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Full text of "A book of Strattons; being a collection of Stratton records from England and Scotland, and a genealogical history of the early colonial Strattons in America, with five generations of their descendants;"

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"Genealogical data is often buried in a mass of material so 
deep as well-nigh to discourage all ambition to bring it to light; 
but when the fragments are gathered and connected to form a 
record, there emerges from apparent chaos a story of surprising 
interest." — Mills. 

Ensign Samuel Stratto.n (1720-1803) 
Page 23. 









"Volume II 



By HARRiETrRussELL Stratton 


JUL 24 191^ 






'If you could see your ancestors 

All standing in a row, 
Would you be proud of them or not, 
Or don't you really know? 

"But here's another question, which 
Requires a different view — 
// you could meet your ancestors 
Would they be proud of youf" 



Preface xiii 

Explanation xvii 


Strattons in England 3 

Abstracts of Wills 4 

Bills of Complaint 7 

Court Records 9 

Places Called Stratton 10 


Colonial Strattons 17 

Strattons of Massachusetts 20 

Samuel of Watertown, His Descendants 20 

Caleb of Boston, His Descendants 176 

John of Watertown, His Descendants 191 

Joseph of W\altham 228 

Strattons of Long Island 229 

Richard of Easthampton, His Descendants 229 

David of Millville 256 

Jonathan of Philadelphia 265 

Benjamin of Pittsgrove 269 

John of Easthampton, His Descendants 273 

Str.\ttons of Connecticut 313 

John of Woodbury, His Descendants 313 

William of W^indsor, His Descendants 321 

Strattons of Virginia 341 

Thomas of the Eastern Shore, His Descendants .... 341 

Thomas of Pittsylvania Co 351 

Edward of Bermuda Hundred, His Descendants . . . 358 

Strattons of Eastern Kentucky 399 


X Contents 


Strattons of New Jersey 410 

Mark of Evesham, His Descendants 410 

Seth of Frederick Co 458 

William of Spottsylvania Co 462 

Absolom of Amherst Co 465 

Emanuel of Evesham, His Descendants 468 

Strattons of Sussex Co 477 

Indexes 497 


Ensign Samuel Stratton Frontispiece 


Stratton House, England 2 

Stratton's Folly, Village and Hall 6 

Some Stratton Coats of Arms 10 

An Old Stratton Bible 14 

Stratton Village and Stratton Tavern 40 

Rev. Ebenezer H. Stratton 50 

Charles River and Stratton Park 62 

Sons of Shuball C. Stratton 72 

Sons of Shuball C. Stratton 76 

A Page of Stratton Autographs 106 

Albert G. Stratton and Paul Stratton 112 

Five Children of John Stratton 116 

Mrs. Louisa (Stratton) Russell 130 

A Group of Athol Strattons 150 

RuFus, Daniel and Lorenzo Stratton 164 

Latham Stratton and Sons 178 

Rev. William O. Stratton 184 

Some Old Stratton Autographs 190 

James and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Stratton .... 194 

Children of James and Elizabeth Stratton .... 206 

Stratton Homestead, Little Valley 212 

Asa E. Stratton and Lorenzo Stratton 216 

A Summer Morning at Cactus Cottage 220 

Some Stratton Homes, Tennessee 224 

Rev. Daniel Stratton 228 

Nathan L. Stratton and Dr. Joseph B. Stratton . . 236 

Myron Stratton and Gov. C. C. Stratton .... 242 
Stratton Chapel, Library, Mountain and Other Views 248 

James T. Stratton and Dr. C. C. Stratton .... 302 
George W. Stratton and Samuel E. Stratton . . .312 

Timothy Stratton, Sr. 322 

Catherine (Stratton) Snow and Asa E. Stratton . . 330 


xii List of Illustrations 


Senator John Stratton and Daughter 340 

Some Stratton Homes and an Old Church .... 346 

A Group of Strattons 350 

Stratton Spring, Stratton Homes and Some Stilitton 

Burial Places 358 

Early Stratton Homes in Eight States 364 

A Group of Strattons 380 

Two Silhouettes. George W. Stratton and Grand- 
daughter Ruth 410 

Five Strattons 420 

William L. Stratton, John Stratton and Eli Stratton 430 

Five Stratton Homes 440 

John R. Stratton and Mark Stratton 450 

John and Rachel Stratton and Their Nine Children 476 


VOLUME I of A Book of Strattons (published nearly ten 
years ago) , after giving sixty-six pages concerning Strattons 
in England and Scotland, gives all that the compiler has found of 
the earty Strattons in America and their descendants to the fifth 
generation. This second volume is a continuation of Vol. I, 
beginning where that left off and coming down to the present 
time. This volume is complete in itself to this extent— it contains 
a brief sketch of the first Stratton of each Colonial line in Amer- 
ica, and then as the descendant's name appears on the page his 
ancestry is given through all the generations back to the first 
Stratton of the line to which he belongs. But the full records 
of the first generation, and the details concerning the second, 
third and fourth generations, which form so large a part of 
Vol. I, are not repeated here, and of course none of the English 
data is here repeated. 

To the compiler it has been a matter of exceeding interest to 
trace the movements of the different generations of Strattons, to 
study their characteristics and conditions from the time when our 
English ancestors settled on the Atlantic coast of the New World 
down through more than two hundred and fifty years to the 
time when their descendants are found in every state of the 
Union, in every trade, profession and line of business, and in 
many varied conditions of life. 

To trace the descendants of the different lines and branches 
as they have remained for many generations within a few miles 
of the first homestead or have steadily migrated westward; to 
locate the different families, and different members of the same 
family, as they have moved from place to place; to ferret out 
connecting links which had long been lost; to study the source 
of family traditions, adjust conflicting data and solve puzzling 
genealogical problems — all this has long been a work of unfailing 
interest and now the compiler has the satisfaction of feeling 
that many records have thus been preserved which otherwise 
would soon have become obscure or irretrievably lost. 


xiv Preface 

It would be impossible to give the authority for all the data 
which this volume contains but the utmost care has been taken 
to give nothing as fact that has not been verified by the best 
authorities obtainable. All available printed matter has been 
consulted and information secured from church, town, court and 
military records, from wills, deeds, society and college cata- 
logues, from family Bibles, gravestones, old letters and aged 
people. Many hundreds of letters have been written and often 
there have been months, even years of waiting for replies to 
inciuiries (some of which have not yet arrived!) and hours spent 
in deciphering almost illegible handwriting (in which the Strat- 
tons seem proficient!) and in endeavoring to read between the 
lines what the writers have failed to express in words. Often 
only the barest genealogical data has been sent — birth, marriage, 
death — where some items of biographical and historical interest 
concerning the older Strattons could easily have been contrib- 
uted. That the volume gives more about some than others is 
due often to the fact that the compiler knew more about them, 
or was furnished more biographical material by her cor- 

No doubt there are many whose lives deserve a more lengthy 
notice, but the compiler did not know of it. In some instances a 
biographical sketch has served to preserve historical and geo- 
graphical items of interest concerning some section of our coun- 
try. Some family records are incomplete, and perhaps inac- 
curate, owing to the silence of those who might have contributed 
complete and correct data. 

The aim has been not to laud the living (that is left to some 
future genealogist) but "to gather up the traditions that still 
exist; to show the world that if we are not called upon to follow 
the example of our fathers, we are at least not insensible to the 
worth of their characters, nor indifferent to the sacrifices and 
trials by which they purchased our prosperity." Edward Everett. 

As the manuscript for this second volume goes to the press 
no one realizes more fully than the compiler the errors that such 
a book must necessarily contain and the incompleteness of the 
work, yet it seems best not to longer delay publication. As 
more complete data accumulates, a supplement to this volume — 
a small third volume — should be issued. If then, errors are here 
found will not those better informed supply corrections, and if 
any reader possesses data which would render the genealogical 
record of any family more complete, or biographical and histor- 

Preface xv 

ical items which would add to the interest of Stratton history, 
why not forward same to the compiler at once? 

Above all it is most earnestly hoped that the way may soon 
open for an extended research in England, seeking to establish 
there the ancestry of each line of Strattons in America. If our 
Colonial ancestors belonged to armigerous lines of Strattons, as 
seems very probable, would it not be of interest to their descend- 
ants to know the arms to which they are entitled and the act of 
bravery, or chivalry for which this right was conferred upon 
their ancestor? Among the many descendants living in various 
parts of our country to-day may there not be some who would 
be willing to help direct and finance such a research, and thus 
add interesting material not only to Stratton lore but to early 
Colonial history as well? 

And now to the many Strattons who have kindly contributed 
data and pictures, and who from time to time have sent words 
of encouragement and appreciation the compiler would here 
extend grateful and heart- felt thanks. 

Cactus Cottage, 

Grand View, Tenn., /foZtlt/ 7P. STroZZnc . 

1918. / 


THE arrangement here is the same as in Volume I, and thei 
system of tracing from one generation to another is so clear 
and easily understood it is hoped that each Stratton into whose 
hands the book falls will acquaint himself with it. The few ab- 
breviations used will be readily understood. 

As in Volume I, and other genealogical works, the small figure 
following the name and placed above the line indicates the gen- 
eration from the emigrant ancestor. 

The number preceding the name is an individual number and 
denotes the person's place in the line of Strattons to which he 

The minus sign ( — ) placed before a number in the lists of 
children's names shows that this individual is not traced further. 

The plus sign (+) preceding a number denotes that the num- 
ber and name are repeated on a succeeding page (the number in 
black- faced type) where a more extended account of that indi- 
vidual is given. If, as in a few cases, the individual number in 
black-faced type is enclosed in brackets [thus] it denotes that 
the parentage of that individual is not positively established. 

The compiler had hoped to continue in this volume the charts 
of Volume I, pages 310-325, but finding this impractical, at pres- 
ent, has left this feature for some future volume. 

Vol. I. contains the names of Strattons in Colonial Wars and 
in the Revolution. 

The lists which have been collected of Strattons who served in 
the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War and the Span- 
ish-American War must also wait for some future publication. 
They would fill many pages. In most cases the service has been 
included in the individual biography. 

As this volume comes from the press more than two million of 
our country's young men are enrolled in the great W^orld War. 
Among them are many Strattons. It is the desire of the com- 
piler to secure a list of all Strattons in Military and Navy service 
in this War. By all means let us make this list complete for a 
future volume and so do our bit toward honoring those of our 


xviii Explanations 

own name who are giving their service and their lives for us, for 
our country and for the world. 

Special care has been taken with the indexes. A son marked 
with a plus sign (-|-) in a list of children is indexed but once 
and then on the page giving his fullest record. His parentage, 
with place and date of birth (if given) may be readily found by 
tracing back his individual number. Conceding to many requests 
the compiler has refrained (in most cases) from giving dates of 
birth later than 1850. Names of children who died young are 
not indexed. In other families than Strattons only the family 
"name is given in the index, even though several members of the 
family may be found on the pages indicated. Sometimes a name 
appears on a page several times although indexed but once. 
' The names of those whom Strattons have married are in black- 
faced type, while the parentage of the wives of Strattons is in 

In Volume I, Part II, the Colonial Strattons are arranged 
in the order of their first appearance in America or their con- 
nection with English records. In this volume. Part IV, they are 
grouped according to the colony in which they lived, or in which 
has been found the earliest records of them. 


"Without genealogy the study of history is comparatively lijeless." 
John Fiske. 

"Enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the 
search of their fathers." Job viii, 8. 

"These things ought not to be forgotten; for the benefit of our children 
and those that follow them, they should be recorded." Frankun. 

- >■- 

O r? 





"Writ in remembrance of things long passed." Ivin. 

THE little additional research which the author has been able 
to make in England since the first volume of this work was 
issued has not resulted in establishing our ancestry there. It 
has, however, discovered clews which will probably help to bring 
about the desired result whenever a more extended research is 

There seems no reason to doubt that among the great amount 
of material on the Strattons in England in the seventeenth and 
eighteenth centuries may be found the ancestry of most, if not 
all, the lines in America to-day. 

Possibly some may be traced back to the places where the 
name originated— Stratton being a ''place-name" from Street- 
town (street-tun) , the early Anglo-Saxon settlements made on the 
old Roman roads in Great Britain (see p. 3, Vol. I). These 
street-towns were widely scattered and from them many families 
took the name Stratton (Stretton, Straton, &c.) when surnames 
began to come into use about the eleventh century. Thus in 1148 
we find Richard filius Roberti of Street-town whose son was 
later known as Robert de Stratton and whose grandson, in 1210, 
was Thomas Stratton. 

The records of baptisms, marriages and burials in many of the 
old parish registers are so complete, and the Stratton wills and 
administrations so numerous and so easily accessible, that a more 
extended research could hardly fail to reveal much of interest 
to the Strattons in America.* 

*In a letter of Mr. Sherley's to Gov. Bradford of Plymouth, dated 
Jan. 2, 1631, he mentions that "Straton & Fogge" were above a month 
trying to straighten out the accounts of two vessels, the White Angel 
and the Friendship, both evidently Bristol ships. Ralph Fogg had deal- 
ings with N. E. early. These ships sailed to Plymouth with supplies and 
then to the Maine coast for fishing trips. Bristol men sent ships to 
Monhegan Isle, on the coast of Maine, for cod fish as early as 1616, 
perhaps earlier. John Stratton of Suffolk was in N. E. in 1628. 


A Book of Strattons 


Tlie loliuwihg abstracts of Stratton wills (in addition to those 
given in Vol. I) from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Lon- 
don, will serve to show the character of the genealogical material 
from this source: 

Will of Julian Stratton of the parish of Dale, dated 5 July, 
1462. To be buried in the churchyard of Dale. Legacies to the 
high altar, the parish clerk, and for masses to be sung in the 
church of Dale at my month's mind and my year's mind. To 
John Browne my servant all my small utensils. Residue to John 
Trary and AValter Sayer, whom executors. Overseer, Richard 
Baker alias Barbor. I will that all my lands and tenements in 
Dale shall be sold, and that the money so arising, my debts and 
legacies paid, shall remain to Johan my daughter, except 20s., 
which I will that John Browne my servant shall have. Wit- 
nesses: None. Proved 6 July, 1463, by the executors. (From 
the Latin.) 

Will of John Stretton of All Hallows (co. Kent), fisherman, 
dated 19 Oct., 1592. Being sicke in bodie. To be buried in the 
Chauncell of the parish church of All Hallows, neere unto my 
mother. And as touching such goods as God here in this vale 
of miserie hath endewed me withall, I give to my eldest son 
Robert my fishing boate, with the occupying of the fishing 
grounds ; to my daughter Agnes Stretton £5 ; to my daughter Jane 
Stretton 26s.8d.; to my son William £5 at 18; to my daughter 
Elizabeth £6-13-3 at 16; to my sister Alice Stretton of Rochester 
one ewe lamb; to my wife's sister Elizabeth Clarke another ewe 
lamb; and to the poor of All Hallows, where I am parishioner, 
two bushells of wheat to be made in white bread, and a kilderkin 
of good beere, with some cheese, on the day of my funerall. 
The residue I give to my wife Joan, whom I ordain executrix, 
and my brothers William Stretton, citizen of Rochester, and 
Henry Awsten of St. Marie's, yeoman, overseers. Witnesses: 
Francis Lomelyn, vicar of All Hallows, John Newman, clerk of 
the same cliurch, and John Wright, parishioner there. Proved 
7 Nov., 1592, by the executrix. 

Will of William Stretton* of Tenterden (co. Kent), Jurat, 

♦This abstract, exactly as here given, was furnished the compiler from 
London by the well-known genealogist, J. Henry Lea. since the publication 
of Vol. I. of this work. 

Strattons in England 5. 

dated 31 May, 1647. Being in health of bodie. To my wife 
Margaret Stretton £1045 as agreed upon between us before our 
marriage. Also I give unto her her wearing apparell and her 
dwelling in the house wherein I now live, for the space of half a 
year without paying for it. To my son Joseph £100 at his age 
of 23 years, my best Bible, my best backsworde, and one of the 
books of the writings of Mr. Perkins. To my son Benjamin £100 
at his age of 23, my rapier, and one of the said books. To my 
son Bartholomew fourscore and ten pounds at his age of 23, 
my black-hilted backsword and the book of Acts and Monu- 
ments written by Mr Foxe. To my daughter Elizabeth £140 
at 20 or marriage and a trunk of linen appointed her by her 
mother. To my son Samuel £100 at 23 and one of the books 
of the Acts and Monuments. To my son Caleb £110 at 23 and 
one of the said books. My three youngest sons Thomas, John 
and Nathaniel each £120 at 23. To my daughter Sarah Picker- 
ing, to be divided amongst her children, £10. Overseers, my wife 
and Mr Thomas Brett. Son William my best bedstede and money 
due to me from the Parliament. My wife's two daughters Rose 
and Margaret each 10s in gould. Executor, son William, whom 
residuary legatee. Witnesses: William Stretton, Tho: Brett, 
Tho: Manton. Proved 11 Jan., 1647-8, by the executor. 

Will of Robert Stratton of the parish of St. Martins in the 
Fields, CO. Middlesex, gent, dated 16 July, 1640. To my wife 
Elizabeth Stratton £100 and my leases of certain tenements and 
forges which I hold of the Lord of Lexington, now Earl of Mon- 
mouth, and his now Countess, situate in Long-acre and Drewry- 
lane in the parish of St. Giles in the Fields, co. Middlesex; and 
after her death to my three sons, Edward Stratton, Samuel Strat- 
ton, and William Stratton. To my eldest son Edward Stratton 
£500. To my second son Samuel Stratton £300. To my youngest 
son William Stratton £500, to be put out for his use during his 
minority. All my wearing apparel to my said son William. 
My wife Elizabeth Stratton, out of the means and estate I 
leave, shall maintain, educate and bring up my son William. 
To my two daughters in law, my two eldest sons' wives, 20s. each 
for rings. To my cousin Matthew Billinge's daughter 20s. To 
my cousins Christian Hurle, Phrissey her sister, and Joan Browne 
her sister, and to my cousin Robert Hurle, my godson, £5 
amongst them. To my kinswoman Katherine White £5. I give 
£5 towards the repayringe and beawtyfyinge of the Cathedrall 

6 A Book of Strattons 

Church of St. Paul in London. Residue to Elizabeth my wife, 
whom executrix. Overseers, my sons Edward Stratton and 
Samuel Stratton. Witnesses: William Foster, Richard Hather- 
ington, Mathew Billinge, scr. Proved 9 Sept., 1640, by the 

Will of Samuel Stratton of the parish of St. Clement Danes, 
CO. Middlesex, gent, dated 10 July, 1652. Sick in body. I will 
that such leases as I have lately assigned to certain friends, and 
one assignment of a house in Ficketts Field to my mother Eliza- 
beth Stratton, widow, shall remain as expressed in the deeds. 
To my mother Elizabeth Stratton one gold ring with an onix 
stone in it. To my mother in law Adelina Smith, widow, two 
twenty-shilling pieces of Queene Elizabeth coyne. To my brother 
Edward Stratton, gent, one gold ring set with a fair table dia- 
mond. To my brother William Stratton one skie coloured enam- 
elled ring with gold starrs in it. To my cousin Walter Stratton 
and his wife 20s. each, and 10s. to their son John. To my 
friend Mr Dawson a ring of gold with five rubies in it. To my 
friend Mr Domville my gimmoll ring of gold with three lincks in 
it. To Mrs Baker, wife of Stephen Baker, taylor, £5. To Mr 
Clarke the chirurgeon one agate knife and fork of silver typt 
with gold. To W\alley Browne the Scotch boy my grey cloth 
suit. Executrix and residuary legatee, my wife Duckett Stratton. 
Witnesses: Nich: Horsinell, Humphrey Tuckey, E. Straton, 
Nicho: Dumvill, scr. Proved 21 Oct, 1652, by the executrix. 

Will of John Stratton of the parish of St. Olaves Southwark, co. 
Surrey, wheelwright, dated 18 May, 1700. "Now going beyond 
the seas." To my wife Ellen Stratton £200. To my son John 
Stratton £300 at his age of 21 years, and he to be apprenticed to 
a wine-cooper in the meantime. To my daughter Susannah 
Stratton £300 at 18. Residuary legatees, my said son and daugh- 
ter, John and Susan (sic.) Executors, friends Richard Tilden 
and Daniel Tilden of London, merchants. Witnesses: Alex: 
Walrond, Geo: Tilden, Jos: Mayner. 24 Sept., 1706, commis- 
sion to Ellenor Stratton, relict and principal legatary named in 
the will of John Stratton, late of the parish of St. Olave South- 
wark, CO. Surrey, but at the Barbadoes deceased, the executors 

Will of William Stretton, citizen and goldsmith of London 
dated 7 Feb., 1690-91. To my mother Mrs Rebecca Stretton all 

- St r3. tton Ha. / . , o ojj t. / /^ , /£ // cT 
:Built hefor-e I32^- 

From a -pl-iotogrAph, /<^0^ 

1. "Stratton's Folly." Ilcrtsliire, En<,'. Pof/c 13. 

2. A glimpse of the quaint little town of Stratton, Cornwall. Paye 12. 

Strattons in England 7 

my estate whatsoever, with all my lands and tenements where- 
soever, and her I appoint my executrix. Whereas my grand- 
father William Greaves of Lymehouse, in the parish of Stebun- 
heath alias Stepney, co. ISIiddlesex, shipwright, did bequeath to 
my mother Rebecca Stretton, wife of Samuel Stretton, after the 
death of my grandmother Elizabeth Greaves, one third part of 
all his messuages, etc. in Limehouse for the term of her life, 
and afterwards to me, now I do devise the same to my said 
mother and her heirs. Witnesses: Tho: Collett, Hen: Minchard, 
Not. Pub., Tim: Smith, clerk to said Notary. Proved 13 March, 
1690-91, by the executrix. 

Will of William Stratton of Hoo, co. Kent, belonging to H.M. 
ship Falmouth, mariner, dated 10 March, 1700-01. Sole legatee 
and executor, my kinsman John Banks of Chatham, co. Kent, 
cordwainer. Witnesses: Thomas Barr, John King, John Martin. 
Proved 18 Nov., 1703. 

Will of John Stratton, steward and taj^lor, now outward bound 
to the East Indies in the good ship Fleet Frygate, Capt, Charles 
Newton, commander, dated 2 Jan., 1707-8. To my friend John 
Coben of Black Fryars, London, taylor, £5-10. Residue to my 
sister Anne Patterson, wife of George Patterson of St. John 
Wapping, barber chirurgeon. Executors, John Coben and my 
said sister. Witnesses: John Wyndham, Richard Colyer, Linthwt 
Farrant. Proved 18 Oct., 1711, by Anne Patterson, power re- 
served to John Coben. 


The following "complaints" from Duchy of Lancaster Court 
records are given merely to show the quaint old language of that 

In most humble wise complayninge shewen vnto yor honnor 
(Sir Ralph Sadler, Knight, Chancellor of the Duchy) your poore 
and day lie orators Thomas Balles and Elizabeth his wyef That 
whereas one Willm !Mere was in his leif tyme lawfullye seased 
as of fee tail generall to him and the heires of his bodye by coppie 
of Court Rolle accordinge to the custome of the Manner of 
New Castell in the countye of Staff of and in divers copiehold 
messuages and landes lying and beynge in Shelton in the said 
countye and had yssue Alice who was maryed to one Thomas 

8 A Book of Strattons 

Stratton And after the said Willm Mere died of such estate 
seased by whose death the right of the same premisses discended 
and came vnto the said Alice his daughter and heire By vertew 
whereof the said Thomas Stratton and Alice as in the right of 
the said Alice ought to have been thereof seased accordingly 
And had yssue Thomas Stratton and both died After whose 
death the right of the same premisses discended and came vnto 
the said Thomas Stratton the sonne as sonne and heir of the 
said Thomas Stratton the father and Alice By vertew whereof 
the said Thomas Stratton the sonne ought thereof to have been 
seased accordingly And had yssue the said Elizabeth Balles one 
of your honnors said orators and dyed After whose death the 
right of the same premisses discended and came vnto the said 
Elizabeth as daughter and heir of the said Thomas Stratton the 
sonne By vertew whereof the said Elizabeth ought thereof to 
have been seased accordingly And took to husband the said 
Thomas Balles By vertew whereof the said Thomas Balles and 
Elizabeth as in right of the said Elizabeth ought to have the 
said premisses But so yt ys that by reason that divers copies 
of Court Rolls munyments and wrytinges touching the premisses 
and rightfullye belonging vnto your orators are by casuall 
meanes comen to the handes of one Henry Meare and Robert Hill 
they by collor of having thereof have wrongfullye entered into 
the premisses and deteine and keepe the possession thereof from 
your said orators. Dated 28 April, 1586. 

Bill of complaint of John Stratton the elder of Compton 
Bassett, co. Wilts, John Stratton the younger, and Edith Phelpes, 
widow, sworn 10 June, 1594 (or 10 Jan., 1594-5: the date is 
almost illegible): — Sir James Marvin, Knt., being seized in his 
demesne as of fee of and in the Manor of Compton Bassett, 
CO. Wilts, did, about the 32nd year of the Queen's reign that 
now is, in consideration of £10 to him paid by William Stratton, 
father of the aforesaid John Stratton the elder, grant one mes- 
suage and one yardland and a half unto the said William and 
John Stratton, to be holden for the term of their two lives 
successively. In due course William Stratton the father was 
taken tenant and did his fealty. He afterwards died, and orator 
was in turn admitted tenant, but was enforced to give for his 
admittance two third parts of twelve acres of corn which he and 
his brother John (sic) Stratton had sown, and to enter into 
bond to keep and sustain two poor children. But now of late one 

Strattons in England 9 

Elizabeth Stratton, widow, and others, pretending title to the 
said premises, have commenced suit at Common Law against 
orator for the recovery thereof. Sir James, countenancing this 
attempt, caused a Court to be holden for the Manor, at which 
all tenants were enjoined to appear upon pain of 40s. Orator 
accordingly appeared, leaving in his house only a woman servant, 
a young child, and one Smith, a tailor. Elizabeth Stratton, act- 
ing on the advice of Sir James, took advantage of this oppor- 
tunity to dispossess orator of his goods and to expell him from 
his tenement; for her servant, coming to the house, and finding 
the doors fast shut, thrust at the fore door and desisted not until 
it was unbolted, when he entered and expelled orator's servant 
and others being there, and presently delivered the said house 
and goods to the said Elizabeth Stratton, being near at hand redie 
to receive the same. Sir James now refuses to restore possession 
of the tenement. 


These two records from Co. Suffolk are of interest as con- 
nected with John Stratton of Shotley, Eng., and Salem, Mass. 
(See p. 11, Yol. I.) 

Final Concord made in the King's Court at Westminster, 
Easter, 3 Charles I. (1628), Between John Leman Knt. and 
John Leman gent, plaintiffs, and John Stratton senior gent and 
Ann his wife, and John Stratton junior gent, son and heir ap- 
parent of the said John Stratton, senior, and Thomas Thorne, 
clerk, and Cecily his wife, deforciants, of the Manor of Kirketon 
with appurtenances, and of three messuages, one cottage, 2 tofts, 
3 gardens, 2 orchards, 160 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 
30 acres of pasture, 4 acres of wood and 20s. rent with appur- 
tenances in Kirketon alias Shotley, Erwarton alias Arwarton and 
Chelmondeston, whereupon a plea was summoned between them 
in the same Court, to wit, that the aforesaid John Stratton and 
Ann, John Stratton and Thomas and Cecily acknowledged the 
said Manor and tenements to be the right of the said John 
Leman Knt. as those which the said John and John Leman gent 
had of the gift of the aforesaid John Stratton and Ann, John 
Stratton and Thomas and Cecily and those which were remised 
and quitclaimed of them the said John Stratton and Ann, John 
Stratton and Thomas and Cecily, and their heirs to the afore- 
said John Leman and John Leman and to the heirs of the same 
John Leman Knt. for ever. Consideration, £200. 

10 A Book of Strattons 

Final Concord made in the King's Court at Westminster, 
Easter, 5 Charles I., Between Edmund Trench and John Cock, 
plaintiffs, and John Stratton, gent, and AYilliam Stratton, gent, 
deforciants, of the Manor of Thurkolton alias Shurkolton alias 
Thurcalton alias Shurcalton with appurtenances, and of 2 mes- 
suages, one toft, one garden, one orchard, 100 acres of land, 12 
acres of meadow, 60 acres of pasture, 2 acres of w^ood, 4 acres 
of moor, 3 acres of gorse, 8 acres of marsh, and free fishing with 
appurtenances in Kerketon alias Shotley, whereupon a plea was 
summoned between them in the same Court, to wit, that the 
aforesaid John Stratton and William have acknowledged the 
aforesaid Manor, tenements and fishing to be the right of the 
said Edmund as those which the said Edmund and John Cock 
had of the gift of the aforesaid John Stratton and William, and 
as those remised and quitclaimed of the said John Stratton and 
William and their heirs to the aforesaid Edmund and John Cock 
and the heirs of the said Edmund for ever. Consideration, £160. 


Among the places of interest now called Stratton (or Stretton) 
in England may be especially noted the following: 

Stratton, Dorsetshire, is a village on the river Frome. Near 
it are traces of an old Roman road. The church of St. Mary, 
a stone building in the Perpendicular style, has a fine embattled 
tower and windows still retaining fragments of ancient stained 
glass. The register dates from 1561. There is in this parish a 
farm called Strattonfield. The following are Stratton items from 
this old register: 

1600: Johanna Stratton sepulta 21 April 

Thomas Stratton et Christiana Carpenter matrimonio 
copulabantur 28 Oct. 
1600-01 : Johannes Stratton et Elizabetha Norfolke matrimonio 
copulabantur 15 Jan. 


Elizabetha Stratton bapitzata est 25 Aug. 

Johannes Stratton baptizatus est 20 Mar. 

Jcdion Stratton baptised 24 March 

Walter Stratton, son of John, bapt 26 IMarch. 

Mary Stratton, daughter of John, bapt 3 Aug. 

Robert Stratton and Susan Boore married 4 Nov. 

Bridget Stratton buried 15 July 

Robert, son of Robert Stratton, bapt 16 Dec. 

yoMK Coats of Aums 

Found ix 

Sthattox Homes 

For (itluT 

Strattoii Anns 

See Vol. I of 

•A Book of Strattoiis" 

Pages 11-13 

Strattons in England 11 

1637: John Jones and Anne Stratton married 29 June 
1638: Elizabeth, daughter of Robert and Susan Stratton, 

bapt 17 June 
1639: Susan Stratton buried 13 May 
1640: Sarah Stretton, daughter of Robert and Frances, bapt 

19 May 
1643: Mary, wife of Robert Straton, buried 6 Nov. 

Stretton, Staffordshire, is a parish and small village on the 
river Penk. The church of St. John, originally erected as a 
chapel of ease to Penkridge, is a small edifice of stone in the 
Norman and Early English styles, consisting of chancel, nave, 
transepts, south porch and a western turret containing one bell. 
The nave is Early English ; the chancel Norman, and part of the 
original structure. The register dates from 1659. Stretton Hall, 
a fine old mansion built from designs by Inigo Jones, is the 
seat of the lord of the manor. 

Stratton, Wiltshire, takes its name from the old Roman road 
that runs through the parish. It was originally divided into 
three tithings, called the Street, the Green, and Upper Stratton. 
The church, dedicated to St. Margaret, is an ancient edifice of 
stone, in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, 
aisles separated from the nave by arcades of four bays, south 
porch and a western tower. The oldest monumental tablet dates 
back to 1645; the register to 1608. 

Stratton, Gloucestershire, is a parish and village on the river 
Churn. The church of St. Peter is in the Early English style, and 
the register dates from 1601. Stratton House in this parish is 
the residence of the Firebraces. 

East Stratton, Hampshire, is a parish and small village eight 
miles north-east from Winchester. The church of All Saints is 
of modem erection. The registers, incorporated with those of 
Micheldever, date from 1540. Stratton House stands in a park 
of some 300 acres adjoining the village. The mansion is of 
ancient erection, but has been added to at different dates, and 
is consequently of mixed architecture. It was formerly a seat of 
the Russell family, dukes of Bedford, and was once occupied by 
the Lady Rachell, widow of Lord William Russell, who was be- 
headed in Lincoln's Inn Fields, 18 July, 1683. About 1825 it 
was the residence of Sir Thomas Baring, Bart., and later was the 
seat of the Earl of Northbrook. 

Stretton-Baskerville, Warwickshire, in Domesday called 

12 A Book of Strattons 

"stratonc," is a parish four miles south-east of Nuneaton, on the 
border of Leicestershire. It takes its name from Watling Street, 
an old Roman road, which lies on the north side of it, and 
from the ancient family of Baskerville, by whom it was anciently 
held. At one time it was a place of some consequence, but in 
the reign of Henry VII eighty tenants were evicted from some 
twenty-three cottages, and the church, falling into decay, became 
"as a shelter for cattle." The site of the ancient village, the 
church, manor house and pools, may still be traced in what is 
now called the "Township." 

Stratton, Cornwall, is an ancient market town one and a half 
miles from Bude on the Cornish coast. This "Street-town" was 
built on the old Roman road between Devon and Cornwall, and 
a little bit of the old way yet remains in the vicinity. Some 
one in writing of it says, "Imagine a little town built in a thimble 
—there you have Stratton. At the bottom runs the river (fre- 
quently called the Strat) crossed by a bridge, and so picturesque 
on either side that you will want a camera or a sketch book at 
once. From the bridge the steep street rises to the church, 
perched, as it were, on the thimble's edge, while here a corner, 
and there a roof forms more pictures as the town goes cluster- 
ing up the hill. It is this steepness that makes Stratton the 
dearest, quaintest little town imaginable." Of late years the 
church has been effectively restored. A figure of St. Andrew, 
to whom the building is dedicated, occupies the ancient niche. 
Within the church is beautiful. The Norman font is circular; the 
pulpit is Jacobean. The altar tomb of Sir John Arundel occupies 
the south chancel aisle; on its top are fine brasses of the knight 
and his two wives, with smaller brasses for their twelve children, 
and armorial bearings.* 

In a window of the north aisle lies the battered but very ancient 
effig\' of a knight in chained armor of the thirteenth century. 
This is supposed to be Sir Ralph de Blanchminister whose name 
is attached to the Stratton parish charitv founded as early as 

*Sir John was esquire of the body of Henry VIII and was knighted at 
the Battle of the Spurs. He died in 1561. 

t Centuries have elapsed, yet this charity in the hands of trustees has 
prospered and increased, enabling the present tnistees not only to give 
each year (the Sunday after Christmas) the "dole" in the church, but 
to assist deserving cases in the parish and to establish scholarships for 
young people. 

Strattons in England 13 

Stratton Tower in the Village of Little Berkhampshire (Hert- 
shire) was built by John Stratton in 1789 at a cost of £3,000. 
His father (whose residence near The Tower was called 'The 
Gage" and is still known by that name) was a large trader hav- 
ing offices in London and The Tower was built that from it one 
might get an extensive view over the beautiful surrounding coun- 
try, watch the shipping on the Thames, and for astronomical 
purposes.* It proved, however, to be unsafe, and it stands to-day 
just as it was built more than a century ago, a picturesque land- 
mark known as "Stratton's Folly." 

* The property is now owned, and the Gage occupied, by his grandson, 
Col. J. H. Stratton, with whom the compiler has had some pleasant 
correspondence and who kindly furnished the photograph of "The 

i]cn .ifcu dilig 

«JM'MUN 1 ED .■ : 

>: A R H I »j / 

',:;; p»;^i«»«.*: 

•■ / i R ■ ' ■■■■ 


Title Page of the ''Johx Strattox Biri.e" 
Broupht from Enjihuul nliout ir)4!», juissod down tliroujrli I'ijrlit 
erations to its present owner. I'at/e "274. 



"Of all literature biography is the most interesting." Dr. Elmore. 

"Records of well lived lives are legacies to mankind, which should 
be handed down from generation to generation." Addison. 

"Those who do not treasure up the memory of their ancestors, do not 
deserve to be remembered by posterity." Edmund Burke. 


"And so it was in the days of old." Shakespere. 

THE Strattons traced in this volume are the descendants of 
the following eleven colonial lines: 

Caleb Stratton/ born in England in 1635, came to America 
about 1660. He married Mary Adams of Boston. His son 
William settled in Nantucket. 

Richard Stratton ^ and John Stratton ^ (brothers) settled at 
Easthampton, L. I., about 1650, and were closely connected with 
the early history of that town. Richard married Elizabeth Ed- 
wards. His sons were Richard, Thomas, Isaac and Benjamin. 
John's sons were John, Joseph, Stephen and Cornelius. 

Thomas Stratton ^ died before 1632 when his widow, Alice 
Stratton, was living on the Eastern Shore, Va., where she was 
granted 200 acres of land. Upon this land the descendants of 
their son Thomas Stratton, Jr., lived for several generations. 

Edward Stratton, in 1674, was living in Bermuda Hundred, 
Va., where he owned a plantation. His son Edward was born 
about 1655, whether in England or America we know not. 

Samuel Stratton,^ born in England in 1592, settled in Water- 
town, Mass., some time before 1647 with wife Alice and sons 
Samuel, John and Richard. 

John Stratton, in 1667, at the age of twenty-five years, mar- 
ried Mary Smith in Watertown, Mass. Their sons were John, 
Thomas, James, Jonathan and Samuel. 

John Stratton bought land in Woodbury, Conn., in 1682. His 
estate was settled there in 1716. His son Thomas settled in 
Stratford, Conn. 

William Stratton married Abigail Moore in Winsor, Conn., 
in 1705. He was one of the company sent to invade Canada, 
in the old French War. He died while in the service in 1709. 
His sons were Serajah and William. 

Mark Stratton and Emanuel Stratton were brothers, of 
whom the earliest record we have is in 1713 when they were living 
in Evesham, N. J. The sons of Emanuel were Jacob and Emanuel. 


18 A Book of Strattons 

The sons of Mark were David, Daniel, John, Enoch and Isaac* 
Five of the above colonial Strattons are known to have been 
emigrants — each the first of his line in the New World. Of the 
other six it can only be said that a most painstaking research has 
failed to reveal their parentage here. A research in England 
might find them thcrcf 

Three other Strattons came early to the New World: 
Joseph Stratton from Shotley, Eng., was a member of the 
House of Burgesses at James City, Va., in 1629. 

John Stratton, a nephew of Joseph, was granted 2,000 acres 
of land along the coast of Maine in 1631, including an island 
at the mouth of the Saco River which is still known as "Stratton 

Bartholomew^ Stratton from Tenterden, Eng., came to 
America in 1658. He had sons and grandsons living in Boston 
but no record of them has been found later than 1698.$ 

These three emigrants were men of considerable wealth, promi- 
nence and standing in those early days. Although the com- 

* Daniel and Thomas Stratton of Sussex Co., N. J., in 1779, are supposed 
to belong to this line, although no actual proof of this connection has 
yet been found. 

t For an extended account of these eleven early Strattons in America, 
and records of their descendants to the fifth generation, see A Book of 
Strattons, Vol. I, pp. 92-299. 

More than five thousand of their descendants from the fifth generation 
to the present day are traced in this volume. 

tSee pages 69-91, Vol. I. 

Dee. 2, 1696, a William Stratton had a case in court in Boston con- 
cerning the brigantine Tryal of which he was master. The case was 
continued for more than a year (see page 73, Vol. I). The many papers 
in this and other cases prove that he was a citizen of Boston. In 1691 
he was mate of the ship Providence, of London. From 1694 to 1696 he 
fought a case about his management of the ship Frieyids' Adventure. 
June 8, 1696, he was on a jury of inquest in a Maine town about a 
child found drowned near a wharf. Dec. 18, 1695, he had a judgment 
in his favor in the suit over the Friends' Adventure. Sept. 5, 1696, he 
signed a receipt for the cash for his judgment against John Gary of 
Bristol (now in R. I.). Dec. 2. 1696, he was on trial for bringing the 
ship Tryal into Boston and refusing to deliver her up to those who 
claimed her. (Probably a Newcastle, Del., man who had bought the 
Tryal from the French privateer who seized her in Newfoundland 
waters.) So many of these papers bear Wm. Stratton's signature, and 
he is so often called "of Boston," that there seems to be no question of 
his being Bartholomew's son. The question of great interest is what 
became of him after 1698 and what became of his sons William' and 

Colonial Strattons 19 

piler has thus far failed to trace any Strattons of the present 
generation back to them, it is not impossible that this may yet 
be done through some still undiscovered sources of information.* 

* In the course of many years of correspondence with Strattons here 
and abroad, the compiler has come across several families of Strattons 
who have come more recently to America — who have not been traced back 
to colonial days here, though a search in Great Britain might show a 
kinship between them and the earlier emigrants: 

Samuel D. Stratton, Willapa, Wash., is a son of John Stratton of 
Queens Co., N. B., and grandson of Stephen Stratton bom in England 
in 1794. His eight sons and daughters are living in Washington and 

A John Stratton, born in Wiltshire, England, in 1811 (son of James, Jr., 
and Charlotte Stratton), settled in Ontario while a young man. Several 
of his sons settled in the States. 

Thomas C. Stratton, son of George and Charlotte Stratton of Mon- 
treal, married Caroline, daughter of Dr. Elbridge Simpson of Ashfield, 
Mass., and Hudson, N. Y. Their children are: 

a. Albert Elbridge, Mfg. Chemist, Bronxville, N. Y., served 8 yrs. in 

7th Regt., N. G., N. Y., m. Clara I. Reynolds; chn. Helen Esther, 

b. May Simpson, m. Asa Wynkoop of Albany; ch. Stratton. 

c. Alice Louise. 

d. Gerald, Lieut. 7th Regt., N. G., N. Y., m. Bertha MacFarlane. 

e. Dorothy Beatrice, m. William Frederick May. 

f. Frank Lawrence, m. Nancy Shaw. 

Roland Reed Stratton, Littleton, Colo., is only son of Charles J. 
Stratton, grandson of William J. Stratton (Co. D. 3rd Wis. Regt.) and 
great-grandson of James Stratton, b. Feb. 14, 1804, in Wiltshire, Eng. 

Joseph Stratton, bom in 1804 (in England?), was one of the very early 
settlers of Fort Wayne, Ind., being there in 1835. Had three sons in 
U. S. Army. His son, Walter Stratton, is Supt. of Sewers in Milwaukee; 
his grandson, Walter (son of John), is a civil engineer at Mariette, Wis. 

Albert J. Stratton of Seattle is son of Richard Y. Stratton of Ontario, 
and grandson of William and Hannah (Yates) Stratton of Co. Leitram, 

In Providence, R. I., are Strattons who are grandchildren of a Thomas 
Stratton, born in 1803 in Co. Leitram, Ire. 

In Hingham, Mass., are Strattons who came from Scotland thirty years 

Dr. John Roach Straton, noted Baptist divine of Baltimore, is son of 
Rev. Henry D. Straton and grandson of David Straton of Bannockbum, 


{Chart G, Vol. I) 

"I do not object to a wholesome pride in ancestry." Lowell. 

TO the descendants of Samuel Stratton ^ it is interesting to 
note that "Ehuwood/' the home of James Russell Lowell 
in Cambridge, purchased by his father, Rev. Charles Lowell, 
from the heirs of Lt.-Gov. Oliver, was by him (Oliver) bought 
from John, Abigail and Eunice, only surviving children and 
heirs of John Stratton** {John,^ John,- Samuel^). From the 
boundaries of the land and description of the homestead there 
can be no doubt that this is the land of Samuel Stratton,^ which, 
in his will dated 1672, he left to his son, John Stratton,^ and it 
is cjuite probable that "Elmwood" may be the "mansion house" 
of the early Stratton wills, though much changed, improved and 

Notice also the following. In the courthouse at Cambridge is 
an original paper (in package under 1649-1652, secondary 
package marked "miscellaneous") containing these words: 

"Let the honored court know that the traine-band of Water- 
town have chosen Lieutenant Mason to be our Captain and 
Sergeant Perse to be our Lieutenant, here is also the names of 
certain men whom upon this occasion have taken the oath of 
Fidelity.". In the list that follows are the names of Samuel 
Stratton, Sr., Samuel Stratton, Jr., and John Stratton.* 


60. Hezekiah Stratton ^ {Samuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sam- 
uel^) was born in Concord, Mass., Sept. 8, 1714. He married 

* In the book on Military Watertoum this company, or "traine-band," is 
not mentioned, probably because the compiler did not know of its 
existence. At the court house the above paper is indexed "List of per- 
sons who had taken the oath of fidelity in 1652," and so it is not sur- 
prising that the train-band was overlooked. 


Samuel Stratton of Watertown 21 

Dorothy Hubbard in 1737. She was daughter of Daniel and 
Dorothy (Dakin) Hubbard, born Mar. 24, 1719, and died May 
30, 1768. He was a soldier in the French and Indian war in 
1758, marching 128 miles to the relief of Ft. Williams, under 
Ensign Jonathan Brooks. 

Children: — Born in Concord, Mass. 

—144 Dorothy ,6 b. Sept. 26, 1738; m. Joseph Goodnough, 

+145 Josiah,*^ b. June 7, 1741. 

+146 Daniel,^ b. Oct. 13, 1743. 

+147 Hezekiah,« b. July 24, 1746. 

-148 Mary,« b. June 26, 1748. 

—149 Rebecca,^ b. May 25, 1750; m. Isaac Stearns, 1768. 

—150 Betsey ,« b. Mar. 29, 1752. 

—151 Jane,^ b. Mar. 28, 1754; m. in Lincoln, Nathaniel Col- 
born, Feb. 26, 1776. 

-152 Sarah,« b. June 28, 1758. 

+153 Nehemiah,'^ b. June 15, 1759. 

61. Jonathan Stratton ^ (Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sam- 
uel^) was born in Concord, Mass., June 29, 1716. For full 
account of him and his children, with copy of his will, and his 
autograph, see Vol. I, p. 197, 200-207.* 
Children: — Born in Weston, Mass. 
-154 Lucy.s +158 Jonathan.^ 

-155 Mary.« +159 Daniel.'^ 

-156 Mary.« +160 Isaac.« 

-157 Beulah.s +161 Elisha.« 

*0n page 171, Vol. I, of "A Book of Strattons" Jonathan," son of 
Samuel and Sarah (Allen) Stratton, is marked by a note as follows: 
("This may be the Jonathan who was killed by a falling tree ... in 
1774.") More recent investigation shows that it was not Jonathan but 
Lieut. Jonas Stratton' (No. 87) who was killed in 1774. That Jonathan" 
of Weston, who married Dinah Bemis Nov. 1, 1738 (p. 200, Vol. I) was 
son of Samuel and Sarah is now clear. Original deeds show that this 
Jonathan bought three lots of land in Holden in 1737, '38 and '41. These 
lots were not far from the land in Rutland bought in 1737 by his father 
Samuel,* where he and Sarah lived to a good old age, honored and re- 
spected citizens. Sarah died Mar. 15, 1789, at the home of her daughter, 
Mrs. Watson, aged 99 yrs. 10 mos. and 19 days. Jonathan sold all his 
holdings in Holden in 1743 and thereafter was identified with Weston 
for more than half a century. Deeds show, also, that his older brother, 
Thomas, bought a lot in Rutland, which he sold in 1737. What became 
of Thomas after this date is not known. 

22 A Book, of Strattons 

-162 Sarah.e +164 Jolm.« 

-163 Elizabeth.^ -165 Braddyl.« 

64. Samuel Stratton ^ {Samuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sam- 
uel^) was born in Concord, Feb. 1, rS21. He went to Rutland 
and there married Mary Eaton, daughter of Samuel Eaton of 
Sudbur>\ The "Intention of marriage" was published in Rut- 
land Nov. 15, 1749. He bought a farm in Rutland and built a 
house, where he lived the remainder of his life. In 1794 he sold 
the farm to his son Alpheus. He and his sons were among the 
substantial, respected citizens of the town. He died July 18, 
1809. His wife died Jan. 18, 1819, aged 90 years. 

Children: — Born in Rutland, Mass. 

+166 Ebenezer,^ b. Nov. 2, 1751. 

—167 Ruth,« b. Dec. 24, 1753; m. Samuel Herring, June 18, 

+168 David,^ b. Apr. 20, 1756. 

—169 Mary ,6 b. Aug. 17, 1758; m. Calvin Killborne, Oct. 9, 

—170 Relief,^ b. Feb. 13, 1761; m. Jeremiah Morse, of 
Holden, July 1, 1781. 

+171 Samuel,^ b. Dec. 2, 1763. 

+172 Alpheus,^ b. May 30, 1769. 

+173 Thomas,« b. Jan., 1772. 

-174 Sarah,« b. Apr. 30, 1776. 

Did they have, also, a son Asa, b. June 1, 1766? If so, what 
became of him? 

68. Ebenezer Stratton ^ {Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel'^) was born in Northfield, Mass., Dec. 1, 1718. He was 
a soldier in King George's war, and in 1749 was Captain in 
charge of Fort Colevain. He served in the French and Indian 
war, where he did good service in Col. William Williams' regi- 
ment in 1758. He married Tamer Allen, June, 1752. He was 
selectman in Northfield in 1769. His wife died July 23, 1797. 
He died Nov. 29, 1801. His will is recorded at Northampton.* 

* Hezekiah Stratton,* who came from Concord to Northfield in about 
1713, inherited from his father £111 18s. 9d., and from his mother 
£18 8s. lOd. 

In the terrible struggles with the Indian? in 1747-1750 no men of North- 
field took a more active, brave and intelligent part than the sons of 
Hezekiah. The names of Ensign Samuel Stratton. Lieut. Hezekiah Strat- 
ton, Capt. Eleazer Stratton, Capt. Ebenezer Stratton, Ensign John 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 23 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

—175 Hannah,^ b. Mar. 17, 1753; d. Oct. 29, 1733; m. Samuel 

—176 Elizabeth,*^ b. Oct. 21, 1754; m. Nathaniel Steames, 

Feb. 23, 1778. 
—177 Asseneth,^ b. Aug. 17, 1756; m. 1st, Selah Morton, 

Jan. 10, 1791; m. 2nd, Elisha Lane, 
-178 Tamer,<' b. Mar. 25, 1758; d. July 17, 1759. 
—179 Tamer,'' b. Mar. 28, 1760; d. aged 2 years. 
+180 Ebenezer,« b. Feb. 14, 1762. 
-181 Martha,^ b. Apr. 30, 1764; d. Aug. 19, 1767. 
-182 Calvin,« b. Aug. 9, 1769. Was in the war of 1812; m. 

Sarah Cushman, d. of Consider Cushman. Kept 

tavern at mouth of Miller's River. She m. 2nd, 

Capt. Howes. She had a son Albah. Was he by 1st 

marriage, or 2nd? 

69. Ensign Samuel Stratton ^ (Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel^) was born in Northfield Feb. 8, 1720. He served his 
country in the French and Indian war, and was known as Ensign 
Samuel Stratton. He settled in Vernon, Vt., where he bought a 
large tract of land which was occupied by himself and his 
descendants for six generations. The earliest deed to land in 
that section was made to Ensign Stratton in 1749, "in His Maj- 
esty's Reign, King George II." "As an intrepid and courageous 
man Ensign Stratton was well calculated to cope with the hard- 
ships and dangers incident to a pioneer's life." He married 
Ruth Wright, daughter of Benoni Wright. She died in Vernon, 
Dec. 16, 1800, aged 61 years. He died in 1803. Both are buried 
in Whithed burial ground, at Vernon. A collection of thirty- 
five "Deeds of Land" to him, amounting to nearly 2,000 acres, 
are in possession of his descendants. An oil portrait, taken in 
his advanced years, is an heirloom treasured by the family. 
(See Frontispiece.*) 

Stratton, Lieut. Asa Stratton appear again and again in the history 
of these troublous times. They were among the true heroes of the 
day and their brave conduct did much to keep up the spirits of the 
garrison at Northfield, to inspire confidence and give a sense of safety. 
They were among the first to offer their services in every perilous under- 

* Permission to reproduce this portrait for A Book of Strattons was 
kindly given the author by Mr. Frank W. Cone of Boston, a descendant 
of Ensign Stratton. 

24 A Book of Strattons 

Child: — Born in Vernon. 

+ 183 John," b. June 28, 1756. 

71. Eleazer Stratton ^ {Hezekiah,* Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel ^) was born in Northfield Apr. 30, 1722. With his father and 
brother he served in the French and Indian war. He married 
Lydia Allen, daughter of Caleb Allen, granddaughter of Edward 
Allen, who was one of the founders of Suffield, Conn. They 
lived for a short while at Endficid, Conn., and then returned to 
Northfield. She died Apr. 13, 1783, aged 56 years, and he died 
six years later, Sept. 24, 1789. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

+184 Caleb,« b. Feb. 24, 1753. 

—185 Submit,^ b. Sept. 8, 1755; m. 1st, Asa Briggs; 2nd, 
Wm. Maltby, Esq. 

+ 186 Asa,« b. 1758. 

—187 Eliphalet,*^ b. Jan. 8, 1760; served in the Revolution; 
marched on an alarm Apr. 22, 1776; served until 
Sept. 30, 1777. "Statue 5 ft. 9 in., dark complec- 
tion." m. Elizabeth Stebbins, daughter of Joseph 
Stebbins of Deerfield. No record of children. 

+188 Eleazer,*^ b. Jan., 1762. 

—189 Lydia,« b. Feb. 29, 1767; m. James Knox, Feb. 2, 1786. 

—190 Sarah,« b. July 2, 1769; m. Elisha Pomroy. 

72. Hezekiah Stratton ^ (Hezekiah,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel^) was born in Northfield Jan. 17, 1724. He was Select- 
man at Northfield, 1772 to 1777, and 1780 to 1787. Served on 
Committee of Correspondence, and was appointed to "look after 
the families of soldiers." He married Mary Smith, daughter of 
Deacon Samuel Sinith. He died Jan. 25, 1800. His will is re- 
corded at Northampton. His widow married Simon Lyman, and 
died Dec. 24, 1824, aged 91 years. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

—191 Elijah," b. July 24, 1751; a Revolutionary soldier; a 

physician; m. Abigail Stebbins, daughter of Joseph 

-192 Sarah,« b. Dec. 26, 1752; d. Aug. 25, 1770. 
+193 Rufus," b. Mar. 19, 1755. 
-194 Mary,« b. Sept. 17, 1757; m. Eldad Alexander, Mar. 

18. 1783. 
—195 Eunice,*' b. Jan. 9, 1760; m. Medad Alexander. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 25 

—196 Jerusha,° b. June 9, 1760; m. Simeon Alexander, Mar. 

2, 1780. 
-197 Rhodah,« b. Oct. 18, 1761; m. Henry Field, Feb. 3, 

+198 Hezekiah,*' b. Jan. 26, 1766. 
—199 Samuel,*^ b. Apr. 11, 1773; d. aged 3 years. 
—200 Cynthia Woody ,*^ adopted daughter; bapt. July 27, 


81. Joseph Stratton ^ {Joseph* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) 
was born in Concord, Mass., Nov. 18, 1717. Mar. 4th, 1740, he 
married Elizabeth Dudley. He died Dec. 7, 1754. His will is 
recorded in Cambridge. The administration of his estate names 
but four children. 

Children: — Born in Concord, Mass. 

—201 Elizabeth,*' b. July 17, 1742; m. Daniel Cray, of Con- 
cord, Feb. 1, 1763. 
-202 Joseph,*^ b. Jan. 10, 1744; d. Aug. 26, 1746. 

—203 Lucy,*' b. Aug. 1, 1749; m. Dudly. 

—204 Sarah,« b. Apr. 17, 1750; m. Reuben Hodgman. 
—205 Joseph,^ b. May 7, 1753; m. Sarah Whitmore May 
23, 1780, who married again after his death; d. in 
Concord Nov. 16, 1784; child, Joseph,^ b. Dec. 4, 
1781, in Concord. 

83, Nathan Stratton ^ (Joseph* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sam- 
uel 1) was born in Concord "Feb. ye 15 day 1722." Oct. 27, 1748, 
he married Hannah Brooks, daughter of Job and Elizabeth 
Brooks. She died in Concord May 7, 1750. He seems to have 
been still living in Concord in 1756 and 1757 when he deeded 
land to Thos. Fox and Benjamin Pratt. The compiler failed to 
find later information of him. 

87. Jonas Stratton ^ (Joseph,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel,^) 
was bom in Concord Sept. 18, 1732. He married Elizabeth 
Hartwell of Lincoln, Sept. 3, 1764. He was in the French and 
Indian war, Corporal in 1755, 1st Lieut., 1760-1762. Li 1774 he 
was killed by a falling tree near Concord.* 

Children: — Born in Concord, Mass. 

*A recently found paper among Concord administrations is this: 
To the Honr. Samuel Danforth Esq, judge of Probate for the County 
of Middlesex. This is to Inform your Honr. That my husband was 

26 A Book of Strattons 

-206 Lydia,*^ b. June 21, 1769; m. Caleb Campbell of New 

Ipswich, Apr. 22, 1794. 
-f207 Jonas,'^ b. Aug. 20, 1771. 

90. John Stratton ^ (Joseph,'* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) 
was born in Concord, Feb. 3, 1740. Dec, 1, 1768, he married 
Ruth Wright of Concord. He was in the Revohition in 1780 
and in 1781 enhsted for three years. He died in Concord Feb. 
18, 1785. What became of his family after his death? 

Children: — Born in Concord, Mass. 

—208 Abigail,-^ b. Feb. 30, 1769. 

-209 Hannah," b. Feb. 26, 1771. 

-210 John," b. Oct. 21, 1772. 

93. Richard Stratton ^ [Ichabod* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sajn- 
uel^) was born in Chelmsford, Mass., June 21, 1712. He bought 
land in Brookfield in 1733. Dec. 21, 1737, he married Mary 
(Dormer?) and settled in Warren (Western), where he lived 
until 1760, when he moved to Williamstown, where he bought 
land and built a house which is still standing. He was deacon 
in the Baptist church. 

Children: — Born in Warren, Mass. 

+211 Isaac," b. Nov. 25, 1739. 

+212 Daniel," b. July 9, 1743. 

+213 Ebenezer," b. Dec. 15, 1745. 

-214 Ruth," b. Feb. 29, 1747; m. William Foster. 

-215 Abner," b. Dec. 20, 1751; d. before 1769. 

—216 Lucy," b. July 10, 1753; m. Seth Luce, son of Ebenezer 

-217 Rachel," b. Aug. 13, 1756, twin. 

-218 Phccbe," b. Aug. 13, 1756, twin. 

+219 David," b. June 14, 1759. 

95. Francis Str-\tton ^ (Ichabod,* Richard,^ Samuel,- Sam- 
uel^) was born in Chelmsford, Mass., Dec. 8. He served in the 
Revolutionary War as Corporal in 1776 and Sergeant in 1778. 
He married Eunice Corley, Apr. 29, 1740. 

Killed by a falling tree at a place called Eleclzander about a Fortnight 
agoe and I Desire your Hon"", would Put Capt. Eleazer Brooks of 
Lincoln administrator to my husband Jonas Stratton Decesed Estate. 

Elizabeth Stratton. 
Test Samuel Hartwell 
Concord, July 4, 1774. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 27 

Children: — Born in Herdwick, Mass. 
-220 Sarah,« b. Feb. 4, 1741. 
-221 Martha,^ b. June 19, 1743. 
—222 Eunice,^ b. Aug. 18, 1746. 

Born in Warren, Mass. 
-223 Thankful,*' b. Nov. 21, 1748. 
+224 John,« b. Jan. 4, 1755. 

97. IcHABOD Stratton ^ {Ichabod* Richard,^ Samuel,- Sctm- 
tiel'^) was born, Jan. 11, 1722, in Chelmsford, Mass. He mar- 
ried, first, Abigail Church of Hadley, Oct. 8, 1743, second, Han- 
nah Goodman (or Goodnough), July 1, 1755. His name ap- 
pears on a folio at Bennington dated 1754, but he returned to 
Hardwick and probably lived there until after 1777 and then 
settled in Vermont. He was living at Rutland, Vt., in 1790. 

Children: — Born in Hardwick, Mass. 
By first marriage. 

+225 Asa,« b. July 15, 1744 (bapt. July 22). 

-226 Elihu,*' b. Feb. 25, 1746. 

-227 John ,6 b. Apr. 20, 1748.* 

-228 Mary,« b. Feb. 2, 1750. 
By second marriage. 

+229 Jonathan,'' b. Apr. 6, 1756. 

-230 Abigail,*' b. Apr. 9, 1757. 

+231 Joel,« b. Oct. 16, 1758. 

99. David Stratton ^ {Ichabod,^ Richard,^ Samuel,- Sam- 
tiel ^) was born Apr. 5, 1728. His birth is recorded at Brookfield, 
and he is probably the David who was in Brookfield in 1764, 
with wife Martha and children Ann and Martha. He is sup- 
posed to have settled in Vermont, but the writer has failed to 
find any later record of him. 

101. Joshua Stratton ^ {John,* John,^ John- Samuel ^) was 
born Nov. 14, 1722, at Cambridge, Mass. Apr. 6, 1749, he mar- 
ried Mercy Coolidge, who died within a year. He died three 

* The author found a James Stratton, b. in Ohio (Ashtabula Co.?) 
abt. 1800; m. Mary Losie in 1827 and d. in Minnesota in 1869, who is 
thought to be a son of John,® son of Ichabod. A family record gives his 
children: Rowena Charity (b. 1829; m. Richard Shephard, in 1847), 
Riley, Hiram, Albert, John, Martin, and Emma. Perhaps some reader 
may be able to supply more exact data. 

28 A Book of Strattons 

years later. Stones mark their graves in Arlington Cemetery. 
His estate was administered by Joseph Coolidge. 

105. John Stratton ^ {John,^ John,^ John- Samuel'^) was 
born in Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 14, 1732. He married Mary 
Coolidge, Sept. 28, 1752, Rev, Seth Storer officiating. She was 
daughter of Nathaniel and Grace (Bowman) Coolidge, born in 
1734. She died in Cambridge, Nov. 2, 1814, aged 81 years. 
Nathaniel Coolidge was born in Watertown in 1702 and was son 
of Richard Coolidge. Dec. 29, 1753, John and Mary Stratton 
"Owned ye covenant" in the church at Cambridge. He died in 
Cambridge in June, 1787. 

Children: — Born in Cambridge, Mass. 
-232 Joshua,^ b. Dec. 29, 1753; d. in 1754. 
—233 Nathaniel," b. Dec. 14, 1755; m. Susannah Champney; 
d. in Cambridge, July 7, 1827; child, John,' b. 1792. 
What became of him? 
—234 Lucy," bapt. April 29, 1759; m. Jan. 11, 1798, Rev. 
Clement A. Sumner of Keene and rec'd letter from 
the Cambridge church to the church at Keene. 
—235 Susannah," b. Dec. 2, 1760; m. Major John Palmer, 

Nov. 23 1781. 
—236 William," b. July 4, 1762.* 
+237 Richard Coolidge," b. Feb. 28, 1766. 
-238 Isaac," b. Feb. 20, 1770. 
-239 Mary," bapt. Nov. 10, 1771. 

112. John Stratton-' {Ebenezer,* John,^ John,- Samuel^) 
was born in Cambridge in 1727. He married Mercy Narcross, 
May 3, 1750. They were both received into full membership 
in the church at Cambridge April 5, 1751. They lived on the 
south side of Charles river, called "Little Cambridge," which, in 
1807, became the town of Brighton and is now Ward 25 of the 
city of Boston. His will is recorded at E. Cambridge, made 
Nov. 25, 1791 ; proved Dec. 7 of the same year. It mentions only 
daughter Abigail, son-in-law Silas Robins, children of daughter 

* The writer has found three mentions of William Strattons in the Revo- 
hition, but cannot definitely place any of them. William Stratton of 
Woburn is said to have died at Ticondcropa in 1776. In 1778 William 
Stratton, a soldier, was detailed from 1st Cambridge Co. as guard. When 
the brig Phcenix at Boston was taken by the British, July 1781, a William 
Stratton was among the men made prisoners. 

Samuel Str\tton of Watertown 29 

Mercy, and "my good friend Nathaniel Champncy" to whom he 
gave one-half the estate. 

Children: — Born in Cambridge* 

-240 Mary (or Mercy ),« b. 1752; m. Silas Robins, May 7, 

-241 Abigail,*' bapt. May 11, 1755; m. William Richards 

of Dedham, Oct. 27, 1774. 
-242 Lydia,*' bapt. Feb. 27, 1757; prob. d. in childhood. 
-243 John,*' bapt. Apr. 13, 1759. Did he die in infancy? 

114, Abu AH Stratton ^ {Jabez* John,^ John,^ Samuel^) was 
born in Watertown, Mass., May 4, 1726, and died in Sherborn 
March 16, 1769. June 3, 1747, he was married to Mary Learned 
by Rev. G. Porter, and settled in Natick. He served in the 
Revolution. In the administration of his estate, Apr. 11, 1769, 
only two sons are mentioned, Abijah, "oldest son," and Daniel. 
March 15, 1775, his widow married Capt. Thomas Savin of 

Children: — Born in Natick, Mass. 

—244 Jonathan,« b. Oct. 28, 1748; d. Oct. 6, 1756. 

—245 Abigail,*' m. Warren. 

+246 Abijah,^ b. Apr. 10, 1751. 

+247 Daniel,^ b. Sept. 28, 1753. 

-248 Samuel,^ b. May 27, 1756; d. Aug. 24, 1757. 

—249 Elizabeth,^ m. Adams. 

115. Nathan Stratton ^ {Jabez,^ John,^ John,- Samuel ^) 
was born in Watertown, Mass., Oct. 7, 1726. He bought land 
in Sherborn in 1748, and purchased other lands there in 1755, 
1756, 1761 and 1769. He died in Sherborn Feb. 7, 1805. He mar- 
ried, Apr. 12, 1760, Mary Boleyn (written also Bullen), daughter 
of Ruth {Morse) and Ephraim Boleyn, Jr. They settled on 
the farm left her by her father on Chestnut Brook. She died 
in 1810, aged 81 years. 

Child: — Born in Sherborn. 

+250 Nathan, Jr.,« b. May 1, 1761. 

* Prior to 1780 the little church at Cambridge Village, or "Little Cam- 
bridge" (later known as Third Church), was supplied by ministers from 
Cambridge, Watertown, Boston and other towns. These ministers usually 
recorded the baptisms in their own books, hence we find the baptisms 
of John Stratton's children on the books of these towns, although he lived 
all the time in Cambridge Village. Nathaniel Champney, son of Solomon, 
came to live with John Stratton when he was seven years old and became 
as a son to the family. 

30 A Book of Strattons 

116. Elias Strattox - (Jabez* John,^ John,- Samuel ^) was 
born in Watertown, Mass., Oct. 22, 1730. In 1757 his name was 
on the ah^rm list in the French and Indian war. He married 

Millicent in 1754, and settled in Athol, Mass., about 1775. 

The date of her death is not known. The early records of Athol 
were destroyed by fire. In Sherborn, in 1761, he was a "house 
Wright." He married, second, Mar. 25, 1796, widow Joanna 
Brooks. He died Oct. 4, 1796, and was buried on that part of 
his own farm which later became a public cemetery. 

Children: — Born in Sherborn, Mass. 

—251 Millicent,'^ b. 1755. 

-252 Sarah,« b. 1757. 

+253 Ebenezer,« b. Aug. 27, 1759. 

+254 Elias,« b. Dec. 20, 1761. 

—255 Jonathan,*' b. Jan., 1765; m. Ruth Foster, Nov. 10, 
1788; went to Ithaca or Sangerfield, N. Y., and then 
to Pcnn. Had a son who was a teacher in San 

—256 Hannah,*' b. 1766; m. John Stone, a Revolutionary 

+257 Joseph,*' b. July 11, 1768. 

+258 Jabez,*' b. Apr. 2, 1770. 

—259 Abigail,*' b. 1772; m. Josiah Stebbins, July 27, 1797. 

-260 Mary,*' b. 1773; m. Bezabel Gleason, Feb. 22, 1795. 

119. Jonathan Stratton ^ {Jonathan,* Joseph,^ John,- Sam- 
vel^) was born in Marlboro, Mass., Sept. 29, 1742. He married 
Abigail Barnes, Sept. 10, 1765, daughter of Jonathan and Rachel 
Barnes.^ He was the administrator of his mother's estate. Mar. 
11, 1794. Abigail, widow of Jonathan Stratton, died in Marl- 
boro, Dec. 30, 1794. In 1800 a suit against Wm. Boyd was with- 
drawn "because Jonathan Stratton was dead." 

Children: — Born in Marlboro, Mass. 

-261 Abigail," b. Sept. 22, 1766; d. June 11, 1771. 

—262 Jonathan,*' b. Feb. 8, 1769. What became of him? 

-263 Abigail,*' b. Nov. 27, 1771. 

—264 Aaron,*' b. Nov. 16, 1773. (This may be the Col. 
Aaron Stratton who, with his wife Lavina, was living 
in Kentucky in 1814. 

* Her brother, Rev. Jonathnn Barnes, was the first minister and one of 
the first settlers of Hillsboro, N. H. 

Samuel Steatton of Watertown 31 

+265 Moses,'' b. Nov. 16, 1776. 

—266 Sarah,*' m. Moses Eager, Dec. 29, 1793 (another rec- 
ord says she married Payne and settled in 


+267 Lemiiel,^ b. Nov. 9, 1779. 

+268 Samuel," b. Sept. 6, 1781. 

-269 Lydia," b. Apr. 20, 1785; m. William Hadden. 

—270 Anna," b. Aug. 27, 1787; a teacher in Charlestown, be- 
came the 2nd wife of Dr. Reuben Hatch of Hills- 
boro, N. H. 

—271 Phoebe," b. Feb. 27, 1790; m. Isaac Saltmarsh of An- 
trim, N. H., Nov. 13, 1808. 

122. Samuel Steatton ^ (Jonathan,'^ Joseph,^ John,^ Sam- 
uel^) was born in Marlboro, Mass., Dec. 30, 1748. He lived in 
Marlboro and Southboro. He married Lucy Brigham,daughter of 
Joseph and Comjort iBigloiv) Brigham* She was born in Marl- 
boro Aug. 19, 1752. In 1794 he signed a paper releasing any 
farther interest in dower estate of his mother, Betty (Brigham) 

Children: — Births recorded in Marlboro. 

+272 Winsor." 

—273 Jonah Brigham," b. March 20, 1771. What became of 

—274 Lucy," b. Sept. 13, 1772; m. Winsor Morse, May 2, 

—275 Elizabeth," b. Sept. 11, 1774; m. Moses Temple, July 
14, 1793. 

128. Samuel Stratton ^ {Samuel,* Samuel,^ John,^ Samuel ^) 
settled in Natick about 1766, where he owned a mill and later 
bought other land. He was a soldier in the Revolution, at the 
battle of Bunker Hill and later enlisted in Capt. Nathaniel 
Wade's Co. He married Beulah Parker of Needham, Feb. 28, 
1763. He and his sons Samuel, Jr., James and Elijah were brick- 
makers in Natick. He died Aug. 26, 1801.t 

* Comfort Biglow's father, John Biglow, was taken captive by the In- 
dians and held for some time. After his liberation he named his first 
daughter Comfort, and his second Freedom. 

t March 18, 1766, the selectmen of Natick warned out Samuel Stratton, 
Jr., his wife Beulah and one child called Elijah, who came from Needham 
in April 1765. After this "warning out" Samuel Stratton, Jr., and his 

32 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Needham, Mass. 
+276 Elijah,^ b. July 15, 1764. 

Bom in Natick, Mass. 
-277 Sarah,« b. Sept. 13, 1765; m., Oct. 27, 1784, Nathan 
Stratton, her second cousin. 

family continued to live in Natick for about forty years, respected, well- 
to-do people, owning three tracts of land. 

This ''warning out" was simply a legal notice that they ha.l recently 
come into the town and not yet been officially recognized as citizens. 

Samuel Stratton* (No. 46, Vol. I) of Watertown was a miller and in 
1759 he bought ''37 acres and a grist mill" in Natick. To the compiler 
there seems no reason to doubt that the Samuel Stratton who settled in 
Natick four years later was his son, born in Watertown June 29, 1739. 

There was, however, another Samuel Stratton at this time whom the 
compiler has not been able to place, even after years of research. Per- 
haps some reader can give some clew to his parentage. 

He was in Brookfield in 1769 and there married Sarah Parker Nov. 
30, 1769. To them were born in Brookfield, Aug. 28, 1770, twins, Sallie, 
who m. John Reese in 1763. and Samuel, Jr. This Samuel, Jr., married 
in Worcester, Jan. 1, 1799, Betsey Smith, and settled in Craftsbury, Vt., 
the same year. The house which he built about 1806 is still standing 
in a good state of preser\-ation. He was a well-to-do farmer. After the 
death of his wife (April 16, 18-il, aged 61 years) he married Martha 
Harrington. He died Oct. 28, 1857. Following are his descendants, some 
of whom are still living in Craftsbury. His gravestone gives dates of 
birth and death. Children: 

1. Samuel, b. July 25, 1800; m. Abigail Harrington, 

A. Horace D., m. Elizabeth Ramwold. 

a. Arthur, res., Craftsbury. 

b. Fannie. 

2. Asa, b. 1802; left home while a young man, was a teacher in Ala- 

bama, several years before the Civil War. 

3. Eliza, d. unm. 

4. Horace, b. May 18, 1806; m. Abigail Chase Jime 2, 1831; d. April 

4, 1897. 

A. Edwin Smith, b. 1833, m. Ann S. Cass. 

a. Carlton Cass, m. Augusta Gage, 1882. 

(1) Carlton Cass, Jr. 

(2) Samuel Wesley. 

b. Elmer Chase, m. Belle Davidson, 1883. 

B. Samuel, m. Sarah Cramer, d. in Bell Plain, N. J. 

a. Horace, res., Pleasantville, N. J. 

b. Maurice, res., Ocean View, N. J. 

c. Mary Ellen, m. Jerry Hampton. 

d. Cordelia, m. Charles Lee. 

e. Etta E. 

C. Mary E., ni. J. S. Warren, 1865; res., Morrisville, Vt. 

5. Maria, m. Henry Whitney; d. in Craftsbury. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 


-, who died in 

-278 Beulah.s 

+279 Samuel.^ 

-280 Lydia.« 

—281 James,« b. Aug. 27, 1774; m. Abigail - 

Natick, Sept. 16, 1823; child, Anna," b. Feb. 14, 1799. 

-282 Betsey.^ 

-283 David.« 

-284 Anna,« m. Jabez White. 


Daniel, b. 1812, m. Mary Scott; d. in Johnson, Vt., 1857. 

A. Emeline, m. and moved West. 

B. Hiram, a Baptist minister. 

C. Jane, m. George Bagley. 

William, b. 1814; m. Mary Ellen Powers; d. in Craftsbury, 1880. 

A. Asa Powers, b. 1849. ' 
Lucy, b. 1816, m. Jefferson Robbins. 

Then, the compiler has also the following records from an old family 
Bible of a Samuel Stratton who was born Dec. 10, 1769 — no place given. 
There is a tradition among his descendants that he was the son of a 
Samuel Stratton who was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He mar- 
ried Naomi Emery March 5, 1789; married, second, Lois Daniels Feb. 
1809. Children : 

By First Marriage. 

1. Lydia, b. Apr. 8, 1790 

2. Pheneus, b. May 15, 1792 

3. Stephen, b. July 20, 1794 

4. Sarah, b. May 15, 1797 

5. Samuel, b. Mar. 1, 1801 

6. John (twin), b. Mar. 1, 1801 

7. Jacob, b. Mar. 26, 1803 

8. Adah, b. Aug. 12, 1805 

9. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 17, 1807 

By Second Marriage. 

10. Susan, b. Dec. 16, 1812 

11. William, b. Aug. 7, 1814 

12. Ephraim, b. June 11, 1817 

13. Abigail, b. Apr. 8, 1819 

14. Lois, b. Apr. 18, 1821 

15. Elias, b. Apr. 23, 1823 

16. Jonathan, b. Dec. 30. 1824 

17. Enoch (twin), b. Dec. 3, 1824 

18. Theadore, b. Mar. 25, 1826 

19. Sarah, b. Oct. 2, 1828 

2. Pheneus (b. May 15, 1792) was a soldier in the War of 1812. He 

manned Susanna Nov. 20, 1817 and moved first to Allegany Co., 

N. Y., later to Potter Co., Pa., then to Onondaga Co., N. Y., and about 
1836 to Barren Co., Mich. Children: 

Samuel, b. Nov. 19, 1818; m. Eliza Whitman. . 

Nathaniel, b. Oct. 31, 1819; m. Mary Murdock. 

John H., b. Nov. 9, 1821 ; m. Martha Miller. 

Emeline, b. March 7, 1823; m. John Manly, near Buffalo. 

Sarah Ann, b. July 21, 1824; m. Henry Pike. 

James, b. June 4, 1825; m. Elizabeth Abley. 

Ephraim, b. Sept. 1, 1829; m. Margaret Carson; d. in Chicago. 

Charles D., b. June 8, 1833; d. unm. 

Henry, b. Jan. 1, 1835; m. Emma . 

Mary, b. April 7, 1848; m. Fred Abley; residence, Hemmingford, Neb. 

William Emery, d. in childhood. 

34 A Book of Strattons 

131. Nathaniel Strattox ^ {Samuel* Samuel,^ John,- Sam- 
uel ^) was born in Watertown, Oct. 16, 1748. This is probably 
the Nathaniel Stratton who, as one of Capt. Josiah Parker's Co., 
joined the army of Ticonderoga and received "travel expense" of 
£10 18s. He is thought to have settled in New Hampshire or 

134. John Stratton ^ {Enoch,"^ Samuel,^ Richard,- Samuel^) 
was born in AVeston, Mass., May 4, 1725. He married Mary 

and settled with his father's family in Glastonbury, Conn., 

where he bought land in 1757, and where he died in 1761. Apr. 
1, 1759, he enlisted in the French and Indian war, serving 37 
weeks. Enlisted again in 1760 and for his service in this year 
he was to receive £11 19s, but he died before the amount was 
paid. The administration of his estate is recorded in Hartford. 


-285 John,« b. 1753. 

—286 Lemuel,*' b. May, 1755; served in Revolution, Aug. and 
Sept., 1776. 

—287 Rebecca,'' b. Feb., 1757; m. David Andrev^^s. 

—288 Mary,'' b. March, 1759. 

136. Samuel Stratton ^ {Enoch,* Richard,^ Samuel,- Sam- 
uel^) was born in Concord, Mass., Nov. 6, 1728. He went to 
Connecticut and married Mehitable (Hollister), her second hus- 
band. He was in Eastbury in 1752, where he subscribed £2 for 
the support of his pastor. In 1757 he bought land in Glaston- 
bury. He married, second, Mrs. Sarah Bidwell, who died 
Aug. 26, 1822, aged 88 years. Samuel died Aug. 7, 1810. 

Children: — Born in Glastonbury. 

+289 Samuel," b. 1758; d. in Glastonbury, 1807. 

—290 Ann," m. Jacob Stevens. 

—291 Isaac," b. 1763; d. aged 22 years. 

-292 Hannah," m. Roger Hollister, Oct. 11, 1792. Settled 
at Marietta, Ohio. 

12. Ephraim (b. June 11, 1817) married Elizabeth March 11, 1842, 

and settled in Barrington, N. H. Children: 

Samuel C, d. in childhood. 
Elizabeth H., d. in childhood. 
Henry (twin). 
Samuel C, residence, Barrington, N. H. (Dover R. F. D.). 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 35 

+293 William," b. Mar. 9, 1766. 

-294 Riith,« m., Sept. 6, 1790, Asa Goodrich. 

—295 Elizabeth,*' m. Roswell Hollister. 

137. Isaac Stratton ^ (Enoch* Samuel,^ Richard,- Samuel^) 

married Lucy and settled in Glastonbury, Conn., where he 

bought land in 1757. He was a soldier in the French and Indian 
war, March, October, 1759, and died in Glastonbury before Dec. 
26 of the same year. 

Child: — Born in Glastonbury, Conn. 

-296 Honour,'^ m.. Mar. 10, 1776, Hezekiah Wright. 

139. Benjamin Str.a.tton ^ (Jabez* Samuel,^ Richard,- Sam- 
iiel'^) was born in Concord, Oct. 24, 1725. He married Sarah 
Simmons of Bedford, May 24, 1750. He was then living in Lex- 
ington where his father settled about 1730. In Feb., 1784, he 
moved to Fairlee, Vermont, with his son, Benjamin Stratton, Jr. 
Between 1754 and 1784 he seems to have lived in Woburn, Wal- 
tham and Roxbury. He was a Revolutionary soldier, answer- 
ing the alarm, Apr. 19, 1775, and enlisting again in 1776. He 
died in Fairlee in 1808. 


—297 Sarah," b. Aug. 24, 1752; d. in Lexington, Jan. 14, 1754. 

+298 Benjamin," b. 1754. 

+299 John," b. 1767. 

There may have been other children; if so, the author would 
be very glad to know of them. 

141. Jabez Stratton ^ (Jabez,* Saynnel,^ Richard,- Samuel ^) 
was born in Lexington, Mass., Jan. 2, 1733. The church records 
at Lexington show that he was baptized on the 6th of the same 
month. He married Lucy Wooley of Rutland, Dec. 5, 1758, 
and lived in Princeton and Greenwich. He enlisted in the Revo- 
lutionary army from Greenwich in 1780, "aged 46 years, five 
feet 10 in., light complexion." The family seem to have left 
Massachusetts soon after the Revolution.* 

*It is thought that Jabez ° had a brother Isaac, born about 17-11, and 
that this was the Isaac Stratton of Rutland who received a bounty for 
three years' service in the Revohition. He was about thirty-eight years 
old in 1779. Also, in the administration in 1770 of the estate of Jabez,* 
who died in Lincoln about 1745 (see p. 181, Vol. I), "Isaac and Jabez now 
living in Princeton and John Jones of Concord" were bound to care for 
the widow, Margaret Stratton (widow of Jabez*). 

36 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Princeton, Mass. 

—300 Jonathan,^ b. July 16, 1759.* 

-301 Isaac." b. Nov. 21, 1761. t 

+302 Jabez,« b. Sept. 26, 1763. 

+303 Samuel,« b. July 6, 1765. 

—304 Lucy,*^ b. 1767. 

• * The compiler believes this to be the Jonathan Stratton of Addison, 
Vt., who had son David who m. Eunice Biglow in 1803. was a soldier in 
the War of 1812, and moved to Licking Co., 0., about 1818, where he d. 
in 1862. 

Children: — Born in Addison, Vt. 
Cynthia, b. 1804; m. John Wheeler. 
James H., b. 1806; m. Betsey Jett; d. in Ohio. 
David, b. 1808; m. Adelia Critchett; d. New Way, 0. 
Ira, b. ISIO; m. Grace Turner; d. New Way, 0. 

Harrison, b. 1818; m. Clara H. Conger, 1841; d. in Lutsville, Mich. His 
children: Mary T., Eunice A., David W., Ezra B., Dennis C, John 
C, Arietta A. 
t This is believed to be the Isaac Stratton who enlisted in the Revo- 
lutionary Army from Greenwich in 1781, and in 1784 was at Clarenden, 
Vt., where he bought twenty-seven acres of land in 1795. He died before 

1810. He married Abigail , who survived him but a short time, 

dying while the children were still young. 
Children: — Born in Clarenden, Vt. 
Amos. b. Jan. 16, 1784. 

Pha3be, b. Nov. 5, 1786; per. m. Simmons. 

Isaac, b. Oct. 11, 1788. 

Hiram, became a minister and settled in New York State. 

Ezra, moved to New York State. 

Catherine, m. Sawyer. 


Orin. b. May 5, 1800; m. Weatha B. Miller, Nov. 14. 1821. of Castleton, 
Vt. Died in Johnson, Vt., Oct. 12, 1882. Their only child was 
James Albert Stratton, b. in Castleton, Vt., July 8, 1822; m. in 
1844. Hannah F. Hayford; lived in Johnson, Hyde Park and Morris- 
town, \'t.; a faruK r. also held several town offices; d. in Burlington, 
Jan. 16, 1913. Children: 
Annie E.. m. Loomis G. Terrill; res., Jericho, Vt. 
George E., b. at Hyde Park, Vt.. Oct. 5, 1859; in. Ettie May Allen, 
in 1882; d. in Burlington. Nov. 11. 1914. where he was a well- 
known business man. 
Children : 
Ralph Orcutt.m. Ada H. Lehr, July 12.1911; chn. Allen L., George E. 
Gladys E. 

Dorothy H., d. May 5. 1911, aged 18 yrs. 
Donald Allen. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 37 

There may have been other children, born elsewhere. The 
descendants of Jabez ^ believe that he had a brother Benjamin 
who settled at Crown Point, N. Y., and a brother Joseph who 
lived in Pittsfield, Vt. 

145. JosiAH Stratton ® (Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Sam- 
i(£l,^ Samuel^) married Mary Davis of Holden, Oct. 31, 1765, and 
settled in Holden. At the time of his marriage he was "of 
Brookfield," and was a miller. April 9, 1775, he was one of 
Major Paul Raymond's Company that marched from Holden 
to Cambridge. He was Selectman of Holden in 1782, 1788-9, 
1790-1. In 1787 he was representative in General Court.* April 
2, 1800, he married Olive Adams (widow) . 

Children: — Born in Holden, Mass. 

-305 Mary,^ b. Aug. 15, 1766; d. Sept. 19, 1766. 

+306 James,' b. July 11, 1767. 

+307 PauV b. Mar. 26, 1769. 

+308 Israel,^ b. Dec. 10, 1770. 

-309 John Hubbard,^ b. Nov. 21, 1772; d. Jan. 21, 1773. 

+310 John Hubbard,' b. Mar. 26, 1774. 

—311 Simon Davis,'^ b. Mar. 1, 1776. What became of him? 

+312 Frink,^ b. Jan. 8, 1778. 

—313 Josiah,' b. Mar. 29, 1780; m. Elizabeth Cheney; d. in 

Holden in 1883; prob. left no children. 
—314 Hezekiah,' b. June 4, 1783, of whom the author could 

learn nothing more. 

146. Daniel Stratton ^ {Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel ^) when twenty-three years old bought land in New 
Ipswich, N. H., on what is now known as Knight's Hill. This 
farm remained in the possession of his descendants for about 
one hundred years. He was one of the men who marched from 
New Ipswich for Cambridge before daylight on the morning of 
Apr. 20, 1775, on the alarm of the battle of Concord. He mar- 
ried Sarah Stark, who died in New Ipswich, July 1, 1784, aged 
39 years.f He married, second, Sarah Warner in 1785. She died 

* At Brookfield is recorded the "intention of marriage" of Josiah Stratton 
and Eliza Wood, July 1763. No record of marriage has been found. 

t Sarah Stark, d. of George and Sarah (Wilds) Stark, was born Feb. 
4, 1745. She was granddaughter of William and Deborah (Loud) Stark. 
William was a "mariner resident" of New Ipswich. 

38 A Book of Strattons 

Oct. 5, 1825, aged 72 years.* Daniel died in New Ipswich, July 
22, 1832. 

Children: — Born in New Ipswich, N. H. 

By first marriage. 
—315 Sarah,^ b. May 15, 1771; d. May 27, 1790. 
+316 Daniel,^ b. Mar. 23, 1773. 
+317 John," b. Mar. 28, 1775. 
—318 Asa," b. Nov. 8, 1777; d. in New Ipswich, Nov. 9, 1802, 

—319 Dolly," b. Mar. 16, 1780; d. Oct. 26, 1780. 
—320 Dolly," b. Dec. 1, 1781; m. Jonathan Weber, Dec. 21, 

-321 Lucy," b. Jan. 16, 1784; d. Apr. 29, 1784. 

By second marriage. 
+322 William," b. Jan. 17, 1786, a twin. 
—323 Elizabeth," b. Jan. 17, 1786, a twin. 
-324 Lydia," b. Dec. 7, 1787. 
-325 Polly," b. July 5, 1789; d. Apr. 17, 1790. 
+326 Jeremiah." 

147. Hezekiah Stratton ® (Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,'^ 
Samuel,- Samuel ^) went to Maine where, in 1768, he began clear- 
ing a farm in the primeval forest on the banks of the Sebasicook, 
near a small settlement called Kingsfield, made four years 
earlier on the Kenebeck. Three years later this settlement was 
incorporated and named Winslow in honor of Gen. John Winslow. 
Here besides being a farmer Hezekiah was a hunter and trapper, 
as were nearly all the early Maine settlers. When Arnold in the 
fall of 1775, with his one thousand picked men from the army at 
Cambridge, marched on his expedition against Quebec, he passed 
through Fort Weston (now Augusta), stopping a day or two 
to organize for the trip. Here several Winslow men were taken 
along as guides and helpers. Among these was Hezekiah Strat- 
ton. Hezekiah's farm was about sixteen miles north of Fort 
Western and the expedition passed his home on its way up the 

July 8, 1776, the town of Winslow called a town meeting at 
which was appointed a "Committee of Safety." It also voted to 

* Sarah Warner, b. March 27, 1753, d. of Caleb and Elizabeth (Brown) 
Warner of "Warner's Mills," New Ipswich. Her ancestry is as follows: 
Caleb," Daniel," Daniel,' Daniel,* William Warner,' b. in England, settled 
in Ipswich, Mass., about 1637. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 39 

hire three men to go up the river on scout duty to see whether 
any British force was approaching, and a committee to petition 
the General Court for defence against Canada. Among the 
names of the men who served on these committees during the 
Revolution are Hezekiah Stratton and Zimri Heywood, April 
20, 1778, Hezekiah married Eunice Heywood, a daughter of 
Zimn Heywood* She was born in 1760 and died in 1836. He 
died two years later. Gravestones stand to their memory in 
the family burial ground on the old Stratton farm at Winslow. 
This farm is still owned and occupied by his descendants. 

Children: — Born in Winslow, Me. 

+327 Samuel,^ b. Jan. 20, 1779. 

+328 William,^ b. May 9, 1781. 

—329 Jane,^ b. June 29, 1783; m. Owen Folger Smith at 
Hallowell, Me., in 1803. 

—330 Hezekiah, Jr.," b. Mar. 25, 1786; d. unm. Apr. 3, 1821, in 
Winslow. The young lady whom he was to marry 
died the day before the day set for the wedding. 

153. Nehimiah Stratton ^ {Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel'^) serv^ed ten weeks in the Continental Army in 
1775, and six months in 1776. Jan. 29, 1777, he was in Capt. 
Josiah Brown's Co., Col. Nathan Hale's Regt., marching from 
New Ipswich to reinforce the garrison at Ticonderoga, but the 
regiment was ordered back by Col. Fellows and returned to Rut- 
land. In Aug., 1778, he belonged to a regiment which marched 
from New Hampshire and joined the Continental Army on Rhode 
Island. In Jan., 1781, he enlisted as a private for three years, 
was promoted to a Sergeant, and then became one of Washing- 
ton's Life Guards, and was honorably discharged in Dec, 1783, 
on Constitution Island opposite West Point.f 

In 1780 he bought land at New Ipswich and was a taxpayer 

* Zimri Heywood (spelled Howard and Hawood on the Revolutionary 
War Rolls) was captain of the 6th Co., Lincoln Co. Militia, and later 
captain of a company in Col. Timothy Healds regiment. He descended 
from the Hey woods who came from Odell, Eng., in the Susan & Ellen and 
settled in Concord, Mass., in 1635. On the Concord town books the name 
is variously spelled Heywood. Haywood, Harwood, Howard. He married 
Jane Foster, lived in Ashbumham, then Lunenburg, and then settled at 

t To the Honorable E. Thompson, Secretary of State of New Hampshire: 

Honorable Sir, in compliance with a clause of an Art. of this state 

passed the present year, for raising and completing this state's quota of 

the Continental Army, we have raised in this Town twelve new recruits, 


A Book of Strattons 

there until 1795. In 1784 he married Sarah Prichard. She was 
born Apr. 17, 1762, and died Jan. 22, 1789. Nehemiah married, 
second, Lois Newell, and in 1789 settled in Albion, Me., on a 
farm, where as a farmer he spent the remainder of his life. In 
1840 he was granted a pension. Mr. Stratton died Nov. 25, 1843. 
His widow died Dec. 8, 1846, aged 77 years. 
Children: — Born in New Ipswich, N'. H. 

By first marriage. 
—331 Sarah,' b. Feb. 7, 1785; m. Benjamin Kidder of Albion 

and became the mother of 12 children. 
—332 Hannah," b. Jan. 17, 1786; m. 1st, Dr. Sprague of Bos- 
ton, 2d, Stephen Wheeler of Ipswich. 
By second marriage. 
+333 Ebenezer," b. June 29, 1788. 

Bor7i in Albion, Me. 
-334 George,^ b. Feb. 10, 1790; d. in Pike Co., HI.; left no 

+335 Charles," b. Dec. 29, 1792. 
+336 James," b. Nov. 21, 1794. 
—337 Onesimus," b. Nov. 16, 1796; d. aged 17 years. 
+338 William," b. 1799. 

—339 Nancy," b. Jan. 1, 1801; m. Joseph Tuck. 
+340 Jonas," b. June 1, 1803. 
—341 Roxey," b. Apr. 20, 1805; m. Benjamin Webb; went 

—342 Mehitable," b. IMar. 13, 1807; m. Joel Miller, a Uni- 

versalist minister. 
+343 Newell,' b. June 2, 1809. 

—344 Almond," b. 1811; m. Sarah Dow. Lived and died at 
Searsport, Me. Left a son and daughter of whom 
information is desired. 

for three years' service, and they have all passed muster, before Gen. 
Nichols, at Amherst the first passed was Feb. 14, and the last March 13 
(Viz.) Nchomiah Stratton, John Adams, Samuel Walker, Jesse Walker, 
Peter Bullard, Phineas Adams, Joseph Proctor, Amos Baker, John BuUard, 
Stephen Adams, Joel Baker, and John Thomas, we expect we have five 
men in the Continental Army from this Town, but I cannot with safety 
mention the names at present. 

New Ipswich, May 5, 1781. By Order of the Selectment of said 
N. Ipswich. 

Benjamin Ad.'Vms, Town Clerk. 

Also see Dr. Charles E. Godfrey's Washington's Life Guards and rec- 
ords at War Dept. at Washington, D. C. 

^' - glK^ 

Stratton \'ill;ij:t'. Stratton Brook and Biglow ^Iduiitaiii. Maine 

Page 1), Vol 1 


■i^a^MWi i r'i^PM-tr^t^^Mi 

"Stratton Tavorn," a well-known landmark for more than a century 
at Waltliam, Mass., burned to the ground in IS'.i;}. I'aijc lOti. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 41 

158. Jonathan Stratton ^ {Jonathan,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel^) was born in Weston, Mass. For full account 
of him see Vol. I, p. 207, No. 6. 

Children: — Born in Weston, Mass. 
+345 Shubael,^ b. Dec. 6, 1768. 
—346 Sarah,^ b. Oct. 20, 1770; m. William Rice.* 
+347 Braddyll,^ b. July 20, 1772. 
—348 Relief,^ b. May 25, 1774; m. George How. 
-349 Lucy,^ b. Nov. 7, 1778; d. Oct. 31, 1779. 
Born in Gerry {now Phillipston) , Mass. 
+350 Jonathan,^ b. Nov. 25, 1780. 
+351 Isaac,' b. Jan. 10, 1783. 
+352 Nathan,^ b. Dec. 12, 1784. 
-353 Mary,^ b. Oct. 10, 1786. 
-354 Susan,' b. Jan. 17, 1789; d. Oct. 14, 1817. 

159. Daniel Stratton ® (Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel^}, for full data concerning him, see Vol. I, pp. 208, 
No. 7. 

Children: — Born in Weston, Mass. 

+355 Daniel,^ b. Apr. 22, 1777. 

-356 Elizabeth,^ b. Nov. 24, 1778; m. Jeddo Thayer, 

—357 Martha,' b. July 31, 1780; m. Henry Coggin. 

—358 Nancy" (twin), b. July 31, 1780; m. Robert Fiske. 

+359 Josiah," b. Oct. 20, 1782, and was bapt. the same day. 

+360 Dana,^ b. Dec. 13, 1784. 

—361 Samuel,' b. Dec. 5, 1787. 

—362 Myranda,' b. May 1, 1790; m. Enoch Jones. 

—363 Sarah," b. June 24, 1794; d. unm. 

—364 Dorcas,' b. Aug. 23, 1796; m. Francis Garfield. 

—365 Calvin,^ b. Nov. 30, 1798; m. Martha and d. May 

17, 1823, leaving an "only child," Martha Ann.« 

160. Isaac Stratton ^ {Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel^) was born in Weston. See Vol. I, p. 209, No. 8, 
for data concerning him, and his children. 

*It was at the home of Sarah and William Rice in Woodstock, Vt., 
that Justin Morgan died, the owner of the famous horse "Morgan,"— the 
head of the Morgan stock of horses. Just before his death he gave the 
horse to his friends, Mr. and Mrs. Rice. This was in the spring of 1798. 
The horse "Morgan" died in 1819, at the age of twenty-seven years. 

42 A Book of Strattons 


—366 Louisa,' b. Dec. 9, 1786; m. Cyrus Russell. 

+367 Xahum," b. 1788. 

—368 Elizabeth," d. in infancy. 

+369 Henry,' b. Jan. 8, 1792. 

—370 Alary,' m. Woodbury Hill. 

—371 ]\Iartha,' m. Samuel Smith. 

—372 Priscilla," m. Daniel Bemis. 

—373 Louis, d. unm. in Richmond, Va. 

161. Elisha Stratton ® (Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel- Samuel^). See Vol. 7, p. 210, No. 9, for full records of him. 
He died in Weston, Nov. 19, 1817. 

Children: — Born in Weston, Mass. 

—374 Susan," b. Oct. 7, 1780; m. Joseph Cheney. 

+375 Thomas," b. Oct. 7, 1782. 

+376 Charles,^ b. June 1, 1785. 

—377 Harriet," b. Jan. 4, 1790; m. Jonathan F. Hurd. 

+378 Elisha," b. Mar., 1795. 

+379 George," b. June 3, 1798. 

164. John Stratton ° (Jonathan,^ Sainuel* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel^). See Vol. I, p. 211, No. 12, for full data con- 
cerning him. 

Child — Born in Weston, Mass. 

-380 Abigail," b. Oct. 28, 1791; m. David Viles. 

.166. Ebenezer Stratton ® (Saynuel,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel'^) married Tabitha Davis, Jan. 11, 1776. They 
lived for one year after their marriage in Princeton, Mass.; about 
six years in Jaffrey, N. H., and then moved to Rindge, N. H. 
He was selectman for seven years. He was a leading Baptist of 
the town, contributing generously to the support of the church, 
and preaching was sometimes had at his own house. He died 
Mar. 22, 1837. His widow died in 1851. His will is recorded at 

Children: — Born in Princeton, Mass. 

—381 Ebenezer," b. July 15, 1777; d. Oct. 8, 1785. 
Born in Jeffrey, N'. H. 

+382 Asa,^ b. July 25, 1778. 

+383 Josiah/ b. Feb. 24, 1781. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 43 

-384 Tabitha/ b. 1783; d. 1786. 
Born in Rindge, N. H. 

-385 Polly/ b. 1785; d., unm., 1857. 

+386 Ebenezer/ b. Mar. 12, 1787; m. Mary U. Bonner. 

—387 Raymond/ b. Apr. 6, 1790; died in New Ipswich, N. H., 
Sept. 14, 1838; left one daughter, Susan M.,® who m. 
O. J. Prescott. 

-388 Tabitha,' b. 1792; d., unm., 1879. 

—389 Samuel,' b. Apr. 12, 1795; m. Louisa Gibson, daughter 
of Reuben Gibson, in 1818; d. Aug. 21, 1840; chil- 
dren, Julia A.,^ Emeline,^ Mary,^ Lyman.® 

168. David Stratton *^ {Samuel,^ Sainuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,"^ 
Samuel ^) was a soldier in the Revolution, enlisting "for the war" 
at Rutland in 1779. In 1786 he married Mary Leland and set- 
tled in Jeffrey, N. H., where he died in 1837. His widow sur- 
vived him fourteen years, dying in 1851. 

Children: — Born in Jeffrey, N. H. 

+390 Samuel,^ b. 1787. 

+391 Isaac,^ b. 1789. 

—392 Nathan,' b. about 1795; m. Susan Carter, and d. in 
New York state. 

-393 Polly," b. 1797; m. John Town. 

—394 Jabez,^ died young. 

171. Deacon Samuel Stratton ^ {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,"^ Samuel^) bought land in Princeton, Mass., and mar- 
ried Nov. 14, 1782, Martha Davis, daughter of Ephraim Davis, 
Jr. She was bom Jan. 13, 1764, and died in Princeton June 24, 
1858. He was a "cord wainer" by trade, a deacon in the church, 
an influential man in the town. In 1790 he sold fifty-six acres 
in Princeton to Phelps Davis. In 1808-9 he was a selectman. 
He died Jan. 13, 1838. A gravestone stands to the memory of 
Samuel and Martha Stratton at Rutland. 

Children: — Born in Princeton, Mass. 

+395 John,^ b. Mar. 31, 1784. 

-396 Martha,' b. Jan. 25, 1785; d. Jan. 27, 1785. 

-397 Patty ,^ b. Feb. 7, 1786; m. Stephen Stearns, Sept. 18, 

-398 Sarah,^ b. Dec. 25, 1788; d. Mar. 13, 1835. 

-399 Mary,^ b. Oct. 1, 1791; d. Oct. 7, 1800. 

—400 Nancy ,^ b. June 17, 1802. 

44 A Book of Strattons 

—401 Lucy," b. Sept. 16, 1793; m. Lieut. Benjamin Roper, 
and lived at Hubbardstown, Mass. They were the 
parents of sixteen children. He died and she mar- 
ried, 2d, Richard Bull. 

—402 SamueV b. Sept. 4, 1795; d. Nov. 5, 1795. 

+403 Samuel," b. Nov. 24, 1796. 

-404 Elizabeth,' b. July 16, 1798; m. Amos Ball, Dec. 2, 

—405 Calvin," b. June 14, 1800; a teacher; d. in Georgia 
where he settled many years before; married; did he 
leave children? 

—406 Nancy," b. June 17, 1802; m. Charles Pratt of Grafton, 
Apr. 5, 1825; d. in 1892. 

—407 Marianne,^ b. Apr. 17, 1805; ra. Edward A. Pratt of 
Shrewsbury, Apr. 2, 1827; d. 1868. 

-408 Eliza," b. Nov. 20, 1807; d. 1815. 

172. Alpheus Stratton ^ (Samuel,^ Samuel* Satnuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel'^) married Lucy Keys of Princeton, Nov. 26, 1789. 
In 1794 he bought his father's farm in Rutland, where he lived 
the rest of his life. He died Nov. 9, 1827. His wife died June 
6, 1826, aged 56 years. 

Children: — Born in Rutland, Mass. 

+409 Alpheus," b. Nov. 4, 1790. 

+410 Cyprian," b. Sept. 8, 1791. 

+411 Samuel,^ b. Mar. 29, 1793. 
. —412 Lucy/ b. Mar. 16, 1795; m. Wm. Henshaw of Leiches- 

—413 Clarissa,^ b. Oct. 5, 1796; d. Aug. 28, 1813. 

-414 Melissa,^ b. Oct. 11, 1798; m. Abijah Brigham, Oct. 19, 

—415 Lovina," b. Nov. 26, 1800; m. Silas Skinner, July 3, 
1828; d. Mar. 29, 1833. 

—416 Harriet,^ b. Oct. 2, 1803. 

-417 Mary,^ b. Apr. 16, 1805; m. Jacob R. Davis, Dec. 30, 

-418 Martha," b. June 18, 1806; d. Sept. 4, 1813. 

-419 Ruth," b. Sept. 23, 1809. 

-420 Luke," b. Aug. 16, 1811.* Is this the Luke Stratton 

* Feb. 28, 1828, Cyprian Stratton was appointed guardian for Ruth 
and Luke Stratton and sold two undivided tenths of the estate for their 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 45 

of Enfield who married Julia M. Robinson at Barre, 
Aug. 12, 1833? 

173. Thomas Stratton ^ {Samuel,'^ Samuel* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel ^) was a cord wainer in Holden. He married Eunice 
Cutting, Nov. 20, 1794. 

Children: — Born in Holden, Mass. 

-421 INIary,' b. May 28, 1795. 

-422 Simon," b. Nov. 23, 1795. 

-423 Roxey,^ b. Oct. 10, 1798. 

-424 Charles,^ b. Dec. 28, 1800; d. Aug. 20, 1801. 

—425 Eunice," b. June 28, 1802. 

What became of the family after 1802? 

180. Ebenezer Stratton *' {Ebenezer,^ Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel^) married, first, Sarah Smith, daughter of Reu- 
ben Sryiith, Feb. 20. 1811. He married, second, Mrs. McKinze. 
He settled in Brookfield, Vt., where he kept a tavern long kept 
by his descendants. He died Jan. 14, 1814. 

Children: — Born in Brookfield, Vt. 
By first marriage. 

-426 Patty ,^ b. July 6, 1784; d. unm. 

—427 Sarah,^ b. Feb. 15, 1789; m. Luthur Wheatley. 

-428 Alpha," b. Feb. 26, 1792; d. in 1811. 

+429 Caleb Allen," b. Dec. 22, 1797. 

-430 Harriet,^ b. Nov. 1, 1800; m. Jesse Wheatley. 
By second marriage. 

—431 Sophrona," b. Oct. 18, 1813; m. Cyrus Perkins. 

183. John Stratton ^ iSarnuel,^ Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,' Samuel^) was the only child of Ensign Samuel Stratton. 
He married Roxana P. Field, daughter of Paul Field of North- 
field. June 1, 1785, while out with a party of young men to 
spear salmon, he was drowned in the Connecticut River at Bel- 
low's Falls. The following year, Aug. 14, 1786, his widow. Box- 
ana, died, aged 30 years. Their three little daughters were 
brought up by Mr. Stratton's parents.* 

* In a small ancient burial ground in Vernon, Vt., is a gravestone with 
this inscription: 

Memento Mori 
Here lie interr'ed where Silence reigns 
Mr. John Strattons Sad Remains 

46 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born at Vernon, Vt. 

-432 Thankful." b. May 9, 1776; m., Aug. 20, 1795, Lieut. 
Job Wright, son of Rev. Job Wright of Bernards- 
town, Mass., who died Apr. 26, 1806, at the early- 
age of 34. She inherited the homestead of her grand- 
father. Ensign Samuel Stratton, and beneath this roof- 
tree her children grew to manhood and womanhood. 
She died May 24, 1849. She was a woman of great 
worth and ability.* 

—433 Electa," m. Cyrus Washburn. 

—434 Roxana,' d. in 1803, aged 21 years. 

184. C.\LEB Stratton ^ (Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel^) owned land in Northfield in 1795. Later he set- 
tled in Shclburne, Mass. He married Elizabeth Strong. 

Children: — Born in Shelburne, Mass. 

Samuel & Ruth once happ\^ were 

In Him their only Son & Heir 

In Januarj' e'er the Sun 

Had eight & Twenty Circuits run 

In Seventeen Hundred Fifty Six 

With mortals here on earth to mix 

He first begun, but lost his life 

In seventeen hundred eighty five 

The first of June as on his Tour 

Where Walpole Rapids foam & roar 

He to a Rock went down too nigh 

To pierce the Salmon passing by 

The Rock's Smooth Glossy Sloping Side 

His feet betray'd and let him slide 

Plump down into a watiy tomb 

No more to see his native Home 

His tender Parents lovely Spouse 

Or those bright beauties of his House 

Three little hapless female Heirs 

Left to bedew his Grave with Tears. 

Alas who can their loss repair 

Or ease the Widows Soul of Care 

Or furnish adequate Relief 

To cure the Parents pungent Grief 

Father of Mercies hear our call 

Extend thy Pity to them all 

Let momentarj' Ills like this 

Issue in everlasting bliss. 
* Among her descendants the name Stratton has been continued as a 
"middle name." Her daughter Ruth m. Marshall W^hithed, and their 
daughter Adaline m. Charles F. Cone of Boston. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 47 

-435 Sarah/ b. 1801; d. 1885; m. John Hardy. 
+436 Caleb Strong," b. 1802. 
—437 Eliz-abeth,' b. 1803; d. Nov. 13, 1852. 
—438 Samuel,' b. 1807; m. Roxana Miller. Moved to Ohio, 
where he died in 1894; had two daughters, no sons. 

186. Asa Stratton'' {Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel'^) married Lucy Woodbury of Barre, Nov, 30, 
1780. He owned a farm of 400 acres near Northfield, some parts 
of which are retained in the family to-day. He was a Revolu- 
tionary soldier under Burgoyne; serving at Bennington, under 
Gen. Stark; at Saratoga and other points. The gun which he 
carried is still in the possession of his descendants at Greenfield. 
He died Mar. 17, 1818. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

-439 Mary,^ b. Feb. 18, 1781 ; m. Samuel Holton, 1809. 

—440 Charlotte,' b. Sept. 10, 1782; m. Jonathan Lyman; 
d. Apr. 7, 1788. 

+441 Roswell," b. June 7, 1784; m. Rhoda Wright, who died 
Aug. 30, 1857. 

+442 Asa,^ b. Sept. 10, 1786. 

-443 Chester,^ b. 1790; d. Apr. 14, 1815, in Penbrook. 

+444 Seth," b. Aug. 9, 1792. 

—445 Charles,' b. Dec. 1, 1794; a dentist; d. in Brattleboro, 
Vt., Jan. 4, 1869. 

+446 Alonzo,' b. Dec. 1, 1798. 

+447 Albert,' b. Apr. 28, 1801. (Written Alberto Stratton in 
some records.) 

188. Eleazer Stratton ^ (Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel^) married Submit Field, Aug. 31, 1790. In March, 
1797, he was one of a corporation known as "The Proprietors of 
the Aqueduct" in Northfield. This aqueduct was for the pur- 
pose of conveying water by subterraneous pipes through the 

Children: — Born in Northfield. 

-448 Clark,' b. Aug., 1792; d. Nov. 27, 1883; m. Dec. 13, 
1835, Sophrona White, who died Dec. 11, 1855, 
aged 48 years. They lived and died in Heath, Mass. 
He was a good man, a thrifty, industrious farmer; 
his estate inventoried $8,000. He had but one child, 
Mariah,8 b. 1837; m. Norris D. Taintor. 

48 A Book of Strattons 

—449 Mariah." 

-450 Mary^ (Polly). 

+451 Elcazer," b. 1798. 

+452 Alvin," b. Aug. 15, 1802. 
Born in Chelsea, Vt. 

—453 Eliphalct,' b. July 4, 1803; went to Perry, Ohio, about 
1828; m. Eliza Belknap. She d. in 1876, and he 
m. 2nd, Mrs. Maria Tyler. He d. in 1885. He was 
lieutenant-colonel of militia, and a man greatly re- 
spected by his townsmen. He had no children, but 
Eliphalet Stratton Belknap, his wife's nephew, was 
his legally adopted son. 

193. RuFus Stratton ^ (Hezckiah,^ Hezekiah* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Asenette Field, Nov. 19, 1778, 
daughter of Capt. Samuel Field, and lived in Northfield, where 
he owned a farm. He was selectman in 1790, 1796, 1798, 1799. 
In 1800 he was one of a committee on inspection of schools. In 
1820 he built a grist mill at the falls on Four Mile Creek. He 
died March 18, 1827. His widow died two years later, Apr., 
1829, aged 71 years. He was a prosperous and successful man. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

—454 Sarah, b. Dec. 2, 1779; m. Dr. Stephen Batchelor of 

—455 Lucy, b. May 25, 1781; d. in infancy. 

+456 Samuel, b. July 30, 1782. 

+457 Elihu, b. Nov. 28, 1784 (date of baptism). 

—458 John, b. Apr. 5, 1787; d. aged 3 years. 

+459 Rufus, b. Sept. 3, 1789 (bapt. Sept. 12). 

—460 John, b. Aug. 8, 1791 ; d. aged 14 years. 

—461 Elijah, b. Aug. 22, 1793; killed by lightning, 1809. 

-462 Lucy, b. Mar. 9, 1796; m. May 11, 1820, Allured Ben- 

+463 Lorenzo, b. Dec. 16, 1798. 

198. Hezekiah Str.\tton ^ {Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel \) married Hannah Wright, daughter of Beuhen 
Wright, Mar. 5, 1789. She died Jan. 5, 1846, aged 81 years. 
He kept a tavern at Northfield Farms, which for many years 
was kept by his father and later by his son Arad. In the Me- 
morial Hall at Deerfield is preserved the sign which hung iu 
front of his tavern for three generations. He was town treasurer 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 49 

in 1812. He died Oct. 24, 1825. In the cemetery at Northfield 
are tombstones to the two Hczekiahs. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

+464 Charles,' b. May 28, 1790. 

+465 Harris," b. Nov. 29, 1791. 

+466 Arad,^ b. Oct. 19, 1795 

—467 Hannah, b. Apr. 25, 1801; m. Asabel Sawyer. 

+468 Hezekiah,' b. June 26, 1804. 

-469 Fannie," b. 1811; d. 1822. 

207. Jonas Stratton ° {Jonas,^ Joseph,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
Samvel ^) married Nancy Smith in Lincoln, Dec. 5, 1802 (per. d. 
in Hillsboro Co., N. H., in 1820). 

Children: — Born in Lincoln, Mass. 

-470 Laurinda," b. Feb. 12, 1803. 

-471 Mary,^ b. Feb. 20, 1805. 

—472 Eliza,^ b. Nov. 11, 1808. 

—473 Charles,^ b. Nov. 20, 1810; m. Sarah J. Brown, d. of 
Abel P. Brown; d. in Lexington, July 4, 1891, aged 
70 years. 

—474 Jonas S.,' b. Dec. 20, 1812. What became of him? 

-475 Caroline,^ b. May 15, 1815. 

211. Isaac Stratton ^ {Richard,^ Ichahod,* Richard,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel ^) married Mary Fox. They lived at Williamstown, 
where he owned a house and land, and where his will is recorded. 
He was a Revolutionary soldier. He died in Williamstown April 
3, 1789. His widow married Clark Rogers, and died Mar. 20, 

Children:— Born in Williamstoion, Mass.* 

—476 Phcebe," b. Apr. 9, 1762; m. James Sloan in Williams- 
town in 1780. 

—477 Moses,^ b. June, 1764; d. aged 3 years. 

—478 Mary," b. Apr. 6, 1769; m. Cyrus Starkweather, May 
17, 1788. 

—479 Huldah," b. Mar. 14, 1772; m. James Sherwood, June 1, 

-480 Rachel," b. Sept., 1775. 

-481 Clara.^ 

-482 Olive.^ 

—483 Isaac.'' 

* The last three names are not recorded at Williamstown, but were 
given the writer by a descendant of Richard." 

50 A Book of Strattons 

212. Daniel Stratton *^ [Richard,^ Ichabod* Richard,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel^) married Mary , and lived in Williamstown; 

more complete records of this family desired. 

Children: — Born in Williamstoivn, Mass. 

—484 Abner/ b. Aug. 18, 1769; m. Eunice Phelps, Oct. 3, 

1791. They had a daughter, Miranda,® b. Oct. 10, 

-485 Richard Alger,' b. Sept. 1, 1771. 
—486 Daniel," b. Apr. 7, 1775; d. in infancy. 
—487 Silvanus," b. Nov. 26, 1778. 
—488 Andrew,' b. Oct. 5, 1780. 
+489 Isaac Johnson," b. Nov. 13, 1782. 
—490 Lydia," b. 1784. 
-491 Harvey,' b. Sept. 3, 1786. 
-492 Cyrenius," b. Dec. 15, 1788. 

213. Deacon Ebenezer Stratton ^ (Richard,'^ Ichabod,* 
Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) owned a valuable tract of land near 
the eastern end of Wiliamstown, a part of his father's estate, 
on what is still called the "Stratton Road." On this farm he 
led a very useful life. Was public spirited and prominent in 
many good works, highly respected, a deacon for many years. 
He married Mabel Noble, daughter of Daniel Noble of Williams- 
town, who died in 1777. He married, second, Mary Blair. 

Children: — Bor7i in WiUia7nstown. 

By first marriage. 
—493 Sarah," b. Oct. 13, 1771; d. in childhood. 
—494 Mary,^ b. Aug. 31, 1773; m. June 19, 1492, Edward 

—495 Cyrus," b. June 7, 1776; m. Rachel Smedley; moved 
to Ohio and died there. 
By second marriage. 

' —496 Mabel," b. July 19, 1779; m. Burrett. 

+497 Ebenezer," b. Nov. 7, 1783. 

—498 Lena," b. Oct. 27, 1789; lived in Troy, N. Y. 

-499 Julia," b. Aug. 10, 1793; m. Willey. 

219. D.wiD Str.\tton ^ {Richard,^ Ichabod,'^ Richard,^ Sam- 
uel,'^ Samuel ^) married Ruth , Nov. 22, 1781. To what place 

did this family remove from Williamstown? 

Children: — Born in Willia77istown, Mass. 

—500 Erasmus,^ b. Sept. 14, 1782. 

IJev. Ehenezek II. Sthattox : /'«.r/c l;](i. 
Til 1899 the iildcst minister in (iencral Asscnililv 
graduate of ^^'illianls Collego, agod Do years. 


Samuel Stratton of Watertown 51 

—501 Anna," b. Mar. 1, 1784. 

—502 Moses," b. Oct. 25, 1785. 

-503 Phoebe," b. Mar. 9, 1787. 

—504 Ruth," b. Feb. 9, 1789. 

—505 Mary,^ b. Nov. 20, 1790. 

-506 David,^ b. Nov. 24, 1792. 

-507 Lucy,^ b. Jan. 10, 1795. 

-508 Ervin (Alvin),^ b. May 10, 1797. 

224. John Stratton ^ {Francis,^ Ichahod* Richard,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel^) married Anna Carpenter. Lived in Warren, 
Mass., until about 1799, then moved to Oneida Co., N. Y., where 
he soon died. i\Irs. Stratton died in 1823 at her daughter's home 
in Trenton, N. J. She had been blind for many years. 

Children: — Born in Warren, Mass. 

+509 Francis," b. Feb. 7, 1780. 

—510 John," b. May 5, 1782; d. prob. unm. 

—511 Lydia," b. Mar. 9, 1785; m. Thomas Converse, Jeffer- 

^ son Co., N. Y. 
+512 Richard," b. Aug., 1792. 

225. Asa Stratton ^ {Ichabod,^ Ichabod,'^ Richard,^ Samuel,'' 
Samuel ^) was born in Hardwick, Mass., July 14, 1744. He mar- 
ried Lydia Johnson in Worcester Co., Mass., and about 1795 
moved to Chester, Vt. In Chester he bought land in 1799, which 
he sold in 1803. He then went to Cavendish, Vt., and lived here, 
or in this vicinity, the rest of his life. He died in 1845 at the 
age of 101 years. 


—513 Abigail,^ m. Parker. 

—514 Sarah," m. Kenney, and moved to New York 


—515 Lucy," m. Everett. 

+516 Asa,^ b. Sept. 1, 1787. 

—517 Lucettia,^ m. Webber, lived and died in Cav- 

229. Jonathan Stratton^ {Ichabod,^ Ichabod," Richard,^ 
Samuel,'' Samuel^) was born in Hardwick, Mass., Apr. 6, 1756. 
He was a soldier in the Revolution in 1779. 


—518 Venlory.^ —520 Tryphena.^ 

—519 Matilda." —521 Lucinda.^ 

52 A Book of Strattons 

—522 Olive." -526 Philada." 

-523 Rebecca.' —527 Hannah." 

—524 Amanda." —528 Jefferson." 

—525 Eunice." 

Information concerning this family is desired. Jefferson is 
said to have had a son who settled in Michigan. 

231, Joel Stratton '^ {Ichabod;' Ichabod* Richard,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel'^) was a soldier in the Revolution at the age of 19, in 
Capt. Tim Page's Co., Col. James Convers's Regt. The com- 
pany arrived at Bennington, Vt., Aug. 17, 1777, the day after 
the battle.* Joel, when the company was discharged, after sev- 
eral months of good service, remained in Vermont. Sept. 25, 
1782, he married Rhoda Beeman, who was born in Kent, Conn., 
and was a daughter of Joseph Beeman''^ {Thomas,- Simon ^). 
He brought his bride on horseback to the log house he had 
previously built for her. In this log house, more than 130 years 
ago, they began housekeeping, with ''one pewter spoon, and one 
pewter basin, as the sole contents of their china closet." It was 
not long before they had a larger house well furnished for that 
time and place, and here they lived to a good old age. This 
farm is still in possession of his descendants, and they are among 
the thrifty, prosperous, well-to-do people of that section. Mrs. 
Stratton died Oct. 15, 1836, and Mr. Stratton eleven years later, 
Jan. 7, 1847. 

Children — Born in Bennington, Vt. 

—529 Daniel," b. July 6, 1783; d. 1802, unm. 

—530 JoeV b. July 9, 1786; d. in Bennington; left several 

+531 Sheldon," b. Sept. 3, 1789 (another record says July 8). 

—532 Rhoda," b. Se{)t. 27, 1791; m. Newman Harrington. 

—533 Susan," b. Mar. 3, 1794; m. Eunice Wellman; d. in 

* His descendants still have a bell which eanio into his possession that 
day. It was taken from one of the cows which were being driven over 
the country by Burgoyne's army to furnish milk for the officers' table. 
He brought it into the village and it was used to assist in the noise-making 
in the celebration of the victory. 

t The compiler has been unable to find the descendants of Joel 
Stratton.' Although he died in his native town, he is said to have lived 
most of his married life in the northern part of the state — perhaps at 
Fairfax, Vt. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 53 

+534 Elhanan,' b. Sept. 17, 1797. 
+535 Joseph B./ b. Mar. 14, 1800. 
+536 Freeman," b. Nov. 12, 1802. 

237. Richard Stratton ^ {John,^ John,* John,^ John,^ Sam- 
uel^) married Hannah Wheat in Watertown, Mass., Sept. 19, 
1785.* Soon after his marriage he went to Swanzey, N. H., 
where he bought hind in 1789, in 1796 and 1799, and became quite 
a prominent man. In 1788 his wife died and Nov. 13, 1794, he 
married Desire Norton of Swanzey, He was a dyer and dresser 
of cloth and carried on an extensive business. He died Mar. 9, 
1827, and his two sons, John and Richard, Jr., succeeded him in 
owning and operating large cotton and woollen mills in Swanzey. 
In 1866, the "Stratton Mill Co." was formed. In the old ceme- 
tery at Swanzey is a gravestone with this inscription: 

Mr. Richard Stratton 

Died March 9, 1827 
aged 61 years 
Death is a debt to nature due 
Which I have paid and so must you. 

His homestead in West Swanzey, long known as the "Old 
Mansion" and still called the Stratton Place' was built about the 
time of his marriage. It is one of the fine old historic places of 
the town, though it has been considerably remodeled, first by his 
son John Stratton, and then by George E. Whitcome, the present 

Children: — Born in Swanzey, N. H. 
By first marriage. 

—537 Hannah,^ b. Dec. 3, 1786; m. Tilly Marvin. 

+538 John," b. Apr. 2, 1788. 
By second marriage. 

* He was baptised "Richard Coolidge," but seems never to have used 
the middle name. Mr. Benjamin Read, the historian of Swanzey, makes 
him a son of Nathaniel Stratton. Mr. Read got his information from 
the older Swanzey Strattons, and they gave it from memory. The error 
probably arose from the fact that Richard, while a young man, received 
a legacy from his maternal grandfather, Nathaniel Coolidge, and so the 
name Nathaniel was remembered by his descendants, who came to be- 
lieve that it was his father's name. An "intention of marringo" of Richard 
Stratton of Swanzey and Polly Eustis was "published" in Newton, Mass., 
Oct. 2, 1790. Two years later she married Oliver Fuller of Newton. 

64 A Book of Strattons 

—539 Lucy," b. Nov. 23, 1795; m. 1st, Abijah Whitcome; 

2nd, Seth Belding. 
+540 Richard,' b. Nov. 10, 1798. 

246. Abijah Stratton ^ (Abijah,^ Jabez,* John,^ John,^ Sam- 
uel^} married Sarah Kendall, July 3, 1773, and lived in Natick, 
where he inherited a part of his father's estate, including the 
homestead. He was a Revolutionary' soldier from 1776 to 1780; 
first as sergeant, then lieutenant, then captain. His will, made 
Feb. 28, 1825, was proved June 29, 1830. He died May 1, 1830. 

Children: — Born in Natick, Mass. 

-f541 Abijah," b. May 25, 1775. 

—542 Mary,'^ b. May 2, 1778; m. Jonas Greenwood, May 17, 

-543 Sarah," b. May 21, 1780; d. before 1806; unm. 
—544 Elizabeth," b. Mar. 13, 1783; m. Ezra Morse of Sher- 

born, Apr. 2, 1806. 

It is possible there were other children, but the author has 
found no record of them. 

247. Daniel Stratton ^ {Abijah,^ Jabez,* John,^ John,^ Sam-^ 
uel ^) marched from Natick with Capt. Morse's Co. on the alarm 
on the morning of Apr. 19, 1775, and later was at Horse Neck, 
under command of Col. Brooks. He married, first, Susannah 
Morse, May 9, 1773. In 1774 he sold his part of his father's 
estate to his brother Abijah for £78-16-8, and bought land in 
Sherborn. He married, second, Sarah Bullard, who survived him. 
There is a monument to his memory in South Natick cemetery. 

Children: — Born in Sherborn, Mass. 

+545 Jonathan," b. Nov. 28, 1773. 

—546 Hannah," b. Feb. 28, 1776. 

-547 Rebecca,^ b. Dec. 1, 1777. 

—548 Abigail," b. Aug. 13, 1780. 

—549 Daniel," b. Nov. 22, 1783.* What became of him? 

+550 John.'^ 

—551 Martha.'^ 

+552 William.'^ 

—553 Eliza," m. Hobson. 

—554 Susan," m. Steele. 

The five older children, at least, were by the first marriage. 

* The writer has been jiiven some family records of a Daniel Stratton 
who was in the Mexican War and who m., first, Zelpha Phippen and had 

Samuel Str.\tton of Watertown 55 

250. Nathan Stratton ^ {Nathan,^ Jahez* John,^ John,- 
Sainuel^) married Sarah Stratton, Oct. 27, 1784 (No. 277), 
daughter of Smnuel and Beulah {Parker} Stratton, Their de- 
scendants understand that they were second cousins. They lived 
in Sherborn for nearly thirty years, then in Ringe, N. H., for 
six years, and in 1821 moved to Leominister, where Mr. Stratton 
died May 2, 1842, and Mrs. Stratton Oct. 28, 1852. 

Children: — Born in Sherborn, Mass. 

—555 Ruth," b. Nov. 12, 1784; m. Joseph Coggins, Dec. 19, 
1802; lived in Holliston. 

—556 Amelia,^ b. Mar. 13, 1787; m. Luther Guy. 

—557 Mary," b. Feb. 12, 1789; m. Lawson Walker; d. Aug. 
28, 1835. 

—558 Joannah," b. Aug. 5, 1791 ; d. in infancy. 

—559 Ephraim," b. Nov. 27, 1793; d. in childhood. 

-560 Jabez," b. Nov. 12, 1896; m. Sarah Devoll; d. Oct. 30, 
1858. No issue. 

+561 John," b. May 17, 1798. 

—562 Sarah,^ b. Dec. 2, 1800; m. Lawson Walker (his second 
wife) . 

—563 Almira," b. Mar. 13, 1804; m. Sawin; d. 1842. 

+564 Albert,^ b. Apr. 4, 1807. 

253. Ebenezer Str.\tton ^ {Elias,^ Jabez,^ Jolin,^ John,- Sam- 
uel ^) was a soldier in the Revolution. Wounded at the battle of 
White Plains; enlisted at the age of sixteen, substituting for his 
father; was in Capt. Oliver's Co., Col. Grout's Regt. He was a 
farmer of Athol. He married, first, Abigail Hill in Sherborn, 
June 5, 1788. She died July 30, 1801, aged 31 years. He mar- 
ried, second, Hannah Wilder of Sterling, Mar. 19, 1802. She 
died in Athol Dec. 30, 1850. Mr. Stratton died Sept. 14, 1835. 

a son Daniel b. Feb. 14, ISIO, in Surry, N. H., who m. Elizabeth Childs 
in 1S40. Children, born at Westminster, Vt.: 
James W., m. Phoebe Bemis; res.. Walpole, N. H. 
Charles Henry, m. Lucy M. Phillips; res., West Townshead, Vt. Chil- 

Flora E., m. Orin B. Burnap. 

Hugh Ernest. 

Henry Clay. Children: 

Ralph Harland. Esther Evelyn. 

Aubrey Edward. Charles Henry. 

Florence Isabella. Maynard Nelson. 

Perhaps some reader can give more complete records. 

56 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
+565 Walter," b. Oct. 20, 1788. 
—566 Clarissa,' b. Aug. 4, 1790; m. Abel Stevens, May 8, 

—567 Mary," b. 1792; m. Wm. Meacham. 
—568 Abigail," b. 1794; m. Josephus Bardwell, Feb. 25, 1816. 
-569 Abijah," b. May 20, 1797; d. in Athol, Aug. 1, 1830; 

By second marriage. 
-570 Wilder," b. Apr. 3, 1803 ; d. Oct. 3, 1806. 
+571 Ebenezer," b. June 6, 1806. 
—572 Ann," b. Jan. 10, 1808; m. in Barre, Mason Ams- 

worth, Mar. 12, 1836. 
—573 Hannah," b. Apr. 21, 1813; m. Reuben Stratton. 
+5:4 Wilder," b. June 17, 1815.* 

254. Elias Stratton *^ [Elias,^ Jabez,* John,^ John,- Samuel ^) 
lived and died in Athol. He married. May 23, 1786, Caroline 
Richardson, daughter of Samuel Richardson. She died in Athol 
Feb. 21, 1829, aged 71 years. His will, recorded in Worcester, 
dated June 12, 1830, names his five sons, of whom Elisha and 
Samuel were administrators. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 
+575 Elisha," b. Aug. 3, 1789. 
+576 Samuel," b. Aug. 30, 1790. 

—577 Asa," b. Oct. 29, 1792; m. in Petersham, 1821, Eliza- 
beth Rogers; no children. 
—578 Harris," b. May 25, 1795; went South; m. in Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. He and his wife were both teachers in 
Claiborne Academy, Ala. Did they leave children? 
—579 Lydia," m. Hubbard Taft. 

—580 Daniel," b. Jan. 10, 1799; a shoemaker; lived in Wen- 
dall; d. leaving no children; per. m. Eunice Oliver 
in Pellam May 1, 1828. 

257. Joseph Stratton ^ (Elias,^ Jabez,^ John,^ John,- Sam- 
uel'^) was a farmer at Athol. He married Mary (or Dolly) 
Wheeler in Petersham, May 28, 1793. She died Feb. 25, 1854. 
Mr. Stratton died in Athol April 13, 1834. 

* On the town record of births this name is written "Phenehas Wilder 
Stratton." Neither he nor his family seem to have used the double 
name. By all who knew him he was known as Wilder Stratton. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 57 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

+581 Joel," b. Feb. 14, 1794. 

+582 Jonathan," b. Oct. 5, 1795. 

+583 Joseph, Jr.," b. May 3, 1798. 

-584 Sarah," b. Nov. 14, 1799. 

—585 Jacob," b. July 28, 1804; d. aged 4 days. 

-586 Mary (Dolly ),^ b. Nov. 16, 1807. 

258. Jabez Stratton ^ {Elias,^ Jabez* John,^ John,- Samuel ^) 
married Mary Dudley of Petersham, Mar. 18, 1800. He died 
Oct. 4, 1816. Mrs. Stratton died Oct. 23, 1848, aged 76 years. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

—587 Betsey," b. Dec. 25, 1801 ; m. Benjamin Cook in Athol, 
May 29, 1829. 

-588 Mary," b. Dec. 3, 1803; d. unm. 

—589 Jabez," b. Apr. 7, 1806; m. Electa Littlefield, who d. in 
1849; ch. Charles H.,« d. young. 

-590 Charles," b. Aug. 14, 1808; d. aged 17. 

+591 Lyman,^ b. Nov. 8, 1812. 

265, Moses Stratton ^ {Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'^ Joseph,^ 
John,- Samuel ^) married Elizabeth Hervey, Aug. 4, 1794. They 
lived for awhile at the old homestead in Marlboro, and then 
moved to Hopkinton. He died June 10, 1832. 

Children: — Born in Marlboro. 

-592 Lambert," b. Feb. 28, 1795; d. in Marlboro in 1875. 

-593 Betsey," b. Apr. 12, 1798. 

—594 Lucy," b. May 13, 1801; m. Otis Brigham, July 1, 

-595 Lyman,^ b. Aug. 9, 1803. 

—596 George Washington," b. June 22, 1805. 

-597 Harriet Frink,^ b. Nov. 10, 1809. 

267. Lemuel Stratton ® (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,* Joseph,^ 
John,^ Samuel^) married Phillippa Jackman, June 4, 1804, in 
Bradford, N. H. They spent the last years of their lives in the 
home of their eldest daughter, Mrs. Reed, in Brighton, 111. She 
died in 1857, and he a few years earlier. 

Children: — Born in Bradford, N. H. 

—598 Marianna,^ b. Oct. 14, 1806; m. Wm. Reed; d. in 
Brighton, 111. 

+599 Lemuel Page,' b. Dec. 18, 1808. 

58 A Book of Strattons 

+600 Stephen Jackman/ b. Jan. 16, 1811. 

-601 John Hcrrick," b. Nov. 25, 1813; d. unm. Apr. 26, 1851. 
Congregational minister; grad. Amherst College, 
1840; Andover Theo. Seminary, 1843; pastor at 
Pittston, Me., 1844-5; at Erving, Mass., 1849-51. 

+602 Levi Woodbur>%' b. Apr. 25, 1816. 

—603 Caroline," b. Nov. 6, 1818; m. Elijah Kimball; d. in 
Auburn, N. H. 

-604 Lucy,^ b. Feb. 23, 1821. 

—605 Horace,^ b. Sept. 1, 1823; m. Mrs. Baxter; resided in 
Brighton; left no children; d. abt. 1888. 

-606 Maria,' b. Mar. 23, 1826; d. Aug. 8, 1830. 

268. Samuel Stratton ^ (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,^ 
John^- Sajnuel^) married Lydia Adams of Bradford, and lived 
there until after 1815, then moved to New York state (perhaps 
near Hoosick, N. Y.). 

Children: — Born in Bradford, N. H. 

-607 Nabby,^ b. Feb. 14, 1804. 

-608 Jonathan," b. Feb. 17, 1806. 

-609 Phcebe Andrews," b. Feb. 18, 1808. 

-610 Lydia," b. July 29, 1810. 

-611 Anna," b. Feb. 14, 1814. 

272. WiNSOR Stratton ® (Samuel,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,^ John,- 
Samuel'^) was born in Marlboro, Oct. 27, 1770. His baptism 
on June 23 of the following year is recorded in the church rec- 
ords there. Feb. 22, 1791, he married Anna Wood. She was 
born Nov. 8, 1773, daughter of Peter and Sybil (Howe) Wood. 
They lived in Northboro on a farm at the foot of Rock Hill, and 
this farm was in possession of some member of the Stratton 
family for more than one hundred years. It is quite probable 
that it was a part of the original estate of Joseph Stratton,^ which 
he bought in Marlboro about 1695. The present line between 
Northboro and Marlboro was not fully established until 1807. 
He died Apr. 30, 1837. 

Children: — Born in Northboro, Mass. 

+612 Jonah Brigham,^ b. Mar. 20, 1791. 

-613 Loring," b. 1795; d. Nov. 24, 1798. 

-614 Sarah," b. 1799; d. Nov. 20, 1719. 

-615 Lucy," b. Aug. 29, 1802; d. Aug. 14, 1840. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 59 

-616 JMarina," b. Sept. 23, 1806; d. June 24, 1839; m. Samuel 

Maynard, who m. 2nd, Sally Rice. 
+617 William," b. Jan. 16, 1809. 
—618 Winsor Wood,' b. 1811; d. aged 3 years. 
—619 Levi,' b. 1816; m. Martha Brigham, Apr. 12, 1848; d. 

June 2, 1872; no children. 

276. Elijah Stratton ^ {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ John,- 
Sa7nuel^) married Thankful Rice in Natick, Mar. 15, 1790. He 
was a brickmaker in Natick in 1801.* 

Children: — Born in Natick, Mass. 

—620 Sarah," b. Apr. 10, 1790; d. aged 22 years. 

-621 Samuel," b. Nov. 11, 1791. 

-622 William," b. Oct. 25, 1792. 

-623 Lydia," b. Dec. 10, 1794. 

—624 Elizabeth," b. June 4, 1796; d. in infancy. 

-625 Hulda," b. Feb. 11, 1799. 

-626 Lucy,' b. July 4, 1799. 

-627 Elijah," b. Apr. 27, 1801. 

279, Samuel Str.\tton ^ {Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ John,^ 
Samuel^) was born in Natick Dec. 10, 1767 (or Oct. 16, 1768?). 
Aug. 25, 1797, his father deeded him a piece of land in Natick 
valued at $500. He married, in Needham, Hulda Waite of 
Rockingham, Vt., Mar. 17, 1798. They lived in Natick until 1802 
w^ien they moved to Hancock, Me., where Mr. Stratton died 
in 1806. In 1808 his widow married Richard Clark, and died 
Oct. 22, 1845. 

Children: — Born in Natick, Mass. 

+628 John," b. June 30, 1799. 

—629 David," b. May 13, 1801 ; d. in childhood. 
Born in Hancock, Me. 

+630 Martin," b. Feb. 28, 1804. 

—631 Joseph," b. 1806; perhaps settled in Machias, Me. 

289. Samuel Stratton ^ (Samuel,^ Enoch,* Richard,^ Sam- 
uel,'^ Samuel^) married, first, Eleanor Dickinson, Feb. 1, 1784, 
She was daughter of Nathaniel Dickinson of Berlin. She died 

* Did this family move from Natick not long after ISOl? History 
of Bangor, Me., mentions an Elijah Stratton, Revolutionary Pensioner, 
in Hancock Co., Me., in 1832. 

60 A Book of Strattons 

Dec. 1, 178-i, aged 24 years. He married, second, Mary Hol- 
lister, July 13, 1786. She was a daughter of Elijah Hollister. 
She died May 9, 18-40, aged 75 years. 
Children: — Born in Glastonbury, Conn. 

By first marriage. 
-632 Jabez," b. Nov. 13, 1784. 

By second marriage. 
—633 INIehitable," b. May 1, 1787; m. Ezra Dayton; d. at 

the age of 104 years. 
—634 Mary," b. Mar. 1, 1791; m. James Cogswell. 
—635 Parnelia," b. Feb. 11, 1793; m. Ashbel Woodbridge. 
—636 Rebecca,^ b. Jan. 5, 1795; d. aged 2 years. ) ., - „ . , 
-637 Electa," b. Feb. 4, 1799; m. Hames Haskell. 
-638 Dolly," b. Sept. 13, 1800; m. Alva Morgan of Salem, 

Mar. 3, 1822. 
—639 Clarissa," b. Sept. 24, 1802; m. Joseph Stevens, Jan. 

15, 1826. 
—640 Betsey Ann," b. Aug. 20, 1804; d. in infancy. 
—641 Eliza Ann,^ b. July 5, 1806; m. Coddington Smith. 

293, William Stratton ^ {Samuel,^ Enoch* Samuel,^ Rich- 
ard,- Samuel^) was a farmer in Glastonbury. He married Ruth 
Goodrich June 1, 1788. She was daughter of Capt. Jeremiah and 
Hepzibah {Edwards) Goodrich of Chatham. He died very sud- 
denly at home of his sister, Mrs. Hubbard, aged 44 years. When 
his father, who was 82 years old and very frail, was told of his 
death, he said, "Have William brought home, and I will be 
buried with him." He died the next morning, and father and 
son were buried together in the old South Cemetery at Glaston- 
bury. His widow, Ruth, married Noah Goodrich, son of Ephriam 
Goodrich, and lived in Oswego, N. Y. 
Children: — Born in Glastonbury, Conn. 
-642 Annie," b. Apr. 29, 1789; m. Ira Hubbard. 
—643 Emily," b. Apr. 24, 1791; m. Disha Kellogg, son of 

Ephraim and Hannah Kellogg, Feb. 7, 1811. 
+644 Isaac G.," b. Mar. 5, 1793. > . 

—645 Daniel," b. Nov. 6, 1795; d. in infancy. ..'^ \^ 

—646 Ruth," b. June 25, 1797; m. Abner Goodrich. . ,'^'"' 
+647 William," b. Aug. 9, 1799. "•' 

—648 George," b. June 28, 1802; m. Woodhull, and lived 

for awhile at Hornsdale, Pa.; chn. Cornelia,® Sarah,^ 
Julia,® Frederick George.® 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 


298. Benjamin Stratton '^ {Benjamin,' Jabez,^ Samuel,'' 
Richard,' Samuel') was a Revolutionary soldier. He marched 
from Brookline at the alarm Apr. 19, 1775, in Capt. Thomas 
White's Co. Militia, Col. William Heath's Regt.; service 23 days. 
Also enlisted Jan. 21, 1776, in Capt. Hopestill Hall's Co., Col. 
Lem Robinson's Regt. In June of the same year he served three 
days at Nantasket, "driving ships from Boston harbor." He 
married Sept. 9, 1781 (pub) Sarah Fillibrown, daughter of Ed- 
ward and Susanna Fillibroivn, of Boston. They lived m Brook- 
line until Feb., 1784, when they moved to Fairlee, Vt., where 
he bought a farm on the banks of the Connecticut, which is still 
owned by his descendants. 

