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Full text of "A catalogue of the books, autographs, engravings, and miscellaneous articles, belonging to the estate of the late John Allan"

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3ol)n ^llan. 

** He has a fouth o' auld nick-nackets : 
Rusty airn caps and jinglin jackets, 
Wad haud the Lothians three in tackets, 

A towmont guid ; 
And parritch-pats, and auld saut-backets, 
Before the Flood." 





17 Vande WATER Street. 





The Collection of which the following pages form a Catalogue, 
was at once the pride, the pleasure, and the occupation of its late 
venerable owner for upwards of half a century, and is of so varied 
and interesting a character as to warrant some few remarks upon 
its leading specialties. 

The long Index of Subjects which is appended, renders a minute 
analysis unnecessary. First in point of completeness as a Series, are 
the "Emblems," which are sufficiently numerous to invite the 
attention of some of our Public Libraries ; and it is hoped some 
Institution will secure them as a nucleus for a more perfect 
Collection. They should be regarded as something more than 
a mere collection of Pictures, for assuredly they convey much 
poignant satire, and many political pasquinades which the then 
Licensers of the Press would have suppressed as prose, but 
which escaped their notice disguised as the Fine Arts. 

The most important and valuable department, however, is that 
of Illustrated Books, by which are meant books to which have 
been added Plates not originally published with the works. They 
are both numerous and beautiful ; and as many of them were 
illustrated by Mr. Allan himself, they possess special interest 
for his friends. Most prominent among them are Dr. Francis's and 
Ii'ving's Knickerbocker's New York, Dibdin's Bibliomania, Bur- 
net's Own Times, Life of Sir H. Davy, Mary Queen of Scots, 
together with the various editions of Burns, Byron, Campbell, 
Ramsay, and other of the Standard Poets ; Maberly's Print Col- 
lector, Wilson's Catalogue, etc. 

Under the term Fine Arts, in the Index, many books are in- 
cluded which are merely illustrated, and, in a strict classification, 
would not be so j^laced. 

Wood Engraving was a subject in which Mr. Allan took much 
interest, and his Illustrated Copies of Chatto or Jackson sufficiently 
indicate his taste. 




Penmanship was an accomplishment in whicli Mr. Allan excelled, 
and a few rare books on that Art are included. Scientific Books 
are not numerous. The Medical Books do not include any of the 
Modern writers, but the early treatise of Eucharius Rhodion 
on the " Byrth of Mankinde," and others of that class, invite the 
attention of the Medical Antiquary. 

Numismatics is rather largely represented, and contains some 
i-are works. Coin Collecting was once a hobby with Mr. Allan, and 
his Collection was at one time quite large ; but some years since he 
was tempted to sell it. The Books on the subject were retained, 
and some Coins and Medals have been collected since, and are 
included in this Catalogue. 

Bibliography, if not strong, is tolerably varied, and includes a 
number of Dibdin's Works : his Bibliomania has been before 
referred to. Priced Catalogues and Treatises on Typography are 
also included. 

Scotland (Mr. Allan's birth-place), as illustrated by her Histo- 
rians, Poets, Artists, and Novelists, is largely represented, and in 
some cases by books of acknowledged rarity; and if any part of 
the Collection had precedence over another in his affections, it was 
this. This was particularly the case with reference to the books 
illustrative of Mary Queen of Scots, who was held in reverent 
admiration by Mr. Allan. 

England and Wales, with some other European Countries, are 
represented in Books of Travel and Picturesque Scenery. 

Of Works Relating to America, and History in general, there 
are but few, but some of them are very scarce. 

Of Unique and Presque Unique Books, there is an almost un- 
equalled Collection. It may be safely asserted that an equal num- 
ber of Missals, Books printed upon Vellum, etc., have never 
befoi-e been offered for sale in this country ; and some of them are 
fine specimens. 

The Indian Department is the most limited, consisting of two 
books only ; one of which, however, is the crowning glory of 
the Sale, and will, it is believed, realize more money than any other 
book. Reference is made to Eliot's Indian Bible, which is fully 
described on pages 80 and 81 of this Catalogue. 

Under the comprehensive, and perhaps sometimes inappropriate 
appellation of Theology, in the Index, is grouped a large number 
of curious books. , The analyst who could discover Mr. Allan's 


religious belief from his Collection of "Theology," would possess 
much skill. The books have evidently been bought more for their 
singularity than for their religious principles. 

One of the most extensive departments is that of Poetry, including 
Songs and Ballads. There are a few of the rare Old English au- 
thors, in good condition, and very much of Scottish Poetry. The 
Kilmarnock Edition of Burns is a book of much rarity, and the 
first offered for sale on this continent. Other of the Standard 
Poets, having been copiously illustrated, have been before referred 

Among tlie other departments of Literature, it may be mentioned 
that there is a little Dramatic, and more Occult Literature. Angling 
is represented by a splendid set of Pickering's Walton and Cotton. 
Of Fables there are a few, and enough of Facetiae to add piquancy 
to the lot. 

Of DlcltR Setter iJOCikS there are some very good specimens, 
by Ullrich Zell, Vostre, Kerver, etc., one of VVynkyn de Worde, 
several by Day, Berthelet, and other early English Printers. There 
are also a few American books printed by Benjamin Franklin, 
Zenger, etc. 

Autographs include a very choice letter by George Washington ; 
a most interesting public document by Benjamin Franklin; a 
patriotic letter of Lafayette, and others of interest. 

Engravings comprise a vast number of Portraits and Plates, 
well suited to the taste of some "Illustrator." 

Of Coins and Medals the number is small, but some of the lat^ 
ter arc very fine and scarce. 

Among the Minerals are a few specimens of great beauty, and 
Lot 4791 is one of much rarity. 

Relics, Curiosities, and Antiquities, if not numerous, are singu- 
lar and interesting, and, it is believed, genuine. 
' The Silver Plate is mostly Antique, and includes a Silver Toddy- 
Ladle, once the property of Robert Burns ; a Silver Indian Pipe ; 
Incense-Burner, and other Curious Articles. 

.Among the unusual features of the Sale are several Scottish or 
Highland Costumes, Buckles, Scarfs, etc., admirably adapted for 
Tableaux or Private Theatricals. 

Sculpture is represented by one^specimen only : a'.fine Bust of 
Napoleon, in Carrara Marble. 


Among the Sundries are included Old China, some of it very fine ; 
Book-Cases, and other Library Furniture. 

Such is a rapid analysis of the varied contents of this Catalogue, 
Treated synthetically, the student will look in vain for any evi- 
dence of what is called a working library. The books Avere 
collected to amuse rather tlian to instruct ; and the result is an 
extensive Literary Olla Podrida, possessing a very varied, if not 
a particular interest. 

In the preparation of the Catalogue, due regard has been paid 
to the exact method of spelling and punctuation of the various 

The words rare and scarce are used sparingly, and according to 
their received bibliographical value. The authorities referred to 
are Mr. Bohn's Enlai'ged Edition of Lowndes, and the last Edition 
of Brunet's Manual, some of Dibdin's Works, etc. 

The circumflex ~ mark, indicating an abbreviation, is not in- 
cluded in the modern fonts of type, and the mark thus - over some 
of the letters, must be understood to indicate a contracted word, 
and to mean ~ . Some errors have occurred, as a matter of course ; 
they are only such as the intelligent reader can correct ; a few of 
them are included in the Errata. 

In consideration of the limited amount of Bibliography relating 
to Emblems, the titles to these are nearly all given at length. 

The condition of the Books is generally tine. Those in extra 
bindings are, for the most part, bound by Pawson and Nicholson, 
of Philadelphia ; Mafehews, of New York ; and a few by Heriug, 
Mackenzie, Lewis, and Hayday, of London. In all cases, they are 
represented faii'ly, and as fully as the limits of the Catalogue would 

It is proper to add that the Wood-Cut Portrait of Mr. Allan, on 
the Title-Page, was engraved by his life-long friend and fellow- 
countryman, Dr. Anderson, now aged eighty-nine years. 

Joseph Sabin. 
401 Beoadway, April •!, 18G4. 



Catalogue of Books 1 

Autograph Letters, Signatures, etc 261 

Engravings 269 

"Water-Colour and Pencil Drawings 295 

Oil Paintings and Framed Engravings 299 

■Coins and Medals 300 

Miscellaneous 300 

American 301 

Bronze Medals 303 

Antique Coins — Silver 305 

Roman Imperial — Silver Denarii 306 

English Coins— Silver 307 

English Coins — Copper 308 

Coins of Scotland 308 

Silver Medals 309 

Minerals, etc, 310 

Snuff-Boxes 319 

Seals, Relics, and Sundries 324 

Gold and Silver Watches 326 

Silver Plate, etc 328 

Higliland Costumes 329 

Brooches, Buckles, etc 330 

Antique China 332 

Bronzes, etc 334 

Arms, Armour, and Antiquities 335 

Miscellaneous 336 

Library Eumiture 337 

Books, etc., Omitted 337 

Index '. 339 



2. After "Partheneia," add Sacra. 
50. For "1561," read 1564. 

262. For " MCCCCCXLV.," read mccccxcv. 

299. For '■ BIZOX," read BIZOT. 

359. For " BOSWELL," read BOSWORTH. 

365. For " Two Books," read Five Books. 

423. For "1822," read 1828. 

■723. For "CONDERT," read CONDER. 

882. For " 1809," read 1819. 

886. For "DEVELTY," read DEYELLY. 

892. The Author's name is Saint Germain, and the Book ts noticed by Lowndes. 

on page 654, of Bohn's Edition. 
1028. For "1754," read 1755. 
1044*. For "EniT<I)IA," read EniTA$IA. 
1047. For " David," read Desideratus. 
1127. For "Duyckink," read Duyckinck. 
1298*. For GRAYSON," read GRAYDON. 
1301. For "GRESS WELL, "read GRESAYELL. 
1323. For " GUTHRIE." read GURTHIE. 
1338. For " Tranekara?," read Frauekarse. 

1379. For " Gemuths," read Bemuths ; and for " Albe," read Alle. 
1456. This book is said to be " collated and perfect." It wants the leaf following the 
preface, " Post Prefatio," which was suppressed, and is almost always 
1959. For " MEYSSEUS," read MEYSSENS. 
1994, For "1638," read 1683. 
2045. This is erroneously attributed to E. French. The author is the Rev. John 

Mitchell : and this copy is printed on India Paper. 
2047. For "one and fifty" in the note, read one hundred and fifty. 
2101. For " 147 Plate.s," read 117 Plates. 
2130. Second line, for "Ryder," read Xyder. 
3529. For "BERYIE," read BBRYIC. 

3608. For " DUPINS," read DUPIUS; and for "BATECHOX," readBALECIION. 
3682. For " GARMER," read GARXf ER. 
3737 and 3738. For " LAXGIER," read LAUGIER. 


jf,o 1. A. (B.) Buds and Blossoms of Piety, with some Fruit of the 
Spirit of Love. 2d edition with .additions. 8vo. Zow?., 169J. 

Includes a complaint against New England Professors. The author was 
Benjamin Antrobus. Priced, Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, No. 897, £1 5a\ Od 
/Z.oc 2. A. (H.) Partheneia; or, the Mysteriovs and DeUciovs Garden 
of the Sacred Parthenes ; Symbohcally set forth and en- 
riched with Piovs Devises and Emblemes for the entertain- 
ment of Devovt Sovles. JEnr/raved title, fine copy, 12mo, 
morocco, extra. Paris: by John'Covstvrier, 1633. 

Written by an English Catholic. The Engravings are neat, and the 
Poetry above mediocrity. Ponthill copy sold for £3 9s. Qd. White Knights, 
£2 14.5. Qd. 

SI? 3. ABBEY OF KILKHAMPTON ; or, Monumental Records 
for the Year 1980. Both parts in 1 vol. 4to, half .calf. 

Lond. 1780. 

20 ^. Same ; another edition, improved. %yo, half calf. Zond. Il88. 

/,JV5. ABBEYS OF TEVIOTDALE, &c. 4to, cloth. Edinh. 1832 

„ * 6. ABEL-REMUS AT, (M.) Elemens de la Grammaire Chinoise 

8vo, half calf. Paris, 1822. 

2^ V. ABERDEEN. Short Memorandum of quhat heath occurred 

in Aberdeen, since xx September, M.D.CCXV. 8vo. 

Edinh. 1837. 
^, S'O 8. ABERDEEN". Sum Notabill Thinges excerptit frome the 
Auld Recordes of the HonorabiJl Citie of Aberdeene, 
1565-1635. 8W0., hcdf morocco. Edinh. \82>\:. 

Also a Short Memorandum of quhat heath occurred in Aber- 
deen since xx. September, 1715. 
From R. Balmanuo's Collection, with numerous MS. notes. 
^,00 9- ABRAHAMO a S. CLARA. (P.) Neu eroeffnete Welt Galle- 
ria. 100 fine Portraits, folio, ea^. JS'urnber g, llO'S. 

/f.SO\0. ABREGE de la vie des Plus Fameux Peintres, avec leurs 
Portraits graves en taille-douce, et la maniere de Connoi- 
tre les Desseins des Grands Maitres : avec Supplement. 3 
vols. 4to, calf. Paris, 1745. 

2 ^<:sop. 

/.oo 11. ^trfUflCmntt of \\\t UOOfeS of ^SSfSCS, lately pernsefl 

oner, and corrected, and nowc newely imprinted by Richard 

Gottill. JJlaClt HtCttn*. 18mo, calf. Lond. 1555. 

ZZ.*r^l2, ACCOUNT (An) of the Banquet given by the Saint Nicholas 

Society of the City of New York, on the occasion of the 

visit of the Netherlands Frigate " Prins van Orange," at 

New York, May, 1852. Portraits and plates inserted. 8vo, 

half calf . very scarce. Prepared and published by order 

of the Society. 1852. 

Only a small edition printed : it includes Speeches by Daniel "Webster 

and Gr. C. Verplanck, etc. 

^0, <>^Vi. ACCOUNT of the Procession, Dinner, and Ball, given in Hon- 
our of the Emancipation of Holland, in the City of New 
York. With notes, IHustrative and Explanatory. By Nick. 
Hallabout. 8vo, inlaid in small folio. Plate of Washincj- 
ton JI<(ll, and MS. Ivey, and notes by 3Ir. Allan y' unique 
copy of a most rare paniphlet. Small folio, half morocco. 
Printed for the Publisher, by Hons. Stufflefunk. Gomm.uni- 
pav\ (i. e.) N.Y. 1814. 

This clever Satire is not to be found in any of our Public Libraries. 

OcCt- 14. ACCOUNT OF THE WAPETI; or, Gigantic Elks of the 

Missouri. 12mo. Diihlin., \^22. 

/, yS'lb. ACTS OF PARLIAMENT. Temp. James I., 1604, &c. 2 

^ vols. Mio, half calf Lond. 1610. 

A^iTle. ADDISON (Joseph) on Medals, etc. [vol. 3 of his works.] 

12mo. Lond. 1753. 

AD VIS FIDELE.— See Avis. 

J2^.aa 17. ^SOP'S FABLP:S. Paraphras'd in Verse. Adorn'd with 

Sculpture, and illustrated with Annotations, etc. By John 

Ogilby, Esq. YoXio., old red morocco. Lond. IG65. 

The Plates are mostly by Hollar. Fonthill copy, £3 10s. Od. White 

Knights, £4 145. 6f/. "A Translation still in estimation." — Lowndes. 

//.Cd 18. ^SOP'S FABLES, with his Life, in English [by Thos. Phil- 
l)ott], and in French and Latin [by R. Codington]. Illus- 
trated with 87 [should be 112] Sculptures. To this edi- 
tion are likewise added Thirty-one new folio plates, repre- 
senting his life. By Francis Barlow. Folio, ^>/e copy., half 
ealf. Lond. 1665. 

Barlow was celebrated for his accuracy in depicting animals. The 
present copy is imperfect: tliere should be 112 Sculptures. The English 
verses are by Mrs. Aphra Behn. Plate 17, which is often wanting, 
is in this copy. The greater part of tliis edition was burnt in the fire 
of London. Hibbert's copy sold for £4 lis. Od 

^^,06^^- ^SOP'S FABLES, with their Morals, in Prose and Verse. 
Curious old v'ood cuts. 12mo, old calf . J^ond. 1721. 

This rare edition has escaped the researches of Lowndes and Bohn. 

/^,<fa -0. .^SOP'S fWBLES, Avith a Life of the Author, and 224 plates. 
2 vols, in i : inipl. 8vo, calf. I^ond. Bensley, 1793. 

White Kniglits copy sold for £1 19.s. Orf. 


/^O^ 21. iESOP'S FABLES, by Rev. Thomas James, with more than 
one hundred Illustrations, designed by John Peiiniel. 8vo, 
red morocco, extra. Lond. 1848. 

This is the most elegant of the modern editions. 

/,ec 22. ^SOP. Les Fables d'Esope, Tiacluction Nouuelle. Illustree 
de Discours Moraux, etc., par J. Bavdoin. Auer les figures 
en taille-douce. 8vo, calf. Roven, 1659. 

S^ao 23. ^SOP. Les Fables d'Esope, et de plusieurs autres excel- 
lens Mytliologistes, Accompagnees du sens moral et des re- 
flexions de M. le Chev. Lestrange. Traduites de I'Anglois, 
avec les Figures dessinees et gravees, par F. JSarlouw. 
ito, old calf. Amstenlam, 1714. 

Le Chevaher's copy sold for 72 fr. 1857. 

J, a a 24. ^SOP. Ezopische Fabelen van Fedras. Door D. Yan Hoogstra- 
ten. Fine plates, 4:to, calf . Amsterdam, llO^. 

S'O 25. AF-BEELDINGHE van D'Eerste Eevwe der Societeyt lesv. 
voor ooghen Ghestelt door de Dvyts-nederlantsche Provincie 
der selver Societeyt. 4to, ccdf. f Antwerpen, 1640. 

Z,7j^2Q. AGOSTINI (D. D. Antonio), Medaglie Inscrittioni et Altre 
Antichita — plates of coins and medals : folio, old ccdf 

Roma, n.d. 
/,yS2l. AGRIPPA (Caraillo). Trattato di Scientia d'Arme, con un 
Dialogo di Filosofia. Sm. 4to, ctdf plates. 

Roma: Ant. Blctdo, 1553. 

"Belle edition, fort recherchee, a cause des figures, qui sont dans le style 

de I'ecole de Marc-Antoine.'' — Brunet. This work has sold as high as 170 fr. 

y.^e 28. AGRIPPA (Henrie Cornelius) ; of the Vanitie and vncertaintie 

of Artes and Sciences. Englished by Ia[nies] Sa[nford,] 

Gent, 4to, ccdf antique. Lond. H. Bynnernan, 1575. 

First printed in 1569. An excellent article on this work will be found 

in the Retrospective Review, vol. xiv., 181-206. — Loicndes. 

2.«n^29. ^mhUpSChe CthroniCfe von Heidnischen, etc. 4to. JSlaCfe 
Hotter. Singular xcood cuts, portrcdts, etc. 

Freyburg : 3fetmals, 1523. 
A curious old chronicle of the French Monarchy. 

„ „ 30. AINSLIE (Hew), Pilgrimage to the Land of Burns. Por- 
traits inserted. 12mo, half calf iMptford, 1822. 

This copy was purchased from Jas. "Wellstood, one of the three Pilgrims. 

^fl^o 31. AINSLIE (Hew), Scottish Songs, Ballads, and Poems. II- 

lustrcded with 24 p>l'^de^, exclusive of tJie Portrait, 8vo, 

green morocco, gilt top. N. Y. 1855. 

Z.ffd 32. AIXSWORTH (Robert), Latin Dictionary, with additions. By 

Dr. Th. Morell. Ato, calf . Lond. \%\Q. 

>^^^33. AIRY NOTHINGS; or. Scraps and Naughts, and Odd- 
cum-Shorts, in a Circumbendibus Hop, Step, and Jump, by 
Olio Rigmarole. 23 colored plates. 4to, boards. Lond. 1825. 

J./0^4. AITZEMA (Lieu we van), Vereenigde Nederlanden, 1657- 
1663. 60 fine Portrcdts. Folio, half calf 

Gnwenhngue, 1669. 


^2-35. AKENSIDE (Dr.) Pleasures of Imagination, ancT Armstrong 
(Dr.) on Preserving Health. 12mo. Exeter {JSF. II.), 1794. 
An early specimen of New Hampshire Tyi^ography. 
S<^S6. ALBANY. The Answer of "The members of the Congrega- 
tion of Saint Peter's Church, in the City of Albany," to tlie 
Pamphlet lately addressed to them, by the Hon. Lt.-Gover- 
nor Taylor, and otliers. 8vo, pp. 100. 

Printed for the Congregation, February, 1816. 
2,2.^ 37. ALBERT (Eugenio), Vita diCaterina de' Medici; Saggio Stori- 
co. 18 Lithographic Portraits. 4 to, cloth. 

T^/rew^e, 1838. 
An apologetical history of her reign. 

/,S'<? 38. ALBERTINUS (iEgidius), Emblemata Hieropolitica versibus 
et prosa, illustrabat Joannes Melitanus a Corylo ; eiusdem 
mvsse errantes. 12mo, half calf . 

GolonicB {it2)ud Constantiniim), Munich., 1647. 

Z,0C 39. ALBUM DES COSTUMES, Moeurs, et Habillements dans 

le Royaume des Pays-Bas, en gravures, dessinees et colorees 

d'apres nature. 8vo. Amsterdam, u. d. 

zSl.0. ALBUM TABLETS. 8vo. Land. 1838. 

t,jro 41. ALBUM. A Collection of Choice Engravings, in 12 mo, red 

/7,tS~0 42. ALBUM of Gothic Ornated Letters and Fragments select- 
ed from Ancient MSS. Some of them exquisitely finished. 
Folio, half morocco. 

g^^Q 43. ALBUM WREATH. A Scrap Book of Most Elegant En- 

' gravings ; plain and colored Scraps, etc. 4to, half morocco. 

J <^ / 44. ^ItUtltttStir tic WilflUtS coniunctionibus annorum reuolutio- 
ibus ; ac eorum profectionibus ; octo continens tractatus. 
4to. BlttCtt Setter. Venetiis, mcccclxxxix. 

Tliis curious old Astrological Book contains singular wood cuts, and is 
a fine specimen of early printing. — Butsch, 15 Florins. 

^,a<f45. ^ihimxtiBuv tie maflitfs Functionibus, etc. jjlacfe aet= 

ttV, small folio ; green 'tnorocco, extra fine copy. 

Venetiis, Melchior Sessa, 1515. 

With the celebrated device of the Cat and Mouse at the end. The late 
Bishop of Ely used to say, " When you see a book with a cat and mouse 
for the device, seize upon it, for the chances are as three to four, that it will 
be found to be both curious and valuable." See Dibdin's Decameron, vol. ii., 
pp. 231-4. Not mentioned by Brunet. 

^. /f 46. illtUmaSarfS XntrotmCtOrfUm in Astronomias. 4to. 
JUlaCli Setter. 70 pp. Curious wood cuts. 

Venetiis, 1489, 
" Ouvrage pen recherclu'." — Brunei. 

S'.oa 47. ALBYN'S ANTHOLOGY, or a Select Collection of Melodies 
and Vocal Poetry peculiar to Scotland. Collected by 
Alexander. Campbell. Folio, half ccdf. 

Edinhurgh, 1816. 


Z, ac 48. ALCHORXE. Catalogue of a Portion of the valuable Libraiy 

of the late Stanesby Alchobne, Esq. Prices and names . 

8vo, boards, nncat. ' Land. 1813. 

Rich in the worlis of the Printers of the Fifteenth Centun' ; also Caxton, 

Litton, Machliuia, Wynkyn de T\'orde and Pynsou. 

„ * 49. ALCIATUS (And.) Emblematum. Lib, 11. Picta Poesis. 
Lugcl. 1563, and Paradin. (Claude) Symbola Heroica. 
Antverj)Uc,lb8Z. 3vols.ini. \S\\\o,calf. v. d. 

J S^O 50. ALICIATUS (And.) Emblemata. Woodcuts. ISmo, caJf. 

Lugd. 1561. 
This edition is not mentioned by Brunet, and is not in the celebrated Stir- 
ling collection. 

/, S'O 51. ALCIATUS (Andr.) Emblemata, cum focili et compediosa 
explicatione, qua obscura illustrantur, dubiaque omnia solu- 
untur. Per Clavdivm Mince:m Diuionensera. Excerpta 
ex eiusdem in eadem Alciati emblemata maiorum vigiliarura 
commentai'iis. Ad calcem Alciati vita nuper ab eodem Mi- 
noe conscripta. 12 mo. 

A)itve7'pke, apud Christophorura Plantlnuni, 1584. 
Z,a<' 52. ALCIATUS (Andr.) Emblemata. 18mo, calf. 

A)itverpice, Ex Officina Plantiniana, 1622. 
^ ^0 53. ALCIATLTS. Idem ; another edition. 8vo. No title. 
jC^^ 54. ALCIATLTS (x\nd.) Livret des Emblemes mis en rime fran- 
coyse [par Jeh. Lefevre]. 12mo, morocco., extra. 

Paris, G. Wesche, 1536. 
Printed in Gothic type, and contains many wood cuts. All subsequent 
writers on emblems have been much indebted to Alciatus, particularly 
George Wither. Heber's copy sold for 18s. 

Z,ti^ 55. ALCORAX (L'), ou Loy du Prophete Mahomet. En Lan- 
gue Arabe. A fine copy in limp morocco. 

2,y*i 56. ALDEN" (Timothy). A Collection of American Epitaphs and 
Inscriptions, Avith occasional Notes. 5 vols. 18mo, sheej). 

N. Y. 1814. 
The only extensive collection on the subject, and now very scarce. 

Z,^*^1. ALEXANDER (Mr.): The Beatitudes, 1822;" also, Tom- 
kins' Beauties of Writinsx, 1777. 2 vols, in 1, oblong 4to, 
half calf. ^ 1777-1822. 

2,,ff^ 58, ALEX AXDER (James W.) The Life of Alexander Alexander, 
D. D., 8vo, morocco, extra. N. Y. 1854. 

J7/^ 59. ALEXANDER (Wm.) Picturesque Representations of the 
Dress and Manners of the Chinese, illustrated in 50 colored 
Engravings, with Descriptions. 4to, half calf . 

Land. 1814. 

This artist was draftsman to Earl Macartney during his embassy to China. 

X^Q. ALISON (Archibald). Sermons. 8vo, calf. Edinh. 1815. 

Z,tS^^^. ALLAN (George). Life of Sir Walter Scott, with Critical 
Notices of his Writings. %\o, hcdf morocco. Edinb. IS34. 

S, «^62. ALLAN (Robt.) Evening Hours; Poems and Songs. 12ino, 
morocco. Glasgoir, 1836. 


/ 2_J^63. ALLAX. Another copy. 12mo, cloth. Glasgow, 18SQ. 

2^ gg 64. ALLASOX (Thos.) Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of 
Pola in Istria. 10 plates, and 14 vignettes, royal folio, 
boards. Loud. 1819. 

The plates in this fine worli are engraved by W. B. and G. Coolie, H. 
Moses, and Cosmo Armstrong. 
2,ty^^- ALMANACKS for 1669. By Lilly, Gadbury, Saunders, Bow- 
ker, Wing, Andrews, Pond, Dove, Swan, Whiting, Trigge, 
and Poor Robin, in 1 vol. calf, gilt edges. 
J, 06 66. ALMANACKS for 1636. By Langley, Woodhouse, Per- 
kins, Wyherd, Peregrine, and Fallowes; together, 6 in 1 vol. 
12mo, old calf. Loud. 1636. 

These old Almanacks contain incidentally some notices of the American 
/ VtT'e?. ALLARD (Abraham), De Groote Herschepper der Waereld, of- 
' te de Monarch des Levens Nederig gebooren, onschuldig 

gedood, en eeuwig verheerlykt. 4to, calf. 

Amsteldatn, n. d. 

2y^^. ALMANACK for the year 1386, -with fac-simile engravings, 
transcribed from an old MS. Svo. Loud. 1812. 

^ad 69. ALPHABET. Dilletanti delle Bell' Arti. Oblong 4to, half 

2 ffC To. ALPHABETS. — A Collection of Alphabets. Uo, vellum, n. d. 

J ffo 71. ALTUS. Mutns Liber in quo Tanien totse Philosophia her- 

' ' metica, figuris hieroghpliicis de))ingitur, etc., auctore cuius 

nonien est A'.tus [Jacob Saulat, Sr. des Marez]. 15 jdates, 
folio. \^Rupella\ 1677.] 

According to Barbier, the author was Dr. Tolle. 

J ^ a 72. AMADIS DE GALTL, tradvit d'Espagnol en Franyoys. Fhie 

old icood cuts, 12mo, ccdf extra, red edges. Paris, 1560. 

Jl? 73. AMARANTH (The): or, Religious Poems. Svo, half ccdf . 

Lond. 1767. 
/ fC V4. AMBROSE (Isaac). Prima et Ultima. The First and Last 
Things of Regeneration. Engd. Title, 4to, calf. 

Lond. 1640. 
An highly esteemed Calvinistic writer. 
/ .iTOIb. AMBROSII Choriolani gen. Avgvstinianorvm in Defensorivni 
Ordinis, etc. Folio, vellum. Roma, mcccclxxxi. 

S'.^O^fS. AMERICAN NOTES AND QUERIES. 4 parts in 1 vol., 
illustrated with 56 plates inserted. Svo, morocco extra, un- 
cut. Philad. 1857. 

J Z*^ 77. i Another Copy. 8vo, half morocco. " 1857. 

' J'O 78. AMERICAN'S GUIDE. The Constitution of the U. S., with 
the Latest Amendments. Also, the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence, Articles of Confederation, with the Federal Con- 
stitution, and Acts for the Government of the Territories. 
12 mo, sheej). Philad. 1813. 

AMES (Joseph). See Dibdin, T. F. 


^,C6 T9. AMMOXIUS (Hierony). Imitatio Crameriana sive Exerci- 
tium Pietatis Domesticum, 40 plates^ 4to, (jreen morocco^ 
extra. Koriberf/e, 1647. 

jzS^m. AMOUR. Memoir of Mr. Matthias d' Amour. \2n\o^ half 
calf. Land. 1836. 

AMOURS de Daphne et Chloe. See [Longns]. 
J-(? 81. AMULET. Edited by S. C. Hall. \2mo,sUk. Loml. 1830. 
2 SO 82. ANACREONTIS Odaria ad Textus Barnesiani Fideni Emen- 
data Accedunt Varia Lectiones cura Ed. Forster. Plates, 
small 8vo, morocco. Lond., G. Buhner et Soc. 1802. 

/ This elegant edition is ornamented with vignettes.^o,^ ANACREON, Odes of. Translated into English Verse, 
with Notes by Thomas Moore. Illustrated iclth 52 plates, 
49 of which are inserted. Autograph letters of Moore. 
A:\.o, green morocco. Loud. 1800. 

First edition -with list of subscribers — "An elegant, spirited, and high- 
ly poetical version." 
/ 0,ac 84. ANACREON. Illustrated in a Series of Fine Plates. 4to, 

red morocco, extra. 
;i^,oe 85. ANCIENT ILLUMINATED FRENCH MSS. on vellum, 
containing a complete Treatise on Heraldry, with the Arms 
of the Nobility of France — a Treatise on Chivalry in the 
time of King Arthur — the Form and Manner of Tilts and 
Tournaments — Oaths of the Knights of the Round Table. 
176 Coats of Arms, Inchiding those of King Arthur and 
the Knights — the Capitals all illuminated. 8vo, green mo- 
rocco, gilt edges. 
J~,*^ 86. ANDERSON (Alexander). An Inaugural Dissertation on 
Chronic Mania. 8\o, half calf . JSTeic YorA; 1196. 

Inserted is a Pencil Sketch of tlie Author by his daughter, taken in 
1840. Dr. Anderson first introduced Wood Engraving into the United States, 
and may be called the Bewick of America. Autograph and cuttings in- 
^ ^fk^ serted. Dr. A. was born in 1775, and still lives — 1804. 

-f5-*^87. ANDERSON (Elbert). Illustrations of the Legend of Sleepy 
Hollow. Executed with a Steel Pen, by Elbert Ander- 
son. Oblong 4to. s. 1. s. a. 
^Xis. ANDERSON (James). The Bee; or Literary Weekly In- 
telligencer. 1 8 vols. 1 2 mo, half calf. Edin h. 1 79 1 -3 . 
Dr. Anderson was assisted in this enterprise by many men of taste and 
learning — complete sets are scarce. 

// ff(^ 89. ANDERSONUS (Ja.). Selectus Diplomatum et Numisma- 

tum Scotiae Thesaurus, auxit et locupletavit. Th. Ruddi- 

manus. Rl. folio, russia extra. Edinb. 1739. 

" A highly valuable and useful work, with plates engraved by Sturt. 

Dent, £6 Qs'.Qd. Brocket, £10 10s. Od" — Lowndes. Contains 180 plates of 

Coins, Ancient Seals, Charters, &c. 

J, Off 90. ANGELONI (Francois) L'Historia Augusta da Givlio Cesare 

infino a Costantino il magno Illustrata con la verita, tlelle 

Antiche Modaglie, Seconda Impressione con reniendutione 


postunie del medesimo Autore, e col siipplimento de' Eoii- 
esci, tratti dal Tesor della Medaglie della regina Christiana 
descritti da G. Piet. Bellori. Many plates of coins and med- 
als etched by Lanfranco. Folio, haJf hound, Roma, 1G85. 
^JT) 91. ANGUS (William). The Seats of the Nobility and Gentry 
in Great Britain and Wales, in a collection of select Views 
and Drawings by the most eminent masters, with Descrip- 
tions of each View. QS 2)l(^(tes, oblong 4to, morocco, extra. 

Loud. 1787—1810. 
The plates are after paintings by Daye Kepton, etc. Fonthill copy sold 
for £5 5.5. Od; Graves, £5 I2s. (id. 

/,lS' 92. [ANNET (Peter).] A collection of the Tracts of a certain 

Free Inquirer, noted for his suflerings for his opinions. 

8vo, calf. Lond. 1739. 

The rare piece called Social Bliss carried out, is curious and recherche, and 

includes the speech of Miss Polly Baker, before a Court of Judicature in 

Connecticut (from the History of North America, 1776). The author was 

a deist, and was pilloried and imprisoned for publishing tlie Free Inquirer. 

/, ^^ 93. ANNIVERSARY (the), for 1829. 20 pie plates ; 8vo, silk, 

gilt edges. Lond. 1829. 

^rT)4. ANNUAL REPORT (49th) of the Royal Humane Society. 

8vo. Lond. 1823. 

/^ 95. ANNUAL REPORT of the Commissioner of Patents, for the 

Year 1848. 8yo, cl. Washington, 1849, 

„ 96. ANNUAL REPORT of the Governors of the Alms House. 

1849-50-2-3. 4 vols. 8vo, cl. JSf. Y. 1853. 

J,o<! 97. ANTHEMS, Collection of; ruled Avith Red Lines. 8vo, calf, 

gilt, fine copy. Lond. 1736. 

SiO 98. ANTIDOTE against Presbytery. 4to, half calf 

Lond. 1715. 


Ballads, etc. 2 vols. 12nio, ccdf. Edinh. 1791. 

j-^tT^lOO. ANTIQUITY, Honor, and Dignity of Trade, particularly as 

connected with the City of London ; written by a Peer of 

England. 4Q plates itiserted. 8yo, half c(df 

Westminster, 1813. 
^^<? 101. ANTONINUS (Marcvs Avrelivs). His Meditations Concern- 
ing Himselfe, translated by Casavbon. 4to, hcdf morocco, 
gilt edges. Lond. 1635. 

^,J"<' 102. APOCALYPSIS; or, the Revelation of Certain notorious 
Advancers of Heresie, whereunto are added the Effigies of 
seventeen, in Copper Plates ; translated by J. D[avies]. 8vo, 
morocco, extra. Lond. 1664. 

/, J^103. Same. Third Edition. Small Sxo, morocco antique, red edges. 

Ijond. 1671. 

J2, 00 104. UpolOflg (An) ; or defence for the Christians of France w^hich 

are of the Eungelicall or reformed religion, for the satisfiing 

of such as wil not line in peace and concord with them, etc.; 


translated out of French into English by Sir Th. Bowes, 
Knight. iJlaCfe HCtttrr, small 8vo, calf. 

At Lo^idon ^ printed by John Day^ 1579. 

This rare book is not noticed by Lowndes or Brunet. 

/,4 105. APPARATUS SACRI Honoris Primo Carmelitarum Dis- 
calceatorum, Parenti Seraphicse Virginis ac Matris There- 
siae a Jesu. Filio Primogenito S. Joaniii a Cruce, etc. 
18mo, jAates. 1727. 

by G. S. Beaumont. 4 vols. 8vo, old calf Land. 1811. 

Another Edition ; j^lates from designs by R. West- 
all. 4 vols. 12 mo, ccdf. Lond. 1819. 

ARABIC MANUSCRIPT. 8vo, 18 leaves. Formerly the 
property of Dr. Priestley. 

ARAGO (M.) Life of James Watt. 1\ prints and portraits 
inserted. S\o, red morocco, extra. ^ditib. 1839. 

A Collection of Pen and Ink Sketches. 4to, calf gilt, icith 

ARGYLL. Catalogue of the Drawings of Johx, Duke of 
AudYXA., priced. Svo, boards. iond. 11Q8. 

ARIAS MONTANUS (Benedict) Hvmanie Salvtis Monvmenta, 
B. Arige Montani Stvdio Constrvcta et Decantata. 8vo, ccdf 
f/ilt edges. Anti(erj)ice, C. JPla?iti7i, 1571. 

ARIAS MONTANUS (Benedict) Hvmanie Salvtis Monvmenta. 
71 plates. 12mo, morocco. Antverpce, C. Plantin, s. a. 

Plates by the Wierxes, David, Bolswert, and others ; fine copj^ 

ARIAS. Aliud Exemplar; 8\fine emblematic Bible plates, 
8vo, old calf gilt edges. Antverpce, C. PknUin, 1571. 

ARIOSTO (M. L.) Orlando Furioso. 12mo, vellum. 

Voietia, 1600. 

ARMENIAN PRAYER-BOOK in the Armenian character. 
18 mo, old morocco. 

ARMIN (Robert). The Italian Tailor and his Boy; large 
paper. 4to, half morocco. London, rejvin fed 1810. 

of Original Drawings, in 2 vols. 4to, half ccdf 

ARMSTRONG (J.) The Economy of Love. 12mo, calf 

Lond. 1768. 

ARRANGEMENT of Prayers according to the Custom of the 
Portuguese Jews, with an Almanack for 116 years, in the He- 
brew Language, richly bound in Tortoise-shell, vith silver 
clasps, corners and hinges. Amsterdam, 1771. 

3,*^ I'-^l- ARSCOT (Alexander). Some Consideratiojis relating to the 
Present State of the Christian Religion ; wherein the nature, 
design, and truth of it are explained and recommended. 
12mo. Philad., reprinted by B. Franklin, 1732. 




A3^ ] 




























J-, 6)0 122. ART JOURNAL : Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibi- 
tion. Folio, half rnoroveo. Lond. 1852, 

/,o o 123. ART OF EMPLOYING TIME to tbe Greatest Advantage, 
post 8vo, half calf . Lond. 1822. 

J!; S'O 1 24. ASCANIUS ; or the Young Adventurer ; a True History. 
12mo, calf extra^fine copy. Lottd. 1747. 

A Romantic History of the Pretender and the Rebelliou of 1745. Dent's 
copy soki for £ 1 . 

y/^^ 125. ASCHAM (Roger). JThr Scixolcmastf r. ajlacH acttcr. 

Plate inserted. 8vo, lialf calf extremeh/ rare. 

Lond. hy John Dayc, 1570. 

Written to decry the severe school discipline of tlie time. Dibdin pro- 
nounces it a work which can only perish with our language ; also, highly 
commended by Dr. Campbell. See Dibdin' s Bibliomania. 

/JT^ 126. ASIATIC COSTUMES; a Series of 44 Colored Engravings. 
\2mo, hcdf calf Zond. 1828. 

3, CO 127. ASSE (The) Overladen to his Loving and Deare Mistresse, 
Elizabeth, the Blessed Qveene of England. 4to, hcdfcalf. 

Lond. 1642. 
Not mentioned by Lowndes. 
/^co 128. ASSOCIATE MINSTRELS (The). \2\\\o,calf. Lond.\8Vi. 
/ ^ ,(j 0^ 12'd. ASTLE (Thomas). The Origin and Progress of Writing, as 
well Hieroglyphic as Elementary, illustrated by Engravings 
taken from Marbles, MSS., and Cliartors, Ancient and Mod- 
ern; also, some account of the Origin and Progress of Print- 
ing. 2d Edition. 32 plates. Aio., half calf Lond. 180S. 
"The completost work on the subject of writing extant in this or any 
other language. Inglis 1£ 17s. Od" — Loivndts. 

^, J~<? 1 30. ASTROLOGER (The) of the Nineteenth Century, or the Mas- 
ter Key of Futurity. Syo, half russia. Lond. 1825. 

^131. ATHANASius. lEvposttio ftt Ssiutolum ^thauasif. 

Small 4to, jUlaCk JitUtV. Wood cut title. s. 1. s. a. 
J^,Sr7) 132. ATTIC MISCELLANY and Characteristic Mirror of Men and 
Things. 3 vols, in 2. 8\o, half calf Lofid. lldl. 
S^ 133. ATTIC STORIES, or the Opinions of Edward Hazelrig, Esq. 
1 2 mo, calf. Glasgow., 1818. 
n 134. AURELIAN CONTROVERSY. A Series of Scraps on the 
Destruction of Insects. 12mo, ccdf Circa 1770. 
g^.oo 135. AUTOGRAPHS OF ARTISTS. A Collection of Admission 
Cards to the Private Views of the Exhibition of the Royal 
Academy during various years. Neatly mounted in an ob- 
long 4to, half najrocco, r/ilt edges. 1831. 
This unique collection comprises the signatures of nearly all the Artists of 
celebrity wlio exhibited that year (1831). It is rendered of greater interest 
by the insertion of brief characteristics of the Artists. 

jZ,^^ 186. AVIS. Advis Fidele aux vcritables Hollandois touchant ce qui 
s'est passe dans les villages de Bodegrave et Swammerdani 
[par de Wicquefort]. 4to, vellum. Amsterdam., 1673. 

The plates to this volume are by Romain De Hooge. La Valliere's sold for 
25 fr. " Volume recherche, a cause des figures dont il est orne." — Brunei. 


W,(/0 137. AYRES (Philip). Emblemata Amatoria. Emblems of Love 
in four Languages [Latin, English, Italian and French]. 
Dedicated to the Ladys. ii j^lates^ 12mo, calf, gilt edges. 

Zoitd. 1683. 

J^fO l'S8. . Same, another copy. 12mo, i^iissia. Zand. 1683. 

The plates are engraved by XichoUs. Priced, 1£ Is. Of?, in the Bibhotheca 

/g ,i(i 139. AYRSHIRE and the Land of Burns, as originally published in 
the " Land We Live In." L'nique and extensively illustrated 
copy, with Portraits, Plates, Newspaper Cuttings, Auto- 
graphs, etc. 2 vols. 4to, half morocco. 1840. 
It is impossible to overrate the interest of these two volumes to a Scotch- 
man, or an admirer of Burns. Scarcely any thing lias escaped the researches 
of its enterprising collector. 

-^/T40. AYRSHLPvE DIRECTORY, 1851-52. 12mo. Ayr, 1851. 
,>^S_141. AYRSHIRE WREATH (The), for 1845: a Collection of 
Original Pieces, in Prose and Verse, chiefly by Native Au- 
thors, on subjects relating to Ayrshire. 12mo, roan. 

Kilmarnock, 1844. 

yJTi^. BABINGTON (Bp. Gervase). A Profitable Exposition of the 

Lord's Prayer, by way of Questions and Answers for most 

playnnes. 4to, vellum. Land. 1596. 

By one of the most learned of the English Prelates of that day. 

3, So 143. BACK (Captain). Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition 
to the Mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the Shores 
of the Arctic Ocean, in the years 1833, 1834, and 1835. Illus- 
trated by a Map and 14 Plates. 8vo, bds. Lond. 1836. 
(p. a 144. BACON (Francis). The Tvvoo Bookes of Francis Bacon. 
Of the proficience and aduancemeut of Learning, diuine and 
humane. To the King. 4to, 118 leaves, calf. 

Lond. for Henrie Tomes, 1605. 
First edition scarce. Roscoe's copj- sold for 1£ 2s. Od. 

JZJT^^ 145. BACON (Lord). Of the Advancement and Proficience of 
Learning, or the Partitions of Sciences. IX Bookes. Inter- 
preted by Gilbert Watts. Engraved title a^id portrait, folio, 
calf extra, red edges, by Riviere. Fine copy. Oxford, 1611. 
This is the first English edition of the complete work. 
/,/iO\\6. BAILEY (Thos.) Records of Longevity; Avith an Introduc- 
tory Discourse on Vital Statistics. Post 8vo, plates. 

Lond. 1857. 

/^, 'i'O ;47. BAINS DE DIANE, ou le Triomphe de 1' Amour. Poeme par 

y^ M. Desf. ***. 10 plates, including those inserted. 8vo, 

russia. Paris, 1770. 

BAISERS (Les), see [Secundus Johannes]. 

-^cTlls. BAKER. Catalogue of the Prints, etc., of Mr. G. Baker. 

^ 8vo, half morocco. Lond. 1825. 

2,.tS~^ 149. BALLADS AND SONGS of Ayrshire, illustrated with 

Sketches, Historical, Traditional, Narrative, and Biographical. 

2 vols. Svo, half morocco. Ayr. 1846, and Edinb. 1847. 


<^,oo 150. BALLADS. A collection of over 300 Ballads, as originally 
pxiblished in separate leaves by Catnach and others, neatly 
mounted in a rl. 8vo, half russitf. 

This collection has a MS. Index, and colored plates of London Theatres, 
Actors, etc. 

:2, i/ a 151. BALLANTINE (James). Chronicle of the Hundredth Birth- 
day of Robert Burns. Lnpl. 8vo, cl. JSdi)ib. 1859. 

This work notices 61 celebrations in the United States. 

JS^52. BALMANNO (Mary). Letters from England to her Hus- 
band, Robert Balmanno, as they appeared in the New York 
American, 1840 and 1841. Mounted in a long Bvo scrap-book. 
^<fl53. BALMANNO (Mrs.) jNIemoir of the late Mrs. Ren wick ; ex- 
tracted from "Pen and Pencil." 4to, half morocco. 

Privately printed, N. Y. 1857. 

i^Tsi. BALMANNO. Romances of the Sea, and Voyage across the 

Atlantic. 8vo, pp. 8. A^. T. 1849. 

g^ eo 155. BALMANNO (Mrs.) Pen and Pencil. 4to, green morocco^ 

f' gilt top^ rough edges. N. Y. 1858. 

In addition to the illustrations belonging to the work, the present copy con- 

^____ tains 40 extra plates ; also newspaper cuttings, etc. 

jTse. BALMANNO (Robert). The Adventures of a Night, and 
four other pieces. 8vo, and 4to. Twenty-five copies printed. 


/,<:7^' 157. BALMANNO. Catalogue of Rare and Valuable Engravings, 

Picttires, Bronzes, etc., of R. Balmanno. Rl. 8vo, /)«7Y(y 

priced; hcdf ccdf. Lond. 1830. 

This was the collection sold by Mr. Balmanno, previous to his emigration 

to the United States. 

/ "^ 158. BALTIMORE LITERARY MONIBIENT, edited by J. M. 

McJilton and T. S. Arthur. Vol. I., and a collection of 

American Catalogues of Books. Town's, Jackson and. 

Hazewell's Library, etc. 
BANK NOTE VIGNETTES. Elegantly Engraved Proofs, 

in red turkey morocco., gilt edges. n. d. 

BAR (M.) Recueil de tousles Costumes des Ordres Religieux 

et Militaires, avec une Abrege, Historiqne et Chronologiqixe. 

Enrichi de Notes et de Planches Coloriees. 5 vols, folio, half 

ccdf Paris, 1778-98. 

Up to the date of its publication one of the best works on the subject. The 
plates are well colored. 

BARGAGLI (Scipion). Dell' Imprese di Scipion Bargagli. 
Gentir hvomo sanese. Alle prima Parte, la Seconda, e la 
Terza nuoi;amente aggiunte . . . della vera natura di quelle si 
ragiona. 136 plates., 4to, half ccdf. 

Venetia, Appresso Francesco de FrancescJii Senese. 1594. 

J, *^ 162. BARCLAY (Captain). Agricultural Tour in the United States 

and Upper Canada, Avith Miscellaneous Notices. Post 8vo, 

calf. Edinh. 1842. 

By the celebrated walking Captain, a descendant of the Apologist. 


/,S^0 163. BARCLAY (P.) A Persuasive to the People of Scotland, in 
order to remove their Prejudice to the Book of Common 
Prayer. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1713. 

y^J^64. BARCLAY (Robert). Truth cleared of Calumnies, etc. 4to, 
half i'olf. Printed in the yoar 1670. 

This author is the celebrated Apologist for the Quakers. "Written in an- 
swer to William Mitchell's Dialogue betwixt a Quaker and a Stable Christian. 

A-^^ 165. BARH AM (William). Descriptions of Xiagara, selected from 

'^' various Travellers; with original additions. 2o Plates and 

3Iap inserted. 8vo, 1 calf green morocco. Gravese}id., n. d. 

166. BARINGILTS (De. Eberh.) Clavis Diplomatica. 4to, vellum. 

Hanoverice^ 1737. 
Includes Alphabets, Abbreviations, etc. 
" L' edition de 1737 est moins complete et moins chere." — Brunei. 

/ (f,J~^ 16 7. BARKER (Jacob, of Ncav Orleans, Louisiana); Licidents in 
the Life of; with Historical Facts, his Financial Transactions 
with the Government, and his Course on Important Political 
Questions, from 1 800 to 1 855. 50 plcdes inserted. 8vo, Jtalf 
calf. Washinc/ton, 1855. 

j2. <fo 168. BARLANDL^'S (Hadr.) HoUandise Comitvm Historia et 
Icones ; Caroli Burgvndiae dvcisvita. ItemUJtrajectensivra 
episcoporvm catalogus et res gestae ; Ejusdem argumenti 
Libellus Gerardo Noviomago x\uctore. Portraits, folio, ccdf. 

Zm/d. Batav. C. Plantin, 1584. 

,2^rT69. BARLASS (Wm.) Sermons on Practical Subjects. 8vo, bds. 

N'. Y. 1818. 

// 170. . Another Copy. 8xo, sheep. iVi Z. 1818. 

30.od 171. BARLOW (Joel). The Columbiad : a Poem. Plates by 
Smirke, with additional '^w?\xqXxo\\%. 4to, half morocco. 

Philada. Fry & Co. 1807. 

This copy appears to have been the Printer's revise, as several marks for 

correction are on the margin. This was the last book illustrated by Mr. Allan. 

S^ 172. BARXARD (Ed. W.) Fifty Select Poems in Imitation of 
Marc. Antonio Flamiuio. 8vo, bds. 50 copies onli/ printed. 

Chester, 1829. 

<J^173. BARXARD. Catalogue of the Library of F. A. Barnard. 
8vo, half calf. Lond. 1789. 

62^^-74. BARRETT (Walter). The Old Merchants of Xew York 
City. 12mo. N. Y. Carleton, 1863. 

/S^G</ 175. BARTH (J. A.) Pacis Annis mdcccxiv. et mdcccxv. Foeder- 
atis armis Restitutse Monumentum Orbis Terrarum de For- 
tuna Reduce Gaudia Gentium linguis interpretans Princibus 
piis Felicibus Augustis Propulusque Victoribus Liberatori- 
bus Liberatis Dicotum. Folio, half morocco. 

Vratisla v ia', 1817. 

This splendid specimen of decorative tj^jograpliy contains congratulatory 

verses on the Success of the Allies, and the general Peace of 1815, in one 

hundred and seven different Languages, in their various characters, printed 


with emblematical borders, representing- the costume of each Nation. This 
copy has several additional Borders. Some of the Pieces are in the Dela- 
^vare, Escniimaux, and other American Languages. 

iT*^ IVG. BARTLETT (Joseph). Aphorisms on Men, Manners, Prin- 
ciples, and Times. 12mo. lioston, 1823. 
(p, ao 177. BARTLETT (John Russell). A History of the Destruc- 
tion of His Britannic Majesty's Schooner Gaspee, in Narra- 
gansett Bay, on the 10th June, 1772 ; accompanied by the 
Correspondence connected therewith ; the Action of the 
General Assembly of Rhode Island thereon, and the Offi- 
cial Journal of the Proceedings of the Commission of 
Inquiry appointed by King George the Third, on the Same. 
Photograph of the author, also Autograph Letter and Plate 
inserted. Imp'l 8vo, half morocco^ xincut. 

Providence^ 1861. 
One hundred and twenty -five copies printed for private distribution. 

/O.^^ l'J'8. BARTOLFS (Pet. Santes). Nummophylacium Reginse 
Christinre, quod comprehendit Numismata Aerea Impera- 
torum Romanorum, Latina, Grseca, atque in Colonis Cusa, etc. 
cum comment S. Havercampi. Contains nearly one thousand 
Plates of Medals. Folio, eeilf. Ilagce Comit. 1Y42. 

yo.^d 179. BARTOLOZZI (F.) A collection of one hundred and fifty 
' fine Plates, engraved by this celebrated Artist, comprising 

some of his choicest works, folio, half morocco, gilt edges. 

Q nff4 180. Another collection of one hundred and sixty-tAVO Plates, 

folio, hcdf green morocco, gilt edges. v. d. 

^S^dO 181. . A collection of Various Subjects, by Bartolozzi, etc. 

97 plates, in a folio, half morocco, gilt edges. 
iS^,/^o 182. . Tickets and Mythological Subjects, engraved by Barto- 
lozzi. 131 plates, folio, half morocco, gilt edges. 
A,ee 183. BARTRAM (John), and Kalm (Peter). Observations on the 
Inhabitants, Climate, Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, 
and other matters Avorthy of notice, made by Mr. John Bar- 
tram, in his Travels from Pensilvania to Onondaga, Oswe- 
go, and the Lake Ontario in Canada, to which is annexed a 
curious Account of the Cataracts at Niagara, by Mr. Peter 
Kalm, a Swedish gentleman who travelled there. J/ (vp, 8vo, 
calf, scarce. Lonelon, J. Whiston, 1751. 

y^, C o 184. BASAN" (Fr.) Collection de Cent-Vingt Estampes d'apres 
les Tableaux du Cabinet de M. PouUain : grav. sous la 
direction de Basan. 4to, halfrussia. Paris, 1781. 

Priced in Brunet at from 6.3 to 140 francs. 
;?ir", ^^185. BASAN (Sr.) Recueil D'Estampes Gravees d'apres les Tab- 
leaux du Cabinet de Mons. Le Due de Choiseul par les soins 
du Sr. Basan. 4t(), russia, gilt edges. Paris, 1771. 

Contains 123 beautiful engravings after the okl masters. Priced by II. G-. 
Bohn, 7£ 7s. 0~(/. 

/l,a e 186. BASSINET (A. J. D.) Ilistoire Sacrce de I'Ancien et du Nou- 


veau Testament, representee par Figures. 8 vols, in 4, impl. 

8vo, morocco. Paris, 1806. 

Containing nearly five hundred engravings, copied from the works of the 
most celebrated masters. 

/, X<?187. B[ATE] (J[ohn]). The Booke of Extravagants ; ^vherein 
amongst others is principally contrived clivers excellent and 
approved Medicines, for severall maladies. 4to, calf. 

Land. 1635. 
^, /"<:? 188. BATE (John). The Mysteries of Nature and Art, in foure sev- 
erall parts. The first of Water Works ; the second of Fire 
Works ; the third of Drawing, AVashing, Limming, Painting, 
and Engraving ; the fourth of Sundry Experiments, ^n- 
graved title. 2d edition. 4to, russia. 

Printed for Ralph Mabb. 1635. 
Towneley's copy sold for 1£ 5s. Od. 

S^ 189. BATE (Julius). A New and Literal Translation of the Pen- 
tateuch, and the Historical Books of the Old Testament. 4to, 
velhna. Loud. 1773. 

This learned divine was of the Hutchinsouian Persuasion. 

VtTTgo. BATTISTA. Libro di M Giovanbattista Palatino Cittadino 
^ Romano, Nel qual s'insegna a Seriuere, ogni forte lettera, 

Antica et Moderna, di qualun que natione, con le sue regole, 
et misure, et essempi ; et con vn breve, et vtil discorso de la 
cifre. Sm. 4to, half calf. Roma., 1540. 

This curious and rare volume contains many ancient alphabets. 

2.0 6 191. BATTY (Captain). Welsh Scenery. Fine plates, impl. 8vo, 
clotli. Loud. 1825. 

■^,oc 192. BAVDOIN (J.) Recveil d'Emblemes divers. Avec des Dis- 
covrs moravx, philosophiqves, et politiqves; tirez de diuers 
Autheurs, Anciens et Modernes. 68 plates. Sm. 8vo, 
rellwn. Paris, Jac. Villery, 1638. 

/,S^ 193. La meme. Sm. 8vo, m//'. Paris, Jac. Viflery, 1646. 

„ ,, 194. BAULDWiN(Wm.) ^JTreatfseof ittoraU^hilosopitic, 

containing the sayings of the wise, &c. Ulacfe HCtttV. 
Sin. 8vo. Date torn off the title. Pondo/t, circa 1564. 

First printed in 1547, and one of the most popular books of the day. 

,, " 195. BAXTER (Rd.) The Divine Life, in three Treatises ; the first, 

Of the Knowledge of God ; the second. Of Walking with 

God ; the third, Of Conversing with God in Solitude. 4to, 

calf. Lond. 1664. 

3,ao 196. BAXTER, (Rd.) The Saint's Everlasting Rest. 4to, calf. 

Pjond. 1677. 
First printed in 1653. 

*y, o o 197. BAYFIUS (Lazari). Annotationes en Legem IL de Captiuis, 
et postliminio reuersis, in quibus tractatur De re nauali; eivs- 
dem annotationes in Tractatitm De auro et argento legato, 
quibus Vestimentorum, et Vasculorum genera explicantur ; 
item Antonii Thylesii De Coloribus liboHus, a coloribus 
Vestium non alienus. 4to. rellnvn. Basihv, Frohen, 1541. 



Jl.2.S~{^^^ BAYLY (Thos. IL) Weeds of Witchery. Plates, rl. 8vo, 
dotli. Lond. 1837. 

S~. ^fo 199. BEAT^ MAKIA VIRGINIS OFFICIUM. 8vo, morocco, 
ci'tra (flit. J^exftiis, apud Jo. Bap. Pasqual, 1740. 

The wliole of the text of this beautiful work is engraved ; the Steel plates 
are proofs. 

j>(fc 200. BEATSON (Maj.-Genl. A.) Tracts, relative to the Island of 

St. Helena. Written during a residence of five years. 

Illustrated by W^m. Daniell. ^4to, calf. Lond. 1816. 

Mostly relative to the Statistics, Climate and Agriculture of the Island. 

Fonthill copy sold for 18s. Od 

/ 6t eS 201. BEATTIE (Dr.) Scotland Illustrated, in a series of views taken 
expressly for this work, by Messrs. T. Alloni, W. H. Bartlett, 
and H. M'Culloch. 2 vols. 4to, morocco, extra gilt, fine 
earh/ imp>ressions. Lond. 1838. 

^202. BEATTIE (James). The Minstrel ; or, the Progress of Genius. 
Plates. 12mo, calf. J^ond. 1797. 

U.o o 203. BEATTIE (Wra.) Life and Letters of Thomas Campbell. 
3 vols. 8vo, half morocco. Lond. 1850. 

j^^^ 204. BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER. Cupid's Revenge. [Third 
edition] 4to, half calf, interleaved. Lond. 1635. 

^ffc 205. BEAUMONT (Sir John). Bosvvorth-Field ; with a Taste of 
'' the Variety of other Poems, \2xno, calf . Lo7id. 1629. 

First Edition; priced in the Bibliotheca Anglo- Poetica, No. 25, 2£ 6s. Od., 
where it is likewise fully described. Dr. Kippis says, "It is plain that there 
was great harmony in his versification, and that it was much above the 
general cast of the age." 

^,2iS^06. BEAUTIES OF SCOTLAND, containing a clear and full 

account of each county. JEmbellished with Engravings. 5 

vols. 8vo, calf. Edinh. 1 805. 

j2,e() 207. BEAUTIES OF THE DUTCH SCHOOL, oblong 4to, half 

calf Lond. 1793. 

BEAUTIES OF THE OPERA, royal 8vo. J.ond. n. d. 

BEAUTY'S COSTUME ; a Series of Female Figures, in the 
Drosses of .all Times and Nations. 12 plates, by C. Heath. 
4to, silk, gilt edges. Lond. 1839. 

Do. cloth gilt. A Different Series. Lond. 1838. 

BECK (Thos.) Poetic Amusement. 12mo, c«{/: io«(7. 1809. 

[BECKFORD Wm.] Biographical Memoirs of Extraor- 
dinary Painters. 12mo, half calf . Lond. 1824. 
A satirical work, published anonymously, of which a notice will be 

found in the Retrospective Review, x., 172-9. It is an object of curiosity, 

as it exhibits the germs of some of the finest passages in Vathek. 

*' 213. BECKFORD. Catalogue of the Fonthill Library. 8vo, 

'? ^ hoards. Lond. 1823. 

Jr^^l4. BECKFORD (Peter). Thoughts on Fox and Hare Hunting, 

in a Series of F'ainiliar Letters to a P'riend. Plates. By 

John Scott. 8vo, c((lf, title mended. Albion Press, 1810. 



j2y^ -215. BECKFORD. Thoughts on Hunting, in a Series of Familiar 
'/ Letters to a Friend. 8vo, bh(e morocco^ extra. 

Albion Pi-f'ss, 1810. 
By some mistake, the title to this copy reads William Beckford. 

^^^tr'216. BECKFORD (Peter), Thoughts on Hunting. Bvo, red 
morocco^ gilt. Lond. [1820.] 

A notice of this work will be found in the Retrospective Review, xii.. 
J77 217. BECON (Tlionias). % ^rtB=©rrC'S (KfCt, newly pub- 
lished. Blatfc. Setter. Folio, wood cut titles. 

Printed hi/ John Day^ s. 1. s. a. 
Forms fohos CLXX to CLXXXXVIIl, of Becon's Works, but complete 
in itself. 

/^S7? 218. BEDDEN. Catalogue of the Coins and Medals of Johx 
Bedden, Esq. priced. 8vo. Lond. 1821. 

3,y'^\^. BEE-HIVE (The) of the Romish Church. A Worke of all 
Good Catholikes to be read, and most necessary to bee under- 
stood. Wherein the Catholike Religion is substantially 
confirmed, and the Heretikes finely fetcht ouer the coales. 
Translated into English by George Gilpin, the Elder. 
12mo, morocco., gilt edges. Lond. J. Dav:.'^on, 1623. 

By Isaac Rabbotem, i. e., Philip de Marnix Seigneur dn Mont Saint 
'YSV --0- BELLAMY (Mr.) Ethic Amusements. Revised by his Son, 
/* •- D. Bellamy, M. A. Curious plates. 4to, russia extra, 

splendid copy. Lond. 1768. 

^^.2^21. BELDEN (E. P.) New York : Past, Present, and Future; 
comprising a History of the City of New York, a Descrip- 
tion of its Present Condition, and an Estimate of its Future 
Licrease. 12mo, cloth, gilt. N. Y. 1849. 

AMth New York as It Is. Being the Counterpart of the Metropohs of 


2^^222. BELFAST. View of the Education at Belfast. 8vo, hedf 

^ calf. Belfast, 1832. 

Z, t.*^ 223. BELGI^ Pacificatoruni vera Delineatio. Fine portrait. 4to, 

vellum. Ha gee Comi. 1608. 

//-,oa 224. BELGH'M AND NASSAU; or the Continental Tourist. 

Steel jtlates and maps, proofs on Lridia paper. 4to, roan 

f/ilt. Lond. n. d. 

"225. BELL (H. G.) The Life of Mary Queen of Scots. 2 vols. 

12mo, half morocco. Edinh. 1831. 

226. BELL (J.) New Pantheon, or Historical Dictionary of Gods, 
Demi-gods, Heroes, etc., of Antiquity. 2 vols. 4to, russia. 

Lond. 1790. 
"An excellent and useful compilation." — Lowndes. 

227. BELL (J. G.) Bibliographer's Manual. 8vo. Sixty copies 
printed. 185.i-6. 

228. BELLEGARDE (Abbe de). Politeness of Manners and Beha- 
viour in P'ashionable Societv. 8vo, half ccdf. Paris, 1812. 


18 BELO?:. 

S''f>C 229. BEHR (Job Adam). Catechismus; in Embleinatibiis. Das 
ist derdurch Bilder erkliirte Catechismus Darinnem der 
acantze Catcebismus Lutheri Xebst del* Hauss-Taffel Morgen- 
Tiseh-und Abend-Gebet, etc. 4to, hogskht, with ch/sps ; 
irooden boards. Augsburg^ 1718. 

A specimen of modern binding in this Pt3'le. 
J*,*/^ 230. BELLEROPHOX of Lvst tot Vvysbeyd, Be.i?rjpende Vccl 
zeedighe, stichtlijche en leerlijche. Sinne-beelden met haere 
verklaringhen. 4to, calf. 

Amstelredam., by Dirck Pietersz, 1614. 
This rare book of Emblems is wanting in most of the celebrated collec- 
tions of the kind. 
J,C^ 231. BELLERS (Jobn). Proposals for raising a Colledge of In- 
dustry of all useful Trades and Husbandry, etc. Land. 1696. 
[reprint 1850.] Also, Owen (Robert), Letters to tbe Human 
Race on the Coming Universal Revolution. Loud. 1850. 
2 vols, in 1. 18rao. h( Of morocco. 1850. 

y The former of these two works is one of the first books on '• Association." 

( 232. BELOE (Wm.) Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books. 
6 vols. 8vo, half morocco, uncut., top edges gilt, scarce. 

Loud. 1807-12. 
A work containing much bibhographical information and extracts from 
curious works. 

BEX GORIOX. See Joseph Ben Gorion. 
^,SV 233. BEXEDICTUS (Alexander), tiC ^tStrtatfOltC Xtt 
^CSttlentia. 4to, tlfe. letter. VenetHs, CLxxxxm. 
Brunet notices another work b}^ the author (1496) as most rare. It is fair 
to infer that this is quite scarce. 
/, y6 234. BEXGER (Miss). Memoirs of the Life of Mary, Queen of Scots. 
' ' 2 vols, post 8vo, calf. " Lond. 1823. 

Compiled principally from Chalmers' Life of Q. Mary, and includes anec- 
dotes of the Court of Henry II. 
J, ml 235. BEXXER (H.) Collection de Yingt-Quatre Portraits de la 
Famille Imperiale. folio, half calf . St. Petersbourgh, n. d. 
Brilliant Impressions. The descriptive text in French and Russian. 
2^^2iQ. BEXXET (Benj.) A Defence of the Memorial of the 
Reformation, &c. 8vo. Z,ond. 1723. 

" 237. BEXXET (James). Book-keeping. 8vo, cloth. X. Y. 1826. 
/oR? 238. BEXSOX. Catalogue of the Coins and Medals of Wm. 
Be^'SON, Esq. Prices <(rid names. 8vo, half calf . 1845. 
^, ^f^ 239. B[ERESFORD (Rev. James)] Bibliosophia ; or, Book- Wis- 
dom, Containing some account of the Pride, Pleasure, and 
Privileges of that Glorious Vocation — Book-Collecting. 
12mo, half morocco. Lond. 1810. 

Lowndes characterizes this volume as a vapid attempt at wit. Strettel's 
sale. 6s. M. 

„ 240. BERGOMEXSis (Pauius) afbrUu-s Hc ^poloflia re- 

^{OnCS fratruni hermitarum Ordin'.s S. Augustini, contra 


falso inipiignantes. Editio unica, tjIclCll ICttCl*. 4to, half 
calf. Roma., Franeiscus dt Ch/quinis, m.cccclxxix. 

Respecting this work see Panzer II., 473, 284. 

J S'(^ 241. BERXAL. Catalogue of the Celebrated Collection of Works 
of Art, from the Byzantine Period to tliat of Louis Seize, 
of that distinguished collector, Ralph Berxal, Esq. 
Plates. 8vo, half uiorooro., (jilt top. Land. 1855. 

This collection sold for £62,G90 18.s. 'Id. See Bolin (H. G.) 

2 jz*r^i2. BERNARDO. Xiutpff Ttt ^ctiitattoncs, tfcitf tcntartii 
primi abbatis clnrc uallcnsts. ©othtc ZLcttcr, small 

4to, limp calf. s. 1. s, a. 

This rare tract was printed about 1410. 

y:^ 243. BERNHARD (s,) tjc planctu Beatc iiiartae. Ulacfe 

JiCtttV. 4to, m(/; rare. s. 1. s. a. 

Printed by Ulrich ZcU in 14fi(3; one of the early printers; he learnt the 

art with John Fust and Peter Schoefl'er, and was the first printer in Cologne. 

This is the oldest printed book but one in this Catalogue. See Biblia Aurea. 

BEROALDE DE VERVILLE (Francois.) See Poliphile. 
/ J?7 244. BERQUIN. Idylles par M. Berquin. 24 fne steel plates. 

2 vols. 12mo, morocco. [Paris, 1774-5,] 

/,<^a 245. BERRIAjST (Rev. Wm.) An Historical Sketch of Trinity 

Church, New York. 8vo, cloth. JV. Y. 1847. 

^,^a 246. BERTHOD (P. F.) Emhlesmes Sacrez tirez de I'Escritvre 
Saincte et des Peres, Inventees et Expliqvees en vers Fran9ois, 
auec vne brieue Meditation sur le mesmesujet, etc. 12mo, 
calf. Paris, K Loyson, 1657. 

A most rare collection of Emblems not mentioned by Brunet, and not in- 
cluded in the Stirling Collection. 

/ /ZJ 247. BERTIN and BRETON'S China ; its Costume, Arts, Manu- 
factures, &c. Colored pAates. 4 vols. 12mo. Lond. 1813. 
This work was published at £4 45. Oti 

,2*^248. BEVERroOE (Givillun). Meddyhen NeiUduol av Grefydd, 
etc. 18mo. Lond. 1726. 

// tT?? 249, BEWARE lest any man spoil you through Philosophy and 
vain Deceit, tfec. Rl. 8vo, russia., extra. Lond. 1828. 

^3, ^^ -^0- BEWICK (Thomas and John). A Descriptive and Critical 
Catalogue of Works, illusti-ated by T. & J. Bewick, Wood 
Engravers ; with an Appendix, brief Sketches of their 
Lives, &c. Portraits on India pap>er. Irapl. 4to, cloth. 

Lond. 1851, 

Xo. 8. Subscription Copy, large paper. Inserted are 8 additional pages of 

y Errata, etc. 

/ C>,t/o 251. BEWICK (Thomas). The Figures of Bewick's Quadrupeds. 

2d edition, 1824. The Figures of a Supjilement to the 

BritLsh Birds — Land Birds. 2 vols. 4to, )norocco, extra. 

Newcastle, 1821. 

/O, 00 252. BEWICK. Select Fables, with Cuts, designed and engraved 
by Thomas and John Bewick and others, pre\ious to the 


year 1784, together with a Memoir, and a Descriptive Cata- 
logue of the Works of Messrs. Bewick. 8vo, ''nlf. 

Newcastle, 1820. 

'y' J~o 25-3. BEWICK. Scrap Book containing a hirge number of Wood 

/' Cuts, by these celebrated Artists. Small folio, A'///' >//orowa 

All the works of Bewick are scarce, and command a large price : their 

merit is commensurate with their value, and it is not hyperbole to say that 

the engravings are almost fac-similes of nature. 

(^.ac 254. BEZA (TiiEO.) jTftc ^ctoc rcstnmatt of #br aorti 

5JfS^S ^hrfSt, translated out of Greeke, whereunto are 
adioyned large Ex])OsitioDS of the phrases and hard places, 
by the authour and others; together with a Table or Con- 
cordance, conteining the prhicipall wordes and matters com- 
prehended herein. Englished by L. Tomson. ijlatll 
Setter, 4to, old calf. 

Iinprinted at London, hy the Deputies of C/a-istophei' Bar- 
ker, 1596. 
^,6/c 255. BEZA. Master Bezae's (xxxi.) Sermons Vpon the Three First 
Chapters of the Canticle of Canticles, translated out of 
French by John Harmar. 4to, vellum. 

Oxford, J. Barnes, 1587. 
In this work the fashions of curled locks, crisped and frizzled hair, mon- 
strous rufifs, villanous long bellies, painted and slicked faces, are severely 
condemned. See pages 172, 173. 

^ ff^ 256. BEZA. Theodore de Besze Les Vrais Povrtraits des Hommes 
' illvstres en Piete et Doctrine, etc. Plvs qvarante qvatre 

Emblemes Chretiens, Traduicts du Latin de Theodore de 

Besze. 4to, blue morocco, fne ccqry. 

Geneve, lean de Laon, 1581. 

^S~.^d 257. BIBLA SACRA. A Becmtif ally written MS., prohed}lu of the 
Wtli Coitury, about nine hundred 2jages, icith many hun- 
dred Capital and Initial Letters, highly colored. 8vo, in 
hog sMn with clasps. 

//.cd 258. iJlJbltcl J^ttteflrjl I summata : distincta: accuratius reeme- 
data : utriusque testamenti cocordantiis illustrata. Beautifully 
printed in ^Otilie Setter. Small 8vo, c(df. 

Basike, J. Frohen, mccccxcv. 

This edition is not mentioned by Brunet. 

" 259. Ulblfcl eu ^OnCOrtlcintllS in margine, nee no Ilebraicom 
nominii Interprctationibus. , ©^Othie Setter. 8vo, calf, 
red edges. Mccccxcvi, 

For a description of this volume, see Brunet, vol. i., p. 874. Paris, 1860. 

', 260. JiitUti turn Stimmarioru apparatu pleno, quadmpii- 

cique repertorio iusignita, etc. CSOthie Setter. 8vo, 
purple morocco. 

Jjugdini in officina Gilbert i de Mlliers, 1524. 

^,-^•^61. ijfblia Saera. imperfect at the beginning, tlaefe letter, 

beautifully printed, thick 8vo. Paris, 1534. 

BIBLE. 21 

jf^J^62. JJlljIm Sacra. Another edition. Thick 8vo, l)Iacfe letter, 

iiiipei'fcct at tin- berjiniiiiKj^ Jiof/skiu cic-y/s. 

liasihp^ J. Frohen^ mcccccxlv. 

V Froben was one of the most eminent printers of liis time, and was a friend 

of Erasmus. 

^63. BIBLIA SACRA. Quid in hac editione a Theologis Louan- 
iensibus prse-situm sit, paulo post indicatur. Small 8vo. 

AntrerpliP., C. Plantin, 1580. 
264. BIBLIA SACRA, ad optima qvaeqve veteris et vvlgatse, trans- 
lationis exempLaria summa diligentia, pariq. fide castigata, etc., 
with curious wood cuts' thick 8vo, hogsli)i. 

Francoforti, 1583. 

//,ff0 '^05. BIBLE. The Bible translated accordiag to the Ebrew and 

Greeke. The Genevan or Breeches JBihle, vith the Psalter 

and Tunes. Thick 4to, calf. Loud. Barker., 1589. 

One of the most uncommon of Barker's Bibles. 

/2,,fid "266. BIBLE, that is, The Holy Scripttires conteined in the Okie and 
New Testament, translated according to the Ebrew and 
Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in divers 
languages. 4to, morocco., ijilt edges. 

Imprinted at London., hy the I)e/juties of Christopher Bar- 
Jeer., 1599. 
This edition of tlie Genevan or Breeches Bible contains many variations 
from the others. There are, however, eight editions of this date. 

J ^, S^ -07. BIBLE. Another copy. Aio, cedf antique, red edges. 

Bond. C. Barker, 1599 

-2,«^ 268. . Another Edition. Aio, calf Wants leaf, A. 8. 

Lond. B. Barker, 1613. 
^a 269. BIBLE AND PRAYER BOOK. 24mo, nded tcith red lines, 
hound in hiack morocco, heavy silver corners. 

Lond. Bill tt Barker, 1662. 
Contains a curious Book Plate and register of the Munden family. 

/,^<f 270. BIBLE; Authorized Version, interleaved and boiuid in 3 vols. 
8vo, old morocco. Lond. 1695. 

^,oe 271. BIBLE. Holy Bible, Ornamented with Engravings, by James 
Fittler. ^xo, old morocco, gilt. Lond. 1^95, 

^,</^272. BIBLE. Minion 8vo, roa/i, ^^7?. O.'ford, 1S22, 

S,e/o 273. V>\^\^^.^xQ\'\Qx "iso, morocco extra, gilt corners. 0.ifn'd,\'ti\'l. 

2.,»^ 2 74. BIBLE (La) qvi est Tovte la Saincte Escritvre dv Vieil et 

Xovveav Testament, par les Pasteurs et Docteurs Eglisede 

Geneve. Engraved title, and ruled vitli red lines. 8vo, old 

morocco. A la Bochelle, 1616. 

^S^ 275. Croat Bible, with 140 wood cuts, folio, calf fine 

copy. Wittemherg, 1584. 

This is the first edition of the Bible in the Croat Language, and is now rare. 

;2', ^^ 276. BIBLE, in the Gaelic Language. 12mo, calf. Lo)ul. 1807. 

^, e/ff 277. BIBLE PLATES. Figures des Histoires de la Saincte Bible, 

accompagnees deBrefs Dkscovrs. folio, old calf . 

Paris, 1683. 


^^.ac L'78. Uftlta ^Urta, veteris ac noui testamOti vocitatus. 3JlaCfe 
iiCttrr. ^m- 4to, calt\fine copy. 

StraKfibnrf/Ji., Johanna GrunUjei^ m.cccci.xv. 

The oldest printed book in Mr. Allan's collection, and an edition of un- 
common rarity. See Panzer and Clement's Bibl. Curieuse lY, p. 20(3. 279. BIBLIA ECTYPA. A Collection of over 800 fine plates, 
folio, half cdlj. Augspicrg, 1695. 

/ /£>.0^ -^0. BIBLE PLATES. Figures du Noveau Testament, oil sout repre- 
sentees la Vie et les Actions les plus reraarquables de Notre 
Seigneur Jesus Christ, depuis son Incarnation jusqu'a sa 
glorieuse Ascension. Large wood cuts, folio, ca(f. 

Paris, 1724. 
From Mr. Burton's Collection. 

2y, C6 281. BIBLE PLATES, by the Old Masters. A Collection of 
' 80 plates. 4to, velhon. 

y,oo 282. BIBLE PLATES. A Collection of Thirty-Eight Old Wood 
Cuts, illustrative of the Xew Testament. 4to, half morocco. 

Lond. 1818. 
LAXY. 12 mo, half morocco, gilt edges. 

Land., J. Wilson, 18:30. 
S~0 284. BIBLIOMANE (Le). Xo. IL 8vo. Lond. 1801. 

BIBLIOSOPHIA. 1810. See [Beresford, Rev. James]. 
/0,oe-2%b. BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA; or, a Chronological Cata- 
logue of the most Curious and Interesting Books, Pamphlets, 
State Papers, etc., upon the subject of Xorth and South 
America, from the earliest period to the present, in Print 
and MS., <fcc. 4to, ?ia If morocco. Lond., J. Dehrett, 1789. 
This book has been ascribed to three or four different persons. Up to its 
date it was the fullest work on the subject, but its complicated arrange- 
ments, errors of date, unintelligible abbreviations, and frequent repetitious 
mar its utility. 

BIBLIOTHECA Anglo-Poeticu. See Griffiths (A. F.) 

^.yS'im. BIBLIOTHECA PARISIAN A. A Catalogue of a Collection 

' of Books formed by a Gentleman in France, etc. 8vo, calf, 

gilt, %nith prices and name^. Lond. 1791. 

This valuable collection of books averaged more per article than any other 

collection ever sold. 656 articles produced £7,098 10s. 9d; nearly £11 each 

Lot. " Then you might have seen the most notorious Bibliomaniacs, with 

blood inflamed and fancies intoxicated, rushing towards the examination of 

the truly Matchless volumes in this collection." — Dibdin. 

/, <^<^ ^2X1. lUCKHAM (Geo.) The Buckinghamshire and Aylesbury 
Writing Master, folio. n. d. 

^, «^ 288. BICKHAM (George). The Universal Penman ; or the Art of 
Writing. 212 plates, folio, calf Lond, 1741. 

A neatlv engraved work, witli numerous head and tail pieces. 

^»> 289. BIJOU (The). An Annual of Literature for 1828-29-30. 3 

vols. 12ino, red silk. Lond. Pickering, 1828-30. 

3,7'^1'M^. BINDLEY. Catalogue of the Medals of James Bindley, Esq., 

prici:s and name.^. ii\o, Jialf c<df. Lo/a.l. IS,\9. 


/,S0 291. BIXDLEY. Another copy, i):irtly marked. Svo. Zoy«7. 1819. 
j^ 292. BINET (Estieiine). Abrege des Vies des Principfiux Fon- 
' datevrs des Religious de FEglise, representez daus le 

choevr de V Abbaie de S. Lambert de Liessies, en Hayiiavt ; 
auec les maximes spirituelles de chaque Fondateur, [et leurs 
portraits gravez en taille douce par Corn, et T, Galle]. 39 
fine portraits, 4to, green morocco. 

Anvers, Martin Nutim, 1634. 

/, 0a 293. BIXGLEY (W.) North Wales ; Map, Plate and Music. 2 

vols. 8vo, half calf . Loud 1804. 

'• In this work the langua.sye. manners, customs, anticiuities and botany, are 

particularly attended to." — Loicndts. 

j-;JP 294. BIOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE, containing [130] Portraits 
and Characters of Eminent and Ingenious Persons of every 
Age and Nation. 8vo, ctr/f Lond. 1794. 

Includes Columbus, Drake, and Rawleigh. 

^ J7? 295. BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of the Living Authors of 
Great Britain and Ireland, etc. .Bvo, calf. Land. 1816. 

■• As accurate a list of the works of the authors living in ISIG, as could 
possibly be compiled." — Loirndes. 

f^,0e 296. BIRCH (William). Delices de la Grande Bretagne. Ob- 
long 4to, half <-(df. IjO)id. 1791. 

Tlie Text to this volume is in English. 

X<^ 297. BISHOPS' MANIFEST (The) ; or a Comparative Relation of 
conformitie of the Eiigl'tsJi Prelates to those treacheroits and 
deceitfull ones in the Reign of King lien, the eighth, etc. 
4to, half calf rare. Loial.forW. R. 1641. 

/TJ^ 298. BISSET (j.) "Magnificent Guide, or Grand Copper Plate Di- 
rectory for the Town of Birmingham. 50 Plates and others 
inserted; 8vo, Jialf morocco. liirinlugluoa., 1808. 

„ /, 299. BIZON (Mr.) Histoire Metallique de la Republique de Hol- 
lande. folio, calf. Paris., 1787. 

/.cc 300. BLACKFORD (Mrs.) The Eskdale Herd Boy. \2mo, calf . 

Lond. 1819. 

/ Ji^301. BLACKWOOD'S Edinburgh Magazine. Vols.l to 11; 8vo,/^«,r 

hound. Ed'tnh. 1817. 

S^ 302. BLAIR (Hugh). Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. 

3 vols. 8vo, ccdf. Lond. 1790. 

g,/2/ 303. [BLACK (Rev. John)]. The Falls of Clyde, or the Fairies 
a Scottish Dramatic Pastoral. 8vo, cf. Ediid). 1806. 

^^304. BLACK COATS; or Priestcraft Detected. 8vo. 

Newcastle, 1818. 
'j.S'O 305. [BLACKBURNE (Tho)]. Memoirs of Thomas Hollis. Bn- 
fjractd Plates; 2 vols. 4to, russia extra., very fine copy. 

Lond. printed 1780. 
This copy contains the Index and additional pages, and all the plates, in- 
cluding Sir I. Newton's Portrait. Heath's copy sold for £4 75. Orf.. 13rockett's 
for £G (Is. QiJ. The subject of this memoir was a liberal benefactor to Har- 
vard Colleae. 


J22. O o .-500. BLAIR (Rob.) The Grave ; a Poem, illustrnttd by ticelve 
Etchinf/s^ executed hy L. Schuivonetti., from the Original 
InrentiOns of WiUkan Ijlake. 4 to, red morocco extra. 

Land. 1808. 
Blake's designs are celebrated for their boldness and sublimity. See Mrs. 
Jamieson's Sacred and Legendary Art. 

Offo 307. BLAIR (Samuel). The Doctrine of Predestination Truly and 
/ Fairly Stated; Confirmed from clear Scripture-Evidence, 

and Defended against all the Material Arguments and Objec- 
tions advanced against it. 8vo, j)p. 79 and advt. 
Philadelphia, printed by B. Franklin for the Author., 1742. 
A_ ^0 308. BLIXD HARRY. Acts and Deeds of the Most Famous and 
Valiant Champion, Sir William "Wallace, Avritten by Blind 
Harry, in 1361, together with Amaldi Blair Relationes. 4to, 
calf^ Edinb. 1758. 

3Y,<?C/ * BLITHEWOOD ALBUM (The). Ms. Title to a collection of 
/ one luxndred and twenty-nine DraAvings and Engravings, 

including Flower Pieces, by J. Leigh, and several other 
Drawings. Fine Portraits of Washington. Several sm. 
Engravings, Portraits and Fancy Sketches. Many Prints 
of the Bartolozzi School, &c. Folio., richly bound in 
dark green morocco, gilt sides and edges. 
//,oo 309. BLEECKER (Ann Eliza), Posthumous Works, to which 
is added a Collection of Essays, Prose and Poetical, by Marg. 
V. Faugeres. V2\v.o, sheep>, very scarce. N'. 3'. 1793. 

Mr. Corwin's copy sold for $11.00. "The Memoirs of Miss Bleecker and 
her Poems were published many years ago ; but I have sought in vain among 
the Libraries and the Bleeckers to obtain a copy." — W. L. Stone, Life of 
Bnv't. vol. i.. p. 207. 

BLOME (R.) See Royaumont (Sieur De). 
J7J?r 310. BLOMMAERT (Abraham). La Forest de Hermites et Hermit- 
esses d'Egypte et de la Palestine. Representee en figures de 
cuiure de 1' inuention d' Abraham Blommaert, taillees par 
Boece Bolswert. Et de plus illustre d'vn succinct recueil de 
leur vies tire de la vie des Peres. 4to, calf gilt edges. 

A. Anvers, If. Verdcssen, 1619. 

J,^^ ;n]. BLOMMAERT (Abra.) Sylva Anachoretica ^gypti et Pai- 
estinae — Figuris JEneis et bevirbvs vitarvm elogiis Expressa. 
4to, calf Antverpirp, 1619. 

S,(^<' 312. BLOEMAERT (A.) Verscheyden rerdige Lanthuysen nae 
rieven Gekonterfeyt deur Bloemaert. Fine impressions 
mounted in imp. 8vo, '-alfgilt edges. 

A)nsterda/n, by C. Visscher, 1620. 

S^ 313. BLOOMFIELD (Rob't). Rural Tales, JBallads .and Songs. 

12 mo. Land. 1806. 

Ay ^O 314. BLOOMFIELD (Robert). Poems, u-ith fourteen Illustra- 

/' tions, engraved by Th. Thompson. ^\o, blue morocco extra. 

Lond. Vanvoorst, 1845. 
/ Jl? 31,3. BLOOMFIELD. Views in Suffolk, Norfolk and Xorthamp- 


tonshire, illustrative of Bloomfield's Poems. Rl. 8vo, half 

rifssia. Lond. ISl's. 

A/>.i)« ^^^' BOADEN" (James). An Inquiry into the Authenticity of 
^ ' various Pictures and Prints of Shakespeare. Illustrated copy ^ 

4to, half calf . Lond. 1824. 

Only a limited edition printed in quarto. The present copy is illustrated 
with o9 plates. 

J y^'^sn. BOAISTUAU (Peter). rheatrUttt ittUtl^f. The Thea- 
/ tre or rule of the World, wherein may be seene the runninsr 

race and course of euery man's life, as touching miserie and 
felicitie, wherein be contained wonderfull examples and 
learned deuises, to the ouerthrow of vice and exalting of 
virtue. BlaClt 2Lettn% ISmo, old calf title and last leaf 
tnended. Tmprhited at London by Thos. East. 1581. 

"Burton was probably acquainted with this work. There are many passages 
in his Anatomy of Melancholy which bear a strong resemblance." — Lowndes. 

C^C)« 318. BOCCACCIO. Bocace de la genealogie des dieux : contenant 
la faulse credece des infidelles et getilz ; qui par leurs 
erreurs et mal tondees supersticions creovent et oppinoyent 
pluralite de dieux. With spirited froyitispiece (rubricated) 
and icood cuts y folio, ccdf gilt edges ; fine copy., rare. 

Paris, Phillippe le Noir, 1526. 
A scarce book, by the Author of the Decameron. 

2^,00 319. BOCCACCIO. Decameron ofBoccaccio, containing an hundred 
pleasant Novels. Wittily discoursed, between seuen Hon- 
ovrable Ladies and three Noble Gentlemen. Done into 
English. Folio, half green tnorocco., gilt top). By Pawson 
& Nicholson. 

Ijondon., Printed by Isaac laggard., 1620. 

" Adorned with emblematic Title Page, and curious wood engravings. The 

first English Translation of this esteemed Italian Classic. Books VI-X. 

Jaggard was the printer of the first edition of Shakespeare. The wood cuts 

are delicately engraved from designs characterized by much freedom. 

e/o 320. BOCCACCIO. Illustrations of the Decameron of Boccaccio. 
Designed by Thomas Stothard. Engraved by Augustus 
Fox. 10 plates, rl. Svo. Land. Pickering, 1825. 

" 321. BOCCIIIUS (Achilles). Symbolicarum Qvae.stionvm, De 
vniuerso genere, quas serio ludebat, libri qvinqve. 151 
plates after Parmegiano and others. 4to, calf fine copy. 

Bononim., 1574. 
" These plates were, no doubt, originally executed by Julio Bonasoni; in 
them may be discovered ideas taken from the finest Antiques, Michael 
Angelo, Raphael, etc., and, like all the things of Julio's designing, full of 
simplicity, grandeur, and natural grace." Cumberland. — The plates to this 
edition were retouched by Caracci. 

/, S'O 322. BOHN (Henry G.) Catalogue of Books, vol. 1, 8vo, half 
morocco. Lond. 1847. 

Z,y^ 323. BOHN (Henry G.) A Guide to the Knowledge of Pottery 
and Porcelain, and other objects of Vertu, comprising an 
Illustrated Catalogue of the Bernal Collection of Works of 
Art. Numerous Wood Engravings. \2mo, half morocco. 
4 Lond. 1857. 



y.ST) 324. BOHN (H. G.) Guinea Catalogue of Books. Very thick 

' 8vo, half red morocco. 1841. 

jU,cd 325. BOILEAU. Q^uvres de Nicolas Boileau Despreanx, avec des 

eclaircissemeuts historiques donnez par lui-mome ; edit, aug- 

mentee de diverses Remarqnes [par CI. Brossette et du 

Monteil]. Enriche de Figures gravees par B. Picart. 2 vols. 

folio, russia crtra, marbled and gilt edges. A auperb copy 

from Syston Park. Amsterdam., Mortier, 1718. 

" Premiere edition de luxe que Ton ait donnee, de ce grand poete. Ello se 

recommande, et par sa belle execution typographique, et par d'assez bouues 

estampes ou vignettes." — Brunei. 

/e.e^ 326. BOISSARDUS (Janus Jac.) Bibliotlieca Chalcographica. 
Illustratium Virtute atque eruditione in tota Europa, 
Clarissimorum virorum Theologoruiu, etc. CoUectore lauo 
lacobo Boissardo Ves : Sculptore Jan. Theod : de Bry 
Chalcog. Ante hac cum vitis editoruni, etc. Good impres- 
sions of the Portraits. 4to, vellum. 

Francof J. Ammonii., 1650. 

3. S'^ 327. BOISSARDUS (Ja. Jac.) Emblematum Liber. Emblemes 
latins de I. I. Boissard auec I'interpretation Fran^oise de I. 
Pierre loly Messin. 42 plates, by Theodore de Bry. 
Small 4to, 95 pp. morocco. 

Metis exciidebant Ahrah. Faher., 158 8. 
" Edition rare." — Brunet. 

y^ao 328. BOISSARDUS. (Janus Jac.) Dionysii Lebei— Batillii Regii 
' Mediomatricu Prsesidis Embleniata. Etnl)]emata a lano lacii 

Boissardo Vesuntino, delineata sunt. Et a Theodoro de 
Bry sculpta, et nunc recens in lucem edita. 4to, ccdf. 

Francofurti ad Mtenii, 1596. 
^,S0 329. BOtttltJtUtUra. Legenda maior beatissimi patris Francisc. 
a Sancto Bonauetura etc. JJlafU ILtXXtX- Small 8vo, 
blue morocco. Paris, J. Parbier, n. d. 

(^V«^329.* BONANNIUS (Ph.) Xuraismata Suramorum Pontificum 
^ Tcmpli Vatican! Fabricam Indicantia, Chronologica ejusdem 

Fabricae narratione, ac Multiplici eruditione ex])licata. Sec- 
ond edition, 85 plates, folio, ccdf. Rornm, 1696. 
BONNEFONS (Amable). Le batechisme Royale, ov les 
poincts de la foy sont representez par Images, et les Images 
Expliqvees. Portrait and emblematic plates. 12mo, 7no- 
t — rocco, gilt. Paris, M. Henavlt, 1647. 

-2'^^ 331. . Le nieme. \'lmo,calf. Paris, IGil. 

2,y*^32. BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. 8vo, cctlf, ruled with red 

lines. Zon'd., J. Bell, 1665. 

/S^ 333. BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, in English and Low-dutch, 

12nio, calf, gilt edges. Amsterdam, 1740. 

/ y.r334. BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, Translated into Manks, for 

the use of the Diocese of Man. 12 mo, old ccdf. 

Isle of Man, 1769. 

Jl, 0O 335. BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, &c. rl. 8vo, morocco 

extra. Oxford, 1815. 


BORDE. 27 

^ cc 336. BOOK OF COMMON" PRAYER. Anotlier edition, illustra- 
ted with Copper Plates. S\o, }no}'ocro extra. iV. I". 1819. 
y^ a 337. BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, with notes, by H. St ebbing, 
/' and illustrated with many hundred wood cuts. imp!. 8vo, 

green morocco, gold borders. Lond. n. d. 

/ s^ 338. BOOK PLATES. Collection of the Book Plates of several 

Old Citizens of New York. 4to, unique. 
jS^ 339. BOOK (Ye) of Copperheads, obloug 8vo. 16 leaves of 
wood cuts, &c. Philada. 1836. 

/<?,^<? 340. BOOK OF GEMS (The). The Poets and Artists of Great 
Britain. Edited by S. C. Hall. Original and beautiful copy. 
3 vols. 8vo, maroon morocco, gilt edges. Lond. 1836-38. 
A work which, for beauty of illustration and elegance of arrangement, has 
seldom, if ever, been surpassed. It combines the talent of upwards of .30 
41. BOOK OF GEMS. MS. Title to a Collection of 30 Beautiful 
Plates, in green morocco, extra. 
J7^/ 342. BOOK OF JOB. The English Version, the Hebrew Text, 
and the Revised Version, with notes. 4to, half calf . 

A^. Y. Bible Union, 1856. 

/ y'^43. BOOK OF LIFE (The). A Bibliographical Melody. Portrait 

of Boswell. 8vo, Jialf morocco. Lond. 1820. 

Fifty copies only printed, for presents, by Johnson, formerly printer at 

Lee Priory. Dedicated to the Roxburghe Club. 

^^2«^44. BOOK OF THE POETS. Illustrated with Forty Elegant 
Engravings on Steel. 8vo, green morocco. Lond. n. d. 

,, „ 345. BOOK OF THE POETS. Chaucer to Beattie, and Modern 
Poets. Plates, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1842. 

^,00 346. BOOKE (A), of Christmas Carols. Illuminated from Ancient 
Manuscripts in the British Museum. Printed in gold and 
colors. Small 4to. Lond. n. d. 

BOOKE (The) of Honor and Amies, wherein is discoursed the 
causes of Quarrell, and the Nature of Iniuries, with their re- 
pulses, etc. 4to, wants the Eng. title and last leaf; half calf, 
very rare. Lond. Rich. Thones, 1590. 

The author is supposed to be W. Segar, who reprinted it in folio, 1602. 
Sir E. Brydges attributes it to the printer, Shakespeare alludes to it in "As 
Tou Like It." in Touchstone's roply to Jacques: " 0, sir, we quaiTel in print 
y by the book." 

6. ^0 348. BORDE (Andrew). riXC jFgVSt 3t$0ltC Of thC J^ntVOtJUC^ 
tlOn of littlOtoUtlflC. Fac-simile reprint of the very rare 
tlSCU letter original. 120 copies only printed. 4to, 
calf antique. Lond. 1814. 

" A curious and interesting work, containing many genuine traits and char- 
acteristic notices of various countries." — Lowndes. 
S^.^O 349. BOR,JA (D. Juan de, conde de Mayalde), Empresas Morales. 
4to, morocco, wants title. Brusselas, Fr. Toppens, 1680. 
A Spanish collection of 158 Emblems, colored and heightened with gold. 
"Ouvrage recherche, a cause des figures emblematiques qui s'y trouvent. 
10 d \hfrP-~Brunet. 


J^oo 350. BORNITIUS (Jacobus). Emblemata Ethico Politica ingenua 
at que erudita interpretatione nunc priinir.n illustrata per 
Nicolaum Meerfeldt, etc. Eiio;raved title and 50 plates. 
4to, hlue morooco e.i'tra. MagenUi'^ L. Bovrgeat^ 1669. 

The engravings in this collection of Emblems are in circles, with Latin and 
German verses. 

J7J^ 351, BOSSUET (J. B.) Discoiirs sur THistoire Universelle, pre- 
cede d'une notice Litteraire par M. Tissot. 2 vols, in one 
imp'l 8vo, morocco. Paris, n. d. 

" A most valuable epitome of Ancient History." — Loivndes. 

„ 3 52. BOSSUET. Cabinet de I'Art de Sculpture par le fameux Sculp- 
teur Fr. Van Bossuet, execute en Ivoire, ou ebauch6 en 
terre, grave d'apres les dessins de Barent Graat, par Mattys 
Pool. 103 plates, 4to, calf. Amsterdam, 1727. 
The engraved Text of this elegant book is in German, French, and Eng- 
ghsh. La Valliere, 21 fr. 50c. 

^,y«^353. BOSWELL (Sir Alexander). Clan Alpin's Vow; a Fragment. 

8vo, calf extra. Lond. 1817. 

Not piil)lished. " To Robert Lang. Esq., from his Obliged and Obedient 

Servant, Alexander Boswell." Also, Autograph Letter from Boswell to 

Lang. Bindley 's copy sold for lis. 

^, Z'^^i. [BOSWELL (Sir x\lexander)]. Songs, chiefly in the Scottish 
Dialect. 8vo, russia. 

.Edinb. 2^rivateli/ 2}rinted, Auchhdech Press, 1803. 
^^2«^^55. [BOSWELL (James)]. A Biographical Memoir of the Late 
Edward Malone, Esq. %\o,calf. Lond. not puhlisJied, 1814. 
356. BOSWELL (James). Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, with 
Dr. Johnson. d,\o,calf\^firstedition'\. Lond.l'lSb. 

J, 00 357. BOSWELL. Catalogue of the Library of James Boswell, Esq. 
Priced, 8vo, half russia. Lond. 1825. 

^,S^ 358. BOSWORTH (Rev. J.) The Elements of Anglo-Saxon Gram- 
mar, with copious notes, etc. Rl. 8vo, half morocco. 

Lond. 1823. 
" An excellent work, intended to divest the Saxon Grammar of the useless 
Latin incumbrances adopted by preceding writers." — Loivndes. 

BOSWELL (Rev. J.). A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Lan- 
guage. 8vo, russia extra. Lond. 1838. 

BOUCHARDON (Edw.) Philippo I Baroni de Stosch, An- 
tiqvitatis, Amatori Bonarvmqve, Artivra cvltori, Statvas, 
hasce Antiqvas. 50 plates, folio, calf Norimherga', 1732. 

^, 0Q 361. BOUROT (John). A New booke entyteled The Regiment of 
Lyfe : wyth a syngular Treatise of the pestilence. Trans- 
lated out of Frenche, by Thomas Phayer, studyouse in Sur- 
gerye. Wood cut title, tiacfe IcttCr, 18mo, m//". 

Lmprynted at London hy Edicarde Whitchurch, 1520. 
Not mentioned by Lowndes. 

/ y*^62. BOVSSVETUS (Franciscus), de Natura Aqvatilivm Carmen 
' In Alterem partem vniuersse Gvliel. Rondoletii historiam. 

Many icood cuts. 4to, half calf 

Ludguni Matt. Bonhome, 1558. 



363. BOWDITCH (N. I.) Suffolk Surnames. 2d edition, 8vo, el. 

Boston, 1858. 

364. BOWEN-(Em.) Britannia Depicta, or Ogilby Improv'd ; a 
Series of Maps of England and Wales. 2 vols, in 1, 4to, 
calf. Land. 1720. 

365. BOWLES (Rev. W. L.) The Spirit of Discovery, or, the 
Conquest of Ocean, a Poem in Two Books ; with Notes, 
Historical and Illustrative. 18mo, calf. Bath, 1804. 

BOWLES' Round Hand Copies. 2 vols., 4to. Lond. n. d. 

BOXIANA. 8vo, half morocco, portraits only. Lond. 1829. 

BOYD (Hugh). Miscellaneous Works, with an Account of 

his Life and Writings, by L. D. Campbell. 2 vols, 8vo, 

hcdfcalf. " Lond. 1800. 
" Boyd is one of the reputed authors of the Letters of Junius. Fonthill 

copy 1£ \\s. Orf." — Lowndes. 

J^<J^ 369. BOYD (Mr. Zacharie). Four Poems from Zion's Flowers, or 
Christian Poems for Spiritual Edification. Edited by Gabriel 
Xeil. 4:to, morocco extra. Glasf/ou\ 1855. 

Boyd is the author of a remarkable poetical version of the Scriptures. 

'(?. Oe 370. BOYDELL'S Heads of Illustrious and Celebrated Persons, 
generally connected with the History of Great Britain in the 
Reign of James I., Charles I., Charles II., and James II., etc., 
with Biographical Memoirs by John Watkins. Folio, half 
ccdf. Lond. 1811. 

J2,^1\. BOYER'S Royal Dictionary, Abridged. 8vo, old calf. 

Lond. 1797. 

/,aff 372. BOYSE (SI.) New Pantheon, or Fabulous History of the 

Heathen Gods, etc. 19 plates, 12mo. Scdlshury, n. d. 

^J^373. BRADBURY (Thos.) The Duty and Doctrine of Baptism. 

12 mo, sheep (two copies). K. Y. 1810. 

JT>374. BRADFORD (John— Martyr). Holy Meditations upon the 

Lord's Prayer, the Beleife and Ten Commandments, etc., 

also Godly Meditations. 2 vols, in 1, 18mo, calf. 

Lond. Ed. Allde, 1614. 

^Jryi5. BRADY (John). Clavis Calendaria, or Analysis of the Calen- 

/ der, illustrated with Ecclesiastical, Historical, and Classical 

Atiecdotes. 2 vols., 8vo, hcdfcalf. Lond. 1812. 

2, ^<S 376. BRADY (J. H.) Varieties of Literature ; being principally 
Selections from the Portfolio of the late John Brady, Esq. 
12mo,ca{/'. Lond. 1826. 

377. . Another copy. 12mo, half ccdf . Lond. 1826. 

378. BRANCH (Stephen H.) Daily Hand with Truth and a Heart 
in it. No. 1 to 21, all published, rl. 8vo, half morocco. 

N. Y. 1859. 

„ 379. . The Alligator, No. 1 to 25, all published. Folio, half 

calf X. Y. 1858. 

ae 380. . Life of Stephen II. Branch. No. 1. Weekly Star, 28 

Nos. 8vo. N. Y. 1857. 


/ 2,S~^l. BRAXD (John). Observations on Popular Antiquities, includ- 
ing the whole of Mr. Bourne's Aiitiqvitates Vulgares, with 
Addenda to every chapter of that work, as also an Appen- 
dix, etc. [First edition.] RI. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1810. 
^."H? 382. [BRANDT (Sebastian)]. StUltlCcra ^SUfS, etc. JSlaCfe 
Setter. 12nio, vellum., good co^vj. 

Colophon : Inipssus in imperiali vrbe Augusta })er lohanne 
Schensperger. Ano Salutis nostre Millesirao quadringen- 
tesimo nonagesimo septimo, Kl. Aprilis. 1497. 

This rare book is a reprint of a still rarer edition of the same date. Hib- 
bert's copy sold for £2 lOs. M. 

/O.eo 383. BRANDT. ^aufS StUltl£tr CtoUlTCtanca ab Jodoco 

Badio Ascensio vario carminum genere non sine corundem 

famiUari explauatione conflata. jtjlacfe 2LCttCl% vith 105 

woodcuts. 4to. Paris, \5\b. 

Dr. Dibdin has a fac-simile of the third wood cut in his Decameron. It was 

printed by De Marnef Heber's copy sold for 195. Orf. The design of this 

work was to ridicule the prevailing follies and vices of every rank and 

profession, under the allegory of a ship freighted with fools. 

^ i/^ 384, BRANT (Sebastiano). Stultifera Navis . . . per Jacobum Lo- 
cher Latinitate donata, et figuris recens illustrata. Small 
8vo, red morocco antique., sujicrh coj)y. 

Basilce., Ex officina Seb. Henric. Petri., 1572. 
Heber's copy sold for I85. — Courtois 13/r. 
BRANTEGHEN (Guilhelmus de). Pomarium Mysticil tu 
novorum tu veteru fructuii, Animoe Christianae, iniaguculis 
aliquot nascentis muudi exordia, neq. non totius pene vite 
Chi'isti decursum referentibus, precationibus quoque regione 
picturae ad rem facientibus pulcherrime digestum. Effigies 
insuper aliquot Diuorum ac Diuarum ... ex sacrarum 
literarum viridariis decerptis per Guilielnium Branteghen 
Alostanum. 8vo, calf. Antuerpicp, 1535. 

This rare work contains 102 wood cuts, and sold for 95/>-. at Borluut's sale. 
/, 00 386. BRASSICANI TUBINGENSIS (Joanis). Institutides gram- 
atice elimatissime, etc. j^lack JLCttCt, 4to, half calf. 


/y,oc 387. [BRETON (Nicholas)]. Cornv-copiw, Pasquil's Night-cap: 

/ or Antidot for the Hedd-ache. First edition., 4to, calf extra, 

by F. Bedford. Lond. for Thos. Tfiorp, 1612. 

Sometimes attributed to Samuel Rowlands, but really written by Nicholas 

Breton. See Collier's Poetical Decameron, i. 329. — Gardner's copy sold for 

£3 10s. M. 

/, 6 388. BRICK CHURCH MEMORIAL, with plates. 8vo, cloth. 

ISf. Y. 1861. 

J.»y^ 389. BRIDGES. Catalogue of the Library of John Bridges. 8vo, 

extended to 4to, v^ith prices and names. Lond. 1725. 

One of the first classically arranged Catalogues in the 18th century. Very 
rare. See Dibdin's Bibliomania. 

390. BRIEF CONCORDANCE, or Table to the Bible of the Last 
Translation, etc. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1654. 


i,ao 391. BRIEFE (A.) Discourse of the Scnptures, Declaring the 
Seuerall Stories, Lines and Deaths of the Fathers, from the 
Creation of Adam vnto the death of Joseph, etc. Small 
4to, half hound. Lo7id. W.White, 1614, 

Bound up with it is •' A Fimerall Poeme upon the Death of Mr. Hugh 
Brovghton," who was probably the author of the book. 


plates. The Scot's Scoursce : or Pridden's Supplement to 
the British Antidote to Caledonian Poison. 25 plates, 2 
vols, in 1, half calf . Lond. n. d. 

,, S~V .393. BRITTON (John). The Fine Arts of the English School, 
illustrated by a Series of [24] Engravings from Paintings, 
Sculpture, Architecture, etc. 4to, half russia. 

Chiswick, 1812. 

[BRITTON (John).] Remarks on the Monumental Bust of 
Shakspeare at Stratford-upon-Avon. 8vo, calf Lond. 1816. 

One of four copies printed on India Paper. 

BROCKETT. Biographical Sketch of the late John Trotter 
Brockett. Portrait. 12mo. Newcastle., 1843. 

BROCKETT. Catalogue of the Choice, Curious and Elegant 
Private Library of John Trotter Brockett. 8vo, calf 

Lond. 1823. 

BROME (Rd.). A Jovial Crew ; or. The Merry Beggars. A 
Comedy. 4to, hcdf calf interleaved. Lond. 1684. 

The Northern Lass, a Comedy. 4to, scarce. 

Lond. 1684. 

r.'S^ 399. BROMLEY (Henry). A Catalogue of Engraved British Por- 
traits, from Egbert the Great to the present time, etc. With 
an Appendix, containing the Portraits of such Foreigners as 
may claim a place in the British Series. Methodically dis- 
posed in classes, and interspersed with a number of Notices, 
Biographical and Genealogical, never before published. 4to. 
calf. Lond. 1V93. 

Edwards' copy sold for £1 65. OcZ. 

S^ 400. BROOKSHAW (George). Six Birds accurately drawn and 

^ colored after nature, with full instructions for the young 

artist. Folio, boards. Lond. 1819. 

// 401. BROTHERHEAD (Wm.) Autographi Holographiani. Impl. 
4to, pp. 19. Philada. 1857. 

/ Twenty-five copies privately printed. Two copies. 

^^ 402. BROUERIIJS VAN NIEDEK (Mattheus). Zederyke Zinne- 
beelden der Tonge. Plates. 8vo, ccdf. 

Te Amsteldam, Piet. Meijer, 1764. 
See Leth (Hendrik de). 

BROUGHTON (Rowlande). The Life and Death of William 
PoAvlett, First Marquis of Winchester, 1818. Breton's 
Praise of Virtuous Ladies. 80 copies printed 1815. 





f, j/'396, 





32 BRUNB. 

Braithwayte's Odes ; or, Philomel's Tears, 1815, and Wither's 

Select Lyrical Poems, 1815, together. 4 pieces in 1 vol, 

12mo, calf^ gilt edges. Lee Priory Press., 1815-18. 

£^ yX^04. BROWN (Tom). Memoirs relating to the late famous Mr. 

/ Thos. Brown, with a Catalogue of his Library. 4to, half 

calf. Land. 1704. 

J^405. BROWN (Wm. L.) An Essay on the Existence of a Supreme 

Creator, possessed of infinite power, wisdom, goodness, etc. 

2 vols, 8vo, boards. Aberdeen, 1816. 

" To this work Burnet's first prize of £1200 was adjudged." — Lowndes. 

/ J~0 406. BRUCE (George). Poems and Songs, on various occasions. 
8vo, half calf " Udinb. 1811. 

/ 2 J~407. BRUCE & CO. (G.) A Specimen of Printing Tvpes. 8vo. 

' J^. Y. 1837. 
/ti*0408. BRUCE (Michael). Poems on several occasions. 12rao. 
^^' PJdinb. 1796. 

" The merits of this elegant Poet are discussed in No. \x. of Drake's Literary- 
Hours, iii. 325-332." — Loivndes, to whom this edition of Bruce was not known. 

yfo^> 409. BRUCK (Jacob De). Les Emblemes Maravlx et Militaires. 
4to, blue morocco, extra gilt sides and edges. 

A /Strasbourg, Par Jac. de Hey den, 1616. 

Or gf) 410. Emblemata Politica, quibus ea, ad principatum spectant, 

^ ' breviter demonstrantur, singuloru vero explicatio fusius pro- 

ponitur. 4to, brown morocco, gilt. 

Argentme, Jac. ab. Hey den, 1618. 
Unknown to Bnmet. 

^,S^ 411, BRUIN (Claas) Uitbreiding, over Honderd Leerzaame Zinne- 
beelden. 8vo, half calf , rough edges. 

T' Am,sterdam, H Bosch, 1722. 

^,00 412. BRUNE (Johannes de). Emblemata of Zinne-werck, voor- 
ghestelt, in Beelden, ghedicten, en breeder tiyt-legginghen, 
tot uyt-druckinglie en verbeteringhe van verscheyden feylen 
onser eeuwe. 51 plates, 1st edition, with parallel passages 
from French and Latin Authors. 4to, calf. 

Amsterdam, by Jan Evcrtsen Kloppenbxtrch, 1624. 

The curious plates in this rare collection represent various popular sports 

and pastimes, such as The Cushion Dance, Kiss in the Ring, Evening 

Serenade, Forfeits, Swinging, Love me or Love me not : by Crispin De Pass, 

Bleau and others. 

An excellent Shaksperian illustration occurs in the first plate — a Barber's 
Shop, with Citterns and Lutes hung round the wall for the use of customers 
who had to wait their turn. 

n .Q 413. BRUNUS (Anton.) Epistole Ileroiche Poesie. Many fine 
plates. 24mo, vellum. 

\^Colo2)hon^ in Poma ajypresso Gugliehno Facciotti, 1027. 

The first edition noticed by Brunet is Roma, 1634. 

414. BRLTNtlS (G.) Epistola Ileroiche Poesi. 3d edition. Plates. 
18mo, old morocco, tooled. Appresso V Oddoni, 1644. 




J0C 415. BRUNONE (Mcartini a S.) Vertumnis Vanitatis: In xxvi. 
Metrorura Scliemata poesi morali Trigesies Transformatus. 
Editio Rosterior ; priore Ainplissime Auctior, Et insuper 
XXXII. Figuvis seneis illustrata, etc. 12 mo, calf. 

Typis Augustanis per J. J. Lotter^ Aulice, 1725. 
/, 416. BRUNT (Capt. Saml.) A Voyage to Cacklogallina : with a 
description of the Religion, PoHcy, Customs and Manners 
of the Country. 8vo, half calf. Loud. 1121. 

^ .P 417. BRVTISH THVNDERBOLT (The), or rather Feeble Fier 
flash of Pope Sixtvs the ttft against Henrie the most excel- 
lent King of Nauarre, and the most noble Henrie Borbon, 
Prince of Condie. Translated by Christ. Fetherstone. 
12mo, calf rare. Lond. 1586. 

Unknown to Lowndes. 

S'.'^ 418. BRYAN" (Michael). A Biographical and Critical Dictionary 
of Painters and Engravers, with the Ciphers, Monograms, 
etc. 2 vols. 4to, half calf . Lond. 1816. 

In some respects superior to the later edition, as it contains a Chrono- 
logical Index. Also, includes the Ciphers, Monograms, and Marks used by 
each engraver, and an ample list of their principal works, together with in- 
dexes, alphabetical and chronological. The Introduction contains an account 
of the Painters of Antiquity. 

yS'O^Y^, BRYANT (Wm. C.) A Discourse on the Life, Character, 
and Genius of Washington Irving, delivered before the New 
York Historical Society, at the Academy of Music in New 
York, on the 3d of April, 1860. Extended and inlaid in 
4:to, and illustrated hy 52 Plates., Autograph Letter., and 
Newspaper Cuttings. 4to, morocco^ extra. N. Y. 1860. 

:i,o 6 420. BRYDGES (Sir Egerton). The Population and Riches of 
Nations considered together, with regard to their positive 
and relative Increase, tendency to Morals, etc., 8vo, hds.., 
uncut. Paris., etc. 1819. 

//^ 421. BRYDGES (Sir Egerton). Recollections of Foreign Travel, 
or Life, Literature, and Self Knowledge. 2 vols, post 
8vo, half calf . Lond. 1825. 

/. S^ 422. BRYDGES (Sir Egerton). What are Riches ? or an Examina- 
tion of the Definitions of this Subject, given by Modern 
Economists. 8vo, uncut. 

Kent., Printed at the Private Press of Lee Priory, 1822. 

J^^^J'lis. BUCHAN (Peter). Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North 

ofScotland, hitherto unpublished ; with notes. 2 vols. Post 

Svo, half calf. Edinb. 1822. 

A curious and valuable collection of Songs, containing much information 

relative to their localities and authors. 

j2«^24. BUCHAN (William). Domestic Medicine. 8vo, sheep, 

N. Y. 1812. 
6, <7<^ 425. BUCHANAN (George). ^nC HBtttCtiOM of the duinges of 
Marie Queue of Scottes, touchand the murder of hir hus- 
band, and hir conspiracie, adulterie, and pretensed mar- 
riage with the Erie Bothwell, etc. And ane defence of the 


treu Loi'dis, mainteineris of tlie Kingis graces actioun and 
authoritie. Translatit out of the Latine quhilke was Avritten 
by G. B. Ularfe Setter, w<:iiits all after r iiii. Small 
8vo, morocco, extra. [1572.] 

First printed in English this 3'ear; supposed to have been translated by 
the author. Roxburghe copy sold for £2 12s. 6d. 

Y^c 4-6. BUCIIAXAN (G.) A Detection of the Actions of Mary 
' Queen of Scots, concerning the Murther of Her Husband 

and her Conspiracy, Adultery, and pretended 3Iarriai?e with 
the Earl Both well. 4to, half calf . Lo)id. 1689. 

^ ga 427. BUCHAXAX (George). An Appendix to the History of 
Scotland, containing, I, A Detection of the Actions, etc., of 
]\[ary ; II. De Jure Tiegni apud Scotus, etc. 8vo, calf. 2 
plates. Lond.\l2\. 

,. n Another copy, iiilate. 8vo, calf. Land. 1721. 

-^, JS 428. BLTCHAXAXI (Georgii). Paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis 

Poetica. 12mo, calf. Glasr/ua', J^oulis, 1765. 

JU 429. BUCHAXAX (John L.) A Defence of the Scots Highlanders 

in General, and Some Learned Characters in Particular. 

8vo, bds. Loud. 1794. 

^ VcTlfsO. BUCHAXAX (Wm.) An Inquiry into the Genealogy of 

/ Ancient Scottish Surnames, with the Origin and Descent of 

the Highland Clans and Family of Buchanan. 8vo, sheep. 

Edinh. 1775. 
V»r431. BUCKE (Ch.) On the Beauties, Harmonies, and Sublimities 
of Xature, Avith occasional remarks on the Laws, Customs, 
Manners, and Opinions of various nations. 2d edition. 4 
vols. 8vo. .Lond. 1823. 

Several of the articles relate to America. 

^/,oo 432. BUCKIXGHAM (L. S. F.) Memoirs of Mary Stuart, Queen 
of Scotland, most prof usely illustrated with over 150 2)lcites 
inserted. 2 vols. 8vo, red 'inorocco, extra., gilt edges. 

Lond. 1844. 

Mr. "Wynne has expatiated at length on this worlc, in his notice of Mr. 
Allan's Library in the ''Private Libraries of X^ew York." 

/, y^433. BUFFOX. Xatural History Abridged, by Rev. W. Button. 
' 100 colored Engravings. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf . 

^ Lond. 1821. 

^ J7? 434. 3$Ufee (The) of 8C ^\\t%S. Printed at the Auchinleck Press 

from a MS. oflhe Sixteenth Century. 4to, jtSlniCU HCttCr. 

hcdf morocco, uncut. 1818. 

/•/ 435. BULLA Julii, pape II. edita contra Johannem Bentiuolu, etc. 

4to, 33lacU Setter. Roma., J. Besicken, 1506. 

/, a 446. BULLA [Juliu II]. Monitorii Apostolici contra Tres Reuer- 

endissimos domiuos Sancte Romane ecclesie Cardinales, etc. 

4to, mre. 1511. 

^ J7? 437. BULLEX. Life and Death of Anne Bullen, Queen Consort of 

England. Portrait. 4to, morocco. Lond. 1820. 

^•^437.* BUXD (Thos. H.) Aids to a Holy Life. 18nio. Lond. 1848. 

BUnaOYNE. 35 

V,«?^ 438. BUNYAN" (John). The Pilgrim's Progress, with tlie Life of 
the Author and a Critique on its Beauties, illustrated loith 
very numerous lyrints from old and rare editions. 2 vols., 
y\.^\o, red morocco. Lond. 1796, 

'/,a^ 439. BUNYAN" (John). The Pilgrim's Progress, with Original 
Notes by Rev. Thomas Scott. Sth edition, elegantly illus- 
trated. 8vo, red morocco. Xowf/. 1840. 
/ 2.rT40. BUNYAN" (John). Sighs from Hell, or Groans of a Damned 
Soul, Discovering from the xvi of Luke the lamentable State 
of the Damned. l8mo, s/ieej). Glccsyoic, 1^15. 
BUXYAN" (John). Solomon's Temple Spiritualized. 3d edi- 
tion. ISmo, cf. Lond. 1698. 
BUOXAPARTE. Campaign of General Buonaparte in Italy. 
8vo, sheej). " K Y. 1798. 
BURGER (Gottfried Aug.) The Chase and William and 
^ Helen. Two Ballads from the German. Ato, Jialf morocco. 

Edinh. 1796. 
" Miss Ponsonby from the translator." 

y,oo 444. BURGER (Johannes Pfann). Biblische Eniblemata Und Fig- 
uren welche inder Zueijen vernevrten Stvden dess Hospitals 
zum Heilegen Geist in Xilrmburg alien Krancken zu son- 
derm Trosst anstatt der Schriift sind Yorgemalet worden. 
Li Kupifer Bestachen, large folded plate at the end. 4to, calf 
antique. 1626. 

^^S~0 445. ■ . Another copy icithout the folded plate. 4to, ccdf. 


''.do 446. BURGES (Sir James Bland). The Birth and Triumph of 
Love ; a Poem. Illustrated vyith 88 plates. 4to, russia 
extra. Lond. 1796. 

The Plates belonging to the text are from the designs of the Princess Eliz- 
abeth — the others by various hands. A superb volume. 

BURGOYISrE. Dramatic and Poetical Works of Lieut. Gen. 
John Burgoyne: with Memoirs. I*lates, 2 voh. 12mo, ';«//'. 

Lo)id. 180*7. 

Burgoyne was a British officer in the Revolutionary War. 

a 448. BURXABY (xVndrew). Travels through the Middle Settle- 
ments in Xorth America, in the Years 1759 and 1700, with 
Observations upon the State of the Colonies. 4to, calf. 

Lond. jPayne, 1775. 

Valuable as exhibiting a view of the Colonies immediatel}' preceding the 
Revolutionary War. 

<f o 449. BURXET (Bp.) History of His Own Time, to which is added 

the Life of the Author, by his son, Thomas Burnet. 2 vols. 

/ in 4 parts, most copiously axd beautifully illustr.vted 

BY the insertion OF 326 Portraits and Plates. 4 vols. 

ioWo, russia extra; 'Spdendid copy. Lond. 1729. 

This is one of the finest works of the kind in this library. The work itself 

is too well known to need any commendation. See Bohn's Lowndes, vol. i., 

p. 320. 


36 BURXS. 

j> yjTSO. BURNEY (Chas.) Account of the Musical PerformanceB in 
'/ Westminster Abbey, etc., in Commemoration of Handel. 

Plates hij Bartolozzi. Aio^ half calf. JjO/uI. 1785. 

BURNOMANIA : The Celebrity of Robert Burns Considered, 
in a Discourse Addressed to all Real Christians of Every 
Denomination, to which are added Epistles in Verse respect- 
ing Peter Pindar, Burns, etc. Old jyortrait of Burns inserted. 
12mo, hcdfcalf. Edlnh. 1811. 

Mr. Allan has penned an indignant protest against this book in the present 
copy. The author was a Rev. Dr. Peebles, of Ayr. 

jg, V»rT52. BURXS (.T.) Illustrated Catalogue of A List of Popidar 
^ Works recently published, with specimens of the Engrav- 

ings. 4to, red morocco extra, antique. Lond. n. d. 

„ 453. BURN'S (James). Specimens of Books Published by James 
Burns. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. Lo7id. 1844-47. 

/^6.oo 454. BURXS (Robert). Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 
First edition. 8vo, pp. 240, green morocco, extra. 

Kilmarnoch, printed hy John 'Wilson, 1786. 
This precious volume is of extreme rarity in Scotland, and tliis is believed 
to be the only one ever offered for sale in this country. 

