 
weandeghte ne neanne yaghta-ded'yakavvightagh- 
kouh ne Tokeghlke-oewe, ok yerighwanoevvelkwc ne 
Tfyonderighwadewaght-ha, 2 Tbef, ii. 12. 

Et-hoghke ne eneawadouh ne Royaner Jcfus 
Karoughyage dant-hayeghtaghkwc, ne et-hone Ka- 
roughyakeghroeno-okouh Raof-hatlieaghk. 2 Tbef. 

i- 7- 

Ne teyodoghkwaghkwea-hehadd'yea Eayodckha- 

ne, eayondadd'yefaghte nena-eya'dotea yaghtea- 

hoewayenderighne Niyoh, neoni nena-eyadotea ne 

neanne Raorighwifsatferadokeaghty Songwayancr 

Jefus Chrifl yaghte akoe-wat-hoendadouh. 8. 

Ikea eakeahake ne Yeroiighyakeghronouh ne 

yodirighwannerea, yaght-ha dchonoughyani-ekouh 


406 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

chains of clarknefs, to be referved unto judgment. 
.2 Pet, ii. 4. 

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abo- 
minable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and 
forc^rers, and idolaters, and all liars, Ihall have 
their part in the lake which burneth with fire and 
brimflone: which is the fecond death. Rev. xxi. 8. 

Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not 
quenched. Mark ix. 44. 

Of Heaven. 

'T^HEN fliall the King fay unto them on his right 
•*• hand, Come, ye bleffed of my Father, inherit 
the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation 
of the world. ^S". Matth. xxv. 34. 

And God fhall wipe away all tears from their 
eyes ; and there Ihall be no more death, neither 
forrow, nor crying, neither fhall there be any more 
pain : for the former things are paffed away. 
Rev. xxi. 4. 

Then fhall the righteous ihine forth as the fun In 
the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to 
hear, let him hear. S, Matth. xiii. 43. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty Tslmyoght-hare, ^oy 

Ni3roh, ok ne neanne Oneghfeah fakoyadond'youh 
yef-hdkoyat-hew ne yondathnereah Aghsadakouh, 
ne wahoeny yondaddadewtrycndouh ne tfinadcantre 
eaiakodeweandeghtc. 2 Fet. ii. 4. 
^ Ok ne yotsanight, neoni yaghte de-d'yakawigh- 
taghkouh, neoni Yotfaghnlghtsi-hoeh, neoni Yon- 
dadderiyos, neoni Kanaghkwayerighwancraks, neoni 
Teyondereanakeant-ha, neoni Kayadoeny koewayo- 
deaghfeghs, neoni agwegouh ne Yakonoevveafe, tfi- 
eayondaddidcrouh ne Tfid'yodck-lia neoni Eayon- 
keaghreandavvea: Nenahotca tekenih-hadont Eaya- 
ihheye. Rev. xxi. 8. 

Et-ho noewe yaghtea Keahheyoughfe Tfiniyon- 
daddyesaght-ha, neoni ne Tfid'yodeck-ha yaght-ha 
yoefwaghte. S, Mark ix. 44. 

Ne tfinidyodyerea Karoughyage. 


T-hoghke ne Royanerh-kowa eaghfakavveah- 
haghfe ne n'ayadotea Tfiraweyendeghtaghkouh 
Rafnonke eayekannyadake, Karo, kaffevveght fakoya- 
dadderiflouh Rakenihha, wa-etfirackwaghfe ne Ka- 
yanertfera ne-nahotea yetfighferoenyeny ne Sagh- 
roughvvhentfyoni-ah. S. Matth. xxv. 34. 

Neoni Niyoh agwegouh Eaghfakokaghfcrokc- 
wannyoh; Neoni yagh-t'heaikadeke ne Keahheyouh, 
segouh Ayakonigoeranea, segouh Ayontftareah, 
segouh Ayeroughyakeaghfeke yag;!! et-ho t'ha-oe- 
fayoghtouh ; ikea ne a-6nea tfinvhoyadawea-ouh 
Yoderighhohhetfdoh. Rev. xxi. 4. 

Et-hoghke ne Yakoderighwakwarighfyouh tcyon- 

deroewinnegeane tfinlyoughtne Karaghkwa Raoya- 

nertferakouh Roewanihha. Ne neanne Teayehhough- 

tiyendane wahoeni ayont-hoendadde, DC neanne 

yont-hoendats. 5. Matth, xiii, 43. 


4q8 Sentences of the Holy Scriptures, 

Fear not, little flock ; for it is your Father's good 
pleafure to give you the kingdom. S, Luke xii. 32. 

For the wages of fin is death: but the gift of 
God is eternal life, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 
Rom. vi. 23. 

And many of them that ilcep in the duft of the 
earth Ihall awake, fome to everlafting life, and 
fome to Ihame and everlafting contempt. Dan, 
xii. 2. 

And they that be wife fhall lliine as the bright-f 
nefs of the firm.ament; and they that tujn many td 
righteoufnefs, as the liars for ever and ever. 3. 

For we know, that if our earthly houfe of this 
tabernacle were diffolved, we have a building of 
God, an houfe not made with hands, eternal in the 
heavens. 1 Cor. v. i. 

In thy prefence, O Lord, is fulnefs of joy: at 
thy right hand there are pleafures for evermore. 
Pjal. xvi. II. 

Marvel not at this : for the hour is coming, in 
the which all that are in the graves ihall hear his 
voice, S. John v. 28. 

And ftiall come forth ; they that have done good, 
unto the refurred:ion of life; and they that have 
done evil, unto the refurrecftion of damnation. 29. 

But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, 
concerning them which are aflcep, that ye forrow 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty Tsmyoght-hare, 409 

T<3ghfa tefadouhhareghrohhek, Kanifcweand'- 
youghkwa, ikea ne ronoeghwe-ouh I-yaniha nene ea- 
yetsiyohRaoyanertfera. S. Luke x\\. 32. 

Ikea ne koewatfterift-ha ne Kari: hwannerea ne 
Eaya-y-heyate : ok ne Keandearoiih fakowis Niyoh 
ne tfiniyeheawe Eayononhetftaghkwe, ne Rorigh- 
hoeny Jefus Chrift Songvvayancr. Rom, vi. 23. 

Neoni Efo ne neanne ne Okearakouh ne Ogh- 
whentfyakouh yakoda-houh eayondadd'yeghte, od- 
dyake tfiniyeheawe Eayakonhennyonkc, neoni t'hi- 
kade ne Eayondatfwea neoni tfiniyeheawe D*yot* 
sanight. Dan. xii. 2. 

Neoni Sakoderighhoenyenis tehhonderoewinne- 
keane tfiniyought ne Karoughyade: neoni ne 
neanne efo ne Yakoderighwagwarighfyouh, tfini-* 
yought ne Yotfiftoghkwaronnyouh tyotkoh neoni 
tfiniyeheawe. 3. 

Ikea yongwaderyendare, ne eakeahakc Ogh- 
whentfyage nenekea Yongwanoghfode eayerigh- 
fih, Songwanoughfifla-eany Niyoh, kea ni-Kanogh- 
sodeah yaghtea Efnonke teyaka-oniffouh, ok ne 
tfiniyeheawe ne Karoughyakouh. 2 Co7'. v. i. 

Yakoghtafe ne Waondonhareah Tfighfkoughfon- 
de O Sayanner: Yonoeghwightannyouh Tfifewe- 
yendeghtaghkouh SefTnonke tfiniyeheawe. Pfal, 
xvi. II. 

Toghfa ne fewaghtakwaghfek : ikea onea t'hoha 
yaont-hewe ne Hour, ne nahotea yekwegouh ne yeya- 
dadarryouh Eah-hoewaweanaronke, S. John. v. 28* 

Neoni eayeyakeane; ne neanne yoyannere tfini- 
yakod'yerea, ne eayontketfkwaghte ne Eayakon- 
hcnnyonke ; neoni ne neanne ne Yodakfea tfiniya- 
kod'yerea, ne Eayontketghikwaghte ne Onegh- 
feah e^yeaghte. 29. 

Yagh-tekeghr'he ne aefewaderighwascrhaghfe, Tya* 

daddegea, ne n'a-eyadotea ne yakoweanda-ouh, ne 

G g g wahoeni 

4 1 o Sentences of the Holy Scriptures. 

not, even as others which have no hope, i ^hef. 
iv. 13. 

For if we believe that Jefus died, and rofe again, 
even fo them alfo which lleep in Jefus, will God 
bring with him. 14. 

For this we fay unto you by the word of the 
Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the 
coming of the Lord, Ihall not prevent them which 
are alleep. 15. 

For the Lord himfelf jfhall defcend from heaven 
with a fhout, with the voice of the arch-angel, and 
with the trump of God: and the dead in Chrill 
ihall rife firft : 16. 

Then we which are alive, and remain, fhall be 
caught up together with them in the clouds, to 
meet the Lord in the air : and fo fliall we ever be 
with the Lord. 17. 

Wherefore, comfort one another with thefe 
words, 18. 


Kaghyadoghferadogeaghty Hslniyoght-hare. 411 

vvahoeni yaght'hea fanikoughraneaghfere tfinlvoght 
ne t'hiyeyadadde ne yagh-teyakorharatll. i fhef. 
iv. 13. 

Ikea eakeahake end'yonkwightaghkouh ne Ra- 
weaheyouh Jelus, neoni forketikweah, fadea-' 
yoghtouh oni yakoweanda-ouh, Niyoh eafeghf-ha- 
koyat-hewe Jefus tTerakouh. 14. 

Ikea nenekea wagweahhaghfe ne wakarihhoeny 
«e Ra-ovveana Royaner, ne onk'youhha ne eayakon- 
hennyonke eayakodaddearouh ne tfinadeant-hre nc 
Royaner, yaght-ha dakoeweanarerouh ne n'a-yadotea 
yakovveanda-ouh. 15. 

Ikea ne Royaner raouhha ne eaharoughyehhare 
ne Kondiyadakweniyoh ne Aodiweana, neoai nc 
Rao-hoeniwats Niyoh deant-hadafeghte ne Tfit- 
karoughyade: neoni ne neanne Chrift tserakouK 
yakoeweanda-ouh, ne eandewad'yereghte eayont- 
ketfkoeh. 16. 

Et-hoghke ne Yongwadaddearouh yakyonhcn- 
nyouh, oghferoeny fadeayonkhiyadaghkwe enekea 
Otsadakouh, ne tehoewadderaghte ne Royaner Ka- 
roughyakouh: neoni keanayoghtouh tyotkoh nc 
eandewefeke ne Royaner. 17. 

Kea-nayoghtouh, fewadad-deghyeahhek nene- 
kea Tfinikawenoteah. 18. 

a H T 

^ ts to -' 

[ 412 ] 



I^UR Father, which art in heaven. Hallowed be 
^^ thy Name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be 
done in earth, as it is in heaven: Give us this day 
our daily bread ; And forgive us our trefpafles, as 
we forgive them that trefpafs againft us ; And lead 
us not into temptation ; But deliver us from evil. 

A LMIGHTY God, unto whom all hearts be 
^ open, all defires known, and from whom no 
fecrets are hid; Cleanfe the thoughts of our hearts 
by the infpiration of thy holy Spirit, that we may 
perfed:ly love thee, and worthily magnify thy holy 
Kame, through Chrift our Lord, Amen. 

I^OD fpake tbefe words, and faid, I am the Lord 
^^ thy God : Thou flialt have none other gods but 


People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline 
0ur hearts to keep this law. 



The Last SuppeiI, 

MDlcsiraiiJinisk-iiia Kalkoini » 

[ 413 ] 

Y A K A W E A 


COngwaniha ne Karoughyage tighsideron, Wef- 
*^ aghfeanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera iwe ; Taghf- 
erre eghniavvantfiniyoiight Karoughyagouh, oni 
Oghwentfyage : Niyadewighniferage Takwanada- 
ranondaghfik noewa; Neoni Tondakwarighwiyough- 
ftouh, tfiniyouglit oni Tfyakwadaderighwiyough- 
fteany ; Neonitoghfa takwaghfarincght Dewaddatde- 
nakeraghtonke; nesane fadfyadakwaghs ne Kon- 
dighferoheafe. Amen. 
CEf-hatfleaghferagwegouh Niyoh, agwegouh On- 

gweryane yagh te-fanek-hereghfe, ne agwegouh 
tfinadeyagwaderyendakarryahs ne Kanikoughrage 
faderyendare, yagh-ot-henouh tefadaghfeghtany ; 
Takvvanohhares Yakwanoghtonnyoghkwa Ongwe- 
riane ne akarihoeny ne Raodeweyena ne Sani- 
goghriyoughftouh, ne wahoeny Ongweriyane a- 
gwanoewene, ayoth-takwarighfyouh ayotkonnyough- 
ftouli Saghfeanadogeaghty ayagwaneandouh, ne 
rorihhony Jefus Chrift Songwayaner. Amen, 
I YOH wahhadaty nenegea agwegouh Tfinika- 
weanake wahhearouh, I-Ih Ag'yaner fa-Niyoh: 
Toghfa oya Niyohhokouh eafayendake Tfifkough- 

Dyondadighs. Sayaner, Takwanderhek, neoni 
fkwadagouh Ongweryane ne wahoeny keangaye ne 
Weany ayongwayenawagouh, 



414 ^^^ Communion* 

Mtn/JIer. Thou flialt not make to thyfelf any graven 
image, nor the likenefs of any thing that is in hea- 
ven above, or in the earrh beneath, or in the water 
under the earth. Thou Ihalt not bow down to 
them, nor worfhip them : for I the Lord thy God 
am a jealous God, and vifit the fins of the fathers 
upon, the children, unto the third and fourth gene- 
ration of them that hate me ; and fhew mercy unto 
thoufands of them that love me, and keep my com- 

People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and Incline 
our hearts to keep this law. 

Minijler. Thou flialt not take the Name of the 
Lord thy God in vain : for the Lord will not hold 
him guiltlefs that raketh his Name in vain. 

People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline-, 
our hearts to keep this law. 

Minijler. Remember that thou keep holy the 
Sabbath-day. Six days ihalt thou labour, and do 
all that thou haft to do ; but the feventh day is the 
Sabbath of the Lord thy God : In it thou Ihalt do 
no manner of work, thou, and thy fon, and thy 
daughter, thy man-fervant, and thy maid-fervant, 
thy cattle, and the ftranger that is within thy gates. 
For in fix days the Lord made heaven and earth, 
the fea, and all that in them is, and refted the 
fevenrh day : wherefore the Lord blefled the feventh 
day, and hallowed it. 



J'e^arighwagehhadont, 41* 

Etfihtihji, Toghfa Aghfadad'yadoughniferonn'- 
yea, scgouh ot-henouh taonfak'yaddyereah, nc 
Karoughyage, neoni Oghwlientfyakouh ne Kanoe- 
wakouh kondinakery. Toghfa ok ne defadontfot- 
haghfe ne aghieriwanekenihheke : ikea ne Ak'yaner 
fa-Niyoh wakenoff-heah Niyoh, wakerighvvaghftouh 
ne Karighwannerea ne Rodikftea-hokouh Sakodi- 
yea-oegoe-ah ne aghfea ne kayery N'yade-fuitfwanet 
nene yonkheghroeny ; nesane wakenidarelkouh te- 
yonkn^awighferouh yonkenoewefe, Keyaght'yawea- 
raty yakot-hoendadouh. 

D'yond. Sayaner, Takwanderhek, neoni Ikwa- 
dagouh Ongweryane ne wahoeny keangaye ne 
Weany ayonkwayenawagouh. 

Etfihuhjl, Toghfaok Eghtfeanayefaght ne Ro- 
yaner fa-Niyoh : ikea ne Royaner yaghta-ne ok 
yaght'ya-fakorighwaghftanihheke ne Raoghleana 

D'yond. Sayaner, Takwanderhek, neoni fkwa- 
dagouh Ongweryane ne wahoeny keangiXye ne Wea- 
ny ayongwayenawagouh. 

Etjihubjl. T'fyaderyendarak ne Sabbatli fewean- 
dadokeaghflouhhak. Ne yayak Niweghniferage ne 
eafayodekeagwegouh eafewaghfa Tlini-fewayodegh- 
ferouh; oya sane Tfyadakhadont Raofabbath ne 
Royaner fa-Niyoh : Onea-deah yaghothenoiih 
faghsaddyere, ne ise, yaght'ha-oni ne Eghtfyea-ah, 
yaght'ha-oni ne Seye-ah, yaght'ha-oni Eghtfen- 
hafe, yaght'ha-oni ne Sinhafe, yaght'ha-oni Sa- 
kwarxyouh, yaght'ha-oni ne keahhoghwhentfyayc 
Ayefoughwent'fyorea-ouh. Ikea yayak Niyoda nc 
Royaner raoniflbuh ne Karonya neoni Oghwhentfya 
neoni Kanyadare agwegouh tfiniwat, n'yeho-do- 
riff-houh ne tfyadakhadont Niyoda; Ne wahoeni 
raweandad deriftouh Royaner ne Sabbath Rawegh- 


/^j6 fhe Communion, 

People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline 
our hearts to keep this law. 

Minifter, Honour thy father and thy mother, that 
thy days may be long in the land which the Lord 
thy God giveth thee. 

People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline 
our hearts to keep this law. 

Minijler, Thou Ihalt do no murder. 
People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline 
our hearts to keep this law. 

Minijler, Thou Ihalt not commit adultery; 
People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline 
our hearts to keep this law. 

Minijler. Thou Ihalt not fteal. ' 

People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline 
our hearts to keep this law. 

Minijler. Thou flialt not bear falfe witnefs againft 
thy neighbour. 

People. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline 
our hearts to keep this law. 

Minijler. Thou Ihalt not covet thy neighbour's 
houfe, thou Ihalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, 
nor his fervant, nor his maid, nor his ox, nor his 
afs, nor any thing that is his. 

People, Lord, have mercy upon us, and write all 
thefe thy laws in our hearts we befeech thee. 


^ekarighwagehhadont, 417 

D^yond, Sayaner Takwanderhek, neoni fkwada- 
goli Ongweryane ne wahoeni keangaye ne Weany 

Etjihuhjl. Eadikonnyoughftak ne lyanihha neoni 
ne Sanifteahhah ethone aghsonheke Oghwhentf- 
yage, ne wahoeni afayeannereghfe Tlid'yough- 
wentfyayea ne Royaner fa-Niyoh eayouh. 

D'yond. Sayaner Takwanderhek, neoni fkwada- 
goh Ongweryane ne wahoeni keangaye ne Weany 

Etjihuhji. Toghfaok Aghfirryoh. 

Dyond. Sayaner Takwanderhek, neoni fkwada- 
goh Ongweryane ne wahoeni keangaye ne Weany 

Etfthuhft, Toghfaok t'haonfaghfadogea. 

D'yond. Sayaner Takwanderhek neoni fkwada- 
goh Ongweryane ne wahoeni . keangaye ne Weany 

Etjihukift, Toghfaok aghfenouftoh. 

D'yond. Sayaner Takwanderhek, neoni fkwada- 
goh Ongweryane ne wahoeni keangaye ne Weany 
ayongwayenawagouh . 

Etjibuhjl. Toghfaok da-eghfewadatfnienouh dea- 
fewadaddeanoweghteah Sagh'fyadat. 

D'yond. Sayaner Takwanderhek, neoni ikwada- 
goh Ongweryane ne wahoeni keangaye ne Weany 

Etfihuhji. Toghfaok aghfenoff-ha ne Saflyadat 
Yakonoughfode, toghfaok aghfenoff-ha Saffyadat 
Teyederouh, oni Roewanhfe, oni Roewanhafe, 
bni ot-henouh ahhodiyendake SafTyadat. 