Children: — Born in Brookline, Mass. 

-649 Sarah," bapt. Nov. 10, 1782; d. unm. in Fairlee in 1833. 

-650 Susanna,' bapt. June 16, 1785; d. unm. in Orford, N. H., 
in 1847. 
Born in Fairlee, Vt. 

—651 Nancy,' b. 1787; m. Steven Palmer. 

-652 Louisa,' b. 1789; m. Robert Churchill. 

-653 John," b. 1792; d. in Fairlee in 1815; unm. 

+654 Thomas," b. 1794. 

-655 Abigail," b. 1796; m. William Howard; d. Orford, N. 
H., 1836. 

299. John Stratton ' {Benjamin,' Jabez,* Samuel,^ Richard,'' 
Samuel ') lived in Brookline and Boston until he was about thirty 
years old and then went to Hollowell, Me. There he married, 
Mar. 15, 1796, Theresa Gilman. In the same year. Mar. 21, he 
was transferred from the north parish to the south parish of 
Hollowell, and made one of the town officers. June 1, 1797, he 
was appointed one of the jurors of the Supreme Judicial Court. 
He was the first secretary of the Kennebec Masonic Lodge. 
Theresa, born Oct. 11, 1776, was daughter of Elephalet and 
Joanna {Longe) Gilman, who came to Hollowell in 1785 from 
Exeter. Elephalet was son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Gilman, 
and Joanna was daughter of John and Anna Longe, all of Exeter. 
Theresa, wife of John Stratton, died Apr. 27, 1802, aged 36 
year'' A gravestone stands to her memory in the cemetery at 
Hollowell on the Gilmore lot. John died Sept. 19 of the same 
year aged 35 years. The Boston papers published his death. He 
died'in Hollowell. Benjamin Stratton, Sr., of Fairlee, Vt., was 
appointed his administrator, but wrote a note to the Judge of 

62 A Book of Strattons 

Probate asking that his son Benjamin, Jr., might be appointed in 
his stead, as it was not convenient for him to come to Hollowell. 
Benjamin Stratton, Jr., was then appointed. 

Children: — Born in Hollowell, Me. 

—656 Pamelia," 1). 1797; m. Paul Stickney, son of Thomas 
Stickney; d. in Hollowell May 6, 1826 (gravestone). 

—657 William,' b. abt. 1799. 

+658 John," b. 1800. 

William (No. 657) is mentioned in the administration of his 
father's estate. The author has found no other mention of him. 
He probably died in childhood. 

302. J.\BEZ Stratton 6 (Jabez,' Jahez," Samuel,^ Samuel,- 
Samuel^) married Lydia Knight in Worcester, Mass., in 1797, 
who died while her children were young. He lived in West- 
moreland, Vt., for a while, and then in Bethlehem, N. H. 
Children: — Born in Bethlehem, N. H. 
—659 Harmon,' m. Elvira Beard; d. in Pittsfield, Vt., abt. 

—660 Anna," m. Samuel Fitzgerald. 
-661 Lois,' b. Dec. 11, 1805; m. Charles W. Smith; res. 

Burke, Vt. 
+662 Josiah," b. Dec. 3, 1807. 

—663 Austin," m. Spaulding, and lived in Ticonderoga, 

N. Y. 
—664 Jonas,' lived in Ohio. 

303. Samuel Stratton « iJahez,^ Jahez," Samuel,^ Richard,- 
Samiiel^) was born July 6, 1765. He was a Revolutionary sol- 
dier in IJ^l, enlisting from Greenwich, where he is described as 
being ''16 years old, 5 feet 1 in., light complexion." He married 
Beulah Jones, daughter of Joseph Jones. She died in 1803, aged 
35 years. He then married Tibatha (Simmons?) who lived to 
the age of 88 years, dying in 1857. He moved from Greenwich 
about 1800 to Pawlet, Vt., where he was a farmer, and where 
he died about 1823. 

Children: — Born in Pawlet, Vt. 

—665 Roxana.'^ m. Hiram Weeks. 

+666 Issacher.'^ 

—667 Samuel." 

—668 Seth ' went West from Vermont while a young man 
and was lost track of by the family. 

^.^ i^t 



The Charles Eivei: Xear Watertowx 
Pages 182-186. Vol. I. 

View i.\ '"Stratton Park,"' Colokauu's 
Page 335. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 63 

—669 Curena,^ ra. Roswell Chapin. 

—670 Ursula,' m. Wm. Gibbs ; lived in Marion, N. Y. 

—671 Ellathier,^ m. Beulah Chapin, and moved to York 

—672 Charles,' lived in Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

These names may not be in the correct order, 

306. James Stratton ' {Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, first, Abigail Phelps of Rut- 
land, Nov. 13, 1791; married, second, Mary Ann Hewett. He 
conducted a grocery and produce store in Genoa, N. Y., for sev- 
eral years, then moved to Holden, Mass., where he spent most 
of his life. He had much trade with the Indians and was a ever 
popular man with them, who called him the "big white chief." 
He often visited them in their homes. He died in Holden Oct. 2, 

Children: — Born in Holden, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
-673 Abigail,^ b. Sept. 13, 1792. 
+674 Simon Phelps,« b. May 6, 1794. 
-675 Mary,s b. Dec. 12, 1795. 
-676 Maria,« b. Sept. 10, 1806. 
—677 Samuel Austin,^ b. May 7, 1809. 
By second marriage. 
Born in Stockbridge, Mass. 
-678 Frances Permelia,« b. Oct. 18, 1816; m. 1st, Sam'l 
Adams, 1835, who lost his life in a steamboat acci- 
dent near Paducah, Ky., in 1849; m. 2nd, Jacob Far- 
v^eW, who d. in 1867. She d. at the house of her son, 
John Adams, in Waltham, Dec. 24, 1908. 
4-679 James M.« 

307. Paul Stratton ^ (Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel ^) married Mary Broad, daughter of Josiah 
Broad, in Holden, Feb. 10, 1794.* They moved to Berlin, Vt., 
where they remained for two or three years, then returned to 
Massachusetts. About 1801 they settled in Albion, Me., where 
they bought a farm. He died in 1815, aged 46 years. 

* Josiah Broad moved with his family from Holden, Mass., to Winslow, 
Me., making the trip of more than two hundred miles with an ox team. 

64 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Berlin, Vt* 
+680 Austin,^ b. June 3, 1795. 
+681 Paul,« Oct. 30, 1796. 

Bor7i in Holden, Mass. 
-682 Mary,« b. Oct. 25, 1798. 
-683 Eunice,^ b. 1800. 

Bom in Albion, Me. 
—684 Lucinda,^ b. 1802; m. James Parks. 
+685 Frink,« b. Oct. 26, 1804. 
—686 Aurelia,* b. 1806. 
-687 Sarah,8 b. 1809. 

308. Israel Stratton ^ {Joseph,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, first, Tabithia Maynard of 
Rutland, Nov. 5, 1793. Married, second, Lucy Bryant, who died 
in Holden, May 12, 1856, aged 64 years. He died, Apr. 17, 1862. 
Children: — Born in Holden, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
—688 Hezekiah Moore,« b. July 25, 1794. 
—689 Josiah,« b. May 27, 1797. 
—690 Tabithia,^ b. Sept. 25, 1800; m. Martin Mayhew, Nov. 

11, 1821. 
—691 Mary Wales,« b. Jan. 25, 1805; m. John P. Earle of 

Liechester, Apr. 13, 1824, 
—692 Elizabeth Jackson,^ b. May 18, 1807; m. W. J. Barnes 

of R. I., Dec. 22, 1831. 
-693 Daniel,^ b. Sept. 29, 1809. 

By second marriage. 
—694 William,^ b. Dec. 28, 1817; d. in Holden, aged 28 years. 
+695 Harvey ,« b. Feb. 1, 1820; m. Louisa J. Bryant in Hol- 
den, Jan. 1, 1849. 
-696 Lucy ,8 b. Oct. 4, 1824; m. John Davis. 
In Israel Stratton's will he names only his wife Lucy, sons 
Daniel and Harvey, and his three daughters Tabithia, Elizabeth 
and Lucy. 

310. John Hubb.\rd Stratton ^ {Joseph,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Sarah Baxter in Rutland, 
June 21, 1804. She was daughter of Moses and Mary {Moore) 
Baxter of Sudbury, and was born Sept. 23, 1776. They lived in 

* The town books at Holden pivc the births of the two older children, 
but state that they were born at Berlin, Vt. 

Samuel Strattox of Watertown 65 

Sterling, Mass., where their old home was standing until a few 
years ago, when it was torn down. 
Children: — Born in Sterling, Mass. 
—697 Chloe,» b. June 30, 1806; d. unm. in Manchester, Vt, 

in 1885. 
—698 Sarah,^ b. 1808; m. Levi Bradford; lived in Vermont. 
-699 John Hubbard,^ b. Mar. 27, 1810; d. unm. in West 

Boylston in 1858. 
-700 Samuel Hubbard,* b. July 14, 1812; d. in 1813. 
—701 Samuel Hubbard,^ b. Mar. 6, 1814; d. unm. in West 

Boylston in 1847. 
+702 Josiah Baxter,^ b. July 29, 1816. 
-703 Ann Paige,^ b. 1819; m. 1st, Mervin W. Chase, 1839; 

m. 2nd, Charles Gates in 1862; res. Worcester, 

—704 Harriet Robbins,^ b. 1822; d. unm. in 1859 in West 


312. Frink Stratton ^ {Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Elizabeth Niles, daughter of 
Ebenezer Niles, Nov. 25, 1802. She was bom in Braintree, Jan. 
14, 1781. They lived in Boston, where Mr. Stratton died June 
1, 1842, and Mrs. Stratton, Aug. 6, 1867. Both are buried in 
Mt. Auburn. 

Children: — Born in Boston, Mass. 

+705 William rrink,^ b. Aug. 22, 1803. 

+706 Ebenezer Niles,-' b. Jan. 22, 1805. 

-707 Elizabeth Hunt,« b. Feb. 24, 1807; m. Daniel Burrill, 
Jr. (his third wife) , May 22, 1850. 

-708 Charles Davis,« b. July, 1812; d. June 20, 1812. 

—709 Mary Davis,^ b. July, 1812; m. John Quincy Adams 

—710 Henrietta,^ b. Jan. 3, 1815; d. aged 10 mos. 

316. Daniel Stratton ' (Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Jane Stickney, Feb. 16, 1800, 
in New Ipswich, N. H. She was daughter of Joseph and Anna 
(Sloss) Stickney and a descendant of William Stickney, who 
came from England to Rowley, Mass., about 1637. About seven 
years later he moved to Vermont, where he bought a farm about 
one mile from Newfane. His house, built about 1810, is still 
standing in very good repair. It was sold by his children in 
1871. He died, Oct. 11, 1853. 

66 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in New Ipswich, N. H. 

—711 Anna,« b. 1801; m. Kelsey. 

—712 Sarah,« b. 1803; m. John Goodrow. 
+713 Asa,« b. Jan. 29, 1805. 

Born in Newfane, Vt. 
—714 Eliza Ann,« b. 1807; m. Elijah Bartlett; d. in Cali- 
+715 Joseph Stickney,^ b. Sept. 12, 1812. 
—716 Jane,« b. Mar., 1810; d. unm., Feb. 8, 1839. 
+717 Daniel 0.,« b. Nov. 22, 1815. 
—718 Lydia L.,^ b. June 19, 1819; m. Plimpton Morse. 

317. John Stratton ^ {Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) was born in New Ipswich, N. H., Mar. 
28, 1775. As a boy he was apprenticed to a dyer and clothier 
and learned the trade, but later became a wheelwright.* He was 
Captain of a company of Militia and the sword he wore on 
"training day" is still preserved. While a young man he emi- 
grated to New York state. About 1808 he married Charlotte 
Frink, then of Pittsfield, N. Y., but of a New England family. 
She was a daughter of William and Mary (Pendleton) Frink 
of Lebanon, Conn.j She was born Apr. 22, 1788. After their 
marriage they lived for awhile at Binghamton, where he built a 
mill — one of the first in that section. The settlers brought their 
grain for twenty miles around to "Stratton's Mill." About 1813 
he settled in Oxford, N. Y., building a mill and house about one 
mile south of the present town of Oxford. The remains of the 

* Though he never worked at the Clothiers' trade, his knowledge of 
it stood him in good stead. In the early days at Oxford. Mrs. Stratton 
spun and wove the cloth for her large family. In coloring the wool her 
husband was a great h(>lp. and his receipts for coloring were kept among 
his valuable papers. Her flax and wool wheels are still among the treas- 
ures at the old homestead. 

t Mary Pendleton was a daughter of Benajah Pendleton and a grand- 
daughter of Caleb Pendleton, Jr. The Pendletons came from Connecti- 
cut to New York State. 

This Stratton-Frink marriage was probably recorded at Pittsfield, a 
little village near New Berlin, N. Y. The records of that village were 
burned years ago. A granddaughter still well remembers seeing the 
marriage record in the old familj' Bible, in John Stratton's handwriting, 
and that the name was there spelled "Charlotty Frink." The Bible is 
still treasured, containing the records of birth of John Stratton, his wife 
and all his children, but the leaf which contained the marriage record 
is lost. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 67 

old overshot mill wheel may still be seen there.* The house has 
passed away, only the old chimney remaining to mark its loca- 
tion. He also bought a farm five miles south of Oxford, which 
is still owned and occupied by his descendants. On this farm 
he spent the remainder of his life. He was one of the Commis- 
sioners in the bridge scheme in 1823.t His sons, as they mar- 
ried, settled on the home farm, or on farms near by, and were 
among the leading agriculturists of Chenango Co., as are some of 
his grandsons to-day. He died Jan. 28, 1842. Mrs. Stratton 
died Mar. 27, 1875. 

Children: — Born in Binghamton, N. Y. 
+719 Albert Galtin,^ b. Nov. 17, 1809. 
+720 John,« b. Mar. 2, 1812. 
Born in South Oxford. 
+721 Ira,« b. Jan. 29, 1815. 
+722 William rrink,^ b. Jan. 27, 1817. 
-723 Charlotte Ambrosia,^ b. Feb. 26, 1819; m. Derrick W. 
Ten Broeck, Jan. 11, 1838; her death in Oxford, 
Sept. 7, 1910, closed a life of singular beauty and 
she is held in loving memory by a large circle of 
friends and relatives. 
—724 Mary ,8 b. May 26, 1821; m. Clark Lewis, Jr.,t Oct. 

* At this mill, operated for many years by him and his sons, most of 
the building material used in the lower part of the town of Oxford was 
sawn by the "up-and-down saw" of that period. An old account book of 
John Stratton's, still in existence, shows bills of lumber (expressed in 
£ s. d.) for the years 1811 and 1812, and names many of the old settlers as 
his customers. 

Some records have it that he came first to Oxford, then went to 
Binghamton about 1809, and returned to Oxford about 1813. Later he 
built many mill wheels in that section, often being away from home work- 
ing at this trade. As his sons, John and George, became old enough to 
help they went with him and so became wheelwrights, learning the trade 
of their father. 

t The inhabitants of the surrounding towns were invited to a "River 
Bridge Bee" to help in drawmg stone and building the bridge across the 
Chenango River at Oxford. "The day was stormy, Friday, Feb. 28, 1823, 
but men and teams came from far and near, and each one who assisted 
in the work was given a ticket marked "Barbecue." Potatoes, bread 
and beef in large quantities were provided." This was an early "good 
roads" movement! 

t Clark Lewis, Sr., of Exeter, R. I., was son of Samuel Lewis, Revolu- 
tionary soldier in 1778-9 (see records in office of Sec. of State, Provi- 
dence), and grandson of George Lewis, whose father, George Lewis, Sr., 
came from England to Hopkinton, R. I., in 1630. 

68 A Book of Strattons 

22, 1839; d. Nov. 21, 1873, at Oxford; a woman of 
beautiful character, a true wife, a loving and be- 
loved mother. 

+725 George,^ b. Sept. 26, 1823. 

+726 Ebenezer Ross,« b. Dec. 4, 1825. 

-727 Sarah Ann,^ b. Sept. 26, 1828; d. unm., Dec. 24, 1859. 

-728 Caroline Eunice,^ b. Oct. 29, 1831 ; d. May 6, 1832. 

322. William Stratton " {Daniel,'^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Safnuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^} was a wheelwright. He went from 
New Ipswich, N. H., to New York state. Jan. 10, 1815, he 
married Esther Rood, at Plainfield, and settled near Winfield, 
Herkermer Co., N. Y. 

Children: — Born in Plainfield, N. Y. 

-729 Eliza,^ b. Oct. 9, 1815; m. Asa Holmes, Oct. 20, 1835; 
d. at West Winfield, July 21, 1882. 

+730 William Warren,^ b. Apr. 21, 1820. 

326. Jeremiah Stratton ' {Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Abigail Spaulding, daugh- 
ter of Jesse Spaulding of Chelmsford. She died in Winchenden, 
Mass., May 10, 1847, aged 49 years, 8 mos. and 3 days. His 
name appears on the tax list in New Ipswich, N. H., from 1815 
to 1827. The family were living in Winchenden from 1835 to 

Children: — Born in New Ipswich, N. H. 

—731 Charlotte S.,« b. in 1822; m. Aaron Winch, May 8, 

1848, in Winchenden, Mass. 
-732 Charles Edwin,« b. June 29, 1823. 
—733 Eldridge,^ visited his uncle in Newfane, Vt., in 1853. 

A letter written by Jeremiah Stratton in 1835 speaks of his 
six children. Later records of this family are much desired. 

327. Samuel Stratton ^ {Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Rebecca Broad, daughter 
of Joseph Broad. He lived in Albion, Maine, and was an influ- 
ential man in his town and much esteemed. 

Children: — Born in Albion, Me. 

— 734 Janc,^ b. 1802; m. William Stratton (No. 338). 

-735 Harriet,^ 1803; m. Israel Owen. 

+736 Wilder,^ b. Apr. 18, 1805. 

—737 Julia,' b. 1806; m. Arna Owen. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 69 

—738 Louisa,^ b. 1809; m. Sinclair, and moved to Min- 

—739 Samuel,^ b. Apr. 19, 1811; m. 1st, Betsey B. Drake; 
2nd, Sarah B. Sibley; children, Eunice A.,^ Louise 
r.,» Lena D.« 

+740 Hezekiah,« b. Dec. 21, 1817. 

—741 Eunice,^ d. in childhood. 

328. William Stratton ^ {Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married at Clinton, Me., in 1809, 
Abigail May Clark, who was born in Roxbury, Mass., July 21, 
1788. They lived at the home farm at Winslow, first in the 
little house built by his father on the banks of the Sebasticook 
(only the cellar walls of this house remain), and in 1810 built 
near by the house that is still owned and occupied by their de- 
scendants. Every stick in the house was hewn out by William 
Stratton and his father. The blinds and clapboards were added 
at a later date. They were well known by their neighbors for 
their honesty and integrity, for their industry and kind neigh- 
borliness. Mr. Stratton died Sept. 26, 1849, and Mrs. Stratton, 
Dec. 27, 1878. 

Children: — Born in Winslow, Maine. 

—742 John Bowman,^ b. Feb. 27, 1810; m. Eunice E. Guptill; 

d. Mar. 7, 1880; no children. 
—743 Eliza,« b. Aug. 26, 1811; d. in infancy. 
—744 William May,« b. Nov. 22, 1812; m. Mary C. Chandler 
in 1839. They had a son and daughter who died in 
infancy, and a daughter, Delia May,^ who m. Ed- 
ward Austin in 1859. 
—745 Jane,« b. June 6, 1815; d. Oct. 2, 1829. 
—746 Sibyl,« b. Dec. 11, 1816; m. Edward Paine in 1848. 
—747 Lois,« b. Nov. 13, 1818; d. unm. in Augusta, Me., 1883. 
748 Charles Clark,« b. Mar. 7, 1820; d. unm. at the home- 
stead, Apr. 4, 1882. 
—749 Mary,» b. June 20, 1822; m. Sidney Howard in 1849. 
—750 Charlotte,^ b. Mar. 11, 1824; m. Joseph H. Lunt, June 

2, 1863. 
—751 George,^ b. Sept. 18, 1826; d. at the homestead in 1849; 

—752 Emily Orissa,^ b. June 11, 1829; m. Joseph H. Lunt, 

Feb. 7, 1861. 
+753 Robert Folger,« b. Mar. 22, 1831. 

70 A Book of Strattons 

333. Ebenezer Stratton ' {Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Prudelia White, Dec. 26, 
1817. He died in 1876 in Newport, Maine. ~ 
Children: — Born in Albion, Me. 
—754 Caroline,** b. June 6, 1819; m. Benjamin R. Lake in 

—755 Emmiline,^ b. Aug. 7, 1821; m. Hosea B. Rackliffe in 

1852; res. Newport, Me. 
—756 Rosaline,^ b. May 21, 1823; m. Rev. Ezekiel T. Fogg, 

—757 Henry B.,« b. Aug. 10, 1825; m. Jennie Barrett, 

1856; lived in Boston; children, Martha,^ Mary P.,' 

Charles,^ True.^ Where are they? 
—758 Eliza,« b. Dec. 12, 1827; m. Isaac C. Beckett in 1865; 

d. 1866. 
—759 Daniel W.,« b, June 1, 1832; m. Ada R. Murphy; d. in 

Albion, May 30, 1872; family moved to Boston; 

children, Cora,^ Caroline,^ Ella.^ 
—760 Isadore,« b. Feb. 25, 1835; m. James C. Drake. 

335. Charles Stratton ^ {Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) went from Maine to Kaskaskia, one 
of the first settlements in Illinois, where he remained until Oct., 
1827, when he moved to Pike Co., 111. "He held several offices, 
civil and military, and was highly respected. His wife, an ac- 
complished Christian lady, was the only daughter of Capt. John 
Beard. After moving to Pike Co., Col. Stratton's house became 
a preaching place on the Atlas circuit, where Cartwright, Akers, 
Hunter and other noted pioneer ministers preached. This re- 
sulted in the prosperous Methodist church at Aker's Chapel, 
where many were converted and from which so many have gone 
forth as ministers and missionaries to bless the world." 


—761 Mary« (?), m. Rev. Edward Troy. 
—762 Lois,^ m. Rev. Wm. J. Rutledge. 

-763 Harriet,^ m., Dec. 17, 1846, Wm. C. Brickley of Brick- 
Icy Mills, Va. 
Were there other children? 

336. James Stratton " {Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sa?7iuel'^) lived and died in Albion, Me. He 
married Rachel Kidder, daughter of John Kidder. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 71 

Children: — Born in Albion, Me. 

+764 James N.,^ b. Mar. 4, 1829. 

—765 Charles,- m. Mary Libby in 1845. He was a minister; 

he died in Burnham in 1887; no children. 
—766 Lois,® m. Samuel Badger; d. in Haverhill. 
—767 Lucetta,* m. Milton Chalmers; d. in Albion. 
—768 Susan,® m. Richard Williams; d. in Killery, Me. 
+769 Frank K.,® b. 1835. 

338. William Stratton " {Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^} married Jane Stratton, daughter of 
Samuel Stratton, who died July 16, 1849. He died Apr. 26, 
1851. Both died in Lawrence, Mass. What became of his chil- 

Children: — Born in Albion, Me. 

—770 Sprage,® m. Catherine Sibley. 

— 771 Lyman.® 

—772 Gilbert.8 

—773 Rebecca.8 

-774 Julia.8 

340. Jonas Stratton ^ {Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) imigrated to Illinois while a young man, 
and settled on a farm in Adams Co. It was a fine farming 
country and he became quite well-to-do. He died Jan. 4, 1888. 
He was a member of the Methodist church. He married four 
times, first, Melinda Hull, who died within the year; second, 
Sophia Baxley in 1832; third, Elizabeth Harvey in 1841; fourth, 
Mrs. Susan J. Elsworth in 1853. 
Children: — Bom in Adams Co., III. 

By second marriage. 
-775 Roxey A.,® b. Sept. 25, 1834; m. William Milner, Apr. 
8, 1853; d. in St. Joseph, Mo., in 1875. 
By third marriage. 
+776 Sipio,® b. Apr. 1, 1843. 
—777 Lois,® b. Mar. 9, 1840; d. aged two years. 
—778 Charles W.,® b. Oct. 8, 1848; a farmer near Tina, Car- 
roll Co., Mo.; m. Mary Wagy. 
—779 Jane S.,® b. Aug. 24, 1851; m. Robert R. Reed in 1871; 
d. New London, Mo., in 1884. 
By fourth marriage. 
—780 George W.,® a photographer near Plainville, 111. 

72 A Book of Strattons 

-781 David Almon,^ b. Dec. 17, 1856; m. Hattie Hughes; 
res. Plainville, 111.; has one daughter, Anna Katha- 

—782 James G.,^ a musician; d. unm. at Lamar, Colo., June, 

—783 Benjamin Franklin,^ m. Joy Cook, Oct. 10, 1889; d. 
Oklahoma City, Sept. 18, 1904; chn. Clifford,^ 
Claude,^ Albert,^ Hazel." 

—784 Frances Daisy ,^ m. Charles Holcomb, 1887; res. Dav- 
enport, Iowa. 

343. Newell Stratton '^ [Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Abigail Dunham, Sept. 20, 
1834, daughter of Ebenezer Dunham. Lived for several years at 
Bangor, Me. Leaving his family at Bangor, he went to Little 
Rock, Ark., where he engaged as a mason and contractor for 
several years, building several large brick houses. In Oct., 1846, 
he settled with his family in Chicago, where he conducted the 
Planters' House and the Sangnask Hotel. He died of cholera Aug. 
23, 1848. His wife died Mar. 21, 1858. 
Children: — Born in Bangor, Maine. 
-785 Helen Ann,« b. Apr. 28, 1838, living in Chicago in 

—786 Abby Newell,^ b. July 29, 1838; m. William T. Scott, 
Sept. 21, 1860, who died Mar. 14, 1898. She died in 
Chicago, Feb. 7, 1907. 

345. Shubael Child Stratton ' (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Betsey Cook of 
New Salem; she died in Crawford Co., Pa. He was a merchant 
in Phillipston and New Salem, and dealt, too, in real estate, hav- 
ing at his death, Aug. 6, 1816, land in New Salem, Phillipston, 
Monmouth and Edington. He lived for a few years at Bangor, 
Me., and did business there, but returned to Phillipston, where 
he died.* 

* Among the many papers on the administration of the Estate of 
Shubael Child Stratton are numerous items of expenses of settlement. 
The following are here given as showing money values at that time: 

Cash paid Post-rider (for letter) $ .12 

Horse hire, 4 times, 12 miles 48 

Expense money 07 

Horse hire, 4 miles 16 

For day's time as commissioners (3 men at 50c. per day) . 1.50 







Samuel Stratton of Watertown 73 

Children: — Born in Phillipston, Mass. 
-787 Catherine,^ b. Oct. 8, 1796; d. July 10, 1800. 
—788 Louisa," b. Oct. 22, 1798; m. Wisnell Humphrey, son 
of Rev. Jas. Humphrey; d. in 1830. 
Born in Bangor, Me. 
4-789 Franklin,^ b. July 30, 1801. 
+790 Ira,« b. Jan. 6, 1804. 
+791 Henry ,« b. Oct. 28, 1807. 
+792 George," b. June 16, 1809. 
+793 James, C," b. Apr. 26, 1812. 
+794 Shubael Child," b. Oct. 28, 1814. 

347. Braddyll Stratton ' (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Hannah Coolidge Harring- 
ton of Lincoln, Dec. 28, 1797. She was a daughter of Capt. Dan- 
iel Harrington, a Revolutionary soldier at Lexington. She died 
in Phillipston, Apr. 18, 1800, aged 26 years. Mr. Stratton died 
Apr. 18, 1826. 

Children: — Born in Phillipston, Mass. 

+795 Daniel Harrington," b. Feb. 23, 1799. 

+796 William Coolidge," b. Mar. 23, 1800. 

These two boys after the early death of their mother, were 
brought up by their grandparents — one in Lincoln and the other 
in Phillipston. In early manhood they drifted apart and lost 
track of each other. The descendants of each have recently be- 
come known to one another through Vol. 7 of A Book of Strat- 

350. Jonathan Stratton '' (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^ married Betsey Bowker in Phillips- 
ton, Jan. 29, 1806. She died June 15, 1837, aged 53 years. He 
died May 24, 1844. Both are buried in the old graveyard near 
the old Stratton house, one and a half miles from Phillipston on 
the Petersham road.* 

Children: — Born in Phillipston, Mass. 

-797 Harriet Eliza," b. Oct. 3, 1806; m. Apr. 20, 1830, Phen- 
ney Merrill. 

*The Stratton lot in this old burial ground is an oblong enclosure 
with six stone posts, connected by iron rods running through them. In 
it are six Stratton graves: Jonathan Stratton and wife Sarah, Jonathan 
Stratton and wife Betsey, Shubael Child Stratton and Susanna Stratton. 
The latest grave was made more than seventy years ago. 

74 ' A Book of Strattons 

+798 Jonathan Ransom,^ b. Apr. 10, 1808. 

-799 Susan Bryant,^ b. June 19, 1810; d. in Brooklyn, 1893, 

+800 Franklin B.,« b. June 12, 1813. 

—801 Homer,^ b. Feb. 13, 1815; m. Julia Stratton, daughter 
of John Stratton of Swanzy, N. H. (No. 1059). No 

—802 John Bushrod,^ b. July 1, 1817; m. Clara Cotton, May 
7, 1857; d. in Eureka, Nevada, 1879; no issue. 

—803 Hezekiah N.,^ b. July 2, 1822; m. Josephine Curtis 
Prindle in 1862; one of the early dentists of Brook- 
lyn, occupying a prominent position. 

351. Isaac Stratton ^ {Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Lydia Cook. He died in New 
Salem, Apr. 23, 1854. 

Children: — Born in New Salem, Mass. 

—804 Royal Altamont,* m. Martha Stearns; chn.: — Charles 

Cook,'^ d. unm., and Lydia,'^ m. Jabez Trask of New 

—805 Rosana Relief, « b. 1807; killed by lightning, June 1, 

1821, in New Salem. 

352. Nathan Stratton " {Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,'' Samuel^) married Mary Earle of Gerry, June 
26, 1810. She died in 1819, aged 36 years. 

Children: — Born in Phillipston, Mass. 

—806 Mary Alzina,^ b. Nov. 10, 1810; m. Albert Thorpe. 

-807 Charles Dwight,^ b. Aug. 16, 1812. 

—808 Oscar,^ b. Oct. 27, 1814; d. without issue, in Iowa. 

—809 Hezekiah,^ b. May 2, 1818; d. aged 2 years. 

355. Daniel Stratton " (Daniel,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) married Cally Smith in Weston, May 
23, 1800, daughter of Capt. Aaron Smith, a Revolutionary sol- 
dier. She was born in Needham, and died in Bolton, Aug. 24, 
1857. Mr. Stratton died Apr. 14, 1837. He was a prominent 
man and held many town offices. 

Children: — Borii in Harvard, Mass. 

—810 Martha,^ b. 1801; never married. 

+811 Rufus,« b. 1802. 

—812 Mary,« b. 1804; m. Samuel Dudley. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 75 

+813 Lorenzo,^ b. 1806. 

-814 Cynthia, « b. 1808; m. Hills. 

-815 Carolme,^ b. 1810; m. Albert Randall, Aug. 17, 1834. 
-816 Salmda,s b. 1812. 
-817 Harriett,^ b. 1815. 

Born in Marlboro, Mass. 
+818 Daniel,^ b. 1817. 

—819 Lucy Train,^ b. 1819; m. Charles Burgess; d. in Hud- 
son, May 3, 1895. 
-820 George,^ b. 1822; d. aged 4 years. 

359. Josiah Stratton "^ [Daniel,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Sarah Russell, daughter of 
Amos and Betsey Russell, Apr. 19, 1808. She was born in Lex- 
ington, Feb. 20, 1783, and died in Woburn, May 27, 1855. Mr. 
Stratton died June 14, 1865. 

Children: — Born in Woburn. 

-821 Lydia Russell,^ b. Feb. 10, 1810; m. 1st, Albert Rich- 
ardson, Apr. 15, 1832; m. 2nd, Tracy Nichols in 

—822 Sarah,® b. Apr. 25, 1812; d. aged about 1 year. 

+823 Josiah,^ b. Apr. 8, 1817. 

-824 Calvin,® b. May 8, 1824; d. Dec. 16, 1825. 

360. Dana Stratton ^ (Daniel,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel ^) married Sarah Townsand, Feb. 14, 1811, in 
Maiden. He died in Maiden, Nov. 19, 1850. 

Children: — Born in Maiden, Mass. 

—825 Sarah,® b. June 7, 1811; d. aged about 1 year. 

—826 Francis Dana,® b. July 13, 1813; m. Sarah M. Cutler, 

May 31, 1840; chn. Augusta,^ Margaret,'-* Marietta,^ 

-827 Abraham,® b. Aug. 23, 1815; d. Apr. 20, 1816. 
—828 Sarah,® b. June 4, 1817; d. in infancy. 
—829 Charlotte,® b. June 20, 1819; m. Franklin Pierce, Apr. 

28, 1839. 
-830 Charles,® b. Jan. 13, 1822. 

367. Nahum Stratton "^ (Isaac,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, Aug. 13, 1826, Eliza Read, 
daughter of James and Mary Stebbins (Brown) Read of Cam- 
bridge. He went to Richmond, Va., where he and his family 

76 A Book of Str.^ttons 

lived for many years. His wife died there in 1837, and is buried 
in St. John's churchyard. He died in Richmond during the Civil 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Va. 

—831 Mary Eliza,® educated in Boston; m. Dec. 24, 1855, 

John W. Clarke of Louisville, Ky, 
—832 James Lewis,^ in C. S. army; d. in hospital during the 
Civil War. 

369, Henry Str.\tton ^ (Isaac,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel* Samuel,^ 
Sainuel,- Samuel'^) married Sylvia Balcom in Sudbury, May 27, 
1819. He died in Lincoln, Dec. 27, 1874. 
Children: — Born in Weston, Mass. 
—833 Matilda C.,« b. June 30, 1821 ; m. Charles C. P. Harris 

in 1847. 
-834 Charles H.,« b. Aug. 26, 1823; m. Mrs. Annie French; 

d. in Lincoln, Mass.; no children. 
—835 :\Liry Jane,« b. Aug. 27, 1826; m. John S. Adams, 1869; 

res. Lowell, Mass. 
+836 Lewis,® b. Mar. 6, 1830. 
-^837 Francis,® b. Nov. 5, 1834. 

375. Thomas Strattox ' (Elisha,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel/ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Eunice Smith of Waltham, 
Mar. 29. 1812. Their house was close to the line between Weston 
and Waltham. He died Nov. 14, 1857. He owned property in 
Watertown and was taxed there in 1834. 


—838 Thomas Dexter, b. ^Lir. 6, 1813; kept a dry goods and 
general merchandise store for 60 years in Waltham 
near the Weston line; m. Ann Sawtell; d. Jan. 18, 
1898. No children.* 

-839 Abigail, b. Oct. 14, 1819; d. unm. 

376. Charles Strattox ^ (Elisha,'^ Jonathan,* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,- Samuel'^) lived and died in his native town, where he was 
an excellent citizen, and one of the active business men of his 
day. Although he died at the early age of thirty-two, he had 

*A Waltham man writes: "Thomas D. Stratton was a quaint old land- 
mark. His store was a veritable curiosity shop. Anything could be found 
at 'Stratton's.' One day a would-be humorist inquired for a second-hand 
pulpit. 'AH out to-day,' said Stratton, "just sold the last one. Have 
plenty more in to-morrow.' " 

-, ■^-' 




Samuel Stratton of Watertown 77 

already been successful in business, and accumulated a consid- 
erable property. In addition to other business interests, he 
was for several years proprietor of the "Stratton Tavern," in 
Watertown. He married, Oct. 7, 1808, Elizabeth Hobbs, daugh- 
ter of Nathan and Lydia [Child) Hobbs of Weston, and grand- 
daughter of Isaac Child of Waltham. She was born June 8, 1788. 
Mr. Stratton was captain of the Weston and Medford Light 
Infantry, Independent Co., First Brigade, Third Division, Mass. 
Militia. This commission he resigned Apr. 1, 1817.* 

Children: — Born in Watertown, Mass. 

—840 Martha,* b. Dec, 1809; m. Benjamin Dana, May 24, 
1829; d. in Watertown, Apr. 13, 1865. 

—841 Eliza Ann,® b. Aug. 22, 1810; a teacher in Boston; d. 

+842 Charles Edwin,® b. Aug. 12, 1813. 

—843 Frances Maria,^ b. May 1, 1817; m. Samuel Learnard, 
May 17, 1840; d. Mar. 23, 1842. 

378. Elisha Stratton ^ {Elisha,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,' Samuel^) married Hannah Bond.* For many 
years he kept the "Stratton Tavern" in Watertown, then moved 
to Lowell, where he was a shopkeeper and where he died, a 
widower, Feb. 7, 1854. He is buried in Watertown.f 


—844 Elisha Torry.® He was 17 years at the time of his 

father's death, "only child and sole heir." What 

became of him? 

379. George Stratton ® (Elisha,^ Jonathan,* Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel^) was a farmer near Weston. In 1825 he married 
Priscella Hurd, daughter of David and Sybil Hurd. She died 
Mar. 22, 1859, aged 60 years. Mr. Stratton died Aug. 29, 1852. 

Children: — Borii in Weston, Mass. 

+845 George Hurd, b. Mar. 22, 1826. 

—846 Adaline, b. June, 1834; m. Josiah Pamenter; d. in 1892. 

* In sending in his resignation he says : "The distance from the com- 
pany under my command is so great that it renders it vciy inconvenient 
for me to perform the duties that are encumbent on the Commander of 
such a company. Also I have had the honor to hold commissions in 
the Militia of Mass. the full term the law requires. With these reasons 
I most respectfully request discharge." 

t Nov. 25, 1815, he owned "Pew No. 2, Broad aisle, in Watertown Meet- 
ing house." 

78 A Book of Strattons 

382. Asa Stratton • [Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Sauiuel \) married in Ashley, Mass., Aug. 4, 1800, Rhoda 
Sanders of Townsend. She died Dee. 17, 1829, and he married, 
second, Aug. 28, 1804, Anna Wilker of Ashburnham, who died 
in Oct., 1840. He died in Ashley, Aug. 15, 1851. He is called 
"Captain Stratton" on Ashburnham records. 

Children: — Born in Ashley, Mass. 

+847 Homer,« b. Dec. 9, 1800. 

—848 Sumner,^ b. Mar. 6, 1804; died in childhood. 

383. JosiAH Stratton ^ (Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Sainuel,^ Samuel'^) lived in Jeffrey, N. H. He married 
Hepsibah Earl, Jan. 26, 1808, daughter of John Earl. She died 
Oct. 10, 1853. Mr. Stratton died in Ringe, N. H., Nov. 30, 1856. 
His will is in the Probate office at Keene. 

Children: — Born in lUndge, N. H. 

—849 John,^ b. Oct. 18, 1808; d., unm., in Boston, July 20, 

+850 Raymond,^ b. Feb. 5, 1811. 
-851 Grata,^ b. May 15, 1814; m. Ephraim W. Lord, June 

4, 1845; res. Westminster, Vt. 
—852 Mary J.,^ b. July 16, 1818; m. Lucius Streeter, Oct. 27, 

+853 Josiah,^ b. June 4, 1821. 
-854 Levi,« b. July 1, 1824. 

386. Ebenezer Str.\tton ^ {Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,*" 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) lived in Rindge until 1857, and then 
moved to Jaffrey. He married, first, Elizabeth Hildreth in 1810; 
second, Sibyl Adams, June 1, 1826, daughter of Israel Adams. 
He died June 5, 1864.* 

Children: — Born in Rindge, N. H. 
By first marriage. 

-855 Seth Hildreth,^ b. Feb. 24, 1811. 

* The author has the following records, but does not know whether they 
are the children of Ebenezer Stratton by his second marriage, or the 
children of his brother, Samuel Stratton. Who knows? 

a. Miranda, b. Jan. 13, 1827; d. Dec. 15, 1842. 

b. William, b. Oct. 28, 1829. 

c. Augusta, b. April 27, 1831; d. Oct. 6, 1873. 

d. Samuel A., b. July 9, 1832; lived in Grafton. 

e. Maria Martha, b. Jan. 23, 1835. 
Further information is desired. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 79 

+856 Stillman,^ b. Feb. 17, 1814. 
+857 George,^ b. Mar. 31, 1818. 
—858 Amos,® d. unm. 

390. Samuel Stratton ^ (David,^ Samuel,^ Samuel* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel^) married, first, Sarah Gilman, and second, 
Abigail Fife. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. He lived 
and died in Jaffrey. 

Children: — Borri in Jaffrey, N. H. 

—859 George Washington ,« b. 1824. 

—860 Samuel Augustus,^ b. 1826. 

-861 Sarah Ann,« b. 1827. 

-862 Mary ,8 b. 1829. 

-863 Martha W.,« b. 1832. 

—864 Julias,® twin, 1839. 

—865 Julia,® twin, 1839. 

391. Isaac Stratton " {David,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Elizabeth Bailey, daughter of Isaac 
Bailey. She died in 1873 and he in 1877. They lived and died 
in Jaffrey. 

Children: — Born in Jaffrey, N. H. 

—866 Jonathan Wheelock,® b. Mar. 3, 1814; m. Edna J. Par- 
ker ; no children. 

—807 Mary Elizabeth,® b. May 25, 1816; m. Wm. Stevens 
in 1856. 

—868 Elvira,® b. Aug. 8, 1818; m. Dea. Richard Spaulding, 

-869 Charles,® b. Aug. 3, 1821. 

-870 Lucinda,® b. Aug. 14, 1823; m. Benjamin Pierce, 1846; 
d. June 17, 1888. 

—871 James Bailey,® b. Apr. 14, 1828; drowned in the Yuba 
River, California, Jan. 4, 1853; unm. 

395. John Stratton "^ {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel'^) lived in Princeton; married Agnes Manford 
in 1823; died Aug. 11, 1870. 

Children: — Born in Princeton, Mass. 

+872 Samuel,® b. 1824. 

+873 Moses B.,® b. 1826. 

+874 Danforth D.,® b. 1828. 

80 A Book of Strattons 

403. Samuel Stratton ^ {Sa7nuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was a blacksmith by trade, and lived in 
Holdcn, where he owned considerable real estate. He married 
Hannah Hubbard. She was a daughter of Joseph and Milla 
Hubbard. She died in Holden, Nov. 2, 1868, aged 72 years. He 
went to Indiana, leaving his family in Holden, and died there 
Mar. 5, 1881. 

Children: — Born in Holden, Mass. 

—875 Alphonso,^ b. June 22, 1825; m. Perris Wyman; their 
only child, Henry Alphonso,^ d. in infancy. 

—876 Frederick Augustus,^ b. May 23, 1825; m. Harriet 
Tenny; only child, Mary,^ d. aged 21 years. 

-877 Martha Jane,« b. May 15, 1827; d. aged 29 years. 

—878 Julian,^ b. Sept. 20, 1829; res. Worcester. 

—879 Elizabeth,^ b. Mar. 24, 1832; m. Jasper Howe of Chil- 
ton, June 5, 1858. 

—880 Mary Chenery,* b. May 14, 1834; d. aged 12 years. 

-881 Hannah Maria,* b. Oct. 24, 1836; m. Abner Perry 
Greenwood, Feb. 11, 1859. 

-882 Eleanor,* b. 1839; d. 1857. 

409. Alpheus Stratton ^ (Alpheus,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) married, Dec. 16, 1815, Sarah Ellis, 
daughter of James and Sarah (Stone) Ellis of Princeton.* She 
was born Mar. 10, 1796. They lived in Rutland, Paxton, and 
Holden. IVIr. Stratton died in Worcester, July 10, 1853. They 
were both of Sterling at the time of their marriage. 


—883 William Jefferson,* served in the Civil War. 

—884 Martha Bush,* m. Jacob Jones. 

-f 885 Cyprian Kies.* 

—886 Francis James.* 

+887 Thomas Walter,* b. in Holden, Apr. 11, 1829. 

—888 Hiram Horatio.* 

—889 Willard Snow,* married in Syracuse, N. Y., and went 
west soon after the Civil War and was not again 
heard from by his relations. Information regarding 
him is desired. 

* James Ellis was a man of some wealth in Princeton — a manufacturer 
of door latches. He came from England, "leaving a rich father and uncle 
and discipline, to try his fortune in the new world." 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 81 

—890 Tryphose Emerite,^ m. 1st, Theodore Muzzy; 2nd, 

John L. Bishop; res. Worcester, Mass. 
—891 Sarah Ellis,^ d. in Rutland, aged 2 years, 6 mos. 

410. Cryprian Stratton ^ {Alpheus,^ Samuel,^ Samuel* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^} married, first, Susanna Child. They 
lived in Rutland, where she died, July 4, 1831. He married, 
second, Mary Keep of N. Brookfield, Oct. 1, 1831 (int.). He died 
May 22, 1854. He was a farmer. 

Children: — Born in Rutland, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
-892 Hiram Horatio,^ b. Oct. 3, 1814; d. aged 4 years. 
—893 Lavinia Temple,^ b. Aug. 11, 1820; m. Billings F. Rich- 
ardson, Apr. 8, 1840. 
-894 Mabel Izabel,« b. Oct. 13, 1825. 
—895 Susan Emeline,^ b. July 24, 1831. 

By second marriage. 
—896 Martha Jane,« b. Sept. 9, 1838; ra. Solomon Richard- 
son, Jr., Oct. 2 ,1845. 
-897 Charles Henry ,« b. July 26, 1840. 

There were two other children who died in infancy or child- 
hood between 1828 and 1832. Some of above dates may be 
dates of baptism instead of birth. 

411. Samuel Stratton ' (Alpheus,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,^ Saniuel M lived in Rutland, where he married, Apr. 
21, 1814, Sarah Hubbard, who died in 1832. He was a farmer. 

Children: — Born in Rutland, Mass. 

-898 Horace Hubbard,^ b. Oct. 28, 1814; m. Harriet Willis 

in Spencer, July 3, 1843, both of Paxton. 
-899 Vasleti Howe,« b. Feb. 6, 1815; m. John Smith. 
+900 Nathaniel Hapgood,« b. Feb. 12, 1818. 
—901 James McFarland,« b. July 3, 1823; m. Mary Edson; 

lived in Greenwich ; d. Oct. 30, 1841 ; no children. 
—902 Ebenezer,^ d. in infancy. 

429. Caleb Allen Stratton ^ (Ebenezer,^ Hezekiah,^ Sam- 
uel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,"^ Samuel'^) married, first, Maria Smith, 
Jan. 9, 1826. She died the following month. May 7, 1828, he 
married Emily Edson of Brookfield, Vt. She died Apr. 8, 1868, 
aged 68 years. He married, third, Mrs. Laura A. Edson. She 

82 A Book of Strattons 

died July, 1879. He lived and died in the house built by his 
father in Brookfield. The house is still standing in good repair. 
He was a farmer and a member of the Congregational church. 
He died Jan. 12, 1882. 
Children: — Born in Brookfield, Vt. 

By first marriage. 
—903 Emily M.,'* b. Nov. 13, 1830; m. 1st, Nelson D. Graves ; 
moved to "Walseka, 111.; m. 2nd, John Kea of Prim- 
ghar. 111.; d. Jan. 10, 1910. 
-904 Cornelius A.,^ b. Jan. 9, 1830; m. Addie Ackley of San 
Francisco, Cal. She died Nov., 1894. He died Feb. 
3, 1894. They had three daughters, Carrie,^ Lucia,^ 
—905 Martha,* b. Aug. 25, 1836; m. Dr. E. L. Holt, dentist. 
—906 Harriet,^ b. Oct. 22, 1838; m., in 1898, G. H. Cook, his 

second wife; res. Primghar, Iowa. 
—907 Lucia,* b. Aug. 30, 1840; m. E. F. Hoadley, 1868, of 

Swanton, Vt. She died July 31, 1895. 
+908 Carlos Edson,* b. June 12, 1844. 

436. Caleb Strong Stratton ^ {Caleb,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Elvira Smith in 1826 and 
moved to Lake Co., Ohio, where he bought a farm. He died in 

Children: — Born in Madison, Ohio. 

-909 Charles S.,* b. 1832; d. aged 4 years. 

-910 Eliza,« b. 1834; d. 1854. 

+911 Asa Strong,^ b. 1836. 

-912 Lydia E.,« b. 1838. 

-913 Emily,* b. 1842; d. in infancy. 

441. RoswELL Stratton ' {Asa,^ Eleazer,^ Hezckiah,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, Jan. 26, 1815, Rhoda Wright, 
who died Aug. 28, 1857, aged 74 years. He died Feb. 22, 1842. 
Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 
—914 Chester.* b. IMar. 19, 1816. A dentist in Amherst; m. 

Charlotte ; left no children. 

-915 Roswell,* b. Sept. 20, 1818; d. Sept. 20, 1819. 

-916 Roswell,* b. Sept. 28, 1819; m. Mary Belknap, Nov. 20, 

1850; d. Mar. 5, 1898; two children, Willis,^ d. in 

infancy, and Meda E.,° m. Arnold H. Holton of 


Samuel Stratton of Watertown 83 

+917 George,^ b. July 2, 1823. 

—918 Augusta Amelia,^ b. Jan. 6, 1823; a noted teacher in 
Ind.; lived at Lafayette; d. Sept. 24, 1899. 

442. Asa Stratton ^ {Asa,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a farmer on the homestead of his father 
until 1854, when he sold his part of the estate and moved to 
Greenfield, where he died Apr. 3, 1869. He married, Dec. 15, 
1814, Sophia Helton, who was born in Northfield in 1794, a 
woman of marked ability and brightness, which she retained to 
the close of her long life of 96 years. She was a daughter of 
Samuel Holton. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

—919 Sarah S.,« b. Mar. 4, 1816; d. in childhood. 

—920 Frederick Spooner,^ b. Jan. 31, 1817; a dentist in Keene, 

N. H.; d. in Greenwich Sept. 20, 1897. 
+921 Edwin Alexander,^ b. Sept. 15, 1819. 
—922 Charles M.,* b. 1823; a business man of Greenfield; m. 
Emma E. Mann, Oct. 30, 1873; d. Aug., 1893; no 
—923 Sarah A.,^ b. Feb. 6, 1827; m. Cabel Ruffane of Keene, 

N. H. 
-924 Franklin Asa,« b. Nov. 30, 1829. Col. in 11th Penn. 
Cavalry; twice wounded in battle; breveted Briga- 
dier-General for gallant and meritorious service. 
Later civil engineer in government employ at Wash- 
ington, D. C, and Mare Island, Cal.; m. George- 
anna Kealing; d. in Philadelphia in 1895; no 
—925 Oscar Granville,^ b. Aug. 19, 1832; res. Greenville, 
Mass.; unm. 

444. Seth Stratton^ (Asa,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Freedom Holton (or Holden) about 
1828, and moved to New Ipswich, where he was a wheelwright. 
Mrs. Stratton died here Jan. 13, 1890, aged 93 years. 

—926 Edward,* m. and lived at Nashua, N. H., and Lowell, 
Mass. Had a son, Charles,^ and perhaps other 
-927 Sarah Elizabeth,* m. Nov. 11, 1873, Allen Ripley; re- 
moved to California. 

84 A Book of Strattons 

446. Alonzo Stratton ' {Asa,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel^) married Mary Wood, daughter of Samuel 
Wood. They lived in Athol, where he met his death in a fire in 

Children: — Bor^i in Athol, Mass.^ 

—928 Samuel W.,« b. 1827; a sailor; killed by a whale. 

—929 Marshall,* b. 1829; settled in Maine? 

—930 Francis E.,*^ b. 1832; m. Eliza (or Elizabeth) Putman. 

—931 Mary J.,« b. 1834; m. 1st, Amos B. Fulsom; 2nd, 

Thomas J. Barnes ; moved to California. 
-932 Lucy M.,"^ b. 1836; m. Joseph Lord of Athol. 
—933 Ella,« d. aged 9 years. 

447. Albert Stratton ^ {Asa,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,- Samuel'^), after receiving the education afforded by the 
district school at Northfield, acquired first the trade of shoe- 
maker, and then mason, which he followed for some time. Later 
he purchased a mill which he operated for several years, and 
then bought a farm upon which he lived for about thirty years. 
He died at the home of his son at the age of seventy years. He 
married Lucy Simpson, daughter of Charles Simpson, She died 
Mar. 8, 1874, aged 73 years. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

+934 Albert S.,« b. Nov. 10, 1823. 

—935 Lucy A.,« b. 1830; d. aged 16 years. 

451. Eleazer Stratton "^ {Eleazer,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,'^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a blacksmith by trade. He 
must have spent his youth in Vermont, and perhaps married 
there. But later he lived in Massachusetts. He died in Colerain 
Sept. 23, 1864. He married Zylpha White. 

Children: — Born in Adairsvill, Mass. 
+936 Leonard White,* b. Apr. 28, 1828. 

—937 Sarah Helen,* b. Dec. 9, 1832; m. Miles C. Smith, 
Oct. 15, 1855; d. July 20, 1881. 

452. Alvin Stratton '^ {Eleazer,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel^) married Loantha Sherman, daughter of 
Jonathan and Thankful (Sniith) Sherman, who was born May 6, 

* So says History of Northfield. Tlie compiler found no records of 
this family at Athol. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 85 

1807, in Barre, Vt. They lived in Barre, Hardwick and Elmore, 
Vt., and in 1841 they moved to Colerain, Mass., making the 
journey of more than 125 miles on a one-horse sled. He bought 
a farm in Colerain, and spent the rest of his life there, a respected, 
prosperous farmer. 

Children: — Born in Vermont. 

-938 Philo,^ b. Nov. 5, 1826. Soldier in the Civil War; Col. 
in 49th Kentucky Volunteers; married a Kentucky 
lady, and lived and died in Lexington; buried in Odd 
Fellows cemetery at Owenton, Ky. No children. 
—939 Clark,« b. abt. 1832. Soldier in Federal army; went 
west after the war. Was at Chicago for awhile, and 
when last heard from at Marquette, Mich. It is 
understood that he married but had no children. 
Born at Elmore, Vt. 
—940 Tryphene,8 b. Aug. 28, 1827; m. Wm. Herrick. 
—941 Chloe,^ b. Oct. 23, 1831; m. Jonathan Peterson, son of 
Sylvanus and Lavina (Call) Peterson, July 3, 1851; 
d. in Heath, Mass., Feb. 25, 1892.* 
—942 Lydia,« b. July 22, 1835; m. George V. York. 
—943 Eleazer,^ b. Dec, 19, 1836; d. aged about 4 years in 
Born in Colerain, Mass. 
—944 George Franklin,^ b. June 5, 1842; enlisted June 21, 

1861, in Co. H, 10th Mass. Inf.; wounded May 31, 

1862, at Fair Oaks, Va. ; died 12 days after at Da- 
vid's Island Hospital. 

—945 Solomon,^ b. July 28, 1848; d. in childhood. 

456. Samuel Stratton " {Rufus,^ Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) married Olivia Ravi^son in Erving, Mar. 
25, 1807. She was born in Uxbridge, Mass., Mar. 14, 1787. They 
settled in Gill, where he became a prosperous farmer. They 
were members of the Congregational church. He died at his 
home in Gill, Oct. 17, 1851. Mrs. Stratton died July 7, 1863, 
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Pratt, in Montague, Mass. 

* Their son, Bion Nelson Peterson, m. Cornelia A. Reynolds, and their 
children are France A., Alice Stratton, Guy Jonathan and Mai'ion C. 

Jonathan Peterson was a man of the strong religious convictions of hia 
Mayflower ancestry, greatly respected and trusted by his fellow towns- 
men, who elected him again and again to offices requiring strict honesty 
and good, sound judgment. 

86 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Gill, Mass. 

—946 Asentha Field,* b. July 10, 1810; m. Dwight Morgan, 
June 1, 1829. Drowned in Conn. River at Gill. 

—947 Sarah Batchelor,* b. Jan. 26, 1814; m. Prentice Slate, 
Apr. 27, 1837; d. Oct. 5, 1857. 

—948 Mary Twing,* b. July 23, 1816; m. July 16, 1844, Ran- 
som Nutting; d. in Decatur, Mich. 

—949 Lucy Livia,« b. Aug. 19, 1820; m. Samuel Pratt, June 
17, 1842; lived in Montague, Mass. 

+950 Samuel Pinkney,* b. Nov. 16, 1822. 

—951 Martha Ann,* b. Mar. 21, 1825; m. Horace Patridge, 
June 17, 1847; res. Cambridge, Mass. 

+952 Alfred Morrell,* b. Feb. 26, 1827. 

—953 Benjamin Franklin,* b. Oct. 29, 1835; m. Lucy L. 
Warner at Salem, Mass. ; a Federal soldier in Co. A, 
50th Mass. Infantry; d. in hospital at Baton Rouge, 
La., May 1, 1863. Only child, Mary A.,^ b. July 30, 
1861, in Boston; m. John Schiihle; res. Highland, 
N. Y. 

—954 William Henry,* b. Dec. 29, 1808; d. aged 2 years. 

-955 Elizabeth J.,* b. July 7, 1829; d. in infancy. 

457. Elihu Stratton ^ {Rufus,^ Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah* Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Electa Holton, May 9, 1810, 
a daughter of Elisha Holton. In 1832 he was selectman. He 
owned a good farm, and was ever interested in agricultural pur- 
suits. In 1813 he introduced into Northfield broom corn as a 
field crop, and in 1855 there were manufactured in Northfield 
155,000 brooms, valued at -$27,000.* He died in 1871. Both 
Mr. and Mrs. Stratton are buried in the beautiful cemetery at 
Northfield Farms. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

+956 Elijah,* b. 1811. 

-957 Elihu,* b. 1812; d. aged 21 years. 

+958 Edwin,* b. Sept. 17, 1815. 

—959 Elisha,* b. 1818; m. Lucy Sawyer; their only son, 
Everett,^ d. in early manhood. 

459. RuFus Stratton ^ (Rufus,^ Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, Dec. 29, 1819, Henrietta Rug- 

* The first brooms made were climisy affairs and it was a long time 
before the women could be induced to use them in the place of the 
Indian or peeled wood brooms to which they had been accustomed. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 87 

gles. They lived in Northfield where he was selectman in 1823- 
24. He died Dec. 21, 1879. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

+960 Edward Rugglcs,^ b. July 1, 1820. 

-961 Abigail Field,« b. Jan. 17, 1822; d. 1840. 

—962 Silas Augustus,^ b. Sept. 18, 1824; d. in Boston, unm., 
aged 26 years. 

+963 Rufiis William,^ b. Jan. 23, 1827. 

—964 Elizabeth Grant,^ m. George Cole. 

-965 Stephen Bachelor,^ b. 1831 ; d. Mar. 8, 1857. 

—966 Martha Butler,® twin, b. 1831 ; m. Henry Merrick. 

—967 Calista G.,® b. Aug. 8, 1833; m. George Bunker in 1862; 
res. Northfield Farms, Mass. 

"968 Augusta Maria,® b. May 23, 1836; d. 1849. 

-969 Abby Sarah,® b. Oct. 12, 1840; m. Charles Bassett, 

463. Lorenzo Stratton ^ {Rufus,^ Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,*" 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) married Adelade Merriman, Feb. 
26, 1821, daughter of Levi Merriman. He died July 14, 1828, in 
Northfield. His widow married Simeon A. Field. 

Child: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 
+969a William H.,® b. Dec. 27, 1827. 

464. Charles Stratton ^ (Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was a farmer in Northfield, Mass., 
where he married, June 1, 1814, Mary Merriman, who died Sept. 
25, 1835, aged 41. He died Jan. 22, 1839. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

-970 Almira,® b. Oct. 20, 1815; m. Asa F. Richards. 

—971 Horatio,® b. Feb. 26, 1817; m. 1st, Electa Field, who 

d. in 1843; m. 2nd, Hildreth; lived in Swanzy, 

N. H.; had two daughters, Julia,^ Mary.^ 

—972 Charles,® b. Oct. 4, 1819; went to California. 

465. Harris Stratton ^ (Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) lives in Northfield, where he was a 
selectman in 1834-1837 and 1848. In 1840 he was a representa- 
tive to the General Court. He married Sophia Ruggles in 
1810. He died in 1872. 


—973 Erastus,® b. July 30, 1811; d. in childhood. 

88 A Book of Strattons 

-974 Sarah Starr,« b. Dec. 24, 1812; m. Franklin Lord. 

-975 Erastus W.,^ b. Dec. 27, 1815; went West; per. to 

—976 George \\.,^ b. Sept. 30, 1817; m. Delia Rice of Deer- 

—977 Henry ,« b. 1819; d. in infancy. 

—978 Nelson,^ b. June 23, 1820; m. Shepherd; went 

to London, Eng., to live. 

—979 Wright,^ b. Mar. 3, 1822; was representative to Gen- 
eral Court in 1857; m. 1st, Apr. 10, 1845, Martha 
Cook, d. of Robert G. Cook. She d. Apr. 26, 1858, 
aged 35 years; he m. 2nd, Mrs. Lois Cook; lived in 
Northfield; had son, Wentworth,^ who d. in 1860, 
aged 9 j'ears. 

—980 Sumner,^ b. July 15, 1824; m. Maria Johnson. 

-981 Sophia M.,^ b. July 22, 1826; m. H. E. Parsons. 

-CS2 Harris,^ b. Sept. 22, 1828; went West. 

466, Arad Stratton ^ {Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) married, Oct. 6, 1814, Electa Wells, 
and lived in Northfield, where he died Nov. 30, 1845. 


+983 Chester, b. 1815. 

—984 Eunice W., b. 1818; m. Dr. Owen Liele, Dec. 25, 1838; 
d. Oct. 16, 1854, in Calawissa, Pa. 

-985 Henr>%« b. Aug. 20, 1820; d. May 9, 1891, in New 
Berlin, N. Y.; unm. 

-986 Mary W.,** b. 1822; ni. Hon. S. C. Wells, 1852; d. 1854. 

-987 Fanny S.,« b. 1824; d. in childhood. 

—988 Hannah G.,* b. 1827; m. Harrison F. Root; d. in Mon- 
tague, Mass. 

—989 Arad,« b. Aug. 29, 1829; m. Nancy Brown, Apr. 11, 

-990 Electa,^ b. 1835; d. in infancy. 

+991 Lemuel,^ b. 1837. 

468. Hezekiah Stratton ' {Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Heze- 
kiah* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) was a Northfield farmer. He 
married Mercy Orric, May 28, 1827. He died in Winchester, 
N. H., Mar., 1884, at the home of his son, H. O. Stratton. 

* The writer understands that Arad Stratton left several children, but 
has not been able to find them. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 89 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 
+992 Hezekiah 0.,« b. 1828. 
+993 Marcellus D.,* b. 1834. 

489. Isaac Johnson Stratton ' {Daniel,^ Richard,^ Icha- 
bod* Richard,^ Sai7iuel,^ Samuel^) married, Sept. 11, 1803, 
Rachel Punderson, daughter of John and Rhoda {Alger) Piin- 
derson, and moved to Smithville, N. Y., and later settled in Ox- 
ford, Chenango Co., where he died Feb. 1, 1873. 


+994 Charles,^ b. Jan. 8, 1806, in Tyner, N. Y. 

—995 Lydia,^ b. 1808; m. Dr. Edward York in 1825. 

497. Ebenezer Stratton ' {Ebenezer,^ Richard,^ Ichabod* 
Richard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) married Alma Harrison, Jan. 30, 
1806. He died Feb. 1, 1813, aged only 30 years. 

Children: — Born in Williamstown, Mass. 

+996 Ebenezer Harrison,^ b. Oct. 29, 1806. 

—997 Mary Ann,^ m. Pillsbury. 

509. Francis Stratton ^ [John,^ Francis,^ Ichabod,* Rich- 
ard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) married, in 1807, Asenette Jackson, 
brother of Joel Jackson. He died in New York state in 1834 and 
she in Columbus, Wis., in 1840.* 

Children: — Born in Trenton, N. Y. 

— 998 Asenette,^ b. 1807; m. Jedediah L. Plumb in 1827; d. 

in Oswego, N. Y. 

- 999 Sarah Ann,« b. 1810; d. in Berlin, Wis., 1890; m. 1st, 

Lucius Warner in 1831; m. 2nd, Daniel Starks in 

-1000 Lydia,^ b. 1813; d. 1897; m. Elbert Guyant, 1835. 

Bom in Oswego, N. Y. 
+1001 Francis Joel,« b. 1819. 
-1002 Roxey Lavinia,^ b. 18—; m. Seth H. Warner, 1847; 

res. Berlin, Wis. 
—1003 Cornelia,^ d. in childhood. 

512. RicH.\RD Stratton " {John,^ Francis,^ Ichabod* Rich- 
ard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) married, first, Lurinda Fitch, Mar. 29, 

* His descendants have in their possession a large copy of the New 
Testament, on the flj'-leaf of which is written in beautiful old scripts 
"Francis Stratton, son of John, his book, given him by his grandfather 
in 1795." 

90 A Book of Strattons 

1820. She died Oct. 28, 1828. He married, second, Mary Jack- 
son, Apr. 27, 1829. She was a sister of his brother Francis' wife. 
He died in Columbus, Wis., Nov. 7, 1864. 
Children: — Born in Bridgeivater, N. Y. 

By first marriage. 
—1004 Ann,^ b. 1823; m. John Chase in 1846; d. in 1850; 

hved in Belleville, N. Y. 
-1005 Lydia,« b. 1825; m. Albert Wright in 1844; d. in 1891; 
lived in Richland, N. Y. 
Born in Orleans, N. Y. 
By second marriage. 
+ 1006 John Jackson,^ b. abt. 1827. 

—1007 Emily ,^ m. David Rosenkrans, 1853; res. Columbus, 

516. Asa Stratton ^ (Asa,^ Ichabod,^ Ichabod* Richard,^ 
&amuel,- Samuel'^) was born in Massachusetts in 1787, and when 
about eight years old removed with his parents to Vermont. As 
a young man he learned the tanners' trade. Nov. 19, 1809, he 
married Dorothy Parker in Cavendish. In this town he bought 
hind in 1810, 1811 and 1814. In 1813 his wife died, and in 
1814 he married her sister, Salone Parker, who died the fol- 
lowing year. In 1818 he went South and settled at Variety Mills, 
Nelson Co., Va., taking with him his two little sons. Here in 
1833, he married Elizabeth Whitehead, and here he died Apr. 
27, 1842. He was a ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church. 
He was called "Capt. Stratton." 

Children: — Born in Cavendish, Vt. 
By first marriage. 

-f 1008 George Washington,^ b. May 4, 1811. 

+ 1009 Ebenezer Parker,^ b. Aug. 14, 1812. 
By second marriage. 

—1009a Stephen,^ d. in infancy. 
Born in Nelson Co., Va. 
By third marriage. 

—1009b Elizabeth Dorothy ,s b. Feb. 8, 1834. 

+1010 Robert Burcher,^ b. Nov. 4, 1835. 

+ 1011 Alexander Brown,« b. Aug. 12, 1837. 

+1012 Floyd Whitehead.^ 

—1013 John Adams,^ d. in infancy. 

531. Sheldon Stratton "^ (Joel,^ Ichabod,^ Ichabod,* Rich- 
ard,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Hannah Ayers, and lived in 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 91 

Bennington, then in Cambridge, Vt., where he died Apr. 29, 1856. 
Children: — Born in Bennington, Vt. 
—1014 Norman,* b. July 16, 1806; m. Jane Osburn; d. in 

Kent, Ohio, Feb. 7, 1883. 
—1015 Phoebe,* b. July 18, 1808; m. Edwin Barney. 
-1016 William A.,* b. July 10, 1810; m. Susan Hunt; d. at 

Big Bend, Wis. 
—1017 Rhoda Harrington,* b. Jan. 15, 1813; m. Hubbard 

Beeman, grandson of Joseph Beeman, Feb. 9, 1830; 

d. Dec. 18, 1889. They celebrated their "golden 

wedding" Feb. 9. 1880.* 
-1018 Beriah,* b. Apr. 29, 1815; lived at Derby, Vt.; d. in 

Andersonville prison; left a family. 
—1019 Joel,* b. Aug. 30, 1816; m. and lived at Crystal Lake, 

—1020 Elhanan,* b. 1824; lived at Dell Rapids, So. Dakota. 
—1021 Sheldon,* b. May 20, 1827; m. Harriet Austin; lived 

at Cambridge, Vt. 

534, Elhanan Stratton '^ [Joel,^ Ichabod,^ Ichabod,* Rich- 
ard,^ Samuel,- Saniuel^) married Eunice Wellman, and lived in 
Bennington, where he died in 1863. 

Children: — Bom in Bennington, Vt. 
-1022 Charlotte,* b. 1835. 
-1023 Rhoda.* 

—1024 Green Blackmer,* m. Martha Hathaway; res. Ben- 
nington, Vt.; chn.: Emma,^ Ella,« Morton.^ 
—1025 Eunice,* m. Aaron Denis. 
—1026 Martha,* m. Hiram Denis. 
—1027 Milo,* m. Ann E. Blackmer; res. Bennington; no 

—1028 Elhanan,* d. in young manhood. 

535. Joseph B. Stratton ^ {Joel,^ Ichabod,^ Ichabod,^ Rich- 
ard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) married Ruth Olin, daughter of Ezra 
and Ruth (Green) Olin. Two years after their marriage he 
moved from Bennington, Vt., to Perry, N. Y., making the trip 
with his own horses, and a wagon which were loaded with a 
few household effects and his little family. Here he bought an 
eighty-acre farm. Ten j^ears later they moved to Portage Co., 

* Rev. L. L. Beeman ® of Warren, Mass., is their son. His paternal 
ancestry is Hubbard,^ Jedediah,* Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Simon.^ 


A Book of Strattons 

Ohio, settling on a farm of 130 acres, and from time to time 
purchased adjoining lands until he owned about four hundred 
acres. Late in life, after most of his children were married he 
sold this land and moved to Kent, in Portage Co. He was a man 
of sterling honesty and excellent business judgment. In May, 
1874, Mr. and ]\Irs. Stratton celebrated their golden wedding, and 
on this occasion, ten of their eleven living children were present. 
As a memorial of the event, he presented each of his children 
with the sum of one thousand dollars. INIrs. Stratton died Apr. 23, 
1878, and Mr. Stratton married, second, Mrs. Martha A. Munsee, 
whose death occurred a few months before his own. He died 
July 14, 1887. 

Children: — Born in Bennington, Vt. 

-1029 Almira,^ b. Feb. 15, 1825; m. 1st, Rev. Buel Whitney, 
Oct. 8, 1843. He d. Nov. 7, 1875, and she m. 2nd, 
George Bradley in 1878. 
-1030 Mary,« b. Aug. 12. 1826; m. Sept. 17, 1844, Dr. Ezra 
C. Adams of Erie Co., N. Y. Settled in Kalamazoo 
Co., Mich. 
Born in Wyoming Co., N. Y. 
+1031 Asa,« b. Feb. 24, 1828. 
+1032 Lucas,^ b. Nov. 8, 1829. 
+1033 Samuel,^ b. Aug. 19, 1831. 
+1034 Freeman,^ b. June 26, 1833. 
-1035 Joel,« b. 1835; d. in childhood. 

Born in Portage Co., Ohio. 
+1036 Jonathan N.,« b. May 16, 1837. 
-1037 Melissa E.,« b. May 28, 1839; m. Apr. 26, 1857, Orvin 

J. Woodward of Kalamazoo Co., Mich. 
-1038 Susan,8 b. Dec. 30, 1840; m. May 24, 1863, Selah W. 

Burt. (His first wife was Sarah A. Stone.) 
+ 1039 Joseph W. B.,s b. Oct. 22. 1842. 
—1040 Clarissa C.,« b. July 2, 1848; m. Oct. 3, 1866, Levi 
Reed ; d. at Otsego, Mich., 1909. 

536. Freeman Stratton ^ iJoel,^ Ichabod,^ Ichabod,* Rich- 
ard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) was a farmer and lived and died in his 
native town. He married Thankful Harrington, Mar, 25, 1821, 
daughter of Abraham and Electra {Galusha) Harrington. He 
died in 1884. 

Children: — Born in Bennington, Vt. 

-1041 Ruth,« b. Feb. 11, 1822; d. aged about 2 years. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 


+1042 Rufus,« b. Feb., 1824. 

—1043 Rhoda,« b. Jan. 24, 1828; m. LaFayette Lyons, Dec. 

7, 1845. 
—1044 Susan,^ b. Dec. 9, 1829; m. Barber Chase; d. in Ben- 
nington, Nov. 12, 1888. 
—1045 Riith,« b. Dec. 9, 1833; m. Sept. 24, 1858, Heman 

Rockwood ; d. in Bennington May 2, 1912. 
—1046 Ruby ,8 b. Dec. 9, 1833 (twin) ; m. Soloman Howard. 
—1047 Philena,« b. Mar. 8, 1836; d. in Shaftsbury, Vt., July 

21, 1891; m. Alonzo Barrett. 
-1048 Lois,« b. Oct. 31, 1840; m. Jared Howard, Aug. 16, 

—1049 Edwin,^ b. Sept. 9, 1846; m. Adelaide Bugbee; served 

seven months in Civil War; d. in Bennington May 

18, 1915; no children. 
+1050 Elmer Barber,^ b. Oct. 25, 1851. 

538. John Stratton ^ (Richard,^ John,^ John* John,^ John,^ 
Samuel ^) was born, lived and died in West Swanzy, N. H. He 
inherited much of his father's estate, and at one time owned 
nearly one-half of the town of Swanzy. He was a manufacturer 
of cloth and dealer in lumber, and an extensive farmer. He 
married, first, Jan. 29, 1807, Susannah Whitcomb, who died 
Aug. 1, 1857. She was daughter of Jonathan Whitcomb, and 
was born July 15, 1788. He married, second, Nancy Pease of 
Hartford, Conn. He died June 16, 1871, aged 83 years. His 
will is recorded in Keene. Before his death he gave the home- 
stead, the "Old Mansion," to his daughter, Mrs. Frink, and built 
the house immediately east of it. He also built houses for his 
other children, and several of these are still standing. 

Children: — Born in Swanzy, N. H. 
By first marriage. 

+1051 Isaac,« b. May 25, 1807. 

+1052 William,^ b. Dec. 21, 1808. 

-1053 Alfred,* b. Dec. 3, 1810; m. Julia Snow; d. in 1871. 

—1054 Lovilla,* b. Nov. 3, 1812; m. Amos F. Fish. 

—1055 Susannah,* b. Mar. 9, 1815; m. J. W. Capin. 

—1056 Mariam,* b. June 9, 1817; m. Philoman W. Foster. 

—1057 Harriet,* b. Apr. 5, 1819; m. Geo. W. Alexander. 

+1058 John,* b. Mar. 20, 1821. 

—1059 Julia Ann,* b. June 10, 1823; m. 1st, J. W. Frink; 
2nd, Homer Stratton (No. 801). 

94 A Book of Strattons 

—1060 Jane A.,^ b. Nov. 27, 1824; m. John S. Thayer. 

—1061 George,® b. Jan. 9, 1827; d. in infancy. 

-1062 Eleanor ,« b. Sept. 27, 1827; m. 1st, Elliot W. Lane; 

2nd, Charles Wardner; res. Clear Creek, Minn. 
+ 1063 Oscar,® b. Apr. 24, 1833. 

540. Richard Stratton '^ {Richard,'^ John,^ John,* John,^ 
John,'- Sa?nuel ^) married Clarissa Sumner, about 1828, who died 
at Swanzy Apr. 3, 1853. She was a daughter of Clement A. 
Sumner. Mr. Stratton died July 7, 1847, and is buried near his 
father in the old cemetery at Swanzy, 

Children: — Born at Swanzy, N. H. 

—1064 Andrew J.,^ d. in California Dec. 28, 1853, aged 24 

—1065 Lovena,® d. in childhood. 
—1066 Leverna,® d. Jan. 28, 1841, aged 9 mos. 

541. Abijah Stratton ' {Abijah,^ Abijah,^ Jabez,* John,^ 
John,- Samuel'^) married, first, Hannah Bacon, Jan. 29, 1797, 
and second, Mrs. Hannah (Fuller) Kimball, who died Apr. 13, 
1856. They lived on the old homestead on the road from Sher- 
born to Natick. His will was made May 31, 1828, and proved 
Oct. 30, 1838. In it he names his three sons and two daughters. 

Children: — Born in A'atick, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
+1067 John,® b. Nov. 4, 1798. 
+1068 Moses,® b. ]\Iar. 6, 1805. 
+1069 Aaron,® b. Jan. 26, 1811. 
—1070 Mary,® d. unm. 
—1071 Sarah,® m. Caleb Foskett, Mar. 23, 1834. 

545. Jonathan Stratton ^ (Daniel,^ Abijah,^ Jabez,* John,^ 
John,- Samuel'^) went to Dover, and then to Dorchester, where 
he married, first, July 29, 1798, Lydia Tolman, who died Oct. 1, 
1799. She was daughter of Thomas and Mary (Houghton) Tol- 
man, and was born Dec. 21, 1773. He married, second, Waitstill 
Tolman, July 21, 1800. May 13, 1805, Jonathan Stratton of 
Roxbury and his wife Waitstill sold land in Dorchester, "his 
wife in her own right." He died in Roxbury Sept. 26, 1805.* 

* May 10, 1802. "Ebenezer Withington of Dorchester was appointed 
Guardian unto Tolman Stratton, son of Jonathan Stratton, under 14 jts. 
of age. Sureties: Thomas Savin of Natick, gent., and Jonathan Stratton 
of Dorchester." This guardianship was probably to inherit property from 
the Tohnan family. 

Samuel Sthatton of Watertown 95 

Children: — Born in Dorchester, Mass. 
+1072 Tolman.8 

—1073 Jonathan,^ m. and lived in Cincinnati; left children, 
of whom information is desired. 

550. John Stratton '^ {Daniel,^ Abijah,^ Jabez* John,^ John,^ 

Samuel ^) married Arnold, of Marlboro. She died soon, and 

he married, second, her sister Lucinda Arnold. 

Children: — Born in Sharon, Mass. 

—1074 Adeliza, m. Howard Ames. 

—1075 Jane, m. Otis Pratt. 

—1076 John. Did he die young? 
By second marriage. 

+1077 Joel A.,« b. Oct. 20, 1828. 
Born in Sherborn, Mass. 

—1078 Lucinda,® b. 1832; m. 1st, Ellis Scott; 2nd, Charles 
Adams of Waltham, Mass. 

—1079 William,^ d. in California. 

—1080 Horatio,® lived in Helena, Mont. 

-1081 George H.,® res. "Oak Bluffs," Mass. 

552. William Stratton ^ {Daniel,^ Abijah,^ Jabez,^ John,^ 
John,^ Samuel^) married Mrs. Sarah Clark, daughter of John 
and Mary (Whitney) Ballard, and widow of Martin Clark. 
Children: — Born in Sherborn, Mass. 
-1082 John Ballard,® b. Apr. 20, 1820; m. Jane Stevens; 

lived in Boston and Sherborn; a photographer; d. 

Oct. 21, 1861. 
—1083 Mary Whitney,® d. unm. 
—1084 Eliza Maria,® b. Apr. 6, 1829; m. Andrew Beacher, 

Oct. 2, 1849; d. in Natick Jan. 6, 1906. 

561. John Stratton ' (Nathan,^ Nathan,^ Jabez,* John,^ 
John,^ Samuel'^) lived in Leominster. He married, first, Lydia 
Hyde, Jan. 12, 1826; second, Elizabeth Wood, in 1843. She 
died Sept. 20, 1878. Mr. Stratton died June 23, 1850. 
Children: — Born in Leominster, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
—1085 George,® b. Mar. 2, 1827; removed to Plainview, 

Minn., in 1861. 
—1086 John Crosby,® b. Mar. 22, 1830; d. unm. at Plain- 
view, Minn. 

96 A Book of Strattons 

-1087 Lydia Caroline,^ b. Mar. 22, 1830 (twin) ; d. aged 4 

—1088 IVIilton Fletcher,^ d. in childhood. 

By second marriage. 
-1089 Charles Wilnot,« b. Oct. 8, 1847; m. Isabella Adams, 

in 1879; res. Leominster; no children. 

564. Albert Stratton ' (Nathan,^ Nathan,^ Jabez* John,^ 
John,- Samuel'^) married Hannah Mead Whitney, Jan. 18, 1832. 
She was born in Harvard, Mass., in 1813, and died in 1880 in 
Leominster. He died in Leominster Jan. 2, 1881. He learned 
the blacksmiths' trade, but later became a progressive farmer, 
and was the first man to take milk into Boston on the cars. 

Children: — Born in Leominster, Mass. 

+1090 Martin Whitcomb,^ b. Nov. 13, 1833. 

+1091 Joel Augustus,^ b. Mar. 9, 1837. 

+1092 Albert Osmon,« b. Apr. 19, 1839. 

—1093 Charlotte Amelia,^ b. Oct. 13, 1841 ; m. John H. Willis 

in 1896. 
-1094 Wilber Fletcher ,« b. 1844; d. aged 3 years. 
—1095 Ellen Augustus,^ b. 1848; d. aged 3 years. 
—1096 Adeliza Hannah,® b. 1851; m. Warren J. Lewis. 
+1097 Porter Raymond,® b. 1855. 
-1098 Leslie Aiirelia,® b. 1857; d. 1864. 

565. Walter Stratton ^ (Ebenezer,^ Elias,^ Jahez,^ John,^ 
John,- Samuel'^) married, Aug. 22, 1815, Lucy Dudley of Peter- 
sham. They lived in Athol, where he died in 1851, and she seven 
years later, June 28, 1858, aged 67 years. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

-1099 Joel Dudley,® b. Aug., 1816; m. Susan Day in 1846; 

d. in "Worcester, Nov. 4, I860.* 
—1100 Lurcnda Whipple,® b. Jan., 1820; m. in 1842, Daniel 

Davis of Royalston. 
+1101 Austin Chandler,® b. May, 1818. 
-1102 James,® b. Dec, 1821; m. Caroline Hill in 1848; d. 

in Athol, 1892. Only child, Carrie Frances,'' m. 

Francis R. Thomas, 1876; res. Athol. 
-1103 Emory Fay,® b. Oct., 1823. A soldier in the Civil 

* Joel Dudley Stratton is the man who took John B. Gous:h out of the 
gutter and started him on his temperance work (see Life of Gough). 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 97 

War; d. unm. in soldiers' home in Leavenworth, 

—1104 Hiram Walter,^ b. June, 1825; d. in Worcester in 1901 ; 

m. 1st, Annette Oilman; 2nd, Ella Snow. 
—1105 Lucy Ann,8 b. Oct., 1827; m. Merrill Fuller, 1848. 
+1106 Charles Temple,* b. Sept. 14, 1829. 
—1107 Ann Eliza,* b. Apr., 1835; m. Jeremiah Nichols. 
4-1108 Francis Alvin,* b. Nov. 28, 1831. 

571. Ebenezer Stratton ^ {Ebenezer,^ Elias,^ Jabez,* John,^ 
John,'' Samuel"-) married Harriet Littlefield, Nov. 21, 1832. He 
died in Athol May 9, 1857. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

—1109 Sumner Willis,* b. Aug. 22, 1850; m. Evelyn Eugenia 
Smith, Dec. 26, 1872; res. Rochester, N. Y.; ch. 
Edgar W.^ 

-1110 Harriet Angeline,* b. Aug. 27, 1836; d. Feb. 15, 1865. 

—nil George Lewis,* b. June, 1839. 

—1112 Alfred Osmon,* b. Aug. 12, 1840; d. aged 12 years. 

574. Wilder Stratton ^ {Ebenezer,^ Elias,^ Jabez,^ John,^ 
John," Sa7nuel^) married Harriet L. Beeman. They lived at 
Athol, where he was a farmer, and where he died in Jan., 1865. 

Child: — Born in Athol, Mass. 
+1113 Albert W.* 

575. Elisha Stratton ' (Elias,^ Elias,^ Jabez,^ John,^ John,^ 
Samuel^) married Calista West, Jan. 28, 1826, and removed to 
Gill, Mass. He was a farmer. He died Feb. 11, 1836. 

Children: — Born in Gill, Mass. 

+1114 Elber Elisha,* b. Sept. 3, 1828. 

—1115 George Hinchley,* b. May 8, 1833; m. Amelia Rice in 

1855; lived in Westfield, Mass. Only child, Annie 

W.,^ res. Westfield. 
-1116 Priscella West,* b. Nov. 17, 1826; d. 1938. 

576. Samuel Stratton ' {Elias,^ Elias,^ Jabez,^ John,^ John,'^ 
Samuel^) lived in Guilford, Vt., and Gill, Mass. He married, 
first, Jan. 29, 1815, Mehitable H. Rogers, who died Jan. 8, 1833, 
aged 43 years. He married, second, Mrs. Mary Sears ; married^ 
third, Mrs. Sarah Brooks. 

Children: — By first marriage. i 

—1117 Lydia Rogers,* b. Nov. 28, 1815; d. in childhood. ,^ ■ 

98 A Book of Strattons 

-1118 Sarah Young,^ b. Feb. 18, 1817; d. in childhood. 

—1119 Samuel,® b. July 11, 1818; went to California; mar- 
ried and left children. What became of them?* 

-1120 Charles,^ b. Feb. 9, 1820; d. in infancy. 

+1121 Horace Hubbard,® b. Sept. 24, 1821. 

-1122 Mehitable H.,® b. Nov. 16, 1822; d., unm., Jan. 19, 

—1123 Lydia Rogers,® b. June 22, 1828; m. George H. Taft. 

—1124 Jane W.,® b. June 10, 1830; d. in infancy. 

—1125 Augusta,® b. Apr. 10, 1831; d. in infancy. 

—1126 Augustine,® b. Apr. 10, 1831, twin; d. in childhood. 

581. Joel Stratton ^ (Joseph,^ Elias,^ Jabez,^ John,^ John,- 
Samuel^) was a farmer of Athol. He married Sarah Sprague, 
Feb. 24, 1822. She was born Oct. 19, 1798. Mr. Stratton died 
Feb. 6, 1837, in the South, where he had gone for his health. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

-1127 Augustus Joel,® b. Aug. 26, 1824. 

—1128 Joshua Sumner,® b. June 30, 1827; d. in Manchester, 

Eng., in 1850, unm. 
—1129 Sarah Maria,® b. Dec. 5, 1830; m. Levi C. Fessenden, 

Oct. 22, 1849. 
—1130 Joseph Lincoln,® b. Sept. 15, 1835. 

582. Jonathan Str.a.tton ^ {Joseph,^ Elias,^ Jabez,^ John,^ 
John,^ Samuel ^) married, first, Esther Ward, Nov. 8, 1821. She 
died in 1843 and he married, second, Mrs. Mary Baker, Apr. 14, 
1850, who died June 2, 1886. They lived in Athol, where he 
was a farmer. He died Feb. 22, 1852. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
—1131 Eleanor,® b. Dec. 5, 1822; m. Amos Stratton (Chart 

H-123), in Athol, Jan. 3, 1849; d. Apr. 2, 1904. 
—1132 Lucena,® b. May 11, 1825; d., unm., Oct. 28, 1853. 
+1133 Jonathan Winsor,® b. May 18, 1827. 

* A Samuel Stratton (wliom the compiler has not placed) d. in 
Oconomowac, Wis., in 1852, leaving several children. His son, Samuel 
Stratton, Jr., b. at Brattleboro, Vt., d. at Spring Valley, Wis., Feb. 5, 
1877. He m. Mary Mason. Their son, David Richard Stratton, lives at 
Shell Lake, Wis. Their daughter Mary m. John A. Martin of Spring 
Valley. She d. Jan. 6, 1915. Her son, Harr>' Stratton Martin, is a 
missionarj^ in China. Perhaps some one can place this branch and give 
more complete data? 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 99 

—1134 Josiah Henry,« b. May 18, 1829; m. Lucy Reynolds; 
d. Jan. 11, 1906. 

—1135 Joseph Otis,^' b Nov. 15. 1831; m. Rose A. Harvey of 
California; d. in San Jose, Feb. 15, 1897; no chil- 

-1136 Jacob Milton,^ b. Jan. 20, 1835; m. Sarah O. Ras- 
kins, Aug. 24, 1860; d. in Orange, Mass., July 5, 
1894; child, Jesse R.^« 

583. Joseph Stratton ^ (Joseph,^ Elias,^ Jahez* John,^ John,^ 
Samuel^) was a farmer at Athol. He married, first, Martha 
West of Templeton, Nov. 8, 1826. She died Aug. 17, 1841, aged 
36 years, and he married, second, Alice W. Mann, daughter of 
Thomas Mann. 
Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
-1137 Mary,« b. Sept. 2, 1827; m. 1st,' Gilbert Harris, Aug. 
20, 1849; m. 2nd, Philetus Miles; d. Nov. 16, 1890, 
at Fredonia, N. Y, 
—1138 Martha,^ b. June 2, 1829; m. George Meacham of 

Athol, Aug. 15, 1848. 
+1139 Joseph Alonzo,^ b. Oct. 16, 1831. 
-1140 Charles West,« b. Dec. 3, 1833; m. Rosette Alzina 
Adams, Nov. 20, 1855; res. Greenwood, 111.; no 
+1141 Joel W.,« b. Jan. 8, 1838. 

—1142 Henry Harrison,^ b. Nov. 16, 1840; m. Emily Hol- 
man; d. in Worcester, Nov. 9, 1885. Two daugh- 
ters, Ella H.^ and Marion.^ 
By second marriage. 
+1143 Horace Minott,^ b. May 12, 1843. 
-1144 Clark M., b. Nov. 3, 1845; d. in infancy. 
+1145 Frederick Eugene,^ b. July 5, 1847. 
—1146 Francis Albert,^ b. June 2, 1849; d. in infancy. 

591. Lyman Stratton ^ {Jabez,^ Elias,^ Jabez,^ John,^ John,^ 
Samuel^) married Harriet Beeman, June 14, 1842. They lived 
in Petersham and Boston. He died in Athol, Mar. 19, 1892. 

Children: — Born in Petersham, Mass. 

— 1147 Charles,^ lived in Athol. Did he leave children? 

—1148 Leander Beeman,^ d. in Boston, Mar. 18, 1851, aged 
7 years 5 mos. 

100 A Book of Strattons 

-1149 Albert Eugene,^ d. in Boston, Mar. 30, 1851, aged 5 

years 5 mos. 
—1150 Isabella Anna,^ d. in Boston, 1851, aged 3 years. 
—1151 Eliza,® d. in Petersham, Feb. 13, 1850, an infant, 

599. Lemuel Page Stratton '^ {Lemuel,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,* Joseph,^ John,- Samuel^) married Sarah Bowen Johnson 
at Salem, j\Iass., Aug. 8, 1831, and removed to Brighton, Illinois, 
where they bought a farm. "They were devoted to church, Sun- 
day school and mission work, and their pleasant home was always 
open to the poor and needy, and to ministers and students, whom 
they often helped." About 1859 he left the farm and opened a 
bank in Brighton. His wife died July 2, 1865; several years 
later he married a Mrs. Thompson, who died before he did. He 
died June 19, 1884, in Brighton. 

Children: — Born in Brighton, III. 

—1152 Sarah Eliza,« b. May 15, 1832; m. Rev. Henry Button 
Piatt, Congregational minister; d. in Topeka, Oct. 
1, 1908; an inestimable helper in all her husband's 
church work.* 

+1153 Edward Bliss,« b. Mar. 5, 1834. 

+1154 Nathan Johnson,^ b. Mar. 20, 1837. 

—1155 Anna Maria,« b. May 29, 1841; m. Rev. Frank M. 
Ellis, a Baptist minister, Sept. 3, 1863; d. at Law- 
rence, Kan., Aug. 17, 1870. 

+1156 William Page,® b. Mar. 24, 1843. 

600. Stephen Jackson Stratton " {Lemuel,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,* Joseph,^ John,- Samuel'^) as a young man went on a 
whaling voyage and followed the sea for several years. In 1840 
he married Eunice Winslow and settled at New Bedford, where 
ho died in 1881. 

Children: — Born in New Bedford, Mass. 

—1157 Ellcn,-^ b. May 8, 1841; m. Bradford L. Church; d. 

Feb. 9, 1886. 
—1158 Martha Tucker,® d. in New Bedford in 1861. 
—1159 Ann,® d. in 1846, aged 1 year. 
—1160 Clara Jane,® resides in New Bedford. 
+ 1161 Charles Stephen,® b. Nov. 26, 1849. 

* Their son, Edwin H. Phitt, resides at Franklin, Neb. Their daughter, 
Lucy Stratton Piatt, ni. Win. Asbury Har.-;hbarger, head of Dept. of Mathe- 
matics at Washburn College. The compiler is indebted to her for much 
help on this line of Strattons. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 101 

602. Levi Woodbury Stratton '^ {Lemuel,^ Jonathan,^ Jona^ 
than,* Joseph,^ John,- Samuel^) left home at the age of twenty- 
one and went to Marine, Minn., where he made a land claim and 
worked at his trade of millwright. Later he went to Illinois 
and at Brighton he married Perneicy Pellam, June 28, 1842. 
In 1852 they moved to St. Anthony (now E. Minneapolis) , mak- 
ing the trip by steamboat. Here he was the pioneer stationer 
and book dealer, in connection with a general store known as 
the "Farmer's Exchange," of which it was said, "If you cannot 
find what you want at the Exchange you will have to go outside 
of the territory for it." Minnesota was admitted as a state in 
1858. For some years he was a member of the school board. 
In 1871 he removed to Excelsior, Minn., where he had a vineyard 
and made a specialty of raising grapes and grape-vines for sale. 
He died Aug. 9, 1881, his wife having died the previous March. 
He was a man of slender build and very tall, being six feet four 
inches in height. A student of books and of nature, it was from 
him that his children learned to know and love the trees, wild 
flowers and birds in the region of their home. 

Children : 

—1162 Lucy M.,^ m. Charles R. Beal, Sept., 1866; res. Fuller- 
ton, Cal. 

—1163 Carrie V.,® res. Minneapolis. 

-1164 Emma L.,« m. Will G. Wheeler, Sept., 1866; d. in 
Portland, Oregon, in 1910. 

—1165 Thomas M.,» d. in Vermont in 1877. 

—1166 John P.,8 d. in Mobile, Ala., in 1903. 

—1167 Ella M.,^ has been a teacher for thirty years in the 
public schools of Excelsior, Minn., and has had 
charge of the Primary Dept. of Excelsior Congre- 
gational Sunday school for about the same time. 

—1168 Jannette,^ m .C. H. Molter, Apr. 2, 1882; res. Excel- 
sior, Minn. 

—1169 Charles E.,^ m. Mrs. Frances Carter. They reside in 
Victoria, B. C, where he is a printer. 

612. Jonah Brigham Stratton^ {Winsor,'^ Samuel,^ Jona- 
than,'^ Joseph,^ John," Samuel^) married Zeruiah Howe. He 
died a widower in Cambridge, Feb. 24, 1856. 


—1170 Sarah Ann,« b. Mar. 30, 1817; d. aged 4 years. 

102 A Book of Strattons 

—1171 Richard Savage,^ b. May 19, 1819. Was in San Fran- 
cisco in 1865. Information concerning him desired. 

—1172 Mary Ann,« b. July 13, 1821; d. aged 17 years. 

—1173 Edward Briggs,^ b. Sept. 26, 1825; enlisted in Co. F, 
3rd Regt. Mass. Cavalry, in Sept., 1862, as a pri- 
vate; mustered out as a hospital surgeon in May, 
1865; died at Sherborn, May 3, 1885; buried at 

617. William Stratton ^ {Winsor,^ Samuel,^ Jonathan* 
Joseph,^ John,- Samuel'^) married, Jan. 18, 1844, Susan H. Rice, 
who was born June 23, 1814, and died Sept. 18, 1878. They lived 
in Northboro, where he was a farmer. He died Apr. 16, 1875. 
His will is recorded at Worcester. 

Children: — Born in Northboro, Mass. 

+1174 George D.,« b. Aug. 14, 1845. 

—1175 Ellen M.,« b. Dec. 10, 1850; d. in childhood. 

—1176 Maria S.,* b. Aug. 28, 1853; m. George Rice, Jan. 21, 

-1177 William Emerson,* b. Aug. 28, 1853; d. Dec. 2, 1902, 

628. John Stratton ^ {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ 
John,- Samuel'^) was about three years old when his parents 
moved from Xatick, jNIass., to Hancock, Me., in 1802. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth Grant. He was a carpenter and builder. 
Children: — Born in Hancock, Maine. ' 

—1178 Henry ,s b. June 25, 1826. Master IMariner at Han- 
cock, Me.; sons: Windfield Scott,^ John R.,^ Syl- 

vanus L.^ 
—1179 Temperance, b. June 5, 1828; m. Frank Wrann; res. 

Salem, Mass. 
— 1180 Warren,* b. Mar. 15, 1830; chn. Gertrude," Milton 

W.,'' architect at Bar Harbor, Me. 
—1181 Leonard, b. Aug. 6, 1832; d. Aug. 20, 1853, unm. 
—1182 Letitia, b. June 30, 1834; m. Charles Bunker; d. July 

4, 1901, in Salem, Mass. 
-1183 Maria, b. Aug. 8, 1836; m. W. J. Nichols; d. Mar. 10, 

—1184 Ellen, b. Jan. 18, 1838; m. Stephen Stratton, son of 

Samuel Stratton; lived in Sullivan, Me.; d. Nov. 7, 

-1185 George, b. July 8, 1841. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 103 

630. Martin Stratton ' {Samuel,^ Saryiuel,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,^ John,^ Samuel'^) married Abigail Gillison, Mar. 4, 1840. 
She was born in Harrington, Me., Nov. 16, 1808, daughter of 
Winslow Gillison (or Gallison). They lived in Hancock, Me., 
where he was a ship builder. They were members of the Baptist 
church. She died Jan. 24, 1853, and the following year he married 
Ruth Ann Hodgkins, who died Nov. 4, 1858. He died Dec. 29, 

Children: — Born in Hancock, Me. 

By first marriage. 
—1186 Erastus W.,^' b. Jan., 1842; d., unm., in California, 

Apr., 1876. 
—1187 Mirrian E.,« b. Apr. 8, 1843; m. James H. Whitaker 

in 1869; res. Brookline, Mass. 
—1188 Howard M.,« b. July 18, 1844; killed in battle June 18, 

1864; unm. 
—1189 Aubine V.,« b. Aug. 19, 1845; m. Eben P. Wooster 

of Waltham, Mass. 
-1190 Flora A.,« b. Nov. 20, 1847; d. June 5, 1868. 
—1191 Martin C.,^ b. Apr. 9, 1850; d. in infancy. 
+1192 Purbot Hill,® b. Sept. 26, 1851. 

By second marriage. 
-1193 Clifton M.,^ b. Feb. 18, 1855. 
—1194 Addie W.,^ b. Feb. 6, 1856; res. Pasadena, Cal. 
—1195 Marion A.,^ b. Apr. 21, 1857; m. Coleman Hodkins; 

res. Marlboro, Me. 
—1196 Alonzo,^ b. Nov. 4, 1858; d. in infancy. 
—1197 Phcebe,^ b. Nov. 4, 1858; twin, d. in infancy. 

644. Isaac G. Stratton " {William,^ Samuel,^ Enoch* Sam- 
uel,^ Richard,^ Samuel^} married Phoebe Congar some time be- 
fore 1820. They settled in New Hartford, Oneiga Co., N. Y., 
where he died in June, 1838. His wife died ten years later. She 
was daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Meeker) Congar. Her 
brother Samuel had an estate in Union township, Sussex Co., 
N. J., a share of which she inherited. 

Children: — Born in New Hartford, N. Y. 

+1198 William.^ 

—1199 Henry,® d. in infancy. 

—1200 George,® d. in infancy. 

-1201 James,® b. 1827; d. in Towanda, Pa., Feb. 15, 1902; 
left no descendants. 

104 A Book of Strattons 

—1202 Mary,« b. 1829; m. Samuel H. Sackett in 1853; d. in 

Honolulu, 1903. 
—1203 Sarah,* m. Patrick Lynch; lived in Syracuse, N. Y. 
+1204 Edward !.,« b. 1838. 

647. William Stratton ^ {William,^ Samuel,^ Enoch,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Richard,- Samuel'^) married Alice Miller, Apr. 15, 1824, 
and settled in Newfield, Tompkins Co., N. Y., where he engaged 
in agriculture. He died Mar. 20, 1872. As a young man he 
learned the fuller's trade and came to Newfield intending to 
erect a mill, but bought a farm instead. 
Children: — Born in Newfield, N. Y. 
+ 1205 David,« b. May 14, 1826. 
-1206 Ruth,» b. Oct. 20, 1828; m. Dr. Charles Woodward, 

May 21, 1851; d. in Elmira, Apr. 25, 1852. 
—1207 Nancy ,« m. Andrew J. Vankirk, Jan. 18, 1854; d. in 
New York four months after celebrating their 
golden wedding. 
—1208 George,'' b. Oct. 4, 1834; m., in Rochester, Emily 
Barker; lived in Fairmount, Neb.; a soldier, 1861- 
—1209 William s and Henry,* twins, b. Dec. 10, 1836; d. in 

-1210 Edwin,^ b. Sept. 22, 1838; m. Emily M. Gorman; res. 

Oswego, N. Y.; ch. Donala.'^^ 
—1211 Lucy Augusta,* b. Jan. 15, 1841; m. Percival Dudley, 

Dec. 23, 1868; res. St. Louis. 
-1212 Wilber Fish,* b. Apr. 26, 1845; m. Ellen Dudley in 
1874; res. Ovid Center, Seneca Co., N. Y. 

654. Thomas Stratton ^ {Benjamin,^ Benjamin,^ Jahez,*" 
Samuel,^ Richard,'- Samuel ^) inherited his father's farm at Fair- 
lee and lived in the homestead. He married Elizabeth Sturte- 

Children: — Born in Fairlee, Vt. 

—1213 John,* m. Louisa G. Osborn, Dec. 2, 1852; d. in Fair- 
lee, Sept. 11, 1882. 
-1214 Charles C.,* b. Aug., 1828; m. Maria S. Pulman; lived 
in Fitchburg, Mass.; d. in Fairlee, while on a visit 
there in 1900. Left one daughter, Louise.^ 
—1215 Mary,* b. Aug., 1830; d. aged 13 years. 
—1216 Louisa J.,* b. Aug., 1835; d. Apr., 1860. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 105 

-1217 George,^ b. Aug., 1836; d. 1849. 

—1218 Benjamin A.,« b. Oct., 1843; soldier in Civil War at 

18 years; died in Virginia, 1862. 
-1219 Mary ,8 b. Jan., 1853; m. Hiram Rice, 1870; d. in 


658. John Stratton "^ {John,^ Benjamin,^ Jabez,'^ Samuel,^ 
Richard,- Samuel'^) was about two years old when his parents 
died in Hallowell, Me., in 1802. After his marriage he lived in 
Charlestown, and later in Boston, at No. 22 Common St., and did 
business as a merchant at No. 50 Central St., and owned property 
in Charlestown and Somerville, some of which is still owned by 
his heirs. He married Lucy Eveleth of Stow, who died in Bos- 
ton, June 8, 1894. Mr. Stratton died in 1871, and is buried in 
Mount Auburn cemetery. 


—1220 George,^ m. Laura ; d. in Boston, 1870. 

—1221 John Henry,® drowned in Moosehead Lake, aged 16 

+1222 Francis John.« 

662. JosiAH Stratton ^ (Jahez,^ Jabez,^ Jabez,* Samuel,^ 
Richard,- Samuel^} married Susan Hutchens, Nov. 25, 1838. 
He was a furniture maker. He was a member of the Methodist 
church, superintendent of the Sunday school, and earnest 
Christian, a good citizen, and had many friends. He moved from 
Bethlehem, N. H., to Derby, Vt., in 1850, and later lived in Lan- 
caster, N. H., where he died Mar. 16, 1881. 

Children: — Born in Bethlehem, N. H. 

-1223 Cynthia Aurilla.® 

—1224 Willard Oscar,® m. Helda Maria Smith; res. Dan- 
ville, Vt. ; mem. Masonic order. 

+1225 Edmond Burt.« 

Born in Derby Center, Vt. 

—1226 Lucy Emeline,® res'. Nashua, N. H. 

666. IssACHER Stratton ' {Samuel,^ Jabez,^ Jabez,'^ Samuel,^ 
Richard,^ Samuel^) in his youth learned the trade of cloth 
dresser. In Jan., 1825, he married Amanda Gibbs. In 1826 he 
moved to Wayne Co., N. Y., where he bought a farm. His wife 
died Oct. 11, 1847. He moved to Berhn, Wis., in 1854; died in 
Newton, Wis., Oct. 21, 1865. 

106 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Pawlet, Vt. 

—1227 Almira,'* b. Sept. 10, 1825; m. Slocum Negus in 1843; 

res. Spencer, Iowa. 
Born in Wayne Co., N. Y. 
-1228 Jacob S.,« b. Dec. 22, 1827; m. Clarrisa Budd; d. 

leaving no children. 
—1229 Benjamin Franklin,* engineer on the Toledo; lost in 

Lake Michigan; imm. 
—1230 George W.,« b. June 25, 1832; m. Mary Hallock in 

1860; lived in Marion, N. Y. Chn. Jonnic,^ Ben- 
jamin,^ George Allen,^ m. Hattie D. Hutchinson, 

1888; res. Newark, N. Y.; chn. Belle M.,^° Rose,^° 

Carlyle G." 
—1231 Atta A.,« b. Aug. 8, 1834; m. T. S. Bassett, 1858; res. 

Berlin, Wis. 
—1232 Lucius.* b. Jan. 31. 1837; m. Smith, 1863; d. 

Oct. 3, 1888; lived in Lucene, Wis.; chn. Herbert,^ 

Charles D.,^ George A.^ 
—1233 Louman,* b. Jan. 31, 1837 (twin); d. 1865; unm. 
—1234 Jennie,* b. Jan. 19, 1839; m. Robt. Tempany, 1875; 

res. Los Angeles, Cal. 
—1235 Allen IVI..* b. July 8, 1843; m. Justina D. Buck in 

1865; res. Los Angeles. 
—1236 Emma A.,* b. Sept. 20, 1845; m. S. F. Buck; res. 

Footville, Wis. 

674. Simon Phelps Stratton ^ {James,'' Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was born jNIay 6, 1794. 
May 12, 1825, he married Julia Townsend of Rutland. A 3'oung 
man of energ\" and enterprise, he soon found plenty to do. For 
some years he was proprietor of the "Stratton Tavern," in Wal- 
tham (see picture).* He was also "expres.sman" for several 

* For this picture, from a Sepia painting made in 1884, the author is 
indebted to Mr. John Adams of Wahham, son of Mrs. Parmelia (Stratton) 

This was a popular tavern for man.v years, at the corner of Stow and 
Weston streets. It was owned and occupied by Isaac Bemis in 1798, 
and was kept by him for a long time. John Ball is supposed to have 
occupied the stand previous to him. Simon Stratton followed Bemis, 
and was its last landlord. It was then owned by Dr. Spring. The building 
stood for many years, though not occupied as a public house, a well- 
known landmark, an object of interest and curiosity, a fair e.xample of 
the ancient Inn. It was burned to the ground Feb. 11, 1893. 







S ^CMMO^ C/^^ ■^'^-.^^^ 

1 Hc^ ^^fc^^^ 


J^^^ ShcLttclX 


9 ..M^^^-^^^^^ <^^ 






1. Page ^^^^. 2. Pdffc •2Sr>, Vo/. I. ;?-7. I'(i(/r 2(i. S. l>(H/c 2S 
(ahove date sliuukl I.e 17;{-2, not 173.5). ',). J'dyc 2V.i. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 107 

large woolen mills, a business in which he employed many teams. 
When the Boston & Worcester R. R. was built a branch road was 
run to the mills, and this ended Simon's express enterprise. How- 
ever, he had saved up considerable money, and in 1843 he gave 
up the hotel business and removed to Evanston, 111., where he 
bought 500 acres of land and engaged in farming. His removal 
was characteristic of the man, and his way of doing things. He 
left Waltham for his new home with his family and household 
goods in several wagons each drawn by four fine horses. 

Children: — Born in H olden and Waltham, Mass. 

-1237 John Lowell, b. Oct. 6, 1830; lived in Liberty ville, 111. 

-1238 Henry Hill,^ b. Nov. 16, 1832. What became of him? 

-1239 Charles Cullen,^ b. Dec. 25, 1836; m. Judson; 

lived in Evanston, III, and in Denver; d. June 13, 

-1240 Schuyler,^ b. Aug. 5, 1839; moved to California. 

-1241 Edwin C.^ 

—1242 Harrison Wilder,^ m. Carrie Emma Hawks ; lived in 
Odebold, Iowa. Served in Civil War, in 47th Mass. 

More complete records of this family are desired. 

679. James M. Steatton ^ (James,'' Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Saimiel'^) was born in Paxton, Mass., 
Sept. 4, 1828, and lived for awhile at Waterloo, N. Y., and in 
1866 moved to Libertyville, 111., and in 1877 to Odebolt, Iowa, 
where he was a farmer and carpenter. He married Maria Rogers 
in 1852. He died July 6, 1908. 

Children: — Born in Mass. 

—1243 Otis J.,^ m. Jane Ellinger; res. Odebolt, Iowa; chn. 
Blanch," Earl," Lewis." 
Born in Waterloo, N. Y. 
—1244 Edson H.,^ m. Augusta Smith; res. Kenosha, Wis. 
—1245 Erwin D.,^ m. Mamie H. Riggs; res. Odebolt. 
—1246 Nellie,^ m. James Ellinger; res. Odebolt. 

680. Austin Stratton ^ (Paul,' Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) married Harriet J. Wilberforce of 
St. Johns, N. B., in 1823. They lived at St. Johns, in Bangor and 
Albion. He died in Albion, Me., in 1887. 


-1247 Harriet J.,^ b. 1825; m. Elijah S. Dudgin in 1850. 

108 A Book of Strattons 

-1248 George \V.,» b. Mar. 6, 1827; m. Helen Page in 1852. 

Their only child, Adah B.,° m. a Mr. Chandler and 

lives in Bangor. 
-1249 Hubbard B.,'* b. Dec. 20, 1833; m. Mary L. Moulton 

of Laconia, N. H.; ch. Earnest L.^" 

681. Paul Stratton ^ {Paul,' Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, in 1818, Sarah Ann 
Frazier of St. Johns, N. B., who belonged to an old Scotch fam- 
ily. As early as 1820 he was proprietor of a hotel, "The Golden 
Bee," in St. Johns. Seven years later he went to Chester, Me., 
where he was one of the early settlers, going into an unbroken 
forest and making a large farm there. In 1851 he built a hotel 
in Winn, Me., which he sold in 1864, and retired from business. 
Later he returned to Chester where he died Sept. 29, 1883. He 
was in the war of 1812 and drew a pension for many years. His 
sons became prosperous men and his daughters married into 
some of the best families in that part of the state. His old 
homestead in Chester is still standing. He is described by one 
who remembers him as a "fine, noble looking old man, honest 
and upright, fearing no one except his God. He read his Bible 
every day, and went quietly to sleep of old age." 

Children: — Born in St. Johns, N. B. 

—1250 Mary Ann,^ b. Nov. 15, 1820; m. George Robertson 
of St. Johns; d. in Bangor June, 1882. 

—1251 Eliza,° b. May 12, 1825; m. Josiah Snow of Winn. 

+1252 Archie Williamson,^ b. Sept. 5, 1827. 
Born in Albion, Me. 

+1253 Lewis Frazier,^ b. Oct. 1, 1830. 
Born in Chester, Me. 

-1254 Jane,° b. Dec. 12, 1832; m. James Snow of Mattaam- 
keag. Me. 

—1255 Eunice,^ b. June 6, 1835; m. James Crowell. 

+1256 George Hubbard," b. Mar. 12, 1837. 

—1257 Ellen,^ b. Mar. 18, 1839; m. Otis T. Hooper. 

—1258 Martha,'-' b. May 26, 1841 ; m. Wm. Jewell of Gorham, 
N. H. 

+1259 Gilford Dudley," b. Nov. 22, 1843. 

685. Frink Stratton ^ {Paul,'' Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel ^) was but about 10 years old when his 
father died. When about 21 he went to work for a lumberman 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 109 

in the forest on the Penobscot River. Not being able to get 
money for his work, he took a lot of wild land, near the present 
town of Chester, Me. On this he made a clearing and built a 
house, then returned to his native town and married Lydia L. 
Coombs. Together they made themselves a home in the almost 
unbroken forest, on the banks of the grand old Penobscot, endur- 
ing toil and privations and hardships. There were few settlers 
between their home and Bangor, a distance of 60 miles, and sup- 
plies were brought up the river in a bateau. In March, 1846, 
the freshet known as "the great ice freshet" destroyed much 
property along the river, and took away their house and barn- 
The family escaped in a boat. With indomitable courage they 
made another start, selecting higher ground for a building spot. 
Loved and respected by all, they lived to see the wild land 
converted into farms and settlements, and villages grew up 
around them, the steamboat running daily on the river and rail- 
road trains passing in sight of their home. 

Children: — Born in Chester, Me. 

-1260 Hannah H.,° b. June 1, 1831; d. 1849. 

-1261 Almira C.,« b. Mar., 1832; d. Dec. 2, 1848. 

—1262 Aurilla,^ b. July 22, 1833; m. Charles J. Thompson. 

—1263 Harriet B.,*^ b. Jan. 3, 1835; m. John W. Combs. 

—1264 Lydia Ann,^ b. Jan. 2, 1836; d. Apr., 1850. 

-1265 Mary B.,^ b. Feb. 27, 1838; d. June 12, 1851. 

—1266 Ira F.,^ b. Oct. 3, 1839; lost his life in the Civil War 
Sept., 1861; unm. 

-1267 Charles H.,^ b. Dec. 26, 1842; d. Sept. 12, 1867, at his 
father's house from wounds received in Civil War; 

-1268 Wilber R.,« b. May 8, 1845; d. June 2, 1898; m. Emma 
Hatch, Sept., 1869; machinist; lived in Norcross 
and Chester, Me. Their three children, Harriet,^" 
Wilber" and Emma M.," all died in childhood. 

+1269 Daniel W.,^ b. May 8, 1846. 

—1270 Isabella,^ b. Oct. 31, 1849; d. in infancy. 

—1271 Clarica C.,^ b. May 17, 1841; m. George Falconer; 
d. Apr. 5, 1893, in Winn, Me. 

695. Harvey Stratton ^ {Israel,"^ Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Louisa J. Bryant of 
Holden. They lived a few years in Holden, and then moved to 
Plainfield, 111. 

110 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in H olden, Mass. 

-1272 William Harvey, b. Nov. 26, 1851; m. Lillie L. 

Waldo ; res. in Illinois. 
-1273 Fanny Louise,'-^ b. Oct. 24, 1854. 
-1274 Ella Jane,« b. June 20, 1856. 

702. JosiAH Baxter Stratton ® {John H./ Josiah,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,^ Saiuuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) married Caroline A, 
Hurd, July 21, 1844, and lived in Holden, Millsbury, and W. 
Boylston, where he was foreman in mills for carding, spinning 
and weaving. He died July 25, 1882, aged 66 years. As a 
young man, being out of health, his physician advised a sea 
voyage, so he shipped aboard a whaling vessel, making two 
voyages, one of them three years, the other two years. 
Children: — Born in Boylston, Mass. 

-1275 Emma C.,^ b. 1846; m. Albert Franklin Gates, 1868. 
-1276 Henry Josiah Wilber,^ b. Oct. 4, 1849; m. Ellen 
Hov^ard in 1877; res. Holyoke; chn. Henry G.,^*' 
Bertha M.," Hattie E.,^'^ Edith H." 
—1277 Albert Gardner,^ m. Mary Sullivan, July 17, 1878; res. 
Jefferson, Mass.; chn. Nellie A.,^*^ Grace E.^° 
Born in Millbiiry, Mass. 
—1278 Fremont Sherman,^ b. Mar. 1, 1857; m. Emma N. 
Turner, Oct. 30, 1880; res. Holyoke; chn. Vera L.,^'' 
Leon F.^« 
—1279 Hattie R.,« d. Apr. 22, 1873, aged 11 years, 5 months. 

Born in Holden, Mass. 
-1280 Frank Baxter ,» m. Alberta L. Butler, Nov. 25, 1883; 
res. Providence, R. I.; chn. Frank E.," m. Emma E. 
Taylor, June 22, 1914; Merle J.,i« m. Laura A. 
Bishop, July 6, 1914; Lillian E.," Harold H.^** 

705. William Frink Stratton * {Frink,'' Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a designer, engraver 
and draftsman for many years with Dennison Manufacturing 
Co. in Boston. Later in life he spent much time in painting, 
and left many large oil paintings, some of which were sold after 
his death.* He married, first, Martha H. Child, Nov. 22, 1825. 
She was daughter of Josiah and Beulah (Fay) Child. Married, 

* His office and studio was at the corner of Winter and Washington 
streets, with the sign "Stratton, engraver," over the door. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 111 

second, Lucy Sessions, daughter of Chester Sessions. He died 
Aug. 6, 1846, and is buried in Trinity church yard, Boston. (See 
his portrait.)* 
Children:— Bom in Boston. 
-1281 Martha Child,^ b. Sept. 20, 1826; m. Samuel Miles; 

d. Dorchester, Mass., 1892. 
—1282 William Davis,^ b. (per. in Cambridge) Nov. 10, 1828; 

m. Sarah ; d. in 1892 at Highlands, Mass.; no 

-1283 Caroline,^ b. Oct. 7, 1830; d. in Boston Apr. 21, 1898; 
m. Luther L. Jenkins, June 16, 1853, son of Isaiah 
and Abigail (Allen) Jenkins, and grandson of 
Elijah Allen, a Revolutionary soldier. 

706. Ebenezer Niles Stratton ^ (Frink/ Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel- Samuel^) married Sophia A. Pear- 
son, Nov. 8, 1827, daughter of John and Mary Pearson. They 
both died in San Francisco, Cal. She Jan. 30, 1871, and he Nov 
5, 1882. 

Children: — Born in Boston. 

—1284 Henrietta Newland,^ b. Sept. 21, 1828; d. Sept. 13 

—1285 Sophia Henrietta,^ b. Jan. 24, 1831; d. Jan. 7, 1876. 
Born in Baltimore, Md. 

-1286 Mary Elizabeth,^ b. June 24, 1838. 

713. Asa Stratton « {Daniel/ Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'' 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel"-) was a farmer in Newfane, Vt., on 
the farm which his father bought in 1807. He married Mary 
Morse in 1828. The house that he built about the time of his 
marriage is still standing. 

Children:— Bom in Newfane, Vt. 

-1287 Albert 0.,^ b. 1831; d. aged seven years. 

+1288 Ebenezer M.,^ b. Jan. 19, 1833. 

+1289 John S.,^ b. Oct. 13, 1835. 

+1290 Asa H.,9 b. Mar. 29, 1839. 

-1291 Mary E.,^ b. May 9, 1841; d. Aug. 14, 1859. 

-1292 Frances E.,« b. Aug. 9, 1843; d. in infancy. 

-1293 Charles M.,^ b. Dec. 27, 1845; res. Newfane, Vt. 

*This portrait is from a painting in colors on porcelain, and was 
sent the compiler by Mrs. Ella C. Brown of Arlington, N. J., daughter 
of Luther J. and Caroline (Stratton) Jenkins. 

112 A Book of Strattons 

—1294 Ella R.,» b. Jan. 25, 1849; m. John H. Merrifield, 
Feb. 24, 1886; res. Williamsville, Vt. 

—1295 Sarah J.,» b. Mar. 18, 1851 ; m. Wm. A. Brooks, Nov. 
24, 1881 ; d. May 19, 1892, in Newfane. 

715. Joseph Stickney Stratton ^ {Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Heze- 
kiah/' Samuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a farmer at 
Marlboro, Vt. He married Dollie P. Gipson, Feb. 13, 1834, in 
Ashburnham. She was born in Rindge Oct. 20, 1815, and died in 
Newfane Jan. 19, 1900. He died Oct. 29, 1867. 

Children: — Born in North Rindge. 

—1296 Henry 0.,« b. Feb. 13, 1835. 

—1297 Ann M.,« b. Sept. 16, 1836; m. Sumner Shepherd, 
Jan. 19, 1860. 
Born in Marlboro, Vt. 

-1298 Orlando M.,^ b. May 6, 1839. 

-1299 George S.,^ b. Sept. 8, 1845. 

—1300 Emma J.,^ b. Jan. 11, 1847; m. S. G. Shepherd. 

+1301 Alonzo V.,» b. July 6, 1849. 

717. Daniel 0. Stratton ^ (Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a farmer at Newfane. 
He married Julia Adams, Mar. 10, 1842. He died Sept. 22, 1895. 

Children: — Born in Newfane, Vt. 

-1302 Albert A.,« b. Oct. 10, 1843; d. Sept. 11, 1851. 

-1303 Marcia H.,« b. Apr. 8, 1848; d. Mar. 15, 1879; m. 
Wm. A. Brooks, Jan. 20, 1868. 

-1304 Stella J.,^' b. Jan. 24, 1851; d. July 28, 1859. 

-1305 Alice A.,« b. Feb. 21, 1858; d. July 12, 1893; m. 
Eugene C. Bailey, Sept. 11, 1885. 

719. Albert Galtin Stratton ® (John,'' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) spent his boyhood and 
youth on his father's farm at South Oxford. The eldest of a 
large family, he early assumed home responsibilities, and while 
yet a boy often had charge of the farm for weeks at a time while 
his father was away working at his trade as a wheelwright. In 
manhood he became one of the prosperous, well-to-do farmers 
of that section. Nov. 12, 1835, he married Caroline Wilcox, 
who was a true helpmate during their long lives together, and 
whose memory is treasured by her children. Her parents, Har- 
rington and Charity Wilcox, were among the very early settlers 


< O 


p— I 



Samuel Stratton of Watertown 113 

of Chenango Co. About 1847, Mr. Stratton built the farmhouse 
now owned and occupied by his youngest son, a homestead 
around which cling many loving memories. Here Mrs. Stratton 
died in January, 1883, aged 67 years, and Mr. Stratton July 15, 
1890, leaving behind an honored name and the record of a good 

Children: — Born in South Oxford, N. Y. 

-1306 Adelaide Charity ,« b. Nov. 19, 1836; d. in Mexico 
City Dec. 2, 1907; m. 1st, Isaac Bronson, in 1855; 
m. 2nd, his brother Edward D. Bronson, in Nov., 
-1307 John Avery ,9 b. Aug. 26, 1836; d. Apr. 13, 1841. 
-1308 Mary Clarinda," b. Jan. 29, 1840; d. Apr. 8, 1841. 
-1309 Mary Louise,^ b. Apr. 14, 1842; d. July 3, 1858. 
+1310 Charles Juliand,^ b. Feb. 12, 1844. 
-1311 Sarah DeFrances,^ b. Oct. 28, 1845; m. Henry Marvin 

Juliand, Sept. 15, 1869; res. Greene, N. Y.* 
-1312 Tracy ,« b. July 19, 1848; d. Feb. 16, 1850. 
-1313 Rosella Hart,^ b. Sept. 8, 1850; m. Rector W. Wil- 
loughby, Sept. 23, 1874; resided in Howard, Col., 
where her death occurred Mar. 11, 1916. 
+1314 Melville Bronson,^ b. Sept. 14, 1856. 

720. John Stratton ® {John/ Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) learned the millwright trade from 
his father and as a young man worked at his trade with his 
father and his brother George. Later he became a prosperous, 
progressive farmer, owning a farm joining that of his brother 
Albert, the two houses in the beautiful Chenango Valley being 
within calling distance of each other, while the home of their 
brother George was three quarters of a mile below.t Jan. 5, 1844, 

* Of their twin sons, Charles Stratton Juliand resides in Greene, N. Y. 

Albert Stratton Juliand died Sept. 12. 1898, after a bright and happy life 
of twenty years, — a noble, Christian young man. 

Mr. Juliand is descended from Joseph Juliand, sea-captain, who was 
born in Lyons, France, in 1749 and settled in Green, N. Y., which was first 
a settlement of French Huguenots. 

t An old gentleman who remembers this part of Chenango County 
forty-five years ago writes the author: "It was a delight to an obser\'ing 
man to pass through the Stratton neighborhood, to see the well kept 
farms, buildings and yards, the signs of industry and thrift on every 
hand. They were exemplary men, sturdy in a high degree, physically, 
mentally, morally." 

114 A Book of Strattoxs 

he married Hannah Duncan Wilcox, a sister of his brother 
Albert's wife. She was born Jan. 19, 1821, and died Jan, 4, 1904. 
Mr. Stratton died Jan. 2, 1886. Genial, pleasant and helpful, 
he was a great favorite, especially with the children of the 
Children: — Born in So. Oxford, N. Y. 
+1315 Eli Burton,^ b. Sept. 26, 1845. 

-1316 Ella Louise,^ b. July 9, 1847; m. Dr. C. C. Miller, 
Feb. 15, 1871, of Detroit. His sister married D. M. 
Ferry, the Detroit seedsman. 
+1317 Latson William,^-' b. July 3, 1849. 
—1318 Emma Charlotte,^ b. July 15, 1853; m. Chester Wil- 

loughby ; res. Sidney, N. Y, 
—1319 Gilbert John,» b. July 15, 1855; m. Jennie V. Hodge, 
Nov. 18, 1896; d. in Oxford i\Iar. 29, 1906; chn. 
Chester H.,i'' John N.^" 
—1320 Clark Lewis,^ b. May 3, 1858; m. Bertha L. Berry, 
Oct. 26, 1887; she d. at Oxford Dee. 6. 1909; eh. 
Percy F.^'' 

721. Ira Stratton ^ (John,' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was born in South Oxford Jan. 29, 
1815. He married. May 6, 1838, Ann Eliza Dent, a woman of 
noble character. She was born Aug. 16, 1819, and died Oct. 7, 
1884. He died Sept. 22, 1883, respected by all who knew him. 
He was deprived of many of the pleasures of life bj^ disease 
affecting his eyes from which he suffered many years. 
Cliildren: — Born in Oxford, N. Y. 

—1321 William Henry ,'^ b. Sept. 25, 1838; m. Hester Jane 
Waterman, who died Nov. 7, 1903. He d. at East 
Pharsalia, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1910. No children. 
+ 1322 George Wesley,^ b. Jan. 10, 1840. 
—1323 John Alfred,^ b. Apr. 28. 1842; m. Frances Cole; 
d. May 4, 1906. No children. 
Born in Southville, N. Y. 
+1324 James Darwin,^ b. Nov, 14, 1844. 
-1325 Frederick Albert,'' b. 1846; d. 1852. 
-1326 Mary Eliz:ibeth,« b. Mar. 8. 1849; m. 1st, Daniel 
Webster Hull; 2nd, Harvey D. Breed, Oct. 27, 
—1327 Alice Adelia,^ b. Apr. 27, 1851; m. Frank C. Wessels, 
Oct. 18, 1871. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 115 

722. William Frink Stratton ^ {John,'' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel'^) was born in So. Oxford 
Jan. 27, 1817, and died in his native town Oct. 31, 1847. He 
was a mechanic by trade, a good Christian man, loved and 
respected by all his acciuaintances. He married, Jan. 11, 1840, 
Maria Symonds. She was born Jan. 11, 1820, and died July 
30, 1890.* 

Children: — Born in So. Oxford, N. Y. 
+1328 Whitman,^ b. Sept. 7, 1840. 
-1329 Charlotte,^ b. Mar. 31, 1842; res. Norwich, N. Y. 
-1330 Avery%« b. Mar. 31, 1844; m. Louisa A. Wood, Aug. 
27, 1864. Served in Navy, 1862-3, on U. S. Frigate 
Potomac, and other vessels at Pensacola and Ar- 
kansas Pass, and took part in battle of Galveston; 
discharged on account of health, Aug. 26, 1863; d. 
Sept. 3, 1865. 
-1331 Garrett Smith,^ b. Aug. 24, 1846; d. Mar. 18, 1848. 

725. George Stratton ^ {John,'' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) married, first, Mariette Robinson, 
Jan. 8, 1845. She died Apr. 6, 1865. He married, second, Maria 
Robinson. He was a farmer in Oxford, owning a fine, well cul- 
tivated farm near the old homestead. For several years he was 
Supervisor of the town. He was a man greatly beloved and 
respected, a good musician, playing on several different instru- 
ments, and at one time leader of the Oxford band. With his 
fine voice, he was a leader of the church choir. He died Sept. 1, 

Children: — Bor7i in South Oxford, N. Y, 
By first marriage. 

-1332 William Avery ,« b. Mar. 23, 1845; res. Oxford. 

+1333 Edward L.,^ b. Dec. 8, 1847. 

*"She was a noble Christian woman, who fought life's trials bravely 
for herself and her family, and was always ready to lend a helping hand 
to any in sickness or need. She was a daughter of Deacon John and 
Lucia (Cheesbrough) Symonds, who were among the very early settlers 
in the Chenango Valley. They traveled by ox-team from Connecticut, 
bringing all their worldly goods in a large red chest which served them 
for some time as a table. He was a deeply religious man, and because 
of his strict Presbyterian training refused to travel on the Sabbath Day, 
and so he and his family were left behind by the rest of the party, 
arriving two days later, but in a better condition to begin the new life 
in the wilderness after the long, tiresome journey." 

116 A Book of Strattons 

+1334 Harvey J.,'' b. Jan. 24, 1850. 

-1335 Luke A.,'^ b. Mar. 5, 1853; d. Mar. 2, 1862. 

—1336 Tracy Frink/' b. June 9, 1858; m. Minnie Miller, 

May 4, 1887; res. Oxford, N. Y.; only child, Ethel.^*' 
—1337 Alice Robinson,'^ b. Feb. 6, 1864; m. Ira B. McFar- 

land, Oct. 21, 1885; res. Indian Springs, Nev. 

726. Ebenezer Ross Stratton ^ {John,' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,"^ Samuel ^) was a mechanic by trade, 
and one of the best of his day and section. Married Hannah A. 
Symonds, Oct. 18, 1846. She was born Oct. 20, 1828, and died 
July 21, 1889. Not being strong enough to continuously work 
at his trade (in which he was considered a genius) in later life 
he spent much of his time on the farm. He had decided musical 
talent and was a fine violinist. He and his beloved wife are 
lovingly remembered for their real worth and kind hospitality. 
He died Aug. 16, 1889. 

Children: — Born in Oxford, N. Y. 

-1338 Harriet,^ b. Sept. 20, 1847; m. Charles O. Wilcox, 

June 2, 1869; d. Apr. 22, 1906. 
—1339 Curtis,^ b. June 20, 1850; m. Jennie Copeland, July 

3, 1879; only child. Earl," d. young. 
-1340 Clara,^ b. Oct. 11, 1852; m. Alexis Wheeler, Sept. 

3, 1872; res. Mt. Upton, N. Y. 
-1341 Albert,^ b. Mar. 30, 1855; m. Lettie Tiffany, Dec. 
26, 1877; d. July, 1889, in Robinsonville, Miss.; 
only child, Esther.^" 
-1342 George,^ b. June 14, 1857; m. Addie Eaton, Sept. 22, 

1881 ; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 
—1343 IVIarietta,^ b. June 20, 1862; d. aged 2 years. 
+1344 Luverne,^ b. Aug. 4, 1864. 

730. William Warner Stratton ^ {William,'^ Daniel,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) married Amy Per- 
melia Fuller, June 30, 1844. He died at Unadilla Forks, Osage 
Co., N. Y., Oct. 21, 1849, aged 30 years. His widow died in 
Simeon, Neb., Dec. 21, 1895, aged 71 years. 

Children: — Born in Hartford, Courtland Co., N. Y. 

+1345 William Henry ,» b. Aug. 1? 1845. 

-1346 Mary Elizabeth,^ d. Oct. 21, 1849, aged 1 year. 

—1347 Amy Marietta,^ d. May 3, 1850, aged 1 month. 

1. George Stratton. 2. Eljoiiczcr TJ. Stratton. 

:?. Charlotte (Stratton) Ten IJroeck. 

4. John Stratton. 5. :\Iary (Stratton) J.ewis. 

Paycs 07-08. Also, 11:!- 110. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 117 

736. Wilder Stratton ^ {Samuel,'' Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) was born in Albion, Me., 
Apr. 18, 1805. While a young man he went to Northern Maine, 
and did an extensive lumber business along the St. John's River 
and its branches, and at Aroostook, where he lived for some time. 
He was one of the first settlers of Washburn, "taking up" one 
of the best farms there. He married, at Woodstock, N. B., 
Nancy Bull, a descendant of the Tory general of that name. She 
died about 1850, and he married her sister, Martha Bull. He 
died at Prescjue Isle in 1884.* 

Children: — Born in Washburn, Me. 
By first marriage. 

—1348 Samuel Wesley ,9 b. Aug. 20, 1841 ; m. Jannette Hall, 
about 1870; served five years in the Civil War, in 
15th Me. Vols.; ch. Grace.^" 

+1349 Albion Wilder," b. May 10, 1843. 

+1350 George Frank," b. May 9, 1849. 
By second marriage. 

-1351 Helen M." 

-1352 Wilber," d. in childhood. 

—1353 Julia 0.," m. Alvah Merrill; res. Turner Center, Me. 

740. Hezekiah Stratton ® {Samuel,'^ Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a merchant and trader 
in Albion, where he was highly esteemed. In 1857 he married 
Arabella Farnham, daughter of Enoch Farnham, a lawyer of 
Albion. She was born Aug. 30, 1833, and died July 21, 1878. 
He died Mar. 10, 1873. 

Children: — Born in Albion, Me. 

-1354 Flora Belle," d. Oct. 17, 1880, aged 20 years. 

—1355 Ada Farnham," m. Simon Bradstreet, Dec. 31, 1886; 
res. So. Freedom, Me. 

—1356 Emma Jane," m. Charles F. Bythers, Oct. 25, 1888, of 

-1357 Nettie Frances," d. Oct. 4, 1896. 

—1358 Enoch Farnham," m. Grace Vamey, Mar., 1895; res. 
Clinton, Me.; ch. Seth V.^'^ 

-1359 Clara Mae," d. Aug. 8, 1896. 

* It is understood in the family that he was named for his mother's 
brother, Wilder Broad, whose mother (or grandmother?) was a Wilder 
of the Hingham line — from Edward Wilder.' 

118 A Book of Strattons 

753. Robert Folger Stratton « {Williaiii,'' Hezekiah,^ Heze- 
kmh,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) graduated from 
Waterville (Me.) College in 1853; from Harvard Medical Col- 
lege in 1859. Surgeon in 11th Illinois Regt., 1861-1861; served 
in Army of Tenn. ; was at battles of Shiloh, Corinth and many- 
similar battles. He married Caroline Jane Langley in 1859; 
res. St. Joseph, Mich. ■ 


-1360 Robert May.^ 

—1361 Kate Langley.^ 

—1362 Charles William,^ grad. University of Mich., 1896; 
lawyer at St. Joseph, Mich. 

764. James N. Stratton ^ {James,'' Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Sajyiuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, in 1863, Sarah B. 
Taylor, daughter of Jesse Taylor, and granddaughter of Capt. 
Edward Taylor. They lived in Albion, Me., where his widow still 

Children: — Born in Albion, Me. 

-1363 Ella B.,9 m. R. H. Black, Sept. 15, 1883. 

—1364 Adelbert M.,^ m. Alice Meader, Sept. 29, 1891. They 
live in Albion, and have one daughter, Louise J.^*' 

769. Frank K. Stratton ^ {James,'' Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) is a Methodist minister, 
educated at Boston University. He was Chaplain in the 11th 
Vols., Civil War. He has held pastorates in Boston, Springfield, 
Haverhill, and other cities. He married, first, Annie M. Cox; 
second, Louie Kicker; third, Mrs. Eliza A. Crawford. Dr. 
Stratton is now in his 80th year, with a voice as firm and clear 
as ever, the beloved pastor of Hillside Peoples M. E. Church at 
Melrose, Mass. 

Children: — Born in Springfield, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
-1365 Frank W., d. Sept. 5, 1872, aged 11 mos. 

By second marriage. 
—1366 Annie Florence.^ 

—1367 Ralph Ricker,» physician at Melrose; m. Ethel Blake; 
ch. Frank B.^^ 
Born in Norwich, Conn. 
—1368 Grace Marion,^ m. Geo. Raymond Bancroft. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 119 

776. Sepio Stratton ^ {Jonas,' Nehemiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Sam- 
uel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, first, Mary F. Love, 
Sept. 1, 1866. She died in Quincy, 111., in 1876. Two years 
later, Mar. 10, 1878, he married Mary E. Lynch. He was a 
soldier in the Civil War— in 118th Illinois, 1862-3, in 50th Illi- 
nois, under Sherman, Feb., 1864, to close of war. He is a pattern 
maker by trade. Has lived in Kansas, Missouri, and San Fran- 
cisco, but most of his life in Pike Co., 111. Now he resides in 
Beloit, Wis. 

Children: — Born in Kansas. 
By first marriage. 

—1369 Lois E.,9 d. Dec. 25, 1883, aged 13 years. 

—1370 Jonas A.,^ d. Sept. 27, 1877, aged 1 year. 
By second marriage. 

—1371 Clara M.,^ d. in infancy. 

—1372 Bessie May,^ d. aged 7 years. 

—1373 Irma B.,^ d. in infancy. 

—1374 Grace M.,^ res. Beloit, Wis. 

—1375 Joseph W.,^ d. in infancy. 

789. Franklin Stratton ® {Shubael C.,' Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) went from Franklin 
Co., Mass., to Crawford Co., Pa., in 1820, and became one of the 
early settlers of that section. July 12, 1829, he married Caroline 
Hotchkiss. Their home was at Evansburg, now Conneaut Lake, 
and later at Meadville in the same county, where he died Sept. 
30, 1846. He was a man of ability and influence, and accumu- 
lated a considerable fortune. His business integrity, good judg- 
ment and fidelit}^ to duty gave him a high standing in his com- 
munity. At the time of his death he had many business interests. 
Children: — Born in Evansburg, Pa. 
—1376 Louisa Maria,^ b. 1830; d. aged 4 years. 
—1377 Charles,^ b. May 19, 1833; d. unm. June 21, 1909; a 
man of the highest personal character, and strict- 
est business integrity; at 16 accepted the respon- 
sibility of the care of his mother and young broth- 
ers and sisters, and of his father's business inter- 
ests, entering a business career in which he was 
activety engaged for nearly half a century, winning 
the respect and confidence of all with whom he 
had dealings. 
—1378 Henry ,9 b. Mar. 19, 1838; d. aged 2 years. 

120 A Book of Strattons 

—1379 Adelaide,'' b. May 10, 1840; d. in Mcadville, Pa., July 
8. 1914. 

+1380 Henry ,« b. Oct. 18, 1841. 

—1381 Frances Ann,» b. Sept. 12, 1843; d. Feb. 7, 1880, in 
Born in Meadville, Pa. 

—1382 Franklin,-' b. Oct. 3, 1846; m. Jennie A. Rouse, Jan. 
26, 1882; m. 2nd, Katherine Connely, March 3, 
1886; res. Franklin, Pa. Chn. Jane Ann,^'^ Frank- 
lin," d. in infancy. 

790. Ira Str.\tton ^ (Shubael C.,' Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ 
Samuel* Sa7niiel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, Nov, 6, 1835, 
Martha Ann Coolidge, and settled in Cambridge, where he be- 
came one of the business men of the town, and where he died 
in Aug., 1873, highly esteemed by all who knew him. 

Children: — Born in Cambridge, Mass. 

-1383 Flavel Coolidge,^ b. Feb. 14, 1840; d. unm. July 23, 
1906; a prominent citizen of Cambridge, a man of 
admirable traits, of noted purity of character, a 
generous contributor to every call for financial aid 
in any good cause, greatly beloved by his friends 
and held in high esteem by all his acquaintances. 

—1384 Martha,^ m. Dwight W. Ensign of Cambridge, son 
of Seymour and Diantha (Holmes) Ensign, grand- 
son of Otis Ensign, Rev. soldier; gt.-grandson of 
Eliphalet Ensign, who was killed at the Wyoming 
Massacre. He d. July 6, 1915. 

—1385 Anna Maria,^ d. Sept. 23, 1850, aged 2 years. 

791. Henry Str.\tton ^ {Shubael C/ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
Samuel,'^ Sameul,^ Sameul,- Samuel ^) went to Crawford Co., Pa., 
while a young man, where he became a clerk in the store of his 
brother Franklin at Conneaut Lake, and later engaged in other 
business affairs in the vicinity. He married Emiline Bradley of 
Cassewago, Nov. 3, 1831. He died Apr. 13, 1836, after a brief 

Children: — Born at Conneaut Lake, Pa. 

-1386 Ella,» b. Dec. 25, 1832; d. Aug. 29, 1850. 

+1387 Royal Altamont,» b. Mar. 9, 1834. 