•/ ^0 455. BURXS (Robert). Poems chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 8vo, 
ccdf. Edinh.2:>rinted for the author, \78l. 

This is the first Edinburgh edition ; with names of the subscribers. 

3 , CO 456. . Another copy. 8vo, ccdf vmnting one leaf of the 

subscribers'' names. Edinb. 1787. 

J" V4r457. BURXS (Robert). Poems chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 

/ The second \Edinb?^ edition considerably enlarged. 2 vols. 

Svo, ccdf. Edinb. 1793. 

Although called the second edition, this is really the third. See above. 

^ J^458. BURXS (Robt.) Poems and Songs, with a Life of the Author, 
Appendix, etc., by Rev. H. Paul. 12mo, green morocco. 

^/r. 1819. 

^,aO 459. . Another copy. 12mo, cl. Air. 1819. 

/ a 460. BL^RXS (Robt.) Poetical Works, including the Pieces pub- 
lished in his Correspondence, and Reliques ; with his Songs, 
Fragments, etc. 3 vols., 12mo, cl. Lond. 1823. 

^ ^<j 461. BURXS (Robert). The Works of Robert Burns, with an 
account of his Life, and a Criticism on his Writings. Illus- 
trated by 89 portraits and plates. 5 vols. 8vo, russia, gilt 
edges. Lond., Cadell, 1809. 

Edited by J. Currie. The Fifth volume is Cromek's Reliques of Burns. 
A very beautiful Set, only excelled by the following lot. The illustrations 
being different, the collector should secure both. 

Z^ C, €« 462. BURXS (Robert). The W^orks of, with an Account of his 
Life and Writings, by Jas. Currie, 4 vols. 8vo ; also 
Crorriek's Reliques of Robert Burns, together. 5 vols. 8vo, 
most profusely and beautifully illustrated throughout, by 
Evans. Superb copy in green morocco extra, by J. Mac- 
kenzie. Lonci. 1820-17. 

BURXS. si 

One of the choicest works in the collection. The following Extract from 
Mr. Evans' Letter, dated London, Xov. 16, IS.'JS, renders further remark 
unnecessary: " I have been highly complimented by several book amateurs 
for my taste and industry in illustrating this copy of Burns. Mr. Hanrott in 
particular, who possessed such a splendid library, complimented me by 
ordering a similar copy to be illustrated for him." 

,f& 463. BURXS (Rob.) Works, with Life, by Jas. Currie; and 

various additions. 8vo, calf. Land. 1823. 

, gO 464. BURiSrS (Robert). Letters. Bvo, calf. Lond. 1824. 

, vJ~"465. BURNS (Robert). Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 
/ Plates hy Westall. 12mo, calf Lond. J. Sharpe, 1824. 

Another copy. 12mo, calf. Load. 1824. 

//, 466. BL^RXS (Rob.) Complete Works, illustrated by W. H. Bart- 
lett, T. Allom, and other Artists ; with a new Life of the 
Poet, and Notes, critical and biographical, by Allan Cunning- 
ham. 2 vols, 4to, morocco., extra. Lond. n. d. 
A subscription copy, with early impressions of the plates. 

/ I J"467. BI^RXS (Robert). Life and Works, Edited by Robert Cham- 
bers. 4 vols. 12mo, half morocco. N. Y. 1852. 
t,'^ "^468. BmXS (Rob.) Poetical Works. Engravings on xoood., hy 
Beicick., from Designs by Thurston. 2 vols. 12mo, ccdf. 

AlmcicA; n. d. 
^J~<:7469. BURXS (Robt.) Poems and Songs. Lllustrated vith nu- 
merous engravings. 4to, cloth gilt. Lond. 1858. 
This very beautiful edition, while professing to omit some pieces, actually 
includes the passage in Tam O'Shanter which is excluded from most of the 
other editions. See page 78. 

2./Z 470. BURXS (Robt.) Select Scottish Songs, Ancient and Modern. 
Edited by R. JL Cromek. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf. 

Lond. 1810. 
Strettel's copy sold for 1£. 

/, V'^^TTI. BL'RXS. Correspondence between Burns and Clarinda, with 
a Memoir of Mrs. M'Lehose (Clarinda). Arranged and 
edited by her Grandson, W. C. M'Lehose. 8vo, half 
morocco. Edinb. 1843. 

5^^^ 471.* BURXS (Robert). The Soldier's Return. Illustrated by John 
Faed. Folio, cloth. 

For the members of the Royal Association for the Promo- 
tion of the Fine Arts in Scotland. 1857. 
^ ^^ 472. BURXS (Robert). Auld Lang Syne, illustrated by George 
Harvey. Folio, cloth. Payed Associc(tio?i, 1859. 
„ " 473. BURXS (Robert). The Cotter's Saturday Xight, illustrated 
by John Faed. Oblong folio, with four additional plates. 

Poyal Association, 1853. 

/, S^ 474^ BURXS (Robert). Letters addressed to Clarinda, etc., with 

facsimile. 8vo, half vellurn. Belfast, 1814. 

Clarinda is Mrs. McLehose. The volume contains some specimens of 

Burns's Poetry never before printed. 

7, -^ 475. BURXS. The Land of Burns, a Series of Landscapes and 


Portraits, illustrative of the Life and Writings of the Scot- 
tish Poet, icith fort)/ extra 2)lates Inserted. 2 vols. 4to, hoJf 
morocco. Glasgow., 1840. 

^^ yiTTlQ. BURNS. Fac-Simile of Burns's Celebrated Poem, entitled the 
^ Jolly Beggars. From the Original Manuscript. Plate, 4to. 

Glasgow., n. d. 

/2'^ ^ ^'^''- BURXS. The Contemporaries of Burns, and the more recent 
Poets of Ayrshire, with Selections from their Writings. 
Unique copy., illustrated icith 50 Portraits anel \leics, also 
Newspaper Scraps., Poetry., Songs, and Drawings. 8vo, 
red morocco. JEdinb. 1840. 

^^0 478. BURNS. Hamilton Paul's Nine Anniversary Odes to the 
Memory of the Northern Lyric Poet, in Manuscripd, with 
Autograph Letter to Major 'Webster, who had requested 
them for Mr. G. Chalmers. 4to. 1801-10. 

At the end is a list of gentlemen present at the various dinners. 
" Nine times the annual IjTe I've strung, 
Nine times the poet's praises sung, 
Thus have the muses all, by turns, 
Paid homage to the shade of Burns." 

«5^ 479. BURNS. A Pilgrimage to the Land of Burns ; containing 
Anecdotes of the Bard, and of the Characters he Immortal- 
ized, with numerous Pieces of Poetry. 12mo, bds. 

Jjeptford, 1822. 
The author is Hew. Ainslie. For an illustrated copy see Ainslie (Hew.) 

/^^ S~Z? 480. BURNS. A Winter with Robert Burns, being Annals of his 
Patrons and Associates in Edinburgh, during the year 
1786-7, and Details of his Liauguration as Poet Laureate 
of the Can : Kil : Portrait and inserted illustrations. 
12mo, morocco extra. JEdinb. 1846. 

/,cJo 481.- .Same. 12mo, c?. Edinh.\^^^. 

n " 482. [BURT (Capt. Ed.)] Letters from a Gentleman in the North 
of Scotland, to his Friend in London, containing the Descrip- 
tion of a Capitol Town [Inverness] in that Northern Coun- 
try : with an Account of some uncommon Customs of the 
Inhabitants : hkewise an Account of the Highlands and 
Highlanders, etc. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Land. 1754. 

/ ^^ 483. . Same, with an Introduction and Notes by R. Jamieson, 

and the History of Donald the Hammerer, cotumunicated 
by Sir W. Scott. Fifth edition, with Engravings and a large 
Appendix, embracing important Historical Documents hith- 
erto unpublished. 2 vols. 8vo, hcdfcalf. Lond. 1822. 

484. . Same. 2 vols. Svo, bds. Lond. 1822. 

2rf^^o. BURTON (John Hill). The Book Hunter, etc. 12mo, half 
jj{l morocco. LJdinb. 1862. 

This clever book contains an extensive notice of the " Private Libraries of 
New York." 

/^^ 486. BURTON (Robert). The English Empire in America; or a 



view of the Dominions of the Crown of England in the "West 
Indies, &c. Illustrated with maps and pictures. 6th edi- 
tion. 12mo. Ijond.^ A. JBettsicorth^ 1728. 

j^ 487. History of Demons, Spectres, Witches, Apparitions, 

Possessions, Disturbances, and other wonderful and sujjer- 
natural Delusions, &c. 12 plates. ISmo, calf, title mended. 

Land. 1695. 
f, 2.-^^8. BFRTOX (Robert). Wonderful Prodigies of Judgment and 
Mercy, 8th edition. ISmo^calf. Rude u-ood cuts. 

Land. 1729. 
A few "Admirable Deliverances from Danger by Sea and Land," in Xew 
England, 1-c. 

< ^1,489. BUSHNELL (Charles I.) An Historical xVccount of the First 
Three Business Tokens issued in the City of Xew York. 
8vo. pp. 17, n.\\([ plate. A^. Y., Privately p)rinted, 1859. 
Fifty copies printed. — Xo. '11. 

490. BUTLER (Charles). Horje Biblicae ; being a connected Series 
of Xotes on the Text and Literary History of the Bibles, or 
Sacred Books of the Jews and Christians ; and on the 
Bibles or Books accounted Sacred by the Mahometans, 
Hindus, Parsees, Chinese, and Scandinavians. 2 vols, 
crown 8vo, half calf 

\Privately\pyrinted in the years 1797-1807. 
2,6 491. [BUTLER (SI.)] Hudibras. Corrected and amended, with 
Several Additions and Annotations. 8vo, calf. Land. 1704. 
'• I never met with so much wit in one single volume." — Voltaire. 
This edition is not mentioned by Lowndes. 
" 492. BUTLER. The Genitine Remains of Samuel Butler; with 
Notes, by Robert Thyer. 8vo, half calf . Land. 1822. 

The Editor died before the completion of this work. 

T'^^ 493. [BYERLEY (J. S.)] Relics of Literature, by Stephen Collet. 
Plate of Autographs. 8vo, half morocco., gilt top., scarce. 

Land. 1823. 
A highly interesting volume, with some Shakspearian Lore, &c. ; and 
Notes on Literary History, BibUography, and Booksellers. 

/.^^ 494. BYGAXE TDIES and Late Come Changes; or a Bridge 
Street Dialogue in Scottish Verse. 12mo, calf Edinh. 1811. 

'^''^'^495. BYRD (Samuel). ^ jFricntrlie CommuuCcatfon or Bia= 

lOflUC between Paule and Demas ; wherein is disputed how 
we are to use the Pleasures of this Life, jijlcick JLCttCV. 
18mo, calf extra., antique. Lond.., J. Harison., 1580. 

Unknown to Lowndes. 
^JT^96. BYROX (Lord). Childe Harold. 18mo, cf Phil. 1812. 

^^^^497. BYROX (Lord). English Bards and Scotch Reviewers; a 

Satire. Third edition. 8vo. Inlaid in 4to, and thoroughly ^ 
illustrated with 145 jxjrtraits, and 44: aictogra^yhs, innumer- ///z/^/,0^ 
able criticisms, (i:c. ; blue morocco. Pond. 1810. 

Among the autographs are several entire letters, including one by Wm. 
Wordsworth, another by "Wm. Cobbett, and others by various celebrated 
persons. A promissory note of Geo. Colman, &c. 


/^.co 498. BYRON (Lord). English Bards and Scotch Reviewers; a 

Satire. 70 illustrations inserted, post 8vo, calf extra^ gilt 

edges. Lond. 1810. 499, BYRON (Lord). English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. Fourth 

Edition. Illustrated viith 110 ^j>or?/YaYs and plates. 4to, 

half morocco, gilt edges. Lond. 1811. 

/, c <} 500. BYRON (Lord). Hours of Idleness, and English Bards and 

Scotch Reviewers. 2 vols, in 1. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1820-10. 

., >■ 501. BYRON (Lord). Poems, with his Memoirs. 8vo, calf 

Lo7id. 1825. 

y»S 502. BYRON. Works of Lord Byron, in Verse and Prose, includ- 
ing his Letters, Journals, etc., with Life. Rl. 8vo, sheep. 

iV. Y. 1836. 
J, <^ 503. BYRON GALLERY ; a Series of Historical Embellishments, 
illustrating the Poetical Works of Lord Byron. 8vo, mo- 
rocco extra. Lond. 1838, 
BYRTH OF MANKINDE.— See Rhodion (Eucharius), and 
Raynolde (Thomas). 
/,«/~^ 503.* C. (B.) ADELPHOMACHIA, or the Warrs of Protestancy, 
By a Cath. Priest. 12mo, half calf scarce. 1636. 

_.„^^r504. C. (E. D. L. J.) ^ CathOlftfee Apologie Against the 

. Libels, declarations, advices, and consvltations made, writ- 

/ ^ ten and published by those of the League, jDerturbers of the 

quiet Estate of the Realme of France, etc. jijlacll JLtiXtX. 

Small 8vo, calf extra., a little wormed., otJierwise a fine 

copy. Lond. Ed. Aggar., [1674.] 

Probably written by Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemain. 

/t^^505. C. (J.) PETERS PATERN, Newly Revised, with additions, 

or the Perfect Path to Worldly Happiness ; As it was de- 

< ^ ^ livered in a Funeral Sermon preached at the interment of 

^# Mr. Hugh Peters, lately deceased. Also, Hugh Peters' 

Dreanie ; 2vols.ini. ^to, half calf Lond. lQ5d. 

A satirical work, by John Cotgrave (?) — not in LowTides. 

C (R.) see C[rashawe] (R.) 

"^^ 606. C. (W.) The Italian Convert ; Newes from Italy of a Second 

f ^^ Moses ; or the Life of Galeacius Caracciolus, the noble 

, x_->_ Marquess of Vico. 1 8mo, caT/". Lond. 1655. 

']^'' ^rf&^on. CABINET (The). A Series of Essays, Moral and Literary. 

' 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Edinh. 1835. 

Q ^p&^5^?,. CABINET OF GEMS, Frontispieces, etc. 24 'plates. 4to, 

red morocco. 

„ // 509. CABINET OF GENIUS, containing Frontispieces and 

Characters, adapted to the most Popular Poems, etc., with 

the Poems at large. 2 vols. 4to, calf. Lond. 1787. 

^ ^7^ 610. CABINET OF PORTRAITS, consisting of Distinguished 
Characters, British and Foreign ; accompanied with a brief 



Memoir of each Person. 3 vols. 8vo, Jiiilf calf. 192 
Portraits. ' Loud. 1823. 

Includes some Americans. 

, .n? 511. CADDY (Lieut. T. H.) Scenery of the Windward and Lee- 
ward Islands. 12 colored plates in a portfolio. Loud. 1837. 

f S~o 512. CESAR. Wxt er|0ht iJoofecs of OTaius Julius Caesar, 

translated by Arthur Golding. jJlacU S-CttCV. Small 8vo, 
half vussla ; wcoits title. Lond. W//ll</o in /Seres, 1565. 

For a collation of this Edition, ,see Bohn's Lowndes, vol. I. p. 345. 

1,S^'^ 513. ^^afCtattUS. l entacula noui testamenti Reuerendissimi 
Domini Thome de Vio Caietani, etc. Also., Summula 
Caietana. 2 vols, in 1. JJlaCfe 2Lettcr. Small 8vo, old 
onorocco, gilt edges. Lugduni per Joa. Cres^yinuhi, 1524-29. 

^y^Jj ^13.* (TafCtanf (Card. Thome). Opera. BlaCfe TLzXXn> Old 
red morocco. Lyons, 1524-29. 

CALEDONIA ; or the Pedlar turn'd Merchant. See Darien. 

/ J<^ 514. CALENDARIUM inclyti Ordinis, esquestris D. Huberto 

sacri. Portraits and Coats of Arms after L>e S<-/dichten, 

bi/ Jylauber. 8vo. August<:e Vind. 1760. 

" Tres Rare, 40 francs" — Tross' Catalogue. The Date is anagrammatically 

expressed on the second plate. 

/,,r^ 515. CALLIGRAPHY. Fine Specimen of Calligraphy, on vel- 
lum ; illuminated and gilt capitals. Oblong 4to, half 
SO 516. CALLIOPE; a Selection of Ballads, Legendary and Pathetic. 
18mo, calf. Lond. 1808. 

3.Z^5\1. CALLOTTO. II Callotto resuscitato oder Netl eingerichtes 
Schwerchen Cabinet. A series of 50 very clever burlesques., 
with ornamental borders. 

See Brunet, vol. III., pp. 1822 and 1823. 

J72.r^l8. CALVIN". ^ Commnttarir of John Caluixe upon the 

first booke of jNIoses, called Genesis. Translated out of Latine 

into English by Thomas Timme, Minister. JJlaCfe JLtXitV. 

4to, ccdf red edges., fine copy. Lrnprinted at London for 

lohn ILiriscjn and George Bisliop, Anno 1578. 

/ ♦^ 519'. CALVIN (lohn). ^ (Kommentarie vppon the Psalmes. 4to. 
UlaCk 2Lettn\ No title ;calf Lo)id. 1511. 

y'''^ 520. CAMBRIA DEPICTA; a Tour through North Wales; illus- 
trated with Picturesque Views, by a Native Artist ; and 
further illustrated, by the addition of Portraits, Coloured 
Views, etc., making near 100 Plates. 1 vol. 4to, extended 
to two., green morocco., extra. Land. 1816. 

l^y'^21. [CAMDEN (W.)] Remaines of a Greater Worke concerning 
Britaine, the Inhabitants thereof, their Languages, Names, 
Surnames, Empresses, Wise Speeches, Poesies, and Epi- 
taphes. [First Edition.] 4to, half calf. T^ond. 1605. 

With autograph of Gr. Yertue, the Engraver. See Mrs. Piozzi's Retrospec- 
tion, p. 347. 




/ ^J o22. CAMERARIUS (Joachim). Symbolorvm et Embleraatvm ex 
re herbaria desvmptorvm, centvria vna collecta, a Joacliimo 
Camerario, Medico Nuremberg ; iu qvib' rariores Stirpium 
proprietates historite, ac Setentise raemorabiles, no paucae 
breuiter exponuntur. 4to, vellum. Norihergm hnpensis 

Jo h. Hof ma nni et Hubert i Camoxii^ 1590, 
From Mr. Corwin's collection. First Edition. Jansen's sold for 32 fr. 

J~,^a 5-23. CAMERARIUS. Aliud Exemplar et Symbolorvm et Emble- 
matvm ex animalibvs qvadrvpedibiis desvmptorvm, centvria 
altera, . . . Symbolorvm et Emblematvm ex volatilibvs et 
insectis desvmptorvm, centvria tertia collecta et Symbolorvm 
et Emblematvm ex aqvatilibvs et reptilibvs desvmptorvm, 
ceuturia quarta. The Four 2}'^i^'ts containing 400 plates. 
Complete in 1 vol. 4to, russia,Jine copy. 

NorihergcB, 1590-96. 
_5,y^524. CAMILLI. Imprese lUvstri di diuersi co i Discorsi di 
Camillo Camilli, et con le figure intagliate in Rame, di 
Girolamo Porro Padouano. 3 Parts in 1 vol. 4to, half 
calf. T'enetia.iper Fr. Ziletti, 1586. 

J^ 525. CA310EXS (Louis de). Lusiad, translated by Mickle. 18mo, 
calf. Lond. 1809. 

526. CAjVIPAXA. Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Coins of 
Cavaliere Campana of Rome. Prices and names. 8vo, 
half morocco. 1846. 

-^.^'^527. CAMPBELL (Alex.) Journey from Edinburgh, through part. 
, of North Britain. 2 vols, in 1. A4 plates. 4to, half calf 

Lond. 1802. 
A Model to the Tourist. Roxburgh, £2 3s. Od — Lowndes. 

2.0. a 528. CAMPBELL (Hugh). The Case of Mary Queen of Scots, and 
of Elizabeth Queen of England, legally, briefly, and historically 
stated ; embracing the Amorous Life of the Virgin Queen, 
etc., drawn from State Papers, and the most authentic 
sources. Over 30 portraits and vieics inserted. 8vo, red 
morocco, gilt top. Lond. 1825. 

/3. 00 529. CAMPBELL (Thos.) Gertrude of Wyoming ; a Pennsyl- 
vanian Tale, and other Poems. First edition. Illustrated 
by A\ p>ortraits and vieics. 4to, half green morocco, gilt edges. 

Lond. 1809. 

,dc 530. Another copy, ilhistrated with 4cl plates^entirely different 

frotn the preceding . 4to, red morocco, gilt edges, 

Lond. 1809. 

^-^31. CAMPBELL (Thos.) Gertrude of Wyoming, and other Tales. 

2d edition. 12mo, ca{/". Lond. IQIO. 

^JT^^ 532. CAMPBELL (Thomas). The Pilgrim of Glencoe, and other 
Poems.' Illustrated by Z4: plates ,' many engraver^ proofs 
on India Pap>er. 8vo, morocco extra, by Hayday, satin- 
linings. Land. 1842. 




533. CAMPBELL (Thomas). Pleasures of Hope, with other Poems. .UutA^ 
\st edition ; plates. 4tto, half morocco. Lond. 1803. 

534. Another edition. 12mo, «/(/! ione/. 1825. 

535. CAMPBELL (Thomas). The Pleasures of Hope, Avith other 
Poems. 8vo, inlaid in 4to, and elaborately illustrated icith // 
65 portraits and vieics ; richly hound in morocco extra,' -^ 
tooled after an antique pattern ; morocco and satin joints ; 
tooled edges. Zond. 1826. 

536. CAMPBELL (Thos.) The Pleasures of Hope. Illustrated by , 
Birket Foster, Geo. Thomas, and H. Weir. Svo, citron J^/t{^'^^'^^ 
morocco extra, by Hay day. Land. \SoQ. . /- 

537. . Another copy. Lond. \8h6. Cn ^-^-^-^ 

538. CANINI (.Tean-Ano-e et Marc. Ant.) Les Imnges cles Heros 
et ties Grands Hommes de I'Antiquite, dessinees sur cles r ilJ^A/yj,2l/ 
Medailles, des Pierres antiques, etc. Gravees par Picart le^^'^ 
Romaiu, etc. 4to, ruasia, gilt edges. 

Amsterdam, 1731. 
"Belle edition," — Brunet. The French Translation of the Text is by 
Chevrieres ; the original Italian Text is included. 

539. CANIS. I^etro ®rCt\)riO ^ObtllO ivriu scholar! iohannes 
lacob. Can. Ivrisvtrivsq consvltvs : de modo in ivre stvden oJ^'t 
di libellvm : ac salvtem. P. Mitlit. JJlaCfe JLtXXZV. 4to, 
half bound. 

[Barthol. de Valdezochio impressit Patavii feliciter Anno 
Dom'i M.cccc. Lxxvi. kcd Octohris.^ 
Boutourlin's copy of this rare book sold for 40 francs. 

540. CAPELLxA. Opus Mantiani Capelle de Nuptiis Philologie et 
Mercurij libri duo. de grammatica, de dialectica, de rhetorica, /y^/y, 
de geometri, de arithmetica, de astronomia, de rausica libri 
septem. Editio PRI^'CEPS, folio, russia, 

Vicetitice, Henr. de Sancto Vrsa, mccccxcix. 
Finelli's copy sold for £3 3s. 

CARACCT. ^dium Farnesiarnra Tabulae, ab Annibale Ca- 

raccio depictse, a Carolo Cyesio reri insculptae, atque a 

Lucio Philarchseo explicationibus illustratiB. 33 plates, 

folio, calf ; fine copy. JRomce, 1753. 

'• ^0 542. CARDONXEL (Adam de). Numismata Scotise ; or a Series of ^ 

the Scottish Coinage, from the Reign of WilUam the Lion to qO'^''^^'^'^ 
the Union. 20 plates. \Xo,calf. Edinb. 1186. ^ _ 

^<^ 543. CARDONNEL. Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland. Mo,calf. 

Lond. 1788. 
Intended as a Supplement to Pennant's Tour in Scotland; only a few 
printed in 4to. 

" 544. CAREA^ (David). The Pleasures of Nature ; or the Charms ^ 

of Rural Life. ISmo, ca//". Lond.\8^Z. 

<;e 545. CARLETOX (Bp. Geo.) A Thankfvdl Remembrance of God's 
Mercie. In an Historicall Collection of the great and mer- 
cifuU Deliuerances of the Church and State of England since 
the Gospell beganne here to flourish, from the beginning of 



Queene Elizabeth. Ath edition. E)i(/nived Titles^. 4to, 

calf gilt. Lond.for R. Mylbourne, 1630. 

_£,^4i 545. CARLETON". Another copy, wanting the Engraved Title. 4to, 

calf. Land. 1603. 

Dowdeswell's copy sold for £2. 

J^ 546.* CARLISLE (Anth.) An Essay on the Disorders of Old Age, 

etc. 8vo, half calf " Zand. 1817. 

., 547. CARLISLE (Earl of— Lord Morpeth). Travels in America 

and Tiie Poetry of Pope. l2:no, cloth. A^. 3'. 1851. 

/ fju 548. [CARLYLE (Thos.)] The Life of Friedrich Schiller, compre- 
hending an Examination of his Works. Svo, hoard.-<. 

Lond. 1825. 
S^ 549. CARPESIUS (J. B.) Anatomia Carpi. Isagoge breves 
Perlucide ac uberime, in Anatomiam humani corporis, a 
comuni Medicorum Academia, usitatam, a, Carpo in Ahno 
Bononiensi Gymnasio ordinarium Chirurgia pnblicae, Do- 
cente, etc. With loood cuts. 4to, vellum, rare. 

Venefiis, m.cccccxxxv. 

'^'^ 550. CARR (Sir John). Caledonian Sketches ; or a Tour throngh 

Scotland in 1807. Svo, calf. iV. T. 1809. 

/2_-551. CARR (Sir John.) A Northern Summer; or Travels round 

the Baltic. 8vo, sheep. Philad. 1805. 

/, a 552. CARTER. Catalogue of the Books, etc., of John Carter, 

F. S. A., %oith prices and names. Svo, hcdfcalf 

Lond. 1818. 
yJ''553. CARTER (Matthew). Honor Rediviuus ; or an Analysis of 
' Honor and Armory. 3d edition. Svo, half calf. 

Lond. 1673, 
ov^554. . Another copy. Svo, ca(/*. Lond. 1673. 

Best edition ; revised by a friend, and publislied after the author's decease. 
The plates, by Gaywood, are reduced copies of the whole-length figures in 
Milles' Catalogue of Honor. Bindley, £14s. Od. — Lowndes. 

€j ^ Jff^bo. CARTER (N. H.). Letters from Europe, comprising the 
/ Journal of a Tour through Ireland, England, Scotland, 

France, Italy, and Switzerland. 2 vols. Svo, half calf . 

N. Y. 1827. 
J,<^^ 556. CARTHENY (John). m\C TS^O^UQt of the Wandring Knight. 
Shewing the whole Course of Man's Life ; How apt he is to 
follow Vanity, and how hard it is for him to attain to Vertue. 
Devised by JoJui CartJieny, a Frenchman ; and Translated 
out of French into English, by W. G., of S'ndharnpton, 
Merchant, &c. 2JlaCll JLttttX, 4to, calf. Title mended, 
dedication torn. Lond. 1670. 

This was translated by Will Goodyeare, and dedicated to Sir Francis Drake. 
"It is probable that Bunyan, in his Pilgrim's Progress, was much 
indebted to'this work." — Lowndes. 
Z .S'O 557. CARTWRIGHT (Chr.). Certamen Eeligiosum ; or, a Con- 
ference between the late King [Charles I.] of England, and 


the late Lo : Marquesse of Worcester, concerning Religion. 

Portrait of King Charles I. 4to, cajf. Lond. 1652. 

From the collection of the Duke of Sussex, with his Book Plate. This 
author was the first to apply the ancient writings of the Jews to the illustration 
of the Bible. Unknown to Lowndes. 

^10 ho^. CARTWRIGHT (Ed.). Armine and Elvira; A Legendary 

Tale. 12mo, calf. Land. 1803. 

^ty ~ 559. GARY (Dayid). Pleasures of Nature and the Reign of Fancy ; 

:i Poem, with Notes, Lyric Tales, &c. 2 vols. 12mo, sheep. 

Lond. 1803-4. 
; JV 560. GARY {Robert, Earl of MornnoutJi). Memoirs Avritten by 
himself, with Sir R. Xaunton's Fragmenta Regalia, being a 
History of Queen Elizabeth's Favourites, with explanatory 
Annotations by Sir W. Scott. This cojyy is illustrated xcith 
100 fine, curious, and scarce portraits and historical prints. 
Thick rl. 8vo, ccdf. Lond. 1808. 

2,S~h^\. CASLOX (W.) Specimen of Printing Types. Rl. 8vo. 

Lond. 1796. 
„ 562. CASONI (Gvido). Emblemi Politici del Signor Gaualier 
Gvido Gasoni. All' Illustris. Sig. il Sig. Geo. Frances>co 
Loredano, Nobile di Venetia. Wood cuts. 4to, vellwn. 

Venetia, Presso P'aole Paglioni, 1632. 

. ■ 563. GASPARUS. Portfolio, containing Plates from the Designs of 

J. W. Gasparus. 
// 564. GASSEDAY (Ben.). Tlie Poetic Lacon. 24mo, cl. gilt. 

X. Y. 1847. 
^^cT^ 565. GATALOGUE of a 3Iagnificent Gollection of Prints, sold by 
]Mr. Dodd. Priced. ^8vo, Ids. Lond. 1810. 

/^2«^66. GATALOGUE of Autograph Letters of Distinguished Per- 
sons, with prices and names. 8vo, half calf . Lond. 1824. 
/ od 567. GATALOGUE of a Gollection of Atitographs. 8\o, bds. 

Lond. 1833. 

^ y«J^68. GATALOGUE of Barnard's, Grose's, and other Gollections of 

/ Books, Prints, Goins, etc., in 1 vol. half russia. 1785-1798. 

^2. •^568.* GATALOGUE of the Ghoice, Gurious, and Elegant Private 

Library of John Trotter Brockett, v:ith prices and names. 

Also, Catalogue of the Ghoice Library of George Nassau, Esq. 

2 vols, in 1, 8vo, half calf gilt edges. L^ond. 1823-4. 

/, ^^ 569. CATALOGUES of Goins and Medals. 11 various. 

J~b'iQ. CATALOGUES of the Gollection of Coins, etc., of John Shep- 
herd, WiUiani Bentham, John Knight, F. Barclay, and 
Mr. Wilson. The last priced. In 1 vol. 8vo, half calf . 

Land. 1837, &c. 

/,/Z 571. CATALOGUE of the Valuable Collection of Books of a 
Gentleman ; also the MSS. of Craven Ord, with prices ; also 
Portions of J. Crosse and Rd. Payne Knight's Libraries. 
8vo, half morocco. 1830. 

Includes a fair collection of Shakespearianu. 


46 CATS. 

/,S0 572. CATALOGUES of Prints. Seven Collections sold at auction. 
8vo, halfcf. Loncl 1794, &c. 

yJ"5lZ. CATALOGUES of Various Sales of Libraries sold in 1818, 
/ with jyi'ices. 8vo, half calf. Lond. 1818. 

(Ux.{^ 5*^4. CATALOGUES, various priced, viz: J. Henderson, P. Neave, 
Mr. Rich, T. P. Gurdon, Mr. Willett, and a Nobleman. 
Svo, half russia. 
^d.oo 575. CATALOGUE RAISONNE of the Select Collection of 
Engravings of an Amateur. Illustrated with 82 plates, 
inserted in addition to those in the text. Printed on 
writing Paper. 4to, morocco uncut, by Paicson cb Nichol- 
son. Zand. 1828. 
The Collection of T. TTilson, Esq. The Book was privately printed. The 
Fac-Similes are by George Cruikshank and Frank Howard. See Wilson (T. 
for another copy. 

J,y^^'ll^d. CATALOGUES of Scottish Writers. 8vo, half russia, gilt 
' top. Edinh. 1833. 

/,O0 577. CATASTROPHE MUNDI; or Merlin Reviv'd, with Mr. 
Lilly's Hieroglyphicks. Exactly cut. Many large v:ood 
cuts. 18mo, half calf . Lond. 1683, 

^,ce 578. CATECHISM (The) ; or Christian Doctrine, by Way of Ques- 
tion and Answer, in Irish and English. Svo, old calf. 1742. 

^g.r^579. CATERER (The) and the Ant. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 
^'^ Lond. 1829. 

^ v/^0. ^UXhtXUXVL tiK SlCUar. Epistole da Catherina da Siena. 
'/ Editio princeps. Small 4to. JJlactt TLzXXtX. 

Pologna per Zohane Jacorno di Fontanesi, mcccclxxxxii. 
/fSV 581. ^atO (Dionysius). Catho cum Glosa et Moralisatione. Pu- 
hricated Letters. Small 4to. JJlatft 2LCttCr. 

Colonia, H. Quentell, mccccxcii. 
y This edition of this rare book is not included in the long list in Brunet. 

6.^ 582. CATS (Jacob). Alle de Wercken so ouden als nieuwe, van 
de Heer Jacob Cats, Ridder, oudt Raedtpensionaris van 
Hollandt, etc. Folio, calf. 

f Amsterdam., by Ian Jacobsz Schipper, 1655. 

Jl,*rO 583. CATS (Jacobus). Silenvs Alcibiadis, sive Protevs ; humanse 

vitse, ideam Emblemate, trifariam variato, oculis subjiciens. 

Iconibus artifici ose in a^s incisis, ac trium linguarum ex- 

plicatione elegantur elustratus. 4to. 

Amsterdam, W. Bleav, n. d. 
Also, J. CATZII Monita Amoris Yirginei, sive officivm 
pvellarvm in castis Amoribus, Emblemate expressum. 
Maechden-Plicht, Ofte ampt der ionckvrovwen. In eerbaer 
liefde aenghewesen door Sinne-Beelden. 4to. 2 vols, in 1 ; 
4to, morocco. Amstelredam, W. T. Plaeu, Amst. n. d. 

/<;>, 1^584. CATS (Jacob) and Robert Farlie. Moral Emblems, with 
Aphorisms, Adages, and Proverbs of all Ages and Nations, 
with (121) Illustrations, freely rendered by John Leighton ; 



the whole translated and edited, with additions, by Rd. Pigot. 
4to, morocco extra. ^ IST. F., i. e., Loncl. 1860. 

" Tolume fort bien execute." — Brunei. 

^,y>^58o. CATS (J.). Toonel Yan de Mannelicke Achtbaerheyt. Aen- 
'^ gewesen in de Voor-sprake, teghen-sprake, ende uyt-sprake, 

gedaen Ovei- de weygheringhe van de Koninginne Vasthi, 
aen de Ghesanten des Koninex Assuerus. 80 ^/ine plates. 
4to, vellum. Middelburgh^ 1622. 

Scarce — not in Stirling's Collection. 

\a<P 586. CATTOX (Ch.). Scotch and Irish Peerages. The Original 

Drawings, iritJi the Text heautifidly icritten., Impl. 8vo, in 

broicn morocco^hy J. Mackenzie. s. 1. s. a. 

^,06 o87. CATTOX. Plates to Catton's Heraldry. Mo.hcdf morocco. 

Lond. n. d. 

>-^^ 588. CArLFIELD (James). Calcographiana : The Printseller's 

Chronicle and Collector's Guide to the Knowledge and 

Value of Engraved British Portraits. Illustrated with 90 

j)lates, — 40 inlaid, 8yo, morocco extra, by tT. Mackenzie. 

Lond. 1814. 
^ ac 589. CAXJLFIELD (James). Portraits, &c. Rl. 8vo, vol. 2. 

Lond. 1813. 
, f^ 590. CAVACIO (.Jacobo). Illustrivm Anachoretarvm Elogia, sive 
Religiosi Viri Mvsaevm. 4to. vellum. 

Moma, J. DragondelU, 1661. 

" Ce livre renferme .30 pi. gravees par Fr. Yalesio, a rimitation de la 

Solitudo des Sadeler, plus une vue de Bassano et un frontispice." — Brunei. 

i.oo 591. CAYEXDISH (George). The Life of Cardinal Wolsey, with 

Xotes, and other Illustrations, by S. W. Singer, Esq. 

2d edition. Lllustrated v:ith ho additional portreiits. 18mo, 

Jicdf green morocco, gilt edge.'i. Lond, 1827. 

One of the most interesting and valuable specimens of biograph}^ in the 

. English Language." — Lovmdes. 

taM^592. CAXTOX (Wm.). Life of. See [Stevenson (Wm.)] Lond. 1833. 
tr-CS. 593. CAXTOX (Wm.) The Game of Chess. Facsimile rejyrint of 
- . the very rare or igincd. ^Xo, calf antique, red edges. 

"3,*^ Lond. 1855. 

Some remarks on the history of Printing, &c., are appended. 
9, ,^"^594. CAXTOX. Here begynneth a lityll treatise, shorte and abredg- 

ed, spekynge of the Arte & Crafte to knowe well to dye. 

Facsimile reprint of the excessively rare original, by 

Wm. Caxton, in the British Museum. Sm. folio, half mor 

rocco. Lond. [1480.] 

/ ^^ 595. CECHO D'ASCOLI. Lo illustro poeta Cecho dascoU: con 

comeuto nouamente trouato : etc. Singidar wood cuts. 

Impressum Venetii'i 2)er Melchiorem de Sessa, 1510. 

With the device of the Cat and Mouse at the back of the title. See Note 
to Lot 45. 
*^ 596. CECIL (John). Sixty Curious and Authentic Xarratives and 

Anecdotes, respecting Extraordinary Characters, etc. Plate. 

12 mo, half calf Lond. W. Horn, 1819. 


SS 597. CERTAINE (A) RELATION of the Hog-faced Gentlewoman, 
called Mistress Tanuakin Skiuker, etc. 4to, rare and cari- 
ous. Wood cut on title. Lond.lMO. 
/, 2: J^98. CHALCOGRAPHIMANIA ; or the Portrait Collector and 
Print Sellers' Chronicle, with Infatuations of every Descrip- 
tion. 8vo, bds. Lond. 1814. 
See also [Ireland, W. H.] 

X yj~599. CHALMERS (George). Life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Drawn 

/ from the State Pafjers, with six Subsidiary Memoirs. 2 vols. 

4to, calf. Land. 1818. 

Illustrated by Ten Plates of Medals, Portraits and Prospects. Brockett, 

£2 65. 

S7S^ 600. CHALMERS (George). Poetic Remains of some of the 
Scotish Kings, now first collected. l2\n.o, red morocco ex- 
tra. Lond. 1824. 
V'»r^l. CHALMERS (Thos.) On the PoAver, Wisdom, and Good- 
/ ness of God. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Glasgovj, 1835. 
_zS^Q2. CHALMERS (Dr. Th.) Sermons in the Tron Church, Glas- 
gow. 8vo, bds. N. r: 1819- 

S^^ ^ 603. CHAMBERLAYNO (Jo.) Oratio Dominica in diversas om- 
nium fere gentium linguas versa, cum dissertatione de lingu- 
arum Origine, etc. \_Ede)tte, D. Wilkins?^ 4to, ccdf. 

A msteloidami, 1715. 
This book contains the Lord's Prayer in upwards of 130 languages and 
dialects, and includes some Indian versions. 

/,0g 604. CHAMBERS (Robt.) A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent 
ficotsmen, with 2)ortraits. Divisions 1 and 2. 8vo, cloth. 

Glasf/o>'\ 1852. 
JID 605, CHAMBERS (Robt.) The Popular Rhymes of Scotland, 
with Illustrations from Oral Sources. 12mo, half calf. 

Edlnb. 1826. 

^,2*^606. CHAMBERS. Scottish Songs Collected and Illustrated. 2 

vols. 12mo, half calf. Edinb. 1829. 

S.oo 607. CHAMBERS. Scottish Ballads. l2mo, half calf. Edinb. 1829. 

Jj^,oo 608. [CHAMBERS (R.)] Popular Rhymes, Fireside Stories, and 
Amusements of Scotland. Rl. Svo, half morocco. 

Edinb. 1842. 

•^"2-^ 609. CHAMBERS (Robt.) Popular Rhymes of Scotland, and Ori- 
ginal Poems. Third edition, l2xxio^ half morocco. 

Edinb. 1847. 

/, a « 610. CHAMBERS. The Scottish Ballads Collected and Illustrated 

by Robert Chambers. 12mo, cl. Edinb. 1829. 

,, .. 611. CHAMBERS (Robert). Traditions of Edinburgh. 2 vols. 

12mo, half calf. Edinb. 1825. 

«^^ 612. CHAMBEIiS (li.) Walks in Edinburgh. 12mo, half calf. 

Edinb. 1825. 


/ Vt5^13. CHA]yiBERS (W.) Things as they Are in America. 12mo, 
' ' cloth. Philad. [/. e., EcUnb.'] 1854. 

^2 614. CHAMELEOX (The). 2 vols. 8vo, red silk. Lond. 1832-3. 
I j-77 615. CHAP BOOKS. Rob Roy, London Spy, Battle of Drum- 
clog, Trial of Bm-ke, Ali Baba, Four Kings, Witty Exploits 
of George Buchanan, Prophecies of Thomas the Rhymer, 
Lothian Tour, etc., in 1 vol. 12mo, sheep. 

Stirling, etc., 1825. 

ytTe^ie. CHAPONE (Mrs.) Letters on the Improvement of the Mind. 

/ 18mo, cf. Lond. C. Wliittingham. 1806. 

/, ^^? 617. CHARACTERS in the Grand Fancy Ball given by the British 

Ambassador, Sir Plenry Wellesley, at Vienna, at the Carnival 

1826; in 13 highly colored Plates, etc. 4to. Lond. 1828. 

2r,ff^ 618. CHARLES L Memoirs of King Charles L, and the Loyalists 

•who suffered in his Cause. Portraits by Vandyke. 4to, bds. 

Lond. 1795. 
•^i^ro 619. CHARLES I. Perfect Narrative of the whole Proceedings of 
the High Court of Justice in the Tryal of the King, in West- 
minster Hall, on Saturday, the 20, and Monday the 22, of this 
instant January. 3 plates, and a long MS. Note by Judge 
Furman inserted. 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to, hcdfcalf. 

Lond. 1648. 
•'This most authentic account of the memorable trial of King Charles I. 
was printed daily during the trial." — Lowndes. 

/ ^6 620. CHARLES I. Three Sermons on the Execution of Charles I. 
3fS. of the period. 8vo. From R. Balmanuo's Collection. 

/^^^21. CHARLES (George). History of the Transactions in Scot- 
land, in the Years 1715-16, and 1745-46. Interspersed with 
a variety of Anecdotes. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Leith, 1817. 

2, 2.W g22. CHARTARIUS. Vincentii Chartarii Rhegiensis Imagines 
Deoruni lui ab Antiquis Colebantur Moguntiae Apud Lu- 
douicum Bourgeat. 88 pAates, 4to, green morocco, s. 1. s. a. 

?,-^623. CHATTO (William Andrew). Facts and Speculations on 
the Origin and History of Playing Cards. 8vo, half moroc- 
co, gilt top. Lond. 1848. 

^, a9 624. CHATTO (W. A.) A Historical, Antiquarian, and Practical 
Treatise on Wood Engraving, Ancient and Modern ; illus- 
trated with several Hundred Engravings, by various Artists. 
This copy illustrated toith numerous (278) additional cuts. 
One vol. irapl. 8vo, extended to 3 vols, green morocco 
extra. Lond. 1839. 

The above is the printed title to this unique copy, of what is usually known 
as Jackson's Wood P'ngraving; it contains Chatto's Third Preface, auto- 
graph note of Chatto to Itliiel Town; Device by Dr. Anderson; and is alto- 
gether a fine work, containing in all, nearly 500 Engravings. 

. t, e 625. CHATTO (Wm. A.) History and Art of Wood-Engraving; 
with Specimens of the Art, ancient and modern ; selected 
from "The Illustrated London News." Folio, half bound. 
7 Lond. 1848. 

50 CHINA. 

j^c 626. CHEEKE (Sir John.) The Trve Svbject to the Rebell, Or the 
Hvrt of Sedition, how Greivovs it is to a Common-wealth. 
4to, calf. Oxford, 1641. 

'• To this'edition is prefixed a preface applicable to those times, and a life 
of the author by Geo. Langbaiue." — Lowndes. 
J/cc 627. CHEETHAM (James). The Life of Thomas Paine, author of 
Common Sense, the Crisis, the Rights of Man, etc. 33 
Portraits and Plates inserted. 8vo, uiorocco antique. 

iY Y. 1809. 
S~f0^ 628. CHERON (EI.) Pierres Gravees. Designs from Antique 
Gems, 52 2)l<(teff. Folio, blxe morocco. Paris, 1711-14. 
" A tasteful desifrn and a commanding facility of pencil distinguish the works 
of this estimable paintress.'" — Bryan. 
^,00 629. CHERTABLON (M. De.) La Maniere de se bien preparer a 
la Mort. Par des considerations sur la C^ne, la Passion et 
la Mort de Jesus Christ, avec de tres-belles Estampes 
Emblematiques. — 42 Plates, by Remain de Hooge. 4to, 
half calf. Auvers, G. Gallet, 1700. 

^ La Yalliere. 48 fr. ; Labedoy, 36 fr. 50c. 

<b, ^^ 630. CHEVALIER (Nicolas). Histoire de Guillaume III., Roy 
d'Angleterre, etc., contenant ses Actions les plus memora- 
bles, depuis sa Naissanee jusques a son elevation sur le 
Trone, et ce qui s'est passe depuis, jusques a I'entiere Reduc- 
tion du Royaume d'lrlande. Par Medailles, Inscriptions, 
Arcs de Triomphe, et autres monuments Publics ; Recueillis 
par X. Q\ie\Vi\\GT, planches, folio, calf Amsterdam, 1692. 
In this work, every public act of the reign of K. William III., is represented 
in engraved plates, by Roman de Hooghe, etc. 

/.C^a 631. CHICKENS FEED CAPONS; or a Dissertation on the 
Pertness of our Youth in General, Esj^ecially Those trained 
up at Tea-Tables, etc. Svo. Land. 1731. 

^, ^ 632. CHILDREN AT PLAY. A Collection of Old Plates of Chil- 
dren at Play, and mostly in a nude state. Oblong 4to, half 

^.^ 633. CHINA. Punishments of China, illustrated by 22 Coloured 
Engravings, with Explanations in English and French. 4to. 
half rtissia. Lond. 1801. 

/^, /^ 634. CHINESE BOOK (A), containing 50 Coloured Plates, illustra- 
tive of the Process of Planting Tea, Criminal Punishments, 
and Trades and Occupations. Oblong folio, Jtalf calf. 

3, 1*^635. CHINESE DRAWINGS on Rice Paper, of Insects and Flow- 
ers, Fruits and Birds. 3 vols, oblong 4to. 
i/^ 636. CHINESE. Two Books in Chinese. Rl. Svo. 
/O 637. CHINESE BOOKS. 6 vols. 8vo. 

/e^c 638. CHINESE COLLECTION. Descriptive Catalogue of the 
Chinese Collection in Philadelphia. Svo, half calf 

Fhilad. 1839. 

^, SV 639. CHOICE EMBLEMS, Divme and Moral, Antient and Modern ; 


or, Delights for the Ingenious, in above Fifty Select Em- 
blems, Curiously Ingraven upon Copper Plates. 12mo, calf. 

Land. 1732. 
640. CHOISY (Abbe de). Histoire de la Vie de David. Troisieme 
Edition Enrichie de Figures. Paris, M. Durand. n. d. 

Scarce. From Heary White's collection. 

CHOUL (Guileelmo du). Yeterum Romanorum Religio Cas- 
trametatio, Disciplina Militaris ut et Balueae ex antiquis Nu- 
misniatibus et lapidibus demonstrata. 4to, half calf . 

Arnstekedanii, 1685. 

642. CHRISTIAX HOUSE (The), built by Truth on a Rock ; or 
__^ an Antidote to Infidelity. 8vo. Loud. 1820. 

643. CHRISTIAN PIETY TRIED, etc., with Life of Armeele Xico- 
las. 12mo. Philad. H. 3I'dIfr, IIQQ. 

€44. CHRISTIAX SECTS in the Xineteenth Century. 12mo, d. 

Lond. Pickering., 1846. 

645. CHRISTIAX HISTORY (The), Containing Accounts of the 

Revival and Propagation of Religion in Great Britain and 

^ America, for the Years 1743 and 1744. 2 vols. 8vo, caJf. 

./ ^ Boston, AT E. : for T. Prince, 1744-5. 

Tliis work was edited by Prince, tlie rhronologist, and is tlje first religious 

magazine published in this country. 


CHRISTIAXITY not Founded on Argument. See [Dodwell 
JT 646. CHRISTLICHE SEELEX-SCHATZ, Auszerlesenes Lebetter. 

Old red morocco, tooled and gilt. s. 1. s. a. 

This Catholic Prayer Book is printed entirelj^ from engraved plates. 

^oo 647. CHRISTMAS WITH THE POETS: a Collection of Songs, 
Carols, and Descriptive Verses, embellished with 53 Tinted 
Illustrations, by Birket Foster, and with Initial Letters and 
other Ornaments. Rl. Svo, morocco extra. Lond. 1855. 

^*^~648. CHRIST YX (J. B.). Tabula Chronologica sive Ducum Lotha- 
ringiae, Brabantite, Liiuburgi, etc. Brilliant plates. 4to, 
vellum. Mechlinicv, 1669. 


, ^ ^ 649. (^tlirDSOStOni. Expliciut sermones iohannis crisostomi de pat- 
iC'ta iob et aliqt de penitetia translati de greco in latino, etc. 
JSlaCfe actter. FoUo, half hound, 
impss nuremherge \John SensenscJimid^ Anno dm 


, -^ Editio princeps, extremely rare. See Panzer, vol. ii.. 168, 4. 

y^ 650. CHVRCHILL (Sir Winston). Divi-Britannici, being a Re- 
mark Upon the Lives of all the Kings of this Isle, from the 
Year of the World 2855, up to the Year of Grace 1660. Fo- 
lio, half calf. Lond. 1675. 


Tliis work, MTittcn by the fiither of the grent John Churchill, Dnko of 
Marlborough, shows the author to have been well read in our ancient histo- 
rians, and is considered very accurate as to dates and authorities. — Loivndes. 

2,00 G51. CPIITRCHYARD (Thomas). The Mirror of Man, and Manners 
of Men. 4to, uncut. 

Reprinted nt the Aiichinleck Press, 1817. 
S,y*^G52. CHVRCHYARD (Thomas), il JTrbt MSCObtSC Historical!, 

of the Succeeding Governovrs in the Netherlands, and the 
Ciuill Warres begun in the Yeere 1505, with the memora- 
ble seruices of our Honourable English Generals, Captaines, 
and Souldiers, etc. MlHtU UtttCV . 4to, calf. Zond. 1Q02. 
Priced in the Bibl. Ang. Poetica, £5 5^. Od. Nassau's sale, £4 10s. 

/ «7^ 653. CICOGNA (Strozzi). Delia Tragedia de Pastori al Fillvstris- 
simo Sig. Francesca Soranzo, etc. 4to, ca//, eUijant. 

Vk-enza, G. Greco, 1593. 

,1^' ^^7'^'^-654. CIERMANS (A. P. Joan.) Discipline Mathematicoe Traditfe 

' anno Institvta Societatis lesv Secvlari. Brilliant plates. 

Folio, half red morocco, gilt edges. Lovani, 1640. 

f.aC 655. CIPRIANI. A Collection of Prints after the Sketches and 

Drawings of the late celebrated G. B. Cipriani. Engraved 

by Mr. Richd. Earlom. Folio, half bound. 

Lond. Boy dell, 1780. 
White Knights, £1 14s. M. Fouthill £1 4s. M. 

J I ;.^ /UtXloe. CLAPHAM (Henoch). A Briefe of the Bible's History. 
' Drawne first into English Poesie, and then Illustrated by apt 

Annotations, etc. 12mo, calf. Bond. 1639. 

y Respecting this once popular work, see Brydges' "Censura Literaria." 

/ Q^ 057. [CLARKIC (Dr. A.)]. A Bibliographical Dictionary, contain- 
ing a Chronological Account, alphabetically arranged, of the 
most curious, useful, and important Books in all Depart- 
ments of Literature. 6 vols. Also, The Bibliographical 
Miscellany ; or Suj)plement to the Bibliographical Diction- 
ary. 2 vols. In all 8 vols. 12mo, half calf. 

Bond. 1802-0. 
Contains a summary of the Life of each Author, a List of AVorks, account 
' of the Classics, Origin of Language, and List of Places where Printing was 

carried on in the XVth Century, etc. Roscoe's copy. £2 10s. Orf. Nas- 
sau's copy, £2 Is. Oc/. 

Z,it 058. CLARK (HUGH). Concise History of Knighthood, contain- 
ing the Religious and jNIilitary Orders which have been Insti- 
tuted in Europe, etc. Plates. 2 vols. Svo, calf. Bjond. 1 784. 

y,rv 659. CLARK (J. H.) The Triumph of Innocence. An Ode 

' written by John Heaviside Clark, and composed and arranged 

for the Piano Forte by Wm. Crouch. Folio, blue morocco 

extra, joints, gilt edges. 1821. 

An Original and Unpublished Ode; the copy presented to her Majesty 

Queen Caroline. Illustrated with Water-Color Drawings. 

^,ao 600. CLARKE (J. B. B.) A Historical and Descriptive Catalogue 
of the European and Asiatic MSS. in the Library of the late 


Dr. Adam Clarke. Prices anj itames. Rl. 8vo, /if/7f mo- 

rocro. Lotid. 1835. 

/^^/? 661. [CLARKE (Win.)] Repertorinm Biblioernpliionni, or Some 

Account of the most celebrated British Libraries. Rl. Svo, 

half calf\ edges iincut. Lond. 1818. 

The late Mr. Beckford assisted in the compilation of this work, particularly 

in the description of his own Library at Fonthill. This copy has the Dialogue 

on the Shades and Rare Doinjrs at Roxburgh Hall. It contains much valuable 

and curious bibliographical information. 

2.SV 662. CLEGHORN (James). System of Agriculture from the En- 
cyclopaedia Britanniea. 13 plates. Ato, hcd/ ea/f. 

Edinh. 1831. 

/,yJ^663. [CLELAND (John)]. The Ladies' Subscription ; a Dramatic 
Performance designed for an Introduction to a Dance. 
Svo, hedf morocco. s. 1. s. a. 
The Author is better [or worse] known as the writer of F y H 1. 

/,ffC 664. CLEMENTIS ROMANI EPISCOPI, de rebus gestis, pere- 
grin ationibus, atque concionibus Sancti Petri Epitome, ad 
Jacobum Hierosolymorum Episcorum. Eivsdem demen- 
tis vita, etc. 4to, cedf extra. PiO'is, 1555. 
^•^665. CLIFFE (LEIGH). The Pilgrim of Avon. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Zo)id. 1836. 
Leigh Cliffe is supposed to be a Pseudonym for George Jones, who, in a 
eulogistic address, dedicates it to himself 

S^6~9 666. CLIXTON. Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clin- 
ton, relative to his conduct during part of his Command in 
North America ; particularly the Campaign of 1781. 8vo, 
half calf . Lond. 1783. 

AVith Autograph of Sir H. Clinton, and Portrait inserted. 667. CLIPPINGS, CUTTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS. 109 

Plates, many colored. Folio. Green vellum, 2 clasps. 
Y,o<i 668. CLIPPINGS AND CUTTINGS, or Shreds and Patches col- 
lected, here and there, 1840. MS. Title in Frontispiece by 
Leigh to a collection of Eighty-nine Colored Engravings of 
Birds, Flowers, Female Sketches, Landscapes, etc. 4to, 
light green m.orocco, gilt edges. 

669. CLOQUET (Jules). Recollections of the Private Life of 
General Lafayette. Svo, Jicdf morocco. JLond. 1835. 

670. CLOUD OF WITNESSES, or the Last Speeches, &c., of 
those who suffered for the Truth in Scotland. 8vo, calf. 

Aberdeen, 1778. 

^^ 671. CLULOW (Wm. B.) Aphorisms and Reflections. Post Svo, 

cloth. Lond. 1843. 

/^672. COBBETT (Wm.) A French Grammar. 12mo, cl. 

N. Y. 1848. 

S~0 673. [COBBETT (Wm.)] The Rush-Light. 15th Feb. to 30th 
April, 1800. By Peter Porcupine. Imperfect. Svo, half 
bound. N. Y. n. d. 


7", _ C74. COCKBURN (Major). Swiss Scenery. %2 fine plates, '^to, 
half morocco^ ff fit €(J(fes. Loud. 1820. 

/, lX^5. COCHRAX (John). Catalogne of Manuscripts in Different 
Languages on Theology. 6 plates, 8vo, hds. Lond. 1829. 
COGITANS (John). See [Morey (Charles)]. 
iJT76. COINS. Catalogues of the Collections of Coins of W. Wil- 
son, W. A. A. White, J. Maydwell, J. Hall, J. Brumell, H. 
O. Cureton. 6 vols, 8vo. Loud. 1847-51. 

_2, — 677. COINS. Catalogue of the Numismatic Library of an Eminent 
Collector. 8vo, half morocco., Lond. 1846. 
COLBATCH (Sir John). See Tracts. 

J^yS 678. COLDEN (Cadwallader D.) The Life of Robert Fulton, com- 
prising some account of the Invention, Progress, and Estab- 
lishment of Steamboats, &c., Avith an Appendix. 8vo, half 
morocco. X. Y. 1817. 

See Quarterl.v Review, XIX., 347-5'7. 

^,J1> 679. COLDEN (Cadwallader C.) Memoir, Prepared at the Re- 
quest of a Committee of the Common Council of the City of 
New York, and Presented to the Mayor of the City at the 
Celebration of the Completion of the New York Canals. 
47 Plates. 4to, red morocco extra. 

Printed by order of the Corporation of New YorJi, by 

W. A. Davis, 1825. 

^ 680. . Another copy. 47 Plates. 4to, calf extra. 

/' N. Y. 1825. 

^S", 681. [COLEMAN (Wm.)] A Collection of the Facts and Docu- 
ments relative to the Death of Major-General Alexander 
Hamilton, with Comments ; together with the various Ora- 
tions, Sermons, and Eulogies, that have been published or 
written on his Life and Character. Illustrated toith 27 
Plates, and Ai(to(/raphs of Hamilton and Burr. 8vo, green 
tnorocco extra. Isf. Y. 1804. 

/,S~^ 682. COLL AS (Achille). Authors of England. A Series of 
Medallion Portraits, with Illustrative Notices by H. F. 
Chorley. 4to, cl. Lond. 1838. 

3h 683. COLLECTANEA ALLANIANA A Collection of Engra- 

vings, Collected and Arranged by John Allan, 1837. MS. 
Title to a Scrap Book containing Two Hundred and Ninety- 
seven Plain and Colored Engravings. Folio, red morocco, 
gilt edqes. 

V 384. COLLECTANEA CL^RIOSA Antiqua et Recentior, par J. 

' * Allan. MS. Title to a Collection of 1 70 Prints in 4to, red mo- 

rocco, gilt sides and edges. 
/S'.S'O 685. COLLECTANEA CURIOSA of various Engravings and 
Tickets. Containing a rare collection o/'348 scarce pieces, 
some of extreme becmty. Folio, half calf . 

g ^ 686 COLLECTANEA SELECTA. A Scrap Book containing 166 
Engravings. Folio, red morocco. 


.00 6S7. COLLECTAXEA VARTA. One Hvuidred and Fifty-three 

Engravings, arrani^ed in a folio Scrap Book. Half russla. 

Includes some fine specimens of Bartolozzi, Sadeler, Teniers, &c. 
688. COLLECTION (A). By Old German Masters. 20 Plates, 

mostly Scriptural, neatly mounted in a 4to Scrap book. Mns- 

sla, gilt. 

BUILDINGS and Portraits, arranged in a 4to volume. Old 

red russia, gilt sides. 

4to, calf. 

ters, Scrolls, and Title-Pages, mounted on blue paper. 4to, 
half morocco. 

a 4to volume. Morocco. 1640, etc. 

Book with Twenty Plates of Ancient and Modern Sculpture, 
Allegorical Plates, etc. Folio, red morocco extra, gilt sides 
and edges. 

Title to Forty-four Engravings, including many by Bartolozzi. 
Sni. 4to, green morocco, gilt edges. 694. COLLECTION OF DROLLERIES (A). MS. Title to a Se- 
ries of Seventy Facetious Plates inlaid in a folio volume, half 
red morocco. 

hoo 695. COLLECTION OF EMBLEMS, Vignettes, Title-Pages, Mas- 
querade and Ball Tickets, Head and Tail Pieces, Ancient 
and Modern. 273 Plates. Folio, half morocco. 
Includes manj' specimens of BartolozzL 


vellvrn. 4to, morocco extra, rare. 

,^ 697. COLLECTION OF ILLUSTRATIONS to Various Authors. 
53 Plates, 4to, half red morocco. 

in vogue during the first year of the Rebellion in the L^nited 
States, 1861. Jlounted on tinted paper. Irapl. 8vo, half 

^/^^ 699. COLLECTION OF MODERN PRINTS. 1840. Title-Page 
to a large Collection of 382 Engravings, mounted in 2 vols. 
royal 4to, half calf . 

tr,oo 700. collection' OF [110] OLD ENGRAVINGS by various 
Masters. Folio, calf. 

:,.n?701. COLLECTION OF 88 PORTRAITS, Costume and Charac- 
ter Plates, highly ornamented in gold and colors. Folio, 
old russia, gilt sides. 1714, etc. 


Prayer, On War, Christian Piety, Representation of the 
Xegro Trade, Benezet's Warning to Great Britain. lu 1 
ro/."l2mo. Phil. 1767, etc. 

/.J^ T03. COLLECTIOX (A) of Scarce, Curious, and Valuable Pieces, 
Both in Verse and Prose. 12mo, /utlf calf. Edinb. 1783. 
y.SD 704. COLLECTION OF SCRAPS, containing 90 Engravings. ¥o- 
\[o, half morocco. 1836. 

/^Z, 705. COLLECTIOX (A). Various Sixbjects, by John Allan. A 

Scrap Book, containing One Hundred and Twenty Coloured 
Engravings of Landscapes, Views, Flower Pieces, Birds, 
■ Still Life, etc. 4to, green morocco., gilt edges. 
2, SV 706. COLLETT (John). Designs, both Serious and Comic. 32 
[should be 36] Plates, oblong 4to. Load. 1770. 

COLLET (Stephen) — Pseudonym. See [Byerley (J. S.)] 
/, S~0 707. [COLLIER (John)]. Human Passions Delineated in 120 Fig- 
ures, by Timothy Bobbin. Oblong 4to, half calf. 

Lond. 1775. 
A very clever and humorous work, in the style of Hogarth. 

/A 708. COLLIER (John Payne). A Book of Roxburghe Ballads. 

4to, red morocco e.ctra, by Pavson & Nicholson. 

Lond. 1847. 
"With 50 curious wood cuts, and beautifully printed by C. "Wliittinghani. 
Xearly all the Ballads contained in this very interesting collection are unique. 
Tliey are printed from the extraordinary collections which belonged suc- 
cessively to the Duke of Roxburghe and Mr. Bright. 

J^, 709. COLOURED EXGRAVIXGS of Figures, Flowers, Fancy 
Sketches, Fruit Pieces, Landscapes, Portraits, &c., upwards 
of 100 Plates, in green Turkey morocco, by Mackenzie. 
£,, 710. COLQUHOUX (John). The Moor and the Loch, containing 

Practical Hints on Highland Sports ; Instructions in Fish- 
ing, etc. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1841. 
/,SV Til. COLTOX (C. C.) Lacon; or Many Things in Few Words; 
addressed to those who Think. 2 vols. Svo, calf. 

Lond. 1822. 

S~4 712. COLUMBUS. De Insulis inuentis. — Epistola Cristoferi 
Coloni (cui nostra raultu debet : de Insulis in mari Indieo 
nup inuetis. Ad quas perquirendas octauo antea mense : 
auspiciis et ere Inuictissirai Fernandi Hispaniarura Regis 
missus fuerat) ad ]\Lignilicum dnm Raphaelez Sanxis ; euisde 
serenissimi Regis Thesaurariu missa, quara nobilis ac litterat' 
vir Aliander d Losco : ab Hispano y deomate in latinu 
conuertit : tercio kl's Mali m.cccc.xciii. Pontificatus Alex- 
andri Sexti Anno Primo. Fac-simile reprint [Paris, 1858] 
of the excessively rare original. Four fall-page woodcuts. 
Small 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top. 

Q,^SO 713. COLUMX^E .Alilitantis Ecclesiie. Folio, m{/'. Norimb. Il2b. 
A fine collection of Portraits of Saints, Monks, etc. 

COXDE. 57 

JD 714. COLVILL (Samuel). The Whigs Supplication ; or, The Scots 
Hudibras, a Mock Poem. Last edition. Enriched icith a 
collection of superb engravings. 12mo, calf. 

St. Anclretcs, 1796. 

2^ 715. . Another copy. 12mo, bds. St. Andrews., 1796. 

This Poem turns upon tlie insurrection of the Covenanters in Scotland, in 
the Reign of K. Charles XL, in imitation of Butler. See Retr. Rev., III. 

716. COMENIUS' (Joh. A.) Visible World; or a Nomenclature 
and Pictures of all the Chief Things that are in the World, 
150 cuts. 12mo, s/ip. Lond. 1777. 

7'^'~717. COMIC OFFERIXG for 1832. Ptoes. 12nio. io«fZ. 1832. 
^, 718. ContJItOU 3|ragtrr. The Litany, with Plain Tune, and the 
Psalter, pointed to be Sung or Said in Churches. 3llaCk 
IOlZXXZX^ 2 vols. 4to, red morocco^ gilt edges. 

Lond. J. Burns., 1843. 
f,SV 719. COMPLETE FARMER; or a General Dictionary of Husband- 
ry in all its Branches. By a Society of Gentlemen. 3Iany 
plates. 4to, ccdf. Lond. 1777. 

\ 720. CONCEPTUS CHRONOGRAPHICUS de Concepta Sacra De 
Ipara. Septingentis Sacrse Scripturae, SS. Patrum, ac Ratio- 
num, nee non Historiarum, Symbolorum, Antiquitatum, et 
Anagrammatum suffragis Robartus, etc. Folio, ccdf. 

Augustce Vindelicoi'uni, A. Wolff, 1120. 
A very curious collection of Anagrams, etc. 

/ 721. CONDE. JE;he JJTranSlatfon of U letter written by a Frenche 
Gentil woman to another Gentihvoman Straunger, her frind 
vpon the death of the most excellent and vertuous Ladye 
Elenor of Roye, Princess of Conde, contayning her last Wyll 
and Testament. Doone by Henry Myddelmore, Gentylman. 
at the request of the Ladye Anne Throkmorton, etc. jlSlaCtt 
Setter. Small 8vo, blue morocco. 

Imprinted at London., by John Daye., 1564. 
Townesley's copy of this rare book sold for £3 13s. 6c?. 

/7'^r722. CONDENSED'(A) history of the Independent Roystering 

Club. 8vo, hcdfccdf. s. 1. s. a. 

Thirtv-two copies onlv printed. — Got up bv the Cadets at "West Point. 

/,S~0 723. CONDERT (James). An Arrangement of Provincial Coins, 

Tokens and Medals, issued in Great Britain, Ireland, and the 

Colonies. ^\o, bds., uncut. Ipsioich,\1'^'i. 

/,y»M^4. ConfeSSlOnale domini Anthonini. Blacfe Eetter. Small 4to, 
old morocco, c/ilt edqes. mcccclxxxvii. 

yJ~725. COXJECTLTRAL OBSERVATIONS on the Origin and Pro- 
/ gress of Alphabetic Writing. 8vo, bds. Lond. 1772. 

5>^^ir~726. CONJURER (The) ; or Metamorphoses of Pride and Humil- 
ity. An Humourous Poetical Tale. 23 Copper Plates. 

Lond. w. d. 

Z,S~0 7^Y CONNOISSANCE (La) DES PAVILLONS, ou Bannier que 

le plupart des Nations Arborent en Mer, etc. Colored plates. 


icith a large additional number and 3fS. notes. 4to, vel- 
him. La IIaye.,\lZl. 

y, 728. (Kontemplatfon of ittanlUntrC, contayning a Singuler 
Discourse after tlie Art of Pliisognomie, on all tlie mem- 
bers and partes of man, as from the heade to the foote, 
in a more ample maner than hitherto hath beene published 
of any. JJlacU TLtXXtX. 18mo. Title stained, otherwise 
a good copy. Printed by Seres, \5l\. 
For an accountof this rare book, see Dibdin's Typ. Antiq. ii. x (note) iv. 210, 
and Decameron, vol. i., p. 153 note. 

Sl,t^ni%. CONTEMPORARIES OF BURNS, and the more Recent 
Poets of Ayi-shire, with Selections from their Writings. 
8vo, half raJf. Edinb. 1840. 

"f JOHN," Archbishop of New York. Illustrated with 
plates and a large collection of neio.spaper cuttings. Rl. Svo. 

A^ y: n. d. 

^,SP 731. COOKE (Alexander). Pope Joane ; a Dialogve betweene a 
Protestant and a Papist, Manifestly prouing that a Woman 
called loane, was Pope of Rome, etc. 4to, hcdf calf. 

Lond. 1625. 
Cooke was a person most admirably well read in the controversies between 
the Protestants and the Papists. — Ant. a Wood. 

/,yJ^Z2. COOKE (C.) Illustrations to the British Theatre; a Series of 

^ 58 Vignette Plates. Svo, half calf Lond. v. d. 

d, 733. COOKE (George). Views in London and its Vicinity. 48 

Plates. 4to, half morocco, gilt edges. Lond. n. d. 

3, 734. COOPER (R.) and PAGE (R.) Fifty Wonderful Portraits, 

4to, bds. ' Lond. 1824. 

Ot 735. (KOOptt'S ^IltOttfClf, conteining the whole discourse of the 

historic as well of this realme as all other countries, etc. 

JUlaCU Setter. 4to, halfrussia; rare. Lond. 1560. 

For an account of this book, see Dibdin's TypograpMcal Antiquities, 

Vol. III., p. 35a. 

/^ 736. COORNHERT (D. V.) Recht Ghebruyck ende Misbruyck 
Van tydlicke Have. 4to, vellum. 

Amstelredam, D. Pietersz, 1620. 

yJ^I. [COPPE (ABIEZER)]. A Fiery Flying Roll: A Word 

' from ihe Lord to all the Great Ones of the Earth, whom this 

may concerne, etc. Also, Truth asserted. Two curious 

pieces in 1 vol. 4to, old calf Lond. 1649. 

COPPER PLATE MAGAZINE. 2 vols, oblong 4to, half 

calf Lond. n. d. 

Contains a profusion of Landscapes, etc., after Sandby, Le Brun, Kneller, 

Eisen, Moroau, Monnet, etc. Engraved by Grignon, "Watts, Cooke, etc. 

j; 39. COPPER PLATE MAGAZINE, or Monthly Treasure, for 
the Admirers of the Imitative Arts. 4to, halfbd. 

Lond. 1778. 

BIBLE. 22 Plates. 4to. Lond. 1818. 


741. CORDINER (Ch.) Antiquities and Scenery of the North of 
Scotland. 4to, calf. Land. 1770. 

An intelligent and very amusing work, designed as a supplement to 
Pennant's Scottish Tour. Heath's copy sold for £1 8s. Od 

/J 742. CORNER. Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Coins of 

Lieut. R. Corxer. Priced. 8vo. Load. 1821. 

;y/^43. CORNEY (Bolton). Cariosities of Literature by D'Israeli, 

' Illustrated. 2d edition, post Bvo, bds. Land. 1838. 

Avery severe critique on D'Israeli, now very scarce. 

CORnV-COPI^. See [Breton (Nicholas)]. 
, 744. CORNWALLIS (Sir William). Discovrses vpon Seneca the 
Tragedian. Small Bvo, calf. Lond. Th. Harper., 1631, 

CORTES (Martin). See Curtes (Martin). 
SV 744* CORRY (John). The History of Bristol, Civil and Ecclesi- 
astical, including Biographical Notices of Eminent and Dis- 
tinguished Natives. Plates. 2 vols. rl. 8vo, half russia. 

Bristol, 1816. 

', 2.«^745. CORWIN. Catalogue of the Rare, Curious, and Valuable 

Books, Tracts, Autographs, etc., of Mr. E. B. Corwin. Partly 

priced. 8vo. JV. V. 1856. 

~J1/ 746. COSTELLO (Louisa Stuart). Specimens of the Early Poetry 

of France. Post 8vo. Illuminated frordisYnece. 

Lond. Pickering, 1839. 

,1.047. COSTERIUM (Henr.) Vita S. Joannis Baptistse graphice 

descripta, granissimis ss. Patrum testimonijs subiunctis. 

4to, morocco. s. 1. s. a. 

The Plates are engraved by Collaert, after De Vos. 

V "^ 748. COSTUME. Collection of the Dresses of Different Nations, 
Antient and Modern, particularly Old English Dresses, 
after the Designs of Holbein, Vandyke, Hollar, and others. 
Text in French and English. 200 Plates. 2 vols. 4to, 
ccdf. Lond. 1758. 

^ S'O ''49. COSTUME. A Collection of coloured Plates, heightened with 
gold ; also, a number uncoloured, including some cm-ious 
plates, Emblematical of Trades and Professions. 11^ plates. 
Folio, calf. n. d. 

PIRE. 61 coVd. plates. Impl. 4to, half russia. 

Lond. 1815. 

I, 751. COSTUMES ACTUELS des deux Conseils Legislatifs du Di- 
rectoire Executif, des Ministres et Autres Fonctionnaires 
Publics. Colories avec soin. 4to, calf Paris, n. d. 

fr 752. COSTUMES. Fancy Ball Costumes. A Series of 23 coloured 
Plates on Lace Paper, Mounted in a 4to volume. 

rjTJ 753. COSTUMES. French Military Costumes. A collection of 
over 150 Coloured Plates. R1.8vo. s. 1. s. a. 



of beautiful French Plates, in gold and colours, each sur- 
rounded by an ornamental border. Imp. folio, half calf. 

-Paris, n. d. 

Coloured Plates. 8vo, half russia. 
/, 750. COTTLE (Joseph). Poems. 12mo, calf Bristol, 1796. 

^. 757. COTTON (Rev. Hy.) Editions of the Bible, and Parts there- 

of in English, from the year mdv. to mdcccl., with an Appen- 
dix containing Specimens of Translations, and Bibliographi- 
cal Descriptions. Svo, half 7norocco. Oxford^ 1852. 

Zi^^ 757*. . Another [1st] Edition. 8vo, half russia. 

Oxford, 1821. 

VX^ 758. COTTON (John, of Boston, N. E.) A Treatise of the Cove- 

' nant of Grace as it is dispensed to the Elect Seed, effectually 

unto Salvation, being The Substance of divers Sermons. 

^rd Edition, V2mo, calf extra. 

Lond.^for P. Parker, 1671. 
^,SP 759. COURT OF SESSIONS GARLAND (The). 8vo, half mo- 
rocco. Edinh. 1839. 
8", 760. COUTTS (W. G.) " The Games." A Nicht wi' Burns, and 
other Poems. Medallion of the Prince of Wales' Arms, 
from the Author. Sm. 4to, red ynorocco, extra. 

JVew York, published by the Author, 1860. 

yiOf 761. COVERDALE (Myies). W\t Chrfsteu State o£ Wat== 

tDntOltD^t wherein housebandes and wyves may lerne to 
kepe house together wyth loue. jjlacfe TLzHtX. Very 
neatly inlaid, and richly bound in morocco. Pare and 
very curious. Lond., JV. Hyll, 1552. 

Bishop Coverdale was the Translator of the First Edition of the Holy 
Scriptures into the English Language. 

y, 762. COWLEY (Mr. Abraham). Works. lO^A Edition, adorned 
tcith [28] Cuts. 2 vols, 8vo, blue morocco extra, gilt. 

iZond., Tonson, 1707. 
The Portraits are by Vander Gueht. 
3y.S<l/ 763. COWPER (Wm.) The Task. 8vo, inlaid in Uo and Illus- 
trated by 102 Plates, mostly jyroofs on India paper. 4to, 
morocco extra, gold borders, by Hayday. 

Lond., J. Sharpe, 1825. 
2»rT64. COWPER (Wm.) Works. 2 \o\^,\Smo, sheep. A^. F. 1831. 
j-<? 765. COWPER ILLUSTRATED in a Series of Views. 12mo, bds. 

Lond. 1804. 

V 766. COXE (Peter). The Social Day : a Poem in Four Cantos. 
Illustrated with Thirty-two Engi-avings. Rl. Svo, russia, 
extra. Lond. 1823. 

y^ JV766*. . Another copy. Rl. Svo, calf. Lond. 1823. 

' The Plates are by the most celebrated Artists of the day. Wilkie's Broken 

Jar is included. 


^^ 76 7. CRAIG (Wm.) Sports of Love in Six Poems and Six Etch- 
ings (coloured). 4to, morocco extra, broad borders of gold. 

Lond. 1818. 

/, 768. CRAMERUS (Daniele). Decades Qvatvor Emhlematvm sa- 
crorvm ex sacra Scriptura, de dulcissimo nomine & cruce 
Jesu Christi. "With numerous 3IS. notes and additional 
plates. Sm. 8vo. Francofurt, N. Hoffman, 1617. 

,S^ 769. CRAMERUS (Daniel). Emblemes Sacres c'est a dire : Re- 
cveil de cinqvante figures en taille doulce, tirez de Escriture 
saincte, etc. Traictans du doulx et amiable nom Et Croix 
de Jesu Christ. Et Illvstrez d'Avltres par Vers Latins, 
Allemans, Francois, & Italiens. Sm. 8vo, hcdf ccdf: rare. 
Wants all after 2x1 ge 208. Francfort, Lnc. Jennis, 1622. 

^,4^^ 770. CRAMERUS (Daniel). Erablemata raoralia Nova. Achtsig 
Sinnreiche Xach, deuctliche Figuren auss heyliger Schrifft 
in Kupfterstiicken furgestellet, worinnen schone Anweisun- 
gen zu wahrer Gottesforcht begriefien. 80 plates mounted 
in 8vo, half morocco. Franclfurt am 3fayn, 1630. 

;^J7? 771. C[RASHAWE] (R.) Sacred Poems, Collected, Corrected, 

Avgmented, etc. Emblematical plates. 12mo, calf good 

copy ; very rare. Lond. 1652. 

Mr. I3indley's copy, containing the anagram following the title, which is 

often wanting. See Xo. 12G of the Bibliotheca Anglo- Poetica, where it is 

priced, £6 6s. Od, without the anagram. 

^ 772. CRAWFURD (Andro). A LittilQuair, anent JohnsliillLands, 
in the Baronrie of Calderhauch, Lochunyoch Paroch, in the 
Auld and Gude Scots Tung, (fcc, with MS. Glossarv. 8vo. 

John skill, 1838. 

'iS~ri'S>. CRAWFURD. Sketch of the Life of John Lin.lsay Craw- 

f furd, Esq. 8vo. Dairy, \^12. 

„ 774. CRAWFURD. Case of the Claim of John Lindsay Craw- 

furd, Esq. Folio. n. d. 

*<- / ^ 775. . Another Statement. A MS. of the period. Folio. 

4^776. . Do. The Case for the House of Lords. 

Folio, folded. 
2, 777. CRAWFURD PEERAGE (The), with other Original Genea- 
logical, Historical, and Biographical Particulars, relating to 
the House of Lindsay and Kibirnie [by Dr. Maxwell]. 4rto, 
bds. Edinb. 1829. 

f,S~0 778. CRAWFURD (Chas. Lindsay). Poems on Various Subjects. 
Post 8vo, half morocco, red edges, by Blennerhasset. 

Lond. 1810. 

Z,CO 779. CRAWFURD (Geo.) History of the Shire of Renfrew, con- 
taining A Genealogical History of the Royal House of 
Stewart, &c., and continued to the present Period, by William 
Semple. 4to, calf. Paisley, 1782. 

S't 780. CRESTS of the Principal Families of Great Britain and L-eland , 


with Evplanations and Notes. Engraved hy KirJ^ti'ood.from 
Sketches hy G. Sanders. 8vo, half calf . Edinh. 1805. 

O 781. CRIB OF lOY, containing Spirituall Exercise for Christmasse, 

* etc. 4:to^ half calf Lond.for C. Purset, \&l\. 

Unknown to Lowndes. 

/.•r<? 782. CRIMINAL TRIALS, ilhistrative of the Tale entitled "The 
Heart of Mid-Lothian," from tiie Original Record, with 
Notice of Capt. John Porteus. 12nio, half calf . 

Edinh. 1818. 

^, 783. CRIRIE (James). Scottish Scenery; or, Sketches in Verse, 

descriptive of Scenes chiefly in the Highlands of Scotland, 
accompanied with Notes and Illustrations ; and ornamented 
with Engravings, by W. Byrne, from Views painted by 
G.Walker. 20 plates. Uolcalf. Lond. ISOh. 

Fonthill cop.v, £1 Us. Od White Knights, £3 15s. Qd. 

2,, 784. [CROFT (Sir Herbert)]. Love and Madness ; a Story too true, JJ* 

in a Series of Letters between Parties whose Names would 

perhaps be mentioined, were they less known or less lamented. 

12mo, sheep. Ipswich, 1809. 

This mixture of fact and fiction relates to the Murder of Miss Reay [who 

was the Mistress of the Earl of Sandwich], by the Rev. James Haekman. 

f.SV 785. CROMEK (R. H.) Reliques of Robert Burns, consisting 
chiefly of Original Letters, Poems, and Critical Observations 
on Scottish Songs. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1808. 

2, 786. CROMEK (R. H.) Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song, 
with Historical and Traditional Notices, relative to tlie 
Manners and Customs of the Peasantry. 8vo, half calf 

Land. 1810. 
;2^^J~ 787. CROMWELL. A Copy of Lieut-General Crumwel's Letter 4 
... on the Bloody Fight neere Preston. 4to. Lond. 1648. 
^0. ' ^8- CROMWELLIANA. A Chronological Detail of Events iu 

which Oliver Cromwell was engaged: from the year 1642 to 
liis Death, 1658 ; Avith a Continuation of other Transactions, 
to the Restoration. Extensiveh/ and heaxtifuUy Illustrated 
with 208 Plates and Portraits. Folio, Turkey morocco extra .^ 
hy J. Wright; very fine copy. Westi72insfe)\ 1810. 

One of the most interesting works relating to this very celebrated man, 
taken from the tracts, newspapers, &c. of the period, by Stace, and con- 
taining many curious and authentic anecdotes, not generally known. 

/* 789. CROPHIUS. Modes de la Ville d'Augsbourg aux depens de 

M. G. Crophius. 3G plates. 12rao, ccdf Augsboury, i^. a. 
,^•^790. CROSBY'S COMPLETE GAZETTEER of England and 

Wales. 1 2mo, ccdf Lond. IS07. 

/^,2'^79\. CRUDEN (Alexander). A Complete Concordance to the 

Holy Scriptures. 4to, calf. Bericick, 1817. 

3,S~0 792. CRUIKSHANK (George). Forty Illustrations of Lord Byron. 

8vo. Lond. n. d. 

/ff^ 793. CRUIKSHANK (George). Illustrations of Popular Works 

Part 1. Rl. 8vo. Lond. [1830]. 



CRUIKSHANK. Der Freischiitz Travestie, with Twelve 
Eihliigs by Geo. Cndk.shank. Rl. 8vo. Lond. 1824. 

CRUMBS AXD SCRAPS Found in a Collector's Basket. 
MS. Title to a Collection of 215 Engravinc^s, made by Mr. 
• Allan. 4to, russia. 


Title to a Collection of 52 Engravings, mounted in 8vo, and 
bound in morocco. 

797. CULLEN (Alex.) History of Scotland from the Earliest 

Period to the Present Time. Plates., 4to, calf. 

Lond. (1815). 

CULPEPER (Nich.) Complete Herbal : plates of 400 Plants, 
4to, calf. Lond. 1815. 

CUMBERLAND (George). An Essay on the Utility of Col- 
lecting the Best Works of the Ancient Engravers, accom- 
panied by a Catalogue, &c. 4to, half morocco. 

Lond. 1827. 

CUNDALL (Joseph). Ornamental Art applied to Ancient /(t/M 

and Modern Bookbinding, illustrated with (12) specimens of 'X-, 

various dates and Countries. \\ plates inserted. A^to ., hcdf 
morocco., uncut. Lond. 1848. 

801. . Another copy, with Twenty-three additional plates 

inserted. Ato, half morocco. Lotid. 1848. 

802. CUNNINGHAM (Allan). The Songs of Scotland, Ancient 

and Modern ; with an Introduction and Notes Historical 
and Critical, and Characters of the Lyric Poets. 4 vols, 
post 8vo, half calf Lond. 1825. 

Ct^NNINGHAM (Allan). Life and Correspondence of Rob- 
ert Burns. 12mo, cl. Lond. 1836. 

CUNNINGHAM (J.) The Centennial Birth-day of Robert 
Burus, as Celebrated by the Burns Club of the City of 
New York, Tuesday, Jan. 25, 1859, 8\o., plates. 

ISr. Y. I860. 

CUNNINGHAM (Peter). The Story of Nell Gwyn, and the 
Sayings of Charles the Second. Several Portraits inserted. 
8vo, half morocco., gilt top. Lond. 1852. 

806. OUTBID TURNED VOLUNTEER, A Series of Prints de- 
signed by the Princess Elizabeth. Engraved by IF! K. 
Gardiner., with Poetical Illustrations by Tlios. Park. 1 2 
Colored Plates, 4to, half calf . Lond. 1804. 

CURATE (The). A Poem, &c. Plate. 12mo, sheep. 

Lond. 1810. 

CURETON, Catalogue of the Valuable Coins, Medals, and 
Antiquities of Mr. H. O. Curktox. Prices and nanus. 
8vo, h(df morocco. Lond. 1851. 


Lond. 1821. 

(34 CURTES. 

/, ^.r"8i0. CURRIE (W. W.) Memoir of the Life, Writings, and Cor- 
respondence of James Currie, M. D., of Liverpool. 2 vols. 
8vo, half calf. Lond. 1831. 

yjl? Sll. CURTES (Martin), The arte of Navigation, Conteyning a 
*' compendious descri])tion of the Sphere, with the making of 

certayne Instrumentes and Rules for Navigations, and ex- 
emplifyed by many Demonstrations. Written by Martin 
Curtes, Spaniarde, Englished out of Spanishe by Richarde 
Eden, and now newly corrected and amended in diners 
places, with moveable diagrams. 4to, V p. 1. text 84 leaves, 
calf gilt edges ; fine copg. Lond. hg Richard Ingge, 1576. 
This very rare volume contains one folio (8) supplied in MS., otherwise it 
is a fine copy of the first sj'stematic treatise on Navigation. The original 
was published in 1551. Sevilla Anton. Alvarez. 

^,2^^812. CURTIO (F. Cornelio). Virorvm Illustrivm ex ordine Ere- 
mitarvm D. Avgvstini Elogi cvm singvlorvm expressis ad 
vivvm iconibus. 4to, calf 

Antverpice, J. Criohharvm^ 1636- 

Contains 30 beautifully engraved Portraits, surrounded with ornamental 
borders, by C. Galle. 

2,y^S\^. CUSTODIS. Patriciarvm Stirpivm in S. Rom. Imp. vrbe Av- 
gusta Yindelicor. Quarum quaedam, a iv et ultra, seculis 
hucusque superstites : et Earundem Sodalitatis, quotqnot 
hoc anno familiie in id album adscriptfe reperiuntur, Cll. et in- 
genui ordinis Ciuium Insignia Casio Raphaelis Custodis ex- 
pressa. 122 plates. Text in Latin and German. 4to, ccdf 

Augspurg, 1613. 

/.SXf 814. CUTTINGS FOR THE CURIOUS. A Collection of Curios- 
ities after the manner of Joseph Hazlewood, Esq. 

j,iS~^\o. CBronttincia ^ristotilis cum figmis. Sm. 4to. jsiacfe 

acttcr. circa 1500. 

A curious old boolc on Chiromancy or Palmistry. 

" 816. D. (R.) Strange and Prodigious Religious Customs and Man- 
ners of Sundry Nations. 18mo, calf. Lond. 1683. 

The Author was probably Robert Dixon. 

Z^, 817. DAGLEY (Richard). Gems, Principally from the Antique, 
with Illustrations in verse by Rev. G. Croly. 12mo, hds. 

Lond. 1822. 
^ 818. DAGLEY (Rich.) Takings, or the Life of a Collegian. A 
Poem, Illustrated by 26 Etchings. Rl. 8vo, half calf. 

Lond. 1821. 
.»r^ 819. DALLAS (R. C.) Elements of Self Knowledge, and an En- 
quiry into the Genuine Nature of the Passions. 12mo, calf. 

Lond. 1805. 

J^ 820. [DALYELL, J. G.] Scotish Poems of the Sixteenth Cen- 

tury> 2 vols, 12mo, calf. Edinh. 1801. 

g, 821. DANCE OF DEATH. A Collection of 39 Plates, with Etch- 

' ings of the same subjects. Also, a Series of 26 large Wood 


cuts \n facsimile of a very aticient edition. In 1 vol. folio, 
half morocco. 

See also Holbein (Hans). 

DAXCE 0¥ DEATH. A Collection of 76 Plates, mounted 

in a 4to volume, calf antique, red edges. 
DAXCIXG. An Essay Towards an History of Dancing. 8vo, 

calf. Lond.., Tonson, 1712. 

DANIEL (Wm. B.) Supplement to the Rural Sports. 40 //^ cT/ 

Plates., 8vo, half russia. 1813. o' 

DARET. A Collection of over 176 Engravings by Daret and 

other eminent Artists, mounted in a folio Scrap Book. 

half russia. 
826. DARIEX. Caledonia; or, the Pedlar turn'd Merchant. A 

Tragi-Comedy as it was Acted by His Majesty's Subjects of 

Scotland, in the King of Spain's Province of Darien. 4to, 

calf London, printed., 1700. 

A Satirical Poem of 30 pages. Brockett's c-opy sold for 7.>. Qd. 

DARIEX. A Defence of the Scots Abdicating Darien ; Inclu- 
ding an Answer to the Defence of the Scots' Settlement there. 
Authore Britanno sed Dunensi. 8vo, calf 

Printed in the year 1 700. 
Dedication signed Phil. Scot. 9 1. pages 1 to 60 — then pages 145- 168, 
but the text reads correctly. 

^828. DARIEX. Just and Modest Vindication of the Scots' Design 
for the having established a Colony at Darien, with A Brief 
Display how much it is their Interest to apply themselves 
to Trade., and particularly to that which is Foreign. 8vo, 
calf ; scarce. Printed in the year 1699. 

DARLEY. Illustrations of Rip Van Winkle, designed and 
etched by Felix O. C. Darley, for the Members of the 
American Art Union. 6 Plates, oblong folio. 1848. 

DART (J.) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church 
of Canterbury and the Once-Adjoining Monastery. Folio, 
russia. Land. 1726. 

Townshend's copy sold for £2 lOs. Od 

DART (John). Westmonasterium, or the History and An- 
tiquities of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's, Westmin.^^ter. 
Over 150 plates, 2 vols, folio, rougJi calf Land. (1723?) 
For a description of this work. seeUpcott's English Topography II., 851-9. 

Also Lowndes' Manual. Reed's cop}' sold for £3 Bs. Orf. 

DARWIX (E.) The Temple of Xature, or the Origin of So- 
ciety. A Poem. 8vo, shetp. Baltimore., 1804. 

DARWIX (E.) The Botanic Garden. A Poem. 17 Plates. 
S\o, sheep. JSF. Y. 1798. 

DASSAXCE. Imitation de Jesus Christ, traduction de M. 
FAbbe Dassance, Chanoine honoraire de Montauban. Plates. 
Folio, calf Paris, 1831. 

DASSIER'S MEDALS of the Sovereigns of England. Oblong 
4to. Lond. 1797. 


66 DAVID. 

^, 836. DA^^D (Joannes). Dvodecim specvlaDevra aliqvandovidere 
desideranti concinnata. 8vo, t'a//", gilt ech/es. 

A7itverj)ice, ex officina Plantiniana, 1610. 

SO 8.37. . Aliud exemplar. Svo, vellum. 

Antverpicp, ex officina Plantiniana^ 1610. 

/,/3 837.* . Aliud exemplar, with 12 fine Emblematical plates by 

Galle, Bolswaert, &c. Svo, calf. 

Antverpioi., ex officina Planti^iiana., 1610. 
"Ces differents ouvrages de J. David sont recherches a cause des gravures 
de Th. Galle dont ils sont ornes." — Brunei. 

/,2J^838. DAVID (Joanne). Occasio Arrepta, N'eglecta,hvivs Commo- 
da illivs incommoda. Emhlematic ijlates., 4to, calf. 

xVntverpio'.., ex officina Plantiniana., 1605. 

,^ „ 839. . Aliud exemplar. Ato., half calf. Antver2n(e, 1605. 

Hebbeljnck's copy sold for 18 francs. 

^.SV 840. DAVID (Joanne). Paradisvs Sponsi et Sponsae ; in qvo Messis 
Myrrhae et aromatvm ex instrumentis ac mysterijs Pas- 
sionis Christi coUigenda, vi et commoriamur, et Pancarpivm 
Marianvm, Septemplici Titulorura serie distinctum vt in B. 
Virginis ordorem curraraus et Christvs formeter in nobis. 
2 vols, in 1. Svo, calf 

Antverpioi., ex-offic. Plantiniani., 1607. 
This very rare volume contains a Series of Emblematical plates, beautifully 

engraved, of the Life of Christ, and the Virgin Mary, with Inscriptions to 

each, in Latin, German, and French. 

842. . Another edition. 2 vols, in 1. Svo. calf. 

Antverpioi., Plantin. 1618. 

/, tT^ 843. DA VIES (Revd. Ed.) The Claims of Ossian Examined and 
Appreciated. Swansea., 1825. 

SHAW ( W.) An Enquiry into the Authenticity of the Poems 
ascribed to Ossian. Lond. 1782. 

WARXER (Ferd.) Remarks on the History of Fingal and 
other Poems of Ossian, 1762. 3 vols, in 1. Rl. Svo, Italf 
morocco. v. d. 

i, 844. DAVIES (Revd. Edwd.) Celtic Researches on the Origin, 

Traditions, and Language of the Ancient Britons : with 
some Introductory Sketches on Primitive Society. Rl. Svo, 
half calf. 'Lond. 1804. 

" An esteemed work." — Loivndes. Heath's copy, 16s. 

^, 845. DAVIES (Ed.) The Mythology and Rites of the British 
Druids, ascertained by Xational Documents. Rl. Svo, half 
calf. Lond. 1809. 

f,SO 846. DAVIS (J. F.) Chinese Moral Maxims, with a Free and Ver- 
bal Translation, affording Examples of the Grammatical 
Structures of the Language. Svo, calf 

Macao, China, 1823. 
t?,-t«^«4T. DAVIS (Wm.) A Journey Round the Library of a Biblio- 
maniac : or Cento of Xotes and Reminiscences Concerning 

DAVIS. 67 

Rare, Curious, and Valuable Books. 12rao, half morocco, 
gilt edges. 1 jylntes inserted. Z,ond. IS21. 

f,^ 848. DAVIS (William). A Journey Round the Library of a Biblio- 
maniac, 1821 — Second January, 1825. And, Olio of Bibli- 
ogi-aphical and Literary Anecdotes, and Memoranda, Origi- 
nal and Selected, 181*7. 3 vols, in 1. 12mo, half calf. 

Lond. V. d. 

.,2«^849. DAVY (Sir H.) Consolations in Travel ; or the Last Days of 
a Philosopher, \2-a\o, half calf . Lond.lS'il. 

850. DAWSON" (Henry B.) Declaration of Independence by the 

Colony of Massachusetts Bay, May 1, 1776, with fac- 
simile. 8vo, pp. 12. ' JSr. Y. Hist. Society [1862]. 

851. DAWSON (H. B.) The Sons of Liberty in New York. Rl. 

8vo, half morocco, uncut. JSF. I"., Privately printed, 1859. 
'T 852. DAWSON (H. B.) and Davis (Wm. J.) Reminiscences of the 
Park and its Vicinity. Largely illustrated, 12mo, half 
morocco. N. Y. 1855. 

No. 6, of Twenty-five copies only printed in this form, from Valentine's 

t, 853. DAYS (The) WHEN WE HAD TAILS ON US, with 
Fourteen coloured Illustratio7is. 8\o, half morocco. 

Lond. 1849. 

A satire on the "Shell Jacket" Uniform of the British Army. 

'. 854. DEAN (Hy.) Analytical Guide to the Art of Penmanship. 

Plate hy Maverick. 4to. iV 1". [1807]. 

Contains an Historical Account of the Origin and Progress of "Writing and 


/(? 855. DEAN. Universal Penman. 4to. X. Y. n. d. 

/, 856. DE BOOT (Anselmi). Symbola varia Diversorum principum 
Archiducum Ducum Comitum et Marchionum totius Italiae. 
\2m.o, old ccdf. Amstelcedami, Y. Haring, 1686. 

DE BRY. See Boissardus. 

J 8 857. DE BURE (Guil.) Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliotheque 
de Feu M. le Due de la Valliere. ler Partie contenant les 
manuscrits [decrits par M. Van Praet], les premieres edi- 
tions, etc. ' 3 vols. 8vo, vellum. Paris, DeBure, 1783. 

f, 858. DE CARDONNEL (Adamo.) Numismata Scotia; or a 
Series of the Scottish Coinage, from the Reign of William 
the Lion to the Union. 4to, half russia. Edinh. 1786. 

AND SCOTLAND, loyned in Amies for the Vindication 
and defence of iheir Religion, Liberties, and Lawes, against 
the Popish, Prelaticall, and Malignant party, etc. 4to, half 
calf Lond. for J. Wright, 1643. 

Unknown to Lowndes. 
" 860. DEFENCE OF THE PROPOSITION ; or Some Reasons, 
etc., of a Non-Conformist. 4to, half calf . Lond. 1668. 

68 DEFOE. 

8, S'O 861. DEFOE (Dl.) The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe ; 

(Uustrated In/ Stothard ; large paper copy. 2 vols. rl. 

S\o, half calf, (/ih. Zand. 1804. 

" It is said that only 25 Copies were printed on Large Paper." — Lowndes. 

This edition is highly esteemed on account of the Plates. 

J"^ 862. DEFOE (Dl.)] The Political History of the Devil, as well 
Ancient as Modern, etc. Svo, calf. Land. 1726. 

y/^63. DE LA MOTTE (M.) Fables Nouvelles, dedie'es au Roy 
' avec un discours sur la Fable. Planches. 12mo, calf. 

Amsterdam., Wet stein., 1727. 

864. . Another copy. 12ino, calf. Amst. 1727. 

One hundred Pleasing Plates surrounded by tasteful scrolls. 
^J^ 865. DE LA MOTTE (M.) Fables— Cent Planches. 4to, mo- 
rocco ., extra. 

These beautiful Plates are by Edelinck, after designs bj' Coypell, each 
surrounded with a difierent ornamental border. 

JV 866. DELAMOTTE (W. A.) An Historical Sketch of the Priory 
and Royal Hospital of St. Bartholomew. 4to, cl. 

Lond. 1844. 

DE LA SERRE (Le Sieur), The Mirrour which flatters not. 
Enriched with faire Figui-es. Transcrib'd English from the 
French by T. C. Frontispieces and plates. 12mo, calf. 

J7 868. DELECTABLE DEMAUNDES, and pleasant Questions, with 
their seuerall Answers, in matters of Loue : Naturall causes, 
with Morall and politicke deuises. 4to, ccdf; rare and curi- 
ous. Lond. printed hy Thoinas Creede, 1596. 
Unknown to Lowndes. 
y»ri69. DELICES (Les) de la Grand Bretagne et de Irlande. Vol. 
ii. only. Oblong 4to, half calf. n. d. 
y9 870. DE LILLE (Abbe). The Gardens : a Poem. Highly illus- 
trated loith a large number of Coloured Plates., hy Partolozzi, 
4:io, morocco, gilt edges. Lond. 1798. 
\f,o 871. . Another copy. Plates inserted. 4to, half red mo- 
rocco, gilt top. Lond. 1798. 

/ 2., S^O 872. . Another copy, icith 8 vignettes and 42 added Illustra- 
tions. 4to, ccdf. Lond. 1798. 
S'tS'fi 873. DE LILLE (Abbe). The Gardens : a Poem, translated by Mrs. 
Montolieu. Portrait. Rl. 8\o, calf extra — a fine specimen 
of binding. Lond. 1805. 
// 874. D[EL0N:6] (T[homas]. Thomas of Reading; or the Sixe 
Worthie Yeomen of the West. 4to, half calf uncut. 

Ijond. 1634, reprlrded by the Pannatyne Club, n. d. 

t>, /•^875. DEMOUSTIER (C. A.) Lettres u :Emilie sur La Mythologie. 
Fine plates, 6 vols. Svo, in 3. Red morocco extra. 

Paris, RenovMrd, 1809. 


^i876. DEMOUSTIER(C.A) La mem-.'. Another edition. Plates. 
6 vols. 12mo, half bound. Paris, 1816. 

" Ces lettres, qui, dans la noiiveaute, ont eu un succes prodigieux, sont 
pen lues laaintenant." — Brunet. 

877. DENNISTON (James). Legends of Galloway. 8vo, half 
calf Edinb. 1825. 

, 878. DENT. Catalogue of the Splendid, Curious, and Extensive 
Library of the late John Dent, Esq. Prices and names. 
RI. 8vo, half russia. Land. 1827. 

This Collectiou brought £15,040 lav. Od 

- 879. DENTON (Daniel). K Brief History of New York, formerly 
New Netherland [1670]. A new Edition with copious 
Notes by the Hon. Gabriel Farman. Large paper copy, 4to, 
dnth^ uncut. New York, 1845. 

Fifty copies only printed in this size. Forms No. 1 of Gowan's Bibliotheca 

880. DE ROOS (Lieut, the Hon. Fred. Fitzgerald). Personal Nar- 

rative of Travels in the United States and Canada, in 1826. 
Illustrated by 14 Plates, \\\t\\ Remarks on the Present State 
of the American Navy. 2d Edition. 8vo, half calf . 

Loud. W. H. Ain'sicorth, 1827. 

881 . DESCRIZIONE del Giordino Reale detto di Boboli. 46 Plates. 

4to, half russia. s. 1. s. a. 

^ J^882. DESSERT (The). A Poem, to which is added the Tea ; also, 

the Banquet. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, half calf . Lond. 1809. 

iZ 883. DE STAEL (Mme). Delplnne: a Novel. 4 vols. 12mo, calf. 

Lond. 1805. 
// 884. DE STAEL. Reflections on Suicide. 18mo, half morocco. 

Philad. 1816. 
DETAIL of Some Particular Services performed in America, 
during the years 1776 — 1779. 12mo, cloth, uncut. 

Printed for Ithiel Toicn, N. Y. 1835. 

886. DEVELTY. Calendrier Album. 4to, hcdf morocco. A Se- 
ries of 25 Lithographic Plates. Paris, n. d. 

887. DEUCHAR (Dav.) A Collection of Etchings, after the most 
Eminent Masters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools — Par- 
ticularly Rembrandt, Ostade, Cornelius Beza and Van Vliet ; 
accompanied with Sundry Miscellaneous Pieces, and a few 
Original Designs. Proofs on India paper. 3 vols. 4to, 
red morocco. Edinb. 1803. 
Comprises nearly 300 plates. Copies similar to the present are scarce, and 

worth from £7 to £10. 

888. DEVIL (The) TURN'D HERMIT; or Adventures of Astoroth 
Banished from Hell ; a Satirical Romance. Translated from 
the French. 2 vols. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1751. 
Exhibits the Scandalous Frauds, lewd Amours, etc., of the Monks and Nuns, 

etc. Not mentioned by Lowndes. 

889. DIABOLIAD : a Poem, dedicated to the Worst Man in his 
Majesty's Dominions. 4to, half morocco. Loyul. 1677. 


j^,lS^90. DIALECTIC AM UNI VERS AM. A MS. illustrated with Por- 
traits of Ancient jP/dlosophers and Grammarians. 4to, 
^/J 891. DIALOGI DVO RERVM Verborumqve lepore etcopia insig- 
nes ; qvorum prior, continet colloquium inter Deum et Euam 
(vt fevunt) eiusque liberos, posterior Saloraonis et Marcolphi 
iueundissimam decertationem proponet. 4to, uncut. 

He^jrinted at the Auchinleck Press, 1816, 

This Dialogue between Solomon and Marcolphus is reprinted from the early 

edition, witliout date. It contains some coarse jokes, many of which are 

in George Buchanan's Jests. Autograph Letter of Alex. Boswell to Francis 

Freeling inserted. Boswell's copy sold for £1 10s. Od 

S~, 892. IBiiilQ^ViZS (The) iu English, betwene a Docter of Diuinity, 
and a Student in the lawes of England. Newly corrected 
and imprinted, with new additions. Woodcut Title. 3l$lacft 
JLtiiZX. Numerous MS. Notes. 18mo, ccdf antique., gilt 
top. Lond. M. Tottelli, 1580. 

Not mentioned by Lowndes. 

and Edifying to every merry and jocund matter, and right 
profitable to the Governance of Men. Edited by Joseph 
Haslewood. Wood cuts, 4to, blue morocco extra. 

Lond. 1816. 
"Of this reprint 98 copies were printed, all of which excepting 42 were 
destroyed by fire." — Lowndes. 

Strettell's copy sold for £?, 'is. (id. See Moorman (Johannes). 

-^ 894. DIBDIN (Th. F.) ^des Althorpiana? ; or an Account of the 
Mansion, Books and Pictures at Althorp, the Residence of 
Earl Spencer, with the Supplement to the Bibliotheca Spen- 
ceriana. 32 Plates. 2 vols. impl. 8vo, blue morocco., gilt edges. 

Lond. 1822. 
Forms vols. 5 and 6 of the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, and includes a Syste- 
matic Catalogue of Editions of the Scriptures. 

S^ 895. DIBDIN (T. F.) Banquet Donne a Paris le 17 Juin, 1818, 
jour anniversaire de la Fondation du Roxburghe Club. 
8vo, hcdf calf. [Paris, 1818.] 

y^ 896. DIBDIN (Thos. F.) A Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Pic- 
turesque Tour in France and Germany. Second edition. 3 
vols. 8vo, half roan. Lond. 1829. 

" This very beautiful work contains much curious and interesting informa- 
tion respecting the MSS. and rare printed works in public and private libra- 
ries abroad." — Lowndes. 

/Q, 89V. DIBDIN (Tho. F.) A Bibhographical, Antiquarian, and Pic- 
turesque Tour in the Northern Counties of England and in 
Scotland. Extra jjlates inserted. 2 vols. rl. 8vo, half 7no- 
rocco, gilt edges. Lond. 1838. 

^y, 898. DIBDIN (Tho. F.) The Bibliographical Decameron, or Ten 
Days' Pleasant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts and 
Subjects connected with early Engraving, Typography, and 
Bibliography. 3 vols. rl. 8vo, morocco, marble edges. 

Lond. 1817. 


One of the rarest and pleasantest of Dibdin's Books. " It may be consid- 
ered as a continuation of the Bibliomania. From the information which it 
contains, and the splendor of the decorations and printing, it will ever be 
considered as a model of excellence and good taste in typography and the 

Arts." — Lowndes. 

'sgo. DIBDIN (Tho. F.) The Bibliomania ; or, Book Madness, con- 
taining some account of the History, Symptoms, and Cure 
of this Fatal Disease. 1st edition. 8vo, bds., uncut. 

Zand. 1809. 

900. DIBDIN (Thos. F.) Bibliomania ; or, Book Madness : a Bib- 

liographical Romance in Six Parts. Illustrated with Cuts. 
3fagnificent copy inlaid in in^yenal 8vo, and illustrated with 
297 Portraits., c&c, and hound in 2 thick vols. Green mo- 
rocco extra.^ and morocco linings^ with broad borders oj^ gold., 
by Leiois. Lond.\8\\. 

For a key to the Characters, see Lowndes' Manual. 
Respecting this copy of the Bibliomania, Dibdin himself writes thus: 
" In the town of Islington there dwelt a worthy wight, William Turner by 
name, a resident of Canonbury Square, within the said town. Of all lovers 
(I ought rather to say worshippers) of the Bibhomania, he was the most ardent, 
the most constant, the most generous ; sparing nothing wherewith to deco- 
rate her person, or to add to the treasures of her wardrobe. Listen to his 
Inventory : 

" 'Bibliomania, small paper, in two parts, illustrated with 211 prints [now 
297]. Every leaf extended. The same bound by Lewis, not illustrated. 
The first \this\ copy was sold, on the demise of its owner, to a Mr. Town, of 
Xew York, for Sixty Guineas.' — Reminiscences of a Literary Life, vol. 1, 
p. 325, 32(5." 

901. DIBDIN (Dr. Thos. Fr.). Bibliomania; or. Book Madness: a 

Bibliographical Romance, illustrated with cuts. New edition. 
Large paper copy., 55 only printed. Impl. 8vo, bds. uncut. 

Lond. 1842. 

This celebrated work, which unites the entertainment of a romance with 
the most valuable information on all bibliographical subjects, has long been 
scarce. This edition was undertaken by Mr. Walmsly. It contains a Key to 
the characters, &c., and a Supplement edited by Dr. Dibdin himself. 

902. [DIBDIN (Thos. F.)] Bibliophobia. Remarks on the Present 

Languid and Depressed State of Literature and the Book 
Trade, in a Letter addressed to the Author of the Bibliomania. 
By Mercurius Rusticus. Illustrated icith 88 plates. 8vo, 
hcdf russia, gilt top. Lond. 1832. 

. Another copy. 8vo, half russia. Lond. 1832. 

A Continuation of the Bibliomania in the form of a tour through the 

different booksellers' shops of London, Oxford, and Reading. 

DIBDIN (Tho. F.) A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books 
printed in the Fifteenth Century, lately forming part of the 
Library of the Duke de Cassano Serra, &c. Large paper., 
impl. 8vo, half green morocco., gilt top. Lond. 1823. 

This collection now forms part of the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, of which 

indeed this Catalogue is the Seventh and last part, with Index to the whole- 

905. [DIBDIN (T. F.)] The Director ; a Literary and Scientific 
Journal. 2 vols, in 1, Svo, calf. Lond. 1807. 



/,S'0 906. DIBDIN" (T. F.) Introflnction to the Knowledsce of the 
Greek and Roman Classics. First edition^ 8vo, half riissUi., 
gilt f'dr/es. Glocester, 1802, 

/^^ 907. DIBDIN (Tlio. F.) An Introduction to the Knowledge of the 

Rare and Valuable Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics. 
4th edition ; large pajyer copy. 2 vols. impl. Bvo, half mo- 
rocco., gilt top)., roiigh edges. Lond. 1827. 
The value of this copy is greatly enhanced by the careful insertion, in the 

broad margin, of heads of many of the "Classics" and Commentators. 250 

copies only printed in this style. Last and best edition. 

J7 908. DIBDIN (Th. F.) The Library Companion ; or, Young C^ 

Man's Guide, and the Old Man's Comfort in the Choice of a 
Library. 1 vol. in 2, with Blank Leaves for the insertion of 
Illustrations. 8vo, half morocco., uncut. Land. 1824. 

■y 909. . Another copy. 8vo, halfrussia. Lond. 1824. C 

' " Contains much curious and important Bibliographical information, not else- 

where to be found." — Lowndes. 

7' S~0 910. DIBDIN (Tho. F.) Poems. 8vo, half morocco. 
Lond. 1797. 

" In the first edition of the Bibliomania is a curious note respecting these 
Poems, from which it appears that 500 copies were printed, the major part 
of which were destroyed by tire. 'My only consolation is,' says the author, 
'that the volume is exceedingly rare.' Bindley's copy sold for £1 18s. OcZ." 

— Lowndes. 

,^ „ 911. DIBDIN (Tho. F.) Reminiscences of a Literary Life, with 
Anecdotes of Books and of Book-Collectors. 2 vols. 8vo, half 
calf. Lond. 18.36. 

/,«^ 912. [DIBDIN (T. F.)] To Arthur, Duke of Wellington : a Poem 
on his Installation as Chancellor of the University of Oxford, 
with letter in Pencil mark by Dr. Dibdin. Folio, broad 
sheet. [1834.] 

S^,€o 91.3. DIBDIN (Thos. F.) Typographical Antiquities ; or the His- 
tory of Printhig in England, Scotland, and Ireland, Containing 
Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of the Books 
printed by them. Begun by the late Joseph Ames : Consider- 
ably augmented by Wm. Herbert, and Now greatly enlarged, 
with Copious N"otes, and illustrated loith appropriate Engra- 
vings., (tv., hy T. F. Dibdin. 4 vols. 4to, russia ; fine copy. 

Lond. 1814. 
This useful' and valuable work also comprehends the History of English 

Literature, and a view of the Progress and the A.rt of Engraving in Great 


S<f 914. DICK (Thos.) The Christian Philosopher. \2mo, calf gilt. 

Glasgow, 1824. 

l>ds. Edinb. 1827. 

/ ,00^\'o. DIGBY. Letters between the Ld. George Digby and Sr. 
Kexelm Dkjby, kt. concerning Religion. 12mo, caJf 
extra. Lond. 1651. 

DIGBY. 73 

917. DIGBY (Sir Kenelme). A Late Discourse, Touching the 

Cure of Wounds by the Powder of Sympathy : with In- 
structions how to make the said Powder ; whereby many 
other Secrets of Xature are unfolded. Rendered faithfully 
out of French into English, by R. White. 12mo, oalf. 

Land. 1658. 
In the same volume are other Pieces on Alchemy, thePhilosoplier's Stone, 
etc., by Ha'rtlib, Flammel, and others. This rare piece is not mentioned by 
Lowndes in his list of tliis Author's works. 

918. DIGBY. Catalogue of Coins and Medals of Hon. Rd. E 

Dighy^ Mr. Rich., and two other collections ; some priced- 
8vo, half calf. 1828, etc. 

919. DILLIS (G.) Douze Vues de la Baviere dessines par G. 

Dillis gravees par Warenberger. Folio, russia. 

Mantiheim., s. a. 
The Plates are coloured, and the text is in German and French ; in the 
same volume are other Views in Bavaria ; in all 57 Plates. 

920. DIMSDALE. Catalogue of [Dimsdale's] Books and Coins. 

8vo, half morocco. 1824. 

921. DINKEL. Recueil de Portraits et Costumes Suisses les. 

plus elegants nsites dans les 22 Cantons accompagne d'un 
Supplement : 32 richly coloured plates. Rl. 4to, morocco 
extra, bevelled boards and joiids. Berne., n. d. 

DIOGENES. Vol.1. (All published.) ^to, cloth. 1853. 


folio, calf. Yenetiis, mcccclxxxxviii. 

This edition is not mentioned by Brunet. 

'924. [DISNEY (John)]. Memoirs of Thomas Brand-Hollis, Esq. 

Portrait and 9 Plates. Rl. 4to, bds.., uncut. Lond. 1808. 

The subject of these memoirs was a liberal benefactor to Harvard College, 

and a friend and correspondent of President John Adams. Tlie author was 

a celebrated Unitarian preacher. See Blackburne. 

TONGUE, Written 700 Years Ago, Shewing Tliat both in 
the Old and New Testament, the Lord's Prayer, and the 
Creede, were then used in the Mother Tongue. 4to, ccdf 

Zand. 1638. 

DIX (John A.) The City of New York : its Growth, Des- 
tinies, and Duties. 8vo', pp. 23. X. Y. 1853. 

DOBIE (James). Examination of the Claim of John Lindsay 
Crawfurd to the Titles and Estates of Crawfurd & Lindsay, 
with an Exposure of the Forgeries, etc., and a Refutation of 
the Statements in the book entitled "The Crawfurd Peer- 
age." 4to, half morocco. Edinb. 1831. 

DOBSON (Mrs.) Life of Petrarch, collected from Memoires 
pour la Vie de Petrarch. 2 vols. 8vo, sheep. Lond. 1803. 

" An esteemed work." — Lowndes. 


/ /2. 929. DOCTRIXA CHRISTIAXA Per Victorium Scialac Accuren- 

siuiu et Gabrielem Sionitam Edeniensem, Arabic & Latin. 

12mo, red morocco^ richly gilt sides. Romce., 1618. 

^J 930. DODD (Wm.) Reflections on Death. 18mo. Lond. n. d. 

O iS^'^^^- DODDRIDGE (Pliilip). The Family Expositor. 4 vols, in 

•^' 2. Mo^rowihcalf. Bungay., \%\9,. 

J"^2. DODGE (Robert). A Book for every Soldier's Knapsack. -' 
Tracts for the War. Secession : The Remedy and Result. 
ISrao, pp. 71. A^ F. 1861. 

/^ 933. DODSLEY (R.) (Economy of Hmnan Life. Timo. 

Land. 1758. 

/ j~(^ 934. . xVnother edition. Fine plates., by Harding. 12mo, 

'' calf extra. Lond. 1806. 

/, /J 935. [DOD WELL (Hy.)] Christianity not Founded on Argument ; 

and the True Principle of Gospel Evidence assisrned. 8vo, 

half morocco. Lond. 1746. 

This was replied to by Dr. Benson, who was in turn answered by Morgan. 

j^ 936. DONATION ET SLTBSTITUTION faites par tres haut et 

' ' tres Puissant seigneur M. Fr. Vicomte d'Aubusson de la 

Feuillade, etc. A MS. on vellum., beautifully written. 

4to, red morocco ; extra gilt sides. 1687. 

JZfS'O 937. DORAT (M.) Fables Nouvelles; very fine 2^lates. 8vo, 

half calf. Paris, 1773. 

/y, 938. . Another copy. 8vo, red morocco ; gilt edges. 

Paris, IIIZ.X 

/,JQ 939. . Another copy. 8vo, half calf Pans, 1773. r 

4 ..jfj/^fr 940. DORR (Benjamin). A Memoir of John Fanning Watson, the 


Annalist of Philadelphia and New York. Prepared by re- 
quest of the Historical Society of Pennsylvajiia, and read 
in their Hall, Monday evening:, February 11, 1861. 8vo, 
pp. 88. Portrait. Philadelphia, Collins, Printer, 1861. 

c/, 941. DOUCE (Francis). Illustrations of Shakspeare, and of An- 

cient Manners, with Dissertations on the Clowns and Fools 
of Shakspeare, etc. Plates by Berryman, 2 vols. 8vo, 
calf ' Lond. 1807. 

A work replete with tasteful illustration and curious research. — Dr. 
Dibdin. Nassau's copy, £2 V2s. Qd. 

SO 942. DOUGALL (John). The Modern Preceptor, or a General 
Course of Education. 2 vols. 8vo, calf Land. 1810. 

/^«r'943. DOUGLAS. Select Works of Gawin Douglas, Bishop of 
Dvmkeld, with Memoirs of the Author, Glossary, and Notes ; 
also. Select Poems of Wil. Dunbar. 2 vols, in 1. 12mo, 
calf. Perth, 1787-8. 

A ndtice of this author will be found in Warton's History of English 
Poetry. 31st section. 



fO 944. DOUGLAS (Lady Jane.) Letters— Essence of the Douglas 

Cause [by Boswell], and Two other Pieces on the same 

subject, in 1 vol. 8vo, finlfealf. Loud. 1767. 

This case caused great excitement at the time. See Notes and Queries 

XXL, p. 183. 

(^ 945. DOUGLASS (Rob.) The Peerage of Scotland, containing An 
Histo;-ical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of that 
Kingdom, from their Origin to the present Generation ; 
illustrated with Copper-Plates. Edlnh. 1764. 

" An authentic and esteemed work." — Lowndes. 

^»> 946. DOWSE. The Dowse Library. — Proceedings of the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society, relating to the Donations from 
Thomas Dowse; with tlie Eulogy by Edward Everett. 
8vo, pp. V. 80. Plate and tvK) ixMraits. 

Boston, Printed for Private Distribution, 1859. 
John ^VUan, Esq., with the kind regards of G-eorge Livermore. 

^C 946* . Dowse Library. Another copy. Folded ; imper- 
fect. 1859. 
947. DO\ySE (Thomas). The Will of Thomas Dowse, of Cam- 
~ ' bridgeport. Printed for the Executors. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts, U. S. A. m.dccc.lvi. 
8vo, pp. 7. Twenty-four copies printed. From George Livermore. 

; 948. DRAKE (Joseph R.) and HALLECK (Fitz Greene). The 
Croakers. First complete edition ; illustrated with 60 In- 
serted Plates. Rl. 8vo, i-ed morocco extra. N'. Y. 1860. 
Subscribers' copy No. 60. One hundred and fifty copies printed for the 
Bradford Club. 

^, 949. DRAKE (Samuel G.) The Book of the Indians ; or Biog- 
raphy and History of the Lidians of North America, from 
its First Discovery to the Year 1841. Eighth edition, 42 
Plates inserted. 1 vol. in 2. 8vo, half green morocco. 

Boston, 1841. 

DRAWINGS. A Series of Pencil Sketches in 4to. 

See also Engravings. 

yj 951. DRAWING ROOM ALBUM. An Ornamental and Varie- 
' gated Repository, containing 189 Coloured Engravings, in- 

terspersed with Literary Scraps. 4to, embossed roan, gilt 

/, 952. [DREGHORN (Lord)]. Essays in Verse. 

Printed in the year 1769- 

" These Essa3's, tho' printed, are not sold or published. Only a very few 
copies have been thrown off, and therefore it is requested that this one be not 
lent or lost." — MS. Note m the Author's own hand. 

^2*^^53. DREXELIUS (Hiero). De ^ternitate considerationes coram 
ser^iii vtriusq. Bavarise Principibus Maxiuiilianoet Elisabetha 
explicatae, etc. ^ fine i^lates by Sadeler. 18mo, ynorocco, 
gilt and marbled edges. Monachii, 1622. 



J9 954. DREXELIUS (Hier.) Orbis Phaethon Hoc est De Universis 
Vitii Lingvie. 24 Curious Emblematical Plates. 24 mo, 
('((If. Colonw, 1637. 

/,0O 955. DRINKWATER (John). A History of the Siei?e of Gibral- 
tar. 8vo, calf. ' i)uhUn, 1791. 
/, ^•^956. [DRUE (Thomas)]. Life of the Dvtches of Svffolke, As it 
hath beene divers and sundry times acted, with good ap- 
plause. 8vo, cit)'0)i morocco extra. Lond. 1631. 
JlS^^ol. DRUMMOND (Wm.) A Cypress Grove; or Philosophical 
Reflections against the fear of Death. 18mo, half calf. 


S',<^^ 958. DRURY. Catalogue of the Extensive and Valuable Library 
of the Rev. H. Drury. One of Thirty-five copies printed on 
Writing Paper., presented to Francis JFreelbm hy II. Drury. 
With prices and names. 8vo, red morocco extra ; Joints. 

Lond. 1827. 

^, 2*^959. DTJ BOIS (Wm.E.) Pledges of History. A Brief Account of 

the Collection of Coins belons^ing to the Mint of the United 

States, etc. Plate. 12mo. Philad.., privately printed., 1846. 

One hundred and forty copies only printed. 

960. DUCAREL (Andrew Coltee). A Series of above Two hundred 
Anglo-Gallic or Norman and Aquitian Coins of the Antient 
Kings of England; Exhibited iu Sixteen Copper-Plates, and 
Illustrated in Twelve Letters. Portrait. 4to, adf. 

Lond. 1757. 

^/, 961. DUER (Wm. Alex.) New York as it was during the Latter 
Part of the Last Century. An Anniversary Address delivered 
before the St. Nicholas Society of the City of New York, 
Dec. 1st, 1848. 8vo, inlaid in 4to, half calf. JV. Y. 1849. 
This copy has every leaf extended. Portraits of eminent New Yorkers ; 

Autograph Letters of Duer, T. Rivington, De Witt Clinton, Hugh Gaine, and 

18 otlier eminent Citizens; Newspaper Scraps, &c. 

/A 962. . Another copy, inlaid in 4to, and fully illustrated with 

Portraits, Views, Newspaper cuttings, &c. 

JV. Y. 1849. 

DUFIEF (N. G.) Nature Displayed— applied to French. 
2 vols. 8vo, calf Phllad. 1806. 

