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*' Seven times a day do I praise Thee 
Because of Thy righteous judgments." 

Ps. cxix. 164. 


1866 I 




Jj)\ ^ 1 ' 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year I860, by 
HuRD AND Houghton, 
in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York. 











THIS book was prepared for a special purpose. It 
has pleased Almighty God, within the last few years, 
to put into the hearts of some among us the desire to 
serve Him with a devotion hitherto unknown in our own 
communion. These persons, so called of the Holy Ghost 
to give themselves up to charitable and religious works, 
and, as the Apostle expresses it, " to continue in supplica- 
tions and prayers night and day," have sought and em- 
braced the life of a Community, as the only one in which 
their desire towards God can be satisfied. Among the 
blessed and unspeakable privileges of such a life of re- 
tirement from this world and its affairs is that of being 
able to use and regularly observe the Seven Hours of 
Prayer. This little volume is intended to aid in such 
observance. The work of its preparation was under- 
taken in compliance with earnest requests on the part of 
some who felt the need of such assistance as it might 
give ; and, although, to some extent, it may be used with 
profit by others less privileged than they, it should be 
judged of by its design, and estimated according to the 
mission which it was intended to fulfil. It is not a " Man- 
ual of Devotions" in the general acceptation of that 
term ; the plan of such a Manual has already been drawn, 
and may at some time, if God will, be filled up by the 



writer, in hope of furnishing a work suited to tne faith- 
ful members of our Church, at large ; but this Book of 
Hours is simply what it professes to be, and is intended 
only for such as keep the Hours, with more or less regu- 
larity and constancy, according to the circumstances of 
their life, and especially for those already mentioned as 
being able to walk in that narrower way, which our Blessed 
Master has been pleased to open to their willing feet. 

•The use and observance of the Hours is a practice 
which needs no argument to recommend it and no apol- 
ogy to justify it. The Holy Scriptures suggest it, and 
Catholic Tradition commends it to all devout people. 
" Seven times a day do I praise Thee," said the Psalmist 
of Israel. And again, in the evening and morning and 
at noonday will I pray, and that instantly ; " and, " at 
midnight will I rise to give thanks unto Thee." Such 
resolves cannot be habitually entertained in the heart 
without finding a practical method of fulfilment. How 
old this use is we do not know ; it must be very ancient. 
The Jews were familiar with it ; the holy Apostles practised 
it. " Peter and John went up to the temple at the hour 
of prayer, being the ninth hour." At the third hour of 
the day, on Pentecost, " they were all with one accord in 
one place." About the sixth hour Petfer went up upon 
the house-top to pray ; and it was at the ninth hour that 
Cornelius saw in a vision the angel of God. At mid- 
night Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God 
in the prison. "When we consider the practice of reciting 
the Offices of the Hours, as it has been continued all 
along in the Catholic Church, Eastern and Western alike, 
and then, reverting to the records of the Apostolic days, 
trace up the subject towards the remoter ages which pre- 



ceded them, we must hold it to be, substantially, one of 1 
those observances to which the memory of Man runneth | 
not contrary. Meanwhile we cannot but be struck by 1 
the variety of the ends which it has been thought to aim 1 
at. " It is a memorial of the seven days of Creation ; \ 
it is an honor done to the seven petitions given to us by i 
our Lord in His prayer ; it is a mode of pleading for the i 
influence of that Spirit who is revealed to us as seven- ; 
fold in His gifts ; on the other hand it is a preservative ] 
against those seven evil spirits, which are apt to return j 
to the exorcised soul, more wicked than he who has been j 
driven out of it, and it was a fit remedy of those seven | 
successive falls which the Scripture says happen to the \ 
just man daily." 

We think it to be impossible to compose a Liturgy ; | 
for a Liturgy is a growth, a production of long years, ) 
the result of centuries of practice. Not less impossible ' 
would it be to compose, de novo., a Book of Hours. Any j 
person possessing the requisite intelligence and cultiva- \ 
tion might construct original offices of prayer adapted to 
the canonical times of the day ; but the work so made up 
would not stand the test of constant reciting. The com- ; 
pilers of our Book of Common Prayer knew this full | 
well, and therefore they drew on the ancient treasures, ; 
framing the order for Daily Morning Prayer from the 
offices for Matins, Lauds, and Prime then in use, and that | 
for Daily Evening Prayer from the offices for Vespers and | 
Compline. This volume has been made up in the same ^ 
way, after a collation of many offices, Anglican, Galilean, 
and Oriental. We can go to no other sources for our I 
spiritual food, without encountering the weak devices of ; 
man. There is in the Creeds, Hymns, Collects, and Lit- 



anies of the Holy Catholic Church a secondary inspira- 
tion which places them beyond all human productions ; 
this alone can explain their perpetual freshness and 
power. Offices must be framed of those materials, if it 
is hoped that they will satisfy the soul and serve the need 
of years. 

The Seven Times of Prayer, according to immemorial 
tradition, are as follows. The 1st is that portion of the 
twenty-four hours when, midnight being past, it is still 
dark, but drawing towards the day. The Offices used 
at that time were known as Nocturns and Matins ; the 
Nocturns being divided into three parts, known respec- 
tively as the 1st, 2d, and 3d Nocturn, and the Matins, 
which followed immediately upon the Nocturns, being 
prolonged and terminated in an Office called Lauds, 
which was said at daybreak. The 2d time is that of the 
sunrising, at which the office known as Prime, and corre- 
sponding to Early Morning prayer was used. The 3d 
time is nine o'clock a. m., the " third hour of the day " in 
a double sense ; it was then that our Blessed Lord was 
devoted to Crucifixion by His foes, and at that hour the 
Holy Ghost descended on the Day of Pentecost. The 
4th time is twelve o'clock meridian, at which period the 
Lord was hanging on the cross, and the darkness was 
gathering upon the land. At three p. m. is said the 
5th Office, in commemoration of our Redeemer's death, 
and with special remembrance of those in the agony of 
their own dissolution, or approaching it. The hour of 
Vespers comes with the fall of the evening ; and 7thly 
and lastly, is said the Compline Office, when it is dark 
once more, and when the night-watches are again begun. 

In arranging the services for these consecrated Times, 


the following objects were had in view by the compiler 
of this book : — 

1st. To make the Offices as brief as was consistent 
with the purposes to be served, — the glorifying of God, 
and the edification of the souls of the faithful. 

2dly. To adhere to the form and spirit of the ancient 

3dly. To give as much flexibility as possible. 

4thly. To avoid unnecessary complexity of arrangement. 

As to flexibility, it will be found by the student that 
there is in this respect a great difference between the 
Anglican and Galilean Hours, and a difference still more 
marked between the forms used respectively in the East- 
ern and Western branches of the Church. The Galilean 
type has been followed by the compiler, especially in the 
arrangement of the Psalter ; and they who have been 
accustomed to use the " Day Hours of the Church of 
England," or similar w^orks which might be referred to, 
will at once observe the variations, particularly as it 
relates to the use of the 119th Psalm at four out of the 
Seven Offices daily throughout the entire year ; this is a 
peculiarity of the Books in use in England, but is not 
found in the Galilean Offices. The Oriental Offices are 
so peculiar in structure and contents, that it was deemed 
inadvisable to attempt a combination of them with the 
Western Offices; they have furnished, however, some 
beautiful prayers, and at least one hymn, as familiar in 
the East as is Magnificat in the West. 

A Book of Hours must, from the nature of the case, 
be complicated ; it will be more or less so in proportion 
to its fulness. Not but that it would be practicable to 
arranofe seven Offices, to be read straight through without 



variation or change ; nothing would be easier to do. But 
to use those forms, every day, three hundred and sixty-five 
times each in every year, without reference to changes of 
the Calendar, would be more than human nature could 
endure. There must be variety, and that variety must 
extend to the five great seasons. Advent, Christmas Tide, 
Lent, Easter Tide, and the Trinity season. The more 
numerous the changes, and the more characteristic of 
each leading mystery of Redemption as successively pre- 
sented, the more satisfactory will be the Offices. It 
is, however, impossible to attain this very desirable end 
without a degree of complication in arrangement, or an 
enormous expenditure of space in repetition of the forms 
employed. Some degree of complexity was inevitable ; 
but it is believed that an examination and study of half 
an hour will enable any one accustomed to the Book of 
Common Prayer to use this little manual without diffi- 

A few words, in addition, on certain points of practice. 

These Offices may be used, either privately or in com- 
munity. When used in private, they should be read 
through, the person saying versicles and responses alike 
in full. Wlien used in community, some one must act as 
Reader ; after secret prayer, all present should rise, and 
the Reader should begin with the invocation of the Blessed 
Trinity, to which all reply, Amen. The Office is continued 
all standing until the words, " Let us pray," at which all 
kneel and so remain until the end ; the Reader always 
saying whatever is marked and the persons present 
always making the responses marked ; thus, there is 
but one change of posture throughout. 

In the use of the Collects, Litanies, and Hymns, it is 


intended that the greatest freedom should be exercised, 
the Reader appointing hymns at discretion, and using 
prayers ds occasion requires or circumstances suggest. 
The Litanies may be substituted for the Offices, at pleas- 
ure, or added to them. 

Wherever the privilege of the Daily Service may be 
had, the order for Morning and Evening Prayer would, 
of course, take the place of the Prime and Vesper Of- 
fices ; and on Sundays, only the Matins and Compline 
Offices would be required, if the full services of the 
Church were duly said. 

That the Blessed Head of the Church will graciously 
accept this work and sanctify it through His intercession 
to the good of His People, is the humble prayer of one, 
who, less than the least of His servants, finds nothing of 
his own to give, but everything to ask from the indul- 
gence of his brethren and the Mercy of the Master. 

New York. Easter Tide. 1865. 








IN the Name of the Father and 
of the Son and of the Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, 
Hallowed be thy Name. Thy 
kingdom come. Thy will be 
done on earth. As it is in heaven. 
Give us this day our daily bread. 
And forgive us our trespasses, 
as we forgive those who trespass 
against us. And lead us not in- 
to temptation ; But deliver us 
from evil : For thine is the king- 
dom, and the power, and the 
glory, for ever and ever. Amen. 

^. Lord, open Thou our 

]^. And our mouth shall show 
forth Thy praise. 

^ Then shall he said, at certain sea- 
sons, a and I^., as follows : 

During Advent, daily, 
'f. Send, O Lord, the Lamb 
to the Ruler of the Land. 

1^. From Sela to the wilder- 
ness, unto the mount of the 
daughter of Zion. 
During Christmas Tide, daily. 
The Word was made Flesh. 

I^. And dwelt among us. Al- 

During Lent, daily. 
Draw nigh unto my soul 
and save it. 

I^^. deliver me because of 
mine enemies. 

During Easter Tide, daily. 

In Thy Resurrection, O 

B/. Let heaven and earth re- 

On Sundays and Feast Days, at 
all other times throughout the 

'f'. The Lord is high above 
all people. 

And His glory above the 

T[ Then shall the Office proceed as 
follows : 

'f'. God, make speed to save 

ly. Lord, make haste to help 

^. Glory be to the Father, 
and to the Son, and to the Holy 

I^. As it was in the beginning, 
is now, and ever shall be, world 
without end. Amen. 

Alleluia ! 

But from Septuagesima Sunday 
to Wednesday in Holy Week, in- 
clusive, is said instead : 

Praise to Thee, Lord, we sing. 
Of glory the Eternal King. 


^ Then shall he said the Psalms 
for the day from the Psalter of 
the Hours. 
^ Then shall follow the Chapter, 
Rev. vii. 12, with I^., from 
Epiphany to Septiiagesima, and 
from Trinity Monday to Advent, 
but at all other times the Chapter 
shall be taken from the proper 
Service of the Season. 
Blessing, and glory, and wis- 
dom, and thanksgiving, and 
honor, and power, and might, be 
unto our God for ever and ever. 

I^. Thanks be to God. 

^ Then shall be sung the following 
hymn, or that in the Service of 
the Season. 

lam lucis oHo sidere. 

"VrOW that the dayhght fills 

-i-^ the sky, 

We lift our hearts to God on 

That He, in all we do or say. 
Would keep us safe from harm 
this day. 

Would guard our hearts and 

tongues from strife, 
From anger's din would shield 

our life. 

From all ill sights would turn 
our eyes, 

Would close our ears from van- 

Would keep our inmost con- 
science pure. 

Our souls from folly would se- 

Would bid us check the pride 

of sense 
With due and holy abstinence. 

So we, when this new day is 


And night in turn is drawing on, 

With conscience by the world 

Shall praise His Name for vic- 
tory gained. 

All laud to God the Father be. 
All laud. Eternal Son, to Thee, 
All laud as is for ever meet. 
To God the Holy Paraclete. 

^ Then shall follow the Prayers. 

^. The Lord be with you. 

ly^. And Avith thy spirit. 
Let us pray. 

'f'. Lord, be merciful unto me. 

B/. Heal my soul, for I have 
sinned against Thee. 

Y. Turn Thee again, Lord, 
at the last. 

I^. And be gracious unto Thy 

y. Let thy merciful kindness, 
Lord, be upon us. 

T^. As we do put our trust in 

Y' Let Thy priests be clothed 
with righteousness. 

E?. And Thy saints sing with 
joy fulness. 

Y- O Lord, save the people 
of this nation. 

I^. And mercifully hear us 
w^hen we call upon Thee. 

Y. God, save Thy servants 
and handmaidens. 

I^. Which put their trust in 

Y' Let us pray for the peace 
of Jerusalem. 

I^. Peace be within thy 
walls, and plenteousness within 
thy palaces. 

y. Lord, hear our prayer. 

I^. And let our cry come un- 
to Thee. 


^ Then shall he said the Collect for 
the day, and after that any other 
Collects and devotions ; after 
which, on Sundays and Feast 
Days, shall he said the Memorials 
as follows. 

Memorial of the Incarnation of our 

( This is not to be said from Maunday 
Thursday to Low Sunday^ inclusive.) 

Antiphon. Lo, Mary hath 
brought forth the Saviour, of 
whom, when John saw Him, he 
said, Behold the Lamb of God, 
which taketh away the sin of 
the world. 

^. Thou art fairer than the 
children of men. 

I^T. Full of grace are Thy lips. 


WE beseech thee, O Lord, 
pour Thy grace into our 
hearts ; that as we have known 
the incarnation of Thy Son Je- 
sus Christ by the message of an 
angel ; so by His cross and pas- 
sion we may be brought unto 
the glory of His resurrection, 
through the same Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

Memorial of All Saints. 

{Not said from Maunday Thursday to 
Low Sunday.) 

Antiphon. Behold the Lord 
my God shall come, and all His 
Saints with Him, and there shall 
be in that day a great light. 

'f'. The souls of the righteous 
are in the hand of God. 

I^. And there shall no torment 
touch them. 


hast knit together Thine 
elect in one communion and fel- 
lowship, in the mystical body of 
Thy Son Christ our Lord ; grant 
us grace so to follow Thy bless- 
ed saints in all virtuous and god- 
ly living, that we may come to 
those unspeakable joys which 
Thou ha^t prepared for those 
who unfeignedly love Thee, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Memorial of the Passion. 

( To be said from Trinity Sunday to 

Antiphon. It behove th us to 
glory in the Cross of our Lord 
Jesus Christ. 

All the world shall wor- 
ship Thee, O God. 

I^. Sing of Thee, and praise 
Thy power. 


KEEP, we beseech Thee, 
Saviour of the world, in 
continual peace, those whom 
Thou hast been pleased to re- 
deem by Thy Cross and Passion, 
who livest and reignest with the 
Father and the Holy Ghost, one 
God, world without end. Am.en. 

^ Matins shall then and alivays he 
concluded as follows. 

'f'. The Lord be with you. 

17. And with thy spirit. 
Bless we the Lord. 

1^. Thanks be to God. 

The Almighty and merciful 
God, the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost, bless and keep us, now 
and for ever. Amen. 





7 O'clock A.M. 

IN the Name of the Eather, 

Our Father, &c. 

I believe in God the Father 
Almighty, Maker of heaven and 
earth : 

And in Jesns Christ his only- 
Son our Lord ; Who was con- 
ceived by the Holy Ghost, Born 
of the Virgin Mary ; Suffered 
under Pontius Pilate, Was cru- 
cified, dead, and buried ; He de- 
scended into hell, The third day 
he rose from the dead ; He as- 
cended into heaven, And sitteth 
on the right hand of God the 
Father Almighty ; From thence 
He shall come to judge the 
quick and the dead. 

I believe in the Holy Ghost ; 
The holy Catholic Church, The 
Communion of Saints ; the For- 
giveness of sins ; The Resurrec- 
tion of the body ; And the Life 
everlasting. Amen. 

^. God, make speed, &c. 
O Lord, make haste, &c. 

ir. Glory be to the Father, 

I^. As it was in the beginning, 

Praise ye the Lord. 
]^. The Lord's Name be 

^ Then shall be sung the following, 
or any other hymn. 

Omnis Jldelis gaudeat. 

LET every faithful heart re- 

And render thanks to God on 
high ; 

And with each power of soul 

and voice. 
Extol His praises worthily. 


Into this dark world Jesus came, 
And all men might His Form 

behold ; 
Whil-e to the limits of the same 
He passed, that we might be 



To all He showed that gentle 
Face ; 

On good and bad alike it shone ; 
Its perfect loveliness and grace, 
The Lord of all concealed from 


O love of Christ beyond all 
love ! 

O clemency beyond all thought ! 
O grace all praise of men above, 
Whereby such gifts to men are 
brought ! 



O Blessed Lord whose praise 

we sing ! 
Here in the way we worship 

Thee : 

That in the country of our King 
Filled with thy glory we may 


To God on high be glory meet, 
Equal to Thee, Eternal Son, 
Equal to Tliee, Blest Paraclete, 
While never - ending ages run. 

IT Immediately after the hymn shall 
he said the and l^.for the sea- 

In Advent, daily — 
Behold our King cometh. 
I^. Let us go forth to meet 
the Saviour. 

In Christmas Tide — 
'f'. Christ is born unto us. 

come, let us adore. 
Epiphany to Septuagesima — 
Let us come before the 
Face of the Lord. 

I^. And with psalms rejoice 
before Him. 

In Easter 2\de — 
AUeluia, Alleluia ! Christ 
is risen. 

I^. The Lord is risen indeed, 
and hath appeared unto Simon. 
Alleluia, Alleluia ! 

Ascension Day to Whitsunday — 
'f', Christ, ascending into 

O come, let us adore. 
Whitsunday to Trinity Sunday — 

J. The Spirit of the Lord 
hath filled the orb of the world. 
'Bf, come, let us adore. 


On Trinity Sunday, only — 

'f. The one God in Trinity 
and Trinity in LTnity, 

I^. come, let us adore. 

Trinity Monday to Advent — 

y. The Lord open our hearts 
in His law. 

1^7. And in His precepts give 
us peace. 

^ Then shall be said the Psalms 
for Prime, as appointed in the 
Psalter of the Hours. 

T[ Then shall be said the Chapter. 

On Sundays and Feast Days 
throughout the year, 1 Tim. i. 17. 

Now unto the King, eternal, 
immortal, invisible, the only 
wise God, be honor and glory 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

On all other days, 1 St. John, i. 

If we walk in the light, as He 
is in the light, we have fellow- 
ship one with another, and the 
Blood of Jesus Christ His Son 
clean seth us from all sin. 

T[ After the chapter, and after every 
chapter ivherever it occurs, shall 
be said — 

'f. But Thou, O Lord, have 
mercy upon us. * 
'Bf. Thanks be to God. 

^ Then shall be sung a Canticle, 
as folloivs : 

On Sundays and Feast Days, Ben- 
edictus. St. Luke, i. 68. 

BLESSED be the Lord God 
of Israel : for He hath vis- 
ited and redeemed His people : 

And hath raised up a mighty 
salvation for us : in the house 
of His servant David. 
As He spake by the mouth of 


His holy prophets : which have 
been since the world began ; 

That we should be saved from 
our enemies : and from the hand 
of all that hate us ; 

To perform the mercy prom- 
ised to our forefathers : and to 
remember His holy covenant ; 

To perform the oath which 
He sware to our forefather Abra- 
ham : that He would give us ; 

That we, being delivered out 
of the hand of our enemies : 
might serve Him without, fear ; 

In holiness and righteousness 
before Him : all the days of our 

And thou, child, shalt be call- 
ed the Prophet of the Highest : 
for thou shalt go before the face 
of the Lord to prepare His 
ways ; 

To give knowledge of salva- 
tion unto His people : for the 
remission of their sins ; 

Through the tender mercy of 
our God : whereby the Day- 
spring from on high hath visited 
us ; 

To give light to them that sit 
in darkness and in the shadow 
of death : and to guide our feet 
into the way of peace. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

On Mondays, the Song of Isaiah, 
chap. xii. Confitebor tibi. 

OLORD, I will praise Thee, 
though Thou wast, angry 
with me : Thine anger is turned 
away, and Thou comfortedst 

Behold, God is my salvation ; 
I will trust and not be afraid : 
for the Lord Jehovah is my 
strength and my song. He also 
is become my salvation. 

Therefore with joy shall ye 
draw water out of the wells of 

salvation : and in that day shall 
ye say. Praise the Lord, call 
upon His Xame : 

Declare His doings among the 
people : make mention that His 
iS'ame is exalted. 

Sing unto the Lord, for He 
hath done excellent things : this 
is known in all tlie earth. 

Cry out and shout, thou in- 
habitant of Zion : for great is 
the Holy One of Israel in the 
midst of thee. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

On Tuesdays, the Song of Heze- 
Jciah : Isaiah xxxviii. 10. Ego 
dixi in dimidio. 

IS AID in the cutting off of my 
days : I shall go to the gates 
of the grave. 

I am deprived of the residue 
of my years : I said, I shall not 
see the Lord, even the Lord, in 
the land of the living. 

I shall behold man no more : 
with the inhabitants of the 

Mine age is departed : and is 
removed from me as a shep- 
herd's tent. 

I have cut off like a weaver 
my life : he will cut me off with 
pining sickness. 

From day even to night : wilt 
thou make an end of me. 

I reckoned till morning that 
as a lion so will he break all 
my bones : from day even to 
night wilt Thou make an end 
of me. 

Like a crane or a swallow, so 
did I chatter : I did mourn as a 

Mine eyes fail with looking 
upward : O Lord, I am o}>- 
pressed, undertake for me. 

What shall I say ? He hath 
both spoken unto me, and Him- 


self hath done it : I shall go 
softly all my years in the bitter- 
ness of my soul. 

Lord, by these things men 
live, and in all these things is 
the life of my spirit : so wilt 
Thou recover me and make me 
to live. 

Behold, for peace I had great 
bitterness ; but Thou hast in 
love to my soul delivered it 
from the pit of corruption : for 
Thou hast cast all my sins be- 
hind Thy back. 

For the grave cannot praise 
Thee, death cannot celebrate 
Thee : they that go down to the 
pit cannot hope for Thy truth. 

The living, the living, he shall 
praise Thee as I do this day ; 
the fatlier to the children shall 
make known Thy truth. 

The Lord was ready to save 
me : therefore we will sing my 
songs to the stringed instru- 
ments all the days of our life in 
the liouse of the Lord. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

On Wednesdai/s, the Song of Han- 
nah : 1 Samuel ii. 1. Exulta- 
vit cor meum. 

MY heart rejoiceth in the 
Lord : mine horn is ex- 
alted in the Lord. 

My mouth is enlarged over 
mine enemies : because I rejoice 
in Thy salvation. 

There is none holy as the 
Lord, for there is none beside 
Thee : neither is there any rock 
like our God. 

Talk no more exceeding 
proudly : let not arrogancy 
come out of your mouth. 

For the Lord is a God of 
knowledge : and by Him actions 
are weighed. 

The bows of the mighty men 

are broken : and they that stum- 
bled are girded with strength. 

They that were full have hired 
out themselves for bread : and 
they that were hungry ceased. 

So that the barren hath borne 
seven : and she that hath many 
children is waxed feeble. 

The Lord killeth -and maketh 
alive : He bringetli down to the 
grave and bringeth up. 

The Lord maketh poor and 
maketh rich. He bringeth low 
and lifteth up : He raisetli up 
the poor out of the dust, and 
lifteth up the beggar from the 

To set them among princes : 
and to make them inherit the 
throne of glory. 

For the pillars of the earth 
are the Lord's : and He hath set 
the world upon them. 

He will keep the feet of His 
saints, and the wicked shall be 
silent in darkness : for by 
strength shall no man prevail. 

The adversaries of the Lord 
shall be broken in pieces : out 
of heaven shall He thunder upon 

The Lord shall judge the ends 
of the earth, and He shall give 
strength unto His king : and 
exalt the horn of His anoint- 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

On Thursdays, the Song in the 
Land of Judah : Isaiah xxvi. 
1. Urbs fortitudinis. 

We have a strong city : salva- 
tion will God appoint for walls 
and bulwarks. 

Open ye the gates : that the 
righteous nation which keepeth 
the truth may enter in. 

Thou wilt keep him in perfect 
peace whose mind is stayed od 


Thee : because he trusteth in 

Trust ye in the Lord forever : 
for in the Lord Jehovah is ever- 
lasting strength. 

For He bringeth down them 
that dwell on high : the lofty 
city, He layeth it low. 

He layetli it low even to the 
ground : He bringeth it even to 
the dust. 

The foot shall tread it down : 
even the feet of the poor, and 
the steps of the needy. 

The way of the just is up- 
rightness : Thou, most upright, 
dost weigh the path of the just. 

Yea, in the way of Thy judg- 
ments, Lord, haA'e we waited 
for Thee : the desire of our soul 
is to Thy Name, and to the re- 
membrance of Thee. 

With my soul have I desired 
Thee in the night : yea, with 
my spirit within me will I seek 
Thee early. 

Glory be to the Eather, &c. 

On Fridays, Ecclus. xxxix. 13. 
Obaudite me. 

Hearken unto me, ye holy 
children : and bud forth as a 
rose growing by the brook of the 

And give ye a sweet savour 
as frankincense, and flourish as 
a lily : sing a song of praise, 
bless the Lord in all His works. 

Magnify His Name : and show 
forth His praise with the songs 
of your lips, and with harps. 

And in praising Him ye shall 
say after this manner : All the 
works of the Lord are exceed- 
ing good. 

At His commandment the 
waters stood as an heap : and at 
the words of His mouth the re- 
ceptacles of waters. 

At His commandment is done 
whatsoever pleaseth Him : and 
none can hinder when He will 

The works of all flesh are 
before Him : and nothing can be 
hid from His eyes. 

He seeth from everlasting to 
everlasting : and there is noth- 
ing wonderful before Him. 

All the works of the Lord are # 
good : and He will give every 
needful thing in due season. 

Glor}^ be to the Eather, &c. 

On Saturday.s, the Prayer of Jo- 
nah: ii. 3. 

I cried by reason of my afflic- 
tion unto the Lord, and He 
heard me : out of the belly of 
hell cried I, and Thou heardest 
my voice. 

Eor Thou hadst cast me into 
the deep, in the midst of the 
seas, and the floods compassed 
me about ; all Thy billows and 
Thy waves passed over me. 

Then I said, I am cast out 
of Thy sight: yet I will look 
again toward Thy holy temple. 

The waters compassed me 
about, even to my soul : the 
depth closed me round about, 
the weeds were wrapped about 
my head. 

I went down to the bottoms 
of the mountains, the earth 
with her bars was about me for- 
ever : yet hast Thou brought 
up my life from corruption, 
Lord my God. 

When my soul fainted within 
me, I remembered the Lord : 
and my prayer came in unto 
Thee, into Thine holy temple. 

They that observe lying van- 
ities : forsake their own mercy. 

But I ATill sacrifice unto Thee 
with the voice of thanksgiving ; 


I will pay that that I have 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

% Then shall the office proceed as 
follows : 
'f'. The Lord be with you. 
'Bf. And with thy spirit. 

Let lis pray. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Christ, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Our Father, &c. 

1" Then s/uill the Reader say : 
Let us humbly confess our 
sins to Almighty God. 

The Confession : to be made secret- 
ly, by each, in a very low voice, 
so as scarcely to be heard through 
the Chapel. 

ALMIGHTY and most mer- 
ciful God, Father, Son, and 
Holy Ghost, I confess to Thee 
all my sins that I have commit- 
ted from my childhood even un- 
til now ; whether knowingly or 
ignorantly, by day or by night, 
either sleeping or waking, in word 
or in deed, in thought or in 
neglect, through the assaults of 
the devil or the frailty of my 
flesh, against Thy Divine will. 
I implore pardon with all my 
heart, beseeching Thee that 
Thy wrath may not come upon 
me, but that Thy grace may 
rest upon me now and forever- 
more. And I beseech Thee, O 
heavenly Father, O merciful 
Saviour, blessed Spirit the 
Comforter, to have mercy upon 
me, a sinner, and to bring me 
safe to everlasting life. 

^ If a Priest be present, he shall 
arise and say : 
Almighty God have mercy up- 

on you, and forgive you all your 
sins, deliver you from all evil, 
preserve and strengthen you in 
all goodness, and bring you to 
everlasting hfe, through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. 

I^. Amen, 

Wilt Thou not turn again 
and quicken us, O Lord '? 

V^. That Thy people may re- 
joice in Thee. 

y. Show us Thy mercy, O 

I^. And grant us Thy salva- 

'f. O Christ, Son of the living 

I^, Have mercy upon us. 

'f. Thou that sittest at the 
Eight Hand of the Father : 

B/. Have mercy upon us. 

'f'. Turn Thee again, O Lord, 
at the last. 

And be gracious unto Thy 

Lord, hear our prayer. 

I^. And let our cry come unto 

Let us pray. 

^ Then shall be said the Collect for 
the day, and after that may be 
said any other collects or prayers ; 
to lohich may be added the follow- 
ing final devotions ; or the final 
devotions may immediately follow 
the Collect for the day. 

OLOED, Heavenly Father, 
Almighty overliving God, 
who hast brought us through 
the darkness of night to the 
light of the morning, and who, 
by the light of Thy Word and 
Holy Spirit dost illumine the 
darkness of ignorance and sin : 
we beseech Thee of Thy loving- 


kindness to pour Thy holy light 
into our souls, that we may ever 
be devoted to Thee, by whose 
wisdom we were created, by 
whose mercy we were redeem- 
ed, and by whose providence 
we are governed, through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

O God, the God of spirits and 
of all flesh with whom no one 
can compare, whom no one can 
approach but through Thy be- 
loved Son, that givest the sun 
to rule the day, the moon and 
stars to govern the night : vouch- 
safe to receive our morning sac- 
rifice of prayer and praise, and 
bless us with Thy spiritual ben- 
ediction. Keep us this day in 
Thy fear and love ; preserve us 
in holiness and righteousness, 
and bring us at length unto ever- 
lasting life, through Jesus Christ 
Thy Son, with whom unto Thee 
be glory and adoration in the 
Holy Spirit, now and for ever, 
world without end. Amen. 

Glory be to Thee, O Lord, 
Glory be to Thee. 

That this and every day we 
may pass in the perfecting of 
holiness, in peace, health, and in- 
nocence : 

Grant us, O Lord. 

That the Angel of peace, our 
faithful guide, the guardian of 
our souls and bodies, may en- 
camp round about us, and con- 
tinually suggest what is needful 
for our salvation : 

'Bf. Grant us, Lord. 

The pardon and remission of 
our sins, and strength to with- 
stand every temptation : 

I^. Grant us, O Lord. 

That we may accomplish the 
remainder of our life in peni- 
tence and godly fear, in favor 
with Thee, and in charity with 
all the world : 

I^. Grant us, Lord. 

Whatsoever things are true, 
whatsoever things are honest, 
whatsoever things are j ust, what- 
soever things are pure, whatso- 
ever things are lovely, whatso- 
ever things are of good report, 
if there be any virtue and if 
there be any praise, that we may 
think on these things and do 
them : 

I^. Grant us, Lord. 

A Christian end of life, with- 
out sin, without shame, and, 
should it please Thee, without 
pain, and a good answer at the 
dreadful and fearful judgment- 
seat of Jesus Christ our Lord : 

IBf. Grant us, O Lord. 

Into the hands of Thy infinite 
mercy, O Lord, we commend 
our souls and bodies, our senses, 
our words, our counsels, our 
thoughts, our works, and all 
our actions, with all the neces- 
sities of body and soul, our go- 
ing out and our coming in ; our 
life, our death, and resurrection 
with Thy saints and elect. Amen. 

'f'. The Lord be with you. 

'Bf. And with thy spirit. 

Y. Bless we the Lord. 

Bf. Thanks be to God. 

The Grace of the Lord Jesus 
Christ, and the love of God, 
and the communion of the Holy 
Ghost be with you all. Amen. 




9 O'clock, A. M. 

IN the Name of the Father, 

Our Father, &c. 

^. Thou who at the Third 
Hour didst send the Holy Ghost 
upon Thy Apostles. 

I^, Take not away that same 
Spirit from us, but renew Him 
daily in our hearts and save 

'f'. God, make speed, &c. 
I^. Lord, make haste, &c. 
ir. Glory be to the Father, 

157. As it was, &c. 
Hymn. Nunc sancte nobis. 

COME Holy Ghost, who ever 

Art with the Father and the 

Shed forth Thy grace within our 

And dwell with us a ready 


By every power, by heart and 

By act and deed Thy praise be 
sung ; 

Inflame with perfect love each 

That other's souls may kindle 


O Father, that we ask be done, 
Through Jesus Christ Thine 

Only Son, 
Who with the Holy Ghost and 


Shall live and reign eternally. 

T[ The Psalms, as follows. 
From Advent to Septuagesima. 
PsAi.M XX. Exaudiat te Dominus. 

THE LOED hear thee in the 
day of trouble ; the Name 
of the God of Jacob defend thee : 

2 Send thee help from the 
Sanctuary, and strengthen thee 
out of Sion : 

3 Remember all thy offerings, 
and accept thy burnt-sacrifice : 

4 Grant thee thy heart's de- 
sire, and fulfil all thy mind. 

5 We will rejoice in thy sal- 
vation, and triumph in the Name 
of the Lord our God : the Lord 
perform all thy petitions. 

6 Now know I that the Lord 
helpeth his Anointed, and will 
hear him from his holy heav- 
en, even with the wholesome 
strength of his right hand. 

7 Some put their trust in 
chariots, and some in horses ; 
but we will remember the Name 
of the Lord our God. 

8 They are brought down and 
fallen ; but we are risen and 
stand upright. 


9 Save, Lord ; and hear us, O 
King of heaven, when we call 
upon thee. 

From Septiiagesima to Easter. 
Psalm vi. Domine, ne in furore. 

OLOED, rebuke me not in 
tliine indignation, neither 
chasten me in thy displeasure. 

2 Have mercy upon me, O 
Lord, for I am weak : O Lord, 
heal me, for my bones are vexed. 

3 My soul also is sore troubled : 
but, Lord, how long wilt thou 
punish me ? 

4 Turn thee, O Lord, and de- 
liver my soul ; save me, for 
thy mercies^ sake : 

5 Eor in death no man re- 
membereth thee, and who will 
give thee thanks in the pit '? 

6 I am weary of my groan- 
ing : every night wash I my bed, 
and water my couch with my 

7 My beauty is gone for very 
trouble, and worn away because 
of all mine enemies. 

8 Away from me, all ye that 
work vanity ; for the Lord liatli 
heard the voice of my weeping. 

9 The Lord hatli heard my 
petition ; the Lord will receive 
my prayer. 

10 All mine enemies shall be 
confounded, and sore vexed : 
they shall be turned back, and 
put to shame suddenly. 

From Easter to Trinity Monday. 
Psalm xxvi. Judica me, Domine. 

BE thou my judge, O Lord, 
for I have walked innocent- 
ly : my trust hath been also 
in the Lord, therefore shall I 
not fall. 

2 Examine me, Lord, and 

prove me ; try out my reins and 
my heart. 

3 Eor thy loving-kindness is 
ever before mine eyes ; and I 
will walk in thy truth. 

4 I have not dwelt with vain 
persons ; neither will I have fel- 
lowship with the deceitful. 

5 I have hated the congrega- 
tion of the wicked ; and will not 
sit among the ungodly. 

6 I will wash my hands in in- 
nocency, Lord ; and so will I 
go to thine altar. 

7 That I may show the voice 
of thanksgiving, and tell of all 
thy wondrous Avorks. 

8 Lord, I have loved the 
habitation of thy house, and 
the place where thine honor 

9 O shut not up my soul with 
the sinners, nor my life with the 
bloodthirsty ; 

10 In whose hands is wicked- 
ness, and their right hand is full 
of gifts. 

11. But as for me, I will walk 
innocently : deliver me, and 
be merciful unto me. 

12 My foot standeth right : I 
will praise the Lord in the con 

From Trinity Monday to Advent. 
Psalm cxix. 83-48. 
Legem pone. 

TEACH me, O Lord, the way 
of thy statutes, and I shall 
keep it unto the end. 

2 Give me understanding, and 
I shall keep thy law ; yea, I shall 
keep it with my whole heart. 

3 ]\Iake me to go in the path 
of thy commandments ; for 
therein is my desire. 

4 Incline mine heart unto thy 


testimonies, and not to covet- 

6 O turn away mine eyes, 
lest they behold vanity ; and 
quicken thou me in thy way. 

6 O stablish thy Word in thy 
servant, that I may fear thee. 

7 Take away the rebuke that 
I am afraid of; for thy judg- 
ments are good. 

8 Behold, my dehght is in thy 
commandments ; quicken me 
in thy righteousness. 

Et veniat super me, 

LET thy loving mercy come 
also unto me, Lord, even 
thy salvation, according unto 
thy Word. 

2 So shall I make answer un- 
to my blasphemers ; for my trust 
is in thy Word. 

3 take not the word of thy 
truth utterly out of my mouth ; 
for my hope is in thy judg- 

4 So shall I alway keep thy 
law ; yea, for ever and ever. 

5 And I will walk at liberty ; 
for I seek thy commandments. 

6 I will speak of thy testi- 
monies also, even before kings, 
and will not be ashamed. 

7 And my delight shall be 
in thy commandments, which I 
have loved. 

8 My hands also will I lift up 
unto thy commandments, which 
I have loved ; and my study shall 
be in thy statutes. 

T[ I'he Office shall then he con- 
tinued as follows. 

[On Sundays and Feast Days. 

Antiphon. To Father, Son, and 

Holy Ghost, 
The God whom we adore, 
Be glory as it was, is now. 
And shall be evermore. 

The Chapter. Acts ii. 17. 

And it shall come to pass in 
the last days, saith God, I will 
pour out of My Spirit upon all 

'f. But Thou, O Lord, have 
mercy upon us. 

^. Thanks be to God. 

'f'. Incline my heart, O God, 
to Thy testimonies. 