-1388 Henrietta,^ b. Nov. 17, 1835; d. Dec. 17, 1910. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 121 

792. George Stratton * {Shubael C./ Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) married Lucinda Bailey, 
Oct. 30, 1833. She was a daughter of Amherst and Lydia Bailey 
of Berlin, Mass. She died Feb. 17, 1890. Mr. Stratton died 
April 5, 1877. 

Children: — Born in Lancaster, Mass. 

—1389 Henry Oscar,^ b. Jan. 5, 1838; m. Helen P. Brace 
in 1862; d. in Winthrope, 1895; chn. Edith Louise,^'^ 
and Mabel Stewart.^" 

+1390 George Lyman,^ b. Nov. 13, 1839. 

—1391 Jennie R.,^ b. Jan. 4, 1841; res. Worcester, Mass. 

—1392 Lewis Franklin,^ b. Jan. 5, 1845; m. Harriet Valen- 
tine; no children. 

—1393 Lydia Ann,'' b. Mar. 4, 1848; d. in infancy. 

—1394 Ella Louise,^ b. Apr. 2, 1852; d. 1899, at Clinton; m. 
Walter F. Howard, 1882. 

793. James Cook Stratton ® (Shubael C.,' Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,^ Samuel,'* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) went from Massa- 
chusetts to Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, while a young man, and 
engaged in mercantile business with his brother Franklin, and 
later was in business by himself. June 5, 1865, he married 
Lovilla Jennings in Conneaut Lake. She was daughter of Ira 
and Hulda {Mallory} Jennings of Buckland, Mass., and Pierpont, 
Ohio. He married, second, Caroline (Hotchkiss) Stratton, 
widow of his brother Franklin. He died Mar. 10, 1854. 

Children: — Born at Conneaut Lake, Pa. 

-1395 Lydia,^ b. Feb. 19, 1837; m. Allen Kinne, Aug. 27, 

1857; d. in Pierpoint, Ohio. 
—1396 Cynthia,^ b. July 11, 1838; m. Robert Miller, Feb. 14, 

1861 ; res. Decorah, Iowa. They have a son Fred 

Stratton Miller, and a grandson- Stratton Miller. 
—1397 Adelbert,^ b. 1840; d. in infancy. 
—1398 Emma," b. Sept. 21, 1843; m. Edward C. Caine, Aug. 

29, 1867; res. Decorah, Iowa. 
—1399 Clara,^ b. Mar. 14, 1846; d. 1892; m. Russell M. Webb 

in 1868; they have a daughter Grace Stratton 


794. Shubael Child Stratton ^ {Shubael C./ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) moved at the 
age of 17 with his mother and brothers, Henry and James, to 

122 A Book of Strattons 

Evansburg (Conneaut Lake), Pennsylvania. As a boy he had 
to work out by the day, and at twenty was in business for him- 
self. When he retired from business after a long career of honor 
and integrity he had amassed, measured by his home town stand- 
ards, a large fortune. Devoted to his business, he was yet a lover 
of home, and a public-spirited man. Loyal to his Christian faith, 
his home church and the parsonage were largely built through 
hia activity and contributions, and he gave for their perpetual 
maintenance a valuable rental property. In the name of his 
wife he endowed a scholarship in St. Lawrence University. He 
died at his home in Lineville, Pa., Sept. 23, 1906. He mar- 
ried, first, Melvina Strong, in Lineville; second, Almira Van 
Winkle in 1846. She was daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Mil- 
ler) Van Winkle, who moved at an early date to Western Penn- 
sylvania from New Jersey. 

Children: — Born in Lineville, Pa. 

By first marriage. 
-1400 Walter,^ b. 1842; d. aged 2 years. 

By second marriage. 
—1401 Ira,^ b. 1847; m. Marriette Taylor; res. Lineville; one 

child, Blanch Edith." 
—1402 George,^ clerk of Universalist church; Supt. of Sun- 
day school; m. Martha Bunday; no children. 
— -403 Thomas,^ b. 1849; Universalist minister; graduate of 
Theological Dept. St. Lawrence University, Canton, 
N. Y., 1888; held pastorates at Plymouth, Pots- 
dam, and Hightown, N. Y., Rockland, Me., and 
Rutland, Vt. In 1907 was elected Secretary and 
State Supt. of University work in Vermont and 
Quebec; m. Bertha Brackman; only child, Mabel 
R.," grad. of St. Lawrence University. 
—1404 Isaac,^ b. 1852; m. Ida M. Shattuck; res. Lineville, 
Pa.; ch. Shubael Child." 

795. Daniel Harrington Stratton ^ {Braddyll,'' Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,"^ Samuel'^) was born in 
Phillipston, Mass. He was not yet two years old when his 
mother died. He was brought up by his mother's parents in Lin- 
coln. July 5, 1824, he married Sarah Perry. He was killed by 
lightning in Lincoln, June 11, 1838, while sitting at an open win- 
dow watching a storm. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 123 

Children: — Born in Lincoln, Mass. 
—1405 Daniel Coolidge,^ b. Jan. 19, 1826. 
+1406 Thomas Sullivan,^ b. Dec. 10, 1827. 
Two other children died in infancy. 

796. William Coolidge Str.\tton ^ {Braddyll/ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^} spent his boy- 
hood in Phillipston, Mass. In 1826 he was in Farmingham, and 
joined the Masonic lodge there. Two years later he took the 
money left him by his grandfather Harrington and went west. 
Later he returned to New England and died in Hartford, Conn., 
in 1878. He married Clarissa House in 1830. She died Nov. 16, 

Children: — Born in Bristol, Conn. 

+ 1407 William Dwight,^ b. 1831. 

—1408 Louise Maria Harrington,^ b. 1833; m. Edward B. 
Barnes in 1872; res. Wethersfield, Conn. 

798. Jonathan Ransom Stratton ^ {Jonathan,'' Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,^ Samuel,'^ Sainuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Lucy 
Moar Potter, Jan. 22, 1835. He died in Vermont (?), May 15, 


—1409 Rosaline Susan,^ b. 1837; m. Jonathan Eldred. 

-1410 Byron,9 b. Oct. 2, 1835; m. in 1862, Emma R. Minnis. 
They had one son, Byron Phillips,^" who married 
and died in Brooklyn without issue. 

-1411 Harriet E. L.,^ b. July 6, 1841; m. J. Marshall Clapp. 

—1412 Lucy Moar,9 b. Nov. 3, 1842; m. Mortimer Gavitt. 

800. Franklin B. Stratton ^ {Jonathan,"' Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,^ Samuel,'* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'*) married, first, Isa- 
bella Miller in 1836, who died in Phillipston in 1841, aged 36 
years. Sept. 18, 1849, he married, second, Harriet F. Marsh, 
who died three years later. In 1858 he married, third, Louisa 
Caldwell. He was a merchant; a member of the Presbyterian 
church. He died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept., 1865. 

Children: — Born in Phillipston, Mass. 

—1413 Betsey Bowker,'' m. Samuel R. St. John of Brooklyn; 
d. July 6, 1903. 
Born in Southold, L. I. 
■ —1414 Rudolph Marsh,^ graduate of Philadelphia College of 

124 A Book of Strattons 

Dentistr\' ; 15 years' service in Pa. National Guard; 
m. Caroline A. Hyatt ; res. Scranton, Pa. 

811. RuFUS Stratton ® (Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Jonathan,^ Daniel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^ ) was administrator of his father's 
estate in Hudson, Mass., in 1837. In 1834 he married Clarinda 
Gibson, About 1860 he moved with his family to Illinois. He 
died June 30, 1887, in Chicago. 

Children: — Born in Marlboro, Mass. 

— 1414a Daniel," b. 1836; d. unm. in Iowa, in 1860. 

—1415 George F.,» b. Jan. 30, 1840. Capt. in 111. Regt. in 

Civil War. Lived for awhile in New Orleans ; mem. 

Dr. Palmer's church; d. 1906 in Chicago; unm. 
—1416 Frank Rufus,^ b. Nov. 29, 1842; went to Sherman, 

Texas; m. Ida Marsh; d. 1907; only child, Daniel,^° 

d. aged 22 yrs. 

— 1417 Clara Eldora,-' b. :May 7, 1845; m. Jerome B. Hall, 

who d. in 1904; res. Chicago. 

813. Lorenzo Str.\ttox * (DatiielJ Daniel,'^ Jonathan,^ Sam- 
uel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) married Mary E. Parks of 
Stow, Mass., in 1830, and lived in that part of Hudson which 
was a part of Fcltonville (earlier Marlboro), where he was con- 
nected with the boot and shoe business and farming. He died in 
Hudson, Mass., Apr. 8, 1865. 
Children: — Born in Marlboro, Mass. 
—1418 George,^ b. Feb. 22, 1831; m. Mary Chamberlain in 

1851 ; had one son, Edwin C.,^" who died unm. 
-1419 Rufus,^ b. Oct. 21, 1832; m. Lovina L. Tyler- d. in 
Hudson, June 22. 1890; chn. Effic L.,"' d. in in- 
fancy; Nellie G.,^« d. in childhood; Blanch M.,i° 
d. in infancy; Grace W.^° 
-M420 Lorenzo,^ b. Jan. 5, 1835. 
+1421 Joseph,^ b. Apr. 22, 1841. 

-1422 John,« b. Feb. 8, 1847; d. in Marlboro, Oct. 8, 1864. 

—1423 Sarah,» m. Henry B. Crossett, Sept. 19, 1863, who 

was born in Bemington, Vt., and was a teacher in 

Williamstown, Mass. She died in Brooklyn, Feb. 

23, 1885. 

818. Daniel Str.atton ^ (Daniel,' Daniel,^ Jonathan,^ Sam- 
uel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) married Tryphena Rice Hoi- 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 125 

man in Sterling, Dec. 31, 1839. She was daughter of Elijah and 
Lucy {Tucker) Holnian. He died in Hudson, Jan. 1, 1890, the 
day after celebrating his golden wedding anniversary. He was a 
progressive and prosperous farmer on the farm where he lived 
as a boy, and where he erected new buildings and made many 
improvements. He built one of the first silos in the country. 
He was active in town affairs, holding several town offices. He 
was also a great church worker, and helped to establish the Hud- 
son Methodist church. 

Children: — Born in Bolton, Mass. 

—1424 Mary,« b. Nov. 21, 1840; m. James Pike of Danvers, 
Mass.; a popular teacher until her marriage. 

—1425 Ellen,9 b. July 7, 1842; m. 1st, Joseph Hale; 2nd, 

Earnest Albertin. 
-1426 Albert S.,« b. 1846; d. aged 4 mos. 

+1427 Daniel Wilber,^ b. Apr. 22, 1848. 

-f 1428 Theodore,^ b. Feb. 3, 1851. 

+1429 Herbert,^ b. Oct. 17, 1857. 

823. Josiah Stratton ^ iJosiah,'^ Daniel,^ Jonathan,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel- Samuel ^) was a pianoforte maker in Win- 
chester, Mass. He married Abigail Richerson, July 8, 1847. 
Enlisted in 1861 as sergeant in Co. F., 22nd Mass. Regt.; killed, 
June 27, 1862, in seven days' battle before Richmond, under 
Gen. McClellan; was in command at the time of his death, the 
captain having been previously killed. 
Children: — Born in Winchester, Mass. 

—1430 George Gardener ,9 b. Jan. 16, 1849; m. Florence Lelia 
Carter, Dec. 20, 1876, who died in Boston, Oct. 2, 
1877. He belongs to the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Co. chartered in 1638, to Society of Co- 
lonial Wars, Sons of American Revolution, Com- 
mandry Knights Templars and to all Masonic 
orders; res. Winchester, Mass.; only child, Roscoe 
Carter," d. July 14, 1878, aged 1 year 2 mos. 
—1431 Josiah James,^ res. in Winchester; unm. 

836. Lewis Stratton * {Henry,'' Isaac,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,'^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) married Emogene W. Harris in 
1855. He died in Lawrence, Nov. 1, 1889. 

Children: — Born in Lawrence, Mass. 

-1432 Fannie H.,=' b. Sept. 26, 1856. 

126 A Book of Strattons 

—1433 Mary B.,^ m. John J. Gate in 1883, lives in Lawrence. 
+1434 Charles L.^ 

837. Francis Strattox ^ {Henry,' Isaac,^ Jonathan,^ Sam- 
uel* Samuel,^ Sa?7iuel,- Samuel^) settled in Harrisonville, N. H., 
about 1854, where he died June 14, 1905. He married, first, 
Emily M. Holt, Dec. 30, 1860; second, Rosa M. Aldrich, Sept. 
1, 1880. 

Children: — Born in Harrisonville, N. H. 

+1435 Henry F.,'' b. Dec. 18, 1861. 

—1436 Frederick Adams,^ lived in Harrisonville, where he 
died Oct. 8, 1908; m. three times, left no children. 

—1437 Edgar Holt,^ b. 1871 ; d. in infancy. 

842. Charles Edwin Stratton ^ (Charles,' Elisha,^ Jona- 
than,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was only four years 
old when his father died. At seventeen he went to Boston and 
was soon engaged in business there. He became a steel and iron 
merchant, and a man of more than usual business ability. At 
forty he had accumulated what he regarded as a sufficient for- 
tune and retired from business. Dec. 23, 1841, he married Sarah 
Hollis Piper, daughter of Solomon Piper, a merchant and banker 
of Boston. She died Mar. 10, 1897. Mr. Stratton died Dec. 5, 
Children: — Born in Boston. 

1437a Frances Maria.^ m. John James French; res. Boston. 
-1438 Susan Elizabeth,^ m. Nathaniel Wales; d. Feb. 2, 

—1439 Charles Edwin,^ graduate of Harvard, Clerk of his 
class, has degrees A.B., L.L.B., A.M.; 12 years 
Chairman Boston Board of Park Commissioners; 
mem. of Society of Colonial Wars; res. Boston. 
—1440 Solomon Piper,^ m. Annie Flagg Wales ; of the firm 
of Jones, McDuffee & Stratton, Boston, among the 
largest importers of China in the United States; 
their daughter, Katherine Wales,^" m. Niels Chris- 
tensen of Beaufort, S. C. 

845. George Hurd Stratton ^ (George,' Elisha,^ Jonathan,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Susan H. Clark 
in 1856. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 127 

Children: — Born in Weston, Mass. 
+1441 Irwin C.,^ b. 1858. 
—1442 Nellie A.,° m. Warren Caldwell, 1883. 
-1443 Florence S.,^ m. William Baker, 1887. 
-1444 Edith P.,^ m., 1898, Albert H. Plumb, Jr., a Congre- 
gational minister. 

847. Homer Stratton ^ (Asa/ Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
Saniuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Susan Damon, Jan. 16, 
1875. She was daughter of John and Hepsibath {Flint) Damon, 
and was born in Reading and died in Lexington, Jan. 29, 1893, 
aged 89 years. 

Children: — Born in Ashley, Mass. 

—1445 Sumner,^ b. Feb. 1, 1829; d. in infancy. 

-1446 Asa S.,^ b. May 17, 1832; d. in childhood. 

—1447 Delia A.,^ b. Mar. 25, 1840; m., Nov. 25, 1875, George 
Stratton (857), son of Ebenezer Stratton. 

850. Raymond Stratton ^ [Josiah,'^ Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Mary Tyler, June 
5, 1811, of Barnet, Vt. They moved to Harmon, Ohio, where he 
died in 1868. 

Children: — Born in Ringe, Mass. 

—1448 Mary Elizabeth,^ b. Apr. 22, 1839; m. M. G. Knox of 
Harmon, Ohio. 

Born in Fitzwilliams, N. H. 

-1449 Esther T.,^ b. Mar. 6, 1841; m. Birdsall; moved 

to California. 

853. JosiAH Stratton ^ {Josiah,"' Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, Nov. 26, 1846, Mary 
J. Burnett, daughter of Capt. James Burnett. They lived on the 
home farm until 1871, and then moved to Fitchburg, where he 
was selectman for many years. 

Children: — Born in Ringe, Mass. 

-1450 Emerancy H.,^ b. July 28, 1848; d. Apr., 1876. 

+1451 Rodney J.,« b. June 10, 1852. 

—1452 Jennie M.,^ d. in infancy. 

856. Stillman Stratton ® {Ebenezer,' Ebenezer,*^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, Dec. 28, 1837, 
Maria Keyes, daughter of Capt. Amos and Eunice {Spofjord) 
Keyes of Ringe. They lived for some years in Winchester, and 

128 A Book of Strattons 

about 1839 moved to New Ipswich and settled on a farm near 
the Mason town line. He died and his widow married, second, 
Dea. Harvey "Wyman. 

Children: — Born in New Ipswich, N. H. 

—1453 Susan Jane,^ b. Nov. 2, 1839; d. Oct. 19, 1898; m., 
Apr. 16, 1861, William L. Woodcock of Winches- 
ter, Mass. 

—1454 James Stillman,^ b. Jan. 4, 1841, served in Civil War 
in 21st Mass. Regt. and was killed at Antietum. 

-1455 Etta Elizabeth,^ b. Oct. 9, 1844; m. George W. Eddy, 
a merchant of Ashburnham. 

-1456 Charles Henry,'' b. Dec. 17, 1846; m. Caroline E. 
Groves, daughter of James and Asenath (Worry) 
Groves of Portland, Me. Enlisted in 25th Mass. 
Regt., and was wounded at Roanoke Landing, but 
served through the war in the veteran reserve corps ; 
lived in Portland, Me., and Maiden, Mass. 

—1457 Emma Frances,^ b. Feb. 18, 1853; m., Dec. 21, 1882, 
Frederick Lord, son of Emory and Rebecca L. 
(Spear) Lord of Orange, Mass. 

857. George Stratton ^ (Ebenezer,'' Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, Apr. 8, 1841, 
Sarah J. Holton, who was born Oct. 28, 1817. They settled in 
New Ipswich on a farm, where they lived for many years. She 
died Aug. 9, 1870, and he married, second, Delia Stratton, daugh- 
ter of Homer Stratton (847). He married, third, Annie White- 
head. He died in 1897. 

Children: — Born in New Ipswich, N. H. 

By first marriage. 
—1458 George Frederick,^ m. Martha Moore, Apr. 13, 1869, 
who died in 1873. He married again and lived in 
Peterboro, N. H. 
—1459 Emogene A.,» b. Nov. 28, 1849; d. Aug. 9, 1870. 

872. Samuel Stratton * [John,'' Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) married Isabella Brunhall in 1846. 
He was a merchant in Worcester, where he died in 1905. 


—1460 Ida,^ b. 1854; m. William J. Wheeler; res. Worcester. 

-1461 Frank,» b. 1866. 

-1462 Samuel,^ b. 1869. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 129 

873. Moses B. Stratton ^ {John,'' Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) went to sea while a young man, 
worked his way up until he became captain of his own ship; 
after retiring he lived in Worcester, Mass. He married, first, 
Mary Small ; second, Abbie Talbot ; third, Katharine Goodyear. 
Died Apr. 17, 1915, in Worcester, where his widow now resides. 

Children: — Born in West Newton, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
1462a Florence Elizabeth; d. in Worcester. 
—1463 Charles A.,^ res. Chicago; m. Rose Wilhelmina Baehr. 

By third marriage. 
—1464 Maude G.^ 
—1465 Henry T.« 

874. Danforth D. Stratton ^ {John,'' Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel," Samuel^) is a merchant broker in 
Boston. He married Frances Small. Died in Melrose, Nov. 12, 


—1466 Nellie,^ a student at Mt. Holyoke; m. Rev. George 

Allchin. They are missionaries in Japan. 
—1467 Elizabeth,^ m. James W. Savage; res. Lynn, Mass. 

885. Cyprian Kies Stratton ^ {Alpheus,'' Alpheus,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Sainuel ^) was born in Paxton, Mass. 
He married Rosina C. Miller. Enlisted in Co. "C," 25th Mass. 
Vols. Inft., Sept., 1861. Re-enlisted "for the war" Dec, 1863. 
Participated in many battles, among them Roanoke Landing, 
Newburg, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg. Honorably discharged 
June 21, 1865. He died in Portsmouth, N. H., in 1900. 

Children: — Born in Worcester, Mass. 

-1468 Ellen 0.« 

—1469 Emma E.,^ d. aged 6 mos. 

—1470 Florence H.,^ m. Charles Churchill; res. Portsmouth, 
N. H. 

+1471 Edwin A.» J 

887. Thomas Walter Stratton ^ {Alpheus,'' Alphcus,'^ Sam- 
uel,'^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) married, first, Feb. 3, 
1848, Mary Pierce Cutting, whose -jiother was Polhj {Wilder) 
Cutting; second, Maria J. McLaughlin, Oct. 3, 1891. He resides 
in Worcester. 

130 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Spencer, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
—1472 Alpheus AVilder,'-' b. Jan. 21, 1849; d., unm., in early 

—1473 ]\Iartha Jane,^ m. Charles Abbott; res. Monson, 

Born in Rutland, Mass. 
—1474 Frank Walter," b. Sept. 30, 1858; d., unm., in early 

—1475 Richard Vallangidham,^ b. Feb. 15, 1861; m. Mary 

D. Pierce; an engineer; res. East Brookfield, 

Mass. They have one child, Elsie Mary,^" m. 

George Andrew Putney, Sept. 9, 1909. 
Born in Pellam, Mass. 
—1476 William Thomas," m. Florence Hodge; res. Spencer, 

-1477 Mary Ellis," m. Rufus Aldrich ; d. in Fishkill, N. Y. 

900. Nathaniel Hapgood Stil\tton ^ {Samuel,~ Alpheus,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a silver 
plater, and lived in Greenwich, Mass., until 1855; then moved to 
Montpelier. He married Susan H. Legge, Sept. 25, 1839. He 
was a lieutenant in the Federal Army. He died Oct. 10, 1883, 
in Montpelier. Mrs. Stratton died in Oct., 1906. 

Children: — Born in Greenwich, Mass. 

—1478 Emma," m. Henry Barnes, May 23, 1866, and resides 
in Elliott, Iowa. 

-1479 Isadore F.," b. July 1, 1846; d. May 14, 1849. 

+1480 George Oren." 

908. Carlos Edson Stratton ^ {Caleb A.,'' Ebenezer,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, Sept. 5, 
1866, Annie Brown of Norwich, N. H. He was a farmer; a 
member of the Congregational church; served in the Civil War 
in Company "C," 15th Vermont Rcgt. He died Feb. 14, 1890, 
in Brookfield. 

Children: — Bom in Brookfield, Vt. 

—1481 Jerome Brown," m. Grace E. Parker, Aug. 19, 1904; 
res. Nashua, N. H.; chn. Mildred Gladys,^'^ Carl 

-1482 Mercy Emily," d. May 17, 1901, aged 21 years. 

;Mrs. Louisa (Strattdii) Russell, lioni 17SU. ^^lutlicr of the 
Russt'll hrotliers wlu) founded the larae manufacturing plant 
at Massillon, Oliio. /'»/'/'■ -t-- -^ '■'-•" -I", l""'- 1- 

Samuel Stratton of AVatertown 131 

911. Asa Strong Stratton « {Caleb S./ Caleb,^ Eleazer,^ 
Hezekiah,-^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sa7miel^) was educated at Ober- 
lin, Ohio. He married Sarah Glezen in 1866. Now president of 
the bank of Madison in which for many years he was cashier. A 
man of sterling worth and strictest business integrity. 

Children: — Born in Madison, Ohio. 

—1483 Philip G.;-* m. Mabel Kelley in 1905; res. Superior, 
Wis. They have three little daughters: Faith/" 
Mabel/« and Sarah." 

-1484 Stella,^ b. 1871 ; d. 1904. 

—1485 Samuel,^ b. 1875; d. in infancy. 

917. George Stratton ^ {Roswell,'' Asa,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^} married, first, Roxana P. Quint 
in 1848. She died in 1849 and in 1863 he married Sarah Ann 
Bates. He was a cabinet maker, and lived in Millbury, where 
he died Nov. 19, 1889. He was a soldier in the Federal army; 
a prominent member of the Unitarian church. 
Children: — Born in Millbury. 

By first marriage. 
—1486 George Roswell,^ b. 1849; d. in infancy. 

By second marriage. 
—1487 Ida Frances,® m. Orrin A. Mclntire in 1873; res. Fall 

River, Mass. 
—1488 Anna Augusta,® m. Henry C. Thompson, 1880; d. in 

Millbury, July 26, 1893. 
—1489 Charlotte Sarah,® m. Charles H. Hakes, 1882; res. 

—1490 Mary Florence,® m. Walter N. Walling, 1890; res. 

Auburndale, Mass. 
—1491 Maud Louise,® a teacher at Millbury. 

921. Edwin Alexander Stratton ^ {Asa,' Asa,^ Eleazer,^ 
Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) resides in Greenfield, 
Mass. He married, first, in 1851, Almira Purple, daughter of 
Roswell Purple. She died Oct. 9, 1854, and he married, sec- 
ond. May 7, 1857, Ellen Sawyer, daughter of Asahel Sawyer. 
A carpenter by trade and becoming a contractor he built many 
houses in Greenfield and vicinity. From 1862 to 1865 he was 
employed by the U. S. Government in the Springfield Armory. 
In 1869 he and his brother established a local manufactory in 
Greenfield which has grown to an extensive business, manufac- 

132 A Book of Strattons 

luring wooden and metal levels. He is a member of the Uni- 
tarian church. 

Children: — Born in Greenfield, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
—1492 Almira,° m. Fred Chase ; res. Keene, N. H. 

By second marriage. 
—1493 Edith A.,» m. Raymond O. Stetson, June 20, 1901. 
-1494 Lena L.,^ grad. Smith College, 1892; res. Greenfield. 

934, Albert S. Stratton ^ {Albert/ Asa,^ Eleazer,^ Heze- 
kiah,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) is a business man of North- 
field, owning valuable real estate in this vicinity and in other 
states. He married, in 1850, Nancy D. Drake, daughter of Tis- 
dale and Ruth (Davis) Drake of Maine. 
Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 
—1495 Ella, m. Eugene Brown of Winchester, 
—1496 Carrie, m. Dwight Preston of So. Vernon, Vt. • 
—1497 Earnest E., m. Dora Stearns; a jeweler in Hinsdale. 

936. Leonard White Str.\tton ^ {Eleazer,'^ Eleazer,^ Elea- 
zer,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) lived in Adamsville 
and Colrain City. At the latter place he owned and managed a 
blacksmith shop, and later bought a farm where he lived for 
many years. Sept. 8, 1853, he married Rowena Clark, who was 
born in 1829 and died in 1906. Mr. Stratton died the same 


+1498 George Leonard,^ b. Nov. 26, 1856. 

-1499 Charles William,^ m. Ella Clark, Aug. 28, 1881; no 

—1500 Lizzie Ella,'' for 13 years taught in the school sof Col- 
rain; m. Alvah Eldridge, Feb. 28, 1898. They 
have a son. Dean Stratton Eldridge. 

950, Samuel Pinkney Stratton ^ {Sa7miel,~ Rufus,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, Nov. 5, 
1846, Fannie Amanda Pratt of Montague. They resided in 
Gill, where he was a progressive and prosperous farmer. He 
held the office of town treasurer for several years and was chair- 
man of the board of selectmen for 21 years. Mrs. Stratton died 
Nov. 13, 1901. Mr. Stratton died Mar. 8, 1909, in Neenah, Wis., 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 133 

while on a visit in the home of his daughter. Both are buried 
in Gill. 

Children: — Bom in Gill, Mass. 

—1501 Donna F.,^ m. Alpheus F. S. Lyons, May 14, 1878; 
res. Neenah, Wis.; they have a son, Harold Strat- 
ton Lyons. 

—1502 Arthur S.,^ m. Mary E, Purple; res. Gill; no children. 

—1503 Lyman F.,'^ b. 1885; m. Mary D. Ellenwood; d. in 
Orange, Mass., in 1896; eh. Samuel Ray,^*^ res. 
Greenfield, Mass. 

952. Alfred Morrell Stratton ^ {Samuel,' Rufus,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) married Adeline 
Doolittle. Resides in Barnardston, Mass. 
Children: — Born in Gill, Mass. 
-1504 Willis A.,^ m. 1st Ella Sanderson; 2nd Ida E. 

Hunter; res. Bernardston; eh. Sumner," m. Carrie 

E. Stratton. 
—1505 Adella,^ m. Adelbert Mann. 
—1506 Everett,'' m. May Wyatt; their only child died young; 

res. Bernardston, Mass. 

956. Elijah Stratton * (Elihu,'^ Rufus,'^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Mary Turner Bruce, Aug. 
17, 1835, and was for many years an active physician in North- 
field. He died July 14, 1870. Mrs. Stratton died in 1809. 
Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 
—1507 Robert Bruce,^ b. Aug. 8, 1836; d. aged 3 years. 
—1508 Mary Turner,^ b. Mar. 16, 1838. 
—1509 Thomas Bruce,^ b. June 1, 1840; m. Elnora Pratt, 
May 26, 1867, daughter of Samuel and Lucy (Strat- 
ton) Pratt (No. 949) ; ch. Henry Pratt,i" res. 
Miller's Falls, Mass. 
—1510 Virginia S.,^ m. George Hastings in 1861. 
—1511 John Donsman,^ m. Nellie Bemis, Oct. 22, 1877; d. 
at Morrisville, Vt.; chn. Florence,^'^ Harold B.^" 

958. Edwin Stratton^ {Elihu,^ Rufus,^ Hezekiah,^ Heze- 
kiah,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was a surveyor and civil 
engineer. He was chief engineer during the construction of the 
Troy & Greenfield railroad, the Cape Cod Central, and the 
Worcester and Gardner, and helped to survey the Massachusetts 
Central. In 1855 he went west, where he helped to survey the 

134 A Book of Strattons 

IManitowoc and IMenasha and the Logansport and Peoria rail- 
roads. Returning to Massachusetts, he assisted in the survey of 
the Hoosac Tunnel line, and was the first man to pass through 
the tunnel when the ends were connected in 1874. In 1880 he 
was elected register of deeds for Franklin Co., and held the 
office until 1897, when he retired from active business. May 16, 
1854, Mr. Stratton married Jane Smith Fuller, a daughter of 
Farnum Fuller of North Adams. In politics he was a Republi- 
can. He was a member of the Unitarian church, of which he was 
a regular attendant. He was a member of the Masonic frater- 
nity for 53 years and an Odd Fellow for 61 years. He enjoyed 
perfect health up to the last years of his life. In his 94th year 
he declined a gold-headed cane offered him by a Boston news- 
paper for being the oldest man in town, saying that he had "never 
used a cane, and did not need one." He died at his pleasant 
home in Greenfield, Dec. 31, 1910, aged 95 years. 

Children:— 5om in North Admns, Mass. 

-1512 Jennie R.,^ m. George E. Heath of Fitchburg. 
Born in Shelburne Falls, Mass. 

-1513 Charlotte E.,^ Asst. Reg. of Deeds at Greenfield. 

-1514 Edwin F.,^ official in Northamton Savings Bank. 

960.- Edward Ruggles Stratton^ {Rvfus,' Riifus,^ Heze- 
kiah,' Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Charlotte 
E. Allison in 1845. He died in Boston Mar. 24, 1867. 

Children:— Bom in Boston. 

—1515 Eugene Edward,^ res. Washington, D. C. 

+1516 Earnest A.^ 

963. RuFus WiLLiAxM Stratton « {Rufus,' Hezekiah,^ Heze- 
kiah,'' Samuel,'' Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Jane E. 
Clapp of IVIontague in 1850. He lived in Amherst, where he 
conducted a shoe store for many years, and was in the insurance 
business for 12 years. He was one of the organizers of Grace 
Episcopal Church at Amherst, and one of its wardens. He was 
a staunch Republican, casting his first vote for Freemont in 1856. 
He died Jan. 20, 1914. 

Children: — Born in Amherst, Mass. 

—1517 Jennie Elizabeth,^ m. Geo. W. Foster. 

-1518 Edward J.,« b. 1854; d. 1889; unm. 

—1519 Lillian,'' d. in infancy. 

—1520 Gertrude Ellsworth,^ res. Amherst. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 135 

969a. William H. Stratton ^ {Lorenzo,' Rufus,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel^- Samuel^) married Martha G. Gage 
in 1846. He was a farmer in Northfield, where he died Apr. 
21, 1901. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

-1521 Ella r.,9 d. Sept. 14, 1905. 

—1522 Mary L.,^ m. Louis R. Taft; d. Nov. 15, 1907. 

—1523 Clarence W.,^ m. Margaret H. Rose, Mar. 9, 1903; 
res. Northfield. 

983. Chester Stratton ® (Arad,' Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Hezekiah,'* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Martha Wil- 
lette, Oct. 21, 1845, and moved to Ripley, Ohio. He died July 
16, 1879. 


—1524 Wellington,^ lived in Hillsboro, Ohio. 

—1525 Angelius,^ m. Kirkpatrick and resided at Mt. 

Sterling, Ky. 

—1526 Eugenia,^ Zanesville, Ohio. 

—1527 Arthur,^ d. young. 

—1528 Mary,^ d. young. 

—1529 Willis,^ lived in Warren, Ohio. 

—1530 Amelia,'' m. Charles Chappelear, Zanesville, Ohio. 

991. Lemuel Stratton ^ (Arad,' Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Hezekiah,* Sainuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Martha Wells, 
Sept. 3, 1859, and lived for awhile at Gill, Mass., and then re- 
moved to Elmira, N. Y. He died in New Berlin, N. Y., Nov. 
24, 1889. 

Children: — Born in Gill, Mass. 
—1531 Emma, m. Ansel Burr, 1883. 

Born in Norwich, N. Y. 
+1532 Herbert.^ 
—1533 Chester,^ m. Libbie B. Whitman in 1887; res. Berlin; 

ch. Ernest ,10 Pearl," Mason." 
+1534 Henry.9 

Born in New Berlin, N. Y. 
—1535 Jennie,^ m. Floyd Hayes, 1897. 

992. Hezekiah 0. Stratton ^ {Hezekiah,'' Hezekiah,^ Heze- 
kiah,'' Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,"" Samuel^) married Abbie 
F. Burt, daughter of Rufus Burt, in 1852, and lived in Winches- 

136 A Book of Strattons 

ter, Mass., and Keene, N. H., where he was a farmer. He died 
ill 1898. 

Children: — Bom in Winchester. 

—1536 Talline Osborn,^ d. Feb. 19, 1857, aged 4 years. 
—1537 Mary Abbie,^ d. Feb. 4, 1857, aged 2 years. 
—1538 Frank Rufus,^ a bookkeeper in Fitsburg, Mass., m. 
Lillian M. Graham, Apr. 18, 1898, They have a 
daughter, IMildred Graham." 
—1539 Julia Abbie,^-* d. Dec. 7, 1863, aged 3 years. 
—1540 Hattie Mercy ,^ m. Carlon N. Stowell, d. Dec. 4, 1901; 
res. Orange, N. J. 

993. Marcellus D. Stratton ® [Hezekiah,' Hezekiah,^ Heze- 
kiah/' Hezekiah* Samuelr Sainuel,- Samuel ^) married Henrietta 
Capen in 1858, and lives in Greenfield, Mass. 


—1541 George M.,^ m. Florence Covi^dry and lives in Monta- 
gue, Mass. 

—1542 Carrie E.,^ m. Sumner Stratton of Barnardston, 
Mass. He is a son of Willis Stratton (1504) of 
Gill; res. Greenfield. 

994. Charles Stratton ^ (Isaac J.,' Daniel,^ Richard,^ Icha- 
bod,* Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Lovenia Loomis, 
Feb. 7, 1827, and lived in Tyner and Oxford, N. Y. He was 
drowned in Chenango River, Aug. 22, 1839. Mrs. Stratton died 
Jan. 3, 1870. 


—1543 Lydia,^ m. Samuel Williams. 

—1544 Louise,^ m. J. W. Hamilton; d. in Oxford, Dec. 2, 

—1545 Diana,^ m. Horace Wood; d. 1878. 
—1546 Isaac J.,'' m. Margaret Bartle; d., 1903, in Portland, 

+1547 Charles E.,'' b. Sept. 2, 1836. 

996. Ebenezer Harrison Stratton ^ [Ehenezer; Ebenezer,^ 
Richard,^ Ichabod* Richard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) graduated from 
Williams College in 1828 and of Auburn Theological Seminary 
in 1831 and was a faithful and beloved pastor of various Presby- 
terian churches in New York State for forty-six years. He was 
three times married, first, to Olivia Minervia Bennett, Mar. 11, 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 137 

1833; second, to Charlotte Lewis, at Orangeville, N. Y., Dec. 
10, 1854; third, to Frances Bush, Dec. 10, 1874. At tlie time of 
his death, Jan. 27, 1899, at the age of 93 years, he was the oldest 
minister in the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church 
and the oldest graduate of Williams College, 

By first marriage. 
-1548 Mary Ann,« b. Dec. 24, 1833, m. Patrick Lane. 
—1549 Sarah Amelia,'' d. Mar., 1905, in Newton, Mass. 
—1550 Frances Elizabeth,^ m. Albert Greenleaf ; d. in Roch- 
ester, Oct. 19, 1898. 
—1551 Martha Amelia,^ b. Nov. 4, 1840. 
—1552 Olivia Alma,^ m. Wm. Douglas, Jan. 15, 1872. 
—1553 Alice Mancy,^ m. Filman Deal. 
—1554 Charles Bennett,^ d. in Auburn, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1869, 
aged 22 years. 
By second marriage. 
—1555 Laura,^ m.. May 13, 1890, Rev. Henry Bradley Sayre, 
a Presbyterian minister at Branchport, N. Y.; res. 
Geneva, N. Y. 

1001. Francis Joel Stratton ^ {Francis,'^ John,^ Francis,^ 
Ichabod,^ Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, first, Asenath 
Hawkes; second, Mercy Ann Warner; third, Hester A. Donnel- 
son, daughter of Nelson Donnelson. He was a physician and 
when the war broke out he joined the Federal army and died in 
Washington, D. C, in 1863. 

Children: — Born in Rochester, N. Y. 

By first marriage. 
—1556 Julia,^ m. Norman Putnam; d. in Washington 
(State) in 1900. 
By second marriage. 
—1557 Lucius,^ m. Adell Moon; d. in Rochester, N. Y.; 

ch. Mabel,^" m. John Quinn; res. Rochester. 
—1558 Adelaide,^ m. H. E. Walker, Nov., 1886; res. Buffalo, 
N. Y. 
By third marriage. 
+ 1559 Frank Nelson,'' b. 1860. 

1006. John Jackson Stratton ^ {Richard,'^ John,^ Francis,^ 
Ichahod,^ Richard,^ Samuelr Samuel^) went to Wisconsin about 
1848; married Rachel Ann May, June 21, 1854. Moved to 

138 A Book of Strattons 

Nebraska in 1885; died in Suburb, N. C, Sept. 25, 1900. Mrs. 
Stratton died in Nebraska July 14, 1896. 

Children: — Born in Columbus, Wis. 

—1560 j\Iary Jane.^ 

—1561 John Martin,^ living in Holt Co., Neb. 

1008. George Washington Stratton ^ {Asa,'' Asa,^ Icha- 
bod,'' Ichabod,* Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) lived and died in 
Nelson Co., Va. Nov. 23, 1831, he married Frances E. Loving. 
It is understood that he has descendants still living in Nelson Co. 

1009. Ebenezer Parker Stratton ^ {Asa,'' Asa,^ Ichabod,^ 
Ichabod,* Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was born in Vermont in 
1812 and while a boy went with his father to Virginia. While a 
young man he went from Virginia to Mississippi and for many 
years he was engaged in mercantile pursuits in several towns of 
that state. Always interested in public affairs he was elected 
mayor of every town in which he lived after reaching manhood. 
He was a Presbyterian of strong convictions; a Sunday school 
superintendent for more than forty years. In 1838 he married a 
Miss Wilson in Granada, Miss. She died in 1844. Two years 
later he married Harriet Washburn who survived him several 
years. He died in 1880 in Magnolia, Miss. 


By first marriage. 
—1562 Margaret,^ m. Herbert E. Poindexter. 
-1563 Della,^ m. B. C. Quin. 

By second marriage. 
—1564 Luna,^ d. in girlhood. 

—1565 Edward,^ m. Addie Aldritch ; their only son, Henry ,^° 
lives at Meriden (?), La. 

1010. Robert Burcher Stratton ^ (Asa,'' Asa,^ Ichabod,^ 
Ichabod* Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, first, Mary 
Elizabeth Peyton, June 8, 1870; second, Mary Elizabeth Bruce, 
Aug. 8, 1883. He lives in Lynchburg, and was for many years 
engaged in the drygood? business, from which he retired on 
account of failing eyesight. He has been blind for nearly twenty 
years. He is an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. 


-1566 Margaret Sibyl.'' 

—1567 Robert,^ d. aged 12 yrs. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 139 

—1568 Alexander.^ 
-1569 Elizabeth.^ 
—1570 Lavinia.^ 

1011. Alexander Brown Stratton ® {Asa,'' Asa,^ Ichabod,^ 
Ichabod* Richard,^ Sarnuel,- Samuel^), born in 1837; started in 
business early in life in Amherst Co., Va., and about 1858 moved 
to Lynchburg, where he became a successful leading drygoods 
merchant, and was prominent in the business, political and re- 
ligious interests of the town. May 12, 1863, he married Alice 
V. Roberts. 


—1571 Charles Massee,^ d. in Eddy, N. Mexico, at the age 

of 29 years ; buried at Abilene, Texas. 
—1572 Elizabeth Lindsay,^ res. Lynchburg. 
—1573 Alexander Brown,^ res. Lynchburg. 
—1574 Alice,^ d. aged 7 years. 

1012. Floyd Whitehead Stratton ^ {Asa,' Asa,^ Ichabod,^ 
Ichabod,^ Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was born at Variety 
Mills, Va. While still a boy he went to Liberty, Miss., where 
his brother, E. P. Stratton, had previously settled. When the 
Civil War broke out he joined the Confederate army. He mar- 
ried, Apr. 5, 1866, Judith Elizabeth Quin. He was a business 
man at Liberty, and postmaster there for some time; for many 
j^ears a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church. He died June 
5, 1904. 

Children: — Born at Liberty, Miss. 

—1575 Asa Graham, editor and proprietor of the Southern 

Herald at Liberty. 
-1576 Sibyl Quin. 
-1577 Floyd Bayard. 
-1578 Ethel Wayne. 

1031. Asa Stratton * {Joseph B.," Joel,^ Ichabod,^ Ichabod,'^ 
Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) moved with his parents from 
Wyoming Co., N. Y., to Portage Co., Ohio, when he was 8 years 
old, and here, with his brothers, he helped to clear up and culti- 
vate the new farm. At seventeen his father hired him out to a 
neighboring farmer, at twelve dollars a month. From this time 
until he began for himself he was either helping on the farm or 
working out, his father receiving his wages. Three months before 

140 A Book of Strattons 

he was of age his father gave him his time and "made him a 
present of an axe and a pair of sheep shears with which he started 
out to cut his own way through the world." How well he 
succeeded is proven by the pleasant home which he built 
in Richland, Mich., where he settled in the fall of 1851, — 
the beautiful, well cultivated farm and the large, comfortable 
dwelling house, and especially by the good home training, edu- 
cation and substantial help which he gave his children. 
May 4, 1851, he married Eliza B. Foster, daughter of Samuel, 
Jr., and Sarah (Foote) Foster of Franklin, 0. She lived to see 
all of her children, except the two youngest, settled in homes of 
their own. Some time after her death he married Sara Parmalee. 
Children: — Born in Richland, Mich. 

By first marriage. 
—1579 Sarah R.,» b. Aug. 18, 1852; m. Clarence Harvey, 

Nov. 23, 1870; res. Allegan, Mich. 
—1580 Freeman S.^ (twin), b. Feb. 10, 1854; m. Emma J. 
Travis, Oct. 27, 1880; a farmer near Richland; 
ch. Nellie M.^" 
—1581 Herman J.^ (twin), m. Kattie May Friend; res. 
Cooper, Mich.; portrait painter, ch. Mabel 
—1582 Electa May,^ b. July 2, 1857; m. Joseph E. Young, 

Feb. 7, 1877; res. Allegan, Mich. 
—1583 Luther A.,^ b. June 15, 1859; m. Maggie McPherson, 

Nov. 11, 1879; res. Bedford, Mich.: ch. Fred.^'^ 
—1584 George L.,^ b. Apr. 23, 1861; m. Melissa Shryer; 

res. Hazelton, Dak.; chn. Foster A.," Howard.^'' 
—1585 Frank E.,» b. June 27, 1863; m. Helen A. Ford, Dec. 

28, 1881; res. Berry, Mich.; ch. J. Ford.^'^ 
—1586 Burt E.,^ b. June 16, 1866; d. in infancy. 
-1587 Charles O.,'' b. Mar., 1868; m. Cora J. Vosburg, 
May 28, 1890; res. Richland, Mich.; chn. Emil H.," 
Edwin,!'* Freeman.!'* 
-1588 Frederick W.,^ b. Oct. 29, 1869. 
-1589 Grace E.,« b. Dec. 1, 1872. 

1032. Lucas Stratton * (Joseph B.,' Joel,^ Ichabod,^ Icha- 
bod,^ Richard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) spent his youth on his father's 
farm in Franklin Township, 0., which furnished him with plenty 
of employment. He had few school advantages, but plenty of 
instruction in the practical lessons of life. Sept. 11, 1853, he 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 141 

married Clarinda Frazier, who was born Nov. 15, 1834, in 
Portage Co., Ohio. For nearly thirty years he was engaged in 
farming and dairying in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. In 1882 
he sold his farm in Allegan Co., Mich., for §14,500, and, after a 
trip through the farming regions of several western states, re- 
turned to Michigan and bought a 140-acre farm near Galesburg 
where he now resides. 

Children: — Born in Franklin, 0. 

-1590 Mary C.,^ b. Oct. 9, 1854; d. in infancy. 

-1591 Ella L.,« b. Mar. 12, 1857; m. Christopher H. West; 

res. Omaha, Neb. 
—1592 Carrie D.,^ b. Sept. 22, 1859; d. aged 11 years. 
-1593 Will B.,« b. July 20, 1862; m. Dec. 28, 1887, Edith E. 
Chapman of Earlville, 0.; res. Galesburg, Mich. 
They have one daughter. Independence C.^** 
-1593a Ina D.,^ b. Nov. 12, 1865; m. Oct. 27, 1886, George 
E. Walker; res. Richland, Mich. 

1033. Samuel Stratton ^ (Joseph B.,' Joel,^ Ichabod,^ Icha- 
hod,'^ Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) remained on his father's 
farm in Franklin Township, Ohio, until he was 22 years old. 
Feb. 19, 1854, he married Mary Thompson, who was born May 
21, 1833, in Delkeith, Scotland, and came to America with her 
parents when a year old, settling in Sheetsboro, Ohio. He has 
engaged in farming and kindred pursuits in Ohio, Indiana and 
Illinois and now resides in Ashland, Neb., where he is engaged 
in farming and stock raising. 

Children: — Born in Lenox, Ohio. 
+ 1594 Charles E.,^ b. Mar., 1855. 

Born in Paxton, III. 
—1595 Delia,^ b. Mar. 4, 1864; graduate of Neb. State Uni- 
versity; a teacher. 

1034. Freeman Stratton * (Joseph B.,' Joel,^ Ichahod,^ 
Ichabod,-^ Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married. May 5, 1857, 
Emelia Willard, daughter of Frederic Willard, one of the early 
settlers of Portage Co., Ohio. She was a woman of much ability, 
a teacher in early life, and her death, in 1888, left a long felt 
vacancy among a large circle of friends. He has been a farmer 
in Portage Co. all his life. In 1879 he purchased the old Willard 
homestead, which has ever since been his home. 

142 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Franklin Township, Ohio. 

—1596 Maggie,^ b. Sept. 10, 1866; d. aged 2 years. 

—1597 Georgiana.^ 

—1598 Harry J./' m. Mertie Rhodes; res. Kent, Ohio. 

—1599 Franklin S.,° m. Florence Clark; res. Cleveland, Ohio. 

1036. Jonathan N. Stratton ^ {Joseph B.,' Joel,^ Ichabod,^ 
Ichabod,^ Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Harriet F. 
Dewey, Oct. 29, 1862. They resided first at the old Dewey 
homestead, north of Kent, 0., and, after six years, built a new 
house nearby w^hich has been the home of the family ever since. 
He engaged for about eight years in the mercantile business in 
Kent, and later devoted himself to farming. He died in 1891. 

Children: — Born in Franklin, Ohio. 

—1600 Addie M.,^ m. Dec. 20, 1888, John Lemmermen; 
res. Franklin, O. 

-1601 Fidelia F.^ 

1039. Joseph W. B. Stratton ^ (Joseph B.,' Joel,^ Ichabod,^ 
Ichabod,'^ Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married, Feb. 26, 1865, 
Euphemia A. Thompson. In the autumn of the same year they 
moved to Richland, Mich., where he bought a farm of 53 acres. 
In 1871 he sold this farm and moved to Missouri. Seven years 
later he sold his farm in Missouri and returned to Otsego, Allegan 
Co., Mich., purchasing the 50-acre farm upon which he lived the 
remainder of his life; he died Aug. 28, 1909. 

Children: — Born in Richland, Mich. 

—1602 Albert T.,^ m. Nellie Mason; res. Otsego, Mich. 

-1603 Harry S.,» b. Feb. 7, 1870; d. in 1890. 

—1604 Jessie May,^ m. Fred Horton, Mar. 26, 1903. 

—1605 Ruth Hazel.^' 

1042. RuFus Stratton ^ (Freemen,'^ Joel,^ Ichabod,^ Icha- 
bod,* Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) married Charlotte Galusha, 
and moved to Hazzardville, Conn., where he died Mar. 4, 1891. 
He was a machinist in the powder manufactory. 

Children: — Born in Bennington, Vt. 

—1606 Ruth,° d. aged 14 years. 

—1607 Polina,^ m. Wm. Kerr. 

—1608 Barber,^ m. Maggie Tooms; killed by an explosion in 
the powder mill at Hazzardville. 

—1609 Ida,^ res. Hazzardville. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 143 

Born in Hazzardville, Conn. 
—1610 Rufus,^ m. Phoebe McLaughlin; res. Hazzardville. 
—1611 George,^ m. Maggie Turner; res. Hazzardville. 

1050. Elmer Barber Stratton * {Freeman,'' Joel,^ Ichahod,^ 
Ichahod* Richard,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Laura E. Ayres, 
Feb. 11, 1874. She was a teacher, daughter of Joseph and Eliza- 
beth {Van Buskirk) Ayres. Her father was born in Colerain, 
Mass., Jan. 11, 1816, and her mother in Hoosic Falls, N. Y., 
Mar. 16, 1825. The following year, 1875, they moved to Hebron, 
111., where he was a farmer and mechanic. In Nov., 1906, they 
moved to Kenosha, Wis., where for several years he was con- 
nected with the American Brass Co., and where they still reside. 

Children: — Born at Hebron, III. 

—1612 Susan Chase,^ d. of diphtheria Feb. 11, 1881, at 

Hebron, aged 6 yrs. 
—1613 Elizabeth Thankful,^ m. Charles L. Steadman, Oct. 

28, 1896; res. Alden, 111. 
—1614 Edwin Freeman,^ machinist; m. Glennie Stone, Sept. 

17, 1902; res. Woodstock, 111.; chn. Joseph Ayres,^*' 

—1615 Helen Rowe,^ m. Sanford Watkins, Jan. 15, 1902; ' 

m. 2nd, Frank C. Slavin, Feb. 10, 1913. 
—1616 Carrie Joanna,^ m. George Arthur Parker, Nov. 20, 

1907; they have three sons one of whom is John 

Stratton Parker. 
—1617 Elmer Barber ,9 d. July 18, 1896; aged 12 years. 
—1618 John Ayres,^ shipping clerk in Am. Brass Co., at 

Kenosha; m. Oct. 10, 1914, Ellen Waldo, d. Charles 

and Eva Waldo. 
—1619 Annie Laura,^ res. Kenosha, Wis. 

1051. Hon. Isaac Stratton ® {John,' Richard,^ John,^ John,* 
John,^ John,- Samuel^) married, first. Mar. 31, 1831, Elizabeth 
Wright, daughter of Calvin Wright. She was born in 1812, and 
died Dec. 28, 1862. July 2, 1883, Mr. Stratton married Mrs. 
Lucy E. Frink, who was born Jan. 8, 1837. He was a prominent 
man in West Swanzey and Keene, N. H., active in temperance 
and educational work. He died Apr. 11, 1893. 

Children: — Born in West Swanzey, N. H. 
—1620 Menzies E.,^ b. Jan. 28, 1832; m. 1st, Clarena K 
Whitcomb; 2nd, Rexaville Green. He was a 

144 A Book of Strattons 

jeweler at Springfield, chn. Mabel,^^ Wallace E./" 
d. in Keene July 31, 1910. 

-1621 Edwin W.," b. Dec. 20, 1833; m. May 5, 1870, at 
Titusville, Pa., Emily E. Roberts of Edinburgh, 
Scotland, who died in 1873. He died in 1871. Ch. 
Edwin Isaac William,!^ b. July 27, 1871; adopted 
by a family named Mitchell and took their name. 

—1622 Isaac Edgar,^ b. 1836; d. in infancy. 

—1623 Josephine,^ b. Nov. 7, 1839; m. Lloyd D. Richardson. 

-1624 Emory W.,^ b. Nov. 22, 1843; m. Nov. 24, 1872, Char- 
lotte E. Kendall; d. May 19, 1887; ch. Bessie,^" 
lives in Springfield, Mass. 

1052, William Stratton ® (John,' Fichard,^ John,^ John,*' 
John,^ John,- Samuel^) married, first, Mary F. Lombard, who 
died Feb. 24, 1837, aged 33 years. Married, second, Adeline 
Johnson, of Lowell, Mass. He died in 1873. 
Children: — Born in West Swanzey, N. H. 
-1625 Judith,^ b. 1828. 
+1626 George W.,^ b. 1830. 

—1627 John F.,^ b. Sept. 14, 1832; went to Leipsic, Ger., in 
1866, and engaged in the manufacture of musical 
instruments; dealer in musical instruments in New 
York City for many years; d. Oct. 23, 1912, in 
Brooklyn, where his widow still resides. 
-1628 Addis H.,^ b. 1834; d. in childhood. 

By second marriage. 
—1629 Edward S.,^ res. Manchester, N. H. 
-1630 William, Jr.'' 

1058. John Str^tton ® {John,'' Richard,^ John,^ John,* John,^ 
John,- Samuel'^) was proprietor of the Central House, a Boston 
hotel, where he died in 1870, aged 49 years. He is buried in 
West Swanzey. He married Lora Dodge at Keene, N. H. 

Children: — Born in West Swanzey, N. H. 

—1631 Loretta,^ b. 1843; m. M. E. Ward; d. Jan. 5, 1866. 

-1632 Abbie,» b. 1844. 

—1633 Florence Louise,^ b. 1850; m. H. S. Martin; res. 

—1634 John C.,^ b. 1853; merchant in New York City. 

-1635 Byron F.,° b. 1854; d. Nov. 6, 1898; m.; left no 

Samuel Stratton of AVatertown 145 

1063. Oscar Stratton ^ (John,' Richard,'^ John,-' John,^ 
John,^ John,- Saynuel ^ I married Ellen Amelia Esterbrook, 
June 21, 1854, in Princeton, N. J., daughter of Capt. Washington 
and Lydia [Watson) Esterbrook. By trade he was a "finisher 
of leather." Lived in West Swanzey, N. H., Sterling and Grafton, 
Mass., and then went to Denver, Colo., where he died Jan. 28, 
Children: — Born in West Sivanzey, N. H. 
+1636 Melville Oscar,^ b. Sept. 14, 1857. 
—1637 Lizzie Allen,» b. Apr. 2, 1861 ; d. aged 6 years. 
—1638 Chester Esterbrook,^ m. Jennie Frances Walters of 
Washington, Ind., Jan. 10, 1895. Manager of the 
Tri-State Telephone Co., at El Paso, Texas. They 
have one daughter, Helen E.^° 

1067. John Stk\tton ^ (Abijah,' Abijah,^ Abijah,^ Jabez,* 
John,^ John,- Samuel^) inherited the old homestead at Natick. 
He was executor of his grandfather's will in 1830, and of his 
father's will in 1838. He married Betsey Kimball, Mar. 23, 

Children: — Born in Natick, Mass. 

-1639 Catherine D.,^ b. 1820; d. 1825. 

—1640 Elizabeth A.,^ d. in infancy. 

—1641 Harriet Ann,^ d. in infancy. 

—1642 Hannah,^ b. 1824; d. 1885; m. George Morse, Nov. 

27, 1845. 
-1643 Catherine D.,^ b. 1827 ; d. 1852. 
—1644 Abijah E.," b. 1830; d. in childhood. 
+1645 John H.,^ b. Nov. 22, 1832. 

—1646 Martha L,^ b. 1835; d. in Natick, unm., June 15, 1903. 
-1647 George W.,'' b. 1837; m. Georgiana Mann, Apr. 23, 

1869. They had three daughters, Nellie M.,^° 

Emma A.,^^ and Susan E." 

1068. Moses Stratton ^ (Abijah,'^ Abijah,^ Abijah,^ Jabez,* 
John,^ John,^ Samuel^) married, first, Mary Whitney, daughter 
of Aaron Whitney, who died Dec. 31, 1832; second, Martha 
Whitney, daughter of Col. Isaac Whitney of Sherborn. 

Children: — Born in Natick, Mass. 

-1648 Mary W.,^ b. Dec. 31, 1832. 

-1649 Charles. 

—1650 Francis, b. Mar. 1, 1836. 

—1651 Mariam C, b. Oct. 2, 1842; m. Frederick Valentine. 

146 A Book of Strattons 

1069. Aaron Stratton ^ {Abijah/ Abijah,^ Abijah,^ Jabez,* 
John,^ JoJm,'- Samuel^) married Susanna Russell, daughter of 
Jonathan and Sarah Russell. She was born in 1813. 
Children: — Bom in Sherborn, Mass. 
—1652 John Edward,^ m. Mary E. Ward in Sherborn in 1864, 

d. of Nathan and Lucy A. Ward. 
—1653 Horace J.,^ m. Rosabell Taylor, Jan. 1, 1868; lived in 

Sherborn; d. May 19, 1892; clin. Lizzie Ann/" Joel 

Horace,!" ^^ Edith A. Hunt, Nov. 9, 1894; chn. 

Nellie M.," Gladys C.^^ 

1072. ToLMAN Stratton ^ {Jonathan,'^ Daniel,^ Abijah,^ 
Jabez,* John,^ John,- Samuel ^) left Massachusetts while a young 
man, and settled in Kentucky, where he married Sarah Richards 
about 1822. In 1832 he sold a lot of land in Surry, N. H., to 
William Stratton of Sherburne. He died in Greenup Co. in 1837. 
In early life he followed the sea for several years as a sailor boy. 
As there were Tolmans in Greenup County he may have gone 
there with his mother's people. 

Children: — Born in Greenup Co., Ky. 

-1654 Zacharias,^ b. July 12, 1826; d. in 1847. 

—1655 Polly,'' b. Apr., 1827; d. in infancy. 

+1656 Jonathan,^ b. Nov. 11, 1829. 

—1657 John Tolman,^ b. Apr., 1831. Drowned in Little 
Sandy River, aged 13 years. 

—1658 Martha Ann ^ (twin ) , b. Apr., 1831 ; d. in childhood. 

—1659 William,-' b. Nov., 1832; killed in Civil War in 1865. 

1077. Joel A. Str.\tton ^ {John," Daniel,^ Abijah,^ Jabez,* 
John,^ John,- Samuel'^) passed his boyhood on his father's farm 
at Sherborn. As a young man he followed the sea for several 
years; was first officer of a merchant ship, then mate on the ship 
Kingfisher, and during the Civil War enlisted in the Na\^', serving 
fourteen months. He married Charlotte Godfrey Coffin, June 2, 
1852, daughter of Albert and Sarah 0. [Earlc) Coffin of Nan- 
tucket. After leaving the sea he, for many years, did a good 
work for the sailors, going from place to place among them. 
He engaged in the mercantile business at New London, Bridge- 
port and other places. He died in East Providence, R. I., Jan. 1, 


—1660 Wallace C. Stratton,'' a physician of San Francisco. 

Samuel Stratton op Watertown 147 

1090. Martin Whitcomb Stratton ^ {Albert,'' Nathan,^ 
Nathan,^ Jabez* John,^ John,- Samuel'^) engaged with his 
brother Joel in the grain, feed and lumber business in Leominster, 
Mass., from 1864 to 1879 as "Stratton Brothers," and then re- 
moved to Reading, Kan., and purchased land on the Indian 
Reservation, and is now in the real estate business in Kansas 
City, under the firm name of "Silver & Stratton." He married, 
first, Mary A. Litchfield, June 14, 1857; second, Mrs. Martha 
Gale, Nov., 1876, and third, Kate Rhodes, Dec. 30, 1896. 

Children: — Born in Leominster, Mass. 
-1661 Lillian Marilla,^ d. 1899; unm. 

—1662 Albert James," b. Mar. 5, 1860; m. in Kansas, Nov., 
1894, Florence Lidzy, d. of Rev. Thos. and Eliza- 
beth (Fellows) Lidzy. 
+1663 Javius Litchfield.^ 
-1664 Ellen Adelia.^ 
—1665 Mary Alice.^ 

Born in Reading, Kan. 
-1666 Edwin L.^ 

Born in Kansas City, Kan. 
—1667 James L.^ 

1091. Joel Augustus Stratton ® {Albert,'^ Nathan,^ Nathan,^ 
Jahez,^ John,^ John,- Sanmel^) remained on his father's farm 
until Sept., 1862, when he enlisted as chaplain in Co. C, 53rd 
Mass. Vols.; was assigned to Dept. of Gulf, and participated in 
the battle of Fort Bisland and Fort Hudson, La., May 27, 1863, 
and the second battle of Fort Hudson Jan. 14, 1863, where he 
was severely wounded. Just before entering the battle he was 
promoted to the command of Major. Oct. 4, 1865, he married 
Hannah W. Corney, and in 1879 removed from Leominster, 
Mass., to Reading, Kan., where he now resides. He was member 
of Massachusetts Legislature in 1864; has continually held some 
public office, — selectman, justice of the peace, police judge, notary 
public. He was trustee of the M. E. Church at Leominster, 
also in Reading. 

Children: — Born in Leominster. 

—1668 Joel Alfred,^ d. in Leominster. 

-1669 Isabella Corney ,« m. D. A. Simkins, 1895. 

—1670 Stanley H.,« res. Kansas City, Kan. " 

—1671 Arthur,^ d. in Leominster. 

—1672 Ethel May,^ m. Alonzo C. Nickel, Feb., 1896. 

148 A Book of Strattons 

1092. Albert Osmon Stratton ® {Albert,' Nathan,^ Nathan,^ 
Jahez,^ John,^ John,- Sarnuel'^) married Mrs. Jennie L. Stone; 
served three j-ears in tlie Civil War in 37th Mass. Vols. In 19 
battles and skirmishes. He is a farmer in Cheshire, Conn. 

Children: — Born in Lauensburg, Mass. 

—1673 Jared Osman,^ m. Delia Cook; res. Hartford, Conn. 

—1674 "William Arnold,-' m. Cora Long; res. Hartford, Conn. 

—1675 Frank Wilber,^ m. Katherine Grassier. 

—1676 Fred S.,'** m. Amelia Krum. 

—1677 George 0.° 

1097. Porter Raymond Stratton ^ [Albert,' Nathan,'^ A'a- 
thcm,^' Jabez,^ John,^ John,'- Scnnuel'^) is a Methodist minister, 
joining the New England conference in 1885. Has been pastor of 
the church in Ashburnham, Enfield, North Brookfield, Oxford, 
and other Massachusetts towns; also preached four years in the 
East Maine conference. He married Annie M. Jewett, IMar. 15, 
1880, daughter of Dea. Charles Jewett of Leominster. She died 
in Denver, Colo., Nov. 25, 1893. In 1899 he married Maria J. 


By first marriage. 

—1678 Edith Jewett,^' d. in 1898, aged 8 years. 

-1679 Leslie Whitney .^ 

1101, Austin Chandler Stratton* {Walter,' Ebenezer,^ 
Elias,^ Jabez,* John,^ John,- Samuel'^) lived in Athol, Templeton 
and Harvard. He was a farmer. He was married three times, 
first, to Sophia H. Sibley, Jan. 17, 1843; second, to Mary Ras- 
kins, Nov. 24, 1858; third, to Laura Haskill, Aug. 9, 1877. He 
died in Harvard, Mass., Dec. 30, 1905. 
Children: — Born in Templeton, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
-1680 Josephine S.,« d. Sept. 14, 1892. 
—1681 Orin P.,« d. Nov. 5, 1847, aged 1 year, 7 mos. 
-1682 Israel Sibley," d. Sept. 23, 1850. 

By second marriage. 
—1683 George Austin,^ d. Oct. 30, 1861. 
-1684 Jesse Frank,'' d. Nov. 11, 1861. 

By third marriage. 
—1685 Ethel Elizabeth,^ d. Mar. 4, 1880. 
—1686 Stella Gertrude," m. Herbert Downing, Sept. 16, 1908. 
Res. Ayer, Mass. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 149 

1106. Charles Temple Stratton^ {Walter/ Ebenezer,^ 
Elias,'^ Jahez,-^ John,^ John,- Samuel^) married Jane M. Griffin, 
Oct. 19, 1854. He was a machinist by trade, and lived in Athol 
and Worcester, Mass. He died in Worcester July 19, 1907. 

Children: — Born in Worcester, Mass. 

-1687 Isabelle Curtis,^ m. 1st, John P. K. Otis, Oct. 19, 
1874; m. 2nd, Edward P. King, Aug. 20, 1907. 

-1688 Charles Griffin,^ Pres. of Curtis Mfg. Co., makers of 
woolens, AVorcester. 

—1689 Albert Curtis,^ d. Feb. 6, 1862. 

1108. Francis Alvin Stratton ^ {Walter,'^ Ebenezer,^ Elias,^ 
Jabez,^ John,^ John,- Samuel'^) went to Iowa in 1858; married 
Belle Ritter Trime, June 10, 1874. He became a successful 
farmer and retired in 1901. 

Children: — Born in Iowa City. 

—1690 Blanch,^ m. Irvin V, Cozine ; res. Iowa City. 

—1691 Frances E.» 

-1692 Maude.» 

-1693 Fred.9 

1113. Albert W. Stratton^ {Wilder,'^ Ebenezer,^ Elias,^ 
Jabez,* John,^ John,- Samuel'^} moved from Athol to Fitchburg, 
Mass., in 1868, and from there to Gardner in 1898. By trade 
he was a sash and door maker, and later was engaged in the 
provision business. Nov. 21, 1864, he married Eliza Ellen 
Watson, who was born in Acton, Me., May 17, 1844, and died in 
Gardner Apr. 26, 1909. She was a member of the St. Paul's 
Episcopal Church. 


— 1694 Albert Loren,^ Dept. Commissioner Mass. Depart- 
ment Fisheries and Game; Knight Templar; mem. 
Episcopal Church; res. Gardner, Mass. 

1114. Elber Elisha Stratton ^ {Elisha,' Elias,^ Elias,^ 
Jabez,'^ John,^ John,- Samuel'^) was a carpenter and later a 
farmer. He went from Gill, Mass., to Buckland. He married 
Electa Trombridge, June 6, 1867. 

Child: — Born in Buckland, Mass. 

—1695 George Eber,'' connected with the U. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. 

150 A Book of Strattons 

1121. Horace Hubbard Stratton * {Samuel,'' Elias,^ Elias,^ 
Jabez,^ John,^ John,- Samuel ^) married, May 29, 1860, Catherine 
L. Brewster, daughter of Nathan C. Brewster of Montague. He 
died Mar. 10, 1901. 
Children: — Born in Gill, Mass. 
—1696 Herbert Rogers,^ res. Gill; unm. 
—1697 Clesson Horace,^ m. Dec. 10, 1890, Nettie Louise 
Hale; res. Barnardston, Mass. They have two 
daughters, Florence Susan,^** Blanche Gertrude." 

1133. Jonathan Winsor Stratton ^ {Jonathan,'' Joseph,^ 
Elias,^ Jabez,* John,^ John,- Samuel'^) married Laura Nelson, 
Apr. 29, 1851. He died in Athol Nov. 3, 1871. 

Children: — Born in Petersham, Mass. 

—1698 Herbert S.,^ m. Addie Jennings; res. Orange, Mass. 

—1699 Cora L.,^ res. Petersham. 

—1700 Carrie,^ d. 1876, aged 16 years. 

—1701 William Henry ,^ m. Maud Robins; res. Munsonville, 
N. Y. 

1139. Joseph Alonzo Stratton ^ {Joseph,'' Joseph,^ Elias,^ 
Jabez,* John,^ John,^ Samuel^), born in Athol, Mass., Oct. 16, 
1831; married Harriet L. Adams of Athol; lived in Kennedy, 
N. Y., Greenwood and Woodstock, 111. He died July 15, 1899. 


—1702 Emmerson, A.^ 

-1703 Edgar L.^ 

-1704 Edith M.^ 

—1705 Edna E.« 

—1706 Francis A.^ 

1141. Joel W. Stratton ^ {Joseph,'' Joseph,^ Elias,^ Jabez,* 
John,^ John,- Samuel^), born in Athol, Mass., Jan. 8, 1838; 
married Victoria Harris in 1860; res. Spartenburg, Pa. 

Children: — Born in Centerville, Pa. 

-1707 Frank E.^ 

—1708 Lucella A.,° m. Omar C. Martin. 

—1709 Louie M.^ 

1143. Horace Minot Stratton ^ {Joseph,'' Joseph,^ Elias,^ 
Jabez,* John,^ John,^ Samuel^) married Helen Mann, daughter 
of Thomas Mann, and lives in Greenfield, Mass. 

Strattons: 1. David; I'lii/r IMS. I. .Toiias: /'(/ye 203. '^. 
Amos T. : I'dnc 'iOS. 4. C'\ riis \\'. : Pai/c 211. ;">. Henry 1)., ono of 
the fouiuh'is of the Strattoii & IJiyaiit Business Colleges; Page 217. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 151 

Children: — Born in Greenfield. 
—1710 Stella May.'-' 
—1711 Earle Minot.^ 
—1712 Horace Frederick.^ 
—1713 Rolland Aubrey .'^ 

1145. Frederick Eugene Stratton * (Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ 
Elias,^ Jabez,'^ John,^ John,- Samuel'^) graduated from Williams 
College in 1871. Mar. 14, 1874, he married Trephena Goddard 
of Davenport, Iowa. In 1883 they moved from Massachusetts 
to Davenport, where he was principal of the High School, and 
in 1892 moved to Northfield, Minn., where he became Professor 
of Greek in Carlton College, which position he held for fourteen 
years. In 1906 he was elected Dean of Fargo College and 
Professor of Greek, which position he still holds. A faithful, 
conscientious teacher for more than forty years, he is loved and 
respected by the many of this generation who have come under 
his care as an instructor and advisor, and through them his 
influence for good will go down through the ages. 


—1714 Alice Bell,^ grad. Wellesley, 1903; a teacher for several 
years. Aug. 26, 1908, m. Rev. Dr. Harry E. 
Stocker. They reside at So. Bethlehem, Pa., where 
he is pastor of the First Moravian church. 

1153. Edward Bliss Stratton * {Lemuel P.,' Lemuel,^ Jona- 
than,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,^ John,- Samuel^) married Jane Ann 
Stewart, Sept. 5, 1855. He was for many years a deacon in 
the Congregational church of which his father was one of the 
founders in Brighton. About 1882 he moved to Lebanon, Mo., 
where he bought a farm, where he lived the remainder of his 
life. He died Aug. 31, 1914, greatly respected for his honest, 
helpful, sincere, Christian life. Mrs. Stratton died Sept. 10, 1894. 
Children: — Born in Brighton, III. 

—1714a Edward Page,^ m. 1st, Jan. 2, 1878, Jane Bayless; 
chn. Margaret Alice," James Edward," res. St. 
Louis; m. 2nd, Nov., 1893, Alice Turner; chn. John 
Hilary," George Bliss"; d. at Phillipsburg, :Mo., 
Feb. 7, 1915. 
—1714b Robert Stewart,^ a successful farmer of Lebanon, Mo.; 
m. Nettie L. Courser, Oct. 2, 1884; chn. Grace 
Louisa," Robert Charles," Hattie Louisa." 

152 A Book of Strattons 

—1714c Annetta Jane,^ m. John Marion Spiller, July 15, 1914; 
res. Lebanon, Mo. ; a teacher before her marriage. 

1154, Nathax Johnson Stratton ® {Lemuel P.,' Lemuel,^ 
Jonathan;' Jonathan* Joseph,^ John,- Samuel ^} married Clarissa 
Rebecca Rice, Apr. 19, 1858. He has been for many years a 
grain dealer, having had large interests in this business in 
Brighton, Chicago, Quincy, Marysville, and other towns in 
Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. He is now residing at 
Edna, Kansas, in his eightieth year. Energetic, helpful and 
public spirited, he has often been chosen to public offices of trust 
and responsibility. In every town in which he has lived, he and 
Mrs. Stratton have been closely connected with the Presbyterian 
or Congregational church in which they have been faithful, 
loyal and untiring workers, giving liberally of their time and 
means to church and mission work. 
Child: — Bor?i in Brighton, III. 

— 1714d Edwin Luther ,° m. Mary L. Andrew's, June 14, 1883; 
educated at Jacksonville, 111., and Oberlin College, 
Ohio; connected with a business firm at Pueblo, 
Colo., where he now resides and where he is an 
elder in the Presbyterian church. 

1156. William Page Stratton ^ {Lemuel P.,' Lemuel,^ Jonu- 
than,^ Jonathan,'^ Joseph,^ John,- Samuel'^) married Rebecca 
Vanneman, Nov. 2, 1869. He served in the Civil War in Co. 0, 
122nd 111. Vol. Inf. While in the service he received an injury 
in the knee which caused trouble which finally resulted in his 
death at the age of fifty-six years. He was a member of the 
G. A. R. He died in Bloomington, Neb., Oct. 16, 1899. 
Children: — Born at Oldman, III. 

— 1714e Annie M.,^ m. John R. Ess, Feb. 25, 1894; res. Bloom- 
— 1714f Charley Page,° m. Olah Mae Smith, Feb. 20, 1902; 
res. Mexico, Mo. Chn. Floyd Francis,^° d. Apr. 3, 
1905; Carl Smith,i° Lemuel Page.^° 

1161. Charles Stephen Stratton ^ {Stephen J.,'' Lemuel,^ 
Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'^ Joseph,^ John,^ Samuel'^) married Mary 
E. Gifford, Jan., 1876, daughter of Christopher and Susan Gifford. 
She died in 1911. He is a master mechanic at the Quissett Mills, 
in New Bedford. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 153 

Children: — Born in New Bedford, Mass. 

— 1714g Edward Winslow," m. Sylvia Fontone, March, 1910; 
superintendent of the Golden Boulder Mining Com- 
pany at Fairview, Nevada. 

— 1714h George WendelP (twin), m. Lena Hammett, June 6, 
1908; a machinist at Quissett Mills; ch. Florence 

—17141 John Paul '•' (twin) , m. Maria Hammett, Oct. 19, 1899; 
machinist at the Beacon Blanket Mills, New Bed- 

— 1714J Caroline Eunice.^ 

1174. George D. Stratton^ [William,'^ Winsor,^ Samuel,^ 
Jonathan,'^ Joseph,^ John,- Sainuel'^) was a farmer of North- 
boro; a member of the Unitarian church. June 11, 1879, he 
married Ellen Maria Ballou, who died Aug. 27, 1889. Mr. 
Stratton died Feb. 22, 1886. 

Children: — Born in Northboro, Mass. 

— 1715 Walter Stanley,'-* m. Priscilla Spooner; res. New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 

-1716 Frank Henry,^ m. Jan. 28, 1911, Lillian Elmira 
Ballou; res. Braintree, Mass. 

1192. PuRBOT Hill Stratton ^ {Martin,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ John,- Samuel'^} married, July 30, 1874, Julia 
S. Hutchins, daughter of John and Julia (Wentworth) Hutchins 
and granddaughter of Eastman and Betsey (Atherton) Hutchins. 
They live in Cambridge, Mass., where he is a contractor and 

Children: — Born in Hancock, Me. 

—1717 Carl L.,^ m. Alice Hubley in 1905. 

—1718 Harry C.,^ m. Annie J. Longly in 1879. 
Born in Bar Harbor, Me. 

-1719 Daisy M.,^ b. Aug. 5, 1882; d. Feb. 4, 1899. 
Born in Ellsworth, Me. 

—1720 Vivian H.^ 

-1721 Earle P.'' 

1198. WiLLLAM Stratton '^ (Isaac G.,^ William,^ Samuel,^^ 
Enoch,* Samuel,^ Richard,"^ Samuel V) was a farmer in New Hart- 
ford. He married Electa Rice. He died in 1870. 

Children: — Born in New Hartford, N. Y. 

—1722 Isaac G.,® served three years in Co. D., N. Y. heavy 


154 A Book of Strattons 

artillery; married Catherine Hendricks in 1861; 

res. Chadwick, N. Y. Chn. Elida," Cora B./^ 

Mar\^ E.i° 
-1723 William.^ 

—1724 Cornelia,^ m. Arthur G. Cunningham. 
—1725 James. ^ 

—1726 Eliza,^ m. Geo. Horrocks. 
—1727 Edward,^ m. Nettie Stevens. 
-1728 Lewis.9 

1204. Edward I. Stratton « (Isaac,'' William,^ Samuel,^ 
Enoch, ■^ Samuel,^ Richard," Samuel^) resides now in Newark 
Valley, N. Y. He served three years in the Federal Army in 
52nd Regt., Pcnn. Infantry. Was in many battles. Oct. 19, 1869, 
he married Amanda Grain. She died June 15, 1898, in Union 
Center, N. Y. 

Children: — Born in Burlington, Pa. 

— 1729 Samuel S.,^ m. Carrie Grover, May, 1897; chn. 

Maude,i« Ruth,io Ward.^" 

— 1730 Harry C.,^ m. Vella Miller, Jan., 1900; ch. Day- 

ton W.^« 

1205. DAvm Stratton^ {William,' William,^ Samuel,^ 
Enoch,^ Samuel,^ Richard,- Samuel'-) was a practical farmer in 
Tompkins Co., N. Y. He married Lucretia H. Buck, Jan. 20, 
1864. They were members of the Methodist church. He died 
in Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1887. 

Children: — Born in New field, N. Y. 

—1731 William Buck,» grad. Cornell University, 1888. Served 

in Spanish-American war; architect, "Stratton & 

Baldwin," in Detroit, Mich.; mem. Congregational 

—1732 Roscoe Wood,'' engaged in agriculture; res. Elmira, 

N. Y. 

1222. Francis John Stratton ^ {John,'' John,^ Benjamin,^ 
Jabez,* Samvcl,^ Richard,- Samuel^) married Mrs. Grace Mid- 
dleton (Metcalfe) Johnson in San Francisco. He died in Bos- 
ton, Mar. 9, 1888. Buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery. 

Children: — Born in San Francisco, Cal. 

—1733 Frank Herbert,^ d. in Chicago, aged about 3 years. 

-1734 Grace Lillian.^ 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 155 

Born in Boston. 
—1735 Beatrice Caroline,'^ m. Robert Moss Lockwood in 
New York City, Jan. 3, 1893. 

1225. Edmond Burt Stratton * {Josiah/ Jabez,^ Jabez,^ 
Jabez* Samuel,^ Samuel,'- Samuel ^) married Sarah Adelia Good- 
win, Dec. 25, 1872. He was a furniture maker. Resided in Put- 
man, Conn., where he recently died. 
Children: — Born in Lancaster, N. H. 
—1736 Carrie Elsie,^ m. Charles E. Briggs, Nov. 3, 1898; 

res. Arlington, Conn. 
— 1737 Harry Ernest,^ m. Mabel Evans, Apr. 18, 1903; ch. 
Gladys Isabell.^° 

1252. Archie Williamson Stratton ^ {Paul,^ Paul,'' Josiah,^ 
Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) moved with his 
parents from St. Johns, N. B., to Chester, Me., when about 8 
years old. Oct. 5, 1851, he married Julia A. Snow. Her father 
and grandfather were both sea captains, sailing from Bangor to 
the West Indies. After their marriage they lived for awhile 
in Winn, Me., and in 1862 settled in Chester, where he died Nov. 
8, 1885. 

Children: — Born in Winn, Me. 

-1738 Ida May, ^'^ d. 1875. 

+1739 Henry Herbert.^^ 


—1741 Everett Burnside,^° m. Melissa Stewart in 1891; res. 
Richmond, Me. 

—1742 Fred William,^" d. June 10, 1907, unm. 

+1743 Charles Albert.^" 

—1744 Sadie A.,^'> m. Frank Lint, Sept. 5, 1893; res. Rich- 
mond, Me. 

1253. Lewis Frazier Stratton ® {Paul,^ Paul,' Josiah,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel," Samuel ^) was a successful lum- 
ber dealer of Bangor, Me. Lived for awhile at Mattawamkeag, 
was sheriff of Penobscot Co. In 1854 he married Sarah Brown. 
He died in 1891. Their son, Albert Olando,^*^ married Jane Chad- 
bourne in 1875 and died in 1899, leaving one child, Ethel.^^ 

1256. George Hubbard Stratton ^ iPaul,^ Paul," Josiah,^ 
Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was for some 
time a lumber dealer in Maine. In 1860 he enlisted in the 11th 

156 A Book of Strattons 

Maine Rcgt. and was Lieutenant of his Company. Removed to 
Ballard, Wash., where he was U. S. Oil Inspector and Chief of 
Police. March 2, 1861, he married Susan Estes. 

Children: — Born in Winn, Me. 

-1745 Willard George,^" b. 1865; d. in Ballard, Wash., in 
1903; m. Gertrude Killworth in 1898. 

—1746 Guy,^*^ d. in childhood. 

-1747 Dorothy." 

1259. Gilford Dudley Stratton ^ iPaul,^ Paul,'' Josiah,^ 
Hezekiah,° Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) has been a hotel 
proprietor for many years. At 25 he built a large hotel in Winn, 
Me. Four years later he bought the Mattawamkeag House, of 
which he was proprietor for nine years. Later he bought the 
Gorham House, and was proprietor of the Alpine House in Gor- 
ham, N. H., for twenty-three years, and of the Umbagog House 
at Errol, N. H., for several years. He was the organizer of the 
Berlin, N. H., water company, and wuth his brother-in-law es- 
tablished the Lcwiston Daily Sun. After retiring from the hotel 
business he moved to Laconia, N. H. Oct. 21, 1873, he married 
Eva Louise Wing, who was born in Watertown, Me., Dec. 29, 
1851. She was daughter of Henry E. and Hannah (Smith) Wing. 
Children: — Born in Mattawamkeag. 
—1748 Alice May,^" m. Alpha Haven Harriman, M. D., 

Oct. 4, 1904; res. Laconia. 
—1749 Rose Belle," m. Nathaniel Winslow Shaw, June 12, 

1906; res. Portland, Me. 
-1750 Roy Hubbard." 

—1751 Annie Louise,"' grad. of Wellesley, 1903; m. Clifton 
A. Towle, June 20, 1908, Prof, of Biology and 
Physiography, Worcester Academy, Worcester, 

1269. Daniel W. Stratton ^ (Frink,^ Paul,'' Josiah,^ Heze- 
kiahj' Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sa77iuel'^) married Hattie W. 
Phillips, Mar. 22, 1868, and resided in Winn, where he died Sept. 
3, 1893. 

Children: — Born in Winn, Me. 

—1752 Wilmot,"' b. 1868; d. aged 2 years. 

—1753 Mila Frances," m. John W. Barlow. 

—1754 Gracie L.," b. 1877; d. aged 3 years. 

+1755 Ora Earnest." 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 157 

1288. Ebenezer M. Stratton ^ [Asa,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^} married May Ann 
King, June 9, 1853. Deacon in Baptist church for more than 30 
years. Resides in South Newfane. 

Children: — Born in Newfane, Vt. 

—1756 Clara A.,^^' m. Charles Brown, July 18, 1878. 

—1757 Amelia J./° d. July 17, 1877, aged 19 years. 

—1758 Abbie N.,i" m. Lennie Bailey, Mar. 8, 1888; lives in 

Sufficld, Conn. 
-1759 Willie J.,^" d. Mar. 9, 1879, aged 11 years. 
—1760 Nellie R.,^° m. Edward Morse, June 5, 1900; res. Bat- 

tleboro, Vt. 
-1761 Frank A.,^^ d. Mar. 9, 1879, aged 3 years. 

1289. John S. Stratton ^ {Asa,^ Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel ^) is a farmer of So. Newfane, 
Vt. Jan. 19, 1860, he married Adelia Powers. 

Children: — Born in Dummerston, Vt. 
-1762 Ida M.,i° d. June 29, 1877, aged 17 years. 
-1763 Ella J.," 

-1764 John M.," m. Tena L. Allen, Oct. 23, 1901; res. Wil- 
liamsville, Vt.; chn. Harold G.,'^ Dorothy M.^^ 

1290. Asa H. Stratton ^ {Asa,^ Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) served two years in the 
Civil War, 1862-1864. In 1865 he married Ellen Powers; resides 
in West Brattleboro, Vt. 


—1765 Dana Albert," m. Elvira M. Taylor, Mar. 19, 1896; 

res. Guilford, Vt.; ch. Dana Paul.^^ 
+1766 Leslie Elbridge." 

—1767 Herbert Powers," res. Springfield, Mass. 
—1768 Marv Ellen," res. Williamsville. 


1301. Alonzo V. Stratton ^ (Joseph,^ Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Heze- 
kiah;' Samuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) is a farmer of South 
Newfane. He married in 1870 Louise A. Charter, daughter of 
King D. and Esther iBartlett) Charter of Marlboro. She was 
born Feb. 16, 1852, and died May 27, 1914, leaving many friends 
to mourn their loss in the home, the Sunday school and church, 
where she had long been a faithful and efficient worker. Mr. 
Stratton died just four months earlier. 

158 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in New fane, Vt. 
—1769 George Perley,^" res. Springfield, Mass. 
—1770 Walter L./" res. Springfield, Mass. 
-1771 Cecil C." 

1310. Charles Juliand Strattox ^ (Albert G.,^ John,'' Dan- 
iel,*^ Hezekiah,^ Sa7nuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married 
Mary Kinney, May 1, 1865. They lived in So. Oxford, Hampton- 
burg, and Amsterdam, X. Y., and in 1881 moved to Chicago, 
where he died, Jan. 14, 1899. 
Children: — Born in So. Oxford. 

—1772 DeForest Albert,^" m. Alice A. Brecher in Nov., 1889; 
lived in Grand Rapids for several years, now presi- 
dent of the D. A. Stratton Lumber Co. at Atlantic 
Mine, ]Mich.; only child, Gladys Mary,^i b. in Alba, 
—1773 Adalaide Bronson,^" m. S. Edward Thompson, Feb. 
15, 1899; res. Bedford, Iowa. 

1314. IMiLviLLE Bronson Stratton ° (Albert G.,^ John,' Dan- 
iel,'^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married 
Harriet McFarland, Oct. 24, 1877. She was born in Oxford, 
July 9, 1857. He is a farmer, owning and occupying the old 
Stratton homestead on the farm owned by his grandfather a full 
centur>^ ago. 

Child: — Born in So. Oxford, N. Y. 

—1774 Julian Arthur," grad. Cornell University in 1904, with 

degree of M.E.E.E., and now in the employ of 

Western Electric Co. of Chicago. 

1315. Eli Burton Stratton ° (John,^ John,' Daniel,^ Heze- 
kiah,-' Samuel* Sajyiuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, May 23, 
1869, Annie Abigail Race ; res. Greene, N. Y. 

Children: — Born in Greene. 

—1775 Milton John," m. Nellie Daniels, Mar. 28, 1901; res. 

Creso, Pa. 
Born in Smithville, N. Y. 
-1776 Callie Louina.^'^ b. Sept. 23. 1876: d. Oct. 14, 1882. 
—1777 Jessie Louise," m. 1st, Earle F. Race, Nov. 3, 1904; 

2nd, Henry W. Walsh, Nov. 29, 1911. 

1317. L.ATSON William Str.\tton ^ (John,^ John,'' Daniel,^ 
Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) married Ella 
McNeil in Amsterdam, N. Y., June 21, 1883; res. Chicago. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 159 


—1778 Jeanette Maj-/" m. Samuel Sutherland Chambers 

m 1890. 
-1779 Ethel Hannah/« 
—1780 Laurence J." 
-1781 Harold." 

1322, George Wesley Stratton^ (Ira,'^ John,' Daniel,'^ Heze- 
kiah,'^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,"^ Samuel ^} married Mary Jane 
Webb of Smithville, N. Y., July 3, 1862, and lived in Oxford, 
Smithville and McDonough, N. Y. He died Aug. 9, 1906. 


+1782 Arthur Wesley." 

-1783 Ella E./" m. Adelbert Holmes, Jan. 29, 1884. 

—1784 Frederick Arial," m. Arvilla Wedge, June, 1893. 

—1785 Sabra H.," d. Dec. 16, 1885, aged 15 years. 

—1786 Ernestine J.," d. Dec. 5, 1888, aged 17 years. 

-1787 Carrie L.,^" m. Davilla Woodard, Aug. 12, 1895. 

—1788 Delia May," m. Frank Marshall, Dec. 23, 1900. 

—1789 Minnie B.,^^' m. Orlin Richmond, Dec. 10, 1895. 

—1790 Rosella E.," m. Julian Simmons, Oct. 12, 1898. 

—1791 Anna Belle." 

—1792 George Albert," m. Carrie D. Kimble, June 14, 1913; 
res. Norwich, N. Y. 

—1793 Everett Lewis,^° m. Elizabeth Sherwood, Apr. 14, 
1909; res. Norwich; chn. Kcncth L.," Karl E.,^^ 
Lyle W." 

1324. James Darwin Stratton ^ {Ira,^ John/ Daniel,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) married, June 8, 
1871, Helen Maria Holladay, who w^as born Sept. 10, 1845; res. 
Binghamton, N. Y. 


—1794 Ethel May," m. Arthur Vance, Oct. 18, 1894. 

—1795 Grace Elma," m. Albert Barnes. 

—1796 Florence Hyde." 

—1797 Lewis Darwin." 

—1798 Edna Harriet," m. A. L. Bonell. 

-1799 Helen Anna." 

1328. Whitman Str.\tton ® iWillia77i F.,^ John,'' Daniel,'^ 
Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) served three 

160 A Book of Strattons 

years in the Federal army. Enlisted Sept. 16, 1861, as private 
in Co. E, 89th New York Volunteers, discharged as Sergeant, Oct. 
6, 1864, at Bermuda Hundred, Va. He took part in more than 
twenty battles and skirmishes, among them Antietam, Fred- 
ricksburg, Cold Harbor, Petersburg. He married Margaret Shef- 
fer, Apr. 30, 1867. Res. Norwich. 

Children: — Born in Norwich, N. Y. 
. +1800 AVilliam Frink.^» 

; -1801 Alica May,^« m. Gregory Wick, Jan. 29, 1890. He 
d. Nov. 13, 1902. 
-1802 Howard Grant,^° m. Maud Clinton, Aug. 27, 1903. 

Res. Norwich, N. Y.; chn. INIargcry,^^ Jay.^^ 
—1803 Maria Louise," m. Raymond W. Vickers, Sept. 7, 

1333. Edward L. Stratton ^ {George,^ John,' Daniel,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,' Samuel'^) married Mary G. 
Mason, Oct. 7, 1875; res. Oxford. He now owns and occupies the 
"George Stratton Homestead," with its fine farm and buildings. 

Children: — Born in Oxford, N. Y. 
—1804 Henry Mason." 

—1805 Frederick L.," d. Nov. 3, 1902, aged 20 years. 
: Born in Smithville, N. Y. 

—1806 Emmett A.," m. Gertrude Mary Frost, Oct. 11, 1911; 
res. Oxford; ch. Frederick Lynn.^^ 

1334. Harvy J. Str.\tton ^ {George,^ John,'' Daniel,^ Heze- 
kiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel \) married Fannie Jane 
Copeland, Aug. 20, 1876; res. Oxford. 

Children: — Born in Greene, N. Y. 

—1807 Rachel Mae," m. Herbert A. Ireland, Oct. 16, 1902. 
—1808 George Robinson," m. Leona Hill, June 1, 1910; res. 

1344. LuvERNE Str.\tton ® (Ross,^ John,' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ 
Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married Cora Church, Dec. 
5, 1888; died at Oxford, Nov. 8, 1910. 


-1809 Claude C," d. May 28, 1912, aged 21 years. 

-1810 Clara A." 
■ -1811 Erwin Ross." 

-1812 Albert L." 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 161 

1345. William Henry Stratton^ {Williain W.,^ William,'' 
Daniel,'^ Hezekiah,^ Sainuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) mar- 
ried, Dec. 9, 1878, at Bainbridge (now Huntley), Neb., Julia Ann 
Dodd. He is a merchant at Valentine, Neb. 
Children: — Born at Huntley, Neb. 

—1813 William W\^rner,^" a stockman at Simeon, Neb.; unm. 
—1814 Essie Pearl,^" m. Herbert Clinton Houser, Oct. 18, 

1903; res. Hastings, Neb. 
-1815 Ray Dodd,i" m., Dec. 23, 1912, Mabel M. Thompson; 
res. Superior, Neb., where he is engaged with "Strat- 
ton's Poster Adv. Service." 
Born in Malcome, Iowa. 
—1816 Addie Foote,^" m. Benjamin Franklin Chesterman, 

Feb. 7, 1905; res. Rexford, Kan. 
—1817 Calvin Riggs,^° res. Oasis, Neb. 

Born in Arabia, Neb. 
—1818 Hazel Thornton," m. Leota M. Nine, Apr. 5, 1913; 
res. Oasis, Neb. 
Born in Oasis, Neb. 
—1819 Sarah Ann," res. Simeon, Neb. 
—1820 Amy Permelia," res. Valentine, Neb. 
-1821 Floyd Elmer." 
-1822 Alice Elizabeth." 
—1823 Grace May." 

1349. Albion W^ilder Stratton ® {Wilder,^ Samuel,'' Heze- 
kiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a 
soldier in the Civil War; enlisted at nineteen years of age in the 
16th Regt. Me. Vols, and served until the end of the war. Was 
at Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Hatcher's Run, and other engage- 
ments, and was wounded three times. At Gettysburg, the "Fight- 
ing Sixteenth" was ordered "to hold that position at any cost un- 
til we get the guns placed." They did it, but when roll call came 
but about forty men answered to it. Mr. Stratton was wounded 
and left in the church at Gettysburg when the place was evacu- 
ated by the Confederates. In 1867 he married Ella Hines, to 
whom the compiler is indebted for manj^ records of New Eng- 
land Strattons. They lived at the old home farm at Washburn 
until 1891, then removed to Massachusetts, living at Medway, 
then Holliston, then Hopkinton. 


-1824 Edward Melville." 

162 A Book of Strattoxs 

-1825 Harold Wilber.^^ 

-1826 Hadley Fairfield.^" 

-1827 Ray HoUingsworth.^'' 

—1828 Jeanneth Marcella." 

—1829 Josephine Winslow.^'' 

-1830 Ruth Hall.i'^ 

1350. George Frank Stratton ^ {Wilder,^ Samuel,' Heze- 
kiah,'^ Hezekiah;' Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) was a 
merchant at Mattawamkeag, Me. Mar. 14, 1875, he married 
Elmira Martin. Since his death his business has been carried 
on by his children under the name of the "G. F. Stratton Co." 

Children: — Born in Mattawamkeag, Me. 

—1831 Mae S.,!" res. Bridgeport, Conn. 

—1832 George Lester,^" m. Mary A. Keeley, Nov. 5, 1906; 
chn. Wesley ,^^ Cicorge/^ Albion. ^^ 

—1833 William A.,^" m. Jessie Lyons, Oct. 25, 1904; ch: 
William A., Jr.^^ 

-1834 Martin G.^« 

—1835 Wesley A.,^" res. Mattawamkeag; ch: Almon H.^^ 

-1836 Amy E." 

—1837 Lena E.,^^ res. Bangor, Me. 

1380. Henry Stratton^ {Franklin,^ Shubael C.,'' Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan;' Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel'^) is a business 
man of Erie, Pa., with "Stratton Manufacturing Co." July 28, 
1864, he married Jane M. Shattock. 

Children: — Born at Evansbiirg, Pa. 

+1838 Charles E.^" 

—1839 Helena, 1" m. Wm. R. Rhum, 1890. 

—1840 Edith Louisa,^" m. Joseph Paul Smith, 1898. 

Born at Erie, Pa. 

— 1841 Earle C," m. Mary S. Young in 1908; ch. Henry 
Hodges,'^ b. Richmond, Cal. 

1387. Royal Altamont Stratton ^ {Henry, ^ Shubael C/ 
Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Samuel,'^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) re- 
sides at Conneaut Lake, where he was a prominent business man 
and where he was postmaster for several years. He died Feb. 
14, 1915. Aug. 5, 1856, he married Samantha A. Clarke. 

Children: — Born at Conneaut Lake, Pa. 

-1842 Ellen Cora,^° m. Rev. J. D. Sands, Sept. 10, 1878. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 163 

—1843 Harry Jamcs,^" b. 1863; d. in infancy. 

—1844 Blanche,^" to whom the compiler is indebted for the 
portrait of her grandfather, Henry Stratton. 

—1845 Grace." 

+1846 Henry Clarke." 

-1847 Alta," m. 1st, John R. Barker, Aug. 25, 1891 ; m. 2nd, 
Oct. 27, 1915, James D. Lyle of Cleveland. She 
has a son Altamont Stratton Barker. 

—1848 Arthur James," now in Oklahoma. 

1390. George Lyman Stratton ^ [George,^ Shubael C./ 
Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,' Samuel ^) mar- 
ried, Nov. 16, 1865, Annie Maria Bridge, daughter of Samuel 
and Hannah M. {Wellington) Bridge; lived in Lexington and 
in Concord, N. H.; one of the incorporators of the Lexington 
Savings Bank. 

Children: — Born in Lexington, Mass. 

—1849 Florence Gardner," m. Dr. Josiah O. Tilton, Oct. 31, 

—1850 George Bridge,^" m. Betty Morrison Carlton, June 29, 
1904; chn. Ann," George L.," Frances." 

1406. Thomas Sullivan Stratton ^ (Daniel H.,^ Braddyll,'' 
Jonathan,'^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^ ) mar- 
ried in Waltham, Mass., Jennie Fisher Owen of Dedham, Oct. 
4, 1852. Settled in Baltimore in 1872 and became a successful 
business man of that city. 


—1851 Harry Coolidge," m. Flora White in 1880; res. Balti- 
—1852 William E.," a physician; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1407. WiLLL\M DwiGHT Stratton ^ {William C.,^ Braddyll,'' 
Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* SaiJiuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) mar- 
ried Clara Hubbard in 1856; d. about 1868. 

Children: — Boryi in Hartford, Conn. 

—1853 Frances Maria,^" m. Frank Kingman, 1875. 

-1854 Charles Rollin,^*' b. 1859; d. 1898; unm. 

— 1855 Eugene Coolidge,'" m. Mary Amanda Strong in 1882; 
res. Sheffield, Conn. 

—1856 Albert Minor,"' m. Lizzie A. Parker, 1887; res. Hart- 
ford; chn. Edna L.," Frank P.," Hattie M.," 
Emma I.^^ 

164 A Book of Strattons 

1420. Lorenzo Stratton ° {Lorenzo,^ Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Jona- 
than,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) married Lucy L. 
Crosby, Nov. 27, 1856, who died in 1885. They lived in Hudson, 
where he died Aug. 18, 1910. 

Children: — Borji in Marlboro, Mass. 

—1857 Walter Lorenzo,^** res. Hundon. 

—1858 Laura Geneva," m. Herbert Whitcomb Monroe, Oct. 
29, 1882. 
Born in Hudson, Mass. 

—1859 Elliott Revere." 

- 1421. Joseph Stratton ^ (Lorenzo,^ Daniel,' Daniel,^ Jona- 
than,'' Samuel,-^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, first, Mar- 
tha C. Burgess of New Ipswich, Nov. 30, 1862; second, Sarah 
(Babcock) Shattuck, June 8, 1879, daughter of Albert Babcock 
and widow of Geo. ^larshall Shattuck. 
Children: — Born in Boston, Mass. 

By first marriage. ' ■ 

—1860 Wilbert E.," m. Grace Huntley, 1889. 
Born in Wayland. 
By second marriage. 
—1861 Albert Lorenzo/" m. Helen Mabel Hutchings, Oct. 
9. 1912; cashier in Worcester bank; ch. Albert 
Lorenzo, Jr.^^ 
Born in Natick. 
■■ —1862 May Gertrude." 

1427. Daniel Wilber Str.a.tton ^ (Daniel,^ Daniel,' Daniel,^ 
Jonathan;' Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was active in 
town affairs at Hudson. Town clerk for many years. Treasurer 
of Hudson Savings Bank and superintendent of town water- 
works. June 9, 1880, he married Annie Scott Webster. He 
died Jan. 8, 1909. 

Children: — Born in Hudson, Mass. 
-1863 Mary Edith." 

—1864 AValter Daniel," grad. from Harvard, 1908. Shoe 
manufacturer at Hudson, ni. Ruth Evelyn Fos- 
gate, Oct. 8, 1912. 
—1865 Helen Inez," m. Harold A. Bond, Sept. 6, 1909; d. 
June 8, 1910. 

1428. Theodore Stratton ^ (Daniel,^ Daniel,' Daniel,^ Jona- 
than,^' Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) is a farmer and 

■T. -t 



C CI-! 



-^ iO 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 165 

business man of Hudson, where he married Nellie A. Ingraham, 
June 25, 1878. 

Children: — Born in Hudson, Mass. 

—1866 Nellie Maud,i° b. Aug. 21, 1879; d. in East Boston. 

—1867 Mary Ellen,^^ d. aged 18 years. 

—1868 George Ingraham.^" 

1429. Herbert Stratton ® {Daniel,^ Daniel,' Daniel,^ Jona- 
than,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,"^ Samuel'^) is a farmer on the 
old Stratton place, near Hudson, where a part of the old red 
house built by his great-grandfather is still standing, but used 
only as a store house. In 1884 he married Viola E. Folsom. 

Children: — Born in Hudson, Mass. 

— 1869 Eleanor Fay,^" m. Willis Greeley, Oct. 26, 1911. 

— 1870 Marion Folsom,^" m. George S. Miller, Aug. 14, 1913. 

— 1871 Olive," a teacher. 
—1871a Pauline." 

1434. Charles L. Stratton ^ {Lewis,^ Henry,' Isaac,^ Jona- 
than,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,"^ Samuel'^) married, first, Fos- 
tina C. Somes, Apr. 25, 1883; second, Elizabeth Reuddock, Dec. 
17, 1903. 


By first marriage. 
—1872 Emogene Frances," m., Feb. 10, 1909, Willis Peter 
Shumway, Melrose. 

By second marriage. 
—1873 Justine." 
-1874 Frank." 

1435. Henry Francis Stratton ^ (Francis,^ Henry, ~ Isaac,^ 
Jonathan,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) was a locomo- 
tive engineer for fifteen years, then in the livery and stage busi- 
ness for many years. Lived in Harrisville and Bellows Falls; 
now resides in Auburn, Me. Married Ida Louisa Clark, Oct. 10, 

Children: — Born at Bellows Falls, Vt. 
-1875 Carl Henry." 
—1876 Beatrice Emma." 

1441. Irvin C. Stratton ° {George H.,^ George,' Elisha,^ 
Jonathan,-' Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) married, first, 
Adella Ingrain in 1881 ; second, Mary Davis, 1893. 

166 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Boi-n in Weston, Mass. 
-1876^ Everett I. 

Born in Hartland, Conn. 
—1877 Dexter A.^° —1881 Beatrice E.^^ 

-1878 Byron C." -1882 Warren W." 

—1879 Susan A.^" —1883 Irwin H." 

-1880 George A.^« 

1451. Rodney J. Stratton ^ {Josiah,^ Josiah,' Ebenezer,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel'^) resides in North 
Adams, Mass. June 12, 1878, he married Annie A. Farnum of 
Waltham. She died Aug. 25, 1881, and July 1, 1884, he married 
Anna J. Davis. 


By first marriage. 

—1884 Emerancy F." 

By second marriage. 

—1885 Rodney Wilson." 

1471. Edwin A. Stratton ^ {Cyprian K.,^ Alpheus,^ Alpheus,^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel ^) married Margaret 
Egan and lives in Worcester. 

Children: — Born in Worcester, Mass. 

-1886 Frederick C," m. Clara T. Pellegrine, July 10, 1901; 
res. Worcester. 

-1887 George E.," m. Mary E. Fenton, Nov. 25, 1908. 

-1888 Walter A." 

—1889 Florence H." 

1480. George Oren Stratton ^ {Nathaniel H.,^ Samuel,'' Al- 
pheus,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel ^) was born 
June 4, 1851. He married Marion E. Baker, Sept. 25, 1873. He 
is a prominent business man of Montpelier and represented his 
city in the Legislature in 1906. He is president of the Vermont 
Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 
Children: — Born in Montpelier, Vt. 

-1890 Arthur Nathaniel,!" m. Addie M. Spear, Jan. 7, 1899; 
a farmer at E. Montpelier; chn. George Robert,!^ 
Ruth," Raymond." 
-1891 Bertha Louise," m. Jos. Vian, Sept. 7, 1899. 
-1892 William Brigham," m. Charlotte K. Nutting, June 4, 
1907; res. Montpelier. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 167 

1498. George Leonard Stratton ^ {Leonard W.,^ Eleazer,'' 
Eleazer,^ Eleazer,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) mar- 
ried Ida C. Bruce, June 12, 1877. He is a shoe merchant. 


—1893 Alice/o d. aged 25 years. 

—1894 Belle," d. aged 17 years. 

—1895 Erwin." 

-1896 Leon." 

—1897 Ruby." 

—1898 Arthur." 

—1899 Clarence." 

1516. Earnest A. Stratton ^ {Edward R.,^ Rujus,'' Rufus,^ 
Hezekiah,^ Hezekiah* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel'^) was a book- 
keeper and cashier in Brooklyn, N. Y., where he died in 1901. 
He married Ida E. Chute in 1872. At the time of his death he 
was deacon and clerk in the Baptist church. 

Children: — Born in New York. 

—1900 Eugene B.," m. Anna L. Walker, Nov. 28, 1894. 

—1901 Mabel Evelyn," a trained nurse. 

—1902 Helen Edna,^" m. Henry C. Bloom, June 17, 1897. 

—1903 Earnest Dean Robert," d. in Phila., Feb. 7, 1908; 
buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Brooklyn. 

1532. Robert Stratton ^ {Lemuel,^ Arad,'' Hezekiah,^ Heze- 
kiah,^' Hezekiah,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel VI married Lucy Cole 
in 1885 and lived in Berlin, N. Y. 


—1904 Emma V." 

—1905 Florence A." 

-1906 William H." 

-1907 Robert C." 

1534. Henry Stratton ^ {Lemuel,^ Arad,'^ Hezekiah,^ Heze- 
kiah;' Hezekiah,^ Samuel;' Samuel,^ Samuel^) married Frances 
Cole in 1888. 


—1908 Bertha M." 

—1909 Lyman L." 

—1910 Agnes M." 

—1911 Onita W." 

168 A Book of Strattons 

1547. Chahles E. Stratton » (Charles,^ Isaac J.,' Daniel,^ 
Richard,'' Ichabod,* Richard,^ Samuel;- Samuel "■) married Marion 
L. Buckly. Lived in Oxford, N. Y. 


—1912 Flora L.," m. Edwin L. Haynes. 

—1913 Herbert C," m. Florence Lewis. 

—1914 Robert B./** m. Minnie B. Brown. 

—1915 Vernon D.,'° m. Lottie McFarland; grad. LL.B., Cor- 
nell, 1893; res. Oxford. 

—1916 Carroll I.,^*' m. Genevieve Carpenter; a lawyer at 

1559. Fk^nk Nelson Stratton ^ {Francis J.; Francis; 
John; Francis; Ichabod; Richard; Samuel; Samuel^) was a 
prominent attorney of Kokomo, Ind. For several years he was 
a regular contributor to a number of the leading magazines. The 
stories of western life from his versatile pen are delightfully 
written, for he was a sympathetic observer who saw the best in 
every situation, as well as the more humorous, and knew how 
to give interest and action to the scenes which he depicted. 
Several of his stories are of the pathetic sort which makes the 
reader kinder and better for the reading of them. His first stories 
are written under the name of "Frank Nelson." In 1888 he 
married Otellie Shellsmith. He died Feb. 15, 1905. He was a 
prominent member of the Red Men, Odd Fellows, Woodmen, 
Pathfinders, and Ben Hur lodges, and was very popular among 
all classes in his own city. These organizations had more than 
800 men in procession at his funeral. 

Children: — Born in Kokomo, Ind. 

-1917 Frank H.^'' 

—1918 Frederick N.^*^ 

—1919 Ferdinand P.^*^ 

' 1594. Charles E. Stratton ^ (Samuel; Joseph B.; Joel; 
Ichabod; Ichabod; Richard; Samuel; Samuel^) is a graduate 
of Nebraska State University. He engaged in the real estate 
and loan business in Omaha and later in Denver, Col., where he 
now lives. June 26, 1885, he married Minnie Codding. 


-1920 Veda." 

-1921 Charles R.^*' 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 169 

1626. George William Stratton ® {William,^ John,'' Rich- 
ard,'^ John° John,* John,^ John,- Samuel^) was born in West 
Swanzey, Aug. 1, 1830. From a child he showed great musical 
ability, and at nine years of age played the clarionet at concerts 
in several New England towns. At twenty-one he was a teacher 
of music — on several different instruments. In 1860 he opened 
a store in Boston for the sale of musical instruments. About this 
time he composed and published the operetta "Laila," which was 
received with great favor all over the country, and which all 
through his life brought in a very good revenue, his widow still 
receiving something every year from the sale of the books. This 
was followed by other musical compositions, all of which were 
popular for a time. In 1862 he married Lucy Ladd, daughter 
of Hiram and Aurelia {Palmer) Ladd, of a well known New 
Hampshire family. In 1871, taking his wife and household goods, 
he went to Leipsic, Saxony, to assist his brother, John F. Strat- 
ton, who had there established a musical instrument factory. 
Keeping his store in Boston, and his interest in the business in 
Leipsic, importing all kinds of musical instruments from foreign 
manufactories, Mr. Stratton crossed the ocean thirty-five times. 
About 1895, his health failing, he sold out his business and spent 
most of his time abroad. He died, suddenly, in Berlin, Germany, 
October 14, 1901.* Ambitious, studious, and passionately 
fond of music, even as a boy, he longed for opportunities 
for study which his native town did not afford, and he was 
heard to say that if ever he was able to give West Swanzey a 
library he would do it, that other boys might have advantages 
which were denied him. In 1880 he began making plans to carry 
out this long-cherished project. In 1885 the finished library 
building, well stocked with books and pictures, was given to the 
town — "Stratton Free Library and Art Gallery." 

1636, Melville Oscar Stratton ^ [Oscar, ^ John,'' Richard,^ 
John,^ John,'*' John,^ John,- Samuel'^) married Clara Gertrude 
Narcross, Jan. 30, 1883, daughter of Daniel Webster and Delia 
Augusta Narcross of Grafton, Mass. They moved from Grafton 

* In his pocket was found a diary giving date of each time he had 
crossed the ocean and name of ship in which he had embarked. By writ- 
ten directions, carried in his pocket for years, his wife caused his body 
to be cremated at Hamburg, brought home the ashes in an uiii. and, 
as per his will, deposited it in a niche prepared for it, in the Librarj', 
where, "after an anxious, hard working life, they rest in peace." 

170 A Book of Strattons 

to Denver, Col., where he became a prominent business man. 
He died Jan. 22, 1914. 

Children: — Born in Denver, Col. 

— 1922 jMelville Narcross,^" m. Helen Elizabeth Hickey, 
June 24, 1908, daughter of Martin and Elizabeth 
Hickey of Grafton. They reside in Springfield, 
Chn. Eleanor N.,i^ Elizabeth G.,^^ Geraldine F.^^ 

—1923 Grenville Webster,"' m. Mrs. Cora Laura (Beck) 
Updike, Sept. 5, 1913; res. Chicago, 111. 

—1924 Bruce ElIsworth,i° m., July 23, 1914, Katherine 
Knight Kirkland, daughter of Samuel M. and 
Nancy Kirkland; res. Denver, Col.; ch. Adrienne 

—1925 Rosamond Field,^" m. Joseph Lincoln Sebring of Col- 
orado Springs, Jan. 15, 1914; res. Denver. 

—1926 Madelyn Gertrude.^^ 

1645. John H. Stratton ^ (John,^ Abijah,' Abijah,^ Abijah,^ 
Jabez,^ John,^ John,- Samuel^} married Carrie M. Greenwood, 
Dec. 13, 1860. They lived in Natick, Mass., and in Trenton and 
Vineland, N. J. 


-1927 Albert E.^^ 

-1928 George H.^'' 

-1929 John W.^° 

-1930 Charles.i° 

—1931 Florence.!" 

1656. Jonathan Stratton^ {Tolman,^ Jonathan,'' Daniel,^ 
AbijahJ' Jabez,'^ John,^ John,- Samuel'^) married Sarah Jane 
Lansdowne in Greenup Co., Ky., Dec. 12, 1850, where he was a 
farmer. In 1865 he moved with his family to Iowa, In that 
state he lived eight years, then removed to Lawrence, Kan., and 
eleven years later to California and is living at Bonsall, San 
Diego Co. Mrs. Stratton died Mar. 20, 1897. 

Children: — Born in Greenup Co., Ky. 

-1932 Nancy Ellen,!° b. 1852; m. 1st, Wm. Busing; 2nd, 
S. A. Jones. 

+1933 William Abiod,i" b. July 23, 1854. 
Born in Flemming Co., Ky. 

+1934 Hiram Vincent," b. Aug. 17, 1856. 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 171 

-1935 Malvina C," m. John Ballagh, Feb. 26, 1880; res. 
Parsons, Kas. 

—1936 Samuel Morton,!'^ b. Feb. 23, 1862; m. Tabitha Woo- 
ten, Sept. 17, 1884. He is a carpenter and builder 
in Los Angeles, Cal. Chn. j\Iaude Ethel,' ^ Myrtle 

—1937 James Madison,!" b. July 2, 1864; m. Lucy Conn, 
May 1, 1887; d. Sept. 1, 1891. Their three chil- 
dren died in infancy. 
Born in Muscatine Co., Iowa. 

+1938 John J.,'' Dec. 23, 1866. 

+1939 Ulysses Grant,!" Feb. 5, 1869. 

1663. J.A.VIUS Litchfield Steatton ^ {Martin W.,^ Albert,'^ 
Nathan,'^ Nathan,^ Jabez,^ John,^ John,- Samuel'^) married, at 
Reading, Kan., Dec. 25, 1884, Martha Jane Hultz, daughter of 
Isaac and Catherine (Bower) Hultz. She was born at Mt. Leb- 
anon. They reside in Reading, Kan. 


—1940 Clifton Javius." 

-1941 Clyde Roe.^" 

-1942 Jay Webster. ^^ 

—1943 Kate Carter.^" 

-1944 Bert Hultz.^^ 

1739, Henry Herbert Stratton ^^ (Archie W.,^ Paul,^ Paul,'' 
Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) is a 
farmer, lumberman and ferr\' proprietor at Winn, Me. Sept. 8, 
1888, he married Abbie E, Lyon. 

Children: — Born in Winn, Me. 

—1945 Archie Lee,!! d. in infancy. 

—1946 Vaughn Henry.!! 

—1947 Robert Earl.!! 

—1948 Edith Elizabeth.!! 

—1949 Clara Augusta.!! 

—1950 Everett Albert,!! d. in infancy. 

-1951 Ida Emily.!! 

1740. Paul Stratton !" (Archie W.,^ Paul,^ Paul,' Josiah,^ 
Hezekiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sainuel ^) married Susan 
Harriman in 1888 and now resides in Gray, Me. 

172 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Me. 
—1952 Archie William.^i 

Born in Randolph, Me. 
—1953 Lewis Lee." 

Born in Bemis, Me. 
—1954 Bemis Jotham." 
—1955 Hortence Allen." 

1743. Charles Albert Stratton " [Archie W.,^ Paul,^ Paul,'' 
Josiah,^ Hezekiah,-' Samuel* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^) mar- 
ried Mae Lint, May 6, 1890. Resides in Randolph, Me. 


-1956 Sarah D." 

-1957 Olive J." 

—1958 Walter M." 

1755. Ora Earnest Stratton ^° {Daniel W.,^ Frink,^ Paul,'' 
Josiah,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel ^) mar- 
ried Edith I. Hunt in 1895. Resides in Winn. 

Children: — Born in Winn, Me. 

—1959 Daniel W." 

-1960 Wilber R." 

—1961 Eugene." 

-1962 Frances Charlotte." 

1766. Leslie Elbridge Stratton ^° Asa H.,^ Asa,^ Daniel,'' 
Josiah,^ Hezckiah,^ Samuel* Sam^iel,^ Samuel ^ Samuel ^) mar- 
ried Nellie Adams, daughter of Francis C. Adains, and lives in 
Williamsville, Vt. 


-1963 Frank L." 

-1964 Grace N." 

1782. Arthur Wesley Stratton ^° (George W.,^ Ira,^ John,'' 
Daniel,'' Hezckiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- Samuel^), born 
in Oxford, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1863; married Carrie M. Webster, 
June 10, 1885. Res. Olmsville, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

Children: — Born in IVellsboro, Pa. 

—1965 Lena May," m. Benjamin Griffin, Nov. 9, 1912; res. 
Norwich, N. Y. 

+1966 Minor Alvin." 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 173 

Born in Niles Valley. 
—1967 Florance Minnie," m. William Townsend, May 8, 

—1968 Lewis Arthur." 

Born in Wellsboro. 
-1969 Ralph Eber." 
—1970 Helen Edith." 
—1971 Harvey Webster." 

1800. William Frink Stratton ^° {Whitman,^ William F.,^ 
John,'' Daniel,^ Hezehiah,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) 
married Mary Hull, Oct. 19, 1893. Resided in Norwich, N. Y., 
where he died Jan. 8, 1915. 

Children: — Borii in Norwich, N. Y. 

—1972 William Frink," d. Aug. 30, 1895, aged 9 mos. 

-1973 Frank Hull." 

1838. Charles E. Stratton " {Henry, ^ Franklin,^ Shubael 
C.,' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) 
is connected with the "Stratton Manufacturing Co." at Erie, Pa. 
He married Rebecca Judson Dickinson, Feb. 4, 1886. 

Children: — Born in Erie, Pa. 

-1974 Charles Edwin," d. Oct. 6, 1906. 

—1975 Dorothy Ellen." 

1846. Henry Clarke Stratton ^° {Royal A.,^ Henry, ^ Shu- 
bael C.,'' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'' Samuel,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel^) married Ida Woods, Aug. 27, 1890; now resides in Mead- 
ville. Pa. 

Children: — Born at Conneaut Lake, Pa. 

—1976 Marjory Henrietta." 

—1977 Helen Josephine." 

—1978 Jessie Adell." 

—1979 Ethel Clarke." 

—1980 Martha Samantha." 

—1981 Marian Adelaide." 

—1982 Dorothy Irene." 

—1982a Bernice Louise." 

1933. William Abiod Stratton ^° {Jo7iathan,° Tolman,^ 
Jonathan,'' Daniel,^ Abijah,'' Jabez,* John,^ John,- Samuel"-) 

174 A Book of Strattons 

moved with his parents from Kentucky to Iowa when he was 
eleven years old; from Iowa to Kansas in 1871; and to Cali- 
fornia in 1881 ; married Minnie E. Tolman, daughter of Rujus 
J. Tolman, Dec. 5. 1882. He was a building superintendent at 
Los Angeles several years. Now lives in Pasadena. 

Children: — Born in Los Angeles, Cal. 

—1983 Mabel Sarah.^^ 

—1984 Frank Rufus.^^ m. Maud Fisher, Dec. 24, 1904; res. 
Los Angeles. 

—1985 Charles/^ a carpenter at Pomona, Cal. 

-1986 Grace Ethel,'^ m. Ralph Mc Alpine, Oct. 23, 1907; 
res. Los Angeles. 

-1987 Lily Violet.^^ 

1934. Hiram Vincent Stratton ^" (Jonathan,^ Tolman,^ 
Jonathan,' Daniel,'^ Abijah,^ Jabez,* John,^ John,- Samuel ^) mar- 
ried, first, Tryphena Jane Dressier, Apr. 5, 1877. who died Feb. 
25, 1878. He married, second, Mary Jane Keefoner. He moved 
from Kansas to Los Angeles, California. 
Children: — Born in Williamstown, Kan. 

By first marriage. 
—1988 Enoch V.," res. Los Angeles. 

By second marriage. 
—1989 Herbert Earl,^^ photographer at Los Angeles; m. 
Iva Scott, July 7, 1909. 
Born in Waterville, Kan. 
— 1990 Arthur R..^^ m. Nina Hall; ch. Bertha D.^- 

Born in Los Angeles. 
—1991 Daisy D." 
-1992 Clifford C." 

1938. John J. Stratton ^^ (Jonathan,^ Tolman,^ Jonathan,'' 
Daniel,^ Abijah,^ Jabez,* John,^ John,- Samuel ^) lives in Pomona, 
Cal., where he is a carpenter and builder. Dec. 23, 1902, he 
married Katie Thomas, They are members of the Methodist 

Children: — Born in Los Angeles, Cal. 

—1993 John J., Jr." 

—1994 Wesley Lincoln." 

Born in Pomona, Cal. 

—1995 Leonard Thomas." 

—1996 Marjorie May." 

Samuel Stratton of Watertown 175 

1939. Ulysses Grant Stratton ^° {Jonathan,^ Tolman,^ 
Jonathan,' Daniel,^ Abijah;' Jabez,'^ John,^ John,- Samuel^} is 
an engineer, living in Los Angeles. He married, first, Annie G. 
Arnaelsteen, who died Dec. 23, 1897. Nov. 1, 1905, he mar- 
ried Ursie Swift. 

Children: — Born in Los Angeles, Cal. 
By first marriage. 

-1997 Edward John.^^ 

By second marriage. 

-1998 Howard Harvey.^^ 

1966. Minor Alvin Stratton ^^ {Arthur W.,^" George W.,^ 
Ira,^ John,' Daniel,^ Hezekiah,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,- Sain- 
uel^) is a farmer of Wellsboro, Pa. He married Ella M. Orr, 
Mar. 23, 1910. 


—1999 Katherine Mae.^^ 

—2000 Tracy Minor.^^ 


{Chart B, Vol. I) 

"'Tis sweet to remember. I would not forego 

The charm which the past o'er the present can throw." 


IN the early days of the Revolution the whale fisheries along 
the Atlantic were broken up by the English Marines. About 
1783 a considerable number of the inhabitants of Nantucket de- 
termined to leave the island and makes a settlement somewhere 
upon the Hudson. An association was formed by those con- 
cerned in whaling and navigation. Many of these were Quakers. 
Among them were several Nantucket Strattons.* They were 
joined by Friends from Providence and other points. The largest 
settlements were made at Hudson and Nine Partners. The 

* It will be remembered that Caleb Stratton of Nantucket had eight 
sons (see Vol. I, p. 95-96), all of whom grew to manhood in their island 
home. At least five of these sons had children, yet no Strattons were 
living in Nantucket a generation later. The census of 1810 gives but 
one person by the name of Stratton. This was Abigal, widow of Chris- 
topher Stratton. The children had all left their native island and only 
a few have been definitely located elsewhere. 

Since Vol. I was published it has been found that Philip Stratton 
(No. 23, Chart B) died in Providence, R. L., in 1791. The published 
index to wills at Providence says that he left a will. Docket A. 1364. 
The will itself the compiler has been unable to find. His widow, Lucretia, 
married Francis Gardner in Providence, May 14. 1800. Perhaps the 
Phcebe Stratton who married Merrick Chamberlain in Providence, Janu- 
ary 14, 1787, was his daughter. 

Although Folgar, the Nantucket historian, says that Anthony, Caleb 
and Philip left no descendants, this may not be true of any of them. 
Folgar based his opinion mainly upon Friends' Records. As several of 
the Strattons had been "disowned" for marrying outside of the society, 
or had withdrawn from the Friends' Society, the births of their children 
would not be found on the Friends' Records. 

At Darmouth, Mass., the compiler found the records of the birth cff 
these two children of Odar Stratton: 

Judith, b. July 1757. 

Lois, b. Aug. 1763. 


Caleb Strattox of Boston 177 

latter was on a grant given to nine men long before the Revo- 


28. Benjamin Stratton ^ {Benjamin,^ Caleb, ^ William,'^ 
Caleb ^) was born in Nantucket August 8, 1764. He was but 
eleven years old when his father removed to New Partners, N. Y. 
By his father's will he was given lands in Nantucket, but he 
never returned there to live. Before 1800 he married Anne — and 
lived for awhile in New York, then removed to Philadelphia, 
where ho died July 7th, 1820.* He is probably the Benjamin 
Stratton, block maker, whose name appears in the Philadelphia 
Directory for 1806 to 1820.t 


+36 William,^ b. 1800; d. about 1857. 

-37 Enos Alley ,« b. Sept. 27, 1802; d. July 21, 1803. 

Also at the same place are the following records: 

Hannah, d. of the late Wm. Stratton, married Aug. 28, 1740, Joshua 
Sherman, son of Timothy and Deborah Sherman. 

William Stratton of Sherborn married Deborah Sherman of Dar- 
mouth, Dec. 22, 1790. 

There was a John Stratton, Jr., of Warwick and Exeter, R. I., who 
served in the War of 1812— was Lievit. in 1819, Capt. in 1821. Colonel in 
1822. He m. 1st Phoebe Clemmons in 1816, and 2nd Eunice (Lewis) 
Arnold in 1822. After 1827 he settled in New York State. He had by 
1st marriage George Alford, b. May 28, 1819, who m. a Miss White and 
moved to Wisconsin; John Clemmons, who m. Elizabeth Matterson. 
By 2nd marriage, Wm. Dexter, b. July 8, 1824, who m. Almira Wilcox 
and has a son, Arthur Yale Stratton, living at Tyner (or Oxford, R. F. D.), 
N. Y. ; Thomas Jones, b. June 4, 1827, m. Ruth I. Moore, and their daugh- 
ter, Sarah De Etta Stratton, m. Bert E. Pudney and lives at Sidney, 
N. Y. Information leading to the ancestry of these Strattons is very 
much desired. 

* His removal, with his wife and five children, is recorded on the 
"Monthly Meeting Records" at New York, Nov. 1, 1815. 

t A Block Maker was one who made one or more pulleys mounted in 
a shell of wood called a block. It is a hoisting tackle, and when Nan- 
tucket was a whaling port the making of "Blocks" for use on .«hip board 
was an important and lucrative trade. The best blocks were made of 
oak, the wheels of Lignum Vita'. To-day many blocks are made of 

The Philadelphia Directories from 1804 to about 1816 give Joseph 
Stratton, Robert Stratton, George Stratton, and John Stratton, whom 
the compiler has not yet been able to place satisfactorily. These last 
two were ship masters, and lived in that part of the city known as 
Northern Liberties. 

178 A Book of Strattons 

-38 Samuel W.« 
—39 Joseph.*^ 

—40 Eliza Ann/' m. Gager. 

—41 Benjamin.*^ Perhaps this is the Benjamin Stratton who 
died in Philadelphia Aug. 8, 1882, aged 77 years.* 

31. Latham Stratton ^ (Benj.,^ Caleb,^ William,- Caleb ^) 
was born in Nantucket June 29, 1775. The following Novem- 
ber his parents moved to Nine Partners, N. Y. At the age of 
19, he went with his father to New York City and for some time 
they were located at Crane Wharf, as coopers, October 27th, 
1797, he married Phoebe Mead, daughter of Nathaniel and Han- 
nah Mead, of Dutchess Co. 

In 1818 his name appears as foreman of a fire company in 
New York. Later in the same year he removed to Troy, and 
became a foundryman, conducting the "Stratton Foundry" there. 
The family story is that he cast the first plowshare and the first 
air-tight stove cast in this country. Latham and Phoebe were 
life long members of the Society of Friends. Phoebe was born 
Nov. 1, 1780, and died Dec. 31, 1829. A year later Latham 
married Eunice Hanks, of Washington Co., N. Y. He died in 
Troy March 4th, 1849, — a man of sterling integrity, and greatly 

Children: — Born in New York City. 

—42 Lydia,*' b. July 5, 1798; m. Alexander J. Coffin, of 
Athens, N. Y.; d. in Poughkeepsie, March 23, 1832. 

—43 Hannah,^ b. June 19, 1800; d. unmarried in 1820. 

+44 Robert Macy,'' b. 1803; d. 1874. 

+45 Nathaniel Mead," b. 1807; d. 1860. 

-46 Cynthia,« b. Oct. 12, 1809; m. William Plumb, Apr. 11, 

* The author would be greatly pleased to get into communication with 
any one ha\ing further knowledge of the family of Benjamin Stratton'. 

t Hidden away in a closet in the old Quaker church in New York, 
144 East 20th Street, was recently found a record of the names of the 
members of the Preparative meeting of New York for five of six years 
beginning witli 1801. On this list are thirteen Strattons — Benjamin Strat- 
ton and his daughter Elizabeth, his sons Benjamin and Latham, and their 

For this list, giving the correct list of births, as well as for the portrait 
and autograph of Latham Stratton, the Author is indebted to Robert 
Alacy Stratton of New York, who has in his possession the old family 
Bible of Latham Stratton. 

1. Latliiim Strattnii. irom an (Id oil i.'Mitiii". 2. KolxTt Mai-y 
Stratton. 3. Xatliaiiirl Mrad Strattdii: I'm/is 17S-1S(). 

Caleb Stratton of Boston 179 

+47 Alexander Moores,'' b. 1813; d. 1854. 

—48 Plurbe Ann,*' b. Jan. 4, 1817; d. unmarried in Troy, 

N. Y., Nov. 13, 1831. 
All the above children were named in tlie will of their aunt 
Elizabeth Stratton (No. 27, Chart B). 

36. William Stratton ^ {Benjamin,^ Benja7nin* Calcb,^ 
William,- Caleb ^) was born "21 day of 12 m. 1800." In 1807 
his parents removed from New York to Philadelphia. In 1856 
he was living in Frankfort, a suburb of Philadelphia, where he 
kept a boot and shoe store. At that time he owned a watch, 
formerly his father's, on the dial of which were the twelve 
letters Benj. Stratton instead of figures to indicate the hours. He 
died about 1857 or '58. 

—49 William,^ m. Eliza — and soon after his father's death 
removed from Philadelphia to Washington, D. C, 
where he opened a school for young ladies. Later 
information concerning him is desired. 

If William Stratton ^ had other children the compiler would be 
glad to learn of them. 

44. Robert ]\Iacy Stratton ^ {Latham,^ Benjamin;^ Caleb,^ 
William;- Caleb ^) was born in New York City May 23, 1803. 
For many years he was the financial partner of a large iron 
foundry and machine shops, "The Novelty Iron Works," build- 
ers of steam engines and other machinery, perhaps the largest 
works of its kind in the country at that time. They employed 
many men. The foundry, machine shops and wharfs covered 
five acres at the foot of 12th Street on East River. He was a 
birthright Quaker, was disowned for marrying outside the So- 
ciety, but later rejoined the Friends and became a recommended 
minister of the Friends' Society in which position he remained 
until his death. 

June 23, he marrictl Jane Wilson. She was born Apr. 13, 
1805, and died Aug. 11, 1856. Oct. 6, 1859, he married Louise 
C. Macy of Nantucket. He died Apr. 10, 1874. in New York.* 

* He was an expert accountant. From 1S43 to the time of his death 
he was a Trustee of the Bowery Savings Bank, and from 1S50 to 1861 
Vice President of the same bank. He was a member of the Society of 
Mechanics and Tradesmen, and of (he American Institute, and froDx 

ISO A Book of Ste-\ttox5 

Ch: ; — Born in Xeic York City. 

—50 :Man- Lois.' b. Jan. 5. 1825; d. June 30. 1829. 

-51 James Wilson.' b. 1829; d. 1876. 

— 52 Frances Jane.' b. Aug. 4. 1S34: m. Jerome Walker; 
d. 1874. 

—53 Cornelia G..' b. Sept. 22. 1S41 : m. Henry J. Campbell 
of New York. 

—54 Robert Macy.- b. Feb. 13. 1S44: graduate of Bryant &; 
Stratton's Business College; granted certificate by 
the University of State of New York to practice as 
Public Accountant; member of the Religious Society 
of Friends; member of :he N. Y. S. Society of Public 
Accountants; the American Institute, the People's 
Choral Un: n of N. Y. City, and the Xew York 
State Socicv. ^f Sons of the American Revolution. 
Res. New York City. 

45. Xatkaxiel Mead Steattox ^ [Latham.^ Benjamin,- Ca- 
leb,^ William.- Caleb -^ was bom Feb. 20. 1807. He was a foun- 
drvTnan ir. Xr" Ycrk City. With his brother, Robert Macy 
Stratton, he was long connected wi:.. v Novelty Iron Works. 
As : :: :. : the factor." he was greatly loved by the 200 or 

300 : : - Kind hearted and generous, he 

was aiway- . ... .: for their welfare, caring for them in 
sickness, and viSiting them m their trouble. Hence they were 
strongly atta ' " —ponding promptly and cheerfully 

to any order :: .. -'me piece of work was a "hurry 

job.'" he had bu: .j ^. > " ^ And the men responded quickly, 

doing their ven.- best for ..-^. lie was a birth-right Friend, but 
in early n --' ■ .-d. being ver\- fond of mtisic, he learned to play 
the fluiv - ".as against the principles of the Friends' meet- 
ings. He was waited upon by a committee and given his choice 
of giving up the flu^ie or being '"read out of meeting.'' He chose 
the latter. Later . ame an Episcopalian, and was a Vestr>*- 

r:. :: : : ' :.ty-one consecutive years in All Saints Chtirch on 
Henr\- Street. New York. He married Mary Oatman in Troy, 
Oct. 6. 1830. She was a daughter of Daniel and Parmelia Oat- 

1S51 to IS-SS - i^iiaber of '""- f^hamber ot Commerce. Like his father, 
he was for years a volunt- —an of the New York Fire Department, 

resigning from Eagle Engine Co. No. 13 in 1S37 because disabled for 
fire dutv. 

Caleb Stratton of Boston 181 

man. She was born in Arlington, Vt., Feb. 19, 1811, and died 
May 30, 1862. He died in New York City Nov. 17, 1800.* 
Cliildren: — Born in Troy, N. Y. 

—55 Mary Esther," b. July 19, 1831; d., iinm., June 9, 1849. 
■—56 Fhcehe Jane," b. Oct. 6, 1834; d. Sept. 6, 1912. 
—57 Robert J.,' b. Mar. 25, 1836; d. in childhood. 

Bom in New York City. 
+58 Alfred Henry," b. 1839. 

—59 Amelia Anna,^ b. Apr. 13, 1845; d. in childhood. 
—60 Hannah Juliet," b. Sept. 26, 1847; m. T. C. Buckmaster, 
Newburg, N. Y. 

47. Alexander Moores Stratton ^ (Latham,^ Benjamin,*' 
Caleb, ^ William;- Caleb V) was born Jan. 30, 1813, in New York 
City. Five years later his father moved to Troy, where as a 
boy Alexander worked in the "Stratton Foundry," early learning 
the trade of his father and elder brother. As a young man he 
was connected for several years with the Novelty Iron Works, in 
New York City, as Superintendent. For about five years prior 
to his death he was purser on the Collins Line Steamer Pacific, 
running between New York and Liverpool. He resigned this 
position just before the Pacific made its last voyage. The 
steamer was lost and all on board. He married, Oct. 23, 1833, 
Angelina M. Prescott, daughter of Charles B. and Henrietta 
{Blekkingh) Prescott, of Troy. She was born in Troy, Feb. 21, 
1818, and died in Morrisania, ]\Iar. 31, 1861. Her mother was 
a native of Amsterdam, Holland. Alexander M. Stratton was a 
consistent member of the Friends' Society all his life. He died 
in his home in Morrisania Dec. 15, 1854, aged only 41 years. 

Children: — Born in Troy, N. Y. 

-61 Henrietta M.," b. Oct. 11, 1834; d. Oct. 30, 1856. 

-62 Jane Eliza," b. Apr. 16, 1839; d. Oct. 10, 1873. 

—63 Mar>^ Lois," b. Feb. 4, 1837; m. William Adams, 1855, 
born in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

*"At the breaking out of the California gold fever in 1S49 several of 
the men left the foundry to try their fortunes in the gold fields. They 
remembered their kind employer by sending several beautiful nuggets 
of gold; one with the wish that he might have a ring made from it 
and wear in remembrance of them. When he left the foimdry in lSo9 
the men presented him with a gold watch and chain, with an appropriate 
inscription, as a tribute of their esteem. I am wearing the ring and 
watch to-day." A. H. Stratton. 

182 A Book of Strattons 

—64 Angelinc Prescott," b. Aug. 4, 1841 ; d. aged 10 years. 

Born in Morrisania, N. Y. 
-f 65 Prescott Blekkingh," b. March 13, 1851. 

51. James Wilson Stratton ' {Robert M.,^ Latham,^ Ben- 
jamin* Cakb,^ Willicun,'- Caleb ^) was born July 25, 1829, and 
married Josephine A. Trotter, of Brooklyn, May 13, 1851. He 
was confidential clerk in the Novelty Iron Works and later be- 
came a partner in the firm of William Wright & Co., Newburg, 
N. Y., builders of steam engines. He was a member of the Re- 
formed Episcopal Church, and a member of the American In- 
stitute. He died at his home in Newburg Mar. 17, 1876. Five 
years after his death his family moved to Riverside, California, 
where their pleasant, hospitable home was known as "The An- 

Cliildren: — Born in New York City. 

-66 Charles Harrison,^ d. Nov. 22, 1856. 

—67 Frances,^ b. Dec. 15, 1858; d. at Riverside. 

—68 Josephine,*^ d. Feb. 2, 1883, at Riverside. 

-69 Emily Baily,'* d. Mar. 1, 1877, at Newburg. 

—70 Marie Louise,* m. Gerald Wm. Barton, June 8, 1891; 
d. Mar. 23, 1892. 
Born in Newburg, N. Y. 

+71 George Draper,* b. 1870; d. 1905. 

—72 Wilson Eugene,* b. 1862; d. aged 2 years. 

—73 Cornelia Gilbert,* d. in infancy. 

-74 Robert M.,* d. Dec. 22, 1866. 

38. Alfred Henry ' {Nathaniel M.,^ Lathem,^ Benjamin* 
Caleb,^ Wm.;- Caleb^) was born Nov. 25, 1839. He was edu- 
cated at Trinity School, New York City, which is under the con- 
trol of old Trinity Church. He studied architecture but did not 
follow that profession. He has been connected with the Custom 
House, New York, for over 50 years. He is a member of the 
Empire State Society of Sons of the American Revolution. His 
home is in Little Falls, N. J. He married first Elizabeth Hen- 
rietta Pearson, Sept. 2, 1867, who died in Arlington, Aug. 20, 
1889, leaving two children. She was a daughter of Sidney and 
Sarah Pearson. Sept. 7, 1892, he married Julia A. Noyes. She 
died Nov. 15, 1896. 

Children: — Born in Brooklyn, 

—75 Sidney Pearson.^ 

-76 Lillian.* 

Caleb Stratton of Boston 183 

65. Prescott Blekkingh Stratton ^ {Alexander M.^ 
Latham,^ Benjamin,^ Caleb,^ Willia7n,^ Caleb ^) lives in Milwau- 
kee, Wis. At the age of 18 he went from Morrisania, N. Y., to 
Walworth Co., AVis., where he worked on a farm for five years. 
In 1878 he became connected with the Chicago, Milwaukee & 
St. Paul R. R., with office in Milwaukee. In 1904 he entered 
the grain, flour and feed business in Milwaukee and is now of the 
firm of "Donehue and Stratton." Oct. 7, 1877, he married 
Martha Elizabeth Lull. His home is in West Alles, a suburb 
of Milwaukee. 

Children: — Born in Troy Center, Wis. 

+77 Harold Mead.^ 

—78 Genevieve.* 

+79 Frederick Alexander.® 

71. George Draper Stratton ® {James TF./ Robert M.,^ 
Latham,^ Benjamin* Caleb,^ William,- Caleb ^) was born in 
Newburg, N. Y., June 5, 1870, and died in Oakland, California, 
Oct. 21, 1905. He married, Jan. 17, 1899, Jeannie Gift, youngest 
daughter of Capt. George W. and Ellen Gift. She was born in 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Child: — Born in Oakland, California. 

-80 Marian Trotter.^ 

77. Harold M. Stratton * {Prescott B.,^ Alexander M.,^ 
Latham,^ Benjamin,* Caleb,^ William,- Caleb '^), after finishing 
school at the Milwaukee Business College, entered the grain 
business in 1893. He is now a partner in the firm of "Donehue 
and Stratton," receivers and shippers of grain, flour and feed in 
Milwaukee. Oct. 20, 1903, he married Bessie Adele Frantz. 

Children: — Born in Milwaukee, Wis. 