D'yond. Sayaner Takwanderhek, neoni s'yadouli 
wakwanideghtea agvvegouh nene keangaye Weany 


4i8 ihe Communion, 

T E T your light fo lliine before men, that they 
•*-' may fee your good works, and glorify your 
Father which is in heaven. S. Matth. \. i6. 

Whatfoever ye would that men Ihould do unto 
you, even fo do unto thenp ; for this is the law and 
the prophets. S. Mattk. vii. 12. 

Not every one that faith unto me, Lord, Lord, 
fhall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he 
that doth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 

Zaccheus flood forth, and faid unto the Lord, 
Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the 
poor, and if I have done any wrong to any man, I 
reflore him four-fold. S. Lukexix, 8. 

Whofo hath this world's good, and feeth his 
brother have need, and fliutteth up his compaffion 
from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him ? 
I. John iii. 17. 

Give alms of thy goods, and never turn thy face 
from any poor man, and then the face of the Lord 
ihall not be turned away from thee. Tok iv. 7. 

Be merciful after thy power. If thou haft much, 
give plenteoully. If thou haft little, do thy dili- 
gence gladly to give of that little: for fo gathereft 
thou thyfelf a good reward in the day of neceffity. 

He that hath pity upon the poor, lendeth unto 
the Lord : and look, what he layeth out it Ihall be 
paid him again. Prov. xix. 17. 

Blefled be the man that provideth for the fick 
and needy : the Lord ihall deliver him in the time 
of trouble. Ffil, xli. i. 


Tekarighwagehhadont. 4 1 9 

IT" I N Y O U H tefaghfvvat-hek kea-nayoghtouh 
•*-^ Ahodiraghkotea ne Ongwehogouh, ne yah- 
hontkaght-ho Sayodeaghferiyole, neoni I-yanihha ne 
neanne ne Karoughyagouh yeheanderouh eaghroe- 
wefa;.hte. S, Matth, v. t6. 

Agwegoefe nenahotea tfinighfeghre tfinayonkyerc 
ne Ongwehogouh, Et-ho-oni n'eai-heyerai'c ; Ikea 
keangaye ne tiinireghre Niyoh. S, Matth. vii. 12. 

Yaghte nene niyaueyagouh yongweaniik, Saya- 
ner ! Sayaner! Yayondaweyate Kayanertferagouh 
ne Karoughyagouh, ne ok kayeyerite Tfinireghre 
Rakenihha ne Karoughyage t'heanderoub. 21. 

Zaccheus iradde, neoni vvahaweahhaghfe ne Ro- 
yaner, Sayanner, fadkaght-ho fadevvaghfeana tfini- 
wak'ye wakheyeah ne Yeyefaghfe, neoni akcahake 
oughk.-klok akhenikourhad' anige, ne Kayery ni- 
yugnnanet Sak-hcyeritfe. S.Lukexxx. 8. 

Oughkakiok Yagodaghkwanniyayea ne Tfiyough- 
whentlVade, neoni tehhokanere Yadaddegea-ah roye- 
waghfe, neoni yagh-tehowy, yagh-tewat ne Raonoe- 
weght Niyoh raouhhatferagoh. i Johii iii. 17. 

Sad'yeleahak nenahotea tfinisayea, neoni toghfa 
fekeghroeny ne Yeyefaghfe, ne eayoeny yahteh-ya- 
keaghroenire Niyoh. Tob, iv. 7. 

Sanidarefkou-hak tfini-s'kweny. N'efo eafayen- 
dake, efo eaf-heyoh; Kanigoeha neh-fayendake, fat- 
fenoenih-hak eaf-heyoh nenahotea keanigoeha tfini- 
saye ; Ikea waghfatkeanifla-aghte ne yoyannere eaye- 
fayeritfe ne Eghniferagoh Teaf-hadouhharearoh. 

8,9- ^ 

Oughkagiok eayondadiderheke ne Yeyefaghfe, ne 

wahhoeweany ne Royaner : neoni dokis eaf-hoyeritfe 
ne Royaner togeghfke-oewe. Prov. xix. 17. 

Rodafkats ne Yakonigoughrowanea ne yondadde- 
weyenoenyenis ne Yakodeght : NeRoyaner teahoghf- 
n'yea ne Eaweghniferadeke tfinea-hodeght-hene. Pfal, 
xii. I. 

H h h 2 Dcwade- 

420 l^he Communion^ 

Let ns fray for the whole Jiate of Chrifi's Church. 

A Lmighty and everliving God, who by thy holy 
^^ Apoftle hath taught us to make prayers and 
fuppHcations, and to give thanks for all men; We 
humbly befeech thee moft mercifully [* to accept 
our ali,s and oblationSs and~\ to receive thefe our 
prayers which we offer unto thy divine Majefly, 
befeeching thee to infpire continually the univerfal 
Church with the fpirit of truth, unity and concord ; 
and grant that all they that do confefs thy holy 
Name, may agree in the truth of thy holy word, 
and live in unity and godly love. 

- [ * -^ there he no alms or ohlatlo7iSy then Jhall the -viords (of 
accepting our alias and oblations) he left out un/aid,] 

We befeech thee alfo to fave and defend all 
Chriflian Kings, Princes and Governors; and efpe- 
cially thy fervant George our King, that under 
him we may be godly and quietly governed: and 
srant unto his whole Council, and to ali that are 
put in authority under him, that they may truly and 
indifferently minifler juftice, to the punifhment of 
wickednefs and vice, and to the maintenance of thy 
true religion and virtue. Give grace, O heavenly 
Father, to all Biiliops and Curates, that they may 
both by their life and do(ftrine fet forth thy true and 
lively Word, and rightly and duly adminifter thy 
holy Sacraments ; and to all thy people give thy 




Dezvadereanayehaghs ne eayoeni tfiok ni-Kanoughfado' 
geaghty ne neanne Oghwhentfyagwegouh yondadd'ye- 

/^Kt-hiwagwegouh neoni tiiniyeheawe Niyoh, ne 
^^ neanne sadoiih Eghtfyadadogeaghty Apoftle 
Yondaddeyoughs ne tfinayeyere ne Adereanayent 
neoni Eayenideaght-hake, Eayondauadereanayeh- 
agbfe neoni Fiayondoghronih-heke agwegouh On- 
Ongwehogouh ; Wagweaniteaghrea Kanigoera- 
gouh ne a-aghfeghre a-cfayannreaghfe ne aghf- 
yena (nenekeah Yongwaddlyefe) neoni nenekea 
Ongwadereanayent, ne neanne wagwarighwaye- 
haghfe, t'hifkowanea Seniyoh ; Wagwanekea ne 
ne tf-ok ni-Sanoghfadogeaghty ne aharihhoeny ne 
Tokeghfke-oevve Sanikoghriyoughftouh neoni Sako- 
riwat tlinayoughtouh D'yekeghr ne a-agbfeghre 
kheyadoweyendouh. S-heyoh oni ne agwegoiih ne 
neanne Saghfeanadogeaghty yerighweahhawe, fagat 
aondouh ne Tlidewightaghkouh ne neanne Togeghf- 
ke-6ewe ne Yondadderihhoeniyenlt-ha ne Saweanado- 
geaghty, neoni oghferoeni yakonhennyouh Sakorivvat 
tlinayoughtouh Ondaddegea-ah ayondadenoevvene. 

Wagweanidcghtaghkwe oni agwegoefe ne tfiok- 
Niyondaddenageraghtannyouh ne neanne Roewavvea- 
neahhawe Chrifl ; ok kadogeaghtsihouh wakwani- 
deghtea ne a-aghtfadeweyendon EghtsenhafeGEORCE 
ne Ongwayanertferiyo neoni Sakwanageraghtouh, 
ne wahoeni fkeanea ayak'yonnhenyonke ne keani- 
hayerrha agvvecrouh Karighwivoiighftak neoni Ayot- 
konnyoughftouh. Neoni IheyohRoewadewean-harho- 
fis, neoni agwegouh Yondaddenageraghtannyoph, ne 
tokeghfke-oewe yodcrighwagwadakwea tfinayeyere 
yaght-ha yondaddyadoghronko ne wahoeni ne Ka- 
righwanncrakferahogoe neoni Tfiniycghferoheafe a- 
yondatrcwaghte, neoni aonfayoyannereke ne Karigh- 


422 I'he Communion, 

heavenly grace; and efpecially to this Congrega- 
tion here prefent, that with meek heart and due 
reverence they may hear and receive thy holy Word, | 
truly ferving thee in holinefs and righteoufnefs all 1 
the days of their life. And we moft humbly be- 
feech thee of thy goodnefs, O Lord, to comfort 
and fuccour all them, who in this tranfitory life are 
in trouble, forrow, need, ficknefs, or any other 

And we alfo blefs thy holy Name, for all thy 
fervants departed this life in thy faith and fear ; 
befeeching thee to give us grace fo to follow their 
good examples, that with them we may be par- 
takers of thy heavenly kingdom. Grant this, O 
Father, for Jefus Chrift's fake, our only Mediator 
and Advocate, Amen. 


Tekar'ighwagehhadont. 423 

wiyoghftak ne Niyoh Raodeweyena neoni Yotka- 
noenyat ayeyenahoh ne tokeghike-oewe aonfayon- 
dadyeritfe. 'S-heyoh oni Seandearat, O Karough- 
yage tighsideroh Ranihah, ne agwegouh Sakonatfte- 
rift-ha Sakoderighhoenyeny, neoni oyaf-houh ne 
neanne koewatften'yaroefis ne Adonhetft Teyako- 
dadderighwaghkweany, ne akarihhoeny Tfinayakon- 
hodeahake fadayoughtaghkoh tiif-hakoderighhoen- 
yeny ne Niyoh Raodeweyena ne ayerighwagh- 
feroeny neoni ne Tekaweaneandan-ouh ayakoyodea, 
ne Sarighwadogeaghty ne Yondatnekofferas, teas 
Tekarighwagehhadont ne Tfiniyoderighwinouh 
ne Rorighwadadouh Eghtfyea-ah : 'S-heyouh Son- 
weda agwegouh kadogeaghtsihouh nenekea Tfi-ya- 
kotkeaniffouh keant-ho-noewe ne oewa ne Kandea- 
rouh, ne Kanigoeragouh neoni Ayotkonnyeaghf- 
touh ayont-hondadde neoni Saweanadogeghty a- 
yoeronke, neoni ayefayodeghfe Orighwadogeagh- 
titferagouh neoni ne Yoderighwagwadackwea ne 
Tliniyakawighniserage eayakonheke. Wakweani- 
deaghtea oni Kanigoeragouh ne aghseghre af-he- 
yeyea ne a-efeghni'yenea ne eayoeny Sayannereghfe- 
ra, OSayaner, ne kea-ni-yeyadoteafe ne neanne Wad- 
yakodouh-harearouh, Yakonoughwaktann*y6eny, ne-' 
teas Teyakokwea-heandoughs, neoni oyaf-houh Tfi- 

Wagwaneandouh oni Saghfeanadogeaghty, ne 
wahoeny agwegouh Tfinifenhatferadogeaghty ne 
neanne Tifeghtaghkouh-tferagouh neoni Yefanoe- 
welkwe Yakoweanda-ouh ; ne wagweanideaghtagh- 
kwe Seandearat nene ayak-hinakerea ayakwarigh- 
waghfereght, ne fadayakweah Sayanertfera ayagwa- 
yannerane. Tak'youh ne nahotea, O Raniha, ne 
ror-ihhoni Jefus Chrift raouhhah Songwarighwagh- 
feroeniyeny neoni Songwadaddyafis. Amen. 

4^4 ^he Communion* 

The Firji Exhortation to Communion* 


I EARLY beloved, on — day next, I purpofe, 
thro' God's affiftance, to adminifter to all fuck 
as Ihall be religioufiy and devoutly difpofed, the 
moll comfortable Sacrament of the Body and Blood 
of Chriit, to be by them received in remembrance 
of his meritorious crofs and paffion, whereby alone 
we obtain remiffion of our fins, and are made par- 
takers of the kingdom of heaven. Wherefore it 
is our duty to render mofl humble and hearty thanks 
to Almighty God our heavenly Father, for that he 
hath given his Son our Saviour Jefus Chrift, not 
only to die for us, but alfo to be our fpiritual food 
and fuftenance in that holy Sacrament. Which 
being fo divine and comfortable a thing to them 
who receive it worthily, and fo dangerous to them 
that will prefume to receive it unworthily. 

£My duty is to exhort you in the mean feafon 
to confider the dignity of that holy Myflery, and 
the great peril of the unworthy receiving thereof, 
and fo to fearch and examine your own confciences, 
(and that not lightly, and after the manner of 
diffemblers with God; but fo,) that ye may come holy 
and clean to fuch a heavenly feaft, in the marriage- 
garment required by God in holy Scripture, and 
be received as worthy partakers of that holy Table.] 

The way and means thereto is : Firft, to ex- 
amine your lives 3nd converfations by the rule of 
God's commandments ; and wherein foever ye ihall 
perceive yourfelves to have offended, either by will, 
word, or deed, thereto bewail your own iinfulnefs, 


^eliarlgbwagehhadont* 425 

Tondatretjyarous Orighwadogeaghty ^ekarlghwagehha' 


A Gwagh kwanoewefe Eantfyazveandadogeaghtaney 
■^ (\j]i-nhheanddde Rantfyaweandadogeaghtane) ka- 
noghtonnyoughs nene eaheghfnyenouh Niyoh, ne 
eandewagwegouh keaniyeyadodeafe ne Yakorigh- 
wiyonghftouh-oevve neoni yaghtea Yenikoughra- 
tiaye neoni koewatferoenyaghkont-hofeghs ne 
eayeyaderafouh ne eantfyondakaridatfte ne Teka 
righwageahhadont ne Rayeronke neoni Raoni- 
gweaghfa Chrift ; ne wahoeni ayokoyendaghte ne 
ayakawighyaghraghkweanihheke ne Raorughya- 
keghtferadogeaghty ne Tfitekayaghsonde ne ka- 
rihhoenis ne ok aouhhah Yonkherighwiyoughfteanis 
Kayanertferk ne ' Karoughyage. Ne wakrihhoeny 
fuhha yongwatkarayeny Orighwagwegouh, ne a- 
gwegouii t'hihhaef-hatfte Niyoh Songwaniha Ka- 
roughyage t'heanderouh ne Ongvveryaghfagwegonh 
a-eghtfidewadoerea, ne wahoeny fongwavvy Ro- 
yea-ah Jefus Chrift Songwayadackwea, Yagh-ok ne 
aouhha-ah ne aghfongweahheyafe, ok oni ne'Ahagh- 
taghtea Ongwadonhetft ne Tekarighwageahhadouli 
Orighwadogeaghty. Ne teayondaddeghkwafe eantf- 
yongwayannereaghfe ne eakeahake eayeyerite ea- 
yeyaderane, fadeayoughtouh oni kovvanaghtsihouh 
Yoth'teronk yagh-te-yakotferoeniyaghkont-houh ne 
yeyadarafe ; Ne wakarihhoeny yonkherighwayeny 
wagwaghretfyarea eantfyoth-takwarighf-hy tealewa- 
daddenikoug.hritake neoni tefewadeaghfere nenegea 

Ne Tfinikarighwayerea ne eantfyerighwak'yonte 
et-ho ya-ayoewe ; Eandewadyereghte Tfini tfyonho- 
tea tfini-yakoyereahadd'y^ eayerighwhifake tfini- 
yoth-takwarighf-hy ne Nivoh Sakaweany: Ough- 
ka^iok eayerhekc eayerighwatscary, yakoyeritoh- 

I i i haddye 

426 The Communion, 

and to confefs yourfelves to Almighty God, with 
full purpofe of amendment of life. And if ye 
fliall perceive your offences to be fuch as are not 
only againft God, but alfo againft your neighbours, 
then ye fhall reconcile yourfelves unto them, being 
ready to make reflitution and fatisfadlion according 
to the uttermoft of your powers, for all injuries and 
wrongs done by you to any others ; and being like- 
wife ready to forgive others that have offended you, 
as ye would have forgivenefs of your offences at 
God's hand : for otherwife the receiving of the holy 
Communion doth nothing elfe but increafe your 
damnation. Therefore if any of you be a blaf- 
phemer of God, an hinderer or llanderer of his 
word, an adulterer, a drunkard, or be in malice, or 
envy, or in any other grievous crime ; repent you of 
your fins, or elfe come not to that holy Table ; left, 
after the taking of that holy Sacrament, the devil 
enter into you, as he entered into Judas, and fill you 
full of all iniquities, and bring you to deftrudtion 
both of body and foul. 



'Tehanghwagehhadont, 427 

haddye tfinayakoyerea ne T'hiyeght-ha Tfiniyonda- 
dlik neteas Kayodca-ouh, ne nahotea Eayondade- 
nikoughraneaghtaghkvve Tfiniyakorighvvannera-a,k- 
fkouh tfiyakohhe, eayondaddidearheke eayondad- 
derighwiyoughftea Nlyoghne ne agwegouh t'hihha- 
ef-hatftea, ne eayonte Eayakonikoughraghfouh o- 
nea tfinayoughtouh eayondeweyendouh. Ne sane 
eafewarigh-horeane ne Sewatfwadann'yea ne tfiok- 
n'Akarihhodeafeke Seflewayadat, Ne eafewadaddeni- 
koughraghferoeny eafewaweayeneandeane tfinoe-fe- 
wakweny eayetfiyeritfe agwegouh Yetfiyatfwadeany 
ne yagh-te yoderighwagwarighfhy Tfiok-na-yakoya- 
dawea-ouh tfinighf-heyerr-ha. Sadeayougtannyon- 
ke Eayakotferoeniyaghkont-hoiih ne agwegoefe ea- 
yetfirighwiyoughftea tfiok-ni-yetfiyatfvvadeany, fa- 
deayoughtouh tfinifaghnekaroh ne Aonfaghyarighwi- 
youghfteaneRoyanerfa-Niyoh: Ikea yagh-eght-hafo- 
wayerhake ne waghsoneghte nenekea Orighwadoge- 
aghty Tekarighvvagehhadoh yaght-ha-efad*yehaghfe 
onea deagh fuhha, tiiniyakavvea Eayonded-tfireagh- 
taghkwe. Ne vvakarihoeni eakeahake oughkagiok 
eayekonadaghwe ne tfinihhoweanodea-ouh Niyoh, 
neteas eayeghfweaghfeke, neteas Kanaghkwa Ye- 
righwanneraks, neteas Yeghnekagaft-ha, neteas 
Teyonderyaghtikhoeghs, neteas kagiok oyafouh 
Ayoriwarake Tfyakoderighwadewaghtouh yakotka- 
rayeny, ne neanne yaght-hayoewe ne Tfirotfvvan- 
karahhere ne Royaner, ok niyare eantfyontftaragh- 
kwe Tfmiyakorighwannerea ne et-ho ayeyada- 
rane ; ne wahoeni keangaye ayagwaneandouh Origh- 
wadogeaghty Tekaweaneandaouh kaghniradouh, nc 
yaght-ha fakodiyehaghfe ne Oneghfoghronouh ne 
t'finiyawea-ouh fahod'yeahhaghfe ne Judas, ok ne 
t'hahhoghtaghte agwegouh Tfinikaghferoheafe neo- 
ni Oneghfeah awightaghkwe Akoyerbenda neoni 


I i i 2 Ne 

428 The Comnij^ipn* v 

And becaufe it is requlfite, that no man Ihould 
come to the holy Communion, but with a full truft 
in God's mercy, and with a quiet confcience ; 
therefore if there be any of you, who by .this means 
cannot quiet his own confcience herein, but lequir- 
eth further comfort or counfel ; let him come to 
me, [or to fome other difcreet and learned Minifter j 
of God's Word,] and open his grief, that by the | 
miniflry of God's holy Word, he may receive the 
benefit of Abfolution, [together with ghoftly counfel 
and advive,] to the quieting of his confcience, and 
avoiding of all fcruple and doubtfulnefs. 