K/. And not to covetousness. 
Turn away mine eyes lest 
they behold vanity. 

I^. And quicken Thou me 
in Thy way. 

Let us pray. 

WE beseech Thee, Lord, 
that the Comforter who 
proceedeth from Thee may en- 
lighten our minds, and accord- 
ing to Thy Son's promise, lead 
us into all truth, through Jesus 
Christ our Lord, who with Thee 
liveth and reigneth in tlie unity 
of the same Holy Spirit w^orld 
without end. Amen. 

{On Week Days. 

Antiphon. let Thy loving 
mercies come unto me that I 
may live. 

The Chapter. St. John xiv. 

But the Comforter, which is 
the Holy Ghost, whom the Fa- 
ther will send in My Name, He 
shall teach you all things, and 
bring all things to your remem- 
brance, w^hatsoever I have said 
unto you. Peace I leave with 
you. My peace I give unto 3^ou ; 
not as the world giveth, give I 
unto you. 

But Thou, Lord, have mer 
cy upon us. 

]^. Thanks be to God. 


T Then shall the Reader add and 

At the third hour He was 
clothed with a purple robe in 
mockery ; His Head was pierced 
witli the thorny crown ; He car- 
ried the Cross on His shoulder 
to the Hill of Calvary ; and 
they crucified Him. 

f. We adore Thee, O Christ, 
and give thanks to Thee. 

Er. For by Thy Holy Cross 
Thou hast redeemed the world. 


O Lord Jesu Christ, Son of 
the living God, who at the third 
hour of the day wast led to 
suffer the death of the cross for 
the salvation of the world, we 
humbly pray Thee that by Thy 
Cross and Passion Thou would- 
est graciously blot out all our 
sins, and mercifully bring us to 
the glory of Thy kingdom, who 
livest and reignest God, world 
without end. Amen. 

O Lord Jesu Christ, Thou 
Son of God, Thou Word of the 
Eather that enlightenest every 
man that cometh into the world, 
have mercy upon us, and lighten 
our souls with Thy free Spirit ; 
the Spirit that giveth life ; the 
Spirit of wisdom and forgive- 
ness ; the Spirit of holiness and 
of righteousness ; the Spirit of 
power that is able to overcome 
all temptations of the devil. 

heavenly King, Thou Com- 
forter and Spirit of truth, who 
art in every place, and who fill- 
est the whole world with the 
treasures of Thy goodness, and 
who givest life, deign to come 
into our hearts and abide there, 
and cleanse us from all impu- 
rity, Thou good Spirit, and 
save our souls alive. Amen. 

Saviour, as Thou didst 
come to Thy disciples, to give 
them Thy peace, abide with us ; 
breathe Thy life into us, and 
save us for Thy mercy's sake. 

For Lent. 

O Thou who wert falsely ap- 
prehended and betrayed, deliver 
us from the false apprehensions 
and treacheries of men, and 
grant that we may never with- 
draw ourselves from Thee ; but 
learn by Thy example to do 
good with cheerfulness and to 
suffer evil with patience. 

Have mercy upon us, Lord 
Jesu, and grant that for Thy 
sake, who wert stript, mocked, 
spit upon, wounded and derided 
for us, we may patiently bear 
the loss of all things and the de- 
rision of all men for Thee. 

O Lord, who didst breathe 
Thy Holy Spirit upon Thy dis- 
ciples, and didst send Him upon 
Thy holy Apostles assembled at 
the third hour ; take Him not 
away from us. Good liOrd, but 
send Him afresh imto us, and 
make us to know wisdom in- 
wardly. Amen. 

^ Instead of the foregoing jjrayei^s 
may be used any collects or acts 
of devotion, or special interces- 
sions or litanies, 
y. The Lord be with you. 

And with Thy Spirit. 
y. Bless we the Lord. 
B/. Thanks be to God. 
The Lord be our keeper ; the 
Lord be our defence on our right 
hand ; the Lord preserve us 
from all evil and set a watch 
over our souls ; the Lord pre- 
serve our going out and our 
coming in from this time forth 
forevermore. Amen. 



12 O'clock. 

IN the Name of the Father, 

Our Father, &c. 

'f. O Thou, who at the sixth 
hour didst nail tlie sins of the 
world to Thy Cross : 

I^. Blot out the handwriting 
of our offences that is against us 
and save us. 

O God, make speed, &c. 
Lord, make haste, &c. 

^. Glory be to the Father, &c. 

I^. As it was in the begin- 
ning, &c. 


Rector poteus, verax Deus, 

OGOD of truth, O Lord of 

That order est time and change 

And send'st the early morning 

And lightest the glow of perfect 


Extinguish Thou each sinful 

And banish every ill desire, 
And while Thou keep'st the 

body whole. 
Shed forth Thy peace upon the 



Father, that we ask be done, 

Through Jesus Christ Thine 

Only Son, 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and 


Shall live and reign eternally. 

^ The Psalms as follows : 
From Advent to Septuagesima. 
Psalm xxi. Domine, in virtute 

THE King shall rejoice in thy 
strength, O Lord; exceed- 
ing glad shall he be of thy sal- 

2 Thou hast given him his 
heart's desire, and hast not de- 
nied him the request of his lips. 

3 For thou shalt prevent him 
with the blessings of goodness, 
and shalt set a crown of pure 
gold upon his head. 

4 He asked life of thee, and 
thou gavest him a long life, 
even for ever and ever. 

5 fiis honor is great in thy 
salvation ; glory and great wor- 
ship shalt thou lay upon him. 

6 For thou shalt give him 
everlasting felicity, and make 
him glad with the joy of thy 

7 And why ? because the 
King putteth his trust in the 
Lord; and in the mercy of the 
most Highest, he shall not mis- 

8 All thine enemies shall feel 


thy hand ; thy right hand shall 
find out them that hate thee. 

9 Thou shalt make them like 
a fiery oven in time of thy 
wrath : the Lord shall destroy 
them in his displeasure, and the 
fire sliall consume them. 

10 Their fruit shalt thou root 
out of the earth, and their seed 
from among the children of 

11 For they intended mischief 
against thee, and imagined such 
a device as they are not able to 
perform ; 

12 Therefore shalt thou put 
them to flight, and the strings 
of thy bow shalt thou make 
ready against the face of them. 

13 Be thou exalted, Lord, in 
thine own strength; so will we 
sing and praise thy power. 

From Septuagesima to Easter. 
Psalm xxxii. Beati, quorum. 

BLESSED is he whose un- 
righteousness is forgiven, 
and whose sin is covered. 

2 Blessed is the man unto 
whom the Lord imputeth no sin, 
and in whose spirit there is no 

3 For whilst 1 held my tongue, 
my bones consumed away 
through my daily complaining. 

4 For thy hand is heavy upon 
me day and night, and my 
moisture is like the drought in 

5 I will acknoAvledge my sin 
unto thee ; and mine um'ight- 
eousness have I not hid. 

6 I said, I will confess my 
sins unto the Lord ; and so thou 
forgavest the wickedness of my 

7 For this shall every one 
that is godly make his prayer 

unto thee, in a time when thou 
may est be found ; but in the 
great water floods they shall not 
come nigh him. 

8 Thou art a place to hide 
me in ; thou shalt preserve me 
from trouble ; thou shalt com- 
pass me about with songs of de- 

9 I will inform thee, and teach 
thee in the way wlierein thou 
shalt go ; and I will guide thee 
with mine eye. 

10 Be ye not like to horse and 
mule, which have no under- 
standing ; whose mouths must 
be held with bit and bridle, lest 
they fall upon thee. 

11 Great plagues remain for 
the ungodly ; but whoso putteth 
his trust in the Lord, mercy 
embraceth him on every side. 

12 Be glad, O ye righteous, 
and rejoice in the Lord ; and be 
joyful, all ye that are true of 

From Easter to Trinity Monday. 
PsAL^E cxxxviii. Confitebor tibi. 

I WILL give thanks unto 
thee, Lord, with my whole 
heart ; even before the gods will 
I sing praise unto thee. 

2 I will worship toward thy 
holy temple, and praise thy 
name, because of thy loving- 
kindness and truth ; for thou 
hast magnified thy name and 
thy word above all things. 

3 When I called upon thee, 
thou heardest me ; and enduedst 
my soul with much strength. 

4 All the kings of the earth 
shall praise thee, Lord ; for 
they have heard the words of 
thy mouth. 

5 Yea, they shall sing in the 
ways of the Lord, that great is 
the glory of the Lord. 


6 For though the Lord be 
high, yet hath he respect unto 
the lowly ; as for the proud, he 
beholdeth them afar off. 

7 Though I walk in the midst 
of trouble, yet shalt thou refresh 
me ; thou shalt stretch forth thy 
hand upon the furiousness of 
mine enemies, and thy right 
hand shall save me. 

8 The Lord sliall make good 
his loving-kindness toward me ; 
yea, thy mercy, O Lord, endur- 
eth for ever; despise not then 
the works of thine own hands. 

From Trinity Monday to Advent. 
Psalm cxix. 89-104. 
In (Eternurn, Domine. 

OLOED, thy word endureth 
for ever in heaven. 

2 Thy truth also remaineth 
from one generation to another ; 
thou hast laid the foundation of 
the earth, and it abideth. 

3 They continue this day ac- 
cording to thine ordinance ; for 
all things serve thee. 

4 If my delight had not been 
in thy law, I should have per- 
ished in my trouble. 

5 I will never forget thy com- 
mandments ; for with them 
thou hast quickened me. 

6 I am thine : save me, for 
I have sought thy command- 

7 The ungodly laid wait for 
me, to destroy me ; but I will 
consider thy testimonies. 

8 I see that all things come 
to an end ; but thy command- 
ment is exceeding broad. 

Quomodo dilexi ! 

LORD, what love have I unto 
thy law ! all the day long is 
my study in it. 

2 Thou, through thy com- 
mandments, hast made me wiser 
than mine enemies ; for they are 
ever with me. 

3 I have more understanding 
than my teachers ; for thy tes- 
timonies are my study. 

4 I am wiser than the aged ; 
because I keep thy command- 

5 I have refrained my feet 
from every evil way, that I may 
keep thy w^ord. 

6 I have not shrunk from thy 
judgments ; for thou teachest 

7 how sweet are thy words 
unto my throat; yea, sweeter 
than honey unto my mouth ! 

8 Through thy command- 
ments I get understanding : 
therefore I hate all evil ways. 

^ The Office shall then be con- 
tinued as follows : 

[On Sundays and Feast Days. 

Antiphon. To God the Eather, 

And Spirit ever bless 'd, 
Eternal Three in One, 
All worship be address'd. 

The Chapter. ,1 St. John v. 7. 

There are Three that bear rec- 
ord in Heaven, the Eather, the 
Son, and the Holy Ghost, and 
these Three are One. 

But Thou, O Lord, have mer- 
cy upon us. 

Py'. Thanks be to God. 

f. Lord, Thy Word en- 
dureth forever in heaven. • 

Thy truth also remaineth 
from one generation to another. 

'f'. The Lord is my Shepherd, 
therefore can I lack nothing. 

1^. He shall feed me in a 
green pasture. 


Let us pray. 

OLORD, who, as a provident 
Saviour, dost teach Thy 
faithful Ones to walk in Thy 
laws, to search Thy testimonies, 
and to keep Thy command- 
ments : grant to us, we beseech 
Thee, Thy righteousness ; that 
we may seek Thee with our 
whole hearts, understand Thy 
sayings, tell forth Thy wonders ; 
that we, who have hitherto wan- 
dered like lost sheep, restored 
by Thy kind arms may rejoice 
in the glories of Paradise, through 
our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, 
who with Thee liveth and reign- 
eth in the Unity of the Holy 
Ghost, God blessed for ever- 
more. Amen. 

[On Week Days, 

Antiphon. Let me not be dis- 
appointed of my hope. 

The Chapter. 1 Thess. v. 21-22. 

Prove all things ; hold fast 
that which is good ; abstain from 
all appearance of evil. 

But Thou, Lord, have mercy 
upon us. 

I^r. Thanks be to God. 

^ l^hen shall the Reader add and 

At the sixth hour, Jesus hung 
nailed to tlie Cross, between two 
thieves. He was offered vinegar 
and gall to satiate his torment- 
ing thirst. The Lamb of God 
was reviled by his enemies. 

J. We adore Thee, O Christ, 
and give thanks to Thee. 

I^. For by Thy Holy Cross 
Thou hast redeemed the world. 

The Prayers. 
O Thou, who wast nailed to 

the Cross on the sixth day on 
account of the sin of Adam in 
Paradise, and who wast hanging 
on the Cross at the sixth hour, 
blot out the handwriting of our 
sins, O Jesus our God, and save 

O Christ our God, Thou didst 
shed abroad salvation on the 
earth, when Thou didst stretch 
Thy Holy Hands upon the 

Therefore do all nations cry 
aloud unto Thee, O Lord, to 
Thee belong honor and glory. 

O Christ our God, we worship 
Thee, and beseech Thee to for- 
give us all our sins. 

For Thou didst take up and 
bear Thy Cross of Thine own 
will, in order to give life to 
those whom Thou hadst created, 
and to save them from the bond- 
age of the enemy. 

We cry unto Thee and give 
thanks unto Thee, for that Thou 
hast filled us with all joy, O 
Saviour, since Thou didst come 
to save the world. 

O Lord, Thine is the glory, 
and the praise, world without 
end. Amen. 

O Saviour of the world, who 
by Thy Cross and precious 
blood hast redeemed us, save us 
and help us, we humbly beseech 
Thee, O Lord. 

Have mercy upon us, O Lord, 
plant in our hearts, we beseech 
Thee, gentleness and patience, 
a meek and long-suffering spirit, 
quietness of mind and stability 
of soul. 

Give us patience in all injuries, 
and content in all conditions and 
changes. May we with charity 
return good for evil. Deliver 
us from an evil tongue and from 
an angry contentious spirit. Let 


Thy example convert us, Thy 
gentleness soften us, Thy suffer- 
ings and stripes heal us, Thy 
Blood cleanse us, and Thy deatii 
satisfy for and save us. 

For Lent. 

OLET Thy most precious 
Blood which issued out of 
all Thy wounds wash us clean 
and keep us so. Take us into 
the embraces of Thine unalter- 
able and everlasting love ; for 
Thou hast opened Thine heart 
to receive us, let us never be 
separate from Thee ; let Thy 
patience and love on the Cross 
reconcile us to all persons and 
sufferings ; let the peace of Thy 
Cross reconcile us to the Father 
and bring us peace of conscience ; 
let Thy pains mortify our evil and 
corrupt affections ; let Thy vic- 
tory give us victory over all our 
spiritual enemies; let Thy pa- 
tience satisfy for our impatience, 
Thy obedience for our disobe- 
dience. Thy humility for our 
pride, Thy love for all our un- 
charitableness, and make us con- 
formable to Thee. 

By Thy loud cries to Thy 
Father, hear our prayers, and 
let our cry come unto Thee. 

By the vinegar and gall, make 
all ein bitter to us. 

By the commendation of Thy 
soul into Thy Father's hands, 

receive our souls into Thy pro- 
tection here and to Thy everlast- 
ing glory hereafter. 

By all Thy unknown suffer- 

RT. Have mercy upon us. 

By all Thine agonies during 
the long hours Thou didst 
hang on the Cross ; 

K/. Have mercy upon us. 

By Thine anguish when for- 
saken of the Father, 

Have mercy upon us. 

By the immensity of Thy 
love, have mercy upon us and 
fill us with the love of Thee. 
Be Thou, Blessed Lord, the 
supreme object of our love, and 
the life of our souls. 

1^7. Amen. 

^ Instead of the foregoing prayers 
may be used any Collect, or a 

'f'. The Lord be with you. 
And with Thy spirit. 

'f'. Bless we the Lord. 
Thanks be to God. 

The peace of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, the virtue of His sacred 
Passion, and the power of His 
Holy Cross, be with us, and be- 
tween us and all our enemies, 
now, and in the hour of death. 
Amen. ' 

o 33 


3 O'clock, P. M. 

IN the Name of the Father, 

Our Father, &c. 

'f. Thou who at the ninth 
hour for us sinners and for our 
sins didst taste death : 

I^^. Mortify our members 
which are upon the earth, and 
whatsoever is contrary to Thy 
holy will, and save us. 

y". God, make speed, &c. 
O Lord, make haste, &c. 

'f. Glory be to the Father, 

I^. As it was, &c. 
Htmx. Rerum Deus, tenax vigor. 

OGOD, of all the strength 
and stay, 
Who dost Thyself unmoved 

And all the changing hours of 

In their ordained succession 


Thy light upon our evening 
pour ; 

So may our life no sunset see. 
But death to us an holy door 
Of everlasting glory be. 

Father of mercies, grant our 
prayer ; 


And Thou, coequal, only Son, 
"Who, with the Spirit Paraclete, 
Reign through eternal ages 
One. Amen. 

The Psalms as follows. 

From Advent to Septuagesima. 

Psalm xxvii. Dominus 

THE LORD is my light and 
my salvation, whom then 
shall I fear ? the Lord is the 
strength of my life, of whom 
then shall I be afraid '? 

2 When the wicked^ even 
mine enemies and my foes, came 
upon me to eat up my flesh, 
they stumbled and fell. 

3 Though a host of men were 
laid against me, yet shall not 
my heart be afraid ; and though 
there rose up war against me, 
yet will I put my trust in thee. 

4 One thing have I desired 
of the Lord, which I will re- 
quire, even that I may dwell 
in the house of the Lord all the 
days of my life, to behold the 
fair beauty of the Lord, and to 
visit his temple. 

5 For in the time of trouble 
he shall hide me in his taber- 
nacle ; yea, in the secret place 
of his dwelling shall he hide me, 
and set me up upon a rock of 


6 And now shall he lift up 
mine head above mine enemies 
round about me. 

7 There-fore will I offer in his 
dwelUng an oblation, with great 
gladness : I will sing and speak 
praises unto the Lord. 

8 Hearken unto my voice, 
Lord, when I cry unto thee ; 
have mercy upon me, and hear 

9 My heart hath talked of 
thee, Seek ye my face : thy face. 
Lord, will I seek. 

10 O hide not thou thy face 
from me, nor cast thy servant 
away in displeasure. 

11 Thou hast been my suc- 
cor, leave me not, neither for- 
sake me, O God of my salva- 

12 When my father and my 
mother forsake me, the Lord 
taketh me up. 

13 Teach me thy way, 
Lord, and lead me in the right 
way, because of mine enemies. 

14 Deliver me not over into 
the will of mine adversaries : 
for there are false witnesses 
risen up against me, and such 
as speak wrong. 

15 I should utterly have faint- 
ed, but that I believe verily to 
see the goodness of the Lord in 
the land of the living. 

16 tarry thou the Lord's 
leisure ; be strong, and he shall 
comfort thine heart; and put 
thou thy trust in the Lord. 

From Septuagesima to Easter. 

Psalm cxliii. Domine, exaudi. 

HEAE, my prayer, Lord, 
and consider mj desire : 
hearken unto me for thy truth 
and righteousness' sake. 

2 And enter not into judg- 
ment with thy servant ; for in 
thy sight shall no man living be 

3 Eor the enemy hath per- 
secuted my soul ; he hath smit- 
ten my life down to the ground ; 
he hath laid me in the darkness, 
as the men that have been long 

4 Therefore is my spirit vexed 
within me, and my heart with- 
in me is desolate. 

5 Yet do I remember the time 
past : I muse upon all thy 
works ; yea, I exercise myself 
in the works of thy hands. 

6 I stretch forth my hands 
unto thee ; my soul gaspeth un- 
to thee as a thirsty land. 

7 Hear me, Lord, and that 
soon ; for my spirit waxeth 
faint : hide not thy face from me, 
lest I be hke unto them that go 
down into the pit. 

8 let me hear thy loving- 
kindness betimes in the morn- 
ing ; for in thee is my trust : 
show thou me the way that I 
should walk in; for I lift up 
my soul unto thee. 

9 Deliver me, O Lord, frorn 
mine enemies ; for I flee unto 
thee to hide me. 

10 Teach me to do the thing 
that pleaseth thee ; for thou art 
my God : let thy loving Spirit 
lead me forth into the land of 

11 Quicken me, Lord, for 
thy name's sake ; and for thy 
righteousness' sake bring my 
soul out of trouble. 

12 And of thy goodness, slay 
mine enemies, and destroy all 
them that vex my soul; for I 
am thy servant. 



From Easter to Trinitij Monday. 
Psalm xlvi. Dens noster 

GOD is our hope and strength, 
a verv present help in 

2 Therefore will we not fear, 
though the earth be moved, and 
though the hills be carried into 
the midst of the sea. 

3 Though the waters thereof 
rage and swell and though the 
mountains shake at the tempest 
of the same. 

4 The rivers of the flood there- 
of shall make glad th^ city of 
God ; the holy place of the tab- 
ernacle of the Most Highest. 

5 God is in the midst of her, 
therefore shall she not be re- 
moved ; God shall help her, and 
that right early. 

6 The heathen make much 
ado, and the kingdoVns are 
moved ; but God hath showed 
his voice, and the earth shall 
melt away. 

7 The Lord of hosts is with us ; 
the God of Jacob is our refuge. 

8 O come hither, and behold 
the works of the Lord, what 
destruction he hath brought up- 
on the earth. 

9 He maketh wars to cease in 
all the Avorld ; he breaketh the 
bow, and knappeth the spear in 
sunder, and burneth the chariots 
in the fire. 

10 Be still then, and know 
that I am God : I will be exalted 
among the heathen, and I will be 
exalted in the earth. 

11 The Lord of hosts is with us ; 
the God of Jacob is our refuge. 

From lYinity to Advent. 
Psalm exix. 161-176. Principes 
persecuti sunt. 

PRINCES have persecuted 
me without a cause; but 

my heart standeth in awe of thy 

2 I am as glad of thy word, 
as one that findeth great spoils. 

3 As for lies, I hate and ab- 
hor them ; but thy law do I 

4 Seven times a day do I 
praise thee ; because of thy 
righteous judgments. 

5 Great is the peace that they 
have who love thy law ; and they 
are not offended at it. 

6 Lord, I have looked for thy 
saving health, and done after 
thy commandments. 

7 My soul hath kept thy tes- 
timonies, and loved them ex- 

8 I have kept thy command- 
ments and testimonies; for all 
my ways are before thee. 

Appropinquet deprecatio. 

LET my complaint come be- 
fore thee, Lord ; give me 
understanding according to thy 

2 Let my supplication come 
before thee ; deliver me accord- 
ing to thy word. 

3 My lips shall speak of thy 
praise, when thou hast taught 
me thy statutes. 

4 Yea, my tongue shall sing 
of thy word ; for all thy com- 
mandments are righteous. 

5 Let thine hand help me ; 
for I have chosen thy command- 

6 I have longed for thy sav- 
ing health, O Lord,; and in thy 
law is my delight. 

7 O let my soul live, and it 
shall praise thee ; and thy judg- 
ments shall help me. 

8 I have gone astray like a 
sheep that is lost ; O seek thy 
servant, for I do not forget thy 


% The Office shall proceed as 
follows : 

[On Sundays and Feast Days. 

Antiphon. Of Him and through 
Him and to Him are all things, 
to whom be glory for ever and 
ever. Amen. 

The Chapter. Eph. iv. 5, 6. 
Rom. i. 25. 

One Lord, one faith, one bap- 
tism, one God and Father of 
all, who is above all and through 
all and in you all, wlio is blessed 
for ever. 

But Thou, Lord, have mer- 
cy upon us. 

Thanks be to God: 
I call with my whole 
heart ; hear me, O Lord. 

I^. I will keep Thy statutes. 
Cleanse Tliou me, O Lord, 
from my secret faults. 

1x7, Keep back Thy servant 
also from presumptuous sins. 

Let us praij. 

OLORD Jesus Christ, the 
blessed Son of God, who 
hast suffered death on the cross 
for us, tliat we might thereby 
be brought to eternal life, have 
mercy upon us, we beseech 
Thee, both now,. and at the hour 
of our departure hence ; and 
grant unto ns, Thy humble ser- 
vants, with all good people that 
have this Thy blessed Passion 
in devout remembrance, a pros- 
perous and godly life in tliis 
present world, and, througli Thy 
grace, eternal glory in the life to 
come, where with the Father 
and the Holy Ghost, Thou liv- 
est and reignest ever one God, 
world Vvdtiiout end. Amen.'] 

[On Week Days. 

Antiphon. Give me under- 
standing according to Thy word. 

The Chapter. Gal. vi. 2. 

Bear ye one another-s bur- 
dens, and so fulfil the law of 

But Thou, O Lord, have mer- 
cy upon us. 
I^. Thanks be to God. 

^ Then shall the Reader say : 
At this hour the Lord Jesus 
expired, commending His Spirit 
with a loud cry into the Hands 
of His Father. The soldier 
pierced His side with a spear. 
The earth trembled, and the 
graves were opened, and many 
bodies of the Saints which slept 

f. We adore Thee, O Christ, 
and give thanks to Thee. 

I^. For by Tliy Holy Cross 
Thou hast redeemed the world. 

The Prayers. 

LORY, honour, and praise 
vDT be to our Lord Jesus 
Christ ; may all the world adore 
Thee : blessed be Thy Holy 
Name, who for us sinners vouch- 
safedst to be born of a humble 
Virgin ; and blessed be Thine 
infinite goodness, who diedst on 
the Cross for our redemption. 
O Jesus, Son of God and Sav- 
iour of mankind, have mercy 
upon us ; and so dispose our 
lives here by Thy grace, that 
we may hereafter rejoice with 
Thee for ever in Thy glory. 

SON of God, who didst come 
down from the bosom of the 
Father, to save us by taking our 



nature of the Holy Virgin Mary ; 
by being crucified, and buried, 
by rising from the dead, and go- 
ing up on high to the Father ; 
we have sinned against heaven 
and before Thee ; but remember 
us as Thou didst the penitent 
thief, when Thou comest into 
Thy kingdom. Amen. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, who by 
Thy death didst take away the 
sting of death ; grant unto us. 
Thy servants, so to follow in 
faith where Thou hast led the 
way, that we may at length fall 
asleep peacefully in Thee, and 
awaking up after Thy likeness 
may be satisfied with it, through 
Thy mercy who iivest and reign- 
est for ever and ever. Amen. 

Commendation of those in the last 

OGOD, Father of mercies and 
God of all consolation, who 
wiliest not that any that trusteth 
and hopeth in Thee should 
perish ; we commend into Thy 
Hands all those Thy servants 
who mus't this day depart out of 
the world, for it is time that 
Thou have mercy upon them, 
yea the time is come. Visit 
them with Thy salvation, and 
through the Passion and Death 
of Thine Only Begotten Son, 
mercifully grant unto them, 
wheresoever and whosoever 
they be, pardon and remission 
of all their sins, and deliverance 
from their ghostly enemy, that 
their souls, in this hour of de- 
parture, may find Thee a pity- 
ing Judge, and washed from all 
spot in the Blood of Jesus Christ, 
may pass into Eternal lifs ; 
through the same Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

O Christ, who art the true 
Light, make our spirits worthy 
to see with joy the light of Thy 
Glory at that day when, Thou 
callest us home ; that we, and all 
the faithful departed, may rest in 
hope of Eternal good in the man- 
sions of the righteous until the 
great day of Thy second coming. 

In Lent. 

By this Thy death have mercy 
upon us ; kill, crucify, and de- 
stroy in us all sin, and let us 
henceforth live unto Thee. 

By that precious water and 
Blood shed for us have mercy 
upon us ; wash, cleanse, purify, 
heal our wounded and defiled 
souls : Then, Blessed Jesus, did 
the Holy Sacraments flow from 
Thy sacred Side, the water by 
which we are regenerated, the 
Blood by which Ave are redeem- 
ed. Give us evermore the vir- 
tue and benefit thereof. 

Hide us in Thy pierced 
side, O Lord. 

R7. Until the indignation be 

Y- ^7 Thy prevaihng Death, 
give us life. 

I^. And by Thy Eesurrec- 
tion, glory. 

Blessed Lord, enclose our 
souls in Thy pierced Heart, for 
there Ave delight to dAvell, there 
to live, and draw life and salva- 
tion from Thee. Thy Avounded 
Heart is our sanctuary, our com- 
fort in sorroAV, our refuge in 
trouble ; here let us die, and be 
secure for ever. O nourish us 
in Thyself, and Ave will return 
all in thanksgiving and love to 



^ Instead of the foregoing Pray 
may he used a Litany. 

'f'. The Lord be with you. 
I^'. And with thy spirit. 
"f". Bless we the Lord. 

15/. Thanks be to God. 

The Blessing of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, the virtue of the 
Holy Spirit, the sign of the Holy 
Cross, be with us, and defend us, 
now and in the hour of death. 




6 O'clock. 

IN the Name, &c. 
Our Father, &c. 

God, make speed, &c. 
17. Lord, make haste, &c. 
ir. Glory be to the Father, &c. 
IBf. As it was, &c. 

^ But from Septuagesima Sunday 
to Wednesday/ in Holy Week in- 
clusive is said instead : 

Praise to Thee, Lord, we 

Of Glory the Eternal King. 

^ Then shall be said the Psalms ^ 
from the Psalter of the Hours. 

^ Then shall be said from Epiph- 
any to Septuagesima, and from 
Trinity Monday to Advent. 

The Chapter. 2 Cor. i. 3, 4. 

Blessed be God, even the Fa- 
ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
the Father of mercies and God 
of all comfort who comforteth us 
in all our tribulations. 

But Thou, O Lord, have mercy 
upon us. 

IV^ Thanks be to God. 
^ At all other times the Chapter 

shall be taken from the Proper 

Sei^vice of the Season. 

*[[ Then shall be sung this, or some 
other, hymn — 


BIDE with me ; fast falls 
. the even-tide ; 

The darkness deepens ; Lord, 

w^ith me abide ; 
When other helpers fail and 

comforts flee. 
Help of the helpless, abide 

with me. 


Swift to its close ebbs out life's 

little day ; 
Earth's joys grow dim, its glories 

pass away ; 
Change and decay in all around 

I see, 

Thou who changest not, abide 
with me. 


1 need Thy presence every pass- 
ing hour ; 

What but Thy grace can foil the 

tempter's power ? 
Who like Thyself my guide and 

stay can be 1 
Through cloud and sunshine, 

Lord, abide with me. 


I fear no foe with Thee at hand 

to bless ; 
Ills have no weight and tears no 

bitterness ; 


Where is deatli's sting, where, 

grave, thy victory ? 
I triumph still if Thou abide 

with me. 


Hold Thou Thy Cross before 

my closing eyes ; 
Shine througli the gloom and 

point me to the skies ; 
Heaven's morning breaks, and 

earth's vain shadows flee ; 
In life, in death, O Lord, abide 

with me. 

'f'. Let my prayer be set 

I^. In Thy sight as the in- 

^ Then shall be sung the following 
Canticle — 

MY soul doth magnify the 
Lord : and my spirit hath 
rejoiced in God my Saviour. 

For He hath regarded : the 
lowliness of His handmaiden. 

For behold from henceforth : 
all generations shall call me 

For He that is mighty hath 
magnified me : and holy is His 

And His me-rcy is on them 
that fear him : throughout all 

He hath shewed strength with 
His arm ; He hatli scattered the 
proud in the imagination of their 

He hath put down the mighty 
from their seat : and hath exalted 
the luimble and meek. 

He liath filled the hungry with 
good things : and the rich He 
hatli sent empty away. 

He remembering His mercy 
hath holpen His servant Israel : 
as He promised to our forefathers. 

Abraham and his seed for ever. 
Glory be to the Father, &c. 

^ Or this Hymn. 

Joj^ful Light of the holy glory 
of the Father, 

Immortal, Heavenlj^, Holy, 

Jesus Christ ; 

We, having come to the set 
ting of the sun, 

And beholding the evening 

Praise Father, and Son, 
And Holy Spirit, God. 
Thee it is meet 
At all times to praise. 
With reverent voices, 
Son of God, 
Thou Who givest life ; 
Wherefore the world glorifieth 

^ After the Canticle or Hymn pre- 
ceding, shall he sung the Anti- 
phon, according to the season, as 
follows — 

During Advent. 
Behold our King cometh, the 
Lord of the whole earth, and 
He shall take away the yoke of 
our captivity. 

From Dec. 16, to Dec. 23, the 

Great Antiplions, on each day 
one, as marked. 

Dec. 16. Sapientia. 
O Wisdom, which earnest forth 
out of the mouth of the Most 
High, and readiest from one end 
to tlie other, mightily and sweet- 
ly ordering all things : Come 
and teach us the way of pru 

Dec. 17. Adonai. 
Lord and Euler of the 
House of Israel, who appearedst 
■unto Moses in a flame of fire in 


the bush, and gavest unto him 
the law in Sinai : Come and 
redeem us \Yith an outstretched 

Dec. 18. Radix Jesse. 
Root of Jesse, who standest 
for an Ensign of the people, at 
whom Kings shall shut their 
mouths, unto whom the Gentiles 
shall pray : Come and deliver 
us, and tarry not. 

Dec. 19. Clavis David. 
O Key of David and Sceptre 
of the House of Israel, Thou 
that openest and no man shut- 
teth, and shuttest and no man 
openeth : Come and loose the 
prisoner from the prison-house, 
and him that sittetli in darkness 
from the shadow of death. 

Dec. 20. Oriens. 

O Orient, Brightness of the 
Eternal Light, and Sun of Right- 
eousness : Come and lighten 
them that sit in darkness and in 
the shadow of death. 

Dec. 21. Rex Gentium. 
King of the Gentiles and 
their Desire, the Corner Stone, 
who madest both one : Come and 
save man whom Thou hast made 
out of the dust of the earth. 

Dec. 22. Emmanuel. 
Emmanuel, ouj' King and 
Lawgiver, the Desire of all 
nations and their Saviour; 
Come and save us, O Lord our 

Dec. 23. Virgo Virginum. 

O Virgin of Virgins, how shall 
this be 1 Eor neither before 
thee was any like thee, nor 
shall there be after. Daughters 

of Jerusalem, why marvel ye at 
me ? The thing which ye be- 
hold is a divine mystery. 

Christmas Eve — 
Blessed art thou, Mary, that 
thou hast believed; there shaE 
be performed in thee the things 
told thee by the Lord. Alleluia. 

During Christmas Tide — 
The Root of Jesse hath sprung 
up ; the Star hath come out of 
Jacob : a Virgin hath brought 
forth the Saviour. We praise 
Thee, our God. 

During Epiphany Season — 

Erom the East came the Magi 
into Bethlehem to adore the 
Lord, and having opened their 
treasures, j^^^^^i^us oblations 
they offered : Gold, as to a great 
King ; Incense, as to the true 
God ; but Myrrh as for His 
burial. Alleluia. 

From Septuagesima to Lent — 
The Lord knoweth how to 
deliver the godly out of tempta- 
tions, and to reserve the unjust 
unto the day of judgment to be 

During Lent — 

The Bread of God is He that 
Cometh down from heaven and 
giveth life unto the world. 

Easter Tide — 

Jesus Himself stood in the 
midst of them and said : Peace 
be unto you. 

Ascension Day — 
O King of Glory, Lord of 
Hosts, who, triumphant this 
day, above all heavens hast as- 
cended, abandon us not but send 


the promise of the Father upon 
us, the Spirit of truth. Alleluia. 

Whitsuntide — 

This day are fulfilled the days 
of Pentecost. Alleluia. This 
day the Holy Spirit appeared in 
fire to the disciples, and bestow- 
ed on them gifts of graces, sent 
them into all the world to preach 
and bear witness ; he who hath 
believed and shall be baptized 
shall be saved. Alleluia. 

On Trinity Sunday only — 

Thee, God, the Father unbe- 
gotten! Thee, the Son, Only 
Begotten ! Thee, the Spirit, 
Holy Paraclete ! Holy and Un- 
divided Trinity ! with our whole 
heart and mouth we do confess, 
we do praise, and we do bless ; 
to Thee be glory for evermore. 

At all other times the following An- 
tiphon shall be sung — 

Come, Holy Ghost, and fill our 
hearts, inflaming them with Thy 
love : Thou who gatherest to- 
gether Thine elect in the Unity 
of the Faith, descend and rest 
upon us. 

^ Then shall follow the Creed and 

I believe in God, &c. 

^. The Lord be with you. 

I^. And -with thy spirit. 

Let us pray. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Christ, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Our Father, &c. 
Let us humbly confess our 
sins to Almighty God. 

T[ The Confession io he made secret- 
ly, as at Prime — 

I CONFESS to Almighty God, 
that I have grievously sinned 
this day, in thought, word, and 
deed, through my own fault,, 
through my own most grievous 
fault. I most earnestly repent 
of these and all my sins, and am 
heartily sorry for every thought, 
word, and deed by which I have 
displeased the Eyes of Thy 
Glory and provoked Thy wrath 
and indignation against me. 
Wherefore with a penitent and 
contrite heart, I freely confess 
the guiltiness of my conscience, 
and humbly offer these prayers 
to Thee for pardon, through 
Jesus Christ. 

^ If a Priest be present, he shall 
arise and say : 

Almighty God have mercy 
upon you, and forgive you all 
your sins, deliver you from all 
evil, preserve and • strengthen 
you in all goodness, and bring 
you to everlasting life, through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

^ If no Priest be present, the Read- 
er shall proceed as follows : 

May the great and glorious 
God of heaven and earth have 
mercy upon us, forgive us our 
sins, and bring us to everlasting 
life. Amen. 

May the Almighty hand of 
our merciful God give us par- 
don, absolution, and remission 
of all our sins. Amen. 

'f'. Abide with us, Lord, for it 
is toward evening. 

I^'. And the day is far spent. 
Yea, the shadows of the 
evening are stretched out. 


'Bf. And the day is declining 
upon us. 

'f'. Turn Thee again, Lord, 
at the last. 

I^. And be gracious unto 
Thy servants. 

jr. Let Thy merciful kind- 
ness, Lord, be upon us. 

I^^. As we do put our trust in 

'f'. Let Thy priests be clothed 
with righteousness. 

E/. And Thy saints sing with 

O Lord, save the Com- 

I^. And mercifully hear us 
when we call upon Thee. 

'f'. O God, save Thy servants 
and handmaidens. 

K/. Which put their trust in 

Y- Give peace in our time, 

E7. Because there is none 
other that fightetli for us but 
only Thou, O God. 

Lord, hear our prayer. 

R7. And let our cry come un- 
to Thee. 