—81 John Frantz.^ 

—81a Elizabeth Mary.^ 

—81b Frederick Frantz.^ 

79. Frederick Alexander Stratton ^ {Prescott B./ Alexan- 
der il/.,*' Latham,^ Benjamin,* Caleb, ^ William,- Caleb '^) gradu- 
ated from the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons in 
Milwaukee in 1903, and became connected with the "National 
Home of Disabled Volunteers," in Milwaukee, as Assistant Sur- 
geon. In 1906 he opened an ofiice in Milwaukee and is now a 
practicing physician in that city. Oct. 30, 1907, he married 

IS-i A Book of Strattoxs 

Marie Louise Berthelet, daughter of Joseph R. and Louise 
Berthelet. ."^hc died June 10, 1914. He married second Fannie 
Berthelet, Aug. 15, 1915. 

Children: — Born in Milwaukee. 
By first marriage. 

—82 Jane Elizabeth Louise.^ 

—82a Susan Mary.^ 

[83.] Seth Stratton ' ( ,^ Caleh,^ William,- Caleb ^) was 

born in Nantucket, Feb. 11, 1772. He was a grandson of Caleb 
Stratton^ [William,- Caleb ^). He left his native island while 
a youth and went to New York state. July 2-4, 1794, he married 
Rebecca Gardner, at Hudson, N. Y. She also was a native of 
Nantucket, born April 19. 1778.* Tliey were Quakers and lived 
and died in that faith. For about twelve years after their mar- 
riage they lived in Hudson, and then moved to Oxford, N. Y., 
where he bought a farm. Rebecca died Feb. 1. 1832, and Seth 
married Betsey Suley, Feb. 24, 1833, who survived him. He 
died in May, 1856. A tombstone stands to his memory in the 
burial ground at Oxford. 

Children: — Born in Hudson, N. Y. 
By first marriage. 

—84 William H.,<^ b. Aug. 13, 1795; m. Jan. 1, 1817, Eliza 

—85 Phcebe A.," b. July 17. 1798; m. Thomas Jacobs of Ox- 
ford Oct. 6, 1817; d. Feb. 1883. 

—86 Frederick G..*^ b. June 16. 1800. 

—87 Edward,*^ b. Apr. 25, 1802; d. Oct. 4, 1803. 

—88 Eliza A..« b. May 9, 1804; m. Nov. 20, 1825. Thomas C. 
Healy, who was born at Hudson, Dec. 26, 1794. 
Born in Oxford, N. Y. 

-89 Edward W.,« b. May 18. 1807. 

+90 Gardner," b. 1808, d. 1900. 

-91 George M.,*^ b. Dec. 3, 1812; d. May 18, 1834; unm. 

-92 Sally M.,*^ b. Feb. 3, 1814; d. unm. 

—93 Charles A.," b. July 9, 1816; married and lived near 

* These dates are from the old family Bible of Seth Stratton, which 
is now in possession of one of his descendants. The compiler has found 
no clew as to which of the sons of Caleb Stratton was the father of 
Seth. Rebecca was probably the daughter of Capt. Elisha, and Ruth 
Gardner, who moved to Oxford from Hudson, where he died Feb. 18, 
1825, aged 80 years. There is a tombstone at his grave in Oxford. 



Eev. William Uhediaii Stkattox 
Page 187. 

Caleb Strattox of Boston 185 

Buffalo; was a sailor on the lakes. He is said to have 
left a family, ^yhere are they? 

-94 ]\Iary A.-,*^ b. Feb. 7, 1820. 

-95 Lydia M.,« b. May, 1826; d. Oct. 3, 1827. 
By second marriage. 

—96 James 0.," b. Dec. 4, 1833; was a cabinet maker at 
Coventry, N. Y.; d. Feb. 9, 1865. Left no descend- 

90. Gardner Stratton ^ iSeth,-' * Caleb,^ William,- 

Caleb V) was born in Oxford, Chanango Co., N. Y., Feb. 3, 1809. 
He learned the hatters trade, and had a shop in Oxford and 
later in Addison, N. Y. Lived for a while at Bath, N. Y. Oct. 
3, 1832, he married Clarissa Bemis, from Connecticut. He had 
become acquainted with her while she was on a visit to Oxford, 
and they were married at the home of her parents, Amariah and 
Sally (Shumiray) Bemis, of Stratford, Conn. In 1849 they 
moved to Wantoma, Wisconsin, a new town, of which he became 
the first Town Clerk. He bought a tract of land there and spent 
the rest of his life as a farmer. He was a Universalist. Of him 
a granddaughter writes: "He was a strong advocate of temper- 
ance, a total abstainer, never used tobacco in any form, was 
very dignified and though rather peculiar in his ways was greatly 
respected." Both Mr. and Mrs. Stratton lived to be over 90 
years of age, retaining to a remarkable degree the full posses- 
sion of memory, intellect, and physical powers to the end of their 
long lives. 

Children: — Born in Oxford, N. Y. 

—97 Helen,' b. Mar. 5, 1834; m. Denison Hoxie, Aug. 1, 

—98 Agnes," b. June 14, 1836; m. Edward Smith, Jan. 1, 

-99 Mary," b. Feb. 1, 1839; m. Pheneas Weeks, Nov. 5, 
Born in Addison N. Y. 

+100 George 0., b. 1841. 

-101 Ida, b. May 11, 1848; m. Fred Berray, Nov. 5, 1868. 

+ 102 Albert Amariah, b. 1849. 
Born in Wantoma, Wis. 

+103 Gardner. 

100. George 0. Str.\tton ' (Gardner,'' Seth,' ." Calcb,^ 

William,- Caleb ^) was born in Addison, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1841, 

186 A Book of Strattons 

and (lied in the army at Vicksburg, Va., Nov. 18, 1864. In Feb., 
1864, he married Ann Eagan. 


—104 George I.,® res., Duluth, Minn. He has a son Clarence.^ 

102. Albert Amariah Stratton " {Gardner,^ Seth,^ 


Calcb,^ William,- Calcb^) was born Nov. 18, 1849, in Addison, 
N. Y. As a youth he learned the blacksmith's trade. June 26, 
1872, he married Florence Wright, daughter of James Wright. 
He died in Plainfield, Wis., Dec. 4, 1904. 

Children: — Born in Wantoma, Wis. 

+105 Otis James.^ 

—106 Archie Ransom,^ d., unm., July 30, 1898. 

—107 Ruby,^ res. Wantoma, Wis. 

-108 Claude L.,« b. in Richford, Wis. 

103. Gardner Stratton ^ (Gardner,^ Seth,^ ,* Caleb,^ 

William,'- Caleb \) is a farmer and lives in his native town, Wan- 
toma, Wis. Apr. 21, 1875, he married Ida Porter of Berlin, Wis. 

Children: — Born in Wantoma, Wis. 

-109 Allie P.,« m. Eliza Davis, Oct. 2, 1900; a farmer at 
Wantoma; has two daughters, Leona Maude,^ Ida 

-110 Clara M.,« m. Clyde H. Gustin Feb. 22, 1896. 

-Ill Murrell E.,« m. Frank W. Darling, Oct. 18, 1898. 

-112 Maud E.,« m. Annon J. Holt June 3, 1903; d., Wan- 
toma, Aug. 7, 1903. 

—113 Henry B.,* deceased. 

—114 George 0.,« m. Frances Walker Nov. 10, 1911; res. 
Wantoma; one child, Margaret.^ 

-115 Ella L.,^ m. Roy Austin Nov. 28, 1910; res. Stevens 
Point, Wis. 

-116 Anna,« d. 1891. 

-117 Lucele E.« 

-118 Charles P.« 

105. Otis James Stratton ^ {Albert A.,'' Gardner,^ Seth,^ 
,■* Calcb,^ William,- Caleb^) was born in Wantoma, Wis., 

and married Florence Cronkite Sept. 30, 1869, daughter of Riley 
and Alice Cronkite. He is an engraver; res. Grand Rapids, Wis. 


—119 Neva Irene.^ 

-120 Rollis Archie.^ 

Caleb Stratton of Boston 187 

106. Claude L. Stratton ^ {Albert A.,'' Gardner,^ Seth,^ 
Caleb, ^ William,- Caleb ^) married Anna Lamb June 8, 

1897. He is a carpenter and lives in Wilsonville, Neb. 

-121 Robert LeRoy.^ 
—122 Lillian Lorenda.^ 

[123.] WiLLLAM Stratton ' ( ,* Caleb, ^ William,^ Caleb ^) 

was a Quaker sea captain who traded between the United States 
and the West Indies. According to the town records of Balti- 
more, Md., he married in that city, Feb. 21, 1796, Mary Ann 
Howard. The Baltimore Directories show that from 1796 to 
1801 he was living at No. 34 Wolf street. Fells Point, Baltimore, 
where he was styled a "Ship Master." He died on board his 
vessel at sea in 1802-3, leaving his wife and "only son" in Balti- 
more. Some time after his death his widow married a Mr. Wil- 
son, who died early and left her with two little daughters. She 
did not remain long in Baltimore but went with her three chil- 
dren to Hudson, N. Y., where, it will be remembered, several 
Nantucket Strattons had settled. In 1838 she was with her son 
in Canfield, Ohio. She died in New York about 1852.* 

Child: — Born in Baltimore. 

+124 William Obediah,« b. Nov. 19, 1798. 

124. WiLLLAM Obediah Str.atton '^ [William,^ ,^ Caleb, ^ 

William,- Caleb ^) was born in Baltimore but passed his youth 
in New York state and became a Presbyterian minister. He re- 
ceived his theological training at Princeton, and at the age of 
twenty-six was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of New 
York. Aug. 23, 1828, he was called to Canfield, Ohio, and in 
October of the same year, was ordained and installed as pastor 
of the Presbyterian church there. In 1844 he moved to Deerfield, 
Ohio, and was pastor of the church there for twenty years, when 
he retired from active service after forty years of arduous, faith- 

* That William Stratton, the Quaker sea-captain, was of the Nantucket 
hne there can be no doubt. Undoubtedly he was a grandson of Caleb 
Stratton'. Although actual proof of this has not been found, the com- 
piler assumes this to have been his ancestry. 

It is now known that James Latham Stratton (Vol I, p. 233. footnote) 
was William's nephew. Robert Stratton, who died in Baltimore in 1836, 
was probably another nephew — or possibly a younger brotlun*. 

Was this the Robert Stratton of Baltimore who left five children. Char- 
lotte m. a Mr. Moore, Mary Ann, Robert, Jr., Thomas and Edward? 
What became of these three sons? 

188 A Book of Strattons 

fill duties as a pastor, during which time he had preached nearly 
5.000 times. In 1866 he moved to Warren, Ohio. Though he 
retired from active service, he continued to preach occasionally to 
within a few weeks of his death, which occurred at Warren, Jan. 
27, 1884. He was a splendid example of a "self-educated man." 
His father died when he was only four years old and, as the 
son of a widow (left a widow a second time w'hen he was still 
a boy), he had his own way to make in the world, helping at 
the same time to support his mother. He early evinced a love 
of study and determined to get an education. He succeeded so 
well, mainly through his own efforts, that for years he was con- 
sidered the best linguist in the Presbytery with which he was 
connected. He was a profound Latin, Greek and Hebrew scholar, 
an indefatigable student. He studied French after he was sixty 
years old and read books in that language with ease and pleasure. 
He considered himself deficient in mathematics, of which he was 
not fond, but continued his study in this branch of learning to 
his last illness. His last work, the solving of some difficult prob- 
lems in geometry, was found in his room after his death, having 
been performed Wednesday evening, and he passed away Sunday 
evening. His death came as the result of a cold contracted during 
a long sleigh ride to the home of a former parishioner. In Can- 
field, in 1832, he married Anna M. Whittlesey, daughter of 
Hon. Elisha Whittlesey, associated with so many public affairs, 
and Comptroller of the U. S. Treasury from 1849 to his death 
in 1860. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stratton celebrated their golden wedding in 
Warren in 1882. She was born Nov. 7, 1812, and died Aug. 13, 

Children: — Born in Canfield, 0. 

+125 Howard Whittlesey," b. 1833; d. 1895. 

-126 Lucy Jane,^ b. Apr. 19, 1835; m. Elisha Whittlesey 
Collins in 1857; res. Chicago. 

+ 127 Henry Grcnville,' b. 1837. 

-128 Mary Amelia,^ b. Mar. 11, 1840; m. Homer C. Reid; 
res. Warren, 0. 

-129 Harriet,^ b. Dec, 1843; d. young. 
Born in Deerfield, 0. 

-130 Alice Virginia,^ b. Jan. 9, 1848; m. George M. Hall of 
Spokane, Wash. 

—131 Julia M.,' b. Feb. 10, 1855; m. George Harrison Bres- 
coe, of Cleveland, O. 

Caleb Stratton of Boston 189 

125. Howard Whittlesey STEATToyi ' {WilliainO.,^ William,^ 
-,* Caleb,^ William,- Caleb'^) was born in Canfield, O., and 

like his father became a Presbyterian minister. He held pastor- 
ates in North Benton, Huntsburg and Cadiz, 0.; in Kansas and 
in Seattle and Spokane, Wash., and for several years was Synod- 
ical jMissionary in Oregon. He moved from Ohio to Kansas in 
1870, and from Kansas to Oregon in 1875. At Spokane he secured 
property from the government which is now known as the "Strat- 
ton Addition." In Pittsburg, Pa., June 20, 1854, he married Mary 
White, daughter of Thomas and Mary {Shaw) White. He died 
in Spokane Aug. 23, 1895. 

Children: — Born in North Benton, 0. 

-132 Anna Whittlesey ,« m. J. J. Brown, June 16, 1874. 

+ 133 Charles Henry. « 

+134 Alfred Ritzel.« 

+135 Howard Clarence.^ 

127. Henry Grenville Str.\tton ' ( William 0.,*' William,^ 
-,* Caleb, ^ William,- Caleb ') was born Mar. 1, 1837, in Can- 

field, 0. He was Lieutenant of the 19th Ohio Regiment at the 
beginning of the Civil War, and Colonel of the same regiment at 
the close of the war, having served the entire time. He was at 
the battles of Rich Mountain, Pittsburg Landing, Chickamauga, 
Missionary Ridge, campaign and capture of Atlanta and other 
noted engagements. He married Susie McClain, Oct. 14, 1868; 
res. Waitsburg, Washington. 


—136 Florence.* 

133. Charles Henry Stratton * {Howard W.,' William 0.,^ 

Williajn,' ," Caleb,^ William,- Caleb^) was born in North 

Benton, Ohio, and resides in Spokane, Wash. He married Laura 
B. Jay, Apr. 21, 1881. 

Child: — Born in Spokane. 

—137 Leah Evaline,^ m. Theron G. Posten, of Berkeley, 

134. Alfred Ritzel Str.\tton ^ {Howard,^ Willinm 0.,^ 

William,'' ,* Caleb,^ Willi-am,- Caleb'') is a farmer living 

near Spokane, Wash. He married Libbie Gould, Sept. 26, 1886. 

-138 Ethel May,^ twin, 
—139 Elma May,^ twin. 

190 A Book of Strattons 

—140 Howard Browne.^ 
-141 Roland.^ 

135. Howard Clarence Stratton ^ {Howard W.," William 

0.,^ Willia77i,^ * Caleb, ^ William,^ Caleb V) was born in 

Cadiz, O., and moved with his parents to Kansas when he was 
about eight years old, and five years later to Portland, Oregon. 
At sixteen he began earning his own living, first in a printing 
office, then in the railroad service, until the completion of the 
Northern and Union Pacific railroads. Then he resigned to 
accept a position in a Portland bank, of which he was elected 
Cashier at the age of twenty-three. In 1900 he moved to San 
Francisco and has ever since been identified with the business 
interests of that city. Apr. 12, 1882, he married Cora Alice Cox, 
daughter of Leander M. and Annie Olivia Cox, who was born 
in Sheldon, N. Y. 

Children: — Born in Portland, Oregon. 

—142 Vivian,^ m. George Fiske Charleston, of Portland. 

—143 Clarence Melville.'' 

mcc? /^h-(xJttL^ ^"^ 




^ ^ jcMc.lU-^>7 ,^//^^aUO'L 

-/-^?^ Yo-'-^'/'^' 

■^yJ^^^Zi'^^ — 







1 ^^^y^^^ 

1. Pufje ini. 2. I'lnj, WVl. Vol. r, .!. I'nqr 192. 4. Paqrs 
\\n. 204. ';'). I'aiir 2 111 (i. I'a<j, 1'.I4, Vul. 1. 7. I'uijc l!t5, Vol. 1. 
8. Page l!t!t. !». /V.-/' ITS. 


(Chart H, Vol I) 

"Honor tJuj father and thy mother." Exodus xx, 12. 

RECENT research has brought to light, from the Cambridge 
court files, two papers which will be of much interest to all 
descendants of Thomas Stratton - {John'^) of Watertown and 
Waltham (see Vol. I, p. 185) . The first of these is dated Charles- 
town, Apr. 15, 1690, and reads as follows: 

"To the Hon County Court 
sitting in Camb. 
We whose names are underwritten Listed in the service of the 
country against the French, being ordered down to Chariest own 
by our Commander Capt. Nathaniel Wade do testify, that being 
denyed Quarters elsewhere in said Town this last night, the 
Widow Mary Peachie did readily Entertain us with very good 
usage, and with great care that no disorders might be com- 

We therefore Humbly pray that the Hon Court will please to 
grant her Liberty to renew her License for the year ensuing, &: 
that you will confirm the same to her, wherein you will greatly 

Yo's & the countryes Humble Servts." 

To this is attached the signatures of twenty men of the Com- 
pany, and among them is that of Thomas Stratton.* 

*Thc other signatures to this petition are Nathaniel Barsham, Lieut. 
William Devenport, Sergeant Samuel Barnard, Corporal Richard Mellins, 
John Applin, John Fish, Peter Munsell, John Smith. John Stratin (Strat- 
ton?), Henry Spring, John Fay, Thomas Wilson. Nathaniel Wood. Solo- 
mon Roy, Corp. Stevens, John Frary, Josiah Jones, Joseph Garfield, James 
Ball,— and all are autographs, some in old "court hand," and some 
"chancer>^ script," and some in plain "running hand." The petition it.'^elf 
is written in the beautiful "copper plate" penmanship of Capt. Lawrence 
Hammond, Recorder at Charlestown. 

The widow Peachie was Mary Robinson when she married Thomas 


192 A Book of Strattons 

The second paper, dated Sept. 28, 1738, is as follows: 

"Thomas Stratton of Waltham, Husbandman, for divers good 
causes me moving and £3 sold to my son James at a place called 
Pequoid all rights the General Court may grant for the expedi- 
tion of 1690, I being a soldier in the aforesaid expedition in a 
company that was under ]Major Waldo's command."* 

Here is satisfying proof of the colonial war service of Thomas 
Stratton.- It will be remembered that James Stratton,^ son of 
Thomas,- settled in Pequoid (later Athol) in 1736, on one of 
the sixty lots granted the proprietors {Vol. I, p. 189). 

As no record of the death of Thomas, or his wife Dorcas, is 
found in Watertown (or Waltham ) it is quite probable that they 
followed their elder son James to Athol and died there. The 
records of the first fifteen years of that town were destroyed 
by fire. 


42. Zebulon Stratton^ (James* James,^ Thomas,- John^) 
was born May 15, 1753, in Athol, Mass. In boyhood he received 
only the education afforded by a few winter terms in the district 
school, served an apprenticeship to a shoemaker, and at the age 
of nineteen entered the boot and shoe business. 

His youth was spent in those stirring days just before the 
Revolution, and he lacked none of the patriotic spirit which actu- 
ated so many young men of his native town. On the morning 
of April 19, 1775, with other "minute men," he responded to the 
call of his country and marched to Lexington in Col. Doolittle's 
Reg't, serving five days. At the end of this service he enlisted in 
the company just organized by Capt. Ichabod Dexter in Col. 
Woodbridge's Regt., and served three months and fourteen days. 
Aug. 21, 1777, he again enlisted, this time in Capt. Thomas Lord's 

Peachie of Charleston in 1665. He died in 1683. His widow kept a house 
of entertainment from the year of his death until she died, ten months 
after this petition was signed. 

* This was the expedition against Canada from which so many never 
returned. Two of the transports canying soldiers back from Quebec 
were lost, many men were killed and many more died of woimds. The 
general court passed an order that the wives and heirs might draw the 
pay due these soldiers without administration of their estates. Thus 
many of the estates fail to show in the probate court files, and doubtless 
many "disappearances" about this time are due to this expedition and 
the above order. 

John Stratton of Watertown 193 

Company, Col. Nathan Sparhawk's Regt., and in five days' march 
reached Bennington, 96 miles away. In 1778 he served in Capt. 
Josiah Wilder's Co. at Rutland Barracks under command of 
Maj. Daniel Clapp. 

Jan. 9, 1780, he married in Winchenden, Jerusha Bradish, 
daughter of Jonas and Jerusha (Morton) Bradish. She was 
born July 20, 1759.* Their home on "The Street," in Athol was 
a part of the original Stratton Grant. Here they lived for nearly 
thirty years. 

In 1815, Mr. Stratton visited his son in Western New York, 
making the trip alone on horseback, part of the way along an 
Indian trail, and covering the distance of more than three hun- 
dred miles in seven days. Returning to Atliol, he disposed of his 
farm and business there, and with his wife and daughter Meribah 
moved to Concord, N. Y., where they lived for six years. The 
remainder of their lives was spent in the home of their son James 
in Little Valley, N. Y. Here Mrs. Stratton died Dec. 27, 1840. 
Her husband survived her nearly two years, dying Aug. 18, 1842. 
Both are buried in the Annis graveyard, where stones stand to 
their memory. 

Mr. Stratton was a man a little below medium height, with 
a noticeably high, broad forehead and pleasant blue eyes. He 
possessed a genial, cheerful disposition, which he retained to the 
end of his long life of 89 years. In later life he spent much time 
reading. Among his favorite books were those of a religious 
nature, and he was a diligent Bible student, his w^ell thumbed 
Bible being yet in the hands of his descendants. 

Mrs. Stratton was a woman of strong convictions, of more 
than ordinary intelligence and strength of character.f Tlicir home 

* Jonas Bradish, born in Marlboro Aug. 7, 1724, was son of James and 
Damaris (Rice) Bradish, grandson of Joseph and Mary Bradish, who 
were in Cambridge as early as 1631. Jerusha Morton was a daughter 
of Samuel and Lydia Morton (see Vol. I, p, 192). 

t A granddaughter who remembered her at the time of her removal from 
Concord in her sixty-fourth year describes her as she rode to her new 
home on horseback, as a "stately erect lady in a scarlet riding habit." 
The story is told of how, when a young woman of but eighteen years, the 
news having reached her that her brother had been wounded at Lex- 
ington, she went alone on horseback from New Salem, riding thirty-six 
hours with only four houre' rest. Arriving at Lexington, she was told that 
her brother was in the hospital, to which she would not be admitted since 
"it was no place for a woman." After several hours of argument, going 
from one official to another, she finally gained admission, procured medical 
aid for her brother, who was supposed to be fatally wounded, and after 

194 A Book of Strattons 

was ever a favorite stopping place for pioneer ministers, who 
always found a warm welcome, and who were fond of drawing 
the old gentleman into a discussion (in which his wife usually 
joined), often receiving help from his original thoughts on the 
religious c^uestions of the da\'. 
Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

— 97 Meribah,*^ b. July 20, 1781; d. unm. in Little Valley 

Center, N. Y., in 1845, at the home of her brother 

— 98 Achsah,'' b. Jan. 7, 1785; m. Nehemiah Fay, in Athol; 

moved to Concord, N. Y., about 1814; d. in Great 

Valley in 1872. 
+ 99 James,« b. Aug. 5, 1786; d. 1874. 
—100 Zcbulon,'' d. in childhood. 
—101 Jerusha,*' d. in childhood.* 

44. Thomas Stratton ^ {Ja77ies* James,^ Thomas,- John ^) 
was born Oct. 3, 1758, and married Thankful Rich, Aug. 5, 1784. 
He was town clerk from 1788 to 1797; selectman, 1792-96, and 
town treasurer in 1797 and "98. His carefully kept records 
and fine penmanship are shown by the old town records of 
Athol. About 1812 he sold his possessions in Athol and moved 
to Fitzwilliam, N. H., where the records show that on Oct. 16, 
1818, he was killed by the falling of a tree. 

Child: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

102 Austice,^ b. Dec. 14, 1784; m. Levi Tower. 

47. James Stratton^ (Williajn* James.^ Thornas,- John^) 
was born Dec. 11, 1780; married Susannah Ward in 1827, and 
lived in Athol, where he died Aug. 25, 1851. 

Child:— Bon; in Athol. 

203 Sarah W.'^ 

several weeks of nursing broupht him home with her. Later he married 
and has descendants living in New York State. 

* These two children died of scarlet fever. On stones in the old ceme- 
tery at Athol are those peculiar inscriptions, showing the curious use of 
titles at that particular period: 

In memory of In memory of 

Mr. Zebulon Stratton, son Miss Jerusha Stratton, daughter 

of Mr. Zebulon and Mrs. of Mr. Zebulon and Mrs. 

Jerusha Stratton, who died Jerusha Stratton, who died 

June 13, 1775, aged 7 yrs. June 19, 1795, aged 1 yr. 

and 2 mo's. and 9 mo's. 

James and Elizabeth ( Wheeler t Strattox 
Page 204. 


A I'icturesque Glimi'se oe Athol 
I'(if/cs l!)ii-lii;{. 

John Stratton of Watertown 195 

49, Asa Stratton^ (William,* James,^ Thomas^- John'^), 
born Nov. 25, 1785; m;irricd Susannah Giles in 1807, and died 
in Athol July 15, 1835. His will, dated May 26, 1835, is re- 
corded in Worcester. His widow died Oct. 12, 1842, aged 56 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

-104 Lemira D.,« b. 1807; m. Prescott Giles in 1829; d. 

-105 William M.,« b. 1809; d. 1876. 

-106 Asa A.,« b. 1811. 

—107 Susan G.,« b. 1815; m. Larabee. 

-108 Nancy ,« b. 1817; m. George Ward; d. 1852. 

56. Nathaniel Stratton ^ (Stephen* James,^ Thomas,^ 
John'^) was born in Athol Jan. 30, 1770. He married Esther 
Richardson, daughter of Samuel Richardson, at Brookfield Apr. 
8, 1792. About 1805 he settled in Northfield. After his death, 
which occurred before 1831, his widow married Asa Robins. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass.* 
+109 Harvey ,« b. 1793. 
+110 Warren,*^ b. 1800; d. 1883. 
+111 Willard,« d. 1867. 

Born in Northfield, Mass. 
-112 Stephen,^ b. Aug. 30, 1805. 
-113 Melinda,« b. Feb. 9, 1807; d. Nov. 6, 1828. 
—114 Norris,'' b. 1810, d. 1876; m. Nancy B. Piper; lived in 

Northfield and Leydon; ch. Estella Hope; d. aged 

8 yrs. 

57. Levi Stratton^ (Stephen,* James,^ Thomas,- John'^), 
born May 12, 1772; married Lois Hunphry in Apr., 1795, and 
lived and died in his native town where a stone stands to his 
memory in the old cemetery, near the graves of his father and 
mother. He died Apr. 7, 1821. 

Children: — Bom in Athol, Mass. 
-115 Lydia,'' b. 1796. 

* There may have been other children in this family. An aged grand- 
daughter of Nathaniel Stratton remembers an "Uncle Nathan" and an 
"Aunt Tammason," whom she thinks were her grandfather Stratton's 
children. She believes that Nathaniel's Bible with family records is in 
possession of some one of his grandchildren. The compiler has not been 
able to find it. 

196 A Book of Strattons 

—116 Lucy,« b. Nov. 12, 1801; m. Enos Twitchell, and lived 
in Buffalo, N. Y. 
! -117 Lavina,«b. Oct. 30, 1806;d. Nov. 21, 1814. 
—118 Lois,« b. Mar. 7, 1812; m. Samuel Twitchell. 
-119 Levi,« b. 1819. 

59. Abner Stratton '^ {Stephen* James,^ Thomas,- John ^) 
was a farmer of Athol, Mass., where he was born May 3, 1776. 
He married Abigail Stone, Jan. 1, 1806, and died in his native 
town May 2, 1850. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

—120 Mary Tufts,« b. Sept. 3, 1807; m. Sumner K. Morse, 

his second wife; d. Mar. 2, 1880. 
—121 Nancy ,« b. Aug. 16, 1810; m. Sumner K. Morse; d. 

Apr. 19, 1848. 
—122 Abigail," b. May 9, 1814; m. Asa Twitchell, Nov. 24, 
1842; m. 2nd, Elias Bassett; d. in New Salem Sept. 
19, 1893. 
+123 Amos T.,« b. 1818; d. 1898. 
+ 124 Abner Graves,'' b. 1820; d. 1882. 

61. Ezra Str.\tton ^ (Stephen,* James,^ Thomas,- John ^) 

was born Apr. 26, 1781, married Abigail , and moved to 

Vermont some time in 1817. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

-125 Melanda,^ b. Oct. 17, 1807. 

—126 Aaron Smith,'' b. Mar. 25, 1809. 

-127 Leander Graves," b. July 28, 1812. 

—128 Stephen Austin," b. Jan. 22, 1815. 

-129 Clarissa," b. Apr. 4, 1817. 

Further knowledge of this family is desired. One of the sons 
is supposed to have settled in Albany. 

63. Harvey Str.\tton '^ (Stephen,* James,^ Thomas,- John^) 
was born in Athol in 1784. He may have married Olive 
Evans. History of Northfield says he settled in that town. The 
I'ompilcr has found nothing to confirm this. His nephew, Harvey 
Stratton," son of Nathaniel,^ is known to have settled in North- 
field (see No. 109). Further information is desired. 

67. Abel Str.\tton ^ iPeleg* James,^ Thomas,- John^) was 
born in Athol Apr. 16, 1775. Feb. 11, 1829, he married Betsey 
Bachelor and lived in Petersham, where he was a farmer and 

John Stratton of Watertown 197 

where he died in 1829. He is buried in Athol in the cemetery 
on Pleasant Street. After his death his family lived in Athol 
where his widow died Feb. 24, 1857, aged 75 years. 
Children: — Bor?i in Petersham, Mass. 
+ 130 Rcubcn,6 b. 1802; d. 1876. 
—131 Hannah,^ b. Sept. 3, 1807; m. Charles Crawford of 

Petersham, Apr. 12, 1837. 
+132 Abel,« b. 1808; d. 1844. 

—133 Charles," m. Hannah Harrington, in Grafton, Nov. 1, 
1834; d. in Rutland, 1850; ch. Charles Harrington,' 
res. Three Rivers, Mass. 
—134 Henrj%" d. unm. in South Carolina. 
—135 Laura,*^ m. George Like ; lived and died in Wisconsin. 

69. Peleg Stratton^ {Peleg* James,^ Thomas,^ John'^) was 
born in Athol Feb. 10, 1781. He married Lois Batchelor, Nov. 
7, 1810. She was a daughter of Stephen and Meribah Bachelor 
of Royalston, was born Dec. 19, 1788, and died in Templeton, 
aged 55 years. Soon after his marriage he settled at Templeton 
where he bought a farm. Like his father he was noted among 
his neighbors for his readiness in repartee, his courageous cheer- 
fulness under all circumstances, and his kind helpfulness to all 
with whom he came in contact. Hard work on his small rocky 
farm hardly sufficed to supply the needs of his growing family, 
and during the long cold winter months he made trips to Boston 
with sled loads of shingles cut from his woodland. Once when 
asked by a Boston friend of what crop his farm was most pro- 
ductive his laconic reply was "children." He was a member and 
regular attendant of the Methodist church. He died at the age 
of seventy-nine years. 

Children: — Bom in Templeton, Mass. 

—136 Benjamin Franklin,^ b. Jan. 17, 1812; d. Nov. 14, 1839. 

-137 David Parks,'' b. Mar., 1814; d. Sept., 1816. 

-138 David Parks," b. Feb., 1816; d. Nov., 1819. 

-139 Thomas," b. Sept. 15, 1818; d. unm. Aug. 25, 1848. 

—140 Frederick Alonzo," b. Sept. 1, 1821; d. in Templeton 
Sept. 2, 1898. Never married. 

-141 Addison Dwight," b. Jan. 30, 1823; d. Jan. 28, 1848; 

—142 Sarah Louisa," b. Apr. 25, 1825; d. Dec. 9. 1835. 

—143 Mary Elizabeth," b. Aug. 7, 1827; m. Joseph B. Gar- 
field; d. in Ashburnham, Mass., Mar. 8, 1908. 

198 A Book of Strattons 

+144 James Batchclor,« b. 1829; d. 1904. 
—145 Philip Dodridge,^ b. Dec. 22, 1833; m. Mrs. Joseph 

71. David Stratton ^ (Peleg* James,^ Thomas,^ John^) was 
born June 20, 1786, in Athol. By trade he was a shoemaker. 
June 0, 1810, he married Sarah Wadsword of Grafton, and 
after her death, in 1824, he married Rachel Dyke of AthoL He 
lived in Grafton and Athol. He died in Grafton July 1, 1853, 
where a gravestone stands to his memory. ''He was a consistent 
church member, eloquent in prayer, a lifelong Christian," writes 
a grandson. "While another in writing of him says: "He was 
witty, fond of a joke, a lover of children, a genial companion, 
and a staunch friend. Like some other Strattons, a little bit 
odd, but a man of large heart and broad sympathies, and we all 
loved him." 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
—146 Sarah Maria,^ b. Mar. 25, 1811; m. Otis Newton of 

Westboro, Sept. 10, 1831. 
+147 Jesse Kendall,^ b. 1813. 
—148 Lucy Brooks,^ b. Feb. 17, 1815; m. Seth Jones Axtell, 

Nov. 18, 1832; d. in Grafton, aged 93 years. 
+149 Cyrus Wadsworth,^ b. Aug., 1817. 
+150 Asa Scott,*^ b. 1818. 
—151 Marietta,® m. Albert Bradish of Grafton. 

By second marriage. 
—152 George D.,*' b. July 6, 1826; d. in Worcester Dec. 6, 

—153 Mary Young,® m. Thomas Axtell Leland. 
—154 Laura,® d. unm. in Athol Mar. 30, 1855. 
—155 Susan Elizabeth,® m. Sutton. 

72. Jesse Stratton^ (Peleg,* James,^ Thomas,- John'^) was 
born in Athol Jan. 1, 1789. He was educated in Cambridge and 
became a Presbyterian minister. In 1830 he went to Hillsboro, 
Ga., where three of his brothers were engaged in business. In 
1839 he removed to Panola Co., Miss., where he had charge of 
several churches and was much beloved. He died just at the close 
of the Civil War. Late in life he married Mrs. Mendenthall. 
He left no children. 

John Stratton of Watertown 199 

73. Andrew Stratton^ {Peleg,* James,^ Thomas,- John'^), 
born in Athol, Mass., Nov. 15, 1791; married Lois Kendall 
Ward in 1817 and lived for ten years in Petersham, Mass., where 
he was a boot and shoe manufacturer. Here his wife died in 
1827. The following year, leaving his three small children with 
his parents in Athol, he took a stock of boots and shoes to 
Hillsboro, Ga., where his brothers, James and Asa E., were 
already engaged in mercantile business. In 1838 he removed 
to Panola Co., Miss., but later returned to Georgia and died in 
Dalton in 1848. 

Children: — Born in Petersham, Mass. 

+ 156 Charles Lorenzo,'' b. 1818. 

-f-157 James Evans, « b. 1819. 

—158 Elizabeth Kendall,^ b. 1821 ; m. John E. Morse in 1845, 
at the home of her uncle, A. E. Stratton, in Panola 
Co., Miss., by Rev. Jesse Stratton. 

—159 Lois Ward,^ b. in 1827; d. in infancy, the same day as 
her mother's death. 

75. Asa Evans Str.\tton ^ [Peleg* James,^ Thomas,- John^) 
was born in Athol, Mass., June 13, 1798. His early educational 
advantages were such as the common schools of his native town 
afforded. At the age of twenty-one he emigrated to Hillsboro, 
Jasper Co., Ga., where he resided for sixteen years as a mer- 
chant, dealing largely in boots and shoes.* In 1836 he removed to 
Panola Co., Miss., where he purchased large and valuable tracts 
of land, and was one of the early settlers of that section of the 
state.f For more than twenty years he was a prosperous planter, 
identified with the building up and improvement of North Mis- 
sissippi. He was one of the originators of the Mississippi & 
Tennessee Railroad, and one of its first directors. In 1859 he 
moved to Texas, lived for one year in Bastrop Co., and then 
purchased a plantation in Brazoria Co., near Cedar Lake, where 
he was extensively engaged in the cultivation of sugar and cotton. 
A man of unconquerable energy, he often said he would rather 
wear out than rust out, and, although in his eightieth year, he si ill 
maintained his mental and physical activity to an unusual degree, 

*His goods were shipped from Boston to Savannah and tlirn hauled 
overland by team to Hillsboro, a distance of one himdred and fifty miles. 

t He had then received a commission from the U. S. Government to 
furnish beef for the Indians who were being moved from the Southeastern 
States and settled in Indian Territory. 

200 A Book of Strattons 

and up to within a few weeks of his death was actively engaged 
in the management of his plantation and general business affairs. 
In early life he made a profession of religion and became a mem- 
ber of the church. Although retaining to the last many of his 
strong New England characteristics, he became identified with 
the South, and gave to her, in prosperity and adversity, a uniform 
.support. He was a Major in the Confederate army. Mr. Strat- 
ton was married four times, and was fortunate and happy in 
his marital relations, and fortunate in seeing the kindly and 
fraternal relations existing between the children of his four 

In March, 1824, he married Mary Graves Alexander of Jasper 
Co., Ga. She died two years after their removal to Mississippi. 
Feb. 26, 1843, he married Amanda Ann (Gibbons) Wood of 
Marshall Co., Miss. She died June 9, 1847. He married, third, 
Mrs, Caroline Ann (Steger) Pearson, who died in 1854. In 
1856 he married Mary Jane Chisholm, who died in Texas in 
1872. Major Stratton died on Sabbath morning, July 22, 1877, 
at his home in Luling, Texas. 

Children: — Bom in Jasper Co., Ga. 

By first marriage. 
—160 Dorcas Elizabeth,^ b. 1824; d. 1826. 
—161 Jane Alexander,*^ b. 1827; m. Thomas J. Hill, Mar. 25, 
1846; lived in Bastrop Co., Texas, where they have 
children and grandchildren now living. 
—162 Mar\^ Elizabeth,'' b. 1830; m. James E. Stratton 

(No. 157). 
—163 George Henry,'' b. 1833; d. unm. in 1861. 
—164 James Marshall," b. 1835; d. 1837. 

Born in Panola Co., Miss. 
—165 Cassandra Victoria,'' b. 1838; d. 1844. 

By second marriage. 
+166 Asa Evans," b. 1844. 

—167 Sarah Emily," b. 1847; m. Samuel Irvin Bryan in 1866; 
living in Brazoria Co., Texas. 
By third marriage. 
+168 James Thomas," b. 1849. 

By fourth marriage. 
+169 Jesse David Tait," b. 1857. 
—170 Edward Everett," b. 1858; d. 1858. 
-171 George," b. 1861; d. 1863. 
Born in Brazoria Co., Texas. 

John Stratton of Watertown 201 

—172 Amanda Aim,« b. 1863; m. Dr. W. V. Ezell of Angle- 
ton, Texas, in 1887. 

81. Isaac Stratton ^ (David* David,^ Thomas,- John^) was 
born in Boston, Sept. 2, 1782. He became a minister in the 
Methodist Episcopal church, and held pastorates in several 
towns in his native state. Jan. 19, 1810, he married Mary 
Goodale in Marlboro. 

Children: — Born in Boston. 

+173 Nalmm,« b. 1811; d. 1901. 

—174 Mary,« b. 1812; m. Lewis Harlow. 

—175 Isaac,^ b. 1814; d. in childhood. 

—176 Dolly ,« b. 1817; d. unm. 

+177 David,« b. 1819; d. 1907. 

—178 James,'' b. 1820; m. Augusta ; moved to Berkley, 

Cal.; ch. Ida" m. a Mr. Cody. 

—179 Lydia,« b. 1822; d. in Springfield Mar. 31, 1848, unm. 

—180 Lucy Thurston,^ b. 1824; m. Robert Bloomer in 1850; 
lived in Proctor, Yt. 

-181 Henry Goodale," b. 1826; d. unm. 

87. Lewis Stratton^ {Jonas* David,^ Thomas,^ John'^) was 
born in Stow, Mass., Feb. 17, 1773. The eldest son of a large 
family, at the death of his father he was appointed guardian for 
several of his younger brothers and sisters. Sept. 23, 1797, he 
married Sarah Hartshorne, daughter of James and Tabetha 
[Pratt] Hartshorne of Amherst, N. H. After their marriage 
they lived in Waltham for a few years and then settled on a 
farm near the town of Milford. 

Children: — Born in Waltham, Mass. 

-182 Charles, b. Mar. 17, 1799; d. July 3. 1801. 

Borii in Milford, Mass. 
-183 Sarah.6 ^ j^iy^ i802; d. Oct. 28, 1892; m. Joseph 
Winn, son of Joseph and Sarah (Boutwelll Winn, 
Nov. 9, 1824. 
—184 Abigail,'^ b. Sept. 11, 1804; m. Horatio G. Brown of 
Ipswick, Sept. 23, 1830; d. in Reading Feb. 10, 
—185 Ann," b. Sept. 26, 1807; m. Etson Damon, son of David 
Damon of Reading, Oct. 26, 1829; d. Aug. 25. 1893.* 

* Their daughter married Rev. George A. Stratton. 

202 A Book of Strattons 

-186 Charles/' b. 1809; d. 1854; m. Lydia Ball, Oct. 26, 1831 ; 

ch: Adelia A.," an artist in New York City, m. 1st, 

Mr. Lawson; 2nd, Bentley T. Hassell. 
-187 Sophia," b. Jan. 30, 1812; d. Oct. 13, 1831. 
-188 Mary E.,« b. Dec. 24, 1815; d. Dec. 14, 1842; m. Jan. 

7, 1836, Henry M. Pratt, son of David and Anna 

(Pratt) Pratt. 

88. Sewell Stratton ^ {Jonas* David,^ Thomas,^ John'^) 
was born in Stow, Mass., Mar. 22, 1775, and received his educa- 
tion in the public schools of his native town, going to school 
winters and working on his father's farm during the summer. 
Feb. 5, 1800, he married Velana Cutting, daughter of Nathan 
Cutting of Royalston, Mass. She is remembered as a woman 
of strong individuality, with a high sense of Christian honor. 
She was the mother of eleven children, the youngest but ten years 
old when she was left a widow. She ever strove to instill into 
their young minds the principles of integrity and industry'. A 
grandson who was often in her house in his boyhood days writes, 
"The things that I remember most distinctly about these visits 
are my grandmother's delicious cookies, and the motto which 
always hung upon her wall, 'Death before Dishonor.' " 

After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Stratton lived in Amherst, 
Milford and Royalston for about twenty years and then moved to 
Bedford where he died Jan. 29, 1830. Mrs. Stratton died Apr. 
11, 1855, aged 77 years. 

Children :^ — Born in Amherst, N. H* 

—189 Maria," b. Dec. 22, 1800; m. Nathaniel Manning; 
d. May 8, 1873. 
Born in Royalston, Mass. 

+ 190 Jonas," b. 1802; d. 1867. 

—191 Leonard," b. Aug. 31, 1804; m. Mary Brown: lived in 
Manchester and Goffstown, N. H. No children. 
Born in Milford, N. H. 

—192 Nathan W.," b. Sept. 22, 1806; m. late in life a widow 
with two children; d. in Charlestown, Mass., 1863. 
No issue. 

-193 Lucy," b. Sept. 29, 1808; m. Hugh M. Campbell. 

* Part of these births are recorded at Amherst, and part at Millford. 
They were probably all born in the same place, biit the line between 
the two towns was changed about 1810. The dates of birth given here are 
taken from Sewell Stratton's old family Bible. 

John Stratton of Watertown 203 

—194 Sewell,^ b. Dec. 1, 1810; m. Belinda Farmer; lived and 
died on his farm near Bedford; no children. 

+195 Asa Bachelder,6 b. 1813; d. 1876. 

-196 Sarah B.,^ b. Mar. 24, 1815; m. Sept. 17, 1842, David 
Monroe Howe ; d. Mar. 30, 1820. 

—197 Lydia Velana,*^ b. Mar. 5, 1817; ni. George W. George ; 
d. Dec. 27, 1841. 

—198 Rodney,*^ b. Apr. 29, 1819; d. unm. Jan. 10, 1840. 
Born in Bedford, N. H. 

+199 Willard Parker,^ b. 1821 ; d. 1881. 

90. John Stratton^ {Jonas* David,^ Thomas,^ John'^) was 
born in Stow, Mass., July 12, 1782. In 1799 he was living in 
Amherst, N. H., and William Fisher was his guardian. Further 
data concerning him is desired. 

93. Jonas Stratton^ {Jonas,'^ David,^ Thomas,- John^) was 
born in Stow, Mass., Oct. 10, 1791. He was but six years old 
when his father died. As one of a large family of children, he 
was early forced to shift for himself. He lived for awhile with 
his older brother Lewis in Amherst, N. H., and here he learned 
the cabinet makers' trade. While still little more than a boy he 
emigrated to the "wilds of Ohio" where several of his Amherst 
neighbors had settled and named the little settlement Amherst, 
after their New Hampshire home. He worked at his trade and 
presently bought a farm and built a house. Mar. 31, 1822, he 
married Lucy Smith, and their hospitable home became the 
center of many happy recollections. 

In this home they lived to a good old age. Mr. Stratton died 
Sept. 26, 1878. They were both members of the Congrega- 
tionalist church. 
Children: — Born in Amherst, O. 
—200 Amanda E.,« b. Dec. 29, 1822; m. Alonzo Gaston, 

Oct. 13, 1844; d. in Russia, O., Feb. 14, 1885. 
+201 Henry Dwight,^ b. 1824; d. 1867. 
—202 Sewel Barnard,^ b. Feb. 4, 1830; d. aged 5 years. 
—203 Lucy Ann,'' b. Dec. 23, 1823; m. Henry Beadman 
Bryant, May 29, 1854. This was a double wedding, 
as her brother, Henry D. Stratton, married Henry B. 
Bryant's sister same date and place. Dr. Finney 
of Oberlin officiated. These young people had all 
been Oberlin College students. She died in Chicago 
Feb. 11, 1870. 

204 A Book of Strattons 

94. David Stratton ^ {Jonas* David,^ Thomas,- John'^) was 
bom ]May 13, 1794. About 1829 he married Mary Mann of 
Exeter, wlio was born Sept. 4, 1796, and died June 19, 1888. He 
died in Townshead, Mass., in 1870. He lived for awhile in 
Hollis and Amherst, N. H., and in Reading, Mass. About 1835 
he moved to Boston where he was in the employ of the city for 
twenty-five years. 

Children: — Born in Amherst, N. H. 
+204 Charles Mann,« b. 1831. 

-205 Mary Etta,'' b. Dec. 28, 1834; m. Ira W. Clifford, Oct. 
21, 1851; d. in Leominster, Mass., 1898. 
Born in Boston. 
-206 Harriet Elizabeth," b. Nov. 30, 1837; m. Charles F. 
Wright, Dec. 27, 1868. 

95, Bernard Stratton^ (Jonas,* David,^ Thomas,' John^) 
was married and lived for awhile in Amherst, N. H. 


—207 Levi." 

—208 jMartha." 

Further information concerning this family is wanted. Ther& 
may have been other children. 

99. James Stratton " [Zebulon,^ James,* James,^ Thomas,- 
John^) married Elizabeth Wheeler, Feb. 20, 1811. She was 
born ]\Iay 5, 1788, and was the oldest daughter of Joshua and 
Mary [Pulsifer) Wheeler of New Salem. Her grandparents were 
Joshua, Sr., and Mehitible (Hadley) Wheeler and Edmund and 
Mary (Day) Pulsifer of Cape Cod.* 

Many of the younger men of Massachusetts were looking 
toward "the West" and James Stratton, industrious and enter- 
prising, and innately a pioneer, caught the "western fever." 
He made a trip on horseback to Erie (then Niagara) County, 
N. Y., a distance of nearly four hundred miles, much of the way 
through an unbroken forest, along an Indian trail or bridlepath. 
At Concord (twenty-five miles from Buffalo), where a small 

* Joshua and Mehitible Wheeler were among the very early settlers of 
New Salem. Tlu>ir son Jorshiia was born Oct. 20, 17.51. The early records 
of New Salem were burned. 

Joshua Wheeler and Edmond Pulsifer were both Revolutionary sol- 
diers, as shown by records in the military archives in Boston. 

Mary Day was a descendant of Anthony Day of Cape Cod. 

John Str.\tton of "Watertown 205 

frontier settlement had just been made, he bought a piece of land, 
made a small clearing, built a log house with a bark roof and 
returned to Massachusetts.* In the following spring (18121, 
with his wife and little son, with all their household goods packed 
in two covered wagons drawn by oxen, they made their way to 
this new home in the wilderness. Several Athol and New Salem 
families came with them. The journey covered 30 days. Some- 
times hewing their way through the forest, and again delayed by 
swollen streams, across which there were no bridges, they arrived 
in Concord the third week in jMay.f The next winter Mr. 
Stratton built the first frame barn in that region, and a year 
later a frame house. In May, 1819, he sold this farm to his 
brother-in-law, Nehemiah Fay, and moved to a better farming 
section, in a long, narrow valley (later known as Little Valley 
Center), twenty-five miles south of Concord, settling on a tract 
of 300 acres of woodland which he had bought the previous year. 

Here again a log house was built and a small "girdling" made — 
the nucleus of the farm still known as the "Stratton Place." In 
1829 the house, still standing, was built. 

The woods along the Allegheny River, two miles away, were 
full of Indians wath whom Mr. Stratton had much dealing. They 
always regarded him as their friend, were often in his house, and 
he and his family showed them many a kindness. The nearest 
point at which dry goods and groceries could be obtained was 
Buffalo, 40 miles away, and during the long winter months trips 
were made with sled loads of farm produce, skins and alkali to 
exchange for such things as were needed for the family and im- 
plements for farming.^ The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 
hastened western immigration, and in time the New York & Erie 

* Buffalo was then a little village of about 125 inhabitants. The fol- 
lowing year it was burned to the ground by the British and Indians. 
Only three houses were left standing. Between forty and fifty people 
were killed and scalped by the Canadian Indians. 

t War was declared with England the following month, June 1812, and 
for the next six years the frontier was in constant danger of attack by the 
Indians from across the Canadian border. Yet there seems to have been 
no thought of leaving these new homes. Such was the dauntless courage 
of our pioneer ancestors in the face of danger and peril. 

t Mink, otter and beaver were in abundance along the streams, while 
the woods abounded in fox, wolves, bear and deer. The sale of furs 
and skins was a source of considerable revenue. Also the skins of these 
animals formed a good share of the dress of the early pioneers. Alkali 
made from the ashes of beach and maple and other hardwood trees was 
another source of profit. 

206 A Book of Strattons 

R. R. was built through the valley.* Always highly esteemed by 
his townsmen, Mr. Stratton was elected to several town offices. 
In politics he was a AVhig and a Republican. Tliough quiet and 
unassuming in manner, in conversation he was quick at repartee 
and with dry origmal jokes. ]Mrs. Stratton was of a more serious 
disposition, possessing a marked dignity of manner; a devoted 
wife and mother, an earnest, lifelong Christian.| During the last 
years of his life he received a pension for services in the war of 
1812. He died Aug. 16, 1874, and Mrs. Stratton five years later, 
Jan. 5, 1879. 
Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 
+209 Leander, b. Jan. 27, 1812; d. 1898. 

Born in Concord, N. Y. 
+210 Lorenzo," b. Aug. 3, 1816; d. 1884. 
-211 Luana," b. May 18, 1818; m., Apr. 13, 1850. Nathan 
C. Brown, son of Hosea and Hester (Smith) 
Brown; | d. in Grassy Cove, Tenn., Mar. 29, 1905. 
A woman of strong original personality, a teacher 
before her marriage, a lifelong Christian.§ 
—212 Achsah,'^ b. June 5, 1820; d., unm.. Mar. 20, 1845; for 
five years a faithful, beloved teacher of Cattaraugus 
Born in Little Valley Center, N. Y. 
—213 Louisa,' b. Mar. 10, 1822; m. Chester Foster, son of 
Jonathan and Parney (Chase) Foster; d. in Grand 
View, Tenn., May 26, 1901. Both were members 

* The canal project was discussed as early as 1797. The subject was 
brought before Congress by DeWitt Clinton in 1810, and work was begun 
in 1817. Much of the route lay through an uninhabited wilderness. Its 
completion brought great prosperity to the state. 

t Of a quiet, deeply religious nature, she impressed upon her children 
a veneration for the Christian religion — not so much by her words, which 
were few, as by her quiet, consistent life. None of them were ever heard 
to speak lightly of any sacred subject. 

t Hosea Brown, son of a Revolutionary soldier, was born in Westmore- 
land, N. H., in 1791. In 1896 he was one of the six survivors of the War 
of 1812, and the oldest man drawing a pension in the United States. 
He died the following j-ear at the extreme age of one hundred and six 
years, having voted for United States Presidents nineteen times, the last 
time being carried to the poles on the shoulders of four young men and 
enjoying as much as thoy the circuitous route through the town and the 
playing of the band which accompanied them. 

§ Both Mr. and Mrs. Brown are buried in the burial ground near the 
Baptist Church in Grassy Cove. 

1. l.caiidiT Stnittuii: -1. I.iircii/.o Strattoii at thirty yrars of 
age; 3. Zcbiilon Stratton: 4. I. nana (Strattoin IJrowii. agod 
ofghtv-seven years; T). Louisa (Slrattoni Foster. I'agcs 20G, 

John Stratton of Watertown 207 

of the Grand View Presbyterian churcli, which they 
helped to organize, and in whose cemetery they are 
+214 Zebulon/ b. Oct. 16, 1826; d. 1889. 

109. Harvey Stratton ^ {Nathaniel,^ Stephen* James,^ Tho- 
mas,- John'^) was born in Athol, Mass., May 23, 1793, and in 
1816 married Hannah Foster, who was born Sept. 21, 1794. They 
lived in Northfield, where he died June 8, 1844. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

—215 Susan F.,' b. Sept. 23, 1817; m., June 3, 1835, Joseph 
Foster, son of Stephen and Lydia (Nicholas) Fos- 
ter of Sullivan, N. H.* 

—216 Mary F.," b. Dec. 12, 1818. 

—217 James H.,^ b. Oct. — , 1821. 

-218 Stephen W.," b. Oct. 14, 1824. 

-219 Lucinda H.,' b. July 24, 1827; d. Apr. 10, 1831. 

-220 Dudley B.,' b. Oct. 7, 1829. 

The compiler would be glad to get further information of the 
above sons. 

110. Warren Stratton ^ {Nathaniel,^ Stephen,* James,^ 
Thomas,- John'^), born Aug. 6, 1800. Married, first, Cynthia 
Piper, daughter of Amos Piper; second, Lucy Bruce; third, Mrs. 
Elizabeth C. (Croft) Learned, in Sept., 1863. He died in North- 
field, July 17, 1883. 

Children: — Born in Northfield, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
—221 Maria," m. Henry Sheldon. 
—222 Henr}'.' 
—223 Jason.' 
—224 Amherst.'^ 

—225 Mclinda," m. 1st, Adolphus Hosly, 2nd, Henry Willey. 
—226 Susan Jennie," adopted in infancy, after her mother's 
death, by her uncle Norris Stratton (No. 114). 

By second marriage. 
—227 Stephen." 

Further knowledge of this family is desired. 

* Their daughter, Susan Augusta Foster, married John H. Loomis of 
Chicago, son of Osmyn and .Tane M. (Cadwcll) Loomis of N. Granville, 
N. Y., and Lowell, Mich. 

208 A Book of Strattons 

111. WiLLARD Stratton " {Nathaniel,^ Stephen,^ James,^ Tho- 
mas,- John^) married Euphema Larvis, March 27, 1819. They 
settled in Saratoga Springs, N. Y., where some of their descend- 
ants still live. 
Children: — Born in Saratoga Springs. 
—228 Nathan R.,' b. Feb. 28, 1820; settled in Louisiana, 

where he died in 1900. 
-229 Nelson F.," b. 1821; d. 1880. 
-230 AVilliam H.." b. Jan. 4, 1824; m., Aug. 5, 1843, Mary 

A. Gushing; d. Mar. 27, 1889. Left no children. 
-231 James Harvey,^ b. Sept. 9, 1826; m., July 11, 1847, 

Emily Stevens; d. Aug. 14, 1889. 
—232 Emily Ann," b. Sept. 1, 1829; d. in infancy. 
—233 Mary Jane,' b. Jan. 7, 1832; m. Russell Bixby, Oct. 11, 

1858; d. Feb. 21, 1907. 
—234 Sarah Emily,' b. Nov. 14, 1837; m. Joseph Bigham, 

Nov. 17, 1854. 
What became of the above sons? 

123. Amos T. Stratton ^ {Abner,^ Stephen,^ James,^ Thonias,- 
John'^\ was born in Athol, July 31, 1^18. He married Eleanor 
Stratton (No. 1131, Chart G), June 3, 1849. He spent his entire 
life in his native town with whose best interests he was always 
closely connected. He died June 19, 1898. Mrs. Stratton sur- 
vived him six years, dying Apr, 25, 1904. The following obituary 
notices are from an Athol paper: 

"In the death of Amos Stratton, Athol loses one of her oldest 
and most respected citizens. Mr. Stratton was born at the old 
Stratton homestead on the South Athol road, and would in 
about six weeks have reached his 80th birthday. At this farm 
four generations of Strattons have been born, and five generations 
have made it their home. He was for many years engaged in 
farming and the lumbering business. Mr. Stratton was a quiet 
citizen of honorable character and kindly nature, an excellent 
man in every respect." 

"Mrs. Stratton had been a lifelong resident of Athol. For 
many years she had been an invalid, during the past three years 
unable to leave her bed, and yet she bore her sufferings in a 
patient, Christian-like manner, never uttering complaint, and 
always greeting her visitors with a cheery smile and pleasant 
word. Mrs. Stratton has many friends in Athol who will sin- 
cerely mourn her death. Her example of fortitude under great 

John Stratton of Watertown 209 

trial was like a benediction to all who witnessed it. In her early 
days she taught school. She leaves two daughters and one son, 
all of Athol. Her daughters have cared for her with noble loving 
devotion through her long years of suffering." 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

-235 Myron T.,' m. Emma I. Ball in 1878; ch. Mabel A.,« 
m. Clarence E. Deane, 1898; d. Oct. 11, 1905. 

—236 Mary A.,' res. Athol, Mass. 

—237 J\lyra A.," res. Athol, Mass. 

-238 Abby S.,' d. Oct. 20, 1956, aged 4 mos. 

124. Abner Graves Stratton ^ (Abner,'^ Stephen,* James,^ 
Thomas,- John^) was born Feb. 8, 1820. He married, first, 
Ophelia Barton, July 7, 1842, and second, Mrs. Fannie Thomp- 
son. He was an active, energetic man and engaged in several 
lines of business at Athol, among them the manufacture of palm- 
leaf hats and the boot and shoe business. The esteem and trust 
with which he was regarded by his fellow townsmen is shown by 
the fact that for more than a third of a century he held one or 
more town offices. He was active in the organization of the 
Worcester Agricultural and Mechanic Society. His keen wit 
and ''yankee genius" are well remembered by the older people of 
his native town who tell many amusing incidents of his public 
life. He died March 27, 1882. 

Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

—239 Frederick Abner," b. 1845; m. Sophia Berry, Sept. 22, 
1866; ch: Arlington F.,^ d. Aug. 31, 1906. 

—240 Solon H.,'^ moved to Chicago in 1885. 

130. Reuben Stratton ^ (Abel,^ Peleg,* Jamcs,^ Thomas,- 
John'), born July 19, 1802, lived in Athol, where he was a 
manufacturer of packing boxes. Since his death, Dec. 31, 1876, 
his sons have carried on his business under the name of "Strat- 
ton Brothers," having added much to their planing mills and 
lumber yard. He married Hannah Stratton (Chart G), in 1835. 
Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 
+241 Henry W.," b. 1836; d. 1899. 

—242 Sarah Rebecca,' b. 1838; m. Austin Farnworth Ellen- 
wood in 1869; d. Apr. 15, 1870. 
—243 Francis Reuben," m. Eliza Rice; one of the firm of 
"Stratton Bros." at Athol. Chn. Adella Frances,^ 
d. Jan. 9, 1889, aged 7 years; Rebecca Farnsworth.^ 

210 A Book of Strattons 

— 2-1-4 Cyrus W.,' d. Feb. 24, 1849, aged 3 years 7 mos. 
—245 Laura Mauii," b. 1843. 

132. Abel Stratton ^ {Abel,'^ Peleg,^ James,^ Thomas,^ 
John ^) was born in Petersham, Oct. 1, 1808. He married Susan 
Page. By trade he was a shoemaker. He died of consumption 
in Athol at the age of 44 years, 3 mos. and 17 days. 
Children: — Born in Athol, Mass. 

-246 Edward Page," b. 1839; m. Mary L. Mansfield, Aug. 
16, 1861; a soldier in Co. K, 6th Regt. N. H. V.; d. 
in camp at Annapolis, Md., in 1862. Ch. Lucy 
Page,« m. John Withington, Mar. 13, 1862. 
—247 Eliza Augusta," after the death of her father, lived with 
the Shakers in E. Canterbury, N. H., for many years. 
Res. Concord, N. H. 
—248 Susan," d. May 12, 1844, aged five months. 

144. James Batchelor Stratton ^ iPeleg,^ Peleg,'^ James,^ 
Thomasj- John'^) was born in Templeton, Mass., Aug. 25, 1829. 
While a boy he lived much of the time with his uncle, Dr. James 
Batchelor in Royalston, where he attended school. His mother 
died when he was six years old. In 1851 he went to California, 
making the four months' trip in a sailing vessel. In 1853 he 
returned to Massachusetts and, Nov. 22, 1855, married Helen L. 
Marks of Chicopee and settled in Grafton, where for twenty 
years he was engaged in the shoe business. In 1877 he removed to 
Williamsett, where they occupied the old Griswold homestead, 
the family house of Mrs. Stratton, the remainder of their lives. 

They were members of the Baptist church, in which Mr. Strat- 
ton was a faithful worker and a deacon for eighteen years. Per- 
sonally Mr. Stratton was an interesting man. "When with him 
one never lost sight of the fact that he was a New Englander 
with all the sturdy, positive traits of character that go with them. 
Friendly, straightforward and frank, he made many friends and 
kept them." He passed away Oct. 26, 1904. 

Children: — Born in Grafton. 

—249 Helen L.,'^ d. in infancy. 

—250 Homer J.," m. Louise Smith. 

—251 Fannie Elizabeth," m. Moses Seward Chapin. 

147. Jesse Kendall Stratton " [David,^ Peleg,^ James,^ 
Thomas,- John ^) was baptized in Athol, March 21, 1813. While 

John Stratton of Watertown 211 

a young man he went to Savannah, Ga. When the Mexican war 
broke out he joined the army. After the war he returned to 
Massachusetts and was with his father at the time of his death. 
Later he married and settled at Como, Miss., where he died. 

Children: — Born in Mississippi. 

—252 Leona.^ 

—253 Jesse Kendall, Jr.^ 

149. Cyrus W. Stratton ^ {David,^ Peleg,* James,^ Thoryias,- 
John^), born in Athol, Aug., 1817, married, first, Eliza A. Bos- 
worth, daughter of Stacy and Eliza Bosworth, in Crafton, Apr. 
4, 1843; second, Almira Brown; third, Elizabeth Sargent. He 
lived in Worcester, Wcstboro, Grafton and Gardner. Died in 
Gardner in 1889. In Grafton, where he spent most of his life, 
he was a boot and shoe manufacturer. He was a member of the 
Baptist church, and always a highly respected citizen. 

Children: — By first marriage. 
+254 George Kendall,' b. 1846. 
+255 Herbert Stacy,' b. 1850. 
+256 Asa Evans," b. 1854. 
By second marriage. 
—257 Eliza J.,'^ d. in infancy. 
—258 Charles L.,^ d. in infancy. 

150. Asa Scott Stratton ^ {David,^ Peleg* James,^ Tho- 
mas,- John^) was born in 1818. He studied medicine and went 
w^hen a young man to Panola, Miss. Afterwards settled in Col- 
linsville, Tenn., where he was a practicing physician. He mar- 
ried Mary Elizabeth Chamberlain. They left no children. 

156, Charles Lorenzo Stratton ^ {Andrew,^ Peleg* James,^ 
Thomas,- John'^) was born Jan. 14, 1818, in Petersham, Mass. 
His mother died when he was nine years old and for three years 
he lived with his grandparents in Petersham. When twelve years 
old he joined his father in Hillsboro, Ga., and there learned 
the shoemaker's trade and worked in his father's store. Later 
he went to New York state, lived for awhile in Herkimer Co., 
and then settled in Chautauqua Co. on a farm near Kennedy. He 
married, first, Caroline E. Miller of Kennedy in 1844; second, 
Mrs. Jennie (Haskins) Fairbanks in 1873. He died March 
9, 1882. 

212 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Poland, N. Y. 

By first marriage. 
—259 Charles Evans," m. Rose A. Taylor of Randolph, N. 
Y.; ch. Caroline A.,- m. Marvin L. Case, 2nd J. Del- 
evan Curtiss. 
Born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 
By second marriage. 
-260 Earl." 
-261 Kendall." 

157. James Evans Stratton ^ {Andrew,^ Peleg,^ James,^ 
Tho7nas,- John'^} was born in Petersham, Mass., June 18, 1819. 
He spent his boyhood in Athol. While a young man he went 
South, first to Hillsboro, Ga., and then to Mississippi. From 
1842 to 1858 he was a merchant and farmer at Panola, Miss. 
In 1859 he settled in Texas. He married Mary E, Stratton (No. 
162) in Mississippi, Dec. 1, 1847. He died in DeWitt Co., Texas, 
Oct. 8, 1864. Mrs. Stratton survived him many years, dying at 
the age of 78. 

Children: — Born in Panola Co., Miss. 

—262 Charles Andrew,^ b. Dec. 7, 1848; m. Charlotte M. 
Wheeler; d. Oct. 8. 1890. 

+263 Henry Ward," b. 1852. 

—264 Anna Jane,' d. 8 mos. 

—265 Mary Jeanette," d. 1 year. 
Born in Bishop Co., Texas. 

—266 James Evans," b. in 1860; m. Tennessee U. Friar in 
DeWitt Co., Texas. 

—267 Emily Douglas," d. in 1864, aged 11 mos. 

166. Asa Evans Stratton, Jr.,^ {Asa E.,^ Peleg,^ James,^ 
Thomas,- John^) was born in Panola Co., Miss., January 13, 

He married twice, first, Louisa Henrietta Waldmann in Mata- 
gorda, Texas, Feb. 7, 1867. She died in INIontgomcry, Ala., Nov. 
24, 1895. His second wife was Mrs, Ina Lee Smith, whom he 
married Sept. 27, 1904. He was educated in Semple-Broadus 
College, Desoto County, Miss., and Soule University, Washing- 
ton County, Texas. He belonged to Bates Legion of Texas troops, 
Confederate States army, was transferred to Co. ''G," Brown's 
Regt. (13th Regiment) of Texas cavaln^^, C. S. Army, served in 
the Trans-Mississippi department nearly four years, was orderly 



— (a 

_; X 

■^ c 

^< -(J 

: X 

~ CD 

: ?5 

John Stratton of Watertown 213 

sergeant of his company and sergeant major of the regiment. 
Later he was judge of the County Court of Brazoria County, 
Texas; County Attorney of the county; State Senator in the 
Legish^ture of Texas from the 10th District; United States At- 
torney for Eastern District of Texas, appointed by President 
Arthur. In 1887 he moved to AUibama and was Presidential 
Elector 6th Ahibama District in 1888; Chief Deputy collector 
Internal Revenue of District of Alabama; United States Com- 
missioner; Supervisor of the 12th census, 1900, for 3rd District of 
Alabama; Republican candidate for Governor of Alabama in 
1906, and later was appointed Referee in Bankruptcy at Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Children: — Born in Matagorda, Texas. 
By first marriage. 

—268 Ciiarles Waldmann,' b. 1868; d. aged 2 years. 

—269 Emily Bryan," m. Walter Herbert Stevens; res. Beau- 
mont, Texas. 

—270 Louisa Waldmann." 

—271 Bertha Amanda," d., 1902, in Montgomery, Ala., aged 
27 years. 

—272 Florence.' 

168. James Thomas Stratton^ (Asa E.,^ Peleg,^ James,^ 
Thomas,- John^) was born in Panola Co., Miss., Oct. 8, 1849, 
and moved with his parents to Texas in the summer of 1859. 
He married, first, Lavinia Perry Bryan, daughter of William 
Joel Bryan, Feb. 18, 1873. After her death he married Minnie 
C. Dewey in 1883. She is the daughter of Major E. C. Dewey. 
He died at his home in Velasco, Texas, July 2, 1910. He was 
long closely connected with the best interests of the region in 
which he lived, and was several times elected to offices of trust 
in his county. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church and 
an earnest, faithful Christian worker. Of a very friendly, genial 
nature, he had many friends among all classes. He will long 
be remembered by those among whom he worked — those whom 
he has helped materially and encouraged by his kindly smile 
and hearty handclasp. 

Children: — Born in Brazoria Co., Texas. 
By first marriage. 

+273 Joel Bryan.' 

—274 Caroline Austin," m. Fred A. Brock. Nov. 24, 1897. 

214 A Book of Strattons 

—275 James Thomas, Jr.,' m. Bert Johnson, Oct. 18, 1904; 

res. Houston, Tex.; ch. Cleo.* 
—276 Samuel Irwin," m. Rosa Hill, Dec. 7, 1901 ; res. Duran- 

go, Texas; chn. Samuel I., Jr.,** Louannie.^ 
By second marriage. 
—277 jNIinnie Claire," d. Jan. 8, 1889. 
-278 Cleve." 
—279 :\Ierle Dewey." 
—280 Dewey." 

169, Jesse David Tait Strattox ® (Asa E.,° Peleg,^ James,^ 
Thomas,'- John^) was born in Como, Panola Co., Miss., Apr. 30, 
1857. He moved with his parents to Texas when he was two 
years old. After receiving instruction in the public and private 
schools near home he attended the Texas Military College at 
Austin, spent twelve years in mercantile business, about ten 
years in the dairy business and the raising of Jersey cattle, and 
is now engaged in general farming at Angleton, Texas. He is 
a member of the Methodist church, of which he is one of the 
stewards and is secretary of the Sunday school. He married 
Sarah Ruble Kirkland, Sept. 8, 1886. She is a daughter of Jesse 
Ruble and Sarah Lucinda [Penn] Kirkland and is a graduate 
of Brandon Female College.* 

Children: — Born in Alvin, Texas. 

—281 Asa Kirkland," educated in public schools and Massey 
Business College. 
Born in Brazoria Co., Texas. 
—282 Thomas Tait," graduate of public school, student of 
Southwestern University, Texas. As the subject for 
graduating oration he took the Stratton motto, 
''Tento Surgere." 


173. Nahum Strattox ® {Isaac,^ David,* David,^ Thomas,- 
John^), born in Boston, oNIass., in 1811, married, first, Elizabeth 

, and, second, Mary Stevens of Stow, in 1843. He died in 

Bolton, aged 90 years. 

Children: — Born in Bolton, Mass. 
By first marriage. 

-283 Elizabeth,' b. 1833. 

* Her grandparents were Obed and jNIaiy (Wj-nn) Kirkland of Coving- 
ton, La., and Abraham and Delphine (Laurens) Penn. Abraham Penn 
was from Patrick Co., Va., and tradition saj'S descended from a brother 
of Wm. Penn. 

John Stratton of Watertown 215 

—284 Dolly," b. 1885; m. George Brown, 1838. 
-285 iNIary Ann," b. 1838. 
By second marriage. 
—286 Hannah,' b. 1844. 
-287 Isaac Chase,' b. 1846. 
-288 Nahum,' 1847. 

177. David Stk\tton '^ (Isaac,^^ David,-^ David,^ Thomas,- 
John ^) , born in Bolton, Jan. 23, 1819, married Mary Ann Butler. 
He lived in Holyoke and died there Jan. 1, 1907. The following 
notice appeared in a paper of his town: "David Stratton, widely 
known throughout the state as the oldest of the old-time school 
masters of western Massachusetts, died in his home here to-day, 
aged 88 years. For fifty years he was connected with the North 
Chestnut Street school, being principal for twenty-five years. 
Although a strict disciplinarian, he retained the affection of the 
pupils, and had the faculty of arousing in them an enthusiasm 
for study. IMany of Holyoke's leading citizens began their edu- 
cation under the direction of this beloved school master, and 
many there are who attribute to Mr. Stratton's teaching the 
foundation of their own character and success." 

Children: — Born in Holyoke, Mass. 

—289 Edwin." 

—290 Myra,^ m. M. W. Condit. 

—291 Elizabeth,'^ d. in childhood. 

190. Jonas Str.\tton " (Seivell,'' Jonas,* David,^ Thomas,^ 
John^), born Sept. 12, 1802. Lived in Andover, Lawrence, and 
Boston. Married Mary Dunkle, who was born Sept. 1, 1805, 
and died in 1849. He was captain of the Night Watch in Boston 
for many years, and was considered the strongest man in the 
county and very faithful and efficient in his office. He died in 
Andover, Feb. 12, 1867. 

Children: — Born in Cambridge, Mass. 

+292 Henry Campbell,' b. 1826. 
Born in Boston. 

— 293 Theodore AYilson," b. Mar. 29, 1829; m. but left no 
children; d. about 1875. 

—294 Rebecca V.,' b. Mar. 12, 1831; m. Deacon David Ab- 
bott of Stoneham; d. in 1905. 

-295 Daniel Edward," b. Feb. 27, 1835; d. aged 7 months. 

—296 Jonas Lane," b. June 22, 1846; d. aged 4 months. 

216 A Book of Strattons 

195. Asa Bachelder Stratton ^ {Sewell,^ Jonas* David,^ 
Thomas,- John') was born in Milford, N. H., Feb. 1, 1813. His 
early life was spent upon the farm of his parents. His education 
was simply that which he received in the district school of Mil- 
ford and Bedford. At the age of 21 he went to Lowell, where he 
worked with a jeweler. Nov. 29, 1842, he married Martha H. 
Everton, daughter of James Everton of Londonderry, and soon 
after their marriage they removed to New York City, where he 
worked at his trade. Mrs. Stratton died Feb. 24, 1865. He 
married, second, Laura Bowen of Manchester, N. H., who also 
died in New York. Sept. 24, 1872, Mr. Stratton married Mrs. 
Eliza Gooden. Shortly after his third marriage he sold his 
property in New York and settled in Manchester, N. H., where 
he purchased a residence and business block, afterwards known 
as the "Stratton Block." A strict Baptist he endeavored to bring 
up his children in the love and fear of God. He died in ]Man- 
chester in 1876. 

Children: — Born in New York City. 
By first marriage. 

—297 James Everton,' b. 1845; d. aged 11 years and 9 
months, an unusually bright lad, being at this early 
age fitted for the Academy. 

+298 George Asa,' b. 1847. 
By second marriage. 

—299 Edwin A.,' m. Lillian Rollins, lives in Manchester; a 
jeweller of the finn of "Lovejoy & Stratton." 

—300 Cora Belle,' m. Charles Harvey. 

199. WiLLARD Parker Stratton ^ {Sewell,^ Jonas,* David,^ 
Thomas,- John'), born June 24, 1821, married Emorency C. 
Annis, Nov. 16, 1840. They lived in Manchester, where he kept 
a hardware store, dealing extensively in hydraulic rams. By 
trade he was a tinsmith and a metal worker. An active, earnest 
Christian, he was an ordained minister in the Second-daj' Advent 
church. Though never holding a pastorate, he often went out to 
the country churches to teach and preach. In stature he was a 
very small man, as was his brother Sewell Stratton, Jr., being but 
five feet two inches in height and never weighing over 105 pounds. 
He died in ]\Lanchester, March 17, 1881, much esteemed by his 
manv friends. 

5 ^■ 



■i<ii m Ji.<y<*wtjpm'i 





'■^ 5?> 

John Steatton of Watertown 217 

Children: — Born in Manchester, N. H. 

—301 Hervey, b. Nov. 14, 1849; m. Louisa Davis; dealer in 

hardware in Manchester. No children. 
—302 Christina, b. Oct. 24, 1853; m. George L. Robinson, 

Nov. 17, 1878. 
—303 Lucretia, b. Sept. 23, 1855 m. George F. Battles, INIar. 

13, 1875. 

201. Henry Dwight Stratton ^ {Jonas,^ Jonas,* David,^ 
Thomas,- John'^) was born in Amherst, 0., Aug. 24, 1824, and 
died in New York City, Feb. 20, 1867. He was educated in the 
public schools of Amherst and in Oberlin College. He married 
Parmela C. Bryant, May 29, 1854. A man of fine attainments, 
of attractive manners, deeply interested in educational progress, 
he became a benefactor to many young people. With his brother- 
in-law, Henry B, Bryant, he established the "Bryant and Strat- 
ton Colleges," which at the time of his death numbered more 
than fifty, located in the principal cities of the United States 
and Canada. 

Children: — Born in Amherst, 0. 

—304 Henry Dwight, Jr.,' b. Mar. 29, 1855; d. in Colorado, 
where he had gone for his health, Dec. 27, 1877. 

—305 Sewell Bryant," b. May 28, 1861; d. aged 4 mos. 

-306 Edith P.," b. May 25, 1866; m. Frederick A. Saville, 
June 6, 1889; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

204. Charles Mann Stratton ^ [David,^ Jonas,* David,^ 
Thomas,- John ^}, born Aug. 14, 1831. Was in the banking busi- 
ness in early life in Cambridge, and later was a farmer near 
Hollis, N. H. Mr. Stratton was married three times as follows: 
first, to Fannie E. Whitney, Apr. 12, 1857; second, Mary Ann 
Ober, daughter of Joseph and Rhoda {Colburn) Ober, June 28, 
1865; third, Jennie Hartwell, Jan. 29, 1871, daughter of Joseph 
and Hannah iHodgman) Hartwell. 

Children: — Born in Cambridge. 
By second marriage. 

-307 Nettie L., b. Apr. 5, 1866; d. Aug. 5, 1867. 

—308 M. Louise, res. Hollis, N. H. 
By third marriage. 

—309 Lyman, res. Indianola, Miss. 

-310 Edwin Hartwell. 
Born in Hollis. 

—311 Jennie Frances. 

218 A Book of Strattons 

209, Leander Stratton * (James,' Zebulon,^ James,^ James* 
James,^ Thomas j- John ^ ) moved with his parents from Athol^ 
Mass., to Concord, N. Y., in 1812, and seven years later to Cat- 
taraugus Co., N. Y. Here, on the farm, his youth and early 
manhood was spent. In 1835 he married Lucy Foster, only 
daughter of Jonathan, Jr., and Pharney (Chase) Foster, and set- 
tled on a farm adjoining his father's in Little Vallej^ Center.* He 
w'as chosen to fill various town offices, and for several years was 
Town Clerk. In 1872 Mrs. Stratton died after many months of 
painful illness borne with patient Christian fortitude. She was a 
quiet, unpretending woman, devoted to her family and never 
tiring in her work for them. Three years later Mr. Stratton 
moved to the mountains of East Tennessee and settled in Grand 
View, Rhea County, where the more genial climate did much to 
restore his then failing health. Just before moving south he 
married Mrs. Mary (Wheeler) Fellows, daughter of Pliney and 
Martha (King) Wheeler. 

In the quiet, peacefulness of his mountain home he spent many 
hours in reading and writing. During the last twenty-five years 
of his life he was a regular contributor to the Forest & Stream, 
furnishing articles largely reminiscent of the early days and 
fraught with an intimate knowledge of natural history, gained by 
a long life spent "near to Nature's heart." Many of his articles 
were written after he was 75 years old, and up to a few months 
before his death. That all his life he had been a close student 
of the "Book of Nature" is very evident from those little 
sketches.! He died on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 30, 1899. re- 
spected and loved by all who knew him. His widow died Aug. 26, 
1914. Both were members of the Presbyterian church and are 
buried in the Presbyterian cemetery at Grand View. 

Children: — Born in Little Valley Center, N. Y. 

+312 Alonzo,^ b. Feb. 22, 1836. 

—313 Alzina Pharney,^ b. July 25, 1839; m. Amenzo Sibley, 
son of Charles and Sarah Sibley, Mar. 10, 1858; d. 
in Napoli, N. Y., June 21, 1917. 

* Pharne}- Chase was daughter of Davitl (son of Abner and Hannah 
Chase) and Lucy Chase, who came from Petersham, Mass., and settled 
in Little Valley, N. Y., in 1817, one of the three first families to settle 
in that section, then an almost unbroken forest. 

t He wrote over the pen name of "Antler" (and sometimes E. L. 
Stratton). His contributions to the Forest and Stream have been col- 
lected and re-published with a biographical sketch. They are well worth, 
preserving as an addition to historic and natural history literature. 

John Stratton of Watertown 219 

—314 Alzora Betsey ,« b. Aug. 14, 1843; m. George C. Water- 
man,* only son of Dwislit and Julia M. (Whit- 
morel Waterman of Napoli, Apr. 8, 1866; d. in Grand 
View, Tenn., Dec. 17, 1912. Mr. Waterman m. 2ii(I, 
Blanche (Foster) Franklin, widow of John Franklin. 

—315 Albert Lorenzo,^ b. Dec. 16, 1850; d. aged 7 mos. 

—316 Alzada Ella,^ m., Oct. 4, 1879, Leonard Lafayette Bar- 
ton,t son of Leonard and Eveline (Fargo) Barton; 
res. Grand View, Tenn. 

210. Lorenzo Stratton " (James,^ Zebulon,^ James* James,^ 
Thomas,- John^) was born in Concord, Erie Co., N. Y., Aug. 3, 
1816. When he was three years old his parents moved to Little 
Valley Center, Cattaraugus Co. His early education, as far as 
schools are concerned, consisted of four winter terms in the dis- 
trict school of that newly settled country. At other seasons the 
boy's services were needed on the farm. Encouraged by his 
mother to study at home, he early developed a taste for reading 
and eagerly read the few books in his own home and all that 
he could borrow in the neighborhood. He soon showed an 
aptitude for business, and at sixteen was given a position in a 
store in Little Vallev. At eighteen he was sent to Buffalo to buv 
the fall stock of goods for the store. Two years later he went 
west, and for the next four years was engaged in business in 
Rockford, 111., and Beloit, Wis. This was before any railroad 
was built in Illinois, and while Chicago was but a small hamlet. 
Goods w^ere bought in Buffalo and sent by way of the lakes, 
and Mr. Stratton made many trips through the lakes from Chi- 
cago to Milwaukee. He built the first brick store in Beloit. 
During 1841 he had charge of a book store in Akron, Ohio, and 
then for three years engaged in mercantile business in Buffalo 
at 212 Main Street. In 1844 he went to Cincinnati, and for 
eight years was actively engaged in the book business, having 
a retail and wholesale book store and publishing house at 
131 Main Street — at that time the largest book store in the 
city.$ Oct. 21, 1846, he married Sophia Joanna Hill, youngest 

* Grandson of Daniel and Chloc (Wilcox) Whitmorc, and Ambros and 
Hulda (Sanford) Waterman, of Barnstable, Mass. 

t Grand.son of Samuel and Elizabeth Fargo, and James and Dorcas 
(Akerley) Barton of Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 

t He was the publisher of a good many books, and for several years 
published a periodical, The Flag of Our Country, in which appeared 

220 A Book of Strattons 

daughter of Hon. Henry, Jr., and Lucy M. {Russell) Hill. She 
was born in Brazil, S. A., Jan. 2, 1826, where her father was 
United States Consul to the port of Bahia.* In 1852, his health 
failing, he sold his business in Cincinnati and returned to Little 
Valley, where he bought the home farm, building a new house 
near the old homestead. Here he had an opportunity for putting 
into practice theories which he had long entertained concerning 
the domesticating of certain wild animals. His ideas on the sub- 
ject were far in advance of his time and only recently have been 
promoted by the American Bison Society and other associations 
for the preservation and domestication of some of the native deni- 
zens of our primeval forests. His experiments with the American 
elk, and several kinds of fur-bearing animals were quite successful 
and were watched by naturalists all over the country — many of 
whom came to see the animals in his parks and pens, and he had 
an extensive correspondence with Spencer F. Baird, Prof. Joseph 
Henry, Dr. Charles Gurley, and many others of this stamp.f 
Then, hoping to extend his experiments in a more genial climate, 
and to give more attention to general agriculture, he moved with 
his family to Grassy Cove, Tennessee, in the Cumberland Aloun- 
tains, where he had bought a plantation of 1,800 acres known as 
the "Old Greer Stand." The Devon cattle which he brought 
to this farm attracted the attention of farmers throughout East 
Tennessee, and descendants of this herd are found on many farms 
to-day. He also experimented to some extent with Angora goats, 
and at one time had a flock of more than one hundred of them.| 
Before the opportunity came for more extended experiments his 
health again failed. He died June 30, 1884. § Two years after 

the first poems of Alice and Phoebe Carv', whose father was his intimate 

*This was Henry Hill" (Henry.' Henrj-,^ Hon. Samuel,' John." John,' who 
settled in Guilford, Conn, in 1654, from Northamptonshire, Eng.) 

Lucy Munson Russell was eldest daughter of Hon. Samuel Russell* 
(Rev. William,'' Rev. Noadiah,^ William,' born in Hertfordshire, Eng., 
1612; died in New Haven, Conn., 1664). 

tSee Reports of the New York State Agricultural Society, and Smith- 
sonian Reports for accounts of his experiments. Elkdale, N. Y., was 
named for the elk in his park. 

J As a student of Nature, he became interested in the Botany and 
Geology of this interesting region, and many men interested in kindred 
subjects found their way to his Grassy Cove home. 

§ The Cattaraugus Republican contained this notice of his death: 

"The older residents of Little Valley will be pained to learn of the 
death of a former well known and highly esteemed citizen of this town. 

A Si'MMKK MoiiMNc; AT ('.\{ Tis CcrrAt;]: 
^'■'•s. Sopliia J. Stiiittoii (ii'M'd SO years I mukiiiL' lace as 
to make it wlit'ii a, child in Soutli Anu'rii'U. I'ai/cs 220, 221. 

die Icanird 

John Stratton of Watertown 221 

his death his family moved to Chattanooga. ]Mrs. Stratton sur- 
vived her husband many years, and was the center of a devoted 
home circle, where her long, cheerful. Christian life was a bene- 
diction to many. She died June 28, 1^3^ beloved by all who 
knew her. Both j\Ir. and Mrs. Stratton were members of the 
Presbyterian Church. They are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, 

Children: — Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

i-317 Charles Lorenzo.^ 

Born in Little Valley, N. Y. 

+318 Francis Augustus.* 

—319 Henn,- Hill,- publisher, dealer in articles for the army 
and navy, Chattanooga. 

—320 Harriet Russell,^ teacher, compiler of "A Book of 

—321 Nettie Maria,® stenographer, Chattanooga. 

—322 Cora Sophia,® artist, studio in Chattanooga. 

214. Zebulon Stratton " iJajyics,^ Zebulon,^ James,* James,^ 
Thomas,- John^) spent his entire life in his native county, first 
at the old Stratton homestead where he was born, and after 
April, 1865, on a farm of his own on Whig Street, a few miles 
from the homestead. In 1854 he married Martha Foy, daughter 
of Daniel and Harriet {Morton) Foy of Napoli, N. Y., and grand- 
daughter of Samuel and Sarah Foy of Vermont. She was born 
May 14, 1831. Educated in the county schools of three quar- 
ters of a centur>' ago, an invalid during much of his life, and liv- 
ing always on a farm, Mr. Stratton was a lover of Nature, a 
great reader, familiar with many of the best authors, and well 

who for many years occupied a prominent place among our people for 
enterprise and iiprip;htness of character. Mr. Lorenzo Stratton died at 
his home in Grassy Cove, Tennessee, on the 30th of June last. 

"While a resident here he owned and greatly improved the "home farm" 
located at Little Valley Center, introducing many novel features thereon, 
the most notable of which was the raising of American Elk, which he 
prosecuted with considerable success. Among his sales of these anim.'xls 
was a pair to the king of Italy, Victor Emanuel, who sent an agent from 
his realms to make the purchase. The elks were safely transported to 
Italy, where at latest accounts they continued to thrive. Mr. S. was 
a good business man, alwaj's manifesting a lively zeal in agriculture and 
its kindred interests. For a number of years he was intimately identi- 
fied with our county Agricultural Society, of which he was vice-president. 
He removed to his southern home several years ago, but has always 
retained a love for Cattaraugus." 

222 A Book of Strattons 

posted on current events. Of a genial, friendly disposition, he 
always had many friends. In his pleasant home his parents 
spent the last years of their lives. He died Aug. 16, 1889. Mrs. 
Stratton died nine years later, Aug. 14, 1898. Of a quiet, domes- 
tic nature, devoted to her family, thoughtfully kind to her neigh- 
bors and friends, she was greatly loved. 

—323 Emma Martha,^ b. 1857; d. aged five years. 
—324 Edward Ara,® m. Rose Greeley. For many years 
closely connected with the educational interests of 
Cattaraugus Co. as teacher and school commissioner; 
res. Randolph, N. Y. 
—325 Adelbert L.,« m. Bina Winship, May 11, 1889, daugh- 
ter of Truman and Cadace Winship; chn. Mar- 
jorie Bell,^ Mabel May;« res. Little Valley, N. Y. 

241. Henry W. Stratton ' [Reuben,^ Abel,^ Peleg,'^ James,^ 
Thomas,- John'^), born in 1836, in Athol, Mass., was a lifelong 
resident of his native town, highly respected for his upright char- 
acter, a worthy and useful citizen, a leading member of the Ad- 
vent church. He died May 14, 1899. He early became identified 
with his father in the box manufacturing business, on the Peter- 
sham road, in what was then known as the "Stockwell neighbor- 
hood," and after his father's death, established, with his brother, 
the successful lumber and manufacturing business of "Stratton 
Brothers," near the Athol depot. He married Fannie M. Kendall 
in 1861. 

Children: — Born in Athol. 

-326 Fannie T.,^ m. C. E. Marsh, Dec. 25, 1890. 

—327 Luna Kendall,^ bookkeeper for the firm of Stratton 

254. George Kendall Stratton " {Cyrus,''' David,^ Pelcg,'^ 
Jamcs,^ Thomas,- John ^), born in Westboro, Mass., Jan. 6, 1846, 
married Mary J. Hastings of Westboro, Feb. 9, 1870. She died 
Aug. 3, 1883, and Oct. 28, 1885, he married Fannie F. Goodridge 
of Newton, N. H. Aug. 10, 1864, enlisted for three years in 1st 
Mass. Battalion Heavv Artillerv; mustered out Jan. 24, 1865; res. 

*/ */ / 7 7 


Children: — Born in Grafton, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
—328 Eva Gertrude,^ d. Nov. 9, 1888, aged 18 years. 

John Stratton of Watertown 223 

—329 Herbert E.,'* m. Pearl Twinning, Sept. 6, 1896; res. 

Arlington, Mass.; salesman. 
—330 Robert H., m. Lena Mae Twinning in 190-4; res. 
Ashland, Mass.; clui. Robt. H., Jr.,'' Barbara." 
By second marriage. 
—331 Fred L.« 
—332 Harriet G.» 
-333 Stanley C.« 
-334 Raymond W.,« b. Sept. 25, 1895; d. Mar. 13, 1903. 

255. Herbert Stacy Stratton ' {Cyrus W.,*^ David,-' Peleg,* 
James,^ Thomas,- John^), born Jan. 28, 1850, married Mary 
Whitney Heywood in 1876, daughter of Charles and Fannie 
(Green) Heywood, born 1856, died 1899. Lived in Gardner, 
Mass., where he was one of the best known business men of the 
place; represented his district in the House in 1888. Moved to 
Springfield in 1898. Manufacturer and dealer in pictures, frames 
and art novelties, Broomfield Street, Boston, first under firm name 
"H. S. Stratton & Co.," and then ''H. S. Stratton & Son." He 
died in Springfield, Jan. 2, 1914. 

Children: — Born in Grajton, Mass. 

—335 Charles Heywood,® grad. from Mass. Inst. Tech. in 
architecture in 1900. 1901-1909 Inspector, Dept. 
Bldgs & Grounds U. S. Naval Academy, An- 
napolis, Md.; now Supt. Construction, U. S. Public 
Bldgs, Field Force, of Supervising Archt. Office, 
Treas. Dept. ; add. Washington, D. C. Married, Sept. 
29, 1904, Marion M. Woolley, daughter Lucius L. 
and Ellen Electa (Moseley) Woolley of Medford, 

—336 George Cyrus,® educated high school and business col- 
lege ; with Taber-Prang Art Co. ; then in picture and 
art trade in New York City ; in 1908 became a part- 
ner in his father's business in Boston; since 1914 is 
carrying on the business alone; m., 1906, Jean L. 
Ritchie; chn. Leonard," Mary Heywood.'-' 

—337 Fanny Eliza,'^ m. Willis Edmond Blodgett, 1907; res. 
Agawam, Mass. 

-338 Ralph H.,® b. May, 1885; d. Nov., 1899. 

256. Asa Evans Str.\tton ^ {Cyrus W.,^ David,'' Pcleg,* 
James,^ Thomas,- John^), born in Grafton, Mass.; graduate of 

224 A Book of Strattons 

Brown University; lawyer; member Delta Phi Fraternity and of 
Phi Beta Kappa ; in 1906 City Editor of Fitchburg Daily Senti- 
nel. April 10, 1878, married Eda F. Biglow, a graduate of Dr. 
Gannett's school, Boston. 

Child: — Born in Fitchburg, Mass. 

—339 Helen Florence,** graduate Smith College; teacher Eng- 
lish Literature, Fitchburg high school. 

263. Henry Ward Stratton ^ {James E.,^ Andrew/ Peleg* 
Jamcs,^ Thomas,- John^}, born in Panola Co., Miss., attended 
Concrete College, DeWitt Co., Texas, and Burgiss Commercial 
College, Galveston; a farmer of Brown Co., Texas, on a farm 
which he bought in 1877, while the county yet abounded in buf- 
falo, deer, antelope and wild turkey, of w'hich Mr. Stratton can 
tell many delightful stories. He married Margarett Taylor in 

Children: — Born in Brown Co., Texas. 

—340 William,* m. Margaret Dennis. 

—341 Louella,^ m. Leonard W. Baker. 

-342 Charles Ward.^ 

—343 Henry Andrew.* 

—344 John Evans.* 

—345 Thomas Alexander,* b. 1892; d. aged 7 years. 

-346 Samuel.* 

—347 Margarett A.* 

-348 Mary Elizabeth.* 

-349 Edward Luther.* 

—350 Austin Bryan.* 

-351 Myrtle Gilliam,* b. 1908. 

273. Joel Bryan Stratton ' (James,^ Asa E.,^ Peleg,^ James,^ 
Thomas,- John ^ I married, Aug. 20, 1860, Maude Biggs, daughter 
of John 0. and Mary J. Biggs. 

Children: — Born in Dickens, Texas. 

-352 Joel Bryan, Jr.* 

Born in Deming, New Mexico. 

-353 LcRoy Biggs.* 

292. Henry Campbell Stratton '' {Jonas,^ Sewell,° Jonas,^ 
David,^ Thomas,- John^), born in Cambridge, Nov. 19, 1826; 
married Esther Boyden White, Dec, 1854; died at Neponsett, 
Mass., Jan. 30, 1875. Lived in Boston, where he was a member , 




_ 'M 

— Ss 

i< a. 



S\ = 

John Stratton of Watertown 225 

of the Unitarian church; constable in municipality for many 
years; Knights Templar, Boston Commandery. Mr. Stratton 
was a handsome man, tall and strong, black hair and blue eyes, 
generous to a fauft, hospitable in entertaining relatives and 
friends, a delightful talker and letter writer. 
Children: — Born in Boston. 
-354 Winella White," m. Cyril H. Burdett, Feb. 21, 1888; 

res. Branchville, Conn. 
—355 Esther Rebecca,^ m. Willis J. Banks, Dec. 21, 1886; 

res. Evanston, 111. 
—356 Jonas Mason,^^ m. Margaret Shoals, Nov. 24, 1885; 

res. Worcester, Mass. 
—357 Henry Wilson,^ m. Bessie Newton, Oct. 27, 1897; res. 

Boston, Mass. 
-358 Edith Louise,^ d. unm., Nov., 1907. 
—359 Gertrude Whitney,^ m. Ernest Blasius, Sept. 25, 1895; 

d. Jan. 27, 1900. 
-360 Andrew D wight ,« m. Carrie Gill, July 4, 1891. 
—361 Ralph Hemans,^ d. in Roxbury, 1870. 
—362 Guy Bascom,* d. in Neponsett, 1872. 

298. Rev. George Asa Stratton " {Asa B.,^ Sewell,^ Jonas,* 
David,^ Thomas,- John^) was born in New York City, Dec. 20, 
1847, attended public schools of the city, the free Academy, and 
Columbia Law School. Was admitted to the bar at New York 
in 1866. Licensed to preach the Gospel in 1888 by the First 
Baptist church of Reading, Mass. Held pastorates at West New- 
berry and Marrimacport, Mass., and in Dorchester, N. H. Fail- 
ing health has obliged him to retire from the ministry. Resides 
at Reading, Mass. He married Mary Ann Wakefield Damon, 
daughter of Etson and Ann {Stratton) Damon (see No. 185}. 

Children: — Born in Reading, Mass. 

—363 Marietta, m. 1st, John Wetmore of Lynn, 2nd, Charles 
W. Marshall. 

+364 George Albert. 

Born in Marblehead. 

—365 Charles Etson. 

312. Aloxzo Stkvtton ^ [Leander,' James,^ Zchidon;' James,* 
James,^ Thomas,- John'^) married Frances Kilburn, Aug. 16, 
1862. She was daughter of George and Betsey {Wright) Kilburn, 
who settled in Little Valley from Rhode Island. He was a 

226 A Book of Strattoxs 

farmer, first in Little Valley and then in Salamanca, N. Y., where 
he died in 1909. 

Children: — Born in Little Valley, N. Y. 

—366 Ella Celia,^ m. Watson Brown Eddy, son of Jas. and 
Elvira Eddy; res. Portland, 0. 
Bor7i in Salamanca, N. Y. 
—367 Allan Adelbert,® m. Inez Akres; res. Salamanca; ch. 

Frances M.^ 
—368 Charles Albert,^ m. Mabel Leggett; res. Salamanca; 
ch. George.^ 

317. Charles Lorenzo Stratton ^ {Lorenzo,' James,^ Zebu- 
Ion/' James,^ James,^ Thomas,- John'^) was born in Cincinnati, 
Ohio, and spent his boyhood on the old Stratton homestead in 
Little Valley, N. Y. Attended school at Randolph Academy and 
East Tenn. University. Has been engaged in the lumber business 
in Tennessee and adjoining states since 1885, except two years 
when he was editor of the Southern Farm Journal. Nov. 19, 1889, 
he married Carrie L. Crews, daughter of Josiah and Ann (Bose- 
man) Crews and granddaughter of Jesse and Nancy (Carter) 
Crews and Judge Luke and Nancy {Cross) Baseman of Illinois. 
Res. Chattanooga. 

Children: — Borii in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

—369 Carolyn Lucy ,9 m. July 11, 1916, Ladd Mills Sumner, 
son of Frank Alexander and Florence (Turner) Sum- 
ner of AsheviUe, N. C. Ch. Ladd Mills, Jr. 

-370 Helen Russell,'' d. Aug. 30, 1910, a beautiful girl of 14 

—371 Charles Lorenzo Crews.^ 

318. Francls Augustus Stratton ® {Lorenzo J James,^ Zebu- 
Ion,'^ James,* James,^ Thomas,- John'^) spent his boyhood and 
youth on his father's farm, first in Little Valley, N. Y., and then 
in Grassy Cove, Tenn. From here he went to Chattanooga, where 
he received an appointment as Assistant Commissioner for the 
state of Tennessee, to the Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia. 
At the close of the exposition he was employed as clerk in the 
Chattanooga postoffice and was soon promoted to the position of 
assistant postmaster. Resigning this position he engaged in the 
lumber business in East Tennessee, and later had large dealings 
in coal and timber lands in Tenn., N. Car., Vir., and Ky., dur- 
ing which time he removed to Johnson City, Tenn., where he 

John Stratton of Watertown 227 

helped to organize and establish the state bank, the electric street 
railroad and electric lighting plant. In 1899 he removed to New 
York City and a year later to Mount Vernon, N. Y., where he is 
president and chairman of the Board of Directors of the West- 
chester Lighting Company. Also, president of the Peekskill 
Lighting and Railroad Company and of the Quaker Ridge Im- 
provement Company; also a director of the Westchester Chamber 
of Commerce and the Mount Vernon Trust Company. He is a 
member of the Republican Club of New York, The Lawyer's, 
Transportation, and Lotos Clubs of New York, the Huguenot 
Club, Wykagl Country Club and Yacht Club of New Rochelle. 
Feb. 28, 1882, he married Annie Wilder, daughter of Gen. John 
Thomas and Martha {Stuart) Wilder, and a descendant of 
Edward. Wilder ^ of Hingham, Mass., in 1632.* Their summer 
home "Menigawum" is on an island at the mouth of the Damaris- 
cotta river, Maine. 

Child: — Born in Chattanooga, Tcnn. 

—372 Wilder Lorenzo,^ treas. and gen. mgr. Hudson R. and 
Eastern Traction Co.; mem. Princeton, N. Y. Re- 
publican, and other clubs; commissioned Ensign in 
U. S. Naval Reserve Force March 20, called to ac- 
tive duty Apr. 14, 1917. 

364. George Albert Stratton ® {George,' Asa B.,^ Sewell,^ 
Jonas,* David,^ Thomas,^ John^), born in Reading, Mass., mar- 
ried Lula Conway, Sept. 12, 1891, daughter of James and Marie 
iDesing) Conway. 


—373 Martha kP 
—374 George Albert, Jr.^ 
—375 James Edward.^ 

365. Charles Etson Stratton ^ {George A.,'' Asa B.,^ Sew- 
ell,^ Jonas,* David,^ Thomas,^ John M , born in Marblehead, Mass., 
resides in Reading. Married Carrie A. Sias, Feb. 15. 1891. 

Children: — Born in Reading, Mass. 

-376 Charles Pettingill.^ 

—377 Florence May,^ d. 1902, aged 2 years. 

-378 Willard Evlin.« 

—379 Elmer Baxter." 

*Thus: John T. Wilder" (Reuben," Seth.' Seth,* Epliniini.' John," 

228 A Book of Strattons 

—380 Maybelle Gertrude.^ 
—381 Arthur Damon.'^ 


. {Chart J, Vol I) 

It has been suggested that Joseph Stratton of Waltham who 
married Sarah Hager in 1717 (Vol. I, p. 197) was a son of John 
Stratton- [John V) by liis first wife Mary Butters (p. 184, Vol. 
I) and tlic compiler is inclined to believe that tliis is the solution 
to this problem which has long puzzled researchers.* 

The compiler has found but little more about his descendants. 
Joseph Stratton (No. 13, p. 200) settled in Roxbury, where he 
was a "housewright." June 21, 1801, he married Sarah Hay- 
ward, daughter of Samuel Hayward of Situate. He was a deacon 
in the church at Roxburj^ and was living there as late as 1837. 
Births of only two children are found, Susanna, b. July 9, 1802, 
and Elizabeth, b. July, 1805; d. Apr. 4, 1809. 

John Stratton (No. 14, p. 200, Vol. I) seems to have been 
living in Newton in 1796, when he received $450 from his father's 
estate. After this the compiler has found no record of him. 
When Vol. I was issued it was thought that this was the John 
Stratton who died in Hallowell, Me., in 1801, aged 26 years. It 
has since been proven that this man belonged to another line of 
Strattons, as shown on another page of this volume. 

* This suggestion was first made by Mr. Edward L. Smith of Boston, to 
whom the compiler is indebted for many helpful notes on the Strattons 
of that vicinity, especially on Jonathan Stratton of Weston. 

Wm. Butters settled in Woburn before 1666. He was in King Philip's 
War. His wife's name was Mary. They were probably married across 
the water. He died in 1692. The History of Woburn states that "Widow 
Butters" d. in Watertown in 1701. The only child of record is William, 
born (g. s. rec.) in 1665. There can be hardly any doubt, however, that 
they had a daughter Mary who married John Stratton" in 1691. She 
died in 1695 and it is reasonable to suppose that her son Joseph lived 
with his grandmother Butters after his mother's death. 

Ki:v. Da.mki. Stkatton 


{Chart C, Vol. I) 

"There is a moral and philosophical respect for our ancestors which 
elevates the character and improves the mind." 

Daniel Webster. 

ABOUT 1720 a tract of land (about 700 acres) was set off 
in what is now South Foxboro, Mass., to be sold for the 
benefit of the schools of Dorchester — the first land set apart for 
the use of public schools in this country. The farm bought by 
Richard Stratton* was a part of this land. The picture of the 
house built by him about 1750 is from a photograph taken for the 
compiler only a few months before the house was destroyed by 
fire in 1908. It had long been a landmark in this section, and an 
attraction for lovers of the antique. Near it is the old burial 
ground with its quaint epitaphs. 


52. James Stratton ^ {Richards Richard,^ Richard,- Rich- 
ard ^) was born Sept. 27, 1751. He was the oldest son and by his 
father's will was left in charge of the estate, which he was to 
divide among his brothers and sisters. In 1773 he married 
Lydia Tower. They lived on the old Stratton farm just out of 
South Foxboro, Mass., in the house built by his father. James 
Stratton was born, lived and died in this house and here his 
children were born. He died Jan. 27, 1809; his wife died Sept. 1, 

Children: — Born in Foxboro, Mass. 

+81 John,« b. 1774; d. 1852. 

-82 Waitstill,*' b. ]\Iay 17, 1777; ni. Oliver Morse. July 23, 

+83 Welcome,^ b. 1779. 

—84 Mary," b. Oct. 23, 1782; ni. May 5, 18G4. Joseph Shep- 
herd (his second wife) . 


230 A Book of Strattons 

—85 Sarah,*' b. Sept. 19, 1786; m. James Payson, Apr. 26, 

—86 Anna ° (or Any), b. Sept. 18, 1789; m. James Plympton. 

55. George Stratton ^ {Richard,^ Richard,^ Richard,^ Rich- 
ard^) was born Sept. 24, 1756. He was married Jan. 27, 1782, to 
Caroline Freeman, by Rev. Roland Green. They lived in Fox- 
boro. He was a privateer in the Revolution, and saved consid- 
erable money. He was known as "Capt. Stratton." In 1781, 
with Uriah Atherton, Jos. Hewes, and John Knapp, he built a 
foundry on Mill street, where the Foxboro Foundry now stands, 
Capt. Stratton furnishing one-half the capital. They made can- 
nons and cannon balls at first, and later hollow ware. In 1813 
he sold his interest in this 10-acre plant to Gen. Shephard Leach. 
A foundry has been in operation on this plant to this day. Mr. 
Stratton died July 14, 1817; Mrs. Stratton, Mar. 3, 1830. 
Children: — Born in Foxboro, Mass. 

—87 Milton,^ b. May 6, 1782; m. Nancy Comee, Feb. 5, 1805. 
She was born Apr. 8, 1787, and d. July 20, 1811; he 
died ;Mar. 12, 1812. Did they leave any children? 
-88 Tyler,'' b. May 1, 1785; m. May 23, 1809, Sarah Bird, 
who d. Mar. 10, 1810, aged 22 years. What became 
of him? 
-89 Nancy,*' b. Feb. 27, 1787; m. Beriah Mann IMar. 14, 

—90 Hannah," b. May 3, 1790; m. Jedediah Carpenter May 

23, 1809. 
-91 George, Jr.," b. Mar. 31, 1792; d. Apr. 14, 1814. 

57. Lemuel Stratton ^ {Richard,^ Richard,^ Richard,^ Rich- 
ard'^), born May 23, 1761; m. Abigail Sternes, daughter of 
Capt. John Sternes of Attleboro. She was born in 1760, and 
died Mar. 15, 1848. Lemuel Stratton died in 1816. His estate 
was administered by Jabez Newell. 

Children: — Born in Attleboro, Mass. 

-92 Mary," b. Oct. 7, 1783; m. Adonijah Lewis. 

—93 Lemuel," b. Jan. 30, 1791 ; d., unm.. Mar. 4, 1858. Grave- 
stones to him and his mother in cemetery at South 

59. Robert Stratton ^ (Richard,* Richard,^ Richard,- Rich- 
ard'^) was born July 9, 1765. He married Elizabeth Shepherd 
Sept. 22, 1797. He was a farmer, owning land in Foxboro, where 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 231 

he died Feb. 28, 1842. His widow died May 10, 1857, aged 80 
years. His farm was a part of the old Stratton estate — once 
known as the "School Farm." 
Children: — Born in Foxboro, Mass. 
+94 Richard S.,« b. 1798; d. 1876. 
—95 Schuyler,« b. Sept. 26, 1801; d. Sept. 14, 1835, unm. 
4-96 Chandler ,« b. 1814; d. 1875. 

Adaline Shepherd Stratton,'' an adopted daughter, m. 
Ezekill C. Grant, of Billingham, Mass. 

61. David Stratton ^ {Richard,* Richard,^ Richard,- Rich- 
ard'^) w\as born March, 1768. He settled in Sandisfield, Mass., 
where he was a farmer, and where he died Oct. 3, 1841. He mar- 
ried Eliza Morton. 

Children: — Born in Sandisfield. 
-f97 Milo,*' b. 1797. 
—98 Cynthia,^ b. May 4, 1800. 
-99 Eunice,^ b. Oct. 31, 1802. 
+100 Edward A.,*' b. 1804; d. 1888. 

62. Joseph Stratton ^ {Richard,* Richard,^ Richard,'^ Rich- 
ard^) lived and died in Foxboro. He was born in 1769 and died 
Dec. 31, 1806. Dec. 13, 1795, he married Elizabeth Pettee, Rev. 
T. Kendall officiating. A tombstone to his memory stands in 
the old Foxboro burial ground. His widow married Beriah Bil- 

Children: — Born in Foxboro. 

—101 Cynthia,^ b. Dec. 1, 1796; d. aged 16 years. 

-102 Lucy Nason,6 b. May 8, 1798 ; m. John Farwell Feb. 13, 

-103 Nabby,^ b. Aug. 21, 1799. 
— 104 Elvira,® b. Jan. 21, 1801 ; d., single, in Foxboro 1846. 

-105 Eliza," b. Sept. 20, 1802; m. Paine. 

—106 Caroline," b. Apr. 24, 1804; d. aged 5 years. 
—107 Joseph Pettee," b. Sept. 15, 1805. 
-108 Sophrona," b. Aug. 25, 1806. 

68. James Str\tton ^ iBenjaniin* Benjamin,^ Benjamin,'^ 
Richard^) was born Aug. 20, 1755. He was but four years old 
when his father died. Of his early life and education we are 
not informed. He studied medicine under Dr. Benjamin Harris, 

232 A Book of Strattons 

of Salem Co., N. J. Upon the breaking out of the war of 1776 
he gave his services to his country's cause. After the war he 
graduated (M.D.) from the University of Pennsylvania and be- 
came a successful and distinguished physician, President of the 
New Jersey Medical Society, and a man of influence in civic 
and political affairs. Quoting from an obituary published at the 
time of his death: "Dr. Stratton was of that description of man 
who are justly styled the 'pillars of society,' active, intelligent, 
sensible, dignified, a Christian and a patriot." 

He early joined the Protestant Episcopal Church, of which 
he was an efficient member, though he always retained a pref- 
erence for the Puritan faith of his forefathers, and on Sunday 
afternoons was accustomed to assemble his family to instruct 
them in the Westminster Catechism. Although his medical prac- 
tice was large, extending over a circuit of 30 miles, he so timed 
his engagements, that he was seldom absent from his place in 
church, always leading the singing with his fine bass voice. He 
was handsome and commanding in appearance, kindly pleasant 
in his manner, entertaining in conversation and was greatly loved 
and respected. He accumulated considerable property and left 
a large landed estate, the value of which, however, was much 
reduced by the fall in prices after the war of 1812. Dr. Stratton 
was twice married, first, Feb. 15, 1779, to Anna Harris, the 
daughter of his early preceptor. She died Feb. 19, 1783, and 
Jan. 1, 1787, he married Mary Creighton, daughter of Hugh and 
Mary (McCullough-French) Creighton, of Haddonfield, N. J. 
She was born Dec. 9, 1762, and died April 30. 1847. Soon after 
his first marriage he bought the historic old Hatton House in 
Swedesboro, and lived there for several years.* In 1794 he built 
the large brick house on the North side of Raccoon Creek, near 
Swedesboro, known as "Stratton Hall" (see picture, Vol. I, oppo- 
site p. 114)- This house was long famous for its genial hospital- 
ity, and remained in the possession and occupancy of the family 
until the death of his son, Governor Stratton, in 1859. The 

* The Hatton House of Swedesboro was built lonu; before the Revohition 
by John Hatton of Canterbury, Eng.. who was at that time Tax Col- 
lector of West Jei"sey, and who ni;ide this his home until the beginning 
of the war, when he became a fugitive and joined the army of the King. 
According to the law passed Dec. 11, 1778, the owner being a fugitive, 
the property was confiscated and ordered sold. Dr. James Stratton was 
the purchaser, paying, according to the old deed, thirteen hundred and 
twenty pounds for the house and fifteen acres of land — in what kind 
of money this high price was paid the deed does not say. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 233 

tombstone placed to Dr. Stratton's memory in Trinity church- 
yard, Swedesboro, bear these words: 

"Sacred to the memory of 
Dr. James Stratton 
who departed this life Mar. 29, 1812, in the 57th year of his age. 
With a mind strong and well cultivated, he was uncommonly 
useful as a citizen, and as a christian his piety and virtue will 
long be held in remembrance." 

Children: — Born in Swedesboro, N. J. 
By first marriage. 

—109 Benjamin Harris,^ b. Apr. 18, 1780; d. aged 15 years. 

-110 Sarah Harris,'' b. Sept. 30, 1781; d. Feb. 12, 1852; m. 
Sept. 5, 1799, Edward Carpenter, son of Thomas Car- 
penter, of Carpenter's Landing, Pa. 

-Ill Anna Harris," b. Dec. 12, 1782; d. May 15, 1810; m. 
John L. Stratton (No. 7:2, Chart C). 
By second marriage. 

-112 Maria,« b. Nov. 17, 1789; d. Apr. 12, 1857; m. 1st, May 
9, 1812, Dr. Erkurius Fithian, son of Joel and Eliza- 
beth (Beatty) Fithian; 2d Daniel P. Stratton {Xo. 
70, Chart C). 

—113 James Creighton,^ b. Nov. 16, 1792; d. aged 8 mos. 

+114 Samuel C.,-^ b. 1794; d. 1860. 

+115 Charles C.,'' b. 1796; d. 1859. 

-116 Harriet," b. Jan. 4, 1798; in Woodbury, N. J., May 9, 
1850; m. Nov. 12, 1817, Dr. Joseph Fithian, son of 
Amos and Rachel (Leake) Fithian. 

-117 Isabella," b. July 10, 1799; d. July 1, 1847; m. Feb. 20, 
1817, Benjamin Matlack, son of Isaac Howey and 
Abigail Matlack. 

-118 Frances," b. Mar. 24, 1802; d., unm., Feb. 2, 1890. in 

—119 Abigail," b. Jan. o, 1805; d. aged 4 mos. 

70. Daniel Powell Str.\ttox ^ (Levi* Benjamin,^ Benja- 
man,- Richard^) was born in 1784. His mother died the year 
following his birth, and his father seven years later. Of his 
early life we know but little. Financially he had a good start 
in life. He inherited some property from his father and was 
one of the next of kin to James Harris who died in 1803, leaving 
no children and leaving personal property appraised at S45,000 — 

234 A Book of Strattons 

at that time and in that place esteemed a h^rge amount. March 
30, 1808, Mr. Stratton married Ruth Seeley Buck. She died Feb. 
29, 1816, at the age of 26 years. In Jan., 1818, he married Mrs. 
Maria (Stratton) Fithian, widow of Erkurius Fithian and 
daughter of Dr. James Stratton {No. 112, Chart C). 

About this time he moved to Bridgeton, N. J., and engaged in 
business there, first as one of the mercantile firm of "Buck & 
Stratton" — John Buck and Nathan L, Stratton being the other 
members of the firm — and hiter he became quite a h^rge dealer 
in real estate. He purchased the house on the corner of Com- 
merce and Atlantic streets, where he resided the remainder of 
his life. He was an excellent man, earnest in promoting every 
good cause and was held in high esteem by his acquaintances. 
Early in life he united with the Presbyterian Church, and for 
many years was a ruling elder. He died June 6, 1840. 
Children: — Born in Fairfield, N. J. 

By first marriage. 
-120 Edward,^ b. Mar. 19, 1809; d. aged 6 mos. 
+ 121 James,« b. 1810. 

-122 Robert," b. Nov. 1, 1812; d. in infancy. 
Born in Bridgeton, N. J. 
By second marriage. 
+ 123 Daniel," b. 1814; d. 1866. 
— 124 Edward," b. 1818; d. in infancy. 
-125 Sarah," b. 1820; d. in infancy. 

—126 Harriet," b. Mar. 23, 1822; d. Aug. 1, 1873, at her home 
in Bridgeton, esteemed by an entire community, 
where she had rendered earnest service in the Presby- 
terian Church, in night schools. Christian mission 
work, and other social and religious enterprises. 
—127 Maria Creighton," b. Aug. 7, 1824; d., unm., Oct. 11, 

—128 Hannah Giles," b. 1826; d. in infancy. 
-129 Frances," b. Aug. 16, 1828; d. aged 20 years. 

72. John Leake Stratton "' iJohn,^ Benjamin,^ Benjamin,- 
Richard^) was bom Feb. 23, 1778. His boyhood was spent on 
his father's farm. Attending school winters he obtained a com- 
mon school education. At nineteen he began studying medicine 
with his cousin Dr. James Stratton. In 1800 he graduated from 
the University of Pennsylvania, and at once began the practice 
of medicine and surgery at Mount Holly, N. J. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 235 

"Dr. John L. Stratton was a fine specimen of manhood, affable, 
amiable and affectionate, he sympathized earnestly with his 
patients of all classes and conditions, and after a life of self- 
sacrifice and devoted usefulness to his profession and his patients, 
he died as he had lived — an honored Christian gentleman" — 
Aug. 17, 1845. 

Dr. Stratton married first Anna Stratton {No. Ill, Chart C) 
in 1804. She died May 15, 1810, and Dec. 26, 1816, he married 
Ann Newbold, who died Apr. 18, 1888. About the time of his 
first marriage he came into possession of the brick house on 
Mill street, in Mount Holly, which is now owned and occupied by 
his granddaughter (see picture opposite page 114, Vol. I). This 
house was built before 1776, and was occupied by soldiers at one 
time during the Revolution, while the Hessians were quartered in 
the tavern near by. Dr. Stratton added to the house in 1822, 
building on to the front part as shown in the picture. He also 
bought a part of the historic old Woolman property, out on Mill 
street, at the edge of Mount Holly, rebuilt the house and spent 
the greater part of his married life there. This property passed 
out of the Stratton family at the death of his son. Dr. B. H. 

Children:— J5orw in Mt. Holly, N. J. 
By first marriage. 

+ 130 Benjamin H.,*^ b. 1804; d. 1875. 

—131 James,*^ d. in infancy. 
By second marriage. 

+132 John Leake Newbold,^ b. 1817; d. 1889. 

74. Nathan Leake Stratton ^ (John,* Benjamin,^ Benja- 
min,- Richard^) was born Jan. 31, 1786. In 1814 he 
went to Bridgeton and entered into partnership with Daniel P. 
Stratton and Joseph Buck in the mercantile business. The fol- 

*The old carpenter shop of John Woolmun (the celebrated Quaker 
preacher), which the New Jersey legislature is considering buying, stands 
on another property. 

The compiler has records, from an old family Bible, of a John L. 
Stratton who was bom in Camden Co., N. J., Aug. 11, 1788. It is 
understood by his descendants that he was son of a Revolutionary 
soldier, and they have in their possession a pistol which was carried by 
him during service in the Colonial army. They have always understood, 
also, that he was a near relative of Gov. Charles Stratton. He married 
Clara Holden, who was born in Matthew Co., Va., July 4, 1792. They 
lived for a while in Baltimore. They had children, Clara, Pha>be and 
James Holden, named for his mother's brother. James Holdon Strat- 

23G A Book of Strattons 

lowing year, Mar. 7, 1815, he married Hannah Buck, daughter 
of Joseph and Ruth {Seeley) Buck." Two years hiter he built 
the large brick house on Commerce street, which remained in 
possession of the family for ninety years. For more than a 
quarter of a century Mr. Stratton was one of the active business 
men of Bridgeton, having charge of the general merchandise 
department of the firm, and the business became the largest trans- 
acted in the county. Mrs. Stratton died in 1854, aged 63 years, 
and Mr. Stratton in 1862. 
Children: — Born in Bridgeton, N. J. 
+133 Joseph Buck,« b. 1815; d. 1903. 

—134 Alexander,*' b. Dec. 17, 1817; a merchant and ship owner 
for many years in Bridgeton, where he died, unm., 
Jan. 3, 1873. 
—135 Eleanor Leake,'' lived at the old homestead in Bridge- 
ton, where she died Nov. 20, 1903. 
-136 Nathan,'' b. Apr. 23, 1822; d. in childhood. 
—137 George,^ b. Jan. 11, 1824; d., unm., in Bridgeton in 1884. 
-138 John," b. Feb. 13, 1826; d. May 20, 1855. 
+139 Charles Preston," b. 1828; d. 1884. 
—140 Anna Ruth," b. May 12, 1830; d. in Bridgeton, aged 22 

—141 Edgar, Robert" (142), and Henry (143), d. in infancy. 
—144 Sophia Hill," m. Dr. Charles Elton Buck, who died in 
Wilmington, Del, Sept. 2, 1891. She died in Balti- 
more, Feb. 23, 1905. Both are buried at Laurel Hill, 

75. Levi Stratton ^ {John,* Benjamin,^ Benjamin,- Rich- 
ard^) was born in Deerfield, N. J., May 29, 1791. He married 
in 1826 Sarah Stratton Buck, daughter of Reuben and Sarah 
(Stratton) Buck {No. 69, Chart C, Vol. I). They lived for 
awhile at Bridgeton, and then removed to a farm near Deerfield, 
where Mr. Stratton died in 1838. 

ton, born in Baltimore April 16, 1813, married Amanda M. (Tyrrell) 
Haines March 14, 1845, and died Oct. 31, 18S4, in Charleston, S. C. Their 
son, John Paul Stratton, lives in Augusta, Ga. He married, Jan. 24, 
1883, Hattie M. Dowcll, d. of Samuel L. and Louise H. (Girard) Dowell. 
Their children are Helen M., Harriet M., Pauline E., Dorothy, John 
P., Jr., Agnes. 

♦Joseph Buck was a Revolutionary patriot, present at the execution 
of Major Andrie in 1780, and at Johnstown in 1781. Original member 
of the Society of Cincinnati. 

— o 

J f _ 

r ^ 




h-3 * 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 237 

Children: — Born in Bridgeton, N. J. 

+145 Nathan Leake,« b. Nov. 11, 1828. 
Born in Deerfield. 

—146 Jonathan Freeman,^ b. Feb. 18, 1831. Settled in Frank- 
ford, Ind., where he was a merchant, and where he 
died about 1870. 

-147 Levi,'^ b. Aug. 26, 1833. Went West, engaged in busi- 
ness at Noodle, Texas, where he was tax assessor and 
collector; d., unm., Oct. 2, 1870. 

76, William Stratton ^ (William* William,^ Benjamin,^ 
Richard^) was born in Deerfield, N. J. He was a blacksmith 
by trade. He married Jemima Davis, in Cumberland Co., N. J., 
Nov. 9, 1796, and settled in Philadelphia some time after 1805, 
and died there in 1815. 

Children: — Born in Deerfield, N. J. 

—148 Rebecca.^ 

+149 William,^ b. 1805. 

—150 Nancy.*^ 

—151 Emily,*' m. Shaw. 

There may have been other children. The Compiler would like 
to know more of this familv.* 

* But little has been learned concerning the descendants of William.^ 
Referring to Vol. I, p. 110, it will be seen that three of his sons are 
unaccounted for — Jonathan,'' Ephriam * and Aaron,* and we know but 
little of William." One of these sons was the father of Lot Stratton 
who married Elizabeth Duff Jan. 21, 1773. She died at Deerfield in 
1776, and he went to Pennsylvania. 

Ephraim* had a son Fithian (called "Fithian, Jr."), b. about 1770. 
d. 1820, who had two daughters, Judith and Sarah, and perhaps other 
children. William ■* is believed to have had several children, though we 
have records of only one son, William," above. 

It is probably to this branch of Strattons that belongs Noah Stratton 
of Deerfield township, who married Rhoda Loder Oct. 21, 1772, and had 
several children, among them Charles, b. 1773, and John, who is probably 
the man who married Phoebe Bateman April 10, 1798. Sarah Stratton, 
who married Daniel Loder of Deerfield Nov. 17, 1775, and Abigail Stn;t- 
ton, who married Reuben Loder Aug. 25, 1774, doubtless belong to this 
same family. Perhaps some one who reads this footnote may be able 
to supply the compiler with the data desired to complete these records. 

In Brown Co., Ohio, are Strattons who have the following family 
records: William Stratton married Katherine Keethler and had children- 
Lot, Aaron, Lewis, John, Anderson, Sanford, Christopher, Nancy, Lucinda, 
Mary, Levina, America and Susan. The son Lot settled in Ohio from 
Pennsylvania, married Mary Davison, and had children— Louisa, 

238 A Book of Strattons 

78. Benjamin Stratton ^ {Benjamin,* Jonathan,^ Benjamin,'^ 
Richai-d'^) was born in Easthampton about 1765, and settled in 
Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y., where he married Elizabeth 
Comstock, and where he spent the remainder of his life. 

Children: — Born in Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

+152 Stephen.*^ 

—153 John/ d. unmarried. 

+154 Charles B.« 

—155 Henry.*^ 

—156 James.** 

—157 Norman,^ m. Rebecca Marvin ; civil eng. in U. S. Navy- 
yard in Brooklyn in 1878; d. about 1882. Buried in 
Troy, N. Y. 

—158 William,** m. Sarah Haskens. 

—159 Mary.** 

—160 Elizabeth,** m. Bingham. 

-161 Eliza.« 

More complete records of this family are desired. The com- 
piler has some doubt about the correctness of some of the above 

80. Jonathan Stratton ^ {Benjamin,* Jonathan,^ Benja- 
min,- Richard^), baptized in Easthampton, Feb. 19, 1769; died 
there Nov. 26, 1833. A gravestone stands to his memory in the 
old cemetery. From 1802 to the year of his death his name 
constantly appears in the list of town officers, and at various 
times he was Overseer of the Poor, Commissioner of Highways, 
Fence Viewer, pounder, trustee and tithing man. He married, 
Feb. 9, 1840, Mary Dayton, daughter of Samuel Dayton, a prom- 
inent man of Easthampton. They lived in the old Stratton house 
(see p. 116, Vol. I). This house is believed to have been built 

Napolian B., Francis M., Nancy, Martin V., Susan, Albina, Thomas B. 
and Lucinda. 

The compiler believes that they are descended from William Stratton ^ 
of Dccrficld, and would be glad to get further records of them. 

From Mrs. Cranford of Philadelphia the compiler has also the follow- 
ing records: William Stratton of New Jersey m. Rebecca Hubbard and 
died leaving two sons: Samuel Torrance, m. Susan Lawrence, who had 
son Samuel Torrance, Jr.; George Washington, b. in Phila. 1814, m. 
Frances J. Elliot; d. 1851; had two sons, Charles Elliot, d. unm., Henry 
Clay, m. Cora Atkinson Dec. 9, 1875. Children: Frances Josephine 
(m. Dr. Edgar Dewitt Cranford), Henr\' Clay, Jr. (d. in infancy), Anna 
Thomas, Elliot Gwynn. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 239 

about 1730. Mr. Stratton died Nov. 26, 1833; Mrs. Stratton, 
Feb. 9, 1840. 

Children: — Boryi in Easthampton, L. I. 

+ 162 Henry Dayton,^ b. 1803. 

+ 163 George Newton.*' 

—164 Jonathan C.,*' m. Jane Hand, daughter of Mulford 

-165 Mary.*' b. 1807; d. 1829. 

81. John Str.atton ^ {Jamesi> Richard* Richard,^ Richard,- 
Richard^), born Nov. 27, 1774, was married by Rev. T. Kendall 
to Lucy Nason, in Foxboro, Mar. 27, 1799. She died Aug. 14, 
1836. He died Oct. 1, 1852. In the town records he is called 
"Capt. John Stratton." 

Children: — Born in Foxboro, Mass. 

—166 Fanny," b. Sept. 1, 1799; m. George Groover in Mans- 
field Jan. 12, 1882. 
-167 James,' b. Dec. 10, 1800; d. July 5, 1882; m. Eliza 

Payne; one child, Adaline Augusta.^ 
— 168 Merritt,' b. Nov. 22, 1802; d., unm., aged 87 years. 
+ 169 Harrison," b. 1805. 
—170 Adaline," b. Dec. 6, 1807; m. Ezekiel C. Grant, Sept. 

27, 1828. 
-171 Elbridge Gerry," b. Apr. 3, 1810; d. Sept. 3, 1832. 
-172 Charlotte Nason," b. Oct. 24, 1812; m. Albert Tales, of 
Foxboro, Nov. 9, 1834. 

83. "Welcome Stratton ^ {James,^ Richard,'^ Richard,^ Rich- 
ard,- Richard^) was born Nov. 20. 1779. He married first Re- 
becca Smith, Nov. 22, 1807. She died Dec. 4, 1814. She was a 
daughter of Stephen Smith, of Mansfield, Mass. He married 
second Peddy (or Experience) Robinson, Oct. 20, 1817. He died 
in Mansfield, Jan. 26, 1868. 
Children: — Births recorded in Foxboro, Mass. 

By first marriage. 
-173 Charles,' b. Feb. 8, 1809; m. Eleanor Dixon, of Fox- 
boro, Nov. 26, 1840. He died in :Mansfield, Jan. 2, 
-174 Lydia Ann," b. 1810; d. 1813. 
—175 Emcline." b. Aug. 1, 1814. 

By second marriage. 
-176 Milton Warren." b. Feb. 8. 1821; d. Aug. 16, 1824. 
+177 Henrv Edward." b. Jan. 16, 1825. 

240 A Book of Strattons 

94, Richard Shepherd Stratton ^ {Robert,^ Richard,^ Rich- 
ard,^ Richard;- Richard^jwas born Feb. 18, 1798. Jan. 9, 1833, 
he married Ann Eliza Sweetland, daiigliter of Rufus and Clarissa 
(Bell) Sweetkmd. She was of Norton at the time of her mar- 
riage, but was born in Attleboro in 1805. About the time of his 
marriage Mr. Stratton built the Stratton House, which is still 
standing in Foxboro.* He died Sept. 1, 1876. 

Children: — Born in Foxboro, Mass. 

—178 Clarissa Elizabeth," b. Sept. 9, 1834; m. George T. 
Cook, Jan. 1, 1858. Resides in Foxboro. 

—179 Nancy Ann," born Oct. 23, 1836; d. aged 19 years. 

—180 David," b. July 15, 1839; m. Susan H. Shepherd, 
daughter of Elijah and Susan Shepherd of Mansfield, 
Feb. 10, 1869. No children. 

—181 Milo," b. Nov. 15, 1848; d., unm.. Mar. 26, 1886. 

96. Chandler Stratton ^ {Robert,^ Richard,^ Richard,^ 
Richard,- Richard'^), born Aug. 18, 1814, was married Apr. 25, 
1836, by Rev. Mr. Pierce, to Cynthia A. White, daughter of 
Warner and Cynthia [Hardon) White of Mansfield. Mr. Strat- 
ton died in South Foxboro, June 7, 1875, and Mrs. Stratton, Apr. 
12, 1877. 

Children: — Born in South Foxboro, Mass. 

+182 Schuyler," b. 1837. 

—183 Emily," b. June 23, 1844; m. William Reed, son of 

Simeon and Prudence (Ford) Reed of Penbroke. 

She died Sept. 28, 1913. 
—184 Charles Henry," b. Jan. 26, 1851; d., unm., in Boston, 

Feb. 25, 1893. 

97. Milo Stratton ^ (David,^ Richard,^ Richard,^ Richard,^ 
i?ic/iard ^) was born Oct. 27, 1797, and settled in Sandisfield, 
Mass., where he died Aug. 2, 1884. He married Calista Rice, 
Oct. 21, 1823. She died March 21, 1893. 

Children: — Born in Sandisfield, Mass. 

-185 Theodore A.,^ b. Sept. 27, 1827. 

-186 Edward W.," b. Oct. 29, 1829. 

-187 Chandler," b. Sept. 9, 1830; d. Aug. 31, 1889. 

-188 Mary A.," b. May 9, 1833 ; d. Aug. 28, 1870. 

* This photograph, and that of the old Richard Stratton house which 
was recently destroyed by fire, was furnished by Mrs. Clarissa Stratton 
Cook, who has kindly given the writer much help on this line. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 241 

-189 Augusta," b. Dec. 25, 1839; m. James Clark, July 5, 

-190 David,' b. Aug. 1, 1844. 

More complete records of the Sandisfield Strattons are desired. 

100. Edward A. Stratton ^ {David,^ Richard,^ Richard,^ 
Richard,- Richard'^) was born Dec. 4, 1804, and lived in Sandis- 
field, where he died April 17, 1888. 

Children: — Born in Sandisfield, Mass. 

—191 Jane E.,' b. Nov. 14, 1833; m. Olcott W. Case. 

—192 Nelson,' b. Dec. 7, 1835; d. aged three years. 

-193 Helen," b. June 30, 1841 ; m. Henry Stedman, Nov. 24, 

-194 James," b. Apr. 10, 1837. 

—195 Gordon,' b. Jan. 6, 1844; m. Mary Hubbard, Nov. 15, 

-196 AVilber,' b. Nov. 24, 1853; d. Sept. 6, 1872. 

114. Samuel Creighton Stratton ^ {James,^ Benjamin,* 
Benjamin,^ Benjamin,^ Richard'^) was born in Swedesboro, May 
10, 1794. Nov. 17, 1825, he married Margaret Shepherd Kerr, 
daughter of George and Sarah Kerr of Sylvan Retreat, Eastern 
Shore, Virginia. She died Jan. 10, 1832, and two years later 
he married Elizabeth Hood of Philadelphia. He died Oct. 28, 
1860, and is buried in Trinity Churchyard, Swedesboro. He 
was carefully educated at Rutgers College, and for forty-three 
years was a faithful minister of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 
He held pastorates in several states, his first charge being at 
Snow Hill, Maryland. For several years he was at Newtown, 
Conn., where his first wife is buried, and where, after his death, 
a memorial window was placed to his memory in the church, 
showing the love and esteem in which he was held by his parish- 


-197 Mary," b. Apr. 8, 1825; d. Oct. 5, 1886. 

—198 James,^ m. Sarah B. Almy, at Fall River, Mass., June 

17, 1869. They lived at Bordentown. They had no 


115. Charles Creighton Stratton ^ (James,^ Bcnjaynin,* 
Benjamin,^ Benjamin,- Richard M, born at Stratton Hall, Swedes- 
boro, N. J., Mar. 6, 1796 (see picture, Vol. I, opposite p. 114). 

242 A Book of Strattons 

Was a graduate of Rutgers College, New Brunswick. Soon after 
his graduation he was sent to the state Legislature, of which he 
remained a member for several terms. For many years he was 
connected with the political interests of his native state. He was 
twice a member of Congress, and was Governor of New Jersey 
from 1844 to 1848. He filled these positions with faithfulness 
and integrity, these traits being prominent features of his char- 
acter. His name was a pledge of straightforward honesty to all 
who knew him. Feb. 1, 1854, Gov. Stratton married Sarah Tag- 
gart, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Taggart of Philadelphia. 
The last years of his life were devoted to agricultural pursuits 
at his farm near Swedesboro, where he died Mar. 30, 1859. He 
is buried in the yard of Trinity Church, Swedesboro, of which 
he was an earnest, consistent member and regular attendant. 
He left no descendants. 

121. James Stratton*' {Daniel P.,^ Levi,* Benjamin,^ Ben- 
jamin,- Richard'^) was born Aug. 10, 1810. His boyhood was 
spent at Bridgeton, where he attended the public schools. In 
1830 he graduated from the College of New Jersey and studied 
Theology at Princeton and at Union Seminary, Va. In 1836 
he was ordained a Presbyterian minister. He held pastorates in 
Georgia, N. Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. His 
last charge was at Jackson, La., where he was greatly loved and 
respected. In 1838 he married at Eufala, Ala., Elizabeth Floyd, 
daughter of Rev. Laurence and Mary [Wilson) Floyd of Charles- 
town, S. C. 

-199 Wallace Howard," b. Apr. 26, 1839, at Eufala, Ala., 
graduated at Oakland College, Miss., and became a 
Presbyterian minister, receiving his theological train- 
ing at Columbia, S. C. At the time of his death, Aug. 
21, 1873, he was Pastor of the Presbyterian Church 
at Baton Rouge, La. He left no descendants. 
—200 Eugene Floyd,' b. 1843, lost his life in the Confederate 
army in 1863, dying from a wound by a cannon ball 
during the siege of Vicksburg. 
—201 William McLain," b. at Portsmouth, 1845, received his 
college education at Columbia, S. C, and Union Semi- 
nary, Va. Held charges at Baton Rouge, La., and 
Pattonville, Mo.; d. Apr. 13, 1878. 
+202 James,M). 1849; d. 1905. 

y. - 

■J. — -f 

.. 7- '- 

^ --= Si 


Richard Stratton of Easthampton 243 

—203 Henry V.," b. Washington, N. C, in 1851 ; educated at 
Centenary College, La.; d. unm. 
Three other children, Charles C, Mary and Theresa, 
died in infancy. 

123. Daniel Stratton ® [Daniel P.,'' Levi,'^ Benjamin,'' Ben- 
jamin,- Richard'^) was born at Bridgeton, N. J., Sept. 28, 1814. 
He became a member of the Presbyterian Church at the age of 
thirteen, and early devoted himself to the ministry. He gradu- 
ated at Princeton in 1833, and received his theological training 
at Princeton and at Union Seminary, Va. His first charge was 
at New Bern, N. C, at which place he remained for fifteen years, 
leaving behind him the reverence and love of the entire com- 
munity. The remainder of his life was passed at Salem, N. J. 
The present Presbyterian building at Salem was erected during 
his ministry. On the right of the pulpit in this church is a 
tablet inscribed as follows: 


To the 

Rev. Daniel Stratton, 

for fourteen years 

the faithful and beloved 

Pastor of this church 

this memorial is erected 

by his bereaved 


Born Sept. 28, 1814. 

Died Aug. 24, 1866. 

He being dead yet speaketh. 

In 1836 Mr. Stratton married Eleanor C. Hancock, daughter 
of Morris and Sarah Hancock, of Salem. 
Children: — Born in New Bern, N. C. 
+204 Morris Hancock,' b. July 18, 1838. 

Born in Salem, N. J. 
+205 Daniel Powell,' b. 1839. 
-206 Henry," b. July 12, 1843; d. aged 1 year. 
—207 Eleanor Yorke,'^ b. Aug. 17, 1854; d. Aug. 7, 1855. 
—208 John Quinton,^ b. Feb. 10, 1858; d. in infancy. 

130. Benjamin Harris Stratton^ (John L.,^ John* Benja- 
min,^ Benjamin,- Richard^) was born at Mount Holly, Feb. 6, 

244 A Book of Strattons 

1804. He graduated at Princeton College in 1823 and commenced 
the study of medicine with his father. In 1829 he graduated from 
the medical department of the University of Penn., and at once 
entered into partnership with his father — a partnership which 
continued until the infirmities of old age caused his father to 
withdraw from active practice. Dr. Stratton continued his pro- 
fessional labors at Mount Holly for half a century — how con- 
scientiously and successfully his work was done was shown by the 
love, veneration and respect of the community he so long served. 
He was one of the founders of the Burlington County Medical 
Society, of which he was elected President several times, and 
served as Treasurer for many years. In 1838 he was elected 
President of the New Jersey State Medical Society. May 11, 
1829, he married Emeline Whithall, daughter of Samuel and 
Lydia (Newbold) Whithall, who survived him. He died Dec. 
31, 1875. 

Children: — Born in Mount Holly. 

-209 Anna H.," m. Dr. C. A. Kingsbury, Sept. 29, 1853. Res. 
Phila., Pa. 

—210 Mary Virginia, m. A. Mario. 