^^ 964. DUGDALE (Sir Wm.) History of St. Paul's Cathedral in 
London, from its Foundation. The Second Edition, correct- 
ed and enlarged by the Author's own Hand. To which is 
prefixed his Life, Avritten by himself Publish'd by Edward 
Maynard, D. D. 13 lav ye plates. Folio, ricssia, gilt edges. 

Lond. 1761. 
The Roxburghe copy sold for £11 Os. 6d 

4—865. DUNCAN (Archibald). The Mariner's Chronicle ; or Authentic 
and Complete History of Popular Shipwrecks. 50 plates. 
6 vols. 12m(). Lond. n. d. 




Some of these popular (?) Shipwrecks occurred on the American Coasts. 
The inappropriateness of the title sugorested itself to the Author, and the 
titles of volumes 11. to VI. omit the word " popular." 

-Q 966. DUXCAX (JohnM.) Travels in the United States in 1818 

and 1819. The original M8. in the Author's Autograph. 

Folio. Rough calf. 
^J^967. DUXCAX (John M.) Travels through part of the United 

States and Canada in 1818 and 1819. 2 vols, post 8vo, calf. 

Glosgoii\ 1823. 

" John Allan, Esq., from the Author." 

n 968. . x\nother copy. 2 vols, post 8vo, hds. Glasgow., 1823. 

Mr. Duncan was a publisher in Glasgow, and Mr. Allan acted as agent for 
the sale of the Pubhcations of the Duncans for some years. 

rfi 969. DUNLAP (Wm.) A History of the American Theatre. 8vo, 
bds. R. r: 1832. 

Eeplete with Biographical Sketches, Criticisms, Scenes, Anecdotes, and 

-fi 970. DUNLAP (Wm.) History of the Rise and Progress of the 
Arts of Design in the United States. 2 vols. 8vo, Ids. 
uncut., scarce. K. Y. 1834. 

The largest and best work on the subject. 

^J^97l. [DUNTON (John)]. Neck or Nothing, being a Supplement to 
the Short History of the Parliament. 2 parts in 1 vol. 
12mo, morocco. Loud. 1713. 

972. DURER (Albert). Designs for the Prayer Book. Portrait. 

43 Plates. Folio., calf extra. Loud. 1817. 

973. DURER (Albert). The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ ; 

edited hy Henry Cole. 4to. Printed on vellum, and 
hound in red velvet • gilt edges and clas}). Lond. 1844. 

974. DURRANT. Catalogue of the Exceedingly choice Collection 

of English Coins of the late Lieut. Colonel Durrant. 
Rl. 8vo, half calf tcith Prices and Names. Lond. 1847. 

~0 975. DUSIMITIER (M.) Portraits of the Generals, etc., of the 
L'nited States. 4to. 12 Portraits ; half ccdf Lond.llS'i. 

71^ 976. DWAL (N.) Nouvelles Hevres Gravees au burin.- 18mo, 
old red morocco. Paris, n. d. 

flf 977. DUYCKINCK (E. A. & G. L.) Cyclopsedia of American 
Literature. 2 vols. ««('/). 8vo, half morocco, uncut • scarce. 

N. Y. 1855, 

Embraces Personal and Critical Notices of Authors, and Selections from 
their writings, with 225 Portraits, 425 Autographs, and 75 Views of Col- 
leges, etc. 

J 978. DYER (Ch. Geo.) Biographical Sketches of the Lives and 
Characters of Illustrious and Eminent Men, with their Auto- 
graphs. 48 Portraits. Rl. 8vo, half bound ; rough edges. 

Lond. 1828. 
Includes Benjamin Frankhn. 


(J)tAA 979. EARLY METRICAL TALES; including the History of Sir 
Egar, Sir Gryine, and Sir Gray-Steill. 12 mo, green mo- 
rocco extra. Edinh. 1826. 
S 2J~980. E ASTON (James). Human Longevity ; recording the Name, 
Age, Place of Residence, and Year of the Decease of 1712 
Persons, Avho attained a Century and Upwards, from A. D. 
66 to 1799; comprising a Period of 1733 years. With 
Anecdotes of the Most Remai'kable. 8vo, hds. 

Salisbury^ 1799. 
Includes notices of some Americans. Broekett's sold for 96-. 
J~^ 981. EATON. The Life of the Late Gen. William Eaton, prin- 
cipally collected from his Correspondence and other MSS. 
Portrait. 8vo, hds., uncut. Brookfield, 1813. 

3,*^0 982. [EBEN (Fred. Baron.)] Specimens of the Military Uniform 
of Sweden; colored plates. Mo., half calf . s. 1. s. a. 

/Zf 983. ECHO (The). With Other Poems. Eight Illustrations, and 
41 Plates inserted. 8vo, morocco extra. 

Printed at the Porcupine Press, by Pasquin Petronius 

The authors were, Alsop, Dwight, Cogswell, Hopkins, & Trumbull. 

^^ 984. ECONOMY OF HUMAN LIFE. Translated from an Indian 
Manuscript, written by an Ancient Bratniu. Plates by 
Harding. 12 mo, morocco, gilt. Lond. 1806. 

^J^985. EDINBURGH ALMANACK, for 1807, 1811, 1820, 1827, 
1829, 1831, and 1849. 7 vols. 12mo. 

/. ' 986. EDINBURGH MAGAZINE & REVIEW. By a Society 
of Gentlemen. 5 vols. 8vo, calf. Edinb. 1773, etc. 

Edited by Gilbert Stuart, and unequalled by any work of that day. See 
Burton's Life of Hume, vol. II., p. 468. 

^»^^7. EDINBURGH. Historical Sketch of the Municipal Constitu- 
tion of Edinburgh. \1mo, bds. Edinh. \S2Q. 
/,SV 988. EDINBURGH. Modern Athens displayed in a Series of 
Views in Edinburgh. By Thos. H. Shepherd. 4to, uncut. 

Lond. 1829. 
^, 989. EDINBURGH. Picturesque Views of Edinburgh. Draw- 
ings by J. Ewbank ; engraved by W. H. Lizars ; and His- 
torical Sketch by J. Browne. 4to, half calf . Edinb. 1825. 

S'^ 990. EDMONDSON (Joseph). [Tables of] Precedency. All En- 
graved. Square 12mo, red morocco. Lond. (1764). 

>^, •T^ 991. EDOM OF GORDON. An Ancient Scottish Poem. Never 
before Printed. 4to, green rnorocco extra, loith joints. 

Glasgow, 1755. 

Q, 0, 992. EDWARDS (Ed.) Anecdotes of Painters, who have resided 
or been born in England. Illustrated copy, with 78 Plates 
inserted. 4to, half russia. Lond. 1808. 


993. EDWARDS (Ed.) Anecdotes, S:c. Another copy ; illusfrat- 

ed by 65 Platesins'erted, including some unpr(blished Pri- 
vate Plates. 4to, half nissia. P/ond. 1 808. 
This AV'Ork was designed to be a continuation of Walpole's Anecdotes. 

994. EDWARDS. Catalo,2:ne of the Valuable Library of James 

Edwards, Esq. Purge 'pa^ier copy., with MS. Pndex. 

Prices and names. 'R\. 8vo, half russia, uncut. Land. 1815. 
ST? 995. . Another large paper copy. K\. 8vo,ic ith prices and 

names ; half calf. Lond. 1815. 

This Catalogue contains the Celebrated Bedford Missal, purchased by the 
Marquis of Blandford, for £687 15s. Od ; also, the Livy of 1469, printed on 
vellum, £903. Brockett's Copy of this Catalogue sold for £11 6s. M. 

JV 996. EDWARDS (Jonath.) The Distinguishing Mark of a Work 
of the Spirit of God. Applied to that uncommon Operation 
that has lately appeared on the Minds of many of the People 
of this Land : With a particular Consideration of the extra- 
ordinary Circumstances with which this Work is attended. 
A Discourse delivered at New Haven, Sep. 10, 1741, being 
the Day after the Commencement ; and now published at the 
Earnest Desire of many Ministers and other Gentlemen that 
heard it, with great Enlargement. By Jonath. Edwards, 
A. M., Pastor of the Church of Christ at Northampton. 
With a Preface, by the Rev. Mr. Cooper, of Boston. 8vo, 
pp. xvi. 84. Boston., Printed., 

Philadelphia, Reprinted and sold by Benjamin FranMin., 

in Market Street, 1742. 

,0O 997. EDWARDS (Rev. Mr.) A Faithful Narrative of the Sur- 
prizing Work of God in the Conversion of Many Hundred 
Souls in Northampton, and the Neighbouring Towns and Vil- 
liagcs of New Hampshire, in New England. In a Letter to 
the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Colman, of Boston. With a Large 
Preface, by Dr. Watts and Dr. Guyse. 2d edition. 18mo, 
calf gilt edges. Lond. 1738. 

^•^'"998. EDWARDS. Catalogue of the Splendid and Valuable Col- 
lection of Books, MSS., and Missals of Thos. Edwards, 
Esq. On tinted pjaper, of v'hich a fexo only were printed: 
with prices and names. Lond. 1828. 

999. [EDWARDS.] Medallic History of England. Illustrated 

by 40 Plates. 4to, half calf . P.ond. 1802. 


applausu oblatie. Folio, calf. 1687. 

A flue collection of Portraits of the Kings, etc., of Hungary. 

!7 1001. EFFIGIES POETICS; or the Portraits of the British 
Poets ; illustrated by Notes, Biographical, Ciitical, and 
Poetical. 138 Plates. Proofs on Pndia paper. 2 vols. 
4to, half green morocco. Lond. 1824. 





luundo ad Ludovicum xiii usque, ad viA-um, quantum fieri 

potuit, expressoe : accedit epitome XP0NIKi2N, eorum vitas 

et gesta breviter compleetens. Portraits. 4to, half 

morocco. Francofurti, J. de Zettei\ 1622. 

/ yj 1003. EGANE (Anthony). Rome a Great Custom-house for Sin ; 

' Or a Table of the Dispensations and Pardons for Yillanies 

<fc Wickednesses of various Kinds, etc. With the several 

Summs of Money given & to be paid for them. 12mo, 

calf. Lond. 171.5. 

A notice of this Franciscan Friar will be found in Ant. a. Wood's Athense 


J7 1006. "EIKQN 'AAHeiNH. The Povrtraitvre of Truths most sa- 
cred Majesty truly suffering, though not solely. Plate of 
Gauden inserted, ^to, hrovn morocco gilt. Lond. 1649. 
This is a reply to Eikon Basihke. 
/O 1007. ELDER (Wm.) The Modish Penman. Oblong 4to, date 

cut of. 
^•^"llOOS. ELDER (Wm.) Penmanship. 4to, no title. 

ZINE, including Engi-avings from Original Pictures of the 
most pleasing subjects. 4to, calf. Lond. n. d. 

tones de Opificio Mvndi Christo Deo Deiqve Matre 'S. S. 
Francisco et Car Borromaeo. Plates by Raph. Sadeler. 
12mo, green morocco, extra, hy Paicson and Nicholson. 

Monaci., 1617. 

vivum expressis Personarum Iconibus. Engi'aved title, 30 
Portraits and Plate of Armour. Small 8t?o, green moroc- 
co, gilt edges. Lnpressis Ujjsalirp, 1631. 
General Dowdeswell's copy of these rare Poems sold, in 1820, for £4 18s. 
" Volume rare et remarquable." — Biunet. 

1012. ELGER (Willem den). Zinne-Beelden der Liefde, met Punt- 
digten en Aanteekeningen. 4to, vellum. 

Te Amsterdaui. By Jan Roman de Jonge, 1732. 

1013. ELIOT (John). The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testa- 
ment and the New. Translated into the Indian Language, 
and ordered to be printed by the Commissioners of the 
United Colonies in New England, At the Charge, and 
with the Consent of the Corporation in England, For the 
Propagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New 
England. 4to, old blue morocco, gilt edges • a remarlcably 
fine copy. Cambridge, Printed by 

Samuel Green and 3farmaduke Johnson, mdclxiii. 

Collation. — Title. 1 1. Dedication to King Charles II. 2 1. Contents 1 1. 

Text A to M m m m m in 4's. Title. — Wusku Wuttestamentuni Xul-Lor- 

dumim Jesus Christ Xuppoquohwu.ssuaeueumun. Cambridge, Printed by 

Samuel Green and Marniaduke Johnson, mdclxi. 11. A to X x in 4*3. 1 1. 


ELIOT. 81 

blank. Wame Ketoohomae uketoohomaongash David. U to N in 4's 
Noowomoo 1 1. Size 7^ by 5J. 

Of this presque unique book, this is perhaps the finest copy ever offered 
for sale during; this century. The only other copy sold in this country was 
Mr. Corwin's. which formerly belonged to Lord Kingsborough, and is now 
in the collection of Mr. John Carter Brown, of Providence. 

Among tlie many jioints of interest which this book possesses, not the 
least is the fact, that it is the language of a nation no longer in existence, 
and is almost the oidy monument of the race ; anotlier, that it is "the only 
Bible that ever was printed in all America from the very foundation of all 
the world."* 

The immense labor of the translator may be inferred, when we recollect 
that the Septuagiut was the work of Seventy learned men, and the Author- 
ized English Version occupied the most learned men of that day. Eliot ac- 
complished this task in ten years. The printing occupied three years ; the 
type being set by an Indian. Thomas observes : " Even at this day (1810), 
it would be a work of great labour, and one that must, at that early period, 
have been considered a business difficult to accomplish, and of great mag- 

The names of the Books are retained as in the English versions, and such 
words as were unknown to the Indians are retained with an Indian termi- 
nation, such as cherubim/^/A for cherubini, etc. The longest word is Mark, 
i. 40: Wutteppesittukqussunnoowehtunkquoh, signifying "kneehng down 
to him." At the end is a Poetical version of the Psalms, in very uncom- 
mon metre. 

According to Thomas (History of Printing), Twenty Copies only of the 
Dedication to King Charles were printed, but Dr. O'Callaghan expresses 
some doubts on this point. For a full collation of this, and the second edi- 
tion, list of errata, etc., the reader is referred to Dr. O'Callaghan's List of 
Bibles, etc. 

This copy has the autograph of William Ashurst, which is partly oblite- 
rated by a pen, respecting which the following information has been com- 
municated by Mr. G. H. Moore : 

"I suppose this copy formerly belonged to Sir William Ashurst, Knight, 
who was Lord Mayor of London in 1693, and represented the city in seve- 
ral ParUaments. He was of a family eminent for benevolence and piety, 
and distinguished especially among the friends of America in that day. 
He was (governor of • The Corporation for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
New England and places adjacent in America,' and at one time was ap- 
pointed Agent for Massachusetts. Hutchinson says he was 'a gentleman 
of superior character and real worth.' He died in 1720. An earnest trib- 
ute to his memory may be found in a letter of Jer. Dummer, printed in 
Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. Ill, Vol. I., page 146. G-. H. M." 

^, 1014. ELIOT (John, D. D.) A Biographical Dictionary, containing 
a Brief Account of the First Settlers and other Eminent 
Characters among the Magistrates, Ministers, Literary and 
Worthy Men in New England. lUmtmttd by 53 ^;»/rt^e.s, 
inserted, ^vo, half morocco., uncvi. /.S«^e/«, 1809. 

Jl^lOlS. ELLENDIGH (Het.) Leven der Turcken, Moscoviters en 
Lhinesen aende Christenheyt vertoont. 4to, calf, antique. 

Graven-hage, 1664. 

yj-^ie. ELMES (James). A General and Bibliographical Dictionary of 

^ the Fine Arts, Historical Sketches, Accounts of the Best 

Books 00 the Fine Arts, etc. 8vo, calf Land. 1826. 

* Cotton Mather. 


y, 1017. ELYOT. jTIir toUr namctr the ©^oucrnour, deuised 

' by S!^ Thomas Elyot, kniglit. ||(ack Hcttcr. Old calf. 

Lond. in edihui^., Tho. Ba'tJielptt^ m.d.xxxi. 
This is the first edition of this once popular book. For a Description, 
see Ames and Herbert, Typ. Antiq., vol. 3, p. 277. 
North's copy sold for £1 3,v. Od 

Ot 1018. ELYOTE (Sir Thomas), ^xt KlUclfJC Of ©OUCntaUllCe, 

Compiled of the actes and sentences notable, of the most 
noble emperonr Alexander Seiierus, late translated out of 
Greke into Ensflyshe, by Sir Thomas Elyote, knyght, in the 
fouour of nobilitee. JtJlclCfe TLtXXtX. 18ino, calf. Fine 
copy., from <J. IIaslewood''s GoUection. 

Imprinted in the house <f Thomas Bertlielette., 1549. 
The original was written in Greek by Eucolpius, the Emperor's Secretary. 

SlS'O 1019. EMBLEMATA AMATORIA. Afbeeldinghen van minne. 
Emblemes d'Amovr. Sm. oblong 4to, half calf . 

Amsterdam., W. Tanszoon., 1618. 
Text in Latin, French, and Dutch. See also Ayres' (Philip), lot 137. 

Dutch and Latin. Plates. 4to, green moroccQ^extra., broad 
borders. [Hotterdam, 1627.] 

singulis historiis symbola adscripta et elegantes versus 
historia explicates. Accessit Galearii expositio et Discep- 
tatio de origine Nobilitati. 60 Fine Plates, engraved by 
Theod. de Pry. Small 4to, red morocco, richly tooled. 
Extremely rare and curious. Francof. ad Moen. 1593. 

»^/'^1022. EMBLEMATA SELECTIORA. Typis elegantissimis ex- 
pressa, nee non Sententiis, Carminibus, Historiis ac Pro- 
verbii.'!, ex scriptonbus, cum sacris tum profanis antiquis 
et recentioribus, illustrata. 4to, ccdf 

Am^tekedami apud Fran, vander Plaats., mdcciv. 

1023, . Aliud Exemplar. Uo, half calf. 

A mstelo'dam /, mdcciv. 

/t>',«»1024. EMBLEMATA. A unique and beautiful collection of 300 
Emblematical Plates, arranged in 2 vols. 4to, half green 
morocco., gilt edges. 1725, &c. 

JZ, 1025. EMBLEMATA. A Collection of 126 Plates. Square 12mo. 
No title. 


' h<df('(df Utrecht, Ant. Schovtoi, 1607. 

3^ 1027. EMBLEMES SACREZ, svr Le tres-Saint et tres-adorable 
Sacremeiit de TEvcharistie. 8vo, calf. 

F. Lamhert, Paris, 1667. 

TAINMENT OF YOUTH; containing Emblematical, 
Hierogly pineal, and Enigmatical Devices, relating to all 




parts and stations of life, etc. ; illustrated with explanations. 
62 Plates, oblong 8vo, old caJf. Loud. 1754. 

/,SV 1029. . Another edition. 8vo, doth. Lond. n. d. 

White Knight's copy, £1 2s. Od 

^),yO 1030. EMBLEMS. Choice Emblems, Divine and Moral, Antient 
and Modern ; or. Delights for the Ingenious, in above 
Fifty Select Emblems, curiously Ingraven upon Copper- 
Plates. With Fifty Pleasant Poems and Lots, by way of 
Lottery, for Illustrating each Elmblem, etc. 12mo, red 
moroero. Load. 1'732. 

1031. EMBLEMS. A Collection of 118 Ancient Emblems; Col- 
lected by John Allan. Folio, green morocco. 
<f, 1032. EMBLEMS. Sinn-en Winne-Beelden Emblemata Amores 

Moresque Spectantia. Oblong 4to, red morocco ; gilt edges. 

s. a. s. 1. 
This rare collection of Emblems consists of 28 Plates, highly illuminated, 
and coloured ; with descriptions in Dutch, Latin, and French. 

;j»rT033. EMEKLINE (G. D.) Frauds of Papal Ecclesiastics, etc. 

8vo, Ixh. X. Y. 1835. 

J<^ 1034. ENGLAND. Collections from a folio History of England. 

In 2 Parts. FoHo. 

if7 1035. ENGLAND. Select Views in England. Proof Impres- 
sions. Folio, half morocco. n. d. 

^, 1036. ENGLISH PEERAGE (The), or a View of the Ancient and 
Present State of the English Nobility, to which is subjoined 
a Chronological Account of such titles as have become 
extinct, from the Norman Conquest to the beginning of the 
year mdccxc. 3 vols. Folio, ccdf. Lond. 1790. 

S^ 1037. ENGRAVINGS. Catalogue RaisonxXe of the Select Col- 
lection of Engravings of an Amateur. Copiouslg and beau- 
tifidly illustrated., with many Proof plates., Etchings^ 
Portraits, Vieios., etc., including Specimens by the best 
Artists. 4to, splendid copnj in green morocco., extra. 

Lond. 1828. 
This privately printed book describes the Collection of T. Wilson, Esq. 
T)ie Fac-Similes are by George Cruikshank and Frank Howard. 

1038. ENGRAVING. A Collection of English Business Cards. 
All Engraved and inserted in a Scrap-Book. 

TRIES OF THE KNOWN WORLD, etc., with Cuts. 
8vo, calf. Lond. 1752. 

Pages 1 to 78, relate Columbus's Discovery of the West Indies. 

^S~0 1040. EPIPHANIUS. Sancti Patris Nostri Epiphanii Episcopi 
Constantige Cypri, ad Physiologvm. Ejusdem in die festo 
Palmarum sermo. D. Consali Ponce de Leon Hispalensis, 





S. D. N. Sixto V. Cubicularij secret!, interpretis et scho- 
liastge bimestre otium. Small 8vo, half calf . 

Antverpim^ G. Pktntin, 1588. 

The Etchings of Emblems here introduced, are by Peter Vander Borcht. 

o j-Q 1041. EPITAPHS. A Collection of 177 Epitaphs, forming part of 

" Wit's Recreation." \^xi\o, doth. No title. 
h-^^ 1042. EPITAPHS. A CoLLECTiox of Epitaphs and Monumental 
Inscriptions, chiefly in Scotland. 12mo, half morocco; 
uncut. Glasgov, 1834. 

^,/3 1043. EPITAPHS. A Select Collection of Epitaphs and Monu- 
mental Inscriptions, with Anecdotes, etc. 12mo, calf 

Ipsioich, 1806. 


Folio, tree calf ; fine copy. 

Par nice., ex regio typogr. 1775. 

In nuptiis . . . Car . Emman . Ferdinandi, Subalpinas Gallise princijjis, et 
Marise Adelaidis Clotildis . . . epithalamia. 

" Ce volume, une des plus belles productions des presses de Bodini, est 
remarquable par la variete des caracteres de differentes langues orientales, 
et par les jolies vignettes gravees qui sont en tete de chaque feuillet." — 

*l^ 1044*. EIIIT^IA, or a Collection of Memorials Inscribed to the 
Memory of Good and Faithful Servants, copied on the 
Spot, in various Cemetaries [sic) [in England]. 12rao, half 
morocco. Lond. 1826. 

^,yS~ 1045. Erasmus (D.) Enchiridion miiitis Christiani, Whiche 
' maye be called in Englishe, the hansome weapon of a 

Christian Knight, replenished with many goodli and godly 
Preceptes, made by the famous Clarke Erasmus, of lloter- 
dame, and newly corrected and imprynted. jtjlacfe JLzXitV, 
12mo, calf At y towne of Andoioers, the 

yeare of Christe, by the 1501. 
This book is said to have been translated by William Tindale. The 
book is without date or place, but agrees in collation with one printed by 
John Byddell, 1544. , 

^^ 1046. ERASMUS. L'Eloge de la Folie, Compose en forme de 

Declamation par Erasme, et traduit par M. Gueudeville. 

.12m.o, red morocco; gilt edges. Amsterdam., 1745. 

S~* 1047. ERASMUS (David). Moriaj Encomium, or a Panegyrick 

upon Folly. Done into English and illustrated with above 

Fifty Curious Cuts, Designed and Drawn by Hans Holbiene, 

etc. 8vo, c(df Loud. 1709. 

" The Encomium iMoriae is a poignant satire against all professions of men, 

and even against princes and peers ; but the chief objects are the mendicant 

order of monks." — Hallam. 

Its composition occupied Erasmus seven days. This translation was by 
Bishop Kennet. 

/.SV 1048. ERSKINE— BOSWELL. Letters between the Hon. Andrew 
Erskine and James Boswell. Sm. 8vo, cf Lond. 1763. 
Suppressed and rare. 


ESSAY (An) upon Wind. See [Fox (Charles J.)] 
ESSAYS in Verse. See [Dreghorn (Lord)]. 
^J— 1049. ESSAY ON" HUNTING by a Country Squire. 4to, half mo- 
rocco. Lond. 1733 {reprinted 19,20). 

This copy is illustrated with 21 beautiful plates. 

n? 1050. ESSAY ON HUNTING. Sd edition, Ato, ccdf. 

Lond. 1820. 

One hundred copies only printed. This copy is illustrated with a number 
of fine Engravings relative to hunting and field sports. 


1051. ESTIENNE (Henricus). Anthologia Gnomica : Illvstres Vete- 
' rvra Gniec^e Comoedise Scriptorvm sententiae, prius ab Henr. 

Stephano qui et singulas Latine conuertit, editre ; nunc dv- 
plici insvper interpretatione metrica singula auctae, inque 
gratiam studiosorum, quibus et variae scutoruni natalitioruni 
imagines libello passim inserta vsui erunt, in hoc Enchiridion 
coUecta a Christiano Egenolpho. Sm. 8vo, ijreen morocco. 

Francoforti ad Mckmim, 1579. 

1052. ETCHINGS. A Collection of Twenty-Four, mounted in an 

8vo scrap book, bound in r>fs.sia. 

1053. ETCHINGS. One Hundred Etchings by One Hundred dif- 

ferent Artists. 4to, half morocco. 

This collection was formed for the purpose of illustrating Bryan's Dic- 
tionary, and contains specimens of the talents of 100 different Artists of the 
German, Italian, Dutch, Flemish, French, and Englisli Schools. 

/J 1054. ETRENNES. Les Etrennes du Temps et le Saint Usage que 
les Chretiens en doivent laire, Indique dans de Courtes Re- 
flexions sur les representations, en taille-douce, des sujets 
de I'Ancien et du Nouv Test, relatifs aux Parties de I'Anne 
Eccles. et Civile. Fine plates. 12mo, morocco extra. 

Paris, Perault, 1741. 

1055. EVANGELIC^ HISTORIC Imagines Ex ordine Euange- 

liorum, quae toto anno in Missas sacrificio recitantur, In or- 
dinem temporis vitte Christi digestae. Auctore Hieronymo 
Natali Societatis Jesv Theologo. Folio, old red morocco, 
gilt sides. Antuerpia, 1593. 


4to, half calf . Phorcte, Th. Arishdm, 1502. 

Most curious specimens of early wood cuts, by Sebastian Brant. Dibdin 
gives' fac-similes of the ''Outrageous ornaments" in the Decameron, vol. i., 
p. 132. 

1057. EVANGILES. Les Saintes Euangiles traduits de la Vulgate 

par M. I'abbe Dassance, illustres par MM. Tony Johannot, 
Cavelier, Gerard Seguin et Breviere. 2 vols., rl. 8vo, mo- 
rocco extra. Paris, 183(3. 


CHRIST. Vignettes par Theophile Fragonard. Impl. 8vo, 
green morocco extra. Paris, 1837. 

Every page ornamented with wood cut borders and vignettes, in the 
style of MSS. of the XVth Century. 


^J^1059. EVANS (A. E. & Sons). Catalogue of Valuable and Rare 
Books of Prints. 8vo. Lofid. n. d. 

/J, 1061. . Catalogues, various. B^nos. ^ , 

/,S'0 1062. . Catalogue of 6,000 Etchings and Engravings. 8vo, 

half morocco. Lond. n. d. 

/'/<? 1063. . Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits. 3 vols. 8vo. 

vols. 1 and 2, hds.; vol. 3, half morocco, uncut . 

[Lond. 1835-41-53]. 

// ^<^ 1064. EVANS (Evan). Some Specimens of the Poetry of the 

Antient Welsh Bards, translated into English. 4to, half 

cf, uncut. Lond. 1764. 

The Notes on the Historical Passages give a short account of the 

Men and Places mentioned by the Bards. 

3.0 1065. EVELYN (John). Numismata ; a Discourse of Medals, 
Antient and Modern ; together with some account of 
Heads and Effigies of Illustrious and Famous Persons, in 
S('ulps and Taille-Douce, of whom we have no Medals 
extant ; and of the Use to be derived from them. To 
which is added a digression concerning Phvsiognomy. 
Folio, calf. Lond. 1697. 

This is not included in Evelyn's Miscellaneous Works. See Beloe's Anec- 
dotes, vol. II. 430-1. 

n " 1066. EVELYN (John). Sculptura; or the History and Art of 
Chalcography and Engraving in Copper; Avith an Ample 
Enumeration of the most renowned Masters, and their 
Works, to which is annexed, A New Manner of Engraving, 
or 3Iezzotinto, communicated by his Highness Prince 
Rupert, to the Author of this Treatise. Second Edition. 
8vo, calf. Lond. 1755. 

This edition contains some corrections and additional Etching, and a 
Translation of all the Greek and Latin Passages and Memoirs. 

/, 1067. [EVELYN (John)]. Sculptura Historico-Technica ; or the 

History and Art of Engraving. Fourth Edition. 12mo, 
calf. " " Lond. 1770. 

J", 1068. EVERDINGEN'S ETCHINGS. A Collection of 60, illus- 
trative of Reynard the Fox. Oblong 4to, hcdf morocco, 
gilt edges. 
p^'^C^l069. EVERETT (Edward). Eulogy on Lafayette, delivered in 
Faneuil Hall, at the Request of the Young Men of Boston, 
September 6, 1834. Thirty-seven Portraits and Plates in- 
serted. 8vo, half morocco. Boston, 1834. 
S7f 1070. EVERGREEN (The). Being a Collection of Scots Poems, 
wrote by the Ingenious before 1600. Vol. 1, 12 mo, cf. 

Edinh. 1761. 

/, S'O 1 07l. EWBANK (Thomas). A Descriptive and Historical Account 

of Hydraulic and other Machines for Raising Water. 8vo, 

half morocco, gilt. JS'. Y. 1842. 


EWBAXK (Thomas). Inorganic Forces ordained to super- 
sede Human Slavery. 8vo, pp. 32. JV. Y. 1860. 

EXACT COLLECTIOX, or Catalogue of our English Wri- 
ters on the Old and Xew Testament, etc. 12mo, half calf. 

Lonff. 1663. 

lErpOSltlO m»Stf riorum mXSSt et vems modus rite cele- 
brandi. 4to. UlflCfe JLtXttX. Curious Wood Cut. 

ColonicB, H. Quentell^ mccccxcviii, 


CIA, A great Trading City in the Kingdom of Bragaria. 

12mo, pp. 36. " Glasgo a; I^IQ. 

EYRIES (J. B. B.) L'Espagne, on Costumes, Moeurs et -^^O^dM 

Usages des Espagnols. Colored ^ilates. Rl. Bvo. (j 

Paris., n. d. 

EYTOWN. Catalogue of the Library of J. W. K. Eytown, 
Esq., comprising An Extraordinary Collection of Privately 
Printed Books ; Large Paper Copies ; Works printed 
upon Vellum, etc. Prices and names. Bvo, half morocco. 

Loud. 1848, 

FABLES. Fifty-One Original Fables with Morals and Eth- 
ical Index. 85 Plates by R. Cruickshank. 8vo, green calf 
gilt extra. ' io;?f?. 1833. 

FABLES. The Passions Personify'd in Familiar Fables. 8vo, 
calf [Plates by J. Miller]. "' Lond. n. d. 

FABRICIUS. Delle AUvsione Imprese et Emblemi del Signor 

Princi])io Fabricii de Teramo, sopra la vita, opera et attioni 

di Gregorio XIII. Pontefice Massimo, libri VI. Folio, 

vellum. Poma, P. Grassi., 1588. 

The Plates in this rare volume (from Henry White's Collection) are by 

Xatal Bonifacio da Sib. 

1081. FABRI (I.) lUvstrivm Imagines, Ex antiquis marmoribus^ 

numismatibtts, et gemmis expressa? ; Qua? Exstant Romse ; 
major pars apud Fvlvivm Vrsinvm. Editio altera. \Ql 
Fine Portraits by Theod. Gcdkeus. 4to, calf. 

Antverpice, Planting 1606. 

1082. FAERXE. Cent Fables en Latin et en Fran9ois choisies des 

Anciens Auteurs mises en Vers Latins par Gabriel Faerne 
Et traduites par Mr. Perrault. Avec de iiouvelles Figures 
en taille-douce. 100 plates. 4to, half red morocco. 

Lond. 1744. 

. La meme. 4to, ccdf Lond. 1744. 

FAERXE. Fables in English and French Verse. Trans- 
lated from the Original Latin of Gabriel Faerne. With 
100 Copper-Plates. S\o, ccdf. Lond. \7U. 

FAJORDO OR FAXARDO. See Saavedra-Fajardo. 



/. 1085. FALCONER (Wm.) The Shipwreck. 8th edition. Plates 
hy StotJiard. r2mo, calf. Lond. 1794. 

" 1086. ■ . Another edition ; illustrated. 12nio, ea//". 

Land. 1803. 
FALLS OF CLYDE (The). See [Black J.] Lot 303. 
»^»x2.rio8 7. FARNHAM (Luther). A Glance at Private Libraries. 8vo, 
doth. Boston, 1855. 
The Libraries referred to, are principally in Boston and its vicinity. 
/ 2XIO88. FAUNTLEROY. Catalogue of the Entire and Very Valu- 
able Library of the late Henry Fauntleroy, Esq., toith 
prices and names. Portrait inserted. 8vo. Xo;?c7. 1825. 

y''«^~To89. . Another copy, ^vo, half calf . Zond. 1825. 

This unfortunate man was hung for a forgery. 

Sr- 1090. FEATLEY (Daniel). The Dippers dipt; or the Anabap- 
tists Dvck'd and Plung'd over Head and Eares, at a Dis- 
putation in SoiitliAvark ; Portrait by Marshall, and plates- 
4to, half calf Zond. 1646. 

An account of a Public Dispute, in which Featley was engaged on the 
subject of baptism. Featley having in the work alluded to Milton's Trac- 
tate of Divorces, the latter speaks contemptuously of the Author, as having 
written an "Equivocating Treatise," and as "diving the while himself 
with a more deep prelatical malignance against the present State and Church 
government." — Corwin's copy sold for .$7.00. 

•^1091. FEELING; or Sketches from Life; a Desultory Poem. 
._. By a Lady. 12mo, calf. Edinh. 1810. 

/3 ? ^^^^ ^^^2- FELDBORG (A. A.) Danish and Norwegian Melodies, 

'» Harmonized by C. Stokes. Poetry translated by W. S. 

Walker. Folio, half calf . Zand. n. d. 

^,^trT093. FELLOWES (W. D,) A Visit to the Monastery of La 

Trappe in 1817. Colored plates. 8vo, green morocco 

extra. ' Zond. 1820. 

/V»no94. FENELON (Abp.) The Adventures of Telemachus, the 

' Son of Ulysses ; translated by John Hawkesworth. 4to, 

calf Zond. 1768. 

First edition, and still considered the best English version. " It is one 

of the most spirited and valuable in our language." — Dr. Drake. 

SO 1095. FP:NNELL. An Apology for the Life of James Fennell. 
Written by himself %\o., half bonnd. Phil. 1814. 

'^'2.«^1096. FENTON. ©oltint lEpfStleS, Conteyning varietie of dis- 
course, both Morall, Philosopliicall & Diuine : gathered, 
as well out of the remaynder of Gueuaraes' woorkes, as 
other Authours, Latine, French, & Italian, by GeftVey 
Fenton. ffiotWC UttttV. 4to. ca/f 

Z^ond.for li. JVewberie, 1577. 
Tnglis's copy sold for 19a'. 

Jt,S^O 1097. . Same; Another edition. 4to, ca//'. Zond. 1575. 

^^^^1098. FENTON (Roger). A Treatise of Vsvrie, Divided into 
three Bookes, etc. 4to, calf ; scarce. Zond. 1611. 

Respecting this work, see Sir Robert Filmore's Questio Quodlibetica. 


/^]099. FERGUSON (G.) Illustrated Series of Rare and Prize 
' Poultry. The Figures Drawn and Coloured from Prize 

Specimens, by C. J. Culliford. 8vo, half morocco. 

Land. 1854. 
^ tTl 100. FERGUSON (R.) Poetical Works. ISmo, %>. 

Paisley, 1799. 

2^^101. FERRIAR (John). The Bibliomania; an Epistle to Richard 
Heber, Esq. 4to, half morocco, xncnf. Lond. 1809. 

V»r'll02. FERRO (Giovanni). Teatro d' Imprese all 111'^° e Rr S^. Car- 

' dinal Barberina. Scvcntl ILmdred Emblematic Plates. 

2 vols, in 1, folio, calf. s. 1. s. a. 

1103. FEUILLET (M.) Orchesoo-raphy ; or the Art of Dancing 
by Characters and Demonstrative Figures. Translated 
from the French, by John Weaver. 4to, morocco, 

Lond. [1706]. 

The Text of this scarce book is entire!}" engraved. 

^0 1104. FEYERABEND (Sigismund). Geschlechter Buch : Darinn 
Der loblichen Kaisei'liche reichs Statt Augspurg so we. 
Fiinfl'hundert und mehr Jaren hero daselbst gewonet und 
bisz auff acht abgestorben auch deren so an der abger- 
storbnen stat eingenomen und erhohet worden seyn. 
A curious collection of over 150 Wood cuts of Knights in 
Ar7nour, &c. Folio. Franckfort am May. 1580. 

" 1105. FIALETTI. Briefve Histoire de ITnstitvtion des Ordres 
Rehgievx, avec les figvres de leurs Habits, grauees sur la 
cuiiire par Odoart Fialetti, Bolognois. 4to, calf. 

Paris, A. Menier, 1658. 

For an account of Fialetti, see Strutt and Bryan's Dictionaries. First 
pubhshed in Venice, 162(5. 

^•^106. FICINX'S. Marsilii Ficini florctini. lie JHelfflfOltC CfttfSt^ 
ttlltS et fidei pietate opusculum. Xenocrates de morte eodem 
interprets Wood cut Title. Ulacfe 2Lf ttet. 4to, calf 

Paris, J. Oporinns, 1510. 
"With Portrait of the Printer inserted, and Autograplis of Le Fhidd, and 
Laurentio d. Medicis. — See Dihdin's Bucmm^ron. 

30 1107. FIELDING (H.) Amelia. Plates. 3 vols. 18mo, w(/: 

Lond. n. d. 
SV 1108. FIFTY COLOURED ENGRAVINGS, moimted in a Scrap 
Book. 4to, dark green morocco. 

S'(? 1109. FINDEN (Ed.) Beauties of Moore's W^orks. 25 bemdifuUy 
coloured plates. Folio, red mryrocco e.Hra, gilt. 

Lond. 1845. 

1110. FINLAY (John). Scottish Historical and Romantic Ballads, 
chiefly ancient, with explanatory notes and a glossary. 
2 vols. 12mo, cedf Edinh. 180*8. 

Strettel's copy sold for £1 Is. Od. 



^^1111. FINLAY (John). Wallace; or the Vale of Ellerslie, with 
other Poems. 12mo, sheej). Glasr/oic, 1804. 

<^^ 1112. FIRENS (Petrns). Duorlechn Signa Zodiaci. Preceded bi/ 
other plates of Ancient Statues. Small folio, vellum. 

Paris, 1608. 

-2i^ll3. FISHER (Bp.) Funeral Ser -on of Margaret, Countess of /J 

Richmond and Derby. 8vo, ccdf. Land. l708. 


Avith Poetical Illustrations, by L. E. L. and INIary Howitt. 

_ 4to, cl., (/ilt. Zand. [J840]. 


8vo, cL, gilt. Lond. 1848. 

2S~\ ] 16. FITCH (S. S.) Six Lectures on the Functions of the Lungs. 

12mo, cl. N. r. 1861. 

'Z, 1117. FITS OF FOLLY; or the Aberrations of a Philosopher. / j 

Fully illustrated. 12mo, red morocco. Cambridge., n. d. 
ti7 1118. FITTLER (James) Scotia Depicta; or, the Antiquities, 
Castles, &c., of Scotland. A Series of Etchings after 
Drawings, by John Claude Nattes. Oblong 4to, bds. 
^^ " Lond. 1804. 

/' <>^1119. FLITNER (Joan). Nebvlo Nebvlorvm, hoc est, loco seria 
moderna? neqvitire censvra ; Qua sceleratorum fraudes, Doli 
ac versutia? aeri, aeriqne exponuntur publice ; [annis :ibhino 
centum, censore Th. Murnero, rhythrais germanicis edita, 
•loinde vero] carmine larabico dimetro adornata a Joanne 
Flitnero. Sm. 8\o, half russia. P'ranco/urti, 1620. 

" Edition origiiiale de cet oiivrage singulier." — Brunei. 
Contains 33 plates, with Latin Iambic verses. 

J, T'^^l 120. FLORAL ALBL'M (The); or, Gathered Flowers, Chiefly 

from the Works of the British Poets. 4to. 36 extra plates 

inserted., all well coloured. Lond. 1887. 

J^, 1121. FLOREZ (R. P. M. Fr. Henrique). Medallas de las Colonias, 

Municipios y Pueblos Antiguos de Espana. Coleccion de 

las que se Hallan, en diversos Autores, y de Otras nunca 

publicadas ; con explicacion y dibujo de cada una. 66 

jilates. 3 vols. 4to, calf. Madrid.^ A. Marin., 1757-1773. 

" Opera pregiatissima e rara specialmente in Italia." — Cicognoru. 

'■The Ancient Coins of Spain will be found to much advantage in this 

^ ^^ . — work." — Piiikerton. 

'^f/*^ 1122. FLORIAN. Fables de Florian, De I'academie fran9oise, de 
celle de Madrid, Florence, etc. Ornee de cent estainpes, et 
destinee a faire suite aux Fables d' !lSsope et a celles de 
Faerne. 2 vols, in 1, 4to, half calf . Paris, 1806. 

S~» 1123. FLOWERS OF LOVELINESS. Groups of Female Figures, 
Emblematic of Flowers. 3 vols, folio, green morocco, c.ctra. 
Pine early impression, 2 vols, beautifully coloiired, and- 
1 plain plates. Lond. 183 6-3 8 . 


1124. FLOWERS OF LOVELIXESS. Twelve Groups of Fe- 

male Figures. FoMo, red silk. Zo/u/. I8'.i8. 

1125. FLY (The). Being a Collection of Interesting Stories, in 

Prose and Verse. A large number of nev.spaper cutthigs 
and plates^ coVd. and plain^ inserted. 3 vols. 4to, half 
c(df. Land. 1840, etc. 

1126. FLY LEAVES. A Collection of Laughable Incidents, Calcu- 

lated to Expell the Blues; iclth a Clever Picture by Cruik- 
s/ianky of the JVew Court of Queen s Bench, inserted. 
4to, half morocco. Lond. 1844. 

1127. FOLGER (Peter). A Looking Glass for the Times, etc., to 

which is added the report from the Lords of the Com- 
mittee of Councils, and the King's Order relatmg to the 
People called Quakers in New England. A MS. copy of 
this exceedingly scarce pjoem., beautifully written. Bvo, 
morocco. 1763, 

First published in 1675. The author of this rare piece was Dr. Benj. 
Franklin's maternal grandfather. The original work, of which this is a 
copy, is so rare a book that the Messrs. Duyckink made use of this copy for 
their Cyclopsedia. See Bibl. Ang. Poetica, p. 30. 

1128. FOOT (Jesse). Life of Arthur Murphy. Esq. 28 portraits 

inserted., many rare. 4to, russia. Lond. 1811. 

1129. FORBES (Sir Wm.) An Account of the Life and Writings 

of James Beattie, LL.D. 3 vols., 8vo, cf. Edinb. 1807. 

1130. FORGET ME NOT for 1828. 18mo, gilt edge^. Lond. 1828. 

1131. FORSTER (Henry R.) The Stowe Catalogue. Priced and 

Annotated. Plates. 4to, half red morocco., gilt top. 

Lond. 1848. 

1132. FORSYTH (J. S.) The Antiquary's Portfolio, or Cabinet 

Selection of Historical and Literary Curiosities. 2 vols. 
Sxo.hcdfccdf ' Lond. 1825. 

1133. FORTITUDO LEONIXA in Utraque Fortuna Maximiliani 

Emmanuelis, etc. Splendid Plates. Folio, calf. 

Monachi., 1615. 

1134. FOVCQVET (D.) Centvm Dicta Partim Latina, Partim 

Gallica, Partim Hispanica, et Partim Italica in Stemmata 
praeclarissimi et vigilantissimi viri D. Fovcqvet. 4to, old 
morocco. s. 1. s. a. 

1135. FOVNTAINE (The) of Ancient Fiction, Wherein is liuely 

depictured the Images and Statues of the gods of the 
Ancients, with tlieir proper and perticular expositions. 
Done out of Italian into English., by Richard Liiiche, 
Gent. Smii\\4to,mo)'occo extra, Joints. From Sir M. M. 
SyJces's collection. Lond. printed by Adam Islip, 1599. 
White Knight's copy, £2 2s. Od, Bindley's £2 6s. Od 

92 FOX. 

/'Hi 36. FOURNIER LE JEUNE (Pier. Sim.) Manuel Typograph- 

ique, utile aux gens de lettres, etc. Plates. 2 vols. 12 mo, 

coif. Paris, 1766. 

" Le premier vol. de cet ouvrage interessant traite de la ji^ravure et de la 

fonderie des caracteres d'imprimerie ; le second contient les epreuves des 

^ _. differentes sortes de caracteres." — Brunet. 

'^ • 11.37. [FOX (Charles)]. An Essay upon Wind; with Curious An- 

ecdotes of Eminent Peteurs. Humbly Dedicated to the 
Lord Chancellor. Printed on. vellum. Portrait of Fox 
inserted. 8vo, hdlfcalf. n. d. 

Of tins volume, written for a wager, two copies only were printed on vel- 
lum, and fifty on paper. Hibbert's copy sold for £5. 

y, S'O 1 138. FOX (Hon C. J.) A History of the Early Part of the Reign 

of James the Second, with an Introductory Chapter ; to 

which is added an Appendix. 46 Portraits inserted: 

royal pi qjer. 4to, nwrocro., gilt edge!<. Lond. 1808. 

Fifty copies only printed in this size. Fonthill, £:! 3.s. Ot/. ; White Knight's, 

£5, without extra ])lates. 

5<^ 1139. FOXE (John). tEixt ©fOSpClS of the fower Euangelistes 
translated in the Okie Saxons tyme out of Latin into the 
vulgare toung of the Saxons, newly collected out of Aun- 
cient Monumentes of the sayd Saxons, and now published 
for Testimonie of the same, etc. jjjlaci^ ILttttV UXOi 
S^UVOVi. Small 4to, morocco extra; beaulifid copy. 

At London., pnnted by John iJaye., 1571. 
For a description of this rare book, see Ames & Herbert's Typographical 
Antiquities, vol. iv., p. 119 and 120, where it is said to be a very rare and 
estimable production. Abp. Cashel's copy sold (1858) for £10 lO*. 0(i. 

/ 1140. FOXUIS (Joan). De Christo Crucifixio Concio. Svo, m/ 

morocco. Lond. J. Day., 1571. 

The author was the celebrated Marty rologist. 

-*- . 1141. FOXES AND FIREBRANDS ; or a Specimen of the Dan- 
J Z" 3 ger & Harmony of Popery & Separation. 12 mo, calf, title 

' mended. Dublin', 1682. 

Attributed by some to Dr. Nelson, and by others to Sir James Wai-e. 

^^ f 1142. FRAGMENTA ALLANIANA, 1839. MS. Title in a 

F'rontispiece by J. Leigh to a Collection of One Hundred 
and Two Coloured and Plain Engravings, also several 

Drawings. 4to, embossed roan, gilt. H. Y, 

-^•^143. FRAGMENTS in Prose and Verse. 12mo, calf. 

Lond. 1808. 
Collector at New York, in 8vo, russia. 3IS. Title to a col- 
lection of 75 Engravings. 
/O, 1145. FRANCE. Portraits of (64) Characters Distinguished in 

the French Revolution. Folio, lialf bd. 
/^,J^I146. FRANCIS (John). The Album Wreath, and Bijou Litte- 
raire: A Collection of Steel and Copper Plates, Plain and 


Colonrerl, interspersed with Scraps of Prose and Poetrv. 
4to, half )itoroc('o. 
• ^ 1147. FRANCIS (John W.) An Address delivered at the Printers' 

Banquet on the 16th of Jan. 1852. 4to, ha (f russia. 

This unique book is the address of Dr. Francis, cut from a periodical, in- 
laid in 4to, and ilhistrated with 34 Portraits. Citj" Bank Bills, 1814, etc.. 
Autograph Letter from Dr. Francis, Newspaper Cuttings, etc. 

^.JT?"1 148 FRANCIS (John W.) New York during the last Half-Century. 
A Discourse in Commemoration of the Fifty -third Anniver- 
sary of the New York Historical Society and of the Dedi- 
. ^ cation of their new Edifice (November 17th, 1857). Beauti- 
r^ , fii^ly ii^lcdd in Ato Writing paper and nearly every page 

' illustrated by a Portrait or T'7ew, irith Portrait of iJr. 

Francis and Autoqraph^ half morocco, top edge rjilt. 

X. Y. 1857. 

The limits of this catalogue preclude an extensive notice of this precious 

volume. Mr. Allan was occupied over eighteen months in collecting and 

arranging these plates, and it is one of the last works so illustrated bv Mr. 


1149. FRANCIS (John W.) New York during the last Half Cen- 
tury. Roy-iil %\o^ half morocco, uncut. A^ 3" 1857. 
J^ 1 1 50. FRANKLIN (Dr. B.) Essays Humourous, Moral & Literary. 
12mo. Boston, 1811. 
" 1151. FRANKLIN (B.) A Letter from Benjamin PVanklin to a 
Gentleman in New Jersey, dared Philadelphia, Jime 6th, 
1753. Broad Sheet. Nottingham, n. d. 
5«r"ii52. FRANKLIN. Poor Richard 1733. An Almanack for the 
Year of Christ 1733. 12mo, pp. 24. 

Philad. B. Franklin, n. d. 
Fac-simile reprint. 
'/ 1153. FRANKLIN (Dr. Benj.) Works. Vol. VL, 8vo, half calf 

Philad. 1817. 
^ This volume contains the Private Correspondence. 

^'^f^ 1154. FRANKLIN (Benjamin). Letters to Benjamin Franklin from 
His Family and Friends, 1751 — 1790. 3 Plates. Imp. 8vo, 
ccdf JSr. Y., C. B. Richardson, 1858. 

250 printed in 8vo, 10 in 4to. 
FRANKS (David). The New York Directory [for 1786], 
12mo, pp. 82 and map. JSI'. Y., reprinted \%f>\. 

A reprint of the first New York Directory. 
i^«r<? 1156. FREHER (Dionysius Andreas). Varadora Emblemata 
.Jinigmata, Hieroglyphica de L^no, Toto, Puncto, Centio. 
A MS. of the last century, most carefully e.i'cciited and 
doubtless prepared for 2)f(blication. Pen and ink portrait 
of Freher. 8vo, citron morocco; tooled edges and sides. 
■^'^157. FRENCH CONVERT (The). Being a True Relation of the 
Happy Conversion of a Noble French Lady, etc. 15th 
Edition. 12mo, shp. Paisley, 1772. 

94 FRYTH. 

/ , 1158. FREXEAU (Philip). Poems written between the years 1 769 
and 1794. A new Edition, Revised and Corrected by the 
Author; incUiding a considerable number of Pieces never 
before Published. 8\o, half morocco^ red edges. 

Monmouth, N.J. 1795. 
•^^t 1159. FRIDERIC. Emblemcs Nouveaux, esquels le cours de ce 
monde est depeint et represente par certaines Figures, 
desquelles le sens est expliqne par rimes ; dresses Pour 
plus grande incitation au gens de bien et honorables, 
d'ensuivre la piete et vertu, et Pour sincere instruction et 
advertissement aux meschans et dissolus de fair le vice. 
Premierement En Allemand par Andre Frideric, et mainte- 
nant en Francois pour le bien de la jeunesse, et du simple 
peuple. Mis en lumiere par Jaques de Zetter. 88 plates. 
4to, morocco, gilt edges. 

Francofort Apud Lvcam lennis. Anno 1617. 
^«rTl60. P^RIENDSHIP'S OFFERING for 1829. 18nio, roan, gilt. 

«^ 1161. FRIENDSHIP'S OFFERING for 1832. 18mo. Zone?. 1832. 
„ 1162. FRIENDSHIP'S OFFERING for 1837. 12mo, roan, gilt. 

>, 1163. FRIENDSHIP'S OFFERING. Plates. \2mo, roan, gilt. 

Fhil.' 1 8 52. 
ff}fj^ 1164. FRIES (Adol])he). Choix de Vignettes. Rl. 8vo. 

Paris, n. d. 
i^,S~0 1165. FRIES (Adolphe). Paroles de L'Ame. Lithographic 
Plates in gold and colours. Folio, half morocco. 

Paris, n. d. 

Of 1166. FRY (Ed.) Pantographia; containing Accurate Coi^ies of 

all the known Alphabets in the World, to which are added 

Specimens of all well authenticated Oral Languages. Impl. 

8x0, half morocco. Land. 1799. 

Includes some Indian alphabets, vocabularies, etc. 

" This highly interesting work is the result of sixteen years' research, and 
forms a comprehensive digest of Phonology." — Lowndes. Roxburghe copy, 
19.V. Qd. 

3,S~0 1167. FRYTH. ^ Jbofee matJC tg SoilU iFrDtil prysoner in the 
Tower of London, aiiswerynge unto M. More's letter, 
which he wrote agaynst the fyrste lytle treatyse that John 
Fryth made, concernynge the Sacramente of the body and 
blonde of Clirist, etc. JJIacJt HtXttX. Small 8vo,' calf. 
N^eidy corrected and prynted by liy chard Jugge, 1548. 
Respecting this work, see Dibdin's Typogr. Antiquities, vol. iv., p. 243. 
Bindley's copy sold for £1. 

3f 1168. FUSELL Collection de Vues Suisses remarquables, par rap- 

port, a, I'histoire dessinees d'aprt!s nature, par Henri Fuseli, 
et accompagnees d'une description historique. 2 vols., 
oblong 4to. Beautifully coloured Plates. Zuric, 1802. 

FULTON. . 95 

1169. FTTGITIVE MISCELLANY; or Selections of Various 

Kinds, 1840. Manuscri))t title to a Collection of One Hun- 
dred and Thirty Engravings, plain and coloured, including 
four Miniatures on Ivory. 4to, red morocco. 

1170. FULTON (R.) A Treatise on the Improvement of Canal 

Navigation, exhibiting the numerous advantages to be de- 
rived from Small Canals and Boats of Two to Five feet 
wide, containing from two to five tons Burthen, etc. Illus- 
trated with Seventeen Plates. 4to, halfcoJf. Lond. 1796. 
This unique copy contains all the original Drawings executed by Fulton 
himself, from wliich the Engraving's were afterwards made, also the origi- 
nal joint letter of Fulton and his colleague Chancellor Livingston, asking 
the undisputed right to the use of Steam Navigation upon the waters of 
the Mississippi for a Term of Years. Also, Newspaper Cuttings; Fulton's 
Autograph Book Plate, etc. 

Altogether this is a most important volume, and should find a resting- 
place in some public library. 

Bound up with it, is Chapman on Canal Navigation. Land. 1797. 

G. (A.). See G[dby] A[nthony] and Grosthead (Robt.] 

1171. Gx\BERLUNZIE\S (The) Wallet, with Numerous Illustra- 

tions on Steel and Wood. 8vo, half calf . Edinh. 1843. 

1172. GALERIE TIIEATRALE ; on Collection des Portraits en 

Pied Des Principaux Acteurs des trois r" Theatres de 
Capitale. Ninety-six coloured Plates. 4to, half Russia. 

Paris., n. d. 


sisting of a Series of Engravings from Works of the Most 
Eminent Artists of the Day. 36 Plates. 4to, cloth. 

Lond. 1835. 


Ball Companion. 87 Coloured Engravings ; some highly 
finished. Folio, blue morocco. 


imperial 8vo, half morocco. Lond. 1833-37. 

Fine early Subscription Copy, containing Portraits and Biographies of 
188 Distinguished Persons. Published by the Society for the Diffusion of 
Useful Knowledge. Engraved in the highest style of Art, in the manner 
of Lodge's Portraits, to which it forms a desirable companion. Some of the 
Memoirs are attributed to Lord Brougham. 

1176. GALLEUS (Joan.) Vita S. Joseph B""" Virginis Sponsi, 

Patriarcharvm Maximi Iconibus delineata ac versiculis ex- 
ornata. Sniall folio, half green morocco., gilt edges. 

Antrerpia^, s. a. 

1177. GALLEUS (Phil.) D. Catherina? Senensis Virginis SS"'^ 

ord. Predicatorvm Vita ac Miracvla Selectoria formis 
aeneis expi-essa. ^2 Plates. Ho^ half calf . 
— Antverpia^., apud Phil. Gallanmi, 1603. 

1178. GALLEUS (Phil.) Deorum Geniilium Imagines in Picturas 

Statuarheq. Artis Tironum Usum. 4to, calf 

Antverpia;, n. d. 
From Henry White's collection. 


96 . frALT. 

2,SV 1179. GALLE. SapientiiB Hominvm Coltrici Virorvm Doctorvm 
de Disciplinis bene merentivni Effigies xliii ; a Philippo 
Galleo. Folio, relhan. AntverpixB, 1572. 

'/ " 1180. GALLxEO (Pliilippo) Prosographia sive Virtvtvra Animi, 
Corporis, Bonorvm Externorvm, Vitiorvm, et Affectvvm 
variorvm delineatio. 4to, calf; very rare. At the end is a 
collection of 17 portraits by the same artist. s. 1. s. a. 

America is represented as a nude female figure, with bow and lance, car- 
rying the head of a fallen warrior. 
*>*, 1181. GALL^US (Philipp.) Semideornm et Xinipharum Oceanae. 

'i^ plates. 2 vols, in 1. Small folio, morocco extra- fine 
copy. Antverpice., 1586. 

From Henry "White's collection. Rare. 
ff^ 1182. GALLJEUS (P.) A Collection of Bible Plates, by Phil. 
Gallteus. Oblong folio, i/i blue icrapjyer. 

i,ST} 1183. GALL>.^US (Theodorus.) Typvs Occasionis in qvo Receptee 

Coramoda, Neglecta^ Vero lucommoda, Personato Schetnate 

PropoDvntvr. \1 plates. 4to vellum. Antverpire^ 1603. 

This curious book, addressed to young men, was the ktvt book bought by 

Mr. Allan. 

/' 1184. GALLOISTIUS (Anton.) De Sanctorvm Martyrvm Crvciatibvs 

Liber. 2 o plates. \ -Imo, vell>/m Colo nia^^ 1602. 

The plates, which are very briUiant. exhibit tlie horrid cruelties perpe- 
trated on the Saints. The designs are by Tempesta. 

/»/J 1185. GALT (John). Sir Andrew Wylie. 2 vols. 12 mo. boards. 

^Y T. 1822. 

A^*^186. GALT (John). The Steam Boat. 12mo, calf. Edinb. 1822. 

^y^ 1187. GALT. The Literary Life and MisceUanies of John Gait. 
' 3 vols, post 8vo, boards. Edinb. 1834. 

71^188. GAMBARL'S. Lavrentii Gambara? Brixiani, Rerum Sacra- 
rvm Liber. Cvm Argumentis Jacobi Pacti Siculi Mamertini. 
4to, JiaJf morocco. Antverpia", C. Plant ini, mdlxxvii. 

/, 1189. GAR GILL. A Lecture and Sermon preached at Diiferent 

Times by that Faithfnll and Painfull ]Minister of the Gospel 
and now Glorified ]\Iartyr, Mr. Daniel Gargill. 4to, half 
calf. " s. 1. [1712]. 

^^ 1190. GARLAXD OF QFAIXT COXCEITS. A Scrap Book of 

Drawings, Engravings, etc., includes a FloAver Piece by J. 
Leigh, and other Drawings, Baxter's Coloured Plates, Art 
Journal Plates, Specimens of Bartolozzi's Engravings, Line 
Engravings, coloured Female Sketches, etc. Folio, dark 
green morocco. 

Z,iS~0 1191. GARXETT (T.) Observations on a Tour through the High- 
lands and Part of the Western Isles of Scotland, particularly 
Staiia and Icolmkill ; to which are added, a Description of 
the Falls of the Clyde, of the Country round Mofiat, and 

GAY. 97 

an Analysis of its Mineral Waters. 2 vols. 4to, half mo- 
rocco. Lond. 1800. 
Illustrated by a Map and 52 plates io Aqua-tint, from Drawings by W. 
H. W'atts. Towneley's copy sold for £2. Dent's, £1 lis. M. 

2»ri 192. GARRICK. Catalogue of the Library, etc., of David Garrick- 
Prices and names. S\o, half calf . J^ond. 1823. 

SVU93. GASCOIG:Nr (John). General Sailing and Fighting Signals. 
A Manuscript. 12rao, morocco. 

"O 1194. GAVARD (Ch.) Galeries Historiques de Versailles. Plates. 

Svo, hds. Paris, 1838. 

This voluma contains outline plates of most of the Paintings at Versailles. 

f.5^195. GAY (John). Fables, with a Life of the Author, and embel- 
lished with a Plate to each Fable. 66 plates. 8vo, calf. 
* Lond. 1793. 

^^ 1196. GAY (John). Fables, with the Life of the Author. 70 En- 
f/ravinf/s. r2mo. Lond. C. Whlttingham, 1808. 

"Jolie Edition." — Brunet. 

Q 1197. . Another Edition. Plates. \2mo,calf. Lond.\%lQ. 

n^ 1198. GEIKIE (Walter). Etchings, illustrative of Scottish Charac- 
ter and Scenery ; with Biographical Introduction by Sir 
Thos. Dick Lauder. Edinb. n. d. 

f.ni99. GEIKIE (Walter). Studies from Nature, drawn and etched 
by W. Geikie. 18 Plates. 4to, hcdf morocco. 

Edinb. n. d. 

1200. GEMS. A Collection of Fifty Prints from Antique Gems. 

Engraved by Mr. John Spilsbury. 4to, hcdf morocco ; 

gilt edges. Lond. Boydell [1785]. 

Fonthill copy sold for £1 lOs. ; Willets', £1 15s. 

'^1201. GEMS OF BEAUTY displayed in a Series of 12 highly 
finished Engravings. 4to, silk. Lond. 1840. 

1202. GEMS OF EUROPE Aj^ ART; the Best Pictures of the 
best Schools, edited by S. C. Hall. 2 vols. rl. 4to, half red 
morocco. Lond. 1 846. 

Contains 96 beautiful and attractive Engravings, from Pictures by 

"Wilkie, Callcott, Delaroche, and other modern painters, as well as by Murillo, 

Claude, Cuj'p, and other old masters. 

"0 1202* GEMS OF THE MODERN POETS. Chaucer to Beattie. 
8vo, cloth. Lx>nd. 1842. 

trations; also, Hassell's Calcographia. 2 vols, in 1. 4to, 
calf. Lond. 1804-1811. 

* 1204. GEXLIS (M' DE.) Arabesques Mythologiques, ou les Attri- 
buts deToutes les Diviiiites. ^8 planches. 2 vols. 12mo, 
o<df Paris, 1811. 

" 1205. GENT. The Life of Mr. Tliomas Gent, Printer of York. 
Written by himself. Svo, hds. Lond. 1832. 



Costumes, and Regimentals of the Army ; colored plates. 
3 vols. impl. 8vo, Ms. Lond. 1828-30, 

Z, 1207. GENUINE AND TRUE JOURNAL of the most Miracu- 
lous Escape of the Young Chevalier. 8vo, half calf . 

Lond. 1749. 

Z.Sl? 1208. GEORGE III. In Record of the Reign of George III, 

and Centenary of the House of Brunswick, 4to, half calf . 

Lond. 1817. 

SO 1209. GEORGE IV. Complete Account of the Visit of George 

IV. to Scotland, 1822. 18mo, Ms. Edinh. 1822. 


Small 4to. Basil., Michael Farter., 1504. 

Very Singular Wood cuts. See Birth of Antichrist, Gog and Magog. 

/3, 1211. GERMAN PRAYER-BOOK, with Plates. Bound in Tor- 
toise shell., vnth Silver Rims & Clasps. 
^, 1212. GERNING (J. J.Von.) Picturesque Tour along the Rhine 
from Mentz to Cologne. 24 Coloured Plates. 4to, cloth., 
gilt. " Lond. 1820. 

2,S'0 1213. ^crSOTt S. iJcntttrtl. Tractatus sequentes edid cristian- 
issimus doctor dominus Johannes Gerson cacellarius pa- 
risiesis. Floretus in septinenso sacre theologie et canonu 
flores ad gaudia paradisi finaliter eos (qui se in illos exer- 
citauerint) perducentes. JjJltlCk SCttCf. 2 vols in 1. 
8vo, half calf . s. 1. s. a. 

These two volumes were probably printed about 1500. They contain 
some good specimens of early wood Engraving. 

2, 1214. GERSON ( Johan). Tractatus— a MS. of the Fourteenth Cen- 

tury on vellum, half calf . 

f'^^ 1215. GESSNER (D. et S,) Contes Moraux et Nouvelles Idylles 
[traduits de I'allem.] 4to, half calf . Zurich, 1773. 

3^ 1216. GESSNER (S.) The Death of Abel, with Notes, &c., by 

W. C. Oulton. Plates. 'RX.SYo^russia extra. Lond.\%\\. 

A 1217. GESSNER (Sol.) Works, translated from the German, with 

some account of his Life and "Writings. With Engravings, 
after designs by Stothard. 3 vols. 8vo, c/". Liverpool, 1802. 

^,-?cri218. GETHING'S REDIVIVUS; or the Pen's Master-Piece 
Restored, being the last Work of that Eminent and Ac- 
complished Master in this Art, containing Exemjjlars of all 
Curious Hands written, etc. 4to. L^ond. 1664. 

From Mr. Corwin's Collection. 

/^ 1219. GETHIN. Misery's Virtues Whet-Stone, Reliqui iEgethini- 

anse, or, some Remains of the Most Ingenious and Excellent 
Lady, the Lady Grace Gethin, ]^eing a Collection of 
Choice Discourses, Pleasant Apophthegmes, and Witty 
Sentences, 4to, calf. 

Printed hy L). Edicards for the Author, 1699. 
The Dedication is signed J. M. Said to be almost a literal transcript 
from Lord Bacon's "Works. See Bolton Coruey's Curiosities of Literature. 


fO 1220. GHOST (The), by Felix Phautom. And the Adviser, 46 

Nos. complete, in 1 vol. Folio, half calf . 
W 1221. GIARDUS. Bibliotheca Alexandrinas. Icones Symbolica- 
P. D. Christofori Giardae, Cler. Reg. S. Pavli", Elogiis 
lUvstratie. 1 7 platex. 4to, green morocco. 

[MediohDii]^ Apiid lo. BapA. Bridellinin, 1628. 

f^ 1222. -— . Aliud Exemplar. 4to, calf, [Mediokmi], 1628. 

The Plates of Female Figures are Icouological of the Arts, Sciences, &c., 
and are engraved by Bassanio. 

1223. GIBSON (Janes). The Scottish Protestant. 8vo, half calf. 

Glasgoic, 1852. 

l,rT224:. GIBSON (John). The History of Glasgow, from the Earliest 

Accounts to the Present Time. 8vo, ff. Glasgow, 1779. 

rO 1225. GIFFORD (C. H.) Life of the Duke of Wellington. 2 vols. 
1 8 in o, half cf. ^ Lond. 1816. 

^ 1226. G[ILBY] (A[nthony]). Hn ^nstocr to thc tieunifsft 
tietectton of Stcphane CS^artihtcr, Bishoppe of Wyn- 

chester, published to the intent that such as be desirous of 
the truth should not be seduced by hys errours, nor the 
V)lind and obstinate excused by ignorance. Compiled by 
A. G. 12mo. JJIacfe 2L^ttn\ Extremely rare. 

Anno 1547. 
Priced £2 12s. M. — Loivndes. 

^^221. GILCHRIST (John). A Collection of Ancient and Modern 
Scottish Ballads, Tales and Songs, with Explanatory 
Notes and Observations. 2 v^ols, 12mo, cf. Edinh. 1815. 

"A Sensible and Judicious Selection." — Lowndes. 

^ 1228. GILLE (Paris). Corona Gratulatoria seu Gratulationes di- 
versse, quas magnis principibus accinuit Alma et Celeber- 
rima Universatis Salisburgensis, per R. P. Pai'idem Gille 
Benedictinura Burte S. Michaelis . . . nunc collectim in 
lucem datae. 100 Emblematic Plates. Folio, calf 

Salishurgi, J. B. 3Iayr, 1681. 

*^229. [GILLESPIE (Mr. George)]. A Dispute against the English- 
Popish Ceremonies obtrvded vpon the Chvrch of Scotland, 
etc. '^^io^ half morocco ; rare. [^f?//?^.] 1632. 

An early Covenanter's Book, prohibited by the Bishops. This edition was 
not known by Lowndes. 

r?'1230. GILLESPIE (Rev. Wm.) Poems. 12mo, calf. 

Edinh. 1805. 

~0 1231. GILPIN (Wm.) An Essay on Prints. Fifth [and Last] 
Edition. 8vo, calf. Bond. 1802. 

1232. GILPIN (Wm.) Lives of John Wicliff, Lord Cobham, 
John Huss, Jerome of Prague, and Zisca. 8vo, calf. 

Land. 1765. 

O 1233. GIOACHINO ET ANSELM. Profetie dell 'Abbute Gioa- 

100 GODWIN. 

chino. Et Di Anselrao Vescovo di Marsico. 34 Singular 

icood cuts. Ato^ green, morocco. Venetia^ \QAQ. 

This curious and rare book contains the Prophecies of Gioachim and 

Ansehn. Richard of England, when on Jiis way to the Holy Land, consulted 

the former as to his success in the Crusade. See also Joachino. 

/, 1234. GIOVIO. Le Vite dei Dodeci Visconti Che SignoreGjgiarono 

Milano, Descritte da M. Paoli Giovio, tradotte da Lodovico 

Domenichi. Fine Portraits. 4to, calf. Milano, 1645. 

See also Jovius (Paolo). 

/^,S7} 1235. GLANVIL (Joseph). Sadducismus Triumphatus; or a full 

and plain Evidence concerning Witches and Apparitions. 

8vo, calf. Lond. 

"A notice of this work, written to prove the real existence of Witches and 

Apparitions, wUl be found in the Retrospective Review, vol. v., 87-136." 

— Loicndex. 

S^, 1236. GLASGOW. Burgh Records of the City of Glasgow. 1573- 
1581. 4to, morocco ; scarce. 

Glasgow [3Taitland Club], 1832. 

•^^ 1237. GLASGOW. COLLEGE ALBUM for 1830. A Selection 

of Original Pieces, edited by Students in the LTniversity of 

Glasgow. 12mo, bds. Glasgoic, 1830. 

S~0 1238. GLASS (Willison). The Caledonian Parnassus. 12mo. 

£:dinb. 1813. 
^i^239. GLEANER (The). Consisting of Pieces Moral, Literary, and 
Humoroiis. 18mo, sheep. Glasgovi, 1806. 


LECTOR OF NEW YORK. MS. Title to a Collection 
of One Hundred and Four Engravings, including many by 
Bartolozzi, Angelica Kaufman, and others of that School. 
4to, hcdf calf 
ARMS, Borne by the Nobility and Gentry of the County 
of Gloucester. \to, ccdf Lond. 11^2. 

'2.'^'^ 1242. GODWIN (Francis, Bp. of Hereford). Annales of England, 
Containing the Reignes of Henry the Eighth, Edward the 
Sixth, Queene Mary. Englished, corrected, and inlarged 
with the Author's Consent, by Morgan Godwyn. Por- 
trait. Small folio, calf. Lond. 1630. 
/,Y»ri243. [GODWIN FRANCIS]. L'Homme dans la Lvne, ou le 
Voyage Chimeriqve fait au Monde de la Lvne, nouuelle- 
ment decouuert par Dominique Gonzales, Aduanturier 
Espagnol, autremet dit le Covrrier volant. Mis en nostre 
Langue, par J. B. D. [Jeau Baudoin]. 12mo, vellum. 

Paris, Fr. Plot, 1648. 

A Philosophical romance. Swift is supposed to have made some use of 
it for his "Gulliver's Travels." 

0.2^ 1244. GODWIN (William). Lives of the Necromancers; or an 
Account of the most eminent Persons who have Exercised 
Magical Power. 8vo, bds. Lond. 1 834. 


f^ 1245. GfODWYN] Bp. F. A C.italooue of the Bishops of Ena- 
lancl since the tirst planting of Christian Keligion in tliis 
Island, together with a briefe History of their hues, &c. 
Uo, half aiJf. Loral 1601. 

Z, 1246. GOEREE (Jan.) Goatvrngtige Ahnanach of Lof-Gedacht- 
enis der Heyligen op yder dag van't Jaar Gevolgt na den 
beruchten Sebastian le Clerc. 365 plates. 4to, calf. 

Amsterdam., 1730. 
A universal pictorial calendar of the year. 

/, 1247. GOES. De Ystroom Begreepeu in vier Boeken door J. 
Antonides vander Goes. 4to, vellum. 

Amsterdam., N'ic. ten Hoorn, 1699. 

f; 1248. GOETHE. GALLERIE DU GOETHE'S Sammtlichen 

Werken von W. Kaulbach, &c. Sm. 4to, Icalf red morocco. 

Stuttgart, 1840. 
yS^\2AQ. GOIDTSENHOUEN (Laurens van Haecht). Chroniicke 
' Vande Hertoghen van Brabant. Verciert met hunne fig- 

uren nae t'leuen. Fine full-length Portraits. Folio. 

Anttcerpen, 1612. 

1250. GOLDAR'S ENGLISH PORTRAITS. A Collection of 
119 Plates. Folio. JSTo Title. 
GOLD-HEADED CANE. See [Macmichael, Dr. W.] 
/ 1251. GOLDSMITH (Oliver). The Deserted Village ; a Poem. 4to, 
' half calf. " Lond. 1770. 

-'1 252. Another Edition. Illustrated, by the Etching Club. 8vo, red 
morocco extra, hy Hay day. Loud. Cmulall, 1857. 

^c^^ 1253. Another copy. 8vo, morocco extra. Lond. 1857. 

. -, This charming work is generally considered the Chef (Toeurre of the 

^ ^ Etching Club. Certainly no poem in the EngHsh language holds out so 

many opportunities to the artist. 

r^^ 1254. GOLDSMITH (Oliver). VoQxn^, embellished icith engravings 
>.-.,•, from the Designs of Jid. Westcdl, Esq. 12mo, red mo- 

* rocco extra, gilt. JLond., J. Sharpe, 1816. 

', 1255. . Another edition. 12mo, calf Lond. 1796. 

\S~(^ 1256. GOLDSMITH (Oliver). The Poetical Works of; illustrated 
by Wood Engravings from the Designs of the Etching 
Club ; edited by Bolton Corney, Esq. Small 4to, green 
morocco, by Llayday. Lond. 1845. 

\ 1257. GOLDSMITH & PARNELL'S POEMS. Bulmer's Ele- 
gant Edition. Plates by jBev:icJc. Small 4to, ccdf extra. 

Lond. 1804. 

',S~(f 1258. GOLDSMITH (Oliveij. Vicar of Wakefield; illustrated 
icith Twenty-Four (coloured] Designs by Thomas lioio- 
landson. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1817. 

3^ 1259. . Same. V2mo, old sheep. Dublin, 1800. 


102 GORDON. 

c?^1260. GOLDSI^nTH. Le Vicaire de Wakefield. 12mo. 

j\^.Y. 1863. 
»r<? 1261. GOLLIBOB'S DESULTORIA, 1858. Private Impress! on— 
One hundred copies. 4to, pp. 18. 
-''.•. 1262. GOLTZIUS (H.) A Collection of Engravings, by H. Golt- 
zius. Aio^ red rnorocfo. 1589. 

6,S^0 1263. GOMBERYILLE (Marin Le Roy de). The Doctrine of Mo- 
rality, or a View of Human Life according to the Stoick 
Philosophy. Exeraplify'd in 103 Copi)er-Plates, done by 
the celebrated Peter Daret, with an Explanation. Trans- 
lated by T. M. Gibbs. Folio, calf. Lond. 1721. 
GONZALES (Dom.) See Godwin (Francis). 
y^SP 1264. GOODALL (Walter). An Examination of the Letters said 
to be written by Mary Queen of Scots to James, Earl of 
Both well ; also, An Inquiry into the Murder of King Henry. 
2 vols. 8vo, calf extra ; fine copy. Edinburgh, 1754. 

2, So 1265. . Another copy. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Edinb. 1754. 

^yj~1266. GOODWIN (Phil.) The Mystery of Dreames Historically 

' Discoursed. 8vo, halfrussia. Land. 1658. 

" The author was a distinguished nonconformist of the Independent 

clasp." — Lov:ndes. 

SI 00 1267. GOOSEBERRY HALL: The Renowned Seat of Sir Hilde- 

brod Gooseberry, etc. 4to, adf. Lond. [1842], 

A Satire on the Catalogue of Strawberry Hill, as published by George 


/,(?0 1268. GORDON (John). Memoir of the Life of John Gordon, of 

Glencat ; wherein the Absurdities and Delusions of Popery 

are laid open, \2mo, J lalf calf . Eond. lisi. 

/,2S~~ 1269. GORDON (Mrs.) 'Christopher North.' A Memoir of John 

Wilson; with an Introduction by R. Shelton Mackenzie. 

8vo. A^. Y. 1863. 

iSV 1270. GORDON. Catalogue of the Library of Sir Robert Gordon, 

of Gordonstown. Priced. 8vo, half calf . Lond. 1816. 

/,yS~i2,1\. GORE (Mrs.) Paris, Picturesque and Romantic, in 1841; 

21 highly finished engravings, by Mr. T. Allom. Rl. 8vo, 

cloth, gilt. I^ond. 1842. 

J^ 1272. G0RLJ5US (Abrah.) Dactyliothecai sen Annulorum sigil- 

larium quorum apud Priscos tarn Gra^cos quam Roraanos 

usus, etc, 148 Plates. 4to, calf, gilt edges. Lugd. Bat. s. a. 

^, »>^1273. . Aliud Exemplar. CumExplicationibus Jac. Grono- 

vii; both parts, 896 Plates. 4to, calf. L^ugd. Bat. 1695. 

J7^«n274. GOTHAM AND THE GOTHAMITES, a Medley. ISmo, 

pp. Lvi, 93, Bds. N. Y. 1823. 

This was suppressed, and the author and publisher were imprisoned and 


3,^0 1275. [GOUGH (Richard)]. Account of a Rich Illuminated Missal, 

Executed for John, Duke of Bedford. 4to, half russia. 

Loud. 1794. 
The Bedford Missal is probably the finest in existence. 

GRAY. 103 

\ 1276. GRACE (Sheffield). Memoirs of the Funiily of Grace [being 
a Genealogical History of the Family of Grace, from their 
settlement in Ireland, temp. Henry II., to the present Time]. 
Rl. 8vo, half' morocco, rough edges. 

London, privately printed, 1823. 
" Sir Robert Benson,^ witli the author's kindest regards." 

^S7> 1278. GRAFTON (Richard). ^In i^t)r(tifl(rmirnt Of the (Khvott- 
fries of lEnfllantr. No title, ismo. uiacft Setter. 

Lond. Ed. Tottyll, 1562- 
Respecting this abridgment by Grafton, and liis quarrel with the famous 
antiquary, Jolm Stowe, see Ames' Typog. Antiq., by Dibdin, III., 422-7. 

1279. GRAHAM (IsabeUa). The Power of Faith; Exemplified in 
the Life of Isabella Graham. 8vo, half morocco. 

N. Y. 1816. 

C'H? 1280. GRAHAME (James) British Georgics. %>^ fine plates, many 

proofs. 4to, morocco extra, gilt top, uncut. Edinh. 1809. 

J7? 1281. . Another copy. Uo, half russia. Edinb. 1809. 

1282. . The Sabbath, Sabbath Walks, and other Poems. RL 

8vo, half calf Edinh. 1839. 

lS~\2m. GRAHAM (Rev. W. W.) A Review of Ecclesiastical 
Establishments in Europe, 8vo, calf. Lond. 1796. 

J-<? 1284. GRANDE DANCE MACABRE (Le) des Homraes et des 
Femmes. Historiee et renouvellee de vieux Gaulois, en lan- 
guage le plus poll de notre tems. Large and singular 
xcood cuts, ^to, h(df calf A Troyes, J. Garjiier, 112S. 

^O 1285. GRANT (John). The Penny Wedding. Printed on Tinted 
paper. 4to, half calf , wants I plate. Lond. 1836. 

^S 1286. GRANT (Mrs., of Lago an). Poems. 12mo, </. 

Edinh. 1810. 
" 1287. GRAY (Lieut. Charles). Poems. 12mo, ca//". Cupar, \8\\. 

V'^1288. GRAY (Robt.) Poems in the Scots and English Dialect. 

\%mo, half calf . Glasgoio, printed for the author, 1793. 

y>i^2S9. GRAY (Thos.) TheBard, with Illustrations fro7n BrawingSy 
hy the Hon. Mrs. John Talhot. 8vo, cl. gilt. Lond. 1837. 

, 1290. GRAY. (The) Elegy written in a Country Churchyard, illus- 
trated hy the Etching Club ; proofs on India, paper. 
Small folio, morocco antique, gilt edges. Lond. 1847. 

GRAY (Thos.) Elegy, illuminated hy Owen Jones. View 
of Stoke Pogis Church inserted. Impl. 8vo. Imitation 
carved hindhig. Lond. 1846. 

1292. • . Another Edition, illustrated. Morocco extra, hy 

Hayday. Lond. J. Cundall, 1855. 

1293. GRAY (Thomas). Elegy written in a Country Churchyard. 
4to, morocco extra. N. Y. 1856. 

This Edition was pubhshed in memory of Daniel Webster, and the pres- 
ent copy contains Portraits of Webster, Newspaper Cuttings. &c. ; in all 
20 plates, in addition to the Cuts which were included in this edition. 


/, 1294. GRAY. Poems of Mr. Gray. To which are prefixed Memoirs 

of his Life and Writings, by W. Mason. 4to, calf. 

York., 1775. 

JZ , 1295. . Another Edition. Plates by Sharp and others. 8vo, 

sheep. Lond. 1786. 

S, 1296. GRAY (Thomns). Works, with Xotes, etc., by the Rev. John 

Mitford. Portrait. 2vols.ini. 4to, calf extra. 

Lond. 1816. 
1297. GRAY'S POETICAL WORKS, English and Latin, Illus- 
trated ; and Edited with Introductory Stanzas, by the Rev. 
John Moultrie. 8vo, green morocco. Edinh. 1845. 

GRAY. Designs by Mr. R. Bentley for Six Poems, by Mr. 
T.^Gray. Royal 4to, calf. Lond. 1753. 

The Fonthiil copy" sold for £3 4s. Od 

/ / 2—1 298*. [GRAYSON (J.)] Memoirs of a Life, chiefly passed in Penn- 
sylvania, within the last Sixty Years. With Occasional 
Remarks upon the General Occurrences, Character, and 
Spirit of that Eventful Period. 12mo, sheep. 

HarrUhurgh ; printed by John Wi/eth, 1811. 
GREENWOOD'S WORKES contained in Seven Severall 
Tractates. 13th Impression. 12mo, e«(/'. 

Lond! R. Lbhitson, 1650. 

SS 1300. GREGORY. Gregorii Posthuraa: or Certain Learned 
Tracts written by John Gregory, M. A. Together with a 
Short Account of the Author's Life. 4to, hcdf calf. 

Loitd. 1664. 
O.O0\^Q\. GRESSWELL (Rev. Wm. P.) Annals of Parisian Typo- 
graphy, containing an Account of the Earliest Typographical 
Establishments of Paris, and notices .and illustrations of the 
most remarkable productions of the Parisian Gothic Press, 
with wood cuts. Rl. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top. 

Lond. 1818. 

i^, 2.«r"i302. . Another copy. 8vo, bds. Lond. 1818. 

/O 0* 1-^03. [GRIFFITHS (A. F.)] Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica ; or a De- 

scrijitive Catalogue of a Rare and Rich Collection of Early 
English Poetry, in the Possession of Longman tfe Co., illus- 
trated by occasional Extracts and Remarks, critical and 
bibliographical, compiled l)y A. F. Griffiths. Illustrated 
by One hundred and seventy-three portraits. Ixirge paper 
copy. Only 50 copies printed. H<df morocco, gilt edges^ 
by J. Mackenzie. Lond. 1815. 

This was the Collection made b}' T. Park, with additions by Th. Hill. 
■' Deserviug of a j)lace in every good library, frona the interesting information 
whicli it affords of the works of ovir early poets." — Lowndes. Nassau's 
cop3', iuitlio2it plates, sold for £3 5.s. Od. 

y^ 1304. GROSE (Francis). Antiquities of Scotland. Plates only. 

'* 4to.' I^ond. 1797. 

J*. V't^305. GROSE (Francis). A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar 

' Tongue, ^d Edition., corrected and enlarged. 8\o., cf. 

Jjond. 1796. 


306. GROSE (Francis). A Treatise ou Ancient Armour and 

Weapons, 4to, half morocco. Lond. 1784. 

If f\l f Townshend's copy sold for £2 lOs. OcZ. Fonthill, £4 5s. M. The Plates 

are from the origiual Armour iu the Tower of London, and other Arsenals, 

Museums, and Cabinets. 

i 1307. [GROSE (Francis)]. A Guide to Health, Beauty, Riches, 

and Honours. 8vo, half calf interleaved with blue paj)er. 
'^"d Lond. 1785. 

Isaac Reed's copy, with his Autograph. A very curious and rare book ; 
being a collection of the most remarkable Advertisements of Quacks, Money- 
Lenders, Wife and Husband Hunters, &c. See page 19. 

fife-lSOS. GROSE (Francis). MiUtary Antiquities respecting a History 
of the English Army, from the Conquest to the Present 

^O Time. A new Edition with material additions and improve- 

ments. Plates. 2 vols. 4to, half russia. Lond. 1801. 

Marquis of Townshend's copy sold for £3 3s. M. 

n 1309. GROSE (Francis). Olio ; being a Collection of Essays, Sketches, 
Anecdotes, Bon-Mots, Epigrams, and Epitaphs. Portrait, 
1796; and Alcock (J.) Entertaining and Instructive Com- 
panion, 1779. 2 vols, in 1. S\o, half calf. Lond.ll79-96. 

n 1310. . The Olio. Second Edition, improved. Portrait. 8vo, 

calf. Lond. 1796. 

TO 1311. GROSE. A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons. Illus- 
trated by Plates taken from the Original Armour in the 
Tower of London, and other Arsenals, Museums, and 
Cabinets. 4to, hcdfcalf. Lond. 1786. 

1312. [GROSTHEAD]. restameitts of the rtoelue Patrf= 

arches, the Sonnes of lacob, translated out of Greek into 
Latine, by Robert Grosthead, and out of his Copy into 
French and Dutch, by others: now englished by A. G. 
Curious wood cuts. Sm. 8vo. Jt^lclCi^ Setter. 

London for the Company of the Statiojiers, 1606. 

1313. [GROTIUS (Hugo)]. Christ's Passion. A Tragedy; with 

Annotations by George Sandys. 2d Pklition illustrated 
with /Scidjjtvres. 12 mo, calf extra. 

Lond. for T. Bassett, 1687. 
GROVE HILL. See [Maurice, Rev. Thos.] 

1314. GRUB STREET MISCELLANY (The). In Prose and 

Verse. Written by Mr. Bavins, Junr. 8vo. Lond. 17 34k. 

1315. GRUNER (Lewis). The Good Shunamite. Plmninated and 

Printed in Gold and Colours. Square 12 mo, morocco 
antique. Lond. 1847. 

1316. GUBIT. Etchings in Wood by Gubit, with the addition 

of a large number of Specimens by other Masters. 140 
leaves imperial folio, containing 776 specim,ens: russia. 
*57> 1317. GUERINIERE (De La). Ecole de Cavalerie, contenant la 
connoissance, Tinstruction et la conservation du Cheval. 
Avec Figures en Taille-douce. Folio, ^r/7/: Paris, 1733. 

106 HALL. 

GUEUARAES WORKES. See Fenton (Sir Geo.) 
7'-n'318. GUIZOT (M.) The Causes of the Success of the English yU 

Revolution of 1640 — 1688; a Discourse. 8vo, rhth. 
. Loud. 1850. 

/ 6, 1319. GUIZOT (M.) The Fine Arts; their Nature and Relations. 

Ti-anslated by G. Grove, \cUh Illustrations bi/ Geo. Scharf\ 
(Tum:, and 25 Additional Plates inserted. 8vo, hroion 
morocco extra. Lond. 1853. 

/-2, 1320. GFNN (John). An Historical Enquiry respectino; the Per- 

formance on the Harp in the Highlands of Scotland, from 
the Earliest Times until it was discontinued — about the 
year 1734. With an Account of the Harp of Queen Mary, 
Forty Plates inserted. 4to, half red morocco, f/ilt ede/es. 

Edinh. 1807. 
Drawn up by desire of the Highland Society. 

/ 1321. GURNEY. Mrs. Gurney's Apology, In Justification of Mrs. 

's Friendship. Royal 8vo. Phil. 1860. 

^, 1322. GUTENBERG. John Gutenberg, First Master Printer, His 
Acts, and most remarkable Discourses, and his Death. 
From the German, by C. W. Broad 8vo, half morocco, 
gilt top. Lond. 1860. 
One hundred copies printed. 
1^^323. GUTHRIE (James). The Life and Heroick Actions of the 
Eighth Champion of Christendom. 8vo. Lond. 1739. 
So 1324. H. (J.) The Holy Order: or Fraternity of the Mourners 
in Sion. Humbly and Earnestly tendred to all God's Faith- 
full Ones, &c. 18mo, ccdf antique. Lond. 1660. 
^trT32o. H. (M). Atfection's Gift. \'2mo, half calf . Lond.lSlQ. 
and unique coUectiou of 257 Costume Plates, neatly 
mounted in a folio volume: calf gilt. 
/,S^0 1327. HAESTENO (D. Bened.) Regia Via Crucis. The Plates 
mowded in 4to, calf s. 1. s. a. 
tT*^ 1328. HAKE WELL (James). The History of Windsor and its 
Neighbourhood. 21 ■plates and 14 vignettes. 4to, half 
calf Lond. 1813. 
/t 2.S~T32d. HALL (Francis). An E.xjJication of the Diall Sett up in the 
King's Garden at London, iu 1669. Pkdes. 4to, half 
calf Liege., 1673. 
See page 52 for a Portrait of King Charles and Henrietta Maria. Sir M. 
Sykes' copy sold for IT.s. 

•^*^330. HALL (Rev. Peter). Faith, Hope, and Charity : Three Ser- 
mons. 4to, cloth. Lond. 1839. 
30^ 1331. HALL (Mrs. S. C.) Drawing Room Table Book. Highlg 
Illustrated itfith Extra Proof Plates. Folio, red morocco, 
gilt edges. Lond. n. d. 


1332. HALL (S. C.) The Book of British Ballads; beautifully 
illustrated with looocl cuts. First and best Edition. 2 vols. 
4to, morocco extra. Lond. 1842-44. 

An original copy of this fine work. Each page with an ornamental border, 
and each ballad illustrated by a higlily finished wood engraving. 

^8 1333. [HALLECK (Fitz Greene)]. Aluwick Castle; with other 
Poems. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1836. 

1334. HALLECK (Fitz Greene). The Poetical Works of. Now 

first collected. Illustrated loith Steel Mnyravings., and a 
large additional number added ; in all, over 80. 8vo, red 
morocco, gilt. JST. Y. 1847. 

1335. -. Another copy. Plates. 8vo, cloth. A^ F. 1847. 

■V 1336. HALLIWELL (J. O.) The Manuscript Rarities of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1841. 

'f 1337, HALLYWELL (Hy.) Melampronoea ; or a Discourse of 
the Polity and Kingdom of Dai-kness, together with a Solu- 
tion of the chiefest Objections brought against the Being of 
Witches. 1 2 mo, o/(/ (•«{/'. Zond. 1681. 

"A notice of this work will be found in the Retrospective Review, vol. v., 
87 — 136." — Lovjnde.s. Fonthill coj^y, 9s. 

" 1338. HAMCONH (Martini). Frisia Sev de Viris Rebvsqv® 
Frisiae lUustribvs libri dvo. 54 Fine Portraits. 4to, old 
calf. Tranekarce, 1620. 

1339. . Another. 54 Portraits only, mounted in 4to, h<df 

morocco. 1620. 

1340. HAMILTON (Anthony). Memoirs of Count Grammont; 

iUustrated with 64 Portraits, Engraved by E. Scriven. 
2 vols. 8vo, half calf. Lond. 1811. 

This Edition has nearly 100 pages of valuable Notes and Illustrations, 
many of which are said to be from the pen of Sir W. Scott. — Lowndes. 
Perhaps the most popular volume ever put forth in Prance. — Dihdin. 

1? 1341. HAMILTON. The Works of Alexander Hamilton, com- 
prising his most important Official Reports ; an improved 
Edition of the Federalist, on the New Constitution, 
written in 1788; and Pacificus, on the Proclamation of 
Neutrality; written in 1793. 3 vols. 8vo, half morocco. 

N. Y. 1810. 
Some of the contents of these volumes are not included in the new 

_ Edition of Hamilton's Works. 

^ 1342. HAMILTON (Lady Augusta). Marriage Rites, Customs, 
and Ceremonies of all Nations in the Universe, 8vo, half 
morocco. Lond. 1822. 

J^ 1343. HAMILTON (Elizabeth). Cottagers of Glenburnie. 8vo, 
calf ^ Edinb. 1808. 

1344. HAMILTON (Gavianus). Schola-Italica-PictvraB, sive se- 
lectae qvaedam svmmorvm e Schola Italica pictorvm 
tabvlse sere incisae. 41 Plates. Folio, half calf . 

Romm, 1773. 


Jli,SV 1345. HAMILTON" (William). Descriptions of the SherifFdoras of 
Lanark and Renfrew ; compiled about mdccx., with Illus- 
trative Notes and Appendices. 4to, half inorocco. 

Glaxiiov^ [Mai'tland Cluh\ 183L 

y.Sl? 1346. HAMMER-PITRGSTALL. Das Arabische Hohe Lied der 
Liebe, das ist Ibnol Faridh's Faijet. Exquisitely printed, 
with cjold borders, etc. Small folio ; red morocco, extra 
gilt. " Wien, 1854. 

The Text to this beautiful Volume is in Arabic and German, with a 
Commentary and Introduction. 


other Tracts, 6. 
^S^O 1348. HANROTT. Catalogue of the Splendid, Choice, and Curious 
Library of P. A. Hanrott, Esq. 5 Parts ; also, the Furniture, and names. Bvo, half hound ; rough edges. 

Lond. 1833. 
This valuable library sold for £17,264 8s. Od. . 

g^ 1349. HANSARD (T. C.) Tyi)ographia ; an Historical Sketch of 
the Origin and Progress of the Art of Printing ; with 
practical directions for conducting every department in an 
office ; with a description of stereotype and lithography ; 
illustrated by Engravings, Biographical Notices, and Por- 
traits. R}. 8vo, half calf Zond. 1825. 

vL/ ^^ 1350. HANWAY (Jonas). Elegy on Mr. Geo. Peters, of St. 
/ 2^ i' Petersburg. 4to, calf 

/, 1851. HANWAY (Jonas). Virtue in Humble Life ; Thoughts on 

the Passions, and Various Anecdotes. 2 vols, in 1. 4to, 
half calf. Zond. 1777. 

t/, 1352. HARDIMAN (Jas.) Irish Minstrelsy; or Bardic Remains 
of Ireland ; with English Poetical Translations. 2 vols, 
8vo, half morocco. Zond. 1831. 

2,^ 1353. HARDING (J. W.) Sketches in North Wales; consisting 
of Six Plates, coloured to resemble Draioings • with letter- 
2)ress lllHstrcdions. Folio. Zond. 1810. 

3 , 1354. [HARDING (J.)] Shakespeare Illustrated, by an Assem- 
blage of Portraits and Views, with Biographical Anec- 
dotes ; to which are added Portraits of Actors, Editors, 
etc. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Zond. (1793). 

/^^ 1355. HARMAN (Thos.) A Caveat or Warning for Common 
Cursetors, vulgarly called Vagabonds. 4to, red morocco. 

Zond. Reprint, 1814. 
One hundred copies only reprinted from Middleton's Edition, 1573. The 
book is useful, as illustrating the Early English Drama. Strettell's sold 
• for£l-14s. Od 

6, 1356. HARRADEN (R. B.) History of the University of Cam- 


bridge; illustrated by a Series of Engra\'ings. Impl, 8vo, 
green morocco ; joints and borders of gold. 

Cambridge., 1814. 
This is the Second Edition of the Cantabrigia Depicta. 

^^ 1357. HARRIOTT (John). Struggles througb Life exemplified in 

the Various Travels and Adventures in Europe, Asia, 

Africa, and America, of John Harriott. 2 vols. 12mo, 

sheej). JSf. Y. 1809. 

/^1358. HARRISTOX (William). Poems on Various Subjects. 

^ 12rao. G/asgoic, 1821. 

1359. HARROWING OF HELL (The). A Miracle Play, written 

in the Reign of Edward the Second. Edited by J. O. Hal- 

liwell. India Paper copy., of tchich only Eight were 

printed. 8vo, citron morocco ; gilt sides and edges. 

Loud. 1840. 

>/^*^1360. HARTSHORXE (C. H.) The Book Rarities of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge ; illustrated by Original Letters and 
Xotes, Biographical, Literary, and Antiquarian. 8vo, 
boards. Lond. 1829. 

1361. HARVEY (George). Scenes of the Primitive Forest of 
America at the Four Periods of the Year : Spring, Sum- 
mer, Autumn, and Winter. Engraved from his Original 
Paintings. Accompanied w^ith Descriptive Letter Press. 
^ beautif idly coloured plates. Yo\\o.,bds. X. I'i 1841. 

This was printed in London. 

;j-^ 1362. HARVEY (John). Life of Robert Bruce, King of Scots. A 

Poem. 4to. Edinh. 1729. 

vols, oblong 4to, cloth. Lond. n. d. 

This is a Collection of Views engraved as Vignettes for Letter Paper, 
and afterwards collected in the present form. 

-^*^ 1364. HASTINGS (John). Pulmonary Consumption Successfully 
Treated with Naphtha. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1843*. 

SO 1365. [HATCHETT (Charles)]. The Spikenard of the Ancients. 
Plate, '^to, privately jyrinted. s. L s. a. 

HAWKINS (Alfred). The Quebec Directory. 12mo, half 
morocco. Quebec, 1844-5. 

/^'M367. H[AWinNS (S^ T[homas]). Unhappy Prosperity, Ex- 
pressed in the History of iElius Sejanus and Pliilippa 
the Catanian. Translated out of the Original by Sir T. H. 
12mo, calf. Lond. 1639. 

*^0 1368. HAY (M.) Recueil des Chartres, Creations et Confirmations 
des Colonels, Capitaines, etc., de la ville de Paris. 44 
Coloured Plates. Folio, russia extra / gilt edges. 

Paris, 1770. 
1369. HAYLEY (William). Life of George Romney, Esq. ; illus- 

110 HEBER. 

trated by numerous fine examples of his icorJcs. 4 to, half 

m,orocco. Chichester, 1809. 

" He was famous in his profession, and it was his great right to be so." 

/, 2*rT370. HAYTER (Richard). The Meaning of the Revelation, or a 

Paraphrase, with Questions on the Revelation. 4to, calf 

extra. Land. 1676. 

1371. [HAYWOOD (Tho.)] The Exemplary Lives and Memorable 

_ Acts of Nine of the Most Worthy Women of the World : 

Three Jewes, Three Gentiles, Three Christians. 9 rare 

'prints. 4to, calf. Lond. 1640. 

Mr. Burton's copy. The three Christian Portraits are Queen Margaret, 

Queen Elizabeth, and Henrietta Maria. 

/,/Z 1872. HEADLEY (J. T.) The Sacred Mountains. Illustrated 

edition. 8yo, cloth, ffilt. A^. F. 1847. 

/^ 1373. HEATH (Charles). Book of Beauty for 1832 and 1833. 2 

vols. 8vo, morocco. Lond. 1832-3. 

" 1374. . Same for 1833. 8\o, morocco. Lond.\'8-i'^. 

2„S^ 1375. HEATH (Charles). The Waverley Gallery of the Principal 

Female Characters in Sir Walter Scott's Romances. Unique 

cojyy, the jylates being mounted in Tinted Paper, in 4to, and 

surrounded by an elegant border, and bound in red morocco. 

A£.r"i376. HEATH (D. I.) The Exodus Papyri. 8vo, cloth. 

Lond. 1855. 

^,^%r~l377. HEATH (Wm.) Military Costume of the British Cavalry. 

Folio, hedf morocco. Lond. 1820. 

5", 1378. HEBER. Catalogueof the Library of the late Rich'd Heber, 

Esq. 13 Parts in 5 vols., 8vo, half veilum. 

Lond. 1834-36. 

Part 4, the Old English Poetry, priced. '• As a collector, Heber united the 

judgment of Cotton with the princely muniiicence of a Harley." — Lowndes. 

/, 1379. HEH.EGE ALTGEN und Gemiiths Lust, vorstellend Albe 
Sonn Test und Feyrtligliche Xicht nur Evangelien Soudern 
audi Epistolen uud Lectionem von J. Uirich Krauss. 120 
large Bible Plates. Folio, htdf vellum. Wants the En- 
graved Title. Augsjnirg [1706]. 
Y^Sl) 1380. [HEIXEKEX (Ch. H. de)]. Idee Generale d'une Collection 
' complete d'estampes, Avee une Dissertation sur I'origine de 
la Gravure et sur les premiers Livres d'lmages. 8vo, calf. 

Leipsic, 1771. 
";!0 a 40 fr."— .B/-Mweit. 

/,JS 1881. HEIXSIUS (Dan.) Lof-Sanck Van Jesus Christus, den eenigen 
ende eeuwigen Sone Godes : Ende zyne andere Nederduytse 
poeraata. Sm. 8vo, vehnm. f Amstelredam, 1650. 

S.SY) 1382. HELL-GATES OPEN TO ALL MEN : or an Livitation to 
Persons of every Age, Sex, and Quality, to a Residence 
in the Infernal Regions. With Plates. 12mo, half calf. 

Lond. 1751. 
Not mentioned bv Lowndes. 


VJ^383. HELYETRTS (C. A.) De L'Esprit ; or Essays on tin- 
Mind and its Several Faculties. Translated from the Frencli, 
with Life. 8vo, sheep. Lond. 1810. 

1384. HELVEXnJS (M.) A Treatise on Man, his Intellectual Fac- 
ulties, and his Education. Translated from the French. 2 
vols. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1810. 

jYf 1385. HEXDERSOX (And.) History of the Rebellion, 1745 and 
1746. 5th edition. 12mo, cf. Lond. 1753. 

1386. HENDERSOX (Andrew). Scottish Proverbs, with an In- 
troduction by W. Motherwell. 12mo, half calf. Edinb. 1832. 
^iri387. HENDERSOX. Catalogue of the Library, Prints, Coins, 
etc., of John Henderson, Esq. Priced. 8vo. 

I^ond. 1830. 
HEXDERSOX. Catalogue of a Select and Valuable Col- 
lection of Coins, etc., of John Hendersox. Priced. 8vo. 

Lond. 1818. 

1389. HEXDERSOX (P.) The Seasons, or Flower Garden; a Se- 
lection of the most beautiful Flowers that blossom at the 
Four Seasons of the Year. Coloured plates. 4to, calf gilt 
edges. Lond. n. d. 

With a Treatise on Painting Flowers. 

1390. HERALDRY. A Collection of Arms of German Families, 
with Descriptions in German. 27 Plates. 4to, half vel- 
lum. Xo title. 1748. 

1391. HERALDRY. A Collection of Plates of Heraldry. Plain 
and coloured. 4to. 

1392. HERALDIC SCRAP BOOK, with an immense number of 
Arms, Crests, etc. Folio. 

1393. l^crcafter ettsut the trrtoc cttcountrt of Jjatnle lately 

don betwene, Englade and : Scotlande. In which batayle 
the, Scottsshe Kynge was slayne. 4to. 2ll(lCk TLttXtX. 

Hasleioood's reprint^ 1809. 

1394. HERMITAGE (The). A Poem. 12mo, sheep. 

L.ond. 1809. 

1395. l^rrOttfUS ScrmonCS Discipvli de Sanctis. 3$latfe 21Lct= 

XZX. Woodcuts. 4to, calf ; fne copg. s. 1. 1541. 

1396. HERYEY (James). Meditations and Contemplations. 
Plates. 8vo, calf Lond. n. d. 

1397. l^eUreS a PHSaSC tit J^lome avec Almanack [pour 1497 
a 1520]. Small 4to. Printed on vellum in ©OthfC 
JLZitZXSy xcith fifteen large., and numerous small wocd 
cuts, illumitiated in gold and colours. Each pjage is mar- 
gined bg a broad ornamented, border in gold and colours. 
Bound in ligJit blue morocco; the sides covered icith gilt 
tooling. Paris., Thielman Kerver, s. a. 

Kerver printed at Paris from 1407 to 1520. 



20, 1398. I^curirs a Tiisntflc tie Home. (gSothic attter. 

l^rhdcd on veUiun^ with ornoineidal borders and v'ignette><; 
very rare. Sm. 8vo, calf. Paris, Thiehnan Kerver, 1503. 
SO 1399. HEURES DE NOTRE DAME, etc. A Flemish MS. of the 
lith Century, exquisitely irritten on vellum, wit/i 40 beau- 
tiful miniatures and floriated borders; also coloured Ini- 
tials, etc. Small 4to, red morocco, richly tooled, and gilt 
Zy.ST) 1400. HEURES. A MS. of the Si.rteejith Centtiry, on vellum, 
irith numerous miniatures, \2ixio, morocco. 1528. 

J^y.oo 1401. HEURES. MS. on vellum. 22 elegant Miniatures. Also 
illuminated Initials and floriated borders. Sm. 8vo, blue 
morocco. Circa 1400. 

J7 1 402. HE VRES NOU VELLES Tirees de la Sainte Ecriture, Ecrites 
et grauees par L. Senault. 8vo, red morocco, gilt sides 
and edges. Paris, s. a. 

The whole text of tliis elegant volume is engraved. 

/,xrO 1403. HEYDON. A New Method of Rosie-Crucian physick : 
Wherein is shewed the Cause ; and therewith their experi- 
enced Medicines for the Cure of all Diseases, etc., by John 
Heydon, a SeiTant of God and Secretary of Nature. 

lond. for Thomas Loch, 1658. 

2,,*^ 1404. HEYNS (Zacharias). Emblemata ; Erableraes Chrestienes et 

Morales. Sinne-Beelden Streckende Tot Christelicke Bed- 

inekinghe ende Leere der Zedicheyt door Zacharias Heyns. 

4to, blue morocco. Rotterdam, P. van Waesberge, 1625. 

j2,2«^ T405. . Aliud Exemplar. Ato, vellum. 

Rotterdam. P. van Waesberge, 1625, 

>^ 1406. . Aliud Exemplar [cum] Emblemata Moralia. 2 vols. 

in 1. 4to, vellum. Rotterdam, 1625. 

These are the first editions of Heyns. The figures are much in the man- 
ner of Crispin de Pass. 

H/, 1407. HIBBERT. Catalogue of the Library of George Hibbert, 

Esq., of Portland Place. Inlaid in Ato, interleaved with 
blue laid paper, with jyi'lces and names. Morocco extra ; 
superb copy. Land. 1829. 

3, 1408. HIBBERT. Catalogue of the Library of George Hibbert, 

Esq. Prices and names. S\o, half calf. lond. 1829. 
This collection sold for £21,560 Os. Od.. and was one of the most impor- 
tant collections of Books sold in this centur}-. The very interesting Biblio- 
graphical Notes are by Mr. Evans, the eminent Book Auctioneer. 

/, 1409. HICKERINGILL (Edmond). The Horrid Sin of Man- 
Catching : Explain'd in a Sermon upon Jer. 5 : 25, 26, 
Preach'd at Colchester, July 10, 1684. 2nd Edition. 4to, 
half calf. ' Lond. 1685. 

/«f 1410. HILL"(J.) An Analysis of Penmanship. Oblong 4to. 

Lond. 1821. 


\ 1411. HILLAIRE (J.) Specvlvm Heroicvm Principis omnium 
teiiiporiun Poetarum. Homeri id est aigumenta xxiiii. 
librorura Iliados in quibus veri Principis Imasjo Poetice 
elegantissirae exprimitur, et Specvlvm ^neidis Virwilianje. 
2 vols, in 1. 4to, morocco. Traject. Batav. 1613. 

"" Contains 36 Plates br Crispin de Pass. 

^Q 1412. HILLESSEMIUS (Lvdov.) Sacrarvm Antiqvitatvm Monv- 
menta: Patriarcharvm, Regvm, Prophetavvm, et virorum 
vere illustrium veteris Testamenti, Imagiiiibus et Elogiis 
apparata atque inscripta. 36 Plates. 12mo, morocco ; rare. 
Antver^yke ex officinci Plant mi ^ 1577. 
, 1413. HINTOX (J. H.) History and Topography of the United 
States, edited by S. L. Knapp. Plates. 2 vols. 4to, half 

^^ cf- Boston, 1834. 

2-1414. HIRSAVGIEXSIS. Philosophiearvm et Astronomicarvm 
Institvtionvm, Gvlielmi Hirsavgiensis olim Abbatis libri 
tres. Sm. 4to. Basilce, II. Petrvs, 1531. 

PAYS BAS. Ou I'on voit leurs progres, lenrs eonquetes, 

""^^ leiir Gouvernement et celui de leurs Compagnies en Orient 

et en Occident. Enrichie d'un grand nombre de figures. 
Folio, ca{f. Amsterdam^^llOl. 

Includes an Account of the West India Company. 

^»^'i416. HISTOIRE (L') DE LA SAINTE ECRITURE, en Forme 
de Catechisme. Avec les Figures. 12mo, calf. 

Amsterdam, P. Mortier, 1698. 

r?* 1417. HISTOIRE DES AVENTURES, ou 1' Ouvrage pour teur le 

temps, en Vers, etc. 4to. JV^o title. Half cf. Circa 1550. 

This singular Book contains a Calendar, with numerous Fortune-Telling 

Plates, &e. 

// 1418. HISTOIRE (L') DES IMPERATRICES. Portraits. 4to,vel- 

Iwn. Paris, JST. de Serr)/, 1646. 

This is a French Translation of " Yieus Avgvstarvm Imagines." The 

Plates are reproduced with Translations of the Inscriptions. 

MENT. 428 fne 2^lates. 2 vols, in 1, folio. Paris, n.d. 

^0 1420. HISTORIA DEORUM FATIDICORUM vatum Sybillarum, 
Phoebadum, Apud Priscos Illustrium ; Cum eorum Iconibus. 
41 2jlates. 4io, vellum. Francof. L. Bourgeat,lQSO. 

^O 1421. HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS; or a Brief Account of the 
most Remarkable Transactions of The two last Parliaments 
Held and Dissolved at Westminster and Oxford. 8vo, calf. 

Bond. 1081. 

fZ 1422. HISTORICAL MAGAZINE, and Notes and Queries. Vols. 
\ to 1 , 4\.o, imhound. Boston and N. 3^1857-63. 

^^•M423. HISTORICAL SKETCH of the Saint Andrew Society of the 
State of New York, with Thomson's Oration. 12mo, cl. 

N. Y. 1856. 


J^^ 1424. HISTORY OF NORTH AMERICA, containin<x an exact 
Account of tlieir first Settlements, &c. Lond. 1776. 

At page 82 is a Singular Speech by a Young Woman (Miss Baker), before 
a Connecticut Court, which was really written by Dr. Franklin. 


THE CLANS in the Northern Parts of Scotland and in the 

AYestern Isles, from 1031 to 1619. 12mo, half morocco. 

/ Glasgov:., JFoulis, 1764. 


American Colonies anterior to the Revolution, explanatory 

of the Historical Chart of the Paper-Money of that Period. 

8vo. ^ St. Louis., 1851. 

The present copy contains a large number of Specimens of Paper Money, 

issued before and during the Revolutionary war. 

/» 1427. HISTORY OF THE MITRE AND PURSE. 8vo, halfccdf. 

Lond. 1714. 

1428. HISTORY OF THE PROCEEDINGS in the Case of 

Margaret, commonlv called Peg, only lawful Sister to John 

/ Bull, Esqr. VImo,' half calf . Lond. 1761. 


1745-46. ISrao. Aberdeen., 1850. 

S^,J7) 1430. HISTRIONIC SCRAPS. A Collection of Cuttings from 

Nesvspnpers, relating to Tlieatres, Birtli-Places of Actors, 

etc. Numerous j)ortraits and plates. 2 vols. rj. 8vo, half 


J8 1431. HOBART (John Henry). The LTnited States of America 

compared with some European Countries, particularly 

England: in a Discourse delivered ... October, 1825. 

8vo, pp. 48. jV. Y. 1825. 

,2»nT3 2. HOBART (J. H.) Works. Vol.1. Svo, sheep. JV. Y. 1833. 

,^ 1433. HODGKINS (E.) A Series of Mercantile Letters. 12mo, 

russia. Lond. 1808. 

JT 1434. HOGARTH. The Genuine Graphic Works of William 

Hogarth, consisting of 160 Engravings, by Thos. Cook. 

4to, half russia. Lond. 1813. 

'/ 1435. HOGARTH MORALIZED, by Mr. Trusler. Upicards of 

70 2)lates. First edition ; scarce. 8vo^ calf . Lond. 1768. 

"While I moralize I study to explain, and while I explain I study to 

moralize." The Prints in this pretty edition combine much spirit and 

delicacy. See Ireland (W. H.) 

-^^436. HOGG (James). Altrive Tales. Vol.1. Lond. 1832. 

/,S~0 1437. HOGG (James). A Queer Book. 12mo, hcdf morocco. 

Edinb. 1832. 

/O, 1438. HOGG (James). The Jacobite Relics of Scotland ; being the 

Songs, Airs, and Legends of the Adherents to the House 

of Stuart. 2 vols. 8vo, smooth red morocco extra; most 

elegant copy. Edinb. 1819-21. 


^.5^439. HOGG (James). The Forest Minstrel. \Smo, half calf . 

Phil. 1816. 

V/T440. HOGG (James). The Mountahi Bard ; consisting of Ballads 

& Songs, founded on Facts and Legendary Fables. 8vo, 

calf "" Eilinh. 1807. 

1441. HOGG (James). Pilgrim of the Sun. \^mo, half calf 

Philad. 1815. 

1, 1442. HOGG (James). The Queen's Wake; a Legendary Poem. 

5th Edition ; illustrated xcith Portrait of the Author., v:ith 

his Autograph., and 60 additional Portraits and Plates. 

8vo, morocco extra., joints., and watered silk lining. 

Edinh. 1819. 

1443. . Another copy. ^\o, half calf Edinb. 1819. 

^S 1444. HOGG (James). Song.s. 12mo, cloth. N'. Y. 1832. 

„ 1444* . Another copy. l2mo, cloth. 'JST. F. 1832. 

2^-1445. HOGG'S INSTRUCTOR. A Parcel of odd numbers. 8vo. 

^i^ .-....._ u 1854. 

n^ 1446. HOLBEIN (Hans). Alphabet of Death. Illustrated with 

Old Borders, engraved on Wood, with Latin Sentences, 

and English Quatrains, selected by Anatole de Montaiglon. 

Svo, morocco antique. Paris, 1856. 

S7> 1447. . Another copy. 8vo, cloth. Paris, 1856. 

eo 1448. HOLBEIN (Hans). A Collection of 132 Ancient Wood 
cuts, by Holbein. 4to. 1538. 

^ 1449. HOLBEIN (Hans). Le Danse des Morts, with Letter-press 
in Germnn, French, and English, icith Curious Litho- 
graphic Illustrations. Folio, cloth. Pasle, n. d. 
1450. HOLBEIN (H.) The Dance of Death, through the various 
stages of Human Life; Avherein The Capriciousness of that 
Tyrant is exhibited : in Forty-six Copper-plates. Etched 
by D. Deuchar. 4to, hcdf russia. Land. 1803. 
X? 1451. HOLBEIN (H.) The Dunce of Death. Engraved by W. 
Hollar. 12 mo, ccdf Land. 1804. 
" Holbein's Dance of Death is unquestionably a Master-Piece." — Papillon. 
Though Holbein is usually considered the Painttr of the Dance of Death, 
it is erroneous, seeing the Frescoes were executed many years before his 
time. He was, however, the Engraver of the "Wood Cuts in the first edition. 
See Jackson's "Wood Engraving. 

1452. HOLBEIN (Hans.) Imitations of Original Drawings, by 
Huns Holbein, in the Collection of his Majesty; from the 
Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry 
VIII. 83 plates by Bartolozzi. Folio, half russia. Pub- 
lished by Jolin Chamberlaine. Land. 1792-1800. 
This is the best edition of this valuable work ; the plates are on tinted 
paper. The biographical Tracts by Lodge are derived from no common 
sources, and exhibit recondite research. North's copy sold for £24 35. Oc/.; 
Fonthill, £31 IO5. M. ; Roxburghe, £39 \is.M. 

116 HOLLAR. 

This copj' includes the additional portraits of Holbein and his wife, etc. 
All but four of the plates are engraved by Bartolozzi. The Portraits are 
nearly the size of life, and represented with great fidelity ; they are all 
of celebrated characters, and the Costume is most elegant. 

/S] 1453. HOLBEIX (Jean). La Passion de Notre Seigneur, gravee 
d'apres les Desseins originaux du celebre Peintre Jean 
Holbein, qui se trouvent a la Bibliotheque publiqne de la 
ville de Basle. 12 plates mounted. Sm. folio; rare. 

Basle, jJ^t^blie 2^'^^^' (^^^''- de Michel, 1784. 
^,^J^~1454. HOLFORD (Miss.) Wallace, or the Fight of Falkirk; a 
Metrical Romance. 8vo, calf extra ; tooled edges and 
sides. Land. 1810. 

'*'» 1455. HOLGATE (Jerome B.) American Genealogy; being a 

History of some of the Early Settlers of North America 
and their Descendants, etc. ; illustrated xcith a 7iwnber of 
Portraits, etc. 4to, half morocco. Albany, 1848. 

/o,oO 145G. H[OLLAND] (H.) Herwologia Anglicahocestclarissimorvm 
et doctissimorvra aliqvot Anglorvm, etc., with frontis- 
piece, 64 Poi'traits, and 2 Monuments. Folio, russia : col- 
lated and perfect. 1620. 
This very rare book is rarely found complete ; it is the first regular Series 
of English Portraits. The work has sold at from £7 175. 6d to £27 16s. 
6d (Williams' copy.) Included in the series are Portraits of Rich'd Gren- 
ville, Tho. Candish, Sir M. Frobisher, Sir J. Hawkins, and Sir F. Drake, 
with memoirs. 

Several of the Plates are engraved by Pass. 

J7 1457. HOLLAND. Recceill de XXX VL Portraits Yeritables 

de tous les Comtes et Comtesses de la Hollande. Folio, 

/ half calf . Amsterdam, s. a. 

^» 1458. HOLLAR (Wenceslas). Theatrv Muliervm sive Varietas 

atquaj differentia Habituum Foeminei Sexus diuersorum 

Europae Nationum hodierno Tempore vulgo in vsu a W. 

Hollar Bohem. delineatas et aqva forti ieri sculptse. 48 

Plates. 18mo, russia. Lond. 1643. 

Brockett's copy sold for £3 I3s. &d. 

g0^ 1459. HOLLAR. (^Yenceslas). A Splendid Collection of 252 of 
the Works of this Celebrated Master; neatly mounted in 
a folio volume ; half morocco • gilt edges. 
^•rT460. HOLLY (O. L.) The Picturesque Tourist. 12mo, cloth. 

■ A^ F. 1844. 

*^r2tJ 1461. HOLLIBAND (Cian.) The Italian Schooleraaister, &c., and 
a fine Tuscan historic, called Arnalt & Lucenda. 18mo, 
half morocco. Lond. Th. Purfuot, 1597. 

2, S'O 1462. HOLLIS. Catalogcte of the very Yaluable and Extensive 
Collection of Ancient and Modern Coins and Medals, col- 
lected by Thomas Hollis, Esq., & Thomas Brand Mollis, 
Esq. Prices and names. Svo, half calf . Lond. 1817. 
The Hollis' are well known for their liberality to Harvard College. 
See [Blackljurne (Thos.)], Lot 30 J, and [Disney (John)],Lot 924. 

HOMER. 117 

S?> 1463. HOLLOW AY (Wm.) The Peasant's Fate ; a Rural Poetn. 
With Miseehaneous Pieces. Plates by E. W. Thontpson. 
2d Edition. 12mo, s/iee]). Eond. 1802. 

/, 1 464. HOLMES (Rev'd. John). Historical Sketches of the Missions 
of the United Brethren for Propagating the Gospel among 
the Heathen, from their commencement to the Year 1817. 
2d Improved Edit i 0)1. 8\o, bds. Lond. 1821. 

r 1465. HOLY VIRGIN'S, by the Old Masters. A Collection of 
46 Plates. 4to, morocco ; gilt sides. 

A fine specimen of old binding, richly gilt, with the Arms of a Cardinal. 
1, J 466. HOME (John). Douglas: a Tragedy. Portrait. Rl. 8vo, 
calf. Edinh. 1798. 

\S0 1467. [HOME (J.)] Essays upon Several Subjects concerning 
British Antiquities. 12mo, calf. Edinb. 1763. 

Scenery, Art, and Literature ; Comprising a Series of Es- 
says by Washington Irving, W. C. Bryant, Fenimore 
Cooper, Miss Coo'per, N. P. Willis, Bayard Taylor, H. T. 
Tuckerman, E. L. Magoon, Dr. Bethune, A. B. Street, 
Miss Field, etc., with 13 Engravings on Steel, from Pictures 
by Eminent Artists ; Engraved Expressly for the Work, 
with 60 Additional Plates inserted. 4to, half morocco ; 
gilt. N. F. 1852. 

vT^ 1469. HOME. A Poem. 12mo, ccdf. Boston, 1806. 

1470. HOMER. The whole works of Homer, Prince of Poets, in 
his Iliads, and Odysses. Translated according to the 
Greek, by Geo. Chapman. Manuscript Title-jxige. Folio, 
ccdf. ' Lond. [circa 1616]. 

Pope observes of this version, " that a daring fiery spirit animates the 
translation, which is sometimes hke what one would imagine Homer himself 
would have wrote." 

See Warton's Poetry & Retr. Rev., III., p. 167. 

: 1471. HOMER'S ODYSSEY, translated by A. Pope. A new 
Edition. Adorned with Plates, by Stothard. Large 
paper copy ; proof plates. Du Roveray's Elegant Edi- 
tion. 6 vols. impl. 8vo, half red m,orocco ; gilt toj), nncitt. 

Lond. 1806. 
1472, HOISTDIUS (Judoco). Theatrvm Artis Scribendi varia sum- 
morvm nostri seculi Artificum exemplaria complectens, 
novem diversis Unguis exarata. Oblong 4to, vellum. 

Amstelodanii, J. Janssonius., 1614. 
From Heber's Library, with two exquisite specimens of Penmanship on 
vellum inserted, probably by the author. 

*n> 1473. HONE (Wm.) Ancient Mysteries Described, especially the 
English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Tes- 
tament Story, including Notices of Ecclesiastical Shows, 
the Festivals of P^ools and Asses, the English Boy I^)ishii]), 
the Descent into Hell, the Lord Mayor's Show, Guildhall 


118 HOOKER. 

Grants, Christmas Carols, etc., with Engravings on copper 
and wood. 8vo, calf. Land. 1823. 

/^, 1474. HONE (Win.) Facetiae and Miscellanies, with One Hundred J 
and Twenty Engravings by George Cruikshank. Svo, hds. 

Loud. 1827. 
For contents, see Bohn's Lowndes, p. 1103. 
1475. HOOGHE (Romeyn de). Hieroglyphica of Merkbeelden der ^^ 
oude Volkeren : Namentlyk Egyptenaren, Chaldeeuwen, 
Feniciers, Joden, Grieken, Ronieynen enz. 63 Splendid 
y Plates, 'i^to^ half morocco., uncut. Amsteldam,M S5. 

fi^L-^\^7Q. HOOK. Secret History of Colonel Hook's Negotiations in 
Scotland in Favour of the Pretender; in 1707. 12\no,bds. 
s BnhUn, 1760. 