^ Tlien shall he said the Collect for 
the day, and any other Collects, 
prayers, or acts of devotion, with 
or without the final prayers, as 
follows : 

OGOD who art without be- 
ginning and without end, 
the Maker and Governor of all 
things through Christ, who hast 
made the day for works of light, 
and the night to give rest to our 
weakness; do Thou now, most 
kind and gracious Lord, receive 
this our evening thanksgiving. 
Thou that hast led us through 

the length of the day, and hast 
brought us to the beginning of 
the night, keep and preserve us 
by Thy Christ. Grant that we 
may pass this evening in peace 
and this night without sin, and 
finally that we may attain ever- 
lasting life through Jesus Christ 
Thy Son, to whom, with Thee 
and the Holy Ghost, be glory, 
honour, and adoration, world 
without end. ximen. 

Glory be to the Father of mer- 
cies, the Father of men- and an- 
gels, the Father of our Lord 
Jesus Christ. 

Glory be to the most holy and 
eternal Son of God, the blessed 
Saviour and Redeemer of the 
world, the Advocate of sinners, 
the Prince of Peace, the Head 
of the Church, and the mighty 
Deliverer of all that call on 

Glory be to the holy and eter- 
nal Spirit of God, the Holy 
Ghost the Comforter, the Sanc- 
tifier of the Elect, and the Giver 
of life. 

All oXoYj and thanks, all hon- 
our and power, all love and obe- 
dience be to the blessed and undi- 
vided Trinity, one God eternal. 

All glory and majesty, all 
praises and dominion be unto 
Thee, God, Father, Son, and 
Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. 

^ Then may he added the follow- 
ing Benediction. 

The Supreme Majesty of God 
bless us. Amen. 

The Holy Divinity protect us. 
I^. Amen. 

The Everlasting Deity keep 
us. Iy7. Amen. 

The Glorious Unity comfort 
us. E7. Amen. 


The Incomprehensible Trin- 
ity defend us. I^. Amen. 

The Inestimable Goodness di- 
rect us. Amen. 

The Power of the Father 
guide a\id govern us. I^. Amen. 

The Wisdom of the Son quick- 
en us. I^. Amen. 

The Virtue of the Holy Ghost 
enlighten and be with us. 'Bf. 

The Lord God bless us and 
defend us from all evil, and bring 
us to everlasting life. And may 

the souls of the faithful rest in 
eternal peace. I^. Amen. 

Last of all shall be said. 

'f'. The Lord be with you. 

I^. And with thy spirit. 

'f'. Bless we the Lord. 

I^. Thanks be to God. 

Almighty God, Father, Ee- 
deemer, Sanctifier, have mercy 
upon us, and give us peace in 
this world and in the world to 
come. Amen. 



9 O'clock, P. M. 

IN the Name, &c. 
The Lord Almighty grant 
us a quiet night and an end of 

1 St. Peter v. 8. Brethren, 
be sober, be vigilant, because 
your adversary the devil as a 
roaring lion walketh about seek- 
ing whom he may devour : 
whom resist, steadfast in the 

But Thou, Lord, have mer- 
cy upon us. 

Rr. Thanks be to God. 

'f'. Our help standeth in the 
Name of the Lord. 

I^. Who hath made heaven 
and earth. 

Our Father, &c. 

(Secret! J/.) I confess to God 
the Father Almighty, to His 
Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, 
and to God the Holy Ghost, and 
before the whole company of 
heaven, that I have sinned ex- 
ceedingly in thought, word, and 
deed, through my fault, through 
my own fault, through my own 
most grievous fault : therefore 
I pray God to have mercy upon 

(The Reader, aloud.) The Al- 
mighty and merciful God grant 
to us pardon, absolution, and 
remission of all our sins. 

Turn Thou us, God our 

And let Thine anger cease 
from us. 

'f'. O God, make speed, &c. 

Lord, make haste, &c. 
i". Glory be to the Father, 

E/. As it was in the begin- 
nifig, &c. 

^ Then shall be said the following 
Psalms : 

Psalm iv. Cum invocarem. 

HEAR me, when I call, O 
God of my righteousness : 
Thou hast set me at liberty, 
when I was in trouble ; have 
mercy upon me, and hearken 
unto my prayer. 

2 O ye sons of men, how long 
will ye blaspheme mine honour, 
and have such pleasure in vani- 
ty, and seek after falsehood ? 

8 Know this also, that the 
Lord hath chosen to himself the 
man that is godly ; when I call 
upon the Lord he will hear me. 

4 Stand in awe, and sin not; 
commune with your own heart, 
and in your chamber, and be 

6 Offer the sacrifice of right- 
eousness, and put your trust in 
the Lord. 



6 There be many that say, 
Who will show us any good ? 

7 Lord, lift thou up the light 
of thy countenance upon us. 

8 Thoj^ hast put gladness in 
my heart, since the time that 
their corn, and wine, and oil in- 

9 I will lay me down in peace, 
and take my rest ; for it is thou 
Lord only that makest me dwell 
in safety. 

Psalm xxxi. In te, Domine, 

IN thee, O Lord, have I put 
my trust ; let me never be 
put to confusion ; deliver me in 
thy righteousness. 

2 Bow down thine ear to me ; 
make haste to deliver me. 

3 And be thou my strong 
rock, and house of defence, that 
thou mayest save me. 

4 For thou art my strong 
rock, and my castle : be thou 
also my guide, and lead me for 
thy Name^s sake. 

5 Draw me out of the net that 
they have laid privily for me ; 
for thou art my strength. 

6 Into thy hands I commend 
my spirit; for thou hast re- 
deemed me, O LiOrd, thou God 
of truth. 

Psalm xci. Qui habitat. 

WHOSO dwelleth under the 
defence of the Most High, 
shall abide under the shadow of 
the Almighty. 

2 I will say unto the Lord, 
Thou art my hope, and my 
strong hold ; my God, in him 
will I trust. 

3 For he shall deliver thee 
from the snare of the hunter, and 
from the noisome pestilence. 

4 He shall defend thee under 
his wings, and thou shalt be 

safe under hi's feathers ; his 
faithfulness and truth shall be 
thy shield and buckler. 

5 Thou slialt not be afraid for 
any terror by night, nor for the 
arrow that flieth by day ; 

6 For the pestilence that 
walketh in darkness, nor for the 
sickness that destroyeth in the 

7 A thousand shall fall beside 
thee, and ten thousand at thy 
right hand ; but it shall not 
come nigh thee. 

8 Yea, with thine eyes shalt 
thou behold, and see the re- 
ward of the ungodly. 

9 For thou. Lord, art my 
hope ; thou hast set thine house 
of defence very high. 

10 There shall no evil happen 
unto thee, neither shall any 
plague come nigh thy dwelling. 

11 For he shall give his an- 
gels charge over thee, to keep 
thee in all thy ways. 

12 They sliall bear thee in 
their hands, that thou hurt not 
thy foot against a stone. 

13 Thou shalt go upon the 
lion and adder : the young lion 
and the dragon shalt thou tread 
under thy feet. 

14 Because he hath set his 
love upon me, therefore will I 
deliver him ; I will set him up, 
because he hath known my 

15 He shall call upon me, and 
I will hear him ; yea, I am with 
him in trouble ; I will deliver 
him, and bring him to honour. 

16 With long life will I satisfy 
him, and show him my salvation. 

Psalm cxxxiv. Ecce nunc. 

BEHOLD now, praise the 
Lord, all ye servants of the 
Lord ; 


2 Ye tliatby night stand in the 
house of the Lord, even in the 
courts of tlie house of our God. 

3 Lift up your hands in the 
sanctuary, and praise tlie Lord. 

4 The Lord, that made heav- 
en and earth, give thee blessing 
out of Sion. 

Antiplwn. I will lay me down 
in peace and take my rest, for it 
is Thou Lord only that makest 
me dwell in safety. 

Hymn. Te lucis ante terminuin. 

gEFORE the ending of the 

Creator of the world, we pray 
That Thou with wonted love 

wouldst keep 
Thy watch around us while we 



let no evil dreams be near, 
Nor phantoms of the night ap- 
pear ; 

Our ghostly enemy restrain, 
Lest aught of sin our bodies 


Almighty Eather, hear our cry, 
Through Jesus Christ our Lord 

most high, 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and 


Doth live and reign eternally. 

The Chapter. Jer. xiv. 
Thou, O Lord, art in the midst 
of us, and we are called by Thy 
Kame ; leave us not, Lord our 

But Thou, Lord, have mer- 
cy upon us. 
I^. Thanks be to God. 
if. Into Thy hands, Lord, 

1 commend my spirit. 

R7. For Thou hast redeemed 
me, O Lord TIiou God of truth. 

Y' Keep us, O Lord, as the 
apple of an eye. 

Hide us under tSe shadow 
of Thy wings. 

Antiphon. Save us, O Lord. 
Nunc Dimittis. 

Lord, now lettest Thou Thy 
servant depart in peace : accord- 
ing to Thy word. 

For mine eyes have seen : 
Thy salvation. 

Which Thou hast prepared : 
before the face of all people. 

To be a light to lighten the 
Gentiles : and to be the glory of 
Thj^ people Israel. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

Antiphon. Save us, O Lord, 
watching, guard us sleeping, 
that we may watch with Christ 
and rest in peace. 

Lord, have mercy. 

Christ, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 
Our Father, &c. 
'f. Blessed art Thou, 
Lord God of our fathers. 

I^. And greatly to be praised 
and glorified forever. 

y. Let us bless the Father 
and the Son and the Holy 

I^. Let us praise and exalt 
Him forever. 

y. Blessed be Thou, O 
Lord, in the firmament of 

1^7. And greatly to be praised 
and glorified, and highly exalted 

y. The Almighty and Merci- 
ful Lord bless and protect us. 

1^. Amen. 


f. Vouchsafe, Lord, I^. 
To keep us this night without 

'f'. Lord, have mercy upon 

I^. Have mercy upon us. 

y. O Lord, let Thy mercy 
lighten upon us. 

1^, As our trust is in Thee. 

"J^. Lord, hear our prayer. 

"B/. And let our cry come unto 

Let us pray. 

Visit, we beseech Thee, 
Lord, this habitation, and drive 
far from it all snares of the ene- 
my. Let Thy holy angels abide 

in it to preserve us in peace, 
and let I'hy blessing be ever 
upon us, through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

(Here may he added iii., I v., 
VIII., XI., XII. Seepages 134-6.) 

'f'. The Lord be with you. 

I^. And with thy spirit. 
Bless we the Lord. 

I^. Thanks be to God. 

The Almighty and Merciful 
Lord, the Father, and the Son, 
and the Holy Ghost, bless and 
preserve us now and forever- 
more. Amen. 

Here end the Offices of the Seven 





T[ The Chapters, Hymns, and Responses fm" the Sunday are to he 
used throughout its week, and those for a High Feast Vay through 
its Octave. 

first ©unbag in %^\)zviU 


The Chapter. S. Mark i. 1-3. 

THE beginning of the Gospel 
of Jesus Christ the Son of 
God ; as it is written in the proph- 
ets, Behold, I send my messen- 
ger before tliy face which shall 
prepare thy way before thee. 
The voice of one crying in the 
wilderness, Prepare ye the way 
of the Lord, make his paths 

But thou, O Lord, have mercy 
upon us. 
I^. Thanks be to God. 

The Lamb of God is sent be- 

Himself to pay the debt we owe ; 
Oh ! for this gift let every voice 
With heartfelt songs and tears 


That when again His light shines 

And wraps the world in sudden 

His utmost wrath He may not 

But shield us for His mercy's 

The Hymn. Vox clara ecce 

LO ! now a thrilling voice 
sounds forth. 
And chides the darkened shades 

of earth : 
Away, pale dreams, dim shad- 
ows fly, 

Christ in his might doth shine 
on high. 

Kow let the sluggard soul arise. 
Which stained by sin and wound- 
ed lies : 

All ill and harm dispeUing far, 
Eises the new-born Morning 

To him who comes the world to 

To God the Son all glory be, 
To God the Father as is meet, 
To God the Holy Paraclete. 

"f". The voice of him that cri- 
eth in the wilderness. I^. Pre- 
pare ye the way of the Lord ; 
make straight in the desert a 
highway for our God. 


The Chapter. Isaiah ii. 2. 

AND it shall come to pass in 
the last days, that the 
mountain of the Lord's house 
shall be established in the top 



of the mountains, and shall be 
exalted above the hills : and all 
nations shall flow unto it. And 
many people shall go and say, 
Come ye, and let us go up to 
the mountain of the Lord, to the 
house of the God of Jacob ; and 
he will teach us of his ways, 
and we will walk in his paths : 
for out of Zion shall go forth 
the law, and the word of the 
Lord from Jerusalem. And he 
shall judge among the nations, 
and shall rebuke many peo- 
ple : and they shall beat their 
swords into ploughshares, and 
their spears into pruning-hooks : 
nation shall not lift up sword 
against nation, neither shall 
they learn war any more. O 
house of Jacob, come ye, and 
let us walk in the light of the 

1^7. Thou shalt arise, Lord, 
and have mercy upon Zion. 

'f'. For it is time that thou 
have mercy upon her, yea the 
time is come. 

O house of Jacob, come 
ye, and let us walk in the light 
of the Lord. 

Hymn. Conditor dime siderum. 


CREATOR of the stars of 

Thy people's everlasting light, 
Jesu, Redeemer, save us all. 
And hear thy servants when 
they call. 


Thou cam'st, the Bridegroom 

of the Bride, 
As drew the world to evening 

tide ; 

Proceeding from a Virgin shrine, 
The spotless Victim all divine. 


At whose dread Name, majestic 

All knees must bend, all hearts 

must bow ; 
And things celestial Thee shall 


And things terrestrial. Lord 


Thou whose coming is with 


To judge and doom the quick 
and dead. 

Preserve us, while we dwell be- 

From every insult of the foe. 


To Him who comes the world 
to free. 

To God the Son all glory be. 
To God the Father as is meet, 
To God the Blessed Paraclete. 

y. Drop down, ye heavens, 
from above. 

I^. And let the skies pour 
down Righteousness ; let the 
earth open, and let them bring 
forth salvation. 

SecDitir Sunban in ^hvmU 


The Chapter. Isaiah Ixv. 17, 18. 

BEHOLD, I create new heav- 
ens and a new earth : and 

the former shall not be remem- 
bered, nor come into mind. But 
be ye glad and rejoice forever 
in that which I create : for be- 



hold, I create Jerusalem a re- 
joicing, and her people a joy. 

But thou, O Lord, have mercy 
upon us. 

I^r. Thanks be to God. 

The Hymn as before. 


The Chapter. Isaiah xvi. 1-5. 

SEND ye the lamb to the ruler 
of the land, from Sela to 
the wilderness, unto the mount 
of the daughter of Zion. And 
in mercy shall the throne be 
established ; and he shall sit 
upon it in truth, in the taber- 
nacle of David, judging, and 

seeking judgment and hasting 

I^. The Lord shall teach us 
his ways and we will walk in 
his paths. 

'f'. For the law shall go forth 
of Zion, and the word of the 
Lord from Jerusalem. 

I^. And we will walk in his 

Glory be to the Father, 
and to the Son, and to the Holy 

I^. The Lord shall teach us 
his ways, and we will walk in 
his paths. 

The Hymn as before. 


The Chapter. Isaiah Iv. 6. 

SEEK ye the Lord while he 
may be found, call ye upon 
him while he is near. Let the 
wicked forsake his way, and the 
unrighteous man his thoughts : 
and let him return unto the Lord, 
and he will have mercy upon 
him, and to our God, for he will 
abundantly pardon. 

But thou, O Lord, have mercy 
upon us. 

IBf. Thanks be to God. 


The Chapter. Isaiah xl. 1. 

COMFORT ye, comfort ye, 
my people, saith your God. 
Speak ye comfortably to Jeru- 
salem and cry unto her, that her 
warfare is accomplished, that 
her iniquity is pardoned ; for 
she hath received of the Lord^s 

I in ^btient 

hand double for all her sins. 

The voice of him that crieth in 
the wilderness, Prepare ye the 
way of the Lord, make straight 
in the desert a highway for our 
God. Every valley shall be ex- 
alted, and every mountain and 
hill shall be made low : and the 
crooked shall be made straight 
and the rough places plain : and 
the glory of the Lord shall be 
revealed, and all flesh shall see 
it together : for the mouth of 
the Lord hath spoken it. I^. He 
that shall come, will come, and 
will not tarry. Now shall there 
be no more fear in thy borders. 

With my soul have I desired 
thee in the night. I^. Yea, with 
my spirit within me will I seek 
thee early. Glory be to the 
Father, and to the Son, and to 
the Holy Ghost. I^. He that 
shall come, will come, and will 
not tarry. 


£onx\\\ Sunbag in ^irr^nt. 


The Chapter, Zech. xiv. 7, 8, 9. 

IT shall come to pass that at 
evening time it shall be 
Light. And it shall be in that 
day, that living waters shall go 
out from Jerusalem ; in summer 
and in winter shall it be. And 
the Lord shall be king over all 
the earth. 

But thou, Lord, have mercv 
upon us. 
^, Thanks be to God. 


The Chapter. S. James v. 7, 8. 

BE patient, therefore, breth- 
ren, unto the coming of 
the Lord. Behold, the husband- 

man waiteth for the precious 
fruit of the earth and hath long 
patience for it, until he receive 
the early and latter rain. Be 
ye also patient ; stablish your 
hearts : for the coming of the 
Lord draweth nigh. 

'Bif. The Lord is nigh unto all 
them that call upon him ; unto 
all that call upon him faithfully. 

My mouth shall speak the 
praise of the Lord. 

And let all flesh give 
thanks unto his holy Name for- 
ever and ever. 

^. Come, Lord, tarry not. 

I^. And do away the offences 
of thy people Israel. 


The Chapte)\ Isaiah lii. 1, 4, 7, 
8, 9. 

AWAKE, awake ; put on thy 
strength, Zion; put on 
thy beautiful garments, O Jeru- 
salem, the holy city : for hence- 
forth there shall no more 
come into thee the un circum- 
cised and the unclean. For thus 
saith the Lord ; ye have sold 
yourselves for nought ; and 
ye shall be redeemed without 
money. How beautiful upon 
the mountains are the feet of 
him that bringeth good tidings, 
that publisheth peace ; that 
bringeth good tidings of good, 
that publisheth salvation ; that 
saith unto Zion, Thy God reign- 
eth ! Thy watchmen shall lift 
ap the voice, with the voice to- 

gether shall they sing : for they 
shall see eye to eye, when the 
Lord shall bring again Zion. 
Break forth into joy, sing to- 
gether, ye waste places of Je- 
rusalem : for the Lord hath 
comforted his people, he hath 
redeemed Jerusalem. 

But Thou, Lord, have mercy 
upon us. I^. Thanks be to God. 

Hymn. Adeste Fideles. 

OCOME all ye Faithful, joy- 
ful and triumphant, 
come ye, come ye to 
Bethlehem ! 
Born here behold Him, Lord 
and king of angels ! 

come and let us worship, 
come and let us worship, 
O come and let us worship, ador- 
ing the Lord ! 



God out of Godhead ! Light 
from Light Eternal ! 
Lo, in the Virgin Womb His 
chosen shrine ! 
God over all, begotten not cre- 
ated ! 

O come and let us worship, 
O come and let us worship, 
come and let us worship, ador- 
ing the Lord ! 


Sing, Alleluia ! ye choral host 
of Angels ! 
Sing, O Celestial Court on 
high ! 

Glory to God ! All glory in the 
highest ! 

O come and let us worship, 
O come and let us worship, 
come and let us worship, ador- 
ing the Lord ! 


Thou who wast born this holy 
day of Mary, 
Jesu, to Thee be blessing, 
glory, and praise ! 
Word of th' Eternal Eather, 
now Incarnate ! 

O come and let us worship, 
O come and let us worship, 
come and let us worship, ador- 
ing the Lord ! 

'f'. Blessed is He that cometh 
in the Name of the Lord. 

'Sf. God is the Lord, who hath 
showed us light. 


The Chapter. Heb. i. 1, 2. 

GOD, who at sundry times 
and in divers manners 
spake unto the fathers by the 
prophets, hath in these last days 
spoken unto us by His Son. 

God is the Lord, who hath 
showed us light. 

^. The Word was made Flesh. 

I^. And dwelt among us. Al- 

f. Glory be to the Father, 
and to the Son, and to the Holy 

I^". The Word was made Elesh 
and dwelt among us. Alleluia. 

The Hymn. Veni Redemptor 

COME, Kedeemer of the na- 
tions ; 

Thou the Virgin's mystic birth, 
Wonder of all generations, 
God most meekly born on earth, 


Not in carnal union given ; 

By the Spirit's mystery, 

Elesh is made the Word from 

And the promised seed draws 



God is Man, in way most holy. 
Pure from every stain abhorred ; 
And the Virgin's breast all lowly 
Is the temple of the Lord. 


From the Father's glory bend- 

He again with Him shall stand ; 
And to Hell in death descend- 

Else in life to God's right hand. 


Brightly gleams Thy holy man- 

And new glories gild the night, 
Darkness now to us a stranger, 
We shall dwell in fadeless light. 


Glory to our God be given, 
To the Son and Paraclete ; 


Worshipped evermore in Heav- As a Vridegroom out of 

en, his chamber : 

With due praise and honour I^. The Lord cometh forth to 

meet. Amen. run his course. 

£ta^i of tl)e 


The Chapter. Isaiah Ix. 1. 

AEISE, shine, for thy light 
is come, and the glory of 
the Lord is risen upon thee. 

But Thou, Lord, have mercy 
upon us. I^. Thanks be to God. 

The Hymn. Jesus refulsit om- 


JESUS hath shone benignly 

Redeemer of the tribes of Earth ; 
Let all the faithful far and near. 
The praises of His deeds declare. 


Whose birth the Star's bright 

rays revealed. 
Resplendent in the ethereal field ; 
The Magi guiding in the way. 
To Him who in the manger lay. 


Prostrate the Infant they adore. 
With linen meanly swathed o'er, 
Confess Him Very God, and 

Their mystic offerings to their 


On us in mercy here below, 
Thy help and comfort e'er be- 

And rapt from Satan's drear 

With Thee above the stars to 
reign. • 


All glory, Lord, to Thee we pay, 
Eor Thine Epiphany to-day ; 
All glory as is ever meet. 
To Eather and to Paraclete. 


It is the Lord that com- 
mandeth the waters ; it is the 
glorious God that maketh the 

'Bf. The Voice of the Lord is 
mighty in operation : the Voice 
of the Lord is a glorious Voice. 


The Chapter. Isaiah Ix. 2, 3 

THE Lord shall arise upon 
thee, O Jerusalem, and His 
glory shall be seen upon thee. 
And the Gentiles shall come to 
thy light, and Kings to the 
brightness of thy rising. 

I^. The Kings of Tharsis and 
of the Isles shall give presents. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 

Y' The Kings of Arabia and 
Saba shall bring gifts. 
I^. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
ir. Glory be to the Father, 
and to the Son, and to the Holy 

I^. The Kings of Tharsis and 
of the Isles shall give presents. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 

. All kings shall fall down 
before Him. 

I^. All nations shaU do Him 


The Hymn. Hostis Her odes 


Y, impious Herod, vainly 

That Christ the Saviour cometh 
here ? 

He takes not earthly realms 

Who gives the crown that lasts 
for aye. 


To greet His birth the wise men 

Led by the star before them 
sent ; 

Called on by light, towards 

Light they pressed, 
And by their gifts, their God 



In holy Jordan's purest wave. 
The heavenly Lamb vouchsaf d 
to lave ; 

That He to whom was sin un- 

Might cleanse His People from 
their own. 


New miracle of Power divine. 
The water reddens into wine : 
He spake the word, and pour'd 

the wave 
In other streams than Nature . 



All glory. Lord, to Thee we 

For Thine Epiphany to-day : 
All glory as is ever meet, 
To Father and to Paraclete. 

All they from Sheba shall 


I^. They shall bring gold and 
incense, and they shall show 
forth the praises of the Lord. 


The Chapter. 1 Cor. ix. 24. 

KNOW ye not that they 
which run in a race run 
all, but one receiveth the prize 
So run, that ye may obtain. 
And every one that striveth for 
the mastery is temperate in all 
things. Now they do it to obtain 
a corruptible crown, but we an 
incorruptible. I therefore so 
run, not as uncertainly ; so fight 
I, not as one that beateth the 
air : But I keep under my body, 
and bring it into subjection : lest 
that by any means, when I 

t0 toeirnesiiaa, 

have preached to others, I my- 
self should be a castaway. 

But Thou, O Lord, have mercy 
upon us. Thanks be to God- 


The Chapter. Jeremiah vi. 16. 

THUS saith the Lord, Stand ye 
in the ways, and see, and ask 
for the old paths, where is the 
good way, and walk therein, and 
ye shall find rest for your souls. 
I^. Thanks be to God. 
"f". Thou Lord in the begin- 
ning hast laid the foundation of 
the earth. 


I^. And the heavens are the 
work of Thy hands. 

They shall perish, but 
Thou shalt endure. 

I^. And as a vesture shalt 
Thou change them, and they 
shall be changed ; but Thou art 
the same, and Thy years shall 
not fail. 

Y. Be merciful unto me, 
God, be merciful unto me. 

I^^. For my soul trusteth in 

21ie following Hymn is sung at any 
hour, during the weeks between 
Septuagesima and Lent. 

Hymn. Alleluia, dulce carmen. 


ALLELUIA, song of sweet- 

Voice of joy that cannot die, 
Alleluia is the anthem 
Ever dear to choirs on high ; 

In the house of God abiding, 
Thus they sing eternally. 

Alleluia thou resoundest 
True Jerusalem and free ; 
Alleluia, joyful Mother, 
All thy children sing with thee ; 
But by Babylon's sad waters, 
Mourning Exiles now are we. 

Alleluia cannot always 
Be our song while here below, 
Alleluia our transgressions 
Make us for a while forego ; 
Eor the solemn time is coming 
When our tears for sin must 


Therefore, in our hymns we 

pray Thee, 
Grant us. Blessed Trinity, 
At the last to keep Thine Easter 
In our home beyond the sky ; 
There to Thee for ever singing 
Alleluia joyfully. Amen. 

iTrom ^$1) to^irncsbag io £o)xxi\) Sunbag in 


Joel ii, 

The Chapter. Joel ii. 12, 13. 

TURN ye even unto me, saith 
the Lord, with all your heart, 
and with weeping and with fast- 
ing and with mourning. And 
rend your hearts, and not your 
garments, and turn unto the 
Lord your God. 

But Thou, Lord, have mer- 
cy upon us. 
'Bf. Thanks be to God. 

Accept the prayer, and own the 

Towards Thy seat of mercy 

In this most holy fast of Lent. 

Each heart is manifest to Thee, 
Thou knowest our infirmity ; 
Eorgive Thou then each soul 

that fain 
Would seek to Thee, and turn 


Hymn. Audi henigne Conditor. iii. 

I. Our sins are manifold and sore, 

O MAKER of the world, give But pardon them that sin de" 
ear ! plore ; 



And, for Thy Name^s sake, 

make each soul 
That feels and owns its languor 



So mortify we every sense, 
By grace of outward abstinence, 
That from each stain and spot 
of sin, 

The soul may keep her fast 


Grant, Thou Blessed Trm- 

Grant, O Essential Unity, 
That this our fast of forty days 
May work our profit and Thy 

praise. Amen. 

His faithfulness and truth 
shall be thy shield and buckler. 

I^. Thou shalt not be afraid 
for any terror by night. 


The Chapter, Eom. xv. 13. 
"VrO W thfe God of hope fill you 
Jli with all joy and peace in 
believing, that ye may abound 
in hope through the power of 
the Holy Ghost. 

But Thou, Lord, have mer- 
cy upon us. 

~Bf. Thanks be to God. 

He shall deliver thee from 
the snare of the hunter. 

And from the noisome pes- 

'f'. He shall defend thee un- 
der His wings. 

I^. And thou shalt be safe 
under His feathers. 

Hymn. Jesu quadragenarice. 

JESU ! who this our Lenten 

Of abstinence hast sanctified ; 

And who to amend our soul's 

This holy fast didst consecrate. 

So unto Paradise once more. 
By sober converse to restore. 
The souls whom thence enticing 

Insatiate, had to ruin thrust j 

Be with Thy Church in saving 

In this her penitential hour ; 
When for the sins of bygone 

In plenteousness of tears she 


To all our heinous past offence, 
Thy gracious pardon. Lord, dis- 
pense ; 

And let Thy mercy guard us 

Prom crimes that threaten fu- 
ture ill. 


So cleansed in spirit in thine 


By this our fasting sacrifice. 
May we Thy paschal joys pre- 

With meet and reverent love to 


O Eather, that we ask be done 
Through Jesus Christ Thine 

Only Son ; 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and 


Shall live and reign eternally. 

He shall give His angels 
charge over thee. 

I^. To keep thee in all thy 

iTottrt^ 0ttnbag in Cent to Palm Bunirag. 


The Chapter. St. John viii. 12. 

THEN spake Jesus, I am the 
Light of the World ; he that 
followeth Me shall not walk in 
darkness, but shall have the 
light of life. 

But Thou, Lord, have 
mercy upon us. 
I^. Thanks be to God. 

Hymn. Pange lingua gloriosi. 

[This hymn, if too long, may he he- 
gun at the verse, " Thirty years 
among us dwelling."] 


SING, my tongue, the glorious 

With completed victory rife ; 
And above the Cross's trophy 
Tell the triumph of the strife ; 
How the world's Eedeemer con- 

By surrendering of His life. 

God his Maker, sorely grieving 
That the first-made Adam fell. 
When he ate the fruit of sorrow, 
Whose reward was death and 

Noted then this word, the ruin 
Of the ancient word to quell. 

Tor the work of our salvation 
Needs would have his order so, 
And the multiform deceiver's 
Art by art would overthrow. 
And from thence would bring 

the med'cine. 
Whence the insult of the foe. 


Wherefore, when the sacred ful- 

Of th' appointed time was come. 

This world's Maker left His 

Sent the heavenly mansion from, 
And proceeded, God incarnate 
Of the Virgin's Holy Womb. 


Thirty years among us dwelling 
His appointed time fulfiU'd, 
Born for this, He meets His 

For that this He freely will'd. 
On the Cross the Lamb is lifted 
Where His lifeblood shall be 



He endur'd the nails, the spit- 

Vinegar, and spear, and reed; 
From that Holy Body broken 
Blood and water forth proceed : 
Earth and stars, and sky and 

ocean, • 
By that flood from stain are 



Faithful Cross ! above all other 
One and only noble tree ! 
None in foliage, none in blossom, 
None in fruit Thy peers may be ! 
Sweetest wood and sweetest 
iron ! 

Sweetest weight is hung on 


Bend thy boughs, Tree of 
Glory ! 

Thy relaxing sinews bend ; 
For awhile the ancient rigor 
That thy birth bestow'd sus- 
pend : 

And the King of heavenly 

On thy bosom gently tend ! 



Thou alone wast counted worthy 
This world's Kansom to uphold ; 
For a shipwrecked race prepar- 

Harbor, like the Ark of old ; 
With the sacred Blood anointed 
From the smitten Lamb that 


To the Trinity be glory 
Everlasting as is meet, 
Equal to the Father, equal 
To the Son and Paraclete ; 
Trinal Unity whose praises 
All created things repeat. 

'f'. Deliver me from mine 
enemies, God. 

I^. Defend me from them that 
rise up against me. 


The Chapter. Daniel vi. 26, 27. 

HE is the living God and 
steadfast for ever, and His 
kingdom that which shall not be 
destroyed, and His dominion 
shall be even unto the end. He 
delivereth and rescueth, and He 
worketh signs and wonders in 
heaven and in earth. 

But Thou, Lord, have 
mercy upon us. 

I^. Thanks be to God. 
'f'. The ungodly compassed 
me about and afflicted me with- 
out a cause. 

]^. But Thou, O Lord, art 
my defender. 

'f'. For trouble is hard at 

I^. And there is none to help 

"f". Deliver me from mine 
enemies, God. 

I^. Defend me from them that 
rise up against me. 

Hymn. Vexilla Regis prodeunt. 

^HE Royal Banners forward 

The Cross shines forth in mystic 
glow ; 

Where He in flesh, our flesh 

who made, 
Our sentence bore, our ransom 



Where deep for us the spear was 

Life's torrent rushing from His 

To wash us in that precious 

Where mingled water flowed 
and Blood. 


Fulfill'd is all that David told. 
In true prophetic song of old, 
Amidst the nations God saith 

Hath reign'd and triumph'd from 
the Tree. 


O Tree of beauty, Tree of 
light ! 

O Tree with royal purple dight ! 
Elect on whose triumphal breast 
Those holy limbs should find 
their rest : 


On whose dear arms, so widely 

The weight of this world's ran- 
som hung : 

The price of human kind to 

And spoil the spoiler of his prey. 



To Thee, Eternal Three in one, 
Let homage meet by all be 
done : 

Whom by tlie Cross Thou dost 

Preserve and govern evermore. 

'f'. They gave me gall to eat. 
I^. And when I was thirsty 
they gave me vinegar to drink. 


The Chapter. Phil. ii. 10, 11. 

AT the Name of Jesus every 
knee shall bow, of things in 
heaven and things in earth, and 
things under the earth ; and 
every tongue shall confess that 
Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory 
of God, the Father. 

But Thou, O Lord, have 
mercy upon us. 
I^. Thanks be to God. 


The Chapter. Hosea vi. 3, 4. 

OMY people, what have I 
done unto thee ? And 

wherein have I wearied thee ? 
Testify against me. For I 
brought thee up out of the land 
of Egypt, and redeemed thee out 
of the house of bondage ; and I 
sent before thee Moses, Aaron, 
and Miriam. 

But Thou hast prepared 
a Cross for Thy Saviour. 

'f'. Lift up your heads, ye 
gates, and be ye lift up ye ever- 
lasting doors. 

And the King of Glory 
shall come in. 

'f'. Blessed be the King that 
Cometh in the Name of the Lord. 

Peace in heaven and glory 
in the highest. 

^ The order for Maunday- Thurs- 
day shall be as follows : After 
the invocation of the Blessed 
Trinity and the Lord^s Prayer, 
the Psalms shall he at once begun, 
and sung without Gloria Patri, 
which shall not be said again 
until the Matins of Easter Day. 
Then shall be said immediately 
Benedictus, without Gloria 
Patri. Then all kneeling, is 
said — 

LORD, have mercy upon us. 
Christ, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ became obedient 
for us unto death. 

I^. Even the death of the 

^ Then shall be said one of the fol- 

lowinq Psalms : 6, 32, 38, 61, 

102, "130, 143. 
^ And then ivithout " The Lord be 

with you, &c." is immediately 

said — 

The Collect. 

seech thee graciously to 
behold this Thy family, for 
which our Lord Jesus Christ 



was contented to be betrayed, 
and given up into the hands of 
wicked men, and to suffer death 
upon the Cross, who now liveth 
and reigneth with Thee and 
the Holy Ghost, ever one God, 
world without end. Amen. 

^ Thus end the Matins. 
^ So shall be said all the Hours till 

Easter Day, except, of course, 
with their own Psalms. 
^ On Good Friday the Collect 
shall end at the word Cross. 

T[ On Easter Even, the proper CoU 
led for the Day shall be used, but 
all 'else shall be as on the two pre- 
ceding days. 

from ffiaster-SDaa to torn Qnnba^. 

^ No Chapter is said : but immedi- 
ately after the Psalms, is said — 

At Matins, Prime, and Vespers, 
f. THE Lord is risen from 
the tomb. 

KT. Who died to save us from 
our doom. Alleluia. 

At the other Hours, except Com- 

In Thy resurrection, 

I^. Let heaven and earth re- 
joice. Alleluia. 

After this, at each Office, shall be 
said immediately — 

'f'. The Lord be with you. 
I^. And with Thy Spirit. 

Let us pray. 

The Collect. 

through Thine only be- 
gotten Son Jesus Christ hast 
overcome death, and opened 
unto us the gate of everlasting 
life ; We humbly beseech Thee, 

that, as by Thy special grace 
preventing us Thou dost put 
into our minds good desires, so 
by Thy continual help we may 
bring the same to good effect , 
through Jesus Christ our Lord, 
who liveth and reigneth with 
Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever 
one God, world without end. 

'f'. Bless we the Lord. 
1^. Thanks be to God. 

Benediction. Heb. xiii. 20, 21. 
20. NOW the God of peace, 
that brought again from the 
dead our Lord Jesug, that great 
Shepherd of the sheep, through 
the blood of the everlasting cov- 
enant, make you perfect in every 
good work to do his will, work- 
ing in you that which is well 
pleasing in his sight, through 
Jesus Christ; to whom be glory 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

^ Thus shall the Hours be said, 
except Compline, during Easter 



The Chapter. Rom. vi. 4. 

LIKE as Christ was raised up 
from the dead by the glory 
of the Pather, even so we also 
should walk in newness of life. 

But Thou, O Lord, have 
mercy upon us. 
^. Thanks be to God. 

Hymn. Sermone blando Angdus. 

WITH gentle voice the 
Angel gave 
The women tidings at the 
grave ; 

"Forthwith your Master shall 

ye see ; 
He goes before to Gahlee." 


And while with fear and joy 

they press'd, 
To tell these tidings to the rest, 
Their Lord, their living Lord 

they meet. 
And see His form, and kiss 

His feet. 


Th' Eleven, when they hear, 

with speed 
To Galilee forthwith proceed ; 
That there they may behold 

once more 
The Lord's dear Face, as oft 



In this our bright and paschal 

The sun shines out with purer 
ray : 

When Christ, to earthly sight 

made plain. 
The glad Apostles see again. 


The wounds, the riven wounds, 

He shows 
Of that His flesh with light that 


In loud accord, both far and 

The Lord's arising testify. 


Christ, the King, who lov'st 
to bless. 

Do Thou our hearts and souls 

possess ; 
To Thee our praise, that we 

may pay. 
To whom all laud is due for 



We pray Thee, King with 

glory deck'd, 
In this our Paschal joy protect, 
From all that death would fain 


Thy ransom'd flock. Thine own 


To Thee, who, dead, again dost 

All glory, Lord, Thy people 


All glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and to Paraclete. 

The Lord hath risen from 
the tomb. 

I^. Who died to save us from 
our doom. Alleluia. 


The Chapter. Acts i. 3. 

JESUS also shewed Himself 
alive, after His Passion, by 
many infallible proofs, being 
seen of them forty days, and 


speaking of the things pertain- 
ing to the kingdom of God. 

I^. Jesu Christ, Son of the liv- 
ing God, have mercy upon us. 

^. In Thy Resurrection, 

'B/. Let heaven and earth re- 

y. I shall not die, but live. 

I^. And declare the works of 
the Lord. Alleluia. 

Hymn. Ad coenam Agni providi. 

*HE Lamb's high banquet we 


In snow-white robes of royal 
state : 

And now, the Red Sea's channel 

To Christ, our Prince, we sing 
at last. 