Exhortation at the time of Celebration. 

T%EARLY beloved in the Lord, ye that mind to 
^^ come to the holy Communion of the Body and 
Blood of our Saviour Chrift, muit confider how 
Saint Paul exhorteth all perfons diligently to try 
and examine themfelves, before they prefume to 
eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. For a§ 
the benefit is great, if with a true penitent heart and 
lively faith we receive that holy Sacrament : [ (for 
then we fpiritually eat the flelh of Chrift, and 
drink his blood;] then we dwell in Chrift and 
Chrift in us ; we are one with Chrift, and Chrift 
with us :) So is the danger great, if we receive the 
fame unworthily. For then we are guilty of the 
Body and Blood of Chrift our Saviour ; [we eat and 
drink our own damnation,] not conlitlering the 
Lord's body; we kindle God's wrath againftus; 
we provoke him to plague us with divers difeafes, 


^ekarighwagehhadont. 429 

Ne eakarlhhoeni ne eayondadderighwan-hightea, 
ne oughkakiok ne eayeyadarane Orighwadogeagh- 
tige Tekarighvvagehhadont, yagh-fkeanea t'haya- 
konikoughroendake, ok eayoughnlrouh eakoe- 
wadevvanodaghkwatouh ne Raonidaieghclera Ni- 
yoh ; Eakeahhake eayeyadarake tfinitfyoh yaghtea 
yavvight fkeanea Ayondenikoeraye, ok fuhha Ko- 
wanaghtsihouh teyakodoughwhentfyoeny ne Ayon- 
daddeyet; Tlitkiderch eandyeghte, eayonkerih- 
hokt-haghfe Tfiniyakoughiloehs, ne wahoeny ayon- 
daddeweanharr-hofe Ayondaddenikoughraghferoeny 
ne Tfiniyakonigonghraksat-ha erea ayehawighte, 
lie akarihoeny ne Raodeweyena Niyoh, tfiniyoyan- 
nerefe aonfayondadderighwiyoughftea, ikeaneantfy 
tiinayoughtouh ne erea akahawightouh agwegouh 
Tliniyakonikoughrodackwaghs ne Teyakonigoe- 

Tondalretfyarous 'Tsi-eayeyhah, 

AGWAGH Gwanoroughkwa Rayanerh-ne, nene 
^"^ ne Sewanikoughraghfouh de fewayadarafere ne 
Rayeronke neoni Raonigweaghfa Songwayaner 
Jefus Chrifl, ne teyodoughwhentfyohhoh eafewa- 
deriyendayendaghkwe ne nenahotea ne Royadado- 
geaghty Paul agwegouh Ongwehogouh faka- 
weyohs ne niyadeyakouh eayondatteniyendeaghfte, 
et-hone Eayenadarackc, neoni Yeaghnekighradagh- 
kwa Katfe eayeghnekira. Ikea fadeayoghtouh ne 
kowanaghtsihoe Kayeannerea, eaypnkwadonhakano- 
nihake Ongweryane neoni eayonheghtsihouh Eant- 
yonkweghtaghkouli keangaye Orighwadogeaghty 
Yokaraik-ha Gako eayeyadarane ; (Ikea et-hone wa- 
kwatyefaghte ne agwegouh Kayeannerea Rawohe- 
yatouh Chrifl) et-hone doweanderouh Chrift tfera- 
kouh, neoni Chrifl waghfongwadyehaghfe, sagat 
jgea, neoni Raouhha fakwayadat ; Sadeyough- 


430 ^he Communion, 

and fundry kinds of death. Judge therefore your- 
felves, brethren, that ye be not judged of the 
Lord ; repent you truly for your (ins paft ; have 
a lively -and fledfail faith in Chrift our Saviour; 
amend your lives, and be in pertedt charity with 
all men, fo fhall ye be meet partakers of thofe 
holy Myfleries. 

And above all things ye muft give moft humble 
and hearty thanks to God the Father, the Son, 
and the Holy Ghoft, for the redemption of the 
world by the death and palHon of our Saviour 
Chrift, both God and man, who did humble 
himfelf even to the death upon the Crofs, for us 
miferable finners, who lay in darknefs and the 
Ihadow of death, that he might make us the 
children of God, and exalt us to everlafting 
life. Anji to the end that we fhould alway remem- 
ber the exceeding great love of our Mafter, and 
only Saviour, Jefus Chrift thus dying for us, and 
the innumerable benefits which by his precious 
blood-ftiedding he hath obtained to us; he hath 
inftituted and ordained holy Myfteries, as pledges 
of his love, and for a continual remembrance of his 
death, to our great and endlefs comfort. To him 
therefore, with the Father, and the Holy Ghoft, 
let us give (as we are moft bounden) continual 
thanks, fubmitting ourfelves wholly to his holy 
will and pleafure, and ftudying to ferve him in true 
holinefs and righteoufnefs all the days of our life. 


Tekarighwagehhadont 431 

taghkouh kowanaghtsihouh Youth-terouh, yaghtea 
yakotferonyaghkont-hoh ne Yeyadarafe. Ikea wa- 
ongwatkarayehaghfe ne Rayeronke neoni Raoni- 
gvveaghfa Songwaghnercghfyoh Jefus Chrift ne wade- 
wadatteweandeaghte, ne wahoeny ne Rayeronke ne 
Royaner yaghtea teyakwayeghft-ha ; ok waghtfide- 
weanakoeny; ne waghtfidewaraghiyadaghkwe ne eah- 
fongwaghrevvaghtaghkvve ne yoderighwakate ea- 
fongwayesaghtaghkwe Kean-hra, neoni Eayaihhe- 

Ne nahhotea Dowattadegea-ogoe-ah tefewadat- 
tyadoreaghtas, ne wahoeny yaght-ha teghyayado- 
reaghtane ne Royaner ; Agwagh fenhadeaghlis Tfi- 
nifarighwannerea ; Eghtfadowenodaghkwat ne Chrift 
ne Seriaghfagwekouh ne Songwaghnereaghfyouh ; 
fafevvadoweyendouh Tfi-tfyonhennyouh, neoni fe- 
noghwelek agwegouh Ongwehogouh ne tfiniyo- 
derighwagwarighfyouh ; Ikea eghnayeyere, ne to- 
keaghfke-oewe nenekea Orighwadogeaghty Tekarigh- 
wagehhadont eayondattyehaghfe. Ok fuhha te- 
yodoghwentiiyouhhoh ne agwagh Onkwanikoera- 
gouh Ongweryane af-hagwadoughreanihheke Niyoh 
ne Ranihha, neoni ne Roewaye neoni ne Roni- 
koghriyoughflouh, ne raouhha ne royeridone 
Oghwhentfyage ne wakarihhoeny tfinihhoroughyagea 
Songwaghnereaghfyouh Jefus Chrift, ne tokeaghfke- 
oewe Niyoh, neoni tokeaghfke-oewe Ongwe, ne ne- 
ne Rodatteweandeghtouh ne Keahheyat nene Tfi- 
dekayaghfonde fon«?wattyerafe yonkweandeght Yon- 
gwarighwanera-akfkoh ne yenakeronnyouh ne 
Aghsadakouh neoni Yodaghsadare ne Keahheyouh, 
ne wahoeny Niyoh Sakoyea-ogoe-ah aghf-honkyony, 
neoni ayonk-hirackwaghfe ne tfiniyeheawe Eayakon- 
hennyonke. Ikea keagayea Yokarafk-ha Gakon 
ayonkwighyaghraghkweanihheke ne neanne yagh- 
te-yeyodokte Songwanoewefe Songwaweniyoh, ra- 
ouhh;i-ah Song,waghferoniyeny, Jefus Chrift ne neane 


4-3^ 'J' he Communmu 

XT'E that do truly and earneftly repent you of 
^ your fins, and are in love and charity with 
your neighbours, and intend to lead a new life, 
following the commandments of God, and walkirrg 
from henceforth in his holy ways ; draw near with 
faith, and take this holy Sacfament to your comfort, 
and make your humble confeffion to Almighty God, 
meekly kneeling upon your knees. 

^he Confeffion, 

A Lmighty God, Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift,- 
^^ Maker of all things, Judge of all men ; We 
acknowledge and bewail our manifold fins and 
wickednefs, which we from time to time moft 


'Tekarlghwagchhadont, 423 

fongwahheyafe, neoni ne ayongwighyaghrafeke nene 
yaghtea yeyodokte Aondayoeratte nene ne waka- 
rihhony Raonekwaghfanorouh roghriroh fongwa- 
vveany ; neoni nenekea Orighwadogeaghty Royon- 
douh ne Gakouh rodeanha-ouh neoni eawat- 
karanoenaghkvve, ne tfiniyenoewight neoni tfini- 
yeheawe Eayakawighyaghraghkweanihheke ne Ra- 
wohheyadouh, ne kowanaghtsihoh neoni ne tfini- 
yeheawe Ayongwlghyeghfeke. Kinyouh fadea}^ough- 
touh tfineant-hoewayerafe ne Ranihha neoni ne 
Ronikoiighriyoughflouh ayet-hiyadoerea, (tfini- 
yonkhkarodeaniyoeny ne Yoth-takwarighfyouh ;) 
Ayagwattadenikoughraneghtoiih ne Raorighwado- 
geaghtige ayakwaderaneandakte Tfinireghre aya- 
kvvaweanaraghkwe, ne af-hakvvat-hoenda-dihheke 
Orighwadogeaghtitferagouh ne togeghfke-oewe ne 
Yoderighwagvvadackvvea Tfiniyongweghniferage ea- 
yak'yonheke. Amen^ 

np'SYOUH-HA fewagwegouh ne agvvaghfl Ye- 
* righwanerakferaghfweaghfe, neoni tefewattade- 
noronghgwak Tefewatteranega, neoni iffevveghre afe 
a-onfedevvattadenikoughrondaghkwe tfinikayerea ne 
Raoweana ne Niyoh, neoni ayakweseke ne oewa 
ne Raohahhadogeaghtitferagouh ; Karo kaffeweght 
ne t'hifoweghtaghkouh, fewayena nenekea Orighwa- 
dogeaghty Tekarighwagehhadont A-efe\vighyeh- 
heke ; neoni tfyonderene Sewarighvvannerea Niyoh 
ne eawadouh Kanikoughraneghtane ne Yoni- 
koughraneghtak tefewadontsodea. 

Agzvegotih Tondonhakanoenis, 

CE-ef-hatfteaghferagwegouh Niyoh, Ranihha Son- 
^ gwayaner Jefus Chrift, nene agwegouh saghfoiih, 
agwcgouh Ongwehogouh tefakoyadoreaght-ha ; 
VVagwadundertne neoni yagwanafe teyorighwane- 
K k k darnoh 

434 ^^ Communion* 

grievoufly have committed, by thought, word, and 
deed, againft thy divine Majefty, provoking moft 
juftly thy wrath and indignation againft us. We 
do earneftly repent, and are heartily forry for thefe 
our mifdoings ; The remembrance of them is grie- 
vous unto us; The burden of them is intolerable. 
Have mercy upon us, have mercy upon us, moft 
merciful Father; For thy Son our Lord Jefus 
Chrift's fake, forgive us ail that is paft; and grant 
that we may ever hereafter ferve and pleafe thee in 
newnefs of life, to the honour and glory of thy 
Name, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen» 

The Abfolution^ 

A LMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, who of 
•^ his great mercy hath promifed forgivenefs of 
fins to all them that with hearty repentance and 
true faith turn unto him ; Have mercy upon you, 
pardon and deliver you from all your fins, confirm 
and ftrengthen you in all goodnefs, and bring you 
to everlafting life, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 


^ekartghwagehhadont* 435 

ciarryoh Yongwarighwannerea neoni Yodakfeafe, tfi- 
niyongwayerannj'^oh, ok-t'hiyongwaddeant-(laghkouh 
tfinahhe yak'yonhe, ne Wagwanoghtonnyoh, Wa- 
gwadade, neoni Tfinikwayerafe, fa-Niyoh tfi- 
''Skowanea, yorihhoniyoh Sattaderighwagwarighfih 
Kanakvvea-ouh neoni Taghfattaderyaghtikho. O- 
righwiyotfy fayakwattatrewaghte, neoni Ongwe- 
ryane yagwattadenikoughraneght-ha ne wahoeny 
nenekea Tfyongvvadderighwadevvaghtouh; ne O- 
noghtonnyoughtfera ne Saoriwat ne yakvvanhadouhs; 
Tfiniyorighwakile yongwafeannlyele. Takwander- 
hek, O Sanidareghtferowanoh Ranihha takwan- 
derhek ; ne rorih-hony Eaghtfyea-ah Songwayaner 
Jefus Chrift, Tondackvvavighwiyoughftouh agwe- 
goiih Tfiniyonkwarighwannerea ; neoni takyouh tfi- 
neawe tyotkouh agwayodeaglife ne yenoewigh afe 
tfi-a-yakyonheke, ne Seneandont ne Oewefeghtfera 
Saghfeanadogeaghty, ne Rorih-hoeny Jefus Chrift 
Sakwayaner. Amen. 

Ne Tsyeghnereaghjyous. 

"VTE agwegouh t'hihhaf-hatfte N lyoh, Karoughyage 
"^ t'heanderouh Songwaniha, ne tfinihoderighwi- 
nouh yagh-te-yeyodokte agwegouh Sakodearoes nene 
togeghfke-oewe Tfyondonhakanonis, ne ayoeny a- 
gwagh eant-yongweghtaghkouh raouhhage eantfyon- 
datrewaghtaghkwe, eantfyondatterighwiyoughrtouh 
ne Tfiniyakorighwannerea ; Ne eaghtfifeweandeare, 
nene waghtfifewarighwiyoughftouh neoni wahhagh- 
tonde agwegouh Tfinifewarighwannerea, ne neanne 
wahhayerite neoni waghtfifewaf-hatftatte agwe- 
gouh Tiinikayodcaghferiyofe, neoni vvaghtfaghfarine 
ne tfiniyeheawe Tli-eayakyonhennyonke, ne rorih- 
hony Songwayaner Jefus Chrift. Amen. 

•K k k 2 , Sewaf- 

43 6 The Communion^ 

Hear what comfortable words our Saviour Chrift 
faith unto all that truly turn to him. 

/^OME unto me all that travail, and are heavy 
^^ laden, and I will refrelh you. S.Matth. xi. 28. 

So God loved the world, that he gave his only 
begotten Son, to the end that all that believe in him 
ihould not perilh, but have everlalling life. S. John 
iii. i6. 

Hear alfo what St. Paul faith. 

This is a true faying, and worthy of all men to 
be received. That Chrift Jefus came into the world 
to fave linners. i Tim. 1. 15. 

Hear alfo what St. John faith. 

If any man fin, we have an Advocate with the 
Father, Jefus Chrift the righteous, and he is the 
propitiation for our fins, i John ii. i, 2. 

Prlejl. Lift up your hearts. 

Anfwer. We lift them up unto the Lord. 

Prlejl. Let us give thanks unto our Lord God. 

Anfwer. It is meet and right fo to do. 

TT is very meet, right, and our bounden dut)'', 
■*" that we fhould at all times, and in all places, 
give thanks unto thee, O Lord, *[Holy Father] 
Almighty, everlafting God. 

* TKefe words {Holy Father^ mufl be omitted on Trinity Sunday. 


I'ckarighwagehhadont 437 

Sewat-hondek ne ayakawighyeghfeke tfinihawe- 
notea Karoughyage Songwayadeahawighte Chrift 
Sakaweany, agvvegouh kea niyeyadodeafe ne ra- 
ouhhage Akweryaghsakouh fayondonhakanoeny. 

I^ARO kafleweh fewagwegouh I-Ih-ke, ne fe- 
''•^ waroiighiyakeahaddyefe 'sewawifeaghne neoni 
eafkwatfyente. S. Matth. xi. 28. 

Kea nih-fanoewefgwe Niyoh ne Ongwehogouh ne 
fakowy ne raouhha rodony Ronvvaye, ne wahoeny 
niyadeyagouh ne neanne raouhhatferagouh eant'ya- 
kawightaghkouh 5/aght-ha yodakfeane ok ne tfini- 
yeheawe enyakonhennyonke. aS". John iii. 16. 

Sewat-hoendat oni nenahotea ne radouh ne 
royadadogeaghty Paul. 

Keangaye agwagh togeghfke, neoni agvvegouh 
Ongwehogoh ayeyenahouh, tlinikanorouh ne Ogh- 
whentfyage iroh Jefus Chrift, ne wahoeny Yakorigh- 
wannerakfkouh afakoghnereaghly. i Tim. i. 15. 

Sewat-hondat oni nenahotea radouh ne royada- 
dogeaghty John. 

Akeahake oughkakiok eayerighwannerak, yon- 
khiyadaddyafis Ranighnehha, Jelus Chrift Roderi- 
ghwagwarighfyouh, neoni nenekea rokarryakouh 
Tliniyongvvarighwannerea. i John ii. i, 2. 

Etjihuhjiatfy . Sewaderiyaghfaketfkoh. 

D*yondadigbs. Wagwaderiyaghfaketikoh Roya- 
nerhne Niyoh. 

Etfihuhft. Eaghtfcdewadoera ne Royaner On- 

Dyond. Ne Yoth-takwarighfyoh neoni et-hoghtfy 


npOgeghfke-oewe yoth-takwarighfyoh, tfinayon- 

•*• gwayerannyonke ne tyotkouh tfiyeytTe Ahowa- 

doughreanihheke, Sayaner, royadadogeaghty Ra- 

nihha, agwegouh t'hihaef-hatfte tfiniyeheawe Niyoh. 


43 S ^he Cofnmunwn. 

^T^HEREFOR-E with angels and arch-angels, and 
-*• with all the company of heaven, we laud and 
.magnify thy glorious Name, evermore praifing 
thee, and faying, Holy, holy, holy. Lord God of 
hofts, heaven and earth are full of thy glory. 
Glory be to thee, O Lord moft High. Amen, 

V)t7E do not prefume to come to this thy Table, 
^^ O merciful Lord, trufting in our own righte- 
oufnefs, but in thy manifold and great mercies. 
We are not worthy fo much as to gather up the 
crumbs under thy Table. But thou art the fame 
Lord, whofe property is always to have mercy ; 
Grant us therefore, gracious Lord, fo to eat the 
flefli of thy dear Son Jefus Chrill:, and to drink his 
blood, that our finful bodies may be made clean 
by his body, and our fouls walhed through his mofl; 
precious blood, and that we may evermore dwell 
in him, and he in us. Amen. 

The Confecratlon. 

A LMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, who of 
^^ thy tender mercy didft give thine only Son 
Jefus Chrift to fufFer death upon the crofs for our 
redemption, who made there (by his one oblation 


^ekarighwagehhadont, 439 

I^E wakarihhoeny fadeyongwarighwaghkwoh Kon- 
■*"^ diroughyakeghronontfcragwekouh, yaght-ha- 
ayakwaghtkawe wakwaneandouh yoneandont Sagh- 
feanadogeaghty, ne vvakwearouh, Royadogeaghty, 
Royadadogeaghty, Royadadogeaghty, ne Roya- 
ncr Niyoh Keandyoughkowanehogouh, Ne Ka- 
roughyage neoni Oghvventlyage t'hitkahhere ne 
Soeweleghtsere. Sa-oe>vefeagluicra Ife Oh Sayaner 
ne Enekeaghtfy. Amen. 