O, 1477. HOOKER. The Danger of Desertion, or a Farvvell Sermon 
of Mr. Thomcis Hooker ., Sometime Minister of God's Word 
at Chabisford in Essex • but now of New England. 
Preached immediately before his departure out of old Eng- 
land. Together with Ten Particvlar rules to be practiced 
every day by Converted Christians. 4to, ccdf; ronarkahly 
fine copy. Lond. for G. Edwards., 1641. 

^, 1478. HOOKER (Wra. Jackson). Journal of a Tour in Iceland in 

the Summer of 1809. Ai Plates. 8\o, hcdf morocco. Not 
jmblished. Yarmouth., 1811. 

02- 1479. HOOPER (W.) Rational Recreations. 4 vols. 8vo, calf. 

Lond. i794. 
Among the interesting experiments are all those commonly performed 
with cards. Heath's copy sold for £2 5s. Od 

Q, 1480. HOPE (Thomas). Costume of the Ancients. Large Paper. 

2 vols. 4to, half russia. Lond. 1812. 

Townley's copy sold for £3 85. M. ; Duke of York's, £:! 125. Od. This 
work, so indispensable to artists, contains over 300 plates, containing rep 
resentatioas of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Habits and Dresses. It con- 
tains the substance of many expensive works. 

V^ 1481. HOPFER. Dieses Werk enthalt nebst einer Vorrede und 
/' einer kurzen Beschreibung der Vorstellungen ; 92 abdrticke 

von Stahlplatten der Gebrilder Daniel, Hieronymus, und 
Lauibrecht Hopfer, die zu Anflmg des 16ten Jahrhunderts 
lebten, und sonst unter dem namen; die Meister mit dem 
Leuchter, bekannt waren. Oblong folio. 

Frankfurt am Main., n. d. 
Raetzel's copy sold for 90 franca. 
/O 1482. HOPKINS (John Henry). An Humble Address to the Bish- 
ops ; on the Church of Rome. Svo. 1846. 

1483. HORACE. Q. Horatii Flacci Emblemata. Imaginibus in ses 

incisis, Notisq illustrata Studio Othonis Vaeni Batauo 
lugdunensis. Ho, old morocco. Antverpice, 1707. 

1484. HOR^ BEATE MARI^ VIRGINIS secundum usum Ro- 
manum. beautifully printed on vellum, icith ornamental 


HORNE. 1 1 9 

borders^ large wood cuts, and Coloured Initials. 8vo, red 
morocco, cfilt. Paris, s, a. 

1485. HOR^ BEATE MARI^ VIRGINIS secundum vsum Ro- 

manum, etc. Beautifully printed on vellum, icith 15 col- 
oured icood cuts, in imitation of the Ancient Missals. 
Sm. 8vo, red morocco, gilt. Paris, G. Hardouyn, s. a. 

1486. I^orae teste ^arfr H^frfldtfS ad usum fratrum predica- 

torum, etc. (^OtilfC Hcttft, v^ith ornamental borders and 
Illuminated Initials. Uraicing on vellum inserted. 8vo, 
old ccdf. Paris, Thiel. Kemer, 1508. 

^0 1487. HOR^ DIUINE VIRGINIS MARIE secundum vsum Roina- 

num : cum aliis multis folio sesquenti notatis : vna cum fig- 
uris Apocalipsis et destructio Hierusalem et multis figuris 
Biblie insertis. The tcood cuts all illuminated and col- 
ouredin the style of the ancient 3ISS.; the Initials coloured, 
and gold borders to each p)age. Printed on vellum. Sm. 
8vo, calf. Paris, G. Hardouyn, s. a. 

RIE, etc. The Plates all illuminated and Initials coloured. 
Printed on velium. 8vo, velvet, brass clasps, corners, and 
bosses. Paris, G. Hardouyn, s. a. 

ad vsum Romanum. Rubricated text and floriated bor- 
ders. 12mo, calf. Paris, m.d.l. 

SI? 1490. I^orae {ittemerate ®frgfnfS, etc. Beautifully printed 
on vellum, in ©OthfC JLtXitX, v'ith fourteen, large v;ood 
cuts. 1 2mo, calf. s. 1. s. a. 

1491. HORNE (Th. H.) An Introduction to the Stndy of Biblio- 
graphy, with a Memoir on the Public Libraries of the An- 
cients. Engraved fac-simile, etc. 2vols.ini. Svo, mo- 
rocco extra. {From Corvnnh Library.) Bond. 1814. 

' 1492. . Another copy. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 

Bond. 1814. 
A large portion of Guild's Librarian's Manual is made up from the second 
volume of this most valuable and now scarce book. 

J9 1493. HORNE (Bp.) Discourses. 3 vols. 8vo, cai/. iowc?. 1812. 

1494. HOSACK (David). Memoir of De Witt Clinton, containing 

numerous Documents illustrative of the Principal events of 
his hfe. Presented by the Author to John M.Mason. 4to, 
caJf. N. Y. 1829. 

1495. HOSMER. Catalogue of the Choice Collection of Books 

forming the Library of Zelotes Hosmer, Esq.; xuith prices, 
and names. S\o, half rnorocco. Boston, 1861. 

rO 1496. HOTCH POTCH. Containing a Conclamation of Original 
Pieces, a Higgledy Piggledy of Controversies and Opinions 
on various interesting Subjects, &c. 12mo, half morocco 
extra. Bond. 17^4. 


120 HUGO. 

/, iJ^497. HOUBR AKEX (Arnold). De Groote Schouburgh der Neder- 
hintsche Koustschilders en Schildcressen. Fine plates. 
3 vols. 8vo, calf. Gravenhage., 1753. 

" Ouvrage recherche a cause des figures de J. Houbraken." — Brimet. 

1498. HOUBRAKEN'S HEADS. A Collection of 37 Portraits in 
a Scrap Book. Folio, calf. 
y» 1499. HOUBRAKEN. A Collection of Fifty five Portraits, inclu- 
ding some proofs^ in a 4to volume. Half calf . 
£,S0 1500. HOWELL (James). The Parley of Beasts ; or Morphandra, 
Queen of the Inchanted Hand. Frontispiece by Gayicood^ 
and portrait. Folio, half calf . Lond. 1660. 

^JIoOl. HO WITT (William). Abridgment of the History of Priest- 
craft. 12mo. Lond. 1834. 
/, 1502. HXJBNER (Jean). Histoires de la Bible, pour I'instruction 
de la Jeunesse, avec 104 figures par Alex. Girarded. 8vo, 
calf " Lode. 1784. 
" 1503. HUDDESFORD (George). Poems. 2 vols. 12rao, cf 

Lond. 1801. 
Includes Salmagundi, Topsy-Turvy, Bubble and Squeak, and Crambe 
^^"1504. HUDSON RIVER. Views on the Hudson. 12 plates. 

JSf. Y.., Nelson., n. d. 
^, 1505. HUGGINS (J. R. D.) Hugginiana: or Huggins' Fantasy, 
being a Collection of the most Esteemed Modern Literary 
Productions, &c. Highly illustrated; and MS. notes, hy 
3fr. Allan. 12uio, half morocco, red edges. JV. 1^.1808. 
/,»r^ 1506. HUGHES (H.) The Beauties of Cambria; consisting of 
Sixty Views in North and South Wales. Very beautiful 
wood cuts, all on hidia Paper. Oblong 4to, half morocco. 

Lond. 1823. 
/'^O 1507. HUGHES (John). Letters of Abelard and Eloisa, with a 
particular account of their Lives, Amours, and Misfortunes. 
Lllustr cited by Copper Plates. 12mo, crt(/! iowc?. 1788. 
ft „ 1508. HUGO. Pia Desideria Emblematis Elegiis et affectibus 
SS. Patrum, illustrata authore Hermanns Hvgone. 12mo, 
vellum. Antverpim, H. Aertssenii, 1623. 

1509. . Aliud Exemplar. Each plate mounted on a 41,0 

page, and enclosed iii a border ; unique. 1623. 

1510. . Idem; editio altera, \2n\o, old morocco. 

AntverpicB, Aertssenii, 1628. 

^,S~(^ 1511. . Aliud Exemplar. Xlxwo, vellum. 1628. 

The wood cuts to this edition are by Christ. Sichem. 

,, 1512. . Idem; editio altera, \2vao, blue morocco, gilt edges. 

Golonim Agrip^xe, 1633. 

The two last books of Quarles' Emblems are exactly copied from Hugo. 

^ 1513. IIUISH (Rob.) The Public and Private Life of his late 

/ ' Excellent and Most Gracious Majesty George the Third, 


icith Portraits and other Illustrations ; loith numerous 
added Plates, in all 121 Portraits and 21 Views. 2 vols. 
4to, red morocco gilt. Land. 1821. 

'J'H^U. HUME (Rev. A.) The Learned Societies and Printing Clubs 
of the United Kingdom, with a Supplement, by A. J^Evans. 
Post 8vo, half morocco. Lond. 1853. 

Contains a Catalogne of all the Publications of tlie various Societies. 

"0 1515. HUME (David), and Smollett (T.) History of England, ^/v7A 
Portraits. 18 vols. 8vo, ccdf. ^ Land. 1800-1802. 

-j-lSie. HUME. Life of David Hume. Written by Himself. 12nio, 
cf. Lond. \"lTt. 

/STSll. HUMPHREYS. The Miscellaneous Works of David Hum- 
phreys, Late Minister Plenipotentiary from the United 
States of Amei'ica to the Court of Madrid. Portrait. 8vo, 
calf. JV. Y. 1804. 

1518. HUMPHREYS (H. X.) Art of Illumination and Missal 
Painting ; a Guide to Modern Illuminators, with Specimens, 
Svo, bds. Zo?id.lS49. 

The Specimens are copies from ancient MSS. '' Xothing indeed can be 
more gorgeous than those golden lighted pages, rich with brightest Imes, 
and most graceful combinations of figures and forms." 

n? 1519. [HUMPHREYS (H. X.)] The Coins of England, facsimile 
])lates. 8vo. Erahlematically hound. Lond. [1847]. 

1520. HUMPHREYS (H. X.) Illuminated Illustrations of Froissart, 

selected from the MS. in the British Museum. 4to, mo- 
rocco extra. Lond. 1844. 
Highly characteristic representations of authentic costume, admirably 
executed; the Plates were destroyed b_v fire; and the book is now scarce, 

1521. HUMPHREYS (II. X.) Origin and Progress of the Art of 

Writing. Illustrated by a number of Specimens, and a 
Series of Facsimiles. Rl. 8vo. Carved bindinc/. 

Lond. 1854. 
Some of the Specimens are in gold and colors. It is so far the best 
popular work on the Subject. 

1522. HI^IPHREYS (H. X.) A Record of the Black Prince, 

icith illuminations in the style of the Aiicient Jlissals, 
8vo, morocco antique. Lond. 1849. 

fJ T523. HUXT (Leigh). Captain Sword and Captain Pen: a Poem, 
with some remarks on War and Military Statesmen. Plates. 
Square 12mo, cloth ; scarce. Lond. 1835. 

1524. HUSSELL (Melchior). Heilig EpistoUsche Bericht und 

Licht. Folio, morocco extra, gilt edges. Augsburg, 1706. 

This '• Holy Delight of the Eye and Heart," is a Collection of One 
hundred and Seventy-six Curious Religious Emblems in ornamental borders, 
no two of which are alike, 

1525. HUTCHIXSOXIAXISM. Symbolum II[utchinso]nianum;or 

the Essential Articles of the H[utchinsonia]n Creed, etc., 
agreed on in Full Club, held at the Calf's Head, &c. 8vo, 
half calf ; rare and curious. Lond. I'ioO. 


122 HUTTON. 

S, 1526. HUTCHINSON (Francis). An Historical Essay concerning 

Witchcraft, with Observations upon Matters of Fact, &c. 
8vo, calf. 2d Edition, with considerable additions. 

Lond. 1720. 
Contains an account of the "Witchcrafts, &c., at Boston, in Xew England. 
" Contains much interesting matter, and develops many celebrated impos- 
tures.'' — Loumdes. 

,S0 1527. HUTTOK The Life of William Hutton, including a parti- 
cular account of the Riots at Birmingham, in 1791. 8vo, 
hds. Lond. 1816. 

,.2J~1528. IBBOT. Catalogue of the Valuable Portraits, &c., of Henry 
Ibbot, Esq. Prices and names. %\o, half bound. 

Lond. 1818. 

/, 1529. ICONICx^ FIGVR^ quae in Vetvstissimo Codice Virgiliano 

Bibl. Vaticanae, annvm svpra millesimvm scripto et depicto 

\asvntvr. Oblong 4to, vellum. s. 1. s. a. 

IDEE GENERALE. 1771. See [Heineken (C. H. de)]. 

•C 1530. " I HOPE YOU WILL PAY FOR PEEPING." Title to 

a Scrap Book Collection of One Hundred and Eighty 

Coloured Engravings, including a few Drawings. 4to,' 

/ half calf . 

^* 1531. ILLUMINATED CALENDAR and Home Diary for 1845. 

Copied from the Hours of Anne of Brittany. Printed in 

gold and colours. Inipl. 8vo, cloth, extra gilt. Lond, 1845. 

Enriched with 12 large designs appropriate to each montli, and illustrative 

of manners and customs of the 1 5th century. Also 24 Ornamental Borders, 

composed of Natural Flowers from the same MS., printed in gold and 

colors. The pictures are colored by hand, and rival the gorgeousness of 

the Old Missals. 

3^ 1532. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES of Van Voorst and oth- 
ers, in 1 vol. 8vo. 

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with Notes by Rev. John 

Brown. Folio, morocco extra., tooled edges. Lond. 1838. 

-^,^0 1534. ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BIBLE, consisting of Views 

of the most Remarkable Places and Objects described in 

the Old and New Testaments. 46 v;ood cuts. Rl. 8vo, 

cloth, gilt. Lond. 1835. 


^ EFFIGIES ab eor. nvmismatibvs Extracts:'. Folio, vellum. 

Venetiis, 1583. 
A series of spirited Portraits of the ancient classic authors. " Recueil 
fort rare." — Ebert. 

" * 1536. IMAGINES SANCTORUM Augustanorum Vindelicorum 
^reis Tabellis Expressae. 23 fne plates. Folio. 

Aug. Vindelicor. 1601. 
The Plates are by Frederick Sustris and Thomas May re. 

»^ 1537. IMITATION (r) de Jesvs Christ mise en vers fran9ois par 
Pierre Corneille. 1 2 mo, calf . Hoven, 1Q56. 




imaginibiis ad uniam effigiem expresses. 12mo, old velbnu. 

Roma, Jac. 3Iazorhius, 1517. 

This is the first Avork containing portraits of the Roman Emperors en- 
graved on wood from their coins. It was reprinted at Strasburg, 1525 ; also 
in German the same year, and at L3-ons, 1533. It exhibits the manner of 
wood engraving in Intagho, a mode frequently adopted by the early Italian 

1539. Xncfpit MotnttUs JEvposUto super canonem missac. 

Fulio, iJlaCfe Setter. T>/-y rare. 

[Augustm Vind-Gunthier Zainer\ 1468 or 1469. 
This date is given in Kloss' Catalogue, on the authority of Panzer. One 
of the oldest books in this catalogue. 

1540. IXDAGINE (Joannis de). Introductionum Apotelesmat- 

icae in Physiognomian, etc. 8vo. 

Atigustm Trebocarwn, 1663. 
Treats of Astrology, Symmetry, Memory, etc. 

1541. IX GRAHAM. Catalogue of the Library of E. D. Ingrahani. 

Large paper. Rl. 8vo, half calf. Phil. 1855. 

A large miscellaneous collection of books ; some quite rare : very badly 

1542. [IXGRAHAM (Edw. D.)] A Sketch of the Events which 

preceded the Capture of Washington by the British, on 
the Twenty-Fourth of August, 1814. Large Map, with 
Autograph Letter. 8vo. 
_ Philada.., privately printed, 1849. 

1543. IXITIAL LETTERS ; a Collection. 8vo, cf. 

1544. IXSCRIPTIOXES SACRO SAXCTA Vetustatis uon ilL-e 

qvidem Romanje, sed totivs fere orbis svmmo Stvdio ac 
Maximis impensis Terra Mariq conquistae feliciter incipiunt, 
etc. Folio, vellum; rare and curious. 

LngoUtadii in ^dibvs, P. Apiani, 1534. 

1545. IXSTRUCTIVE 3IAGAZIXE conditcted by Mr. Charles 

Taylor. Impl. 8vo, half calf. Land. 1833. 

1546. IRELAXD (Saml.) Graphic Dlustrations of Hogarth, from 

Pictures, Drawings, and Scarce Prints in the Possession of 
Samuel Ireland. 4to, ccdf Lond. 1794. 

1547. . Another coj^y. 2 vols, in 1. 4to, halfr^issia. 

Lond. 1794-7. 
An indispensable companion to every edition of Hogarth, containing 
matter nowhere else to be found. 

1548. [IRELAXD (W. H.)] Chalcographimania ; or the Portrait- 

Collector and Printseller's Chronicle, with Infatuations of 
Every Description. A Humorous Poem, in Four Books, 
with copious Xotes Explanatory. Illustrated icith 107 
Plates. 8vo, morocco extra, by J. Mackenzie. 

Lond. 1814. 

1549. [IRELAXD (W. H.)] Chalcographimania. Another copy. 

61 Plates inserted. Red morocco, gilt top. Lond. 1814. 

124: IRVIXU. 

/,fi^ 1550. [IRELAND (W. H.)] Chalcographinuinia. Another copy. 
8vo, hih. Loud. 1814. 

Tliis work is commoaly attributed to W. H. Ireland, tlie Shakspearian 
Forger. It is a satire on the extravagant prices given for single prints, and 
upon the eccentricities of all the printsellers and auctioneers of the day. 
According to Lowndes, the information was furnished by T. Coram, and it is 
tinctured with malevolence. 

C-Q 1551. [IRELAND (W. H.)] Scribbleomania ; or the Printer's 

Devil's Polichronicou. A Sublime Poem, edited by Anser 
Pen-Dragon, Esq. Illustrated irith 127 Portnnts^ 48 in- 
laid^ and 46 proofs. 8vo, raorocco extra., by J. Maclcenzie. 

Lond. 1815. 
/Y.yTO 1552. [IRELAND (W. H.)] Scribbleomania; or the Printer's 
Devil's Polichronicon, A Sublime Poem. 50 JPortroits 
and Vieics inserted. 8vo, half morocco, gilt toj). 

Lond. 1815. 
The witty writer in his apology for a Preface says. " Sampson slew his 
thousands with the jaw-bone of an ass ; then wherefore should not I per- 
form similar exploits with the quill of a goose ?'" 

155.3. . Another edition. V Plates. 4to, half calf . Lond. 

/,Z^1554. [IRELAND (W. H.)] Stultifera Navis ; or the Modern 
Ship of Fools. Colored 2)f cite and icood cats. 12mo. 

Lond. 1807. 
The author of this was "\Y. H. Ireland [of the Shakspearinn Forgeries]. 
Among the satires are "Foohshand Unprofitable Books." '• Of Fools who 
collect Old Books and Prints," '■ Of Foohsh Antiquaries," etc. 

:2fS~0 1555. IRVING (David). Memoirs of the Life and Writings of 
George Buchanan. Portrait. 8vo, half cf. JEJdinb. 1811. 

'I If 1556. IRVING (Pierre M.) The Life and Letters of Washington 
Irving, with 12 additional Plates. 3 vols. 8vo, uncut. 

X. Y. 1862. 

/JZS^O, .^^ 1557. [IRVING (Washington)], History of New York, from the 
^'^ Beginnmg of the'World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty, 

by Diedrich Knickerbocker. 12mo, extended to folio^ and 
illustrated by 275 Plates inserted, andi7iost eler/antly bound 
in morocco, inlaid, joints, etc. Lond. 1839. 

This matchless volume may with propriety be called an Encyclopaedia of 
Knickerl)ockian Art. There is scarcely an incident, scene, or person 
named in the Text, wliich is not illustrated in some appropriate manner. 
Many of the Plates are Proofs, some Etchings, and all good impressions. 
The dormant enthusiasm of Diedrich himself would be excited by this splen- 
did volume. 

^00, r 155^. [IRVING (W.)] A Humorous History of New York, etc. 

8vo, inlaid in folio and illustrated with 107 Portraits, 

Plates, Vieics,etc. 3Iany extremely scarce. Lond. 1820. 

This is in many respects a most desirable volume, only excelled by the 

preceding lot. As the Illustrations are different, the enthusiastic collector 

should secure both. 

77^1559. IRVING (W.) A Humorous History of New York, etc., 

illu-strated icith some very curious, and other rather coarse 

S'^C «.' Plates. Unique copy. 8vo, bds., uncut. Lond. 1821. 



1560. IRVING (W.) Life of George Washington. Large pa- 

per COPY, copiously and heautifulhj illustrated by the 
addition of very mnrteroiis Plates. 5 vols. 4to, half red 
morocco, gilt top. x. F.'l855. 

It is impossible to do justice to this fine work in the limits of this Cata- 
logue. It must be seen to be appreciated. 

1561. . Another edition. 5 vols. 8vo, cl. X. Y. 1855-59. 

1562. IRVIXG (W.) Life of George Washington. Specimen vol. 

of Plates, etc. 4to. y. T. 1856. 

1563. IRVIXG (Washington). Rip Van Winkle: a Posthumous 

Writing of Diedrich Knickerbocker. Illustrated icit/i Six 
Etchings on Steel, hy Ch. Simons, from Draicings by 
Darley, inlaid in 4:to, and further illustrated by the Addi- 
tion of21p>ortraitsand2)l<(tes. '^to, green morocco extra. 

Lond. 1850. 

1564. IRA^XGIANA: a 3Iemoriai of Washington Irving. 4to, 

green morocco. X. JT] 186o! 

Fine Illustrated Copy, -with 11 Portraits of Irving, and 40 other Portraits 

and Views inserted ; also Xewspaper Cuttinors. 

y^565. ISELBURGII Emblemata Politica In aula Magna?-Curi£e. 
Xoi'ibergensis depicta Qu?e sacea Virtvtvm "suggerunt 

f^ , ,- monita prvdenter adniinistrandi Fortiferqve defendendi 

J '' Rempublicam. 114= beaiitiful Engravings, remarkable for 

their broad, humorous, and excellent draving. Small 4to, 
green morocco, gold borders, by J. Clarke. 

Xoribergcp, 1590. 
One of the rarest as well as one of the most amusing of the " p]mblemata." 
The plates are not uuworthj' of Ostade or Teniers. Facmg each picture is 
a Shield and Helmet ; occasionally a Knight in armour. 

P? 1566. ISELBL"RG(P.) Emblemata Politica, etc. 34 Plates. 4to, 
calf. 1617. 

This collection is entirely different from the Preceding Lot b}^ the same 
artist, although the title is the same. 

2«^567. ISLE OF MAX. Descriptive and Historical Account of the 

Isle of Man. Vlvcio, shp. jVeiocastle, 1809. 

1568. ITALIAN MS. of 92 pages, ?/'?7/< beautiful frontispiece of the 

Virgin and Child, many Initial Letters, 7 of which enclose 

2)etite miniatures. 12mo, green velvet, gilt edges. 

> 1569. ITALY. Select Views in Italy, with Topographical and 

Historical Descriptions in English and French. 36 Plates. 
Oblong folio, half russia. lond. 1792. 

> 1570. ITURBIDE. Statement of Some of the Principal Events in 

the Public Life of Augustin de Iturbide ; Written by Him- 
self; with a Preface by the Translator, and an Appendix 
of Documents. 8vo, morocco. lond. 1824. 

'(^ 1571. IVES (Levi Silliman). A Sermon Preached in St. Luke's 
Church, New York, Sept. 25, 1831, on Taking Leave of 
his Congregation. 8vo. pp. 15. A'. Y- 1831. 

ll>(3 JAMIESOX. 

Z, 1572. JACKSON (John). The History of the Scottish Stage, from 

its first Establishment to the ])resent Time. 8vo, half 
calf. Edbih. 1793. 

^0, 1573. JACKSON (John). A Treatise on Wood Engraving, His- 

torical and Practical ; with iipwards of 300 Ilhistrations. 
\\\Y^\. '$>\o, ludf morocco ; gilt top ; uncut. Xotid. 1839. 
This work contains upwards of 300 Wood Engravings, many of which 
are elaborate Fac-Similes of some of the most scarce and beautiful works in 
that branch of art. 

" 1574. JACKSOX. Another copy. Extended to 4 vols. imp. 8vo, 

rtd //lofocco extra. Lond. 1839. 

This unique copy contains several hundred plates, and includes many 

by American Artists, viz.: Anderson, Adams, Lossing, and others; in this 

copy a few of the Old Wood Cuts have set off on the opposite pages. 

Chatto's Third Preface is inserted. For another copy, see [Chatto, W. A.] 

^, 1575. [JACOB (G.)] The Poetical Register, or the Lives and 

Characters of the English Dramatick Poets, with an ac- 
count of their Writings. 2 vols. 8vo, half red ^norocco. 

Lond. 1719-24. 

With 2.3 Portraits. " Generally accurate and faithful, and affords much 
information to those who have occasion to consult it." — Loivndes. 
Tlie title to the second volume differs from the first. 

J2, S~0 1576. JACOBEUS (Olig.) Museum Regium seu Catalogus Reruni 
tarn naturaliuni, quam artificialium quae in Basilica Bibli- 
othecae Augustissimi Daniae Norvegiaeq : MonarchiB Chris- 
tiaui y. 37 Plates. Folio, ccdf. Hafnim, 1696. 

'^1577. JACOBITE MINSTRELSY, with Notes illustrative of the 
Text, and containing Historical Details in Relation to the 
House of Stuart, from 1640 to 1784. 18mo, bds. 

Glasgow, 1829. 

/'^O 1578. JACOBITE RELICS OF SCOTLAND (The) ; Being the 
Songs, Airs, and Legends of the adherents of the House of 
Stuart; collected and illustrated by James Hogg. 2 vols. 
8vo, half calf . Edinb. 1821. 

S, 1579. [JAMES 1st.] The Essayes of a Prentise on the Divine 
Art of Poesie. With a Prefatory Memoir, by R. P. 
Gillies. 4to, calf. Edinh. Ballantgne, 1814. 

' ' 1580. JAMES I. Poetical Remains of James the First, King of 

Scotland. 8vo, half morocco. Edhd). 1783. 

Y* 1581. JAjNCES I. Works of James I., King of Scotland. 12mo, 
halfrmsia. Perth, 1786. 

-2, 1582. JAJNIES (Capt.) The Military Costume of India, in an Ex- 
emplification of the Manual & Platoon Exercises, for the 
use of the Native Troops and the British Army. Colored 
plates. Rl. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1813. 

/tSO 1583. JAMESON (Mrs.) Companion to the Most Celebrated 
Private Galleries of Art iu London. Post 8vo. 

Lond. 1844. 

YaS~0 1584. JAMIESON (John). An Etymological Dictionary of the 





Scottish Language, to which is prefixed a Dissertation 
on the Origin of the Scottish Language. 2 vols. 4to, 
halfrussia. Ediah. ISOs'. 

Another Edition. 2 vols. 8vo, ra//: Edlnb. \^\'^. 

'• A truly excellent work." — Lowndes. 

JAMIESOX (Rob.) Popular Ballads & Songs, from Tra- 
ditions, Manuscripts, and scarce Editions; Vith Transla- 
tions of similar Pieces from the Ancient Danish Lancjuao-e 
and a few Originals by the Editor. 2 vols. 8vo^ half 
russia. Edinh. 1806. 

Strettell's copy sold for £1 155. Od 

1587. JAXIX (Jules). The American in Paris; illustrated hi/ \S 

Engravings from designs by M. Eugene Larni. Rl. 8vo. 
cloth, gilt. Lond. 1843^ 

1588. JEXNIXGS (David). An Introduction to the Knowledge 

of Medals. 8vo, calf. 

Birmingham, Sarah Basl:erville, 1775. 

JEXOUR (Rev'd Alf) A Treatise on Languages. 12mo, 
hcdf morocco. Lond. 1832. 

JEPHSOX (Robt.) Roman Portraits. A Poem in Heroick 
Verse, with Historical Remarks and Illustrations. 4to, 
calf. Lond. 1794. 

Includes Engravings of Heads from Antique Gems and Statues. 

JESSE (J. H.) Mary Queen of Scots, and other Poems. 
Plates inserted. 12mo, calf Lond. 1829. 

JOACHIM VATICINIA, sine Prophetic Abbatis Joachimi 
et Anselmi Episcopi Marsicani etc., cum prefatione et 
Adnotationibus Pascalini Regeselmi. 4to, calf 

Venetiis, 1604. 
Most rare and singular collection of the Prophecies of the Abbot Joachim 
{vide Mosheim, Eccl. Hist, sub. nom.) and Anselm. with beautiful and curious 

1593. JOANXIS AXTiocHEXUS. Scrfptu tiommi lohanis 

patriarChr_^ntlOChcntO de coparaticje maximi pontilici 
ab sacrosetm cociliu. JillclCik TLtXXtX. Small 4to, calf 
antique ; red edges. Paris, J. Granian, circa 15^0. 

With tlie very pretty device of the Printer on the title. Books printed 
bv Granjan are very uncommon. Panzer makes tlie date of his first work 

JOHANXOT (Tony). A Series of Plates, illustrative of 
the " Imitation de Jesus Christ," by a Kempis. Iinj)]. 
8vo, calf ' Paris, 1832. 

1596. John iJon antr ^ast person. Mlnck UttUv. 4to, 

half morocco / uncut. Lond. reprint, \SQ1. 

This interlude is a bitter satire on the Real Presence. Only one copy of 
the original edition is known. The author's name was '"Luke," a Phy- 
sician. Only a small edition of this reprint was published. 

1 28 JOHNSON. 

/ 1597. JOHNSON (James). An Essay on Morbid Sensibility of 

the Stomach, etc. 8vo, bds. Land. 1827. 

1598. JOHNSON (John). A Brief Statement of the Dispute 
between the Printers of the Lee Priory Press, etc. 
12mo, calf. Land. 1818. 

Contains some singular statements affecting the character of Sir Egerton 
S.S'O 1599. JOHNSON (John). Typographia, or the Printer's In- 
structor ; inchiding an account of the Origin of Printing, 
with Biographical Notices of the Pi-inters of England from 
Caxton to the close of the XVI. Century; a Series of An- 
cient and Modern Alphabets and Domes-day Characters, 
etc. Largest Paper. 2 vols. Svo, half calf. Xo;h?. 1824. 
Copies of this size are quite scarce. 
The book contains the essence of Dibdin's Typographical Antiquities. . 

j^ 1600. JOHNSON (John). Another Copy. Large Paper. 2 vols. 

post 8vo, calf extra. JOond. 1824. 

„^tr~i601. JOHNSON (Samuel). Prayers and Meditations, Pubhshed 

from his MSS., by George Strahan. Svo, ccdf. Land. 1785. 

/(^ 1602. JOHNSONIANA; or a Supplement to Boswell : being 

Anecdotes and Sayings collected by Piozzi and others. 

Large paper. 4to, cloth, gilt edges. Land. Murray., 1836. 

J7-?»^~~^603, JOHNSON (Samuel). [Twenty-four] Graphic Illustrations 

of the Life and Times of Samuel Johnson. Also, Burns lUus- 

, trated v^lth\1 plates : together A\ plates. Impl. S\o, half 

calf. ' Land. 1837, &c. 

t, „ 1604. . An Essay on the Life, Character, and Writings of 

Dr. Johnson. 50 2i<»'t raits i)i.^erted. 8vo, calf. 

' Lofid. 1786. 

^, S'O 1605. JOHNSTONE (Chevalier de). Memoirs of the Rebellion in 

1 748 and 1745, translated from a French 3IS.., originally 

deposited in the Scots College at Paris. 4to, hcdf morocco. 

Land. 1820. 
" A very interesting worlc, written under the influence of disappointment 
and ill humour. Some of tlie Stories are altogether fictitious." — Loiundes. 
Includes the Author's Adventures in Cape Breton, Canada, &c. 

JONES (Captain). Legend of. See [Lloyd David]. 
J7?1606. JONES (Cave). A Solemn Appeal to the Church; being a 
Plain Statement of Facts in the Matters pending between 
Dr. Hobart, with others and the Author. Together with an 
Appendix, &c. Svo, pp. ii., 104. 

JSf. Y.for the Author, 1811 . 

1 1607. JONES (Cave). Dr. Ilobart's System of Intolerance exem- 
plified in the Late Proceedings against his Colleague, the 
Author. Svo, pp. 82. jSf. ^Y. for the Author, 1811. 

/ f, 1608. JONES (Cave). Testimony in the Case of the Rev. Mr. Jones 

and .the Vestry of Trinity Church. Svo, pp. 172. No im- 


2S~^ 609. JONES (George). The First Annual Jubilee Oration upon 
the Life, Character, and Genius of Shakspeare. 12u3o. 

Lond. 1836. 

u 1610. . Oration on the National Independence, Richmond, 

Va., July 4, 1840, before the FrankUn Society, at the City 

Hall. 8vo, pp. 43. Richmond^ 1840. 

See Cliffe (Leigh) Lot 665. 

S^O 1611. JONES. The Life of Paul Jones, from Original Documents 

in the possession of John Henry Sherburne, Esq. Post 

8vo, half calf . Lond. 1825. 

^<f 1612. JONES (Rhys.) Gorchestion Beird Cymrii, neu Flodau 

Godidowgrwydd awen. 4to, calf. Amicythig^ 1773. 

A collection of Welsh Poetry. 

TLES, &c., of Noblemen and Gentlemen, accompanied with 
Historical Descriptions of the Mansions, Lists of Pictures, 
Statues, etc., and Genealogical Sketches of the Families of 
their Possessors. 3 vols. 4to, half morocco^ gilt edges. 

Lond. n. d. 

^»ri614. JONES (W.) The Gwyneddion for 1832, containing the 

Prize Poem, &c., of the Beaumaris Eisteddfod. 8vo, cl. 

Lond. 1839. 

»^~^ 1615. JONES (W.) Poikilographia ; or Various Specimens of 

Ornamental Penmanship. Folio, half morocco. Lond. n. d. 

(/.O 1616. JONES (Wm. A.) Columbia College Library. 8vo, pp. 32. 

N. Y. 1861. 
/, 1617. JONES (Wm. A.) The First Century of Columbia College. 
Columbia College, 1754-1854. 8vo,*pp. 12. 

N. Y. jyrivately prin ted., 1863. 

; 1618. JOSEPH BEN GORiON. ^ eompcirtious tixCti moste 

maruegUlUS l^fStorg of the latter times of the Jewes Com- 
mune weale, beginnyng where the Byble or Scriptures 
leaue, and contiuuying to the vtter subuersion and laste 
destruction of that Countrey and People. Translated into 
Englyshe by Peter Morvvyng of Magd. Coll. Oxford, 
JUlaCU JLtittX. 12mo, calf extra, by Riviere. 
Imprinted^ London, in Povvles Church-yarde, by Richard 

, Jugge, 1561. 

1619. JoStphUS' imWCXtS of Vxt SctoeS translated, j^lacfe 
l^ttiZX. 18mo, calf 

Lmprinted at London, by Rd. Jugge, \b1b. 

' 1620. JOSSELYN (John). An Account of Two Voyages to New 
England. Wherein you have the setting out of a Ship, with 
the charges ; The prices of all necessaries for furnishing a 
Planter and his Family at his first coming ; A Description 
of the Countrey, Natives and Creatures, with their Mer- 
chantil and Physical use : The Government of the Countrey 

130 JUNIUS. 

as it is now possessed by the English, tfcc. A large 
Chronological Table of the most remarkable passages, from 
the first discovering of the Continent o^ America, io XhQ 
year 1673. Sm. 8vo, calf, title in facsimile ; othericise a 
fine copy. London, Printed for Giles Widdoices, 1614. 
The earliest Work on tlie Natural History of Xew England. 
^(?, 1621. JOSSELYN (John), New England's Rarities Discovered: 

in Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, and Plants of that 
Country. Together with The Physical and Chyrurgical 
Remedies wherewith the Natives constantly use to Cure 
their Distempers, Wounds, and Sores Also A Perfect 
Description of an Indian Sqva, in all her Bravery ; with a 
Poem not unproperly conferr'd upon her. Lastly, A 
Chronological Table of the most remarkable Passages in 
that Country amongst the English. Illustrated with Cuts. 
Sni. 8vo, maroon morocco ,' fine copy. 

London, for C. Widdotres, 1672. 
S'(P ]623. JOURDAIN (Am.) La Perse, ou Tableau de I'Histoire, du 
Gouvernement, de la Religion, de la Litterature, etc., de cet 
Empire. Coloured plates of Costume, etc. 5 vols. 18mo, 
calf, gilt edges. Paris, 1814. 

'/ 1624. JOURNAL OF A TRIP TO LIVERPOOL, London, etc. 
Also, Notes Taken during a Month's Trip. 2 vols in 1. 
12mo, half calf Glasgoic, 1838. 

-2, ] 625. JOVIL^S (Paulus). Dialogve des Devises d'Armes et d'Am- 

ovrs du S. Pavlo lovio, auec vn Discours de M. Loys Dom- 
inique sur le mesme sublet. Traduit d'ltalien par S. Vas- 
quin Philieul, Auquel auons adiouste les Denises Heroiques 
et Morales de Signeur Gabriel Symeon, 4to, hcdf calf. 

d Lyon Gvillavme Moville, 1561. 

^,^J^ 1626. JUNIUS. A new Edition. 2 vols. 8vo, c/. 

Lond. Bensley, 1805. 

This elegant edition is illustrated with Portraits. 

^^ 1627. JUNIUS ILLUSTRATED by Mr. Edw. Bocquet. 4to, 

russia. Lond. 1812. 

Contains 12 Portraits from original Paintings. 

'2,S~0 1628. JVNIUS MEDICUS (Hadrianus). Emblemata ad D. Ar- 

noldvm Cobelivm, Eivsdem ^nigmatvm libellvs da D. Ar- 

noldvm Rosenbergvn. 8vo, morocco. 

Antverpice, Christ. Plan tin, 1565. 
J, SO 1629. JVNIUS MEDICUS (Hadrianis). Emblemata Eivsdem 
^nigmatvm libellvs. 12mo, vellum. 

Antverpice, C. Plantin, 1585. 
V 1630. JITST AND SEASONABLE Reprehension of Naked Breasts 

' ' and Shoulders. Translated by E. Cooke. With a Preface 

by Mr. Rd. Baxter. 12mo, morocco, extra gilt. 

Lond. 1678. 

KEITH. 131 

1^1631. JUSTIFICATION (A) of the Present War aijainst the 
^' United Netherlands. By an English Man. Also a Fur- 

ther Justification. Plates. Both parts in 1 vol. 4to, calf. 

Land. 1672-3. 
Partly relating to America. The author was Henry Stubbe. 

j-Q 1632. KAXE (E. K.) Arctic Explorations, 1853-55. 2 vols. 8vo. 

cl. Philad. 1856. 

7'*^633. KAMES (Lord). Sketches of the History of Man. 3 vols. 

12mo, oa(/'. Glasgoic, 1819. 

Includes a Chapter on the Origin and Progress of American Nations. 

KAULBACH. See Goethe. 

oHf 1634. KAY (John). A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature 

Etchings, with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes. 4 

vols. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top. Edinh. 1842. 

S'O 1635. KEBLE (Rev. J.) The Christian Year. Thoughts in Verse 

for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the Year. 8vo, 

morocco extra, tooled sides and edges. Oxford., 1 840. 

^O 1636. KEEPSAKE (The). Edited by various hands. A complete 

Set from 1828 to 1847. 20 vols. 12rao and rl. 8vo, red 

silk; gilt edges. 

The Plates to this elegant geries of Annuals were engraved under the 
superintendence of Mr. Charles Heath. 

1637. KEITH (George). Bristol Quakerism Exposed, showing the 

Fallacy, Perversion, Ignorance, and Error of Benjamin 
Cool. Aio, calf extra, hy Hag day. Land. 11 OQ. 

This is the renegade Quaker who travelled in this country, and came 
into controversy ■with many of the early Colonists. 

1638. KEITH (George). The Way Cast up, And the Stumbling- 

blookes removed from before the feet of those, who are 
seeking the Avay to Zion, with their faces thitherward. 
Containing An Answere to a Postscript, Printed at the 
end of Samuel Rutherford's Letters, third Edition, by a 
nameless author, etc. Sm. 8vo, ccdf 

Printed in the Tear 1677. 
The Preface is signed " Alexander Shein, 20 of the u moneth called 
February, 1615." 

1639. KEMPIS (Thos. a). The Christian's Pattern, with Stan- 

hope's Prayers. 8vo, cf 1698. 

Z6 ^1640. KEMPIS. Imitation of Jesus Christ. Translated from the 
Latin Original ascribed to Thomas a Kempis. With Intro- 
duction ai^d Notes by Thos. F. Dibdin. 8vo, hcdf rmsia. 

Lond. 1828. 

/^ 1641. KENXETT (Basil). Antiquities of Rome. Plates. 8vo, 
c/ Edinb. 1812. 

SZ) 1642. KENT (Samuel). The Banner Displayed, or an Abridgement 
of Giiillim ; being a Compleat System of Heraldry, in all 
its Parts. 2 vols. 8vo, c/. Lond. \128. 

132 KIXG. 

J27 1643. KENT. Catalogue of the Library of the Late Duke of 

Kent. 8vo, half bound. Land. 1820. 

/_2J^1644. KEPPEL. Description of the Freedom Box voted by the 

City of London to Admiral Keppel. Coloured plates. 

4to, red morocco. Lond. [1779]. 

-2*^1645. . Another edition. Plain plates. Svo. Lo)id. 1119. 

„ 1646. KER. Memoirs of John Ker, of Kersland, in North Britain, 

Esq., containing his Secret Transactions and Negotiations 

in Scotland, England, the Courts of Vienna, Hanover, and 

other Foreign Parts. 3 vols. Svo, calf. Lond. 1726. 

Many articles relate to America. 

" 1647. KER (Symon). Scotish Poems, Songs, etc. 12mo, sheep. 

Perth, 1802. 
/, 1648. KETAB EL MERAY , or Mahomet's Journey to Heaven. 
4to. In the Arabic language. 

^tT'l 649. KETT (Hy.) Elements of General Knowledge. 12mo. 

Bait. 1812. 

^^ 1650. KHjIANUS. Septem Artivm Liberalivm Icones a Luca 

Kiliano Aug. Vind. sere incisre. 4to, green morocco., gilt 

edges. Augustce Vindelicm., 1606. 

/O 1651. KILKHAMPTON. Abbey of Kilkhampton ; or Monumental 

Records for the year 1980. 4to. Zand. 1780. 

„ 1652. KILL ARNEY. Description of Killarney. 12mo. 

Dublin, 1776. 

>f, ^'•^7653. KILLIGREW (Mrs. Anne). Poems, ^to, half calf . 

Lond. 1686. 
" Hear then a mortal muse thy praise rehearse." — Bryden, Ode on the 
Death of Mrs. KiUigrew. 

SV 1654. KINDERSLEY (Mrs.) Letters from the Island of Teneriffe, 

Brazil, the Cape of Good Hope, and the East Indies. Svo, 

cf. / plate. Lond. 1777. 

" 1655. KING (Charles). Progress of the City of New York, during 

the last Fifty Years ; with Notices of the Principal Changes 

and Important Events. A Lecture on 29th Dec, 1851. 

Svo, pp. 80. N. Y. 1852. 

^2 1656. KING (Ed.) Hymns to the Supreme Being, in Imitation of 

the Eastern Songs. Svo, cf. Lond . 1800. 

;?J~"l657. KINMONT WILLIE : a Border Ballad, Avith an Historical 

Introduction, by Sir Walter Scott. Svo, pp. xxiv. 9. 

Carlisle, 1S41. 

/♦ 1658. KIRCHER (Athan.) Obelisci Egyptiaci nuper inter Isaei 

Romani rudei'a effosi.s interpretatio Hieroglyphica. Folio, 
vellum. Romce, 1666. 

Labey's copy sold for 19fr. 50c. 

.^ ^1659. KIRK (James B.) On Cholera Asphyxia. Svo. 

Greenock., 1832. 

KXIGHT. 133 

lS^\(\GO. KTSTLER (P. Romano). Basilica rlass ist Herrliclie Kirchen 
des Freij-Keiehs Klosters St. Ulvich und Afra in Aagspurg. 
Folio, vellum. Augspurg^ 1712. 

>, 1661. KLEIXE (De). Print-Bybel. \2mo, old vellum. 

Amsterdam, 1736. 

i^ 1662. KLEPPISI (G.) Eniblemata Yaria Gregori Kleppisi Poetae 

et Caesarij Incisa tevi Aphorismis et Epigrammatis illus- 

trata. Oblong 4to, blue morocco. [^^Fraucof.^ 1623. 

"Un des livres les plus rares de cette classe, au dire de Cicognara." — 


1 663. KLOSS. Catalogue of the Library of Dr. Kloss of Franckfort. 

Fine paper. Plates. 8vo, half calf. Lond. 1835. 

1664. . Another copy, inlaid in 4to, and interleaved with 

laid paper, ruled with red lines, and with prices and names 
very neatly written, ito, morocco extra. JLond. 1835. 

Rich in Books published in the Fifteenth Century, induding manv books 
with MS. Annotations, by PhiUp Melanchthon, and very valuable for its 


Oblong 4to, cl. gilt. JV. T. 1852. 

?J 1666. KXIGHT (F.) Heraldic Illustrations Designed for the use 

of Herald Painters and Engravers. 4to. Z^ond. n. d. 

1667. KNIGHT (F.) Scroll Ornaments, Designed for the use of 

Silversmiths, Chasers, Die Sinkers, Modellers, <fcc. 4to, 

hcdfbd. Lond. n. d. 

^^ 1668. KXIGHT (F.) Vases and Ornaments Designed for the use 

of Architects, Silversmiths, Jewellers, Modellers, Chasers, 

Die Sinkers, Founders, Carvers, and all Ornamental 

Manufacturers. 4to, half hound. Lond. 1833. 

" 1669. KXIGHT (F.) Modern and Antique Gems. Post 8vo, green 

morocco extra. Lond. 1828. 

1670. KXIGHT (Rd. Payne). The Landscape : a Didactic Poem, in 

Three Books. Forty-eight Plates (many coloured) and 

Etchings inserted. 4to, morocco extra. Lond. 1794. 

Fon thill copy, ^vithout plates, 19v. 

/^ 1671. KXIGHT (Thos. A.) Pomona Herefordiensis, containing 

Coloured Engravings of the Old Cider and Perry Fruits of 

Herefordshire. Ato., hcdf bound. Lond. 1811. 

First and best edition containing 30 plates, drawn by Elizabeth Matthews 

and engraved by W. Hooker. 

1672. KXIGHT. Catalogue of the Exceedingly Choice and Valua- 

ble Library of the late William Knight, Esq. Prices and 
names. 8vo, half morocco., rough edges. Lond. 1847. 

1673. KXIGHT (F.) AXD RIMLEY'S Crests of the Xobility and 

Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. De.signed principally 
for the use of Artists. 4to, cloth. Lond. 1829. 


184 KRAUSS. 

SO 1674. KNOX (Hugh). The Moral and Religious Miscellany; or 
Sixty-One Aphoretical Essays, on some of the most impor- 
tant Christian Doctrines and Virtues. 8vo, sheep. 

iV. Y. Hodge and Shober, 1775. 
/O, 1675. KNOX (John). An Answer to a Great Nomber of blasphe- 
mous c:\uillations written by an Anabaptist, and aduersarie 
to God's eternal Predestination. Small 8vo, calf. 

\^Geneva], jvi/ited bi/ J^ohn C/'espin, 1560. 

7^ 1676. . Another copy, with Fac-siraile Title. Sni.8\o. calf. 
Chalmers' copy of this rare piece, by Scotland's Great Reformer, sold for 
£2 12«. 6d. 

J 2, 1677. KNOX (John). f|cfr follotoeth the coppft oC the 

reSSCTtlltfl which was betuix the Abbote of Crofragnell 
and John Knox, in Mayboill, concerning the masse, etc. 
Facsimile reprint in JJlaCfe. l^tXitX. 4to, morocco. 

Edinb. 1812. 

Boswell's copy of this rare reprint sold for £1 Zs. Od. 

J2 1678. KNOX (Robt.) The Races of Men : a Fragment. 12mo, 

' calf, gilt. Lond. 1850. 

j ^S^ 1679. KNOX (Vicesimus). Essays, Moral and Literary. 3 vols. 

12 mo, cf. Loud. 1803. 

/^ 1680. KOLB (J. Chr.) Cor laetificans Castrum Doloris Christo 

RedemtoriS, etc. Folio, half vellmn. Augspurg, 1708. 

Contains Twenty-five plates, with descriptions in German. 

^"1681. KRAETZER-RASSAERTS. Tableaux Statistique, Geogra- 
phique et Heraldique, tons les Etats d'Allemagiie. Mount- 
ed on canvas. 
/ VcTTeSS. KRAUSE (Johan Ulric). Die Verwandlungen des Ovidii. 
In 226 KupiFern. Aiigspurg, n. d. 

J7 Jl? 1683. KRAUSEN (Johann Ulrich). Historische Bilder Bibel. 8vo, 
morocco extra. A ( fgspurg, 1702. 

Contains 188 beautiful plates, delicately engraved by Krausen and Melchior 
Kiisell, illustrating the most prominent Historical Scenes in the Old and 
New Testament. 

J, 1684. KRAUSS (J. Ulrich). Heilege Augen und Gemiiths Lust, 

vorstellend AUe Sonn Fest und Feyrtilgliche nicht nur 
Evangelien Sonderu auch Epistelen und Lectionem. 120 
large and fine Bible Plates. Folio, vellum, Augspnrg [1706]. 
S, 1685. KRAUSSE (Johann Ulrich). Biblishes Engel- und Kunst- 

werk. Over 150 fne Bible Plates. Folio, hcdf bound, 

Augspurg., 1715. 

3, 1686. KRAUSSE (Joh. Ulrich). Historischer Bilder-Bibel. Plates 

and Text beautifully engraved. Folio. Augspurg., 1698. 

/0 1687. KRAUSSE (J. Ulrich). Historische Bilder-Bibel des Alten 

und Newen Testaments. Folio, hogskin., clasps. 

Augspurg, 1705. 
Contains 255 Plates beautifully engraved. 


"" 1 G88. KRUL. Eerlycke Tytkorting Bestaende In verscheyde Rymen 
Gemacht door Ian Hermansz Krvl. 4to, vellum. 

Haerleni, n. d. 

" Liber rarissima," from Henry Wliite's Collection. 

^ 1689. KYSEL. Icones Biblicae Veteris et N"ovi Testamenti. Fiijuren 
Biblischer Historien Alten und Neuen Testaments proprio 
teri incisse, et venales expositae aMelchiore Kysel Auwustano. 
238 Plates. 4to, velhitn. [Auffitstre Vlndelicorion^ 1679. 
" Recueil de bonnes planches gravees a Teau-forte." — Branet. La Yalliere 
sale, 200 fr. 

^ 1690. L. (R. Van), Leerzaame Zinnebeelden met Historische- 
natuur-en Zedekundige Aantekeningen door R : V. L. Met 
Plaaten. 4to, green morocco. 

Amsterdam.! hy H. Bosch., 1725. 

L. (T.) See Lodge (Thomas.) 

r"l691. L. (T.) A Voice out of the Wilderness, Crying with many 

Tears and strong persuasion to the World for Repentance. 

\1\\\o,calf. Zone?. 1661. 

Xot mentioned by Lowndes. 

^JT692. LABAUME (Eugene). A Circumstantial Narrative of the 
Campaign in Russia. Svo, half bound. Philad. 1815. 

"^ ] 693. LACEY (J.) Sauny the Scot ; or, the Taming of the Shrew ; 

a Comedy. Aio, hcdf ccdf ; last leaf mended. 

Lond. 1698. 
r^ 1694. LACONICS; or New Maxims of State and Conversation 

Relating to the Affairs and Manners of the Present Times. 

Svo, calf. Lond. 1701. 

■' 1695. LACONICS, or the Good Sayings of Wise Men. 24mo, 
cloth. " Lond. 1837. 


eres, Que le pMpart des Nations arborent en Mer ; Comme 
font ceux d'Angleterre, etc. 4to, hcdfcalf 

La Haye., 1737. 

The Flags and Banners of all Nations. See also Lot 720. 

1697. LACROIX, FOURNIER ET SER:fi. Le Livre d'or des 
Metiers. Histoire de ITmprimerie et des Arts et Profes- 
sions qui se Rattachent a la Typographic, etc. Impl. 
8vo, half morocco^ gilt top. Plates printed iti gold and 
silver. Pctris, 1852. 

1> 1698. LADIES' CALLING (the) and the Gentleman's CaUing, by 
the Author of the Whole Duty of Man. 2 vols. 8vo, calf 

~0 gilt edges. Oxford, 1673. 

ft- 1699. LADIES' POCKET MAGAZINR 18mo. half calf 


morocco. ^V. Y. 1842. 


136 LAMBE. 

.2^1701. LADY'S POETICAL ALBUM. l«tno, Ms. 

Glasgow^ 1830. 

//, 1702. LAFAYETTE. GeneralLafayette'sTourthrough the United 

States in 1824, collected from the various newspapers of 
that period. 4to, rough calf. 
This unique book contains all the newspaper notices of the day. 

1703. LA FONTAINE (M. De). Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. 

Nouvelle edition, Enrichie de tailles douces, corrigee et 
augruentee. 2 vols, in 1. 12mo, calf. 

Amsterdam., P. Brunei^ 1699. 

1704. LA FONTAINE. Fables Choisies Mises en Vers. Nou- 

velle Edition Gravee en Tailledouce. Les Figures par S'. 

Fessard, le Texte par le S"'. Montulay. 6 vols., 8vo, French 

calf gilt edges. Paris, 1765-75. 

The text of this beautiful edition is entirely engraved, with borders and 

vignettes, besides upwards of 400 engravings, chiefly after the designs of 


S.SV 1705. LA FONTAINE. Recueil de Fables d'Esope, et Autres 
Mythologistes ; les memes, mises en vers par la Fontaine, 
ornees de Gravures par Aug. Legrand. Folio. 

Paris, 1799. 

'T"/ 1706. LA FUEILLE (Daniel de). Devises et Emblemes Ancienues 

et Mod ernes. Tirees des plus celebres Auteurs ; avec 
Plusieurs autres, Nouvellement inventees et mises en Latin, 
en Espagnol, en Italien, en Anglois, en Flamand, et en Alle- 
mand. 4to, morocco. Amsterdam, 1712. 

Includes several hundred figures, typical of sayings, proverbs, etc. 

1707. LAIRD OF LOGAN (The), or Anecdotes and Tales, illus- 
trative of the Wit and Humour of Scotland. 12mo, cloth. 

Glasgow, 1841. 

-2^^1708. . Do. 2d Series. \2mo, cloth. 1837. 

2,S'0 1709. LAIRESSE (Gerard de). Tableaux qui se trouvent a La 
Haye, dans la Chambre du Conseil de Justice de la Cour 
d'Hollande, de Zeland et de Westvrise, peints par Gerard 
de Lairesse, et graves d'api'es les dessins de N. Verkolje. 
Folio, vellum. Amsterdam, 1737. 

J*. 1710. LAMB (Sir Jas. Bl.) Birth and Triumph of Love, vith the 
Designs of the Princess Elizabeth ; Engraved by P. W. 
Tornkins. 12mo, cf Land. 1823. 

/, 2*f~~l 711. LAMBE (lohn). A Briefe Description of the Notoriovs Life 
of lohn Lambe, otherwise called Doctor Lambe. Together 
with his Ignominious Death. 4to. 

Printed in Amsterdam, 1628. 

Of this reprint of the very scarce original, forty-four copies only were 

struck off. " This impostor practised juggling, fortune-telling, recovering 

lost goods, and showing young people the faces of those who were to be 

their husbands or wives, in his crystal glass." — Lowndes. 



, 1712. LAMBERT (John). Travels through Canada and the United 
States of North America, 1806-8. id edition. Mcq) and 
Plates. 2 vols. Bvo, half calf. Lond. 1816. 

J?yiVl3. LAMBERT (Marchioness de). Essays on Friendship and 
Old Age. 8vo, half calf. Lond. 1780. 

> 1714. LAMY (J. P.) Feuilles Caracterisques en Costume du 
Canton de Berne. 6 Plates coloured. 4to. Berne., n. d. 

SO 1715. LANDON" (C. P.) (Euvre Complet de Raphael Sanzio, Re- 
duit et Grave au Trait D'Apres les Tableaux et Dessins 
des differens Musees de I'Europe, etc. Plates. 4 vols. 4to, 
hds.., uncut. Paris., 1814. 

1716. LANDON (C. P.) Lives and Works of the Most Celebrated 
Painters of Every School. Vol. 1, Domenichino. 60 
Plates. 4to, half calf. Lond. 1804. 

^ri717. LANDSBOROUGH (Rev. David). Arran, a Poem. 12mo, 
half calf. Edinl). 1828. 

^^1718. LAXE (Benj.) The Mysteries of Tobacco. 12mo. 

N. Y. 1845. 

1719. LANGHAM (Wm.) JThr CTar^Cn of l^ralth, Conteyn- 

ing the sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of 

all kindes of Simples and Plants, etc. 3JlaCfe l^LtXXZX. 

4to, vellum. Lond. 1579. 

iJ~T720. LANGHORN"E (Dr.) The Correspondence of Theodosius 

^- „^ and Constantia. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1807. 

,^^.1721. LAPRAIK (John). Poems on Several Occasions. %\oJi(df 

morocco. Ivihnarnock., 1788. 

1 722j^ LAS CASAS (Count de). Letters. %\o, half calf. 

Lond. 1819. 
Relate to his removal from St. Helena. 

1723. LAS CASAS. Memoirs of the Count de Las Casas. 8vo, 

half calf. Lond. 1818. 

1724. LASKEY (Capt. J.) A General Account of the Hunterian 

Museum, at Glasgow. 8vo, hds. Glasgow., 1813. 

S'O 1725. LASKEY (Cap. J. C.) A Description of the Series of Medals 

Struck at the National Medal Mint, by Order of Napoleon 

Bonaparte, &c. S\o., half calf . Lond. 1818. 

1726. LATYMER (Master Hughe). (armagU ©Otilg SermOHS, 

made vppon the lords Prayer, &c. \Vliereunto are annex- 
ed certaine other Sermons, &c. 3Jlactt JittttV. 8vo, 
calf gilt ; title and last leaf 7n ended ; othervise perfect. 

Lmprinted at London, by John Pay, 1662. 

Heber's copy sold for £2 12s. Qd. Knight's, for £2 15s. Od. 

] 1727. LAVATER (J. C.) Essays on Physiognomy, translated into 

English by Thomas Holcroft. 360 Engravings. 3 vols. 

r\.8yo, calf Lond. \1 89. 


138 LEEDS. 

S^O 1728. LAW (John). Money and Trade considered ; witli a Proposal 
for supplying the Nation with Money. 12rao. 

Glasgoxo^ Foulis, 1750. 
By the famous originator of the South Sea Scheme. 
LAW IS A BOTTOMLESS PIT. See [Swift, Jonathan]. 
/ 1729. [LAWSOX, JAMES]. Liddesdale; or, the Border Chief. 
A Tragedy. 8vo, pp. 114. 

Printed., not prthlished, X. Y. 1861. 
•^f 1730. [LAWSON (James)]. Poems; Gleanings from Spare Hours 
of a Business Life. 8vo, cloth., gilt edges. 

Privately printed., ISf. Y. 1857. 

fr 1731. LE BRUN (Chas.) Grand Escalier du Chateau de Versailles 

dit Escalier des Ambassadeurs, ordonne et peint par Ch. 

Le Brun [grave par L. Surugue et A. Loyer]. 24 plates. 

Folio, half bound. Paris [1725]. 

La Valliere's copy sold for 60 fr. 

>^,2X~]732. LE BRUX (Charles). Heads Representing the Passions of 

the Soul, as they are expressed in the Human Countenance. 

2.0 jylates. FoVio, half bound. Zond. 1813. 

^' 1733. LED WICK (Edw.) Antiquities of Ireland. 31 plates. 4to, 

half calf Dublin, 1790. 

" A valuable collection of Essays." — Lowndes. 

'^^ 1734. LEE. The Life and Memoirs of the late Major-General Lee. 

12mo, bds. ' JV. Y. 1813. 

^•^f 1735. LEECH (Miss). Poems on Various Subjects, with 32 fine 

plates inserted., some richly coloured. 4to, hcdf morocco., 

_ gilt top. Loud, privately pmnted., IS] Q. 

1736. LEEDS (Titan). American Almanack for 1719. Title-only. 
Do. for 1733, and 1736, 1737, 1738, and 1739, etc.; and, 
Jerman (John), The American Almanack for 1740, in 1 
vol. 12mo, half calf Phil.., A. Bradford. 

1737. LEENHEER (P. F. Joanne). Virgo Maria sub solis Meta- 

phora Emblematice Expressa. 4to, green nxorocco extra., 
by Pawson & Nicolson. Jiruxellis, 1681. 

^ ^- Contains 26 Plates, with Latin and Dutch "Verses. 

-^'"^ 1738. LE GRAND (M.) Parteuopex de Blois : a Romance, freely 

translated, with Notes, by W. Stewart Rose. 4to, half 

tnorocco. Lond. 1807. 

" The EngraviuKS, from designs by Smirke, are strictly according to the 

Costume of the Xllth and Xlllth Centuries." — Lowndes. 

" Superbe edition oruee de jolies gravures." — Brunei. 

/'•2«^1739. LEGIT AT. A New Voyage to the East Indies, by Francis 
Leguat and his Companions, adorn'd with Maps and 
Figures ; with Aiitograph of Joseph Ritson. Svo, ccdf 

Loud. 1708. 

Riclielieu (Xo. 1026) places this book among the " Voyages Imaginaires." 
The work contains an account of the Dodo. 



LENOIR. 139 

'l74C. [LE JAY (Gabr. Fr.)] Le Triomphe de la Religion sous 
Louis Le Grand, Represente par des Inscriptions et des 
Devises, avec une Explication en vers Latins et Fianyois. 
12mo, calf. Paris, 1687. 

1741, LEMOINE (Hy.) Typographical Antiquities. History, 

Origin, and Progress of the Art of Printing, from its first 
Invention in Germany to the End of the xviith Century, 
and from its Introduction into England, by Caxron, to the 
present time, &c. Portrait inserted. 12mo, calf, gilt 
edges. Lorul. 1797. 

1742. LE MOYNE (Pierre). De I'Art des Devises avec divers 

Reciieils de Devises, du mesme autheur. Nouvelle edition. 
123 Plates of Emblems, d'c. 4to, calf. 

Paris, A. Dezallier, 1688. 

174.3. LE MOYNE. Le Gallerie des Femmes Forts. Translated by 

John Pawlet, Marquis of Winchester. 16 Plates. Folio, 

calf [1652]. 

From Mr. Burton's Collection. Among the Portraits are Mary Queen of 

Scots, Eleanor of Castile, Princess of Wales, Joan of Arc, &c. 

1744. LEXOIR (Alex.) Musee des Monumens Frangais ou De- 

scription Historique et cbronologique des Statues, Bas-Re- 
liefs, et Tombeaux, pour servir a THistoire de France, et a 
celle de I'Art. With over 250 Plates. 6 vols. 8vo, half cf 

Paris, 1800-1806. 
The Fable of Cupid and Psyche, as illustrated by Raphael, forms the 
subject of the Sixth volume. 

1745. LEONIS X., Pont. Max. Breue sanctissimi dni nostri diii 

Leonis diuia prouidentia pape deciraa, ad doctores sup 
correctione caledarii pro recta pasche celebratione. 4to, 

Roma, M.D.xiii. 
A fine specimen of early Italian Printing. 

1746. LE SAGE. The Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane, 

Translated from the French [by Benjamin Heath Malkin]. 
With 24 Plates after Pictures by Smirke. 4 vols. 1 2mo, cf. 

Lond. 1822. 

1747. LESSON (R. P.) Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux-Mouches. 

85 richly coloured plates. Rl. 8vo, half ccdf 

Paris [1829.] 
"Ouvrage assez bien executee." — Brunei. 

1748. LETH (Hendrik de). Het Zegenpralend Kennemerland ver- 

toont in 100 Heerlyke Gezichtun, &c. 2 pts. Folio. 

Amsterdam, n. d. 

LETTERS FROjNI A GENTLEMAN in the North of Scot- 
land. See [Burt, Capt. Ed.] 

1 749. LETTERS between The Honourable Andrew Erskine and 

James Boswell, Esq. 8vo, calf. Loiul. 1763. 

Xot written for publication, and suppressed. ♦ 


14rO LEWIS. 


in the French Army. 12mo, ealf. Land. 1808. 

/, 1751. LETTERS OX EARLY RISING. Plates. 12mo, half cf. 

Lond. 1819. 

jJ~T7d2. letters to the marquis of HASTINGS on the 

Indian Press, etc. 8vo, caff. Lond. 1824. 

//'^^^ 1753. LETTSOM (John C.) Memoirs of John Fothergill. Fourth 

Edition. 8vo. Lond. 1786. 

Full of curious particulars relating to the actual history of America. 

''*' 1754. LEL" (Thomas de). Sohtvdo sive Yitie Patruni Eremicolarum 
Per antiqnissimu Patrem D. Hieronimu, corundem prinia- 
rium ohm conscripta iam vero primum teneis laminis. Ill 
Plates. Oblong 4to. s. 1. 1606. 

1755. LEUEXS (Peter). A Right profitable Booke for all Diseases, 
called, JTfte ^lath^tuan to Health. Wherein are to bee 
found most excellent and approued ^Medicines of great vertue : 
as also notable potions and drinks, and for the distilling of 
diners precious waters and making of Oyles, and other 
comfortable reeeits for the health of the body, neuer before 
• imprinted. JJlaCti JlLfttcr. 4:io, calf antique., red edges. 

Lond. 1632. 
An account of this author wQl be found in Wood's Athenae Oxoniensis. 

f* 1756. LEWIX (J. W.) Natural History of the Birds of Xew 
South Wales, collected, engraved, and faithfully painted 
after Xature. 20 Coloured Plates. Folio, half morocco, 

Lond. 1838. 
Third and best edition, with an Index of Scientific Xames, etc., by Gould 
& Eyton. 

" Admirable figures, full of truth and nature : accompanied by yaluable 
obseryations on the habits and economy of Birds." — Swainson. 

/'X*^1757. LEWIS (John). A Complete History of the several Transla- 
tions of the Holy Bible and Xew Testament into English 
both in MS. and in print. 8vo, cf Lond. 1739. 

Best edition of this work, in which the author was materially assisted by 
Dr. Waterland. 

A 1758. LEWIS (Mary G.) Zelinda: a Poem. %yo^ old morocco. 

Lond. 1823. 
-2*^759. LEWIS (Mat. Gr.) Tales of Wonder. 2 vols. 12mo. cf. 

X. F., >S'. Camphell, 1801. 

♦^» 1760. LEYDEN (John). Poetical Remains of Dr. John Leyden, 

with Memoirs of his Life. By the Rev. Jas Morton. 8vo, 

half morocco. Lond. 1819. 

J~^ 1761. LEYDEX (John). Scenes of Infancy, descriptive of Teviot- 

dale. l2mo, half calf Bdinb. ISll. 

LHOYD (H.) See Lloyd, H. 

^^, 1 762. LIBER PRECLTkl. MS. on vellum, icith 9 large illuminations, 

14 3Iiniatures in gold and colours., ornamented Initials, 

dec. Small Svo, green morocco. 


1763. LTBER PRECUM ET OFFICIORUM. Ilhiminated Ini- 
tials and Jiubi'icatiojis. Square 12mo, morocco, gilt edges. 
, 1764. LIBER PRECEM. MS. of the Fifteenth Century on vel- 
lum, with Fourteen beautiful miniatiires : the Initial Letters 
coloured and lieightened with gold, and each page loitli Flo- 
riated Ornaments., etc. 192 leaves, small Ato, blue morocco, 
heavy silver and highly ornamented clas2). 

1765. LIBRI. Catalogue of the Extraordinary Collection of Sf)len- 
did Manuscripts, etc., chiefly on vellum ; also the choicer 
Portion of the Magnificent Library formed by M. Gugli- 
ELMO LiBKi. Many facsimile Plates. With prices and 
names. 2 vols. impl. Svo, hcdf morocco, unctit. 

Lond. 1859. 
These Catalogues are alphabetically arranged, and the books copiously 
aunotated. The collection was celebrated fur the extreme beauty of the 
Bindings, as well as the great rarity of the Books and MSS. described. 

J"<^1766. LIBRO DE MARCHI de CavalU con li Nomi de Tvtti li 
Principi et Privati Signori che Hanuo Razzi di Cavalli. 78 
Plates. 18mo, calf. Venetia, 1569. 

1767. LIEBE (Christ. Sigis). Gotha Nvmaria Sistens Thesavri 
Fridericiani Numismata Antiqva Avrea, Argentea, /Erea 
et ratione descripta Vt Generali eorum notitia^ exerapla 
singularia subiungantur. Accedunt ex And. Morellii, 
Specimine Vnluersae Rei Nutnariae Antiquaj Excerpta, et 
Epistola Tres Ez. Spanhemii quibus rariores eiusdeni The- 
sauri Numi illustrantur. Folio, uncut. 

Amstdoidami, 11. a)id J. Wetstefiios, 1730. 

^<^ 1768. LIFT FOR TPIE LAZY (A). 12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1849. 

1769. LIGHT (The) OF BRITAYNE. A Recorde of the honorable 

Originall and Antiquitie of Britaine. Svo, red morocco 
extra, gilt top. Lond. 1588, Mejyrinted 1814. 

135 printed; 107 copies only in this size. 

1770. LIGHTFOOTE (John). Ervbhim; or Miscellanies Christian 

and Judaicall, and others. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1629. 

The author was a celebrated Rabbinical scholar. 

S9 1771. LILBURN. A Conference with the Souldiers ; or a Parley 
at Mr. John Lilburn's Trial. 4to, Jialf morocco. s.l.s. a. 
For an account of this noted enthusiast, see ^yood's Athen. Oxon. 

1772. LILLE (Abbe de). The Gardens, a Poem. 2nd Edition. 

Impl. Svo, morocco extra. Lond. 1805. 

For other copies, see De Lille. 

1773. LINDSAY. The Works of the Famous and Worthy Knight 

Sir David Lindsay of the Mount, alias Lion King of Arms. 
12rao, half bound. Fdinb.\^i'i<6. 

^1774. . Another Edition, \2vl\o., old calf ; title torn. 

1775. LINDSAY (John). View of the Coinage of Scotland, with 
Copious Tables, Lists, Descriptions, and Extracts from 
Acts of Parliament. 4to, hcdf morocco. Cork., 1845. 



.f«Pi776. LINDSAY (Robert, of Pitscottie). Chronicles of Scotland. 
[Edited by J. G. DalyelL] 2 vols. 8vo, ef. Edinh. 1814. 
All accurate edition from several old MSS., in the original orthography. 
2^5-1777. LINDSAY (Rob.) The History of Scotland from 1436 to 
1565. 2d Edition. 12nio, (/. Glasgow, 1749. 

„ 1778. . Another Edition. \2m.o, sheep. Edinb. \11%. 

J2., 1779. LINEN (James). Songs of the Seasons, and other Poems, 
12mo, half calf. N. Y. [1852]. 

y,%rO 1780. LINES written at Jerpoint Abbey. Dedicated to Sheffield 
Grace., Esq. Illustrated. 8vo, red morocco, by J. Mack- 
enzie. Lond. prhited for Presents only, 1820. 
/.i^ 781. LINN (J. B.) The Powers of Genius : a Poem. 12mo, calf. 

Philada. 1802. 

^ 1782. LINN (J. B.) Valerian: a Narrative Poem. 4to, bds. 

Philada. 1805. 
J2/, 1783. LIPPINCOTT. Trial of Captain Richard Lippincott of the 
Associated Loyalists for Hanging Joshua Huddy, a Pris- 
oner of "War, on the Jersey Shore opposite Sandy Hook, 
April, 1784. Proceedings of the Court-Martial, etc. MS. 
in 4to, calf. 
A highly interesting Revolutionary Document. 

3. Si) 1784. LITERARY LEAVINGS. A Collection of Engraved Wood 
Cuts, consisting of 191 Historical Head Pieces, Initial Let- 
ters, Views in Rome, Engravings, Moral Sentences, etc. 
Rl. 8vo, half calf. 

/JZ, 1785. LITHGOWE (William). A most delectable and Trve Dis- 
co vrse of an Admired and painefull Peregrination fiom 
Scotland to the most Famous Kingdomes in Europe, Asia, 
and Africa, etc. Portrait inserted. Small 4to, rassia extra, 
/ by F. Bedford ; rare. Loud. N. Okes, 1623. 

^^ 1786. . Another (nth) Edition. 8vo. Edinb. 1170. 

For a critique on this work, see Retr. Rev., si., p. 342. Inglis's copy, 1632, 
sold for £3 lis. Od. 

/2, 1787. LIVERMORE (George). An Historical Research respecting 
the Opinions of the Founders of the Republic, on Negroes as 
Slaves, as Citizens, and as Soldiers. Read before the Mas- 
sachusetts Historical Society, August 14, 1862. Large pa- 
per copy. 4to. 

Boston, [Prirately'l Printed by John Wilson cfi iSo/i, 1862. 
From the autlior, with Autograph. One of the largest of large paper 
books ever printed, and realizing the poet's idea of a "meadow of margin 
and a rivulet of text." Fifty copies printed. 

ACTERS Born or Long Resident in the Counties of Es- 
sex, -SuiFolk, and Norfolk. Embellished with 68 Portraits. 
Svo, half calf. Zand. 1 826. 

LLOYD. J[43 

LIVES OF EMINENT SCOTSMEN, by the Society of An- 
cient Scots. Portraits. 3 vols. 18mo, half calf . 

Land. 1821. 

LELAjfD, Thomas Hearne, and Anthony a Woob. Large 
paper. 2 xoh. 8vo, half russia. Oxford, 1172. 

This was edited by Th. Warton and W. Huddesford. Dent's copy, £2 ; 

Sykes's, £1 13s. Od. 

1791. LIVRE ROUGE (The), or Red Book: being a List of Se- 

cret Pensions Paid out of the Public Treasure of France. 
8vo, calf. Dublin, 1790. 

1792. [LLOYD (Rev. David)]. The Legend of Captain Jones : Re- 

lating his Adventure to Sea, His Furious Battel, His Re- 
lieving of Kemper Castle, His strange and admirable Sea 
Fight, etc. 2 parts in 1 vol. Frontispiece by Marshall. 
ISmo, calf; rare. Land. 1671-70. 

The author of this burlesque Poem was Rev. David Lloyd, Dean of St. 

Asaph. The subject of the Poem was contemporary with Sir "W. Raleigh. 

See Ant. a "Wood. 

1793. LLOYD (H.) The Historic of Cambria, now called Wales: 

a Part of the most foraous Yland of Brytaine, etc., cor- 
rected, augmented, continued, etc., by Dauid Powel. 4to, 
blue ynoTocco. 

Land. 1584, Reprint {of which 250 copies only were printed) 

This History of Cambria, in addition to the original matter contained in the 
volume, has a variety of Views, Portraits, and descriptions of Places in- 
serted, making the volume a unique copy. 

1794. LOCKE (John). Discourses: translated from Nicole's Es- 

says. Now first printed. 12mo, calf extra, gilt. 

Lond. 1828. 

1795. LOCKE (John). Essay on Civil Government. 12mo, .sAeep. 

Lond. 1814. 
LOCKE (John). An Essay Concerning Human Understand- 
ing. 2 vols. 8vo, cedf Lond. 1796. 
LOCKHART (J. G.) ' Ancient Spanish Ballads, Historical 
and Romantic, with numerous illustrations, by William 
Allan and others. The Borders and Ornamental Vig- 
nettes by Ov:en Jones, ito, red viorocco. Lond. 1841. 
Original Illustrated edition ; some of the plates heightened with gold and 

LOCKHART (J. G.) Life of Robert Burns. Portrait Ln- 
serted. 8\o, half calf . Edinb. 1828, 

LOCKHART (J. G.) Memoir of the Life of Sir Walter 
Scott. 10 vols, fcap, 8vo, cloth. Edinb. 1837. 

LOCKHART. Refutation of the Misstatements respecting 
the Messrs. Ballantyne, in Lockhart's Life of Scott. 12mo. 

Lond. 1838. 

144 LONGUS. 

S~, 1801. LODGE (Ed.) Life of Sir Julius Ca-sur, Knt., Councillor to 
Kings James and Charles I., with Memoirs of his Family 
and Descendants, etc. 18 Portraits. 4to, hds.., uncut. 

Lond. 1827. 

J2,, 1802. . Another copy. 4to, hds.., uncut. Lond. 182'i(. 

The subject of this highly interesting vohime was a Judge of the High 
Court of Admiralty, etc. Temp. Charles I. 

'2'^~"l803. LODGE (Ed.) Portraits. Vols. 1, 2, and 3. No plates, 

12mo, cloth. Lond. n. d. 

J,^0 1804. L[ODGE] T[h.] A Fig for Mom us ; containing Pleasant 

varietie, included in Satyres, Eclogues, and Epistles, by 

T. L. 4to, half morocco. 

Rei/rlnted at the Auchinleck Press, 

by Alex. Posioell, 1817. 

Berry's copy of this edition sold for £1 I8s. Od., and Bindley's, £3 4.s. Od. 

Some of the Poems in this volume are inscribed to Master E. Dig. (Digby); 

to Reverend Colin (qu. Spensei ?) ; to Master Samuel Daniel, Bolton, and 

Drayton. See Beloe's Anecdotes and "Wood's Athenaj Oxouiensis. . 

/'2*> 1805. LOGAN (James). Notes of a Journey through Canada, the 
United States of America, and the West Indies. Map. 
Post 8vo, half calf. Edlnh. 1838. 

-2» 1806. LOGAN (James). The Scottish Gael; or Celtic Manners, as 

preserved among the Highlanders, etc. Coloured pdates. 
2 vols. 8vo, half calf . Lond. 1831. 

"Mr. Logan's reading is extensive, his research deep, and his enthusiasm 
extraordinary." — Literary Gazette. 

1807. LOGAN (Rev'd John). Poems and Life. 18mo, half calf . 

Phil. 18i4. 
2^ 1808. LOGAN (W. H.) The Scottish Banker. \2mo, cloth. 

Lond. 1850. 

/t^SP 1809. LONDON. Modekn London : Being the History and Pres- 

I (hif' 6nt State of the British Metropolis ; illustrated with 

' numerous Copper Plates. ^X^o, half calf . Lond. 1805. 

S<? 1810. LONGMAN & CO. [Sale] Catalogue of Old Books. 8vo, 

hds. Lond. 1824. 

o.SO 1811. [LONGLTS.] Les Amovrs Pastorals de Daphne et Chloe, 

traduites du Grec en Franyois par Jacques Amyot]. 

Planches. 4to, calf. \Paris\ 1718. 

"Edition imprimee aux frais du Regent (Ph. d'Orleans] et decoree de 28 

gravures, executees (par B. Andran) d'apres les dessins qui portent le 

nom de ce prince ... 40 a 60 fr." — Brunei. 

o,^*^ 1812. LONGUS. Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe 

Escrites en Grec par Longus, et translatees en Francois 

par Jacques Amyot. Fully illustrated. 8vo, half 77iorocco, 

red edfjes. L^ond. 1119. 

SO 1813. LOSENAUER (J. J.) Alle Weissheit, etc. 4to. 

Stutgard, s. a. 
A Curious Collection of German Cyphers and Flourishes. 



, 1814. LOSSIXG (Benson J.) A History of the United States for 
Families and Libraries; illustrated by nearly 300 Engrav- 
ings. Rl. 8vo, morocco, gilt top. X. Y. 1857. 
', 1815. LOSSIXG (B. J.) Our Countrymen; or Brief Memoirs of 
Eminent Americans. 103 Portraits. 12rao, cloth. 

N. Y. 1855. 
JlTTsie. LOSSING (B. J.) Outline History of the Fine Arts. 18mo, 
cloth. ' AT Y. 1840. 

:»n? 1817. LOSSING (B. J.) The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revo- 
lution. Originol cop;/. Several hundred engravings on 
wood. 2 vols, iinpl. 8vo, hal/'russia, qilt top. 

X. Y. 1851. 


half calf. Edinb. 1826. 

r^ 1819. LOTTINL Scelta D'Alcuni MiracoH e Grazie della Santis- 

sima Nvnziata di Firenze ; discritta dal P. F. Gio Angiolo 

^^ Lottini. 4to, vellum. Firenze., P. Cecconcelh\ 1Q19. 

The first edition of this rare work. The Plates are by Callot. and 

amongst the first works of that celebrated artist. An account of the book 

may be found in the Catalogue of Count Cicognora. '" Ouvrage recherche." 

— Brunei. La VaUiere, 21 fr. 

S^ 1820. LOUIS XVL Etat des Gouvernemence des Provinces: 

a MS. Statement of the accounts of Louis XYI. 8vo, 

red 7norocco. 1776. 


(Jeremiah \yhitacre)]. 

JV 1821. LOVE EMBLEMS. A Collection of 94 Plates, in Small 
8vo, hcdfcalf. 
LOYE AND MADNESS. See [Croft (Sir Herbert)]. 

SV 1822. LOVED AY (R.) Letters, Domestick and Foreign, To 

several Persons, etc. Portrait. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1684. 

" Formerly in good esteem." — Lawrvles. 

'/ 1823. LOVES OF THE SAINTS; or the Diverting History of 

Sandy & Bobby. 8vo. Lond. 1825. 

A satire on Alexander Fletcher. 

1.^ 1824. LOWTH (Robt.) Isaiah; a New Translation ; with Prelimi- 
nary Dissertation and Notes, Critical, Philological, &> Ex- 
planatory. 2 vols. 8vo, ccdf. Edinb. 1807. 

S'O 1825. LOYOLA. Vita Beati P. Ignatii Loiolae Societatis lesv 
Fvndatoris. 4:10, old calf i^oma, 1609. 

C^O 1826. LRICII (Andree.) 22UC0mialUther(. Wood cut Title. 

4to. jsiacfe aetter. 1524. 

A rare contemporary tract — The Praises of Luther. 
2«^'~1827. LUCAN'S PHx\RSALIA, translated by Rowe. 12mo, c«// 

Lond. 1720, 


146 LUIKEN. 

So 1828. LUCIAlSr. ©galOflUS lUCfanf qui instriblt Caron de 

greco in latinum q rayniiinciii virum insignem de noiio 

traiislat ad reiierC'dissiinu prein dnm cardinale niorien incipit 

feliciter. Small 4to. iJIach TLZHZX. s. 1. s. a. 

According to Panzer, printed at Leipsic, ]494 or 1495. 

/,2'S^ 1829. LVCIANI RHETOR, a Bilibaido Pirekaimero, in Latinvra 

versvs ; et Lvciani Fvgitivi a Bilibaldo Pirekaimero in 

Latinvm Versvs, with curious v'iood cuts. 2 tracts in 1 vol. 

4to. Ilagnooi^ T. Anslielnn., m.d.xx. 

;2,2»r~~ 1830. LUCINA SINE CONCUBITA, and the (Economy of the 

Sexes. 2 scarce Tracts in 1 vol. 8vo, half calf . 

' Lond. 1751. 
The former of these tracts, written to prove that woman can conceive 
without commerce with a man, is by the Rev. F. Coventry. 

^f 1831. LUCKIUS (Jo. Jac.) Sylloge Nvmismatvra Elegantinrvm, 
qufe Diuersi Iinpp. Reges, Principes, Comites, Respnblicse, 
Diuersas ob caiisas ab Anno 1500 ad Aimum usq 1600, 
cudi feceiunt ; co)d,ai)iing several luindred heaxdifxd en- 
gravings of 3Iedals and Ooins^ hg P. Aitbrg. Small 
folio. Argefitime, tgpis lieppianis, 1620. 

" This work is held in great esteem, and having been privately printed, is 
very rare." — Gtrdes. 

" Recueil devenu assez rare. Leg fig. des medailles y sont gravecs sur 
cuivre; 24 a 36 fr." — Brunei. 

1832. [LUCKOMBE (Ph.)] A Concise History of the Origin and 

Progress of Printing, with Practical Instructions to the 

Trade in General. 8vo, C(<//'. Land. 17V0. 

The author's own copy, with tw^o Portraits inserted. Relates mostly to 

the vwchaiiMn. of the art. 

^•^1833. LUCRETIUS DE RERUM NATURA, accedunt selectaj 
Lectiones, etc. (Cura Steph. And. Phillipe.) 18mo, Fiiie 
plates. Lutctice Parisiorwn., Constelier., 1744. 

/' 1834. LUDOVICO XIV. Festiva ad Capita An ulumque Deciirsio 
a Rege Ludovico XIV. Folio. Fine plates. 1662. 

/'-^•^1835. LUDWIGEN. Ehren G^dectnus Dess Dm-(rhleuchtigen 
Hochgebonien Fiirsten, etc., Ludwigen Landgraven zii 
Hessen. Fine pdates. Folio, vellum^ tooled edges. 

Marpurgice, 1626. 

1836. LUIKEN (Jan.) Afbeeklingeu der Merkwaardigste Ge- 

schiedenissen van het Oude en Nieuwe Testament, in 

het koper gectst Door den verraaarden en kunstryken Jan 

Luiken. Folio, calf. Amsterdam, 1729. 

The plates in this work are the size of two large folio pages, and are the 
^^_^. most picturesque and effective of all the old Scripture prints. 

7 1837. LUIKEN (Jan.) Beschouwing der Wereld, Bestaande in 
Hondert konstige Figuren, met Godlyke Spreuken En 
Stichtelyke verzen. 12mo, calf. Plates. 

Amsteldam, 1725. 





1838. LUIKEN (Joannesj. Vonken der Liefde Jezus, Van het 
Go(-l-begeerende Zielen-Viiur: Znde Bloempjes der Zalio-e 
Hoop, tot verheiigelykheid der Wandelaars, langs den 
Weg, na Vreden-Ryk. ILJmo, n^Uion. Amstehhnn, 1717^ 
S^f 1839. [LUPTOX (Donald). The Glory of their Times, or the Li ues 
of ye Primitiue Fatliers, cGtayning their Chiefest Actions, 
workes, Sentences, & Deaths ; tcith Portraits. 4to, calf. 

Lond. 1640. 
" With a frontispiece, and 45 Leads by Glover, many of which are 
probably fictitious." — Loumh-.s. Nassau, £1. 

S7> 1840. LUTHER. A Collection of Portraits, Plates, Coins, Medals, 

etc., illustrative of ti»e Life of Luther. No title. Oblong 

1841. LUTHER (M.) % (S'^mmnttarfir ot mx- Doctor 

iijartm atlthcr vpou the Epistle of S. Paul to the 
Galatians, etc. jjlatk ULCttCr. Small 4to, /^^f//>a(|: 

Lo/kI. T. Yantroullier., 1575. 
First edition in Elnglish. Era.smus says of this: "There is more solid 
divinity contained in one page, than could be found in many prolix treatises 
of Schoolmen and such kind of authors." 

1842. LUTHER (Martin.) The Life and Death of Martin Luther, 

taken out of his owne and other Godly and most Learned, 
men's writings, who lined in his time. Portrait inserted, 
4to, calf. Lond. 1641. 

1843. LCT^HER (Martin). The Life of Martin Luther, illustrated 

in Fifty Pictures from Designs by Gustav Kunig. Lnpl. 
8vo, calf antique., red edges. Lond. 1853. 

With an Introduction, and a View of the Reformation in England, by 
the Rev. Geo. Croly. 

*r9 1844. LYNDE (Sir Hvmfrey). Via Tvta; the Safe Vvay Leading 
all Christians to the true, ancient, & Cathohque faith. 
Id edition. 18mo, velluin. Land. 1629. 

1845. LYNDSAY. Fac-Simile of an Ancient Heraldic Manuscript, 
Emblazoned by Sir David Lyndsay, of the Mount, Lyon 
King of Amies, 1542 ; ^ipica^-ds of 500 richly embla- 
zoned Coats of Arms of the Scotish Peerage and Baronet- 
age faithfully copied from the Original Drawings., hy 
Lizars. Folio, half morocco., uncut. Edinh. 1822. 

Of this early and authentic register of Scottish Arms, only lOd copies 
were printed : it was edited by David Laing. Eyto^\Ti's copy sold, in 1S48, 
for £6 M. 

1847. LYRA. JlostUla ^icolflt He lira sup psaUcriu una 

cumhyumis et canticis. Wood-cut titk'. iJlacU iLtittX. 

Folio, vellum ; fine copy. Wants a leaf or two at the end. 

s. 1. Martin Boillon^ mcccclxxii. 

This is a portion of the first edition of Nicolas de Lyra's famous com- 
mentary, as printed by Sweynheym and Pannartz at Rome. 

1848. LYRE OF LOVE (The). 2 vols, post 8vo, calf. 

Lo)id. (J. Whittingham, 1806. 


i^7'l849. LYTTLETON. Letters of the late Lord Lyttleton. 8vo, 
oalf. * Troy, 1807. 

First American edition, with selections from his Lordship's Speeches on 
the American War. 

" 1850. LYTTLETON. Poetical Works of George Lord Lyttleton, 
Avith Additions : To which is prefixed, an account of his 
Life. 12mo, calf. Loiid. 1801. 

/,<^ 1851. M. (A.) Niagara: a Poem. 8vo. Eleven Plates and News- 
painr Cuttings inserted. A^ Y'. 1822. 

^^"^^852. [MABERLY (J.)] The Print Collector : an Introduction to 
the KnoAv ledge* of Ancient Prints, and a Catalogue Rais- 

7^^>> Q Sonne of Books on Engravings and Prints. Heautifxdly 

/ illustrated v:ith 72 Plates — the Frontispiece being an orig- 

inal etching by Ostaae ; many others of extreme beauty 
and rarity, tcith a MS. list by Evans. 4to, 7norocco exti'a, 
t'lal gilt, and tooled sides, by J. Machenzie. Land. 1844. 
Maberly's Collection of Prints sold' for over $20,000.00. 

/,fii9 1853. MABERLY. Catalogue of the Entire and Choice Collection 
of Engravings, the Property of Joseph Maberly, Esq., 
with prices and names. 8vo. half morocco. Lond. 1851. 
//•^ 1854. McARTHUR (J.) Army and Navy Gentleman's Com- 
panion : on the Theory and Practice of Fencing. Illus- 
trated by Mathematical Figures. 4to, half calf. 

Lond. (1780). 
,, /, 1855. MACCIUS (Paulus). Emblemata Moralia [aere incisa et ver- 
sibus Ital.] explicata. Cum Priuilegijs. 4to, calf. 

Bononiae, Ferronius, 1628. 

/ti-O 1856. , Aliud Exemplar. Wo, half calf . BononicB, \Q>2S . 

Contains 81 Plates, by one of the early Italian engravers, accompanied 
^^ by Explanatory Verses in Italian and Latin. 

t^*^ 1857. McCREERY (John). The Press; a Poem. Published as a 
Specimen of Typography. Illustrated with 129 Plates, 
including many Proofs on India paper. 4to, morocco 
extra, edges m,arbled and gilt. A remarkably beautiful 
copy. Liverpool, 1 803. 

2,*^0 1858, . Another copy. 4to. Liverjjool, \ 803. 

'• An elegant volume with Wood Engravings." — Lowndes. 
1859. MACDONALD (John). Travels in Various Parts of Eu- 
rope, Asia, and Africa, during a series of thirty years and 
upwards. 12mo, sheep. Dublin, 1791. 

/ ''A recital of the Adventures, Amours, etc., of a Servant." — Lowndes. 

^'^* 1860. MACKAY (Charles). The Home Affections Pourtrayed by 
the Poets. 100 Engravings by the Brothers Dalziel. Small 
4to, morocco extra. Lond. 1858. 

An elegant volume by the late New York correspondent of the London 
^ Times. "How are the mighty fallen !" 

»/ 1861. McINTOSH (John). The Origin of the North American. 
Indians. \2mo, cloth. iV 1". 1844. 


MACRA.Y. 149 

1862. MACKENZIE (Hy.) Report of the Committee of the 
Highland Society of Scotland on the Authenticity of the 
Poems of Ossian, with an Appendix. 8vo, calf. 

EcUnb. 1805. 

1863. MACKENZIE (Wm. L.) The Life and Times of Martin 

Van Buren, etc. 8vo, half rus.sia. Jioston, 1846. 

^•rT864. MACKENZIE (Wm. L.) The Lives and Opinions of Benjn. 
Franklin Butler and Jesse Hoyt. 8vo. Boston, 1845. 

1865. MACKIE (Charles). The Castles, Palaces, and Prisons of 
Mary of Scotland. Illustrated with 21 extra j^l' it es inserted. 

f Rl. 8vo, r/reefi inorocco, red edges. Land. 1849. 

'2- 1866. MACKIE (Charles). Original Historical Description of the 
Monastery and Chapel Royal of Holyroodhouse, with an 
Account of the Palace and Environs. 7 Plates. 8vo, 
calf. Edinh. 1832. 

^ 1867. MACKINTOSH'S Collection of Gaelic Proverbs and Famil- 
iar Phrases; Englished anew. 12rao, itZ.'^. Edinh. 1819. 

1868. MACLEAN. Historical and Genealogical Account of the 
Clan Maclean, from its First Settlement at Castle Duart to 
the Present Period. By a Seneachie. 8vo, cloth. 

/ Land. 1838. 

^^ 1869. McLEOD (Peter). Original Melodies, consisting of Songs, 
Duets, and Glees. Folio, half calf . Edinh. n, d. 

a. 1870. [MACMICHAEL(Dr.W.)] The Gold Headed Cane. 12mo, 
wi half calf. Lond. 1828. 

Contains anecdotes of Drs. Radcliffe, Mead. Askew, Pitcairn. and Baillie. 

/^ 1871. MACNEILL (Hector). Poetical Works. 2 vols. 12mo, 
calf K. Y.for S. Cajnpbell, 1802. 

"The productions of this author are deservedly popular." — Byron. 

1872. M'NICOL (Rev. Donald). Remarks on Dr. Samuel Johnson's 
Journey to the Hebrides, in Avhich are contained Observa- 
tions on the Antiquities, Language, Genius, and Manners 
of the Highlanders of Scotland. 8vo, calf Land. 1779. 
"In considerable estimation." — Lowndes. Bindley, IHs. 

*^ 1873. MACQLTEEN (Thomas). My Gloaming Amusements: a 
variety of Poems. 12mo, half calf . Beith, 1831. 

1874. [MACRAY (Wm. D.)] A Manual of British Historians to 
A. D. 1600, containing a Chronological Account of the 
Early Chroniclers and Monkish Writers, their Printed 
Works and Unpublished MSS. 8vo, half morocco, red 
edges. Lond. W. Pickering.^ 1845. 

y*^ 1875. . Another copy. 8vo, half morocco. Zond.\S4o. 

ri>" 1876. MADDOCK (A. B.) Practical Observations on Pulmonary 
y Consumption. Coloured plates. 8yo^ cloth. Lo/al. 1844. 

150 MANLEY. 

3,yS 1^11. MACTAGGART (John). The Scottish Gnlloviclian Encyclo- 
paedia: or the Original, Antiquated, and Natural Curiosi- 
ties of the South of Scotland. 8vo, half calf . 

Land. 1824. 
A most curious and entertaining work, containing Sketches of Eccentric 
Characters, singular words, etc. 

relative to America. A unique and valuable collection, 
mounted on a series of folio ^\\eQ\% folded. 

3, 1879. MAILLARDIO (Olivier). ScrittOtteS lie atrUCltta ; decla- 

mata Parisius in ecclia sancti Johanis in grania. ijlactl 
Setter. 1 2mo, $/?/0 worocco, Paris, 1506. 

See Brunet, iii., p. 131G. 

/o. 1880. MAN (Wolfgang Von), ©as UOien Jcsu Othrfstf, etc. 

Wood ruts by Hans Burgmalre and Hans Schaafein. 

JJlacfe Setter. 4to. ' circa \5\5. 

^, 1881. MAITLAND CLUB. Catalogue of the Works printed for 
the Maitland Club, instituted! 828. With List of the Mem- 
bers and Rules of the Club, ito, green morocco. 

Printed for the Maitland Club, 1836. 
^, 1882. MAJERUS (Mich.) Atalanta Fvgiens, hoc est, Emblemata 
Nova de Secretis Naturae Chymica, etc. 4to, calf. 
Oppenheim, ex typograjyhia- Hieronymi Galleri s:umj)tlbus 

Joh. Bry, 1617. 

S^ 1883. Another Edition. Aio, vellnm. Oppen heim, IQIS. 

Includes some Music. 

Z, 1884. MAJERUS (Michaelis). Tripvs Avrevs, hoc est Tres Trac- 
tatvs Chymici Selectissimi, etc. 4to, red morocco, broad 
borders of ' gold. Francofurti, 1618. 

J^, S~0 1885. MALCOLM (J. P.) An Historical Sketch of the Art of Car- 
icaturing, with [31] Graphic Illustrations. 4to, calf 

Land. 1813. 

SO 1 886. MANCHESTER (Henry Ley Montagu, Earl of). Manchester 

al Mcndo. Contemplatio Mortis et Immortalitatis. A 

Conteniphition of Death and Immortality, "ith Impression. 

12mo, calf. ' Land. 1661. 

This popular book passed througli fifteen editions Lu the 17th century. 

/, S't? 1887. MANICHIUS (J.) Sacra Emblemata lxxvi. In quibus 
sunima unius cuiusq Evangelii Rotunde Adumbratur. 4to, 
Jialf morocco, red edges. 2s^urnberg, 1624. ^ 

/^J^188S. MANICHIUS (J.) Emblemata Evaugelicorum. 4to, calf 
No title. 

/, 1889. MANLEY (Thomas). The Affliction and Deliverance of the 
Saints, or the Whole Book of Job corapos'd into English 
Heroicall Verse Metaphrastically. 12mo, old calf 

Lond. 1652. 
Dr. Bliss's copy sold for £2 6s. dd. 

MARSYS. 15] 


n Lefe with <lyuers fournies of entreis, phiyiites, |)rocesses. 

presentments and other matter deterniynable there. JJlactl 

Setter. Smnll 8vo, half green morocco. 

Neiijeley Iinjyri/nted and corrected Anno 1544. 
Y^^l 891. MANUSCRIPT Conferring a Degree. 4to. Becmtifulhj icrit- 

ten on vellum, mid richly hound. 1633. 

2J ^1892. . Another, without date, in old red morocco. 

1893. . Another, with the Arms of the Barbarini Family. 

4to, morocco. 1743. 

1894. MANUSCRIPT SERMON on the Vanity of Idols. Xeatly 

written. 4to, ludf morocco. Circa 1680. 


the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, with Diagratns, etc. 4to. 
// 1896. MANWARING (R.) The Cabinet and Chair-Maker's Real 

Friend and Companion. 4:Q Plates. Small folio, ca//." 

Lond. 1765. 
TO 1897. MAPLESON (T. W. Gwilt). A Hand Book of Heraldry, 

richly illuminated. S\o, red morocco extra. N.Y. 1852. 
1898. MARAFFl (Damian). Figvre del Vecchio et del Xvovo Tes- 

tamento eon versi ToscanL 2 vols, in 1. 12mo, calf., gilt 

edges. lieire and curious. Liorie, \bo4:. 

^/l899. MARGRAVINE OF ANSPACH. Memoir.s of the ; Written 

by Herself. Portrait. 2 \Q\i.S\o,hfxlf calf. Xond. IS2Q. 
r(? 1900. MARLBOROUGH. Commission from George II. to Charles 

Duke of Marlboro as Lord Lieutenant for the County of 

Bucks. Engrossed on Parchnient. 
^ 1901. MARLOW (.Jeremiah). A Book of Cyphers, or Letters 

Revers't; Being a Work very pleasant and usefull as well 

for Gentlemen as for Engravers, Chacers, etc. Sm. 4to, old 

morocco. Lond. 1683. 

1902. MAROLLES. Tableavx dv Temple des Mvses tirez dv Cab- 

inet de fev M'. FaVereav representant ies Veitus et les 
Vices, sur les plus illustres Fables de TAntiquite, avec les 
Descriptions, Remarques, & Annotations. Composez par 
M. Michel de MaroUes, Abbe de Villeloin. 58 line Plates. 
Folio, old red morocco., gilt edges. 

Paris., Jean de Pvis, 1663. 
The plates are engraved by Bloemaert, after designs by Diepenbeke. 

1903. MAROLLES. La meme. Another Edition. Ato, vellum. 

Amsterdam., Wolfgank, 1676. 
^"^1904. MARSYS (Sieur de). Histoire de la Persecvtion Presente 
des Catholiques en Angleterre. enriche de plusioars reflex- 
ions Morales, Politiques et Chrestiennes, tant sur ce qui 
concerne la guerre ciuile que la Religion. Fine plcdes. 2 
vols. 4to, red morocco., gilt edge-^. 1646. 


]\tARTIANUS CAPELLA. See Capella, Lot 540. 

2h 1905. MARTIX (John). A Bibliographical Catalogue of Books 

Privately Printed, including those of the Bauuatyne, Mait- 

land, and Roxburghe Clubs, and of Private Presses, 8vo, 

(jreen morocco extra ; gilt sides a?id edges. Loud. 1834. 

This contains a good deal of matter not inserted in the second edition. 

Two hundred copies printed. 

3,S~0 190G. MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. Ceremonial of the Marriage 

of Mary Queen of Scotts with the Dauphin of France. 

Portrait inserted. 4to, half morocco. Lond. 1818. 

Reprinted for the Roxburghe Club from the extremely rare edition printed 

at Rouen in 1558. Sold in Sir M. >L Sykes's sale for £4 Hi. Of?., and in 

Boswell's for £3 10.5. Od 

S7S0 1907. MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. Chronological Summary of 
Occurrences during the Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of 
Scotland. MS. Title. 30 portraits a)id plates inserted., 
8vo, half morocco. s. 1. s. a. 

/ 0» 1908. ]VLARY. Collections relative to the Funerals of Mary Queen 
of Scots. Illustrated by a large number of portraits, plates, 
and 7iewspap>er cuttings / fine copy in red morocco extra. 

Edinh. 1822. 

A2«n909. MARY. Effusions of Love from Chatelar, to Mary Queen of 

Scotland, with Songs, Historical Fragments, <fec. 12mo, 

calf. Lond. 1808. 

/^yS^QlO. MARY. Historic of the Life and Death of Mary Stuart, 

' Queene of Scotland. Portrait. 18mo, half ccdf. 

Lond. 1686. 

X, 1911. MARY. The Historic of the Life and Death of Mary Stuart, 

Qveene of Scotland. YoMo, half russia. Lo?id. 162 i. 

The dedication to this edition is signed \V. Ydall. See also Strange ways. 

/^j^J^912. MARY. History of the Life and Reign of Mary Queen of 
Scots, and Dowager of France. Extracted from Original 
Records and Writers of Credit. Portrait by G. Vertue 
inserted. 8vo, ccdf. Lo7id. 1725. 

/O, 1913. MARY. LTnnocence de la Tres-Illvstre Tres-Chaste, et 
Debonnaire Princesse, Madame Marie Roync d'Escosse. 
12mo, red morocco extra by Leicis : fine copy. 

Impyrime Van 1572. 

See the Bibliothcca Grenvilliana II., 448, where this book is called 

"extremely scarce." It is supposed to have been written by Francis de 

Belleforest. Sold for £3 ISs. 6rf. at the Bp. of Ely's Sale. 

J^ 1914. MARY. Latin Themes of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. 

Edited by Anatole de Montaiglon. 8vo, ccdf red top., 

rough edges. 

Lond. ptrinted for the Warton Club, 1855. 
/^, 1915. MARY. The Legend of Mary Queen of Scots, and other 
Ancient Poems, now first published from MSS. of the Six- 
teenth Century. Portrait. Large paper, 4to, h(df mo- 
rocco, gilt edges. I^ond. 1810. 
/,J7> 1916. . Another copy. 8\o, half calf Lond. 1810. 


yS^im. MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. Portraits of Mary Queen of 
Scotland, with Graphic Illustrations of her Life and Reign, 
^ w^ consisting of Two hundred and Thirty-six Portraits and 
^ . ^ Plates, hound in an imperial folio Scrap Hook ; red mo- 

rocco extra, by J. Mackenzie. 

It would be difficult to over-estimate this splendid volume, comprehending, 
as it does, almost every possible illustration of the subject. 

That the volume was fully appreciated on the " other side," the followin"' 

extract from a letter of Mr. Evans to Mr. Allan, dated Nov. 16, 1835, 

will show: " I have been highly complimented by several Amateurs for 

my industry, to whom I show'd Mary and Burns.* His Majesty William 

IV. saw Mary, and was profuse in his compliments to me for my industry, 

and said, 'I admire the gentleman's [John Allan's] taste and patriotism, 

and the feelings that induced him to give orders for such an undertaking.' " 

Smce that time Mr. Allan has made large additions to the Collection, and it 

is now, probably, the largest and finest memorial of Queen Mary in this 


ro 1918. MARY'S BOWER; or the Castle in the Glen: a Pastoral 

Drama, founded on a Real Event in Scotland. Impl. 8vo, 

half russia. JEdinb. 1811. 

'/ 1919. MASON (A. J.) Poetical Essays. Eleven engravings on 

v'oodby the autJior. 8vo, half calf . Lond. 1822. 

,2«5' 1920. MASON (W.) The Parlour Preacher. 18nio. Lond. \%2^. 

1921. MASON (Wm. M.) History and Antiquities of the Collegiate 

and Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, near Dublin, from its 

Foundation in 1190 to the year 1819. 4to, fudf rus.^ia. 

Dublin, 1820. 
An elaborate work, displaying much antiquarian research, and some new 
facts relative to Dean Swift. 

S^ 1922. MASSARIUS. Francisci Massarii Veneti in nonvm Plinii 

de Natvrali historia libruin Castigationes et Annotationes. 

4to, ccdf Paris, 1542. 

-2^1923. MATEROT (Lucas). Penmanship. Oblong 4to, ccdf; no 


1924. MATHEWS (Mrs.) Memoirsof Charles Mathews, Comedian. 

Plates. 4 vols. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1838. 

Includes his Autobiography and Diary, Anecdotes of his Contemporaries, 

American Tours, etc. " A rare book, — a book of jest and anecdote. The 

eccentricities of Old Johnny Winter — the natty neatness of Colman — the 

practical jesting of Hook — these, and the passing glances at Curran, Kemble, 

the Prince Regent, Queen Charlotte, etc., are given in excellent style." 

J<» 1925. MATILDA; or the Welch Cottage: a Poetic Tale. 12mo, 
mcjrocco. Land. 1801. 

- 1926. [MATTHIAS (J. T.)] The Pursuits of Literature : a Satirical 
Poem, in Four Dialogues, to which are added an Appen- 
dix ; the Citations translated, and a Complete Index. 16th 
Edition. Folio, half morocco, gilt edges. L^ond. 1812. 

The present copy is illu.strated with 77 portraits: manj- proofs on India 
paper. This publication created a great sensation and considerable con- 
troversy. This is the last and finest edition. 

* Referring to the Burns, described in Lot 4t)2 of this Catalogue. 




^ 1927. MATTHIOLUS (Andrea). Materia Medica ; nurnerons wood 

ci/ts. Folio, broken hhuling. Ho title. Venetian, 1581. 
See Brunet, III., p. 1538. 

1928. MAUELOT (C.) Nouveau livre de difFerens Cartouches, 

Couromies, Casques, Supports, et Tenans. Plates. Oblona: 
4to, calf. YParis, 1685^] 

1929. MAUND (B.) The Botanist, consis^ting of highly finished 
Representations of tender and hardy Ornamental Plants. 

beautifully Coloured Plates. 2 vols, 4to, half (jreen 
iiiorocco, gilt edges. Loud. n. d. 

^«r"l930. [MAURICE (Rev! Thos.)] Grove Hill; a Descriptive Poem. 
4to, bds. ; loants title. 
; 1931. MAXWELL (John S.) The Czar; His Court & People. 

12mo, doth. N. Y. 1849. 

/ So 1932. MAY (Edw.) A Most Certaine and Trve Relation of a 
Strange monster or Serpent found in the left Ventricle of 
the heart of John Pennant, a Gentleman of the age of 21 
years, etc. Two cuts. 4to, hedfcalf. Loud. 1639. 

The Roxburghe copy sold for 8s. M. 

62^ 1933. MAY (Thos.) An Epitomy of P^nglish History, wherin 
Arbitary Government is Display'dto the Life, in the illegal 
Transaction of the late Times, under the Tyrannick Usui'- 
pation of Oliver Cromwell, but now happily delivered by 
the means of King William & Queen Mary. Goj^per 
plates. 18mo, calf ; date citt off. Lond. 1690. 

/9. 1934. MECHEL (Chret, de). Explication Historique et Critique 

des Medailles de I'Giluvre du Chevalier Hedlinger. 4to, 
morocco, gilt edges. Basle., 1778. 

nesche.] 54 plates, with ornamental borders. Folio, ccdf. 

[Paris, 1748.] 


du Regne de Louis le Grand ; .avec des Explications his- 
toriques, par I'Academie des Inscriptions. Eachp)age sur- 
rounded by an ornamental border. Royal folio, <'(df 
gilt edges. Paris, I 702. 

In this beautiful and highly ornamental volume, the borders are by 
Berain, Coj'pell, and Le Clerc ; the portraits on the medals arc by Edelinck, 
and the reverses by Aiidran and Picart. The descriptions are by Char- 
y pentier, Tallemand, Racine, and Boileaux Despreaux. 


of all the Medals, Coins, & Jettons, relating to his Actions 
& Reign, from 1796 to 1815. 4to, half calf . 74 Plates. 

Lond. 1819. 

J,S'<^ 1938. MEDALLIONS. A Collection of Medallions, arranged by 

,Tohn Allan. 35 Plates, ^to, green morocco, tooled sides. 

', " 1939. . Another Collection of Twenty-four Medallions, 

arranged by John Allan. Rl. 4to, green morocco. 


MELVIN. 155 

[ 1939* MEDALS. A Collection of Engravings of Medals, from 
Oliver Cromwell to George 1st, inclusive. 4to. 

1940, MEDLEY (A); or Collection of Eighty-five Drawings and 

Engravings, Plain and Coloured, including several Drawings 
by J. Leigh, Guntor, Fenning, and others ; also many 
Female heads, Landscapes, Domestic Scenes, &c., capitally 
executed. 4to, red morocco y r/ilt and coloured sides. 

1941. MEDLEY. A Collection of 36 Engravings of various subjects. 

4to, old calf. 

S^^ 1942. MEDLEY. Another Collection of 91 Plates, etc. ^to, old calf. 

^^1943. MEGISER (Hieronymus). Icones et Vita? Paparura. Wood 
cut Portraits. 18rao, calf. Francofvrti., 1602. 

S'Ol^U. MEICHSNERUS (Daniel). Thesnvrus Sapienti* Civilis sine 
VitiB Hvmanse ac Virtvtvmet Vitiorvm Theatrum, Sym- 
bolis ttri incisis, et Emblematum nouis plane ac reconditie 
Sapientiae tesseris adornatum, Gnomologicis iUustrium 
Poetarum versibus, et preceptis expositam, etc. 12rao, 
calf extra. Francofcrti, 1626. 

1945. MEISNER (Daniel). Sciographia Cosmico Das ist Nevves 
Emblematisches Biichlei darinen in acht Centuriis die 
Vornembste Stiltt Yestung, Schlosser, etc., der gantzen 
Welt., etc. 800 Plates. 2"v()ls. oblong 4to. 

Ntirnherg., 1642. 

This work consists of Engraved Views of Cities, Palaces, Castles, Towers, 

etc., with Emblems ui the foreground, and Proverbs in Latin and German. 

Jl? 1946. MELROSE. Description (A) of the Parish of Melrose; in 
answer to Mr. Maitland's Quei'ies. 8vo, half calf. 

Edlnb. 1764. 

8#-1947. MELYIN (James). A Journal of the Expedition to Quebec, 
^^^ in the year 1V75, Under the Command of Colonel Benedict 

' Arnold. 15 Illustrations inserted. Impl. 8vo, half mo- 

rocco. N'. Y. 1857. 

No. 60, of One Hundred Copies privately printed for the Bradford Club. 
r<? 1948. MENDO (R. P. Andres). Principe Perfecto y Ministros 

Aivsiados, Docvmentos Politicos, y Morales En Emblemas. 

4to, calf. 

En Leon., de FranciaA Costa de HoraeioBoissart, etc., 1662. 

A rare volume of Spanish Emblems. 
...aa-4949. MENESTRLER. Histoire dv Roy Lovis le Grand, Par les 

Medailles, Emblemes, Denises, Jettons, Inscriptions, Ar- 
i'^^ moiries et autres Monumens Publics, Recueillis et Expliquez, 

• par le Pere Clavde Menestrier. N. E. Angmentee. 64 

Plates. Folio, calf Paris, I. B. JVolin, 1693. 

See Brunet, III., p. 1622. 
1950. MERCERIUS (Jo.) Emblemata. 4to, morocco extra. 1592, 
/'^Idol. MERCURIALIS (Heiron.) de Arte Gymnastica, libri sex. 

4to, vellum. Venetiis,15l3. 

Second Edition of this work, which Brunet calls " Ouvrage estime." 

156 MILLER. 

Zy, 1952. MERCURIUS ANTI-MECHANICUS ; Or the Simple Cob- 

ler's Boy. With his Lap-full of Caveats (or Take Heeds), 
Documents, Advertisements, and Pra?monitions to all his 
honest fellow tradesmen-Preachers, but more especially a 
dozen of them in or about the City of London. By Theo- 
dore de la Guarden. 4to, calf ; fine copy. 

Lond.,for J. TFa/Ajer, 1648. 

3, 1953. MERIAN. A Collection of 26 Etchings, by Mathew Meriau. 

Mounted in an 8i:o Scrap J^ook, in russia. 

Z.y<i 1954. MERIAIsr (Mathew). Ficrures of the Bible. In which almost 
every History of the Holy Scriptures is described. Plates 
by A^ Visscher. Amstelodani, n. d. 

The Text is in Latin, French, German, Dutch, and Enghsh. 

/. 1955. MERKEN (Job.) Liber Artificiosvs Alphabetii Maioris, 

oder : neu inventirtes Kunst Schreib- and Zeichenbuch, 

bestehend in 56 kunstlich gravirten Kupferstichen, etc. 

Oblong 4to, half calf. Mulheitn, 1782. 

S, 2.r" 1956. MERRY WEATHER (F. S.) Bibliomania in the Middle 

Ages. 12mo, half jnorocco, gilt top. Lond. 1849. 

1^" 1957. MESTON. Poetical Works of the Ingenious and Learned 

f iP^ William Meston. \1mo, cf, gilt. Edinb.llQI. 

"^^j.^ 1958. METELLI (Vicenzo). Ovesotto Bellissime Favole, et In- 

» " ventioni si descrive tvtta la Gverra di Cipro. Wood cuts. 

4to. Venetia, 1582. 

^4959. MEYSSEUS (Jean). Les Effigies des Sovverains Princes et 

Dvcs de Brabant avec levr Chronologie, Armes et Devises. 

Folio, bds. s. 1. s. a. 

/,S^^ 1960. [MICHE, M. L.] La Courtisie Francoise et Angloise. The 

/ y English Courtoisy, Containing Many brave Sentences, and 

•' " Letters of Compliments, etc. 2 vols in 1. 12mo, half calf; 

very scarce. Amsterdam, 1636. 

/, / • '' 1901. MICROCOSME (Le). Contenant Divers Tableaux de la Vie 

Humaine, Representez en figures avec une brieve exposition 

en vers Franyois. 4to, calf Amsterdam, circa 1600. 

Contains 74 fine engravings in the Italian manner, with French verses. 

/// /J^1962. MILES. Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Coins, &c., 

''■ ' of the late Mr. Rd. Miles. Priced. 8vo. 1820. 

J^I963. MILLER (Hugh). Macaulay on Scotland: a Critique. 

12mo. Boston, 1857. 

/-# 1964. MILLER (Hugh). Scenes and Legends of the North of 

' Scotland. 12 mo, cl. Cincinnati, 1851. 

/ 2^ 1965. MILLER (Rev. John). A Description of the Province and 

r'' City of New York : with Plans of the City and Several 

Forts, as they existed in the year 1695, now first printed 

from the Original Manuscript. (To Avhich is added a 

MILTON. 157 

Catalogue of an Extensive Collection of Books relating to 

America, on sale by the Publisher.) Thomas Ttodd^ 1843. 

Also, in the same volume, 

BOWDEN (James). The History of the Society of Friends 

in America. Vol. 1. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, half cf. Lond. 1850. 

yo 1966. MILLER (John), Description of ISTew York. New Edition, 

with copious Historical and Biographical Notes, by 

John Gilmary Shea, LL.D. 4to, cloth. New York, 18G2. 

Fifty copies only printed in this size. Forms No. 3 of Gowans' Biblio- 

theca Americana. 

1967. MILLER (Th OS.) Beauties of the Country; or Descriptions 

of Rural Customs, Objects, Scenery, and the Seasons. 

26 Plates. 12mo, cl. Zofid. 1837. 

57? 1968. MILLIN (A. L.) Histoire Metallique de la Revolution 

Fran9aise, ou recueil des Medailles et des monnoies qui ont 

ete frappees depuis la Convocation des etats-generaux 

jusqu'aux premieres Campagnes de I'Armee d' Italic. 

4to, bds. Paris, imp. Imper. 1806. 

Contains 26 Plates, with 117 Figures of Revohitionary Coins and Medals. 

VcT'lOeg. MILTON (John). A Brief History of Moscovia: and other 

less-known Countries lying eastward of Russia, as tar as 

Cathay. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1682. 

Advertisement. — This Book was writ by the Authour's own hand, before 

he lost his sight. 

1970. MILTON, John. Paradise Lost, with Notes, Selected from 

Newton and others. To which is prefixed, The Life of the 
Author, with a Critical Dissertation, by Samuel Johnson. 
12 Plates. Rl. 8vo, calf\ gilt ; red and gilt edges. 

Lond. 1796. 

1971. MILTON (John). Paradise Lost. A New Edition. Adorned 

with Plates. 2 vols. rl. 8vo, large paper, blue morocco ; 
rough edges. Lond. T. Pensley, 1802. 

Du Roveray's Elegant Edition. This was Sir M. Sykes's copy, and sold 
for £2 10s. Od, at the sale of his collection. 

VO 1972. MILTON (John). Poetical Works, adorn'd with Sculptures. 

2 vols. 8vo, ccdf. Lond. Tonson, 1707- 

r<7 1973. MILTON (John). Protestant Union, True Religion, &c. 

S\o, half calf . Lond. 1826. 

1974. MINING. A Curious Old German Book on Mining. Wants 

title and 94 pages at the commencement. Singidar loood 
cuts. Folio, ho g skin • clasp>s. Basel, Frohen, 1557. 

1975. MINSHULL (John). A Comic Opera, Entitled Rural Feli- 

city, with the Humour of Patrick and the Marriage of 
Shelty ; also the Sprightly Widow and others. 8vo. 

N. Y. 1801, &c. 

:^«^976. MIRROR OF LITERATURE, &g. Vols. 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 

and 10. 8vo, bds. and half ccdf . Lond. 1823, &c. 


^^jr<? 1977. MISCELLANEA ANTIQFA ANGLICANA; or a Select 
Collection of Curious Tracts, illustrative of the History, 
Literature, Manners, and Biography of the Enghsh Nation 
['luring the 16th and part of the 17th Centuries]. Vol. 1, 
4to, calf. Land. 1816. 

■'Of this work, 250 copies only were printed." — Lowndes. 
Nassau, £2. Strettel. £1 lo.s'. Qd. For contents, see Lowndes. 


/2,S0 1978. MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of Small Engravings. 
MS. Title to a Scrap Book containing 503 Prints. Folio, 

containing several full-page paintings avid numerous illu- 
minated Initial Letters^ t&c. 8vo, red morocco. 

yST^ 1980. MISSAL. A MS. on vellnm, with ven/ broad foriafed bor- 
ders, heightened with gold ; many hundred Initial Letters, 
etc. A splendid volume. 8vo, in citron morocco. 

30, 1981. MISSAL, in German, tcith ortiafnented and illuminated Itti- 
tials. Old morocco, gilt sides. 

fJ^O, 1982. MISSAL on vellum, toith numerous pecidiar Illutni/icttions; 
every page bordered, the calendar being pjarticularly rich 
and curious. Small 4to, elegantly bound in russia, with 
This MS. was probably written in the time of Henry VI. 

So, 1983. MISS ALE ROMANUM. A Manuscript dated 1636, loith 

numerous or)iamental Letters, and, considering its late date, 

a fine specimen of Chirograpjhy. 4to, calf extra, with 

brass corners, bosses, centres, and clasps. A retnarkably 

fine specimen of binding. 

y* ~ 1984. MISS ALE ROMANUM ex Decreto Sacro sancti Cone. Tri- 

dentiui Restitiitum, S. Pii V. Jussu editnm, Clementis 

VIII., etc. Folio, wooden boards, massive brass corners 

and clasps. Antverpim, Plantin, 1754. 

-^00, 1S85. MISSALE SPLENDIDISSIMA. A most beautiful 3IS. on 

vellum. 196 pages, every one of which is ornamented with. 

a beautiful border, some of which borders include exquisite 

Miniatures. There are also numerous leaves which are 

entirely occupied with draioings. 

This is "The Gem" of the Missals. See also under " Heures," " Horts," 
"Precis," " Psalmes," and " Offices." 

/V 1986. MISSAL. Fragment of ail Illuminated Missal with Floriated 
Borders. Executed in the 14th Century (1340). Square 
8vo, calf. 
Z,, 1987. MITCHELL (James). The Scotsman's Lil)rary, being a Col- 
lection of Anecdotes and Facts, illustrative of Scotland 
and Scotsmen. Oblons: 8vo. Edinh. 1825. 


f 1988. MOERMAN. De Cleyn VVerelt ; Daer in claerlijckeii door 
seer schooiie Poetische, Moralische en Historische exempelen 
betoont voort, alles vvat den mensche (tot stichtingbe ende 
leeringbe in zijnen staet) beest te vlieden ende naer te vol- 
gben. Allen Liefhebberen der conste ter eeren, Retbo- 
rijckelick uytgesteit door Mr. Ian Moerman, ende met over- 
schoone Const-platen seer beerlijck verciert. 4to, green 
morocco. t''A'mstelredam, hy Dirck Pietersz^ 1608. 

.T'lgSQ. MOHAWK. Gospel according to St. John in the Mohawk 
and English Languages. 12mo, sheep. Lond. n. d. 

1990. MOTH (Thos.) Inquiry into some of the Most Curious and 
Interesting Subjects of History, Antiquity, and Science 
12mo. Lond. 1817. 

3^1991. MOLLERUS (Christoph.) Horoscopia H. E. Renmi cum 
praeteritarum turn priesentium et ftiturarum conimemora- 
tione dignissimarum contemplatio. YoYio., vellum. Hare. 

s. 1. s. a'. 
The text of this curious work is disposed in the various forms of clocks, 
hour-glasses etc., with singular tnood cuts. 

1992. MONASTIC SYMBOLS and Documents, Original Draic- 

ings^ atid Mamfsrripts. 410, half i-ussi a. Loi(vain,\5%Q. 

1993. MONIPENNIE (John). The Abridgement or Summarie of 

the Scots Chronicles, witb a Short Description of their 
Originall, etc. 4to, old calf. 

\^London'\ Printed at Brittaine! s JBursse^ 1614. 
At the end is a 33lacfe Hettct Pamphlet. " A Short Description of the 
Westerne lies of Scotland," etc. 

1994. MONTALUO (D. F. A.) Breve Teatro de las Acciones mas 

Notables de la Vida del Bienaventvra do Toribio Ar9obispi 
de Lima, etc. 40 Plates by Thiboiist. 4to, half morocco. 

Roma, 1638. 
MONTANUS (Arias). See Arias 3Iontanus, Lots 1 12-114. 

1996. MONTENAY. GeorgifE Montanae Nobilis Gallje de Em- 

bleinatvm Christianorvni Ceiitvria, cum eorundem Latina 
interpretatione. Cent Emblemes Cbrestiens de Damoiselle 
Georgette de Montenay. 100 Plates. 4:to, greeti moroccoy 
gilt. Tiguri apnd Christ. Froschouerum,., 1584. 

This early collection of Emblems contains the Letter-Press in Latin and 

French. " Ce volume est curieux a cause des fig. de Pierre "Woeiriot dont 

il est orne." — Bruntt. 

1997. MONTENAY (Georgetta von). Stam Bucb Darinnen Cbrist- 

licber Tugenden Beyspiel Einhundert auszerlesener Emble- 
raata, init schonen Kupfferstucken gezterer. 8vo, fine 
copy in red morocco extra. Perlag, 1619. 

This curious collection contains the Letter-Press in Seven Languages, in- 
cluding some curious English. Heber's copy, £1 15s. Of/. 

7 1998. MONTGOMERY (Alexander). Tbe Cherry and the Slae, 
with other Poems. 12mo, calf interleaved ; a few leaves 
defective. Glasgow^ Foulis., 1751. 

160 MOORE. 

Z.SO 1999. MONTGOMERY. Meraorables of the Montgomeries. A 
Narrative in Rhyme, composed before the Present Cen- 
tui-y. 4to, calf antique. Glasgow., JFhidis, 1770. 

Reprint 1822. Only 75 copies printed. 

^^ 2000. MONTGOMERY (Alexander). Poems, now first pubUshed 
from several ancient MSS., with Biographical Notices by 
David Irving. J^est editioti. 8vo, half morocco., gilt top. 

Edinb. 1821. 

.^J^OOl. MONTGOMERY (James). The Wanderer of Switzerland. 
12mo, cf. Lond. 1806. 

'. 2002. MONTGOMERY (James). The West Indies, and other 
Poems. 12 mo, cf. Lond. 1810. 

X.^Q 2003. MONTHS (The). A Collection of 12 Steel Plates and Fron- 
tispieces. 12mo, morocco extra. Ziond. n. d. 
5-0 2004. MOON, BOYS AND GRAVES. [Sale] Catalogue of En- 
gravings. 8vo, bds. Lond. 1829. 
SI 2005. MOORE (Frank). Materials for History printed from Orig- 
inal Manuscripts. With Notes and Illustrations. First 
Series. 4to. AT. Y .^ jyrinted for the Zenger CTw^, 1861. 
4-, 2006. MOORE (George H.) Mr. Lee's Plan— March 29, 1777. 
The Treason of Charles Lee, &c. Portraits inserted. 8vo, 
hcdf onorocco. N. Y. 1860. 
^,J7>2007. MOORE (Sir Thomas). Vtopia, translated into English by 
Raphe Robinson. Neioly Corrected and purged of cdl Er- 
rors hapned in the former editions. 4to, ccdf. 

Lond. B. Alsop, 1624. 
" "We cannot appreciate too highl}' the spirit and originality of More's 
Utopia." — Hallam. 

/, ^*^2008. MOORE (Thos.) Irish Melodies. i2mo, morocco, gilt. 

JV. Y. 1840. 

J, Z»r^009. MOORE (Thos.) Memoirs of the Life of the Right Hon. 
Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Portrait. 410, hcdf morocco. 

Lond. 1825. 

/^yJ~^20i(). [MOORMAN (Johannes)]. Apologi Creatvrarvm. 4to,calf 

' ' s. 1. 1584. 

These Fables are selected from the Dialogues of Creatures Moralized- 

Some of the Etchings by G. de Jode are very effective. 

/, S'O 2011. MORE (Hen.) Tetractyr Anti-Astrologica, or Grand Mystery 

of Godliness and Confutation of Judiciary Astrology. 

4to, ccdf. Lond. 1681. 

Not mentioned by Lowndes. 

^iT^Ol 2. MORE (Robert). The Art of Writing. Oblong 4to ; no title. 

/,00 201 ;S. MORELLIITS. Specimen LTniversoe ReiNummariaeAntiqua^ 
Quod Literatorum Reipublicae proponit Andreas Morellius 
Helvetus. 8vo, calf. Paris, 1683. 

/.^t^'^H. . Idem, editio altera. 8vo, vellum. Lipsice, 1Q95. 




J9 2017. 
T 2018. 






[:\IOREY (Charles)]. The Spiritual Mustard Pot, by John 
Cogitans. l2rao, calf. Troy., 1824. 

MORMOXS (The) or Latter Day Saints; with Memoir of 

the Life and Death of .Joseph Smith, the "American 

Mahomet." 40 Engravings, \2n\o, morocco antique., htv- 

eUed. Land. 1852. 

This work has been attributed to Charles Mackay. 

MORXIXG SERVICE (The). Compressed, and Arranged 
for Private Devotion. 4to, reel morocco. s. 1. s. a. 

MORRIS (Edw'd.) The Life of Henry Bell, the Practical 
Introducer of the Steam Boat into Great Britain and Ire- 
land, 12mo, half morocco. Glasgotc, 1844. 

MORRIS (George P.) American Melodies. 18mo, cloth., 
gilt. X. Y. 1841. 

MORSE.- Catalogue of the Extensive & Choice Collection 
of Prints of the Late Robert Morse, Esq. Priced. 4to, 
hcdf russia. Lond. 1816. 

MORTOX. [Manuscript] Catalogue of the Library at 
Dalmahoy, the Property of the Right Hon. the Earl of 
Morton. Folio, russid., gilt edges. 
Arranged and ■nritten by George Goldie, 1824. 

MORTOX" (X^athaniel). Xew England's Memorial, or a 
brief Relation of the most Remarkable Passages of the 
Providence of God, manifested to the Planters of Xew 
England, in America, with Special Reference to the first 
Colony thereof, called Xew Plimouth. Published for the 
use and Benefit of present and future Generation. 4to, 
half calf\ 3IS. Title. 1669. 

First and rarest edition of this popular work. 

MOSES (Henry). Designs of Modern Costume, on 20 Plates. 

4to, red morocco. Lond. n. d. 

MOSES. Vases from the Collection of Sir Henry Englefield, 

B""., drawn and engraved by H. Moses. Impl. 8vo, russia., 

gilt. Lond. [1819]. 

MOSHEIM (J. L.) Ecclesiastical History, translated by 

Dr. A. Maclaine. 6 vols. 8vo, calf. Berwick, 1819. 

Jttost Belectatit l^fstors ot JXegnarti the ifor. 

Xewly Corrected and Purged from all grossness in Phrase 
and Matter. JJlacfe HCtUV. Wood cuts. Both parts 
in 1 vol. 4to, morocco caitiqiie. Lond. 1701 & 1681. 

Notwithstanding the purgation, the Story of the Priest, the Fox and the 
Cat is inc4uded. See Chap. VII. 

MOTHER'S (A) Portrait. 12mo, hds. Lond. 1823. 

MOTHERWELL (\Vm.) Minstrelsy, Ancient & Modern; 
with an Historical Introduction and Xotes. 4to, half 
morocco. Glasgow^ 1827. 


162 MURERN. 

/O. 2029. MOULE (Thos.) Bibliotlieca Heraldica Magna Britannite ; 

an Analytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, Heraldry, 
etc. 8vo, hds.^ uncut. Loud. 1822. 

"Au accurate and valuable work." — h'lwudri. 

The supplement enumerates the principal Foreign Genealogical Works. 

5, 2030. [MOULTON (Thos.)] JTIlC iWwrrOUV, OX mUSSt 0( 

fl^Clth necessary and nedefuU for euery person to loke in 
that wyll kepe theyr body from the sekeness of the Pesty- 
lence : And it sheweth howe the Pianettes reygne in euery 
houre of the daye and the nyght with the natures and Ex- 
posy cyons of the XllSygnes, deuyded by the XII Monthes 
of the Yere. And shewing the remedyes for many dyuers 
Infyrmytes and dyseases that hurteth the body of Man. 

iBrao. 3Jlacfe Setter. 

Lond. Wyllyam Myddleton [1547]. 
From Mr. .Jolley's Collection. Respecting the date, and the Printer, see 
Ames & Herbert's Typ. Antiq. 

MOUNTGOMERY (Alexander). See Montgomery. 

JIJ' 2032. MOWIXG-DEVIL (The). Or Strange News out of Hart- 
ford-shire, etc. 4to, curious wood cut ; scarce. 

Ijicensed August 22, 1678 [rejyrint by J. Sturt\., n. d. 

/^J'O 2033. MVFFETT (Thomas). Healths Improvement, or Rules 

Comprizing and Discovering the Nature, Method, and 

Manner of Preparing all sorts of Food used in this Nation, 

corrected and enlarged by Chr. Bennet. 4to, vellum. 

Lond. 1655. 
Caldecott's copy sold for £2. 
ytr2034. MUIR (Thomas). An Account of the Trial of Thomas Muir, 
for Sedition. 12mo, pp. 132. A^ F. 1794. 

/, 6>f^ 2035. MUIR. Poems on Various Subjects, by the late William 
Muir, Campsie ; with Notices Biographical and Critical. 
12mo, cf. Glasgow, 1818. 

AyS^ozQ. ^xxxcnitis (lit) rt castttate Saurtrotuni. ailacfe aet= 

XtV. Wood cut title. Sm. 8vo, half calf. 

Ifupress. per Dyon. Masse, s. 1. s. a. 

^O, 2037. MURERN. Fama xl. Emblemata miscella nova. Das ist 
Underschiedliche Auszerlesene Newradierte Kunststuck ; 
Durch Weiland den Kunstreichen und Weitberiimpten 
Herrn Christofi" Murern, etc. 4to, beautifully inlaid and 
richly botind in morocco, by J. Clarke. Woljfen, 1622. 

This elegant volume was presented to Henry Fuseli, R. A., by the Dow- 
ager Countess of Guildford. Inserted are two Portraits of Fuseli. 

/ 2038. MURNER (Thomae). ^vma paticutic <a:otra omrs srcult 
atruerisftates tract prrUicata. 4to. jjlacfe Ecttcr. 

Mare. Francof. ad, Moen^im, 1511. 

Bnmet notices several works by this author, but does not quote this or 
the following. 



MURNER. rractatus pcrutflts Xtt phitonfco ron= 
tractu ivntvis JThome muntcr, ctc\ MlticH ILtttcv. 

Sm. 4to. Frihurr/, mccccxcix. 

MURPHY. Proceedings at the Dinner given by tlie Citizens 
of Brooklyn at the Msmsion House, on the 5th of August, 
1857, to the Hon. Henry C. Murphy, previously to his De- 
parture on his mission as Minister to the Netherlands. 
8vo, doth. • J^rookli//}, 1857. 

Portraits of Murplw and Verplanck inserted. Printed for private distri- 
_ bution. 

2041. [MURRAY (Dr.)] Sermons to Asses. 12mo, half morocco. 

Lond. 1768. 

2042. MURRAY (Dr.) New Sermons to Asses. 12mo. 

Land. 1773. 

Dr. Murray was a zealous advocate of the riglits of the American Colo- 
_ nists. 

2043. MUS^ BIB LICE, or the Poetry of the Bible. 1 8mo, red mo- 

rocco. Lond. 1819. 

MY GRANDFATHER'S FARM, or Pictures of Rural Life. 

12mo, half calf. Edinh. 1829. 

MY MOTHER ; or Recollections of Maternal Influence [by 

E. French]. 12mo, red morocco extra., by Pawsim <& 

JSficholson. N. Y. 1850. 

2046. MYLLERUS (Jacobus). Ornatvs Ecclesiasticvs in Lritin 

^ and German. 2 vols, in! . Ato^ vellum. Jlfonachii, 1591. 

^204 7. MYNSHULL (Geffray). Essayes and Characters of a Prison 

and Prisoners. Post 8vo, />(r7.s-. Edinb. \S-2\. 

One and fifty copies only reprinted. Plate by Bewick. 

MYRROI^R (The). See [Moulton, Thomas]. 

2049. MYSTERIOSA TYPICA Descriptio et Eruditio brevis et 

Compendiosa, nos ducens per viam Salutis Eternse Chris- 
tiano homini per modum neditationis. 4to, vellwn^' ex- 
tremely rare. From If. Whitens collection. 

Aug. Vind. 1736. 

2050. NAPS UPON PARNASSUS. A sleepy Muse nipt and 

pincht, though not awakened. Such Voluntary and Jovial 
Copies of Verses, as were lately receiv'd from some of the 
Wits of the Universities in a Frolick, dedicated to Gondi- 
bert's Mistress, by Captain Jones and others, etc. 12nio, 
calf ; fine copy, rare. Lond. 1658. 

Bindley's copy sold for £3 55. Qd. Priced £3 13s. Qd. in the Bibl. Anglo- 
Poetica. Mr. Park gives an elaborate account of this ^^ quaint and motley 
publicaikm'^ in the 6th vol. of the Censura Literaria. The object of ridicule 
was Samuel Austin, of Wadham College. The contributors were Flat- 
man, Sprat, Woodford, Taylour, Castle, and others of the University of Ox- 
ford. Lowndes, 1st and 'id edit., erroneously attributes this work to Sam- 
uel Austin. 

2051. NARRATIVE of the Loss of the Royal George. Bound In 

vood procrrred from tlie irreck. 18ino. Portsea.,\8A\. 




/, 2052.' XASSAU. Catalogue of the Clioice, Curious, and Extensive 

Library of the late George Nassau, Esq. Priced. 8vo, 
uncut. Lond. 1824. 

3, SV 2053. XATALIS (Hieron.) Adnotationes et Meditationes in Evan- 
gelia qvie in Sacrosancto Missae Sacrificio toto Anno Le- 
gyntvr, etc. Folio, calf. Antverpice, M. Kutius., 1594. 

^, The plates are by "Wiercx and others. 

/* 2054. NATALIS (Hierony.) Evangelicse Historioe Imagines Ex 

ordine Euangeliorura quae toto anno in Missae sacrificio reci- 
tantur, In ordinem temporis vitJE Christi digestse. Folio, 
calf. Antverpice, 1593. 

The plates in this beautiful volume are engraved by A. Wiercx, Collaert, 
and other eminent artists. 

/ S^, 2055. , Another copy of the Plates only. Superbly hound 

in red morocco extra, gilt edges. A)itverpitP, 1596. 

/(J~2056. NATHAX (I.) Fugitive Pieces and Reminiscences of Lord 

Byron. Post 8vo, Ms. Zond. 1S29. 

/. ^.T'SOoT. XATIOXAL GALLERY of Pictures by the Great Masters. 

'^' I^/ne impressions. 2 vols. 4to, Judf green morocco. 

Lond. n. d. 
Contains 115 beautiful plates of the Pictures presented by individuals, or 
purchased by grant of Parliament for the Xational Gallery. 

0, 2058. NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY of Distinguished 

Americans, conducted by James Herring and James B. 
Longacre. 4 vols. impl. 8vo, calf gilt edges. iY. Y. 1834. 
Contains 144 Portraits, accompanied by Biographies. Fine early impres- 
sion. L"p to tlie date of this pui)lication. nothing had come from the hands 
of American Engravers to equal in delicacy of handling, and beauty of fin- 
ish, these fine portraits. The biographies were by our best writers, includ- 
ing J. Q. Adams, Prof. Ticknor, Dr. Francis, etc. 

J,S^a 2059. NATIYE AMERICAN (The). A Gift for the People. 
. r 4to, blue morocco. jPhilad. 1845. 

This volume is appropriately printed with red ink. in blue borders, on 
white paper. It was edited by the Printer, Hector Orr, and contains 
Washington's Farewell Address, Declaration of Independence, Constitution 
of U. S., Address of the Xative American Conventions, and Address of the 
State [Penna.] Convention, 1845. 

Jl^ 2060. NATURAL HISTORY of Birds and Quadrupeds. Col- 
oured Plcttes. 5 vols. l2mo, sheep. Lond. 1801. 
V, 2061. NAUNTON (Sir Rob.) The Court of Queen Elizabeth, or 
Fragmenta Regalia, with Considerable Biographical Addi- 
tions by James Caulfield. 21 Portraits. 4to, morocco. 

Lond. 1814. 

8f 2062. NAYAL ACHIEYEMENTS of Great Britain from the Year 

1793 to 1817. 51 Coloured Plates. 4to, half morocco, 

uncut. Lond. (1818). 

Contains an account of the Chesapeake affair. 

Ji^ 2063. NA\^AL MONUMENT, containing Official and other accounts 

of all the Battles fought between the Navies of the United 



States and Great Britain, and an Account of the War with 
Algiers, icith 25 Engravings. To which is added, a Xaval 
Register of the United States, revised, corrected, and 
brought down to the Year 1838. 8vo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1838. 

2064. ^ecessarg ©octrfne (^) antr lErbtrftfon for ano 

^hrfStClt ntaU, set furthe by the kynges maiestie of Eng- 
lande, etc. 2$IaCik JLtXttX, Sm. 4to, hroion morocco. 
Imprinted at London in Flete strete by Thom,as Barthelet., 

etc, MDXLIII. 
This copy wants the Title-Page and part of the Preface, and the last leaf 
is injured ; otherwise it is a fair copy of a rare book, described in Dibdin's 
Ames, vol. iii., p. 321. 

2065. NEDHAM (Marchamont). The True Character of a Rigid 

Presbyter, with a Narrative of the Dangerous Designes of 
the English and Scotish Covenanters, etc. To which is 
added a short History of the EngUsh Rebellion. Compiled 
in verse. 2nd Edition. Small 4to, riissia. 
Lond., sold by Z. Crofton, Presbyter, at the signe of the 
Lay-Elder near the stool of repentance in White- Chajypel, 

An account of this noted writer will be found in "Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

2066. NEIL (Gabriel). Biographical Sketch of the Rev. Mr. Zach- 

ary Boyd, with List of his Printed and MS. Works ; and 
Extracts from his L^npublished Writings, particularly his 
Celebrated Poetical Version of the Bible. 8vo, morocco 
extra. Glasgow, 1832, 

Mr. Allan has made some characteristic extracts from Boyd, at the com- 
mencement of this volume. 

NEILSON (Rev. Wm.) Introduction to the Irish Language. 

8vo, half calf Dublin, 1808. 

NELSON'(Rob.) A Companion for the Festivals and Fasts 

of the Church of England. 8vo, cf. Lond. 1748. 

2069. NERRINCQ De Goddelycke Voorsienigheydt, Uyt gebeeldt 

un Joseph Onder-Coninck van Egyptien, verciert Met Sinne- 

beelden ende Sede-leeringen door P. Frauciscus Nerriiicq, 

Priester der Societeyt Jesu. 18 Plates of Emblems. 4to, 

- ccdf Antwerpen, by Ignatius Lyssens, 1710. 

2070. NETHERCLIFT (J.) Autographs of the Kings and Queens, 

and Eminent Men of Great Britain, from the 14th Century 
to the present period. P"'olio. Lond. 1835. 

2071. NETHERLAND HISTORIAN (The). Containing a true 

and exact Relation of what passed in the late Wars, from 
1671 to 1674. Illustrated with above 60 Sculptures. 
12mo, calf Amst. 1674. 

Refers incidentally to the West Indies, Surinam, etc. 


ALLEZ WISSENSCHAFFTEX. Curious hieroglyphic 
plates. 18mo, calf. s. 1. s. a. 




/,S0 2073. 

3, -^074. 



/O 2077. 


/, 2079. 

NEVGEBAVERUS. Selectorum Synibolorvm Heroicorvm 
Centvria Geniina euotata atqve enodata, a Salomone 
Neugebavero a Cadano. 200 plates. 12mo, red morocvo, 
gilt edges. Frcuicofurti.^ 1619. 

NEWCOME (Hy.) Usurpation Defeated and David Re 
stored : being an Exact Parallel between David <fc Charles 
II. — a Sermon, May 24, 1660. 12ino, calf ; fine copy. 

Loud. 1660. 

tlie English Language. 8vo. Burlington., 1813. 

Second Part of Gabriel Outcast. 8vo. Printed in 1 790. 

NEW GOSPEL OF PEACE, according to St. Benjamin. 
12mo, pp. 42. N. Y. [1863]. 

1799, containing an account of the Death of George Wash- 
ington. Trento?!, 1799. 

[NEWMAN (J. W.)] Lounger's Common-Place Book, or 

Miscellaneous Collectionsin History, Criticism, Biography, 

Poetry, and Romance. Third and best edition. 4 vols. 8vo, 

ccdf. ' Land. 1805. 

The author of this interesting work was Jeremiah Whitacre Newman. 

See Notes and Queries, vol. ix.. p. 258. 

/ Jl? 2080. 


A Collection. 

„ „ 2081. 




„ 2082. 




'.. „ 2083. 
,' „ 2084. 





'. 2085. 


Queen Anne. 


(the) of 
8vo, calf 




under Our Sovereign, 
Lond. 1705. 


J 2088. 

6* '^0 2089. 


^r"n)C JCCStcinif Ut translated out of Greek by Theod. Beza. 
Wheievnto are adioyned large expositions of the phrases 
and liard places, by the Authour and others, together with a 
Table or Concordance. Englished by L. Tomson. JSlHClk 
Setter. 4to, old ccdf. Lond. C. Barker, 1596. 

^cto ^Testament o( our aorti atntr Sabtour S^sus 

Christ. [Genevan Version.] 4to, Eng raced Title. 

Ulack Setter. Circa \%\\. 

.JESUS CHRIST. With 62 ^teel Plates, ruled with red 
lines. 8vo, morocco, loith 2 Silver Clasps. Bond. 1648. 

[NEWTON (Rev. John)]. Letters to a Wife. 12mo, half 
calf. Bond. Mm. 


OLUTION : lieing :i Collection of Oi-igiiial Papers (now 
first published) from the MSS. in the Possession of the 
Mercantile Library Association of New York City. Plan. 
4to. Privately printed for the Association^ 1861. 

/^092. NEW YORK. Gazetteer of the' State of New York, etc. 
Plate and map. 8vo, sheep. Albany^ J. Disturnell^ 1842. 

J^ 2093. NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Collections of the 
New York Historical Society. 2d Series. Vol. 1, 8vo. 

N. Y. 1841. 

fO 2094. NEW YORK MUNICIPAL GAZETTE, Nos. 42-48. 4to. 

iV Y. 1847. 

^^095. NIAGARA. Falls of Niagara and Vicinity. 12mo, pp. 64. 
12 Plates. ' Lond. 1858. 

^4r^2096. NIC^US. Dionis Nicaei Rei'vm Romanarum a Pompeio 

Magno ad Alexadnim Mamaae, Epitome authore loanne 

Xiphilino : Ex Bibliotheca Regia. YoWo^ russia, fine copy. 

Lvtetim Ex officina Rob. Stephatn., m.uli. 

^.^^097. NICHOLAS (Abra.) The Young Penman's Copy Book. 
Oblong 4to. Loud. {\1\5). 

/<? 2098. [NICHOLS (Francis)]. The British Compendium; or Ru- 
diments of Honour. 3 vols. 18mo, old cf. 1738. 

?j^099. NICHOLS. ^ Heclaratfou of the recantation ot 

Kohn iiflCilOlS (for the space almost of two yeeres the 
Pope's Scholer in the English Seminarie or Colledge at 
Rome) which desircth to be reconciled and receiued as a 
member into the true Church of Christ in England. 
JUlaCtl JLtiXZX. Small 8vo, calf ; fine copy, from Sir 
M. M. Sykes's Collection. 

Imprinted at London by Chris. Barker., 1581. 
J15'2100. NICOLA! (R.P.) Les Triomphes de Lovis le Ivste XIII., 
de nom Roy de France et de Navarre. Fine Plates. 
Folio, calf. Paris, A. Estienne, 1649. 

2101. NIDERNDORFF (P. Henr.) Doctrina Ethicse Christianae, 
Sive morum Christianorum recta institutio ex triplici 
hominis officio Erga se, erga Proximum, erga Deum secun- 
dum Vitani et doctriuam Jesu Christi, etc. 147 Plates. 
4to, morocco extra. 

Wirceburghi, Typis J. J. C. Kleyer, 1742. 

J^^Ol.* . Aliud exemplar. 4to, vellum. 1742. 

f0 2102. NIEUWE TESTAMENT. Butch Version, with the Psalms 

set to music. Bichly bound in morocco ; tooled sides / 

highly ornamented Silver Corners, Clasps, and Rims. 

12mo. Dordrecht, 1726. 

2103. NILES (H.) Principles and Acts of the Revolution. Rl. 8vo, 

half calf . Baltimore, 1822. 


SISO 2104. NILIACIFS. Ori Apollinis Niliaci, de Sacris Egyj3tiorvra 
notis, ^gyptiace Expressis libri dvo, Iconibvs illustrati et 
aucti, nunc priraum in Latinura ac Gallicum serrnonem 
conuersi. 12mo, calf. Paris^ 1574. 

The wood cuts in this curious and rare work are very singular. Dibdin 
mentions it in his Decameron. It should have formed Lot 105.* 

2^ 2105. NINETEENTH CENTURY, and Familiar History of the 
Lives, Loves, and Misfortunes of Abeillard and Heloisa, a 
Matchless Pair, &c., by R. Rabelais the Younger ! 10 
Plates. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1819. 

f,SO 2106. NIVELON (F.) The Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour. 4to, 
half calf. Lond. 1737. 

jZ, /jL 2107. NOAH (M. M.) Gleanings from a Gathered Harvest. Auto- 
graph and cuttings inserted. 12mo. J^. Y. Wells., \Si:b. 
ji 2108. NOAH (M. M.) Travels in England, France, Spain, and the 
Barbary States. 8vo, half ccdf. N. Y. 1819. 

NOBLE (Mark). Memoirs of the Protectorate House of 
Cromwell. 2 vols, Bvo, ca//". Lond. 11^1. 

" One of the most laborious, accurate, and useful of the pioneer class." — 
Quart. Review. 

■2110. NOBLE (Mark). Two Dissertations upon the Mint and Coins 
of the Episcopal Palatines of Durham, etc. Plates. 4to, half 
cf. Pirminghani^ 1780. 

Dent's copy, lis. Qd. 

', 2111. NO PROTESTANT PLOT: or the present pretended Con- 
spiracy of Protestants against the King and Government, 
Discovered to be a Conspiracy of the Papists against the 
King and his Protestant Subjects. 4to. 

Lond. for R. Lett, 1681. 

2, 2112. NORTH GEORGIA GAZETTE and ivinter Chronicle. 

4to, calf. Lond. 1821. 

Edited by Edwd. Sabine, the Arctic Voyager, during an expedition in 

Search of the North-West Passage. It is an amusing collection of Poems, 

Songs^ Humorous Essays, &c. 

NORTHCOTE (James). One Hundred Fables, Original and 
Selected, embellished with 280 Engravings on Wood. 
12mo, blue morocco extra. Lond. 1828. 

2114. . Another copy, hcdf morocco ; gilt top. 

__ Lond. 1828. 

2115. NORTHCOTE (James). Fables. 2d Series, o?i 7/ic?/a Paper. 
Post 8 vo, morocco, gilt. Lond. 1833. 

2116. . Another. 2d Series. Post 8vo, morocco. 

Lond. 1833. 

2117. . Another. 2d Series. Large paper ; impl. d,\o, half 

morocco., gilt edges. Lond. 1833. 

2118. NORTHCOTE. Proof Illustrations to Nobthcote's Fables, 


and of the Ornamental Letters and Vignettes hy Wm. 
Harvey, on India jxiper. Rl. 8vo, half morocco, (jilt top. 

Lond. 1828. 

2119. NOTES OF A BOOK-^YORM ; or Selections from the 

Portfolio of a Literary Gentleman. 18mo, hds. 

Lond, 1828. 

2120. NOTITIA ANGLIC ANA. Shewing the Atchievements of 

all the English Nobility, compleat (/. e.) their Several Quar- 
terings or Pretensions, &c. [Plates] curiously drawn and 
engrav'd by the ingenious Mr. Gardiner, and other eminent 
Masters. 8vo, half calf Land. 1724. 

'P 2121. NOTITIA VTPvAqVe evra Orientis tvm Occidentis vltra 
Arcadii, Honoriiqve Coesarvm Tempora, illustre uetustatis 
monumentura, imo thesaurus prorsum incomparabilis, etc. 
Folio, velhon. Basilce, II. Froheu, 1552. 

Very numerous and singular wood cuts of Antiquities, Coins, Towns. &c. 

r77 2122. ^OUtJCaU JCCStament. Wood cut Title and Initial Letters, 

tfcc. Folio, jjiacfe Setter. s. 1. 1534. 

Terminates with the Epistle to tlie Romans. 
2123. NOVEAU TESTAMENT (Le) en Latin et en Fran^ais tra- 
duit par Sacy. Edition ornee de Figures gravees sur les 
Dessins de Moreau le jeime. 4 vols, irapl. 8vo, red morocco. 

Paris., 1793. 

Stephani, Scaligeri et Casauboni. 8vo, ccdf interleaved^ and 
idth numerous 3IS. JVotes^ neatly tcritten. Londini, 1633. 

2125. NUMISMATA MODVLI Maximi Vulgo Medaiglloni Ex 

Cimcharchio Lvdovici XIV., etc. Folio, bds. 

Elevtheropoli., 1V04. 


Gente [auctore J.-Fr. Barbadico ; in Latinum vertit F. X. 
Valcavius, cum Additamentum]. 88 Splendid Plates., 
with additional Tail-Pieces. Folio, half morocco, gilt 
edges. Petcmii Ex Seminarii Typographia, 1732, 

One of the finest books of its class, and highly commended by Brunet. 
This was a presentation copy. 

2127. . Aliud Exemplar. YoXio, half ccdf Petavii, 11^2. 

^ J~2T28. NUNEZ DE CEPEDA (Francis). Idea de el Buen Pastor 
Copiada por los SS. Doctores Representada en Empresas 
Sacras, con avis os Espirituales, Morales, Politicos, y Eco- 
nomicos para el Govieruo de un Principe Ecclesiastico. 50 
Plates of Emblems. Ato, velhmi. Leon, 1687. 

2129. NYENBORCH (.Johan van). Hof-Stede met desselfs andere 
Bedenckingen Gedichten en Historien. 4to, half 7-ussia. 

Groningen, 1659. 
Relates partly to the " "West-Indische Compagne." 



^ 2130. NYDEK. Consolatione timorate conscietie Venerabilis fratris 

Johafiis Ryder, etc. 4to, in the original wooden boards, 
with clasp. Chx'ci mcccclxxx, 

/, tT?? 2131. O. (R.) Mail's Mortallitie, or a Treatise, Wherin 'tis proved, 

both Theologically and Pbylosophically, that while Man (as 

a rationall Creature) is a Compound wholy mortall, etc. 

4to, half calf. Amsterdam^ printed hy John Canne, 1643. 

Hollis's copj' sold for £2 2s. Od. 

So 2132. OCCASIONAL POEMS, Written in the year 1811. 4to. 

Kent^ Lee Priory Press, 1814. 

2J"^1 33. OCEAN HARP. A Poem. 18 mo, Ms. Phllad. 1819. 

2, 2134. ODDS AND ENDS, or Trifles Light as Air. A Scrajj- 

Book of 71 Plates. 4to, ca/f 
S, 2135. OELRICHS (Jean Ch. Con.) Cabinet des Medailes de 
I'Electorat de Brandebourg. 4to, calf. Berlin, 1778. 

Contains 95 beautiful engravings of Medals, by Chodowiecki. 

J. ^45^2136. 0f the ij^s^ootr caUetr ©ba(actm, that Heaieth tiie 

Frenche Pockes, and also helpeth the Goute in the feete, 
the stoone, the palsey, lepree, dropsy, fallynge euyll, and 
other dyseases. ^OthlC %ttXtX. Small 8vo, calf 

Lond. Tho. Berthelet, 1539. 

Bindley's copy of this rare work sold for £2 14*'. Od. See Ames's Typo- 
graphical Antiquities, vol. ill. 

/,Z^ ^2137. OESTERREICH (Matth.) Raccolta di XXIV. Caricature 
Disegnate colla penna dell Celebre Cavalliere Piet: Leon: 
Ghezzi Conservati nell Gabinetto di sua Maesta il Redi 
Polonia Elett : di Sassonia. 24 Plates. Folio. 1750. 

^X'2138. OFFEN (Benj.) A Legacy to the Friends of Free Discus- 
sion. 8vo, sheep. Boston, 1846. 
j^^ 2139. OFFICE DE LA SEMAINE SAINTE en Latin et en 
Franyois a la Usage de Rome, etc. Fine plates. 8vo, 
' old red morocco, richly gilt sides and edges. Paris, 1728. 
J~^^ 2140. OFFICE DE LA VIERGE. A German MS. on vellum, 
containing mimeroics full page Ilhwnnated Paintings, 
highly ornamented Initials, some including Petite Minia- 
tures, and numerous higJdy decorated Borders, in wooden 
hoards, witli gilt clasjjs. 
/^, 2141. OFFICES GOTHIQUES. A MS. of 169 leaves, illustrated 
until sixteen Illuminated Tableaux. Small 4t(), calf 
/ 00, 2142. OFFICIIS BEATE MARIE VIRGINIS ad vsum Cistercien 
cum pluribus deuotis orationib;is et conteplationibus ac 
figuris nouiter additis. Fine Wood-cut Title, and Mubri- 
cated Borders and Vignettes. 8\'o,' green morocco. 

Paris, Ambroise Giravlf, 1546. 

J-^ 2143. OFFICIUM BEATI MARIE VIRGINIS. A very beauti- 

' ful MS. on vellum ; every page surrounded hy a Border 

OLIXA. 271 

elaborately finished in Gold and Colours ; several full- 
page Miniatures^ and many hundred coloured Initial 
Letters. 8vo, blue morocco, gilt edges. 
See also '• Missale," "Precis," "Psalmes," " Heures." " Hora;-," 

2144. OGILVY pirs. D.) A Book of Highland Minstrelsy, with 

illustratious by K. R. M'lan. 4to, half morocco. 

Lond. 1846. 

2145. OKEY (Wni.) Round Text Copies. Folio. Lond. u. d. 

2146. OLD ENGRAVINGS. A Collection of 310 Plates, raanv 
^-*>o Avchitectuval. Folio. Old calf 

y^ Title to a Collection made by Mr. Allan., with some 3IS. 

JVotices of the Artists. Impl. 8vo, green morocco. 

^^pJiMf%i OLINA (Gio.-Pietro). Vccelliera Overo discorso Delia 

Natvra, e Proprieta di diversi vccelli e in particolare di qve 

^ cbe Cantano. Con il tnodo di Prendergli conoscergli, 

alleuargli, e mantenergli. E eon le Figure cauate dal 

vero, e diligentemente intagliate en Rame dal Tempesta, 

e dal Yillamena. 4to, <-alf ; very rare. Boma., 1622. 

Much esteemed and sought after, on account of the Plates being engraved 

by Temi)esta and Yillamena. Colonel Stanley's copy sold for £7 IO5. Od, 

and Mr. Heber gave £5 for a copy at Edwards's sale. 


for 1849. 12mo. Edinb. 1849. 

J6j:::2150. OLLA PODRIDA, or 82 antiquarian and LITE- 
^^ RARY SCRAPS ; principally Ornaments. 8vo, old 

■ 2151. O'MEARA (Barry). Napoleon in Exile; or a Voice from 
f St. Helena ; being the Opinions and Reflections of Napo- 

leon. Plates. 2 vols. 8yo, half calf Lond. 1827. 

•^ 2152. OMNIUM CAESARVM VERISSIM^. Imagines ex An- 
tiqvs Nvmismatis De^uvniptte, etc. 4to, calf Index 
Imperfect. Parmce, 1554. 

2153. OMNIUM GATHERUM. A Collection of 281 Coloured 
Plates, including Sailors on Shore, Pieces from Gillray, 
Celebrated Prize Fighters, Hunting Pieces, Seymours 
Sketches, etc. Folio, half russia. 
J A never-ending source of entertainment. 

•i-!n54. ONDERDONK (Benj. T.) A Sermon at the Funeral of the 
^ Right Rev. John Henry Hobart. Sept. 16, 1830. 8vo. 

Is. Y. 1830. 

f '2-2155. OPAL (The). Edited by N. P. WiUis. 9 Plates. 12mo, mo- 
rocco. N'. Y. 1844. 
- 2156. OPAL (The). Edited by S. J. Hale. 8vo, calf X. Y. 1845. 

,. 2157. OPAL (The). Edited by John Keese. 8vo, morocco. 

N. Y. 1846. 


^2 2158. OPAL (The). Edited by Mrs. S. J. Hale. 8vo, calf. 

N. Y. 1848. 

i,^0 2159. OPENHERTIGHEHERTEN ALVINT ghy in dit Boecken 

deyn, etc. Oblong 8vo, old calf. [ C. Galle exctidit.'\ 

"The Diversity of tiie Heart." From Clio Rickman's Collection, who 

observes that it is the only copy he ever saw. 

page wood cuts, boldly engraved. 4to, bds. uncut. 

OpjMnhehn., s. a. 
"Scriptum rarissima." — Bauer. 

/» 2161. ORiEUS (Henricus). Viridarium Hieroglyphico-morale, etc. 

88 fine plates. 4to, half morocco ; rare and cnnmts. 
Francofvrti apud Jacobd de Zetter, 1619. 
"2162. ORATIO DOMINICA Nimium Plus Centum Linguis, 
versionibus, aut Characteribus Reddita et Expressa. The 
Lord's Prayer in above a Hundred Languages, Versions, 
and Characters. Editio novissima. Ato, hcdf calf . 

Land. 1713. 
Includes the " Mexicana, Poconchi, and Virginiana.'' See also Cham- 
berlayn, Lot 603. 

tr<? 2163. ORIENTAL ANNUAL. Plates by Finden. 8vo, morocco. 

Lond. 1840. 
BETH. 18mo. N. Y. 1798. 
Recounts the story of Two Lovers, who committed Suicide in the Bowery, 
in 1797 or '98. 

Z(^, 2165. ORNAMENTAL ALBUM. Album Ornatissimum. Orna- 

mented with various Scraps. MS. Title to a Collection of 
115 Water Colour Drawings, Baxter's Coloured Plates, 
Costumes, Sketches by Bartolozzi, etc. 4to, red mo- 
rocco., gilt edges. 

ORNAMENTS. A Collection of 32 Ornaments, mounted in 

a vellum Scrap Booh. Small 4to. 

. Another Collection. Folio, bds. 

. A Collection of Ornamental Capital Letters. 4to. 

. A Collection of Head and Tall Pieces, Vignettes, 

etc. 4to. 
OROSIUS (Paulus). Adversus Paganos Historiarum, libri 
^ i-^ vii., ut et Apologeticus contra Pelagium, de arbitrii libertate, 

n*^ ^ etc. 4to, calf. Lugd. Batav. 1767. 

" 24 a 36 hy— Brunei. 

,r_ 2171. ORSOLINI (Ignazio). Rifiessioni Spiritvali, e Morali Sopra 

le Figure, nelle quali si rappresentano li fatti piti celebri 

_^ 2. S" della Vita di S. Filippo Neri Fondatore della Congre- 

gatione dell' Oratorio nella Citta di Roma, etc. Parte 

Secouda. 44 Plates. Small 8vo, green morocco extra. 

Roma, 1700. 











2172. ORTELLIUS. Deorvm Denrvmqve capita, ex antiquis 
numisniatibus Abrahaini Ortellii Geographi Regii collecta, 
et Historia uarratione illustrata a Francisco Sweertio F. 
Antuerpiensi. 4to, red morocco., gilt edges. 

Antverpice ex in Officina Plantinianc(^ 1612. 

. Idem, Editio altera. 4to, vellum. 

Bruxellis., F. Foppetis., 1683. 
These portraits of the gods are finely engraved by Phil. Gallteus. 

2174. ORTELIUS (Hierou.) Schone Bildnits in Kupffergestochen 

dererleuchten beriihtisten Weiber Altes und Neues Testa- 
ments, etc. 4to, vellutn; rare. From H. White''s collection. 

Nurmberg, 1610. 


Twenty-Six Clever Designs, mounted in small 4to, red mo- 
rocco. 1842. 

2176. OSGOOD (Fr. S.) Poetry of Flowers and Flowers of Poe- 

try. Coloured Plates. l2mo, morocco extra. JV^. Y. 1841. 

2177. OSLER (Edward). Life of Admiral Viscount Exniouth. 

Fortrait and 6 Plates. Svo, cl. Fo?id. 1835. 

2178. OSSIAN". The Poems of Ossian, translated by James Mac- 

pherson, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Land. 1773. 

2179. . Another edition, with Notes by Malcolm Laing. 2 

vols. 8vo, ccdf. Edinh. ^805. 

2180. OSSIAN. An Original Collection of the Poems of Ossian, 

Orraun, Ulin, and other Bards, collected and edited by 
Hugh and John M'Callum. 8vo, calf extra. 

Montrose., 1816. 

2181. OSSIAN. I Canti di Ossian. Illustrated by a Series of 48 

Etchings, by Giusippe Battaggia. Oblong folio, half c<df. 

Venezia, 1817. 

2182. OSSIAN. Poems of Ossian, lately discovered by Edmond 

Baron de Harold. 12mo, half calf . Dusseldorf 1787. 

OSWALD (Hon. James). Memorials of the Public Life and 
Character of the Right Hon. Jas. Oswald, of Dunniker. 
8vo, cf. Edinh. 1825. 

2184. OTTLEY (Wm. Y.) Inquiry into the Origin and Early His- 

tory of Engraving upon Copper and in Wood, with an 
account of Engravers and their Works, from the Invention 
of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra to the Time of Mark 
Antonio Rairaondi. 2 vols. 4to, half ccdf . Eond. 1816. 
This fine work is printed uniform with Dibdin's Ames', and with that 
work forms a grand series of the history of printing and engraving. Pub- 
lished at £3 8s. Od, and now scarce. See Dibdin's Decameron. 
" Livre remarquable par I'exactitude des gravures qui le decorent." — Brunet 

2185. OTTLEY (Wm. Young). A Collection of One Hundred and 

Twenty-nine Fac-sirailes of Scarce and Curious Prints by 

174 ' OVID. 

the Early Masters of the Italian, German, and Flemisli 

Schools, illustrative of the History of Engravinir, etc. 

Folio, russia extra. Lond. 1828, 

This copy has 129 Plates, with the Xiellas finished in silver. Published 

at £15 las. Od " Some copies have only 100 Plates. Indeed, it is difficult to 

finl a perfect copy similar to this. 

fS~, 2186. OYID. A Collection of 130 Plates, illustrative of Ovid's 
3feta7no)'p hoses, mounted in a 4to volume, in morocco, gilt. 

1637, etc 

» 2187. OVID. Les Metamorphoses D'Ovide [140] Graveessurles des- 

sei ns des meilleiirs Peintres Franyais. Par les soins des S''' le 

Mire et Basan, Graveurs. 4to, red morocco extra; fue copy. 

Paris, 1767. 

X 2188. OYID. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide en Latin, Tradiiites en 

FraTi<;ais avec des Kemarques et des Explications Histo- 

riques ])ar M. KAbhe Banier, Ouvrage enrichi de Figures, 

ef.c., par B. Picart, etc. 2 vols. rl. folio, calf; very fine 

copy. Amsterdam, Wetstein, 1732. 

" Belle edition, recherchee a cause des gravures dont eUe est ornee. 40 a 

50 {r.'"—BruneL 

/tZ^ 2189. OVID. Jolian. Posthii Germersheniii tetrasticha in Ovidii 
]Metam. Lib. xv. Qvibus accesserunt Yergilii Solis figuraj 
elegantiss. et iam primuui in lucem editae. Oblong 4to, 
vellum. s. 1. 1569. 

The Kngravings are by Crispin de Pass, each being surrounded by a bor- 
der. The text is in Latin and German. 

Ar2190. OYIDIUS. Yol 1. \^mo, calf Amstel. JElzevir,166i. 

^, 2091. OYID'S ART OF LOYE, Remedy of Love, Art of Beauty, 
and Amours. 6 Plates. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1804. 

5>^ S^O 2192. OYIDIUS. P. Ovid Nasonis xv. Metamorphoseon Libron fig- 
urti? clegantissime :i Cyp. Passaeo laminis aeneis inci.sffi Qvi- 
bvs svbivncta svnt Epigramata latine ac germanicae conscrip- 
ta, uutore Gvil. Salsmanno. 4to, ccdf. 

Arnhemiensem, anno a Yrea MeDIoCrl. (1607). 

20, 2193. OYID'S META3I0RPH0SES Englished, MythologizVl and 

Represented in figures by G[eoege] S[axdts], co2)iously 

and beautifully illustrated with 134 Plates and Engraved 

Title. P'olio, calf Oxford^ 1632. 

This was the first translatiox of a Classic made in America, '■ bred in 

the Xew World, of the rudenesse whereof it cannot but participate." See 

Dedication to K. Charles I. Sandys was Treasurer of Virginia. Highly 

fommended by Pope and Dryden. 

S.S'O 2194. OYID'S TKISTRIA,' translated by W[ye] S[altonstall]. 
18nio, half calf ' * Zond. 1637. 

Priced in the' Bibl. 'Anglo Poetica, £2 25. 0^/. 
/<^ 2195. OWEX (Robt. Dale). Moral Phvsiology. 12mo, bds. 

A\ IT 1831. 
/?4-^*2^96. [OWEN (Robert)]. A New Yiew of Society. 8vo, blue um- 
* L'Q rocco extra. Lond. 1813. 


J 75 

"I?! 97. OWEX (Robert). Report to tbe County of Lanark of a 
Plan for Relieving Public Distress, -tto', calf. 

Glasgow, 1821. 

2198. OXFORD PRIZE POEMS. 12mo, /talf calf. 

Oxford, 1810. 
Includes the conquest of Quebec, by M. Howard. 

2199. OXFORD SAUSAGE (The); or Select Poetical Pieces, 
written by the most celebrated Wits of the University. 
Plates after Beirick. 1 8mo, calf extra. Lond. 1815. 

"2200. . Another edition. 12 mo, half cf Oxford, 1821. 

This celebrated jeu d'esprit is g-enerally considered to have been the work 
of Warton. 

2202. PAFF. Catalogue of the Extensive and Valuable Collection 
of Pictures, Engravings, and Works of Art of Michael 
PaffjEsq. 4to, half calf A\ 3". [1838]. 

. Another coj^y. 4to. IV. Y. [1838]. 

. Another copy. 

PAGITT (E.) Heresiography, or a Description of the Here- 
ticks and Sectaries of these latter Times. Engraved 
Title. Ato, half calf Lond. \U0. 

2206. PALMER (T. H.) The Historical Register of the United 
States. 4 vols. 8\'0, half bound. Phil. 1814. 

A work of great importance to the historian, comprising the most authen- 
tic account of events that transpired during the late war {181 2). 

FIELD AND DEERFIELD by a Party of Indians from 
Canada, September Nineteenth, 1677. Impl. 8vo, half 
morocco. Xev York., 1859. 

One Hundred Copies privately printed for the Bradford Club (No. 1). 

to America. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf Lond. 1809. 

2209. PAPILLON (J. M.) Traite Historique et Pratique de la 
Gravure en Bois, Ouvrage enriclii des plus jolis morceaux de 
sa Composition et de sa gravure. 3 vols, in 2. 8vo, half 
cf. Paris, Simon, 1766. 

PAPWORTH (J. B.) Hints on Ornamental Gardening. 

No Plates. Rl. 8vo. Lond. 1823. 

PARADIN (Claude). Devises Heroiqves 180 spirited and 

delicate Wood Cuts. 8vo, morocco extra; fine copy. 

Lion Tan de Tournes, et Guil. Gazean, 1557. 

•^2212. . La meme. 8\o,ccdf. Linn, 1557. 

" Belle edition." — Brunei. 

Dibdm characterizes this as a singular work. Decameron, vol. i., p. 264. 
See also Moule's Bibl. Heraldica, p. 39, for a full descriptiou. 

ir<^2213. PARADIN. Symbola Heroica M. Clavdii Paradini Belliio- 
censis Canonici, et D. Gabrielis Symeonis ; nuilto, quam 

170 PARIS. 

antea fidelius de Gallica lingua in Latinam conversa. r2mo, 
morocco extra. Antrerplte., Ec off. Christ. Planthi., 1567. 

For an ample description of this edition, see Dibdin's Decameron, vol. i., 
p. 264-270, where are likewise fac-similes of seven of the Plates. 

See also Moule, Bibl. Ileraldica, p. 39 ; and Alciatius. 

S.S^O 2214. PARADISE (The) OF DAIXTY DEUICES, from the 
Edition of 1576, reprinted, with an Appendix and Intro- 
ductory Remarks, by Sir Egerton Brydges. 8vo, cf. 

Zand. 1810. 

One hundred and twenty copies only struck off. separately from Brydges' 
British Bibliographer. 

/. ^^ 2215. PARADISVS SPOXSI ET SPONS^ in qvo Messis myrrhi» 
et Aromatvm ex instrumentis, ac mysterijs Passionis Christi 
ColUgenda, etc. Auctore P. losine David. Bvo, calf. 

Anfverpice, Ex Officina Plantiniani., 1618. 

Contains a series of beautifully engraved Emblematical Plates, illustrative 
of the Life of Christ, with Inscriptions in Latin, German, and French. 

^J^216. PARENTS' FRIEXD: or Extracts on Education. 2 vols. 
8vo, cf. Fhil. 1803. 

So, 2217. PARIS (John Ayrt on). Life of Sir Humphrey Davy. iLlus- f 

trated \cith Autograph Letters., aiul Portraits of the most ' 
Eminent Literary and Scientific Characters. From Mr. 
XJpcott's collection. 2 vols. Bvo, ccdf gilt edges. 

Lond. 1831. 

Includes Autographs of Count Rumford, Dr. Parr, Lord Cornwallis. Duke 

^_- of Sussex, &c. 

/,6 2218. PARIS. Collection des Principaux Monumens et Vues 

de Paris. 47 Planches. Sm. 4to, calf. Paris, n. d. 

JZ, 2219. PARIS. Graphic Illustrations of the Most Prominent Features 

of the French Capital, Avith Characteristic Figures in the 

foregrounds. 12 Plates. Folio, halfrussia. Lond. 1816. 

yS^2Q. PARKER (Samuel, Bishop of Oxford). A Free and Impartial / 
Censvre of the Platonick Philosophie, &c. 4to, half mo- 
rocco. 0.v/b?Y?,'l666. 
/, SO 2221. PARLIAMENT'S (The) VNSPOTTED-BITCH :' in Answer /^ 
to Prince Robert's Dog, called Boy, and his Malignant 
She-Monkey. Woodcut. A\.o, half morocco ; very rare. 

Lond., for R. Jackson, 1643. 

2.,^0 2222. PAROLES DE L'AME PAR ADOLPHE FRIES : a Series 
of Seven beautifully coloured Lithographic Plates. Folio, 
green morocco. Paris, n. d. 

SO 2223. PARSON'S (The) HORN BOOK. 8vo, bds. 

Dublin, 1831. 

5J^2224. PARSONS (Wm.) Travelling Recreations. 2 vols. r2mo, 
calf Lond. 1807. 

PARTENOPEX DE BLOIS. See Le Grand, Lot 1738. 

PARTHENIA SACRA. See A (H.), Lot 2. 



2225. PARTINGTON (C. F.) National History and Views of 
London. 8vo. Wants afeio jxiges at the end. 

Lonct 1833. 

^226. PASQUIN (Anthony). The Children of Thespis: a Poem. 

12 mo, caff. Loud. 1792. 

2227. [PASSxEUS (Crispin de)]. Academia, sive Specvlvm Vitro 

Scholasticae. Oblong- 4to, c^///",- very rare; fine iynpr^ssions. 

^ Traj.-Batav. 'C. Fassan, 1612. 
This rare volume has been in the collections of Henry White and Robert 
Sou they. It contains 16 Engravings, representing College Life and Amuse- 
ments. Courtois, 14 fr. 

2228. PASS^ITS (Crispin de). Hortus Floridus in quo rariorum et 

minus vulgarium florum, Icones ad vivam veramque forraam 
accuratissime delineata?, Et secundum quatuor anni tcmpora 
divisa3 exhibentur, incredibili labore ac diligentise Crispini 
Passfei, junioris delineatae ac suum in ordine redacta. 
Fine Plates. Oblong folio, caff. Arnhemii, 1624. 

2229. PASSxEUS (Crispin). Altera Pars Hortus Floridus. 120 

Plates of Flowers and Fruits. Oblong folio, hcdf calf. 


2230. PASS (Crispin de). Miroer des ffiuvres d I'excellent poete 

Virgile. A Series of 24 Plates illustrative of Virgil, 
mounted in a 4to volume, vellum. [1612.] 

2231. 3|aSSlO Homtni nOStrf S^SU (HlWXSii, ex Euangelistamm 

textu quam accuratissime deprompta, additis sanctissimis 

exquissitissimisque figuris. 25 large loood cuts. JJlacfe 

JLtiiZX. Folio, ]ialf bound. Argentorati, 1508. 

The wood cuts in this rare volume occupy the entire page, and, according 

to a notice within the book, are by Van Clour ('' trh habile et d'un gout extra- 

ordiniiire'' — Christ), an old Master, whose works are highly esteemed ; but 

according to Brunet. by Urse Graf. See Brunet, iv., p. 421. Bartsch, vii., 

p. 456, and Bryan's Dictionary. 

2233. ^clSStO tUtftlttf ruz pulcerrimis Sacre pagine professor 
expositionibus. Sm. Svo, original binding., loooden boards., 
clasp. JJIacfe JitiitX. ISfurnberg., P. Waqner, 1495. 

PASSIONS (The) PERSONIFIED in Familiar Fables. 
[Plates bg J. Miller:] Impl. Svo, calf. Lond. n. d. 

PATAROL (Laur.) Series Augustorum Augustarum, Csesar- 
um et Tyrannorum Omnium, Tam in Oriente, quam in Oc- 
cidente, i^C. J. Csesare ad Carolum VI., etc. Numerous 
Plates of Coins and Medcds. %\o,'vellum. Yenetiis, 1740. 

2236. PATERSON (James). History of the County of Ayr, with 

a Genealogical Account of the Families of Ayrshire. 2 vols, 
impl. Svo, in 1. Half morocco. ^^'J^'i 1847. 

2237. . Another copy of vol. 1. Impl. Svo, cloth. 

Ayr, 1847. 


178 PAYXK 

/.2S^2-2'iS. PATERSON (James). Origin of the Scots and the Scottish 

Language. 8vo, cl. Edinh. 1855. 

Ji-,iyo 2239. PATINUS (Carohis). Iraperatorum Romanorum Numis- 

mata, Ex tere mediaj et minimae forma?, descripta. Platen. 

Folio, vellwn. Argentinre, S. Pauli, 1671. 

J(^ 2240. PATON (Jolm). A Collection of Original Songs and Poems. 

12mo. Peith, 1841. 

4',«^^2241. PATON (J.) The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow, Illustrated. 

Folio, cloth. 

For the Members of the Royal Association for the Promo- 
tion of the Fine Arts in Scotland, 1860. 
J^ 2242. PATTERSON (John). Memoir of Joseph Train, the Anti- 
quarian Correspondent of Sir Walter Scott. 12mo, cl. 

Glasr/ov\ 1857. 

^■,^#^243. PAULFREYMAN (Thomas). TmoViiB. JJlack ILttUV. 

/'%,<» 12mo, no title. London., R. Tottyl, 1575. 

Under Palfreyman, Lowndes gives a list of this author's works, but nothing 

of this date. 

J-0 2244. PAYNE & FOSS' CATALOGUE OF BOOKS. 8vo, half 

ruHsia. Jjond. 1822. 

JO 2245. PAYNE (William). The Unlawfulness of Stretching forth 

the Hand to Resist or Murder Princes, with the Principal 

Cases about Resistance, Considered, in two Sermons. 4to, 

Land. 1683. 
J,^0 2246. PEDEN. Some Remarkable Passages in the Life and Death 
of Alexander Peden. \2mo, half calf Pittsburgh, 1815. 
/, 2247. PEEL. Description of the Banquet given to Sir Robeit 
Peel, at Glasgow. 4to, bds. Glasgow, 1837. 

^jrT248. PEEL (Sir R.) Speech at Glasgow. 12mo. Zond. 1831. 
/, 2249. PEELE. Merrie Conceited lests of George Peele, Gentle- 
man, sometime Stvdent in Oxford. 4to, cloth. 

Pond. repr. 1809. 
^.^O 2250. PEERAGE OF SCOTLAND. 8vo, calf Lond. 1767. 

J7? 2251. . Another edition. 12mo, cloth. Edinh. 1834. 

Z./*^ 2252. PEGG (Wm.) Studies of Flowers from Natnre. Coloured 

Plates. 4to, cloth. Pond. 1835. 

J2,y^225Z. PEGGE (Samuel), An Essay on the Coins of Cunobelin. 

Plates. 4to, calf. Lond. 1766. 

/,2«r^254. P[EIGNOT] (G.) Essai Historique snr la Lithographic. 

8vo, cedf Peer is, 1819. 


Kaleudar (by Phillips?), \2n\o, half russia. Lond. 1698. 

" A Poem in liudibrastic measure, intended as a Satire on Sir Roger 

I'Estrange. Bibl. Ang. Poet., lOs. 6t/." — Lownd&s. 

S(? 2256. PENN (Wm.) No Cross, No Crown. Parts 1 and 2. 6th 
Edition. 8vo, calf Publin, 1700-1. 




^0 2260. 
TO 2201. 




S7> 2267, 

^•^^226 8, 



PENNAXT (Thos.) Tour in S(!Otland. [Fifth Edition; 
corrected, with additions, by Dahyniple.] 3 vols. 4to, 
calf. Lond. 1790. 

PENNANT. History of the Parishes of Wbiteford and 
Holywell. 11 plutes. Ato, half russia. Load. 1796. 

PENNECUIK (Alex.) Works ; containing the Description 
of Tweeddale, and Miscellaneous Poems. A New Edition, 
with copious Notes, forming a complete Histoiy of the 
Country to the present Time.' 8vo, half calf. 

Zeit/i, 181.T. 

PENNINGTON (Lady). Letters. 12mo. Zond. 1807. 

PENNINGTON (Rev. M.) Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. 
Eliz. Carter and her Poems. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 

Zond. 18C8. 

PENNSYLVANIA. Continuation of the Account of the 
Pennsylvania Hospital. 4to. Z'hiladeljjhia, Printed by 

B. Franklin tk D. Hall, 1761. 


Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Vol. 3 and 4. Nos. 

409 to 560. Oct. 11, 1777, to Dec. 28, 1778. 4to, half 

bound. 1777-78. 

This rare Newspaper was published in Philadelphia during its occupation 

by the British troops. 

PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE (The). Containing the 

freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestick. Folio. 

Printed by B. Franklin, 1737-8. 
PEN WARE (John). Contemplation. A Poem, etc. 12mo, 

calf. Zond. 1807. 


EXILE. 18mo, calf N'. T. 1821. 

PERCY. Illustrations to the Percy Anecdotes, on India 

Paper. 4to, half calf . 

These are the proof impressions to the edition of Percy's Anecdotes 
published in 20 volumes. 

[PERCY (Bp. Thos.)] Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, 
consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces 
of our earlier Poets (chiefly of the Lyric Kind), together 
with some few of later Date. 3 vols, small 8vo, calf. 

Zond. 1765. 
This first edition has some Poems not included in the others. Roxburghe, 

£1 lis. M.; Gough, £1 13s. M. 

PERCY (Thomas). Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, 
consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, etc. 8vo, yreen 
tnorocco, yilt edges. IjOnd. 1839. 

" The first time, too, I could scrape a few shillings together, I bought 

unto myself a copy of those beloved volumes." — Sir W. Scott. 

. PERCY. Ancient Ballads; Selected from Percy's Collec- 
tion, with Notes and Plates. 12mo. Zond. 1807. 




//2/ 2271. PERFECT AND COMPLEAT BEL-MAN: or the Bel- 
man's Diurual. Being above an Huudred Stanza's For 
Festival^ and other Common Days, etc. 8vo, half calf. 

Loud. 1666. 

This edition has escaped the researches of Lowndes. See Lowndes, vol. 
i., p. 152. 

2272. PERISTROMATA TURCICA sive Dissertatio Emblema- 

tica, Pra?sentem Europte Statum Ingeniosis Coloribus Rep- 

raesentans. 4to, vellum. 1639. 

^2273. PERISTROMATA TURCICA sive Dissertatio Emblematica, 

Prtesentem Europa? Statum Ingeniosis Coloribus Reprte- 

sentans. 4to, toicut. Lutet. Paris, s. a. 

JZ, 2274. PERKINS (William). A Discovrse of the Damned Art of 

Witchcraft ; so farre forth as it is reuealed in the Scriptures, 

etc. 12mo, calf. Cambridge, 1608. 

The author was a distinguished Puritan Divine. Lowndes does not quote 

this edition. 

J, 2275. [PERRAULT (Charles)]. Le Cabinet des beaux Arts, ou Re- 

cueil d'Estainpes gravees d'apres les Tableaux d'un pla- 
fond, ou les beaux-Arts sont representes. Avec I'explica- 
tion de ces memes Tableaux. Oblong 4to, morocco. 

\^Paris\ 1690. 
/ 2276. PERRET (Estienne). XXV. Fables des Animaux, vray mi- 

roir exemplaire, par leqvel tovte personne raisonnable 
pourra voir ... la conformite et vray similitude de la per- 
sonne ignorante aux animaux et bestes brutes. Folio, half 
calf; most rare. DelflQW. 

/ 0, 2277. PERSIAN MANUSCRIPT. The Shah Namah ; a Celebrated 
Heroic Poem on the Conquests of the Ancient Persian 
Kings. Folio, old morocco. 

This beautiful volume includes very numerous and singular illuminated 
Illustrations, by Persian artists, somewhat in the style of the Old Missals, 
but having the peculiar perspective of the country. It is a unique and 
curious volume. 

S7 2278. PERTH. Miscellanea Perthensis, 1801. Plate. 12mo, 
sheep. Perth, 1801. 

/^, 2279. PETERS (Hugh). A Dying Father's Last Legacy to an 
Only Child ; or Mr. Hugh Peters's Advice to his Daughter, 
written by his own Hand, etc. 18mo, calf; wood cat Por- 
trait. Boston, B. Green, 1717. 
3, SV 2280. PETERS. An Historical and Critical Account of Hugh 
Peters, after the Manner of Mr. Bayle. Portrait. 4to, 
y half morocco. Bond. 1751. 
O, 2281. PETERS (Saml.) A General History of Connecticut from its 
first Settlement, etc. To which is added a Supplement. 
8 Plates. 12nio. Scarce. New Haven, 1829. 
" 2282. [PETITOT (E. A.)] Descrizione delli Feste Celebrate in 
Parma I'anno 1 769, per li Auguste Nozze di sua Altezza 



Reale I'infonte Don Fenijindo colla Reale Arcliiduchessa 
Maria Ainalia. Impl. folio, half russla. Parma^ s. a. 

A copy of this maguiticent work sold, at the Duke D'Aumont's sale, for 

102 francs, aud at Tellier's, for 160 francs. The letter-press is in Italian 

and French. 

"2^83. PETITY (Abbe de). Etrennes Francoises dediees a la ville 
de Paris pour I'annee Jubilaire du Regne de Louis le 
Bien-Aime. Fine plates. Rl. 8vo, calf. " Paris., 1766. 
2284. PETRASANCTA. De Symbolis Heroicis libri ix. ; avctore 
Silvestro Petrasancta Romano, e Soc. Jesv. 290 Plates. 
4to, blue morocco extra; fine copy. 

Antverpia? Ex officlna Plantiniana Balthasarls Moretl-, 

. Aliud Exemplar. 4to, calf Idem., 1634. 

. Aliud Exemplar. 4to, vellain. Idem., 1634. 

The designs are by Rubens ; tlie engravings, by Tli. Gale. 

PETRONJ. Napoleonide di Stefano Egidio Petronj. Plates. 
4to, half russla. Xajjoli, 1809. 

PETTICOAT LOOSE. A Fragmentary Tale of the Castle. 
Plates by Rowlandson. 4to. Lond. 1812. 

PETTIGREW (Thos. J.) Bibliotheca Sussexiana. A De- 
scriptive Catalogue, accompanied by historical and biblio- 
graphical Notices of the Manuscripts and printed Books 
contained in the Library of his Royal Highness the Duke 
of Sussex. Parts 1 and 2, in 1 vol. impl. 8vo, calf. 

Lond. 182Y. 
Part 1 contains the MSS ; Part 2, printed editions of the Holy Scriptures. 

PPEIFFERL'S (Aug.) Critica Sacra de Sacri Codicis. 

12 mo, half vellum. Altorfil Noricor. 1751. 


RUM libri V. Notis illustravit in usum principis Nassavii 
D. Hoogstratanus : accedunt duo indices. 18 Plates. 4to, 
morocco extra. Amstelcedami, ITalmi, 1701. 

Contains 108 beautifully engraved embellishments by Vianer. This edi- 
tion was printed for the use of William of Nassau. 

" Edition fort soignee sans le rapport de la metrique, et contenant iin bon 
choix de notes ; mais ce qui la recommande particulierement ce sont les belles 
gravures." — Brunei. See also ^sop. 

Guy, Armigero, A. D. mdccxxi. Fundati. 12rao, blue mo- 
rocco. Lond. 1818. 

PHILADELPHIA, or Brotherly Love to the Studious in the 
Hermetick Art. 18mo, old blue morocco. 

Printed by T. Soide at the Crooked Billet, 1694. 

[PHILES (Geo. P.)] The Philobiblion. A Monthly Biblio- 
graphical Journal. Nos. 1 to 18. N. Y. 1862-3. 

PHILIPS (Ambrose). Pastorals. 12mo, c/". Udinb. \76d. 

This author obtained the sobriquet of Xamby Pamby Philips. See Ad- 
dison's Works, vi., p. 696; Bohn's Ed. 


182 PIC ART. 

^J^2296. PHILLIPS (Chas.) Tlie Emerald Isle. A Poem. 18mo, 
cf. N. Y. 1813. 

!l,J~(} 2297. PHILLIPS (Hy.) Floral Emblems, or a Guide to the Lan- 
guage of Flowers. CoVd Plates. Svo, cl. Xond. IS'SI. 
/. 2298. PHILIPS. Catalogue of the Valuable, Extensive, and Well 

Chosen Library of J. L. Philips, Esq. Prices and names. 
8vo, half bound. 3IancJieste)\ 1814. 

diaur (Dr. F.)] 
2299. PHILOTHEUS. Philothei Symbola Christiana Quibus idea 
hominis Christiani Exprimitur. 100 circular plates. 12 mo. 
Francofurti, J. B. Zxihrod, 1677. 

/, J/^2300. . Idem, Editio Altera. 12nio, half calf. 

Liigd. Bat. 1682. 

/ 2301. PHCENIX (The). MS. Title to a Collection of 30 Plates. 

r2mo, red morocco^ gilt. 1847. 

j>^ 2302. PHYSICAL AND ETHICAL Theatre of Egyptian, Grecian, 

and Koman Emblems of all the Virtues, Vices, Inclinations, 

Actions, Passions, Arts, Doctrines, etc. 317 Plates. 2 vols. 

4to, hcdf russia. I^elft., 1 726. 

The above is Mi-. Allan's MS. Title to a Collection of Emblems arranged 

by himself, and neatly mounted in 2 vols. 4to. 

'.tT^ 2303. PHYSIOGNOMICAL POPvTRAITS. One Hundred Dis- 
tinguished Characters, fiom undoubted Originals, Engraved 
in the Line Manner by the most Eminent British Artists. 
2 vols. 4to, half morocco. Bond. 1824. 

The Engravings are by Finden, Scott. Wedgewood, etc. "With Memoirs 
in French and English. 

Jl? 2304. PICAPvT. A Collection of the Works of Bernard Picart, 
Avith some by other artists. "46 Plates. Oblong 4to, calf. 
/, Jl? 2305. PICART LE ROMAIN (Etienne). Images des Heros et 
des Grands Ilommes de I'Antiquite, Dessinees sur des 
Medailles, des Pierres antiques et autres anciens Monu- 
mens, par Jean Ange Canini. Graves par Picart le Romain 
avec observations, etc. 117 Plates. 4to, calf. 

Amsterdam, 1731. 
The text is in Italian and French ; the translation by Chevrieres. 
" Belle edition." — Brunet. 

t-2306. PICKEN (Ebenezer). Miscellaneous Poems, Songs, etc. 
Partly in the Scottish Dialect, with a Copious Glossary. 
2 vols. 18mo, half cf Edinb. 1813. 

»^^ 2307. PICTON. The Trial of Thomas Picton, late Governor of 
Trinidad, etc., for inflicting the Torture on Louisa Calderon, 
by Susponding her by the Wrist to the Ceiling, Avithout 
any resting ])lace except a Sharp Spike for her Toe. Tried 
at Westminster . . . Feb. 24, 1806, and found Guilty. 





Taken in Short-hand by Pierre F. McCaUum, Esq. 8vo, 
pp. 36. " Lo)}d. [180G]. 

J^2308. PIERIO (Christano). Christvs Crveifixvs: Carmen Cothv- 
natvm eatastrophicumq, etc. A Rare Poem in Latin and 
German. 12nio, half ccdf. 

Franooforti ad Moenvm^ 1576. 
;^»nr309. PIGAULT LEBRUX. The History of a Dog. 1 2mo, sheqx 

Land. 1804. 
PILGRIMAGE (A) to the Land of Burns. See [AinsHe 
2310. PILKINGTON (Matthew). The Gentleman's and Connois- 
seur's Dictionary of Painters. 4to, cf. Lond. 1798. 

r<^2311. . Same, New edition, Avith considerable alterations, 

additions, etc., by Hy. Fuseli, R. A. 4to, russia extra. 

Lond. 1805, 
5^2312. PIXADELLO (Joanne). Dom Invicti Qvinarii Nvmeri 
Series, etc. 16 Portraits of Popes. 4to, vellum. 

Roma, 1589. 

^.^13, PLN'CH (A) OF SNUFF. By Dean Snift. 12mo, half 

■morocco. Lond. 1840. 

2314. PINELLI (Bart.) Raccolta di Cinquanta Costurai Pittores* 

chi. 50 EtcMiu/s. 4to, half cf Poma, 1809. 

Contains 50 spirited Etchings of Italian Costume, Manners, Pursuits, etc. 
Pinelli's masterly productions are appreciated for tlie freedom and force 
witli which they are executed, and particularly for the taste displayed in 
the figures. 

2315. PINGOXHTS (Philibert). Sindon EvangelicsB accesserunt 

Hymni aliquot, Insignis Bulla Pontificia. Fine Plates; rare 
and curious. 4to, calf gilt edges. 

Augustm Taurinoriim, 1581. 

2316. PINKERTON (John). An Essay on Medals, or an Intro- 

duction to the Knowledge of Ancient and Modern Coins 
and Medals, especially those of Greece, Rome, and Britain. 
Sd Edition, much enlarged. 2 vols. 8vo, half ccdf. 

Lond. 1808. 

" Shows a mind replete with a variety of knowledge." — Gibbon. 

?*^~231 7. PINKERTON (John). Iconographia Scotica; or Portraits 

of Illustrious Persons of Scotland, engraved from the most 

Authentic Paintings, with short Biographical Notices, etc. 

63 Portraits. Impl. 8vo, n^s^'a. Lond. 11^1. 

TO 2318. PINKERTON (John). The Scotish Gallery ; or Portraits of 

Eminent Persons of Scotland, many of them after Pictures 

by the celebrated Jameson, at Taymouth, and other Places, 

with brief Accounts of the Characters represented, and an 

. , Introduction on the Rise and Progress of Painting in 

Scotland. Large Paper., Mo., half morocco. Lond. 11*^9 . 

Sir M. M. Sykes's copy sold for £2 8s. M. 


^^ 2319. PINKERTON (John). Scotish Poetry reprinted from Scarce 
Editions. 3vols. post 8vo, ew/f. ' Z/Oncl M92. 

For Contents, see Bohn's Lovs'ndes, p. 1871. 
Bindlej's copy, £1 lOs. Of?. 

PIOZZI (Hester Lynch). Anecdotes of the late Samuel 
Johnson, LL.D., during the last 20 years of his Life, with 
many other Anecdotes inserted. 12mo, bcis. vncut. 

Lond. 1786. 
Isaac Reed's copy, with his Autograph. 

/, y»r^321. . The same. New Edition. \2\\\oJudf txdf. 

^ Lond. 1822. 

3y, ^0 2322. PIOZZI (Mrs.) Love-Letters of Mrs. Piozzi, written when 

She was Eighty, to William Augustus Conway. Inlaid in 

folio., and Illustrated icith an Original I}rawi)i(/, by Fuseli^ 

and 34 Portraits and Plates., including some fine Proofs^ 

and Five Atitogra^yh Letters by Mrs. Piozzi., 3Ir. Comcay, 

etc., and some Cuttings from N^eicspapers. Half morocco^ 

gilt edges. Lond. 1843. 

On page 15 is the Signature of Robert Balmanno, who sent these Letters 

to England for publication. 

^y^ ^2323. PIOZZIANA ; or Recollections of the Late Mrs. Piozzi, mth 
Remarks. 12mo, half calf. Lond. 1838. 

J, ^i_2324. [PITTIS (W.)] Life and Letters of Dr. Radcliffe. A:th Edi- 
tion. Svo, half calf Lond. 173G. 
" This book is scarce, and is of so interesting and amusing a character, 
that we should be doing a service to our readers lay making a selection of the 
more remarkable anecdotes, which it contains in great abundance." — Rdro- 
spectiie Rtvieiv, vol. vi., where 17 pages are devoted to Dr. Radcliffe. 

3,, 2325. PITTONI (D. Batt\) Imprese di Diversi Principi, Dvchi, 

Signori, ed' altri personaggi, et Hvomini Illvstri, Libro 
Second o. 4to, calf Venetia, 1566. 

^ 2326. PITTURA. ACollectiouof Allegorical Figures. 18 Plates, 

' after the Great Masters. 4to, half calf. s. 1. s. a. 

on tlieir Formation and Arrangement, Book Binding, 
Catalogues, <fcc. S\o., red morocco, gilt. Lond. n. A. 

Jl, xTO 2328. PLATTE (Hugh). The Jewell House of Art and Nature. 
Conteining diners rare and profitable Inuentions, together 
M'ith Sundry new experimentes in the Art of Husbandry, 
Distillation, and Moulding, etc. Wood cuts. 4to, blue mo- 
rocco ; curious and rare. Lond. P. Short., 1594. 
The most important of the works of this voluminous writer, respecting 
which, see Bigby's Visions of the Times of Old. Harte says : " He was the 
most ingenious husbandman of the age." 

Sd 2329. PLEASING MELANCHOLY ; or a Walk among the 

Tombs, with Epitaphs, &c. 12mo, cf Lond. 1793. 

/ S'O 2330. PLEASURES OF A SINGLE LIFE ; or the Miseries of 

Matrimony. 12 mo, calf gilt. Lond. n. d. 

POEMS. 185 

2331. PLINII SECITXDI VEROXEXSIS historise naturalis, Libri 

XXXVII. Folio, ve/lum/ fine copi/. 

Venetiis, Jfelchior Sessarn, 1513. 
Oae of the '• Cat and Mouse" Books. See Dibdin. 

PLINIUS SECUXDUS. See Victor (Aurelius). 

2332. POCKET EXCYCLOPEDIAofScottish,En£rlish, and Irish 

Songs, with Xotes. 2 vols. 12mo, calf. Glasgow, 1816. 

?er'2333. POEMS FROM THE DAXISH. Edited by Feldburg. 

ISmo. • Phil. 1816. 


Written by James Montgomery, James Grahame, and 
E. Benger, Embellished toith Engramngs from pictures 
painted by R. Smirke., Esq.., R. A. 4to, halfrussia. 

" Land. 1809. 

2335. POEMS. Beggar's Daughter, Children in the Wood, and 

Burns' Address to the Deil and Tarn o' Shanter. All illus- 

^ trated. In 1 vol. 12mo, half cf. n. d. 

' ^ 2336. POEMS. Letters of Simkin the Second. David Sillar's 
Poems: Kilmarnock, 1789. Poems on Several Occasions, 
by John Bennett, a Journeyman Shoemaker, 1774. 3 vols, 
in 1. Svo., hcdf calf v. d. 

2337. POEMS. Somerville's Chase; Bid^ner's edition, 1796. 
Maurice's Grove Hill, 1 799. Goldsmith & Parnell's Poems, 
1795. 3 vols, in 1. Ilbistratedby additional Proof Etch- 
ings, and variations. From 3 fr. Baker's Collection. 4to, 
calf extrc(, gilt edges., by Hering. Land. 1795-99. 

S-0 2338. POEMS AXD PICTURES: a Collection of Ballads, Songs, 
and other Poems. With 100 Illustrations on Wood, by 
English Artists. 4to, half morocco. 

Lond. Javies Burns., 1 846. 

^«^339. POETIC ALBUM; containing the Beggar's Daughter, 
Burns' Address to the Deil, etc.; illustrated. 12mo, roan., 
gilt. Lond. 1832, etc. 

2 vols. 12 mo, calf. Lond. 1804. 

2341. POETICAL SELECTIONS. A Large Collection of News- 
paper and Magazine Cuttings. In folio, calf. 

2342. POETIC GARLAXD (The). Sacred to Virtue and Hu- 
manity, ^plates. 18mo, ca//". Zo?z(?. 1806. 

KIXGS. Xow first collected by George Chalmers, Esq. 
12mo, calf extra. Lond. 1824. 

2344. POETRY OF BIRDS ; selected from Various Authors, with 
Coloured Illustrations. 4to. Liverpool., 1833. 

2345. POETRY OF X^'ATURE ; comprising a Selection of the 
Most Sublime and Beautiful, from the Works of the Cale- 
donian Bards. 4to, calf. Lond. (1789). 




S^O -'346. POETRY ; Original and Selectel. 12nio, i^heep. 

Glasf/(m\ u. d. 
Includes Verses on General Washington. 


' YEARS 1756-1759; in a Series of 100 Humourous and 

Entertaining Prints. 12 mo, calf. Land. n. d. 

These relate to the Bute Administration. 

.2348. POLLOK (Rob.) The Course of Time. 12mo, ^-t^-s-. 

Edlnh. 1828. 

^J^2349. POLITICAL LECTURE OX HEADS; with 24 Cuts. 
8vo. Lond. 1820. 

jUy^S'O 2350. POLIPHHjO. Le Tableau des riches inventions, couuertes 
' ' du A'oile des feintes Amoureuses qui sont representees dans 

le Songe de Polii)hile Desvoilles des ombres du Songe et 
subtileraent exposees par Beroalde [de Yerville]. 4to, (jreen 
mororco extra. I'aris, 1600. 

Dibdin mentions this book in his Decameron, and Pappilon says the de- 
signs were done by Raphael. Tliey are very spirited. See folio 68. 

j^^ 2351. POLITICAL TRACTS. A Collection of 22 Pieces, by W. 

Hone, and others ; partly relating to Queen Caroline. 

8vo, calf. Lond. 1819, etc. 

y, 2352. POLYANTHEA; a Collection of Interesting Fragments. 

63 Plates. 4to, russia. 
xT, 2353. POLYGRAPHIA CURIOSA. The Book of Initial Letters 

and Ancient Alphabets. Printed in f/old a)id colou)'.<i. 

4to, red morocco. Lond. n. d. 

^^ 2354. POMPADOUR. Suite d'Estampes Gravees Par Madam la 

Marquise de Pompadour d'Apres les Pierres gravees de 

Guay Graveur du Roy, 70 Plates. 4to, calf. s. 1. s. a. 
A 2^/^2355. POMPONIUS LAETIUS. Opera Pomponii Laeti Varia. 

Qvorvm catalogogvm in seqventi reperies pagella. 

MogvntifB, m.d.xxi. 

j-0 2356. POMPONIUS MELA, rfte ZWqvU Of ^ompouius 
iilclci Contcrnlitfle the Situation of the as^orlti, 

translated into Englyshe by Arthur Golding. jjJlacU 
Setter. 4to, half calf; rare. 

Lond. for Th. Hacket, 1585. 
The first English translation: unfortunately wants all after page 90. 
B-iglit's Copy, £1 lis. Orf. 

n 2357. POXTAXUS (J. I.) Rerum et L"^rbis Amstelodamensiura 

* Historia, etc. Fine plates. Folio, fa//! Amst. \Q\\. 

-^ 2358. POPE (Alexander). The Rapeof theLock : an Heroi-Comical 

Poem, adorned with Plates. 8vo, inlaid in royal ito, and 

/ (J^ ff"^ ilhiatrated with 89 Plates inse7'ted, including a very clever 

t origincd Dravring, by Lady Sicsan North., which oris 

drawn for this copy. Many of thf plates are proofs. Ato, 

green morocco extra, rirhly tooled inside and oat, satin. 

linings, cCv., by Tarrant. " Lond. 1801. 


S-O :.':i59. POPE (Alex.) The Rape of the Lock: an Heroi-Comical 
Poem, adorn'd with Plates [by Bartolozzi], and a large 
additional member inserted. 8vo, morocco^ gilt edges. 

Land. Benshy, 1798. 

2360. . Another Edition. Plates by Bartolozzi. 12mo, 

/ c"{f- Bond. 1801. 

<? 2^2361. POPE (A.) Works, with Xotes. 12mo, e^. Bond. n. A. 

S'O 2362. POPERY. A Third Collection of the Newest and Most 

Ingenious Poems, Satyrs, Songs, etc., against Popery and 

Tyranny, Relating to the Times. 4to, half morocco. 

Bond. 1689. 
Also six other pieces in the volume, from Judge Furman's Library. 

2363. PORCACCHI (Thomaso). Funerali Antichi di diuersi Popoli 

et Xatioui. 6'o« le Figure in Rame de Girolamo Porro. 

Folio, morocco extra. Venetia, 1591. 

" Ouvrage recherche a cause des 24 gravures dont il est orne." — Brunei. 

^j-^2364. PORDON (E. A.) Coeur de Lion ; or the Third Crusade: a 

Poem. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. Bond. 1822. 

g^2365. PORDOX (E. A.) The Veils ; or the Triumph of Constancy : 

5 .-^ a Poem. 8vo, cf. Bond. ISl'o. 

'fSifU 2366. PORTA (.Jo. Baptista). La Physionomie Hvmaine, trad, en 

hi"^ Franyois par le Sieur Ravlt. Plates. 8vo, old calf. 

Poven, 1655. 
g.rj-jd'r PORN Y (Mark Anthony). Elements of Heraldry. 24 Plates 
l*"^ and Cuts. 8vo, cf. Bond. 1787. 

" A useful elementary work." — Lowndes. 

«^— J368. PORTER (A. M.) Ballad Romances and other Poems. 
^'" 12mo, half cf. Phil. 1816. 

tJU:a369. PORTER (Captain David). Journal of a Cruise made to the 
T^ Pacific Ocean, in the U. 8. Frigate Essex, 1812-14. 14 

^' Engravings. 2 vols in 1. 8vo, sJip. Phil. 1815. 

1*=l2370. porter (Sir R. K.) Narrative of the Campaign in Russia. 
9^" 8vo, shj). IBrrtford, 1814. 

xf«?-237l. PORTFOLIO (The). A Collection of Engravings' from Anti- 
:'_ quarian and Topographical Subjects. 4 vols. 8vo, half 

^ morocco.) rough edges. Bond. 1823. 

^2372. PORTLAND MUSEUM. Catalogue of the Portland Mu 
seum. Plate. 4to, half calf Bond. 1786. 

This collection sold for £11,546 14*. Od. 


to Cowper and Beattie. 2 vols, impl. 8vo, calf Pine 

early copy. Bo?id. 1824. 

Contains 138 highly finished Portraits, engraved by Fittler. Warren, 

Worthington, Finden, &c. This charmhig work, which is as interestiug as 

it is beautiful, was published at £21. It is the only complete series in an 

elegant form, and is adapted to illustrate all editions of the Poets, from 

octavo to folio. 


SO 2374. PORTRAITS. Catalogues of Portraits,— Lodge's and H. 

Rodd's, and Fenn's Chronological Tables. 3 pieces in 1 vol. 

4to. Lond. V. d. 


CHARACTERS, TAthographed. Folio, morocco. 

Lond. 1824. 
/S~, 2376. PORTRxVITS. A Collection of 119 English Portraits. 

Folio, half bound. 
So, 2377. PORTRAITS. A Collection of 732 Portraits, arranged in a 

royal folio Scrap Book. Half calf . 
6~,S^0 2378. PORTRAITS. A Collection of 147 Portraits. 8vo, half 

^, 2379. PORTRAITS. A Collection of 190 Portraits, mounted : many 

by G. Vertue. 8vo, half ccdf 
6. »r<? 2380. PORTRAITS. A Collection of 106 Portraits, with Descriptive 
Text Engraved beneath each Figure. Folio, cf 

Paris, 1652. 
^, 2381. PORTRAITS AND EMBLEMS. A Collection of 198 Por- 

traits, arranged in a 4to volume. Red morocco, gilt edges. 
3, 2382. PORTRAITS. A Collection of 36 Portraits from the Old 

Masters, in a folio volume. Calf extra. 
SS'f 2383. PORTRAITS. Collection of Portraits of Eminent Artists. 

80 beautifully coloured Plates, mounted hi a folio volume. 
CyCt^ 2384. PORTRAITS of the Hungarians, Hussars, Pandours or Croats, 

Waradins or Sclavonians, Ulans, and Hanaks. Folio, bds. 

Lond. 1743. 
S^O, ■■" 2385. PORTRAITS. An Immense Collection of 751 Portraits, 

arranged in a large folio. Half ccdf 
S^4>, . 2385.* PORTRAITS. Another Collection, still larger, mounted in 
an imperial folio volume. Ccdf with brass corners. 
It is impossible to enumerate the extent or variety of these two colleo- 
tions. Of great value to an Illustrator. 

^ 2386. PORTRAITS de plusieurs Comtes, Barons, Chevaliers, Gen- 

eraux, Gouverneurs, et autres Personnes lUustrees. 48 
Plates. Folio, hcdfcf Leide, Vajider Aa. s. a. 

/^ 2387. PORTRAITS. A Series of Twenty-nine Curious Old Por- 

traits, illustrative of English History, between the Years 
1470 and 1620, with Fac-similes of their Autographs, etc. 
4to. Lond. E. Daniell, n. d. 

gumq Persice et aliorum, inde ab Osmaiio ad Mahom- 
etem Secundum Heroum ac Heroinarum Expressoe ad vivum 
Icones, ex Goltzii aliorumq. Numismatibus sumnio labore 
Studioque divulgata?. 4to, half ccdf . Heidelbergoe, 1665. 


^-0 2389. POTTER (Abp.) Archjfiologia Graeca, or the Antiquities of 
Greece. 2 vols. 8vo, of. Edlnb. 1818. 

(0 2390. POVEY (C.) The Virgin in Eden. 8vo. Lond. 1767. 

2391. POWER (Tyrone). Impressions of America daring the 
Years 1833, 1834, and 1835. Plates. 2 vols, ^vo, half 
morocco. Lond. 1836. 

i.r2392. PR^TORIO (Johanne). Eine Neu-erfundene Kunst-sinn- 
imd Lehrreiche Antiquitiiten Karthe in 36 wunderliche Fi- 
guren etc. 24mo, morocco. Kiirnherg ., 1662. 

2393. PRAISE OF HELL (The) ; or a View of the Infernal Re- 
gions, translated from the French. 2 vols. 12mo, calf. 

Lond. [1760]. 

,rO 2394. PRATT (Mr.) Gleanings through Wales, Holland, and 

Westphalia. 5 vols. 8vo, cf Lond. 1800. 

/, 2395. PRATT (]Mr.) Harvest Home ; consisting of Supplementary 

Gleanings, Original Dramas and Poems. 3 vols. 8vo, calf. 

Lond. 1805. 
2tr'2396. PRATT (Mr.) Sympathy and other Poems. 12mo, (/. 

Lond. 1807. 

2397. PRECES PIE. A Beautiful Manuscript, on vellum, loith 16 

Miniatures and numerous Floriated Borders ; richly 
hound in blue velvet, by Mackenzie. 

2398. PRECIS. A MS. probably written between the Twelfth 

and Thirteenth Centuries. Elegantly toritten, in a minute 
hand, on abortive vellum. Square 18mo, old morocco. 
See also under " Heures," " Horse," '' Missals." 

^0 2399. PRESCOTT MEMORIAL. 4to. N. Y. 1859. 

2J~ 2400. PRESENT TRUTH (The). A Display of the Secession Tes- 
timony, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinh. 1774. 

^J^2401. PRINCE (Thos.) Extraordinary Events, the Doings of God, 
and Marvellous in pious Eyes. A Sermon, July 18th, 1745, 
occasioned by the taking the City of Louisbourg. 8vo, half 
calf. Lond. 1746. 

^ 2402. PRINT COLLECTOR (The). An Introduction to the 
Knowledge necessary for forming a Collection of Ancient 
Prints, etc., and a Catalogue Raisonne of Books on En- 
gravings and Prints [by J. Maberly]. Unique copy. Lllus- 
trated loith 56 Engravhigs, many very rare, including Item- 
brandfs Portrait of T^an Tol. Small 4to, red morocco, gilt 
edges. Lond. 1844. 

For another copy see [Maberly J.] Lot 1852. 

2403. PRINTING JklACHINE (The) ; or Companion to the Library. 
2 vols. foHo, cl. Lond. 1834. 

2404. PRISSE (E.) Oriental Album. Characters, Costumes, and 
Modes of Life in the Valley of the Nile, with Descriptive 



Letter-Press, by J. A. St. John. 30 Lithogni'phic Platen^ 
and Si J^^ood cuts. YoWo^ half morocco. Z,ond.lS48. 

J7 2405. PROMPTVAIRE DES MEDALLES, des plus renomiuees 
personnes qui out este depuis le comme'ncement du raonde. 
4to, rf. Lyon^ 15 17. 

/» 2406. PROPHETIEN OF YOORSEGGINGEN der beyde Key- 

seren Severi en Leonis, die beyde in Orienten ghere^eort 
hebben. M Plates, iio, half cf. f ArnHterdam, \Q2l. 
/J~^40r. PROSPECTITS of the Calcutta Liberal, in Prose and Verse. 
8vo, bds. Calcutta, 1824. 

/ ^ J^408. PROYERBES D'ELITE, et Dictons Couimuns, ou vieux 
Quolibets. In French and English-. Folio, old morocco. 

s. 1. 1658. 
Probably by James Howell, 

* 2409. PROVERBS. Select Proverbs, Italian, Spanish, French, 

English, Scotish, British, etc. The Foreign Languages 

done into English. 12mo, half bound. Loud. 1707. 

J7J~^2410. PSALMS OF DAVID, i''^■M Illustrations by John Franklin, 

engraved by W, J. Linton. ^X.o, clotli, gilt. I^ond. 16Q2. 

SO, '-2+1 1- PSALMES ET PRECES. A MS. on Vellum, containing 
numerous Pluminations, some covering the entire page, and 
many of the subjects being nude. Small square Svo, ccdf, 
gilt edges. 
Soe also under •' Precis," " Ileures," "Horas," " MLssale," "Offices." 

/^.«i7?2412. PUCKLE (James). The Club: a Dialogue between Father 
and Son. Printed on Yellow Chinese Paper. Imp). Svo, 
green morocco extra. Lond. 1817. 

Seven Copies only printed in this style. Sold at Sotheby's. 1821. for 
£1 19y. 0(/. 

J- 2413. PUCKLE (James). The Club. Large paper. RI. Svo, «/{/* 
e.i'.tra. Lond. 1817. 

Q, 2414. . Another copy. Large paper. Rl. Svo, calf, gilt. 

l^ond. 1817. 

This curious and excellent moral work was first printed in 1711, and re- 
published in this elegant manner by Ed. Wahnsley, Esq. 

Pf -2415. RUCKLE'S CLUB. Illustrationsof Ruckle's Club. Coloured 
Plates. Impl. Svo, half calf . Lond. 1820. 

Cue Hundred Copies taken. 

^^SO 2416. . Another copy. Ornamented unth coloured designs, 

by 'Wakeman Holbertson. Impl. Svo, morocco extra, gilt. 

Lond. 1820. 

/.^ 2417. PUGIN (A.) Gothic Furniture, consisting of 27 Coloured 

Engravings, Avith Descriptive Letter-Press. 4to, half 

bound. Lond. n. d. 

/O 2418. PULLEN (Philip). Book-Keeping Improved. 4to, ^»(?*'. 

Lond. 1803. 


2419. ^UrgatOtB. Arl raymtindf) y)er:imli saore theologie magistri 

iM-U(litissimu decaiiu a'.uisieii, in ecclesia sanetorem^ etc. 
Sin. 4to. iJlaCfe actter. circa 1488. 

Indulgences to the Souls in Purgatory, from Dr. KJoss's Colleclion. See 

2420. PYTEANFS (Erycius) BRUMA. Cliiraonopjegnion De 

Laudibus Hiemis, Yt et potissimtim apnd Belgas : Acce- 
dnnt And. Valerii Breves Xota?, Imaginibus Raph. Sadeler 
Illustrata?. Sni. 8vo, vellum. 

M<ynaci [ex ti/por/r. Herr/irnu's'], 1619. 
Contains 12 Plates by Raph. Sadeler. Heber's copy sold for £1 17s. Od. 

15>2421. PUTNAM (Geo. P.) A Flying Tonr in Europe. 12mo, 
printed on writinr/ pa2)er, and extended and inlaid in folio; 
jmrple morocco; broad borders of gold. K. 1". 1847. 

This magnificent volume is a fine specimen of Mr. Allan's mode of Illus- 
tration. It contains 145 Plates, representing almost every locality mentioned 
in the Text, many of which are exquisitely coloured. The above title was 
printed by Mr. Allan. Mr. Putnam called it, " A Pocket Memorandum Book, 
during a Ten Weeks' Trip to Italy and Germany, in 1847." The Text was 
presented to Mr. Allan by Mr. I'utnam. 

L- 2422. PUTTIS (Andreas de). S. Francisci Historia Cum Iconibus 
in jere excursis, etc. 4to, vellum. Horna, 1594. 

2428. PYE (Charles). A Correct and Complete Representation of 
all the Provincial Copper Coins, Tokens of Trade, and 
Cards of Address on Copper, which were Circulated as 
such between the years 1787 to 1801. 53 Plates. 4to, 
half bound. ' Loud. [1801]. 

2424. . Provincial Copper Coins, or Tokens, issued between 

the years 1787 and 1796. Rl. 8vo, half calf 

Land. [1796]. 

J~2425. PYE (Charles). A New Dictionary of Ancient Geography. 
8vo, sJqj. Lond. 1803. 

2426. PYNE (W. H.) On Rustic Figures, in Imitation of Chalk. 
36 Pl((tes. 4to, half morocco. Lond. 1817. 

Q. (P.) See Young (Samuel). 

<^2427. QUAKERS. Collection of Memorials concerning Divers 
deceased Ministers, and other of the People called Quakers, 
ill Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Parts Adjacent. 8vo, 
half morocco. York, 1824. 

2428. QUARLES (Francis). Emblems, Divine and Moral, together 
with Hieroglyphics of the Life of Man, and School of the 
Heart. Plates. 2 vols, in 1. 12 mo, calf with clasps. 

J]nstol, 1808. 
Many of these Emblems are taken from Hugo, who had previously appro- 
priated them from Andrew Alciat. See Southey, in the Critical Review, 
Sept., 1801. 


2S, 2429. QUARLES. Emblemes by Fra. Quarles. Sm. 8vo, AaT/'r/'. 

Loud. 1076. 
Priced in the Bibl. Anglo-Poetica, £1 \\s. 6d. 

f,^0 2430. . Another Edition. 8vo. n. d. 

It S'O 2431. QUARLES (Francis). Emblems, Divine and Moral. 18mo, 

' ' calf extra, Ghisicick^ 1818. 

^ S^O 2432. QUARLES (Fr.) The School of the Heart, in 47 Emblems. 

12mo, o/. Bristol, 1S08. 

The Latin mottoes are translated, indeed the whole work is a translation 

of the Schola Cordis, by Van Haeften, Antwerp, 1635. 

"Quarles possesses much genuine fire, happy similes, admirable epithets, 
compound words, and smooth versification." 

/, y'J~2433. QUAST (Pet.) Tis al Verwart-Gaeren. 26 Engravings of 
* Dutch Beggara. 4to. 1652. 

S, 2434. iglUatUOr \\\t cbpreSSa OpUStUla. I. Discordatie sanc- 
torum doctorum. II. Sibyllaruz de Christo vaticinia. III. 
Varia Judeorii et Gentilium de Christo testiraonia. IV. 
Lentones Probe Falconie, etc. jjJlHCJ^ JLzXXtX. 4 pieces 
in 1 vol. 4to, half hound. Oppenhehn^ J. Kohel, s. a. 

" Scriptum Rarissimum." — Bauer. 

Some of the Wood Cuts represent full-length female figures, boldly 
engraved on wood. 

/^. 2435. <©.Ueen jElfjatjeth'S ^ragcr ajOOfe. Christian Praiers. 

j^IclCik TLtiitX. Small 8vo, blue morocco ; no title, and 

some leaves defective. At London, 

Printed for the Cornpanie of Stationers, 1608. 

The present is believed to be as good a copy as exists, for sale, of this 
rare book. It was printed by Henrie Denham ; the Dedication is signed 
R. D., i. e., Richard Day. The wood-cut borders have been rendered fa- 
miliar by Mr. Pickering's reprint of the work, as well as the various 
" Dabces of Death." Woodhouse's Coj^y sold for £6 165. Gd. and Saunders's, 
for £4 14s. Gd. 

j^^ 2436. <auec« SSUfatctiv's ^rager Mook. ajlacfe Setter. 

Very imperfect. 

Some of the rare Wood Cuts include the " Dance of Death." 

QUEEN MARY. See Mary Queen of Scots, Lots 1 906-1917. 
2437. QUEEN VICTORIA IN SCOTLAND, 1842. Portrait 
and plates. Folio, bds. JEJdinb. 1842. 

yS7? 2438. QUILLINAN (Edw'd.) Domestic Poems. Impl. 8vo. 

Geneva, 1822. 
Privately printed for Sir Egerton Brydges. 
JZ f 2439. QUILLINAN (Edw.) Dunluce Castle : a Poem. 4to, bds. 

Lee Priory Press., 1814. 

Quilllnan was a son-in-law of Sir Egerton Brydges. 

/, 2S^40. [QUILLINAN EDWARD.] Stanzas, by the Author of 

Dunluce Castle. 4to. Lee Priory Press, 1814. 

/— 2441. [QUILLINAN (Edward)]. Woodcuts and Verses. On 

' India Paper. Printed on one side only, and a. jiortion ofi 

Lidia Paper. 4to, morocco extra, by Lewis. 

Kent, Printed at the Private Press of Lee Priory, 1820. 
Only a very few copies printed in this style. From Croft's Collection. 

RAMSAY. 193 

TO RADCLIFFE (Dr.) Life. See [Pittis (W.)] 

^S^U2. RADERUS (Matt.) Bavaria Sancta. Fine portraits, by li. 

Siideler. Folio, vellum, uncut. \ Jifonaei, 1615. 

S19 2U3. RAINSFORD (Marcus.) An Historical Account of the 

Black Empire of Hayti : Comprehending- a View of the 

Principal Transactions in the Revolntion of Saint Domingo ; 

with its Antient and Modern State. 4to, half morocco. 
f-^>_^- Albion Press, 1805. 

J^^^U. RAMSAY (Allan). The Ever Green, being a Collection of 

Scots Poems; Wrote by the Ingenious before 1600. 2 

vols. r2mo, shee2). Fdinb. 1761. 

^^^2445. RAMSAY (Allan). The Gentle Shepherd. Enriched toith 

Overtures to the Sonr/s. Portrait and plates. 12mo, sheep. 

Edinb. 1783, 

2446. RAMSAY (Allan). The Gentle Shepherd: a Pastoral Com- 

edy. Illustrated icith Eifty-tico Plates inserted, many of 
ichich are rare prints. 4to, half morocco. 

Glasgov:, Eoulis, 1788. 

2447. . Another copy. 4to, with Music appended. Hdf 

morocco, gilt edges. Glasgow, Foulis, 1788. 

. Another Edition. [No plates.] 8vo. Edinb. 1798. 

RAMSAY (Allan). The Gentle Shepherd : a Pastoral Com- 
edy ; to which is prefixed a New Biographical Memoir, 
Glossary, etc. ; icith Portrait and Twelve Plates, and tcith 
60 additioncd Illustrations inserted. 4to, blue morocco 
extra, gilt sides and edges. Edinb. 1808. 

2450. RAMSAY (Allan). The Gentle Shepherd: a Pastoral Com- 
edy, with Life of the Author, Glossary, and a Catalogue 
of Scottish Poets. Illustrated with 38 Plates. 4to, calf 
extra, gilt sides and edges, by Dr. Koecker. N. Y. 1852. 

Fifty-four copies only printed in this size. Tlie first title-page to this 
copy is executed with a pen; a fine specimen of Amateur Bookbinding. 

The first Sketch of the Gentle Sliepherd appeared under the title of 
"Patie& Roger,'' 1720. 

2451. RAMSAY. Poems by Allan Ramsay. [First collected edi- 
tion.] 4to, ccdf. Edinb. 1721. 

2452. RAMSAY (Allan). Works, containing his Poems, Songs, 
Proverbs, etc. ; also the Original 3Iusic of the Gentle 
Shepherd. E)nbellished loith Superb Engravings. 3 vols. 
12 mo, calf. Edinb. n. d. 

RA3ISAY (David). The Life of George Washington, Com- 
mander-in-Chief of the Armies of the L^nited States of 
America throughout the War which established their In- 
dependence; and First President of the United States. 
8vo, sheej). N. Y. 1807. 

S'/? 2454. RAMSAY (David). Memoir of Martha Laurens Ramsay. 
18mo, sheep. Post on, 1812. 



A /^ 2455. RAMSAY (E. B.) Reminiscences of Scottish Life and 

Character, in two Parts. 12rao, cloth. Edinb. 1862. 

jTJ^ 2456. RAPHAEL. Sacrje Historiae acta a Raphaele Vrbin, in 

Vaticanis xystis ad pictvrss miracvlvm expressa, a Nic. 

Chapron, Gallvs a se delineata et incisa. Folio, half calf . 

Itoina, 1649. 

//f^ 2457. RAPHAEL. Loggie di Rafaele nel Vaticaiio. Oblong 

atlas folio, half rnssia. Homa, 1774. 

A collection of 35 plates of the Ornaments of the Vatican. Engraved by 


See Landon (0. P.) 

/, 2 iT'^S. RASTELL (John) . A Briefe Shew of the felse Wares packt 
together in the named, Apology of the Churche of Eng- 
land. Small 8vo, old calf/ very rare. 

Lovanii. ajyud Johanem Foulerum., 1567. 

y Written in answer to Bp. Jewell's Apology. 

/^/? 2459. RATIONAL MADNESS: a Song for the Lovers of Curi- 
ous and Rare Books, Also Ferriar's BibUomania. 2 vols, 
in 1. Folio, ccdf elegant.^ by Mackenzie. Lond. 1809. 

Of the former of these pieces, fifty copies only were printed for private dis- 
tribution. The author was John Major, a bookseller, and an intimate 
friend of T. F. Dibdin. See his " Reminiscences." 

J7 2460. RATIONARUM EUANGELISTARUM ; omnia in se euan- 

gelia, prosa uersu imaginibuscq, qe mirifice coplectes. Small 

4to, calf [Fhorcce?] 1507. 

Dr. Dibdin, in his Decameron, gives facsimiles and descriptions of the 

"outrageous ornaments" contained in this volume. Decameron, vol. i., 

p. 131, 132. 

See, also, under Ars Memorandi, Brunet, vol. i. 

J 2461. RAVIGNAN (Le R. P. de). De I'Existence et de I'Listi- 

tut des Jesuites. 12mo, half morocco., gilt edges. 

Paris., 1844. 
'- 2462. RAY (John). A Compleat Collection of English Proverbs ; 

also, the most celebrated Proverbs of the Scotch, Italian, 
French, Spanish, and other Languages. 8vo, calf 

Lond. 1742. 

X /'^~2463. . Same. Third Edition. 8vo, ccdf Lond. 1757. 

Si) 2464. RAY (James). A Compleat History of the Rebellion, from 
its first Rise, in 1745, to April, 1746. 12mo, ccdf. 

Lond. 1758. 

//^ 2465. RAYNALDE (Thos.) W^Z JJlttft Of manfeSHtie, other- 

wyse named the Womans booke. NeAvIy set foorth, cor- 
rected and augmented, etc. jUlSPCk 2L0tt$r. 4to, ccdf. 

s. 1. [1545]. 
The plates in this work are early specimens of copper-plate printing in 
England. See also Rhodion (Eucharius), Lot 2501. 

^0 2466. REAL LIFE. Pages from the Portfolio of a Chronicler. 
12mo, half calf. Edinb. 1832. 


2467. RECLAIMED PAPIST (The), ov The Process of a Papist 
Knight reformed by a Protestant Lady, Avith the Assist- 
ance of a Presbyterian Minister and his Wife, an Indepen- 
dent. And the whole Conference, Avhereby that notable 
reformation was effected. 18mo, calf. s. 1. 1655. 

the Royal Irish Fusileers. 8vo, half calf . Lond. 1838. 

Contains an account of the Attack upon Buenos Ayres. 

calf Paris, 1630. 

2470. RECUEIL DES VIERGES. A unique Collection of 283 
Plates. Folio, calf 

REED. Catalogue of the Curious and Extensive Library of 
the Late Isaac Reed, Esq. Priced, loith Portrait, Notices, 
etc. Svo, bds. Lond. 1807. 

Reed was an Indefatigable Collector, especially of the Drama ; he was 

also an Editor of Shakespeare. See Repertorium Bibliographicum, page 505. 
"Few collections attracted greater attention before, and during the sale 

of it, than did the library of the late Mr. Isaac Reed." — Dibdin. 

2472. REESE (D. M.) Humbugs of New York, being a Remon- 
strance against Popular Delusion ; whether in Science, 
Philosophy, or Religion. 12 mo, cloth. N. Y. 1838. 


ALISM. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1779. 

\ ^^^24 74. REGGIANO (M. V. C.) Le Imagini de I Dei de Gli An- 

tichi. Wants title., and part of the. Tavola. Plates. 4to, 

half calf . Padova, 1601. 

MATA, Aurea, Argentea, ^rea, a Romulo et C. Jul. 
Csesare usque ad Justiuianum Aug. 67 Plates. Folio, 
velhim. Colonice, 1700. 

2476. REID (John). Bibliotheca-Scoto-Celtica ; or, an account of 
all the Books which have been printed in the Gaelic Lan- 
guage ; with Bibliographical and Biographical Notices. 
Svo, half calf Glasgow, 1832. 

26 2477. REID (John). Essays on Hypochondriasis, etc. Svo, hds. 

Lond. 1823. 

,2»^'l478. REIFENBERGIUS (Justus). Emblemata Politica. Small 
12 mo, hcdf morocco. 

Amstelodami, I. lansonium, 1632. 
J^ 2479. REIGN OF FANCY. A Poem. 12mo, she ej). 

Lond. 1800. 
~ 2480. REIGN OF HUMBUG. A Satire. Lnlaid in folio, and 
illustrated with a Profusion of Choice Plates, Caricatures 
etc. YoMo, hcdf red morocco. Lond. 1836^ 



30, 2481. 

/, 2482. 

j; 2483. 

US', 2484. 

.S~0 2485. 




Jesu Christi, etc. Fine wood cuts. Small 4to, blue tno- 

rocco; a splendid copy. Nurniberge, \5Q\. 
A brilliant specimen of early printing. 

REINZt^R (Francesco). MeteorologiaPhilosophico-Politica, 
etc. Fine plates. Folio, old calf. 

Augustce, Vindel. 1709. 

By a typographical error, tins book is dated dccix. The curious Em- 
blematical Plates are partly views of Cities, Public Buildings, etc. 

RELICS OF ANTIQUITY ; or, Remains of Ancient Struc- 
tures, M^th other Vestiges of Early Times, in Great Britain. 
Accompanied with Descriptive Sketches. 4to, hcdfrussia. 

Lond. 1811. 

RELICS OF BYGONE AGES ; or a Glance at the Past. 
JVIS. Title, by Mr. Allan, to a Collection of 42 fine old 
Etchings and Engravings^ in a 4to Scrap Book, richly 
bound in old russia, elegantly gilt sides. 

REMAINS OF WLVIBLEDON. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. 

Edinb. 1826. 

Reynolds ; IL Mr. R. Hooker ; III. Dr. W. Whitaker ; IV. 
Dr. A. Willet ; V. Dr. D. Featley ; VL W. Norban ; VIL 
Mr. J. Gregory ; VIIL Bp. Duppa ; IX. Abp. Bramhall ; 
X. Bp. Taylor. 8vo, inlaid in 4to, with 8 Portraits in- 
serted. 4to, calf, Eond. for ,/. JIartyn, 1670. 

RENDORP. Catalogue of the Library of John Rendorp 
and others. 8vo, half calf. Lond. 1825. 

RENFREWSHIRE ANNUAL, 1842. A Collection of 
Original Pieces in Prose and Verse, chiefly by Native 
Authors; edited by Mrs. Maxwell. 12rao, morocco gilt. 

Paisley, 1842. 

RENFREWSHIRE. History of the Witches of Renfrew- 
shire, who were burned ou the Gallowgreen of Paisley. 
12mo, sheep. Paisley, 1809. 

Paries desordres du Monachisme. Enrichi de Figures: en 
Hollandois et en Francois. 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to, calf. 

s. 1. s. a. 

. La meme. 4to, old vellum. s. 1. s. a. 

This rare book consists of 51 designs by Heemskirk, satirizing the 
Monks. The cop_y in the Bibliotheca Parisiensis, Lot 55. sold for £7 lOs. Oc^. 
Caillard, 140 fr. Two editions of the book were published in Holland at the 
close of the 17tli Century, each without date, and witli entirely different plates. 
A new and much inferior edition was afterwards published in Switzerland. 

3 ^ J~^ 2492. REPOSITORY OF ANECDOTE AND W^IT, containing 
Smart Sayings, Singular Adventures, Eccentric Biography, 
Curious Incidents, and a variety of other Interesting Sub- 
jects. 2 vols. 8vo, hcdf morocco, Lond. n. d. [1784]. 

AcQ? 2488. 

J^.^O 2490. 

J' VJ^~2491. 



2493. REPTON (Humphry). Odd Whims and Miscellanies. 2 
vols, post 8vo, calf. Land. 1804. 

Au amusing and well-written book, in which first occurs the Story of the 
Bashful Man. 

LH94. KEPTON (Hmnphry). Designs for the Pavilion at Brigh- 
ton. Impl. folio, bds. Land. 1808. 
Api^eutled is an Essay on the Introduction of Indian Architecture in 
England. The work is illustrated by 13 coloured Plates, and accompanied 
by movable slips, showing the original and proposed states of the building. 
Published at £5 5s. Orf. ; Nassau's copy, £2 Is. Od. 


A". Y. 1835. 
RERESBY. Travels and Memoirs of Sir John Reresby, 
during the Time of Cromwell's Usurpation. 40 Portraits 
and Plates inserted. Impl. 8vo, vKssia extra. 

Zand. 1818. 
Includes Anecdotes and Secret History of the Courts of Charles II. and 
James II. 

REUSNERUM (Christopher). Contrafacturbuch. 102 Por- 
traits, coloured. 8vo, vellum; rare. 1587. 

REYNARD THE FOX. The Most delectable History of 
Reynard the Fox, enlarged by a Second Part, and the 
Shifts of Reynardine. Veey Cukious Wood Cuts. 3 
Parts in 1 small 4to, calf; fine copy., scarce. 

Lond.for E. Breicster, 1681-84. 
A scarce edition of this satire upon the Roman Catholic Religion. Rox- 
' burghe, £1 195. Od ; Towneley, £2 7s M. 

2499. R[EYNOLDS] (I.) A Paire of Spectacles for Sir Hvmfrey 

Linde to see his Way Withall ; or an AnsAveare to his 
booke called, Via Tvta, etc. 8vo, old vellum. 

Permlssv Svperiorvm, 1631. 

2500. RHODE ISLAND. Collections of the Rhode-Island His- 

torical Society. Vol.1. Svo, sheep. Providence., \S21 . 
This volume is a reprint of Roger "Williams's Key into the Language of 

2501. [RHODION (Eucharius)]. JJTilC tgrthoC^mifeSnllC new- 

ly translated out of Laten into Englyshe. In the Avhich is 
entreated of all such thynges the which chaunce to women 
in theyr labor, and all such infyrmitees whiche happen vnto 
the Infantes after they be delyuered. And also at the lat- 
ter ende or in the thyrde or last boke is entreated of the 
Conception of mankynde, and howe manye it may be letted 
or furtheryd, with diners other fruytefuU thynges as doth 
appere in the table before the booke. JJlclCk JLtittX. 
Small 4to, russia. 

Imprynted at London by L. 11. m.ccccc.xl. 
This is the first translation of one of the earliest books on Midwifery, 
and differs from the one by Raynalde. See MS. Note by Dr. Bland in this 
copy. Also Ames's Typographical Antiquities, vol. iii. ; Gentleman's Maga- 
zine, 1755, page 78. 



J^«r~2502. RICAUT (Sir Paul). History of the Present State of the 
Ottoman Empire. 30 Plates. 8vo, calf. Land. 1686. 

/J^ 250.3. RICHARDSON (George). Iconology ; or a Collection of 
Emblematical Figures, ]\[oral and Instructive, with Ex- 
planations from Classical Authorities, containing 424 Sub- 
jects. 4 parts in 2 vols. 4to, Iialf calf. Loud. 1779. 
Extremely useful to Artists, as it gives the received or established figures 
cf all the Virtues, Vices, Qualities, Muses, Seasons, Senses, Arts, Sciences, 
and other matters of which the personifications are Ideal. 

.2,y'^504. RICHARDSON (Mr.) An Account of Some of the Statues, 
Pictures, etc., in Italy. 8vo, vellum., interleaved v-ith MS. 
Kotes. Lond. 1722. 

J^, 2505. RICHARDSON (M. A.) The Borderer's Table Book; or 
Gatherings of the Local History and Romance of the 
English and Scottish Border. 8 vols, in 4. Impl. 8vo, cl. 

Newcastle, 1846. 
/, 2506. RICHARDSON (Major). Eight Years in Canada: Embra- 

cing a Review of the Administrations of Lords Durhani 
and Sydenham, Sir Chas. Bagot, and Lord Metcalfe, and 
including Nimierous Interesting Letters from Lord Dur- 
ham, Mr. Chas. Buller, and other well-known Public Char- 
acters. Syo., bds. 3Iontreal, for the Ai(tho7', 184:7. 
if/? 2507. RICIix\RDSON (Wm.) Maid of Lochlin, etc. 12mo, if. 

Lond. 1801. 
/, S(0 2508. [RICHARDSON.] An Essay on the Writings and Genius 
of Shakespear. Zrd and best edition. 8vo, calf extra. 

Land. 1772. 
f, „ 2509. RICHEOME (Lovys). Tableaux Sacrezdes figures mystiques 
du tres-auguste sacrifice et sacrement de I'Eucharistie. 
Plates by Gaultier, etc. 12mo, morocco extra. Paris, 1601. 
y^ ^^ '2510. RIDDELL (John). Tracts, Legal and Historical, with other 
Antiquarian Matter, Chiefly relative to Scotland. 8vo, 
half calf. Edinb. 1835. 

/. 2511. RIDLEY (Thos.) ^ ©fetij of the m'nWtmti lEaXt^U 

afStfcal ULlltCS, and wherein the practise cf them is streit- 
ned, and may be relieued within this Land. 3il3CU 
JLtXtZX. 4to,' vellufn, gilt. Lond. 1607. 

" An excellent work." — Xicolson. 

J2f 2512. RILEY (James). Narrative of the Loss of the Brig Com- 

merce. 8vo, sheep. Hartford, 1817. 

3t>^0 2513. RINOMATI. Prose, e Versi per Onorare La Memoria di 

Livia Dona Carafta, Principessa del S. R. Imp. e dellaRo- 

cella di Alcuni Rinomati Autori. 106 fine plates. 4to, 

calf extra. s. 1. s. a. 

A ver\- beautiful privately printed volume. 

yS~0 2514. RIPA (Cesare). Iconologia Overo descrittione d'Iraagini 
delle Virtv, Vitij., Afletti, Passioni humane, Corpi celesti, 
Mondo e sue parti. 4to, vellum. Padoua, 1611. 



C 6^0, c)-6 


iyS~2o\5. RITCHIE (Leitch). Travelling Sketches in the North of 
'/ Italy. 26 Plates by C. Stanfield. Post 8vo, red morocco. 

Lond. 1832. 

" 2516. RITCHIE. Scot tfe Scotland. 2\ Plates after Cattermole's 

Draiinngs. l2mo, red tnorocco. P/ond. 1SS5. 

The above are "Heath's Picturesque Annuals," for 1832 and IS'MJ. 

!; 2517. RITCHIE (Leitch). Wanderings by the Seine. 20 Pn- 

gravings from Drawings^ hy J. 31. W. Turner. 8vo, 

morocco. Pond. 1834. 

', J?) 2518. RITSON. Letters of Joseph Ritson, with a Memoir by Sir 

Harris Nicolas. 2 vols, post Svo, half morocco. 

Pond. Pickering, 1833. 

, 2519. [RITSON (Joseph)]. Pieces of Ancient Popiilar Poetry; 

from Authentic Manuscripts, and old Printed Copies. 

Adorned with Cuts [by Bewick]. Crown Svo, red morocco. 

Pond. 1791. 
2.r^520. [RITSON (Joseph)]. Scottish Song, vnth the Musick [and 
an Historical Essay]. 2 vols. 12mo, hcdf russia. 

Pjond. 1794. 
By a typograpliical error, the date of the first vol. is mdccxiv. Sold at 
Sotheby's, 1861, £2 85. 0(/. 

9 2521. RITUALE ROMANUM. A MS. of one hundred and 

ninety -five leaves, beautiftdly written, on the finest vellum., 

with lb Miniatures, and numerous Piitials, finely illutni- 

nated; old morocco, toooden boards, massive brass clctsps, 

and carved ornaments on the sides. 


BOOKS. Svo, half bound. Pond. 1824. 

,^0 2523. ROBERTE THE DEUYIL. A Metrical Romance, from 

an Ancient Illuminated Manuscript. Edited by I. Herbert. 

14 plates. 4to, calf. Pond. 1798. 

Bibl. Angl.-Poetiea, 15s.; Strettel, 10s. Qd. First printed by Wynken 

de Worde. 

SV2524:. ROBERTSON (Wm.) History of the Reign of the Em- 
peror Charles V. 3 vols. Svo, calf. JST. Y. 1804. 
... 2525. ROBERTUS SCOTORUM REX. A Letter from the 
Nobility, &c., of Scotland, in 1320, to Pope .John, declar- 
ing their Resolution to adhere to their King, Robert the 
Bruce, &c. Translated from the Original. 

Pdinb. Reprinted in the year 1689. 
N. Y., March, 1861. Privately Printed by C. A. Alvord 

[/'or P. Palmanno.^ 

lS^2Q. ROBINSON (Mary). The False Friend. 4 vols. 12mo, 
sheep. Pond. 1799. 

yO 2527. ROBINSON (Mrs.) Memoirs of the Late Mrs. Robinson, 

' written by Herself, with some Posthumous Pieces. 4 vols. 

12mo, sheep. Pond. 1801. 

Mrs. Robinson was the " Perdita" of George IV. 



Jl?2528. RODD (Thos.) Ancient Ballads tVom the Civil Wars of 
Granada, and the Twelve Peers of France. 12mo, xhccp. 

Lond. 1801. 
/, QO 2529. RODWELL. Catalogue of Coins and Medals of R. E. 
Rodwell. Priced. Bvo. Lond. 1821. 

^,tn? 2530. ROGER (Chas.) A Collection of the Principal English 
Translations of the Sacred Scriptures, with Memoirs of the 
Pnneipal Translators. 4to, doth. Lond. Lagster., n. d. 
2531. ROGERS (George). George AVashington Ci'owned, etc. 
A Democratic Poem. 12mo, cloth. N'. Y. 1849. 

^ii~2532. [ROGERS (George)], An Address on our Destiny. With 
Remarks. 12rao, pp. 16. Neic York, n. d. 

Q2.^<^ 2533. ROGERS (Samuel). The Pleasures of Memory. 8vo, Lnlaid 
in ^to, and Lllustrated vith 103 Portraits, Yien's, etc., 
many of them proofs on Lndia Paper, icith Autograpth 
Letter of Mogers. Richly hound in morocco extra, full 
gilt sides, and broad borders of gold, and coloured leather 
inside, by A. Tarrant. T^ond. n. d. 

yS~^ 2534. . Italy. A Poem. \st Edition. 8vo, green mo- 

rocco. Lond. 1830. 

/, 2535. ROGERS (Samuel). Poems. 12mo, hds. Lond. 1827. 

;2ur~2536. ROGERS (Samuel). Pleasures of Memory; and Pains of 
Memory, by Robt. Merry. 12mo, calf X. Y. 1802. 

y, ^vT^oat. ROGERS. Catalogue of the Very Celebrated Collection of 
Works of Art, the Property of Samuel Rogers, Esq. ; 
with printed prices 8vo, hcdf morocco. 

Lond. 1856. 
/» 2538. ROGERS. Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Coins of the 
late Samuel Rogers, Esq. Rl. 8vo. Lond. 1856. 

2539. ROGERS. Xames of Purchasers and Prices to the Auction 
Sale Catalogues of the Collections of Art and Yertti, etc., 
^ of Samuel Rogers, Esq. Rl. 8vo. Lond. 1857. 

0, 2540. ROLLEXHAGEN (Gabriel). Nvclevs Emblematvmse Se- 

lectissimorvm qua* Itali Vvlgo Impressas vocant priuata 
industria studio singular! vindici conquisitus, non paucis 
venustis inventionibus auctus additis carminibus illustratus 
a Gabr. Rollenhagio. 200 plates. 2 vols. 4to, in 1. Mo- 
rocco extra; fine copy. Tico leaves of the letter-press suph 
plied in 3IS. 

Colonial Ex museo ccdatorio Crisp. Passcei, 1611-13. 
"Volume recherche a cause des jolies figures quile composent." — Brunet. 

, J7)2541. ROLT (Rich'd.) Memoirs of the Life of John Lindesay, 

Earl of Crauford & Lindesay. 4to, bds. Lond. 1753. 

/, 2542. ROM/ELIUS (Baruch Loth). Cervvs, hoc est, qvJB per 

Cervvni Significata Fvere Sacris ^gyptorvm Literis. 

4to, half mororro. Augspurg, J. Schultes, 1602. 

The text if? in Latiu and German. 



^0 2544. 

VO 2545. 
'. 2546. 



~0 2551. 




8vo. Duhlin^ 1837. 

ROMBERCH. (Konflfstoriunt ^rtfft'cose ^cmon'e, 

Y. P. F. Joannis Romberch de Kryspe, etc. 3JlnC& 
Setter. Small 8vo, vellum; curious and rare. 

Venetiis, 1520. 

ROME. Ancient Statues in the City of Rome. A Collection 
of Plates, with Descriptive MS. in Italian. 4to, vellum. 

miracoli boUe indvlgeze molte altre cose agiunte come nel 
seguente foglio si uede. Emblematical Plates. 4to, vel- 
lum. In Vin. JPresso JBcrn. Gi^into, 1527. 

ginta articulis totius uitae passionisque domini nostri Jesu 
Christi, etc. 50 icood cuts. 12mo, green morocco. 

Ex Officina Euchariana., 1531. 
A previous owner of this work expresses tlie opinion tliat the wood tMits 

are equal to Albert Durer's. 

ROSCIUS. Jvlii Roscii Hortini Elogia Militaria. 75 Por- 
traits. 4to, vellum; rare. Potnc^., 1696. 

Includes a notice [and Portrait] of Fernando Cortez, and some references 
to Columbus, etc., p. 88 — 90. 

ROSCOE (Mrs. Ed.) Floral Rlnstrations of the Seasons, con- 
sisting of The Most Beautiful, Hardy, and Rare Herbaceous 
Plants Cultivated in the Flower Garden. Engraved by 
R. Havell. 55 Coloured Plates. 4to, half calf. 

* Zo7id. 1831. 

ROSCOE. Catalogue of the Library, Paintings, Engravings, 

etc., of Wm. Roscoe, Esq. Printed Prices and JVcimes. 

8vo, bds. Liveiyool, 1816. 

This Catalogue was drawn up by Mr. Roscoe himself, and contains some 

valuable bibliographical information. 