Upon the altar of the Cross, 
His Body hath redeem'd our loss. 
And tasting of His roseate Blood, 
Our life is hid with Him in God. 


That Paschal eve God's arm 

was bar'd ; 
The devastating angel spar'd : 
By strength of hand our hosts 

went free, 

From Pharaoh's ruthless tyr- 


Now Christ, our Paschal Lamb, 

is slain, 

The Lamb of God that knows 

no stain, 
The true Oblation oflfer'd here, 
Our own unieaven'd bread sin- 


Thou, from whom Hell's 

monarch flies, 
O great, very sacrifice ! 
Thy captive people are set free, 
And endless life restored in 



For Christ, arising from the^ead, 
Prom conquer'd hell victorious 
sped : 

And thrust the tyrant down to 

And Paradise for man regains. 


To Thee, who, dead, again dost 

All glory, Lord, thy people give ; 
All glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and to Paraclete. 

y. Abide with us. 

I^. For it is toward Evening, 
and the day is far spent. Alle- 

fxom ^Bamion-i3a^ to tDljit-Sttnirag. 


The Chapter. Hebrews ix. 24. 

FOR Christ is not entered into 
the holy places made with 
hands, which are the figures of 
the true : but into heaven itself, 

But Thou, Lord, have 
mercy upon us. 

I^. Thanks be to God. 

Hymn. Hymnum canamus glorice. 

now to appear in the presence O ING we triumphant hymns 
of God for us. O of praise, 



New hymns to heaven exulting 
raise ; 

Christ, by a road before untrod, 
Ascendeth to the Throne of 


The holy Apostolic band 
Upon the Mount of Olives 

And with the Virgin Mother see 
Jesu's resplendent Majesty. 


To whom the Angels, drawing 

" Why stand and gaze upon the 
sky ? 

" This is the Saviour/^ thus they 

" This is His noble triumph day. 


Again shall ye behold Him, so, 
" As ye to-day have seen Him 

" In glorious pomp ascending 

" Up to the portals of the sky." 


O grant us thitherward to tend, 
And with unwearied hearts as- 

Toward thy Kingdom's Throne 

where Thou, 
As is our faith, art seated now. 


Be Thou our Joy, and Thou our 

Who art to be our great Eeward ; 
Our glory and our boast in Thee 
Eor ever and for ever be ! 


All glory, Lord, to Thee we pay. 
Ascending o'er the stars to-day ; 
All glory, as is ever meet, 
To Father and to Paraclete. 

Y- God is gone up with a 
merry noise. 

E7. And the Lord with the 
sound of the trumpet. Alleluia. 


The Chapter. Hebrews xii. 1, 2. 

LET us run with patience the 
race that is set before us, 
looking unto Jesus, the author 
and finisher of our faith ; who for 
the joy that was set before Him, 
endured the Cross, despising the 
shame, and is set down at the 
right hand of the Throne of God. 

RT. Thou art the King of 
Glory, Christ. 

Y' Thou art gone up on high, 
Thou hast led captivity cap- 

I^. And hast given good gifts 
to men. 

Y' The Lord's seat is in 
heaven. Alleluia, Alleluia. 

117. His eyes behold the chil- 
dren of men. Alleluia. 

Y- I ascend to my Father and 
your Father. 

R/. To my God and your 

Hy3IN. Sterne Rex altissime. 

ETEENAL Monarch, King 
most high, 
Whose Blood hath brought re- 
demption nigh, 
By whom the death of Death 

was wrought. 
And conqu'ring grace's battle 


Ascending to the Throne of 

*And seated at the Father's 


All power in heaven is Jesu's 

That here His manhood had 
not known. 


That so, in Nature's triple 

Each heavenly and each earthly 

And things in Hell's abyss ab- 

May bend the knee and own Him 


Yea, angels tremble when they 

How changed is our humanity, 
That flesh hath purg'd what 

flesli had stain'd, 
And God, the Eiesh of God, hath 



Be Thou our joy and Thou our 

Who art to be our great Re- 
ward : 

Our glory and our boast in 

Eor ever and for ever be ! 


All glory, Lord, to Thee we 

Ascending o'er the stars to-day ; 
All glory, as is ever meet. 
To Father and to Paraclete. 


Thou art gone up on high, 

I^. Thou hast led captivity 
captive. Alleluia. 


The Chapter. Isaiah Iv. 1. 

HO, every one that thirsteth, 
come ye to the waters, and 
he that hath no money ; come 
ye, buy and eat ; yea, come, buy 
wine and milk without money 
and without price. 

But Thou, Lord, have mercy 
upon us. 
I^r. Thanks be to God. 

Hymn. Veni Creator Spiritus, 

COME, Holy Ghost, our souls 

And lighten with celestial fire : 
Thou the anointing Spirit art 
That dost thy seven-fold gifts 

t0 SCrinitg Sunbag. 

Thy blessed unction from above 
Is comfort, life, and fire of love : 
Enable with perpetual light 
The dulness of our blinded sight. 


Anoint and cheer our soiled face 
With the abundance of thy 
grace : 

Keep far our foes, give peace at 
home : 

Where Thou art guide no ill 
can come. 


Teach us to know the Father, 

And Thee of both to be but one ; 
That through the ages all along, 
This may be our endless song, 



Praise to thy eternal merit, 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

'f'. The Apostles did speak 
"with other tongues. 

The wonderful works of 
God. Alleluia. 


The Chapter. Ephes. iii. 16, 17. 

THE Lord grant you, accord- 
ing to the riches of his glory, 
to be strengthened with might 
by his Spirit in the inner man ; 
that Christ may dwell in your 
hearts by faith. 

]^. Thanks be to God. 
Y. And it shall come to pass 
in the last days, saith God. 

I^. That I will pour out my 
Spirit upon all flesh. 

Y- He hath increased his peo- 
ple exceedingly. 

I^. And made them stronger 
than their enemies. 

'f'. Strengthen the thing that 
Thou hast wrought in us, O 

I^. For thy temple's sake at 

Let thy loving Spirit lead 
me forth. 

I^. Into the land of righteous- 

Hymn. Beata nobis gaudia. 

BLEST joys for mighty won- 
ders wrought 
The year's revolving orb has 

What time the Holy Ghost in 

Upon the Lord's disciples came. 


The quivering fire their heads 

In cloven tongues' simiUtude, 
That eloquent their words might 


And fervid all their charity. 

In varying tongues the Lord 

they prais'd ; 
The gathering people stood 

araaz'd ; 

And whom the Comforter divine 
Inspir'd, they mock'd as full of 


These things were done in type 

When Easter tide had worn 

The number told which once set 

The captive at the jubilee. 


Thy servants, falling on their 


Beseech thy mercy, God of 

To send us, from thy heavenly 

The blessings of the Paraclete. 


To God the Father, God the Son, 
And God the Spirit, praise be 
done ; 

And Christ the Lord upon us 

The Spirit's gift for evermore. 

'f. The Spirit of the Lord 
filleth the world. 

And that which containeth 
all things hath knowledge of the 
voice. Alleluia. 



Uie Chapter. Kev. iv. 8. 

AND they rest not day and 
night, saying, Holy, Holy, 
Holy, Lord God Almighty, which 
was and is, and is to come. 

I^. Let us bless the Eather, 
and the Son, and the Holy 
Ghost. Alleluia, Alleluia. 

'f". Praise Him, and magnify 
Him for ever. 
I^. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
'f. Blessed art Thou in the 
firmament of heaven. 

I^. And above all to be praised 
and glorified for ever. Ainen, 

Hymn. Ave colenda Trinitas. 

ALL hail ! Adored Trinity ! 
All hail ! Adored Unity ! 
The Father God, and God the 

And God the Spirit, Three in 


Behold to Thee this blessed day, 
Our grateful thanks we duly pay, 
For thy rich gifts of priceless 

The saving health of all on earth. 

And to the angels' songs in light 
Our prayers and praises now 
unite. Amen, 

Blessed be the Name of the 


I^. From this time forth for 


The Chapter. Romans xi. 33-86. 

OTHE depth of the riches both 
of the wisdom and knowl- 
edge of God ! How unsearchable 
are his judgments, and his ways 
past finding out ! For of him, 
and through him, and to him are 
all things ; to whom be glory 
for ever. Amen. 
19. Thanks be to God. 

Blessed be the Name of 
the Lord. 

From this time forth for 

^. Thee the Father unbegot- 
ten; Thee the Only Begotten 
Son ; Thee the Holy Ghost, the 
Comforter, One Holy and Undi- 
vided Trinity with heart and 
mouth we confess. 

I^. We praise Thee, we bless 
Thee, we glorify Thee ; to Thee 
be glor}^ now and for ever, and 
world without end. Amen, 

The Hymn. Adesto Sancia 
Thee, Three in One, we thus Trinitas. 

Thee, One in Three, for ever- ^' 

more ; TJ^^ present, Holy Trinity; 

In thy sweet mercy may we find -t> Like splendour and one 
A shelter sure for all mankind. Deity : 

Of things above and things be- 
IV-. low, 
Trinity ! Unity ! Beginning that no end shall 

Be with us as we worship thee ; know. 




Thee all the armies of the sky 
Adore, and laud and magnify : 
While Nature, in her triple 

For ever sanctifies thy name. 

And we too, thanks, and hom- 
age pay. 
Thine own adoring flock to-day : 
O join to that celestial song 
The praises of our suppliant 
throng ! 


To Thee, IJnbegotten One, 
And Thee, O Sole-begotten Son, 
And Thee, Holy Ghost, we 

Our equal and eternal praise. 

'f'. Let us bless the Father, 
and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. 

I^. Praise Him and magnify 
Him for ever. 

From Trinity to Advent, on Satur- 
dai/s at Vespers, is said the Hymn, 
O lux beata Trinitas. 

TRINITY of blessed light, 
O Unity of princely might. 
The fiery sun now goes his way, 
Shed Tiiou within our hearts 
thy ray. 


To Thee our morning song of 

To Thee our evening prayer we 
raise ; 

Thy glory suppliant we adore 
For ever and for evermore. 


All laud to God the Father be ; 
All praise. Eternal Son, to 
Thee ; 

All praise for ever, as is meet, 
To God, the Holy Paraclete. 

"f". Let our evening prayer 
come up before Thee, Lord. 

I^. And let Thy mercy come 
down upon us. 











0unirags ani iTeast 511 ags. 


IT The Psalms for every Sunday 
and Feast Day throughout the 
year, except from Septuaqesima 
to Easter, shall be 93, 100, 148, 
149, 150. 

Psalm xciii. Dominus regnavit, 

THE Lord is King, and hath 
put on glorious apparel ; the 
Lord hath put on his apparel, 
and girded himself with strength. 

2 He hath made the round 
world so sure, that it cannot be 

3 Ever since the world began, 
hath thy seat been prepared : 
thou art from everlasting. 

4 The floods are risen, 
Lord, the floods have lift up 
their voice ; the floods hft up 
their waves. 

5 The waves of the sea are 
mighty, and rage horribly ; but 
yet the Lord, who dwelleth on 
high, is mightier. 

6 Thy testimonies, O Lord, 
are very sure : holiness becom- 
eth thine house for ever. 

Psalm c. Jubilate Deo. 

OBE ye joyful in the Lord, 
all ye lands ; serve the Lord 
with gladness, and come before 
his presence with a song. 

2 Be ye sure that the Lord 
he is God ; it is he that hath 
made us, and not we ourselves ; 
we are his people, and the sheep 
of his pasture. 

3 O go your way into his gates 
with thanksgiving, and into his 

courts with praise ; be thankful 
unto him, and speak good of his 
name ; 

4 For the Lord is gracious; 
his mercy is everlasting ; and 
his truth endureth from genera- 
tion to generation. 

Psalm cxlviii. Laudate Dominum. 

O PRAISE the Lord of heav- 
en ; praise him in the height. 

2 Praise him, all ye angels of 
his ; praise him, all his hosts. 

3 Praise him, sun and moon ; 
praise him, all ye stars and light. 

4 Praise him, all ye heavens, 
and ye waters that are above the 

5 Let them praise the name 
of the Lord ; for he spake the 
word, and they were made ; he 
commanded, and they were cre- 

6 He hath made them fast for 
ever and ever : he hath given 
them a law which shall not be 

7 Praise the Lord upon earth : 
ye dragons and all deeps. 

8 Eire and hail, snow and va- 
pours, wind and storm, fulfilling 
his word : 

9 Mountains and all hills ; 
fruitful trees and all cedars : 

10 Beasts and all cattle ; 
worms and feathered fowls : 

11 Kings of the earth, and 
all people ; princes, and aU 
judges of the world : 

12 Young men and maidens, 
old men and children, praise 
the Name of the Lord : for his 





Name only is excellent, and his 
praise above heaven and earth. 

13 He shall exalt the horn of 
his people : all his saints sliall 
praise him ; even the children 
of Israel, even the people that 
serveth him. 

Psalm cxlix. Cantate Domino. 

OSING unto the Lord a new 
song; let the congregation 
of saints praise him. 

2 Let Israel rejoice in him 
that made him, and let the chil- 
dren of Sion be joyful in their 

3 Let them praise his Name 
in the dance : let them sing 
praises unto him with tabret 
and harp. 

4 For the Lord hath pleasure 
in his people, and helpeth the 

6 Let the saints be joyful 
with glory : let them rejoice in 
their beds. 

6 Let the praises of God be in 
their mouth ; and a two-edged 
sword in their hands. 

7 To be avenged of the hea- 
then, and to rebuke the people ; 

8 To bind their kings in 
cliains, and their nobles with 
links of iron. 

9 That they may be avenged 
of them ; as it is written. Such 
honour have all his saints. 

Psalm cl. Laudate Dominum. 

O PRAISE God in his holi- 
ness : praise him in the 
firmament of his power. 

2 Praise him in his noble acts : 
praise him according to his ex- 
cellent greatness. 

3 Praise him in the sound of 
the trumpet ; praise him upon 
the lute and harp. 

4 Praise him in the cymbals 

and dances : praise him upon 
the strings and pipe. 

5 Praise him upon the well- 
tuned cymbals : praise him upon 
the loud cymbals. 

6 Let every thing that hath 
breath praise the Lord. 

^ From Septuac/esima to Easter, in- 
stead of Ps. 93, shall be said 
Ps. 51, and instead of Ps. 100, 
shall be said Ps. 87, as follows t 

Psalm li. Miserere mei, Deus. 

HAVE mercy upon me. O 
God, after thy great good- 
ness ; according to the multitude 
of thy mercies, do away mine 

2 Wash me thoroughly from 
my wickedness, and cleanse me 
from my sin ; 

3 Eor I acknowledge my faults, 
and my sin is ever before me. 

4 Against thee only have I 
sinned, and done this evil in thy 
sight, that thou mightest be 
justified in thy saying, and clear 
when thou art judged. 

5 Behold I was shapen in 
wickedness, and in sin hath my 
mother conceived me. 

6 But lo, thou requirest truth 
in the inward parts, and shalt 
make me to understand wisdom 

7 Thou shalt purge me with 
hyssop, and I shall be clean ; 
thou shalt wash me, and I shall 
be whiter than snow. 

8 Thou shalt make me hear 
of joy and gladness, tiiat the 
bones which thou hast broken 
may rejoice. 

9 Turn thy face from my sins, 
and put out all my misdeeds. 

10 Make me a clean heart, O 
God, and renew a right spirit 
within me. 




11 Cast me not away from thy 
presence, and take not thy holy 
Spirit from me. 

12 give me the comfort of 
thy help again, and stabhsh me 
with thy free Spirit. 

13 Then shall I teach thy 
ways unto the wicked, and sin- 
ners shall be converted unto thee. 

14 Deliver me from blood- 
guiltiness, O God, thou that art 
the God of my health ; and my 
tongue shall sing of thy right- 

15 Thou, shalt open my lips, 
O Lord, and my mouth shall 
show thy praise. 

16 For thou desirest no sacri- 
fice, else would I give it thee ; 
but thou delightest not in burnt- 

17 The sacrifice of God, is a 
troubled spirit; a broken and 
contrite heart, God, shalt thou 
not despise. 

18 be favourable and gra- 
cious unto Sion ; build thou the 
walls of Jerusalem. 

19 Then shalt thou be pleased 
with the sacrifice of righteous- 
ness, with the burnt-offerings 
and oblations ; then shall they 
offer young bullocks upon thine 

Psalm Ixxxvii. Fimdamenta ejus. 

HER foundations are upon the 
holy hills : the Lord' loveth 
the gates of Sion more than all 
the dwellings of Jacob. 

2 Very excellent things are 
spoken of thee, thou city of God. 

3 I will think upon Kahab 
and Babylon, with them that 
know me. 

4 Behold ye the Philistines 
also, and they of Tyre, with the 
Morians ; lo, there was he born. 

5 And of Sion it shall be re- 

ported that he was born in her ; 
and the Most High shall stablish 

6 The Lord shall rehearse it, 
when he writeth up the people, 
that he was born there, 

7 The singers also and trump- 
eters shall he rehearse : All my 
fresh springs shall be in thee. 

IT Then shall follow Ps. 148, 149, 
160, as before. 


^ From Advent to Septuagpsima 
shall he sung Ps. 19, on all Sun- 
days and Feast days. 
Psalm xix. Cadi enarrant. 

THE heavens declare the 
glory of God ; and the firma- 
ment showeth his handy work. 

2 One day telleth another ; 
and one night certifieth another. 

3 There is neither speech nor 
language ; but their voices are 
heard among them. 

4 Their sound is gone out into 
all lands ; and their words into 
tlie ends of the world. 

6 In them hath he set a taber- 
nacle for the sun ; which cometh 
forth as a bridegroom out of his 
chamber, and rejoiceth as a giant 
to run his course. 

G It goeth forth from the 
uttermost part of the heaven, 
and runneth about unto the end 
of it again ; and there is nothing 
hid from the heat thereof. 

7 The law of the Lord is an 
undefiled law, converting the 
soul ; the testimony of the Lord 
is sure, and giveth wisdom unto 
the simple. 

8 The statutes of the Lord 
are right, and rejoice the heart ; 
the commandment of the Lord 
is pure, and giveth light unto 
the eyes. 




9 The fear of the Lord is 
clean, and endureth for ever ; 
the judgments of the Lord are 
true, and righteous altogether. 

10 More to be desired are 
they than gold, yea, than much 
fine gold; sweeter also than 
honey, and the honey-comb. 

11 Moreover, by them is thy 
/ servant taught ; and in keeping 

of them there is great reward. 

12 Who can tell how oft he 
offendeth 1 O cleanse thou me 
from my secret faults. 

13 Keep thy servant also from 
presumptuous sins, lest they get 
the dominion over me ; so shall 
I be undefiled, and innocent 
from the great offence. 

14 Let the words of my 
mouth, and the meditation of 
my heart, be alway acceptable 
in thy sight, 

15 O Lord, my strength, and 
my Kedeemer. 

^ From Septuagesima to Easter, 
and from Trinity Sunday to 
Advent, Ps. 63. 

Psalm Ixiii. Deus, Deus mens. 

OGOD, thou art my God; 
early will I seek thee. 
2 My soul thirsteth for thee ; 
my flesh also longeth after thee, 
in a barren and dry land where 
no water is. 

8 Thus have I looked for thee 
in holiness, that I might behold 
thy power and glory. 

4 For thy loving-kindness is 
better than the life itself : my 
lips shall praise thee. 

6 As long as I live will I 
magnify thee in this manner, and 
lift up my hands in thy Name. 

6 My soul shall be satisfied, 
even as it were with marrow and 
fatness, when my mouth praiseth 
thee with joyful lips. 

7 Have I not remembered 
thee in my bed, and thought 
upon thee when I was waking 1 

8 Because thou hast been my 
helper ; therefore under the 
shadow of thy wings wiU I 

9 My soul hangeth upon thee ; 
thy right hand hath upholden 

10 These also that seek the 
hurt of my soul, they shall go 
under the earth. 

11 Let them fall upon the 
edge of the sword, that they 
may be a portion for foxes. 

12 But the King shall rejoice 
in God ; all they also that swear 
by him shall be commended ; 
for the mouth of them that speak 
lies shall be stopped. 

T[ From Easter Day to Trinity 

Psalm ii. Quare fremuerunt 

gentes ? 

WHY do the heathen so 
furiously rage together ? 
and why do the people imagine 
a vain thing ? 

2 The kings of the earth stand 
up, and the rulers take counsel 
together against the Lord, and 
against his Anointed : 

3 Let us break their bonds 
asunder, and cast away ^ their 
cords from us. 

4 He tha,t dwelleth in heaven 
shall laugh them to scorn : the 
Lord shall have them in derision. 

5 Then shall he speak unto 
them in his wrath, and vex them 
in his sore displeasure. 

6 Yet have I set my King up- 
on my holy hill of Sion. 

7 I will preach the law where- 
of the Lord hath said unto me. 
Thou art my Son, this day have 
I begotten thee. 




8 Desire of me, and 1 shall 
give thee the heathen for thine 
inheritance, and the utmost 
parts of the earth for thy pos- 

9 Thou shalt bruise them with 
a rod of iron, and break them in 
pieces like a potter's vessel. 

10 Be wise now therefore, 
ye kings ; be learned, ye that 
are judges of the earth. 

11 Serve the Lord in fear, 
and rejoice unto him with rev- 

12 Kiss the Son, lest he be 
angry, and so }' e perish from the 
riglit way, if his wrath be kin- 
dled, yea, but a little. Blessed 
are all they that put their trust 
in him. 


^ The Psalms on all Sundays and 
Feast Days shall he 110, 113, 

Psalm ex. Dixit Dominus. 

THE LORD said unto my 
Lord, Sit thou on my right 
hand, until I make thine ene- 
mies thy footstool. 

2 The Lord shall send the rod 
of thy power out of Sion : be 
thou ruler, even in the midst 
among thine enemies. 

3 In the day of thy power 
shall the people offer thee free- 
will offerings with an holy wor- 
ship : the dew of thy birth is of 
the womb of the morning. 

4 The Lord sware, and will 
not repent. Thou art a Priest 
for ever after the order of Mel- 

5 The Lord upon thy right 
hand shall wound even kings in 
the day of his wrath. 

6 He shall judge among the 
heathen ; he shall fill the places 
with the dead bodies, and smite 

in sunder the heads over divers 

7 He shall drink of the brook 
in the way ; therefore shall he 
lift up his head. 

Psalm cxiii. Laudate, pueri, 

PRAISE the Lord, ye ser- 
vants ; O praise the Name 
of the Lord. 

2 Blessed be the Name of the 
Lord from this time forth for 

3 The Lord's Name is praised 
from the rising up of the sun 
unto the going down of the 

.4 The Lord is high abov6 all 
heathen, and his glory above the 

5 Who is like unto the Lord 
our God, that hath his dwelling 
so high, and yet humbleth him- 
self to behold the things that 
are in heaven and earth ! 

6 He taketh up the simple out 
of the dust, and lifteth the poor 
out of the mire ; 

7 That he may set him with 
the princes, even with the prin- 
ces of his people. 

8 He maketh the barren wom- 
an to keep house, and to be a 
joyful mother of children. 

Psalm cxiv. In exitu Israel, 

WHEN Israel came out of 
Egypt, and the house of 
Jacob from among the strange 

2 Judah was his sanctuary, 
and Israel his dominion. 

3 The sea saw that, and fled ; 
Jordan was driven back. 

4 The mountains skipped like 
rams, and the little hills like 
young sheep. 

5 What aileth thee, O thou 




sea, that thou fleddest ? and thou 
Jordan, that thou wast driven 
back ? 

6 Ye mountains, that ye skip- 
ped Uke rams ? and je little hills, 
like young sheep ? 

7 Tremble, thou earth at the 
presence of the Lord; at the 
presence of the God of Jacob; 

8 AVho turned the hard rock 
into a standing water, and the 
flint-stone into a springing well. 


^ From Advent to Septuagesima, 
and from Easter Day to Trinitij 
Sunday, Ps. 8, 148. 
Psalm viii. Donwie, Dominus 

OLOED, our Governor, how 
excellent is thy name in 
all the world ; thou that hast set 
thy glory above the heavens ! 

2 Out of the mouth of very 
babes and sucklings hast thou 
ordained strength, because of 
thine enemies, that thou might- 
est still the enemy and the aven- 

3 For I will consider thy heav- 
ens, even the works of thy fin- 
gers ; tb.e moon and the stars 
which thou hast ordained. 

4 ^Yhat is man, that thou art 
mindful of him ? and the son of 
man tliat thou visitest him ? 

5 Thou madest him lower 
than the angels, to crown him 
with glory and worship. 

6 Thou makest him to have 
dominion of the works of thy 
hands : and thou hast put all 
things in subjection under his 

7 All sheep and oxen; yea, 
and the beasts of the field ; 

8 The fowls of the air, and 
the fishes of the sea ; and what- 
soever walketh through the 
paths of the seas. 

9 Lord, our Governor, how 

excellent is thy name in all the 
world ! 

{For Ps. 148, see page 75 of the 

T[ From Septuagesima to Easter 
Day, Ps. f)7 shall be said, in- 
stead of Fs. 8. 

Psalm Ivii. Miserere mei, Deus. 

BE m'erciful 'unto me, O God, 
be merciful unto me ; for 
my soul trusteth in thee ; and 
under the shadow of thy wings 
shall be my refuge, until this 
tyranny be overpast. 

2 I will call unto the most 
high God, even unto the God 
that sliall perform the cause 
which I have in hand. 

3 He shall send from heaven, 
and save me from the reproof 
of him that would eat me up. 

4 God shall send forth his 
mercy and truth': my soul is 
among lions. 

5 And I lie even among the 
children of men, that are set on 
fire, whose teeth are spears and 
arrovrs, and their tongue a sharp 

6 Set up thyself, O God, 
above the heavens ; and thy 
glory above all the earth. 

7 They have laid a net for my 
feet, and pressed down my soul ; 
they have digged a pirt before 
me, and are fallen into the midst 
of it themselves. 




8 My heart is fixed, God, 
my lieart is fixed ; I will sing 
and give praise. 

9 Awake up, my glory; a- 
wake, lute and harp: I myself 
will awake right earlj^ 

10 I will give thanks unto 
thee, O Lord, among the people ; 
and I will sing unto thee among 
the nations. 

11 For the greatness of thy 
mercy reacheth unto the heav- 
ens, and thy truth unto the 

12 Set up thyself, O God, 
above the heavens ; and thy 
glory above all the earth. 

1 Then shall follow Ps. 148, as 

From Trinity Sunday to Advent, 
Ps'. 5, 150." 

Psalm v. Verba mea auribus. 

PONDER my words, O Lord, 
consider my meditation. 
2 O hearken thou unto the 
voice of my calling, my King, 
and my God : for unto thee will 
I make my prayer. 

8 My voice shait thou hear 
betimes, Lord ; early in the 
morning will I direct my prayer 
unto thee, and will look up. 

4 For thou art the God that 
hast no pleasure in wickedness ; 
neither shall any evil dwell with 

6 Such as be foolish, shall not 
stand in thy sight ; for thou 
liatest all them that work van- 


6 Thou shalt destroy them 
that speak lies : the Lord will 
abiior botii the blood-thirsty and 
deceitful man. 

7 But as for me, I will come 
into thine house, even upon the 
multitude of tliy merc}', and in 

F i 

tliy fear will I worship toward 
thy holy temple. 

8 Lead me, O Lord, in thy 
righteousness, because of mine 
enemies ; make thy way plain 
before my face. 

9 For there is no faithfulness 
in his mouth ; their inward parts 
are very wickedness. 

10 Their throat is an open 
sepulchre ; they flatter with their 

11 Destroy thou them, God ; 
let them perish through their 
own imaginations : cast them 
out in the multitude of their 
ungodliness; for they have re- 
belled against thee. 

12 And let all them that put 
their trust in thee rejoice : they 
shall ever be giving of thanks, 
because thou defendest them ; 
they that love thy name shall 
be joyful in thee. 

13 For thou, Lord, wilt give 
thy blessing unto the righteous, 
and with thy favourable kind- 
ness wilt thou defend him as 
with a shield. 

Psalm cl. Laudate Dominum. 

O PRAISE God in his holi- 
ness ; praise him in the fir- 
mament of his power. 

2 Praise liim in his noble 
acts ; praise him according to 
his e:^cellent greatness, 

3 Praise him in the sound of 
the trumpet ; praise him upon 
the lute and harp. 

4 Praise hirji in the cymbals 
and dances ; praise him upon 
the strings and pipe. 

5 Praise him upon the well- 
tuned cymbals ; praise him upon 
the loud cymbals. 

6 Let every thing that hath 
breath praise the Lord. 





^ From Advent to Septuagesima^ 
and from Easter to Trinity Mon- 
day, Ps. 48. 

Psalm xlviii. Magnus Dominus. 

GREAT is the Lord, and 
highly to be praised in the 
city of our God, even upon his 
holy hill. 

2 The hill of Sion is a fair 
place, and the joy of the whole 
earth ; upon the north side lieth 
the city of the great King : God 
is well known in her palaces as 
a sure refuge. 

8 Eor lo, the kings of the 
earth are gathered, and gone by 

4 They marvelled to see such 
things ; they were astonished, 
and suddenly cast down. 

5 Fear came there upon them ; 
and sorrow, as upon a woman in 
her travail. 

6 Thou shalt break the ships 
of the sea through the east wind. 

7 Like as we have heard, so 
have we seen in the city of the 
Lord of hosts, in the city of our 
God ; God upholdeth the same 
for ever. 

8 We wait for thy loving- 
kindness, O God, in the midst 
of thy temple. 

9 O God, according to "thy 
name, so is thy praise unto the 
world's end ; thy right hqjid is 
full of righteousness. 

10 Let the mount Sion rejoice, 
and the daughter of Judah be 
glad, because of thy judgments. 

11 Walk about Sion, and go 
round about her ; and tell the 
towers thereof. 

12 Mark well her bulwarks, 
set up her houses, that ye may 
tell them that come after. 

13 Eor this God is our God 

for ever and ever : He shall be 
our guide unto death. 

^ From Septuagesima to Easter, 
Ps. 65. 

Psalm Iv. Exaudi, Deus. 

HEAR my prayer, God, 
and hide not thyself from 
my petition. 

2 Take heed unto me, and 
hear me, how I mourn in my 
prayer, and am vexed. 

3 The enemy crieth so, and 
the ungodly cometh on so fast ; 
for they are minded to do me 
some mischief, so maliciously 
are they set against me. 

4 My heart is disquieted 
within me, and the fear of death 
is fallen upon me. 

6 Eearfulness and trembling 
are come upon me, and an horri- 
ble dread hath overwhelmed me. 

6 And I said, O that I had 
wings like a dove ! for then 
would I flee avray, and be at 

7 Lo, then would I get me 
aw^ay far olF, and remain in the 

8 I would make haste to 
escape, because of the stormy 
wind and tempest. 

9 Destroy their tongues, O 
Lord, and divide them ; for I 
have spied unrighteousness and 
strife in the city. 

10 Day and night they go 
about within the walls thereof; 
mischief also and sorrow are in 
the midst of it. 

11 Wickedness is therein: 
deceit and guile go not out of 
their streets. 

12 Eor it is not an open 
enemy that hath done me this 
dishonour ; for then I could have 
borne it : 





13 Neither was it mine adver- 
sary that did magnify himself 
against me ; for then perad ven- 
ture I would have hid myself 
from him : 

14 But it was even thou, my 
companion, my guide, and mine 
own familiar friend. 

15 We took sweet counsel 
together, and walked in the 
house of God as friends. 

16 Let death come hastily 
upon them, and let them go 
down quick into hell ; for wick- 
edness is in their dwellings, and 
among them. 

17 As for me, I will call upon 
God, and the Lord shall save 

18 In the evening, and morn- 
ing, and at noon-day, will I praj^ 
and that instantly ; and he shall 
hear my voice. 

19 It is he that hath delivered 
my soul in peace, from the battle 
that was against me ; for there 
were many with me. 

20 Yea, even God that en- 
dureth for ever, shall hear me, 
and bring them down ; for they 
will not turn, nor fear God. 

21 He laid his hands upon 
such as be at peace with him, 
and he brake his covenant. 

22 The words of his mouth 
were softer than butter, having 
war in his heart ; his words were 
smoother than oil, and yet be 
they very swords. 

23 O cast thy burden upon 
the Lord, and he shall nourish 
thee, and shall not suffer the 
righteous to fall for ever. 

24 And as for them, thou, O 
God, shalt bring them into the 
pit of destruction. 

25 The blood-thirsty and de- 
ceitful men shall not live out 
half their days : nevertheless. 

my trust shall be in thee, 

If From Trinity Monday to Advent, 
Ps. 119, 1-16. 

Psalm cxix. Beati immaculati. 

BLESSED are those that are 
undefiled in the way, and 
walk in the law of the Lord. 

2 Blessed are they that keep 
his testimonies, and seek him 
with their whole heart. 

3 Por they who do no wicked- 
ness, walk in his ways. 

4 Thou hast charged, that we 
shall diligently keep thy com- 

5 that my ways were made 
so direct, that I might keep thy 
statutes ! 

6 So shall I not be confound- 
ed, while I have respect unto all 
thy commandments. 

7 I will thank thee with an 
unfeigned heart, when I shall 
have learned the judgments of - 
thy righteousness. 

8 I will keep thy ceremonies ; 

forsake me not utterly. 

In quo corriget ? 

T T young man cleanse his 
way '? even by ruling himself 
after thy word. 

2 With my whole heart have 

1 sought thee ; let me not go 
wrong out of thy command 
ments ! 

3 Thy words have I hid within 
my heart, that I should not sin 
against thee. 

4 Blessed art thou, O Lord ; 
teach me thy statutes. 

5 With my lips have I been 
telling of all the judgments of 
thy mouth. 

6 I have had as great delight 





in the way of thy testimonies, 
as in all manner of riches. 

7 I will talk of thy com- 
mandments, and have respect 
imto thy ways. 

8 My delight shall be in thy 
statutes, and I will not forget thy 


Psalm cxx. Ad Domimim. 

WHEN I was in trouble, I 
called upon the Lord, and 
he heard me. 

2 Deliver my soul, O Lord, 
from lying lips, and from a 
deceitful tongue 

3 What reward shall be given 
or done unto thee, thou false 
tongue 1 even mighty and sharp 
arrows, with hot burning coals. 

4 Woe is me, that I am con- 
strained to dwell with Mesech, 
and to have my habitation 
among the tents of Kedar ! 

6 My soul hath long dwelt 
among them that are enemies 
unto peace. 

6 I labour for peace ; but 
when I speak unto them thereof, 
they make them ready to battle. 

Psalm cxxi. Levavi oculos meos. 

I WILL lift up mine eyes unto 
the hills, from whence cometh 
my help. 

2 My help cometh even from 
the Lord, who hath made heaven 
and earth. 

3 He will not suffer thy foot 
to be moved; and he that 
keepeth thee will not sleep. 

4 Behold, he that keepeth 

Israel shall neither slumber nor 

5 The Lord himself is thy 
keeper ; the Lord is thy defence 
upon thy right hand ; 

6 So that the sun shall not 
burn thee by day, neither the 
moon by night. 

7 The Lord shall preserve 
thee from all evil ; yea, it is 
even he that shall keep thy soul. 

8 The Lord shall preserve thy 
going out, and thy coming in, 
from tliis time forth for ever- 

Psalm cxxii. Lcetatus sum. 

I WAS glad when they said 
unto me, We will go into the 
house of the Lord. 

2 Our feet shall stand in thy 
gates, Jerusalem. 

3 Jerusalem is built as a city 
that is at unity in itself. 

4 For thither the tribes go 
up, even the tribes of the Lord, 
to testify unto Israel, to give 
thanks unto the Name of the 

5 For there is the seat of 
judgment, even the seat of the 
house of David. 

6 pray for the peace of 
Jerusalem ; they shall prosper 
that love thee. 

7 Peace be within thy walls, 
and plenteousness within thy 

8 For my brethren and com- 
panions^ sakes, I will wish thee 

9 Yea, because of the house 
of the Lord our God, I will seek 
to do thee good. 






^ From Advent to Septuagesimct, 
and from Easter Day to Trinity 
Monday, Ps. 24, 148. 

Psalm xxiv. Domini est terra. 

THE earth is the Lord's, and 
all that tliereiii is ; the com- 
pass of the world, and they that 
dwell therein. 

2 For he hath founded it upon 
the seas, and prepared it upon 
the floods. 

3 Who shall ascend into the 
hill of the Lord ? or who shall 
rise up in his holy place ? 

4 Even he that hath clean 
hands, and a pure heart ; and that 
hath not lift up his mind unto 
vanity, nor sworn to deceive his 

6 He shall receive the blessing 
from tlie Lord, and righteous- 
ness from the God of his salva- 

6 This is the generation of 
them that seek him, even of them 
that seek tiiy face, O Jacob. 

7 Lift up your heads, O ye 
gates ; and be ye lift up, ye ever- 
lasting doors ; and the King of 
glory shall come in. 

8 Who is the lung of glory "? it 
is the Lord strong and mighty, 
even the Lord mighty in battle. 

9 Lift up your heads, ye 
gates ; and be ye lift up, ye ever- 
lasting doors ; and the King of 
glory shall come in. 

10 Who is the King of glory ? 
even the Lord of hosts, he is the 
King of glory. 

(For Ps. 148, see page 75.) 

^ From Septuagesima to Easter. 
Ps. 54, 148. 

Psalm liv. Deus, in nomine. 

SAVE me, O God, for thy 
name's sake, and avenge me 
in thy strength. 

2 Hear my prayer, God, 
and hearken unto the words of 
my mouth : 

3 Eor strangers are risen up 
against me ; and tyrants, which 
have not God before their eyes, 
seek after my soul. 

4 Behold, God is my helper ; 
. the Lord is with them that up- 
hold my soul. 

5 He shall reward evil unto 
mine enemies : destroy thou 
them in thy truth. 

6 An offering of a free heart 
will I give thee, and praise thy 
name, O Lord ; because it is so 

7 For he hath delivered me 
out of all my trouble ; and mine 
eye hath seen his desire upon 
mine enemies. 

T[ From Trinity to Advent, Ps. 99, 
150. (For Ps. 150, see page 

Psalm xcix. Domimis regnavit. 

THE Lord is king, be the peo- 
ple never so impatient: he 
sitteth between the cherubim, be 
the earth never so unquiet. 

2 The Lord is great in Sion, 
and high above all people. 

3 They shall give thanks unto 
thy name, which is great, won- 
derful, and holy. 

4 The king's power loveth ' 
judgment ; thou hast prepared 





equity ; thou hast executed judg- 
ment and righteousness in Jacob. 

6 O magnify the Lord our 
God, and fall down before his 
footstool ; for he is holy. 

6 Moses and Aaron among 
his priests, and Samuel among 
such as call upon his name ; 
these called upon the Lord, and 
he heard them. 

7 He spake unto them out of 
the cloudy pillar; for they kept 
his testimonies, and the law that 
he gave them. 

8 Thou heardest them, Lord 
our God ; thou forgavest them, 
God, and punishedst their own 

9 magnify the Lord our 
God, and worship him upon his 
holy hill ; for the Lord our God' 
is holy. 


^ From Advent to Septuagesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity Mon- 
day, Ps. 85. 

Psalm Ixxxv. Benedixisti, Do- 

LOED, thou art become gra- 
cious unto thy land ; thou 
hast turned away the captivity 
of Jacob. 

2 Thou hast forgiven the 
offence of thy people, and covered 
all their sins. 

3 Thou hast taken away all 
thy displeasure, and turned thy- 
self from thy wrathful indigna- 

4 Turn us then, God our 
Saviour, and let thine anger 
cease from us. 

5 Wilt thou be displeased at 
us for ever '? and wilt thou stretch 
out thy wrath from one genera- 
tion to another ? 

6 Wilt thou not turn again. 

and quicken us, that thy people 
may rejoice in thee 1 

7 Show us thy mercy, O Lord, 
and grant us thy salvation. 

8 I will hearken what the 
Lord God will say concerning 
me ; for he shall speak peace 
unto his people, and to his saints, 
that they turn not again. 

9 For his salvation is nigh 
them that fear him ; that glory 
may dwell in our land. * 

10 Mercy and truth are met to- 
gether : righteousness and peace 
have kissed each other. 

11 Truth shall flourish out of 
the earth, and righteousness hath 
looked down from heaven. 

12 Yea, the Lord shall show 
loving-kindness ; and our land 
shall give her increase. 

13 Righteousness shall go 
before him ; and he shall direct 
his going in the way. 

From Septuagesima to Easter , 
Ps. 3. 

Psalm iii. Domine, quid multi- 
plicati ! 

LORD, how are they increased 
that trouble me ! many are 
they that rise against me. 

2 Many one there be that say 
of my soul, There is no help for 
him in his God. 

3 But thou, Lord, art my 
defender : thou art my worship, 
and the lifter up of my head. 

4 I did call upon the Lord 
with my voice, and he heard me 
out of his holy hill. 

5 I laid me down and slept, 
and rose up again ; for the Lord 
sustained me. 

6 I will not be afraid for ten 
thousands of the people, that 
have set themselves against me 
round about. 

7 Up, Lord, and help me, O 




my God ! For thou smitest all 
mine enemies upon the cheek- 
bone ; thou hast broken the teeth 
of the ungodly. 

8 Salvation belongeth unto 
the Lord ; and thy blessing is 
upon thy people. 

^ From Trinity Monday to Ad- 
vent, Ps.'l09, 17-32. 

Retribue servo tuo. 

ODO well unto thy servant ; 
that I may live and keep 
thy word. 

2 Open thou mine eyes ; that 
I may see the wondrous things 
of thy law. 

3 I am a stranger upon earth ; 
O hide not thy commandments 
from me ! 

4 My soul breaketh out for 
the very fervent desire that it 
hath alway unto thy judg- 

5 Thou hast rebuked the 
proud ; and cursed are they 
that do err from thy command- 

6 turn from me shame and 
rebuke ; for I have kept thy 

7 Princes also did sit and 
speak against me ; but thy ser- 
vant is occupied in thy stat- 

8 For thy testimonies are my 
delight, and my counsellors. 

Adhcesit pavimento. 

MY soul cleaveth to the dust ; 
O quicken thou me, ac- 
cording to thy word. 

2 I have acknowledged my 
ways, and thou heardest me : 
O teach me thy statutes ! 

3 Make me to understand the 
way of thy commandments ; 
and so shall I talk of thy won- 
drous works. 

4 My soul melteth away for 
very heaviness ; comfort thou 
me, according unto thy word. 

5 Take from me the way of 
lying, and cause thou me to 
make much of thy law. 

6 I have chosen the way of 
truth, and thy judgments have 
I laid before me. 

7 I have stuck unto thy tes- 
timonies; O Lord, confound me 
not ! 

8 I will run the way of thy 
commandments, when thou hast 
set my heart at liberty. 


Psalms 123, 124, 125. 
Psalm cxxiii. Ad te levavi 
oculos meos. 

UNTO thee lift I up mine 
eyes, thou that dwell- 
est in the heavens. 

2 Behold, even as the eyes of 
servants look unto the hand of 
their masters, and as the eyes of 
a maiden unto the hand of her 
mistress, even so our eyes wait 
upon the Lord our God, until he 
have mercy upon us. 

3 Have mercy upon us, O 
Lord, have mercy upon us ; for 
we are utterly despised. 

4 Our soul is filled with the 
scornful reproof of the wealthy, 
and with the despitefalness of 
the proud. 

Psalm cxxiv. Nisi quia Dominus. 

IF the Lord himself had not 
been on our side, now may 
Israel say ; if the Lord himself 
had not been on our side, when 
men rose up against us ; 

2 They had swallowed" us up 
quick; when they were so 
wrathfully displeased at us. 

3 Yea, the waters had 
droAvned us, and the stream 
had gone over our soul. 




4 The deep waters of the 
proud had gone even over our 

5 But praised be the Lord, 
who hath not given us over for 
a prey unto their teeth. 

6 Our soul is escaped even 
as a bird out of the snare of 
the fowler ; the ivaare is broken 
and we are delivered. 

7 Our help standeth in the 
name of the Lord, who hath 
made heaven and earth. 

Psalm cxxv. Qui corifidunt. 

THEY that put their trust in 
the Lord shall be even as 
the mount Sion, which may not 

be removed, but standeth fast 
for ever. 

2 The hills stand about Jeru- 
salem; even so standeth the 
Lord round about his people, 
from this time forth for ever- 

- 3 For the rod of the ungodly 
con^eth not unto the lot of the 
righteous; lest the righteous 
put their hand unto wicked- 

4 Do well, Lord, unto those 
that are good and true of heart. 

5 As for such as turn back 
unto their own wickedness, the 
Lord shall lead them forth with 
the evil doers; but peace shall 
be upon Israel. 


^ From Advent to Sepiuagesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity Mon- 
day; Ps. 47, 148. 

Psalm xlvii. Omnes Gentes, 

OCLAP your hands together, 
all ye people : O sing unto 
Grod with the voice of melody. 

2 For the Lord is high, and to 
be feared ; he is the great King 
upon all the earth. 

3 He shall subdue the people 
under us, and the nations under 
our feet. 

4 He shall choose out a heri- 
tage for us, even the worship of 
Jacob, whom he loved. 

5 God is gone up with a 
merry noise, and the Lord with 
the sound of the trump. 

6 sing praises, sing praises 

unto our God ; sing praises, 
sing praises unto our King. 

7 For God is the King of all 
the earth : sing ye praises with 

8 God reigneth over the hea- 
then ; God sitteth upon his holy 

9 The princes of the people 
are joined unto the people of the 
God of Abraham ; for God, which 
is very high exalted, doth de- 
fend the earth as it were with 
a shield. 

*|[ From Septuagesima to Easter, 
Ps. 42, 148. 
Psalm xlii. Quemadmodum. 

LIKE as the hart desireth the 
water-brooks, so longeth 
my soul after thee, O God. 

2 My soul is athirst for God, 
yea, even for the living God : 
when shall I com.e to appear be- 
fore the presence of God 1 




3 My tears have been my 
meat day and night ; while they 
daily say unto me, Where is 
now thy God? 

4 Now when I think there- 
upon, I pour out ray heart by 
myself; for I went with the 
multitude, and brought them 
forth into the house of God ; 

5 In the voice of praise and 
thanksgiving, among such as 
keep holy-day. 

6 Why art thou so full of 
heaviness, O my soul ? and why 
art thou so disquieted within 

7 Put thy trust in God ; for I 
will yet give him thanks for the 
help of his countenance. 

8 My God, my soul is vexed 
within me ; therefore will I re- 
member thee concerning the 
land of Jordan, and the little hill 
of Hermon. 

9 One deep calleth another, 
because of the noise of the water- 
pipes ; all thy waves and storms 
are gone over me. 

10 The Lord hath granted 
his loving-kindness in the day- 
time ; and in the night season 
did I sing of him, and made 
my prayer unto the God of my 

11 I will say unto the God of 
my strength, Why hast thou 
forgotten me ? Why go I thus 
heavily, vfhile the enemy op- 
presseth me ? 

12 My bones are smitten 
asunder as with a sword, while 
mine enemies that trouble me 
cast me in the teeth ; 

13 Namely, while they say 
daily unto me, Where is now 
thy God ? 

14 Why art thou so vexed, O 
my soul ? and why art thou so 
disquieted within me ? 

15 O put thy trust in God; 
for I will yet thank him, which 
is the help of my countenance, 
and my God. 

% From Trinity Monday to 
Advent, Ps. 41, 148. 

Psalm xli. Beatus qui intelligit. 

BLESSED is he that con- 
sidereth the poor and 
needy ; the Lord shall deliver 
him in the time of trouble. 

2 The Lord preserve him, and 
keep liini alive, that he may be 
blessed upon earth ; and deliver 
not thou him into the will of 
his enemies. 

3 The Lord comfort him when 
he lieth sick upon his bed ; make 
thou all his bed in his sickness. 

4 I said. Lord, be merciful 
unto me ; heal my soul, for I 
have sinned against thee. 

5 Mine enemies speak evil of 
me, W^hen shall he die, and his 
name perish ? 

6 And if he come to see me, 
he speaketh vanity, and his heart 
conceiveth falsehood within him- 
self ; and when he cometh forth, 
he telieth it. 

7 All mine enemies whisper 
together against me ; even 
against me do they imagine this 

8 Let the sentence of guilti- 
ness proceed against him ; and 
now that he lieth, let him rise 
up no more. 

9 Yea, even mine own famil- 
iar friend whom I trusted, who 
did also eat of my bread, hath 
laid great weight for me. 

10 But be thou merciful unto 
me, Lord; raise thou me up 
again, and I shall reward them. 

11 By this I know thou 
favourest me, that mine enemy 
doth not triumph against me. 





12 And when I am in my 
health, thou upholdest me, and 
shalt set me before thy face for 

13 Blessed be the Lord God 
of Israel, world without end. 


^ From Advent to Septnagesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity Mon- 
day, Ps. 33, 1-11. 
Psalm xxxiii. Exidtate, justi. 

EEJOICE in the Lord, ye 
righteous ; for it becoraeth 
well the just to be thankful. 

2 Praise the Lord with harp : 
sing praises unto him with the 
lute, and instrument of ten 

3 Sing unto the Lord a new 
song; sing praises lustily unto 
him with a good courage ; 

4 For the word of the Lord is 
true, and all his works are faith- 

5 He loveth righteousness and 
judgment ; the earth is full of 
the goodness of the Lord. 

6 By the word of the Lord 
were the heavens made, and all 
the hosts of them by the breath 
of his mouth. 

7 He gathereth the waters of 
the sea together, as it were upon 
a heap ; and layeth up the deep 
as in a treasure-house. 

8 Let all tlie earth fear the 
Lord ; stand in awe of him, all 
ye that dwell in the world ; 

9 For he spake, and it was 
done ; he commanded, and it 
stood fast. 

10 The Lord bringeth the 
counsel of the heathen to naught, 
and maketh the devices of the 
people to be of none effect, and 
casteth out the counsels of 

11 The counsel of the Lord 
shall endure for ever, and the 
thoughts of his heart from gen- 
eration to generation. 
^ From Septnagesima to Easter, 
Ps. 12, 13. 

Psalm xii. Salvum mefac. 

HELP me. Lord, for there is 
not one godly man left ; for 
the faithful are minislied from 
among the children of men. 

2 They talk of vanity every 
one with his neighbour ; they do 
but flatter with their lips, and 
dissemble in their double heart. 

3 The Lord shall root out all 
deceitful lips, and tlie tongue 
that speaketh proud things : 

4 Wliich have said, With our 
tongue will we prevail ; we are 
they that ought to speak : who 
is Lord over us ? 

5 Now, for the comfortless 
troubles' sake of the needy, and 
because of the deep sighing of 
the poor, 

6 I will up, saith the Lord, 
and will help every one from 
him that swelleth against him, 
and will set him at rest. 

7 The words of the Lord are 
pure words, even as the silver 
which from the earth is tried, 
and purified seven times in the 

8 Thou shalt keep them, O 
Lord ; thou shalt preserve him 
from this generation for ever. 

9 The ungodly walk on every 
side : when they are exalted, the 
children of men are put to re- 

Psalm xiii. Usque quo, Domine ? 

HOW long wilt thou forget 
me, O Lord ; for ever ? 
how long wilt thou hide thy face 
from me ? 

2 How long shall I seek coun- 




sel in my soul, and be so vexed 
in my heart ? How long shall 
mine enemies triumph over me ? 

3 Consider, and hear me, O 
Lord my God; lighten mine 
eyes, that I sleep not in death ; 

4 Lest mine enemy say, I 
have prevailed against him : for 
if I be cast down, they that 
trouble me will rejoice at it. 

5 But my trust is in thy 
mercy, and my heart is joyful in 
thy salvation. 

6 I will sing of the Lord, be- 
cause he hath dealt so lovingly 
with me ; yea, I will praise the 
Name of the Lord most highest. 

^ From Trinity Monday to Ad- 
vent, Ps. 119, 49-64. 

Memor esto servi tul. 

THINK upon thy servant, 
as concerning thy word, 
wherein thou hast caused me to 
put my trust. 

2 The same is my comfort in 
my trouble ; for thy word hath 
quickened me. 

3 The proud have had me ex- 
ceedingly in derision ; yet have 
I not shrinked from thy law. 

4 For 1 remembered thine 
everlasting judgments, O Lord, 
and received comfort. 

5 I am horribly afraid, for the 
ungodly that forsake thy law. 

6 Thy statutes have been my 
songs, in the house of my pil- 

7 I have thought upon thy 
name, O Lord, in the night sea- 
son, and have kept thy law. 

8 This I had, because I kept 
thy commandments.' 

Portio mea, Domine. 

THOU art my portion, 
Lord ; I have promised to 
keep thy law. 

2 I made my humble petition 
in thy presence with my Avhole 
heart ; O be merciful unto me, 
according to thy word. 

3 I called mine own ways to 
remembrance, and turned my 
feet unto thy testimonies. 

4 I made haste, and prolonged 
not the time, to keep thy com- 

5 The congregations of the 
ungodly have robbed me ; but 
I have not forgotten thy law. 

6 At midnight I will rise to 
give thanks unto thee ; because 
of thy righteous judgments. 

7 I am a companion of all 
them that fear thee, and keep 
thy commandments. 

8 The earth, O Lord, is full 
of thy mercy : O teach me thy 
statutes ! 


Psalms 126, 127, 128. 
Psalm cxxvi. In convertendo. 

WHEN the Lord turned 
again the captivity of 
Sion, then were we like unto 
them that dream. 

2 Then was our mouth filled 
with laughter, and our tongue 
with joy. 

3 Then said they among the 
heathen, the Lord hath done 
great things for them. 

4 Yea, the Lord hath done 
great things for us already ; 
whereof we rejoice. 

5 Turn our captivity, Lord, 
as the rivers in the south. 

6 They that sow in tears, shall 
reap in joy. 

7 He that now goeth on his 
way weeping, and beareth forth 
good seed, shall doubtless come 
again with joy, and bring his 
sheaves with him. 




Psalm cxxvii. Nisi Dominus. 

EXCEPT the Lord build tlie 
house, their labor is but lost 
that build it. 

2 Except the Lord keep the 
city, the watchman waketh but 
in vain. 

3 It is but lost labour that ye 
liaste to rise up early, and so 
late take rest, and eat the bread 
of carefulness ; for so he givetli 
his beloved sleep. 

4 Lo, children and the fruit 
of the womb are a heritage and 
gift that Cometh of the Lord. 

5 Like as the arrows in the 
hand of the giant, even so are 
the young children. 

6 Happy is the man that hath 
his quiver full of them ; they shall 
not be ashamed when they speak 
with their enemies in the gate. 

Psalm cxxviii. Beati omnes. 

BLESSED are all they that 
fear the Lord, and walk in 
his ways. 

2 For thou shalt eat the labour 
of thine hands : O well is thee, 
and happy shalt thou be ! 

3 Thy wife shall be as the 
fruitful vine upon the walls of 
thine house. 

4 Thy children like the ol- 
ive branches, round about thy 

5 Lo, thus shall the man be 
blessed that feareth the Lord. 

6 The Lord from out of Sion 
shall so bless thee, that thou 
shalt see Jerusalem in prosperity 
all thy life long ; 

7 Yea, that thou shalt see thy 
children's children, and peace 
upon Israel. 


^ From Advent to Sepiuagesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity 
Monday, Ps. 97, 148. 

Psalm xcvii. Dominus regnavit. 

THE Lord is King, the earth 
may be glad thereof; yea, 
the multitude of the isles may 
be glad thereof. 

2 Clouds and darkness are 
round about him : righteousness 
and judgment are the habitation 
of his seat. 

3 There shall go a fire before 
him, and burn up his enemies on 
every side. 

4 His lightnings gave shine 
unto the world : the earth saw 
it, and was afraid. 

6 The hills melted like wax 

at the presence of the Lord ; at 
the presence of the Lord of the 
whole earth. 

6 The heavens have declared 
his righteousness, and all the 
people have seen his glory. 

7 Confounded be all they that 
worship carved images, and that 
delight in vain gods : worship 
him, all ye gods. 

8 Sion heard of it, and re- 
joiced ; and the daughters of 
Judah were glad, because of thy 
judgments, O Lord. 

9 For thou, Lord, art higher 
than all that are in the earth : 
thou art exalted far above all 

10 ye that love the Lord, 
see that ye hate tlie thing which 
is evil : the Lord preserveth the 
souls of his saints ; he shall de- 





liver them from the hand of the 

11 There is sprung up a light 
for the righteous, and joyful 
gladness for such as are true- 

12 Eejoice in the Lord, ye 
righteous ; and give thanks for 
a remembrance of his holiness. 
^ From Septuageshna to Easter, 

Ps. Il7, 148. 
Psalm cxvii. Laudate Domimim. 

PRAISE the Lord, all ye 
heathen ; praise him, all ye 

2 For his merciful kindness 
is ever more and more towards 
us : and the truth of the Lord 
endureth for ever. Praise the 

^ From Trinity Monday to Advent, 
Ps. 96, 150. 
Psalm xcvi. Cantaie Domino. 

OSING unto the Lord a new 
song ; sing unto the Lord, 
all the whole earth. 

2 Sing unto the Lord, and 
praise his name ; be telling of 
his salvation from day to day. 

3 Declare his honour unto the 
heathen, and his wonders unto 
all people. 

4 For the Lord is great, and 
cannot worthily be praised ; he 
is more to be feared than all gods. 

5 As for ail the gods of the 
heathen, they are but idols ; but 
it is the Lord that made the 

6 Glory and worship are be- 
fore him ; power and honour are 
in his sanctuary. 

7 Ascribe unto the Lord, ye 
kindreds of the people, ascribe 
unto the Lord worship and 

8 Ascribe unto the Lord the 
honour due unto his name ; bring 

presents, and come into his 

9 O worship the Lord in the 
beauty of holiness ; let the whole 
earth stand in awe of him. 

10 Tell it out among the 
heathen, that the Lord is king ; 
and that it is he who hath made 
the round world so fast that it 
cannot be moved ; and how that 
he shall judge tiie people right- 

11 Let the heavens rejoice, 
and let the earth be glad ; let 
the sea make a noise, and all 
that therein is. 

12 Let the field be joyful, and 
all that is in it ; then shall all the 
trees of the wood rejoice before 
the Lorcl. 

13 For he cometh, for he 
Cometh to judge the earth ; and 
with righteousness to judge the 
world, and the people with his 

at prime. 

^ From Advent to Septuaqesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity 
Monday, Ps. 23. 

Psalm xxiii. Dominus regit me. 

THE Lord is my shepherd; 
therefore can I lack noth- 

2 He shall feed me in a green 
pasture, and lead me forth beside 
the waters of comfort. 

3 He shall convert my soul, 
and bring me forth in the paths 
of righteousness for his Name's 

4 Yea, though I walk through 
the valley of the shadow of death, 
I will fear no evil ; for thou art 
with me ; thy rod and thy staff 
comfort me. 

5 Thou shalt prepare a table 
before me against them that 
trouble me ; thou hast anointed 




mv head with oil, and my cup 
shall be fall. 

6 But thy loving-kindness and 
mercy shall follow me all the 
days of my life ; and I will 
dwell in the house of the Lord 
for ever. 

^ From Septuagesima to Easter, 
Ps. 36. 

Psalm xxxvi. Dixit injustus. 

MY heart showeth me the 
wickedness of the ungodly, 
that there is no fear of God be- 
fore his eyes. 

2 For he flattereth himself in 
his own sight, until his abomi- 
nable sin be found out. 

3 The words of his mouth are 
unrighteous and full of deceit; 
he hath left off to behave him- 
self wisely, and to do good. 

4 He imagineth mischief upon 
his bed, and hath set himself in 
no good way ; neither doth he 
abhor any thing that is evil. 

6 Thy mercy, O Lord, reach- 
eth unto the heavens, and thy 
faithfulness unto the clouds. 

6 Thy righteousness standeth 
like the strong mountains : thy 
judgments are like the great 

7 Thou, Lord, shalt save both 
man and beast : how excellent 
is thy mercy, God ! and the 
children of men shall put their 
trust under the shadow of thy 

8 They shall be satisfied with 
the plenteousness of thy house ; 
and thou shalt give them drink 
of thy pleasures, as out of the 

9 For with thee is the well of 
life ; and in thy light shall we 
see light. 

10 O continue forth thy lov- 
ing-kindness unto them that 

know thee, and thy righteous 
ness unto them that are true of 

11 O let not the foot of pride 
come against me ; and let not 
the hand of the ungodly cast me 

12 There are they fallen, all 
that work wickedness ; they are 
cast down, and shall not be able 
to stand. 

^ Fr'om Trinity Monday to Advent. 
Ps. 119, 65-80. 

Bonitatem fecisti. 

OLOPD, thou hast dealt gra- 
ciously with thy servant, 
according unto thy word. 

2 learn me true under- 
standing and knowledge ; for I 
have believed thy command- 

3 Before I was troubled, I 
went wrong ; but now have I 
kept thy word. 

4 Thou art good and gracious : 

teacii me thy statutes ! 

5 The proud have imagined a 
lie against me; but I will keep 
thy commandments with my 
whole heart. 

6 Their heart is as fat as 
brawn ; but my delight hath 
been in thy law. 

7 It is good for me that I have 
been in trouble; that I may 
learn thy statutes. 

8 The law of thy mouth is 
dearer unto me than thousands 
of gold and silver. 

Manus tiice fecerunt me. 

THY hands have made me, 
and fashioned me : O give 
me understanding, that I may 
learn thy commandments. 

2 They that fear thee will be 
js^lad when they see me ; because 

1 have put my trust in thy word. 




3 I know, O Lord, that thy 
judgments are right, and that 
thou of very faithfulness hast 
caused me to be troubled. 

4 O let thy merciful kindness 
be my comfort, according to thy 
word unto thy servant. 

5 O let thy loving mercies 
come unto me, that I may live ; 
for thy law is my delight. 

6 Let the proud be confound- 
ed, for they go wickedly about 
to destroy me ; but I will be 
occupied in thy commandments. 

7 Let such as fear thee, and 
have known thy testimonies, be 
turned unto me. 

8 O let my heart be sound 
in thy statutes, that I be not 


Psalms 129, 130, 131. 

Psalm cxxix. Swpe expugna- 

MANY a time have they 
fought against me from 
my youth up, may Israel now 

2 Yea, many a time have they 
vexed me from my youth up ; 
but they have not prevailed 
against me. 

3 The plowers plowed upon 
my back, and made long fur- 

4 But the righteous Lord hath 
hewn the snares of the ungodly 
in pieces. 

5 Let them be confounded 
and turned backward, as many 
as have evil will at Sion. 

6 Let them be even as the 
grass growing upon the house- 
tops, which withereth afore it 
be plucked up ; 

7 Whereof the mower filleth 

not his hand, neither he that 
bindeth up the sheaves his 

8 So that they who go by say 
not so much as. The Lord prosper 
you : we wish you good luck in 
the Name of the Lord. 

Psalm cxxx. De profundis. 

OUT of the deep have I called 
unto thee, O Lord ; Lord, 
hear my voice. 

2 O let thine ears consider 
well the voice of my complaint. 

3 If thou, Lord, wilt be ex- 
treme to mark what is done 
amiss, O Lord, who may abide 

4 For there is mercy with 
thee ; therefore shalt thou be 

5 I look for the Lord ; my 
soul doth wait for him ; in his 
word is my trust. 

6 My soul fleeth unto the 
Lord before the morning watch ; 
I say, before the morning watch. 

7 Israel, trust in the Lord ; 
for with the Lord there is mercy, 
and with him is plenteous re- 

8 And he shall redeem Israel 
from his sins. 

Psalm cxxxi. Domine, non est. 

ORD, I am not high-minded ; 

2 I do not exercise myself in 
great matters which are too high 
for me ; 

3 But I refrain my soul, and 
keep it low, like as a child that 
is weaned from his mother : yea, 
my soul is even as a weaned 

4 O Israel, trust in the Lor(^; 
from this time forth for ever- 





^ From Advent to Septuagesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity Mon- 
day ^Fs. 146, 148. 

Psalm cxlvi. Lauda, anima mea. 

PEAISE the Lord, O my 
soul : while I live, will I 
praise the Lord ; vea, as lonp: as 
I have any being, I will sing 
praises unto my God. 

2 put not your trust in 
princes, nor in any child of 
man ; for there is no help in 

3 For when the breath of man 
goeth forth, he shall turn again 
to his earth, and then all his 
thoughts perish. 

4 Blessed is he that hath the 
God of Jacob for his help ; and 
whose hope is in the Lord his 

5 Who made heaven and 
earth, the sea and all that therein 
is ; who keepeth his promise for 
ever ; 

6 Who helpeth them to right 
that suffer wrong ; who feedeth 
the hungry. 

7 The Lord looseth men out 
of prison ; the Lord givetli sight 
to the blind. 

8 The Lord helpeth them that 
are fallen; the Lord careth for 
the righteous. 

9 The Lord careth for the 
stranger ; he defendeth the 
fatherless and widow: as for 
the way of the ungodly, he 
turneth it upside down. 

10 The Lord thy God, O 
Sion, shall be King for ever- 

more, and throughout all gen- 

^ From Septuagesima to Easter, 
Ps. 90, 148. 

Psalm xc. Domine refugium. 

LOKD, thou hast been our 
refuge, from one generation 
to another. 

2 Before the mountains were 
brought forth, or ever the earth 
and the world were made, thou 
art God from everlasting, and 
world without end. ^ 

3 Thou turnest man to de- 
struction ; again thou sayest, 
Come again, ye children of 

4 For a thousand years in 
thy sight are but as yester- 
day ; seeing that is past as a 
watch in the night. 

6 As soon as Thou scatterest 
them they are even as a sleep ; 
and fade away suddenly like the 

6 Li the morning it is green, 
and groweth up ; but in the 
evening it is cut down, dried up, 
and withered. 

7 For we consume away in 
thy displeasure, and are afraid 
at thy wrathful indignation. 

8 Thou hast set our misdeeds 
before thee ; and our secret 
sins in the light of thy counte- 

9 For when thou art angry 
all our days are gone : we bring 
our }• ears to an end, as it were a 
tale that is told. 

10 The days of our age are 
threescore years and ten ; and 




though men be so strong that 
they come to fourscore years, 
yet is their strength then but 
labour and sorrow ; so soon 
passeth it away, and we are 

11 But who regardeth the 
power of thy wrath ? For even 
thereafter as a man feareth, so 
is thy displeasure. 

12 So teach us to number our 
days, that we may apply our 
hearts unto wisdom. 

13 Turn thee again, O Lord, 
at the last, and be gracious unto 
thy servants. 

14 satisfy us with thy 
mercy, and tliat soon : so shall 
we rejoice and be glad all the 
days of our life. 

15 Comfort us again now after 
the time that thou hast plagued 
us ; and for the years wherein 
we have suffered adversity. 

16 Show thy servants thy 
work, and their children thy 

• glory. 

17 And the glorious Majesty 
of the Lord our God be upon 
us : prosper thou the work of 
our hands upon us ; prosper 
thou our handy -work. 

^ From Trinity Monday to Ad- 
vent, Ps. 64, 150. 

Psalm Ixiv. Exaudi, Deus. 

HEAR my voice, O God, in 
my prayer ; preserve my 
life from fear of the enemy. 

2 Hide me from the gather- 
ing together of the froward; 
and from the insurrection of 
wicked doers ; 

3 Who have whet their tongue 
like a sword, and shoot out their 
arrows, even bitter words ; 

4 That they may privily 
shoot at him that is perfect : sud- 

denly do they hit him, and fear 

5 They encourage themselves 
in mischief, and commune 
among themselves, how they 
may lay snares; and say, that 
no man shall see them. 

6 They imagine wickedness, 
and practise it ; that they keep 
secret among themselves, every 
man in the deep of his heart. . 

7 But God shall suddenly 
shoot at them with a swift 
arrow, that they shall be 

8 Yea, their own tongues 
shall make them fall ; insomuch 
that whoso seeth them shall 
laugh them to scorn. 

9 And all men that see it 
shall say, This hath God done ; 
for they shall perceive that it is 
his work. 

10 The righteous shall rejoice 
in the Lord, and put his trust in 
him ; and all they that are true 
of heart shall be glad. 


^ Fivm Advent to Septuagesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity Mon- 
day, Ps. 25. 

Psalm xxv. Ad te, Domine, levavi. 

UNTO thee, Lord, will I 
hft up my soul ; my God, 
I have put my trust in thee : 
let me not be confounded, nei- 
ther let mine enemies triumph 
over me. 

2 For all they that hope in 
thee shall not be ashamed ; but 
such as transgress without a 
cause, shall be put to confusion. 

3 Show me thy ways, O Lord, 
and teach me thy paths. 

4 Lead me forth in thy truth, 
and learn me ; for thou art the 
God of my salvation : in thee 



hath been my hope all the day- 

6 Call to remembrance, O 
Lord, thy tender mercies, and 
thy loving - kindnesses, which 
have been ever of old. 

6 remember not the sins 
and offences of my youth ; but 
according to thy mercy think 
thou upon me, O Lord, for thy 

7 Gracious and righteous is 
the Lord ; therefore will he teach 
sinners in the way. 

8 Them that are meek shall 
he guide in judgment ; and such 
as are gentle, them shall he learn 
his way. 

9 All the paths of the Lord 
are mercy and truth, unto such 
as keep his covenant and his tes- 

10 For thy name's sake, O 
Lord, be merciful unto my sin ; 
for it is great. 

11 What man is he that feareth 
the Lord % him shall he teach in 
the way that he shall choose. 

12 His soul shall dwell at ease, 
and his seed shall inherit the 

13 The secret of the Lord is 
among them that fear him, and 
he will show them his cove- 

14 Mine eyes are ever look- 
ing unto the Lord ; for he shall 
pluck my feet out of the net. 

15 Turn thee unto me, and 
have mercy upon me ; for I am 
desolate, and in misery. 

16 The sorrows of my heart 
are enlarged : O bring thou me 
out of my troubles. 

17 Look upon my adversity 
and misery, and forgive me all 
my sin. 

18 Consider mine enemies how 

many they are ; and they bear a 
tyrannous hate against me. 

19 O keep my soul, and de- 
liver me : let me not be con- 
founded, for I have put my trust 
in thee. 

20 Let perfectness and right- 
eous dealing wait upon me ; for 
my hope hath been in thee. 

21 Deliver Israel, O God, out 
of all his troubles. 

T[ From Septuagesima to Easter, 
Ps. 142. 

Psalm cxlij. Voce mea ad Do- 

I CRIED unto the Lord with 
my voice; yea, even unto 
the Lord did I make my suppli- 

2 I poured out my complaints 
before him, and showed him of 
my trouble. 

3 When my spirit was in heav- 
iness, thou knewest my path; 
in the way wherein I walked, 
have they privily laid a snare 
for me. 

4 I looked also upon my right 
hand, and saw there was no man 
that would know me. 

5 I had no place to flee unto, 
and no man cared for my soul. 

6 I cried unto thee, O Lord, 
and said. Thou art my hope, and 
my portion in the land of the 

7 Consider my complaint ; for 
I am brought very low. 

8 O deliver me from my per- 
secutors, for they are too strong 
for me. 

9 Bring my soul out of prison, 
that I may give thanks unto thy 
name ; which thing if thou wilt 
grant me, then shall the righteous 
resort unto my company. 





^ From Trinity Monday to Ad- 
vent, Ps. 119, 105-120. 

Lucerna pedibus meis. 

THY word is a lantern unto 
my feet, and a light unto 
my paths. 

2 I have sworn, and am stead- 
fastly purposed, to keep thy 
righteous judgments. 

3 I am troubled above measure : 
.quicken me, O Lord, according 
to thy word. 

4 Let the free-will offerings of 
my mouth please thee, O Lord ; 
and teach me thy judgments. 

6 My soul is alway in my 
hand ; yet do I not forget thy 

6 The ungodly have laid a 
snare for me ; but yet I swerved 
not from thy commandments. 

7 Thy testimonies have I 
claimed as mine heritage for 
ever ; and why ? they are the 
very joy of my heart. 

8 I have applied my heart to 
fulfil thy statutes alway, even 
unto the end. 

Iniquos odio habui. 

I HATE them that imagine 
evil things ; but thy law do 
I love. 

2 Thou art my defence and 
shield; and my trust is in thy 

3 Away from me, ye wicked ; 
I will keep the commandments 
of my God. 

4 O stablish me according to 
thy word, that I may live ; and 
let me not be disappointed of my 

5 Hold thou me up, and I 
shall be safe ; yea, my delight 
shall be ever in thj- statutes. 

6 Thou hast trodden down all 

them that depart from thy stat- 
utes, for they imagine but deceit. 

7 Thou puttest away all the 
ungodly of the earth like dross ; 
therefore I love thy testimonies. 

8 My flesh trembleth for fear 
of thee ; and I am afraid of thy 


Psalms 137, 141. 
Psalm cxxxvii. Super flumina. 

BY the waters of Babylon we 
sat down and wept, when 
we remembered thee, O Sion. 

2 As for our harps, we hanged 
them up upon the trees that are 

3 For they that led us away 
captive, required of us then a 
song, and melody in our heavi- 
ness : Sing us one of the songs 
of Sion. 

4 How'shall we sing the Lord's 
song in a strange land ? 

5 If I forget thee, O Jeru- 
salem, let my right hand forget 
her cunning. 

6 If I do not remember thee, 
let my tongue cleave to the roof 
of my mouth ; yea, if I prefer 
not Jerusalem in my mirth. 

7 Remember the children of 
Edom, O Lord, in the day of 
Jerusalem ; how they said, Down 
with it, down with it, even to 
the ground. 

8 O daughter of Babylon, 
wasted with misery ; yea, happy 
shall he be that rewardeth thee 
as thou hast served us. 

9 Blessed shall he be that 
taketh thy children, and throweth 
them against the stones. 

Psalm cxli. Domine, clamavi. 

LORD, I call upon thee ; haste 
thee unto me, and consider 
my voice, when I cry unto thee. 




2 Let my prayer be set forth 
in thy sight as the incense ; and 
let the liftmg up of my hands 
be an evenmg sacrifice. 

3 Set a watch, O Lord, before 
my mouth, and keep the door 
of my lips. 

4 let not mine heart be in- 
clined to any evil thing ; let 
me not be occupied in ungodly 
works with tlie men that work 
wickedness, lest I eat of such 
things as please them. 

5 Let the righteous rather 
smite me friendly, and reprove 

6 But let not their precious 
balms break my head; yea, I 

will pray yet against their wick- 

7 Let their judges be over- 
thrown in the stony places, that 
they may hear my words ; for 
they are sweet. 

8 Our bones lie scattered before 
the pit, like as when one breaketh 
and heweth wood upon the earth. 

9 But mine eyes look unto 
thee, O Lord God; in thee is 
my trust ; O cast not out my soul. 

10 Keep me from the snare 
that they have laid for me, and 
from the traps of the wicked 

11 Let the ungodly fall into 
their own nets together : and let 
me ever escape them. 



^ From Advent to Septuagesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity 
Monday, Ps. 76, 148. 

Psalm Ixxvi. Notus in Judcea. 

IN Jewry is God known ; his 
Name is great in Israel. 

2 At Salem is his tabernacle, 
and his dwelling in Sion. 

3 There brake he the arrows 
of the bow, the shield, the 
sword, and the battle. 

4 Thou art of more honour 
and might than the hills of the 

6 The proud are robbed, they 
have slept their sleep ; and all the 
men whose hands were mighty 
have found nothing. 

6 At thy rebuke, God of 
Jacob, both the chariot and horse 
are fallen. 

7 Thou, even thou art to be 
feared; and who may stand in 
thj' sight when thou art angry ? 

8 Thou didst cause thy judg- 
ment to be heard from heaven ; 
the earth trembled, and was still, 

9 When God arose to judg- 
ment, and to help all the meek 
upon earth. 

10 The fierceness of man shall 
turn to thy praise ; and the fierce- 
ness of them shalt thou refrain. 

11 Promise unto the Lord 
your God, and keep it, all ye 
that are round about him ; bring 
presents unto him that ought to 
be feared. 

12 He shall refi:'ain the spirit 
of princes, and is wonderful 
among the kings of the earth. 

*ir From Septuagesima to Easter^ 
Ps. 29, 148. 

Psalm xxix. Afferte Domino., 

BRING unto the Lord, O ye 
mighty, bring young rams 
unto the Lord ; ascribe unto the 
Lord worship and strength. 





2 Give the Lord the honour 
due unto his name ; worship the 
Lord with holy worship. 

3 It is the Lord tiiat com- 
niandeth the waters ; it is the 
glorious God that maketh the 

4 It is the Lord that ruleth the 
sea ; the voice of the Lord is 
mighty in operation ; the voice 
of the Lord is a glorious voice. 

5 The voice of the Lord break- 
eth the cedar trees; yea, the 
Lord breaketh the cedars of 

6 He maketh them also to 
skip like a calf; Libanus also 
and Sirion like a young uni- 

7 The voice of the Lord di- 
videth the flames of fire ; the 
voice of the Lord shaketh the 
wilderness ; yea, the Lord shak- 
eth the wilderness of Cades. 

8 The voice of the Lord mak- 
eth the hinds to bring forth 
young, and discovereth ttie thick 
bushes : in his temple doth every 
man speak of his honour. 

9 The Lord sitteth above the 
water flood, and the Lord re- 
maineth a King for ever. 

10 The Lord shall give strength 
unto his people ; the Lord shall 
give his people the blessing of 

^ From Trinity Monday to Ad- 
verity Ts. 65, 150. 

Psalm Ixv. Te decet hymnus. 

THOU, God, art praised in 
Sion ; and unto thee shall 
the vow be i)erformed in Jeru- 

2 Thou that hearest the pray- 
er, unto thee shall all flesh 

3 My misdeeds prevail against 
me : O be thou merciful unto 
our sins. 

4 Blessed is the man whom 
thou choosest, and receivest unto 
thee : he shall dwell in thy court, 
and shall be satisfied with the 
pleasures of thy house, even of 
thy holy temple. 

5 Thou shalt show us wonder- 
ful things in thy righteousness, 
God of our salvation ; thou that 
art the hope of all the ends of 
the earth, and of them that re- 
main in the broad sea. 

6 Who in his strength setteth 
fast the mountains, and is girded 
about with power. 

7 Who stilleth the raging of 
the sea, and the noise of his 
waves, and the madness of the 

8 They also that dwell in the 
uttermost parts of the earth shall 
be afraid at th}^ tokens, thou that 
makest the out-goings of the 
morning and evening to praise 

9 Thou visitetli the earth, and 
blessest it ; thou makest it very 

10 The river of God is full of 
water : thou preparest their corn, 
for so thou provides t for the 

11 Thou waterest her furrows ; 
thou sendest rain into the little 
valleys thereof; thou makest it 
soft with the drops of rain, and 
blessest the increase of it. 

12 Thou crownest the year 
with thy goodness, and thy 
clouds drop fatness. 

13 They shall drop upon the 
dwellings of the wilderness, and 
the little hills shall rejoice on 
every side. 

14 The folds shall be full of 
sheep; the valleys also shall 




Stand so thick with corn, that 
they shall laugh and sing. 


^ From Advent to Sepfuagesima, 
and from Easter to Trinity Mon- 
daif, Ps. 16. 

PRESERVE me, O God; for 
in thee have I put my trust. 
2 my soul, thou hast said 
unto the Lord, Thou art my 
God ; my goods are nothing 
unto thee. 

8 All my delight is upon the 
saints that are in the earth, and 
upon such as excel in virtue. 

4 But they that run after 
another god shall have great 

5 Their drink-offerings of blood 
Tvill I not offer, neither make 
mention of their names within 
my lips. 

6 The Lord himself is the por- 
tion of mine inheritance and of 
my cup : thou shalt maintain 
my lot. 

7 The lot is fallen unto me in 
a fair ground ; yea, I have a 
goodly heritage. 

8 I will thank the Lord for giv- 
ing me warning ; my reins also 
chasten me in the night-season. 

9 I have set God always before 
me ; for he is on my right hand, 
therefore I shall not fall. 

10 Wherefore my heart was 
glad, and my glory rejoiced : my 
flesh also shall rest in hope. 

11 For why ? thou shalt not 
leave my soul in hell ; neither 
shalt thou suffer thy Holy One 
to see corruption. 

12 Thou shalt show me the 
path of life : in thy presence is 
tJie fulness of joy, and at thy 
right hand there is pleasure for 

*1[ From Septiiagesima to Easter y 
Ps. 15. 

Psalm xv. Domine, qiiis habitabit ? 

LORD, who shall dwell in 
thy tabernacle '? or who shall 
rest upon thy holy hill ? 

2 Even he that leadeth an un- 
corrupt life, and doeth the thing 
which is right, and speaketh the 
truth from his heart : 

3 He that hath used no deceit 
in his tongue, nor done evil to 
his neighbour, and hath not 
slandered his neighour : 

4 He that setteth not by him- 
self, but is lowly in his own eyes, 
and maketh much of them that 
fear the Lord : 

6 He that sweareth unto his 
neighbour, and disappointeth 
him not, though it were to his 
own hindrance : 

6 He that hath not given his 
money upon usury, nor taken 
reward against the innocent : 

7 Whoso doeth these things 
shall never fall. 

H From Trinity Monday to Ad- 
vent, Ps. 119, 145-160. 

Clamavi in toto corde meo. 

I CALL with my whole heart ; 
hear me, O Lord ; I will keep 
thy statutes. 

2 Yea, even unto thee do I 
call ; help me, and I shall keep 
thy testimonies. 

3 Early in the morning do I 
cry unto thee ; for in thy word 
is my trust. 

4 Mine eyes prevent the night 
watches ; that I might be oc- 
cupied in thy words. 

5 Hear my voice, O Lord, ac- 
cording unto thy loving-kind- 
ness ; quicken me, according as 
thou art wont. 

6 They draw nigh that of 




malice persecute me, and are far 
from thy law. 

7 Be thou nigh at hand, O 
Lord ; for all thy commandments 
are true. 

8 As concerning thy testi- 
monies, I have known long since, 
that thou hast grounded them 
for ever. 

Vide humilitatem. 

O CONSIDER mine adver- 
sity, and deliver me, for I 
do not forget thy law. 

2 Avenge thou my cause, and 
deliver me ; quicken me accord- 
ing to thy word. 

3 Health is far from the un- 
godly ; for they regard not thy 

4 Great is thy mercy, Lord ; 
quicken me, as thou art wont. 

6 Many there are that trouble 
me, and persecute me ; yet do I 
not swerve from thy testimonies. 

6 It grieveth me when I see 
the transgressors ; because they 
keep not thy law. 

7 Consider, O Lord, how I 
love thy commandments ; O 
quicken me, according to thy 

8 Thy word is true from ever- 
lasting ; all the judgments of thy 
righteousness endure for ever- 


Psalms n2; 147, 12-20. 

Psalm cxxxii. Memento, Do- 

LORD, remember David, and 
all his trouble. 

2 How he sware unto the 
Lord, and vowed a vow unto the 
Almighty God of Jacob : 

3 I will not come within the 
tabernacle of mine house, nor 
climb up into my bed ; 

4 I will not suffer mine eyes 
to sleep, nor mine eyelids to 
slumber ; neither the temples of 
my head to take any rest ; 

5 Until I find out a place for 
the temple of the Lord ; a habi- 
tation for the mighty God of 

6 Lo, we heard of the same 
at Ephrata, and found it in the 

7 We will go into his taber- 
nacle, and fall low on our knees 
before his footstool. 

8 Arise, O Lord, into thy rest- 
ing-place; thou, and the ark of 
thy strength. 

9 Let thy priests be clothed 
with righteousness ; and let thy 
saints sing with joy fulness. 

10 For thy servant David's 
sake, turn not away the presence 
of thine anointed. 

11 The Lord hath made a 
faithful oath unto David, and he 
shall not shrink from it ; 

12 Of the fruit of thy body 
shall I set upon thy seat. 

13 If thy children will keep 
my covenant, and my testimonies 
that I shall learn them ; their 
children also shall sit upon thy 
seat for evermore. 

14 For the Lord hath chosen 
Sion to be a habitation for him- 
self : he hath longed for her. 

15 This shall be my rest for 
ever: here will I dwell, for I 
have a delight therein. 

16 I will bless her victuals 
with increase, and will satisfy 
her poor with bread. 

17 I will deck her priests with 
health, and her saints shall re- 
joice and sing. 

18 There shall I make the 
horn of David to flourish : I 
have ordained a lantern for mine 




19 As for his enemies, I shall 
clothe them with shame ; but 
upon himself shall his crown 

Psalm cxlvii. 12-20. Lauda 

PRAISE the Lord, O Jeru- 
salem; praise thy God, O 

13 For he hath made fast the 
bars of thy gates, and hath 
blessed thy children within thee. 

14 He maketh peace in thy 
borders, and filleth thee with 
the flour of wheat. 

15 He sendeth forth his com- 

mandment upon earth, and his 
word runneth very swiftly. 

16 He giveth snow like wool, 
and scattereth the hoar-frost like 

17 He casteth forth his ice 
like morsels ; who is able to 
abide his frost ? 

18 He sendeth out his word, 
and melteth them ; he blowetli 
with his wind, and the waters 

19 He showeth his word unto 
Jacob, his statutes and ordi- 
nances unto Israel. 

20 He hath not dealt so with 
any nation ; neither have the 
heathen knowledge of his laws. 





*[[ The foUoiving Litanies may be 
added to the Matin and Vesper 
offices at certain Seasons, or on 
certain Holy Days, or may he 
recited as substitutes for the of- 
fices of the Sd, Qth, and 9th 
hours, or any one of them at dis- 

Litany of the Blessed Trinity, 
on Sundays and during Trin- 
ity Season. 

Litany of our Blessed Saviour, 
in Epiphany Season. 

Litany of the Most Precious 
Name, on Circumcision and 
August 7. 

Litany of the Holy Spirit, Whit- 
suntide ; or at the 3d hour 
of the day. 

Litany of the Passion, on Fri- 
days and during Lent ; or at 
the 6th hour. 

Litany of the Resurrection, in 
Easter Tide. 

Litany of Penitence, on Ember 
and Rogation Days, and on 
Fasts and Days of Abstinence. 

Litany of Christian Virtues, 
Lent, and Trinity Season. 

L Litany of the Blessed 

LORD, have mercy. 
Christ, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 
O God, the Father of" 

O God, the Son, Re- 
deemer of the world, 
^ O God, the Holy Ghost, 
O Holy Trinity, one 

O Holy Unity, of incom- 
prehensible majesty, infinite 
wisdom, and inexhaustible 

O Eternal Verity, True 
and only Trinity, one Su- 
preme Deity, of equal power 
and co-eternal Majesty, 

Father unbegotten, 

Only begotten Son, 

Holy Ghost, from both 

O Father, our Creator, 

O Son, our Redeemer, 

O Holy Ghost, our Sanc- 
tifier and Comforter, 

Father of mercies and 
God of all consolation. 

Father of our Lord Jesus 

Father who hast chosen 
us in Thy Son before the 
foundation of the world. 

Spirit of Wisdom, of 
Counsel, and of all Virtues, 

Be merciful, spare us, Holy 

Be merciful, hear us, Holy 

From all evil and sin. 

From all pride and obsti- 

From all avarice and cov- 

From gluttony and sur- 

From envy and hatred, 
From anger and ill-will. 
From all luxury and un- 

From all sloth and faint- 




From everlasting condem- ' 

By the power of Thy Om- 

By the Majesty of Thy 

By the multitude of Thy 

By the abundance of Thy 

By the greatness of Thy 

By the depth of Thy judg- 

By the height of Thy wis- 

By the riches of Thy 

In the day of judgment, 

We sinners beseech Thee to 
hear us. 

That we may worship 
Thee, our Lord God, and 
serve Thee only, 

That we take not Thy 
Holy Name in vain. 

That we may duly ob- 
serve and sanctify the Fasts 
and Feasts of Thy Church, 

That we may honour and 
obey our parents and supe- 

That we hurt nobody by 
word or deed, 

That we commit no un- 
cleanness of mind or body, }■ 

That we neither defraud ^ 
nor do injustice to any, 

That we never speak 
falsely against our neigh- 

That we never covet oth- 
ers' goods, 

That we may love Thee 
with all our heart, with all 
our soul, and with all our 

That we may sincerely 
love our neighbours as our- ^ 
selves, 108 

That Thou wouldst 
bring us to behold Thy 5 

God the Father, God 
the Son, and God the 
Holy Ghost, 

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord 
God of Sabaoth, 

Lamb of God, who takest away 
the sins of the world, 

Render thy Father merciful to us. 
Lamb of God, who takest away 
the sins of the world. 
Be Thou merciful unto us. 
Lamb of God, who takest away 
the sins of the world. 
Give us thy Holy Spirit. 
O blessed Trinity, hear us, 
O adorable Unity, hear us. 
Lord, have mercy. 
Christ, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 
Our Father, &c. 

'f. Blessed art Thou, Lord 
God of our Fathers. 

I^. Worthy to be praised and 
glorious for ever. 

J. Blessed art Thou, Lord 
in the firmament of heaven. 

B/. Worthy to be praised, glori- 
ous, and highly exalted for ever. 

Let all Thy angels and 
Saints bless Thee. 

I^. Praise Thee and glorify 
Thee for ever. 

Y. Bless we the Father and 
the Son with the Holy Ghost. 

I^. Praise we and magnify 
Him for ever. 

Y. O Lord, hear my prayer. 
I^. And let my cry come unto 


ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, from whom cometh 
every good and perfect gift, 
mercifully grant that the seri- 
ous consideration of Thy incom- 
prehensible Majesty may beget 


in us profound humility and 
constant obedience, and the fre- 
quent meditation of Thy infi- 
nite goodness may make us to 
love Tliee above all things, that 
we may here steadfastly^ believe 
what Ave do not see, and here- 
after, in the blessed vision of 
Thy glory, see what we now can- 
not comprehend, through Jesus 
Christ our Lord, who, with 
Thee and the Holy Gliost, liv- 
eth and reigneth, one God, for 
ever and ever. Amen. 

II. Litany of our Blessed 

LORD, have mercy on us. 
Christ, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Jesus, receive our prayers. 
Lord Jesus, grant our peti- 

O God the Father, Crea- 
tor of the world, 

O God the Son, Redeemer 
of mankind, 

O God the Holy Ghost, 
Perfecter of the elect. 

Holy Trinity, one God, 

Jesus, Son of the living 

Jesus, the express image 
of Thy Father's glory, 

Jesus, the bright ray of 
eternal light, 

Jesus, the uncreated wis- 
dom, by whom all things 
are governed, 

Jesus, the eternal word, 
made man for our redemp- 

Jesus, most blessed Son 
of the Virgin Mary, 

Jesus, most powerful, 

Jesus, most glorious, 

Jesus, most humble and 

Jesus, most patient and 

Jesus, most chaste and 

Jesus, lover of poverty, 
Jesus, lover of peace, 
Jesus, lover of us un- 
grateful sinners, 

Jesus, who camest down 
from heaven to teach us 
with Thy own mouth the 
truths of salvation, 

Jesus, who didst converse 
so long on earth, to show 
us by Thy own holy exam- 
ple the way to heaven, 

Jesus, who didst die, even 
the death of the Cross, to 
redeem us, and to take off 
our aversion from suffering, 
and teach us to endure all 
things for everlasting happi- 

Jesus, who didst ascend 
into heaven, to confirm our 
belief, and raise our aflec- 
tions to the true joys of 

Jesus, author of our faith 
and finisher of our hope, 

Jesus, supreme object of 
our love and overflowing 
satiety of all our desires, 

Jesus, our God, blessed 
for ever, ^ 

Have mercy and spare us, 

Have mercy and hear us, 

From all evil, from all sin, 
and from everlasting death. 
By the mystery of Thy 
holy Incarnation and hum- 
ble Nativity, 

By the sanctity of Thy 
heavenly doctrine and mi- 
raculous life. 

By the merits of Thy bit- 
ter Passion and all-reviving 

By the joys of Thy victo- 


rious resurrection and tri- 
umphant ascension, 

By the glory of Thy eter- 
nal kingdom and incompre- 
hensible majesty, 

We sinners beseech Thee to 
hear us. 

That it would please Thee 
to protect and govern Thy 
Holy Church, which Thou 
hast purchased with Thy 
precious Blood, 

That looking continually 
on Thy admirable life we 
may faithfully endeavour to 
follow Thy steps. 

That denying all vicious 1^ 
and inordinate incHnations 
we may live soberly, justly, 
and piously. 

That through Thy love 
the world may be crucified 
to us, and we to the world, 

That whatever we ask in 
Thy holy Name, we may 
receive through Thy In- 
finite merits. 

Son of God, we beseech Thee 
to hear us. 
Lamb of 
God, who 
away the 
sins of the 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, have mercy on us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Our Father, &c. 

Antiplion. Every day we will 
repeat Thy perfections, O glori- 
ous Jesus ! that every day we 
may grow in our esteem of 
Thee. Every day we will at- 
tentively reckon Thy mercies, 
that every day we may increase 
in Thy love. 

'f'. All that we have and are 

Spare us, O Jesus. 
Hear us, Jesus. 
Have mercy on us. 

we received from Thy grace. 

I^''. All we desire and hope we 
expect in Thy glory. Alleluia. 

y". O Lord, hear my prayer. 

I^"'. And let my cry come unto 

Let us pray. 
A LMIGHTY GOD, and most 
■A. merciful Saviour, the Light 
of this world and the glory 
of the next ; vouchsafe, we be- 
seech Thee, to illuminate our 
imderstandings, and inflame our 
wills, and sanctify all the facul- 
ties of our souls ; that whilst 
with our lips we recite these 
prayers, we may inwardly with 
our hearts adore Thy person, 
admire Thy goodness, and con- 
form our lives to Thy holy 
example, till at length, by fre- 
quent meditation on the bUss 
Thou hast prepared for us here- 
after, we break off our affections 
from all irregular adherence to 
this world, and place them en- 
tirely on the enjoyment of Thee, 
who, with the Father and the 
Holy Ghost, livest and reignest, 
one God, world without end. 

May the blessing of God Al- 
mighty, Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost, descend upon us, and 
dwell in our hearts for ever. 

III. Litany of the Most Pre- 
cious Name of Jesus. 

LORD, have mercy on us. 
Christ, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
O Christ, hear us. 
Christ, listen to our prayers. 
O God the Father of] 

God the Son, Redeemer 
of the world, 



God the Holy Ghost, ] 

O most Holy Trinity, ' 
one eternal God, 

O Jesus, Son of the liv- 
ing God, 

O Jesus, of all the most 

O Jesus, of all the 
most glorious, 

O Jesus, of all the most 

O Jesus, of all the most 

O Jesus, of all the most 
merciful, loving and kind, 

Jesus, of all the poor- 
est and meekest, 

O Jesus, of all the most 
patient and condescending, 

O Jesus, lover of purity 
and peace, 

O Jesus, lover of chastity, 
mirror of life, pattern of all 

O Jesus, the desire of our 
souls and our refuge, 

Jesus, Father of the 
poor, comforter of the af- 
flicted, treasure of Thy 
faithful people, 

O Jesus, precious stone, 
source of all perfection, 

O Jesus, good shepherd 
of the sheep, 

O Jesus, light of the 
world, bright and morning 

O Jesus, wisdom eternal, 
unsearchable goodness, 

O Jesus, joy of the angels, 

Jesus, king of the pa- 

O Jesus, leader of the 

O Jesus, master of the 

Jesus, teacher of the 

O Jesus, strength o( the 

Jesus, light of the con- 

O Jesus, chastity of the 
virgins, and crown of all 

Be merciful and forgive 

Be merciful and heark- 
en unto us, 

Be merciful unto us 
and deliver us. 

From all sin, and from 
Thy wrath, 

From sloth, and from sud- 
den death, 

From plague, pestilence, 
and famine. 

From the wicked spirit, 

From storm and tempest. 

From everlasting death. 

From transgressing Thy 

From every assault of the 

By the mystery of Thy 

By the love wherewith 
Thou didst come down from 
heaven into the world, by 
Thy sacred birth, 

By the love with which 
Thou didst endure Thy la- 
bours and travails for three 
and thirty years, 

By Thy bitter passion, 

By Thy holy cross and 
agony, innocent as Thou art, 

By Thy all - reviving 

By Thy joys and glory. 
By Thy glorious resurrec- 
tion, and triumphant ascen- 
sion into heaven, 
O Lamb 


of God, 
that tak- 
est away 
the sins of 
the world, 


Forgive us, Jesus. 
- Hear us, O Jesus, 
Have mercy on us. 


Our Father, &c. 

The Lord's name be praised ; 

Now and for evermore. 
Lord, hear our prayer ; 

And let our cry come unto 


OGOD, who hast made the 
glorious name of Jesus 
Christ Thy Son our Lord most 
precious and beloved to all be- 
lievers, but dreadful and terri- 
ble to all evil spirits ; grant, 
merciful Father, that we who 
honour Thy holy name here on 
earth, may during this life en- 
joy the sweetness of Thy lioh^ 
comforts, and in the life to 
come, everlasting rest and bless- 
edness ; through the same Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

lY. Litany or the Passion. 

LORD, have merc}^ upon us. 
Clirist, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
O God the Father, ^ 
O God the Son, 
O God, the Holy 

Holy Trinity, one 

Jesus, son of the liv- 
ing God, 

From all evil, 

From sudden, unprepared 
and evil death, 

From the snares of the 

From anger, hatred, and 
ill will. 

From everlasting death, 

By the mystery of Thy 
holy incarnation. 

By Thy most holy life 
and conversation, 

By Thine agony and 
bloody sweat, J 

By Thy thrice repeated 

By the resignation of 
Tliy human will. 

By Thy bonds and 

By Thy sacred body, buf- 
feted and smitten. 

By Thy cruel mockings 
and scourgings, 

By the spitting upon 
Thine adorable face. 

By the false judgment 
pronounced on Thee by 

By Thy being set at 
naught by Herod, 

By the shameful stripping 
off of Thy garments. 

By Thy painful crown of 

By Thy purple robe of 

By Thy unjust condem- 

By Thy bearing Thine 
own cross. 

By Thy footprints traced 
in blood, 

By the tearing off of Thy 

By the cruel straining of 
Thy sacred limbs, 

By Thy dread crucifixion. 

By the upraising of Thy 

By the anguish which 
Thou didst suffer, 

By the insults which 
Thou didst endure, 

By Thy prayers and tears. 

By the shedding of Thy 
precious blood, 

By Thy patience and hu- 

By Thy seven precious 
sayings on the cross, 

By the love wherewith 
Thou didst love us even 
unto the' end, 



We sinners do beseech Thee, 
O Jesn, to hear us. 

That being dead unto sin, 
we may live unto righte- 

That we glory not, save 
in Thy cross, O Lord Jesus 

That we take up our cross 
daily and follow Thee, 

That Thy blood may 
cleanse us from dead works 
to serve the living God, 

That, looking unto Thy 
example, we may follow 
Thy steps, 

That being partakers of 
Tliy sufferings, we may be 
also of Thy glory. 

of God 
that tak- 
est away 
the sin 
of the 
( Thrice. ) 

O Saviour of the world, who 
through Thy cross and precious 
blood hast redeemed us, save us 
and help us we humbly beseech 
Thee, O Lord. 

y". We adore Thee, Jesus, 
and bless Thee. 

•I^. Because by Thy cross 
and passion Thou hast redeem- 
ed the world. 

J. Kemember, O Lord, Thy 
tender mercies. 

I^. And Thy loving - kind- 
nesses which have been ever 
of old. 

Look upon mine adversity 
and misery. 

1^. And forgive me all my 

Lord, hear our prayer. 
'Sf. And let our cry come 
unto Thee. 

Spare us, good Lord. 
Hear us, good Lord. 
Have mercy upon us. 

Let us pray. 
Our Father, &c. 

OLORD Jesus Christ, Son of 
the hving God, who, at the 
sixth hour, wast lifted up upon 
the cross for the redemption of 
the world, and didst shed Thy 
blood for the remission of our 
sins ; we humbly beseech Thee, 
that by the virtue and merits of 
Thy most holy life, passion, and 
death, Thou wouldest grant us 
to enter into the gates of Para- 
dise with joy. Who livest and 
reignest one God, world with- 
out end. Amen. 

V. Litany of the Resurrec- 

LORD, have mercy. 
Christ, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 
O God, the Father of] 

O God, the Son, Redeem- 
er of the world, 

O God, the Holy Ghost, 
Sanctifier of the faithful, 
O Holy Trinity, one God, 
O Lord Jesus Christ, the 
true Paschal Lamb, 

Jesus, who didst build up 
in three days the temple of 
Thy body, 

Jesus, who according to 
Thy word didst rise the 
third day from Thy grave. , 
Jesus, whose resurrection 
an angel announced to the 
women at the sepulchre, 

Jesus, who didst show 
Thyself to Thy disciples 
after Thy resurrection, 

Jesus, who didst manifest 
the truth of Thy resurrection 
with unnumbered miracles, 
Jesus, whose resurrection 
the Apostles preached and 
confirmed with their blood. 



Jesus, who through Thy 
resurrection hast given us 
a sure hope of eternal life, 

Jesus, who after Thy 
resurrection didst continue 
forty days with Thy dis- 

Jesus, who didst ascend 
from the mount of Olives 
to Thy Father and ours, 

Jesus, who hast prepared 
mansions in Thy Father^s 
house for Thy servants, 

Jesus, who wilt come 
again to judge both the 
quick and the dead, 

We, sinners, beseech Thee to 
hear us, 

That we may truly rise from 
the grave of our sins, 

That we may conquer our evil 
desires and die to our sins. 

That we may grow in knowl- 
edge and love of Thy holy teach- 

That we may serve Thee in 
holiness and righteousness all 
the days of our life, 

That our sorrows, like Thine, 
may one day be turned into eter- 
nal joy, 

That we may not seek after 
things on earth but things in 

That we may awake at length 
from the grave to the resurrec- 
tion of eternal life. 

That at the general resurrec- 
tion we may have a share in Thy 

Son of God, we beseech Thee 
to hear us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Our Father, &c. 

'f'. Lighten mine eyes, 

I^. That I sleep not in death. 

Help me now, Lord. 
I^. O Lord, send us now pros- 

Let us pray. 

make us partakers of the 
comfortof Thy holy resurrection 
and ascension, that being sup- 
ported with Thy heavenly grace 
in this life, we may hereafter as- 
cend to Thee, and appearing be- 
fore Thy glorious judgment-seat 
pure and unspotted, may receive 
a happy place, and sing Thy 
praises for ever^ who livest and 
reignest with the Father and the 
Holy Ghost, world without end. 

VI. Litany op the Holt 

LORD, have mercy on us. 
Christ, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Holy Spirit, proceeding ' 
from the Father and the Son, 
Spirit of the Lord God of 

Holy Spirit, author of all 


Holy Spirit, by whose in- 
spiration holy men formerly 

Holy Spirit, who didst 
overshadow the blessed Vir- 
gin Mary, by whose mys- 
terious energy the Incar- 
nation of our Lord was 
wrought in her womb. 

Spirit of truth, teaching 
and guiding us into all truth, 

Spirit of wisdom and im- 

Spirit of counsel and 
might, of knowledge and 
piety, ^ 

Spirit of prudence and of 
the fear of the Lord, gift 
and promise of the Father 



and the Son, who didst de- 
scend to abide with and 
dwell in us, 

Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, 
reproving the world, our 
Advocate and Intercessor 
here on ejCrth, 

Holy Spirit, by whom we 
are regenerate and made 
sons of God, 

Holy Spirit, by whom the 
love of God is shed abroad 
in our hearts, 

Spirit of adoption, by 
whom we cry Abba Eather, 

Spirit of grace and com- 
passion, bearing witness 
with our spirits that we are 
the sons of God, 

Spirit of sweetness and 
benignity, the pledge of our 
heavenly inheritance, lead- 
ing us in the right way, 

Holy Spirit, the bond of 
the mystical union between 
Christ our head and us his 

O Holy Ghost, the Comfort- 
er, in all afflictions, giving us 
strength to bear them, and in- 
ward peace and joy under them. 
Have mercy upon us. 

Spirit of all graces, dividing 
Thy sevenfold gifts to every man 
according to Thy will. Have 
mercy upon us. 

Be favourable and spare us, 
Holy Spirit. 

Be favourable and hear us, 
Holy Spirit. 

Spirit of the Living God. 
Deliver us. 

From the spirit of error, ^ 

Erom fornication and the 
spirit of uncleanness. 

From the spirit of blas- 
phemy and from all deceits 
of the devil, 

From all obstinacy and 

From all presumption and ' 
contradiction of the truth. 

From all anger, malice, 
and envy, and from evil 

From all hatred and want 
of brotherly charity, 

From hardness of heart 
and final impenitence, 

By Thy eternal proces- 
sion from the Father and 
the Son, 

By Thy mighty working 
in the miraculous concep- 
tion of the Son of God in 
the Virgin's womb, 

By Thy descent upon 
Him at his baptism, 

By Thy descent in fiery 
tongues upon the apostles 
on the day of Pentecost, 
and by all Thy mighty acts 
through them, 

By Thy ineffable good- 
ness by which Thou dost 
govern Thy church, pre- 
side in councils, strengthen 
martyrs, illuminate doctors, 
and institute and replenish 
religious orders. 

Vv^e sinners beseech Thee 
hear us, 

That we may walk in the 
Spirit and not fulfil the lusts 
of the flesh, 

That Thou wouldst in- 
spire us with a hatred of sin 
and write Thy laws on our 

That Thou wouldst kindle 
in us the fire of Thy love }- 
and teach us to love one 

That Thou wouldst give 
to all Christian people one 
heart and one spirit. 

That Thou wouldst vouch- 
safe to fill us with all vir- 

That Thou wouldst en- 






lighten us and make us 
obedient to Thy holy in- 

That Thou wouldst 
vouchsafe to keep the bish- 
ops and clergy in Thy true 

That Thou wouldst en- 
due us with the grace of 
final perseverance, 

Lamb of God, who takest 
away the sins of the world, 

Pour Thy Holy Spirit upon 

O Lamb of God, who takest, 

Send down upon us the Spirit 
promised of the Father. 

O Lamb of God, &c. 

Grant us Thy good Spirit. 
Our Father, &c. 

'f'. Make me a clean heart, O 

And renew a right spirit 
within me. 

7- Cast me not away from 
Thy presence. 

i^. And take not Thy Holy 
Spirit from me.« 

y. give me the comfort of 
Thy help again. 

And stablish me with Thy 
free Spirit. 

Lord, hear my prayer. 
And let my cry come unto 


Comforter and Spirit of 
Truth, who art in every place 
and fillest the whole world with 
the treasures of Thy goodness, 
Lord, O Life-Giver, come into 
our hearts, and dwell there, and 
save our souls alive, and to 
Thee, one with the Father and 
the Son, be glory, now and 
evermore. Amen, 

VII. Litany of Christian 

God the Father of 

O God the Son, Redeem- 
er of the world, 

O God the Holy Ghost, 
sanctifier of the elect, 

O blessed and glorious 
Trinity, one God, 

Lord, just and good, 
the rewarder of all them 
that diligently seek Thee, 

God, who didst create 
our first parents in Thine 
own image, in innocence 
and holiness, and didst ac- 
cept the offering of right- 
eous Abel, savedst Noah 
from the flood, and just 
Lot from the destruction of 

Thou who didst give the 
promise to faithful Abra- 
ham, deliveredst Jacob, and 
gavest a prosperous end to 
patient Job, 

TvHio didst reward the 
chastity and meekness of 
Joseph with rule over 
Egypt, and chosest the 
meek Moses to rule over 
Thy people, and faithful 
Joshua to lead them to the 
promised land. 

Who gavest the priest- 
hood to the sons of Levi, for 
their zeal and courage in 
avenging Thine honour, 
and deliveredst the zealous 
Elijah from all his troubles, 
by taking him up to heaven. 

Who didst set Samuel, a 
lover of justice and hater of 
bribes, to judge Thy people. 

AYho didst exalt David, 
the man after Thine own 
heart, to the throne of Is- 
rael, and adorn Solomon 




with wondrous wisdom and 
many other gifts, 

Who didst adorn the tem- 
perate and holy Daniel with 
wisdom, abstinence, and 

Who didst choose the 
blessed Virgin Mary, adorn- 
ed with chastity, humility, 
and obedience, to be the 
mother of Thy Son, 

Who didst send Thine 
only -begotten Son into the 
world to be the pattern of all 
holiness, that we should fol- 
low his example. 

Who hast delivered us 
from darkness into marvel- 
lous light, and from the pow- 
er of Satan unto Thyself, and 
hast given us remission of 
sins and inheritance among 
Thy saints. 

Be merciful and help us. 

Be merciful and grant unto 
us, O Lord, the graces of hu- 
mility and poverty of spirit, 
meekness, long-suffering, and 
obedience to those set over us. 

A quiet and thankful mind, 
contented with our condition in 
life, true peace and joy in tlie 
Holy Ghost, 

Grant unto ms, Lord. 

Temperance and modesty, so- 
briety and chastity, true love of 
Thee and of our neighbours, a 
humble opinion of ourselves and 
the things of tliis world, bounty 
and compassion towards others, 
Grant unto us, Lord. 

Diligence and watchfulness, 
hungering and thirsting after 
holiness, zeal, and fervour of 
spirit in Thy cause, and Christian 
fortitude and patience unto the 

Grant unto us, Lord. 



We, sinners, beseech Thee 
hear us. 

That, being reconciled to ^ 
Thee by the death of Thy 
Son, we may be presented 
holy, unspotted, and un- 
blamable before Thee, that 
we may walk worthy of our 
Christian cainng,being faitli- 
ful in every good word and 
work, increasing in the 
knowledge of God, 

That whatsoever we do 
in word or deed we may do 
all to Thy glory, and not re- 
ceive Thy grace in vain. 

That we may always 
sanctify the Lord God in 
our hearts, and seek not 
our own, but the things of 

That looking up to Jesus, 
who suffered for us, we be 
not weary and faint in our 
minds, but considering his 
exaipple and the conversa- 
tions of the saints, may imi- 
tate tlieir faith and patience. 

That as the soldiers and 
baptized servants of Christ, 
we may not entangle our- 
selves unduly in the affairs 
of this life, but having food 
and raiment be therewith 

That we may forbear one 
another in love, striving to 
keep the unity of the Spirit 
in the bond of peace; that 
bearing one another's bur- 
dens we may fulfil the law 
of Christ ; that being 
strengthened in all virtue 
through the power of Thy 
grace, we may give thanks 
to Thee for all things, 

That, waiting for the 
coming of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, we may be found in 



Hira pure and unspotted, 
that we may receive the 
end of our faith, even the 
salvation of our souls, 
O Lamb 

Increase our faith. 
Confirm our hope. 
Kindle our charity. 

of God, that 
takest away 
the sins of 
the world, 
( Thrice. ) 

O Christ, hear us. 

Lord, have mercy, &c. 

Christ, have mercy, &c. 

Lord, have mercy, &c. 
Our Father, &c. 

OGOD, who makest all things 
to work together for good 
to them that love Thee, pour 
into our hearts such steadfast 
love to Thee, that our longings, 
which by Thy inspiration we 
conceive, may not be turned 
aside by any temptation. In- 
flame, O Lord, our hearts with 
the fire of Thy Holy Spirit, that 
we may serve Thee with a 
chaste body and please Thee 
with a clean heart. Amen. 

OGOD, who by the endur- 
ance of Thy only-begot- 
ten hast bruised the pride of the 
old enemy ; grant to us, w^e be- 
seech Thee, worthily to call to 
mind what He lovingly endured 
for us ; so that by his example 
we may patiently bear our ad- 
versities. We humbly beseech 
Thee graciously to protect with 
Thy heavenly aid us Thy ser- 
vants who lean only on Thy 
mercy, and to keep us with Thy 
continual defence ; that no temp- 
tation may ever separate us 
from Thee, but that running un- 
wearied the race of virtue, we 
may at length receive the prize, 
through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

VIIL Litany of Penitence. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Christ, ihave mercy upon us- 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

God the Father, &c. 
O God the Son, &c. 
O God the Holy Ghost, 

Holy Trinity one God, 

God who wouldest not 
the death of a sinner, but 
rather that he should be con- 
verted and live. 

Who sparedst not the 
angels that sinned, but didst 
cast them down to hell, 

Who calledst Adam, after 
his fall, to penitence and ac- 
knoAvledgment of his sin. 

Who didst fearfully pun- 
ish Pharaoh, feigning repent- 
ance yet hardened in heart. 

Who forgavest Thy diso- 
bedient people at the pray- 
er of Moses, 

Who forgavest the Amo- 
rites, repenting in sackcloth 
and ashes, 

Who by Thy prophet Na- 
than broughtest David to a 
sense of sin. 

Who didst put away his 
sin when he humbly con- 
fessed it. 

Who sparedst Ahab when 
he humbled himself before 

Who camest into the 
world to save sinners, 

Who broughtest salvation 
to the house of Zaccheus 
when he restored fourfold. 

Who mercifully heard est 
the Canaanitish woman 
when she persevered in 

Who receivedst publicans 
and sinners, and didst eat 
with them. 



Who freely forgavest the 
sins of Mary Magdalene who 
loved much, 

Who in mercy lookedst 
upon Peter, who denied 
Thee, moving him to con- 
fess his sin and to shed tears 
of penitence, 

Who on the cross didst 
promise Paradise to the 
penitent thief, 

Who Thyself didst no sin, 
and yet didst bear our sins 
in Thy body on the tree, 

Who wast bruised for our 
transgressions, and wounded 
for our iniquities. 

Who wouldest not that 
any should perish, but that 
all should come to repent- 

Who earnest to seek and 
to save that which was lost, 

Who after our repentance 
rememberest our sins no 

Be merciful and spare us, good 

From all evil and wicked- 

Prom sudden, unprepared, 
or evil death. 

By Thy blood which 
Thou didst shed for the re- 
mission of our sins. 

In time of trouble, in the 
hour of death, and in the 
day of judgment. 

We sinners do beseech Thee 
to hear us. 

That it may please Thee ' 
to bring us to true repent- 

That, condemning our- 
selves, we may escape Thy 

That we may bring forth 
worthy fruits of penitence, 

That we give not place to 


the devil, nor let the sun go 
down upon our wrath. 

That, denying ungodli- 
ness and worldly lusts, we 
may live soberly, righteous- 
ly, and godly in this present 

That, being dead unto sin, 
we may live unto righteous- 

That we may work out 
our salvation with fear and 

That, coming boldly to 
the throne of grace, we may 
find grace to help in time of 

O Lamb 
of God, 
that takes t 
away the 
sins of the 

Our Father, &c. 

Lord, deal not with us 
after our sins. 

I^. Neither reward us after 
our iniquities. 

'f', O Lord, remember not our 
old sins. 

I^. But have mercy upon us 
and that soon, for we are brought 
very low. 

Help us, God our Sav- 

Py'. And for the glory of Thy 
name deliver us and be merciful 
unto our sins for Thy Name's 

Spare us, Lord. 
Hear us, Lord. 
'Have mercy upon 


y. Cleanse us, Lord, from 
our secret faults. 

RT. And keep Thy servants 
from presumptuous sins. 

'f'. Lord, hear my prayer. 

I^. And let my cry come unto 


Let us prav. for ever. Accept our contri- 

tion, pardon our offences, hear 

OLORD Jesus Christ, Sav- our prayers, that, freed from the 
iour of the world, who gav- bondage of our sins, we may 
est Thyself to death upon the evermore cleave unto Thee in 
cross to save sinners, have mercy this life, and finally be received 
upon US; and be not angry with by Thee unto life eternal. Amen, 



The First Sunday in Advent. 

ALMIGHTY God, give us 
grace that we may cast 
away the works of darkness, and 
put upon us the armour of light, 
now in the time of this mortal 
life, in wliich Thy Son Jesus 
Christ came to visit us in great 
humility ; that in the last day, 
when He sliall come again in his 
glorious Majesty to judge both 
the quick and dead, we may rise 
to the life immortal, through 
Him who liveth and reigneth 
with Thee and the Holy Ghost, 
now and ever. Amen. 

The Second Sunday in Advent. 

BLESSED Lord, who hast 
caused all holy Scriptures 
to be w^ritten for our learning ; 
Grant that we may in such wise 
hear them, read, mark, learn, 
and inwardly digest them, that 
by patience, and comfort of Thy 
holy Word, Ave may embrace, 
and ever hold fast the blessed 
hope of everlasting life, which 
Thou hast given us in our Sav- 
iour Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Third Sunday in Advent, 

OLORD Jesus Christ, who 
at Thy first coming didst 
send Thy messenger to prepare 
Thy way before Thee ; Grant 
that the ministers and stewards 
of Thy mysteries may likewise 

so prepare and make ready Thy 
way, by turning the hearts of 
the disobedient to tlie wisdom 
of the just, that at Thy second 
coming to judge the world we 
may be found an acceptable 
people in Thy sight, wlio livest 
and reignest with the Eather 
and the Holy Spirit, ever one 
God, world without end. Amen. 

The Fourth Sunday in Advent. 

OLORD, raise up, we pray 
Thee, Thy power, and 
come among us, and with great 
might succour us ; that whereas, 
through our sins and wicked- 
ness, we are sore let and hin- 
dered in running the race that 
is set before us. Thy bountiful 
grace and mercy may speedily 
help and deUver us ; through 
the satisfaction of Thy Son our 
Lord, to whom, with Thee and 
the lioly Ghost, be honour and 
glory, world without end. Amen, 

The Nativity of our Lord, or the 
Birth-day of Christ, commonly 
called Christmas-day. 

ALMIGHTY God, who hast 
given us Thy only-begot- 
ten Son to take our nature upon 
Him, and as at this time to be 
born of a pure virgin ; Grant 
that we being regenerate, and 
made Thy children by adoption 
and grace, may daily be renewed 


by Tliy Holy Spirit; through 
the same our Lord Jesus Christ, 
who liveth and reigneth with 
Thee and the same Spirit, ever 
one God, world without end. 

The Circumcision of Christ. 

ALMIGHTY God, who mad- 
est Thy blessed Son to be 
circumcised, and obedient to the 
Law for man ; Grant us the true 
Circumcision of the Spirit : that, 
our hearts, and all our members, 
being mortified from all worldly 
and carnal lusts, we may in all 
things obey Thy blessed will ; 
through the same Thy Son 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Epiphany, or the Manifesta- 
tion of Christ to the Gentiles. 

OGOD, who by the leading 
of a star didst manifest Thy 
only-begotten Son to the Gen- 
tiles ; Mercifully grant that we, 
who know Thee now by faith, 
may after this life have the 
fruition of Thy glorious God- 
head ; through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

The First Sunday after the 

OLORD, we beseech Thee 
mercifully to receive the 
prayers of Thy people who call 
upon Thee ; and grant that they 
may both perceive and know 
what things they ought to do, 
and also may have grace and 
power faithfully to fulfil the 
same ; through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

The Second Sunday after the 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, who dost govern all 
things in heaven and earth ; 

Mercifully hear the supplications 
of Thy people, and grant us 
Thy peace all the days of our 
life ; through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

The Third Sunday after the 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, mercifully look upon 
our infirmities, and in all our 
dangers and necessities stretch 
forth Thy right hand to help and 
defend us ; through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

The FouHh Sunday after, the 

OGOD, who knowest us to be 
set in the midst of so many 
and great dangers, that by reason 
of the frailty of our nature we 
cannot always stand upright; 
Grant to us such strength and 
protection, as may support us in 
all dangers, and carry us through 
all temptations ; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Fifth Sunday after the 

OLORD, we beseech Thee 
to keep Thy Church and 
household continually in Thy 
true religion ; that they who do 
lean only upon the hope of Thy 
heavenly grace may evermore 
be defended by Thy mighty 
power ; through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

The Sixth Sunday after the 

O(j0D, whose blessed Son 
was manifested that He 
might destroy the works of the 
devil, and make us the sons ot 
God, and heirs of eternal life ; 
Grant us, we beseech Thee, that, 
having this hope, we may purify 
ourselves even as He is pure; 


that, when He shall appear again 
with power and great glory, we 
may be made like unto Him in 
his eternal and glorious king- 
dom; where with Thee, O Fa- 
ther, and Thee, Holy Ghost, 
He liveth and reigneth, ever one 
God, world without end. Amen. 

The Sunday called Septuagesima, or 
the Third Sunday before Lent. 

OLORD, we beseech Thee 
favourably to hear the 
prayers of Thy people ; that we, 
who are justly punished for our 
offences, may be mercifully de- 
livered by Thy goodness, for the 
glory of Thy Name ; through 
Jesus Christ our Saviour, who 
liveth and reigneth with Thee 
and the Holy Ghost, ever one 
God, world without end. Amen. 

The Sunday called Sexagesima, or 
the Second Sunday before Lent. 

OLORD God, who seest that 
we put not our trust in any 
thing that we do ; Mercifully 
grant that by Thy power we 
may be defended against all ad- 
versity; through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

The Sunday called Quinguagesima, 
or the next Sunday before Lent. 

OLORD, who hast taught us 
that all our doings without 
charity are nothing worth ; Send 
Thy Holy Ghost, and pour into 
our hearts that most excellent 
gift of charity, the very bond of 
peace and of all virtues, with- 
out which whosoever liveth is 
counted dead before Thee. Grant 
this for Thine only Son Jesus 
Christ's sake. Amen. 

The First Day of Lent, commonly 
called Ash- Wednesday. 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, who hatest nothing 

that Thou hast made, and dost 
forgive the sins of all those who 
are penitent ; Create and make 
in us new and contrite hearts, 
that we worthily lamenting our 
sins, and acknowledging our 
wretchedness, may obtain of 
Thee, the God of all mercy, per- 
fect remission and forgiveness; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The First Sunday in Lent. 

OLORD, who for our sake 
didst fast forty days and 
forty nights; Give us grace to 
use such abstinence, that, our 
flesh being subdued to the Spirit, 
we may ever obey Thy godly 
motions in righteousness, and 
true holiness, to Thy honour and 
glory, who livest and reignest 
with the Father and the Holy 
Ghost, one God, world without 
end. Amen. 

The Second Sunday in Lent. 

ALMIGHTY God, who seest 
that we have no power 
of ourselves to help ourselves; 
Keep us both outwardly in our 
bodies, and inwardly in our 
souls ; that we may be defended 
from all adversities which may 
happen to the body, and from all 
evil thoughts which may assault 
and hurt the soul ; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Ainen. 

The l^hird Sunday in Lent. 
TX/"E beseech Thee, Almighty 
T T God, look upon the hearty 
desires of thy humble servants, 
and stretch forth the right hand 
of Thy Majesty, to be our defence 
against all our enemies ; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Fourth Sunday in Lent. 

GRANT, we beseech Thee, 
Almighty God, that we, 


who for our evil deeds do 
worthily deserve to be punished, 
by the comfort of Thy grace may 
mercifully be relieved ; through 
our Lord and Saviour Jesus 
Christ. Amen, 

The Fifth Sunday in Lent. 

WE beseech Thee, Almighty 
God, mercifully to look 
upon Thy people ; that by Thy 
great goodness they may be 
governed and preserved ever- 
more, both in body and soul ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Sunday next before Easter. 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, who, of Thy tender 
love towards mankind, hast sent 
Thy Son, our Saviour Jesus 
Christ, to take upon Him our 
flesh, and to suffer death upon 
the cross, that all mankind 
should follow the example of 
his great humility ; Mercifully 
grant, that we may both follow 
the example of His patience, and 
also be made partakers of His 
resurrection ; through the same 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Good Friday. 

ALMIGHTY God, we be- 
seech Thee graciously to 
behold this Thy family, for which 
our Lord Jesus Christ was con- 
tented to be betrayed, and given 
up into the hands of wicked 
men, and to suffer death upon 
the cross, who now liveth and 
reigneth with Thee and the Holy 
Ghost, ever one God, world 
without end. Amen. 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, by whose Spirit the 
whole body of the Church is 
governed and sanctified ; Re- 
ceive our supplications and pray- 

ers, which we offer before Thee 
for all estates of men in Tiiy holy 
Church, that every member of 
the same, in his vocation and 
ministry, may truly and godly 
serve Thee ; through our Lord 
and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. 

MERCIFUL God, who hast 
made all men, and hatest 
nothing that Thou hast made, 
nor desirest the death of a sin- 
ner, but rather that he should 
be converted and live ; Have 
mercy upon all Jews, Turks, 
Infidels, and Heretics ; and t^ke 
from them all ignorance, hard- 
ness of heart, and contempt of 
Thy Word ; and so fetch them 
home, blessed Lord, to Thy flock, 
that they may be saved among 
the remnant of the true Israel- 
ites, and be made one fold un- 
der one shepherd, Jesus Christ 
our Lord, who liveth and reign- 
eth with Thee and the Holy 
Spirit, one God, world without 
end. Amen. 

Easter- Even. 

GliANT, O Lord, that as we 
are baptized into the death 
of Thy blessed Son our Saviour 
Jesus Christ, so by continual 
mortifying our corrupt affections 
we may be buried with him ; 
and that through the grave, and 
gate of death, we may pass to 
our joyful resurrection ; for His 
merits who died, and was buried, 
and rose again for us, thy Son 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Easter- Day. 

ALMIGHTY God, who 
through Thine only -begot- 
ten Son Jesus Christ hast over- 
come death and opened unto us 
the gate of everlasting life ; We 
humbly beseech Thee, that, as 
by thy special grace preventing 


us Thou dost put into our minds 
good desu'es, so by Thy contin- 
ual help we may bring the same 
to good effect; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord, who liveth and 
reigneth with Thee and the Holy 
Ghost, ever one God, world with- 
out end. Amen. 

The First Sunday after Easter. 

ALMIGHTY Father, who 
hast given Thine only Son 
to die for our sins, and to rise 
again for our justification ; Grant 
us so to put away the leaven of 
malice and wickedness, that we 
may always serve Thee in pure- 
ness of living and truth ; through 
the merits of the same Thy Son 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Second Sunday after Easter. 

ALMIGHTY God, who hast 
given Thine only Son to be 
unto us both a sacrifice for sin, 
and also an en sample of godly 
life ; Give us grace that we may 
always most thankfully receive 
that His inestimable benefit, and 
also daily endeavour ourselves 
to folloAv the blessed steps of 
His most holy life ; through the 
same Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Third Sunday after Easter. 

ALMIGHTY God, who show- 
est to them that are in error 
the light of Thy truth, to the in- 
tent that they may return into 
the way of righteousness ; Grant 
unto all those who are admitted 
into the fellowship of Christ's 
religion, that they m.ay avoid 
those things that are contrary 
to their profession, and follow 
all such things as are agreeable 
to the same ; through our Lord 
Jesus Christ. Amen. 

The Fourth Sunday after Easier. 

O ALMIGHTY God, who 
alone canst order the unru- 
ly wills and affections of sinful 
men ; Grant unto Thy people, 
that they may love the thing 
which Thou commandest, and 
desire that which Thou dost 
promise ; that so, among the 
sundry and manifold changes 
of the world, our hearts may 
surely there be fixed, where true 
joys are to be found ; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Fifth Sunday after Easter. 

OLORD, from whom all 
good things do come, 
Grant to us Thy humble ser- 
vants, that by Thy holy inspira- 
tion we may think those things 
that are good, and by Thy mer- 
ciful guiding may perform the 
same ; through our Lord Jesus 
Christ. Amen. 

The Ascension-day. 

GRANT, we beseech thee, 
Almighty God, that like 
as we do believe Thy only -begot- 
ten Son our Lord Jesus Christ 
to have ascended into the heav- 
ens ; so we may also in heart 
and mind * thither ascend, and 
with Him continually dwell, 
who liveth and reigneth with 
thee and the Holy Ghost, one 
God, world without end. Amen. 

Sunday after Ascension-day. 

OGOD the King of glory, 
who hast exalted Thine 
only Son Jesus Christ with great 
triumph unto Thy kingdom in 
heaven ; We beseech Thee, leave 
us not comfortless ; but send to us 
Thine Holy Ghost to comfort us, 
and exalt us unto the same place 
whither our Saviour Christ is 
gone before, who liveth and 


reigneth with Thee and the Holy- 
Ghost, one God, world without 
end. Ainen. 


OGOD, who as at this time 
didst teach the hearts of 
Tiiy faithful people, by sending 
to them the light of Thy Holy 
Spirit; Grant us by the same 
Spirit to have a right judgment 
in all things, and evermore to 
rejoice in His holy comfort ; 
through the merits of Christ 
Jesus our Saviour, who liveth 
and reigneth with Thee, in the 
unity of the same Spirit, one 
God, world without end. Amen. 
Trinity 'Sunday. 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, who hast given unto 
us Thy servants grace, by the 
confession of a true faith, to ac- 
knowledge the glory of the eter- 
nal Trinity, and in the power of 
the Divine Majesty to worship 
the Unity : We beseech Thee 
that Thou wouldest keep us 
steadfast in this faith, and ever- 
more defend us from aU adver- 
sities, who livest and reignest, 
one God, world without end. 

The first Sunday after Trinity. 

OGOD, the strength of all 
those who put their trust 
in Thee ; Mercifully accept our 
prayers : and because, through 
the weakness of our mortal na- 
ture, we can do no good thing 
without Thee, grant us the help 
of Thy grace, that in keeping 
Thy commandments we may 
please Thee, both in will and 
deed ; through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

The Second Sunday after Trinity. 

OLORD, who never failest 
to help and govern those 

whom Thou dost bring up in Thy 
steadfa-st fear and love ; Keep us, 
we beseech Thee, under the pro- 
tection of Thy good providence, 
and make us to have a perpetual 
fear and love of Thy holy Name ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Third Sunday after Trinity. 

OLORD, we beseech Thee 
mercifully to hear us ; and 
grant that we, to whom Thou 
hast given an hearty desire to 
pray, may, by Thy mighty aid, 
be defended and comforted in 
all dangers and adversities ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Fourth Sunday after Trinity. 

OGOD, the protector of all 
that trust in Thee, without 
whom nothing is strong, nothing 
is holy ; increase and multiply 
upon us Thy mercy ; that. Thou 
being our ruler and guide, we 
may so pass through things tem- 
poral, that we finally lose not 
the things eternal. Grant this, 
O heavenly Father, for Jesus 
Christ's sake our Lord. Amen. 

The Fifth Sunday after Trinity. 

GRANT, O Lord, we beseech 
Thee, that the course of 
this world may be so peaceably 
ordered by Thy governance, that 
Thy Church may joyfuUy serve 
Thee in all godly quietness ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

TJie Siocth Sunday after Trinity. 

OGOD, who hast prepared 
for those who love Thee 
such good thmgs as pass man's 
understanding; Pour into our 
hearts such love toward Thee, 
that we, loving Thee above all 
things, may obtain Thy pron 


ises, -which exceed all that we 
can desire ; through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 
The Seventh Sunday after Trinity. 

LORD of all power and might, 
who art the author and 
giver of all good things ; Graft 
in our hearts the love of Thy 
Name, increase in us true relig- 
ion, nourish us with all good- 
ness, and of Thy great mercy 
keep us in the same ; tlirough 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Eighth Sunday after Trinity. 

OGOD, whose never-failing 
providence ordereth all 
things both in heaven and earth ; 
We humbly beseech Thee to put 
away from us all hurtful things, 
and to give us those things 
which are profitable for us ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Ninth Sunday after Trinity. 

GRANT to us. Lord, we be- 
seech Thee, the spirit to 
think and do always such things 
as are right ; that we, who can- 
not do any thing that is good 
without Thee, may by Thee be 
enabled to live according to Thy 
will ; through Jesus Ciirist our 
Lord. Amen, 

The Tenth Sunday after Trinity. 

LET Thy merciful ears, O 
Lord, be open to the pray- 
ers of Thy humble servants ; and 
that they may obtain their peti- 
tions make them to ask such 
tilings as shall please Thee ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. 

OGOD, who declarest Thy 
Almighty power chiefly in 

showing m.ercy and pity ; Mer- 
cifidly grant unto us such a 
measure of Thy grace, that we, 
running the way of Thy com- 
mandments, may obtain Thy 
gracious promises, and be made 
partakers of Thy heavenly treas- 
ure ; through Jesus Clirist our 
Lord. Amen. 

The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity. 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, who art always more 
ready to hear than we to pray, 
and art wont to give more than 
either we desire or deserve ; 
Pour down upon us the abun- 
dance of Thy mercy ; forgiving 
us those things whereof our con- 
science is afraid, and giving us 
those good things which we are 
not worthy to ask, but through 
the merits and mediation of 
Jesus Christ, Thy Son our Lord. 

The Thirteenth Sunday after 

ALMIGHTY and merciful 
God, of whose only gift it 
Cometh that Thy faithful people 
do unto Thee true and laudable 
service ; Grant, we beseech Thee, 
that we may so faithfully serve 
Thee in this life, that we fail not 
finally to attain Thy heavenly 
promises ; through the merits of 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Fourteenth Sunday after 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, give unto us the in- 
crease of faith, hope, and chari- 
ty ; and, that we may obtain 
that which Thou dost promise, 
make us to love that which Thou 
dost command; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 


The Fifteenth Sunday after 

KEEP, we beseech Thee, 
Lord, Thy Church with 
Thj perpetual mercy ; and, be- 
cause tlie frailty of man without 
Thee cannot but fall, keep us 
ever by Thy help from all things 
Imrtful, and lead us to all things 
profitable to our salvation ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Sixteenth Sunday after 

OLORD, we beseech Thee, 
let Thy continual pity 
cleanse and defend Thy Church ; 
and, because it cannot continue 
in safety without Thy succour, 
preserve it evermore by Thy 
help and goodness ; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Seventeenth Sunday after 

LORD, we pray Thee that 
Thy grace may always pre- 
vent and follow us, and make 
us continually to be given to 
all good works ; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Araen. 

The Eighteenth Sunday after 

LORD, we beseech Thee, 
grant Thy people grace to 
withstand the temptations of the 
world, the flesh, and the devil; 
and with pure hearts and minds 
to follow Thee, the only God ; 
through Jesus Clirist our Lord. 

The Nineteenth Sunday after 

OGOD, forasmuch as with- 
out Thee we are notable to 
please Thee ; Mercifully grant 
that Thy Holy Spirit may in all 
things direct and rule our hearts ,* 

through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Twentieth Sunday after 

O ALMIGHTY and most 
merciful God, of Thy boun- 
tiful goodness keep us, we be- 
seech Thee, from all things that 
may hurt us ; that we, being 
ready both in body and soul, 
may cheerfully accomplish those 
things which Thou commandest ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Twenty-first Sunday after 

r^RANT, we beseech Thee, 
VX merciful Lord, to Thy faith- 
ful people pardon and peace, 
that they may be cleansed from 
all their sins, and serve Thee 
with a quiet mind ; through Je- 
sus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Twenty-second Sunday after 

LORD, we beseech Thee to 
keep Thy household the 
Church in continual godliness ; 
that through Thy protection it 
may be free from all adversi- 
ties, and devoutly given to serve 
thee in good works, to the glory 
of Thy Name; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The l^wenty-third Sunday after 

OGOD, our refuge and 
strength, who art the au- 
thor of all godliness ; Be ready, 
we beseech Thee, to hear the 
devout prayers of Thy Church ; 
and grant that those things 
which we ask faithfully we may 
obtain eflectually ; through Je- 
sus Christ our Lord. Amen. 


The Twenty-fourth Sunday after 

OLORD, we beseech Thee, 
absolve Thy people from 
their offences ; that through Thy 
bountiful goodness we may all 
be delivered from the bands of 
those sins, which by our frailty 
we have committed. Grant this, 
O heavenly Father, for Jesus 
Christ's sake, our blessed Lord 
and Saviour. Amen. 

The Twenty -fifth Sunday after 

STIR up, we beseech Thee, O 
Lord, the wills of Thy faith- 
ful people ; that they, plenteous- 
ly bringing forth the fruit of 
good works, may by Thee be 
plenteously rewarded ; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Sairit Andrew's Day, 

ALMIGHTY God, who didst 
give such grace unto Thy 
holy Apostle Saint Andrew, 
tliat he readily obeyed the call- 
ing of Thy Son Jesus Christ, 
and followed Him w^ithout de- 
lay ; Grant unto us all, that we, 
being called by Thy holy Word, 
may forthwith give up ourselves 
obediently to fulfil Thy holy 
commandments ; through the 
same Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Saint Thomas the Apostle, 

ALMIGHTY and everliving 
God, wiio, for the greater 
confirmation of the faith, didst 
suffer Thy lioly Apostle Thomas 
to be doubtful in Thy Son's res- 
urrection ; Grant us so perfect- 
ly, and without all doubt, to be- 
Meve in Thy Son Jesus Christ, 
that our faith in Thy sight may 
never be reproved. Hear us, O 
Lord, through the same Jesus 
.Christ, to whom, with Thee and 
I 1 

the Holy Ghost, be all honour 
and glory, now and for ever- 
more. Amen. 

Saint Stephen's Day. 

GRANT, O Lord, that, in all 
our sufferings here upon 
earth for the testimony of Thy 
truth, we may steadfastly look 
up to heaven, and by faith be- 
hold the glory that shall be re- 
vealed ; and, being filled with 
the Holy Ghost, may learn to 
love and bless our persecutors 
by the example of Thy first Mar- 
tyr Saint Stephen, who prayed 
for his murderers to Thee, O 
blessed Jesus, who standest at 
the right hand of God to suc- 
cour all those who suffer for 
Thee, our only Mediator and 
Advocate. Amen. 

Saint John the Evangelist's Day. 

MERCIFUL Lord, we be- 
seech Thee to cast Thy 
bright beams of light upon Thy 
Church, that it being instructed 
by the doctrine of Thy blessed 
Apostle and Evangelist Saint 
John, may so walk in the light 
of Thy truth, that it may at 
length attain to everlasting life ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Innocents' Day. 

O ALMIGHTY God, who 
out of the mouths of babes 
and sucklings hast ordained 
strength, and madest infants to 
glorify Thee by their deaths ; 
Mortify and kill all vices in us, 
and so strengthen us by Thy 
grace, that by the innocency of 
our lives, and constancy of our 
faith even unto death, we may 
glorify Thy holy Name ; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 


The Conversion of Saint Paul. 

OGOD, who, through the 
preaching of the blessed 
Apostle Saint Paul, hast caused 
the Ught of the Gospel to shine 
throughout the world ; Grant, 
we beseech Thee, that we, hav- 
ing his wonderful conversion in 
remembrance, may show forth 
our thankfulness unto Thee for 
the same, by following the holy 
doctrine which he taught; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The Presentation of Christ in the 
Temple, commonly called, The 
Purification of Saint Mary the 

ALMIGHTY and everliving 
God, we humbly beseech 
Thy Majesty, that as Thy only- 
begotten Son was this day pre- 
sented in the Temple in sub- 
stance of our flesh, so we may 
be presented unto Thee with 
pure and clean hearts, by the 
same Thy Son Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

Saint Matthias's Day. 

O ALMIGHTY God, who 
into the place of the traitor 
Judas didst choose Thy faithful 
servant Matthias to be of the 
number of the twelve Apostles ; 
Grant that Thy Church, being 
alway preserved from false 
Apostles, may be ordered and 
guided by faithful and true pas- 
tors ; through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

The Annunciation of the Blessed 
Virgin Mary. 

WE beseech Thee, O Lord, 
pour Thy grace into our 
hearts ; that as we have known 
the incarnation of Thy Son Jesus 


Christ by the message of an 
Angel, so by His cross and pas- 
sion we may be brought unto 
the glory of His resurrection ; 
through the same Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

Saint Mark's Day. 

ALMIGHTY God, who 
hast instructed Thy holy 
Church with tlie heavenly doc- 
trine of Thy Evangelist Saint 
IMark ; Give us grace that, bC' 
ing not hke children carried 
away with every blast of vain 
doctrine, we may be established 
in the truth of Thy holy Gospel ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Saint Philip and Saint James's 

ALMIGHTY God, whom 
truly to know is everlast- 
ing life ; Grant us perfectly to 
know Thy Son Jesus Christ to 
be the way, the truth, and the 
life ; that, following the steps of 
Thy holy Apostles Saint Philip 
and Saint James, we may stead- 
fastly walk in the way that lead- 
eth to eternal Life ; through the 
same Thy Son Jesus Clirist our 
Lord. Amen. 

Saint Barnabas the Apostle. 

OLORD God Almighty, 
who didst endue Thy holy 
Apostle Barnabas with singular 
gifts of the Holy Ghost ; Leave 
us not, we beseech Thee, desti- 
tute of Thy manifold gifts, nor 
yet of grace to use them alway 
to Thy honour and glory ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Saint John Baptist's Day, 

ALMIGHTY God, by whose 
providence Thy servant 
John Baptist was wonderfully 


born, and sent to prepare the 
way of Thy Son our Saviour, by 
preaching repentance ; make us 
so to follow his doctrine and 
holy life, that we may truly re- 
pent according to his preaching ; 
and after his example constantly 
speak the truth, boldly rebuke 
vice, and patiently suffer for the 
truth's sake; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Saint Peter's Day. 

O ALMIGHTY God, who 
by Thy Son Jesus Christ 
didst give to Thy Apostle Saint 
Peter many excellent gifts, and 
commandedst him earnestly to 
feed Thy flock; Make, we be- 
seech Thee, all Bishops and Pas- 
tors diligently to preach Thy 
holy Word, and the people obe- 
diently to follow the same, that 
they may receive the crown of 
everlasting glory ; through Je- 
sus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Saint James the Apostle. 

GRANT, merciful God, 
that as Thine holy Apostle 
Saint James, leaving his father 
and all that he had, without de- 
lay was obedient unto the call- 
ing of Thy Son Jesus Christ, and 
followed Him ; so we, forsaking 
all worldly and carnal affections, 
may be evermore ready to fol- 
low Thy holy commandments ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Saint Bartholomew the Apostle. 

O ALMIGHTY and ever- 
lasting God, who didst 
give to Thine Apostle Bartholo- 
mew grace truly to believe and 
to preach Thy Word ; Grant, we 
beseech Thee, unto Thy Church, 
to love that Word which he be- 
lieved, and both to preach and 

receive the same ; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Saint Matthew the Apostle. 

O ALMIGHTY God, who by 
Thy blessed Son didst call 
Matthew from the receipt of 
custom to be an Apostle and 
Evangelist ; Grant us grace to 
forsake all covetous desires, and 
inordinate love of riches, and to 
follow the same Thy Son Jesus 
Christ, who liveth and reigneth 
with Thee and the Holy Ghost, 
one God, world without end. 

Saint Michael and All Angels. 

who hast ordained and 
constituted the services of An- 
gels and men in a wonderful 
order ; Mercifully grant, that as 
Thy holy Angels always do Thee 
service in heaven, so, by Thy 
appointment, they may succour 
and defend us on earth ; through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Saint Luke the Evangelist. 

ALMIGHTY God, who call- 
edst Luke the Physician, 
whose praise is in the Gospel, 
to be an Evangelist, and Physi- 
cian of the soul ; May it please 
Thee, that, by the wholesome 
medicines of the doctrine de- 
livered by him, all the diseases 
of our souls may be healed ; 
through the merits of Thy Son 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Saint Simon and Saint Jude, 

O ALMIGHTY God, who 
hast bunt Thy Church 
upon the foundation of the 
Apostles and Prophets, Jesus 
Christ Himself being the head 
corner-stone ; Grant us so to be 
joined together in unity of spirit 


by their doctrine, that we may 
be made an holy temple accept- 
able unto Thee ; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

All Saint's Day, 

O ALMIGHTY God, who 
hast knit together Thine 
elect in one communion and 

fellowship, in the mystical body 
of Thy Son 'Christ our Lord; 
Grant us grace so to follow Thy 
blessed Saints in all virtuous 
and godly living, that we may 
come to those unspeakable joys, 
which Thou hast prepared for 
those who unfeignedly love 
Thee ; through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 


At Matins. 

OLORD, who grieved for 
their afflictions, didst lead 
Thy people out of the darkness 
of Eg3^pt, and vouchsafe to de- 
liver them by the hand of Thy 
servant : do Thou grant also 
unto us Thy servants, that deliv- 
ered from the darkness of this 
world, we may be allowed to 
enter into that rest which Thou 
hast promised to our fathers, 
through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

At the TTiird Hour, 

OLOED Jesus Christ, who, 
at the third hour of the day, 
wast led forth to the pain of the 
cross for the salvation of the 
world : I suppliantly beseech 
Thee to blot out mine offences : 
and may I deserve to obtain for- 
giveness with Thee for my past 
sins, and watch strictly against 
all future transgressions, who 
with the Eather and the Holy 
Ghost livest and reignest God, 
world without end. Amen. 

OLORD, Father Almighty, 
we humbly entreat the glo- 
ry of Thy Majesty, that as at the 
third hour Thou didst strengthen 
Thine apostles by the divine visi- 
tation of Thy Spirit : so by His 


coming, Thou wouldst vouchsafe 
to illumine and keep our hearts, 
through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

At the Sixth Hour. 

OLORD Jesus Christ, who, 
when for the redemption of 
the world, Thou didst at the sixth 
hour ascend the tree of the Cross, 
the whole world was turned back 
into darkness : shed forth such 
light upon my soul and body, 
that I may be worthy to attain 
eternal life : who livest and 
reignest God, for ever and ever. 

WE humbly beseech Thy 
holy and terrible Name, 
O Lord Almighty, who, at the 
sixth hour of the day, didst will 
Thy most glorious Son, our 
Lord, to ascend the Cross to de- 
liver us from the power of the 
most wicked enemy ; Grant, we 
pray Thee, that redeemed by this 
His cross, we may at all times 
serve Thee righteously without 
offence, through the same our 
Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

At the Ninth Hour. 

OLORD Jesus Christ, who, 
at the ninth hour in Thine 
agony on the Cross, didst com- 


mand the believing thief to pass 
within the walls of paradise, I 
humbly beseech Thee to grant 
that, confessing my sins, I may 
after my death enter with glad- 
ness into the joys of paradise : 
who with the Father and the 
Holy Spirit, livest an^ reignest 
God, world without end. Amen. 

At the Hour of Vespers. 

I THANK Thee, Lord Al- 
mighty God, who hast per- 
mitted me through the course 
of this day to reach this Vesper 
hour, and I humbly beseech 
Thee, that the lifting up of my 
hands to Thee, may be in Thy 
sight an acceptable evening sac- 
rifice, through our Lord Jesus 
Christ. Amen. 

OLORD, who hast wrought 
out our salvation in the 
midst of the earth, with whom 
the darkness is not dark, but the 
night is as clear as the day ; 
lighten our darkness, we beseech 
Thee, O Lord, so that passing a 
peaceful and quiet night, in the 
morning hours we may rise 
again to Thy praises, through 
our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

ENLIGHTEN our night, we 
entreat Thee, ASnighty 

Lord, and cause Thy servants 
ever to sleep from their sins : so 
that awake to the virtues of the 
angels, and safe from every evil, 
we may by Thy help be worthy 
to attain the clear day through 
our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen, 

At the Hour of Compline. 

OLORD God, the Ruler and 
Protector of all men, who 
hast divided the hght from the 
darkness, I beseech Thee with 
the prayer of faith, that through 
the darkness of the coming night, 
Thy right hand may protect me, 
and that I may rise again with 
joy in the light of the morning, 
through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Orison of St. Augustine, in the 

OGOD our Father, who dost 
exhort us to pray, and who 
dost grant what we ask, if only 
when we ask we live a better 
life : hear me who am trembling 
in this darkness, and stretch 
out Thy right hand unto me : 
hold forth Thy light before me : 
recall me from my error, and 
Thou being my guide, may I be 
restored to myself and to Thee, 
through Jesus Christ. Amen. 

I. For the Church. 

ALMIGHTY and everlasting 
God, who hast in Christ 
revealed Thy glory unto all 
nations ; protect the works of 
Thy mercy, that the Church 
spread throughout the world 
may abide with steadfast faith 
in the confession of Thy Name. 
Through the same. 


OGOD, who hast vouchsafed 
to raise up in every age 
defenders of Thy Church, to put 
down her enemies, and to restore 
the solemnities of Thy holy ser- 
vice ; grant that we following 
their footsteps may so abide in 
Thy service, that overcoming 
all the snares of our enemies, 
we may rejoice in perpetual 
peace. Through. 


OGOD, the might of them 
that hope in Thee, who hast 
strengthened Thy saints with 
the gift of constancy to defend 
the liberties of Thy Church ; 
grant that we may vahantly 
strive against and overcome all 
obstacles. Through. 

II. For the Bishop of the Diocese. 
r\ RANT, Lord, to Thy ser- 
VJT vant N. . whom Thou 
bast set over Thy flock in this 
diocese, the spirit of counsel and 
might, the spirit of wisdom and 
piety, that through the holy con- 
versation of their bishop the 
devotion of the faithful may in- 
crease, and that the salvation 
of the flock may be the joy 
and crown of the shepherd. 

III. For Harmony with Fellow- 

OGOD, who art Love, grant 
to Thy children who eat 
of Thy bread to bear one an- 
other's burdens in perfect good- 
will, that Thy peace which pass- 
eth all understanding may keep 
our hearts and minds in Christ 
Jesus our Lord. Who. 

OGOD, who makest men to 
be of one mind in an house, 
take away from us all cause of 
dissension, that we may keep 
the unity of the Spirit in the 
bond of peace. Through. 

OLORD, grant that Thy 
servants 'who are gathered 
together in Thy Name, and who 
eat of the same bread, may with 
one mind endeavour to provoke 
one another to love and to good 
works, that by their holy con- 
versation the sweet savour of 
Christ may be shed abroad. 
Tlirough the same. 


IV. For those engaged in Works 
of Mercy. 

BLESS, O Lord, we beseech 
Thee, all those who are de- 
voted to serve Thee in works of 
charity as well for the training 
of the young as for the reclaim- 
ing of the fallen [especially . . .]. 
Also those who are occupied in 
visiting the sick, the poor, and 
the ignorant [especially . . .]. 
Accept their labours and grant 
that while they sympathize with 
others in their necessity and 
sorrow, they may bring- them to 
share the joy of the divine life 
wherein they live, and may with 
them attain to that fuhiess of 
spiritual perfection which they 
desire. Through. 

V. For Benefactors. 

HEAR us, merciful and 
gracious God, beseeching 
Thee for all Thy Faithful who 
have bestowed their alms upon 
us : regard not our sins but their 
faith, who in the faith of Thy 
Name have given to us of their 
temporal goods. 

THOU, God, who requitest 
all good works, repay them 
much for little, and eternal 
promises for earthly gifts, O 
Saviour of the world. Who 

YI. For Friends. 

OGOD, who hast poured the 
gift of charity into the 
hearts of Thy faithful people 
through the grace of the Holy 
Spirit, grant unto Thy servants 
[....], for whom we entreat 
Thy mercy, health of soul and 
body, that they may love Thee 
with all their strength, and with 
all their love accompUsh Thy 
will. Through. 


YII. For School Children. 

POUR down Thy blessing, 
heavenly Father, upon 
those children whom Thou hast 
committed to our charge, and 
give us grace to train them in 
Thy faith, fear, and love, that 
as they grow in years they may 
grow in grace, and may hereafter 
be found in the number of Thy 
elect children. Through. 

VIII. For Penitents. 

POUR, we beseech Thee, O 
Lord, the spirit of grace and 
prayer upon Thy servants [es- 
pecially . . .], that looking upon 
Jesus lifted up upon the Cross, 
where they have nailed Him by 
their sins, they may feel true 
sorrow, may be healed quickly, 
and live. Through the same. 

IX. For Returning Penitents, 

OGOD, who, by the blood of 
Thine only Son didst redeem 
mankind from the power of 
death ; quicken, we beseech 
Thee, the souls of all returning 
penitents [especially ....], and 
receive upon their return those 
whom Thou didst recall when 
they were wandering. Hear 
their sighs, heal their wounds, 
strengthen their weakness. 
Grant them with such contrition 
to confess their sins, that in the 
day of judgment they may be 
found worthy of Thy glory never 
more to be lost, as they have 
been restored by Thy love to 
the grace which they had for- 
feited. Hear us, we beseech 
Thee, for Jesus Christ's sake, 
our Lord. 

X. For those exposed to Temptations. 

OGOD, who wiliest not the 
death of a sinner, protect 

with Thy heavenly aid those 
who are exposed to special temp- 
tations [..-.] ; and grant that, 
in the fulfilment of Thy com- 
mandments, they may be 
strengthened by the assistance 
of Thy grace. Tlirough. 

O WHO justifiest the wicked 
and desirest not the death 
of a sinner ; we humbly beseech 
Thy Majesty mercifully to de- 
fend with Thy divine protection 
Thy servants who put their trust 
in Thee, and keep them ever 
under Thy safeguard, that they 
may always serve Thee, and not 
be separated from Thee by any 
temptations. Through. 

XL For the Lapsed. 

OGOD of mercy, pity, and 
pardon, God of love and 
peace, who of Thy tenderness 
for mankind didst stretch forth 
Thy hands upon the Cross, who 
didst call the Canaanitisli woman 
and the publican to repentance ; 
vouchsafe to convert Thy sinful 
servants, grant that they may 
confess their guilt before Thy 
holy altar, and humbly seek re- 
mission of their sins. Mercifully 
grant them time for repentance, 
fruits meet thereof, and a profit- 
able end in true contrition. Who. 

jpRANT, we beseech Thee, 
VX O Lord, to those who have 
wandered out of the way through 
sin, that they may obtain pardon 
for their ofiences, and be restored 
cleansed to Thy holy Church. 

OGOD, merciful and gra- 
cious, hear our prayers, 
wliich we offer in sorrow before 
Thee for our perishing brother, 
that, turned from the error of his 


ways, he may be delivered from 
death, and that where sin 
abounds, grace may much more 
abound. Through. 

OLORD Jesus Christ, the 
Good Shepherd, who feed- 
est with Thine own body those 
sheep which 'Thou hast pur- 
chased witli Thine own blood; 
mercifully seek out Thy lost 
sheep, and bringing it back to 
the fold make it fit for the 
eternal pastures. Who livest. 

XII. For the Faithful Departed. 

OLORD our Redeemer, who 
hast purchased mankind 
by Thine own blood, ransoming 
us by Thy death from the sting 
of death, and giving us ever- 
lasting life by Thy resurrec- 
tion ; grant rest unto all who 
have fallen asleep in holijiess, in 

the desert or in the cities, at sea 
or on land, and in all places, to 
kings and priests and bishops, 
to tlie solitary and the wedded, 
to all ages and generations, and 
fit them for Thy heavenly king- 
dom. Where Thou livest and 

OLORD, Fountain of Life, 
who by Thy divine man- 
hood dost set free captives ; mer- 
cifully grant unto Thy servants 
who pass hence to Thee in faith 
a dwelling-place in the joy of 
paradise. Where. 

OLORD our Saviour, who 
dost feed Thy faithful peo- 
ple in a green pasture, and lead- 
est them to the waters of com- 
fort, turn not away Thy ser- 
vants from that pleasant land of 
rest. Where. 




LET us make our humble 
prayers to Almighty God, 
beseeching His mercy for all the 
world : let us pray for the good 
estate of the Catholic Church 
and for the peace of all nations 
of men ; for this house and all 
that are therein, and especially 
for the [sisterhood, confraternity, 
order, — naming it\ , and for the 
welfare of all its friends and 
benefactors; for our brethren 
and sisters, and all those under 
our care, with all that have done 
us good, and for all true Chris- 
tian people : and that it may 
please Him to multiply unto us 
fellow-helpers, to the glory of 
His Holy Name and to the com- 
fort and relief of such as be in 
trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, 
or any other adversity, in the 
midst of this evil world. 

Deus Miser eatur, Ps. Ixvi. 

GOD, be merciful unto us and 
bless us : and shew us the 
light of His countenance, and be 
merciful unto us. 

That Thy way may be known 
upon earth : Thy saving health 
among all nations. 

Let the people praise Thee, O 
God : yea, let all the people 
praise Thee. 

O let the nations rejoice and 
be glad : for Thou shalt judge 
the folk righteously, and govern 
the nations upon earth. 
Let the people praise Thee, 


God : yea, let all the people 
praise Thee. 

Then shall the earth bring 
forth her increase : and God, 
even our own God, shall give us 
His blessing. 

God shall bless us : and all 
the ends of the world shall fear 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

LORD, have mercy. 
Christ, have mercy. 
Lord, have mercy. 
Our Father, &c. 
^. Lord, show Thy mercy 
upon us. 

I^. And grant us Thy salva- 

'f'. Send blessing upon Thy 

I^. Govern them and lift them 
up for ever. 

'f'. Let there be peace in Thy 
strength, Lord. 

'Bf. And plenteousness within 
Thy towers. 

Lord, hear our prayer. 

I^. And let our cry come unto 

The Lord be with you. 
And with Thy spirit. 

Let us pray. 

GOD, who, through the grace 
of Thy Holy Spirit, dost 
pour the gifts of charity into the 
hearts of Thy faithful people : 
grant to Thy servants and hand- 


maidens, for whom we beseech 
Thy clemency, health both of 
mind and body : that they may 
love Thee with their whole 
strength, and with joyfulness 
may perform those things which 
are pleasing unto Thee, and 
grant us Thy peace in our time, 
through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

OLORD, who didst send the 
seventy disciples before Thy 
face into every city and place 
whither Thou Thyself wouldst 
come : mercifully regard our la- 
bours, multiply unto us fellow- 
helpers in the same, and so pros- 
per the work of our hands upon 
us, that when Thou comest 
again, Thou mayest find all 

things ready for Thee, who liv- 
est and reignest, world without 
end. Amen. 

ALMIGHTY and merciful 
God, builder and keeper of 
the heavenly Jerusalem, build 
up and keep our dwellings and 
their inhabitants, that the home 
of peace and quiet may be in 
them. Through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

'f. Stabhsh the thing, O Lord, 
that Thou hast wrought in us. 

I^. For Thy temple's sake at 

Let us depart in peace. 
In the Name of the Lord.. 







BEHOLD the Bridegroom cometh in the middle of the night, 
And blest is he whose loins are girt, whose lamp is burning 
bright ; 

But woe to that dull servant, whom his Master shall surprise, 
With lamp untrimmed, unburning, and with slumber in his eyes. 

Do thou, my soul, beware, beware lest thou in sleep sink down, 
Lest thou be given o'er to death, and lose the golden crown : 
But see that thou be sober, with watchful eye, and thus 
Cry — Holy, Holy, Holy God, have mercy upon us. 

That day, the day of fear, shall come ; my soul, slack not thy toil. 
But light thy lamp and feed it well, and make it bright with oil ; 
Who knowest not how soon may sound the cry at eventide, — 
Behold, the Bridegroqm comes. Arise ! Go forth to meet the 

Beware, my soul ; take thou good heed, lest thou in slumber lie, 
And, like the five, remain without, and knock, and vainly cry ; 
But watch, and bear thy lamp undimmed, and Christ shall gird 
thee on 

His own bright wedding-robe of light — the Glory of the Son. 


ROYAL Day that chasest gloom ! 
Day by gladness speeded ! 
Thou beheld'st from Mary's womb 
How the King proceeded ; 



Whom, True Man, with praise our choir 
Hails, and love, and heart's desire, 

Joy and admiration ; 
Who, True God, enthroned in light, 
Passeth wonder, passeth sight, 

Passeth cogitation. 

On the Virgin as He hung, . 

God, the world's Creator, 
Like a rose from lily sprung, — 

Stood astounded nature ; 
That a Maiden's arms enfold 
Him that made the world of old. 

Him that ever liveth : 
That a Maiden's spotless breast 
To the King Eternal rest, 

Warmth, and nurture giveth ! 

As the sunbeam through the glass 

Passeth but not staineth, 
Thus the Virgin, as she was. 

Virgin still remaineth : 
Blessed Mother, in whose womb 
Lay the Light that exiles gloom, 

God, the Lord of Ages ; 
Blessed Maid ! from whom the Lord 
Her own Infant, God adored 

Hunger's pangs assuages. 


CHRIST, on whose Face the soldiers 
Spat in their mockery ; 
Who hangedst, faint and bleeding, 

On the atoning Tree ; 
Who heardest the revilings 

Of them that cursed Thy Name, 
And watched, in bitter hatred, 
Beneath the Cross of Shame ; 

Look down, we pray, in mercy 
On weary souls below, 


Who turn to Thee, their Saviour, 

For comfort in their woe ; 
O let their piteous crying 

Pierce through the angels' song, 
That cry of desolation, 

How long, O Lord, how long ? " 

Christ, who art throned in heaven, 

Supremest over all, 
Before whose Face archangel^ 

In adoration fall ; 
Who hearest the sweet singing 

Of them that tell Thy fame, 
And tread, amid their harpings. 

The sea of glass and flame ; 

O lift us, by Thy Passion, 

Up from the bed of sin ; 
O bring us, by Thy Rising, 

The heavenly gates within ; 
That, with the angel choirs. 

We there may raise the strain 
Of glory, laud, and honour. 

To Thee, for sinners slain. 


WHEN our heads are bowed with woe, 
When our bitter tears overflow, 
When we mourn the lost, the dear, 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. 

Thou our throbbing flesh hast worn, 
Thou our mortal griefs hast borne, 
Thou hast shed the human tear ; 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. 

When the solemn death-bell tolls, 
For our own departing souls. 
When our final doom is near, 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. 

Thou hast bowed the dying head. 
Thou the blood of life hast shed, 


Thou hast filled a mortal bier ; 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. 

When the heart is sad wilhin 
With the thought of all its sin ; 
When the spirit shrinks with fear, 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. 

Thou the shame, the grief, hast known 
Though the Sins were not Thine own ; 
Thou hast deigned their load to bear, 
Jesu, Son of Mary, hear. Amen. 

T ORD Jesu, by Thy Passion, 

To Thee I make my prayer, . 
Thou who in mercy smitest. 
Have mercy. Lord, and spare. 

O wash me in the fountain 
That floweth from Thy Side, 

O clothe me in the raiment 
Thy Blood hath purified. 

O hold Thou up my goings. 

And lead from strength to strength, 
That unto Thee in Sion 

I may appear at length. 

O hearken to my knocking, 

And open wide the door, 
That I may enter freely, 

And never leave Thee more. 

O bring me, loving Jesu, 
To that most blessed place, 

Where angels and archangels 
Look ever on Thy Face. 

Where gladsome Alleluias 

Unceasingly resound. 
Where martyrs, now triumphant, 

Walk robed in white, and crowned. 




O make my spirit worthy 

To join that ransomed throng, 

O teach my lips to utter 
That everlasting song. 

give that last, best blessing 
That even Saints can know, 

To follow in Thy footsteps 
Wherever Thou dost go. 

Not wisdom, might, or glory, 
I ask to win above ; 

1 ask for Thee, Thee only, 
O Thou Eternal Love. 


OJESU, in thy torture 
Nailed to the bitter tree, 
My soul's true guide and nurture, 
I yearn to be with Thee. 

How can I taste of pleasure, 
Whilst Thou dost hang in pain, 

Jesu, mine only treasure, 
Mine everlasting gain ? 

O Jesu, may Thy sadness, 

Thine agony and tears, 
Win for my spirit gladness 

Throughout the endless years. 

With Thine own Body feed me, 

Life to my soul accord, 
Then to Thy pierced heart lead me, 

And hide me there, O Lord. 

And in my dying hour, 

By those sharp wounds I pray, 
Lord, may Thy Passion's power 

Wash all my sins away 

o 145 



T OKD, who in pain and weariness 

^ Thy path of sorrow here didst tread ; 

Who, scorned of men and shelterless, 

Couldst find no place to lay Thy Head; 
Grant Thy shelter, Jesu meek, 
To Thy poor, who refuge seek. 

Lord, who through long and saddened years, 

Didst toil for suffering mankind ; 
Didst bind their wounds, didst calm their 'fears, 
Didst cure the sick, the halt, the blind, 
Grant Thy healing, Jesu blest, 
To the faint who long for rest. 

Lord, who wast merciful to spare, 

And madest leprous sinners clean. 
Who freely, at her tearful prayer, 
Forgavest Mary Magdalene, 

Grant Thy pardon, Jesu sweet, 
To the mourners at Thy Feet. 

Lord, who didst die upon the Rood, 

That we might ever die to sin. 
Who givest us Thyself as Food, 

To make us strong the goal to win ; 
Grant Thy patience, Jesu dear, 
Unto ail who suffer here. 

Lord, who from burial didst larise. 

That we might rise to life iin Thee, 
And hence ascending to the skies, 
Dost rule all things in majesty ; 
Grant Thy glory, Jesu pure, 
To the faithful who endure. 


St. John XX. 15. 

A S the Gardener Him addressing, 
Well and rightly she believed : 
He, the Sower, gave His blessing 
To the seed her heart received : 


Not at first His Form confessing, 
Soon His Voice her soul perceived. 

She beheld, as yet not knowing 

In the mystical disguise, 
Christ, that in her breast was sowing 

Deep and heavenly mysteries : 
Till His Voice, her name bestowing, 

Bade her hear and recognize. 

She to Jesus, Jesus weepeth, 
Of her Lord removed complains ; 

Jesus in her breast she keepeth; 
Jesus seeks, yet still retains ; 

He that soweth, He that reapeth 
All her heart, unknown remains. 

Why, kind Jesu, why thus hiding, 
When thyself Thou wouldst reveal ? 

Why, in Mary's breast abiding. 
From her love thyself conceal ? 

Why, True Light, in her residing, 
Can she not its radiance feel ? 

O how strangely Thou eludest 
Souls that on Thee have believ'd ! 

But eluding, ne'er deludest, 
Nor deceiv'st, nor art deceived ; 

But including, still excludest ; 
Fully known, yet not perceiv'd. 

Laud to Thee, and praise for ever, 
Life, Hope, Light of every soul ! 

Through Thy merits may we never 
Be inscrib'd in Death's dark roll, 

But with Mary's true endeavor 

All our sins, like her, condole. Amen. 



IRGIN-BORN ! we bow before Thee ! 
Blessed was the womb that bore Thee ! 


Mar}^, Mother meek and mild, 
Blessed was she in her Child ! 

Blessed was the breast that fed Thee ! 
Blessed was the hand that led Thee ! 
Blessed was the parent's eye, 
That watch'd Thy slumb'ring infancy ! 

Yirgin-born ! we bow before Thee ! 
Blessed was the womb that bore Thee ! 
Mary, Virgin-mother mild, 
Blessed was she in her Child ! 

Honor, laud, and glory be 

Jesu, Yirgin-born, to Thee ; 

To the Father, as is meet 

And the Blessed Paraclete. Amen. 


TH' Eternal gifts of Christ the King, 
Th' Apostles' glorious deeds we sing; 
And while due hymns of praise we pay, 
Our thankful hearts east grief away. 

The Church in these her princes boasts, 
These victor-chiefs of warrior hosts ; 
The soldiers of the heavenly hall. 
The lights that rose on earth for all. 

'T was thus the yearning faith of Saints 
Th' unconquer'd hope that never faints. 
The love of Christ that knows not shame 
The Prince of this world overcame. 

In these the Father's glory shone, 
In these the will of God the Son ; 
In these exults the Holy Ghost, 
Through these rejoice the Heavenly Host. 

Redeemer, hear us of Thy love. 
That with this orlorious band above, 
Hereafter, of Thine endless grace. 
Thy Servants also may have place. Amen. 



BLESSED Feasts of Blessed Martyrs! 
Saintly days of saintly men ! 
With affection's recollections, 
Greet we your return again. 

Mighty deeds they wrought, and wonders, 
While a frame of flesh they bore : 

We with meetest praise, and sweetest, 
Honor them for ever more. 

Faith unblenching, Hope unquenching, 
Well-lov'd Lord, and single heart, — 

Thus they glorious and victorious 
Bore the Martyr's happy part. 

Blood in slaughter pour'd like water, 
Torments long and heavy chain, 

Flame, and axe, and laceration, 
They endur'd, and conquer'd pain. 

While they passed through divers tortures. 
Till they sank by death oppress'd, 

Earth's rejected were elected, 
To have portion with the Blest. 

By contempt of worldly pleasures, 

And by mighty battles done. 
They have reached the Land of Angels, 

And with them are knit in one. 

They are made co-heirs of glory, 
And they sit with Christ on high : 

O that, as He heard their weeping, 
He may also hear our cry ; 

Till, this weary life completed, 

And its many labors past, 
He shall grant us to be seated 

In our Father's Home at last ! Ajnen. 




TF there be that skills to reckon 

All the number of the blest, 
He, perchance, can weigh the gladness • 

Of the everlasting rest 
Which, their earthly warfare finished, 

They through suffering have possessed. 

Through the vale of lamentation 

Happily and safely past. 
Now the years of their affliction 

In their memory they recast, 
And the end of all perfection 

They can contemplate at last. 

While their cruel Tempter duly 

Suffers torments evermore. 
To the Saviour that redeem'd them 

Those redeemed ones praises pour ; 
And the Monarch that rewards them 

Those rewarded Saints adore. 

In a glass, through types and riddles, 
Dwelling here, we see alone ; 

There serenely, purely, clearly, 
We shall know as we are known ; 

Fixing our enlighten'd vision 
On the glory of the Throne. 

There the Trinity of Persons 

Unbeclouded shall we see ; 
There the unity of essence 

Shall reveal'd in glory be ; 
While we hail the Threefold Godhead, 

And the Simple Unity. 

Wherefore, man, take heart and courage, 
Whatsoe'er thy present pain ; 

Such untold reward through suffering 
Thou hereafter mayst attain; 

And forever in His glory 

With the Light of Light to reign. 


Laud and honour to the Father; 

Laud and honour to the Son ; 
Laud and honour to the Spirit ; 

Ever Three and ever One : 
Consubstantial, Co-eternal, 

While unending ages run. Amen. 

O, my tongue, its mysteries sing; 
And the Blood, all price excelling. 

Which for this world's ransommg 
In a generous womb once dwelling, 
He shed forth, the Gentiles' King. 

Given for us, for us descending I 

Of a Virgin to proceed, 3 

Man with man in converse blending \ 

Scattered He the Gospel seed ; \ 

Till His sojourn drew to ending, j 

. Which He closed in wondrous deed. 1 


At the last Great Supper seated, \ 

Circled by His brethren's band, | 

All the Law required, completed, 
In the feast its statutes planned, ' \ 

To the Twelve Himself He meted* ' 

For their food with His own hand. \ 

Word made Flesh, by Word he maketh 
Very Bread His Flesh to be ; 

Man in wine Christ's Blood partaketh, 
And if senses fail to see. 

Faith alone the true heart waketh 
To behold the Mystery. 

Therefore we before it bending, 
This great Sacrament adore ; 

Types and shadows have their ending 
In the new Rite evermore : 

Faith, our outward sense amending, 
Maketh good defects before. 





Honour, laud, and praise addressing 
To the Father and the Son, 

Might ascribe we, virtue, blessing, 
And eternal benison ; 

Holy Ghost, from both progressing 
Equal laud to Thee be done. Amen. 

Drink He gives us also, deigning . ■ 

To refresh us with His Blood. : 

Christ, Thou radiance ever glowing, ; 

Who upon the Cross didst bleed, i 

Light on all Thy saints bestowing, - 

With Thyself Thy flock dost feed. \ 

Flesh which we are now receiving, ! 

Of a Virgin took the Word, \ 

And the Blood we drink believing, j 

He for sinl'ul man outpoured. \ 

In this rite, our souls to nourish, ; 

To the Word made Flesh we come ; 

Hence our faith in strength doth flourish, [ 

Hence we reach our heavenly home. ; 

Bread of sweetness, ever holy, : 

Full art Thou of pure delight ; 
Saviour, born of Maiden lowly. 

King art Thou of perfect might. ' 

May we ever eat in gladness, \ 

Of this rich angelic Bread, J 

May we in death's hour of sadness, \ 

With this sweetest gift be fed. \ 


He was at the third day-hour 

Led a Victim forth to die, i 

• When He bare His Cross of power, j 

His elect to raise on high. \ 





Lead us, Giver of Salvation, 
To our home Thyself beside, 

Where eternal jubilation 

Dwelleth through the Lamb that died. 

Evermore we there the story 

Of thy wondrous deeds will raise ; 

E-eigning with Thy saints in glory, 
We will offer gifts of praise. 

Sacrifice and hymns in union, 
God we bring this festal day, 

May He with divine Communion 
Feed us in His love for aye. Anaen. 


THEE we adore, O hidden Saviour, Thee, 
Who in Thy sacrament dost deign to be ; 
Both flesh and spirit at Thy presence fail, 
Yet here Thy presence we devoutly hail. 

O blest Memorial of our dying Lord, 
Who living Bread to men doth here afford ! 
O may our souls for ever feed on Thee, 
And Thou, O Christ, for ever precious be. 

Fountain of goodness, Jesu, Lord and God, 
Cleanse us, unclean, with Thy most cleansing Blood 
Increase our faith and love, that we may know 
The hope and peace which from Thy presence flow. 

O Christ, whom now beneath a veil we see. 
May what we thirst for soon our portion be : 
To gaze on Thee, and see with unveiled face 
The vision of Thy glory and Thy grace. Amen. 


SWEET Saviour, bless us ere we go ; 
Thy Word into our minds itistil ; 
And make our lukewarm hearts to glow 


With lowly love and fervent will. 
Through life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

The day is gone, its hours are run, 
And Thou hast taken count of all, 

The scanty triumphs grace hath won. 
The broken vow, the frequent fall. 

Through life's long day and death's dark night, 

O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

Grant us, dear Lord, from evil ways 

True absolution and release ; 
And bless us, more than in past days, 

With purity and inward peace. 
Through life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

Do more than pardon ; give us joy. 

Sweet fear and sober liberty. 
And simple hearts without alloy. 

That only long to be like Thee. 
Through life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

Labour is sweet, for Thou hast toiled ; 

And care is light, for Thou hast cared \ 
Ah ! never let our works be soiled 

With strife, or by deceit ensnared. 
Through life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

For all we love, the poor, the sad. 

The sinful, unto Thee we call; 
O let Thy mercy make us glad ; 

Thou art our Jesus, and our All. 
Through life's long day and death's dark night, 
O gentle Jesu, be our light. Amen. 



WHAT their joy 
and their glory must be, — 



Those endless Sabbaths 
the blessed ones see ! 

Crown for the vahant : 
to weary ones rest : 

God shall be all, 
and in all ever blest. 

What are the Monarch, 

His court and His throne ? 
What are the peace 

and the joy that they own ? 
Tell us, ye blest ones, 

that in it have share, 
If what ye feel 

ye can fully declare. 

Truly " Jerusalem " 

name we that shore, 
" Vision of Peace" 

that brings joy evermore ! 
Wish and fulfilment 

can sever'd be ne'er ; 
Nor the thing pray'd for 

come short of the prayer. 

We, where no trouble 

distraction can bring, 
Safely the anthems 

of Sion shall sing : 
While for Thy grace. Lord, 

their voices of praise 
Thy blessed people 

shall evermore raise. 

There dawns no Sabbath, 

no Sabbath is o'er ; 
Those Sabbath- keepers 

have one, and no more ; 
One and unending 

is that triumph-song 
Which to the Angels 

and us shall belong. 

Now in the meanwhile, 
with hearts raised on high, 


We for that Country 

must yearn and must sigh 

Seeking Jerusalem, 
dear native land, 

Through our long exile 
on Babylon's strand. 

Low before Him 

with our praises we fall, 
Of Whom and i?i Whom, 

and through Whom are all: 
Of Whom, — the Father ; 

and in Whom, — the Son ; 
Through Whom, — the Spirit, 

with These ever One. Amen. 


ART thou weary, art thou languid, 
Art thou sore distress'd ? 
" Come to Me," saith One, " and coming, 
Be at rest ! " 

Hath He marks to lead me to Him, 

If He be my Guide ? 
" In His Feet and Hands are wound-prints, 
And His Side." 

Is there Diadem, as Monarch, 

That His Brow adorns ? 
" Yea, a Crown, in verv surety, 

But of Thorns ! " 

If I find Him, if I follow, 

What His guerdon here ? 
" Many a sorrow, many a labour. 
Many a tear." 

If I still hold closely to Him, 

What hath He at last ? 
" Sorrow vanquish'd, labour ended, 

Jordan passed ! " 



If I ask Him to receive me, 

Will He say me nay V 
" Not till earth and not till heaven 
Pass away ! " 

Finding, following, keeping, struggling, 

Is He sure to bless ? 
<^ Angels, Prophets, Martyrs, Virgins, 
Answer Yes ! " 


HAPPY band of pilgrims, 
If onward ye will tread, 
With Jesus as your Fellow, 
To Jesus as your Head ! 

O happy if ye labour 
As Jesus did for men, 

O happy if ye hunger 
As Jesus hunger'd then ! 

The Cross that Jesus carried. 
He carried as your due : 

The Crown that Jesus weareth, 
He weareth it for you. 

The trials that beset you. 
The sorrows ye endure. 

The manifold temptations 
That Death alone can cure, — 

What are they but His jewels 
Of right celestial worth ? 

What are they but the ladder 
Set up to Heaven on earth ? 

O happy band of pilgrims 
Look upward to the skies, 

Where such a light affliction 
Shall win you such a prize. 




T EAD, kindly Light, amid th' encircling gloom, 
Lead Thou me on ! 

The night is dark, and I am far from home — 
Lead Thou me on ! 

Keep Thou my feet ; I do not ask to see 

The distant scene, — one step 's enough for me. 

I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou 
Should'st lead me on ; 

I loved to choose and see my path ; but now 
Lead Thou me on ! 

I loved the garish day, and spite of fears 

Pride ruled my will : remember not past years. 

So long Thy power hath bless'd me, sure it still 

Will lead me on, 
O'er moor and fen, o'er crag and torrent, till 

The night is gone, 
And with the morn those angel faces smile 
Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile. 


WHY marvelling though the clouds be black, 
The path be rough to tread ? 
Why thus impatient for a track ' 
Of pleasure in its stead ? 

His path, on whom we fix our eye, 

Was never strewn with flowers ; 
How can we think on Calvary, 

And give one thought to ours ? 

And was the Cross so soft a bed. 

The Reed so fair a gem, 
The Crown of Thorns" that wreathed His Head 

So bright a diadem ? 

O who could bear to dwell at ease. 

Remembering what He bore ? 
O who would sigh for what might please, 

'When He was tried so sore ? 



The cross was borne by all the rest 

Of His elected Seed : 
They clasped it bravely to their breast, — 

And why should we be freed ? 

Yea, in Thy Mercy, not Thy Wrath, 

Our trials Thou dost send ; 
Lest if we should not tread their path, 

We might not share its end. 

Praise, in the Church's highest strain, 

To God the Father be ; 
And to the Lamb that once was slain 

And, Holy Ghost, to Thee. 


IHERE is a stream, whose waters rise 
Amidst the hills of Paradise, 

Where foot of man hath never trod, 
Proceeding from the Throne of God : 
O give me sickness here, or strife, 
So I may reach that spring of hfe ! 

There is a Eock that nigh at hand 
Gives shadow in a weary land ; 
Who in that stricken Rock hath rest, 
Finds water gushing from its breast : 
O grant me, when this scene is o'er. 
Their lot who thirst not any more. 

There is a people who have cast 

The strife and toil away at last : 

On whom, — so calm their rest and sweet. 

The sun lights not nor any heat ; 

Give me with them at length to be, 

And send me here what pleaseth Thee. 

O Thou, who camest Death to spoil. 
And barest weariness and toil ; 
And just before His chains were burst, 
Fulfilling Scripture, saidst, " I thirst ! " 
Who call'st Thy weary servants o'er 
The same rough road Thou trodd'st before 



Thou Only Good ! Thou Only Wise ! 

Who dost so lovingly chastise, 

To give more strength, and add more grace, 

Grant me Thy Spirit to embrace, 

The more, — the more that nature faints, — 

The glorious portion of all Saints. 

Thou wouldst not, Lord, ascend to reign, 
But first on earth Thou sufFeredst pain ; 
And now, O Father, at Thy side 
For us He pleads, for us who died ; 
Shading from storm, and blast, and heat, 
With that Eternal Paraclete. 

^ Jesu, best and dearest, 
Jesu, Fount of perfect love ; 

HoHest, tenderest, nearest ; 
Jesu, source of grace completest, 
Jesu purest, Jesu sweetest, 
Jesu, well of power divine, 
Make me, keep me, seal me thine ! 

Jesu, open me the gate 

That of old he enter'd 
Who, in that most lost estate, 

Wholly on Thee ventur'd ; 
Thou, whose Wounds are ever pleading, 
And Thy Passion interceding, 

From my misery let me rise 

To a Home in Paradise ! 

Thou didst call the Prodigal : 

Thou didst pardon Mary : 
Thou whose Words can never fail, 

Love can never vary : 
Lord, to heal my lost condition. 
Give, — for Thou canst give, — contrition ; 

Thou canst pardon all mine ill, 

If Thou wilt : O say, ^' I will ! " 





Woe, that I have turn'd aside 

After fleshly pleasure ! 
Woe, that I have never tried 

For the Heavenly Treasure ! 
Treasures safe in Homes supernal, 
Incorruptible, eternal ! 

Treasure no less price hath won 

Than the Passion of the Son ! 

Jesu, crown'd with thorns for me, 
Scourg'd for my transgression, 

Witnessing through agony, 
That Thy good confession 1 

Jesu, clad in purple raiment, 

For my evils making payment, 
Let not all Thy woe and pain, 
Let not Calvary be in vain ! 

When I reach Death's bitter sea, 
And its waves roll higher, 

Help the more forsaking me 
As the storm draws nigher : 

Jesu, leave me not to languish 

Helpless, hopeless, full of anguish ! 
Tell me, — Verily I say. 
Thou shalt be with all to-day I ' 


OVING Shepherd, kind and true, 

Wilt Thou not in pity come 
To Thy lamb ? As shepherds do. 
Bear me in Thy bosom home ; 
Take me hence from earth's annoy 
To Thy home of endless joy. 

See how I have gone astray. 
In this earthly wilderness ; 

Come and take me soon away 
To Thy flock who dwell in bliss, 

And Thy glory, Lord, behold, 

Safe within Thy heavenly fold. 




For I fain would gaze on Thee, 
AVith the lambs to whom *tis given 

That they feed, from danger free, 
In the happy fields of heaven ; 

Praising Thee, all terrors o'er, 

Never can they wander more. 

Here I live in sore distress, 
Fearing, watching, hour by hour, 

For my foes around me press. 
And I know their craft and power. 

Lord, Thy lamb can never be 

Safe one moment, but with Thee. 

O Lord Jesus, let me not 

'Mid the ravening wolves e'er fall ; 
Help me as a shepherd ought. 

That I may escape them all ; 
Bear me homeward in Thy breast, 
To Thy fold of endless rest. 


" / saw the Holy City, Neio Jerusalem, coming down from God, out of 
lieaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.^^ 

T>LESSED city, heavenly Salem, 
-■^ Vision dear of peace and love, 
Who of living stones art builded 

In the height of heaven above. 
And, with angel hosts encircled, 

As a bride to earth dost move ; 

From celestial realms descending. 

Bridal glory round Thee shed. 
Meet for Him whose love espoused thee, 

To thy Lord shalt thou be led ; 
All thy streets and all thy bulwarks. 

Of pure gold are fashioned. 

Bright thy gates of pearl are shining. 

They are open evermore ; 
And by virtue of His merits 

Thither faithful souls do soar, 


Who for Christ's dear Name in this world 
Pain and tribulation bore. 

Many a blow and biting sculpture 
Polished well those stones elect, 

In their places now compacted 
By the heavenly Architect, 

Who therewith hath willed for ever 
That His palace should be decked. 

Praise and honour to the Father, 
Praise and honour to the Son, 

Praise and honour to the Spirit, 
Ever Three and ever One, 

One in might and One in glory. 
While eternal ages run. Amen. 

Behold Hay in Sion a chief Corner- Stone, elect, precious. 
/CHRIST is made the sure foundation, 

^ Christ the Head and Corner-stone, 
Chosen of the Lord, and precious. 

Binding all the Church in one, 
Holy Sion's help for ever. 
And her confidence alone. 

All that dedicated City, 
Dearly loved of God on high. 

In exultant jubilation 
Pours perpetual melody : 

God the One in Three adoring 
In glad hymns eternally. 

To this Temple, where we call Thee, 

Come O Lord of Hosts to-day ; 
With Thy wonted loving-kindness. 

Hear Thy servants as they pray ; 
And Thy fullest benediction 


Shed within its walls alway. 

Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants 
What they ask of Thee to gain, 


What they gain from Thee for ever 

With the iBlessed to retain, 
And hereafter in Thy glory 

Evermore with Thee to reign. 

Praise and honour to the Father, 

Praise and honour to the Son, 
Praise and honour to the Spirit, 

Ever Three and ever One, 
One in might and One in glory, 

While eternal ages run. Amen. 


" Unto you which believe Heispreciousy 

JESU ! the very thought is sweet ! 
In that dear Name all heart-joys meet : 
But oh ! than honey sweeter far 
The glimpses of His presence are. 

No word is sung more sweet than this. 
No sound is heard more full of bliss, 
No thought brings sweeter comfort nigh, 
Than Jesus, Son of God most High. 

Jesu, the hope of souls forlorn, 
How good to them for sin that mourn ! 
To them that seek Thee, oh how kind ! 
But what art Thou to them that find ? 

No tongue of mortal can express. 
No pen can write the blessedness. 
He only who had proved it knows 
What bliss from love of Jesus flows. 

O Jesu, King of wondrous might ! . 
-O Victor, glorious from the fight ! 
Sweetness that may not be expressed, 
And altogether loveliest ! 

Abide with us, O Lord, to-day. 
Fulfil us with Thy grace, we pray ; 
And with Thine own True sweetness feed 
Our souls, from sin and darkness freed. Amen. 



" Here have we no continuing city, hut we seek one to corned 

BRIEF life is here our portion ; 
Brief sorrow, short-lived care : 
The life that knows no ending, 
The tearless life, is there. 

O happy retribution ! 

Short toil, eternal rest ; 
For mortals and for sinners 

A mansion with the blest. 

That we should look, poor wand'rers, 
To have our Home on high ! 

That worms should seek for dwellings. 
Beyond the starry sky ! 

To all one happy guerdon. 

Of one celestial grace ; 
For all, for all, who mourn their fall, 

Is one eternal place : 

And martyrdom hath roses 
Upon that heavenly ground : 

And white and virgin lilies 
For virgin souls abound. 

Then grief is turned to pleasure ; 

Such pleasure, as below 
No human voice can utter, 

No human heart can know : 

And after fleshly scandal, 
And after this world's night. 

And after storm and whirlwind, 
Is calm and joy and light. 

And now we fight the battle. 
But then shall wear the crown 

Of full and everlasting 
And passionless renown ; 


And now we watch and struggle, 
And now we live in hope, 

And Sion in her anguish 
With Babylon must cope ; 

But He whom now we trust in 
Shall then be seen and known ^ 

And they that know and see Him 
Shall have Him for their own. 

The morning shall awaken, 
The shadows shall decay, 
And each true-hearted servant 
Shall shine as doth the day ; 

There God our King and Portion, 

In fullness of His grace. 
Shall we behold for ever, 

And worship face to face. 


"pOR thee, O dear, dear Country, 

Mine eyes their vigils keep ; 
For very love beholding 
Thy happy name they weep. 

The mention of thy glory 

Is unction to the breast. 
And medicine in sickness, 

And love and life and rest. 

O one, O only mansion ! 

O Paradise of joy ! 
Where tears are ever banished. 

And smiles have no alloy ; 

The Cross is all thy splendour ; 

The Crucified thy praise ; 
His laud and benediction 

Thy ransomed people raise. 

With jaspar glow thy bulwarks, 
Thy streets with emeralds blaze ; 


The sardis and the topaz 
Unite in thee their rays ; 

Thine ageless walls are bonded 
With amethyst unpriced ; 

The saints build up its fabric, 
And the corner-stone is Christ. 

Thou hast no shore, fair ocean ! 

Thou hast no time, bright day ! 
Dear fountain of refreshment. 

To pilgrims far away ! 

Upon the Kock of Ages 
They raise thy holy tower ; 

Thine is the victor's laurel, 
And thine the golden dower. 


JERUSALEM the golden ! 
With milk and honey blest; 
Beneath thy contemplation 
Sink heart and voice opprest. 

I know not, oh ! I know not 
What joys await us there ; 

What radiancy of glory 
What bliss beyond compare. 

They stand, those halls of Sion, 
All jubilant with song. 

And bright with many an angel, 
And all the martyr throng. 

The Prince is ever in them, 
The daylight is serene. 

The pastures of the blessed 
Are decked in glorious sheen. 

There is the throne of David ; 

And there from care released, 
The shout of them that triumph, 

The song of them that feast ; 


And they who with their Leader 
Have conquered in the fight, 

For ever and for ever 

Are clad in robes of white. 

O sweet and blessed country, 
The Home of God's elect ! 

O sweet and blessed country. 
That eager hearts expect 1 

Jesu, in mercy bring us ' 
To that dear land of rest ; 

Who art, with God the Father, 
And Spirit ever blest. Amen. 


JERUSALEM the glorious ! 
The glory of the Elect ! 

dear and future vision 
That eager hearts expect : 

Even now by faith I see Thee, 
Even here Thy walls discern : 

To Thee my thoughts are kindled, 
And strive, and pant, and yearn. 

Jerusalem, exulting 
On that securest shore, 

1 hope Thee, wish Thee, sing Thee, 
And love Thee evermore ! 

I ask not for my merit ; 

I seek not to deny 
My merit is destruction, 

A child of wrath am L 

But yet with faith I venture. 

And hope, upon my way ; 
For those perennial guerdons 

I labour night and day. 
The best and dearest Father 

Who made me, and who saved, 
Bore with me in defilement. 

And from defilement laved : — 


When in His strength I struggle, 

For very joy I leap, 
When in my sin I totter, 

I weep, or try to weep : 
And grace, sweet grace celestial, 

Shall all its love display, 
And David's royal Fountain 

Purge every sin away. 

O mine, my golden Syon ! 

O lovelier far than gold ! 
With laurel-girt battalions, 

And safe victorious fold : 
O sweet and blessed Country, 

Shall I ever see thy face ? 

sweet and blessed Country, 
Shall I ever win thy grace ? 

1 have the hope within me, 

To comfort and to bless ! 
Shall I ever win the prize itself? 
O tell me, tell me, yes ! 

Exult, O dust and ashes, 

The Lord shall be thy part : 
His only. His for ever. 

Thou shalt be, and thou art ! 
Exult, O dust and ashes, 

The Lord shall be thy part : 
His only, His for ever. 

Thou shalt be, and thou art ! 



T\AY of Vengeance, without morrow ! 
-■^ Earth shall end in flame and sorrow, 
As from saint and seer we borrow. 


Ah ! what terror is impending. 
When the Judge is seen descending, 
And each secret veil is rending. 




To the Throne, the trumpet sounding, 
Through the sepulchres resounding 
Summons all, with voice astounding. 


Death and Nature, mazed, are quaking, 
When, the grave's long slumber breaking, 
Man to judgment is awaking. 


On the written volume's pages, 
Life is shown in all its stages, 
Judgment-record of past ages. 


Sits the Judge, the raised arraigning, 
Darkest mysteries explaining, 
Nothing unavenged remaining. 


What shall I then say, unfriended, 

By no advocate attended. 

When the just are scarce defended ? 


King of majesty tremendous. 
By Thy saving grace defend us ; 
Fount of pity, safety send us ! 


Holy Jesus, meek, forbearing. 

For my sins the death-crown wearing. 

Save me, in that day, despairing. 


Worn and weary Thou hast sought me ; 
By Thy Cross and Passion bought me, — 
Spare the hope Thy labours brought me. 


Righteous Judge of retribution. 
Give, O give me absolution, 
Ere the day of dissolution. 




As a guilty culprit groaning, 
Flushed my face, my errors owning, 
Hear, O God, my spirit's moaning. 


Thou to Mary gav*st remission, 
Heard'st the dying thief's petition, 
Bad'st me hope in my contrition. 


In my prayers no grace discerning, 
Yet on mt; Thy favour turning, 
Save my soul from endless burning ! 


Give me, when Thy sheep confiding 
Thou art from the goats dividing, 
On Thy right a place abiding ! 


When the wicked are confounded, 
And by bitter flames surrounded, 
Be my joyful pardon sounded ! 


Prostrate, all my guilt discerning. 
Heart as though to ashes turning. 
Save, O save me from the burning ! 


Day of weeping, when from ashes 
Man shall rise 'mid lightning flashes. 
Guilty, trembling with contrition. 
Save him. Father, from perdition ! 
Holy Jesu, Saviour Blest, 
Grant him Thy Eternal Best. Amen. 







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