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Full text of "The book of curtesye : printed at Westminster by William Caxton about the year 1477"

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The book of curtesye 

The book of curtesye 

Printed at Westminster 

by William Caxton about the year 



at the University Press 


B7 2 


The Book of Courtesy or Little John is 

one more of the precious pamphlets bound 
up in the volume formerly marked AB. 8. 48, 
which came to the Library in 1715 by the gift 
of King George the First along with the rest of 
the collection of John Moore, Bishop of Ely. 

1907 July 26 

I certify that I have printed 250 copies only 

of this facsimile, that the impressions have 

been rubbed off the plates and the negatives 



QjTw^ M> (ttc^fc rtcjfc ^^* t© no |»cttt»«« 
2t«eomm%nopib? Jn^ffit5«»t«; 

^9 cJi^^Wi) Cc9 ^i^opti? of n«^w 

C^f owe ^ fbfe^e/anS) i^i o(pt* ftfc^^ 
^ufc »ugf«!0 gou/(^t« (g^gf ne556 
'ifiPm«ot)/«<)0*^g«^ %^ gout «ge 



■■"■■: ri^''^- X^'r- \ ■•■■"■" 

Co ^wffe gow (cCf /g ^0 05 gout a««j»e 

Outie m^mai^Mt ^i ge fa^ 
^nt? <5i« o6(ctttaS«/$(« j^ feu«g ^^ 
'fci^ fw^wt^ «w^ oim^/IBt^^wtetf^w* 
CJf 0l^ffit2 Gt^g^D5if qugft got! gou< tmt 

iRetttfe gout 5^»/g K)S« ge 0*|K t( clfene 
(gour m« (SBegm/fttffte no( fbtBf 6j fc 
^t) gowf ^ifoge/tBagft no ^o( fe (<n^ 
0M|g4 gour no(«/(^^ ttoma^ »»)i i^fce 

(WetBi^? gout ftwe ^n»/no pf(§ fjoi^ fe# 

I ■ 


(gout «agK« G>6e/(^g 6t mo( g^^g 8K*c6e 
(We fttff w no( Jenj/fe & ou fcnge ^toXBgttg 

(gou* ^ob?*C50wne4.9»fg9/g e6e gouit f^o 

QJn^ « gfc pffc/ouf cf gow wgggng^ 
<0ue(]9 5«tntm(/(p«( ge f^a( ot) $m 
QttBa^et W^i^e a & ^ fs^n<$2 

C5«( t« W ^ugl^/rtn^ ^g(p 5^mpe 

@tn^ «» ge IBaf^e/dn^ fftffe 0g f ^^ p«ee 

ft ^ noi n^tt of (^ve/cin^ cotm^natmee 
tt( 6)0e m^ t6iC^^6> fof 6e« ^^( g> weft 
^e fi>e0e ^gt /tBi(? t5(»«« of fU(am<» 
^iMwx att^ ttafeg«/of vouit ^mtmm<t 
Co ^M) (^ t«$ gout feGwe «n6? ffew 


€«(!« no Pgc0 m flone «^ fotBft ne Cb ep 

€►0 fbt^f j)0tt*'K«gfe/^ttnengtt3 powr ^taje 
3[t) (ofee %(« /<§& m^ mk^^ of gou fa^ 

^nX>tB^ ^ come h p c$«t^ mj; Gfiit (ft(t> 
^ofj^ t5«fet/g f^af 15^»)^ gou «pe 

?^ni(^ A^/An^ SnocSe ot) jvout $te(?e 
'€^n'^ns ^ goo^ &*^ f 09 ii ^ib^ wfh 
QSTn^ ^^ve/fcK^ ^ou fuff^^^ $ic$ ^^& ^ Sl^oe 
^«g« gt OK g6 ttj«/pf nopet/rtM^/g « nx» 

C|^ c^«<9e of |»a^M6 ^u« ctn^ )>^(« 

fieSBave ^^jboe/of c^^fie «r J<msi^m(^ 

Qtn* a ^K«j of ftt(^ /«« fixc6g^§ gmt* 
tt^te ft ge «mut«/an^ Se^* ge (ci!^tt« , 
^N> fe^rue ge goi/tSt^f at gout ^i%tul 



^ugfc gou 15ef /wg (l(gf cftf « «f 3«te. i 

tJOi^^ (ofee «^/«nb? goot>fg fcm$Kiitm(»; 
'50^4* W <«fl>^ gout «flm« g ^tfawaftoe! 