132. John Leake Newbold Stratton ® {John L.,^ John,'^ 
Benjamin,^ Benjainin,- Richard M was born in the Stratton House 
at Mount Holly, N. J., Nov. 27, 1817. He married Caroline 
Elizabeth Newbold, Sept. 14, 1842. She died at Mount Holly, 
Nov. 6, 1897. Mr. Stratton studied law and was admitted to 
the Bar in 1839. He was a graduate of Princeton; was twice 
elected to Congress; was President of the Farmer's Bank of 
New Jersey at Salem; was member of the vestry at St. Andrews 
Church at Mount Holly ; in politics he was a Whig, — later a Re- 

Children:— Bom in Mt. Holly, N. J. 

—211 James,' b. Aug. 26, 1845; graduate of Princeton, a law- 
yer; Major of the 4th New Jersey regiment in 1864; 
d. Dec. 3, 1886, urmi. 

-212 Louisa,^ b. Nov. 1. 1849; m. 1st William Delany Weth- 
erill of Philadelphia, m. 2nd Amos Gibbs of ]\It. 
Holly. She is now living in the old Stratton house, 
the birthplace of her father (see picture, opposite p. 
114, Vol. I). 

133. Joseph Buck Stratton ^ (Nathan L.,^ John,^ Benja- 
min,^ Benjaminj- Richard ^) was bom Dec, 24, 1815. After a 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 245 

preparatory training at Laurenceville Academy he entered 
Princeton College in 1833. He studied law in Philadelphia and 
was admitted to the Bar in 1837. After practicing law for 
three years he commenced preparation for the Christian ministry. 
Finishing the theological course at Princeton in the spring of 
1843, he received a call to the Presbyterian church at Natchez, 
Miss., and was ordained and installed as pastor there in Decem- 
ber of the same year. Gentle and refined in manner, with an 
earnest and sincere simplicity in all that he did and said. Dr. 
Stratton won the confidence, love and admiration of his fel- 
lows. In 1880 he was a delegate from the Southwestern Presby- 
terian Church to Philadelphia, and presided at one of its ses- 
sions. In 1884 he was the Commissioner appointed by the Gen- 
eral Assembly of the Southern Church to bear to the General 
Assembly of the Northern Church, which met at Saratoga, N. Y., 
the ratification of the fraternal relations which had been estab- 
lished between the two bodies. He contributed largely to the 
religious periodicals, and published several works of a devo- 
tional and historical character. A small volume of "Prayers 
for the use of families" has had a large circulation in the South. 
In 1889 he published his last work, A Pastor's Valedictory. 

For full fifty years Dr. Stratton remained the beloved pastor 
of the church at Natchez, resigning his charge over it in April, 
1894. His Presbytery, at the request of his congregation, con- 
ferred upon him the title of "Pastor Emeritus." He died April 
14, 1903, after only a few hours of sickness, though in frail 
health for several years. 

He remained with his people in Natchez during the terrible 
epidemics of 1853, 1855, 1858, and 1871, when the yellow scourge 
stalked through the fair city, striking down its victims among the 
high and low. His presence during these periods was a bene- 
diction in many a home of sorrow, for he never faltered in his 
work of ministering to the sick, comforting the dying and con- 
soling the sorrowing among the rich and poor alike. He staid 
with his people during the Civil War, sharing patiently with 
them the rigors and privations of those troublous times, thought- 
ful always of their welfare, never of his own personal conveni- 
ence and comfort. It is no wonder they loved and reverenced 
him. A memorial Sunday school building in connection with 
the church was dedicated three years before his death as "Strat- 
ton Chapel." We quote from a Natchez daily paper: 

"All Natchez joined to-day in the sweet and beautiful tribute 

246 A Book of Strattons 

of respect to the memory of their beloved and faithful friend, 
Dr. Joseph Buck Stratton. Around the bier in Stratton Chapel 
gathered people of all denominations, old and young, rich and 
poor, white and colored — in life he was their friend and brother. 
He knew no rank or station, or dividing line. He loved his 
work, and consecrated his life to its full performance. How well 
and how faithful the service he rendered was amply attested 
when the people of Natchez laid all else aside to pay feeling 
tribute to his memory. The public schools closed at noon, and 
during the funeral service, by common consent, and without 
an interchange of thought, the business men, moved by a single 
thought — respect for their beloved dead — closed their doors. 
There was no exception." 

Oct. 8, 1844, Dr. Stratton married Mary Vanuxem Smith, 
daughter of Nathan and Louisa (Vanuxem) &mith, of Philadel- 
phia, who, in the four short years of her life as a pastor's wife 
in Natchez, won the love and esteem of the strangers among 
whom she had come to dwell. She died Dec. 22, 1848, and is 
buried in Laurel Hill, Philadelphia. Four years later, Nov. 16, 
1852, Dr. Stratton married Caroline Matilda Routh, daughter of 
Austin and Caroline M. Routh, of Natchez. 

Children: — Born in Natchez, Miss. 
By first marriage. 

—213 Sidney Vanuxem,' b. Aug. 8, 1845; res. Natchez. 

-214 Mary Louisa," b. Apr. 25, 1847; d. Oct. 7, 1863. 
By second marriage. 

+215 Joseph Buck,' b. 1853; d. 1888. 

139. Charles Preston Str.\tton ^ (Nathan L.,^ John,* Ben- 
jamin,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^) was born June 18, 1828. He 
graduated at Princeton, admitted to the Bar in 1852, and opened 
a law office in Camden, where he became one of New Jersey's 
most prominent lawyers, acquiring a lucrative practice. In 1872 
he was elected Judge of Camden County for a term of five years. 
As a member of the City Counsel he was instrumental in securing 
several important municipal reforms. He took a warm interest 
in politics, voted the Republican ticket, was Director of Camden 
& Philadelphia Ferry Co., the Bridgeton National Bank, West 
Jersey Railroad Co., and several other corporations. Dec. 18, 
1856, he married Clara Cooper, daughter of Benjamin and Abi- 
gail (Pride) Cooper. He died July 30, 1884. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 247 

Children: — Born in Camden, N. J. 

—216 Clara Cooper,' m. Thomas L. Perot, of Phila., Jan. 18, 

+217 Charles Preston, Jr." 
—218 Anna Ruth,' m. L. Hoffman Livingston of Camden, 

July 26, 1910. 
—219 Richard Cooper," m. Marion Eleanor Macgill, Aug. 19, 

1912; res. Redwood, Cal. 

145, Nathan Leake Stratton ^ (Levi,^ John,'*' Benjamin,^ 
Benjamin,- Richard'^) was born in Bridgeton, N. J., Nov. 11, 
1828. His father dying when he was but ten years old, and his 
mother soon after, Nathan was brought up in the hospitable 
home of his uncle. Dr. John Leake Stratton, at Mount Holly (see 
picture, opposite p. 114, Vol. I). Ambitious, enterprising and reso- 
lute, he left New Jersey while a young man to make a place for 
himself in the West, settling in the western part of Texas in 1853 
— at a period when it took courage and determination to build a 
home in that wild, unsettled country. Here he became an active 
business man, closely identified with the history of that section of 
the state in which he lived. He was a member of Capt. Black's 
company of minute men, was a Government contractor for many 
years, and in 1870 was sent to the city of Mexico to establish 
a precedent in the execution of criminals between the United 
States and the Republic of Mexico, under the extradition treaty 
then existing between the two countries. 

Jan. 27, 1863, Mr. Stratton married Melverda Gillian Mac- 
Kinney. In faith a Presbyterian, but living where there was no 
church of his denomination, Mr. Stratton went with his family 
to the Episcopal church to worship, and his children naturally 
became Episcopalians. A Republican in politics, his sons have 
all adhered to his political faith. In 1901 the family moved 
from Texas to Safford, Arizona, where they now reside. 

Children: — Born in San Antonio, Texas. 

+220 Lee Nathan.^ 

-221 Lulu May,^ m. Jule Maurel ; d. Nov. 3, 1907. 

—222 Nora Jane,^ m. William Henry Clark. 
Born in JJvaldo, Texas. 

—223 Charles,^ d. in infancy. 

+224 John Newton.'^ 

—225 Joseph Buck,'^ an electrical engineer at Stafford; m. 
Feb. 15, 1908, Margaret Elizabeth Webber, daughter 

248 A Book of Strattons 

of JoJin and Katherine [Horigan) Webber; one child, 
JNIargaret M.^ 

149. William Stratton " {William,^ Will{a7n,* William,^ 
Benjamin,- Richard^) was born in Deerfield, N. J., Feb. 2, 1805. 
He lived in Philadelphia where he was engaged in the shoe trade. 
He married Mary Nutt Ashman in 1829. She was born in 
Philadelphia in Oct., 1808, and died in Camden, Dec. 23, 1878. 
Mr. Stratton died Aug. 1, 1861. 
Children: — Born in Philadelphia. 
-226 Elizabeth,' b. 1831 ; d. unra. 

—227 Edward," b. 1833 ; m. Margaret White, 1855. He was 
Presbyterian minister, at one time pastor in Middle- 
town, Conn. Did he leave children? 
-228 Rebecca,' b. 1836; m. Rev. Charles Holloway; resided 

in Philadelphia. 
+229 James Patterson," b. 1839. 
—230 Mary," m. Joseph Sherman. 
—231 William,^ b. 1844; missing after the battle of Chancel- 

lorsville, Va. 
—232 Henry," b. 1848; d. 1855 at Greenport, L. I. 

152. Stephen Stratton ^ {Jonathan,^ Benjamin,^ Jonathan,^ 
Benjamin,- Richard ^ ) married Elizabeth Ford of Albany, N. Y., 
and lived in Saratoga Co., where he died Oct. 13, 1833. His 
widow married a Mr. Beckman before 1835. 


—230 Charles," m. and moved west — probably to Minnesota. 

—233 Louisa.' 

—234 Franklin." 

— 235 Anna," m. Edward Hanna. 

Further data is desired of this family. 

154. Charles Bingley Stratton '^ [Benjamin,^ Benjamin,'^ 
Jonathan," Benjamin,- Richard^) married Eliza Briggs, in 
Schaghticoke, N. Y. 


+236 Amos Briggs.'^ 

—237 Caroline Elizabeth," m. Julius Butts, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

—238 Emma Augusta,^ m. Thomas Christie, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

—239 Stella Ambrosia," d. unm. 

See paqrs ;US. Kilt, •24.1, 4'J2, 278, 22!). No. (i is Strattuii .Mountain, 
Vt. Hee page 9, Vol. I. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 249 

—240 Charles Edgar," d. in Andersonville prison, 1865, aged 

19 years. 
—241 Anna Briggs," m. George Dolen, New York City. 

162. Henry Dayton Stratton " [Jonathan/' Benjamin,* 
Jonathan,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^) was born at Easthampton, L. 
I., in 1803. He was one of the substantial citizens of his native 
town, was elected to various town offices, and was a Trustee of 
the town for many years. He married Helen Miller, daughter 
of Jeremiah Miller of Easthampton. She died in 1900, aged 90 
years. Mr. Stratton died in 1890. 

Children: — Born in Easthampton. 
+242 Samuel Dayton,' b. 1832. 

—243 Katherine,' b. 1837; m. Wesley Grindle, in 1856. 
-244 Theodore Miller,' b. 1842; m. Dora L. Bahr, no chil- 

163. George Newton Stratton ^ (Jonathan,^ Benjamin,* 
Jonathan,^ Benjamin,' Eiehard'^) married first, June 15, 1837, 
Mary Hand, daughter of Midford Hand. She died in 1840. 
Married second, Oct. 5, 1847, Nancy Edwards. He was Post- 
master at Easthampton in 1851. He then lived on a farm at 
Amagansett, L. I. In July, 1853, he moved to DeKalb Co., 
Illinois, where he died Jan. 2, 1888, aged 77 years. He and his 
family were Presbyterians. 

Children: — Born in Amagansett, L. I. 

By first marriage. 
+245 Jonathan Mulford,^ b. Apr. 4, 1839. 
Born in Victor, DeKalb Co., III. 

By second marriage. 
+246 Samuel Edwards." 

169. Harrison Stratton " iJohn,'^ James,^ Richard,* Rich- 
ard,^ Richard,^ Richard^), born Sept. 11, 1805, married, Dec. 
31, 1832, Hannah Talbot. She was a daughter of Enoch and 
Hannah Talbot and was born in Sharon in 1810 and died in 
Boston Oct. 2?, 1878. Mr. Stratton died in 1880. 

Children: — Born in Foxboro, Mass. 

-247 Eliza J.,« b. Jan. 29, 1834; m., Nov. 23, 1864, Samuel 
W. Whittmore, son of Joshua and Eunice Whittmore. 
Born in Sharon, Mass. 

-248 William H.,^^ born Feb. 1, 1870; m., July 3, 1861, Cor- 

250 A Book of Steattons 

delia F. Forest, daughter of Martin Forest, res. Fox- 
boro. They have one child, Emma F.,'' m. John F. 

177. Henry Edward Stratton '^ (Welcome,^ James,^ Rich- 
ard,^ Richard,^ Richard,'- Richard^), born in Foxboro, June 8, 
1825; married first Eliza Leonard, daughter of Ellis and Luce 
Leonard, Jan. 17, 1847, who died Nov. 5, 1851; married second 

Amanda M. . She died Feb. 28, 1908. Mr. Stratton died 

July 19, 1894, in Mansfield. 
Children: — Born in Mansfield, Alass. 
—249 Martha Maria,^ b. 1848; m. Thomas W. D. Deane, 

son of Elijah Deane, Jan. 14, 1871. 
-250 Alice E.,« b. 1851 ; d. May 14, 1868. 
—250a Edward C.,* b. 1855; m., Sept. 26, 1885, Lucy P. Pete- 
quin, daughter of Ephrain and Mary Ann Petequin, 
who died May 20, 1894; one child, Hattie Winnifred.^ 

182. Schuyler Str.\tton ' {Chandler,'^ Robert,^ Richard,^ 
Richard,^ Richard,- Richard'^) was born June 13, 1837. He 
died Feb. 17, 1903, at Cloverdale, Cal. He was a butcher in 
Foxboro and later an engineer. He was four times married: 
first. May 1, 1859, to Nancy M. Monroe, born Sept. 24, 1835, 
at Plainfield, Conn.; second, June 18, 1872, at Aurora, Ind., to 
Elizabeth lone Shockley, of Milan, Ind.; third, Apr. 15, 1879, 
at St. Louis., Mo., to Annie F. Strome, daughter of Jacob and 
Theresa (Rapeseloer) Strome, of Cincinnati; fourth, Dec. 2, 1891, 
at Santa Rosa, Cal., to Jemima Ferguson, daughter of Henry 
and Janet (Sudden) Ferguson. She was born at San Francisco, 
Sept. 30, 1874. After Mr. Stratton's death she married Peter 
Johnson at Cloverdale, Cal. 

Children: — Born in Centerville, Conn. 

By first marriage. 
—251 William Munroe,"* m. Jan. 25, 1891, Emma C. Leonard, 
daughter of Addison C. and Sarah [Webster) Leon- 
ard; farmer and live stock dealer; res. Burlington, 
Born in Cleremont, Iowa. 
+252 Edward Earnest.^ 

Born in South Foxboro, Mass. 
By second marriage. 
—253 George Louis,^ an engineer; m. June 1, 1898, Amanda 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 251 

Rons, daughter of Hans and Charlotte {Varmeyer) 
Rons, res. St. Louis, Mo. 
Born in St. Louis. 
-254 Emily Shockley,^ m., June 20, 1900, Charles Jay Frank- 
lin, son of Jeremy and Sophia Jane (Trembly) 
Born in Oak Grove, Mo. 
By third marriage. 
—255 William Joseph,^ a carpenter; unm., res. San Fran- 
Born in Troy, Mo. 
—256 Charles Jacob,* d. in San Francisco, Aug. 7, 1891, aged 

9 years. 
—257 Roy Lessley,* bookkeeper, res. San Francisco. 
Born in San Francisco. 
By fourth marriage. 
—258 Schuyler,- res. Cloverdale, Cal. 

202. James Stratton ^ (James,^ Daniel P.,^ Levi,'^ Benja- 
min,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^) was born in Washington, D. C, 
Jan. 16, 1849; married in Jackson, La., Apr. 16, 1874, Ida Mc- 
Clelland, daughter of George and Virginia (Flournoy) McClel- 
land. Mr. McClelland was a lawyer of Jackson, but a native 
of New York. Mr. Stratton died in New Orleans, May 30, 1905, 
and is buried in Jackson. 

Children: — Born in Jackson, La. 

-259 Ida McClelland.* 

-260 William McClelland.* 

—261 Jennie,* m. Joe A. Wax ; res. Brockton, Miss. 

-262 Mary,* m. Charles Canfield. 

-263 Lillian.* 

—264 Eugene James.* 

-265 Hazel,* b. Jackson, Oct. 25, 1890, aged 3 years. 

204. Morris Hancock Stratton " {Daniel,'^ Daniel P.,^ 
Levi,'^ Benjamin,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^) graduated from Prince- 
ton University in 1858, studied law in Troy, N. Y., was admitted 
to the New Jersey Bar in 1877 and became a prominent attorney 
and business man at Salem, where he spent the remainder of his 
life. He served in the Civil War, being Captain of the Second 
New Jersey Cavalry. He died Jan. 12, 1914, leaving an honor- 
able name and a good record. He was a strong man intellectu- 

252 A Book of Strattons 

ally, of wide learning, and long filled a prominent place in his 
community. A democrat in politics, he always took an interest 
in political affairs. He was a devoted Presbyterian, for many 
years a ruling elder and superintendent of the Sunday school, 
and several times was honored by being sent as a delegate to 
the General Assembly. He was a Trustee of Princeton TheO' 
logical Seminary, secretary of the Salem County Bible Society, 
and for twenty years had charge of the Salem Public Library. 
In June, 1876, he married Ellen C. Smith, daughter of Horace 
Synith of Salem. She died July 14, 1877. 

Child: — Borji in Salem, N. J. 

—266 Morris Hancock, Jr.,« m. Jan. 19, 1905, Elsie Harris, 
daughter of John and Melissa Harris of Salem. 

205. Daniel Powell Stratton " {Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Levi* 
Benjamin,^ Benjamin,- Richard^) was born in Salem, N. J., 
Sept. 19, 1839. He studied law in Albany, N. Y. He was ad- 
mitted to the Bar and opened an office at Salem. Nov. 28, 1866, 
he married Arabella Barnes, daughter of Joseph and Phoebe Ann 
(High) Barnes. She was born in Woodstown, N. J., Feb. 12, 
1846. In the fall of 1867 they removed to Stockton, Mo., where 
Judge Stratton became one of the most prominent lawyers in 
Southwestern Missouri, and widely known throughout the entire 
state. In 1882 they moved to Nevada, Mo., where in 1886 he 
was elected Circuit Judge by the Democratic party, re-elected in 
1892, and served twelve years on the bench. 

"As a Judge he was fair, conscientious and able. He possessed 
a rare knowledge of law, both in theory and practice, was a close 
student and one of the best informed men in his section of the 
state." He died in Eldorado Springs, Mo., Jan., 1901. ]\Irs. 
Stratton died Sept. 2, 1905, at Neosho, Mo.* 

Children: — Born in Salem, N. J. 

—267 Eleanor Hancock,^ m. Cassius M. Shartel, Oct. 3, 1889; 
res. Neosho, Nev. 

* A will of Levi Stratton," dated Feb. 14, 1792 (the day before his 
death), has recently been found among unrecorded and unindexed papers 
of Cumberland County. It shows that he was married the second time. 
It names "My wife Elizabeth, my wife's daughter Jemima, my son 
Daniel Powell, and daughter Sarah." A belief has been current among 
some of his descendants that Abigail Powell was a widow when Levi 
Stratton* married her. This may be an error, arising from the fact that 
his second wife was a widow. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 253 

Born in Stockton, Mo. 
—268 Rebecca Barnes,^ m. James Frank Barr, June, 1898; 

res. Nevada, Mo. 
—269 Arabella,* b. 1875; d. in infancy. 
—270 Daniel S.,' graduated 1889, A.B., Westminster College, 

Fulton, Mo., L.L.B., University of Michigan; m., 

Dec. 18, 1907, Jessie Josephine Graves; res. Neosho, 

—271 Henrietta Gibbon,* graduated A.B. University of 

Michigan; A.M. University of Pennsylvania; Prof. 

of History in Western College, Oxford, Ohio, 1906- 

1907; m. William Alderman Jaquette, June 14, 

1907; res. Salem, N. J. 
—272 Joseph Barnes,* res. Seattle, Wash. 

215. Joseph Buck Stratton ^ (Joseph B.,^ Nathan L.,^ 
John,* Benjamin,^ Benjamin,^ Richard'^) was born in Natchez, 
Miss., Oct. 15, 1853. He married, Apr. 18, 1883, Ruth Audley 
Britten, daughter of Audley C. and Eliza (Macrery) Britton. 
He died Sept. 16, 1888. His widow married Wm. A. S. Wheeler, 
of New Orleans. 

Children: — Born in Natchez, Miss. 

—273 Eliza Macrery Britton,* m., Nov. 9, 1908, Alfred Vidal 
Davis, Jr. They have a daughter, Carolyn Strat- 

—274 Sidney Vanuxem, Jr.,* res. Natchez. 

—275 Carolyn Josephine.* 

217, Charles Preston Stratton ^ {Charles P.,^ Nathan L.,^ 
John,* Benjamin,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^) is an architect at Ches- 
ter, Pa., where he settled in 1890. He married, Nov. 20, 1889, 
Rose Eleanor McLaughlin, daughter of Edward Joseph and 
Rose Ellen (Grant) McLaughlin. 

Children: — Born in Chester, Pa. 

—276 Charles Francis.* 

-277 Richard.* 

220. Lee Nathan Stratton ' {Nathan L.,^ Levi,^ John,* Ben- 
jamin,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^}, educated in San Antonio, Texas, 
studied law, admitted to the Bar in 1894; elected County Attor- 
ney of Uvalde Co. in 1896; moved to Arizona and elected Dis- 
trict Attorney there in 1900 and again in 1906. Appointed by 
Gov. Richard E. Sloan a member of the Territorial Board of 

254 A Book of Strattons 

Equalization in 1909. A prominent member of Masonic Order. 
June 29, 1910, lie married Gillie Archer, daughter of Eugene and 
Elizabeth (Taylor) Archer. 

Cliild: — Born in Safford, Ariz. 

—278 Lee Nathan.^ 

124. John Newton Stratton ^ [Nathan L.,^ Levi,^ John,*' 
Benjamin,^ Benjamin,- Richard^) studied medicine at the South- 
western Medical College, Dallas, Texas, and is a practicing 
physician and surgeon at Safford, Arizona. April 25, 1908, he 
married Katherine Hunter, daughter of Thomas T. and Ollie 
{Gallaspy) Hunter. 

Children: — Born in Safford, Arizona. 

—279 Newton Hunter.^ 

—280 Robert Anderson.^ 

229. James Paterson Stratton ' (William,^ William,^ Wil- 
limn,^ William,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^) was born in Philadelphia, 
Apr. 24, 1839. He is a Presbyterian minister. In 1867 he mar- 
ried Catherine Landy. 

—281 William Henrv% b. in Philadelphia; grad. Cornell Uni- 
versity; a civil engineer; m. Catherine Hayne, Jan. 
22, 1892; res. Montclair, N. J. 
—282 Milton Greene, b. Maiden, N. J.; electrical engineer; 

m. Anna M. Walters, Nov. 30, 1898. 
—283 James Landy., d. in 1877, aged 4 years. 
—284 Henry Frost, b. in Crawfordsville, Ind.; mechanical 
engineer; grad. of Cornell; m. Marion Cromwell 
Prentiss, Jan. 20, 1905. 

236. Amos Briggs Stratton ' (Charles B.,^ Benjamin,^ Ben- 
jamin,-^ Jonathan,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^) was born in Schaghti- 
coke, N. Y. He married Rose Anna Thompson, Aug. 8, 1860. 
He was a flour merchant of the firm of Warren & Stratton in 
New York City, member of the Produce Exchange for 30 years. 
A lifelong member of the Madison Ave. Presbyterian Church, of 
which he was an elder and treasurer for many years. He died 
Sept. 30, 1902. 

Children: — Born in New York City. 

—285 Clara Eliza,'* m. 1st, Freeman Warren, 2nd, Donald 
McGregor, 3rd, Henry R. Burk; res. Laurence 
Park, Bronxville, N. Y. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 255 

—286 George.^ 

—287 Harry Lincoln,^ joined Seventh Regiment Home 
Guards, 1897, promoted to Lieutenant and then to 
Captain in the Eleventh Regiment. Resigned from 
service June, 1913; m. Mary Harral Rovi'land, Aug. 
22, 1910; res. Bronxville, N. Y. 

242. Samuel Dayton Stratton ^ {Henry D.,^ Jonathan,^ 
Benjamin* Jonathan,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^}, born in 1832. He 
married Lucia Miller of East Hampton, L. I.; moved to Illinois. 


—288 George Miller,^ b. 1854; d. 1855. 

+289 George Dayton,^ b. 1857. 

—290 Henrj^ and Charles,® twins, d. in infancy. 

—291 Mary Lucia,® b. 1876; m. 1st William A. Hedges, m. 
2nd Nathan H. Dayton. 

245. Jonathan Mulford Stratton ^ {George N.,^ Jonathan,^ 
Benjamin,'^ Jonathan,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^) went to Illinois, 
July 2, 1853, with his parents. He became a farmer, residing at 
Ross Grove, 111. He married Christina J. Wesson. She died 
Dec. 1, 1878, aged 33 years and 9 months. Mr. Stratton died 
Aug. 26, 1882. 

Children: — Born in Illinois. 

-292 Blanch,® d. Feb. 1, 1888; aged 15 years. 

—292a Eva,® m. Griff eth. 

246. Samuel Edwards Stratton " {George N.,^ Jonathan,^ 
Benjamin,'^ Jonathan,^ Benjainin,- Richard'^) married Mary J. 
Challand, Dec. 19, 1877. They lived in Victor, 111., until the 
spring of 1891, then moved to Sandwich, 111., where he is a 
farmer. They are Presbyterians. 

Children: — Born in Victor, III. 

+293 George Henry.® 

—294 Lila J.,® m. Roy W. Cook, a lawyer, June 28, 1911; 

res. Aurora, II. 
—295 Mary Mabel,® a teacher in Sandwich, 111. 

252. Edward E.\rnest Stratton® {Schuyler,'^ Chandler,^ 
Robert,^ Richard,'^ Richard,^ Richard,- Richard'^) is a farmer in 
Burlington, Wis. He was born in Clearmont, Iowa, March 7, 
1864. He married, Nov. 30, 1890, at Waterford, Wis., Anna 

256 A Book of Strattons 

Bendickson, daughter of Halvor and Anna (Anderson) Ben- 

Children: — Born in Burlington, Wis. 

-296 Elhi B.« 

-297 Fern B.'' 

-298 Edward C.» 

-299 Florence M.^ 

289. George Dayton Stratton ^ {Samuel D./ Henry D.,^ 
Jonathan,^ Benjamin,^ Jonathan,^ Benjamin,- Richard'^), born 
in Illinois, Apr. 22, 1857. Married Mrs. Lizzie E. Glessner in 
1897. He is a carpenter and resides in Sandwich, 111. 

Children: — Born in Sandwich, III. 

—300 Henry Samuel.^ 

—301 Helen Lucia.^ 

293. George Henry Stratton ^ (Samuel E.,'' George N.,^ 
Jonathan,^ Benjamin,* Jonathan,^ Benjamin,- Richard ^) is a 
farmer at Victor, 111, He married Margaret McMaster, Nov. 
28, 1901. 

Children: — Born in Sandwich, III. 

—302 George Newton.» 
Born in Victor, III. 

-303 Gertrude Nancy.^ 

—304 Samuel Edwards.^ 

—305 James LeRoy.^ 

—306 William Raymond.^ 


[307.] David Stratton lived in Cumberland Co., N. J.* He 
married Sarah about 1772, and settled at Millville at an 

* A great deal of time and study has been given to research regarding 
this David Stratton. He has many descendants. His sons became men 
of prominence and influence, occupying positions of trust and importance, 
but concerning their father no written record has been found. In the 
possession of a descendant is an old family Bible giving his children's 
names, but his own name does not appear, nor that of his wife. 

Among his descendants it is very generally understood that their 
ancestor came to New Jersey from Easthampton. If he is descended ^ 
from Benjamin Stratton^ who settled in New Jersey in 1715 (p. 106), /t^ 
he must be of the fourth generation, and for convenience in tracing he is 
so considered in this volume, leaving it to future research to solve 
the problem of the missing links — a problem that has long baffled the 


Richard Stratton of Easthampton 257 

early date, probably about the time of his marriage.* He died 
in Millville. 

Children: — Born in Millville, N. J. 
+308 Preston,^ b. 1773; d. 1840. 

—309 Sarah,^ b. 1774; m. Enos Woodruff, who died July 4, 
1827, son of John Woodruff. She died Dec. 27, 
—310 Lydia,^ m. 1st Ephriam Gaston, Jan. 12, 1796, 2nd 
William Ostler. She died June 2, 1867, aged 91 
+311 Jeremiah,^ b. 1779; d. 1851. 
+312 Israel,^ b. 1783; d. 1860. 

308. Preston Stratton ^ (David *) was born Dec. 16, 1773. 
He was a prominent citizen of Millville for nearly fifty years, 
a member of the Presbyterian church, and a successful business 
man. June 2, 1798, he married Sarah Bateman. She was born 
July 16, 1778, and died in Millville, Oct. 22, 1842. He died Apr. 
19, 1840. 

compiler. That the connection will some time be found the writer doubts 
not, and only hopes that the facts given here may serve to help some one 
else to find what she has failed to discover. Some deed, will, grave- 
stone, church or court record must hold the data so much desired. It 
will be remembered that Isaac ^ and David ^ very likely left children, 
though no record of them has yet been found (p. 107, Vol. I). 

Unsuccessful search has been made for his burial place. Port Eliza- 
beth, six miles from Millville, was then a much more important place 
than Millville, and it is believed that he and his wife were buried there 
in the old grave yard containing many unmarked graves. Perhaps some 
Stratton who reads this may know of some facts which may throw light 
on the subject. 

* Some of her descendants believe that her name was Sarah Preston. 
Roger Preston, b. 1614, came to America with wife Martha in the 
Elizabeth and Ann in 1635. He was of Ipswich and Salem, Mass. He 
had seven children — Thomas, Samuel, John, Jacob, Levi b. 1662, Eliza- 
beth and Mary. Levi (and perhaps others) settled in Cumberland Co., 
N. J. His children were Levi, Jr., b. 1697, Martha, John b. 1701, Mary, 
Abigail (m. Benjamin Stratton^), Isaac b. 1707, and Freelove. It is 
quite likely that somewhere in this family may be found a Sarah of 
suitable age for the wife of David Stratton, and perhaps some Preston 
will, or administration, may furnish the clew needed. 

t She was named for her mother, and she named her son for her father, 
David Stratton. He was born in 1805, and the name David Stratton 
Woodruff has come down through four generations and been repeated 
in several branches of her descendants. 

258 A Book of Strattoxs 

Children: — Born in Millville, N. J. 

-313 David,« b. Apr. 6, 1799; died aged 1 year. 

+314 Jeremiah,^ b. 1801. 

+315 Jolin,« b. 1803. 

—316 Levi Preston,« b. June 9, 1804; d. Sept. 10, 1820. 

-317 Rachel,*^ b. Apr. 4, 1806; d. 1819. 

—318 Lorenzo Dow,« b. Feb. 24, 1808; d., unm., July 16, 1835. 

-319 Sarah,« b. Oct. 7, 1811; d. 1820. 

+320 Israel,^ b. Jan. 1, 1815. 

+321 Isaac Watts,« b. 1816; d. 1865. 

+322 Enos Woodruff,^ b. 1818; d. 1902. 

-323 Mary," b. Aug. 19, 1819; m. Avery Messick, Jan. 6, 

There were other children who died in infancy. These dates 
are from the Bible of Preston Stratton. 

311. Jeremiah Stratton^ {David^} was born Sept. 1, 1779 
(see his picture). He married, first, Zerviah Bateman, Nov. 8, 
1800. She died Apr. 24, 1836, aged 62 years and 7 days, and he 
married, second, Mrs. Margaret Busby, who died in 1865, aged 
65 years. He lived all his life in his native town, where he was 
a highly esteemed citizen, and for upwards of forty years was 
in public life, filling various offices of trust and honor. He was 
a Justice of the Peace for many years. Judge of the County 
Court, and several times a member of the state legislature. As 
a testimonial of the esteem in which he was held, all the places 
of business in the town were closed on the day of his funeral. 
Quoting from a newspaper clipping dated May, 1851: "Judge 
Stratton was one of the oldest and most useful citizens of Mill- 
ville. But much as he will be missed by his fellow citizens, the 
church has sustained a loss which cannot soon be replaced. 
She mourns one of her ablest and most willing supporters. For 
forty five years he has held the office of ruling elder in the 
Presbyterian church with fidelity and acceptance." He died 
May 26, 1851, and is buried in Mt. Pleasant cemetery. 

Children: — Bom in Millville, N. J. 
By first marriage. 

-324 David,« b. Sept. 7, 1801; d. Oct. 11, 1823. 

+325 William," b. 1803; d. 1843. 

—320 Rachel,*' b. Oct. 20, 1804; d. June 12, 1881; unm. 

-327 Thomas B.,'' b. Oct. 11, 1806; studied medicine and 

RiCHAED Stratton OF Easthampton 259 

went west to practice his profession; died in Madi- 
son, III, in 1845; unm. 

-328 Hannah,« b. July 18, 1808; d. Sept. 14, 1826. 

+329 Preston,^ b. 1810; d. 1850. 

+330 Nathaniel,*' b. 1812; d. 1897. 

312. Israel Stratton ^ (David^) was born Oct. 9, 1783. He 
married Hannah Leper Mar. 23, 1807, and settled in Port Eliza- 
beth, N. J., where for fifty years he was a prominent citizen. 
He was a member of the State Assembly in 1825; State Legis- 
lature 1833 and 1837; Judge of Common Pleas Court for several 
years, and Trustee of the Peace for many years. He carried on a 
shoe-making business at Port Elizabeth. He was a soldier in the 
Mexican War. He died May 16, 1860. His wife, who was born 
Nov. 5, 1788, died Feb. 24, 1877, "a fine old lady," says a prom- 
inent citizen of Port Elizabeth who used to "eat many of her 
good cookies," when a boy. 

Children: — Born in Port Elizabeth, N. J. 

—331 George,*' m. and lived in Cape May Co., N. J. Infor- 
mation concerning him desired. 

-332 Eliza,^ b. May 17, 1812; unm. Nov. 8, 1875. 

—333 Sarah,^ m. Charles Townsend. 

—334 Bernard,^ d. Sept. 21, 1837, aged 23 years. 

In the Methodist Episcopal cemetery at Port Elizabeth are 
stones to the memory of Judge Stratton and his wife Hannah and 
their two children Eliza and Bernard. His will, made in 1858, 
mentions only his wife, his daughter Eliza and nephew 

314. Jeremiah Stratton'' (Preston,^ David*), born Apr. 
3, 1801, married Barbara Hampton Dec. 19, 1826. 


—335 Deborah,' m. Carlisle. 

—336 Sarah,^ m. Eldridge of Philadelphia. 

—337 Henry ,^ m. Sarah Fisher, of Philadelphia, and left chil- 
dren of whom information is desired. 

315. John Str.\tton ^ (Preston,^ David*) was bom June 19, 
1803, and spent his youth in Millville. After his marriage he 
lived for awhile in Gloucester Co., N. J., and then returned to his 
native town, where he died June 4, 1864. He married, first, 

2G0 A Book of Strattons 

Caroline Connor, May 31, 1831, and, second, Catherine Vail. 
Children: — Born in Millville, N. J. 
-338 Mary Ann," b. May 31, 1832; d. 1884; m. Joseph 

Born in Gloucester Co., N. J. 
+339 Jeremiah B.,' b. 1834. 
—340 Rachel," b. Apr. 2, 1836; m. Henry Westcott; res. 

Carlton, 111. 
-341 Frances E.," b. Aug. 12, 1838; Franklin F. Elmer; 

d. Oct. 3, 1889. 
Boi'n in Fairfield, N. J. 
—342 John," b. Apr. 4, 1841; m. in Bridgeton, N. J., Mary 

Welch, Jan. 23, 1864; d. in Camden, N. J., Jan. 27, 

1890; no children. 
Born in Millville. 
—343 Rebecca," b. July 24, 1843; m. Jacob Rocap, Aug., 

-344 Caroline,' b. June 12, 1847. 
-345 Catherine," b. Aug. 29, 1849. 
—346 Edith D.,' b. Aug. 31, 1850; m. John Stevens. 

320. Israel Stratton "^ {Preston,^ David ^), born Jan. 1, 
1815, married Elizabeth Speakman Ogden, Nov. 11, 1839, and 
lived in Philadelphia. 


—347 Josephine." m. George Adams of Philadelphia. 

—348 Elizabeth," m. Halleburton. 

321. Is.A.\c W.\TTS Stratton ^ {Preston,^ David *) was born 
Apr. 4, 1816, and died in "Washington, D. C, June 23, 1865. He 
married Hannah Carson in 1838. 

Children: — Born in Millville, N. J. 

—349 Catherine Amanda," b. 1839; d. 1865. 

—350 Elizabeth Ogden." b. 1841; m. John McKeage; res. 

—351 Anna Williams," b. 1843; ni. Samuel Thomas. 
—352 Mary Jane," b. 1845; m. John Van Fossen. 

Born in Philadelphia. 
—353 Charles Murphy, b. 1848; d. 1901; m. Elizabeth Lam- 
bert ; no children. 
—354 Isaac Watts, Jr., b. 1851 ; d. 1872, in Philadelphia ; unm. 
—355 Emma Virginia, b. 1854; d. 1903; m. John Dallas. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 261 

322. Enos Woodruff Stratton ^ {Preston,^ David *) was 
born May 17, 1818. He was twice married, first, to Frances 
Burnsides, May 5, 1835; second, to Mrs. Ellen (Kincard) 
Hann, Aug. 12, 1869. 

Children : 

By first marriage. 


Enos Woodruft',' m. 
By second marriage. 

Rachel Hill 









325. William Stratton ^ (Jeremiah,^ David *) was born in 
Millville Mar. 25, 1803, and died there June 4, 1853. He mar- 
ried Rachel L, Hover, who was born Oct. 4, 1798, and died May 
14, 1869. 
Children: — Born in Millville, N. J. 
—361 Caroline," b. Aug. 4, 1824; d. July 25, 1894; m. Aug. 

5, 1845, Isaac Brandiff, b. May 17, 1820. 
-362 Justina S.," b. Oct. 10, 1825; d. Dec. 9, 1850. 
-363 Zerva,^ b. Dec. 13, 1826; d. aged 10 yrs. 
—364 Hannah," b. Feb. 10, 1827; m. John Bate; lived and 

died in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
—365 Frances D.," b. July 19, 1829; d. aged 6 yrs. 
-366 Charles P.,^ b. Sept. 31, 1831; d. aged 4 yrs. 
—367 William,^ b. Mar. 14, 1834; m. Annie Gole of Ceder- 

ville, N. J.; lived in Boston. 
-368 Charles F.,^ b. Mar. 22, 1836; d. aged 2 yrs. 
—369 Joseph H.," b. July 26, 1838; d. in Boston and left 

children there. 
+370 Frederick A.,' b. Apr. 28, 1840. 

The will of William Stratton,^ made the April before his death, 
mentions his wife, his nephew Nathaniel, and his five children, 
the only ones living at that date. 

329. Preston Stratton ^ {Jeremiah,^ David ^) was born in 
Millville Aug. 30, 1810, and lived all his life in his native town, 
where he was a useful and esteemed citizen. He was a ruling 
elder in the Presbyterian church, as was his father before him. 
He married Hannah A. Wilson, Mar. 30, 1834. She was a 

262 A Book of Strattons 

daughter of Stacy Wilson, and was born Dec. 22, 1818; died 
Sept. 27, 1875. IMr. Stratton died Sept. 17, 1850. 
Children: — Born in Millville, N. J. 
—371 Amanda Fithian," b. Jan. 21, 1835; d. 1873; m. John 

Hood of Camden. 
+372 Jeremiah," b. 1836. 
+373 Benjamin F.,' b. 1838. 
-374 Sarah Wilson,' b. Feb. 7, 1840; m. Rosea Sithens (?) 

of Philadelphia; d. July 2, 1907. 
—375 Rebecca," d. in infancy. 
+376 Thomas B.,^ b. 1843. 
-377 Charles T.," b. Sept. 3, 1845; d. at Greenwich, N. J., in 

1894; m. Mary E. Tyler; had one daughter, Etta 

Tyler,^ who married Wm. Stewart, and died in 1904, 

aged 23 years. 
—378 Elizabeth Powell," b. July 4, 1847; m. Geo. H. Foster, 

Mar. 21, 1866. Their son, Walter, m. Eliza R. 

Stratton in 1899. 
—379 Margaret,' b. 1849; d. aged 1 year. 
+380 Preston,^ b. 1851. 

330. Nathaniel Stratton^ (Jeremiah,^ David*), born July 
9, 1812, married Mary B. Mulford, Apr. 6, 1838, and lived and 
died in Millville where he was a prominent merchant. Promi- 
nent in politics; a democrat; sheriff on the Temperance ticket. 
He served several terms in the legislature, and in 1859 was 
elected state senator. For a number of years was Judge in the 
court of Common Pleas. He died Dec. 25, 1897. 

Children: — Born in Millville, N. J. 

— 381 Zerviah Bateman," m. Dr. Charles E. Thomas of 
Woodbury, N. J. 

-382 Rachel Mulford," b. Mar. 5, 1841; d. May 11, 1875. 

—383 Louis Mulford," b. Feb. 15, 1842; d. aged 3 years. 

—384 Emma H.," d. in infancy. 

-385 Edward West," b. 1845; d. 1846. 

—386 David Bateman," b. 1847; d. 1849. 

—387 Rebecca Davidson," b. 1849; d. Oct. 28, 1860. 

-388 Anna Murdock," b. May 11, 1851; d. Feb. 21, 1852. 

—389 Nathaniel Frances," b. May 28, 1853; m. Anna Bellis 
of Philadelphia; no children; res. Millville. 

-390 Mtiry T.,^ b. May 7, 1855; d. June 21, 1856. 

—391 Furman Mulford," d. in infancy. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 263 

—392 Mary Grace,' b. Nov. 17, 1858. Living in the old home- 
stead at Millville. 
-393 Beulah,^ b. Oct. 21, 1860; d. Jan. 5, 1862. 
-394 William,' b. Feb. 9, 1862; d. in infancy. 

339. Jeremiah B. Stratton^ iJohn,^ Preston* David^) was 
born Apr. 27, 1834. Resides in Bridgeton, N. J. Married Theo- 
dosia Hogben. She was born May 21, 1835, and died Apr. 19, 


—395 George, m. Georgia Sherman; res. Sedalia, Mo. 

—396 Addie T., m. David Marts; res. Bridgeton, N. J. 

—397 Thomas D., m. Kelsie Moore; res. Trenton, N. J. 

—398 Jennie M., m. Roscoe Kennedy; res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

—399 Daisy C., m. George Golder; res. Bridgeton. N, J. 

370. Frederick A. Stratton ' {Williain,^ Jeremiah,^ David*) 
married Rhoda Ann Wills, and lived in New York City. 

-400 James Will,« b. Feb. 23, 1867; d. Dec. 11, 1890. 
-401 Mar>^ Bayless,^ b. Apr. 25, 1872; d. Mar. 3, 1890. 
-402 Frederick S.,« b. Aug., 1876. 
-403 John Bate,« b. Nov. 12, 1878. 
-404 Jessie B.,« b. Nov. 11, 1881. 

372. Jeremiah Stratton" {Preston,^ Jeremiah,^ David*), 
born Aug. 8, 1836, married Kate McComick Feb. 17, 1859. He 
died in Philadelphia Sept. 14, 1892. At the time of his death 
he was Assistant Superintendent of the Prudential Life Insur- 
ance Co. with office in Camden. He is buried in Mt. Pleasant 
cemetery, Millville. 

Children: — Born in Millville, N. J. 

-405 Thomas B.« 

—406 George B. McClellen,^ res. Philadelphia. 

—407 Lillian,^ m. Wallace Carson; res. Philadelphia. 

Born in Cape May. 
—408 Preston,^ res. Philadelphia; unm. 

373. Benjamin Franklin Stratton ^ {Preston,^ Jeremiah,'^ 
David *), born Feb. 3, 1838. Married Mary Ann Felton, daugh- 
ter of Leuris and Martha Felton, Jan. 20, 1860. 

264 A Book of Strattons 

" Children: 

—409 Lewis Felt on,* b. Dec. 27, 1860; d. aged 1 year. 
—410 Joseph Felton,* b. Oct. 15, 1862; d. Apr. 2, 1864. 
—411 William Hood,^ res. Philadelphia. 
—412 Mattie May,^ died in childhood. 
-413 Edwin Bell,^ b. Sept. 9, 1870; d. May 31, 1871. 
—414 Herbert,^ m. Lillian May O'Brian, Oct. 21, 1899. They 
have a daughter Ethel May.'-* 

376. Thomas Bateman Stratton ' {Preston,^ Jeremiah,^ 
David ^) resides in Trenton, N. J. He was born Aug. 23, 1843, 
and was but seven years old when his father died. At the age 
of sixteen he went to work in the store of his uncle, Judge 
Nathaniel Stratton. From 1875 to 1890 he was connected with 
an wholesale drygoods house in Philadelphia and since has been 
employed with a firm in Trenton. At the age of 35 he was 
elected ruling elder of the Presbyterian Church in Millville — the 
same church in which his father and his grandfather had served 
in the same office. Upon his removal to Trenton he was elected 
elder in the third Presbyterian Church there, and has continued 
in that office ever since. He was Commissioner to the General 
Assembly in 1885, and was again elected to represent his Pres- 
bytery- in General Assembly in 1910. He married Ann Eliza- 
beth Carson, Mar. 29, 1865, daughter of Thomas and Hannah 
Carson. -C-OrSON 

Children: — Bo}-7i in Alillville, N. J. 
-415 Nellie,8 d. Mar. 15, 1867, aged 7 mos. 
— 416 Justina ^ was a teacher in State Normal School; 
drowned while on a steamboat excursion on the 
Delaware, Aug. 28, 1901. 
—417 Hannah C.,^ Principal of one of the largest public 

schools of Trenton. 
—418 Martha Felton,^ m. John Y. Parke, 1901 ; d. Nov. 12, 

—419 Nathaniel,^ m. Feb. 16, 1909, Florence Fine, d. of 

Stacy and Mary Fine. 
—420 Paul,® grad. Princeton; pastor Day Spring Presby- 
terian Church, Yonkers, N. Y.; m. Jan. 7, 1909. 
Ethel Green Russell, d. of Geo. Isaac and Pauline 
E. (Underhill) Russell. 
—421 Edwin Carson,® m. Apr. 29, 1902, Clara Meyers, d. of 
Milton and Lena Meyers. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 265 

—422 Henry Mayers,^ m. June 4, 1908, Matilda Bronkhurst 
Fulkert, d. of Charles and Louisa Fulkert. 

—423 Benjamin Frank,* m. Oct. 5, 1910, Rose Coyle, d. of 
Wi7i. and Mary M. Coyle. They have a little daugh- 
ter, Jeane.° 

380. Preston Stratton ' {Preston,^ Jeremiah,^ David *) was 
born in Millville, N. J., Feb. 27, 1851. He liyed for awhile in 
Philadelphia. Since 1878 has lived in Bridge"p^|'T^. J., where 
he is a substantial business man — a member of the Presbyterian 
Church. He married Fannie Fern Wells in 1873. 

Children: — Born in Philadelphia, Pa. 

+424 Joseph McKnight.* 

—425 Leta Minnie,^ m. Ross Dale Gilmore of Ridley Park, 
Pa.; d. June 13, 1908, at the home of his father in 

-426 Rebecca May.* 

411. William Hood Stratton * (Benjamin F./ Preston,^ 
Jeremiah,'^ David ^) married Mary Peters of Philadelphia. 
Children : 

-427 William Harold.^ 
—428 Norman Peters.® 
—429 Ronald Rice.® 
-430 Paul.® 

424. Joseph McKnight Stratton * (Preston/ Preston,^ 
Jeremiah,^ David *) is an active, successful young business man 
of Bridgeport, N. J., where he is engaged in the grocery business. 
He was born in Philadelphia, June 17, 1874. He married 
Harriet Jepson. 

Children: — Born in Bridgeton, N. J. 

—431 Fannie.® 

-432 Preston.® 


[433.] Jonathan Stratton, with wife Elizabeth, was living 
in Philadelphia in 1780, where they were members of the Second 
Presbyterian Church. He died five years later. The record of 
his burial (Nov. 21, 1785) on the church books says that he was 
31 years old. (He may have been in his 31st year.) The bap- 

266 A Book of Strattons 

tisms of his children are also recorded on the books of the second 

Children: — Born in Philadelphia. 

+434 Benjamin, « bapt. 1781. 

-435 An infant child buried May 14, 1782. 

-436 Mary,^ bapt. Aug. 20, 1785; m. Uriah Gilman, Mar. 
24, 1812. 

434. Benjamin Stratton ^ {Jonathan ^) was born Feb. 25, 
1780, and baptised Mar. 12, 1781, by Rev. J. Sproat, in the Third 
Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. This apparently is the 
Benjamin Stratton whose name first appears in the Philadelphia 
City Directory in 1804 as a block and pump-maker. He mar- 
ried, first, Elizabeth Parker, Oct. 10, 1801. She was a daughter 
of Elisha and Mary Parker of Philadelphia. f She died about 
1812, and he married, second, Grizelda Hazlet, May 10, 1816.$ 
They were married by Rev. Ezra Stileseby, of the third church. 
She died Apr. 24, 1863, aged 73 years, as shown by her grave- 
stone at Laurel Hill. His will was made Dec. 28, 1818, and 
probated Jan. 25, 1819. 

Children: — Born in Philadelphia. 
By first marriage. § 

+437 Henry,- b. Dec. 24, 1802; bapt. Aug. 16, 1807. 

-438 Jonathan,^ b. Sept. 25, 1804; bapt. Aug. 16, 1807. 

* Lons and faithful research has failed to positively establish the parent- 
age of this Jonathan Stratton. 

It seems quite probable that he was Jonathan ° (64) who was born 
in Fairfield, N. J., about 1755 (see Vol I. p. 113). It is now known that 
Jonathan* (30) died in 1759 of that terrible epidemic (now believed to 
have been black measles) which carried away in one year so many 
people in that part of New Jersey, among whom were five members of 
the family of Benjamin Stratton^ (17). 

This would have left Jonathan" (64) an orphan at the age of about five 
years, as his mother died in 1756. Assuming this to be the parentage 
of this Jonathan Stratton of Philadelphia, the author designates him 
as of the fifth generation in this record of his descendants. 

t Elisha Parker died in Philadelphia in 1816, and his wife in 1818. They 
came to Philadelphia from Gloucester Co., N. J. 

JThis marriage is recorded as above on the books of the Third Church, 
Philadelphia. She had a sister, Margaret Hazlet, who married John 
Stevenson of Philadelphia, and whose descendants live in that city to-day. 

§ The births and baptisms of these four children are given above just 
as they appear on the books of the Third Church. In each case the 
record reads: "Son (or daughter) of Benjamin and Elizabeth Stratton." 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 267 

—439 Benjamin,' b. Aug. 26, 1806; bapt. Aug. 16, 1807.* 
-440 Elizabeth,' b. Aug. 10, 1811; bapt. Nov. 26, 1811. 

By second marriage. 
—441 James," b. Sept. 25, 1816. (This may be the James 

Stratton who married, in Philadelphia Sept. 20, 

1835, Harriet Schreinen. What became of him?) 
-442 Mary,' bapt. Oct. 31, 1818; m. Charles T. Wilson, 

Oct. 20, 1847; d. Feb. 1858; buried in Laurel Hill. 

She has descendants living in Philadelphia. 

abstract of will of benjamin stratton 

Will of Benjamin Stratton of Philadelphia, Block and Pump 
Maker. Sick and weak in body but of sound mind, memory and 
understanding. Payment of just debts and funeral charges. 

J\ly four children, Henry, Jonathan, Benjamin and Elizabeth, 
all under age, the sum of $50.00 each as they become of age, the 
boys at 21 years, the girls at 18. As they severally become 
entitled to the same, and before receiving it, they are to resign 
to my executor all claim they may be entitled to on account of 
the sum of $160.00 I received from the estate of their grandfather 
Elisha Parker. 

All the rest of the estate to wife Grizelda Stratton, her heirs, 
etc., the better to help her to educate the said Elizabeth and 

Now, on the same books are these records: 

"Mary, born Mar. 1, 1808; bapst. June 8, 1808; daughter of Benjamin 
and Elizabeth Stratton. 

"Benjamin Thackar5% b. Oct. IS, 1809; bapst. Jan. 31, 1810; son of 
Benjamin and Elizabeth Stratton. 

"Sarah, bapst. May 4, 1814 (no date of birth); daughter Benjamin and 
Elizabeth Stratton." 

The compiler is at a loss to know how to place these. Were there 
two Benjamin Strattons with wife Elizabeth in Philadelphia? Or were 
our Benjamin and Elizabeth the parents of seven children, three of 
whom died before the making of the will which names only four chil- 
dren of Benjamin and Elizabeth Stratton? It is left for some future 
student of this particular line of Strattons to solve the problem over 
which the compiler of this volume has spent many hours of study and 
research (see footnote, Vol. I, p. 110). 

*Is this the Benjamin Stratton who with wife Elizabeth is buried 
at Laurel Hill? The inscription on their gravestones reads as follows: 

"Benjamin Stratton, Died August 8, 1882, aged 77 yrs. Elizabeth 
Stratton, his wife, Died May 7, 1856, aged 52 yrs." 

268 A Book of Strattons 

our two children James and Mary during their minority. Wife 
sole executrix. 

29th of December, 1818. Benjamin Stratton (Seal). 

Witnesses; — T. Mitchell & Sophia Cerah. 

Probated January 25th, 1819. 

Philadelphia Wills Liber 6 folio 630. 

437. Henry Stratton^ (Benjamin,^ Jonathan^) lived in 
Philadelphia where he was born in 1802. He died while his chil- 
dren were still young. In 1823 he was living at No. 15 Relief 
Street as shown by the City Directory of that date. Soon after 
this he was engaged in the mercantile business with Mr. Wilson 
at Nos. 13 and 14 Water Street. Later he went to South America 
on a merchant ship and never returned. It is supposed he was 
killed in an earthciuake near Caracus.* 

Children: — Born in Philadelphia. 

—443 Ellen M.,« d. unm. Nov. 23, 1849, aged 27 years; buried 
in Laurel Hill Cemeter}^ 

-444 Margaret,^ b. Jan. 12, 1823; d. May 2, 1827. 

+445 Henry ,« b. 1826; d. 1875. 

—446 James,^ m. Annie ; d. abt. 1864, leaving two 

daughters in Philadelphia. He was a soldier in the 
Civil War. 

445. Henry Stratton ® {Henry,'' Benjamin,^ Jonathan ^) 
was born May 24, 1826. On the records of the communicants 
of St. Paul Church, Philadelphia, is a notice of his removal to 
Richmond, Va., Apr. 18, 1843. Although then but seventeen 
years of age, he at once became engaged in the book and sta- 
tionary business in Richmond. Later he removed to Petersburg, 
Va., where for many years he successfully engaged in the mer- 
cantile business, and where he owned considerable property, and 
where he was most highly esteemed and respected. June 6, 1853, 
he married Mary Lavinia Whyte, a daughter of Henry and 

*The record of his marriage has not yet been found. One family 
tradition has it that he married the widow of Dr. Napeer of Phila- 
delphia, that she died early and that the children, left orphans while 
quite young, were brought up by their grandmother, Grizelda (Hazlet) 
Stratton. Others believe that the name of the wife of Henry Stratton 
was Grizelda Hazlet, the same as that of his stepmother, and perhaps 
she was his stepmother's niece. Any one having exact knowledge of this 
generation of Strattons will confer a favor by writing the compiler. 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 269 

Eliza Ann (Tafts) Whyte* She was born in Petersburg June 
27, 1831. 

In 1859 Mr. Stratton, with a military company from Peters- 
burg, took part in the capture of John Brown at Harper's Ferry. 
When the Civil War broke out he espoused the cause of his 
adopted home, and joined the Confederate army, serving first 
under the command of Capt. C. F. Fisher, and then under Capt. 
Robt. D. McLlwaine in Petersburg Cavalry of Volunteers. 
Later as a staff officer under Major-General George Edward 
Pickett, of Gettysburg fame, and continued in service until the 
close of the war. He died Feb. 20, 1875, at his home in Peters- 

Children: — Born in Petersburg, Va. 

-447 Mary Hazlett.^ 

—448 Lavinia Wliyte,^ d. Oct. 11, 1864, aged 8 years. 

-449 Eliza Whyte.^ 

—450 Henry Pickett,^ d. Aug. 16, 1864, aged 5 years. 

—451 Thomas Beauregard,'' d. Nov. 15, 1864, aged 3 years. 

—452 Ellen Madeline,^ d. June 28, 1908. 

+453 Harry Pickett. « 

-454 Albert Sydney ,9 d. Apr. 18, 1867, aged 4 months. 

—455 Bessie Posey .^ 

—456 Francis Gerard,^ m. Lillian Prentis, Jan. 25, 1899, and 
resides in Petersburg. 


453. Henry Pickett Stratton ^ {Henry, ^ Henry,'' Benja- 
min,^ Jonathan ^) resides in Petersburg, Va., and is one of the 
live business men of that city. He is President of the Stratton & 
Bragg Co. and is connected with several other large and impor- 
tant industries. June 3, 1896, he married Ella Louise (Law- 
rence) Romaine, widow of Charles Nichols Romaine. 

Children: — Born in Petersburg. 

—457 Florence Traver. 

-458 Ella Louise. 

benjamin stratton of pittsgrove 

[459.] Benjamin Stratton lived in Pittsgrove township, 
near W^oodstown, N. J., where he was a farmer. He married 

* Henry Whyte was born in Dublin, Ireland. Dec. 24, 1798, and died 
in Petersburg, Va.. March 20, 1842. Eliza Ann Tafts was born in New 
York City Jan. 9, 1802, and died in Petersburg Feb. 26, 1880. 

270 A Book of Strattoxs 

Sarah Poulson. After his death his widow married Samuel Lay- 
man and died leaving two small children by her second marriage, 
a son and daughter.* 

Ciiildren: — Born near Woodstown, N. J. 

+460 AVilliam. 

— 461 Ann, m. James Hutchinson. 

460. William Stratton ^ [Benjamin ^) was only two years 
old when his father died. He was adopted by his uncle and 
aunt Jeremiah and Rachel Poulson, and brought up by them. 
He married Hannah Banks about 1829 and lived on a fami 
near Woodstown, N. J. He is remembered as a large, noble 
looking man of great strength and activity, commonly called the 
"giant constable," feared by criminals and loved by the honest. 
He was tax collector for several years. He was highly esteemed 
for his integrity and good judgment. He died June 24, 1868, 
aged 58 years, 3 months and 14 days. 

Children: — Born in Salem Co., N. J. 

—462 Jeremiah Poulson,' b. 1831; d. aged 8 years. 

+463 John B.,' b. 1833. 

-464 Elizabeth P.," b. 1835; m. Aaron Brandith; d. 1860. 

+465 Benjamin,' b. 1837. 

—466 Samuel," b. 1839; d. aged 25 years. 

—467 Levi L.,' b. 1841 ; m. Mary A. Anderson ; children 
John B.^ and Essie.^ 

+468 David B.,' b. 1843. 

+469 William B.,^ b. 1845. 

—470 Sarah," b. 1847; m. Elias Brown; d. aged 25 years. 

463, John Banks Stratton" [William,^ Benjamin^) was 
born Aug. 20, 1833, and died Feb. 4, 1876. He was a farmer of 

* There can be no doubt about this Benjamin Stratton being a descend- 
ant of Benjamin Stratton" who settled in New Jersey in 1715 (Vol I, 
p. 106). Whether of the fifth or si.xth generation has not yet been 
determined. Until research, which is yet being made, brings to light 
something more definite, he is here regarded as of the fifth generation. 
He has many descendants in New Jersey. May not some of them 
find the "connecting link" — in some old family record, on some grave- 
stone, in some will or administration? His son William inherited some 
property from the Poulson estate. Some clew might be found there. 

In the old Christ church cemetery, below Fairton, N. J., is a stone 
bearing this inscription: "In memory of Benjamin, son of Benjamin and 
Sarah Stratton, who departed this life Oct. 2, 1750, aged 17 years." Who 
was he? 

Richard Stratton of Easthampton 271 

Salem Co., N. J. He married Annie Moslander, Jan. 21, 1855. 
She was born in Cape May Co., Jan. 7, 1832. 
Children: — Born in Salem Co., N. J. 
—471 Hannah A.,« m. George D. Maul, Jan. 26, 1876; d. 

May 19, 1876. 
—472 Eva M.,« m. James H. Austin, Apr. 5, 1876; d. Apr. 1, 

—473 William M.,* m. Sallie L. J. Mills, Mar. 31, 1886. 
—474 Henrv^ M.« and Frank, d. July 28 and 29, 1864. 
+475 Gervas H.« 

465. Benjamin Stratton^ {William,^ Benjamin^) was born 
in Salem, N. J., in 1837, and has lived all his life in his native 
town where he is a manufacturer of cements, dealer in lime, sand, 
etc. He married first, in 1859, Margaret Fowler, daughter of 
Asa and Sarah {Robinso7i) Fowler; second, Mary Halter, 
daughter of John and Mary (Biddle) Halter; res. Salem, N. J.* 
Children: — Born in Salem, N. J. 

By first marriage. 
—476 Charles, d. Sept., 1884, aged 24 years. 
—477 Elizabeth, d. aged 2 years. 
—478 Harriet, d. aged 6 months. 

—479 Edward, Superintendent Mitchell & Van Meter's Foun- 
dries, Reading, Pa.; m. Louisa Whitney, daughter 
of Daniel and Elizabeth Whitney. 
—480 Henry W., m. Esther Livingston; res. Philadelphia, 

—481 Benjamin, m. Frances Miller; res. Salem, N. J. 
—482 Bessie Davis, m. William R. Brown, son of William 

and Hannah Brown. 
—483 John Preston, m. Jan. 16, 1908, Emma Hogan, daugh- 
ter of George and Mary A. Hogan. They have a 
little daughter, Hilda H.; res. Philadelphia, Pa. 
By second marriage. 
—484 Ruloff Van Cleve Lawrence, enlisted in the U. S. Navy 
at 18. Honorably discharged in 1906. Clerk in 
Dept. of Commerce and Labor at Washington. 
Grad. Nat. Univ. of Law, Wash.; m. Anderena 

* This Mr. Stratton was given, by his father, a pair of gold cuff links 
marked "B. S." and was told that they had been handed down through 
the Benjamins of the family for generations, and that he was to give 
them to his son Benjamin. 

272 A Book of Strattons 

Southland, Aug. 13, 1906, daughter of Charles C. 
and Laura E. (Pettit) Southland. 
—485 Earnest Kenneth. 

468. David B. Stratton ^ (William,^ Benjamin ^) was born 
in 1843; married Sarah Daniels. Died in 1878. 

Children: — Born in Salem, N. J. 

-486 Samuel R., m. Mary E. Belles, Oct. 1, 1901— a Baptist 
minister; res. Pleasantville, N. J. 

—487 Ida P., m. William Kragler, Jan. 1, 1895; d. in Cam- 
den, N. J., May 30, 1902. 

469. William Bro.\dway Stratton^ {William,^ Benjamin^) 
married Isabella G. Anderson; res. Glassboro, N. J.; wholesale 
milk dealer. 


—488 Edwin Grant,^ m. Mattie W. Rhodes; they have one 

child, Helen.9 
—489 William B., Jr.,® m. Carrie F. Young; one child, Harold 


475. Gervas H. Stratton ^ {John B.,'' William,^ Benjamin ^) 
married Pluma I. Burlew, Nov. 25, 1891, and lives in Vineland, 
N. J. 

Children: — Born in Salem. 

—490 Anne M.» 

-491 Gervas H., Jr.^ 

-492 Elsie P.^ 

—493 James Albert.^ 


(Chart D, Vol. I) 

"One generation shall praise thy works to another." Psalms cxlv, 3. 

FROM 1649 for more than an hundred years the name of John 
Stratton appears continually on church and town records at 
Easthampton, and many times it is impossible to tell to which 
John Stratton the record refers. The dates of baptism on the 
church records there are not always to be relied upon. They seem 
sometimes to have been made from memory at the end of the 
year, or later. In several places the baptism of the same child 
is recorded twice under different dates. On one page is the 
record "Baptised the 4 children of Jon. Stratton, John, Hem-y, 
Selvanus and Frederick," while on other pages these baptisms are 
recorded under different dates. 

Recently a most careful and thoughtful study has been made 
of all these records and the following conclusions are submitted: 

First, that John Stratton's son baptised July 8, 1760 (name 
not given in record of baptism, see p. 132, Vol. I), was Samuel, 
who was born in 1759, and who was drowned at Sag Harbor in 
1789, leaving three children, Mary, Samuel and Sidney. 

Second, that the history of Easthampton and other authori- 
ties (including Vol. I of A Book of Strattons) are in error 
concerning the two John Strattons, Nos. 21 and 26 of Chart D, 
Vol. I. The compiler now believes that it was John* {John,^ 
Stephen,^ John^) who died leaving five daughters, Ruth, Sarah, 
Mary, Hannah and Anna.* While it was John * {John,^ John,- 
John'^) whose sons John, Henry, Frederick, Selvanus and Samuel 
were baptised in Easthampton by Rev. Samuel Buell. 

Among other things which have led to this conclusion are 

* These names are said to have been taken from the will of a John 
Stratton which mentions "my daughters, Ruth Hedges, Sarah Jessup, Mary 
Conklin, Hannah Chatfield, Anna Hildreth." The compiler has never 
been able to find this will. 


274 A Book of Strattons 

John Stratton - [John'^) was a prominent man in the com- 
munity, and, as eldest son, inherited the greater part of his 
father's property, was highly esteemed, married the daughter of 
the pastor, Rev. Thomas James, and lived to the good old age 
of 90 years. His property was inherited by his only son, John,^ 
who died in Sept., 1721, at the age of 22 years, and whose son, 
John,* was born the following October, He (John *) inherited 
the property of his father and grandfather, married the daughter 
of the well-known Lion Gardiner and continued to live in East- 
hampton, where some of his descendants still reside. The estate 
was probably divided up among the sons of John.* John,^ the 
eldest son (perhaps receiving a double portion) , settled in Clinton 
Co., N. Y., while Samuel ° remained in Easthampton and his 
great-grandson is living there to-day. 

Now the Clinton County Strattons still have in their posses- 
sion a fine old copy of the Genevan Version of the Bible, printed 
in London in 1610, which has been passed down from father to 
son for many generations. It is well understood by them that 
it has passed down through a John Stratton in each generation. 
They have no knowledge or tradition of a Stephen in their 

* This Bible, a rare old book, is owned bj' Mr. A. T. Stratton,* now of 
Columbia, S. C, to whom it was given by his father, John T. Stratton,' 
who received it from his uncle, John Stratton," who died without issue. 
It was brought to Clinton Co., N. Y., by John Stratton = (No. 61). The 
only family record in it is the following, written in beautiful large script: 

John Stratton April 1. 
John Stratton, his heir 
April 1st Anno 
Dominie 1762. 

The book was rebound some time before 1790 — probably at East- 
hampton (?). The original fly leaves are pasted down to the covers — 
who can tell what invaluable records, now indecipherable, ma.v have been 
written on them? On the title page is the following: 

Imprinted at 

London b3' Robert Barker 

Printer to the King's most 

Excellent Majesty 


It is the "Black Letter Edition" of the version translated in 1560 by 
English refugees who were staying with Calvin in Geneva, and was the 
authorized version of the Bible in England from 1560 until superseded 
by the King James Version, the first edition of which was printed by 
Robert Barker in 1611. 

John Stfl\tton of Easthampton 275 

If, then, the reader of this will make the following corrections 
in his copy of Vol. I of A Book of Strattons he will have 
what the compiler is now convinced is the true record: 

On page 131 draw a pencil through the lines, "There are no 
records of children on the church books of Easthampton. A 
family record says that this John Stratton died leaving the 
following" and in place of the names "Ruth, Sarah, Mary, Han- 
nah and Anna" write John, Henry, Frederick, Selvanus and 

On page 132 draw a pencil through "but he seems to have 
been living in his native town as late as 1759, when he is men- 
tioned in his father's will." Also through "Baptised at East- 
hampton" and in place of the names "John, Henry, Frederick, 
Selvanus and a son," write Ruth, Sarah, Mary, Hannah and 
Anna. Make these same changes in names on Chart D. Then 
John ^ will be No. 54 instead of No. 61, and Samuel ^ will be 
No. 58 instead of No. 65.* 


54 (61 in Vol. I). John Stratton'^ {John* John,^ John,'' 
John \) was born in 1745. He married Esther Talmage, who was 
born May 5, 1745. She was daughter of Nathaniel and Mary 
[Fithian) Talmage of Easthampton. (See Easthampton rec- 
ords.) After their marriage they lived for some time at Smith- 
town, L. I., and may have lived for a while at Newburgh.f 
About 1790 they settled at Plattsburg, Clinton Co., N. Y., where 
he bought a tract of land, covered with virgin forest, on the 
shore of Lake Champlain. On the list of the first eighteen mem- 
bers of the First Presbyterian Church at Plattsburg, appears the 

* Easthampton records contain these entries: 

Mr. Jon Stratton died May 30, 1766. 

John Stratton 's wife died Jan. 1793. 

The compiler believes the first to be John* (John,^ John^) whose wife, 
Mary Gardiner Stratton, died in 1759, and the last to be the wife of 
John'' Uohn^ Stephen^), whose husband probably died later, leaving the 
will giving the names of his five daughters. 

A more complete research than the compiler has been able to make, 
of deeds and land transfers, might throw some further light on these 
John Strattons. 

t Closely connected with John Stratton at Smithtown and at Platts- 
burg was Judge Thomas Treadwell, of honored memory. They bought 
iid^ining farms on Lake Champlain, and the families were close friends. 

276 A Book of Strattons 

names of John and Esther Stratton.* Esther died Apr. 12, 1819. 
aged 74 years. Both are buried in the old burial ground in Beek- 
mantown (once a part of Plattsburg) on what was then the David 
Parsons farm, where tombstones stand to their memorv'. On 
John's stone is this inscription: ''In memor3^ of John Stratton, 
Esq., who died iVpril 26, 1821, aged 76 years. 

My flesh shall slumber in the ground, 
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound, 
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise. 
And in my Saviour's image rise." 

John's will, made in 1817, and Esther's, made the same year, 
are recorded in Plattsburg.j 

Children: — Probably born in Smithtown, L. I. 

—106 John,*' d. unm. Apr. 8, 1844, aged 69 years; made his 

will in 1841 ; tombstone at Beekmantown. 
+107 Henry ,6 b. 1776; d. 1864. 

—108 IVIary,*' m. Thomas Treadwell, Jr., before 1817. 
—109 Joel,« d. unm.i 
—110 Hannah,^ unm. in 1817; later married and moved west; 

d. before 1841. 

* The other names on the list are Ezekiel Hubbard, Abner Pomroy, 
William and Mrs. Badlam, Moses Corbin, Elizabeth Adams, Catherine 
Hagerman, Catherine Marsh, Lucretia Miller, Phebe Piatt, Marj' Adams, 
Stephen and Mrs. Mix, Martha Coe. William Piatt and John Culner. 
Another early settler in Plattsburg was Elias Woodruff. 

t One of the executors of these wills was Nathan Miller. Several Millers 
from Easthampton settled in Clinton Co. 

} Joel was killed by a falling tree; his tombstone is in the old burial 
ground on the farm formed}^ owned by the Hon. Thomas Treadwell. It 
bears this inscription: 

"In memory of Joel Stratton, son of John and Esther Stratton, who 
died Dec. 28, 1798, aged 19 years. 

The rising morning can't assure 
That we shall end the day, 
For death stands read}' eveiy hour 
To snatch our lives away." 

Many helpful notes on this family of Plattsburg Strattons have been 
furnished the compiler by Mr. James A. Stratton, bom in Canada of 
English and Scotch ancestiy, son of James and Jane (Orr) Stratton. 
He settled in Plattsburg in 1884, and is a well-known business man there, 
having been city chamberlain and loan commissioner, civil service com- 
missioner, Master Mason of Clinton Lodge, and for nine years member 
of Board of Health. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 277 

58 (65 in Vol. I). vSamuel Stratton^ (John* John,^ John,- 
John ^) was born in 1759, and at the age of 17 was on the muster 
roll of Col. Joshua Smith's Regt. in 1776. (Easthampton Rec- 
ords.) He owned a home and land in Easthampton and by trade 

was a tailor. He married Sarah about 1783. Feb. 20, 1784, 

"Samuel Stratton and Sallie his consort" were received into the 
church at Easthampton by Rev. Samuel Buell. On that stormy 
night of Oct. 5, 1789, returning from a day's work at his trade, 
crossing between Sag Harbor and Shelton Island, the boat cap- 
sized and Samuel was drowned. With him was Sidney Havens, 
who was also drowned. 

Children: — Born in Easthampton. 

—Ill Mar>%^ bapt. Jan. 18, 1784; m. Samuel Dayton. 

+112 Samuel,^ b. 1786. 

+113 Sidney,^ bapt. Jan. 30, 1790. The record says, "The 
widow Stratton's son." 

66. Samuel Stratton ^ (Samuel,* John,^ Stephen,^ John ^) 
has not been farther traced. Information concerning him is 
desired. The Samuel who died Sept. 3, 1784, was 13 years old 
(see Easthampton Records) and so may have been son of 
Mathew (29). 

68. John Stratton ^ (Mathew,* John,^ Stephen,- John ^) in- 
herited the home of his father in Easthampton. He married 
Abigail Davis Nov. 20, 1803. She died Apr. 16, 1840. This is 
probably the John Stratton who died Feb. 1, 1848, aged 84 
years. He was chosen "Fence viewer" by the town meeting 
April, 1814, and Assessor of Taxes in 1818. There may have 
been other children than those named here. 

Children: — Born in Easthampton. 

—114 Phoebe,^ b. Nov. 9, 1804; d. unm. 1879. 

-115 Mary,*' Oct. 2, 1814; m. George W. Huntting; d. 1875. 

73. Jonathan Stratton ^ (Joseph,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,'^ 
John ^) was born in Huntington, L. I., in 1748. He was a weaver 
by trade. He married Mary Godfrey at Westport, Conn., Aug. 
30, 1770. They were married by Rev. Hezekiah Ripley. They 
were admitted into West Farms Church, Fairfield, Feb. 24, 1771. 
She died Oct. 13, 1833; he died three years later, July 3, 1837.* 

* There is a tradition current among his descendants, as there is in 
several other branches of Strattons, that Staten Island once belonged to 
the Strattons. The writer has found nothing to account for this tradition. 

278 A Book of Strattons 

Child: — Born in Fairfield Township, Conn. 
+116 Jonathan,*^ 1775. 

74. Joseph Stratton ^ (John,^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John ^) 
was born July, 1751, in Fairfield, Conn. He was a Revolu- 
tionary soldier, a Corporal in the 7th Regt., enlisting at Fairfield 
with his father and his brother Stephen. He was at Fairfield 
when the town was burned by the British.* In 1773 he mar- 
ried Eunice Berry. About 1792 he settled in Roxbury, Dela- 
ware Co., N. Y., where he and his brother Samuel were among 
the very first settlers. Here he became a successful farmer. 
His farm was two miles below the present village of Roxbury. 
The beautiful ''Stratton Falls," on a small branch of the Dela- 
ware, are on this farm, which was then an unbroken wilderness, 
reached by these sturdy first settlers by cutting the brush and 
logs before them, and carrying their household goods on an ox 
sled. Near the falls is the old burial ground, known as the 
"Old School Baptist Church Cemeter>%" where many Strattons 
are buried. Joseph died in 1827, and Eunice, his widow, in 
1842, aged 88 years. Tombstones stand in their memory. 

Children: — Born in Fairfield, Conn. 

+117 David,'' b. 1779; d. 1850. 

+118 Eli,« b. 1780; d. 1869. 

+119 Walter,^ b. 1784; d. 1866. 

—120 Clarity ,« b. 1788; m. Squire. 

+121 Lewis,« b. 1791; d. 1849. 
Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

—122 Sarah,'' m. James Allaben. 

—123 Joseph," d. Mar. 25, 1812, aged 12 years. 

-124 Ezra AV.,« b. 1799; m. Mary ; bought land at Mon- 
mouth, N. J., in 1870; d. at Red Bank, N. J., Oct. 
24, 1876. His wife died earlier. Left no descend- 

* Connecticut colonial records show that John Stratton * and his sons, 
Joseph and Stephen, enlisted in the 7th Regiment July 19, 1775, at Fair- 
field, Conn. The regiment was ordered by Gen. Washington to Boston 
camps Sept. 11, 1775, and was there assigned to Gen. Sullivan's brigade 
at Winter Hill, on the left of the besieging line. It remained there 
until the city was evacuated by the British. The regiment then returned 
to Connecticut, where it sensed as minute men along the sound, and was 
called out on various alarms during the war. John Stratton * served nine 
years as a soldier and was discharged at Fishkill. N. Y., Oct. 5, 1786. He 
and his sons received "bounty land" in New York State. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 279 

75. Stephen Stratton ^ {John* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John ^) 
was born Jan. 23, 1754. Dec. 25, 1777, he married Sarah Dar- 
row of Fairfield, Conn. He was a Revolutionary soldier, enlist- 
ing in the 7th Regt. at Fairfield. On list of enlisted men he is 
called first Corporal, and then Sergeant, in Capt. Dimon's Com- 
pany. (See footnote under Joseph No. 74.) In 1814 he settled 
in Thompsonville, Sullivan Co., N. Y., where he was a pioneer 
farmer, clearing a farm from the forest of the new country to 
which he and his large family had come. He died Jan. 26, 
1842. His wife died one year earlier, Feb. 17, 1841. 

Children: — Born in Fairfield. 

—125 John,*5 J3_ 1778; d. in infancy. 

— 126 John,« b. Sept. 22, 1780. 

-127 William,^ b. Sept. 2, 1782. 

+128 Elphalet,^ b. 1784; d. 1858. 

-129 Stephen,^ b. Sept. 19, 1786. 

+130 Alby,« b. 1789; d. 1854. 

+131 Jonathan,^ b. 1791; d. 1863. 

-132 Uriah,« b. Aug. 26, 1793. 

-133 Sarah,« b. 1796; d. 1862; m. Starr. 

+134 Thomas,^ b. 1797; d. 1859. 

-135 Elizabeth,^ b. 1799; d. 1878; m. Bradley. 

-136 Laura,« b. 1802; d. 1883; m. 1st, Starr. 

Information concerning John, William, Stephen and Uriah is 
desired. Some of them may have remained in Connecticut and 
married there. 

76. Samuel Stratton ^ {John* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John ^) 
was born in Fairfield, Conn., in 1755, and was living there when 
he enlisted in 1776, under Capt. Ebenezer Hill, in Col. Jonathan 
Dimon's Regt. and marched to New York City. He remained 
with his company until after the British had taken New York, 
when he was discharged near Kingsbridge. In March, 1777, he 
enlisted to serve during the war in the same regiment under 
Capt. Elphalet Thorp. He was in the battles of Ridgefield, 
Fairfield and Norwalk, and was in service when Fairfield was 
burned. He was also a soldier in the war of 1812. March 30, 
1779, he married Grace Darrow, and about 1790 they settled 
in Roxbury, N. Y., where he bought land and cleared a farm and 
also engaged in the manufacture of woolen goods, and built a 

280 A Book of Strattoxs 

large mill just below Stratton Falls. He died Oct. 3, 1838.* In 
1832 he was granted a pension. 

Children: — Born in Fairfield, Conn. 

—137 Nabby "^ (or Abigail), m. Daniel Squires. 

+138 Jesse,« b. 1779; d. 1837. 

+139 Jonathan,^ b. 1781; d. 1851. 
Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

—140 Anna,« m. Enos Carroll, 1823; d. in Roxbury, 1893. 

—141 Mary,^ m. James Ballard. 

86. Hull Str.\tton ^ {Cornelius,'^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,- 

John^) married Lydia . The church record at West Farms 

says, "Hull Stratton and wife admitted to the church Mar. 16, 
1800." ''Lydia, wife of Hull Stratton admitted to full com- 
munion in church Mar. 7, 1810." Possibly Lydia was his second 

Children: — Baptism recorded in IT'esf Farms Church. 

-142 Gold,« bapt. ]\Lir. 16, 1800. 

-143 Philander ,-5 bapt. Feb. 14, 1801; d. same day. 

-144 Philander,^ bapt. Nov. 14. 1802; d. Feb. 11, 1804, aged 

11 mos. 
-145 Anna Comstock,^ bapt. Feb. 17, 1805. 
—146 Lucretia,*' bapt. May 24, 1807. 

87. Eliphalet Stratton ^ {Cornelius, ^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,- 
John ^) was baptised Apr. 18, 1779. Aug. 3, 1806, he married 
Sarah Mocrhouse, daughter of Solomon Moorhouse of West- 
port and Fairfield, a captain in the Revolution. 

Children: — Borii in Westport, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

+147 Ezra M.,« b. 1809; d. 1883. 

—148 Anson,^ d. at Green Farms, Conn. Records of him 

and his family are wanted. 
—149 Sarah Ann,*^ m. 1st, Brazela Banks of Bridgeport, 2nd, 


—150 Caroline.*' 
+151 Eliphalet.*' 

95. Abraham Stratton ^ {Abraham,'^ Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,'^ 
John'^) was born July 19, 1760. He married Mary Brown, 

* Stratton Falls are on Mill Creek, which runs into the East Branch of 
the Delaware near Roxbury. The Stratton burial ground is just below 
the falls. Roxbun,- is the native town of John Burroughs, and here at 
"Woodchuck Lodge" he still spends his summers. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 281 

Nov. 15, 1780. She was bora June 27, 1759, and died Jan. 23, 
1806. The year of their marriage they settled in Montgomery 
Co., N. Y., where he bought kind and was a farmer. Sept, 11, 
1797, he was drowned in Schorarie Creek. 
Children: — Bom in Glenn, Montgomery Co., N. Y. 
+152 Eliphalet,*^ b. 1781; d. 1842. 
+153 Abraham,^ b. 1784; d. 1845. 

-154 James B.,« b. June 15, 1786; d. Dec. 11, 1841; mar- 
ried and had a son, Nathan,' and probably other 
children of whom records are desired. 
—155 Fithian,«5 b. Feb. 2, 1789; d. aged about 1 year. 
—156 Samuel,*' b. Aug. 3, 1791; m. and lived in Albany. 
Had children among whom were William ' and 
Abram.^ Further information desired. 
+157 Oliver,*' b. 1794. 

—158 Silas Cooper,*' b. Apr. 14, 1798. Further records de- 

96. Eliphalet Stratton ^ {Abraham,'^ Eliphalet,^ Come- 
lius,- John^) has not yet been located. When Vol. I of A Book 
of Strattons was issued it was supposed that records of him had 
been found in New York state. Further research shows that 
these records are of Eliphalet," nephew of Eliphalet^ (No. 151), 
of this line. Data concerning Eliphalet ^ (96) are greatly desired. 

104. Platt Stratton ^ {Eliphalet,^ Samuel,^ Cornelius,^ 
John ^) was born at Huntington, L. I., May 9, 1787, and removed 
with his parents to Flushing, N. Y. (now College Point), while 
a boy. He early turned his attention to business, and later was 
of the firm of "Stratton and Winthrop," cotton and shipping 
merchants. They owned and operated the ships Selma and 
Tuscalusa, chiefly between New York and the ports of Mexico 
and London. He inherited from his father the Stratton home- 
stead (see picture in Vol. I) and the estate of 350 acres, which 
embraced nearly the entire water front of Flushing Bay, Queens 
Co. He married Elizabeth Hewlett Jones, Apr. 27, 1836. She 
was a daughter of William H. Jones of Woodburj^ Queens Co. 
She was born Aug. 12, 1813, and died Dec. 8, 1893. Mr. Stratton 
died Sept. 8, 1854. His four children inherited in equal portions 
his real and personal estate. 

Children: — Born in Flushing, N. Y. 

-159 Mary Victoria,^ b. Mar. 6, 1837; d. Mar. 11, 1890. 

282 A Book of Strattons 

4-160 William H.,^ 1838. 

-161 Elizabeth Jane,« b. Mar. 20, 1842; m. Captain John 

Graham, of College Point. 
+162 Eliphalct Platt,« b. 1844. 

107. Henry Stratton " {John,'' John* John,^ John,- John "■) 
was born in 1775, and came with his parents to Plattsburg, N. Y., 
when he was 14 years old. He was a successful farmer of Clin- 
ton Co. In politics a staunch Democrat, as were all his sons. 
He married Dorcas Hackett in 1808. Their home was in West 
Chazy, where the house built by them is still standing. Henry 
died Oct. 16, 1849, intestate. Dorcas died Sept. 21, 1869, aged 
78 years. 

Children: — Born in West Chazy, N. 7. 

-163 Mary,' b. Mar. 29, 1809; d., unm., in West Chazy, July 

3, 1881. 
—164 Joel," b. Apr. 4, 1812; d. aged 3 years. 
—165 Sidney," b. Aug. 23, 1813; d. aged 11 mos. 
-166 Eleanor,^ b. Aug. 8, 1815; m. Stephen T. Sweet; d. at 

Moores, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1882. 
—167 Edward," b. Aug. 18, 1817; m. Rosina Clark; d. West 

Chazy, Oct. 8, 1897; no issue. 
+168 Walter," b. 1819; d. 1864. 
+169 Jonas," b. 1821; d. 1901. 

-170 Henry," b. Sept. 8, 1823; d. Sept. 6, 1864; lived in Beck- 
mantown; m. Mary Mutter, Apr. 9, 1860. Had one 
child who died in infancy. 
+171 John Talmage," b. 1826; d. 1885. 
—172 Cyrcnius," b. Dec. 19, 1827; m. Eliza J. Ober, IMarch 

31, 1859; d. May 5, 1906; no issue. 
+173 Philander," b. 1830; d. 1898. 

-174 Caroline," b. Mar. 6, 1832; m. Elihu Hall; d. in Ellen- 
burg, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1892. 

112. Samuel Stratton^ {Sa77inel,^ John,* John,^ John,- 
John'') was born Oct. 4, 1786, and bapt. in November of the 
same year. He resided in Easthampton, where he married Mary 
Osborn, Aug. 15, 1807. She was born Oct. 18, 1786, daughter 
of Jonathan Osborn of Easthampton. Samuel died July 13, 1845. 
His wife died 18 years later— Nov. 17, 1863. 

Children: — Born in Easthampton. 

—175 Anna Case," b. Mar. 28, 1875; m. Wm. Parsons, Nov. 
9, 1849; d. Apr. 28, 1875. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 283 

-176 Selvanus,^ b. Mar. 27, 1810; d. Oct. 26, 1819. 

—177 Sidney Havens," b. Dec. 12, 1812; d., unm., at Mon- 

tauk, Apr. 19, 1878. 
—178 Sarah B.," b. June 12, 1816; m. Jeremiah J. Mulford, 

Mar. 11, 1841; d. June 13, 1886. 
—179 Esther Tahnage," b. Apr., 1819; m. Austin Goldsmith; 

d. June 21, 1878. 
—180 Mary Osborn,- b. Apr. 25, 1822; m. Edmond Conklin; 

d. Sept. 14, 1892. 
+181 Samuel Thomas,' b. 1824; d. 1894. 
-182 Caroline C," b. Feb. 19, 1827; m. George H. Miller, 

Oct. 22, 1851; d. Oct. 14, 1906. 

113. Sidney Stratton ^ [Samuel,^ John,'^ John,^ John,^ John ^) 
lived in Easthampton, in Salem, N. Y., in Wilton, Conn., and 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. He died in Brooklyn. He married, first, 

Edith Webb; second, Smith. 

Children: — By first marriage. 

—183 Sarah,' m. Gilson Willette; d. in Brooklyn. 
—184 Maria,^ b. Salem, N. Y., in 1822. At the age of seven, 
at the death of her mother, she went to live with her 
uncle, Samuel Dayton, of Easthampton. She mar- 
ried Charles Jackson Jennings, of Wilton, Conn.; 
died in Norwalk, Conn., Feb. 23, 1911. 
—185 Ruth,' m. John Davis; resided in Brooklyn. 
—186 Wallace,^ probably died in childhood. 

116. Jonathan Stratton ^ (Jonathan,^ Joseph,'*' Joseph,^ 
Cornelius,- John'^) was born Mar. 17, 1775. Of his father he 
learned the weavers trade. Apr. 16, 1803, he was married to 
Elizabeth Totten, at South Huntington, by Rev. Lyman Beecher. 
They were admitted into the church there Sept. 28, 1805. In 
1811 they removed to New York state. A record written by 
Jonathan*' reads: "July 28, 1811, we set out on our journey, 
and Aug. 6 we reached Union Center (now called Vestal), 
Broome Co., N. Y." In 1841 they moved from Vestal to Barton, 
Tioga Co., N. Y., where she died Jan. 28, 1848, and he, Mar. 11, 

Children: — Born on Long Island. 

+ 187 Cornelius,^ b. 1804; d. 1875. 

284 A Book of Strattons 

—188 Rachel/ b. [Mar. 4, 1806; m. Lewis Munday, Sept. 2, 

-189 Mary Godfrey/ b. Nov. 22, 1808; m. Jonah Kellum. 
—190 Jacob,' b. June 1, 1811; d. aged 1 year. 

Born in Union Center, N. Y. 
-191 Elizabeth," b. Apr. 19, 1813. 
+ 192 John,' b. 1816. 

-193 Martha,' b. Sept. 25, 1820; m. Wm. Dilts. 
+194 Richard," b. 1825; d. 1905. 

117. David Stratton '^ (Joseph,^ John,'^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,- 
John^) was born Apr. 20, 1779, at Fairfield, Conn., and came to 
Roxbury when about 14 years of age. He was in the war of 
1812, and was stationed for some time at Staten Island. He was 
a weaver by trade. He had an excellent and well-trained voice 
and in his home town was noted as a teacher of singing. He 
married Cleressa Patchen, who was born Dec. 8, 1786, and died 
Nov. 9, 1859. David died Oct. 22, 1850. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

—195 Harriet Hubbell,' m. 1st Roach, 2nd, Hiram Dar- 
ling; d. 1875 in Windham, N. Y. 

—196 Julia A.,' m. Warren Preston. 

-197 Charity Squire," b. 1817; d. at Harpersfield, N. Y., Feb. 
5, 1890; m. Samuel Adee Scutt, Oct. 25, 1814.t 

+198 John Hunt." 

-199 Eunice Middlebrook," b. 1820; d. July 11, 1899; m. Dr. 
Horace Scutt ; resided at Griffin Corners, N. Y. 

118. Eli Stratton « (Joseph,^ John,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- 
John'} was born Dec. 2, 1780. Married in Roxbury Oct. 17, 
1805, Joanna Dewey, who was born Apr. 23, 1788. In 1813 they 
removed to Richmond Dale, Ross Co., O., where he was a farmer 
for many years. He was a staunch Democrat, as were most of 
the Strattons of this branch. A man greatly respected and liked 

* In the old Bible given Rachel by her grandfather is this record: "Bap- 
tised in the first year of her age by Rev. Luther Gleason, pastor of the 
Presbyterian church at New Babylon, L. I." 

t He was son of Jonathan and Ann (Adee) Scutt, and grandson of 
Samuel Scutt who came to Dutchess Co. prior to the Revolution. He was 
of German descent, the name formerly spelled Schutt. Mr. Stratton 
Scutt of Ethelwin farm, Harpersfield, N. Y., is a son of Charity and 
Samuel A. Scutt. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 


by all who knew him. He died Dec. 10, 1860. His wife, Joanna, 
died twenty years earlier, Aug. 6, 1840. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

-200 Amanda,' b. July 8, 1807; m. Hiram Philley, Oct. 25, 
1823; lived in Fort Wayne, Ind. 

-201 Aurilla,^ b. Oct. 9, 1808; m. Thomas Griffith; d. Mar. 
15, 1823; lived in Fort Wayne, Ind. 

-202 Squire D.,' b. 1810 ;^'' m. Electa Miner, June 18, 1831; 
two children: Emily,'* Adelia.* 

+203 Lewis T.,^ b. 1811; d. 1851. 

—204 Sarah S.,^ d. in infancy. 

Born in Richmond Dale, Ohio. 

+205 Joseph,^ b. 1815; d. 1882. 

-206 Elenor T.,' b. Mar. 23, 1817; d. aged 3 years. 

—207 Jerial R.,' b. Dec. 30, 1818; lived at Carthage, near Cin- 
cinnati ; was in poor health and decided to move west, 
hoping to regain his health; started with his family 
to journey overland, died on the way. The family 
never returned. Information concerning them is de- 

+208 Morgan W.,^ b. 1821 ; d. 1859. 

+209 Heman Dewey ,^ b. 1822; d. 1901. 

+210 Adam King,^ b. 1824; d. 1903. 

-211 Milton M.,' b. Feb. 12, 1826; d., unm., Aug. 16, 1866. 

+212 Morrison W.,^ b. 1828; d. 1903. 

—213 Julia Black,^ b. July 2, 1829; m. Charles Rush, of 
Lexington, Ky.; d. in Lexington Mar., 1905. 
Jason," b. 1831; d. aged 2 years. 



Jason Gould,- b. 1833; d. 1903.t 

119. Walter Stratton ^ (Joseph,^ John,^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,^ 
John 1) was born in Fairfield, Conn., Dec. 4, 1784. Oct. 16, 1808, 
he married Esther Allaben, youngest daughter of Jonathan and 
Mercy (Bonton) Allaben. She was born in Freeport, L. I., Apr. 

* The Squire family of America originated from the Squire or Squier 
family of Peterboro, Eng. Sergeant Thomas Squire, b. 1643, was an 
early settler in Fairfield, Conn., where he died in 1690. The Squires of 
Roxbury came from Fairfield about the same date that the Strattons, 
Goulds, and Burroughs settled there. 

t The Goulds lived near the Strattons in Roxbury, and the families 
were intimate friends there, as their grand-parents had been in Con- 
necticut. Jay Gould's father always called his son "Jason." The beauti- 
ful new church and library was given to Roxbury by Miss Helen Gould. 

286 A Book of Strattons 

1, 1787. Mr. Stratton was one of the prosperous farmers of Rox- 
bury, highly esteemed by his fehow townsmen, member of the 
Presbyterian church, a staunch Democrat. He served in the 
war of 1812. His house, built of stone in 1827, is still standing. 
His wife, a devoted Christian, beloved by all who knew her, died 
Oct. 4, 1847. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury. 

—216 Malinda,' b. 1810; m. Cyrenus Pallam, 1830; d. in 

+217 Alanson W.,' b. 1811; d. 1902. 

—218 Lucinda,' b. 1814; d. 1864; m. Reuben Bassett, 1845. 

+219 David Williams," b. 1816; d. 1902. 

—220 Mary," b. 1818; d. 1884; m. Richard Osterhoudt. 

—221 Electa," b. 1822; m. Dyer Todd. 

—222 Adaline," b. 1824; m. Benjamin Scudder, 1873. 

+223 Jason W.," b. 1831; d. 1891. 

121. Lewis Stratton " (Joseph,^ John,'* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- 
John'^), born June 3, 1791; married Sarah Lee in 1816. He 
moved from Roxbury to Richmond Dale, Ohio, and from there 
to Waverly, O., where he died in 1849. 

Children: — Born in Richmond Dale, 0. 

+224 Calistus Lee," b. 1822; d. 1898. 

—225 Calista Ann," b. Mar. 20, 1820; d. 1886; m. Horace 

—226 Elizabeth Lorenza," b. Nov. 17, 1823; m. James C. 

—227 Lorenzo," b. Nov. 2, 1826; d. 1857, unm. 

128. Eliphalet Str.atton ^ {Stephen,^ John,'* Joseph,^ Cor- 
nelius,- John*) was born Sept. 5, 1784. He married in Con- 
necticut, Mar. 11, 1808, Rachel Lawson, who was born Jan. 20, 
1793, and died May 23, 1888. In 1813 they settled at Thompson- 
ville, Sullivan Co., N. Y., where they spent the remainder of their 
lives on a farm, building first a log house, and then a substantial 
farm house. He was in the war of 1812, and at various times 
was chosen to fill several different town offices. He died Nov. 
12, 1858. 

Children: — Born in Connecticut. 

+228 William B.,^ b. 1810; d. 1887. 

—229 Sarah Emiline," b. Sept. 12, 1812; m. Shelden Atwell, 
died in March, 1840. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 287 

Born in ThomsonvUle, N. Y. 

—230 Nancy Maria," b. Dec. 12, 1814; m. Henry Fairchild 
in 1844. 

+231 Levi L.,' b. 1816; d. 1859. 

—232 Eliza Ann/ b. Aug. 12, 1819; m. Richard Haight. 

—233 John Edgar," b. Aug. 12, 1821; m. Laura Warren. 
Killed in the battle of Gettysburg. 

—234 Abraham Nelson,^ b. Jan. 30, 1826. Went South while 
a young man and was last heard of in Virginia. In- 
formation concerning him is much desired. 

—235 Samuel Edward," b. Dec. 14, 1828; d. aged 2 years. 

—236 Marietta," b. Feb. 24, 1830; m. John Palmer. 

—237 Henrietta," b. Feb. 24, 1830 (twin) ; m. James Stilson. 

+238 Leonard B.," b. 1832. 

+239 Henry W.,^ b. 1836. 

—240 George Sheldon," b. Mar. 30, 1838; m. Maggie E. 
Quackenbush, 1870, had but one child, a daughter, 
Lena May,^ who died at the age of twenty. 

130. Alby Stratton ^ {Stephen,^ John* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- 
John^), born in Fairfield, Conn., Mar. 24, 1789. Came to New 
York state about 1814. He married and lived for awhile in 
Chenango Co, then moved to the western part of the state and 
joined the army (War of 1812) and was killed in battle near 
Buffalo. It is believed that one or more of his brothers was 
killed at the same time. 


+240^ Alby,^ b. May 25, 1811. 

131. Jonathan Stratton ^ {Stephen,^ John,* Joseph,^ Cor- 
nelius,- John^) was born Aug. 24, 1791. He went from Con- 
necticut to Steuben Co., N. Y., in 1811. In 1813 he enlisted in the 
war of 1812 and with his company was stationed on the Niagara 
frontier under Gen. Scott. In 1816 he went to Thompsonville, 
Sullivan Co., where his father then resided. Here he engaged 
in merchandising and in the manufacture of leather and lum- 
ber. He represented his county in the state Legislature several 
terms, and was colonel of the local regiment of the New York 
State Militia. July 8, 1829, Col. Stratton married Cornelia A. 
Thompson. She was daughter of Judge Wm. A. and Aiyiy 
iKnapp) Thompson* She was born Jan. 4, 1800, and died in 

* Judge Thompson was a prominent earl.y jurist in New York. In 
1795 he purchased large tracts of land in the western part of Ulster Co., 

288 A Book of Strattons 

Thompsonville, X. Y.. Jan. 10, 1887. Mr. Stratton died in 1863. 

Children: — Born in Thompsonville, N. Y. 

+241 James T.," b. 1830. 

—242 Adaline A.,' m. Noah M. Brown, resides in the old 
homestead in Thompsonville. 

—243 Catherine E./ d., unm., Jan., 1894. 

—244 Frances C," m. Robert Thompson; d. 1910, aged 64 

-245 William A.," b. Oct. 15, 1836; went to California while 
a young man; m. 1st, Hannah M. Styles, at Stock- 
ton, CaL, Oct. 27, 1860; m. 2nd, Elizabeth S. Wil- 
liams ; a nurseryman and florist, editor and writer on 
horticultural matters for more than fifty years; res. 
in Petaluma, Cal. 

134. Thomas Stratton ® (Stephen,^ John,* Joseph,^ Corne- 
lius,- John^) was born Nov. 8, 1798, and came to New York 
state with his parents about 1814. He married Clarrissa Smith, 
Mar. 23, 1820, and settled in Fallsburgh, Sullivan Co., which was 
then an almost unbroken wilderness, built a first log house and 
cleared up a large productive farm, which is still in possession of 
some of his descendants. He died Mar. 2, 1857. His widow died 
Nov. 29, 1887, aged 88 years. 

Children: — Bor7i in Fallsburgh, N. Y. 

—246 Eliza Jane," b. Aug. 20, 1821; m. Waher Denneston, 

Jan. 3, 1841. 
+247 William D.," b. 1823; d. 1888. 
—248 Mary Ann," b. 1825; m. Ira Wells, Aug. 6, 1851; d. in 

New Y^ork City, Feb. 10, 1876. 
-249 Sarah Frances," b. Oct. 2, 1827; m. Reuben R. Hall, 

Dec, 1848; d. in Santa Paula, Cal. 
-250 Walter J.," b. Dec. 13, 1831 ; went to California in Dec, 
1852, where he married and has a family. Informa- 
tion concerning him is desired. 
—251 Laura E.," b. Jan. 25, 1833; ni. Ronald Katcham in 

1856; d. in San Leandro, Cal. 
-252 Oscar B.,^ b. 1834; m. Mary E. Tuttle, Nov. 22, 1859; 
res. Addison, N. Y. 

afterwards set off as Sullivan Co. He was a frequent contributor on 
geological subjects to the scientific journals of the day, and a member 
of the Roj-al Geological Society of France. A fine, old oil painting of 
him was recently presented to Sullivan County by his granddaughter, 
Mrs. Adaline Stratton Brown, and hangs in the Court House there. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 289 

—253 Orson," b. 1834 (twin); m. Helen Seaman; res. at the 

old homestead; child, Fred J., m. Clara Stratton. 
+254 George W.," b. 1840. 

138. Jesse Stratton ^ {Samuel,^ John,^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,^ 
John'^) was born June 9, 1779. He married, Jan. 10, 1805, Sarah 
Patchen, who died in Roxbury, Dec. 10, 1854. He died May 25, 
1837. He was a well-to-do farmer. He and his wife, son and 
daughters are buried in the cemetery of the Old School Baptist 
church in Roxbury, where tombstones stand to their memory. 
He donated the land upon which this church was built. Several 
generations of Strattons have worshipped here, also the ancestors 
of Jay Gould and of John Burrough. His will is recorded at 
Delhi, N. Y. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

-255 Eliza Marietta," b. Apr. 2, 1812; d. Sept. 11, 1835; she 

was a teacher greatly loved and highly esteemed. 
—256 Elizabeth,^ m. Abram Van Blarcum; d. Nov. 6, 1881; 

settled in Mich. 
—257 Minerva," d. Aug. 13, 1845. 

—258 Eli,^ drowned when 11 years old, June 20, 1827. 
+259 Daniel S.,^ b. July 4, 1821. 

139. Jonathan Stratton ^ {Samuel,^ John,^ Joseph,^ Cor- 
nelius,- John^) was born May 11, 1781, and came with his father 
to Roxbury, N. Y. He married Mary Silliman, who was born 
Jan. 12, 1781, and died Aug. 18, 1847. He died Mar. 14, 1851. 
Both are buried in the Baptist church cemetery, with tomb- 
stones to their memory. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

—260 Caroline,^ m. Levi Sanford. 

—261 Elizabeth,^ m. Levi Sanford (his second wife). 

—262 Sarah," m. George Winship. 

—263 Clarinda,^ m. Elder Cyrus Fuller, a Baptist minister, 

son of John and Lucena (Crosby) Fuller, who came 

from New Haven to Roxbury. 

147. Ezra Moorhouse Stratton ^ {Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,* 
Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John^) married Angeline Keys about 1833, 
who died in 1907 in her 90th year. He was a carriage builder in 
New York City; publisher of New York Coach Maker's Maga- 
zine from 1859 to 1875; author of "The World on Wheels." He 
died Nov. 21, 1888. 

290 A Book of Strattons 


—264 Elvira/ m. James Fitzgerald. 

—265 Ezra Washington,' a carriage maker; res. Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
—266 Lavinia Jane,' m. Edward Him. 

151. Eliphalet Stratton ^ (Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ Joseph,^ 
Cornelius,- John'^) lived in Bridgeport and Brooklyn; married 
Catherine Valentine in 1832. He died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 
14, 1896. 

Children: — Born in Westport, Conn. 

—267 Valentine," m. Angeline . 

—268 Anson," m. Catherine L. Smith. 

—269 Eliphalet William,' b. May 28. 1836; m. 1st, Emma J. 
Smith; 2nd. Elizabeth Durban. He d. in Brooklyn, 
Aug. 29, 1906. Was Lieutenant in Seventh New 
York Regiment during Civil War; mem. G. A. R. 
Chn. Katherine.'' m. Frank H. Hyatt ; Florence M.,' 
m. Bridgeman Smith ; Walter Francis.® 

—270 Hannah,' m. Richard T. Ludlam. 

—271 Jennie," m. Silas Gregory. 

—271'* George,' m. Florence . 

152. Eliph.alet Stratton ^ (Abraham,^ Abraham,* Elipha- 
let,^ Cornelius,- John ^ i was born Sept. 9, 1781. He married Eliza 
Smith. He was appointed administrator of the estate of his 
mother, Mary Brown Stratton, in Montgomery Co., IMar. 1, 1806. 
Later he removed to Clyde, Wayne Co., N. Y., where he bought 
a farm, and where he died Jan. 27, 1842. 

Children: — Born in Clyde, N. Y. 

+272 Oliver," b. 1818. 

+273 John Smith,^ b. 1822. 

-274 Mary,^ b. 1825. 

+275 Abram Wooley," b. 1827. 

-276 James," b. Oct. 24, 1830; d., unm., Jan. 23, 1865. He 
was carried into the Salmon River, Idaho, by a snow 
slide and his body was never recovered. 

+277 Edwin," b. 1833. 

153. Abraham Stratton ^ (Abraham,^ Abraham,* Eliphalet,^ 
Cornelius,- John^} was born June 18, 1784. He married Eunice 
Wooley, and moved to Wayne Co. where he was a farmer, and 
where he died May 15, 1815. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 291 

Children: — Boi'n in Clyde, N. Y. 
+278 Abram,' b. 1805; d. 1877. 

—279 Nathan," went to New Orleans, and later was lost at 

157. Oliver Stratton ^ (Abraham,^ Abraham,^ Eliphalet,^ 
Cornelius,- John'^) was born Sept. 15, 1794. He was a farmer, a 
member of the Baptist Church. He married Deanthia Hanchett 
in 1818. About 1830 he moved from Glenn, Montgomery Co., 
to Howard, Steuben Co., N. Y. Here he bought a farm upon 
which he spent the remainder of his life. He died in 1873. 

Children: — Born in Glenn, N. Y. 

+280 David, 1819. 

—281 Ruth Ann, m. John Martin, 1847. 

—282 Julia, d. unm. 

-283 Henry Kimball, b. Nov. 24, 1824; d. unm. Apr. 1, 1858. 

—284 Sarah Green, d. unm. 

—285 James, b. iMay 9, 1828; d. aged 3 years. 

+286 John V., 1829. 

Born in Howard, N. Y. 

-287 James B., b. Nov. 16, 1832; d. aged 15 years. 

+288 Charles, b. 1834. 

—289 Elizabeth, d. unm. 

160. William Hewhett Str.\tton ^ {Platt,^ Eliphalet,^ Sam- 
uel,^ Cornelius,- John ^) was born Jan. 27, 1838. He was a mem- 
ber of the 7th Regt., N. Y. State Militia, with which he went to 
the front Apr. 19, 1861. Later he recruited and commanded a 
company in the 6th Regt., N. Y. State Volunteers. He took 
part in the campaign of the Army of the Potomac under Gen. 
Burnside. He married, first, Ada S. Little of New York. After 
her death he removed to Omaha, Neb. He married, second, Vina 
White, who was from Boston. From Omaha he removed to 
Freeport, 111., where he now resides. 


B}' first marriage. 

-290 Elizabeth.^ 

-291 Florence.^ 

By second marriage. 

—292 William Edward.^ 

162. Eliphalet Platt Stratton ^ (Platt,^ Eliphalet,* Sam- 
uel,^ Cornelius,- John^) was born June 12, 1844. He resides at 

292 A Book of Strattons 

College Point, N. Y. He was educated at Flushing Institute, and 
Walnut Hill Academy, Geneva, N. Y. He learned mechanical 
engineering, and shipbuilding at the Morgan Iron Works, N. Y., 
becoming a recognized authority on engineering and naval archi- 
tecture. Served the government as inspector and supervising 
inspector for the port of New York for about twelve years, and 
later was chief engineer surveyor of the American Bureau of 
Shipping. Invented the "Stratton Separator," a device for ex- 
tracting water from steam, which is recognized as the most effi- 
cient apparatus of its kind that has ever been produced. Mr. 
Stratton is also consulting engineer of the Bureau of Marine 
Underwriters of New York; one of the counsel of the Society of 
Naval Architects of Great Britain and of the American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers. 

Apr. 27, 1871, he married Harriet Louise Woodhull, daughter 
of Jeffrey Amherst and Anna E. Woodhull of Huntington, L. I. 

Children: — Bor7i at College Point, N. Y. 

—293 Jennie Louise," m. Sept. 14, 1910, Rev. Roy Farrel 
Duffield, Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral at College 
Point, and Archdeacon of Queens and Nassau, 

—294 "Harriet Woodhull,' m. June 6, 1903, Henry Hewlett 
Tredwell of E. AVelleston, L. I. 

168. Walter Stratton ^ (Henry, ^ John,^ John,^ John,^ John,^ 
John'^) was born May 27, 1819. He married, first, Betsey Ald- 
ridge, Mar. 3, 1850, who died soon after their marriage. He 
married, second, Salome Hooper, in Dec. 1858. Walter died in 
the army at David's Island, Sept. 27, 1864. Just before entering 
the army he made his will which is on record at Plattsburg. 

Child: — By second marriage. 
' +295 Walter Fayette.^ 

169. Jonas Stratton ' {Henrij,'^ John,^ John,'^ John,^ John,- 
JoJiii'), born July 31, 1821; married Betsey Ferris, Sept. 28, 
1844. He was a farmer, owning a home and farm in Chazy. 

Children: — Born in Chazy, N. Y. 

— 29G Clinton,^ d. in the army. 

—297 Julia, ^ d. while attending school at Philadelphia. 

+298 Cyrenius A.« 

-299 Eliza J.,^ m. William Kivess ; res. Whitehall, N. J. 

—300 Mary,^ m. Joseph A. Fay ; res. Newark, N. J. 

—301 Cassie,® m. James Young; res. Gasner, Iowa. 

—302 Eunice,^ m. Stephen Schultz ; res. Plattsburg. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 293 

171. John Talmage Stratton ^ {Henry, ^ John,^ John,^ John,^ 
John,- John ^), born July 23, 1826; a farmer of West Chazy ; died 
in Isle La Motte, Vt., Dec. 4, 1885. He married Anna Wilson 
Oct. 17, 1852. She was born in Peru, N. Y., a daughter of 
James Wilson, who was a native of England. 

Children: — Born in W. Chazy, N. Y. 

+303 Arthur Talmage.^ 

-304 Jennie C.« 

173. Philander Stratton (Henry,'^ John,^ John,^ John,^ 
John,- John^), born May 6, 1830; married Elvira M. Denton, 
Dec. 11, 1865. He owned the old homestead and acquired con- 
siderable property besides owning about 600 well-stocked acres 
of land in Clinton Co. and was a successful farmer and specu- 
lator for many years in West Chazy, where he died Sept. 6, 1898. 
His will recorded at Plattsburg, Mar., 1895. He was a member 
of the Methodist Church. 

Children: — Born in West Chazy, N. Y. 

—305 Henry, a farmer, m. Marian Miller Cox in 1893; res. 
Scuylerfalls, N. Y.; no issue. 

+306 Herbert W. 

—307 Harriet, m. George Doty Apr., 1898; res. Ingraham, 
N. Y. 

—308 Lillian M., m. Frank Slack, 1905; res. Pawtucket, R. I. 

181. Samuel Thomas Stratton " {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ John,* 
John,^ John,- John^), born July 19, 1824; married May 20, 1851, 
Glorianna Conklin, who was born in Easthampton June 2, 1831. 
They lived for thirty years at Mont auk, where Mr. Stratton had 
charge of a large tract of land and where he was greatly esteemed 
by all with whom he came in contact. About 1884 he moved to 
his home in Easthampton where he lived the remainder of his 
life. He died Dec. 14, 1894. 
Children: — Born at Easthampton, L. I. 
-309 Isabel H.,^ m. at Montauk, Samuel M. Mulford of 

+310 Frank Sidney .« 

Born at Montauk, L. I. 
—311 Glorianna Conklin'^ (twin), m. at Easthampton Nov.- 
4, 1891, Edv^^in Post Maynard; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
-312 Samuel Thomas, Jr.,^ d. at Montauk Apr. 17, 1880, aged 
14 years. 

294 A Book of Strattons 

187. Cornelius Stratton " [Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John'^), born Apr. 15, 1805; married May 
24, 1835, Mary Hall, who was born Sept. 7, 1817. He died in 
Vestal Center, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1875. 

Children: — Born in Vestal Center, N. Y. 

—313 Oliver,^ b. May 17, 1836; res. Vestal Center; a farmer; 

+314 Jonathan,^ b. 1838. 
-315 Howard Edgar,« b. Nov. 28, 1841; a soldier in the Civil 

War, lOOtli N. Y. Regt. Died in Andersonville 

prison Oct. 10, 1864; unm. 
—316 George,® b. June 1, 1844; d. in infancy. 
-317 Nancy E,« b. May 10, 1845; m. Daniel Taylor Sept. 

24, 1869. 
-318 Charles,® b. 1848; res. Vestal Center; a soldier in the 

Civil War. 
-319 Franklin,® b. 1852; m. Mary Campbell, July 24, 1876; 

d. Jan. 10, 1886. 
-320 Patience M.,® b. May 1, 1856; m. George Hoyt, 1871. 

192. John Str.\tton ^ (Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,* Jo- 
seph,^ Cornelius,- John^), born June 4, 1816; married, first, 
Rachel Grapp Mills, June 18, 1845. She died Oct. 6, 1845, and 
he married, second, Elizabeth Keeler, June 16, 1849. 


-321 Rachel E. 

-322 Camclia, d. Feb. 7, 1872, aged 21 years. 

—323 John Frederick. 

—324 William Henry. 

194. Richard Stratton ' {Jonathan,^ Jonathan J' Joseph,* Jo- 
seph,^ Cornelius,- John'^) was born Apr. 26, 1825. Jan. 23, 1850, 
at Camden, N. Y., he married Eliza Ann Russell, born May 13, 
1831. He was a wagon manufacturer in Oswego, N. Y., until 
1877; was connected with some silver mines in Nevada for a 
year, then bought a farm upon which he lived until two years 
before his death. Died Jan. 13, 1905, at the home of his son 
James in Oswego. 

Children: — Born in Oswego, N. Y. 

-f325 James Herbert.^ 

+326 Richard Totten. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 295 

-327 Eliza Cordelia, m. Randall A. Huntley, May 15, 1883; 

d. Apr. 12, 1901. 
—328 Georgia A., m. James A. Houghtaling, Dec. 5, 1875; 

res. Moores Mills, N. Y. 
-329 Fannie May, d. Oct. 3, 1867, aged 8 years. 
—330 Walter Pearl, m. Beatrix Brown ; res. Danville, 111. 
—331 Martha Elizabeth, m. Edgar Stratton. 

198. John Hunt Stratton ^ {David,^ Joseph,^ John* Jo- 
seph,^ Cornelius,- John^) left Roxbury at 16, and went to Mar- 
bletown as a school teacher. Later was employed as a purser on 
a Hudson River steamboat, and then became a steamboat cap- 
tain. He married Wyan Hanver. During Buchanan's adminis- 
tration he was Port Master at Roudout, N, Y. 


—332 Harriet E.,^ d. 1892; m. James Cornwell in 1885. 

—333 Emma,* m. Frederick Van Wert, Highland, N. Y. 

203. Lewis Stratton ^ iEli,^ Joseph,^ John* Joseph,^ Cor- 
nelius,^ John'^) was born Nov. 14, 1811; married Jane Ann 
Lockwood in 1838. She was born July 20, 1821, and died Nov. 1, 
1905. He died Jan. 14, 1851. They resided in Roxbury, N. Y. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

-334 Katherine N.,« b. Nov. 17, 1839; m. Samuel D. An- 
drews, Feb. 22, 1859. 

-335 Elizabeth, « b. Apr. 27, 1842; m. James L. Patterson, 
Mar. 21, 1866. 

-336 Abram Lockwood,^ b. Aug. 24, 1844; d. Nov. 1, 1888; 
no issue. 

-337 Milton Dewey ,« b. Aug. 19, 1847; d. May 11, 1899; 
no issue. 

—338 Amanda Joanna,* b. Dec. 7, 1850; m. O. V. B. Taylor, 
Sept. 27, 1877. 

205. Joseph Stratton ^ (Eli,^ Joseph,^ John,* Joseph,^ Cor- 
nelius,- John^), born May 25, 1815. While a young man he 
went to Richmond Dale, 0., where he married Jane Cordray. 
He died near Chillicothe, O., Mar. 10, 1882. 

Children: — Born in Chillicothe, 0. 

—339 Dora,* m. Marion Calver. 

—340 Lotta,* m. James D. Blazer. 

+341 William.8 

296 A Book of Strattons 

—342 Clinton,^ lives at Wyoming, 111. 

—343 Elizabeth,^ m. Samuel Butts. 

+344 Douglass.* 

—345 Harlow,^ d. unm. 

—346 Clara,* d. young. 

208. Morgan W. Stratton " iEli,'^ Joseph,^ John,'^ Joseph,^ 
Cornelius,- John'^), born July 8, 1821; married Eliza Turk in 
1842. He was a farmer of Ross Co., 0. He died in 1859. 

Children: — Born near Richmond Dale, 0. 

-347 Eliza,* b. Jan., 1843. 

—348 Nancy,* b. Dec. 11, 1844; m. Marion Hagely, 1864. 

-349 Joanna,* b. Jan. 11, 1846; m. Presly Jenkins in 1868; 

d. in Logan, III, 1897. 
—350 Morrison W.,* b. Oct. 11, 1848; m. Frances Houston, 

1881; res. Logan, 111. 
-351 James,* 1850-1872. 
-352 Ella,* 1853-1856. 

209. Heman Dewey Str.\tton '^ {Eli,^ Joseph,^ John* Jo- 
seph,^ Cornelius,- John'^), born Sept. 10, 1822; married Susan 
Hester Penick, daughter of Jonathan J. and Elizabeth Frances 
(McGlasson) Penick. Her father was a farmer of Grant Co., 
Ky. Their married life of almost fifty years was an exception- 
ally happy one. She died Jan. 6, 1901. Mr. Stratton was edu- 
cated in the common schools of his native county, and spent two 
years at Dick's Collegiate Institute at Brooklyn, N. Y. He was 
in the Mexican war and was with Gen. Scott's army from Vera 
Cruz to the City of Mexico. He came to Kentucky in 1850 and 
resided at Williamsburg. For more than thirty years he was 
one of the leading educators of Grant and Kenton counties. As 
teacher and as superintendent of public schools he did much to 
improve the public school system of that part of Kentucky. He 
was a devoted and active member of the Christian Church from 
1852, and for fifty years was a prominent member of the order 
of Odd Fellows. In politics he never voted any but the Demo- 
cratic ticket. In social life he was pleasant and agreeable, and 
had many friends. He died in Williamstown, Dec. 16, 1896. 

Children: — Born in Willianistown, Ky. 

— 353 William Penick,* a merchant in Williamsburg; unm. 
—354 Joanna Elizabeth,* m. James H. Humlong. 
—355 Ruth,* resides in Williamstown. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 297 

210. Adam King Stratton ' [Eli,^ Joseph,^ John* Joseph,^ 
Cornelius;- John"-), born Mar. 20, 1824; married Elizabeth A. 
Patterson, Nov. 23, 1850. He died in Roxbury, at the home of 
his son Edgar, Dec. 16, 1903. Mrs. Stratton died June 19, 1906, 
aged 76 years. 


-356 Eli,« b. July 25, 1851; d. Dec. 10, 1860. 

—357 Henry Edgar,® resides in Roxbury. 

-358 Milton A.® 

212. Morrison W. Str.\tton ' {EU; Joseph,^ John,* Joseph^ 
Cornelius; John^) was born Oct. 2, 1828. Feb. 12, 1850, he 
married Elizabeth Scott, of Fort Wayne. He lived for a short 
time in Fort Wayne, and then in Ross Co., 0., where he was a 
farmer. He died in Waverly, 0., in Aug., 1903. 

Children: — Born in Richmond Dale, 0. 

—359 Alice,® d. in infancy. 

—360 Julia Estelle,® m. Edward Bark of Vigo, 0. 

—361 Mary Edith,® d. in infancy. 

—362 Kate Irene,® m. William Clements of Given, 0. 
Born in Waverly, 0. 

—363 Joanna Dewey,® a teacher; res. Waverly. 

—364 Morgan,® d. in infancy. 

—365 Edward,® d. in infancy. 

—366 Flora A.,® d. June 15, 1896. 

-367 Charles A.,® m. Laura Higby, Dec. 25, 1892; res. Mil- 
ton, N. D. 

-368 Walter Scott,® m. Lizzie King in 1897; res. Cleve- 
land, 0. 

215, Jason Gould Stratton " {EU; Joseph; John; Joseph; 
Cornelius; John^) was born Sept. 24, 1833. He married Judith 
Boone of Grant Co., 0. 

Children: — Born in Forklick, Grant Co., 0. 

—369 Eli,® a blacksmith, was twice married. 

—370 John,® lived and died in Cincinnati, O. 

—371 Julia,® m. Stevens. 

—372 Charles,® d. in Cincinnati; unm. 

—373 William,® d. in boyhood in Forklick. 

—374 Ada,® a professional nurse; res. Cincinnati. 

—375 Anna,® m. Bert Cochran, 1896. 

298 A Book of Strattons 

217. Alanson Wells Stratton ^ [Walter,^ Joseph,^ John,^ 
Joseph,^ Cornelius,^ John^) was born Nov. 28, 1811. Jan. 24, 
1849, he married Angeline W. Shout, daughter of Henry and 
Elizabeth iBonton) Shout, of Roxbury. He lived in his native 
town all his life of 91 years, and at different times represented 
his town in various official capacities to the entire satisfaction of 
his constituents. He was a man noted for his honesty and good 
judgment, and was highly respected by all who knew him. He 
died Dec. 15, 1902. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

-376 Mary Salina,^ d. in 1884. 

—377 Nettie Bonton,^ res. Roxbury. 

-378 Ida Adele,*^ m. William L. Powell, May 14, 1890; res. 

219. David Williams Stratton^ {Walter,^ Joseph,^ John,*" 
Joseph,^ Cornelius,' John'^) was born Apr. 14, 1816. He mar- 
ried Jane Shout, Oct. 14, 1840. She was born in Roxbury Mar. 
14, 1816, and died there Jan. 10, 1842. Dec. 24, 1846, he mar- 
ried Maria D. Turner, who was born in Wawarsing, Ulster Co., 
N. Y., Mar. 19, 1828. He was a teacher for sixty years, teaching 
his first school in Wawarsing when he was 17 years of age and 
closing his last school June 24, 1892. At Loccannissing he had 
a pupil w^iose father and grandfather had been his pupils, thus 
teaching three generations. He gave Jay Gould his first lesson 
in the "A B C's." He was a man beloved by many, and having 
the respect of all who knew him; a member of the Methodist 
Church. He died in Napanock, Ulster Co., Feb. 18, 1902. 

Children: — Born in Waivarsing, N. Y. 
By second marriage. 

—379 Alonzo D.,* m. Sarah Van Gorger, June 27, 1894; re- 
sides in Ellenville, N. Y. 

+380 Judson B.« 

223, Jason W. Stratton ' {Walter,^ Joseph,^^ John,* Joseph,^ 
Cornelius,- John ^) was born Nov. 20, 1832. He was educated in 
the district school of Roxbury and the academy at Binghamton, 
N. Y. He married Emma Maria Minkler in 1858; served three 
years in the Civil War and was captain of home guards previous 
to enlistment. Politically he was a Democrat. He was a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Church. In 1874 he moved from Roxbury 
to Bergen, where he conducted a coal business. Associate Judge 

John Stratton of Easthampton 299 

of Genesee Co. four years, and Justice of the Peace eight years. 
Died May, 1891. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury. 

+381 Edward E.« 

—382 Jessie 0.,^ m. Charles Patterson, 1892. 

—383 Nellie E.,« m. Orvil Partridge in 1902. 

224. Calistus Lee Stratton ^ (Lewis,^ Joseph,^ John* Jo- 
seph,^ Comeliusr John^), born Jan. 14, 1822; died in Elkheart, 
111., 1898; married Sarah Ann Marshall, Sept. 9, 1848. 


—384 Oliver Orten,^ m. 1st, Sarah Jane Harpool; m. 2nd, 
Laura A. Davis; ch. by 1st m., Arthur Edgar.^ 

—385 Cecilia Lorenzo,^ m. Abraham Eiseminger, 

—386 Minerva Ella,« m. Daniel Altman, 1880; res. St. Louis, 

—387 William Alexander,^ d. 1877, aged 13 years. 

228. William Benjamin Stratton ^ {Eliphalet,^ Stephen,^ 
John,-* Joseph,^ Cornelius^ John^) was born July 28, 1810. He 
married Sarah Canfield, 1843. He died Feb. 11, 1887. 

Children: — Born in Thompsonville, N. Y. 

—388 William D., m. Mary Katherine O'Neille; res. Mid- 
dletown, N. Y. 

—389 Eliphalet, m. Fannie Manette. 

-390 Frank M., d. 1872; unm. 

—391 James A., m. Henrietta Hanna. 

—392 Benjamin Theadore, m. Edith Avery; a farmer of 
South Fallsburg, N. Y. 

231. Levi Lucky Stratton ^ (Eliphalet,^ Stephen,^ John* Jo- 
seph,^ Cornelius,^ John^) was born Aug. 24, 1816. He married 
Eunice Lord Bowers, July 3, 1842. She was born Mar. 19, 1825. 
He died in Fallsburg, N. Y. 

—393 Charles G.,' b. May 13, 1845; m. Sarah Caroline Hack, 
Apr. 13, 1870; ch. Howard Robinson,^ m. Frances 
J. Tight, 1901 ; res. New York City. 
—394 James N.,« b. 1847; m. Athena Hasbrook, Mar. 16, 
1868; d. in Toledo, 1891; ch. Georgiana,^ m. Edwin 
C. Keen. 
+395 Edward L.,« b. 1852. 

300 A Book of Strattons 

-396 Alice Lillian, « m. Robert Kirkpatrick, July 2, 1874; 

res. Nobleville, Ind. 
—397 Mary Virginia,^^ m. Howard Hammond, July 2, 1871; 

d. Jan. 2, 1881. 
-398 Helen Ada,^ m. Edwin Thorpe, Dec. 20, 1882. 

238. Leonard Briggs Stratton ^ (Eliphalet,^ Stephen,^ John,* 
Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John'^) was born in Thompsonville, Aug. 14, 
1832, and married there Claressa A. Manette, Jan. 27, 1869. 


+399 Rienzie H.« 

—400 :\Iinnie Lovella,^ m. Hurbert Hill, Dec. 13, 1894. 

—401 Jonathan James.^ 

—402 George Vincent.^ 

-403 Otis Lenord.8 

-404 Robert Manette,^ m. Nellie Smith, Jan. 29, 1902. 

—405 Eula Irene.* 

-406 Helen Rachel.* 

239. Henry Washington Stratton " {Eliphalet,^ Stephen,^ 
John,'^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John ^) was born Jan. 14, 1838. Jan. 
2, 1862, he married Sarah E. O'Neill, daughter of Charles O'Neill 
and granddaughter of Stafford O'Neill of Fallsburg. He resides 
in Monticello, N. Y., where he is engaged in the furniture 

Children: — Born in Thompsonville, N. Y. 

-407 Clara Amanda.* 

—408 Frederick L.,* an engineer and interested in business 

with his father. 
-409 Leah Belle,* d. Nov. 10, 1872, aged 3 years. 
—410 Henry Blake,* Ass't Postmaster at Monticello. 

240a. Alby Stratton ' (Alby,^ Stephen,^ John,* Joseph,^ Cor- 
nelius,- John^) was about eight j'ears old when his father was 
killed in battle. Soon after he came to live with his grand- 
father Stratton, who went to Albion, N. Y., after him. He had 
one sister who married and moved to Ohio. In 1830 he belonged 
to the State militia. He married Mary Jane Howse. He was a 
farmer of Thompsonville where he died Aug. 23, 1875. 

Children: — Born in Thompsonville, N. Y. 

—411 Albert E.,* b. Mar. 20, 1834; m. Nancy A. Barnum, 
Dec. 25, 1871 ; resided in Centerville, N. Y. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 301 

—412 Cyrus J.,« b. Sept. 10, 1835; m. Emma Barthey, Dec. 

31, 1860; res. Thompsonville; served in Civil War. 
-413 Edward A.,^ b. Sept. 27, 1837; d. in Horseheads, N. Y. 
-414 IMary M.,« b. Feb. 5, 1840; m. Wm. D. Stratton; 

res. South Fallsburgh, N. Y. 
—415 George,^ b. Sept. 28, 1841; m. Caroline Zimmerman 

Mar. 14, 1860; chn. Elmer E.,^ South Fallsburgh, 

Laura J.,^ Fannie M.^ 
-416 Milton A.,^ b. Aug. 4, 1846; m. Eva Cooper, Feb., 1870; 

res. Thompsonville. 
—417 Lucinda,^ d. July 22, 1856, aged 4 yrs. 

241. James T. Stratton ^ {Jonathan,^ Stephen,^ John* Jo- 
seph,^ Cornelius,- John'^) was born Oct. 9, 1830, educated in the 
public schools of his native county and in the grammar school 
of Columbia College. Began active life at the age of seventeen 
as civil engineer on the Hudson River Railroad between Sing Sing 
and Peekskill. Three years later he went to California via 
Panama, and after three years' experience among the mines took 
up his profession, adding to it land surveying. Returned east 
and on Oct. 30, 1854, married Cornelia A. Smith in Sing Sing 
(now Ossining), N. Y., daughter of Isaac C. Smith, a noted Hud- 
son River captain and shipbuilder of Hoboken, N. J. Returning 
to California with his bride, he settled in Oakland, where he 
resided until his death. He made many of the most important 
California surveys of that early period and was identified with 
the surveying of large tracts of land made by the Spanish and 
Mexican authorities, and so became an acknowledged expert on 
the titles and surveyed lands of such land grants. He subdivided 
more of the big land grants than any other surveyor ever in 
California. In 1873 President Grant appointed him United States 
Land Surveyor General for California. He died March 15, 1905. 

Children: — Born in Oakland, Cal. 

-418 Carrie,« d. Oct. 24, 1856, aged 1 year. 

+419 Frederick S.« 

+420 Robert T.^ 

—421 George Malcolm,* grad. B.A. from LTniversity of Cali- 
fornia, 1888; grad. M.A. from Yale, 1890; grad. 
Ph.D. from University of Leipzig, Germany, 1896. 
Professor of Psychology in University of California 
and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. May 17, 

302 A Book of Strattons 

1894, m. Alice E, Miller, daughter of Frederick and 

Wilhelmina Miller of Oakland. 
—422 Edward,^ d. in infancy. 
—423 Jeanne,^ m. Walter C. Good, June 22, 1819; d. Aug. 

22, 1900. 

247. William DeWitt Stratton " {Thomas,^ Stephen,^ 
John* Joseph,^ Corneliusr John^) was born Sept. 3, 1823. He 
married, first, Caroline E. Fuller, Mar. 1, 1848; married, second, 
Mary M. Stratton,'* Nov. 5, 1863. They resided in South Falls- 
burg. After his death, Sept. 3, 1888, she married Peter Carney. 

Children: — Born in Fallsburg, N. Y. 
By first marriage. 

-424 Julia.« 

-425 Ida.« 

-426 AYalter E.,^ b. Apr. 19, 1858; m. Lizzie McMillen; 
moved to Michigan in 1879; d. June, 1901. 
By second marriage. 

—427 Ida May,« m. Geo. H. Smith, Oct. 22, 1890. 

—428 Gracie,8 d. Feb. 12, 1871, aged 2 years. 

-429 Oscar DeWitt.® 

-430 NeUie Blanche.^ 

254. George W. Stratton '^ (Thomas,^ Stephen,^ John,* Jo- 
seph,^ Cornelius,- John ^ > , born May 26. 1840. In May, 1861, he 
enlisted in Elmira in Co. K, 23rd Regt., N. Y. Volunteers, re- 
enlisted in 1862 at Monticello, in Co. A. 143rd Regt., N. Y. Volun- 
teers; discharged in 1865 at expiration of the war. Married 
Julia A. Thurber in Lindley, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1871. Settled in 
Addison, 1873; engaged in the tanning business until 1893 when 
he sold out to the U. S. Tanning Co. Appointed post master by 
President McKinley, reappointed by President Roosevelt. 

Children: — Born in Lindley, N. Y. 

-431 Carolyn, m. Charles F. Park, Oct. 20, 1898. 
Born in Addison. 

-432 Metta, m. Lewis W. Dorsett, Sayer, Pa., Oct. 15, 1903. 

259, Daniel Squires Stratton " {Jesse,^ Samuel,^ John,* Jo- 
seph,^ Cornelius,- John^) was a prosperous farmer of Roxbury. 
He inherited his father's farm and added to it by buying that 
part of the Ezra Stratton farm which included the store and Falls. 
He married, Oct. 6, 1845, Lucy Underwood, who was born Feb. 




















• rH 






o -tJ 




--' o 


































— 1 













John Stratton of Easthampton 303 

1, 1822. She is a daughter of Dr. Oliver and Jemima (Parker) 
Underwood. Dr. Underwood was one of the pioneer physicians 
of Roxbury. Mr. Stratton died Sept. 18, 1851. 

Children: — Born in Roxbury, N. Y. 

—433 Ada Addie, m. James D. Rutherford. 

—434 Emma, m. Luman Merritt Cole. 

272. Oliver Stratton '^ [Eliphalet,^ Abraham,^ Abraham,'^ 
Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,- John'^) was born Feb. 16, 1818. He was 
a farmer of Clyde, N. Y., where he married Sarah Ann Weed 
in 1843. He died Sept. 3, 1888. 

Children: — Born in Clyde, N. Y. 

—435 Henry Eliphalet,^ b. Aug. 5, 1845; m. Dora Comrike; 
lived in Clyde until 1887, then moved to San Fran- 
cisco, Cal, where he died Mar. 19, 1896. 

-436 Theron Abram,« b. June 23, 1847; d. in Clyde Dec. 29, 
1898; m. 1st, Cora Beadle; 2nd, Anna Shugart. 

—437 Edwin L.,^ b. Aug. 25, 1849; a produce merchant of 

+438 Thurlow Weed.^ 

-439 Orr,« b. Apr. 14, 1853; res. San Quinton, Cal. 

-440 Mary E.,« m. J. M. Mann, 1907. 

—441 Cornelia,^ m. A, G. Tompkin. 

—442 James C.,^ m. Minnie C. Cummings in 1902. 

-443 Clara.« 

If any of the above sons have children, the compiler would be 
glad to receive records of them. 

273. John Smith Stratton ^ (Eliphalet,^ Abraham,^ Abra- 
ham,* Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,- John ^) was born June 11, 1822. He 
married, first, Cordelia Colvin, who was born June 1, 1829, and 
died June 3, 1859. He married, second, Mrs. Amanda B. Smith, 
Sept. 28, 1870. Res. San Rafael, Cal. 


By first marriage. 
+444 Emerson 0.^ 

—445 Charles Calvin,^ b. June 1, 1852; d. aged 9 years. 
—446 James,^ b. Aug. 13, 1859; d. aged 2 years. 

By second marriage. 
—447 Charles Clark,« m. Susie Mae Hardy, Sept. 28, 1896; 
res. San Rafael, Cal.; chn. Edna Mae,^ Ella Frances." 

304 A Book of Strattons 

275. Abram AYooley Stratton ^ [Eliphalet,'^ Abraham,^ 
Abraham,^ Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,- John'^) was born Apr. 17, 1827. 
He was a " '49-er," going to California during the gold excite- 
ment, arriving in San Francisco in Oct., 1849. He married Cor- 
nelia Rowland Angell, Nov., 1852. He was a member of the 
Society of California Pioneers, and of the Vigilance Committees 
organized to suppress the lawless element in the fifties, and took 
a deep interest in all movements for the advance of good govern- 
ment. He was a contractor and built the first wharf in the 
harbor of Eureka, Humbolt Bay, in 1852. He was a member 
of the Baptist church. He died at the age of 47 years. 

Children: — Born in San Francisco. 

-448 Mary C.,« d. July 10, 1874, aged 19 years. 
Born in Clyde, N. Y. 

—449 Frank "Williams,® res. Pataluma, Cal. 

277. Edwin Stratton ^ {Eliphalet,^ Abraham,^ Abraham,'^ 
Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,- John'^), born July 12, 1833; married Lillie 
Walker ; died in San Francisco. 


—450 George,® of whom information is desired. 

278. Abram Stratton ^ (Abraham,^ Abraham,^ Abraham,* 
Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,' John'^) was born Feb. 18, 1805. At an 
early age, prompted by the pioneer spirit of his forefathers, he 
went to Bureau Co., 111. He was one of the very early settlers 
of that region. After deciding to make a home there he returned 
to York State for tools to till the soil. He was gone one year, 
walking much of the way. On his return in June, 1831, he 
bought a yoke of oxen and sled at Dearborn (there were no horses 
or wagons there) and with these and the farm implements that 
he brought on the sled he began farming, and became a success- 
ful farmer. He married Sarah Baggs Sept. 6, 1831. He died 
Sept. 28, 1877, and is buried at Princeton, 111. 

Children: — Born in Bureau Co., III. 

—451 Eliza,® b. Jan. 23, 1833; m. S. S. Newton; lives in 

+452 Lemuel Nathan,® b. 1834. 
+453 Samuel Fay,® b. 1837 (a twin). 

—454 Sylvester Brigham,® b. Aug. 27, 1837; d. aged 8 years. 
+455 John Leander,® b. 1848. 
+456 Abram Manny,® b. 1856. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 305 

280. David Stratton ' {Oliver,^ Abraham,^ Abraham,* Eliph- 
alet,^ Cornelius,- John'^) was born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., 
Dec. 16, 1819, and moved with his father to Steuben Co. when 
eleven years old. He married, first, Harriet Aber, and, second, 
Hester Emerson. 

Children: — Born in Howard, Steuben Co., N. Y. 

—457 Nelson,^ b. Sept. 5, 1841; d. aged 14 years. 

-458 Elizabeth.^ 

-459 Charles,^ b. Jan., 1847; d. Jan., 1863. 

+460 George 0.« 

286, John V. Stratton '^ {Oliver,^ Abraham,^ Abraham,* 
Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ John'^), born Oct. 3, 1829. He married 
Martha Cooper. He lived in Bath, and at Olean, N. Y. 

Children: — Born in Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y. 

+461 Oliver. 

—462 Jennie, m. Burns T. Carroll. 

—463 George, m. Nellie A. Penny, 1898; res. Olean, N. Y. 

288. Charles Stratton ^ {Oliver,^ Abraham,^ Abraham,* 
Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ John^) was born Dec. 31, 1834. He mar- 
ried Susan Brundage, Dec. 29, 1869. Res. Bath, N. Y. 

Child: — Born in Bath. 

—464 James Brundage.^ 

295. Walter Fayette Stratton ^ {Walter,'^ Henry, ^ John,^ 
John,* John,^ John,- John'^), a painter by trade; married Nellie 
Witherill, daughter of Sanforn and Abagail Witherill; res. Chazy. 

Children: — Born in West Chazy, N. Y. 

—465 Maud,^ m. David S. Lawson, Dec. 17, 1909; res. Lyon 
Mountain, N. Y. 

-466 May,^ m. William Potter, Sept., 1909, of Ellenburg, 
N. Y. 

—467 Jennie.^ 

-468 Wendell W.9 

-469 Wayland W.» 

-470 Edna E.« 

298, Cyrenius A. Stratton * {Jonas,'' Henry, ^ John,^ John,* 
John,^ John,- John'^) married Nellie Stephens, and moved to 
Clear Lake, Iowa, where he is engaged in farming. 


—471 Byron.9 

—472 Bessie.^ 

306 A Book of Strattons 

303. Arthur Talmage Stratton ^ (John T.,~ Hcnry,^ John,^ 
John* John,^ John,- John^) married Emma I. Harvey, June 
25, 1888. For twenty-five years he has been engaged in earnest 
work in connection with the Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion, first as Ass't Secretary at Burlington, Vt., then as General 
Secretary at IMiddlebury, N. Y., Dover, N. H., Pawtucket, R. I., 
Fall River, Mass., and then Columbia, S. C, where he is now 

Children: — Born in Dover, N. H. 