ROSS (Alex.) The Fortunate Shepherdess. A Pastoral 
Tale, and Songs. Rl. 8vo, half calf . First edition. 

Aberdeen, 1768, 

. Another Edition, with other Scottish Poems. 

12mo, calf. Edinb. 1804. 


ROSS (Alex.) Helenore, etc., in the Broad Scotch Dialect. 
18mo. Aberdeen, 1811. 

ROSS (Sir John). Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search 
of a North-West Passage, and of a Residence in the Arctic 
Regions during the years 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833. 
Including the Reports of Commander, now Captain, James 
Clark Ross, R. N., and the Discovery of the Northern 
Magnetic Pole. Plates. 4to, cloth. Zo)id. 1835. 

tr^2555. Ros-WEYDYS (Herib.) j^tt 2Lct)en tier 1^. 1^. 

JttaeflhtJett die Yan Christvs tijden tot dese eeuwe Inden 

202 RUBENS. 

Salighen Staet der Svyverheydt inde Wereldt gheleest 

liebben. Fine plates. ^JltlCft TLtiXtX. 8vo, 7norocco, 

c/d.'ijjs. A)ittcerp€7i, 1626. 

These Lives of the Fathers are printed partly in Gothic, and partly in 

Roman type. The Portraits are engraved by Van Mechelen, after Peter 

de .Todc. 

,/, 2556. ROTGAXS (Lukas). Poezy, van Verscheide Mengelstoffea ; 

met Konstplaaten Versiert. 4to, cellum, gilt edges/ fine 

copi/. Leenwco'den, 1715. 

A Collection of Dutch Poetry, illustrated with 50 fine plates of heroic 

and mythological subjects, engraved by Houbraken and Folkema. 

J-<?2557. ROTLINGERIUS (Casp.) Calligraphia Nova. Oblong 
4to, half calf . Tig art, 1615. 

yj~l558. ROUSSEAU (J. J.) Letters of an Italian Nun and an Eng- 
lish Gentleman, translated. 12rao, calf. Lond. 1806. 
^, 2559. [ROWLANDSON (T.)] Loyal Volimteers of London and 
Environs, Infantry and Cavalry, in their respective Uni- 
forms. 87 Coloured Plates. Wo., half calf. Lond. 
^,pAri560. ROXBURGHE. Catalogue of the Library of the Late 
John, Duke of Roxburghe, arranged by G. «fc W. Nicol, 
with Supplement. Printed prices. 8vo, ca(/". Lond.\8\1. 
Lot 6292 is the famous Valdarfar Decameron, which was purchased by 
the Marquis of Blandford, for £2260, the highest price ever paid for one 
P^tr~2561. ROYAL EXILE (The) ; or Poetical Epistles of Mary, Queen 
of Scots, during her Captivity in England, by a Young 
Lady ; also, by her Father, The Life of Queen Mary, etc. 
2 vols. 8vo, half calf « Land. 1822. 
f, 2562. ROYAUMONT (Sieiir de). L'Histoire du Vieux et du 
Nouveau Testament, enriche de Figures en taille-douce. 
12mo, calf Paris, 1701. 
S~tS~0 2563. . History of the Old and New Testaments; illus- 
trated with about 300 Sculptures. Aptly and Accurately 
Delineated and Engraven by skilful Artists, for the better 
and more lively RejDresentation thereof. 2 vols, folio, 
calf Lond. for Ed. Blome, 1688-90. 
<^, yTO 2564. ROYAMONT. The History of the Old and New Testa- 
ment, with 260 Sculptures. Large paper copy; red mo- 
rocco. 1706. 
Fine copy ; from Mr. Burton's Library, ruled with red lines. 

2/^J"'^565. RUBEIS. Effigies Nomina et Cognomina, S. D. N. Alex- 

andri Papse VIL et RR., DD., S. R. E. Cardd. nunc 

viuentium Edita a Jacobode Rubeis. YQ\\o.^_green moroc- 

co^ gilt edges. Mornce, 1688. 

^6~4 2566. RUBENS (P. P.) La Gallerie du Palais dv Luxembourg, 

peinte par Rubens, dessiuee par les sieurs Nattier, et gi'av^e 

par les plus Illustres Graveurs du Temps. Rl. folio, <'(df; ■ 

Jine impressions. Paris, DucJuuige., I7l0. 

Contains twenty-five beautiful engravings, by Vermeulen, Audran, and 

others. It has sold at from 80 to 300 fr. 



RUBENS ET VAN DYK. Clarissimorvra Yirorvm, etc. 

Oblonor 4to, half calf . NorimhenjGe., 1735. 

RUDDIMAN (Jacob). Tales and Sketches. Post 8vo, 

half calf. Edinh. 1828. 

RUDDIMAN (Thos.) An Introduction to Anderson's Diplo- 

mata Scotiae. 12nio, calf Edliib. 1782. 

See also Lot 89. 

2570. RUDING (Rogers). Annals of the Coinage of Great Britain 

and its Dependencies ; from the earliest Period of Authentic 
History to the Reign of Victoria. Third Edition, Enlarged. 
3 vols. 4to, hcdf red morocco., gilt to}). Land. 1840. 

2571. RUDING (Rogers). Annals of the Coinage of Great Britain. 

Vols. 3 and 4 of the second Edition. 4to. Lond. 1817. 
" As handsome and complete a book of reference to the Coinage of Great 
Britain and its Dependencies as there are materials in existence to frame." — 
Literary Gazette. 

RUE. Carole de la Rue e Societate Jesu Idyllia. EnMe- 
niatic Plates. 18mo, calf. Paris., S. Bernard, 1672. 

RVINETTI DA RAVENNA (Tomaso). Idea del Bvon 
Seittore. 43 Examples, with exquisitely engraved borders. 
Oblong 4to, vellum. Ravenna, 1619. 

From Mr.' Corwin's Collection, Lot 2047 ; sold for $3.00. 

RULE OF LIFE (The). A Collection of Select Moral 
Sentences. 12mo, sheep. Edinb. 1802. 

RITSSIA. Sketches of Russia; illustrated with Fifteen En- 
gravings. 8vo, half ccdf Lond. 1814. 

RUTHERFORD (G. Stevenson de M.) Lays of the Sanc- 
tuary, and Other Poems. 12mo. Lond. 1859. 

RUTTER (John). Delineations of Fouthill and its Abbey. 
28 plain and coloured plates. 4to, hds. Lond. 1823. 

RYLEY (S. W.) The Itinerant in Scotland. Vols. 7, 8, 
and 9. 12mo, bds. Lond. 1827. 

S. (D.) Hohe geistreiche Lehren vnd Erklarungen : Uber 
die ftirnembsten Sprtiche dess Hohen Lieds Salomonis, 
etc. Folio, vellum. 1622. 

A Collection of Emblems, illustrative of Solomon's Song. 

2580. S. (J.) The Age of the World Collected in all its Periods ; 

or a Convincing Demonstration that the Lineal and Unin- 
terrupted Succession of the Scots Monarchy has continued 
much longer than that of any other Kingdom. 8vo, Jtalf 
morocco. Edinb. 1719. 

2581. SAAVEDRA-FAJARDO (Diego). Idea de vn Principe 

Politico Christiano Representada en cien Enipresas. 4to, 
vellum. Amberes, 1659. 

. Aliud Exemplar. Plates only. 4to, morocco extra. 



/, 2583. SAAVEDRA-FAXARDO. Idea Principis Christiano Politici 
101 Sijmbolis expressa. 12mo, old 'tnorocco^ gilt edges. 

Anistelodami, J. J. SicJupper., 1659. 
^,^0 2584. SAAVEDRA-FAXARDO. Idea Principis Christiano-Poli- 
tici Symbolis CI. expressa a Didaco Saavedra Faxardo, 
12mo, red morocco. 

Amstelodaml., apud loannem Blaei\ 1660. 

y*f~^585. SAAVEDRA. The Royal Politician represented in One 
Ilnndred Emblems, written in Spanish by Don Diego 
Saavedra Faxardo. With a large Preface Containing an 
Account of the Author, etc. Done into English from the 
Original by Sir J. A. Astry. Plates. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 

Lond. IVOO. 
/, -To 2586. SABIN" (Joseph). Catalogue of the Entire Library and 
Paintings of the late Rev. Samuel Farmae Jarvis. 8vo, 
half ccdf. N. F. 1851. 

^he collection of Books sold for over $11,000, and was the largest pri- 
vate Theological Library in this country. 

J~,iS~^ 2587. SABIN (Joseph). Catalogue of the Rare, Curious, and Val- 
uable Collection of Books, Tracts, Autographs, etc., of the 
late Ml-. E. B. Corwin. With Prices and Newspaper Cut- 
tings. Large paper copy., half morocco. JV. 1^.1856. 
/^ir~2588. [SABIN (Joseph)]. Catalogue of a Valuable Private Libra- 
ry. 8vo. jV. T. [1859]. 
The Addenda contains a list of Pamphlets on American History, collected 
by the Rev. T. B. Chandler, of Elizabethtown. 

J^*^^ 2589. SABIN (Joseph). Catalogue of the Theatrical and Miscel- 
laneous Library of the late Wm. E. Burton. Portrait. 
-Large papjer copy, half morocco., gilt top. Cuttings in- 
^p^^ f^ serted. N. Y. 1860. 

^^^i^^:^»tfy2590. [SABIN (Joseph;!]. ShakespearianaBurtonensis. Large Pa- 
' per, rl. 8vo. 100 copies printed. X. Y. 1860. 

^g«^591. SABIN (Joseph). Catalogue of the Library of Edwin For- 
rest. Portrait. 8vo. 

Philadelphia [privately printed], 1863. 

/ "L"^"^ if^f4>^o92. SACRA EREMVS ASCETIARVM. Plates engraved by 

• P. 3fariette. 8vo, morocco extra. Paris, s. a. 

<^<^l^^?r^%C:¥593. SACRED ALBUM. A Collection of Fifty-One Religious 

Subjects, mostly coloured, interspersed with Moral and 

Religious Sentences. 4to, embossed roan, gilt edges. 

f, " 2594. SADELER (Raphael). Solitvdo sive Vitse Patrum Eremicola- 

*-> ^ ^ rum per antiquissimu Patrem D. Hieronymu olim Conscripta 

iam vero primum aeneis laminis sculpta a fratribus Joanne 

et Raphaele Sadeler. Oblong 4to, half calf stained. 

Circa 1600. 

,^JT595. SAINT- ARROWM AN (A). Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate. 

12mo, cl. Phil. 1846. 


St. ^usustnte's i*lctiftations antJ iliCanucU, in Eng- 

glish. Black Setter, y^ith wood cut borders. Ro title. 

Loud. J. Wolfe, 1586. 

S'O 2597. ST. FRANCIS. Epitome Vitxe et Miracvlorvm S. Francisci 

Erablematis locis sacrse Scripturoe et Carmine Expressa. 

18mo, green morocco, gilt edges. Antuerpice, 1653. 

The Text of this work is in Latin, French, and German. 

, 2598. ST. GELAIS (Octavien). Peture des persecutiones des Cres- 

tiens translate de Latin en Francoys. Small folio, riissia 

extra, gilt edges. Paris, A. T^erard, s. a. 

This fine specimen of early Parisian Typography was probably printed 

in 1495. See Simonetta, in'Brunet. 

Z<i 2599. SAINT LEU (Hortense Duchesse de). Romances Mises en 
Musique. Plates. Oblong 4to, half calf. s. 1. s. a. 

Includes the now National Piece, " Pourtant pour la Syrie." 

, 2600. ST. PIERRE (Bernardin de). Paul and Virginia, with an 

Original Memoir of the Author, and 330 Illustrations. 

■ j-~ Impl. 8vo, tree calf, red and gilt edges. Lond. 1839. 

'^f^-^^QY. SAINTS. Figures de Saintes. A Collection. 12mo, green 
morocco. s. 1. s. a. 

■»J'^g 602. SALSMANNUM (R. D. Gulielmum). Liber Genesis ^reis 
formis a Crispin Passseo, expressus versebusque tam latinus 

J*"^? quam Germanicis ornatus sententijs ite exss. Patribns de- 

sumptus, explicatus, etc. Letter-press in Latin and Ger- 
man. 59 Emblematical Plates. Small 4to, morocco an- 

^ 9/-^ tique. Cleuie, J. A. Biesen, 1629. 

: 2603. SALT. Catalogue of the Highly Interesting and Magnificent 

Collection of Egyptian Antiquities, the Property of the 
late Hy. Salt, Esq. 8vo, half morocco. Lond. 1835. 

2604. SALVIATI. The World Turned Upside Down. In Twen- 
ty-Eight Plates, from the Designs of Giuseppi Salviati, 
Engraved by F. C. Lewis. 4to, blue morocco extra, by 
., Paioso)i S J^icholson. Lond. 1822. 

r«^^605. SAMBUCUS. Emblemata cvm aliqvot Nvmmis Antiqvi 
Operis Joaimis Sambvci Tirnaviensis Pannonie. [First 
Edition.] 8vo, morocco. AntverpicB, C. Plantin, 1564. 
Plates b}^ Gerard de Jode, accompanied bv Fables in Latin verse. Riva, 
30 fr. 

>' 2606. SAMBUCUS. Romanorvm Principii effigies: cQ historia- 

• i'^C^ rum annotatione, olim ab lo. Huthichio confecta : nunc 

' uero alicubi aucta et longe Castigatio opera lo. Sambuci 

Tirauiensis Pannonii. With curious Litaglio Portraits. 

Sm. 8vo, old ccdf. Argent, 1552. 

From the Roxburglie Collection. The Printer's date reads 15511 — the 

last two figures are doubtless intended for II. 


in Ecclesia Laetiensis Monasterii Ordinis S. Benedicti Ta- 

206 SANDYS. 

Lellis Pictis, pro Spectatoi'i svpni chori sedilla positi ddq. 
et Icvncvlaj BeatiB Joannae Francorvm Reginaj Vita? et 
Theatrvm Vitam, virtutes, miracula R"\ P. Gabrielis 
Maria ord., etc. 3 vols, in 1. Plates hy Galle. 4to, half 
TKSsia. Antverpice, 1634-42. 

/J~, 2608. SANDBY. A Collection of 95 Etchings, by Paul Sandby. 
I^ine impressions, and very scarce. Folio. s. 1. s. a. 

/O, 2609. SANDFORD (Francis). A Genealogical History of the 
Kings of England and Monarchs of Great Britain, from the 
Conquest to 16V7. Plates. Folio, calf. 

In the Savoy, 1677, 
" A very useful work, compiled by tlie direction and encouragement of 
King Charles, who honoured it with his patronage. The author was 
assisted in his labours by Gregory King." — Loiunde-s. This is the first 
edition, and the plates are better than in the later one. Baker's copy, 
£4 lS,s. 0(/. See Dibdiu's Library Companion. 

1^7 2610. SANDYS (George). A Paraphrase upon the Divine Poems, 

set to new Tunes, by W, Godbed, 12mo, calf'. 

Lond. 1676, 

Dr. Burney has given to the version of Sandys a preference before that 
of any other translator of the Psalms. See Brydges' Restituta and 
Biograpli. Universelle, xl., p. :i23-4. 

See Ovid's Metamorphoses, Lot 219:!, and Grotius (Hugo), Lot 1313. 

A ^ J7? 2611. SATCHWELL (R.) Scripture Costume, exhibited in a 
' Series of [20] Engravings, representing the principal Per- 

sonages mentioned in the Sacred Writings, with l^iograph- 
ical Sketches, and historical Remarks on the Manners and 
Customs of Eastern Nations. 4to, half russia. 

Lond. 1819. 

The Plates were drawn under the superintendence of Benjamin West. 


comprising a Review of New Publications, etc. 'Wood 

cuts. 4 vols. 8vo, hds. Land. 1824. 

Jl^ 2613. SAUBERTUM (M. John), Emblematum Sacrorum quorum 

consideratio accurata ad Fidei exercitiura et excitandam 

Pictatem ])lurimum facere potest, 4 parts in 1 vol, folio, 

JSfurnherg, 1625. 
The Plates engraved by Peter Iselberg, from designs by Michael Ileer. 

/2_- 2614. [SAUNDERS (F,)] New York in a Nutshell; or Visitor's 
Hand-Book to the City, 18mo. pp. 144. N. Y. 1853. 
3» 2615. SAUVAN. Picturesque Tour of the Seine from Paris to 

the Sea, with Particulars, historical and descriptive, by J. 
B. Balthas Sauvan ; illustrated with 24 highly finished and 
Coloured Engrai)i)igs from Drainngs, by A. Pugi)i and 
J. Gendall. Impl. 4to, cloth, gilt. Land. 1821. 

///.^2616, SAVAGE (James), The Librarian; being an Account of 
scarce, valuable and useful English Books, Manuscripts, 
Libraries, Public Records, etc. 3 vols, 8vo, calf 

Lond. 1808-9, 


^y2%\1. SAVONAROLA (Don Jeremy). Facts and Figures from 
' Italy, addressed to Charles Dickens. Post 8vo, cloth. 

Lond. 1847. 
,i«r'2618. SAVORSAISrO (Don Alonso). Threa Ingenious Spanish 
Novels : namely, I. The Loving Revenge ; or Wit in a 
Woman. II. The Lucky Escape; or the Jilt Detected. 
III. The Witty Extravagant ; or the Fortunate Lovers. 
Id Edition. Plates, \2vao, calf, gilt; fine copy. 

Lond. 1712. 


A Satyr against Palish Oppression. 4to. Lond. 1682. 

y, 2620. SCHABAELJE (Jan. Ph.) Den Grootsen Erablemata Sacra, 
Bestaande in meer dan Drie hondert Bybelsche Pigueren, 
Soo des Ouden als des Niewen Testaments. Oblong folio, 
vellum. Fine plates. A.msterdam, 1654. 

tion of Portraits of Eminent J^avarians, neatly mounted 
in 4to. Red morocco., extra. JV'urnhery, 16SI. 

GEiSTSES. Best Edition of the Latin version; good 
copy, with the Supplement of 4 Leaves. Royal folio, hcdf 
bound. JVzcrembery, A IColberger, mccccxciii. 

?, J"<^ 2623. . Another copy. German Version. Folio ; imperfect. 


For a copious description of this extraordinary volume, see Dibdin's Bib. 
Spenceriana, vol. ii., p. 255. It contains 2250 wood cuts, by Wolgemut 
and Pleydenwurff ; the former of whom was master of Albert Durer. 
Hearne, in his preface to "Robert of Gloucester," highly commends the 

,_^ 2624. SCHEUCHZER. Physica Sacra J. J. Schevchzeri, Iconibvs 
^'Eneis illustrata ; procurante et sumtus sujjpeditante, J. A. 
PfefFel. 750 Engravings. 4 vols, folio, calf. 

Avyustce Vind. 1731. 

\jy :2^25. SCHILLER. A Collection of 20 Plates, illustrative of 
^ Schiller's Works. RL 8vo, bds. Stuttgart, 1840. 



2626. SCHLEDERUS (T. Georg.) Synopsis Historica Deoruui 

Fatidicorum. 61 Plates. 4to, ccdf 

Frcuiclfurt am Mayn., E. Schleichen., 1643. 
The text to this curious book on Gods, Sybils, &c., is in Gennan. 

2627. SCHOBERL (Fred.) Picturesque Tour from Geneva to 

Milan by Way of the Simplon. 36 Coloured Plates., from 
Designs by J. & J. Lory. Impl. 8vo, cloth. Lond, 1820. 

2628. SCHOONHOVIUS. Emblemata Florentii Schoonhovii J. 

C. Goudani; Partim Moralia partim etiam Civilia. Cum 
latiori eorundem ejusdem Auctoris interpretatione. Acce- 



dunt et alia qusedam Poematia in alijs Poematum suorum 
libris non coiitenta. 4to, calf ; fine copy. 

Lugclvni Batavorvm, Ex Officina Elzeviriana, 1526. 

/ J7? 2628 * . Aliud Exemplar. 4to, calf. Lngd. Bat. 1526. 

/, 2629. SCIENCE (LA) DES HIEROGLYPHES, on L'Art d'ex- 
primer par des Figures Symboliques, etc. Plates. 4 to, 
half vellum. La Hay e., 1736. 

t/T? 2630. SCOTCH FOGGARIES (The). 4to. No Title. Very 
curious and scarce. [By Tatham ?] 
i^,2»r~2631. SCOTCH HAGGIS (The New), consisting of Pieces Humour- 
ous, Witty, Droll, Ancient, and Modern. 12mo, boards. 

Paisley, 1829. 
2632. SCOTCH HUDIBRAS (The) ; or a Mock Poem. 2 parts in 
1 vol. small Svo, calf Zand. 1692. 

/,SV 2633. SCOTCH MIST CLEARED-UP (The). To prevent Eng- 
lishmen from being wet to the Skin. Being a true account 
of the Proceedings against Archibald Earl of Argyle for 
High Treason, etc. 4to, MS. Title. Half morocco. 

y^^ 2634. SCOTCH PREACHER (The) ; or a Collection of Sermons. 
4 vols. 12 mo, calf TJdinb. [1776]. 

or, the Foolishness of their Teaching Discover'd from 
their Books, Sermons, Prayers, etc. Illustrated with Por- 
traits and Plates. Svo, calf Lond. 1732. 

tr^2636. . Another Edition. 12mo, m(/", ion^. 1789. 

^0 ^ 2637. SCOTCHMEN. Collection of Portraits of Eminent Scotch- 

'^ ' men, collected by John Allan. 208 Plates, in a folio Scrap 

Book. Half green morocco, gilt edges. 

This volume is a treasure for a Scotchman, comprehending, as it does, 
many historical personages ; among them, Robert Burns, Sir "W. Scott, 
Lord Lovat, Lord George Gordon, James Watt, D. Wilkie, John Home, 
Geo. Chalmers. D. Hume, Margaret Patten, aged 138 years, etc. 

^(? 2638. SCOTISH DESCRIPTIVE POEMS; with Some Illustra- 
tions of Scotish Literary Antiquities. 12 mo, hoards. 

Rare. Collected and Edited by Dr. Leyden. 

SCOTISH POEMS, 1801. See [Dalyell]. 
Jl, 2639. SCOTISH ELEGIAC VERSES, 1629-1829; with Notes 
and an Appendix of Illustrative Papers. Svo, morocco, 
gilt edges. Edinh. 1842. 

Ninety copies only printed, 

/ 2640. SCOTLAND. Ancient Views in Scotland, taken anterior to 

' 1688. 4to. AA Plates. 

/V»r^2641. SCOTLAND. Auld Lang Syne; or a Blink of By-gone 
' Times in Caledonia. A Collection of 58 Engravings, all 

coloured, and mounted in a folio volume. Half riissia. 


; 2642. SCOTLAND. Catalogue of Antiquities, Works of Art, and 
Historical Scottish Relics exhibited in the Archaeological 
Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 1856. 20 Fine 
Portraits- also 15 additional inserted. 8vo, red morocco 
extra; borders of gold, gilt top, uncut edges. Edinh. 1859. 
.So 2643. SCOTLAND. A Chronology of the Kings of Scotland, 
from Malcolm III. to George III. 12mo, half tnorocco. 

Edinh. 1773. 
2644. SCOTLAND. A CoUection of Cuttings from Old News- 
papers relating to Scotland, from 1757 to 1798. 4to, half 
j2,J~264o. SCOTLAND. A Collection of Views in Scotland, with 
Descriptive Letter-Press. 4to. jVo Title. 

2646. SCOTLAND. Description of all the Kings of Scotland, 

Declaring "what Year of the World and of Christ they 
began to Reign, how long they Reigned, and of what 
Qualities they were of. \2xqo, half morocco. 

s. 1. Printed in the Year 1713. 

2647. SCOTLAND. Elegant Collection of Interesting Views in 

Scotland. 78 Plates. Oblong 4to, hcdf morocco. 

Edinh. 1802. 

SO 2648. SCOTLAND. Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Scotland. 

8vo, half morocco. Glasgoic, 1823. 

aS^2649. SCOTLAND. The False Brother, or a New Map of Scotland. 

Drawn by an English Pencil, etc. 8vo, half calf 

Lond. 1651. 
2^^ 2650. SCOTLAND. Gazetteer of Scotland. 8vo, sheep. 

Dundee, 1803. 

2651. SCOTLAND. A Large Collection of Newspaper Scraps, 

Cuttings, Engravings, and Selections from various sources 
relative to Scotland, mounted on a series of sheets, folded. 

2652. SCOTLAND. Miscellanea Scotica. A Collection of Tracts 

relating to the History, Antiquities, Topography, and Lit- 
erature of Scotland. 4 vols. 12rao, half calf . 

Glasgow, 1818. 
S^O 2653. SCOTLAND. A Proper Project for Scotland. To Startle 
Fools, and Frighten Knaves, But to make Wise-men Hap- 
py, &c. 4to, half morocco. 1699. 
/J^654. SCOTLAND. The Statistical Account of Scotland, Drawn 
up from the Communications of the Ministers of the Dif^ 
ferent Parishes, by Sir John Sinclair. 21 vols. 8vo, hoards 
and ccdf ' Edinh. \"l%\. 
^0 2655. SCOTT (Honoria). The Vale of Clyde: a Tale. 2 vols. 
12mo, cf Lond. 1810. 
„ 2656. SCOTT (John). Paris Revisited in 1815. 8vo, hds. 

Lond. 1816. 

210 SCOTT. 

^0 2657. SCOTT (Rev. Thos.) Force of Truth, Growth in Grace, etc. 
18mo, calf. Lond. 1827. 

„ 2658. SCOTT (Sir Walter). The Dance of Death, etc. 18mo. 

Phil. 1816. 
,, 2659. SCOTT (Sir Walter). The Field of Waterloo. 18mo, half 
morocco. X. Y. 1815. 

n 2660. SCOTT (Sir W.) Legends of the Xorth and Border Min- 
strelsy, with illustrations. 12mo, silk^ gilt. Lond. 1835. 
STf 2661. SCOTT. Letters of Sir Walter Scott to Rev'd R. Polwhele ' 
and others. 12mo, half russia. Lond. 1832. 

„ 2662. SCOTT (Sir W.) Marmion. A Tale. 8vo, calf. 

Edinh- 1808. 
., 2663. SCOTT (Sir W.) Lay of the Last Minstrel. 8vo, cai/. 

Lond. 1809. 

2664. SCOTT (Sir W.) Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. 3 vols. 

8vo, calf. Edinb. 1810. 

^665 SCOTT (Sir W.) Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. 2 vols. 

8vo, half morocco. Kelso, 1802. 

SCOTT (Sir W.) Vision of Don Roderick, l^mo, calf . 

X. Y. 1811. 

SCOTT (Sir. W.) Waverley Novels, Miscellaneous Prose 

Works, Poems, Life of Napoleon, Tales of a Grandfather, 

Lockhart's Life, etc. 'The Splendid Abbotsford Edition. 

17 vols. rl. 8vo, cloth., uncut; fine clean copy. Edinb. 1842. 

This edition is now entirely out of print ; the present copy is in excellent 

condition to bind. 

^,2^ 2668. SCOTT. Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels, 

with Descriptions of the Views. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, green 

morocco. Lond. 1832. 

^ 2669. SCOTT. Landscape Illustrations to Waverley Novels. 8vo, 

morocco., gilt edges. Lond. J. Sharpe., n. d. 

/ f , 2670. SCOTT. Portraits Illustrative of the Novels, Tales, and 

Romances of the Author of Waverley. Proofs ox India 
Paper. Folio, russia extra. Lond. n. d. 

ti~, iH? 2671. . Another copy. 4to, half morocco. Lond. n. d. 

/2672. SCOTT. A Series of Illustrations of the Poetical Works of 
Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Engraved by Eminent Artists, 
after Original Paintings, by Robert Srairke. Proofs on 
India Paper. Folio. Lond. 1823. 

PiibUshed at £1 I85. Od 

^.^2673. SCOTT (Sir Walter). Appendix to the Illustrations to Scott's 
Poetical Works. Rl. 8vo. Lond. n. d. 

"V^ 2674. SCOTT. Sixteen Engravings from Real Scenes, supposed to 
be described in the Novels and Tales of the Author of 
Waverley, with 45 Additional Plates; in all 61. 12mo, 
calf extra. Edinb. 1821 


g^ 2675. SCOTT. Wavevley Gallery ; or the Principal Female Charac- 
' ters in Sir Walter Scott's Romances, from Original Paint- 

ings, by Eminent Artists. Engraved under the Super- 
intendence of Cliarles Heath. Hichhj coloured. Impl. 8vo, 
green morocco extra. Lond. 1841. 

Z, 2676. SCOTT (William). An Essay of Drapery : or the Compleate 
Citizen Trading Justly, Pleasingly, Profitably. Title 
Engraved by Droeshout., the Engraver of the Portrait of 
Shakespeare in the first folio edition. 12mo, riissia. 

Lond. for S. Pemel, 1635. 
The Whitg Knights copy sold for £1 12^. Od 


GlasgovL\ 1836. 
5^^2678. SCOTTISH REGISTER; or General View of History, 
Politics, and Literature. 6 vols. 8vo, o«^. ^?i«5. 1794-96. 
. Several articles relate to America. 

BALLADS. Edited by J. H. Dixon. Post 8vo, half 

, morocco. Lond. Percy Society, 1845. 

^^ 2680. SCRAP BOOK; containing 215 wood cuts; some by 

Bewick. Small folio ; hcdf green morocco. 

\0, -681. SCR^^ BOOK containing 142 beautifully Coloured Plates. 
4to, half morocco. 

y» 2682. SCRAP BOOK containing 600 Engravings and Wood Cuts. 

Thick 8vo, Judf green morocco. 

r7 2683. SCRAP BOOK containing a Collection of 354 Engravings. 

Folio, hcdf bound. 

0, 2684. SCRAP BOOK containing 235 Ancient and Modern Engrav- 

ings. Many of them very fine impressions. Folio, half calf 

[, 2685. SCRAP BOOK containing 56 Coloured Engravings. 4to, 

m,aroon morocco., extra. 

\, S~0 2686. SCRAP BOOK of Cuttings from Newspapers and Books, 
interspersed with Engravings. 4to, morocco., clasp. 

' 2687. SCRAP BOOK containing 40 Engravings, Plain and Coloured. 

4to. Slue roan, einbossed. 

?, 2688. SCRAP BOOK containing One Hundred and Thirty-nine 

, Engravings. 4to, embossed roan. 

', 2689. SCRAP BOOK containing Eighty-seven Small Engravings. 

Folio, ccdf 

U/ ^2690. SCRAP BOOK. About 150 Plates. Some choice. Folio, 
hcdf green morocco. 

\ 2691. SCRAP BOOK. A Collection of Two Hnndred and Eighty- 

two Engravings, by Bartolozzi, Houbraken, Sharp, Wille, 
Fittler, Durand, and others. Ml. folio. Half bound. 

^, 2692. SCRAP BOOK. A Collection of One Hundred and Sixty- 

four Engravings in a 4to Scrap Book. Half bound. 


/D, 2093. SCRAP BOOK of Engravings and Facetious Sentences. 

A very large collection. 4to. 
fy 2694. SCRAP BOOK, 1834. A large Collection of Coloured and 

Plain Engravings. 4to, half bound. 
/.»i7? 2695. SCRAP BOOK of Newspaper Cuttings. 8\o, half bound. 


calf broad borders of gold. 

2697. SCRAP BOOK OF VIGXETTES and Small Prints, with 

Moral Sentences. \2rQo, old red morocco., gilt. 

Caledonian Balls, etc. Folio. 
SCRIBBLEOMANIA. See [Ireland, W. H.] 
/^ J J"^ 2699. SCRIBLERIAD (The). An Heroic Poem, in Six Books. 
Plates, ito, half calf Lond.llbl. 

By Richard Owen Cambridge. " This mock heroic Poem, intended to ex- 
pose false taste and false science, is replete with happy parodies of distin- 
guished passages in the classics, particularly VirgU." — Lowndes. 

SCULPTURA HISTORICO. See [Evelyn John] Lot 1067. 
/ ^ 2700. SEALLY (J.) A Specimen of Writing in the Modern Orna- 
mental Hands of Great Britain. Oblong 4to. 

Lond. 1794. 

„ 2701. SEAMER (James). Compendium of all the Usuall Hands 

written in England. 23 Plates. Oblong 4to. [1690.] 

/, 2702. SEARS (M. U.) Scrap Book of Literary Varieties. 2 vols. 

8vo, half calf Lond. 1832. 

^, j^ J~2703. SEBASTIANO (R. P. P.) Firmamentvm Symbolicvra in 

qvo Deiparse Elogia, Quibus, velut firmamentum stellis, 

est exornata, symbolice depinguntur, etc. 4to, morocco 

extra. XivbUni., G. Forster., 1652. 

A rare Book of Polish Emblems. 

^ J^04. SECRETARY'S ASSISTANT, with Tables of Precedency, 
etc. 12mo. Lond. 1832. 

A 2705. SECL^NDUS (Joannes). The Basia, or Kisses, translated. 

■^ Lond. 1 824. Also, Histrionic Topography ; or, the Birth- 

places, Residences, and Funeral Monuments of the most 
Distinguished Actors. 1812. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, half 
calf. V. d. 

/O, 2706. [SECUNDL^S (Johannes)]. Les Baisers ; Precedes du 
Mois de Mai, Poeme. Richly coloured Plates. Rl. 8vo, 
morocco. La Hay e, 1770. 

^* 2707. SEGAR (Sir William). Original Institution of the Princely 

Orders of Collars. Printed in gold and colours. 7 

Plates. 4to, morocco. Edinb. 1823. 

Includes the Garter, the Annunciation, the Golden Fleece, St. Michael, the 

Holy Ghost, and the Thistle. 

,^0 2708. SEGUR (Count de). The Four Ages of Life. 12mo, bds. 

N. Y. 1826. 

SENECA. 213 


Plates. 4to, red morocco. 1589, etc. 


Ornamental Borders, arranged in a 4to Scrap Book, half 

red )norocco. 

AND ENGRAVINGS, including Fruit and Flower 

Pieces, Costumes, Birds, etc. 4to, calf. 
, 2712. SELECTA VARIA. A Collection of 72 Plates; includes 

Two Series of the Months, Portraits of Painters and 

Authors, Allegorical Pieces, etc. 4to, russUi. 
- 2 713. SELECTA VARIA. A Collection of 44 Plates, with Moral 

Pieces in Prose inserted. 4to, red morocco. 
; 2714. SELECTION (A) of the Patriotic Addresses, to [John 

Adams] the President of the United States. Together with 

The President's Answers, etc. 12mo, sheep. 

Boston, J. W. Folsom., 1798. 
^^^715. SELECTOR (The). Consisting of Pieces, Moral, Literary, 

and Humourous. 4 vols. 18mo, sheep. Glasgou\ 1805. 

SV 2716. SELIM AND ZAIDA, with other Poems. \2mo, calf . 

Edinh. 1800. 
S~0 2717. SELOUS (R C.) A Series of Illustrations to Fouque's Sin- 
tram and his Companions. 4to, half morocco. 

Lond. 1844. 
VwT^lS. SEIVIPILL. The Poems of the Sempills of Beltrees : now 
' first collected, with Notes, etc., by Jas. Patterson. 12mo, 

half morocco. Edinh. 1849. 

2719. SEJVIPLE (Miss). Costume of the Netherlands. Coloured 

Plates. Folio, calf. Lond. n. d. 

S'O 2720. SENAULT (Eliz.) Heures Nouvelles Tirees de la Sainte 

Ecriture. 8vo, vellum., clasps. Paris s. a. 

/^2721. . Another copy. S\o, red m^orocco. Paris, s. a. 

The whole of the text is engraved. 

. Another Edition. 24mo, red morocco. Paris, s. a. 

SENECA. jEvpikisU epistole morales Sendee- Blacfe 

3SLttttV. Folio; original wooden boards. ' 

Jmprese Parisius, /j^^o Claudio Jammar, etc., mccccxciiii. 

2724. SENECA ^t (JHuatuor tirtutitus (Kartifnalitus. Small 

4to. jlSlacU. Setter. Ulmce, J. ScJidffeler, mccccxcvii. 

2725. SENTIMENTAL FABLES. Designed chiefly for the Use 
of the Ladies. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1772. 

, y»r2726. SEPTEM FRATRES. The Legend of the Seven Brothers of 
' Lara, Illustrated in a Series of 40 Plates. No Title. Let- 

ter-Press in Spanish and Latin, icith a MS. Translation 
in English. Oblong 4to, vellum. 


Jl, 2727. SERIES OF PRIXTS (A), Illustrative of Universal History, 

comprising Historical Subjects, Views, Costumes, Customs, 

etc., of Various Countries. Svo^ cloth^ gilt. Loud. n. d. 

/,'/'^~2l2S. SERRE (Sieur de la). The Mirrour which Flatters not. 

Enriched with faire Figures. 8\'o, calf. Lond. 'iQ39. 

^J~2 729. SEWARD. Letters of Anna Seward, in the years 1784 to 
1807. 6 vols, post Svo, calf. 'Edbih. 1811. 

/O 2730. SEWARD (Anna). Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin. 
Svo, boards. Phila. 1804. 

2«r^731. SEWARD (Miss). Monody on Major Andre, and Elegy on 
Captain Cook. Also, Mr. Pratt's Sympathy: a Poem. 
12 mo, calf. Lond. 1817, 

S7) 2732. SFONDRATUS (Ccelestinus). Innocentia Vindicata, in qua 
Gravissimis Argumentis ex S. Thoma petitis ostenditur, 
Angelicvm Doctorem pro Iraniacvlato Conceptv Deij^araj 
Sensisse et Scripsisse. Plates. Folio, old calf richly gilt 
sides. Typis Monasterii S. Galli, 1698. 

" 2733. SHAHCOOLEN. Letters of Shahcoolen, a Hindu Philo- 
sopher. 12mo, sheep. Boston., 1802. 

/ J7> 2734. SHAKSPEARE (Wm.) Dramatic Works. 12mo, morocco. 

N. Y. 1834. 
„ „ 2735. SHAKSPEARE'S WORKS, with a Memoir by W. Harvey. 

Illustrated by a Double Set of Wood Cuts. Svo, half calf. 

Lond. n. d. 
fS^O, 2736. SHAKSPERE (W.) Hamlet. Knighfs Illustrated Edi- 
tion. Illustrated by 84 Plates inserted. The xuhole text 
and Plates beautifully inlaid and extended to 4to. Pichly 
bound in morocco by Pawso?i and N^icholson. Lond. n. d. 
This very beautiful volume is a choice specimen of workmanship, and 
includes many prints of extreme rarity ; some by Bartolozzi. Portraits of 
Queeu Elizabeth, Kemble, &c. Planche's Costume of the Tragedy, 14 
Coloured Plates. Play-Bill, with Kean as Hamlet, etc. 

^^ 2737. SHAKESPERE "(W.) King Henry V. Knight's Pictorial 

Edition. Further illustrated by the addition of numerous 
Plates, plain and coloured. 58 Plates. Impl. Svo, russia. 
. Lond. n. d. 

6, 2738. SHi\KSPEARE'S SEVEN AGES OF MAK Illustrated. 
Stothard's Plates, Engraved by Bromley; coloured. 
Folio, half red morocco., gilt edges. Lond. 1799. 

', 2739. SHAKSPEARE (Wra.) SEVEN AGES OF MAN. 4to, 

half red morocco. Lond. Van Voorst., \84Q. 

8, 2740. SHAKESPEARE'S SONGS, illustrated by the Etching Club. 
Folio, half blue morocco, gilt edges. Land. 1843. 

y^/, 2741. SHAKSPEARE. A Collection of Plfty-eight Shakspeare 

Portraits, in 4to and Svo, loosely inserted in a 4to Scrap 
Book, including several fine proofs, and comprising speci- 
mens of nearly all the Engraved Portraits of the Im- 
mortal Bard. 


SHAW. 215 

(> 2V42. SHAKSPEARE. Illustrations to Shakspeare, from the 

Plates in Boydell's Edition, as published in the Edition 

recently edited and printed by A. J. Valpy. 151 Plates. 

12mo, red roan., gilt. Lond. 1834. 

Z^, 2743. SHAKSPEARE. Thurston's Illustrations of Shakspeare. 

230 Wood Cuts. 8vo. Lond. 1827. 

SHAKESPEARE. Illustrated, See [Harding (J.)], Lot 1354. 

j^ 2744. SHALLUS (Francis). Chronological Tables. Thick 12mo; 

searce. Phil. 1817. 

; 2745. SHAW (Henry). Alphabets, Numerals, and Devices of the 

Middle A"ge*s. Folio, morocco extra., inlaid; a remarkably 

fine specimen of American Book-hinding. 

Lond. W. Pickering., 1845. 

2746. SHAW (Henry). Dresses and Decorations of the Middle 

Ages [from the vii. to the xrii. Century]. The 85 Plates 

heautifully printed in colours, and heightened icith gold. 

2 vols, folio, red morocco extra; joints and borders of gold. 

Lond.W. Pickering, 1843. 

"The Letter-press to this splendid work is by Mr. Thomas Wright .... 
Whether as a book of reference for artists, of instruction for antiquaries, or 
of iUustration for those who read history, it is important, and indispensable 
for a right understanding of the subject on which it treats." — Trnus, Janu- 
ary, 1844. 

2747. SHAW (Henry). Illuminated Ornaments, Selected from 

MSS. and Early Printed Books, from the Sixth to the 
Seventeenth Centuries, with Descriptions by Sir F. Mad- 
den. The lohole of the Plates highly finished loith opaque 
colours, and heightened v-ith gold. Large paper. Foho, 
green morocco, gilt. Lond. W. Pickering, 1833. 

Consists of 59 Plates, beautifully coloured, in imitation of the original 
Illuminated MSS. The design is unique ; the execution beautiful. 

2vr^48. SHAW (Dr. John). Poems. 12mo, sheep. Phil. 1810. 

J~Tr49. SHEDDEX. Report of the Dinner and Presentation to 

Alex. Shedden, Esq. 4to. Beith, 1846. 

2750. SHELLY'S PENMAXSHIP. Wants title. Oh\ong Aio, hcdf 


S^O 2751. SHEPHERD (Charles). An Historical Account of the 

Island of Saint Vincent. 2 pdates. Syo, half calf 

Lond. 1831. 
2752. SHEPHERD (Thos. H.) Modern Athens displayed, in a 
' Series of Views in Edinburgh. 4to, half russia. 

Lond. 1829. 
#T^-^53. SHERBURXE (John H.) Life and Character of the Cheva- 
lier John Paul Jones, a Captain in the Xavy of the United 
(f ^ States during their Revolutionary War. Illustrated with 

36 Portraits and Plates inserted. 8vo, red morocco, gilt 
top. Washington, 1825. 


J^O 2754. SHERBFRXE (Jolm H.) Life and Character of tlie Che- 
valier John Paul Jones, etc. Another Edition. Post 8vo, 
half calf. Lond. 1825. 

/»2ur'2755. SHIRREFS (Andrew). Poems; chiefly in the Scottish Dia- 
lect. Svo, half morocco. Eclinh. 1790. 
/, o 2756. SHOBERL (Fred.) A Historical Account of the House of 
Saxony. Portraits. %\o, red morocco. Lond. 1816. 
LAST FIFTY YEARS, by an Old Traveller. 2 vols in 1. 

N. Y. 1842. 

J2? 2758. SIBBES (Rd.) The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax. 

18ino, half calf . Lond. 1808. 

^t 2759. SIBYLS, (©pbscbltm Irir ^^atfcinfts Sftjfllarum. 

Wood Cut Portraits. JJlacfe TLtXXZX. 4to, vellum. 

Oppenheim., s. a. 

y Jl? 2760. SIBYL LEAVES; or Drawing-Room Scraps. 34 Plates. 
Oblong 4to, half russia. Lond. 1836. 

„ 2761. SICHEM (ChristofFel van). BYBEL'SLUSTHOF,ofte Twee 
Hondert en A'eertig, zoo Historien als Leeringen des 
Bybels ; nyt het Oude-en Xieuwe Testament, met de 
Schriftuur-plaatsen daar toe dienende. 241 Wood Cuts. 
4to. Amsterdam,., 1754. 

/». 11 72762. SICHEM (Ch. van) 't Schat der zielen, Dat is Het geheele 
leven ons Heeren Jesu Christi Naer de vyer Euangelisten, 

2-1, Y etc. Contains 670 fine Wood Cuts, illustrative of the Life 

of Christ, Acts of the Apostles, Lives of the Saints, etc. 
First edition. 4to, black calf. Amsterdam., 1648. 

/, y»r^763. SICHEM (Ch. van). Het Niewe Testament. 438 Wood 

Cuts., besides Initials. Folio, old vellioji. A?iticerp, 1646. 

j2.» 2765. SIDNEY (Samuel). The Three Colonies of Australia. 8vo, 

morocco extra. Land. 1852. 

. J7? 2766. SIGFRIED AND WYTTENBACH. Theological Thesis, 

translated by Gerrit Lydekker. 12mo. 

A\ T. S. Brown, 1766. 
The translator was a Loyalist, and left Xew York with the British troops^ 

JZJ~2767. SIGMOND (G. G.) On Ceylon Moss, for the Cure of Con^ 
sumption. 12mo, cloth. Lond. 1841. 

<^5_2768. SIGNALS for the Use of the Members of the Yacht Club. 
8vo, red morocco extra. Lond. 1817. 

SO 2769. SILLIMAN (Benj.) A Journal of Travels in England, Hol- 
land, Scotland, and of Two Passages on the Atlantic, in 
the Years 1805 and 1806. 2 vols. Svo, sheep. iV. r: 1810. 
^.^SO 2770. SIMCOE'S MILITARY JOURNAL. A History of the 
Operations of a Partisan Corps called the Queen's Rangers, 
commanded by Lieut.-Col. J. G. Simcoe, during the War 
of the American Revolution. Illustrated by Ten Engraved 

smaER. 217 

Plans of Actions, etc. Now first published, with a Memoir 
of the Author, and other additions. 8vo, boards. 

N'. Y. 1844. 

First privately printed in 1787. 

SZf 2771. SIMCO. Catalogue of the Prints and Drawings of Mr. John 
Sinico. Svo, half calf . Lond. 1825. 

'^ 2772. SLMMS (W. G.) The Life of Francis Marion, by W. Gilmore 
Simnis. Illustrated icith 22 inserted Plates. 12mo, half 
green morocco. JSf. Y. n. d. 

-2t> 2773. SIMOND (Louis). Switzerland; or a Journal of a Tour and 
Residence in that Country, in 1817-19. 2 vols. 8vo, half 
calf. Lond. 1822. 

J7? 2774. SEVIOND (Louis). Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great 
Britain, during the Years 1810 and 1811. 2 vols. 8vo, 
calf JEklinb. 1811. 

/, 2775. SIMOND (Louis). A Tour in Italy and Sicily. 8vo, half 
calf Lond. 1828. 

2776. SIMON'S ESSAY ON IRISH COINS, and of the Currency 
of Foreign IMonies in Ireland. 4to, half boimd. 

Dublin, 1810. 

S'O 2777. SINCLAIR (Cath.) Scotland and the Scotch; or the West- 
ern Circuit. Post 8vo, cloth. Edinh. 1840. 

\ 2778. SINCLAIR (Catharine). Scotch Courtiers and the Court, 
dedicated to the Poet Laureate. Thirty-three Plates and 
Autograph Letter of the Authoress inserted. Impl. Svo, 
half morocco. LJdinb. 1842. 

2779. SINCLAIR (Sir John). The Correspondence of; with Rem- 
iniscences of the Most Distinguished Characters, etc. 2 
vols. Svo, half calf. Lond. 1831. 

Contains letters from Geu. "Washington, Adams, Jay, Fulton, Gonverneur 
Morris, etc., and fac-similes of 200 Autographs. 

^^ 2780. SINCLAIR (Sir John). The Statistical Account of Scotland. 
Drawn up from the Communications of the Ministers of the 
Difierent Parishes. 21 vols. Svo, sheep. Edinb. 1791-99. 

"No pubhcation of equal information and curiosity has appeared since 
Doomsday Boole." 

^ 2781. SINGER (S. W.) Researches into the History of Playing 
Cards ; with Illustrations of the Origin of Printing and 
Engraving on Wood. Illustrated copy. 4to, half morocco. 

Lond. 1816. 
This copy contains, in addition to the usual plates, all those belonging to 
Brietkoph's Work on Playing Cards, Wood Engraving, Printing, Paper- 
Making, etc. : a German work published at Leipsic, 1799. Portrait of Lau- 
rence Coster, plates of Chinese Playing Cards, etc. 

" The fac-simile Engravings upon wood cannot be surpassed. The entire 
impression is limited to 250 copies; so that, when its intrinsic worth and 
extrinsic beauty are considered, tlie curious will not fall to secure copies 
whenever they make their appearance." — Dibdin. 




/, 2782. SIGN IN DISTRESS; or the Groans of the Protestant 

Church for many Ages past. A Poem. 12mo, half 
calf. Loncl. 1692. 


*r ing an History of a Late Pilgrimage unto the Holy Land, 

with a necessary Apparatus prefixt, Giving Light Into the 
whole Designe. Bvo, morocco, by J. Mackenzie. 

Lond. 1683. 

The Frontispiece by Faitliorne is a Portrait of Lord Coleraine, who is 

supposed to be the author of the work. From Mr. Hanrott's collection. 

Plate by Faithorne inserted. The author cites, with taste and judgment, 

several passages from the fourth book of Milton's Paradise Lost. 

2784. SIX REMARKABLE VIEWS in the Province of New 
York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, in North America. 
Sketched on the Spot by His Excellency Governor Pow- 
nall, Painted by Mr. Paul Sandby, and Engraved by Mess. 
Sandby, Elliot, Benazet, etc. Oblong folio. Lond. T. Jef- 
freys, 1761. Also, H. Smith's Six Views of Quebec and 
the St. Lawrence, Short's Twelve Views of Quebec, View 
of Montreal, Louisburg, and Two Views of New York. 
In all 28 Plates. Oblong folio, half calf . 

6D 2785. [SKENE (Baillie)]. Memorialls for the Government of the 
Royall-Burghs in Scotland. Also a Survey of the City of 
Aberdeen, etc. 12mo, calf. Aberdeen, 1685. 

^»r~2786. SKRINE (Hy.) Tours through Wales. Map. 8vo, calf 

Lond. 1812. 
/,2.»r'2787. SKURRAY (Francis). Bidcorabe Hill. A Rural and De- 
scriptive Poem, etc. 8vo, half calf. Lond. 1824. 
j^tT^YSS. SLAVERY. Constitution and Act of Incorporation of the 
Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery and the 
Relief of Free Negroes, unlawfully held in Bondage, and 
for Improving the Condition of the African Race. To 
which are added the Acts of the General Assembly of 
Pennsylvania for the gradual Abolition of Slavery, and the 
Acts of the Congress of the United States respecting Slaves 
and the Slave Trade. 8vo, pp. 53. Philad. 1800. 
/, 2789. SLAVERY. A Mite Cast into the Treasury ; or. Observa- 
tions on Slave-Keeping. 12mo, pp. 24. 

Philadelphia, 1772. 


from the best Persian Authors, with a translation in Hin- 

dostani Verse, for the Use of Schools. 8vo. 

Printed at His Majesty the King of Dude's Lith". Press, 


lT^ 2791. SMELLIE (Wm.) Account of the Institution and Progress 
of the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland. 2 vols. 4to, 
half bound. Edinb. 1782. 

SMITH. 219 

f^/}P 2792. SMIDS (Lud.) Emblemata Heroica of de Medalische Sinne- 
beelden, etc. Plates by Schoonebech. 8vo, calf. 

Amsteldam, 1712. 
" Ouvrage recherche a cause des gravures dont il est orne." — Brunei. 

SO 2793. SMIDS (Lud.) Pictura Loquens sive Heroicarum Tabularum 
Hadr. Schoonebeeck ennarratio et explicatio. Small 8vo, 
calf. Amstelmdanii., Hadr. Schoonebeck, 1695. 

" 2794. SMILES AND TEARS, etc. Dedicated to Washington 
Irving. 12mo, half calf Lond. 1825. 

\ 2795. SMILLIE (James). Rural Cemeteries of America. Green- 
wood and Mount Auburn — Illustrated. 2 vols, in 1. 
Impl. 4to. Large paper copy., in red morocco extra. 

N. Y. 1847. 

SO 2796. SMITH (Adam). An Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations. 

3 vols. 8vo, cf Zand. 1791. 

/. 2797. SMITH (Ch.) New General Atlas of the World. Folio, 

/udf calf Lond. 1837. 

2798. SMITH (Ch. J.) Historical and Literary Curiosities. 100 

Carious Plates, many of which are finely coloured. 4to, 

half morocco., gilt top. Lond. 1840. 

Consists of Fac-similes of Original Documents and Autographs, Scenes 

of Remarkable Events and Interesting Localities, and the Birth-Places, 

Residences, Portraits, and Monuments of eminent Literary Characters ; 

^ with a variety of Relics and Antiquities. 

^- 2799. SMITH (Duncan). New Round Hand Copies. Oblong 4to. 

Lond. n. d. 
/I 2800. SMITH (J. C.) A New Guide for Travellers through the 
United States of America, etc. Map. 18tno, cl. 

N. Y. 1846. 
2801. SMITH (J.Jay) and WATSON (J.F.) American Historical 
and Literary Curiosities, consisting of Fac-Similes of Orig- 
inal Documents relating to the Events of the Revolution, 
etc., with a variety of Reliques, Antiquities, and Modern 
Autographs. Zd Edition. 4to. Philadelphia, ISi^l. 

7^ 2802. SMITH (J. J.) American Historical and Literary Curiosities. 
2nd Series. Imp]. 4to, hcdf morocco. JSF. Y. 1860. 

C, 2803. SMITH (John). Gaelic Antiquities : consisting of A History 
of the Druids, particularly of those of Caledonia ; A Dis- 
sertation on the Authenticity of the Poems of Ossian ; and 
a Collection of Ancient Poems. Translated from the 
Gaelic. 4to, calf Edinb. 1780. 

^ 2804. SMITH (John). Iconographia Scotica ; or Portraits of the 
Illustrious Persons of Scotland. 4to, half morocco. 

Lond. n. d. 

^ 2805. SMITH (John Thomas). Antiquities of London and its En- 
' virons. 4to, half calf. Lond. 1791. 



/ yj^2806. SMITH (John Thomas). Etchinors of Remarkable Beggars, 
Itinerant Traders, etc. Impl. 8vo, half morocco. 

Lond. 1815. 
5^'r^2807. SMITH (John Thomas). Remarks on Rural Scenery; With 
twenty etchings of Cottages, from Xature, and some ob- 
servations and precepts relative to the Picturesque. 4to, 
hds. Lond. 1797. 

j^ 2808. . Another copy. Imperfect. 19 Plates. Unbound. 

Land. 1797. 
0,^0 2809. SMITH (Joshua H.) An Authentic Narrative of the Causes 
which Led to the Death of Major Andre, Adjutant-General 
of his Majesty's Forces in North America. To which is 
added a Monody on the Death of Major Andre, by Miss 
Seward. 8vo, ccdf. Lond. 1808. 

^XlsiO. SMITH (Saml). View of the Agriculture of Galloway. 8vo, 
bds. Lond. 1810. 

/, 2*^2811. SMITH (Samuel). Memoir of Samuel Smith, a Soldier of the 
Revolution, 1776-1786. Written by Himself ; with a Pre- 
face and Notes, by Charles I. Bushnell. 8vo, pp. 41, and 
Portrait. Neio York, Privately Printed, 1860. 

/, 2812. SMITH (William). Ancient Painted Window of the Early 

Part of the Sixteenth Century, originally from the Cathe- 
dral at Basle. 9 Coloured Plates. Folio, iowc?. [1847]. 
^,1^2813. SMITHERS (Henry). Affection; with other Poems. Impl. 
8vo, 7'ed 7norocco. Lond. 1807. 

t? (7 2814. . Another copy. \2mo, half calf. Lond. 1801. 

3, 2815. SMITH'S ONE HUNDRED GEMS from the Antique. 

Wants Plates 21 and 22, and title. Folio, half calf . 
/•^81 6. SMOLLETT (T.) Adventures of an Atom. \2mo, calf 

Lond. n. d. 
^, 2817. SMOLLETT (T.) Miscellaneous Works, with Memoirs of 
his Life and Writings, by R. Anderson, M. D. 6 vols. 
8vo, calf. Edinb. 1817. 

<^j_ 2818. SNATCHES FROM OBLIVION; being the Remains of 
the late Herbert Trevelyan, Esq. Plates by Seymoiir. 
12mo, half calf . Lond. 1827. 

Jl, 2819. SNELLING (Thomas). Seventy-one Plates of Gold and Sil- 
ver Coin, with their Weight, Fineness, and Value. 4to, 
bds. Lond. n. d. 

^,^J~2820. [SNELLING (Thomas)]. View of the SUver Coin and Coin- 
age of England. ¥o]io, half bound. Lond. 1762. 
>, 2821. SNELLING (Thos.) View of the Silver Coin and Coinage of 
Scotland. Folio, lialf bound. Lond. 1774. 
A_^ 2822. SNOW (Joseph). Light in Darkness ; or Sermons in 
Stones : Churchyard Thoughts in Verse. Illustrated copy. 
8vo, blue morocco; gilt top. Lond. 1847. 


2823. SNOWDEX (Richard). The American Revolution ; written 
in Scriptural, or Ancient Historical Style. Also, the Co- 
lumbiad ; or a Poem on the American War. 12mo, sheep. 

Baltimore (1784?). 
'^ 2824. SOANE. Description of the House and Museum of Sir John 
Soane; with Graphic Illustrations and Incidental Details. 
From the Author, icith Autograph. 

Lond. privately printed., n. d. 

One hundred and fifty copies only printed. 

\S^0 2825. SOLIS. Biblische Figuren des Alten und Newen Testa- 
ments gantz kilnstlich gerissen Durch den weitderhiimpten 
Yergilium Solis zu Niirnberg. Rubricated title. Small 
4to, hlue morocco. Franckfurt, 1560. 

Original edition. Priced in Solar's Catalogue, 253 fr. 

7 2826. SOLORZANO PEREIRA (Joannes de.) Emblemata Regio 

Politica Incentvriam Vnam redacta, et laboris atque vtil- 
ibus commentarius illustrata. Folio, calf; fine copy. 

Matriti, G. 3Iorras, 1653. 
A fine collection of Spanish Emblems, with elaborate commentaries and 
poetical illustrations, by the author of the Politica Indiana, etc. 

^. 2827. SOMERS MUTINY. Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry 
into the Intended Mutiny on Board the U. S. Brig of War 
Soraers, on the High Seas . . . with a full account of the 
Execution of Spencer, Cromwell, and Small. Svo. A^. Y. 
1863. Also, Case of the Somers Mutiny, Defence of 
Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, Commander of the U. S. 
Brig Somers, before the Court Martial held at the Navy 
Yard, Brooklyn. 8vo. A^ T^ 1843. Together with a large 
collection of cuttings from neii:spap>ers relative to the case^ 
and Autograph Letter of Ale.c. Slidell Mackenzie., acknowl- 
edging the Sioord given to him by Citizens of Philadel- 
jihia., etc. Rl. 8vo, half ccdf. 1843. 

\ 2828. SOMERYILLE (William). The Chase. A Poem. Illus- 

trated loith 100 Plates in addition to the Wood Cuts. 
4to, morocco extra, by Hay day. Lond. W. Buhner, 1796. 

7 2829. SONGS OF THE BRAVE. The Soldier's Dream, and 
other Poems and Odes, by Campbell, Wolfe, Collins, 
Byron, Tennyson, and Mackay. 26 Engravings. 8vo, 
morocco extra, by Hayday. Lond. 1856. 

,^0 2830. SONG BOOK. The American Tars; or, Hull, Jones, De- 
catur, and Baiubridge, etc. 12mo, pp. 8. May., 1813. 
^0 2831. SORROWS OF LOVE (The). A Poem. 12 mo, calf 

Edinb. 1801. 

,£~0 2832. SORROWS OF SEDUCTION, and other Poems. Plates. 

\2ino, half ccdf Lond. \8\0. 

\ 2833. SOTHEBY (Samuel). The Typography of the Fifteenth 

Century ; being Specimens of the Productions of the Early 

222 SPEXCE. 




Continental Printers, exemplified in a Collection of Fac- 
similes from one hundred Works, together with their water 
marks, etc. Folio, half vellum^ uncut. Lond. 1845. 

^2834. SOTHEBY (Wm.) Oberon : a Poem. 2 vols. 12mo, ca//". 

Lond. 1805. 
j^^ 2835. SOUTH SEA BUBBLE. Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaas- 
* held, Yertoonende de opkomst, voortgang en ondergang 

der Actie, Bubbel en Wiiidnegotie in Yrankryk, Engeland, 
en de Nederlande, gepleeght in den Jaare mdccxx. etc. 
10 fine Caricature Plates. Folio, vellum. 1720. 

2836. SOUTHEY (Robert). Joan of Arc: an Epic Poem. Origi- 
nal Edition., printed on Tinted Paper. From Southey''s 
Library. 4to, ijreen calf. Pristol, 1796. 

:^«r2837. SOUTHEY (R.) Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo. 18mo, 
half calf N. Y. 1816. 

2838. SOUVENIRS PITTORESQUE. A Collection of Wood 
Cut« and Engravings, mounted in a Scrap Book, so 
Lettered. 4to, half russia. 
SPANGENBERG (Rev. A. G.) Life of Nicolas Lewis 
Count Zinzendorf 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1838. 

/,S'0 2840. SPANHEIM. Catalogus Librorum Fr. Spanhemii. Priced. 
12mo, half morocco. Lugd. Batav. 1707. 

A very early specimen of an Auction Sale Catalogue. 

QUiE, Quod Literatorum Reipublicae proponit Andreas 
Morellius Helvetus. 12mo, c«(/". Pc/r/.s', 1683. 

,5 U , 2342. SPECIMENS OF ART. A Collection of Five Hundred and 
Eighteen Engravings, mostly coloured, mounted in a folio 
Scrap Book. Embossed roan, gilt edges. 

Megary's Edition of the Book of Common Prayer. 8vo, 
• )norocco. iY Y. 1818. 

6, 2845. SPECIMENS OF WOOD ENGRAVING, Ancient and 
Modern, in an 8vo Scrap Book. 

CHRISTI, etc. Very rare. Folio, hogskin. 

J^urenberg., 1500. 
The "Wood Engravings are by Hans or John Schueufiein the Younger, 
born at Nuremberg, and supposed to be a scholar of Albert Durer. See 
Bryan's Dictionary. 

>iJ2847. SPENCE (Rev. Mr.) A Parallel in the Manner of Plutarch 

between a most celebrated Man of Florence [Magliabechi] 

and -One, scarce ever heard of, in England [R. Hill]. 

12nio, morocco. Printed at Strawberry-Hill., 1758. 

2848. . Another Copy. 12mo, calf. 1758. 



7 2849. SPENCER (Ed.) Colin Clovt's Come home againe. Plate 
inserted. 8vo, morocco extra. 

Lond.for Wm. Ponsonbie \by T. Creede^, 1595. 
Priced, in the Bibl. Anglo-Poetica, £10. Dedicated to Sir Walter Raleigh 
Bright's copy sold for £5. Utterson's, £4 I8s. 

\ 2850. SPENSER (Eclmmicle). The Shepheard's Calendar; contain- 
ing Twelve ^glogves, proportionable to the Twelve 
Moneths. Also, Prosopopoia, or Mother Hvbberd's Tale, 
1612. Colin Clovt's Come Home Againe, n. d. Prothala- 
mion ; Epithalamion, etc. ; Daphnaida ; Complaints, etc. 
Folio, caJf. London., for M. Lownes^ 1611. 

This is the first folio edition of these Poems. 

2851. SPENCER REDIVIVUS; containing the First Book of the 
Fairy Queen ; His Essential Design preserved, but his ob- 
solete Language and manner of Verse totally laid aside. 
By a Person of Quality. 8vo, calf antique. Land. 1687. 

^2852. . Another copy. 8vo, old calf. Zo7id. 1681. 


bletnatical Plates. Wants a leaf of the Voor-Peden, and 

' last leaf mended. 12mo, ccdf s. 1. s. a. 

], 2854. SPILBERGEN (Georgius a) et JACOBI LE MAIRE. 
Specvlvm Orientalis Occidentalisqve Indiae Navigationvm ; 
Quarum una Georgii a Spilbergen classis cum potestate 
Praefecti, altera lacobi le Maire anspiciis imperioque di- 
recta, Annis 1614, 15, 16, 17, 18. Exhibens Noui in mare 
Australe transitus, incognitarumque hactenus terrarum 
ac gentium inuentione : praelia aliquot terra marique com- 
missa, expugnationesq ; vrbium : vna cum duabus nouis 
utriusque Indiae Historiis, Catalogo munitionum Hollandi- 
carum, ducum et reliqui bellici apparatus, Fretisque qua- 
tuor : suis qujeque figuris ac imaginibus illustrata. 4to, 
russia; fine copy. 22 Maps and Plates; pp. 175. 

Lugd. Batav. 1619. 
From Grenville's Collection. 

,^0 2855. SPILBERGEN. Aliud ExempLar. 0\Aow^ Mo, old vellum. 

Lugd. Batav. 1619. 
From Henry White's collection. 

•*^^ 2856. SPILSBURY (F. B.) Picturesque Scenery in the Holy 
Land and Syria. 20 Coloured Plates. Folio, hds. 

Lond. 1819. 
i^^ 2857. SPILSBLTRY (John). A Collection of Fifty Prints, from 
Antique Gems. 4to, morocco., gilt edges. 

Lond. BoydeU (1785). 
Fonthill copy sold for £1 105. Qd. ; Willet's, £11 5s. Qd. 

?, 2.r2858. SPIRIT OF THE WOODS. Lllustrated by Coloured En- 
gravings. Rl. 8vo, half morocco. Lond. 1837. 


JT 2859. SPIRITUAL CONCEITS, extracted from the Writings of 
the Fathers, the Old English Poets, etc. Illustrated by 
W. Harvey Rogers. 100 plates. 4to, cloth, richly gilt. 

Loncl. 1862. 
O2^'2,SQ0. SPRAGUE (Wm. B.) Four Sermons; with Autograph Let- 
ter, etc. In 1 vol. 8vo, half morocco. 
J^2861. SQUIER (E. G.) Observations on the Aboriginal Monu- 
ments of the Mississippi Valley, etc. 8vo. N'. Y. 1847. 
(0(^' 2862. STAMM BUCH. Darinnen Christlicher Tugenden Beyspiel 
' Einhundert auszerleseoe Embleraata, mit schoenen Kup- 

perstuchen gezteren. 8vo, vellum. JBerlag, 1619. 

This c\irious Book of Emblems has the explanations in Seven Languages, 
one of which is intended to be English. 

Jl? 2863. STATELY (Thos.) History of Churches in England. 8vo, 
half calf. ^Lond. 1773. 

/ 2864. STAVELEY (Thos.) The Romish Horseleech; or an Im- 

partial Account of the intolerable charge of Popery to this 
Nation. 12mo, half morocco. Lo)id. 1769. 

JT 2865. STELLA (Claudia). Jeux de I'Enfance. A Series of 24 

Elegant Plates, mounted hi oblong 4to. 
/, 2866. STENGELIUS (Georgius). Ova Paschaha Sacro Emble- 
^* mate inscripta descripta, etc. 100 Plates. 12mo, vellum. 

Monachii, 1635. 

One of the scarce " Egg Emblem" Books. 

STEPHANUS. Anthologia Gnomica. See [Estienue (Hen- 

ricus)], Lot 1051. 

^,^♦^2867. STEPHANONIUS. Gemmae Antiquitus Sculptae, a Petro 

Stephanonio collectaj et declarationibvs illustratae. Small 

4to, calf Petavii, n. d. 

/^ 2868. STEPHENSON (S. & C.) Specimens of Printing Types. 

8vo, half calf Land. 119Q. 

f^tf^SGQ. STERNE (L.) A Sentimental Journey through France and 

Italy. 18mo, calf Z,ond.n.d. 

STERNE. Eight Coloured Plates Illustrative of Sterne's 

Works. 4tor Zond. 1803. 

/ f, 2871. STERNHOLD (Th.), HOPKINS (John), and Others. The 

Whole Book of Psalmes Collected into English Meeter, 

with apt notes to sing them withall. 12 mo, blue morocco. 

Zond. for the Companie of Stationers, 1628. 

This rare edition varies considerably from the later ones, and the changes 

are often for the worse. 

/i 2872. . Another Edition, \2vao, purple morocco extra. 

Land. 1632. 

%r,S~0 28l3. . Another Edition. 4to, c«//*. Zo7id.lQ55. 

^ , 2874. STEVENS (Henry). Catalogue of My English Library. 

12mo. Zond. for Private Distribution, 1853. 

STOWE. 225 

f^ 2875. [STEVENSON" (William)]. Life of William Caxton [with 
MS. Notes and Memoranda, and Cuttings, by Jndjje Fur- 
man]. 8vo, half' calf . Lond.L.U.K.l^ZZ. 


, LOGUES. A Collection. Svo, half ynorocco, gilt top. 

Ot^2Sl1. STEWART (John). The Pleasures of Love: a Poem. 

12 mo, shee]). Lond. 1806. 

, VJ^878. STEWART (W. Grant). Popular Superstitions and Festive 

' Amusements of the Highlanders of Scotland. Foolscap, 

Svo, hds. Edinh. 1823. 

, 2879. STIRLING (Wm.) An Essay towards a Collection of Books 
relating to Proverbs, Emblems, Apophthegms, Epitaphs, 
and Ana. Being a Catalogue of those at Keir. Svo, half 
morocco. Lond. privatehj printed., 1860. 

Seventy-five Copies only printed. The most Complete Bibliographical 
Accoimt of Books in these Departments of Literature ever printed. 

\ 2880. STIRRY (Thos.) A Rot Amongst the Bishops ; or a Ter- 
rible Tempest in the Sea of Canterbury, Set forth in lively 
Emblems. 12mo, calf Lond. 1641 {Reprint). 

A Satire against Abp. Laud. Bindley's copy, 1641, sold for £13. 

>, 2881. STONEIIENGE. Concise Account of Stonehenge. Svo, 
eMended to folio., and copioush/ illustrated. Also, Naunton 
(Sir Robt.)' Memoirs, 1814. "2 vols, in 1. Folio, half calf . 

Lond. V. d. 


A large Collection, in an oblong 4to Scrap Book. Hcdfcrdf. 

\ S'02^m. STORER (L & H. S.) Views in Edinburgh and its Vicinity. 

97 Plates. 2 vols. Impl. 8vo, hcdf rnor. Edinh. 1820. 

y^SM. STOTHARD (Mrs. Charles). Memoirs of C. A. Stothard. 

' Svo, hds. Lond. 1823. 

2885. STOTHARD (Thomas). Illustrations of the Pilgrim's Pro- 

' gress. 47 Plates. Aio., cloth, gilt. Lond. 1840. 

f.^ 2886. STOWE CATALOGUE (The). Priced and Annotated by 

. Henry Rumsey Forster. Ho, half houfid. Lond. 1848. 

'4i;^288l. STOWE. A Description of the House and Gardens of the 
^ f' Most Noble and Puissant Prince George Grenville Nugent 

Temple, Marquis of Buckingham. Svo, half calf . 

/ i-, Buckingharn, n. d. 

2il^e888. STOWE (Mrs. PI. B.) Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands. 

2 vols. 12mo, cloth. Bo.^t. 1854. 

^^■^889. STRADA (Jacques de). Epitome du Thresor des Antiqvitez, 

e'est-a-dire, Pourtraits des vrayes Medailles des Empp. tant 

d'Orient que d' Occident de I'estude de Jaques de Strada. 

Traduit par Jean Louueau d' Orleans. 4to, calf. 

Jjyon, impr.par Th. Gverin, 1553. 



226 STUART. 

?ir~2890. STRADA (Oct. cle). VitJE Iraperatomm Caesarumque Rom. 

Orient, et Occid. Vxorv\ni et Liberorum eorundem, etc. 

Plates. Folio, calf. Francofvrti, 1629. 

/, 2891. STRADUS (Jacob). Epitome Thesavri Antiqvitatvin. 

Wood- Cut Portraits in Intaglio style. Svo, old calf. 

Tigiiri, 1557. 

S,*i~0 2892. [STRANGVAGE (William)]. The Historie of the Life and 

Death of Mary Stuart, Queene of Scotland. Portrait. 

Folio, calf. Lond. 1624. 

Gordon, ia his History of the Family of Gordon, frequently refers to this 

. book. Brockett's copy sold for £4 14s'. 6rf. See also Lot 1911. 

(pC*.j'^ >^J!-2893. STRATHMAY ; illustrative of Scottish Manners, etc. 2 
y vols. 12mo, bds. Edinh. 1813. 

^^-(p ^^2894. STRAWBERRY HILL. A Collection of Plates of Straw- 
berry Hill. 4to, half morocco. 
2895. STRUTHERS (John). The British Minstrel. 2 vols. 18mo, 
bds. Glasgoio, 1821. 

'^ 2896. STRUTHERS (John). The Harp of Caledonia. A Collec- 
tion of Songs, Ancient and Modern ; Avith an Essay on 
Scottish Song Writers, bv John Struthers. 3 vols. 18mo, 
half calf. ' ' Glasgoic, 1819-21. 

Ji-Y897. STRUTHERS (John). The Plough, and Other Poems. 

12mo, calf. Glasgo%o, 1818. 

n 2898. STRUTHERS (John). The Peasant's Death, and Other 

Poems. 12mo, bds. Glasgow., 1806. 

.2, S~0 2899. STRUTT (Joseph). Sports and Pastimes of the People of 

England. 140 Engravings. Edited by Wm. Hone. 8vo, 

calf gilt, extra. Lond. 1831. 

J , S'O 2900. STUART (Andrew). Genealogical History of the Stewarts. 

4to, half russia. Lond. 1798. 

^^ 2901. . Another copy. 4to, 6c7.?. Xo?2d^. 1798- 

Contains a particular account of the Origin and Successive Generations of 

' the Stuarts of Darnley, Lennox, and Aubigny, and of the Stuarts of Castel- 

milk, with a large Genealogical Table. The Fonthill copy sold for £3 35. Od 

S'O 2902. STUART (Andrew). Letters to the Right Hon. Lord Mans- 
field ; Hume on Natural Religion ; and other Pieces. 8vo, 
calf. Dublin., 1775. 

Stuart's letters refer to the celebrated Douglas Case, and are remarkable 
for their solemn asperity. See Burton's Life of Hume, vol. ii., p. 424. 

STUART (James). Three Years in North America. 2 vols. 

12mo. N. Y. 1833. 

The notes contain a great deal of Historical and Geographical informa- 
STUART (Mary, Queen of Scots). See Mary, Queen of 

Scots, Lots 1906-1917. 
[STUBBE (Henry)]. A Justification of the Present War 

against the United Netherlands. Also, A Further Justiti- 

STURT. 227 

cation. Illustrated with several Sculjytures. 2 parts in 1 

vol. 4to, calf. Lond. 1672-3. 

Relates incidentally to the Colony of Surinam, etc. 
VcTTqOS. STUBBE (Hy.) A Further Justification of the Present War 
' against the United Netherlands. Illustrated with several 

Seidptures. 4to, calf. Lond. 1673. 

STULTIFERA NAVIS, see Brandt, Lots 382 and 383 ; also 
Ireland, W. H., Lot 1554. 
2906. STURM (C. C.) The Months Illustrated. Westall's Plates, 
mounted in 4to, morocco. Lond. J. Sharpe^ 1824. 

^^ 2907. STURM (C. C.) Reflections on the Works of God, and on 
his Providence in the Regions of Nature, etc. Illustrated 
by JVestall. 4 vols. 12rao, calf extra. 

Lond. J. Sharpe, 1824. 
; Jl!? 2908. [STURT (John)]. The Book of Common Prayer, Psalter, etc. 
Each page illustrated by Plates and Ornamented Initials. 
8vo, old red morocco, elegaiitly tooled- gilt edges. 

Lond. 1717. 
This beautiful book is printed from Silver Plates, and the borders are all 
of different designs. 

>, 2909. STURT (John). A Collection of Drawings, Illustrating ye 
Newe Testamente, by Maister J. Sturt. 116 Plates mounted 
on writing pajier, and superbly bound hi green morocco, 
tooled sides, and morocco linings. Small 4to. MS. Illumi- 
nated Title. 

,aro 2910. STURT. A Compleat History of the Holy Bible, adorn'd 
with above 150 Cuts, engraven by J. Sturt. 3 vols. 8vo, 
calf. Lond. 1716. 

^rtft»-2911. STURT (J.) The Orthodox Communicant, by Way of Medi- 

/ ^/) tation on the Order for the Administration of the Lord's 

/ Supper, 77ie ichole text engraved icith Vignettes and 

Ornaynental ^Borders. 12mo, old morocco extra. 

. Lond. 1721, 

>, 2912, SVCQVET (Antoni). Via Vitse JEternae Iconibus lUvstrata 
per Boetium A, Bolswert, 8vo, half russia. 

Antverjjice, 3Iart. Kuiiiis, 1620. 
" Les personnes pieuses recherchent ce livre pour le texte, et les curieux 
a cause des 32 gravures qui le decorent." — Brunei. 

0^ 2913. SUHR. Costumes de Hambourg dessines et graves par C, 
Suhr. 36 Coloured Plates. Folio. Hambourg, 1822. 

^,4^:^14. SUIT OF ARMOUR (A) for Youth. Moveable Plates. 
t- r l2mo, red morocco. Lond. for the Pro2)rietor, 182^. 

OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN. 40 Plates. 12mo, 
half calf Lo7id.l8l9. 

\ 2916. SUTTON (Christ.) Godly Meditations upon the Most Holy 
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. 12mo, morocco extra, 
gilt. Oxford, 1839. 


^ 2017. SWAN (Joseph). Select Views of Glasgow and its Environs, 
with Historical and Descriptive Illustrations ; and an In- 
troductory Sketch of the Progress of the City, by John M. 
Leighton, Esq. 4to, half morocco. Glasgov.\ 1828. 

'' 2918. SWAISr (Joseph). Select Views on the River Clyde, from 

Drawings by J. Fleming, with Historical and Descriptive 
Illustrations, by John M. Leighton, Esq. 43 fine Line 
Engravings. 4to, half calf. Glasgotc, 1830. 

v/7 'To 2919. SWAN (Joseph). Views of the Lakes of Scotland. 55 Ji)ie 
Plates. 2 vols. 4to, half red morocco ; gilt edges. 

Glasgou\ 1836. 
With Historical and Descriptive Illustrations, by J. M. Leighton, and Re- 
marks on the Scenery of the Highlands, by Professor Wilson. 

Si? 2920. [SWEDIAUR (Dr. F.)] The Philosophical Dictionary ; or the 
Oi)inions of Modern Philosophers on Metaphysical, Moral, - 
and Political Subjects. 4 vols. 12mo, calf. Lo)id. 1786. 
2,^»r~2921. [SWH'T (Jonathan)]. Law is a Bottomless-Pit, Exemplify'd 
in the Case of the Lord Strutt, John Bull, Nicholas J'rog, 
and Lewis Baboon. All the Parts with key; scarce., curious, 
and scurrilous. l2mo., half calf . Lond. 1712. 

y 2922. SYKES. Catalogue of the Coins and Medals of Sir M. M. 

Sykes. Prices and names. S\Oy half calf . Piond. \ 82 4. 
/,S'0 2923. SYKES. Catalogue of the Library of Sir M. M. Sykes. 
8vo, half calf Lond. 1824. 

Z^* 2924. SYMBOLA ET EMBLEMATA Jussu atque auspiciis sacer- 

rimae sua? Majestatis Angustissimi ac Serenissimi Impera- 
toris Moschovise Magni Domini Czaris, et Magni Ducis 
Petri Alexeidis, totius Magnie, etc. Small 4to, blue mo- 
rocco. Arnstekedami., H. JVetsteimim, 1705. 
A Collection of 837 Emblems, with the Descriptions in Latin and Russian. 

y, 2925. SYMPSON (S.) A New Book of Cyphers, More Cora- 

jjleat and Regular than any ever Published. 600 Cyphers. 
4to, half calf . Lo)id. n. d. 

/» ivf 2926. SYNAGOGUE (The) ; or the Shadow of the Temple, 
Sacred Poems, and Private Ejacvlation. In imitation of 
Mr. George Herbert. 2d Edition. 12mo, morocco. 

Lond. 1647. 


^ MENTS. 150 Fine Plates^ Letter-press in Dutch and 

Prench. Artxsteldam., s. a. 

/Z , 2928. TALE OF COLKELBIE SOW. Edited by Robert Pitcairn. 

With an Autograph Letter fro)n Sir W. Scott to the 

L'ditor. HmaW 4to, p7'inted on vellum.. ATo 71tle. 

This is a privately printed book, and the present copy is one of a very 

few printed on vellum. 

/, 2929. TALES OF THE GENII, translated from the Persian by 

Sir Ch. Morell. 2 vols. 12mo, cf Lond. 1820. 



SO 2931. 

/, 2932. 

3^, 2933. 



S;S'0 2942. 


TALES OF THE MOORS ; or Rainy Days in Ross Shire. 

Post 8vo, half calf. ' Edlnb. 1828. 


ca^\ Lond. 1802. 

TAXXAHILL (Robt.) Poems and Songs, chiefly in the 

Scottish Dialect. 12 mo, calf. Lo)id. 1815. 

. Another Edition. l2m.o, half tnorocco. JjO)ic1.1S17. 

TAXXAHILL (Robt.) Works ; with a Memoir by P. A. 

Ramsay. 12mo, half riissia. JLo)id. 1851. 

TAURELLLTS (Xicolaus). Embleraata Pysico-Ethica hoc 

est, Xatvne Morvm moderatricis pieta praecepta. Sm. 8vo, 

morocco, gilt edges. Noribergce., P. Kaufman., 1595. 

Brunet dates the first edition 1602. 

TAYLOR (Jane). Contributions of Q. Q. 2 vols. 12mo, 

hds. A^ r. 1827. 

TAYLOR (Mrs.) Reciprocal Duties of Parents and Children. 

12 mo, half calf Lond. 1818. 

TAYTjOR (W.) English Synonyms Discriminated. 12mo, 

Lond. 1813. 
TEATIXO (Paolo M. Paciaudi). Medaglie Rappresentanti 
i piu glorios avvenimenti del Magistero di S. A. E. Fra D. 
Emmanuel Pinto. 22 leaves., cdl engraved. Folio, half 
bound. s. 1. s. a. 

TEIGXMOUTH (Lord) . Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and 
Correspondence of Sir William Jones. 8vo, calf. 

Phila. 1805. 

TEMPESTA (Ant.) Batavorum cum Romanis Bellorum. 

Oblong folio, vellum. 1612. 

Tempesta's compositions are full of thought and varied invention. 

TEMPESTA. Vccelliera overo discorso Delia Xatvra e 

Proprieta di diversi vccelU e in particvlare di qve che 

cantano. Con il modo di Prendergli convscergli, alleuargli, 

e mantenergli. E con le Figuare cauate del vero, e dili- 

gentemente intagliate in Rame del Tempesta, e dal Yilla- 

mena. Opera di Gio. Pietro Olina. 4to, t:ellum. 

jRoma, 1622. 
Stanley's copy, £7 lO.y. Edwards's, £5. 

. TEMPLE OF TASTE (The). Comprising Elegant Histori- 
cal Engravings, Yiews, etc. Alo, half calf Lond. 1825. 
. TEXIERS (David). TheatrvmPictoriura. In quo exhibentur 
ipsius manu delineatte, eiusque cura in aes incisge Pictura? 
Archetipte ItaliciB, quas archidux [Leopold] in Pinacothe- 
cam suani Bruxelis collegit. Folio, calf 

Bruxellis Svniptlbus Avctoris, 1660. 
A Collection of 245 Engravings by Troyen, Boel, Van Kessel, Klasens, 
Van Hoy, Lisebetius, Vosterman, and others, from Pictures collected by 
Teniers for Prince Leopold. 

230 THANE. 

tS', 2945. TEXXENT (Gilbert). The Late Association for Defence 
Farther Encouraged ; or Defensive War Defended ; and 
Its Consistency with True Christianity Represented in 
Reply to some Exceptions against War, in a late Com- 
posure, intituled, The Doctrine of Christianity, as held by 
the People called Quakers, Vindicated. 8vo, half calf ; 
good copy. Philadelphia^ Printed and Sold hj 

B. Franklin tt' D. Hall, 1748. 
/2. 2946. TEXXEX'T (Gilbert). Twenty-three Sermons upon the 

Chief End of Man, The Divine Authority of the Sacred 
Scriptures, the Being and Attributes of God, and the Doc- 
trine of the Trinity, preach'd at Philadelphia, 1743. 4to, 
morocco, red edges. Phila., Wm. Prad/ord, IIAA. 

Z , 2947. TEOXGE. Diary of Henry Teonge, Chaplain in the Royal 
Navy, in 1675-79. Now first published from the original 
MS., with Biographical and Historical Xotes. Map and 
Plates. 8vo, calf. Pond. 1825. 

^f 2948. TERRY (D.) British Theatrical Gallery. A Collection of 
Whole Length Portraits (coloured), with Biographical 
Notices. Folio, morocco extra. Pond. 1822. 

[Grosthead (Robert)]. 
6. ^0 2949. TESTIMOXIE (A) OF ANTIQVITIE, Shewing the auncient 
fayth in the Church of England touching the sacrament of 
the body and bloude of the Lord here publikely preached 
and also receaued in the Saxons tyme, aboue 600 yeares 
agoe. Saxon and English. Small 8vo ; very rare. The 
last 2 leaves in 3IS. 

Imprinted at Pondon by John Pay, dwelling over 

Aldersgate [1567]. 
This is supposed to be the first Anglo-Saxon work printed. Portrait of 
Sir John Hayward inserted. 

/ y<i 2950. TEUCH SPIEGHEL DOOR Z. G. H. P. H. S. A Curi- 
ous Collection of Dutch Emblems. Oblong 4to, calf. 
/ 1610. 

^ f 2951. THANE (J.) British Autography. A Collection of Fac- 

similes of the Hand Writing of Royal and Illustrious Per- 
sonages, with their Authentic Portraits. 3 vols. 4to, hcdf 
morocco; scarce. Pond. 1819. 

Contains over 250 Portraits ; many from originals never before engraved. 


HISTORICUM Ethnicorum Idolatrias, simulcra, Templa, 
sacrificia et Deos, Illorum Origines, Ritus et Cseremonias, 
quae in perficiendis sacris, fuerunt observata, quidque illis 
Indicare voluerint, Representans. Ad cujus niajorem In- 
tellectum JEnea figurae lxxxviii. adjectie, ad Veterura 
uumismatum cognitionem necessariie. Opus Cuivis Homi- 

THOMS. 231 

num Statui, sed prgesei'tim Politico-Historicis et antiquitatis 
Amatoribus valde utile et lectu-jucuudera. Olira a Vincentio 
Chartario Regiensi, publicatum Postea a Paulo Hachem- 
berg, etc. 88 Plates. 4to, green morocco., hy Hering. 

Mogimtire, 1699. 
This rare book, from Mr. Hibbert's collection, was originally purchased in 
St. Petersburg by De Paux. Plate 50 wanting. 

2953. THIELCKE (H.) Six Engravings, after the Designs of Her 

Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth. 4to, red morocco 
extra. Lond. 1813. 

2954. THISTLE (The). A Dispassionate Examine of the Prejudice 

of Englishmen in General to the Scotch Nation. Bvo, ca//*. 

Lond. 1750. 
THOM (Wm.) Rhymes and Recollections of a Hand-Loom- 
Weaver. 12mo, morocco. Lond. 1844. 

2956. THOIVLAS (Gabriel). An Historical and Geographical Ac- 

count of the Province and Country of Pensilvania and o 
West-New-Jersey in America. Brady's Fac-Simile reprint. 
Map. Unique copy., printed on blue xoriting ^:>a/>(3r, iyi 
4to, the only one so pr lifted; copiously illustrated xoith 
54 Portraits., Views, Coloured Plates of the Fniits, Birds, 
and Figures of the Animcds., etc. ; richly bound in crim- 
son morocco. 

Lond. for A. Baldwin, 1698; rep. JV. T. 1848. 

2957. THOMAS (Gabriel). Another copy. Illustrated loith Por- 

traits and Plates. 12mo, morocco extra. 

N. Y. reprinted, 1848. 

2958. THOMAS. Catalogue of Greek, Roman, and Foreign Mediae- 

val Coins and Medals, collected by Thomas Thomas, Esq. 
Both parts. Prices and names. 8vo, half calf. 

Lond. 1844. 
This collection sold for £13,525 lis. 6d 

2959. . Catalogue of the First Portion of the English Coins 

and Medals of Thomas Thomas. Prices and names. 8vo, 
halfccdf Lond. 1844. 

2960. THOMASSIN (Simon). Recueil des Statues, Grouppes, 

Fontaines, Fermes, Vases, etc., du Chateau et Pare de 
Versailles, graves d'apres les originaux. 4to, hcdf mo- 
rocco. La Haye, 1724. 
THOMS (Peter Perringj. Chinese Courtship, in Verse. 
To which is added, an Appendix, treating of the Revenue 
of China. Plustrated xoith 36 Chinese Draioings, very deli- 
cately finished, delineating Chinese Costume, etc. Bed 
morocco, gilt edges. Macao, 1824. 
2962. THOMS (P. P.) A Dissertation on the Ancient Chinese 
Vases, with 42 Chinese Wood Engravings. RI. 8vo. 

Lond. 1851. 

232 THORPE. 

/ itP 2963. THOMS (Wra. J.) Anecdotes and Traditions illustrative 
of Early English History and Literature. 4to, cloth. 

Lond. 1839. 

;2,^,r'2964. THOMSON (G.) A Select Collection of Original Irish Airs 

for the Voice. Yo\\o, half calf. io«d (1814). 

., .. 2965. THOMSON (G.) A Select Collection of Original Scottish 

Airs for the Voice. 5 vols, in 3. Folio, ca(/". (1803.) 

Burns wrote several of his songs fqr this collection. 

" - 2966. THOMSON (G.) A Select Collection of Welsh Airs. 2 
vols, in 1. Folio, half calf Land. 1809. 

Each of the above works has Thomson's Autograph. 

J2,S'^ 2967. THOMSON (James). The Seasons; with Life, Notes, etc., 
by Percival Stockdale. Inipl. 8vo, ccdf Lond. 1793. 

/7'«rT968. . Another Edition. 8vo, c«//. Lond. IS\^. 

/ Q^ 2969. . Another Edition ; with Engraved Illustrations, and 

Life by Patrick Murdoch, and Notes by Bolton Corney. 
Square 8vo, red morocco^ gilt edges. I^ond. 1847. 

u 2970. [THOMSON (Richard)]. The Book of Life. A Biblio- 

graphical Melody. Portrait of the Duke of Moxburghe 
Inserted. Rl. Svo, red morocco extra., hy Ilayday. 

Lond. J. Johnson, 1820. 
Johnson was former^ a Printer at Lee Priory, and this Book is a Specimen 
of his Art. Fifty copies only printed. 

2971. THOMSON (Richd.) An Historical Essay on the Magna 
Charta of King John ; to Avhich are added the Great Charta 
in Latin and English, the Charters of Liberties and Con- 
firmations, the original Charter of the Forests, etc. 8vo, 
hcdf russia. Lond. 1829. 

Each page of this work has Wood-cut Borders. 

j2S~2^12. THOMSON (Saml.) Poems. Ro title. 12mo, calf 
S-(f 2973. THORBURN (Grant). Forty Years' Residence' in Ame- 
rica ; or the Doctrine of a Particular Providence Exempli- 
fied in the Life of Grant Thorburn. 12mo. Boston, 1834. 
A 2974. THORBURN (Grant). Men and Manners in Britain ; or a 
Bone to Gnaw for the TroUopes, Fidlers, etc., being Notes 
from a Journal on Sea and Land in 1833-4. 12mo, cloth. 

N. T. 1834. 

/^, ^1^2975. THORNTON (R. J.) The Temple of Flora; or Garden of 

the Botanist, Poet, Painter, and Philosopher. 31 heauti- 

f idly Coloured Plates. Yo\\o, half russia. Lond. 11 99. 

In this splendid volume, ttie Plants are reproduced the size of life. 

/, 2976. THORPE (Thos.) Catalogue of Books. Thick Svo, half 

nissia. Lond. 1842. 

2977. . Catalogue of MSS. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf . 

Lond. 1837. 

ff) f- 2978. TPIOUGHTS ON THE NATURE OF WAR, etc. 12mo. 

Phil. 1766. 



2979. THROSBY (John). The History and Antiquities of the 
Ancient Town of Leicester. 4to, half russia. 

:; 2980. THURSTON (J.) Religious Emblems; being a Series of 
Engravings on Wood, executed by the first Artists in that 
line, from Designs drawn on the Blocks themselves, by J. 
Thurston ; the descriptions written by the Revd. J. 
Thomas. 4to, half morocco. Lond. 1810. 

^'i/~2981. TILL (Wm.) Descriptive Particulars of English Coronation 
' Medals. 12mo, half morocco. Lond. 1846. 

.2tr^982. TILL (Wm.) An Essay on the Roman Denarius and Eng- 
lish Silver Penny. Plates. 1 2mo, half morocco. 

iow(7. 1838. 

7'«r2983. TILL. Catalogue of Coins and Medals of the late Mr. Wm. 

Till. Prices and names. 8vo, half russia. 184.5. 

Lr^2984. TILLOCK (Alex.) Dissertations on the Apocalypse. 8vo, 

half calf Lond. 1823. 

f , 2985. TITLE-PAGES AND DESIGNS adopted by various English 

and Foreign Publishers. 4r,o, 

English and Foreign. Folio. 
' VX2987. TODD (Henry John). A Vindication of our Authorized 
Translation, etc., of the Bible. Bvo, hcdf morocco. 

Lond. 1819. 
,^2988. TODD (John Henry). Historical Tablets and Medallions, 
Illustrative of an Improved System of Artificial Memory. 
4to, hds. Lond. 1828. 

TOLL:^. Mutus Liber. See Altus, Lot 71. 
2.^^989. TOLSON (F.) Hermathenae; or Moral Emblems and Eth- 
nick Tales, with Explanatory Notes. Plates. Impl. 8vo, 
calf. s. 1. s. a. 

,^~G 2990. TOMBLESON'S VIE;WS OF THE THAMES. 4to, half 
morocco., gilt edges. Lond. n. d. 

2991. TOMKINS (P. W.) Engravings of the Birth and Triumph 
of Cupid. 26 Plates. Oblong 4to, bds. Lond. 1795. 

C?^.^992. TOMKINS (Thos.) New Alphabets. Oblong 4to. 

Ljond. 1779. 

, 2993. TOM TELL TRUTH : or a Dialogue between the Devil and 

the Pope about Carrying on the Plot. A Poem. 4to, 

calf s. 1. s. a. 

S'6 2994. TOPHAM (Ed.) Life of John Elwes, Esq. Also, Watson's 

Life of Lord George Gordon. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, calf. 

Lond. 1795. 


A Correct Guide to Scarce and Valuable Topography. 

4 to. Lond. n. d. 


23-4: TRACTS. 

a,>S~0 2996. TORIO DE LA RIVA Y HERRARA (Torquato). Arte 
de Escribir por reglas y con muestras, sefjun la doctrina de 
los mejores autores estrangei'os y nacionales, 4to, morocco 
extra. " [3Iadn'd, 1798.] 

^, 2997. TORY DE BOURGES (Geoffroy). L'Art et science de la 
Vraye Proportion des Lettres Attiques ou Antiques, 
nutretnet dictes romaines, etc. Small 8vo, red morocco. 

Paris., viiiant Gcndtherot, 1 549. 
"Ouvrage curieux." See Brunet, v., p. 897-8. Libri's copy, £1 8s. 

2998. TOWN (Ithiel). Atlantic Steamships. 12mo. A"!". 1838. 

2999. TOWN". Catalogue of the Extensive, Curious, and Valuable 
Collection of Ithiel Town. 8vo. A^. P. 1847. 

3000. TOWXSHEND (Thos.) Poems. 1 2mo, ccdf. Zo?id.ll96. 

3001. TRACTS. Colbatch (Sir J.) A Dissertation concerning 
Mistletoe. 2 Parts. 1720. The Taffydeis : an Heroic Poem 

in Memory of St. David and the Leek, 1746. Ruthven's 
Account of the Death of David Rizzio, Chief Favourite to 
Mary Stuart, etc., 1699. 3 Pieces in 1 vol. 8vo, russia. 

V. d. 

y, 3002. TRACTS. A Collection containing Mrs. Ann Oldfield's Life, 

Letter from Woodward to Hill, Theatrical Campaign, 
Swift's History of mine Arse, Dissertation on Mathew, 
Treason of Jennings and Butler, Life of Mr. Charles Drew, 
Affair of Simonds and Ashley. Lives of Miss Reay and Mr. 
Hackman, Life of Mary Ann Talbot, who served in his Ma- 
jesty's Service by Sea and Land as John Taylor. 12mo, 
cloth. Lond. v. d. 

/^•T' 3003. TRACTS. Jacobite Yillany, 1696 ; Declaration of the Arch- 
bishops, etc., 1696; Love: Oration ad Cantab., 1660; 
Gierke's Spot Dial, 1687; Bishop of Norwich's Sermon 
before the King, 1669 ; Fagil's Letter to Stewart ; Gilbert's 
News from Poland, 1641. All in 1 vol. 4to, vellum, v. d. 
Eleazer Gilbert, the author of the last-named Tract was Preacher to 
the Scots Congregation in Keydon. It relates the " cruell practice of the 
Popish Clergie," etc. 

A t>S 3004. TRACTS. Mason's Sermon, Hope for the Heathen, N. Y., 
1797; Reanny's Egypt ; Barrington's New South Wales; 
and Hardie's Account of the MaHgnant Fever lately preva- 
lent in the City of New York, N. Y. ; and A Prophetical 
Leaf, New Haven, 1798. A rare collection. S\o,calf. 

v. d. 

y^ 3005. TRAIN (Joseph). The Buchanites from First to Last. 12mo, 

hcdf morocco. ^Unh.\%iQ. 


et Profane. AU Enyraved. 12 mo, half 77iorocco. 

Paris., 1771. 
From the ship Sovereign, wrecked on the Jersey coast, 18;{5. 




DUBLIN". Yol. 1. Swo, half calf . Dublifi, 1808. 


RIES OF SCOTLAXD. Copper Plates. Yol. I. and 

vol. II., pt. 1. 4to, hcU. Edinb.llQ2. 


l'2mo, calf. I^ond. 1801. 

'. '^<? 3010. TRATTLE." Catalogue of the Coins and Medals of Maema- 

DUKE Teattle. 8vo, hoavcls. Lond. 1832. 

S'O 3011. TRAYELS OF TOM THUMB over England and Wales. 

3Iap. 12nio, calf. Lond. 17-46. 

?. 3012. TREASYRIE OF HIDDEN SECRETS (The), Commonlie 

called The good hnsvvines' Closet of proiiision, for the 

health of her Houshold. 4to, calf antique. 

Lond. Rd. lohnes, 1596. 
Not mentioned by Lowndes. 

f^ 3013. TREL^O (Nicolao Clementi). Avstrasije Reges, et Lotha- 

ringite Dvces. Wood-Cut Portraits. 4to, calf. 

Colonicn., 1619. 
J"<?3014. TRENTON" FALLS, Picturesque and Descriptive. Edited 
by N. P. Willis. Plates. 18mo, cloth. N. T". 1851. 

t ^ 3015. TRESHAM, OTTLEY, AND TOMKINS. The British Gal- 
lery of Pictures selected from the most Admired Produc- 
tions of the Best Masters in Great Britain. Proofs on 
Lidia jynper. Impl. folio, Jf?5, Lond. 1818. 

One of the finest collections of Engravings ever produced, comprising splen- 
did Pictures by Raphael, Rubens, Cuyja, Teniers, G. Dow, Potter, Ostade, 
etc. Published at twenty-four guineas. 

3016. TRESOR DE FABLES Choisies des Plus Excellens Mytho- 
logistes. Orne d'nn grand nombre de Figures en Taille 
douce par J. L. Kraift. 2 vols, in 1. 4to, calf. 

Bruxelles., 1734. 
^/'^on. TRITTENHEYM. ^FCtt titXi S^UXi ^tXSitU fStitX 

^ 32nscln, etc. 4to. ijlacft Setter. 

JTur/iberg, LTier. Holtzel, 1522, 
A curious German book on Astrology. 


Rom. Imp., etc. Xamerous Plates. Folio, half vellum. 


„ 3019. TROLLOPE (Mrs.) Domestic Manners of the Americans. 
4th Edition. 24 Plates. 2 vols, post 8vo, half bound. 

Lond. Whltakev, 1832. 

ERS and other Famous Artists, who have flourished in 
Europe, curiously Engraven on Copper Plates. Folio, 
half russia. Lond. 1694. 


236 TURNER. 

Pf^^ 3021. TRUMBULL (John). Autobiogra])hy, Reminiscences and 
Letters of; from 1756 to 1841. Illustrated with upwards 
of one hundred Plates, including a rare print of the Execu- 
tion of Major Andre. 1 vol. in 2. 8vo, qreen morocco. 

N. Y. 1841. 

S2.^^ 3022. . Another copy, with 57 Additional Illustrations. 

Thick 8vo, ref? morocco. JST. F. 1841. 

S, 3023. TRL^SLER (Rev. Dr.) Memoirs of the Life of Rev. John 

Trusler. Cuts hi/ Bewick. 4to, half russin. Bath, 1806. 

Replete with Humour, Useful Information, and Entertaining Anecdote. 

"The author souc^ht the suppression of these Memoirs, by destro\-ing all 

the copies he could meet with.'' — Lowndes. 

SO 3024. TUBERO (Horatius— Sieur Moth le Vayer). The Great 

Prerogative of a Private Life ; by way of Dialogue. 

ISmo^ half calf. Lond. 1678. 

"3025. TUCKER (J. M.) Life and Naval Memoirs of Lord Nelson. 

Woodcuts. 8vo. Lond. XX. A. 

SD 3026. TIJRNBLTLL (David). Cuba; wath Notices of Porto Rico 

and the Slave Trade. 8vo, hds. Lond. 1840. 

^, 3027. TURKEY. Military Costume of Turkey. Coloured Plates. 

half calf. ' Lond. 1818. 

/. 3028. TURNBULL (Gavin). Poetical Essays. 8vo, ccdf 

Glas(/oiL\ 1788. 

^ ySV 3029. TURNER (J. M. W.) Landscape— Historical Illustrations 

of Scotland and the Waverley Novels. 2 vols. 4to, hcdf 

morocco. Lond. n. d. 

«£/, 3030. TURNER. The Rivers of France, from Drawings by J. M. 

W. Tui'ner. 4to, green morocco. Lond. 1837. 

Contains 54 beautiful Line Engravings, from the burins of the most emi- 

^ nent British Engravers. See also under Ritchie (Leitch). 

"^ * 3031. TURPIN (M.) La France lUnstree, ou le Plutarque Franyaise 

enrichis de leurs Portraits. 4 vols. 4to, half ccdf . 

Paris, 1780. 

J7> 3032. TURTON (Thomas). The Text of the English Bible, as 
now i^rinted by the L^niversities, Considered. 8vo. 

Cambridge, 1833. 

'^_3033. TLTSCANY. Raccolta delle Principale Vedute della Toscana. 

Oblong 8vo. Firenze, n. d 

S~0 3034. TUSSER (Thos.) A hundreth good pointes of Husbandrie. 

4to. Lond. reprinted, 1810. 

TUILERIES. Quarante-Huit Heures de Garde au Chateau 

des Tuileries pendant les Journees des 19 et 20 Mars, 

1815, Steel Plates. Ato, morocco. Lond.\d>\<d. 


printed from Copper Plates. 18mo, hcdf ccdf . 

Lond. u. d. 



op, 7 

'^,y'^ 3040, 

^, 3041. 

U 3043. 

f, 3044. 


, ^^3046. 

', 2:XTb47. 

^'TO 3048. 
', S^O 3049. 
, tH? 3050. 

Man and Christ's Kirk on the Green ; with Notes, etc., by 
John Callaudar. Svo, half morocco, gilt edges. 

Edinh. 1782. 

TY AS (Robert). Flowers and Heraldry ; or Floral Emblems 
and Heraldic Figures. 24 Emblazoned Plates. 12mo, 
cloth, gilt. Lond. 1851. 

TYMME (Thomas). A Silver Watch-Bell. The Sound where- 
of is able {hg the Grace of God) to loinne the most pro- 
fane worldling, and carelesse liuer {if there he but the least 
sjyarke of Grace rernagning in him) to become a true 
Churchman Indeed, etc. 14th Imj)ression. Small Svo, 
hcdf calf Lond. 1621. 

TYNDALE (Wm.) The New Testament translated, with 
Memoir by G. Offor. Svo, calf, red edges. Lond. 1836. 
A verbatim reprint of the First English Version of the New Testament. 

TYPOTIUS. Symbola Diuina et Humana Pontificvm, Im- 
peratvm, Regvm, Accessit breuis et facilis Isagoge lac. 
Typotii. 3 vols, m 1. FoHo, m^/". Pm^cs, 1601, 

Tlie plates to this work are by Egidius Sadeler. 

TYPOTIUS (Jacobus). Symbola Divina et Humana Pon- 
titicum, Imj^eratorum, Regum. 12mo, ccdf. 

Amstelodunii, 1690. 

Contains 178 Plates, among them Hieroglyphica Regum Anglorum, Scotice, 

TYPOTIUS. Symbola varia Diversorum Principum Sacro 
sane. Ecclesiae et Sacri Imperij Romani. Small 12mo, 
calf Arnhemice, 1679. 

TYSSEN. Catalogue of the Coins and Medals of Saaiuel 
Tyssen, Esq. Priced. Svo, hds. Lond. 1802. 

Sold for £7,333 3s. 

TYSSEN. Catalogue of the English Portraits collected by 
Samuel Tyssex, Esq. Priced. Svo, hcdf hound. 

Lond. 1802. 

TYTLER (P. F.) Life of the Admirable Crichton. Svo. 
hcdf calf Edinh. 1819. 

the Danger of Precipitate Intel'ments and Dissections, 
Demonstrated. Plates. l2\no, ccdf Lond. 174:6. 

UPCOTT (Wm.) [Catalogue of] Original Letters, Manu- 
scripts, and State Papers collected by William Upcott. 
4to, red morocco extra. Lond. privatelg printed, 1836. 

UPCOTT. Catalogue of the Library of the late William 
Upcott, Esq. Prices and names. Svo, half morocco, 
uncut. Lond. 1846. 

URE (David). The History of Rutherglen and East Kil- 
bridge. Plates. Svo, ccdf Glasgow, 1793. 

238 YtENIUS. 

/, 3051. USSIEUX (M. d'). Les Nouvelles Franyoises. Plates. 2 
vols. 8vo, calf. I*a7'is, 1V83. 

^, tH^ 3052. V. (J. V.) Vorstelijcke Warande der Dieren : Waer in De 
Zeden-rijcke Philosophie, Poetisch, Morael, en Historiael, 
vermakelijck en treft'elijck wort voorgestelt. Met Exem- 
pelen uytde oude Historien, in Prose; ende Vytleggingen, 
in Rym verklaert, Door J. v. V. Verciert met hondert 
vijf en-twintig aerdige Afbeeldingen, in Koper gesneden, 
door Marcus Gerards. 4to, half calf'. t\4.instenlani, n. d. 
^ 3053. V^NIO (Ernesto). Tractatus Physiologicus de Pulchritudine. 

Juxtn ea quse de Sponsa in Canticis Canticoruni mystice 
pronuiiciantur, JEinblematic Plates. 12 mo. 

Pruxelles, Ti/pis Fr. Fop})e)is., 1662. 
" Orne de jolies gravures au trait ; le titre de I'ouvrage en indique la 
sing'ilarite." — Brunet. 

?0, 3054. V^NIUS. Amoris Divini Emblematastvdio et aere Othonis 

Va3nii concinnata. 4to, red morocco., joints^ by Pawson <& 
JVicholson. PJlegaat copy. 

Antverpice^ Ex ojffichia Plantiniana PaWiasarls 

Iloretl, 1660. 
Sixty-one fine Plates with prose and poetical descriptions in Latin, Frencli, 
Spanish, and Dutch. 

^ 3055. V^^lSriUS. Amorvm Emblemata, iigvris seneis incisa, stvdio 

Othonis Vsenii. Emblemes of Loue, with verses in Latin, 
English, and Italian. I2i:jine Plates. Oblong 4to. 

Antverpice, 1608. 
The English verses were written by the celebrated Richard Verstegan. 

J~, 3056. V-iENIUS (Othonis). Emblemata Horatiana imaginibus 
[CIII.] in aes incisis, notisque illustrata. 4to, calf. 

A?itverpice, II. Verdussen., 1607. 

/f S057- V^NIUS (Otho.) Horatii Flacci Emblemata. 103 Fine 

' Plates. 4to, calf. Antverpia\ 1612. 

The text of tliis Edition is in Latiu, Italian, Spanish, French, and Dutch. 

/2^ 3058. VJUNIUS (Otho.) Emblemata Horatiani imaginibus in ses 
incnsis, atque Latino, Germanico, Gallico et Belgico carmine 
illustrata. 103 Plates. Small 8vo, calf. 

Amstelcedami, II. Wetstein, 1684. 
^ S059. V^NIUS (Otho.) Vita D. Thoniffi Aqvinatis. 30 fine 
Plates. Folio, morocco, gilt edges. Bruxellis^ 1778. 

VAILLANT (Jo-Foy.) Numismata Imperatorum Romano- 
rum Prajstantioraa Julio Caesare ad Postumum ct Tyrannos. 
2 vols, in 1. 4to, vellum. Amstelodami, 1694. 

-^J~3061. VALENTINE (D. T.) History of the City of New York. 
^ 8vo, cloth. ]\r. Y. 1853. 

/, Sy 3062. VALENTINE (D. T.) Manual of the Corporation of the 
/ City of New York for 1848, 1850, 1851, and 1852. 4 vols. 

12nio, cloth. ]V. Y. 1852. 



'J7 3063. 
6, 3064. 

/, 3065. 




p^ 306V. 

'), 3068. 

^, 3069. 


P,J1? 3071. 

', 3072. 

ft^^ 3075. 

VAN DIEMEN'S LAKD. Twenty Drawings of the Natives 
and Scenery of Van Dieinen's Land ; mounted and bound in 
small folio. Half morocco. 1830. 

VAN DYCK (Ant.) De Konst-Kamer, der AUerschoonste 
Poitraiten Van verscheide Prinsen en Prinsessen Dooi-- 
lugtige Mannen, vermaarde Schilders en andere. Folio, 
calf. Graavenhaagc^ 1728. 

VAN HULL (A.) Pacificatores orbis Christiani sive Icones 

Principum, Ducum, et Legatorum, qui Monasterii atque 

Osnabrugse. Folio, calf Rotterdam., 1697. 

This is a series of 131 Splendid Heads of the Sovereigns of P]urope and 

other distinguislied Military and Civil Characters, who were parties to the 

treaty of Peace at Osuuburgh, 1697. Brilliant Impressions and rare. 

VAN HULLE (Anselmi). Les Horames Illustres qui ont 
vecu dans le xvii. Siecle, les principaux aux Potentats, 
Princes, Ambassadeurs, et Plenipotentiaires, qui ont assiste 
aux Conferences de Munster et D'Osnabrug, aveo leurs 
Armes et Devises. l^\ Splendid Portraits. Folio, ca^/! 

Amsterdam., 1716. 

VAN LOCHEM (Michel). A Collection of Scripture Em- 
blems. 128 Plates in a 4to vol. Med m,orocco., gilt sides. 

VARIA. A Collection of 209 Old Engravings, etc. Folio, 
half calf. 

VARIETIES ; or an Agreeable Melange, 1848. MS. Title to 
a Collection of Seventy-two Engravings, including many 
by Bartolozzi and his School, Angelica Kaufman, etc. 
red onorocco., gilt sides and edges. 

VARIETY OF ENGRAVINGS, by the Old Masters. 
Plates. Folio, old calf; lettered Figures Divers. 
Includes Le Grand's famous print " Le Bat;" Paris Dying on Mount 

Ida, by Cranach ; Curious Figure of America, and numerous nude Figures, 

old Anatomical Plates, etc. 

VARIETY OF LOVE EMBLEMS. 4to, half morocco. 

VARIOUS NICKNACKS ; or Clippings and Cuttings. MS, 

Title to a Collection of Ornamental Letters, Vignettes 

etc. 100 Plates. 8vo, green tnorocco. 
VATTEL (M. D.) The Law of Nations. Translated from 

the French. 8vo. Northampton., 1805. 

VEGA (Lope Felix de). Corona Tragica. Vida y Muerte 

de la Serenissima Reyna de Escocia Maria Estvarda. 

Portrait inserted. 4to, half calf . Madrid., 1627. 

A Rare Spanish Poem on tlie Murder of Mary, Queen of Scots. 

^to, vellum. A)nsterdam, 1605. 

Corwin's copy sold for .$3 50. Beautiful Specimens of Calligraphy. 





240 YERTUE. 

^^ 3076. VENABLES (Col Robert). The Experienced Angler. With 
Engi'avings of Fish, and Plates inserted. 12nio, half 
morocco., uncut. Lond. T. Gosden^ 182*7. 

3, 3077. VEXATIOXES ET AUCUPIA. Oblong 4to. s. 1. s. a. 
A series of 24 Plates, by Ph. Galle, after designs by J. Strada. 

JO, 3078. YERDIER (Francois— Peintre du Roy). Histoire des Ac- 
tions extraordinaires de Samson. Oblong 4to, htdfcalf. 

Paris., 1698. 
Contains 39 Plates, engraved by Poilly, Andran, etc. 

-2^^^^<^3079. VERDIZOTTI (G. M.) Cento Favole Morali Dei piu illus- 

/.^yy ^j tri antichi e modern! autori Greci e Latini, Scielte e trattate 

^J ' in varie maniere di Versi Vvlgari. 4to, half vellum . 

Venetia, Giord. Zileti, 1570. 
First edition of this rare book, with 100 spirited wood engravings ; some 
after designs by Titian. La Valliere, 48 fr. 

,/, I 3080. YERHEIDEX (lac.) Af-beeldingen Van somraighe in 
Godts-Woort ervarene Mannen die bestreden hebbeu den 
Roomschen Antichrist. 50 Portraits of the Reformers. 
4to, vellum,. GravenSaghe., 1603. 

• . — ~ '' Recherche a cause des Portraits." — Brunet. 

^'7 3081. \T:RN0N (E. J.) a Guide to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue. 

//'••* 12mo, c?. Zone?. 1846. 

' ^-^a&082. [VERPLAXCK (Gulian C.)] Garrick: His Portrait in New 

/ *-^ ^ ~" York, its Artist and History. One hundred copies only 

\ / printed for private distribution. Photograph of the Por- 

%A^ f^'<^if- 8vo, bds. A\ Y. 1857. 

.^ry'!rT083. YERPLANCK (G.) Influence, etc., of Liberal Studies. 

' , 12mo. JV. T. 1833. 

J x9^, 3084. YERSTEGAN (R.) A Restitvtion of Decayed Intelligence : 

in Antiquities Concerning the most noble and renownd 

English Nation. 4to, hcdf calf; rare cmd cicrious. 

Lond. 1634. 

3085. [YERTUE (George)]. A Description of the Works of the 

Ingenious Delineator and Engraver, \Yinceslaus Hollar, 

y - -V. fj disposed into Classes of Different Sorts, with Some Ac- 

1^0 count of His Life. Illustrated with a great number of 

IIollar''s oxon Engravings and Etchings {mostly fine and 

rare)., inlaid and tnoxinted to the size of the Text. 4to, 

red morocco., gilt edges. Xonc?. 1745. 

" Ouvrage recherche, mais difiBcile a trouver. La premiere edition [1745] 

est moins chere." — Brunet. 

S^ 3086. YERTUE. Medals, Coins, Great Seals, and other Works of 
Thomas Simon, engraved and described by George Yertue, 
4to, half ccdf Lond. 1780. 

veele Yoornaame mannen en Leeraaren Die zoo met het 
begin der Reformatie, als ook in laater Tyd heb Leeraars 

VIRGIL. 241 

Ampt onder de Doopsgezinde Christeneii bediend hebben. 
Fine Plates. 4to, half calf. Amsteldain., 1743. 

3088. VESPASIANO (Fr.) Nella qvale s'Insegaa a Scrivere varie 
Sorte di lettere, etc. Oblong 4to, rare. Venetia, 1572. 

~* 3089. [VICTOR (Aurelius)J [Colophon.] Cctfl 3|lmfl SCCUUHf 

sacrontrnsfs after KUustin'u ©I'rorum ft'uit foclf= 

titer. JUlaCfe UttttV. Small 4tu, c(/lf. 

ImpressKS Roma, ixir Stephanioiii. Planck, anno 1492. 

This uncommou book is said to be by Aureliiis Victor. It is so rare that 

Harwood did not know it, and gives the Argent edition of 1505 the honour 

of a " princeps." The author was an African of obscure birth, and became 

Prefect and Consul of Rome under Valentinian. — See MS. note in the book. 

3090. VICTORIA ANNUAL (The) for 1844. Beautifully printed 
and illuminated in gold and colours. 4to, green morocco 
extra. Land. 1844. 

^ 3091. VICUS (^neas). Avgvstarvm Imagines aeris formis Ex- 
pvessa?, etc. 4to, calf Venetiis, Aldi, 1558. 

A series of Portraits of the Roman Empresses, with Plates of the Coins, 

^7^-^092. VIES DE ROY DE FRANCE. JVo Title. Portraits. 
'/ Small 4to, half calf JVbribergce, s, a. 

'^'J"'3093! VIEVX (La.) ^atUra treUtUnt, dernierment corrigee et 

' amend' et cy nouelment imprimee. jUlSCl^ JLttttV. Small 

8vo, old calf Ijond. Rich. TottelU., 1580. 

, 3094. VIGNETTES. A Collection of 78 Vignettes. 8vo, red mo- 
rocco extra. 
60 3095. VINCARTIUS (Joan.) Sacrarum Heroidvm Epistola?. 12mo, 
velhim. Tornaci., 1640. 

~,^0 3096. VIRGIL. Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica et Georgica 
tabiilis seneis olim a Johanna Pine Illustrata, opus pater- 
num in lucem profert Robertas Edge Pine. Plates. 8vo, 
calf Land. 1774. 

^J^97. VIRGILIITS. A part of Justice's Edition. The Text En- 
graved, with Plates. In 3 parts. 8vo, vellum. 

Venetia, n. d. 

» 3098. VIRGIL. The Works of Virgil: containing his Pastorals, 
Georgics, and yEneis. Translated into English Verse, by 
Mr. Dryden. Adorn'd with a Hundred Sculptures. Folio, 
calf Pond. Tonso9t, 1797. 

^, S7? ;^099. VIRGIL in English Verse, translated by Pitt and Warton. 
Notes by Holdsworth, Spence, and others. Unique copy.^ 
■with impressions of all the Yignettes in Heyne^ s Editions 
of Virgil., printed at Leipsic and London., 1793. 4 vols. 
12mo, russia, gilt edges. Lond. ] 7G3. 


24-2 TOSTRE. 

3 , 3100. VISSCHER (Nicol). Figures of the Bible in which almost 

Every History of the Holy Scriptures is described. 
Oblong 4to, vellum. Amstelodconi, s. a. 

Letter-press in Latin, French, German, Dutch, and English. 

/.^(^ 3101. VISSCHER (X.) VechtjE Fundis, Villis, Prjetoriis, atque 
priscis Arcibns Triumphantes, Tabula exquisitissima edita 
a Nic. Yisscheri, etc. Folio, half calf. 

Amsterdam, 1772. 
y^ 3102. \aTA ET HISTORIA S. ROS^ AS. MARIA qme nata 
Lima in Regno Peruano, 1586, obijt 1617, a?tatis sure 31. — 
Ad'- R. R mag°- Fr. Michaeli de Toledo Proc. Gen. Ord. 
Prov. S. lo. Bapt. in Peruvio, P. Joan del vale Soc. lesu. 
D. D. D. 14 Plates hij C. Gale. Small 4to, calf. s. 1. s. a. 


varijs Iconibus a celeberrimo pictore Martino de Yos ex- 
pressa, ab Adriano Collart, nunc primum in aes incisis. 
51 Plates. Oblong folio, hcdfcalf. s. 1. s. a. 


lUustri. YoWo, half red morocco. Padova, 1822. 

This splendid Collection of 25 Portraits includes TVashington and Frank- 
lin, -with brief biographies ; also, Shakespeare, Locke, etc. Published at 120 fr. 


TERIA. 87 Fine Plates. 8vo, French ccdf gilt. JVo 

30 3106. YOLNEY'S RUINS OF EMPIRES. Translated. 2 vols. 

12mo, calf. Paris, 1802. 

/, iT^? 3107. YOLTAIRE(M. de). La Henbiade. Poeme. Fine folded 

Plates. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1737. 

S^ 3108. YOS (Martin de). Boni et Mali Scientia et quid ex horum 

cognitione a condito Muudo succrseuerit declaratio, etc. 
Fine Plates, by Sadeler. Oblong 4to, half morocco. 

Antverjxe, n. d. 

3o^ 3109. YOSTRE (Simon). J^tvixzs u VVLSVic^t tre (Kftartus, 

ttt. Printed on vellum in ©OtIllC %ZittX. Some of 

the Plates and Initials illuminated by hand. Svo, calf; 

M beautif idly printed. Paris, Philippe Pigovchet, s. a. 

" ^^' 3110. YOSTRE (Simon). Les presentes heui-es a I'usaige de Rome. 
Large Wood Cuts and Borders. Printed on vellum. 8vo, 
black morocco. S. Vostre, 1500. 

Ji^Q 3111. . Another Edition. Contains 23 large Wood Cuts; 

also ornamental Borders. Printed on vellum. Rl. Svo, 
calf. Paris, s. a. 

^^* 3112. YOSTRE (Simon). Lcs presentes heures a I'usage de 
Paris, etc. Singular and Spirited Wood Cuts, Orna- 
merdal Borders, and Illuminated Initials; printed on vel- 
lum. Svo, calf. Paris, S. Vostre, 1507. 

vox POPVLL 243 

^0, 3113. VOSTRE (Simon). Ileures a I'nsage de Neuers, etc. Printed 
on iieUum. All the large Plates highly illuminated, the 
Initials coloured, etc. 8vo, old morocco^ fail gilt sides. 

Paris, S. Vostre, s. a. 

/yj7?31U. VOX BOREALIS; or the Northern Discoverie: Byway 

' of Dialogue between Jamie and Willie. Thin 4to, blue 

morocco extra, broad Porders, by J. 3Iaeke)izie. 

Printed by Margery Mar-Prelate in 
Thioackcoat Lane, 1641. 

^ 3115. VOX PISCES ; or the Book-Fish, contayning Three Treatises 

which were found in the belly of a Cod-fish, in Cambridge 
Market, on Midsummer Eue last, A. D. 1626. 12mo, calf; 
scarce and curious. Lond. 162Y. 

lated according to the Spanish Coppie, Which may serue 
to forwarne both P^nglaud and the Vnited Provinces how 
farre to trust to Spanish pretences. 4to, 13 leaves. Im- 
printed in the j^eare 1620. The Second part of Vox Popvli ; 
or Gondomar appearing in the Likeness of Matchiauell in a 
Spanish Parliament, wherein are discouered his treacherous 
and subtile Practices, To the ruine as well of England as 
the Netherlandes. Faithfully Translated out of the Spanish 
Cojjpie, by a well-wilier to England and Holland. En- 
graved Title. Dedication signed T. S. (2 pp.) Text, 60 pp. 
2 vols in 1. 4to, calf; scarce. 1620. 

Relates incidentally to tlie Spanish Possessions in America, Virginia, etc. 

,VJ^117. VOYAGE SPIRITUEL; A MS. Neatly Written. Por- 

' trait of Master Adrien Gambart inserted. 8vo, old red 

morocco, gilt. 1711. 

t 3118. W. (Sir A.) The Court and Character of King James; 

Written and Taken by Sir A. W. Being an Eye, and Eare 

Witnesse. 4to, half russia. Land, reprint, 1817. 

,^(^ 3119. W. (J.) English Iliads; or a Sea-Fight Reviewed, in a 

Poem occasioned by the death of a person of Honour, slain 

in the late War between the English and the Dutch, by 

J. W. 4to, calf. Lond. for J. Edicin, 1674. 

From Heber's collection. The author seems to have served under Lord 

Maidstone, the person aUuded to in the Title. 

^ 3120. W. (R.) Cheviot: a Poetical Fragment. 8vo, morocco 

extra. Neiocastle upon Tyne, 1817. 

Tliis is one of three copies printed upon India paper, upon one side only. 

\f.,^0 3121. W. (W.) The New Help to Discourse; or Wit and Mirth 
Intermixt with more serious Matters, Consisting of Pleas- 
ant Philosophical, Physical, Historical, Moral, and Political 
Questions and Answers. As also Proverbs, Epitaphs, 
Epigrams, Riddles, Poesies, etc. Fifth Edition. 12rao, 
morocco, by Heriny. Lond. 1702. 




^Lr'3122. WAKEFIELD (Priscilla). Variety; or Selections and Es- 
says, Anecilotes, etc. 12nio, half calf . Land. 1809. 
3123. WALCH (Sebastian). Portraits aller Herren Buro:ernieis- 
teru der Zurich, 1336-1742. 68 Plates. Folio, half calf. 

Kcmpten., 1756 
^, 3124. WALDROX (F. G.) The Shakspearian Miscellany; con- 
taining a Collection of Scarce and Valuable Tracts, Por- 
traits, etc. 4to, half morocco., (jilt top. Lond. 1802. 
/, 3125. WALKER (Donald). Games and Sports. 12mo, morocco^ 
gilt. Lond. 1837. 
S'O 3126. WALKER (John — Farmer, Lnss). Poems in English, Scotch, 
and Gaelic, on Various Subjects. Portrait. 12rao, ccdf 

Glasgow, 1817, 
3127. WALKER (Robt.) Sermons on Practical Subjects. 2 vols. 
8vo, calf. Glasgov}, 1818. 

SO 3128. WALLACE (Robt.) Dissertation on the Numbers of Man- 
kind in Ancient and Modern Times. 8vo, half calf. 

'Edinh. 1809. 
', 3129. WALLACE AND BRUCE. Lives of; in Verse. 12mo, 
cloth. Aberdeen, 1842. 

A modernized Reprint of Barbour and Blind Harry. 

J^ 3130. WALPOLE (Horace). Anecdotes of Painting in England. 

■ilfne Prints. 2 vols. 4to, calf; rare. 

Printed at Strawberry Hill, 1762. 

/, 3131. . Another Edition. 12mo. Lond.\im. 

^eC, -'^132. WALPOLE. Catalogue of the Classic Contents of Straw- 

berry Hill, collected by Horace Walpole, with Prices and 
names; elegantly illustrated with Portraits, Views, Etch- 
ings, etc. Illustrated xoith 90 Portraits and Plates. 
Printed Prices. 4to, half red morocco, gilt edges, by J. 
Mackenzie. Lond. 1842. 

This copy was presented to Mr. Allan by A. E. Evans and Son, and is 
a most elaborately illustrated catalogue. 

30, •'^133. WALPOLE (Horace). A Description of the Villa of Mr. 

Horace Walpole, at Strawberry-Hill, near Twickenham, 
with an Inventory of the Furniture, Pictures, Curiosities, 
etc. Illustrated toith 86 Plates. 4to, morocco, by Pene- 
dict. Strawberry-Hill, 1784. 

A similar copy sold for £1G 16s. M. at the Strawberry-Hill Sale. 

/^ 3134. WALPOLE (Horace). Historic Doubts on the Life and 

Reign of King Richard the Third. Illustrated icith 25 
Additional Portraits and Plates; some fine and scarce. 
4to, morocco extra, joints, gilt edges. Lond. 1768. 

3135. WALPOLE (Sir Robert, Earl of Orford). Orford Portraits. 
A Collection, engraved by Vertue, in 1 vol. 4to, half mo- 
rocco. Ko Title. 1748, etc. 


WARD. 245 

J7?;3136. WALTER ; or a Second Peep into tlie World we call " Ours." 
12mo. Land. 1835. 

3137. WALTON" (Iz:iak) and COTTON (Charles). The Complete 

Angler ; or the Contemplative Man's Recreation, etc., with 
Original Memoirs and Notes by Sir Harris Nicolas. 2 
vols. impl. 8vo, extended to 4to, and superbly hound in 
green tnorocco^ marbled and gilt edges. 

Lond. W. PicA-ering, 18SQ. 
In addition to tlie numerous fine Engravings wliieh form part of this de- 
lightful book, the present copy contains about 260 Portraits and Plates, and 
48 head and tail pieces, many on India Paper. 

Dr. Bethune, Avho had ever\^ thing on Angling, admitted that he had 
nothing to equal this, and the writer, having catalogued Dr. Bethune' s books, 
can add his testimony to the same effect. 

3138. WALTON and COTTON. The Complete Angler, with 

Notes by Sir John Hawkins. Illustrated by several Finely 
Engraved Portraits, Views, Fish, etc. 8vo, richly bound 
loith thick and bevelled boards, and enibleynatically orna- 
mented with medals. Lond. 1825. 

3139. . Same. Miniature Edition. 48mo. 

Land. TF. Pichering, 1825. 

3140. WANLEY (Natli.) Wonders of the Little World; or a 

General History of Man. 2 vols. rl. 8vo, calf. Lond. 1806. 

«^~^3141. WANTON WIDOW (The); being FaithfufMemoirs of the 
Amours and Intrigues of John Stewart and the Widow 
Carleton. 12mo, calf; rare. Lond. 1769. 

73142. WARBURTON (John). Vallum Romanum ; or the His- 
tory and Antiquities of the Roman Wall, commonly called 
the Picts' Wall in Cumberland and Northumberland. 4to, 
half russia. Lond. 1753. 

^ 3143. [WARD (Nathaniel)]. The Simple Cobler of Aggavvam in 
America, Willing to help 'mend his Native Country, la- 
mentably tattered, both in the upper-Leather and sole, 
with all the honest stitches he can take. And as willing 
never to bee paid for his work, by Old English wonted 
pay. It is his Trade to patch all the year long, gratis. 
Therefore, I pray. Gentlemen, keep your purses. By 
Theodore de la Guard. The Fourth Edition, icith some 
Atnendments. 4to, pp. 89. 

Lond. for Stephen Boiotell, 1647. 
Four Editions of this quaint tract were published in one year. 

n? 3144. WARD (Ned.) The Comforts of Matrimony; or Love's 
Last Shift. 12mo, sheep. Lond. 1780. 

3145. WARREN (C.) Fifty Proof Plates of Subjects Engraved 
by this Artist, to Illustrate English Authors. Presentation 
copy from the Engraver'' s Daughter to Itobt. Palmanno, 
Esq., roith three autograph letters. 8vo, green morocco. 

Lond. 1793, etc. 



/<?, 3146. WARWICK (Edeu). The Poets' Pleasannce : or Garden of 
all Sorts of Pleasant Flowers, which our Pleasant Poets 
have, in Past Time, for Pastime, Planted. Small 4to, mo- 
rocco extra, by ITa>/day. Lond. 1847. 

y^ 3147. WARWICK.— XUGEXT. Astonishing History and Adven- 

tures of Miss Betsey Warwick, the Female Rambler. 
The Life of Miss Fanny Nugent, with the Coffee-House 
Characters. 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges, by Mackenzie. 

Manchester, n. d. 
From Mr. Burton's Library. 

S'O^ 3148. WASHINGTON. Diary of Washington, from the first day 

of October, 1789, to the tenth of March, 1790, from the 

Original Manuscript, now first printed. Illustrated coi'iy. 

Z\ fine Plates. VA. %xo, inorocco extra. N. I'] 1858. 

The present is No. 37, of oue lumdred Copies, privately printed for the 

Bradford Club. 

^. 3149. WASHINGTON (General). Epistles, Domestic, Confiden- 
tial, and Ofiicial, from General Washington ; wi-itten about 
the Commencement of the American Contest, when he 
entered on the Command of the Army of the United 
States, etc. None of which have been printed in the two 
volumes published a few months ago. 

JS^eio York, Printed by G. Robinson. Land. 
JReprlnted, Jiivingto/i, 1796. 
These are known as the Spurious Epistles. 

^^' 3150. WASHINGTON (George). Farewell Address to the People 

of the United States of America. Portrait Inserted. 4to, 
red morocco extra. N. Y., J. TFiVey, 1850. 

This is a copy of the Edition printed for Mr. Lennox. 

/S~, 3151. WASHINGTON. Letters from his Excellency, George 

Washington, President of the L^nited States of America, 
to Sir John Sinclair, Bart., M. P., on Agricultural and 
other Interesting Topics. Engraved from the Original 
Letters, so as to be an exact Facsimile of the hand icriting 
of that celebrated Character. With Medallion; also, 2 Por- 
traits inserted. 4to, half calf . Lond. 1800. 
"" To Dr. Pearson, with Sir Johu Sinclair's Corapts." 

:^Sr '^152, WASHINGTON (George). Letters from His Excellency, 
George Washington, President of the United States of 
America, To Sir John Sinclair, Bart., on Agricultural and 
other Interesting Topics. Engraved from tlie Original 
Letters, so as to be an exact Fac-simile of the hand writing 
of that Celebrated Character. 12 Portraits and Plates 
inserted, ^to, red morocco, extra gilt. Lond. 1800. 

/,*ro 3153. WASHINGTON (George). Official Letters to the Honour- 
able American Congress, written during the War between 
the L^nited Colonies and Great Britain. 2nd Poston Edi- 
tion. Portrait. 2 vols. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1796. 


}^ 3154. WASHINGTON. Funeral Orations on the Death of George 
Washington. A Collection of 15 Tracts in 1 vol. 8vo, 
half calf . ' JV. Y., etc., 1800. 

, 3155. WASHIXGTOiSr. Memory of Washington: comprising a ;^ 

Sketch of his Life and Character, arid the National Testi- -'^^ f* ' 
monials of Respect. Also, a Collection of Eulogies and 
Orations, Avith a Copious Appendix. 12mo, sheep; scarce. 
Pp. 246. List of Subscribers, 3 1. 

JVewport, R. Z, Printed by Oliver Farnsicorth, 1800. 

} 3156. WATSON (John F.) Annals and Occurrences of New York 
' City and State, in the Olden Time ; being a Collection of 

Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents concerning the City, 
Country, and Inhabitants, from the Days of the Founders, 
etc. 14 Plates, icith 32 others inserted — in all 46. 8vo, 
half morocco, gilt edges. Philadel. 1846. 

rO 315V. WATSON (John F.) Historic Tales of Olden Time'. 12jiio, 
bds. N. 3\1832. 

'' 3158. . Another copy. \2mo, bds. A\ 3". 1832. 

3159. WATT (James). Correspondence of James Watt, on his 
Discovery of the Theory of the Composition of Water. 
8vo, half calf. Lond. 1846. 

^0 3160. WATT (Robert). The Life and Character of Robert Watt, 
who was Executed for High Treason at Edinburgh, the 
15th October, 1794. Portrait. 8vo. Edinb. 1795. 

f, 3161. WATTS (Alaric A.) The Literary Souvenir, and Cabinet of 
Modern Art. Plates. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1835. 

3162. WATTS (Alaric A.) Lyrics of the Heart, with Other Poems. 
41 Engravings on Sieel. 8vo, gi'een morocco extra. 

Zond. 1851. 

n? 3163. . Another copy. 8vo, tnorocco. Lond. 1851. 

3164. WATTS (Isaac). Divine and Moral Songs for the Use of 
Children. 30 Illustrations. 8vo, red morocco, by Hay- 
day. Land., Van Voorst, 1848. 
^^ 3165. WATTS (Isaac). Hymnan a Chaniadan Ysprydol. 12mo, 
sheep. (Jaerfyrddin, 1794. 
3166. WATTS (Isaac). The Improvement of the Mind. 8vo, cf. 

Lond. 1810, 
?«^~?1 67. WATTS (R.) Bibliotheca Britannica. Vol. 1, part 1. 4to, 

., 3168. . Another copy. 4to, boards. 

3169. WATTS (W.) The Seats of the Nobility and Gentry in 

England and Scotland ; being a collection of the Interesting t 

and Picturesque Views, etc. 84 Platus. 4to, blue mo- 
rocco, gilt edges. Lond. (1781). 


J~^ 3170. WAYES OF THE CROSSE; or The Way to true knowl- 
edge, written in French and translated into English. 24mo, 
morocco, richly gilt sides/ cnrknis and rare. Paris, 1676. 
The Plates in this beautiful volume exhibit the Cavalier Costume of 
Charles II. 

/, lyT^lll. WAY TO GET AXD TO SAVE WEALTH; or the Sure 

Method to Live Well in the World, being the Pleasant Art 

of Money-Getting. 8vo, half morocco. Loncl. 1788. 

/^'T-X'smTWEBER (Hy.) The Battle of Flodden Field: a Poem of 

/ the XVL Century. 8vo, calf. Edlnh. 1808. 

J^«r^73. WEBSTER. Mr. Webster's Address at the Laying of the 

Corner Stone of the Addition to the Capitol, July 4, 1851, 

Avith Autographs. 8vo. Washington, 1851. 

„ 3174. WEBSTER (Noah). The Prompter; or Common Sayings 

and Subjects, and Franklin's Way to Wealth. 12mo, ccilf. 

Coventry^ 1808. 
WEDGWOOD (Josiah). Reprint of a Description of the 
Portland Vase, formerly the Barberini ; the Manner of its 
Formation, etc. With the Addition of Notes by Thomas 
Windus, etc. 4to, half morocco. Lond. 1845. 

aS', 3176. WEICHARDUM (Joan.) Theatrum Mortis Humane Tri- 
partitum. I. Pars. Saltum Mortis. H. Pars. Vai'ia genera 
Mortis, ni. Pars. Poenas Damnatorum continens. Cum 
figuris seneis illustratum. 4to, morocco extra, gilt edges. 

John Iic(ptista 3Iayr in Salshurg, 1682. 
6, S^O 3177. WEIG^L (Christoph.) Ethica Naturalis seu Documenta 
Moralia, etc. 4to, ccdf extra. yorlmhergce, s. a. 

Contains 100 fine and large Plates, illustrative of Maxims and Proverbs. 

; . ^ - 3178. WEIGEL. Historien aus deni I. und H. Buch Samuelis, 
^ '^ ' Konigen, et Chronica. Fine Steel Plates. Folio, h<df 

calf. Aiigspurg, 1695. 

y, 3179. WEIGEL (Christ.) et LUYKENS. Historic Celebriores 
Veteris [et Novi] Testament! Iconibus repraesentatae, et 
selectis Epigrammatibus [Latine et Germanice] Exornatae. 
Folio, calf NorihergoR [1708]. 

^^^ 3180. . Aliud Exemplar. Y o\io, half vellum. 

Norihergce., 1712. 

Sold at Gaignat's for 48 fr. Detienne's, 41 fr. 

"^O 3181. WEIGEL (Chri.) Representation des diverses Figures Hu- 

maines avec leurs mesures prises sur des Antiques. 19 

Plates. 4to, ccdf s. 1. s. a. 

^,^0 3182. WEIR (Daniel). History of the Town of Greenock. 8vo, 

__ half calf . Greenoch, 1829. 

^,^ 3183. WELD (Isaac). . Illustrations of the Scenery of Killarney 

and the Surrounding Country. 19 Plates. 4to, Jialfcalf 

Lond. 1807. 
" We have seldom seen a work that combines more classical illustratioD 
with a high degree of graphic excellence." — Quart. Rev. 



3184, WELD (Isaac, Junior). Travels through the States of North 
America, and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, 
during the Years 1795, 1796, and 1799. Illustrated and 
Embellished vnth Sixteen Plates. 4to, calf. 

Lond. Stockdale., 1799. 

So 8185. WELLS (X. A.) The Picturesque Antiquities of Spain, 

with Ilkistrations representing Moorish Palaces and other 

Monuments of Art. Impl. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1846. 

^1^ 3186. WERMULLERUS (Otho). A Spiritual and Most Pre- 
cious Pearl, translated by Miles Coverdale. 18mo, cloth. 

Lond. 1838. 
WESLEY (Samuel). History of tlie Xew Testament At- 
tempted in Verse, And Adorn'd with 152 Sculptures. The 
Cutts done by J. Sturt. 12mo, calf. Lond. 1701. 

3188. WESLEY (Rev. Samuel). The Life of our Blessed Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ: an Heroic Poem. With Sixty Cop- 
per Plates. Folio, calf. Lond. 1693. 

[WEST (W.)] Fifty Years' Recollections of an Old Book- 
seller. Also, Three Hundred and Fifty Years' Retrospec- 
tion of an Old Bookseller. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, half calf. 

(Jorl\ 1835. 

3190. WEST (W.) Theatrical Plates to Harlequin, Ivanhoe, the 

Pirate, and Hamlet. 4to. 1812. 

p? 3192. WESTALL (Richard). Illustrations of Scott's Novels. 4 

parts. 8vo. Lond. 1824. 


BIBLE, with Descriptions, by the Rev. H. Caunter. 2 

yols. Syo, cloth. Lofid. 1835. 

^iCsmT WESTALL (Wm.) Great Britain Illustrated : a Series of 
Original Views, from Drawings by W. Westall, Engraved 

* ^ by Ed. Finden, with Descriptions by Thomas Moule. 4to, 

hcdf russia. Lond. 1830. 

3195. WESTMAN (H. O.) The Spoon, with Upwards of 100 Illus- 
trations. 8vo, morocco. iV Y. 1844. 

~ 3196. WESTMINSTER ABBEY. An Elegiac and Historical 

r: Poem. Profusely Illustrated. ^\.8\o, half morocco., gilt 

■ edges. n. d. 

, 3197. WESTMINSTER. Representation of the Embossed, Chased, 

and Engraved Subjects and Inscriptions Avhich decorate 

the Tobacco Box and Cases belonging to the Past Overseers 

Society of the Parishes of St. Margaret and St. John the 

Evangelist, in the City of Westminster. Fine Plates. Folio. 

Lond. 1824. 
This singular book commuuicates. in a pictorial form, some remarkable 
historic incidents. 




Jl^ 3198. WESTMINSTER. To our Reverend and Well-beloved 
Brethren, the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, etc. 
Signed Robert Douglas, Moderator. 4to, blue morocco; 
fine copy. Lond. 1647. 

/^y,irO 3199. WESTWOOD (J. O.) Palffiographia Sacra Pictoria ; being 
a Series of IHustrations of the Ancient Versions of the 
Bible, copied from Illuminated Manuscripts, executed be- 
tvveen the Fourth and Sixteenth Centuries. 50 beautifully 
Illuminated Plates. 4to, half red m.orocco, gilt top. 

Lond. W. Smith, 1843-5. 

/. 3200. [WETMORE (Prosper M.)] Paisley : a Local Sketch, from 

Valentine's Manual for 1863. Portrait and Plate. 8vo, 

pp. 6. iV. Y. 1863. 

From the author, with Autograph Letter. 

3201. WHETSTONES (George), ^he iEltfllfSll Wgrror. A Re- 
gard Whei'ein al estates may behold the Conquests of Enuy : 
Containing mine of common weales, murther of Princes, 
cause of heresies, and in all ages, spoile of diuine and hu- 
mane blessings, vnto which is adioyned Enuy conquered by 
vei'tues. Publishing the peaceable victoi-ies obtained by 
the Queene's most excellent Maiesty against this mortall 
enimie of publike peace and prosperitie, and lastly A 
Fortris against Enuy. Interspersed with Poetry, etc. 
JUSlSClk TLzXttX. Sm. 4to, red morocco extra., gilt edges; 
very rare. Lond. for G. /Seton, 1586. 

3202. WHETSTONES. Another copy. Blue morocco elegant, gilt 
edges. Lond. for G. Seton, 1586. 

For full particulars of this work, see the Bibliotheca Grenvilliana. It is 
dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, and contains much curious historical matter 
respecting her reign. 

^, 3203. WHETSTONES (George). A Remembraunce of the woor- 

thie and well imployed life of the Right Honourable Sir 
Nicholas Bacon, Knight ; Thomas, Earl of Sussex, and Sir 
Ph. Sydney. With Autograp)h Letter by Alex. Bosicell in- 
serted. 4to, green morocco, by Ilayday. 

Reprinted at the Auchinleck Press, by 

Alexarider Boswell, 1816. 

For particulars of this author, see Warton's English Poetry, Ritson's Bib- 

liog. Poetica, 391-3, Beloe's Anecdotes, Brydges' Oensura, and Br. Bibliog., 

and Collier's Poetical Decameron. 

^»r~3204. WHISTLE BINKIE; or the Pip<3r of the Party. 2 vols. 
12nio. Glasgou-; 1838. 

So 3205. WHITAKER (Rev.) Genuine History of the Britons As- 
serted against Mr. Macpherson. 8vo, half calf . 

Lond. 1773. 
^ 3206. WHITE (F. S.) A History of Inventions and Discoveries 

alphabetically arranged. 8vo, morocco antique, gilt top. 

Lond. 1827. 




3207. ^YHITEFIELD (George). A Letter to His Excellency 
Governor Wright, giving an Account of the Steps taken 
relative to the converting the Georgia Orphan-House into 
a College : Together with the Literary Correspondence 
that passed upon that Subject between his Grace the 
Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Reverend Mr. White- 
field. 8vo. Lond.for J. Millan^ etc. 1768. 
2:cr^08. WHITELAW (Alex.) Book of Scottish Songs. Square 
12 mo, clothe gilt. Glasgoic, 1853. 
<{t^ 3209. WHITELAW (A.) Casket of Literary Gems. 1st and 2d 
Series. 4 vols. 12rao, half calf . Glasgoic, 1829. 
Jo 3210. WHITELAW (A.) The Republic of Letters: a Selection in 
Poetry and Prose. 4 vols. 12mo, bds. Glasyoio, 1833. 
: 3211. WHITNEY (Geffrey). A Choice of Erableraes and other 
Devises, For the moste parte gathered out of sundrie 
writers, Englished and Moralized. And divers newly 
devised by Geffrey Whitney ... in a series of (250) most 
elegant wood cuts, with descriptions to each, in English 
Verse. 4to, green morocco extra., by Paicson and Kichol- 
son. Imprinted at Ley den, in the House of Christopher 
Plantyn, by Francis Raphelengixis., 1586. 
For a minute description of this rare book, see the Bibliotheca Anglo- 
Poetioa, where it is priced £3 8s. Od ; also, Brydges' Censura Literaria, 
Ames's Typog. Antiquities, by Herbert, and Eetrospective Review, ix., 
122-140. ' 
lT^ 3212. WIEDEMAN (Elias). Comitium Gloria. 100 Portraits of 
the Great Men of Poland. YoWo, calf No Title. 1646. 
f/^ 32^*13. WIERCX (A.) A Collection of 39 Plates, mostly by this 
Artist, in 8vo, morocco^ richly gilt. 

3214. WIERCX. A Collection of 64 very beautiful Engravings, 

by A. and H. Wiercx ; neatly mounted, in a 4to volume, 
half red morocco., gilt edges. 

3215. WIERX (Hieronymus). Opera. Fine im2)ressio7is of the 

Plates. 2 vols. 12mo, half ccdf s. 1. s. a. 

Includes the Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, St. 
Ignatius Loyola, etc. 

, 3216. WIERX (HieronjTnus). Vita Deiparae Virgiuis Marise. 21 

beautiful Plates. Small 4to, recZ morocco. 1576. 

The prints in this book were formerly in the possession of that eminent 

Collector, WQliam Esdaile, who has placed his Initials on each print ; the 

impressions are superb. 

3217. WIERX. A Collection of 81 Plates, by this Distinguished 
Artist and his Followers; all mounted, i?i 4to, a?id bound 
^ in morocco, gilt edges. 

f 3218. WIERX, GALLE, etc. A Collection of 228 Engravings, 

Chiefly Emblematical and Scriptural; neatly mounted in 

folio, half morocco., gilt edges. 

3219. WILCOX (Revd. J.) Sermons on Mutual Love among 

Christians. 8vo, morocco extra. Ipsxcich [1818]. 

252 ' WILLIAMS. 

f, /l 

t^ 3220. WILDE. Gemmge Selectae Antiquae, e Museo Jacobi de 
Wilde, sive L. Tabulae. 4to, halfr^issia. 

Amstelcedami, 1 V 0:^ . 

JV 3221. WILDE (W. R.) The Closing Years of Dean Swift's Life. 

8vo, dofh. " DiMin, 1849. 

/,S~^ 3221.* WILLE. Recueil De Paysages et Autres Figures Dessinees 

et Artistement Gravees par Jean Georges Wille. 4to. 

Paris, 1801. 

3 , ^^ 3222. WILLETT. Catalogue of the Library of Ralph Willett, 

Esq. Priced. 8vo, half russia. Lond. 1813. 

"The Merly Library." — "The same year there was fought such a fight, 

as, take it for all ia all, the like again hath not been witnessed since the 

memorable day of the Roxburgho battle. I would be understood here to 

allude to the Willett contest, or to the sale of the Merly Library." — DibdMs 

Bihliograph ical Decameron. 

,5*r~3223. WILLIAMS (Peter, Junr.) An Oration on the Abolition of 
the Slave Trade; and Cowdrev's Speech. 8vo, half calf. 

A": Y. 1808. 

J*, 3224. WILLIAMS. Catalogue of the Splendid and Valuable 

Library of the Rev. Theodore Williams. Large and 

thick paper., loith Prices and Ncrmes. Impl. 8vo, half 

rtissia. Lond. 1827. 

/, Jl?3225. . Another Copy. lmY>\. 8vo, boards. Zond. 1821. 

This collection sold for £10,213 lis. 6d. 

/if., 3220. WILLIAMS (H. W.) Select Views in Greece, with Classi- 

cal Illustrations: a Series of sixty-four beautiful Line En- 
gravings, by Horsburgh, Miller, and other distinguished 
Artists, after Drawings by H. W. Williams and C. R. 
Cockerel, Esqrs. 2 vols, in 1. 4to, red Turkey morocco^ 
richly gilt. Lond. 1829. 

" Tlus exquisite work has called forth the admiration of aU lovers of the 
fine arts, and well entitled is Mr. Williams to caU these views select; for 
they are so in every fine and high sense of the word. The choice of sub- 
jects, the exquisite beauty of the execution, and above ah, the poetical feel- 
ing displayed, render them truly fascinating. Art seems to be carried here 
to its highest extent."' — Literary Gazette. 

WILLIAMS (P. B.) Guide to Caernarvon. 8vo. 1832. 

WILLIS (N. P.) American Scenery. \Q Plates. 4to. 

Lond.n. d. 

3229. WILLIS (N. P.) Letters from under a Bridge, and Poems. 
Profusely illustrated, with additional Plates; in all 22. 
Small 4to, half morocco. Lond. 1840. 

3230. WILLIS (N. P.) Memoranda of the Life of Jenny Lind. 
Imp]. 8vo, half red morocco, top (/lit. Phila. 1851. 

This copy is extensively illustrated, and contains a large number of News- 
paper Cattings, Tickets, etc. 

/ SI? 3231 . WILLOUGHBY. So Much of the Diary of Lady Willough- 
by as relates to her Domestic History and to the Eventful 





Period of the Reign of Charles I. Small 4to, morocco 
antique^ tooled edges ^ by Haijday. Loud. 1844, 

WILSON (Alexander), Poems, chiefly in the Scottish 
Dialect, With an Acconnt of his Life and Writings, 
12 mo, calf. Loud. 1816. 

3233, WILSON (James), Silent Love: a Poem, 19 Plates in- 

serted. 3d Edition. \2m.o., hcdf red morocco. 

Paisley., 1844, 

3234, WILSON (Joseph), Memorabilia Cantabrigiae ; or an Ac- 

count of the Different Colleges in Cambridge. 12mo, calf. 

Lond. 1803, 

3235, WILSON (J.) Shakspeariana : Catalogue of all the Books, 

Pamphlets, etc., relating to Shakspear. \2mo, half calf 


WILSON (Robert), An Historical Account and Delineation 
of Aberdeen, Plates. l2mo, half calf Aberdeen., 1822. 

WILSON (Robert), Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Edinb. 1822, 

[WILSON (T,)] Catalogue Raisonne of the Select Col- 
lection of Engravings of an Amateur, Printed on Wri- 
ting Paper, icitJi 100 Prints inserted, the greater nmnber of 
which are the Identical ones described by Mr. Wilson; the 
remainder are specimens of the 3fasters named in the text. 
4to, morocco extra., by Hayday. 

Lond. privately printed, 1828. 
Prefixed is a MS. List of the Prints, designating the Originals, Copies, 

Page, etc. The Fac-Similes of the Rare Etchings are by George Cruik- 

shank and Frank Howard. See also under Catalogue Raisonne. 

[WILSON (Wm, Rae)], Notes Abroad and Rhapsodies at 
Home, by a Veteran Traveller. Plates. 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 

Lond. 1837, 
WILSON (Wm, Rae), Travels in Russia, etc. Illustrated 
by Engravings. 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt; elegant. 

Lond. 1828. 

. Another Copy. 2 vols, 8vo, half calf 

Lond. 1828. 

. Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land, 13 Plates. 

Syo, calf " Lond. 1824. 

, The Same. 3d Edition, With Letters of Wilson 

to Mr. John Allan. 2 vols, 8vo, green morocco. 

Lond. 1831, 
" We have seldom met a traveller who seemed to be so free from all 
design of giving a false colouring to what he saw or what befell him." — 
Edinburgh Review. 

WILSON. Memoir of Mrs. R. Wilson. Privately printed. 
From the Library of the Duke of Sussex. 1 2mo. 

EdiJib. 1813. 


254 WITHER. 

/^ 3245. WDIBLEDOX. Remains of Wimbledon. 8vo, hdf mo- 

rocco, vncxt. Edlnb. 1826. 

2,^0 3246. WIN"DTJS (Thomas). A Xew Elucidation of the Subjects 
on the Celebrated Portland Vase, formerly called the 
Barberini ; and the Sarcophagus, in which it was dis- 
covered. 4to, half morocco. Ziond. 1845. 

S~ 3247. WINKELMAN" (J.) Histoire de I'Art Chez les Anciens, 
trad, de I'AUemand, avec des Notes historiques et critiques 
de diiferens auteurs. 3 vols. 4to, calf. Paris, 1802. 

,J^3248. WINTER'S WREATH for 1828. \2mo, silk. 

Lond. 1828. 

/, 3249. WINTER'S WREATH for 1829. \1mo,silk. Lond. 1829. 

^ f) 3250. WIXTHROP (Benj. Robert). Old New York; read before 

the New York Historical Society, February 4, 1862. 
From Valentine's Manual, 1862. Privately printed,' il- 
lustrated copy. Rl. 8vo, calf gilt edges. N. Y. 1862. 

>»?3251. . The Washington Chair, presented to the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society. Plate. 8vo, pp. 7. 

A ^ 3252. WIRGMAN (Thos.) Divarication of the New Testament. 
Titles in Gold and Colours, and the text partly printed on 
tinted p>aper ; very ciirious. 8vo, hds. Lond. 1834. 

^, 3253. WITCHCRAFT. A Collection qf Rare and Curious Tracts 
relating to Witchcraft, between 1618-1664. 8vo, bds. 

Lond. 1838. 

j2^^ 3254. WITHER (George). Abvses Stript and Whipt ; or Satiri- 

cal Essaies, Diuided into two Bookes. Also, the Scourge 
Epigrams. [First Edition.] 12mo, red morocco extra, 
gilt edges, silk linings; fine copy; very rare. 
At London, Printed by G. Eld, for Francis Bvrton, 1613. 

/ 0^* ^-^^- WITHER (George). A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and 

Moderne ; Quickened With Metricall Illustrations, both 
Morall and Divine ; And disposed into Lotteries, That 
Instruction, .and Good Counsell, may bee furthered by an 
Honest and Pleasant Recreation. 20Qfine Plates, by Cris- 
pin de Pass; complete with the Frontispiece and Portrait. 
Folio, olive morocco, tooled borders, gilt edges; fine copy. 
Lond. for lohn Grismond, 1635. 

" The general character of Wither's Emblems is that of sound morality, 
enforced in a sensible style ; tinctured with warm religious feelings, and 
some of them adorned with fresh and fragrant flowers of Poetry." — Retro- 
spectivt Review, vol. ix. On Page 34, reference is made to the Westerne 

^, 3256. WITHER'S EMBLEMS. A Collection of 120 Plates, En- 

graved by Crispin de Pass, 4to. 



3257. WITHER (George). The Psalmes of David Translated Into 
Lyrick-Verse, according to the scope, of the Original, and 
illustrated^ vith a Short Argument, and a hreife Prayer, 
or Meditation; before, and after, every Vsa\rD.e. 12 mo, 
hhie morocco extra ^ very fine copy; extremely rare. 

Imprinted in the Neatherlands^ By Cornelis 
Gerrits van Breughel, 1632. 
As a specimen of typography, superior to any of Wilher's productions. 
Priced, in the Bibl. Ang.-Poet.,"No. 793, £5 5y. M. 

"3258. WITHER (George). Select Lyrical Poems; written about 
1622. Printed on one side of the leaf. Small 4to, red 
morocco. Kent, printed at the private pjr ess of 

Lee Priory, 1815. 

3259. . Another copy, on Tinted paper. 8vo, maroon mo- 
rocco extra. Lee Priory, 1815. 

One hundred copies only printed. 

3260. WITHER (George). A Triple Paradox : Affixed to a Covn- 

ter-Mvre Raised against the Furious Batteries of Re- 
straint, Slander, and Poverty, The three Grand Engines 
of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. Vlino, red mo- 
rocco, by J. 3fackenzie. 

Land. Printed for the Author, 1661. 


OF SCOTLAND. 4to, cloth. Edinb. 1843. 

3262. WOLFGANG. A Collection of Emblems, by Wolfgang. 

J^eatly mounted in a small 4to, half morocco. 

3263. WOLFIUS (Joh). Opera Omnia Theologico Historico 

Politica. 3fost curious Plates of Monsters, etc. Folio, 
hogskin. Hemipoli, 1672. 

WOOD. Modius Saliimi. A Collection of such Pieces of 
Humour as Prevail'd at Oxford in the Time of Mr, An- 
thony a Wood. Collected by himself . 12mo, calf extra. 

Oxford, 1751. 

WOOD CUTS. Newe Kiinstliche Wohlgerissene vnnd in 

Holtz geschnittene Figuren dergleichen niemahleii gese- 

hen worden. Oblong 4to, half calf . Franrhfurt, 1620. 

Contains 340 specimens of Albert Durer, H. Holbein, Hans Behaim. 

Hans Sclioeuflin, and other early German Artists, chiefly of Emblematical 

and Historical Subjects, interesting for the display of various Costume : 

mostly with German and Latin verses beneath. 

WOOD ENGRAVING. Five Specimen Volumes of Wood 
Engraving. 8vo and 12mo. 

WOOD ENGRAVINGS. Ancient and Modern Wood En- 
gravings. 60 Specimens in 1 vol. 8vo, calf. 

WOOD ENGRAVINGS. A Collection of 108 Plates. 8vo, 
red morocco. 

WOOD ENGRAVINGS. A Collection of 230 W^ood En- 
gravings. 4to, half hound. 

256 WORSIllPPE. 

/ 32V0. WOOD ENGRAVINGS. A Collection of Engravings on 

Wood. 8vo, morocco. [1857.] 


2 vols. 4to, h((If morocco, uncut. Load. 1816. 

Contains 200 Portraits of celebrated Englishmen, consistino^ of Original 
Plates, engraved by Pass, Loggan, Payne, Deleram, Elstracke, White, Faith- 
orne, etc. Published at £21. 

WOODROW (G.) Biographical Gallery. 240 Portraits. 
]2mo, cloth. Two copies. Lond. 1834. 

1, rO 3273. WOODWARD (G. M.) Elements of Bacchus : or Toasts 
and Sentiments given by Distinguished Characters. Illus- 
trated with Forty Portraits in Aqua Tint of the most Cele- 
brated Bon Vivants in Great Britain, witli a Variety of 
Anecdotes and Remarkable Traits, prefixed to each Por- 
trait. 4to, half calf. Lond. 1792. 
Many of these ^Sketches are of the Politicians of the time. 

/, SO 3274. WOODWARD (G. M.) Le Brun Travestied ; or Carica- 
tures of the Passions. Etched by T. Roiclandson. 4to. 

Lond. 1800. 

cT; 3275. WOOLEY (Charles). A Two Years' Journal in New York 

and Parts of its Territories in America [1679]. A new 

Edition, with copious Historical and Biographical Notes, by 

E. B. O'Callaghan, M. D. Large jnqyer copy. 4to, cl. 

N. Y. 1860. 
Fifty copies only printed in this size. 
J2, 3276. WOOLEY (Charles). A Two Years' Journal in New York 
and Parts of its Territories in America [1679]. Manu- 
script^ tcritten in a fine., legible hand. 4to. 
S'O 3277. WORGAN (J. D.) Select Poems, etc., with Life by Hay- 
ley. 8vo, cf. Lond. 1810. 

/; 3278. WORLD OF FASHION. Coloured Plates. Vol. 2. 4to. 

Lond. 1825. 

3279. [WORSHIPPE (William)]. m<t Chvfstiau's Jttoorn= 
i«fl Cffarment. Jilacfe %zxxzx. i2mo, caif 

Lond. for Th. Panier, 1608. 
„ 3280. [WORSLEY (Richard)]. The History of the Isle of Wight. 
Plates. 4to, calf. Lond. 1781. 

SO 3281. WREATH (The). A Collection of Poems. ISmo, calf. 

T^ond. 1806. 
/^ 3282. WRIGHT (J.) Mornings at Bow Street. 21 Illustrations 

by George Cruikshank. 8vo, bds. Lond. 1825. 

^, S~0 3283. WRIGHT (Thos.) The Archaological Album ; or Museum 
of National Antiquities, with Illustrations by F. W. Fair- 
holt. 4to, cloth. Lond. 1845. 
Contains 28 Plates, several illuminated ; also 117 Wood Cuts. 
•^0 3284. WYCHERLY (W.) The Country Wife: a Comedy. 4to. 

Lond. 1695. 


J-<;3285. WYCHERLY (W.) The Gentleman Dancing Master: a 
Comedy. 4to. Loud. 1693. 

3286. WYCHERLY (W.) The Gentleman Dancing Master. 4to, 

half morocco Lond. 

3287. WYCHERLY (W.) The Plain Dealer: a Comedy. 4to, 

half morocco. Lond. 1686. 

3288. WYCHERLY (W.) Love in a Wood ; or St. James' Park : 

a Comedy. 4to, half morocco. Lond. 1672. 

"In pointed satire, Wycherly shall reign." — Evelyn. 

WYLIE (William). Ayrshire Streams ; or Scenes, Charac- 
ters, and Traditions of the West Country. 12mo, ccdf 

Lond. 185 1. 
3290. WYNKEN DE WORDE. [Colophon.] Explicit tractatus 
verbor[um] defectiuor[um]. Lnpressus per Winandii de 
) tcorde in cmitate London in vico nunctqjcito the Flete 

strete au signuni SoUs. A heautiful specimen of this 
Early English Printer., icith Portraits inserted. One leaf 
wanting. 8vo, red tnorocco., gold Borders., by Mackenzie. 

Lond. n. d. 

3201. WYNNE (James). Private Libraries of New York. Large 

papjer copy., icith Portraits and Lllustrations added. Impl. 

8vo, hcdf morocco. N'. Y. 1860. 

One hundred copies only printed in this style. 

3292, . Same. Small paper. 8vo, cloth. iVi Y. 1860. 

3293. . Same. So much as relcdes to the Library of Mr. 

John Allan., loith Portrait and Cuttings inserted. Large 

Paper. Impl. 8vo, hcdf morocco. N. Y. 1860. 

Mr. Allan, in common with the other gentlemen who did not describe 

their own libraries, was much disappointed with the notice of his collection. 

Dr. Wynne, unfortunately, knew but little about rare books, and seemed to 

^ regard long sets and large volumes as necessarily the most valuable. 

>^?294. WYNNE (Dr.) Private Libraries of New York. The arti- 
cles as originally published in the New York Evening 
Post. Mounted in, a 4to, hcdf m,orocco. JSf. Y. 1856. 

>^95. cvenophon's rr^atfse of l^obisholtre. 2$Iacfe %nxtx. 

18mo, calf. Lnqjrinted at London., in Flete .^tvete., by 

Tliomas Berthelet,lb?,1. 
" To THE Reder. — This boke of householde, full of hyghe wiscdome, 
written by the noble philosopher Xenophon ... is right counnynly trans- 
lated out of the greke tonge into Englysshe, by Gentian Hernot at the desyre 
of mayster Geffrey Pole, wbiche boke for the welthe of this realme, I deme 
very profitable to be red. " 

^ 3296. YAHOO (The). A Satirical Rhapsody. 8vo, cloth. 

K^. 3':i833. 

3297. YONGE (Wm.) England's Shame; or the l^nmasking of a 

Politick Atheist, Being a Full and Faithful Relation of the 

Life and Death of that Grand Impostor Hugh Peters, etc. 

IBmo, ra//". Zy;^/. 1663. 


258 ZETTER. 

J?, 3298. YOXGE (Wm.) England's Shame, etc. Another Copy. 
ISnio, half calf . Load. 1663. 

^, J7) 3299. YORKE (Phihp). The Royal Tribes of Wales. 4to, calf. 

Wrexham, 1799. 
:?,2.«r~3300. YOUNG (Edward). Night Thoughts. 8vo, calf. 

Zond. 1802. 
3301. YOUNG (H. R.) Catalogue of Napoleon Medals. 8vo. 

Zond. 1818. 

3302. YOUNG (John). A Catalogue of Pictures by British Artists, 
in the Possession of Sir Johx Fleming Leicester. 4to, 
half morocco. Zond. 1825. 

., 3303. YOUNG (John). A Catalogue of the Pictures at Grosvenor 
House. 4to, half morocco. Zond. 1S21. 

//, 6~0 3304. [YOUNG (Samuel)]. A Wall Street Bear in Europe, Avith 
his Familiar Foreign Journal of a Tour through portions 
of England, Scotland, France and Italy. Illiistrated by 68 
Prints Inserted, with the Author's Autograph Zetter to 
Mr. Allan. 12 mo, morocco extra. 

N. Y. printed for Private Circulation., 1855. 

ST) 3305. YOUNG (Wra.) A New Latin and English Dictionary. 

8vo, sheep. Zond. 1822. 

/, J^<9 3306. YRI ARTE (D. Tomas de). La Musica Poema. Fine Plates. 

4to, calf. En Madrid en la imprenta Meal., 1789. 

3 . 3307. ZENGER. Tryal of John Peter Zenger, of New York, 

Printt'r, who was lately Try'd and Acquitted for Printing 
and Publishing a Libel against the Government, With 
the Pleadings and Arguments on both Sides. Also, Re- 
mai'ks on the Trial of John Peter Zenger, Printer of the 
New York Weekly Journal, etc. 2 vols, in 1. 4to ; scarce. 

Z^ond. 1738. 
Important for illustrating the History of the Liberty of the Press. 

S7^ 3308. ZENTNER (L.) A Select Collection of (36) Landscapes 
from the Best Old Masters; to which are added, Portraits 
of the Artists, and a short Biographical Account of each 
[in French and EngHsh]. Oblong folio, bds. Zond. 1791. 

/, 3309. ZETTER. Emblemes nouveaux esquels le cours de ce monde 

est depeint et represente par certaines Figures, desquelles 
le sens est explique par rimes : dresses pour plus grande 
incitation aux gens de bien et honorables, d'en suivre la 
piete et vertu . . . Premierement en AUemand par Andre 
Frideric, et maintenant en Fran9ois mis en lumiere par 
Jacq. de Zettre. 88 Plates. 4to, half calf . No Title. 

Francofort Ajnid Zvcam Zennis Anno 1617. 

«SV 3310. ZLMMERMAN (J. G.) Aphorisms and Reflections. 12mo, 
calf. Zond. 1800. 

ZOUCH. 259 

?,J^ 3311. ZIMMERMAN (J. G.) On Solitude. Translated. 8vo, 
falf. Land. 1797. 

. Another Erlition. 2 vols. 18nio, calf. Lond. 1805. 

ZINCGREFIUS. EmblematvmEthico-Politicorvm Contvria 
Ivlii Gvilielrni Zincgrefii. Editio Secunda. Coelo Matth. 
Meriani. 4to, red morocco extra, gilt. 

Franckfort [1624]. 
ZINCGREFIUS (Jul. Guiliel.) Emblematum Ethico-Poli- 
ticorvm Centvria. Editio ultima auctior et emendatior 
annexo Indice. \Q0 fine Plates by Pierian. 4to. 

Heidelhergce., apud Clementuni Ammoniu, 1666. 
The verses under the Plates are in French and German. 

3315. ZOUCH (Thos.) The Life of Isaac Walton, including Notices 
of his Contemporaries. Beautifully Illustrated. Larof(^ 
Paper copy. 4to, calf extra, gilt edges. Lond. 1823. 

/z7, ^^^^'^^ 



l^ 3326. ABERNETHY.— PEEL. Letter of Dr. John Abernethy, 
with Portrait ; and of Sir Robt. Peel to Dr. Chalmers. 2. 

^'«^ 3327. ADAMS. Very Interesting Letter of John Adams to Hon. 
Thomas Seymour, referring partly to the Troubles with 
the French Republic, dated March 10, 1794. 
3328. ALGER. Letters by C. C. Alger, E. H. Allen, David G. 
Bennett, and R. Balmanno. 7. 

/ O 3329. ALLEN". Letters of Dr. John Allen, Wm. Cobbett, and Earl 
Spencer, the Book Collector. 3. 

; J7> 3330. AMHERST. Letters, signed Jeffrey Amherst, to Colonel 
Bradstreet, N. Y., 22d February, 1760 ; and of John Brad- 
street to Sir Jeffrey Amherst, dated Albany, May 25, 
1763. 2. 

,^0 z%Z\. ARNOLD. Note of Benedict Arnold, inviting Mr. Lud- 
low to a family dinner; and a card of Mrs. Arnold, re- 
questing the company of Mrs. Ludlow and Mr. Ludlow, Jr., 
to tea. 2. 

^,\rO 3332. ARNOLD. Letter of Benedict Arnold to Captain Wells. 

, aj— 3333. BIDDLE. Letters of Nicholas Biddle, James Biddle, Cora- 

' modore Chauncey, and Colonel Totten. 4. 

r^ 3334. BONAPARTE. Signature of Bonaparte, as General-in- 
Chief of the Army of Italy, from Milan. 

p^ S~0 3335. BONAPARTE. Signature of Bonaparte to a Commission 
to General Berthier, 1799. On vellum. 

3336. BUCHAN. Letters by the Earl of Buchan, Lady Sidmouth, 
and M. M. Wraxhall. 3. 

The Earl of Buchan presented General Washington with a Box, made from 
the Oak that sheltered Sir William Wallace after the battle of Falkirk. — 
See Washington's Will 

3337. BURNS. Fragment of a Letter written by Robt. Burns, as 
below, in Black Frame, glazed. 

" of Song. You said something about Robinson in j^our last, but I dont 
precisely remember what it was as the letter is not by me. I suppose it 
had reference to the Poem. 

" Keep my Direction ' at Mauchline' till I inform you of any change. 
Adieu. Robt. Burns. 

"EUesland, 8ih Augud, 1788." 



^f 3338. CLINTOX. Letter, sifrned by George Clinton, relating to 

the assumed jurisdiction of Vermont in the State of N. Y. ; 
and Autograph Letters of Wm. J. Duane, William Craw- 
ford, and others. T. 
^,y<'i 3339. CLINTON". Letters by De Witt Clinton, Martin Van 
' Buren, Wm. H. Seward, Wm. L. Marcy, and Daniel D. 
Tompkins. 5. 
/.y>i 3340. CLINTON. Letters by De Witt Clinton, Edward Everett, 
Henry Clay, and James Buchanan. 4. 
y^ySl? 3341. CLINTON. A Letter of Four Pages, by Sir Henry Clinton, 
dated January 8, 1793. 
/O 3342. COBBETT. Letters by William Cobbett, Doctor Alex- 
ander, and Joseph Lancaster. 3. 
S^S'O 3343. COLDEN. Letter of Cadwallader Colden to Major-General 
Monckton, dated New Yoi'k, May 3, 1765. 
/O 3344. COLQUHOLTN. Letters of P. Colquhoun, respecting Lands 
on the Black River; Walt. Paton, James Ross, P. Butler, 
Wm. Gilpin, J. Britton. 6. 
2^ 3345. COl^TTS. Letters by Coutts the Banker, Rowland Hill, 
I. Inness, and others. 7. 
/, S~0 3346. CROCKETT. Letter of Colonel David Crockett to Carev & 
Hart, of Philadeljihia. 8th Dec, 1834. 
/ 3347. CRAWFORD. Letters of John, Earl of Crawford & Lind- 
say, Llandaif, Mr. Pugin, and three others. 6. 
/^8348. CRL'IKSHANK. Letters by George Cruikshank, William 
Allan, Paul Sandby, and Arthur Aikin, with Portrait. 4. 
yj^349. CUNYNGHAME. Lease from Sir David Cnnynghame, of 
Robertland, to William Howburne, of Chapeltown, in 
Ayrshire. 1639. 
^* /^ 3350. DIBDIN. Letters of Thomas Frognall Dibdin, Bernard 
Barton, with Portrait ; Charles Dickens, and Charlotte 
Smith. 4. 
a Letter of Rochefontaine. 2. 
DODD and DOUCE. Letters of Thomas Dodd, with Por- 
trait ; and Francis Douce, the Shakespearian Commentatoi*. 
DUER. William Duer's Vindication, dated " Camp on the 

Raritan, March 9th, 1779," addressed to the public. 

DUNLAP. Letter of Dunlap ; proposals for publishing the 

" Arts of Design," and Receipt. Also, Letters of S. L. 

Waldo, Robert Gilraore, and Charles Colton. 5. 


Byron, etc. 7. 

/y j^^ 3356. FOX. Letter of Charles James Fox, with Portrait. 


3357. FRANKLIN. List of Voters' Names, in 1746, in Franklin's 

writinof, with Colonial Bill for twenty shillings, printed by 
B. Franklin and D. Hall. 

3358. FRANKLIN. Letter of Benjamin Franklin, addressed to 

Mr. T. Bucket, Bookseller, Strand, London ; ordering books 
for the Library Company of Philadelphia. 

3359. FRANKLIN. Benjamin Franklin's Post-Office Account, 

from 1770 to 1772, showing a balance in his hands of 
£450 8.<t, Gd.^ signed by B. Franklin. 

3360. FRANKLIN. Letter of Benjamin Franklin to Mr. Jonathan 

Williams, Junior, dated January 13, 1772. 

"I hope you will adhere strictly to your Ready money Plan, 

■which, in my Opinion, is too good to be parted with, as leading directly to 
success in your Business. I am 

'•Your Affectionate Uncle, 

"B. Franklin," 

3361. FREDERICK. Signature of Frederick the Great to a Let- 

ter to the Marquis Lucherini. 

3362. FULTON. Letter of Robert Fulton to Commodore Chauncy, 

relating to the Use of Ice Fire-Boats, for destroying the 
Enemies' Fleet on the Lakes, with Chauncy 's Reply. 2. 

3363. FULTON. Long Letter of Robert Fulton to James Mon- 

roe, concerning Doctor Thornton. 9 pages. 

3364. GAGE. Letter of General Gage to Colonel Bradstreet, 

dated New York, 21st Oct., 1765. 

3365. GAGE. Another, to the same, dated New York, Nov. 25, 


3366. GATES. Letter of General Horatio Gates to Doct. Rush, 

dated Sept. 1st, 1797, with Portrait. 

3367. GEORGE III. and GEORGE IV. Signatures to Two Docu- 

ments. 2. 

GREENE (General). Letter, signed Nathaniel Greene, to 
Nehemiah Hubbort, Esq., dated Valley Forge, 12th June, 

3369. HAMILTON. Letter, signed Alexander Hamilton, dated 

Treasury Department, Jan. 14, 1791, with Portrait; and 
Letter of De Witt Clinton and Bushrod Washington. 3. 

3370. HAMILTON nud GALLATIN. Two Letters, signed A. 

Hamilton and Albert Gallatin. 2. 

3371. HAMILTON and WOLCOTT. Two Letters, signed A. 

Hamilton and Oliv. Wolcott. 2. 

3372. HANCOCK. An Interesting Letter, of two pages, to John 

Sullivan, Esq., dated Boston, July 5, 1787; signed John 
Hancock, with Portrait. 

3373. HANCOCK. Congressional Document, signed by John 

Hancock and Charles Thompson. 


Jl, S'O .3374. HANCOCK. Order of John Hancock, for a Beaver Hat, to 
Joseph Jackson. 1764. 

^, 3375. HANCOCK and Others. Document on Parchment, dated 

Boston, Nov. 10, 1787 ; signed by John Hancock, Thomas 
Cashing, James Bowdoin, G. Adams, and many others. 

/t/ 3376. HERSCHELL. Long Letter of Sir John F. W. Herschell, 
George Chalmers, and Signature of Archibald Constable. 3. 

/,VJ 3377. HOBAET and Others. Letters of Bishop Hobart, Dr. 

^ Mitchell, and Dr. Hosack. 3. 

A 2 ^"^3378. HL^XTINGTON and Others. Note of S. Huntington to 

Thomas Jefferson, O. Elsworth, and Signature of Robt. 

Morris. 3. 

3379. IRVING. Two Notes from Washington Irving to George 

P. Putnam. 

3380. IRVING. Pageof MS., by Washington Irving. Letters of J. 

Fenimore Cooper, N. P. Willis, and Signatures of Daniel 

Webster and Alexander Wilson. 5. 

< 3381. JACKSON and Others. Three Documents, signed by An- 

* drew Jackson, Ed. Livingston, John Adams, Chas. Lee, 

M. Van Bnren, and J. Forsyth. 3. 

Q,^ 3382. JAY. Letter of John Jay to Mrs. J. Bedford, with Portrait 

and Memoir. 

,&L^3383. JAY and KNOX, Two Documents, signed by John Jay (with 

Portrait) and General Knox. 2. 

^, 3384. JEFFERSON. Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Revd. Mr. 

Hatch, dated Monticello, May 12, 1822, 
/^, 3385. JEFFERSON. Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Stephen 

Van Rensselaer, dated Monticello, Feb. 20, 1825. 
,SV 3386. JEFFERSON and Others. Three Documents, signed by Jef- 
ferson, Madison, Monroe, J, Q. Adams, and Henry Clay. 

SO, 3387, JONES. Letter of J. Paul Jones to Hector McNeill, Esq., 

dated Ranger, Quibesonbay, 23d Feb., 1778, with Two 

/, 3388. JONES. Fac-Simile of a Commission to John Paul Jones? 

Esquire, signed by John Hancock and Charles Thomson* 
Framed and glazed. 

^. S'0 3389. KNOX. Letter of General Henry Knox, with Portrait and 

/<-, 3390. LAFAYETTE, A very Interesting and Eloquent Letter, in 

English, by Lafayette to an English Friend, dated Cha- 
vaignac, December the 10th, 1791, He says: 

" I Have received very satiafactorv Accounts from the United iStates, The 
Beloved and Blessed Land; there every Heart is satisfied, every thing 
thriving," etc. 


^y 3 391. LAFAYETTE and LAV ATER. Two Signatures. 2. 

y£^3392. LETTER written in 1617, by an Englishman travelling in 
" The Women are horses." — Extract. 


^^''3394. LIVIXGSTOX, etc. Signatures of Edward Livingston, ♦« 
' Andrew Jackson, and Louis McLane. "With Portrait of 

Edward Livingston. 3. 

2S~^^^o. LIST of the Names of his Majesty's Musicians. 1697. 
/O 3396. LOUIS XVI. of France, two Documents, signed Count 
Vergennes, Duke de Noailles, and Louis Auguste de Bour- 
bon. 5. 
f, ^6 3397. LOUIS. Three Signatures by Louis, King of France, 1781 ; 
Henry, and Louis XV. 3. 
„ 3398. LOLTIS XVIIL Signature of Louis XVIIL ; also of Mirabeau, 
and Letter of Chateaubriand. 3. 
yf^^. MACKENZIE. Letter by Henry Mackenzie, author of the 
/ " Man of Feeling," with Portrait. 

MACKENZIE. Letter by Henry Mackenzie, mentioning 
Dr. Franklin, Mrs. Siddons, etc., October, 1784. Also, Let- 
ters by Sir David Brewster, O'Meara, and Miss Bremer. 4. 
McLANE and Others. Five Letters by Louis McLane, 
J. K. Poinsett, Henry Clay, R. Hobbes, and James Bu- 
chanan. 5. 

MADISON and MONROE. Letters by James Madison, 
October, 1818, and James Monroe, September, 1802. 2. 
,S^ 3403. MADISON and Others. Letters by James Madison and 
Caesar Rodney ; and Letter, signed A. Hamilton. 3. 

S^ 3404. MONTGOMERY and Others. Long Letter by James Mont- 
gomery to Allan Cunningham, with Portrait. Letter of 
John Gait, and Receipt by J. Pinkertou. 4. 

Y'^^MOo. MORE. Letter by Hannah More, with Portrait ; John Gait, 
and Robert Tannahill. 4. 

OZ 3406. MORGAN. Note by Lady Morgan, with Portrait ; Order 

by Charlotte Smith, and Signature of S. C. Hall. 4. 

2<^ 3407. MORGAN. Note by Lady Morgan, with Portrait and Me- 
moir; and Letters by Charlotte Smith and William L. 
Bowles. 4. 

VJ 3408. MORRIS. Letter signed by Robert Morris, with Portrait; 
and Letter by Rufus King. 3. 

OZ. 3409. MURAT. Two Autographs by Murat, King of Naples, Let-' 

ters of Marmont, Duke of Ragusa, and Joseph Bonaparte. «^.V 
NELSON. Card of Admission to the Funeral Procession of 
Admiral Nelson, issued to Henry Fuseli. 





4^ 3414. 
^(f 3415. 
»^ 3416. 

/(? 3417. 


Sl> 3420. 

3. 3422. 

/^ 3423. 

//, 3424. 
/# 3426. 


NEWTOX. Three Long Letters by the Rev. John Xewton. 


XEWTOX. Letter by Rev. John Xewton to Mr. William 
Burlap, with Portrait ; and Resolution creating William 
Burlap a tree Burgess of Paisley. 3. 

PAFF. Prospectus of Mr. Paif's Gallery of Paintings, in 
1812, with Signatures of the prominent New Yorkers of 
that day. 

PEEL. Letters of Sir Robert Peel, Duke of Roxburgh, and 
Lord Melville, with their Portraits. 6. 

PEEL. Letter of Sir Robert Peel, with Portrait ; and Letters 
by Lord Guildford and Lady Sidmouth. 4. 

QUEEX HORTEXSE. Letters by Queen Hortense, of Hol- 
land ; Louise d' Albany, daughter of Bonnie Prince Charlie ; 
and the Prince Jules de Polignac. 3. 

PIXKERTOX and Others. Xine Letters, by J. Pinker- 
ton, R. C. Dallas, J. Watson, Malcolm Laing, George 
Cooke, James Bosworth, Mark Xoble, Dr. Carpenter, and 
S. R. Meyrick. 9. 

POPE URBAXUS V. Fragment of a Bull from Pope 
Urbanus V., Signature of Pope Leo XII., and Pope Pius 

vn. 3. 

ROSE, Letter of Hon. George Rose, with Portrait ; Alex- 
ander McKenzie, and William Rae Wilson. 3. 

ROSCOE. Letters by William Roscoe, Archibald Alison, 
T. X. Talfourd, and F. Tytler. 4. 

RUSH. Document and Letter by Richard Rush, with Por- 
trait ; Letter by E. C. Genet ; Xotes by Albert Gallatin 
and Daniel Webster. 6. 

ST. LEGER. Revolutionary Document, dated Camp before 
Fort Stanwix, August y" 10, 1775 ; Signed, Barry St. 
Leger, William Osb. Hamilton, Secretary. 

SCHUYLER. Letter of Pii. Schuyler to "^George Bethune, 
X. Y., April 18, 1775; and Lease, signed Ph. Schuyler; 
Avith Portrait. 2. 

SCOTT. Letter from Sir Walter Scott to Archibald Trail, 
Abbotsford, 20 March, 1827. 

SCOTT. Xote by Sir Walter Scott, with a fragment of his 
MS. 2. 

SEDGWICK. Letter by Theodore Sedgwick, with Portrait ; 
Bayard Taylor to Mr. Putnam, and a Long and Interesting 
Letter from William Carey, an early jNIissiouary to the 
Indians. 4. 

SIGXATURES of Emanuel, King of Sardinia, 1754; Ferdi- 
nand, Ku)g of Spain, 1 754 ; and Leopold, King of Poland. 3. 




.^^jWs^sTsiGN'ATrRES of Prince George of Denmark, James II. of 

/—/' England ; and Letter of Lord Bute. 3. 

J^»n53429. SOUTHEY and CA3IPBELL. Letter by Robert Southey 

to J. Cottle, with Portrait ; and by Thomas Campbell to 

John Gait, Esq. 3. 

,<'<^3430. SPEXCE. Letters by William Spence, James Maury, and 

fu'elve others. 1-4, 

^^0 3431. STEPHEXS. Poem by Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, Xote by Miss 

Sedgwick, and Poem by McDonald Clarke. 3. 

3432. STEUBEX. Letter (in French) by Baron Steuben, addressed 

to Mr. Walke, late Aide-de-Camp to General Washington, 

Xew York. 

/, J~0 3433. STR AXGE. Letter by Sir Robert Strange, the Engraver, 
^\^.th a Portrait ; Sir David "Wilkie, and Raphael Morghen. 

A,,SD 3434. SUXDRY DOCUMEXTS relating to Pennsylvania Volun- 
teers, Electioneering Hand-I3iils, etc. 
SO 3435. THOMAS. Two Letters by Isaiah Thomas, and Letters by 
Xoah Webster, Rev. Samuel Miller, and Signature of 
Alexander Gordon. 5. 

^ 3436. THOMPSOX.— PEXX. Document signed by Chas. Thomp- 
son, with Portrait ; and Petition of James Hunston to John 
Penn, with the Signature of John Penn. 3. 

.. 3437. THORBURX. Letters by Grant Thorburn, P. M. Wetmore, 
and Signature of James Buchanan, with Portraits. 4. 

^,S0 3438. TRUMBULL. Letters by Colonel John Trumbull and Jon- 
athan Trumbull, with Portraits. 4, 

3439. TRUMBULL. Letters by Colonel Trumbull, John Vander- 
lyn, William Duulap, Rembrandt Peale, and John Xeagle. 


3440. TYLER and FILLMORE. Letters by John Tyler and Mil- 
lard Fillmore. 2. 

3441. VARICK. Letters by Richard Varick, Henry Glen, and 
John Caldwell. 3. 





3442. WASHIXGTOX. General Washington's Answer to the 

Address of the Corporation of Xew York, conferring upon 
him the Freedom of the City, dated May 2d, 1785. 
This ver}' interesting letter occupies two folio pages, and is entirely in 
the hand-writing of " the Immortal Washington." Read in Common Coun- 
cil, 2d May, 1785. One of the most important Autograph documents ever 
sold in this country. 

3443. WASHIXGTOX. Letter of Washington, addressed to Rev. 

Doctor Boucher, dated Mount Airy, Aug. 2, 1773, with 

This interesting letter occupies two 4to pages. 


2Z, 3444. WASHIXGTOX. Signatures of G. Washington and J. 
Knox to a Commission to John Smith, Esquire, as a Cap- 
tain in a Regiment of Infantry, dated Sept. 29, 1789 ; in black 
frame, glazed. 

//, 3445. WASHINGTON". Autograph of Washington— Signature to 

Charles Burdock's Discharge from the Second N. Y. Regi- 

S.S'O 3446. WAYNE. Letter signed by Anthony Wayne, with Por- 
trait; and Letters of Colonel Wadsworth, and Charles 
Thompson. 4. 

3, 3447. WEBSTER. Letter by Daniel Webster, with Portrait; 

and Note by John Randolph. "^ ^ 

^,S'0 3448. WELLINGTON. Letter written and signed by the Duke 
of Wellington. 

J,JV 3449. WEST. Letter by Benjamin West to his Brother, at Upper 

^' 3450. RUSSIA PORTFOLIO, with Flaps. Lettered Autograph 




, ^^3451. 
' ^3453. 

., 3454, 
^ 3455. 
/J 3456. 


J 3458. 
Z/ 3460. 
J 3461. 

», 3462. 

^^"346 3. 


., 3466. 


ACKERMAX. Lot of Prints from Ackerman's Repository. 

ACKERMAX'S PRINTS. A Collection of Twenty-five. 25. 

ENCES. Twelve Coloured Plates. 12. 

ALDEGRAVEN. A CoUection of Ten Engravings, after 
Albert Durer. 10, 

ALDEGREVER. The Labours of Hercules, by Aldegrever. 
A set of Twelve Plates. Scarce. 12. 

AMERICA. Eighty-seven Prints, illustrative of American 
History. In a Portfolio. 87. 

AMERICA. Fifty-seven Prints, illustrative of American 


AMERICAN PORTRAITS. Thirty-two assorted. 



hundred assorted. 


some veiy fine. 




Twenty-five, in a Portfolio ; 


Thirty-five Plates. 
Modern Characters 

One Hundred assorted. 

AMERICAN VIEWS. Twenty-three assorted. Proof 

Impressions. 23. 

AMERICAN VIEWS. Forty-five, in a cloth portfolio. 45. 
AMERICAN VIEWS. One Hundred, in a vellum portfolio. 

ANCIENT ENGRAVINGS, in a red morocco portfolio. 

Fifty assorted. 50. 

ANTIQUE LETTERS, in a Box. A Collection. 
ANDRAN (B.) and Others. Josephns Clemens, M. Duels, 

and two others. 4. 

ANDRAN, BAUSE, and Others. Portrait of Charles I., 

and ton others. II. 



/yi3471. ANDRAX, SANDRAT, and Others. Eleven Portraits. 

''A^ assorted. 11. 

/«n472. ANGUS (W.) and Othees. Tobit and the Fish, and 12 

other Plates ; mostly Landscapes. 13. 

J'~3473. AQUINAS. Thirty-seven Plates, illustrative of Thomas 

Aquina'^. 37. 

/ O 3474. ART JOURNAL PLATES. Twenty-five assorted. 25. 

/, 3475. . Another Lot. 25 Plates. 25. 

/, 3476. . Another Lot. 25 Plates. 25. 

'/ 3477. . Another Lot. 25 Plates. 25. 

afi 3478. AUDOUIN (P.), DAULLE, etc. Alexandre L, Charles L, etc. 
4 Portraits. 4. 

^•^^479. AUDOUIN (P.), etc. II n'est plus temps, and 4 others. 5. 
/O 3480. AUDOUIN (P.) and Others. Portraits of Henri IV., 
Stanislaus, Auguste, and others. Five Plates. 5. 

/STi8\. AUDOUIN (P.) and Others. Un Militaire offrant de I'or a 
une Jeune Femine, etc. Eight Plates. 8. 

3482. AUDOUIN (P.) and Others. Un Officier assis pres d'une 
Jeune Femme, etc. Jeunesse de Rousseau et Voltaire. 
Four Plates. 4. 

^3483. AUDRY. A Collection of Seventy-eight Proof Portraits. 78. 
/, ^J~M84:. BAHMANN, POTRELLE, ET DONEY. Der Evangelist 
Johannes, Clytie, and " We Praise thee, O God." Three 
Plates. 3. 

BALECHON (J.) and Others. Le Goute, Les Sevreuses, 
and others. Twelve Plates. 12. 

/.^~3486. BALECHON and Others. Don Philippe Infant d'Espagne 
and three others. 4. 

^,J1? 3487. BALL TICKETS. Nearly all proofs on India Paper. Fifty 
assorted. 50. 

^J~^88. BANK NOTE VIGNETTES. 2 Sheets. 2. 

y(^ 3489. BARON (R.) and Others. Portrait of the Duke of Cum- 
' berland, and three others. 4. 

j^^ 3490. BARTLETT'S AMERICAN SCENERY. A Collection of 
81 Proof Plates. Folio. 81. 

y<^ 3491. BARTOLOZZI (F.) Cupidon Achete Trop Cher, and nine 
' others. Ten Plates. 10. 

/ /^ 3492. BARTOLOZZI (F.) Design, Composition, Colouring, and 
f ' ^ ^-^ Invention. Four Plates. 4. 

o 3493. BARTOLOZZI. Eight Portraits, after Holbein. Proof im- 
pressions. 8. 
:2.2A3491. BARTOLOZZI. Fifty Engravings by Bartolozzi; some 
V' proofs, and all very tine. 50. 



3495. BARTOLOZZI (F.) Murder of Rizzio, Clytie, and Four 

other Proof Plates. 6. 

30 3496. BARTOLOZZI (F.) Nymphs Bathing, and others. Ten 

Prints. 10. 

^^"1497. BARTOLOZZI (F.) Princess of Wales, Mrs. Vindex, and 

others. Ten Prints. 10. 

, /2^ 3498. BARTOLOZZI, FITTLER, and BARON. Portraits of 

William Beckford, Prince and Princess of Wales, etc. 4. 
J^J~3499. BARTOLOZZI (F.) SKELTON, etc. The Prince of Wales, 

and four other Portraits of the Royal Family. 5. 

.^^^"3500. BARTOLOZZI and Others. Spring, Summer, and six 

other Pieces. 8 Plates. 8. 

JTTToOl. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. Ariadne left on the 

Rocks by Theseus, and seven other Pieces. 7. 

, aC 3502. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. Cupid Disarmed by 

Venus ; Adam and Eve ; and two others. Four Plates. 4. 

^y 3503. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. Flora, The Prodigal Son 

(Proofs), and seven others. 9. 

SIO 3504. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. La Gara fra L'Amore e 

la Musica, and nine others. 10 Plates. 10. 

V 3505. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. Honour, Tlie Music 

Lesson, and eight others. 10 Plates. 10. 

^tTioOe. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. Lauretta, Pomona, and 
six other Plates. 8. 

yf^5o01. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. The Meeting of Abelard 

' and Heloise, and two others. 3. 

" 3508. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. Noon, Ceres, etc. Four 

Plates. 4. 

SC 3509. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. Portrait of Captain Cook, 
and others. 9 Portraits. 9. 

J<?3510. BARTOLOZZI (F.) and Others. Portrait of Lord Heath- 
field, Andrew Kippis, etc. 

S'CobW. BARTOLOZZI and Others. Time, and thirteen other 
Plates. Some Line Engravings. 14. 

J ^3512. BARTOLOZZI, etc. Thirty Engravings, mostly Engraved 
by Bartolozzi. 30. 

vf^3513. BARTOLOZZL Portfolios, Lettered Bartolozzi. 

/^ 3514. BASAN (F.) Jesus Reposant, Ecce Homo, etc. 12 En- 
gravings. !-• 
^30 3515. BATE (M. N.) and Others. Portrait of Simon Bolivar, etc. 
10 Plates. 10- 

//^ 3516. BATTLE OF THE NILE. Four Plates. 4. 

■,^^.^51 7. BAUDET (Est.) Element do I'Air, du Feu, et de I'Eau. 

y .— Three Plates. 3. 


J-0 ^518. BAUDET, PIC ART, etc. Grouppe de marbre blanc, etc. 

Eight Plates. 8. 

j2^ 3519. BAUSE (J. F.) A Collection of Thirteen Portraits. 13. 

Jr^ 3520. BAUSE (J. F.) and SCHMIDT (G. F.) Portrait of Herzog 
Friedrich von Holstein, Beck, and Prince de Prusse. 3. 

3JrZb2\. BEAUVARLET (J.), etc. Le Menage Octogenaire, and three 

others. Four Plates. 4. 

/, 3522. BEAUVARLET (J.), etc. Lecture Espaguole, Recreation 

Eepagnole, and two others. 4. 

^-^"35 2 3. BEAUVARLET, BLAKE, and Others. Eight Portraits 

assorted. 8. 

Jo •'^524. BEAUVARLET and Others. Portrait of Edrae. Bou- 

chardon and others. Four Plates. 4. 

6c 3525. BENNET (S.) and MAURICE. The Dutch Minstrel, Le 

Dauphin, etc. Two Plates. 2. 

7ir3526. BENOIT (Ph.) and Others. Jupiter Endormi Entre les 

Bras de Junon, etc. Four Plates. 4. 

^2^627. BERN^ARDI (Jacopo), etc. Portraits of M. Giacomo Barozzi 

da Vignola, Andrea Palladio, etc. Three Plates. 3. 

/ , 2«r3528. BERNARD. Pen and Ink Portrait. Very spirited. 

J', VJ~T529. BERVIE. Le Laocoon. Line Engraving, after Bouillon. 

/ <^i__3530. BETTELLINI (Pietro). Sibilla Persica et Sibilla Frigia. 

A Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 

ir»3531. BETTELINI (Petrus), etc. Hercules, Jupiter, etc. Six 

Plates. 6. 

^ 3532. BIBLE ENGRAVINGS, by Kraus, Le Clerc, etc., in a Port- 

" folio. 66. 

/O 3533. BICKHAM (G.) and Others. Portrait of Lord Cobham, 

etc. 31. 

ivr^34. BIONDI, JANSEN, etc. La Maddalena, Die entzweiten 

Spieler, etc. Four Plates. 4. 

/1.3535. BIRDS and FLOWERS. Twenty-one Coloured Plates. 21. 

^,iS~^ 3536. BLANCHARD. EUsabeth de Bourbon, Reine d'Espagne, 

after P. P. Rubens. 
ROMANET. La Le9on de Flt\te, La Circassienne an 
Bain, L'Attente du Plaisir, et Le Somnieil. 4 Nude 
Pieces. Line Engravings. 4. 

groschen, Jesus Christ, et Joseph mit dem Christus-kinde. 
Three Line Engravings. 3. 

^J'3539. BLOEMART (C.) Bombelli (P.) etc. Holy Family, Ma- 
ter Carmilitarum, etc. Twenty Plates. 20. 


/O 3540. BLOEMART and Others. A Collection of Ten Engra- 
vings. 10. 
/^ 8541. BLOEMART (A.) and Others. Eight Etchings and 
Views. 8. 
J~(:?3542. BLOEMART and Others. Seven Holy Families. 7. 
„ 3543. BONATO ET CHAILLOUX. Venus jouant avec I'Amour 
et La Ste. Vierge et I'Enfant Jesus. Tvi^o Line Engravings. 2. 
,;J^44. BOOK OF HOME BEAUTY. Thirteen Plates, Proofs on 
India Paper, in a Portfolio. 13. 
^.r3545. 30TH and Others. Six Etchings. 6. 
-r^J"3546. BOUHjLARD and Others. La Comparaison, Adam and 
' Eve, etc. Four Plates. 4. 
J^ 3547. BOYDELL (Josiah) and Others. King Charles L, and three 

other Plates. 4. 

ytTi^s. BOYDELL (.J.) and SMITH (Benj.) St. George and the 

' Dragon (Proof), and Sigismonda. Two Plates. 2. 

^0 3549. BOYDELL (J.) and VIVARES (F.) Five Landscapes. 5. 

/2_3550. BROMLEY (W.) and Others. The Decisive Charge at 

Waterloo, View of Dover, and Etching by Heath. 3. 

f , 3551. BROWNE (John). The Sportsman, and another, after 

Rubens. 2. 

<^ 3552. BLTRNET (John). Portrait of Mr. Thos. Bewick, Engraver 

on Wood. Printed on Satin. 

^;tf^553. BURNET (John). Portrait of Robert Burns, after William 

^^ Allan. 

t7Tf7?^554. BURNS. One Hundred and Thirty Illustrations for Burns's 

1 1/^ Works. 130. 

•^555. BURNS. One Hundred and Fifty Illustrations for Burns's 

V/ ^V Works. 150. 

^y.^-^556. BURNS. One Hundred Illustrations to Burns's Works. 100. 
i 2^^3557. BURT (Charles). Signing of the Death- Warrant of Lady 
Jane Grey. 

^r^o58. BYRNE (Wm.) and MASON (James). Landing of ^neas 
in Italy, Evening, and Le Fanal Exhausse. Three 
. Plates. 3. 

., 3559. BYRNE (W.) and Others. Illustrations to Joseph An- 
drews, and other Plates. 6. 
:$J^3560. CAMPANELLA (Aug.) and Others. Nympha ex Balneo 
Exavsta, Finding of Moses, etc. Ten Plates. 10. 

J~5561. CAMPBELL. Outline Plates, illustrative of Campbell's 
Gertrude of Wyoming. 

30 3562. CANOT (J. C.) and Others. Sea Piece (Proof on India 
Paper), etc. Five Prints. 5. 



y.r3563. CAROXXI (Pavlo) CARS, etc. Venus and Cupid, Battle 

' Piece, etc. Three Plates. 3. 

/, ^0 3564. CASPAR (J.) Portrait of Thomas von Savoyen, after Van 


S7> 3565. CASTELNAX. Portrait of the Marquis de Castehian, and 

two others. 3. 

2,3 3566. CHALON (J.) Twenty-two Etchings. Folio. 22. 

/, /^ ^567. CHA3IBERS (Thos.), and COOPER (R.) A Concert, and 

Le Chapeau de Paille. 2. 

j^S 3568. CHARLES I. Bidding Adieu to his Family, and another. 

Two Etchings. 2. 

J^ 3569. CHEVILLET. Legon de Botanique, Image de la Beaute, 

et La Jeune Sultane. Three Line Ens^ravinscs. 3. 

»?«r3570. CLEMENS (J. F.) Portrait of Frederic William, and two 

others. 3. 

/, 3571. COCK (Hieron.) Grandibvs exigA'i svnt Pisces piscibvs esca, 


/O 3572. COCK (Hieron). Thirty-six Grotesque Ornaments, 1556. 36. 

^ib ,^r^'^573. COIXS. Eight Plates of Coins. 8. 


^ - TERS, etc., in a Portfolio. 

^"^3575. COLOURED ENGRAVINGS. Thirty-four assorted. 34. 
^ 3576. COLOURED PLATES. Forty assorted. 40. 

^ 3577. COLOURED PRINTS. Fifty assorted. 50. 

.. 3578. COLOLTIED PRINTS. SixtV assorted. 60. 

^,rT5'79. COOPER (Rich.) and Oihers. Charles, Prince of Wales, 
etc., the Children of King Charles the First, and Three 
others. 5. 

/, 3580. DAULLE (J.), PARMENTIER, etc. Portrait of the Em- 
press Catherine, Louis Dauphin de France, Louis Quinze, 
etc. Seven Portraits. 7. 

4:X~3581. DAL'LLE, WILLE, and Others. Charles James Edward, 
son of the Old Pretender, and four other Portraits. 5. 

/,5J 3582. DAVID (F. A.) Portrait of Charlemagne. 
/, /2>'=^583. DAVID et MULLER. Portraits of Henri IV. and Louis 
Seize. 2. 

DAVID and Others. Le Due de Berri (Proof before Let- 
ters), and three others. 
DECKER (C.) and Others. Two Battle Pieces, etc. Seven 
Plates. 8. 

3586". DENON (N.) and Others. Holy Family, etc. 15 Plates. 



Plates. 6. 

/^3587. DESIGNS FOR 
Portfolio. Six 


'-f8^o%^- DESROCHERS (Steph.) etc. L'Enfant Jesus et St. Joseph, 
'""'^ and nineteen otlier Plates. 20. 

J 3589. DESSIER and Others. S. Paul Apotre, Paul et Barnabas, etc. 
Forty-seven Plates. 47. 

SAISONS et les Quatre Elemens. Eight Plates. 8. 

" 3591. DIBDIX. Thirty-seven Etchings, adapted to illustrate Dib- 
din's Tour in Normandy, in a Portfolio. 37. 

J>J77 3592. DICK (A. L.) The Last Supper, after Leonardo da Vinci. 
On India Paper. 
One of the best engravings produced in this country. 
j2, 3593. DICK (A. L.) Sir Walter Scott's Monument at Edinburgh. 
/ 2^3594. DICK (A. L.) A Collection of Ten Engravings, mostly 
'U' Proofs. 10. 

^ 3595. DOO (George T.) The English Girl, after G. S. Newton. 1. 
^^^-THo^e. DOO. Portrait of Lady SeUna Meade, after Sir Th. Law- 
rence. 1. 
^ 3597. DOO. The Proflered Kiss, after Sir T. Lawrence. 1. 
^^^598. DOO, DUNCAN, and LUCAS. The Dutch Girl, The 
Young Recruit, The Union, etc. Three Plates. 3. 
_^^J'^599. DOO (George T.) and WATT (W. H.) Sterne and the 
Grisette, and the Manuscript. A Pair. 2, 
/, J/seoO. DREVET (P.) Portrait of Joannes Forest et Samuel Ber- 
nard. Two Plates. 2. 
Jl?3602. DREVET (F.) Portraits of Rene Pucelle, Cardinal Du- 
bois, etc. Five Plates. 5. 
„ 3603. DREVET (F.) Portrait of De Beauvan, Colbert, Lambert, 
etc. Four Plates. 4. 
/3 -1 3604. DREVET (P.) and PONTIUS (P.) Portraits of Samuel 
I Bernard and Gaspar Gusman. Two Plates. 2, 
fS~ 3605. DU BOSC (CI.) and Others. Susanna, after A. Carracci; 
another Susanna Proof; Venus and Cupid, etc. Ten 
Plates. 10. 
2»r3606. DUBOURG (M.), ROGERS (John), and Others. The 
Colonna Claude, and others, from Claude ; Cotter's Satur- 
day Night, etc. Ten Plates. 10, 
Plates. 3. 
DUPINS, BATECHON, and Othebs. Six Large Portraits, 
assorted. 6. 
DURAND (A. B.) and DOO (George T.) 3Iusidora (Line 
Engraving), Child with Flowers. Two Prints. 2. 

DURAND (A. B.) Portraits of Judge Piatt and John M. 
Mason. Two Plates. 2. 


/I 3611. DURAND (A. B.) and Others. Portrait of Anna Braith- 
waite, etc. Six Plates. 6. 

£1, 3612. DURER (Albert). The Circumcision, etc. Seven Plates. 7. 
j^^^SJfu. DURER (Albert). Xine Large Wood Cuts, in brown Port- 

^<?3614. DURER (Albert). Thirty-four Old Engravings, illustrative 
of the Life of Christ. " 34. 

J 3615. DUTCH EXGRA^^XGS. Seventy-five Dutch Engravings ; 
some by Picart. * ^5. 

r 3616. DUTCH PORTRAITS. Fifty Dutch Portraits, assorted 

(fine). 50. 

/ yrfsGll. EARLOM (Rd.) A Fish Market. 

J^^)3618. EARLOM (R.) and Others. The Singing Master; Mar- 
riage ; Baptism, etc. Four Plates. " 4. 
/ J ^r 36 1 9. EDELINCK (Chevalier). Portrait of Charles Due de Berry. 

g^pr 3620. EDELIXCK (C.) and Others. Portrait of Bertin ; Two 
Cecilias ; and Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, by J. B. 
Michel. Four Plates. 4. 

» 3621. EDELIXCK (G.) Portrait of Fran9ois de Medicis, and 
another. Two Plates. 2. 

yS~SQ22. EDELIXCK (G.) and Another. Holy Familv, etc. Two 
^ Plates. ' 2. 

/,»r^ 3623. EGAX (J.) EARLOM (Rd.) Citation of Wicklifte ; Me- 
leager and Atalanta. Two Plates. 2. 


TISTS. Many rare. 85. 

5' -M. 3626. EXGLAXD. Forty-six Portraits of the Sovereigns of Eng- 
land. Some Proofs. 46. 

/^ 3627. EXGLAXD. Seventeen Engravings illustrative of the His- 
tory of England. 17. 

-^3628. EXGLISH PORTRAITS. Forty-eight assorted. 48. 

/, 3629. EXGLISH PORTRAITS. Thirty-four. Very fine. 34. 

'. 3630. EXGLISH PORTRAITS. One Hundred and Forty-six as- 
sorted. 146, 

/O 3631. EXGRAVIXGS, in small Portfolio. 10. 

^_a. 3632. EXGRAVIXGS. Fifty Fine Proof Impressions. 50. 

,/~3633. EXGRAVIXGS. Sixty-five. Very fine. 65. 

6 3634. EXGRAAaXGS. Seventy assorted. All Coloured. 70. 

J~3635. ETCHIXGS, in a Portfolio. 84. 

j* 3636. ETCHIXGS AXD PRIXTS. A Collection of Twenty, after 

Parmeggiano and others. 20. 

y 3637. ELTIOPEAX PORTRAITS. Seventy Fine Plates. 7o! 



/ OO 3638. 

\ 3641. 

I 3642. 

The Cow Herd, after Paul 
]Mr. West and Family, after 


', 3655. 


SV 3658. 

// 3659. 

y 3661. 
\a) 3662. 


FACIUS (G. S. and J. G.) 

FACILTS (G. S. and J. G.) 
Benjamin West. 

FAITHORNE (Giul.) and Others. Portrait of John O^ilvv, 
etc. Thirteen Portraits. '"" \^ 

FALSTAFF. Fine Old Engraving. Mounted. 

FELSING et FORSTER. Raphael Sanzio, dTTrbino, et 

Raphael a I'age de XV. ans. Two Line Engravings. 2. 



The Deliverance of St. Peter from Prison, and five others. #. 

. Turner's Old Temeraire, and five others. 6. 

. Happy as a King, and five others. 6. 

. Turner's Oberwesel, and five others. 6. 

. Turner's Nemi, and five others. 6. 

. Othello Relating his Adventures, and four others. 5. 

• Day's Sport in the Highlands, and three others ; also, 

Tliree Fac-Similes and Portfolio. 7. 

FITTLER (J.) The Battle of the Nile and Victory over the 

Dutch. Plate and Etching of the Same. Three Plates. 3. 
. Another Set. Three Plates. 3. 

FITTLER (J.) The Celebrated Portrait known as Titian's 


FITTLER (J.), BARTOLOZZI, and HEATH. Portrait of 

Lord Grenville, Charles L, and Mary, Queen of Scots. 3. 
FITTLER (James) and Others. Constantine's Arch, after 

Claude de Lorrain, and 4 Plates. 5. 

FITTLER (J.) and Others. Portrait of Frodsham Hodson 

(Proof), The Queen, etc. Four Plates. 4, 

FITTLER, LEGAT, etc. The Continence of Scipio ; The 

Tenants, etc. Four Plates. 4 

FLORAL PIECES. Twenty assorted and Coloured, 20.- 
FOLO (Gio.) Angelica e Medora in Varj Modi, Line En- 

FOLO et FONTANA. Mater Dolorosa and Ecce Homo 
(Proof). Two Plates. 2. 

FOLO, SCHULER, AUGRANDE, etc. Le Mariage de 
S^ Catherine, Benedicta in Muheribus ; Le Somraeil de 
Jesus, etc. Four Line Engravings. 4. 


j'^^J~^665. FORSTER (F.) La Vierge a la Legende. Line Engraving, 
' after Rapliael Sanzio. 

// JTO 3666. . La Yierge de la Maison d'Orleans. Line Engrav- 

ing, after Raphael Sanzio. 
^3667. FORSTER et LIGNON. Portraits of Angle. Fred. Louis ^.^ 

and Ludwig Grossherzog. Two Plates. 2. 

// 3668. FORTY-FOUR Coloured Plates. 44. 

>, 3669. FOUR SEASON'S (The). A Series of Italian Plates. 
j>ir3670. FRANKLIN. Thirty Portraits of Franklin. 30. 

^S^-^nx. FREEMAN (S.) and Others. Portrait of Sydney Smith, 
and nine other Portraits. 10. 

/i_3672. FRENCH PORTRAITS. Thirty-one fine Plates, as- 
sorted. 31. 
^3673. FRITZ (J. C. G.) and Others. Twenty-six Portraits. 26. 
^^2_-S4^4. FRYE (Thos.) A Series of Four Portraits. 4. 
^J~^75. GAILLARD, DAULLE, and Others. Nine Portraits, as- 
sorted. 9. 
/2_^676. GALLE, BONATO, and Others. Twenty-one Holy 
Family, assorted; all Line Engravings. 21. 
/ 3677. GALLE (C.) and Others. Scripture Pieces, etc. Twelve 
Plates. 12. 
5^^ 3678. GALLE (C.) and Others. Ecce Ancilla Domini, and nine 
other Engravings. 10. 
Selected Portraits. * 32. 
^,tr(?3680. GARAVAGLIA (Gi.) Agar e Ismaele nel Deserto, after 
y/j "' 3681. GARDI (Proporati). Clorinde et Tancrede, Erminie et Le 
Berger, etc. Three Plates. 3. 
yS~^9,^- GARMER (F.) and Others. Charles X.; Tycho Brahe 
' (Proof before Letters), and another 3. 
5 3683. GEMS FROM THE ANTIQUE. Sixty Plates. 60. 

y Lp'^esi. GERAUT, LE BAS, and Others. Une Femme accrochant 
une Yolaille ; L'Alchemiste, etc. Twenty-three Plates. 23. 

i:2.J^685. GERMAN PORTRAITS. Holy Family, etc. Six Large 
Plates. "6. 

., 3686. GERMAN PORTRAITS. Holy Family, etc. Six Large 
Plates. 6. 

^ 3687. GERMANY. Sixty VieAvs in Germany, assorted. 60. 

// /} 3688. GRAVES, ROLLE, and Others. The Enthusiast; Time 
^^ and Tide ; The Two Dogs, etc. Six Plates. 6. 



f 3689. GREATBATCH (W.) Portrait of Sir Thomas Meautys- 


So 3690. GEEEN^ (N.) Joseph and John Gulston, and three other 
Pieces. 4. 

i2ar~3691. GREEN (Xat.) and Others. Portrait of Sir Thomas Whar- 
ton, etc. Five Portraits. 5. 

,3693. GREGORI (Ferd.) Puer aiitem crescebat, et Gratia Dei 

erat in illo, etc. Eight Plates. 8. 

-^rf="3694. GRIBELIN" (Sim.) and Others. Shepherds Offering Gifts 

to Christ ; and others. Seven Engravings. 7. 

,2^cF3695. GUNST (P. a.) Portraits of Edward VI., Thomas HoAvard, 
etc. Eleven Plates. 1 1 . 

-5,^::3696. GUTTEXBERG (Carl) and Others. Le Petit Boudeur ; 
The Young Bird Catchers, by Walker, etc„ Six Plates. 6. 

'-t^3697. GUT.TENBERG (Carl), etc. La Troupe Ambulante, and 
three others. 4. 

^ ^ 3698. HACKERT (Ja. Ph.) Carte General de partie de la Sabine, 
and eleven others, chiefly Landscapes. 12. 

Ir— — 3699. HALLECK. A Collection of Seven Plates, illustrative of 
Halleck's Poems. Proofs on India Paper. V. 

^f-15700. HALPIN (J.) and ROLLS (Charles). Portraits of Wash- 

^^ ington and Benj. West. Two Plates. 2. 

• ^^^^^101. HEATH (James). Portrait of General Washington, after 
Gabriel Stuart. 1797. 

, 5,P^^?02. HEATH (J.) Portrait of Erasmus Darwin, etc. Seven 
Plates. 7. 

'^/'^-^03. HEATH (Jas.) and Others. Riot in Broad Street, 1780; 
Tenier's Kitchen, Death of Abp. Sharp, etc. Four Plates. 


,^^,■3704. HEATH. Forty Plates from Heath's Gallery. 40. 

-^^21-5705. HEXRIQUEZ, MARCX, and Others. La Chastete de 
Joseph, Susanne avec les Veillards, etc. Six Plates. 6. 
^?iif^V06. HIGHLAND SPORTS. Four Drawings, coloured. 

- ..*.»^707. HODGES (C. H.) and Others. Portrait of Hon. John Fos- 
ter, etc. Seven Portraits. 7. 

'^^trs^OS. HODGETTS (R. M.) and Others. Portrait of Sir Walter 
Scott, and Three Portraits of Artists. 4. 

-lfr^09. HOGARTH (W.) Mariage a la Mode. Six Plates, en- 
graved by G. Scotin, B. Baron, and S. Ravenet. 6. 

j^ ^7 'y 710. HOGARTH. Military Punishments. Twenty-four small 
"^ Plates, and large Battle Piece. 25. 

! ,, 8711. HOLLAR. Thirty-four Prints engraved by Hollar. 34. 

280 EXliRAVIMtlS. 

S1^112. HOLT (F.) and Others. The Highlander (Proof before 
Letters), The Pa,rting, Queen's Palace, and Frigate on a 
Lee Shore. Four Plates. 4. 

. <'^rf^-«713. HORSBURGH (J.) and Others. Portrait of Sir W. Scott. 

' ^ Six Plates. 6. 

^-^V-^^^^U. HOUBRAKEN, VERMEULEN, and Others. Twelve 
''^ Portraits, assorted. 12. 

1.5^/^3715. HOUBRAKEN (J.) Thirty-two Portraits, assorted. 32. 

^ 5 ^^'^^'7 16. HOUBRAKEN". Twenty-one Portraits, assorted. 21. 

~, (^i'^smT HOUSTON (Rd.) and PETHER (W.) The Orrery ; and 

^ ^ another, after Rembrandt. 2. 

I ^ hy T. Gainsborough, E. Landseer, A. Cooper. Engraved 

by T. Landseer, Engleheai't, W. Gi'eatbatch, and others. 
India Proofs. Folio. 2.J - iowf?. 1838. 

W*" t^^feJVlO. JOHANNOT. Ten Illustrations de Werther par Tony Jo- 
*" hannot. Foho. 10. 

/ ^ ^^ 3720. JOSEPHUS. Flauii Josephi desz Hochbertihmpten Judis- 
chen Geschichtschreibers Historien und Bucher. Fifty- 
nine Plates. 1569. 59. 
/1_3721. JOURNAL OF THE ART UNION. Twenty-five Plates. 


/^ y^722. . Another Lot. ^^ 

/<^/i & 1^^7237^ . Another Lot, - ■ 

Y -^2^724. KESSLER (A.) and Others. Battle of Bunker's Hill, Death 

^ ^ of General Wolfe, etc. Seven Plates. 7. 

/$ 3725. KILIAN, SCHMIDT, and Others. Six Portraits, assorted. 

f, 3726. KILIAN, WOLFGANG, and Others. Twenty Portraits, 
assorted. 20. 

/??6u'/'" 3727. KITTERLINUS, 3IITAN, GAILLARD, and Others. 
^^ Death of General Montgomery, Battle of Bunker's Hill, La 

Soucieuse Hollandoise. 3. 

I $^-yr-!^^??^28. KLAUBER (J. S.), etc. Femme de Fois, Mieris, and five 
others. 6. 

/ ^729. KNELLER (Godf.) and Others. Six Portraits. 6. 

A/2_^30. KNOLLE (Fr.) and CHEVALIER (W.) Sancta Cecilia 
and The P'irst Ear-Ring. 2 Plates. 2. 

Zc3731. LANDSCAPES, etc., assorted. Sixty-five Plates. 65. 

/O 3V32. LANDSCAPES, FIGURES, etc. Ten Coloured Plates. 10. 
2f *S~0 3733. LARGE FOLIO SCRAP BOOK, with Blank Paper. 
^ 5^3734. LARGE PORTFOLIO, marked Portraits, 
yj— 3735. LARGE PORTFOLIO ; Wooden Frame. 




J^3737. LANGIER. Jacques de Lille, and another. Two Plates. 2. 
/,r3738. LANGIER and DAITLLE. Jacques Delille, M. de Nestier, 
and Franyois Despoites. Three Plates. 3] 

/, 3739. LE BAS (J. Ph.) Blanchissere VP- Veue de Flandre, et 
Vue d'Anvers. A Pair. '2. 

3740. LE BAS. Fete Flamande.. A Series of Four Plates. 4. 
5J'37-41. LE BAS (J. P.) La Femrae Jalouse, Rembrandt's Etch- 
ings of J. Six, etc. Twelve Plates. 12. 

/O 3742. LE BRUN (M.) The Passions Illustrated. Thirteen 
Plates. j3_ 

/.rm3. LEFEYRE (Arch.) and Others. Napoleon, Apollon et les 
Muses, etc. Four Plates. 4, 

7^3744. LEWIS (Charles G.) SCOTT (John), and Others. In- 
terior of a Highland Cottage ; Crib and Rosa, etc. Four 
Plates. 4_ 

02,3 745. LIGNON" (Frederic). Mdlle. Mars. Fine Line Engraving. 
9:- 3746. LODGE'S PORTAITS. A Collection of Eighty Plates. 80. 

P^3747. . Another Collection. Forty-nine Plates. 49. 

^^3748. LORICHON et EICHENS. Vierge du Palais de Bridge- 
water et Maria mit dem Kinde. *2. 
VJ^49. LOT OF ANCIENT ENGRAVINGS, in a red Portfolio.^ 
^^^700. LOT OF MISCELLANEOUS PRINTS, in a Leather 


f'/2J'~3753. LOUIS (Aristide). L'Innocence; Line Engraving, after 

/O 3754. LOUIS (Pierre) and Others. Twelve Portraits, assorted. 12. 

ySTnhb. LOWRIE (Wilson) and Others. Musical Shepherdess, 

Castel Gondolfo, A Calm, and St. George and the Dragon. 

, Four Plates. 4, 

0% ^ ^ 3756. LUTZ (Peter). La Madonna del San Francesco di Correggio. 
Fine Line Engraving. 

/C 3757. IVIABERLY'S PRINT COLLECTOR. A Series of Thirty 
Engravings ; adapted to illustrate " The Print Collector." 30. 

/X'^SS. McARDEL and Others. Cupid and Psyche, and others. 
Four Plates. 4, 

2, J^59. McCLELLAN. Wood-Cut Portrait of George B. McClellan. 

<r3760. MADONNAS, Holy Family, etc. Fourteen Plates. 14. 

2,tS^^^\. MANDEL (G. v.) Carl L, after Van Dyck. 


Two Large Lithographs. 2. 



S\r~SUS. MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS. Fifty-six Portraits, and 

Plates, illustrative of the Life of Mary, Queen of Scots. 56. 

S'(^ 3764. MASSARD et L. SATLLAIR. Agar re9ue par Abraham, 

and Portrait. Two Plates. 2. 

J^3765. MATHEMATICAL EMBLEMS. Thirty-six Plates. 36. 

/^ 2766. METZMACHER and Others. S^ Marguerite, etc. Eight 

Eliigravings. 8. 

MEYER (Henry) . Portrait of Commodore Decatur and Oliver 

H. Perry, three Pairs. 6. 

MEYER (H.), etc. The Stolen Kiss (Proof on India 

Paper) ; Distress of Tigranes ; Death of James Cooke, and 

Death of Abercrombie. Four Plates. 4. 

4^ 3769. MICHEL (J.) etc. The Shepherd's Offering, etc. Three 

r Plates. 3. 

^^3770. MICHEL (J. B.) and EARLOM (Richd.) The Three 

Graces ; Moses Striking the Rock ; Concert of Birds and 

^ Bacchanalians. Four Plates. 4. 

6^ 3771. MILLER (John) and Others. Holy Family; Vierge aux 

Anges, etc. Five Plates. 5. 

MILITARY COSTUMES. Fifty Coloured Plates. 50. 

MILTON (T.), VIVARES, and Others. A Family of 

Charaibes in the Island of St. Vincent, etc. Eight Plates. 8. 



an old Portfolio. 
/, a«r3776. MISCELLANEOUS OLD PRINTS. A Collection in Port- 
MISCELLANEOUS OLD PRINTS, in old vellum Portfolio. 
Seventy-five. 175. 

. MISCELLANEOUS PRINTS, Flowers, Landscapes, Birds, 
etc.. Coloured. 

2.^ L/'^'-i^7 81. MISCELLANEOUS ENGRAVINGS. Old and fine. 
/^ Twenty-two. 22. 

63782. MISCELLANEOUS ENGRAVINGS. Thirteen. 13. - 


/ Jl? 3784. MISCELLANEOUS PRINTS. A Collection. 
/, 3785. MISCP:LLANE0US prints, in a Portfolio. 
J, J"o^786. MISCELLANEOUS PRINTS, in a Portfolio. Fifty. 50. 
Fifty". 50. 

/^ /3 3788. MISCELLANEOUS PRINTS, in a Portfolio. £ 



J 3790. 

r, 3791. 



SS 3794. 

/O 3795. 

■^ -4^^797. 
#7^ 3799. 




MISCELLANEOUS PRINTS, in a Portfolio. 100. 




Hundred. 100. 


MOLLISON (James) and Others, Gulliver in Brobdignag, 

Marie Stuart, etc. Four Plates. 4. 

MONT ROSA, and Twelve other Plates. 13. 

MORGHEN (Ant.) et LANGLOIS (P. G.), etc. Holy 

Family, Le Joueur de Musette, etc. Four Plates. 4. 

MORGHEN (Antonius) and Others. Ecce Salvator Mundi, 

etc. Ten Plates. 10. 

MORGHEN (Antonius) and Others. Holy Family, Ma- 
donna, etc. Thirteen Plates. 13. 
MORGHEN (Raphael). Adeodatvs Tvrchi Ord. Cap. in 

Patria Episcopvs, etc., and Etching after Vandyck. Two 

Plates. " 2. 

MORGHEN (R.) Francisci de Moncada, after Van Dyck. 
MORGHEN (R.) Gaetano Filangieri e Elisa Principessa di 

Lucca. Two Plates. 2. 

MORGHEN (Raph.) etc. Justitia; Philosophia; etPulchri- 

ores Charitum pingunt Charitis Amorem. Three Plates. 3, 
MORGHEN (Raphael). Parce Somnum Rumpere, after 


MORGHEN (Raffaello) and RYDER (T.) Vittorio Alfieri 

and the Politician. Two Plates. 2. 

MULLER (Fr.) and Others. Portrait of Melanchthon, etc. 

Four Plates. 4. 

Portrait of Jean George Wille. And 

Jean Baptiste Masse. Two Line Engra- 

La Tend re Mere. Line Engraving. 
Portrait of Louis Galloche, Louis Leram- 


WILLE (J. G.) 


berg, and others. Four Plates. 4. 

MULLER (J. G.), EDELINCK, and Others. Portrait of 

Spangenberg, Duchesse de Toscane. Five Portraits. 5, 
-i?/-^10. MULLER (J. G.), WILLE, etc. Portrait of Wille, Mechel, 
^ etc. Four Plates. 4. 

MYTHOLOGICAL SUBJECTS. Fifty-eight Prints. 58. 
NELSON. Remains of Lord Nelson lying in State, etc. 

Six Plates. 6. 

y.^Si{^ a_J 808. 

^ -^':r^09. 


^ ^fc. 3812. 


1^3813. NEW YORK. One Hundred and Forty Prints from Valen- 
tine's Manual oftlie Corporation of New York. 140. 
^0 3814. NEW YORK. One Hundred and Twenty Views in and 
about New York. Some Proofs. 120. 
J7?3815. NICHOLAS (W.), WATSON, and Others. Auld Robin 
Gray, and Others. Five Plates. 5. 
/J 381 6. NUSBIEGEL (J.) Oliver Cromwell Dissolving the Long, 
Parliament, and Twelve other Plates. 13. 
^.^^T^g 17. NUTTER. The Rose-Bud. Coloured Engraving. 

fO 3818. OLD DUTCH PRINTS. Forty-four. 44. 

^"^81 9. OLD DUTCH ENGRAVINGS. Seventy-five. 75. 

j> 3820. OLD PORTRAITS. Sixty-four. 64. 

/J~^82]. OLD AND FINE ENGRAVINGS. Thirteen. 13. 

J'1T822. OLD ENGRAVINGS. Sixty. 60. 

y3823. OLD PORTRAITS. Seventy-six. 76. 

v r'3H24. OLD PORTRAITS. Miscellaneous. Eighty-five. 85. 

/,p^Jl82570LESZOZYN (Ant.) Maitresse d'Ecole '(Proof before 
Letters), and two others, by Wille. Three Line Engra- 
vings. 3. 
^t 3826. ONE HUNDRED PORTRAITS. Miscellaneous. 100. 
American National Portrait Gallery. 107. 
J ^829. O'NEILL (John A.) Portrait of Benjamin Franklin and 
two others. Three Plates. 3. 
/ 3 830. OUTLINE PLATES. Twenty-nine. 1^.7)^ 
/JTssT. PAINTERS. Thirty Portraits of Painters. 30. - 
L^^ S~0 3832. PAMPHLET CASE, containing a Large Collection of Scrap 
Prints, Cuttings, etc. 
CO /^^'r^'^'333. PAMPHLET CASE, containing a Large Collection of Scrap 
Prints, Cuttings, etc. 
j7^ir"3F34. PAMPHLET CASE, containing a Large Collection of Scrap 

Prints, Cuttings, etc. 
A^ 3835. PAMPHLET CASE, containing a Large Collection of Scrap 
^~ Prints, Cuttings, etc. 

^, ^^ 3836. PAMPHLET CASE, containing a Large Collection of Scrap 

Prints, Cuttings, etc. 
/, J^3837. PARK (Thos.) The Mouse Trap, etc. Four Prints. 4. 

3^ 3838. PEN SKETCHES. Nineteen. 19. 

A , 3839. PERFETTI (Antonio). Sibylla Cumiea. Line Engraving, 

after Domenico Zampieri. 
2 , Sn 3840. PERFETTI (Ant.) BURNET (J.) Sibylla Sainia, and Knox 
Admonishing Mary, Queen of Scots. Two Plates. 2. 

ENf4 RAVINGS. 285 

y»r3841.-PETRELLE (T. L.) L'Arrivee, Le Depart, L'Attaque, Le 
' Succes, Le Regret, Le Repos. Six Plates. 6. 

fo 3842. PICART (B.) and Others. Phineas Delivered by Calais and 
Zethes, etc. Fifteen Plates. 1.5. 

,S7! 3843. PICAULT. Digna Orbis Imperio Yirtua. A Series of Six 
Fine Large Plates. 6. 

and Fifty. 150, 

y 3845. PLATES FROM ANNUALS. Mostly Proofs. Two Hun- 
^ dred. 200. 

2^3847. PLATES, LANDSCAPES, etc. Adapted for Illustration. 
One Hundred. 100. 

3848. PORPORATI et CARONNI. Le Coucher et Venus et 
Cupid. Two Line Engravings. 2. 



^3 3851. PORTFOLIO. Lettered, Views of Moscow. 
SD 3852. PORTFOLIO. Marked, Holy Family. 
'/ 3853. PORTFOLIO. Marked, Prints by Strange and Wille. 
., 3854. PORTFOLIO. Marked, English Portraits. 
', 3855. PORTRAITS. A Large Portfolio. Lettered, Portraits. 
., 3856. PORTFOLIO, with Flaps ; cloth sides. 
,, 3857. PORTFOLIO, with Flaps ; cloth sides. 
„ 3858. PORTFOLIO. Marked, Monuments. 
-^ Engravings, in a Portfolio. 50. 

2J~3861. PORTRAITS OF H. CLAY, B. FRANKLIN (Proof), and 
others. Nine Plates, in a Portfolio. 9. 

^0 3862. PRIESLER (G. M.) and Others. Ten Portraits, as- 
sorted. 1 0. 
/ 3863. PORTRAITS OF CLERGYMEN. (Modern.) Thirty- 
seven. 37. 
V 3864. PRINTS. Holy Virgin and Child. Seventy-five. 75. 
Vo 3865. PRINTS, assorted. Fifty. Very fine. 50. 
/5 3867. PRINTS. Fifty-two Prints; many Proofs on India Paper. 52. 
f6 3868. PRINTS, assorted, in a Portfolio. One Hundred and Ten. 110. 
<?^3869. PRINTS. Seventy-five. Many very fine. 75. 



f%J f^^^y^aS^IO. PRINTS, Illnstrative of American History, in 'folio. 

-^ Seventy. 70. 

/<?3871. PYET (D. R.) and Others. Melrose Abbey, and other 

YieAvs. Ten Plates. 10. 

SZf 3872. RADDON (W.) and Others. The Rat Catcher, Friedrieh 
der Grosse, Searching the Net, etc. Six Plates. 6. 

yST%lZ. RATNALDI (Fr.) and Others. Joseph and Potijihar's Wife, 

Susanna an Bain, etc. Five Plates. 5. 

J*,/^«ri(s74. RAHL (C.) La Maddalena del Correggio. 1. 

A-a>^^^75. RAPHAEL. The Twelve Hours of the Day. A Series of 

%.i)~c/ Twelve Plates; fine Impressions, with Portfolio. 12. 

/, ^ir~3876. . Another, wanting Two — Fourth and Fifth Hours 

of the Night. '" 10. 

/ 04 3877. RAYENET (S. F.) Errainie et Le Berger et Clorinde 

et Tancred; a Pair ; and another. Three Plates. 3. 

<^J3878. RAYENET (S. F.). etc. The Young Gipsy, and seven other 

Engravings. 8. 

3, 0^ 3879. REINDEL (Albrecht) and LIGNON (Frederic). Madonna 
[Proof before Letters), and Sainte Cecile. Two Line En- 
gravino^s. 2. 

/, vTf .-^SSO. REMBRANDT. Marriage ; Coloured Engraving, from a 
Painting by Rembrandt. 1 . 

y^S%\. REMBRANDT and OrHERS. Etchings. Five Plates. 5. 
^C 3882. RICCIANI, FEOLI, E CANEOGO. Bacchante. Nine 
Plates. 9. 

y, 3883. RITCHIE (A. H.) Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots. 1. 

/ir3884. RICHELIEU. Epitaphe de Richelieu, Triumphal Arches, 
Flower Yases, etc. Nine Plates. 9. 

Jl? 3885. RIDINGER (.1. E.) S. Franciscus de Assisi ; S. Benedictus, 
etc. Four Plates. 4. 

/, 3886. RITCHIE (A. H.) and Others. Three Members of the Tem- 
perance Society ; The Successful Deer Stalkers ; Portrait 
of Dr. Kane. Three Plates. 3. 

/,yS^S%1. ROBINSON (John Henry). Girl ^vith Flowers, after Sir 
Thomas Lawrence. Proof before Letters. 1. 

/,S'lf 3888. ROBINSON (John H.) The' Mantilla, after Edwin Land- 
seer. 1 . 

^^ 3889. ROBINSON (J. H.) Portrait of Sir Walter Scott, after 
Sir Thos. Lawrence. 1 . 

j/j ^ 3890. . Another copy. 1. 

o ^vT^Ql- RODGERS (W. T.) John Knox Rejiroving Mary, Queen of 
' Scots. Proof before letters, on India paper. 1. 




SD 3896. 

.^^7 3897. 

„ 3900. 




Cadir Idris Moun- 
Fidelis Seruus et Pru- 



"390 6. 








3910. ; 









■39 16. 





ROOKER (E. and M.) and LEGRAND 
t^iii and Ariane. Two Plates. 

ROUSSELET (iEgid.) and Others. 
dens, etc. Seven Plates. 

ROWLANDSOX and Others. All the Talents ; Lot and his 
Daughters, etc. Thirty Prints. 30. 

RYDER (T.), etc. The Politician [Dr. Benj. Franklin], and 
Le Bourg-Mestre. Two Plates. 2. 

RYDER, foWNLEY, and MURPHY. The Captive ; The 
Neatherd's Cottage ; Cyclopes, etc. Four Plates. 4. 

SADELER (John). Eight Engravings, assorted. 8. 

SADELER (Marco) and Others. Seven Engravings, as- 
sorted. 7. 

SADELER (Raphael). Four Engravings. 4. 

SADELER (Raphael). Holy Family, etc. Four Plates. 4. 

SAILLIAR, etc. The Toper, and four others. Five Plates. 5. 

ST. MATTHEW AND ST. JOHN, and eighteen Other Mis- 
cellaneous Prints. 19. 

SAINTS AND EVANGELISTS. Twelve Portraits. 12. 

SAY (W.) and Others. Portrait of Captain George Doug- 
las, and three others. 4. 

SCHMIDT (G. F.) and BALECHOUX. Portrait of Fred- 
eric Henry Louis, and Henry Comte de Bruhl. Two 
Plates. 2. 

SCHULTZE (C. G.) et PORPORATO. Venus liant les 
Ailes de I'Amour, et Le Coucher. Two Line Engravings. 2. 

SCHUPPER (P. Van) and DREVET. Portrait of Samuel 
Bernard and another. 2. 

SCOTCHMEN. Fifty Portraits, mostly of Eminent Scotch- 
men. 50. 

SCOTT. Alexander Vatemar Exhibiting before Sir Walter 
Scott. Three Plates. 3. 

SCRAP PRINTS. A Choice Collection. 

SCRAP PRINTS. A Collection. 

SCRAP PRINTS. A Collection. 

SCRAP PRINTS, assorted. One Hundred and Twenty-five. 

,,- ^ ' 125. 

SCRAPS. A Collection. '^ O-"/ ^ 

SCRAP PRINTS, in a Portfolio. 100. 


SCRAPIANA. A Collection of Wood Cuts, in a Portfolio. 

Art Journal. 25. 




fV' -.*=^^919. SELECTIOX OF PLATES, from the Art Journal. Au- 
' 'V other Lot. ^^ ^ '- 

/t_3920. . Another Lot. '-^-^^^ 


6 3922. SHAKESPEARE. Thirty-six Ulustratious to Shakespeare. 

Mostly Portraits. 36. 

^, 3923. SHARP (William). The Doctors of the Chm-ch, after Guido 
Reni. 1. 

3, 3924, SHARP (William). Interview of Charles I. T\-ith his Chil- 
^ dren : on India paper. 1. 

^^3925. SHARP (Wm.) Portrait of Filraer Honywood, Esq., M. P. 

Four Plates. ' 4. 

/ J~^0 3926. SHARP (Wm.) Portraits of Thomas Walker and William 

Sharp. Two Plates. 2. 

/, 3927. SHARP (Wm.) and RAVEXET (S. F.) Portraits of Lord ^ ' 

Dnndas and Caroli Pratt. Two Plates. 2. 

3928. SHARP (Wm.) and RA^T:XET (S. F.) Portraits of John 

Hyde and Ch. Pratt. Two Plates. 2. 

/ /j 3929. SHARP, WOOLLETT, etc. Wevobia, Boys at Play, and a 

Frontispiece. Three Pieces. 3. 

yS 39"30. SHARP (William) and Others. Portrait of Sir Francis J| 

Burdett, etc. Four Portraits. 4. 

<?J 3931. SHERWIX (Chas. and J. K.), and Others. Portrait of ^ 
Captain Dampier, James Cook, WooUett, etc. Eleven > 
Plates. 11. 

^r 5tr3932. SHERWIN (J. K.) The House of Peers when the Earl of 
Chatham Avas taken 111. 1. 

/O 3933. SHERWIX (J. K.) and Others. Landing at Tanna and 
Middeburgh, Battle Pieces, etc. Twelve Plates. 12. 

J7 3934. SHERWIX (J. K.) and Others. Portrait of William Pitt, 
and two others. 3. 

//2J3935. SHERWIX (J. K.), etc. Portrait of Wilham Pitt, and three 
others. 4. 

7cr3936. SDIOXXEAU (Ph.) Le Feu, L'Eau, L'Air, et La Terre. 
/ Four Plates. 4. 

/, ytr3937. SIMOX, VIEL, RO]MAXET, etc. La Sommeil de Venus, 
' Diane au Bain, Xymphe au Bain, etc. Four Line Engra- 

vings. 4. 


ISTS. Very fine. 65. 
if3';'.940. SKELTOX (Wm.) and Others. Portraits of the Royal 
Family of George IIL Five Plates. 5. 
-^O 3941. SMALL EXGRAVIXGS by Various Old Masters. 30. 


^,2«^9^^- SMALL ENGRAVINGS AND SCRAPS. A Collection. 3 
Very old. 

^ 3943. S^L/VLL ENGRAVINGS. 24. C. 


2, S'O 3945. SMYTH (F. J.) The Lord's Supper : a very large wood cut, 
after Leonardo da Vinci. 1. 

Z 3946. SOJMERVILLE. Seventy Engravings adaj^ted to illustrate 
Somerville's Chase. '70. 

:2 V/1948. SPOONER, TTATSON, etc. Portrait of Sir WiUiam John- 
son, Mfijor Robert Rogers, and Brigadier-General Eraser. 
Three Portraits. 3. 

^^"394 9. STAFFORD GALLERY. A Collection of One Hundred 
and Thirty Engravings, from the Gallery of the Marquis 
of Statibrd, Coloured and Mounted in imitation of the 
Originals. 130. 

• " 3950. STEAMSHIP SARAH SANDS. Lithograph. 1. 

/»r395lT STELLA (C.) Thirteen Plates of Rustic Games, Sports, 
etc. 13. 

^^3952. STODHART, THOMSON, and FINDEN. Expectation 
{Proof before Letters), The Bride, and the Princess Vic- 
^_____ toria. 3. 

/, 7^^1953. STRANGE (Robert). Abraham and Hagar, Belisarius, Es- 
ther, and Laomedon. Four Plates. 4. 
3.^0 3954. STRANGE (Robert). Apollo Rewarding Merit and Pun- 

ishing Arrogance. In black frame, with glass. 1. 

^^V'^ 3955. STRANGE (Robert). Cupid Sleeping, and another. 2. 

^ ^J-IJSse. STRANGE (Robert). Cupido, and Te Deum Laudamus. 
Two Plates. 2. 

j^ 3957. STRANGE (Rob.) Carolo I"" Magnae BritanniaB Regi, after 
Vandyke. 1. 

/^ 3958. STRANGE (Rob.) Diva Magdalena, and Sappho. Two 
^' Plates. 2. 

^^S~(? 3959. STRANGE (Rob.) Finding of Romulus and Remus; Caesar . , 
Putting Away Pompeia ; Laomedon ; Judgment of Her- 
cules, etc. Four Plates. 4. 
.?, 2*^3960. STRANGE (Rob.) Fortuna and Cleopatra. Two Plates. 2. 
vr;Jl?3961. STRANGE (Rob.) Joseph and Potiphar's Wife, and an- 
other. . 2. 

STRANGE (Rob.) Judgment of Hercules, Apollo Reward- / ^ 
ing Merit, etc., and Liberality and Modesty. it> 3. 

STRANGE (Rob.) Liberality and Modesty, St. Camellia, and 
Christ Aj^pearing to His Mother. Three Plates. 3. 



/J, 3964. STRANGE (Rob.) The Madonna of Correggio, A^ith the 
Magdalen of St. Jevora. Two Plates. 2. 

^ 3965. STRA^TGE (Rob.) Mary Magdalen, after Guido Reni. 1. 
3,S(] 3966. STRANGE (Rob.) Meekness and Justice, after Raphael. 
Two Plates. 2. 

', '/ 3967. STRANGE (Rob.) Miserere mei Deus, etc., and another. 
Two Plates. 2. 

J^, 3968. STPtANGE (Rob.) Portrait of Henrietta Maria, and an- 
other. 2. 
J^,U^ ^3969. STRANGE (Rob.) St. Agnes; Parce Somnum Rumpere. 
Two Plates. 2. 
6, 3970. STRANGE (Rob.) Venus Blinding Cupid; and Te Deum 
Laudamus. Two Plates. 2. 
^^'^1971. STRANGE (Rob.) Venus and Danae. A Pair, from Paint- 
ings by Titian. 2. 
3. ST) 3972. STRANGE (Robert) and BONATO (Pietro). Cupid, Amor 
Pungente, etc. Three Plates. 3. 
ty-four Plates. 24. 
^0 3974. TANJE (P.) Proposition de Mariage, etc. Four Plates. 


^ , 3975. TANNER, VALLANCE, KEARNEY, etc. The British 

Surrendering their Arms to Gen. Washington, after their 

Defeat at Yorktown. 1. 

^C 3976. TARDIEU, CATHELIN, and Others. Twelve Portraits, 

assorted. 12. 

1/-0 3977. TELL. Five Plates, illustrative of the Life of William 

Tell. 5. 

f3 3978. THEATRICAL PORTRAITS. Sixty-five. 65. 

/^ 3979. THIBOUST, SADELER, etc. Holy Family, etc. Seventeen. 

^ ' 17. 



SiTlgSl. THOMASSIN, BOUTELOU, and Otheks. Portraits of 

The Conde and others. Four Plates. 4. 

/ 2-^4 J-^'Vd^l. THOMASSIN (S;) and Others. L'Assomption de la Vierge, 

' *^ etc. Eight Plates. 8. 

/, 5vr3983. TIEBOUT (C.) Portrait of Bishop WUliam White, after G. 

Stuart. 1 . 

i»^984. TOMPKINS (T. W.) and Others. The Goblin Story 

(Proof on India Paper), etc. Eight Plates. 8. 

.^«^^«5. TRIERE (Ph.) and Others. Triomphe de Galathee, etc. 

Sixteen Engravings of Nude and Semi-Nude Subjects. 



' vL^^iC^986. TUnXER (C.) Portrait of Richard Person, and Kemble as 

Hamlet. Proof before Letters. 2. 

^J^9S7. TURNER (.J. M. W.) A Series of Nine Views in Yorkshire, 

etc., after Paintings by Turner. 9. 

(J^t. '"^3988. TWELVE PORTRAITS, assorted. 12. 

^-A2-«989. TWENTY PORTRAITS, iUustrative of American History. 



/'^^ 20. 


/^ 3992. TWENTY-FIVE PORTRAITS. Various. 25. 

/J^993. TWENTY-FIVE PLATES from the Art Journal. 25. 

'/ 3994. ■ . Another Lot. Same. 25. 

', 3995. . x\nother Lot. Same. ' 25. 

', 3996. . Another Lot. Same. 25. 


t 181*7, etc. Seven Coloured Plates. V. 

^^ 3998. VAN DYCK. A Collection of Twenty-six Portraits. 26. 

^ jn3999. VAN DYCK. Twenty-five Portraits, by Van Dyck. Very 

fine. 25. 

^,^»r7000. VANGOLISTE et DREVET (P.) Portrait of Charles 

Gravier, Comte de Vergennes ; and Samuel Bernard. Two 

Plates. . 2. 

r^L ii^OOl. VAN LOO. Portrait of Van Loo (Proof before Letters), 

/ and nine others. 10. 

;$ J~4002. VAN LUYDEN. The Twelve Apostles, after Albert Durer. 

^(f 4003. VERMEULIN (C.) and Others. Portrait of Pet. Vine, 

Bertin, and others. Eight Plates. 8. 

/, 4004. VERTUE (George). Portraits of Ben Jonson, G. Chaucer, 

M. Prior, and others. Seventeen Plates. 17. 

" 4005. VERTUE (G.) and EDELINCK (Chev.) Portraits of John 

Verney and Bishop Sillery. Two Plates. 2. 

^/. r^%»06. VERTUE (G.) and Others. Portrait of Samuel Clarke, 

f ^ '<^" Ignatius Loyola, etc. Twenty Portraits. 20. 

^4^4007. VIEW of Cohoes Falls, the Cattskill Mountains, Tappan Sea, 

Bethlehem, etc. Four Plates, from Sketches by Governor 

Pownal. 4, 

^^4008. VIEW of the City Hall, New York Bay, and Fairmount 

Water Works. 3 Plates. 3. 

^•. ■ u^ ' 40 09. VIEWS of English and German Scenerv. One Hundred and 

^^ Thirty. ' 130. 

7^4010. VIEWS in America. Some fine. Sixty. 60. 

6 4011. VIEWS principally in Canada and the United States, 

Twenty-seven. 27. 


i^ 40 12. VIEWS in Scotland and Geimauy. Sixty-two. 62. 

(^^-^^ff^AQlZ. VIEW of Salem, N. C. ; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and an- 

' other. 3. 

yy 4014. VIRGIL. One Hundred and Four Plates belonging to Ogil- 

by's Virgil. Engraved by Hollar, Faithorne, and others. 

Fine Old Impressions. 104. 

^4015. VIRGIL. Seventy-six Plates Illustrative of Virgil. 76. 

y 4016. VISSCHER (L.) Portrait of Johau de Liefde, after Vander 

^^' Heist. 1. 

/ /^4017. VISSCHER (L.) Mythological Plates. Four. 4. 

>^J~?D18. VISSCHER and Others. The Walrus, Adam and Eve, and 

six other Plates. 8. 

3^ 4019. VIVARES (F.) and Others. A View in Hagley Park and 

London, Land Storm, etc. Seven Plates. 7. 

J^C 4020. VIVARES (F.), MOYREAX, etc. Seven Landscapes and 

Views. 7. 

63 4021. VOTUM CHRISTIANORUM, and Three other Large Steel 

Plates. %. 

J 4022. WALKER. Twenty-one English Portraits bv Wm. Walker. 


yvr4023. WALKER (William) and Others. Portrait of John, Earl 
' ofllopetoun. Three Plates. 3. 

J^4024. WASHINGTON. Fifty-five Portraits of Washington, in 

Portfolio. 55. 

JIO 4025. WASHINGTON. Twenty-one Fine Portraits, Illustrative 

of the Life of Washington. 21. 

J(^ 4026. WASHINGTON. Seventy-five Portraits, Illustrative of the 

Life of Washington, in a Portfolio. 75, 

/O 4027. WATSON (CaroUne) and Others. Ten Plates, assorted. 


/,y»r^028. WATSON (James). Rubens and Famil)-. 1. 

^v5~T029. WATSON, JAMES, and Others. Portrait of Sir Robert 

Walpole, etc. Five Plates. 5. 

^^4030. WEBB (Wra.) Portrait of Lord Willoughbj; Portrait of 

Neckei", and three others. 5. 

y According to Bromlej, the first-named print has sold for three guineas. 

■2/^p?y4031. WEBER (Gest v. Fried.) Portrait of Hans Holbein, d. j. 

Fine impression. 1. 

^ 4032. WELLSTOOD (W.) Portrait of Florence Nightingale. 1. 

^7^4033. WEYDMANS (H.) and Others. Etching of a Moimte- 

bank, Chiruri^eou, etc. Nine Engravings, assorted. 9. 


Calandritio, Bruno, and Buflralmacco ; Joshua and Jacques 

do Lilh.>. Three Plates. 3. 


; 4035. AYILKIE. The Blind Fiddler, after Wilkie. 1. 

SC 4036. WILLE (J. G.) Abel Franyois Poisson, Marquis de Ma- 

rigny, et Jean Baptiste Masse. Two Line Engravings. 2. 

4037. WILLE (J. G.) Le Concert de Famille, et Le Marechal des 

Logis. Two Line Engravings. 2. 

%^~4038. . La Meme. 

St 4039. WILLE (J. G.) La Cuisiniere Hollandoise, et La D6videuse 

Mere de G. Douw. Two Line Engravings. 2. 

I, 4040. WILLE (J. G.) Gazettiere Hollandoise et La Cuisiniere 

Hollandoise. A Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 

? ^"^041. WILLE (J. G.) Instruction Paternelle. 

^ 4042. . La Meme. - 

^^■^43. WILLE (J. G.) Jean Baptiste Masse, et Carolus Wallije 

Princeps, etc. Two Line Engravings. 2. 

J7f 4044. WILLE (J. G.) Joseph Parrocel, Carolus Walliae, and 

Elizabeth de Gouy. 3. 

y»r4045. \VILLE (J. G.) La Menagerie Hollandoise. 

, «n^4046. . La Meme. 

^ J'4047. WILLE (J. G.) Louis Phelvpeaux, Comte de Sainte Flo- 
rentin, et Jean Baptiste Masse. Two Liue Engravings. 

" 4048. WILLE (J. G.) La Liseuse, et La Devideuse Mere de Ge- 
rard Douw. Two Line Engravings. 2. 

; 4049. . La Meme. 2. 

, 4050. WILLE. ^Liitresse d'Ecole, et Petit Ecolier de Harlem. A 
Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 

J^4051. "^T:LLE. Maitresse d'Ecole, and the Smokers. Two Line 

Engravings. 2. 

^^ J'7052. WILLE (J. G.) La Menagerie Hollandoise, et Tante de G. 
Douw. A Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 

, J7?40^3. WILLE (J. G.), SHARP (Wm.), and PETIT (L.) Mort de 
Cleopatre, Circe, and the Three Graces (Proof). 3. 

» 4054. WILLE (J. G.) La Mort de Marc Antoine, et Agar pre- 
sentee a Abraham par Sara. A Pair of Line Engravings. 
Fine Impressions. 2. 

,^'^l055. WILLE (J. G.) Mort de la Cleopatre ; et CHEVELLET, La 
Bonne Mere sans Souci. Two Line Engravings. 2. 

~~<'C^05Q. WILLE (J. G.) Musiciens Ambulans, et Les Offres Reci- 
* proques. A Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 

J"? 405 7. . La Meme. 2. 

4058. WnXE (J. G.) Musiciens Ambulans, et Le Concert de 
Famille. A Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 


/,ro 4059. WILLE (J. G.) Petite Ecoliere, et Le Petit Pliysicien. A 
Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 

„ H 40C0. WILLE (J. G.) La Petit Physicieu, et La Menagere Hol- 
lancloise. A Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 

O ^tfiOGl. WILLE (J. G.) Le Petit Physicien, and Two Portraits. 
Three Plates. 3. 

^,V/4062. WILLE (J. G.) Maurice de Saxe, et Ludovicus Victor. 
^ Two Plates. 2. 

>, 4063. WILLE (J. G.) Repos de la Vierge, et L'Observateur dis- 
trait. A Pair of Line Engravings. 2. 
WILLE (J. G.) and RLVTIRA (G.) Sapeur des Gardes 
Suissas, and two other Plates. 2. 
j^, 7^706 5. WILLE et SADELER. Louis Phelypeaux, et Matthise 
Caesar Augusta. Two Plates. 2. 
AJ7?4066. WILLE (J. G.), SCHMDT, and Others. Portrait of J. M. 
Preisler, Antoine Pesne, etc. Seven Plates. V. 
efZ? 4067. WILLE (J. G.) and Others. Ten Portraits, assorted. 10. 
/yXir068. (WILLE) P. A. Les Soins Maternels, et Le Concert de 
' Famille. Two Line Engravings. 2. 
SI, 'SD 4069. WILLE (P. A.) Les Soins Maternels, et Les Delices Maternels. 
A Pair. 2. 
J^VtTIOTO. WILLE (P. A. and J. G.) Le Marechal des Logis, et La 
Mort de Marc Antoine. Two Line Engravings. 2. 
J~^ 4071. WOLFE. The Death of General Wolfe at Quebec. Mezzo- 
tint Engraving. 1. 
/^4072. WOOD ENGRAVINGS; Illustrating Virgil; printed in 
1520 or 1522, and other old Wood Cuts of that period. 
One hundred and thirty-eight. 138. 
/. 4073. WOOD CUTS. A Collection. 

4074. WOOD ENGRAVINGS. A Parcel. 
O ^J~?075. WOOLLETT (Win.) The Apple Gatherers, and Phaeton. 
Two Plates. '2. 

A :?.r^76. WOOLLETT (Wm.) Boys at Play; also, Pius XIL, and 
Cecilia. Three Plates. 3. 

3, 6V 4077. WOOLLETT (Wm.) Cicero at his Villa, and Dido and 
^Eneas. Two Plates. 2. 

^,^tr4078. WOOLLETT (Wm.) The Fishery, Rural Cot, and Land- 
scape. Three Plates. 3. 
3, 4079. WOOLLETT (Wm.) The Merry Villagers; and Roman 
Edifices in Ruins. Two Plates. j 2. 
aT^OSO. WOOLLETT (Wm.) Niobe ; The Fishery, and Landscape. 
Three Plates. " 3. 
2,lS~~l^^\. WOOLLETT (Wm.) Shooting. A Set of Three Plates, 
after Paintings by Geo. Stubbs. 3. 



^ 4082. WOOLLETT (\Ym.) Shooting ; a Pair, after Stubbs. 2. 
^' J^4083, WOOLLETT (Wm.) The Spanish Pointer ; Landscape, after 
Caracci ; and Waller's Seat. Three Plates. 3. 

/^ SH 4084. WOOLLETT (Wm.) View of Carlton House and Hall- 
Barn, Beaconsfield. Two Plates. 2. 
-, 4085. WOOLLETT (AVm.) and FITTLER (James). Summer; 
Autumn ; Diana and Acteon ; and Landscape. Four 
Plates. 4. 
„ 4086. WOOLLETT (W.) and SCHIAYONETTI (X.) Portraits of 
George III. and Sir Joseph Banks. 2. 
\,^0 4087. WOOLLETT W. and WILLE (J. G.) Portraits of George 
m. and Frederick IL ^2. 
VJ'1088. W0RTHINGT0:N' and Others. Portrait of John Dalton, 
' _ and four others. 5. 
:2«r4089. WRIGHT (Thos.) and Others. Portrait of a Lady (Proo/), 
The Enthusiast, etc. Fourteen Plates. 14. 


FLOWER PIECE. By Leigh. 10 by 8 inches. 1. 

PORTRAIT OF A LADY. lOi by 8 inches. 1. 

LADY WITH SQLnRREL. B'y C. F. Bulkley. 8^ by 

7 inches. 1. 



THE BRIDE. C. F. Bulkley. 1. 

CHILDREN WITH FLOWERS. 6 by 7^ inches. 1. 

FLOWER PIECE. 9i by 8 inches. 1. 

LADY. 10 by 81 inches. 1. 

y, Jl?4099. DOG WITH ' PHEASANT. By W. Gunton. 8i by 8i 

inches. 1. 
j; 4100. CHINESE VASES. 7f by 7 inches. 

^ 4101. LADY AT HER TOILET. IQi by 8i inches. 1. 

^ 4102. HORSES. B. Fenning. 6 by 6f inches. 1. 

y J^4103. NEW HOLLAND PARROT. 9 by 7i inches. 1. 

,/ ,, 4104. FLOWER PIECE. J. Leigh. 6J by 5J inches. 1. 














296 DRAWINGS. ' 

S.SO 4105. PORTRAIT OF A LADY. 8i by 6f inches. 1. 

^.-r/? 4106. PEACOCK. R. Dodson. 9f by 8 inches. 1. 

4t,J"^4107. COAST SCENE. 3i by 5 inches. 1. 

/A 4108. LADY WITH CLT^" 10 by 8 inches. 1. 

^.J^ 41 09. SWISS GIRL. N.Hill. 41 by 3i inches. 1. 

.To ^>41 10. PEACOCK. By J. Leigh. "6f'by"6f inches. 1. 

/3» 4111. LADY AND CAVALIER. C. F. Bulkley. 10 by 7* inches. 1. 

<*-,J~<i?4 11 2. FRUIT PIECE. 4f by 6 inches. " l. 

6 .S-C^\\2,. FLOWER PIECE. J. Leigh. lOi by Sf inches. 1. 

3,SD 4114. FLOWER PIECE. J. Leigh. 8i by 6f inches. 1. 
S-* 4115. CATTLE IN REPOSE. W. Gunton. 6f by Of inches. 1. 

<^,t;2' 4116. CHILDREN WITH GOAT. B. Baldwin. 9i by 7f 

inches. 1, 

j; 4117. FLOWER PIECE. lOi by 81 inches. l! 

^, 4118. MONKS OF ST. BERNARD. 9 J by 7a inches. 1. 

^, 41 1 9. BIRD AND FLOWERS. Thos. LeAvin. 8f by 7^ inches. 1 . 

St 4120. CHILDREN AT PLAY. C. F. Bulkley. 6| by 81 

inches. 1, 

J, 4121. MOSS ROSE. J. Leigh. 81 by 7 inches. 1. 
/?.J^4122. GREYPIOUND AND^HARE. W. Gunton. 7i by 7 inches. 1. 

/,iJ^123. PARROT. 10 by 7 f inches. 1. 

3 , 4124. HEAD OF A LADY. 5f by 41 inches. 1. 

/.SD 4125. FLOWER PIECE. J. Leigh, 'sf by 7 inches. I. 

^, 4126. PHEASANTS. B. Fenuing. 8 by 7^ inches. 1. 

fO, 4127. LANDSCAPE W^TH FOX. W. Gunton. 81 by 6^ 

inches. 1^ 

/?r4128. BLUE BIRDS. 6 f by 51 inches. 1. 

'. "4129. PEACH. 91 by 7 J inches. 1. 

3.S~0 4130. HOUND. B. Penning. 7 by 6f inches. 1. 

6, 4131. FRUIT PIECE. PEACHES, PLUMS, etc. b\ by 71 

inches. ' j, 

/<5>,.r<?41 32. FEMALE HEAD. 8i by 7 inches. 1. 

/, 4133. SWALLOW WAILLEN. 71 by 6 inches. 1. 


' inches. \^ 


Lewin. 8f by 7 inches. ]. 

S, 4136. HEAD OF A LADY. 8f by 1\ inches. 1. 

J*, 4137. SHELLS, BOOK, etc. 41 by 61 inches. 1. 

2, 4138. FLOWER PIECE. 6 a by 6 i inches. ]. 

4139. GOOSEBERRIES. 11 by 8f inches. 1. 



/^^S7f 4140. FEMALE HEAD. 9f by n\ inches. 1. 

5>, 4141. STAG. W. Gunton. 8 by 6f inches. 1. 

r. 4142. JOHN ANDERSON" MY JO. 7 by 7 inches. 1. 

f, 4143. RUSTIC LASS. 8i by 7 inches. 1. 

^,SZj 4144. HEAD OF A YOUNG GIRL. 9^ by 7f inches. l. 

^^?J^145. EFFIE DEANS. J.Smith. 7]- by 6^- inches. 1. 

', " 4146. CATHERINE SEYTON. 8i by 7 inches. 1. 

S~^ 4147. LADY READING. 9 by 7i" inches. 1. 

/jT>4148. FLOWERS AND BIRD'S NEST. 8 by 7^ inches. 1. 

^, 4149. LANDSCAPE WITH STAG. W. Gunton. 7f by 6^ 

inches. l" 

/, 4150. LADY WITH HEAD-DRESS. 1\ by 6f inches. 1.' 

/aJ7>4151. FOX ANDHARE. W. Gunton. "si by 6J inches. 1. 

e5^ 4152. RUSTIC LASS. ^ by Of inches. " 1. 

6f by 7 inches. 1. 

i7J^4l 54. HERON AND DOG. W. Gunton. 7f by 6f inches. 1. 

^,.,^^155. GIRL T\aTH FLOWERS. J.Smith. 7f by of inches. 1. 

5?, J15> 4156. LADY WITH LYRE. 8^ by 7 inches. 1. 

2. 4157. GREEK LOVERS, n by 8 inches. 1. 

y, 4158. VASE WITH FLOWERS. J.Leigh. 10 by 8i inches. 1, 

^r:Tf^l59. ITALIAN LADY. 9i by 7^ inches. 1. 

^Jl? 41 60. SEA PIECE. 5f by 7 f inches. 1. 

U 4161. PARTRIDGES. W. Gunton. 81 by 7 inches. 1. 

•.»r.<' 4162. DOG AND PARTRIDGE. W. Gunton. 8i by 71 

inches. 1 

^ 4163. PAIR OF PHEASANTS. W. Gunton. 8 by 6i inches, l! 
^X^? 4164. FLOWER PIECE. J.Leigh. 8 by 6i inches. " 1. 

/, 4165. HEAD OF A YOUNG LADY. 9i by 7} inches. 1. 

r.«r^4166. MOTHER AND CHILD. 11 by 9 inches. 1* 

, ^J^167. POPPY. J.Leigh. 8 by 6f inches. 1. 


4169. FLOWER PIECE. J. Leigh. 8i by 8 inches. 1. 

4170. FLOWER PIECE. J. Leigh. 8i by 7i inches. 1. 

4171. PINK, MOSS-ROSE, AND ROSE. By J. Holland, and 

others. Three Pieces. 3. 

^tTim. MOSS-ROSE. By J. Holland ; and ROSE and SWEET PEA. 
. 4173. WHITE ROSE, AND PRIMROSE. A Pair. 2. 

oc 4174. ROSE. By J. Leigh. BOUQUET OF FLOWERS, Avith 

Dahlia, Cactus, etc. A Pair. 2. 




^^ 4175. ROSES. A Pair. 2. 
/Jl? 41 7G. TULIP. By Holland ; and STRAMONIUM. A Pair. 2. 
„ „ 4177. MORNING GLORY, AND BALSAM. A Pair. 2. 
„ » 4178. CAMELLIA AND CROCUS. A Pair. 2. 
Q,^(, 4179. GROUP OF FLOWERS. By Holland; and another. A 
Pair. 2. 
; 4180. ROSE. By J. Leio;h. gi by 6f inches. 1. 
,, „ 4181. GROUP OF FLOWERS. By J. Lei^h; and MIGNON- 
ETTE. A Pair. 2. 

'\ By J. Leigh. 2. 

h 2 «r^83. CONVOLVULUS. By J. Leic^h. 8^ by 7 inches. CRO- 
CUS, HONEYSUCKLE. A Pair." ' 2. 
o •' 4184. GERANIUMS AND CARNATION. A Pair. 2. 
,, .. 4185. PAIR OF FLOWER PIECES. By J. Leigh. 2. 
., „ 4186. LARKSPUR AND CROCUS. A Pair. 2. 
,, , 4187. SWEET-BRIER, JESS A]\nNE, and another. A Pair. 2. 
'. . 4188. HYACINTH, ROSE, AND LILY. Three Pieces. 3. 
/. ^n? 4189. GERANIUM, FUCHSIA, AND ROSES. Three Pieces. 3. 
^ 4190. ROSE PINKS, etc. A Pair. 2. 
Pieces. ;^. 


etc. Three Pieces. 3. 

J. ^^^193. FLOWERS. By T. Holland. 1. 

'. /^ 4194. GROUP OF FLOWERS. By J. Leigh. 8f by 7 inches. 1. 
., ,. 4195. GROUP OF FLOWERS. By J. Leigh. 8 J by 7 inches. 1. 
., u 4196. FLTCHSIA. By J. Leigh. 8i by 7 inches. 1. 

2 ,?.rTl97. GROUP OF FLOWERS. By J. Leigh ; and another. 2- 
A»r^ 4198. ROSE. By J. Leigh; and one other— a FUCHSIA. 2. 

,, „ 4199. BLUE HYACINTH. By J. Leigh; and GROUP OF 
FLOWERS. ^ 2. 

GROUP OF FLOWERS. By J. Leigh ; and another. 2. 
FLOWERS. By J. Leigh ; and CONVOLVULUS. 2. 

ERS. By J. Leigh; and another. 2. 

^2^203. DRAWINGS, assorted. 17. 

/,'2.J^204. WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS, assorted. 6. 


^^200. PENCIL DRAWINGS. Coloured, in a Vellum Portfolio. 
Fifteen. 15. 



/94207. PEXCIL DRAWINGS. Some Coloured. 40. 

^^/-4208. PENCIL DRAWINGS. 4to, stitched. 19. 

^ /'^4209. PENCIL DRAWINGS. Coloured. 20. 

. /7; 4210. PENCIL DRAWINGS. Coloured, in Portfolio. 25. 

J2J42Tr. PENCIL DRAWINGS. Landscape, etc. Fine. 25. 
jjj^^/-i212. PORTFOLIO. 


g, 4213. BURNS AND IIIS HIGHLAND MARY. Oil Painting, 

' by Kidd. In Gilt Frame. 1. 

S, 4214. CHILDREN WITH DOG. Oil Painting, on Panel. 1. 

/^, 4215. CRUCIFIXION. Oil Painting, on Copper, in Gilt Frame. 

-Z,.n?4215.*MARY MAGDALENE. On Canvas, in Gilt Frame. 1. 


Fresco. Large Oil Painting, in Gilt Frame, 1749. 1. 

2,, 4217. FLOWER PIECE, on Panel,^in Gilt Frame. 1. 

^y^ 4218. LADIES WITH BIRD-CAGE. Painting on Canvas, in 

Gilt Frame. 1. 

yr^ 4219. LANDSCAPE, in Gilt Frame. 1. 


n., in Gilt Frames. » 2. 

^-/^«4221. PAIR OF FLOWER PIECES, in Gilt Frames. 2. 

\. 4222. PAIR OF LANDSCAPES, in Gilt Frames. 2. 

4223. PORTRAIT OF MRS. A. E. EVANS, Painted by T. P. 

Rossiter, of New Haven; on Panel, in Black Frame. 1. 

fO, 4224. PORTRAIT OF REMBRANDT, on Panel, in Gilt Frame. 

Very fine. 1, 

6, 4225. PORTRAIT OF DR. SMOLLETT, on Panel. Gilt Frame. 


Pair of Dutch Portraits, in Antique Carved Frames. 2. 

S". 4227. PORTRAIT OF MOSES HOUGHTON, Miniature Painter, 

London. Gilt Frame, Glazed. 1. 

'Z^ 4228. PORTRAIT OF A CARDINAL. Oil Painting, on Panel, 

in Antique Carved and Gilt Frame, Glazed. 1. 

4229. REMBRANDT. Portrait of Rembrandt, in Black Frame, 

Glazed. 1. 

^, 4230. ST. MARGUERITE. Line Engraving, Framed and Glazed. 


and Gilt Antique Frame ; from Mr. Paff 's Collection. 1 . 







'• 4234. 

" 4235. 





^ ^ :d^i-4240. 





J/J) .!^.X4245. 

' lO 4246. 


J ^248. 

■i-i 4250. 










Penny size. 

Same size 

Halfpenny size. 


Halfpenny size. 

Farthing size. 

Farthing size. 





MEDALLETS. No duplicates. All fine. 

MEDALLETS. Some very fine. 

MEDALS (Admiral Vernon, etc.) Size 23. 

A LOT OF LARGER MEDALS. Curious and Old. 

A LOT, in Fine Order, containing Proof of " Lafayette as 

Deputy," etc. Ten Pieces, average size. 20. 


Oval, and Round. Large and Small. A Rare Lot. 14 

Pieces. 14. 

FOUR MEDALS. 2 Oblong and 2 Round. 4. 

MEDALS IN TIN, in fine preservation. Size 28. fo 

FINE MEDAL OF HAYDN. His Bust. Rev.— Natus, 

etc. Bronze. Size 25. 1. 


^,3-^4253. FINE MEDAL OF MARTIN FOLKES. Size 23. 1. 


. Size 22. 1. 

OF THE ANTIQLT:. Very beautiful. Six Pieces. 6. 
' RELATING TO NAPOLEON. Some very rare ones. 

All in fine order. 15 Pieces. 15. 

RISON. Till proof. Size 40. 1. 
Pieces. 8. 
t,S~V 4259. FAC-SBIILE OF A 2HEDAL Given by Congress to WH- 
• Hams, VanTTart, and Paulding, for the Capture of Major 
Andre. Electrotype in Silver. 1. 
9AISE," with fine head of Liberty. Struck 24th Februa- 
ry, 1848. In Case. Size 34. 1. 
36 Pieces. 36. 
'.S'O 4262. A PICTLTIE MEDAL. "Record of British Military 
Valour," -with bust of Arthur Duke of Wellington, Size 
42. ' 1. 


. Pieces. 7, 


at Berlin, in Iron. Curious and rare. 1. 


3 4265. 36 SHINPLASTERS. Many uncirculated. 36. 

■' 4266. 31 STORE CARDS. Some rare. 36. 

y^4267. AJVI I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER ? Uncirculated. 

2 Pieces. 2. 

2X4268. TALBOT, ALLmi, and LEE, 1794. Good. 3 Pieces. 3. 
'./^ 4269. KENTUCKY CENTS. Lettered edge. Fine. 2. 

^«t^=^270. GOD PRESERVE LONDON. Very fine, rare. 1.-- 2 Z -S' 

^,/l- 4271. FRANIvLIN PRESS. Good, rare. 1. 

,^^4272. U. S. A. BAR CENT. Original. Very fine and rare. 1. 
^J^ 4273. CHALMERS' ANNAPOLIS SHILLING. Very fine and 



//,^^ 4274. LORD BALTIMORE SIXPENCE. Pierced, but very 

good ; rare. 1 . 


5 Pieces. 5. 



Pierced. 3. 



'/ir42S0. GEORGIUS TRIUMPHO. Poor. 1. 

/^^ 4281. LOUISIANA CENT, 1722. Poor. 1. 

/^ 4282. NEW JERSEY CENTS. 6. 



^,J"<^ 4285. MASSACHUSETTS HALF CENT, 1787. Very fine. 1. 



/.5~l288. FIVE NOVA CONSTELLATIO'S. Various. 5. 

.$"4289. MISCELLANEOUS. 9 Pieces. 9. 

.^.^<^ 4290. DOLLAR, 1799. Five Stars facing. Good, rare. 1. 

/<9,/7<' 4291. DOLLAR, 1836. Beautiful Proof. 1. 

/<P,J^ 4292. HALF DOLLAR, 1838. Flying Eagle. Proof. 1. 

/,7°c/4i93. HALF DIME, 1800. Fine. 1. 

/^J~4294. ROSA AMERICANA. Halfpenny and Farthing. Good. 
2 Pieces. 2. 

/J^ 4295. ERIE CANAL MEDAL, in Box. Tin. Proof. 1. 

/_^ ao 4296. MEDAL Struck in honour of Commodore S. Decatur and 
Capt. S. Lawrence, with their busts. Tin. Very rare. 
Size 22. ' 1. 

63 4297. CRYSTAL PALACE MEDAL. " First Pillar erected," etc. 
Proof in box. Tin. Size 30. 1. 

/O. un?4298. KITTANNING Destroyed by Colonel Armstrong. Original. 
Splendid Proof in Silver. Extremely rare. 1. 

'<;^ 4299. NEW HAVEN MEDAL, in Silver. Original. Fine Proof. 
Nearly or quite unique in this Metal. Size 38. 1. 

^SToo 4n00. "COLUMBIAN ORDER, Instituted 1789." A Rattle- 
snake coiled, giving the warning rattle ; " Beware," above. 
Reverse — *' Where Liberty dwells, there is my Country." 
Columbus joining hands with an Indian, in token of frieud- 
shi|>> A ship in the distance. In the exergue, "Oct. 12, 
1792." Struck in Silver. This Medal is second in interest 
and beauty to no other in the American series, and is, un- 
doubtedly, unique. Size 28. 



f^J^ 4301. CENT, 1793. Wreath. Good. 1. 

SVJkZ02. CENT, 1793. "Ameri." Good. 1. 

^^ 4^03. CENT, 1774. Good. 1. 

-^^ 4304. CENT, 1797. Uncirculated. 1. 

'j><? 4305. CENTS. Various dates. Many uncirculated. 43. 

^ y/4306. HALF CENT, 1793. Very fine. 1. 

^'■jr?; 4307. HALF CENT, 1797. In good order. 1. 

^"^4308. HALF CENTS. Various dates. Many uncirculated. 38. 
2 J^4309. WASHINGTON TOKENS. Double head. Unity States, 

etc. No duplicates. 5. 

/V/4310. "LIBERTY AND SECURITY." Small, good, 
j/^tf 4311. "LIBERTY AND SECURITY." Large, uncirculated. 
'^J^312. "LIBERTY AND SECURITY." Large, poor. 
I, ^^ 4313. "WYON MEDAL." Poor. 
,^' 2^^314. "GRATE CENT." Uncirculated. 
^j-^ 4315. LARGE EAGLE CENT, 1791. Fine. 
^j^^ ?AC. FUNERAL MEDAL, in Silver. Fine. 
^'^^ 4317. SANSOM MEDAL. Silver. Original. Size 28. 
/^^ 4318. MANLY MEDAL. Uncirculated. 
^' .4319. WEST WOOD IVIED AL. Bronze. Fine. 



/, Z-^^20. CHARLES I. Obv.— Bust of the King. D. G. M. B. F. et H. 
Rex, etc. Rev. — A Hand issuing from a Cloud, holding a 
Crown over a quiet Scene. Flocks reposing in the fore- 
ground. Fine and rare. Size 30. 1. 

, ca 4321. WALTER SCOTT. His Bust, 1824, by " Wyon." Rev.— 
"Truth severe in fairy fiction dressed." Extremely fine. 
Size 32. 1. 

, JD 4322. ROBERT BURNS. Published by S. Woolfield. Two 
_ Medals. Silver and Tin. Size 30. 2. 

4323. MARTIN FOLKES. Fine Medal, pnbHshed by the Socie- 
tas Regalis, Londini Sodales, MDCCXL., by Dassier. 
Size 32. 1. 

ST? 4324. JOHANN CAMPBELL, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich. 
A distinguished Military Character in the time of George 
I. A very beautiful Medal. Size 32. 1. 



^SO 4325. ARTHUR DUKE OF WELLINGTON". A splendid Proof 
Medal, by " Mudie." Size 32. 1. 

/ S^O 4326. PHILLIPPUS STANHOPE, Earl of Chesterfield. Fiqe 
Medal, by " Dassier." Size 32. 1. 

^,^<^4327. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Rev.— "Retablissement Du 
Culte." Very fine work, and in Proof Condition, by 
"Andrien," Size 32. 1. 

„ /. 4328. NAPOLEON. "Erap. etRoi." Rev.— " Entree a Moscow." 
__ A View of the City. Very fine. Size 25. 1. 


Rome, by " Andrieu." Size 25. 1. 


Pieces. All fine. Size 34. 3. 


Pieces. All fine. Size 30. 4. 


Size 32. 2. 


FREDERICUS BORUSSORUM— Rex Invictus (Frederick 

the Great). A splendid Medal. Size 40. 1. 

ALEXANDER V. HUMBOLDT. A very beautiful and 
rare Medal, by Looz. Size 36. ]. 

WILLIAM ROSCOE. Very fine. Size 28. 1. 

ROBERT BURNS. The Centenary of his Birth. Fine 
Proof. Size 25. 1. 

,, ., 4338. LARGE CASTING, without Reverse. A Sylvan Scene. 
Size 8 inches. 1. 

,, .. 4339. EMPEROR NAPOLEON. A Shell-plated bust. Size 6 
inches. 1, 

^"4340. TWO HALFPENNIES. 2. 

o 5' .^^341. S3IALL ROMAN COINS. 10 Pieces. 10. 

/Jl?4342. A CASE Containing Seven Medals, to wit: "Washington 

before Boston ;" " George Washington," by Vivier ; Two 

of " B. Franklin ;" Two of the Battle of Cowpens, and 

One of John Paul Jones. All perfect. 7. 


WASHINGTON." A Basso-Relievo, 4 by 5 inches, in 

Bronze. Very interesting and beaiitiful. Believed to be 

Unique. 1 . 

(:i^<5 4344. WASHINGTON, by Eccleston. A Cast. Very curious and 
rare. Size 60. 1. 

^n^tf 4345. BEN J. -FRANKLIN. Rev.— Plain. A Cast. Curious and 
rare. Size 60. 1. 











4-,SZ> 4335. 






^Z.eo 434G. GOUVERNEUR KEMBLE. A Medal made in 1857 for 
I\L\ Allan, and extremely rare. About size 60. 1. 

J, , 4347. HENRY CLAY, by Wright. Rev.— One hand resting on the 
Constitution, etc. Fine proof, in case. 1^ 

GILBERT STUART. Art Union Medals. All very 
fine. 3. 

/JT^^ 4349. DE WITT CLINTON, Mayor. Rev.— New York City Hall, 
by Furst. In Tin. Uncirculated, and excessively rare. 
Size 22. ' 1, 

S:6o 4350. WILLIAJVI HENRY HARRISON. Rev.— Bunker Hill 

Monument, by Mitchell. Bronze. Original. 1. 

C 4351. SEVEN OF SAGE'S SERIES, etc., and tAvo Atlantic 

Telegraph Medallets. All very fine. 9 Pieces. 9. 

2^ 4352. HENRY CLAY, by Wright. Tin. And W. Webster 
Curd, (English), Tm. 2 Pieces. 2. 



■-^'■^A^ SILVER. 

OC 4353. .^GINA. Obv.— Turtle. Rev.— Indentation. A Tetra- 

drachm of the first period. Rare. 1. 

4354. CORINTH. Obv.— Helmeted Head. Rev.— A winged horse. 

A Didrachm. Fuie. 1. 

^,06 4355. MACEDONIA. Obv.— Banhead. Rev.— AESILLA. A 

Club, Cistus, and two other characters or symbols, enclosed 

in a wreath. A rare and fine Tetradrachra. 1. 

/, S~0 4356. PTOLEMY. Obv.— Head of Ptolemy Soter diademed. 

Rev. — An Eagle in a Fulmen. Tetradrachm. Fair. 1. 

4357. RHODES. Obv.— Female head— full face. Rev.— A Flower. 

A Hemidrachm. Very fine; rare. 1. 

VELIA. Obv.— Helmeted head (Profile). Rev.— A Lion 

Crouching; TEAETAN. Didrachm. Fine. 1. 

» 4359. SHEKEL OF THE JEWS. Copy in Silver. Fine. 1, 

St> 4360. MEDALLION. Obv.— Head of Amnion. Rev.— Hebrew 

inscription. In Billon. A curious Medal. 1. 


Helmeted Head; 2TPA. Rev. — A Star between two 
Dolphins, 1. 



300 corns AJSD MEDALS. 

r?? 4362. COPPER com OF CYRENE. Obv.— Head of Jupiter 
Amraon. Rev. — The Sylphium. Good ; rare. 1. 

GREEK. 3 Pieces. 3. 



^_ ^^ 4365. JULIUS CJESAR. Obv.— Veiled head of Julius. Rev.— 
Macer (P. Sepullius) Standing. Fine and rare. 1. 

-VJ^ "4366. AUGUSTUS. Obv.— Head of the Emp. Rev.— His two (2) 
/ Grandsons Standing. Very fine. 1. 

J^ 4367. TIBERIUS. Obv.— Head of Tiberius. Rev.— Livia Seated. 
Fine. 1. 

^ ^ J^S68. VESPASIAN. Rev.— Fortune Standing. Fine. 1. 

/PX4369. TITUS. Rev.— Judea Capta. Good ; rare. 1. 

J^J^SIO. DOMITIAN AND TRAJAN. M fine. 3 Pieces. 3. 


^•^ ,^,0^4372. SABINA AND ^LIUS (Adopted Son of Hadrian), 2 
Pieces. 2. 

.2^^-4373. ANTONINUS PIUS AND FAUSTINA. Fine. 3 Pieces. 3. 
S<? 4374. ALTRELIUS AND SEVERUS. Fine. 2 Pieces. 2. 

" 4375. A LOT OF VARIOUS EMPERORS. Heliogabalus, Alex- 
ander, Philip, Maximinus, Decius, etc., etc. All in good 
preservation. 9 Pieces. 9. 

.2*r'4376. DOMITIAN, TITUS, MACRINUS. All fine, and not 
false. 3 Pieces. 3. 

J(J> 4377. TRAJAN. Rev.— A Temple with eight Columns and two 
Porticos. Rare. One of Titus, and one of Geta. 3 
Pieces. First size. All in good preservation. 3. 

^(^ 4378. SABINA, FAUSTINA, AND LUCILLA. Fair. First 
size. 3 Pieces. 3. 

_ DUS. Good. First size. 3. 

size. 3. 

" 4381. PHILIP. — Father and Son. First size. One fine. 3. 

., 4382. ALEXANDER. First Brass. Good. 3. 

', 4383. A LOT OF FIRST BRASS COINS. Poor. No dupli- 
cates. 9. 


/O 4384. A LOT OF SECOND BRASS COINS. Livia, Nero, 
Tiberius, Nerva, and Aurelius. All in ivivc preservation. 
5 Pieces. 5_ 

J^385. SECOND BRASS OF DOMITIAN. Aurelius and others! 

8 Pieces. 8. 

>, 4386. SECOND BRASS. HADRIAN, etc., etc. Poor. L 

; 4887. A SMALLER LOT. 8. 

/ — i388. A LOT OF SECOND AND THIRD BRASS, and some 

^ Smaller. Poor. 29 Pieces. 29. 

2^Z%9i. ANCIENT BRITISH COIN in Copper. Rare. 1. 

2^0 4390. COIN of the Old Britons hi Silver. Rare and fine. 
^J^ 4391. A STYCA of Eaured. Fine. 




/<0 4392. FINE PENNY of William the Conqueror. Rev.— PAX'S 

in the angles of a Cross. Rare. 1, 

^(^ 4393. FINE PENNIES of Henry III. and Edward L 4. 

'- 4394. FINE GROATS of Edward IIL and IIIL, and Henry YI. 

(Calais). A desirable lot. 3. 

30 4395. GROAT of Henry YII. (Close arched Crown). Fine ; scarce. 

V.r4396. GROAT of Henry VII. Third Coinage. Profile. Good ; 

^ scarce. 1. 

^cr4397. HALF GROAT. Same Coinage. Rare and fine. 1. 

6v 4398. BASE GROAT of Henry VII. Front face. Rare and fine. 
1 > oc 4399. GROAT of Mary (afterwards Wife of Philip). Rare ; good. 
^,7''^400. SHILLING of Philip and Mary. Seldom seen in this con- 
dition. Rare and fine. 1. 
/ / ^ 4401. SHILLING of Edward VI. Fine. 1 . 
,^.^;^u-4402. SHILLING of Edward VL Profile. Rare and fine. 1. 
j^ 4403. SIXPENCE of same Prince. Rare ; good. 1. 
/,? ^404. SHILLING of Elizabeth. LTnusually good. 1- 
„ ,, 4405. SIXPENCE of Elizabeth. Fine. 1. 
V^406. TWO VARIETIES of Same. Both good. 2. 
^^407. GROAT of Elizabeth. Fine; scarce. 1, 
of Elizabeth. A good lot. 4. 
I, •iS' 4409. SHILLING of .James L Extra fine ; rare. 1. 
y -^44 10. SHILLING of Charles L Very fine. • 1. 
/ 2 «^4 11. SHILLING of Charles L Struck at York. Good : rare. 1. 



/J'^ 4412. 


/ ^^4414. 


J^ 4416. 

/,^^ 4417. 

/ Vir^4418. 

/^V^ 4419. 


/^<7 4421. 

J(? 4423. 

y,,0 4425. 
J<r 4426. 
/J~ 4427. 

J(P, ooU28. 

72. 4430. 

^Jl> 4431. 

/^ 4432, 

SIXPENCE of Charles I. By"Bnot." Yeiy fine. 1. 

GROAT of Charles I. Fme. 1. 

SIXPENCE of Ormond. Used during the Siege ; rare. 1. 

COINS of the Commonwealth. TWOPENCE and PENNY. 
In fair preservation. 2. 

TWOPENCE of this Series. Ex. fine ; rare. 1. 



SHILLING OF CHARLES II. Hammered. LTncircu- 
lated. By " Simon." This type is quite rare. 1. 

lated ; rare. • 1. 

HALF CROWN. ANNA. " E." under Bust. Fair. 1. 

6 Pieces. 6. 

TWO SHELLS, with Anna's Bust. 2. 

CROWN OF GEORGE L Extremely fine. 1. 

SHILLINGS. Same Reign. 2 Pieces. 2. 

SHILLING. George H. Poor. 1. 

from Charles II. to Victoria. Fair. 24 Pieces. 24. 

plain. Extremely rare. Brilliant. 1, 


TWO PENCE OF GEORGE IH. In 2 Pieces. 2. 

III., ]Mary, and George I. All fine. 5 Pieces. 5. 

FARTHING OF ANNA, 1714. Fine for so rare a Coin. 
Extremely rare. 1. 





S'O 4433. 
J^<? 4434. 

/J 4436. 


GROAT OF ROBERT II, Fine; rare. 1. 

SMALL COINS OF MARY, in Copper. «M." cro\\Tied, 

with a Lion crowned on rev. Rare. 4 Pieces. 4. 

BODLES OF CHARLES I. The King's Monogram 

Crowned ; a Thistle on the rev. Rare. 2 Pieces. 2. 


Pieces. 4. 


S^UZI. COPPERS of James VI., Cl)arles L and II., ■\Villiara and 

Mary, William III., etc. 12 Pieces. 12. 


„ 4439. FIVE SHILLINGS (Scottish) of Queen Anne. Obv.— Her 
Bust and titles. Rev. — A Thistle Crowned. Fine and 
rare. 3 Pieces. 3. 

„ 4440. CHARLES I. Obv.— Bust and Titles ; XL. behind the bust. 
Rev. — Thistle crowned. Fine; rare. 1. 

y^4441. GROAT of Philip of Valois. Beautiful and rare. 1. 

^4442. HALF CROWN. Louis XIII. Also, of Louis XY., im- 

circulated. 2 Pieces. 2. 

^^4443. A LOT OF COPPER COINS, French. 4 Pieces. 4. 

/^ 4444. A LOT OF COPPER COINS of the Isle of Man. Some 

with the Arms of the Derby family. 14 Pieces. 14. 

r<^ 4445. A SQUARE COIN OF GUSTAVUS I. of Sweden, 

dated 1543, called a Clippinger. Weight 50 dwts. Fine 

and rare. 1. 

'aO 4446. SMALL SILVER COIN of Madras. 1. 



'.<7<7 4447. A MEDAL OF MARY Queen of Scots. Obv.— The 
Queen's bust in rich robes, holding a bre\-iary in her right 
hand. Ins. — " O God, grant patience, in that I si^er 
vranff.^'' The rev. has the Inscription in parallel lines in 
the field : " Qxdio can compare icith me in Grief? I die, 
and dor not SeiJc releif f and on the outer circle of the 
coin : " Hourt not the heart Quhoisjoy tliou arty 

This almost unique medal is in wonderful preservation; its ■weight is 
about two ounces. The work on the effigy of the Queen is very fine, and 
altogether the medal is. for beauty and rarity, quite unequalled. 


ALBERT. Obv.— Their busts. Rev.— " Ever may love 
shed rosv garlands round." Brilliant Proof, by Wyon. 1. 

<jft-4450. MEDAL WITH BUST OF AESCULAPIUS, and Gennan 
inscription. Dollar Size. 1. 

Fine Proof. Size 24. 1. 

with nineteen Drawers ; sixteen of which are lined witli 
Silk Velvet. 1 . 

oo 44.51.*MINIATURE CABINET FOR COINS, with 11 Drawers. 


6. so 4452. CIRCULAK ONYX, with Fortification Agate from South 


^^ 4453. 


„ 4455. 

SD 4456. 

S'OO 4457. 

/.'^^ 4460. 

,. 4461. 

^^ 4462. 

^,<70 4463. 

3_ 2«^4464. 

/ J^(^ 4465. 

/. ^'^"4466. 


/ 2t^4468. 

„ /. 4469. 

J^,S<9 4470. 

2,yi^ 4471. 

cTZ' 4472. 

" 4473. 



(^ '^ :^-4476. 


/, <^2. 4478, 


^ J" 4480. 

America. 1 . 

CHALCEDOXY from Persia. 1. 

CHALCEDONY. Ribbon Pattern. 1. 

CHALCEDONY. Ribbon Pattern. 1. 


CIRCULAR ONYX from La Plata, South America. 1. 

CIRCULAR ONYX from La Plata, South America. 1. 

CHALCEDONY from Persia. ' 1. 

CHALCEDONY from South America, with Crystallized 

Quartz. 1 . 





CHALCEDONY, with Fortification. 1. 





EYE AGATE, with Crystallized Quartz. 1. 





FORTIFICATION AGATE, surrounded by Crystallized 

Smoky Quartz. 1. 


CIRCULAR ONYX, surrounded by Quartz. 1. 



CHALCEDONY. Quartz inside. ' 1. 


\ao 4482. CHALCEDONY, with Milk Agate in Centre. 
^^4484. ONYX. 

/. 4486. CLOUDY AGATE. 
,0 4487. CHALCEDONY, with Fortification Lines.- 
J' ^4489. RED JASPER. 
J^4490. ROSE AGATE. 

yj^491. FORTIFICATION AGATE. Quartz inside. 
^J^492. EYE AGATE. 
TQ 4493. EYE AGATE. 

iD 4494. FORTIFICATION CHALCEDONY. Quartz inside. 
2^^4495. QUARTZ CRYSTAL. Polished. 
J77 4496. POLISHED QUARTZ CRYSTAL, with singular Enclo- 

^.<*^500. EGG made of FLUOR-SPAR. 
ilj^-lSOl. AMETHYST. 

" 4502. AMETHYST, witli Brown Spar. 

S^o 4504. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosures. 
^.^4505. POLISHED QUARTZ. ^ 
/O 4507. POLISHED QUARTZ, cut for a Seal. 
Sy 4508. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosure. 
TO 4509. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosure. 
^^4510. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Iris Enclosure. 
ao 4511. HELIOTROPE. Very fine and scarce. 

<^Jl^4517. FORTIFICATION AGATE. Quartz inside. 

0/7 4519. RED JASPER. Variegated Forms. 


(^«.C4520. CHALCEDONY. Quartz inside. 

/J~4521. CRYSTALLIZED QUARTZ, coated with Small Quartz. 
„ 4523. RED JASPER. 
^J^4524. RUIN AGATE. 
>• 4526. MOSS AGATE. 

J^^4528. CHALCEDONY SHELL, with Quartz inside. 
" 4529. CHALCEDONY SHELL, with Quartz inside. 
^.^"4530. BROWN JASPER. 
V 4532. MOSS AGATE. 
30 4533. CLOUDY AGATE. 
. 4535. MOSS AGATE. 
„ 4537. BROWN JASPER, with Singular Profile. 
^^4539. QUARTZ, surrounded by Chalcedony. 

'' 4543. POLISHED QUARTZ, cut as a Heart. 
; 4544. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosures. 
', 4545. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosures. 
JO 4547. CHALCEDONY, with Fortification. 
'. 4548. FORTIFICATION AGATE. Very singular. 
Y,S(?4:bbQ. LARGE MALACHITE. Polished. 
/ S^O 4552. EYE AGATE, surrounded by Quartz. 
/J<?4553. FORTIFICATION AGATE, with Enclosure of Chalce 

/,/iL 4554. EYE AGATE. Very fine. 

/ (?(? 4555. LARGE POLISPIED QUARTZ, with Enclosures. 
^.^4556. MOSS AGATE. 

" 4557. GREEN JASPER. Large Specimen. 
J^O 4558. MOSS AGATE. 


/^^oO 4559. RUTILE ill Quartz, from Vermont. From Dr. Chilton's 

Collection. 1. 


/,yJ^61. CIRCULAR ONYX in Quartz. 1. 

^ '^ ^ 4562. FORTIFICATION ON YX. Large. 1. 


^XT564. ROSE JASPER. 1. 

„ 4565. RED JASPER. Fortification of Quartz inside. 1. 

„ 4566. RIBBON JASPER. 1. 


J-<94568. CIRCULAR ONYX. 1. 



- ,, 4571. GREEN JASPER. 1. 

^Jl572. BROWN CHALCEDONY, with Fortification. 1. 

^-0 4573. BLUE CHALCEDONY, with Fortification inside. Very 

fine. 1. 


er^4575. QUARTZ GEODE within Chalcedony Centre. 1. 

,/ 4576. FORTIFICATION AGATE in Chalcedony. L 

(^5^4577. CIRCULAR ONYX in Quartz. 1. 

V/T578. CIRCULAR ONYX. Very Beautiful Specimen. 1. 


J', 2-^^80. FOSSIL AMMONITE. 1. 

;0\h%\. SMOKY QUARTZ. 1. 

^^4582. MILK AGATE within Quartz. 1. 

1, CO 4583. PETRIFIED SPIDER in Horn Stone. 1. 

^^4584. PETRIFIED WOOD. 1. 

^^=^45 85. MOSS AGATE. 1. 

i^tiJ^e. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosures. 1. 


„ 4588. BROWN CHALCEDONY in Quartz. 1. 


^0 4590. FORTIFICATION AGATE within Quartz. 1. 

^-^591. CALC-SPAR, coated with Iron Pyrites. 1. 





/,<5'<? 4596. PUDDING-STONE. 1. 



^2 4597. PUDDING-STONE. 1. 

SO 4598. GREEN MOSS AGATE. Blue Chalcedony in Centre. 1. 

" 4599. BRECCIA. A species of Pudding-Stoue. 1. 

.^^^4600. GROUP OF AMETHYST. 1. 

/, Jl? 4601. GROUP OF AMETHYST, with Brown Spar. 1. 


/ J'4603. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosure. 1. 

., 4604. POLISHED QUARTZ. 1. 

', 4605. POLISHED QUARTZ. 1. 

., 4606. POLISHED QUARTZ. 1. 

„ 4607. POLISHED QUARTZ. 1. 

., 4608. POLISHED QUARTZ. 1. 

/ j^ 4609. POLISHED QUARTZ, cut to an Oval Shape. L 

' /O 4610. FORTIFICATION RED AGATE, from Brazil. 1. 

2S-46U. BLUE FORTIFICATION AGATE, with Crystallized 

Amethyst. 1. 


J7? 4613. RIBBON AGATE, with Quartz, from Persia. 1. 

J 8 4614. RUIN AGATE. 1. 

SiP 4615. YELLOW .lASPER in Blue Agate. 1. 

/<? 4616. FORTIFICATION AGATE. Very Fine. 1. 

/^617. RED JASPER, within a Fortification Agate. 1. 

j^;i. 5^ J5rzr^46 18. FORTIFICATION AGATE. A very Remarkable and 

Beautiful Specimen. 1. 





y,^^ 4623. CIRCULAR AJklETHYST, with Quartz. 1. 

,2^-4624. GROUP OF AMETHYST, with. Smoky Quartz. Very 

Curious. 1. 


/J 4626. JASP ACHATE from Germany. 1. 

7 2,4627. JASPACHATE. 1. 

/.^o 4628. BROWN JASPER. 1. 

<^ 4629. CIRCULAR AGATE, with Quartz. 1. 

^£.4630. BLUE CHALCEDONY. 1. 





/00 4Q34. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosures. 
/zS' POLISHED QUARTZ, with Euclosures. 
J. 2 J" 4636. CIRCULAR AGATE. Fine. 
^"^4637. CRYSTALLIZED QUARTZ, surrounded by Brown Jaspc 

J- ^4638. A:METHYST. 
/,^^4639. POLISHED QUARTZ, surrounded by Chalcedony. 
7^4640. CRYSTALLIZED QUARTZ, coated ^vith Copper Pyrites 

^(9 4641. BROWN JASPER, surrounded by Quartz. 1 

Jo 4642. QUARTZ, surrounded by Chalcedony. 1 



/6 4645. BROWX AGATE. 1 


^,^7^4650. ONYX. 
;^t>'4653. QUARTZ, surrounded by Chalcedony. 
^«r4654. BRECCIA. 

// 4655. CLOUDY AGATE, with Small Fortification. 
lized Quartz. 
J ^4651. AMETHYST QUARTZ, Crystallized. 
SO 4658. CALC-SPAR, on Amethyst. 
j'5'4659. GIBRALTAR ROCK. 
^.r4661. BLUE QUARTZ. 
3 S* 4:662. CALC-SPAR. Large Specimen. 
<^ 2^4664. BLUE CHALCEDONY. 

', 4665. GRAY JASPER. 

,. 4668. REDDISH JASPER, with Fortification. 
JO 4669. SARDONYX, with Fortification. 

" 4670. RED JASPER. 


^ VJ^ 4672. BROWN CHALCEDONY, witli Tu-o Quartz Circles. 
' rious. 

yf 4673. CIRCULAR AGATE in Smoky Quartz. 
6 2-. J<?'4<374. FORTIFICATION in ChalcedJny. 

J^4680. AMETHYST. 

,2«r4683. POLISHED QUARTZ, with Enclosures. 
: 4686. POLISHED QUARTZ. Heart. 
/-^87. BLUISH AGATE from Persia. 
J'.<?tf4689. CIRCULAR AGATE, in Quartz. 
SD 4690. QUARTZ, surrounded by Chalcedony. 
.2X1^691. JASPER. 
:2,a6 4692. CIRCULAR AGATE. 
/tr^4693. RED JASPER in Quartz. 
■2^4694. BROWN JASPER. 
•^^4695. LABRADORITE. 
t^^—n 1^.4697. QUARTZ, surrounded by Chalcedony. 
/ OO ^ "-4698. CHALCEDONY, with Quartz in the Centre. 
' A Jr4699. FORTIFICATION in Chalcedony. 

.1J~4700. FORTIFICATION in Quartz. 
«^J T^*^703. PURPLE AGATE. 
f I f- SP 4705. STRIPED AGATE from Persia. 
^ ■^'"--- ^14708. PERSIAN AGATE. Striped. 
/ 3 y^^^Mi^tm. PLODDING-STONE. 

<o (5 JJU^IO. NATIVE GOLD from Georgia. 


tf^^^\. XATIYE GOLD from California. 1, 


^^^-4713. OOLITE LIMESTONE. 1. 


"^r-ms. LABRADORITE. Very fine. 1. 


jr4717. ROCK CRYSTAL. 1. 

^^4718. YERD-AXTIQUE. 1. 

/, yl-4719. FORTIFICATION AGATE. 1. 

^ ^^4720. FOSSIL AMMONITE. 1. 

's7) 4721. CHLORASTROLITE. 1. 

CEDONY, &c., in Box. 

/C?4723. SPECL^LAR IRON from St. Helena. 1. 

j^ 4724. MAGNETIC IRON. ' 1. 



/J 4726. SIX AGATES, assorted. 6. 

/^ 4727. AGATES AND PUMICE-STONE, in Fossil Stone. 6. 

/.5T728. QUARTZ AND AGATES, assorted. 

/ ^47-2 9. PUDDING-STONE, JASPER, AND AGATES. 6 Pieces. 



THREE AGATES. 6 Pieces. 



Pieces. 6. 

" 4734. JASPER, AND FIVE AGATES. 6 Pieces. 6. 









AGATES. 12. 


12 Pieces. 12. 



.^ ,yi.Pi742. JASPP:R, breccia, fossil SaELL, RED JASPER, 


FIVE AGATES. 12 Pieces. 12. 



AGATES. 12 Pieces. 12. 





16 Pieces. 16. 

^J~4747. KNIFE-HANDLES OF MOSS AGATE. 4 Pieces. 4. 

^0 4748. FOUR IDOLS from Herculaneum, Japan, etc. 4. 


2-^ ^^ ANTIQUE, AND STALACTITE. 13 Pieces. 13. 


GALENA, etc. 
6Z 4752. RED JASPER from Egypt. 
A J^ 4753. FOSSIL WOOD— Tam'arind Tree. 
. . 4754. FOSSIL OAK. 
Z/-,(lo ATioo. FOSSIL WOOD— Red Cedar. 
Z,oo 4756. FOSSIL WOOD. 
^,.2*r'4757. FOSSIL WOOD. Mountain Cabbage. 
/ yX'4758. S:M0KY quartz. Cairngorm Stone. Finely cut for 

7irT759. LAPIS lazuli. 



^/avr4762. CIRCULAR ONYX. 


^v^t-irrf^^64. CIRCULAR ONYX. 

Z ^'"©4765. CIRCULAR ONYX. 

0tj^ '-S^rvr^^. RED FELSPAR. 


>4c,^<7 4768. STONE INDIAN AXE. 


/'^770. INDIAN ARROW-HEADS, etc. 12 Pieces. 12 

.2 J~4 7 71. INDIAN WEDGES, etc. Stone. 8 Pieces. 8 


Pebbles, Iron Ore, Indian Arrow-Heads, etc. Includes a 

Pebble from Major Andre's Grave. 30 Pieces. 30. 

yc 4773. STONE PIPE.— Indian. 1. 

' oo 4774. STONE PIPE. Another. Very Curious. 1. 


^^ajL 4776. NINE AMETHYSTS, cut. J.. 

, 2.^^777. LARGE AMETHYST, cut. 1. 

'yjr4778. SMOKY QUARTZ, cut. 1. 

, ^1-4779. TINGED QUARTZ, cut. 1. 

'2J-^780. SILVER TOPAZ. 1. 

1,^4781. GOLD TOPAZ. 1. 

'yj^^782. SILVER TOPAZ. 1. 

'^ ^4783. SILVER TOPAZ. Two Pieces. 2! 

'^^^4784. SILVER TOPAZ. Five Pieces. 5. 

'^^4785. GOLD TOPAZ. 2 Pieces. 2. 

j.^4786. GOLD TOPAZ. 4 Pieces. 4. 

y,j-^787. GOLD TOPAZ. 5 Pieces. 5. 

2j~4788. iron PYRITES. 1. 

„ 4789. IRON PYRITES. 1. 

OF IRON. 4 Pieces. 4. 

This is made from a Sacred Stone, worshipped by the Aborigines of Xew 
South Wales, and is constantly watched by the natives : pieces are very 
rarely offered for sale. 




/,J~^4793. LEATHER SHOE. 

^,00 4794. AGATE, Silver Mounted. 

„oe 4795. IVORY BOX, Silver Hinges. 

0, .5^4796. TORTOISE-SHELL, Enamelled with Rarls. 

?,J7> 4797. SILVER BOOK. 

"-,.0 4798. AGATE, Silver-gilt INFountings. 

''/'•^799. SCOTCH MULL, Silver Mounted, with Topaz in top. 


J,00 4800. AGATE. Oval, Silver-gilt Mounting. 1, 

/(,.0 6 4801. SILVER BOX, with Enamelled Top. 1, 

y/. /7/1 4 802. SILVER BOX, Avith Enamelled Top. \. 

n^,'^ yS^ 4803. ROUXD SILVER BOX, Embossed Cover. 1. 

^,^^'4804. ROUND SILVER BOX, Embossed; Scriptm-al subject. 1. 

^,oc 4805. SILVER BOX, Shell-shaped. J. 

Occ 4806. SILVER BOX, Oval-shaped. 1. 

, ,j-0 ^^^fT^^Ol. GILT BOX, Embossed Top. 1. 

<:^]^J^808. SILVER BOX, Engraved Cover. 1. 


/^-t> =4^#tr^8 10. SILVER BOX, with Lapis Lazuli Cover. 1. 

^, J^ 4811. TORTOISE-SHELL BOX, Silver Inlaid. 1. 

^^^^4812. ROUND BOX. Agate, Silver Mounted. 1. 

.^,J1? 481 3. OVAL IVORY BOX, Engraved Cover. 1. 

^,2^814. PExVRL. Oval, Silver Mounted. 1. 

2,C6 4815. AGATE BOX. 1. 

/,vj-4S16. COCOA-WOOD BOX. 1. 

i <^^d^ ^^4817. SILVER BOX, Shell-shaped, lined with Velvet. 1. 

^,yj-4:818. AGATE, Octagon-shaped. 1. 

cT'^^tf 4819. AGATE, Silver-gilt. 1. 

//. CO 4820. SILVER BOX. Oval-shaped Painting inside cover. 1. 

^,^J"482i. sil\t:r box. 1. 

/,J~^4822. HORN BOX. Deer's Foot. 1. 

2,tr??4823. SILVER-GILT BOX, Carnelian Top. 1. 

J. ^ o 4824. TORTOISE-SHELL, Silver Mounted. 1. 

J72J^825. AGATE BOX, Silver-gilt. 1. 

^,2.r4826. SILVER BOX, Lozenge-shaped. 1. 

^. oo 4827. SILVER BOX, Agate Top. 1. 

^"^■^ ■cfTim-4828. SILVER BOX, Engraved Top, with Agate in cover. 1. 


/j^?4830. SILVER SNUFF-BOX. 1. 

J,J<?4831. SILVER SNUFF-BOX.— Half Dollar. 1. 

/ J?? 4832. HORN WATCH-CASE. 1. 

I 1 ^^ >;— ^-^833. LARGE OVAL BOX, Embossed, inside Gilt. 1. 

J, 7^^834. SILVER BOX, Agate Top. 1. 

Sfoo 4835. SILVER BOX, Engraved Top. 1. 

/^.Jl? 4836. CHINESE SHOE, Porcelain. 1. 

J, ^<; 4837. SCOTCH MULL. Thistle on top. " Dinu a forget." 1. 

/,/^'^838. PEARL BOX. Chinese Scene engraved on cover. 1. 

^,^•^4839. HORN BOX. 1. 


^oc 4840. AGATE BOX, Gilt Mountings. 

j-.oc 4841. SILVER BOX, Engraved Top. 

J:^4842. silver box, Engraved Top, with Agate. 

„ ,, 4843. SILVER BOX, Avitli Horn Top and Agate inserted. 

^, cc 4844. GILT BOX, Embossed Figures on Cover. 

^^^^4845. SILVER BOX, Arabesque, Gilt inside. 

^,^^4846. SILVER BOX, Gilt, Arabesque. 
/o.oo 4847. CIRCULAR BOX, Silver, for Bearer of Despatches. 
j-,tJ^848. SILVER OPIUM-BOX, with Turkish Inscription. 4849. IVORY BOX, Avitli Arabesque Cover. Westphalia, 1648. 

/, 2>rT853. BOX— Wood, a Toad. 

/, J7> 4854. HORN BOX. Robert Burns on cover. 
„ 4855. COCOA BOX— Tortoise. 
^' VJ"^856. OVAI. BOX. 

^fz-TT^ol. LAVA BOX, with View of Bay of Naples. 
/,'j-i? 4858. ROUND TORTOISE-SHELL BOX, Inlaid Top. 
J,2.r~4859. BOX made of Wood of York Minster, with Medal in top 
/, S'6 4860. BOX made of Wood of York Minster, with Medal in top, 
/, a a 4862. BOX of Wood of York Miuster, " burned by a Fanatic." 

„ 4863. BOX made from a Sleeper of '' Old London Bi-idge." 
/^ 2^ 4864. BOX made from a Treeat Napoleon's Grave, St. Helena. 
AffO 4865. PEARL BOX— inlaid with Silver. 
/,o c 4866. BOX made from Wood of the Constitution Frigate. 
2 ^f. , 4867. ROUND PORCELiVIN BOX. 
/ VJ^4868. AGATE BOX— Oval. 
y/a 4869. WOODEN BOX. Tarn O'Shanter on cover. 

' S^ 4870. WOODEN BOX. Three Figures on cover. 
2,J19 4871. HORN BOX— Half Hoof. 
p yj — 4872. BOX made from Wood of Heme's Oak in Windsor Forest 

'/ (See Description inside.) 1 


/, CO 4874. IVORY BOX. Carved Cover— St. Helena. 1 

^,j-<? 4875. ROUND AGATE BOX. 1 


„ „ 4877. SCOTCH MULL. Perth, 1823. 

^ S-O 4878. SCOTCH MULL. Killarney Lakes. 



J>^ 4879. 

^;j-^ 4881. 
#!W- 4882. 

Jr^^' 4883. 

/,^tf 4884. 

,^-ffff- 4885. 

__^.,^ 4886. 

^S-,ov 4887. 

^,^^ 4888. 

/J7? 4889. 



^^c 4892. 4893. 




*^ ^,J??4897. 

5, .2*^4898. 

^. <7« 4899. 


Z.«0 4901. 


^^^<j 4903. 
s^^O 4904. 

. ^^ 4905. 
/,S^0 4906. 

,, // 4907. 
^,CC 4908. 
5,^^ 4909. 
/f, fi/> 4910. 



3.o^> 4914. 

^^, 4915. 




SCOTCH jMULL. " Won by Devil Tom," 1798. - 


ROUXD TORTOISE-SHELL BOX, with Flowers in cove 

IVORY BOX, lined with Tortoise-shell ; Carved Top. 

IVORY BOX, Silver Mounted. 

BOX, Apple-shaped. 


SQL^ARE BOX, with Miniatures on cover. 

DUCK, with Enamelled Cover. 

GILT BOX, with Pearl in top. 


AGATE BOX, with Feet. 


SILVER BOX, Gilt inside. 

EXAMELLED BOX, Egg-shaped. 

SILVER BOX, with Agate in top. 

OVAL CARVED BOX. " Amor elegantly Pater." 

SILVER BOX, with Pearl Top, carved. 

OVAL BOX, Silver-gilt; carved Pearl Top. 


SILVER BOX, Shell-shaped. 

SILVER BOX, Shell-shaped. 


BOX OF OAK from lona Cathedral, Alloway Kirk, Paisley 

Abbey, Mary's Yew, etc., etc. 
LAVA BOX, with View of Bay of Xaples on cover. 
PEARL BOX, Silver Mounted. 
BOX made of Oak from Glasgow Cathedral. 

OA^AL SILVER BOX, with Camelian on top. 
SHELL, Silver Mounted. 
ROUND SILVER BOX, Gilt inside. 
OVAL SILVER BOX, with Pearl Top. 
HORN BOX, with Silver Top. 
ROL^^D SILVER BOX, Enamelled Cover. 
BUCKSHORN BOX. " NH Desperandura." 
WOOD BOX from Eppie McLuckie's Inn, Bothwe 




^ ,p<r4918. OVAL SILVER BOX— Martin Luther's Head on cover. 
y,ro 4919. SILVER BOX, with Tortoise-shell Top, Inlaid. 
^J-.oo 4920. OVAL SILVER BOX, with Engraved Top. 
/,^^4921. COCOA- WOOD BOX. 
^,00 4922. SILVER BOX, Engraved. 

^, cro 4923. OVAL TORTOISES-SHELL BOX, Silver Mounted, Inlai 
i^,,o 4924. OVAL BOX : " M. S." 
2,2j^492o. OVAL SILVER BOX, Embossed Top. 
2^^o 4926. WOODEX BOX, Silver Mounted. June 9, 1774. 
^^S^o 4927. AGATE SNUFF-BOX, Oval. 
2^^ciC 4928. SILVER BOX, Heart-shaped ; Gilt inside. 
2 SD 4929. OVAL TORTOISE-SHELL BOX, Silver Mounted; Inlaid 
on cover. 

^^^ 4930. SMALL SIL\"ER BOX. Hunting Scene on cover. 

j',SV 4931. SMALL GILT BOX. 

^'^•^ 4932. SMALL SILVER VINAIGRETTE, Heart-shaped; G 

inside. • 

^^SZ> 4933. SMALL SILVER BOX, with Engraved Sides. 
^'^^ 4934. OVAL TORTOISE BOX, Silver Mounted, and Inla 

with Pearl. 
Z.^ao 4935. OVAL SILVER BOX, Engraved Rim. 
y,oo 4936. SCOTCH MULL, Chased Silver Top, with Crystal. 
i,Jl? 4937. SCOTCH MULL, Silver Mountings. 
2,oo 4938. SCOTCH MULL, Silver Mountings. R. D. 
/ J^ .4939. SCOTCH MULL, Silver Mountings. 
/ '/J~'4941. IVORY BOX. Sir Walter Scott on cover. 
J^ S'O 4942. SHELL, Silver Mounted, Carnelian in cover. 
yjD 4943. SILVER BOX, Pearl Top Engraved. 
^^,0 4944. OVAL SILVER BOX, Gilt inside. 
^.0o 4946. SHELL BOX, Silver Top. T. R. 

^^^4947. SHELL BOX, Silver Rim. 
A4.r-4948. COCOA BOX, Carved. 
/. ^^ 4949. HORN BOX, Silver Mounted. 
/^.TO 4950. OVAL SILVER BOX, with Miniature in cover. 
r^/^j^^a^i-DVAT, SILVER BOX, Engraved. 


^-A .37^^52. 
' r /J~'4954. 

Do.' Do. Do. Do. Do. 
Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. 


'/ 4955. 







u 4956. 







•- 4957. 







,, 4958. 







,, 4959. 







,, 4960. 







♦' 4961. 







,, 4962. 







,, 4963. 







., 4964. 







.. 4965. SEVEN" BOXES CARNELIAN SEALS, Small, 15 each. 


^ 4966. SILVER SHIELD FOR BELT. Motto— "Nemo me Ira* 

pune Lacessit." 1. 

., 4967. SILVER SEAL, "H. G." 1. 

,, 4968. SILVER SHIELD. Ring. 1. 

^^ 4969. TWO SILVER SEALS. Scotch Device, and one Antique. 2. 

5J^970. CARNELIAN SEAL, Mounted in Silver. 1. 

SO 4971. TWO SILVER RINGS, Antique. 2. 




>^.i~4975. THREE ANTIQUE SEALS. 3. 

6-^0 4976. MASSIVE SILVER SEAL of the "Edinburgh Shakespeare 

Club." 1850. With line Medallion Head ofShakespeare. 1. 

^,^J~4977. LARGE AGATE SEAL, Mounted with Gold. 1. 

'^^0 4978. ANTIQUE RING. 1. 

^^c 4979. LARGE GOLD SExVL. 6 dwt. 1. 

" - 4980. LARGE GOLD SEAL, richly chased. 6 dwt. ' 1. 


^, 7^4981. ANTIQUE SEAL— Roman Head, and two smaller Pieces. 

3 dwt. I 

<^;^.^:4982. LARGE GOLD SEAL. " J. A." U dwt. 1 

j>. j-5 4983. GOLD SEAL. "A." and Motto— Chacma a son GoUt." 3 

dwt. 1. 

^^^ 4984. GOLD SEAL. "J. A." 3 dwt. 1. 

^,vP? 4985. GOLD SEAL. Device of a Shield. 3 dwt. 1. 

„ 4986. GOLD SEAL. "Am I not a Man and a Brother?" 3 dwt. 1. 
j^oo 4987. GOLD SEAL. "Bacchus." 2^ dwt. 1. 

^^ ^j-'4988. GOLD SEAL, Plain. 2i dwt. . 1. 

„ 4989. GOLD SEAL. Amethyst. 2i dwt. 1. 

2.. oo 4990. SILVER CHAIN, with Charm attached. 1. 

/.'co 4991. MYSTICAL COIN". Keeps off Evil Spirits, etc. From 

Judge Furman's Collection. 1. . 

S^ 4992. EGG-CUP, made from a Tree planted by Wilson the Orni- 
thologist. 1. 

38' 4993. PIECE OF CASING, from the House in which Benedict 
Arnold was born. 1. 

JC> 4994. HEAD OF MUR AT— Bronze cast from a Cameo. Also, a 
Copy of Lid of a Snuff-box presented by l^apoleou to 
Murat. 2. 

JV 4995. FEMALE HEAD, painted on Ivory. 1. 

J,y-^4996. SILVER TEA-SHOVEL, with Chinese Mandarin in Relief 
|^«^y 4997. TWO ANTIQUE SILVER RINGS. 2. \ . n 

u^-^998. TWO ANTIQUE SILVER WATCH-KEYS. Masonic U^.^'fl 
^ Design. 2. J H ' 







^,^0 5003. THE THREE GRACES, and another Ancient Carving on 

Ivory. 2. 

/ VJ^004. HORN '• STIRRUP-CLTP." 1. 

^'h^ 5005. SILVER STIRRUP-CUP, plated with Gold. 1. 

in Wood, from Mount Vernon. 1. 

J. ^ J-^007. SHAVING-BRUSH, in Silver Case, Antique. 1. 

'/ of the Captors of 3Iajor Andre. 1. 

/, ^^ 5009. MINIATURE PORTRAIT ON IVORY, by Isabay. 
1782. 1. 



















Alexander Hamilton. 1. 






Burns met his "Highland Mary," in 1786. 

Mr. Allan has marked this in his own hand, as being from the identical 
Tree referred to by Burns in the following lines : 

" How sweetly bloom'd the gay green birk, 
How rich the Hawthorn's blossom, 
As underneath their fragrant shade 
I clasp'd her to my bosom ! 

For dear to me as light and life 
Was my sweet Highland Mary." 

/, 2J- 6017. PIECE OF OAK MULLION, from one of the Windows in 
The Palace of LinlithgoAv, in the room where Mary Queen 
of Scots was born. Presented by Lord Hardie, Lord 
Provost of Linlithgow. 1. 

,2^^5018. TWIG, pulled from the Hawthorn over the Grave of Alex- 
ander Peden. 1. 
2 00 5019. EGG-SHAPED ORNAMENT, Beautifully Inlaid. 1. 


^j^ ■,/j>:jp-g020. ANTIQUE SILVER WATCH, Double case. Maker- 
Frederick Henserman. 1. 

/Z,00 5021. ANTIQUE SILVER WATCH, with Bell Attachment. 
Double Case, Elegantly Chased. Made by J. Panier, 
Paris. 1. 

2S^,(?<? 5022. ANTIQUE SILVER WATCH, with a Beautiful Enam- 
elled Miniature Painting at the Back. Made by Aude- 
bert, Amsterdam. 1. 

/^(,f, 5023. ANTIQUE SILVER WATCH, Oval-Shaped. Thomas 
Attwood, Maker. Catgut movement. Very old. 1. 

with Pearls on the Face and Inside, and Engraved. 1. 





.^ ^4r«^5025. ANTIQUE SILVER WATCH, with a Fine Marriage 
Scene in Alto Relievo. "Dawson, London, No. 74." 1. 

f .— a-.5026. ANTIQUE SILVER WATCH, with Case perforated for 
Brilliants, and containing Twelve. Made by Martineau, 
London. 1. 

5027. ANTIQUE GOLD WATCH, with Chased and Highly 
Ornamented Case, and Gold Seal attached. 1. 

5028. ANTIQUE GOLD WATCH, with an Octagonal Open- 
Work Case, and an Emblematical Design at the Back, 

with Bell Attachment. 1. 

■A-HT- 5029. ANTIQUE BRASS WATCH, with Heavy Double Case. 
" John Dortmond, Amsterdam." 1 . 

.irotr 5030. ANTIQUE FRENCH CLOCK, in Elaborately Ornamented 
Case. 1. 

.4,3X^5031. ANTIQUE GOLD WATCH, with Elegantly Ornamented 
Case. Sporting-Scene at the Back. " Jaq'. Guinand, 
Enamelled Case and Gold Mountings, and Fine Painting of 
Mars and Venus at the Back. G. Kay, Paris. 1. 

6 5033. ANTIQUE WATCH, by Solomons, Canterbury, in Enam- 
elled Case. ■ 1. 
SO'Oo 5034. ANTIQUE MINIATURE WATCH, with Brilhants, in 
Enamelled Case, richly Painted and Mounted with Gold. 1. 
Oco 5035. ANTIQUE OVAL WATCH, made by Henry Archer. 1. 
i^. CO 5036. ANTIQUE AMULET, with a "Virgin and Child," and 
"Christ." Set with Thirty-six Emeralds. [Warranted 
Genuine.] In Gold Case, most Beautifully Finished. 1 
^^0 5037. THE ANTIQUE AMULET. 1 
/, (^J 5038. SILVER BADGE, Avith Gilt Central Ornament and Cross 
" Relieve the Distressed." 1 
with Four Glasses in Mahogany Case. 1 
,^.>.^^:^^ 041. TWO ENAMELLED DRAWINGS, by W. Birch. 2 
vir5042. MINIATURE PAINTING on Glass. 1 
' „ 5043. ANTIQUE HEAD, Carved in Lava. 1 
j^^C 5044. PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG LADY, on Ivory, in Moroc 
CO Case. 1 
/' ERS. APair of Paintings, after Teniers. 2 
Mounted in Silver; and Pair of Sleeve-Buttons. 





<) o 

QUEEN OF SCOTS. A Pair of Miniature Paintings, in 
Rojiewood and Gilt Frames. 2. 

32,0 9 5048. VENUS AND CUPID. Fine Painting on Enamel. 1. 

^,oc 5049. PAIR OF COLOURED ENGRAVINGS, in Round Case. 

with Amethysts and Agates set in Silver. 1. 


30. eo 5052. MASSIVE SILVER BADGE, bearing the Arms of Prince 
Charles Stuart, and incUiding on a case at the Back a most 
exquisite JNIiniature Portrait, on Ivory, of the Prince. 1. 


A genuine Relic of the Great Poet, with the following Inscription en- 
graved thereon : 

"This Toddy-Ladle formerly belonged to Robert Bums the Ayrshire Poet. 
Presented to John Allan by Mrs. Jane 0. Hubbard, April 20th, 1857." 

-I'rty^^ix 5 5 3 


/6,SV 5054. 
/^,06 5055. 

/^ J?? 5057. 
/J7c/0 5058. 
/^O.OO 5059. 

/If.SV 5060. 

6-^0 5061. 

^,00 5062, 


6.0 o 5064. 







Te'::3p. George II. 

Temp. Queen Anne. 

Temp. George III. 










3 oz. 10 dwt. ]. 


supported by a figure of a Mussulman, on an Ek^gantly 

Chased Stand. Weight 15 oz. 1. 

BYZANTINE RELIQUARY— Silver, highly Ornamented 

with a Curious Figuie, supposed to represent an Angel, 1. 
SILVER MARROW-SPOON. 1 oz. 3 dwt. 1. 



Elegantly Chased. 1 oz. 3 dwt. 2. 


Elegantly Chased. 1 oz. 3 dwt. 2. 


Elegant])' Chased. 1 oz. 4 clwt. 2. 

; -<r~5067.* SILVER PEPPER-BOX. 2 oz. 12 dwt. 1. 


,oo 5069. ANTIQUE SILVER TEA-SHOVEL. 10 dwt. ]. 



SILVER COFFEE-POT. 45 oz. . 1. 

SLOP-BASIX. 4 Pieces. 70 oz. 6 dwt. 4. 

A SILVER ETUI, H;indsomely Chased. 1. 

Property of the Count St. John de Renaud, Private Sec- 
retary to Napoleon I. 15 oz. 10 dwt. each. 4. 






o o 











a, CO 5075. ONE SLIT OF HIGHLAND COSTUME, consisting- of 
Coat with Embroidei'ed Collar, Kilt,'Plnid Sporran Mount- 
ed "with Silver, and Cap with Silver Thistle, Hose and 

^^ J Garters. Mac Nab Tartan. 


^^^ Tartan. 5077. ONE SUIT OF HIGHLAND COSTUME. Murray Tar- 

'O.oc 5078. ONE SUIT OF HIGHLAND COSTUME. Waterloo Tar- 

^tfo5079. ONE SUIT OF HIGHLAND COSTIBIE. Forty-second 

yjl?5080. ONE SUIT OF HIGHLAX^D COSTUME. Silver Gilt, 

/' consisting of Coat with Embroidered Collar, Kilt, Plaid, 

and Cap with Silver Thistle. Mackintosh Tartan. 

^,^^5081. OX^E SUIT OF BOY'S COSTL^ME, consisting of Coat 
witli Embroidered Collar, Kilt, Plaid, and Sporran. Mount- 
ed with Silver, Hose and Garters. Forty-second Ttirtan. 

/,oo 5082. LADY'S SILK-VELVET CAP, with Pkimes, Silver Thistle, 
Twilled-Silk Scarf, and Ho.^e. Mackintosli Tartan. 

*, ^ ^ 5083. Do. Do. Eraser Tartan, with Fringe. 

330 BROOCHES, buckles/ ETC. 

/S:6 5084. LADY'S SILK- VELVET CAP, witli Plumes, Silver Thistle, 

Twilled-Silk Scarf, and Hose. MacDonald Tartan. 
f^,6o 5085. Do. Do. Ross Tartan. 

.. ■' 5086. Do- Do. MacDuff Tartan. 

/.5Ttf^) 5087. Do. Do. MacLeod Tartan, 

/^.^r 5088. Do- Do. Mac:Nrab Tartan. 

/2.,S^ 5089. Do. Do. Ross Tartan. 

/I. o6 5090. SATIN" SCARF, with Twisted-Silk Fringe. Eraser Pattern 

„ " 5091. SATIX SCARF, with Twisted-Silk Fringe. Cluny Macpher 
son Pattern. 1 

/y.oo 5092. SATIN" SCARF, with Twisted-Silk Fringe. Ross Tartan. 1 
/^_Sro 5093. SATIN" SCARF, with Twisted-Silk Fringe. Royal Stuart. 1 
^^Sf) 5094. SATIN SCARF, with Twisted-Silk Fringe. Royal Stuart. 1 
// ff-f* ^^r-m; Ji095. SATIN SCARF, with deep Twisted-Silk Fringe. Victoria 
'^ Tartan. ' 1 

2.2^ 5096. ONE SCOTCH CAP, Large Size, with Silver Thistle. 1 
/f^.S<? 5097. TWILLED SILK SCARF. Rob Roy Tartan. 1 

S:o6 5098. TWILLED SILK SCARF. Abercrombie Tartan. 1 

^.co 5099. TWILLED SILK SCARF. McDonald of the Isles Tartan 
S-.S-o 5100. SATT^ SCARF. Abercrombie Tartan. 1 

fOT^ /Ayj& 5101. SATIN SCARF. Royal Stuart Tartan. 1 

' ^,^0 5102. SATIN SCARF. Gluny Macpherson Tartan. 1 

/o.oo 5103. SATIN SCARF. Royal Stuart Tartan. 1 

QS-.oo 5105. A SUPERB DAGGER, Handsomely Studded and Heavily 
INIounted with Cairngorm set in Silver ; Avith Knife and 
Fork, also Mounted with Cairngorm and set in Silver, with 
Belt Mounted with Silver. • ' 1. 

i'^yO j=prr#l06. SKEAN DHUE. 1. 

/O.60 5107. LEATHER BELT, Silver Mounted. 1. 


tles, with Stones. ' 1. 
• Andrew's Cross. 1. 
" " 5110. LADY'S SHOULDER-BROOCH. TInee Tliistles, with 
Stones. 1. 
4-, ^'^ 5111. LADY'S SILVER SHOULDER-BROOCH. Cairngorm 
Stone in the Centre. 1. 


^^^o 5112. LADY'S SILVER SHAWL-PIN. Thistle in Centre, set 
with Topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, and Emerald. 1. 

-r^^ 5113. LADY'S SILVER SHOULDER BROOCH. Thistle, set 

' with Stones. 1. 

Siif^ 5114. LADY'S SILVER SHOULDER-BROOCH, set with Cairn- 
gorm Stone in Centre. 1. 

S:sr> 5115. LADY'S SILVER BROOCH. Thistle, with Amethyst and 
Emerald. 1. 

S:cc 5116. LADY'S SILVER SHOULDER-BROOCH, set with Cairn- 
gorm Stone in Centre. 1. 

7,00 5117. PAIR OF LADY'S SILVER SHOE-BUCKLES, set with 
Brilliants. 2. 

/^,«o 5118. PAIR OF LADY'S SILVER SHOE-BUCKLES, set with 
Brilliants. 2. 

y,cc 5119. PAIR OF LADY'S SILVER SHOE-BUCKLES, set with 

/' Brilliants. 2. 

Brilliants. 2. 


with Brilliants. 2. 

a'^<? 6122. PAIR OF LADY'S SILVER SHOE-BUCKLES, set with 

Brilliants. 2. 


set with Brilliants. 2. 


set with Brilliants. 2. 


set with Brilliants. 2. 


set with Brilliants. " Very Elegant. 2. 


set with Brilliants and Coloured Stones. Very Superb. 2. 

set with Brilliants and Coloured Stones. Smaller. 2. 


set with Brilliants and Coloured Stones. 2. 


set with Brilliants and Coloured Stones. 2. 

^.0 6 5132. POUCH OR SPORRAN, worn by "one of the Unfortunate 

Brave at the fatal field of Culloden." It has undergone 

repairs and alterations, but the front and bottom of the 

original remain. 

" Presented by Donald Mcralliom, of Greenock, to John Drummond, of 
Perthshire, who presented it to John Allan, New York, 18.'!3." 
The above inscription is in the hand-writing of ilr. John Allan. 



^, ,o 5134. SHOULDER-BROOCH. St. Andrew's Cross, in Solid Silver, 

Richly Chased. \^ 

^.cc 5135. SHOULDER-BROOCH. Scotch Thistle, set iu Silver, with 
Amethyst and Tojmz. ' j. 


Agate in the Centre. '"l. 


Cairngorm and other Stones. "l. 


Cairngorm and other Stones. "l. 


Cairngorm in the Centre, and double Row of Thistles, 'l. 

/g:cc 5140. LADY'S SHOULDER-BROOCH. A Fac-simile of the 

Brooch taken from Robert Bruce by Macdougal, of Lorn, 

the Original of which is still in the Family of that name. 

S,oo 5141. LADY'S SILVER SHOULDER-BROOCH. Eight Stones. 


/t,oo 6143. LADY'S SILVER SHOULDER-BROOCH. Cairngorm 

Stone in the Centre. 1. 

^,co 5144. ST. ANDREW'S CROSS in Solid Silver. 1. 

.. " 5145. ST. ANDREW'S CROSS in Solid Silver. 1. 

/,/^ 5146. TWO SILVER THISTLES FOR CAPS. Frosted. 2^ 

y'oa 5147. SILVER CROSS, with Figure of Christ. 1. 



Shield, having the Motto of Virginia: " Sic Semper Tyran- 

nis," and appropriate Figures in Relievo. 1. 


' ' Highly Finished. 1. 



^.5~6152. TEN CUPS AND SAUCERS. Fluted. 10. 

2t/4. ^ ^i~e -153. FOUR CUPS AND SAUCERS. 4. 

^5154. THREE CUPS AND SAUCERS. Chocolate Colour. 3. 

5J~ 51 55. SEVEN CUPS AND SAUCERS. Blue and White. 7. 



'^i,5 15 8. FOUR CUPS AND SAUCERS. Highly Ornamented. 4. 


/,<rr 5 160 CHINA CUP WITH COVER. Chocolate. 1. 

,4uui_5161. TEACUP AND SAUCER. 1. 

e,^^ 5162. TEACUP AND SAUCER. 1. 

/,oa 5163. COFFEE-CUP AND SAUCER. 1. 

'j-0 5164. TWO CUPS AND ONE SAUCER. 3. 


/,ac 5166. CUP AND SAUCER. Biscuit China. 1. 

,, '. 5167. TWO PAINTED GLASS CUPS. Landscapes. 1. 

,^ ST) 5168. TERRA COTTA TEAPOT. 1. 

'z.5~3l69. CHINESE TEA SHOVEL. 1. 



?vJ^l 72. CHINESE TEA- WAITER. Very handsome. 1. 


., 5174 CHINESE TEA- WAITER. 1. 

' S-o 5175. PAIR OF CIGAR RESTS. 2. 

f^tio 5176. MINIATURE TEAPOT. 1. 

;^'^2.J~5177. CHINA DISH, Scolloped Edges. 1. 

/jlgL5178. CHINA DISH. ^ 1. 
'i,,eo 5179. CHINA FRUIT-DISH, Shell-shaped. Very handsome. 1. 

y.^'^ 5180. CHINA FRUIT-DISH, Square. 1. 

S-,co 5181. CHINA FRUIT-DISH, Square. 1. 


/,61> 5183. FOUR LARGE CHINA PLATES. 4. 


z^, oo 5185« LARGE CAKE-PLATE. 1. 


J'. 2*^5187. LARGE CHINA PLATE. 1. 

., 5188. LARGE CHINA PLATE. 1. 

!1^^ 5189. CHINA PUNCH-BOWL. 1. 
^[co 51,90. VERY LARGE CHINA PUNCH-BOWL. Elegantly 

Painted; Forty-nine Inches in Circumference. 1. 
yco 5191. LARGE CHINA PUNCH-BOWL. Elegantly Painted 

' Hunting-Scene. 1. 
J7 'I J~^192. LARGE CHINA DISH. Very Elegant. Forty Inches in 

Circumference. 1. 

/- r^ 5193. LARGE CHINA DISH. Very Elegant. 1. 


BOWL. A Pair. 2. 

/S',oc 5195. LIQUOR-CASE, containing Seven Large Bottles, Four 
Tumblers, and Three Wine-Glasses, all Cut Glass and Gilt, 
in Oak Travelling Case. 1. 

,, /' 5196. LIQUEUR-STAND, with Three Decanters and Twelve 
Cordial Glasses. All Richly Cut. 


Very Curious. 2. 


^7(r'5199. PAIR OF BRONZE CASTS— Columbus and Cromwell. 2. 

j-,io 5200. MEDALLION OF SIR WALTER SCOTT, in Rosewood 

and Gilt Frame. 1. 

/S:t^c 5201. BRONZE PAPER-WEIGHT— Sleeping Infont. 1. 

<^<-^? -jH^rsft^ 5202. VENUS DE MEDICI. A Superior French Bronze. 1. 


/Co 6 5204. BRONZE CHINESE VASE. 1. 


/j,C^ 5206. PAIR OF BRONZE VASES. 2. 

K'^ yo^ 5207. PAIR OF GILT BRONZE FIGURES— Saints. 2. 

^.^6 5209. ANCIENT IVORY CHALICE. Elegantly Carved. 1. 

j-,iJ— 5210. ELEGANT MOSAIC TABLET. Inlaid with Twenty-eight 

Marbles. 1. 

^i-tr^^-iZjLiL 5211. VERY ELEGANT IVORY CASKET, with Silver Lock 

' and Hinges. Elegantly Engraved. 1. 


'1' jT) 5213. ANCIENT CARVED FLASK. Silver Mounted. 1. 


>^'^«7 5215. SNAIL, Carved in Marble. Curious. 1. 




^5218. SHARK'S-TOOTH DAGGER, set in Bark, from the Sand- 
wich Islands. 1. 

,06 5219. lYORY-MOUXTED DAGGER, j^icked up on the Field of 
Cnlloden. 1. 

^ 5220. JAPANESE DAGGER, in Richly-gilt Scabbard. 1. 

^J^221. INDIAN" WAR-CLUB, Solid Ebony. 1. 

graved. 1. 

e^i 5223. STEEL MACE, highly Ornamented. 1. 

c6 5224. MALAY CREESE, with Poisoned Blade. 1. 

ao 5225. POWDER-HORN, handsomely Mounted in Silver, with Sil- 
ver Chain with Agate and Amethyst. 1. 

^^ 5226. LARGE TURKISH PISTOL, very richly Gilt, and Orna- 
mented Mountings, 1. 

SO 5227 PISTOL, by Ross, of Edinburgh; highly Ornamented. 1. 

r^ 5228. ANTIQUE PISTOL, by T. Murdoch. 1. 

ii3-5229. ANTIQUE PISTOL, by J. Paterson, New York. 1. 

heavy Silver Mountings. 2. 


^ 5232. SILVER-MOUNTED DAGGER, with Leather Sheath. 1. 

5233. LARGE ANTIQUE DAGGER, with highly-ornamented 
Handle. 1. 

'c 5234. MALAY KNIFE. 1. 

yo 5235. DOUBLE-HEADED BATTLE-AXE, elaborately engraved. 

; c/ 5236. BATTLE-AXE, with Engraved Pleads, etc. ; very Ancient. 

rr • 1- 

.0^5237. ANCIENT CLAYMORE, made by Andrea Ferrara. 1. 

o 5238. CLAYMORE used at the Eglintoun Tournament. 1. 

'^ 5239. PAIR OF CARBINES, with heavy Gilt Mountings. 2 



'^ 5242. IRON JEWEL-CASE OR CASKET, with Secret Locks. 
Very Curious. 1. 


VJ^ 5245. BxVDGE, set in Brillimits. Motto— " For our Country." ]. 
/,ZS- 5246. MILITARY BADGE, from the Field of Wat-rk.o. ' 1. 
War of 181 2. ]. 

^S 5248. THREE POWDER-FLASKS, and Apparatus for Cleaning 
Gun. 4. 

^. OP 5249. SINGLE-BARRELLED GUN, in Good Order. 1. 

y.OO 5250. ANTIQUE PITCHER from Herculaneura. 1. 


Frame. 1. 

'f/r^ /rf*f, rr 5252. MARBLE BUST OF NAPOLEON. Very fine. 1. 

' J',^<7 5253. PLASTER CAST OF ITHIEL TOWN, on Large Pe- 
destal. 1. 



/f,Oo 5254.' THE NATIVITY. An Antique Piece, cast in Copper. 1. 

1^,S1P 5255. SCRIPTURE PIECE, cut in Copper— Antique. 1. 

2.SV 5256. OLD DUTCH ENGRAVING, in Carved Frame. 1. 

/,S7? 5257. FISHING-ROD. 1. 



2-t *^ "^ SURVEY. 


V,«^^ 5261. BELL METAL FLAGON. 1. 

4^,/<r5262. ANTIQUE COPPER VASE, used in a Jewish Synagogue. 

^^,00 5263. ANTIQUE BRASS MORTAR. Dated 1564. 1. 

a^y, 00 5264. ANTIQUE BRASS MORTAR. Dated 1597. 1. 

S.'^O 5265. SPY-GLASS. 1. 

2,t>a 5266. TWO LARGE BOXES, suitable for Engravings. 2. 

„ .. 5267. TWO BOXES for Autographs. ^ 2. 

/, ', 5268. BOOK BOX, Red Morocco, Gilt. 1. 


/i^,ST> 5270, 
/S'.oo 5271. 
. ,^ „ 5272. 
'^,S^ 5273, 
/f.oo 5274 

j57tfO 5269. LARGE SOLID MAHOGANY BOOK-CASE, with Glazed 


MAHOGANY CABINET, with Marble Top, Plate-Glass 
J^rout, and fitted with Di-awer for Coins, lined wutli Silk 
Velvet. 1 



^,S^ 5276 


l^.oo 5278 


;,C0 3316. CHORLEY. Fourteen Plates, illustrative of Chorley's Au- 
thors of England. 
^^.oo 3317. CATTLE. A Series of Fifty-two Etchings, by Huber, Van- 
dervelde, etc. Oblong 4to, Jialf morocco. 
3318. BIBLE PLATES. A Collection of Thirteen large Plates, in 
2 vols. 
Large Old Engraving, by Peter de Jorle, of the Day of 
Judgment. Mounted on Canvas, with Rollers. 
SO .3320. SAAVEDRA'S EMBLEMS. A Collection of Plates. 
j^,S^n 3321. SEYMOUR'S SKETCHES. A Collection of Plates. 

^ "idO'O^^ 




Abelard and Heloise 1507, 2105 | 

Aberdeen 3236 

Adams (John) 2714 I 

Asric-ulture 662, 719, 2328, 3034 ; 

Albums 40-43, 951, 112i>, 1146 

Allan 6S3, 6S4 

Almanacks 375, 1152, 1246. 1531 1 

Alphabets, 190, 725, 1166, 1543, 2175, 2353, 2745, 

^Vmerica, 78, 162, 171. 443, 486, 511, 525, 529, 581, I 
547, 613, 645, 666, 673. 679—681, 698, 712, 716, 722, 
811, 850— S52. 879. 880, 885. 926, 932. 949, 961, 962, , 
965—970, 975. 977, 1014. 1039, 114S. 1149, 1155, 
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1605, 1610. 1611, 1620, 1621, 1031, 1632, 1646, 
1654, 1702, 1712, 1734. 1736. 1783. 1787, 1805, 1814, 
1815, 1817, 1851, 18T8, 1947, 1974, 2002, 2005, 
2006, 2016, 2022, 2040—2042, 2057, 2062, 2063, 
2071, 2077. 2078. 2091—2095, 2103, 2112, 2129, 
2162, 2206—2208, 2262—2264, 2279—2281, 2307, 
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2973, 3014. 3019. 8021, 3022, 3102, 3116, 314:3, 
3156—3158. 3173, 3184, 3207, 3228, 3250. 3251, 
3275, 3276 

Amsterdam 2357 

Anasraiiis 720 

Andre (Major) 2731, 2808 

Angling 710. 3076. 3137—3139 

Antrld-Saxon 358, 859, 8081 

Annuals, 1130, 1160—116:3, 1:373, 1374, 2155—2158, 


Antiquities, 360, 381, 590. 1467, 1.544, 1680, 1744, 

1790, 2121, 2363. 2372, 2542, 2603, 2642, 2881, 

2889-2891, 2997, 3007, 8008, 8084, 3142, 8175, 

3220, 3246, 3247, 82.S3 

Aphorisms 176 

Appollonius 2104 

Aquinas 3050 

Arabic 1346 

Architecture 2494 

Arctic Regions 143, 2112, 2554 

A rgyle 2633 

Armour 1306 

Association 231 

Astrology. See Occult Sciences. 

Astronomy 46, 1414, 1895 

Australia 2765 

Autographs 135, 2070, 2779, 2798. 2801, 2951 

Ayres 477 

Ayrshire 139—141, 149 

Bacon (Sir N.) 3202, 3208 

Ballads. See Poems. 


Barnard 568 

Bartolozzi 179—182 

Batavia. . . 2941 

Bavaria 919, 2442 

Beattie 1129 

Belgium 228, 224 

Bell (H.) 2018 

Beza(Th.) 2087 

Bibles and Testaments, 254, 257—276, 757, 1013, 
1057, I05S, 1139, 1416, 1419, 1533, 2087-2089, 
2102, 2122—2124, 8032, 3252 
Bible Plates, 186, 740, 1182, 1210, 1379,1381,1412, 
1502, 1534, 1661, 168:3—1087, 18:36, 1838, 1898, 
1954, 2174, 2562—2564. 2762—2764. 2825, 2910, 
3078, 3178—3180, 3187, 3188, 3193 
Bibliography (see also Catalogues). 227, 232, 239, 
283—6. ;343, 485, 493. 576, 6.57, 660, 661. 743, 757, 
847. 848, 894—91.3. 977, 1073, 1087, 1101, 1303, 
1360, 1491, 1492, 1514, 1575, 1598—1600, 1757, 
1875, 1876, 1881, 1905, 1956, 2029, 2119, 2289, 
2294, 2327, 2459, 2476, 2530. 2616, 2374, 2879, 
2963. 2970, 2995. 3167. 3168, 3189, 8291, 3294 
Biogr.aphy (see also under the names of the sub- 
jects), 981, 1014, 1U15, 1175, 1187, 1839, 2486 

Birmingham 298 

Bookbinding 800. 801 

Book-keeping 2418 

Boston 1087 

Boswell 944.1048, 1602,1749 

Bosworth Field 205 

Botany 1929. 2975 

Bovd (Zilch.) .2066 

Bradford (Wm.) 2946 

Hrist(d 744 

Brockett 568* 

Brown (J.) 1533 

Bruce 1362 

Buchanan 615, 1555 

Buenos Avres 246S 

Bunyan (.1.) 2885 

Burns (E.) 30, 139, 151, 451. 454, 481, 729, 785, 
803, 804,1798,2965 

Burton (W. E.) 2589, 2590 

Byron 792, 2056 

Cffisar 90, 1801, 1802 

CalUgr.aphy. See Penmanship. 

Cambridge 1356, 3232 

Campbell 203 

Canada, 162, 183, 880, 966—968, 1712, 1805, 1947, 


Canterbury 880 

Caraffa 2513 

Catalogues, 48, 111, 148, 156, 153, 178, 213, 218, 241, 
322, 357, 389, 452, 453, 552. 565—576, 857, 878, 
920, 958, 994, 995. 998, 1077, 1088, 1089, 1192, 
1207, 1270, 1348, 1378, 1388, 1407, 1408, 1495, 




1528, 1532, 1541. 1576, 1&43, 1668, 1664, 1GT2, 
1765, ISIO, Is.'JS, 2020, 2021, 2052, 2202—2204, 
2244, 2298, 2471, 24&7, 2522, 25:J8, 25:39, 25.50, 
2560, 2771, 2S40, 2S76, 2976, 2977, 2999, 304S, 
3049, 322:3—3225, 

Cinlfleld 2061 

Caxton 2S75 

Ch.arles 1 557, 1006, 32:34 

Charles V 2524 

Charles VU 301S 

Chess 4:54, 593 

China 6. 59, 247, 633—639, S46, 2961, 2962 

Cboiseul 1*5 

Christmas Carols 346 

Chronol()<rv 64S, 656, 2744 

Clinton (lie Will) 1494 

Coins. See Numismatics. 

Colbatch (J.) 3001 

Columbia College 1616, 1617 

Connecticut 2281 

Corneille (P.) 1537 

Corwin (E. 13.) 25S7 

Costume, 39, 126, 160, 197. 20S— 210, 748—755, 

7S9, 1206, 1826, 145S, 14S0, 15S2, 1714. 202:3, 

2:314, 2611, 2746, 291:3. 3170 

Coverdale 3186 

Crawfurd 927, 2541 

Crichton 3046 

Croat Bible 275 

Cromwell 2109 

Cruikshank 1474 

Cuba 3026 

Cyphers 1901 

Dance of De.ath 12S4. 1446—1451 

Dauoing 1108 

Daphne' et Chloe 1811, 1812 

D.arley 1563 

Darwin 2730 

David 640 

Davis (W. J.) 852 

Davy (Sir II.) 2217 

Death 3047 

Dictionaries 32, 371, 1305, 2075, :3:302 

Diplomacy 1 66 

Domenichino 1716 

Douglas Case 2902 

Drama, :397. 398, 732, 956, 969, 1095, 1172, 1313, 

1355, 1359, 14:30, 1466, 1473, 1572, 169:3, 1729, 

1918, 19i4. 1975, 2948, 3002, 3190, 3284^3288 

Dreams 1266 

Earlom 655 

Edinburgh 61 1. 612, 2752, 2883 

Egypt 2404, 324-/, 3243 

Ehves (J.) 2994 

Emblems, 2, :3S, 49—54. 112—114, 137, 138, 192, 
19:3, 229, 280. 246, 256. ;i21. 327, 32s, -330, 331, 
349, :350, 4ii9 — 112, 444, 445. 522, 523, 562, 582, 
58:3. 691* 695, 768— 770, 83t;— S42, 856. 954, 1019 
—10:32, 1040. 1080, 1102, 11.JG. 11.59, 1228, 14i>4 
—1406, 1483. 1508, 1512, 1524, 1565. 1628, 1629, 
1662, 1706, 1737, 1742, 1821, 1S5.5, 1&56, 1882, 
1883, l^-'7. l^--->. 1944, 194.^, 194:>— 1950, 1996, 
1997, 20:^,7. idiV.t. 207:?. 2101, 2101*. '-'12s, 2161. 
2213, 221.% 2272. 227:;. 22>4— 22^6, 2297, 2299, 
2-300, 2:30-2, 2:i^l. 242-— 24:32. 2409, 2478, 2482, | 
250:3, 2511). 2."v46, 2572, 257:3, 2579, 25M1, 2.585, 
2597, 2601. 2i>(i4, 2607, 2608, 2613, 2620, 2628, 
2629, 2703, 2792, 279:3, 2826, 285:3, 2862, 2866, 
2950, 2952, 29s0, 2989, 3038, 3041—3043, 3054— 
8058, 3067, 3u7i, 3176, 3177. 3211. 321.3— :3218. 

.3255, 3256, ;<262, 8:309. ;33i:3. :3314 i Gibraltar. 
England, 296. 364, 437, 521, 618—620, 626, 6:30, i Glasg 

2062, 2086. 210S. 2347, 24S3, 2496. 2609, 2774, 

2s99, 2974. 3104. 32iil, 3202, 320,5, :3231 

Engravings. 632. 667. 66>. 68:3—705, 799. 2004, 

2146, 2147, 2184, 21S5, 324S. 8265—3270 

Epitaphs 56, 1044*, 2S29 

Erskine (A.) 1749 

Essays 1674, 1679, 1718 

Etchings 1953 

Ethnology 1678 

Europe 2421 

Exmouth 2177 

Everett .' 946 

Fables, 17—24. 252. 863- S6.5. 937—939. 1078, 1079, 

1082—1084, 1122, 1195—1197. 1704, 1705, 2113 

-2118, 22.34, 2276. 2291, 2725, 3016 

Facetise, 3, 4. 13. 3:3, 147, 416, 707, 714, 715. 717, 

726, 853, S62, 888, 891, 922, 1046, 1047, 1075, 

1137, 1474, 1505, 1651. 1707, 1708, 1711, 1792, 

2199, 2200, 222.3, 2249, 2313, 2:330, 2347, 2349, 

2:393, 2480, 2492, 2498, 2631, 26-32, 2818, 3002, 

3011, 3121, 3141, 3144, 3147, 3264^ 3278, 8274, 

3282, 8293 

Fencing 1854 

Fine Arts, 10, 207, 212, 340, 352, 393, 413, 472, 
473, 503, 508, 509, 517, 524, 540, 541, 628, 970, 
972, 97:3, 992, 99:3, 1009. lOlO, 1016. 1066— 
lOGS. 1105, 1109, 1112. 11:3:3, 1164, 116.5, 1172, 
—1184, :194. 1198. 1100. 12(M— 1203, 1221, 1222, 
1231, 1262, 120:3, 1272, 127:3. 1298, 1319, 1:327, 
1344, 1380, 14:34, 14:J.5. 144(3—1453, 1456—1459, 
1465, 1481. 151S-1.520, 1.5s3, 159.5, 160-3, 1613, 
1625, 1650, 174S, 1754. 1766, 1816, 1852, 1853, 
1884. 1885, 1902, Um, 1958, 1961, 2023. 2057, 
2058, 2137, 214-. 21.-4—2189, 2202—2204, 2222, 
2227—22:30, 2241. 2207, 2275, 2283. 2304. 2305, 
2310—2312, 2325, 2326, 2850. 2354, 2392, 2402, 
2415, 2416, 2426. 2433. 2456.' 2457, 2470, 2474, 
2475, 2537, 2545, 2565—2567, 2597, 2601, 2604^ 
2607, 2608. 2624—2626, 2668—2675, 2709—2713, 
2726, 2727, 2*07, 2*12, 2815, 2857, 2858, 2865, 
2S67, 2885. 2906, 2912, 2952, 295.3, 3015, 3076, 
8085, 3108. 3130, 3145, 3162, 3169, 3181, 3190 
—3194. 328S, 3246, 8257, 8299, 8300, 3308 

Flags and Banners 727, 1696 

Flaminio 172 

Fletcher (Al.), 1S23 

Flowers 1389, 2549 

Fonthlll 2577 

Forrest (Edwin) 2597 

Forster (H. K.) 28.86 

Fothergill (.J.) 1753 

France, 29, 104, 751, 751, 755, 896, 1791, 1820, 

1986, 1968, 2100. 2617, 2615, 3080, 3081 

Franklin (B.), 121, 807, 2262, 2264, 2945, 2991, 

3104, 3174 

Free Thinking 92, 935, 2138, 3106 

Froissart 1520 

Fruits 1671 

Fulton 678 

Furniture 2417 

Galloway 2810 

Gardening 2210 

Gardiner." 1226 

Garrick 8082 

Gems 817, 1669, 8220 

Geosraphv 2425 

George III 1513 

George IV 2527 

Georgia 3207 

Germany 896, 1631 



650, 735, 790, 869, *97,- 113*, 1207, 1208. 1242 I Goldsmith 2.337 

1223, 131S. 1:328, 136:3, 1:393, 1421, 1.515, 1522, I Gordon (Lord George) 2994 

1623, 1769; 1771, 17SS, 1904, 1933, 1977, 2061, | Grammar 386 




Gi-aromont 1340 

Greece 2S75, 2389, 3226 

Greenock 31S2 

Greenwood .... 2T95 

Gronovius 12T3 

Grose 568 

Halleck 948 

Hamilton 681 

Handel 450 

Hayti 2443 

Health 1T19, lTo5 

Heraldrv US, 586, 587. T80, 990, 1104, 1241, 1390, 
—1392, 1642, 1666, 1673, 1897, 2029, 2120, 2367, 


Herbal 798 

Hermits 310, 311 

Hieroglyphics 71, 1475, 1658 

History 449, 1207—1209 

Hobart 2154 

Hogarth 1546 

Hogs; (J.) 1578 

Holland 13, 136, 168, 299, 1415, 1709, 2394 

Hollar 30s5 

Hollis 305, 924 

Holyrood 1866 

Homer , 1411 

Hooghe (liomain de) 136 

Horace 3056--;i0o8 

Horsemanship 1817 

Howeli 2408 

Hnnsrary 1000 

Huntinff 1049, lOoO 

Huss (John) 1232 

Hydraulics 1071 

Iceland 1478 

Iconology 2503, 2514 

India. . T 1789, 1752, 2790 

Indians 949, 1861, 1989 

Indian Bible 1013 

Inventions 8206 

Ireland, 578. 586, SG9, 1276, 1352, 16.52, 1733, 1921, 
2067, 2776, 2964. 3007, 3183 

Irving 87, 419, 829, 1556—1564 

Italy 442, 2515, 2617, 2775 

James I 311S 

Jarvis 2.586 

Jesuits 654, 2461 

Jews 120 

Johnson (Dr.) 2320,2321 

Jones (J. P.) 2753, 2754 

Kaulbach 124S 

Killarney 3183 

Knighthood 658 

Laconics . . 564 

Lafayette 669, 1069 

Languages 175, 1589 

Laud (Ab],.) 2880 

La Yalliere 8.57 

Law 11, 15, 1890, 2511 

Leicester 2979 

Leland (■).) 1790 

Linche ( IM.) 1135 

Lind (Jenny) 3230 

Lithography 2254 

London ..." 733, 964, 2225, 2559 

Longevity 1 46 

Louis le Grand 1949 

Luther 1826 

Mackay (C.) 2016 

Magna Charta 2971 

Mahomet 55 

Malone 355 

Man 1384 

Manuscripts, 84, 890, 936, 1568, 1762—1764, 1979— 
1986, 2140—2143, 2277, 2411, 2521 

Marion 2772 

Marriage 1342 

Marv iiwen of Scots, 225, 234, 425 — 427. 432, 528, 

599, 1264, 1265, 1599, 1865, 2561. 2892, 3001, 


Massachusetts 850, 3117 

Materialism 2473 

Maurice 2337 

Maxwell 777 

Medals (See also Numismatics) 16, 26, 178, 218, 

290, 291, 835, 999, 1588, 1725, 1S31, 19.34—19-39, 

2135, 2316, 2405. 2981, 3298 

Medical, 86, 187,188, 23.3, 424,917, 1116, 1300, 

1403. 1597, 1659, 1876, 1927, 2033, 2136, 2292, 
2465, 2477, 2501, 2767 

Medici (Catherine de) 37 

Mental Philosophy 138-3, 1384 

Mexico 1570 

Military, 750, 753, 853, 1206, 1306, 1308, 1311, 1377 

1582, 2559 
Missals. See Manuscripts. 

Monks 2490,2491 

Moore (Thos.) 82, 1109 

Moral Philosophy 194 

Moravians 1464 

Morellius 2N41 

Mosco via 1969 

ilount Auburn 2795 

Munchausen 2915 

Murphy 1128 

Music, 17, 47, 450, 659, 1092, 1320, 1869, 2599, 2610, 

2964—2966, 3808 

Mythology 226, 318, 372, 875, 876, 1204, 1420 

Napoleon, 1692, 1722, 1723, 172.5, 1937, 2151, 

Natural History, 14, 134, 251, 400, 433, 1747, 

1922, 22.52, 

Naunton 560, 

Navigation 811, 


Nell Gwyn 

Nelson (Lord) 

Netherlands 652, 2719, 

New England 1, 488. 1620, 1621, 

New Testament. (See also Bibles') 

New York, 12, 13, 174, 221, 245, 3^-, CiTs. 6m 
852. ST9. 926, 961, 962, 1148, 1149, 1 l."A 1274. 
1557—1.559, 16.55, 1965, 1966. 2091—2094, 
2614, 3061, 3062, 3156, 3200, 3250, 3275, 

Niagara IG.j. 1 ^^, 1 ^^M 

Novels and Tales, 319, 88,3, 1107, 1 1 - \ 1 1 -'' 

—1260, 1343, 1436, 1437, 1759, 2(iii;^ -j-vd.-.. 

201)1, 2Sl6 

Numismatics, 89, 90, 178, 218, 238. 329, 489. 

542, 569, 570. 641, 723, 742, 808, 858, 918. 

959, 960, 974, 106.5, 1121, 1426, 1462, 1-519, 

1775, 1902, 1968, 2110. 2121, 212.5—2127, 

2172, 2173, 2235, 2239, 2423, 2424, 2.529, 

2570, 2571, 2776, 2819-2821, 2958, 2959. 

2983. 8010, 3044, 

», s51, 
, 2095 
', 527, 

Occult, 44, 45, 130, 4S7. 815, 917. 1235. 1244, 1266, 
1837, 1417, 1526, 1540, 2011, 2030, 2160, 3017, 


Otnces 199 

oldficdd (Mrs.) 3003 

Orn.ments 1666—1669, 274T s-^3, 1862 

Ottoman Empire 2502 

Paine 6;2T 

Palestine 2^56 



Papyrus 1376 , 

Paris 1271, 136S, 158T, 2566, 2656, 3036 

Parma...-. 22S'i 

Passions ( Thi!) 1732 

Peerage.. 5S6. 9-14, 1036, 1845, 2704 

Peuinanshii), 57. 129, 2S7, 28S, 366, 725, 854, 855, 

1007. 1008, 1218, 1410, 1472. 1065, 1813, 1923, 

2097, 2145, 2557, 2700, 2701, 2750, 2799, 2843, 

2996, 3075, 80SS 

Pennant (J.) 1932 

Pennsylvania. . .183, 129S* 1622, 2787, 2956, 2957 

Peru 3102 

Peters 505 

Peters (Geo.) 1350 

Peters (Hu^li) 3294, 3295 

Petrarch .... 928 

Physio^'uoiny 728, 1727, 2366 

Playing Cards 123, 2781 

Poetry, 1, 2, 31, 35, 62, 63, 73, 150, 171, 202, 211, 
244, 300, 306. 309. 313, 314, 325, 840, 344, 34.5, 
365, 369, 3S7, 403, 408, 413, 414, 415. 423, 443, 
446, 447. 491, 492, 494, 496—501, 516. 525, 529— 
537, 559, 606—610, 647, 663, 714, 715, 746, 756, 
760, 762-766* 771. 778. 783. 78.5. 786, ,s02, 806, 
807. 820, 832, 833, 870—^74. >M>. s-9. i,ii)_ 94;{_ 952. 
98:?. 991, 1064, 1070. 10•^."., lii-c, wn. I(i;r2, 1100, 
1110, 1111, 1127, 115s. l_M-_'*, I'jl.-i, IJIC, 1227, 
1230, 1254—1257, 1280— 1 ■_'-;._', T.'s,->-i-_>'.)7, 1303, 
1332, 13*?, 1335, 1350, 1:;52, 13.^iS, 13i>4, 1430, 
146:3, 14(;9— 1471, 150:?, 1524, 1,V>1, 157.5, 1,579— 
15^1, l.-isc, i,5()0, 1591, 10:?5, 1647, 1653, 1656, 
105T, ICTo, 1701, 1703, 1710, 1717. 1721, 17:?0, 
17:?.'>, IT.-fs, 1758. 1760. 1772, 1779— 17S2. 1797. 
IsiU. 1VI7, 1727, 1^4-. ]<)>K K)l, 1s>V. l-Oii, 
1S71, 1S7;1, 10119, 1910. \'J-J-\ I'.liiO, lii:!ll. 195T, 
]97i)_197-j. 199S — •liM->. •Jiiiis. L'OH). I'li^K. •jii:;:,. 
204:?. 2050. 21:^2, 21:?:?, 2144. 2170. 217>-21 ^2, 219-, 
2214,222.;. 2210. 2255, 2259. 2205. 22. W— 2271. 
2295. 2290. 2:>06. 2:?2'.» 2:'.;12— 2:?4l'>. 2:!4s, 2:ir» 
—2:102, 2:!iU, 2:?r,.5. 2:!C.S 2.;9.-). 24;!s— 2441, 2444 
—2452. 2470, 25il7, 2519, 2:i2it. 252:!. 252s. 25:?3— 
2.5:?0, 2.V,I— 25.'i:i. 2.".5i;, 2."m(;, 2r,:;s. 20:',<t, 26,55, 
205s— 20(;0. 2(;99. 2T0."). 27in',. I'TIT. 2TI8. 2748, 

27."i5. 2-1:!, 2-14. 2-22. 2-2 2-12. 2-::l. 2836, 

2,s:?7, 2si:i— 2-.52, 2-77, 2-9.".— 2-:is. 2it.-.;,, 2967— 
2970, 2972, :iOOO, ;?oi)l, ;i02S, 3o:?5, 3037, 3119, 
8120,3120, 3129, 3146, 3162—310.5, 3172, 3204, 
320S, 3231, 32:?;?, 3237, 3254, 3257— ;?260. ;?277, 
32S1, 3299 

Polities and Political Economy 167, 420, 422, 


Pope ..547, 1471 

Portraits, 9, 84, 168, 256, 292, 294, 326, 867. 370. 
399,510, .5:38, .5.5:?, .5.54. .5s9, 682, 701. 71:?, 734; 
812. 97.5, 978, 1000—10112. 1011. liisl. 114,5. II72, 
1175, 1249, l:?3^ 13:19, 141s, 14.50, 1407—1499, 
1.529. 1.5:?.5, 1.536, 1.5:is i.^as, 1.590, li;:?4. 174:?. 
1917. 1942. 19.59. 20.5s. 230:?, 2317. 231S, 2:?7:?— 
23S7. 2497. 254S. 2l'i21. 2(i37. 21)70, 2671, 2948, 
2951, 3020, ;?04.5, :?(10.5, 3000, 3080, .3091, 3092, 
8104, 3124, 3136, -3212, 3271, 3272 

Pottery and Porcelain 323 

PouUain 184 

Poull ry 1099 

Prayer P.ooks. 163, 8.32— :?:37, 646, 71S, 1211, i:?97 

—1402, 2I:?9— 214.3, 2397, 239S. 24:?5, 24:36. 2720 

—2722, 2844, 2908, 2911, 3109, 8112, 3113 

Pretender (The) 124 

Prophecies 123:?, 1.592 

Prince Charles 1207 

Printing. See Typography. 
Prints. " See Engravings. 

Proverbs ' .-. 1867, 2462, 2463 

Psalms 2871—2873 

Quakers 164, 1637, 1638 

Quebec 1366 

Queen Elizabeth 127, 560 

R.idcliffe 2324 

Eaphael 171.5 

Eeay (Miss) 734, 3002 

Eeligious Orders 105 

Reynard the Vox 2026, 2498 

Rhine (The) 1212 

Richard III 31;?4 

Rizzio 8001 

Robinson Crusoe 861 

Romanism, 72, 106, 107, 7;?0, 731, 8.59, 100:3, 103.3, 

1141, 1229, 1268, 1482, 1596, 2443, 2490, 2491, 

2498, 2619, .3003 

Rome 1641, 2096 

Romney 1369 

Ro.Kburghe 895 

Royal George (The) 2051 

Russia 235, 1692, 1931, 2370, 3240, 8241 

Sabin (J.) 745 

Sabine (E.). 2112 

St. Andrew's Society 1423 

St. Bartholomew 866 

St. Francis 2422 

St. Helena 200 

St. Vincent 27.51 

Sandys (G.) 2193 

Sa.xon 925. 1139 

Sa-xony 27.56 

Schiller 548 

Science 362. 546, 549 

Scotland, 5, 8. 47, 89,99,124, 1:39—141, 16.3, 200, 
206, 303, 353, 8.54, 392. 423. 425—427, 429, 4:?0, 
47.5, 479, 482 — 484, 527, .542, MS, 550, 576, 586, 
599, 600,604-612, 615.621, 670, 710,714, 715, 
741, 759, 772—776, 779, 782, 7813, 797, 802, 826— 
828. 877. 897, 91.5,94.5, 9S.5— 989. 1118, 1191, 1198, 
1207, 1209, 1227, 1229, 1236— r2:!s, 1304, 1320, 
134.5, l:!02. 1385, 1386, 1:?93, 142.5, 1429, 143!i, 
1454, 1476, 1577—1.531, 1584, 15S.5, l(;o.5, 16:?4, 
1657, 1773—1778. 1789, 1806, 1808, 1818, 1845, 
186,5—1868, 1872, 1877. 1906-1918, 1946, 1963, 
1964, 1978, 1987, 199:3, 2144. 2149, 2236—22:38, 
22.50, 2251, 2257, 227s, 2317, 2319, 2:34:?, 2400, 
24:?7, 24.5.5. 2lf;4, 2170, 2488, 24s9, 2510, 2516, 
252.5, 2569, 257s, 25si), 20:30-2654, 2677, 2679, 
2777, 2778, 2785, 2791, 2810, 2878, 2883, 2892, 
2898, 2900, 2901, 2954, 2965, 3001, 3050, 8114, 
3236, 3261, 3289 
Scott (Sir W.) 61, 1375, 1799, 1800, 2241, 2.516, 

3029, 3192 

Scottish Songs, etc. See Poetry. 

Scrap Books; 2.5:3, 68:3-701, 703—70,5, 709, 795, 

797, 1108, 1114, 111.5, 1142, 1144, 1169, 1190, 1240, 

1.5:30. 1784, 1940—1942, 2146, 2147, 2150, 215:3, 

2105—2169, 2301, 2484, 2640, 2641, 2644, 2651, 

2680, 2698, 2702, 2760, 2838, 2842, 3068. 3009, 

3070, 3072, 8094 (W.) ;34T 

Senanlt 1402 

Seneca 744 

Severus 1018 

Shakspeariana, 316, 847, ;3.55, 394, 412. .571, 665, 941, 
13,54. 1609, 2508, 2705, 2734—2743, 3233 

Shepherd (T.) 988 

Sherburne (T. II.) 1611 

Sheridan (U. B.) 2009 

Sibvls 2759 

Sin'ion (Thos.) :30S1 

Sinclair 2654 

Slavery 1072, 2:334, 3222 

SomerviUe 2837 

Songs. See Poetry. 

Spain 1076, 1797, 3185 

Spilsbury (J.) 1200 

Sports 214, 215, 824, 3125 

Steamships 2998 

Stephens (II.) 10.51 

Stothard .' 320 




■e Catalosrne 1131 

(Fberrj- Hill 3132, 3133 

rt 1577 

.be(U.) l&n 

tifera Navis 3S2— 3S4, 15^ 

ido 8S4 

laines 363 

den 982 

ft (Dean) 3221 

tzerlantl 674, 921. 1168, 1714, 2627, 2773 

ney (Sir P.) 3202, 3203 

ibols. See Emblems. 

bot (M. A.) 3002 

tament. See Bibles. 

dotdale 1761 

ioloffv, Sermons, Eeligious Books, etc., 36, 60, 
4, 75, 79, 98, 101—104, 121, 142, 169, 170, 189, 
95, 196, 217, 219, 236, 240, 242, 24-3, 249, 255, 
97, 373, 374. 885, 390, 391, 405, 428, 4;35, 438, 
tl, 490, 495, 503—506, 513, 518, 519, 544, 545, 
58, 581, 594, 601—603, 629, 642—645, 649, 661, 
78, 702, 721, 724. 737, 758, 761, 781, 791, 8;34, 
50, 914, 916, 929—931, 933, 93.5, 957, 973, 996, 
)7, 1045, 10.54, 1053, 1074, 1090. 1096, 1097, 
'.05, 1106, 1113, 11.39—1141, 1157, 1167, 1188, 
89, 1213, 1214, 1223, 1226, 124.5, 1279, 1312, 
!13, 131.5, 1323, 1324, 1327, 1330, 1370, 1372, 
;95, 1396, 1409, 1432, 1477, 1493, 1501, 1503, 
39, 1,571, 1576, 159.3, 1601, 1606—1608, 1618, 

19, 1630, 1637—1610, 1660, 1675—1677, 1698, 
26, 1740, 174.5, 1772, 1821, 1840—181:3, 1^7, 
79, 1880, 1886, 1889, 1973, 2015, 2017, 2025, 
36, 2038, 2039, 204.3, 2049, 2053—2055, 2064, 
65, 2068, 2074, 2099, 2101, 2101* 2104, 2111, 
30, 2131, 2159, 2162, 2170, 2171, 2205, 2219, 

20, 2231, 22.^3, 2245, 2290, 2400, 2458, 2460, 
67, 2481, 2499, 2509, 2530, 25.55, 26:}4— 2636, 
57, 2782, 2758, 2766, 2782, 2783, 28.59, 2860, 
63, 2864, 2880, 2916. 2949, 2984, 2987, 2993, 
03, 3004, 8039, 3040, 311.5, 3170, 3186, 3198, 

3219, 3261, 3263, 3279 

icco 1718 

e 100 

a(J.) 2241 

Is 782, 2034 


Trinidad 2307 

Turkfv 2383 

Turner (J. M. W.) 2.517 

Tvpognaphv, 129. 407, 561. 913, 1136, 1147, 1205, 

1301, 1302, 1322, 1349, 1599, 1600. 1697, 1^32, 

2833, 2868, 3290 

Ynenius 1483 

Van Buren 1863 

Vases 2023 

Vers-iilles 1194, 1731, 2960 

Vignettes 1.59 

Virgil 1411, 2.330 

Voyages and Travels, 64, 91, 152. 421, 551, 1093. 
1785, 1786, 1858, 2108, 2769, 3239, 3;301 

Wales, 191, 248, 293, 520, 844, 84.5,' 1064, 13.5.3, 

1506, 1612, 1614, 1793, 2258, 2394, 2786, 2968, 

3227, 3296 

"Wallace .306 

Walpole 2894 

Walton 3.315 

War 2978 

Washington Citv 1542 

Washington (G.) 1560—1562, 2346, 24.53, 2,531, 
3104, 3148—3155 

Watson 940 

Watt 1( 9 

Wellington 12i5 

Westminster 8^)1 

West Point 722 

Wlckliflfe 1232 

Wicquefort 1.36 

William III 630 

Wilson (T.) 575, 1037 

Wilson (J.) 1269 

Witches (see also Occult), 1235, 1337, 1526, 
2274, 2489 

Wolsey 591 

Woman 1371 

Wood Engraving, 250, 624, 625, 691, 1316, 1573, 
1574, 2209, 2211, 2212, 2781, 2845, 2846 
Writing. See Penmanship. 

Zinzendorf 2839 

The compiler of this Catalogue (the cover excepted) -n'ill be 
happy to aftbrd further information respecting any of the books, 
and Avill give his j^ersonal attention at the sale, as a pm-chaser, for 
gentlemen who cannot attend, .-iddress 


401 Broadway^ New York. 




This book is DUE on the last date stamped below 


p»»j» .. .. 

► • T ^ 


Form L-!' 

e-... -Up. '4 1(2)011 


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%• . . 


*Z997 Allan 
A41c Catal 

to graphs, ei 
tides, belong;in|