I> °. 

@^ tBau^rjitg eg^/gf g^^ng (o«gnf g 
C6^( M? no pGxtt/a^5e(^ paBPg 

Qit^^et ift^ c^o^/ $^}) ^6 flSiDe aeee ^$& 
©f mcttf^et ctt (oiiewxgi)/t5^(^jp i( ft 

C^^ no ^u6e H) ^ou fbtm^t) & 
^(Mtf^ ^§ fep/ant) 5gn) mpetBfc ^ 

igc no( <ttttf«(^«/f<o (^ tM a6(cn( 

Co fee ^i«i (etu(ittnti<^ aObu^ ^h)i )>vefen( 
^tm^ no 0:i(0e/fb2 ^^{te ^^ M 6e fi^mee 

^0 f^«f ge fep p&(«/3 ^« («wtf^ («j»ne 


^0 fiat ^ &p ^»€we*t!5^f t6 ^ie pl^fftitw 

(ge w<t^ (f)e6e^0tt^ ge tttupe ^^wt^ j?^tt<t« 
@ttt^f« gOtttStf /tB^( j»e fajse/g M)S^( |)fi<e^ 



•^^i) a( gout wek/j^e ptte a( t^ Mt 

jj<w a pnncg^f pmf of ^i« noa6«« 

Q!^ w^§( o(^* fbf^« furft 6 ^i^awge 
'^^^ mat) i( &/(^( of tttpo))) g gugf*^ 

* V ,. /■>.;*"- 



■«»r\,"r 'w.J<«w.!Miw,,i.^iii^ji!«ij,A44i4,,^i^ 




^fc^stBe «ffo ftwc^ffij of fbu(^ ^<(u«}jnt ^ 
Of s«^2 Rcpc^tBi^^ ^n<tttfej« «fl96^g<« 
0vi(6 noi fe fom ^fio )?our Ipian^ tcptxgnt 
(gout ^nse rt1£^l^/tBi(^§m«tt«Pgt3e^tte 
J=e» gou fb* ne«fft(t/^ no( fw ?eKfe 

<0n6«^ M0( gout 8fflf«(/M^ gou* n<<|«ge 
Ouet manet g mtfUxiMi 0Cffc 5^m> clwte 
^nfogl^ tto^ gout <tt^|)t/6u( 6e|» i^ cWge 
4t6e no^ ^tpone/ 09 gout %^« fe fene, 
Jw (^( i« fb5B&/ge tSoee %^i J mc««: 
Ot (^<j ge ^grt6e/fbt gout oi]5c9 ^nepe 
^out %e« %ft/«n^ ci^nf g (b6« #g fe • 

/ .: 




ife ■ . , - ■ " • . ■ 

•;r;"»^"' — 

I ^«« n# gout ^i»f /^ tSatb? gout ^ifoge 

I . ^oi ^5^»)i i« f»wf /an^ wg%C ^e« 
f C^{BeHO^gou($r(a^/fottC^no^m«|e^ 

! .^ ^ no^twx/fwcje (Jtws ie wpiouaSfe 

4o(c no^ gou* 3git5?f/f^5 «( gowt mtft 
^ ^^f ic CI ek«^/of %atif6efge 
^uf gf ge (cmc/gc fe em0:««^ p«l^ 
0*#<»? ge fgtte/am<tt» tf fccw(% I 

^o»u^if%^ifnotlBi5^(gott^^g6 J 
^e5^«t« at^/m M^ ^0 gou vei>tm% 
I (pf ne^u^/i^peget^mf^dittefwf fotin* 