—473 Philip Harvey.^ 

Born in Pawtucket, R. I. 

—474 Arthur Talmage, Jr.,» b. May 21, 1892; d. aged 2 years. 

-475 Ruth A." 

306. Herbert W. Stratton ^ (Philander,' Henry, ^ John,^ 
John,* John,^ John,- John'*) married Mary O'Neal. He is a 
machinist, and lives at Lowell, IVIass. 


—476 Herbert.^ 

-477 Harold.^ 

310. Frank SmNEY Stratton ® (Samuel T.," Samvel,^ Saiyi- 
uel,^ John* John,^ John,- John'*) resides at Easthampton. He 
married Ellen F. Gordon, May 8, 1888. 

Children: — Born at Easthampton. 

-478 Ruth Gordon.^ 

—479 Marcia I.^ 

314. Jonathan Stratton ^ (Coimelius,' Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,'' Joseph,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John*) was a soldier in the 
Civil War, enlisting in Co. A, 179th Regt., N. Y.; was in the 
battle of Cold Harbor, taken prisoner at St. Petersburg, June 17, 
1864; in Andersonville prison four months; transferred to Malton 
prison; paroled Nov. 24, 1864; honorably discharged June 24, 
1865. He married Mary A. Adamson, Apr. 23, 1867. 

Children: — Born in '['estal, N. Y. 

—480 Edgar,^ m. Martha E. Stratton, Nov. 9, 1889, and re- 
sides in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. They have one child, 

+481 William Cornelius.^ 

—482 Mary Jane,« m. Seymour G. Twining, Oct. 6, 1897. 

-483 Margaret Bclle.^ m. Earl Neilson, Oct. 24, 1894; d. 
Mar. 30. 1896. 

John Stratton of Easthampton 307 

—484 Fannie May,^ m. Alva Deidrick, Dec. 20, 1898. 

-485 Ella Janet,^ m. George Willson, Mar. 17, 1896. 

—486 James Oliver.^ 

—487 Jonathan, Jr.^ 

-488 Melvin.9 

—489 Carrie Alma.^ 

325. James Herbert Stratton ^ {Richard,'' Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,'^ Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John^), a bridge builder; res. 
Oswego, N. Y. Married, first, Oda Powell, May 20, 1874. She 
died in 1878. He married, second, Edna Ingersol, Oct. 10, 1882. 

Children: — Born in Oswego, N. Y. 

By first marriage. 
—490 Phcebe,^ d. aged 2 years. 

By second marriage. 
—491 Rupert Earnest,^ m. Ida May Raymond, Nov. 20, 1907. 

326. Richard Toten Stratton * {Richard,' Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,^ John ^) married Florence 
Pierce in 1888. 

Children: — Born in Morris, Pa. 
—492 Fannie May.^ 

Born in Oswego. 
—493 Archie.^ 
—494 Nina Betsey.^ 

341. William Stratton ^ {Joseph,' Eli,^ Joseph,^ John,^ 
Joseph,^ Cornelius,^ John ^) was born in Chillicothe, O., Nov. 9, 
1855, and died there Mar. 14, 1883. In 1876 he married Mrs. 
Mary Powers. 


+495 Walter.^ 

—496 Myrtle,^ m. Wilson Thompson, res. Yellow Springs, O. 

—497 Morgan,^ m. Susie McKinney; res. Trebeins, 0.; child, 

—498 Beamia,^ m. Charles Beavers. 

344. Douglass Stratton ^ {Joseph,'' Eli,^ Joseph,^ John,* 
Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John'^) is a farmer of Bloomingburg, 0. 
Dec. 17, 1887, he married Emma Blazer, daughter of Mortica 
and Abbie Blazer of Jasper, 0. He lived in Yankeetown, 0., for 
16 years, and then moved to Bloomington. 

308 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Yankeetown, 0. 

-499 Walter D.« 

—500 Lucelle Elizabeth.^ 

—501 Clarence Ray.» 

—502 Florence ]\Iae.« 

380. JuDSON B. Stratton ^ (David W.,' Walter,^ Joseph,^ 
John,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John'^) resides in Yorktown Heights, 
N. Y. Oct. 25, 1876, he married Mary E. Ritch. 

Children: — Born at Napanoch, N. Y. 

—503 Barnard R., in. Grace A. Hull, Dec. 25, 1904; res. 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
-504 David W., res. Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 

381. Edward E. Stratton ^ (Jason W.," Walter,^ Joseph,^ 
John,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John ^) married Sadie McCuUock in 
1895; resides in Akron, 0. 

Children: — Born in Akro7i, 0. 
-505 Albert Edward.^ 
-506 Helen Isabel.^ 
—507 Jason Walter.^ 

395. Edward Levi Stratton ^ (Levi L./ Eliphalet,^ Stephen,^ 
John,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John ^) married Frances Frantz, June 
4, 1884. Resides in Pittsburg, Pa. 

Children: — Born in Pennsylvania. 

—508 William E.,^ d. aged 1 year. 

—509 Tlmrman.9 

-510 Edith Helen.^ 

399. RiENZiE Holmes Stratton ^ (Leonard B.,' Eliphalet,^ 
Stephen,^ John,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John'^) resides in Thomp- 
sonville, where he married Margarite Heacock, Jan. 30, 1898. 

Children: — Born in Thompsonville, N. Y. 

-511 Dorothy .» 

-512 Earl.9 

419. Frederick Smith Stratton ^ (James T.,"' Jonathan,^ 
Stephen,^ John,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John ^) graduated from the 
Law Department of the University of California in 1881; ap- 
pointed special counsel for the United States in the Alabama 
Claims Commission cases in 1886; attorney for the State Board of 

John Stratton of Easthampton 309 

Harbor Commissioners in San Francisco in 1890-1895. State 
senator for Oakland, 1896-1900, and for several years was col- 
lector of customs at the port of San Francisco. Nov. 13, 1884, he 
married in Oakland Alica T. Lee, daughter of Henry C. and Har- 
riet T. Lee. She died May 16, 1897. June 6, 1899, he married in 
New York Grace Gregory, daughter of S>ilas W. and Grace {Hop- 
kins) Gregory. Resided in Oakland. 
Children: — Born in Oakland, Cal. 

By first marriage. 
—512 Cornelia,^ m. Wm. S. Parker, Aug. 15, 1907. Both are 
graduates of the University of California. 
By second marriage. 
—513 Annie Gregory.'' 
—514 Frederick Smith, Jr.^ 

420, Robert Thompson Stratton ® (James T.,'^ Jonathan,^ 
Stephen,^ John,^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John^) graduated from Jef- 
ferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1886. He resides in 
Oakland, where he has won distinction in his profession, espe- 
cially as a brain specialist, and is surgeon in charge of the Oak- 
land Receiving Hospital. Nov. 20, 1888, he married Gertrude A. 
Walker, daughter of John and Frances [Murry] Walker of Calis- 
toga, Cal. 

Children: — Born in Oakland, Cal. 

—515 Robert Walker.^ 

—516 Irene Frances.^ 

—517 Bernice.^ 

-518 Evelyn.^ 

438. Thurlow Weed Stratton ^ (Oliver,'^ Eliphalet,^ Abra- 
ham,^ Abraham,'^ Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ John'^) was born May 9, 
1851. In 1885 he moved from Clyde, N. Y., to Oakdale, Neb., 
where he was engaged in business, and where he was county 
assessor for three years. In 1905 he moved to Valparaiso, Neb., 
where he is now a produce merchant. He married Kate Margaret 
Wilson, June 9, 1892. They are members of the Presbyterian 

Child: — Born in Oakdale, Neb. 

—519 Oliver Wilson.^ 

444. Emerson Oliver Stratton ^ {John S.,^ Eliphalet,^ Abra- 
ham,^ Abraham,^ Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ John'^) was born Nov. 1, 

310 A Book of Strattons 

1846. He married Carrie Croker Ames, Dec. 15, 1869, daughter 
of Simeon L. Ames of Hyannis, Mass. She was born Nov. 30, 

1847. Residence Tuscon, Arizona. 
Children: — Born in Tuscon. 

—520 Mabel,^ m. Thomas Foot Jones. 

—521 Edith Olive,'-' m. George F. Kitt. 

-522 John Simeon,-' b. July 23, 1881 ; d. Dec. 4, 1887. 

—523 Elmer Willis,'-' m. Evylin Evans, res. Tuscon, Ariz. 

452. Lemuel Nathan Stratton ® (Abrdryi,'' Abraham,^ Abra- 
ham,^ Abraham* Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,- John'^) was born in Bu- 
reau, 111., Dec. 28, 1834. He married Maria Louise Norwood, 
July 9, 1862. He is a Congregational minister; has had charge 
of churches in Syracuse and Pratville, N. Y. Pastor Maplewood 
church, Chicago, for five years. Residence Lockport, 111., where 
he is pastor of the Homer Congregational church. 

Children: — Born in Syracuse, N. Y. 
-524 Owen Lovejoy,^ b. Jan. 22, 1866.* 
+525 Abram Burton.'' 

Bom in Prattville, N. Y. 
-f526 Norwood.'' 

Born in Syracuse, N. Y. 
—527 Avis Claribcll." m. Dr. R. C. Libberton of Chicago. 
—528 Genevive Elizabeth,'' prof, nurse, Englewood Hospital, 

453. Samuel Fay Stratton ® (Abrain,'^ Abraham,^ Abraham,^ 
Abraham,* Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,- John'^), born Aug. 27, 1837. 
Married Florence Lucy Jones, Apr. 3, 1878. Died Sept. 20, 
1883; buried in Burian, 111. 

Children: — Born in Lish, III. 
+529 Samuel Edwards.^ 

Born in Doivness Grove, III. 
—530 Florence Genevive,^ m. DeWitt Shufelt ; res. Minooka, 

-531 Lois Mabel." 

* After a college education and a year at the Oberlin Conservatory 
of Music, he engaged in business for several years. Then, after three 
years study and practice in the Moody Bible Institute, he went, in 1895, 
to China, first as a teacher, then as an agent for an eastern music firm, 
and later gave himself to mission work at Wuhu, China, where his earnest 
devotion to his chosen work and consecrated Christian life greatly en- 
deared him to the people among whom he labored, and enabled him 
to accomplish much good. He died of cholera Aug. 30, 1908. 

John Strattok of Easthampton 311 

455. John Leander Stratton ^ (Abram,' Abraham,^ Abra- 
hcwi,-' Ahraham* Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ John ^) was bom Aug. 
3, 1848; married Calista L. Thompson; res. Ottawa, Kan. 


—532 Marian.9 

—533 Bayard Lucius.^ 

456. Abram Manny Stratton * {Abram," Abraham,^ Abra- 
ham,^ Abraham,'^ Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ John'^) was born in Bu- 
reau, 111., Apr. 27, 1856; res. Carlton, Oregon. 

Children: — Born in Ligonier, Ind. 
—534 Abram Leander,^ res. Reno, Neb. 
-535 Edna.9 

460. George Oliver Stratton ® {David,' Oliver,^ Abraham,^ 
Abraham,^ Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,- John'^) lives at Rheims, Steu- 
ben Co., N. Y. 


-536 Charles D.,^ lived in Woodstock, 111. 

—537 Abram.^ 

461. Oliver Stratton ® {John V.,' Oliver,^ Abraham,^ Abra- 
ham,'*' Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ John ^) was born in Bath and now 
resides in Kanona, N. Y. 


-538 John,s b. Sept. 1, 1888; d. aged 8 years. 

-539 Fred.9 

—540 Lizzie.^ 

—541 Archie.^ 

481. William Cornelius Stratton ^ {Jonathan,^ Cornelius,'' 
Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ Cornelius,'^ John'^) mar- 
ried Mary Barnes Hopkins, July 16, 1893. They reside in 
Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children: — Born in Binghamton. 

-542 Ethel May.^^ 

-543 William.^" 

495. Walter Stratton ^ {William,^ Joseph,'' Eli,^ Joseph,^ 
John,* Joseph,^ Cornelius,- John ^) married Daisy Hoover, and 

lives in Mt. Sterling, Ohio. 

312 A Book of Strattons 

—544 Louise.^" 
-545 Russell.i*^ 
-546 IMay.i'^ 

526. Abram Burton Strattox ^ [Lemuel N.^ Ahram,' Abra- 
ham,'^ Abraham,^ Abraham,'^ Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,^ John''-) mar- 
ried Carrie May Helmer, May 27, 1891. He lives in Chicago 
where he is attorney for the Armour Packing Co. 

Children: — Born in Wheaton, III. 
—547 Bernice Elizabeth." 
-548 Helen Helmer." 
Born in Chicago. 
-549 Olive Hazel.° 

527. Norwood Strattox ^ {Lemuel N.,^ Abram,'' Abraham,^ 
Abraham,^ Abraham,* Eliphalet,^ Cornelius,- John ^) married 
Ellen Stewart, June 28, 1903. He resides in Chicago and is con- 
nected with the Armour Packing Co. He is a member of the 
Sons of the American Revolution. 

Children: — Born in Chicago. 
—550 Gretchen Avis." 
—551 Norwood Stewart.^** 

529. Samuel Edwards Strattox ^ {Samuel F.,^ Abram,'' 
Abraham,^ Abraham,^ Abraham,* Eliphalct,^ Cornelius,^ John ^) 
resides in Benton City, Mo., where he has won a reputation as a 
farmer and stockman — a breeder of fine cattle. He married Ella 
May Piatt, Nov. 10, 1892, who died Sept. 27, 1893. Jan. 11, 1899, 
he married Hattie C. Campbell. 

Children: — Born in Massena, Iowa. 
By second marriage. 

-552 Samuel Walter." 

—553 Winifred Alveretta." 

r ^ 



{Chart K, Vol. I) 
"Genealogy helps to solve many ■problems in history." W. H. Mills. 

AS John Stratton owned land in Woodbury in 1682 he must 
have been at least twenty-one years old at that time. 
He may have been much older. As he received four "lay outs" 
of land he seems to have been a man of some prominence in the 
colony. Whether a son of some earlier emigrant or an ''after- 
planter" from England, the most thorough study that the com- 
piler has been able to make has failed to reveal. It is still hoped 
that future research will discover his parentage, either here or 
in England.* Recently a few additional items have been found 
concerning some of his descendants in the third and fourth gen- 
eration. (See page 226, Vol. I.) They are here given: 

4. John Stratton ^ moved with his family to his father's 
homestead on Main St. in Stratford, June 11, 1807. The com- 
piler has found no other mention of him or his family. Some 
think that he settled in Vermont.f 

6. Thomas Stratton ^ lived in Stratford village, where he 
died in July, 1787. Did he leave children? 

* Among his descendants the tradition is current that their English 
ancestor came first to Long Island, and then to Connecticut — and this 
seems most probable. The compiler has found nothing to indicate that 
this branch of Strattons came from Concord. 

t A John Barlow Stratton was born in North Stratford, May 2, 1785, 
and man-ied Lorenda Couger in St. Albans, Vt., March 31, 1814. He 
became a widely known and much loved minister in the Methodist 
Episcopal Church — was Presiding Elder for many years. He held charges 
from 1812 to 1863 at St. Albans, Ticonderoga, Plattsburg, Middleburg, 
New York City, Saratoga, Troy, Sag Harbor, and Brooklyn. He died 
in Jonesville, Saratoga Co., N. Y., in March 1863, after only three days' 
sickness. "He was faithful in eveiy field of labor, true to everj' interest 
committed to him." He left no descendants. Whose son was he? 


314 A Book of Strattons 

14. David Str-\tton ■* married, first, Dec. 28, 1780, Mary 
French at Trumbull; second, Apr. 7, 1783, Olive Treadwell. 
Nothing more has been found of him in Connecticut, and he too 
may have settled in Vermont. 

15. Thomas Stratton * {ThoiJias,^ Thomas^- John'^) was a 
Revolutionary soldier, serving in Col. Sam Whiting's regt. Conn. 
Militia, in campaign at Fishkill. 

17. John Stratton * {Thomas,^ Thomas,- John'^) married, 
first, Mary Burrough. See Vol. I, p. 229. Their children were: 
—32 John William, b. July, 1806. What became of him? 
—33 Elizabeth, m. Albert Burritt. 
—34 Joseph, b. Mar. 21, 1810; m. Antoinette Kellogg Nash, 

d. of William and Emeline (Lockwood) Nash, Sept. 

12, 1867, and resided in Stratford. 

24. David Stratton ^ (David,^ Thomas,- John^) married 
Aurilla Biersley, and lived in Bridgeport. Information concern- 
ing him and his family is wanted. 

27. Robert Chapman Stratton * had (in addition to the 
children given on p. 230, Vol. I) a daughter Mary, who married 
William Baldwin in 1834. His daughter Aurilla (Stratton) Reed 
died in Los Angeles Nov. 2, 1908. She always claimed that she 
was a relative of Horace Greeley. How related? 

fifth generation 

28. Samuel Edwards Stratton^ (Thomas,* Thomas,^ 
Thomas,- John'^) was born Mar. 8, 1778, in Trumbull, near 
Bridgeport, Conn.* For many years he was an iron and steel 
merchant in Bridgeport of the firm of "Brooks and Stratton," on 
Water Street. His house is still standing, No. 1044 North 
Avenue, formerly "Kings High Way," the old road from Boston 
to New York. Here all his children were born. After his second 
marriage he moved into a new house on Commerce Street. He 
was a man of considerable wealth for that time and place.f He 

* This is the date of birth given in the church records at Trumbull. 
The same source gives April 18, 1779, as date of his baptism. 

t When P. T. Barnum was a manufacturer and dealer in clocks at 
Bridgeport, Mr. Stratton signed papers for his security for borrowed 
money to the amount of $10,000. 

John Stratton of Woodbury 315 

was head warden in St. John's Episcopal Church until Christ's 
Church was built when he became a member there. He was 
Worshipful Master in the Masonic lodge, and was elected to 
several town offices. He married, first, Elizabeth Powell, and 
second, Lamira Beers, about 1846. He died in 1861, and was 
buried with Masonic honors. 

Children: — Born in Trumbull, Conn. 

By first marriage. 
+49 Samuel Edwards,^ b. 1815; d. 1859. 

—50 Shelton,*^ m. his cousin Laurena Stratton (No. 60) ; d. in 
1866. Had one son Shelton B.,' who died in youth, 
and a daughter Catharine F.,' who married George 
—51 Mary, m. John Beach. 
+52 George Smith, b. 1826. 

29. Seth Sherwood Stratton ^ {Thomas* Thomas,^ 
Thomas,- John'^) was born at Trumbull in 1782. He lived in 
Bridgeport. He married Amy Sharp of Oxford, Conn. She was 
born in 1783, and died Aug. 6, 1843. He died Oct. 12, 1831. Both 
are buried near Easton, Conn., where gravestones stand to their 

Children: — Born in Bridgeport, Conn. 

+53 Seth Le Grand,^ b. 1805. 

—54 Lucretia,*' m. Alonzo Hayes. 

+55 Sherwood Edwards.*' 

—56 Daniel Sharp,*' d. Oct., 1813, aged 1 year, 9 mos. 

+57 Daniel Sharp,« b. 1817. 

—58 Henry Thomas,*' m. Caroline Mills; lived in Bridgeport; 
chn. Nellie,' Fred,' Emma." 

—59 Lossena ^ (twin), m. Peet. 

—60 Laurena^ (twin), m. her cousin Shelton Stratton. 

37. Marcus Stratton ^ {Daniel,'^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ John^) 

was born in Milford, Conn., Sept. 5, 1811. He married Mrs. 

Sarah S. (Curtis) Williams, Apr. 13, 1834. They lived in 5^- 

Ie3?<^, Stratford and New Haven; members of the Methodist 

Episcopal Church. He died in ^3.^^, Aug. 9, 1898. liSlAAT fh}KK\ t'C} 

Children: — Born m JS^orc?, Conn. SVy'^"/. /^"i^^C. 

—61 Margaret Elizabeth,*' b. Apr. 17, 1844. Educated in 

Stratford and New Haven, taught in the public 

schools in Conn., then in the South for 10 years, doing 

316 A Book of Strattons 

pioneer work among the freedmen of Fla. and Va. 

Graduated Oberlin, 0., 1879; made A.M., 1882. Asst. 

Principal Woman's Dept., Oberlin, 1878-82. Prof. 

English and Rhetoric, Wellesley, 1883-95. Dean of 

AVellesley, 1886-98. Dean of Woman's University of 

Colorado, 1901-1904. Spent the years, 1885, 1892-3, 

1899-1900, 1905, 1908-9 in Europe. 
—62 Henry Warren, d. in Seymour, Conn., Jan. 26, 1903. 
—63 Althia J., m. Alfred Curtis ; d. in Stratford Jan. 17, 1881. 
—64 Frederick, enlisted in volunteer U. S. Army; in service 

from Aug., 1862, to May, 1865, first as private, then 

corporal, sergeant, lieutenant. 

40. David Gould Stratton ^ {Daniel* Thomas,^ Thomas,^ 
John^) was born in Milford Apr. 9, 1819. He was a contractor 
and builder. June 30, 1844, he married Elizabeth Potter Clark, 
daughter of Williain Holt and Susan (Potter) Clark of New 
London. She died in 1894. He died May 28, 1906, at the home 
of his daughter in New York City. For nearly 70 years he was 
a member and earnest worker in the Methodist Episcopal church, 
often occupying the pulpit as local preacher.* Both are buried 
in New London. 


—65 Mary Elizabeth, m. T. L. Dresenberre; res. New York 

44. Allen Stratton ^ (Robert C.,* David,^ Thomas,- John ^) 
was born Nov. 9, 1813, and died in Highland, N. Y., June 2, 1895. 
He married Eliza N. Buckhout, daughter of John A. and Tem- 
perence (Ellsworth) Buckhout, May 17, 1848. She died in 1857. 
They were married in Paltz, N. Y., by Rev. J. B. Stratton. At 
the time of his marriage he was engaged in the shoe business in 
Maiden Lane, New York City. His health failing, he bought a 
farm in Connecticut, where he lived for five or six years, then 
removed to Lewisburg (now Highlands) where he built a home 
and became engaged in the shipping business, in which business 
he remained until he retired in 1885, being master and owner of 
a sailing vessel. Both Mr. and Mrs. Stratton are buried in High- 
land cemetery. 

* His mother (see p. 229, Vol. I) was a daughter of Samuel (Rev. soldier) 
and Eimice Gould Ware (or Wier) of Melford — a woman of great strength 
of character, and an ardent Methodist. She was born in 1785. 

John Stratton of Woodbury 317 

Children: — Born m Connecticut. 

—66 John Buckhout,*^ b. Oct. 6, 1849; d. aged 5 mos. 

—67 John Jay,'' b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; master and pilot of 
steamboat plying the waters of New York Harbor, 
Long Island Sound and Hudson River; m. Mary J. 
Colbert; res. Jersey City. Their only child, Edward 
Allen,^ died May 28, 1883, aged 10 mos. 

—68 James Emory ,^ b. Ulster Co., N. Y.; m. Minnie A. J. 
Baker, 1902, in N. Y. City; master and pilot of 
steamboat plying Hudson River, N. Y. Harbor and 
coastwise. They have two children, Helen '^ and 

49. Samuel Edwards Stratton ^ {Samuel E.,^ Thoinas,^ 
Thomas,^ Thomas,- John^) was born in Bridgeport, Conn., in 
1815. At the age of 21 he went to Columbia, S. C, where he 
engaged in the boot and shoe business, and later became a dealer 
in general merchandise. He married Martha A. Nutting, daugh- 
ter of George and Mary (Campbell) Nutting. She was born in 
Columbia May 15, 1815.* In 1849 Mr. Stratton, with others in 
Columbia, "caught the California fever." Going to New York, 
they took passage on a sailing vessel, went around Cape Horn, 
and reached San Francisco after a voyage of 151 days, stopping 
8 days on the island of Juan Fernandez. After a few weeks' 
prospecting foi" gold in the mountains, Mr. Stratton was taken 
sick, and advised to return home at once. Arriving in New York, 
he went to Bridgeport, and remained with his parents for two 
months before he was able to return to his southern home. He 
never recovered his health. He died in Jan., 1859, in Columbia. 
Children: — Born in Columbia, S. C. 
—69 Imogene Elizabeth, b. 1839; d. Apr., 1853. 
—70 Samuel Edwards, resides in Columbia, where for about 
20 years he was a merchant. For several years 
served his native city and county as a Trial Justice 
and for about 35 years has been Notary Public. In 
politics he is a National Republican; attends the 
Episcopal church. Served in Co. C, 1st Regt., S. C. 

* George Nutting was born in Boston, and Mary Campbell in North 
Carolina. Their daughter, Martha (Nutting) Stratton, inherited a fine 
old place in Columbia, which became the home of the Strattons there. 
The house was built in 1792, and until about 1820 was the principal hotel 
in Columbia, in which Washington and Lafayette had rooms when they 
visited the city. The house was burned to the ground a few years ago. 

318 A Book of Strattons 

Vol. Infantry, Bragg and McGowan's Brigade, under 
command of Gen. Stonewall Jackson, in Virginia. 

—71 Ida S., m. Jesse Elsrode, Aug. 17, 1856; res. Hemp- 
stead, Md. 

—72 Walter Sherwood, res. Columbia; clerk in So. R. R. Co.; 
served in Co. K, 3rd Regt., S. C. Vol. State troops. 

—73 William Stanley, with Union News Co., Columbia. 

—74 Issoline M., m. 1st, James D. Gillman; 2nd, Dr. L. K. 
Philpot; res. Columbia, S. C. 

-75 Evelyn L., b. Dec. 4, 1856; d. Feb. 4, 1857. 

52. George Smith Stratton ^ {Samuel E.,^ Thomas,^ 
TJiomas,^ Thomas,- John^) was born in Aug., 1826, and died in 
Bridgeport in 1870. May 5, 1847, he married Eliza Wooley, 
daughter of Joseph and Fannie (Buroughs) Wooley of Bridge- 
port.* They lived in the old Stratton homestead on North Ave- 
nue, and their children were born there. 

Children: — Born in Bridgeport, Conn. 

—76 Harriet Ann," b. Feb. 1, 1845; m. Alfred Stockbridge; 

res. Philadelphia, Pa. 
—77 Charles Sanford,' b. 1847; d. unm. in Bridgeport. 
—78 William George,' d. abt. 1867. No issue. 
—79 Frederick Stephen," b. Mar. 10, 1858; m. Elizabeth 

Wood in 1888; res. Hartford, Conn. 
—80 Samuel Buroughs," m. Lizzie Bower; res. Asbury Park, 

N. J. 
—81 Nathaniel Augustus," res. Melrose, Mass. 
—82 Joseph J.,' d. in New York City, aged 21 years. 
—83 Mary E.,^ d. 1875, aged 8 years. 
—84 Jennie Martha," m. May 18, 1878, William E. Tucker 

of Hartford, a Civil War soldier. Their daughter, 

Ola May Tucker, m. William Clift of Brooklyn. 

53. Setii LeGrand Stratton *^ iSeth S.,'^ Tho77ias* Thomas,^ 
Thomas,- John'^) was born in Bridgeport, Conn., July 21, 1805. 
He married Nancy Soule Stelson in 1828. By trade he was a 
carpenter. They lived for awhile in Cleveland, N. Y., and then 
returned to Bridgeport. 


-85 Joan,^ b. Mar. 8, 1829; d. May 3, 1841. 

-86 Jane," b. Aug. 16, 1832; d. June 10, 1845. 

* Fannie Buroughs was a daughter of Capt. Isaac Buroughs, of local 

John Stratton of Woodbury 319 

—87 Adaline Frances,' b. Nov. 30, 1833; d. May 7, 1869; 

m. George B. Hinman, Feb. 15, 1852. 
-88 Augusta Gould," b. Sept. 22, 1835 ; m. Charles E. Marks, 

Nov. 25, 1855. 
+89 George Smith,' b. 1837. 
+90 Seth LeGrand, Jr.' 
—91 Nancy,' d. 1843, aged 1 year. 
+92 John Henry.^ 

55. Sherwood Edwards Stratton ® {Seth S.,^ Thomas,*^ 
Thomas,^ Thovias,- John M lived in Bridgeport and West Haven. 
He married Cynthia Thompson, who died in New Haven Mar. 
26, 1884, aged 74 years. 

Children: — Born in Bridgeport, Conn. 

—93 Frances Jane,' m. 1st, Theodore Hubbell; 2nd, Royal 

Bassett, of Derby, Mar. 26, 1859. 
—94 Mary Elizabeth," m. William H. Bassett. 
-95 Charles Sherwood," "Tom Thumb," b. Jan. 4, 1838; m. 
Minnie Warren Bump of Middleborough, Conn., 
Feb. 10, 1863. He died July 15, 1883. A marble 
monument, surmounted by a full length statue, marks 
his burial place in Bridgeport. 
+96 William Edward," b. 1852. 

57. Daniel Sharp Stratton ^ {Seth S.,^ Thoinas,^ Thomas,^ 
Thomas- John^} was born in 1817. He lived in Bridgeport, 
and was a tinsmith by trade. He married, first, Susan Curtis, 
May 29, 1839; second, Mary Hall, Mar. 19, 1848. He died Dec. 

21, 1894. 

Children: — Born in Bridgeport, Conn. 

—97 Sarah Elizabeth," b. 1840; m. Frank Booth. 

—98 Edward Curtis,^ b. Jan. 19, 1847; unm. 

By second marriage. 
-99 Clifford Hall," b. Sept. 18, 1860; m. Sept. 20, 1882, 
Catherine E. Kinder. 

89. George Smith Stratton ' {Seth L.,® Seth S.,^ Thomas,^ 
Thomas,^ Thomas,- John \) was born June 25, 1837. He married, 
first, Cordelia Osborn; married, second, Hattie Russell, May 

22, 1860. 
Children : 

By first marriage. 
—100 Cornet Stetson," d. aged 10 years. 

320 A Book of Strattons 

—101 Jane,' m. Robert Parmer. 

By second marriage, 
—102 Charles Russell," m. Grace M. Burlock; no children; 
res. Palm Beach, Fla. 

90. Seth LeGr.\nd Stratton, Jr.^ {Seth L.,« Seth S.,^ 
Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,- John ^) was born Sept. 8, 1841. He 
married Louise Hubbell, daughter of Reuben J. Hubbell, Oct. 12, 
1865. He was a carpenter by trade. He died in Bridgeport 
June 24, 1907. 

Children: — Born in Bridgeport, Conn. 

—103 Elwood Everett,* a printer, of Bridgeport; m. Isabelle 
Bloss, d. of John J. Bloss, in 1896; ch. Clifford 

—104 Earl L.,^ m. Grace Osborne, 1903; res. Bridgeport; 
ch: Raymond Osborne. 

—105 Arthur C.,« b. 1866; d. in infancy. 

-106 Edward,^ b. 1869; d. in infancy. 

—107 Howard,® b. 1872; d. in infancy. 

-108 Walter M.,« b. 1875; d. 1876. 

—109 Amy Elizabeth,® b. 1881 ; d. aged 4 years. 

92. John Henry Stratton ^ (Seth L.,^ Seth S.,^ Thomas,"^ 
Thomas,^ Thomas,- John^) was born June 24, 1843. He was a 
Civil War soldier from Aug. 25, 1861, to Sept. 4, 1864, Co. I, 
6th Regt. He married, first, Mary C. Stafford, Oct. 12, 1871. 
She died Feb. 6, 1875. He married, second, Margaret Green. 
He resides in Holyoke, Mass. 


By first marriage. 

110 Mabelle,® m. Frederic Darwin Thorpe, Nov. 29, 1890; 
res. Holyoke. 

96. William Edward Stratton ^ (Sherwood E.,^ Seth S.,^ 
Thomas,* Thomas,^ Thomas,'^ John^) was born Sept. 24, 1852, in 
Bridgeport, Conn. He married Emily D. Cook, daughter of 
Chauncy M. Cook, Aug. 20, 1873. He resides in New Haven. 
He is a prominent member of the Knights of Pythias. 


—111 Levinea Adella, m. Oliver Frederick Roberts. 

—112 Ida, m. Frank Peckingham. 

—113 Edward D., m. Jeneth Lydia Hungerford. 


(Chart L, Vol. I) 

"The use of arms is closely connected with the study oj genealogy." 

Dallaway, A.D. 1793. 

THE little we know of William Stratton of Windsor seems 
to indicate that he was a man of some standing in his day 
and time. W^indsor, it will be remembered, was one of the settle- 
ments made by Massachusetts people — emigrants who objected 
to the law which refused the right to vote to those not members 
of the Puritan church, and who desired to form communities 
where all might have the franchise. For two or more decades 
there was a constant movement from the older Massachuetts 
towns to the newer settlements in the fertile Connecticut Valley. 
In many cases they were joined by the sons of the earliest settlers 
on Long Island. From either one of these sources William 
Stratton, or his parents, may have come, for we know of Strattons 
whose names early disappeared from the records of these older 
settlements and who have not been definitely located elsewhere. 
(See pages 71, 92, 104, Vol. I.) 

If he was an "after-planter," coming as a young man from 
England, a research there might discover his ancestry. Some will, 
administration or court record there might identify him as the 
William Stratton of this Connecticut colony.* 

Of the seven sons of Martin Stratton ^ (Serajah,^ William ^) of 
Simsbury, Conn, (see p. 233, Vol. I) six are known to have left 
Connecticut soon after the Revolution and settled in Pennsyl- 
vania or New York.f It is believed that Martin ^ came also, 
with his sons, to Bradford Co., Pa., and died there. The compiler 

* There is a tradition that William Stratton of Windsor belonged to an 
armigerous line. The compiler has found a coat-of-arms in several 
families, but has been unable to discover its origin. It seems to have 
been used by them for several generations. 

t Recent research shows that Phineas Stratton ■* (Martin,'^ Scraiah,^ 
WiUiam^)\\as born May 24, 1786, married Camilla Taylor, daughter of 
Wm. and Abigail (Case) Taylor and granddaughter of David Case, Jr., 


322 A Book of Strattons 

has found no official record of military service of Martin Strat- 
ton ^ but family tradition says that he was a ''Revolutionary 
patriot, who bankrupted himself to supply the army with flour." 
The official Revolutionary records of Connecticut are far from 
complete. It is verj' probable that he, like many Connecticut 
soldiers, received land grants for his service to his country and 
that he and his sons settled on these grants in Pennsylvania 
and New York.* 

When Vol. I was issued only two children of Martin * [Mar- 
tin^) had been found — Samuel ^ and Martha ^ (p. 234), Re- 
cently the compiler has come across six others as follows: 

Children of Martin Stratton^: — Born in Bradford Co., Pa. 

+24 Samuel.^ 

-25 Martha.^ 

+25a Hiram.^ 

—25b Nancy Elizabeth,^ m. John Bloom of Burlington, Pa, 

—25c Hannah/' m. Anson Simmons of Ulster, Pa., and moved 
to Indiana. 

— 25d Esther ^ (or Hester) , m. Loren Kingsbury. 

— 25e Caroline,^ m. John Muncy; lived in Wells, Ind. 

— 25f Mary,^ m. George Simmons, and moved to Indiana. 


24. Samuel Stratton ^ {Martin* Alartin,^ Serajah,- Wil- 
liain'^) was born in North Towanda Feb. 19, 1808. He was a 
farmer and millwright and lived all his life on the old home- 
stead where he died, aged nearly ninety years. He married 
Euphrasia Foster, Apr. 17, 1846. They were connected with the 
Methodist Episcopal church. The old homestead, built by Mar- 
tin * about 1798, is now owned by his granddaughter. A modern 
porch was recently added. 

Children: — Born in North Towanda, Pa. 

+59 Porter,'' b. 1849; res. North Towanda. 

—60 Mary J.,*' m. John B. Taylor, May 31, 1868; their d. 
Katherine m. Manford Granger and resides in N. 

of Simsbuiy. They settled in Delaware Co., N. Y., where he died Feb. 
28, 1875. His will mentions onlj- wife Camilla, and daughter, Helen 

*The compiler has recently been informed that a tombstone stands to 
the memory of Martin Stratton* and his wife, Rebecca, at "Riverside," 

■>.%-•' ■ — ■- 


Timothy Strattox, 8r. (1772-1853) 
Page 235. Vol. I. 

Copy of oriiiiiial drawiiiji furnished l)v his groat frraiulson, 
M. B. S'tratton. Page 339. 

William Stratton of Windsor 323 

—61 Florence,*' m. Marshall B. Wheeler; owns and occupies 

the old homestead. 
—62 Ellen,^ m. Daniel Hiney, 
—63 Harry ,« d. Mar. 23, 1864, aged 2 years. 
-64 Eliza Jane,« b. May 11, 1865; m. Charles Chambers, 

Aug. 16, 1884; res. Coming, N. Y. 
—65 William J.,« b. July 28, 1866; d. unm. in Philadelphia 

June 4, 1906. 
—66 Martin Samuel,** b. June 23, 1870; a carpenter; unm.; 

res. in Towanda. 
-67 Annie,** d. Jan. 17, 1872. 
—68 John B.,** b. June 5, 1873; m. Nancy Bailey; res. Sayer, 

Pa.; no children. 

25a. Hiram Str.\tton ^ (Martin* Martin,^ Serajah,'^ Wil- 
Imm^) was born in North Towanda in 1804. As a boy he 
worked in the mill of his father built on Sugar Creek, Bradford 
Co., Pa. He learned the carpenter's trade and was a good 
mechanic. Later he engaged in the lumber business along the 
Susquehanna River. In 1841 he moved to Benton Co., Mo., 
where he died Dec. 9, 1881. He married Olive Parmelia 
Stewart. She died Mar. 17, 1898. In 1861 they went to Iowa, 
but returned to Benton Co. in 1867. 

Children: — Borri in Bradford Co., Pa. 

—69 Louisa,** never married. 

+70 Myron L.,« b. 1837; d. 1872. 

+71 Stewart C.,« b. 1836; d. 1906. 

+72 George B.« 

Born in Senaca Co., 0. 

—73 Emma,^ d. unm. in Benton Co., 1903. 
Born in Logan Co., 0. 

—74 Wilson Harvey,® d. unm. in 1906. 

—75 Kennie,® m. Andy J. Stewart ; res. Lincoln, Neb. 

—76 Olive Parmelia,** m. Thomas J, League. 

27. Curtis Philander Stratton ^ {Cephas,* Martin,^ Sera- 
jah,'' William^) was born Dec. 31, 1799, in Ulster, Bradford Co., 
Pa. He married Lavinia Fields Fitch in 1820 in Tiago Co., 
Pa., where they lived for about fifteen years. He was a mill- 
wright and wheelwright. Eighteen hundred and thirty-six and 
1837 they spent in Cincinnati, Ohio, and then moved to Jefferson 
Co., Ind., where they lived another fifteen years. In 1852 Mr. 

324 A Book of Strattons 

Stratton and his eldest son went to California, remaining about 
one year, and then settling in Oregon where they were followed 
by the rest of the family in 1854. He died in Salem, Oregon, 
Feb. 26, 1873. He was a devout Methodist. 
Children: — Boryi in Tiago Co., Pa. 
—77 Riley Evans,*' b. June 30, 1821; m. Sarah Dearborn; 

d. in Oregon Dec. 26, 1866; judge of the Supreme 

Bench. No children. 
—78 Brittania,*' d. in childhood. 
-79 Delia C.,« b. Oct. 8, 1826; m. 1st, Wm. Van Winkle, 

in 1845; m. 2ud, James Patton, in 1851; d. July 11, 

—80 Roxana,*' d. aged 9 years. 
—81 Susan Victoria,*' b. 1831; d. 1891; m. Harvey Gorden 

in 1853, who died about 1863; m. 2nd, Andrew 

+82 Charles C.,*' b. 1833; d. 1910. 
+83 Horace F.,« b. 1835; d. 1906. 

Born in Jefferson Co., Ind. 
+84 Milton A.,*' b. 1838; d. 1895. 
—85 Lura Melvina,*' b. May 10, 1840; d. in 1886; m. 1st, 

Chas. H. Evans, 1859; m. 2nd, Arch Simmons, 1866. 
—86 Augusta Josephine,*' b. Aug. 20, 1842; m. Dr. Samuel 

Whitemore, Nov. 9, 1864; res. Seattle, Washington. 
+87 Julius A.,« b. Oct. 13, 1844. 
—88 Irene Haseltine," b. 1847; m. Paris L. Willis; res. 

Portland, Oregon. 

28. Orange Stratton ^ (Cephas* Martin,^ Serajah,- Wil- 
liam ^) was born Sept. 15, 1800, near Blossburg, Bradford Co., 
Pa. At the age of 21 he went West, stopping in Cummingsville, 
a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Here he married Isabella Long, 
the daughter of James and Sarah Long, Sept. 29, 1824. Six years 
later they removed to Christiansburg, Miami Co., Ohio, where 
they bought a farm and resided the remainder of their lives. He 
died Nov. 1, 1876. 

Children: — Born in Cummingsville, Ohio. 

-89 William L.,*' b. July 16, 1825; d. Mar. 4, 1831. 

+90 Mihon S.,*' b. 1827; d. 1876. 

—91 David Furgerson,^ b. Nov. 8, 1829; ra. Sarah J. French, 
Jan. 9, 1864; d. in Addison, O., July 18, 1870. Left 
no children. 

William Stratton of Windsor 325 

Bor7i in C hristiansburg , 0. 
+92 John R.,« b. 1831 ; d. 1905. 
+93 James H.,*^ b. 1833. 
+94 DeWitt C.,« b. 1835. 

-95 Elizabeth J.,« b. Nov. 18, 1837; d. Sept. 26, 1843. 
—96 Huldah M.,*' b. Oct. 31, 1839; m. John E. Walker, 

Dec. 1, 1864; res. Casstown, Ohio. 
-97 Sarah D.,« b. Sept. 21, 1841; m. Josiah N. Wiley, Sept. 

11, 1866; d. Sept. 19, 1868. 
—98 Jasper N.,« b. May 19, 1843; d. Mar. 20, 1854. 
-99 Martha H.,« b. Feb. 3, 1846; d. July 27, 1905. 

31. Martin Stratton ^ {Sephas* Martin,^ Serajah,"^ Wil- 
liam ^) was born in 1806. In 1832 he married Elizabeth Holden. 

—100 Daniel H.,« b. Jan. 1, 1834; m. May C. Scott, 1859. 
—101 Myron S.,« killed on the railroad, 1893. 

There were other children. The compiler would be glad to get 
into communication with any of the family. 

33. Myron Stratton ^ {Cephas,^ Martin,^ Serajah,^ Wil- 
liam ^) was born in North Towanda, Bradford Co., Pa., in 1812. 
When six years old his father removed with his family to Cum- 
mingsville, 0. About 1835 he settled in Jeffersonville, Ind., 
where for over half a century he was an active business man, a 
prominent and highly respected citizen, and for forty-six years a 
devoted member of the Christian Church. Oct. 30, 1838, he 
married Mary Anna Halstead, Bishop Nathan Field officiating. 
She was born Apr. 19, 1820, and died in Jeffersonville Nov. 26, 
1865, when her youngest child was but three years old. "A dear 
companion, a devoted, self-denying mother, an affectionate sister, 
a true friend and a devout Christian." Mr. Stratton was a 
member of the old boat-building firm of "Logan & Stratton," 
which built many of the swift cruisers which navigated the waters 
of the Ohio and Mississippi prior to 1860. Retiring early from 
active business with what was then considered a very comfortable 
fortune, he settled down to private life. His energ>^ and popu- 
larity, however, would not long permit him to remain in ob- 
scurity, and he was elected to represent his party in the City 
Council. Here his untiring zeal and interest in the welfare of 

326 A Book of Strattons 

the city made him one of the most important members. He 
was elected and re-elected until he had served twenty-one years 
in that body. He was a member of the Jeffersonville Lodge of 
Odd Fellows and a Mason, and after retiring from business gave 
a good deal of time to these societies. Oct. 3, 1869, he married, 
second, Helen T. Cline, who died in Louisville in 1876. He died 
in Jeffersonville Nov. 10, 1885, of a stroke of paralysis, and his 
estate was divided equally among the four children then living.* 
Children: — Born in Jeffersonville, Ind. 

By first marriage. 
—102 Diantha Jane,« b. 1839; d. Mar. 10. 1865; unm. 
—103 Harriett Newell,« b. May 9, 1841 ; d. June 16, 1901 ; m. 

Alfred Warner Hamblin. 
—104 James Augustus,® d. in infancy. 
—105 William Riley,® d. in infancy. 

—106 Anna Augusta,® b. Nov., 1846; d. Aug. 24, 1894; m. 
George W. Chamberlin. The compiler is indebted 
to their daughter. Miss Pearle Chamberlin, for the 
portrait of Myron Stratton. 
+107 Winfield Scott.® " 

-108 Mary Anne,® b. Sept. 22, 1851 ; d. unm. Oct. 26, 1877. 
—109 Hannah Virginia,® b. Oct. 29, 1853; m. Harry Hender- 
son Cobb, May 13, 1873, at Jeffersonville, Ind.; res. 
San Jose, Cal. Their daughter, Lillian, who gave 
the compiler much help on this line, m. Gentry 
—110 Luella,® d. at the age of 6 years, Dec. 28, 1860. 
—Ill Jesse Eliza,® d. at the age of 3 years, Dec. 31, 1860. 
—112 Ada Carman,® d. at the age of 1 year, Jan. 13, 1861. 
—113 Frank Myron,® b. May 24, 1862; d. aged 4 years. 

37. Stephen Curry Stratton^ (Timothy,- Martin,^ Sera- 
jah,~ William ^) was born in Bradford Co., Pa., Feb. 10, 1800, and 
died Nov. 29, 1836. He married Harriet Holcomb. He moved 

* The records of the Citj' of Jeffersonville show that Myron Stratton 
served his city as follows: 

Councilman from 5th Ward, 1848-1852. 

Councilman from 4th Ward, 1853-1854, 1857-1873. 

School Trustee, 1854-1861. 

A monument was erected to his memory on the Stratton lot in Eastern 
Cemeter>-, Jeffersonville, and the trustees were given $500, the interest to 
be used in keeping up the lot. 

William Stratton of Windsor 327 

from Ohio to Illinois. He is believed to have left children, infor- 
mation of whom is desired.* 

38. Timothy Stratton ^ {Timothy,^ Martin,^ Serajah,^ 
Willicmi'^) was born in Bradford Co., Pa., Mar. 4, 1802, and 
moved with his parents to Springfield, Ohio, when he was 14 
years of age. He married Elizabeth Lane in 1828. In 1838 they 
settled in Joy Co., Ind., obtaining land there through the Gov- 
ernment office at Fort Wayne. This farm is still in possession of 
the Strattons. The old house built in 1839 has been torn down, 
but the barn 40x60 feet is still standing, the first barn built in 
that section of the country. 

Children: — Born in Clark Co., Ohio. 

+114 Stephen A.,« b. 1830. 

—115 Robert L.,« d. in Nebraska City, 1856. 

—116 Elizabeth Ellen,« b. Nov. 28, 1835; d. aged 11 years. 
Bom in Joy Co., Ind. 

+117 Isaac N.,« b. 1839. 

+118 Lewis r.,« b. 1841. 

+119 Cyrus M.,« b. 1847. 

-120 Casper B.,'' b. Nov. 16, 1849; d. May 21, 1850. 

-121 Mary J.,^ b. Nov. 26, 1852; d. Oct. 24, 1858. 

40. William Stratton ^ (Timothy,* Martin,^ Serajah,^ Wil- 
liam ^) was born May 29, 1807. He married and lived for awhile 
at Yellow Springs, Ohio, and then moved to Joy Co., Ind., where 
he was a farmer. 


—122 Charlotte, m. Joseph LaFollette; res. Portland, Ind, 

— 123 Isaac, a soldier in the Civil War, from Joy Co. His 
children resided at Redkey, Ind. 

—124 George. 

—125 Henry. 

* A letter from Stephen Curry Stratton, written to his father from Fulton 
Co., 111., dated June 22, 1827, tells of the fine crops they have on their 
newly cleared land, and their "market in three ways." One way was to 
St. Louis, about two hundred miles, where they could get all family 
necessities; another to the lead mines, about two hundred miles to the 
north, and then "our market to Chicaugoe, about two hundred and fifty 
miles, is going to be our best market. A great many cattle are drove 
there now. They have erected a slauter-house there where they pack 
porke and beef and ship to New York." 

328 A Book of Strattons 

41. Henry Spadden Stratton ^ [Timothy,* Martin,^ Sara- 
jah,- William^), born May 11, 1809; died Apr. 7, 1905; married 
Rebecca Hendricks. 

Children: — Born in Clark Co., 0. 

-126 David Fredrick," b. Apr. 15, 1837. 

—127 Timothy Lewis,*^ b. June 1, 1838. 

Born in Joy Co., Ind. 
—128 ^\'illiam Henry,'^ b. Nov. 29, 1839; d. at Memphis Mar. 

1, 1863; a Federal soldier. 
—129 Euphema Moody ," b. June 11, 1841. 
-130 Solon Curtis," b. Dec. 24, 1842; d. at Holly Springs, 

Dec. 2, 1862; a Federal soldier. 
-131 John Hawkins," b. Feb. 13, 1844. 
—132 Finley Robert," b. Nov. 9, 1845. 
—133 Laura Louise," b. May 22, 1847. 
-134 Milton Lycurgus," b. Oct. 21, 1848; d. Jan. 2, 1884. 
-135 Rebecca Jane," b. Oct. 15, 1850; d. Apr. 22, 1885. 
-136 Florine Leon," b. July 12, 1854; d. July 5, 1861. 
—137 Emma Fola," b. May 30, 1859; d. Nov. 10, 1863. 

42, Calvin Stratton ^ [Timothy,* Martin,^ Serajah,^ Wil- 
liam ^) was born July 3, 1811, in Bradford Co., Pa., and was five 
years old when his parents removed to Springfield, Ohio. He 
married Elizabeth Curtice in 1844, and in 1868 removed to 
Wapella, 111., and later to Atlanta, 111., where he died. 


—138 Solon, m. Frances Stewart; res. Atlanta, 111. 

—139 Sophia, m. W. H. Hover. 

-140 Calvin C. 

-f 141 John Curtice. 

—142 Henry. 

—143 Alice, m. Prof. Albert M. Ellis of Wapella, Sept. 20, 

—144 Carrie, m. Jacob R. Bell, Aug. 1, 1891; res. Wapella. 

44. Is.\AC HoRTON Stratton^ [Timothy,* Martin,^ Serajah,- 
William'^) was born in Springfield, Ohio, May 4, 1817, and died 
there Oct. 16, 1904. He married Sarah Leffel, Feb. 28, 1845. 

Children: — Born in Springfield, 0. 

—145 Leslie C, b. Dec. 23, 1845; m. Emma J. Hinkle, Feb. 
28, 1879; res. Springfield, Ohio. 

William Stratton of Windsor 329 

—146 Calista Ann, b. Apr. 2, 1847; m. Thomas M. Hess, 

Jan. 11, 1870. 
—147 Mary Jane, b. Jan. 14, 1852; m. John R. Hinkle, Dec. 

23, 1875; res. Springfield. 

51. Calvin Stratton ^ (Calvin,^ Martin,^ Serajah,- Wil- 
liarn^). When Vol. I was issued it was thought that the Strat- 
tons of DeWitt Co., Ill, were the children of Calvin Stratton.^ 
This has been found to be a mistake. His descendants are yet 
unknown to the compiler.* 

53. Julius Stratton ^ {Harvey* John,^ William,- William'^) 
was born about 1812 and lived for several years at East Granbj'. 
Children: — Born in E. Granby, Conn. 
—148 Aurelia,*^ d. unm. 
+149 Chauncey J.,^ b. 1826. 

57. Morgan Stratton ^ (Harvey,'^ John,^ William,^ Wil- 
liam'^) was born in Simsbury, Conn., July 13, 1815. He mar- 
ried Amelia Cook, Dec. 31, 1838, at Windsor, where he lived for 
about twelve years after his marriage, and then moved to Hart- 
ford, where he had charge of the outdoor work of the Colt's 
Manufacturing Co. for thirty years, a faithful, upright man. In 
1889 he gave up this work and bought a home in Bloomfield, 
where he spent the remainder of his life.f 
Children: — Born in Windsor, Conn. 
—150 Harvey M.,*' b. June 1, 1840; d. in infancy. 
—151 Orleana,*' b. Oct. 14, 1842; m. Charles L. Clark, Jan. 

27, 1861 ; d. in Hartford Jan. 24, 1863. 
—152 Morgan E.,« b. June 15, 1847; d. in infancy. 
-153 Wilber W.,^ b. Sept. 21, 1848; d. in infancy. 
-154 Gabrella S.,« b. Mar. 16, 1850; m. Charles E. Burr, 
son of Emerson Burr, in 1872; d. Jan. 28, 1890, at 
Avon, Conn. 
-155 Isadora,^ b. Mar. 16, 1850; m. William Burr, May 1, 

* There is some doubt as to the correctness of the hst of chihh-en (46 to 
52 on page 236, Vol. I). More correct information concerning Calvin* 
(No. 16), son of Martin,' is desired. 

t The name of the second wife of Han-ey Stratton * was Mrs. Lucy 
(Pettebone) Adams. He married her in 1816. She died in Bloomfield, 
Conn., Sept. 13, 1871. She was the mother of his four younger children 
(see Vol. I). 

330 A Book of Strattons 

—156 Albert L.,« b. June 2, 1852; d. in infancy. 
—157 Adelbert W.,® b. June 2, 1852; d. in infancy. 

59. Porter Stratton ^ {Samuel M.,^ Martin,* Martin,^ Sera- 
jah,- William ' I was born in North Towanda, Pa., Aug. 30, 1849. 
He married Anna (Fairchild) Hess, and lives in his native 

Children: — Born in North Towanda, Pa. 

—158 Lelia Anna, m. Paul E. Warner, Sept. 13, 1902; res. 
North Towanda. 

—159 Mary Euprasia, m. Walter A. Stowell, Oct. 21, 1908; 
res. in N. Towanda. 

—160 Willis Roger. 

70. Myron Luther Stratton ^ (Hiram,^ Martin,* Martin,^ 
Serajah,- Willimn ^ ) was born in 1837 and died in Benton Co., 
Mo., in 1872. Sept. 21, 1857, he married Mary Rank, daughter of 
John and Catherine Rank, who moved from Pennsylvania to 
Missouri in 1837. He lived on a farm near Warsaw, Mo., farm- 
ing summers and teaching school winters. In 1866 he was elected 
circuit court clerk and recorder of deeds, which office he held 
until his death. He served several years in the state militia. 

Children: — Born in Benton Co., Mo. 

—161 Sarah C, m. Robert Menter, Nov. 23, 1878; lives in 

Lincoln, Neb.; unm. 
—162 Julia A. 
—163 Mary M., m. George W. Skipton, July 3, 1889; res. 

Rushville, Ind. 
+164 Myron L. 
+165 Frank B. 

71. Stewart Charles Stratton ® {Hiram,^ Martin,* Mar- 
tin,^ Serajah,- William^), born Jan. 31, 1836, and married, first, 
Christina Orr, 1862; second, Nancy Orr, in 1868. Lived on a 
farm in Benton Co., Mo. Was school commissioner two years 
and clerk of the county for eight years. From early manhood 
he was a licensed preacher in the Methodist Episcopal church 
and, although he never took a regular pastorate, was always an 
earnest church worker. He died Mar. 8, 1906. 

Children: — Born in Benton Co., Mo. 

By first marriage. 
—166 Minnie Bell," m. William Feaster, 1884. 


. S2 



= "2 
_z 3d 




^ y. Z 

William Stratton of Windsor 331 

—167 George Wilson" (M.D.i, attended Medical College at 
St. Louis; m. Ella Hughes in 1892; res. Marysville, 
By second marriage. 

+168 Charles Stewart." 

—169 Samuel Oliver," m. Mary Dillon, 1901; a physician; 
res. Edmondson, Mo. 

—170 Edward Bernum," m. Jestie Neal, May, 1909. 

—171 Lucy May," m. William Arnold, 1896. 

72. George Bingham Stratton ^ {Hiram,^ Martin* Martin,^ 
Serajah,- William ^) is a retired farmer in Mena, Ark. He mar- 
ried Ruth Ellen League, Feb. 4, 1869. He enlisted in the 33rd 
reg't and served three years in the Civil War. Was wounded 
in Battle of Jenken's Ferry, Ark., and taken prisoner; in prison 
ten months at Tyler, Texas. Paroled just before close of war. 
Mustered out of service and returned to Missouri in 1865; taught 
school for a few j-ears, then settled on a farm where he lived for 
38 3'ears, and where his youngest daughter now lives. 
Children: — Born in Missouri. 
—172 Almeda League, unm.; keeps house for her father at 

Mena, Ark. 
-173 Myron Allen, m. Lida Kelly, 1902; student at State 
L^niversity ; taught school three terms. Dep't County 
Clerk for 8 years. Now in real estate business in 
Mena, Ark. 
-174 William James, m. Margaret Ford, 1902. Hardware 

dealer, Henry Co., Mo. 
-175 Myrtle Elizabeth, m. Leslie B. Gray, 1900. 

82, Charles Carrel Stratton "^ (Curtis P.,^ Cephas,* Mar- 
tin,^ Serajah,- William ^) was born in Mansfield, Pa., Jan. 4, 1833. 
When he was three years old his parents moved to Indiana, and 
in 1854 he crossed the plains and settled with his father's family 
at Salem, Oregon. From early boyhood he was drawn towards 
the ministry, and, upon his arrival in Oregon, entered Willamette 
University and became a Methodist minister. After passing his 
examination at Willamette, he was elected to the chair of Natural 
Science in that institution. In 1872 he was elected a delegate to 
the General Conference, which met in Brooklyn, N. Y. The 
following autumn he was appointed to a pastorate at Salt Lake 
City. In 1877 was elected President of the University of the 

332 A Book op Strattons 

Pacific at San Jose, Cal., and filled that position for ten years, 
increasing the roll of students from 150 to 500 and greatly im- 
proving the financial condition of the university. During this 
time he usually preached at two services each Sabbath, in the 
churches of Oakland, San Francisco and elsewhere. Under these 
manifold labors his health failed, compelling his resignation from 
the presidency. The degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred 
on him by the University of Evanston, 111. His alma mater 
honored him in like manner. In 1891 he was elected Chancellor 
of Willamette University, resigning the following year to accept 
the presidency of Portland University. Earnest, scholarly, cheer- 
ful. Dr. Stratton went his helpful way among men, his per- 
suasive eloquence as a preacher and sympathetic helpfulness as 
a teacher greatly endearing him to those with whom he came in 
contact, and winning many to the Master for whose glory he 
so earnestly labored. He died in Salem, Oregon, April 4, 1910. 
In 1858, Dr. Stratton married Julia E. Walker, daughter of 
Rev. Alvin F. Walker, one of the early Methodist missionaries, 
who arrived in Oregon about 1840. 

Children: — Born in Rosebury, Oregon. 

—176 Mary Elepha.^ 

Born in Olympia, Wash. 

—Ill Harvey Gordon," m. Grace B. Stiles, June 10, 1907, 
d. of J. A. and Antonette Stiles of Portland; res. 
Spokane, Wash. 

83. HoR.\CE Fitch Stratton " (Curtis P.,^ Cejyhas* Martin,^ 
Serajah,- Williarji'^) was born in Blossburg, Pa., May 31, 1835, 
and died in Seattle, Wash., Oct. 6, 1906. July 14, 1869, he mar- 
ried Marilda F. Dunn. He was asst. quartermaster in the 
Indian war in Oregon, in 1855-56. He was early interested in 
mining, an enthusiastic student of geolog>' and mineralogy in 
the mountains of Oregon and Washington, and was one of the 
first to go to the mines of Alaska and Cook's Inlet. He was a 
merchant in Eugene, Oregon, from 1864 to 1879. A member of 
the legislature from Salem in 1878. Moved to Seattle, W^ash., 
in 1879 where he lived the remainder of his life. In 1881 he was 
a member of the legislature of the State of Washington. He is 
buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Seattle. 

Children: — Born in Eugene, Oregon. 

—178 Curtis Dunn.^ 

—179 Gertrude Lavinia,^ m. 1914, James Funchion. 

William Stratton of Windsor 333 

-180 Dwight Fitch," m. Gladys E. Melvin, 1905. 
—181 Helen Irene," cl. in Seattle in 1902, aged 23 years. 

84. Milton Adams Stratton ^ {Chirtis P.,^ Cephas* Martin,^ 
Serajah,- William ^ ) , born at Big Creek, Ind., Jan. 10, 1838. Died 
in Portland, Oregon, Feb. 24, 1895. Nov. 9, 1870, he married 
Helen Laraine Williams, in Salem, Oregon. She was born in 
Finlay, O., daughter of Elijah and Lucia [Biglow) Williams, and 
granddaughter of Rev. Henry Williaiiis, Congregational minister, 
graduate of Yale in 1802, who lived in Middletown, Vt. Mr. 
and Mrs. Stratton located in Oregon City, where for twenty 
years he was secretary of the Oregon City woolen mills. They 
then moved to Portland, where he was elected President of the 
First National Bank, which office he held until his death. He 
was regarded as a fine business man, quiet, thoughtful, and with 
a heart filled with love for his fellow men; unassuming in man- 
ners, much beloved and esteemed by his many friends. His 
family still reside in Portland, where his sons are in business. 

Children: — Born in Oregon City, Oregon. 

—182 Creed AVilliams," Juneau, Alaska. 

-183 Carroll Biglow," Portland, Or. 

—184 Milton Adams, Jr.,^ a dentist of Portland; m. Jessie 
Lee Wood, b. in Tennessee. They have one daugh- 
ter, Helen Loraine.^ 

—185 Floyd Loraine,^ res. Portland. 

87. Julius Augustine Stratton ^ {Curtis P.,^ Cephas,* Mar- 
tin,^ Serajah," William ^) is an attorney at Seattle. He was born 
Oct. 23, 1844. Educated in Williamette University, Salem, Ore- 
gon; settled in Seattle about 1887; Judge of Superior Court. 
Married, in 1884, Martha L. Powell, who died in Apr., 1895. 
In Aug., 1900, he married Laura M. Adams, daughter of J. R. 
and Minerva Tabor {Woodman) Ackuns. 

Child: — Born in Seattle, Wash. 
By second marriage. 

—186 Julius Adams, Jr.^ 

90. Milton Lafayette Stratton ® (Orange,^ Cephas,* Mar- 
tin,^ Serajah,- William^) was born in 1827. He learned the car- 
penter's trade in his youth; taught school for several years. He 
married Anna LaRue Douglas, May 5, 1851, and lived in Addi- 
son, 0. In May, 1871, they moved to Dayton, 0., where he 

334 A Book of Strattons 

died Jan. 15. 1875. He served three years in the army, enlisting 
at St. Paris in 1862 to the close of the war. 

Children: — Born in Addison, Ohio. 

-187 Ella Douglas, m. Winfield S. Kline, Apr. 22, 1872. 

—188 Irene Candace, m. Jacob E. Moore. 

+189 Norval Orange. 

—190 Fannie B., m. Sidney Herbert Stebbins, June, 189-4; 
res. Paunee City, Neb. 

92. JoHX R. Stratton ^ (Orange,^ Cephas* Martin,^ Serajah,^ 
Williaryi^), born Nov. 27, 1831. Married Jane Ann Walker 
of Shelby Co., O., Dec. 13, 1866. They lived on a farm near 
Addison, O., until 1903, when they retired from farming and 
moved to Troy, Ohio, where he died, Feb. 29, 1905. 

Children: — Born near Addison, 0. 

—191 Eugene Clifford," m. Alma Pearl Green, 

—192 Curtis Walker,' m. Erma Maude Atkinson; res. Trov, 

—193 Sue Viola,' res. Troy, 0. 

93. James H. Stratton *^ (Orange,^ Cephas,* Martin,^ Sera- 
jah,- William'^), born in Miami Co., 0., Sept. 11, 1833, married 
Laura C. Rapp, daughter of Barnett and Mary Rapp, June 21, 
1859. Settled in Indiana in 1861 ; res. Marion, Ind. 

Children: — Born in Mexico, Ind. 

—194 Luella Alice," d. 1863. 

—195 Edith Vernon," d. 1882, aged 16 years. 

— 196 Charles Orange,'^ res. New York City. 

—197 Harry Everett," d. 1880, aged 8 years. 

—198 Pearl Hartley," res. Marion, Ind. 

—199 Edna Irene," m. Elbert S. Kline, 1894. 

+200 Orville Guy." 

—201 Lora Glee," m. Thomas A. Kinerk, 1900. 

94. DeWitt C. Str.vtton *' (Orange,^ Cephas,* Martin,^ Sera- 
jah,- William'^) was born Sept. 21, 1836. He married Sarah J. 
Leggett, daughter of James and Eliza {Spalar) Leggett, Oct. 21, 
1863. In 1870 he moved from Ohio to Pawnee City, Neb., w^here 
he was engaged in the grocery business for about fifteen years 
and then retired to his farm. He has been an elder in the Pres- 
byterian Church for 21 years. 

William Stratton of Windsor 335 


—202 Florence Eva, educated in Pawnee public schools, Pine 

State Normal, and Bellevue Presbyterian College; 

m. John S. Lowe, June 1, 1898. 

107. WiNFiELD Scott Stratton ^ (Myron,^ Cephas,^ Martin,^ 
Serajah,^ Willimyi'^) was born in Jeffersonville, Ind., July 22, 
1848. Working as a boy in his father's boat building plant, he 
later learned the carpenter's trade, and at the age of twenty went 
west. In Colorado he worked for awhile at his trade, and then 
became interested in mining. Having a taste for geology and 
mineralogy, he procured books on the subject and carefully 
studied them in connection with the natural features of the coun- 
try. Possessed of intelligence, energy and any amount of pluck 
and patience, he worked for several years as a prospector under 
the most discouraging conditions, and was finally rewarded by 
striking a vein of ore as rich as any in the country, and opened 
the world-famous "Independence Gold Mine" in Cripple Creek, 
Colorado, so-called because his discovery was made on the 4th 
of July. He soon had large interests in other mines and other 
extensive business enterprises and a beautiful estate in Colorado 
Springs. Mr. Stratton died Sept. 14, 1902, a multimillionaire, in 
the town in which a few years before he had worked as a car- 
penter. A local paper a short time before his death describes 
him as a "modest, slender, frail-looking man, quiet, unassuming, 
unassertive in manner, and wholly inconspicuous in appearance 
except for his clear piercing gray eyes." By his will his wealth 
of more than eleven millions, after a few legacies to relatives 
and friends, was left to build an institution in Colorado Springs, 
to be known as the "Myron Stratton Home" in memory of his 
father, — an institution "for the unfortunate honest and worthy 
of Colorado, incapacitated for ?elf-support by illness or accident, 
where they may come for rest, medical attendance and recupera- 
tion, and where they may be so cared for that they may forget 
they are objects of charity." This institution on a one-thousand 
acre tract of land is being developed by its trustees into an indus- 
trial school — a model home for homeless boys and girls as well 
as a home for the aged and sick. Connected with it is the beauti- 
ful Stratton Park, also a gift from Mr. Stratton to Colorado 

Mr. Stratton married Zura V. Stewart in June, 1876. 

336 A Book of Strattons 

Child: — Born in Danville, III. 

—203 Izaak Harrison," m. Josephine A. Larabee in Oshkosh, 
Wis.; res. Pasadena, Cal. 

114. Stephen A. Stratton ^ {Timothy,^ Martiii* Martin,^ 
Serajah;- William^) was born Mar. 4, 1830. Oct. 10, 1852, he 
married Martha Jane Montgomery, daughter of William and 
Mary Montgomery of Fountain Co., Ind. He enlisted in the 89th 
Reg. Volunteers; died in hospital at Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 8, 
1863. His widow married Mordica Phillips in 1867. 
Children: — Born in Portland, Ind. 

—204 Robert Lane,^ b. Mar. 23, 1857; m. 1st, Alice Rudd 
Varger; 2nd, Mary M. Boyd, Nov. 29, 1899; res. 
Portland, Ind. 
—205 Lewis L.,' b. Oct. 7, 1860; a farmer at Dewey, Indian 

Territory; m. Ruth Ross, Jan. 3, 1905. 
+206 Stephen W.,^ b. 1863. 

117. Isaac N. Stratton ^ {Timothy,^ Timothy,* Martin,^ 
Serajah;- Willia7n^), born Feb. 12, 1839. He married Emily 
Hiatt, Feb. 14, 1867. Was Captain of Co. I, Indiana Volunteers, 
Infantr\^; resides at Ridgeville, Ind., a retired farmer. 

- Children: — Born in Joy Co., Ind. 

—207 Nellie Grant,^ m. I. N. Reitenour, 1892; res. Union 
City, Ind. 

-208 Alice Cary,' m. O. M. Fowler, 1890. 

-t-209 Melvin B." 

Born in Ridgedale, Ind. 

—210 Ruth Winona,^ m. Charles S. Ewing, 1897; res. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

—211 Edith Mabel,^ m. Hallie Wolverton. 

—212 Kate Mildred,' m. Wm. Stegall; res. Ridgedale, Ind. 

118. Lewis F. Stratton® (Timothy,^ Timothy,* Martin,^ 
Serajah; William'^) was a farmer in Joy Co., Ind.; a member of 
the Christian church; married Julia A. Starr, Sept. 17, 1865; 
soldier in Co. F, 140th Reg. Ind. Volunteers, 1864 and 1865. 
Died in Joy Co., Aug. 24, 1902. His widow died Mar. 3, 1908. 

Children: — Born in Joy Co., Ind. 

+213 Charles N.^ 

+214 Silas S.^ 

-215 Jennie,^ m. A. W. Masters, 1893. 

William Stratton of Windsor 337 

—216 Addie/ m. Frank Hummer, 1898. 
-217 Lodema," m. Will W. Murry, 1898; res. Mt. Calm, 

119. Cyrus M. Stratton^ {Timothy,^ Timothy,^ Martin,^ 
Serajah,- William^) is living on a farm near New Mt. Pleasant, 
five miles east of Redkey, Ind. He married Lusetta Nixon, Oct. 
6, 1872, and began housekeeping on the farm on which they have 
lived ever since. He was born Dec. 24, 1847. They are mem- 
bers of the Christian Church. 

Children: — Born near New Mt. Pleasant, Ind. 

+218 John C.^ 

—219 Nellie Blanche," m. Frank Martin, 1901. 

—220 Montana,^ m. Julia Brunsworth, Oct. 19, 1908; res. 
Portland, Ind. 

—221 Nevada May,^ m. Oscar Beckner, Feb. 14, 1909. 

+222 William Timothy.^ 

141. John Curtice Stratton *' (Calvin,^ Ti?nothy,^ Martin,^ 
Serajah,- Williain'^) married Laura Losetta Steele. They lived 
in Henderson Co., 111.; moved to Oxford, Kansas, in 1834. 


-223 Estella Lily.^ -228 Bert.^ 

-224 Calvin Allison.^ -229 Grace Pearl.^ 

-225 Lewis Elmer.^ -230 Shirley Smith.^ 

-226 Frank.^ -231 Nona.^ 

—227 Charles Erwin,^ 

149. Chauncey J. Stratton ® (Julius,^ Harvey,* John,^ Wil- 
/ram,2 Williajn^), born in 1826; died in Suffield, Conn., in 1902. 
He married Susan M. Pease in 1864. 


+232 Edwin E.^ 

-233 Herman C.,^ b. Jan. 29, 1873; d., unm., Nov. 27, 1901. 

164. Myron L. Stratton ^ (Myron L.,^ Hiram,^ Martin,* 
Martin,^ Serajah,- William ^) married Mary Dillon and resides 
at Edmonson, Mo. 

Children: — Bor7i in Edmonson, Mo. 

-234 Gertrude.^ 

-235 Carl.« 

338 A Book of Strattons 

-236 Elsie.« 
-237 Paul.« 
-238 Mary.** 

165. Frank B. Stratton ^ {Myron L.,^ Hiram,^ Martin,* 
Martin,^ Serajah,- William^) married Gertrude Allison and 
lives in Anderson, Ind., where he is city electrician and man- 
ager of Indiana Electrical Company. 


-239 Harold.^ 

-240 B. Allison.^ 

—241 Gertrude Alice.^ 

-242 Ralph.« 

168. Charles Stuart Stratton " {Stuart,'^ Hiram,^ Martin,*' 
Martin,^ Serajah,- William ^) married, June 6, 1908, Sophia Lee 
Donovan, daughter of James Guinn and Virginia Donovan; 
graduated from the St. Louis Medical College in 1899; resides 
at Roscoe, Mo., where he is a practicing physician. 

Child: — Born in Roscoe, Mo. 

-243 Charles Stuart, Jr.« 

189, Norval Orange Str.\tton ' {Milton L.,^ Orange,^ 
Cephas,^ Martin,^ Serajah,- Willia7?i^) married Catherine Olo- 
phant, Mar. 6, 1889, and now resides in Piqua, Ohio. 

Children: — Born in Dayton, Ohio. 

-244 Harley La Rue.^ 

—245 Forest Herbert,*' d. in infancy. 

200. Orville Guy Stratton ' {James H.,^ Orange,^ Cephas,* 
Martin,^ Serajah,- Williani ^) was born in Mexico, Ind. INIarried 
Rosa Smith and resides in Niles, 0. 


—246 Gael Hillis,^ deceased. 

—247 Roy Kenneth.*^ 

—248 Norman Charles." 

206, Stephen W. Stratton ' {Stephen A.,^ Timothy/' Mar- 
tin* Martin,^ Serajah,- William'^ resides at Blufton, Ohio. He 
married Eva J, Smith, Oct. 20, 1889. in Portland, Ind., and re- 
sided there until June, 1891 ; then in Coldwater, Ohio, for six 
years, then in Albany, Ind., until 1902, and since that date in 

William Stratton of Windsor 339 

Blufton. All the time in the employ of the Lake Erie and West- 
ern R. R. Co., each move being a promotion. 

Children: — Born in Portland, Ind. 

—249 Paul Revere.^ 

-250 Russell Smith,« b. in Blufton. 

209. Melvin Brown Stratton ^ {Isaac N.,^ Timothy,^ Tim- 
othy* Martin,^ Serajah,- William^) married Hetty E. Champ 
in 1896; resides in Indianapolis, a prominent business man, presi- 
dent of "Stratton Broom Co." 

Child: — Born in Indianapolis, Ind. 

-251 Allen Hiatt.« 

213. Charles N. Stratton ^ (Lewis F.,^ Timothy,^ Timothy,*' 
Martin,^ Serajah,- William'^) is a farmer, living in Portland. 
He married, first, Sarah E. Lake, Sept. 1, 1889; second, Jessie 
M. Wood, May 30, 1908. 

Children: — Born in Portland, Ind. 

By first marriage. 
—252 Fay.« 
-253 Ray.« 

214. Silas S. Stratton ^ {Lewis F.,^ Timothy,^ Timothy * 
Martin,^ Serajah,^ Willia7yi'*) married Mabel M. McFarland, 
Nov. 26, 1896, and lives in Portland, where he is engaged in 
insurance and real estate business. 

Children: — Born in Portland, Ind. 
-254 Lucile M.« 
-255 Erma W.« 

218. John Clarence Stratton ^ {Cyrus M.,^ Timothy,^ Tim- 
othy,* Martin,^ Serajah,- Willimn'^} is professor of mathematics 
in Evansville high school. He married Allie Van Skyock, Sept. 
29, 1898. She is a daughter of Elias and Mary A. Van Skyock. 

Children: — Born at Mt. Pleasant, Ind. 

—256 Herman J.^ ;■ 

Born in Evansville, Ind. 

—257 Mary Lusetta.^ 

222. William Timothy Stratton ^ {Cyrus M.,^ Timothy,^ 
Timothy,* Martin,^ Serajah,- Williaiyi'^) graduated from Indiana 
University, and has been teaching eight years. He is now prin- 

340 A Book of Steattons 

cipal of McCrav-Dewey Academy at Troy, 111. Aug. 25, 1905, 
he married Daisy Thomas, daughter of Charles W. Thomas, Jr., 
of Corydon, Ind., and a descendant of Wm. Marsh, captam m 
the American Revolution. They are members of the Christian 


Children:— Bom in Red Key, Ind. 
—258 Charles William.^ 
Born in Troy, III. 
—259 Carol Lusetta.* 

232. Edwin E. Stratton " {Chauncey,^ Julius,' Harvey,'' 
John,' William,' WUliam') married Ellen C. Palmer. Lives 
at Southwick, Conn. 

-260 Morgan Chauncev.« -263 Tvlyrtle Irene.« 

-261 Edith May.« -264 Viola Maude.« 

-262 LucyAlice.« -265 Merton Oliver.^ 

















(Chart E, Vol. I) 

"For -praise, that's due, doth give no more 
To worth than what it had before." 

Dean Swift. 

AT Portsmouth, Va., are the oldest records of Norfolk County, 
going back to 1640. The first mention of a Stratton there is 
Jan. 14, 1669, when Henry Stratton, planter of Linhaven, sold to 
Edward Atwood 200 acres of land for 3,000 lbs. of tobacco. This 
to include "all houses, buildings, orchards, gardens, woods, pas- 
tures and everything whatsoever belonging to, or in any way 
appertaining to, said land." 

The next record is on March 15, 1669, and this time Henry 
Stratton sells to Thomas Goodacre a tract of land in Linhaven, 
County of Lower Norfolk in "consideration of valuable satisfac- 
tion to me in hand paid." This land is described as "a piece of 
land formerly given by William East (?) to my brother John 
Stratton." The deed is signed "Henry X Stratton his mark." 

The Stratton name was not found again on the books at Nor- 
folk for more than one hundred years, when in 1786 John Strat- 
ton, Sr., of Northampton bought land in the Borough of Norfolk, 
which in 1793 he deeded to his daughter Sarah Nivison. 

In 1792, 1795 and 1797 are recorded deeds of land in the Bor- 
ough of Norfolk bought and sold by John Stratton and wife 

And then comes this document which shows that a John Strat- 
ton was more than a half century ahead of Lincoln: 

"Know all men by these presents, that I John Stratton of the 
Borrough of Norfolk and State of Virg^ from full persuation 
that freedom is the Natural right of all Men, do hereby Manumit 
and absolutely set free a negro man belonging unto me named 


342 A Book of Strattons 

Peter Wakefield, about twenty five years of age, so that hence- 
fourth the above mentioned Negro shall be deemed adjudged and 
taken as and for a free person, to be at liberty to act for himself 
without let hindrance or molestation of me or any person or per- 
sons claiming or to claim, by, from or under me forever. In testi- 
mony hereof I do hereunto set my hand & affix my Seal this the 
15th day of August 1795. 

John Stratton. 

At Hastings Court held the 28th day of Sept. 1795 this Deed of 
Emansipation from John Stratton to his negro Peter Wakefield 
and acknowledged by the said Stratton and ordered to be re- 

Test. Alex Mosely. 
C. N. C. 

Which of the John Strattons of that period made this early 
"Deed of Emancipation" the compiler is not informed. 

It will be seen that the records of the East Shore Strattons are 
yet very far from complete, and several sons are unaccounted 
for.* It is not unlikely some of them followed the trend of emi- 
gration toward "the west," and are the ancestors of untraced 
Strattons in Western Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. 


13. Benjamin Stratton ^ {John* Benjamin,^ Thomas,'^ 
Thomas ^ I was bom in Northampton Co., Va., Oct. 18, 1721.t He 
married Elizabeth Stewart, Sept. 12, 1746. They lived in Strat- 
ton Manor {see Vol. I, pp. H2, U5), where Elizabeth died Sept. 
15,- 1773, "aged 49 years less seven months," and Benjamin, Feb. 
15, 1784. He owned several plantations besides the Manor plan- 
tation, and his will shows him to have been a man of consider- 
able wealth for that period. The title of "Mr." prefixed to his 
name in the county records indicates the esteem and respect in 
which he was held. He remodled Stratton Alanor about 1795, 

♦Perhaps the time will come when some Stratton of this line, who 
is in a position to make an exhaustive research in Virginia and in 
England, may complete these records and so add interesting data to 
the slowly accumulating store of Virginia genealogy. 

t It should be noted that John Stratton ' had also a daughter Anne, 
who married a Mr. Jacob. (See his will, p. 151, Vol. I.) 

Thomas Stratton of the Eastern Shore 343 

and his name may be seen to-day carved in one of the stones of 
the chimney. {See picture, Vol. I). 

Children: — Born in Stratton Manor, Va. 

-20 John,« b. Oct. 16, 1748; d. aged 5 years. 

-21 Ada,« b. Mar. 29, 1751; d. Feb. 2, 1775; m. William 

—22 Susanna,'' b. Nov. 6, 1753; d. Dec. 3, 1753. 

—23 Thomas,*' b. Jan. 3, 1756; d. Sept. 11, 1773. 

+24 William,*' b. 1759; d. 1815. 

+25 Benjamin,^ b. 1762; d. 1817. 

-26 Elizabeth,^ b. Apr. 12, 1767. 


I Benjamin Stratton Sen, of Northumberland Co. Va. last 
will and testament. 

To son William Stratton Plantation I now live on 585 acres, in- 
cluding 80 acres I bought of John Shaw, except 15 acres I pur- 
chased of John Wilkins, and his wife, which I give to my son 
Benjamin Stratton. 

To son William Stratton a Pair of large Looking Glasses, horse 
saddle & bridle, My Still its head and worm, i/^ doz. table spoons 
marked B.E., desk, chest, drawers, yoke of oxen, & steers. 

To Son William Stratton negro, named Pleasant, providing he 
pays 20 pounds to my son Benjamin Stratton, and 20 pounds to 
my grand son Thomas S. Stokeley when 21 years of age. 

Son William Stratton is pay daughter Betsy Stratton 240 
pounds and if he refuses so to do my daughter Betsy shall have 
the land I bought of John Shaw. 

*They had a son, Thomas Stratton Stoakley, whose son Thomas Strat- 
ton Stoakley, Jr., m. Sarah A. Scott, daughter of Thomas G. Scott and his 
wife Elizabeth (Nichols), daughter of John Nichols of the Eastern Shore. 
Their son. Dr. William Stratton Stoakley, of Cheriton, Va., furnished 
the compiler with the photograph of Stratton Manor and with much 
valuable information concerning this line. 

The Stoakleys are an early East Shore family. The records show that 
Francis Stoakley (or Stockly) with wife Jane were there in 1634. They 
had a son, John Stoakley, born about 1657, who died leaving a widow 
Elizabeth, who married, second, a John Stratton, whose parentage the 
writer has not been able to trace. 

t All the wills given of this line are from Northampton Co., recorded 
at Eastville. 

344 A Book of Strattons 

To son Benjamin Stratton my Plantation on the sea side 284 
acres, and negro called Luke, 1/2 doz. table spoons marked B.E. 
walnut desk, chest of drawers, gun, saddle and bridle, crops at 
sea side 2 yoke of oxen, steer one pair of Hand Mill Stones, and 
40 pounds cash. 

To daughter Betsey Stratton 4 negroes Priscilla, Joe, Stephen, 
and Lyhia, with 40 pounds cash, drawers, small trunk, chest, 
horse, riding chair, 1 doz. silver spoons, tongs, bed & furniture 
when 18 years of age. 

The remainder of negroes be equally divided between sons 
William, and Benjamin Stratton, and grand son Thomas S. Stoke- 
ley, provided that such negroes as have made their escape to 
the British or other wise should return, in that case my desire is 
that such negroes shall be equally divided as above. 

Personal estate not other wise disposed of to sons William, and 
Benjamin, and daughter Betsy, and grand son Thomas S. Stoke- 
ley, and son Benjamin is to keep daughter Betsey untill she is 
of age. 

Appoints brother John Stratton, and son William Stratton ex- 
ecutors dated 25. Sept. 1783. 

Benjamin Stratton, seal. 
Witneses, William Stals, 
John Hughes, 

Littleton Jones, Probated 13. April 1784. 

Patience Stripe. 

15. John Stratton ^ {John,^ Benjamin,^ Tliomas,- Thomas ^) 
was born in 1726 at Old Castle in the Parish of Hungers Creek, 
Northampton, Va. (see picture, Vol. I, p. 148). He inherited the 
homestead and lived there all this life. He owned several plan- 
tations, one of which, of 498 acres, was at Maggotty Bay. He 
was held in high respect and esteem by his fellow citizens. In 
1743 he was a member of the House of Delegates for Northamp- 
ton, and in 1774 his name appears on a committee of Safety for 
the same county. Feb. 15, 1754, he married Gertrude Tazewell, 
daughter of William and Sophia Tazewell. As early as 1786 he 
bought land in Norfolk, which in 1793 he deeded to his daughter, 
Sarah Nivison, and her son Wm. Tazewell Nivison, in considera- 
tion of the "love and affection he beerest unto them." He died in 
March 28, 1795. 

Children:— Born in Old Castle, Northampton Co., Va. 

—27 Sarah," b. 1756; m. Col. John Nivison; their daughter 

Thomas Stratton of the Eastern Shore 345 

Anne Nivison married Hon. Littleton Walter Taze- 
well, member of Congress, and Governor of Virginia.* 

—28 Annie,*^ m. Griffin Stith of Northampton, married in 
June and died the following November. 

+29 John-^ b. 1769; d. 1804. 


I John Stratton, Sen. of county of Northampton in the Parish 
of Hungars Creek, make my last will and testament. I give to 
my son John Stratton the Reversion which I purchased of Col. 
Isaac Aery of the tract late the property of Hillarj^ Sturgeon, 
and late I purchased of Henry Guy, called Town Field, pro- 
viding he shall convey the Plantation in Maggotty Bay contain- 
ing 498 acres which I conveyed to mj' son by deed unto my 
daughter Sarah Nivison, and my son in-law John Nivison for 
their lives, thereafter to my grand son William Tazewell Nivison. 
If he be dead then to my grand daughter Sarah Stratton Nivi- 
son, in default of my son conveying the said 498 acres I give 
the land before deeded to him to my daughter and son in-law. 

I give to my daughter Sarah Nivison a small lot I purchased 
of John Goffigan, Jr. I give my son John Stratton all my other 
lands in the county. 

I give to my grand daughter Anne Stratton Nivison, grand 
son William Tazewell Nivison, and grand daughter Sarah Strat- 
ton Nivison, the following slaves, Andrew, Babel, Jack, Zeck, 
Joe, Rose, and her children Joe, and Adah, and Tamer. I give 
my two grand daughters Anne Stratton Nivison, and Sarah 
Nivison the debts due from estate of Donild Campbell and my 
nephew John Stratton upwards of 1000 pounds. I give to my 
daughter Sarah Nivison the amount of Fletcher and Orpways 
note of 100 pounds, the debt due from Thomas Parson and Bennet 
Thompkins by bond out of which I desire my son in-law John 
Nivison shall purchase her a Chariot. I give my daughter and 
son in-law Sarah and John Nivison a new dressing table. 

I give my son all my stock debts money not heretofore given to 
my son John Stratton. 

I give to my daughter Lucy Stratton a Gold watch, to the 
value of 50 pounds and direct that my son John shall purchase 
it for her. 

*The family records say that Sarah Stratton and Col. John Nivison 
were cousins, but do not explain how this relationship existed. 

346 A Book of Strattons 

Appoints son John Stratton, and son in-law John Nivison 
executors. Dated 20th. of March 1795. 
Witneses, Sally Diggs, John Stratton, seal. 

William Willis, Probated 14th April 1795. 

17. Nathaniel Stratton ^ {John,* Benjamin,^ TJiomas,^ 
Thomas ^) was not yet of age when his father died in 1751, and 
he chose his brother John Stratton as his guardian. He married 
Elicia Hunt about 1760. They lived in Northampton Co. He 
died before 1769, and his brother John was his Executor. His 
widow, Elicia, died in Dec, 1780. She left a will in which she 
gives her estate in equal parts to her four children; also personal 
gifts to each, — to John, feather bed and furniture; to Molley, 
mahogany desk; to Nathaniel, feather bed, saddle and bridle; to 
Anne, riding chair, the white mare and furniture. In 1789 the 
estate had not yet been settled, and the three younger children 
brought suit against the older son John, who with William Jervis, 
Robert Bill, and Wm. Simpkins, made division of the negroes 
as follows: To Mary — Elisha, Big Peter and Patience. To 
Anne — Rose, Little Peter and Frances; to Nathaniel — Stephen, 
Tab, and Sarah; to John — Henry, Esther, and Luke. No land is 

Children: — Born in Northarnpton Co., Va. 

+30 John.« 

—31 Nathaniel,^ was living in 1789, after which the Com- 
piler has failed to find any record of him. 

-32 Anne.'' 

—33 Mary ,6 was living in Norfolk, Va., Jan. 14, 1817, unm. 

24. William Stratton ^ {Benjamin,^ John* Benjamin,^ 
Thomas,^ Thomas'^) was born May 21, 1759, in Northampton 
Co., and lived and died there. He married, first, Esther Guy, 
May 1, 1787. She lived but six years after their marriage, and, 
Dec. 7, 1795, he married Elizabeth Robins. He died Aug. 29, 
1815, leaving a will dated Aug. 12 of the same year. 
Children: — Born in Stratton Manor, Va. 

By first marriage. 
-34 John Grey,« b. Sept. 1, 1788; d., unm., Sept. 15, 1815, 
just one month after date of his father's will, and 
only 17 days after the death of his father. 
-35 William,^ b. 1793; d. 1794. 





£ ■"' p ... 
tj 5 I E 

be c c ,7 

•t^X < 


Thomas Stratton of the Eastern Shore 347 

abstract of will of william stratton ^ 

I William Stratton of Northampton Co. Va. last will. Wills 
900 acres of land to son John G. Stratton, but should he die 
without issue then to my nephew William D. Stratton son of 
my brother Benjamin Stratton, should William D. Stratton die 
without issue, then to his sisters Anne and Sarah Stratton, and 
if William D. Stratton my nephew should died with out issue 
before my son John G. Stratton, without issue then I give the 
aforesaid to my brother Benjamin. 

To my wife as full set of morning, as she may choose, my 
Gig called Gallant, with horse and furniture. 

To William D. Stratton son of Benjamin Stratton all wear- 
ing apparel. 

Residue of estate to son John G. Stratton, and my wife. 
Appoints wife and son John G. Stratton and friend William 
Satchel executors. 
Dated 12. Aug. 1815. 

Witnesses, Polly Bancroft, Wm. Stratton, seal. 

William Wingate, 
John Lumkins. Probated 9th. Oct. 1815. 

25. Benjamin Stratton ^ (Benjamin,^ John* Benjamin,^ 
Thomas,- Thomas ^) was born Apr. 22, 1762. By his father's 
will he came into possession of a plantation of 284 acres "on the 
seaside." This was probably the Stratton estate known as "Old 
Plantation," upon a part of which the town of Cape Charles 
now stands.* The estate passed out of the hands of the Strat- 
tons many years ago — probably at his death. He was married 
three times, first, to Susannah Henry, June 6, 1789. She died 
in 1792 and two years later he married Margaret Mapp Har- 
manson, who lived only a year. Sept. 4, 1799, he married, third, 
Esther Parsons, daughter of Thomas and Anna (Wise) Par- 
sons.f She died in 1815. Mr. Stratton died two years later, on 
Easter morning, Apr. 6, 1817. 

Children: — Born at "Old Plantation," Eastern Shore, Va. 
By second marriage. 

-36 William Harmanson,^ b. Mar. 19, 1795; d. Sept. 10, 1806. 
By third marriage. 

* It joined the Stratton Manor plantation at one time. 
t Thomas Parsons was second cousin to Daniel P. Curtis of Arlington, 
first husband of Martha Dandridge, later the wife of George Washington. 

348 A Book of Strattons 

—37 Benjamin Stewart,*' b. June 1, 1800; d. in infancy. 

-38 Anne Wise,« b. July 18, 1801; m.. Mar. 26, 1827, Wil- 
liam Kennard, formerly of Philadelphia, Rev. 
Stephen G. Gunter officiating. She was then of 
'•Kin<is Creek, Eastern Shore, Va.'"* 

-39 William Douglass,^ b. 1804; d., unm., in 1832. Came 
into possession of Stratton Manor upon the death of 
his cousin John G. Stratton (see will of William,^ 
No. 24). 

-40 Sarah,« b. 1806; d. 1827. 

29, John Stratton ^ iJohn,^ John* Benjainin,^ Thomas,'^ 
Thomas^) was born Aug. 19, 1769, "being on a Saturday at 
about 2 o'clock P. M.''t He was a lawyer and a young man of 
more than usual ability. At the age of 32 he was a member 
of Congress from Virginia, re-elected in 1803.i About 1790 he 
built "Elkington," which still belongs to his descendants, a 
home so long noted for its genial hospitality. § He died very 
suddenly of apoplex\'. May 10, 1804, while on a visit to his 
daughter, IMrs. Nivison, in Norfolk, and is buried in the yard 
of the historic old St. Paul's Church, where his grave may be 
seen, not far from the church, covered with a stone slab, about 
3 by 6 feet, bearing an inscription to his memory. His death 
at the early age of thirty-six was greatly regretted, not only 

*Upon the death of her brother, William D. Stratton, she became the 
owner of Stratton Manor, which remained in the possession of her 
family until about the time of the civil war, when it was sold by her 
daughter, Mrs. John E. Nottingham — though the part of the estate north 
of the Bayside road had been sold earlier. 

tin the Stratton Manor Register (see p. 146, Vol. I) the records are 
all given in this quaint old style. 

$A letter of his written in 1803 contains this: "Life in Washington is 
very dull. We have to go to Alexandria for amusement, and something 
good to eat." 

§ See picture in Vol. I, p. 148. from a photo furnished by a de- 
scendant, Mrs. Thomas C. Walston, of Williamsburg, daughter of Dr. 
G. L. Upshur, who thus writes of it: "This view of Elkington was 
taken from the southeast, and gives no idea of the grounds, which are 
extensive and beautiful, containing many large and unusually handsome 
trees of many varieties, and which are bordered on the north and west 
by a pretty inlet from Hunger's Creek. Just north of the house is the 
family burial ground, where are graves of five generations. The outside 
doors have bright brass locks, 12 by 7 inches, which were imported from 
England when the house was built, about 1790. 

Thomas Stratton of the Eastern Shore 349 

by his family and personal friends, but by the people whom he 
had represented in various public positions. The Norfolk Herald 
of May 12, 1804, contains a long article on Hon. John Stratton, 
from which the following is taken: "Selected for the discharge 
of public duties by those who best knew his worth, in the exe- 
cution of all these trusts he so conducted himself, so faithfully 
performed his part, as to show that their confidence had not 
been misplaced, and on his retirement from various public af- 
fairs, he always carried with him the grateful and willing ac- 
knowledgments of those whom he had served." See p. 148 Vol. I. 
June 3, 1793, he married at Yorktown, Va., Lucy Digges, 
daughter of Hon. Dudley and Elizabeth (Wormeley) Digges, 
of the Eastern Shore. She was born Oct. 13, 1771, and is buried 
in the family burial ground at Elkington.* See "Elkington," 
Vol. I. 

Children: — Born at Old Castle, Eastern Shore, Va. 
-41 John Henry ,^ b. Nov. 21, 1793; d. Sept. 13, 1794. 
-42 Anna Gertrude,' b. Feb. 2, 1795; m., Feb. 6, 1811, Dr. 
Jacob G. Parker; d. May 28, 1883; buried at Elking- 
ton. f 
Born at Elkington. 
-43 Eliza, ^ b. Nov. 9, 1796; d. aged 6 months. 
—44 John Nivison,' b. Dec. 21, 1797; a brilliant young law- 
yer; represented Northampton county in the state 
Legislature before he was of age; became a Mason 
at 21; was admitted to the bar at 22; d., unm., before 
he was 30. 

* Dudley Digges was a member of the Council of Virginia under Patrick 
Henrj', and a member of the Committee of Safety. He was a descendant 
of Sir Dudley Digges, who braved the Duke of Buckingham, and was 
committed to the Tower by King Charles I. He was twice married, his 
first wife being Martha, daughter of Henry and Martha (Burwell) 

t Many are the words of praise and admiration written of Anne Ger- 
trude (Stratton) Parker — of her rare personality, her fine literary tastes 
and attainments, her exulted Christian character, her devotion to her 
church, and her many acts of benevolence. "Tender and gentle and lov- 
ing alwaj-s, she had her reward in the love and veneration not only of 
her own family but of the entire community," writes a descendant. (See 
her portrait which was furnished the compiler by her granddaughters, 
who still have the pearls worn when this portrait was painted.) Of 
her children, John Stratton Parker m. Anne Elizabeth Floj-d; Sarah 
Parker m. Dr. George Littleton Upshur, who gave his life for others in 
the terrible yellow fever epidemic in Richmond in 1855; Anne Parker 
m. Alexander Thom of Norfolk. 

350 A Book of Strattons 

—45 Edward,' b. Apr. 13, 1799; m. Mary Ann Frances Wil- 
son of Woodland, Oct. 13, 1819. Their two children 
died in infancy. 

—46 Sarah,' b. Mar. 9, 1801; m. John T. Wilson; d. in 
Baltimore, Mar. 13, 1875. 

30, John Stratton ^ {Nathaniel,^ John* Benjamin,^ Tho- 
mas,"^ Thomas ^ } lived in Norfolk where he bought land of Wm. 
Cooper in 1792 for £400, a part of which he sold to Samuel 
Pyron in 1795 for £100. In 1800 John Stratton and Abner Cox 
bought land in the Borough of Norfolk of Cuddy Dunn. In the 
same year John Stratton, Richard Green, with others, trustees, 
bought land for the Methodist Episcopal Church, and in 1801 
the same trustees sold a part of this church property to Wm. 
Atkinson. He married (perhaps 2nd marriage) Peggy Wilkins. 

In 1805 John Stratton of Norfolk paid to Mary Stratton $820, 
for which he stood indebted to her, "being her portion of the 
estate of Elicia Stratton (deceased)." The witnesses to this are 
Thomas Stratton and Littleton Kendall. About this date he 
seems to have parted with all the land he had owned in the 
Borough of Norfolk. His wife, Pegg>' Stratton, signing the sev- 
eral deeds with him, and in May of this year he sold at public 
auction various articles of household furniture. He seems then 
to be preparing to leave Norfolk and the compiler has failed 
to find again his name on the records there.* 


—47 John,' b. 1780. 

-48 Nathaniel,' b. 1781. 

-49 Thomas, b. 1782. 

—50 John, b. 1783. 

-51 Robert,^ b. 1791. 

-52 Nathaniel W.," b. 1798. 

-53 William," b. 1801. 

—54 James,' b. 1802. 

—55 Benjamin,' b. 1806. 

* The births of his children are from an old Bible in possession of Miss 
Virginia Gordon (perhaps a granddaughter of Thomas Stratton. No. 49^"), 
and the writer understands that they are entered in the Bible as children 
of "John and Peggy Stratton." The compiler has failed to find anything 
more about them in Norfolk. 

Strattoxs: 1. Sanuu'l 'l\ : i'dfic -l'.):',. 1. Iloiirv; l'(i</c -idS. ;5. Wil- 
liam; I'df/c 27IK 4. .Ififiiiiali : I'df/c 'iaS. .'>. Ncthaiiicl; I'dnc •H')2. (i. 
Ki-v. James: ru(;p 242. 7. Kohcrt U.: I'lu/i :!S.S. S and H. l-'Ji/ahrth and 
John, founders of ytrattonvillc. I'a.; \(>l. I.; f'(tf/c 2S(;. 

Thomas Stratton of the Eastern Shore 351 

thomas stratton of pittsylvania county 

Dec. 1, 1764, a Thomas Stratton received a patent for 400 
acres of land on South Branch of Sandy Creek in Pittsylvania 
Co., Virginia. Three years later 292 acres were surveyed to him 
on North Branch of Sandy Creek.* In 1778 he sold to Jere- 
miah White for £50 current money, and in 1783 he sold 12 acres 
to Robert Williams. There is nothing on the county books to 
show what became of the rest of the land, nor does Thomas 
Stratton's name again appear on the records. His name appears 
as a revolutionary soldier in a recently printed report of the Vir- 
ginia state library. In 1771 a John Stratton was witness to prove 
a will of John King of Pittsylvania Co. He came from a dis- 
tance and received pay for four days' attendance according to 
law. He is not mentioned again. In 1780, Benjamin Stratton 
and William Stratton owned land on Sandy Creek, and they 
bought and sold land in the county for about thirty years as 
shown by the deed books. 

In 1804, Oct. 6th, Benjamin Stratton, William Stratton and 
Armistead Stratton gave to Triphena Stratton and Elizabeth 
Stratton for $200 a deed to a parcel of land on the waters of 
Sandy Creek, containing 100 acres. And on the same date 
William, Armistead, Elizabeth and Tryphena Stratton, for $200, 
made a deed to Benjamin Stratton for 98 acres on Sandy Creek. 

Sept. 9, 1805, Elizabeth and Tryphena Stratton of Pittsylvania 
Co., Va., and Owen Stratton of Davidson Co., Tenn., sold to 
John White for £107, 10s. 100 acres on Sandy Creek. 

From the above we gather that Benjamin, William, Owen, 

*This land was surveyed by John Donahue, who a few years later 
was appointed by government to settle Indian difficulties along the 
frontier. He became so charmed with the beautiful country, "beyond 
the mountains," that he came home and persuaded hundreds of families 
to go with him to Tennessee. He was widely known and it was not 
difficult to persuade many to follow him. From 1778 to about 1810 
emigration turned toward Middle Tennessee, many families stopping in 
Kentucky, and we have seen that among these pioneers were many* 
Virginia Strattons. 

Pittsylvania was formed from Halifax County in June 1767; Halifax 
from Brunswick in 1752; Henr\' County was formed from Pittsylvania 
in 1776, and Patrick County from Henr>' a few years later. This division 
of counties adds to the difficulty and expense of genealogical work, for 
to do thorough work it becomes necessary to search the records of each 
county for wills, deeds, marriage licenses, etc. 

352 A Book of Strattons 

Armistead, Elizabeth and Tryphena were brothers and sisters, 
and that Thomas was their father.* 

Of Tryphena nothing more is known. Elizabeth married 
Thomas Chambers in 1806 and settled in Robertson Co., Tenn. 
Owen seems to have gone from Davidson Co., Tenn., to Bucking- 
ham Co., N. C, and was living there in 1808, when he sold to 
Wm. Wimbush 97 acres of land on Sandy Creek. His name 
does not appear again in Pittsylvania Co. 

Armistead continued to live in Pittsylvania Co., where he 
owned quite a large estate. He died about 1840. Royall King 
was the administrator of his estate. The books show nothing as 
to how it was distributed, or what became of it.f 

Assuming this to be Thomas Stratton of the East Shore line 
(No. 14, p. 148, Vol I), he is designated as Thomas^ in the 
following records of the descendants of his sons Benjamin and 
William. He probably lived in King and Queen Co. for a while 
after leaving the Eastern Shore. 

V [56.] Benjamin Stratton^ {Thomas^) was living in Pitt- 
sylvania Co. and owned land there from 1780 to 1808. The Revo- 

* In the following pages the compiler assumes this to be the relation- 
ship, and it seems altogether probable that this is the Thomas Stratton"* 
of the Eastern Shore, who was born in 1722 and whose name was not 
found on East Shore records after 1758. At that date he was in Northamp- 
ton Co. and witnessed a deed there, though he may have moved from 
there a few years earlier (see pp. 148 and 149, Vol. I). Notice, also, that 
this Thomas of the Eastern Shore had two brothers, Benjamin and 
William, after whom, perhaps, he named his sons. 

tThe compiler has a record of a William Stratton who may belong 
to this family. He was born Sept. 1, 1801, in Virginia, married, first, 
Mary Snow; second, Deliah Baldwin, Jan. 10, 1825, a daughter of John 
Baldwin. He was drowned in Buck River, Tenn., in 1842. He is said 

to have had a brother Thomas, who married Winnie and had a son, 

Wm. Brock Stratton, who went west. He had children as follows: 

Williamson, b. Nov. 14, 1825. Left home soon after his father's death 
and was never again heard from by the family. 

Ansel, b. March 3, 1826; d. in Green Co., Mo., Sept. 25, 1882. Has a 
son, J. T. Stratton, living in Bettonii, Okla. 

Armistead, b. Oct. 4, 1829; m. Ann Brown; received a legacy from 
Virginia after his marriage. 

Mary Ann, m. Henderson Bass; re;^ide<l in Bassville, Mo. 

Thomas, b. Dec. 26, 1S32. 

Louisa, m. Daniel Womback; resided in Caddo, Mo. 

Jamima, m. A. G. Smith. 

William A., b. May 1831; m. Sophronia Brown; resided in Fair 

Grove, Mo. 

Thomas Stratton of the Eastern Shore 353 

lutionary records of Virginia contain this statement: "Benjamin 
Stratton, b. 1750 in King and Queen Co., raised in Pittsylvania 
Co., enlisted in Col. Stevens' Regt. for 9 mos., lived in Henry Co. 
when application was made for pension in 1831." The record 
refers to Armistead Stratton as a living witness; pension paid to 

1833. He married Eleanor , whose name appears with his on 

a deed of 97 acres of land which he sold on Sandy Creek. Soon 
after this he bought a farm in Henry Co., where he died and where 
he has descendants still living. 


+58 John.^ 

+59 Benjamin.^ 

And perhaps others. 

[57.] William Stratton ^ {Thomas ') married Edith Adams. 
Her name appears with his on several deeds to land which he 
sold in Pittsylvania Co. The last of these deeds was in 1804, 
when they sold to Jacob Meadows, for $1,000, a farm of 300 
acres lying on both sides of Sweetings Fork of Sandy Creek. They 
moved with their family to Logan Co., Ky., where they bought a 
farm, which is still in possession of their descendants. They 
were there as early at least as 1805, and were among the very 
first settlers of that county, which was then an almost unbroken 
forest with plenty of Indians about. The beautiful spring on 
this farm, famous throughout that region for its abundant sup- 
ply of clear cold water, had been a favorite camping place for the 
Indians for untold years. Here Mr. and Mrs. Stratton lived to a 
good old age. Mr. Stratton died at the age of 92 years. Both 
are buried in the "Stratton Burial Ground" on this farm. His 
name appears on the pension report of the Secretary of War in 

Children: — Born in Virginia. 

+60 Benjamin,' b. about 1789. 

—61 Annie.^ 

+62 William,' b. 1795. 

—63 John,^ of whom information is desired. 

There may have been other children in this family. 

58. John Stratton^ {Benjamin,^ Thomas^) was a farmer 
living not far from Martinsville, Va. 
Children:— Bom in Hennj Co., Va. 
+64 William Jackson.^ 

354 A Book of Strattons 

—65 Minerva,^ m. Thomas McGouldrick and moved first to 
Bean Station, Tenn., and then to Maconpin Co., 111. 
+66 Marshall Henry.** 
—67 Nancy.^ 

' 59. Benjamin Stratton " [Beyijamin,^ Thomas ^) died in 
early manliood, leaving a wife and little son who moved to Logan 
Co., Ky., where his uncle, William Stratton, had already settled. 

Child: — Bom in Henry Co., Va. 

+68 Robertson.^ 

60. Benjamin Stratton' (Williajn,^ Thomas^) came from 
Virginia to Logan Co., Ky., with his parents. In Nov., 1812, he 
married Nancy Jolley, who was born Mar. 12, 1793. She was the 
daughter of John and Mary {Campbell) Jolley. She lived to the 
age of 87 years, dying June 28, 1880. Mr. Stratton died in Sept., 

Children: — Born in Logan Co., Ky. 

—69 Lucy.^ 

-70 William.8 

+71 John,« b. 1820. 

—72 Elizabeth.^ 

—73 Louis.^ 

-74 Edith.« 

—75 James,^ served 3 years in C. S. army. 

—76 Mary.^ 

—77 Jane,* m. Watson. 

62. William Stratton" {Williaiyi,^ Thomas^) was born in 
Virginia in 1795. Came to Logan Co., Ky., about 1805, where on 
a farm he spent the rest of his long life. He died in 1886 aged 
91 years. He married Willie Williams. 

Children: — Born in Logan Co., Ky. 

—78 Nancy,'* 1824; m. John Ellis. Her daughter, Mary Ellis,* 
m. James Stratton (see Xo. 95). 

-79 Susan,« b. 1830. 

—80 Harrison,^ b. 1832; d. in Illinois; left children. Where 
are they? 

—81 Jackson,® d. unm. 

64. William Jackson Stratton ^ {John,'' Benjamin,^ 
Thomas ^) was born in Henry Co., Illinois, in 1805. He lived and 

Thomas Stratton of the Eastern Shore 355 

died in his native county where he was a farmer, and owned 

considerable real estate. He married Arminda , who was his 

widow in 1876. 


-82 Dowell T., d. in 1865; unm. 

—83 Henry Marshall, m. Matilda Davis; moved to Ten- 
nessee, near Bristol. 

—84 Melissa, m. Henry D. Handley, of Axton, Va. 

66. Marsh.\ll Henry Stratton ^ {John,'' Benjamin,^ 
Thomas ^) was born Jan. 24, 1813, near Martinsville. His mother 
died while he was a small boy, and he spent the most of his 
boyhood in his grandfather's home. At 18 years of age he went 
tto live with his sister, Mrs. Gouldrick, at Bean Station, Tenn. 
In 1833 he went to Maconpin Co., Illinois. In 1840 he married 
Rebecca Blackburn. They rented a farm on Spanish Needle 
Prairie, afterwards purchasing the same, which is a part of the 
old Stratton homestead, which comprises a portion of the eleven 
hundred acres of Maconpin county real estate accumulated by 
them, "commencing with a capital of only stout hearts, willing 
hands, pluck and energy, and a determination to succeed." In 
1870 they retired from farm life and moved into Carlinville, 
111. Here Mrs. Stratton died in 1875, and Mr. Stratton Jan. 13, 
1898, "A citizen of the most exemplary character, a man of de- 
termined convictions and stout will, having many friends, and 
believing strongly in the principle, 'Do unto others as ye would 
have them do unto you,' " 

Child: — Born in Maconpin Co., III. 

—85 Mary J., b. 1841; m. H. C. Anderson; res. Carlinville. 

<* 68. Robertson Stratton ^ {Benjamin,'' Benjamin,^ Thomas ^) 
was born in Henr>^ Co., Va., and removed while young to Logan 
Co., Ky. From early boyhood he was the support of his mother. 
He owned a farm not far from Russellville. He married Nancy 
Miles, sister of Alexander Miles. He died in 1836.* Soon after 
his death his widow, with her five small children, moved to 
Maconpin Co., 111., settling near Brighton, where several of her 
relatives had previously settled.f 

* The compiler understands that the house which he built, and where 
his children were born, is still standing near Keysburg, Logan Co., Ky. 

t Miles Station, in Maconpin Co., 111., is named for them and there 
are many of this name in that region, and in Henry Co., Va. 

356 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Logan Co., Ky. 

—86 "Wesley ,° d. in infancy. 

—87 Sarah Elizabeth,^ ra. Henry Kendall; d. in Pierce City, 

+88 Thomas.^ 
—89 Eliza,^ m. John Rice Miles, son of Alexander and Pollie 

Miles; res. Miles Station, 111. 
+90 Samuel,^ b. 1832. 
—91 Beverly,^ res. Pasadena, Cal. 

71. John Stratton ® (Benjamin,^ William,^ Thomas ^) was 
born in 1820. Married Martha Smith, daughter of Littleton 

Children: — Born in Logan Co., Ky. 

—92 Benjamin,^ m. Artie M. Ellis. 

—93 John,^ moved west. 

-94 Boon,» settled in 111. 

+95 James W.,» b. 1850. 

—96 Robert,'' m. Florence Adams; res. Olmstead, Ky. 

—97 Emma,^ moved west, probably 111. 

—98 Sarah, ^ moved west, probably 111. 

—99 Ellen,'' moved west, probably 111. 


. 88. Thomas Stratton " (Robertson,^ Benjamin,' Benjamin 
Thomas ■') married Elizabeth Elsworthy and lived in Piasa, III. 

Children: — Born in Maconpin, III. 

—100 Lily,i " m. Alonzo Florida, of Jerryville, 111. 

-101 Wiiliam,^" m. Ada Gibbs. 

—102 Charles,^'^ m. Harriet Appleton; res. Pasadena, Cal. 

—103 Abner,!" m. Ada Jones; Piasa, 111. 

—104 Angie,^" m. Arthur Torward; res. Alton, 111. 

—105 Julia,^" m. Wm. Jones ; res. Delhi, III. 

—106 Thomas,^" d. unm. 

—107 Eliza,^" d. unm. 

90. Samuel Str.atton '-' {Robertson,^ Benjamin,"^ Benjamin,^ 
Thomas'') was born in 1832 in Logan Co., Ky., and moved with 
his mother to Maconpin Co., 111., while a small boy. He mar- 
ried Mary B. Webster and in 1882 removed from Illinois to 
Pasadena, Cal., where he now resides. 

Children: — Born in Montgomery Co., III. 

—108 Samuel Wesley,^" grad. of University of Illinois, 1884; 

Thomas Stratton of the Eastern Shore 357 

Prof. Physics and Electrical Eng'ring, University of 
111., 1885 to 1892; Prof. Phys., University of Chicago, 
1892-1901 ; now head of Bureau of Standards, Wash., 
D. C. (See Who's Who in America.) 

—109 Matie E.,^^ res. Pasadena, Cal. ; artist. 

—110 Olive,^'^ m. Arthur T. Newcomb; res. Pasadena. 

—Ill Lucy," m. Glenn Hobbs; res. Chicago. 

95. James W. Stratton ^ [John,^ Benjamin,'' William,^ 
Thomas ^) was born in 1850. He married Mary Ellis, his second 
cousin, granddaughter of William Stratton.^ They live on the 
old Stratton farm, wrested from the virgin forest by William 
Stratton.*^ They have a son, Alonzo Stratton,^*' who married 
Myrtle Rust, and lives at Ferguson, Ky., and has five children: 
Karl Murial,^^ Vera Genevive,^^ James Warren,^^ Kenneth 
Loyd ^^ and Alonzo, Jr.^^ 



{Chart F, Vol. I) 

"Thoughts and deeds not pedigree are passports to enduring fame." 


BERMUDA HUNDRED, settled by Thomas Dale, was orig- 
inally in Henrico Co., Virginia. In 1674 this part of Henrico 
was set off as Chesterfield County. Edward Stratton ^ was then 
living at Bermuda Hundred (see p. 213, Vol. I). 

Henrico was one of the original shires into which Virginia was 
divided. It embraced all the land along the James River from 
Charles City to the Blue Ridge, including what is now the coun- 
ties of Goochland, Fluvanna, Albermarle, Nelson, Amherst, Bed- 
ford, Campbell, Appomattox, Cumberland and Powhatan. The 
Strattons were early scattered throughout this section as shown 
by the records of these counties. In 1728 Chesterfield and 
Goochland were cut off from Henrico. In 1748 Cumberland was 
formed, and about 1777 the present line between Cumberland 
and Powhatan was surveyed. There were Stratton farms on 
either side of this line, in the ''Muddy Creek" region. Many of 
the records of these counties were destroyed during the Civil 
War. In Goochland County many papers on file in the County 
Clerk's office were taken out by the soldiers and scattered over 
the floor. After the soldiers left they were gathered up and 
stored in the attic where some of them remain to this day, an 
undeveloped source of historic and genealogic knowledge.* The 
following deed recently discovered among unindexed papers at 

* The following, copied from the records of Cumberland Co., are here 
given to show how the marriage license was recorded "in ye olden time'^ 
in Virginia: 

"We Abner Seay and Reubin Seay acknowledge ourselves indebted to 
Rob rt Burk Esq., Governor of Virginia, in the sum of $15. to be paid 
to the said Governor and his successors, yet, if there be no lawful cause 
to obstnict a marriage intended to be had and solemnized between the 
said Abner Seay and Mary Stratton then this obligation to be void, 


Home- of 
Je re inia.7)Strcitton 
1119 — /f'^'l 

1. Strattoii S|)ring: Pafir '?>T^:\. 2. Hee page 258. 3. Elit'iiczer Strat- 
ton lioiisse (taveni) built alioiit IT'.'S; Pages 45 and 81. 

Ijiirial phu-c ot Zciiiiliiii and .icnislia Strattuii: I'ai/r I'.t.'!. Oravo of 
Thomas Stiattoii: Pane ;>74. Hillside (•ciiiftcry on tiic hank of the Yange- 
tse-Kiang, burial [)Iace of Owen i-oxcjoy Stratton: /'",'/'' •'>l(t. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 359 

Richmond proves that Edward Stratton ^ of Bermuda Hundred, 
Virginia, had a son Henry, as well as the two sons, Thomas and 
William, given on page 218, Vol. I.* 

Know all men by these presents, I, Edward Stratton of this 
parish County of Henrico, for and in consideration of the 
love and natural affection which I have to and for my son, 
Thomas Stratton, do freely and willingly give and grant unto 
my said son, Thomas Stratton, one tract and parcel of land 
situated in the County and parish aforesaid it being that land 
and plantation which I purchased of William Parker together 
with all the land in that tract and all houses and improvements 
of what nature or kind soever, the place being called and known 
by the name of Bakers unto him my said son, Thomas Stratton 
and his heirs forever but if he dies without issue lawfully be- 
gotten, then I give the aforesaid land and premises with the 
appurtenances unto my son Henry Stratton and his heirs forever. 

In witness and testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand 
and seal this day of 1729. 

Edward Stratton. (SEAL. 

Memoranum that on the 6th day of October, anno. Dom. 
1729, quiet and peacable possession and seizure was had and 
taken in the land within mentioned in the presence of — 

Edward Stratton. 
Jno. Redford Jr. 
John Hutchins. 
Mary Hutchins. 

else to remain in full force. Given under my hand and seals, this 2nd 
day of April 1795. "Abner Seat, 

"Reuben Seat." 

"Know all men by these presents, that we, Alex Cheatwood and Sam'l 
Hatcher, are held and firmly bound unto Tho's M. Randolph, Governor 
of Va., in the just and full sum of $150. good and lawful money of Va. 
to be paid to the said Governor or his successors upon these conditions, 
that if there is no lawful cause to obstruct a marriage intended to be 
had and solemnized between said Alex Cheatwood and Jane Stratton 
of this county — then this obligation to be void, or else to remain in full 
force and virtue; given under our hands and seals this 25th day of 
Sept. 1820. "A. Cheatwood, 

"Sam Hatcher." 

* For the discovery of this deed, and for the collecting of much material 
on this line of Virginia Strattons, the author is indebted to the untiring 
efforts of the Hon. Thomas J. Stratton of Appomattox Co., who has ren- 
dered valuable aid in searching county records, interviewing many of the 
older Strattons, and soliciting records from others through correspondence. 

Signed, sealed and 
delivered in the 
presence of us. 


A Book of Strattons 

This is probably the Henr>^ Stratton who bought land of 
Richard ]\Iaiming in Goochland Co., Va., by deed dated June 
28, 1743. The compiler has found no other mention of a Henry 
Stratton at this date. The United States Census of 1785 gives a 
Henry Stratton, "head of a family of four," then living in Am- 
herst Co. The books of that county contain no mention of him. 

That Edward Stratton ^ had also other sons is quite certain 
although yrooj is still lacking. The above census gives a John 
Stratton then (1785) living in Amherst Co., "head of a family 
of twelve." The county books show that he was there as early 
as 1771. He belonged to the Virginia militia in June, 1781, and 
his name appears occasionally from that date to 1796, after 
which no mention of him has been found there. Also Suriah (or 
Seraiah) Stratton, "head of a family of seven," was living in 
Rockingham Co. in 1785. His name appears on a list of Revolu- 
tionary soldiers, Oct. 25, 1780. Of him the writer has no further 
knowledge.* It is not unlikely that these families migrated to 
Southwest Virginia and Kentucky. 

On page 219, Vol. I, the compiler asked for information con- 
cerning William Stratton'* (No. 10, Chart F), son of Edward 
Stratton.^ This led to much correspondence and many hours of 
research. The records of many Virginia counties were searched, 
and many older Strattons interviewed. Finally, the will of 

* These may be the ancestors of some of the yet unplaced Strattons who 
between 1790 and 1820 found their way to the newly settled regions in 
Southwestern Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. There was a William 
Stratton, b. in 1779, who married Rhoda Bennett about ISOO and settled 
in Shelby Co., Ky., at Clay Village, where he died July 16, 1853, and she 
three years later, Aug. 28, 1856. Their family Bible gives the births of 
twelve children: 

Daniel, b. Dec. 20, 1800 
Bernett, b. July 16, 1805 
Charles, b. Sept. 2, 1808 
Gabriel, b. Dec. 15, 1810 
Henry Harrison, b. 1813 
Mary, b. Nov. 1815 

Asa Bennett, b. 1817 
Jack, b. Oct. 15, 1819 
William, b. Nov. 13, 1821 
Martha, b. Feb. 10, 1824 
Nelson, b. Oct. 15. 1825 
Elizabeth, b. June 15, 1831 

Marj', m. John Demaree. 

Dr. Henry Harrison, m. Julia Lively; lived in Alton, Ky.; had one 

d., Margaret Ann, who m. R. H. Parrent. 
Asa Bennett, m. Mary McDonald; lived in Bagdad, Ky.; children: 

Wm. J., James C, Charles, Tyler E., Andrew J., Robert Y., Mary' S., 

Charles (Asa B.), m. Mary Thomas; children: Mary L., Everett B., 

Wm. E., Joseph C, Robert, Tyler, Thomas. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 361 

William Stratton * was found recorded in Powhatan County, as 
well as other information concerning him and his family, and 
many of his descendants traced to the present generation. These 
are given on the following pages together with the descendants 
of his brother, Thomas Stratton.* 

10, William Stratton'* {Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) 
lived in Powhatan Co., Va., where he accumulated considerable 
property — owned many slaves and a large tract of land which 
was divided among his children, who, as they married, settled 
around the old home.* His will, a copy of which is given below, 
was made in 1760. No wife is mentioned, showing that she died 
before that date. The date of his death is not known, although 
in the will he describes himself as being "very sick and weak," 
he may have lived some years longer. Among his descendants it 
is understood that he "lived to a good old age," and was one of 
the prominent planters of that region. His will was not probated 
until 1780. 

Children: — Born in Powhatan Co., Va. 
+15a William.^ 
15b John,^ one of the executors of his father's will in 1780. 
The U. S. Census of 1783 gives him as living in 
Powhatan Co., "the head of a family of six, and 
owning five slaves," and he seems to have been living 
there in 1795. The compiler found nothing more of 
him there, and has failed to definitely locate him 
+15c Edward.^ 

15d Martha,^ unm. in 1760. 
+15e Richard.^ 

15f Sarah,^ m. Rice before 1760. 

+15g Peter.^ 


In the name of God, Amen: — 

I William Stratton Sr. of the County of Powhatan being ver}' 
sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory do make 

* His land was in the northwestern part of Powhatan Co., just south 
of the James River in the "Muddy Creek" district, near the present line 
of Cumberland County. A large part, if not the whole, of Powhatan was 
once embraced in Chesterfield County. William Stratton* was deeded 
land on the south side of the James River by his mother in 1749 (see 
p. 218, Vol. I). 

362 A Book of Strattons 

and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say prin- 
cipally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the 
hands of almighty God that gave and for my body I commend 
it to the Earth to be buryed in a christian like and decent man- 
ner at the discretion of my executor, and as touching such 
worldly estate wherewith it hath been pleased God to bless me 
in this life with, I give and dispose of as follows, first I would 
that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid, also I give 
and beciueath to my beloved son William the place and house 
where I now live with two hundred Acres more or less of land 
adjoining and the remainder of the said tract of land that I now 
live on I give and bequeath to my two sons Richard & Peter to 
belong to them as the lines are already laid off to them and their 
heirs forever. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my said son Peter one Negro boy 
named Sylex also a two year old bay Horse colt, also two cows 
and calves, two Ewes and lambs and four hoggs a Feather bed 
and furniture. 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha a Negro 
Girl named Judith and her two children named Tom and David 
with her future increase also two cows and calves two ewes and 
lambs and a two year old mare (dark bay) also a feather bed 
and furniture and a weiving loom. 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Rice a 
negro girl named Betty also a Cow and calf. 

Item, I give and bequeath unto Mary Stratton daughter of 
Henry Stratton a feather bed & furniture. 

Item, It is my desire that none of the negroes that are not 
mentioned to the children should be sold out of the family but 
appraised and equally divided among my children excepting only 
the two negroes George and Kate, George at my death I give to 
my son John Stratton and Kate I give and bequeath to my son 
Edward Stratton. 

Item, I give and bequeath my still an equal part to each of my 
five sons, (Viz) William, John, Edward, Richard and Peter 

Item, It is my desire that the remainder of my estate should 
be appraised and equally divided among my children provided 
only that if any of them should die before having lawfully in- 
creased he or she is exempted from a share of the last mentioned 

I likewise constitute and appoint my son William and John 
Stratton and Robert Murray Executors of this my last will and 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 363 

testament and I do hereby utterly dis-annul all other former 
wills and legacies by me before named will'd ratified and con- 
firmed this and no other to be my last Will and Testament. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 
thirtieth day of August 1760. 

William Stratton (L. S.) 
Signed sealed in the presence of 
Jesse Tucker, 
John Tucker, 
Thomas Tucker, 
It is my further will and desire that my daughter Martha 
Stratton shall have possession of the old room of my new dwell- 
ing house during her living a single life also the privilege of 
tending forty acres of land convenient to the said house during 
the aforesaid term of her living single, It is also my will and 
desire that my son Peter shall have my dark bay Feasnought 
Mare instead of the Bay Horse Colt mentioned- in the will and 
the said Bay horse colt to be disposed of and divided as the 
other articles. 

15a. William Stratton ^ {William,'^ Edward,^ Edward,- Ed- 
ward'^) was bequeathed the homestead on Muddy Creek, and 
two hundred acres of land by his father's will, and was one of 
the executors of this will in 1780. The U. S. Census of 1783 
gives him as the head of a family of nine and owning thirteen 
slaves. The names of only six of his children are known to the 
writer. No will or settlement of his estate has been found, nor 
the date of his death. 


-38* Peter,« m. Polly Street in 1807. 

—39 Edward.^ Probably this is the Edward who married 
Polly Flippen, d. of Philip Flippen, Aug. 17, 1807. 

+40 James,*' settled in Tennessee about 1805. 

—41 Richard,^ of whom information is desired.f 

—42 Frances,^ m. James Hix, Oct. 20, 1788. 

-43 Sarah.« 

* From here the numbers are continued from No. 37, page 224, Vol. I. 

t This may have been the Richard Stratton who married Jane Mary 
Daniel July 5, 1814, and who died in 1817. leaving a daughter, Ann 
Richard, who inherited from her father a farm on "Muddy Creek," and 
who married Dr. A. M. Cantrell Sept. 3, 1834. Peter Stratton, as her 
guardian, gave his consent to this marriage. Jane was daughter of 
Leonard and Mary (Spears) Daniel. Three years after Richard's death 

364 A Book of Strattons 

15c. Edwaed Stratton ^ {William,'^ Edward,^ Edward,- Ed- 
ward^) married Sarah Ligon about 1778. She was the daughter 
of William and Ann Ligon of Cumberland Co. They lived 
in Powhatan Co. on a farm that was a part of his father's 
original estate. Here he was a prosperous planter, owning many 
slaves. His will, made in 1817 and proved the following j^ear, 
is given below. 

Children: — Born in Powhatan Co., Va. 

+44 Thomas,*^ b. 1782. 

-f45 William.<5 

—46 Edward.*' 

+47 John Robert.^ 

—48 George,*' m. Savannah . 

—49 Sarah, 6 m. Stokes Tunstill. 

+50 jMoseley Ligon.*' 

—51 Elizabeth Ann,*' m. Wm. A. Martin. 

-52 David T.,« m. Parker. 

John Robert and Moseley Ligon were known by these double 
names,, and so wrote the names themselves though the father's 
will does not give the middle initials. The will indicates that 
the older sons had already received their portion of the estate. 
Thomas is known to have settled in Tennessee before his father's 
death. What became of Edward,^ George ^ and David T.^? 


In the name of God, Amen: 

I Edward Stratton Sr. of the County of Powhatan, State of 

she married Alexander Montague. Her brother, Robert Daniel, married 
Mary, daughter of Robert Stratton (No. 34, Chart F, Vol. 1). 

The census of 1783 gives a Martha Stratton of Powhatan Co. as head 
of a family of three, and owning five slaves. She was probably a widow 
with two children. Whose widow was she? Her daughter Judith mar- 
ried Rev. Daniel Montague Feb. 6, 17S7. 

Other Stratton marriage licenses recorded in Cumberland and Pow- 
hatan counties are as follows: 

William Stratton and Nancy Stegar, d. of Hantz Stegar — 1801. 

Henry Stratton and Sally Russell, d. of William Russell, Oct. 15, 1820. 
This license is signed by William Stratton, James Stratton, and Joseph 

Edward Stratton and Jane B. Sanderson, May 1, 1826. 

Peter Stratton and Ann T. Bendurant, d. of Geo. Bendurant, Feb. 
28, 1815. 

Also a will is found in Cumberland Co. of a Richard Stratton, dated 
March 3, 1814. He mentions only his mother and brother Joseph. 


7 'ViRC/N/A 

\\\\\\.\ Stuatto.n Homes in J'.icht States 
1. Built 17!)S l,y Martin Stratton; Piujc .S22. 1. Bv William Stratton 
m ISld: Viujr 09. '3. Allu-rt G. Stratton. 1.S47: Vnyc U.S. 4. David D. 
ytrattun; i'uf/t? 45n. "). Xatlian L. Strattdu. 1S17: Page '230. 0. Jonathan 
Stratton. 1730; Paqc 11(>, Vol. I. 7. IVti'r B. Stratton, 1790: Page 377. 
8. Richard S. Strattimi Pmif 240. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 365 

Virginia, being low in health, but of perfect mind and memory 
do make this my last will and testament: 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Thos. Stratton all 
that I have formerly given him, likewise Seventeen dollars cur- 
rent money of Virginia to him and his heirs forever. 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son William Stratton all 
that I have formerly given him likewise Seventeen dollars, cur- 
rent money of Virginia, to him and his heirs forever: 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Edward Stratton all 
that I have formerly given to him, likewise Seventeen dollars 
current money of Virginia, to him and his heirs forever: 

Item, I give and bequeath to my son John Stratton all that 
I have formerly given him, likewise and equal part of all my 
land, at the death of my wife Sally Stratton, which is to be his 
whole part, he is to have no part in any of my negroes, to him his 
heirs forever: 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son George Stratton, the 
following negroes, to-wit: Dinah, Henry, Hannah and her child, 
(named) Metilda, to have immediate possession of said negroes, 
likewise one feather bed and furniture, to him and his heirs for- 
ever, also and equal part of all my land, at the death of my 
wife, Sally Stratton, to him and his heirs forever: 

Item, I give and bequeath unto Stokes Tunstill and Sally 
Tunstill, his wife, the negroes I have formerly given unto him and 
his wife, which is now in their possession, likewise five hundred 
dollars to be paid to them at the end of two years, also and equal 
part of all my land at the death of my wife Sally Stratton, to 
them and their heirs forever: 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Moseley Stratton, when 
he arrives at the age of twenty-one years the sum of Fourteen 
Hundred dollars, in negroes valued to him, likewise and equal 
part of all my land at the death of my wife Sally Stratton, to 
him and his heirs forever: 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Ann 
Stratton, at the age of twenty one years, or sooner, if she mar- 
ries, the sum of Fourteen hundred dollars, in negroes valued to 
her, likewise and equal part in all my land, at the death of my 
wife Sally Stratton, to her and her heirs forever: 

Item, I give and bequeath unto David T. Stratton when he 
arrives at the age of twenty-one years, the sum of fourteen 
hundred dollars, in negroes valued to him, likewise and equal 

366 A Book of Strattons 

part ill all my land, at the death of my wife Sally Stratton to 
him and his heirs forever: 

Item, To the use of my beloved wife Sally Stratton during her 
natural life, I wish her to have the benefit of my land, for her 
support, likewise the use of my negroes which has not been be- 
fore given away, during her life, but in case she should live until 
Moseley becomes of age, she is to give up so many of the negroes 
left her as will satisfy his sum mentioned above ; likewise if she 
should live until Elizabeth Ann marries or becomes of age, she 
is to give up so many of the negroes, left her during her life, as 
will satisfy the sum left Elizabeth Ann; likewise if she should 
live until David T. Stratton becomes of age, she is to give up 
so many of the negroes left her during her life, as will satisfy 
the sum before given him. 

It is my wish, at the death of my wife, that John Stratton 
;;hall have and equal part in all my land, and to have no other 
part in any of my estate whatsoever: 

Likewise I wish all my estate both real and personal that has 
not been before given away, at the death of my wife, to be 
equally divided between my children here named (that is to say,) 
George Stratton, Stokes Tunstill, and Sally Tunstill his wife, 
Moseley Stratton, Elizabeth Ann Stratton, and David T. Strat- 
ton, to them and their heirs forever: 

I wish and do appoint my sons William and Edward Stratton 
my executors to this my last will: — 

As witness my hand this thirty-first day of December One 
thousand eight hundred and seventeen. 

Edward X Stratton Sr. (L. S.) 

P. Stratton 

Thomas Tucker 

James Amonett 

Win. Stratton, Jr. 

15e. Richard Stratton ^ {William,* Edward,^ Edward,- Ed- 
ward^) was living in Powhatan Co. in 1783, the "head of a 
family of two" and owning three slaves. He is thought to have 
married Frances Moseley. 


—53 Nancy ,« m. her cousin William Stratton (No. 45) , Dec. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 367 

18, 1805. Her uncle William Stratton was her 
guardian, and signed her marriage license.* 

If there were other children, data concerning them is much 
desired. The father probably died before 1805. 

15g. Peter Stratton ^ {William* Edward,^ Edward,- Ed- 
ward^) was a well-to-do planter in Powhatan Co. He married 
Jane Baugh about 1760.t 

Children: — Born in Powhatan Co., Va. 

+54 Peter Baugh. 

+55 William. 

It is understood that there were other children, whose names 
the compiler has not yet been able to learn. Any information in 
regard to them would be gladly received. 


19. William Stratton ^ {Henry, ^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Ed- 
ward," Edward^) married Mary Haynes, Dec. 3, 1793. They 
were then living in Bedford Co. 

Children: — Born in Bedford Co., Va. 
—56 Elizabeth." 
—57 Henry.^ 
—58 Sarah.'^ 
-59 William.' 

Sept. 23, 1811, John Hampton Stratton (No. 20) made a deed 
of gift of four slaves to the above children of William and Mary 
Stratton. It is believed that their parents were then dead. What 
became of the children? 

20. John Hampton Stratton ^ {Henry, ^ Thomas,* Edward,^ 
Edward,^ Edward'^) married Mary Ann Turner, June 31, 1788, 
Rev. James Mitchell performing the ceremony. They lived in 
Bedford Co. until about 1816 when they removed to Mont- 
gomery Co. Between 1810 and 1819 he sold several tracts of 

* Among her descendants her name was generally known as Ann, but 
the marriage license recorded in Cumberland Co. gives it Nancy Stratton. 

t There are graves of several of the Baugh family in the old gravej'ard 
at Bermuda Hundred. 

t Continued from page 221, Vol. I. 

368 A Book of Strattons 

land in Bedford Co. amounting to about 600 acres for which he 
received $12,000. In 1807 he was Constable for the county, 
appointed by the Governor, and giving bond for $1,000. He 
died about 1838. 

Children: — Born in Bedjord Co., Va. 

+60 Henry-," b. 1789. 

-61 Sarah,^ b. July 26, 1791; m. in 1810, William Adams, 

who was born Oct. 27, 1778; d. in Virginia Oct. 17, 

1847. They were the parents of 9 children. 
+62 Thomas,' b. 1793. 

—63 Nancy," b. Sept. 29, 1795; m. Cole. 

—64 Milly,' b. June 20, 1797; m. John Robertson; moved 

to Mo. 

—65 Jane,^ b. Apr. 14, 1799; m. Tennison. 

-66 Milton Lee,^ b. Apr. 13, 1801. 

+67 Admire T.,^ b. 1803. 

—68 Kitty," b. Apr. 22, 1805; m. Thomas Combs. 

—69 Mary H.," b. Apr. 24, 1807; m. Geo. Cloud. Lived on a 

farm near Kingsport, Tenn., where she died Mar. 25, 

-70 Julia Ann," b. Oct. 26, 1809; m. John Stover; d. in Mo. 

Apr. 15, 1868. 
—71 John Hampton,^ b. July 25, 1811; d. in childhood. 
—72 Lucy," b. Feb. 20, 1814; m. Thomas Bamett, whose 

descendants have an old family Bible from which 

these names and dates were copied. 
-73 Liensy,^ b. Aug. 12, 1816; d. young. 

21. Thomas Stratton ® {Henry, ^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Ed- 
umrd,- Edward^) married Elizabeth Leftwich, Dec. 2, 1775.* 
They lived for a while in Richmond, and then returned to Bed- 
ford Co., where she died a widow in 1815.t 


—74 Susan,^ m. 1st, Gary; 2nd, John Gyrus; d. in 

Columbia, Tenn., Aug. 4, 1892. 

-75 Willey S.,^ d. in childhood. (?) 

—76 Janette," d. in childhood. 

* She was a sister of Rev. W. H. Leftwich, a preacher of considerable 
renown in that part of Virginia. 

t They are both buried in the graveyard on the old Stratton farm, about 
four miles from Bunker Hill, in Bedford Co., Va. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 369 

— 77 John/ of whom information is desired.* 

—78 Thomas J./ a school teacher many years in Va. and 

Tenn. An officer in the Mexican war; m. Mrs. 

Nannie Vorhees ; no children. 
—79 Patsy/ m. Thomas Leftwich, son of Rev. E. H. Left- 

wich, about 1820; d. in Colmnbia, Tenn., in 1878.t 
—80 Frazier Otley/ m. Zalinda Lynch Davis; had one 

child, Frazier Davis Stratton,* who died unmarried. 

—81 Parnelia,^ m. Whiteby. 

—82 Virginia,^ m. Jesse Leftwich. 

23. • Archibald Stratton ^ {Henry, ^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Ed- 
ward,- Edward'^) was born in Bedford Co., Va., Sept. 15, 1870. 
He settled in Montgomery Co., Va., where he was a farmer and 
a member of the Baptist Church. He owned several tracts of 
land in Bedford and Montgomery counties. He married Edna 
Dickinson, Oct. 13, 1793. She is remembered as a woman of 
more than usual intelligence, and a devoted wife and mother. 
She was a daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wooldridge) Dick- 
inson. She died in Kanawha Co., West Va., Jan. 7, 1842. 

Children: — Born in Montgomery Co., Va. 

+83 Joseph Dickinson,^ b. 1794. 

—84 Amerett,^ m. Philips Bouseman. 

—85 Mecca,^ m. Nathaniel Fuqua ; moved west. 

—86 Henry ,^ d. in infancy. 

—87 Fanny, ^ d. in childhood. 

29. John Stratton ^ {John,^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,'^ 
Edward^) settled in that part of Campbell Co. which in 1810 
became Appomattox Co., where he was a farmer and where he 
died about 1848. He married Sarah Ann Towler, daughter of 
Absolom Towler, Nov. 20, 1800. 

Children:— Bom in Campbell Co., Va. 

-88 Absolom,^ b. Jan. 19, 1802; d. unm. 

-89 Louisa,^ b. Oct. 31, 1803; m. Dec. 24, 1820, John Ed- 
dington of Roanoke Co., Va. 

*Was this the John Stratton who had a son, Wm. H. Stratton, who 
married a Miss Nowlin and had a son, John Nowlin Stratton, who gradu- 
ated from the University of Virginia? 

t A John Stratton, cousin of Patsey, with wife Rachel, lived for many 
years in Columbia, Tenn., and died there about twenty-five years ago, 
leaving no children. Whose son was he? 

370 A Book of Strattons 

—90 John Bennett/ b. Oct. 13, 1805; m. Brock, and 

had but one son, John Francis,^ who went to Miss. 

about 1859 and is believed to have lost his life in the 

Civil War. 
—91 William Madison,^ b. Dec. 13, 1807; m. Mary Gough; 

only child, Sarah,^ married Rob't White. 
—92 Robert D.,^ b. Nov. 10, 1809; d. unm. 

Born in Appomattox Co. 
+93 James Pleasant,^ b. 1812; d. 1883. 
+94 Albon M.,' b. 1814; d. 1875. 
-95 Edwin D.,' b. July 17, 1816; d. abt. 1854; m. Ann 

Eliza Carson; had two children, Mary Agnes,^ 

d. in infancy; Wm. M.,^ m. Mary Horsley and d. 

without issue. 
+96 Burwell C.,^ b. 1818; d. 1868. 
-97 Sarah Ann,' b. Oct. 18, 1822; m. Dr. Robt. H. Cox of 

Amherst Co. 

The will of John Stratton ^ (No. 15, Vol. I) has recently come 
into the compiler's hands through the kindness of Hon. T. J. 
Stratton (No. 231). It is dated Apr. 6, 1705. It names each of 
his nine children, leaving a legacy to each. No mention is made 
of his wife, which indicates that she died prior to date of will. 