"VTAghtea yongwah-he nene-kea Orighwado- 
geaghty Tekarighwagehhadont, O fanida- 
reghtfera Sayaner, ayakwadowenotaghwat-hake ne 
Ayongwaderighvvakwarighfyoh, ok teyorighwane- 
darryoh Tfinifeandearaghs. Ikea yakwadatkeghro- 
ni Tej'-onadaraghriyoh ne Onadaradogeaghty tea- 
yackwakhgwe. Ok ise Sayaner tyotkouh lanidaref- 
koh ; Ne wahoeni eafkoh, Oh fanidareghtferowanea 
Kayaner, ne ayakwake nenekea Kanadarohk ne 
Wadeniycndeaghftoh ne Raowaroh Eaghtfiyea-ah 
Jefus Chrift teyonkhiyakony, neoni fadeyoughc ca- 
yeghnekira nenekea Katfe ne Wadenyendeaghftouh 
Raonegweaghfa roghriroh, ne wahoeny 1'ewaye- 
ronke yodakfea-ouh ne yorihhjonniyoh Karigh- 
wannerea ne aonfagarakewaghte Agwayeronke ne 
'yontht-ha ne Raoyeronkeghtferadogeaghty, neoni 
Ongvvadonhetft akanohharete Raongeweaghsakoh 
kanoroeghtsihoh, ne wahoeny Sadewayadat a-on- 
douh, neoni raouhha onkyouhage. Amen. 

Ne Tsyerlghwadogeghtijl Tchartghzvagehhadont. 

CE-ef-hatfleaghtferag\vegouh Niyoh, Karoughyag« 
fkv/awy raouhha Eaghtfyca-ah Songwayaner Jefus 
Chrift, nene serouh aghrcahheye Tfidekayaghfonde 

ah ha- 

440 ^he Communwn*. 

of himfelf once offered) a full, perfe<ft and fufE- 
cient facrifice, oblation and fatisfadtion for the fins 
of the whole world, and did inftitute, and in his 
holy Gofpel command us to continue a perpetual 
memory of that his precious death, until his coming 
again ; Hear us, O merciful Father, we moft hum- 
bly befeech thee, and grant that we, receiving thefe 
thy creatures of Bread and Wine, according to thy 
Son our Saviour Jefus Chrift's holy inititution, in 
remembrance of his death and paflion, may be par- 
takers of his moft bleffed Body and Blood : who in 
the fame night that he was betrayed * took bread ; 
and when he had given thanks-^'-, he brake it, and 
gave it to his difciples, faying. Take, eat ||, this is 
my Body which is given for you, do this in remem- 
brance of me. 

Likewife after Supper \ he took tlie cup, and 
when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, 
faying, Drink ye all of this, for this§ is my Blood of 
the New Teftament, which is fhed for you and for 
many, for the remiflion of fins : Do this, as oft as 
ye fhall drink it, in remembrance of me. Amen, 

* Here the Prieft Is to take the Paten into his hands : 
•f- And here to break the Bread : 
II And here to lay his hand upon all the Bread. 
t Here he is to take the Cup into his hand. 
§ And here to lay his hand upon every veflel (be it Chalice or 
Flagon) in which there is any wine to be confecrated. 


^ekanghwngehhadont, 441 

aliharoughyagea ne wahoeny Afongwaghnereaghf- 
yoh ; ne yorihhoniyoh Rodattaweandeghtoh yagh- 
ot-henoh t'hiyeyotokte, neoni royeridoh ne Tiini- 
yakorighwannerea ne Ongwchogonh ; neoni Ro- 
righwadadouh Tfidekaweaneanda-ouh Orighwado- 
geaghti-rieiagouh ayongwayenawagouh tfiniyeheawe 
Eayakvvighyaghrafeke kanoroughtsihoh Raoehheyat 
ne tfinideant-haghroughfea. Tondakwat-hoendats, 
wagwanideaghtea O Sanidareghtferowanea Ranihha; 
neoni takyouh nenekea Kanudarohk vva-ak-gwake 
neoni One-uhharadafehhoglitrerakere nene wigh- 
yaghraghkoiih Raoehheyat ne Chrift ayakwayada- 
rake, ne wette'.vakc^ Rayerbnke neoni Raonea- 
gwaghfanoroh: ne neanne Aghfont-heane et-hoghke 
Sahhowanigoughraghlere ne * Wat-hanadaraghkwe, 
neoni oewa fahhadoerea '\- Wat-hayak-hoh, neoni 
waghfakawea Tfyondadderighhoniyeny, wahhea- 
rouh, Tvena||, feck, ne n'Akyeronke ne wadeghf- 
heyakhoe-haghfe, et-ho nah fewayer Eayongwigh- 

Sadeyought oni % Wat-hatsedaghkvve ycghni- 
kighrat-ha, ne onea Kakonke ne Yokarafk-ha, 
neoni wahhadoerea, ne waghfakawea, wahhearouh, 
agwegouh eafewaghnekira ; Ikea ne §Akenigweagh- 
fakoh ne ase Tekaweaneanda-oiih ne Sowaruva 
roghriroh, neoni eso, Tfyondadderighwiyoughf- 
teanit-ha ne Karighwannerea : Et-ho nah fewayer, 
tfinikoh eafewaghnekira, Eayongwighyaghrafeke. 

* Keant-ho ne Ratfihuhftatfy wahhayeHa ne Kcrat. (Paten.) 

\ Neoni keant-ho wahhayiik-ho ne Kanadarohk : 

)I Neoni kcant-ho wahharhoroks Rafnonkc ne Kanadarohk. 

% Keant-ho wahhaytna ne Ki'itfe Yeghnekighrat-ha: 

§ Neoni keant-ho' wahharhoroks Rafnonkc ag^vcgouh ne 

Kahntferasoewa, kakiok dcwat ne Wine nc oc^va Yerighwa- 


^ ' Lll Ne 

442 J" he Communion* 

npHE Body of our Lord Jefus Chrlft, which was 
•*• given for thee, preferve thy body and foiil unto 
everlafting life. 

Take and eat this in remembrance that Chrift 
died for thee, and feed on him in thy heart by 
faith with thankfgiving. 

MpHE Blood of our Lord Jefus Chrift, which was 
•*■ Ihed for thee, preferve thy body and foul unto 
everlafting life. 

Drink this in remembrance that Chrift's Blood 
was flied for thee, and be thankful. 

/^UR Father, which art in heaven. Hallowed be 
^^ thy Name ; Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be 
done in earth, as it is in heaven: Give us this day 
our daily bread ; And forgive us our trefpaflTes, as 
we forgive them that trefpafs againft us ; And lead 
us not into temptation ; But deliver us from evil : 
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the 
glory, for ever and ever. Amen, 

/^ Lord and heavenly Father, we thy humble 
^^ fervants entirely defire thy Fatherly goodnefs, 
mercifully to accept this our facrifice of praife and 
thankfgiving ; moft humbly befeeching thee to 
grant, that by the merits and death of thy Son 
Jefus Chrift, and through faith in his blood, we and 
all thy whole Church may obtain remiflion of our fins, 
and all other benefits of his pafilion. And here we 
offer and prefent unto thee, O Lord, ourfelvcs, 
our fouls and bodies, to be a reafonable, holy, and 



^ekanghwagehhadont. 443 

■^ E Rayeronke Songwayaner Jefus Chrift, nene 
^^ yetfighninondoh, fadeweyendoh Tfyeronke ne- 
oni Sadonhetft ne tiiniyeheawe aghsonheke. 

Tfyena fek keagaye ne ne Eayakawighyagh- 
rafeke ne Yehheyale ne Chrift, fek eankarihhony 
eantyefeghtagkouh Seriyaghsakouh eafadoghreanih- 

■^TE Raonegweaghfa Songwayaner Jefus Chrift, ne 
Sariwa roghriroh, fadeweyendoh Tfyeronke 
neoni Sadonhetft tfiniyeheawe Aghsonheke. 

Tfyena fnekira keagaye Katfe Eantfeghyagh- 
raghkwake ne Chrift Raonegweaghfa Sariwa Rogh- 
riroh, eahfadoghreanihheke. 

COngwaniha ne Karoughyage tighsideron, We- 
*^ faghfeanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera iwe ; Tagh- 
fere eghniawan tfiniyought Karough^'agouh, oni 
Oghwentfyage : Niyade-weghniferage Takwanada- 
ranondaghfik noewa; Neoni Tondakwarighwiyough- 
ftouh, tfiniyought oni Tfyakwadaderighwiyough- 
fteany ; Neoni toghfa takwaghfarineght Dewaddatde- 
nakeraghtonke; nesane fadfyadakwaghs ne Kon- 
dighferoheafe : Ikea Sayanertfera ne na-ah, neoni 
ne Kaef-hatfte, neoni ne Onwefeaghtak, ne tfini- 
yeheawe neoni tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 

r\ Sayaner Karoughyage tighsiderouh Ranihha, 
^^ teyonkweandeght-hefe Takwanhafe wagwa- 
niteaghteah Sayannereghtfteany Tfikwanihha, agh- 
fenoewene keagaye Ahhoeyoh ne Ayeneandoh ne 
Ahowadoereanihheke ayoyannereghftoh ayakoyen- 
daghte ayerighwifake ; Wakwanekea a-fonkyouh 
tfina-fgwayerafe tfina-Tehhodeantfouh ne Raohheyat 
Eghtfyea-ah Jefus Chrift, ne wahoeni ne T'ya- 
kawightaghkouh Raoneagvveaghfakowih, ne Skean- 
dVoughkwadogeaghty agwegouh aonfayonkhi- 
L 1 1 a righ- 

444 ^^^ Gommmm, 

lively facrifice unto thee ; humbly befeeching thee, 
that ail we, who are partakers of this holy Commu-r 
nion, may be fulfilled with thy grace and heavenly 
benediction. And although we be unworthy 
through our manifold fins to offer unto thee any 
facrifice ; yet we befeech thee to accept this our 
bounden duty and fervice, not weighing our merits, 
but pardoning our offences, through Jefus Chrifl 
our Lord ; by whom, and with whom, in the unity 
of the Holy Ghoft, all honour and glory be unto 
thee, O Father Almighty, world without end. 

/^ LORY be to God on high, and in earth peace, 
^-^ good will towards men. We praife thee, we 
blefs thee, we worlhip thee, we glorify thee, we 
give thanks to thee for thy great glory, O Lord 
God, heavenly King, God the Father Almighty. 

O Lord, the only begotten Son Jefus Chrift; 
O Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, 
that takeft away the fins of the world, have mercy 
upon us. 


^eharlghwagebhadont, 445 

rlghwlyoughftea ne Karighwannerea, neoni ne a- 
gwegouh ne oyafouh Tliniyoyannerefe Tlinihho- 
rpughiyagea. Wakwaweaniyoghfte tliyakwefe., 
O Sayaner, Ongwadonhetft neooi Akwayeronkp, 
aontkanony, orighwadogeaghty, ne ayonheght- 
sihouh Ahhoeyouh ; Kanikoerakouh wakweani- 
deaghtea tfinikouh dewagwegouh Yonkwayadara- 
ouh nenel^ea Orighwadogeaghty Tekarighwageh- 
hadont, ne Seandearat neoni Karouhgyage tyo- 
yeghtaghkouh Oyadaderightfera ayonkhiyaghtagh- 
tea. Et-ho se-nenne yongwakearouh ne wahoeny 
teyoghnanedarryoh Yongwarighwannerea, kaki- 
ok ayoriwarake akwarighwayehaghfe ; Segoh sane 
wakweanideaghtea wa-akwate agwegouh Ongwa- 
nikoeragouh ne keangaye Ongwadeweyena yon- 
gwatkarayeny aghfyena, yaghsane ne t*hakarih- 
hoeny T'hayongvvayodeaghferaa ok ne wakarihhoe- 
ny Sanidareghtferowanea Yonkhirighwiyoughllea- 
ny ne Yongwarighwannerea, ne rorihhoeni Jefus 
Chriil Sakwayaner; ne rorihhoeni Sahhayadat, fagh- 
niyadat oni ne Ronikoughriyoughftoh, ise nene 
agwegouh t'hihhaf-hatfte Ranihha, agwegouh Yot- 
konnyoghft, neoni Oewefeghtfera tfiniyeheawese. 

^^Ewefeghtfera Niyoh ne Enekeaghtfy Tfitka- 
^"^ roughyade, neoni Kayannerea Oghwentfyage, 
ne Ongwehogouh Waondaddenoewene. Wakyoe- 
wefaghte, Wagwadocrea, Wagwanideaghtea, ne 
wahoeni kowanaghtsihouh Soewefeaghtfera, O Sa- 
yaner Niyoh, ne Karoughyagouh Tefanakeratouh> 
Niyoh agwegouh t'hihhaf-hatfte Ranihha. 

O Sayaner, fouhha-ah fadoeny Roewaye Jefus 
Chrift ; Sayaner Niyoh, Roye Niyoh, Roewaye nc 
Ranihha, ne ereah wahhahawighte ne Tfiniyako- 
righwannrea Ongwehogouh, Tandakwe^inderhek. 

446 The Communion, 

-''Thou that takeft away the fins of the world, 
have mercy upon us. Thou that takcfl: away Jthe 
fins of the world, receive our prayer. Thou 
that fitteft at the right hand of God the Father, 
have mercy upon us. 

For thou only art holy, thou only art the Lord, 
thou only, O Chrift, with the Holy Ghoft, art ; 
moft high in the glory of God the Father. Amen, 

Let us pray, 

f> RANT, we befeech thee, Almighty God, that 
^^ the words which we have heard this day with 
our outward ears, may through thy grace be fo 
grafted inwardly in our hearts, that they may bring 
forth in us the fruit of good living, to the honour 
and praife of thy Name, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amen, 

Blejjed, yea happy are all that hear the Word of God, 
and do accordingly all their Life long. 

rpHE peace of God, which paffeth all under- 
•■• ftanding, keep your hearts and minds in the 
knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Jefus 
Chrift our Lord: And the blefiiing of God 
Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy 
Ghoft, be amongft you, and remain v^^ith you 
always. Amen, 


^ekarlghwagehhadont, 44^ 

Ise nene waf-hawighte ne Tfiniyakorighwanerea 
OngwehogoiiVi, tantakvveanderhek. Ise nene waf- 
hawighte ne TfiniyakorighwannereaOngwehogouh, 
Tondakwat-hoendats Ongwadereanaye. Ne tigh- 
siderouh ne Tfiraweyendeghtaghkouh Rafnonke 
Niyoh ne Ranihha, Tantakweanderhek. 

Ikea yadeghfyady Sayadadogeaghty, yadegh- 
fyady Sayaner, yadeghfyady feyadakweah, O Chrift, 
neoni ne Ronigoughriyoughllouh, Raoewefeghtfe- 
rakouh Niyoh ne Ranihha. Amen. 

Dewadereanayeh . 

'TpAKYOUH, wagweanideghtea, agwegouh t'hi- 
•*■ haf-hatfte Niyoh, nene oewa ne atfte Ongwa- 
hoeghtagouh yongwat-hoendeghkwe Saweana, et-ho- 
na-youghtouh ne wahoeni Seandearat Ongwcri- 
aghfagouh aonfakaghn'ybdane, ne ayagwahhewe 
Ayoyannereaghftouh Tfiyag'yonhe ne akaneandon- 
de, newahoni Oewefcaghtfera Saghfeanadogeaghty, 
neoni Ayadaikatilouhhake Ongwadonhetft, ne wa- 
karihhoeni Jefus Chrift Songwayaner. Amen, 

Takoyadaderi-youh neoni yakodajkats agwegouh ne neanni 
youghrunk-hah Raoweana ne Niyohy neoni ne eghni- 
yought tjiyagyonhef ne nahbtea ne agwegouh et-ho naya- 

■^■E Raoyannereghfera Niyoh, ne nahhotea agwe- 
gouh Teyakonikoughrakeannyoh, Ondeweye- 
noeweght ne N lyoh, neoni ne Royea-ha Jefus Chrift 
Sakwayaner : Neoni Raoyadaderighcfera agwegouh 
t'hihhaef-hatfte Niyoh, ne Ranihha, neoni ne Roe- 
way ea, neoni ne Ronigoghriyoiighftouh, agwegouh 
addowefcke tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 


[ 448 3 




^EARLY beloved, forafmuch as all men are 
conceived and born in fin, and that our Sa- 
vibiir Chrift faith, None can enter into the king- 
idbni of God, except he be regenerate and born 
anew (if water and of the Holy Ghoft ; I befeech 
you to call upon God the Father, through our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, that of his bounteous mercy he 
will grant to this Child thsit thing which by nature he 
cannot have, that he may be baptized with water 
and the Holy Ghoft, and received into Chrift's holy 
Church, arid be made a lively member of the fame. 

Let us pray. 

A LMIGHTY and everlafting God, who of % 
■**■ great mercy didft fave Noah and his family in 
the ark from periftiing by water, and alfo didft 
fafelv lead the children of Ifrael thy people through 
the Red-fea, figuring thereby thy holy Baptifm ; 


[ 449 ] 




A GWAGH kwanoroughgwa, kadogeaghtsihoh 
■'^ Ongwehogouh Karighwanerakferagoh yondad- 
dadewedoh ; neoni Karoughyage Songwayadaha- 
vvight-ha Chrift radoh, yagh-oughka t'hayonda- 
weyade Karoughyagoh ne nayadodeafe eantfyon- 
doeny Oghneganoghlne, neoni Ronigoughri- 
youghftoh ; ne wakarihhoeni wakweanideaghtea 
tfina aghtlifewayerafe ne Niyoh Ranibhah ne ro- 
rihhoeny Songwayaner Jefus Chrift, aghtfifewa- 
roughyehhare ne n'ahhonoewene ne akarihhoeny 
Raoyanereghfera Keandearouh keagaye Iksa-a (Ik- 
faogoe-ah) aondaf-hakawea ne ayondatnekoffe- 
raghwe eavvadoh Oghneganoghs neoni Ronigough- 
riyoughftouh, neoni ayondattyenah Tli-yakotka- 
nilTouh Raodyoughwadogeaghty Chrift, neoni to- 
keghlke-oewe Ayakonheghtsibouh ne ayeyadarake 
ne Saoriwat. 


A GWAGH T'hlhhaf-hatfte neoni tfiniyeheawe 
*"^ Niyoh, ne wakarihhoeny Sanidareghtferowa- 
nea Noah neoni Raonoghfagouh yederouh yaghte 
yakolko-oh Kahoeweyakowanh-ne feyadit, neoni 
Songweda Ifrael tehhonadonkoghtouh ne One- 
M m m gvveaghtara 

4^0 Public Baptlfm of Infants. 

and by the Baptifm of thy well beloved Son Jefus 
Chrift in the river Jordan, didil fandlify water to the 
myftical waftiing away of fin; We befeech thee, 
for thine infinite mercies, that thou wilt mercifully 
look upon this Child ; wafh him, and fandify him 
with the Holy Ghofl, that he, being delivered from 
thy wrath, may be received into the ark of Chrift's 
Church ; and being ftedfaft in faith, joyful through 
hope, and rooted in charity, may fo pafs the waves 
of this troublefome world, that finally he may come 
to the land of everlafling life : there to reign with 
thee, world without end, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. 4ffien, 

A LMIGHTY and immortal God, the aid of all 
"^^ that need, the helper of all that flee to thee for 
fuccour, the life of them that believe, and the 
refurreftion of the dead ; We call upon thee 
for this Infant, that he, coming to thy holy 
Baptifm, may receive remiflion of his fins by 
fpiritual regeneration. Receive him, O Lord, as 
thou haft promifed by thy well-beloved Son, faying, 
Aik, and ye fhall have; feek, and ye fliall find ; 
knock, and it Ihall be opened unto you: So give 
now unto us that afk ; let us that feek, find ; opeq 
the gate unto us that knock ; that this Infant may 
enjoy the everlafling benedidtion of thy heavenly 
waihing, and may come to the eternal kingdom 


Tondatnehjferaghs Ikfa-o-^gbe^ah, 451 

gvveaghtara ne Kaniyadarotea ne Wadenyen- 
deaghftouh farighwadogeaghty Yondathnekoffe- 
rafs ,• neoni ^rorihhoeniyouh Roewaghnekofserr-hoh 
ne eghtfenoghweghtsihoh Eaghtfyea-ah Jefus Chrift 
ne KaihVoehakouh Jordan, waghfnekadogeagh- 
tifte ne Kanigoera akanohharete ne Karigh- 
wanerea ; Wagwaniteghtea Kanigoughraneghtane 
ne wakarihhoeny yagh-teyeyodokte Sanidareght- 
fera ne keagaye Iksa-ah, Clkfa-o-goe-ah) sedear afe- 
yatkaght-hoh ; fenohhares, neoni feyadadogeghtift 
ne ahharihhoeni Sanigoughriyoughftouh, ne ayoeny 
ne aondouh ayagwatnereghfy Sanakweaghfera, ne 
tfi-Raodyoughgwadogeghty Chrift akayendaghte ; 
ne ayougniroh Tfideyakaweghtaghkoh, ayako- 
donharake ne akarihhony Yorharatft, neoni akagh- 
teghrondea ne Tfinij^onoenvvight, nenekea Tfi- 
yoghwentfyade tayondohhetfte tfideyongwarc- 
eghft-ha, ne ogbnakeanke yeayoewe ne tfini- 
yeheawe Ayakonheke : ne wahoeni et-ho noewe ne 
tfiniyeheawe ayontflerifle, ne ah-harihhoeny Jefus 
Chrift. Amen. 

A GWEGOUH t'hihhaf-hafte yagh-tegh-rehhe- 
■^ yoglife Niyoh, ne Seyenawafis ne teyakodogh- 
wentfyony, ne afeyadattyafe ne Iseke waonde- 
kwaghfeandaghkwe, ne Tfiyakonhennyouh ne D'va- 
kawightaghkouh, neoni Eantfyontketfkwaghte Ya- 
kaweahheyoghferoh ; Wagweaniteaghtea ne keagaye 
Iksa-ah (Ikfaogoe-ah) ne ayondaddyat-hewe ne 
Sarighvvadogeaghty Eayondatnekofleraghkwe, aya- 
koyendane ne akarihoeny Aonfayondony ne Kani- 
koughrage Aonfayondadderighwiyoughftonh ne 
Karighwanerea. Kaf-heyena, (Seyenahoh) O Sa- 
yaner, tfiniyought fewaneandafe ne rorihhonl- 
yoh eghfenoevvefe Eghtfyea-ah Jefus Chrift, rawea, 
lenldeght-hak nok eafayendane; sef-hak nok ea- 
fatfeary; Senhoughtiflbh, nok eayefanhodiinkwaghfe: 
M m m 2 Takyouh 

4 5 2 Public Baptlfm of Infants* 

which thou hall promifed by Chrift our LortJ. 

Hear the words of the Gofpel written by Saint 
Mark, in the loth Chapter, at the i3thVerfe. 

'y HEY brought young children to Chrift that he 
■*■ ihould touch them ; and his difciples rebuked 
thofe that brought them. But when Jefus faw it, 
he was much difpleafed, and faid unto them. Suffer 
the little children to come unto me, and forbid 
them not; for of fuch is the kingdom of God. 
Verily, I fay unto you, Whofoever 'ihall not receive 
the kingdom of God as a little child, he fhall not 
enter therein. And he took them up in his arms, 
put his hands upon them, and blelTed them. 

"DELOVED, ye hear in this Gofpel the words of 
■*-^ of our Saviour Chrift, that he commanded the 
children to be brought unto him ; how he blanaed 
thofe that would have kept them from him ; how 
-he exhorteth all men to follow their innocency. 
Ye perceive how by his outward gefture and deed 
he declared his good will toward them; for he 
embraced them in his arms, he laid his haods upon 


Tondatnehjferaghs Ikfa'O^goe'ah, 453 

Takyonh ne oewa yakweaniteghtane ayagwat- 
feary, nene oewa yakwefaks ; Nc ayonkhinhodun- 
gwaghfe oewa yagwean-houghtilToh ; ne wahueny 
keagaye Iksa-ah (Ikfaogoe-ah) ne Oyadaderight- 
fera Karoughyagoh Aonfayonkenohharefe yea- 
yoewe (ayoewe) ne tfiniyeheawe Sayanertfera ne 
Sawaneandafe ne rorihhoniyoh Jefus Chrift Songwa- 
yancr. Amen, 

Eghtfifewadeweanat-hoendek tfiniyought Songwagh- 
yadoefe ne Royadadogeaghty Mark, ne Oye- 
rihhadont Chapter, neoni Oyery aghfea yawea- 
rehhadont Verfe. 

XXTADOGEA - noewe waondattyat-hewe Ikfa- 
ogoe-ah ne Chrift ne wahoeni af-hakoyena ; 
Ok ne Sakorihhonyeny waf-hakodighrewaghte ne 
waondattyat-he-houh. Ok Jefus ne wahhatkaght-hoh, 
wahharighwaragouh, ne waghfakaweahhaghle, Yon- 
kyadoereah niffah Ikfa-o-goe-ah, toghfa tefeyeriyent- 
harea; ikea eghniyeyadodea Raoyanertfera ne 
Niyoh. Togeghfke-oewe wagweahhaghfe, eakca- 
hake yagh-egh tef-hadattyadodeftane tfiniyought 
Iksa-ah, yagh-teantfy t'heafadaweyadane ne Ka- 
yanertferagouh ne Karoughyagouh. Neoni waghf- 
hakody'adahawea neoni wahhanifnoughsare ne Waf- 


Wanoewefe fowat-hondeh ne tfinihodewcana- 
kwea ne Karoughyage Songwayadeahawight- 
\\z Chrift, ne fakaweany ahhoeweahhaghfe ne 
Ikfa-o-goe-ah, tfinigh-fakoghrcwaghtoh Sakorigh- 
hon\'eny ne fakodyadanhefe eantfyondatt-hawighte; a- 
gwegouh waf-hakoughretfyaroh ne Akoewakaghdatt- 
yeghte tfiniyakodeght. WefewanikoghrayendareTii- 
nihodattyadayl-rea ne tfinikayereatfinigh-Sakonough- 
t ' we-ouh. 

454 Public Bapttfm of Infants* 

them, and blefled them. Doubt ye not therefore, 
but earneftly believe, that he will likewife favour- 
ably receive this prefent Infant, that he will embrace 
him with the arms of his mercy : that he will give 
unto him the bleffing of eternal life, and make him 
partaker of his everlafting kingdom. Wherefore 
we being thus perfuaded of the good will of our 
heavenly Father towards this Infant, declared by 
his Son Jefus Chrift, and nothing doubting but 
that he favourably alloweth this charitable work of 
ours in bringing this Infant to his holy Baptifm, 
let us faithfully and devoutly give thanks uato 
him, and fay. 

A LMIGHTY and everlafting God, heavenly 
^^ Father, we give thee humble thanks, that thou 
haft vouchfafed to call us to the knowledge of thy 
grace and faith in thee : Increafe this knowledge, 
and confirm this faith in us evermore. Give thy 
holy Spirit to this Infant, that he may be born 
again, and be made an heir of everlafting falvation, 
through our Lord Jefus Chrift, who liveth and 
reigneth with thee and the holy Spirit, now and 
for ever. Amen. 

|EARLY beloved, ye have brought this Child 
here to be baptized ; ye have prayed that our 
Lord Jefus Chrift would vouchfafe to receive him, 
to releafe him of his fins, to fandtify him with the 
Holy Ghoft, to give him the kingdom of heaven 
and everlafting life. Ye have heard alfo that our 


Tondatnehjferaghs Ih/a-o-goe^ah, 455 

we-ouh, tfina-deghf-hakohhj^agwaghriyena; Ikea ne 
Yahhanifniighfare fakoyadaderighftoh. Toghsa te- 
fanikoughrakehak, neoni ok yekayerike tiicghtagh- 
koehak ne keagaye Iksa-ah (Ikfao-goe-ah teaf-he- 
yadah Sadeakarighwadad'ye Keandearoh, ne Ahha- 
yadadderiftaghkwe Karongkyagouh ayondohherfte, 
neoni ayondadouh tiiniyeheawe Kayanertferagouh. 
Ne wahoeny Tej'onkhirighwakannyeghtoh tfini- 
yoyannere tfinireghre Karoughyagouh t'heanderouh 
Songwaniha keagaye Iksa-ah, (Ikfa-o-goe-ah) Sa- 
korighwawafifk ne rorihhoeny Royea-ah Jefus Chrifl 
rorighhowanaghtoh ; yaght-ha tekanigoerake ne- 
nekea tfiniyongwadyerea eahharighwanoewene ; Kin- 
yoh Ty'ongwightaghkoehak neoni Weriyaghfiyohak 
eghtfifewaduera, ne a-edewearouh, 

AGWEGOUH t'hihhaef-hafie neoni tfiniyeheawe 
"^ Niyoh, Karoughyage t'heanderouh Ranihha, 
wagvvadoerea Kanigoeragouh, ne fanoghwe-ouh 
takwayenderhahfteany ne Seandearatne neoni Te- 
wightaghkouh ise t'feragouh ya-aghfewe: Yahatfyell 
nenekea Yeyenderhaft-ha, ferighwaghnirat nenekea 
Tfideyongweghtaghkouh onea tfmayoughtouh. Kaf- 
heyouh Sanigonghriyoiighftouh keagaye Iksa-ah 
(Ikfa-o-goe-ah) ne wahoeni aonfayondoeny (aonf- 
ayondoeniyanniyoh) ne Ayondadderakwagbfe (a- 
yondadderakweahadoh) ne tiiniyeheawe Ayontfe- 
noniyadaghkwe, ne rorihhony Jefus Chrifl Son- 
gwayanerhne, ne neanne fadetfyouh tfyatfterift- 
ha fadeyought ne Ronigoughriyoughftoh, oewa 
neoni tfiniyeheawe. Amen. 

AGWAGH KwanoroLighkwa, ne keant-ho yet- 
"^ fiyat-he keagaye Iksa-ah (Ikfa-ogoe-ah) ne- 
wahony ayondatnckofleraghwe ; (AyondatnegofTera- 
hoh) Sewanideaghtaghkwe ne Songwayaner Jefus 
Chrift ahanoewene aghfakoyenahoh aghfakoghne- 


45 6 Public Baptifni of Infants^ 

Lord Jefus Chrifl hath promifed in his Gofpel to 
grant all thefe things that ye have prayed for: 
which promife he for his part will moft furcly keep 
and perform. Wherefore, after this promife made 
by Chrift, this Infant mult alfo faithfully for his 
part promife by you that are his Sureties, (until he 
come of age to take it upon him/elf,) that be will 
renounce the devil and all his works, and conftantly 
believe God's holy Word, and obediently keep his 


I demand therefore, 
^OST thou, in the name of this Child, renounce 
the devil and all his works, the vain pomp and 
glory of the world, with all covetous defires of the 
fame, and the carnal defires of the flefh, fo that thou 
wilt not follow or be led by them ? 

Anfwer. I renounce them all. 

T^OST thou believe in God the Father Almight)', 
"*~^ Maker of heaven and earth ? 

And in Jefus Chrift his only begotten Son our 
Lord ? And that he was conceived by the Holy 
Ghoft ; born of the Virgin Mary ; that he fufTered 
under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and 

buried ; 

Tondatnehjferaghs thfa^^o-^goe^ah* 457 

reghfy (Af-hakoghnereahfyahoe) ne aghfakoya- 
dadogeghtifte (af-hakoyadadogcaghfteannyoh ne 
ahharihhoeny Ronigoughriyoughftoh ne areghre 
n'k'he-youh (eankheyawihoh) tfiniyeheawe Eaya- 
konheke. Sadeyought onea Sewat-hoendcghkwe 
ne Songwayaner Jefus Chrift lowaneanda-ouh Ra- 
orighwadogeaghtitferagouh agwegouh eandeff-ha- 
ga-ouh nene oewa fanideaght-haghkwe: Nena- 
hotea togeghfke-oevve yehadadevveanayerite. Ne wa- 
karihhony nenekea Roweanonda-ouh Chrift, egh- 
niyought oni yetfiweneandafe keagaye Iksa-ah (Ik- 
fa-o-goe-ah) tfinea-yakodighyaronke (Sinea-yako- 
dighyaghronn'yonke) ne deawadadeghkwafe (ne Te- 
yondaddighkwafe) ne Oneghfoughronoh neoni Ra- 
oyodeghferagwegouh, tayoughtfyaroh (tahoughtf- 
yare) ayoughnirouh Niyoh Raovveanadogeghty 
eand'yongvvightaghkouh (eant-honeghtaghkouh) ea- 
yont-hondatseke (enyakot-hondenn'yonke) eayako- 

Wagwarighwanondoghfe kady, 
\X7Iflewaty kea, Akoghfeana nenekea Iksa-ah (Ik- 
fa-o-goe-ah) nene Oneghfoughronouh neoni 
agwegouh Raoyodeghfera, ne Kanayeaghfera neoni 
Yawegahfe nenekea Youghwentfyade, neoni agwe- 
gouh tfiniyodakfeafe Tfiniyonofl-hea Eyerdnke, 
ne yagh-t'hafkaghdadd'yeghte ne Saoriwat, scgouh 
ne a-efayadaghtonde ? 

'Tayondady. Nenekea agwegouh ongwady. 

npEfewightaghkouh kea Niyoh tferagouh ne Pia- 
'■' nihha agwegouh I'hihhaf-hatfte, RaonllTouh ne 
Karoenya neoni Oghwentfya ? 

Neoni Jefus Chrift tferagouh Raouhha-ah Rohawak 
Sakwayaner ? Ne t'hoyeghtaghkouh Ronigough- 
liyoughftoghne ; Rodocny ne yaghtea Kanaghwa- 

N n n yendery 

45 8 Public Baptlfm of Infants* 

buried ; that he went down into hell, and alfo did 
rife again the third da\^ ; that he afcended into 
heaven, and fitteth at the right hand of God the 
Father Almighty ; and from thence he fhall come 
again at the end of the world, to judge the quick 
and the dead ? 

And doft thou believe in the Holy Ghoft ; the 
holy Catholic Church ; the Communion of Saints ; 
the remiffion of fins ; the refurredtion of the 
ilefh; and everlafting life after death? 

Anfzver. All this I fledfaflly believe. 

TXT'ILT thou be baptized in this faith ? 

Anfzver. That is my defire. 

■1X7ILT thou then obediently keep God's holy 
' ' will and commandments, and walk in the 
fame all the days of thy life ? 
A'lifwer. I will. 

% Then jJoall the Priejl fay, 
r\ Merciful God, grant that the old Adam in this 
^^ Child may be fo buried, that the new man may 

be raifed up in him.- Amen, 

Grant that all carnal affedions may die in him, 


Tondatnelojfera^hs IkJa-O'gbe'-ah, 450 

yendery Mary; ne roroeghiyage tfinihhaweniyoughne 
Pontius Pilate, tehowayendanhare, raweahhyeoh ne- 
oni roewayadat; nakouh rawenoghtouh Oneaghfouh, 
ne aghfea ni-Weghniferakehhadont nifotketikouh ; 
Karoiighyage rawenoghtouh, YelT-heanderoh tli- 
rawcyendeghtaghkoh Rafnonke ne Niyoh ne a- 
gwegouh t'hihhaf-hatfte Ranihha ; et-ho tant-ha- 
yeghtaghkvve onea tfi-Youghwhentfyoktea, neoni 
tant-hagh-roughfa ne Yakonhennyoh, neoni yaka- 
weahheyoughlere ? 

Tileghtaghkouh kea ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh 
t'feragouh ; ne tfi-Kandyoughkwadbgeghty ne O- 
noughfadogeghty ; ne Yeyadare Orighwadogeghty; 
ne Eantfyondadderlghwiyoughftea Karighwannerea ; 
ne Eantfyontketikouh ne Yeyeronke; neoni tfini- 
yeheawe Eayakonhcnnyonke ? 

Tayondady. Nenegea agwegouh yoghniroh Te- 
wak ightaghkouh . 

iGhfeghre kea keagaye Tfideweghtaghkouh aye- 
■*• faghnekofferaghwe ? 
Tayondady. Ne ikeghre. 

'IXT'Aghfewaneandane kea Tfiniweanyh Niyoh 

^ Raorighwadogeghty, eafat-hoendadde Tlini- 
weghniferage eahhsonheke ? 

Tayondady. Wakcwaneandane. 

Etfihuhjiatjy radouhheke, 
r\ Ronidearefkoh Niyoh, s'heyoh ne Yakot- 
^^ ongwedagayea (Adam) fadhoewad'yadatta kea- 
gaye Iksa-ah (Ikfa-o-goe-ah) ne Ongwedafe ne 
sagat ayondatketfkouh. Amen, 

S'heyoh ne agwegouh tfiniyakonigoughrondyefe 

Eyeronke ayoderighwaghtoefe, agwegouh tfini- 

N n n 2 yoyan- 

460 Public Baptlfm of Infants* 

and that all things belonging to the Spirit may live 
and grow in him. Amen. 

Grant that he may have power and ftrength to 
have vidiory, and to triumph againft the devil, the 
world, and the flelh. Amen. 

Grant that vvhofoever is here dedicated to thee 
by our office and miniftry, may alfo be endued with 
heavenly virtues, and everlaftingly rewarded through 
thy mercy, O bleffed Lord God, who doft live and 
govern all things, world without end. Amen, 

A LMIGHTY, everllving God, whofe moft dearly 
•"' beloved Son Jefus Chrift, for the forgivenefs of 
our fins, did ihed out of his moft precious fide both 
water and blood, and gave commandment to his 
difciples, that they Ihould go teach all nations, and 
baptize them. In the Name of the Father, and of the 
Son, and of the HolyGhoft; Regard, we befeech 
thee, the fupplications of thy congregation ; fandti- 
fy this Water to the myftical walhing away of fin; 
and grant that this Child now to be baptized there- 
in, may receive the fulnefs of thy grace, and ever 
remain in the number of thy faithful and eledt 
children, through Jefus Chrift our Lord, 4^en> 


Tondainehjferaghs Ikja-o^goe'ah, 461 

yoyannerefe tfi-eayakonheke neoni ayeyeflhake. 

Se-ef-hatflat ne ayegweny ne wahoeny Akoewa- 
feany Oneaghfoughronoh, Oghwentfya, neoni Ka- 
righwannerea. Amen, 

i^heyoh ne oughkakiok ne Raonadeweyena ne 
Sakoderighhonyeniik Aghfadeweniyoughfthake, o- 
ni ayakweght-hake tfitkaroughyade Tiiniyoikatft, 
neoni tfiniyeheawe Ayakodonharake ayondadouh, ne 
vvakarihhoeny Sanideaveghtfera, O Sayadaderiyouh 
Sayaner Niyoh, ne neanne fon-he neoni agwegouh 
Satfterift-ha ne tfiniyeheawe. Amen, 

A GWEGOUH t'hihhaf-hafle, yaghteh-reahhe- 
'^*' yofe Niyoh, ne eghtfenoghvveghtsihoh Eght- 
fyea Jefus Chrift, Rana-aghtihhea yodiyagea-ouh 
Oghneganofk neoni Onegweaghfa roghriroh, ne 
wahoeny Aonfayonkhirighwiyoiighflouh ne Yon- 
gwarighwanerea, neoni fakonhha-ouh Sakorigh- 
honnyeny, ne ahhoughtandiyonkouh agwegouh On- 
gwehogouh aghfakoderihhonny, neoni aghfa- 
kodighnekoflera-houh ne Raghfeanakouh ne Ra- 
nihha, neoni ne Roewaye, neoni Ronigoughri- 
yoiighftouh ; Sadhoendek, wagwanideaghtea, ne 
Adereanayent ne Sandyoughkwadogeaghty ; Sne- 
gadogeaghtift ne keagaye ne akanohharete ne 
Karighwanerea : neoni S'heyoh keagaye Iksa-ah 
(Ikfa-o-goe-ah) nene oewa Eayondatnekofleragh- 
kwe (ayondatnekoflerah-hoh) ayakoyendaghta [a- 
yakoyendaght-hake] Sandearat agwegouh, neoni 
tyutkoh onea tfinayoughtoh ayeyadarake af-heya- 
deweanodaghkwat-ha yondaddyadoughronkwea Sa- 
ye-o-goe-ah, ne rorihhoeny Jefus Chriil Songwa- 
yaner. Amen, 


462 Public Baptljm of Infants, 

Name this Child. 
"1^ I Baptize thee, In the Name of the Father, 
■^^ • and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghofl. 

V\7E receive this Child into the Congregation of 
^^ Chrift's flock*, and do fign him with the 
lign of the Crofs, in token that hereafter he ihall 
not be alhamed to confefs the faith of Chrifl cruci- 
fied, and manfully to fight under his banner againft 
fin, the world, and the devil ; and to continue Chrift's 
faithful foldier and fervant unto hh life's end. 

OEEING now, dearly beloved brethren, that this 
^ Child is regenerate and grafted into the Body 
of Chrift's Church, let us give thanks unto Al- 
mighty God for thefe benefits, and with one accord 
make our- prayers unto him, that this Child rmy lead 
the reft of his life according to this beginning. 

/^UR Father, which art In heaven, Hallowed be 
^-^ thy Name ; Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be 
done in earth, as it is in heaven: Give us this day 
our daily bread ; And forgive us our trefpaflfes, as 
we forgive them that trefpafs againft us ; And lead 
us not into temptation ; But deliver us from evil. 

* Here the Prieft (hall make a Crofs upon the Child's 


Tondatnehojferaghs Ikfa-O'goe'ah, 463 

Eght-fenadouh ne Raksa-ah. 
1^ Wakoghnekofferaghwe, Raghfeanakouh ne 
•^^ • ne Ranihha, neoni ne Roewaye, neoni ne 
Ronigoghriyoughftouh. Amen. 

\\7'Ak'hiycna keagaye Iksa-ah Raodyoughkwakoh 
Chrift, neoni wagwayeronitfte ne "^ Teka- 
yaghfonde, ne Kayeronitftoh yaght-ha kadehhea 
eand'yakawightaghkoh Tehhowayendanhare Chrift, 
neoni eayakoghnekaronke eahoewadoriyoughneron- 
hafe OneghfoLighronoh, Oghwentfya, neoni ahoe- 
wariwawafe Chrift tfiniyeheawe onea tlinayoughtoh. 

COwatkaght-ho oewa wakwanoroiighkwa Dowadda- 
degea-ogoe-ah keagaye Iksa-ah (Ikfa-o goe-ah) 
aonfayondoeny, (aonfayondoeniyannyoh) neoni Ra- 
odyoughgwadogeghtige Chrift waf-hakoyena ; Kin- 
youh fa-tantfidewanldeaghtafe ne agwegouh t'hihhaf- 
hatfte Niyoh ne keagaye Iksa-ah (Ikfa-o-goe-ah) ne 
yodaddearoh Tfiyakonhe (tfiyakonhennyoh) ayakhi- 
righwiyoughftea (ayakoriwiyoughftannyonke) tfi- 

COngwaniha ne Karoughyage tighsideroh, We- 
*^ faghfeanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera iwe Tagh- 
fere eghniawan tfiniyought Karoughyagouh, oni 
Oghwentfyage : Niyade-weghniferage Takwanada- 
ranondaghfik noewa; Neoni Tondakwarighvviyough- 
ftouh, tfiniyought oni Tfyakwadaderighvvlyough- 
fteany ; Neoni toghfa takwaghfarineght Dewaddatde- 
nakeraghtonke; nesane fadfyadakvvaghs ne Kon- 
dighferoheafe. Amen. 

* Kcant-ho Ratfihuhflatfy rsyeronitfloh nc Tckayaghfaondc 
Iksii-ah Onuntfy. 


464 Public Baptlfm of Infants* 

V^E yield thee hearty thanks, moft merciful 
^ Father, that it hath pleafed thee to regene- 
rate /^j/j Infant with thy holy Spirit, to receive him 
for thine own Child by adoption, and to incorporate 
him into thy holy Church. And humbly we be- 
feech thee to grant, that he being dead unto fin, 
and living unto righteoufnefs, and being buried 
with Clirift in his death, may crucify the old man, 
and utterly abolifh the whole body of fin, and that 
as he is made partaker of the death of thy Son, he 
may alfo be partaker of his refurreftion, fo that 
finally with the refidue of thy holy Church, he 
may be an inheritor of thine everlafting Kingdom, 
throusfh Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

pORASMUCH as this Child hath promifed by 
•*■ you his Sureties, to renounce the devil and all 
his works, to believe in God, and to ferve him ; ye 
muft remember that it is your parts and duties to 
fee that this Infant be taught, fo foon as he Ihall be 
able to learn, what a folemn vow, promife and pro- 
feffion he hath here made by you. And that he may 
know thefe things the better, ye fhall call upon 
him to hear Sermons ; and chiefly ye Ihall provide, 
that he may learn the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, 
and the Ten Commandments in the vulgar tongue, 
and all other things which a Chriftian ought to 
know and believe to his foul's health ; and that this 
Child may be virtuoufly brought up to lead a godly 
and a Chriftian life ; remembring always that 
Baptifm doth reprefent unto us our ProfefiSon, 
■which is to follow the example of our Saviour 
Chrift, and to be made like unto him ; that as he 


Tondatnekojferaghs Ikfa^o^ghe^ah, 465 

X^Agwadoerea Ongweryaghsukoh, Sanidearef- 
koh Ranihha, ne Sanoghwe-ouh keagayc 
Iksa-ah (Ikfa-o-goe-ah) ne rorihhonv Sanigogh- 
riyoughftoh tfyakodoeny, Sakfata (Sakfataogoh) 
af-heyena neoni Sand'youghgwago-tferadogeghty 
ayondadd'yonde. Kanigoeragouh wagwanideagh- 
tea, s'heyoh akoewahheyafe ne Kaiighvvannerca, 
ne Yoderighwagwarighs'yoh avakonheke (aya- 
konhennyonke) ne fade-hoewad'yadatta Chrift tfi- 
raweahheyoh, ne Ongwedagayea dayeycndanharc, 
wagwegouh ayoughtonde ne Tfniiyorighwannerca 
Oyerbenda; Neoni fadeyoughtohhak yakoyadara- 
ouh (yagoyaderaferoh) ne Rweahheyat Eghtfyea-ah, 
Sadeyoughtohhak oni yeyeyadarane (ayeyadera- 
foh) ne Tiinifotketikoh ; ne wahoeny oghnakeanke 
ayondadderakwaghfe (ayondadderakweahhadoh) ne 
tfiniyeheawe Kayanertfcra, ne rorihoeny Jefus Chrift 
Songwayaner. Amen. 

Agwegouh tayeddne, RatJihuhJIatJy wahaweahba^hfe, &c. 

■^TE wahoeny keagaye Iksa-ah (Ikfa-o-goe-ah) 
"•■^ ferihhonny raouhha (akaouhha) waondatfea- 
noh Yakowanonda-ouh (yakoweaneandaferoh) nc 
Oneghfoughronoh neoni agwegouh Raodeweyena 
eayakorihhonty, Niyoghtferagouh eandyakawigh- 
taghkouh, raouhha eahoewayodeghfe ; Nc ealc- 
wighyaghrafeke ne tfineafcwayere eaycnikoeraiake 
ne keagaye Iksa-ah (Ikfa-o-goe-ah) eayakowe- 
yeftoehake (enyakoweyeftann'ybnke) ayondadde- 
rihhoeny eayondaddenadbehaghfe tfiniyorighwagh- 
niroh Yakowaneanda-oiih. (yakoweaneandaferoh) 
Neoni ne wahoeny a-houghronkhake (ayoughronka- 
toh) nena-karihhbtea ea\ otkateke eafeyeghyehheke 
Aondereanayeghfeke neoni ayondahhoughfadaddyc nc 
Orighwadogeaghty eayerigliwaghnbdea, eadewadye- 
reghte eafewatftenyarouh ne tfiniyeweanoteane ayon- 

Ooo dadde- 

466 Public Baptifm of Infants. 

died, and roffe again for us, fo lliould we, who arc 
baptized, die from fin, and rife again unto righ- 
teoufnefs; continually mortifying all our evil and 
corrupt affections, and daily proceeding in all virtue 
and godlinefs of living. 


37fi odw '^°^^^^^^^9lf^^^K^^ Ikfa^o^gpe-ah. 467 

daclderighhonny ne Tekeny Skarighware ne Tewigh- 
taghkouh, ne Raodereanyent Songwayaner, neoni 
Oyeri ne Karnvake, neoni agwegouh ne oyafouh ne 
Karihhotea ne Yakorighwiyoughftoh ne yontfenoe- 
niyadaghkwa Akodonhetft ayakoderyendarake; 
Neoni nene keagaye Iksa-ah (Ikfa-o-goe-ah) aya- 
koyanneraddy ayondaddeghyarea (ayondaddegh- 
yaghronn'ye) Ayakoyadadogeaghty tli-ayakonhe- 
ke ; Tyutkoh ayakeghyarake ne Tfiyendatnekofle- 
raghs teyagvvakaghneronnyoh yongweannadoeny 
tfinayongwayerea, nenahotea teikaderighwadyerea 
Chrift Songwaghnereaghfyohs, et-ho ne ongyerea 
ne fadahoewad'yadodeafte : Sadeayoughtoh ne 
fongwahheyafe neoni fotketfkoh ; ne Yonkhighni- 
gofserhoh, fadeayoughtoh oni ayakohheyafe Ka- 
righwannerea, ayontketikwaghte Yoderighwagvva- 
dakwea, tyutkoh yerighwaghdont-hake Ongwe 
yodakfeaghtfera Tfiniyakonoir-hea, ne kowanagh- 
tsihoh ayonderighwaghteand'yeghte tfiniyoyannerefc 
ne Karighwiyoughftah tfi-Ayakonheke. 

Q o o 2 YON'- 

[ 468 ] 


T">EARLY beloved, we are gathered together 
••^ here in the fight of God, and in the face of 
this Congregation, to join together this Man and this 
Woman in holy Matrimony, which is an honour- 
able eftate inftituted of God in the time of man's 
innoccncy, fignifying unto us the myftical union 
that is betwixt Chrift and his Church : which holy 
eftate [Chrift adorned and beautified with his pre- 
fence, and firft miracle that he wrought in Cana of 
Galilee ; and] is commended of Saint Paul to be 
honourable among all men ; and therefore is not 
by any to be enterprized, nor taken in hand un- 
advifedly, lightly, or wantonly, to fatisfy mens 
carnal lulls and appetites, like brute beafts that have, 
no underltanding ; but reverently, difcrcetly, ad- 
vifcdly, foberly, and in the fear of God, duly con- 
fidering the caufcs for which. Matrimony was or- 


[ 469 ] 


A G W A G H kwanoroughwa K\vayea-og6e-ah^ 
^r^ keant-ho onea yongw^ukeaniflbuh ne Tfidehh- 
jibngwakanere Niyoh, neoni TiiyakotkeanifTon Ra— 
-odi>oughkwa, ne vvahoeny ne Ratfin neoni Oen- 
heghty ayakonniaktaghkwe fagat ayoendoh, nena- 
hotea ayotkonniyoughftoh Tliyayakonheke 't-ho- 
yereghtoh Niyoh rorighwadadon et-hone ok-ia-fiya- 
kodeghr ne Ongwe onea tlinihodyerea, ne waka- 
rihhoeny yonkhiyadenlyctideghfteany ne Karighwi- 
youghftakne tfyeyadac waoendouh Chriftne, neoni 
Raodyoughgvvadogeaghtige : JNenahotea Tfini- 
yod^yerea royadadogeghty Paul waKaneindon ne 
fagat yontkonnyoft agwegouh Tfini)ongweda/ve : 
Ne wakarihocni eghnakarihotea yaght-ha yikowea- 
noreghtaghkvve, segonh tayondawearih, segouh 
eyakonigoughrodakwaghte, Ongwe ♦^finiyeyakoni- 
goughveahhas tfiniyought Kondinioh yagh-ot-heno 
teyodiriwaye, segouh -^konth-rckhakc ; Ok eayot- 
konnyoughftoh, eayonikoughroeny ne cayoni- 
koughraghfa, ne eahoe\s aweananorougr.kwake Ni- 
yoh, eandewad'yereghte yekayeri-5cwe tayotkaieke, 
eankocwanoghtonn'youh ne Karihhoenifh werouh 
• ^ay^onny akieke. 


470 Solemnization of Matrimony, . 

Firft. it was ordained for the procreation of 
Children, to be brought up in the fear and nur- 
ture of the Lord, and to the praife of his holy 

Secondly, it was ordained for a remedy againft 
fin, and to avoid fornication, that fuch perfons as 
have not the gift of continency might marry, and 
keep themfelves undefiled members of Chrift's 

^ The Minijkr aljh, /peaking to the ferjbns that pall 
be married, (hall Cay, 

Require and charge you both (as ye will anfwer 
at the dreadful day of judgment, when the fecrets 
of all hearts ihall be difclofed) that if either of you 
know any impediment, why ye may not be law- 
fully joined together in Matrimony, ye do now 
confefs it. For be ye well aflured, that fo many 
as are coupled together otherwife than God's word 
doth allow, are not joined togeth'^er by God, neither 
is their Matrimony lawful. 

^ Tben Jhall they give their troth to each other in fhfs 


^ "The Miiiijler receiving the Woman at her father's or 
friend's hands ^ Jloallcaufe the Man with his right hand 
to take the Woman by h^' right hand, and to fay after 

him as foUowcth, 

iN. take thee N. to my wedded Wife, to have 
and to hold, from this day forward, for better 
for worfe, for richer for poorer, in ficknefs and in 
health, to love and to cherifh, till death us do part, 


Tondereana^endaghkwa Akonnyah* 47 1 

Nenahotea ne D'yodyereghtouh, ne cayondewe- 
doughfeke ne eayondaddeghyarea ne Yakokfada- 
yendouh, ne eayondeweanaraghkwakc Royanerhne, 
Tiiniyonoewight ayotkonnyoughftoh Niyoghnt- . 

Ne Tekenihhadont, rorighwadadoh teghyada- 
d'yenawasehheke teankoehwaghtfyarea Kanaghkwa 
Karighwannerea, ne wahoeny yaghte koewagwcn- 
n'y^se ne ayondaghkatftade ne eayakonnyake, 
neoni yagh-ot-he-noh t'hayoranondagouh eayon- 
devveyenoeny ne Rayeioenda Chrift. 

Etfihuhjlatjy tayondady, ne bewa Jyakonnyaktaghgwc, " 

V]C7Aken6nhane tfineayoughtoh (eayondatkaro- 
^^ daghfyafe ne teantfyadouh-harearoh Eavvigh- 
niferadeke Tfinadeant-heaghroughfa, ne katkekiok 
ae Yonerighwaghfeghtann'yoh Orighwagwegouh 
Akaweriyane eayondadderigh-hodaghs'yafe) eakeah- 
hake kakiok ni-yeyadare ayakoderyendarikke ne 
Ayakonhighta, ne akarihhoeny yaght-ha ayetfiyel- 
tane, kafleniroh oewa. Ikea orighwiyotry ean- 
tfyoeny, ne agwegouh 6ya tfinikayerea tfinighfon- 
gwarighwayerale Niyoh yagh-teyondadd'yefta- 
nire, neoni yagh-te yekarighwayery ne Yakonnya- 


Tetjyadaddefno ugh/a tJi-Seniweyendeghtaghkouh Take^ 

Ne Ratfin. 

IN. wakoyena N. Teddenideroh, onea tcd'ya- 
daghfawea, tfineawe cakoeyatfleriftoh, eayo- 
yannereke ne-teas t'hikea-ha, neEayocf-hogoe-hake 
ne-teas Taondonhakarryaghfeke, ne ikeanea ayon-i 
heke ne-teas teayokokweahheandougbseke, ne ean- 


47 2 Solemnlzalbn of Matrimony, 

according to God's holy ordinance ; and thereto I 
plight thee my troth. 

% Thenjhall they loofe their hands^ and the fVomott with 
her ri^ht hand taking the Man by his right hand, 
fmll likezvife fay after the Minijier ; 

T N, take thee N. to my wedded Hufband, to have 
•*• and to hold, from this day foivvard, for better ' 
for worfe, for richer for poorer, in ficknefs 
and in health, to love, cheriih, and to obey, till 
death us do part, according to God's holy ordi- 
nance ; and thereto I give thee my troth. 

^ Then fljall they again loofe their hands, and the Man 
Jhall give, unto the IVoman a Ring, laying the fame upon 
the Book, with the accufiomed duty to the Prieft and 
Clerk. And the Prieji, taking the Ring, Jhall deliver 
it unto the Man, to put it upon the fourth finger of the 
IVoman^s left hand. And the Man, holding the Ring 
there, and taught by the Priefi, Jhall fay, 

VX/ITH this Ring I thee wed, with my body I 
thee worlliip, and with all my worldly goods 
1 thee endow : In the Name of the Father, and of 
the Son, and of the holy Ghoft. Amen. 

% Then the man leaving the Ring upon the fourth finger 
of the Women'' s hft hand, they Jhall both kneel down, ^ 
and the Minijier fiall fay, , 1 

Let us pray. 

f\ Eternal God, Creator and Preferver of all man- 
^^ kind, giver of all Spiritual grace, the author 
of everlafting life ; Send thy bleffing upon thefe thy 
fcrvants, this Man and this Woman, whom we blefs 


l^onaereanayendaghkwa Akonnyake, 472 

khenoghweseke ne eakat-hondadihhcke, ne tfina- 
deayongwakhaghfy ne Keahheyoh, tfiniyoderighwhi- 
noh ^ Niyoh Rorighwadadouh ; neoni wahhaghni- 
ratftaghkwe nenegea Wadedd'yadyen'daghkwe. 

iV(? Akonheghty. 

T iV. wakoyena iV. Teddenideroh onea ted'ya- 
"^ daghsawea, tfineawe eakoeyatfteriflhoh, cayo- 
yajinereke neteas t*hikea-ha, ne Eayotfokoe-hake 
neteas Tahhadonhakarryaghfeke, ne fkeanea agh- 
ronheke neteas teakokweahheandoughseke, ne 
eankhenoghwefeke ne eghyat-hoendadihheke, ne 
tlina-deayongwakhaghfy ne Keahheyoh, tfiniyode- 
righvvhinoh Niyoh Rorighwadadoh ; neoni wahhagh- 
niratflaghkvve nenegea Wadedd'yadyendaghkwe. 

'Ne Ratjin zvaghfakawea Omfnoiighfuzvet. 

"•wj E N E K E A Onifnoughfawed wakonnyaktca, 
•^^ Kyeronke wakoegwann'yeghflaghkwe, ne a- 
gwegouh Tfinivvagg'ye eakocyakhoehaghfe, ne 
Raghfeanakouh ne Ranihha, neoni ne Roewaye, 
neoni ne Ronigoiighriyoughftouh. Amen. 


OTfiniyeheawe Niyoh, Raoniflbuh neoni Ratfte- 
rift-hah ne agwegouh Ongwehogouh, Sako- 
wyh agwegouh Karighwiyoughllak ne Keandca- 
rouh, neoni tfiniyeheawe Eayakon-hennyonke ; 
Iheyadaderift nenekea Senhase, ne keagaye 
Ratfin neoni Onheghtye, ne Yakhiyadaderilt-ha 

P p p Sngh- 

474 Solemnization of Matrimony, 

in thy Name ; that as Ifaac and Rebecca lived faith- 
fully together, fo thefe Perfons may furely perform 
and keep the vow and covenant betwixt them made, 
(whereof this Ring given and received is a token 
and pledge,) and may -ever remain in perfe^ love 
and peace together, and live according to thy laws, 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Ainen, 

f then Jhall the Priefi join their right hands together, 

and fay, 
Thofe whom God hath joined together, let no 
man put afunder. 

thenfiall the Minijier /peak unto the People, 

"pORASMUCH as N, and A^. hi^ve confented 
^ together in holy Wedlock, and have witnefled 
the fame before God and this company, and thereto 
have given and pledged their troth either to other, 
and have declared the fame by giving and receiv- 
ing of a Ring, and by joining of hands; I pro- 
nounce that they be Man and Wife together. In 
the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of 
the Holy Ghoft. Amen. 


Yonder eanayendaghkw a Akonnyake 475 

Saghfeanagouh : Eaf-heyouh fadayoughtouh IfaaC 
neoni Rebecca teghyaden'yendouh-schhaghkvve 
tfideghnonhe, nenekea fadayoughtouh Teyeyaghfe 
oni nc Yakoweaneanda-ouh ne Tekaweatieanda- 
ouh tfinaghyadaddyerare (nenahhbtea nenekea ne 
Onilnoughrawet waondadouh neoni tayeyena ne 
wakadokeaghftaghkvve ayoiighnirouh ayakoye- 
nawagouh yeyehhewe ;) 1-heyouh ta-aghyadadde- 
noewene ne onea tfinayoughtouh neoni yodadca- 
rouh ne tfideghnonhe, ne tfinifaderighwhinouh 
tfinaghniyere, ne Rorihhoeny Jefus Chrift Son- 
gvvayaner. Ameiu 

Ratfihiihjlatjy Wadeghfakofnbughfah, 

Nenahotea tehhoranegea Niyoh, yaghte-yawight 
taonfayekhaghfy ne Ongvve. 

Nok zvahhaweaninnegeane Keandyoghkwagzvcgoughne, 

"VTENEKEA Teyeyaghfe yakorlghwayendafe ne 
•^^ Orighwadogeaghti-tferagouh ne Yakonnyaks, 
neoni nenahotea N lyoghne neoni tfi-Yakotkeanilfouh 
waondoenderene, neoni wakaghniratftaghkwe nenekea 
tfina-deahhyadadd'yerafe waghnivvcandane, ne wa- 
karihhoeny waghyadaddefnoughfa Tfiniweyendegh- 
taghkouh ; Onea n'l-Ih vvagerih-howanaghte ne onea 
rodinnyagouh, ne Raghfeanagouh neRanihha, neoni 
ne Roevvaye, neoni ne RonigoughriyoCighftouh. 

P p p 2 ADEREA- 

[ 47^ ] 


<[ 'The Tr'ieji and Clerks meeting the corps at the entrance 
of the Churchyard, and going before it, either into the 
Church, or towards the Grave, JJoall fay orjing, 

T Am the refurredion and the life, faith the Lord : 
■*■ be that believeth in me, though he were dead, 
yet fhall he live. And whofoever liveth and be- 
lieveth in me fhall never die. S. John xi. 25, 26. 

T Know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he fhall 
-*■ ftand at the latter day upon the earth. And 
though after my ikin, worms deftroy this body ; yet 
in my flefh Ihall I fee God : whom I ihall fee for 
myfelf, and mine eyes ihall behold, and not another. 
Job xix. 25, 26, 27. 

'\X/'E brought nothing into this world, and it is 
certain we can carry nothing out. The Lord 
gave, and the Lord hath taken away ; blefled be the 
N9.'.p.e of the Lord, i 'Tim. vi. 7. Job i. 21. 


[ 477 ] 


T-IH Nene Entfyontketjfkwaghte neoni ne Entfyon- 
■*• donhetfte, radouh ne Royaner Niyoh : Ne I-Ih 
tferagouh t'yakawightaghkouh ne eayakonheke, 
ok oni ne ayakaweahheyoh. Neoni niyadeyagouh ne 
yakonhe, I-Ih tferagouh t'yakawightaghkouh, yaght- 
ha ya-ihheye ne tfiniyeheawe. S.John xi. 25. 26. 

\X7Akaderiyendare ne Rakhnercaghfyouh Ron- 
he, neoni eahhadake Oghwhentfiyage Tfinea- 
wadegnifcrokhtea. Et-ho-se-neannene Odfinowa ne 
Kighnakfke onea eayodidet-harongweah ; neoni ea- 
yodighlbuh K'yeronke ; segouh sane eafk'yadon- 
dake Akh-kaghteke eaf-hikea Niyoh. Job xix. 
25, 26, 27. 

"VT'AGH-ot-henoh teyonkwahhe ne Oghwhentf- 
yage, neoni kadogeaghtsilioh y^igh-ot-heno t'ha- 
onfayakwayakeawe. Ne Royanei; fakowy, ne 
Royaner oni faghf-hakoughkvvea ; ne Raoghfeana 
?)e Royaner yoneandont. i Tim. vi. 7. Job i. 21. 


47^ Burial of the Dead, 

TiT AN that is born of a woman hath bnt a (bort 
•^ ■* time to live, and is full of mifery. He Com- 
eth up, and is cut down like a flower ; he fleeth as 
it were a ihadovv, and never continueth in one ftay. 

In the life.w& are in death-: of whom 
may we feek for fuccour, but of thee, O Lord, who 
for our fins art juftly difpleafed ? 

Yet, O Lord God moft holy, O Lord moft 
mighty, O holy and moft merciful Saviour, deliver 
us not into the bitter pains of eternal death. 

Thou knoweft, Lord, the fecrets of our hearts ; 
ihut not thy merciful ears to our prayers ; but fpare 
us, Lord, moft holy, O God moft mighty, O holy 
and merciful Saviour, thou moft worthy Judge 
eternal, fufFer us not at our laft hour for any pains 
of death to fall from thee. 

•pORASMUCH as it hath pleafed Almighty God 
"*■ of his great mercy to take unto himfelf the 
foul of our dear brother here departed, we therefore 
commit his body to the ground ; * earth to earth, 
allies to aflies, duft to duft, in fure and certain hope 
of the refurreftion to eternal life, through our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, who fhall change our vile body, 
that it may be like unto his glorious body, accord- 

* Here Earth fliall be call upon the Body by fome Hand- 
ing by. 


Jldereanayent Waondaddyadcitta, 479 

"^ E Ongwe ne Akonhcghty yondaddadc^e*>. 
-*^^ douh, kea n'ok NiyakaweghnilVjrage, nconi 
ne Tiinadeyonnoeyanight, rodeghyaB,hrondyc tfini- 
yought Yotfitfyaghraragouh ne faycyake, nconi 
fahhadckoh tfiniyought ne Yodaghsadare, nconi 
yaghta onea tfinayoughtouh. 

Sadeyakyonhihea yaf^weahheyoiighfe : Ka nah 
yagvvarigkwifake ayonkheghfniyenouh; ok Ife, O 
Sayan^r, ne neanne Yoderighwagwarighfyouh fa- 
righwaghfweah Ongwarighwannerakfera ? 

Segouh sane, O Sayanertferadogeaghty Niyoh, 
O ok'thiwagwegouh sef-hatfte Sayaner, O Sayada- 
dogeaghty neoni Sanidareghtferowanea Karough- 
yagouh Seyadeahhawight-ha, toghfa takvvayadon- 
d'yeght ne Tfid*yonoughwhakteghtsi-houh ne tfini- 
yeheawe Keahheyouh. 

Saderiyendare, Sayaner, ne Yodaghfeghtan- 
nyouh Ongwcryane : Toghfa ne Taghfadeahhough- 
takweke fanidarefkouh ne Ongvvadercanayent ; ok 
takwayadanoughftat, O fayadogeaghty Sayaner, 
agvvegouh t'hihaf-hatfte Niyoh, royadadogeghty 
neoni ronldcareikouh Sakoghnercghfyovih ; Tak- 
vvadeweyendouh ne onea yongwadoktanire eaya- 
gweahheye ne akarihhony Tfiok-niyonoughwakte ne 

1^ E rawerouh ne a^vegouh t'hihaf-hatfte Ni- 
"^^ yoh Tfironideareghtferowanca ne Akodon- 
hetft: Agwaddadekea-ah (Ongwadenofeahha,) ne 
oewa yakavveahheyouh vvadeghfakoyadaghkwe, 
no- wakaiihhony Rayeronke (Kayeronke) Tfiyon- 
datt'yadatta-aft-ha vvagwayea, * Oghwcncfya, 
geaghne, Oghvventfya socndouh, tokeghfke-oe- 
\ve Yorharatlt ne Eantfyonketfkouh tfi-onea tfi- 
niyeheawe eankene Songwayaner Jefus Chrifl: ne 

* Yakokeaghrondouh. 


480 Burial of the Dead. 

ing to the mighty working, whereby he is able to 
fubdue all things to himfelf. 

T Heard a voice from heaven, faying unto me, 
^ Write ; From henceforth blelTed are the dead 
which die in the Lord : even fo faith the Spirit ; for 
they reft from their labours. Rev. xiv. 13. 

^ Then Jhall the Prteji fay. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Chrlft, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

/^UR Father, which art in heaven. Hallowed be 
^-^ thy Name ; Thy kingdom come ; Thy will be 
done in earth, as it is in heaven : Give us this day 
our daily bread ; And forgive us our trefpaffes, as 
we forgive them that trefpafs againfl us,; And lead 
us not into temptation; But deliver us from evil. 


A LMIGHTY God, with whom do live the fpirits 
•^ of them that depart hence in the Lord, and 
with whom the fouls of the faithful, after they are 
delivered from the burden of the flelh, are in joy 
and felicity ; We give thee hearty thanks, for that 
it hath pleafed thee to deliver this our brother out of 
the miferies of this iinful world ; befeeching thee 


Adereanayent Waondaddyadatta. 481 

eayakonhennyonke ; ne keahheyoughfe ne Akoye- 
roenda ne neanne rahouhha-tferagouh yaih-heyoghfe 
teaf-hadeny neoni Oewefeghtfera Pvayeronke fadea- 
hayere, ne tfinlhokwenniyat okt-hiwagwegouh. 

I^EONI wak-heweanaronke Karoughyage tonde- 
^ weanayeghtighkwe, ne neanne waongweah- 
haghfe, S'yadouh, Karoughyage eayeghte ne Ya- 
kaweahheyoiihghferouh, ne neanne Royanertfera- 
gouh ne yaih-heyoghfe, onea ok oewa: et-ho 
wadouh ne Kanigoera ; ne wahoeny ayondorilT-heah 
ne Tiiniyakoj'-odeaghferoghkwe, neoni Akodewe- 
yena wakoghfereghte. Kev, xiv. 13. 

Itayaner Takvvanderhek. 

Chriji Takwanderhek, 
Kayaner Takvvanderhek. 

COngwaniha ne Karoughyage tighsideroh, We- 
faghfeanadogeaghtine ; Sayanertfera iwe Tagh- 
fere eghniawan tfiniyought Karoughyagouh, oni 
Oghwentfyage : Niyade-weghniferage Takwanada- 
ranondaghfik noewa; Neoni Tondakwarighvviyough- 
ftouh, tfiniyought oni Tfyakvvadaderighwiyough- 
fteany ; Neoni toghfa takwaghfarineght Dewaddatde- 
nakeraghtonke; nesane fadfyadakwaghs ne Kon- 
dighferoheafe. Amen. 

CEf-hatfeaghferagwcgouh Niyoh, ne tfidyakon- 
^ henn'yoh ne Akodonhetf-hogouh nenahotea ne 
neanne Royanerhne yaih-heyoghfe, ne yeayewe ne 
Akonigoera ne D'yakawightaghkouh, ne onea tii- 
yakoddye-ah nenekea. Akoyeronda, yakoghvviff- 
heaghne Yotfenoenya?, neoni Eayondonharea ; Wa- 
gwadoerea Ongweryughfagouh, ne tfi-seroh ne- 
nekea Akwadaddegea-keahha (Ougwadenofeagh- 
Q^q q keahha 

4'82 Burial of the Dtad, 

that it may pleafe thee of thy gracious goodnefs, 
lliortly to accomplifli the number of thine eled:, 
and to haften thy kingdom, that wc, with all thofe. 
that are departed in" the true faith of thy holy* 
Name, may have our perfed: confummation and 
blifs, both in body and loul, in thy eternal and 
everlarting glory, through Jefus Chrrift our Lord. 

The ColleB. 

/^ Merciful God, the Father of our Lord'^Jefus 
^^ Chrift, who is the refurredtion and the life ; in 
whom whofoever believeth, fhall live, though he 
die ; and whofoever liveth and believeth in him, 
fhall not die eternally ; who alfo hath taught us 
(by his holy Apoflle Saint Paul) not to be forry, as 
men without hope, for them that lleep in him ; 
We meeklv befeech thee, O Father, to raife us 
from the death of fin unto the life of righteouf- 
nefs ; that when we fhall depart this life, we may 
reft in him, as our hope is this our brother doth, 
and that at the general refurredtion in the laft day, 
we may be found acceptable in thy fight, and re- 
ceive that blefling which thy well-beloved Son fhall 
then pronounce to all that love and fear thee, fay- 
ing. Come, ye bleflfed children of my Father, re- 
ceive the kingdom prepared for you from the be- 
ginning of the world. Grant this we befeech the^^ 
' O mer- 

Adereanayent Waandaddyadatta, 483 

keahha nenekea Tfiyakorougliyageghne ne yo- 
righwannerakikouh Tfiyoughwentlyade ; Wagwea- 
niteghtea ne yagh-te-yeyodokte Sayannercghtfera 
nene serouh kea-ok-neawc ne tfinyagouh Seyadogh- 
Tonkwca ne yekayerine, neoni Oeweseghtfera Sa- 
yanertfeia ne tayoghflerihhea ; ne wahoeny ne 
fadavonk'hiyefte ne agvvegoiih ne ■ neanne to- 
keghike-bewe D'yakawij^htaghkouh SaghTeanadc- 
geghty Yakavveahheyoiighferoh, ya-ayoewe Kawe- 
yeni-^eanda-ouh-tsihouh neoni Ayakodafkatftouhhake, 
okt'ha-tetfyarea Akoyeronda neoni Akonigoera, 
ne tfiniyeheawe tyutkoh onea tfinayoughtoh Soe- 
weseghtlera, ne rorihhocny Jefus Chriil Songwa- 
yaner. Amen. 

Ne Coim. 

f\ Ronldearefkouh Niyoh, Ranihha Songvvayaner 
^-^ Jefus Chrift, ne neanne Eyontketlkwaghte 
neoni Eyondonhetfle, raouhhatferagouh agvvegouh 
oiighkagiok d'yakawightaghkone, eayakonheke, 
ok oni ayaihheye; neoni oughkagiok eayonheke 
ne raouhhatferagouh eandyakawightaghkouh ne 
yaght-ha valhheye ne tfiniyeheawe; Nene oni fon- , 
gwarighhonniyenidouh, (royadadogeaghty Paul,) 
yagh-te-yongwanikorhea-ouh ne tfiniyeyadodeafc 
ne neanne yaghta hodirharenn'youh, ne neanne 
raouhhahtferagouh waondoerifleraghtouh ; Wagwea- 
nideaghtea Kanikoeragouh, O Ranihha, ahfegh- 
re alkwaketikoh ne Keahheyatne ne Karighvvanner- 
rea ne Tfivondonhetft-ha ne Yoderighwagwadak- 
weah ; Ne wahoeny katkcgiok nene keagaye Tfi- 
yakyonhe onea eayagweahheye, raouhha-tferagouh 
ayongwadonharake, fadeayoughtannyonke yon- 
gwarhare, nenekea Akwadaddeg^a-keahha (On- 
gwadenolTeahh keahha) oewa yakodonhahhere ; Ne 
Qji q 2 tfina- 

484. Burial of the Dead. 

O merciful Father, through Jefus Chrifl our Mcr 
diator and Redeemer. Amen, s^ 

np H E grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and the 
■* love of God, and the fellowfhip of the Holy 
Ghoft, be with us all evermore. Amen* 


Adereanayent Waondaddyadatta. 485 

tfinayaweah ne agwegeofe entfyontketikoh ne tfi- 
nadeant-heaghroughfa Eaweghniferadeke, ne af- 
henoghweferouh, ne neanne Oyad iderighticra 
ayondadoh nenahbtea Eghtfeno^hw. ghtsih mh 
Eghtfyeah Jefiis Chrift ct-hone yehi-hakocL-.d- 
dyafe ne yegwegoefe ne yefanoewefe nt oni ne Yako- 
righwhiyoughftouh, eabhearouh, Garob kali'e- 
weght, yetfiyadadderiflouh Sakoj'ea-ogoe-ah Rakc- 
nihha, ne ayetsiyouh ne Kayanertfera ne yctligh- 
feroenj'eny ne Sondondoghwhentfyadaghsuvve. 
Takyouh keagaye wagweanideaghtea, O roniLJa- 
reghtferowanea Ranihha, ne rorihhdeny Jeliis 
Chrift Songwarighwaghferoenyeny neoni ISoii- 
gwaghnereaghfyouh. Amen. 

'VTE Raodearat Jefus Chrift, neoni Ranorough- 
•*'^ kwa Niyoh, neoni Raodyoughkwa ne Roni- 
goghriyoughftouh, agwegouh a-edewefeke tfiniye- 
beawe. Amen» 


C 4?^ ] 


Pfalm 23. 

1 'X^HE Lord himfelf, the mighty Lord, 

'*' Vonchfafes to be my guide ; 
The Ihepherd, by whofe conftant care .^ 

My wants are all fupply'd. 

2 In tender grafs he makes me feed. 

And gently there repofe ; 
Then leads me to cool Ihades ; and where 
Refreshing water flows. 

3 He does my wand'ring foul reclaim ; 

And, to his endlefs praife, 
Inflruft with humble zeal to walk 
In his moil right'ous ways. 

4 I pafs the gloomy vale of death. 

From fear and danger free ; 
For there his aiding rod and ftaff 
Defend and comfort me. 

5 In prefence of my fpiteful foes 

He does my table fpread : 
He crowns my cup with chearful wine. 
With oil anoints my head. 

6 Since 

C 487 ] 


Teyerighwaghkwat-ha T!ewaghfca aghfeah yaweare. 

1 "VJE Ro ya ner, Rak ha wi fe, 
•^"^ Yagh tea fe a on gwea, 

Ne wa ha ke nah fea hagh fe, 
Yo doe ni kon hegh koh. 

2 Ne Rag g'ya dea ha wigh ta ne 

Ne Tfid kagh ne gi yoh, 
.N'yegh ron ho deall ha a gwe gouh 
Ne O righ wan ne rea. 

3 O ni rag gya deah ha wight ha, 

Ne tfid ka ya noe nih, 
Ne yot de righ wa gwa righ fyh, 
Wa hoe ny Sagh fea na. 

4 Ok noe n'a gih he yough fe re, 

Yagh t'ha ket fa ni ke. 
Yagh ot he noh yo dak fea fe, 
I kea ta ke nough ne. 

5 Ne 6 ni tak ke nongh ne na, 

O ni wah yon ha de, 
Et ho se na Ka yan nc rea, 
Ea wak fe re fe ke. 

6 Ok 

488 Part of the Singing Pfalms. 

6 Since God doth thus his wond'rous love 
Through all my I'ife extend. 

That life to him I will devote. 
And in his temple fpend. 

Tfalm 67. 

1 'Tp O blefs thy chofen race, 

**■ In mercy, Lord, incline ; 
And caufe the brightnefs of thy face 
On all thy faints to Ihine ; 

2 That fo thy wond'rous way 

May through the world be known ; 
Whilft diftant lands their tribute pay, 
And thy falvation own. 

5 Let diff'ring nations join 

To celebrate thy fame ; 
Let all the world, O Lord, combine 

To praife thy glorious name. 

4 O ! let them Ihout and fing, 

With joy and pious mirth ; 
For thou, the right'ous Judge and King, 
Shalt govern all the earth. 

5 Let differing nations join. 

To celebrate thy fame ; 
Let all the world, O Lord, combine 
To praife thy glorious name. 


Heharlghwagk'Wclt-ha, 489 

6 Ok On gwigh ni fe ra gwe gouh, 

Ne tfi na kon he ke, 
Ne ga doll ne Ro ya nerh ne, 

Ne tfi ni ye hea we. 

Teyerighwaghkwat-ha yayak niwaghfea tfyadak yaweare, 

1 "VTI yol^ fo" gwean dea rouh, 
•^^ Tak wa ya da de rift. 

Ne wa hoe ny ne Sah hah ha, 
Kyen de ry Ogh when tfya. 

2 Ne On gwe ho goe ah, 

Ni yoh Ra kogh fon de. 
Rot fe noe ny Ogh ne gwagh fa, 
O ni yo don ha rouh. 

3 Wa hoe ny On gwe da, 

Ne deaf hak hagh fyon ko, 
Yot de righ wa gwarigh fyough s*ra, 
Ne o ni Ogh when tfya. 

4 Eaf he yat fte rif te, 

Et ho egh ya ho di, 
Ne Ogh when tfya ne fa ko wih, 
Ni yoh fon gwean dea rouh. 

5 Son kwan dea rouh Ni yoh, 

Ne o ni a gwe gouh, 
Ne ea hoe wat fagh nigh fe ke, 
Tfi yo dogh when tfyo-ok te. 

R r r ^eyerigh" 

490 Part of the Singing Pfalms* 

Pfalm 100. 

1^ 2 IX^ITH one confent let all the earth 

^^ To God their cheerful voices raifc. 
Glad homage pay with awful nnrth, 

And fing before him fongs of praife. 

3 Convinc'd that he Is God alone, 

From whom both we and all proceed ; 
We, whom he choofes for his own, 

The flock which he vouchfafes to feed. 

4 O enter then his temple-gite, 

Thence to his courts devoutly prefs, 
And ftill your grateful hymns repeat, 

And ftill his name with praifes blefs. 

5 For he's the Lord fupremely good. 

His mercy is for ever fure ; 
His truth, which always firmly ftood. 
To endiefs ages ihall endure. 

Pfalm 103. 

1,2 ]\/TY foul, infpir'd with fa c red love, 
^^■*^ God's holy name for ever blefs; 

Of all his favours mindful prove, 

And ftill thy grateful thanks exprefs. 

3,4 'Tis he that all thy fins forgives, 

And after ficknefs makes thee found ; 

From danger he thy life retrieves, 

By him with grace and mercy crown'd. 

S> 6 He 

^eharighwagkw^t'ha* 491 

Teyerighwaghkwat-ha uhjkat 'Tezvanyawe. 

1 T fe Sogh when tfy a gwe goiih, 

Te fe \va hea regh tan ni youh, 
Egh tfi yo dcahft ne Ro ya ner, 
Ne ne Ya gwac fe noe ni yat. 

2 Ka ro fe wight Tfit ha kogh font'. 

Yod fe noen yat det wa ri wak. 
Nok fe wa ni LOUgh ra do g a, 

Ne Ro ya ner ne nah JSii yoh. 

3 Nok Ni voh fon kwa ya dif fouh, 

Ra ouh ha Ra o di yough kwa, 
Ne ra ouh ha ne Ro ya. ner, 
Ne ne Sake ye 6e koe wa. 

4 Egh tfi de wa doe rea Ni yoh, 

I kea Ka ya ner tfe ri yoh, 
Ro ni dea ref kouh ko wa nea, 

T*ho righ wa yer' tfin' ye hea we. 

Teyerighwaghkwat-ha uhjkat tewanyazve aghfeah ya- 


1,2 A K wa don hetft eght fe nean doh, 

•^^ Ne Ka ya ner tyiit koh ; 

'Ke ni goe ra t*h na fad yer, 

Ne o ni a gwe gouh. 

3,4 Tfi ni wat Ak we ryagh fa koh, 

Eght fea na do gegh till. 
Ne Tfi ro ya da do gegh ty, 

Ne Ragh fea no wa nea. 

Rrr 2 5>6 Egh 

492 Part of the Singing Pfalms* 

5, 6 He with good things thy mouth fupplies 
'I'hy vigour, eagle-like, renews ; 

He, when the guiltlefs fufF'rer cries, 
His foe with juft revenge purfues. 

7' God made of old his right'ous ways 
To Mofes and our fathers known ; 

His works, to his eternal praife 

Were to the fons of Jacob fhown. 

8 The Lord abounds with tender love. 
And unexampled adts of grace ; 

His weakened wrath does flowly move. 
His willing mercy flows apace. 

Pfalm 117. 

I T17ITH cheerful notes let all the earth 

To heav'n their voices raife : 
Let all, infpir*d with godly mirth, 
Sing folemn hymns of praife. 

1 God*s tender mercy knows no bound. 

His truth Ihall ne'er decay. 
Then let the willing nations round 

Their grateful tribute pay. 


^eharlghwagkwat-'ha. 493 

5,6 Egh tfi fe wa doe rea Ni yoh, 
Wa hoe ny Ro ya ner, 

Togh fa yaght ha fa dough ra ne, 
Togh fa fa ni kor hea. 

7 Ne Ra o yan ne reagh fe ra, 

Ne Sa ni goe ra gouh, 
A on da ka ya gea fe ke, 

Ne fa righ wi yough flouh. 

8 Ne Sa righ wa ne rak fe ra, 

O ni ye fa tfyen douh, 
Ne na a ga yea ya kok gweah. 
Son hegh koe ya kok weah. 

Teyerighwaghkwat-ha uhjkat tewannyawe uhJJiat yogh 
sbghferote tfyadak yaweare, 

I T fe San di yough kwa gwegouh 

"■■ Eght li de wa nean doh, 
Ne Ni yoh ne yon gwe ta wih, 
N'ya de yong gwe da ke. 

1 I kca ro di righ wi yough llouh, 

Sa ko ye o koe wa, 
Nih fa ko yer ha ko wa nea, 

Ne t'ho righ wa ye ry. 


494 -^^^^ ^f ^^^ Singing Pfalms, 

Pfalm 134. 

I T>LESS God, ye fervants that attend 

^ Upon his folcmn Hate : 
That in his temple, night by night, 
With humble rev'rence wait. 

2, 3 Within his hoiife lift up your hands 

And blefs his holy name. 
From Sion blefs thy Ifrael, Lord, 

Who heaven and earth did frame. 

fhe Englijb for the oppofite Hymn could not be 
procured*, it being a f hank/giving after receiving 
the Lord's Supper* 

, A Traycr 

^eharighwagkwat'ha. 495 

^eyerighwaghkwat-ha uhfkat tewannyaive aghfeah yo<rh- 
soghferote kaycry ystjya-joeare, 

1 T fe Eght fi fe wa \z. ner, 

Eght fi fe wa nean doh, 

Tlhyou ha ne i fe s'wa \e na, 

I^Je Ra o noLigh fa gouh. 

2 Sa ni fnngh fakcts koh Ni voh, 

Egh tfyo deagljs, yogh roen gar, 
Tyut koh egh tfe naen doh Ni yob, 
Se we ri yagh fa gouh. 

3 Ok ti wa gwe gouh ra oe ny, 

Ne tfi liCao-hs fa ka wca. 
She yoh, Ra o van ne reghs* ra 
N*ye hea we ne ron he. 

iV(? yondoughradaghhva ne bnea yakoyadara-oub ne 
7okaraJkha Ka-gouh ne Royanei\» 

T^ O ya ner wa hoe wa doe rca, 
"••^ Wa hoe ny Ro dye fea, 
Ne Ra o van ne rrght fe ra, 
Ne fa ko na (.\oe nih. 

Ne fa ko ya da do gragh ty, 

Wa hoe wa nean don te, 
On gwea nagh fiiks ke yagh t'ya oewe, 

Ne a hoe wa nean douh. 


49 6 Part of the Singing Pfalms. 

A Prayer to the Holy Ghojl, to be fung before the 


/^OME, HolyGhoft; Creator, come: 
^^ Infpire the fouls of thine. 
Till ev'ry heart which thou hall made 
Is filled with grace divine. 

Thou art the Comforter, the gift 

Of God, and fire of love : 
The everlafting fpringof joy. 

And undion from above. 


Oddyake I'eharighwagk'Wat^ha, 407 

Ro ya ner te ha deant fa as 
On gwe ri yagh t'ya oewe, 

Et ho, a hoe wea nogh ton youh, 
Tfi na tc ho deant fouh. 

Ne Ro ya nert fe ro wa nea, 

Tfi nigh fon gwa ye rea, 
Ne Yon gwa righ wa ne raks kouh, 

Ne na a gwagh fnun ke. 

Yagh te yor ha ratf ten ni yoh, 

Agh fa gwa ye rit fe, 
O Se wa righ wa ne rak fkouh, 

Ne Tfyon gwe ho goe ah. 

Ne na Yo yan ne regh fe ra, 
Ne Te fa yen dagh touh, 

Ro ya ncrt ne te fa deant fo, 
Ne ah yagh fweagh fe ke. 

Veni Creator, &c# 

]^e Adereanayent ne Ronigoughriyoughjioughne, ne wa- 
hbny ne Tsi-neayoederihhwaghnbdouh Teayerighwagh' 

T^A ro Ro ni gough ri yough (louh, 
•*-^ Ne Sa kwen yat Ni yoh, 
O ni a gwe gouh tak we yeghs, 
Sa wea na do gcagh ty. 

Ne na ah tak wa rih hon ny, 

A ya gwa yen der ha, 
Ne wa ka rih honn ya te, 

T*a ya gwaght.ka wa ne. 

S f f O nc 

49 S Part of the Singing Pfaims, 

Thy gifts are manifold, thou writ'ft 

God's law in each true heart: 
The promife of the Father, thou 

Doll heav'nly fpeech impart. 

Enlighten our dark fouls, till they 

Thy facred love embrace ; 
Aflift our minds, by nature frail. 

With thy celeftial grace. 

Drive far from us the mortal foe. 

And give us peace within ; 
That, by thy guidance blefs'd, we may , >2' 

Efcape the fnarcs of fin. 

Teach us the Father to confefs, -./j^ 

And Son from death reviv'd; 
And with them both, thee, Holy Ghofl| 

Who art from both deriv'd. 

With thee, O Father, therefore may q 

The Son from death reflor'd. 
And facred Comforter, one God ^ 

Devoutly be ador'd ; 

As In all ages heretofore 

Has conftantly been done, 
As now it is, and fhall be fo, 

When Time his courfe has rupr 


Oddyake Tehartgbwagkwahha* 499 

O ne Sa ni gogh ri yough flouli, 

Ne Tah yough when tfyo reah, 
Tak wan he tli ni fa gwen yat, 

Tfi ni yo dak fea fe, .<j. , , 

O Sa ya ner Tak gwagh fni ye nouh, 

Ne na Yonk high fweagh fe, 
Ne o ni a yak hi Tea ny, 

Sa ya ner tef hegh fn'yeh. 

On gwa ya ner ko vva o ni. 

Ne Se ya da de rift, 
Roe wa wea na wak hoe had dyeh, 

Ro di ye na wak houh. 

Ne Ka righ wyough ftak tfe ra gouh, 

Yeght ha Ka rouh hya ge, 
Ne Ya ko ya dea ha wight ha, 

Ne na Chrift tyut koh. 

O Sa ya ner ne fe ya wyh 

Sa wea na do geagh ty, 
Ne fuh ha a ont ka dad de, 

Ra di tfi huhs at tfy. 

Wah hoe ny ne Sa ka ri wat^ 

Sa on gwa ni goe rat 
A on douh, ne o ni et ho 

Ne A ya g'yon he ke. 

Ne o ni A ya gweah he ye, 

Ne tfi ni ye hea we 
Ea ya ko daf katf toe ha ke, 

Ne ne Ka rough ya gouh,. 

S f f 2 Rot' 

50O Pari of the Singing Pf alms* 

Gloria Fatri, &c, 

nrO Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, - ry 

•*" The God whom we adore, ' 

Be glory, as it was, is now. 
And Ihall be evermore. 

T/je Engli/Jj for the following Hymns could mt he 

^ehharighwaghkwat'ha''Soewa. 501 

Rot-konyejl ne Ranihha, ^c, 

"O Ot ko ni yeft ne Ra nih ha, 
"^^ Ne o ni Roe wa ye, 

Ne o ni ne fa da yogh touh 
Ro ni gogh ri yough ftouh. 

Tfi nea yugh ton dyo dagh fa weh 

Tfe ra gouh, egh ni yought 
Oe wa, ne tyut koh a gwe gouh 

Ne tfi ni ye hea we. 

Hymn on Repentance. 

Teyerighwaghkwat-ha Sayadondatrewaghte» 

1 /^Ughka akoewayanhevye 
^^ Tfikowanea Adonharahk 

Ne ne Tfinikanakdotea 

Ne ne agvvagh Karoughyagouh. 

2 Et-ho tfi-onea Sayoewe 
Ne yakoyadaghtoh-one 

Ne ne Sayondatrewaghte. 

3 Ne oni tfiwaontkaght-hoh 
Nc ne ase wahhontoeny, 

Ne wahondadderakwaghfe 
Oewefeaghtfera t'kakonde, 

4 Ranihha ronhah-hcre 
Tfitehhakanerc onea 

Yah horn hewe tiinondawe, 
Ne Tfinighfakonoroughkwa. 

5 Nc 

■joa Hyrnns on particular Occajions^ 

5 Ne rodonhah-here oni 
Roewaye tiidet-hakanere 

Ne nahotea Yotkarryakoh 
Ne Raoroughyakcaghfcra. 

6 Ok ne Ronigoughriyoughftouh, 
Ya-oewefkwa wahatkaght-hoh 


Ne neanne ase Saghroeny. 

7 Ne Yakoyadaderiyoh 
Sagat Karoughyakeghronoh 

• ' Agwegouh tehhodirighwaghkwa 

Tfinikowanea Adonharak. 

8 Ne tfiyakodeghyaghrundy 

Ne Jefus raody-Gorah 
Neoni wakvvearoh. 

Chriftening Hymn. 

Teyerighwaghkwat-ha WaondatnekoJJeraghwe. 

I TESUS Saghfeaniyoh na-ah 
J Ne ok kenoroughkwa 

Ne Tfinikaghfeanadennyouh 
Agwagh Yatyotkanonyouh. 

2, Ikea Yagh-tetkaghfeanayeh 

Tlinit'yoghvvhenrfyade oni 

Egni Saghieanotea. 


^ehhangbwaghkwat'ha^soewa. 505 

3 Ne eankarihhony na-ah. 
Ne Yakodeaghtennyouh 

Ne Yontfenonnyataghkwa 
Agwagh Karoughyagoh. 

4 Et-ho Deweght-ha O Jefus 
Tfini Sagbfeaniyoh, 

Ne kanoroh Yonhe-oewe 
Ne na Ongwadonhetst. 

5 Saghfeanagouh ne yeguyeh 
Ne Kanoughkwatferiyoh, 

Ne Sayondeweyeiidoiih 
Ne T'kanigoughriyagouh. 

6 Jefus Sagbfeaniyoh na-ah, 
Neoni wagwearouh, 

Ne Jefus tfiniyeheawe 

7 Agwegouh tfinikanocwaks 

Ne Akenigocra, 
Agwagh et-ho watkanifla, 
Ne ne Saghfeanagouh. 

8 'Tferoeny ne Ongwadonhets, 
Ne eayotkeawaghte 


9 Ne akarigh-howeanaghtc 

Tfinityoghwentfyade oni, 

I Eakatrorlh Saghfeanioh, 

Tfinikonhis neavve, 
Isege akatfenoeny, 

Ne eawadoktane. Burial 

- * • • -^) 

Biifial Mymh. 

Ne ^I'eyerighwaghkwai-ha fVaOHdaddyadatta* 

1 'X^Syadahhoughfadat tfinonkk ■■> 

=*- Tyeyadarriyouh, -'^ ? 

Ne tfiniyakoweaneandeah 

2 Ne tfideyoughfont-houghferoh, 
Ife ne Tfybnhennyoh, 

•Ne neanne Tyongwe' kaffene, 
Afe nika-eayoeh. 

Nc ne Tfiniyoughwhentfyodea 
Tfi-noewe t'kakonde, ..*.«;? 

Keaniyorighweff-ha riok tgh 

4 Ife Tfyongwedanoroefouh 
Keant-ho Okeaghrage, 

T'kakonde Sewanaktaye 
Yaghna t'haont-kweny. 

5 Tlinifowanoughsiyofc 
Ne Yf kowanoghfe, 


6 Et-ho ok neanne Uhikatnc, 

O! Seniyoghferowanea, 

Egh kea niyough, n'Ongwc|? 

.^ . 

7 Ok 

qthhanghwaghkufahha^soeim, 505 

Ok segouh kady ok fkeanoh 

Neoni Tfiniyoghfnoraddy. 


8 Ne ne tfidyeyadarryoh 
Ok segouh kadi ne, 

Yagh fuhha dyakwadarharats, 
Takyouh he Seandearat. 

9 Ayonkwayadakarouhfte 

N'Ongwadonhets n'ea waghteandy, 
Tfi onea eayongwady. 

10 Ne Keahheyoughfe ne Owaioh 

Oni Yeyakwadoh-hetfte 
Tfit keantfadondyefe. 



^ r 

Obfervations concerning the reading and pronuii- 
ciation of the Mohawk Language. 

1. The Mohawks never clofe their lips in fpeaking, and 
therefore do not ufe thofe letters which we call Labial ; nereby 
their Alphabet is reduced to fixteen letters. 

2. They pronounce a broad, like the Scots and Germans ; 

e as we pronounce a^ and / like our ee. 

3. In the Mohawk language, -a whole Sentence is often ex- 
preffed by one word ; and hence the excellivc length of fbmc 
words. It was therefore thought advifable to mark the fyllablcs 
on which the accent fliould be laid. The grave (^) is placed 
over lyllables that are pronounced long; the acute (') ovcj 
fliort fyllables ; or where two lyllables are accented in one word, 
the grave diftinguiflies the former, the acate the latter. 

4. As this language abounds with Gutturals, fome of which 
are pronounced ftronger, others weaker ; the former are ex- 
preffsd by gh^ the latter by hh. 

The reader is 7-eq^ueJled to correal the foUowbig Errata in tin 
EngUJh part. 

Page 6, line 19, for to read too. 

P. 62, /. 6, for hypochrify, r. hypocrify. 

P. 62, /. iQ,for all deceits, r. all the deceits. 

P. 64, /. T-'jifor and to preferve, r. and preferve. 

P. XII. I. lb., for the word, r. thy word. 

P. 130, /. ^b-t for loves, r. love. 

P. 210, /. Q,J^/for great herd, r. a great herd. 

P. 260, /. \ii for loofe, r. lofe. 

P, 420, I. 13, \\ifor of accepting, r. to accept. 

Deacidified kkeeper process. 

Neutralizing agem tviaynesium Oxide 
Treatment Date; Nov. 2005 


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Cranberry Township. PA 16066 











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