^6 jfc ?uf$^ «; c^«m8«/fcg(b^ M^ ^8Cc 
^*««) tScf ttntj ggue 500b? «ut>tm« 
f Ipp^t (» watf t^f fb* on? il^umout (ttfl?^ 

(^^ ge mgf 62 of Kjtngag^/^ntww of e0>q«?« 
^nfwee gou %fe ^gt^ eonfiwimc^ fe & 

jS<» smtif«fc«/tBi? age fe R8jm« 

QCn^tB^ ifuxiniat^ vmt fbutfc i«$ Mi ^^ 
0m<t^i^ no^/tSi^l f^olil^j^no; tMtiitm^<x 

Q^n^ tB^f ]»e ^ue/6iue if m) (uff;?fAn<e 
^A ^e f &p^tBi(§ f»d5c a« 30^ ^(^ j^ow («n^ 





»,■ ■•.- 


. ^z 



1^ ■■ ■ 

'V- V • 

1^"^ . 

1^' ■ 

^>0t ^ttti^>i« ^«^t6^^ffii of IpMCUt^fge 
^ui W^ ^ow %f/ wa^c <^ fom« fttte 
Igiirt^t^ gout trte6t/p ^tt an^ (o c{^nfg 

'^5*9 fe «ttb? fio/ge ^iiu«(« gout m«6e 
5^e|« gou p c^<f/^f metj ^ue no co(«t* 
Co fftge of gow/owg Kiwjftge « 15t{^^ 
^icftuf* ge ^te gottt mete/^wmanetff g ^ 

t «f% fo*»/ge f^aC no n«gG[« pw 

Qte |>g66 gouif et(§/t)5t(^5 6ngf 4 gow«»|»« 
^^.a( gow »neffe/<tn^ <ii^ fof0««fi>^w 

^rtbj^of jwoogj/^^ ftife? n«ter%^ ^p 


.•.■'.:.• ■; ■• '■. ■,. ■-' '. • . ■ '. } 


Of mete g ^?0e^oo^ t^ete ma^ ^^ |lt^|« 
TSDi^^ 5^nep 6»06;»ttg/«n^ «f(^ 0115^ ge 

(Jtet) wag «tttt§e^tl5t(9 (gewfJtf %t gtfen^ 

@rn^ one ^^wtg mg d^«/ge$w5ttpon» 

3*> ^^ tSrt^it/t5a(f5e fS c(^we gow ^Jn* 
C^^ gou( ^tBef /nat«if <rtfbj(b & 
^ fbK&/^^^ i( 8f 0>(§fo») 09 6> fee 

€fft^ »9 ^ <bW|^atno ^fte fe fcnf 

^e«t no( ^ou< fi>owe/»9^i« ^# P^ttt^ ■ 

^e^ gott<irenc|oMjp/& cte fbtong^^tt% 
Q^«b gf ^ ^ue 4a%e/gef a« i^epf^: 
^ ge <tti^/ma^e a %^ m«jt^ f-r 

^ P«;(^ big ^^/Hjf <^«nt$*e « «jf«6fl^ ^ 


; (^nt> %^t^_<in^^ mat)/ fjnUi^ Afte fa^^ 

I Co^^f^K0{a^/6(fp«nb2OU<6:a^ -> 

i • , . : 

I {$mitpti>m i^rfbw ^ (§xt) ge tf e€e 

Qtttb? §t«ee(5 ?g>?>|#'fw^c6 of fct«t«e 
' ^* ***<*? wo^ 3gue<»nffet<onu6wj»«tft' 

^tt( 6j5Bate m^ 0^/atf<> cf w^«(«g^ 

3^ gattt^^ of ^/anb? >o^9 mtt) ^i(«uagfe' 
t J^«^ mctn^ « m«i)/^ i$i« 5*^? wgfc^mb? 

Of cttgC^w^ f«»t)2/t« t5«fc«m6:)»mb? 