31. William Stratton ^ {John,^ Thomas,^ Edivard,^ Edward,^ 
Edward'^) was a farmer living in Powhatan Co., near Muddy 
Creek Baptist Church, where he died about 1843. He married, 
first, Nov. 19, 1800, Mary Tucker, daughter of Thomas Tucker; 
second, Edith Tucker, daughter of Jesse Tucker, Feb. 25, 1825. 

Children: — Born in Powhatan Co., Va. 

By first marriage. 
— 98 William." What became of him? 
+ 99 Linnaeus Boiling." 
+ 100 Thomas Jefferson.^ 
—101 Mildred Ann," m. Archibald Flippin 
—102 Henderson,^ d. young. 
—103 Robert," d. young. 

32. James F. Stratton ^ iJohn,^ Thomas,'^ Edward,^ Ed- 
ward,- Edward^) settled in Fluvanna Co., Va., where he was a 
well-to-do farmer. Nov. 7, 1807, he married Mary Stegar, 
daughter of Capt. John P. Stegar. The house which he built at 
the time of his marriage was burned during the Civil War. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 371 

Children: — Born in Fluvanna Co., Va. 

-104 John P./ b. 1807; d. 1856; m. Annie Seay. 

-105 William/ b. 1809; d. 1870; unm. 

—106 Martha," b. 1811; d. 1875; m. Rev. Pleasant Howard. 

+107 James M./ b. 1813; d. 1874. 

+108 Richard Hale/ b. 1814; d. 1887. 

-109 Emily/ b. 1817; m. John Harlan. 

-110 Frances M./ b. 1819; d. 1898; m. William Daniel 

—Ill Mary Page/ b. 1821; d. 1901; m. Samuel Tillman. 

Their daughter, Mary Etta Tillman/ m. German 

Stratton of Goochland Co. Whose son was he? 
+112 Thomas C./ b. 1823; d. 1896. 
+113 Robert G.,^ b. 1825. 
+114 Peter L.,' b. 1827. 
—115 Albert Fontaine,' b. 1828; d. 1885; m. Martha Layne, 

and lived in Bedford Co. He was a Confederate 


33. David Stratton ^ {John,^ Thomas* Edward,^ Edward,^ 
Edward'^) was born Apr. 25, 1788.* He was a Baptist minister 
of Cumberland and Powhatan counties, Va. He died Apr. 24, 
1871, and is buried in Macon, Va. He married, first, Susanna 
Norris, daughter of John Norris; second, Jordina Hopkins, in 
1833. She was born Dec. 5, 1809, and died March 2, 1868. They 
were members of the Peterville Baptist Church, Cumberland Co. 
Children: — Born in Cumberland Co., Va. 

By first marriage. 
—116 Ann,^ d. young. , 

—117 Mary,^ m. Henry R. Page; d. in Chesterfield Co. 
—118 William D.,'' m. Sara Hatten, and went to Alabama to 

—119 Thomas J.,^ m. Catharine Pennilk, and went to Ala- 

—120 Robert J./ was killed in Alabama; unm. 
—121 Crawford,^ d. in childhood. 

By second marriage. 
—122 Susan J.,^ d. unm. in Richmond. 

* See page 223, Vol. I, where the minus ( — ) should be changed to the 
plus (+) sign. 

t It is understood that the sons who settled in Alabama left descend- 
ants. The compiler has failed to get into communication with them. 

372 A Book of Strattons 

—123 Louisa C./ m. Robert F. Hogue, who died Jan. 11, 

1896; res. Macon, Va. 
—124 Emily J.,' m. Frank Hogue. 
—125 David C," d. during the war; unm. 
—125a Annie E.,' m. Greenville Withall; d. 1909 in Amelia 

—126 Edmonia," m. LeRoy Wooldridge. 
—127 Douglass E./ never married. 

34. Robert Stratton ® {John,^ Thomas,^ Edward,^ Edward,^ 
Edward^) married, first, a Miss Haden, second, a Miss Adams. 
He lived in Cumberland Co. where he died in Feb., 1859. His 
will, dated a month before his death, mentions his five sons and 
two daughters. What became of them? 

Children: — Born in Cumberland Co., Va. 

By first marriage. 
—128 Robert.' 
—129 Haden.^ 

—130 Nelson," not mentioned in father's will. 
—131 Mary,^ m. Robert Daniel, brother of Jane Ann Daniel, 
who m. Richard Stratton. 

By second marriage. 
—132 "William Daniel," m. Frances Stratton. 
—133 Hartwell," a lawyer, who while a young man went to 

Nashville, Tenn. 
—13-1: Parmelia," m. Jackson of Cartersville, Va. 

35. Peter Stratton ^ {John,^ Thomas,'^ Edward,^ Edward,- 
Edward'^) married a Miss Huddleston, lived for a few years in 
Buckingham Co., Va., and then removed to Tenn. 

Children: — Born in Virginia. 

—135 James,'^ d. in boyhood, in Va. 

—136 Martha," m. Anderson Davidson. 

—137 Luc}^ Jane,'' m. Pettit. 

-138 Elvira." 
—139 Amanda.'^ 

36. Daniel Stratton '^ {John,^ Thomas,^ Edward,^ Edward,^ 
Edward ^) lived in Appomattox Co., where he was a farmer. He 
married Elizabeth Walker. He died in the fall of 1874. 1 

Children: — Born in Appomattox Co., Va. I 

+140 John W.^ , - ( 



Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 373 

—141 Lucy Douglass/ m, Ethelburt LeGrand; she was the 
mother of eleven children, one of whom, Elizabeth 
Woodson LeGrand, m. Peter L. Stratton (No. 114) ; 
she d. in 1901. 

—142 Richard," d. in infancy. 

—143 Mary Walker," m. 1st, Richard Wilburn; 2nd, Col. 
J. R. Gilliam; d. in Buckingham Co., Va., 1903. 

—144 Emeline,^ m. Col. James A. Hamner; d. in Lynch- 
burg, 1904. 

—145 William Daniel," Confederate soldier; d. in service. 

—146 David W.,^ m. Mary Ronton. He was a Confederate 
soldier and died in the service in 1862, 

—147 Virginia Buck,^ m. Preston B. Stone. 

—148 Sarah L.,^ never married, 

—149 Robert B.,^ d. unm. in Appomattox, 1903. 

40. James Stratton ^ {William,^ William,* Edward,^ Ed- 
ward,^ Edward^) was born in Powhatan Co., Va., about 1775. 
He married Dinah Russell in Cumberland Co., Va., by license 
dated Sept. 20, 1797.* About 1805 he settled in Sumner Co., 
Tenn., buying a tract of land about three miles west of the pres- 
ent town of Gallatin. Here he became a prosperous farmer, 
and here he died in 1851, and was buried in the family burial 
ground on his own farm, where a tombstone stands to his mem- 
ory. He and most of his family were members of the Methodist 
Church. He was in the war of 1812, 1st Lieut, in Capt. Hamil- 
ton's company of Tennessee Volunteers, and was at the battle 
of New Orleans. For several years he was sheriff of Sumner Co. 
In his will he provides liberally for his wife and leaves the rest 
of his possessions to his children. 


+150 William.^ 

—151 Edward,^ married and moved to LaFayette Co., Mo. 
(Did he leave children?) 

—152 James,'^ of whom information is desired. 

—153 John L.,^ d. before 1851, leaving a widow and several 
children. What became of them? 

—154 Richard,^ of whom information is desired. 

+155 Thomas Jefferson," 

* In the family she was always called "Dicy." and is so called in her 
husband's will. But the marriage license gives her name as Dinah 

374 A Book of Strattons 

—156 Frances/ m. Benjamin Ireland and lived in Nashville. 
—157 Lutitia Russell,' m. Thomas J. Stratton (No. 100), his 

second wife. 
—158 Martha Ann/ m. Adams. 

44. Thomas Stratton ^ (Edward,^ William,^ Edward,^ Ed- 
ward,' Edward^) was one of the early settlers of Davidson Co., 
Tenn. He was born in Powhatan Co., Va., in 1782. Sept. 5, 
1806, he married Elizabeth Swan in Powhatan Co. She died 
March 10, 1808. She was a daughter of Thomas Swan, deceased, 
and Ferguson Taylor was her guardian at the time of her mar- 
riage. Soon after her death Mr. Stratton went to Tennessee and 
remained about three years. Returning to Virginia he married, 
Mar. 25, 1812, Elizabeth B. Swan, a cousin of his first wife and 
daughter of Willis S. and Elizabeth (McLaren) Swan. Three 
years later they settled five miles north of Nashville on a planta- 
tion, a part of which is still in the possession of his descendants. 
In Spring Hill Cemetery, once a part of this Stratton farm, is a 
stone bearing this inscription: 

Sacred to the memory of 

Thomas Stratton 

who was born in Powhatan County, Va., 

on the 31st day of July, 1782, 

and departed this life in Sumner County, Tenn., 

on the 30th day of June, 1854, 

aged 71 years, 10 months and 20 days. 

Generous, honest and brave. 

God's best gift to man. 

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Stratton died May 8, 1837, in the 38th year 
of her age. Late in life Mr. Stratton married Mrs. Elizabeth 
(Green) Hudson of Sumner Co. Genial, social and generous, 
he had many friends, and the hospitable home on the old Strat- 
ton plantation was the scene of many pleasant gatherings. 

Children: — Bom in Powhatan Co., Va. 
By second marriage. 

+159 Madison,^ b. May 3, 1813. 

-160 Elizabeth,^ b. Aug. 23, 1815; d. aged 9 years. 
Born in Davidson Co., Tenn. 

-161 Sarah,^ b. Feb. 18, 1818; d. aged 17 years. 

+162 Thomas Edward,^ b. Dec. 28, 1820. 

-163 Catherine,^ b. Mar. 23, 1823; m. Dec. 12, 1839, An- 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 375 

thony Johnson Snow, son of David Snow, a mer- 
chant of Nashville from Massachusetts. 

-464 Jane M./ b. Mar. 16, 1826; m. Kindred Jackson Mor- 

+165 Willis Swan," b. Jan. 16, 1829. 

—166 Elizabeth,^ b .Aug. 23, 1832; m. George S. Boiling. 

45. William Stratton ^ (Edward,^ William,* Edward,^ Ed- 
ward,- Edward^) married his cousin Nancy (or Ann) Stratton, 
daughter of Richard Stratton ^ (No. 53) , Dec. 18, 1805. He lived 
in Cumberland Co., where he owned two estates, near Muddy 
Creek, and where he was familiarly known as "Creek Billy" 
to distinguish him from his uncle and cousin of the same name. 
He was also called "William, son of Edward." He was one of 
the executors of his father's will in 1817. He died in October, 
1852, three months after making his own will, aged about 70 
years. His wife died two years earlier. In his will he names the 
nine children given below. He was an active, energetic man, 
"big souled, entertaining largely, having many friends, owned 
many slaves, to whom he was a kind master." He was a regular 
attendant of the Baptist church. Later in life he became very 
corpulent and during his last years, being unable to get through 
his carriage doors, he rode to church every Sunday morning in 
his ox cart, attended by his devoted servant. The home in which 
his children were born is still standing, though in a delapidated 
condition. The home in which the family later lived, and from 
which the daughters were married, is still occupied by his de- 

Children: — Born in Cumberland Co., Va. 

—167 Frances Moseley,^ b. June, 1809; m. Barister White in 

1847; d. Oct., 1872.* 
—168 Richard,^ b. 1804; m. Martha Moseley and lived in 
Chesterfield Co. To them 14 ch. were born (3 sets 
of twins) 10 of whom lived to be grown, 4 sons and 
6 daughters. Only two of the sons married: 
Moseley,^ m. Judette Crosby; Robert A.,^ capt. in 
Civil War, m. Rosa Lee White Nov. 21, 1866; chn. 
James M.,^ William,^ Robert B.^ (lives in Rich- 
mond), Franklin,^ Mary E.,^ Goldie,» Lillian L.,» 
John A.,^ m. Indie E. Brooks, June 16, 1898; res. 

* Their daughter, Ann Jane White, m. William Toler Rudd. 

376 A Book of Strattons 

Moselcy's Junction, Va.; chn. Rachel E./" Julian 

A.,^" Mary E.^'^ 
—169 Martha Jane/ m. Thomas W. Lepford. 
—170. Peter A.," b. abt. 1815; m. his cousin Frances Stratton 

(No. 178) and settled in Texas. 
+171 Edward T.," m. Martha Tunstall. 
—172 William S.," d. unmarried. 
—173 James A./ d. unm. 
—174 Sally Ann," m. William Anderson. 
-175 Daniel W.^ 

47. John Robert Stratton « {Edward,^ William,'^ Edward,^ 
Edward,- Edward^) married Mar>' Frances Stegar and lived on 
a farm near "Muddy Creek Church," where he was a man of 
considerable prominence.* 

Children: — Born in Powhatan Co., Va. 

—176 Elizabeth,' m. Richard Aston and moved to Texas. 

—177 Ann Bradley," m. Linnaeus B. Stratton (No. 99), May 
4, 1843. 

—178 Frances," m. Peter Stratton (No. 170) , her cousin, and 
moved to Texas. 

—179 Samuel," m. Sarah Jordan and lived on the old home- 
stead, where he died in Dec, 1810, aged 85 years. 

—180 Martha Hobson," became the second wife of Linnaeus 
B. Stratton (No. 99), Dec. 10, 1850. 

—181 John," m. Callie Scrugs and moved to Texas. 

—182 Elvira," m. Ira Williams ; lived in Texas. 

50. MosELEY LiGON Stratton « {Edivard,^ William,'^ Edward,^ 
Edward,- Edward^) was bom at the old homestead in Pow- 
hatan Co. in 1802. In 1830 he married Mary J. Bass of Chester- 
field Co. After his marriage he lived for awhile in Cumberland 
Co. and then moved to Richmond, where he was the first Auditor 
of the city and where he died June, 1862. 


—183 Mary Astoria," b. 1838; d. aged 10 mos. 

—184 Thomas Emmett, b. 1840; a physician of Richmond; 
Confederate veteran; president of State Board of 
Health; m. C. Astoria Bass. 

*This little church (Baptist) was long a landmark in the northwestern 
part of Powhatan Co. and many Strattons worshiped there. A large 
brick church now stands on the same site. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 377 

—185 Edwin Melvin,' b. 1840; d. 1897; a lawyer; served as 
reading clerk in state senate; Confederate veteran. 

-186 Henry Clay/ b. 1845; d. 1845. 

—187 James Taylor," b. 1845 (twin); res. Richmond; unm.; 
member City Council, 1888-1904; mem. Legislature, 
1901-2; mem. City School Board, 1901-3; Clerk En- 
gineers Dept. City of Richmond; serv^ed in 20th Va. 
Batt. Artillery, C. S. A. 

—188 Ida M., b. 1848; d. 1849. 

-189 Frank Moseley, b. 1850; d. 1852. 

54. Peter Baugh Stratton ^ {Peter,^ William,^ Edward,^ Ed- 
ward,^ Edward'^) was born in Powhatan County, July 11, 1761; 
married, Dec. 6, 1787, Mary N. Stegar, who was born Sept. 2, 
1764. They removed to Buckingham Co., Va., and owned a 
large and valuable landed estate known as Red Oak, a part of 
which is still in possession of descendants. He was a Revolu- 
tionary soldier, known as "Fighting Peter," and according to 
family tradition was present at the surrender of Yorktown and 
saw Cornwallis's sword handed to Washington. He died June 
18, 1835. He and his wife are both buried in the family grave- 
yard at Red Oak. His old house at Red Oak is still standing. It 
was remodeled in 1854 and has always been kept in good repair. 
It is owned by D. M. Ganaway, a great grandson of Peter Strat- 
ton. The house was originally built entirely of lumber hewed 
and sawed by hand and hand-made shingles. 

Children: — Born in Powhatan Co., Va. 

—190 Hantz,'^ b. Sept. 2, 1788; d. unm. 

—191 Mary," b. Dec. 31, 1792; m. Barnett Booker, owner of 

the Buckingham gold mine. 
—192 Jane Baugh,^ b. June 15, 1797; m. David Malloy; d. 

Aug. 29, 1830. 
—193 James Harvey," b. Sept. 17, 1801; d. in boyhood. 
+194 Peter Baugh,^ b. Jan. 1, 1807. 
+195 John,^ b. Jan. 2, 1808. 
—196 WiUiam,^ b. Aug. 7, 1811; moved to Missouri in 1843 

and died there Sept. 19, 1846, unm. 
+197 Richard," b. Sept. 14, 1815, in Buckingham Co. 

55. William Stratton ^ {Peter,^ William* Edward,^ Ed- 
ward,- Edward'^) lived near Peterville Baptist church, in Cum- 
berland Co., where he was known as "Capt. William." He mar- 
ried Frances Stegar. 

378 A Book of Strattons 


+198 Moses/ 

—199 Mosely,' moved west, 

—200 German/ a lawyer of Powhatan Co.; m. Martha 

+201 John C.' 
—202 Frances," m. Creed Taylor. 

60. Henry Stratton ^ {John H.,^ Henry, ^ Thomas* Edward,^ 
Edward;- Edward ^) was born in Bedford Co., Mo., May 18, 1789. 
He married Margaret McCrary Rayburn and moved first to 
Franklin Co., Ky., then to Holly Springs, Marshall Co., Miss., 
and in 1846 to Memphis, Tenn., where he died Sept. 10, 1849. 
Children: — Born in Bedford Co., Va. 
—203 Mary Jane,» b. Aug. 19, 1811; m. Edgar McDavitt; 

d. in Memphis July 26, 1876. 
—204 Eliza Green,« m. J. H. Goodlett. 

-205 Nancy T.,« b. Jan. 20, 1815; m. Edgar McDavitt; d. 
Aug. 22, 1844. 

—206 Helen,^ m. Burgess. 

Born in Franklin Co., Ky. 

—207 Henrietta,® m. Goodlett. 

+208 John Thomas,® b. 1824. 

-209 Margrett Miranda,® m. C .W. Alexander; d. near Au- 
burn, Ky., Oct. 23, 1879. 
-210 Sarah,® d. aged 16, in Memphis, 1846. 
-211 Augusta v.,® b. Feb. 1833; m. Ben T. Fleming. 

62. Thomas Stratton ^ {John H.,^ Henry, ^ Thomas,* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was born in Bedford Co., Va., Oct. 
29, 1793. He married Nancy Donald of Roanoke Co. in 1841 
and moved to Missouri in 1852, settling near Otterville in Cooper 
Co. on a large farm. 

Children: — Born in Roanoke Co., Va. 

-212 Mary Agnes,® b. Nov. 21, 1842, m. Nov. 5, 1861, Hon. 
John D. Storke, one of the most prominent men of 
the county, having served as state senator, collector 
of revenue, and in several other offices. 
-213 Elizabeth R.,® b. 1844; m. M. E. Murphy. 

Born in Kanawha Co., W. Va. 
—214 Pauline,® b. 1846. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 379 

+215 John C.,« b. 1849. 

Born in Cooper Co., Mo. 
+216 Thomas Henry ,« b. 1858. 

67. Admire T. Stratton ' {John H.,^ Henry, ^ Thomas,* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,- Edward^), born in Bedford Co., Va., Apr. 29, 
1803; went south while a young man, married in New Orleans 
and lived some years in Eufaula, Ala., where his wife died. Soon 
after her death he went west, taking his two boys with him, and 
was last heard from in California. 


—217 Thomas,® of whom information is desired. 

—218 Henry,® of whom information is desired. 

—219 Louise,® an infant when her mother died; adopted by 
Dr. Dunn of Eufaula; m. James Milton; died in 
Eufaula, Apr. 25, 1877. 

83. Joseph Dickinson Stratton ^ {Archibald,^ Henry, ^ 
Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) was born in Montgom- 
ery Co., Va., in 1794; in the war of 1812, serving one year in 
Co. H, 22d Va. Infantry, and from that time to the surrender 
he was in the cavalry service. He was in the battle of Tuck- 
willes Hill, Gordensville, Liberty Hill, and others on the soil of 
the old Dominion. He married, first, Theresa Gray, about 1815, 
who died 6 months later; married, second, Oct. 30, 1832, Mary- 
Ann Buster, daughter of Claudius and Annie Buster of Kanawha 
Co., West Va. She was born Apr. 25, 1812, and died in 1890. 
Mr. Stratton was engaged in mercantile business and while on a 
business trip in the west as agent for several large salt companies 
was thrown from his horse at Perryville, Ind., receiving injuries 
from which he died July 6, 1843. 

Children: — Born in Kanawha Co., W. Va. 
By second marriage. 

-220 Theresa Gray,® d. in Staunton, Va., May 17, 1893. 

—221 Julia Ellen,® graduated with honors from Virginia Fe- 
male Institution, Staunton, in 1857; m. May 10, 1865, 
A. A. McAllister, a leading citizen of Covington, 
Ky.* She died Nov. 23, 1906.t 

+222 James Henry Steptoe.® 

*Son of Capt. Thompson and Lydia Miller (Addams) McAllister and 
descendant of Hugh McAllister, Scotch Protestant, who emigrated to 
America in 1730. 

t She left six sons to honor her memory and do credit to her teaching : 

380 A Book of Strattons 

93. James Pleasant Stratton " iJohn,^ John,^ Thomas,'^ Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) was born Jan. 8, 1812, and lived in 
his native county, Appomattox, where he was a farmer, and 
where he died in 1883. He married Mary Ann Plunkett. 

Children: — Born in Appomattox Co., Va. 
-223 Louisa M.« 

—224 Nannie W.,^ m. Edward H. Moore. 
—225 Henrietta M.,* d. in infancy. 

—226 Robert C.,* moved to Ky. ; m. Shields ; a Confeder- 
ate soldier, 20th Va. Batt. Artillery. 
-227 Ann E.« 
-228 Alary Alice.« 
—229 Ida W.,® m. Capt. James W. Carson. 

94. Albon M. Stratton ^ (John,^ John,^ Thomas,* Edward,^ 
Edward,- Edward^) was a farmer of Appomattox Co., Va. He 
was born Jan. 3, 1814, and died July 18, 1875. He married. May 
6, 1840, Sarah Ann Woodson, only child of Capt. Edson Wood- 
son of Campbell Co. 

Children: — Born at Spanish Oaks, Va. 

-230 Alary Agnes,« b. July 27, 1841 ; m. John O. Thornhill 
Nov. 14, 1864. 

+231 Thomas John,« b. 1843. 

-232 Sarah Elizabeth,^ b. Feb. 18, 1845; m. Oct. 31, 1866, 
Rev. Josiah Thornhill of Campbell Co. 

—233 James Aladison,^ b. Feb. 1, 1847; a Confederate soldier; 
d. unm. 

—234 Emma Martha,' b. June 14, 1849; m. Thomas O. Dav- 
idson Nov. 17, 1880; d. Mar. 12, 1889. 

—235 Sterling Crawford,® b. Aug. 27, 1851 ; member Va. leg- 
Joseph T. McAllister, attorney of Hot Springs, \^a., author of several 
books on Virginia History; Wm. M. McAllister of Covington, Ky., 
merchant, vice president of Va. Fniit Growers Association, director 
Covington National Bank, etc.; Dr. J. Gray McAllister, Professor 
of Biblical Theology in Presby. Theological Seminar^', Louisville, Ky. ; 
Adams Stratton McAllister, graduate Penn. State College, received de- 
gree Ph.D. from Cornell, author of several works on scientific subjects, 
editor of Electrical World, New York City; Hugh M. McAllister, writer 
and business man of Covington; Julian R. McAllister, a successful mer- 
chant of Covington. To. Drs. J. G. and A. S. McAllister the writer is 
indebted for much help on this branch of Strattons. The former is the 
author of an admirable pamphlet on McAlIister-Stratton family history; 
the latter has contributed much to genealogical lore by his "Descendants 
of John Thompson" and other compilations. 

Strattons: 1. David 0; Page 310. 2. Kicliard H. : Page 382. 
3. Henry B.; Page 70. 4. Zaccheus; Page 440. ."). William F. : Page 110. 
6. Beniamiii: 7V/r/c 412. 7. Horace (b lH()(i); /Vc/c .'i'i. 8. Asa B. ; Page 
216. 9. William (No. C2; ; Pa^e 354. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 381 

islature 1893-1898; for 8 years member Board of 
Supervisors of Appomattox Co.; served 8 years as 
clerk in State Dept. Agriculture ; m. Lena M. Myers 
in 1896; their only child, John Myers,^ died in in- 
-236 Gillette Whitfield,^ b. Aug. 3, 1855. 

96. Burwell Churchill Stratton ^ iJohn,^ John,^ Thomas,*" 
Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) was born June 27, 1818. He was 
a Methodist minister. He married, first, Demarius Branch; 
second, Emily Wilson. He died about 1868. 


-237 Roberta F.,« m. Rev. S. T. Thornhill. 

-f 238 Richard Whitfield.^ 

99. LiNNiEus Rolling Stratton ^ {William,'^ John,^ Tho- 
mas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^), b. Dec, 1805; d. 1883; 
lived on his father's homestead in Powhatan Co., Va. He mar- 
ried, first, Ann Bradley Stratton, Apr. 27, 1841 ; second, Martha 
Hobson Stratton, both daughters of John R. Stratton (No. 47). 

Children: — Born in Powhatan Co., Va. 

By first marriage. 
—239 Marcella Jane,^ d. unm. 

—240 Mary Hobson,^ m. Spencer Carter Palmore; res. Tren- 
holm, Va. 

By second marriage. 
—241 Adda Boiling,^ m. Shelby Smith of Richmond. 
—242 Lelia Martha,^ d. unm. 
+243 William Robert.^ 

100. Thomas Jefferson Stratton ^ {Willia7n,^ John,^ Tho- 
mas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was born in Powhatan Co., 
Va., about 1800. In 1823 he married Nancy Dillon, daughter of 
John Dillon, and the following year moved to Tennessee, settling 
in Smith Co., about 40 miles up the Cumberland river from 
Nashville. Here he became a well-to-do farmer. Here his wife 
died and in 1843 he married Latitia Russell Stratton (No. 157) 
and in 1852 sold his farm and removed to Shelby Co., Tenn., 
near Memphis, where he died in 1870. 

Children: — Bom in Smith Co., Tenn. 

—244 Winston Henderson,^ m. Sallie Waldron in 1857; d. 
in Memphis in 1864. 

382 A Book of Strattons 

—245 Thomas Tucker,^ d. in Memphis about 1902. 

—246 William Dillon,** res. Birmingham, Ala. 

—247 James Henry,* m. Marcie Childs, 1872; d. in Memphis 
about 1877. 

+248 Beaumont Macon.^ 

—249 Martin Van Buren,^ m. Mary Smith, 1875; d. in Caple- 
ville, Tenn., 1903. 

—250 Cylias,^ killed at the battle of Atlanta, July 22, 1864. 

—251 Venora Ann,« m. Dr. Edwin D. Mitchell, 1869. 
Born in Shelby Co. 

—252 Frank Malone,* m. Delia Becker, 1884; d. in Mem- 
phis, 1904. 

—253 Linnie Donaldson,^ m. Alton F. Thompson, 1879. 

—254 Robert Lee,-' m. Daisy Steel, 1887. 

-255 Elizabeth,* m. Joseph H. Turner, 1897. 

107. James Monroe Stratton ^ (James,^ John,^ TJwmas,^ 
Edward,^ Edward;' Edward ^), born in 1813; died March 13, 1889, 
in Fluvana Co., Va. He married Annie Snoddy, who died Sept. 
11, 1894. 

Children: — Bor}i near Columhia, Fluvana Co., Va. 

—256 Jennie Ann,* m. Robert Bowles of Fluvana Co.; res. 

New York City. 
—257 Philip James,* m. Nannie Martin; d. at Howardville, 

Va., Sept. 6, 1902; child, Philip.^ 
-258 Charles Wesley,* m. Emma Woodruff Sept. 6, 1882; 

child, Maud Elizabeth.^ 
+259 Lewis Bransford.* 
-260 Mary,* m. J. Willard McGhee. 
-261 Joseph P.,* conductor on C. k 0. Rd. 
—262 Edward L.,* b. July 5, 1867; m. Lennie Carter Apr. 

23, 1896; res. Richmond, Va.; no children. 

108. Richard Hale Stratton ' (James,^ John,^ Thornas* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was born Apr. 10. 1814. Dec. 9, 1838, 
he married Annie Eliza Brown, who was born in Amelia Co., 
Va., Dec. 15, 1810. They lived in Lexington, Va., for a few 
years, then in Staunton, and then removed to Albemarle Co. 
where he owned considerable property and was a well-to-do 
farmer and contractor. He died in Gordansville, Va., June 4, 
1887. His wife died in January of the same year. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 383 


—263 Mary Ella, m. Joseph Jackson Hopkins Dec, 1857; 
he was b. in York, Pa., in 1831. 

—264 John James,^ d., unm., in Lynchburg, in R. R. service; 
a Confederate soldier serving through the entire pe- 
riod of the war. 

+265 Richard Henry, b. 1844. 

—266 Susie Alice, m. John M. Coulter Nov. 14, 1871, and 
resides in Clarksville, Tenn. 

—267 Annie Eliza, m. S. L. Fulks, May 5, 1870; res. Man- 
chester, Va. 

+268 Maurice Anderson. 

112. Thomas C. Stratton ^ [James,^ John,^ Thomas,* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was born in 1823 and died in Buena 
Vista, Va., Sept. 30, 1893. He married in 1847 Elizabeth Mac- 
Key McCorkle, daughter of John and Sarah {Cunningham) Mc- 
Corkle, who died Feb. 12, 1893. He was a soldier in the Con- 
federate army. 

Children: — Born in Oakland, Rockbridge Co., Va. 

—269 Sarah Harris,^ m. James Tate McClung in 1873; res. 

Buena Vista. 
—270 John William,^ m. Annie Lease of Burlington, Iowa, 

and died without issue in Springfield, 111., in 1878. 
—271 Staunton Field,^ d. in infancy. 
—272 James Francis,^ m. Mattie E. Dixon ; res. Buena Vista, 

Va.; child, Edith Miller.9 
+273 Albert Waggoner.^ 
+274 Harry Harlan.^ 
+275 George Baxter.^ 
—276 Lucy Anna,^ m. Wm. F. Pettyjohn of Lynchburg. 

113. Robert G. Stratton ^ {Ja^nes,^ John,^ Thomas,* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,^ Edward^), born in 1825; married Virginia C. 
Ast, and resided in Staunton, Va., where he died in 1904. 

Children: — Born in Staunton, Va. 

—277 James Edward,^ m. Annie Lee Deal; res. McKinney, 

Texas; ch: Elmer,^ Virginia Margaret,^ Robert G.^ 
+278 Robert L.« 
—279 Fannie M.,« m. Rev. Robert Lee Fultz. 

114. Peter Lee Stratton ^ {James,^ John,^ Thomas,* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,"^ Edward^), born Apr. 24, 1827; m. Dec. 22, 

384 A Book of Strattons 

1853, Elizabeth Woodson LeGrand, whose mother was Lucy 
Douglass Stratton (No. 141); resided at Spanish Oaks, Va., 
where he died Jan. 21, 1910, and his wife Oct. 5, 1911. He was 
a Confederate soldier, provost guard at Lynchburg. 
Children: — Born in Appomattox Co., Va. 
—280 Laura A.,« b. June 18, 1856; m. D. D. Isbell of Lynch- 
+281 Chesley Melvin.^ 
-282 Mary Lucy,« m. John B. Drinkard Dec. 25, 1880; res. 

-f283 Ethelbert Marshall,^ m. Bruce Robertson Dec. 16, 

—284 Jas. Albert,^ m. Besse W. Le Grand June 29, 1904; 

child, Frances Walker.^ 
-285 Delia H.« 
-286 H. Hartwell.^ 

140. John W. Stratton ^ {Daniel,^ John,^ Thomas* Edward,^ 
Edward,- Edward'^) was a farmer of Appomattox Co. He mar- 
ried Martha Woodson. He was a Confederate soldier in 19th 
Va. Battalion Artillery. 

Children: — Born in Appomattox Co., Va. 

—287 William Walker,* m. Ann Hughes ; resided in Bucking- 
ham Co.; no children, 

—288 John Daniel,® d. unm. 

—289 Jacob Woodson,® a Confederate soldier; wounded at 
the battle of Seven Pines. 

-290 Lesley Combs.® 

-291 Henry.® 

—292 Richard,® Confederate soldier; killed at the battle of 
the Wilderness. 

—293 Robert M.,® went to Missouri and married there. 

-294 Scott.® 

150. William Stratton ^ (James,^ William,^' William,* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward- Edward'^) was born in Powhatan Co., Va., and 
moved with his parents to Sumner Co., Tenn., while a small boy. 

He married Bettie and lived at Gallatin, where he owned 

considerable property. 


+295 John Armfield.® 

-296 Moseley H.® 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 385 

-297 Thomas.^ 
-298 Cherry.^ 
-299 Mary.« 

The author would be glad to get into communication with 
some one of this family. 

155. Thomas Jefferson Stratton "' {James,^ William,^ Wil- 
liam* Edward,^ Edward,'^ Edward^) was born in Sumner Co., 
Tenn., Aug. 5, 1817. He was a soldier in the Florida war. May 
10, 1838, he married Caroline M. Golladay. They were married 
by Rev. Geo. Donnell in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 
Lebanon, Tenn. She was born Mar. 16, 1813, and died Aug. 15, 
1865. She was a daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Shall) Golla- 
day, who were married in 1804 in Greensburg, Westmoreland 
Co., Pa. In August, 1869, Mr. Stratton married Mrs. Fannie 
(Watkins) Helm, widow of Henry Helm. She died in Nash- 
ville, Mar. 23, 1909. Mr. Stratton was a merchant of Lebanon. 
Coming there in early manhood, by his energy and integrity he 
built up an extensive trade, reaching far into the country around 
Lebanon. He bought large quantities of goods, going East to 
Philadelphia, New York and other cities for them. There being 
no railroads in that section, the goods were brought down the 
Ohio River and up the Cumberland to Nashville, and then by 
wagon or stage to Lebanon. The old red stage coach which 
brought passengers, mail and express from Nashville, with its 
driver on top blowing his bugle and driving four, six and some- 
times eight horses, was a picturesque scene of those pioneer days. 
Later Mr. Stratton, in connection with his son, Samuel G. Strat- 
ton, organized the Bank of Lebanon and was its president until 
his death, Jan. 18, 1885. 

Children: — Born in Lebanon, Tenn. 
By first marriage. 

+300 Isaac Golladay .« 

+301 James Edward.^ 

+302 Samuel Golladay.^ 

+303 Henry Thomas.* 

By second marriage. 

-304 Florence Russell,* b. July 4, 1870; m. Mar. 30, 1892, 
Fontaine De G. Daniel. 

159. Madison Stratton "^ {Thomas,^ Edward,^ Williaiyi,* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) was born in Powhatan Co., Va., May 

386 A Book of Strattons 

3, 1813. He was but two years old when his parents moved to 
Tennessee. He was a merchant and lumber dealer in Nashville, 
where he died Dec. 15, 1898. He married, first, Mary Snow, 
daughter of David Snow; second, Elizabeth Hawks ; third, Anna 

Children: — Born in Nashville, Tenn. 

By first marriage. 
—305 Amanda Elizabeth,® m. Hampton J. Cheney ; res. Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 
+306 David Thomas,® b. 1838. 
+307 William Oliver,® b. 1840. 

-308 Katherine,® m. W. C. Dibrell Nov. 11, 1868; res. Nash- 
—309 Madison, Jr.,® m. Ellen McKenney; res. Nashville; 

child, Beverly McKcnncy.'' 
—310 George,® m. Louise Lanier Feb. 13, 1883; no children. 
—311 Benjamin Frank,® res. Nashville; Dep. Sheriff; m. Oct. 
9, 1883, Mary Garrett. They have one child, Mary,^ 
who married Rufus Payne. 

162. Thomas Edward Stratton ^ {Thomas,^ Edward,^ Wil- 
liam* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) married Sarah Mourning 
Morris Nov. 6, 1844. He was a business man of Nashville. 

Children: — Born in Nashville, Tenn. 

+312 Moseley Thomas.® 

-313 Adeene,® m. John Kennedy Feb. 15, 1877. 

-314 Carrie,® m. William Burnet Feb. 19, 1880. 

165. Willis Swan Stratton " {Thomas,^ Edward,^ Williain,* 
Edumrd,^ Edward j- Edward'^) was born in Nashville Jan. 16, 
1829. He married Susan E. Hopson. He died in 1873. 
Children: — Born in Hopkinsville, Ky. 
—315 Susie,® m. Joseph Richmond. 

Born in Nashville. 
—316 Josephine Holcman,® b. June 28, 1882; m. Henry Col- 
lier Benargh, grandson of Gov. Collier of Alabama; 
res. Nashville. 
Born in Knoxville, Tenn. 
—317 Annie Kate,® m. 1st, in Nashville, Nov. 13, 1878, 
Charels K. Hudson; 2d, in Los Angeles, Aug. 26, 
1901, Geo. W. Bayley. 
Born in Hojjkinsville, Ky. 
-318 T. Matt,® m. Elizabeth Cree of Detroit, Mich. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 387 

171. Edward T. Stratton ^ (WilliaiJi,^ Edward,^ William* 
Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) lived in Cumberland Co. where 
he was a farmer. He married Martha Ann Baldwin Tunstill 
Oct. 6, 1841. 

Children: — Born in Cumberland Co., Va. 

-319 Virginia Ann,« b. Mar. 12, 1842; d., unm., Aug. 12, 1893. 

—320 Thomas Henry ,^ m. Bettie James Catterton May 17, 
1890; a farmer of Charlottesville, Va., where he died 
Aug. 3, 1902. 

—321 Martha Alice,^ resides at Free Union, Va. 

—322 Sarah Elizabeth,*' resides at Free Union, Va. 

—323 Edward Emmett,^ m. Henrietta Phillips, Sept. 14, 1831. 

194. Peter Baugh Stratton ^ {Peter B.,^ Peter,^ William,* 
Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^} was born in Powhatan Co., Va., 
Jan. 1, 1807. He married Jane E. Swan, daughter of Thos. T. 
Swan of Cumberland Co., whose wife was Annie Taylor, daugh- 
ter of George Taylor of Phila., one of the signers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence. He moved to Missouri about 1843, where 
he became a prominent lawyer. He died at Sedalia, Mo., in 
March, 1892. He and his family were Methodists. 
Children: — Born in Curdsville, Va. 
—324 Henry M.,^ d., unm., in 1874; soldier in Confederate 

—325 John W.,^ m. Martha Miller; Confederate veteran; res. 
Angola, Va. Has children, Jane,^ Martha^ and 
Born in Lexington, Mo. 
—326 Thomas F.,« m. Sue E. Zenley; res. Wanaucher, Mo.; 
Confederate soldier. 
Born in Bates Co., Mo. 
—327 Ella J.,^ m. C. B. Patterson ; res. Henrietta, Texas. 
—328 Mary R.,« m. Rev. E. G. Frazier; d. in 1902 at Se- 
dalia, Mo. 
—329 Sarah Ann Taylor,^ m. Dr. J. P. Wagner; res. Se- 
dalia, Mo. 
—330 Peter Baugh,® editor Sedalia Democrat. 
-331 Elizabeth B.,» d. in infancy. 

Born in Butler Co., Mo. 
—332 Richard S.,® unm.; res. Sedalia. 
—333 Catherine P.,« m. Dr. O. P. Kernodle. 

388 A Book of Strattons 

195. John Stratton ' {Peter B.,^ Peter,^ William* Edward,^ 
Edward,- Edward^) was born in Powhatan Co. June 2, 1808. 
He married Julia Holman Mar. 24, 1841. Moved to Missouri 
before 1860. Was killed by Union soldiers. 


-334 Peter,« b. Jan. 6, 1842. 

-335 William A.,« b. Jan. 26, 1844. 

-336 Julia E.,« b. Oct. 2, 1845. 

—337 Archie C.,' b. Nov. 10, 1847; removed to Indian Terri- 

-338 Martha Ann,« b. Sept. 3, 1849. 

-339 John A.,« b. July 24, 1851. 

Records of these children desired. 

197. Richard Baugh Stratton ^ [Peter B.,^ Peter,^ William* 
Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) married, Feb. 10, 1836, Eliza Mi- 
chaux McLaurane; moved to Missouri in 1843; he was a Bap- 
tist minister. 


—340 Mary,^ m. T. B. Cummings. 

—341 Olivia,* m. Elbert Blackwell. 

+342 John Emmett,^ served in the C. S. Army. 

198. MosES Stratton ^ {William,^ Peter, ^ William,* Edward,^ 
Edii?ard,- E'dward^) married Jane Wilburn. 


—343 William Daniel.^ 

—344 Thomas Jefferson.^ 

—345 German L.,* represented Goochland Co. in the Legis- 
lature; m. Etta Tillman. Left a daughter, Jane,^ 
who married Handley Gallagher. 

—346 Catherine.8 

-347 Melvin P.,« 

—348 Amanda.* 

201. John C. Stratton" {William,^ Peter, ^ William,* Ed- 
ward,^ Edward,- Edward^) married Dec. 30, 1838, Mary P. 
Drake, daughter of Col Samuel Drake, and lived in Powhatan 


—349 John C, Jr.,* m. Alice Owen. 

—350 Pocahontas,* m. Wallace Farres. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 389 

208. John Thomas Stratton ® {Henry,'' John H.,^ Henry, ^ 
Tho77ias,* Edward,^ Edward,^ Edward^) was born June 12, 1824, 
in Franklin Co., Ky. He married Emma P. Ferguson in 1851 
and lived in Memphis, where he died July 26, 1876. 
Children: — Born in Memphis, Tenn. 

-351 Kate Gasler,« m. William Bibb Leedy, 1873; res. Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 
—352 Margaret Jane,^ m. Edward P. Cloaker; d. in Memphis, 

—353 Henry ,^ res. Memphis. 

—354 Emma,9 m. Charles M. Cole, 1882; res. Memphis. 
—355 Eliza Ferguson,^ d. in infancy. 
—355a Manetta D.,» m. Hugh Pettit, 1890. 
—356 Lillian Lee,^ m. Frank Bates Fowlkes, 1894; res. Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 
—357 Annie Rayburn,^ m. Joseph Hamlin Deaderick, 1901; 
res. Memphis. 

215. John C. Stratton^ {Thomas,'^ John H.,^ Henry, ^ Tho- 
mas,-^ Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^), born Feb. 24, 1849; mar- 
ried Oct. 24, 1867, Sarah P. Storke, who was born Feb. 24, 
1849. They reside at Otterville, Mo. 


—358 Bertha Agnes,^ d. Apr. 29, 1872, aged 4 years. 

-359 Effie Prior,^ m. Leonard Spilers, Mar. 8, 1893. 

-360 Dryden Calvin,^ m. Alice Knowles, Apr. 29, 1906. 

-361 Sallie H.,^ d. Dec. 18, 1877, aged 2 years. 

-362 John Leshe,^ d. Oct. 12, 1889. 

—363 Henry Jefferson,^ m. Mima Rogers Mar. 4, 1909. 

-364 Elmer Donald,^ m. Anna May Moon, Apr. 26, 1903. 

-365 Lena Elsie,^ d. Oct. 15, 1908. 

—366 Dorsey N.^ 

-367 Thomas William.^ 

216. Thomas Henry Stratton ^ {Thomas,'' John H.,^ Henry, ^ 
Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward M was bom in Cooper Co., 
Mo., Jan. 7, 1858, and has lived in Colorado since 1879, where 
he is widely known politically, having served two terms in the 
state senate. He resides at Rocky Ford, where he has been 
mayor for two terms and president of the First National Bank. 
He married Laura Witherspoon Oct. 24, 1889. 

390 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Colorado. 

-3G8 Robert Donald.^ 

—369 Fannie Pauline,^ d. Apr., 1905, aged 1 year. 

222. James Henry Steptoe Stratton ^ {Joseph D,/ Archi- 
bald,'^ Henrij,^ Thomas,^ Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) was born 
June 12, 1840, and his home was in Lewisburg, West Va., where 
he died Feb. 3, 1895. He was a member of Co. H, 22d Va. In- 
fantry and then in cavalry service to the close of the war. For 
twenty-five years Maj. Stratton followed the river as clerk and 
captain on Ohio steamers. During the later years of his life 
he had charge of the Lewisburg hotel. He married Mary Anna 
Nelson Handley, Dec. 9, 1869. She was a daughter of Harvey 
and Mary Caroline Lockhart {Bell) Handley. 

Children: — Born in Lewisburg, West Va. 

-370 Joe Harvey ,9 d. Jan. 9, 1899. 

-371 Mary Theresa,^ m. Henry Hunter Nov. 19, 1896; res. 

—372 Carrie Bell,^ res. Lewisburg. 

—373 John Handley.® 

-374 Henry Nelson,® d. May 4, 1884. 

—375 Willie Thomas,® m. George Nettleton ; res. Coal Creek, 

—376 James Marion.® 

231. Thomas John Stratton ^ {Alhon 3/.,' John,^ John,^ 
Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was born at Spanish 
Oak, Va., Apr. 29, 1843, and lives on a farm not far from the 
old homestead, where he is interested in various branches of agri- 
culture. IVIay 27, 1867, he married Mary E. Harris, daughter of 
John Armstead and Ann M. {Jordan) Harris of Bedford Co. She 
died Oct. 9, 1917. He is a Confederate veteran, having served 
during the war as 1st Corporal in Co. A, 20th Va. Battalion Artil- 
lery'. He was Assessor of real estate in 1885; Public School Trus- 
tee of Appomattox Co. and Clerk of the School Board for twenty- 
two years; Chairman of Board of Supervisors for four years; 
Register and Judge of elections for twenty years; clerk of the 
State Dept. of Agriculture eleven years; represented Appomattox 
in the Legislature in 1908-10-12. 

Children: — Born in Appomattox Co. 

—377 James Earnest,® m. Nannie Louise Jennings Jan. 18, 
1905; res. Appomattox Co. 

Edwaed Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 391 

—378 John Albon,^ res. Allen's Creek, Amherst Co., Va. 
—379 Thomas Carbon,^ res. Appomattox Co.; m. Elizabeth 

Burnett, Dec. 13, 1913; chn. Mary Lena,^" Thomas 

+380 Frank ^Yoodson.3 
-381 Walter Harris,^ Pine Bluff, Ark. 
-382 Sarah Elizabeth,^ m. Wm. Rice Scott Oct. 12, 1904. 

238. Richard Whitfield Stratton ^ {Burwell C.,^ John,^ 
John,^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) married Nina 
Hilldrop and lives in Campbell Co., Va. 

Children: — Born in Campbell Co., Va. 

—383 Annie Wilson.^ 

-384 Burwell Hilldrop.^ 

—385 Virginia Churchill.^ 

-386 Richard Whitfield.^ 

243. William Robert Stratton ^ {LirDiceus B.,' Williajn,^ 
John,^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) lives at the old 
Stratton homestead near Trenholm, Va. He married in Dec, 
1897, Amanda Wilburn. 

Children: — Born in Powhatan Co., Va. 

-387 Zelma Lee.^ 

-388 Robert Stuart.^ 

-389 Paul.^ 

248. Beaumont Macon Stratton * {Thomas J.,'' William,'^ 
John,^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was born Feb. 
10, 1842. He married Blythe Avery, daughter of Wm. Avery, 
Sept. 21, 1876; res. in Memphis. 

Children: — Born in Memphis, Tenn. 

—390 Florence C.,^ m. Charles W. Thompson. 

—391 Thomas Avery .^ 

—392 Beaumont Macon.^ 

-393 Blythe Avery.^ 

—394 Avery Weaver.^ 

—395 Rebecca Louisana.® 

259. Lewis Bransford Stratton * {James M.,~ James,^ John,^ 
Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,^ Edward^) is a conductor and lives 
in Richmond, Va. He married, first, Martha Minerva Stratton, 
daughter of John Stratton of Goochland Co., second, Mary Fran- 

392 A Book of Strattons 

ces Davis, third, Lillian W. Brown, Apr. 14, 1904. She was 
daughter of J. Henry Brown of Richmond. 

By second marriage. 
—396 Louise Lyndan.^ 
—397 Andrew Lewis.^ 

By third marriage. 
—398 J. Henry Brown.^ 

261. Joseph P. Stratton ^ {James M.,' James,^ John,^ Tho- 
mas,* Edivard,^ Edward,- Edward'^) married Annie Omdorff 
Jan. 30, 1889, and resided in Hinton, West Va. He was killed 
in a railroad accident at Sandstone, Va., Feb. 21, 1905. He was 
conductor on the C. & 0. Rd. for twenty-three years. 


-399 Fannie,^ m. L. A. Capell, Sept. 28, 1911. 

-400 Earl.9 

265. Richard Henry Stratton ^ {Richard H.,' James,^ 
John,^ Thomas* Edward,^ Edward;- Edward^) was a druggist 
at Gordansville, where he was one of the leading business men 
of the town, and where his family still reside. He was bom in 
Staunton, Va., Feb. 13. 1844. He married, Nov. 3, 1867, Mary 
Elizabeth Atkins, who died Apr. 30, 1897. He died Sept. 29, 
1903. He was a Confederate soldier, beginning service at the 
age of 17 in the field hospital. The following year, 1864, he en- 
listed as a private in Co. I of the 5th Va. cavalry and gave 
faithful, gallant service until he was paroled at Appomattox. 

Children: — Born in Gordansville, Va. 

—401 Susie Catharine,^ m. Wm. Fenton Jacobs Jan 23, 1890. 

-402 George Elmer,^ d. Feb. 23, 1881, aged 9 years. 

-403 Samuel Edgar.^ 

—404 Lindsey Case.^ 

—405 Joseph Haywood.^ 

-406 Mary Elizabeth.^ 

—407 Maurice Anderson.^ 

—408. Richard Henry .° 

268. Maurice Anderson Stratton ^ {Richard H.,~ James,^ 
John,^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was a merchant 
at Clarksville, Tcnn., where he settled in 1871. He married 
Rachel Tucker in Jan., 1879. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 393 

Children: — Born in Clarksville, Tenn. 
—409 Maurice Anderson, Jr.^ 
-410 Charles Tucker.^ 

273. Albert Waggoner Stratton ^ (Thomas C./ James, ^ 
John,^ Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,^ Edward^) married Mary- 
Jane Coffey of Amherst Co. and resides in Buena Vista. 

Children: — Bom in Buena Vista, Va. 

—411 Hattie McClung,^ m. Lewis Dawson. 

—412 John Albert.^ 

-413 Charles Coffey .« 

—414 Mary Louisa.® 

-415 Thomas C.^ 

—416 James Francis.® 

274. Harry Harlan Stratton* [Thomas C./ James, ^ John,^ 
Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward '^) married Belle Vickers 
of Radford, Va., in 1884. He died in Knoxville, Tenn., Feb. 26, 


-417 Delia McClung.® 

-418 Harry Harlan, Jr.® 

275. George Baxter Stratton * [Thomas C.^ James^ John^ 
Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) married Ella C. Cofifey 
of Amherst Co. He died at River Home, Va., Feb. 26, 1896. 


-419 Ethel McClung.® 
—420 Mary Simpson.® 
—421 George Baxter.® 

278. Robert L. Stratton * [Robert G.,'' James,^ John,^ Tho- 
mas,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) married Mary Wheeler 
Powell, Oct. 21, 1884. He was a wholesale grocer at Staunton 
for nearly 30 years. He died June 2, 1916. His business is being 
carried on by his sons. 

Children: — Born in Staunton, Va. 

—422 Powell Goodman,® m. Irma S. Lang, Oct. 10, 1914; ch. 
Margaret Wheeler.^'^ 

—423 Jane.® 

-424 Charles Lewis,® d. Sept. 24, 1896. 

—425 Marv Frances.® 

394 A Book of Strattons 

—425a Richard Haygood.^ 
—425b Eleanor Page.^ 

281, Chesley Melvin Stratton ® {Peter L./ James,^ John,^ 
Thomas* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was born in Appomat- 
tox Co., Va., Aug. 13, 1858. He married Jennie W. Drinkard 
Dec. 18, 1886. 


—426 Chesley Melvin, Jr.,^ m. Eula Mae Carson, Apr. 29, 
1916; res. Concord, Va. 

—427 Aubrey Hunter.^ 

—428 Mary Winnifred,^ m. Clarence Price. 

—429 Ethelbert Douglass.^ 

—430 Elizabeth Drinkard,^ m. Dr. David A. Christian. 

-431 Sarah Mildred.^ 

—432 Charles Legrand.^ 
• —433 Alice Virginia.^ 

283, Ethelbert Marshall Stratton ^ (Peter L.,'' James,^ 
John,^ Thomas* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) of Appomattox 
married P. Bruce Robertson Dec. 16, 1891. 


—434 Paul Brent.^ 

-435 Willie Robertson.^ 

-436 Elva.« 

-437 Ruth Douglass.^ 

—438 Ethelbert Marshall, Jr.« 

295. John Armfield Stratton ^ {William,'' James,^ William,^ 
Williajn,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edivard'^) married Chenty Eliza- 
beth Horn, and lived in Sumner Co., Tenn. 

—439 Minnie.^ —444 Patona.^ 

—440 Prudence.^ —445 Dicey.^ 

—441 Alice.» —446 James Edward.^ 

—442 Jasper.^ —447 Armfield.^ 

—443 Jackson Allen.^ 

Data of this family is desired, 

300. Isaac Golladay Stratton® {Thomas J.,^ James,^ Wil- 
liam,-' William,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was a merchant 
of Lebanon, where he died Oct, 6, 1894. He was born Nov. 14, 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 395 

1829. He was a Confederate soldier, serving four years in the 
7th Tenn. Regt. He married, June 12, 1866, Louisa Norman, 
daughter of Dr. Thomas and Elizabeth (Clay) Norman, and 
granddaughter of Archibald and Elizabeth (High) Clay. 
Children: — Born in Lebanon, Tenn. 

—444 Thomas Fite,^ m. Leila Harrison West, in McMinn- 
ville, Tenn., July 2, 1888; a merchant in Memphis, 
—445 Samuel Edward,^ a lawyer at Waco, Texas; m. Kate 

Thomas, 1891; chn. Lucille," Katherine.^" 
-446 Arthur M.,» b. Aug. 6, 1870; d. Dec. 6, 1891. 
—447 Louise Norman,^ m. Edgar Bird; res. Gainesville, Tex. 
-448 Mattie L.,'* m. in 1898 Rev. Charles Moore Collins, 
son of Ambros Collins. He is now pastor of Court 
Street Presbyterian Church at Memphis. 
+449 Golladay.^ 
+450 Leslie M.^ 
-451 Andrew C.,^ b. Nov. 24, 1884; d. unm. 

301. James Edward Stratton^ {Thomas J.,~ James,^ Wil- 
liam,^ William,* Edward,^ Edward,'^ Edward'^) was born in 
Lebanon Feb. 27, 1842, and died in Nashville Aug. 7, 1904. He 
married, first, Mary A. Grimes, Mar. 24, 1864; second, Addie 
Harrington, Dec, 1888. 


By first marriage. 
—452 James Grimes.^ 
—453 Thomas Edward Golladay.^ 
—454 Caroline May ,9 m. Richard C. Everett. 

By second marriage. 
—455 Truman Randolph.® 
—456 Mary Lou.® 
-457 Earl Harold.® 

302. Samuel Golladay Stratton ^ (Thomas J.,"' James,^ 
William,^ William,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) was born in 
Lebanon, Tenn., Jan. 3, 1844. He was one of the leading busi- 
ness men of his native town, where he was Mayor in 1873. He 
was Circuit Court Clerk for eleven years; represented Davidson 
and Wilson counties in the General Assembly in 1902-3; state 
Senator in 1904-5. He helped to organize the bank of Lebanon, 
of which for years he was cashier and which he was instrumental 

396 A Book of Strattons 

in converting into the Lebanon National Bank, of which he was 
president at tlie time of his death. He was a strong temperance 
man, prominent in prohibition movements, a member of the 
Methodist Church, where for many years he taught a Sunday 
school class. He married, first, Nov. 9, 1865, Alice A. Fisher, 
daughter of Houston and Ann (Cossett) Fisher; second, Dec. 1, 
1881, Lelia Owen, a lady prominent throughout the state as a 
W. C. T. U. lecturer and worker. He died Aug. 3, 1909. 

Children: — Born in Lebanon, Tenn. 
By first marriage. 

+458 Houston Fisher.^ 

-f-459 Franceway Cossett.^ 
By second marriage. 

-460 Mildred Owen,'' m. Dr. J .R. Bone in 1902. 

-461 Julia Matilda,^ m. W. A. Hall in 1906. 

—462 Mary Owen.» 

-463 Elizabeth.^ 

303. Henry Thomas Stratton ^ {Thomas J.,'' James,^ Wil- 
liam/' William* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) is cashier in bank 
at Springfield, Tenn. He married, first, Irene Hopkins; second, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Morehouse. 


—464 Henry Thomas, Jr.,^ resides in Springfield, Tenn. 

306. David Thomas Stratton ^ {Madison,'' Thomas,^ Ed- 
ward,^ William,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) was born Dec. 
18, 1838; died in Nashville Nov. 6, 1896; married Agnes Taylor 
Nov. 22, 1860. She was daughter of John and Agnes {Walker) 

Children: — Born in Nashville, Tenn. 

+465 John Taylor.^ 

—466 Agnes Walker,^ m. William Caine. 

307. AViLLiAM Oliver Stratton * {Madison,'' Thomas,^ Ed- 
ward,^ William* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) was born in 
Davidson Co., Tenn., Oct. 16, 1840. He married Elizabeth T. 
Hall Jan. 23, 1866, in Nashville. He died in Trousdale Co., 
Tenn., Oct. 6, 1908. He was a farmer; member of the Methodist 

Children: — Born in Davidson Co. 

-467 Carrie M.,« b. Dec. 16, 1866; d. Dec. 29, 1877. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 397 

—468 Walter M.,^ m. Elizabeth Irwin, Oct. 27, 1897; elm. 

Nellie/" Wm. O." 
+469 AVilliam Frank.^ 

312. MosELEY Thomas Stratton^ {Thomas E.,'' Thomas,^ 
Edward,'' William* Edward,^ Edward,^ Edward^) lived at "Linn 
Lawn," the fine old Stratton homestead near Nashville, on Gal- 
latin pike, and was long at the head of a leading wholesale 
grocery business of Nashville, — M. T. Stratton & Co. He mar- 
ried Laura Sumner, May 19, 1874. 

Children: — Borii in Davidson Co., Tenn. 

—470 Nina Bess,^ m. Edgar Foster; res. Nashville. 

—471 Moseley Thomas, Jr.,^ in Colorado. 

+472 Thomas Edward.^ 

—473 Laura Sumner,^ m. John M. Branham, of Chicago, in 

—474 Fred Love,^ res. Little Rock, Ark. 

—475 Wallace,^ d. aged 5 yrs. 

380. Frank Woodson Stratton^ {Thomas J.,^ Alton M.,^ 
John,^ John,'' Thomas,* Edward,^ Edward,^ Edward'^) married 
Pearl Brant Taylor, Dec. 20, 1897. 


—476 Maude Elizabeth.^^* 

-477 Claude Rice.^" 

449. GoLLADAY Stratton ^ {Isaac G.,^ Thomas J.,'' James,^ 
William,'' William,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) married 
Dessie Shear in 1901 and moved to Waco, Texas, where he is a 
merchant; member of M. E. Church, South. 

Children: — Born in Mephis, Tenn. 
—478 Leslie Martin.^** 

Born in Waco, Tex. 
—479 Martha Louisa." 
-480 Golladay." 
-481 Dessie Shear.^" 

450. Leslie M. Stratton ^ {Isaac G.,^ Thomas J./ James,^ 
William,^ William,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edivard ^) is a merchant 
of Memphis ; a prominent man in business and public affairs ; an 
active member of the Southern Methodist Church. He married 
Kate White in 1902. 

398 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Memphis, Tenn. 
-482 Frances White." 
—483 Andrew Cavitt." 
-484 Alice White '" (twin) . 
—485 Louise Norman " (twin) . 

458, Houston Fisher Stratton ® (Samuel G.,^ Thomas J./ 
James,^ William,^ William* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward^) is an 
attorney at law, and Clerk of the Circuit Court at Lebanon, 
Tenn. July 11, 1902, he married Emma (McAuley) Stockard, 
at Erin, Tenn. 

Child: — Born at Lebanon, Tenn. 
-486 Samuel Golladay." 

459. Francew.w Cossett Str.\tton ^ (Samuel G.,^ Thomas 
J.,' James,^ Williayn,^^ William,* Edward,^ Edtvard,- Edward'^) 
has been in the banking business in Lebanon, Tenn., for twenty- 
six years. He is cashier of the Lebanon National Bank which 
was organized by his father and grandfather over fifty years ago, 
and is vice-president of the Tennessee Banker's Association. He 
married May Brown, March 14, 1889. 

Children: — Born in Lebanon, Tenn. 

-487 Curry K." 

—488 Austin.i^ 

—489 Franceway C." 

—490 Albert Fite." 

—491 Gerald Brown." 

—492 Alice Fisher." 

465. John T.\ylor Stratton ^ (David T.,^ Madison,'^ 
Thomas,^ Edward,-' William,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward'^) is a 
prominent business man of Nashville, Chairman of the Davidson 
Co. Board of Education, Superintendent of Spring Hill Cemetery. 
He married Katie Gray, Oct. 11, 1887, a daughter of W7n. F. 
and Mary (Winbourn) Gray. 

Children: — Born in Nashville, Tenn. 

—493 Annie Lanier.^° 

—494 Mary Winbourn." 

469. William Frank Stratton ^ (William 0./ Madison,"^ 
Thomas,^ Edward, ^^ William,* Edward,^ Edward,- Edward ^) mar- 
ried Davie Parsley, daughter of R. J. L. and Virginia (Hall) 
Pursley, June 9, 1896; res. Nashville. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 399 

Children: — Bom in Nashville, Tenn. 
-495 Carrie Hall.^" 
-496 Susie Belle.^^ 
-497 William Pursley." 
—498 Nina.i'^ 

472. Thomas Edward Stratton ^ (Moseley T.,^ Thomas E.,'' 
Thomas,^ Edward,'" William,'^ Edward,^ Edward,"^ Edward'^) 
married Loulie McGavock in 1906. He is in the wholesale 
grocery business in Nashville, 

Children :5orn in Nashville, Tenn. 

—499 Thomas McGavock." 

—500 Moseley Edward.^ 



As early as 1790 there were Strattons living in Floyd and Pike 
counties, Kentucky.* One of the earliest of these was Col. 
Harry Stratton. He died about 1850, aged nearly ninety years. 
He was a member of the State Legislature, and for many years 
an officer in the State Militia.' His second wife was the widow of 
Maj. Spencer Atkins of Kentucky. With him was a Richard 
Stratton who died about 1833, at an advanced age, and a Joel 
Stratton, a surveyor.f Of their families we have no authentic 
records. Hiram, Tandy, Cornelius and John Stratton (whose 
descendants are given on the following pages) may have been 
younger brothers of the above, but no proof has been found of 
their relationship, or parentage, or even to which line of Strattons 
they belonged. They are here placed with the Bermuda Hun- 
dred line, but future research may prove that they are descended 

* Among their descendants are many "traditions" as to their Virginia 
ancestors — of a Solomon Stratton who had ten sons and was known 
among his neighbors as "King Solomon"; a Henry Stratton who lived 
to a great age and had sons and grandsons in the Revolution; a John 
Stratton who came from Amherst Co. and had many sons; of intermar- 
riages with many prominent Virginia families; of ''unsettled estates" 
from which legacies are due the descendants to-day, etc., etc. But no 
authentic records have been found. 

t Taylor and Garrard, who from 1794 to ISOO made large land surveys 
for the government in the section now covered by McDowell, Mingo, 
Mercer, Wyoming and Logan counties. West Virginia, and Floyd and Pike 
counties, Kentucky, speak of Joel Stratton as their pilot. He is said 
to have gone with George Roger Clark on his expedition to the North- 

400 A Book of Strattons 

from the Eastern Shore line, or from one of the New Jersey 
Quaker families of Strattons who early settled in Virginia. (See 
Vol. I, also first two pages of "Bermuda Hundred Strattons," in 
this volume.) Perhaps some reader may be able to give some clew 
to their classification. Perhaps what is given here may interest 
some other Stratton to make a more thorough research than has 
yet been made. Some court, or county records, family Bible, 
or grave stones may yet be found which will make the whole 
matter clear.* The following records are compiled from cor- 
respondence with many of their descendants: 

[501.] Hiram Stratton came from Virginia to Floyd Co., 
Ky., while a boy. He married Hannah Leslie, and settled on a 
farm on the east side of Jobe's Creek, four miles from Preston- 
burg. She was a daughter of Robert and Esther Leslie, and was 
born in Tazewell Co., Va. He died of typhoid fever early in 
life, about 1816, while his children were small. His wife sur- 
vived him many years. 


—505 Mary, m. William McGuire. 

-506 Elizabeth, m. William Kelly. 

—507 Wilson, d. unm. 

—508 Solomon, m. 1st, Nancy McGuire; 2nd, Mary Jones; 
d. in Lexington, Ky. 

+509 Milton. 

[502.] Tandy Str.\tton was born in Virginia and settled in 
Floyd Co., Ky., in 1826. He married, first, Nellie La5me; 

* Another, yet unplaced, Stratton, a Confederate soldier, was Franklin 
Stratton (or Benjamin Franklin) of South Carolina. He was born about 
1812, and was one of three brothers. He was a planter near Columbia; 
an Episcopalian. He m. Marian (?) Marion, a granddaughter of Gen. 
Francis Marion of Revolutionary fame. She died while their two sons 
were small boys. He was with Hoke's North Carolians, C. S. A. He 
and his elder son George were killed at Gettysburg July 3, 1863. His 
other son, Frank, born Feb. 29, 1844, served in 2nd South Carolina, and 
11th Mississippi, Haygood's Brigade. He m. Ida Alice Dill Dec. 28, 
1873. He is a civil engineer. Has lived in Pittsburg, Springfield, 111. 
(where his two children were born), San Francisco and Brooklyn. Chil- 
dren: Ida Marian, m. Herman L. Ericksen; Charles Stonewall, m. Mar- 
guerite Anna Heene Dec. 21, 1907; children, Walter Robert and Charles 
Howard; residence, Richmond Hill, L. I. Perhaps some reader of this 
may know where to place this family. 

Also, the names D. P. H. Stratton and Peter A. Stratton of Kentucky 
appear on the Mexican War Rolls. To what family do they belong? 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 401 

second, Mary Preast. He owned a large farm and was a man 
of considerable prominence among his neighbors. 
Children: — Bor7i at Cedar Bluff, Tazewell Co., Va. 

By first marriage. 
+510 Solomon Hunter, b. 1796. 
-511 William Layne, b. June 26, 1799. 

Born in Floyd Co., Ky. 
—512 Cynthia, b. Feb. 4, 1801; m. Stephen Hamilton. 
—513 Nancy, b. Nov. 18, 1802; m. Wm. Brown. 

By second marriage. 
-514 Lewis P., b. Feb., 1807. 

-515 Richard P., b. Nov. 7, 1814; d. July 12, 1847. 
—516 Elizabeth Price, b. June 4, 1816; m. Wm. Mayo. 
+517 John Jackson, b. 1818; d. 1906. 
—518 Lettie B., m. Harman Hager. 
—519 Mary Jane, m. John W. Smith. 

[503.] Cornelius Stratton was born in Virginia and died 
in Floyd Co., Ky., in 1832. He married Margaret Davis, who 
was born in North Carolina in 1797, and who moved to Law- 
rence Co., Ky., after the death of her husband. 


+520 James. 

—521 Cornelius, m. Catherine (Rice) Todd. 

+522 Burw^ell. 

+523 Henry Charles. 

[504.] John Stratton was born in Virginia in 1787, and 
came with hi sparents to Floyd Co., Ky., a young boy. Jan. 
31, 1808, he married Dicie Mayo.* In 1812 they left Floyd Co. 
for "the west," stopping for awhile in Shelby and Jefferson coun- 
ties, Ky., where he had relatives. Crossing the Ohio at Louis- 
ville, after a trip of nearly 300 miles, they reached Fort Har- 
rison (now Terre Haute). Here Mr. Stratton left his family until 
the Indians, then extremely hostile, became sufficiently quiet to 
warrant his taking them any further in safety. Then in the 
spring of 1817, in company with Col. Mayo, Remember Black- 

* One descendant writes that Dicie was a daughter of John Mayo ; 
another that her parents were Rev. William and Elizabeth Mayo of 
Patrick Co., Va. She had a brother, Jonathan Mayo, born in Patrick 
Co. March 25, 1793. In some family records the name is written Dicea. 
Their descendants say that John Stratton's ancestors intermarried with 
the Wilkins family in Virginia (see pp. 146-149, Vol. I). 

402 A Book of Strattons ' 

man, Robin Brown, and Mr. Whitley, he crossed the Wabash, 
and "took up" hind 12 miles east of the present town of Paris, 
Edgar Co., 111., in what was later called Stratton township. They 
were in time to prepare the land and plant small crops of corn, 
and a few months later brought their families over, becoming the 
first white settlers in that part of Illinois. John Stratton is 
said to have been the "first white man that ate his dinner in 
his own house west of the Wabash," and his daughter Charlotte 
was the first white child born in Edgar Co. For several years 
these brave pioneers, surrounded by hostile Indians, suffered 
many hardships and deprivations. The settlement was known 
as "Clay Prairie." Henry Clay owned a large tract of land 
there and was instrumental in bringing these Kentucky and 
Virginia families there. Among them were the Hunters, Mc- 
Guires, Whitleys, Buntains, Martins, Lesleys, Mayos and Black- 
mans, with all of whom the Strattons intermarried. Henry Clay, 
being a warm friend, visited among them several times. John 
Stratton was one of the first to plant an orchard in the county, 
and he and Col. Mayo introduced sheep raising into the county 
in 1822, purchasing 130 head of sheep in Kentucky, driving them 
across the country about 600 miles into Edgar Co. and selling 
them to people who wished to embark in the new industry. "Mr. 
Stratton was a man of sterling integrity; progressive, enterpris- 
ing, yet quiet and unassuming, fond of reading in days when 
reading matter was not easily obtained, and a man of much more 
than ordinary intelligence. He gave to his large family of chil- 
dren the best educational advantages the new country afforded, 
and they were all rather above the average in intellectual abil- 
ity." He died in April, 1871, at the home of his son, W. J. 
Stratton, in Momence, 111. In the cemetery at Union Corners 
is a monument to his memory. His wife died several years 
earlier and is buried at Paris, 111. They were members of the 
Methodist Church. 

Children: — Bom in Floyd Co., Ky. 

—524 Elizabeth, b. Oct. 18, 1809; m. John Walker. 

—525 Bethena, b. Sept. 4, 1811; m. John Stratton Brown." 

-526 Sarah M., b. Apr. 20, 1813; m. William Whitney. 

+527 William James, b. Aug. 1, 1815. 
Born in Edgar Co., III. 

—528 Charlotte, b. Aug. 24, 1817; m. Andrew Hunter. 

^They were cousins. His mother, a sister of John Stratton, married 
Robin Brown in Floyd Co., Ky. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 403 

—529 Minerva, b. 1819; m. Andrew Bradley. 

—530 Sarulda, b. 1821 ; m. Thomas J. Buntain, Apr. 23, 1837, 

his second wife; he m. 1st, Sarah Gist, in Ky., Aug. 

28, 1824. 
+531 Jonathan Perry, b. Jan. 12, 1823. 
+532 John F., b. Feb. 28, 1826. 
+533 Henry J., b. June 23, 1828. 
+534 Mayo E., b. Feb. 23, 1832. 

509. Milton Stratton (Hiram) was born in Floyd Co., Ky., 
Jan. 27, 1811. Settled as a farmer in Wayne Co., West Va. 
He married Martha Buchanan Leslie, Sept., 1827.* He was 
killed by a falling tree, Oct. 30, 1841. After his death his family 
returned to Floyd Co., Ky. His widow married John Carson. 


-535 Hiram Russell, b. Oct. 4, 1830; d. Oct. 17, 1898. A 
Baptist minister for many years in Pike and Floyd 

+536 John Buren. 

—537 Harrison Strother, b. June 28, 1835; m. Elizabeth Les- 
ley in 1854. 

-538 James Wickliffe, b. Feb. 8, 1837; m. Sarah Cox in 1865; 
d. in Spooner, Wis. 

-539 Amos Lafayette, b. 1839. 

—540 Harriet Louisa, b. Nov. 15, 1840; m. 1st, Harmon 
Wilson, in 1858; 2nd, Hugh Willis, in 1876. 

510. Solomon Hunter Stratton [Tandy) was a farmer of 
Floyd Co., Ky., and for some time lived in Louisville. In 1820 
he married Jennie S. Layne, daughter of James Layne; died in 

Children: — Born in Louisville, Ky. 

—541 James Washington, b. Dec, 1820; a farmer; m. Nancy 

Hunt; d. at Laynesville. 
+542 Tandy Louis, b. 1823. 
—543 Catherine, b. 1825; m. Wm. Brandon. 
—544 Mary Jane, b. 1827; m. Harvey Lesley. 
—545 John Layne, b. 1829; m. Eliza Burk, and lived in 

Portsmouth, Ohio. 

* She was a daughter of John Leslie (or Lesley) and her mother is said 
to have been a relative of President Buchanan. John Leslie was a soldier 
in the Revolution, and later with Gen. Clark helped to found the town of 
Vincennes, Ind. 

404 A Book of Strattons 

—546 ^^'illiam Henry, d. in boyhood. 

+547 Lindsey, b. 1832. 

—548 Thomas Jefferson, d. in boyhood. 

—549 Solomon Porter, b. 1836; d. in Ironton, Ohio. 

—550 Samuel George (or George Samuel), b. 1840; m. Nancy 
Williams ; d. in Seneca, Ore. 

—551 Allen jNIonroe, b. 1842; m. Mary Williams; d. in Ban- 
ner, Floj'd Co., Ky. 

517. John Jackson Stratton {Tandy) was born Nov. 1, 
1818. He married Catherine Gayhart. He was a farmer and 
lived all his life in Floyd Co., Ky., where he died June 28, 1907. 
He was a member of the Methodist Church. 

Children: — Born in Floyd Co., Ky. 

—552 Rody S., m. John E. Helens in 1868; res. Everett, Mo. 

—553 Maria J., m. Micheal Tarter, 1872. 

—554 Henel V., m. Newton Harris, 1876. 

—555 Abram J., m. Mary Layne in 1882; res. Tram, Texas. 

—556 Tandy L., m. Sarah , 1887; res. Cooper, Texas. 

—557 John J., m. Mary May, 1893; res. Pikeville, Ky. 

—558 Catherine. 

—559 Richard P., m. 1st, Henen J. Williams; 2nd, Louise 
Roberts; res. Tram, Texas. 

520. James Stratton {Cornelius, Richard ) was born in 
1827. He married Louisa Millions, and lived in Trimble, Ohio. 
—560 William, a merchant at Nelsonville, 0.; m. his cousin, 

Lizzie Stratton. 
—561 Charles Henry, m. Sallie McHenry. 
—562 Ephraim, m. Mary Robinson. 
—563 Mary I., m. G. A. Sayre. 
— 564 John, d. unm. 
—565 Samuel, m. Dora Witzel. 

522. BuRWELL Stratton (Cornelius) married Nancy Cox, 
and lived in Louisa, Ky. 

—566 Lizzie, m. her cousin, Wm. Stratton (No. 560). 
—567 Cornelius M. 
-568 Ira. 
—569 Emerson. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 405 

—570 Lucy. 

—571 Emma, m. William Sharon; res. Nelsonville, 0. 

—572 John B. 

—573 Charles H., res. High Bridge, Ky. 

—574 Goldie Lee. 

523. Henry Charles Stratton {Cornelius) married Jennie 
Steele, and lived in Stewart, 0. 

—575 George, m. Dora Morgan. 
—576 Frank, m. Victor Shields. 
—577 Burwell, m. Margaret Woody. 

527. William James Stratton (John) married Margaret 
Patrick in Dec, 1838. He lived and died in Momence, 111. 

—578 Ellen, m. Worcester. 

—579 Cordelia, m. A. E. Wikstrom. 

—580 John, d. in 1864. 

—581 Thomas, lives in Oregon. 

-i582 Charlotte. 

—583 Mary, m. O. B. Hewlett. 

531. Jonathan Perry Stratton (John) married, first, Mem- 
ory Ann Seager; second, Sarah Daniel. He died in Momence, 


—584 Elizabeth, d. in infancy. 

—585 Achsah Dicie, res. Momence, 111. 

—586 Emma, m. Franklin C. Freeman. 

-587 Ida Belle, m. L. F. Woody. 

—588 Jonathan Perry, Jr., m. Edna Moore. 

-589 John W. 

532. John F. Stratton (John) married Susan H. Patrick. 
He lived in Neodesha, Kan., where he was a hardware merchant, 
and member of the Methodist Church. 

Children: — Born in Edgar Co., III. 
+590 John T. 
+591 George W. 

—592 Benjamin F., b. Dec. 4, 1850; m. Kate Arnold; res. 
Ingalls, Kan. 

406 A Book of Strattons 

—593 Emma J., m. W. F. Baird in 1872; res. Neodesha, Kan. 
—594 Mar>' E., m. Perry G. Penney; res. Buffalo, Kan. 

533. Henry J. Stratton (John) married Nancy Jane Macy 
in 1850. He died in Hartford, Kan., in 1897. 

Children: — Born in Hartford, Kan. 

—595 John W., m. Mary V. Hortox in 1884; res. in Hart- 
ford, Kan.; has son, Fred. 
—596 James L., m. Delia Myers, 1887; res. Hartford, Kan. 

534. IMayo E. Stratton (John) married, in Paris, 111., Jan. 
14, 1854, Catherine Elizabeth Wilkins, daughter of William S. 
and Elizabeth (Mayo) Wilkins.^ Four years later they moved 
to Greenwood Co., Kansas. He taught school for a while, then 
studied law and was admitted to the Bar. He volunteered for 
service in the Union army and was made lieutenant of his com- 
pany. The company, however, was never mustered in, the 
State having sent its full quota of troops. Later he had large 
interests as a cattle dealer and ranchman in Kansas and Okla- 
homa. Mrs. Sratton died in Hamilton, Kan., Oct. 27, 1866. Mr. 
Stratton married, second, Dec. 24, 1871, Agnes M. Shepard, 
daughter of Mark and Eliza T. (Ingalls) Shepard.-\ She was 
born Oct. 30, 1848 and died Sept. 4, 1907. He died Aug. 1, 1914. 


By first marriage. 
-597 Clara Etta, m. 1st, William Saling; 2nd, David Burt. 
—598 Orlando Corden, b. 1860; d. 1878. 
—599 Eugene Rose, d. in infancy. 
—600 Willie, d. in infancy. 
—601 Henry Ellsworth. 

—602 Jennie Isabella, m. James Wilson Augustus; res. Kan- 
sas City, Kan.t 
—603 Ida Kate, m. Asbrey Neer. 

By second marriage. 

* Wilham Wilkins was born in North CaroHna, but his father was a 
native of Virjiinia. 

t Mark Shepard (or Shepherd) was from Sullivan, Me., where at one 
time he was half owner of a shipyard near Mt. Desert. He was in the 
state senate in 1855. His wife was a descendant of Edmund Ingalls, one of 
the foimders of Lynn, Mass. 

$ The compiler is indebted to Mrs. Augustus for help on this branch 
of Strattons. 

Edward Stratton of Berml^da Hundred 407 

—604 Albert Mayo, res. Phcenix, Ariz. 

-605 Zoe Agnes, m., July 15, 1903, Senator William M. 
Tilghman, a descendant of Richard Tilghman, who 
came over with Cecil Calvert; res. Ingalls, Okla. 

536. John Buren Stratton (Milton, Hiram) was born in 

Floyd Co., Ky., in 1833. While a young man he went west; 

settled at Shell Lake, "Wis. He married Annie Anderson, of 

Tayler's Falls, Minn., in 1854. 


—606 Milton Solomon, m. Nellie Raberge in 1881; d. in 

Redlands, Cal, in 1888. 
—607 Harriet M., m. Malcome Dobie; res. Portland, Oregon. 
—608 Clara, m. J. M. Custard; d. in Clark Co., Wash. 
-609 Ella, m. Judge L. A. Mead; d. in 1885. 
—610 Elizabeth Low, m. J. W. Knapp, Jr.; res. Shell Lake^ 

—611 Wickliffe Buren, m. Georgina Irving Rodd in 1894; 
res. Seattle. He is Attorney-General of Washington. 

542. Tandy Louis Stratton (Solomon H., Tandy), born in 
1823; lived in Prestonburg, Ky., where he died in 1900. He 
married Martha S. Burchett in 1848. He was a farmer; member 
of the Methodist Church. 

Children: — Born in Prestonburg, Ky. 

—612 Nellie Jane, m. R, P. Frazier; res. Ford City, Kan. 

—613 Thomas J., m. Mary Roberts. 

-614 Lewis, d. in 1878. 

—615 Granville R., m. Edith Brown in 1877. 

—616 Dollie, m. John S. Lowe; res. Prestonburg, Ky. 

—617 Angeline, m. W. D. Ferguson; res. Laynesville, Ky. 

547. LiNDSEY Stratton (Solomon H., Tandy) was born in 
Floyd Co., Ky., Mar. 15, 1832. In 1853 he married Mary Susan 
Robins of Bath Co., Ky. In 1869 they went to Cass Co., Mo. 
A year later removed to Marshall Co., Kan., where they re- 
mained five years. In 1875 they settled on a farm near Belone, 
Pottawatomie Co., Kan., where they spent the remainder of their 
lives. Mrs. Stratton died Feb. 2, 1890. ''Granpa Stratton," as 
he was affectionately called by a large circle of friends and 
neighbors, died Mar. 10, 1910, leaving five children, thirteen 
grandchildren, and nineteen great grandchildren. He had always 

408 A Book of Strattons 

understood that his great grandfather was a Revolutionary 

Children: — Born in Bath Co., Ky. 

-618 Bellvadora, m. William McKinnon, Dec. 28, 1891; d. 
in Kansas Oct. 9, 1896. 

-619 Eliza Jane, m. John W. Weddle, Dec. 25, 1877. 

+620 John Spencer. 

—621 Callie May, m. Lincoln Esteps, Dec. 13, 1888; res. 
Belone, Kan. 

—622 George Greeley, res. Belone, Kan. 

-623 Hattie Florence, m. Wm. Little, Aug. 6, 1896. 

590. John T. Stratton {John F., John) was born in 1846. 
He married Keziah Drake in 1866, and died in Oak Valley, Kan., 
in 1878. After his death his family moved to Kokomo, Ind. 


—624 John Anderson, m. Alice Coffinbery in 1899; res. 

—625 George Henry, m. Dilola Young in 1897. 
—626 Nora Alma, m. Bert T. Hale in 1903; res. Oakland, 


591. George W. Stratton {John F., John) was born July 
12, 1848. He married Armintha R. Stuart. He was a real 
estate dealer in Kansas City, Kan. He died in 1913. 


—627 Harry G., res. Kansas City. 

—628 Vernon. 

-629 Pearl. 

—630 Beatrice. 

-631 Oda A., d. in Elk City, Kan., 1890. 

-632 Willie H., d. in Montgomery Co., Kan., 1881. 

-633 Sylvia, d. in Oak Valley, Kan., 1887. 

620. John Spencer Stratton {Lindsey, Solomon H., Tandy) 
married Emma M. Taylor, Feb. 15, 1882; resides at Hartford, 

Children: — Born in Pottawatomie Co., Kan. 

—634 Virgie Lea, m. Marcus Leppencott, Sept. 15, 1898. 

-635 Charles Milton, m. Ida Hall, Mar. 6, 1905; res. Pot- 
tawatomie Co., Kan. 

—636 Bessie Lena, m. Stephen McCoy, Mar. 5, 1911. 

Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred 409 

—637 Walter Raymond. 
-638 George Clifford. 
-639 Frank Taylor. 

Note. Among yet unplaced Strattons are the following: 

A Capt. Thomas owned a farm of 2,000 acres at Point Rock in Chester- 
field Co. On the farm is an old "Stratton Graveyard," so called by his 
descendants to-day. He had no sons, but several daughters. One m. 
Dr. J. A. Stracham, a Baptist minister. A part of the old farm is in 
possession of her descendant to-day. Another, Catherine, b. 1800, m. 
G. W. Ladd, a portrait painter of some note in Richmond. She is said 
to have designed the first Confederate flag. 

Arthur Thomas Stratton owned a farm nearby, on Appomattox River. 
He m. Deborah Ladd in 1805. They had three sons, John, Richard and 
Henry T. 

A John Stratton m. Nancy Lightfoot, d. of Daniel and Mary (Hines) 
Lightfoot. Their son James, 1793, lived in Fluvanna Co.; had three 
children: Mar\' Ann, m. C. B. Davis; Bettie C, m. Peter V. Foland of 
Scottsville; James W. d. aged 27 years. 

The following marriage licenses are recorded in Amherst Coimty: 

1789, April 24, Jacob Stratton to Elizabeth Whittle. 

1794, July 24, Wm. Stratton to Milly Wright, d. of Jesse Wright. 

1799, Feb. 19, James Stratton to Elizabeth Blair. 

1800, Sept. 17, Elizabeth Stratton to John Savage. 
1802, Nov. 5, Abram Stratton to Mary Lavandor. 

Perhaps some one who reads this mdy know where to place these 


{Chart M, Vol. I) 

"There's a feeling within us that loves to revert 
To the old, old times that are past." 


IN 1914, in repairing and putting in order the old orthodox 
"Friends' Burial Ground" at Medford, N. J., in preparation 
for the centennial celebration (one hundred years since the pres- 
ent meeting house was built), a brick was found below the 
ground near a grave with "M. S. 1754" marked on it. It is sug- 
gested that this marks the grave of Mark Stratton, as his was 
the first burial there. At any rate, this is interesting in connec- 
tion with "Grandmother Cowperthwaite's Sketch" given on page 
240, Vol. I, of this work. This would put his birth back to 1687, 
as he was sixty-seven years old when he died. Headstones were 
not permitted by Quakers at that date. If, as Grandmother 
Cowperthwaite's Sketch indicates, Mark and Emanuel Stratton 
"came out of Old England in 1702," a research among the many 
sources of information in England would be quite likely to dis- 
cover their ancestry there and perhaps show some connection 
between them and the early Boston Strattons, who were also 
Quakers, one of whom, it will be remembered, married a grand- 
daughter of the eminent Ann Hutchinson. Mark Stratton was a 
man of some prominence in the Quaker community in which he 
lived and was quite well to do for that time and place. More 
than a thousand of his descendants are traced in this volume. 
Emanuel Stratton died early in 1725, twelve years after his mar- 
riage to Hannah Hancock. His son Jacob may be the ancestor 
of the Strattons who, a generation later, were living in Northern 
New Jersey. 


120. David Quinn Stratton ^ (Joseph,* Joseph,^ David,^ 
Mark^) was born in Campbell Co., Va., Mar. 23, 1793, and 


Isaiah and Anna (Green) Stratton: I'ltfic 28!), Vol. T. Sillioiicttes 
made alniiit time of their marriage, 1804. Parents of Isaiah G. Stratton; 
Page 431. 

George \\\)oh'y Ntratton, aged SO, 
Stratton, aged 1 year-, I'dgc 4-J.s. 

and little grand-da ugliter, Ruth 

Mark Stratton op Evesham 411 

moved while a boy with his parents to Clinton, 0. He married, 
first, Ruth Thatcher in 1816. She died at Wilmington in 1825. 
In 1826 he married Harriet Hinman, who died at Mt. Vernon, 
111., in 1879. He died at West Liberty, Iowa, June 14, 1876.* 
Children: — Born in Wilmington, 0. 

By first marriage. 
+266 Stephen Thatcher,« b. 1818. 

By second marriage. 
—267 Amanda M.,*' b. Oct. 21, 1827; m. Azariah W. Dean in 

1847; d. Aug. 6, 1854. 
+268 Edward L.,« b. 1829. 
+269 Oliver H.,« b. 1832. 
—270 Letitia E.,« b. July 29, 1835; m. Edward Tellinghast 

in 1852; d. Aug. 4, 1854. 
—271 Martha Emily,*' b. Mar. 31, 1837; d. aged two years. 
+272 Joseph D.," b. 1839. 
+273 Benjamin C.,*' b. 1841. 

-274 William David,*' b. Apr. 10, 1843; d. Oct. 22, 1851. 
—275 Carrie 0.,« b. Aug. 3, 1845; m. Wm. G. Brooke in 1866, 

res Kalona, Iowa. 
-276 John Hadley,*' b. Nov. 24, 1849; d. Aug. 10, 1854. 
-277 Isabella J.,*' b. Feb. 28, 1852; d. in childhood. 
Four children died of cholera at Wilmington in Aug., 1854. 

123, Joseph Parmer Stratton ^ (Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ David,- 
Mark ^) was born in Campbell Co., Va., Feb. 2, 1800, and moved 
from Clinton, O., to Wayne Co., Ind., while a young man and 
engaged in the mercantile business at Richmond, where he re- 
sided for over fifty years, one of the prominent business men of 
the town. He died Oct. 14, 1879. He was a lifelong member 
amongst Friends, belonging to the Hicksite branch, and a man 
greatly respected by all who knew him. He married at Rich- 
mond, July 1, 1830, Martha W. Jefferis, daughter of Abraham 
and Anna Jefferis. She died at the home of her daughter, Anna 
J. Wilson, in 1901. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

—278 Anna J.,'' b. Apr. 2, 1831 ; m. Stephen B. Wilson, son 
of Mark L. and Mary (Brock) Wilson. Lived at 
Louisville, Ind. 

+279 Benjamin W.° 

* David Quinn and many of his descendants still spell the name 

412 A Book of Strattons 

+280 Elwood H.« 

-281 Theodocia M.,« b. Dec. 17, 1839; m. Wm. S. Wooten, 

inventor of the Wooten Desk and other patents, and 

minister in Friends' Church. 
+282 Abraham S.« 

-283 Lydia J.," b. Nov. 17, 1842; m. Daniel W. Wooten. 
-284 Mary Emily j*^ b. July 31, 1844; m. Wm. P. Hutton, 

-285 Joseph M.,'= b. Dec. 8, 1846; m. Kate Hutchens, Jan. 1, 

—286 Charles Elwood,*' b. Jan. 3, 1850; m. Amy V. Mitchell, 

Nov. 15, 1878. No children. 

124. MicAjAH Stratton ^ (Joseph,* Joseph,^ David,- Mark ^) 
was born in Virginia, Jan. 22, 1802, and moved with his parents 
to Clinton Co., 0., before he was twelve years old, where he 
lived the rest of his life on a farm at Lytle's Creek, near Wilming- 
ton. He married Mary E. Haines in 1830. He died May 12, 
1857. His wife lived two years longer, dying in 1859. 

Children: — Bom in Clinton Co., 0. 

+287 John Haines.'^ 

-288 Joseph,^ b. 1834; d. 1859. 

-289 Ruth Ann,« b. Mar. 1837; m. Thomas Hazzard,^ 1867; 
res. Wilmington, 0. 

—290 Mary Elizabeth," b. 1840; d. aged two years. 

-291 Micajah Israel," b. 1843; d. 1855. 

—292 Emma Marcissa," b. 1850; d. 1874. 

126. Benjamin Stratton ^ (Joseph,* Joseph,^ David,- 
Mark ^) was born in Clinton Co., O., Apr. 26, 1812, about two 
years after his parents moved there from Virginia. His mother 
died when he was eleven years old. While a young man he went 
to Richmond, Ind., where his two older brothers had previously 
settled. Here he became a dry goods merchant, and one of the 
prominent business men of the place, noted for his strict integrity 
and fair dealing. He was one of the directors of the State Bank 
of Indiana and held other positions of public trust and honor. 
Mr. Stratton was a prominent and active member of the Friends' 
Society and for many years recorder of Hicksite yearly meet- 
ings, and had charge of the large safe and all the valuable docu- 
ments of that body. June 4, 1834, he married Emily Lathrop, 
only child of Dr. Martin and Rebecca (Wright) Lathrop, a lady 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 413 

of much refinement and intelligence, with a sweet, cheerful dis- 
position and possessing a tender melodious voice.* Later she 
became a dearly beloved minister of the Society of Friends. She 
died May 17, 1879.- Mr. Stratton died Dec. 12, 1897, in the 
town where he had spent more than sixty years of his life. 
Children: — Born .in Richmond, Ind. 

—293 Rebecca D.,« b. July 7, 1836; m. Prof. Jesse S. Wilson; 
d. in St. Elmo, Tenn., at the home of her son. Dr. 
+294 Joseph H.« 

—295 Esther Ann,*^ m. Joseph S. Wallace. 
—296 Martin Lathrop,*^ b. July 1, 1845; m. Sarah S. Perry, 
Aug. 3, 1865; d. Oct. 8, 1879. City Treasurer of 
Richmond for many years. 
—297 Mary Emily ,*^ m. Richard Shute; res. Richmond, Ind. 
+298 Horace B.« 

128. Edward Kinley Stratton ^ (Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ David,- 
Mark'^) was born Apr. 13, 1831, about two months after his 
father's death. He married Hannah Bond, Aug. 1, 1855. He is 
a well-to-do farmer, living on a farm five miles southeast of New 
Castle, Henry Co., Ind. He is a member of the Friends' Society. 

Children: — Born in Henry Co., Ind. 

+299 Albert.^ 

—300 William E.,« b. 1857; d. aged 2 years. 

-301 Jesse Arthur,'' b. 1860; d. 1882. 

—302 Ella,*' m. Alonzo C. Hodson, 1903. 

—303 Benjamin,*' m. Ella Moore, Aug. 4, 1897. 

—304 Minnie B.,« m. Milton Stafford, Sept. 7, 1898. 

131. Levi Stratton ^ (Benjamin,* Joseph,^ David,^ Mark ^) 
was born in 1800 in Virginia, and while a small boy went with 
his parents to Ohio and later to Indiana. He married Ruth 
Crews, who was born in 1803 and died July 11, 1897. Their 
home was in Henry Co., Ind., where he died in 1885. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

—305 Lucinda,^ m. Charles Rock. 

-306 Albert.^ 

—307 Hannah,^ m. Joseph C. Deem. 

-308 Luama.« (?) 

* Martin Lathrop was a son of Simeon and Hannah Lathrop. Rebecca 
Wright, a daughter of Jonathan and Susaniiah Wright. 

414 A Book of Strattons 

Born in Knightstown, Ind. 
—309 Joseph. « 
—310 Milton.'"' 
+311 Franklin.^ 
—312 Emma (or Amy),« m. Wm. H. Harden. 

132. Ephraim Str.\tton ^ {Benjamin,'^ Joseph,^ David,- 
Mark ^) was born in 1803. Married, first, Lavina Leonard, near 
Lisbon, Iowa, and, second, at Spiceland, Iowa, Edith Cope El- 
liott, Jan., 1840. He moved to Story Co., Iowa, in 1854, one of 
the very early settlers of that region. There were only a few 
houses in the county and they of logs. He died Apr. 13, 1873. 
He was a farmer. 

Children: — Born in Henry Co., Ind. 

By first marriage. 
—313 Louisa Jane," b. Oct. 28, 1828; m. James Henley; res. 

Straughns, Ind. 
—314 Nathaniel,*' d. in infancy. 
—315 Benjamin Leander,'' b. Sept. 9, 1832; died in the army 

during the Civil War. 
—316 Nancy Ann,*' d. in infancy. 
—317 Esther Anna,*' d. in infancy. 
—318 Levina Ann,*' d. in infancy. 

By second marriage. 
—319 Luama,*' m. John May, 1862. 
—320 Levi,*' lost his life in the Civil War, aged 19 years. 
+321 Simon Cope." 
—322 Edith, « d. aged 6 years. 
—323 Melinda,*' b. 1848; m. Jordan Ballard, Jan. 7, 1872; res. 

Cambridge, Iowa. 
—324 Lucinda,*' d. aged two years. 

133. Benjamin Stratton ^ (Benjamin,* Joseph,^ David,- 
Mark ^) married Martha Carey, Jan. 26, 1832. Lived and died 
in Knightstown. They had four children. Three died in infancy. 
The fourth, Nancy,*' married Hudelson and moved to Iowa. 

137. Joseph Stratton"' (Benjamin,* JosepJi,^ David,- Mark ^) 
was a farmer and carpenter. He married Ann Hawley, daughter 
of Richard and Rachel Hawley. They were married in Hopewell 
Church, Dudley Township, Henry Co., Ind. Ann was born Nov. 
1, 1819, and died Dec. 6, 1877. Joseph died in 1889. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 415 

Children: — Bor?i in Henry Co., hid. 

—325 Richard Hawley,^ b. Jan. 13, 1841; m. Luama Hall, 
daughter of Moses and Aima [Newberry) Hall; re- 
sided in Straughns, Ind.; died 1911. 

+326 Benjamin,^ b. Nov. 13, 1842. 

-327 Melinda,*^ 1944; d. aged 3 years. 

—328 Mary Jane,« b. 1846; d. aged 17 years. 

-329 Isaac Newton,<^ b. July 5, 1848; d. Aug. 18, 1875. 

—330 Eli Franklin,'^ b. June 11, 1850; m. 1st, Elmira Bell, 
2nd, Sarah Henshaw. 

—331 Rebecca Ann,*^ Nov. 28, 1855; d. Aug. 29, 1863. 

145. Levi Stratton ^ (Mahlon* Daniel,^ David,^ Mark ^) 
was born in Campbell Co., Va., Aug. 5, 1799. Came with his 
parents to Clinton Co., O., when he was ten years old. He mar- 
ried Mary S, Batten, Jan. 21, 1858. He was a mechanic. In 
1888 he moved to Logan Co., 0. He died in Pickereltown, 0., 
June 9, 1894. -i*' 

Child: — Born in Clinton Co., 0. 
-332 Dolly B.,« res. Pickereltown, 0. 

146. David Stratton ^ (Mahlon,* Daniel,^ David,^ Mark ^) 
was born in Virginia, Maj^ 7, 1801, and came to Clinton Co., 0., 
at the age of 8 years. He married Lydia Baker and lived in 
Clinton County. 


-333 Sarah. « -337 Alfred.^ 

-334 Hannah." —338 Albert." 

—335 James M." —339 Mortemer." 

—336 Eliza." —340 Virginia." 

150. Mahlon Stratton ■' (Mahlon,^ Daniel,^ David,- Mark ^) 
was born in Virginia, Sept. 25, 1809. In the fall of the same year 
his parents immigrated to Ohio. He married, first, Mary J. 
Connely, and, second, Mrs. Harriet (Jenks) Osborn, who died 
Dec. 5, 1887. After the death of his first wife he moved with his 
children to Paris, 111. Some years after he married the second 
time, and moved back to Clinton Co., 0., where he died Jan, 
25, 1882. He was a farmer and a member of the Friends' So- 

416 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Old Town, Green Co., 0. 

By first marriage. 
—341 Cynthia Ann,« b. Apr. 15, 1833, m. John H. Connely, 
Sept. 22, 1853. She died in Paris, 111., Feb. 28, 1914. 
+342 David Williamson." 

Born at Ogden, Clinton Co., 0. 
—343 Martha J.," d., unm., at Ogden, 0. 
—344 Rebecca A.,^ d. in infancy. 
—345 Nancy Ervin,^ d., unm., at Paris, 111. 
—346 Henry M.," d. in infancy. 

—347 Sarah E.," m. David Osborn; res. Blanchester, 0. 
—348 John A.,*^ m. Amanda Turner; d. at Ogden, 0. They 

have one daughter, Nettie.'^ 
+349 Robert A.« 
—350 Samuel C.« 

By second marriage. 
-351 Clara E.« 
-352 Mary E.« 
—353 Florence A.« 
—354 Almira A.^ 
—355 Charles,*' d. in childhood. 

159, David Stratton ^ (John,^ Daniel,^ David,- Mark ^) was 
born in Fairfield township, Columbiana Co., 0., June 28, 1816. 
In 1838 he married Susanna Betz. He died in Leetonia, 0., in 
Feb., 1898. He was a farmer and carpenter. 
Children: — Born near Leetonia, 0. 
+356 John R.« 
—357 Simon C.,« m. Velma F. Newhouse, 1866. Soldier in 

the Civil War. 
—358 George W.," m. Precella Dickerson, 1808; soldier in 

the Civil War. 
—359 Artimus L.,*' soldier in the Civil War; received injuries 

from which he is totally blind. 
-360 Mary,<5 m. Joseph Hollaway in 1880. 
—361 Lorenzo," d. in 1855. 

167. William I. Stratton ^ {Elias,* Daniel,^ David,"^ Mark ^) 
was born in Union Co., 0., Oct. 11, 1826, and died in Logan Co., 
0., Dec. 5, 1883. He married Anne Predmore, June 18, 1847. 
By trade he was a carpenter. He served three years in the 
Civil War as corporal. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 417 

Children: — Born in Union Co., 0. 

+362 John A., m. Julia Smith; d. in Bellefontaine, 0,, Oct. 

27, 1900. 
—363 Mary L., m. George Craig. 

Born in Logan Co., D. 
—364 Rosetta, m. David Wiand; res. Bellefontaine, 0. 

169. Daniel M. Stratton ^ [Elias,* Daniel,^ David,^ Mark ^) 
was born in 1833. He married Elizabeth Thompson and lived 
near West Lebanon, Warren Co., Ind. 

Child: — Born in Warren Co., 0. 

—365 Nancy.« 

171. Elias J. H. Stratton ^ {Elias,* Daniel,^ David,- Mark ^) 
was born in Logan Co., O., May 20, 1844. Soldier in the Civil 
W^ar, enlisted in Bellefontaine, O., in 1862; discharged at Mobile, 
Ala., in 1865. Married, first, June 20, 1869, Martha E. Bush, 
who died Dec. 26, 1871; second, Nov. 29, 1877, Louisa Dear, who 
died May 24, 1885; third, Feb. 8, 1886, Julia Thompson Archer, 
who died Sept., 1902; fourth, July 4, 1907, Mrs. Mary (Combs) 
Day. He is a carpenter and resides in Harrisonville, 0., in a 
nice home which he built almost entirely with his own hands at 
the age of sixty-eight. 

Children: — Born in Logan Co., 0. 
By first marriage. 

-366 Floyd S.« 

By second marriage. 

+367 Henry W.« 

-368 Roy B.,« m. Martha Walker, Oct. 9, 1906; res. Spring- 
field, O. 

—369 Edith Augusta ,« m. Joseph Wade. 

—370 Louisa,^ m. J. J. Reynolds. 

174. Aaron Stratton ^ (Aaron,* Joshua,^ Daniel,^ Mark ^) 
was born in 1799 at Great Egg Harbor, N. J., and was but seven 
years old when his parents moved to Ohio, settling at Salem.* 
He learned the cabinet-makers' trade, but later was a miller by 
occupation. On his farm near Salem he built and operated a 
large grist and saw mill. 

* Salem, and much of the surroimding country, was settled by Quakers, 
who brought with them true ideas of human freedom, and habits of frugal 
industry, which they instilled into the minds of their children. 

418 A Book of Strattons 

He married Hannah Townsend Mar. 17, 1821. They were life- 
long Friends. He died in 1851. 

Children: — Born near Salem, 0. 

—371 Lewis,« b. 1822; d. 1827. 

+372 Joel,'' b. 1824. 

-373 Emily,'' b. 1825; d. 1902; m. John M. Holmes, 1852. 

-374 Edwin,« b. 1827; d. 1831. 

—375 Rachel,'' b. 1829; d. 1862; m. George Adams. 

-376 Martha," b. 1831 ; d. 1860. 

—377 Rebecca," b. 1833; educated at the Friends' Boarding 
School at Mt. Pleasant, as were her older brothers 
and sisters; m. Alexander S. Latty, in 1856. He 
died in 1895, she is living with her devoted son and 
daughter, in Defiance, 0. 

-378 Lydia," b. 1835; d. 1860. 

—379 Jerusha," b. 1837; m. 1st, Jacob Houns; 2nd, Joseph 

—380 Sina,« b. 1840; d. 1901; m. Thomas Hooper. 

—381 Louise," b. 1842; m. Capt. Joseph Ice, 

—382 J. Whittier," b. Mar. 10, 1848; m. Jane Crawford; d. in 
Masterville, O., in 1877. Chn. Ethel,' d. 1875; Don- 
ald,' m. Bessie Moyers, 1903. 

175. JosiAH Stratton ^ {Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,- Mark ^) 
was born Gloucester Co., N. J., Feb. 21, 1788. When a young 
man he came with the rest of his father's family to Columbiana 
Co., O. He died at Augusta, 0., Nov. 13, 1846. He married 
Deborah Schooley, who died in 1862 in Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

+383 Ross," b. 1813. 

+384 Elisha," b. 1814. 

-385 Ellen," b. Jan. 30, 1817; m. Thomas Leach, 1840; d. 

—386 Ann," b. Feb. 8, 1819; m. David Dean, 1850; d. 1902. 
-387 Sarah," b. Mar. 22, 1822; m. Cyrenus Emmons, 1844. 
—388 Lydia," b. Jan. 3, 1826; d. 1888; m. Benjamin Curlson, 

Jan. 30, 1848. 
+389 Charles," b. 1828. 
-390 Rhoda," b. Sept. 7, 1832; d. in infancy. 

176. Charles Stratton ^ {Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,- 
Mark ^) was born near Haddenfield, N. J., May 6, 1890, and 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 419 

was twenty years old when he settled in Columbiana Co., 0. 
In 1811 he married Hannah Mickle. He died in Salem, 0., in 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

—391 Rhoda,'' b. 1815; d., unm., in Salem, 1886. 

+392 James,^ b. 1818. 

—393 Michael,'^ b. 1818; d. 1818. 

-394 Martha,*' b. 1821; m. William Daniel; d. 1902. 

+395 John M.,« b. 1827. 

177. Joseph Stratton ^ {Michael,'^ Joshua,^ Daniel,- Mark ^) 
was born near Haddenfield, Gloucester (now Camden) Co., N. J., 
Apr. 15, 1792, and came to Columbiana Co., 0., in the spring of 
1810. He married Sarah Test, and settled on a farm near Salem, 
where he died in 1843 and is buried in Elk Run graveyard near 
the northwest corner of the meeting house.* 

Children: — Bom near Salem, 0. 

-396 Rebecca,^ b. Mar. 29, 1816; m. Edwin Holloway; d. 
Nov., 1884. 

—397 Anna M.,*' b. Sept. 1, 1817; m. 1st, John Brantingham, 
2nd, James (or Joseph) Edgerton ; d. Jan. 28, 1897. 

-398 Abi,« b. Oct. 4, 1819; m. James Heald; d. Oct. 11, 1879. 

+399 Mark,« b. 1821. 

+400 Zaccheus,^ b. 1824. 

-401 Joseph,^ b. Oct. 9, 1825; d. Mar. 8, 1882; m. Rachel 

—402 Rhoda,*' b. Mar. 7, 1827; d., unm., Nov. 5, 1830. 

—403 Michael," b. Jan. 30, 1829; d., unm., Dec. 14, 1854. 

—404 Sarah," b. June 13, 1830; m. David Lupton; d. Aug. 2, 

-405 Isaac," b. July 17, 1832; d., unm., Dec. 4, 1952. 

+406 Josiah," b. 1833. 

180. Joshua Stratton ^ {Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,^ Mark ^) 
was born July 1, 1796, in Gloucester Co., N. J., and came to 
Columbiana Co., O., in 1810. He married Rachael Townsend, 

* Elk Run graveyard and meeting house, so closely connected with the 
early Strattons, are still well cared for. 

Headstones have only recently been permitted, and so the old Stratton 
graves are immarked, as are nine-tenths of the graves within the yard, 
save by the carefully elevated mounds corresponding in size to the age 
of the one interred. 

420 A Book of Strattons 

Mar. 4, 1819, and lived in Salem, where he was a faithful member 
of the Friends' Society. He died Aug. 23, 1843. 
Children: — Bom in Salem, 0. 
-407 Sina,« b. May 27, 1820; m. Wilson Hall. 
+408 Edward,« b. 1822. 
—409 Francis,® b. 1825; drowned in a pond near Salem, June 

25, 1842. 
—410 Joshua,*' b. 1826; drowTied in a pond near Salem, June 
25, 1842. 

181. Daniel Stratton ^ {Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,- Mark ^) 
was born Aug. 12, 1799, near Haddenfield, N. J., and came to 
Columbiana Co., O., when he was eleven years old. In 1823 he 
married Abigail Borton. Their home was in Salem, 0. He died 
in Winona, 0., Feb. 6, 1872. 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

—411 Michael,® b. May 7, 1824, a physician; m. Martha Wil- 
liams, daughter of Jos. Williams; d. May 10, 1847; 
his wife died Sept. 8, 1851. 

+412 Benjamin D., b. 1825. 

—413 John, b. Jan. 9, 1827; was drowned, aged 17 years. 

+414 Barklay, b. 1829. 

—415 Esther, b. May 9, 1833 ; m. Joseph Masters. 

183. Aaron Stratton ^ {Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,^ Mark ^) 
was born in New Jersey, Oct. 31, 1801. Came to Ohio at the age 
of nine years. He married Unity Crews. He died in Salem, 
May 27, 1885. 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 
+416 Simeon, b. Oct. 3. 1828. 

—417 Rachel, b. June 27. 1830; d., unm., in Salem in 1909. 
-418 Eliza, Jan. 19, 1834. 
+419 Lewis, b. Nov. 21, 1836. 

—420 Evi, b. Nov. 3, 1841; m. Ann Strong; d. in the army 
from wounds received in battle, Oct. 8, 1862; no 
—421 Francis, b. Feb. 14, 1844; m. Jennie Walton; no chil- 

187. George Str.\tton ^ (Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel^ Mark ^) 
was born Nov. 27, 1809, in Gloucester Co., N. J., and died Mar. 
17, 1887, in Columbus, 0. In 1834 he married Susannah Evans. 

1. Samuel E. Stratton ; Puye .'517. 2. David D. Strattuii ; I'of/e 4.")!). 
3. Sctli Le Grand Stratton ; Page 318. 4. Xancy (Stratton) Hiuiter; 
Patjc 458. f). Hannah (Strattoii) Wlictdor: Page 40. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 421 

Children: — Born at Goshen, 0. 

-422 Mary; b. Nov. 7, 1836; m. Jos. Shinn in 1854; d. in 

Stringdale, Iowa, 1899. 
-423 Elizabeth,^ b. 1842; d. Nov. 4, 1856. 
-424 Rhoda,*' b. Sept. 26, 1844; m. Joseph Ong. 
-425 Esther,^ b. Oct. 10, 1847; m. Lorenzo Akin. 
—426 Anna,*' m. Stewart Todd; res. Lisbon, 0., R. F. D. 

No. 6. 

192. Daniel Stratton ^ {Stacy * Joshua,^ Daniel,'^ Mark ^) 
was born Nov. 13, 1804, in Gloucester Co., N. J., and was six 
years old when his father's family moved to Ohio. By trade he 
was a cabinet maker. He married, first, Angelina Phillips, June 
4, 1832, daughter of John and Nancy Phillips. She died Sept. 
6, 1857. He married Mary A. Rakestraw, Apr. 27, 1859. He 
died in Salem, O., Mar. 18, 1884. 

Children: — Born in Pittsburg, Pa. 

—427 John,« b. Apr. 26, 1836; d. in infancy. 

—428 Elvira P.,« b. Dec. 27, 1841; m. Emmer Templin, Aug. 
9, 1867. 

+429 William H.,« b. Aug. 17, 1845. 

195. Stacy Lippincott Stratton ^ (Stacy,* Joshua,^ Daniel,- 
Mark ^) was born Sept. 3, 1811, the year after his parents moved 
from New Jersey to Ohio, and passed his boyhood on his father's 
farm. Jan. 24, 1833, he married Margaret Grimmesey, who was 
born in County Tyrone, Ireland. He was raised a Quaker but 
became a Methodist, of which church both he and his wife were 
members to the time of their deaths. They lived near Salem 
until about 1848, when they moved to Peru, Ind.; from there to 
Mt. Hope, Wis., in 1854, and to Clay Center, Kan., in 1870. 
Mrs. Stratton died Sept. 28, 1890; Mr. Stratton, Oct. 11, 1891. 

Children: — Born near Salem, 0. 

-430 Hannah Anne,« b. Oct. 19, 1833; d. June 1, 1892. 

—431 Anness Lucinda,« b. June 30, 1835. 

-432 Eliza Adeline,^ b. Jan. 8, 1838; d. June 15, 1803. 

+433 Alcinous L.,« b. Apr. 23, 1840; d. Mar. 29, 1897. 

-434 Mary Catherine,^ b. Nov. 1, 1842; d. May 17, 1881. 

+435 Gilmore M.,« b. July 9, 1845. 

-436 Albert P.,« b. Apr. 3, 1847; d. Aug. 27, 1847. 

-437 Lemon E.,« b. Aug. 31, 1850; d. Oct. 2, 1852. 

422 A Book of Strattons 

196, William C. Stratton ^ (Stacy * Joshua,^ Daniel,- 
Mark ') was born near Salem, 0., Oct. 28, 1813. In May, 1835, 
he married Julia Ann Woolf. He died May 30, 1875. 
Children: — Born in Goshen Township, Mahoning Co., 0. 
—438 Stacy W.,« b. Mar. 13, 1837; d. aged 8 mos., 12 days. 
—439 Elizabeth S.,** b. Nov. 13, 1838; d. aged 1 year, 1 mo., 

13 days. 
-440 Elma E.,« b. Dec. 18, 1839; m. Samuel Weaver, Mar. 

17, 1867; d. Dec. 12, 1909. 
—441 Maria H.,« b. May 12, 1841; m. Prof. Gershone B. 

Horner* June 1, 1885. They worked together as 

evangelists, speaker and singer for nearly twenty 

—442 Martha K.,*' b. Aug. 6, 1843; m. David H. Venable, 

Oct. 30, 1864; d. Jan. 28, 1912. 
-f 443 Job L.,« b. Feb. 4, 1845. 
—444 John D.,*' b. Feb. 1, 1847; d. aged 1 year, 7 mos., 27 

+445 George W.^ 

+446 Preston D.,« b. Dec. 28, 1852. 
+447 Walter S.,« b. Sept. 16, 1856. 

199. SiMRi Stratton ^ [Job* Jonathan,^ Daniel,'^ Mark ^) 
was born in Evesham Township, N, J., Sept. 12, 1807. When he 
was about thirteen years old his parents moved with their family 
of five children to W^arren Co., 0. He went from Waynesville, 
0., to Richmond, Ind., in 1826, and the following year, Oct. 15, 
1827, he married Elizabeth Baker, daughter of Hugh Baker. 
She died Nov. 3, 1832. Nov. 29, 1833, Mr. Stratton married 
Hannah Osborn. He died in Richmond Feb. 15, 1873. Mrs. 
Hannah Stratton died July 20, 1901. By trade he was a black- 
smith. He was a member in good standing of the Orthodox 
branch of the Friends' Society. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

* One who knew Mrs. Horner well writes: "Among those who have 
attended the Pat mos school, no one has occupied a larger place in the 
hearts and lives of the people with whom she came in contact than did 
Maria Stratton Horner, who was known throughout the states of Ohio 
and Pennsylvania not only for her beautiful life and excellent Christian 
character, but by the thousands of men and women who, under the 
influence of her earnest pleadings, became followers of the Lord Jesus 
Christ during the twenty-five years she spent in evangelistic work." 

Maek Stratton op Evesham 423 

By first marriage. 
+448 Daniel B.,^ b. 1828. 
+449 Stephen,^ b. 1831. 

By second marriage. 
—450 Ellen Maria,*^ b. June 27, 1835; d. aged 17 years. 
—451 Charles W.*^ His daughter Ann ^ m. Arthur James; 

res. Richmond, Ind. 
—452 Joseph Isaac,*' d. a soldier on Chilo battlefield May 8, 

Born in Hagerstown, Ind. 
—453 Samuel F.,*' m. Laura Paxson; d. Sept. 27, 1902. 

Born in Richmond, Ind. 
—454 Sarah Elizabeth,^ res. Cincinnati, 0. 

206. Charles Stratton ^ {Owen,* Jonathan,^ Daniel,'^ 
Mark^ ) was born near Medford, N. J., Aug. 11, 1811. He mar- 
ried, first, Mary W. Troth, daughter of Levi and Sarah (Hills) 
Troth. They lived on the farm inherited from his father, and 
later moved into Marlton, N. J., where he died in 1866. His 
wife died in 1853, and he married, second, Rebecca Ann Haw- 
kins, in 1873. 

Children: — Born near Marlton, N. J. 

+455 Joseph Owen," b. Oct. 12, 1835. 

+456 Francis Shreve,*' b. May 28, 1837. 

+457 Charles W.,^ b. Mar. 7, 1839. 

-458 John W.,« b. Apr. 12, 1841. 

+459 Amos Haines,^ b. June 20, 1845. 

+460 Benjamin Irvin,^ b. Dec. 20, 1847. 

—461 Mary Clementine,^ b. June 23, 1850 ; m. Richard Leeds ; 
d. in Marlton, N. J., Jan. 17, 1901. 

211. Jonathan Dallas Stratton ^ {Eli,* Jonathan,^ Daniel,^ 
Mark^} was born in Evesham, N. J., Nov. 8, 1804. He moved 
with his father's family to Preble, Ohio, about 1820. Oct. 1, 
1828, he married Prudence Edgerton, daughter of Samuel 
Edgerton. In 1849 they moved to Rush Co., Ind., settling on a 
farm. Jonathan died near Kokomo, Ind., June 8, 1879. Pru- 
dence died a few years earlier at the same place.* 

* Eunice Dallas, the mother of Jonathan Dallas Stratton, was a rela- 
tive of George M. Dallas, Vice-President under James K. Polk. 

A daughter of Jonathan Stratton writes that her grandfather, Eli 
Stratton, left New Jersey as early as 1816 and went to Philadelphia, 

424 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Preble Co., 0. 

-462 William,*' b. 1829; d. in infancy. 

—463 Jonathan,^ b. 1830; d. in infancy. 

—464 Millicent Ann,« b. July 8, 1831 ; m. Wright ; d. in 

Iowa Jan. 8, 1867. 
—465 Samuel Edgerton,« b. Aug. 30, 1833; m. Sarah Holling- 

worth in 1832; d. at Kokomo, Ind., Oct. 10, 1884. 
+466 Joseph L.*' 
+467 Eli B.,« b. 1838. 
—468 Eunice," b. 1840; d. in childhood. 

212, William Love Str.atton ^ {Eli* Jonathan,^ Daniel,- 
Mark ^) was born Mar. 14, 1808. He attended school at an 
academy in Philadelphia. At the age of fifteen years he went 
with his father to Preble Co., O., where for some years he clerked 
in his father's store. June 6, 1832, he married Bathsheba Brown. 
They located in Richmond, Ind., where he opened a shoe store. 
His health failing, he returned to Preble Co., 0., and bought a 
farm. Here he resided until his death, Apr. 22, 1885, and was 
buried at the Friends' cemeterj- near his home. He belonged to 
Westfield Monthly Meeting, and Indiana yearly meeting of 
Friends. He was firm in the faith of his Society, and kind and 
generous to those in need. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

—469 Sarah B.,« b. Apr. 11, 1833; m. Lewis Underwood, 

and lived at Sheridan, Ind.; d. Aug. 3, 1908. 
—470 John B.,« b. Jan. 30, 1835; d. in infancy. 
—471 Eunice D.," b. May 30, 1836; d. unm. Apr., 1876. 
—472 Ann Eliza,*' b. Oct. 2, 1840; m. Egbert Higby. 
—473 Mary M.," b. July 30, 1845; m. Isaac H. Browne; res. 

Camden, 0. 

213. Joseph Elkington Stratton ^ {Eli,* Jonathan,^ Dan- 
iel,^ Mark ^) was born Sept. 2, 1811, in New Jersey. He was a 
birthright member of the Friends' Society. Was a farmer most 
of his life. He married, first, Nancy Morrow, Oct. 30, 1838, who 
died Nov. 21, 1843; second, Martha Henley, Mar. 4, 1846, who 
died Jan. 25, 1864; third, Ann Eliza Brown, Sept. 9, 1868. She 

where he engaged in business as a merchant and where his children 
attended school. About six years later he removed to Preble Co., 0., 
locating on Four-Mile-Creek, where he built a grist mill and storehouse 
and engaged in milling and general merchandising. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 425 

died at Long Beach, Cal., Feb. 8, 1914. Mr. Stratton died at 
Carmel, Ind., Nov. 24, 1878. All his children had birthrights 
in the Friends' Church. 

By first marriage. 
+474 Edward Dallas,^ b. Oct. 11, 1839. 
—475 Caroline Elizabeth,^ b. Mar. 25, 1841; m. George H. 

Johnson; d. in Monrovia, Ind., June 17, 1879. 
-476 Charles William,^ b. Feb. 10, 1843; d. in childhood. 
Bom near Richmond, Ind. 
By second marriage. 
—477 Henry H.,^ b. Aug. 31, 1847; m. Rowena Fream, Aug. 

27, 1876. No children. 
+478 Micajah H.,« b. Mar. 4, 1850; m. Antcnia B. Jerjius, 

May 1, 1876. Res. Huntsville, Texas. 
—479 Albert W.,« m. Lizzie Wright, 1882; d. July 19, 1888, 

at Shelbyville, Ind. No children. 
+480 Eli L.,« b. Apr. 28, 1854. 
+481 Oliver.^ 
—482 Eunice," d. in childhood. 

—483 Guliema (Elma),*' m. 1st, Kenzer, Mar. 4, 1885; 

2nd, Ira Haines, May 25, 1887; res. Carmel, Ind.- 

215. John Reeves Stk\ttan ^ (John,'^ David,^ Daniel,- 
Mark ^) was born at Port Elizabeth, N. J., in 1807, and moved 
to Clarion Co., Ohio, with his parents when about thirteen years 
old. He married, first, Mary E. Barber, Aug. 20, 1830; second, 
Emma Ferguson. His home was in Strattonville, where he 
built the fourth house on the town site after it was laid out by his 
father. He became one of the prominent men of that section, and 
accumulated considerable wealth. He was a farmer, a merchant, 
a lumber dealer and had interests in other enterprises in the 
building up of the community. He was one of the organizers 
of the First National Bank of Clarion, Pa., in 1865, and an ofiicer 
and heavy stockholder. He was an active and influential mem- 
ber of the Methodist Church ; in politics a Republican. He died 
Jan. 8, 1881. 

Children: — Bor7i in Strattonville, Pa. 
By first marriage. 

+484 Charles B.« 

By second marriage. 

—485 Harry Ferguson," m. Amanda Jane Rulofson, May 9, 

426 A Book of Strattons 

1901; grad. Allegheny College, 1898; mem. 2AE 
Fraternity; mem. Masonic Lodge; asst. cashier 1st 
Nat. Bank at Clarion, Pa, 
—486 Custer Ferguson,^ m. Acte Basim, Jan. 20, 1900; supt. 
Strattonville Oil and Gas Co.; chn.: Cyril," Harry, 

218. Joseph Shough Strattan ^ (John* David,^ Daniel,- 
Mark'^) was born in Burlington Co., N. J., Dec. 17, 1814, com- 
ing with his parents to Pennsylvania when he was about six 
years old. Sept. 10, 1836, he married Lieucetta Wrhen, daugh- 
ter of Sa77iuel (son of Henry) and Sarah [White) Wrhen. She 
was born Oct. 23, 1816. They lived at Strattonville, Pa., the 
town of which his father was one of the founders in 1826. He 
and his family have always been closely identified with the best 
interests of the town. He died Sept. 27, 1894. 

Children: — Born at Strattonville, Pa. 

—487 Dr. John Thomas,*' b. 1837; resides Washington, D. C. 
Soldier in Civil War. Commissioned officer in 105th 
Pa. Vols., also the 3rd Pa. artillery at Fortress 

+488 Samuel R.,« b. 1839. 

—489 Milton David,*^ b. 1841 ; assistant postmaster at Strat- 
tonville; private in 3rd Pa. Cavalry Vols.; m. Sarah 
P. Williams. 

—490 Elizabeth,^ b. 1844; m. 1st, George W. Couser, 1865; 
2nd, William Bean, 1872. 

—491 Grenfill Blake,*' in government employ. Post Office 
Dept., Washington, D. C. 

+492 Joseph C.« 

219. Daniel Stratton ' [Joseph,* David,^ Daniel,- Mark^) 
was born in Culpeper, Va., Sept. 25, 1800. The following year 
his parents moved to Elkrun Township, Columbiana Co., O. Jan. 
11, 1826, he married Eliza Jenkins, daughter of David and 
Hannah {Doddridge) Jenkins. He died Jan. 6, 1850, and was 
buried in Doddridge graveyard. 

Children: — Born in Columbiana Co., 0. 

-493 Hannah A.,« b. Sept. 26, 1827; d. Mar. 5, 1896; unm. 
—494 Helen M.,*' b. June, 1830; d. aged 9 years. 
—495 Rebecca N.,^ b. Sept. 5, 1841; d. aged about 2 years. 
-496 Laura L.,« b. Dec. 31, 1843; m. John S. Stoddard, Dec. 
7, 1876. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 427 

220. John Stratton ^ (Joseph* David,^ Daniel,^ Mark ^) 
was born in Elkrun Township, Columbiana Co., 0., Jan. 3, 1803. 
He married Nancy A. Jackson, daughter of Lemuel and Mary 
(White) Jackson, Sept. 3, 1854, and settled in Centerville, Ind., 
where he died July 26, 1882. 


-497 Lucy L., b. July 26, 1856; m. 1st, Samuel Hiller, 
Nov. 26, 1874; 2nd, J. B. Easley, Mar. 1, 1893. 

223. Dr. Owen Rolen Stratton ^ (Joseph* David,^ Daniel,- 
Mark^) was a prominent physician of Wayne Co., Ind., for 
many years. He died Mar. 10, 1889, and is buried at Crown 
Hill Cemetery, near Centerville. He was never married. 

224. Elw^ood Stratton, m. Hannah Gieberson; d. Sept. 21, 
1881 ; a druggist at Moorestown. 

225. Samuel Stratton,^ m. Mary Bird. 

226. Reuben Stratton,^ m. Adelia ; lived at Freehold, 


229. Richard Stratton,^ m. Isabella Hathaway. 

The above are sons of Reuben Stratton * (Ephraim,^ John,- 
Mark^). The compiler has failed to obtain data or address of 
their descendants. 

233. Enoch Branson Stratton ^ (John,* Enoch,^ John,- 
Mark ^) was born June 18, 1826, at the Stratton home between 
Medford and Crosskeys, N. J. Apr. 14, 1850, he married Anna 
M. Rice, who died in 1853. He died Apr. 26, 1893. Left no 

235. William Stratton ^ (John,* Enoch,^ John,- Mark V) was 
born Mar. 11, 1830. He married. Mar. 10, 1855, Rachel (Hai- 
ling) Clark, widow, daughter of Laiorence and Mary {Conrow) 
Hailing. They lived in Marlton, Glendale and Camden, N. J. 
He died Dec. 20, 1912. 

Children: — Born in Marlton, N. J. 

—498 Franklin," b. Mar. 4, 1856; d. aged 8 years. 

-499 Mary Ida," m. H. E. Vansceirt; d. Nov. 7, 1903. 

428 A Book of Strattons 

Born in Glendale, N. J. 
+500 William H.« 
+501 Howard B.« 
—502 Anna C.,*^ m. Edward H. Fry. 

237. Theodore Stratton ^ (John* Enoch,^ John,- Mark ^) 
was born July 14, 1835. In 1860 he went to Wilmington, Del.; 
returned to New Jersey two years later and enlisted in Co. A, 
12th Reg., N. J. Volunteers. After the war he went back to 
Delaware. Jan. 1, 1866, he married Eliza Sherry, daughter of 
John and Sarah Alice (Spear) Sherry of Philadelphia. After 
their marriage they lived in Smyrna and Wilmington. He was a 
building contractor. He died Feb. 22, 1909. 

Children: — Born in Delaware. 

-503 John Sherry ,« b. Nov. 14, 1866; d. Mar. 12, 1881. 
—504 Elizabeth Stokes,^ m. John Cord Blizzard, Oct. 30, 
1893; res. Havre de Grace, Md. 

238. James Leander Stratton ^ (John* Enoch,^ John,- 
Mark ^) is a carpenter and lives in Camden. He was born Oct. 
19, 1839. He was a soldier in the Civil War; Sergeant in 23rd 
N. J. Volunteers. Mar. 22, 1866, he married Elizabeth Gosline, 
daughter of John and Lydia (Malsbury) Gosline. She was born 
May 15, 1834, and died Feb. 5, 1883. He died Sept. 13, 1913. 

Children: — Born in Bristol, Pa. 

+505 John Gosline.'' 

—506 Hannah P.,'' d. July 10, aged 3 years. 

241, George Wooley Str.attan ^ (Enoch,^ Enoch,^ John,- 
Mark ^) was born in Philadelphia Jan. 26, 1836.* Wlien he 
was twelve years old his family moved to New York City. After 
attending the public school and Lexington Ave. Academy, he 
entered a wholesale hardware store. In March, 1856, in com- 
pany with two other young men, he went west. At Chicago they 
purchased a farm wagon with oiled muslin cover, farm imple- 
ments, and at Dubuque a yoke of oxen, all of which were shipped 
by river to St. Paul. Then began a three weeks' journey through 
a swampy country with bad roads (or no roads!) to a point fifty 
miles west of St. Paul. Here they staked out three quarter 
sections of prairie land and one of woods along the side of "High 

* This family and several closely related families spell the name 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 429 

Island Lake" and built a log house; also a piece of land for a 
town site which they called "New Auburn," where they soon 
set up a portable saw-mill shipped out to them from Auburn, 
N. Y. While at work here Mr. Stratton cut his ankle so severely 
that he was unable to participate in further w'ork connected with 
the farm and mill, so returned to New York. Later he went to 
Philadelphia and learned the trade of a machinist in the shops of 
Wm. Sellers & Co. In 1861 he entered the shops of the P. R. R. 
at Altoona, Pa., where he remained for more than forty years, 
as gang foreman, then assistant master mechanic, then master 
mechanic, where 6,000 men were employed. He entered largely 
into the various charitable, philanthropic and municipal affairs 
of Altoona, devoting time and means to their organization and 
development, and occupied many positions of trust and respon- 
sibility. In 1906 he retired from business and has since spent 
much time in travel, visiting nearly every country in Europe, 
Egypt, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, Panama 
and the West Indies. Sept 24, 1863, he married Mary Virginia 
Satterthwaite, who was born Sept. 30, 1833, in Middlesburg, Va., 
and died at Altoona Feb. 10, 1897. She was a daughter of 
Samuel and Hannah Satterthwaite of Philadelphia. In 1906 he 
married Margaret May Schneider. 

Children: — Born in Altoona, Pa. 

—507 Charlotte Lewis,^ m. Clarence Elmer Postlethwaite, 
Mar. 27, 1890. 

-508 Clement Thorn,« b. May 29, 1868; d. Sept. 22, 1889. 

—509 George Edmund,^ graduate Swarthmore College, 1895; 
inspector of passenger equipment, Penn. R. R. ; m. 
Deborah Ferrier, Nov. 20, 1914, daughter of George 
Bartlett and Carrie {Arnold) Ferrier; res. Moores- 
town, N. J. Ch. Ruth Ferrier. 

244. William Irvine Stratton ^ {Enoch,* Enoch,^ John,- 
Mark^) was born in Philadelphia in 1845. June 15, 1875, he 
married Elizabeth Onderdonk, who was born in 1852. They 
live at Altoona, where he is in the employ of the Penn. R. R. 
They have no children. 

245. Edward Randolph Stratton ^ {Enoch,* Enoch,^ John,- 
Mark'^) was born in Philadelphia in Mar. 19, 1850. Feb. 20, 
1879, he married Clara Hayes McCormick, She was born Mar. 
19, 1850, and died Mar. 2, 1888. 

430 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Altoona, Pa. 

—510 Lester Adams,*' b. Aug. 29, 1880; d. aged 2 years, 4 mos. 
—511 Ralph Thorn,'' grad. of Williamson School of Mechan- 
ical Arts; draughtsman in Penn. R. R. shops at 
512 Mary Elizabeth,^ m. Charles Robert Hubbard; res. 

Hamilton, Can. 
512a Eleanor, d. in infancy. 

246. Isaiah Stratton ^ {Gideon,* Isaiah,^ Enoch,- Mark ^) 
was born at Mt. Holly, N. J., Dec. 15, 1803. Apr. 21, 1828, he 
married Esther D. Borton, at Mt. Holly. She was daughter of 
Obediah and Sarah Borton. He died June 30, 1851. Three years 
later his widow and children moved to Richmond, Ind., where she 
died Oct. 30, 1855, at the age of 50 years.* 

Children:— Born at Mt. Holly, N. J. 

—513 Ann Maria,*' m. Nathan Hunt in 1857, and lived on a 

farm near Richmond. 
—514 Rebecca," m. Daniel B. Stratton in 1855 (No. 448). 

They resided at Richmond, Ind. 
—515 Job Henry " was 1st lieutenant in 69th Ind. Regiment. 

Was wounded at Vicksburg, in 1863, and died there, 

aged 27 years, 7 mos. and 16 days. 
—516 Emma," m. John L. Rupe in 1875. They reside in 

Richmond where he is prosecuting attorney and for 

several years was mayor of the city. 

247. Benjamin Stratton ^ {Gideon,* Isaiah,^ Enoch,- 
Mark M was born at Mt. Holly, N. J., Sept. 21, 1805. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth Larrison, and died in Philadelphia, Aug. 8, 1882. 
He was an wholesale and retail shoe merchant. 

Children: — Born in Philadelphia. 
-517 Sarah Jane," b. Sept. 23, 1827. 
+518 Charles," b. July 25, 1829. 

* Two cousins of Isaiah Green Stratton lived in Philadelphia and may 
have descendants there now: Benjamin, who had a son Levi, b. 1810, 
and William, who had three (perhaps more) sons: namely, John, who 
went to Cincinnati previous to 1850; Samuel, who was a starch manu- 
facturer for many years prior to 1860; William, associated with his 
brother in the starch business, and who had two sons: George Wash- 
ington, b. 1814, m. Frances Jane Elliot (chn. Henry Clay and Charles 
Elliot), and Samuel Torrance, m. Susan Lawrence (chn. Clara E., Anna 
May, Samuel T.). 


»~ O 

- O 

-*-> CO 


-^ , — ^ 

.. QO 

- CO 


-^ ' — ' 

X ^ 


Mark Stratton of Evesham 431 

—519 Edwin Forest,^ b. Jan. 24, 1832; d. Mar. 28, 1852. 
-520 Margaret Adelaide," b. Nov. 2, 1841; m. Charles H. 

Gregg, Nov. 20, 1862. Died Jan. 24, 1912, in West 

—521 Albert Gallatin,*' b. Apr. 17, 1875, a physician and 

druggist in Philadelphia, where he died Nov. 15, 

1904. He never married. 

248. Charles Stratton ^ {Gideon* Isaiah,^ Enoch,- Mark ^) 
was born in Mt. Holly, N. J., Aug. 30, 1809. He married Mary 


—522 Howard F.,^ teacher of art in Philadelphia. 

-523 Charles." 

—524 Sarah," m. James R. Townsend in Philadelphia, and 
lived and died in Salem, 0. 

255. Isaiah Green Stratton ^ (Isaiah,*" Josiah,^ Enoch,- 
Mark ^) was born in Philadelphia June 3, 1813. Jan. 3, 1839, he 
married Mary Ann Lamb. They lived in Philadelphia where 
he was a merchant, member of the city council, tax collector, 
and inspector of customs. He was active in promoting the good 
government of his city, and interested in politics. A proof of 
his interest is shown in the names he gave two of his sons. He 
died in Philadelphia Feb. 8, 1887. 
Children: — Born in Philadelphia. 

—525 Isaiah Harrison," b. on the inauguration day of Presi- 
dent Harrison, Mar. 4, 1840. Served in the Civil 
War, enlisting as private in 1862, in Anderson Cav- 
alry, Philadelphia, which operated in Tennessee. 
Promoted for gallantry on the field to 1st sergeant. 
Died in army hospital, Murfreesboro, from pneu- 
monia brought on through exposure and exhaustion 
in the battle of Stone River. 
+526 Joel Van Meter," b. 1842. 

—527 Theodore Freylinghuysen," b. Sept. 20, 1844. Enlisted 
at beginning of Civil War in 69th Penn. Infantry. 
Contracted disease in wilderness campaign, and was 
discharged. Upon recovery of health re-cnlisted to 
close of war. When discharged held commission as 

432 A Book of Strattons 

-528 Anna Elizabeth,^ b. Feb. 22, 1847; unm.; res. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
-529 Sarah Jane,« b. 1849; d. 1850. 

258, John Stratton,^ b. 1819; d. unm. at Silvertown, N. J. 

259, Charles Stratton,^ b. 1822; m. Mary Thompson; lived 
at Lakewood, N. J. 

262. George B. Stratton,^ b. 1830; m. Margaret Guice; res. 
Long Branch, N. J. 

263. LovEMAN B. Str.\tton,^ b, 1833; m. Susan Adams. 

The above are sons of Josiah Stratton * {Josiah,^ Enoch,- 
Mark ^) and were born in Manchester, N. J. The compiler has 
not succeeded in tracing their descendants. 

265, Ebenezer Str.\tton ^ (Bradford* Thomas,^ Isaac,^ 
Mark^) was born Sept. 15, 1816. He married Mary Brown. 
Died in Philadelphia June 11, 1879, 


+530 Jacob Brown.^ 

—531 Anna.« 

-532 Charles.^ 

—533 William,^ lived in Ambler, Pa. 

266. Stephen Thatcher Stratton ® (David Q.,^ Joseph* 
Joseph,^ David;- Mark^) was born Oct. 1, 1818. He married, 
first, Mary Lauder, in 1840; second, Isabella J. Pavey, 1849; 
third, Eliza Koser, He died in Mt. Vernon, 111., Dec. 18, 1898, 


+534 David F." 

—535 Rynd L.,' m. Mary Jones; chn. Keith,® Olivia,^ Chan- 

—536 Augusta M." 
—537 Ruth,' m. A, C. Johnson. 
-538 Charles." 

—539 Emma,' m. James Copeland. 
—540 Anna.' 
—541 Mary,' 

268. Edward Lynch Stratton ^ (David Q.^ Joseph* Jo- 
seph; David; Mark M was born Sept. 17, 1829, and resides in 
Buda, 111. Sept, 16, 1862, he married Caroline Robbins. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 433 





Benjamin. '^ 


Arthur R.," 





Eugene J./ 








269, Oliver Hinman Stratton ® (David Q.,^ Joseph* Jo- 
seph,^ David,- Mark^), born Aug. 8, 1832, and went from Ohio 
to Illinois in 1854, and from Illinois to Kansas in 1869. He 
married Ruth H. Huestus of Jersey City, N. J., Mar. 27, 1856. 
He is a carpenter and resides now in Vermilion, Kan. 

Children: — Born in Middlesburg, III. 

+548 William D.^ 

+549 Azariah D.^ 

Born in West Liberty, Iowa. 

—550 John H.," m. Grace Young in Missouri in 1892; chn.: 
Oliver,^ Bessie,® Marie.® 

272. Joseph D. Stratton® (David Q.,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
David,- Mark^} was born Apr. 9, 1839. He married, first, 
Frances E. Merryman, in 1862; second, Adella Turner. Resides 
in Kewanee, 111. 


—551 Ora,' m. E. D. Sweet. 
+552 Frank P.^ 

—553 George C.,^ m. Bessie Palmer; res. Kewanee; chn.: 
Frank P.,® Prudence F.,® Genevieve,* Lois.® 

273, Benjamin C. Stratton ® (David Q.,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
David,' Mark^} was born Apr. 23, 1841. In 1866 he married 
Adelia M, Gregg, Resides in Mt. Vernon, 111. 


—554 Ed. D., m. Minnie Bigelovir; chn. Russell, Grace B. 

—555 Roy, m. Blanche Musgrave, 

—556 Charles, m. Lucy Seibert; chn. Gregg, Gertrude. 

—557 Fred, m. Hattie Ellis; chn. Ruth, Leonard. 

—558 Kate, m. William Edwards. 

279, Benjamin W. Stratton ® (Joseph,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
David,- Mark^) was born Aug. 13, 1834. He married, first, 

434 A Book of Strattons 

Rosaline Thomas, in 1867, daughter of Stephen and Mary 
{Harlan} Thomas; second, Matilda F. Phillips, in 1877, daughter 
of Reuben Phillips. For 21 years he was a drygoods salesman in 
New York. He died in 1806, at his home in Holbert, Ind. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

—559 Harlan T/ 

—560 Oliver," d. in Richmond, Ind., 1872. 

280. Elwood H. Stratton ^ (Joseph P.,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
David,- Mark ^) was born in Dublin, Ind., July 8, 1838. Mar- 
ried Mary H. Lliff, May 4, 1865, in Richmond. He was a book- 
keeper. For many years Deputy County Recorder. He died 
Apr. 21, 1889. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

—561 Roy 0.," m. Grace Flemming; res. Richmond. 
Bor7i in Indianapolis, Ind. 

—562 Herbert E.,' res. Richmond. 

282. Abraham Sharpless Stratton ^ {Joseph P.,^ Joseph,* 
Joseph,^ David;- Mark^) was born May 8, 1841. He was a 
painter by trade but for many years was connected with a 
nursery and salesman for fruit trees. He married Elizabeth M. 
Webb, Jan. 19, 1870. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

-563 Stella.' 

—564 Mary Emma.'^ 

—565 Joseph Parmerlee,' m. 1888, Elizabeth L. Powell, d. of 
Charles and Jane P. Powell. 

287. John Haines Stratton ® {Micajah,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
David,- Mark ^) was born near Wilmington, Ohio, at the Stratton 
farm, on Lytles Creek, May 12, 1831. He married Judith Terrel, 
Feb. 23, 1854. 

Children: — Born in Clinton Co., 0. 

—566 John B.," res. Hutchington, Kan. 

—567 Joseph,^ res. Paxico, Kan.; chn. Edward,^ LeRoy,^ Ber- 
tha,« Clara.« 

—568 David J.," res. Wilmington, 0. 

—569 Lorena " (twin). 

—570 Irena ' (twin). 

-571 Clara. ^ 

—572 Emma M.^ 

Mark Stratton of Evesham , 435 

—573 Victor/ res. Xenia, 0. 
—574 Amia.^ 
-575 MattieH/ 

294, Joseph Henry Stratton ^ {Benjamin,^ Joseph* Joseph,^ 
David,' Mai'k'^), born May 13, 1838; married Lydia Dawson 
in 1861. He served through the Civil War in Co. I, 84th Reg. 
Ind. Vol. Was engaged in government employment at Reno, 
Indian Territory, where he died Oct. 26, 1884. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

—576 Josephine B.,' m. Charles Bymaster, Oct. 5, 1881. 

-577 Russell W.,' m. Ora I. Black, Dec. 27, 1888. 

298. Horace B. Stratton ^ {Benjamin,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
David,- Mark ^) was born Jan. 11, 1853, and died Apr. 21, 1899. 
He married Emma Cooper, daughter of John Cooper. 

-578 John.^ 
—579 Benjamin.'^ 

299. Albert Stratton ^ {Edward K.,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
David,- Mark ^) married Louisa Hobbs Unthank, Feb. 27, 1884. 
She is a daughter of John and Martha {Harvey) Unthanks. 
Resides at Knightstown, Ind. 

Children: — Born in Knightstown, Ind. 
-580 Anna Mae.^ 
—581 Lois Emma.^ 
—582 John Myron.'^ 

311. Franklin Stratton ^ {Levi,^ Benjamin,* Joseph,^ Da- 
vid,- Mark^) married Melissa Devi^ey, who died Oct. 6, 1812. 
Child: — Born in Knightsville, Ind. 

—583 Byron L.,^ an electrician at Cambridge City, Ind.; m. 
Catherine B. Higby; chn. Everett F.,^ George W.^ 

321. Simon Cope Stratton ^ {Ephraim,^ Benjamin,* Joseph,^ 
David,- Mark ^) married Anna Newkirk in 1865, and settled on 
a farm near Ames, Iowa. 

Children: — Born in Ames, Iowa. 

-584 William F.,' m. Lulu Smith, 1893. 

-585 Marion N.,^ m. Marie Helm, 1896. 

-586 Luella V.,^ m. Golden. 

436 A Book of Strattons 

—587 Simon CJ 

—588 Ephraim," d. aged 2 years. 

-589 Etta L.,' m. W. P. Hemstock, 1902. 

-590 Myrtle M./ m. J. A. Ball, 1898. 

—591 Homer A.,' m. Lena Hagen, 1906. 

-592 Hattie M." 

326. Benjamin Stratton ^ [Joseph,^ Benjamin* Joseph,^ 
David,- Mark^} married Margaret Gilbert, daughter of Aaron 
and Margaret (Bell) Gilbert. 


—593 Charles Hawley," m. Esther Ogle. 

—594 Marietta^ 

342. David Williamson Stratton ^ {Mahlon,^ Mahlon* 
Daniel,^ David,- Mark ^) was born in Old Town, Green Co., 0., 
Sept. 17, 1863. He married Mary Reynolds. He was in busi- 
ness in Chicago for some time. Now resides in Holly Wood, 

Children: — Born in Paris, III. 

-595 Oliver R.," m. Edith M. Clark ; res. Holly Wood, Cal. 

—596 Herman,' d. in Edgar Co., 111., in 1869, aged 3 years. 
Born in Olothe, Kan. 

— 597 IMinnie Estella.'^ 

—598 Arthur C," m. Kate Vogal; res. Chicago. 

-599 Nellie D.^ 

349. Robert A. STiL\TT0N ^ {Mahlon;' Mahlon,* Daniel,^ Da- 
vid,- Mark ^) was born in Ogden, Clinton Co., 0. He married 
Caroline Gaskill, Oct. 12, 1874. He moved to Springfield, 0., in 
1881 where he is now in the grocery business. 

Children: — Born in Clinton Co., 0. 

-600 Wilber Ervin," m. Clara Grace Clay, June 20, 1900. 
He is a photographer in Bellefontaine, 0. 

-601 Charles Arthur,' d. Mar. 2, 1893. 

356. John R. Stratton ® (David,^ John,* Daniel,^ David,- 
Mark ^) married Maria A. Nev^house, June 9, 1864. He is a 
carpenter and joiner, and resides in Leetonia, 0. He was in 
military service during three years of the Civil War, and is char- 
ter member of Burnside Post, G. A. R. No. 137 of Leetonia. 
Member of Pioneer Lodge No. 539, L 0. 0. F. Taught school 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 437 

seven terms; township trustee three years; notary public twelve 
years; trustee of water works three years; clerk of the Board 
of Health of Leetonia. 


—602 William D.,' m. Laura Evens; res. Salem, 0. 

—603 Alva M.,' m. Dora Warden; res. Topeka, Kan. 

—604 Manda V./ m. E. Marshall ; res. Weeping Water, Nev. 

—605 Addie M.,'^ m. J. O. Smith; res. Leetonia, 0. 

362. John A. Str.\tton ^ {William I.,^ Elias* Daniel,^ Da- 
vid,- Mark ^) married Julia Smith. He was a farmer near Belle- 
fontaine, 0., where he died Oct. 27, 1900. 


-606 Susan.^ 

—607 Gertrude." 

—608 Benjamin." 

367. Henry W. Str.\tton « {Elias J. H.,^ Elias* Daniel,^ 
David,^ Mark ^) married Catherine Wade, June 17, 1901. Re- 
sides in Lake View, 0. 

Children: — Born in Lake View. 

-609 Earnest S." 

-610 Floyd A.^ 

-611 Walter.^ 

372. Joel Stratton ^ (Aaron,^ Aaron,*" Joshua,^ Daniel,^ 
Mark ^) was born on a farm three and one-half miles northwest 
of Salem, 0., Jan. 5, 1824. He married Abby Kellogg in 1854. 
She was daughter of Oliver and Lydia (Maule) Kellogg. His 
entire life of more than 82 years was spent in the vicinity of 
Salem, and the last 43 years on his farm on Franklin Road, 
where he passed peacefully away Sept. 16, 1906, "as a shock 
of wheat fully ripe and ready for the harvest." He was a man 
of unimpeachable character and respected by all who knew 
him. He was a faithful and consistent member of the Friends' 
Church, having a birthright membership. "Joel Stratton was 
always found on the right side of every great moral question, and 
never hesitated to let his opinions be known. He was of a cheer- 
ful, genial disposition and had many personal friends." 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

—612 Emma,'' m. David Crew in 1878. 

—613 Cora,'' m. John Benfield. 

438 A Book of Strattons 

—614 Lewis/ m. Mary Stark; res. Winona, 0.; chn. Paul,^ 
m. Mamie Pierce; dm. Marguerite Elizabeth,'-' Paul 
Lewis;" Abbie,** m. Carl Marshall. 

—615 Laura,' m. Stewart Marshall. 

383. Ross Stratton ° [Josiah,^ Michael* Joshua,^ Daniel,^ 
Mark^) was born Sept. 13, 1813, and married Mary Painter in 
1837. He died at the age of 35, his wife surviving him many 
years, dying Dec. 24, 1900. 


—616 Deborah Ann," b. Aug. 11, 1840; m. Joel Smith of 

Davenport, Iowa. 
—617 Cynthia,' b. 1843; d. in infancy. 

—618 John E.,' b. 1844 (twin) ; m. Priscella Bailey, 1871 ; res. 
W. Branch, Iowa. Chn. Ruth A.,« (m. J. H. Cook), 

Ross,^ Charles.^ 
—619 William M.," b. 1844; d. 1844. 

384, Elisha Stratton *^ (Joseph,^ Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,'^ 
Mark'^) was born Dec. 15, 1814, and married Elizabeth Painter 
in 1839. They lived in Salem, 0., until about 1855 and then 
moved to Springdale, Iowa. He died in 1884. 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

+620 David Painter.^ 

-621 Martha E.,^ b. 1842; d. 1843. 

+622 William,^ b. 1847. 

—623 Mary Ann,^ m. John T. Painter. 

Born in Springdale, Iowa. 
—624 Deborah, m. 1st, Edward Hathaway, 1870; 2nd, Isaac 
W. Haines ; res. West Branch. 

389, Charles Stratton ^ iJosiah,^ Michael,* Joshua,^ Da- 
vid,- Mark^) was born Jan. 29, 1828. Married Mary Agnes 
Ball in 1849. 

Children: — Born in Ohio. 

—625 Elizabeth Ann,^ b. 1854; res. Chicago. 

—626 Frank Charles," m. Joanna F. Long, 1884. Chn.: Edith 
Agnes,® Donald Francis^; res. Chicago, 
Born in Iowa. 

—627 Nellie,^ m. William Henderson, 

—628 Mac," m. Wm. McFadden, 1894. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 439 

392. James Stratton ^ {Charles,^ Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,^ 
Mark ^) was born May 23, 1818. He married, in 1843, Louisa 
Davis, who was born Sept. 4, 1823, and settled on a farm near 
Salem, where he lived for 56 years, and where he died Jan. 4, 
1902. Mrs. Stratton died Aug. 3, 1909. Both were life-long 
members of the Friends' Society. 
Children: — Born near Salem, 0. 
-629 Hannah,' b. Apr. 4, 1844; m. Nov., 1865, Joseph 

-630 Martha," b. Oct. 23, 1846; m. Feb. 22, 1866, Henry 

-631 William D.,^ b. May 13, 1850; m. Nov. 21, 1882, 

Maggie Bradshaw. 
-632 Charles,' b. Sept. 20, 1867; m. Aug. 19, 1891, Martha 

395. John Mickle Stratton ^ [Josiah,^ Michael,* Joshua,^ 
Daniel,- Mark^) was born July 2, 1827, on a farm north of 
Salem, 0. He married Rachel W. Bonsall in 1853. In 1865 
he entered the lumber business in which he continued until 1901, 
when he retired from business. He became one of the substantial 
business men of Salem, operating a planing mill and lumber 
yard of prominence throughout that section. "A noticeable 
characteristic of Mr. Stratton was his unfailing loyalty to his 
friends, and home town; his local patriotism was marked. He 
was of that type of citizenship that constitutes the best element 
in any community." He was a life-long member of the Friends' 
Church and held offices of trust and confidence in the town 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

-633 Anna M.,' b. Nov. 13, 1854; d. Aug. 3, 1860. 

-634 Martha D." 

-635 Ella B.,^ b. 1864; d. 1867. 

399. Mark Stratton ® {Joseiph,^ Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,- 
Mark'^) was born on a farm near Salem, O., Oct. 20, 1821. A 
carriage builder by trade, an elder in Friends' Church, he lived 
an active, consistent life, visited many of the churches and held 

*A relative of John M. Stratton, writing of the 26th Stratton Reunion, 
says: "We shall greatly miss him at our reunions, for he was one of our 
most faithful attendants, and always had a kind word and hearty hand- 
shake for all who came." 

440 A Book of Strattoxs 

gospel services, though he was not a minister. In 1845 he mar- 
ried Mary Heald, daughter of James and Mary {Wilson) Heald. 
He died Jan. 12, 1900. 


+636 Charles H.' 

—637 Anna Eliza," b. Nov. 25, 1847; d. aged 15 mos. 

+638 Franklin,^ b. 1849. 

—639 Joseph Henry, b. Apr. 6, 1852; m. Esther T. Stanley, 
1870; d. at Beloit, 0., 1900. One child, Margaret 
m. Bismark Thompson. 

—640 Rev. Isaac,' b. July 14, 1854; m. Sarah B. Halderman, 
Aug. 24, 1880, a daughter of Joseph and Esther 
(Creiv) Halderman. He has been an acknowledged 
minister of the Friends' Church since August, 1880. 
Spent three j'ears in Canada in evangelistic work, 
and has been pastor of several churches in Ohio. 

400, Zaccheus Stratton ® (Joseph,^ Michael,* Joshua,^ Dan- 
iel,- Mark ^) was born on the Stratton farm near Salem, O., May 
10, 1824. In his youth he learned the carpenter's trade. Apr. 
5, 1849, he married Rebecca Harris, of an old Salem family. 
Although brought up a Quaker, after his marriage he united 
with the Christian Church, of which his wife was a member. 
In the last year of the war he enlisted in Co. B, 176th Ohio 
Volunteers Infantry. In April, 1876, he moved with his family to 
Lincoln, Neb. In 1880 he obtained in Hitchcock Co., Neb., sev- 
eral thousand acres of land for a cattle ranch, and on this 
tract the town of Stratton, Neb., was founded. Mr. Stratton 
was a man of quiet manners, enterprising and industrious. He 
died in Lincoln May 6, 1893. Mrs. Stratton died Nov. 14, 1904. 
On their farm near Lincoln, "a great farmhouse with some fifteen 
rooms on the ground floor alone, full of relics and keepsakes," 
was built with a view of some time converting it into a home 
for aged ladies. For years they planned for this, and in Oct., 
1891, corporation papers were filed, under the laws of Nebraska, 
and a deed of trust was made to four trustees, but before the 
matter was settled Mr. Stratton's health failed; he grew worse, 
and on May 6, 1893, he died. 

After his death Mrs. Stratton's one aim in life was to carry 
out the plans to found a "Stratton Home for aged gentlewomen," 
but death came before her earnest efforts had met with success. 



















































7Z '-S 


'-^ .r^ 


"" cj 

F— * 


■n 1 


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-fj c 


X -M 

w s— ' 


J-i :; 


r- -M 

T X 


Mabk Steatton of Evesham 441 

Children: — Born in Columbiana Co., 0. 

—641 Myrtle,^ b. June 25, 1853; m. H. S. Gunter, Feb. 22, 

1882; res. Long Beach, CaL 
—642 Thomas A.,' b. May 18, 1856; m. Mrs. Sarah A. Raub, 

Apr. 26, 1896; res. Lincoln, Neb.; ch: Ashley T.» 

406. JosiAH Str.\tton " (Joseph,'^ Michael* Joshua,^ Daniel,- 
Mark ^) was bom on a farm near Salem, O., Dec. 22, 1832. He 
was 10 years old when his father died. He was educated in a 
Friends' Boarding School at Mt. Pleasant, 0. He learned the 
carpenter's trade. In 1855 he went to Iowa, and the following 
year married Elizabeth Bundy. In 1886 he removed to Pasa- 
dena, Cal., where he died Jan. 29, 1901. 

Children: — Born in Iowa. 

—643 Sarah T.,' b. 1857; d. aged 3 years. 

+644 Willoughby," b. 1859. 

—645 Lueinda," m. Frank Simpson, 1898. 

—646 Alica A.," res. Pasadena, Cal. 

-647 Lydia," m. Joseph Floyd, 1891. 

—648 Anna," m. Renaldo Bufkin, 1895. 

-649 Elizabeth R.' 

408. Edward Stratton ^ {Joshua,^ Michael,'*' Joshua,^ Dan- 
iel,'' Mark^), born May 20, 1822. He married, first, Mary 
James, in 1842, who died in 1869; second, Mary H. Raley, 1871. 
A faithful and influential member of the Friends' Society. He 
was always interested in family history, and was one of those 
to suggest and help to plan the first "Stratton Reunion," which 
his branch of the family have held annually for 28 years. He 
lived and died in Salem, 0. 
Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

By first marriage. 
—650 Semira,' b. June 5, 1844; m. Jesse Edgerton. 
—651 Joshua,^ b. Mar. 2, 1847; m. Bertha Holcomb. They 
have one child, Helen,^ born in Albion, Iowa, now a 
teacher in Lenar, Ark. 
By second marriage. 
-652 Alfred H.,^' b. 1872; res. Salem. 

-653 Joseph R.,^ b. 1874; m. Anna M. Bunday; res. Salem; 
chn. Mary E.,« Paul C.,« Joseph Russell,^ De- 
borah A.^ 
—654 Edward Francis,'^ m. Clara E. Frame; res. Salem; chn. 
Frances R.,^ Alice S.^ 

442 A Book of Strattons 

412. Benjamin D. Stratton '^ {Daniel,^ Michael,'^ Joshua,^' 
Daniel,- Mark^) was born June 5, 1825. He married Ellen 
Stanley, and lived in Salem, 0., until 1853, when he moved to 
Winona, 0., where he died Jan. 19, 1879. 
Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

— G55 Ruthanna,' b. June 4, 1849; m. Joseph H. Branson. 
\ —656 Abigail," m. Elisha Llewllyn. 
! —657 John F.,' b. Feb. 11, 1852; m. Dorothy Hobson. 
/ Born in Winona, 0. 

—658 Charles,^ m. Mary French ; res. Flushing, 0. 
—659 Abram,' b. 1857; ra. Hannah Branlington. 
—660 Mary E.," a trained nurse in Philadelphia. 
—661 Sina,^ a physician, Philadelphia. 

414. Barklay Stratton *' {Daniel,^ Michael,* Joshua,^ Dan- 
iel,- Mark V) was born Dec. 22, 1829, and died July 21, 1892. He 
married Hannah Hobson in 1854, daughter of Joseph and Ruth 
Hobson. She was born Dec. 1, 1826, and died Dec. 5, 1903. She 
was a beloved minister of the Friends' Society. 

Children: — Born in Columbiana Co., 0. 

+662 Joseph C.^ 

-663 Elizabeth B.^ 

-f664 Dillwyn." 

416. Simeon Stratton ^ {Aaron,^ Michael,* Joshua,^ Daniel,'^ 
Mark ^) was born Oct. 3, 1828. He married Lavina Kirk, Apr. 
27, 1854. He lived in Salem, where he died Mar. 17, 1892. 

Children: — Born in Salein, 0. 

—665 James M.,' m. Ada White; res. Salem, 0. 

—666 Sarah," m. Harvey Blackburn. 

419. Lewis Stratton*' (Aaron,^ Michael* Joshua,^ Daniel,- 
Mark ') was born May 21, 1837. He married Elizabeth Holder- 
man, Aug. 28, 1862. Resides in Salem. 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

-667 Ella L." 

-668 Alpharetta."^ 

—669 Florence.'^ 

—670 Lucy L.,'^ b. Aug. 8. 1870; d. aged 8 years. 

—671 Warren B.," m. Mary Garthwaite, Dec. 24, 1901; chn.: 
Lewis R.,^ Katherine E.^ 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 443 

429. William H. Stratton ^ (Daniel S.,^ Stacy* Joshua,^ 
Daniel,- Mark^) was born Aug. 17, 1845. He was in the Civil 
War from Apr. 18, 1864, to the close of the war. He married 
Edith Townsend, Aug. 8, 1867, daughter of Jonathan and Ann 
(Fall) Townsend. Before her marriage she was a teacher 
in Goshen Township — a teacher well remembered for the uni- 
versal excellence of her work. Mr. and Mrs. Stratton belong to 
the Methodist church, their children to the Methodist and 
Presbyterian churches. He is a carpenter and farmer living in 

Children: — Born near Salem, 0. 

—672 Charles D.,' d. at Youngstown, 0., Oct. 26, 1903. 

—673 Jonathan J.,^ m. Emma Stratton (No. 690) ; res. Alli- 
ance, O.; chn. Homer E.,* Rachel E.^ 

—674 Henry Louis," m. Rebecca E. Bradshaw, Dec. 1, 1879; 
ch.: Wm. E.,® Abraham L.'' 

—675 Sarah A.,' m. Freeman G. Hively, June 18, 1896. 

—676 Marion F.,' m. Ida Grace Coy, July 25, 1901; chn. 
Lucile,^ Herman C.,- Olive,* Paul L.^ 

—677 Mary G.,' m. Delmer D. Baird, Nov. 27, 1900. 

433. Alcinous L. Stratton '^ (Stacy L.,^ Stacy,'*' Joshua,^ 
Daniel,^ Mark ^ ) was born June 20, 1835, in Salem, 0., and moved 
while a boy with his parents to Indiana, and then to Wisconsin, 
where he remained until 1889, and then moved to Kansas. He 
married Emma Casler, Feb. 22, 1862. She was daughter of 
John and Jane (Gulick) Casler. He died in Clay Center, Kan., 
Apr., 1897. 

Children: — Bor7i in Alt. Hope, Wis. 
+678 Dan J.' 
+679 Peter T." 

Born in Clay Center, Kan. 
—680 Ola E.," m. Margaret Rea; Res. Clay Center; chn. 

Everett R.,® Lama G.,* Warren L.,^ Emma E.* 
—681 Albert E.,' m. Lorena B. Smith, May 10, 1893, daugh- 
ter of Philo David and Lydia (Rogers) Smith. They 
have one child, Lorena Alberta,® born at Lincoln, 
Neb., where they lived until recently, when they 
moved to Medford, Oregon. 

435. Gilmore M. Stratton ^ (Stacy L.,^ Stacy,* Joshua,^ 
Daniel,- Mark ^) was born in Salem, 0., July 9, 1845. He mar- 

444 A Book of Strattons 

ried Mary E. Snyder, daughter of Jacob and Julia A. Snyder of 
Mt. Hope, AVis., Jan. 10, 1867. In 1870 he moved to Kansas, 
taking up a government homestead. Five years later he settled 
in Clay Center, Kan., where he now resides and is secretary of 
the Triple Tie Benefit Association.* 

Children: — Born at Mt. Hope, Wis. 

—682 Nellie Lenord," m. E. A. Simes, Jan. 15, 1890. 
Born at Clay Center, Kan. 

—683 Addie Elizabeth," m. Dan. J. Stratton, July, 1891. 

—684 Allie Turner.' 

—685 Margaret Ann," m. Henry E. Simes, Mar. 5, 1896. 

—686 Lottie Viola,^ m. Eugene W. Cross, June 26, 1911. 

443. Rev. Job L. Stratton « {William C.,^ Stacy, ^ Joshua,^ 
Daniel,- Mark^} was born in the Stacy Stratton homestead, 
Mahoning Co., 0., Feb. 4, 1845. He married, first, Ella Slutz, 
daughter of William and Anna Slutz, Sept. 26, 1872, who died 
Feb. 10, 1881, at Waterloo, Pa.; second, Mary McFall, daughter 
of John and Susan McFall, Oct. 26, 1882. IMr. Stratton was 
educated in the school at Patmos, and at Mt. Union College, 0., 
a graduate of the class of 1872. He was ordained as a Meth- 
odist minister at Titusville, Pa., and has held many charges in 
Ohio and Penn. He has spent forty-two years in the regular work 
of the ministry, during twelve of which he held charges in the 
city of New Castle, where he is now located. 

Children: — Bom in Harlansburg, Pa. 

-687 Ruliff v.," m. Jesee Holmes in 1896. She died in 1897. 
Nov. 18, 1902, he m. Alice R. Blanton of Frank- 

* January 1, 1864, he left the schoolroom and enlisted in Company C, 
2d Wis. Infantry, and ser\-ed until the close of the Civil War. He par- 
ticipated in all the battles of the Army of the Potomac from the Wilder- 
ness to Appomattox and was present at Lee's surrender. He was dis- 
charged July 29, 1865, at the age of twenty years and twenty days. The 
second Wisconsin was a part of the famous "Iron Brigade." 

Upon moving into Clay Center he engaged in the mercantile business, 
and has taken an active part in the politics of the County, District and 
State, serving several terms as chairman of the Congressional Committee. 
In April 1878 he was appointed postmaster at Clay Center, and reappointed 
in 1882. 

He has served on the City Council, Board of Education and Board of 
Trustees of the county High School, and for about ten years was presi- 
dent of the Commercial Club of the city. 

He is a Mason, having attained the degree of Knight Templar; also a 
member of the Knights of Pythias and the Grand Army of the Republic. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 445 

fort, Ky. He is professor of vocal and instrumental 
—688 William A.," m. July, 1897, Mary Regal, daughter of 
Benjamin and Sarah Regal. 

445. George W. Stratton® (Williain C.,^ Stacij* Joshua,^ 
Daniel,- Mark V) was born Feb. 14, 1849. He married Rachel H. 
Wickersham, Dec. 26, 1872. He died in Alliance, 0., Jan. 17, 


—689 Emmor" (twin), m. Maybelle McClintock; res. Alli- 
ance, 0. 

—690 Emma " (twin), m. Jonathan R. Stratton, son of Wil- 
liam H. and Edith T. Stratton (No. 673). 

446. Preston D. Str.\tton ® {William C.,^ Stacy, ^ Joshua,^ 
Daniel,- Mark ^) was born at the Stacy Stratton homestead in 
Mahoning Co., 0., six miles northwest of Salem, Dec. 28, 1852, 
and passed his boyhood on the farm. He was educated at the 
Patmos school, and at Mt. Union College, and taught for a few 
years. He married Mary E. Protheroe, daughter of Francis 
and Rachel Protheroe, Mar. 15, 1877, and is a prominent busi- 
ness man of Akron, Ohio. He is the founder of the "Protected 
Home Circle," the first fraternal insurance order to have a fixed 
monthly payment and reserve fund, and is now Past Supreme 
President of the order, and Supreme Chaplain, having charge of 
the Order's interests and work throughout the state of Ohio. He 
has been closely connected with church and Sunday school work 
all his life, is a deacon of the First Baptist Church of Akron, 
and was the first president of the men's Bible class and of the 
League of Men's Clubs of the city.* 

Children: — Born in Salem, 0. 

—691 Florence C," m. A. Loyd Baumgartner, Oct. 7, 1908. 
-692 Delbert P.," m. Laura E. Lukesh, June 10, 1908. 
-693 Raymond F." 

447. Walter S. Stkatton ® (Willium C.,^ Stacy,* Joshua,^ 
Daniel,'^ Mark'^) was born Sept. 16, 1856. He married Naomi 
L. Dean, Dec. 30, 1875. They live at Sioux City, Iowa. 

* The author would here return thanks to Mr. Preston D. Stratton for his 
kind help on the Strattons of his line. 

446 A Book of Strattons 


—694 Alvin D./ res. Kansas City, Mo. 

—695 Anna Minerva," m. Prof. Frank Seymore Watson of 

Woonsocket, R. I. Botli are teacliers in New Eng. 

Conservatory of Music, Boston, of which school both 

are graduates. 

448. Daniel B. Stratton ^ iSimri,^ Job* Jonathan,^ Daniel,- 
Mark ^) was born Sept. 18, 1828. He married Rebecca Stratton 
(No. 514) May 30, 1855, and settled on a farm near Rich- 
mond, Ind., and later moved into Richmond. By trade he 
was a carriage smith and for many years was a member of the 
firm of "Parry and Stratton," manufacturers of carriages. He 
was a Methodist, and for a long time was trustee of Grove M. E. 
Church. He died in Richmond Jan. 10, 1910. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

-696 Ida Lee,' d. Mar. 16, 1869, in her 13th year. 

—697 Henry Clay,' d. May 20, 1869, aged 6 years and 2 mos. 

449, Stephen S. Str.atton ^ (Simri,° Job* Jonathan,^ Dan- 
iel,'- Mark Vl, born Apr. 13, 1831; married, Nov. 5, 1856, Matilda 
Elderkin, daughter of John Elderkin. By trade a carriage 
trimmer, he was for many years a manufacturer of carriages and 
other vehicles, and one of the prominent business men of his 
native town. For four years he was treasurer of Wayne Co. 
He was a regular attendant for many years of the Episcopal 
church. He died May 17, 1912. 

Children: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

+698 Stephen S., Jr." 

-699 Ida," m. Henry C. Bentlage, Dec. 12, 1899. 

—700 Mary," d. aged 15 years. 

455. Joseph Owen Stratton ^ (Charles,^ Oiven,* Jonathan,^ 
Daniel,- Mark ^) married Anna Eliza Kay, Nov., 1857. 

Children: — Born near Haddenfield, N. J. 

—701 Mary Wills," b. Sept. 29, 1859; m. George Ed. John- 
son; d. May, 1860. 

-702 Henry K.,^ b. May 29, 1860; m. 1st, Katherine Mor- 
gan; 2nd, Cora A. Devendorf ; res. San Bernardino, 

456. Francis Shreve Stratton ® (Charles,^ Owen,* Jona- 
than,^ Daniel,- Mark^) married, Feb., 1859, Eliza Henlings, 
and lived on a farm near Marlton, N. J. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 447 

Children: — Born in Marlton, N. J. 

—703 Florence B.,' b. Oct. 23, 1859; m. James C. DeWitt 

in 1882. 
—704 "Walter E./ m. Eunice C. Fowler, Nov. 22, 1887; ch.: 

Frank W.,^ m. Marion E. Hills; res. Haddenfield, 

N. J.; ch. Walter." 
—705 Thomas H.,' d. in Camden, N. J., Jan. 27, 1884, aged 

27 years. 
—706 Sara R.," to whom the compiler is indebted for much 

help on this line; res. Mt. Holly, N. J, 
—707 Mary Ella,' m. Charles W. Lear, July 4, 1885. 

457. Charles W. Str-\tton ^ {Charles,^ Owen* Jonathan,^ 
Daniel,- Mark ^) is a carpenter. He married Anna Covi^- 
perthwaite in 1864. 

Children: — Born near Medford, N. J. 

—708 Clarence,^ b. Sept., 1864; m. Sallie MulhoUand in 
1887; res. Haddenfield. 

—709 Sarah C.,' m. Henry C. French. 

—710 George C.,' m. Salome Danbert in 1902; chn. b. Chest- 
nut Hill, Pa., Edith,* Joseph,® Irene.* 

458. John W, Stratton ^ (Charles,^ Owen,* Jonathan,^ Dan- 
iel,- Mark ^) married Mary Wilson, about 1864. A farmer near 

Children: — Born near Marlton, N. J. 

-711 Amos W.,"^ b. 1865; d. 1883. 

+712 Schuyler C.^ 

-713 Lydia,^ b. 1875; d. 1890. 

—714 Thomas W.,^ m. Laura May Lees, 1908, daughter of 

Thomas and Aiina Eliza Lees; res. in Kennett 

Square, Pa.; ch. Herbert Evans.* 

459. Amos Haines Stratton ® (Charles,^ Owen,* Jonathan,^ 
Daniel,- Alark^) married Mary Martha Collins Kay in Feb., 
1869. He is a farmer; res. Haddenfield. 

Children: — Born near Haddenfield, N. J. 

—715 Leona Mary,^ m. Alonzo C. Stafford in Oct., 1896. 

—716 Job Kay ^ is a merchant, m. Georgiana Newkirk, 

Aug., 1899; chn. Herbert K.* and Clara S.*; res. 

Haddenfield, N. J. 
+717 Levi Troth. ^ 
—718 Helen Rachel." 

448 A Book of Strattons 

+719 Amos Collins/ 
—720 Howard Isaac.^ 

460. Benjamin Irvin Stratton ^ {Charles,^ Owen* Jona- 
than,^ Daniel,- Mark^) married Mary Jane Repon, and resides 
in Camden. 

Children: — Born in Camden, N. J. 

+721 Irvin R.^ 

-722 Mabel M.^ 

—723 Dorothy.^ 

-724 Ellen.^ 

466. Joseph Love Stratton * {Jonathan D.,^ Eli,* Jonathan,^ 
Daniel,'^ Mark^) was born in Carthage, Ind., in 1836. He mar- 
ried Jane Thomas, daughter of Snead and Mariam Thomas, in 
1857. He died in West Middleton, Ind., in 1901. 

Children: — Born in New London, Ind. 

—725 Charles E.,^ m. Abbie Duncan; res. W. Middletown, 

Ind.; chn. Mabel A.,® m. Howard Ramseyer in 1902. 

Ethel E.,« d. 1888, aged 3 yrs. ; Ina F.« 
-726 Jonathan E.,^ b. 1860; d. unm. 1890. 
—727 William A.,' m. Emergene Delon; res. Middletown, 

Ind.; chn. Kate,^ Maude,* Joseph J.^ 
—728 Eli A.,^ m. Adda Taylor; res, Middletown; chn. Hazel 

L.,* Florence,* Rachel A.* 
—729 Lilian J.,' m. John W. Johnson. 
—730 Anna M.,^ m. John M. Middleton. 
—731 Sherley Fred," d. unm. in 1904, aged 24 years. 

467. Eli B. Stratton ^ {Jonathan D.,^ Eli,* Jonathan,^ Dan- 
iel,^ Mark ^) was born Aug. 6, 1838. He married Rebecca Moat 
in 1857. He died Apr. 28, 1864. 


—732 Susan,^ m. Jared Butler; res. Russiaville, Ind. 
—733 Rachel,^ m. Arthur Oyler; res. Russiaville, Ind. 
-734 Arthur.^ 

474. Edward Dallas Stratton ^ {Joseph E.,^ Eli,* Jona- 
than,^ Daniel,- Mark^) was born in Richmond, Ind., Aug. 11, 
1839. He was educated at Earlham College, Richmond. He 
married Louisa Hobbs, Sept. 12, 1861.* He was a farmer the 

* She was a daughter of Elisha and Deborah Harvey Hobbft. Elisha 
■was born in Guilford Co., N. C, in 1805, brother of Barnabas Hobbs, 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 449 

most of his life and he and his family were all Friends. He died 
in Indianapolis Mar. 16, 1911. 

Children: — Born in Plainfield, Ind. 

—735 Harvey Hobbs," m. Cecilia ; Aug., 1800. He is 

foreman of a packing plant, St. Joseph, Mo. 
—736 Martha,^ m. Warren Oliver, Sept. 21, 1894; res. Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

478. MicAJAH H. Stratton ^ {Joseph E.,^ Eli* Jonathan,^ 
Daniel,- Mark ^) was born near Richmond, Ind. He married 
Antonia B. Jergius, May 1, 1876, and resides in Hmitsville, 

Children: — Born in Huntsville, Texas. 

-737 Joseph E.^ 

Born in Byron, Texas. 

—738 Eva Beatrice.'^ 

480. Eli L. Stratton « (Joseph E.,^ Eli,* Jonathan,^ Daniel,^ 
Mark ^) married Lorena A. Judd, Sept. 7, 1879. He is a farmer 
residing in Carmel, Ind. 


—739 Frank," m. Anna McGee, Jan. 14, 1902. 

-740 Fred.^ 

-741 Elmer.^ 

481. Oliver Stratton ^ [Joseph E.,^ Eli,* Jonathan,^ Daniel,^ 
Mark ^) was born Apr. 23, 1857. He married Armittie Williams, 
Nov. 3, 1878, and lived in Champaign, 111. In Feb., 1881, they 
moved to Longjack, Mo. He died June 15, 1898. He was a 
Friend, but his family are Methodists. 

Children: — Born in Jackson Co., Mo. 

-742 Robert 0.,^ a farmer of Pleasant Hill, Mo. 

—743 Anna E.,^ a teacher at Raton, N. M. 

484. Charles Barber Strattan ^ (John R.,^ John,* David,^ 
Daniel,^ Mark ^) was a successful physician for many years at 
Strattonville, Pa., where he was bom Sept. 24, 1831. He gradu- 

the Quaker minister, who was Superintendent of Public Instruction in 
Indiana, and teacher in Earlham College. Isaac Harvey laid out the 
town of Harveysburg, O., and later he and his wife were missionaries 
to the Shawnee Indians in Indiana, and his twin daughters, Deborah 
and Martha, acted as interpreters for the traveling ministers preaching 
to the Indians. Martha married John Nothanks. 

450 A Book of Strattons 

ated from the Penn. Medical College in 1855. In 1862 he raised 
a company and went into the army as captain of Co. H, 149th 
Regt., Pa. Vols. Aug. 13, 1853, he married Rose A. Gray, who 
died Aug. 10, 1890. May 26, 1893, he married Rebecca A. Led- 
better. He died Dec. 12, 1911. 

Children: — Bom in Strattonville, Pa. 
By first marriage. 

+744 Francis G.,'^ a druggist at Philadelphia; chn. Sara,* 
George,^ Marie,^ Elizabeth,^ Rose,*^ Eva.*^ 

—745 John R.," m. Emma Foster; res. Donara, Pa. 

—746 Max M.,'' m. Lawrence George; ch. Charles B.« 

+747 Howard G.^ 

—748 Mary Ida,' m. Louis Streng. 

—749 Carrie A.,'' m. Winfield Trainor. 

—750 Eva,^ m. James W. Jones. 
By second marriage, 

-751 LeRoy.^ 

-752 Paul C.^ 

488. Samuel Ridgew^ay Strattan ^ {Joseph S.,^ John,^ Da- 
vid,^ Daniel,- Mark \) was born in Strattonville, Pa., in 1837. 
He married Priscella J. Rulofson, Aug. 7, 1866. He enlisted in 
Co. H., nth Penn. Reserves, in May, 1861. Mustered out under 
general order Aug., 1862; re-enlisted Jan., 1864, in Co. 11, Penn. 
Cavalry. Mustered out at Richmond at close of war. Was 1st 
Lieutenant, then Adjutant, then commissioned as Captain, Em- 
ployed in Post Office Dept., Washington, D. C. 
Children: — Born in Strattonville, Pa. 

—753 Ruloff R.,' m. Susie Hutchenson ; in civil service com- 
mission at Washington, D. C. 
Born in Franklin, Pa. 
-754 Mabel L.^ 

Born in Emlenton, Pa. 
+755 George W.^ 

Born in Strattonville. 
—756 Edith A.^ 

492. Joseph C. Strattan '^ (Joseph S.,^ John,* David,^ Dan- 
iel,- Mark^) is Post Master at Strattonville, Pa. He married 
Anna M. Trainer in 1879. 

Children: — Born in Strattonville, Pa. 

—757 Grace E.^ 



m ^S 







Mark Stratton of Evesham 451 

—758 Maurice T.' 

—759 C. Lieucella." 

-760 Mark R.' 

-761 Donald M.' 

-762 John J./ d. 1898, aged 7 years. 

500. William H. Stratton "^ (William,^ John,* Enoch,^ John,^ 
Mark ^) is a blacksmith in Camden, N. J. He married Mabel 
Hill, Jan. 1, 1885. 

Children: — Born in Camden, N. J. 

-763 William." 

-764 Henry C.^ 

—765 Raymond.^ 

-766 Mabel Eva.^ 

-767 Charles Hill.^ 

501. Howard B. Stratton ^ {William,^ John,* Enoch,^ John,^ 
Mark ^} married, Feb. 19, 1896, Lizzie A. Shade, daughter of 
Henry and Anna May Shade. He is a farmer. 


—768 Mary Lillian.^ 

—769 Henry Shade.^ 

505. John Gosline Stratton ^ {James L.,^ John,* Enoch,^ 
John,- Mark'^) married Rae Harker, June 6, 1892, daughter of 
Eno8 and Susan {Chambers} Harker. He lives in Camden, N. J., 
and is Secretary of a Piano Manufacturing Corporation and 
President of Action Piano Co. 

Children: — Born in Camden, N. J. 

-770 Mildred Harker.^ 

—771 Dorothy Gosline.'^ 

518. Charles Stratton ® {Benjamin,^ Gideon,* Isaiah,^ 
Enoch,- Mark ^) was a soldier in the Civil War, first in a company 
of West Virginia Volunteers, and then in the Hospital Corps. He 
married, first, Martha Lord; second, Charlissa Talbot, Nov. 9, 
1870. They resided in Washington, D. C, where he was a clerk 
in the Bureau of Statistics. He died Oct. 27, 1910. 

Children: — Born in Washington, D. C. 
By second marriage. 

-772 Ella Gregg, b. in 1872; d. in childhood. 

452 A Book of Strattons 

—773 Ethel Anna, m. 1st, Charles A. Weaver, in 1898; 2nd, 

Norman N, Nock. 
—774 Charles Warren, a dentist in Washington, D. C; died 

June 17, 1906. 
—775 Caroline Chandler, teacher in Eldridge, Cal.; graduate 

from Pennington Seminary, valedictorian of class. 

526. Joel Van Meter Stratton ^ {Isaiah G.,^ Isaiah,^ Josiah,^ 
Enoch,^ Mark ^) was born May 10, 1842. Educated in the public 
schools of Philadelphia and University of Lewisburg, Pa. (now 
Bucknell University), ordained a Baptist minister at the age of 
twenty-two and became pastor of the Fourth Baptist Church of 
Pittsburg, Nov., 1864. Nov. 15, 1866, he married Elizabeth 
Reese, daughter of William and Elizabeth L. Reese, who came to 
the United States from Wales in 1832.* Mr. Stratton has been 
successively pastor at Sheron, Pa., 1867; Byron, O., 1869; Colum- 
bus, Wis., 1870; Roselle, N. J., 1873; Morristown, N. J., 1877; 
Waltham, Mass., 1880; Scottsdale, Pa., 1893. Moved to Pitts- 
burg, Pa., in 1899, where he now resides. 

Children: — Born in Columbus, Wis. 

—776 William Cooper,^ educated at Philips Academy, And- 
over, Mass., class 1890, and Brown University, 
Providence, R. I., 1894. Civil and mining engineer. 

—777 Anna Reese,'^ graduate Mt. Holyoke, S. Hadley, Mass., 

530. Jacob Brown Stratton ^ (Ebenezer,^ Bradford,* Tho- 
mas,^ Isaac, "^ Mark^) was born in Camden, N. J. He married 
Maria Kathrine Williams. He died in Philadelphia in 1882. 

Children: — Bom in Philadelphia. 

—778 Clarence," res. St. Louis, Mo. 

—779 Kate,^ m. Wm. P. Smith ; res. Jordsville, N. J. 

—780 Jacob Bradford.' 

534. David Francis Stratton ^ {Stephen T.,^ David Q.,^ Jo- 
seph,* Joseph,^ David,- Mark M married twice. His first wife was 
Harriet E. Cooper. He married 2nd Lucy Deichman. 

♦Elizabeth Reese belongs to a family of inventors, best known among 
them being Jacob Reese, to whom is attributed the discovery jn this 
country of the Bessemer process, revolutionizing the steel industry. An- 
other brother, Joseph Reese, lost his life in the Battle of Stone River in 
the Civil War. Another brother, Benjamin Reese, attached to the ambu- 
lance corps, serving through the war. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 453 


By first marriage. 
—781 Frank Stephen,^ res. Chicago. 
—782 Susan Isabella.^ 
—783 Josephine.^ 
—784 James Cooper,^ res. Chicago. 
—785 Ruth Lander.^ 
—786 Mary Louise,^ m. White ; res. Upper Alton, 111. 

By second marriage, 
—787 Evelyn Rynd,« res. Cedar Valley, Mo. 

548. William D. Stratton ^ (Oliver H.,^ David Q.,^ Joseph* 
Joseph,^ David,- Mark M married, first, Alice Healy, in Iowa in 
1879; second, Mamie Trobridge, in Nebraska, 1891. 


By first marriage. 
-788 Oliver.8 
-789 Ephraim.^ 

By second marriage. 
-790 Harry.« 
—791 Ross D.« 

549. AzARiAH D. Stratton ' {Oliver H.,^ David Q.,^ Joseph,*- 
Joseph,^ David,- Mark ^) married Jessie McCune in Missouri. 
Died in Mt. Vernon, Kan., Apr. 8, 1901. 


—792 James Roy.^ 
-793 Mabel.^ 
-794 Goldie.« 
-795 Charles E.« 
—796 Nettie Amanda.^ 

552. Frank P. Stratton ^ (Joseph D.,^ David Q.,^ Joseph,-^ 
Joseph,^ David,- Mark^) married Bird Marquis, Oct. 23, 1895; 
moved from Aledo, 111., to Twin Falls, Idaho, in 1907; from there 
to Corning, Cal, where they now reside in 1910. He is a farmer 
and fruit grower. 

Children: — Born in Aledo, III. 

—797 Frances Jean.^ 

—798 George Marquis.^ 

620. David Painter Stratton ^ (Elisha,^ Josiah,* Michael,^ 
Daniel,^ Mark ^) was bom in Salem, 0., Aug. 22, 1840. He mar- 

454 A Book of Strattons 

ried Sarah Ann Todd in 1864 and resided at (or near) Port- 
land, Oregon. 


—799 Robert E.,^ m. 1st, Rosalie , 2nd, Mary M. Frank- 

-800 Emma L.« 

—801 Walter,^ m. Elsie May Ferguson; res. Washington. 

—802 Herbert,^ m. Myrtle Dofflemeyer. 

—803 Clara R.,« m. Henry H. Heltzel. 

-804 Laura,^ b. 1883; d. 1884. 

622. William Stratton ^ {Elisha,^ Josiah,^ Michael* Joshua,^ 
Daniel,^ Mark \) was born Nov. 8, 1847, in Columbiana Co., 0. 
He married Ella E. Briggs, and resides in Newburg, Oregon, to 
which place they moved from Ohio in 1891. He is a farmer. 

Children: — Born in West Branch, Iowa. 

—805 Martha,^' m. Charles Hodson, Oct. 14, 1897; res. New- 
berg, Oregon. 

—806 Edna,« m. Geo. B. Lamb, Dec, 1903. 

—807 Joseph LeRoy,^ m. Augusta DeForest, Dec, 1911. 

-808 01ive,« m. Archie C. Seely, Oct. 1, 1908. 

-809 Irving E.,« d. Oct. 25, 1906. 

636. Charles H. Stratton " {Mark,^ Joseph,^ Michael,^ 
Joshua,^ Daniel,- Mark M was born Apr. 4, 1846. He married, at 
Richmond, Ind., Anna O. Williams, Sept. 1, 1870, daughter of 
Thomas Williams of Fontaine City, Ind. He is a carriage builder 
by trade and an ordained minister in the Protestant Methodist 

Child: — Born in Salem, 0. 

—810 Harold C.,* city engineer at Alliance, 0.; m. Nita Gilson 
in 1893; chn. Donald G.,« William H.** 

638. Franklin Stratton ^ (Mark,^ Joseph,^ Michael,* 
Joshua,^ Daniel,^ Mark^} was born Dec. 30, 1849, in Columbus, 
O. He is a member of the Friends' church. He married, first, 
Philena Shreve, who died Nov. 24, 1903; second, Amelia Missel- 
back. By trade he is a carriage builder and is the inventor and 
patentee of the "Stratton rotating engine" and several other 
labor-saving machines; resides in Chicago. 

Children: — Born near Salem, 0. 

—811 Oliver B.,* m. Agnes C. Birmingham; res. Kansas 
City; chn. Leonard W.,^ Clarence F.,« Mildred P.» 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 455 

-812 Willis T.,s a lawyer in Oklahoma City, Okla. 

-813 Hannah May,« res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

—814 Albert,^ a grain inspector at Buffalo, N. Y. 

644. WiLLOUGHBY Stratton " [Josiah,^ Joseph,^ Michael,* 
Joshua,^ Daniel,^ Mark ^) was born in Iowa in 1859. In 1882 he 
married Sarah Lewis. 


-815 Eva May,« m. Jas. Hawkins in 1902. 

-816 Nellie,^ m. Paul DeWolf, 1907. 

-817 William.^ 

-818 Mary R.,^ res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

-819 Emma,« res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

-820 Charles.^ 

662. Joseph C. Stratton ^ (Barkley,^ Daniel,^ Michael* 
Joshua,^ Daniel,^ Mark ^ I was born Oct. 10, 1855. He married, 
Nov. 2, 1882, Elizabeth Brantingham, daughter of Alfred and 
Ann (Dean) Brantingham. They are superintendents of the 
Friends' Boarding School at Barnsville, 0., a school established 
in 1837, in which many Strattons have received instruction. 
—821 Mary ,8 m., Jan. 31, 1908, Waher B. Edgerton, son of 

Jesse and Susan Edgerton. 
-822 Walter ,« b. Dec. 31, 1908; m.. May 6, 1910, Atta Eliza- 
beth Cope, daughter of Dr. A. L. and Rachel G. 
Cope of Winona. They have one daughter, Esther.^ 

664. DiLLWYN Stratton ^ {Barkley,^ Daniel,^ Michael* 
Joshua,^ Daniel,- Mark^) was born Feb. 7, 1861. He married 
Elizabeth Hall of Harrisonville, 0., and their home is in Winona, 
0. He has long been actively connected with the agricultural 
interests of his section and is president of the Ohio State Dairy- 
men's Association. Mrs. Stratton died Mar. 18, 1911, in her 
forty-seventh year. 

Children: — Born in Winona, 0. 

-823 Barkley W.« 

—824 Lucinda.s 

—825 Debora.« 

-826 Laura M.^ 

-827 Rebecca H.,« d. June 10, 1907, aged 8 mos. 3 days. 

456 A Book of Strattons 

678. Dan J. Stratton ' {Alcinous,^ Stacy L.,^ Stacy,* Joshua,^ 
Daniel,- Mark V) married Addie E. Stratton, July 10, 1891 (No. 
683). In Mar., 1907, they moved from Clay Center to King- 
fisher, Oklahoma, where they now reside on a farm. 

Children: — Born at Clay Center, Kan. 

-828 Gilmore M.« 

-829 Stacy B.» 

-830 Carl D.^ 

-831 Kenneth C.« 

-832 Don J.« 

—833 Emmett L.« 

—834 Alice Laurine.' 

679. Peter T. Stratton ^ {Alcinous,^ Stacy L.,^ Stacy,* 
Joshua,^ Daniel,- Mark'^) was born Aug. 25, 1866. He married 
Lilian Miles, daughter of Enos P. and Mary Ellen Miles, Feb. 
22, 1896. In 1910 they moved to Colorado and took up a home- 
stead at Abbott, which they have proved. It is 40 miles from a 
railroad with the mail three times a week. 

Children: — Bom at Clay Center, Kan. 
—835 Alcinous L.« 
-836 Lowell INIiles.^ 

Born at Prairie Home, Neb. 
—837 Clarence Enos." 
—838 Dorothy Lucile.« 

698. Stephen S. Str.\tton ^ {Stephen S.,^ Simri,* Job,^ Jona- 
than,- Mark ^) for many years a business man of Richmond, 111. 
Secretary Gaar, Scott & Co., the largest manufacturing establish- 
ment in the town, manufacturers of thrashers, engines and agri- 
culturial implements. Was director of the Richmond Bank; 
President of the School Board. May 4, 1892, he married Nellie 
Ruby Gaar. Resides in Chicago and is President of a Credit 
and Discount Company. 

Child: — Born in Richmond, Ind. 

-839 Abram Gaar." 

712. Schuyler C. Stratton ^ (John W.,^ Charles,^ Owen,* 
Jonathan,^ Daniel,- Mark ^) married Helen Barton, 1893, daugh- 
ter of Aaron and Deborah Barton, and resides in Moorestown. 

Children: — Bom in Moorestown, N. J. 

-840 Harold.^ 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 457 

-841 Roland.8 

-842 Aaron E.« 

—843 Florence.^ 

—844 Arthur.^ 

717. Levi Troth Stratton '^ {Amos H.,^ Charles,^ Owen* 
Jonathan,^ Daniel,- Mark ^) married Blanch Hillman in Jan., 
1900. He is a farmer living near Haddenfield, N. J. 


-845 Ruth Hillman.8 

—846 Myra Kelton.s 

-847 Bessie Stokes.« 

-848 Edna Collins.^ 

—849 Lawrence.^ 

-850 Hannah Ellis.« 

719. Amos Collins Stratton ' (Ainos H.,^ Charles,^ Owen,^ 
Jonathan,^ Daniel,- Mark'^) married Georgiana Crowell, Nov., 
1906. He is a clerk and bookkeeper at CoUinswood. 

Children: — Born in Collinsivood, N. J. 

—851 George Amos,® twin. 

—852 James Franklin,® twin. 

—853 Dorothey Virginia.® 

721. Irvin R. Stratton " {Ben']amin I.,^ Charles,^ Owen,* 
Jonathan,^ Daniel,- Mark ^) married Sophia F. Homer and lives 
in Camden, N. J. 

854 Richard,® m. Mary C. Leeds; res. Camden; chn. How- 
ard C.,^ Clara M.,^ Charles H.,^ m. Hannah D. Hil- 
ton; ch. Marion D.^'' 
—855 Levaine.® 

747. Howard G. Strattan ^ {Charles B.,^ John R.,^ John,* 
David,^ Daniel,- Mark ^) is a professor of music at Dubois, Pa. 
He was educated at Bucknell University. He married Sarah 
Jane Young, June 18, 1891. All his children are musical, playing 
on various instruments. Members of Methodist church. 

Children: — Born in Strattonville, Pa. 

—856 Pauline.® 

-857 Mar\^ Ruth.® 

-858 Helen Cirrue.® 

458 A Book of Strattons 

Born at Falls Creek, Pa. 
—859 Howard Kenneth.^ 

—860 Euginc Judson,^ m. Alma Josephine Lowe, Dec. 24, 
1913; ch: Jean Lowe.^ 

755. George W. Strattan " (Sajyiuel R.,^ Joseph S.,^ John,* 
David,^ Daniel- Mark^) married Eva Pruden and resides in 
Washington, where he is connected with the Treasury Depart- 
ment. He was sent to Europe in 1908 as Secretary of the Tariff 

Child: — Born in Washington, D. C. 

—861 Howard Worrell.® 


[862] Seth Stratton * was a grandson of Mark Stratton of 
Evesham, N. J. He was a Revolutionary soldier. The mili- 
tary records of Virginia show that he was allotted 200 acres of 
land Apr. 29, 1785, but does not show where the land was located. 
For a record of him and a list of his children, see page 296, 
Vol. I. The following are his descendants.* 

863. William Stratton ^ (Seth *) was born in Virginia in 
1788. When about 17 years old he moved with his parents to 
Shelby Co., Ky. He married Nancy Wasson in 1812. He was a 
farmer, owning a farm near Finchville. He and his family were 
members of the Baptist church. He died Sept. 17, 1835. 
Children: — Born in Shelby Co., Ky. 

—864 Mary Greenway,^ b. Apr. 9, 1813; m. Thomas C. 
Hunter, Dec. 10, 1840; d. Feb. 18, 1892, in Camp- 
bcllsburg, Ind. 
+865 David Devoe,*' b. 1814. 
—866 Eliza Ann,« b. Sept. 1, 1816; m. Elisha Carr in 1846; d. 

Jan. 4, 1854, at Nebo, Ind. 
— 867 Nancy Jane,« b. Dec. 24, 1819; m. William Hunter; d. 

Apr., 1861, in Kentucky. 
—868 Martha,« b. Feb. 12, 1822; m. David Hunter; d. Apr. 

9, 1895, in Kentucky. 
—869 Harriet Amanda," b. Sept. 14, 1825; d. aged 10 years. 

* Caleb Stratton (probably a prcat-grandson of Mark Stratton ') set- 
tled in Green Co.. Ky., about 1820 (see Vol. I, pp. 298-299). His son, 
Jesse Falkncr Stratton, married, first, Mary A. Walters; second, Marion G. 
Hagaman. He died in Emporia, Kan., aged about seventy-six years; chn. 
Rosecrans (m. Minnie Martin, 1891), Luella, Cora A., and Minnie M. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 459 

870, Joseph Stratton ^ {Seth *) was born in Virginia in 1792 
and came to Shelby Co., Ky., with his parents when he was 
about 12 j^ears old. He married Katie Wason in 1815. He 
lived and died (in 1864) in his native county. He was in the 
war of 1812 and received a pension. 

Children: — Born in Shelby Co., Ky. 

—871 George W.,*' b. Jan. 14, 1816; m. Catherine M. Hunter, 
Jan. 18, 1849; living in Bloomfield, Ky., in 1905. 

—872 Harriet,^ m. John Orndorff. 

873. Seth Stratton ^ iSeth *) was born Aug. 25, 1797, in Vir- 
ginia, probably Frederick Co. July 4, 1800, he married Susanna 
Ellis in Shelby Co., Ky. She was born July 4, 1800. About 
1825 they moved to Jennings Co., Ind., where Mr, Stratton died, 
Jan. 8, 1860, and Mrs. Stratton, June 7, 1876, both in Butlerville, 

Children: — Born in Shelby Co., Ky. 

-874 Elenor,« b. Nov. 25, 1821 ; m. 1st, Porter Town, Oct. 31, 
1842; 2nd, John Ross, 1845; 3rd, William Eott, 
—875 William,*' b. Aug. 3, 1823 ; m. Tolitha Moncrief, May 

12, 1845; d. Nov. 24, 1900, in 111.; no children. 
—876 Mary Greenway,^ b. Sept. 27, 1824; m. James Butler. 

Born in Jennings Co., Ind. 
-f 877 Ellis Garner,^ b. 1827. 

—878 Isaac Ellis,^ b. Apr. 27, 1829; d. aged 6 years. 
+879 Joseph Seth,*' b. 1832. 

—880 Susan Elizabeth," b. Nov. 28, 1835; d. in infancy. 
—881 Joseph Jacob," b. Feb. 22, 1840; m. 1st, Eliza Stanley, 
2nd, Maggie Miller; no children. 

865. D.wiD Devoe Str.^tton " (William,-' Seth*) was born 
Dec. 22, 1814. He married Martha A. Shanks, Dec. 21, 1837. 
In 1875 they moved to Washington, Ind., near Campbellsburg, 
In 1887 they celebrated their golden wedding at the old home- 
stead one mile south of Campbellsburg. All their children were 
present — all married and living in several different states, Mr. 
Stratton died June 24, 1901. 

* In the old family Bible in the possession of a great-grandson of Seth 
Stratton, Sr., is this record: "Francis Washington Stratton was born May 
21st, 1814." The compiler has not been able to place him. 

460 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Shelby Co., Ky. 

—882 William,' b. 1838; m. Amanda Case in 1860; d. in 
Fairfield, 111., Feb. 24, 1902; he was a Federal sol- 
dier in the Civil War. 

+883 Samuel,^ b. 1840. 

-f 884 George D.,' b. 1842. 

—885 Serepta,^ b. 1843; m. William Peters, 1865. 
Born in Washington Co., III. 

+886 Seth,^ b. 1845. 

— 887 James,^ b. 1847; m. Desdemonia Letterman; ch. 

+888 John,^ b. 1849. 

—889 Katherine," b. 1851; m. Jerome Stanley, 1878. 

—890 Lewis H.," b. 1853; m. Ella E. Semms, 1878; res. Pea- 
body, Kan. 

-891 Eliza,^ b. 1856; m. Uriah Glover, 1884; res. Franklin, 

877. Ellis Garner Stratton ® {Seth,^ Seth*) was born 
Mar. 1, 1827, and died in Holton, 111., Jan. 26, 1895. He married 
Mary A. Davidson, Dec. 14, 1852. He died June 6, 1895. 

Children: — Born in Holton, Ind. 

—892 William James," d. Feb. 10, 1854, aged about 1 year. 

+893 John Seth,' b. Feb. 13, 1855. 

+894 George Jacob.' 

—895 Susannah," b. Jan. 29, 1860; d. aged 20 years. 

— 896 Elizabeth J.," m. Theodore McClure. 

—897 Joseph T.," d., unm., Mar. 7, 1913. 

—898 Robert H.,^ m. Eliza Kiphart. 

—899 Mart E.,^ m. Oliver L. Beech, Jan. 6, 1892. 

—900 Martha A.," m. James Davis, Nov. 8, 1899. 

879. Joseph Seth Stratton ® {Seth,^ Seth,*) was born 
July 22, 1832. He married Minerva Monroe, Jan. 12, 1859. 
Children: — Born in Buttlerville, Ind. 
—901 John W.,^ d. in 1875. 

—902 Joseph T.,^ m. Emma Harmon, June 6, 1878; d. July 
1, 1905; ch. Minerva.^ 

883. Samuel Stratton ^ (David D.,° William,^ Seth *) was 
born Aug. 17, 1840. He married, first, Lydia Brown, Apr. 7^ 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 461 

1864; second, Rachael Arnold, Aug. 22, 1882. Res. Newton, 
Kan. He was a Federal soldier. 

Children: — Born in Washington Co., Ind. 

By first marriage. 
—903 Lorena.« 

—904 Caskin David,^ m. Lizzie Riley; res. Little York, 111. 
—905 Fannie Florence,^ m. O. L, Crawford, Nov. 3, 1898. 
—906 Charles L.,« m. Pauline Roeder, Feb. 20, 1900; res. Lit- 
tle York, 111. 
—907 Martha Ann,« m. N. C. Golden, Jan. 7, 1905. 

Born in Henry Co., Kan, 

By second marriage. 
-908 Wallas William.^ 
—909 Irene L.« 
—910 Melton Edward.^ 
—911 Grace M.« 

884. George Dudley Stratton ^ {David D.,^ William,^ 
Seth *j was born Mar. 19, 1842. He was 2nd Lieut, in the 66th 
Ind. Infantry, enlisting July 2, 1862, and serving four years. 
Nov. 5, 1865, he married Camelia Russell, who was born in 
Bardstown, Ky., Feb. 21, 1842. 

Children: — Born in Camphellshurg, Ind. 

—912 Nannie,^ m. Charles R. A. Marshall, June 5, 1907; res. 
Stronghurst, 111. 

—913 Stella ,« m. Charles R. A. Marshall, Oct. 1, 1891; d. 
May 21, 1905. 

—914 Russell,^ m. Aura Carson, Apr. 12, 1898; res. Trinchera, 

—915 David,* m. Cora Riddle ; res. Walton, Kan. 

—916 William,^ soldier in Spanish-American War. 

—917 Guy,* soldier in Spanish-American War. 

—918 Goldie,* m. James Guthrie; res. Walton, Kan. 

886. Seth Stratton ^ {David D.,^ William,^ Seth *) was born 
in 1845. He served in the Federal army. He married Ella Tea- 
garden, 1870, and settled in Bromer, Orange Co., Ind. Res. 
Orleans, Ind. 

Children: — Born in Bromer, Ind. 

—919 -Hattie.* 

-920 John C.« 

—921 Henrv S.« 

462 A Book of Strattons 

—922 Roscoe D.^ 
—923 Louis.*^ 
—924 Nellie S.« 

888. John Strattox " (David D.,^ Williajyi,^^ Seth *) was bora 
in 1849. He married, first, Margaret King, 1872; second, Ella 
Chastane, 1883; res. Campbellsburg. 

Children: — Born in CanipbcUsburg, Ind. 

By first marriage. 
—925 Celia,^ m. Robert Hayes, 1898. 
—926 Maude,^' m. Dr. L. W. Paynter, 1894. 

By second marriage. 
—927 Golda Oscar.« 

893. John Seth Str.\ttox ' (Ellis G.,' Seth,'' Seth *) married 
Sarah E. Fite, Aug. 20, 1876; d. Sept. 20, 1904. He was a farmer 
li\"ing near Holton, Ind. 


—928 Ethel.« 

—929 William,* m. 1st. Flora Davis, chn. Rollie,^ Carrie;^ 

m. 2nd, Nellie Raynor, ch. Floyd.^ 
—930 Frank,* m. Amy Edens. 
—931 Nettie.^ 

894. George Jacob Str.\tton ' (Ellis G.,' Seth, Jr.;- Seth *) 
married Indiana Harmon, Feb. 15, 1882. He is a deacon of the 
Baptist church; also Director and Vice-President of the bank at 
Holton, Ind. 

Children: — Born in Holton, Ind. 
—932 Stella,* m. Ora E. Haines. 
-933 Gladys.* 


[934] William Stratton from Spottsylvania Co., Va., settled in 
Trimble Co., Ky., about 1803. See Vol. I. pp. 296-297. The fol- 
lowing are some of his descendants:* 

* It is not at all certain that William Stratton of Spottsylvania Co. 
and Absolom Stratton of Amherst Co. belong to this line. They may 
belong to one of the old Virginia lines. Some of their descendants spell 
the name Strattan, and among some of them is a tradition that their 
ancestor came to Virginia from New Jersey, which has led the compiler 
to place them here until further research may determine their rightful 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 463 

935. John A. Stratton {William) was born in Trimble Co., 
Ky., in 1803. He married Nancy Russell about 1826 and settled 
in Jennings Co., Ind., near Madison. Like his father before him, 
he was a schoolmaster. He died in Jefferson Co., Ind., in 1833. 

Children: — Born in Jennings Co., Ind. 

+936 Oliver H., b. 1827. 

—937 Rachel, m. A. J. Tucker, d. in Franklin, Ind., 1862. 

—938 James Wm., d. in childhood, about 1833. 

+939 Francis Marion. 

940. Elisha Bowman Stratton {William), h. Oct. 29, 1811; 
m. 1st Melinda Stewart, Nov. 4, 1832; 2nd Mary Antle, March 
27, 1839; 3rd Mrs. Emma Briscoe, 1864; d. May 7, 1875. 
Children: — Born in Campbellsburg, Ky. 
—941 Joseph W., b. 1834; m. Cora Forrester, 1855; d. 1858; 

chn. Louisa M., Ida W. 
—942 William H., m. Letitia Scott; lived in Taylorsville, 

Ky.; chn. Scott, Elisha, Roy. 
—943 Garnett D. Federal soldier; d. in Texas; left chn. 
—944 Carrie D., m. E. D. Briscoe. 
—945-7 James, Nannie, Elisha, d. unm.; William, Frank, d. 

in infancy. 
+948 John Antle,^ b. 1854. 

949. James Stratton {William) lived in Jeffersonville, Ky. 
He married Delilah Finley. He died in Louisville, Ky., in 1863. 
Chn. Florence, Cora, Chatty, Leonard, Samuel, Melissa.* 

936. Oliver H. Stratton {John A., William) was born July 
14, 1827, and died in Louisville, Ky., in 1905. His father died 
when he was six years old; his mother a few years later. The 
support of a brother and sister devolved on him when he was still 
but a boy. He prepared himself for Hanover College, but after 
two years of study there was forced to quit for want of funds. 
He entered the law office of Gen. Wm. 0. Buttle at Carrollton, 
Ky. At the outbreak of the Mexican war he enlisted in the 
First Ky, Volunteer Regt. and served throughout the hostilities. 
At the close of the war he took up his residence at Louisville, 
obtaining a position at the Court House. He became actively 

* A William Stratton married Susan Fish and had a son, James H. 
Stratton, born in Wirt, Ind., Jan. 8, 1828, who married Sarah Drydan. 
Does he belong to this family? 

464 A Book of Strattons 

engaged in politics, affiliating with the old ^Yhig party. He was 
the first clerk of the Board of Aldermen, Clerk of the City- 
Court, City Auditor, Librarian of Heywood Library, and City 
Assessor. He was admitted to the bar in 1866, and when not 
holding public office practiced his profession. Mr, Stratton was 
always interested in the welfare of the city, and was instrumental 
in forming the Louisville School of Reform. He married. Mar. 
1, 1853, Mary Ellen Shyrock, daughter of Gideon and Elizabeth 
Pembcrton [Bacon) Shyrock. 

Children: — Bom in Louisville, Ky. 

—950 Sophia, m. Clarence W. Watkins, Oct. 22, 1877, res. 

—951 Nellie, m. William Thomas Shannon, Sept. 27, 1882; 
res. Cincinnati. 

—952 Lulu Belle, d. in 1876, aged 16 years. 

939, Dr. Fr.\ncis Marion Stratton (John A., William) mar- 
ried, first, Harriet Maria Wadsworth of Mass. She died June 
17, 1859; second, Lucinda Cave in 1869; third, Cinthia M. Brad- 
bury, in St. Louis, Mo., in 1875. She died Jan. 8, 1906. Dr. 
Stratton died in Forestville, Cal, 1901, He was a physician, a 
graduate of Ann Arbor, 

Children: — Born in Mill River, Mass. 

—953 John Augustus, b. 1857, a physician in Newman, Cal.; 

chn. John L., Frances B. 
—954 Owen Tully, res. a physician and surgeon in Litchfield, 

111.; ch. Paul Vance. 
—955 Francis Marion, res. San Jose, Cal.; chn. Richard 0., 
Mary M, 

948, John A. Stratton {Eli.sha, William) was a well known 
real estate dealer in Louisville, Ky. He was born Feb. 24, 1854. 
He married Mamie C, Varble, Dec, 16, 1874, daughter of Capt. 
Pinkney Varble. 

At the time of his death, in 1905, he was one of the most 
prominent business men of his city and was rated as the best 
informed man on all ciuestions connected with the history and 
the business affairs of Louisville. He studied law for its use 
in his business and became one of the best real estate lawyers in 
the city. He w^as instrumental in building up some of the most 
important parts of the Louisville of to-day. With a very limited 
early education he so improved the hours he had for study and 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 465 

reading that his conversation was a delight and his companion- 
ship enjoyed by every one he met. He collected a large library, 
and spent much time with his books. He was prominent in the 
Masonic orders. He was interested in politics and was elected 
to several offices in Louisville on the Republican ticket, and 
in 1901 made a good showing as Republican nominee for 
Mayor in that Democratic city. He died Sept. 4, 1906. By 
his will, after providing generously for his wife, son and several 
relatives, he bequeathed his business to his six employees, who, 
by their faithful service had helped him to build it up. 


—956 Frank Leachman, res. New York City; grad. Cornell 
University, where he received degree M.E. in 1901. 


[957] Absolom Stratton married Winnie Ennis in Amherst 
Co., Va., Dec. 16, 1805, and settled in Logan Co., Ky., about 1809. 
He was a Revolutionary soldier (see records at Richmond). 
For all that is known of him, and a list of his children, see Vol. I, 
pp. 297-298. Those of his descendants who have been found 
are given below: 

958. George Von Stratton (Absolo7n) was born in Virginia, 
Dec, 1808, and died in July, 1861, in Parker Co., Texas. He 
married Clara Logan about 1830. He was a Missionary Baptist. 

-f 959 Absolom Joshua, b. 1831. 

—960 Lee Allen, m. Theresa J. Brawley; chn. Mary, m. 
James Beard, Cliessa E., m. James McCarther, 
Ruth F., m. J. W. Robinson. 

961. James David Stratton (Absolom) was born in Simpson 
Co., Ky., in 1825. He married Mary Ann Buttler in 1843 in 
Kentucky, and about three years later moved to Texas and lived 
near Richardson in Dallas Co. He served in the Confederate 
army two years. 

Children: — Born in Simson Co., Ky. 

—962 Eva, m. G. B. Strait; res. Richardson, Tex. 

—963 George A., chn. George, Eva, Charles, Florence, Fannie. 

—964 Mary E., m. G. H. Mason. 
Born in Dallas Co., Tex. 

466 A Book of Strattons 

—965 Charles F., res. Richardson, Tex.; chn. Nettie, James, 

Kenneth, William. 
— 966 Absolom. 

967, Joshua P. Stratton (Absolom) was born in Kentucky 
in 1827 and about 1846 went to Texas with his two brothers. He 
married Mary Lane and lived in Hamilton Co., Texas. 

968. Thomas Jefferson Stratton (Absolom) served in Con- 
federate army for three years and was wounded at the battle 
of Pleasant Hill, La. He married, first, Georgia Ann Allen in 
1849; second, Martha Huffhines. He was born in Simpson Co., 
Ky., in 1829 and went to Texas in 1855. Belonged to the Mis- 
sionary Baptist church. 

Children: — Born in Simpson Co., Ky. 

—969 George Knapp, m. S. E. Huffhines, 1870; res. Richard- 
son, Texas. 

—970 IMclissie Jane, m. Felix J. Judice, 1867; res. Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

—971 James Madison, m. E. J. Huffhines, 1873; res. San- 
germ, Texas. 
Born in Dallas Co., Texas. 

—972 Texanna, m. J. W. Larry, 1874; res. Richardson, Texas. 

-973 Isabell, m. W. H. Stark, 1876, res. Godley, Texas. 

—974 Mary Catherine, m. J. W. Breedlove, 1880; res. Alpha, 

—975 Thomas J., Jr., m. Mary Westmoreland; res. Gavmon, 

—976 Richard D., m. Lottie Stevans, 1903; res. Dumas, 

959. Absolom Joshua Stratton (George V., Absolom) was 
born in Kentucky, Feb. 28, 1831. He married Dorras Emelia 
Beard, daughter of Sain Beard of Tennessee, and lived in Arkan- 
sas and Texas. 


+977 John M., b. 1852. 

+978 Samuel Newton. 

—979 Mary Ellen, m. Jones. 

—980 Clara E., m. Blocker. 

—981 George Van, m. Lula Voyles, 1891. 

—982 Lee Allen, res. Advance, Tex. 

Mark Stratton of Evesham 


—983 Louvenia A. 
— 984 James C, twin. 
—985 Absolom J., twin. 

977. John M. Stratton {Absolom J., George V., Absolom) 
was born at Columbia, Ark., in 1852; res. Carpenter, Okla. He 
married Martha Heliums. 

Children: — Born in Texas. 

—986 Matilda, b. 1877. 

—987 Lula. 

-988 John C. 

-989 Ollie. 

—990 Clara. 

-990a Eva May. 






George W. 


978. Samuel Newton Stratton {Absolom J., George V., Ab- 
solom) was born in 1855. He married Mary A. Brawley in 
Parker C, Tex., July 3, 1879. She was born in Columbia, Ark., 
Aug. 8, 1858. He went to Texas from Kentucky in 1846. Res. 
Mangum, Okla. 

Children: — Bom in Peaster, Texas. 

— 997 Absolom F. -1001 Effie M. 

— 998 George V. -1002 Samuel H. 

— 999 John L. —1003 Hazel. 

— 1000 James C. —1004 Barney. 


{Chart N, Vol. I) 

That the generation to come might know them. Psalms 78.6. 

15. Samuel Stratton ^ {Jacob* Samuel,^ Emanuel,- Eman- 
uel^) was born in Swedesboro, Gloucester Co., N, J., in 1796. 
He was a farmer and lived at Woodstown, in Salem Co., where 
he died in 1874. He married Sarah Brown. 

Children: — Born in Gloucester Co., N. J. 

+24 William.^ 

—25 Samuel,*^ m. Ruth Titus; resided in Camden. 

—26 Mary,*^ m. Cassaday. 

—27 Nathan,^ m. Beulah Gibson, resided near Mullica Hill. 
—28 Joseph*' m. 1st, ; 2nd, Sarah Ashbrook, re- 
sided at Mullica Hill. 
—29 Sarah,'' m. Charles Gill. 

—30 Martha," m. Reese. 

—31 James P.*' 

More complete records of this family desired. 

16. William A. Stratton ^ {Jacob,* Samuel,^ Emanuel,'^ 
Emanuel'^) was born in Swedesboro, N. J., in 1801. A country 
boy, raised on a farm, early in life Mr. Stratton went to Philadel- 
phia where he established a reputation as a bright business man, 
rising from clerk to partner in the commission and transportation 
business (/'Bingham, Dock and Stratton"), with branch business 
houses at Harrisburg and Pittsburg.* After his death the busi- 

* Referring to this business, a daughter of William A. Stratton writes: 
"The Erie Canal was an important factor, the boats of this firm traversing 
the canal day and night, canying not only grain but crowds of German 
settlers — and what a sight they were to us children, with their packs 
and wooden shoes and queer dressing. One of the first steamers that 
traversed the Ohio River was the William A. Stratton." 

To this branch of the New Jersey Strattons belongs Harrison D. Strat- 
ton, the inventor and designer of the Absorption Ice Machine, built for 


Emanuel Stratton of Evesham 469 

ness was merged in the Adams Express. He married Caroline 
Brown Strong, daughter of Capt. Mathew and Catherine 
(Brown) Strong * He and his family were Episcopalians, to 
which church he was a liberal supporter. Mrs. Stratton died in 
1846. Soon after her death he retired from business and went 
to live on one of his properties at Mullica Hill, N. J. Two years 
later he moved to a larger farm which he owned near Swedesboro. 
Here in the following year he died, May, 1849, aged only 48 

Children: — Born in Philadelphia. 

—32 Mary Catherine,^ m. Thomas C. Ware; d. in Bridge- 

—33 Elizabeth B.,« m. John Keller. 

—34 Caroline S.,*' m. George Ford; d. in Swedesboro, June, 

-35 Martha S.,« m. Lorenzo Mulford, Aug. 3, 1858. 

—36 Emeline L.,'' d. in Cincinnati, 0., Feb. 11, 1871. 

—37 Josephine S.,^ m. William Heisler; res. Camden. 

—38 Arabella L.,^ d. in New Jersey. 

—39 Virginia R.,« d. in Cincinnati, Apr. 29, 1904. 

17. Thomas J. Stratton ^ [Jacoh,^ Samuel,^ Emanuel,^ 
Emanuel'^) was born on a farm near Swedesboro, N. J., in 1805. 
He married Mary Hewett, daughter of Thomas Hewett. He was 
an expert workman on fine edge tools; died at Mullica Hill in 

Children: — Born in Woodtown, N. J. 

+40 Jacob L.,« b. 1827. 

—41 Susan,6 ^ 1829 ; m. Richard Gosling, 1846 ; res. at Wood- 

—42 Elizabeth,^ b. 1830; m. Daniel Johnson in 1850. 

+43 Charles T.,« b. 1833. 

many years by the Columbus Iron Works at Columbus, Ga. He married 
at Niagara Falls, N. Y., June 20, 1888, Alica Estella Liscom, daughter 
of Andrew and Caroline Deborah (Barber) Liscom. Since May 1891 they 
have resided at Philadelphia. 

* Capt. Strong was a sea captain, owning his own vessel. Sailing from 
New York for South America, he died of yellow fever in Jamaica, leaving 
his wife, Catherine B. Strong, a widow at the age of twenty-seven. She 
was the eldest daughter of Col. Robert Brown, a Revolutionary soldier. 
At her father's death she inherited the colonial mansion at Swedesboro, 
and here, under her loving and tender care, were sheltered the children of 
William A. Stratton after the early death of both parents. 

470 A Book of Strattons 

+44 Edward S.,^ b. 1835. 

+45 Thomas C.,« b. 1836, twin. 

+46 David B.,« b. 1838. 

-47 Mary A.,« b. 1842; m. John P. Reese, 1862. 

Born at Elbridge Hill, N. J. 
+48 John B.,« b. 1844. 

19. Emanuel R. Stratton ^ (Jacob * Samuel,^ Emanuel,'^ 
Emanuel'^) was born Sept. 12, 1807. He married Elizabeth 
Smith, daughter of John and Margaret Smith, Apr. 14, 1827. 
She was born in 1807 and died June 30, 1882. Mr. Stratton died 
Feb. 14, 1888. Four of his sons were in the army during the 
Civil War — two of them giving up their lives on the battlefield. 
Mr. and Mrs. Stratton and most of their family were Methodists. 


-49 John,'' b. Aug. 11, 1828; d. Sept. 14, 1828. 

—50 Margaret,^ b. Sept. 28, 1829; m. Joshua Ashton. 

-51 Sarah,*' b. Jan. 18, 1831; m. John F. Meley, Feb. 19, 

+52 Emanuel, Jr.,« b. May 20, 1832. 

—53 David F.,« b. June 1, 1833; d. aged 19 years. 

-54 Benjamin,^ b. July 6, 1834; d. Sept. 11, 1834. 

—55 Anna Maria,'' b. Aug. 23, 1835; d. Sept. 7, 1835. 

+56 AVilliam Henry,*' b. Sept. 21, 1836. 

+57 Azariah," b. Jan. 14, 1838. 

-58 Elizabeth,^ b. June 7, 1839; d. Sept. 23, 1839. 

-59 Amos," b. July 22, 1840; d. Sept. 5, 1840. 

-60 Isaac," b. Aug. 23, 1841 ; d. Sept. 17, 1841. 

-61 Jacob," b. Oct. 8, 1842; d. Nov. 26, 1842. 

—62 Mary Elizabeth," b. Jan. 11, 1844; m. William Black. 

-63 Lucretia," b. May 7, 1845; d. Aug. 27, 1852. 

—64 Charles C," b. Aug. 26, 1846; enlisted at the age of six- 
teen with his three brothers in Co. F, 12th Reg. N. J. 
Vols.; lost in battle of Spottsylvania Court House, 
May 12, 1864. 

-65 Caroline," b. Dec. 22, 1847; d. Aug. 14, 1848. 

-66 Harriet," b. Feb. 11, 1851; d. July 13, 1851. 

—67 Nathan," b. June 19, 1853; d. Aug. 14, 1853. 

22. Hon. Nathan T.\ylor Stratton ^ {Jacob,*' Samuel,^ 
Emanuel,- Emanuel'^) was born on a farm near Swedesboro in 
1813. He married Sarah M. Sherwin, Feb. 11, 1836. She was a 

Emanuel Stratton of Evesham 471 

daughter of Isaac and Sarah Sherwin, who lived on a farm which 
they owned near Swedesboro. Mr. Stratton was a merchant for 
many years at Mullica Hill and owned considerable real estate 
in and near the town. He was a man of great force of character 
and fine ability. He was a member of Congress from New Jersey, 
1854 to 1858, and occupied many positions of trust and responsi- 
bility in his state and county, and was sought by many who 
needed words of advice and council, and acted as executor and 
administrator in settling many estates. He died at his home in 
Mullica Hill, March 9, 1887. 

Children: — Borri in Mullica Hill, N.J. 
+68 Isaac Sherwin.^ 

—69 Edward Livingston,^ b. Mar. 4, 1839, was clerk and 
general manager in his father's store. When Co. F, 
12th Regt., was formed in 1862 at the call for 300,000 
men, he enlisted and was unanimously elected Cap- 
tain and "entered upon his duties of that trying posi- 
tion with all the vigor and earnestness of his patriotic 
nature." He served faithfully until wounded at the 
battle of Chancellorsville. He married Emma Nor- 
man and lived at Mullica Hill where he has been 
postmaster, lay judge and held other positions of trust 
and honor. 
—70 Mary Lucertia,® b. 1841 ; m. Jacob J. Moore. 
—71 James Sherwin,^ b. Dec. 11, 1843. Delighting in books 
and study, he passed through the common school, en- 
tered West Jersey Academy, and was looking forward 
to entering Princeton when the war broke out. With 
the same patriotic spirit which prompted his brothers 
and cousins, he enlisted in the same company, a boy 
of 18 years, was promoted to Sergeant, then 2nd Lieut., 
then 1st Lieut. He was killed in action at Reams Sta- 
tion, Aug. 25, 1864. 

24. William Stratton ^ (Samuel,^ Jacob* Samuel,^ Eman- 
uel- Emanuel ^ ) was born Feb. 13, 1822. He married Martha 
Titus in Dec, 1842. He was a farmer and carpenter and lived 
most of his life in Gloucester Co. He died at Harrisonville, Sept. 
9, 1901. 

Children: — Born in Mullica Hill, N. J. 

+72 Lemuel E.,^ b. 1843. 

—73 Rhoda T.,^ m. Richard Dawson; res. Bridgeport, N. J, 

472 A Book of Strattons 

—74 Sarah B.," d., unm., Oct. 4, 1885. 

Bo7'n in Wilmington, Del. 
—75 William S.,' d. near Mullica Hill, Oct. 3, 1860. 

Born near Mullica Hill. 
—76 Samuel B.,' res. Hancocks Bridge, N. J. 
—77 Anna M. A.,^ m. 1st, Thomas Munyan, 2nd, Frank 

—78 Hannah," m. Edgar String. 
+79 Joseph T.,' res. in California. 

—80 Edwin R.," res. in Camden; m. Sarah Akins; chn. Clif- 
ton,* Mary,« Hazel.« 
—81 Caroline B./ m. Charles Franklin. 
—82 Ada F.,' m. Charles Wood; d. Pittsgrove, N. J., June 2, 

—83 Laura C.,' m. Robert Gunn; res. Clayton, N. J. 

40. Jacob L. Stratton « {Thomas J.,^ Jacob, ^ Samuel,^ Eman- 
uel,- Emanuel'^) was born in 1827; married Sarah Murphy in 
1846; died in Gloucester Co., N. J., in 1900. 
Children:— Bom in Mullica Hill, N. J. 

—84 John Murphy,' m. Ella Stout in 1871; res. Odd Fel- 
lows Temple, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—85 Thomas J.," m. Mary Summers in 1875; res. Mt. Royal, 
N. J. 

43. Charles T. Stratton^ (Thomas J.,^ Jacob, ^ Samuel,^ 
Emanuel,- Emanuel^) was born in Woodstown, N. J., in 1833. 
He married Sarah Fenimore in 1865. She died in 1880 and in 
1894 he married Sophronia Jordon. He w^as teacher of music, 
then civil engineer. He built the cliff wharf on Chester River 
and was agent for the Chester River Steamboat Co. at Chester- 
town, Md. 

Children: — Born in Swede sboro, N. J. 
—86 Sarah,^ m. Wm. F. Stoop, 1897. 

Born in Odessa, Del. 
—87 J. Fenimore.'^ 

Born in Chestertown, Md. 
—88 Margaret," m. Clark Stoop in 1901. 

44. Edw^^rd S. Stratton « [Thomas J.,^ Jacob,^ Samuel,^ 
Emanuel,'^ Emanuel^) was born in 1835. He married Mary 

Emanuel Stratton of Evesham 473 

Summerset in 1855. He was a soldier in the Civil War. Attor- 
ney-at-law at Mullica Hill, where he died in 1879. 


-89 William.' 

—90 Samuel.' 

-91 Clara.^ 

—92 Susan.^ 

45. Thomas C. Stratton*^ {Thomas J.,^ Jacob, ^ Samuel,^ 
Emanuel,- Emanuel'^) married Rose Diamond in 1859. He was 
a farmer near Mullica Hill, where he died in 1902. 


-93 Charles TJ 

—94 Clementine.'' 

46. David B. Stratton^ {Thomas J.,^ Jacob,'^ Samuel,^ 
Emanuel,- Emanuel ^) was born in 1840 in Woodstown, N. J. In 
1866 he married Mary Sickler. 


—95 Delia," m. Albert Riggins; res. Woodbury, N. J. 

—96 William,^ a physician in Woodbury. 

48. John B. Stratton ® {Thomas J.,^ Jacob, '^ Samuel,^ Eman- 
uel,"^ Emanuel'^) married Mary S. Skinner in 1868. 
—97 Hester.^ 
—98 Florence."^ 
—99 David Barton.^ 

52. Emanuel Stratton, Jr.^ {Emanuel R.,^ Jacob,^ Samuel,^ 
Emanuel,- Emanuel'^) , married, first, Amanda Meley, Dec. 25, 
1854, daughter of George and Mary Meley. She died Aug. 29, 
1858, aged 26 years. He married, second, Sarah Story, Dec. 1, 
1861. He was a farmer near Swedesboro until he enlisted in the 
army, Co. F, 12th Regt. N. J. Vols., Aug. 11, 1862. He was the 
tallest man in the company. He gave faithful and courageous 
service under all circumstances until he was severely wounded 
in that ''whirlpool of death" at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863. 
After the war he was given a position in connection with Public 
Parks in Philadelphia, which he held until his death in 1906. 

474 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Swedesboro. 

By first marriage. 
— 100 Theodore," b. Aug. 3, 1836; res. Millville, N. J.; chn. 
Louisa,^ George,* Erma.® 

By second marriage. 
-101 Sarah H.^ 

56. AViLLL\M Henry Stratton ^ (Emanuel R.,^ Jacob,* Sam- 
uel,^ Emanuel,- Emanuel^) married Helen Borradale, June 10, 
1858. They lived on a farm near Swedesboro. In July, 1862, 
when 26 years of age, he enlisted in Co. F, 12th Regt, N. J. Vols. 
After just one year of faithful service, July 3, 1863, he gave his 
life for his country in that famous charge on the "Bliss Barn" at 

Children: — Born near Swedesboro, N. J. 

—102 Lillian,' b. Mar. 6, 1859; m. 1st, Frank Faucett, 2nd, 

John J. Robinson. 
—103 Lizzie," b. June 24, 1861; m. Owen L. Guest. 

57. Capt. Azariah Str.\tton ® (Emanuel E.,^' Jacob,'* Satn- 
uel,^ Emanuel,- Emanuel ^) was born Jan. 14, 1838. In 1862, with, 
his three brothers, he enlisted in Co. F., 12th Regt. N. J. Vols., 
was in the service three years, "taking part in every battle and 
skirmish of the company. "Was never sick, never wounded enough 
to keep him off duty (though his clothing was pierced with bul- 
lets many times) ; filled every office of the company from private 
to Captain, and came home with the love and respect of every 
man who ever served with or under him." He was discharged 
July 15, 1865. Dec. 18, 1866, he married Sarah Holdcroft. They 
lived on a farm two miles out from Swedesboro, and later moved 
to Beesly's Point, N. J. 

Children: — Born in Swedesboro, N. J. 

-104 John H.," b. Oct. 1, 1867; m. Vinnie Gandy, Jan. 21, 
1897. Served 10 years on Life Saving Service at 
Longport, N. J.; res. Palermo, N. J., where he is a 
merchant; no children. 
-105 Charles H.,' b. Jan. 27, 1870. Killed at a railroad 
crossing near Pitman Grove, N. J. He w'as a high 
school teacher. 
—106 Dwiglit R.," a farmer at Marmore, Cape Cod Co., 

Emanuel Stratton of Evesham 475 

—107 Edgar A./ m. Maude Corson, June 13, 1901; post- 
master at Marmora, N. J.; ch. Helen Florence.^ 
—108 Mary Elizabeth," d. Oct. 24, 1884, aged 1 year. 

68, Isaac Sherwin Stratton ^ {Nathan T.,^ Jacob,'^ Samuel,^ 
Emanuel,- Emanuel ^ ) was born at Mullica Hill, N. J., July 23, 
1837. He married, Aug. 3, 1858, Catherine L. Wright, who was 
born in Green Co., N. Y. They both belong to the Baptist 
church. Mr. Stratton is one of the most prominent men of 
Swedesboro, having been in business since 1850 — general store, 
coal and lumber business, first as "N. T. Stratton & Son," then 
"Stratton and Garrison," then "Stratton Brothers." 

Children: — Born in Swedesboro, N. J. 

+109 Horatio Mulford.^ 

—110 Laura Wright," m. Apr. 21, 1887, Howard W. Miller 
of Paulsboro, N. J. 

—Ill Irene Henrietta," m. Dec. 12, 1889, George W. Han- 
nold of Swedesboro. 

—112 Kate L.," m. June 1, 1893, George L. Barker, an evan- 

+113 Isaac Sherwin.'^ 

72. Lemuel E. Stratton ^ {William,^ Samuel,^ Jacob,* Sa7n- 
uel,^ Emanuel,' Emanuel^) was born in Harrisonville, N. J., Oct. 
29, 1843. He was a farmer and lived in Gloucester and Salem 
counties. He married Evaline V. Mead, Nov. 18, 1871. He 
died at Daretown, N. J., Sept. 9, 1891. His widow lives at 
Wildwood, N. J. 


—114 Franklin M.,« m. Viola Benson, Sept. 8, 1904; res. 

—115 Lizzie M.,« m. Frank Dorrell, May 12, 1901; res. Wild- 

—116 Walter E.,^ res. Woodstown. 

—117 Fowler H.,^ a plumber in Colon, Panama. 

—118 Lemeta C," graduate Woodstown high school, 1909. 

79. Joseph T. Stratton "^ (William,^ Samuel,^ Jacob,* Sam- 

vel,^ Emanuel,- Emanuel'^) married, first, Simkins; second, 

Helen Cramer; third, Sarah Cramer; moved to California in 

476 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Boim in Harrisonville, N. J. 

By second marriage. 
—119 Pitman.^ 

By third marriage. 
—120 Bcrnice.' 
—121 Leslie Lemuel.* 
-122 Helen.8 
-123 Harry.8 

109. Horatio Mulford {Isaac S.,^ Nathan T.,^ Jacob,^ Sain- 
uel,^ Emanuel,- Emanuel'^) was bom in Swedesboro, N. J., Jan. 
16, 1860. He married, Jan. 17, 1883, Maria L. Miller of Pauls- 
boro. He died May 16, 1910. He was engaged in the wholesale 
lumber business in New York at the time of his death. 
Children: — Born in Paulsboro, N. J. 

—124 Rose Miller,* m. Paul E. Carroll, June 27, 1912; res. 
Dennisville, N. J. 
Born in Camden, N. J. 
—125 Howard Walter,* m. Catherine Simpson, Apr. 22, 1913. 

In the lumber business; res. Collinswood, N. J. 
—126 Carl * (twin), d. in infancy. 

—127 Leon Dupree * (twin), m. Laura Bruce, July 29, 1913. 
Chemist in Droxtel Institute, Philadelphia. 
Born in Paulsboro, N. J. 
—128 Rachel G., d. in infancy. 
—129 Stephen Miller, d. in infancy. 

113, IsA.\c Sherwin Stratton, Jr.' [Isaac S.,^ Nathan T.,^ 
Jacob,* Samuel,^ Emanuel,- Emanuel'^), was born in Swedesboro, 
N. J., Jan. 29, 1870. He married Lelah Keys of Des Moines, 
Iowa, June 29, 1905. She died Mar. 29, 1911. He is in the 
insurance business in Des Moines. 

Children: — Born in Des Moines, Iowa. 

—130 Lorenzo D.* 

-131 Lelah* (twin). 

—132 Irene* (twin), both d. in infancy. 

rJeii.v Axi) Kaciiel (Logan) Strattox and Their Children 

2io*iitC ^lari,an't. Catlieriii, Elizaliftli. Holen, 

David. Daniel, Jolm, 

Tliomas, Xatiian. 

tSre jxif/cs 4S4-HS(i. Also ixtf/c 'I'JT). Vol. \ 


{Chart 0, Vol. 1) 
"Strong are the tics of kindred." iEscHTLUS. 

THE homes of Daniel and Thomas Stratton were in Vernon 
township, not far from the line dividing Sussex Co., New 
Jersey, from Orange Co., New York, ^yhen Capt John Sanford 
organized his regiment of Orange County men in April, 1777, 
Thomas Stratton enlisted in his company, but was soon trans- 
ferred to Col. Oliver Spencer's 4th New Jersey Volunteers, and 
the papers granting his pension in 1820 are on file at Trenton. 
He was then living in Beaver Co., Pa., while Daniel Stratton 
settled in Hancock Co., 0. No authentic record of their par- 
entage has been found, though diligent search has been made 
for it. It seems most probable that they are descended either 
from Mark Stratton or Emanuel Stratton of Evesham, N. J., but 
we have no proof of it. 


5. David Stratton {Daniel) was born in Sussex Co., N. J.; 
went from New Jersey to Greensburgh, Beaver Co., Pa., and then 
settled in Richland Co., Ohio. His will, recorded in the Probate 
Office of Richland Co., was made June 15, 1843, and he died a 
a few days later. He married Mary Logan, daughter of James 
Logan, in Beaver Co.* 

* "James Logan was President of the Colonial Council of Pennsyl- 
vania in 1736. When Gov. Gorden died, in August of that same year, 
Logan acted as Governor for two years until a successor arrived from 
England. John Logan (son of James) and his only son were drowned 
in the Ohio River, in Beaver Co., Pa., in 1800. His wife died from the 
shock of this terrible bereavement, leaving three daughters, Rachel, 
Mary and Catherine, the eldest seven years and the youngest but a few 
days old. Their maternal grandfather, James Parks, in whose house the 
most of their youth was spent, fought in the French and Indian wars, 
and in the Revolution, and lived to the great age of one hundred and 
eleven years. Rachel became the wife of Daniel Stratton (No. 15, Vol. I), 
and her memory is revered by over two hundred descendants. Mary mar- 


478 A Book of Strattons 

Children:— ^o/vi in Adario, RicJdand Co., 0. 

—48 Lucinda, m. Vincent Dancer. 

—49 Sarah Ann, m. Jesse Dancer. 

+50 John Rigdon. 

—51 Daniel G., twin (see data under James Logan Stratton), 

m. Emma Dawson; d. at Colorado Springs; left two 

daughters, Minnie and Josephine. 
—52 Thomas Jefferson, twin, m. Mary Dyke; d. in Los 

Angeles, Cal. Federal soldier, 1863 to 1865. Only 

child, Daniel, d. 1885. 
—53 George Washington, d. in camp at Dalo, Oregon, Aug. 1, 

1852; unm. 
+54 James Logan, b. 1833. 

—55 Elizabeth, m. Charles Malcolm; res. Cambridge, 111. 
—56 Mary, m. George Robinson. 
—57 Rachel, m. Josiah Chamberlain. 
—58 Nancy Jane, m. T. K. Jacobs. 

14. S.\MUEL Str.\tton (Thomas) was born in Sussex Co., 
N. J., Oct. 16. 1802. and came to Beaver Co., Pa., while a boy, 
with his parents. In 1824 he married Jane Wood, who was born 
Sept. 16, 1802. He was a farmer and a member of the Methodist 

Children:— Born in Beaver Co., Pa. 

—59 Elazer, b. Sept. 4. 1825; m. Jonah Piatt. 

—60 Eveline, d. in infancy. 

—61 Amanda, b. Dec. 10. 1829; m. Joel Gould. 

—62 Adaline, b. Jan. 29. 1832 ; m. James A. Cook. 

—63 Melissa, b. Dec. 9, 1835; m. Sept. 17, 1857, John D. 
Marlin, a soldier, who served through the Civil War; 
res. Clarenda. Page Co., Iowa. 

—64 Joseph, d. in infancy. 

—65 Hiram, d. in childhood. 

—66 Samuel Colwell, b. Jan. 13. 1842. Was in college study- 
ing for the ministry in 1862 when he enlisted in the 
army; d. soon after the close of the war from the 
effects of several months in Andersonville prison. 

ried David Stratton, and their son married the eldest granddaughter of 
Rachel and Daniel Stratton — and their children have grown gray in trying 
to figure out their exact relationship to the rest of the Strattons."— DameZ 
Stratton. Catherine married Sidney Rigdon, who for many years was an 
eloquent and widely known Presbyterian clergyman in the middle west. 

Strattons of Sussex County 479 

—67 John Wesley, d. in childhood. 
+68 Andrew, b. Aug. 19, 1847. 

18. David Stratton {Daniel, Daniel) was born May 1, 1810, 
in Sussex Co., N. J. He was about ten years old when his par- 
ents moved, with their family of seven children to Wayne Co., 0. 
Here, on a farm, David spent his youth, attending the district 
school during the winter months. In 1834 he married Nancy A. 
Wade, daughter of Isaac and Sallie (Jones) Wade, and two 
years later settled on a farm in Union Township, Handcock Co. 
In 1851 he moved to Fayette Co., Iowa, where he bought 80 acres 
of land and was one of the first settlers of that region. Mar. 13, 
1858, Mrs. Stratton died, and the family became scattered for a 
time. In 1861 Mr. Stratton enlisted in the 16th U. S. Infantry. 
After a few months' service he was taken sick and discharged. 
In 1864 he sold his farm and went with his two younger sons to 
Dunn Co., Wis., and took up a homestead, where he spent the 
remainder of his life. He died at the home of his youngest son 
at the age of 94 years. 

Children: — Born in Wayne Co., 0. 
+69 Isaac, b. 1835. 

Born in Hancock Co., 0. 
—70 Daniel, b. Jan. 23, 1837; went to California in 1859; was 

last heard of there in 1866. 
+71 Nial, b. 1840. 
+72 Cyrus, b. 1849. 

Borti in Fayette Co., Iowa. 
+73 Henry James, b. 1854. 

19. William Stratton (Daniel, Daniel) was born Mar. 5, 
1812. He married at the age of eighteen and lived on a farm in 
Wayne Co., O. He died in 1837 of quick consumption, the result 
of a cold. 

Children: — Born in Wayne Co., 0. 

—74 James Allen, b. 1831 ; went West, and in 1865 was living 

in Stor\' Co., Iowa. 
~75 Charlotte. 
—76 Adelaide. 

20. Joseph Stratton (Daniel, Daniel) was born Jan. 4, 1814. 
In 1836 he married Peggy Karnes, and lived in Wayne Co., 0., 

480 A Book of Strattons 

until 1844, when he moved to Hancock Co. In 1865 he bought a 
farm in Dunn Co., Wis., and took his family there. Mrs. Stratton 
died in 1890, and the following year Mr. Stratton, with his sons 
Simeon and Joseph, went to Spokane Co., Wash., where he died 
in 1892. With little school education he wag a great reader, a 
well informed man, a fine story teller, a favorite with young 
people, and well liked by all who knew him. He held several 
public offices, was Township Assessor, Chairman Board of 

Children: — Born in Wayne Co., 0. 

+77 John, b. 1837. 

—78 Simon, b. 1839; res. Rockford, Wash. 

—79 Sarah Ann, m. Wm. Barnes, 1864. 

—80 Sophronia, m. Cyrus Decker, 1872. 

—81 Elizabeth Ann, m. Jacob Shultz. 

+82 Joseph, b. 1849. 

—83 Phcebe, m. William Sanderson. 

—84 Julia, m. Joseph Phellps. 

21. John Stratton (Daniel, Daniel) was born Jan. 8, 1816. 
In 1838 he went to New Orleans, remained two years, and then 
returned to Ohio. In 1841 he married Martha McCue, and set- 
tled in Allen Co., Ohio. His wife died about 1846, and in 1848 
he married Mrs. Betsey Meeds, who died in the following year. 
Mr. Stratton then went South again, and when the war broke 
out he joined the southern army, became a colonel, and was 
killed on the field of battle. He was a man of fine appearance, 
full six feet tall. 

Children: — Born in Ohio. 

By first wife. 
—85 William James passed his boyhood and youth among his 

father's people, a soldier in the Union array. Settled 

somewhere in Wisconsin. 
—86 Philip, an infant when his mother died, brought up by 

his mother's people and lost track of by the Strattons. 

22. Henry Stratton (Daniel, Daniel) was born Dec. 3, 1817. 
He married Martha Wade in 1841, and lived on a farm in Han- 
cock Co., Ohio. Mrs. Stratton died in 1863, and about three years 
later Mr. Stratton married Harriet Koonts. He died in Bluf- 
ton, Ohio, in 1896. Kind and generous, ready to offer a helping 
hand to all with whom he came in contact, he had many friends. 

Strattons of Sussex County 481 


By first marriage. 
—87 Sarah J., m. J. V. Steinman. 
+88 Joseph. 
-f89 Harmon. 

—90 Julia A., m. W. H. Brunk, 1872. 
—91 Maria C, m. W. H. Burns, 1872. 
+92 Jacob. 
—93 Andrew J., never married. 

By second wife. 
—94 Myron, res. Bluffton, 0. 
—95 Kerwin. 
—96 Sina, m. Morrison. 

26. William Stratton {Joseph, Daniel) was born Oct. 8, 
1810. When he was seven years old his parents moved to Beaver 
Co., Pa., and two years later to Canaan Township, Wayne Co., 
0., where he lived for nearly thirty-five years, and then moved 
to Hancock Co., 0. July 4, 1837, he married Elizabeth Dem- 
ming, who was born Sept. 23, 1818. He and his family were 
Methodists. He was a farmer, and for many years Justice of the 
Peace. He died Dec. 4, 1857. 

Children: — Born in Wayne Co., 0. 

— 97 Jasper, b. Sept. 2, 1838; d. aged 4 years. 

— 98 Joseph, b. 1840; m. Magdalena Reiter; res. Lichfield, 

Hinsdale Co., Mich. 
+ 99 Asa, b. Sept. 2, 1841. 
—100 Robert, b. Aug. 19, 1843; m. Nancy Ann Hews; d. in 

Hancock Co., 0. Left two daughters, Gertrude and 

Estella, who reside in Blufton, 0. 
+101 Isaac, b. Apr. 4, 1845; m. Sarah J. George; res. War- 

rensburg. Mo. 
—102 Anne, b. Jan. 12, 1847; m. Hiram McDowell, Nov. 19, 

—103 William Oliver, b. Dec. 23, 1848; m. Mary Ann 

George; res. Findlay, 0.; chn. Leyman M., m. Eva 

Smith; Netta, d. in infancy. 
-104 Elizabeth, b. July 27, 1851 ; m. William Hough, July 

9. 1870; d. Feb. 24, 1887. 
—105 Cyrus, b. 1853; res. Mammoth Springs, Ark. 
—106 Emma, b. Aug. 4, 1855; m. Isaac Quinn, Apr. 8, 1877; 

res. Maples, Ind. 

482 A Book of Strattons 

27. Mark Stratton (Joseph, Daniel) was bora Sept. 27, 
1812, in Sussex Co., N. J., and passed his boyhood on his father's 
farm in Wayne Co., Ohio. Dec. 24, 1835, he married Mary 
Shellenberger of Beaver Co., Pa., daughter of John and Mary 
[Miller) Shellenberger. She was born Mar. 11, 1816, and died 
Feb. 3, 1875. In 1848 they settled on a farm of 240 acres in 
Wabash Co., Ind., which he called "Hopewell Farm." Here he 
built a commodious country house, and here he spent the re- 
mainder of his long, useful life. At fifteen he joined the Meth- 
odist Episcopal church and was a licensed preacher in that 
church from early manhood. Although not holding a pastorate, 
he often conducted meetings in country churches, and did much 
mission work. He was several times elected to county offices. 
All his life he was a student, both of books and of nature and 
possessed a wonderful memory. He died Jan. 10, 1890. 

Children: — Born in Wayne Co., Ohio. 

107 Catherine Elizabeth,*^ m. Mathew Samuel Marshall, 

Feb. 25, 1857; resides in California. 

108 Anastasia Lucella,*^ m. Alva Taylor. 
Born at "Hopewell Farm," Ind. 

109 Mary Ann, m. John Oliver; d. Feb. 19, 1872. 

110 Louisa Jane, d. Oct. 16, 1851. 

111 Jerome Quesnal, m. Victoria Haskins, Oct., 1868; elm. 

DeWitt and Herbert, d. in infancy; Cosette, m. Lee 
Patrick; Constance, m. J. H. White; Gertrude. 

112 Samira Ellen, d. Nov., 1882. 

113 Irvin Franklin, m. Sarah Fitch; killed by electric cars 

in San Bernardo, Cal., Apr. 3, 1902; chn. Leander, 
Harold, Helen, INIargueritte. 

114 Florence Shellenberger, m. W. H. Compton, Oct. 3, 1885; 

resides in Coldwater, Mich. 

115 Leander Elliott, drowned in Wabash River, July 6, 1872, 

aged 19 jts. 

116 Lemon Mark, m. 2nd, Lillie J. Haehl; lived in jManilla 

and Waldron, Ind.; d. Jan. 3, 1916; left a. daughter, 
Leah Mary. 

117 Ada May, m. Franklin Pierce Wilson. 

118 Gene, m. Charles D. Porter; res. "Limberlost Cabin," 

Rome City, Ind. ; author of The Song of the Cardinal, 
Freckles, The Limberlost Girl, The Harvester, 

Strattons of Sussex County 483 

28. Thomas Stratton {Joseph, Daniel) was born Aug. 24, 
1815. Coming to Hancock Co. from New Jersey when a small 
child, he was all his life closely identifiecl with the country's best 
interests. He was Justice of the Peace for many years. In 1837 
he married Celia Jones. He died May 30, 1864. 

Children: — Born in Hancock Co., Ohio. 

-119 Elizabeth A., b. Nov. 11, 1841; m. Dr. Virgil, 1871; 
d. June 5, 1899, in Hancock Co. 

—120 Margaret J., m. Samuel Bums, 1863; res. Bever- 
dam, 0. 

—121 Katherine M., m. Calvin Marshall, 1890; res. Hennes- 
sey, Okla. 

—122 William A., m. Josephine Bailey, 1895; res. Lake City, 

-123 Lucinda S., b. Nov. 5, 1852; d. in 1853. 

—124 Almira Z., m. William Cornwell, 1871 ; res. Findlay, 0. 

—125 Sylvester S., m. Princella Cookson, 1880; res. Hen- 
nessey, Okla. 

—126 John W., m. Clara B. Hastings, 1884; res. Rogers, Ark. 

-127 James C, b. 1861; d. July 29, 1865. 

29. Daniel Stratton (Joseph Daniel) was born July 20, 
1817. He married Christina Myers, Mar. 8, 1843, and lived on 
the old homestead in Canaan township, Wayne Co., O., w^here 
he was a farmer. They were members of the Methodist Church, 
and in the pleasant, genial atmosphere of their Christian home 
their seven sons grew to manhood, two of them becoming minis- 
ters of the gospel, the others successful farmers and business 
men. He died Nov. 2, 1890. She died July 18, 1884, aged 63 

Children: — Born in Wayne Co., 0. 

+128 Cyrus L., b. 1843. 

+129 Lemuel, b. 1845. 

+130 Jefferson B., b. Mar. 13, 1848. 

+131 Albert A. Farmer, b. Nov. 13, 1850; m. Mary Johnson; 

res. Charlotte, Mich. 
—132 Joseph S., b. Dec. 30, 1854; res. San Diego, Cal.; m. 

Sept. 18, 1912, Mrs. Frances Ada Stratton. 
+133 William D., b. June 30, 1858; m. Alice Taylor; res. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
—134 Benjamin F., b. 1860; a farmer in W. Salem, 0.; July 

5, 1884, m. Susan Muir; chn. Earnest, Gladys. 

484 A Book of Strattons 

31. Cyrus Stratton [Joseph, Daniel) was born May 5, 1823. 
He lived in Wayne Co., O., where he married Sarah Myers, and 
where he died May 4, 1896. 

Children: — Born in Wayne Co., 0. 

-135 Clara E., b. Apr. 13. 1847; d. Feb., 1905; m. William 
Frank, Oct. 21, 1871. 

—136 Frances M., b. Jan. 3, 1849; d. aged 17 years. 

+137 Daniel B. 

-138 Alfred P., b. Feb. 5, 1853; d. aged 18 years. 

—139 Sara A., m. John Hurst, Mar. 24, 1875; d. in Mich. 
June 8, 1882. 

—140 Joseph W., b. Jan. 26, 1861; d. unm. in California. 

-141 Frank B. 

40. Thomas Stratton {Daniel, Thomas) was born in Nor- 
walk, Huron Co., O., July 26, 1821. He married Mary Ann 
Manahan, Feb. 29, 1844. He purchased a farm near his father's 
and built a substantial frame house and occupied it with his 
bride immediately after his marriage, and lived continuously in 
the same house until his death, Dec. 27, 1910. 

Children: — Bom in Norivalk, 0. 

—142 Augusta, b. Oct. 17, 1847; m. Henry Robbins, June 18, 

1838. Resides in the Stratton homestead. 
-143 John T., b. June 3, 1853; d. Jan. 31, 1856. 
+144 DeForest, b. Nov. 22, 1854. 

41. Nathan Tanner Stratton (Daniel, Thomas) was born 
at Norwalk, Ohio, Oct. 20, 1823. He married Jane Ann Smith, 
daughter of Benjamin Smith, Feb. 22, 1848. They were married 
in Erie Co., 0. She died in Wood Co., O., Aug. 4, 1884. Mr. 
Stratton died in 1909. 

Children: — Born in Erie Co., 0. 

-145 Frank Whitford, b. Feb. 13, 1849; m. June 27, 1873, 

Hattie Caswell; chn. Fred G., Charles H., Lena M., 

Howard 0. 
—146 Sarah Jane, b. July 30, 1852; d. in infancy. 
—147 Charles Tanner, b. Feb. 7, 1854; d. in childhood. 
—148 Fannie L., b. Sept. 5, 1856; d. in infancy. 
—149 Benjamin P., b. Aug. 18, 1858; m. Hattie J. Avery, 

Mar. 11, 1880; res. Bowling Green, O.; chn. Pearle 

B., Harold B., d. Oct. 4, 1908, aged 20 yrs. 

Strattons of Sussex County 485 

Born in Wood Co., 0. 
-150 John W., b. Aug. 5, 1861; m. Aug. 4, 1880, Anna E. 

Ayers; res. Yale, Mich.; chn. Jennie M., Hattie H., 

Nina L. 
—151 Hattie Jane, b. Dec. 6, 1863; m. Harvey A. Higgins, 

Mar. 14, 1880. 
-152 Nellie T., b. May 20, 1866; m. Frank Grisnold, Aug. 

4, 1883. 
—153 Burt Smith, b. Feb. 6, 1869; m. at Shephard, Mich., 

Dec. 16, 1887, Cora Belle Cogswell; chn. Pearl E., 

Earl B., Naomi, Robert C. 
—154 Louis T., b. Mar. 28, 1871; m. Olive Belle Ford; eh. 

Donald B. 

44. DA\aD Stratton [Daniel, Thomas) was born in Norwalk, 
Huron Co., 0., Mar. 9, 1829, and died in Tonawanda, N. Y., 
Mar. 12, 1892, and is buried in the old cemetery, two miles south 
of Norwalk, O. He married Mary E. Hedges, Feb. 17, 1852. He 
served in the war of the rebellion, first as captain, and then as 
major, in the 10th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry. 

Children: — Born in Huron Co., 0. 

-155 Inez, b. Feb. 1, 1853; d. Oct. 17, 1856. 

Born in Kent, Mich. 
+156 Ed, b. Nov. 23, 1854. 
—157 Fred, b. Aug. 1, 1857; m. Emma Staubuck; ch. 

Gladys, Henry, Raymond, Victor, Maud, Fred, 

-158 Helen, b. Mar. 9, 1862; d. Aug. 3, 1864. 

45. John Logan Stratton {Daniel, Thomas) was born in 
Norwalk, Huron Co., 0., Aug. 22, 1831. He married, Feb. 11, 
1857, at Ripley, Ohio, Helen Dorlisca Taft, daughter of Rev. 
Austin Taft, a prominent minister of the M. E. Church.* She 
was a teacher before her marriage. She died Sept. 26, 1915. Mr. 
Stratton was a soldier during the war in the 10th Ohio Cavalry, 
Sergeant of Co. G, serving three years. In 1867 he moved from 
Norwalk to Wood Co., 0., and in 1878 settled on a farm in 
Hollenberg precinct, Kansas. He served fourteen years as Jus- 
tice of the Peace, and twenty-five years on the Board of Educa- 
tion. A member of the Methodist church. In 1901 he moved to 
Washington City, Kan. 

* He was a third cousin of President William H. Taft. 

486 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Enterprise, 0. 

+159 Archie Dorlisca, b. Sept. 18, 1859. 

Born at Norwalk, 0. 
—160 Cora M., m. Frank E. Gwinn, Mar. 10, 1887; living on 
a 660-acre farm in Washington Co., Kan. 

46. Daniel Stilatton, Jr., {Daniel, Thomas) was born Oct. 
10, 1833. He married Augusta E. Brooks, Mar. 10, 1858. He 
served during the war of the Rebellion, first as lieutenant, and 
then as captain, in the 124th Regt., Ohio Vol. Infantry, and is a 
member of the G. A. R.* Res. Long Beach, Cal.f 
Children: — Born in Brecksville, 0. 

—161 E. Claire, b. Jan. 26, 1859; m. Susie C. Chapman, 
Apr. 13, 1886; res. Wamego, Kan.; ch. John Daniel. 
Born at Wilmington, 0. 
—162 Mary Louise, b. Apr. 16, 1861. 

Born at Cleveland, O. 
+163 Everett Lincoln, b. Nov. 11, 1864. 

50. John Rigdon Stratton (David, Daniel) married Julia 
Tull; ser\'ed in the artillery in the Federal army from 1862 to 
1865. He died in Henry Co., 111. 
Children: — Born in Middle Grove, III. 
—164 Frank. 

Born in West Jersey, III. 
—165 Palmira. 
-166 Mar>'. 

Born in Stockton, Mo. 
—167 Emma. 
—168 Dewey. 

54. James Logan Stratton (David, Daniel) was born in 
Adario, Richland Co., Ohio, Oct. 8, 1833. In 1852, with his three 
brothers, Daniel 0., Thomas J. and George W. he went West. 
Leaving Illinois Apr. 1, 1852, they crossed the plains, driving five 
yokes of oxen and two cows, going by the way of Forts Kerney, 

* Thomas Stratton was a soldier in the Revohition; his son Daniel (No. 
15) fought for the government in the War of 1812. Daniel's three sons 
(David, John L. and Daniel), three of the sons of his elder daughter, the 
husband of his second daughter, and two of her sons were all soldiers in 
the War of the Rebellion, each acquitting himself well, winning frequent 

tTo this Mr. Daniel Stratton the compiler is indebted for much valu- 
able help on his line and for the picture of his father's family. 

Strattons of Sussex County 487 

Hall and Boise, and over the Cascade Mountains, arriving in 
Portland in September. Along the Platte River they encountered 
many Indians and saw thousands of buffalo. From Portland they 
took loads of provisions a hundred miles up the Willamette 
Valley, selling flour at $50.00 per 100 lbs., beans at 65 cts. per lb., 
and other things accordingly. George W. Stratton died in camp 
on the Columbia River. After spending some time in the Cali- 
fornia gold mines, Daniel G. and Thomas J. came East as far 
as Illinois where for many years they engaged in merchandising. 
John L. Stratton walked from Portland to Olympia, went down 
the sound in an Indian canoe to Seattle, then a little hamlet in 
the wilderness, boarded a lumber sailing vessel, the Franklin, 
bound for San Francisco, which place he reached in fifteen days. 
Traded along the coast of Mexico and South America, going as 
far as Chile, where he remained in port six weeks, obtaining 
"good board and lodging at $1.00 per week." Returning to Cali- 
fornia he spent some time at the Roses Barguba gold mines, and 
then sailed for New York, via Panama, Aspenwall and Havana, 
and reached his old home in Ohio after an absence of six years. 
He married Priscella A. Mills in Ohio in 1860. She was daughter 
of Galen A. and Elizabeth (Stratton) Mills. In 1862 he enlisted 
in Co. C, 112th Inf., and served three years in Sherman's army. 
Was all through the Georgia campaign, took part in twenty-seven 
hard fought battles and received four gun-shot wounds. Mrs. 
Stratton died in 1895. Mr. Stratton is living in Colorado with 
his children and grandchildren. 
Children: — Bom in Berea, 0. 

—169 Frank Leon, m. Jeane L. Hensley, Oct. 13, 1887; res. 
Cope, Col.; chn. Hazel E., Judson C, Naomi P., 
Priscella J., Audrey M. 
Born in Adario, 0. 
-170 Mae L., d. in W^ood Co., 0., in 1876. 
—171 Fred Mills, m. Mae Parks, May 20, 1896; has two chil- 
dren bom in Yampa, Col.; chn. James Ber>'l and 

68, Andrew Str.\tton (Samuel, Thomas) was born Aug. 19, 
1849. He was a farmer and lived in Beaver Co., Pa. He mar- 
ried Jane Godard. 

Children: — Born in Beaver Co., Pa. 

—172 John, res. Beaver Falls, Pa. 

—173 Samuel, res. Beaver Falls, Pa. 

488 A Book of Strattons 

69. Rev. Isaac Stratton ^ [David,^ Daniel,^ Daniel^) was 
born May 13, 1835. At twenty he united with the United 
Brethren Churcli and later became a minister, preaching in 
eastern Indiana, and in Chirk, Hancock, and other counties in 
Ohio. He married Margret Fox in 1860. Having now retired 
from the active ministry, but preaching occasionally, he resides 
in North Findlay, 0. 

Children: — Born in Hancock Co., 0. 
—174 Loren Lemuel, d. Dec. 27, 1865. 
—175 Cynthia Cindrella, m. Marion Fox. 

Born in Vanwort Co., 0. 
—176 Emma Elizabeth, m. John Bird. 

Born in Adams Co., hid. 
—Ill Dora Derrell, m. Nicholas Weirough. 
—178 Mar>' Margret, d. Feb. 17, 1893. 

Born in Clark Co., 0. 
—179 Ona Orpha. 

Born in Miami Co., 0. 
—180 David Dary, res. Findlay, 0. 

71. NiAL Stratton {David, Daniel, Daniel) was born Nov. 
23, 1840, in Hancock Co., O., and was eleven years old when his 
parents moved to Fayette Co., Iowa. His school advantages in 
the new country were very limited, but he was fond of books, a 
diligent reader, and a student all his life, while he engaged in the 
many occupations common to pioneers, — and he was inately a 
pioneer, loving the woods and the wild. After spending some time 
in Colorado and Nebraska, in 1880, he settled in Dunn Co., Wis., 
buying 80 acres of land near his father and brothers. In 1880 
he married Florence Hevener. In 1892 he moved to Ashland, 
Oregon, where the last years of his life were spent as an horti- 
culturist, a grower of small fruits. Generous, genial and social, 
he had many friends. He was a member of the Congregational 
church. He died Feb. 4, 1908, of pneumonia. He gave the 
compiler much help in tracing this line. 

Children: — Born in Dunn Co., Wis. 

—181 Percival Clement, res. Ashland, Ore. 

—182 Ethel Florence. 

-183 Lloyd William. 

-184 Reginold Wade. 

72. Cyrus Stratton i David, Daniel, Daniel) was born Aug. 
17, 1849, in Hancock Co., O. In 1864 he went to Dunn Co., Wis. 

Strattons of Sussex County 489 

He married Lavernia Eaton in 1872; two years later he settled 
on a farm which he bought near his father's and on which he 
lived for nearly twenty-five years. In 1895 Mrs. Stratton died, 
and two years later Mr. Stratton moved to Jim Falls, Chippewa 
Co., Wis., where he is now living. 

Children: — Born in Dunn Co., Wis. 

—185 Nancy Maria, m. Albert Knopps ; living in Idaho. 

—186 Thomas Elmer, m. 1st, Lilly A. Kaye, in 1895; 2nd, 
Adde Mullen; lives in Idaho and has two sons. 

—187 Ida May, m. 1st, Luke Blank; 2nd, Mr. Tallman, in 

—188 Paul Jones, m. Fay Hathaway, 1901; res. Jim Falls, 

—189 Jennie Laverrina, m. Richard Gilbert. 

—190 Lottie Ruth, m. Hugh Tallman. 

-191 Willis. 

—192 Edwin. 

—193 Hersey. 

73. Henry James Stratton {David, Daniel, Daniel) was 
born in Fayette Co., Iowa, July 16, 1854, and went to Wisconsin 
with his father in 1864. In spite of the very limited educational 
advantages of his boyhood and youth in a newly settled country, 
he managed to get a good education, and became a teacher. 
In 1877 he married Nellie Burton. He died Nov. 12, 1888. 
Children: — Bo7'n in Dunn Co., Wis. 
-194 Ella. 
—195 Guy, m. Sadie F. Higby in Sioux City; a printer by 

trade; lives in Oregon. 
—196 Myrtle, m. Frank Duxberry. 

—197 Earl, after his father's death, was adopted into another 
family, and took the name of his adopted parents, 

77. John Stratton {Joseph, Daniel, Daniel) married Cath- 
erine Mull in 1858. He died in Menomonie, Wis. 

—198 Simeon, res. Cceur d'Alene, Idaho. 
—199 John, res. Menomonie, Wis. 
—200 Daisy. 

82. Joseph Stratton {Joseph, Samuel, Daniel) was born in 
Ohio, 1849. Went to Wisconsin in 1865; married Clara Phillips 

490 A Book of Strattons 

in 1877. In 1891 they removed to a farm near Spokane, Wash. 
Children: — Born i)i Dunn Co., Wis. 
-201 Nellie. 

—202 Albert, d. in infancy. 
-203 Dclmer. 

Born in Spokane Co., Wash. 
-204 Albert. -209 Ernest. 

-205 Glenn. -210 Hazel. 

—206 Norma. —211 Simeon. 

-207 Alice. -212 Joseph, Jr. 

-208 Clara. 

The address of this family is desired. 

88. Joseph Stratton {Henry, Daniel, Daniel) enlisted in 
the Federal army in 1861 and served through the war. He was 
with Sherman in his "March to the Sea." In 1868 he married 
Caroline Mull, and the following year moved to Dunn Co., Wis., 
bought a farm, and lived there until 1883 when he moved to 
Dennison, Texas, where he is now superintendent of the city 
water works. 

Children: — Born in Ohio. 
-213 Serena. 

Born in Dunn Co., Wis. 
—214 Lena. 

89. Harmon Stratton (Henry, Daniel, Daniel) enlisted in 
the Federal army in 1862. In 1873 he married Abby Mull, and 
moved from Ohio to Wisconsin. His health failing from disease 
caused from exposure during the war, he returned to Ohio, where 
he died in 1900. 

Children: — Born in Dunn Co., Wis. 
—215 Victor. 
-216 Harry. 

92. Jacob Stratton (Henry, Daniel, Daniel) is a farmer 
near Menomonie, Wis., where he went from Ohio about 1869. 
He married Matilda Denning about 1875. 

Children: — Born in Wisconsin. 

-217 Olive. -220 Susan. 

—218 Chester. —221 Effie. 

-219 Pearl. -222 Milton. 

Steattons of Sussex County 491 

99. Asa Stratton {William, Joseph, Daniel) is a farmer and 
lives at Blufton, Ohio. He was born Sept. 7, 1841. He married 
Frances J. Cromwell, Oct. 7, 1865, daughter of Anderson and 
Eliza Jane [Coulter) Cromwell. 

Children: — Born in Wayne Co., 0. 

—223 Lizzie Jane, twin, m. Daniel Matter. 

—224 Eliza Ann, twin, m. John Felt, Sept. 27, 1887. 

—225 Horace Eaton, m. Ida Deihl; chn. Ruth, Eva, Leuella, 

—226 Orton Lake, twin, m. Amelia Arras in 1908; chn. Ray- 
mond, Frances, Catherine J. 

—227 Orland, twin, d. aged 2 years. 

—228 Christena, m. John Zoll. 

—229 John Anderson, m. Nellie M. Cunningham; chn. Geo. 
B., Forest, Doyet D., Margery I. 

—230 Charles Frederick, m. Fairy Dale Deifendefer; chn. 
Rhoda, Walter A., Donoven B. 

—231 George Clifford, hardware merchant at Blufton, 0.; 
chn. Frances F., Donald C, Rolland L. 

—232 Jesse Ray, m. Mozell Troup, Apr., 1911. 

101. Isaac Stratton {William, Joseph, Daniel) was born in 
Wayne Co., O., Apr. 4, 1845. He married, first, Sarah J. George, 
Oct. 10, 1871; second, Lydia J. Crawford, Jan. 14, 1886. He 
was a farmer in Hancock Co., 0., and after 1877 removed with 
his family to Johnson Co., Mo. He died in Aug., 1908. 

Children: — Born in Hancock Co., 0. 

+233 William E. 

+234 Edgar C. 

+235 Henry B. 

—236 Waldo E., d. in infancy. 

Boj'n in Johnson Co., Mo: 

—237 Jasper C, d. aged 2 years, 6 mos. 

128. Rev. Cyrus L. Stratton {Daniel, Joseph, Daniel) was 
born Dec. 18, 1843. He married Rebecca J. Sommers, Aug. 29, 
1863. He resides on a farm near Red Oak, Iowa, where he 
settled in 1872 from Ohio. He has been a local Methodist Epis- 
copal minister for forty-eight years; served two terms in the 
Iowa General Assembly. All his family belong to the M. E. 
Church, and a little church building near his home is named for 

492 A Book of Strattons 

him, "Stratton's Chapel." Mrs. Stratton died July 27, 1897. She 
was daughter of Joseph and Catherine Sommers. 
Children: — Born in Wayne Co., 0. 
—238 Charles Edwin, b. Aug. 16, 1866; d. in infancy. 
+239 William Jones. 

Born in Madison, Ohio. 
—240 Hattie Gertrude, now a teacher in Iowa. 

Born in Montgomery Co., Iowa. 
—241 Dora Christina, m. J. M. Sanders, Jan. 1, 1895. 
—242 Frank Paul, m. Gertrude Abbott, Feb. 14, 1907; chn. 

Paul L., Donald S. 
-243 Bertha Ellen, m. Roye Shaffer, Apr. 3, 1907. 
-244 Carrie Edith, d. Feb. 28, 1887. 

129. Lemuel Stratton {Daniel, Joseph, Daniel) was born 
Sept. 18, 1845, in Wayne Co., 0. He married Susan Cockrell, 
and resides in Albany, Oregon. 

Children: — Born in Medina, 0. 

—245 Mary Etta, m. Frank D. Breckinridge, 1892; res. San 
Diego, Cal. 

Born in Red Oak, Iowa. 
-246 Cora C, b. 1873; d. 1898. 

Born at Albany, Oregon. 
-247 Pearl F. 
-248 Clarence B. 

130. Jefferson B. Stratton (Daniel, Joseph, Daniel) mar- 
ried Jane Clark in W^ayne Co., 0., Jan. 24, 1871. The following 
year they moved to Iowa, where he engaged in farming until 
1885. Since that time they have lived in Ohio, Kansas, New 
Mexico, Missouri. In Gerard, Kan., he owned and operated an 
electric light plant for several years. In New Mexico he and 
his sons took up and proved homesteads under the "Three Year 
Act." Mr. and Mrs. Stratton now live in Aurora, Mo., where 
they have a nice home and where their sons have mining interests. 

Children: — Born in Montgomery Co., Iowa. 

-249 Albert Clark, m. Aug. 10, 1897, Belle Long. Sec'y of 

large mining plant at Aurora, Mo. Chn. Lloyd L., 

Royal E., James J., Albert C. 
—250 George Daniel, m. Apr. 28, 1899, Jessie Vancil. He is 

superintendent of a mine at Zinc, Ark.; res. Aurora, 

I\Io. Chn. Marv J. and Laurence G. 

Stkattons of Sussex County 493 

Born in Wayne Co., 0. 

-251 Leo Everett, m. Apr. 12, 1902, Minnie M. Gates. Has 
been engaged in mining in Black Bear, Idaho, and 
Aurora, Mo. Now resides in Lawton, Kan. Chn. 
Leonard, Leon, Mabel, d. Jan. 14, 1907, aged 8 
Born in Red Oak, Iowa. 

-252 Earl Jefferson, m. Sept. 24, 1905, Laura Elizabeth 
Watson. Spent several years in the mining indus- 
try in Idaho, Missouri and New Mexico; now a 
farmer and dairyman on a large farm near Richland, 
New Mexico. Chn. Fern E., Alice Helen, Wayne Jef- 

—253 Richard Rowland, m. 1st, June 3, 1906, Pearl Brooks, 
who died the following year; m. 2nd, Aug. 3, 1912, 
Gertha Hudson; res. Aurora, Mo. Ch. Richard 
Born in Aurora, Mo. 

—254 Dudley Dean, res. Aurora. 

131. Albert A. Stratton (Daniel, Joseph, Daniel) married, 
first, Mary A. Johnson, Jan. 1, 1879. She died at the age of 
thirty-five years, and he married, second, Mrs. Sarah J. (Snyder) 
Taylor, Oct. 16, 1894. Res. Charlotte, Mich. 


By first marriage. 

-255 Franklin D. 

—256 Glycene E., m. J. W. Clements, Nov. 12, 1902. 

-257 Hazel D. 

-258 Mary Mae, m. Dec. 12, 1912, Leon Ells. 

133. William Daniel Stratton {Daniel, Joseph, Daniel) 
was born June 30, 1858, brought up on his father's farm, gradu- 
ated from Ohio Normal University in 1878, and received the 
degree of A.M. from this institution in 1890. He has also re- 
ceived degrees from several other institutions. In 1886 he was 
licensed to preach by the Methodist Protestant Church. Held 
pastorates at Sunfield, Charlotte and Grand Rapids. In 1896 
was elected Presiding Elder of the District Conference, and 
served in this capacity for nine years. He married, first, Sarah 
Alice Taylor, daughter of Joseph and Lucinda Taylor, of Wayne 
Co., 0. She died Nov. 9, 1899. He married, second, Rosa A. 
Taylor. Res. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

494 A Book of Steattons 


By first marriage. 

259 Taylor, d. Sept. 19, 1882. 

260 Eva May, m. Glenn D. Spafford, Feb. 22, 1906; res. 

Hillsboro, O. 

261 Althea Pearl. 

By second marriage. 

262 Royal Rex. 

263 Christina Alice. 

137. Daniel B. Stratton {Cyrus, Joseph, Daniel) was born 
Mar. 11, 1851. He was a farmer and business man living near 
Lodi, Ohio. He was a deacon in the Congregational Church and 
held in high esteem by all who knew him. Jan. 14, 1875, he 
married Frances Ada Shilling. He died 'Mar. 23, 1908. 


264 Olive Blanch, m. S. R. Auble; res. Lodi, 0. 

265 William J., d. in infancy. 

266 Ira G., m. June 2, 1912, Louise Conrad; res. San Diego, 


144, Deforest Stratton {Thomas, Daniel, Thomas) was 
born Nov. 22, 1854. He is a merchant at Norwalk, 0. He mar- 
ried Jan. 21, 1876, Ina Jane Filkins. 


267 Ralph Ward, m. Elsie Hall; res. Campaign, III.; chn. 

Ruth E., Lucile H., Elizabeth. 

268 Loyd Benjamin, m. Isabel M. Ress; res. Canton, 0. 

269 Archie Thayer, res. Pomona, Cal. 

156. Ed Str.\tton (David, Daniel, Tho?nas) married at Rock 
Island, 111., Feb. 11, 1880, Florence May Cook, who was born in 
Clearfield Co., Pa. Resides in INIeridian, Miss. 

Children: — Born in Lyons, loiva. 

-270 DcForest, m. Eva Guy, July 5, 1903; chn. Ora T., Ed. 
G., Forest B. 

-271 Inez, b. Feb. 5, 1885; d. Apr. 15, 1886. 

—272 Eunice Eliza. 

159. Archie Dorlisca Stratton (John L., Daniel, Thomas) 
married, in Washington Co., Kan., Feb. 19, 1885, Mary Alice 
Blackstone, who was born in Louis Co., Iowa. 

Strattons of Sussex County 495 

Children: — Born in Washington, Kan. 

—273 :Maude, m. C. A. Totten, Sept. 22, 1909; res. Throop, 

—274 Mabel Claire, m. H. H. McCleary, Apr. 14, 1909; res. 

San Diego, Cal. 
—275 John William, m. Blanche Kinnan, Apr. 21, 1912; ch. 

—276 Frank Blackstone, m. Elizabeth Burnett, Dec. 24, 

— 277 Helen Florence. 

163. Everett Lincoln Stratton (Daniel, Daniel, Thomas) 
married Maude E. Ramsoner, July 19, 1889; resides in Chicago. 
Colonization agent for the Southern Land Co. 

Children: — Born in Topeka, Kan. 

-278 Hazel M. 

—279 Marguerite L. 

Born in Wichita, Kan. . -: 

—280 Cecelia Marie. 

Born in Chicago. 

—281 Everett Lincoln, Jr. 

233. William E. Stratton (Isaac, William, Joseph, Daniel) 
was born in Hancock Co., O., where, with his brother, he received 
a good common school education, and attended the Second Dis- 
trict State Normal for two years. He is now a successful general 
contractor at Warrensburg, Mo. Apr. 13, 1908, he married 
Maude Surbaugh. He and his wife are members of the M. E. 

Children: — Born in Johnson Co., Mo. 
—282 Frances Geraldine. 
—283 Lena May. 
—284 Georgia Lerison. 

234. Edgar C. Stratton (Isaac, William, Joseph, Daniel) 
is a farmer and thresherman near Epping, N. Dakota. He mar- 
ried Libbie May Deeter, Mar. 13, 1898, in Warrensburg, Mo. 
She is a daughter of John M. and Rachel A. (Swinger) Deeter, 
of Ohio. They moved from Johnson Co., Mo., to Cavalier Co., 
Dakota, in 1904, and four years later moved to Williams Co., 
Dakota, where they proved up a claim upon which they are still 
living. They are members of the German Baptist Church. 

496 A Book of Strattons 

Children: — Born in Johnson Co., Mo. 

—285 Rachel Jane. 

—286 Agnes Lucile. 

—287 John Isaac, d. in infancy. 

Born in N. Dakota. 
—288 Dora May. 
—289 Atta Bernice. 
—290 Edgar C, Jr. 

235. Henry B. Stratton [Isaac, William, Joseph, Daniel) 
married, first, Virginia L. Coats, Jan. 1, 1900; married, second, 
Dessa Stanley, Sept. 1, 1909. He lives on a ranch near Santa 
Rosa, Cal. 

Children: — Born in Johnson Co., Mo. 

By first marriage. 
—291 Gladys Velma. 

Born in Walla Walla Co., Wash. 
—292 Archer Emerson. 

Born in Santa Rosa, Cal. 
—293 Pauline. 

239. Rev. William Jones Stratton (Cyrus L., Daniel, Jo- 
seph, Daniel) was pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church at 
Menden, Neb. He married Ella E. Youtz, June 20, 1894, daugh- 
ter of Reuben and Elizabeth Youtz. He died May 3, 1908. 


—294 Marian Esther. 

—295 Frank Kenneth. 

—296 Ruth Elizabeth. 

"That ye may tell it to the generation joUomng." Psalms XLVIII, 13. 



A Charleston company, 191 

A "good roads" movement, 67 

An "after-planter," 321 

An ancient parish charity, 12 

An experiment with the American 

elk, 221 
An old family Bible, 193 
An old New Testament, 89 
A Stratton deed, 1729, Va., 359-60 
A "Pastor Emeritus," 245 
A pastor's valedictory, 245 
A "place-name," 3 
A Quaker sea-captain, 187 
A Stratton patent, Va., 351 
Bryant and Stratton Colleges, 2 
Committee of Safety, 38 
Court of Canterbury, 3 
Division of Counties, Va., 351 
Earl of Northbrook, 11 
"Elmwood," 20 
Friends' burial ground, 410 
Kirketon Manor, 9 
Marriage license in "ye olden 

time," 358 
Money values in 1798, 72 
"Myron Stratton Home," 335 
Nantucket Strattons, 176 
New Jersev Volunteers, 277 
"Oath of Fidelity," 20 
Orange county men, 477 
Some colonial heroes, 22 
Some quaint Stratton epitaphs, 46, 


Some unclassified Strattons, 32, 33, 
35, 177 

"Stratton Chapel," 245, 492 

Stratton coat-of-arms, 321 

"Stratton Falls," 280 

"Stratton's Folly," 13 

Stratton motto, 202, 214 

Stratton park, 335 

Stratton's mill, 66 

Stratton Wills 

In England, 4, 7 
In America 
Benjamin, 1818, Philadelphia, 

Edward, 1817, Va., 364 
John, 1705, Va., 370 
Levi, 1792, N. J., 252 
William, 1760, Va., 361 

"Street-towns," 3, 12 

The Canadian expedition, 192 

The "Fighting Sixteenth," 161 

The "Flag of Our Country," 219 

The "Great Ice Freshet," 109 

The Hatton house, 232 

The John Stratton Bible, 274 

The Millville Strattons, 256 

The novelty iron works, 181 

Thurkolton manor, 10 

"Warning out," 31 

Washington's lifeguards, 39 

Watertown's train-band, 20 

"Woodchuck Lodge," 280 

* For index to other subjects see Contents, pages ix and x. 


Amherst, N. H., 204 
Amherst Co., Va., 465 
Athol, Mass., 56, 57, 96, 192-197 
Barren Co., Mich., 33 
Barrington, N. H., 34 
Bedford Co., Va., 368 
Bennington, 52, 91-93 
Bradford Co., Pa., 322 
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Cummingsville, O., 324 
Eastern Shore, Va., 349 
Easthampton, 273-277 
Edgar Co., 111., 402 
Fairfield, Conn., 278-279 
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Flovd Co., Ky., 399 
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Gill, Mass., 86, 97, 133 
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Lynchburg, Va., 138 
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Nashua, N. H., 83 
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West Chazy, 282 
Weston, Mass., 41, 76 
Williamstown, 50, 89 
Wiltshire, 11 
Winslow, Me., 39, 69 
Woburn, Mass., 75 

*This is by no means a complete index to places named in this 
volume. It contains only those which may aid in identifying and locating 
various branches of Strattons. See also Contents, pages ix and x. 


Abbott. 130, 215, 492 

Aber, 305 

Abley, 33 

Ackley, 82 

Adams, 17, 37, 40, 58, 63, 76, 
78, 92, 95, 96, 99, 106, 112, 
150, 172, 181, 260, 333, 353, 
356, 368, 372, 374, 418, 432 

Adamson, 306 

Addams, 379 

Akerley, 219 

Akers, 226 

Akin, 421 

Albertin, 125 

Aldrich, 126, 130 

Aldridge, 292 

Aldrltch, 138 

Alexander, 24, 25, 93, 200, 

Alger, 89 

Allaben, 278, 285 

Allchin, 129 

Allen, 22, 24, 36, 111, 157, 466 

Allison, 134, 338 

Almy, 241 

Altman, 299 

Ames, 95, 310 

Amonett, 366 

Amsworth, 56 

Anderson, 256, 270, 272, 355, 
376, 407 

Andrews, 34, 152, 295 

Angell, 304 

Annis, 216 

Antle, 463 

Appleton, 356 

Archer, 254, 417 

Armistead, 349 

Arnaelsteen, 175 

Arnold, 95, 117, 331, 405, 429, 

Arras, 491 
Ashbrook, 468 

Ashman, 248 

Ashton, 470 
Ast, 383 
Aston, 376 
Atherton, 153 
Atkins, 392, 399, 472 
Atkinson, 238, 334 

Atwell, 286 
Auble. 494 
Augustus, 406