#ut§e tiej»*ti«/«W5flgtttg 4i^? W^ 
(2^9 m«g of oJ» f(hi9/mah «»mgfc« ncS^ 

0Rign32 «^ ong S«we of ^g8*tSbrgc 


-Co $(« ^i^«te« ofwtgif (^ g f fe(«^« 
Co ^ifffe o: ftt^/o: fttpefg ^ (gng^ 

TJO^i) mtt) (« a c^gf ^ of fwc^ gouetttftntt 
CJeg (age/g^t> mag i^ t^gf^i« f5:?^t« & 
Co ^ue « «52^»/(o maweipfg «« t« ^ j 



, C^« fiat ge fgn?ie/6>^|e f (^(5* g ^tn^n^ « 

|f 1^0 (^ gc m<tg/ti^ <ttWg ojoo^ f w(cn« ] 

^OMttB^^fgn«/«»»?fc«tttttt I 

CMf§flf«eo*»/(5f^gm«feo(ttpg I 

C"'^gt«o(tte»/6pon»9g^g J 

TJOi^^tttrtng ««ot^* &if6tou« 6r«gft^ 
Jf uJ of fcntentc/fc^ fitf fi;itt^o(5g 

t i5ei«fofwfoffif«g(^.f«n^2««n^K;»tw;«ge 

j 4 © ^»it «n^ fourth* of «M«^ fcCbqu«t<« 

.; C^( otRtm«t^x> p*p affie out ^ttn^ 

|i'' Co foowe tJc 0>p^/% Kuwtea^ fcg<»«: j 


t''.! . 


^uf 5f&«to8(^/fbt (^^ goo^ ^^t tttmtfc 

15o55^|>(!^(cHjcw«gaw^gn« { 

^n>nj out <ttncs^/t5a0^eK^ of «^ttm« | 


; Of « i»gn«/«« &w^§ gootj t!5i(««j 

I 1^« 6«g^ge/c»ti^l^ of Dw^mmft 

: JoSe (tf fo/'55ai) ^ Jo?!) %^a^ 

J ptgMtaip«wfgfemfc/mon^cof8frge ^ 

3 fKrtge ^ got? M) 0f^ffc ^« foully & we*cg 
^gfoDe (^ 5gep JuBg^t of at 
i 'topw u$ no9 f«wgC of armottge 

I ^monj^^^mufcct^a^p^al^ 

^g(o« ^ f g^p^Jw^iferoif <i« 


^cuerjf J (c</«| (a^m« of fcnfencc 
^ Exc6<e5 tBiftt/J^ut none tR>qu«n« 

^ui ^«tBet0i«J /^« 0*M«/»tupe ne» co^w 
•^^g ma^ n«iet/Ou( of wmmfeaontt ^ 
jgie 1B«§t« fOaf ^i« name eonuej^e g 6t« 
^wfe ^^ tBo!jfb?/afmop c^ifnefg 
^eee ^i« 0^ tSatlt«5 pie^fc ^ g magnf P« 
3 ?ttr no( F^r^'f^ ff« (^P 3 offm^ 
^^ f^ajt/f^of^ta^* a^jfejw (§«») am<n^ 

^00 mg e§tft>?/(pj(« f«5tt« atmcg«»t6f 
3?W ^ f«f*« M^ of fttffomne© 

Of pfwct G^noiagc/^^ gtcft «i4e« 

^upe of fyfYf^^4fyt i« nowow ^ fa^ 
<^« of out fttnge/^gtStte 0)^ fo6 g gage 


$n^ 8pi^ ^(^nen^ i^ fu? of^ (cue 

(^n^ $nf> m«/<(c{e fn^ 6b^ soo^ Mom^ 
Qta^ve t« ^];$ of cmf^/ ^;» ei^et^ ^ Gxeo^ 

"€9 fof0t« gong/mw fi(fgng<few of ftifti 

^^ ]»e#tfoi«/(iw^ n) <«M0j»« f^^ 
^uc^ $^0(«$ f^f$ ((«$ ^ fom awa«l<« 
Of j^^ mnc$ae^/^e^ inMt ^t^ g %i^tt» 

CoCbur^ nf hns/x^/pmtfpiif feti6tHtt 
^tt^ 9Mf8^ tto( nt)) (POt/tli^^uft ^«e 
j(^ M ftotifft^ i» fei f»<$e i^ms^ ^ vt^ 




< 1 



Q|tn^ tmvdt i^%is^ of ^ ^9)i t^ 
CN y^i^ ^ ^ hvz<Mst h 0^mit 

^0 f^0 tto m<tt);r^ou« mt^T^t ttfuft 
'^ 3ugfc^mpo»)>^mg ifif^flif go 

(?tttVmi0^tt6>?tt^fg%ewte«i<t^ ; 
Cp» « (^«n5W0(^ «nb? ofe mtMii^ 


't^^ 3;up(c of ifyt])4^t ^ mofi manerf j^ 
(gtt( feftaw of ^ni^t^fi ^vif^^V S«r<»M6t 
Cotmftrfeftif of ^ttcomt^ng eur^if^c 

/'gfee fe ct fjjgfSttfct of f«gnf nta^SBi«5 
^ f^mtg 8w(f5e/a0(fe ^30 6> tpt gofo^SicJ 

S<» i^i f^f ^ & « g«tttiCm£in« game 
Co fttt^ ^t^«:ft«/ gcntif fbf 6c« 6f tBoitft 

(^«^ ^<t p* s«eafet5^ ge fipoe Mk ox 0neft 

C^^ gottit amge/6j man«% w^naBfe 

■ .\ 

^ofl^rgclePw«f§tp»ttque«g%tme ^ j 


^%ttO^ JocS maG>|«(,^^i« 6> Tape 
(geJBflw of pueffimpco^^Crta of i»;)ee 

p Cf>«^ttH>6to9e»^ofSi>fe(afg» 

I pl^WHefefcftem3?(Ji|«tee«^f%fc 

I £«W2n5fofa/«Mtt^h5mei)f^afm<i6f 

Co^t*co«g«3j>^l^aemaa«gOttt f»*«n(c 
l^wv«« ej^g^/gemttp^ jjoiitf (cff sittpfe 

I "^^J^^^^^ttjJttgj/^JWMp^congwglcJ^e 

j "^0 tBom«tt^5f/ftt0e a5fe afS5eg4 1 

@tn^<^iw(om«n»m0tti«^(j)eo&^ j 

Qtnt> «( f?i<5 i^mt f^a ^i^^ i^at (ufftfe 
^i^ofc gow/ w 0ef6 i( «^ gout rnm^ 

^n^ ^u0ft(§ noe/fttC %t ge f^af t^ fin» 
Co ^out 5»H0ut/<H»^e i( % «w^ 6gn» 
*5^^ M> gout Btefk/avi^ ai gout tij»r agt 
l^a^ tBtg^e ^ gou/pttof ^|e fttpdcfage 

• --,.■ ..^ 
0o<fg(gf 3o0i)/«n^ JB^ ^9 gou «^of« 
^agtto; gout quagw y 0e|» no^ «««i^n«; 
Ccf e fg»)) «» g^/«ep(p» M> tgme «e f t»(« 
Cge 6e>; ^^t^/piag«fcr)) of (ttff«xw«! 
C^^t'^w) mufit fe/of 4gf^fg gowtnafl* 
Q(tM^ atfo (Jig mupe m^^gb? 6e 
Ttot^^ f g ^Itrts/ftnt) no^ tSt^ fi^^f^ 
00 fgtif <j«flg«/fu8mgfte gou <wetg tl??w 
Q[)tt5et <ow^rtoi) of fenguorcMce 
Qtn^tb§tw m«g6 i« /Me ge tome nof i^u 

<^ttuge »« fitf of ftoSat^ «pw^n« 
9^nt> 9!>S5 fe §ut6e/Cge^^ «u« «> ct JB«g^ 
^C^ gout quaget/^f*< t( & no^ t^t ftiig6t 




i "".^i *-L ::i-«ss^^- \., •^- „ ■.^.;«' J^iSiA-ilv J « 

'^'■■-^ ^'•^'•^TJf'l 





■.mL^.:/ "It;: