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EDrroE OP "the book op soomsH bono." 






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C^e JttBStreUes ssiiflr. tte Jogcloars carpc 

Datix, (eifv. 1S184 


It OHy Im coiMfdarcd remarkable, that it wta not till Bnglish literature bad 
reaehed it> hiflrbeit point of refinement — it was not till the days of Addison 
eak Fope, or, still later, of Gray and Goldsmith— that the rude ballad poetry 
of the people became an object of interest to the learned. In the Spectator, 
Addison first drew the attention of what was then called the 'polite world' 
te the merits of the ballad of Chery-Chase ; but he did so in the apologetic 
strain of one who was folly prepared for the said world being surprised at 
him taking onder Us protection any thing so mlgar^ or eren humble. He 
Introdoeee the ballad much in the manner that the fiutidious yet generous 
Gny Hanneiing may be supposed to hare introduced to his lettered friends 
tiw hearty borderer, Dandie Dinmont, with his spattered jack4N>ots and 
shsggy dieadnooght : — there was no denying the rough and startling exte- 
rior, bat many excellent qualities were to be found under it. Up to this 
Ckncb tlw traditionary ballads of the country were held to be of so rude a 
character aa to be scarcely amenable to the rules of literary criticism ; no his- 
tseleal Talae seems to hare been attached to them ; and with the exception of 
sesae f^irHng Pepys,* who, for his own gratification, stitched and preserved 
hli 'Penny Gariands,' no endeaTour was made to rescue them from the 
perMmMe breath of oral tradition, or the fragile security of the pedlar's 
bmddde. t Soon after Addison's day, a disposition to look after the floating 

Vwfjm, tlM foaippliig tat d^btflil DisiM of ths deji of Charki II. and JamM 
eeoOcethm of l«lkds ha Svola., whlA It dcpodtad la tba PwpTrian Itbnrjr, Ma(- 

of tte iMt mataj, tallMia wart iMBBWy ptlatod on trmStUet, or a 
cf p ay m tha bbon eornmoa way now li to prtat tlMm la m wbuJI book-torn of 
wtthtUkpafib WhniataBdod toboiiastaldlBtlNhaadaiadsiu«thioagh«ht 
aUH frlBtaA oa riagh dips of paper 



poetry of the olden times begsa to manifett iteelf. and Allah Raxsat hiu the 
honourable dUtlnetlon of leading the way in this morement. Hie * Br«^ 
freen, being a eolleetion of Soot* poems vrrote by the ingenious before 1600,* 
eontaina. as ballads. The Battle of Harlaw, Johnie Annstrong, and The Held- 
sfoalr Raid; and his * Tea Table MlsceUany,' published in 17S4 and IbUowing 
years, eontains, as ballads. Sweet William's Ohost, Bonnie Barbara Allan, 
Hm Bonnie Eail of Murray, and Johnie FlM. Some of these were obtained 
Crom tradition ; others from the Bannatyne MS. In the AdTocatet* Library. 
In the same year as the abore, or rather between the years 1738 and 1786« 
was published at London, In 8 rolumes, * A collection of Old Ballads, from tha 
best and most ancient extant, with Introductions, Historical, Critical or Hu- 
morous.' This eolleetion, with one exception, * Gilderoy,' is wholly taken up 
with BngUsh ballads. It does not menUon the sources from which they are 
drawn, and its Introductions are meagre. 

These collections were but the humble haitlngers of Dr. Percy's g r o a t work, 
* Rellques of Early English Poetry, consisting of old Heroic Ballads, Songs,' 
See., the lint edition of which was published in the year 1765. Until the ap- 
peaimnce of this work, the ballad lore of Britain may be said to have been all 
but unknown and unexplored. The main source from which Dr. Percy 
derived his colieotion was a long narrow folio manuaeripti In his own posses 
skm, which had been written about the middle of the previous century, but 
which contained compositions of various ages from before the times of Chaocw 
downwards. So little was the literary public prepared for the contents of the 
GoUeetlon, that the existence or fidelity of the MS. was questioned, and the 
Editor denounced as a litorary impostor. But the existenoe of the MS. was 
proved on the most undoubted authority, it being submitted to the inspection 
(tf Shenstone, Dr. Johnson," and afterwards of those eminent commentators on 

* Dr. JohnwB mm m pswosl fMand of Dr. Pmj, ud wwommond*! tb* pabltetfan of tiM 
){' bat. It !■ wril known, b« bwl a grMt eontnnpt tar bidlad vwaM, prnt ss Hng tbqr 

■dght ba maBaawtorad bj tbo jaid, wltbost pi«in«dltatlon,r-4hwi 

* I pat my bat apon my b«id, 
▲ad walkMl IntQ tb* Sinuid, 

And tiMr* I ntt MMtbOT man 
Wllb bli bat lalo bk band. 


Or, *Tbttnidtri]iftM^i 

WM. down upon ailoMi 
Tb* aofM took up tbo aqnaillni ebUd, 
BotilUl tbo ablld iqaaU'd on. 

I .1 




Dr. Fuver, Stee^ena, Malone, and Reed. The MS. was mntUatod 

paxtM, aod imperfeetlf penned in othen, so that the Editor was indocad 

mr hH own tacta in many inatancee» by (applying defioienciee, and altoring 

defective paangee. Thi« laid him open especialiy to the violent 

of Bit«<m, an acote erltio, and one of the tererett ezaeton of 

fidelity in matten antiqaarian. Bat Percy liai tinea been Jnstifled by 

poeti and teholan (among the rest, by Sir Walter Seott and William 

bodk JealoaB wardos of the strongliolds of antiqalty.) on the 

^bmX he did not conceal haTing altered or amended some of the piecesi 

he tiioaglit necessary, his object being not to gratify the jnere aq^ 

bat to attract in the first place the popalar taste to the hidden and 

treasores of andent song. In this partiealar, he eminently soc- 

a dreomstance snfflolently indicated by the namber of editions through 

the ' SeUqoes' passed,* and by the inflaence which they manifestly had 

poetical literatare of the socceeding age. f 

Terej * Sdiqaes* contained, beside the English pieces, some of oar Tory 
Ballads, which were there printed for the first time in a collected 
Tbese are dnly specified in the coarse of this Work. 
ome years before and after Percy's collection ^>peared, the Foaliaee« 
celebrated printers In Glasgow, issued flnom ttieir p r ess , onder, we believa, the 

t, •bm ha Am miMd tbs kogh orcr th* aztnoM dmpUoltj of th* ballad itgrla^ 
Bcda dicami that his owa tuq^ and aitifldal atgrk waa madi mora otaoxkma to 




bafbn na, (tha ifkb,) oaoon » Dadieatlon, whiah wb axe tamptad to eopf , as 
noat bcaotllU Mid aflbottng which wa hara arar raod >— ' To XuxAan-a, lata 
itaa of Berthoiabarlaad, In har owa right BABOxaaa Paaor, fto., whob 
to loaay giaat ftnOlat of oar anaiaot nohlUty, amplojad tha prlnealj totana, 
tha ffloaMeoa honoora, whldb aha dcrfvad firom thom, thnogh har whola Ub, 
dlsnttj, ganaroalty, and aplrlt i and who ftir bar aany pabUo and ptlvmta 
batanHnbaiodaaoiiaoftliaflntaharaetan of her tlma, Tata uttlb wokk 
rAUT Ba»iaATBD:->ilJNl, Of U m m t tim m mffbriti ktr mm mammm i f mmd mma Ugklg 
Itr iaA^ftaf mfpnbtHam, U If now, with iktmhmptt nforrf. nt f td, mad grmtt' 
tf htr Uh9ti Mmd km mut d Mmmorj/.' 

Beatt baa, hi nora than ona ptaoa, raoorted tha Inflaaaoa wUdh tha pamaal of 

had an hla rnov mlad. * Tha traa,' ha aaya, ' la atUl In mj raaaDaattan, 

I hv, and fliat antiiffad apon Iha analMatlag pninaal of Farcgr^ BaUqaaa of 


•uperinteiMlency of Lord Hilles. splendid copies, in imall 4to dse, large typ«, 
of rarloiu Scottlah ballads. Tiiese, hovrever. were all separate pobUcatloiia. 
Ilioagh they may be in some instances found boond togetiier. 

In 1709, Herd's collection appeared. Of this waA we hare spoken In the 
Introdoction to the Book of Scottish Soog. It may be enough hen to say, 
that it contidns no leas than twenty ballads or fkagmotts of ballads thera Urst 

In 1777, the first edition of Evans's coUectlon of Old Ballads was pablished 
at London. These are almost altogether Bnglidw with a few Scottiah, of 
wMch we have ayailed ourselTes. The best edition of Brans is that of 18I(K 
4 rols., edited by his son. 

John Pinkerton, the historian, pablUhed in 1761 and 1783 collections of 
Scottish Ballads^ sereral of which ballads wera ihbilaations of Us own, a crime 
bitteriy exposed by Ritson, whose own rarions oompUationi^ iasned shortly 
after this time, were of essential service in lUostnting the ballad lore both of 
England and Scotland. 

A CoUectioa of Scottish Ballads^' in 6 thtai toIs., was published by the 
Morisons of Perth, in 1790. but it contains none not preriously published 

In the begfamlng of the present century, the ballad Uteratnre of the country 
received two of its most important additions, by the publication of Scott^s 
• Border lOnatrelsy,' (1802,) and Jamieson's • Popular Ballads and Songs,' 
(1806.) The first edition of the BOnstrelsy of the Scottish Border was printed 
at Kelso, by BaUantyne. in two Tolomes. A third volume was added In 1808 ; 
and the work was further augmented in subsequent editions. * Fortunate it 
was,' says Motherwell, 'for the heroic and legendary song of Scotland that 
this work was undertaken, and still more fortunate tliat ito execution devolved 
upon one so weU qualified in every respect to do ito subject the most ample 
Justice. Long will it live a noble and interesting monument of the unwearied 
research, curious and minute learning, genius and taste of Ito iUustrioos editor. 
It is truly a patriotic legacy to posterity ; and much as it may now be eeteemed, 
it is only ia times yet gathering in the bosom of Ihr futurity, when the Inte- 
resting traditions, the chivalrous and romantic legends, the wild superstitions, 
tiie tragic song of Scotiand, have whoUy fhded fttnn the Uving memory, that 
this gift can be duly appreciated. It is then that these volumes will bt 





wHIi fB<iWnfii tldii to rdlgioas enthadaw n t tot thtii •traoge aod 

■kyalie lore will Im trMrared up Sn the hMrt m the prodoiu raeord of dftys for 

Away^— tint their gruid ttora Icfroods will be Uctened to with 

•we M If the voiee of s remote aaoeetor, from the depths of the 

ted woke the thrilliiig ■toaln of martial aatlqiiity.' 

'■ work waa prqjeoted and mostly eoUeeted before the Border 
appeared ; bat Its publication was deferred tUl 1806, when it issued 
the BaDaotyne press in two octavo ▼olames, under the title of * Popular 
aad Soi^s, from teaditlon, manuscripts, and scarce editions, with tnmsla- 
of similar pieces frvm tlie ancient Danish language, by Robert Jamieson * 
TMa ooOection is one of great yalue, and is aUy iliustrated. Much of Bfr. 
Jaainsoo*! materials was obtilned from the sama source to which Scott was 
laigflly indebted in colleeting his Border Ifinstrelsy, namely, Mrs. Brown of 
fUklaad, u lady who was remarkable for the extent of her legendary lore, 
■ad the nceuracy of htf memory. 
I la IMS, n small coUeetloa of * Scottish Historical and Romantie Ballads* 

afp a a t tJ , edited by John Unlay of Glasgow. This collection added little 
to oar store of legendary poetry, but it is Tsluable for its annotations, and it 
sereral successful imitations of the ancient ballad. 
the ahoTe period, the most sueoeisfbl collectors and able iUnstrstors 
of tke legendaLTy ballads of Scotland liaTC been, Mb. Wiixxam Mothsbwsll, 
Mb. Datid Laxito, Mb. Chablbs Kibkpatbiok Shabpb, Mb. Jakbb Maid- 
, Mb. Kjvlook, and Mb. Pbtbb Buobait. 
Of the iMBcnted Motherwell, as n deeply-rersed sdidar in the poetical an- 
of his country, it would be diflloult to speak too highly. From boy* 
hladc4etter lore was his passion, and in particular he studied with en- 
the worin of the Old Scottish * Makkaris.' A lyrical poet himself, 
ef tiie most exqiddte pathos, few were better qualified than he was, 
by learning or genius, to explore the field of Ancient Historic and 
Soottiah Song, or to pick up in untrodden ways its wild-flowers. 
Hia aalia ctlm i, aoeordingly/ is one of the most raluable of wtiich our ballad 



litentore eaa boMfe:— not that It has added la^aly to tiie ttock of alroadj 

ooUaeted balladi, (Ibr in that partioolar it ean only elaim aomewhoro aboat a 

doBon, oxdniiTe of dliTerent veniont of known hallada,) but that ita Introdne- 

don and Kotos are franght with information and ingonnity, which iUoatFato 

In tha pleaiantott manner the mbjecta they treat, and whieh prore at onee 

tlie reeeareh of the antiquary and the qdrit of tlm poet. The Introdnotfon, 

etpeeially, may be reoommoBded at a text-book to every tyro in ballad 


The laboQii of Mr. DaTid Laing, a« an iUostrator of the ancient lyrical mose 

of Scotiand, and indeed of andent Scottith literatnie generally, have been ineeti- 
mable ; and although the ballad poetry of the oonntry has only formed an in* 
ddental portion of his researohee, still very much is doe to him in that depart- 
ment, both as commentator and collector. 

ICr. C. K. Sharpe's name has been long familiar to the antiqaarian world 
for his cnrioQs r os e a rehee In all matters connected with the traditions and 
manners of by-gone times. In 1814, he printed a tiny Tolnme, entitled^ * A 
Ballad Book,* which, though small in sixe, contained several ballads collected 
for the first time, besides giving new readings of others. 

Similar in sixe to the * Ballad Book,* and published in the same year, was 
the * North Conntrie Garland,* edited, anonymously, by Mr. James Maidment. 
This little book contains about half-a^oaen ballads not previously collected. 
To the same editor, we believe, we are indebted for another small volume, en- 
titied, * A New Book of Old Ballads,* printed at Edinburgh in 1844. In this 
coUection are given the genuine versions of several old ballads, or rather sougs, 
which Allan Ramsay and others had oopled imperfBOtly or materially altered. 
Very limited impressions of Mr. Sharpe*s and Mr. Maldment's coUeotions were 
thrown off. 

In 18X7, Mr. Kinloch published, anonymously, an octavo volume^ entitled, 
* Ancient Scottish BaUads, recovered from tradition, and never beCore pub- 
lished, with Notes, and an Appendix, containing the Ain of several of the 
Ballads.* This coUeetion is edited with Judgment The recovered ballads 
chiefly belouir lo the north of Scotland. 

* Gleanings of Scotch, English, and Irish scarce Old Ballads* is the title of an 
humble littie volume printed at Peteriiead, in the fhr north. In the year 1825, 
which only claims notice as the precursor of Mr. Peter Buehan's great collee- 



pointed at Bdinlnurgli in 1828, 8 toU. 8to, and entitled, ' Ancient Ballads 

and Songs of the North of Scotland, hitherto nnpobllihed, with explanatory 

Motea.' Thfa work presents to the pablic a lai^er array of old ballads and 

I scrape of ballade^ not to be foond elsewhere, than any other collection we 

eooU name. Mr. Bnehan, indeed, has been by tar the most snccessfol ballad- 

bnntcr tint erer entered the field, and his success is to be attributed partly to 

his own nawcoried resoafeiies^ and partly to the district which he explored^* 

a ^M"*^* (Aberdeenshire and BanAhire) comparatiTdy fresh and nntrod by 

baBadgnthoaiB. Sir Walter Scott characteriies Mr. Bnehan's collection, not 

I only aa * the moet complete of the kind which has i^n^^ared,* bat as * decidedly 

and imdnbitably original:' and we understand it was his intention to haye 

giTon his TBlnable aiaistanee and name to an hnproyed edition of the work, 

orertaken him, and the finger cf death hashed his worn spirit 

Wo hrnn now adrerted to the more important of oar ballad collections. 
olfiect of the present Work was to give, in a single yolnme, the whole of 
vmr Seottiah Ballads that merit attention either from Intrinsio excellence, or 
•a ilinatratiTe of the history, manners, and feelings of olden times. This has 
not Wen preTiooaly done, for notwithstanding the ralae of many of the aboTo 
colleetions, none of them afEect to be so eomprehenslTe in their range, bat are 
Bsnited to certain districts, or to the individual researches of their respective 
The siae of the type and form of page adopted in the present litUe 
have given the amplest scope for carrying out the dedgn of the publica- 
tlosB, inaooineh that, small as the volume is, it containi^ as one of its items, thb 
wKou (with some slight exceptions) of Sir Walter Scotfs Minstrelsy of the 
I tti i utti s h Border, pnbUahed in three octavo volumes, including his long and 
▼nloaUe Disaertatlona on the History and Manners of the Scottish Borderers, 
on the Fairy Mythology, and on the Great Civil Wars of the Seventeenth 
Gosrtnry. The copyright of the Ministrelsy of the Scottish Border has ex- 
pired ; and in the case of the more recent collections, the publishers had the 
pUmsiiro of seeoiing the sanction of Mr. Jamieson, of Mr. MotherweH's latest 
pnhliahm^ and of Mr. Peter Buchan, to select from the respective works of 
ttoae g:«odcsaen what seemed most appropriate to the present publication, 
epoeifyiDg, of eoone, in all cases, the source whence each ballad was drawn* 


Mud Ulastrating Mch, where necessary, by note or eommeDtnry. Tli^ 
Book of Scottish Ballads has thus the adrantag e of befaif the first to 
lay before the pabUe, in a eheap form, the Border Minstrelsy of Scott, and the 
selected mfaistreby of those who preceded and foUowed him in his labours in 
this department of literature. The selection is confined to Scottish ballad*, 
ballads on Scottish subjects, or, in one or two eases, Scottish renions of 
English ballads; and this the reader is requested to keep in mind, lett he might 
be apt to miss some fsroorlte piece which does not come under tither of the 
above categories. In a book designed for popular use, it is also to be remem- 
bered, that a number of ballads are necessarily excluded on account of their 
coarseness or indelicacy; but it is satislisctory to know, that the exclusions 
hare been made at no great sacrifice, as ballads bearing such exceptions are 
generally of inferior merit otherwise. 

Besides the ancient minstrelsy of the country, Thx Book ov Scottish 
Ballaus embraces specimens of the best modem imitations of the oldeu bal- 
lad, BO that some of the masterly productions of Sir Walter Scott, the Ettrick 
Shepherd, and otliers who hare successfully cultirated this branch of litera- 
ture, find a |dace in its pages. 


This edition of Ths Book of Scottish Ballads is a reprint of a work 
originally pubUshed in 1844, when it waa reoeiTed with much fkvour. It is 
re-issued on a laiger slae of paper, and at a lower price than formerly, and 
is unilbrm in sise and style with its companion yolnme, The Book of 
SoomsH SoNO, by the same Editor. 

Olasoow, 1874. 





I^DMghMr, • .13 

' BhI of JiBmyff Inn WttwoiUf 16 





GUnflnlM, . . • . 
TooagFcggy, . • . . 
KatharlM Janfltfl*, 
OkthirfaM JolUMlOlM, . 
Lothlatar, .... 
LmijJmn, . . . . 


Glark SsiuMtei, hm Fi r f l wM , 
8«wt WUIto and I«4y Kuimte, 
Sweet WUIkm and May Maisank, 
SwHt Wmiaml Ohoat, 
WUUam and Mai;|orie. . 
Valr Ifaisant and Sweat WnOam, 
WUBam asd Xarfaivt, 

Wattr >bO ll^fe> 

Tba Heir of Uaae, 

▲thol Wood, 

The tw» MartynP Wldewe. . 


Tbe Maatar of Weemjre, 

The M afmafcton of Clyde, 

Joek Jobnaloiia the Tinkler, 

Bonnie Ba^ Llvlncetoiie, 

The Prophecgr of <iaeeB Smnm, 

Polydon, .... 

The Lady and her Plage, 

Lord John'B Mnrder, • 

The Sake of Atholeli Wane, 

The <knNl Bracher, 




. 74 


. 78 


. 80 

. 84 

. SB 

. 81 

. OS 

. 108 


. 100 




p*«« A 


P«M 1 

ThtLAtadaTLoils. ... 108 

BndBalMi, • . • . 

> m 

Xdomo'OortOD. .11' 

Quaaa Btoaaora OoBtarioOa 


Th.DmoD.Lof«. ... Ill 


. lai 

OnMafla^ ^ 

Lord JumMf . • • • 


OhMdXoclw, .... 117 

LMdyBkpn^ . . . . 


OhOdtlCmaiiet ^^ 

Tha Bui af Xm^ Duffhtar, 


OUMHatyw, . . . . IM 


. UB 

BOaaan, U> 

Tha Bent aM Bmwh, 

U8 1 

XlncHddomaadflrOrtTia, Ui 

BoaDMf BaAnond. • • ■ 



ToaBgUUn, . ... 115 

lUTChloaaaa of Deagtoi^ 

1« 1 

Bom tiM Bad ud White LUr. *^ 

JaUonQfWBa, . . • • 


Wmlmu, ... 117 

lAdjAan^ • . . ■ 


n« Waddlm or B6bla Hood aad 

BrilBtOBf • • • • 


LHtloJohB, ... US 



Hjnd HfltSf • . • • *•• 



l^bdotHnm U6 

Baidykmita* . ■ • « 


TteSMttooTBatlftw, . . . U8 

XhaDnalarWhHtoaaiidBtaart, . 


TlM Kfair* ]>Mifh«w« ... 140 

UdjMalmj, .... 


BwlBldhvd, .... 141 

OtoBkliidte, . . . . . 

118 1 

LoilWlIlkin, .148 

Tha Moidar «r (toatlMarao, 

lU 1 

Tha Iteaa Lovar, 


ThotDM o^ TondMdata^ • 140 

BtoadhaOovr and JaOyfladoa, 


BulOmwftifd 147 

jMDaa Hatvlaa» . . . . 

' ** 

John Thonaon ud tlM Tuk, . . 148 



AalUiidaio 381 

WDUa^ DfowMd iB Qaaaiy* 


Tht (taplMUi Moid* . .108 

Lord Bunatf » .... 

» 1 

Thitrnffh tho Wood, . . . IM 

Tha GtarkU tm Bom o' Owaanfbrd, 


Tho twm Broth«^ . . . . 1A7 

ThaaodaWaltooa«Aaor«raiMW, . 


TlMtwalUffieliUM, ... 108 

LadBasdal, • • . • 


The Putod LoTvn, .108 

LocdBontfd, . . . . 


LordBoiudd 180 

Lanmflda,Jls« rantaw, • 


ProodLod/llwiuoW • UI 

BoislBg of AiMhtaMtoBa, taw VmrHam 


The OooTtMMU Kalglit. 188 


, 118 


Bir Hugh to mood, . .108 

mMkXgiiMaerDvnbar. . 


TtaeXinar^Soa, ... 107 

Doaouk, ft VtagBMBi, . 

> Ml 

Boodmfui UakKj, ... 109 

Xanonblaa of tha Xoolgoinarfaa, 


ChOKtlMr, .... 170 

Rlghtond LiVBBd. 


Lord ThooBM SlOMi, ... 171 

Tha TooBg Jahaatona, 


liirlfautoa. .... 171 

ThaDowjDan, • . . . 

. 8B8 

TlMEoilon>oasIuu>dItoro«OUphmBt,176 , 

Tha Oraal atolar. 


Tha Lolrd o» Mddmm and Pany Doa- 

Tha Qaaan'fe Xaria, 


gtaa^ .... 177 

Ifary HaniUtoa, 


TteWlftorValMrtWaU, . 177^ 

t A.Bdraw lammto* . 

. 888 





TIm Brknb of Oowrtupl iiom, 
8ir HM aad Xm Tab, 


n* IaM of WartotooB, 

The Tr«U7 OobI* OP OMsin, 

Bonnl* Boris OUaad, . 

B$bf LoD, <» tb« Bonnto BhoIb & 


Xwl Bob«t» . 

aant uniBH putrfn, 

Tha Batll* ef lAiMUtj, 

* • 


"Lirjrun/tmfi-fy i nnr i r i r ----■-**■ 



Lnd XMwdll Ooodaightk 
nMLadsorWamphnj, . 
Bvtlmiiili Dlilt^ 
IlMl^ortepOTt, . 
Anid IbMaBd, . 
IrtVd ImM^ • • • 
ArcUt Anwbmag'R Aith, 
AuMot of th« BoHar Widow, 
Hv^rio tha Onmo, 





., . . . 4U 

TlM laird or IklfMu, or tt* TlMw 

loTIMdMal*. 4IS 
. . . 4U 




UfTtMBWTWKf • • • • 

TiM Touag TMnlaiw, 

Von Lisa, . . • • • 

Th* GlouiijiM Boahtik 

AUaoa OvOMy .... 

TIm Wm Wm Maa, 

Iha Bfla Kaleht, 

Hm Faliy Kalght, . . . , 

Or Olnf, aad th* Bf Klatt Daaghtar, 


fttr JJaa Mortiniw j • • • 
Thoi&M the BhjiBflr, 











nMBpiKitor«b«ai«B, . 

Ike Omrak of Vnndea, 

ThfB Tka*-a«ay* 
Watar EDipis, 
ThalCaldaadlUiy, . 
KagroTthaltollGlao, . 











n* BaMk or PUlliAntfh, 
n« CMIaat Ctaabami, 
Battk crPMflaad BOli, . 

• • 




• • • 





Tfa« OrNtlti* Bldn, ... MO 

Hm Wlteh o* Piltetfwwm, . on 

BhhqpTbantMi,tiid tiMklngeriteote, 6« 
The Dak* of Gordon't thrM Dvnshtan, OSS 
«otiM>^ |M» Fcnfofif, M7 

TamwBMdall, ... MB 

Ardiy o' KIbpindto, . m9 

llMBIrtwUMhWleh*. . . .57: 

Uie intndnetloB to the rarloiu Sections, Tcry many of the Mpante 
BalUidB taaT« long and tntercstlag Htitaiiail or Antiqiiulaa Voticn pncedlnB 

cottissl) 3^al1[a]ii«(. 


■ I 

V^f SaM of lacj^rjuaii. 

bcantffU Mtd pathatie ballad ealkd 
«/ LoduTaD," or " Fair Annla ot 
,** was ftnt pabliBh«d in an Impcribet 
Matd'i CoOeetion, and afterwards In a 
pleto farm la t^aottl Mlmtnlqr of Um 
Soffdcr. Aodther vanlon of tho tamo 
g|-*«a In Jamkaon'* Popular Ballads 
(ItMK AsUwTanfcMUof Scoctand 
4 Jfcr eeaihUnUy from each oUmt, 
rupcrtifdy boautka of their own, 
qtMta b<ith arts, pladng Aootti flrrt. It 
laeoflrctwl that Dr Wolcot (tba wall 
Wcer PiadiU'l and Buras wrots saeh a 
r TtMHnwm'B Colfectlen sailed "Lord 
." fip«u>dMl on the salvcct of the prt> 
LMfafyaa Is a floe baj or keh, 
from tiM Irish channel into Wlg- 

; I 

•" O wfra wfll shoe my boanla foot? 

jLb4 «^ »iU glove my hand? 
• ~* «rha will lact my middle Jimp 
n* « Inns, laag linen band P 

" o wha '■^1 kaai* my yellow hair 
'Wttb m n*w-mwi* silver kame ? 

_4 ^ «h» will ftttacr my yoang son • 
tUI locd Grsvoiy eome hame?" 

«• Tky ikthet wUI thee thy bonnlo tMt, 
Tky tnothr* will «love thy hand, 

Tby tfatrr wlB Uee thy middle jimp. 
Till iord Orer>a ««<■>• *« l>o^ 

•- Tb7 btvthsr will kano thy laUow hair 
TTitk a Dcw-madc siHcr kame, 

G- 4 will be thy balra s flithsr 
TBI lotd Gregoiy 

" Bnt I will get a boBBlo boat. 

And I will mil the sea; 
And I will sang to lord Gregory, 

Sinos ha oaana eome hame to meu" 

B|yne ahe's gar^ holld a bonnla boat. 

To sail the salt, salt ssat 
The sails wen o' the light gnen 1101, 

The tows o* talMy* 

8ha iMdna adkd bat twenty 
Bat twen^ leagues and three, 

Whan she met wi' a rank robber. 
And a' his eompany. 

** Kow whether are ye the qosen heresll. 

(For so ye weel might be) 
Or are ye the lass of Loehiyan, 


** O I am neithar the qneen." she said, 

Bot 1 am tho kes of Loohryaa, 

Baekln' k»d Grsgwy." 

** O ■• na tboo yon bonnle bowv. 

It's a' eoTsrsd o'er wl' tin ? 
When thea hast sailed it roond ahoal^ 

Lord Gregoiy is within." 

And when she saw the stalely towsr 

Shining sae dear and bright, 
Whilk stood aboon the Jawing ware, 

Bunt OB a rook of height ; 

8ay»-'* Bow the boat, my raarlnsrs. 

And bring ma to the land ! 
Flor yonder I sse my lore's castla 

Ckas by the salt-osa strand." 

She sailed It rennd, and sslled it roaad. 

And load, load cr4ed she— 
** Now break, now break, ye ikby charms. 

And set my troa love free •" 



SlMl tM^m har jmag imi In 

And to tlw doorilM^ gwM ( 
AnA long dM knocked, and Mir iIm 
But MMw«r got iIm 

** O opan tha deer, lord Onffoiyl 

O open, and let mo In I 
For tlM wind binwt ihroa^ my yaUmr hnlr. 

And th* tnin dnpo o'er au chin." 

** Awn, nwn, 7* 01 

Y»f no eomo hort Ibr good I 
ToTs but tnma witdi or wtt wnrlMsik, 

Or nOTinald o' tlM flood." 

•*I nm ndthOT wltdi. nor wU vnrioek* 

Nor nwrmald o' th* aeni 
Bot I nm Anola of Lochtjrmn ( 

O opan tha door to ma I** 

•*Ol0 tlion ba Annla of LediiTan, 
(As I trow thoa Unnn aha) 

flow tell ma aoma of tha lora tokana 
That pMt bati 

••O dinna ye mind, lord Oragoiy, 

A« wo mt at tha wlna, 
Wa changad tha ringa ftna oar flngan. 

And I oan ahow thaa tUaa ? 

'*0 yoara wna gnda, and goda anoagh. 

But aya the boat waa mina ; 
For youra waa o' tha goda nd gowd. 

But mina o' tha diamond flna. 

*' Now opan tha door, lord Oragoiy I 

Opan tha door, I pray i 
For thy young aon la In my anna. 

And will ba dead era di^.** 

«* irthoa ba tha lam of Loehryaa, 

(At 1 kcnna thou ba) 
TWll ma aoma malr o' tha lova tokena 

Paat batwaan ma and thaa.'* 

Fair Annla tamad bar roond abonfr— 

*• Weal I ainee that H be aaa, 
Ifay nerar a woman, that haa buma a aon, 

Ha-a a heart aaa fo« o' waa! 

** Take down, take down, thatmaat o' gowd I 

Set up a meat o' tree ! 
It diana become a foraakan lady 

To mil nc royalUa." 

Whan tha aeek hadamwn, and tha day did 
And tha ann began to peep, [daars. 

Then np and ralaa him load Qragaay, 
Awl aair, aatr did ha ' 

" Oh I ha^ draamad a di^w., 
I wlah It may prora troai 

That the bonnle hM of Loehiyan 
Waa at tha ynta a%n new. 

The thought ot gara ma _ 

That fldr Annie o' Loehryan 
Lay eauld dead at my ftat." 

" Gin H ba fcr Annla of Loehiyan 
That ye make a' thla din, 

Hha atood a' laat night at yonr door. 
Bat I trow aha wan na In." 

■* O waa batlda ye. m woman I 

That wadna open tha door to her. 

Nor yet wad wankan 

O ha^ gane down to yon ahora aide 

Aa hat aa ha could Ikra ; 
Ha mw fair Annie In the boat. 

Bat the wind It toaaad her aalr. 

"And hay, Annla, and how, Anidhl 
O Annie, wlnna ya Uda •** 

Bat aye tha malr ha eried Anola^ 
Tha braider grew tha tide. 

** And hay, Annie, and hew, Annlol 
Dear Annie, apeak to me !** 

But aye tha kmder ha cried Annla^ 
Tha louder roand the aaa. 

Tha wind blew loud, the aaa grew 
And daahad tha boat on ahore; 

Fair Annie floated through tha 
But the baMe ralaa no motn. 

Lord Ortgofy tore hla yellow hair. 
And made a heavy moan ; 

Fair Annie'B eorpaa fay at hfa feat. 
Her bonnle young aon waa gone. 


O cherry, eheny waa her diaek. 
And gowden waa her hair ; 

But cfay-cold were bar roay Upe— 
Naa aparii o' lib waa thai*. 


BB BHM hcrcMny diMkf 

h* klaed her ntj Up*— 
raa DM bnAth wttbln. 

' O «■• %atidi my erad moCliar * 
▲n m «tftth my dw dM* 

i Ur Annie frM my dear, 


fliMi— *■ varies. Mr JamlMon Mqm, that 
» ft«4M»flj> Whan n boy, heard tfas fidlowing 
I In Moftyihln.] 

O WBA 'Will aihe» my ftir Ibet* 
M wtll gle«« my baa' ? 
«IU Inat my mlddUJimp 

Wr a ■aw-oudt l«adon baa' ? 

"Or «hn win bamb my ycDow hair 

Wr a miw maila tilrcr k«mb ? 
Or «hail b* hther to my yoang balm. 

year fUr (bot, 
gfcm yoor ban' ; 
year middle Jimp 


" Tear bivfhrcn will hrnib your ytnowhalr 
Wl' a arwilBde aUver homb ; 

%» King e* Hearen will flither yoar 
m love Bftar come hame." [balm 

I ! 


*0 flfai I hid a benniK dilp, 

Aai men to mil «r me, 
lt9 1 vad gang to my true love, 

M gUm Iter a bonide eUp, 
ta'^co her yevDg eon in her txmt, 
tmn'* her bmck to the huk*. 

She hadna been e' the eea mllln* 

About a mooth or more, 
mi landed hae she her bonnle ddp 

Near her trae<lof er*B door. 

The nldit wae dark, and tiie wind blew 
And her love wae Ibst aelcep, (oald. 

And the balm that was in her twa arm, 
Wu' Mir began to greet. 

laag itood the at her trae>love^ door. 

And laag tiri'd at the pin ; 
At length ap gat hit Ibaae mother, 

aaya, " Wha'e that wad be la ?* 

"O, it Is Annie of Loehryan, 

Tour love, eome o'er the eea, 
Bnt and your young eon In her armet 

So open the door to me.** 

" Awa, awa, ye in woman. 
You're nae eome here for gode ; 

You're but a witch, or a vile warleek 
Or a mermaid o* the llnde." 

** I'm nae a vriteh or vile warle^ 

Or mermaiden,'* mid she,— 
" I'm but your Annie of Loehiyaa; 

epea the door to me!" 

" O gin ye be Annie of Loehryan, 

Ae I tnut not ye be. 
What talken can ye glie that e'er 

1 kept your oempanle ?" 

"O dlana ye mind, love Oregor,** die mye, 

" Whan we mt at the wine. 
Hew we changed the napkins fhw oar necks. 

It's nae sao lang slnsjne f 

"And youn was gude, and gads enough. 

But nae sae gude as mine; 
Tor yours was & the cambric clear. 

But mine o* the silk sae fine. 

" And dlnna ye mind, love Oregor, 
" As we t«a tat at dine. 



How we ohang'd the ring* frae oar fingers. 
And I can show thee thinei 


"And yours was gode, and gade enough. 

Yet nae see gude as mine; 
TOr yours was o* the gads red gold. 

Bat mine o' the diamonde fine. 


"SMOfMitlM dear, BOW, lo«iOflt|ar, i 

And open it wl' tpMd ; 
Or your 7o«n| wn, that to In mj anaa* 

ror OMild wUl 1000 to d«d.** 

i And " heigh, Annie f* and *■ how. Aanla 1 
0, Annie, apeak to mar 
Bat aye tto loader to arted ** Aaniiw** 
llM loader mir^ tto an. 

" Awm, awn, y 111 wooiaa 
Oa* ti— tnj door for thaBM, 

Vor I ha'a gcMm another Ailr !««». 
Baa y any U« 7«> baanfa." 

Tto wind graw loud, tto aaa gmw RNigh. 

And tto ahlp waa rent In twain j 
And aoon to «w her, ftdr Anoia, 

Cone flaatlBg o^ tto main. 

"0 ba'a y goUcn aalthar fUr lova. 

For a' tha oatha y awara f 
Then tkn y waal, now, fltnaa Oiagor, 

For BM yaM narar aaa Biair 1** 

He aaw Ua ymng eon In bar ama^ 
Btolth tom-d atoon tto tidei 

He wraag hto handa, and fret to ran 
And plong'd In tto an aaa wide. 

0, hool7. hoolr gaad aha teak 
As tha day togan to paap; 

Sto Kt be/ foot on ffoed ahip board. 
And aalr, aalr did aha waap« 

Ha catehM her by tto yellow bah*. 
And draw hot to tto atnnd ; 

Bat flaald and atUT waa aTciy limb, 
BeAara to raaah'd tto land. 

'*Tak' down, tak* down tha maat & good. 

Bet Bp the maafc o' tf<a( 
III aata It a Ikmahan lady 

flrrt to ktoa'd her ctony cheek. 
And vne to ktord her ehin. 

And aalr to kto'd her raby Upa; 
Bnt there waa naa braath within. 

*'Tak' down, lak* down tha Mlli o^ rflk. 

Sat np tha latto o' dcin i 
HI acta tha oalaida to to gay, 

Whan tharfa ale gilar whhlB r 

to haa moam'd o-ar hlr Annie, 
TUl tto aun waa ganging down , 

Bjtf wl> a Blob hto heart it bnat. 
And hto nnl ta hanTan haa flown. 

Leva Oragar alartad fkna Ma riaap. 
And to hto mother did ay, 

" I drMoit a diaam thto ntght, nlfhar, 
That makt my heart rkht wnai 


" I dTHunt that Annie oT Loehiyan, 

Tto flower o' a' her Mn, 
Vaa atandin' moomln' at ny door. 

But nana wad let bar in." 

** there waa a wemaa aleod at tha door, 

yrv a talm Intm her annat 
Bat I wadna let her within tto bewar. 

For fear ato had dooa yon hanB." 

qniehly, qokUy ralaa to np. 

And Itot ran to tto atraad ; 
And ttora to aaw tor, Iklr Annla, 

Waa aaillagftma tto land. 

[In Allan Oannlngbam<a Booga of Seotland, 
we tova Ikii aat of " Fair Annto of Loehfyan." 
We qoela Itaa earloualylUaatratlvaortto liter, 
ttoa whtoh *< heneat Allan- took with tto aoaga 
and ballada of hto coantry. j 

BwasT Annto ballt a bomda alup. 

And aat bar OB tto ami 
Tto aaUa ware a* of tto damaakM dik, 

Tto maati of direr free. 
Tto ^adaoma waten rang toloiw. 

And tto Bweet wind aang atota 
Mato way for Annto of Lodujnn, 

Bto oomaa to aeak her loTo. 

And •' hal^, Annie," and " how, Annlal 

0, Annie, winna ye hide ?*• 
Bat aye tto loodcr to orlad *' Annie,** 

Tto higher inlr^ tto tldo. i 

A tantfa wind eama with a nmp. 

And atratehed bar allkcn mil. 
When up ttora eaoM a reaver nida^ 
f With many a about and haa 1 



ftir Annie of Lothiyn, 

lookM o«t with an b«ri 

The ihJp movad nenUy en, 
UadI dM cam* to a caalla Ugh, 

Tkat an as dteaaoads ikona: 
Oa tmrj ttm«r thera Macainad a light, 

Ob tte Biid4l» «o«ar ■bona thiae— 
MoTC fcr fkai lowtr my marlnass a', 




with an aagty gait, 

a «•«• vakanad mda. 
tfia door, Lovd Qngoi/, tova, 
and let ma In; 

In my fiUow hair, 

Afl ftr Ay Mhi, Lord Oiagwy, 1«««^ 

I>i allid a perttou wajr, 
Aad thy fcir aon ia twmi ngr bcaaal^ 

Aad htH ba de«l an day. 
Th» fcBM haaci on the tepmaat dUT, 
na feaa lua on tha aky. 

']W BOft yoor tnH hnra^ voloi^ 

wr ronad aboot, 

Aad taan bagaa to flow— 
Iby saver a baby aaek a 

Xihi down, take down tbatiUfot 

i(t ap a BiaaC of tree, 


Oh nad nay dnam, my mother i 

I heard a eweet babe greet, 
Aad mw tkir Annie af Locteyan 

be caaM dead at my keC 
Aad lead aad lend hie mother 1 

Oh eight 'e mair eaia thaa deep, 
1 Biw Ur Aaaie, aad heard her volae, 

Aad bar baby wail and weep. 

he ««al dawa to yon eea Mo 

Ae hel aa he coold fcio, 
>• eev ftdr Annie and her ewect babe, 

IM the wfld wiad toeBBd them mir? 

And hey Annie, and bow Anala, 

And Annie winna ye bide ? 
Bat aye the malr he called Annie, 

The broader grew the tUa. 

And hey Annie, and how Annie, 

Dear Annie epcah to me. 
But aye the louder he cried Annie, 

The louder roamd the eea. 
The wind waxed loud, the ica grew rough, 

Vhm ihlp wnk nigh the shore, 
Vklr Annie floated ttiroagh the ibam. 

But the baby roee no mom. 

Oh flnt he kks'd her cherry eheeh. 

And then he kim'd her ohin, 
And qme he UmM her roele llpe. 

Bat there waa nae lirsath wtthia. 
Oh my love's love was true aa light. 

As meek and sweet was sba— 
Ky raiitbcr's hate wae strong aa death, 

A Jid deroer than the i 

Wbt (&u^ C&o$(]i-^atoli. 

[Four pubDahad la BeotTs Mlastrdqr of the 
Soottlih Bolder.] 

** O WAI.T, waly, my gay gom-hawk. 
Gin your fvathering be sheen !" 

** And waly, waly, my master dear, 
Oln ye look pale aad leaa' 

" O have ye tlat, at tournament, 
Tour sword, or yet your spear ? 

Or mourn ye fttr the douthani laas, 
Whom you may not win aaar f 

** I have aot tint, at tournament, 
My sword, nor yet my spear ; 

But mlr I moam fbr my true love, 
Wi' moay a bitter tear. 

" Bptt weeW ma on ye, my gay 
Te can baitb speak and fleet 

Te sail carry a letter to my love. 
Bring aa answer back to 




"BBtbownllljoartnulofcfliid, A ** fling oa, tinr on, mj bonnto tiM, 
Or how mid I her know? |t The mng ye tang ywl«en ; 

IlMU-ai ngiMne'erwl'heri|«kr, i, For weri I ken, bj your sweet dngiag, 
AncyethAtMierherMW." j" Te are frae my trae low teaa.'' 

** weel Mil y mjr trae low kaii* 

Bae Mine ae jre her lee i 
For. of a* the flowen of fttlr ».^i«-^. 

The Urert flower la eho. 

flnt he sang a marry sang. 
And ayne he sang a gmva; 

And vne he poekd his feathers grey. 
To her the letter gave. 

**Tbe lad. that'e on my trae leve'e ehdk, 
I« like Mood dropa on the laaw ; 

The white, that ie on her hreaat ban. 
Like the d^wn o* Uie white eea-maw. 

" Have there a letter from leid William . 

He eays he's sent ye three. 
Be canna wait your love langar. 

Bat fer yoar sake hell die." 

" And evni at my le««*i boor door 

And y« maun lit and eSng thereon 
A» ahe taags to the Uric. 

" Oaa bid him bake hie bridal brawl. 

And brew his bridal alet 
And I shall meet hfaa at Mail's kirk, 

Lang, laag ore it bo stab." 

" And Ibnr-aad-twenty Ihlr ladyw 
WUl to the maM repeOr ; 

Bat well may ye my ladye km. 
The fldrmt ladye there.** 

IIm ladyli gano to her diamber. 
And a moanAi' wooaaa was die. 

Aa gin she had U'en a sadden brash. 
And ware about to dia. 

Lord William has wnttan a love latMV. 

Pat It under his pinbm giay ; 
And be Is awa' to Soathem land 

As ftst as wings can gsa. 

" A boon, a boon, my Ihthar ddr, 

A boon I beg of thee!" 
** Ask not that paughty Scottish kr^ 

For him yon ne-ar shall see. 

And evf n at that ladys's boar 
Then grew a flowering birk ; 

And be sat down and sang tharson 
As ahe gaed to the kirk. 

*' Bat, flir yoar honest asking dao 
Weel granted It shall ba.** 

" Then, gin 1 die in flouthern land, 
la flootlaad gar bary mo. 

And wed he kent that ladye Mr 

Amang b«r maidens firee t 
For the flower, that sprtngs in Miy "««">i«x 

Was not saa sweet as she. 

** And the flrst kirk that ye eomo to» 
re's gar the mass be song ; 

And the next kirk that ye eoma tD» 

He lighted at the ladye^k yate. 

And sat him on a pin ; 
And sang Ai' sweet the notes o' lov«^ 

TUI a* was ooeh witUn. 

** And when ye eomo to St Karya ktaki 
Trs tarry there tlU night." 

And so her fluher pledged his woi^. 
And so his promise plight. 

And flrst he sang a low low note. 

And syne he sang a clear; 
And aye the oierword o' the sang 

Waa-" Toar love oan no win hem." 

■he haa ta'en her to her blgly boor 

Aa fhat as she cookl flu«. 
And she has dtank a sloepy dmaghf. 

That she had mljfd wl* earn. 

" Fmst oa, feast on, my maidens a'» 

The wine flo%rs you amaog. 
While I gang to my shot-window. 

And htar yon bonnla blrd^ sang. J 

And pale, pale grew her rosy ehack. 
That was saa bright of blea, 
1 And she seemed to be as surdy dead 
^ As any one eoold be. 



lay A d«ap oa bar 

; aftnip o* beOIng l«»d» 





ckWfi'd with bar chin ; 
Is Mw bnath wlthla." 

■y noM hv wra BnthnOp 
hiVd to hftr • btari 

II o^ Wl* aUMT dMT. 


sat hi 

that thqr pot la 

Seeti Urk thiU Ihay eam' to, 
tht bdb be nine, 
kiik thnt thcjr mn* to, 


•U la a mw; 

>, widovB th* taier." h* 
IM m* look her apoa :" 
naalord WlUIam tooAadhvhMd, 


With ntf chalk, and rakjr Up, 

of yoHT ivaady loif mm, 
flaw of your wlna: 

Ihata three lang dafi, 

fi ny Km oaaM bra* 
and blaw jour horn I [thanl 
r» wad hn't gl'ca nw tha akalth, 
I'rm p'^a jea tha 

That wlah'd taj tmal gnda 
Bat waa ba to my ohmI 
Q«r4 bam ma «a tha 

"Ahl woatoyoUfToaUght womaa! 

An 01 daath may yon daal 
Vor w« laA flithar and •latan at hamo 

P| i f^fcii«£ thatr hearti flir that ** 


pTcaaioir givan by MothanraD in hla MIa« 
Anaiant and Kodam.] 

"O WBLL ii ma my Jolly Qeaa ha^ 
That ya aaa ipaak and flao. 

Tor ya can eairy a leva latter. 
To my traa Iowa •-'-- — " 


" O how oaa I eany a latter to her. 

Whan har I do not know ? 
I bear tha llpa to her narar apak*. 

And tha «yaa that har narar law." 

** Tha thing of my loWa boa that'a whlto, 

la that of dove or maw ; 
Tha thing of my love's tkM that'a red, 

la Ilka blood ahad on tnaw. 

** And whan ytm eoma to tha oaatal. 

Light on tha biuhofaih; 
And alt yoa there and alng our loraa, 

«* And whon aha faaa Into tha 1 

ditya upon tha whin ; 
And alt yoa thore and alng ear lovaa, 

Aa aha goaa oat and In." 

And whan ha flaw to that oaalal. 

Ha lighted oh the adi ; 
And there ha eat and aoBg their lovaa, 
from tha maaa. 

And when aha went Into tha i 

Ha flaw Into tha wUn ; 
And that* ha mt and song thair lo«««, 

Aa aha went oat and in. 



" OonM hlOonnad 107 maidSDt all, 

▲Dd tip red wine mi«iii ; 
nil I so to my WMt window. 

And hear a Ufdk^ moan.* 

Bht^ gane onto her wot window 

And ftiinly aye it drew } 
And eoon into her whlto dlk lap. 

The bird the letter threwt 

** Tel* bidden eend yonr love a lend. 

For he liaa lent you twa. 
And (ell him wbera he can iM yoa. 

Or he eamaot live ava." 

" I eend hfan the ringe from my whlto flngeie, 

The garland! of my hair, 
I eend him the heart that '1 In my breaet. 

What would my lore have mair ? 
And at the ftwith kirk In fair SootlaiMt, 

Ye'U bkl him meet me there." 

She hied her to her fkther dear, 

Ai Ihet ae gang eould the; 
*' An aeking, an aeking, my fltthir dear. 

An aeking ye grant me. 
That if I die in flur England, 

In Sootland gar buy me. 

" At the flret kirk of fldr Sootland, 

Too oaoM the belli be rung ; 
At the eeoond kirk of iUr Scotland, 

You cauee the maae be luag. 

" At the third Urk of iklr Sootland, 

You deal gold for my nke, 
And at the fourth kirk of Ikir Sootlaad, 

Oh ! there you'll buiy me at. 

"And now, my tender Ihther dear, 

Title aeking grant you me i" 
** Your asking !• but email," he aaU, 

" Weel granted it ehall be." 

[The Udy asks the mme boon and receives a 
limllar answer, flret flrom her mother, then from 
aer sistai, and lastly ft<om her seven biothen.] 

Then down as dead that lady dimpp'd. 

Beside her mother^ knee { 
Then out it spak* an aold witch wife. 

By the Are side sat she. j 

Sayi— "drap the hot lead on her 

And drap It on her chin ; 
And drap It on her rose red lipe. 

And she will speak again ; 
For much a lady joung «v1II do. 

To her true love to win." 

They drapp'd the het lead on her cheek. 

Bo did tlwy on her chin : 
They drapp'd it on her red roe* lips. 

But they breathed none again. 

Her brothers they went to a room. 

To make to her a bier ; 
The boards of it were cedar wood. 

And the platee on it gold eo clear. 

Her sisters they went to a roan. 

To make to her a lark ; 
The ctoth of it was satin fine. 

And the stecking silken wark. 

*' But well is me my Jolly Qoes-hawk, 

That ye can speak and flee ; 
Come show to me any love tokens. 

That you have brought to me.* 

" She sends you the rings (h>m her Angers, 

The garlands from her lulr. 
She eends you the heart within her braast. 

And what would ye have mair f 
And at the fourth kirk of Iklr Sootland, 

She Uds you meet her there." 

•* Gome hither all my merry young men. 
And drink tiw good red wine. 

For we must on to fltir England, 
To free my love from pine " 

At the first kirk of Iklr Sootland, 

They gart the bells be rung ; 
At the eocond kirk of fklr Scotland, 

They gart the mass be sung. 

At the third kirk of fliir Scotland, 

They dealt gold for her sake; 
And the fourth kirk of (kir l?cotlaad. 

Her true love met them at. 

«' Set down, set down the corpee," be ceM. 

" TUl I look on the dead ; 
The last Ume that i saw her flMse, 

She ruddy was and red ; 
But now alas, and woe is me. 

She 's wallowed like a weed.** 



▲ little 


A* lookt aad iB^h-a to liim. 

r ft iUfc of joar bMad, my love, 
A ketti* oTyDar wte», 
Ftar I ha«a feMad Ibr yovr 1o*b, 
■ij laac day* nine I 
rt nM a steed in jroar etebla, 

re tfBtim 

ny Mvan tfrothen. 
Maw the taiam ; 
in the nath of En^laad, 


' I eeaM not hen to Mr Seodaad, 

To lye aoMuig tlM aaeal ( 
lot leean here to fUr SooCtond, 


' I aaw not ten to kir 8ee«bnd, 
To lye aaaaff the dead ; 

IM I CMBO hen to lUr Scotland, 
Vevaar tkn gnU 10 nd.** 

[ntffwddyrtaflerf ^Sfr FMrfaifc d;p<M, as 
OMBrtdfc eelleH in one ef his Odce, is generaUy 
in oar bnOad eollaetknie, partly on 
at of Ue intriaaie nMrtte. bat eblefly fhim 
• pOToarfan that it had mora nndenbted dalma 
<• aatlqaity than almest any other. Iha ■al|^et 
*f k eemweiiiiiielilj btlenp to a nmote age, 
aniaaea ef lato jean no emp iehm aalated but 
■tat ibt haO^ ItnlT «■• aim of nryaneieDt 
Ofltamnt tbeortas ai to the pra- 
whicfa tt eribfamtm bate been 
by ballad eoOeeton. BirWaltnr 
It niatw to a nyafa to Vor- 
^ and* by "-"""^ ct Alexander III. of 
bnd of hii own ehfldnn, to 
r, Maisant, eallad 
*e«aW^jr«ne«y, the only oflhprfng of Kric, 
Uac df Vereray, and a dangfafer of AleiandcrX 
<K tUiaippomd voyece, boiPrrer, htatoiy giTw 
■e ameaat, bat ^fitr tlwdaath of Alesander 

Amnt Ibr the ICaid of Norway, new Qneen of 
Beotiaad, and that the most unfortunately died 
at Orkney on her way to her kinicdom, learlng 
the eouatiy to all the miwries of a diqmtedtae> 
eearion, and for ever blastiag a sofaeme which 
had been eoneerted of manying the yonng 
Queen to Edward priaee of Wales, son of EA- 
ward I. of Bngland— a marriage which might 
han pnnnted oenturles of , contention and 
Uoodahed. Motherwril, on the other hand, 
thlnha that the ballad teeerds an event some, 
what earlier, namely, the melancholy Ikto of the 
gallant band which followed in the suite of If ar- 
gent, daughter of Alexander III., when she 
was espoused to Srio of Norway. In this expe- 
dition, many noUee perished in a storm, when 
on thdr retain from Norway to Scotland. John 
FtnUiy, again, in his collection, doubting the 
dalm of the ballad to soch high antiquity from 
Its mention of kaU and eork-iueUd tkoom, sng- 
geata that it may rsfsr to the reign of James III., 
who married a daughter of the klag of Norway. 
Then dlflbrsnt auppositioiis as to the histori- 
cal enat upon whldk the ballad is founded need 
not be any longer insisted on, as it is now nry 
satisfbetoclly estobllaiied, w Ihr as internal and 
oireumstantial erldenos can go, that tlm ballad 
itself belongs to oomparatively modern times, 
and that it was written by the authoress of 
Bardyknute, Ladt Waudlaw, wUb of Bir 
Henry Wardlaw of Pltnavie and Baimule, near 
Dunfermline, and daughter of Sir Charles Hal- 
het of Pitfbrran. This lady, of whom we shall 
have occasion to speak furtlker when we come to 
quote Hardyknute, was born in 1877, married 
In 1096, and died la 1717. Percy was the first 
to print Sir Patrick Spans in hie Bcliques, 1765, 
when he says that it is gi*en from two MS. 
copies transmitted to him fkom Scotland. He 
alao nmarks in a note, that "an ingenious 
friend thinks the author of Hardyknute has 
bonowod senral expresrions and lentimente 
from the Ibeegolng and other old Soottish wogs 
in this oollectton." Upon thie hint and also 
from the localities of Dnnfrrmllne and Aber- 
dour, in the neighbooriHwd of 8ir Heniy Ward- 
law's seat, being mentioned in the balbwi, Mr 
Darid Laing, in hia Notes to the new edition of 
Johnson's Mussum (1880,) was led to surmln 
that Sir Patrick Spans might han been writ- 
ton by lAdy WanUaw herMlf, as well as Hardy* 
knuto. A comparison of the two ballade wUI, 
we think, perMSde eveiy reader of tlie acenmcy 

y of this eonteetnn, confirmed as itisby other dT' 


caiMtaDeM. (Hm No. M8 or Ohunban* Jov- i 
n»l. Mare. isa. whm this point Is hudlsd aI 
•oms IsDf ih.) 

The eopy of Sir Pntrlek Bptm ^rsa la tts 
XliMtrelay of the SoottUi Bonier is men oom* 
plete than that of X*ero7's-Huid «• here fbUow 
It. We Bko give Mr PMsr Daehan's Terrion of 
the biUlwl, which dlftffs niatsrfall7 from all 
othen, and whl^ he sai* was taken do«m ft«a 
"awIghtarHoroerleraff* If, however. Lady 
Wardlaw was the aathor oT the origlaal balhid, 
more relianoe b to be pfaued on what Is to be 
Amnd In Percy and Scott than on what la to be 
gathsnd from oral tradition.] | 

Thsy hadna basB a wnek, a wo* 

In Noroway, bat twae. 
When that the hHds o' NoKow^r 


" Te SootUshmen spend a* onr k!i«^ t»B'I* 

And a' oar qoeenia he."— 
**Te lie, yo lie, yo Itai* kmdl 

ra' lead I hear ys lies 

** For I ha% hiMiht M mneh wlrito nonK 

As gane my men and me. 
And I hn^ brooght a hair4ba of fade nd 

Oatotethessawi'me. [goad. 

Tnn king rits In Dunfcrmllne town, 
PrtnUoff the blude-red wine; 

*' O whare wUI 1 get a sksely skipper. 
To saU this new ship o' mine !"— 

** Hake f«Mly, mafcs rsadr. my morrymen a'l 
Oar gods ship sails ths mora."— 

I tern deadly stosBl 

np and spake an eMera knight. 
Sat at the ktaig's right knee.— 

'*Bir Patrick Spens Is the beet saUor, 
That ever s^-d the aaa."— 

* I saw the now moon, toto j istniB, 
Wl' the aakl moon la her arm; 

And, if ws fans to am. mastsr, 
I har we'll aome to harm.'* 

Onr ktng him written a biald lettor. 
And eeal'd It with his hand. 

And sent It to 8lr Patrlok Spens, 
Was walking on the strand. 

They badna aall'd a leaffoa, a Isagaa, 

A kagne bat baialy thrM. [loud. 
When the Uagrew dark, and the wind blew 

"To Kotoway, to Hosvway, 
To HoTOway o'er the ftara i 

The Uag^ daaghtar of Noronny, 
Tls thou maun bring hsr hamC^^ 

The ankois bnk, and Ike topmasts h^ 

It was sle a deadly storm 1 
And ths waves eam o^ the broken ifelf^ 

Till a' heriides wwe torn. 

Ths flnt word that Hr Patriek nad, 
8a« lond load laughed he ( 

The ndst word that i»lr Patriek read. 
The tear banded his •'e* 

" whore wtU I get a gndo sailor. 
To take my helm In hand, 

TIU I gat np to the taU topnnaat, 
TO SM If I flan spy tend?" 

«« wha la thU has dene thh dsod. 

And tanid the king & me. 
To send m oat, at thie time of the ysar. 

To sail npon the ssa ? 

** O here am I. a saOor gads. 
To take the helm In hand, 

Tm yon go ap to the tall top-mast; 
Bat Ilkar yoa'U ne'ar spy biad.'^^ 

'* Be It wind, be It west, he It hall, be Itriaot, 

Oar ship most sail the flbsm ; 
Ths king's daaghtar of Noroway, 

■ns we mast tetah her hame."— 

Bs hadaa gaas a step, a step, 

A step bat barely ane, 
Wlwa a boolt flew out of oar goodly ship. 

And ths salt ssa it came la ■ 

They hoyscd their mile on Monendaymaf, 

Wl' a' the speed they mayi 
They ha-e Unded In Norpway, 

Upon a Wodonsday. i 

*■ Oao, Meh a web o* the sUkan fliaith* 

Another o' the twine. 
And wap thorn Into oar ship** sido^ 
^ Aadletnaetbesmeooieln.'^ 




o^ tte twiae, [Me, 

Buy wpiiMlhim mnnd thrtgnitoiMp^ 





OB the tern} 

toM tbdr hair, 

IhiH Into their haad, 
hqr see flir PMrtek BpcBS 
eailiac t» the ttnad I 

the maldeiie Mlp 
goad kaiae in their hair, 
oe their ala <kar lovci I 
thqpH «• aaa Bair. 

, half Mn« to Aherdonr, 



ns PATBicK anon. 

tadunl Shilafikortha North.] 

fclaf rill la DoBlhnnliBe town, 
A' artaUiic at Iba wine, 

hare via I get a fsod ekipper 
wm i^ the aaat BMe fine ? 

an cUren knlfiht 
the conpenley— 

pen* li the best iklpper 

a hraU letter 
Aad eealM H «1* Ida finct 

Tell sl-e that to Patrick 8peiia» 


Be lent this, not wf* aa aald man, 

Kor xet a eimple Iwy, 
Bat the beet o' noblce in Ua train 

Thle letter did eonTogr. 

When Pahrldc leek'd the letter upon 
A Ught Uogh then ga'e Ite ; 

Bat ere he read It till an end, 
Hm tMT blinded hli e**. 

Tell eat and drink, my merrjr 
An' aea 7a be wedl thorn ; 

Por Uaw It weet, or blaw it wind, 


Then ovt it ipeaka a gnid anU nan, 
A gald death mat he dee,— 

Whaterer'ye do, my gold maator, 
Tak' Ctod year guide to bee. 

Per late y a etr ean I taw tiie new 
The aald moon in her arm. 

Ohon, ahul eaya Patrick Bpena, 
That bodee a deadly 

Bat I mann nO the aeae the mom. 
And Ukewlae mo maan yoa ; 

To IToroway, wi' oar king'e daughter,— 
A choeen qoeea ahe'a now. 

Bat I wonder who hae been ne base. 

As tauld the king o" mee: 
Xren though he wan my ae blither, 

Aa 111 death mat he dee 

Kow Patrick he rigg^ oat Ua ehlp. 
And mlled o'er the ihem 1 

Bat mony a dreafy tlioaght had he. 
While he waa on the mala. 

They hadna aall'd apon the eea 

A di^ but barely thm ; 
Till they came in right o' SToroway, 

It's there where they mnet be. 

They hadna clayed into that place 
A month but and a day, 

Till Iw cans'd the flip in mugs gae 
And wiBc in cane iaa gay I 

The pipe and harp me sweetly play'd. 
The tnunpets leodly soon' 1 

la erary aall wherein they etayM, 
Wi* their mirth did leboan*. 



Than oat it ■paaka an uld aklppcrf 
An Inbmrinf dog was )m,— 

T«*To ttajT'd owor laog in Noroway, 
Spradlng jrottr Uaf*i nionla. 

Tbaa ont Itapaaka 8tr Patrick 

I ha'o a bow o' (uid rad gewd 
Into mjr ahlp «i* 

Bnt liotldo mo wdl, batido BM 
This day 1*80 laavo tha alkoiv: 

▲nd novar apand my klngl monla 
'Mong H oroway doga no 

Tevng Patrick ha la on tha aaa 

▲nd avan on tha fham ; 
Wi* flTo-nn-Afty Sooto lorda* aoos. 

That lang'd to ba «t hama. 

Thay hadnn mOM npen tka aan 

A day bat baraly thraa ; 
nu load and bolatnoua graw tha wind, 

▲nd atormy graw tha aaa. 

O whara wUl I gH a littla waa bogr 
Will tak' my hahn In hand. 

Till I gaa up to my tapmaat. 
And aaa te aoma dry land? 

Ha hadnn gaaa ta hia tnpmaai 

A atap but baraly thiao > 
ba thro' and thro* tha bonnia dhipn abta. 

Ha aaw tha gvaan haw* 

Thara ara flv8<«n*>fl(ty ftnthar bada 

Well paekad In aa room : 
And ya'U gat aa mueUa gold eanvaa 

Aa wrap tha ihlp a* renn') 

Tall plat har wall, and apora har not» 
And mak' har hala and aonn'. 

But ara ha had tha word w«U q»eka 
Tha bonnia ahlp waa down. 

hUth, tadth w«ra oar guM lorda' 
To wc«t thalr milk-white handa ; 

But lang era a' tha pky «aa ewar 
Thay wnt thalr gowdan banda. 


O kith, lalth wars our 
To wcat thalr eoal-blaek 

But lang an a' tha pbiy 
Thay wnt thairhati 


It'a fifty &thoma daap. 
And yondar Itoa Sir Patrick Bpana^ 

And a'a man at hla flwt. 

Iti avan owar by Abardoor, 
Thara'a mony n eralg and fla. 

And yondar Ika Sir Patrick Spana, 
Wr mony n gold lord'B ( 

Lang, lang will tha ladyaa look 
Into their morning waod, 

Balbca thay aaa yoang Pntridi Bpana 
Oama aalUng owar Iha flood. 

Lang, lang win tha ladyaa look 
WI* thalr Ikna in thalr hand, 

Bafbra thay aaa him, Patrick Bpa n 
Ooaaa aalllng to dry Inad. 

3labs &late* 

[Tma flna modam haUad la byAtdrnsn' 
irvaoir. Tha author aaya It waa auggaatad by 
Mtaa Vatriar-a noval, " Tha lnharitaaoa."J 

Loan Ronald eourtcd Lady Qan^ 
1 trow thay dVl not part In aeom i 

Lord Bonald, har oouaint eourtad har. 
And thay will wad tha bmktow 

** Ha doaa not lore ma fbr my bfath. 
Nor ibr my landa ao broad and fliiri 

Ra loraa ma for my own traa worth. 
And that la wall," aald hwly Clara. 

In thara eama dd Alka tha nniaa, 

iSald, *' Who waa thia that wont from 
''Itwaamyeoaatai,"mldladyaaia. [thaa?" 
ha wada with ma." 

** O God ba thankM r aald Allea tha nw 
" That all eoanaa nmnd ao Juat and fair I 

Lord Boaald la hair of all your landa. 
And you ata not tha lady Clara." 

** An ya out of yoor mind, my nnraa* my 

flald lady Clan. ** that ya apaak ao wfld." 
**AaOod'aabo«araaid AUeathenoraa 

** I ipaak tha tnith: yon an m> cittd. 



tlM tratk, aa I ll«« by brawl! 
lite mj own nrtM ohUd, 




; nydUld," mU AUMtht h 
firt keep the Hcrrt Ibr yoar IHb, 

win be lard BooaldX 


eat, for I daraaotllfc 
off. the bmch ef lold, 
tkat dlMMBd ■eefclaw by.* 

; mj dtfU." aid AHeethe nvne, 

be eeent aJl ye eea.** 

UHh?" MM AHee the wine, 
wia cUik«e ante hie right." 
he ih»a hmve It/' the M/ fcpUad, 
I ehMld die to-Dight." 


to year fnother 
mr cMU, I rfna'd far thee.** 

a Uh fern J 
My mother dear, if this be eo, 
fay ytmr haad apoa my bead, 
■, ai« 1 go." 

' wae ao leager lady Clares 
It by dale, and ehe went by down. 
With a ilagle nee la her hair. 

I > 


lord Boaald fk«m hie tower t 
" O lady Clare, yoa thame year worth ! 
yoa drtet Uke a vUlage maid, 
tha flo«rar or the earth ?" 

" If I eoaw dreet Bha a village fluid, 

I am bat m my fbr tu o m aia: 
I an a beggar bora,-* she eald, 
aeft the lady Chrn.** 


" Play me ae trUka," mid lord RonaM, 
" For 1 am yoan In word aad la deed. 

" Flay me ao trieki," mid lord Uoaald, 
" Tear liddle Is hard to nad." 

O and praadly etoed the ap! 

Her heart within her did not fUlt 
She looted Into kird Bonald's eym. 

And told him all her Bnne*i taia. 

He laagh'd a laagh of merry leom i 

He tum'd, and klmM her where ehe rtood, 

" If yoa are Bot the helrem bom, 

«< And I.- mid he, " the neat In blood- - 

" If yoa arejBot the helrem bora. 
And I." mid he. " the lawftil heir. 

We two will wed to*monow mora. 
And yon ehall itiU be bMly dare." 

[FaoM Baehaa** Ballads of the Korth.] 

Kaxl Bldiard had bat ae daaghter, 

A maU o' birth aad Dune; 
She loved her flither'e kltehea boy,— 

The greater wae her i 

Bat she eoald ne^ her tnw lovaiee. 
Nor with hbn ooold the talk. 

In towns when she had wont to go^ 
Nor ileMe whera she ooold wallu 

Bat it Ibn anoe upon a day. 
Her bther went from home ; 

She's call'd apon the kitchen boy. 
To CQBM and dean her room. 

" Come sit ys down by me, WnUe, 

Come sit ye down by me; 
There's nae a lord in a' the north 

That I can love bat thee.* 

"Let never the like be hsard. larty. 

Nor let it ever be; 
For If yoar Ikthcr get word o* thie. 

He will gar hang mo hla." 



''Of* ihaU M'tr te baard. WOlto^ 
Yoiu bUwto ihall iM%r to dmwni 

ni 1M myUfc in i»lwlg* o^ Udna, 
Your bedyl m^ gH wmag.'* 

I BM now, m J oooialy ( 
Ho langcr tor* I'll ttaj ; 
You know mj tlm« b nenr espfaMt 
And now 1 moit aitng, 

" Tbt mnstor-oook wOl on me call. 
And uuwBfod ho moat tej 

If I am fimnd in bower with tiiM, 
Onntaaiw wiU tlMM be." 

** The mMter cook will on yon 
But ■haU not aniwar*d to) 

III pat 70a in a hlgfaor plaM 
Than any oookl d«fiM> 

**! liare a eoBer ftill of gold. 
Another of white monls) 

And I win batid a bonnie ehipk 
Andectnv love to tea. 

«* flUk ihall to yonr laOing ehrtte, 

Qoid yellow la yoar hair ; 
Aa wliite like milk are your twn hands, 

Your body neat and flUr * 

Thb lady, with h«r bin 

8h« mad* tto bc^ grow told i 

And he began to kiee and dap. 
And on hit love lay bold. 

Aiid At bae baUt a tonnic iblp, 

Set her lore to th« Ma ) 
Seven eeore o* brisk young men. 

To bear him oompantSi 

Then she's ta^n oat a gsy gold ring;, 

«* This will mind yoa on the ladla, WUU*, 

That's kid her love on thea." 

Then to^ ta'en oat a pleee of goId« 

And to brake it in two{ 
** All 1 have ia the worid, my dosae. 

For love, I give to yoa." 

Kuw to is to his bonnie ship. 

And merrily ta'en tto seaf 
Sbe tawly biy o'er eastle wa', 

Tto tsor blinded her cY. 

Ttogp had not ■sU'd npon tto sea 
A week bat barriy three, 

Tfbcn oarae a prospcrons gale ot 
On Spain's eoost landed ba. 

A lady hiy tf'er castle wn'. 
Beholding dale and down ) 

And sto totold tto bonnie ship 
Oome sailing to tto town. 

"Oome bavs, oome tore, my Malta 

Ya see not wtot I tmi 
Fbr bers I see tto bonniest ddp 

That evwsail'd tto ( 

** In bar there Is tto bcavest sqnlN 

That o'er my eyee did eee s 
AU dad ia silk, and rieh attirs. 

And oomdy, oooMly's ha. 

*'0 bask, bask, my Variss all, 

busk and mate ye flne; 
And wo wUl on to yon shore Mm» 

Invite yoa sqnlrs to din*. 

** Wm ys com* np te my eaall* 
WI' me, and take your din* f 

And y* shall cat tto gade whM* brand. 
And drink tto claret win*." 

* I thank yoa Ibr yonr bi«ad, lady, 

1 ttonk yoa Ibr your wine 1 

I thank yoa ft>r your kind oOsr, 
Bat now I tov* not tttn*.** 

** I woold gl"* all my land," di* sayr. 

*' Your gay bride were I she; 
And then to Uv* on a small portion, 

Oontanted 1 would ba." 

*■ Sto% Ikr awa* ftn* me, lady, 

Bto's Ikr awa' fhw ra*. 
Ttot has my heart a-keeping <tot. 

And my love still sheni to.'* 

** Bat ladles they are aneonttaat, 
¥rton their loves go to sea; 

And she'll to w«d erv ye gne back. 
My love, pmy stay wi' me." 

"If sto to wed ere I go took. 

And prove me flUse to me, 
I shall live single all my Lib,— i 

111 ne'er wed one but she*** 




ta^n ottlA giJsnU tint* 
■liad joa «B the lady, yeang 

>cn o' the gad* nA gold. 

rnaiuan to tim wind. 



fe«t teRly thiM, 


Mi h« p«t paint opon hii fMl^ 
▲■d fltt apoB Ui hair; 

a BnA aboT* faJt brow, 
1 4M dl^alM him HOr. 

laro^ earth «a% 

date and down ; 
he bdKld tfaa boonfa Mp 
nU«f to tte town. 

I hna, my daaghtcf 
Ta am naft what I «c ; 

I aee the bonalmt ahlp 

rthna ■ tha bntvtit ■iubv 
•>>r aqy cy«a did Ma t 
O hoA. my daoghtBr dtar, 
I, to ma. 

O harit, O bade, my daaghter daar. 
O haik, aad maha ya >na ; 

«a wOl on to the ■bora ride, 
lavlto yos main to dlaa." 

k'ftaama, irthov 

ki tfaa keeping c my heart, 
111 wad nana but be." 

m jtnr heart In hand, 
hid** the matah kn theei 
} ikmH aone to my oeetle 
day, and dina wl' i 

** wni ye eome up to my cattle 
With me, and take yoar dine ? 

Aad ye ehall eat the gude whlto bmedf 
And drlsfc the ehuct visa." 

** Tee, 111 come op to year eeitla 
With you, and take my dine; 

Tot I wdakl give my bonnic eblp 
Weca yoor Mr daughter mine." 

** I would give an my Unde.*' he nM, 
" That your bride ehe would be; 


to live on a email portion, 
Ooatenfeed wouki 1 be." 

Am they gaed up Awn yon lea ttrmad. 
And down the bowling green. 

He draw the maek oat o'er hie &M^ 
Wof fcar ha ehoold be men. 

Ben done htan down tnm bower to bower, 

Likewlee from bower to ha' ; 
And there he taw that Udy gay, 

Tha flower out o'er them a'. 

Bell te'en her in hb arme twa. 

And hail'd her eoortecmelie; 
"Esonee me, air, there's ni> strange man 

8udi freedom um with ma." 

Ber flither tum'd him round about* 

A light laugh then wave be ; 
*'6tay, fU retire a little while, 

Farhape you may agree." 

Kow WD1ie>a ta'ea a gay g<4d rinki 

And gave ber presentlle; 
Beja, "Take ye that, ye lady Qdr, 

A lova token from ma." 

** O got yet on the aea aaltlng ? 

Or got ye't on the aand f 
^ V* 7«'t on the ooast of ^pala. 

Upon a dead n-ant hand ■*■* 

«* Fine ailk it was hie millng clotbee, 

Oold yellow wa« hie hair; 
It would ha'e made a hale heart bleed 

To aee him lying there." 

** He was not dead at I paat'd by 

But no remeid Ofuld be 1 
Be gate me thU token to bear 

Unto a fldr hidic^ 



^1 H H 4. X 
or T^-L 


or ; 



** And by tiM BMuto h* hM dMoyvV* 
I'm ran that yoa •■« ah* ( 

io Uha this token oT ftve will. 
Tot him yottll navar ms." 

In Mmow dM tort her wntto. 
With OMV aha loi« h«r hair ; 

*' How aioaa !>• lost my own tona tofc, 
111 na'ar lova jrooBg man mair." 

Ha divw tha tnaak from off hli 
Tha laid J awactly anllad : 

"Awa*. awa*. 7* Ikun WiUia, 
How hava you ma begailad f 

Karl Blehard ha want throngh tha ha*. 

Tha wla* glaai la his hand; 
Bot little thoogbt his kitchen hoj 

Was hair otar a' hto land. 

Bat this dia kept within bar bsart. 

And new told to one; 
Until nin* months tb*f ware axplr'd 

That har yoong son eama hoaw« 

8ha told It to bar fttthar dear; 

Ha said, " Daiathtar, wall wen ; 
TenT* marrltd fat lore, not for fold. 

Your Jo|a wiU M'ar be donai'' 

^ Xarie of Bantlay waa only the Inatrwnant or per- 
pstimtting this ftcts, to satiaflk the Kingas 
Jckaia of Xunray.qahera the Qiuioe, mote nsh- 
lie than wysUe, soma hw dajrca belbn had 00m- 
mandlt in tha Kingas halringe, with too many 
efrithectsofa proper and gallant own. Thaice- 
aons of t hias sonniasn prooetdit from proahuna- 
ttena of the Klagea tha 18 of Mardks following, 
inhibittlag the younga Barie of Murray to per> 
sew the Earls of Huntley for his Ikthen slaagh- 
ter, in nspeets he being wardit in tha eastdl of 
Blackaeese for the saoM murther, was willing to 
abjde hie trTaU; averring that ha had done 
nothing, bet bgr the King's mail* eommiadone : 
and so wa« neither airt nur palrt of the mur- 
ther."— ilwM/ei ^f SeaUmnd Jy Sir J4 
Jbmr, Fsf . i. Bdim., 18SA.J 

Ta Highlands, and ya lawlands. 
Oh! quhalr ha'e ye bten ? 

They ha'e slalne the Xarl of Morraj, 
And ha'e lain him on tha green. 

How waa be to thee, Hnntly : 
And quhairfor* did jroa saa 7 

I bade jroii bring him wi' 70a, 
Bat Ibtbade 70a him to slay. 

'^it ionnif lEatl of iUdttttas* 

[" Jamsb, Bail of Xarray, tha nblsct of this 
ballad, was a son of Lord Downa, bat aeqairsd 
tha Utla of Momy by marfylng KUiabeth, eldest 
daaghter of the eelcbnted B«gcnt Moray* He 
was thought to be the handaomeet man of his 
time ; and it would appear Arom the ballad, that 
he was skilled in thoee ehivalrie aoeomplishments 
which are so well flttMl to set off a good figure to 
advantage. Tbcrs is even a suspicion that he 
was a gallant of tha queen. Anno of Denmark, 
then recently bronght ever to Bootland ; but th.s 
secma to be oountenanosd by little else than the 
ballad."— CAomter*. 

" Tha 7 of February this lelrs, lOBf . the Bare 
of Murray was aruel)y murthered by tiiaBarleor 
Huntly, at his houss In DnnlbrlsKll, In F>flb- 
shyvs, and with him Ihimbar, Shrifb of Monnay ) 
tt [«M] glTsn oat, and pabUeUyWhad that tha ^ 

He waa a bcaw gallant. 
And he rid at the rlngf 

Aad the bonnle Bari oTMnrtay, 
Oh I he might ha'e been a king. 

He was a braw gallant. 
And he playM at the ba' ; 

And tha bonnle Bari of Mnnay 
Vfas the flower among thsm a'. 

H* was a braw galUint, 
And he pfaiy'd at the glnve, 

Aad the bonnle Earl of Mnnay, 
Oh I he was tha qnaenee lave. 


Look owrs the eastlo Downe,* 
Brs she ese tha Earl of Morny 

Cum sounding through the towne. 

* Dooaa Gastla, In Mentslth, now In rains, but 
■till the property of the noble Ikmlly of Moray. 
It may be mentioned, that Donnibrimle, where 
the murder happened, was the Nat of the earln 
motbor j and that be was only there oa a vidu 


I . 

mams xabl or mubsat. 




Ttaf MkaBMiMta; 
fcsM tnitor Uantly, 

Ami htm to him YtAt 


> duwu uH italPy 

* B« tea ttefai the Karl o^ Mamj. 

' «* BeotlaiML'* 

Bat RnOr liV «• Ui honit 

B^t to tba klog, 
*■ T«>t wateonM bm*. Hon^r* 

AmA bow ba'c 7* tpad?" 



¥ottng 8Ratet0» 

rSvrrcan, Ilk* flw two Ibrmar banads, to Mftr 
to tilM Aite oTtha udbrtiiaato Xari oTlfiuaij*] 

A«4wtaf 4)d jaw; 
Ta« at^fbt ba^ ta'en tba Barf «f Mirniy, 
Mi Uft too." 


' Znia qaban the wind blow aola. 
And tba reaod tabka bciao ; 
A ! tbaia la aom to oar king'! eoBtt. 
XoiMjr a waU-iiToar'd 1 

Tha qnaan InlUt owfa tba oaatla «• « 
Bcbald iMdtb date and down, 

And tbaM dM nw tha yoang Walcci^ 
Obm itdlnc to tba town. 

Bit b o t a wna u tada beblnd* 
And maattl of tba baralnf gowd 
Did kMp him flaa tba wind. 

gralthM kb hoffia bafen^ 

Toosg Wafeen lada npon 
Woi flMtar than tba wind. 

Ool than ipak* a wTlla lord. 

Unto tba qoaen lald ha; 
"O teU AM qaban the fldmt ihea 

Bldas In tha eompaay ?•• 

<* iTa ima lord, and I-va ■ma kbd. 

And knights of high dagna, 
Dot a (Urtr Imw than jrtniog WatCB^« 
I did : 

0«l than apak* the JmIooi king, 
(And an angry man waa ha): 

••O, if bo had bam twk» as blr. 
Tan mlaht bava axoaptsd ma." 

** Toor neither lalrd nor lord,** she mjn^ 
" But tba king that wean th« erowsj 

There's not a knight In fair fiootfauid. 
Bat to thee maun bow down." 

Bov a' that she aonid do or mj. 
Appeased he wadna be ; 

Bat for tba words which the bad 
To«ng Waters he ma«n dla. 

They hall ta*m jonng Watcn, and 

Pot fetten to his fleet; 
They ha'i ta'en yoang Watne, and 

Thrown him in dungeon deep. 




«• Altl hsf* lUdm throogh StifliBg 
In the wind bot and tha wdt; 

But X M'er rate throagh Stirllot tomn 

" AA I bava riddm tbiw^h Btfrflas town. 
In tb* wind bot Mkd tiM nlB ; 

Bat I n«'flr rod* tfaiongh BtbUiiK towa 

Tlwr ha** tn'cn to tte hcUlng hm, 
Hk Tonng Km In hit ctadtoi 

And tlMj hat ta'm to tte bddlag hffl, 
Hk horn bot and tte aMldla. 

Tbay lia<» tata to tht hddlag hUl, 

And fbr ttaa words tha qnMD had qpokt 

Toung WatHS ha did dia. 

[XoDnui Balladw— Hook Ainua.! 

Bn Arthur Ibot b on the and, 
Hta boat waan In the wind. 

An' he's turn'd blm to a hir ftwt-page 
Was fttandlng him behind. 

** Gaa hama, gaa hame, mj boaala bof. 

An' glad jroor mlthor'i e'e, 
I ha'e left anew to weep an' roe, 

fla* tharal nana xnaon waep fcr theek 

•< Ten ken her by the alaMly i*lp 
I np the ha* I 

«* An* teke thle to my lh(h«r% ha% 
An' tell htm X nuuin epeed ; 

Thero'e fifty men In ehaae o' me. 
An' a prioe npon my head. 

** An' bear thle to Doaellio'i towen^ 
When my love Annie*a gane. 

It la a look o' my brawn hair, 
OIrt wl' the diamond itaaa.** 

" I>nnellle he baa doehten Ato, 
An' Bome o' them are ftdr ; 

Sae, how will I ken thy trae lot* 
Amang aaa many there?" 

Tell ken her by the look o» lof« 
That peen ontowre then a't 

** Yeni ken her by the biaU e* flo^ 
That apraada o'er her e'o<bN*i 

Te'U ken her by the red, red < 
When ye name the name o* i 

**That dieik ahoold lain on thk 
That hame ahoold been my ha' ; [ 

Onr tree ta beWd, ow flowr ia 
Or Arthnr'B an ontiaw.** 

He elgh'd and tam'd Um right abon^ 
Where the aaa ky biald and wide) 

Ifa no to aee hk bonnk boat, 
Bot a wafiy ehaek to hide. 

The page baa doTd hk feathers «iVk 

Bot an' hk raven hair i 
An' oat there earn* the yeUow loeh% 

Like Bwiria o* the gooden walr. 

Syne ha'a nndone hk dooblet daap— 
Twaa o' the giaaa-grecti hoa— 

An', like a Illy fine the pod, 
A lady boxet to Tiew. 

"Tell oat thy errand now, nr Kal^^ 

Wt' thy lore-tokeaa a'; 
If I e'er rln agalnat my will* 

It ahall be at a lover'a oa'." 

Or Axthnr tom'd him roond abo«l. 

E'en aa the tedy apak*; 
An' thrioe he dlghted hk dfan e^ 

An' thrioe he alapped bock. 

Bot ae bUnk o* her bonnte eia, 

Ont apake hk lady Anne ; 
An' he'a oatdk'd her by the wakt ■» n 

Wi' the grip of a drowning man. 

** O I Lady Anno, thy bed'a been haxd. 
When I thought It the down ; 

O I Lady Anne, thy lora'a been daap* 
When I thought it waa flown. 

** I've met my love In the green 
My Ibe on the brown hill : 

Bat I ne'er met wI' augbt 
I liked aaa vrael-«n' iU. 





I I 

'O* I 


ftfOMBVf thM, 

I, W no Ibr Om 


•■ lb% I Mllcith aa* Ub, Sir KBliht, 

Ifa> 1 1*11 li wtB'aa' nwtwl' thMb 
. I aawk 1«M« thM BOW ? 


Wm taj «■ noay « tin ; 

■■■giiii thb( 

tboB'rt BB OBtlBw ftas thk laa*. 

, B17 m«fy 

taetioB. BmUm 
banad, " Swwt WlUto aad 



Aad ha bas tin his lirotlMr (BBS I 

If ow, hfoCbarp ndt jw bms « 
A' MO I mante tha aat-browna brlda, 

ABd Itt Stir AbdcI baa ? 

Toa BBt>>bfowBa nUa oaa osnif brother^ 
Tha nat-brofwae hrida hai kya ; 

1 wad ha'a ya atanla tha Bot-browiie brldi^ 
Aad eaat Mr Aaaat tqra. 

Bar osaa ntay dya I* tha hoaatk BUIla, 

Aad her kya late tha bjraj 
Aad I Mil ha'a notUng to taj MU, 

Bot A Att Mga bgr tha fyra. 

Aad ha baa tffl hit I 

If ow, ilftBr, rcda ya nica t 
O Mil I Biarria tha nat-browaa hrida, 

Aad nt Sdr Aaaat ftaa? 

baiada 9« tak* hit AaaaC, Thomas, 
Aad let the browaa bride alaaa ; 

Lssi jpe soold d^ and sij, Alaes i 
What li thia wa brought hama? 

Vo, I trill tak' iBf mlthat^ ooaassl, 
Aad Biarria ma «wt o' hand ; 

Aad I will tak* tha aat-browna brtda 
VUr Aaaat naj leiva the laad. 

Vp thea roas fkir Annat's ihtbar 

TwB boon or It wer day. 
And ha has gaaa lata the bowar, 

Whaiaia Stir Aaaat ky. 

Bias up, rise np, ftlr Aaaat, ha ax^ 
Put on your sllkee abteBe; 

Let ui faa to Bt Marial kirha, 

My aiaMso, gaa to my d rtl nf^fooma. 

And drtai to ma my hair; 
Wbalr-dr yaa laid a plait baftna. 

Baa yae laj tsa ttaass aialr. 

Mf maldca, gaa to my dfaalBg«vooma» 
And dress to aia ny smodk ; 

The one hair Is o* tha hdlUnd flaa. 
The other o' 

Tbe boras Mr Aaaet rada opoa. 
Ha ambUt Uhs tha wiad, 

Wl* sOler ha was shod before, 
Wl' boralag gowd bshlad. 


Jour-Mid-twutjrilbr balls A Kow itny fcroM, d«a> AaiMt. ba Md. 

Wer »• t|«d till hi! maM, 

Now stay, my daar, ha oiy'di 

And jTM tift o' ih* norlMid wind. 

Then atiaka tha dagger antU hla iMavt. 

Thay tinkled mm hr an*. 


Fbiir-«nd*«wtntr fajr ridt knkiht* 

Laid Tbomaa waa boriadwithoot tha l^irk. 

Bikd* by ^r Annatl ild«. 

Fair Annct within tha qaitvt ; [wa'. 

And fbur-uid-iwuity Mr ImUn, 

And o* tha tana thara grew a bilk. 

Aa f In iha had bin a brida. 

The othar a bonnla brtara. 

And whan aha oam* to Maria's Urk, 

And aya tb^f graw, and aya tb^f thiw. 

Sha aat on JCaria'a ataan ; 

Aa thay wad Adaa ba naarai 

Tha olaadlag that Odr Aanak had on 

And by thiaya may kan right w«U, 


Thaj wan twa hiTara daara* 

And whan aha cam* into tha Urk, 

Sha ahimnwr'd Uka tha ana j 

Tha belt that waa •bnut har watat. 


Waa a' wl' paarlaa badona. 

[FnoM Jamlaaonl Popalar BalhMla and flonga. 

Sha aat har by tha nnt-browna brlda. 

"Thraa balteds," aaya Mr Jamiaaon. "all of 

And har aan thay wara aaa alaar, 

Lord Tbomaa ha dwui foriat tha bifda. 

aa tha following, an to bo found in toI. UL of 

Whan fldr Annat aha draw naar. 

tha ' Ballqueaor Andant Englhta Poetry.' nndar 
tha titka of Lord Tbomaa and Fair Elinor, Fair 

Ba had a roaa Into hb hand. 

Maigarataad Swaat WUliam.and Lord Tbomaa 

And ha gava it klaaaa thraa. 

and Fair Annat, (aea above) ; tha latter of wbleh 

And raaehiaf by tha nat-browna telda. 

la In that work given with aoma oometlona 

lAid It on Mr Annofa knaa. 

' from a MA. oopy tnnamlttad bom Scotland,' 
and aappoaed to be oompoecd. not without Im- 

Up than apnk* tha nat-browna bcldai 

ptOTomenta, out of tha two former anient Eng- 

liha spak' wt' maSUa apltat 

liahonaa. At thiadlatanea aTtlma, it would be 

And whar gat y« that loaa-watar. 

In vain to attempt to aaoartaia which waa tha 

That doaa nak' yaa na whlta? 

orl^nal. and whkth tha Imitation { and, I think 
it OKVemety probable, that, in their origin, they 

1 did got tha roaa-watar 

ware perfoetty Independent of each other, and 

Whatar ya wall neir gat nano. 

both darivad from aeme one oT thoee fobleaax. 

for I did gat that Tory raaa^walsr 

romaaoea, or talaa. whieh, about tun or Ave 

Into my mlthar'fe wan»» 

hundred yean ago, wara ao hmiliarly known, in 
Tarioua forma, over a great part of Europe, that 

it wouM even then have been difficult to my to 

Fraa out har gay haad-gaar. 

what country or langoaffe. they owed their birth. 

And atiaka hlr Annat unto tha haart. 

The test of Lord Tbomaa and Fair Annetawms 

That word aha navlr apnk* nudr. 

to have been a4)aatad, piavioua to iti leaving 
Sootland, by aoma one who waa more of a aefao- 

IiOffd Thoniaa ha aaw lUr Annoft wax pala» 

lar than tha raeitera oT ballade geaeially are; 

And marvalit what mota baa t 

and, in attompUng to give it an antique east, it 

But whan ha aaw har daar haarfa blade. 

haa been deprived of aomewtaat ot that caay ik* 

A' woodwxoth wosad haa. 

duty whieh to the dltUngukahcd ehanctrriatJc of 
the tmditioaary ballad narratlTO. With the 

Ha diow Ua daggar, that waa aaa ahaip, 

test or the following ditty, no audi asreriment 

That waa laa shiup and maat. 

haa been made. It to here given pure and en- 

And drava it Into tha ant-biowna brlda. 

tire, aa it waa taken down by the editor, from 

ThatlhUdaidalhlaMt. { 

^ the redtatton of a lady In Aborbruthick, {iirt 




I ' ^^^^ 


I li 

ud IMtmUitpA 
tottwMlhw of Ch* ccmpllw** 
«v«rhtottiidtrtftkiiig; aad tlw *w boon 
It St her fkicndly Af*-alda w«r« twy busily 
la wffttliif . A« dw had, when •child, 
•a •Utily iniid<«emuit, 
had not wptatod li fbr a doara of 
I had tha food tetane to ha lotro* 
r; It maj ba dcpanded npon, that 
■ Msitid to aM aa Dearly aa pnaalhia 
la whiah aha laant lU- 
I» Cha aotaa h> tha hallal, Mr Jamkaea oon- 
I Sd of ataaaa 9, la aa laterpo- 
«r ilaaau ID aad SI, Mil AxToi 


my heart aaa air.' 

id aad third 
il.CMapt tha drrt Una 
•fataasMdlaad 44, ««raalK> 
adltar. la ovoiy othar laataaea, 
lalagTlty of tha last 

r WOBa aad Ihb Anaia 


I tin bar boa 
ha^ aoaa lUl hie mithar'a 
• WMghftv'thamoeB. 




. I 

I ■ 
! I 





a* Bight, Wnila; 

ivt baan eeortla' Itetr Anala, 


"Thai* la twa aiaMaaa In a bowvr, 
Wliieb o' tham aall I bring hama ? 

Iha aut-hrown maid baa abaap and oowa, 
Aad ttit Aania haa nana." 

" It^ aa ya wad tha nni-brown maid, 

rn heap gold wl' my hand ; 
Bat aa ya wad her, flor Annla, 

111 atamlk It wl' a wand. 

"Tha nut-brown maid haa aheap and flowi. 

And tilt Annie haa nana , 
And WUUa, tor my Wniaon, 

Tha nut>brawB maid briag hama." 

** O I mil wed Uie But>browna maid. 

And I aall bring her hama ; 
Batpaaoa oor reat between oa twa. 

Till death iladai'a again. 

" Bat, alaa. ahMl" eaji awaat WUUa, 

" blr la Annla'a fcea 1" 
'* Bot what'a the matter, my aoa WUUa, 

Bha haa aaa ithar i 

., •wrft" eaya awaat Wllllai 
" But wblta ia Annlet hand !" 
" Bat what's tha matter, my son WUUe, 
She haaaa tax o' Uuid." 

" Sheep win die In oot^ mither. 

And owaen die in byra; 
And what'B this warld's wealth to bm. 

An I gat aa my heart's desire ? 

** Whar wiU I get a bonnia boy. 
That wad fhln win hoae and sbooa. 

That wiU Tin to fcir Annie's bower, 
Wl' tha lal Ught o' tha moon? 

Tall tail bar to aoma to wnUals waddla', 

Tha mom at twal at noon i 
Te'U tell bar to coma to Willie's waddin', 

Tha hair o' OapUa town.* 

* OmfUm lnM.~I>uplio is tha seat of the carl 
of Kinnoal, from which he dartres his title of 
Tlaooaat. It le In the neighbourhood of Perth. 
Thla copy of tha ballad was taken from tha car* 
rant traditionary manner of redtlng It In that 
partofthaeoantiy; and It ie obecrrabia, that 
ballade ara my fra«|aantly adapted to the meri- 
dian of tha plaoa whan they ace found ; ao that 
the same parte aad eharaefeers are glrao to pob 



** Sha nuaim pal on the btack, tht Made, A 
Nor ]wt tht dewle brown i [white. 

Bat tho ■enrtot mm i«d, and tha kcrehM 
And h«r bonnlo loeki hangtai' down." 

Ho b on to Annlo'i hownr, 
AndtiitodatUw pin; 

▲ad wha wai ho ready ai Anal* 
To opoa and lot htan in. 

" To an Uddan oome to WtlBo^ wvddln', 

Tho mom at twal at noon ; 
To are bidden eomo to WilBo's weddia', 

Tho heir of Daplln town. 

" To manna put on the Uaek, the blaak. 

If or yot the dowie brown ; f whito. 

Bat the ioarlet mo red, and the kerehee mo 

And joor bonnle loehi hangia' down." 

" Ife I wffl eomo to WllUe'i weddhi% 

The mom at twal at noon ; 
It's I win oome to WiUie'a weddln', 

Bat I mther tho 

" M^dene, to mj bower oomo. 
And lay (Old on my halrt 

And whare ye laid ae plait belbre. 
Yell now lay tea times mair. 

* T^rlors, to my bower ( 

And mak' to me a weed ; 
And smiths onto my stable eomo. 

And shoo to mo a steed." 

At erery tato o* Annies hone' mane 

There hang a slhrcr bell) 
And there eame a wind oat fraa the Math, 

Whloh made than a' to knelL 

And whoa ihe eame to Mary>klxk, 

And sat down In the daae. 
The light that came frno fldr Annie, 

Enllghten'd a' the ptawo. 

Bat ap and stands the nnt-browa bride, 

Jnst at her Qither's knee ; 
** O wha li Ibis, my bther dear. 

That bUnks la WUlleis e'e ?- 
"O thU is Willie's flnt trae love, 

Bcflno bo loved thee." 

" If that be wmio^ flnt tRM hrw, 
He might ha'e bitea me bei 

She has ■• moeh gold oa a 

** O wbare got yo ttat 

That waahes yon one white ?" 
" I gotitl'Bqrmithsr<k wambok 
Whara yrn ao^ar get tlM lihSb 


" For ye*ve beea waih'd la Boany^ «all, 
Aad dried oa Danny^ dyhat 

Aad a* the water hi the aaa 
Will aavar waah yo white." 

WllUa'a te'oa a roae oat o' Ilia hal^ 

I«ld it la Aaalela lap; 
*'The boaaieat to tho boanlaiftM^ 

*' Tak* ap aad wear year 

Vtor, like yoar love, Ite sw 
WDl sooa be gaae aad 


** Wear ya the loae o^ lovo, WDll^ 
Aad i the thorn or eare ) 


That will mak* my 

Whoa alght waa oome, aad day 

Aad al mea bona' to bod. 
Sweat WllUa aad tho aat>ba«wa bridt 

la thair ohambev 


They woraaa wael lyea down, 
Aad aoaroaly flk'n asl eep , 

Whaa ap aad ataade riio, Mr 
Jostap at Wlllla*a feat. 

" Wed braok ya o' yoar browa 
B e t we e n ye aad the wa' ; 

Aad sae will I o' my wiadtag 
That Boita BM beat avm. 

" Wael brook yo o* yoar browa 
Be t weea ya aad tho atoek; 

Aad ane wlU I o* my blaak btakak 
That baa neither key 

** Wool brook ye o' year brown 
Aad o* yoar btMal bod 2 

Aad aaa win I or tho oaM eald 
That aeoB wUl hap ay head.' 

bsaw bride 

BiowB bride 



1 1. 



i« pvt OB hb clidM> 
ffll hiB U* taOM UUi llliOODa 


I «M ilgtat dowto wavk ; 
ran aakla* to Aaato » «k. 



Aanto! kad I feaaifliy irorlh, 

mi «1B Ite joor bomk dMdc» 
I vfll kto jOQT day-aaU Up ; 


I i 


' ^ Am] at AbbIc^ bwial 
)«ha BMTB at tarall o'dodt, 
TkcfB «Ml tba WBia at BitaM.' 

w bofisd la Vai^B klriiy 
IB MaiT^qiitara; 
aot 4^ wa tana tlMia paw a uiilif 

t tbat paat thaaa bj, 


Sotti VeUj^an* 

rraa ItaUad of *' Young Ddeban and Soda 
Py«r* h eommoB to both Bof bmd and Sootiand, 
and Mvatal dUkrant icadingi of It extot. Tba 
Mtowlag Beottlah venlon it from Hr Kinloch^ 
aolkatloD, Londoa, ISV. Mr Jamicaoa gIvM two 
baUadi ftmnded on tba mnm nbjaet. Tba Heond 

antltlad " Toang BaUa," ai It difhn 
matirially from tha pretaat, wa tnl^oin. Tha 
nbfaat of Urn baUada, '*Lord Belehan" or 
*' TooBg BttUtf ia aappoaad, with great proba- 
bmtr, to bava originatad In tha htetorieal Ikot 
oTOUbact Beoket. tha Attibar of tha Ibmoiu Tbo- 
a Badhat, having baan cnabTad by tha flaim- 
I, and Ubaiatad through tha Imtromantalitf 
of ag o To r Bort daoghtar, who aought blm out 
aflarwardi la London through many dangan 
and dlAealtlM, aod whom ha mada hla wlfb. 
Thomaa a Baokat waa a loa of thJa union.] 

ToDBo BtMuui waa In London bom, 

Ba waa a man of hia dagrea I 
Ha paat thiva^ monla kingdeiBa gnat, 

Until ha enm' anto gnnd Tuikla. 

Ba vlaWd tha flMhIOBa of that tend, 
Thair way of wonUp Tiawad ha< 

But unto onia of thalr ■toeha. 

Ha wadaa mm mudk aa bow a knaat 

Whteb mada him to ba takan almlgbt. 
And brought afbca their high Jaria { 

Tha aavaga Moor did ipeak npiicht. 
And nada him molkla III to diMk 

Ib Uka ihoBlder thqTvo bor'd a hda. 
And In Oka hola they*Ta pot a tna; 

Thayva mada htm to draw oarti and wbIbi, 
Tttl ha waa rfttk BBd Uka to ( 

But yoBBg Bdehaw waa a OhrhttaD bom* 
And still a Christian waa ha ; 

WUeh mada tham put him in prbon 
And eauld and hangar mlr to dras ; 

Aad *d OB Bocbt but bmd and watar, 
UutOl tha daj that ha mot dw. 

Ia thk pvlaon thata gnw a trw. 
And It waa uaoo ttout and itning : 

Wham ha waa dmlncd by tha nilddl^ 
VntU hla lUb waaalflMat guBP. 



TIm MTage Moor had but m dechtcr, 
And hor nam* It wm 8iui« Fy« ; 

And Uka day M ih* took the air, 
Tho prboa door ihc paved bg^ 

But It fl>U ancc upon a day, 

Ai she wat walking, she haatd him iinc; 
She listen d to his tale of woe, 

A happy day for young Bdchan f 

** My hoande they aU go maaterleee. 
My hawks they flee fta* tree to tne, 

My yoangest brother wiU heir my lands, 
Hj nattTe land I'll never aas.'* 

" O were I bat the prison-keeper. 

As I'm a ladle o' hie degree, 
I soon wad set this youth at large. 

And eond him to hie aln eountrie.'* 

She went away Into her duunber, 
A II nieht she never doeed her t% ; 

And when the morning begond to (Uwn, 
At the prison door alane was she. 

flhe gled the keeper a piaoe ofgowd. 
And monie pieces o' white monle. 

To tak' her through the bolts and bate. 
The k>ni IVae itootland she htng'd to see :— 

She saw young Belchan at the stales, 
Whleh made her weep malst bittaxlle. 

** O ha'e yo got onie lands," she seyi, 
" Or castles In your aln countrie ? 

Xt^ what wad ye gi'e to the ladle AUr 
Wba out o' prison wad set you fine?" 

" iVt I ha'e booses, and I ha'e lands, 

Wi- monle castles thir to see. 
And I wad gi'e a' to that Udie gigr. 

Wha oat o' prison wad set me ftee.- 

The keeper syne brak aff his chains. 
And set Lord Bdchan at llbertie:— 

She flU'd his pockets baith wi' gowd. 
To tak' him till his aln oounMs. 

She took him ftaa her bther's prison. 
And gted to him the best o' wine; 

And a brave health she drank to him,— 
" X wish, lord Belchan, ye wera mine • 

Xfe seven Ung years I'U mak* a tow. 

And seven Ung year* 111 keep it true; 
Ifyell wed wi' na ither woman, 

Xt's I will wed na man but you.** 

She's tane hfan to her Ikther^ port. 

And gi'en to him a ship o' fkme,— 
** Farewell , flue well, my sleottish lonj, 

I bar X'U ne'er see you t 


I<ordl Belchan tnm'd him round aboo^ 
And lowly, lowly, loutit he-— 

•• Ere seven lang years come to an end, 
111 tak* you to mine ain oountiie." 

Hien whan he earn' to Glaagow towa^ 
A happy, happy, man was he; 

The ladies a' around him thiang'd. 
To see him oome fne slaveria. 

His mother she had died o' somw. 
And a' his brothers were dead bat ht ,* 

His lands they a' were lying waste, 
Xn ruins were his castles free. 

Ka porter there stood at his yett; 

Na human creature he eould see} 
Except the ioneechlng owls and imta, 

Hnd he to bear him oompanle. 

But gowd WiU gar the cHtles grow. 
And he had gowd and Jewels free ; 

And soon the pages around him thrang^ 
To serve him on their bended knee. 

Bis haU wa<i hung wi' silk and mtln. 
His teble rung wV mirth and glea. 

He eoon forgot the lady bdr. 
That lows'd him out o' sUvetiai 

Lord Belchan courted a Udy gay, 
To heir wi' him his lands sae ftea. 

Ne'er thinking that a lady Ikir 

Was on her way frae grand Tarki« 

For Bode Pye ooald get nae rest, 
« Nor day nor nicht could happy be. 
SUll thinking on the ^icotUsh kwd, 
TUl she was sick and like to dee. 

Bat dte has ballded a bonnle dilp, 

Weel mann'd wi' seamen o' hie Atcf* ' 

And secretly she stept on board, 
And bid adieu to her ain oounMa. 

Bat whan die earn* to the Scottidi shoivv 
The bells were ringing eae merrillr; 

Xt was Lord Belchan's wedding day, 
WI' a lady Ikir o' hie degiaa. 



eftlM bcAten fowd, 
• lady <f g w U 1 

J* ihiB aannr gf* to iii»— 
Lord Bcaebui'^ kads MM bnid / 
ItawiB thk eooatrto.** 

tfas Alppci bold( 
(YW IH aoiaid t|)«iJ( th« TniWih tongw^ 
livn not fttr awagTf 
li Ikt diy of hii ^•ddliic.'' 

If ^ wfll saili SM to BaWiBa^ ftttiib 
te •»« ail iMT PMto ««■(• 

h* ■■»' to Laid Bdehaaityttti, 
■m liffd ftutif at th* plB, 
• *Mdy«a* ClM pioad porter 
M tet tte wRddloc SMSto eoBM in. 

** Or b Itet aoUe ktd wIthiB ?" 
' T«, IH ii fM« into tha teU, 
Wiih kli tomvt Md«» Md 1 

a cap of Ms liMk wlM I 
tald km ntod thr ladya lova 

him oat C P3Paa>* 




I wBtaBaac>7 

oor bonnlB bifda, 



ft* iilaaat tiaa that a^er A 
hen aaaooipMa «i' this fadlfc 

^ "BhahatagowdrlBfftmilkRflagarp 

And on htr mld-dnf«r iha haa thfcaj 
Sha haa aa malkla gowd npoa bar haad, 
Aa wad bojr aa aaaUoaa o' land to thaa. 

" Xy lord, dba bagi loma o* yoar btaad, 
Sot and a oap o' you bait »ina, 

And bida yoa mind ttaa lady's lova 
That anoa did lowaa ya out o* pyna.** 

Than sp and started Laid BaiohaBj 
I wat ha mada tha table flaar- 

" I wad gfw a' my yaarile rent 

Twan BosSa Fya ooma own tha ata." 

Styna np baspak* tha bridal mithar,— 
Sha was ne^ haaid to spsak saa &«a»— 

" Ta'll DO fcnaka my aa doebtSTp 

Ihoofh Soala F^ has oHMs'd tha asa ?" 

" Tak' haaa, tak* hama, yoar doAtsr, 
For sha is na'ar the waor o' mai 

She earn' to asa on honebaek ridlaf. 

Ami she asjl gang hama In chariot frsa." 

He's tana Sosia Pye by tba mnk-whlts hand. 
And led her throngb his halls saa his,— 

'* TaYa now Lord Beieban-B lawAil wife, ^ 
AAd thrioa ye^ wdooma unto i 

Lord Beldhaa piapaiM t>r another wsddtaib 
Wl* bolth their hearts saa fti' o' gleet— 

' 111 range nas malr In (brelga laadiw 
Sin' Sttda Pye haa cnMs'd the osa. 

** Yyi gar a* onr eooka mak' leadyi 

And, iy I gar a' oor pipers play; 
And ^ I gar trumpets gae through tha tows. 

That Lord Baiohanis wadded fewloa In s 

[Fbom Jomlasoa's OoUsetloa. 0sa Vela to 
pnrious Ballad.] 

TevKA BapKiB was as baara a knight 

And he's doen him to the eoort o' Fraaos^ 

To ssrre for naeat and fee. 


H« hadu bMB in tiMeimR e^ 

A twvlvciiMnitk nor ■• Inng, 
m h« Ml in lovt wi' th« klng^ 


4 "Oebon. 

Bard bbd washcrnaaM; 

And aha Iwa to tlia prlaon 

" O gin a lady wad hormw ma. 
At bar ftiimp I wad iln ( 

O gin a widow wad borrow ma, 
I wad awir to ba bar aon. 

** O gin a virgin wad botrcnr 
I wad wad bar wl' a ring ; 

IM gl-a bar ba'i. I'd gl'a bar be 
Ttaa bennla towen o* lAuat. 

O buaftioi bardbot gaad dM bat. 
And baialbot oam' sba bani 

It waa na Ibr want o' hoaa and dioon. 
Hot tloM to pat thtut ani 

Bat a' fcr fear tbat bcr btbar 
Had beard bar maktn' An 1 

Tor ■htl Btown tba kajra of tba 
And gana tba dangaoa>altbiB< 

And wban A» msw blaa, yonng Bdila, 
Wow, bat bar baart waa Mir i 

For tba mloa, bat and tba bank! rattoni^ 
Had aaton his yaDow hair. 

Shan ffottan hfan n ■haror te hk bMtd, 

A oombar till hia bair; 
Flva bandrad poand In his pookat. 

To apand, and naa to I 

BbaH gl'an him a ataad wm good In aacd. 

And a MddIa o* rogral baoa; 
A ImA. o' boands o* aa llttar. 

And Baetor oaUad ana. 

Atwaen thir twa a vow 
"Twaa mada AiU aoiamlla. 

That or thraa yaan wan coma and 
Waal marriad thqr ahoold ba^ 

Ha hadna btan In*i ain ooantrlt 

A twalvamootb till an and, 
Tni ha'a Ibroad to marry a date's daaghtar. 

Or than loM a' hIa land. 

f aaya yomg BiUi^ 
win to Bard labd, 
to ma.** 

O li Ml oat opon a daj 
Bard IdNl Ml adaap. 
And ap It alarta tba Billy 

*' O wakan, wahan. Bard Iibal t 
Bow «an ya lieap to aoaa'j 

Whan thia Is BaUal wadding day. 
And tha manlags galng OB ? 

" To do ya tlU yaor mUhsrli 

Aa hat aa ya can gang i 
And ya tak' thraa «^ yoar mUharM Xasyi, 

T6 hand ya nnthoekt lang. 

" Ta drsis yooiaal' i' tha rad I 
And yoar Maiys la dainty grsan ; 

And ye pot girdks aboat yoar mtddla 
Wad boy an saildnwia. 

" Syna ya gang down by yen ssa^Ua, 

And down by yon aea-ttnuid{ 

And bonnla will tha HoUans boata 


"Ta ast yoar nllk-wMto Ibot on beord. 

Cry, * Hall ya,Domlna!* 
And I wlU be tha KtMrer 0% 

To row yoa oiir tha san.** 

ShaH ta'an bar tin bar mlthor^ 1 

As tut aa Sha oooM gang; 
And sha*s to'an twa o* bar mlthsr^ Marya, 

To baud her nnthooht lang. 

Bhali drest banal' 1' fha red 1 

Bar Marys I' tha dainty 1 
And thay*f« pot girllas aboat thair soMdla 

Woald boy an aarldonaa. 

And th«y gaad down by yon 1 
And down by yon sca^atrand t 

And saa bonnla as tha HoUans boats 
Ooma rowla' till thair hand. 

Rha ssthar mflh-whlto Ibot on board. 
Cried, " Hall ya, Boalna l- 

And tha Billy BUn was tha 1 
Ta row bar ew tha aen. 







Ikk fkirty yoM and tUfct; 

hn« ImUm at th«. »vw, 


Wm «• ffMd to tlM «hln i 
'Mb ika bt Am wtttettt," ite mf», 
* WM ba M Am witUa.'* 


IV 1^ aay M ira Baid UM 

I taak yoa oat af prtn« itniiK, 
ja ma oaMdmaiA to dM 7 

"Tak* haoM, tak* hana jom daaghtardaai) 

A MuMlng gang bar wl'i 
Vor I maaa many mj Boxd Ubtl, 

Thatu ooBM a^ tta «a to I 

* b thb tha certamo o" yoer ] 
Or tha flMhlon nr yoar land. 
To many a aaald la a May mornfaic, 

fium e^ibin. 

[Btaxx oaplaa of May Oolvfai ar Oollflaa, vndar 
t]»atitkor*'ThaWMtan Tmcwly.'' csM of a 
data at laast aa Ur baA aa tha mlddla of tha 
liat eiataiy. Vtom thm tha ballad trnnd its 
way Into Haid'a coUaetlon, and to lapvlated by 
If othanrall wltb mom altHattoaa from aiaeited 
"Tba ballad flndi leeaUty," aayi Mr 
I, "hi that wild pertkm of tha aoaat of 
Obffriek, (AynUia,) wbteh Inttfrvtaao betwixt 
Ofnran aad BaDaatiM. Obriton Ototli, aboat 
two miki to tba ooatb of Glma, (a tall old rata 
■Itaatad on tba brlok of a bank wbleb ombangi 
tha Ma, and wbleb glvaa title to »r Jeba Oatb« 
oaii, Bart. «f Obrltea,) toattnnad by tha ooantiy 
poopia, who Mill maambar tba Mory wltb great 
ftaehaew, to bafo bean tha nJdauue of 'tba 
fluue Hr Jobni* whUa a tall roeky amlnenca, 
called OaoMtettp, otaibanglBg tba eea abeet two 
milas atUl fcrthar aoath, aad ever wbleb the 
road paeeco in a otyla tenlMa to all trnvallan, to 
peiatad oot ae tba phea wbare ba was la tba 
baUt of drownlag bto wtvee, aad adieea he waa 
flnal^ daownad bhaaelfl Tba people, who look 
apoB tba ballad aa a r^galar and proper reooid 
of aa anqaeatlODable tet, Awtbcr afflnn that 
May OoUeaa waa a dangbter of tba Aunlly of 
Keanedy of Ooiaaas, now npreeented by tbe 
Eail of Gairilla, aad that iba beoama heir to all 
tbe tnunenea wealth wbtt her basbaad bad ae< 
qalrad by bto Ibnaer oaal-pvaeCleeei aadaeeord- 
lagly lived happy all tba rest of bar daye.'* We 
give bare, flret, tbe ballad aa It appean In 
MotberwaO, wbleb dUhrt little ftwn Heidi 
vanlon. We alae give Mr Bnehaal ranloB, 
wbkb, tbaagb almllar la laaMeat, to almoet to- 
igtally dUhtant la laagoage ikan iba otbecfc] 


flOOmSH BAIliAlM. 

Faimm Bit John » wotAag < 

To a maid of b«Mity Mr i 
May OjMo wm the lady^ nam*. 

Bar ftahaCs only hdr. 

Bali oovrtod har batt, and lM*ieoaft»d 
And baa eonrtMl har into Um ha', 

nil onet ha fot thia hHly« oonwBt 
T» mouat and rid* awn*. 

Bheit gana to har fluh«r% 

Where all hla money lay; 
And aheia takan the red, and aha'k left fhm 

And ao lightly aa aha trippad atiay. l^hUm, 

dhe^i gana down to har fhtharlt atabia 

Where all hie etaada did atand ; 
And aho'a Ukan the beat and aho'k left tha 

That waa in har Ihthar^ land. Cmnt* 

Ba foda on, and aha roda on. 

They rode a lang alromcrii day, 
Until they came to a brand ittrer. 

An arm of a lot 

** Lonp off the ataad," mya bba BIr John ; 

"Your bridal bed youaao I [hare. 

For it'a aeven king "a daughtan I have drownad 

And the eighth 111 out maka with thea. 

" Chat aff, eaat aff your allkB ao fine. 
And lay them on a atone, 

For they are otr good and o'er aoatly 

** Oaat aff, caat aff yoar holland amoek* 

And lay It on thia atona, 
For it ie too flna and o^r eoetty 


*' O tnm you aboat, thou telaa BIr John, 
And look to the leaf o' the tna; 

For it never beeama a gentleman 
A naked woman to aea." 

Be'e tnmed hiniaelf atraight rovnd aboat. 
To look to the leaf e* the tree; 

She'a twined her arn^e about bia waiat. 
And thrown him Into the aaiu 

** O hold a grip of me, May Odlvln, 
For ISaar that I ahoold drown ; 

1*11 take you bame to your (hther'a gate. 
And aalbly 111 aat yon down/' 

** O lie yon thara, thon Uae 8U- Joha« 
O lie yon there," aaid abe, 

*' Fbr you Ua not in a oaulder bed 
Than tha ane yon Intended fbr 

So aha 


■ha coold flee : 
hame to her ftithena 
At tha ktwHiit of the day. 

Up then qnha Che pretty parroti 
*' May Oblvin, where have you 

What hat beeome of fldaa «r John, 
That wooed yon ao late yeatrwn? 

Up than apaka tha pretty parrot. 

In the bonnle eage wbcra it layi 
** O what ha'e ye done with the UaaSir Min. 

That ha behind yon deea atay ? 

"Ba wooed yoa bntt, he wooed you ban. 

Be wooed yon Into the ha*. 
Until ha got yonr own eonaent 

For to BKwnt and ptng awa'.** 

O hold yonr tongne, my pretty pairat, 
I<ay not the blame upon me { 
Tour oaga will be made of the beaten g«id. 
And tha apahaa of Ivoria." 

Up then qiaha tha king hfanaalf. 
In the chamber urtien ha layi 

"Oh ! what aila the pretty pamt. 
That pfnttlaa ao long eta day." 

" It waa a cat earn* to my cage d« 
1 thou^t twould have wo t nad me 

And I waa ealling cm fldr May Colvin 
To take tha aat Aram aaa." 


[BocBAvia rtnioo. See Vote to the pit vlooa 
ballad. Blnyaa*a Bay, mentioned In tha ver- 
aien, waa, Mr Bnehaa myt, at tbe mouth ef the 
liver Ugie, when Peterhead now atanda.] 

BsAnn ya ever of a Undy knight. 

Lived in the wcet conntrle ?■ 
For hel betiay'd ae«an virglna liir. 

And drowned tham In tha aaa. 

I I 


known { 
« bBrvDB knight. 
Sir John. 


li sftM to Jtaj OsMat, 
bann^ o^ tbnt ■«■, 

1 ait the duUos «f mj hnrt, 
8» kr caoalli thjr bcwitka graat. 

Bi* I'm a kalgki of way th and night, 
Bh'« to««ff«, town* t«*Btj-thn«) 

Aai j«iH be Mjr o- ttem a\ 
If jt «ai guf wi* 

I MM thm, O gnda Bb John, 
T« wtd X am too yoang; 
^«he«t yt ha^ vay pamtir iMTt, 

Taor paiantr !••«• ya won ifaall hnva, 

Tatklitfccj winagne; 
Vm I ha% BaAo a aolemn vow, 

fat Mow his am ha^ fKi&'d a dtarm. 

And itaek i^ in h«r •!«•«• ; 
Aad hi hat nuHla her Rang wf him. 

[ iOlcr aha haa hrooghl^ 
Wi* tor flvo handrad po«nd ; 
Ba bn« an* atocd tor Ihttor had, 
Ito'k tatok to flda npon. 

■topiffaMy thay lade swaj, 
Ttoy OMMto ana atop nor itajri 

IB they anana to that Altai and, 
That y« Oft* Btayanis bi^. 

n Wag la * tooalr ptooa, 

VaatoMtotton night 
Ito ktal nwto won tan and 

her 07. 

t%kt down, light down, fldr Kay CelTtai, 

Light down, nnd apaak wi* na; 
Vor hn« I've dfown'd aight Tirgiaa bisn, 
an iha ntoth nana ba. 

BALxijaxi. 29 

An tiicae yonr homn and loflj towan^ 

Baa baoutlAal and gayP 
Or la it for my gold, the aayt, 

Yott taha my life away P 

Out air, oaat aff yonr Jawali flna. 

Baa ooatly, rieh, and ran; 
For tbay'n too coatly, nnd too fine. 

To sink In tba aaa wara. 

Than affahali ta'an her Jawala flno. 
And thoa aha mad* her mean; 

Hn'a moroy on a virgin young, 
I pny yon, gnde Sir John I 

Gut ai( eaat aff, tUr TUj CMrin, 

Your gown and patiieoat; 
For they*n too cotUy, and too fine. 

To lot by the icn rook. 

Take all X bnve my lift to Mve, 

O gade Sir John, I pny ; 
£at It ne'er to eaid yoa killed n mnid, 

Befiwa her wadding day. 

Sfatip air, etilp afr, yoar Holland amook, 
Thafa bordefd wi' the lawn ; 

For it'a too ooetly, and too fine. 
To toee on the aea 1 

O torn yn round, O gnde Sir John, 
Toor baok aboat to me; 

It le not eomeiy ft>r a man 
A naked woman to 1 

Bnt, M Sir John ha tami'd him round* 

She thnw him in the aea; 
Si^, Lye ye then, ye feoM dir John, 

For ye thought to lye wi' me. 

O lye y« then, yv traitor Ikon, 
For ye thought to lye wi' me; 

Although ye atrlpt me to the ekia, 
Tato get your elalM wi' thee. 

Then OB ahe pats her Jewels flna, 
8m eoetly, rieh, and bnve ; 

And then wi' speed she mounta her 
Baa wall'B ahe did tehave. 

This maiden fliir being void of har, 
Tbe steed was swift and free ; 

And she has reaeh'd her fkth«r's houN 
Bafbn tito doek atroak three. 



FInt dM oidl'd tb* ittAk i 

Who was her waiting man} 
As toonl ha baaid hb ladrti word. 

Ha oama wi' oap In ban*. 

WhcN halt tiion ban, ftlr Kay CWfIn ? 

Who owes this dappis gnjf 
It Is a fband ana, shs repUsd, 

That I got on tha iraj« 

Than out It spoaks ths wyllt panot. 

Unto Mr May Oolvin ; 
What hast thou made o' AmH Sbr Johiv 

Ihnt y wont wt* jrsstnon ? 

O hand yoor tongns, my prstty pairo^ 

And talk naa malr or me ; 
For whan jro got as meal a-ta«» 

My panot, yolM ha** thjna. 

Than eat H speaks her fhtbor dear. 
En theehamberwharshelay; 

What alleth thee, my pretty parrot. 
To dint eae lang ore day P 

The oat shs soratdi'd at 119 eago door. 

The thief X oooldna see : 
And I am oalling on May Oolfla, 

To taks the eat ftna 1 

Bat flnt ehe taidd her flUher dear. 
The deed that the had dona ; 

Likewise nnto her mother dear, 
Ooneemlng fkuee Sir John. 

If that be trae, ikir May Oohrin, 

That ye ha'e tanld to me ( 
The morn, ere I eat or drink. 

This (base «r John I'U eee. 

8ae affthey went, wf as ooneont. 
By the dawning o* the day ; 

Until tbey oame to Charleelown aaads. 
And there his oorpee It lay. 

Hb body tall, with that great Ml, 
With waves toesHl to and fro. 

The diamond ring that he had on. 
Was broban in pieoss two>. 

They ba** taken np his oorpea 

TO yonder pleasant green ; 
And then they buried flrase Sir John, 

Fbr tmr ha ahoald be eeen. 

Te tadlee a', whaiavor yon bo. 
That rsad this raonrafkii songi 

I pray yon mtaad on May Oolvta, 
And think oa fluiaa BIr John. 

Aflr thoTfa ta'Mi Us Jowoii 

To keep in memoiy ; 
And sae I and my roonmAil 

["THtsbaIkd,''siyB Dr Perey, "Is tended 
■pon the Mippoeed praetlee of the Jaws In erad- 
Qring or etharwise mofdering Obtbtinn chfldnn, 
oat of hatred to the religion of their poionts: a 
preotlet whleh hatt been always alleged in eaeose 
for the orasltiee oaeraieed npon that wntdied 
people, bat ««lah probably never happened in a 
eingle Instanee. Fer,lfwaeoneldar,on tbeone 
band, theignonnoe and eaperetltlon oT the timoi 
when sneh stories took thair rise, the vlroJent 
pr^ndkee of the monks who record them, and 
Uie eagemees with whkth they would be eatehed 
np by the barterone popolaea as a pr»tenee far 
plunder; on the pther hand, the great danger 
inourrsd by the poipetrators,aad the Inadequate 
notlvoe theyooohl have to amlte tbam to a erirae 
ofso modi horror; we may reaaonably eondude 
the whole charge to be groundlees and malideus. 
The baUad b probably built upon some Italian 
Legend, and bears a great rssemUaaoe to the 
PrioreeHl TUe In Ghauoer : the poet eeems also 
to have had an eye to the known etory of Hugh 
of Unooln, a diUd aaid to have been tfaera mur- 
dered by the Jewe in the reign of Henry III." 

IHflbrent rsadbags of the ballad an glvan In 
dUBtiont ooUeetione, but the variatkme an not 
material. In eome copies the ntie b " Sir Hugh 
or the Jew'e Daughter;" In otbcra, partleulariy 
Mr Jamleeont, who aeeompaniee hb copy by a 
kng and euiioas Intfoduetlon on the state of 
the Jews in the middle agea. It b called " Hugh 
of Lincoln.** We follow hem Motherwell'e ver- 
sloa,as w« oooddar It, on the whob, ths bsst.] 

Tbrvbdat was bravo Rdlowdayf 
And, ^tove all days of the year, 

Theaahoelboye all got leave te ptay. 
And Uttfa air Hugh waa tbssu. 

aomruH BALUkSfl. 



- WUl y* «oaw la aad 4iM ?" 
' I wteM flMW In and I anoa « 
m 1 «rt iteK ten «r anfaM. 




II WW teith red awl i 
Aa fM* H «••» littte Star tta^ 


kist lato tte third 
AaJ ikatiiv«iraiit«^a'. 


iMi yoaag thing •'' Ui lUbk 


» «ii| Ika ttiMe, thkk Mood, 
una oat tha tUa. 

I a«t tte beanto hMltl 
aa aaalrMthla. 

hlat liki a tmtam, 
' Lit y« thin, aiy bonala Bit Ba^ 

Lia fM th«a and ilMp I- 
' him lata tha daip diaw'iNll 



I awajr to lb* dwp dxaw>wdl 



to any tedj la this world, 

"Whtn bdh wart rnnff and 
And areij body wtnt hamo. 

Then •vary lady bad bar Km^ 

Ska voOad her oBKBtia hir aboaly 
And aoi«p aoca did aha waapi 

flha laa away to ttaa Jaw*i oaaUa 
Whan all «ai 

8ha orlaa, «* Boaato air Ho^, O pratljf Or 

I paay yo« apaak to ma t 
If yea apmk to any body to thia mrid* 

I pray yoa apaak to 1 

" Lady Halaii, If ya want yoar aoa, 

I'll taU yoa wbara to amk I 
X«dy Halan, If ya want yaar aea, 

Bali fat tha wdl ma dmp." 

8ha raa away to tha daap di a w-wall. 
And aha Ml down on bar hnm t 

Baying, "Booala Sir Bogh, O pnt^f Sb 
I ptay ya apaak to ma. 

If ya apaak to any body la fha world, 
I pcay ya apmk to ma." 

**Ohl tha laadltiawoDdrotialiaavy,mothar, 

Tha waD It la wondroat daap. 
The little panknUb etieks to my Oueat, 

Aad I downa to ya ^aak. 

" But lift ma oat e* thia deep draw-wan, 
Aad baiy me la yoa choreh-yeidi 

Pat a Mble at my head, he aeya. 
And a teatomeut at my fcei, 

Aad pea and iak atareiy tU», 
Aad 111 Ua itlU aad aleep. 

** Aad go to tha ba^ of XaHlaad 
Bring me my winding abcat; 

For Ifa at the baok of Maltlaad towa. 
That yoa aad I ihall 

O the broom, the boaala, boaala 
The broom that aiakca AiU 

A woanaa'a many to veiy little. 
Baft a num*k merey to 



Kit iKsrtsr* 

[Mosnv Bidlad^-JAJnt HoM.] 

" Oa when bavt yoa hmn, boaato Maikr Said, 
Fpr roooy « long nifhi and day ? 

I have latM'd y Mir, at tha Waaloek^lMad, 
And tha cava o' tha Lottthar bnMb 

" Oar fHanda ara waning tet awnj* 
Balth fraa tha cliff and tha wood; 

Thajr ara taaring them fraa «• Ilka day t 
Kor thaia'a aaathing wUl plaaaa but blood. 

"And, O bonnia Mailay, I mana now 

Ol'a >oar heart moaUa paio. 
Far your bridagroom U a-mlaaing too* 

And 'tto ter'd that ha k ta^aa. 

** Wa hava aooght tha oavaa o' tha Entaddn, 
And tha dana o' tha OaUyboogh, 

And a' tha bowaa o' tha Oanna linn; 
And wa wot not what to do." 

** Dlapel your feara» good Xa^oay ladag. 

And hopa all fbr tha boat, 
Vor tha aarranta of Ood will find a plaoa, 

Thair waaiy haada to raat. 

** Tbara an battar piaeaa» that wa km 

And aaainllar to ba In, 
Than all tha dana of tha Dallybottgh, 

Or howca o' tha Oanna Una. 


** Bat ait thaa down, good Maiiory Lalag, 

And liatan a whila to mm. 
For 1 hava a tala to tall t> yon. 

That will bring you to your kaaat 

" I want to aaak my own daar Jaroaa 
In tha aava o' tha Loothar braa. 

For I bad aoma thinga, that of a' tha worid, 
Ba baat daatrvad to hata. 

*' X bad a habbock In my lap. 

And a tadga o tha Hour aaa ama , 

And a aark 1 had made for hb balrdly ba^ 
Aa white aa tha naw-dri'aa aaaw. 

** I aottght hbn orar hOI and dala, 

SUbotttlng by cava and traa; 
But only tha daU with Ita airy ydl, 

Aa anawar latora'd to i 

" I aooght him ap, and I aooght hla down. 
And aehaaa latara'd hia nama, 

nil the gloAo' diaad ahot to my heart* 
And dlilad throngha* my ftamo, 

<* I eat ma down by tha Btttarfcin, 

And aaw. In a fbarfhl Una, 
Tha tad diageooa eoma ap the path, 

Wl' palaona w alaht or nine t 

*' And <nM of tham waa my 
Tha flower of a* hia Un'; 

And tha blood aa fkaa hb ehlB. 

Ha waa boaad npoa a 
Iduh'd both by hoQgh and havl, 
Aad hla haada ware boand bahlad hla 
Wi' tha thnmfthlna ofataaL 

■' I knaal'd baftifa that aoMler boad. 
In tha fcrroor of inward atn». 

And I lalaad to Heaven my trambllag 
And beard my haabaad'a Ulb. 

" Bat an tha troop langh'd ma to i 
Making my grief their gama t 

And tha captain aald aoroa worda to ma, 

■' And then ha earned oar WUgglah 
With a pnmd aad a aeomftil brow. 

And bada ma look at my huaband'a Ih 
Aad aay how I Uhad him 

** Oh, I Uka hhn waal, fhoa proud eaplain. 
Though tha blood nina to hia knaa. 

And all tha bettor for tha griarooe wronp 
Ha haa aoflta-d thJa day ftaM thaa. 

'* Bat aaa yoa fbal withia yoar heart 

That eomaly youtii toalay? 
For tha hopa yoa have la Heaven, eaptala. 

Let him gang wl' ma away ! 

** Thaa Um eaptaln awora a tmriv oath. 

With loatheo m a Jaat and mock, 
Aat he thought no mom of a WhlggBmora*e 

Thaa tha tUbofaaalaoma brook. [lUk 

" Thaa my poor JaoMa to tha eaptala taD'd, 

Aad ha bagTd balth hard and mlr. 
To hava one kiaa of hia bonnia brida* 



br jwt/ Mid tta proad 

JOB tb* tail to-dajf 
jtn bf Urn «v' 



, my wy bonnlt bridi^* 
bKk to tlM teaki ofKith, 


fhaaka nnMt rare bt glvm, 
I hn* d0iM t»-da|,— 

OD Chs road to hiMvan) 
AottwBl to «ba wiijl* 

BM a partlos look, 
■M fcrfcntlfe, 
tihv ntxVl ^' hit porpla blood, 


V booata Xutef B«ld? 
id not look this day« 


thaono toiBOt 
ibir wiu an refty 

good Maijocy lakigt 
aha liksi tlio bcatl 

a' BBjr fkimda I laa, 
■M np a poTM o' gowd, 
aj jreaag goodmaa: 

** Var I tomrd tho pfdato lowna would 

■y Mr loteat apprava t 
Ite fhey^ do Ar aaalr far the good red gow4» 

thaa thayll do lor Bmma abof«b 

■aa to Edlaboigh town. 
Of aiy iWaiiig tmaare tbIb, 
» hay ay Jamca tnm tba priaon strong, 

" I noght throagh a' tha elty Jails, 

I saoght balth laag and salr ; 
Bat the gaardsmen tam'd me fVae their doors, 

Aad swore that be wae not there. 

" I went away to the trmnt duke, 

Who waa tny love's Judge to b«. 
And I proflhr'd him a' m j yellow store, 

Ifha'd grant his lift to om. 

" He counted the red gowd slowly o'er, 

By twentlca and by tens. 
And said I had taken the only means 

To attain my hopeAil ends. 

' And now,' said he, ' your husband's safe t 
Toa may take this pledge of me : 

And 111 tall you. flUr one, where yell go 
To gain this oertaintye,— 

'Oaag west tba street aad down the Dow, 

And through the market plaoe. 
And there you will meet with a gentUman, 

Ofa tall and oourtaous grace; 

' Ha is eiad In a livety of the green. 

With a plume aboon bis bree. 
And arm'd with a halbert, glittering sheen 

Tour love ha will let you 

" O Vapory, nerar flew Uythaoma bird, 
80 light out throagh the sky, 

Aa I flew up that stately street. 
Weeping ftw Tery Joy. 

" Oh aoTsr flew lamb out o'er the lea. 
When the sun gangs o'er the hill, 

Wr lighter, biyther steps than me. 
Or skipp'd wl' slo goodwill t 

** And aya I bleas'd the prseious on. 
My husband's lilb that wan ; 

And I even bless'd the tyrant duke^ 
For a kind good-hearted man. 

" The odBear I soon ibund out,— 
For he eoold not be mistook . 

Bat in an my life I nsTer beheld 
aie a grim and groosome look. 

" I ask'd him fbr my dear, dear Jamee, 
With throbe of wild delight. 

And begg'd him in his master's name, 
To takp me to bis sight. 




" He aik'd m* for bis tni* addr 

With a ToiM at which I tbook ; 
For I WW that h« waa a emal kaaw, 

By the tarror of his look. 

" I named the name with a teojant T0A09, 

That trembled with eestaqrej 
Bat the eavace bnqr'd <^ hldeooe bingh« 

Then tttm'd and (Tinn'd at me. 

" Re pointed vp to the dtgr walli 

One look henumb'd my eool; 
Fnr there 1 law mj hiubandl bead 

FlxM U|eh npon a polel 

" Hie yellow hair waved In the wind. 

And fhr behind did flee. 
And his rifht hand hang beride hb ohadK,— 

A waeeome tight to see. 

" Hk chin hang down on open space. 

Yet oomely was his brow. 
And his eyne were open to the brsese,— 

There was nana to does them now I 

* What think yon of yoar true lore now?* 

The hldeoos porter said ; 
' Is not that a oomely sight to see, 
Aad sweet to a Wblgglsh maid?' 

* Ob, baud your tongne, ye heartless dave. 

For I downa answer you ; 
Ha was dear, dear to my heart beftxe. 
But nerar sae dear as nowl 

* X see a sight yon eannot see. 

Which man onnnot elBMe; 
I see a lay of beaTenly lore 
Beaming on that dear flkoe. 

' And wed I ken yen bonnle brent braw 

WIU smile In the walks on high. 
And yon yellow hair, all blood-etsinM now. 

Maun wave aboon the sky.' 

" But can ye trow me. If ai^oiy dear ? 

In the might of heavenly graee, 
Thers was never a sigh burst free my heart. 

Nor a tear ran o'er my tuo^ 

" But I blces'd my Ood, who bad thus seen meet 

To take him from my dde, 
To call him home to the courts abore. 

And leave me a virgin bride." 1 

" Aladi. a]«eik, bonnle Mailay BeU, 
That de d^« we ha'ts lived to sea t 

Tor slceaa a cnid and wacfb' tale 
Was never jet beard by mew 

** And all Oils time, I have, tienbllng. 
That your dear wits wars gone; 

For titeie le a Joy In your countenanee, 
WUdi I never aaw beam thereon. 

"Then let us kned with hnmMe hearts, 
' To the Ood whom we revere. 
Who never yet laid that burden on, 
Whldi he gave not stivngth to I 

[FaoH Bodiaa's Ballads of the Vorth, when 
It Is called " Donald of the Idee," but the more 
usual title of the ballad la " Olasgow Piggy."] 

A aomm lad^ bride and gay, 
A handsome youth sae brldi and 

And he Is on to Olasgow town. 
To sisal awa' his bonnle PegST* 

When he came into Olasgow town. 
Upon her fkther's green sae staadyi 

*' Come forth, come forth, old man," he say^ 
*' For I am eome for bonnle : 

Out It spate her fothcr then, 
'* Begone from me, je Highland 

There*e tame In a* the west country 
Dare stsal from me my bonnle Peggy. 

" I've ten young men all ftt my bade, 
That ance to me were baith tree and 

If anoe I call, th^yll soon be nigh. 
And bring to me my bonnle Pvffgy.** 

Out It spake her mother then. 

Dear but she spake wood Yoos saney ; 

Ssjre, " Te mi^ steal my cew or ewe. 
But I'll keep sight o' my ain lassla.* 

" Hold your tongue, old woman," be wi^%, 
" Te think your wit it Is fli' rsady: 

For cow nor ewe I «Ter stde. 
But I wUl steal your bonnla P«ggy.'* 



■DliiBWBCbiybaUlyeuM, A 

«M «■ bfan telth trae and ilfHdy ; 
tb» hmr thqr qaiekir ^nnt. 

tbem as bfa IkBwd tham not| 
tx'd hii cj* on bonnl* Vtggj. 

htt «e kto nllk-wfait* atecd, 
btearf* on h!a gnj aalfie, 
tkaway fbeynda, 
ka^awa' yrV boaaia : 

I «a4 ^t» haHh cow aad ( 
m» wwU I thk tutan pialdia, 
I «aa ftar lata tha north, 

i1* aw agr tnonla Penr.' 

bmnblei ware right 111017, 
Oay iBct tba Zari o* Boma, 

rkUof boanlt. 


t It apafea liha ftmag But Hane, 

Htoan wa&lrai 

«i' a Hlghlaiid IftOdla. 

Wt j« do 9«ak right vandte; 
■at aloid iB a' the nath, 

wl> a Highlaad laddla." 

■«« mllM dmMgh tha north, 
nay hlDa MC rough aad Minggla» 
thay flaaac down to a low glen, 
ha lay dova wV boaaU P«g|7. 

her la hitarnMy 
ia hia tartan plaldk; [heaia, 
an hlaaheti aad theaCi in mj fltthar* 1 
lUaadowa wl'a' Hlghlaadladdiat" 

ara Acap in mjfluhor'a fludd, 
tbdr wool la ttwAj ; 
oar deUa w« pay, 
I ha bat a H%faland huldfa. 

am Mty acmt la ny fttthar't byn, 
all an ty«d to the itakM, aad rudys 
peonda I ha** Ilk year, 
X ha ^ a lllghhuad laddla. 

" If y fcthar haa fll^ wan dMd bona. 

Beiidcs yoar ataed and my gny ajOgbi 
I'm Donald o' the Ida o' Sky, 

Why may not yoo be ca-d a kdy? 

** Sao y» not yon flna eaitlo, 

On yonder hOl that ttands aa gaodla 1 
And then well win thla my night, 

Where yell e^Joy your Highland hddia." 

[Tai* gennlae aampla of die old hamoRwe 
ballad waa taken down fkom the recitation of a 
gentleman in Liddeedale, when it baa long been 
popular. It le hen llxat printed, with tha exeep* 
ttaa of a few OQplea ihr prirate dlitribatton.] 

A wAiu yonng May went op tha itreet. 

Soma white flih fbr to bny ; 
And a bonnie eleiA'e Ik'en in lore wl' her. 

And he^ feUowed her by and by~ 

And hell followed her ^ and by. 

" O when live ye, my bonnie laee, 
I pray thee tell tome; 

Vor gin the nioht wen evor aaa mirk, 
I wad come aad ridt th ee ' 

I wad oome aad TUt thee." 

•* O my feUier ha aya loeba tha door. 

My mither kaapa tha hey; 
And gin ya wen ever ale a wl]y wight. 

Te caana wia la to 1 


wia la to 

Bat tha elerk he had aa true brather, 
Aad a wily wight waa he ; 

And ha haa made a lang ladder 
Waa thirty steps aad three— 

Was thirty sispa aad three. 

Be haa made a desk bat and a I 

A oreel bat and a pin t 
And be^ away to the ehfanIoy*top, 

And ha^ letlcn the bonnie deck la- 

And he's letlen the bonnie dark la. 


TlMMiMwifc,beliigiiotasl««p, 4 "0 IT die IboltUeTi gotten y«. 

Uwid •onwthlng that wm wM. ; 

1 wiah he may keep hb hood; 

" I'U lajr mj Ufc." quo' the ailly aald wUb, 

For a* tha ha lang winter nieht. 

" Thml • mu 1* our doefatcf ■ bad— 

Te'U narar lie in yDw bed- 



TlMMt a man 1' oar doofatVi tad.** 

Tell Bonr lie la your bad." 

Th« auM man ha gat own th« b«d« 

Hale towad h«r np, hat towed her dow% 

ToH« If ttw thing waa truat 

Hat towed her through an* thnm^i 

Bat ahet U'an tha bonnla dark in hcranaa. 

" Oude.aariaV V»o' tha allly aold wUb; 

And oovar^ him owra wl' bta*— 

*' For I'm Jaat dapattia' bow— 



And oorarM him own wl* blMb 

FOr I'm Jnat daparUa* new.- 

*' whan an jagaaa now, fMhar," aha ■]», 

Hat towed her up, he'a towad her dofwn. 

" And when an je gaan ma lata ? 

ne'e gl'en her a lidit down &>, 

Ta*Ta diaturb'd m« in my anning pnjtn. 

Till enry rib i' the aold wilbt aMa 

And but thcj wwa awaat— 

Play'd nlok naak on the i«a'— 



And but Umj wa« awwt.** 

Play'd nick aaek on tha wm'. 


<* ill batlda 7*. lOlj aold wlft. 

the blna, the bonaia, bonnla blua ; ' 

And an HI death maj ja dla t 

And I widi the blue may do weelt 

8ha haa tha muelile bulk in her anna. 

And eniy aald wilb that'B aae Jealooi e'hai 1 

And aha'a pnrin' for 70a and m»— 

doehter, 1 


May aha get a good haatfh I' tha end— 1 

And aha'a pntyin' te yon and ma." 


May aha gat a goda kaaah 1* tha orcd I 

^ ~ ^ 

The aaM wilb being not aakep. 

Then aoroethlng mair waa mid | 

" I'll ta7 my lifr," quo' tha illly aald wUb, 

" Then** a man i' our doehtarH bad- 
Tben'a a man 1' onr doditeri bed.** 


^it ftngel ^Ut%. 

Tha anM wUb aha got own tha bad. 

To ne if the thing waa tme i 
Bat what the wmck toeii thaauM wlftl fit ? 

tUoDWMH Ballad, written by Wuliam Ou- , ' 

For into the area! eha Arw— 

m, of Laagraw, In BoKboighihln, and han ! 


flnt printed.] 

For into the anal *a flaw. 

Thibb wen twaa lonn, loran laal. 

Tha man tiwt waa at tha oUaalaj'tep, 

Twae lenn leal and true ; 

Finding tha enal waa Ai'. 

But they wba lore nalat eamaatly. 

He wnp^t the rape round hla loft aho«th«r. 

Will olt the aaireatnia. 

And fiut to Mm he draw— 


Oh awaet the time thae lorara dear 


Did apand wi' ane another ; 

Whenrer ana 0' them might be, * 

•* help. help, hlnny, now help: 

Than aunly waa tha other. 

help, U hinny, now; 


For Aim that ya ay* wlahed ma to. 

And a* waa fteoh, and a* waa Ihlr, ' 

Bet canTla' me off Juat now— 

Oh Iklr baith e'en and mom : | 


They tboaght to pu' lilbt budding ron. 

Baloanyia'maoffjoatnow.- ^ 

And never find Iti thorn. 





by the 
IB wvcnf 

t]ii0(B may !>•• 

I ■< 


will wt, the Mad will Ewi, 
lovcnnntt fals fltto 
■• tuBcd tp dagr. 



k« lo^ tMMQ «arth and hMTu, 

•mA im«««, «Dd eunthis Mt; 

■ad VMlwd to dm,— 
n earth hai Wm I 

" VaMd. ah dtath, thy griedy ports; 

&im thief, givs bsek my km. 
Ok, it then nooght, that nuui may do« 
; shaD fhy piqr nwvs ^^ 


spehs, a twiakllBg 
the wclkia blae, 
with.* goUea tiain, 

Aad, Wihralag ai it a 
A Urm dhdootd to right, 
flasey doad, 
I ia haavsely Ught. 

' that angtl bos, 
BOW, fir ftdivr grown ; 
ABd hrighter Ikr the ydlow hair, 

ha ! tis dM I my lost ! my lors I 
My Cfe! my bcarcn ! my atll 
Cease to ay anna! I did bat drsam 
Of dsalh, and aabie paU." 

Qt9m •■ar," riM said, " 
«a pnyr caa aaiir bs 

" B««k from my kttios ia tha Ay, 

ini look on thea bslow. 
And dMd the efaolocsc daws of haaTcn 

Upon thy ftvcNd brow. 

*' Sabmit I npant !"— On this, again 

To bsavsn die ■oar'd away. 
" Oh sUy," the ftantio lorer cried, 

" Oh stay, my loved one, stay 1" 

Agate he onrst with firantle xaga 

Tbs wierd he had to draa. 
Again he orled. *' Whoe'er was moeked. 

Or had a Ihu like me?" 

When lol a red and larid atar 
Appraadied to where he stood ; 

The sfaadae of night were dimly lit. 
And tinged with hoe of blood. 

There stood a flgnre pallsd in dond. 
The wiasfc of thander storm. 

And ays by fits the writhing mass 
Dledosed a hslf sesn ftwm. 

The earth did groaa. Saeh lldng thing 

Fled Ihst, and Ha away— 
*' What would yon gi'e to gain your lore. 

Now tdl mo, ahild of day /** 

<* I'd giiB the workl. If It wet* mine. 
Oh mair than e>r was giren t 

I'd gi'e, to ha'e my txua love back, 
Earth's hopes the Joys of beaToa." 

The edio shrank, eao drear the yell 

That bant into her caTcs. 
Twas like a sound to wake tlie dead. 

And rouas them tm» tbsir gmvea. 

The ni^t^lad lake moved in its depths. 
And heaved frae diors to shors. 

And rolled ite flood In one wide wave. 
And gava one MilIeB roar< 


That dread aaearthly ydl has < 

And all again Is still; 
Gone is the fiend, and gone the man 

That woaldaa' bend his wllL 

The lavea croaks above yea glaa* 
And views a mangled prey. 

Then soars aloft, in eager haats. 
And hies him fhst away. 



1Wth«nlMllM,<kB«BtJacftdi«d(i, A 

Tbat leit--m|[||akM on*. [i 

Ike mothar, oa whon braut h* laj> 
Klf ht fcfl to know teri 

9I)e StotoncD Hobetst. 

[Fbok Mr Booluui*! BalUda. A hwgmmi of 
thb iMOTtoualy appeuvd In Mr JamiMoa'i oel> 
ketlen, nndw Um titte of ** Willi* Mid Majr 
MAipunt.'* TlM cfttMtroptM of thk nkk bat 
potlMtie balUd, it will to hmi, it bronsht About 
thTCfogh maani simUar to tho« sMd in " Fair 
Annte of ZiOoluTan"— tb« dcoaptlon, n«m«ij, of 
a mothw aaswvlag In tto toIm of a ktfor.j 

Wiixn ttaadi In Ut itoblo door. 

And olapplnc at hit oIomI ; 
And looUnt o'or hit white flag ort. 


** Ol'o oom to my hotM, moChor, 
And moat to mjr jrounf man ; 

And III awn' to Moggio'i bowor. 
Ml win «« iho U* down." 

" O bUo thk n)«ht wl* mo, WUllt, 
O Mdo this night wl* mo; 

The b«rt an' eoek o^ a* tho raott 
At TOOT ■qwtfT shall bo." 

"A' Tonr oooks, and a* jroar rsss l s, 

Tot 111 awa' to M^gto's bowor, 

I'U win on shs Us down.- 

*' Stay this night wl* nt, Wllllo, 

stay this night wl' mo; 
Ths bsst an' abosp in a* tha flodi 

At yoor sappor shall to." 

" A* jovr shasp, and a' yoor flo^s, 

1 valos not a prin ; 

Vor I'U awa* to Haggis's bowor, 
in win ors shs Uo down." 

** O an' ys gang to Mc«gls'k bowor, 
das salr against my will ; 

Ths dsi p as t pot in Clyds's watsr, 
ilj nallson ys*s tmL 

"Ths gold stssd that I rids apon. 
Cost AM thrlo* thrstty ponnd ; 

And I'll pat tnnt in his swift ftot. 
To ha^ BM safe to land." 

As hs lado owor yon high, hi^ hUl, 
And down yon dowls don, 

Ths noiss that was In Oydo's ' 

" O roariag Oyds, y* toar owor load, 
Toar stnams sssm woodloas strong. 

If aks no yoor wrsok as I 
Bat van mo aa I gMV*" 

ho Is onto Hoggish 
■'O sloop ySfWaksys, 


t wnuo, 


That oalls mo by my 

This night nowly 

'*I ha-o ftfw lofors thorooal* thonoat. 

As bw ha's I therein i 
Tho boat an* Iot* that cror I had. 

Was hofojost Uto ; 

stahis in a' yoor stabioa^ 
VOr my poir stood to stand ; 

Tto waratan tower la a' yoor howsrs, 
Ttar mo to Us thoroln I 

My boota an fh' o' Clydo^ w^tor, 
I'm shlvorlag at tho ohln." 

"My baras an fti' o* oon. Wnilo, 
My stablos an fU' o' hay i 

My bowon an fh' o* gontlomon, 
ThoyU nao nmon tiU day." 

" O fluo^fvwoU, my ban M*g|io« 

O brswoU, and adion{ 
I'n gotten my mitlisr^ malisea. 

This night ooming to yoa." 

As to rods owor yoa high, Ugh hlU, 
And down yon dowlo don ; 

Tto mshing ttot was In Clyds's 
Took WlUio'Ooano fkao him. 

I'd hhn ower hta saddls bow. 
To catoh his cans again { 
Tto rushing ttot was in ClydoU water. 
Took WlUioli hat ^•o him. 



i« Mb •«« Ilk Mddk tow, 
hte hat tiaoogb fccea ; 
ha* WM IB GlTdaH mttf , 


Tyt^ maa, will j« drown ? 
y* to yoar UbIi horn bMd, 



•fllB^ hB9 POV ^Bift dtC^k 


I, My mtthir 


lltUfll iBa'* 

law wai at oar yalHy 



^' Blip OMt dM stqVd In, 
■ppad to tha quart; 


■to fot OTtot WUUi to. 

*'T«B-«« to4 a arad mlttor, WQUa, 
I tota tod aaftber: 
I «a diall riMp to Clyda^ watw. 


Sit S(Aniei( tie iKoiie. 

[Tn pnmmt oopy «f tto original ballad ol 
Mr JaaiM tto Rom la ghraa diiaOy firam oml f 
dtatioii, oompand with MoCtorwall's and othar 
vankni.— *' This old north ooaatiy ballad," layi 
Motfaarwdl, " which appean to to ftmnded on 
tet, to wtU known to almoit araiy eoracr of 
Bootlaad. FtokartOD printad It to hla Tmglo 
BaUada, 1781, 'ftoin,' a* to tajn, 'a modani 
•dithm to on* ihaat Umo, altar tto old oopy.' 
notwithstanding this reteaoot to authority, tto 
ballad oartdnlynoolrad a fliw ooiOcotaral amaB* 
datloni from hb own pani at laa«t» tto proMnt 
vaalon, wfaloh to giren aa It oooan to caily stall 
prints, and as It to to to obtatosd from tto raol- 
tattoos of elderly psopto, does not axaetly oor- 
Nqioad with his. Two medsm ballads tovs 
sprang oat of thto old ono, namdy. Sir Jamca 
tto Boos, and XlMda and Sir James of Perth. 
rtoflntoT ttoaa haaU to tova been written hy 
If tohaal Bnioe ; tto later to an anonymoos pro- 
dnetion, and has fband Ito way toto Evans* Col- 
leotioa— vU« YoL lY. JUto. 1810. It might to 
enrioos to assertaln whieh of ttose moamftil 
ditttos to tto sanior, wars It Ibr nothing eto 
than perfretly to ei^oy tto eool tanpadenoe with 
whloh tto gfseihai yeongster hae appropriated 
to llidf, without thanks or aoknowledgment, all 
tto tost thtogs whieh ooear in tto other."] 

O ■■Ann ys o* Sto James tto Bess, 
Tto yoong heir o' Bulekhan ? 

For to has killed a gallant oiiulre, 
WhasB Mands are oat to tak' hha 

Vow tons gana to tto hoose of Mar, 
Whar tto noorlee was hto toman; 

To ssek hto dear to dkl repair, 
W esntog sto might btfrtond hhn. 

"Whaia are ye gaon. Sir Jamas?** sto 


** Or wharawa arc ys riding ?" 
"Oh, I am bound to a fbralgn knd. 
And BOW Ita nndsr hidtog 

•* Wtor saUI gaa, whar laU X rin, 
Whar salll rin to stay me ? 

IW I to'e klll'd a gallant sqaire, 
ABd hto friends ttoy seek to stoy 



Ogmtf down to foo ala-booMj 

V BM_ f^ w«r.<.. ..> /'<r. -~ — 

i Mil pajr thera jonr lawln' i 
▲nd M I am jroor Imiiaii trait, 
111 soMt )Poa ftt tlM dawin'." 

** I'n no go down to job alo-hooM 

For yoa to paj my fararln*) 
Th«ra'i forty ibilllati for on* lapiMr, 

101 rtay inl tm Um dawla'." 

H« tamad hlin rieht and nraad aboutt 
And rewad him In hii bradiaB ; 

And laU him down to tak* a daep, 
In tha lawlanda o' BoUehaa. 

Ha haa mi wad gana oat o' aigfal;, 
Nor was ha pait MUatrethan, 

Whan Ibnr-andHwanty balllt katahta 
Oam' riding owar the Lathan. 

** O ha'e ys aecn Hr Jamca tha Boaa, 
Tha young habr o^ Balaiehaa ? 

Tot ha haa killed a gallant aqolra. 
And «• are aant to lak* him." 

" Taa. I ha'a aaan ffir Jaoiaa," aha aald i 
" Ha paaaed by hara on Monday; 

Oin tha steed be awtft that ha (idea on, 
Hc'B paat the haiehta o* Lnndia." 

But aa wl* apead they roda awny, 
Bha loudly cried behind them, 

*' Oln ye'U ^'e me a worthy maed, 
X'U taU ye whar to find him/" 

" O toll, ftdr maid, and, on oor band, 
Te'aa g«t hia puraa and bnefaan." 

" Ha^ in the Lank abona the mill. 
In the landa o' Buleichan. 

" Te moat not a-waka him oat ot Bleep, 
Vor In the least aflrlght him { 

But through Us heart yell mn n dart. 
And through the body pleroe him." 

They aought the bank abune tha mill. 
In tha lowlanda of Buleiohan, 

And there they found Sir Jamea tha Boaa, 
lying deeping in hia braohan. 

• Another nmiutg— 

M thcjr nxM cm mui ftftcr man. 

Then the eried oat beUod ibtait 
•' If yoa do aeek Sir JaoaM Uui Bom, 

I'Utaayoa«rk«nyMi11ABd[ ' 


Then eat and apak* Hr John tha Ohbom, 
Whn had tha charge n-kaeplng, 

" It*e na'ar be aald, my atalwart fcna. 
We UUed him whan »-alaapfaig." 

They aaiaed hia broadswoid and hb targp. 
And ekiaely him annonndad j 

And «4ian he wakened out of elcep, 
Hli eenaaa wan ooafo«ad«d.t 

O paiden, pardon, gcotlemen~> 
HaTa mer^ now upon ma." 
'* Bio as ya gaa, ale ye aall ha'e, 
And so wa fhll upon thee." 

** Donald, my man, wait tUl I h'. 

And ye sail get my hreehan i 
Tell get my puise, though ta' o' fowd, 

TO tak' me to Iiooh I<agmn.* 

Qyna ttsgr tocA out hie btoading heart. 

And set it on a Bpeir; 
Than took it to tha honea o' Mar, 

And ahoWd to his ddr. 

** Wa ooaldan gtia ya Sir Jamea^ 
Kor yet aould wa hia bnehan ; 

Bnt ya aall ha'<a hie bleeding heart. 
Bat and his bloody tartan." 

" Sir Jamea tha BfOaa, oh, for thy mke. 
My heart la now a-braaJdng ; 

Cuned be tha day I wroebt thy wa«, 
Thoa bniTa hdr o" Wulelehan I" 

Bat where die want waa neaer kentf 
And 80, to and tha matter, 

A traitor^ and you may depend 
Can nerer be no batter. 

t A nirther retifing 

Thaj Mrfaed hia brddaward and his ta>K% 
Aad cIomIj bin MrrosMled i 

" O meitgr, mercy, |«atlaiaea I** 
He Umb Ai' loudty aouaded. 

'• Ble u ye gaa, ale ye uQ ha'et 
Oa natUag lew we re^oa." 

Then up she nae, and forth dM 
And, in that hear o' teln. 

She waaderad to the dowie glen. 
And never mair waa aaen. 



an JAXS8 THK S08S. 

ballM hMld to 
bf XicHAn Bsucs, (bora 







M th* taftid ftr, 
a Um movntato'B brow { 
tf^w Us dMNildMS broad. 



ta Uoedj Ighi «hfte had he ilood, 




, laag dM raltaMd, 


tohSn hwimln hfBarty 



«■ a haak b«tdo a bom. 

Concealed amenf the anderwoad, 

Tbt eraf^ Donald la^, 
Tha brottwr of Sir John tha Giaama ; 

To haar what thajr would lajr. 


Tour paadoB d]a4>pro«H, 
And blda UM wad Sir John the Oi 
So hare must end oar lovae. 

'My Ilia 

«■ My Ihthar^ wfll niMt be obeyed ( 
Koeht booto BM to wtthitandt 

Some flUrer nald» In baaaty's bloom, 
Hoat bleat thee with hi 

" Matilda ooan ehaO be fotiot. 
And from thy mind eflboedi 

Bat may that happiacai be thine, 

"What do I bear? la fhla thgr tow ?• 

Sir Jamee the Roee replied : 
** And wiU Matlld* wed the Graeme, 

Thoogh awom to be my brUe ? 

*' Hie swocd than Boonar plerea my heart 
Than reave me of thy oharma." 

Then olaaped her to hie beating breast, 
Fkst loek'd into his ama. 

" X epahe to tiy thy laife," she aidd : 
- I'll ne^ wed man bat thee: 

My gimveihaU be my bridal bed. 
Bie Qraame my hoabaad be. 

** TUte then, dear youth, this lUthfld ki«. 

In witnesi of iny troth i 
And every piagna beoeme my lot. 

That day Z break mj oathl" 

They parted thaei the eon was sett 

Up haaty Deoald fllea : 
And. " Tom thee, torn thee, beardlcas yonthl" 
He loud lasaltlag ( 

Soon torn'd about the fearieu ehlaf. 
And Boon his swgnl he drew: 

For Donald's blade, before his breas^ 
Bad piareed his tortaas through. 

** This ftv my brother^ slighted Io*at 
Ule wrongs tit on my arm." 

Three paeee beak the youth letlred. 
And saved himself from harm. 


B«tanli«nrift,htohindh«*Mnd, \ 

FfM Dooaldl hMMl abo««, 
And thnmgh th* btmln mad enditeg boaai 

Hla ihAip-edgad waapon dfov*. 

" For h* hath data Bb DeaaM Onamo, 

Hla blood la on hla awordi 
And fef, fer diatant are hla man. 

That ahoold aaalat their lord." 

H« itMSvrinc nd«d, tfara tambM down, 

▲ iDinp of brMthlMi day i 
" Bo 1U1 my ftM !" qtioth vallMt Bom, 

And tUttlj ■trodi away. 

*' And baa he daln my brother dear ?" 
The ftariooa Graeme repliea : 

** DIahoooar blaat my name, bat he 
B|y me, era aoralag, dlaal 

Thmf h tho grwn-wMd h« qokkly hM, 

Uste Lord Boehuil ball ; 
And at Matilda'* window iteod. 

And that bagan to oall : 

" Tril mo whan h Bir JaoNi the Boaat 

I will thee well reward." 
" Be akopa IntoXotd Boehaaii park ; 

Matilda la hla gnard." 

" Art thoo adaep. Matilda imrf 
Awake, my lovo, awakftl 

Thy lueklcM loror on thoe oalli, 

They apnted their ataeda In ftutooa maed. 

And Booared along the lee; 
They rmohod Lord Bu^aa'a lolly towcce. 

By dawning of the day. 

For I bay* daln florea Donald Oraanta; 

Hla bleed la on my aword t 
And diatant an my Ibltbftil men. 

Vor oaa aaalat tbalr lord. 

Matilda ateed withont the gala; 

To whom the Gineme did my, 
•*8fcw ye Sir Jamcethe Boee laat night? 

Or did ha pam thia wv ?" 


To Bkyc 111 now dlraet my way, 

Wbara my two brotban Uda, 
And ralaa tba rallant oTtba Xaka, 

To oombat on my aid*." 

** laat day, at noon.- Matilda aaid, 
" Sir Jamae the Boae paaaed by: 

He (taiiooa pricked hla awealy ateed. 
And onwaid feet did hla. 

*' do not ao," tb* maU rapUaa; 

*' With me tni morning etay ; 
For dark and dreary U the night. 

And dangeroua the way. 

"Qy thh he ta at Bdteborgh, 
Ifborae and man hold good.** 

«« Tear page, then, lied, who aald he wna 
Now deeping In the wood." 

AH night 111 watch yon In the park* 
My lUtbftU page IH aand, 

To ma and raiae the Boai'a elan, 
Tbalr maatcr to defend." 

Bha wranghor haBda,aadtom bar hair 
** Brave Boee, thoa art betiayed ( 

And nined by thoee mean*," ahe erled, 
" Trom wbMMse I hoped thine aid t" 

Beneath a btuh be laid bhn down. 

While, trembling fbr her lover'i fiite. 
At dietanoo atood tbo maid. 

^y thia the vallaat knight awoke { 
The Tirgln-B dirieka he beard ; 

And np he nee and drew hla awmd. 
When the fleree band appeand. 

Bwia mn the page o'er hill and dale. 

Till, In a lonely glen. 
He met the fbrioaa Sir John Oname, 

With twenty of hla men. 

** Toor owert hot night my brother daw 1 

Hla blood yet dime Ita ahlne i 
And, en the aetting of the eun, 

Toor blood ahall nek on mine.** 

** Where go*et then, lltU* page ?" ha aald i 
" Bo bite who dU thee aend?- 

*' I go to raiae the Boea'i cten. 
Their maatar to defend i 

Ton word It weD," the ohlef npUed ; 
'* Bat deede iqtpnm the man : 
8M by yoor band, and, hand to band. 
Well try what valoor can. 





IB frMt of FloddeBHUId, 






▲ad picRM him fai tha itte: 
i«ili« em* tbt pupk tlda, 

t j«t kk ■mid qoat net Ih* gilp^ 
If «r dnpi bt Id tht gnnnd, 
TB thi«a«k hh MMori hwrt hk 

Uhi • tPM irlth wlad onvthrofira, 
IVn knaChlMi OB tbt dajt 

hlin MBk Uh Bom^ 
Aad Mataad dftaif bj. 

Md XBlOdB m« hhB Ml t 
-* Oh, apan hb lUb r Ab «iM ; 

lord BoehBBlidaaabtertaisUslift} 

Ba mind hii 4aBth-«lo«id ayM, 

OB tho wMplag BiaM, 

** IB VBiB XBlOdB b««i «hB lUb, 

B^ «Mth^ am« dnM I 
Mj IBM ii TB B adl t B, my lo*«"— 

n* •word, y«C wana, flran hli Ml rido 
With ftaatte haad ah* dx«w: 

«I coma, nr Jamm dw Bom/' dM 
" X ooma •» fcOow JOB r 





'Eit iKtxmatt} of <&Mof»&ii. 

CXeiwBM BhUad.— Amur OomnmaAa.— 
From Qromdtl " BmbbIbs oT HlthMlala and 
Galloway Boofb** mO.] 

Taxaat amaid haa Mi o* tha grtaa mtnadd*, 

Tha* km laag 7«an aad mair; 
And, CTciy flnt aloht o' tha bow m«no, 

Bho hamaa har yallow hair. 

And Mjf, whQo aha ahada tha fallow barnlag 

Vta' awolt dM ifaWi aad hia { 
Tin tha Aklraat Mfd ia «h« j 
la ehanaad wi' hi 

Bat wha o'er Uatana to that awaat mof , 

Or gaaga tho Mr dama ta, 
Bo^ haan tha aang o* tha lark agala. 

Nor waakeaa an aarthUa a'o. 

It Ml In ahoBt tha awMt aarnmor month, 

1' tha flnt ooma o' tha maaa. 
That aha mi o' tha tap o' a aca»woad took, 

A-hamiag har allk loeka doaa. 

Har karao waa oP tha whltalj paari. 

Bar hand Uho n«w>won milk; 
Hor boaom waa Ilka tha aaawy aurd. 

In a aat o' aaa gi'ma allk. 

SBm kamod har lecha owar har whlta ahooMcn, 

A flaaea taalth wtda aad long; 
And, Uka ilnglat aha abad Am* her browa, 

aha raiaad a llehtaoma aaag. 

I' tha vaay flrat mt o* that awaat I 

Tha Urda Ibrheod thair yoang, 
And thay flew 1' tho gate o' tha grey howlat, 

Ito llatan to tho I 

I' the aaeond lUt o' that awaot mag, 
O' ewao t na a a It waa aaa Ai', 

The tod lap np owar oar fkaU-diko, 

r tha wiy thbdUlto' thatawMtaaag, 
Bed lowed tho new-woho moon i 

The etan dnpplt blade on the fallow gowaa 
flax mikaroaad that aaaldaa. (tap. 



** I ta»io dwolt on the NIth/' qaoth th« joang t 
'* ThM tw«nt7 ytan and thm ; [Cowohill, 

Bat t)M ■wecttt wng I ever heard 
OomM throng tha gnanwood to ma. 

** 0« li it a voice tnm twa carthlla Up*, 

That maki lio mdody ? 
It wad wyto the lark frme the monilng Uft, 

And weal majr it wyle me !" 

" I draamed a dnai; dzeam, matter, 

Whilk X am rad 7« rede{ 
I dreamed j« kleeed a pair o* iireet llpe. 

That drappod o' red heart'e-bludc." 

" Ooma, hand mj eteed, je UtUa foot-page. 

Shod wl' the red gowd roan' ; 
TUl I kiee the Upe whllk elng eaa eweet:** 

And llehtUe lap he dooa. 

'* Ela naa the ringer^ Upe, matter, 

Kim nae the lingerl chin ; 
Toaeh nae her hand," quoth the little fbot- 

" If ekalthleee hame ye wad win. [page, 

" O, wha will elt in yoar toom eaddle, 

O wha wUl bralk your gluve ; 
And wha will fkald your erled bride 

In the klndUe daepe & lava?" 

He took air hie hat, a' gowd 1* the rim. 

Knot wl' a eiller ban' ; 
He eecmcd a' in Iowa wltii hia gowd ndment, 

Ae through tha givenwood ha ran. 

" Tha cummer dew tk% eaft, (klr maid, 

Aneath tha eiller mune ; 
But aerie to thy eeat 1' the rook, 

Waehed wi* the white ee 

" Come, waeh ma wl' thy IlUe-whlte hand. 

Below and 'boon the knee : 
And 1 '11 kame thao llnke o' y«llow bamlng gowd, 

Aboon thy bounle bloa e^a. 

" How raela are thy parting Upe, 

How Ulle-whlte thy ekin • 
And, weel I wat, thaa ktoeing tea 

Wad tampt a eeint to ein !" 

" Tak' aff thaa ban and boba o' 
Wl' thy gared doublet flnat 

And tfaiaw me aff thy green maatla, 
LeaM wl* the eUler twine. 

"And a* In eoarteela, fldr kahiht, 
A maiden*! mind to win: 

The gowd ladng o' thrgreea waada 
Wad harm her UUe skin." 

Byna oabt ha aff hto green mantle. 

Hemmed wl' the red gowd ronni 
Hie eoeUy doublet cuiet ha aff, 

Wl' red gowd flowered dova. 

" ITow yamaan hame my yellow hair, 
Doon wl* my poarlia kamaj 

Then rowa ma In thy green mantle, 
And tak' m 

" But fln* eoma tak* me *neath tha «hiai 
And, qma, eoma kite my cheek t 

And e pw ad my hanks o' watery hair, 
I' the aaw-mooB beam to dreep.** 

8ae flnt he Uned her dimpled chin. 

Byne Uaed her roele dieek} 
And lang ha wooed her wUUng Upe, 

LUn heather-hlnala sweHI 

*' O If yatl oooM to bonnle OowdUll, 

'Maog primroee banks to woo, 
I'U wash thae Uk day 1' tha new-milked milk. 

And bind wi* gowd your brou. 

" And, a' for a drink o* tha dear water. 

Te'B< ha'a tha rosie wine; 
And, a* for the watar-UUe white, 

Tete ha'e thaa ansae o' mine]** 

" Bat what will she say, your bonale young 
Busked wl' tha siUer line t f brida. 

When the rich UeMa ye koeplt for her Upa, 
Are laft wl' tows on mine?" 

He took his Ups fraa her red-niee mou', 
Hto arm frna her waist saa eraa'i 

" Sweet m^den. I'm In bridal qwed— 
It's time I wars awa*. 

" O gl^s me a token o' lave, sweet may, 

A Idl luve token true:" 
She cr ap ped a lock o' her yellow hair. 

And knotted it round hto broo. 

"Oh, tie It nae saa itndt, sweet m«y. 

But wl' luvet roes-knot kynda 
Hy held to fo* O' burning pain ; 

Oh* mA ye maaa It bind." 



ITb wkte taxafld a* o^ tibi nd<ttMe bos, 

"WV diap* o^ bhidto swhU; 
A»d h* Wd Ui haul iMng the watar UHm - 

* flwMt naldn, I maan ■iMp." 

ate ^ad M Dnk oP her wat yvOow hair, 

AbuM Ui banins btw; 
Abms bli eoittag baflht lorln. 

Ska kaotlBd kantlM tinea. 

ha wa«ad e««r hlabiow tha white UUa, 
^ri' witeb-kmoti naa than nlna . 

' GIf y» nwe Kvan tinaa bridagnon owar> 
Thita Biekt y thall ba mJaa." 

O twiaa ba tamad hb alaklnc faaad. 

And tmlea ba UAad bit ^91 
O tariea ba aodit ta lift iba Unka 

e,a«MtkBkbti joar younf bridawaitat 
▲»d deotta bar ale will won ; 
Aad wirttta looha at tba Ulla-whlta abaata. 

aprionad tha broldarad ailk 
About her white hauaa bane ; 

pnnedy pettleoat la on, 
Wi' gowd can stand iti lane. 

Ha fttetlla, alowlle tamed bto ehedt, 

Aad ba atravato lewaa tJw wltebing haada 

toak die up b!a graan maaflai 
Of lowing gowd the ham } 

ha op hJa aUkm cap, 
die tbnw them wl' bar liUe hand 

faa aoefc the brida-rlng ftae hb flagar, 

Aad threw it bl tha aca; 
' llkat band diaU nenae aaa other ilng 

Bat wi* tha wfl] o* nta." 

e tealdod bin In her lllie anna. 
Awl lift her pearBe heme: 

ttej lodes trailed ower the Hind, 
Aa aba took tha white aaa-: 

•the bin, 
Aad Bdat the lofaUar moon ; 
Wbila tha baastaaoi bride o^ OaUowa* 
bl|tba Wdegrooaa. 


LjrthOa aba aang, whOa tha new mane i 

BIjthe aa a yoang bryda may. 
When the new mane Uebta her lamp o* lava, 

Aad blinka tha bfyda away. 

" mthadala, thon ait a gay gaidan, 

Wl' monla a wlnaoma floolr; 
Bat the prinealleat roea In that gay garden 

Kaan bloaaom la my boalr. 

"And I will keep tha drapplng dew 

Fraa my red reee'a tap; 
And tha balmy biota o* Uka leaf 

I'll keep them drap by dxap. 
And I will waab my white boaom 

A* wl* thia beaTanly aap." 

And aya aha aawed her aUkan anood. 

And aang a bridal nag; 
Bat aft the taara drapt ftaa her n't, 

Aibra the grey mora earn'. 

The aaa lowed raddle Inang the dew. 

Baa thick oa baak and tree ; 
The ploogh-bcqr wbiatled at hie darg. 

The milk-maid answered hie ; 
Bat the lovelle bfyde o* Oallowa' 

Bat wi' a wat-abod a'e. 

nk breath <f wind "mang tha fbraat leavaa 
She heard tha bridegroom's tongue ; 

And aha heard the biydal-ooming lilt. 
In every bird that aong. 

She aat high on the tap tower ataaei 

Kae waiting may wai there ; 
She lowaed the gowd boak ftae her bnlat. 

The kame fkae *mang her hair; 
She wyplt the taar-blobe frae her e'e. 

And looUt lang and aalr! 

Flrrt Mng to her the blythe wee blrd« 

Fraa aff the hawthorn green : 
" Iiowie oat the lore-earls frae yoar hair. 

Ye pfadtad aaa weal ycatreen." 

And the speckled wood-lark, firaa "nang tha 
O' heaven, came ringing dona ; f dada 

"Tak* oat thaa brida-knota ftna yoor bair. 
And 1st the locka hang down." 

** Oomo, byda wl' ma, ye pair o^ awaat birda. 

Gome doaa aad hide wi' ma; 
Ta aanpaoklee* the bnad, aad dflak o* tba 

Aad gowd yoar cage aall be." larta^ 


SiN tald the bridtmlw iMtb hi 

And qriM bdew her fc«t: 
A nd lidd her doun 't«««n the Ulto^Uto 

And MMindly did ehe etep ! 

It «u In the mid hoar o' the Bkht, 

Her dUerbeU did ring: 
And eottBt •• If nae eexthlle hand 

Had poa'd the ellken etrliif. 

There wn a eheek toaehed ttnt lad je'e, 

Ghnld ae the nafUe etane ; 
And a hand, eauid ae the diUUac anow, 

Wae laid on her brelet-baae. 

'* 0, eauld b thj hand, my dear WUItop 
O, eattld, oauld ie thy check i 

And wring tluM loeka o' yellow hair, 
Frae whleh the caald drape dnlp." 

**0, eeek another biyJ e tt oom, Xarle, 
On thae boeom Ikulde to eleep ; 

If y bryde la the yellow water-lUle, 
lu kavee my bridal aheet'** 

[7iaer printed la Beotfi Border Mlnebrelqr* 
—" Thli ballad," mye Sir Walter, "hae been 
popular In many parte of teotlaad. It ie chiefly 
given from Un Brown of Falkiaadli MM.— 
The eaprewlon, 

* Th« boy surtd wild like a gnj ffOM hewk,* 


A King 

etrongly reeamblee that In Hardyknute, 

* Vonm •*«« like gnj goat hawk •tar«d wiM,* 

a dreametaaoa whidk led the editor to make the 
etrictcet inquiry Into the authenticity of the 
Bong. Bat erciy doubt wae remored by the evl- 
d«noe of a lady of high rank, who not only recol- 
lected the balled, ae having aroueed her in in- 
fluiey, but could repeat many of the verwe : par- 
tieularty thoee beantifUl etaneae from the ilOth to 
the S5th. The editor ie thercibre compelled to 
Ixlieve, that the anthor of Hardyknute copied 
the old ballad: if the eoinoidenee be not altoge- 
ther aeeidcnteL**— It li not unlikely but that the 
authoraei «f Hardykattte (Last Wajlblaw) aleo 
wrote Fanee Poodiage. 

ter, '* petty 


and king Weeter, sMBtioBei te 
, *' wcte probably,- eaye Oir Wal- 
prineee of Korthnmberiaad and 
la the Complaynt of Beothmd, 
ie meotioaed, nnder the 
title, ' Hew the king of XetmnrelaDd married 
the klngH daoghter of Weetmorelaad,' which 
may pceeihiy be the original of the beautUbl Ie 
gend of King btmere, la the Beliqnee ot An 
dent KagUih Poc^, voL I. pw 61. 4th edit 
From thia It may be eei^Jeetnrad, with aome 4e 
gree of plaaetbillty. that the independent king 
dome of the eaet and weat ooaet were, at an early 
period, thoa denominated, aceordiag to the 
Saxon mode of naming distriete from their rela- 
tive poeitkme, aa Xaaea, Weewx, Bnaaea. Bat 
the geography of the metrical romancce eeta all 
ayatem at deflaiwe ; and in aomeof theee, aa Cla- 
riodaa and Melladee, Xetroureland andeabtedly 
eigniflee the land of the Eatcrlinga, or the Fle- 
miah prorineee at which veeapla arrived la three 
daya from England, and to whidi they are re- 
preeented ae espoitlng wooL— Tide Notee on the 
Tale of Kempton. On thie eultfeet (eootlnace 
Sir Walter) I have, ataoe puhUeation of the flrat 
edition, been hvoared with the Mlowtng re- 
marka by Mr Bltaon, in oppoaltion to the opinion 
I above ezpraaMd :— * Eatmureland and Weet- 
I mareland have no eort of relation to Vorthuro- 
I beriand aad Weetmorelaad. The Ibrmer wae 
Bvver oalled Baetmoreland. nor were there ever 
any kiaga of Weetmorelaad s unleea we admit 
the authorily of aa old i^yma, dbad by Uaher .— 

I Hera the kin^ Weatater 

I Blew tb« k\ag Hathtnxcr. 

'*'Thei« U, likevrlae, a "king Xatmora, of 
8paln," la one of Pevcya ballade. 

" ' In the old metrical romaaee of Kyng Horn, 
or Horn Child, we find both Weekneeaa and Eet- 
naaaa; and it la aomewhat aingular, that two 
plaoea, ao oalled, actually exiat In Yorioritire at 
thIe day. Bat mtu, in that quarter, la the name 
given to an inlet fhitn a river. There h, how- 
ever, great eonitaehm in thia poem, aa Horn ia 
called king aomeUmca of one country, and a«)me- 
tlmce of the other. In the French original, 
Weetlr ia aaid to have been the old name of 
nirland, or Ireland ; which, ocoaaionally nt Icaat, 
U called Weetneeaa, In the tranalatlon, in which 
Brttain ia named Budene ; hut here, again, it ia 
Inooneiatent and eonftned. 

•" It ia. at any rate, highly probable, that the 
etoi7, dted ia the Oomplayat of Seotlaad, wae a 



lUr, tkat bImafcUad ud Wcit- 
•oU thn« iMMi XttBlaad aad In- 
I tt to poatbl* tlMtao otbir faMtaoM 
i of thcM two naiDM ooeaxrlng with 


I I 


A» 1 kavt bwid than Ml, 
Vmta tlM Mbki of tlM bad 

Aad kavila than W.w«««. j 

Iwflls them aiBABg^ 
ic kin tha kias. 

O aoot mU f«A, and miim mM aaj, 

flMir mnli dU not agm ; 
TIB up and got hfaa FkoM Foodcaf* 





rang, and 

Um, FaoM Veodzaf*, 

povtar lo his lodffB, 
aad «aid did hMp. 



aa doer ho did aokid. 
It him bahlnd. 

* AvCb.— Lota. Beth weida originally mtant 
aely a perHoa, or tharo of maj thing.— Legm 
Barvoram, eafk. W, da fet. cat* or kavlL Statata 
GUda, cap. M. Wallaa cmat lanam, Ace nU 
tecfik cettteter Gildia, Ac. Kaqnc W nequa 
aUqoo e o ufca lia noctro. la 
I lawvy W and eavi/ aigaUy a ihare In 
aM.— MothamO kits, that In an in- 
htkmging to an aaeeftor of hla, datad 
I aa a ««rb-4» MM0— to eait 

Thaa np and rain him. King Bonoor, 
aiva> " What rocaai a' thla din / 

Or what's tha matter, Faam Foodnga, 
Or wha haa loot 70a In?** 

" O ya mf errand wad mllioam, 

Bafcce that I depart." 
Th«n draw a knlibt taalth lang and aharp, 

And plaread him to tha haarU 

nten np and got tha qaaen hcrad'. 
And Ml low down on her knee: 

" O ipan my lift, now, Fauaa Foodnga ! 
For I aerar iijarad tliea. 

** O ipaia my Ulb, now, nuua Foodmgal 

And ate gin It be lad or lam, 

King Honoor hat left wl' ma." 

« O gttt It ba a hm," he aaya, 

Bat gin It be a lad balm, 


" I winna ipaia ter hia tender aga, 

Kor yet fbr hia ble hie kin ; 
Bat Noa aa e'er he bora to. 

Be diall moant the gallowa pin." 

O ftmr-and*tw«nty valiant knlghta 
Were Mt the qaean to guard I 

And fbar ttood aye at ber boalr door. 
To keep both watoh and ward. 

an end. 

Bat when tha time drrw 
That the told ligbttr be, 

Bhe oaat aboat to And a wik. 
To Mt har body flraa. 

O she haa Mrkd thme roeny yoong men 
With the ale bat and the wine. 

Until they were aa deadly drank 
As any wild wood swine. 

*' O narrow, narrow. Is this window. 

And big, Ug, am 1 grown I" 
Tet through the might of Oar Ladya^ 

Out at it she bas gone. 

She wa n darsd np, she waadand dowa, 

Bhe wandorad out and iai 
And, at last. Into tbe reiy swine's 8tyth«, 

The qoeea brought ftwth a 1 



Than tbey out kevUs tbam annng. 
Which ■old ga« nek th* qD«tn ; 

And th« kevU fell upoo Wiaa WiUlam. 
And h« Mtti his wifc tar him. 

O when ih« WW WlM WiUlaa'a wUb, 

Tb« qoMo fell on Imt koM ; 
" Win np, win up, madam 1" dw nyti 

*' What nMd« thia eottitHto?" 

*'0 oat o' this I wtama riaa. 

Till a boon jt grant to m«| 
To diang* yoar laa fer thia lad balm, 

King Honour Ml ma wi*. 

" And ja mann laam my gay goat hawk 
Bight w«*l to bnaat a atcad; 

And I mil laam your tnrtte dow 
At waal to wxlta and raad. 

" And J* mann laam mf gay geas hawk 
To wlcM balth bow and brand { 

And I tail leam your tnrtla dow 
To laj gowd wi' bar hand. 

** At Uik and marhat whan wa maat. 

We'll dara niaka naa arowa. 
But—' Dame, how doaa mj gajr goas hawk ?** 

' Madam, how doaa mj dow?' * 

* This m«taphori«al language waa coitomarj 
among the northern na t lon e . In MS, king Ad- 
eletein aent an embavjr to Harold Barikgar, 
king of Norway, the chief of which pr ea e n t ed 
that prinee with an elegant nrord, ornamented 
with predoua itoneas Aa It waa pw aa uled bgr 
the point, the Norwegian dilaf, la receiving 1^ 
nnwarilj laid hold of the hilt. The EngUdi 
ambaaador declared, in the name of hia maater, 
that be aeoaptid the act aa a deed of homage; 
for touching the hilt of a warrktTa eword waa re- 
garded aa an acknowledgment of enldcetHm. 
The Norwegian prinee, reeolvlng to cbnimvent 
hie rival by a slmUar artlfloe, auppremed hIa fa- 
eectment, and aent, next aommer, aa embaMr 
to Adelitein, the obkf of which preeentad Haco, 
the eon of Haruld, to the English prince; and, 
placing him on hia kneee, made the Ibllowing 
declaration :—" Haraldua, Hormannoram res, 
am toe te ealatati albamqua banc atam bene 
Institntam mlttit,utqiM melius deineepeemUaa, 
poatulat." The king reoelTed young Baco on 
hli kneeii which the Norwegian ambaamdor 
taumedlafeely aaoaptad, la the name of hla 

Whan days ware gaaa, and ysMi < 
Wiee WilUam ha thought hmg s 

And ha has ta'en king Rononr's son 
A-huatlag Ibr to gang. 

It sae fell out at this hnntlag, 

Upon a almmcr's day, 
nat they cuoas by a feir eaatell. 

Stood on a sunny 

M O dlnna ye aae that bonnSe oastell, 
WI' halls and towvrs see feir / 

Ola Ilka man had back his aln. 
Of it you suld be heir." 

" How I SUM be heir of that eaatcU, 

In aoeth I canaa eee; 
For It belangs to I^usa Foodiaga, 

And he ie aa kla to I 

" O gin ye said UIl him, Faase Foodragv, 
You wonM do but what is right ; 

For I wot he kOl'd your fethea dear. 
Or emr ye saw the light. 

" And gin ye aald kUl hUn, Fauae Foodmg«> 
There is no man durst you blame ; 

For he keepe your mother a prisoner. 
And she daama take ye hame." 

The bey stared wUd Uka a gmy goes hawk. 
Says—'* What may a* this mean ?" 

"My bey, ys are king Honour^ son. 
And your mothai^ our lawfel queen." 

**0 gin X be king Hoaoui^ soa. 

By Our Ladye I swear, 
Thla night 1 wUl that traitor day. 

And reUers my i 

He haa BBl hia beat bow to his breast. 

And Isaped the caatdl wa' ; 
And aoon he has seised on Fnnse Foednge, 

Wha loud fcr help 'gaa oa'. 

" O hand yoBT toagne, now, Tmaat Foodragc, 

Free me ye thanna flee." 
Syne pierc'd bim thro" the (knse feoss heart, 

And set his mother free. 

tar, as a dselaratlon of Inferiority ; aoeoiding to 
the piorerb, " Is minor semper habetor, qui al- 
terios flUum edueat."— Pontoppidanl Testigla 
Danor. toL II. p. 9T.—SeaU. 

I ■ 

I I 



• baa r*«afd«d Wlai WHllam 
irrthe b«i taidr of hit land ; 
Aad a* hM b* th« tartte daw, . 
Wi' tbm ttBth o' hk right 1 

i^Ottnic %iiit l.iiil{j(as* 

iTim b mU tob* » eempMs wt of Om old 
•f ** Lirie Llndmy.- It h Ukcn from 
ra Ballad* of tb* Mordi, and, like otbna 
. tfaa ■uoeeollwtlon, abeaada la aorth-eoaotij 
vHnelabaraB, wpaHally In tba aaa of Um/ toe 
b. aa/b tat mhm.Jktr lbrnA«r«i alaoaAtm Ibr 
tur mamtr, JM lor Jhel, he King- 
ittoaad In tba baUad. la on the aoatb 
haalt of tba Dm, and at on* tfano btlonffsd to tba 
•r Dnm. In Jamiaaon^ Popalar Bal- 
aa fw i p a ri te a t nraion of Llila IJndi^y la 

ftU 7« BO <• tk* HifliUwb. Uila Uadngr, 
WiL y« (• l» ttw nirnlaoda wf' na? 

riB y« f* lo tt<« RicbUada, Lim UadMy, 
AmI ow o« iMah cmds aad i 



«• naad not qooto tt. aa It la moatly ineor< 
In Btfcbanli voraloo. Bama aant tba 
oU air of Lisle Llndaay to Johnaon'a Mu- 
a, and Intended to have Aumkbed worda Ibr 
went bejrond tba opaning verw^ A 
baa been ooaatnictad on 
M^^fct, indadlng that *ena and thno 
Sat Book of Seottiab Song, p. 9. In 
eoUcetktn, the baltauh of LIsi* Llnd- 
Uala Bainie an lacorporatod Into ooa, 
«• tbnk witboat aaOdcnt autboritj.] 

Is Bdiabanrh llvad a lady. 

Waa ca'd Uaie Llndaay by aamei 
Waa eaortad by many flae aaltora, 

JLnd nofijr neb panona of oune* 
TvMgb lovda o* leiHiHu bad ber eourtadf 

Tm none her fttvottr ooaM gain. 

Than ^afce Ifae yenng latnl o' Kln g a aa a a la^ 
Andabenalc/nangbay waa be; 

"Then kt me a year to the dty, 
in eanaa. and that faMty wf dm." 

Iktm apake the aoM laM & KlngBaaarie, 
A caaty aaM manni* waa be; 

u tbtak ya by oar little Donald, 



Bat be^ win a year to tba dty. 
If that I be a living man i 

And what be eaa mak' o* tbia laOj, 
We ahallitt blm do aa be can." 

Hal atript aff hie flna eoetly robea. 
And pat on tba aingle llverie; 

With no equipage nor attendaaee. 
To Xdlnborgh eUj want be. 

How that* waa a ball hi tba dty, 
A ball o" gnat mirth and gnat ftnne • 

And th danead wi* Donald that day. 
Bat bonnle LUe Uaday on the i 

" WUl yagnagtethe HIelanda, bonnle Llaiaf 
Will j9 gang to tba HIetenda wl' me? 

WUl ye leave the aoatb ooanti7 ladloa. 
And gang to tba HIalaada wl* maP** 

Tba lady dia taraad aboat. 

And aaawerad blm ooartaooaUe ; 

"I'd Uka to ben Amt 1 am gaun flrat, 
Aa tk 1 am gaoa to gang wl'." 

** O, Lille, aa tkmat III aak yoa, 

Tbie Bfevoor I pray not deny ; 
Te'U tall me yonr pbtee o" abode. 

And your nearaat o* Uadred do atay.' 

** Tern oaU at the Oanogate port. 

At the Obnogata port eall yer 
I'll gi'e ye a bottle o^ wine. 

And 111 bear yoa my eompaala.'* 

Byne he oalled at the Oanogate port. 
At the Gbaogate port called ha ; 

She ga** btaa a bottle o' wine. 
And aba ga** blm her eompaala. 

** Wni ye gang to the HIelanda, bonnle Llala 9 
WUl ye gang to the Ulekutda wl- ma f 

Will y« leave the coootry bulle*, 
Aad gang to the HIalaada wl' me?" 

Then oat apake LMe'te aaM mithar. 

For a vei7 aald lady waa abe : 
" If ye caat ony eroed on my docbtar. 

High hanged I'U eaoae yoa to be." 

" O keep hame yoar doditer, aald woman. 

And latna her gang wi* me ; 
I eaa caat nae malr oread on yoardoditer 

Nae mafar tbaa aha eaa on ma.** 



" Kow, jmiBg «UB, M qavthm 111 Mk joo. 
Bin' yt mmn to honour nt hm ; 

Yc'U ttU m* bow bmld your laodi U», 
Your nune, and flur ya ha'a to gao?" 

" Mj bthcr botoaa aald Matter, 

My mithor tho to aa auld d«y ; 
And I'-ti bat a pair brokaa trooper. 

My kiodnd I wlnna day- 

" Yet I'm nae a nan o' great bonoor, 
Mor am 1 a man o* great hm« ; 

My fuum it to Donald M'Donald, 
m toll It, and wlona think Aame. 

" Wm ye gang to the Hielaade, honnto LUe? 

WUl ye gang to the HieUade wl' ra«? 
Will yoa toave tha eoath country ladlflB, 

And gang to tha Hidanda wi' me?" 

" O, Donald, 111 gl^ yoa ton galaeaa. 
If yoa would but etay In ray room ; 

Unt 1 that 1 dnw your fliir pietore. 
To Iqok on it flm 1 think laag." 

** No ; I earma mair Ibr your gulneae, 
Naa malr than ye care Ibr mtaaj 

Bat if that y« love my ahi penon, 
Qaa wl* mc, makl, if ye iMilinau" 

A 'Whantheyenm'neartheando'thelrJovrMgr, 
Tb the hooae o* their fhther<b mlik day • 
He eaid, " Stay etfll there, Uile Lladtoy, 
nil I tell my mither o' tiiee." 

When he eame Into the ihlelen. 

She hailed him eourteooelto ; 
Sakl. '* Ye're wcloome hame, Mr Donald, 

Thare^ been mony ana oalllng fbr thee.** 

" O, oa' ma naa malr, Sir Donald, 

But Donald M*DonakI, yoar 
Wall eony the Joke a bit ibrther, 

Thereli a bonnie young lady to 

When Licie came Into the lihlelen. 
She look*d ae If ehed been a ftel; 

She eawaa a emt to eit down on. 
But only aome eanks o' green fcalL 

Then oat epaka Liilo^ bovw wwiimhi. 
And a bonnto yeaag laale wai aha; 

*' Though i waa bom hair to a crown, 
Yoang Donahl, I would gang him wi'.** 

Up raiee then tha bonnto yoang tody. 
And drew till her etoeklnge and ehoen i 

And paek'd up her elalee in fine Imndlea, 
And awa' wl' young Donald ehe'e j 

Tha roade they wore rocky and knabby. 
The mountalna were balth etraitand 

When Llato grew wearied wi' trawal. 
For ehe'd traveU'd a reiy lang way. 

" O tarn again, bonnto Liito Uadtoy, 

O turn again,*' eaid he; 
" We're but ae day*! Journey fk«a town, 

O tarn, and 1 U tofn wi' thaa.** 

Out epeaka tha bonnto yoang lady, 

nil tha mat ttar blinded bar a"*; 
** Although I'd return to tha city. 

" 17ow mafca oa a aapper, dear mither. 
The beet o' your eurde and green whey ; 

And make ue a bed o' green raehee. 
And oorert wi' huddina aae grey.'* 

Bat LMe being wearied wl' travel, 
Sha lay ttlit was up i' the day. 

" Ye might ha'e bean up an hour eeaner, 
ToikUk balth the ewaeand the kye." 

Out than apaka tha bonnto yoang lady, 
Whan the eaat tear drapt fkaa her eie; 

*' I with that I had bidden at hame, 
I can nalthe* milk ewea nor kya. 

'* I wtoh that I had bidden at hnne, 
The Htolaadi I nrrar had aeea; 

Although I love Donald M'Donald, 
The laddto wl* b|ytha bUnking aan.- 

" Win up, win np, O bonnto Llito. 

And dreoi In the eilka aae gay ; 
III ehow you the yatto o' Klngeasaato, 

Wham iTe play'd ma mony a day." 

Up lalee the bonnto yooag lady. 

And dreet In the eUke aaa flnaj 
And into young Donald'a arma, 

Awa' to Kinfoaueato ataon gano. 

Fbtth caafia the auM labd o^ Kinfoaueato, 
And hailed her eourtaouelto ; 

' Ye*ra wcleone, bonuto Lteto lindaay, 
Ye're wetooma hama to ma. 




"Tiwitlw* tf w— wha-^yoa— Mrtrt, 4 la thm «Hn' btr aaU mltiMr. 

T— m PomM your tkroni h— oon i 


tifm fM ft* the huMU o- KingOiaHli, 

'* I wad Uka to hoB »Waha waa ganglnc. 

And DanaU UTkmaU, mj aon." 

And wha aha waagaan to gang wl' " 
** My nama la young Donald M'Donald, 


My aama I wlii navar deny. 

My Atthar ho iaaa aald ihoiriMfd, 

(Tbb v«*n or Itele UnOmj it ghvn fkom 

dae waal aa ha oaa bard tha kya. 

*• MdMiM «r a Ludr la Ql««ow, and to a 

ftJAUmaKriptoftbeballadaiit and to tw 

"0 hot I wonld giro yoa ten galnaaa 

M^lptteWwtofflnoMaad, In wv«fal potata. 

To bava h«r on« bear in a noa. 

«• newriilrr It tmpmriat to tht North oooatiy 

To gat her flUr body a pletni* 


To heap ma ftom thiaklag loag." 

Tkna «M a taaw taB IB Mlnbo^^ 

**0 1 valaa not yonr ton gnlncaa. 

Aad BMHiiy bnw ladln ««VB than^ 

Aa little tm yoa vala* mine; 

BU Hw aao ata' tht aaMmMy 

Bat if that yoa oowt my daaghtar. 

OMdA «r Unit Lfabdaiv ««Bpv«k 

Taha bar with yoa If yoa do Incttaa.'* 

la aaW thtyoaac lafad o* KfaMuria, 

** Pack np my allhi and my aatlna. 

Aar abonolt joanf laddte waa ht— 

And paok up my how and my ahoon. 

"* Wn ja laa- jwa aln kintim, Uacla, 

And ItkewiM my olothM in email bundlae. 

Ab' su« ta the BJdaada «f nw ?** 

Aad away wl' yoaog Donald i'U gaag." 

flte tamad harraaa* aa her had. 

They paolfd ap her ellka and bar tatina* 

Ab' a ««7 load laaghter med aha— 

They paek'd np her bow aud her ehoon. 

*I wad Bha to haa whar 1 waa gaafflng. 

And likowlw her elothw In amall bundle*. 


Aad wha 1 waa gaaa ta gaag wi'." 

Aad away adth yoang Donald ahe*B gana 

" M7 awBia la yaanc Donald M'SeaaU, 

When that they oem* to the Hialanis, 

Mj aaa* I «llt n«««r deny; 

Tha braw they wrrs balth lang and atay. 

Kj tehar ha la aa naU the|ib«4. 

Bonnie Llfile waa wsaried wl* ganging— 

■■• wari aa ha aaa hard tha kya t 

She bad tiaveli'd a lang aammer day. 


^ My Mhar ha la an aaU Aaphcfd, 

** an wa near hame, Sir Donald, 

My aaethar riM la aa anld damn s 

are wa near hame f 1 pray-'* 

tfyaH faag to tha HMaada, boania Liola, 

'* Welre no near bamo, bonnie Ltaio, 

T«^ adlhar waatearda aor tarn 

Nor yet the half o^ the way.-* 

* If y«f1l can at tha Gaaonsato port. 

Thay flam' to a bomaly poor oottaga. 

At Iha Ghaaofato port aaU OB me. 

Aa auid maa waa atandiag by; 

IV Sha yoB a hattfa o^ ahany. 

**Ytm weloaoM hanw, Sir Dould, 

Aad haarioB eoBpaaia.'* 

Ye'fa beea ana lang 8w«y.'* 

Ba aa'd at tho Ganaagato port. 

"O aall me no mora Sir Donald, 

At tha Chaoafato port caHad ba; 

But oall ma yoang Donald yoor aOB 1 

Aa diaak wl' htaa a bottia o^ *«iy. 

For I have a bonate yoaag lady 

Aad ban hte gald oompaala. 

Bebiad mo Air to aomo ia." 

* Wn ya t» to tiw Blalaada. boanlo UMiab 

" Oama la, aoma fai, bOBBlo Ltaala, 


WBl y« ga «a tha 'HMaBda wl' BM ? 

Oama in, anna la," mid ha. 


ITyoil ga to tha Bkiaada. boaala Uaala, 

" Althoogb that our oouage be Uttie 

ToAall aatiaaatoaida aor graaa whty." ^ 

if Perhapa the bettar wall 'graa." 



And makw it of card* aa' grmm whflf { 
Aad mak* at a bed o^ t***" ryuttm. 
And O0fftr It o^ wl' gieaa hMj. 

" Bim up^ tIm ap, bonala LImI*, 
Why Ht y« ao loeg la tha dajrt 

Ta might ha'a bam halptDg nqr OMthsr 
To maka Um oiirds and giatn whay." 

** O hand TOUT tongoa, air Donald, 

hand your tongua 1 prayi 

I wkh 1 had aa'ar laft tny motboTp 

1 oaa neithar aaaJia ouida nor wbif. 

** Um np, rlw up, bonala Linla» 
Audputon yourtttiaaioflua; 

Vor tn tnaaa \m at Kiaouala 
BaftM* that tha elock ttnlia ntM." 

But when Ihoj oama to 
Tha portar was ■taadlag by;— 

** Yriv »Dloon>a huroe* tttr DooaU, 
Ya'va bom ao loog away." 

It% down then oama his auld mlthar. 
With an tha bays hi har hand. 

Buying, ** Taka you tbsas, benoia Uxils» 
All uadar thsm *s at your OMumand.'* 

$it MolanO. 

rTuis striking ftngmant Is fkam Mothsrwril<s 
Oulkctkm, whan it is supposed to be piintsdltor 
tha first ttma.— " It was oomnuDloalsd to us," 
says Mr Motharwall, " by an iagvnlous IHcnd, 
who nm s w b sf ad baring hoard it sung In his 
youth. A good aaaay t si sss at tha bsglDniag, 
soins aboat ths mlddla, and oaa or two at tba 
and, sssm to ba wanting. Mora sanguina anti« 
quariss than ws ars, might, fhan tlas similarly 
of namss, Imaglna that ha had In this ballad dis. 
eovmd tba original ransaaoswhanasBhakspsaia 
had givaa thk Una— 

•Child BMTlaad to tba dark tawsr mns.* 

Kiftg Lnt, Ast Til. 

** Tha staty Is of a vary gloomy and snpersU- 
tteus tsxtuia. A young lady, on tha ars of her 
martiags, invltsd har lotar to a baoqust, whsia 
As murdcn him In lavanga Ihr some i«al or 
fitnolad aaglsot. Ahmnad for hsr giwn salb^,^ 

harssir to flight; and, te tts t 
r ofher Joumay. shs ssss a stiangar knight riding 
' slowly bsCnr* har, whom sha at first sssks to 
shun, by pursuing an opposlts diiaetlon ; but, oa 
finding that whsrastatar sha tamsd, ha atiU 
appearad batwasn hsr and ths nsaonllght, sha 
fasulws to ovsrtaka him. This, howavar, sha 
finds In rain, tUl uT his own aaeoid, ha stv« *>r 
haratthsbrinkofabraadilrar. Thsyagiasto 
oroH It; and, wben In tha mM strsam, sha Im- 
pkuas his halp to sava har firom drowning— to 
hsr horror shs finds har Mlow-CrarsUar te be ao 
othsr than tha gaunt appaiiUon of h 

WnAir ha cam' ta his aln lara^ bauir 

Ha tlri-d at ths pin. 
And ssa rsady was his Idr ^ass tera 

To rios and 1st him la. 


" O w^loama, walaoma. Sir Holaad." 
" Thf las wolooma then art to ma. 

Per this ntght thou wilt flMst In my 
And to.BiorTOw wa'U wsddsd ba.* 

** Thia night la haUow-ar*.'* ha said, 
** And to^norrow Is hallow*day , 

And I drsaiosd a drsarls dream 
That haa mada my haatt At 

"I drcamad a draaris diaam ; 

Aad 1 wish It may cum to guda : 
I dmamad thai ya slaw my best grew 

And glad ma his lapparsd Mada." 

" Unbnokls your bdt. Sir Eolaad," aha aald, 
" And sst you safrly down." 


O your ohantber is v«iy dark, blr maid. 
And tha night Is wond'reus lawn." 

" Tss dark, dark la my sscrst boufar. 
And lown ths midnight may ba. 

For thsrs is none waking in a' this tO' 
But thou, my tnw lovs, aad 

Shs has mounted on htt true lota's 
By ths as hght o' ths moons 

Bhs has whipped him and spunad him. 
And roundly sba rada ftaa ths taua* 

Bha hadaa rlddaa a mils o' gats. 

Merer a mile bat ana. 
Whan aha was awaia of a tall yoaag asi 

Btow ildlag e^ ths plala. 

1 1, 




^F* twHB iHT aod Um «aa aaooaU^I, 

«M iMiDf b«id alaiM, 
Oa a kon* as UMk ■•}•(• 

B* Beam eoald ■!» |*t. 

" O aloy I O itopl yoaag BMB," ikt mU, 

* IW 1 is dak MD dtght » 
O atipw »»^ «*■ a Mrladjr*! !•««, 


> tf^^i 

Ad thatril knight M^, 

TDI kii hnMt «M aU a fbam. 
■C aMTCT aaM Chat UU TMiof kaight, 
% aar M|«, ■ha aoaU aoC ( 


Am «ail 1 now f oa ba, 

|hl jaar brldla i«lii% aad itair 
1 aaoM up tt» I 

dU that taB kai^taqr, 
whitdUhabUa, . 

a hraad livtt^ rid^, 

"O. ii thh water dctp,- ha Mid, 

«* Aa tt b wfpad'iMs dua / 
Or ii la ^ aa a adUm BiaU, 

. 1m1 ttaa haifht aaiV awlB ?" 

la iiatar tt ii dav." aha Hid, 
Aa it ta vead'iaa* dun ; 
ia ia iia M a wiklMi aoMld, 

a teal tra* ka^ht Biw iwha." 

a haishk vamd oa hia tan Lteak 
TW ladj ipurrad ea har iMXiwaj 
«ba/ lada lato th« ftod, 


ap n J LiMla laloa, rir knight, 

"If I weald hdp thaa bow," ha add, 

For I'm awom neir to tnut a Mr maf» wotd, 

CU tha watv ^ 

"0 tha water waeto mj walit,** tha add, 

" iflaa doM it wMt nj eblo, 
And oijr aehlag heart rlna reuad about. 

Tha bum nak*B ilo a dla. 

" Tha watar te waxing daopor still, 
itee dofa It was i|iair wUa, 

And f tha htfthar that wa tlda oa, 
fkrthar off la tha oihari 

"O halp aaa now, thoa Mm Mm knight, 

Havo pity oa nj youth, 
Ite new tha water Jaw«a own aaj hMd, 

And ItguiglM la aajr mouth.'* 

The kaight taiaad right and roaad ahoat. 

All la tha aiiddk ttnam. 
And ha strt tahad out his head to that tedy. 
But loudljr aha did Mnaou 

" O thb is hallow mora," ha mU, 

" And It ta your bridal-day. 
But Md would ba that gay waddlog, 

U hridtgroem and hrida wan awaj. 

*' And ridaoa, rido oa, proud MaigantI 
TUl tha water oobim o'ar your bna. 

For tha brida maun rida dasp, aad 
MTba lidM this ted wl* tea. 


" Tarn round, ton vound, proud Maigaroil 
Tom ys rouod and look oa ua. 

Thou hast killad a tnw kaight undar tmt, 
i hisghoM aow llaks oa with i 

AnttBtt iSatn. 

{FaoH Beotti MhisCMliy*— " Tha IbDowlag 
soy* Sir Walter, "art tha original 
words of tha tuna of * Allan Water,' by which 
nama the song Is aksntionod In Batnsays Tm 
Ihbls MisMllany. Tha ballad Is given from 
tnuittion : and it is Mid, that a bridge, over tha 
Annan, was built In oenssqnanM of tha rnalan* 
ahely Mtestrophe which It narrates. TwoversM 
«aN added la this adition, ftoM anolhte aopy of 




«]M taOid, ia wUoh th« 

By tta* OatdMpa »-.», 

■i tiM Omto atoak, » paw la A 
TlM Aaoaa, aad Um Frith of Solwaj, lalo 
whlah il falk, •(• tlM ftc«ia«it aom« of traskil 
aooktaoti. llM •dllor traMa h« wUl to pantuawl 
fcr laaarttng tto JbUowiag awiUlj laipfaniT* 

lot wf Moh an ovnity eooMlaod ta a MMr 
n Dr Gonla, of Liva^ool, hj wboaa ootra- 
whila ia ttaa ooana of praparlag 
voluoMi fbr tto piaa^ ka taaa toaa allto 
heoouiod aod iaatnwtad. Aftor ataUac. that 
ha had ioms raooUaetloe of tha tottad whieh 
fcUows, tha bioffiaptor of Buma p r oeaada thaat 
* I oaoa la my aarly dayi haafd (far itwaaalfht, 
•ad 1 eoa.d aot aaa) a tnwallar drowalaf { aot 
la iha Aaaaa IimI^ bat la tha FHih of iMway, 
elooa bjr tha moaih of that rtvar. Cha iadaa of 
tto tMa had anhonad hina, ia tha alght, aa ha 
waa pawing tto aaoda from Carabcrlaad. Tha 

. wlad blaw a tampaM, aad, aooonUaff to tha 
jwailoa, brought la tha water tkrm 
iM mkrmut. Tha tia*aUar got apoa a Handing 
aot, a Uttla wajr from tha diora. Thara ha 
U i h ad himaair to tto poat, ahoutiag Ibr half aa 
•tf amlttaaoa ■ till tha tida roaa ovar hla 

! la tha darkaMi of olght, aad araki tha 
pauaai of tha harrlaaaa, hla *uloa, haaid at in- 
tarvaia, waa exqulaiMy mouraAil. Mo 
go tohJaaaiimnoa ao oaa kaaw whara 
— tha teaad aaaoaad to pfoeaad froaa ttoaptarltef 
tha wateto. But m«rolag roaa tto tMa had 
abbad— and tto pour tniTaUar waa fouad laahad 
to tto pola of tto aat, and blaaehlng la tto 

*' Amma* walai^ wadiag daap, 
Aad my loTa Aaaiat woad 

Aad I am Uith ato auM waat har 
Baaaoaa i lova har bait of oay. 

• Aa ucMadi, MaawhM aiMitar to tto 
•MO Mon kwiHiljr •inkMf ia iu ehari 
ad bjr Str Tkuna< Oi«k JUiidar, la hta Al 
6i«M riuud* oi Aagiiat, Utf. ta Ua ptoni 
mA ««y«taM( Ottineta. Itdiabarfa, '" 
Mtftrar m Utu laauoaa waa a wil-aoa 
•vaaiag la wkMh ka aiat hia daaU 

ia( a B*any-aaakiaf, wkara ka h* ^ 

pt«j«d wanvaiad hOarttjr, ta ao Muek 
pawpta taeuf kt aim " In." Oa kta 
waa ovtftakca bj tka food, aad M<«a( 
toaa aot Car <r«ia kia ima kottM. Too 
Uaaad to riaa, aad dartag ika laaa alg ht i 
rapaaiadtv to whutla «■ hia «a|«r>, ta 
friaada or kia aitaatioa, bat ao aaaiai 

la tka Btonlaf, tno aad 

■keva, b«i 

, iaraeiMd. 

« or tto 


•vob Tba 

wko, oa ika 

taaa attcad- 


lafnf* ia a 
walara «on- 

»9fnn aia 

eoald bo 

M tto beaala black t 
Oar aaddla aaaa, aad mato hioi VMdjri 
I\ori will dowB tto Oatahopa ilacfr. 
And all to aaa n^ boaala ladya." 

Ha baa loapaa on tto boaala falad^ 
Ua attiT'd htaa wi' tto apor right MlHyt 

Bat, or to waa tto Oatahopa alack, 

Ha baa loapan on tto bonala gnyi 
Ha rada tto right gate aad tto laadyi 

I trow to woold aalttor atiat aor atay* 
For to waa aaakiag hia boaala ladya* 

O to haa lUdaa owar flald aad Ml, 
Through malr aad bmbi^ mat 
Hla apora o' ataal wwa nlr to bUa, 

or fora-ltot flaw tto flia. 

*' Hew, booala giay, bow play yonr parti 
Ota ya to tto ataad ttot wlaa my daaiy, 
Wl* oom aad hay yaiM to kd Ibr ayo, 
' apur Mil mato you ' 

Xba giay waa a man, aod a ri^it good mart • 

Bttt whoa ato waa tto Aaaaa watar, 
fito eouldaa to'a rkldoa a Auiong mair. 

** O boatman, boataian, pot off yoar boakl 
Put off yottr boat Ibr gowdon monlal 

I ariMi tto drumjy ainam tto alghl. 
Or na««r malr I aaa my hoa^y.** 

Aad aot by aa aith, but by many t 
Aad tar a' tto gowd la Mr HooUaad, 
1 damn tato ya through to Anato." 


tnm haak to biaa tto water pourtag; 
▲ad tto boaala gray nara dM awaat Ibr talk 

for ato toard tto wator halpy I 

O to hM pon^ aff hk dappaqiy* eaat, 

Tto aUrar battoaa glaaoad buaalai 

raiaiaeat butatid aff hia braaa^ 
Ha waa aaa Aitt of malaaahaly. 





«Ma tk* tod At that ttraun tftfl : 
t h« wtmm both Kraig and iMady; 
» ttovui wM k«iMid,aDd hit ■tmcth did 

Mw hia boaaia ladja. 


■M batid* tha boh of briar— 
lata By traa hrff«*a band, 
Ua ■tnacth did Idl. aad hii llmba 

baMa ya, Aaiian Watar, 
Tkia bI^k that y« aia a dxarnUa rfvar! 
1 boiid a biMga* 

traa lava may aanr.' 

lial^S Jdftaigacft. 



ballad In tha Xdlabarch 

, U17. It la tbM Iniro- 

«a do not inalat on tba 

in ttaa ttatament.— " Tha IM. 

of a Seetttah baltad wan dla. 

•p with a Bambar of law paper*. 

Soma Unas, wbata it waa 

, ha«a boaa eomplatad by 

; tha MS. la tho* andonad, la a mala 

'■qr aaiqaliill dab alalar, aiy lady Ka- 

fahUk aha weald rfag anto bar 

KABSAasTTB wu aa hlra a May, 

A* woo la tba aerth c«Hiatri« ;— 
! that dia lavlt a pIraM haldit, 
o'ar tha aokl 

V«r y«i la teU or bower. 
■t thf^fM walk OB tha looa aaa 
At the aalfk aad aridaleht boar. 

Aad thayV walk oa tha leadia I 
9r the waaa lieht or tba aiooa, 

mi tha aaa ralaa red o^ yoadar Ml, 
Ami tlltftatd the watea abaaa^ 

V ye maMlanlB AJr, 
Ofa g aanwbaipleaprUe*- 


** How WlIHe, If yoB lave (Be weel, 

Aa aft you're Mid and eworn. 
Oh wcdd me In yoa balie kirk 

Betoe mj babied bom !" 

"Vow Xanarett. If you Inre me wwl» 

Uff* no aaeh thing to be, 
TDl I retane from my ftUbcrU laade, 

Thati fluT beyond the eaa." 

With flowlag tide, aad abipp of pride. 

That Idaa kahsht mil'd away, 
Aad maay a tear hla tnaa lor* abedd, 

1 wett, that diaarie day. 

And maay a langaoma look ahe oaat 

Atweea the aea and the air, 
Aad aD to daeery that etately ablpp^— 

In ijU ahe note mw malr. 

" 1 waipe by day, I wtipe by nMit, 
The aalt taaria drown ray 0*0 ; 

I weaiy tor my aln awcat lore. 
Bat hla flkoe I caaaot aaa." 

Wbaa ala aad ntontlu ware peat and gone. 
Her ofaaeke west pale and Icaaae ; 

Her geldea belt waa all too tight. 
Too abort her robta ofgraane. 

To braid her hair ehe dldaa ( 

Nor eett her goUea hell: 
Aad the tean that earn' frae her downeaat 

Drfd aye Jaat who* they ML [eyne. 

, In the grceae Ibreet, 
Vor yet la hall or bower. 
Bat the waa irieaaed wl' the Innelle aaadaa. 
At the mirk aad mldaleht hour. 

Tbare to the ware die'd foadly lava, 
Aad anewere the aea>blrdli eiy ; — 

** I eae the meat— be oorree at laat;** 
He aever malr oan 

" I welpa by day, I wdpe by aUht, 
1 welpe fhlae Wnile'e acora ; 

Bat Be%r «halll weipe the worldH 
Whoa my poor babiea bora.** 

Vow up and apak' her alatar Aana 
la the chamber where ehe lay«— 

" I t*ow I heard Mr Xargarett ery 
On the ahore, laag laag or day. 


*• n* tld* CUM en «!• Um wild wladi moan , ^ 
An iKHir loonldnaslelp; i 

I trow 1 heard a lady groan, 

i "When I wiis la Ufo. Lady Margarett, 

1 Bn^kladneBM you did nit kelp. 
The aadle you gave wae a rooking wave^ 
And the eeagoU to sing me aslelp." 

" Vow bold your tengao, my iMar Anna, 

Think no tueh things to ba, 
Twas but tho Mngh o' tho yiw-trao bougfaa. 

In tha wild btaat moomAilUi.'' 

" Thott Blelp-st nott wone beneath the biyna. 

Than I on my silken bed ; 
I cannot reet for those hands of thine 

That ftaeae my brow to lead. 

It was on a ntoht, and a mirk mtrk nkbt. 
That forth woald llarcarett tu*i 

And thc's 0UM to yon loao kkk-yaid; 
Hlr Un lay bnrfad tbarob 

"Thoa sielp-Bt not worse beneath the sands. 

Than I amydd the down ; 
I cannot rset for thy Uttle feet 

Thai patter my bed aroan'. 

Kow riMH gana to hlr flohorli gmva. 
And touched th« marbia chMt : 

" Oh Akthor doir, mak' foom for moo, 
1 bin wald ftnd mmm nat." 

" My days oTyonth are days of rath, 

I've mldde dreed o' pine i 
And sorrow's cup whilk I'va drank np. 

Is bitterer for than bona. 

" Awa% awa', thoa ni woman. 
An til death may'ot thoa doa. 

Were my eofflno all tho warld wyd^ 
Thare^ aaa room for MMh as thso." 

"Soe I will take a plunge, baMe. 
Ill take a pinnge with thee, 

rto all tha roarlago aea." 

How dM*! gana to ktr motharl tomb. 

And U«*d tho feet of ■tonai 
** Oh, mother twoit, mak' room ftir mae^- 

Uy dayea on earth are dona." 

Kow Willie wae ealllng hie good ^pp, 

1 wot on a simmer's day. 
When up there roae a olvud 1* the soath, 

A dark and dramlle grey. 

*' Away. away, detr Margarett, 

Away, and lett mea ildp ; 
Thoa moet not etrctch thae at my qfda. 

And I downa hear thea woip." 

And bowdlnge eafklle o<«r tha wavaa. 
Between that chMid and the eea, 

Twa onow>whita birds he thooght cam' on. 
And marrol'd what they might bel 

How she's tnM to her bralhart gimva, 

Anoe deir to htm was shoe ; — 
** it there ante room In thy oofflne, brother, 
ror 1 fkln woold reet with thae." 

Bat when they nighd the etatUa shlpp. 

Pale grew the pirate band. 
For there etood a lady dadd la whyte, 

Wl' a yoang boy in her hand. 

"There's no nom In my ooflkw, sistar, 

Bave for my troetle brand. 
And thU ehoold Btflke thee to the baarl. 

Had I now a fleshUe iMad." 

« That diape le like my XarfaNtt's, 

AsUkeaellkemay be; 
But whan I look on that Una ewaUan foaa, 

Thh kdye tam'd her by the dMN, 
To reach her etotely tower, 

And she was aware of a bable wan 
As the water-UUe flowar. 

** That nesk ie as white ae Margarett^ 

As hmg that yellow hair ; 
Bat how gat ye tliat bloodle wound, 

Boand up with green esa-ware ?" 

He worn a gariande o' the green iia wesd. 
And a robe o the white sea-foam,— 

** Now fhlre befolto thee babia mins^ 
I bMd thee walooma hoaMw** 

** Leap down, leap down, then folee tnltfor. 

Leap down, leap down, aad see ; 
If than leapet not down to ma aad my babe, 
^ Well oUmb the ehipp to thee." 



{Tna «M teOidtaglTCnlntiM bartil volano or"TlMBeottiflhMIinti«l,awleotkmftomtlMTOeal 
m t M O f of Seottead, •aetent md modem, anrnngid fbr th« Pluo-ftnt* bj B. A. Smith," a irork 
wMch cxtaud«J to six TolaiiM* in all, the last of which wm pabUobod In IML Aoothor ranioD of 
Qlntogie !• glfvn In Mr CharlM KUpatriek Bharpol BUImI Book, whkifa the nadtr wlU and qnotad 
In tho Bot pnscb It diftn In dJetion oomMcrably from the prment, and la tnfbrkir in poetical 

nt. We R aj mcntkm that the titin of the ballad Is aometknfi printed <Mm«I«. not GUmiogit, 

^«a adopt the la&ternading.] 

TranHeBx o^ noblM nde ap the ktaiffe ha' 
Bat Bonnie Gleniosteli the flower o' them a' ; 
Wl* hie milk-whit* eteod and his bonnie bhMk e**, 
*' Olentagto, dear mither, Olenlofle fcr : 



•• O hand jov toncne, deehter, jFeTI get better than he ?• 
" O mj nae aae. mItiMr, for that oaana be, 
Thoofih Dmmll.: is richer, and greater than he, 
Tet if X maan tak' him, I'U eertalaly dee. 

will 1 get a bonnie boy, to win heee 
to eicnlogle, and earn shnn again 7" 
— J am I, a bonnie bof, to win hoee and 
gae to Olenlegle, and enm than again." 

When hegasd to Glenlogle, twas wash and go dine; 
Twas wa^ fg, mj pretty bey, wash and go dine ; 
** O twas ne'er my flither'B flMhian, and it ne'er ahaU be 
To gv a tally's haety errand wait tin I dine. 

Bat there k, Glenlogie, a letter far thee ;- 
be flfit Hne that ha read, a low anile ga'e he 

The nest Une that ha read, the tear bUndIt hie ev ; 

Bat the last line that he read, he gart the table 

*' Car saddle the black horse, gae saddle the brown ; 
Oar saddle Hbm ewUkeet steed e'er rade ftae a town ; " 
Bat hmg ere the horss was drawn, and brought to the 
O bonnie Oleafaigle wae twa mUe lUe lane. 

When he cam' to Olenlbldys door, little mirth 
Bonnie Jean's vkotber wae tearing her haSr ; 
" Te're weleome, Qleakigle, ye're weleome!" said she ; 
" Te^ weleome, Olenlegle, your Jeanle to see."* 


Fate and wan was she, when Olenlegle gaed ben; 
Bat red and roiiy grew die whene'er he sat down ; 
liie tamed awa' her bead, but the emile was in her 0*0; 
« O Uaaa ftared, mither, III maybe no dee.'* 




TFaoM Mr B^trftTt BiUlad Book, Ulnbaifb, 


Id tlMklagiba'; 
Bat bennl* OtoologI* 

In mm' Lady J« 

SUpphif on tlw floor, 
And ah* hn ehoMii Otenlotli 

Amuif a' thai waa thara. 

Sha tomad ta hia IbotmsB, 
And that aha did aay : 

" Oh. what It hIa nanM, 
And whera dota ha atajr^' 

" Hta nsroa It Otonlagto, 
Whan ha la from hona ; 

Ba la of tka faj Gwdoaa, 
Hia nama It to Joha." 


An jou will prera kind, 
Itj lova b laid on yon: 

I'm tailing mjr miBd." 

Ba tamad abont Uohtly, 

Aa tha Oordoni doaa a' ; 
*■ I thank joa. Lady Joan, 

My lovali promlaad awa'.** 

8ha oallad on har maMana, 

Har had for to maka ; 
Har ringa and bar Jawal* 

All fram har to taha. 

In oam' Jaanlal fiithar, 

A waa man waa ha; 
Baya, " 111 wad yon to Dramfcndiieb ; 

Ha bm m^ gold than ba." 

Har fcthar^ own dw^in, 
Balog a man of grant dtfll. 

Ha wreta htm a lattar— 
Indltad It walL 

Tha flrat Una bo loohad ai, 

A lleht tauaeb laudicd ba : 
But, era ba road through It, 

Tba toara blindad hla a'a. 


Ob, pala and waa 

Bat aran nngr graw dM 
Wban GlanlQgIa aat 

"Tarn ronod, Jaania MclfOla. 

Tnm round to tbia iMa, 
And 111 bo tba bridagraom, 

AadyeaOl ba tba bcMa.^ 

Oh, K waa a marry wadding. 
And tba portion donn told, 

Orboanlo Joanb Halrllla, 

Who waa aoaraa alxtoon yoan old' 


[Sin WAirum floorr.— Modani Ballad.— The 
ihnpla tradition, upon wbteb tbo IbUewIng 
atnnaaa ara Ibundad, rana tboa: WhUa two 
Highland bonten wara paming tba night In a 
aoUtai7 te% (a bat built for tba purpoao vf 
hunting,) and making many o?er thoir veniaon 
and wbbby> ona of tham uprMaod a wlab, tbat 
tbay bad pratty laaaea to eotnplete tbair party. 
Tha worda wara aeanaly utteiad, wban two 
beaatlAil yonng woaaan, baMted In graen, cn- 
tar tba bnt, daodng and alnglng. Ona of the 
bnotara waa a ed u oad by tba ayrcn, who attached 
boraelf partloalarly to him, to Icot* tba but : the 
other remained, and, auapldoua of the fUr aeda- 
oera, eootlnaad to piny npen a tramp, or Jvw a 
harp, aoma atmla, oonaoaratad to the Virgin 
Mary. Di^ at langtb aama, and tba tamptms 
vanlabad. aonrehlng in the fcreat, ha Ibund the 
bonaa of hla unlbrtunnte friend, who bad been 
torn to p l eeaa and davoarad by the flend Into 
whoae totia ha had fkUan. Tha pbwe waa from 
tbenee oaUed tba Glen of the Green Women. 

QlanOnlaa la a tract of Ibreat-ground, lying In 
the HIghbuida of Partbabire, not frr from CU- 
lender. In Menteltb. It wna fcrmarly a ro)al 
ftireat, and now belonga to the aarl of Moray. 
Tbia oountry, aa well aa the n4|aoant dlatrlrt of 
Balqukldar, waa, In timoa of yoin, ebiefly inha- 
Mted by tba MaegreRon. To tha weat of tba 
fiaiaat of Ohnflnlaa Ilea Laeb Katrine, and Ito 
roaaantle aranna, eaBed tha Tmehaciha. Benkdl, 
Banmora, and BanrotrllA, am mountalna la 
^tba aaau diatriet. and at no peat dlataaae tnm 



W« BB« wbaa tM lord BonaU m«nl 


ftwn gnat MacgUBanon, 
wr fcwml a iba, 
aMhIaa was tky broad ctaqrinon, 
deadly thin* aaanias bow I 

fha 9aaoii nUowi tdl.f 
, oa tha TWth'B lawunding 
Lewlaad wanton MI, 
Aa dowa ftam Laaa j'l paH jnm Iwia. 

Bat aner Ua Mlk, OB IMal daj, 

«•« Muad knd Booaldl btHane-traajt 
Whilt foaeba and maidsttaaligbtatiatlMpsy 

8a abnblj daaead with HlsUaad gUa. 

by tha Btraogth oTBonald^ didl, 
Mrtn aga ftwgot his tf«Haa hoar; 
Bat aaw tba 1«mI hunaat wa swell, 
O aa^ to ass lord Rooald BMfa t 

Pmnh distaat Idas a chMUaa cama, 
Thsjays of Baaald's halls to fiad, 

Aad shass wfth M.n ths daffc-brawn ^..^, 
That bouds a'ar Alblo's hlUs of wisd. 

arahiar.— SaKf. 

■ Alas tw tha priMS, 

f Tba tann BasHnarii, or 8a»m, Is ap^lad by 
be UlghUadsrs to thsir low-«oaati7 ndgb- 

t Ths Am Ugfatcd by ths Bighlaaders on ths 
•fit of May, in oompUanes with a eustom dt- 
>ain tba Pagan tliacs, are ternisd, Tlu 
■Trwe. It Is a fcsUval eelcbmtsd with 
I saprrstltiotts ritas, both In ths north of 
1 in - 

Ths rivir TeHh pasMB OUlanderaad A 
of Beans, aad Joins ths Forth nsar 
Tha paw of Lsnoy Is Imansdlataly 
GbBsadar, aad is ths principal aoeess to 
ram thai town. Glaaartasy Is 
BsDvalrliah. Ths whols ftinas a 
of Alplaa sesttCTy. 
flrrt appsand la ths Talss of 
'.—Mimttning tfAt SeaUUh Border.] 

OmmmuMikrt Ohoaaaito^i* 
Ths prida of AIMal Una is o'er, 

Twos May; whom In Oolamba'a isla 
Ths sssr'B prophstlc spirit ftmod,! 

As, with a minstrel's flia the while. 
Ha wahsd his harp's harmoniou sound. 

Foil many a spsU to him was known, 
Whloh wandering spirits shrink to bear j 

And many a fav of potent tons. 
Was asTsr nwant for mortal sas. 

For thars, tis said, in mystle mood. 
High oontarss with the dsad they hold. 

And oft mpy ths Ihtsd shrood. 

That sball ths future eorpss enibld. 


To raoss tha nd dssr from their dan, 
Tha ohialb have ta'en thsir distant way. 

And seoord ths deep Olsnflolas' glen. 

No vasnls wait thsir sports to aid. 

To watch thair sa*^, deck tbair board ; 

Thsir stanple drtss, ths Highland plald. 
Their trusty guard ths Highland sword. 

Thrss summer days, tiinagh braha and daO, 
Thsir whletilog shafts sueecssful flaw; 

And aun. whsn dewy srsning feii. 
Ths qoany to tbaIr hut they drew. 

In gi^ Olsnflnlas' dsepcst nook 

The solitary oabin stood, 
Flsst ly Mooaiia's aolfen brook. 

Whioh murmara throogh that lonaly wood. 

Soft Ml ths night, ths sky was calm, 
Whsn thrss suoeesaive days had flown ; 

And aanunar mist in dewy balm 

MsspM hsathy bank, and mosey stons. 

I I can only dsseriba the escood sight, by 
adopting Dr Johnson's definition, who calls it 
*' An hnpreseion, elthsr by the mind upon the 
eye, or by the eye upon the mind, by ii^leh 
things distant and Aaturs are psreeivied and own 
as IT they ware preseot." To which I would only 
add, that the spectral appearanoe, thui present- 
sd, ntuaUy prsssges mlsfortuna ; that the Iheul^ 
le painful to those who euppoes thsy postese it ; and 
that they usually acquire it, while thvinaelres 
under ths presware of mebuwholy.— S«aM.— Ths 
author himself, in his romantic legend of M< nt- 
ross, gives a bcaotinil illustration of this sal\}sit. 
In tha aharsetsr of AlUn M'Auhgr. 


Hm moon, hair-hM la Mntrj Haim, 
Ate hor doUoM mdlMws riMd, 

QolTCif Bg on KAtriM'k dlitont lalut. 
And mtlng on Bonlodit hMd. 

1 — "aneelariok^flght.riaoelforaa'kdsirfk 
Ho moiu on nse ehall rapture ilee, 
Beepoasivs to tho panting bnath. 
Or yUding kiss, or melting tyss. 

Bow In thdr hat, in neU goiM, 
Their ■ylvmn Au« tbo (shlelh m^of; 

And pl«uur« laughi In BoenM'tcjrM, 
As mkDj m, pWdgM ho qoaA to M07. 

**K'Mi Ihaa, whoa o'sr the heath ofwm. 
Where sunk ray hopes of love aad teiaa^ 

I bads my harp's wild waUing's flow. 
On mo tho BsefS ad spirit oame. 

Whlk thoo tho polw of Joj bcnto hlf h ? 
What, bat Mr wonuuil riding Um, 
Bar iMaUag branth and molting tyo? 

" Tho hwt drsad curss of aagiy hoavon. 
With ghastly sighu aad sounds at wus^ 

To dash eaoh gUmpas of Joy wm givun— 
Tbs gift, the flitars Ul to know. 

" To ohaM tho doer of yondor diadM, 
ThU morning loft thdr fkthor'e ^ 

The ihlnst of our mountain molde, 
Tho doughtfWi of tho proud Oleagjrlo. 

" The bark thou saw^t, yon summar mom. 
So gaily part tiom Oban's bay, 

Hy sys behold hor daehV aad tara, 
fkr on the rooky Ootoaaoy. 

*' Long havo I oought iwoet Xa»7*e heart. 
And dreppM the tmr and heard tho «^h; 

But vain the lover's wily art. 
Beneath a sister's watehfid eye. 

"Thy Fsfgns too-Hhy stater's son. 

Thou sawst, with pride. thegaltaafRpowot 
As mardUag 'gaiast the lord of Dowao, 

Bo left tha sklrte of huge Benmers. 

** But thou mojrst teaoh that gnardhm Sdr, 
While hr with Maty I am flown, 

or other hearts to cose hor ears. 
And And it hard to guard hor own. 

" Thou only saWst their tartaas wave. 
As down Beavoirlleh's side they wound, 

Board'st thou the pibroeh, answenng brava 
To many a targst daaluag rouad. 

" Ttottoh but thy harp, thou soon shalt sso 

The lovoly Flora of Olongylo, 
UnmlndAil of her ehafgo and mo. 

** I heard tho greaas, I mark-d tho tsars, 
I saw the wouad hta bosom bore, 

Whsa oa the ssrvied Saxon spears 
Ho pour'd his dan's rssistless roar. 

"Or If she ehuse a melting ialo. 

All underneath the grwnwood bough, 

WUI good 8t Oran'B rule prevail.* 

Ston huntsman of tho rigid bfow ?*■— 

*' And thou, who bid'st me think ofbUsi^ 
And bid'st my haort awahs to glee. 

And oouit, like thee, tho wanton kiss- 
That heart, Bonald, bloods ftir thee 1 

" I eea the death-damps ehlU thy brow: 
I hear thy Warning Spirit ery ; [now.M. 

The oorpee<llghts dance— theylu gone, aad 
Ho BBore is given to giftad eye !"— >— 

—** Alone enjoy thy dtcaiy drsama. 

Sad prophet of the evil htiuri 
Boy, should wo seom Joy's transient beans. 

* 8t Oraa wae a IHend and Ibllowor of St Go- 
lumba. and wae burled in loolmkill. His pi«- 
tendons to bo a saint were rather dubious. Ao- 
coiding to the legend, he eooeentad to be burled 
alive, in order to propitiate eertain demons of 
the soil, who obstructed the attempts of Oolum- 
ba to build a chapel. Columba eauaed the body 
of hie ft-iond to be dug up, after three days had 
elapsed . when Oran, to tho horror and eoandal 
of the aHisUnU, declared, that there wm neither 
a Ood, a Judgment, nor a fiitare etate ! He had 
no time to make fbrther d1sooveri«s, for Oolum- 
ba eauaed the earth onoe more to be shovelled 
ov«r him with the utmost dispatch. Tho ehivel,^ 

, however, and tho ocmotry, wae called ItilUg 
Omrmn; and. In memory of hli rigid oeUbaey, no 
ibmale wae pcrmlttsd to pay her dovotlons, or bo 
buried, in that ploee. This is tha rule alladed 

^to la tho poem. SeUt. 

■ 1 



■ooth, ttr iraids of «<M, 
ditoftain ne'sr ihall ttart 
•hall booad si imptar«1i glow, 

'd to atain tiM Sason Mpmr. 

to mMt ma in yon dcU, 
My Maqm boaUna bnuh tba daw." 
«r bada tha ebiarauawaU, 
: cdDM hia dogiy and gay vlthdzaw. 

WlCUa an hoar TCttDnl aaeh booad; 

Id TMb-d tba TOoan* or tha daar; 
Shcy bowIM in floelaneholy ■oand. 

Vo BeiMld y«t: thoogh mUnlgbt ( 

Aad nd ««ta Moy** propfaatle drraim. 

Am, bandtag o'er lb* djrlng flame, 

Ba IM tba wateb-flnli qnitailDg ghMna 

I tbair meaniDg howl ; 
pcN'd to Mogr, tfaajr Dark tbair Iton 
Bj Mvcrlag ttmba, aad stUlad growL 

VutPoA'd, the harp begaa to ring, 
ika aoAly, alowly, opa^. tha door; 

▲ad ehook faeponaifa areiy string. 
Am light a Ibetatep pdme'd tha floor. 

bf fha «ateh4ii«> gUnaiarlag light, 
Claae by the Bilmltal'S aida waa eeaa 
■ hontraa maid, in baaaty bright, 
JJl diapping wat her lobea of giaen. 

AO dropping wet bar gavmanti i 

. Cbittll «aa bar cheek, bar b<«0B bara^ 

Am bending e>w tlia djrlng glaam, 

flha wfuBg the molatare tntu her hair 

WHh maUen bindk aha aoCUy aaid. 

" O gentle bnntaman, haat thou leea, 
la daep Qlenflnlm' moea-Ught ghida, 

▲ lovafy maid ia vaat of graea i 

" With her a chlerin Hightaad pride : 
Hia •houldera bear the banter^ bow, 

Ike m«aotala difk adonia hia ride. 
Far aa the wlad hia tartana flow ?- 

'^▲ad who art thoa, aad who ata thay ?" 
▲U ghaaUy gaaiaji. Moy replied t 

** And why, beacath tha aooonli pale lay, 
Ian ye than roam Glanflnlaa* aide?" 

"Where wUd Loch Katrine poon bar tide. 
Blue, dark, aad deep, round many aa iaie, 

Oor holler's towers o'erhang her elde. 
The oaatla of the bold Glaogyla. 

» To <&aae tha daa Olenflnlaa' 

Oar woedknd ooarm thla mom we boee, 
And haply met, while wandering here, 

Tha eon of giaat Margilllanore. 

" O aid ma, thaa, to aeek the pair. 
Whom, loitering in tha woods, I lost; 

Alone, I d«ra not ventare there, 

Whaca walks, thqr aay, tfaa ahrieking ghoat. 

" Tea, maay a ahrlakiog ghoat walka then; 

Then flrat, my owa aad vow to keep. 
Hare will I poor my naUnight prayer, 

Whleh atUl mast riae whaa mortala aleep." 

" O flrst, flMT pitgni gentle aaka, 

Oulda a tone wanderer on her way ! 

For I moat eroas the haunted brake. 
And reach my Ihthens toweia ere day." 

" First, thrm timee toll each Ave-bead, 

And thriee a Pater-noater aay ; 
Then ktos with me the holy reed; 

Be shall we mfe)y wind oar way." 

" O ahama to knighthood, stmnge and foal ! 

Go, doff the bonnet from thy brow, 
Aad ehnmd thee in the monktsh cowl. 

Which best beAto thy sollea vow. 

** Not so, bj high Dnnlathmon's Arc, 
Thy heart waafroae to love and Joy, ' 

When gaily rang thy raptarHl lyre. 
To wmatoB Moraals malting eya." 

WUd stared the minstrel's eyes of flame, 
Aad high his sable locks arose, 

Aad quick his oolour wcat and oama, 
Aa bar and rage alternate roee. 

'* And thoa ! when by the biasing oak 

I lay, to bar aad lo«e raetgo d. 
Bay, rode ye on the eddying smoke. 

Or aaOed ye on tha midaiftht wind I 

" Not thine a race of mortal blooJ, 
Nor old Olengyle's pretended line; 

Thy dame, the Lady of the Flood, 
Thy aira, the Monarch of tha Mine." 



U« mttttcr'd thrloa St Oraa** iliym*. 

And thrlOT i)t Fillui'k powerAil prayer ;* 

Then turn'J blin to Um caitorn dim*, 
ADd •tamiy (hook bb ooal-lAuk hftlr. 


* 9t FUIaii hu given hii aaiiM to naajrehaiMla, 
holy ff>antalBa, tta. In fieothnd. H« wm, tc- 
oordlng to Guncimrios, an abbot of Plttcnwacm, 
In FUb; fimm which altuatkni be ratfred, aad 
died a hermit In tha wild* of Olennrehjr, A. D. 
648. While ongagcd tn tranaQrIbtng the Scrip- 
tuna, hto left band wna obearred to aand forth 
•iich a splendoar, aa to allbrd light to tbat with 
which be wrute; • mlnda which aaved many 
eandlM to the eoownt, aa 8t Fillan need to 
apend whole nighta in that exereiaa. The 9tb of 
January waa dedMAtad to tbia Mlntt who gave 
hia name to KUflllan, In Rcnftvw, and St Phll- 
laoa, or Forgend, In Fllb. Lealey, lib. 7., telle 
ua, that Robert the Bruoe waa poiaaiaeil of Fll- 
lann mtracnlom and Iwnlncua arm, wbieb be 
InekMcd In a tf Iver abrlne, and had It carried at 
the head of hia army. FrrrlotiB to the battle of 
Bannockburn, the klng^ebaplaln,aman of little 
Ibitb, abatracted the reliqoe, and depositrd it In 
aome place of eecurity, leat It ahoald fUl into the 
bands of the EngUab. Bat, lo! while Robert 
waa addicaring hia praycra to the empty caahet, 
it waa obeerved to o; en and abntaaddenly ; aad, 
on inspection, the aaint waa found to have bim- 
aelf depoeited hia arm In the ihrlne, aa an aaaur- 
ance of Ttciory. Such b the tale of Lealey. But 
though Brace little needed tbat the ann of 8t 
Ftllaii abould aaalat bia own, ha dedicalad to 
biro. In gratitude, a priory at KllUn, upon Locb 

In tbe Scot! Magaaine fbr July 1801, there is a 
copy of a very cuneua crown grant, dated lltb 
July, 1487, by which Jamas III. eonflrma to 
Malic* Dora, an Inhabitant of StrathflUan, In 
Pcrtbablre, the peaceable cserdae and et^joy- 
mcnt of a rrllque of 8t Fillan, bdng appafently 
tbe bead of a paatoral staff called tbe Quegrleb, 
which be and his prsdeoessnn ara said to bav« 
poaseaaed dace tbe days of Robert Brace. Aatba 
Quegrlch was aaed to cure dliiasn, this docu- 
ment la, pnAably, tbe moat ancient patent ever 
granted for a quack medicine. Tbe ingenloaa 
oorrcapondent, by whom H la ftirniabed, fnrthfr 
obeenrva, tbat additional partleolan, concerning 
St Fillan, are to be found In Ballenden'a Bneee, 
Book 4, folio ceaiil- and In Prnnanfa TMr la 
itootlaad, 1771, pp. 11, 1&— Seett. 

And, beading o^ar bia bavp, be flung 
Hia wildcat wf teh'ttotsa oo tbe wind ; 

And loud, and high, and atnnge, they nug 
Aa many a magle ehaage they And. 

Tan WBK^ the Spirit's altering fon». 
Till to tbe racf ber atatare grew; 

Then, mingling with tbe riaing*etnim» 
With one wad ycU, away aba flaw. 

Bain beata, hail rattlea, wbirlwlnda teart 
Tbe deader bat in ftaigmente flew; 

Bat not a leek of Mcy^ looee hair 
Waa waved by wind, or wet by dew. 

WDd mingling with tbe bewUag gale, 
Load buiate of gbaetly laughter riae ; 

High o>r the mlnatrri'a head they aaU, 
And die amid the nottbera akka. 

The voice of thunder diook tbe wood. 
As csaeed the mora than mortal yall; 

And, apattsring foul, a abowar of blood 
Upon tbe hisalag fliabeanda folL 

Kest, droppVi Awn high a mangled arm ; 

The flngeia stralnM an balf-diawn blade 
And laat, the lllb-bkMid atieaming warm. 

Torn from the tnnk, a gaapiag I 

Oft o^r tbat bead. In battling flald, 
Straam'd the praad creat of high 

That ann tbe broad daymore eouM 
Which dyed tbe Tdth with 

Woe to Mondia's sullen rttlai 
Wee to Olenflnbtt' dnaiy glaa I 

nare never eon of AlUn^ hiUa 
Shall diBW tiio baataTb shaft ages. 

E'en tbe tired pilgrim's boraing fort 
At noon diaU shun tbat sheltering dan, 

Leat, jouracylng in their lage, be meet 
The wayward Ladlea ef the Olcn. 

And we-bahind the chieftain's sbldd, 
Vo mere diall we In atfolgr dwell i 

VoDC leade tbe people to tbe Add— 
And we tbe load faunent i 

Oboneariei'l OhcMarie*! 

Tbe pride ef Albhiti Une ta 
And follea Qlenartaey^ 





¥ottit8 yeg8s< 

ffnsfkBgBMst b fren Mr Kinledh's eonM- 
I of AB^icBt aeoCdah Ballids, Londo a,iay . 
the praoaaeiatlon of mmm of tb« wovdf, 
tt ««mld MKB to Ulong to Um Horth.] 

O wluuc ha'o jc tom /— 
I* tbo iwdca unang the giDy^floWn, 
I twal boon mnd mb." 

•* T«>i M torn Ihov jo«r iMii, Ptfsr, 
Tc'v* na bora thero joar ken ; 

T««r iktbcr mw ]oa in Joinlo'* i 
AMMO tnral hoara and «•»■' 

' my fclhor «wr too la JankTu anni. 
Hell HC BM thoro agaio ; 
For I will derp In Jamie's annt, 

I his gimnf growin* ,— ~* ' 

" Tosr Jamla is a mgno» Pessr> 

Yoar Jamie is a loan. 
For trjisUng oot oar a»doehtar, 
or aas vory young." 

" Lay no the wyte on Janiio, mlther, 
Tko Uamoa* lies en met— 

For I wtn risep la Jamts'si 
When yvor oca winna i 

he feas le bcr ain boaer gano. 
Re ines waiting there him leen;— 
I'm Wythe to ste ye, Jamie, hers, 

t tte wine giaas In bsr hand, 
Fe«r^ oot the wine me dear : 
■hye. ' Hem's yonr health and mine, Jamie, 

■he Ims teae Urn In hrr arms twa, 

And gl'cn him Ussrs flva ; 
mys, •' Here-s yoor hsalth and mine. Jamb, 

I wUh west mote ye thrive." 

** Tot htfMt has a hennfeo A, 
IMvidm the aicht and day; 

Aad at the mMdIe wateh o* the akh^ 
]■ gmsawnd ye'D meet me.** 

Whan beDs war rang, and mam was 
And a' men boos* ft»r brd. 

She's kilted op her green daitUng, 
And met Janiie in the wad. 

'When beDs war rung, and mam was lOJig,-^ 

Aboot the hoar o' twa, 
IV% up bespak her aald fittbtr, 

diV** " P«HJ la Awa'! 

"Gas saddle to me the black. Oie htedk, 

Oaa mddle to me the grey;" 
Bat ers they wan to the tap o' the hUl, 

The wedding was a' bye. 

[This ballad was orifflnally pabliobed in the 
llrst edition of the Border Mlntirelqr, under 
the title of the Laird of Lam!nton. In sat«s- 
qacnt editions It was given in a more perfwt 
state with the above title. "The resideooe of 
the hKly," says Sir Waiter. *'and the scene of 
the aA«y at htr bridal. Is said, by old people, 
to have been upon the banks of the Oaddcn, near 
to wheie It Joins the Tweed.— Othert say the 
sklfmlsh was fought near Trsqualr, and Katha- 
rine Janlhrls's dwelling was In the glen aboat 
thne miles above Tnquair house."] 

Tasaa was a may. and a weel ftur'd may. 

Lived high up in yon glrn ; 
Her name was Katherine Janlhile, 

She was ooortsd by moay men. 

Up then came lord Lauderdale, 

Up itau the Lawiaad bordcri 
And he has eome to court this may, 

A' mounted in good order. 

He told na her &tber, he told 

And he told na ane o' her kin ; 
Bat he whieperM the boonle lassie 

And has her Ikvoor won. 

Bat oat then cam' lord Loehtnvar, 
Oat flnas the English border. 

An for to court this bonnle may, 
Wafl moantsd sad in I 



H«toldherlktlMr,lMtoMb«rinotlk>r, A Some «* tharaiw* litbt wUHns imb. 

And •■ tb* laire o* ber kin ; 

But tbay were na' willing a'l 

Bat b« told nm tbe bonni* may band". 

And fiMr<«nd-twmity Leader lads 

Till OD b«r waddiag •'•n. 

BU tbam mount and ilda awa'. 

8b» wnt to the lord o^ Landndale, 

Tban wblngan flaw <Vae gentiea* eidca. 

Oin 1m wad come aad tee ; 

And sworda flew fkaa tba ebeal. 

And be baa Mot word back again. 

And red and ro9 was tbe Mood 

Waal aoaipsrad iba auki ba. 

Baa down tbe lily bnca. 

And ba baa mt a iDcawngar 

Tba blood ran down by Oaddon bank. 

Sight qulekljr tbtougb tba land. 

And down by Oaddon bnw; 

And raiwd mooy an annad man 

And, aigblng, laid the bonnie brld*- 

TO ba at bla connniuKl. 

** waaa ma Ibr llDul play r 

Tba brida looked oat at a bigb window. 

Xy biasring on yoar bcKrt. twiat thing 1 

Babrld baitb dale and down, 

Waa to yoar wflfti- will .' 

And tb9 waa awnn of bar ftnt troa lofa. 

Tbam mony a gallant gentleman 

Wltb lidan many a ona. 

Wbaet Uutla ya bare gaird to afdlL 

Bba aooflU Um, aad wwrnad bim. 

Now a' yon lords of lUr England, 

Upon bar wadding dajr ; 

And that dweU by the Kngliah border. 

Aad laid— " It was tba lUij eoiut 

Ooma never bet« to eeek a wU^ 


For fear of eie diaordcr. 

"0 coma ya bera to flgbt, yooag lord. 

Ibpyll balk ya np, and eettle ye bya. 

Or coma je bare to play? 

Till on your wedding day ; 

Or ooma ya bara to drink good wlna 

Then gie ye ftage InstNul of flrii, 

Upon tba wadding day ?■* 

Aad play ye Ibul foul play. 

" I ooma na bara to flgbt," ba nld. 

" 1 ooma na bare to play; 

111 but lead a danee wf tba bonala bzlda. 

A ad monat, and go my way." 


It b a glaai of tba Uood-rad wlna 

Waa filled up tbam betwmn, 

And aye ebe drank to Lauderdala, 

Wba bar tma lova bad bean. 

[Tan is a aomcwbat dlffcrant vcralon of 
Katberine Janfluie. ttimt Idotberwcllt eollte- 
tlon. Mr Motherwell eaym, " Tbe preeent copy 

He's ta'vn bar by tba mUk-wblte band. 
And by tb« graee-grecn elce^e ; 

He's mouBtad bar bla babind btmoal'. 
At bar kiaeiBan epeard na leave. 

waa obtained fh>m reoiuUon. in tbe \V«at of 
Beotland, and ie now given as exhibiting tbe 
state in which tbia popular ballad k than pin- 
aanrad. Tbe lOtb atanaa. 

** Now take yonr Mda, ked Loeblnvar • 

- Tbeia were reer.u<Utiraat|r Mlad knight^ 
Sat at a UUe rouad," ^ 

Now take bar if yew may I 

But, If yoa take yoar brtda again. 

seems to contain an allusion to tbe Knights of 

Wa'U oa J 11 but fool play." 

the Bound Table.- In Mr P. Duelians Glean- 
ings fW m seam OM Ballads, another but Inte* 
rior TcrsloB or the same !s frivrn, which It Is 

A' dad In Johnetona grey ; 

nnnecesaary to quote. The highly splrttt^l bal- 

Tbcy laid tbey would take the brida again. 

bul or Locbinvar which occutb In tUr Waltrr 

By tba atrwag band if tbi^ may. 

, fiooU's tale of Macmion, was fcundad in a alight 


ic«*M «B iha ballad of KatlMrlM JMfkrto or i^ TIM7 rraa all to bonoar hfan. 

Tor be was of high renowa ; 

paa«, tbat the icMler niv ooalait Um old aad 

Tbtj worn all Air to walooaio bin. 

tta MOdBm piodafBttenaj 

Aad bade Um to eit down. 

Tkams «aa a laa as 1 haavd mj. 

BMlUe waa tha good red wlae. 

htmd tow duaa in a glen ; 

In eHrer eape did flow ; 

Her aasBC was CtellMrioa Johutooe, 

Sot aja she drank to Lamtngton, 

Waal kaown to many moa. 

Tor with btan weald ebe go. 

Itaan caiM tbt laird e' lamlagtoa* 

BMflda was the good red wiaa. 

ItoiiB from tbe toatb oooauio ; 

In ellrer cape gaed round ; 

Aad ko li for this boanU la«, 

At length they began to wblvper worda. 


JToaa aould them vndeartand. 

Ban oA^ her klhor aad modMr, 

** ouna ye bora ftr ^ort, yooDg maa. 


Or oana ya have for play ? 

Aad than ha aakM tlio bonnla la«^ 

Or cams ya for onr bonnla hrldo. 


On this her welding day /" 

P— a caata an KaplUi fraflomaa. 

" I eama not here for sport/' he Mid, 

Jkmn from Iho Knglidi boidari 

"Neither did I for play: 

Ba li for tUs boanto Ioh, 

Bat for one word 0* year bonaia hrlda. 

To kaap hte hvaat la acdar. 

111 mooat aad go away." 

Ba aikid IMT ftthcr aad aiotlMr, 

They set bar maMs behind her. 

Aa 1 do hotf them ny} 

To bear what they would eey ; 

Bat ha nrver aalrd tha Ibm harMl'p 

Bat tha flrrt qaeetion he ask'd at her. 

Tai ea her vaddiog day. 

Was always answered nay; 
The Beat qoeetlon ha aakM at her. 

Bat *• ha* wrote a long latter. 

Waa, ** Meuat mad ooaie away f 

And eaU-d It with her haad; 

Aad eral It to lofd Lamlngtoa, 

1V» vp the ODodcn bank. 


Aad doan tha Condon braa i 
And ays ehe made the trumpet sound. 

IWflrat liaa 0' tha kttar ha nad. 

It's awoelwoa play. 

H« «M baith glad and Ua, 

Bat or ha rad tha letter o'er. 

BMlkto was ths blood was died. 

Ba «M baith pah aad waa. 

Upoa the Oonden braa ; 
And aye she mads the tiumpot sound. 

Tkoa ha hae int a nMoeenger, 


Aad oat tiirmigh all hie Und ; 

▲ad fuar-aad-twvntgr armed omb. 

OoBio a* ya Bnglish gsBtkniea, 

That Is of Kngland bom ; 
Oomo na doon to deotiand. 

Bat he hae left hh fporry nMB an ; 

TW foar ys gat ths ■eom. 


Aad he'a awa' to the weddtag ha—. 

ThayH foed ya ap w1* flattering words, 

Ta eea what ha aonU bm. 

And thati foul play 1 
And theyU dnas you frogs hMtsad of fish . 

Balwhan he eama to tha waddteg hooto. 

Jast en your wedding day. 


Iketa wei« fbarnind-twaBty boltad kalgbta. 






[8im WAcnk aoorT_8M Um two pNvlov fadladii] 

O ! Toimo Lochia w bM ooow out of tlw wt rt, 
Throosh mil tho wtd* border his ttMci wu lbs batt; 
And, Mm hit good broadsword he waepoiM luid 
Be rodt ali unarm 'd, and he rode all alone. - 
Bo fklthftil in love, and to dauntlew in war. 
There never was knisbt i;ite the youuf LoohlBTar. 

He staid Dot4br brake, and he ttopp'd not Ibr 
He swam the Erii river where Ibrd there was 
But, ere he alighted at H etherby gate. 
The brMe had eonaantwi, the gallant eame late t 
For a laggard in love, and a dastaid In war. 
Was to wed the telr Helen of brave Loehinvar. 

So boldljr he entar'd the Nctherby hall. 

Among bridesmen, and kinsmen, and brothers and allt 

Then spake the bride's fkther, his band on his sword, 

(For tbe poor craven bridegroom said never a word,) 

*'0 eome ye in peace here, or oome ye in war. 

Or to danoe at oar bridal, young lord Loehinvar ?** 

" 1 kmg woo'd your daughter, my suit you deny^;— 
Love swells like the Bolway, but ebbs Uke ite tide— 
And now 1 am eotne, with this loet love of mine. 
To lead but one meaaurc, drink one eup of wine. 
There an maidens in Sootland more lovely by Ihr, 
That would gladly be bride to the young Loehinvar. 

The bride kiard the goblet; the knight took It up. 
He qualTd off the urine, and he threw down the cop 
She louk'd down to blush, and she look'd up to sigh. 
With a smile on her li|:s, and a tear in her eye* 
He took her soft hand, e^r lier mother could bair— 
'* Now trend me a measure 1" said young Loohlavar. 

Bo stately his form, and so lovely her bee. 

That never a hall such a galliani did graos ; 

TV' bile her mother did tnt, and her Qitber did fhme. 

And the bridegroom stood dangling hie bonnet and plume. 

And the bride-maidens whisper'd 'twers better by tkr 

To have match'd our fair cousin with young Loohlnvar. 

One touch to her hand, and one word in her ear. 

When they nneh'd tbe ball door, and the ebaxgnr stood i 

Bo light to the oroup the fhir lady he swung. 

Bo light to tae s ddle before her be sprung ! 

She is won ! we art gone, over hank, bush, and seanr ; 

They'll have fleet stsods that follow, quoth young Loehinvar 

There was mounting *mong Graemes of the Metherty elan ; 

Feraters, Fen wicks, and Uusgraves, they roile and th^ ran : 

There was raoing and ehacing, on Cknnobie lee. 

But the hMt bride of Metherby ne'er did they ece. 

Bo daring in love, and eu dauntless in war. 

Have ye eisr heard of gallant like young Loehinvar? 




%u\^ 3kan* 

pfoBoar BdlaA*— SoBBBT Wan-s.— Otigl- 
«al|j printed In tfa* tagendsry dkpartmmt of « 
entitled. "The Load HiatorUn'* Tabi« 
fer Norttamberland and Darbnin/' Kcw- 
ISa^TlM H«B«nr of thit bnlbd It In 
Bothal QMtl« i« bontflil j 
on tb« WaMbrekf a few milM b low 
At OtteftMinM UooJ A tower or oacti* 
which wu lone ha poMcMion of tbe UmphrtvU lee, 
« tfadngnJaftad tenlly s end the plaec taae ae- 
fnfavd gnntedebrity In Bonier taittLty and aong, 
I the btttd* ftmchc tben In U88 between ttao 
, Bonglaennd Percy.] 

Bt Bothal Tower, eweet Wansbeckl 

Bliu Hckerin' to the em; 
Aloft, within the bncae o* noni, 

Thie^joy In Bothalli bonnie bowen; 

Thcteii aahth within the ha'; 
Bat own the ebeeks o' Lady Jean, 

The triekUn' taar-drmpa fli'. 

Bb» ^ls within her duunber hifth— 

Tct awcer ie ihe to don the diffli 

XhnfB Attii« ibrn brkle. 

OhaetoltotdD M relionhliway; 
To ha% naa time to ipaM! 
let me elaap thai sltdle jfanp. 

" Orn' the Indke I' the Und, 

ToHM ho earpaa'd bgr nana i 
Tlw fakee that** on yonr velvet vobo, 

** TUi Jewellad chaplet ye'Il pot on- 
not hjoidned naekiaee gay ; 

For we maon ha** ye bnaUt wed 
On thto-fonr bridal day."— 

"O! Den, yowonU think Uteid 
T» wed againat yonr will I 

I Mnar leoM kwd Sacra yot} 
I dlMM She hka 0110. 

"He kcni thoogh eft he Med tot lore* 

Upon hie bended knee, 
Ae tender word— oe kindly look. 

He never gat ftno me. 

" And be bne gnhwd my mother^ wTi— 

My Ihtbcr'a •(em command ; 
Tet this fund heart ean ne'er be hi*, 

Althoogh he dalm my hand. 

" O Kllen, aoflly llat to me! 

I etiU may "eeape the eoare; 
When morning raiee owre Otterbnme, 

The tidings would bo there. 

" And hnnylng on eomei UmphrevUle,— 

Hla spur Is sharp at need . 
There's nane in a' Northnmbetland, 

Can mount a fleeter stood. 

*« Ah! woel I fcsn Us heart Is tni»- 

He will— be most be here: 
Aboon the garden wa' bell wave 

The penoon o^ Us spear."— 

" Tar Is the gate, the bums are dsep, 

The broken mnirs are wide ; 
Fair lady, ere yonr true love come. 

Yell be lord Sncre-k bride. 

'< Wl' etotely, eolemn step the priest 

Climbs np the chapol stain 
Alas! alas! fur Umphrevillei 

His hsart may wsd be salrt 

*■ Keep bade ! keep baek i lord Daere's stosd- 

Te maonna trot but gang: 
And haste ye I baste ye 1 Umphreville I 

Toor lady thinks ye lang.**— • 

la velvet dieen dM wadna dress i 

Nae pearls owro her shone ; 
Kor broidered neekhoe, sparkling bright. 

Would hkdy Jean pot on. 

Up rsise she frne bor euaUon'd aeat. 

And tottered like to Ik't 
Her ebeek mew bke the roes, and then 

Tnmod wUtar than the i 

" O Bllen, thmw the eastment np; 

Let In the air to met 
Look down wllUn the eastle-yaid, 
tail mo what ye sm."— 




" Toot bOhWu ■tanln' on tbe step*— 

Tour rootherl at th* door; 
Oat thtvogh the [oalem oooMt tha trftla— 

Lord Uaon ridM I 

" Fb' yaald u' gnMtu' llefati bo down, 

8m don hit gftlUnt bond ; 
And low bo daA bla bonnet plamo. 

And tbakn jrour fctbor's bond. 

'*LM! tadjr, llot a boglo noto! 

It founds not luud but timr; — 
Up ! npi I M* oboon tbo n'. 

Your trao lot 0*1 ponaouM ipc«r f— 

An' vp tk' qolek gnt Udj Jonn ;— 

Nm oUment bad aba mnir 1 
Bijtbo was bar look, an' firm bor stop, 

Ai iba nui down tbo stair. 

An' tbivogb amang tboappk traca. 

An' up tba walk sbo flawi 
Until sbo fOBBhad bar tnw lofOlald«, 

Hot bnath sba ■oaroiiljr draw. 

Lord Daert Ikin would lao tba bridat 
He sought brr bowar alane ; 

But dowf an' blunkJt grow bis look. 
Wben lady Joan was 1 

flair dbl bar flitbar stamp an 
Dair did bar motbar mouiii ; 

Bbali up an' off wt' (In phrarillOi 
To bonala Ottarboma. 

Klnledb and Bvdbaali eoDaettanai] 

A HAtDBV Btade In bar boulr door, 

As Jimp as a wlUow-wand ; 
Wban by thvrs eama a gardanar lad, 

WI' a primrosa In bis band. 

** O. ladyn, ars ya slngila jtt. 
Or will jra many ma? 

TaiBS gat a' tba llouirs In my 
To ba a waed for tbsa." 

**! lofv year floubi," tte 1a^ «id| 
** But 1 wlnoa marry tbaa: 

For I can liva vltbunt 
And wltbottft maa>kiad 111 daa.' 


" Ton sball not U«a wttbout 
But you sball many mo • 

And, among tba lloairs In my 
ru sbapa a waod for tbaa. 

" Tba Illya flonlr to bo your ameok; 

It beoomaa your bodle best. 
Tour bcM sail bs basket wl' tbo gaUyo 

Tbe primrose in your braist. 

" Tour goun sail be o' tbe sweat wUliam ; 

Your coat o' the oammovioe ; 
Your apron o' the ssel o' downs : 

Gome, smile, swcethaart o' mine I 

" Your gloves sail be o' the grasn dorar. 

All glitterln' to jour band ; 
Well spread owar wl* the blue blawort. 

That grows among eom-land. 

"Your stoddngs diaU be o'tbaoabbaga leaf. 

That is baltta bimid and lang ; 
Karrow, narrow, at tbe kuts. 

And biald, bnU, at tbe bnuma. 

** Your sbooo shall beo'tbsgude ma red; 

Ibope It bodes nacUl; 
Tbs budilet o' tbe marygoldt 

Oome, smlls, aweatbeart, your All :" 

"Young man, ya've ebapit a weed for ma. 

Amang tbe rimmcr floulrs; 
Vow I will sbaps anitbrr for yoa. 

Amang tba winter aboulrSi* 

" The snow so while shall be your «birt ; 

It bcoomca ynur boille best: 
Tbs cold east wind sail wrap your bald. 

And tbe cold laln on your brslst. 

"The steed that you shall rida upon, 

Sball be tbe weather snelli 
Weil bndkd wi' the northern wlod« 

And ooid ebarp eboulia o' ball. 

The hat yon on your haid sail 
Ball be u' tbe weather greyi 

And, aye wben yv come Into ny sight. 
I'U wish ye wsto away." 

* A versa resembling this Is song by Darla 
^ GaUatlay la Waverlcy. 



%f hrtkabnc. 



&nk SatiiiDent. 

[T«n« am a« hMt fcar dMhmt vgnbrnt of 
KtaaL Tb« Ant psMtalMd. 
Is that gtfw la th* Min> 
Bolder. Th« «ClMr vcr- 
ivriy appMnd la Um eollwdom of ' 
i,Klalo«h.aDdBadiaa. Mp(lMr> j 
■ ba» iMani a vcnloB aalkd Tha i 
BtaUr Brachm. bat ha daw not quote It. 
Koan aaljr taaia Ibr two hu of tha 
and JamkamX but wa ihall 
rk ia a aati tht dUhfaat raadlnfi of Kiakwh 
i ttriklnf paaMca In tha 
tnkm awta naoh afiti 
to tha appfopHatloo of 
I ftom a dMhnnt balfaid, Swaat WQ- 
■li Ghat, haroaffen' to ba givca. Ha that la- 
' Omtk Baandna-ia tha filth adlUen of 
hb M la itw lai — " Thia Koaumtie ballad la taken 
I Mr Hod-a MBS., wlU Miami eonaetlona 
btr and moia bnparfcot aepf , la tha 
■. and ana or two aoi\)aetttial ornano 
I ia Bh anaatannaac of tha •taaiaas Tha 
iwi towm of tha aoaalvBoa to tha baUad, ba- 
flaalBg. 'Vhcra aaaaa a ghart to Maitaiara 
' arin Mrika aacfy laadar. Tha tola la ua- 
«1ld aad UantMil, and apparently 
■t. Tha aaotoia of tha paaeiag ball ia 
«SU tape ap to maay rOlagca la Saotlaad. Tha 
aaatoa gOM thraagh tha town, riaging a Hnall 
toll, aad asBoaaatog tha daath of Um dapartwl, 
aad tha tlma of tha fuaaral. Tha thraa eon- 
atodtag ^rm have Um r a c aa ai ad tine* the flrat 
•'*<'"" «f thli vorfci and I am Infermad by tha 
'^•». that It «aa aaaal to aepaiato IVooi tha 
^ Btat part of tha ballad whkh Mhnn tha 
" af tha lorata. aa beleaglag to another 
r^ thIa. howaarr. there awno BO Bao» 
ii»f, aa acher aathoritlia glva tha whola as a 

SADiTBane aad may Maifaiat 
Walhad ower JOB garden giaea; 
^ad aaA aad haavjr waa tha lora 
That Ml thlr twa 


" A bed Sir yea aad ma."* 
' *>• aa. ly* aa." MM may 

** For In may aoBM my Hfan taaald brothan^ 

Wl' torehee barnlag bright; 
Thqril lay—' Wa ha-a bat at eetor, 

Aad behold ihe«fe «!• a kalght 1' ** 

"Then take the eword ftaa my Mabbard, 

And dowly lift tha pin ; 
And yoa may ewaar, and mfb your alth« 

Ta nevar let COarfc Baaadan la. 

"Aad taka a napkin In yoar hand. 
And tie up baitli your bonnle aen : 

And you may nrear. aad atife yoar alth, 
Te eaw ma na rfnoe taito yaetiaan." 

It waa about tha midnight hour. 

When they adcep were laid. 
When in aad eaaa her aeven brothaii, 

Wi' torahee burning red. 

When in and cnma her eeran brathen,* 

Wi* torehae burning bright} 
They mid, " We ha-a bat ae Bster, 

Aad i«hoid her lying with a knight! 

• IfrKlidoeh'seepyi 

Th«« in thm etiui' her flntea _ 
BmUIv he nm' itoppia' !■ i— 

" Com* here. co«« h«r^ m« what : 
we ha'e o»iy hitt m •later mlive. 
Aid a kaem ie la boa'r her wi* r 

la Mid eem* her MOMid brither- 
8m|«, " T»» lavara ue ill to iwie i" 
Aad n aad eaai' her thirdea brather,-. 
•* O brelher, dear, 1 Hy the MUBe.** 

I la aad eaaa' \m fenithea brather«— 
•• lt>i a tia to UU a ■laepia* mta i" 
And la aad can* her Cfthea brMhcr,— 
•*0 hreihar, dear, I ny the p>->« ^ 

I la aad eaa' her alxtheB brother.— 
•* I wat he*i ae'tr be Ma«r'd by bm t" 
Btrt la aad eaai' har wvaath hruthar.— 

•* 1 bav the head that taU gar hla dee.* 
Mr Baehaa't eoryi 

Tbea ia It aaaM her aetee brathen, 
Aad a' their te«chea buralag Mahtt 

They Hid. " We ha'e bat ae JLiar. 
Aad hare ahe*a Ijrlag «i* a kalght.* 

O, oat It aaaaa the trat •* than, 
"We vUl awa' aad let then bai" 

Tbea oat it •aaaki tha accowl a' th« 
-Hia- ^^ 

70 aoomsH ballads. 

TbmoataiidgpalratlMflrato'llwm, A TbM in and ouiw htr ftither il«u-. 

" I bMT tta* sword ahaU «u- him dlt r 

Said—" Ut a' )-our moaning ba: 

And oat and apak* tho Moond o^ ttMm, 

111 carry tha daad eorpaa to tbr ehy. 

" HJa Auhcr has BM jaair than ha !•• 

And 111 ooma hook and oomftwt than » 

And eat and spaka tha thifd o* tham. 

" Oamftnt wnal yonr aBTMi sona. 

" I wot that tbv »>• lovan tev I" 

Flor oomfbrlad wiU I navar bai 

And ontaad apaka tha fbarth o' tham. 

I woon *twa8 ndthar knavt nor Iowa 

"Thay ha** baan in lora this meaj a yaarl" 

Waa la tha bowv laat night wl'ma." 

Than oat and tpaka tha flilh o* tham. 

Aa cUnkIng ball gaad throogh tha town^ 

" It wara graat rin tiva lov* to twain •*• 

To carry tha daad ooraa to t^ clay; 

And out and tpaka tha aisth o' tham. 

And Oerk daandara atood at may MargHtTB 

" It wan ahama to ilajr a alaaplng maa !" 

I wet, aa hoar balbra tha day. 

Tkan ap and fat tha aefanth o* tham. 

And narar a word tpaka ht ; 

** Art ya aleaplng, MarRaret?" ho anya. 

Bat ha haa stripad* hia bright brown brand 

**0r ar« ya waking pnaantUa^ 

Oat throoffh COark aaandan* fldr bodjw. 

Give mo my (kith and troth again, 
I wet, tnaa h>Ta, I glad to thae.** 

Clark aanndon ha alartad and Margaret tbo 


"Teor bAOk and troth ye aafl never get. 

Into hIa arma aa aricap aha lay ; 

Kor OUT true love tall never twin. 

And tad and ailent waa tha night 

Until ye ooom w'.thin my bower. 

That waa atwaan thlr twaa. 

And klaa me chalk and ehla." 

And thay by atDI and alaapad aoand. 

"My moath It la Ml eoU, Maivuvt. 

Until tha day bagan to daw ; 

It hat the email now of tha ground i 

And klnJly to him aha* did aa/. 

And If I klaa thy eomely mouth. 

" It la tima, troa kiva, yaa wara awa'.** 

Tlv daya or llfb wis not be laag. 

Bat ha lay atlll, and lieeplt aoand. 

** 0, aoekt art crowing a merty midnight. 

Albeit th« aun bagan to aheen ; 

I wot the wUd fowit art boding day ; 

Sha looked atwean her and th« wa', 

Olve ma my Atlth jtnd troth again. 

And doU and drowala wara hia aen. 

And let me flue me on my way." 

"Thy fldth and troth thoa aall na get. 

Om« H ipMlia tin tliM e' than, 

And oar true love ahall never twin. 

War !>• WM •undiaf on Ike birk ; 

Until ye tell what eomaa of worran. 

" Nm awMtcr aoiild t»> lovcn l*c, 
Thevgh Uwy'd bMS MTriad ia a kick." 

1 wet, who dU In atrang tralvelllag f 

Tkaa ml It tpaftka tha fbnHk o* tkaa. 

" Their bad* art made In tha haavena high. 

" M«ir tkit and lovaly U hU buk«i 

Buwa at the Ibot of our good lofd'a knee. 

Ow aiuer dwtr we mnMtC bUme, 

Waal aet about wl' gilljflowera s* 

Attkoagh la hkm bka pUnaiin took." 

Thaa out It ipcaka tk« flitk •* (bam. 

It wart ft •in to do th«M 111 s 
Tbaa out It tpaka tht •Uth o* tbtm, 

1 wot Bweet company Ibr to aae. 

* Trom whatever aooroa the popolar Idcaa of 

•• It't haid n tloaplac mta to kiU." 

heaven be derived, the mention of gillyflower* la 
notanoommon. Thiia,ln the Dead Men-* dong— 

B«t out It tfttk* tha Mvanlh o* tbaa. 

(I «Ub Ml ill dmth oitt b* dt*l) 
•• I watr tht tbtrp brand by njr tMa, 

Tka fttUa nbowl thb dly fklie 

Wara all with roaa* aati 

That tooB tbtU gar Cltifc Saadjr dla." 

OUWdowar*. and eara-itiona fldra, 
WUek onnkar could not fret. 

Kiuen'a Aatieat Beaga, p. MX. 






a BNny iBJd-nl|lifc» 
th* «f11d Ibwi an boding day ; 

of haftvn nrtU mod be attaf» 
I, «R aev, will be mi«Bd ftwajF." 

hm bM tetm a OTital «an. 
And At ha* atrohan bar tenth thanen ; 
a baa glran It Um eat at tba ahot-wliidoir, 
Wi' BB^r aaid a(gb, and baa?; j 

'I fbaab ya, MaigYat} I thanb ja. XMsYrt; 
And aya 1 thaak y baartlL*; 

' tb* doad cane Jbr the qold, 
, Mais'M, rn eoma for thaa." 

I, and gown alona, 
BhaeUmbad tba wall, and Mlaarad bim, 
Uatfl aba eaaa to the grcaa fctaat. 
And tfaaia iha laat tba alfbt e* Um. 

** la that* oiqr roam at your head, aaoadaia ? 

la ttm 0B7 ivoin at fonttmif 
Or oay raoofi at jroor aide, Sauodtra, 
Ada, Ibia, I wad alaap f" 

imm at my bead, Ifaigncat, 
room at aiy feat; 
lowly bow: 


Hy bad It la tad 

Id ia my eofwlug aow> 
my windiag^baat) 
ItlUla aaa aoooar down, 
B^ tcaliaf 'pfaMe ia 


, givan in the legend of Sir 
panwUae, at which the 
tbrougb farpkUtrj, 
gllyflowcra, tfaaogta it nUantieaa many 
■Aa the pBmigiiacatioBa,aad the legend 
pabUebad, many panona may not 

re bcr titera wilk 
•M aad UH divcn eotoant 
Friaifvl sad pmiak t 




\ aM ia crtb grotntli httm, 
> thai (me •priatctk, 
' It M eUai 


" Bat ptaita wand o* bonaie Mib,* 
And lay it on my braactt 

And ahed a tear apon my grave. 
And wiah nqr aaal goda ; 

" And iklr MaiK^t, and laxa Marrmt, 

And Mar^'ret o' varltle. 
Gin e'er ye lo?e another man, 

Ne^ Iota him aa ya did mo." 

Iban op and crew tba mOk'^bUe eeefc. 
And up and craw the gray ; 

Her lofor ranieh'd in tJie air, 
Aad ihe gaed waeptag awi^. 


[JAMnaoer^ T«nlen^-Mr Jamlaaoa aaya that 
bad be " been aware, la tima, of the eapertcrity 
in contrivance and cflbet of Mr Soottl copy, ha 
would meat cheerAaUy hare given up hi* own fcr 
itiflwther bnprovement; bat that not having 
been the caee, at ha la of opinion, that the ft4> 
lowing variety of thla aibcting Ule ia itiU eafll- 
elcntly coriooa to merit pRcerratton, be baa 
thooght proper to adopt Ik. mora from a hope of 
gratifying the euiloaa antlqaaiy, than of pre- 
Mntiag the mcfe Aetfae /etfrw critic with any 
thing deearvlag of bit noUee or approbation. 

nothing could bare been better imagfaiad 
than the cbaaanataaca. In Mr Baotfa eopy, of 
killing Clark Boandera while hia miatfcai waa 
adaepi nor caa any thing ba men naloial or 

* The cnaton of faiodiag the ncw-laM aod of 
the cbardi yard with oalera, or other eapUnga, 
prevailed both in Xoglaad and Scotland, aad 
aervcd to protect the turf fhMn li^Joty by cattle, or 
otberwim. it \» aOoded to by 6i^ In the What 
d'ye can It— 

Btnr. tat ae BMga. tie my tert •arthly Vmer, 
Wbea I Ml d«id yeall Mad ay (raWwitk trfekcr. 

Id the Shepherdl Week, the 
alluded to, and the aaaaa expbdnad»— 

'With wieker nde we Imeed hw tomb arvaad. 
To wud, tnm mea ud bcMt, the kallowcd 
I «t bar Bvir grkvc the panoa's ekttl« rase, 
V»r both bis bone aad eew the ebwrah-vaid 



pathaUo than Am IIitm Kaani that lbllow.% ^ Itl oo go t» tba «arda>'* iht Hjt, 

Ttwy might hAM daarraed a whole volaiiM of 

** Nor to the table to dine; 

• bad poetry againit the fBTaxM of time { In Mr 

Sat lit go to a bed« that's »-eel down sptead 

Bootti TolttinM Uuy •hiiM bat IUm paarla amoiig 

And sloep when »« get time.** 


They were not weel leyn down. 
And no weel fh'en asleep. 

• Ctetk 8Mi»l«n h« tUarttd. md If •q^'rat tha tara'd 

Aad Md ud atkat wm Ik* aigU 

When up aad e^iod May MargareTB bn- 

TWt «M M«MWi tair una. 

Jnst np at thsir hsd Ibet. [thran. 

UmiII llM d^ btfu to dawi 
▲ad Uadljr Is Ua alM did aay. 
- !('• una, tma lota. ya« aro* awa'.'* 

*'0 ten ae, ftetl OS. May Margaret, 
And dinna to as len,* 

•Bat ha Iv aliU aad alaapad aoaad. 
Albeit Im* •ua itu^na lu •hccat 

wha to aaght yon noble efeeed. 
That stands ywar staMa ia?** 

Bba luokii atwcaa htr aad tli« w«'. 

Aad dall aad drawtia wata htm ••■.* 

'* The steed 1* mine, and H may be Ihlna, 

Th« following eo|>y was traaimittad by Mr* 

Tb itda whaa ye ride on hie— 

Anott of Abcrbrothick. The staniM, whan 

tht ae«cn brotbart arc Introdueed. hava bam 

•olargnl tro-.a two ftagmants, whieh, alth' agh 

" Bat awa'. awa*. my baald brethren. 

vary dcfeeUvt In theinael*rs. Airnlah lines which. 

Awa', aad mak' nae din ; 

when ineorporated with tbe text, eeemed to im- 

For I am as sick a lady the nidit 

proeeit. Slanias SI and IS were wriLteo by the 

As o'er lay a bower within.** 

editor: the idea of the raet being euggeeied by 

^kM ^^ M^ ^^ ^K ^ ^k ^k a 

the gentleman who recited, but who eould not 

"0 ten OS. ten OS, Msy Margaret, 

reooll«ct the language la whIeh It waa ex- 

And dinna to ue len. 

O wlia to saght yon noble hawk, 

That stands your kiteliea la ?- 

Clsbk BAimiiBaa wae an eari'M eon. 

He Heed npon eut eand ; 

" The hawk to mine, and It may be thiM, 

May Margaret wae a kingi daa^ter. 

To hawk whan ye hawk in hla— 

Sb» hTed In apper bad. 

Gleili SMndon waa an earil loa. 

** Bat awa*, awa*. my bald brethren ! 

Weel Icam'd at the aeheel ; 

Awa' aad mak* nae din t 

May Margaret wae a ldng> daughter;— 

Vor I'm ane o* the slekett ladles this alefat 

They balth loied ither weeL 

That e'er by bower within.*' 

Ba^ throw tbe daifc. and thraw the BMut, 

"0 ton OS. ten OS, May Maigaiot, 

And throw the loavea o* green ; 

And dinna to as len, 

TOl he eame to May Margarets door» 

O wha ie that. May Ma(«sret, 

Aad titled at the pia. 

Yen and the wa' between /" 

••0 deep ye, waha ja. May Margwet. 

** 0, it Is my bowernnalden,'* she says. 

Or an ye the bower within ?■■ 


** wha is that at my bower door. 

0, It is my bower-maiden,'' she mys. 

Aie wi«l my name doee ken f 

'* And she's thrloe as slek as me.*' 

** Ife I, a«rk Saunden, yoor tma lore, 
Yuttll open aad let naa in." 

* The term bn. In thto eenss, is, so ftir as I 

know, now obsolete ia deoUand. It liere means 

** wffl ^ to the cards, Margaret. 

to sfe^ or htaUmtt, and to used in the same ernae 

Or to the table to dine? 

by Browne, In hto " Brltaonlae Pastomk.** It 

Ot to the bed, that's weel down spread 

seeme to be the same with the old Engitoh aad 

And sleep wbsn ws get tima.*' 





And low 

» govd bncklM in tlMir 

CMC, amA i«i*m baon «tfl» A ** O wae b« Co yoo. my turn tovthrm. 

▲y» te 10 time tpak' ha; 
*■ It is ClHk auindan, your 

BM fer tkm Kora that ha has 
al ha «U dia." 

■C «p and ipak* har f o u a fnt bioChar; 
▲j« In t>«d ttma apftk' ha- 
O, but tbcx ara a gudalla pair !— 
Tma luvaraan ye ba, 

that hanga at my a w o td'balt 


Bfw ap and apak* taar nastan brothar. 

And tha laar aloed tn hb a^, 
**Yo«va loMd har laiig, and lo'ad har 

Aad pity It wad ba, 
Tba award that hansa at my twavd-balt 

Hot np aad apak* har flftra 
" Awp ea yoar rieap fsr ma t 

Bat «• ballh aall never tlaap afala. 
Far Cha tarn of aa aaU dla r 

Bat ap aad apak' fear midmalat brolhar; 

Aad an aafry hMigh leach ha; 
"Tha thorn that daba 111 cut it down, 

Thoafh klr tha ruaa m^ ba. 

that amcO'd aaa 
Haa loat m bloom wl' tbaa: 

tbi.nsh I'm waa It alMNild ba aaa, 
Chrk Haiinrttra, ya maun die." 

ap aad apak* htr thirdaa brathar, 
Ayr In HI tLna apak* ha; 
Caiaa on hia love aad eem*llBa« *— 
DtahotMHird aa ya ba, 

a<md that hanga at my aword>bcU 
daJ] «|alaMy atndar ya !** 

aa drawn hIa twoid ; 
haa drawa aaithcr; 
Cterk daandan' haaaa aad aoQar 

And an ill daath mat ya dial 
Te mith aUn Clark Sauadara In opan flald. 
And no in tha bad wl' ma." 

Whan aavan yMia wara coma aad gima. 
Lady Margarat aha thonghi lang; 

And aha ia up to tha hlchaat tower. 
Sir tha laa Uehi o' tha mooo. 

I iDohla' o'er har eaatia Ugh, 
To aaa what aha might Ik' ; 
And thara aha »w a gricrad ghoat 
Oonln' waukia* o'er tha wa'. 

*' O, ara ya a man of mean," aha aayt, 

Baakln' ony o' my meat? 
Or am you a mnk robber. 

Coma In my bower to break?" 

"O, I*m Clark flMtadera, year troe lovaj 

Behold, Margaret, and eee, 
Aad mind, for a' your mcUile pride, 

8bo will UcooM oCthaa." 

" Oln ye ba Olarii Saandaia, my tma lora^ 

Thla mdkla manrale nia-~ 
O wharain la yoar bonnjo arraa 

That wont to emhraoa tamf 

" By worma they're eataa ; In moola they're 
Britald, llargai«t,aadaea; [rottanj 

And mind. Air a' yoar mIeUa pride, 
Bae will baaoma a^ thae r 

O bonala, bonnle mag tha Uid, 

Sat on the ooUf/ bays 
Bat dowla dowla waa the maid. 

That Mlowd tha cmpaao' day 

**Ia thara oay room at yoar head, flhnndere, 

la there ony roum at )«ur fbrt/ 
b thaaa oay ruom at yoar twa ndae 

ror a lady to 11a and alacp ?" 

"There le naa foom at ray head, Maffwett 

Aa little at my fort; 
Tliere le nae room at my twa ridm 

for a lady to lie aad elaap. 

" Bat gae haaM, gae hama, now. May lfatga> 
Oae hama and lew your eeant ; [n>t{ 

Vor If ye wara laid in yoar w«rl< 
Yoar daya wUl aaa ba iaag." 



i as<Sla«toddewanitohhlba«, 

Tto lowas swast WiUles shaon, ; 

i^tti SBillie anl^ %al^5 

Tha baeklas wots sas stiff tbqr wadaa hnras, 
Ths Mood had fhasa In, 0. 


** Wnils, O Wmis, I ftar flat than 
Hast brad bm dnls and sorraw; 

rrara XoUMrwril'a eolketion. *'Thto bid- 

TlM dasd that than hast doM this nloht. 

lad,- mn Mr MoUMnreU. "wkkh |ii 

Win hyths npos ths masrow.'* 

eonidenMt taautj Mid palhos, Ib gtTVo ftvoi 

Um raetlMiOB of • lady bow te admiMcd In 

In than aana hsr tether daar. 

ymn, with wboae fmndnetiitr Itwoad— rr^d 

And a braid sword by his gars, : 

tkrourlto. It ia now fat Of Anl Urn* printMl. 

Aad hs-s gi'On WQlia, tha widows son. 

A dasp wound aad a sair, 

BWBBT WiLUS WM a widows WB* 

" Lya yont, lys yoat, WlUla,- abo eays, 

And IM yr«n a milk-whltt wMd, 1 

** Yoorswaat waetsa' my sids. 0{ 

And wMl Mold WiUto nad and writt. 

Lya yont, lya yont, WIUIs," shs ays. 

Ikr batter ride OD ilaed, O. 

"F«r yoorswaat 1 dowM bide, 0.** 

Lady Maiflnla wai tta ftrtt ladya, 

She tomod hsr badi ante ths wa'. 

That drank to him the wtaM, ; 

Har Ams onto the room, 0| 

And ajr* a« tha hcalthi gaad round and rovad. 

And thsrs shs saw her aoM Ihthsr. 

«• iMldjr, yoar love b mlaa, O." 

Fsst walking up and daaa, 0. 

Lady Xargvrl* waa liha flm ladya. 

" Woa ba to y<m, hthsr," shs ssid. 

That dnnk to him tha bavr, 1 

'* And ap in dsM may you dk, Oi 

And ay* as tha healths gasd rooad aad roand. 

Wvr yrva kU'd WttUa, ths wUoWs eoa. 

" UMj, yaYs watasma hars, O." 

And hs would hars aaarrkd bm, U." 

** Too nnvsl asms latUI my bmrsr. 

8ha tarasd har back unto tha room. 

Whsn tho swsning balls do ring. { 

Hsr flMs unto ths wa', : 

And )oa most eoma IntUI my bowsr. 

And with a deep and heavy s*c^ 

Whsn tbs craalM "MM doth sing, 0." 

Hsr hsatt it beaks ia twa, 0. 

Ho^ ta'tn lb«r^«d-t««nly biaM arrows. 

And laesd tham In a whang, ; 

And he's awa* le lady Margsrlo^ bowvr, 

As tet as tas San gang, O. 

g^t$t BBiUiam »n^ l^as 

Ha srt his as fbet on tha wa'. 

And tbs othar on a stana, 1 


And he's MUM a* the kinrs Hfc goardSb 

Hs^ kiUM thsn avaiy man, 0. 

rraOM Mr KlnlobhH ooOoetlon^'' Though 

"Oh opsn, «psB, lady Marfsris, 

this," says Mr Kinloeh, *• is sridently a dietlnct 

Open and let ma ia, ; 

ballad ftom * Clerk Saundrrs,' }-*t the editor of 

Tbs wsct waets a' my yallow hair. 

ths Border Mlnstrehy has incorp»nted it with 

And the dsw draps on my chin, 0." 

that balkd ; notwithstanding it appear* that ha 
was iBlbrmsd by the reeitrr, that it was usual to 

With hsr frat as whits as slest. 

separate from tha rest, that part tf the ballad 

8hs strod her bower within, 0; 

which followe tho death of the lovere, as belong- 

And with her Angsts lang and sua', 

Shs^ looisB swast WdUs in, 0. ^ 

ing to another story. * For this, however,' eays 

[ hs, ' thsia sssas no BBtieeHy, as other authoil* 



tkla tMmA, m qoit* w 

cbtaiaad two copin of 
MOtad with ' CIn-k 
B dlfhrant tfeory. 
of It, III tlM prwtni fbmifVDdcr 
tfti* of 'a«wt WllUMDH OhMt,* wUl be 
Ib BMM^t TtM^tUl* UiBwltaBj, and » 
OBt In tiM *lllmtnligr Andcat and 
/ mttttod WaUam and M aijorla.'*] 

Aa Hay Hurrct tat In btr boMite« 

la ktr boacr all alona. 
Aft dM ««V7 vwtlat o* nUnioht, 

"O to !t my flkthtr, O ta It my 
Orb it njr tani«h«r Jahn? 
Or to It awtat WttHan, my ala 

" It b na yoar kffcar, it to na jvar moOier, 

It b aa jroar btncbv John I 
Bnt tt to cwwt WUUani, joor ala twtloft, 

Xo Wwttoad naw aQna hoinc**— 

* Ba^ y« braaifht na onto flna thiagi, 
Oatonnr«Un(tor|o«MrP . 

Or ka'c yt tovoght ma a bnM o' toot, 
V» maod np my gewdan faalr ?" 

Tva broa^ y> na flat ttlngi at aU, 
Iter auto new thlag ta waw, 

S«v ka-a I taoaiAt ya a bmid aflam, 
T» MMod ay yoar fswdaa hair. 

I pray yt apeak tarn* I 
O fTt mt kack my hith and trofth, 

lytk and troth ya 
Ver will 1 wl* ya twin, 
m ya eema wItUa my 


I year ye ^Mnk to ma; 
O gi^ am hadt my hith and troth, 

" Taar feHb and irath ya aaana gat, 

Har will Ivl'ya twin, 
TBI ya tak* ma ta yoodar kirk, 
radaaawf ariog." 

" O Aenld I «9ema wlthlh yoar bonar, 

I am na aarthly man ; 
If I ahould kbi your tad, rod Upa, 

Toar daya wad aa ba laag. 

"My baaea am burtod In yon klik-yaid, 

Itia fltf ayont the sea; 
And it to my spirit, Margaret, 

That's spoaUng anto thee'* 

" Tear fUth and troth ya aaaaa get, 

Kor wtU I twin wa thee, 
nu ya tall ma the ptaasorm o^ heaven. 

And pains of hell hew they be." 

** The p l ea f a r sa of heafan I wat not of. 
But the paiaa of haU 1 draa{ 

There aoena am hto hang'd Ibr hnrlng. 
And soma Ibr adnltorto.'* 

Than Marg^at ioOk her mllk>wUta hand. 
And smoeth'd It on hb hrcast; — 

" Tak' yoar lUth and twth. WUUam, 
Ood sand yoar seal good rsst." 

[Faow the ibarth vdama of Ramsay's TCa 
Table Mboeltony. Rltsoa aajrs, *' The two tost 
etanaaa were probably added tj Bamsay i th«y 
are erldently apartoofc"] 

I a ghoet ta MargVeftls door. 
With maay a grievoos groan i 
And aye he tilted at the pin. 
Bat au awe i made she i 

"b thatmy flkther PMlIp? 

Or bt my brother John ^ 

Or is^ my true love WUIto, 

'• Tto not thy bthar Philip, 
Mor yet thy brother John | 

Bat tto thy traa lova WiUto, 
From Soetland new 

O sweat Mairrsti O dear Mairrrt' 

T pray thee apeak to ire ; 
Olva ma my faith and troth, MarOstt 
>f Aalgaveittotbea.'* 


** Thy W«h and troth tiMQ-i BMW t«l, A " ttajr. my only tra* low. tliij," 

Nor yet will 1 ttaco knd, 

Tha oonatant MarfrK oryM t 

TOl tlMU tboo eoDM wtthin my bo««r. 

Wan grew bar abaaba. dM oloa'd bar aan. 

And kte my obMk aad oUn." 

atretehV bar aaH Uaaba ami dy^ 

■« ir I ■hoaU como within thy howw. 

I am no earthly man i 

And thoald I ktM thy n^y Upa» 

Thy dayt will not ho hMg. 

'* iwwt MarTfct! ima Katrntl 

Sailliam anb iPlftariotif* 

I pray the* spaak to mei 

[raoM Motharwalh OoUaotton.] 



Laa/ MABJoaia, lady Maijotia, 

** Thy fUth and troth theal narar g«t. 

Itet aawlag bar aUkan aeam. 

Vor y«t will I thM tend. 

And by har eama a pala, pale ghoat 

TBI yoa tah* m* to yon klih-yud. 

Wl> Bony a algb and mana. 

And w«d ma with a itag." 

*' Are ya my Ibtbar tha Mng." aha aty^ 

*« My heom art bortod la yon htak-ymid. 

** Or an ya my brtthar Joba ? 

Alkr b»yond tht ma t 

Or are ya my trua lova awfot William, 

And It is but my tplrit, Marfrat, 

Fram Bagkad nawly ooma?" 

That! DOW ■poBklac to thm.** 

** I'm not your ktbar tha Mng," ha mn 

Sha ttrrtrii-d oot hw llllywhltt hand. 

" Jf o, no, nor your brlthar John i 

And Ibr to do her bat. 

Bttt I'm your true lova awaat William, 

*' Ha«, thm^ your hith and troth. Wllilo, 

Flom England that'a nawly ooma." 

Qod Mod your aottl good rMt." 

"Haw* ya bronght ma any aoariat ma rad. 

ITow ■b* haa Ulted bar robm oTtroM, 

Or any of the ailka aaa An« : 

A pMCV OftWW Iwf KDM^ 

Or baea ya brought ma any prcolona thiagi 

And a- the ll«*-lan( winter night. 

That moiahaato hava for aala." 

Tha dead oorp fcUewad ibe. 

" X hava not brought yoa any aeailata aaa 

" I« tbora any room at your haad, Wlllla? 


Or any room at your ftat? 

Ko, nn, nor tha aUha aaa flna i 

Or any rtiom at your aide, WiUla, 

Bat I haao brought you my wladlng riiaat 

Wharoln that 1 may craap?" 

Owar many a raak and bUL 

" Thara'a no room at my bead, Matg'ratt 

" lady Maijoria, bidy Hai^rial 

Tbara't no room at my ket; 

For (kith an' charitla. 

There'a no room at my aida, Marg'Ttt, 

WUI )a gi-a to ma my fhlth and troth 

My ooBa •a mada ao OMaC- 

That X gate onaa to thaa ?•• 

Then up and artw tha red red oeek, 

" your lUth and troth I'U not glia to thaaw 

And up than craw tha grayi 

No, no. that will not I, 

*' Tie tima, tta tima, my dear MaivVat, 

Until I gat aa hlaa of your ni^ Upa, 

Thai yoa nrare going away." 

And la my anna yoa lya." 

*' My llpa thay are aaa Wttar," ha aaya— 

But with a grtovoua gniaa. 

*' My breath it ia aae etrabgt 

Bvanlah^l in a cloud oTmlat, 

XT you gat aa kiae of my ruby Upa, 

And left her aUalona. \ 

} Your dajawUI not balaag. 




tk« «Md iliMikl fan tea tb« 


hfaB ki(lk,^^B4 nllowtd hnBi low, 
nil dm emmm lo yen diaiehjaid 
tiM 4Mp gmv* opcaad ap, 
WUJiBm h» tagr down. 

* WkattkfM thl^i art ITmi, ■mwi wnUw/ 

* TiMt •toads hcrt at ]mir b«d ?* 

" O itli tkn« nwMciw, lUillorte." h* MfB* 


•toad dOM at yoor ■M*?* 

Maijoria.- ha Mia, 

« na( If* daaa at jmr ftat?" 
'O M • ttnw hdl-taMiBdt, Maijarte," ba «|a^ 
**That^ walCiat bv ""1 *<* kaap." 

O *• •oak ap bar whMa, whlta hand. 



9t FtMr» ** la ba Iha eld saag qaotad In flai* 
chrm 'Ka%taior tba Bamlaa P«aUa,' Aetold 
M« Sd; altlm«(h tka liji Uocattane pnatnrad 
■ri annwTitiat iHftirtnt fram tinaa in the ballad, 
aa U ataada at piaaent. The raador will not 
>at thia, whaa ha ia laJbramd that tUi la 
a prinlad aopj pickad 
a ataO. In Ul Utia ia, *Fklr Mar* 
MWhrtaaaa: er Sweat WUDaia'a IHght- 
t ea Ua aiadillnt aight, with Iha aad- 

Is tba play an this dlitich I 

* Ton ars do low for a», Margar*!, 
I an mo loot hir yoa.' 

Aad tba ibllewing 


* When it »«• fTow* to 

Aad all ««r« tUi n l mp, 
la cam* Margaret's friniiy flio«t, 

Aad ateod at William's feM.' 

Tbaaa Unca have a aqnhad an bnporianea Vf 
giving Mrtb toen* aT tba maat baautiAii ballads 
la oar owa or an/otbar laagoag*/'— (i^UiMling to 
tlM ballad of ** WUliam aad JUigaral,'' giVM 

As it Ml oat on a long anmniai^ daj 
Two lovan tbay ait on a hlU ; 

Thij sat togatber that long sanmar'li day, 
Aad ooold not talk their flU. 

A asa no nana by yeap iiaiigamty 
And je« ssa none by mea ; 

Batn* to-morrow at eight o' tba dock 
A flab wedding yen shall asa. 

lUr Margaret sat In bar bower* 

Combing bar yellow hair; 
Ibete aba spyed swaet Wiittam aad his brlde» 

Aa tb^ wars a tiding near. 

ha layd bar Iftwy aambaf 
And braMad bar hair in twaint 
m went ab«e oat of bar Itowar, 
Bat aa^ aaaa aUve in't i 

When day waa gone, aad night 

And all men Ihat asleep, 
Xbsn eame Ihe apirit of Ikir Marg'rat, 

Aad ateod at WUliam's teu 

*'Ars|oaawaha,a«Psrt Winiam ?'*aba saldi 
** Or, awaet William, art yoa asleep ? 

Ood give you Joy oTy ur gay bride-bad, 
Aad na ofaty winding sheet.'* 

When day was oome, aad night was 
And all nea wak'd ttam sleep, 

Bwaat William to hie hwly said. 
" My dsar, I have caiMS to 

** I dieamt a drsam, my dear ladye, 

Soeb dnames are aevergood: 
I drsamt my bower waa fbll of nd ' 
Aad my bride-bad foU of bleod." 




"BadidMMiitiBehdrMiiit.iBjhMMWdrir, % 

Tbmj DCTcr do prov* food { 
To dTMin thjr bowsr wm ftill of rtd ' 

And tbjr liridt-bod AiU of blood.* 

Ho eolM ap h's nmry mmb all. 
By oiM, by two, and by thrM ; 

Bajlog, " 111 away to hit Uug^nVt 
By tbo laavoof my ladla." 

▲Dd whon ho oano to Mr MafS*nt<l bowv, 

H« knot-kcd at tbo ring: 
And wbo 10 riady aa bar atvia bratbran 

To latawaat WllUaoi bi. 

Than ba tanad up tbo oofOriDgHbaat, 

'* Pray kt ma aaa tba daad t 
Mathinka iba looka all pala and waa, 

Bba batb loat bar eborry rad. 

" 111 do moiv Ibr tbao, Xars*io^ 

Than any of thy kin i 
For 1 will Uat thy paU anan Upa, 

Ttaoagb a anlla I oannoft wia.** 

With thai bcopaka tba arran btofbian, 

Making moat pltcoua mona i 
" You may go kin your Jolly brown Wda, 

And lot our i 

** ir I do U<8 my Jolly brown brido, 

1 do but what U light; 
I na'Or mad* a vow to yondar poor oorpaa 

By day, nor yaC tqr night. 

"Deal on, deal on, my marry men all, 
Dtal on your oaka and yoor winot 

For wtaataver ft daalt at bar runcral to-day, 
BhaU b« daalt to-ir-orrow at mlaa." 

Fklr MargTrt dyad to-day, to-day. 
Sweat William dyad to-mormwi 

Fblr Marg'rat dyad (br pnne truo lova, 
Bwaat William dyad fwr aorrow. 

MargTet was barytd In tha lowar ebanoal, 

And William In tbo bighor: 
Out of her brraat there eprang a roaa. 

And out of bia a briar. 

They grew till they grew unto tba diareb top. 
And than they could grow no higher; 

And there they ty«d la a traa lovea* knot, 
Which mada all tha poopla admlini 

1 aamo tba derii of tba pariik, 
Aa you tba truth ehall bear, 
And bf mMbrtuno out than down, 

anUliam and i^Catgatet. 

C Tnn ballad, whieb apraarad In aoma of tha 
publle nawapapaialo or bafiDva tbayoar 17M, cama 
from tba pen of Datio Mai.lkt, who In the edi- 
tion of hia poena, I tola. 170, Inltaema ua that 
tba phui waa aaxseatad bx the atania (quoted 
In tba Intiednetti n to tha ptavhan ballad, Fklr 
Margaret and dw«at WUUam). wbioh ba eoppoa- 
ad to be the b^knnlog of aane ballad now loat. 
' Theae llnea,' aaya ha, 'naked of ornament and 
aimpla aa th<y are, etruek my fbney ; and bring- 
ing freah into my mind an unbapfiy adventure 
mueh talked of Ibrmarly, gave birth to the M- 
lowing poem, which waa written many yean 
ago.' Tha two Intraduetoiy llnea, and one or 
two othera deewhere, hnd eeiglnaUy BMia of tha 
ballad almpUelty, via. 

• Whra M wm wrapt (a d«rii mldalgkt, 
AmA all vera fiut i ■<•»!».* ia. 

"In a puMkatlon entitled The Fitonda, fte. 
Lond. 177S, 1 role, lino, (In the llrtt rolumc) ie 
Ineertad a eopy of the ballad, with vaty great 
varlatlona. which the editor of that work eon- 
tende waa the original ; and that Mallet adopted 
It for hIa own, and altered It aa here glean. — 
But the enperlor beauty and elmplldty of tha 
preaent eopy gieta It ao maeb more the air of an 
original, that It will rather be believed that 
aome traneeriber altered It ttom Maliefb, and 
adapted the Unee to bla oam taeto ; than whieb 
nothing la more common la popular eooga and 
ballads.**— Or Percy. 

It was In the Plain Dealer, a periodical paper 
poMisbed In 17ti. thai WUllam and Margai«t 
first appeared. Mallet was then a very young 
man, baring bf en bom about the beginning af 
the century. He died In 17fl8. He waa a natlea 
nf Qicff In Perthahlne, and for aom* time tutor in 
the Montron Ibmlly, thrmigfa wh««e Inllucnoeba 
first got Introduced Into puMie lllb. Ma/hc* was 
his original name, but after be took up bla real* 
dance In London, be ohanged it to JTa/M, find« 
Ing probably the atk too mueh Ibr Oockney 
Wllllan and Maigaiatbaa 1 


•mv^HrtiypKriMa^MaM. SvMfh*eurtle4 "BMhiolithM, WnUMB^oTUiy Amll, 

MiiMi all* It «M of tke flncM ballad! that was 

Tby pladga and bruteo oatb: 

cwT wHttaa. On tiM oOmt baiMi, Mr WTaltor 

And glva ma baek my maldaa tow. 

Sentt avi. '- Th« ballad, tta«ta tlM bnk of Mai- 

Aad (tra ma book my tnitb. 

laft't «H«i«. I* amaial/ lafcnar to iti orlsiBal, 

wfcich 1 pnawaw U> b« the vary flna and svaa 

** Why dM yon prcmlaa lova to ma, 

•wrile oM deetUah tala, bnlanini* 

And act that promiaa haap f 

• Tko* c*wt ■ |toai 10 Marganc'a door/** 

^Thj did you awaar mina ftt ware brlgb^ 
Yet laafa tboea^yaa to woepi' 

la fh* Harp of BMift««nhlm, pp. 10-118, an 

alaboraH bat aMiiweffal attampt b mad* to 

*'Howoaatd yon aay my ihca wai fhlr 

dcptlvv Mallat of tha aatkonhip of th» ballad. 

And }at that ftwa fUnate ? 

la as adltioa, alM, of Andwr MarraUli Worba, 

How ooald you win my vlfgin heart. 

Lnailaa I77S, tha aditor etefaat tlM ballad for 

Tat laava that baart to break ? 

1 ' Manrdl. an tba gimiad of an old Md. Tolaaa, 

la MarNfla •«« haad { but Mr Davtd Lalng aty* 

" Why did yoa aay my lip waa iwaat. 

tkt Mlaaia eoetafnt a nomber of plaoncTidentljr 

And mada tba aearlct pak? 

tomaaeribad tattf jaara ■ubaaquatit to Manrcll't 

And wh) did 1, jouog wiUtm maid. 


Ballava the flattering tala ? 

Twaa at tfca aHwit inlwa hoar. 

*'That fhoa, alaa i no more le Ihlr 1 

Whaa a^ht aad iM-mlnff maoC ; 

Tbcae Hpanoloagcrrad. 

Z» glided Ma«tai«f • gifmly gfaoat. 

Dark are my eyea, now eloa'd In death. 

▲ad Maod at WilUaa*a Ibct. 

And evary eharm la fltd. 

Barteowaallhaan April bmcb. 

" The hungry wrrm my riater la { 

Clad In a wiatry olowl : 

Thia windlng-aheet 1 wear; 

Aad dar-eeld was bar lily btad. 

Aad eekl and weary lasU our al^t. 

Xkat hdd bw mM« ahfovd. 

TUl tbat laat mum appear. 

fla than tka fldiaal kM appear. 

«* Bat hark : the eoek baa wamM me beaee 1 

Wban yanth aad yean an flawB : 


■ach to tiM rate that Uo«i matt waar. 

Coma aee, fldee man. how low ahe Uea, 

Whaa dMth baa i«A thair Gveva. 

Who died fiir love or ywtt.- 

B« bloom waa lite tha apriagfaig flow, 

The lark aang load ; the moralog amll'd 

Tbat ilpa tba allver daw; 

With bcama of roey red : 

Tha raaa «aa badded ta bar obaak. 

Pale WllUam ahook In er'ry limb. 

Jiut opaalas to tba wWw. 


Aad raving left hk bed. 

Bat lo«a bat. lOa tba eanher-wem. 

He bled blm to the flilat plaae 

Cteoanm'd bar aariy prfaaai 

Where MargArefa kidy layi 

Tba looa tnw pale, aad l«AterdMak; 

And atreteh'd him on the graaa-fraen turf. 

Mba diad baAiia bv ttma. 

That wrapt bar bmatblcm clay t 

" Awafca r aba eriad, *■ tby traa tooa aalli^ 

And thriec to eaird on Har^rat'e name. 

Orma ftom bn- m dnisbt gia«0{ 

And thrice to wept Itall »>i«: 

]l«» bt Iby p(iy haar tba maid 

Then laid hia cheek t. her euU gtmra. 

Tby bira nAiatd lo OKVO. 

And word «ato aevar BMfo. 

" TUB la tte daib and drwy boor 

Vow yawnia« gravca glva ap thoir diad. 

At baaat tba hltblam nmia. 





[Tnn parody en th* fbivgoing ballad we And 
m the third voiume of BauiHyl Tn Tubto MIb- 
Mllany. It !■ also givra hi Hcrdit Oollactloe, 
bat bat bean litlia, If at all, qootad In Uter eol- 
krttont, M that it miut bt mw to moot oT our 
raadcn. Wo do not IttMrt it Imvo from anjr 
admlmtion of Its ■naitacot, (tboogh It is not 
withoat lacrlt.) bat stmply as UlastratlM of the 
npttUtloa or ths ballad of WUIIam and Mar- 
garet : for no better orldoneo of the popularity 
•fa piece ean be adduced, than that It has been 
made the subject of imitttlon or parody. In 
the compass vf li pages, beginning with Clerk 
Bounders, p. 9i, and ending with the pressnt 
prodnetlon, the reader has now before Mm a 
aollection of ballads all related mors or less to 
each other, and on which be Is thus caablsd bo 
tarn a Judgment, as It were, at one view.] 

TwAs at ths shining mld-d^ hoar 

When all bsgan to gaunt* 
That hunger mgg'd at Watty's bwssl, 

And the poor lad grew ftiat. 

Bis Ams was like a bacon ham 
That lang In reab had hung. 

And horn •hard was bis tawny hand 
That bsld his haml'ruBg. 

80 wad the saAcst Amo I 

or the malst dn«y spatk. 
And sueh the hands that lords wad hai». 

Were they k^pt (doss at < 


Beneath his bonnet blue. 
On his braid cheeks, ftna lug to lag. 

Bis bairdy brkiiss gvsw. 

Bat hanger, like a gnawing worm, 
Gaiie rumbling through his kyts. 

And nothing now but solid gear 
Oould give his hsartds^ts. 

He to the kitehen ran with speed. 
To hie loved Madge he rsn, 

■nuk down into the ehlmney-DOok 


" Oet up." he cries, " my erissky tova. 

Support my sinking eaul 
With something that is At to shew, 

Be^ either bet or oaul. 

" This Is the bow and hungry hoar. 
When the best cures Cur grief 

An eogue-Ai's of the lytby kail, 
And a good Junt of beeT.** 

" Oh Watty, Watty," Madge lepUes. 

" I but o'er Juetly trowd 
Tour knre was thowlees, and that ye 

Vor oaks and pudding woe'd. 

" Bethink thee. Watty, on that night. 

When all were flwt asleep. 
Bow ye kiss'd me ft«e cheek to check. 

Bow leave thoee ohosfcs to dnep. 

'* Bow ooaU ys ea* my hardke ht. 
And co m fcr t or your right / 

Bow couM ye roose my ditKpM hand. 
Bow all my dlmplci slight? 

*' Why did yoo promlas me a snood. 
To bind my locks sae brown f 

Why did you me line garters hsght. 
Yet let my htcs lb' down ? 

" O Ihlthless Watty, think how afk 
I tticnt your sarbs and boss I 

Ver yott how mony bannwcks stown. 
Bow ma^y oogues of brosa. 

•* Bat haik i— the kail-bell rings, and I 

Maan gas link aff the pot; 
Obme see, ye hash, bow sair I sweat. 

To stsgh your guts, yo cot.** 


Fat Madgo return *d again, 
Blythe Watty raies and nw'd hli 

Dc Msd him to the savonry bench. 

Whet* a warm haRgics stood. 
And gait his gooly thnrngh the Lag, 

Lot out lU ftit heart's blood. 

And thrfso he cried, « Oomocat. dear Madg^ 

Syne daw^ it aff meet cicvarly, 




Vif l^eit of %innt. 

(Tun oMtt f MCroetiv* baited wm flnt pab- 
lUwd in TWfa ooUsetlon, (1755,) Amd tlw old 
IMIft MS. la the editorii poMnalon, (o which he 
ma» m largely IndKbtad in aompUIng his work, 
■ad tbe csMraoe of which Bitaoa eentlnued to 
doab*. BotwitlntaDdlnf the mott wUtlhetory 
•fidvfliM to the eontrary. In tb« iMtlmony of 
■Moy t i T i n d men who bad Mcn and esamlnad 
1^ The pnarat co|qr la Awn tba fifth edition of 
the ** BeDqaca," wbein the anment nadlngs are 
matntnd. Kahop Percy tmjm, " Tba orlKianl of 
thla balfaMi ie r nnd la the edltar^ folio Md. tba 
b-enebea and defeeta In which moder the ineer- 
ti«n «f MpplcoMntAl atanaaa nrofary. Theee 
it ie hoped the raader wtU pardon, aa Indeed the 
oemplrttcn of the story waa saggestad by a mo- 
den ballad on a similar enb)ect. From the 
Boktcish phruee here and then diaoeralble in 
thia poem. It ehotiM asem to have been original- 
ly eanipoesd beyond the Tweed. The Hsir of 
Unne appear* not to have been a lord of parlla- 
taemt, bai a laiid, whose title went along with 
hie fatate." 

Methnwdl saya, "The trtdlthniMy 

« 11m koaaw beir, tb* wael-Anred 
Attd tW <*«an« beir a' L4aB«i 

Tmm1«t h» ataarf* at hM bUirr'* gat% 
Am4 wMbotfy bidi Urn eama ia. 

O, am where be aiaarda. kad mo wbsre he §■>■■• 

Tb« fw»TT heir o' L>an«| 
O, ■•• «b«ie be aiaada on the 
I UM wald u'aa hlai ia. 

Bm ir h* had hcea hw blhei'e 

Or frt tb» brir •' lians, 
■« w«daa ttoad oa ib» eauU 
M wad la'ea bin ia 

Wc Ind la no eollaetioa a eoBtinostion of this 

Pabt ran Ft; 

LnmB and listen, gmthmcn. 
To «ng a song I will bcglnnai 

It ia of a bird of Ibire ricotfauid. 

Which waa the unthrifty lieifa of Uai 

I a right good locd, 
Hii mother a lady of high degree; 
Bat thry, alae ! were dead, hlin free, 
, ha loead haaplns oempaoie. 

To spend Uie day* with merry cheaxe. 
To drlnlw and reveO every night. 

To card and dloe from eve to mome. 
It waa, I waan, hia hsartls dellgliia. 

To ride, to mane, to rant, to roara. 
To always apend and never span, 

I wott, an' it were the king himsellb, 
or gold and Ibe ha moto be hare. 

Boa Ihrea tibe unthrifty lord of Knae 
Till all hia gold la gone and apent; 

And he inaun sell hia landee so broad. 
His boose, and laades, and all his rant. 

His ikther had a kaea stewarde, 

Aad John o' the Soaies waa called hea: 

But John is become a g«otel>maa, 
Aad Joha has gott both gold and fha. 

' Welcona, welcome, lord of Llaae, 
Let Bought diatorb thy meny obeere; 
Iff thou wilt sell thy bindee soe broad, 
Oood store of gold lie give thee heere." 

"My gold Is gone, mj moaey Is speat; 

Uy bwde oowe take U unto tlMo : 
Give me the golde, good Juhn o' the Scales, 

And thine Ibr ajie my lands shall bee." 

Then John he did him to reeord draw. 
And John he cast htm a god'h-pennto;* 

Bat Ibr every pounde that Jvbn agreed. 
The fauide, I wla> was well worth thrsa 

He toM him tta goM upon the borde. 

He was right gted his tend to winae; 
*■ The icold te tUae. the tead b miae, 
Ite be the lord of Ltnae." 

Thus he hath add hte tend eoe bread. 
Both hill aad holt, and moora aad 

AH but a-poore aad Inaeeoine lodge, 
Tbat atood flur off ia a lonely gleaaa. 

* i. e. aarnastmoBfy ; from the Freach Omfer 
• Dim. At this day. whea application to made 
to the Deaa aad Chapter of Carilste to aoeept 
aa czehaage of the tenant under one of their 
leases, a pieoe of silver is prewnted by the new 
taaaat, whieh h stUl sailed a '* Ood'a-paBny.'' 



ror so* iM to tab fcthw hight: 

" ll> Bonne, when I am goniM/' afd hta, 
*' Thm thou w{lt ■pand thy land* to hroad. 

And tboa wilt ipand thy poM to frMt 

" Bat swcan m* now* upon th* rood*, 
That loncMin* iodsr thou'lt never •pcsd; 

For when all tha world doth frown on thaa, 
Thon tfaHV ihalt flod a ftlththl fklnd/' 

The hdr of Linn* Ic ftiU oTsoldei 

And "eom* with m«, mjr ftiends," ayd ho 
" Lefe drlnha, and rant, and mcny mahe. 

And he that naree, ne^ mot* he thee." 


They ranted, drank, and merry made, 
nil all hh fold It wajMd thinne { 

And then hie IHendca they elunk away; 
They left the unthrifty heir oTLInne. 

He had nover a penny left In hli pone. 

Never a penny left but three. 
And one wae bmH, another wae lead. 

And another It waa white menle. 

" Howe wcll-a-day." eayd the heir of Uane, 
" Nowe well -a- day, and wo* ie mae, 

For when I wae the lord of LInne, 
I never wanted fold nor fte. 

** Out many a tm^ Mead have I, 
And why ebold I ftel dole or erne ? 

U* borrow of them all hy tumee, 
8o* need I not b* never bare.'* 

Bat one, I w1«, was not at hoin* ; 

Anotiwr had payd hu fold aw«y; 
Another call'd him thrifUeee loooe. 

And bad* hhn eharpely w*nd hie way. 

** Kow w«n-a-day,** Myed the heir of Linne, 
" Now well-a-day, and woe is me; 

For when 1 had my landce eo broad. 
On ma they lived rif ht mcnilee. 

" To btfl my hraad from door to door 
I vrle, it were a breoninf shame i 

To rob and steal it were a linne i 
To work my limbs 1 oaanot frama. 

** How It* be away to my fonaeome lodft. 
For there ray ihthcr bad* m* wend ; 

Wh*n all th* world should frown on m*e 
I there ihold And a trusty frtood." 

Pabt raa B 

A WAT than hyed the heir of UsB* 

O^ hill and holt, and moor and fteoSt 
Until he came to loneeome lodf*. 
That stood so low* In a lonely i 

B* looked ap, he looked downe. 

In hope some oomfbrt for to wlan*: 

But bars and lothly were the wallet. 
*' Here's sony ch*are," quoth the 


Th* little window* dbn 
Was hunf with ivy. 

No shimmerinf sunn here 


I, and yew*} 

hare ever blew. 

No chair, ae table he moto spy** 
No eheerftil hearth, ne welcome bed. 

Nought eave a rope with i*nnlnf nooae. 
That danfllnf hunf up o'er his h ead. 

And over it In broad letter*, 

Tbeee words wers written so plain to se* t 
" Ah • fraoelesse wraieh, hast spent thin* tXL, 

And broofht thysslb to p*nari*? 

** AH this my bodinf mind rnhfave, 
I therelbn left this tmsty friend: 

Let it now sheeld thy foole dlsfraae. 
And all thy sham* and sonow* •ad.'* 

Sorely dtcnt wl' this rebuk*, 

Borely sh«nt was th* heir of Linne; 

Bis heart, I wis, was near to barst 
TV 1th fttllt and sorrow*, sham* and 

Never a word spake the heir of Linne, 
Never a word he spake but three 

" This is a trusty friend indeed. 
And is rif ht wdoon* unto m**.** 

Then roand his neck* the eorde he drew*. 

And sprang aloft with his bodlei 
Wh«n lo! the oriUnf burst in twain*. 

And to the fround cam* tambUnf hat. 

Astonyed lay tb* heir of Linne, 
Ne knewe if he were live or dead : 

At length he loolicd, and eawe a bOk:, 
And in it a ksy of f uld so ndiL 



U* «eok tiM Ml, aad lookt R eo, 
flbalt lood eooferi AMiid h« thcr*: 

let toU him of* bote l0 tiM «ftll« 

la whieh Umr ilMd thvM chMto iB-fcre- 

Two wen fldi oftlM bMten gold*, 
Tta thkid ««• fell of white monqr ; 
III hroMl tottan 

I wriUtn ao plBlne to i 

m, ny MiM, I Mite tbM dere : 
, ttqr U* aaA folltei part; 
ffte hat thea MieBd the* of thy lUb, 
iH» be thy wd at tax." 

" ^Bd fcC It bee." Cild the heir ef Ubm ; 

** Aad ki It bee, bat if 1 unead:t 
ror ten I win mohe mim afow, 

Thta iwde t *aU golde me to the eod." 

Mw^ thea went with a mertj cw» 
Away then went the heir of Linne i 

1 wta, he anther eeaeM ae biaaae, 

ni ^oha ^ the aeolee hooee he did wlnne. 

And when be eeme to John •• the aeolee, 
Vpp at the iitMrel then looked bee ; 

tt thiee lecde apon a rove. 
Wen drialdag of the wine eo fkve. 

ratlbeUi»«— 1~, 
lord of Ltone woe bee. 
" 1 pov thee," he MM, "good John o* the 

* Awagr, awiv, thoa thiifUeM loose ; 

Aweiy. away, tbie may not bn : 
Tor Chiletiicniw ea my head," he Myd, 


To John o* the aeatae wlfb thea epake ha: 

* /■^tort, L t. tavetber. 
t f . t. naiem I amend, f <. a. adriaa, eoaaMl. 
f PeriM^ the hole to the door or window, by 
HwMepewad, l.#. 9<vred, fcatened, or 
Bale^ M Part of the Aeti of Kng. 
w« ban thie phraae. (fttL 18.) ** Tk* 


" Away, away, thoa thrlftieei loone, 
I ewear tbua getteet nu olinee of am; 

For if we ebold bong any loeel hecre. 
The Ant we wold begin with thee." 

Tbaa bcapake a good Ibllewe, 

Wbtoh Mt at John o' thv tSeake bta bord ; 
8eyd, " Tom agalov, thou heir of Llane ; 

Some time thoa waet a well good lord: 

** Some tfane a good Mlow thoa hut bna. 
And iparadet not thy gold and lee ; 

Therelbre lie lend thee forty pence. 
And other forty if need bee. 

" And ever, I pray thee, John o' the Sealee, 

To let bim Ut in thy companie. 
Vor well I wot thou badat hie Und, 

And a good bargain it waa to thee." 

Vp then apahe him John o* the Scalea, 
All wood be anawtrM him a«aloe : 

" Now Cbriat'« eurae on my bead," he aayd, 
** Bat 1 did loM by that baiialne. 

** And ben I proAr thee, heir of LInne, 
Hefon then lorda ao Adia and free, 

Tbon ebalt ban it bneke again bcttvr cbcape. 
By ahandrad markea, than I bod it of thee." 

" I drawe yoa to record, lorda," be aMd, 
With that be met him a Ood*»*r<ennle: 

*' Mow by my fiiy," aold the heir of Llnne, 
" And hen good John le thy naonie." 

And he poU'd forth thm baggca ef gold. 
And loyd them down upon tht bord: 

All woe begone wm John o' the dealM, 
Boa ahent he eold any nenr a word. 

He told him forth the good nd gold. 
He told it forth aith mteltle dinna. 

" The gold la thine, the tand ia mine. 
And now Ima agalne the lord of Llnne." 

Boyee, " Han thoa hen. then good ftOowe, 
Forty penee thou diJat lend mm i 

Kew I am agaiae the lord of Unne, 
And forty poonde I wUl gin thee. 

*' lie make thn keeper of my fereet, 
both of the wild dcen and the tame I 

For bnt 1 nward thy boanteoaa heart, 
I wie, good MIowe, 1 won to btama." 




•« Kow wdl-«-<1ajr! MMl wo« to my Ufcl 

Tertwdiyr I "•■ »«*y '»' """•• ^. _.^ « 
Mow InM bttt John o' Um Bealvlito wlli.- 

••Kcrw bn-thM-wan," B^rd thobth-ofUnii*! 

" Fanwtfl now, John o* the Bontat. 
" Chrittt eune light en mo. If 

I bring mj Inndi in jeopardy." 

1 th«i«*> nony n Icnf in Athol wood. 

An' mony a bird in iti tMcnat; 
An' mony n | ain, naan ths haurt 


[Vonnuf Ballad-— Mat Jonwroint— Prom 
tho noTd of" Olan Albyn."] 

I'm weary o' yonr ha'e, anld lotd, 

1 m wtnry o* your towera, 
The hour* of grandeur nnendaar'd, 

O bat they'ie iandj^honn. 

My angere ihlno wl* mooy a ring. 
An* wl' Jewell they deck my hair; 

Bat the Uehtwme glance o- leal young lora 
Will never bUm me mair. 

I mind thee tttll thoa Athol wood. 

And bim on Lyncdoeh lea; 
Wha pu-d ray wood frae the eoented blrk. 

An* my beade ftno the reddan tna. 

rnoTTOy mng the bonnle UaaKUrd 
A boon eor haael ecreen ; 

An' Ilka leaf was etlrrd wl' J<7f 
An' the blue Uft dane'd between. 

1 mind thee ttni. thou Mry «vo. 

Whan thta fllehterin' heart wae tint. 
An' how mlt the mng o' the mavle rang, 
Wlua he tauld what lie fllchterin' SMant. 

A wiflm bride ye hoeht, anld loid. 

An' he dMna frown or fret ; 
But a braakin' heart wae in hto e**. 

An' that luoke beftm ma yoti 

l*ra lanely, Unely a' the day. 
But the nloht le waar to Mda, 

Tbr the dnam that bring* tr« Athd 
Wauta me by my anld lotdl aide I 

rwarmii by Boasar Aua* of Kilbainhaa, 
in Benfrewehlre, the author of a number of lyri- 
cal picoM. In 1841. Bobert Alton wae Induced 
to emlsrate to Ameriea, but wae not many daya 
landed at Mew York, when he was canied off 
by a blUoos Ibrer, at the age of ST. J 

Sit down, rit down by thy marlyrH aide. 

And I'ee «it down by mine; 
And 1 eliall epeak o' him to my Oude, 

And thou may epeak o' thine. 

It's wae to then, and Ifk waa wl' me. 

For our day e' pcaee to gano. 
And we maun eit wi' a feeaifh' e'e, 

la our bouroeh*ha' 

O SeotUnd ! Scottand, it's was to tfass. 
When thy lichls an ta'en awn' ; 

And Ui wae, it's was to a sioAi' Ian', 
Whan tha riohteeas sas maun W. 

It was a liaUe eovenant alth 

We made wl' our Oude to keep; 

And itH Cor the haUa eovenant mw. 
That we maan sit and weep. 

O wha will gang to yon hm-dde. 
To sing the psalm at e'en ? 

And wha will speak o* tha lave o' 
For the oor'nant reft hath been. 


The gerae may grow on yon bonnto hIIl-Up> 
And ibe heather sweetly blame; 

Bat there nae mair we »ll sit at e'en. 
For oar hsarts ars in the tomb. 

The hectic glow to npo* my oheek. 

And the lily hue on thine: 
Ttaon eane will Ue by thy martyr^ side, 

And sons 1 sail sleep by mtaie. 



eixme% mm 

(Tins li a nodara Imltatton of the •iiei«ot 
by Bib Wa&tb* Boott. Th« author 
I U Id th* MliulRl^ of the Seot- 
tba nlfB of Gbarin X., whan 
Igm wtn not aattavly 
iliiiwiilliiinil, lb* Hamw i»l Oilnoekl*, la the 
puiih of Ohanolqr, mu oeenpM by WUltaun 
Amatoong, called, fbrdliUactfani Mke, CkrUtU'a 
wm, a lioeal deaecadaat of the AMOoae John 
r, of GUaoeUe, eseeatod bf J«mce Y. 
hmofplBBder haddeeeeadcd to 
with the fluttUy maneloni and, 
Midlnr part7» he wm MiaMl, and 
In the tolbooth of Jedburgh. The 
[ of Tnqpiair, lord high Iibmiii*!, happening 
to vWt Jodbnrgh, and knowing Chnatieli WUl, 
I of hie oonftneintnt. Will r^ 
I fanprfMNied for ■todiag two Uthtn 
Chaltwa ;) but* npon being more obieeljr intarro- 
galad, aeknowladgad that there were two Mi- 
«alt«rir«atthaend of tham. The Joke, i^(Bh aa 
it waa, aaaoacd theanri, who eaerted hia interaat, 
la ralearing Chriatic^ WUI from 
: thne aftarwaida, a law-aait, of 
■ee to lord Tiaqaair, waa to be deeidad 
of SaaAm; and there waa every 
to bdievo that the Jodgmcnt would turn 
Aw votaa of the prealding Judge, who had a 
•t vote, in caaa of an equal dlvialon among 
hia bntbran. The opinion of the preaident waa 
mafteoambla to loid Tiaqnair; and the point 
waa, thintan,to heap Itfan out of the way, when 
the qaeatton abeald be trted« In thia dllamma, 
ttaa carl had neoarae to Qiriatie^ Will, who. at 
ooee, oOfand Ids anvloe to Udoap the preaident. 
17peo daa aerotiny, 1m tmod it waa the Judge'a 
p i aetl oe fkuqaantly to tahe the air, on honeback, 
on the aaada of LaHik. wlthoat an attendant. In 
I of tiMaa eseurriona, Otriatta'a Will, who had 
■tdwd hia opportunity, veotnnd toaoeoat 
, and engaged him lo eenrenatlon. 
Hia addw oi and language w«i« ao amualog, that 
tka pnaalant Into an unfVvqoented 
eonmon, ealled the Frigate Whina, 
t, riding aaddealy up to him, he palled hfan 
Ida lioney mafled him In a large cloak, 

ofl, with the 

fk patha only known to peraona of hia doaerlption, 
and depoalted hia weary and barrifled burden in 
an old eaatle, in Anoandale, called the tower of 
Gvaiuun. niejadge'ahorae being found, it waa 
oondudad he had thrown hia rider into the aaa; 
hie Orlenda went into mourning, and a aueoeaear 
waa appointed to hia offloa. Meanwhile, the 
poor preaident apont a heavy time in the vault of 
the caatle. He waa Imprlwaed and wUtary ; to- 
eelving hia food through an aperture in the wall, 
and never hearing the aound of a human voloa, 
■ave wlien a thepherd ealled hie dog, by tha 
name of Btttjf, and when a fitmale domcatie 
ealled upon JKau^gt, the cat. Thoae, he con- 
eluded, were Invooationa of epiiit* • for ha hekl 
himaair to bo In the dungeon of a wrccrar. At 
length, after three montha had dapead, the fafcw- 
aolt waa decided in Ihvour of lord Traqualr; 
and Will waa dlrcoted to aet the preaident at 
liberty. Aeeordlngly, he entered the vault, at 
dead of night, aeiaed the preddent, muflHed him 
ones more in the oloak, without apcaking a 
iln^e word, and, using the lame mode of trana- 
portation, conveyed him to Leith nada, and aet 
down the aatonlahed Judge on the very ^ot 
where ha had taken him up. The Joy of hia 
firienda, and the lew agreeable aorprteeof hia eue- 
eemur, may be easily eonoeived, when he appear* 
cd in oourt, to reolalm his office and honour*. 
Ail embraced hia own perauaaloo, that he had 
been aplrited away by witchcraft ; nor could he 
himaelf be convinced to the contrary, until, many 
yearsafberwarda, happening to travel in Annan- 
dals, hit aan were aalutad, once mocv, with the 
aoondi of Mmmlgt and fisASy— tha only notea 
which bad aolaoed hie long confinement. Thia 
I lad to a dheovcry of ths whole etoiy; but, in 
these disorderly times. It was only laughed at, as 
a fhlr mm dtgunrtm 

Wild and atiange as this traditSoa may lacm, 
there is little doubt of !U foundation in fiwt. 
The Jodga, upon whoee peraon tliis extraordi- 
nary itiatagem waa pmetiaed, waa Sir Alexan- 
der Gilwon, lord Durie, oollector of the reporta, 
well known in the Beottiah law, under the title 
of ** Dnrki Decisions.'* He was advanced to 
the atathm of an ordinary lord of aeeaion, 10th 
July ]6n, and died, at hia own houee of Duric, 
July 1610, Betwixt theae periods this whimsical 
adventure mast have happened : a date which 
corrraponda with that of the tradition. 

" Wo may frame," aays Forbes. *' a ratkmal 
coqjeetaro of hia great learning and parU, not 

np behind him. WUI |> 
tha ooaatnr with great espedltloa, bf ^- only from hk coUaoOoQ of the daelaioaa of tha 



•rariOB, from Jaly lOfl. tiU Jvly ICtt, tat Bin 
from tht fbllowing eireamfltanM: 1. Id » tnci 
or mon than twentar jMit, h* ww ftvqucntljr 
ehoaeii vlw-praridvpt, and ao otiwr lord In that 
time S. Ti* eommooly repoftcd, that mmam 
pwrty. In aeoBiMeimbl* actioa bdton tha ■. ■■ I o n , 
finding that tha lord Daric eould not b* pcnoad- 
cd to think his pica good, frU upon a ttratagam 
to pm«nt the inflaanca and might which his 
lordahlp might hav* to hia pi^adtoa. byeaiuing 
•oma itreog masked men kidnap him, In tha 
links or Ldth, at his dlvt*«lon on a flatnrdaj 
afternoon, and transport him to aoma blind and 
obseurs room la tha eounUy, when ha waa da- 
talned eaptive, withoat the benefit oT daylight, 
a matter or three months (fho«gh othcvwlas 
dvllly and well entertained;) during which 
time his ladj and children went In moaning for 
him, as dead. But after the cause a fc fisa l d was 
decided, the lord Durle was carried back bj Id- 
eogniuw, and dropt hi tha same pbw» where he 
had been taken up."— Forties's Jounalorthe 
iSssslon, Rdin. 1714, prrflusp, page H. 

Tradition ascribes to Christte-s Will another 
memorable fcat, which seems worthy or being 
reooRled. It Is well known, that, during the 
troubles or Charies I., the cart or Traqualr con- 
tinued unalterably flssd In bis attachment to his 
unfortunate master. In whoss serrtee he haaard- 
ed his person, and ImpoverMied his csUla. It 
was or consequence. It is saM, to the king^ ssr- 
▼lee, that a eerUin packet, containing papmoT 
Importance, should be transmitted to him from 
Scotland. But tbe task was a dtflloult one, ae 
the parilamentary leaden used their utmoet en- 
ieavouie to prevent anyeommnntoatlon betwlst 
the king and his Scottish friends. Traqualr, In 
thie strait, again had recoune to the errrlcee or 
Ohrlstie's Will ; who undertook the commission, 
conTeyed the papers safely to his tauitatjt and 
rsceived an answer, to be delivered to lofd Tra- 
qualr. But, In the meanttme, his embas«y had 
taken air, and Cromwell had dcapatohed orders 
to Intercept him at Oartlsla. Chnatie^ WIU, 
nnconaeloua oT his danger, halted In the town to 
rolVesh his hetie, and then pumie his Journey. 
But, as soon as he began to pass the long, high, 
and narrow bridge, which eroesss ths Eden at 
Oariisle, either end or the pass was oocnpied by a 
party or parliamentary soldlsrs, who wen lying 
In wait Ihr hhn. The borderer disdained to re- 
tign his enterprlee, even In thcss dsopemte dr- 
enmstances : and at once forming his feaolntion, 
spDnsd his horss ever the pampet. Tha 

la high flood, wm mnk^-the 
shontsd— he emerg e d again, and guiding hIa 
hone to a sisep bank, called the Stannen, or 
Stanhooas, endeavoarsd to land, but Indfce- 
toally, owing to his heavy honeman's doak, 
now dinnched In wmtsr. Will cut the loop, and 
the hoiae, ftjeling himself dlsambamssad, mad* 
a de^peiaU esartlon, and sucessdsd In gaining 
tha hank. Our harD set d^ at Aill speed, par* 
sued by the traopera, who had fora time stood 
motionless and In aatonlahmeot at his temerity. 
Win, however, waa well mounted : and, having 
got the start, he kept It, manadng, with his 
pistols, Miy puniwr who seemed likely to gain on 
him-an artifice whidi sneeseded, although the 
arms wars wet and uaeleas. He waa chased to 
the river lake, which he swam without Imita- 
tion ; and, finding hlmaelf on fleottlBh groand, 
and la tha ndghboarhood of his Mends, ha 
tumod on tha northern bank, and, In the tma 
spirit of a border rider, Inritad his followsrs to 
coma throogh, and drink with hhn. Aftsr this 
taunt, ha proeasded on his Jonmey, and fUth- 
AUly aacompHshsd his mission. Sooh were tha 
esplcHs of the very tost bosdsr ftn sb col e r of any 

The tender Is not to regard tta ballad aa of 
genuine and unmixed antiqalty, though 
stanns an onrrsat upon the border. In i 
rapted state. They have been ekad and Joined 
together. In the rwle and Indieroos manner of 
the original ; but as It le to be eenaldered as a 
modem ballad. It Is tnnsllnTcd to this depart- 
ment or the work.— jrfaj«re/qr < <*• ScoMs* 
Btrdir, TeL fi/.] 

TBAOOAtB has ridden np Ohapdhope, 

And saa has hs d««n by ths Omy Manrs 

He never sHatsd tha light gallop, 
Unttt hs spear'd for Ohriatia's WdL 

ITow Christie's Win peeped ftna tha tower, 
And out at the shot-hola kaaked he : 

" And ever unlndcyi" qW hr, " la the hoar, . 
That the warden comes to spser for me!" 

" Good ObrlstlelB Win, now, have na four ! 

Naa harm, good Will. shaU hap to thea : 
I savsd thy Ufo at the Jeddart lUr, 

At the Jeddart air Am the Justice tree. 

* Ofay ManTa T«if— A cataract above Moflh*. 

nmTTimv nAT.T.Ana. qi* 

•"BrfUnk hoir !• •«»• by tlM alt and Om A " Th* Mmt lidy in T«vlotdal« 


Bas eeat. maiet rerereat air, for thee { 

Bjr tlw nghtal^. tiM wind, and tb* mln. 

She pleae at the aeaalon fcr her land, a' haUl, 

TlMtlf •vworChiMte'M wm I bMl nMd. 

And Ma ebe wad plead her oanae to thaa." 

Ba ipoold fay B« iqy MTTiet acaln." 

" Bat how oaa I to that lady ride. 

* OiMiiiiij, my lord," qaoth ChrMia'a Win, 

With earing of my dignitie ?- 

" a eareh aad mantle ye may wear. 

Wlaa I tana mj ehaek, and daw my ntA, 

And hi my elaak ye ahaU moflad be." 

I tidak aTTuqaatr, aad the Jcddart tne." 


Wi' careh OB bead, and dieak ower thee. 

▲ad iM baa opened tha Mr lowar yata. 

He Bwunted the Jodge on a palfrey lyae; 

T\» Ttaqa^r and a* bh eemiianie ; 

He rode away, a right round pan. 

The epale o' tfao doer on the board be bas eat. 

And CbiletielB WIU heM the bridle nyn. 

Tka flrtteat tbat ran oa the Hatton Lee. 

Ihe Lothlaa Edge they were not o'er. 

"■ Bow whcnibre eit ye «d, my lord? 

When they heard bagica baaldly ring. 

Aad whncflbee rit ye monrnAiIlle ? 

And. boating orer Mlddtetoa Moor, 

Aadwhycatyeaotof theveaieoo I ehot. 

They met, 1 ween, onr noble king. 

A4 the dead of aiglit oa Ration Lee ?" 

When Wmie lookM apoa ear king. 

*■ O w«el BMiy I etlnt of ftaeC aad iport. 

I wot a IHgbtad mae waa he! 

And la aiy miad be vexed aUr! 

Bat ever aold Dorie waa ataztled malr. 

A ve«e or the eanberd Sceeloa Coturt, 

For tynlag of hie dignitia. 

Of kad aad Bvlag win make me ten. 

The Ung be croerd bbnaair, I wla. 

" BM if aald Dorle to heaTin were flown. 

When ea the pair came riding bye— 

Or tfaald Darle to beH were gane. 

" An ngUer orone, and a etartfier Iowa, 

Or ... If he ooold be but ten days etooa .... 

1 think, were aever aeen with eye!" 

My beaale bndd laadi would etUl be my 


Wniie baa bled to the tower or Oraame, 



He took aaM Darie on hie baek. 

* moay a time, my loid," he add. 

He ahot him down to the dnngcon deep. 

' I>e elewn tbc borm ftae the aleeplag loan ; 

yrbkh ganM hie aald banea gl^ mony a 

Bat fer yoa TO etcal a baaal as braid. 


ror lU eleal loid Dorie ftae Edlnbaivb 


For nineteen daya, and nineteen alghte, 

or eon, or moon, or midnight atara. 

«'0 moay a thne, my ioid," be mid. 

Aald Darle never aaw a blink. 

"IW eeown a Um frae a etoeptng wench; 

The lodging waa aae dark aad dam. 

Bat tor yoa 111 do ae kittle a deed. 

Ver 111 otaal an auld lordaae aff the 

He thoogbt the warioeka o' the nagr eroaa* 

Aad ChrMliri Win la to Xdlnbargb itane; 

Bad fluig'd him hi thetar netame hat; 

At tb> Bamairh Moir then eateiad he; 

" " Aa fbr the reneoonter betwixt Mr WO- 

Aad M he p«B d the gaDow-etane, 

liainaoa, aehoolmaaler at Oowper (who baa 

Haateee^ bia brow, and be bent Ue knee. 

wrote agiammar,) and the Roeienieiana, 1 never 

truated it, tiU I heard it ttvm hie own eon. 

Bo%h«ed at laid Darted door. 

that a etranger oame to Oowper and called 

Aad there he knocked moet maafttmo; 

who ia pment mioiater or Kirkaldy. He telle. 

Jad ap aad epake lord Dvtle au atoor. 

fbr him: after they bad diank a Uttle, and the 

* Wbat tUlam thou etalwaid groom, to 

reckoning came to be paM, he wbiatled fbr 

-'- ^ 

^qtlritai one, b> the ahapa of a boy, aame aad 



Had liOr'd hit iMniDf st tlM ImI. 

gM« hla teU lo abaadMBw; no nrvwii wm 
■ecu tiding with him lo the towD, dot Mitar with 
htm Into th* tan. H« moMd hli ■piriliy agalsit 
iMst dajr, bilof Um nobl* OrMk wtne, from th« 
Popc-SMllar, aod tell th« frwhOTt mws Umii at 
Rome; thmi tr7«ted Mr WDllMiaMii at London, 
who m«t the mme man , in a ooaeh, near to Lon- 
don bridfe, aadwhoeelledonUm toy hie name; 
he marvelled lo lee anjr know him therei at laet 
be tmnd it wae hie Bneiniiirleii He potntad to 
a tevem, and deaiied Mr WOliuneoa to do him 
the fkvour to dine with him at that hooee; 
whether he eame at twelve oielock, and fimnd 
him, and many othere of good Ihehion there, and 
amoeteplendid aod magnlfloent table, fhmiehed 
with ell the varietlee of delleate mcali, where 
they are ell eerved by efiirlte. At dinner, they 
deflated apon the eaeelleney of being attended by 
^itite; and, after dinner, they propeeed to him 
to eaenme him into their eoelety, and make hfan 
partieipeat of their happy life; hot, among the 
other oondktione and qoallfloatione reqnieiie, thie 
WM one, that they demanded hit abetnwtlaf hie 
eplrit from all ntateriaUty, and reaooneing hie 
baptieroal angngemeoti. Befaig amaaed at thie 
pnipoeal, he AUIe a praying; whereat th^ all 
dieeppear, and leave him alone. Then he began 
to forethink what wooM beeoHM of him, if he 
wrre left to pay that vaet reckoning ; net having 
aa much on him ae woald defray it. Hcealla the 
boy, and aaka, what wae become of theee gentle- 
men, aod what wae to pay ? Be anawered, there 
nothing to pay, for they had done it, and 
gone about their aflUra in the eity."— 
PountainhaU e Dedrione, ToL I. p. IB. With 
irreat delcreoee to the teamed reporter, thie 
story baa all the appearaaee ofa Joke upon the 

A ''HcylBatty,lailftryaad!teyaadrt 
I Tb»m were the morning aonnde heard hei 

< And ofw^AlaakraaldDuile cried, 

" Um deB U hoondlng his (ykce on me I" 

Mathematldans, aa be le plcaeed to call tbcm, 
who "per enmmam lodiiloaadorum oculomm 
peritiam, proprioe alienoeque vultae, varile i«- 
nun imaglntbue, adumbraie oaOebant; illidbue- 
qne tbrmie vcroe obeeunuv eontpeotua." Mrriin, 
the eon of Ambroee, waa particularly tktlled in 
thie art, and dieplaja It often In the oU metrieal 
romanoe of Arthour and Merlin. 

Thejeivlnur* were alao great profteeona of 
thie myetery, whtefa hae in aome degree de- 
eeended, with their name, on the modem Jug- 
glcre. Bat dnret Brealaw, the Oeur Boae, ur 
KatterClto himeeir, have encouoteied, in a 
magical aMght, the tragdaurea of Iklhcr Cbau- 
eer?— See the Fnnkeleene'a Tale In Quuioer. 

Our modem profteort of the magic natoral 
would likewlee have been eorely put down bjr the 
Jagmimm and Bmakmntmrt of the Crete Chan ; 
" for thay maken to oome in the air the eono 
and the mone, bceeminge to every nunnee aight ; 
aod allre, thqr maken the nyght ao darke, that 
no man may ee no thing; and aftre, they maken 
the day to cnme agen, Mr and pkaant, witli 
bright aona to every mannra eight; and than, 
they brlngln la daunore of the (aircst damyeellce 
I of the world, and rieheat arrayed ; and after, 
, they maken to nooMn in other damyaellee, bring- 
ing ceupea of gold. Aillo of mylke of diven 
beetea : and geven drinke to lordca aod to ladyca ; 
and than thqr maken knyghtca to Juaten in 
armice Aille Inatyly ; and they rennen togldrc a 
gi«t randoun. and they fruMchen togidra ftill 
fleroely, and they broken ther aperca eo rudely, 
that the tnneheuneflen in eprotte and pk>oea alie 

poor Bchoolmaetcr, calculated at onoe to operate '^"'^^ ^^ l^l* i "b^ than they make to come in 

ten of WJ.W , || hunting for the hert and for the boor, with 
houadee ranning with open mouthe : and many 
other things thiey dow of her enchantementa, 
that it la marrajle tat to ae."— Sir John Mando- 
vine's Travels, p. S88. I question much, aleo, if 
th» moat artful itfuMltukf* of Germany could 
have matched the prodigies exhibited by Pauriet 
and Adramain, noorded in L'Hiatorie dea Va- 
katin et Oraon. a Bonen, 16111. The reoelpt, to 
pnvant the operation of theee dcoeptlone, was. 

upon hie credulity, and upon hla 
left in pawn ibr the rackonlng. 8cUI, 

* Bealdee the prophetic powers, aaaibed to the | 
gypeiee in moet European eountrlee, the Seottkh 
pcaeante believe them poaeaa a ad of the power of ' 
throwing upon by-etanders a spell, to ^tirlnatt 
their eyee, and eaaaa them to aae the thing that 
to not. Thua, In the oM baUad of Johanto Fka, 
tiie elopement of the eonnteea of Ouaillie, with a 
gypeey leader, la tanpnted to ftssinathmi 

A> •««• u they Mw ker «ael<Cir*d fcee^ 
Thar eeM titeir gluMur ewer her. 

flaao Orammatleas maatians a partlflular aaet of* 

t Pimr j fmtt i The signal made by a ahcpherd to 
^^ dog, when ha Is to drive away aome ehcep at 
a dtelanee. From Toden, to. An. 






With MSBd «MMth, and ahMp and Ua ; 
" 1 ham tar.faBRtQ'd moaj • witch,* 

Bat now. I think, tfaqpll ekar movh wi* 

Wbt JIKtajStfv of 2neems$(. 


Tkt Uac kaa caaMd a Mil be wrote, 

Tna Master of Weemyn hae higgit a ehlp. 


Aod ha hM wt it <m the Tvod.— 

To saile upon the eea; 


•* Ha that wiU biteg lofil Daiie back. 

And ftmr-and-twenty baold marinarei, , 

1 ; 


■haO have It* hundred marlis and one." 



Tittqaafa- haa written a private letter, 

They han hdetit myla and left the hud. 


Aad ha hae eeallJ it wi' his eeal,— 

Thiej han eaylit myhe thrm { 

*" Te ma/ let the aald brodi oat o' the pdkei 

When up then hip the bonnle nMrmayd, 


The hkod^ my aia, and a*e fane weeL" 

All in the Norland sea. 

O WBi hae raeonled hie bmftile black. 

*' whan mile ya," qno' the bonnle mermayd. 

, And to the tewar of Gneotc dkl tmdca. 

'* Upon the mat sea ihem ?» 

Aad ««• asain. on hb eturdy back. 

" It's we an bounds until Nomway, 


Hae he hente «p the weary Jndga. 

God send us skalthlem hame !'' 


H« bningkl hfan to the ooandl stelr*. 

" Oh Korroway is a gay gay straade. 

Aad then fhU loudly ■hoated he. 

And a mania hind I trewe ; 


** Of me my gacfden, my eoretelKn Nefe, 

But nevir nane sail see Korroway 

Aad take ye bMk year auld Durie !" 

Obi the mermakl keepe her vowe !" 
Down doukit then, the mermaydsn. 


tooeeaqprff offimr-leavedclover. I remember 

to have heetd (ecrtalaly very loaf ago, tar, at 

Deep InUl the middil sea; 

that ttanc. I believed the legend,) that ngypMy 

And rocrrie leueh that master hanld. 

tMioeed hie gtmmtmr over a namber of people at 

With hisjollie compaaie. 

Baddiagten, to whom he exhibited a ooounnn 

dimg hW eo^, trailing, what fiptKnd to the 

Ihey eaylit awa', aad they sa^Iit awa'. 

epactelote, a nuM^y oaken trunk. An old n an 

They ban myllt leagun ten ; 


pnmid with a cart of ctover; he Mopped, and 

Whsn lo I opfaip by the gade ship's side 

pidtedenta lUir-leaved blade: the eyee of the 

The self*eame mermayden. 

■Ipectotaee wen opened, and the oaken tennk 
appeand to be a bnliwih^&Btt. 

acted, hat when called upon by magistratn or 


• Haman natnn Axink* flmn the bnital 

oeettto pndoeed by the belief to witehnnft 

4th, His trade wae lawftilt 0th, Perktne, Delrio. 

Vnder the idMS that the devU imprinted apon 

and all divinee and Uwyan. wlw tnat of witch- 


tha body ef tee iiiiwealile veemli a mark, wUeh 

enft, asnrt the esletenoe of the marka, or atig- 

waa lawwiibie to pain, peraoae wen employed to 

■Mta j^f amm; and, dthiy. Wen it otherwise. 

run naedlee Into tte bodka of the old women 

£mr evommaie JhctI Jw.— Answered, lit. De- 

who wen anpeeted of witchcraft. In the dawn- 

nim eoneeati 9d, Hobody can validly consent to 

ing ef aommon 10000 apon thie eul^Jeet, a oem- 

their own tortun; fbr, JVrmo «$t dvmimm* mem- 

plalat WM made beftm the Privy Coondl of 

Ainram aneram ( Id, The pricker was a common 

Machind, 11th September, 1678, by Oatherioa 

chsat. The last argnmento prsvailed ; and it was 


1 iddell, apoor woman, agniaat the baron-baUle 

Ibund, that infrrior "Jodgm might not am any 


of Praaton-Oimnge, aod David Cowan (a pro- 

1 tortam, by pricking, or by withholding them from 

f Id prkhcr.) ter having impriaoned, and meet 

1 sleep;" the eoooea neerviog a 1 that to them- 

traiHf tortured her. Ihey anawend, let. She 

1 selna, the JastJcse, and thoee actlag by eommis- 


waamarchMl by her own aoneent, tl velmM aoa 

ilon Arem them. But lord Durie, a lord of sse- 

^ lilfnrte} M, The pricker had haraed hie trade 

elon, aonld han no shan in saeh iaflictioos. 

from Klneaid, a lunad pricker; Id. Be never ^ tetU. 




ehiBt held a gtMt Intil hw riaht haad^ 
la the ttthlr ehee held • kuae. 

And ■hae kerabit her hain, uul »j9 ahe 
At thee dotterit on the fliem. 

And thM i^iklt nmnd and rooad aboat. 

Upon the waten wan ; 
O nerlr asaine on hind or eea 

Shall be eeen rik a bin woraan. 

And thee ihed her halm off her mllk-<whltebreo 
Wi' her flngen tae «na' and lang ; 

And Biet ai lairlit that gude ship on. 
See louder wae ajre her mag. 

And aye ihee mng, and aje due eang 

A* ehee rade upon the eea ; 
" If ye bee men of Chrlettan moalde 

Thrown the maeter oat to i 

" Thiowe oat to ntee the maitcr banld 

If ye bee Chrtetlan men; 
Bat an ye Ikile, though bet ye nyle 

Ye'll noTlr eee land agen ! 

" Beyle on, Myle on, eayle on,*' nl 
" Sayle on and nevlr bilnne. 

The wlnde at will your layUe may 611, 
But the land yt ehall never winl" 

Ite neter word epak* that maeler banld. 
But a loud laugh leueh the erewe ; 

And in the deep then the memajrden 
Bona drmppit frae their rlewa. 

Bat ilk ane kythit her boonie SMse, 
How dark dark grew Iti Ure; 

And Ilk ane aaw her bricht brieht eyne 
Lemlng like eoals o' Are. 

And Ilk ane aaw her lang brieht hair 
Oae flaehlng through the tMe, 

And the aparklei o' the glau ehee brake 
Upon that gude ahlp-e aide. 

" Steer on, ateer on, thoa master bauld. 
The wind blaai nnco hiej" 

" O tbere'a not a ateme In a' the U(t 
To guide na through the aaa!" 

*' Steer on, ataer on, thoa maeler 
The atorm la coming that :" 

" Then up, then up my boonie boy 
Unto the topmott meat. 

" Creep np Into the tallMt trntt, 

Oae up my ae beet man ; 
Climb up until the tall top^itaat 

And apy gin ye eee land." 

** Oh aD la mirk tewarda the elat. 

And aU la mirk be weet; 
Alaa ttere is not a apot of light 

Where any eye esn reel I" 

" Looke onte, looke onte my bauldcst 

Leohe onte unto the atorma. 
And If ye eannot get aleht o' land. 

Bo yoa eee the dawla o' mom ?" 

** Oh alaoe, alaee my master deare," 

Bpak* then that ae beet man ; 
'* Nor lieht, nor land, nor living tbhig;. 

Do I apy on any hand." 

" Looks yet agen, mj ae beet man. 

And tell me what ye do aee :" 
" O Lord i I apy the Adee mcmaydcn 

Vhat aayUng out owre tito aea I** 

" How can ye apy the Ikuae mermayden 

Fast aayling on the mlrfc eea. 
For there's neither mune nor morain' lidkt* 

In troth it oan nerfar bee." 

" O there la neither mane nor moralo' llch|, 

Nor ae atar'a blink on the aaai 
Bat aa I am a Chrlatian man. 

That witch woman laeel 

**Ooed Lord ! there ia a acaud o' fire 

Fact ooming out owre the eea ; 
And bat therein the grim mermayden 

Xa asjUng on to theel 

*« Bhee halles our aUp wi* a riirlll shrill cry— 
Shes b ooming, alaee, more near :" 

"Ah woe is me now," leld the mastsr baul^ 
" For I both do see and hear I 

" Osme doua, eome donn my ae beat man. 

For an 111 weird I maun dric; 
Yet, I reek not fbr my einflil aelf. 

But thoa mj trsw oompanler* 



^f ^armailieit of {Dlgl^t. 

(Fmh the Xdinbaivh lCi«uliM ibr May. lOO. 
I Qtffia-«taa« k* bug* rod( •taodiog in tha 
•r tha ritar Oyda, abont half a mlla 
tha 9UMael>]ri«a-lin. It hai arar baea ra- 
a tkntanta haaat «f marman and m«r- 
Tha Oami Waal ia a dwp whMpool at 
Watanrr trom tha Chrlln ataaat eoaearn* 
«Uch manj atianga atorica ax« told. In 
' tinai it «a* tha cbown Aai^ of a moit 
watar kalpia, who drasfad maajr a 
yMlh to tha bottom whan bathing, tUl atlangth 
a aCofldr pMiaat aallad Aikan Kant, from a 
hago aahra dab whiab h* alwajrt carriad, n- 
a^l«»d to aaeottnter thia dtcadfttl (land. Ha 
t aaramar evanlng to tha Clyda, tirlit aff 
a* tha eottotij namton czpiav It, 
hia aikan kant an' plounglt loto tha 
Ha a<nun round and round, dived to tha 
I, bat tha kelpie, wha, it Mama, waa awar 
meter o' the doolur, wai naa wfaar to 
Patigaad at length, Alkan Kent cam' 
ont «r tha wmtar, pat on himtal' an' aat doun to 
Ret, when ha bU ■oun' aaleep. Ha wa* euddenlj 
wahw i l t by aomethlng pu'-puVin' at hie hent, 
vhkh he hMd hOd aaeth hii head, an' llftan' 
hii ecu m« through the gloamln' an amUneua 
■pp>ntanM «lad ia mbt, with a groomne beard 
bfltatttat about hia moo', an' hie twa een ihlnln' 
Witt a dewte auaamcrllka Ucht. RlehtUa Judg- 
iac Ihie to be the halple, Aiken Kent baagit Ml 
i tha pair Bead wt* hie elabia riaa A117, that 
I garit hhn cry Mity 

A An' the namudd** gona waa grean aa gram. 
In tha oaold wall-ea that grows; 
An' the aroun on her brow was tha sonny rain- 
Ower Stanebyfat lin that glows. [bow, 

Tlw naarmaU aat on tha OaiUn-atUM, 

8aa sweetly as she sang. 
While throagh alken wud an' birban shaw 

Tha wlnsonia eehoa lang. 

•O AahM Beat he'e < 


Te way As«h manal' haith lale 1 
Aa' •' Kalfte ha'e as* bar.* 

il. enept that it la 
batheia from Its 
aa any other pool 

sat aa tha GuUn-alana, 
A cafanan her ysUow hair, 
'as n«««r nwM In braid Olydesdala 

; it up, an' aba oabnt It dona, 
Aa' ibe ealmt tt to her knee s 
A' ehe eoodlt It roan' her haAta white, 

O swaatfy aings tha Baavla nlld. 
An' the marl on the thorn ; 

Hare aweetly still the lavereok sings, 
Abaas lbs aM o^ I 

The llntla'fe biytha oa tha fowdaa whin. 
An' the gowdspink on tha qiray; 

But biyther Ihr waa tha nannalds aang, 
AHthan Ikaa bank to baaa. 

*' M y flither la lord or bonale Clyda, 
And o" eralgte Avon's shawa. 

An' my mithar Is bidy o' Nathan water. 
An' won* in Ciaignathan ha's. 

*' And I dad mywl' la tha 
But an' the silken pall; 

And 1 was serr'd by eevcn 

*' The book and doa, tha hart and roe. 

We huntit ower the lea. 
An' the gows-hawks flew wi' the momln' dew, 

WhUl the day had eloaad hia a'a. 

"0 fleetly ran tha coal -Mack 

Mars flsetly the stssds e' aoaw; 
But thadappivl giay on whilk I rada. 

Had the heela albrs them a'. 

** We hantft tha stag o'er tha Hawkahaw bills. 

And doun to the OarUn*ataaa, 
While sare Airrlddea my bmrj nienyie, 

Xieft ma my Uvaa* laaa. 

" The ballaran* wbth o' Madia Clyde, 

Bwaah't by wl' rowt and lalr. 
An' tha mane raae din through tha mist o' the lin, 


** Owar wud aa* wanld, the nwkls eauld, 

Bpraad like a siller aca; 
While a fldfy ineh aeemt tha hMly't oik. 

aaa knely atill an* 


aoorrvm baxAmAMl 

" AqM Ovnto eMOt O' 

lUiw lik* • glaot grim t 
An' the wileat yowl't through Iti dowte 

8m guwftw, howehf aad dim. 

*' The hoaM hoat thraagh th« rifUt nek, 

Th« tod yowlt on th* hill ; 
Whan an eldriteh whith wooh't through the 

And a' Ul deMlly elUL 

" The timaehlt thig 1' the wna wkvn Up, 

Bat hullntei or hone. 
While in roony a row, wt' Jaap an* Jow, 

They •himmcrt In the mane. 


"An* Mi« he Mht, an* earo he i.^w», 
Wblii he wmn to the Gteya.«tan«: 

Whar he itroek't hlmael* 1* the patlantso'dc 
Wr men J a 


" I Kfmrd my itced to tak* the flude, 

lly etfced he wadna ateer, 
But etude an' ewat frae head to holi, 


" I flang the raayle on hie nmeUt, 
With a wlte that nuldnae been, 

An' tatp i' the pale frae my eaddle-emt, 
Owcreome wl' epile ao* teen. 

" The water hadnae wat my At, 

Nor yet my •lller ehune; 
WhIU an Inky dud Ml doun on the wad, 

An' blutted out the n<ane. 

'* I mw nae mare, fhr a* the air 

Orew black as Mack ceold be ; 
An' bonnic Clyde, with Ita hUle an' howne, 

Waa tint albrr mine e^e. 

" I' the mirk hi a eteund, wl* taliaa* aeand, 

A ■[<alt Uie river nee. 
An* wi' twafh an' ewuw, the angry Jow, 

Gbm' laahaa' doun the braee. 

" I lulkit richt. I Ittikit left. 

But a' waa black aa nldit; 
I lu'kit to the beavene bee. 

But no ae apark o* Ueht. 

** In a wMden d reme, the thnndw ieem 

8bot uwer me bla« aa lead, 
An' abaw't the bUek wav«a 

Abieaat, abune my head. 


'* I tlni*t me rieht, I timt mo Irn. 

The craiga war in a low ; 
I timt me roan' the river doan. 

Saw noeht but an ngaome how. 

*' A Meate* are aoopt athort the flode^ 

And ower tlM Carlin.atane ; 
In a auddentic, on the firie-flaueht. 

The atately atag la gaae. 

" A autely atag—i* the epalt he mak, 

A atalwart wlcht he rase : 
He wav'd hia ban'— the llvbtenina Man— 

An' Uaokneaa curt tha brae*. 

" A' was dcad-h>wn, whan In a etoan', 

A whirlwind ibll fhw the air. 
And bout through the wuda, and cloven cralga, 

Wl' waaiy waeaume rair. 

" The kaarlle alka of a bunder ycon 

0am' doupan to the gran'. 
While the bralnebca an' bcucha e' ftoahar treaa 

War acattar'd on the win'. 

" Ka« llehtenin' giMmt out through the mirk, 
Nor oraa heard the thunder'a ralr. 

But a leadlika low aprced ower the eraiga 
Wi' duU and dowle glare. 

" The mirk earn' In gUA— In gli A the mlric gada, 
WbUe 1 Mw ftoe the oraigaan' ravea, 

Wi' mop an' mowr, an' glara an' glowr. 
Grim flwea grin ower Uie wavea. 

"I aayt to flea, bat eoaldnae ateer 
Free the atanoera wharon 1 atude; 

Whan tlM atnlwart gome etrade owcr the apalt 
An* daap'd me in the fludo. 

" Wi* aweep an' awed. In the black Oaoa Weel. 

We ploung't i' tlie wan^oeh wave ; 
An' held our way, 'neth rook an' brae. 

Till we cam' till aa ugaome oavc. 

" A gronaooM droleh at the benner en' 

tiat on a bink o' atane, 
And a dowle abeen hoc hia auatraaa cen 

Qa'^a liebt to the dlamal wane. 

" The dead blue licht aklmt ahiog the Mart 
Whar drape hang raw on mw, [nUb 

An' twinkl't In the damp broun air. 
Whan plakaa' tha^ oaa Ik'. 



tlw glitttt flai«» 
•d, wi- twM and twwl, 

" ' As' talr my Md*. mj boiml* bonal* l»ridi/ 
To tha dwweh ths witofa oan Mjr, 

* A ■* wMh ai«m' tibt elwngaAi' lib 
Tteft lives is uppn diqr ; 

*** A»d dip b«r Int In tte VetMwajr •■■, 

Ste^ mlo* tor •vtrmarc ; 
Asd dip her tf •• la tb« lMnuwr'<iln»» 

" A ad dip btr iMt la TlBto daw 
TlMrt Ml oo BdtAB-day. 

thwMwd jr»n w < 


th* dmnhl twM 

Be Wd tlMm aa nj baad, 
Tha Bebt fbrhoat my waalaod MB* 
My bfow giaw eauld M Uad. 

"A ariheaaa* graa OMn* owar my haarl, 

1 swarft aiaaag hli haadik 
Am' fecUm lay. whila tfaa laMHa droleh 

* I avafTt la tha mirk «!• dala and ptaM ; 

I cam* la myml' 1* tha Uefati 
I avarft ia vaa, a mortal aiay 

;anld aa 
hmA la a palaot ran; 
I awaif t by a fl*a% vhaa I ram bamy rida 
' a aialiwt kalehi An' flUr. 

*" And diana ftar my win 
Fiar aarthing now a*a; 
Toa'r* a mannald bir, tor afannalr, 

■" In lava aa* tan— la gama and 
W«il ring owar booata Oyda, 
in ay« to thae a bildagvnma ba« 

Ton ay» to ma a biida. 
**An*w«1l hanMoar 

A *" I big aty halli a' tha anrrtal etaar, 
Aad tha nito o* tha gowdan mlna ; 
Tha lUtBUcat eourta o* tha itohmt royt 
Axa aoahtaompard to aUna. 

" ' Tha aowdlan* balta en tha waalaa' flnda 
Ara tha ihlpt whUk wa «U la. 

aoartfrea on (ha pnla am wa, 
Aad ia tha anaahaa* lla. 

"' Wa bmk enmOi oa tha tohala haapa. 

Whan almmar raaa am biaaro. 
Whan iha jaar grawn auld bringa wintv mnkl 


"' A hnader kniahtt at my 1 

Tha wafewa mann abay. 
An' twioa twaa handcr martaa frm 

Sail mrwn my wtntama may. 

**< Thava'a no aa bnm In braid Olydaadala 

Bnt wtanptaa at my will. 
Nor a aniddaa breoa that bat my laave 

CtooMB tumkUag iliniw tha ^m, 

" ' Whaa eoAiM tha landlaah wl* mlr an' awaA. 

I oowd ea tha rowan' apalt. 
And alrt ita way by bank an' brna 

VuUUlaa' my lara er hata. 

*"Tha thoahtlmi wWhl w 

I rWt In that hear. 
But tha man I mw ftna tha mglng gtava. 

Sock 9o}^ni$toiie tj^t STinliler. 



"Oa, aama ya owar by tha Yoha-bom Ford, 
Or down tha King's Baad of tha olaooh / 

Or mw ya a knight and a bMly bright, 

Wha ha'a gana tha gate thqr ballh ahaU 

••I aiw a knight aad a lady bright, 

Blda np tha dmch at the braak of day ; 

Tha knight npoo a eoal-blaek atwd, 
Aad tha dama OB oaa of tha rilw gny. 



" And Qua ladr* p*lfrqr Item th* flnt. 
With muy • daag of aUrtr b»U : 

Swift M tb« nvcB'a moraiag ffigbt, 
TIm two went nonxlog owcr tlw fell. 

" By this 11n« tlMj an OMB and wlfr, 
And ttandlng In 8t If uyH fluw ; 

And the lady in tha 
A bmM you will 


" Bat I ean Ml thM, laacy wight,— 
And that the runawayi ihall prow,— 

Baveoft to a Douglas 1» aa 
At maidaa ehafBM or 


"Sliiee tboa nylrt that, ny Loid Douglas, 
Good Mth some eUiiklng thsra will be; 

Deshrew my hsart, hut and my swofd, 
If 1 wlnna turn and ilde with thaa!" 

Thay whtpp'd out ow«r tha Shaphard Okodi, 
Anddoun tha links o* tha Cotwdaueh Bum; 

And ay* tha Douglas awora Iqr his swonl 
To win Us lot* or note ntnm. 

" First tght your rlfal. Lord Doaghsb 
And then brag aftar. If you may t 

For tha «arl of Boas Is as brava a lord 
As avar ^va good waapon sw^y. 

" Bat I fcr aa poor dikr marfc» 
Or thirtaan pannlea an* a bawbsa, 

WUI tak' In hand to fight you baltb. 
Or boat tha whuior, whloha'ar It bo." 

The Douglas tum'd him on his stead. 

And I wat a loud laughter Icueh be:— 
*' Of a* tha IboU I hare aver mat, 

1 ha'a navar mat ana Uka Ihao. 

*' Art thou akin to lord or knight. 
Or courtly sqatre or warrior leal ? 

" 1 am a tinkler," quo* the wight, 
** But 1 Uka cfow u -o i ariking uueo 

When they «ana to St Mary^ klr1(. 
The Chaplin ihook for very fear; 

And aye he kles'd the eroea, and mM, 

'* What deoril has sent that Douglas here < 

*' Ho neither valaos book nor hn. 

But eunea all without demur i 
And caras naa nnair for a holy maa. 

Than 1 do for a worthkas < 

"Ooroo hare, thou Uaad and brittle priaat. 

And tall to ma without delay. 
Where you have hM the lord of Boss, 

And the lady that oame at the bnak of day ? 

" No knight or lady, good Lord Douglaa, 
Have I beheld sinee break of mom ; 

And I never saw the lord of Boes, 

dlooe tha wocfol day that I was bom." 

Lord Douglas taraM him round about. 
And hKA-d the Tinkler in the Ihee: 

Where he beheld a lurking smile. 
And a deevll of a dour grlmaee. 

" Bow's this, hown this, thou TInklar kmn ? 

Hast thou preeuBMd to lie on me f 
'* ruth that I barer the Tinkler said, 

"And a fight good torn 1 have done to thee ^ 

"For the Uwi of Boo^ and thy own trae love. 
The beaateoua Harriet of Thlriortano, 

Bade wast away, ere the break of day ; 
And you'U Mvar see the dear maid again: 

" So I thought It best to bring you beie, 
On a wrang soent, ofmy own acoord; 

For had you met the Johnetone chin, 

Thqr wad ha^e made mlnee-nuat of a lord." 

At this the Douglas was so wroth. 

Ha wiat not what to say or do; 
But he strak the Tinkler oier the «onn, 

nil tha hlood oamo dreeping owar his brow. 

" Bsshrew my heart," quo* the Tinkler lad. 

" Thou benr'st thee moot ungallantlyo ! 
If theee are the manners of a lord, f me." 

Th^ are aanoen that wtnna gang down wl' 

** Bold up thy hand.' the Douglas cried, 
'* And keep thy dUtanee, Tinkler loun !" 

" That win I not," the Tinkler said, [down !" 
"Though I and my mars should both go 

'* I hare aratour oo,"erisd tts Lord Dooglaa, 
" <kiirass and helm, as you may see." 

"The dell mo oarer quo* the Tinkler ladt 
" 1 shall have a skeip at them and thee." 

" Ton ars not honed," quo* the Loid Doughs, 
" And no remotes thb weapon brooks." 

" MlaoHarigbtgood yaod,"quo' the Tinkler lad 
" Aad a great daal better 1 




tta itaad to flqr wn ap oi ti , thoa lungfaty kvd, A 
Wliat 1 have taken I nccdi moit give; 

■halt ofwr icrika a tinkkr again. 
Wot Mm laaflaat day thoa hart to Uva." 

to It tlMy fen, both sharp and saell. 
Till Um dra Dram both thctr mtapoin flaw, 
th« vcty ftnt ■hock that th^ met with, 
hiicaihoMi IgaB to) 

I hthadonaaukofimdl. 
And a ealmat on hla hraaat wort he, 
WHh a good aical bonnet on hit bead, 
Yet the bhtod an trinkUng to hb knee. 

! Swiglae nt npright and Ann, 

A JO a* together their honea mn ; 

But the Tiokier laid on like a ircij deD. 

'laid en by 

' Hold np tiiy hand, thoa Tinkler loan," 
Oried the poor priest, with whfaiing din i 

' it thoa hart the biave Lord Jamca Douglas, 
A cuto be en thee and all thy Ua r 

" I caa* no nwre tir Lord James Soaghn, 
Than Lord Jama Douglas earn fbr ne ; 

Bat I want to kt his proud heart know. 
That a nokkr *s a man as well as he." 

■• thty ftjogbt on, and they fttoght oo, 
TiO gOKd Lord DoagkM* breath was gone. 

And the Tinkler bore him to the groond. 
With toh, with rattle, and with groan. 

" O boa ! o hear cried the prood Dooglu, 
" That I th • day shoald have lived to bmI 

For aore my bonoar I have lost. 
And a hadcr again 1 ean never bel 

" Bat tell in« or thy kith and Un, 

And where was bred thy weapon hand ? 

For thon art the wale of tinkler loans 
That ever was bom In flUv Seotlaad." 

" Vy name's Jnek Johnstone." quo* tite vHght,- 
** 1 winna keep In my name ikae thee; 

And b«n, taA' thoa thy sword asaln. 
And better Mends we two shatt be." 

B«l the DrngbM swars a sohmn oath. 

That was a debt he could never ow«; 
lie woold lathrr die at the back of the dike, 
I his swocd to a nun w low. 

** Bat If thoa wilt ride ander my bannar. 
And bear my livery and my name, 

Hy risbt*liand warrior thou ehalt be. 
And I'll knight Cbee on ttw flekl of 

" Woe worth thy wit, good k>rtl Douglas, 
To think I'd change my trade Pat thine ; 

Vhr better and wiser would yoa be. 
To live as Journeyman of mine, 

" To mend a kettle or a casque. 

Or dk»at a goodwife's jettlln' pan,— 

Upon my UAb, good Lord Douglas, 
Toa'd maka a nobis tinkler man ! 

" I would give yoo drammoek twice a-day. 
And sunketa on a Sunday mom ; 

And you should be a rare adept 

In steel and eopper, brass and horn ! 

" III light you evei7 day yon rise. 
Till you can act the hero's part; 

Tbereibre, 1 pray you, think of this, 
And lay it serious^ to heart." 

The Dougbu writhed beneath the ladi. 
Answering with an inward euree,— 

Like salmon wriggling on n epear, 

Thai makes his deadly wound the wone. 

But up there came two eqnlrss renown*d; 

In eeareh of Lord Douglas they came ; 
And when they saw their mastsr down. 

Their spirite mounted In a flame. 

And they flew upon the Tinkle/ wight. 
Like peritet tigers on their prey ; 

But the Tinkler henvcd hie trusty sword. 
And made him ready fbr tha Ihiy. 

*' Gome one to one ye ooward knaves,— 
Gome hand to hand, and steed to steed, 

I would that j-e were bt- tier men. 
For this is glorltfos work indeed!" 

Befbre you oould have counted twelve. 
The Tinkler's wondrous chivalrye 

Had both the squires upon the sward. 
And thefar hoiass galloping o'er the lea. 

The Tinkler tied them neek and heel. 
And mony a biting Jest gave he : 

" O fle, ibr shame !" said the Tinkler tad, 
** Ocean flghlcn I did nevor ssel" 



H« lUt OM of thfllr bridal r»in«,— 
O what diagraM the eonqoerd Ihali, 

And be tiMlpit the •qiUm with tbatfood ta^ 
Till the bi««Ml ran off at haith tteir iMtla. 

The Doaslae he was lapoad to hmgh. 
Till duwu hie cheek the aalt tear 

** X think the dccril be eoine here 
In the Uk«a«M of a tinkler man ! 

Then he haa to Locd Doof lae gone. 
And he ralaed htm kindly bjr the hand. 

And he nt him on hie gallant steed, 
And bora him awajr to Uendarbuidt 

" Be not east doam, nqr Lord Dooglai, 
Vor writhe beneath a broken bane. 

For the leach** art will mend the part. 
And your honour loit will ipring afdn. 

** 'TIS true, Jock Johnstone la my nam*, 
I'm a right good tinkler as you see ; 

For I ean crack a casque betlmas. 
Or <do«t one, as a^y need may be. 

" Jock Johnstone Is my name, tls trasr-' 
Dut nuMu hearts are allied to me. 

For I Nin the Lord of Annaadale, 

Awl a knight and sari as weU as tlMS.** 

Then Douftbss straln'd the hcro^ hand, 
AihI look lh>iii il his s«rofd again ; 

Since thou art the locil of Aniuindnle, 
Thou hast sossd my heart ofnicikle pain* 

" I might hava known thy noble femi. 
In that diiguise thon'rt plcnicd to wcari 

All Scotland kiiowe thy nuitchieaB arm. 
And Kngland by cxperknoe dear. 

** We have been Ibcs as well as Mead8» 
Ami Joakius of each others sway; 

But little can 1 eomptchend 

Thy motive fur ttacss pmnks lo-day f* 

** Sooth, my good lord, the truth to tell, 
Twas I that stole your love away. 

And gave her to the lord of Ross 
An hour before the hrsak of day t 

* For th« loid of Bom Is my brothar. 

By all the laws of ehivaliye i 
And 1 brought with mo a thousand men 

To gnaad him to my own aonntiTSk 

"Bat I thooght meet lo stay behind. 
And try your lordship to waylay, 

Beaolved to bnod some noble sport. 
By leading yon so tu astray. 

"Judging It better some Uvcs to spurs,— 
Which Buicy takes ma now and then,— 

And settle our quarrel hand to hand, 
Than each with oar ten thousand men. 

** Ood Bead yim soon, my Lord Bougbus* 
To Bofdar Ibray sound and halll I 

But never strike a tinkler again. 

If ha be a Johnstons of A-nnandale." 

VonnU ?0a6s SibingMon. 

[Tnis ballad Is given In Vr Jamlcsoais collce* 
tk>n. whrrs it Is said to be taken ftom Airs 
Brawn of Vhlklaad*S rsdtation.] 

O Bomna Baby Livingstone 

Oacd out to view the hay i 
And by it cam' him Glenlyon, 

Stow boonia Baby away* 

And flfst he's ta^sn bar sllkan coat. 

And ndst her satten gown : 
Spie row'd her in his tartan pbikl. 

And happ'd her round and roun*. 

nclB monnlcd bar upon a i 

Ami PMin'lly nulc away ; 
And nt'tr lout her look lack again 

The Irwiaug simmer day. 

Han earrktl her o'or yon bleb hich hill, 

And there he met his brother John 

Wi' twenty ariuad men. 

And there wcva cows, and there wore ewca, 

And there were Lids eae Guir: 
But latl and wae n-ai bonnle Uaby ; 

Uar h«.<nrt was Ai' o' ( 

He's bi*en her In his anns twa. 
And kht her cheek *nil chin : 

** I wad gi'e a' my Hocks ami herUv 
Aa smile ftns thee to win f* 




* A maOtf Am n« 7*^ 1 
111 wicr look kind on tbM; 

To'ta ■town mc awa' fta« a' my kia', 

" PhiiiV.0. ktod Jr, Pnnd— , Mad Mr, 
lU' ma to bonnl* Dunde* ; 

Far f Mil iWcr mj fhvottr wia 
TUl UaoM mair 1 tm.- 

t. Baby ! Sandae, Baligr 1 
ZKindM y« ne'er ■haU mw; 
Bat I will carry you to Olenlyon, 
Wkam >m ay brida ■baU b*. 

** Or «1B ya May at Addngoar, 
And taft •watt milk and diMM; 

Or gaag wi' m* to Otonlyoa, 

Aad Ikoa vail im at onr MM ?' 

' I wtaaa stay at AohlBgaBr ; 

I oarc neither Dor milk nor 
Bar fang wi' tlMe to Oknlyoa ; 

For tkaro I'U ne'er And aaM^ 

Tkca eat It epak* kb brother John,— 

** If I ««fw In yoar piaee, 
I'd erad that bvly hame agjila, 

¥w a' tacr bonale A^e. 

•* CemneBd Die to the laH that 'a kind, 
Thoimta nae Me gently bom; 

And, gin her heart I coaldna win. 
To taka her hand I'd 1 

" O haad yoar feoogoa, my bcothcr John, 

Ye waaa what ye eay; 
Far I ha'e lucd that boooia ftoa 

Thia aooy a year and day. 

** !>• laed her lang, and load her wa«l. 
Bat her love I ne'er aould win;* 

▲ad what I canna Uirlf gain. 
To at«al I think 1 

I I 


*TUafaMSdhitbe tmaaplritof a Highland 
CW4-<r, '*flfeehiwtcr:" literally, toUUft or maa 
^ battit, and, eonaUlering the niannera of the 
Unra. ia much le<a diaerrditable to the name of 
Gleolyoa, than ie amither more notorkMu trane- 
of a much later data; 1 naaan the nuM- 

Whan they earn' to Glentyon oMtlt, 

They lighted at the yett ; 
And oat they oam', hia thrM aiatan^ 

Thafar hruthar for to gvMt. 

And th«y bare taVn her, bonnto Babf, 

And led bar o'er tl*e green; 
And ilka lady apak' a word. 

Bat honnia Baby ipak' nana. 

Than oat It apak' her, bonnla Jana, 

The yoongMt o' the thrM : 
'* O lady, why look ye Me Md ? 

Ooma tall your griof to me.' 

** O wharelbra ahoald I teU ny grief, 

Slnoa lax I oanna find ? 
I'm fkr ftme a' my kin and (Hands, 

And my lore I left behind. 

" Bat bad I paper, pan, and Ink, 

Alhre that it were day, 
I y«t might get a letter wmta. 

And seat to Jobnnla Hay. 

" And gin I bad a boania boy. 

To help me in my need. 
That he might rin to bonnle Bandee, 

And eona again wi' s pw d." 

And they ha"* gotten a bonnla boy. 

Their errand Ibr to gang t 
And bade him run to bonnla Dundaot 

And naa to tairy lang. 

The boy ha nm otr maIr and dale 

Aa flut M ha coold flee ; 
And e'er tba aun waa twa boon Ugbt, 

Tba boy waa at Dundee. 

Wban Johnnie lookit the Mtar o«, 

A hearty laugh leoeh be ; 
Bot ere ha rMd it till an and, 

Tba tear blinded hia e'e. 

"0 wha la this, or what Is that. 
Has itown my love ftae m<- / 

Althi'Ugh he were my ae brither. 
An iU dead sail ba dee. 

" Oaa, saddle to me the black," ha says: 
" One, Mddle to me the brown ; 

Gae. Mddie to me the swlftMt ttecd. 
That ever rade tna the town." 




Jlc'i oiU'd upon hla many nMn a'. 
To follow him to tho gtan ; 

And hc'i Tow'd be'd ndtiMr Mt nor 
TIU h* tot t^ love ttia. 

H«^ UMmatHl him on a mlIk<<«Alt> 

And fast ho nd« away ; 
And 1m^ ooom to 6l«nl|oat jctt. 

About tho doM V daj. 

At Babj at bar window rtoed. 
And Urn wwt-wind Mft did Uaw, 

81m hmrd Imt Johonle't wcU kmt toIm 
Aaeath tfaa oattlo wa'. 

" O BBlqr, haite, tha window loap; 

111 kop yoa In my arm ; 
If y uMRy man ara at feba yatt 

To naona yoa fkaa harm." 

A "Awa'GlanlrealQrferahama! 
Oaa hide you la aoma den{ 
T€a*«« lattan your brida ba itoini 
For a' your amod 

8faa to tha window flx'd hi 

And illppad aaftly down i 
And Johanla oatohHl har in hk armi, 

Vtfw loot har touch tha gfoun'. 

Olanlyon and hla brothar John 

Waiu blrUng In tha ha'. 
When they haani Johanla'k bridk xliiff 

Aa Ibat ha rada awa*. 


"Biaa Jock ; gang out and 
I hear hia bridle ring; 

My Baby now ahall ba my wlfc. 
Before tha lavuroek alng.** 

•'O brithar, thk b naa the prtet; 

I fear he'U come o'er late; 
Fbr armed men wl' ahlning bcaadi 

Stand at tha eaetla yatt." 

"Haste, Donald, Duncan, Dugald, Hugh, 
Haate, tak' your tword and spear { 

Wall gar theee tmytors rue the hour 
That e^ they vsntuiud hers." 

Tha flighlandman drew thair dlajmona. 

And ga'e a warlike shout ; 
But Johnnie^ marry man kept tha ystt, 

2f aa ana durst vanturs out. 

The lovars rada tha laa-lang night, 
And sail got on their way s 

And bounie Baby Llvlngstoaa 
Has gotten Johaay Hay. 


Wbt y roylbecs of Auee n 

[Ballad of the kst oentury, attributed to 
WiLUAK Jouos MtexLB, the tTHiMlr— of ths 
Luslad, and reputed author of the popular 
Sootoh eong, "Thsts'S nao look about the 

0*Bn the hills oTChaflot baamlag. 
Boas the ellver dawn of May ; 

Hoetile epears, and helmets gleaming, 
BwuU'd along the '~*'"'^Ti'''t gray. 

Bdwln*s warlike bom rsaounded 
Through the winding dalee below. 

And the edioing hiUe rriwonded 
The daSanoe of the loe. 

Oisr the downs. Ilka torrents poonng. 

Edwin's horaemen nuhM along ; 
From the hills tike tsmpeets lowering. 

Slowly niareh'd stam Bdgar^ throng. 

Spear to spear was now portended. 
And the yew boughs half were diirawn. 

Whan the ftmak seraam ascended, 
iihT4iii«j o'er tha orawdad lawn. 

While hor riiglns round her weeping, 
Wavd aloft their enowy hands, 

Ttom the wood queen Kmma shrieking^ 
Ban between the drsadftU bands. 

** Oh, ny sons, what lago Intenal 
Bids you gnup the unhallowM 

Heaven defeeete the war fratemali 
Oh, the hnplouB stilft tebearl 

Ah, how mild and eweefly i 
Flow'd your peaceful early dayal 

rae then of each defender, 
Fash of each the pride and] 


*'Oiqyanl<tonKdwlB,ioA«B, i 

Xor iKnAt thy brotbefft right ; 
O, mj MOgar, thlak how oAen 

Xiwia duM tor thM the ftfht. 

k "Ah, my toBe, how Implou, eover'd 
With eaeh other*! bkwd," dte erkdt 
While the eaglee roand her hover'd. 
And wUd aorcam fttrasream replied— 

" Edfar, ihd thy ImpkHH ftny 
SMra Ihy gwudiui to ih« fWd ! 

O, S17 wmm, m ftmet aDav* yc; 
Thy laBn cUfana, Bdwln, yMd. 

** Trook that blood aitwnd you etreaming. 
Turn, my eone, your vengelUl eyet; 

Xnetar roond th' oflbnded eklee. 

" Bah. wha* right of homrwaTing, 
flttBcn Sdsar. dMMto thy t«ar! 

BMng^ thea Daannrkli haanen, hmviog 
Thy tanltad bnKharniipaar ? 

" See what bnmlag epeare portended, 
Cooeh'd by flre-eyM tpeetrce glare, 

CfacUag rouad yoo both, eoepended 
On the trembling threads of air 1 

«* JLh. hathtaik hMT throogh thy ngloiM 
Xidnitht horror ftarftil howl'd ; 

Whca, lih* wolv«», the Iiaiiidi Icgfoos 
Ihraogh thy traDhHng torali prowi'da 

" Otr yon both heaTen'i lightning volliee, 
WIther'd is your strength eVn now ; 

Idly weeping o'er your fblltes. 
Soon yoar heads shall lowly bow. 

DcDnarkt laaeo thy boaooi gof*d— 
Aad dMl Bdwlnii tamia aariitanca 
Bo Kpald with XtauaarkU tword 1 

" Soon the Dane, the Scot, and Norman 
O'er year dales shall havoo pour. 

Every hold and dty storming, 
Srcry herd and fleld devour. 

"With tlat owoid riialt thoa aMfl him, 
Fron whose polat ho oei thee fk«e. 

White hbwariike rinewe toU hfan. 
Weak «1th hM or blood Ibr thee ! 

" Ha, what dgnal new arising 

Through the dreadfltl group preTalle ! 
Tie the hand of Jnstioe poising 

High aloft the eternal soaks. 

""Oh, my BdwlB, tlinely heatkea, 
Aad thy etara naolTCs fcrtMarl 

flhaO qiMiflL thy eoaaeile darken. 
Oh, my Sdfw, drop the ipear! 

<* Loaded with thy base alliance, 
Bage and ranoonr an extreme, 

FUth and honooc's foul deeanoe. 
Thine, O Bdgar, Udu the beam I 

* Wlidom tally and Juetlee oflno, 
Hew each wooad may yet be liataa'd . 

0« levne thee* holy pToflbie, 
Lfl the ■MnBo or heU be eatanM. 

*' Opening mild and Mae, reversing 
0%r thy brother's wasted hills. 

See the mnrky «Iouds dispersing. 
And the tetUe show^ distils. 

** Oh. my saM»-hat an her aonowi 
fjfitf their faBploaa rage the more: 

nam the how-etringe tprang the an«wi; 
Seen the taUqFi teek^ with gen. 

'< Bat 0^ thy devoted valtays 
Blacker spreads the angry sky; 

Distant thunders groan and die. 

ArWUBg wild, wHh horror dttrettaig, 

ried the qneea aU italn'd with blood. 
fB Wr purpled boeom qatvielng, 

« O'er thy proadest eastles waving, 

Denmark tow*rs on hi^ her nven, 
Hatah'd In fteedom's mortal hour. 

Vp tte meoDlBla «te eeeoBded, 
neim M oeottDli the flame bi air 1 

*« « Cussd be the day detestsd, 
(tarsed be tiie flraod proArand, 

Whan on Denmark's spsar we rcoted,* 
Ikiough thy strsets shall load resooad. 



" To thy brother nd imploriiif » 
Now I BM th«c tarn tblnc cy«»~ 

Bfth. in wttlod itarknest louring. 
If 0W BO mon tbo vtafaHi* fIm ! 


*' But thy nne*Kmi •onl dMDMdlag 
Tu thy ■ III* frum »gv to ag«. 

ProvlnM then rrom province rending, 
War on war sbjtll bleed and nge. 

" Thie thj freedom proudly boMted, 
Uaple« Edgar, ' loud the cried— 

With her wound* and wow enhausted, 
Down on earth the eunk and died. 




the Edlaborgh Annval Scgitter for 

Ok Rimslde Moor ft tempcat'doBd 

Its dreary thadowe «Mt 
At midnight, end the dceert 0at 

Re-eoho«d to the blast; 

When • poor ehtld of guUt came ther* 

V\ ith ftantlo ttep to range. 
For blood waa tprinkled on the garb 

Uo darad nut •tay tw chaaga. 

" My Ood ! oh whither ehall I tarn ? 

The horeemen pteM behind, 
Thair hullo' and their boreee tramp 

CunM louder on the wind ; 

" But there *• a right on yonder heath 

1 dare not, cannot flice. 
Though 'twere tu Ktve me from thow hoanda, 

▲nd gain my spirit giaoe. 

'* Why did I srek thoee hated haunu 

Look shunn'd so Iternilly ; 
Was there nut room oo ottier hllla 

To liloe and slidter me/ 

*' Hetes blood on every stone I meet, 

Uotiea in each glen so dim. 
And comrade Urrgory tlmt't dead '. — 

But I'll not tiuuk o( bitu. 

*« 111 seek that hoi whan I was 
To dwell on a former day, 

Kor terrors vain, nor things long 
Shall Man me thosoe aw^y. 

" That cavern from the lasrli ponoit 

Mae eaved me oft befon. 
And foar eoostiains to visit haants 

I hoped to eea oo mote." 

Through well-known piiths, 
Tlie robber took his way, 

JJntil befun hb eyce the cave 
All dark and deeert ky. 

long UD' 

There he, when safe bensath Its roof, 
began to think the orowd 

Bad left pursuit, so wild the path% 
The tampest was so load. 

The bolto had stitt retalnM thsir plaos. 

Me barred the massy door. 
And lakl him down and heard the blast 

Osreering otr the moor. 

Terror and galH unltsd strore 

To chasu sweet sleep sway ; 
But sice.' with tuU prevall'd at last. 

And aaiasd htan when he taiy. 

A knock comes thandcring to the door. 
The roblier's heart leaps high— 

*' Now open «|ulck, rrmember'st not 
Thy ooinnde Gregory ?"— 

'< Whoe'er thoo art, with smothwV veist 
Strin not to cheat mine ear. 

My cuninde Gregory Is dead. 
His boDss an hanging near i" 

"Now f^e thy door aor parlay nors* 

Be sun I'm Gregory 1 
An 'twen not for the gibbet rape. 

My voioe wen oiaar aad free. 

" The wind is high, ths wind b load. 
It bends the ohl elm tree; 

The blast has toes d my bones about 
Thb night moat wearily. 

*' The elm was dropping on my hair, 

TIm ■haoklcs gall'd my feet ; 
To hang in cliaine Is a bitter Inir 
i^ And oh a bed is sweat! 



. I 


'VbrflMOTAn^htllfbenMnylM, i 

Nor jH dbtnrb>d tbM btrt, 
Itea tan a piUow thoo wUtgH* 

Uato thy dd MmpMr ?•* 

^ *'Bat oome thou forth, well rtalt new 
The elm of tbe wlther-d rind ; 
For thoagb.thy door wae taanrd to me, 

«'Tmpt aw no more," tb« lobbororkd. 
Ami otraggled with hi* few, 

Wcfo this a night to ope my doer, 
Thy tMatihoaU oort tbM dont."— 

"That b my home, the lavoM them 

Are all my eompany ; 
And gwy and I will both r^otoa 

In each a gueeiae thaa. 

« Ah, CMuadc, yoa did aol dtaewa, 
Kor bM mo bimra the eoM. 

Thr door waoopmMtoea, when I 
Broaght mudirM JUamUl gold. 

" 11m wind b load, bat elaap my ann— 
Why, fool, doet thou deby ■> 

Ton did not fear to clasp tbat arm 
When my life was eoU away." 

" WhHi for a bribe yon safe mo «p. 
To the ernel goUowe tree. 

Too made my bid with veadlacti, 
Aad ttlnM tte fln for BM. 

The midnight Mast sang wild aad loud 
Bound trembling Polydore, 

As by hb dead companion led 
Be stntgglod o'er the moor. 

Bat I have sworn to v!rft theo. 
Then eeam to Ud me go. 

And open— or thy bolta and bua 
BteU bwet beneath my blow." 

Boon had they reaefa'd a wlldemeas 

By human foot nwprsWd, 
The wind grew cold, the heatbsr slgh'd. 

As oonadous of thdr gueet. 

Oh ddh at heart grew Polydere, 
Aad wtehM the dawn of digr: 

Timt voice had qoellM hb hau^tincm, 
B« hnew not »hat to my. 

Akme amM the dreary waste 
The wlther'd elm Ndlned, 
When a halter with a rmdy nooss 

For now the one that rtood wlthont 
Aa eatmnee enmd onee motv. 

And when no anewer wee ivtnraVl, 
Ho rtraeh— and biirrt the door. 

Thsa taming round, hb ghastly foee 
Was twbtsd with a smib— 

" Mow liring things are for lumote. 
We'll rset at here awhile. 

Seme woide he nrntterM oier the latah. 
They wore no worde of good. 

And by the enbcn of the hearth, 
AJI la hb Anckke etoed. 

*' Brathcn we were, ihlae Polydore, 

We robbed In eompany ; 
Brothces In lifo, and we in death 

Shall aleo brothon be. 

A wrenih of rested boa boand 
Kb girtm antellowod hMd ; 

A dai onl spark wae In hb eye— 
ItoaMrtal Ught wae dead. 

** Behold the dm. behold the ror« 
W^lch 1 prepared before^' 

Art rab ? tb but a struggle, man. 
And sooa that straggb "s oiar. 

* Why ehftahlrt thon thas, good oomrate. 
With aach a wiUend gam. [now. 

Dost fcer my tveCed shaeMn' etaak, 
Doet fenr my withcrd fooe i> 

Tvsmbb no more, hat freely come. 

And like a brother be; 
111 hold the rope, and in my amis 

Va help yea np the trss." 

** Bat for the gaDoore rope, my fluso 

Bad ae'cr thoe eCutlcd thee ; 
Aad the gelli*w« rope, waet not the frnit 

fJT thy foal tnanheey^ ^ 

Tha eyes of Pnlydors grew dhn. 
He roneed himmirto pray. 

But a heary weight mt on hb breast 
And took all votoe away. 



The rop* h tM— than froni hla Up* 

A 07 oTkBguidi broke— 
Too pomrftil for the bands of dtep, 

All ▼•nUi'd BOW tho eiuMd olm, 
Bto dc»a oompAoloD goM, 

With tioabM joy h* found htanwir 
In darknni and alono. 

Bat •till the wind with hollow gnito 
Fnii^t im*«ntag o'or tho moor. 

And ohack'd hit timaaporto, whUa It 
Th« bMTioBdod door. 

'Sit ftal^s anO itv ^u^t. 

[Faov tha Boots Magadno fbr 1817.] 

It was a iweet and gontle hoar, 
Twaa Um night of a ■ummer day, 

When a ItAj bright, on her palfltej iriilte. 
Paced aeroei the moorland grey. 

And olt ahe cheek'd her palftvyt rola, 
Ai If ahe heard footstepa behind, 

Twaa bar heart of ftar that deeeii«d bar 
And aha heard but the paaring wind. 

There tripa a page that ladj baalda. 

To guide tha aUken rain, 
And he holda up thoea, with dataooa 

Her fbot-elotih'a aweeping tndtt t 

And that page waa a knight, who ta manial 
For love of that atateljr dame. 
Long aaiT'd at her board, though a hl|^ bom 
And a fce to her Atther^ 

tho haae there atraam'd a pale biaaa. 
And the page'a cheek btanoh'd with fMr— 
** Ob, aee, lady, aae! at tho foot of yon tne. 
The blue fire that buma mm eiaar! 

»Tts the prinoo of tho night, 'tie the oUa aprlte. 

With hb gboetly revelry: 
Sweet lady.ataadwith thia oieaa In thin* band. 

Or thou and 1 moat die I 

" For, aa Uganda tal^ an vnaaeai wpM 
Doth teraen htan from mortal wound ; 

Unlaea the ateel be dtpp^ in a well 
That holy wall doth bound." 

8ad waa hor heart when ahe aaw her page par^ 
And aha fearM ahe would ace him no 1 

For, In aeerat, long her aool waa wrung 
With a love that ne'er tranblad befon. 

*' Oh, what la that aound 
the ground. 

And now aweepa along on the air I' 
She dared not look, for with tamr al 

And ahe tremblingly murmur'd a prayer. 

And o'er the dun heath a balmy breath 

Stole like roeaa and vloleti aweet ; 
And the lavonder blue, all dropping with daw, 

StreWd the ground at the ladya foot. 

'* Fair maiden oome to oar twilling homo. 

Whore well tpoit ao merrily: 
Tho glow-worm by night diall loud ua a U^t, 

Aa we danoa round the gray aah tree ; 

"Or, with unwet wlnga, we'll apoft in the 

That roll for beneath the aea; 
Or to tin bright moon we'll fly aa aoon. 

If my love thou wUt d^n to be." 

Aakanoe ahe gat'd— and her aye die rala'd, 

A youth etood timidly nigh, 
And, of a truth, 'twaa a lovely youth 

Aa av«r mot malden'a eye. 

Bla treaaia brown, the aame mantling down, 

SaemM hie anowy neck to veil ; 
And with chtyaolita eyea, hit wlnga crimson 

Were ataln'd Uks the peoooekH tall. 

Hia eye waa bright, aa tha northom atnamer'a 

Bat hla eheek waa aad and polo 
And aa the linea of ears that wore written time, 

A spirit might read and wall t 

But his sky-tlncturM veet to hia eye-Iida ^ 
And hia heart aeem'd buratlng with woe. 

And the white, white roee, that wraath'd his 
Seam'd pale, and paler to glow. 


•■I*«tinteb^«MB late and Mrir, ^ Bat who li h* that flks with hbMal in hit «m> 

I'M wBtdi-4 thw Blgkt aad day: 

Wide waring a flwlohion of stwl ? 


Bat^the fliuh on Iter cheek, ere a word ehe eoold 

WItfi lorn that oaa Bcvar dMBji 

A nnnllng babe might tdL [^cak. 

•■ I-M hMfd thy riaaplng i^. kMl7» 

Twaa an nrahtn iprtte. In tha galea of her 

I*f« heard thy wajdog pnijar; 

TwBS a wile of the elfln king { [kalgbt. 

XoBOvtal fcot «•■ nigh, lady. 

And the vMon eo qaaiat, in fbrm and In telnt. 


Her tool to her cheek did bring. 

«■ With »n9g»1»»lno thought aaa dasalfa. 

'•HnahM. hoeh'd be yonr tar, Ibr yonr tma 


knight la near, 

r«i MM lofo aawllj itealtDg on the*} 

With the bnnd that Ue patron «lnt pun. 

I kaow thatyooag boma ean hM«o,la4y> 

ITo elda wight may dan its might. 

Aad AaU U not heave far m*f- 

ror tie dlppHl in Bt Angdo^ wnToi 

TtalndytBod and htrunehfll'd blood 

" And tha eowl'd Mar, and oonvent qolia. 

<!•«• hv Up Mi wamiMt hM ; 

Are waiting our nuptlale to eay ; 

Bat tta erM to har bnaat wai ftmntlj 

Haste, kMly, haete, for the nlghtl bdlng awt. 


And tha eastern dond is gtay. 

And nm har taut WW tnMw 

*' Bat give me the erom thati bid in thy bHMl, 

"Tat vcit thaa hMa, ah. lady. dcar» 

And give me the rosary too; 

And mt aiaatnl vMtagiqr. 

And 111 lead thea o'er the periloM moor. 

WUh harp and lati, aad Wiy data. 

On the fldth of a knigbt so troa." 

ttaU flay thea a wondalay." 

Oh, she gave ap the eroes that was laid la liar 

AJI WM hMh^ and sUU on tha alfla hUl, 


All WM haih^i In ttao evaniag Tala ; 

And she gave up tlia roenry too— 

Vota whiipar was heard, BOtafootatapttlrr'd, 

As he graspM them, he frown'd, and ha smote 

got an Mp IB laafahook in the gala. 

And out rnshM tha eUa ersw. 

IfeanaaAand wow a nota oi woa 

Ohaaa ftr an tha bnathloa afa- ; 

And the gobUn toot gave a maddening sboat, 

Twaa wild as tha ttiain of a mermaid train 

And dancM roand them in many a wild ring. 

Whan thay>* aoaibta« their yallow hair i 

And the slender waist of that lady chaste 
Was ohwp'd by the elfln king. 

Twaa wad aatiiadlrga that floatie^ tha aofga. 

Tha marintf^ lanaly gtave. 

All looee was her hair, and her boeom was bars. 

AA whlla Bortale aleep, tibity ting and they 

Aad bis eye It glard fleree aad bold. 
And har wan Up ba prete'd, and her sbaddaring 

▲ad they gBda on tha moonlight wsva. 

And ha graaped her loehB of gold. 

Than it f«at riah and high. Ilka tha ehannt of 


Bat Instant a blow made the ealtlffftnago 

Tlwt biaalhw revnd tha hermit bower; 

His grasp of that vietbn ikir. 

Whmi eheraUm bright leave their maaeioai of 

And deadly he groaa'd, as ha shrank llrom the 



lb aeathaUa dying honr. 

Aad the phantom ersw vnoish'd In air. 

Oh. how tha henrt bent of tha hdy ewaet. 

^ I*va saT'd thee, my love ! by kelp fhna above. 

Bnt her teait did not beat with fbar s 

I've saVd tbae from mortal harms!" 

Tha tnla eo wild her aenaee had goU'd, 

And no word she spoke, but she gave him a look. 

Aad ilw lovad, thongh aha traokbled to bear, i 

And sank in hsr true knight's ama. 


A Bbe !«• dhnt iMr Mgly bower. 

All wi* a ail««r pin : 

3LotD ^W* iRtutDf Y* 

A.nd done her to the hiffheet tower. 
To wateb that nane eoma in. 

Bat at tha Inohod roand about. 

[Fmm Baehaiili Aiielaat Bidliids^" A tng- 

To tta what the coal t tte. 

nmt of thto piitbetio Iwltad," «!■ Mr Baehui. 

There the taw nine amed kolghtt 

will b* IbuDd In tk« B<Unbaisli OoUeetton of 

Ooma riding otr tha lea. 

1778, Vol. I. p. 165 : bat it i« (toadmit In nanm- 

tt*«. and Impettet In Um tJMhsl Mail of 

«* Ood naka yon tato and free, lady. 

wl«t It ooBtaiat. rbr wnM rwd or hnacinary 

Qod make you tato and bve ! 

MOW. tte boo of tht btdtad tnard«« bb lovarn 

Did yoa tta a bludy knight 

only brother, te wbieh b« intmds Icnrtns lb* 

Ooma rMlng otr tha toa?** 

pbm or hit rtndMToiu. bat It praveatad b; tba 


ladj, who promltet to teerett hlin la a plaet of 

** 0, what like wat hto hawk, hto hawk> 

hcrownbowMT. She provwl fUthftU to bar pro- 

And what l.ka «at hto boand t 

mtat. tor whni nina armtd iMn oame In paitalt 

If hto ttted bat ridden wall. 

of him, tha kept blm ttcort; and to ktap np tha 

Hat^aat'd toir deotlandt ttrand. 

dc«*pU»n. and prewnt tutptaMm. tba aatartaln- 

«d them all with biaad and wina.-a proof that 

" Ocmie In, eoma In, gnde geatlamen. 

low to ttranirr than daath. Ha baring htard 

And take wbttt bread and wine: 

tht man in conrartt with tba ladjr, natarally 

And aye the betUr ye'll puraue. 

tappottd, from a fuilty eontetonet, that thajr 

Tba Ughtar that ye dina." 

weia Ut (bet. and admitted into the hoiut by tbt 

lady tor bit d«teetion ; to that, when the tntend 

*' We thank yoa tor yoor brMd, lady. 

Ut apartment in a fHcndly manner, to infocn 

We thank yoa tor the wine ; 

him of the departure of hto enenitoa, he drew 

And t would git my landt tat broad, 

hit iwoTd and gave her a mortal wound, thlnk- 

Toor toir body were mine." 

inf it wat ont of tha men ooma to appra> 

bend and tecurt blm. On tha dltoorary of hit 

She hat gaao to bar Ugly bower. 

total mtotake, the tauly adrtoed hira to fly tor hto 

Her aln guda kird to meet ; 

Uto, but he drdlned it. thtnUng himieir worthy 

A trotty brand he quickly drew, 

of death tor bar laha.] 

Oat bar a woand ate deep. 

Loan John ilandt In hto tIaUa door. 

" What harm, my lord, prDvehtt thloa Irt, 

8a}tbe, Iwillgaarldai 

To wrtak ittelf on me. 

nit lady, in her Mffly bower. 

Whan that I ttror e to mvo thy Uto, 

Dattrad him to bide. 

Yet terred for tie a tot ?" 

•* How oan I bide, bow can I blda ? 

" Ohon, alat ! my bwly gay. 

How ihaUl bide wi- thee? 

To eoma to hattttto: 

When I hat klU d ymir a« br>.th«r. 

I fhought it wat my deadly foe. 

You ha'a naa mair but he.- 

Ta had tn^tad lata ata. 

*< If y« hat kUl-d my m brother. 

" O Ura. n«a, ay gay lady. 

Alat ' and waa to ma; 

Tha tpaet o' at half hour. 

If ye be well yoancl'. my love. 

▲nd naa a leech in a' the land 

The tom matter wlU it be! 

But tte bring to yoar bower." 

** Tell do yon to yon bigly bower, 

» How eaa I lt««, how thaU I Ufa? 

A nd Uke a tllcnt deep , 

How ean 1 live tor tbeei* 

▲nd ril watoh in my hlgbtet tower. 

Te tee my blude rint on the groaod* 

Your telr boJy to keep." * 

» My bcart-t blude by your knea. ' 



■■ O likt to fliftlrt, and Am, nqr lovt, 

u take to flight, and Am i 
I wooMaa wtah jour fldr body 

For to get harm Ibr aMb* 

*" Ac fMM I wtaina flea, lady, 

A* ftKJt 1 wtona flac ; 
l*!* duac tik* arioM miiihf o' daath, 

IVB fight that I iheald dia. 

** O d«l !• trail at my lova^lyha. 

Tha baar, bat an' tha wlna ; 
For, or* tha anom, at thia 


^t Wukt of 9lt]^ole*0 


'a Ballads, j 

A« I pttA la yoa ^it a n wood Ma, 
I baud a Iblr makl ■ingtag ; 

6km «aa awiat, sha aaag mo aonidcta. 
That all tha woada woo rlngiiig. 

"O, I'm tha daha o^ Athola^ aaiaa, 

My yoat ia wall bceomlag j 
Bat I woaid gt^a a' my haU-yearH fea. 

Far a* alght e' my laaaaa.** 

" Ya aay, ya'rt thaduha o* Athola^ aan^ 

Yoor poat ka wall baeomlag i 
Kaap afcttf kaap arall yoar half-yaar'a fta» 

Ta'aa hft'a tim dgfata o' your kmaa." 

Ha tm^'A Um «war hk mddla boar, 
Aad eaaaltta kto'd Uadaaria; 

"■Ohoa. and aJahe ! anithar haa my hrart» 
Aad I daian* analr aacaa aaar thae I" 

" Ohoa. aad alaka ! If aaitiiar ha-a yoar heart, 

Tbtm wonlo ha'a fkli iy undoaa ma ; 
Bat lilt u8 set a Uma, trjit to meet again, 
I la gada IHaoda yoa will taruw ma. 

" Ta will do yoa down to yoa tawara 
Aad drlak tOI tha day be dawlDg ; 

Aad, at iBia as 1 asea had a lova fbr >oa, 
1 n ««umi ihrm mud clear ya«r laarlog. 

" Tani spaia not tha wlaa, althoogh It ba Una, 

Naa Malago, thcagh it be rarely; 
But ya'U aja driok tha bonnia laaria'a baalth 

That's to daar your lawing fidrly." 

Tliaa ba^ dona him down to yon tarem hooaa. 

And draalc till day was dawlng ; 
And aye he drank tha bonnie laaria'a health 

That waa ooming to daar his lawing. 

And aye aa ha btrlad, and aye as ha drank, 

Tha gude beer and the brandy ; 
Ba epar'd not tba wine, although It was fine. 

The sack nor tha sogar candy. 

" It's a wonder to me," tbi knight he did my, 

*' My bonnia lassie^ sac delaying; 
8h« promis'd, as sure as she loved me aaoa, 

Bha wonld be here by tha dawlng." 

Ha'a dona bbn to a shott window, 

A little bclbre tha dawlng ; 
And there ha spied her nine brothers baold. 

Were ooming to betray him. 

" Where shall I rin, where shall I gang. 

Or whara shall I gang hide me ? 
She that was to meet me in ft-krndship this day. 

Has Mat nine man to slay ni« !" 

Ha'a gana to tba landlady o' tha honse, 

Sa>a, " O can yoa supply ma f 
For she that was to meet ma ia fHandshlp this day. 

Has wnt nina men to slay mm I" 

6he gala him a salt o* her ala tmaale elalte, 

Aad est him to tha baking: 
The bird aercr sang malr sweet on tha bosh. 

Nor tha knight sung at tha baking. 

As thay caraa in at tha ha> door. 

Baa loudly as thry rappit ; 
And when they eama upon tba floor, 

Baa loudly as thay diappit. 

" O, had ya a stranger hare hat night. 
Who drank till tha day was dawing ? 

Ooroe, show ns the chambrr where ha lyea In, 
Wa'U shortiy dear his lawing." 

" I had naa stmngar here last night. 
That drank till the day was dawlng : 

But aae that took a pint, and paid it e'er he went, 
And there's nsethlng to clear o' bia lawiug." 


Abdunanf tlMXHt^Mnco'mawnymoad, A ** O, lady Mr, glv* bm year hand. 

To the jmxng knight Ml B-talkln( ; 

With n haigh^M 1 and a Uly gay : 

Tb« wlft took h«r foot, and ■«'« him a kick. 

And I'U mak- you buly of a* any land. 

aaT% " Ba bov. y« Jilt, at Toor talking.'* 

As tha peiBBiasa spiuads ae awaetly. " 

Thay aUbbwl tha hoaw, Imlth but and ban. 

"air knight, are you my fcvoor win. 

Tha cnrtaina thay apartd naa liriag ; 

With a helgh-ho i and a lily gay; 

And for a' that thay did Maieh and ca', 

Te maun get eoasent ftna a' my kin'. 

For a klai o' the kiil|ht thay ware atrirtaag. 

Am ths ptlnroas qpsaads so swaatly.* 

He haa gotoonesnt Ana har parsntsdaar* 

With a helgh-ho 1 and a lUy gay ; 
And Ukawlae ftae ter sislers bir. 

Wbt ^vxt\ Vtotjftn. 

As tha psimrasa sprsads so sweetly. 
Be has got eonsent fraa har Un* aaah ona» 

[raoM Jamleasn'a OoDaetlon, given on tha 
aothorlty of Un Brown of Falkland.— Mr 

With a hdgh-hoi and a Uly gay ; 
But fosgot to spear at her brother John, 
As tha piimroae qpsaads so sweety. 

Janlaaon aaya. " The ballad ia very popular la 

Seotland; and an edition of it, diflbring mate- 

Kow, whan the wedding-day wae eome. 

rially from that hen giran, haa appeared In tha 

With a haigh-ho ! and a Illy gay ; 

Edinburgh OoUeetlon, in two volumea."] 

Tha knight would take hk bonnle bride hoosa. 
As tha primnss sprsadt so swostly. 

Tnana wai thrM ladiaa play'd at tha ba'. 

With a heigh-ho ! and a Uly gay : 

And many a lord and many a knight. 

There came a knight, and pteyM o'er thm a'. 

With a halgb-ho ! and a Uly gay ; 

As the prlranae ■praade to swaatly. 

Qsma to behoM that lady bright. 
As the primross sprsMla so sweetly. 

The eldeat was balth tall and Ikir, 

With a heigh-ho ! and a Illy gay ; 

And thsia was naa man that did har ase. 

But the youn<««t was beyond compare. 

With a halgh-hol and a Uy gayi 

As tha prlmroaa spreads so swasUy. 

But wkhed hlmasir bridegroom to be. 
As tha primiusa «saad8 so Bw«at)y. 

The midmost had a graoefli' mien, 


With a helgh-ho ! and a Uly gay: 

Hsr flithsr dear M har down the stair. 

But the youngest look'd Ilka beauty's qoaen. 

With a heigh-hol and a Uly gay : 

As tha prlmross sprsads ae sweetly. 

And her riatais twain thsy Ues-d her there. 
As tha ptfanrosa sp«*di oo swsetly. 

Tha knight bow'd tow to a* the three, 

With a heigh-ho! and a Uly gay ; 

Her mother dear lad bar through the «bss. 

But to the youngeet he bent his knee. 

With a helgh-ho ! and a Uly gay ; 

As the primrose spreads so sweetly. 

And har brother John aet har on the bofae. 
As the primvoss spreads eo aweetly. 

Tha lady turned her head aside. 

With a heigh-ho i and a Uly gay ; 

She leaaM her o^ ths saddla-bew. 

The knight he woo'd her to be his biMa, 

With a heigh-ho ! and a Uly gay ; 

As the prlmroee spreads so sweetly. 

To give him a kiss ere she dirt ga. 
As tha prlmroM ipiaads so sweaty. 

Tha lady blnah'd a rnqt red, 

With a heigh>ho ! and a Illy gay , 

Ha haa taian a knifo. hailh lang and Sharp, 

And said. " Hlr knight, I'm Cw young to 

With a haigh-ho! and a Uly gayi 


And stabb d tha bonnla brida te ths bsnrt 

As the prlmrass sptsnds aa ■waetly." 

} As ths primrsss ^rsads so sweetly. 

■ 1 


a* tedaa iMdn half tihimgb Um town, 
Wttk » Msb-kol Md a Illy saj. 

^ Wbt %aitb of #c|ftiUxie. 

Uain hOT hMfti* bleed tlidiMd hor sown. 

[Thu ballad la glna In HardHCollaetion, aad 
it ftmaded onaeireumatanee which took plan in 

«■ Hda «R|r «B," nU tk» bMl yoaag BM, 

IflM. aad wUeh la thna niated fay Spetnnod. 

*' WHk • kilgh-lwl and a Uly mr; 

" At tha aama time, John WaymU, youngar of 

Far I think our beaoteUrU* looks pah and wmn. 

Bogla, gaetlaman of kla na^Jntya ehambtr» aad 

As tka priauvai ipnada M awwD^.** 

' la gnat Atveor both with tha king aad qnaen. 
1 waa dlaeonred to have tha like daallag with 

«* 0. kad ma sntly ap yoa hill. 

; BothwcU 1 aad, bilag eemmlttad to the keeping 

With a hrigb-bo ; and a lUy cay ; 

• orthegnard,aaeapadbythepolkyoroaaortha 

Aiad I n then alt down, aad naka my win. 

I>atoh malda, with wham ha antertalaad a ncret 

Jka tha prtoDtroa ■pgaada ao ■wMUy." 

Ion. The gantiewoman, named Miatrm Mar- 
garet Twindaoa, eomlag one alght, whilst the 

** O, what win yoa laava to yoor flither dnr. 

; kiag aad qona wan In bad, to hh kaapen, 

With • M«h-ho! and a Illy gay ?•* 

showed that tha king callsd fcr tha prlaoner, to 

* na iDw ihod atatd that hraai^t DM hm. 

ask of him same qnaathm. Tha kwpen, sospcet* 

AM tha prtnioaa ipnada w aifoetly." 

fng nothing, IbrtiMyknewharto bathepriadpal 
raakl in the chamber, oonnlghad him to the 

** What wm yM laava lo yaorinethar daar. 

door of the bed-ehambar; aad, making a stay 

With A haigh-ho 1 and a lOy gay ?** 

wlthoot aa thay wen eommaaded, the gentle- 

** M y ««H«t pall and iUhan gaar. 

woman did let him down at a window, by aoord 

that she had pnpand. The knpen, waiting 


upon his rstnm, stayed then till tha morning. 

" ii ad what will yoa I«a«a to year riafeer Ann, 

and than fbundthamsalnedcealnd. ThJa,with 

With a helgh-ho i aad a lUy gay ?" 

the manner of the eaei^, minlatersd graat ooea- 

*■ My riUND aeaff aad my goMaa hn, 

■ion of hinghlar: aad, not many daya after, the 

Aa tha pilmtom ipraikdt ao ■wattly.'* 

king being padfled by theqaesnl means, he waa 
pardoaed, and took to wUb tha gentlewoman 

* What will yea kawa to yonr riater Omea, 

who ted, in tUa aort. haaaidcd her crsdlt Ibr 

Whh • hitgh-bo ! and a illy gay 7- 

his HilMy."— How tha name of the hero BcgU 

** My bloody eloalha to wadi aad dnm. 

happened to be ehanged to OtUUHt, as tai tha 

Aa tte pttauem fprnads ao iwattly.'* 

pnaaat ballad, is net known.] 

1 - ** What wOlyakava to year bra«hor John, 

Liana gnda people to my tale. 

1 Wlthahalgh-holaadaUlygay?" 

LMsn to what 1 taU to thn. 

"The plhMra>tne to hang hhn en. 

Tha king has talkan a poor priaoaar. 

Aa tha prtaaraaa apnada ao •waati?.** 

Tha wanton laird of Oehiltrie. 

« What wUt ytlMva to year brethar Johnli wlft. 

Whan newaeame to ear gnldly qnaen. 

With a hdgh-hel aad a ll|y gay ?'• 

She sleht, aad said tieht moamfUUa, 

" Tba wlldhriii to end bar 1Mb, 

**0 what wni cam of tady Margant, 

Aa tha pvtaaraaa ipnada 10 awaatly.o 

Wha bean tie Ian to OehUtria ?" 

ma ftir haly ta hn- gran waa hdd. 

bdy Margaret ton hlr ycDow hair 

With • hdgh-hol aad a lily gay t 

Whan as the qann told hb tha sahni 

Aad a awH waa e'er bar mM, 

"I wis that I had neir bsen bora, 

Wer nair had kaewa OehUMs's naaBe." 

Bat M weoU han nmda yonr heart right nir. 

** f> na,- qno' tha qncen, " tha* nwmna be. 

With a halgh.hal aad a Uly gay; 

1^ an, that mannna taei 

Toaw Iha bridagreem rin hia hair, 

111 flad ys ont a better way 

Aa tha pamueaa apnads ao Bwaatly. 

f TttsalfthalyfcefOaUltfla.*' 

X03 800nX8B BAI1.AM. 

TlM4«Niiitetri|ipeiiiptlMita!r, A **Ahi iia.fl«l Ba.-qpoth thaqaMii. 

And lowly knMt upon her knle : 

** Fle, my dear lave ] this maanna bei 

"TIm flnt boon which I cam to eraivo 

And if ysve gawn to hang them a% 

Is the lyOt of imM Oehtttrio." 

Indaad ye nana bagtai wl' ma." 

" O If rm had MkM mo CMteta and towtn. 

The taae waa shippit at the pier of Leitk, 

I wad ha^ gin them twm or thria; 

The Itlier at the Queenskrlr ; 

But a' the moBia In Mr Scotland 

And now tiie lady Iws gotten hlr lava. 

Wlnna buy the ly* orOahUtrta." 

The wtasom Uird oT Oehiltrta. 

The queen ebe trippet doan the etair, 
And down the gada rieht iroamfhlUe , 

" Ite a* the monle In Mr Scotland, 

Wiana biiy tha ly* ofOehUtrle." 


Lady Margartt tore her yeUow hair. 

When ae the queen told hir the nme ; 

TFaoM the Mlnslreley of the Scottish IkNder. 

" I'll tak' a kalfb and end my lyfe, 

— " An edition of this ballad," says Sir WaJtsr, 

And be In the frave ae eoon as him." 

" is curtent. nnder the title of ' The I^kd of 
Oohlltrle;' hut the editor has been fortunate 

'; Ah! na. fle ! na," quoth the queen. 

enough ta wcovar the following mors oeriect and 

** Fie! na, fle! na, this maunaa be ; 

ancient oopy, as redted by a genllpmaa Raiding 

111 set ye yet on a bettrr way 

near Btggar. It agrees mt>ra neariy, both la 

To looae and set Oehiltne firie." 

real tket, than the printed ballad of (Miiltiie. 

The queen she dlppet up the stair, 

In the year U0i. Fnncia 8taart, earl of Both- 

And she fade up rieht priTatlle, 

well, was agitating hie frantic and iU^eoaoertsd 

And she has stoob the prieon^kcy*. 

attempts afalnet the pmon of Jamas VU, 

And gans and sat Oohiltrie flrlc 

whom he endeavoarsd to surprise in the palace 
d ralklaud. Thruugh the eniulatlnn and pri- 

And shen cl^n hfan a purse ofgowd. 

rate rmnoourof the cuurUefs, he found adherents 

And another of white inonie ; 

even about the king's penon : an^mg whom, it 

She's pen him twn pistols by's side, 

eeeme» was tlM iiero of our ballad, wiuiae history 

Saying to hbn, " Shuts when ye win frie." 

is thus nanmtsd in that curious and valuable 
chronicle, of which the flnt part has been pni*- 

lUhed under the title of The Uiatoria of King 

Whaten a JoyAi' shuts ga'e hel 

James the Seat.—' In this close tyme it lbrtuni^ 

" Pcaee be to uur royal queen. 

that a gentleman, callit W»ymis of Logys, being 

And peaoa ha in her eoapaale." 

alao in cndanes at court, was delatit aaa tiaft-k- 
ker with Frances erie Bothwvil ; and he being 

" whatsn a volee is that '** qnnth the king, 

esamlnt before king and counsall, confossit his 

" Whatsn a voice 1« t.iat?" quoth he. 

accusation to be of vetitie, tiwt sundrte t>mes ha 

«* Whatsn a voice Is that?" qu<>th the king. 

hsd spokln with him, eaprpsilieaganis the king's 

" I think it's the volee of OehUtiia. 

inhlbtticua proehunit In tlie contmrs, whllK 
conlbMion he subaeryvit with his hand ; and be- 

" Chll to me a' my gaoloon. 

cause the evant of this mater had sik a success. 

Call them by thlrtie and by thrla. 

it sail also be praysit bs my pen, as a worthle 

Wharcfor tl>e mom at twelve o'clock 

tome, proceidlng from honest cbcet loove and 

It's hangit tbaU they ilk ana be." 

clurltle, wbiik suld on na wnyls be obseurit from 
the pestsvltle, for the gude esample ; and thar«« 

'* didna y« send your keys %omf 

ibre 1 have thought gude to Insert the same for 

Te sent tiieni by thlrtie and by thrie i 

a perpetual memorie. Qu«ienc Anne, our noUe 

And wl' them sent a itmil eo.i niand. 

prineem, wae servit with dyveras gentUwcmea 

ToBst at large young Ochlitrls." ^ 

L of hir awln eantrta, and naynwriia with ane ealUt 




MiM IbrfMvt TwTaHiNn,* to wb«in« thh 
^mtilaMi, WcymM of Logf, bar* great bonot 
I, teading to tbegodtto baad oCmarriaf*, 
I wfailh WM haacRll* nqqjtei b* kte nld gMB- 
jrca «*ln in hk frMlaM mktar s fcr 
It aBdcnlmte Um Mid fcatUmaa to IM 
aad app«nnttli te hk coaltoriiiB to 
> to to* dmth, and ah* hmriDg 
!■■■ to Ir to tta* qiMyvii ehaliiMr Itaal 
««ffto night or kk ■wwtton, whu* th» ktog 
WH «ko rvpoitog that ■«• night, aha «»• 
fcrth or th« don prav«lk, bi^th the pmek 
httog Chen at qm«t mt, and pnat to tha ehal- 
■wr, whan tha Mid gcntUmaa was p«t to eotto- 
dk to eartoyaa of the gaida, and aomnandlt 
tkmiwm that hatacdtotolk ha waM ba braght to 
tha kiag and qacyna, whartooto thay gavlng 
otojFlt. Bat howPMoa iha was 
ihalmar dar, aha daiyrlt tha 
I to ttmf till h* loald cam Itoth agayna, 
••d •» aha ctodt tha dor, and aoavoTlt tha gan* 
tOnoB toa wiado', whara aha mtokttat a li«ng 
■Bto hka to eoavoy htmarif deon npen ; 
a. to hir god* ahcritobk halp, U happdk 
aaaafit to tha aabialtk oriova.' "] 

I ir»x ring, if JO will barken. 

If ja will barken unto ma; 
Tfaa king baa to'cn a poor priaonrr, 

Tha wanton laird o' joong Logaa. 

Tenng Logtel kid In Xdlnbafgb diapali 
Gkmlebarera tha baepar o* tha kej ;t 

And nmj Margarati lananting aalr, 
A' for tha leva efTonng Logk. 

** Lament, lament na, maj 3f argarat, 

A ad of jroiar weeping let me be; 
V«r jre maan to the king blmtel'. 
To teak tha Ilk of joung Logk." 

May Margaret baa Mlted her green datdlng, 
A ad toe baa euii'd back her jrellow hair— 

** ir I canna get young L gk*! lik, 
Ybiawaal to ricotknd ibr aeannalr." 

T^iTskca, according to Spottkwooda. 
Nr John Oarmlcbaal of Carmirhael, tha 
> of the taal'ad called tha Raid of tha Bald- 
■wifv, wat appaatoted captain of tbe klng*e guard 
la 190, and uMially bad tha keeping of atoto ,, 
ertmlaakofranli. Van, v 

"Wban aha came beAya tha king, 
She knellt lowly en bar knca— 

" O what'a ttaa matter, may Maigaret 
And what need* a' thk eottitaak ?" 

"A boon, a been, my nebk Ikga, 

A boon, a boon, I beg o' tbeel 
And the flrat boon that 1 noma to 

la to gimnt ma tha Ilk of yonng 

" O na, O na, may Margaret, 

Potaooth, and ao it manna be ; 
For a' the gowd o' klr Sootland 

Shall not aave the Ilk of young Logie." 

Bat aha baa ilown tha ktegH redding kafan, 
Likewlaa tha iineen her weddtog knik t 

And aent tlie tokene to Cbnakbael, 
To aaaae yonng Logk get hk Ilk. 

She acnt htan a pnraa e' the lad gowd. 

Another o' tlta wblto aaonk; 
Sha aent him a pletol tor each hand, 

And bade him aheot when he gat firwa. 

When he oama to the tolbooth atair, 

There he let hk volley flee ; 
It made the king In hk eltaraber atari, 

Xte to tha bed whara ha might ba. 

" Oaa ont. gn* out, my in e iiym en a*. 
And Ud Ckrmkbael eome qieak to ma , 

For I'll ky my life tbe pledge o* that. 
That yoa'a tha ahot o' young Logie." 

Whan Gannkhael eam* belbn the king. 
He ftii low down upon hk kma : 

The veiy flrat word that the king apake, 
Waa, " Wbaia'B the laird of young Logk f 

Oarmiahaal tam'd him round about, 

(I wot tbe tear bUnded hk e'e) 
** Theta eame a tolwn flraa your graaa, 

Baa to'an away tha kird fraa me." 

" flaat toon pkyM ma that, Garmicbaal * 
And haat thou ptay'd m* that?" qnoto he; 

The mom the Juatiee eourfa to auad. 
And Logk'* place ye maun aupply." 

OarmtcbaaliB awa' to Margaivffe bowor, 

Bven aa foat aa he mny drk— 
" O if young Logk to within. 

Tell him to owme and qMuk with ma 1" 



Mfij Kai«ai«t tamed bar vonnd abovt, 
([ wot A load luigh langlMd du) 

'*Tb« «g to ohipped, the bird toflcnm, 
Y«'U nc nae nuilr oTfouiig Iiocto^" 

The tane ii ihJpped at tha plar oTLrith, 
The totber at the Qiiaeiii Ferrle: 

And aha'e gotten a fkthar to her balm, 
Tha wanton laird of pmog Logla. 

£(»om o' (Sorlion. 

[" Thjb ballad la ftMnded apon a real event, 
which took place in tha north of Sootland, In the 
jrear 1071. daring the etmgglee batween tha 
partj which held oot for tha lotprliogBed Queen 
Mary, and that which endeaTOOfed to maintain 
the anthoHtjr of ber inCknt eon Jamee VI. The 
peraon here deeignated Xdom o* Qonlon, waa 
Adam Gordon of Auehlndown, brother of the 
narqola of Huntly, and Jile deputy aa lieutenant 
of the north of eootbind for the qoeen. Thle 
gentleman eommitted many aeti of oppreedon 
on the dan Forbca, under colour of the Qaeeni 
authority t and. In one ooUialon with that fiunily, 
killed Arthur, brother to lord Forbea. Haaftcr- 
warda eent a party, under one captain Oar, or 
Ker, to redttoe the hooee of Towie, one of the 
chief eeata of tha name of Forbea. Tha pnpria- 
tor of thle manafam being from home, hie lady, 
who waa pregnant at the tima, confiding too 
much In her era and condition, not only refuted 
to aunrendcr, but gave Oar eontia very oppro- 
brioua language over the walk; wUeh irritated 
him CO much, that be eat fire to the home, and 
burnt the whole Inmatei, amounting in all to 
thirty-eeven perwme. Aa Gordon navar caahfered 
Gar for thla inhuman action, ha waa bald Iqr tha 
public voice to be equally guilty ; and aeeocdlngly 
we here find a ballad in whkb ha la tepmeented 
ae the principal aotor himeelf. Gocdon, In hie 
Uiatory of the Family of Gordon, inftmna ua 
that, in tha right old epMt of Beottiah flunlly 
foud, tha Forbeeea afterwarda attempted to 
aanaeinata Gordon on tha etreela of Parte. 
* ForbfB,' ha aaya, ' with thaee deiparale MIowa, 
lay in w^t, in tha etiect thnogh whieh he 
WM to return to hia lodgings from tha palaea of 
tha ArehMahop of Glaegow, than amhaeeador In 
Fnuica. They diaohaigad their pMole npon 
Audiindown, aa ha paved by than, and 

^ad Urn in tha thigh. Hie ecnranta ponoed, but 
oouM not oatdi than ; they only found by good 
ehanoa,Fortiere which waaa paper with the 
name of the place whore they were to meet. John 
Gordon, lord of Olenluoe and Loagomce, eon to 
Alasandar Gordon, Uahop of Galloway, lord of 
the bedchamber to tha king of Pranoe, getting 
inatantly noUca of thia, Immadlatdy aoqoalnted 
tha king, who forthwith deepatehed /• grmmd 
prtwMt d» VkaU, or ihe great proveot of the 
palaoe, with hia guarda. In company wiUi John 
Gordon, and Sir Adamli tervnnte, to tha place 
of thabr meeting to appi«hend them. 'Whan 
they ware arrived at the plaee. Sir Adam's aer^ 
vanti, being impatient, mahed violently into tha 
hoaaa, and killed Focbee; but htaaaeoelateewci* 
all apprehended, and broka upon tha wheal.' 
Thla dreadfol inoldent would eurely have made an 
csoellent mc u ti part to tha ballad."— CfcamAtr*. 
Kdom of Gordon wae firat publiehcd by L(wd 
Hailea, from tha reelUtlon of a lady, at Glasgow, 
17W, IS pagea, 4to. It was afterwaida given by 
Percy la his Bellqnas, with saoMalterationaftom 
hiaoldMa. Perm's copy la hot foUewsd.] 

It foil about the Martinmas, 

When the wind blew shrill and caald, 
8aM Bdom o' Gordon to his men, 

" Wa maun draw to a hauld. 

" And whataa haald sail wa draw to. 

My merria-mea and nw ? 
We will gaa to the hooee o' Bhadea, [Rotbc*] 

To see that fUr ladya." 

If or putten on her gona, 
mi Edom o' Gordon and his man 
Wars round about the toun. 

Thsy bad naa sooner sltCsn dean. 
Nor saner mM the grace. 

Tin Edom o' Gordon and his men 
Were oioeed about the idaoe. 

The ladya ran ts har toalr fcaid. 
As fost as she oeuld dric. 

To sec if, by bar foir speeches, 
Bbs aould with hbn agree. 

As sane aa he saw ths Ia4ya iUr, 
And hbryetts all loeUt foat, 

Ba Ml inta a rage «f wiath. 
And hia haaK waa ( 



I down to n*, ye ladye Me, 
r dewa to me, btli ■••: 
nil nkkt ivtM lla bgr m J sin ddcj 
mj hrfd* all b*.** 

" I winaa eeoi* doun, y ftiue Gordon: 
1 wiaBJioaawdoaii to tlM«; 

I «iWHi fimKke any sin dalr lord. 
That li MO fhr ftao bm." 

"61% ap yooTkooM, ja Air ladjo, 
Ql% vp yooT boiiM to me; 

Or 1 win bam yooiwl* tbenlB, 
Bat aad roar babks thrfa." 

* X vlaaa gl** t up, fboo fltaso Gordoa, 

To aa» de traitor as thoo ; 
fltoag h tiMM nild bnra myael' tboaln. 

Bat aad «jr babka tlnte. 

** Aad dn «aa worth yoa, Jock, mj man I 

I paU jowoUToorlto} 
Why poa f out my gnind'Wa-otan«« 

Lola to Iho TMk to mo ? 

** And ota waa worth ye, Yodt, my man I 

1 paid ye weO yoar byre j 
"Wliy pea ye oat any graod-wa-otana, 


"To p^d BIO w«n my biro, lady, 
To paid BIO woll my fee; 

I'm Edon o' Oordon** man, 
dthar do s 

O «haa hMjaba her yo a a g ae t 

let oa the Bnne*8 knee, 
** Itaar aaoChar, gi'O ower yoar hooae," he nyi, 


X wtoaa gi% op my heaaa, my dear, 
To aao ale baiter aa ho ; 

wel, oomo wae, my Jewel Mr, 
To aaaaa tok' riura wl' mo." 

or daaffaler delrf 
aa balth Jhap and ama' ; 
aao to a pair o> ahceta, 
tow P>" «^» •*»• ••• •• 

her to a pair e* ahaeto, 
or ower the wa' ; 

oa the potot e* Bdemli qMr 

O boanlo, bonnie, waa her moatt. 
And cherry ware her ehelka ; 

And cMr, eleir, waa her yellow hair, 
Whoteon the raid blnde dreipa. 

Then wl' hla apelr ho tamed her ower, 

O gto her bee waa wan ! 
Ho aaid, " Yon are the flnt that elr 


Ha tamed her ower aad ower again, 

O gto her akin wai wb) to ! 
Bo aald, " I mk:ht ha'o aparad thy lyfb. 

To been aomo man'a delyta. 

** Baoke and boon, my merrlOMnen all. 

For ill dooma 1 do gncaa; 
I oanna Inik on that bonnie boa, 

Aa it Ilea on the graaal" 

** Them lalka to freita, my nuuter delr. 
Then Arelta will follow them ; 

Let it netr be aaJd brara Edom o' Gordon 
Waa daantlt by a dame." 

O then ho apied her aln deir lord, 

Aa he oame o'er the ka; 
Bo aaw hla oaatlo in a (yre, 

Aa br aa ho coold I 

'* Pnt on, pat on, my mldttia man, 

Aa flut aa yo can drle; 
FW he that 'a hindmoet o* my man. 

Ball noto got gnde o' mo." 

And aoma they rade, and aomo they ran, 

Fn* bat out ower the plain ; 
Bat lang, laag, ere he eould get up» 

They a" 

Bat many were the madle m«a. 
Lay gaaptog on the greae ; 

For o* lUtg men that Bdom brenght. 
There wore bat lyro gaed hama. 

And many were the madle raon. 
Lay gaaping on the grene; 

And mony were the bir ladyea, 
I«y kmanlfaa at faame. 

And roand and roond flio wall ha wanty 

Their aahaa fcr to Tlew; 
At laat Into the flamee ho raa, 

Aad bade tha workl adloo. 



®^e 9flrmon-lobrr. 

A Bhs hM taksa op har 

t" Thw telUd. which oontalm •om* tctm of 
merit, wu taken domi from iceltattoo by Mr 
WiUiam Laidlaw, tenant In Tniquair>luiow«. It 
eontaln««l«rg«nd, which, in vartwu tbapcs, b 
current In licutland. I remember to ha** henrd 
• Imllad. in which » Bend ii introduced pnjlns 
ha iuldK«w« to a bwuUAil maideu ; but dieoon- 
ccrted by the holy hertaa which the wore in her 
UNom, roaket Om fcllowiB« Uam the bordaa of 

• Uis y« wt^ to be )ayM*a mine. . 

Lay aside lii* St Joha's wort aaa the vomia. 

** Tho hcrain* cf the MkfwlDS tale wu nnfbr- 
tanately wlthoutaoj tlmiUr prcte(Atoin."--Scott.] 
** O wncaa have yon been, my long, long love, 

ThU long aeven yean and mair ?" 
" O I'm eonie to evek my fbimer vowe 
Te granted me befbre." 

" O hold yoar tongne of yonr fbrmor tow% 
For they will bfved ead etriib; 

hold your tongue of your twmer vowa 
For 1 am become a wtflb" 

He tumed'hlm right and roond about. 

And the tear blinded hie 0*0; 
'* I wad never ha'e trodden on Irl»h groitad 

If it had not been for thee. 

" I might ha'e had a klngl danithter. 
Far, far beyond the eea; 

1 might have had a king** danghter. 

Had it not been fbr kive o' thee." 

" If y might have had a klngl dvaghtir, 

Yer lel' ye had tn bhime : 
Te might have Ukaa the kingt daughter. 

For >e kend that I waa nana." 

-O (hulae an the vowa of vromankiad. 

But dalr la their fkulae bodia i 
I never wad ha'e titidden on Iriah ground. 

Had It not been fbr hive o* thee." 

** If I wu to leave my hoaband 
And my two babea alao, 

O what have you to take me to. 
If with you 1 ahottld go f" 

*' I ha'e aevni riilpa upon the aea. 
The eighth bn.ught roe to land j 

Yflth r<>ur-and> twenty bold nuuinaia. 
And muaic on eveij hand." 

up her two little 1 
Klaa'd them baith cheek and chin; 
** O fhir ye wed, my ala two babee, 
Fbr ru never aae you again." 

Bha aat her foot upon the ahip. 
No marinen could aha behold t 

Bat the aaila wen o* the tidbtic. 
And the maata o' the beaten gold. 

She had not miled a league, a league, 

A league but banly three, 
TIThen diamal gnw hk eounteaanee. 

And drumlle gnw hia e'e. 

The maati, that wan like the beaten gold. 
Bent not on the heaving era*; 

But the mlla, that wen o' the uifctle. 
Fill'd not hi the eaat land br 

They had not aalled a league, a 
A league but banly three. 

Until aha eapled hia cloven foot. 
And aha wept right bittaiUe. 

" O hold your tengaN of your weeping," myahei 
" Of your weeping now let nte be, 

1 will ahuw you how the hllaa gruw 
On the banka of Italy." 

" O what hUla an yea, yon pleaaaat hUla. 

That the ann ahlnea aweetly on «*" 
** O yon an the hilla of heaven." he aaSd, 

** When you wUl never win." 

*' O whatan a mountain la yon," aba aald, 
" All ao dreary wi' frost and enuw /" 

" O yon la the mountain of hell," ha cried, 
" When you and 1 wUl go." 

And aje when ahe tom'd her round about, 

Aye taller he aeero'd f>tr to be : 
Until that the tope o' that gallant ahlp 

Mae taller wan than ha. 

The chMda gnw dark, and the wind gnw loud. 

And the levin flitod her e'e; 
And waeeuoM wail'd the aoow-whlta apiltaa 

Upon the gurlu aea. 

He Btraek the tap-maat wf hia hand. 

The fore-maat wi' hia knee ; 
And be brake that gallant ahlp in twain. 

And aank her m the aea. 



€ril inottce. 

[VvMoi tkb li«a« «• nprtot iMia all that 
Mr Metknwtf hM ooUmImI, In his M Inttrclay 
AaiiHitaad Modarn, ncudlnt th* ntobratad 
taBad or OU Morte*. BMid« giTlng the dlA- 
T«Bt iwihiM of Pn«7i JAialewD, Ac., Meom' 
paatod with OliutntlvceMiiintnUry, Mr Xo«her> 
r tlM fint Urn* an ancient dittj 
' CUM VoiTcs," whkli b* waa fortnoata 
to obtain fbom th* dngfaig of an old 
In PaUqr, awl wliieh bo oomidOTf to bo 
vmorOUXocko. Altogothor, 
Mr Metberwoill eolkietloni and Ulostfrntiono on 
tko anl#Mt of OD Mortoo will bo fcond to bo 
oatwiu aly eonplaia and ntMbctory.] 

Op tibt manj aadeot baDada wUeh hanro ba«n 
hf tmdiikm among tbo pcaaantry of 
aocaeitad man tatomat In tba 
I oTlettaro, than tha baantiftal and patbetle 
talaoT "OU MortoaCnnd thia, no laaionae- 
•onat of Ita own Intrfaaio norita aa a plaeo of 
oaqnlate poctij, than of ita havfaiK fbrniihad tha 
ftan, of tha Juatly oa l abral o d tn^Bdyof DongbM.* 
It baa Iflwwiai aappliad Mr Lanthomo with tho 
prfactpal ma t t ri a h from whioh ha baa wovon 
tha Ihhrie of hiaawoot, thoogh proUa poam of 
I of Ghnon;" and Mr Jamlaaon mantlona 
It baa alao baon *'mada tho aub)cet uf a 
ktia oatmatanwnt with aongi, bj Mr Bon- 
of Abetdaan." Porbapa tho Uat coiild bo 
1 of thoaa wlia hava drawn their 
Inapiinllan fkwn tUa aflhrtlng atrain of Oldon 

If a»7 relaaaa li to baplaoad on tiia tradltlona 
•f that part of tho oountrx whore tho aaana of 
Iha ballad la laid, wo wUI ba enforaad to haiiate 
It la fenndod on ftcta which occ ur r aJ at 
period of Soottlah Hhtotr. Tha 
1" of tho ballad waa tha andant 
ria Btbilagahlra, and lord 

t n a / iJtx WM orMaaQ* Wbdwcd at 
I la I3M^ dM del* of tiM kOToiM wm Uiy 
tk« aliaraUoB to U^f BAadalah ww wuda 
mm tti tolag trasspUalcd to lonidua." Ii wm Miurd 
M CoMM Qamiam la 1717. BiognpUa Dm 


Anard'aoaatio lamid to hava oooapM a pioelpl- 
toua cUff overhanging tha water of Oamn, on 
tho laada of Halbertahlra. A anali bum whloh 
Joina tho Oarren, about Ova mllca above 
fauda, la named the Sariabnm, and th> hill 
the eouree of that atieam, la called the BariahlU, 
both deriving their appellatlona, aeaordiag to the 
unvarying traditiona of the ooantnr, fkom tho an- 
ftjrtonato Krie'a aon who ia the hero uf the bal- 
lad.t He, alao, aeeording to the aame reepeeta- 
bio aolhoritjr, waa " bcauUAiI caoeedtnglj," and 
eapodaliy remarkable Am- the oxtmne length and 
lovolincoi of hia yoltow hair which ahrooded bha, 
aa it were agoldon rniou To thcaa floating tim- 
ditloao. wo an probably Indebted Ibr tho at- 
tempta which ban been made to iropron and 
orabelUah the balbwl, bgr the Introduction of 
varioua now ataniaa ainee Ita flrat appaaranoo In a 

Of the early printed odlttoaa of thia balbid, tho 
editor baa been unable to proenn any oopy.f In 
PenjriB Beliquca. It b montkmod that It had run 
thimiffh two oditiooe hi Bootiaad, the aaeood of 
whieh appeand at Olaagnw In 17H, Sn.; and 
that to both then waa preAsad aa ad voreaamoat, 
■ottlng Awth, that tho pnaamtien of the poem 

t " It lua beea tboiifht," Mjn the writer of the 
Suuwtia*! aceoeat ol St Niaiaaa, •• tlMtecli it caeaot 
be eart«ial« 4eterminad. tkat the BwI'b bun. the Bwl'k 
bill, a hUl aa4 nvulct la the Maiitoad part of tha 
panah, dari»ad Ueir aaaiaa tnm the rerfdaaee of 
■onereadal haroa or outiatheaeighboariMMdorthe 
Canoa. It b aataral to anppoae. that Gtlllaa hill, 
•■other hill la the Mairiaad part of the parith, da- 
nvea Ita aaoM tnm the aaaM GUI or OliliOi. The 
naaMa both o( Oillaaaad Morrifoa oeeur In the aiair- 
laada. It U errtaia. that tha fair lady, mother of Gil 
Monea, Mivtd an tiM Carraaaida.* ThU aaimi offaeta 
aad pr«>babUitla* annoMa la the lauglBatloa, thoagh 
it eaaaot partuMle the jadfaieat, that thia piurl»h waa 
the M«ae ot tlM tragfcal aoag. kaowa by thio aaaia of 
GU Morica.'*— Statfaiical Aoeouat of Seetlaad. V<£ 
XVIII. p. m. If the revcraad aathov, laalead of 
■trinclag tegethar hia b«taaad prabaWlltiaa, hi^ eoa- 
»«ii«d naM al tlie aaeiaat aybila who were hia pariah- 
i>in«n la that quarter, upoa the nibject. he wonUhMO 
arrirsd at more eartalaty ia hia daduetlooa. 

X Siaea wrttiag thia, he haa bcea kiadly I h iwie d 
by Mr David Lalag of Ediaburgh. with an adiOim, 
which, though it haa aeither place, dale, aor priaier'a 
niaie, aiay.rroai ita tilVa, be eaaaidcred aa tiM drat 
ISdiaburf b aditioa. aad printed probably ia I79A Tho 
title ia Kivea at leagth, " Gill Moriea an Aaeieat Beau 
Poca. The rowadatioa af the Tragedy, called Dooglaa. 
a* It ia aoiv acted la tiM Coaerrt-hall. Caaor— '*- ** 
Etecpt aone ilteht varlatioa* in onhnfmphy. 

aa It ia aoiv acted la tiM Coaerrt-h'all. Caaoagata.** 
Itaht varlatioB* in onhnfmphy. aad la 
iu omiltiae the it additional vcraaa whieh are man- 
tioned by eialiop Parcr aa baring been •aDaeanentlf 
added to the ballad, there it no otiier material diffe- 
rence between thia editloo aad that whleh ia reprint- 
ed ia theBeb^u 




was ewliif **to ■ tedf who Ikvoorad theprinttn 
with • copy, u It wu earcTulty eollacted ftmn 
tha mouths of old womeD and nann," »od re- 
qiuttiog " thst aoy raodw who coald i*od«r It 
man perfeet and oomplcte, iroald obliga tha 
pablie with meh ImprovenMnt*." Thii wu 
holding oat too tomptlag a bait not to be gnadl- 
ly snapped at by KMne <tf thow ** infenloni 
handr' who have eon opted the purity of legen- 
dai7 emg 'a Sootlaod, by manlfcrt forgeries and 
groM impositions, ^eeordingly, sizleen addi- 
tional varan soon appaarad in manuscript, whleh 
the editor of the Reltques has Inatrted in their 
proper piaesa, though he rightly views them in 
DO batter light than that of an ingenious Inter- 
polation. Indeed, the whole ballad of " OU 
Moriee," as the writer of the prstent notice has 
been polltvly inlbrmcd by the learned and ele- 
gant edit r of the Border Minstrelsy, underwent 
a total rcvisal, about the period ^han the trage- 
dy Of Douglas was in the lenithof Its popularity, 
and this improved oopy. It scatna, embmoed the 
ingenious interpolation above nfcntid to. In- 
daprndant altogether of this poeiti«e Informa- 
tion, any one flunilfairwith tlie atata in which 
traditioitary poetry baa been transmitted to the 
present times, can be at no loss to detect many 
more " Ingenious in tcrpoUtlons,'- as well as para- 
phrastic additions in the ballad as now printed. 
But though It has been grievously oomiptcd In 
this way, tha most serufulims inquirer Into 
the authenticity of ancient song can have no 
hesitatlun in admitting, that many of its verses, 
even as they now stand, are purrly traditionary, 
and fhir, and genuine parcels of antiquity, un- 
alloyed with any biise admiztura of modem in- 
vention, and in no wise altered, save in those 
dianges of language, to which all oral poetry Is 
unavoidably sul^ected in Its pngreas ft-om one 
age to another. Fur the gratlHcalion of tha 
general reader, and for the apter illustration of 
the more ancient and Ices vitiated sets of tha 
ballad whleh follow, an aocurato reprint of tha 
oopy which oocuis In " Farcy's BeUquca" is now 


Grt Monies was an eriet son, 
Uis name It wased wide; 

* The aekncwiedgvd interpolated portions of 
this set are distiuguialiad L7 being enelossd in 

It was nae for Ua great ilehaa, 
Kor aet hia mldda pifda ; 

Bet it was for a lady gay,t 
That liv*d on Ouron sida. 

** Qnhair aaU I get a bonnla bey. 
That will «in hoea and aheca ; 

That will gaa to loitf Bamard'a ha'. 
And UdhJa lady cum P 

" And aa Dwin rin ray anaad, WnUa^ 

And le may rin wl' pride ; 
Qwhen other boys gaa on their foot. 

On hoiaebaek aa sail ride." 

"OnolO nolmy 
1 dan naa for my lifo ; 

I'll no gaa to tha baold barena. 
For to triast ftuth hk wifo." 

" My bird WllUa, my boy WOUa, 
My dear WUila," ha aay^t 

" How can n strin against tha 
Fw 1 aaU be ebeyad.- 

*< BoC, O my maatar dear !" ha ery'd, 
" In gnne veod saYe your lain ; 

01 own slo thoehta, I wald aa ndB, 
For foar la should be tain.** 

" Haste, hasfea, I say gaa to tha ha'. 
Bid hir com ban w1' apaid ; 

If le nfoas my heigh command, 
I'U gar sour body bUd. 

'* Oaa hid hir take this gay mantel, 
■Tis a' gowd bet tha hem i 

Bid hir cum to the gude grane 
And bring nana bot hir fadnt 

" And then it la, a sUhen ^mm, 
Hir ain hand sawd tha alalea; 

And bid hir oum to Oil Morloa, 
Bpeir naa bauld barona leave. 

t The stall ooplaa of the ballad eonvlate tha 
atiuua thus: 

Bu fMw wu fUr, Uag wu hia hair, 

la the wild wood* he aUid j 
But hia rune wm tor s fair lady 

Th«t lived •• C'urobiidc. 

Which la no lT\Judie{oas intcrpolatl0n,lnasmeeh 
aa it Is founded upon the traditions current 
among the vulgar, reganllng Gil Morioal oema^ 
^ihoe and long yellow hair. 



' Tm I win gic foor black trnad, 
noufk It be to smr eoat; 

•a w b]r Bw win Da« b« wanM, 
la U M BkU find frort. 

' Tk* teraa ha b • man of talKht, 
Ht Mir coald bide to taoati 

La ae wiD ne befor* lU nidtt. 
Hew ma' at ba^ to vaont. 

* Aad Ma I maan mot errand rte, 
■m Mir acdatt my will ; 

tm mab.* a vow aad kelp it trow, 


Aad qabaa ba eane to brofem brigvs. 

Be bent bla bow aad i 
Aad qohca be oame to j 

fiat down hii fcet aad i 

> gnui frewiag. 

▲ad qohea ba came to Baraardii ba% 
Would neltlxr efaap nor ca' ; 
tt bk beat bow to bis biaist,* 
, Ifebtlr lap tbe wa>. 

Ha waald aac toll tba man his eixaad, 
Tboofb be ftudc at tbe gait; 

Bot atralgbt into tbe ba' be cam% 
<))Bbair ttaey wan letat melt. 

Hall!baO! my gentle aire aad dama I 
My neaaife wtnna waito ; 

ae n^auo to tbe gode grene wnd, 

Zaln Wddrn tab* tbla g«y mantd, 
11a a* gowd bot tba bem ; 

a gac to tbe gnda grena woda, 
Kr^ bjr yoand' alana. 

■* And fhen It h a rilfeen nite. 

Tear ala band eewd tiw eleiTa; 
JEo mawn cm epaik to OU If orioe, 
bauld barons leave." 

' nis Baa, tba atall doplBS give tbost 
kb bow te kis wkiU braart," 

A w a rft a g wry e a p reesl ve of the actten meant to 
ba dcaaribad, and wtaleb. If oorrret, woald render 
nagatory all Mr JamioMHi's aigumeota upon a 
rinflar paawge, to aaotlwr ballad, to prove tbat, 
ef toaf« we thould eabstttato *mtf. 

Xha lady stamped wi' bir foot, 
Aad winked wl' bir 0*0 ; 

Bot a' tbat she eond My or do, 
r«rUddaa be wad i 

** Its sorely to my bow*r>womaa. 

It ncir ooald be to me." 
** 1 brocbt It to tord Damard's lady, 

I trow tbat sa be ■ba.'* 

Then np aad spa«k tbe wylle nuns, 
(Tbe baira upon blr knee;) 

" If tt be enm frae GU Morlce, 

<* 2e Idd, se leM, M fllthy none. 

Baa loud I belrd n Ice; 
1 broebt it to bird Bamari's lady, 

1 trow sa be i 

Then op and spack tba faanid 

An angrjr man was bee ; 
Da's tain tbe toble wi' bis foot, 

8ae bas be wl' bie knee: 
Till siller oup and maaerf dish, 

la flindets ba gard flea. 

" Gae bring a robe of soar dlding, 

Tbat kings upon tba pin ; 
Aad I'll gae to the gude grene wode. 

And tptik wi* sbur lemman." 

** O bide at bame, now lord 
I warde ae bide at bame; 

Mair w>to a man for violence, 
Tbat neir wato ae wi' 

Oil Morios sate In gnda grene vradr. 

Ha whistled and he sang : 
" O what means a' the folk owning. 

My mother tnrrim laag." 

[Bis balr was IDb tba thivads of gold 
Drawoe brae Minerva's looms; 

His lipps like n.sH drapping daw. 
His breath waa a' perfuma. 

Bla braw waa like tba meontain i 
Gilt by tbe morning beam ; 

His cheeks like Lving roew glowi 
His sen like aaure stisam. 

f '. 


«. A drinking cop of mapla; other edit. 




Tb* boy WM dad In 

SwMt* M Um inlkuit tpriDg ; 
And IjIm Um ai»vk on tlM bulb. 

He gvt tba valllM itag.] 

Tb« baroo eama to tbo g««iM wodt^ 
Wf luiekto dulo and «>«{ 

Aod tb«f« bo llnioplod OU Morloi, 
Kamoisff bk mUow balri 

[Tbal awMtly wav'd aroond bk 
Tbat tbm bajroad oompan ; 

Ho «nf no owoot, tt migbt dkpol 
A* fa|o« but UX diopalr.] 

" Vm wondor, aao «oalar» 00 Moite, 

Mjr lady lovod Iboo wool ; 
Tbo Mrtol part <jf mjr bodJa. 

la blaakor tbaa tbr booL 

* Sot aolr tbo laoi now OU Morlw, 

For a' tby gnat boautlo, 
Zoo row tbo day aa oir waa bom, 

Tbat boad aaU gno wi' mo.'* 

Vow ho baa drawn bla truty bnad, 

Aod »'*)'*T^ on tlM otrais ; * 
And tbr^ugb Gil Morloe fair body, 

Ho'a gar oauM lion gno. 

And ba baa tola 00 Morin b«Ml, 

And tot It oo a ipalr; 
Tho monnoot nan la n'bli train 


And ba baa tain OU Moiioo np. 

Laid blm aoroM bla ttald. 
And broebt blm to bla palatad bowr. 

Tho lady oat on tba oaatil wa', 
Bvbald baltb dalo and down t 

And tboro obo aaw QU Mortoa 
Cam tmlliag to tba town. 

" rw bottar I lova tbat Unldjr baad« 

Bot. and tbat mUow ludr, 
Tban lord Baraaidp aod a' bk laad^ 

Aa tboy lig boio and tlnOr." 

• Tbia Una. to got at Ita m«uiing. abould ba 
prlnlod. " And olatt it on tbo atrBO.'* Mr Pin- 
korwn bat a moat ridicoloua gbiat on tbia paa- 
Hg« la hk " Traglo BaUada." 

And ibo baa tain her OU Munoa, 
And kkaod baitb mouth and eblni 

I waa onoe aa fuu of GU MorleOj 
Aa tba hip k e' tbo ataan. 

"I got 10 in my btbor^ hooae, 
Wl* mioklt rin and abanM ; 

I bradit Umo up In gudo greon 
Undar tba bonry laia. 

*'Oft bava I by thy oradio aitten. 
And fondly aaon thaa alwp ; 

Bot now I gao about thy grava, 
Tba oant taari for to woop." 

And lyaa obo kknd bk Uaidy okalli. 

And qmo bk Muidy chin : 
'O bottor 1 lo'o my OU Morice, 
Than a' my kith and kin !" 

** Away, away, aa fll woman. 
And an ill doath malt aa doo i 

Oln I bad kond ho'd bin lour aon, 
HaHl nalr bin alaln for noa." 

"Obrald mo not, my lord Bamardl 
Obrald mo not for abamo ! 

Wl- that Mmo apolr. O pioroo my 
And put mo oat o* pain. 

** ainoa nothing bot OU Korioa bond. 
Thy jaaloua rage could queU i 

Lot that aalm bund now Uk' hlr Ilia, 
That nalr to tbao did UL 

** To mo nac after daya nor nlehts. 

Win ere bo aaft or kind; 
I'U ftU tho air with hoavy ■Igha, 

And greet tUl 1 am bUnd." 

** Xnooeh of blood ty mf* Un epat. 

Seek not aour doath tn» moa ; 
I rather .oord tt had bono niyoel'. 

Than oatbar hun ow thae. 

** With waefo waa I hear lour plain! t 

Salr, aalr 1 row tbo ddd, 
niat eir thk euroed band of mlna. 

Had gard hk body blold. 

" Dry op loar toare my wineome daxno^ 
Zo neir can heal the wound ; 

Ze eoQ hk h«od upon the apolr, 
Uk hoart'a bludo on the ground. 

aooTTVsa ballajjo, 1 17 

"I cam tikt bawt that did th« ddd, 4wcic. flrtm which the text of " Oil Morioe" wiu 

Tht haart that Uicelit tho iU; 

selected} Ukewlea provwa that the editor of the 

Ite feci titet bon DM »!• Ilk s|mU, 

BeUqaee waa parfcetly eoireet when be euud 

Tha eoMy yoath »i» bUL 

that the ballad was current In Meutland, under 
the very titia which tha prtaent copy bears, vis. 

" lU «r huMBt fer GU XarioBk 

As gin ha ««« mlm aln s 


in aalr togrt tha dnby day. 

Oa whtah tha aaath was ■laiD.'** 

CniBLD Meates was an carll son, 
Hie name it waxed wide 1 

IB tha ahapa whfeh it sow bean, tha fioN- 

It was nae ft>r hla parentage, 

•ataf lallftd nwut be eonaUand aa ooa whoM | 

_ 1 

Nor y«t hie mclkle pride ; 

tut baa baca Ibr.xad oat of varieaa acta eom- 

Bat It was for a lady gay. 

MMd bf Itaa taNa. and In aU Uhalihood mala- 

That hved on Chrron aide. 

jJmDf akad aat ly tha iBTontfcn. oT tha editor of 

Vaa. Tha worthf and uatfui elaaa of *' oU 

" wniie, my man, my errand gang. 

wwnan and BanM," tnm whoaa moatha It ia 

And you maun no wi' apecd ; 

rated ta ba eaMtally taken, haa not cntiraljr 

Whaa other boj-a rln on tlwir feet. 

dlaappeaiad; bat it woold deiy tha moat nn- 

On honeboek ye shell ride." 

waaiMd and faiaevartng Induatiy, to obtain 

from their Ufa. in thia tejr. any duplkata of the 

'*0 master dear I love yon wed. 

paaaaat mpr which aaald, 17 anasaepttoDabla 

And I love yoa aa my lilb ; 

avMenae, be traced to a period anterior to the 

Bat I will not gaa to lord Bernard's ha'. 

date •t the flrat adidoa. The aoene of wire- 

For to tryst forth his wiJh. 

^BBaw^'^^a •^^CFWIIiBlkwvVa' ^^ww^W^^ffaa •WBwB i^^ha ■^■•^B ^aaai* 

hte lady, which ie qalte oat of keeping with the 

" For tha baron heli a man ofmight. 

aliaiatnii of the ** bold barua," is of iteeif qaite 

He ne'er eould bide a taunt} 

aweogh to aonvlaoe any one vateaat In this 

And ye ahaU aee or it be late. 

apedai of Iteratare, that it haa aeoia through 

How meihie yCil ha'e to vannt." 

tte retains hands of a ntodcm baUad wright. 

In thie opialen, the picaent writer doee not 

** yon mast rtn my errand, wnile. 


atnad ringater, Ibr both Mr lUtaon and Mr 

And you maun rin wi* speed ; 

Jaminoa agrae la v^)actlBg ae ipurioae, the 

etaaaas wUah faUew aflar the ana heglanii« 

ill gar your body bleed. 

" Am*, em' y 01 wooum." 

** And here It is a gay mantad. 

Aad the optoloa of theae eritlee la each a qaas- 

Ite a' gowd hot the hem ; 

tioB, Ie certainly entitled to much defcrencew 

Bid her come speak to Chleld Morhie^ 

But, ftvtanately tar thoee deabvoa of fixing 

Bring nae body but her lane. 

ion now aspieaHd dees not rest Ibr Ita aeeareoy 

•• And here it Is a RoDand smock. 

00 mcfa eo^factare. In the eooraa of hie Inqoi- 

Her alo hand aewed the deeve; 

riaa an this aahieet, the editor reeeived froai the 

Bid bar come speak to Chirld Morlos, 

laeitatiea of an oM wanan.aeopy, which, while 

Ask not the baroDt kava." 

U eonflraa that optelan,and alkMda a fclr epeel- 
■Mn ^ wtet the sets cf the baUad prabaUy 

t This was the title given by the old v^oman 
heradf. She ia now 70 yearsof age, and the bal« 

* It nay be proper to Btcntion, that other 

lad ia qaertlon aha learned in her ialhn^ from 

aaples rand tha Ind line cfetun V thas. 

her grandmother. She maatkms that at a lattr 

■hat free the BoUea ■». 

period of her lift ahe also committed to memory 

" GU Murica," which began with young laaaco 

Ijid la sCaam fl^ M feOowi, 

Uhe har to be a giaaler flavoarite, and more flieh* 

it tonabls than the act which her grandmother and 



" BbiM I mwt rin thh «mad te yoa* 

8ac aair against my will : 
I've made a tow, and I'll kaap It tr&a^ 

It ahall IM doaa for lU." 

Tor he did not uk the poring l«if«» 
Though he ■tood at the gate ; 

Bat ttmlght he ran to the Ug faall» 
Where gnat Iblk aat at i 

** Good hallow gently rir and dame* 

II7 errand eanna wait; 
Dame jre most gae apeak to Chlald Mnrim, 

Before It be loo lata. 

" And here It Is a gay mantsai. 

Its a' gowd b<'t the hem 1 
Ye must oome apeak to Chield Uorlaap 

Bring naa body but yonr laaai 

" And hers it b a HoHand amoek. 
Tour a!n hand sewed the sleeve: 

You roust oonie speak to Chiehl 
Ask not the baren'h leave." 

Oh a|« she aUmped wt'har fbot. 

And winked wi' her e*e. 
But for a' tliat slie o uld aay or do^ 

Forbidden Im wadna be. 


It cann* Iw to me." 
*' 1 bracht it to lord Bamaidt lady. 

And 1 trow that thou art aha." 

Out then apak* the wyUe mirae, 
Wi' the bairn Just on her knetk 

** If this he eoBM ftvm Cbleld Morloa^ 
It's dear weloome to me." 

** Thou Iks. thou lies, thea wylle 
dee loud's I hear thee He. 

I brocbt it to lord Barnard's la4y« 
And I trow thou binn« aba.* 

Then up and rose hhn the bold harooa 
And an angry man was he ; 

He took the Uble wi' his fbot. 
And koi p-d It wi' his knee. 

Till Oliver cap and eiar dish 
In ttndeis thqr did flee. 

ether oM ft>lks used to sing rnidar ttie tllla 
"Chtekl Morioa." 

" Oo faifiif BM OM or tlqr eMdim 

That hinge upon the pin. 
Awl I'll awa' to the gude green 

"I wovld have yea slay at 

I would have yon stay at hame ; 
Vevcr wyte a man for riolenoe 

That never thocht you wiang.' 


And when he to the 

Mvbody saw he there. 
Bat Chield Morioe 00 a mflk^whlle 

Oomhlng down his yellow hair. 

Chlald Morlee aat fai the w 
He whietled aad he vuBg} 

** O what meana a' thir folk eomlaf ? 

"Ho WWM^, ^ WVWii.. 

*' My lady loved thee wed, 

Wur the whiteat bit of my body 
la Maeker than thy heoL 

*• Bnt neverthatosi now, ChloU Xortoa, 
For a* thy gay bsautie ; 

Oh nevertheless now, ChioM Uorim, 
Thj head shall fo with 1 

He had a rapier fey his side. 
Hang low down by Us knetf 

He struck Chield Murioe on the 
TiUaff his hand did 

Than be^ Uta up that Uuldy ] 

And atttek It on a spsnr. 
And the meanest man la a' hb tanlo 

Gat Chield Morioe head to bsar. 

The lady look<d owre the oaetle ««•« 
WI* muckle dole and down,* 

And thefc she aaw Chield Moctoa bMMl* 
Coming tmlling to the town. 

* 80 loeltad, the word Jmm must hers be < 
sidered aa 8ignl<>lng a praaentiment of eomlnf 
evfl. Qum n whether doea thia line, or the cor- 
reeponding one in Gil Morioe, preeerve the rigbt 
tt raading ? 



hM te^ «p thb bhddy bMd, 
dMhM it faiaU tb» w»': 
down. ODBM down, jro* tedlas hit, 



1 knckt him ap la tte fajr frtnirood, 


■hra te^m ap ihk UaMy 
Aad ih« hteMl It baiCh diMk 
1 «<oaU latter ka'« as kta o< 


Maay a daj hav* I roekM U17 «ndl«, 
wUj MMi tbM tkep; 
in fuif about thy gtave, 


** O wem bt to thee, tboa wDd wamaa, 
Aad aa 01 ddd may ttaoa dto; 

Ibr If y« had taiild 110 b* wu yoor wo, 
Ba ■hoald ha** ridden and cane wl' 

' O btld yaor toafoa, you bold baroai, 
Aad aa lU drid nay thou dit; 
U had buds aad frnti taew of bk ala. 


tha bud that did the 

n* MM thit eanitd UM ipMdlUi, 
yoatli to UU." 

IMt lady *• diad slB IM o' Um dock. 

Lord Buaard ha died gin twal'; 
Aad beaata boy, now swwt WUUt, 
I o' bfan 1 eaaaa tell. 

, thn« iMini to fcava 
of tbli ballad at ooa tiiao 
of which, btlag all that ho 
«Mo to laoofar, Mr Jamhoon has givoo la 
"VotoieBCkildaMaurloo." Tbcootlaatos 
mM to bo tht bcglanlag and and of tbo 

' On MoBBB M* to SUvar 
Bo whMtad aad ha wac; 

" Ho-o ea'd hk fiiotor britbor, WUUo, 
' Como win y boM and tboon, 

Aad gao unto lord Barnard'B ha'. 
And bkl hto lady ooaao.' 

"Aad aha baa ta'an tba bloody 
Aad oaat It 1' tha brtai, 

4yno gathard up bar lobea of 
Aad tet aba feUewad bim. 

Tba aat of tha ballad to wbidh 0mm Tcnaa ba» 
hmg, tba odlter baa baan at asm* paloa to ra- 
ooTor i bat In thla raq)aot, ho baa bacn equally 
anfortanato with Mr Jamieaon. Ha bM beaa 
informed, beworar, by Mr Bharpa, that tha 
aboTo Aragmontla laeorporatad in an Annandala 
venloa of tha iiallad, whleb alao lagrafta a nofcl 
ieatara oa tba atory, laaamueb aa It ia wound up 
by making thogfaoatof IhaahUayouthi^paarto 
hia mochar, batwaaa whom, a oulloquy, aomo- 
what In the rein of May Marganfa diacouraa 
with tha apfarit of Olark daundara. takaa pbMa{ 
aad than, agraaaUy to aatabllahed uaa and wont, 
altar waet aa latorvlaw, aba IbUowa tha a oiwlam 
footatapa of tba babnad abada, and azpiraa OB iho 
apot wbara It la raadvod Into " thin air." 

Tha praaba farm In which tho baUad waa 
known to tba author of " IXuugloa," cannot now 
ba aaaafto{Bod. Vrom tba dreumataaea of tba 
cataatropha of tho abovo fta^mont, and that of 
tha tmgody agraalag with aaeh otbar,* Mr 
Jamtaaon Ibndaa it probabla, that It may bara 
bean part of tha traditiooary varaioa AiUowad by 
Mr Homo. Tba preaant editor baa baaa politely 
lafermad by Sir Waltnr Beott, that ha bad, at 
dUhrenttliBM, laqairad of thateto Mr Uomaooo- 
earning tha ballad oa which bla poem waa aop- 
poaad to ba founded, but without lu ecaaa, owing 
to tho thaa Impalrad atato of tha vanenMa dra* 

matiafk mamoqr' 

At lather an aarly period, tha ballad, aooaa- 
whatdUhrIng, It mual bo con ft iaad, ftam any 
copy known to asiat In dootland, appaara to 
hava beaa alao popular ia tha north of Kngland i 
and indaad with It, aa with naay more. It might 
be dUkult to aay to which country it of right 
Thla la tha letof tha ballad 

• Tha dl-orapaaay U ibia parUeular, bel««*a tba 
ooaaoa cditioa of tbe UUmI and the u-«ffMty of 
DoafflM. bM beca pnCUIjr Mupiied by •em* MiMrable 
WM nakar, wbo^ deiecubU coaiiaiuuoa, cxuaJ- 
1»( to aia Oaaaaa, Iba eurfoiu reader rnU tttA pnnud 
ad uMBg Mr Jaaieaea'a WMaa oa •• Cbuio MMdaa." 



to which Dr Ptrcf rdkm, •■ oeenrriag tn hit A 
fttUo IIS., nndcr th* title of " Chlhte Maurieer 
and it haa b««B printed by Mr JaiiiImod in hi« 
eoUcetion trotu tint MA. with miouts ftdcUty, 
who thereby haih oonflrntd no • ■ all fkvottr on 
the lover* of aneient toot. At it it not onljr a 
eurioue venion withal, but liktwlae peculiarly 
tllaetratiee, both of the eeta which have Rune 
before^ and of that one which glvee a title to 
thie prolix aivaoient: It la to be hoped that no 
apology wlU be nccceeuy Ibr preeentiog it here 
to the reader, more eepodally ae the valoahle 
ooUectlon, from whioh it !■ catnctBd, hath not 
been eo well reealwed by the world ae Itt meriti 


Onium Maobicb hnnted Itba ellT«o weed* 
he hunted tt imiod about 
di noebody y* he fuund ttaeiua 
neebody withwut 

and toolte hb diver combe la hk band 
Co kembe hie yelluw loehee 

he ieyee eome hither thou Utle ftM page 
jr* runneth lowly by my knee 
flbr thou ehalt goe to John Stawavdl wiflh 
tt prey her efeekB wi^^ mce 

* ae It Itdle oat many tli 
aa kaotu been Iwitt on a keD 
or merefaanttncn gone to lee»e 
either to bi«y wftt* or eeli 

•ad gicto thov doe jr ladyewell 
over eo ««U flhw mee 

•ad ae it flklla oat many timee 
•e any harte can thiake 
ae eehoole niaeler* are In any echoole 
writting with pea and inhe 

flbr if I might aa well m due may 
thie night 1 wold w^o her ^ 

tt hcere 1 eend a mantle of grtene 
ae greene ae any gniaee 
and bid ber come to the enver wo»tf 
to hunt w • Cbilde Mmtrlee. 

• Sllven. elfl m H.S. » Hllver wood, sic in MS. 

tt there I eend ber a rfngorgoU 
a ring of preeyoue etooe 
and bid her come to the ellver 
lot Ibr no kind of man ; 

one while thie lltle bey he yod* 
another while he ran 
until he catne to John BtowardU hnU 
1 wu he never Man 

and of aurtore the child had good 
he ran up hall tt bower Ifrce 
and wbeo he came to this lady flkire 
■•yea 0«d you cave and aee 

I am eome fltvm Chllde 
a mcenge unto thee 
tt Cbilde Maurice he 
tt ever aoe well ffrom me 

gMetoyon well 

Bad ae It bUe oat oAentli 

•e knotto been knitt on a kell 

or merchant men gone to leeve LoadOB 

either to buj or edl 

tt aa oflentlmee he greetM yea well 
ae any hart oan Uunke 
or aehookmaetor In any eehoole 
wiytlng w^ pea and lake 

tt hecre he eeade a maatle of gieeae 
ae greene ae any greeee 
tt he bldde you come to the eUver wood 
tohuat w 

tt heere he ecodc yoa a riag of void 
a ring of prectyouB etone 
he pmyea you to come to fhe riiver wood 
let tor no kind ef maa 

now peace, now peaoe, thoa Utk 
flbr Chrbto'e take I pray thee 
flbr if my Lo heart one of thoee 
thou must be hanged hye 

John Steward etood under the 
& be wrote the woede eveqr one 

tt he eallcd nato hie honee : 
make ready yoa my eteede 
and aoe he did to hie Cbambcrlalae 
make read>e then aiy 




1 apoa Ui ^ 

at ta* rode to tiM tf l«w wood 
& lhn« he «Migtat all about 
■boat th« dim wood 

* Ihcn ha Ibond Um CUM Maafto 
tiMns vpon a Uoeko 
«** a »lv«r oomba In ktthaod 
hniblai hia yellow lodbo 

oa aaya* now now now now ^rniw 
I how may thia baa 

■leod bj him Child Maoiloa 
At aayd thoM wocda tralya 

A aaica wiehad ba my iiian7 men all 
I cata maata drink and elotha 
but aold thcgr not hava holUan m« 
whan 1 waa In all that wnth 

I do not know ytmr lady« ho aid 
If that I do bar am 
Ar thoa haat anit har lofo 1 

; aant har a maatia of groana 
aa grccna aa any grama 
* hadohcreooM tothaalHwwDod 

a^ by my ftdth now ChOda JLuntea 

tha taut ot u$ ahall dya 

■ow 1^ my troth m)d Ghllda Maarioa 


hnt ho pallad oat • bri^ 

* aaa fmt ha «K»ta at John Staward 
I wia ba na*n tart 

thin haa paikd forth hh bright browaa aword 
H dfyad lU on hit tlteva 

* Iha Siat good ttraka John Stawajdatnka 

It on hia twofd^ P>rvt 
mmt tiaglng thtta btttda 
■ad ha roda till ha eama to tho ladya fldm 

«r 1 myn drat thou know Child Kaariaa bind 

tff that thoa doat It tea 

and Uap It mft. and Uam Itt rUt 

flbr thoa lovadat him better than maa 

hat when rfiae loohcd on Chllda Kaaric* hawl 
Am never tpake worda but three 
I BtNii beore noe ehilde bat one 

I I 

fEur I hare elalna one of the courtaouatet knlghtt 
that erer betrode a itaede 
aoo have I done one of tha lUimt ladym 
that erer ware woroane waeda 

What haa gone before, fonne a fit Introdoo- 
tkm to tha vei7 aneirnt traditionary balUa on 
the mme eal^cet, which It now for the flrat time 
printed. With much defeivnoe to Um opioioa 
of othtm aUlled In them matter*, the editor haa 
"to ahallanga for it In point of antiquity, a preoe* 
dance fkr above any of it» MIowt: indeed, in hie 
Judgment, It hat every appcaranot of being tha 
prima root, from which all the variatione of tha 
baltad heretofore known have originated. 

In thIa plaoe, it may be remarked too, that it 
obvlotttly premrree the true title of tha ballad, 
" Morlee" and " Maurice" being evident ootrup- 
tlona of ** Norloe," a nortling, ur fwater, oorrup* 
tlena which from elmflarily of aound In the anno* 
elation, oaa eaaliy ba eoncalTed aa likely onet 
Into wUeh veolberB. who leara by the car, am as - 
oeedingly apt to fall ; and eumiptiona of which 
tha experience of every one who hat atlamptad 
to eoUeot tham Inttrmtlng mtmumeota of early 
, can Aimlah ample paraJlelfc Again, Iti 
', etralght4brward, mpld and tucoinet nar« 
mtlvo— Itt estrema timpUeity of ttile and utter 
dcttltutlon of all ornament, araua mott power- 
fully la behalf of the priroitivancet and authen- 
tlcity of itt teat. It la, in flict the vary anatomy 
of aparfoet ballad, wanting noto^ng that itthoukl 
havt, and having nothing tliat it thould want. 
By tMtlmony of a moat unesoeptionaitte deeerip- 
tion — ^but which it would be tedioue hct« to do* 
tail— tha editor can dittinctly traoe thit ballad aa 
exictlng la Itt prttant ihapa, at laaai a oantury 
ago, which oarriae It decidedly beyond thedau of 
tha flfftt priatad copy of OU Morlee ; and thia 
with a poem whksh haa been preeerved but by 
oral tradition, it no mean poattin antii|uily. If 
we Imagine it a mora anoiant varaion than that 
contained In Dr Ptorcy t US., our lule meant of 
arriving at a eatkfoetwiy conaiaitun muat b« de> 
rivod from toeh internal evklenee at the b*iLul 
Itedf aflbrda; and, both vertiont being now ba« 
faf« the rtadar, ha ItenaUcd tojuilge deliberate- 
ly for himarif, and to fonn hie own opinion, on 
that which many will, era thie. 1 tuapaet, bava 
daemad a wry uiiimpoitABt aal^ieet. 


In eoaeliiriAD, It imr bt mmtioned, that the A "0 don't I gfr* joa aient/' he mji, 

iMdUd ii cxcwdlngty rare ; and, to fiur as ttM edi- 

" And dont 1 pay you Ibe^ 

tor ba« been able t> hsarn, it hM «eeap«d the no- 

How dare yon etop my emuid." hd ajm^ 

tioe of our moet eminent ei>lleetori of tnulitwDary 

" My orden yea must obey.-* 

poetiir. Thle may be aaeribed to the nflned and 

ornate paraphraee of 6U Moriee, baring iup- i 

Oh whan he came to Lotd Banaid'i OMtsI, 

planted it in the affectiona of the vulgar. In the > 

He tinkled at the ring: 

■ame way at the poem of " dir James the Booe." 

Who vras as raady as Lord Banard hlmaalf.t 

attributwl to the pen of Michael Bruee. hath ab- 

Xto let this Uttte boy in. 

sorbed, almost entirely, the memory of Um old 

baUad on wbkh It la Ibuuded. 


'< Ho* ba^ova, a ^im," he sayi, 

" Lined with the lUver grey t 
Yob aie bidden to oodm to the many grsoB 

To qieak to GhUd Nofy. Immt, 



"Hera ia a ring, a ring," ha M|a, 

'* lis all goM but the staae : 
You an bMdea to eome to the meny gieea 

Cbilp Vobtcs Is a elcwr yonng man. 


And ask the leave o' nana." 

His hone was sUf«r shod before. 

With ths bMtSD gold behind. 

Lotd Barnard he was standing bj. 
And an angiy man was he: 

H« called to his lltlto man John, 

" Oh, Uttle dki 1 think there vras a lord iathle 

Baying, " You dont see what I ssa; 


For oh yondor 1 see the very first iromMl, 


That «var loTcd me. 

Oh he diewd Umeelf In the hoUaad «oook», 

" Here Is a glove, a glovVt" ^ "^t 

And gamenti that was gay :^ 

** Lined with ths silver gray; 

And he is away to the men? gssen wood. 

Tou may tell her to come to tba mnrj givan 

iy» apeak to Child Mory. 


To speak to diiU Vary. 

Child Xoryeo aits on yonder tree 


He whistles and fas sings; 

" Here Is a ring, a ring," he wys. 

*' was be to me," eigrt ChiU Voiyee, 

" Ita all gold but the staae; 

** Yonder aay mother oomee !** 

You may tell her to oom* to the merry gnao 


Child Noiyos heeame off the tree. 

And ask the Isav* o' nana." 

Hit mother to take off the hoaee; 
" Och, alaoe, ahwe," seys ChUd Moiyee, 

My muther wee ne'er so gross." 

But iar betlsr do 1 love my life ; 
would ye hav* me go to Lord Barnard's 


t This unquestionably should be Lady Bu^ 

To betny awajr h^ wlk?" 

nanl, Inslaad of her Lord, see 8d etania under: . 
but as It was so redted, this obvious error the 

editor did not conceive hlmarlf waitanted to eor* 

* That the raadsf maj have no mom to doubt 

rect, mora especially as he has found it out of hie 

the genuinenea of a ballad for which a very high 

power to obtain another eopy «r the ballad from 

anUqulty is eUimed, the editor thinks It right to 

any dUBrrant quarter. 

mention, that it is given verbatim as it was 

1 ThU baibkd mora distlactly than cither GU 

taken down flrum tiw singing of widow M*Oor- 

Morlee or CbieM Moriee, announces the disgulss 

miek, who, at this datr, (January, 1818,) resMas 

resorted to by Lord Uarnard. in oidar to siuprise 

ta Westbrae Street of Paisley. ^ 

his sapposed rivaU 


Lti«BwMi«kttedaUttl»HiMllnMrf, 4 
Ttet bang low do«ni by hh kam ; 

B« eat th* tead off Child Ncf7(«, 
AaX put tb* Uodjr « a tieaL 

Bb" Kanaath, kayoht «• malkla Auaa. 

Lalkt owra bla caatla wa' ; 
Aa* dowaa aaatto tto hiasaad toagk 

Tto aatbart thraag to n': 

ABd wbm kt ouM to Us «Mtol. 

B« timw tb* bMd lDb> htr lap, 
fi«|li«. '• liidy, ibm Is a tea 1" 

An' huis to ftrllt at tto sloht, 

^jraa baatocit fta hi* caatla bla. 
An' to tto howa badaia. 

ibalwrtoptbabioodib— 4> 
8b« ktand U hM check to ddo i 

■* IWr bMln de I low ihii Uoodir hM4. 
Thaa all ny lOfal Ub. 

Item MUM a tord Into tht aorth, 
QatCUU X«o«i wUb oa." 

" O «M to to thM, lady Xafgant,** te «U, 

* Aad aa ill d«a«b may yoa 41t| 
fiar tfyoa bad toU dm ba was year nb, 

lia bad a«^ bMB liala by BM.** 

"QnhalmabiBthlathiBDs? Qahat aatoa 

Amaag balth yoag aa' aid ?•• 
Bgnt to lalk.t at tto d«M ladty, 


Fttrth sprang tto gUttraand lain 
" Cbiyato 1 QuTsta 1 it la Ualaaaia • 


CA vBA«m*T, to InltaiiaD af th* all SootlUi 
bDad^By RioaAM Oau.] 

[raui Boetonl Kartbam SbUadu] 

Taaaa aaaa Brd a Mag ia Mr flaotlaad. 

King MaloitliB eallad by nama; 
Whom andant hUtory gives noord. 

Air «W itoy baltbt tor btaUy ftot, 
Aa'^raahar boHMnhaia; • 

Bat 0, tor mfl an' bonola akin 

Aad it Ml aaca npan a day, 
Tto king sal down to dtna t 

And tton to mto'd a (krourlto kalght, 
Whaaa aama waa Sir Oolvla. 

Bar Matauid aH warn Kbal la datiw, 
(Qabllh aaaa «M fti' 4^ fUa.) 

Aa* aJay-eaald war tor noaia Upa, 
(^bLk «ak* aaa taadatUa.) 

Bat eat it ^aato aaetbar knight, 

*' Ur» lyla- la bad right siek ta h>ra. 

All far year daoghtw Jaaa." 

Aa' oooay aaa aam' tbalr, I tnw, 

^to did tto tttbtaga hair; 
▲a* aya aa itoy hiitet aa bar boanla Aaa, 

Wl* aarra* diapta toir. 

*« waaa ma," nU tha royal king, 

'< I'm aorry for tto aama; 
flto maaa tato bnad and whia na rad, 


« toavta ! U bratoa my vtiy haM, 

A Am laa await to an* 
BM aaiv, ritb aaaa a oaith dolb kM, 

(yfHnttMaldteha.-* ^ 


Than irntly did ito baar tto hiwd. 

Bar paga did carry tto wlaat 
And sat a tabia at hia bad.— 
f **illrOiiMa,rtoaaddiiM." 




•'O wd love I tlM wlM, lady. 

Come ttme jrour lOTtly hand ; 
Dttt btfUar to«c 1 jroar ikdr body, 

Tbaa all Btit SeotlaBd*! itrand.* 

** O hold jfoor toofoa now. Sir OoItIb, 

Let all your follj be ; 
My low mut b« by honour won. 

Or iiaB9 aball niog loa. 

*' Out OB tha bMd o- Elrlck<k hOl, 
Naar by yon sharp hawthorn, 

\Vhw« n«T«r a man with Ufc a'er oama 
sUa' our twMi Christ was bora t 

" O yen gang thare and walk a' nighty 
And boldly blaw your horn ; 

With honour that y« do ratnrn, 
Te'll nuny im tha morn." 

Then np It ralio him, Sir Oolrin, 
And dr«fl»M In armour hscn; 

And he ta on to Elrickl hUl, 
Without light o' the msen. 

At midnight mark the meen apstarts, 
Tha kntght walVd up and down; 

While lobdeet eimeka o* thunder rwuM» 
Out ower the bent saa brown. 

Then by tha twinkling of an e^a. 
He spied an armed knight ; 

A Iklr lady bearing his brand, 
Wi* tocches homing hri^U 

Then he eried high as he eame nl^ 
" Ouward, thief, I bid you flee I 

There Is not aoe conies to this hill. 
But most engage wl' ma. 

*« Tell beet take road betotw I ( 
And best take fout and fleo ; 

Here It a sword balth sharp and broad, 
WUI quarter yoa In thrse.'* 

Or Ctolvtn mid. " I'm not afraid 

Of any here I see; 
Ton ha'e not ta'en your Ood beibra. 

Less drsad ha-e i o* 

*nr Oolvln then he drew his swotd. 
His foe he drew his brand ; 

And thf>y fouRht there on Klrlek's hill 
Till they were blaidy men. 

Ths first an' strote tba kal^t te stinks, 

G*'e Co>T*n a sligbt wound ; 
The neat an' stroke Ltird Onlvln sCraha, 

BitmAhia foe unto tha ffrouai. 

•* I yWd, I yW:),* the kalgLt he aald. 

Xae ana caiae e'er to KirM-hUI 

S'er galn'd sncb vtetoctab 

•* I and my ftntisan here did hannt 
Tnree bandred years and morei 

I'm aafc to swear a soiemn oath. 
We were naver beat tocfUra." 

** An aaUng," aalA tiia lady gay, 

•• An asking ye^J grant roe." 
** Ask on, ask on," said Sir ColeiB, 

*' What may yo«r asking ba^" 

•• Tell gl** ma heme my wooadsd knight. 

Let me faro on my way: 
And I'sa ne'er be earn on Elrtck'k hill. 

By night, nor yet hy day. 
And to this piacs we'll oome naa mur, 

Omld wa win salb away. 

•■To trooble any Cluistian one 

Ures in the nghtcoos taiw : 
We'll oome naa mair unto thia plae* 

Oookl we win sab awn'." 

*■ O ye*w gat hame your wonndod 1(B%kt> 

Te shall not gang alane; 
Bat 1 miutn ha'e a word o' him. 

Bete* that we twa twlna." 


Sir Oolvln being a book-leam'd 

tJae gode In Ihaelng tse; 
He's drawn a stroke behind his hand. 

And followed In apeedilia. 

flM Scree a stroke Sir Oolrtnls drawn. 

And followed in speedltie: 
The knighfe brand, and sword haad. 

In tba air he gar*d them fle^ 

It Sew sac high Into t|is sky. 
And lighted on the ground ; 

The rings that were on tliees flngera. 
Were worth Are hundKil pound. 

Up he has ta>n thnt Uutdy hand. 

Bet it befurc the king ; 
And the mom it ««• Wednesday, 

When he married hla daughur Jc«n 


Young AiUn. 

iTmom Baefaaa*! Aneicat BiJlads and Songs. 
— ** la MOW Uto |>ublloAUoaV'M]r*»r Buehan, 
*■ 1 lutvc iMa ftacmaata oT this beantlftil ballad 
■■dar vmriMM aamca.— It to now for tha fln* 
tiRW ^vn in a eompteta itata. Tba ballad to, 
to an i^pmnaca, very old ; and agrMs with tha 
fonantic htotorjr and thncs of PAgut II. It will 
ha mnrid t u dbyaUlotataof ScottMiwwic. as a 
|p«at aa^aliitloa to their stora of tradltlonarjr 
poata- ''iM htrolno lady Margarat. a Ung^ 
teoftotar, was stolan by hsr fltther^i eup-bcarsr, 
whM bailt for har a bowar. In which she was so 
arttelli «aallncd» that no ona eoald hava dto- 
«a««f«d tht plaea sf hsr lasldanca. In thto 
haver, sha ban to har adoptMl husband ssvan 
WM. the ehtest of whom was tha means of ra- 
iTMnghcr from her dreary ahoda. On hk arrival 
•t (he eonrt ot Us gimndfcthar, whithsr ha had 
gsse to rceonaitre, tha old monareh at oaos par- 
asivvtl sadk a liunlly lihenssi la the ftkoa of this 
ooodtend bny, as mads him iaqidra aftar tha 
Ikia uf his long lost daughter. 8he, with tha 
mat of Ur snu, arrived at har fhther's pafawa; 
and, Iths tha prodigal, or long lost too, was 
wcleoirad with Joy and gladeash Tha baited 
aoochvles wtU tha pardon of Tonng AUn,— hto 
■acopban at tha king's eoort, and ths baptism of 
Um caiMna."] 

Laav Margarst rfls hi 1 
llrwiBf at hsr sUkan i 

a note In Ehnood*s-wood« 


And tha n ssdie to hsr taai 
Aad shs Is on to Elnwrnd'S w o od 

flha badaa pnM a not, a not, 
■or tonhaa a branch but ana, 

nil by It cama a young hind ehM, 

"O why pa* ye tba nat, tha nnt. 
Or why braka ye the tree ( 

I am Ihrealer o* this wood, 
Ya ehouhl apisr Isaea ai nw ?" 

«* in a* Ism* «» ant IHlag 1 

My Aithsr to king o'er a' thto rsalm. 

Thto wood bshmgs to ma." 

Sha hndna pv'd a nnt, a not* 
Hor broken a biandi bat thias, 

Tm by It cama hfaa yunng Akin, 
And ptx^ har lot thsm ha. 

Tba Mghcat trra in BmondVwaod, 

He^pa'dltby thareet; 
Aad ha has boilt for her a bo« 




Wl* oarbnnda aad 
Tbongh travaUsre 


Ha^hapt har thave la KbaoodVwood, 
For six lang ysars and onoi 

nil ria piatty sons to him sha bear. 
And tha savsath shirs bnught I 

It foU aaos npon a day, 

Thto guM lord want from bomai 
And ha to to tha banting gana» 


And whoa thi7 wars on a said way, 
Wi' slowly pooe did walk } 

Tba bay's heart being eoaaatblng wno^ 
Ha thai bMsa to talk*— 

" A qasstloB I would ask. fother. 

OIn ya weuMna angry ba." 
<* Bay on, say on, my bonnto boy, 

Ts'BS nas bs qoanallM by i 

1 ncrar 

And I 

mothers dMshs aya wsat* 
as them diy; 
wIhU allcth my motbw 

** Tour mothar was a Ung^ daagblsr. 

Sprang ftaa a high dcgrea; 
And she might ha'a wed soms worthy pt^aei^ 

Had sha not basn stown by ma { 

** I was bar flithsr^ cup-bsarsr. 

Just at that fotal tima; 
I ealeh'd her on a mtoty night. 

Whan summar was la prima) 


"HylnvtlolwrifMiiMstrinem, 1 

Her luve was gnat for me, 
But when tha lianlihlpi dolh «iidoi«, 


t Hs gB'e the first to the proud porter. 
And he open'd an* let him 1b ; 
Be gB'e the next to the buUer boy. 
And he has shown him ben ; 

*' I'll iImmC tlM bontln* o- tha haA, 

Tha Hnnet o' tha ttaa, 
And bring tham to my tfaw mlttafV, 


Be ga'e the thtad to the mlnstrd 
That play'd befbre the king ; 

And he play'd aueoeea to the bonnia bar 
Game through the wood him lane. 

It MI upo' anothar daj, 

Thte guid lurd ha thi nght laag. 
And ha ia to tha hunting gaoa, 

Touk Hi' him hia dog and guni 

Sow when he eame befbre the king. 

Fell low down on Ua knee i 
The king he turned round about. 

And the aaut tear blinded his a%. 

HO aff, aiDgla, alana; 
And Itfk hka acmi ehlldran to ttmj 
Wl' thalr mithar at hMiM. 

^ Win up, win up, my bonnie bqy. 
Gang fiaa my oompanle ; 

Te look aae like my dear daughter. 
My heart will hirst In threa.- 

** I will tall to you, tnlthcr, 

Oin ya wadna angry be." 
** Spaak on. qiMik on. my Uttla was Jnf, 

Ya^ naa be faarraUtd by nM." 

" If I look Ilka your dear daughter, 

A wonder it ia none ; 
If I look like your dear daughter,— 

I am her aldeet eon." 

** Aa we eazna frae the hynd hmiiaf. 

We heard flue mualo ring." 
" My bleailngf on yoo, my bonnia boy, 

i wlih I'd been there my Imm.** 

•• Will ye ton me. ye little wee boy. 
Where may ray Margarrt be ?** 

** She'a just now standing at your ymtas. 
And my six brothers her wi'." 

Hale ta>n his mlther by the hand. 

Aa tut M they eould got 

"0 where are all my porter boys 

That I pay meat and fee. 
To open my yatea baith wide and bnld P 

Let her oome in to me.' 

Wf the BtraUins o' their tet; 
They wiitna wcci where they were gaaa 
Tin at har fatherli y.U, 

When shs eame In belbra ths king. 
Fell low down on har knee i 

" Win up. win up. my daughter dsnr. 
This day yell dins wi* ms." 

" I ha^ naa money In my poekat. 

But royal rings ha'e three ; 
111 gi'e them yuu, my Uttlc young aoiij 

And yell walk there lor me; 

*• As Ut I sanne' sat. flither. 
If or ae drop ean I drink. 

Till 1 see my mither and siater dear. 
For lang for thsm I think." 

''Tell gi'e the first to the proud portar. 

And he will let you in: 
Ts'il Rl'e the next to the butler boy. 

And he wlU ahow yoa ben ; 

When ahe eame beJbre the qncsn, 
Fell low down on her knee: 

" Win up, win up. my daughter dear, 
This day ys'sa dine wi* me." 

*'Te1l gl^ the third to the mlnetnl 

That plK>s bcfwre the king; 
He'll play aaeceai to the bonnie boy. 

Cams through ths wood him lass.** \ 

" As bit I eanne' Mt, mlthsr. 
Nor ae drop ean 1 drink. 

Until lass my dear stotar. 
Vor lang for har 1 think.** 


W!mb that tkm two riatonmH, A " W« ha^ litcd la gold gnmirood 

6bt haU d htr courtMNulio : 

Thia eeven }tara aiid ane ; 

"Com* bco, ooiM boa. 107 tirtir dav, 

Bat a' (hie time elDce e'er 1 mind. 

Ikto day 9VW dino wl' aa." 

Wae never a ehnreh within.** 

"A* Wt t caBBO* mt, tMar. 

" Yonr a«klng*fl nae eaa great, my bogr. 

Vor aa dfop eaa 1 drtok. 

Bat graoied It ehaU be ; 

Vaul 1 «• B17 dear htuband. 

Thli day to gutd ehureh jre ehall gang. 

Vor laag Ibr ktm 1 tUak.** 

And your mither shall gang you wl'." 

*0 arlMia art an my laatm boU, 

When into the gold dinreh tlw oama. 

That I paar moat aad fee. 

She at the door did aUn' ; 

*»acaRh tbe tmac Ibr aa* nUa, 

8ba waa ne mir eunk down wi' ahama. 


She oonldaa oone hrer ben. 

Oat it epeaki tha Httfe vee boj«— 

Then oat Itepeaka the pariah priatt. 

** Ha, aa, tUa mauona be ; 

And a iwect am lie ga'e he ;— 

Wltboat y (nat a ftae pardos. 

" Oome ben, oome ben, my llljr flower. 



Piveent joar babea to ma." 

** hmtr I giaat a ftae paidoa. 

Gharlea, Tineent, Sam, and Bide, 

Wen acal'd by my own ban '; 

And iikewlie James and John : 

Ta mmy make aearcfa fur yoaaf Alda, 

They call d the cld«st Young Akin, 

Aa eaaa aa ever yaa an.- 

Whloh was hia fktbsra name. 

Thajr mardfi tlM eoantry wMe and biaU, 

Then they staid in the rejra) eonrt, 

The lb««8t Ibr and near ; 

And liT'd wl' mirth and glee; 

And iMuid bira Into EJmoadVwood, 

And when her fiither nas dceesa'd. 

Xbanag hia yellow bair. 

Heir of tha eruwn was she. 

** Whi np, wta a^ bow yoaag AUa, 

Win ap and bonn wl' me; 


Welro BMaintefe eone from tha eoart. 

Tbe blag «aaU foa to aac.** 

Siott tit %()) ant URUt* 

" 1«« hbn take ftaa roe my head. 


1 1 

Or hang ate ou a tree; 

1 1 ror#iie»I>elMltnyd««rIad7« 



[Frnar pabllihed In the Ulnstinsl^ of the 

-Tow- hMd win mc be tooch'd. Akia. 

Scotttah Botdar.— ** This l^endary Ule," eayi 

If or baag-d apun a tree j 

Sir Walter, " la >(lven chiefly Own Mrs Brown's 

Year lady'e ia htr btbeft eoort. 

MS. Aeeordingly many ot the rhymes arise 

1 ■ 


Aad all he waau ia thcc** 

from the northern m«de of pronanciatioo ; aa 
d« Ibr dp. and the hke.— Perhaps the t«llad 

Wbaa ha oama In bilbre tha Ung, 

may have originally relat<d u> the hlatoiy of the 

Fen low down on bla knee. 

eelebnited Bubtn Hocid, as mention la made vt 

" Win ap, win ap, now jonng Akin, 

Bamiadale, hit Ikwurita abode."] 

1 r 

Thii day y«lH dlno wl* ma.** 

Roa^ the Red. and White Lilly. 

Bat aa tfwy were at dinner aet. 

Their m< ther dear was dead : 

Tb* boy uked • boon ; { 

And their Guhar has niarriad an ID wo* 

«* 1 wib we »en In the good ehaidi. { 



FcrteeetChrialaadoaa; ^ 

f Wished them twa ttttia gald. 




Bat iba had tw» m gkllant ■ont \ 

A» tttr bmkc man's bread ; 
And tb« UM o' them lo ed her, WhlM Lilly, 

▲od Um tother Bom tb« Bad. 

i Oentted ha** tt«y their greaa dflatUag, 
A little abone their knea ; 
And saa ha'e they their ;eUow hair, 
A Uttia abuna thair brsa. 

blnsd hm'« Uicy a Ugly twor, 

Fkst by tb« roaring •Uand ; 
Aad there wu malr mirth fai tfaa ladfM' 

Mar io a' their fkthnrl huid. [ boor. 

And left ha'e th«y that bonnla bear. 

To orosa the raging aea; 
And they ha'e ta^n to a holy ehapd. 

Was ehitetened by Uur Ijidja. 

Bat oat and ipak' thalr ■lep-iiH>thfi(r, 
Ab ahe stood a Uttle forabya— 

" 1 hop* to live and play the prank. 
Sail far your load aang Ito." 

And they ha'a daangad tboir twa nam, 

Saa (hr tn» ony toun ; 
And the tane o' them's hight Sweat Willb, 

And ths tothei^ Bouge the Bounds. 

Bhal oaU'd apon har ehhak eon i 
" Cum hero, iny ion, tu ma : 

it femn me Mir, my bauld Arthur, 
That ye maun aail the am." 

Batwean tha twaa promim is. 
And U>«y ha"* sworn It to Atllll ; 

Whenever tha tane blew a bogla-hon, 
Tha tothar sold cum har tiU. 

" OIn Mo It rraun b?, my dair motlicr. 
Your bidding 1 maun daai 

But, be never waur to Boee the Bad, 
Than ye ha'e been to ma." 

Sweet Wmia'Bgaaa to tha klagis ooort, 

Har true love Ibr to see; 
And Bouge the Buunda to guda grena-woed, 

BrawB BoblB'a man to ba. 

She'a called upon har yoaageit eon { 

" Cum hare, my eon, to me : 
It fears m« SiOr, my Brown Bobln, 

it tua mm, upon a time. 
They putted at the stane ; 

And seven foot ayont them a'. 
Brown Bobin'a gar'd It gang. 

" Oin it tewr ye salr, my mo4h«r dair. 

Tour bidding I sail dee; 
But, be ncTcr waur to Whita Lilly, 

Than ye ha'e been to ma." 

8ha lifted the heavy putUng-staiM, 
And gave a sad " U hon !" 

Than out bespahs him, Bruwn Robii^ 
** Bat tbati a woman's luoan 1" 

*' Now hand yoar tongoca, ye IboUah hoijal 

For small sail be their part; 
Thay ne'er again sail sra your fhea. 

Qin their vuy hearts suld braak." 

'* O kont ya by my rosy llpa ^ 

Or by my yalluw hair ; 
Or kant ya by my mllk-whit« bronst, 

Ya navor yet saw bare .«" 

Baa haaM Arthur^ gane to oar klag^ eoort* 
His h:e eha bcrlaln to be ; 

And to grene*wood he did flea. 

"I kant na by your roqr lips, 

Mor by your yellow hair ; 
But, eura to your Iwur whaevar likea, 

Ihay'U Bod a ladye thavs." 

When Boee the Bad, and Whita Lilly, 

Saw their twa luvcs were gane, 
Bane dii thejr drop the loud ioud sang* 

" gin ye oome my boar within. 
Through flraud, deeeit, or guila, 

Wl' this same brand, that's m my hand, 
I TOW I will thaa kilL" 

And oat then qjake htr White Llllyj 
" My sister, we'll be ganei 

Why suld wc sta) In littralsdala. 
To mourn our boor wlthia?" 

** Yat darst I earn into your bour. 
And ask naa leave," quuth be ; 
** And wi' this sa t.e brand, tbatt la my haad, 
f Wavadaagarbaokonihea." 


800R18B BA.LLAin. 



And, aboat th* Ant hour o' the dajr. 
n« Adr kam* batoa ' 

Aad^Vilw cried 


and wan; 

itti vera 


BiBtg Brown BoUBf 
tiUa?" quoth ha} 

" V«r ibnU H a^ b* mina, 
bdtid knigbti ahooM a^tr 

*" Bat iln 7a taka that Mgla-hera, 

▲ad wind a blait sM ihrlU. 
I ha^a a bnCbcr In yoadcr ecwrt 

Wm aina ma qakUy trn." 

*0 gin ya kara a hvolhcr on aarth, 

Ikat ya lo^ mafar than ma, 
Ta amir Mow tits hani yennd'," ha mya, 

" Par a Mart I winaa d'a." 

ta^a iha bngla In ha* ■«»«., 
And Uawn baHh loud and ihillli 
WBHam atarted at tha aonad, 
■ma har qnloklj tUL 



hy OnrLadya, 

Into this how, 
fight wi-1 

O flMir ka'% Ai^ht tha wood wltUn, 

m tha aan waa gotaf down I 
And diopa o* blood, fraa Bom tlw Bad» 
I pearlng to tha groand. 

laaalaat an aik, 
■aM^r-^* Bobin, let ma h«: 
For It Sa a hMdjra, toad and bom. 
That haa fiMagbt thla dagr wl' 

O anan ibot ha slattad hack, 
CHcd— " Alai and woa ii n« ! 

I wMhed nwcr, in all my life, 
A wamMi'a blaid ta ami 

"And fhat aU fbr tha knightly vow 

I iworo bjr Oar ladya ; 
Bat mair fbr tha mka o' aa Mr maid. 

Whom nama la White Lflly." 

Iban OBtand opaka bar, Bonga the Boondt^ 

And laugh riirht heartilla, 
" Bha haa boon wi' y« this yaar and n^ 

Though ya wMaa it * 

Now word haa gana fhroogh all tha hmd, 

Bekna a month wao gana, 
That a ft»aKtar*t paga in goda gmw-wood. 

Had bora a bonnia I 

Tha mnrrd gaad to tha Ung^ eoart. 

And to tha Ung himad* ; 
" Now, by my fea," tha king dU my, 

" Thi Uka waa navar bmrd taUr 

Than oat than ipaka htm, BraU Ardmr, 
And huighM right kmd and hia— 

"I trow Mma aaay haa playM tha lows. 
And flad harala oountrla." 

" Bring ma my fltaM r* tha king gan my : 

My bow and arrows kean ; 
And 111 gaa hunt in yondar wood. 

And MO what's to ba I 

*' Ola It plaassyovrgraos,'* qnolh Bnald Ar- 
** My Ucga 111 gang you wl*, [tbar. 

And iM gin I ean maat a bonnIa paga, 
That^ sUnyd awa' flraa ma." 

And they ha^ ehassd In guda grana-wood, 

Tha buek bat and tha raa, 
Tm they drew near Brown BeUn'a I 

About tha ekee o' day> 

Than osrt and spaha tha Ung hlmsrt% 
8^*-^* Arthur, hiok and ssc, 

Ola yon ba not yoar flivoarlte paga^ 
That leans against yon < 

O Arthni^ ta'en a bu^-hom. 
And blawn a blast saa shrill ; 

Bwaet WUUe started to her feat. 
And ran him qaleidy tOL 

*' O wanted ya your moat, WIDia^ 
Or wanted ya your fee f 

Or gat ye ¥tr an angry word. 
That ya raa awa' ftne ma^ 



SOOniSH HiTJiiWi. 

'* I mntod nooght, my 

TDiiMy«ay« wa 
I «un' to M* my M brotter, 

That woos ia this gi«iM>wood.'* 

Tbn out hwpafci tht king afklB,— 

" My boy, BOW toll to ma, 
Wko dwtUs Into yen bigly boar. 

AmA iMif naa bcbt yon outlaw^ boor 
ror Cmt timj mM y UlL- 

**0 band your tongoo, my bonolt boy ! 

Ttor I wlnn* ba wid nay t 
Bat 1 will gang yoo bow wtthla, 

B«tM« m« wmI or < 

And mfllio antrmd ia ; 
▲ad tbom they aaw h«r, Whita Lilly, 
XonlBg hor bonnk yoong ( 

** Kow, by tlM mMi," the king ho i^d, 

" Thte U a oumoly sight: 
I tiow, Inrtwid of a fa rm taf 


O ontand ■paka hor. Bow tha 

And Ml low on her knot:— 

"O pardon ua,my gmoioosU^gib 

And otti ilocy i'U toll tha^ 

*'OBr Aithw b a malthy lord, 

Llvw into Barnkdalt: 
Bat WW had a wiekad ■top>motlicr. 

That wrought ua malkla bate. 


As «'cT t 

And tho 

dw twa aa lb' fldr 
bo ran did Mai 

o' th«m lo'od my ■later 
tothar mid ho lo'ad ma.** 

Hun oat and eriod hhn, BanM Arthar, 

Aa by tha king ha itood,— 
"Kow, by tha bith of my body, 

Thia tttld ba Boaa tha Bed !" 

Tha Ung haa aaot ftir robao & gi 
And giidlta o' ablning gold : 

AaA m» maa have tho ladym 
Baa glerlona to bahold. 

Than In and aama him, 
Frae hunting o' tho Ung^ 

Bat whoa ha mw tha king 
Ha ataitod baok tor taf 

Tha king haa ta^n RoUn by «ba hand, 
And bade him nothing dnod. 

Bat quit for aye tha goda gnaa -wo u d, 
Aad oomo to tha ooari wl* 

The klag haa ta^m WbMe LIQy^ eon, 
Aad eet him oa hie knee ; 

Baya, '* Ola ye llvo to wield a brand, 
Uy bowman thoa mil bo.'* 

Thaa they have ta>n them to the holy ehapalla. 

And there had Mr wadding; 
▲ad whan they earn* to the king^ oeuiV 

Vor joy the balls did ring. 


(Taa AiDvwfag vHslOB of ** Bow the Bod and 
Whito Lilly" Is Arom Buehan*s Ballads of the 
North. It dUfcn materially fhm tha oae glwon 
In SeoU'a lUnatralmr'] 

Now word Is gana thnmgh a* the 
Oodo eaal that it ana apnad ! 

To Bom tho Bed and Whlto UOt, 
Ihsir mithor dear wa 

Thsir tethar^ mairiad a baold 
And brought her owar the aea{ 

Twa aprightly youths, hor ala yoang i 
btlll her oompanla. 

They ax^d thalr aym on thom ladlos. 
On ahlpboard aa they stood. 

And aware, if orar they wan to 1 
Thaae ladtas they would wad. 

Bat there was naa a qaarter part, 
A quarter paat but thiva. 

Till theee young laven a' 


Tha knlghta th«y harped 1* thair 
The ladiee erw'd and sang { 

There was malr mirth in that 
Than a' their Ihthar'S Ian'. 


TIkd «^ It ciiBk* tlMfar ■tepmlthcr, i 

At Ike vUlr-ltooi ttood ifa«; 
"Vm plMMd wt' yoar trauUcaome noiie, 

WkU aiJBM row mdodte ? 

i " Bat we will chaaga oar own fti' naaua, 
And well gang fyae the town ; 
Fno Boea the Bed aad White Llllla, 

•■ BMi tte led, jn riBff too tooA, 
WUle LUlle foar votoe li ttnuis; 

Bat gin 1 live ud brook 1117 lUb, 
1^ fv jrott chMigo Toor Muog.** 

" And we will oat oar green elolthlng 

A littio abeon our knee ; 
And we will on to gnde greenwood* 

Twa baold bowraen to ba." 

" Wo maaam ctenfe oar loud, load MBg, 

For BM dakfl^ «m ]f«11 Imr i 
VTo wiDooehoogo onr kmd, leod Mag, 

Bat oio wOV riof tho mok. 

«* Ohon, abu !•' laid White Lnila, 

** Uy ilngera are bot ama' } 
Aad though my hande would wtald the bow^ 

They wlona yUd at a'." 

" Wo aem amr tke na«, mUhar, 

W«V take oar harpo Isto our baada* 
Aad won barp, and ao'U dng." 

*'0 had your tongue now. White LOBa, 

And lot theae flaara a* be; 
Thera'a naething that ye'ra awkward in. 

Bat I wUl kam thaa." 

on^a colFa apon oer twa joaag BMMy 
Halo, ■* Boao' ]w fcr the Ml 

Lat Bo« llM Bed. and Whlti LOlta^ 
ftay la tMr bootr oi* na.- 

Then they are on to gnde greenwood 
Aa flut aa gang oouU they ; 

then they spied htm, Bobin Hood, 
Below a green alk tree. 

* Ood teMd," arid liar ddart MB. 

VbWm }« ««n M Uod to oar IwoB 

Aa gla a« woe them wt'." 

"Oodo day. gude day, kind air," th^ aail, 
*' Gkid make you aaft and ftoa." 

** Qua* day, gude day," aaid Bobln Hood, 
** What la your willa wl' mo ?" 

'* Tot aavw tlM loM, mj pntlar aoDi, 
Toll bean' jroo fee tho flMm; 

I^ Booe the Bed. and Whito Lima, 
aHV te iMr bowon at taania.* 

** Lo heie we are, twa baniah'd hnighia. 
Come flrao our native haine ; 

We're eome to erarc o' thee eerefae. 
Our king will gi'o oa nana.'* 

** wlwa «1* yoo no eano alaagi 

Wo frit Um atomy aaa; 
And when we go, je no^ alian know, 

Xor ahaO bo known bj thee." 

" If y« be twa young banUhM knightib 
Tell mo firao what eountrie ;" 

" Free Anater town into KAdltta, 
Yo know it aa waU aa wt." 

jnwD wl* Bar haraa aod bofitefooa wofd. 

tte fbre'd theae takda awi^; 
WiAa Boae tko Bod and White LnOo 

Btffl fa tiMir bowotadM alajr. 

«* If a* bo trna that yo ha'o aald. 
And tauld Juit now to moi 

ToVe weloome, wcloomo, arary out, 

Bat Umm «a« not a qoarter paa^ 

A favtar poat bat aao 1 
TB Booa the Bed to nga alio gaod, 

WUta UUIa« dolthiag grew thin. 

•« Now ye ahall eat aa I do col. 

And lye aa I do lye; 
Te aalna wear nao w«ar rf««*Hfg 

Nor ny yoang man aad I." 

Wr bftlar oaaga aocty daj. 

The ladlaa ttey thonaht bingi 
"Objo, ahN* Bid Booa the Bad, 

Bha%9»'daaahanfaoaraBBC» 4 

Than they wont to a mfaMiaa hooao. 
And there they cntefd ini 

Aad MiohoUa ftd wf BoUn Hood, 
And B.gcrwl'UtUe John 



Bat H Mi MMB opoa m day, 
Thay «m« at tlM pattlng-alaiw , 

Whto Bom Um B«d tfaa vtewd tkam *', 


Bh« Mi Um tteM tfacn tri* hm 
And kap'd It wi* hw kaM ; 

And spaoca thiw aboon tbcm a', 
I wjrta aba farid It flaa. 

8ha aat bar baok tliaB to a tna. 
And ga'a a loud Ohon I 

A lad tftk' In tha aompaaia, 
" 1 haar a woaian% i 

** How know joa that, jwaag man/ 
" How know jrou that o* ma ? 

Did a'ar ya lea ma In that plaee, 
Ala liot my faaad to Am ? 

** Or kiMnr ya by my ehaiy 
Or by my yallow hair? 

Or by tba papt oa my bnaat 
Ta aavar mw tham ban." 

■ha aid. 

** I knaw net by your ehany 
Nor by your yellow hair; 

But I kaow by your mllk*whlla 
On It thna grawa naa hair. 

" I nc«ar Mw yea la tfiat • 
A'« fboi yoar groand tofl«oi 

I*vt Man you Man' wl' twoid In han* 
•Hang maal blood ta tha ki 


By night, or yat fay day ; 
1 ■hall know, bdbre I go, 

Ifya ba man or may." 


**0 Ifyoa eaoN ny boaar wUhln, 

By night, or yet ligr day ; 
As ■oon't 1 draw my troaty brand, 

Kaa tang ya'U wi' na May." 

Bat Im b haanlad to bw bowM, 
Her bigly buwar o' ttana. 

Till ha baa gut bar Mg wi' balm. 
And naar mx nontha ■he's gana. 

When thfca nudr montha wan aoma and 
Tbcy gaa'd tt> bant tha hynda ; [gana. 

She wunt to ba tba facnmoat anc. 
Bat now attiy'd Ibr bahynd. 


Bm Invar loaka brr In tba ftm 
And tbuii to bar add ha i 

*' 1 think yo«r rhwlw are pah 
Play, what gaaa want wi 

b* agbt luva 

" O want ya reaM to yoar braaat. 

Or rlbboas ta your ■h aa n f 
Or want ya aa muckla o* dwr booght luva 

A^ yonr boart aan Mnt>an f 

** I want nna roaM to my 
Naa ribbons ta my 

Var want I aa maeUa 
Aamy baait 

"I'd latbar ba^ a flia babyad. 

AnitbcT ma belwa ; 
A gada midwUW at my right 

Till my yoaag baba ba ba«a> 

** III kladla a flra wi* a fliat 
Bring wina in a horn grnca ; 

I'll ba midwUb at yuar right alda, 
Till your yoang baba ba bunu' 

'*That wnt na*M my mltbMli 
Fiirbid that It ba mlna ! 

A knight atan* by a taMly bright. 
Whan ■ba dram a' hi 

" Tbara b a kalght la gada gi 

Thnagb atocik and atana, and tha hawthon 

aaa aoual ba would < 

■* If there ba a kaight la gada 
Ya Ilka better than ma t 

Ifaoee be aoma yoar bowar arttbia. 
Ana 9r ae twa ehall dea." 

■ba ■■ta bora ta bw aaaatb. 
And aha blew load and abriU s 

Tbr agh aloak and atana, and the 
Biava &HgM aaBM her tilL 

** Wbali hare aaa baaVt," Ibe youth replied, 

'* Thus to anaraaeh ua ma ?"* 
" O hare am I," the knlyht rapliad, 

" Ua^e Bi muob right aa I 

Tbaa they fcaght ap tba gada 
Baa did th«y down tha plain ; 

Thi-y oUdari ithvr wi' laag hiaid 
Till thay wen bkedy 




Aln wMeb Chit fettlval «M Ngvdetf tf tha popo- 
I. diiptaiyfl At th« MiM tioM tlMlrlAwlMieea- 

•■t H ip«k« witfav |«B«h, 
AnuMf tlM MBpaBlc { 
Ola I had kcBi whai I has n«w, 

Aa ni daath mat jra dM ! 
aHlwath I* taaU ape' joatrnt, 
Ya Bight ha** hMl'd aa ma." 

TlHjr Mac right JgyfalUt t 





to b oww aa ha*, 



It k liwa la Mr 

The fiuna." ajrs Mr 

«rhoU BoUa Bead, (tnwhnn InMll- 

tha ttda of lb* Sari of Uunt- 

htoAMCHwnidb Uttl* Joha.waa 

t* BaglMMl, bat waswvUbaawa In 

h«a tbdr gallaat esplolu ar* jrtt 

, aad haw bMema ttiU noia Aunl- 

tha pahUeaUoa of 'Ivaaheai* la 

daet, aad tha ■liiimof M» eJyii paww, ia th> 
dilf or Bdlabatgh ia tha ftmrtNeth oaatary.— 
'TbasHnaorRoMaHoodwaaaaMntad iatha 
aioath of Maj. Tba popabtca awimblad pra> 
to tba aalabratlOD of this fntival, and obon 
t w n a U bla nianbar of the aurporatloa to 
la tfat dhaiaetir of BoUa Hood, and 
iBthatoTUtUoJoha, hiaaqaiia. Upea 
dajr appofatad, «bhih waa a Suaday or a 
hoUdaj, tha paepla a aw ia blad ia nUlcary anar, 
aad wont to bobm adJolotDg flel 1, wbara, althar 
aa aatow er a p aat at o r a, tba whrta iBhabHaata of 
tha laqiaatlTa towaa vara aoevonad. In thla 
flrtd tlMf peafaabljr amaaHl tbaoMalvaa with a 
rapiaaiBlalieB of Bobla Uood'a pndalory cs- 
ploita* or of Ua anonantara wtth tha oBaara of 
JaaMaab Aa B a aaare aa naatlBga for dlaardtriy 
mirth ara apt to angandar tomalt, when tha 
minda of tha paopla oaaia to ba agitatad with ra- 
Ugloaa oontrovony. It waa tmnd naeaamry to 
rapram tha gama of Bobln Hood by pubUa 
atatata. Tha popalaea waaa by ao maana wUllng 
to laUnqalah their fltaoorlta aniamniant. Taar 
aflar year tha magMialea of Edlobargh ware 
obligad to aaart thair aathority la raprmlng 
thla gamo, oAaa laaAetaaUy. In tha year lUl, 
tha Biab wara ao aoiagad la baing dMappoiated 
la nuJdag a BoMa Hood, that they roaa la 
matinyf ariaad oa tho dty gataa, eommlttad 
robbarica apoa atraagara; aad one of tha ring* 
laadara, being ooadamaad by the maglatiataa to 
ba hanged, tha mob Ibraad open the Jail, aet at 
liberty tho arimlnal and all the prtaoaera, and 
brake la plaaaa tha gibbet enetad at the en as for 
aaacotlBg tha malalhatof. They aext aamalttd 
the BiagiaUataa,who wna altUag In tha ooaneU- 
ehamber, and who fled to tha tolbooth Ibr abal* 
tar, where the aaob attacked them, battering 
tba dooia, aad pootlag atenaa throo^ tha w1b« 
dowa. AppHeaHoawaaBiadatotbodaaeonaorthe 
eorpavattoaa ta appeaaa the tumult. Bemalntng, 
however, anao u oernad opectatan, they made thia 
anawer i— TAiy mill ba wimgtttrmtm a/eiw t M Uttm 
nit tk» maMftade alMw. The magiatrataa wara 
kept la aonflnameat till they made proe^amatloa 
ba pabiiahed, oObrlag ladaranlty lo the rtoteia 
apoa laylag down their arma. BtOl, however, 
ao lata aa the year UM, we flad ttia Oeaeral Aa> 
aanibly aempklnlag «f tha proAmatlen of tha 
Kabbath, by maktag af Bnbia Hood Playi.'— 
Amot<a Bh«. of Edln. eb. II. 

an tba aamarotta ballade i 


OHtfawi, tiM «dilor hu not dlMOvmd thai tb« 
prwTDt on* has aver bwn pabliahcd. Th* adU 
tor obHTTw boawvcr, a ballad lo tha ' Border 
MlBttfvky/ under tha tttia of • Rom tha Bad 
and yrhlU UUj,' whiah b arMantly ftmndwl oa 
the nina rtory. Tha aditor of that work la cor- 
net ia hie oeq)cetBi»» that It lalated to BoMn 
Bood. One might Away a ellght raennblaDee 
batwaan tha maetiiiff af BoUo Uaod with tha 
heroliiee of thie balfaid, and hto nMctliif with 
Ctorioda, or • MaM Marlaa/ at detailed la ' Bo- 
bla Hood^ birth, btaedlng, ^raloar and 
»/ a* pobUebad I9 Mr BltK«» Fart IL"] 

Thb king hae wedded an 111 
Into eome fbrelgn land (— 

Hie daughlere twa» that ifeood In awa, 
Thej bravely eat and 1 

la ^^,^„^,»,^, 

Baa etately •t»n>'B' ben t— 
** O gin 1 live and bralk mj lift, 
111 gar ja diaage jour tana." 

**0 w« eang ne'er that 
But wa will elag again t 

And je ne'er bora that eon. 
We wad lajr our love on. 

'* But wa wOl eow our yallaer loeha, 

A Uttla abnna our bree, 
▲ad we will on to gude gi ee u w a d. 

And eerva far meat and fan. 

** And wa wUl kilt our t^r daithtog 

A little below the knee; 
And wa will on to gude greenwnd, 

Gif Bobin Hood we eee. 

" And we win change aor ain twn 1 
Whan we gea free the toun«— 

The taae w wUl ealt NIabahM, 
The tither Bogee Bonn.** 

Than th«j ha^a eowd thrir laUaw 
A lltUe abune thdr brae; 

And they an on to gude greenwod. 
To eerve far aaeat and faa. 

And thiy ha** changed thebate twa 
Whan they gaad free the tonn;— 

The tana they've ealled M lelMlas, 
The tithar Bogee Boua. 

And they ha-aetald In gnda 
And never a day thoooht lang, 

TUl it lUl anae upon a day, 

But now 


wa walk the gude 

" Whan wa wan 


We wove the 

beaten gold: 

Bat now wa waa 


Ataal warn die with aold 1" 

And they ha** kUt their gay elalthlag 

A little bctow their knn» 
And they aia on to gnda greeawad, 

«lf BoMn Hood they eea. 

I up beipak' him Bdbin Hoed* 
Ae Im to them drew near, — 
** laelcad or boya to earry thr haw. 
Two ladlee we've get here !** 

80 they had not bean la gnda gi a ta a u d, 

A twalmenth and a day, 
Tin Bogee Baun wae as big wl' hahrn, 

Aa onto lady aeuH gae. 

" O waa be to myh^y——... 

That garr'd me leave my hamc. 
Tor I'm wl' bairn to Robin Hood. 
' nine monthe to 1 

** O wba win be ray boner-' 
Ka bouer-woman ie hare I 

O wha will be my bouer-woman. 
Whan that and time dmwi near I" 

Tha tana wae wedded to BoMn Vood, • 

And the Uthcr to Little John t— 
And It waa a* owing to their etep-molhir 

knee their I 

99snli )9oTn. 

[" Taeoan Rynd Horn ] 
tha wd i r'e attention on aoeount of its poetry, 
yet it to highly vuluabto ea iUuttratlva of the hto- 
^tayaf reaiaattobaUad. la fact. Utoaathhag 



nctrl- A" For whta jtmr itag tarn* pale and 

9t Us '%«»lnt» IatU%' and 

vm teat OM* eoBvlaoad, If 
It witk tlM ramaaoa anadtd to» or 
fdlfa lb* ftagawBt of Um OB« yic«e nwd in 
AadhlalMk MB., mtHtod, 'Bora* ChOdo i 
MahlM Bimlafld.' both of wUeh aiidnit 
an to bo IboDd hi BitMoU Metrical Bo> 
It la, prrbapo, wavmemuj to ramlad 
V that Bond or Hjrnd moans 'eeur- 
aAiblo,' te., an oplthet, whioh, wo 
tko hora of tho ballad was ftUly on* 

a yooBg «klld bom, 
and a bow lo kn ; 
callod joong H jsd Bom, 



tho king, 
and a bow U> Ian; 

of his doehtor Jean, 
tho brassc blooms boonls. 

With a h9 lilitai and a how lo kn ; 

111 BiBl jnimt lljTii *T — 1 1- "- . 

I Iks boh and tho baims blooms bOBaie. 

Ok! I nsvirsaw my loro boten. 
With ahsjr ttUolB and a how lo ton, 
1 mw has (hroiii^ an aagrs bors. 

ko gars to mo a gaj gold riot, 
"With a hof lOkln and a how to Ian, 
hsM ihlntng dhwnoods set thevrin, 

*" And I g»«o to hsr a sOrer wand. 
With a hsgr llilolu and a how lo bm, 

VCRIOhS set thSTiOB, 

1 ths brans blooms bonnlo. 

WIthatef BDsla 


With a hey lilloln and a how h) Ian, 
Thsn I'm fai love wltl^another man, 
▲nd tho bilk and tho bmmo Uooou bonnto.** 

He's loA ths land, and hs's gone to tho ssa. 
With a hsy UHolu and a how lo ten, 

And he^ stsyvd there seven ycais and a day, 
▲nd tho Urk and tho bmmo blooms bonnls. 

Seren lang yaars hs has bsen en tho ssa. 
With a hiy UlMa and ahow lo fam > 

And Hynd Hon has looked how his ring may bs^ 
And the bilk and the bramo blooms bonnlo. 

Bat when he leohsd this ring npon, 
With a hey Ullela and a how lo kn. 

The shining diamonds wem both pale and was. 
And tho blrk and the brame Uoome bonnlsb 

Oh! ths ring it 

With a hqr lllleln and a how lo Ian ; 
And she's either dsod. or she's married, 

And the blrk and the brume bkMNns 

Hs^ loll the ssMk and hs's some to tho land. 
With a hey Ullela and a how lo Ian, 

And the Snt he mot was an auld beggar man. 
And ths bilk and the bmme blooms bcmnle. 

** What news? what news? my silly sold man? 

With a hay llUcla and a how lo Ian ; 
For It's seven yean sines I hare ssen land, 

And ths blrk and ths brums blooms bonnkb 

" Whatnsws^ what news ? thou sold beggar man? 

With a hey iUlelo and a how lo Ian ; 
What newe * what news? t^ ssa or Und ? 

And the blrk and the bmme bloome bonale ** 

*« JTo nowsataO." said the anld bsggar i 
With a hey Ullela and a how lo Ian; 

Bat then is a wedding hi the kingli hall, 
And the Mrk and the brume blooms boonla. 

" Thsn Is a king's dochter in the west. 
With a hey lUklu and a how lo Ian, 

And she has been married thlr nine nlghti past. 
And ths blrk and the brume bkioms bonnls. 

" Into ths bridsbsd shs wlnna gang. 

With a hey Ullela and a bow lo Ian i 
TiU she hcan tell of her ain Hynd Horn, 
m And the blrk and the brume blooms bOBalr> 



** wnt Oiea giv* to me thy iMfghiff 
Wita ■ iMjr llOela and a bow le Ian, 

▲■d lil gtf to thM mjr leartet doak. 
And tha bWt and tba 


'■wnt tlMo (Iva to hm th7 bagglnf stall; 

With a hey UUcIa and a bow lo Ian, 
And III gl«« to thM mj ffood fiay MMd, 

And thi birk and thi btuna Uooon benala." 

Thr onM brggar man oaM off hit 
With a h«7 UlMo and a hew lo km. 

And h*l ta'n op tho Hartot eioak. 
And tha bMi and tho 

fko anld htggar aaaa throw down hit 
WUh a htf Iflklu and a how lo laa. 

And ht is moantod the good gm etocd, 

The anld beggar man was bound toe the ulD, 
With a hey UlMa and a how lo taw ; 

Bat yonng Hynd Honi Ibr the klngl ball. 
And the Urk and tho bruno bhMtns boania. 

The anld beggar man was boond ibr to ildo^ 
With a hay lUklu and a how lo taui { 

Bot yoang Hjrnd Horn was bonnd nir too bndOy 
And tho bbrk and the 

When ha came to Uie klngH geto, 
WU' aLr. iniein and a how lo Ian, 

He aehcd a drink far Toang Hjmd Bora's sake, 
And the bilk and tho brame bhMois hoanlew 

These news ante the bonnle bride oamo. 

With a hrjr liUeln and a how lo Ian, 
That at the ycU there stands an aald 

And the birii and the bsiuna bloons bonnlsw 

*' Thero stands an snid man at tho Mag'^ gats. 
With a hey llllela and a how lo laa. 

Be aiheth a drink tor young Bynd Hora^ sshs. 
And tho bIrk and tho bnune l 

"111 go thnmgh nine ires so hot. 

With a hey Ullria and a how lo km t (u— , 
But 111 give him a drink far yoang Hynd Bora's 

And the Mrk and the 

iho went to the gats whoK the aoM man did 
With a hey lillelu and a bow h> Ian, (stand. 

And she gave him a drink oat of her own hand. 
And the birii and tho 

^ ( She gave him a cap oat of her own 1 
With a hey llllela and a hew lo kn. 
Bo drank oat the drink, and drspt In the ri^^ 
And tho bilk and tho bsoM Moons bonola. 

" Got thea it by ssa. 
With a hey llllela 

And the Urk and 

" I got H not by ssa, bat I get It by tend. 
With a hsy Ullola and a how lo Ian, 

For I got it oat of thine own hand, 
Aad the Uric and tha 

got than It bf 
a how lo laa, 

** 111 osflt off my gowns of brawa; 

With a hsy Ullehi and a how le laa. 
And 101 fallow thee from 

*' 111 esst off my gowns of rsd. 
With a hsy UUela and a how le tea, 

Aad along with thee IH beg my bread. 
And ths btak Bad the 

not east off thy gowns of brown. 
With a hsy llllela and a how lo km. 
For I eaa maho thee lady of many a town. 
And the birk and the bnmo 1 

" Then need not oast off tfqr gowas of nd. 
With a hey Ullein and a how lo tea. 

For I ean maintain thee with both wine aad 
Aad tho Urii aad the 

Tho bridegroom thooght ho had the boanls brtls 

With a hsy'lUMa and alww lo km; 
Bat yoang Hynd Hera took ths brids to 
Aad tho bUk and the bramo 

ftaitb of aimni. 

rFaoK Mr Klnloeh<s 
properiyr of the aaeii 
family of Inrin or Irrtno, Is 
psrish Of Dramoak, la Al 
ballad was oom posed on tho 
ander Irriae of Dram to his 


U« hMl ftt¥hmttf. In IMS, lauvled 
Mmrj. feurtk JBiighliff 9t a«eifl»» Moond Mwr- 

Tn LaM o^ Draai ftm-muiat gaaa* 

It WW OB • morolBC Mi4y» 
^Dd he ha* Anm la «H* a boanto naj 

My booalt naj* my ma! fcort may, 

will yoa Auiey iM» O ) 
be dM lady «* Dran, 

And lat your ■hwrinf ate*, O." 

«* It^ I aasna ftaoy thM, Had ilr, 

1 wfausa tutor tbWp O, 

I wiana fM and b* lady o* Dran, 
Aad laft my liMariny abw, O. 

**Bm art yoar kf* on anithar, klad ak, 
Bm It net on no, O, 
1 am Boi At tt> bo your brida^ 
bwa I'll DOfcr ba, O. 

" My fcther ho ta a riMphwd BMB. 

Kaepa dwap on yoodv bill, O, 
Aad }• amy fM and apofar at I 


Xoopins bis tboip on yon bill, Ot 

haa cotton bit eoDMOt 
That tho nay «aa at bio win, O. 

▲ad I 

noTor btoosht ap at 
ba mBk eow and 


** Shell «ta in your barn at boar-aecd tfana, 
Gbat oat your mnok at Tola, O, 

■ddlo your atwd in time o* naad, 
dmw aff your booti band', O.* 

* Ra*o not I no dargynon ? 

Pay I no olctsy Iko, O? 
n ochool bar as 1 think flt, 

1 aa I think woA ts bo, O. 


" n Isora yoar loarfa to icod and wrlta. 
Ami ni pat bor ta the sebccl, O i 
to wddle ny steed. 


*" Bat wbB wDl bako ny bridal bfend. 

Or brsw ny bridal alo. O : 
And wtaa wlU aroteono my bonnle biido, 

Im nair than 1 aon till, O." 

Dran la to tba hiafamds fino. 

For to nak' a' mdy. 
And a' tiM gmtiy roand aboat, 

Oilad, ** Yonder^ Drain aad hia tady I 

** FiCCr €battB ia a vaiy boanio bride, 
And Dram iaa wealthy laddla, 

Bvt he mieht haia cboaen a bier match, 
Thao oala abopbordu i 


I ap baapak' hh brithar John, 
Baya^ '* To'to deea us meikle wranx, 0, 
Te've married sen below cMir dafoe, 
Alako to a' ear Ua', O." 

** Hold year tongno, my brlther John, 
I have dooB yoa na wrang, O, 

For I've married 

to wirk and win, 
oon to spend, O. 

" The in* tfano that I bad a wUb, 
I fl» abeen my daiino, 0| 

X darct na como in her i 
Bol wi' my hat ope' my knee, O. 

" The Bmt wlib that I did wad. 
She was Aw abeen my degree, O, 

tte wadu ha'O walk'd to the yotts <f Dram 
Bat tho pearls abeoB her bree, O. 

** Bat aa sho was adard fbr aa mooh gnM 

As Paggya Ibr beantio, O, 
Bha miabt walk to tho yetta o* Drum 

«, O." 

There war Amr^md -twenty gcntlamao 
Stood at the yottt o» Dram, O, 

There waa na ana amang them a* 
That waloomM his lady ia, O. 

I her by tho milk-whito band, 
And led bar in blmsel', O, 
And In tbroagb ha's, and In through boverv 
" Aad yo'ra waloofbo, lady o* Dram, u." 

IMea ha kliacd her chany chaek, 
Aad thrioe her cherry ebin, O { 
Aad twenty times her eoroely mou',— 

t, lady o' Drum, O. 


"YtMlllwoooklamykftihMi, A OfllMb^liiDliiffMd tfaacvMt. 

Butter In injrh«',0; 

That bappcnH Uiatr A tba Harlaw ; 

T« Mil b« lady in mjr eommuid. 

Than b* antisatad nt* tak* tent. 

WtaM I rid* fkr am', 0.** 

And ha tha truth aeuld ta ma aahaw.— 

*' Bat X told y* albrt «• war wad. 

" Grit Booald of tha Tin did oWaa 

I WH own low for thoe, ; 

Unto tha lands oT Boas sum naht. 

Bat DOW w« an wod, and in ■« bad laid* 

And to thagovamour ha eama. 

▲ad f mauB ba oonfenii wl* um, Oi 

Than br to half gif that ha aalahti 

Qnba saw his intarsst was but sUcbt, 

** For an I war dead, and y war daad. 

And thaliftira ans««rit with dMaia : 

And iialth In •• grava laid, 0, 

Ha bastit ham* baith day and nlrht. 

And jra and I war tan* ap asain. (0 ?* 

Aad seat naa bodword back agate. 

WhaeottlddiitaB yoor noola fkna mlna. 

** Bat Booald. il^t hnpatlnit 

or that answer duka Bobart galf, 
H* vowed to God omnipotent. 

AU the bale lands of Boss to imUt 

mt i^attU of l^adsto. 

Or clb. h* giaithsd in his gialT, 
B* wald not quat bis richt for nodit. 


[T«u ballad lalatea vary Uthfttlljr and dr. 

That bargain sould badsirty boeht. 

fboglit in 1«U. batwaen Donald of tba Islca and 

" Than halstylla ba did aomnand. 

tb* Karl of Marr, n*ph«w to tb* Duk* of Al- 

That all bis weir-m«n should oonvcna 

bany, Recant of floocland dnif ag the oapttrlty of 

Ilk ana wall haraialt fkaa hand. 

Janus I — In tba " Comptaynt of SeoClaad/' 

To mait, and hair quhat ha did mala ; 

pubUdwd in 1648, a ballad, witb tbto titia, k 

Ua wasit wrath, and vowit tain, 

m«ntion«d aa balng tbaa popular, bat tba pia- 

Swalimad ha wald aurpryse tha north. 

sent was Brat publlibed by AUaa Bam«y, and 

Sabdaw the bragh of Aberdane, 

In aU libaiihiwd writtan by btan.] 

Maama, Aagas, and aU Fy<b, to f^orth. 

FaAB DanMeir aa I oam' throooh. 

" Thus with tha walr^nan of tha Tta^ 

Doan bir tb* biU of BteneeUa, 

Quba war ay at his bidding boan'. 

Allangat the tend* ofOarioeb, 

With money maid, with fun* aad wyb. 

Orit plU* waa to hair and aa. 

Bi^t flur and near, balth up and down : 

Tba noyt and dalainm hmnoala. 

Throw mount and muir, ftac town to towa^ 

That cvir that dralry day did daw. 

Allangst tha tend of Boas ba roan. 

Cr}-and the eorynoeb on hla. 

And all obeyed at hla baadoaa, 

■' Alaa, ala^ Ibr tba Harlaw." 

Bvla Ikaa ths n<wth to sathren ahoaia. 

I marviit what the mattar malat. 

" Then all tha cantrla m«n did iMd, 

All follu war In a flery fbiiy. 

For oas rssistans durst thsy mak'. 

I wbt Doebt quba was ft* or Mend, 

Bor oflbr battill la tba AeM. 

ZIt quietly I did ma eartls ; 

Ba fbrss of arms to belt bim bak ; 

Bat ssn tba days ofaold king Harrle, 

Byn* they rasolvlt all and spak*. 

Ble slauchter waa not hard nor atna i 

That bsst It was Ibr their brhoif. 

And thair I had naa tynw to tally. 

They aould him for thalr eblftain tak'. 

For biaslncH in Ab*rdana. 

Bellavlng wall ba did them lava. 

Thus aa I amlUton tha way. 

" Than ha a proelaawtion maU, 

All men to meet at Inverness 

I net a man, and bad him atay. 

Throw Mnrray land to mak' a raid. 

ft FnM Aithiisvyia nato Spsyaaisf 






tkadry, mair and 1 



■11 hb nMa be tr««, 
mmdis M*Wf 




parti ha ■Kratly past, 
I, mad mm war glald, 
all ajftt J 
' aU tlMw flaUa ha ipad him felt, 
toe rfo a ikht waa aaver anM, 

Aad thMi, tetDlth, ha lai^d at kal, 
lb M tha bffveh «r Abenlaaa. 

<«iy» Uodv fhia protid ^...n'r^*. 

The alaat aad mkhly erie of Mar, 
With aU h^ mail la anm did iTie. 
ftae OUffiBif to Gimicrvar ; 
dowa the tfda ctDoa rleht fkr, 
A^ae and Mcaraa did aU ooai 
T» fccht, or DoiMld eama fl 
1 of Abavdane^ 

«■ Aad thH Iha martial aria of Mar 
Maicht with hlaniea In rlahtanar, 

B d hii e tha eaarele waa aware, 
Bh haaaer haaMljr did dlapla^i 
For wefl t«eweh Oey head the waj, 

Aad aA their annMaaee weU thaj ww, 
Wltheat all daaglr or ddagr, 
I haitflf to tha Harlaw. 

* WHh him tha brair hnd Ofttfy. 

or Angwt iheitf^prtncipall ; 
She aooitabUl ofgoda Dvnde, 

led befbre them all; 
la namber they war email, 
Thaf Int iteht bauldlla did poretw, 
Aad maid tlwlr Am heftitr them Ml, 
I did mirly rew. 

the wetthy lord flaMeaB, 

laird offDnna, 
aCalwart Wrd af Lamtcatene. 


Paamidr with all Ue man did enmi 
The proroe t of braif Aberdene, 

With tnimpela, and with tuidi of drum, 
fhme ehortly in their anaonr i 

— " t 

"Them with the eile of Mar eama on. 

In the nlr«ward rleht orderlies 
Their eaaiiilta to mt upon 

In awfhl manaar hantfly ; 

Toglthar rowit to live and die, 
Blnoe they had marehit mooy mylM^ 

For to eapp r ew tbm ^rnuinie 
Of dauted Donald of tha The. 

'* Bat ha la namber tea to ana, 

Bleht rabtUle ahmg did ride, 
Tirith Maloomtoeeh, and fUl Uadean, 

With all tbalr power at thair eyde ; 

Praeomeand on thaIr etrenth and piyde, 
Wlthoat aU Mr or ony aw, 

BUtt banldlia batUU did abyde. 
Bard by the town oTBdr Hariaw. 

"Tha armtae met tha trampet aoanda, 

Tha dandring dnuni allood did toah, 
Balth anaim b|dlng on the bounde, 

TUl aoe of them the Mrild eeald braik ; 

Naa help waa tliairfor, nana wad Joak, 
rtaB waa tha feeht on ilha eide, 

Aad on tha gnmnd lay mony a book, 
or them that thalr did batUll byd. 

** With deataam rleterle they dealt, 

Tha bludy battUl taatit brnf; 
Each man hia niboun Ibim thalr IMt, 

The weakcet aft-tinica gat the wmng; 

Thalr waa aae mowU thalr them amanft 
Hiaething waa heard but heavy knoelni. 

That eeho maid a duleAill mng, 
Thatarto moandlag fkae the rooka. 

" Bat BeaaMI men at lait galf back. 

For they war all out of amy ; 
Tha erie of Marie men throw them krak, 

Ponawing ehalrply in thair way, 

Thefar encmyi to tak' or alayt 
Be dyat of font to gar them yield ; 

Quha war richt biytb to win away. 
And ma fcr fbtrdacm tint tha llehL 

'Thea Donald fled, and that Ihll feat. 
To awttntalne hieh for all hia miehti 

For ha aad hIa war all acaat, 

Aad IBB tin thegr war oat oT aldit; 


And ■» of Ro« IM last hb italit» 

Tboeta iiKHiy awa with htm h$ biviefat; 
Towmrda tli* TIm flad day and plab^ 
And aU ha wwi «M dililla bgeht. 


4 AftilMtl 

*« TMa h." q«od ha, " Iha ilobt Npoft 

Of aU that I did hab and kaaw t 
Thoeh my tfaeoana ba tiimthlof 

Thk* thia to ba a rieht autha «w. 

ODotralrla 0«d and «ha klnfli law 
Thair waa ipllt mcUa OhriatlaB Mada^ 

Into tha hattU or Rarlaw t 
Thla ia tba aom, mm I 

" Bat iH a boanla qahyla abMa, 

And I Mil mak* tbaa daariy han, 
<tnhat aiauehtar waa od Ukay ayda. 

or Lowland and of HighlaiMl mm ; 
<|Bha Ibr thab awla haif tvlr baaat 

Tbaaa taala lowna mkM wall ba ipalrd, 
Chaaait lyka data* Into tfaair dana. 

And sat thaIr wafaa Ibr nwbM. 

** Matamtfiadi oTVba ( 

Madaan with hia grit iMMuhty haid. 
With all thair anaoour and raHaT, 

War dulaAilly dnnf to tha dald : 

And BOW wa ara fMd or thaIr Md, 
And will net lang to •ana afala ; 

Thoanuada with tham without i 
On Donald ayd, that day ' 

** And on tha nthar qda 

Into tha MM that dlamal day, 

Owirinon of worth (ornokla eoat) 
To ba laaiaatlt aalr ftir ay i 
The lord flaltoan oT BothanMy, 

A man of mlcht and mckla main. 
Grit dokmr waa fttr hIa daeay. 

That aaa nnh^pylio 

"or tha bast man I 

Tha graeioua gnda lord Ogtlvy, 
Tha aharlff-prineipal oT Aagna, 

Bcnownit Ibr tmth and aqoitia^ 

For fklth and mafnanlmitla; 
Ba had fbw fldlowa in tha MM, 

ZIt Ml by (ktal daatinla, 
Fbr ha naa ways wad gimnt to siald. 

** Sir Jamaa Ssrfmtaer oTIhrfdap, kaleht, 

Ont eoaataMU of Ur Donda, 
V-ito tha dnlaftiU dalth waa dleht ; 


1^ « 


At 8pay, with gnOa kteg Wnitan M^ 
■«nlnat Mnnay and Xaadaaaan^ I 

" Ondo Mr Aksaadar Irving. 

Tha mneh ranownit laird of DnnSf 
Kaaa la hIa daya waa ba ti ar oaoa, 

Qahan th^ war ambttt aU and awn I 

To pralM him wa aoaU not ba < 
War valoar, witt, and wwlhjnaaa. 

To and hIa daya ha thar dM aam, 

" And thaIr tha knlehft of 

Waa akin Into hla 
And gnda BIr BohaK Daridaon, 

<lnha proraa t waa «f Abatdana i 

Tha knioht of Faamnta aa waa i 
A mortal man in armonr brtobti 

9r Thoaaaa Mnriay atoat and 
Laft to tha world thalr laat gnda 

M not riaP Mac Kanett^ dayi^ 
81a atnmga Intaatiaa eiowal atiyf 

In deotlaad aaaa, aa Ok maa aaya, 
Qahair many Uklia hMt thalr lylb I 
^Ulk saM diroraa twwM maa and wyft. 

And mony ahildma htharlaw, 

q^ihUh In thii nabna haa bm« AdI rylb : 

Lord, halp thaaa landa^ oar wnaga i 

" la Jaly, OB Briat lamaa hb of«B. 

That fcnr«ad4waaty diaaiall day» 
Twohra hnndrad, tan aaora, and alavan, 

or aalia aaa Ohryat, tha aatha to aay I 

Man will r rreamhar aa thay may, 
<^haB thaa tha varitia thay know; 

And mony ft nno m^ mam tur ay, 
Tha brim batttt of tha Hartaiw.- 

Vbt %ins*0 Siaugi^tn. 

It wna a lord aad a gantlo 

■a* la a g raa n wood bowar, 
Aad thaa tha bmva flir Alfrad aaU 



flOOraSB BA&LAOe. 





1 iMwt lo*«d • |«ar and a dagri 




Aad *• tolnA Ulna laU and dawy 

Aada dMp MMh eritana'd hi 
■Hmvta bhH ihw. Alfrfd, and tkjjoang bflda, 
ItaifMi tWv yo« tha Jof JOB aMk I 


««r y«* fcr a omMmi «r law dagiM I 

■dtiv SMto la tiM UafB daa^l 
aadhqivaihf ; 


I la tmMlUag ha 



▲ad dovir lar Alftad haa UtfMid down t 

Bamh'd «lwa katlMMtk*«f *• Uartdaoshl 

1 knr AlAwl bai aatand tha rural haU 
'MIdita thoannd nebiM in rioh anvi 
Bat ht who waa on«a mora gagr than all, 
V I waiB, ana word to «jr« 

* Ob ! that M J hama v«a tha 

Vad« tha ahaltv of tha gnanarood tna I 
Okf thai my aiiangth had baM all Mr 

11m kiBf Ml high en hli royal throaa, 
Thaiigh hta halia war* gray. Us arm t 

** Oaod aooatai,- ha mM, fat a Jooand tona, 
*« la It than or thy Maad that has atay -d aa loQg ? 

** Bat It baota net now— Bring Ibrth tha brida 1 

Thoa haat aavor yat my daoghtv loon ; 
▲ woiAU teto it li thiaa to bUa. 

w hair li rod and hw «yoa ar* groan r 

IBM iirtb In a ooitly roll, 
▲nd nonght of har kao aoold Alfred ooo; 
Bat hlo ehook grow yat mora daadly pala. 
And ha Ml down Adtorlag npan hlo kaoai 

"Pudon I pardon ! my llogo, my Mag! 

▲nd lot ma ppoak whila I yot am frooj 
Bni ware oho blr at iha flowan of spring, 

Tq yoot daaghtw I navor oaa hwabaad ba." 

Lightning fla«h4 from the king's floreo cyo. 
And t hnn do r spoke In his angry tone, — 

*' Then the death of a traitor thou shalt die. 
And thy manlaga peal shaUbafeortaia'B 

••I nofw ftarM tadle. Sir Klag, 

Bat my pUghtsd frith I kar to broak i 
I nerar frar'd the grave's deep net, 


Out thM spoke the king^ dan^ter. 

And haaghtOy epeke she,— 
* If air Alfred Is TOWd to another lora. 

Ha Shan nam ba abiim*d by Btai- 

" If Sr Alfred le vow'd ta another lovi. 

Why, let the knight go freei 
Z<et him giva hie hand to hie olhar lo«a^ 

Thesa an hondnda as good as ha 1" 

With a earslsse tooeh she threw bank hsr rel^ 

As If It by ehanos might bo : 
▲nd who do yoa think was the king's daugblsr *— 

His own— his long-lored BosaUsl 

First ha stood like a maible i 

▲ad she Uke a lily sweet. 
Then a snnny smile o'er hb IbatnrM tboeep 

And than ha was at hsr fret. 

1^2 aoomsB balli^ml 

Cat! »i^ntt>. < 

And sit npoB my hand t 
And thoa Shalt ha** a aago «> gowd. 

[From th* Mlattrdiy of «h« Boottlfh Bovdv. 

Whaia thoa hast bnt the wand." 

~" Ttaiff* an two baUMU," way Sir Walt«, *' in 

Mr Herd's MSd. ap<m tJte fttOowlng Moiy, in 

" Awa' inwK' ! ya in wamaa 1 

one of wUdi th* unfcrtuiiAto kaisht to tarawd 

Vae aoge o' gowd fbr na; 

Young UnntiD. A tmguntnU eontaknliig, ftmn 

Asya ha-a dona to Kri Blahasd, 

Om dixth to the tnith vena, 1im bNn npMledljr 

Baa wad ya do to aM." 

poblialMd. Tb* bc«t renm an ban ■eiartiwl from 

both eopic*. and kniw trlvtel altrnttnit h»*« 

bMo ■doptwl from tmdittoo."] 

A rigg, bat barely ana. 
Whsn she ntet wl' his a«l4 ftthar. 

•* i^DT, nek net«r jov laong wn jfoang. 

cams riding all alanaw 

Om boor langar ftir mo 1 

For I havo a •woethoMt in Owllodi Welto. 

*' Where ha'a ya bean now, ladya fldr? 

I lot* fbr bttiv tban ibafc 

Whare ha% ye bean sne lata ?- 
*' We ba'e been seeking Bri Biehard. 

*« Tte v«ry wlo o* that iMly^ ftMi 


Than thy bo* la fbr malr wblto."— 

'* Bri Bldiai^ kaoa a' Iha Ibrds In Oyda, 

To wiU bido in m> bower ft* night?** 

Heli ride tham ana by ana. 
And thoogh the night was ne'er saa aalik. 

Sho billed btm with the ale and wine. 

Bri Biahanl wiU be hama." 

A« they mt down to npi 

A living man he Uld him down. 

It fcU anee, apon a day. 

Bat I wot he naVnr roe* up. 

The king was boon' to rida: 
And ha hasmisthfan. Bri Biebaid. 

Hwn vpaad epahe thapoplqjar. 

Sbuttid ha'a riddao on his right sUs. 

That aew aboun her head; 

•* Ladyl kaep weel your green elddlng 

The bidya tam^ her laond aboa^ 

Fna gnda ErI Bicbard'e bieid.- 

Wi* neikle moomfo din— 
•« It fcais me sair o Olyda water. 

••O better I'll kaop my grewi cMding 

That he is dn>wn*d tbsrsin.** 

Vnw gude Kri Blehard-e bleid. 

Than thou oanet luap thy ebUteing toang. 

"Oar daok, gsr doak,** the king haertsd. 

That tnttiae in thy head.** 

" Oar doak fbr gold and ftet 
O wha WiU doak for Bri Blehaid's saha. 

Bha hai eall'd vpon her bowv maldaaa. 

Or wha wtU daak tene ?•• 

She bam caU'd thorn aae by aa«; 

•• There lies a dead man in my boweri 

Tb^ deohsd in aiae waO-bsad, 

I wlah that he wen gaae!" 

And oat aya at the other; 
" Wa aan duuk nae mair Iter Eri Bloluad, 

Thay ha"* booted him, and epanad him, 

Althoagh ha waia oar tarathar." 

Aa he was wont to ride i— 

A hunting-boni tied ronnd Us waist. 

It Ml that la that ladya^ eaatia. 

A sharpe ew«rd by bis lida ; 

The king was boun* to bed ; 

And they ba'e had him to the wan water. 

And up and ^ake the popimaj. 

For a' man eaU it Glyda. 

That Aew abaae hia head. 

Then ap and spoke the popta^. 

** Leave off year dooUng on the day. 

That sat upua the tiaa— 

And doak apon the night j 

Wliat ba'e y« don* m' Kri Biehard ? 

And whoea that atafcleas knight baa data. 

Ya ware his gajtaMtia." ! 

The oaadlMS wiU born bright." 


floomni BAxXAOa. 143 

«0«a^»tM«niilathbka«»«r, A -Pat iiat]»«fteoan*.'*alM«id: 

Ttet iiiiCi bwth Md sad ■vwi; 

*' It waa my may Oathoriaa.'* 

O thMV't a bird within your biiwvr, 

Than they ha-o cut balth fcro aad than. 

Kmp* ON frM ny algktli ■bap." 

To bom that maldon In. 

n^ Ml tiM dnddBf on tiM daf , 

It wadoa take opoa har ehdk. 

Aad dMited apM Um Blglit; 

Her yet upon her chin ; 

A«d. «b(N tiMt MeklHi knigfat li^ ddo. 

Bar yot upon har yrllow hair. 

TWcMdkt bwMd bright.* 

«B oiaaaw tha deadly ala. 

Th» dMpMtpotln a* ib* llan^ 

Tho maMan tonehed tha «hqr-aanld florpat. 

Tbi? fcirfl Bri Biohud In; 


A gRM tarf iv^ acnn hte brcut. 

Tha ladyahdd her hand on hhn. 

To hMp chat gad* lord down. 

Aad aooa tho ground waa red. 

V^MB ■— h ^g^ ^i^i^w ^hfl Mntf Mn^nl* 

Oat thay ha'a taVa har, may Oathariaa, 

Wlh ■ he nw tho dMdi7 mmnd-^ 

And put hor mlatreaa In : 

" who has tlaln mjr nght-band ruB, 

Tha flama talk ftat upon her dalk. 

that hdd mj hawk and boand?" 

Talk Am t upon hor ehln ; 
Talk dMt npon har Wro budya— 

Thoa op aad ipa* 1b« popl^Jar, 

8ha bara-d ilka holUna gvaaa. 

a«y»-*< What BOMla ^ Ihto dte ? 

" It waa hh light tomaa look hto lUb, 

Aad hided hha la tho haa." 

%9xt^ aailliam* 

Ina iwafv h*r 1^ tho giati mo gmMi 


n» ha« aa'tKB him, Sri Blehard, 

[" Tan baDad waa ooeoaanloatad to aw by Mr 

fliaM Moalad^r at BM.n. 

Jamaa Hogg; and, although it faaara a stroag 
hi dead, aa to warrant a aupposltlon, that tha 

* Thni an aoqantloaably the coipM lights, 

ono haa haaa darlvad from tha other, yot its in- 

aalbd la Wale* CamkmgUmm Cgrfh, »hleh art 

trinalo merit eeoma to warrant fta inaertlon. 

aam* liinct Mtn to UlacDiaato tho spot when a 

Mr Hogg has added tha Callowing note, whteh. 

dradbodyltooaowtod. Th« editor la iafoimwl, 
tlMt. ai«M j«on ago, the eurpae of a n>aa. 

t Thia Tcna, whiah la raatorad from tnditioa. 

dvowoad la tho Kitriak, below Mklrii. waa dia- 

i«kr* to a oupmUdoo ihrmcriy kccIvmI in moot 

cvorrad bf mcaos of thcae aaadlcau Sueh lights 

' parts of Ruroi o, aad even reaerted to by Judicial 

an eoruBioo la ohareh'jranla, and are ptwbaMy of 

' aathorlly, lor tho diaeovcfy at moidcr. In Gcr> 

a phoephi*« aatara. But matte aupantltloa 

many, thia exportnaant waa called kakr'ntkl, ur 

dm«va tham from aapeniatanl agency, aad 

1 tho law of tho bier, beeauaa, the murrlered bodj 

aovpcwa, that, aa aooa aa UJb haa dai«rted, a 

' betag stratdicd upon a bier, tha luepcctad per> 

paJe aane appaata at tho window of the hooaa, 

eon waa obliged to put ono hand upon tha 

hi woieh the panon had dlad,aad gUdaatowaids 

wound, aad tho other open the month of tho 

thr chanb-yafd, trMlag thnmgh every winding 

dsoaaaad, and. In that pootare, call npon haavca 

to attaat his lanooenaa. If, during thto ccra- 

the bkr ia to Rat. Thia aad othar eplaloaa, re- 

mony, the Uood goahed from the mouth, onea, 

ladac to the *' leBib.arear Urid gkato," aeam to 

or woond, a dreumetaoee not unUh*:!}- to hap< 

ke *d Ea^o astraetkin.— SenM. 

pen la the aourae of shirting or stirring tho body, 

t The dafp holea, aeooped In the rook by the 

It was held auflteioBt OTtdenee of the guilt of tho 

adJhe of a roar, aio calhd ptttt tha ni>thM of 

party. The saaM aingnlar kind of eridonee, al* 

the waarr hariag theto aamo raaamMaoae to a 

though rvprDbaled by Mathaeua aad Carpaoriaa, 

was admitted in tha tioottiah erimhial euurta, at 


^ tho abort diataaaa of OBOOoataiy ffadt 



tnt]M0MiMeraBfIa<«M«,IkM«fcQad«Bp|y4 0«t «p Ch« viA* a bonnto Mrd. 1 

' aathlgbnponatiaa,- 

tlqnitgr at ttdi tong: fcr, •llboM^ boA af th« 

"* Bow aonld yon kUI that nobla hnd ? 

langiMfl* Mm* MMwhat modwnto>d, thJi 

mnt iMsttiitaitod to iti tnmntf, balag mitoh 

UkMl, and ymj moah aaag la this — Ighlinnr- 

hood. I eao tneattbackinmaliwiMntkms, 

And aat brad aff my hand 1 

bat oaaaot bear of its afar bavlag baea la print. 

Toar aaga ahaU bt or wiry goad. 

Wharnow tt-a bat tha wand." 

variation, Hwatbat ana ladtar oaltad tha d«aU- 

liw«r Um Mtaad iwaitlMait, Paiil ■"'3 

" Xaap ya yoar aaga a^ gand, Ia4y, 



Lean Wimam was «ha travart bnlgM 

Aa ya ha'a dana to knd Wtlltom, 

Tbat d«alt to Mrdeotlaad, 


And tb<Migb lanownad In Fiaaoa and Bpala, 


Bha aM hw fbal on har daor acspb 


As iha waa walking maid alana. 

And aarilad him to har ehambar. 

Down br 7"*> ibady wood. 

O-ar him to amha bar mana. 

Sba h«ud a amit* C bridla lalna. 

Bha wtih'd might ba for gaed. 

And iha hM hapt that goad load^ aotpaa 

Thrm ^aaitori oTa yaar. 

"OoaM to mj anna, my dear WDlla, 

VatU thai word began toapiaad. 

Tottia waleeoia hama to mai 


To beat a' eh«ar, and abaraeal iad,t 

And aaadia banla* ftaa.- 

Xhaa iha ariad to har waMag maid. 

Aya rrndy at har ca' t 

•• I wlnna light. I daiana Ught, 

**Thara iaa knight taito my howar. 

Vor aoma to yaar anna at a' 1 

Tk tima ht wma awa." 

▲ flJrar maid than ton o* joa, 

111 maet at Ototb-law." 

Tha ana haa to^n hfaB by tha hMd, 


*•▲ Mrnr maid than nw. WlUlal 

And thrown him In tha wan watar. 

▲ fiUrer maid than ma! 

Thaftian balth wlda and daap. 

A Adiar maid than tm a* ma. 

Tour ay« did navaraaa.-* 

•' Laak baak, laek baak, now, Ia4y Mr, 

On him that lo'cd ya warl! 

Ba hmtrf ewr his mddla hip. 

A battor man than that Una eorpaa 

Tb kla bar ara thqr part. 

VaW draw a awoad of ataal." 

And wi' a Uttla kaw bodUn, 

aha plHBml him to tha hmrt. 

** BIda on, rida on, lard WDUam, now. 

Aa hwt aa y aan diaa 1 

»rtM»»aU <r miit SailUam. 

Tour bonnb lam at Oartla-law 

WIU w»ai7 ym to Ma." 

tPtaar pabllahadia Motharwdl'a Mlnadvlv, 
to whloh eoUaelian It waa oammunioatad by Mr 

• Aa«-Chuhlng aaito, Ikma ■mlta-hnoa 

P. Boahan.] ^ 

alio (prrAfl^) Smith and Bmlthy.— «Mtt. 

t Ckarctml nd— Thia aliaamatanaa marka tha 
anttqniqr of tha poam. WhUa wood wm plantjr 
In HeoUaad. ehareual waa iba UMal flial in Um , 

Wnav Baadbdala and WlM Winiam 

Wara drinking at tha wiaat 

Thara fcU a ruoaiag tham amaag. 

ahambaia of tha waalthy. Settl. \ 

f On aa unruly tima. 



Tui K Mi * «r tlMin hftM roMnd thdr hawks, 
Afld ether aoaM their haaad*} 
1 ether MOW ttMir hulfa Cur, 

thtlr iMnms whan thqr mlh'd la. 

I Mt It qwka Um BMdMikla, 
Aad a cub word ipaka b* ; 

a^v, "There b not* lady Ur, 
la bmwr wfaarevar aha be. 

Bat I eooJd ayt bar feivovr wlu, 
Wl' aa Uiah o^ aiy •'•.- 

Thaa «at it apakc hloa, wlaa WnUam, 
Aad a raib word apaka ha; 

fiajt, ** 1 ha«« a ahtor of my own, 
la bow wbaia enr aba ba, 

Aad ye will act her Ikvour win. 
With three bUaka ar>Ottr a'a." 

* What win ye wagtr. wlaa WllUam? 

Vy laada lU wad wiih thca;" ' 
** III wad my bead agalaet year famd, 


Ihca Bfadiidala took wtea WDUam, 
Labi bim ia frieaa atxaag » 

n*t he might aaithcr gang aar rMa* 
Vac aa want b> her i 

Bat ha haa written a braid letter, 
Bitweea the algbt aad day, 

Aad eent it to hie owa eleter. 
By dua feather aad gny. 

■he had 


flaht, " Tmrf wM, my 

at at her wcat wiadow, 
Tw aae what the coald aee; 
Aad there ebe aisled bim Bccdiadala, 
Caaie tidiag awar the lea. 

AqfB, ** Cbfoa to me, my aiahiww al^ 

Obme bltherwenl to roe i 
Vor here It eomce him Becdledale, 

HVha OBBMa a-eeurtiag ma." 

I, tuf lady fldr, 
A etght (if yiu give n.e." 
'Oa ttw.i> my y«tU aow, Baediadebi, 
Far ma ywa wlU aetiaa.'* 


" Ooma down, aema down, my lady 

A algbt of yoo give me ( 
Aad bonaic are the gowne of ailk 

That 1 wUl give ta 

** Xfyoa hate bonnle gowaa of ailk, 

mine m boanie tae ; 

Go from my yctta now, Beedladak:, 
Far Bic you aball not aae." 

" Ooma down, eome dowa, my lady Mr, 

A eight of JOB 111 aee; ' 
And boaole J«w«le, brooohia, and liap, 

1 will give onto theeu" 

*' If yoa haea beanie brooehea aad nngi, 

O mine are boanie tee ; 
Cto from my yetta now, Beediadala, 

Tor me you ehall not aee." 

" Ooma down, eome dowa, my lady Iblr, 

One eight of you 1*11 eta ; 
Aad boanie are the ha'e and bowara 

That I will give to thee.** 

" If yon have bonnle ba*8 and bowaiib 

O mine an bonnle tee; 
Oa IVom my yetta auw, Beadiadale, 

Wut warn you aball aot leB." 

" Oome down, eome down, my lady blr, 

A algbt of yoa I'lleee; 
Aad bonnie are my tamda ao broad. 

That 1 will give to thee." 

" If yoa have bonnle landa eo 
O mine are boanie tee ; 

Oo from my yette now. 
For me ye will not eee. 

*' Came dnwn, eome dowa, my lady ftlr« 

And booale are the ba^i of goU 

That I will give to thee." 

*■ If yea have bonnle baga of gold, 

1 have baga of tbeeame; 
€o tnan my )etta nuw, Beedhdale, 

Fv dowa 1 aill aoi ouoaa.' 

"Oame dowa, ooma down, my lady kh^ 

Oae algbt of you I'll tre; 
Or elae lU eet )Our boaee on flfa. 

If better oaaaot be.** 



iatlM«Mn«erflByta4«MM»Itev»ft«ad«Bp1]r4 Oat ■» tiM 9id« a braah Unl. 


tlqaitj «r this Mag; Air, alUMagh maok af «k« 

" Bow aoaM yoa kill that aoMo lort ? 

laagiaf* mcrm aonawbat miwki atwil^ thh 

Ba aoBM to many thoa.** 

must b« attrtbatad ta Iti camaqr, brtag mash 

Ukfld, aad ^mj aiaah nag la tUi Batghboor- 

haod. I oaa tiaot It back ■evaial jWBwathww, 

Aad oat brmd off my haad i 

bat eaaaot hear af Iti avar harlag basa la priat. 

Taar oago ahaU bo of wify goad. 

Whar aaw ttH bat tha waad." 

varlatioe, M*a that aaa ladtw eallid tha dvail- 

lag of tha Mgaad amwttkmrt, CaiHiiwa.'-J 

" Koap ya yoar aago a* goad, Mr, 


Aad I will haep ny trao; 

Loaa Wtniam tvaa «ha biBfMt kalght 

Aa yo ha-a doao to lord William, 

That d«alt la fltfrHeotlaBd, 


Aad thoagh naowaad ta Fnmw aad Spala, 




As dM waa walklag HMld alaaa. 

Aad oarrtad him ta har chambar. 

SowB by jnm ihady wood* 

O^ him ta amho hor maaa. 

Bho haani a nalt* a' brMla faiao. 

Bha wtoh^d might bo Ibr good. 

Aad oho haa hapt that goad lord^ aorpoo 
Thrm qaaitan ofa yoar. 

*'OoBo to nj amo, mj daar WlUla, 

VatU that ward b^aa ta apcaad. 

Tott*i« wtloooio hana to nao; 

Thaa ate bogaa to fear. 

To bnte' shear, aad ahareoal lad.t 

▲ad oaadlo boraia' fkao.** 

fhaa ika attad to bar waMag amid. 


*• I wlaaa light, I donaa Ught, 

" Thara ia a kalghfe lata ny howor. 

Nor oooM to yaar anno at •'; 

Tb ttaaa ha waia awa.- 

A Ibbror aiaid thaa toa o' yoa. 

X-U moot at Ghotk-law." 

Tha aao haa la^ hha by tho haad. 


"A Miar maid thaa me. WIUlol 

Aad threwa him la tho waa watv. 

A fUiaraiakl thaaaM* 

Thatraa balth wldoaad doop. 

A fciror aiald thaa tan o* om. 

Tear «y«o did aooor too.** 

" Look ba«k. look baek, aMT, Ia4y fhfr. 

Oa him that la-od ya wael ! 

Ho loatod ewr hit mddlo 1^, 

A bauv Biaa thaa that blaa ooipm 

To kte hor era thoy part. 

VaW draw a oword oTalaoL" 

Aad wl' a llttlo hooa bodkia. 

Hfai pioroad him to tha hmrt. 

** RlAo oa, rido ea, lani WOltem, saw. 


Are btol^ale tc SBH%t aailUam. 

Tour boaalo lam at OuOo^w 

Will weary yn* to aao.** 

(Ftaov pabUahod la Mothorwoll^ Iffhiatfviv, 
to whtoh coUooUoe It waa conmmntoated by Mr 

• AfNif— Claahlag aobi, from omlto-hnoo 

, P. Bodbaa.] 

abo lr*rkmf$) Bmith aad Bnlthy.— Seatf. 

1 ■• 

t Cfcarcoaf iW— Thio alroamotaaoo marba tho 
antlqaity of Iha poom. WhUo wood was pkaty 
In rieoUaad. oharet«l wao tho aaaal IM la tho 

Waaa Roodladala aad Wim William 

Won drtaklng at tho wlao ( 

' Thorn fell a Tvooiag thorn aawag^ 

daambon of tho woaltlff. SatU. \ 

^ Ob aa anruly tlmo. 



Aad 6tlwr aooM ckelr hoiuids} 
Mw tlwir iMliM fair, 
thrir bpwm wlMM tlMgr walked In. 

Aod A mh word q»k* b*; 

' Then Is not a lady fidr, 
Bit I eoaM ay* har fcvovr win, 
Wl'MbUok 0*0 J •'•.■* 

nn oat It ipidi* him, wtai WlUIam, 

■ay*, " 1 havo a ibtar oT mjr own, 
la bower whwa «««r sba be, 

I f will aol her Ikvoor irta. 
With ikiaa bliAka or>oar to." 

' What win y wafOT. wIm William? 

Mf laoda I'U wad with thM|'* * 
'111 wad my baad acaloU ywur land, 


Bwfflidair took wtaa Winkm, 
Laid bim la iftea •traagi 
Ikac he m|f hi aolther faag nor ride, 
Vei ae waid h* her i 

^ha hae writtaa a braid lettar, 
MB Uw alght and day. 
Aad mat It Id hb own eialer. 
By dua fcatbar and gny* 

dhe had read wiea WlOlainti Mtv, 

I. ** Taty wcU, my dear 
or Ihto 1 ha«o 

oat at har w«at window, 
Tw Me what aha coald me; 

there dha aHed hire Beiidladala, 

Chmo to mo, my i 
Owflie hithcrward to ma { 

le It eomco blm RttdbdaW, 

., w-.^ doaro. By lady Mr, 
A avht vt yt tt give na." 
' Oo lioui my yetu now, Baadiadala, 


" Chma down, oomo down, my lady firir, 

A eight of you glva me ; 
Aad hoaaie are the gowna ofdlk 

That 1 will glee to thaa.** 

** Ifyoa haea bennla gowaa of ailk, 

O mine ia honale tea; 
Qo from my yctta new, Waailltdale, 

For ma yoa ahall not aea." 

) down, my lady Mr, 
AelghtoTyott I'll tee; ' 
Aad bonale Jrwels, brooohca, and rings, 
1 wUl give onto than." 

" If yoo hawe boania broec h aa and mn 

O mine aie boaale tee; 
6o from my yette naw, Baediidala, 

Var mo yoo ahall not aea." 

** Oamo dowa, coma down, my lady fUr, 

Oaa eight of you 111 era ; 
Aad bonnia an the ha^e and bowere 

That X will give to thaa." 

** Ifyoa havo bonnia ha*a and howani, 

O mine are bonnia tee; 
Oo from my yette aow, Rcedledala, 

Furmo yoa ahaU not aee." 

"Ooma down, eemo down, m/ lady Mr, 

Aad boania are my tamda ao bcoad, 

That 1 wiU give to thaa." 

"Ifyoa have boania laada eo bread, 

mtaa are boanle tee ; 

Oo from my yette now, BaadMak, 
For ma yo will not aea." 

*' Coma dnwa, aomo down, my lady Mr, 

A eight of yoa ni aee: 
And bonala are the bage of goU 

That 1 »IU give te thaa.'* 

** If yoa haee bonnia baga of goU, 

1 hare bage of the mnio: 

Go ftvm my )etta now, Baadiadala, 

** Ohmo down, oeane down, my lady Mi^ 

Or eiee 1 11 aM }o«r houae on tn. 

If batter aanawt be.** 


Th«D hm hM «t tlw I 

And all tin iwt It tBln t 
H« taiMd hia wisht hoiM hMd aboBt, 

ftUd, ** AIM 1 UMgrni iM^ trt oat." 

*'Look oDt» look oat, mj 
▲ad «• wbat I doMs ; 

How BMdIadal* hM And ow 
▲ad BOW rld« otr tbo ka 


** Oboio hithonraidi^ mf 

Oomo hlttMr nato warn ; 
Vor thrc thto iwk, aad thio'tUi 

ttanm^ It na moil tob" 


Tbalr ooAn Iqr tha baadi 
▲ad thro' tlM ffMk, aad thi«r tta 
▲Ufa tlMT aU havo 

th^ had got oat thrao^ tho flia, 
▲ad able all to Maad ; 
» Mat a maM to wli 
Tk» ^nlk BoodWUk-alaad. 

** Toor load to lalao tmnm, 
Vor I havo woa tbam ftao." 

Toar oao itetir k tha. 

Wbfnatii 0* ¥onl»etDale. 

yabUdhod la Boohaa-k BaUads of tho 


Labt Xatary lh« latOl a bowar, 
Btat never waia but what iho wooldt 

Bor gown* won o' the sUk* no flao. 
Hot eoato ttood up wl' bolli o' gold. 

Moay a knight tbno oourtod bar, 
▲nd gantiwnon o' high dognoi 

Bat It waa Themaa o' Yoadardak, 
That gala'd tbo leva o' tida hMllak 

Sow he haa haatad bar tUl her 

Balth late at night, and the mld^dajri 

Bat when he etole hor virglii roee, 
Saa malr thk maid ho would 

Thomaa, her bowor ha walked by. 
There he nw her, ladf Malarj, 

"O omI OB 70B, Bar boanla habo, 

▲ad laag majr yo my eomftirt ha; 
Toar flUber pawn by oar bower, 

mlada neither yoa nor na." 


The aaat tear triaUad fraa hia o^ai 
To lady Mahii'a bowor he want, 

Si^a, ** How I'm aooM to oomlbrt fhaa." 

" la thla tha pramlaa yo did oiaha, 
Laat a^aa I waa In your ooaapaala? 

Ton aald belbro nine moathe worr gaai^ 
Toor wadded wife that 1 ahouM ba." 

<* If J&tarday be a boaala day, 
Thaa, my lovo, I maan aall the aaat 

Bat IT 1 live Ibr to retam, 
O thaa, aay lof% I'll many thaa.*' 

*' I wkh aalarday aotoniv d^. 

High and aturmy bo the aea; 
4bipe may not aall, nor boaia row, 

Batgar tina Thonoa atay wl* na." 

I a boanio day, 
lUr and laaaomo blow tho wladi 
Bhlpa did aall, aad boat* did raw, 
Whleh had true Thomaa to uaeo 

Ho hadaa baaa o 

▲ moath, a month, but barriy 
TIU ho haa ooBftad aooher maid, 

▲ad quite lorgotlen lady MaUry. 

Aa night aa ha hiy on hla bad. 
In a dreary dream dnati.ed ha^ 

That llalary ttood Ly hla bedMdo, 
Upbiaidiag him Air** I 

Be'a oallid apon hla Uttla bny, 
8aya, " Bring me onndW, that I aaa} 

▲nd ya maun gang thk night, bof, 
Wl' a latter to a gay ladk.** 

'* It k myda^yon teearva, 

Aad bring you o>«l and oandk Bgbt. 
And 1 would rin your vinwd, moatcr, 

Ul wan ta lady Moknr br%ht. 



I my kgi wm Kb I eoaldiift gaag, ^ > 
IW* tht Bigirt ii«R daffc I emildim Me, 
fhoMgh 1 thoatd creep oa handa and feet, 
I weoU SM to Lftdy Maiaqr.** 

' Wti ap, wla ap, nj tanale boy, 

Aad at my biddiag Ibr to be t 
Ptar jaiaaaa quickly my anaad ria« 

** Tan Ud her dxa» In the 0owac C cllk, 
LIhewin te the coati e* enuBada I 

YaH bid her coom ataag wl' yoo, 
Ttaa Tboaaaa^ weddiag ftw to ae*. 

•* Ton MA hi 

Aad a' fowd grythiBf him baUadi 
On Uka tip 0^ her hone maae, 

T«a bennio balla W loodly tiag. 

** Aad OB the tor o^ bar aaddDe, 

A eonrtty bird to eweetly tfng, 
Bar bridle rafauo' allvor Sao, 


w«i« o' the cimroarfe 
awa* to aaoo hmd, 


At aim tippet o* hk ...^ .«.», 

eaalo boDa did loodly ftaff ; 
i OB the wro' her aaddlo, 
A ODOttly bird dM ewoetly atag. 

Xhe befla thqr nmg. the bfad ho aaaff, 
Ae thiv redo In yon pleaaant plain ; 

a aho met trae Thomaa'a brldo^ 
Wl* a* bar BMidano and yoBDg 1 

a aafely ia ear aooitiah 

romd aboatp 
mU ahe, •* who thliaai bo ? 

oar weddUog Ibr toaao." 

lift her head am taloi 
Thaaaam Ant lovo, 
yoBmoddlag fcr to I 

i I 


I wyto the tmr did blind har o'e : 
"* If thii bo Thoama'a dni trao love. 
I'm aafa- aftaid ho'D BCtt te> mo.' 

Than In R oamo hor lady Ualaiy, 
And aye aa aha tsipa in the flecri 

*« What la yow will, ThMDaa," oho aald, 
" Thia day, ye know, yo oall'd me hare ?" 

*' Oomo hither by mo, jo Illy flowor, 
Oomo hither, and aet ye down by mo; 

For yo'ra the ano I've oall^ npon. 
And yo my wedded wife maan be." 

Then in It came troc ThoouWO bcido. 
And aye aa aho tripp'd on the atano; 

** What la your wiU. ThonuH," ahe aaid» 
" ThIa day. ye know, ye oall'd mo bamo?* 

" To ha'e oomo on hired bonaback. 
But yo'ee gae hamo in coaoh aao fr«o, 

Vor hera'e the flower into my bower, 
1 maan toy wedded wift ahoU bo." 

" O yo win break yoar landa, Thomaa, 
And part than In divialona thrmt 

61*0 twa o' them to your aa biothor. 
And oauae your brother many mo." 

** I wlana break my landa," he Bdd, 

" For ony woman that I aee ; 
Uy brothcra a knight o' wealth and might, 

Hell wed nane but he will for i 

Sad 0vaiofoYD« 

[Faoai Boehanl BallaSa of the Worth.] 

Aa flrdr women aa fliir oonld be. 
And aome got lalrda, and aomo got lorda. 

And aome got knighta o' high dagrm; 
When I waa married to Kari (hmwftwd, 

Thia waa the flito that bafeU to i 

" Whan we had been married fbr 
Wo walked in our garden groan I 

And aye ho eliqipM hia young aonia haad. 
And aye be nBde aaa much o* him. 

** I tam'd me right and nmnd about. 
And aye the biythe blink in my 0*01 

To think aa much o' your young aon 
Aa ye do o' my fiUr body. 




" What DMd !• eUf yosr joomg wniiliMd, 
What need ft make to mach o' hSm f 

Wbat DMd yt clap yoor foung •on'k haaid ? 
llB Muv ye gocna him jmir laaa." 


"O If I gotiia him my l—.. 

Show h^n the man that hdpad me ; 
And Itar ItMm words your ala muuth •poha, 

Hairo* my laad ha M^vahaU b*-." 

Ba eall'd npon hto ■labia gnmn. 
To oona fc * him right apaadtUe : 

** Oaa mddla a ■taad to Lady Cnwfbrd, 
Ba Mua y« do it haatilla. 

'* Hto bridb flit wt* goda rad gowd. 

That It m^y gllttar ia har a'« ; 
And aeod har on to bonnla dtohha', 

All har (alatioM Ibr to i 

Bar meihar lay o*ar tha eaatla «ra% 
And she beheld haith dala and down 

And aha beheld her. Lady Cmwftml, 
Aa aha oama riding to tha town. 

**Coma hera* eoma hare, my htubaind daar, 
Thia day ye wa not what I ne ; 

Fur here th«-rB cornea her. Lady Cnwftrdt 
Bkling alana upon tha lea." 

When the oama lo har ihthai's yalaa» 

tfha tiriad gently at the pla ; 
" It >e aleep, awake, my muchar danr, 

Ye'll rte fau Lady Cmwfbcd in." 

*■ What aewB, what nawa, ya Lady Oknwl 
That ye ouma hera w haatilla I*" 

*' Bad newa, bad nawa, my mother daar. 
For my guda kwd'a Amakan ma." 

'* O «ne^ me Ibr yon. Lady Orawlbtd, 

ThU U a dowle tale to ma: 
Alaa ' yiM wen lou young married, 

Tw thtJa ele eroM and mla«ry." 

** O had your taagna, my meihar 
Anil ye'll hit a' yoar foUy bet 

It wae a wunl my merry month a| 
That aindar'd my gitda lord and 

Out It apake her brithar than, 
Ayv ai he etrpi ben the floor i 

** My stolcr Lillia wae but elghtmn yaan 
Whan Sail CmwflMrd wraug'd har aora. 


*' Bnt had year longna, my ^mwn^ twv» 
And ye'll lat a' your moomlng bM| 

1*11 wad you to aa floe n knight. 
That la nine ttoMa aa lieh aa bea." 

**0 hand yonr tengne^ my brithar denrt 
And yell iai a' your Ibily bee; 

I'd rather yae klw o* Omwfbrdia month 
Than a' hk gowd and while monia. 

" Bnt mddla to ma my riding tlMd, 
And tee him mddled apeediUa: 

And I wUI on to Kari Crawlbrd'e. 
And aaa If ha wlU pity ma." 


And he 

baith dale and dovrai 
her, LadyCmwIbni, 
riding to tha town* 

He aalled ana o* hia Urc^r man 
To eoma to him right ipeediUe ; 

'* Gae ihat my ynHa, gna ateek my 
ILmp Irfuly GknwfBid out baa ma.' 

•ha anma to Sail Omwfiwdt yatea, 
Bha tiriad gently at the pin i 
O ilaap ye, wake ya. Sari Cimwftvd, 
Yf U open, lat Lady OfenwAird la. 

B down, O Iari<hnwtad| 

And apeak aoii 
And IT ye wioon 
Te'll aMMl your 

** Indeed, I winnn coma mywl'. 
Hoc Mnd my genllemnn to thm; 

For I tauld yon when wa did part 
Kaa Biair my aponaa yVd ever bea.*- 

8ha hdd har month than to tha yntm. 

And aye tha taan dn^t flme her 0*81 
flaya, " VkM-ye-wall, Kari CmwgH4<a 

Yon, again, i'U 

■art CmwftHd eall'd on hia Bhkhla 
To eome to him right apeedilla; 

And aae did he hia waiting mnn, 

** Te wm tw aaddle Aw ma my ataed. 
And aea and mddte him apaadUlei 
And ru gang to the I^dy Orawfbid, 
me if aha will pity na." 




bcbdd bidth 4tek and down : 
hta&t Esfl Qnwftwd* 
fidlag to tha town. 


to bar right ipwdUl*; 

my yalto» ^m wtttk my doei% 


J*, Lady Qratrfbhl, 

■,«Hwrfd0WB, O Lady OM,«fbfil, 
da«ra, and vpmii w1 

waitlngHoaald to 


By wattmf -naM to 
atn words han 


O ■MdMr dear gM ante oty bad, 
ya will laaka It Htlt and 
ay flMa aato tb 
nat I aaa mair aaay aaa tba 




Tka Sari Cbawftad aaoaatod bla b.-^, 
Wl* aomrn paat ha dbl rida baaa : 
Bat ara tha aianlag aaa appaat^. 

aa a"* Bight thta coBpto dlad, 
halth ««n bavMd la aia tamb; 
a waratng ba to all. 

SoIpii ^fmii$9n k tit ®utii« 


Ihiabar I 
that tha 

h of i to p a ula Ma aati> 
wfitttB a plaea catitkd 

JahB ThQaaaaantij^ 

tba 4th Uaa of aaeh ttannbdog * God 
gtf ya war Joba Thomaoaa, man i' to hia ooto 
on thia poam, Mr Piakartoa Mya* ' Tbto laa pro- 
vatblal aapiaarioa, aiaaniag a ban-paekad bua* 
baad. I ba«« litUa doubt but the original pro- 
varb waa Jotat Thoaia o a'a man ; nua, ia Seot- 
laad, aigniflH althar kmtband or wrvani.' Tla- 
kartoB waa Ignotmat of tba asntanae of tha bal- 
lad: bad ha bars aequaintad wtth It, ha would 
bava aavad himMlf tba troabla of wriUng a Ibol- 
lah ae^Jaetara. OblvUla tn bia Whig** Suppliea- 
tlon, or tba Seoteh Badlhiaa* alludaa twioa to 
John Thomaoa I 

• W« md is gnatnt warrion' livas. 
ThOT aft war* ralcd by tlMir »!««■, he. 
Am M Um laipcriiMM BmMUa 
Mada tba gNM Tttrk Jabaa TbasMaa'a 

That ia atUi rnUd by thair «i«w.* 

"PioBlaaleh, la hla Unteo addran to Iha 
PriaaaoTOtaag^alao alladaa to tha praaatblal 

• Oar Uatoaa whataban bUw thaaaa^ 
Aad wowa a ban, aa waal wa baa, 
ITaaM k»i« aa aU J«ba Tbo— w'a aaaa.* 

" Twaorthraaataoaaaof tha banad ^ 
to Dr Laydan wbaa ba publlabad bla addition of 
tha Oonplayat of Bootfaad. Thcaa ha baa glvan 
In tha gloaaary appaodad to that work. 

'* la Kally% pnnwba, Loadon, ITU. thara la 
thk notiaa aT tha provarh— ' Battnr ba John 
Thomaoali man thaa Biagaa IMna'a or Juha 
KaosV Mi4 Kally givaa thla gloaa. ' John 
TimiMann'a man ia ba that ia eomplataaat to hla 
wllb*B huiaoura» Blngaa Diana la ba whom hla 
wUb aaoida, John Kaos-a la ha whom hla wila 
baala.' la tha waat oooatiy, my Mend, Mr A. 
Otawted, taftMna aia that when a company ara 
aitttog togathar, aodaUy, and a neighbour drops 
ia. It la aaaal to walaema him thua:— 'Ooma 
awa', we're a' Joha Tamaon'S balma.' 

** Thara ia a aoag about John Tamaon's wal- 
let, but whathar thla waa tha Palmer^ lerip, 
whieh the hero of tha balhid moat have borva, 1 
kaow Bot. AU that I hava heard ooaeamlng 
tha wallat la euataiaad la thaaa two vataasi 

• ioba Taaaoa'a wallat free ead to ead, 
Jolia TaaaMa'a wallet fraa aad t« eadt 
Aa4 what waa la't ya tela woald baa, 
IVh^waicenaa for \ 



AbMt Ua waltoi Vkmrn ww • dUaMUb 
o' tlM ■kim •■ 
•■ tha bOTl o* 


I Mid it *M 

TImtc b a ■annj ijom wUeh raM tbw: 

• Job* TVMM Ud lite MU 

Tq tk» %amm tarn i 
That bo^l m4 thiiy mU 
Am th« p««ay 4a«B laU. 
Tk« kirk wMBma, 
Tk« qair* tna *n^ 

And thJi whawti all I knew rnpMttaf Ibb 
worthy wurior."— JMkariMll.] 

JoK« Thomwa fca^t agKlBrt tiM Tntte 
ThrM jraus. infcUl a Ikr ooantriai 

And aU that tlm* and •ooMtUnf aaalr, 
Wai abwBt from kdt gay ladle. 


A« this jm»ff ohMlata nl alalia. 
Ha qrfad Ui tody la rioh amy, 

Aa tha walk'd owar a ninl plala. 

** Wtek bnoghiyv fatra, my hidy fiy. 
Bo fltf am' from your aln oouairia i* 

ITO thoacbi tang, and vary lasf * 
And aU kr yonr ftir baa to tm." 

For atma dayi oho did with Um May. 

Till tt Ml aoea apoo a day, 
•* rarawaal. Ibr a ttano." aha MM. 

*' For new I rnnat boon hame away.' 

Ba*i sl^a to htr a Jawal int. 
Was set with paari and preclons 

Says, " My hrrt bewata oT thsso w 
That's la your way as yo gang 

•< Tall tak* tha road, my lady ftdr. 

That laads you fklr aeroos tha Isai 
That kaaps you from wUd Hind BoUao, 

And Ukawiss from baso Ylotooferia." 

Wi* hsavy hsart thlr twa did pairt, 
rihe mlatM as shs waki gaa 

Iliad SoUaa by tha Greeks 
But to baas Tlolanttis sha^ 

Whsn a t wa W ama n th had asphad, 
John Thomson ha thonght woad*rons laag. 

And hs has writtsn a braid latter, 
Aadasalsdllwaalwl'hlsainhand. ^ 

Be ssnt It with a Hnall ' 

That thsrs was qaldtly gana to ssa; 
And sant It on to fldr Heothuad, 

To ssa abont his gay iadls. 

Bat ths aMwar ha laaslfad agahi— 

The Unas dM gftsva his hsatt tight iair : 
Nana af bar friends thsra had hsr Sisn, 

■th and somathlag malr. 

Than ha pat on a pnhnar^ ' 

And took a plhs-ataff In Us hand j 
Ta Tiolantrisli castsH ha hisd. 


wtttln tta han ha aama, 
Ba Joohsd aadoooA'd out 

of your good bonntlth gl'o 

** What nawB, what ntwa. palmar," she mid, 
** And from what aauntrto aam* ya /^ 




** If ya ba aooM from Onatam plains. 
Soma malr naws I will ask of thea~ 

Of ona of tha ahisftaias that lies then, 
II ha baa hMsly ssan his gay hMtts.'* 

** tt b twa months and sanstUng natr, 
Hnea wa did |>alrt on yondar ptein ; 

And new thb knight has bsgan to tear 
Ona of hb Ibss ha has bar ta'en." 

"Ba has not ta'sn ma by 

U waa a' by my ain ftas wiO ; 
Ba may tany Into tha flght, 

1 aasan to tany otm. 


** And If John Thomson ya do sw, 
TaU him I wisb him sUant slsep: 

Hb hsad was not so aosidy, 

Hor yat saa wsei as Urn at my feat.'* 

With that ha throw affhbatnMgadtagatas, 
Laid by tha maak Oat hs had on : 

Said. " Hide ma now, my lady ftdr, 
For TMentrb wUl i 

«* For tha leva I bom thsa 

Than sha put him down in a daik osUar, 

Whsm than 1^ many a I 



b.-. 4 

Mm Mi ho«r but hasMtf tkn*^ 

■• le ril to diMi 



iCHk wvU SOS j 
If I w«M hrtaw bte aato Vbmf 
I ldr4y hold yon •! iwr vov*- 



}• d*," lb* T«rk teortod, 
' If !• httl M* M I hfti> thM ^ 

* If I hrf |M M !• iMnv m», 

111 Ml yt wbftft I'd do to ttaM } 
I'd havg ye* op la good giotn woed. 

' t aMMt to ilUk jeo viih my kaUto 
Tm kliiinc my Mov«d ladt*"— 


they balth art fan*: 
elamb ftaa ttw to toM ( 
IV* ha iighad asd «M, ** odil 


Pat ■» a ft« bh oMa misbt M s 



B* tothb bar* aatobh taw—u. 

Aad be tea hfanni baHb load and MhlDt 


as, aaraUrf;'* ttay an did 017, 
** Ito by oar baad ttek 9* moM dlk : " 
B«a to yanr obtaT." tlM Taxb lapikd. 

" O OMNy, VMiay, good MIowi an, 
Mtoejr, I pfay yoall gnuit to m* ;" 
teob BMi^j as j9 laMaot to (Hv, 
8oab uMMy wa ihall fHa to that." 


tkh TWfc Ihay Ib Ui flaMd baret, 
Tbat itaod apon ym bill to bto { 

Jeba TbooMon^gay ladto tbay took 
Aad baagM bar oa yoa g iw a wocd 

S«tI Ifinl^Kasf « 

[MaBam BaOad^By Jan irBTAT«-Ii to 
wM kaowa fa the north, that a deadly had 
cxtoladbatwocatlMLlBdMyiaodOgllTlcs. Tho 
•tory la tha prMtat ballad to an eptooda la tha 
btoioty of tbi rival hooMi.] 

, la yoa da>k-<«d ""'""^■^iiig 
Bj IiMBlal nittddy bourno, 

LtadMya, with feadal nngr. 

Bthlad PblnavaBli flr-orown'd bin 
A. ih«ph«rd1 ■hteliag itoed ; 

▲ad with him woan'd hto 1 
Hto Martoa, kir and good. 

To rfag tha lovoly maldnil 
FoU'd ovary mtaiatrelii ■kUl ; 


Ho maivoi thea that aba ihoold bo 
Bor fluhar'i joy and prld*{ 

▲ad fboogb bt wbh'd. ytt maeb ho 

B^jrtfM tndad aha bar happy flodi 
On yon grwa maay bma; 

BIjtb* wallrd in barvMt OB yon hlU 

Oft by «M tmat. titoit from tho rook 
StlU trteklM oool aad olcar, 

ite mt aad mag tlU oeboi 
WhUk ate maA Hkad to I 

Uada^ra, tbam. oft mw the blr 
Aa b* roda haatlng by; 
Aad ha wonld taav* tho knIghtiaBd 'aqaln% 
With |imlBn la hto «ya— 



'*0,fef fbtroodi ItetaBoCMm, 

Amang our daniMb hrlgbt, 
■a^ «]riM M tiMM, M fttniMd to pksnH, 
Aa4 giT« SB taai ddUfliil" 

TIm maUaa UoAad, aad ised bar «y« 

On Um yoang gowanl flowwi 
Her iMut WM InnooMit m Ii, 

i BO Mfthlj po«W. 

flM «»1 rod* oo, and to th* ( 

Still b« OD Uarien UM^vght: 
»rt dark faia MNil. M wan hit look^ 
Ha n4 thai tMil to plot. 

Ha lovid BO OM mpoa tiM «rlk. 

And BO on* a'^r lof*d bin ( 
avm hi* own diUdran. whon they daart* 

WoBld ■boa hk nnamo* glim I 

VoB* «B tta* *artta ba taVd bnt OB*— 

Tb* widow of tht doBi 
B* tiwugbt tb* was a midakght wUah 

T* mird tba Ibto < 

I a iplnatar of th* ibb, 
Aad low witb iDomiag waa i 
Flo*, at tb* gomntar, tba tbnads 
Har boaai* Angan i 

A* th* aari rada bjr ftb* boval I 

To bunt tba loT*>«y*d alag, 
A Mgnad amlla tramblad ia hi* C|« 

To tha aupfioaad hag. 

With ftar h* Biark*d h*r aaan gnf aua*i 

And irtb*ir look wa* Uaad, 
Ha rod* i and many aa aaU*r bright 

That dajr lajr OB tba kad 1 

Bb« dboBld hla Uaek atoad haHaad 
HIa bovnda bowl aa they paai'd, 

Ba*k to bl* gloomy towan b* a|Md, 

Mlghi e^m yon d!i^ cndg ba flnog. 
Mangled among tha gona 1 

Vw Tain bla Ikara— old Janat had 
Far bim a aaar*! < 

Toang Danflan 

U9 tovad tb* sbcpbard'a abild t 
And ba waa bbat as blaat ouuld ba 

Whan MariuB oa bIm amilad. 

A Towiathaahnpla 

Bl* hyr* fbr bar waa warm aad tn* 

Aad ha wnald aham tb* lbs aad woU 
That took bar lamb* away I 

Aad OB tha bill the addar kill 
That la har flowar^ath lay. 

ka woald toar tba atgia I 
Hla ayiy on tha rook. 

lay him atretobM bHbra hla toe*. 


aad atolwart yoath, 

Hi* ant WM atrragth, hk tei 
Bl* baart trnth** pnrtot glow t 

Vnemp'd b* wvit; aad oa tba baat 

Taa, by tha aatto* ha wMld taha 

Aad from hta baep. In fonatdaap, 


T*t, tbwigh la atnagth a Hcreulaa, 
B*, aa th* kid, «M ni**k,— 



■r gallant bnyi 
la him aha mw hia Mhar^ at«aagth. 
BJa ftlBdaaii^ aad hh Joy. 






piotlad day aad night, 

mar*, to bb fcul klr, 

At bat hH haart dafiiad aa art, 
A wliobing aehama, and ran t 

Ba had a haipar of aneh L 

itjoygara toda^pBirl 

■OOTTIBB BA]:.i.AAB. 1 Kn 

T€ii^MafftoBlo«adtlMl(wkiilav»«ngp 4 

Li»*«d an tiM woedlMid quirt; 
Bat ite had oner hmrd tte harp 

Whu» ■omlM th* Mol laaptra 1 

f Booafailhooaotloi^gagmlboaar, 
And on tho eoAcotooooh, 
Tho alooplag ahopherdem woo laid ; 
Bat no rado hand dam teaoh,— 

Tiriat Cktkw and hb IrotlMr^lp 
Mfcowa •«•'« ndU'i^Inf ain | 

And tb«* «■• a Mft foldm Ught 
On vate aad monntaln dan. 

For, «ff«r aMred Innoeonoo 

M^ gnardlaa angel be; 
While gnUt in bio own enam is oangh^ 


ViMttM «•• Um floek— har ewt aad jof : 
And, witb htr own lUr lamb, 

Ado*n dM Iboipath mhtot Um broom, 
WbM aU IhlofB fanatkod or balm. 

Tho ahtphoid'o daaghterohild lo kioti 
Aad woll might be ounnbe. 

Thai oho la In Earl Uiideoyo'i powor, 

Tho maMan toek btr voipor oraDii 
Tho bfOHO «ni InU^ totlcop. 

Aad ovN «ho Mpon naotlod noti 
Whh ooft aad lUvoty awoop 

Maw flhoaU ho dart hb pteiat to maka. 

The pit, tho aao. and bl'>ck,— 
Tha daageoB-oell, and gibbot-tm«, 

Hb mbory woald mookl 

Ihe Uk «aa Karaaly hoard to flow : 
WbHo, on her nptand oar. 

Fill ■tnla w owoot, oo bland, oo pwo, 
11 teoBB'd born boavonljr ^ilwio ! 

Ho bft hb ahbllng,-bfl hb floofc 
On the grmn hiUs U> atmy > 

Hb Iklthfltl dog tonded tho ^wp 
For two nights and a daj* 

■m panaod-oht nnoncd 1 H was gono ! 

And aho rowmod her walk : 
" 0, coald 1 hear that oliain a«aio ."• 

Woo Madaa'o mntal talk. 

Maaawhfls, jronng Donoan doara'd tho wood. 
And den and cava aeamh'd he i 

Ahl ho bat CMnd hb Marlon e lamb 
Under tho grooawood tree. 

or k|o aad Mrioo «ho Ind heard. 

It, haply, might be them, eho thooght, 
ViMa happy Mrr-laad. 

Ha ehi«t It la hb anno, aad took 
Tho edoat moamor homo: 

"0, now my mother! bed thb lamb. 
For 1 again mast roam :>* 

Tvao pkrA iwai»-aBd iwtoteralin 

The iMOinaung airl 
Twao la tho wood, notdklant hur, 

▲ad MarioQ ontend tboro. 

•* Mr bosr," aho oaM, "I gaag wf thao; 

WoU seek tho Uot thegiUier i 
flho b ihf k»«o, rim eko b mtao. 

An' sho hMTod mo as a mither." 

Tbo wimuiw pan, with aetting beam. 
On iho gfoca tram ehono bright; 

Bcr oilfan path woo groon and goM, 
And marie goto doUght. 

Away, bstaoaa tha light and daifc. 

Tha aoo aad mother went; 
And kmg ore |«t tho am was la 

Tho daiMillald hor down to Mot, 
Bo etaarm-d, iho ataaoot wopt 1 

Cbo oli*a-harp play'd on aad o»— 
Bar hoMt o'orpoworM. oho ■kpil 

Bf Lsmla-salBggtah atnam they stood. 

BeiMalh the fatal tno, 
Wheioon tho haehaMl-AUbor dbd, 


For (Mo tho tjtauV «aoml-davm 

Prepared bad dalf booni~ 
On etdor-ooaeh they bom bar throogb { 

«« Look ap. my bof 1 thorn b tho tewar 

That choked thy fathora brmth 2 
Bow down that branch! fur It maun hdp 
f TOdoadoodoTdaaihl 


floomaa BALLATM. 

Tour fctfcf to* mj aid*. 


I wadaa «lr hta lut 
Whan I WM a yoooff biid*. 

** H« hanglt fsar htkar un < 
Wi' thto MOM widdteolpi 

Hm bkMdj Kul stood bj «Im whU^ 
▲a' l««h at hta daatli-ffilp! 

** Thy liawt li l»M, tkr am i« 
Ito wifdd Chto niof «• aiki 

BwMUh thta trw, Umb, nnarto 
Barl UndMjra'H lift to 

Ab aaeoolh laafh bant ftani kla 
Tbra ha hta mothar ktaiid i 

" That 1 will do, mjr mothar daar. 
Or may 1 naiar to Mattl" 

Tha anna wai oat ! tha I 
Wart oambatad aa tha apai. 

Tho aoa and OMthar wtat thtlr ' 


flMiMd an aarlal iakai 
WhUa OD Um dark blna UDaate 

Tha nut wa* MM to braak. 


Fraai maajr a hut 'gBB aarl t 
Tha atrooc and loatjr 

By tha bara haadad ahiari. 

Far wtat tha hUl a hora was Uowa, 
Till atrath and meuDtain raat ; 

ABotbcr frfloa PhlnavoB'b ftowata 
▲Bcwac^ with Bullan twaof . 

lart Uadaaia haard, and oaitid hli I 
He koaw tha diataat horn ; 

▲od thara wara din and harry In 
Phlaavaa^ t 

llta oiaarlag of mally h>«H««r !•«, 
And (irding of glalva and aw^i 

Tha wardara troda, tha Liadtayaa roda 
0'«r djrka, and ditch, and ftocd. 

Vint on tha groan, in hb elottod aaall, 
Karl UBda«|a atood, with hto blaak Mood- 

Haantaad tha groom Ibr a buy loon, [honad; 
▲ad fcU-d tha aaltiff to tha gio«adl 

Pbyid OB Ua riaaga dark, 
Ba flx'd hla otad 0141 aa Ua brow, 

On tha 


A almpla paaaant nun i 
" Sari Alf^ la on Phlaavanli hOI, 
Wl* hia bnra hWan' alan.- 

; tho kamr with draadi 
' Vow giro tha aoward loon a groa^ 
—But aaa yan taha hla haad!" 

fton tha hill, 



With Alflly and hb many knlghii 
Tha good old aho(>hafd stoud; 

Ba had aoaght thair aid to ratriava lh« 
Hla Marion blr aad good. 

Many and all kava Bonghft llM ali 

Hot aooght in viuii— if gold or itoti 
Iba aw^oaat oaa ft«e. 

*• ont, tha BMtbar, too, 
allran horal laavaa . 
Tha dacfc lMt*s broony aa< 

Quibk qmad tha flamal tha raftm 
Tha wind bant from Iti cloud ; 

Iteanghttha bhoa and Arad tha tra«^-> 
Tha widow laughVi aloud I 



Vp roda tha Llndaqra-olan, and anw 
Tha woini-hag in hor wtath I 

twlnad ronnd tha Uaak Mood- 
And atang him to tha daath • Ihoaad, 
Vast Undaaio dim I" tha widow i 


BB^«ilvnifeot.liiilMartqMll'dBOfti 4 
*■ OooM on, Invi kolshto ! with nw ; 

Ibav« tlM wlU, batflMiiiot kUl 

Bar hooTand ttOoA Danoan graapM 
Earl Llndiayat Ibamlng ataed— 

All maU bahald tha daad. 

Hm cfeM* wu o^Brl ttm itaci h^ Mad, 
Aod nd wo* hotw and mMi i 

Boda ap tha food and valiant imlghta, 

*« How draw tlia Tlgai^Eari-a braU iwvad 

Againat mino alhaa mag 1 
Kan ya thia twig, yo mardarer ? 

On It mj dad yo hung. 

^myad tbtjr atood in hUlir Imn^ 
And buraJng elaa vfaw^ dani 

Wliila Airly apoka: " Lord liadMyal doak 
TlMM km tkla taod oU Buui ? 

•' On thaa win I avanga Ua daath, 
HiB wimith now gfaa ma atrengthr 

Ha alrook Xarl Undaayal Ibuhing blmli 
A yard Ml Uma Ifii langth. 

*■ KMvr^ tlua or kia kai dMster Mr ? 

Xaati«o ker to kar Cokar'a haart 

Wltkln tkb vaqr koor r 

*' fUag OWN tha eralg that brskan diiBg. 

As I tommyataffo'aik; 
Now yon or 1 maoo flrilow It 

Wat my nuudarad fluhar*a mkal' 

* H» ! kft i Ma cMgr ao to vaaat ! 

Pimd Ogttvia 1 ka tklBa tha plea 

or tko old envoB ahaiL" 

And now tkoy gmppkd atlff and atam— 
They know twaa lUk or death; 

Bat Dunean'a hand waa lika a rlee, 
flii ftiot attong on tha hoath. 

*■ Lanl UadHpa I Mr hate nor ftar } 
Jutica asd Qod ear word. 

Okmao* witk aie, ny oktvBliyi 
A food aaiaa wfcate tko award." 

Uha Manda thay hag. Itka flanda fbay ««. 

And atlll. aa bull-doga, nata ; 
nil oo tko preeipioa is plaead 

Xarl JUndmye'a trembling fbot: 

<bick M Ifaa rad halt ftaaa tha dood 
Floak'd f lalva aad aword fron ahtath 1 

And cava » fMM to death. 

Vow band thay elv tha ftarftal eng- 
rail ibrty Ikthoms daep ! 

As If ftom tell fho wlteh did yell. 
And tpnag towaid the alaap 1 

■■ Tat kaar my pniar, tkoo mndanr 1 

Thaa ahait not dia kat by kli hand 

Wkaa tha« an oiplHui nndar 

Ono o^ar tha brink la toppled down, 
Tka enwh aonnda korridly 1 

A shiver thrills tha atoutest heart ; 
Tha Undsi^-aa turn and fleet 

Aa fcaondi iha Ben ftoaa tho oopaa, 
Tovng Donaan ferwaid niakcd 1 

Ana cfaiaiHieHl by a paaaaat yoatk, 
Bkiod-rad tha Idndaaya MMkad. 

The widow howN an aldriteh laagh. 

Then wept ter my Joy i 
8ha thanked Ood; sbe elaapt her aoht 

And eaU'd him gallant bey. 

Sew Alr^ kiaaman biash'd oattright 
The niMqaal maleh to aao} 

Whiek klaw tha An ofUndaaya^ ha 
Acalaai tha OgflTla. 

** Sow will yonr flkther's spirit reat) 
Now we ha'e won his lore; 

Has naalr he'll haant the den nnblaat. 
But fly in his eloud abova!" 

■■ OMBodown. Earl Uadaayal" Dvaenn criad, 
"An* duha a paw wi' na 1 
Otahl gla ya wlaaa wi' goda wlll» 
IVhalpBylaadawaa.- , 

In dnraaaa-bower the shapherd's fbwer 

Lone drooping shads tha tear; 
The lovcr-yooth, through ways uneoolh 
B Baas qaiok aa kantcd deer. 




r, laambinhllet 
■s WTows «tu«k nmnd Duncanl heart I 
Ua jnmpNfr>te Ml-Aiid diad. 


Bui AMy, with hto gkllut kalghta, 

SUndt bjr th* castto-wall : 
By nobia deed the nuUd Is freed,— 

flhi iaw the Lindeajree ihU. 

AMj, the gimtcftil Unthlag maid. 

To her glad fitthcr gave i 
Be on hto knot bloM the OsUtI*. 

The feaarona and the tacafe. 

«* Vow dilre jronr flocks to Alfljrl hOli, 
Aad tend them there In peaos ; 

And from ^Is hoar may tyrant power 
For aja In Seotlaad eea 

** Haats ! bora that clog and hhiodj aae. 

And shut that beU of death I 
That block no more shall drink manls goi«. 

That dark pond drown hto bvsath I" 

Bo Alrlj apoka ; than tamed Us staed 

From many a horrid sight. 
The battle won, o'er vato and den 

Bode ha with sqiaixe and kalght. 

Vtom war^ alarms to lowa soft ehanas 

Lady Airly hall'd her lord ; 
And with her &lr hand wreathed green bays 

Aroand the ehteftain's swotd. 

In Alriys halls, la wastatl glsa» 

Is held the festal night: 
AJoog the hilli the pibroeh tfllls. 

The Highland ohters dehghu 

And In the hall tha festival 

Is chser*d by many a string : 
" In eoaial life forget the strife," 

Tha wlas-joytl mlostials sing. 

[PaoM " A Legond of MentRMs," wfasta it Is 
said to be a tnuialathm from the Gwlle, with, 
pcrbape, about tha same trath as Oislan to a 

Voman's hall'Ctoad drtfUaway, 
yotaenbe r l i sanbeam waa 

Looks eoMly on ths casUa grey. 
Whan forth comas lady . 

by the oak was set, 
Dor arms, her feat, were bare, 
The hall-drops had not mdted yet. 
Amid her xavan hair. 

*« And, dama," aha said, " by aU tkt 
That child aad mother know. 

Aid ona who aarar knew these joys, 
BaUsTS an orphaa'C 

Che lady said, " Aa orpiiaB'B slala 

la hard and aad to bear. 
Tat woiaa the wMowid motter^ fet». 

Who mouras both lonl and heir. 

*< Twdve timaa tha rolling year baa «pad, 
filace when from vengaaoca wild 

Of flcroe etiathallan'a chief 1 fled. 
Vorih'a eddlaa whalmVI my child." 

" Twdva times the yaar Its ceom has bom^" 

Ths wandering maid rspUcd, 
" Sines fl^en on St Brklget's mora 

Drew nets on Chmpeto side. 

" St BiidgaC sent ao asaly apoai— 

An taifent. waUnigh dead, 
Thay saved, aad rmr'd ia want aad toll« 

To bag from yoa har braad.** 

That orphaa amid tha ladjr I 
** My haabaad'B looks yoa bear; 

Bt Bridget ud har mora be bleaa^l 
Toa an hto widoWa hetr.** 

ThaTM xolN' that maid, so 
In tOk and aandak rare ; 

And paarto, fcr dropa of frocen hall 
Am gUslonlag in hfl 

fTjfttousIy tJ)t 28Rool^. 

pCaaaaii Ballad.— Wuxiah A 


TaaoooJi the wood, throogh the wood. 
Warbka the roaria! 


>llop>the— HI 
Ttt k* brada aoi it* Man 


1, tkrangli th* 
n» flMtte it galB'd, 


And hw <yw btpow dim t 


ll HW BBM OB Un I 

O* wood, tfanw^ tht 
) oawd • bond 
or trao wanlen bold ■ 
Tfasf atop not fcr tocat, 

Tkay halt not for walwi 



tha wood, thnmtb tha 

Thimtk <lM «raod, thniosh fha 

And oo • fay palAvj 

CooMo padag tala btUai 
WhOa an old man aita amlUiig^ 


Kit tlDS UfOtlbttSft. 

C Tk« doiMolle tragMljr wkkh thia aAettag 
halted eomoMaaoralea ta aoi wftboata praoodont 
la raal hatofy : aaf > wa ara aJiBoat laeUnod to 
haUevo that U onsioatad la tha iilloirlac oiohuf 

" ' ThM 7«ar, UW, la fha neoctb of July.tbar 
AJla out a aad aoddaat, as a htrttaor warariBK 
that Ood waa dhpiaaarrt with tha fhmiUa. Tho 
Lord demmonrill havtiag oemo from Cowthally, 
oarlla la tha mornlnt* la lOiabd tho woathar 
waa hott. he had nddao hard to ha at the Dram 
whkh having 


to rat Tha aarvast, with hb two aeaea, 
WUIfauaa Maatar of Bomnrrvill, aad Joho hh 
waat with tho hoiaaa to aao Hhott of 
, oaOad the Praty Shott, diraetly oppoalta 
Iha front of tha hooaa when there 
m eadew gtonod fbr gnualng tha hor 
wfllowaa to ahadow theniadvaB horn the heat. 
Thqr had not loaf cootlnwd la thia plaoa. when 
tho Maotar of SoBDarrlU after aooM Utlo net 
owahalag ftven hie Bleep aad flndlag hie platoUea 
that lay hard bgr him watt with the dew he began 
to mb aad dry them, when nnhappily one of 
wont off tho mteh, baiag lying upon hla 
and tho moaal tamed eldo-ways, the ball 
etroche hla brother John dimtly In the head, 
and killed him oatright, aoe that hla aoiTowftil 
bnitbor nerrr had one word from him, albeit ho 
begged U with maay tearm.'— Memerle of tho 
flomorraiea, TbL I. p. 487. 

"The loader will And In the flrrt volamo of 
' Popular Ballade and Songa' anottaor edition of 
tUe ballad, whiefa, la point of merit, ia perbapa 
aoperlor to the praeent copy. The third eUnta 
ofthatodltloa waa howerer fanperlhct, and tha 
lagonloae editor, Mr Tamlrenn, hae aopplied tour 
Haco to nndor It eompleta. Xseellcat though 
hla Intaipolatione genoralty an. It will be eaen 
that, In thle Inataaee, be baa qui to mieeoneeiTod 
tho eeope and tendeney of the pieoe on which ho 
waa workiog, aod io oonaaqnenoe bee anpplled a 
reading with whieh tho laat ofblaown oopy leal 
oomploto rarlanoa, and whleh at mmo timo 
away tha deep Imptee al on thio dmpio 
wonU othorwioa ha«o made upon tho 
toallngat fbr It b almoit anneocaaary to meatlon 
that Ita touehiag Intaraat la made to oaatn la 

tho boondleea aorrow, and 
him who hnd bean tho ualntantlonal eanm of 
hla brother^ death— and ia the aolioitade whidi 
tbnt high-minded aad ganerona aplrit ezprMoea, 
oven In tho laet agonico of natora, fur the mfrly 
aod fbetanm of the tndy wre t e l wd and nnhappy 
aarvtvor. Mr Jamleeon'a addition le given 
below.*— By that addition tbia ballad baa been 
altorad In one of Iti moat dlatinotlvo nnd aamn- 



Ibey wanlled op, tbey winded dowa, 

Taa lee leeg •taiaer't day i 
[Awl ■«■« WM aear m pwt the ttjUm 

Tbmt raiaa aiwMa ttaew twna, 
till Mt aed « UU«'* drawa tU 
i did hie btodMT ■1^.**]— 

158 aoomm BALLAna 

Cial featmi hum tiM pmnt aopr. vhMbA ** Wtet will y« ay to fov Mhw dtw 

pit— nw tiM fiaaiiw rMdlng In tha ataiua 

When ye gae hame at o'an ^ 

K*m4 to, thoa«h it mlfbt have d«riv«« oso- 

**ini my ye're lying at yon kirk atyia. 

Whaie the gnm growe Iklr aad grND.*' 

ttom tlM 01M gifen bgr Mr JamlaMO, has, oa the 

** DOk BO, my hralhcr datf , 
yoa mnet net eey eoi 

Tana wars t«a hrathcn at tba note. 

Bat eey that I'm gaaa to a teeiga taa^ 

And whan they pot awa'— 

Wham Baa man dees ma know." 

" Itt wUi y« pijijr at the BtaB»^acUnt. 

Or will y play at tha ba*. 

Wbaa ha mt la hh fhthar^ahate 

Or win ya pta up to yon hill head. 

Ha grew baith pale and wan. 

And thara wa'U wamU a lk'.«* 

" what Made** that apoB yaw brow? 
O dear eon tell to me." 

•' I wloaa play at tha ataiia-«hacUaf« 
Nor will 1 play at th« ba*. 

■* It to the blade o* my goda gny etaeil, 
Ba wadna ride wi' me." 

Bat I'll saa up to yon boanla frsaa hill. 
And thara wall wanel a M'.** 

** thy elMdl Made wae DTK ma n<» 
Mor e'er eaa dmr to ma : 

They wankd ap, they warded down. 

what bludal thto apea yoar eheak f 
dear eon tell to ma." 

Till /ohn Ml to the frooad ; 
A dirk Ml out of WilUaml pooeb, 

" It to the Made oTmy greyhooad. 
He wadna huat for me." 

And gare Joha a deadly wound. 

'* «lv hoand^ Made wae note am ltd; 

** lift me apon year baak. 

Her e'er ane dear to ma: 

Tahemetoyon wtUhiri 

what Uada'a thto apon year haad^ 

And waah my bloody woaode o^ and Qtt, 

dear eon tell to ma." 

And they*U aa-Mr bleed aaa malr." 

*' It to tha Made of my imy gam hftwl^ 
He wadna ftoe far me." 

BePa lifted hie bi«thar upon hb bMk, 

Ta'ta him to yon wall fUri 

*' O thy hawkl Mode was ne'er me rod. 

Ha'B waehid hta bluMy weanda o'mr aad «^, 

Vor e'er ear dear to mot 

Bat thay bleed ay malr and raair. 

what blude'k this upon yoor dbk ? 

" TU* f aff my Holkad mrk, 

«* It to the Made or my ae biothsr. 

And rita It pUr fay gair. 

O dale and wae to ma." 

Aad row It m my bluldy weanda. 

And they'll na<te bleed nae malr." 

" O what wm ye aay to your ftthary 

Hal tahan aff hie Holland aark. 

" 111 saddto my steed, and awa' 111 ihto 

Aad torn It fair by fair t 

To dwell hi eome Ihr oeaatrtob" 

He's rowlt it In hie Uuldy weaade, 

But they bleed ay malr and malr. 

<* O whoB wOl y» ooma hama agala ? 

** Tkk' BOW aflr my green ckMing, 

'* When san and mane leap ea yoa hlO, 

And row me aaftly in ; 

And that will never be." 

And tak' me up to yon kiik etyla^ 

Whare the gram growe fldr and gieeu." 

8ha tamM harml* right roand ahea^ 
And h«r heart honk Into thiae t 

HeU taken aff tha grten eMdlng, 

** My aa beet eon to deM and gaaob 

And rowed him mftly In ; 

And my tathar oaa l-tt aaiv m*." 

BCk laid him duwn I y -yoa kiik atyle. 

lyhare the gram grewa Adr and greca. 



nt mu iSUgkicn^* 

- -■ ■■ ^(,9 

fkaa *• baauM a dack, a dodk, 

▲ad tfaa aailth wl- bar to aoem or dh% 

[ViMr pttaMd la Mr BiMhMi% AariMt Bil- 

BaoaaM a reaa>kafaB'd dndn. 


bida. kwly. fto. 

Tn liriy ituids la bar bo««r dOOT, 

8ha iBa-d hmel' Into a bara. 

Aa rtrnVM M » wUknr vaad ; 

Tb ria owar bill ud boltow. 

The blaekamUh aloiMl a Uttto teBb|«» 

▲ad ha baeaiaa a goda gnj boaad. 

WV huaaMT la hia kaad. 

▲ad boldly b« did flbUoir. 

« Waal aw7 ya dnaa y», Iad7 Mr» 


Thaa iha baema a cay gray aiai% 

Bafcn tht aioffB M tUa avM tim^ 

▲ad stood to yondar alaok; 

111 iBoaa jonr allkn ■Mod.'* 

▲ad bo baauaa a gUt Mddla, 
▲ad aM opoB bar bMk. 

^ A«m% a«a% 7* eod-UMk anltli. 

Would je do na tlM wnu«p 


To think to tala aay vbgla l«f«. 

TlMi I te'a hapt M* kaf ?" 

Wm Aa waap bo beU bar aM, 

▲nd Btm bo bade hor Mdo; 

naa ahe kM iHddaa ap bar hud. 

The raaty ■allh her lamaa wm. 

Aad ah* awai* by tha aaoid. 

For a* hor aiaoklifrido. 

** I va'dna b* a bladtnlthl wlft^ 

Ibr iha fldi o* a ahaat •■ gold. 

Thaa die boeama a hat gbdle, 
▲ad ha beoMao a eoka ; 

*• lid lalhar I ««ia daad aad f oiM. 

▲ad a' tko ways aha tornd banal'. 

And my body taJd to inva. 

Tbo Maokamltb ma her Biaka. 

In a natjr atoak 0^ oottl-blaak ■Blth, 

Was iha was, dre. 

My vtalia lava ikoaU hat*.** 

flbo kuaM bansr toto a ablp. 

Bat ba baa baddM ap hia bud. 

iy> aaO oat o««r the flood { 

Aad h« t<*ai« by tht auM, 

Ho eaV a noil totill bar too. 

m e— w ya ba B»y Bgbt laniaa. 

▲ad 7B0 tho ship she stood. 

Vior tha IVMra* ttetaad laM. 


fhoa sho boonaio a rilhea plold. 
▲ad stratohM apon a bod ; 


▲ad bo boaoaio a gnea eovotfai^ 

And lyt b« bMa bOT bUa 

▲ad thos tho tsrawora wad. 

Tba rusty anith yoar kmaa ahall bf^ 

Was aha wao, dw. 

Vur a' yoar maokla prtda. 

SImb Aa bacBBM b tntia dow. 

▲ad ha bacaaia u««har danr. 

Vbt 9attell 3Lobn5(* 

Aad thry flaw pidr ud pair. 

bfala, fa4y. In. 

[ftuawar of a Boottlifc Brilad, by ■oaoai 


■m tara-d b«n^ tola u ad. 

To ■orfm lata yoa barn ; 

* Wti» dtlfoa tho bitter aorttacra biaal. 

▲ad h* bMwiM a apeaklad traat» 

Pleree wbMlag wMe the crispy snoir. 


Toaag toade, tarn year wand'ruig atepa^ 


7or o'Oaiag'O gloom bagina to to* 1 




" 111 tek* y«u ts my fiiClMr^ h*'» 
And diidd jrea ftmn tha wintiy klr, 

J9r, waiMl*riDf through tha diifUnf Miaw, 
I ttu jWU ■ink to riM i 

*' All! gciitt* iMly, altt my my 
AcroM thi« lAagMMn*, lonely moor, 

W^Bft ho wiukt d«u«t to my heart, 
Bow wmifii mo on tha woatan shflt*. 

*' With mom ha aprMda hb ovtivanl mO, 
Thia Bight 1 ToWd to ntaet him thaia, 


To take ae aectet fond Iktv 
"We majrba part to moat 

** Dear bade, turn— twin ha yoar dead I 
Tha draary waato Ilea Ihr and wide ; 

AUde till mom, and then ye'il ha'e 
My fttho^ heid-hoy for your guide." 

" Ke, hwly,— no 1 1 mnan nn tam« 
Impailcnt lore now ehldea n^ alay. 

Yon rialng moon, with kindly beam. 
Will llgiit mo on my waniy w«y." 

" Ah r DonaU, wherelbra boanda thy havtl 
Why b«UM with joy thy wiahlbl •"•? 

Y9a% but thy true luve'a fleeting form. 
Thy true love mair thonlt never aea. 

** Deep in tha hollow glen ibe liHi 
Aroang the anaw, beneath the tiaa, 

■he aoundly aleept in death-a eaold 
A vtotim to hm love Air thaa." 

Zotl) Slonall). 

— BonnT AiAAv of 


Lob a Roi* alb earn' to hie ladyla bower. 
When the miwo waa in her wane; 

Lord Bonaltl cam' at a late, lata hour. 
An' to her bower la i 

He aaflly atppt In hia aandal ahooo. 
An* Hiftl> laid him dowai 

*■ Jt'a late, il'a late, quoth Kllenora— 
Byna ye maun waulMn aeoni 

" Lord Ronald, atay tfll tkawrly 
flail flap hia alller wing > 

An' aaftly ye maan ope the gata. 
An' leeaa tha ailkaa atrlng." 

" O XlleBora, my Mieat flilr ■ 

O Bllenore, my bride! 
How can ye ftar, when my many i 

An on the monntaia aide ^*' 

The moon waa hid, the night waa pina. 
Bat Ellenora'a heart waa wee : 

Bbe heard the oock flap hia aiiler wing. 
An* iha watch d the momiag my. 

"Uaa up, liaa up. Lord Bonald, dear! 

Tha morning opea tta e'et 
O apeed thee to t^ fkther'a tower. 
nA, m£t may thou be!" 

Bat than waa a page, a Uttle 
Lord Bonald dUl <«py, 

he haa told hia baron all 
Whan the hind and hart dkl lye. 

" It baa for thee, but thlna. Lord Bonald— 

Thy lhther<a deede o* weir ! 
Bat rince the hind haa oome to my fluild. 

Hie blood ahall dim my apear." 

Lord RoMld Un'd fldr Kllcoan. 

An' preai'd her Illy hand > 
81e a atataly knight an' eomcly daase 

He'er mot in wedlook'a band : 

Bat tha hanm watohid aa he lala'd thatotek 

An' kba'd again hie bride. 
An' with hia apear, in deadly in. 

Be piaro'd Lord BoDaldn aide. 

The lUb'Mood flad flraa fldr Ellenonl cheek 

She looked all waa an' 'ghaat; 
She laan'd her down by Lord Kwnald'a aide. 

An' tha hkied waa rtania' fiul: 

She daapad hit hand an' aha kiaiM hia llp^ 

Aa aha aigh'd her iaat adU-u { 
For never, O never did lady lovo 

Her lonl with a heart ao Intel 



iProttD Xal^s iiWargawt. 

r^MM Mhntrabr of tt* Seotttah Boriar^ 
Ikb adlad/' «ji« Blr Walter. "«m oom. 

to tiM editor bgr Mr HamUton, msdo- 
XdialNWsh, with whon mothw It had 
afcTowrlta. Two vnrn and ona Uoa wera 
itiag, whkfa aia hna loppUad from a dlilb- 
-: Ballad, having a plot aomawhat atanlkr. 
MM waaaan tha Cih and 9th."] 

TwAa OB a nicbt, an avaaiag bright. 

When tha daw bagan to *', 
I«dj Maisarat waa walUng ap and down. 

Looking o'ar har caatla wa'. 

flh* hiekad aaat, and aha lookad waat. 
To aaa what aha eoold apy, 

'han a cUlaat kutgbt eama In har dght. 
And ta the gata diaw nigh. 

to ba no gantlanan. 


1 to be aama canning boatar* 

tha horn ao qrda." 

" I am no eanning honter," ha mid, 

** Nor oa'ar intend to ba ; 
Bnt I an coma to thla caatla 

And If jrou do not grant ma love, 

Thia night fcr thaa I'll dla." 

'*If yoQ dioald die ftar m«, ab knight, 

Tbnm'B fcw for /«« will mane, 
Ar moBj a bcttrr baa died for ma, 

Wh«a gmvm an growing graan. 

" Jtet ya mann read my riddle," aha aaU, 
" And anaw«r my qoaatlona three; 

And b«t }• read them right." ahe aald, 
" 6aa atratah 90 out and dla.— 

-Wow what la tha flsw«r, tha aa flnt flawar, 
Bpfloga either on moor or daloi> 

A^ what la tba Unt, tha boanto bonnia bM. 
^ — I ea tha evaalag gala^" 


Bptinga either on moor or 
Aad the tbieilaeacfc la the 



" Bat whatii fha itttia aafa." aha 
" WaU boy mj aaatia boond ? 

And whafa tha Uttia boat," aha aald. 
•*(ha aail the world afl roaad?" 

"O hay, how mooy amall pannlaa 
Hake thzlea three thooaaad poond ? 

Or hey. how mony email fl«i»t a 
Swim »• the aalt aM lonad f" 

"I think ya mann ba my mateh," ahe 
Ton an tha fliat e^ got the gant 
or loTa ftaa nqr flUhar^ hair. 

" My flithar wsa told or ataM ( 

My mother lady «f thna; 
Mj flither waa Ion! of nine i 

-^ad thara'a aana tohair bat ma. 

"And round abont a' thaa outlet 
Tou may balth plow and aaw. 

And on thaflftmnth day ofKiy, 
Tlw maodowa thay will maw." 

For loud I hear yoa lie t [^ij 

Toot Atthar waa lord or nine eaatlaa, ' 

Tour mother waa lady of thna; 

Tonr Ikther waa lord oTnlaa ai 
Bat ya flk* hair to but three. 

"And lound aboat a' thaa (_... 

Yen may balth plow and aaw. 
Bat on tile flAaenth day of May 

Tha maadowa will not maw. 

" I am yoor brother Wlllla^'* ha nld, 

" I trow ye ken na met 
I oama to homMe yoar hang^ty heart 

Haa gafd aaa moala die." 

"If ye ba inj brother WUUa," dM mh*. 

"Aal trow wedyate, 
Thla night lH neither «at ncr dzln^ 

Btttgae alaag wl' thaab" 

"O hald yoor tongaa. hMly Maigtot." ha 
" Again 1 hear yon Uat [ -m 

For xTfa oawaAea handa,aad ya'ro an- 
Togaatody wl' ma. [waahan ftat," 



▲atf WMld day is my i 

rh&a Um itonay wlads do Vow, 
My bo4y Um and ■iMiH.'' 

Vjftf 0ottttcott)( Unigl^t. 

a kalght, la a i 
Appaard In a lady^ hall, 

walking np and down, 

VTmm BaDad, daaliar la laddant is tha pra> 
•adingf hut mora eoinplata la aanallTaf la gtvaa 
la Mr BaolMUili Oottaotioo.] 


'* Ood maka rm Mft and free, Mr maid, 
Ood maka yon ml» and ftval" 

**0 «a flk* you, ya oo ai taoaa knight. 
What art yoor wUli wl» BM P" 

"My wUla wl* |«a ara not na', lady* 

My wUla wl' yoa nao toia't 
And rinoa tbare'a nana yoor bowar wttUn, 

Ytrm ha% my ■aorats a*. 

) am I a oe a rMaf , 
A oooftlar eaaia lo thea I 
And Ifya wlana grant yovr lof«. 
All fcr yonr laha III doa.» 

** If that ya daa Ibr ma. ib knight. 
Flaw Ibr yon will main maan ; 
»j gvda loid'a dona Um 
Thair g ia taa ara growing 

*'0 winna ya plly ma^ lUr maid* 

O wlana ya pity a ooortao n a knl^il^ 

Whaaa Wfo la laU on ttea ?•* 

** To my ya ara a oottrtaons knlghl^ 

Bnt 1 think ya ara nana; 
I think ya1« buta naUlar btad, 

Bfr tha ooloar o* yonr nlalthliy. 

"Ton amm to ha aona fidaa yonag man. 

Yon waar yonr hat aaa < 
Toa aaam to ha aana hdm 

Toa waar yoar hoeti ma aldoi' 

" Indaad I am a wartaoaa knight. 

And afgrmt padlgrm i 
Vaa knight dM rnafa- itora lady bri^t 

Ttea I will do fcr thaa. 

** O, 111 pat amitha In yonr miithy. 

To thoa Ajt yun A atacd t 
And I'U put tailoca In your bowar, 

iy> uaha te you a waad. 

** I win pnt eooha In yonr fcitehan. 

And batlan In yoor ha*; 
And on tha up o' your fkthar^ matla» 

Ml big gvda eoni aad mw.** 

** If ya ha a eonrteoos kaii^^ 
Ail tniatnotjaba; 

Tall aaawar aome o' tha ama' 

" What la tha fldnat fluwar, tdl DMb 
That growi In mira or dala? 

UhawiM, which la tha awwimt bird 
aiaga naat tha nighungala? 

Or whafa tha flnaac thing," aha aaja, 
'*That king or qnaan ona wala^** 

" Tha ptImreM la tha flUrart flowar. 
That gretna la mIra or ilale { 

Tha marts Is tha awaat at Urd 
Mast to Um nighUngala ; 

And yallow gowd'a tha flnrnt thing 
That king or (|naaa aaa wala. 

** Ya ha'a aakad many qnaatlow, lady. 

iTa yutt aa many told ; 
Hut, how many peanlca round 

Maka a huadrad pounds In goU t 

" How many of tha amall i 
Do awlm tha salt mm» round ? 

Or, what'a tha aiiwilliat alghk yoall am 
Into a May mocalng^' 

*' Bany-hvown ala aad a btahsB 
And wlna In a Imra griaa t 

A mUk>whlta laoa In a Ihlr nuld'a 
Looks g»y ta a May 

'* Monri tha qusathma I'ra aakid at thm. 

And y9'n answar*d thorn a'l 
Ya ara mina, and 1 am thlna, 





■ted wff 


aa» OBBM lie a langlh. 

" Mr Mh«^ tad o* bIm ( 

My »Mh« *«^ tody ow »^. 
Aa4 dMra ii ana to bdr than aU, 

H o ntrcr a an* bat m* i 
Uatoa it ba WUlte, my m broOcr, 

Bat Wfe fcr ayoat Oa Ma.' 

" Vyaar frthv^ laM ^ Blaa 

Tear aiaHwf bdy awar thiat; 
I am Willi* jaor aa brother. 

"If ya ba WUllak ay aa baatlMr, 

Bm ir ifk tow ya liU oia ooir, 

lUa Bicht ini fane wl* tlMa." 

" Ta'va ooar ID wadiaa IM 
▲ad own* iU wadtaa lMUid% 

■am rabw aa yaor body, 

la tfwy aia ny bcd>Mlowi, 
▲ad Um caald day my sheet; 
And the hlgKhir that the wind dees bUw, 
The seaadar I do deep. 

My bedy^ boiled la Samtenlla*, 
And te beyoad the tea ; 
day a«r alght, aaa net aoald fit. 

" Iaa«a aff year pfMa, Jelly Jaoet. - ha vyi, 

" 17ie U Bot any nair ; 
Or when ya aama whcfa I ha'ia 1 


' Oart a«; aeat aff, datv,- be I 
" The good laae ftae yoar er»ani; 

Xv IT ya ceag where 1 ha'a baea, 
TeOI ««ar U laighar dfOWB. 

I yrre ia the fade cbordi eat, 
) gawd plaa la ya«r hair; 
TataheaMdrdtllglitla yoar fceklemdrCM^ 
I ya da hi yoar oioninf preycr. 


I I, 

<* Tea*re iteaicbt aad tall, baadeome wtthaU, 
Bat year pride oa mrgr oee your wit; 

Bat If ye do oet yoar waye reftain, 

" la PMe'a dialr yoB'n lit, I My, 

The kmaet teat o' haU; 
If ye do Bot amead yoor wayi, 

Itl there that ye mast dwelL" 

Wl* that he vanldi'd ftaa her tfght, 

Wi' the twiakUag o' aa eye; 
Maethlog malr the fatdy nw, 

Bat the gtoomy duods and «ky. 

[FaoH Mlastrel^ of the aoottiah Border.— 
** Thie baltad," nye Sir Walter, " b a sorthem 
eompoeition, and ewma to have beea the origioal 
of the legeod caUed Sir Aldingar, which b print- 
cd la the Beliqaat of Antlent Poetry. The Ind- 
daats ai« nearly the mub* la both *»"v1f. ex- 
erptlng that, in Aldingar, aa angvl oombata ftir 
the qacen, iaetead of a mortal ehamploa. The 
narace of Aldingar and Bodlngham approach 
Bear to aadi other la eound, though not in or- 
thography, aad the ooe might, by redten, be 
aaeUy eafaetltated tar the other. I thiok I have 
aeea both the name and the etoiy In an aadent 
praee ahrcmfcile, but am unable to make any re- 
Itenm hi support of my bellet The tradition, 
upoa whidi the ballad la Ibandcd, b anivarmlly 
earreat la tha Meams; and the editor b InAain* 
ed, that, tiU very Utdy, the sword, with whlah 
Sir Uu^ le Blond was bdleved to havadeflmded 
the lli» and honour of the queen, was oarefhlly 
pr eo ir red by hb deseeadants, tha viaooBats of 
Arbuthaot. That Sir Hugh of Arbuthaot Mvad 
la tha thirteeath oeatary, b proved by hb hav- 
iag, la ItM, beetowed the patronafs of tha 
ohureh of Oarvoeh npoo the monks of Aber- 
brethwiek, for the safoty of hb soul.— Bagbter of 
Aberbaothwbk, quoted by Orawfbrd ia Peerage. 
Bat I fled no Instanos in hbtoiy, la whieh the 
hoBoar of a queen of Seotlaad wae aooamitlad to 
theebaaaeofadaal. It b tree, that Maqr, wUb 
of Aleaaader II., was, about ISiS, somewhat 
faapUoatsd la a dark story, eonesraing the mur- 
der of Patriek, earl of Athale, baraed la hb 
hidging at Uaddiagtea, wharr he had gooa to 




WUllwa Biwft, • po w wftt l Boblanian, who ap- 
pmn to bavt b«ca in soeh hl^ Ik? our with th« 
jrovof qoMO, thai dkt oflbrsd bar Mth, m s 
eompaTi^lor, to pniv* hU lanoetiMit. BiMt 
bliDMll stood upon his dsftnoe, nod p r oiKi r ed 
ttMoonslattoUsMeaian; but bo wuobligod 
to givo waj to tbo tkle, nnd wu bonhhad from 
SootlUMl. Thb aflklr latoTMtBd oU the Dortharn 
boron*; and It li not Impooiiblo, that wino 
ibara, tabm la It bj this Six Ha«b do Arbuth- 
Bot, may bavs glvta a siiKbt fbundation fbr tbo 
tradition of tbo ooantry.— Win toon, book ril. 
Ob. 9. Or, If «o sappos* air Hnsb Is Bond to bo 
a pMdtaMsoc of th« Btr Hogb who floarisbsd In 
tho tbirtsooth oontorj, bo may bavo boan tha 
▼lotor In a daol, shortlj notload as having oe- 
onmd In IIM, wbon ooo Artbnr, aoeoMd of 
tnaaon, was nnsoooosiAii In bit appeal to the 
Jndgment of Ood. Arthunu ragcm Maloolm 
prudituruB duello perllk Chron. Saneta Cruels, 
ap. AngUa Sacim, vol. I. p. 161. 

" But, true or lUie, tho incMent, narrated In 
tbo ballad. Is In tho genuine stjrie of ^ivalty. 
Romauews abound with similar instanow, nor 
are they wanting in real Ustoiy. Tlio most 
solonan part of a knight's oath was to defcnd 
' ali willows, orpbcUnes, and maUons of gudo 
ftuBo.'*— Llndaoy'^ Heraldry, MS. The l«>vs of 
anns was a real pastion of Itself, wbieh biased 
yet mors fleroely when united with the entbusl- 
astie admiration of the fkir ses. The knight of 
Ohauorr e»elaims, with chivalrous energy, 

• To Ifkl for m l«dv I ■ beaedteiia i 
It were e liwljr elgM for lo mo.' 

Tho maUoas of j| obanploas against thns Moon of Ofaaada, la 
of tho murder Sir 

It was an argumoBt, sarfoosly niged by Sir 
John of Helnanit, Ibr making war upon Edward 
II., la behalf of bis banished wifc, Isabella, that 
kiilgbts wcto bound to aid, to their uttermoet 
power, all dUtressed damseia, living without 
eouneil or oomlbri. 

*' An apt niustrathm of the ballad would have 
been tho eombat, undertaken by three Qpaaiah 

• S««h •■ oath la atiU Ukaa by the KeiftiU of tb« 
Bethi Uut, I balicre, faw ofthu honourable bro(lier> 
hoiMl wlil aow flooiidor It qatto to obligatory m tbc 
•ooi«i«Blta«e Lord Hortaevt of Cherbory, who Ki«v*ly 
■livgM it M ■ aanrtoDt reaaoe for hanog ehaU«ag«d 
divcra eavallor*. that they bad eitber ■aatebod tram a 
Uiiy h«T bottqwM, or ribMBd, or. by aoaie diieoortcajr 
of •imilar iMpurUoee, plaesd her, ■• bb lotdihip 
eoaectved. !■ tho andteeaeal o( a 

dcfcoco of the honour of the qneon of Granada, 
I wifc to Mohammed Oblqoito, tho laet monarch 
I of that kingdom. But I have notat hand Las 
Ouerras avilee do Granada, In which that 
achievement Is looordod. Baymoad Beranger. 
oount of Banehma, Isalso said to have dolbnded. 
In single eombat, the life and hoaour of tho 
empfses Matilda, wifb of the emperor Henry Y^ 
and mother to Heniy II. of Eagbmd.— 4eo Aa< 
tonlo mioa. del vero Honors MUltarc, Yeaioe. 

" A less apocryphal example Is the dad, Amght 
In 1S87, betwixt Jaquef lo Grys and John do 
Oarogne, before tho Ung of Fnnoe. These 
warrion wore retainers of the earl of Alengon, 
and originally sworn bmthers. John do Oarogne 
went over the sea Ibr the advaneoTeat of bis 
boM, leaving in his castle a beautllbl wUb, 
when ebe lived sobsrly and sagsly. But tho 
devil ontsrsd into the heart of Jaquos to Grys, 
and ho rode, one morning, from the call's house 
to the caetto o( bis friend, where he was hosplta- 
l>ly received by the unsuspiduus lady. He ra> 
quested her to ehow bim the doiOon, or keep of 
the casUe, and In that remute and Inacoessibto 
tower forcibly violated her chastity. Ho then 
mounted bis boras, and returned to the earl of 
Alenflon within ao shorta spaes, that btsabsefaoe 
had not been peroelved. The lady abode within 
tlM dof\Jon, weeping bitterly, and exeUlming, 
' Ah Jaqu s ! It was not weD done thus to 
ahamo me! but on yon shall the shame rest, if 
God send my husband safb homo!' The lady 
kept secret this sunvwfVii deed untfl her boa- 
liand's return tnm bis voyage. The day passed, 
and night camo, the knight went to bod ; but the 
lady would not; fbr ever she bl e sse d heraelf, 
and walked up and down the dumber, studying 
and musing, until her attendants had lotitod ; 
and then, throwing heraslf on her kneee bcAMra 
the knight, she showed him all tbo advoature. 
Haidly would Quogne believe the traocheiy of bit 
companion: but when eonvlneed, ho lopllcd, 
'Since it Is so, lady, I pardon you; but tho 
knight shall die Ibr this vlUanons dasd. Ae- 
eordingly, Jaquos to Giys was aceussd of tho 
crime, in the court of the carl of Atongon. But, 
as he was greatly loved of hto lord, and as tha 
evidenee was veiy slender, the oaii gave Judg* 
tnent against tho aeeuaerk Hore up oa Joha 
Oarogne appealed to the pariiamcnt of Parisi 
which court, after fbll oonsldemtlon, appdntsd 
^thoeaaatebo triad by mortal ooaabat botwist 



tet, thm 

>D othiM lady. If hm ttO^ In his eom- 
b« to be bMi«rtl» ud hi* lady 
1, ai Mat and lu^laii aaliuniilatm. This 
it, aad«r drtuuMtenen so vary pacullar, 
1 aoivanal attnttton ; In ao mnch. thai 
tha Uat 9t Fimact and hto pacfa, who ware then 
la Vlaadan, ealleetinc tioopa fcr an tnvaaion of 
ntomad lo Pacta, that to notnbla a 
■liiht ba foacht In tha rofid pnainea. 
' Thoa tha hynse, and his uoeka, and tha con- 
ilahla, caaaa to Paiya. Than tha lystw wtn 
mmOm ia nplaaa callad daynt Kathaiyna. bdilndo 
tha TanpW. Thcra waa ko mocha paople, that 
ttwaaaMTvaylatehriwIdaiandon thaonerida 
af tlw lyaica than «M floada fret Maflbldes, that 
tha lofdM might tha hatttr ta tha batayla of tha 
■ ckMtpkMM; and m thay both* eama to tha 
anncd at all paaota, and than caha of 
vaaaatlnthayrcfaajm; tha aria of Saynt 
Ttada guaiaiuaJ John Oarongna, and tha ariaoT 
aoaapnay with Jao^nca la Orya; and 
knyght anlnd la to the Mda, ha 
to hta wyfe, who mm thata lytlyaffe In a 
la blacfca, and ha myd to her 
ihna.-— "Snma, by your lafcrmaiqroo, and In 
yaor ^laanall, I do put my l|h In advaataia, aa 
to 4nBht with Jacqoca It Orysi ya knowe, IT tha 
caaaa ba JLat and traa.**— " dyr." mU tha lady. 
**Hlaaa I tew myd; whciHbia ya may l^gbt 
itogondandtraa." Wlththoaa 
tha kayghw hlmad tha tady, and toka 
har by tha haada, aad than h l m wrt hym, and mo 
aalred Into tha faMa. Tha tady mto slyll In tha 
hayia, in har ptayaia to Ood, and to tha 
Mary, hombly piayenga tham, by theyr 
, to wad har baaband tha vlatofT, 
I to tha iy»ht. Bha waa Id gint hery- 
Lrehawaanotauraor hrrlyfc: for. If har 
■hoUa hava bean diaaomOtad, tha waa 
r, to ba brenta, and har 
I cannot my whathar aha 
arnot,aa tha nattor waa w fer- 
Iwnda ware la 
VmiOt hawhatt, Qrnally, aha most aa thaa 
tha aiatBtara. Thaa thaav two aham- 
lat another, and ao 
■d aa theyr haraaa, aad bahaafad them 
for they kaawa what partayaad to daedaa 
afmmaa. Thara ware many lordeaaad knyghlaa 
af rmaiMM, that w«n aaaaa thydcr to m that 

at tfaayr 
idydharto ot h e r ; 

the A p t ifouini a th«:rr batayla, and aoo fon^t val- 
yaantly.— And i^mt, John of Ohrengaawaa harl 
In tha tlvgha, wbeicby all hia fkandm were In 
greto foi«: bat. after that, ha fought w tal- 
>aaatly, that ha betto down hIa advanuy to tha 
artha, aad thmt Ua award In hta body, and aoa 
Blew hym in the folde; and thaa ha damauadad. 
If ha had done hla devoyra or not? and thqr an- 
swered, that ha had ralyanntly aidilevad hla 
batayla. Than Jacqam la Orya waa dalyuered to 
the hangman of Paiya, aad ba drewa hym to tha 
gybbet of Mountfowaoa, aad thara hanged him 
up. Than John of Oarongna eama before tha 
kynsa, and knalad downa, and tha kynga mada 
him to atand ap before hym; aad, tha aama 
daya. tha kynga eaoaad to ba delyvrad to him a 
thoomade ftanks, and reteynad Um to ha of hla 
ehambia, with a peneyon of U hondnd poande 
by ycra, dnrynga tha torra of hia lyft. Than ha 
thanked tha kynga and tha hirdas, and want to 
his wyfo. aad kiaaed her; and than they wanto 
togyder to the ehyraha of oar hMlya In Pmystaad 
Btade theyr oObtynge, and then retonmed to 
theyr lodgyngaa. Than thia Sir John of Oanmgna 
taryad not hmge In Fraanoa, bat want, with 9fv 
John Bouoaqaant, Syr John of Bordaa. aad S^ 
LoyaOmt. Alt them want tow Lamorabaqnyn,* 
ofwhoma, lathoaedayas, there was moeh ^ak- 


*' Sadh was the rsadhicaa, with whkh, la thorn 
times, harow pat their Uvas la jeopardy, for 
honour and bdys aaba. But X doubt whether 
the Iklr damesof the prNsat day wiU thlak, that 
the rlak of being burned, upon evaty aaaplekm of 
fkaUty, oouM ba altogether eempeamtad by tha 
probability, that a hatband of good foith. Ilka 
John da Ohragna, or a dlslnleraatad ah a m plon. 
Ilka Hugh la Blond, would take up tha gauntlet 
In their behalf. 1 foar they wttl ratbar aeeovd to 
tha Mntlmant of tha hare of an old 
who aapoetulatea thoa with a aartaln doha i 

• Certes »u dak*, tUm deait uari^t. 
To mmkm a lOMt ol jro«r dauglitar bhght ; 
I wot yoa baa •akiad.' 


with tha followlaf aepy of 
Bb Hugh la Blond by K. WUIIamaan Banal, 
Xaq. of Menboddo. who wroto H down from tha 
ladtatloa of aa oU woman, long la flm Mrrto 

TU* Buae Vraiaeait fives to Ike ftuaoaa Ua 
pM«r of Tarfcey, oeUed the Oiaal. U to a ew* 
k kto V^i^aa tlile, Amear Uddeea EaHB;^ 



•rthi Aitatbaot Amilly. Of omdm Ite diction A 
ii *«7 mueh hamMMl, mmI U hM> In «U inrotw- 
blUtjr, Bii4«i|oiM maojr oonuptioDs; but iu an- 
tlsully is IndnblUbU, Mid th* alory, thoofh 
Indiftraatilr told, is In itwlT lolmstinf. It 
Ii beUtttd, that Umi* kav* bMn maj 


■ OB7 bcU» 
bad not thair mak», 
gone le bM «luimb«r» 


" I lovt 7«m irall, nj qoMo, my dan*, 
'Bov* laad and tents so elsar. 

And fbr ths Iots of yoa, ny qussn, 
Woald ttaols pala ntost ssvwa.* 

** If ««11 70a lort ms. Boding bam, 

I'm sots ss do 1 tbss : 
I k>?s yoa wsU as any man, 

am tbs klBsH Ur Indys." 

** I k>vs you wSll. my <|assa, my 

And for to iys a nli^ with yoa, 
Tbs Mlt isas I would mU." 

** Awsy, away, O Bodingbam I 
Toa SM buch stark and stoor f 

Would you deftls tbs king's own bsd. 
And mabs bk qussa a wboia f 

- To-motrow you'd bs tsksa sars. 

And Uko a tsaltor sUln > 
And I'd bs burnsd at a stabs, 

Although 1 bs tbs qusstt." 

Bs thsn sispp'd oat at hsi 

All la an aogfy moudi 
Until bs met a Isi^ornnan,* 

Just by tbs bard way-stds. 

Hs latosleats tbs lspsr>man 

With Uquora vsry sw«st ; 
And gavs bbn mon and mors to drink. 

Until bsfcUadssp. 

* Filth, poorasss of living, aad want of Itosn, 
mads this horrlbls dlsssss tornwrly vsry oommon 
la HooUand. Bobsrt Bnios dlsd vt ths Isprosy ; 
aad, through all SsoUand, thsra wsi* bo^ltals 
•rsotsd far ths i s us p U oa of Ispsio, to pravwl 
thslr mii^ng with ths 6ommualty<<~SeDM. 

Hs took bbn In his arms two. 

And oarrlsd blm along, 
Till hs sams to tbs qossnli own bsit, 
I bs bkM him doi 

Hs thsn sloppy o«t sfths qossnl 

As swlA as any roo. 
Till hs cants to ths vary plaos 

Whsio ths kli« bfansslfdid go. 

Ths Uag said unto Bodlagham, 
'* What news havs yoa to ms?* 

Hs MM. " Your qassB'S a fldn 
As I did plainly sss." 

Hs haslsn'd to tbs qnssa^ 
80 costly and so flns. 

Until hs sams to ths qussnH 

Hs looksd OB tbs lspsr*^«-». 
Who lay 00 bis qossnl bsd) 

Hs Uflsd up ths snaw-whits sbssts. 
And thus hs to him saldi 

*' Fbfoky, ploohy, ars yoor 0I 
And pkieky Is yuur ebin. 

And pluuky ors your arms two 
My bonnls qussn's layns In. 

«' Bines abs 
tfhs shall 


hss lain Into yoar aims, 

not Iys la mlas i 

u klasd your ugsoaaa mouth. 

In angsr ha want to ths 
Who IMl upon bsrknmt 

Us said. *' You fidm, nncbasto 
What's this yon>s done to wf 

Tbs qossB thsn tum^ 
Tbs tear Uladsd hsr 

** Tbsre's not a knight In a' 
Sars giva that name to 

Ha aahl, '* Tls traa that I do say ; 

For I a proof did makat 
Ton ihall ba taken ttcm my I 

And burned at aataks. 

" Perhaps III laha my word . 

Aad may repent the aame, 
IT that youll get a CbrMlaa 

To fight that" --- '— 



AIM, ud wee to mel 

otanui Id bU BeoUaad 
wmflgkft Willi him fbri 

ScBtlhani eMtli, eMt, aad wett; 
Thtf Maid tpd none to light with him, 


ebi mnt them to the north; 

there they IboBd Sir Hugh le Bkmd, 

uto him thqr did «aMd 
The dmuMmnee aD Hght, 

them go aod tail the qM 

to do 


To Ight to our lady. 

' Pat OB the ire," the mooetar MM} 
** It le twelve oa the beU I" 

■neir tea, bow/* mM the kfaigi* 
' I hMid the flieek mywl'." 

The hamfaig to pioeeed ( 
la a hhtfk velvet ehalr ehe^ ret, 


!■ the worthy kalght,* i 
Who h to flght to ne/** 


have no doabtp 
H the maa hiaari*, 
Aa hold aa e*)* eM oat." 

advaaeed to flght the dad 
nr ith awerda of temperNI eteelf 
the Mood or Bodlagham 
fvaaiag te Ma heal. 

* la ttie foaiaace oT DooUa, called La Fleur 
, a ftUaa aeeoaer diaeoven a doUlar 
' over the eceeationt batoe 

Or Hogh tockoat a loaty ewerd, 
Twaa of the metal elear; 

Aad he baa picroMl Bodlngfaam 
Tint hewt^lood did appear. 

" Ooatoa yoor traaehefy. now," he aaU, 
" Thia day beftne yon die !- 


I like to wiehad Hamaa am, 
TUa day I ehaU be alain." 

oaen wae broaght to 

The qneaa then aaid uate the U^, 
'< Arbattlat aear theaaa, 

Oho It onto the northera tailght. 
That thia day Iboght tor 1 

Ihaa mid the king, "Oome he>e,air knight. 

And drink a glam of winei 
And, if Arbattleii not enough. 

To it wall VMdonn Jola.'*t 

fPJbt iKiHBT*f( ^oii. 



** O woa la me, the tkne drawe Bifh 
My love aad I maet part; 

Vo one doth know the 
Of my poor troaUad 


Oar parting 
Valem I wei* to go with yoo. 

Or yon to tany 1 


"My heart ia toad withla Ue bnaat, 
Aad that ha knowa right wall; 

I tor that I aome tean wlU ahed. 
Wheal UdyoataewelL 

t Arbatlte la the aaeieat aame of tte baroey 
of At1iathaoC.<— Fordan haa leag been the patri- 
ae mony of the i 

. 1 

299 800TT1BB B4X.LAIM. 

" TtaU day, aad wm Is mo ; 
And OMld and ■brUl tUfe wind blowi itO*, 
Dttwtoo my low aad m*. 


SIM'S baaataeos to bahotdj 
Bar aalla ar* or tho tafcty flno. 

«' TiM hat my lof* «mn 0a hb hMd, 
It^ not mada of tha wooi 

▲ad bMonai hh nobia brow. 

*' la yoada* ahlp my lova doM ahi^ 

And qalta IbnaiMn ma ; 
And eaaM aad ahiOl tha wlad blav^atfll 

Batwaaa aay lora aad ma. 

** Bli aym do wlak, aad ay* to JtmPk 
Bit hair ahlnm lik* tbt broom : 

▲ad I woaU not gi** my laddla^ lo«« 
FMr a' tba wmlth la Baaaa." 

"My lota he's aalthor kM Bfor lord. 

Bat my boaalo lovo, tha aatlor bold, 

la a poor miUan aoa. 

Ha mid, ** Wunmia, my daamrtdMr, 
Hlnoi flmn yoa 1 moai (ot 

L«t Bo'v your haan b* hdl of gilaC 
Sor aagaiah maha yoa woa. 

*« Ha b a mmar^ aoa," iha taya, 

Aad aaold aad ihrlU th« wlad blawa atlD 

Batwaaa my lova aad na. 

** If Uk nmalas. I wllLi«lani» 

Aad bear yoa oompaala i" 
Hew eauld and ■hHU tho wlad blowi lllll 

Batwma aqr lov* aad aaa. 

*' My lofo bra bonad to laav* tiM land, 
Aad acem tha watary ftiaiii , 

And tha boaaia ahip my lov* aaUs la, 
Tha Ooldviak b bar aamo. 

*' Bli boaal* mlddla k oo wtSl mada. 
His «hoald*i« bimM and bmid i 

Oat or my mind ho'tt aovar bo 
TUi la my •»«■ I'm Ud. 

*' 8ha mlb mab bright than Pbmbas Ihir 

Ont o'ar tha mglnc aaai 
.^d oaold and ahrtU tha wind bUwa atUl 

Batwaaa my >w— d Ba. 

<* nil I'm la gmva laid low," aha My% 

Vow oaald and mw. tha wlad dom btew. 

1 "Haprombadtoaaadkttantoma, 
Bra als montha tbay wara gono ; 
Bat aow alaa moatha thay ara osplrad, 
Aad I*va noaivad noao 

" Soma do moara Ibr esaa," aha mU, 
" And othan moan Ibr kyaj 

Aad noma do moon fcr dowla «Mth, 

*< So I may aigb, aad aay, aba 1 

lUa day, aad wo* b ma i 
Aad aaoM aad ahrUl tha wlad Uawa stlU 

B*tw*an oiy lov* and na. 

" What aasd I maha an thb dla, 

And eaold aad shiUl th* wind blawi idU 

Bsiwsau my lofoaad 000." 

*'I wbh a atoak^toaa ay* oa aarth, 
Aad high wlagi oa tha am{ 

iy> eaam my tnia lot* atay at hooia. 
And no BMM* go bum ma* 

Bha-a tate bar maati* bar aboat. 
And mt down by tha ihoN, 

la hopM to moot with aoma mlhC 

Bat stiU bar ffkfsiaw mofv 

*' What a*«b ma fcr to wbh la wain ? 

Buoh thlagi will aavtr b*; 
Tha wlad blaws aab la avoy wban 

Batwoea my lo*a aad BM." 

** IV alt hat* whoa my Ufc-k la, 

aaald and ahriU tha wlad btewo ami 

Batwaaa mgr lota aad am. 




" Ta aay I'm DaHhar lalid nor tad. 

Kor fiaa of aobia Ub ; 
Bat ya Mir I'm a milor hold, 
Bat aad a ndllar^ aon. 

A Mwimi te7 tlM billid TCud, 

Faihidt tibuB Mir to lit: 
■h« wM> lady la Hwithhmil towa. 

** Whea ya aema to my flrthar'a mill, 
Ta ahiUl grlad matura fraat 

Vow wa^ met, aaa mair to part, 

■m thooght har lova abroid «m |oim, 

Bai«Bd Um nigwE »•: 
B«t tlMn WM BM nudr beCwMO UMm tWB, 
Than a pwa appla tna. 

" Ta ay I'm hoaad to laan Cha lasd, 
Aad eroaa tha wateiy flum i 

Xha ahliJ that your trua love oomnaada, 
Tha OttUaptaik la hmr aaaie. 

Mo mora fton yoa I'U fart; 
Pta oono to «an tho OHW aad ten 

Of yoor poor tieabM hrart. 


** TlMMigh I wan hair o^r aU Bcottaad. 

Ta ahfald bt taMly ftaa; 
Aad BOW wa'n mot, aaa aaalr to part, 


*■ AO te aqr aka !•>■ nflteM annh, 
l-n coma to efaoWi tfaw; 
J Aad aew wTw BMt, aaa mair to part* 

" I wU>S yoor ftaa waa Mt iB ghM, 

Aad ttaa vctjr ktttn of yoar nama, 
W«a wfote la baatoo fold. 

[FaoM Boebasl InelcBt BaDada aad Goaga 
of tha North of Seetiaad.] 

*■ Tbat I tha aaoM Bight baar aboat, 
Thfoagh Bwaj atnnga oovatiia} 

Bat BOW wala mat, aaa malr to part, 
UaUl tlM day «a dlOi 

" O coMaahmg wl* ma, hrolhar, 
Now eoma aloog wi* m«; 

Aad wa'O gaa nek oar aWtar Malary 
lato tha watar o* Daa." 

" Han k a ifBg tba pladga Of kna, 

, 1 atiO will yaa adorai 

lAtwlai a heart that aoaa eaa mora, 
A pfftaaa aaa gha ao maraw 

Tha aidcat hrotibar U ateppad bi, 

Ba atoppcd to tha kani 
Thaa tmt hajamp'd apo' tha haak. 

Shya, *' Thla walar% aaa fur ma." 

"A priaeecaaglvanoaMn, mjlovt, 

Thaa what I gira to thaa { 
Vow w« an mat, aaa mair to part, 


Tha aaaoad bnthar ha etippad la. 

Ha atepped to tha qait ; 
Thaa oat he Jamp'd upo' tha hank, 

Saya, "Thla waters wond-roaa daep.** 

" I pnmlaad to aaad lattoti to thn. 
En lis moatha tbajr wan goat ; 

Bat aofw alaa noatha thty an asplnd« 
▲ad I'm ntamad hoBM. 

Wtma tha thtad brathar atoppad ta. 

Ha stepped to tha ehla ; 
Oat ha got, aad forwaid wade. 

For ter o' dnwalag him. 

"Howftva tka bhm I am ntam^. 

My daar, to aamtet thn ; 
Aad BOW wa^ aaat, aaa Bialr to part, 


Tha yeaagart bnthar ha alappid la. 

Took'* aialer by tha haad ; 
aUd, " Hera aha ta my alat^r Uaianr, 
i Wl'thahlaaydmpaoBharaUa. 

. - - .. . - -. .. 1 





Wot to And oat 



▲••he WM 


aa Wild 



** O ilfla>, Idl ma who k tha man 
That did jruor body win f 

▲Bd who b tba wicteh, tall ma. 
That thraw yoa la ttaa lla P" 

*' O Boodaey WM tlM only aMOi 
That did my body win ; 

And Uhtwtaa BoDdHjr wai tha 
That thiaw ma In tha lla." 

<* O «rlU «• BondMjr haad, aisttr/ 
Or will w« Boadavjr hasg f 

Or will wa nt hloi at onr bow »ad, 
Lat arrow* at him gang ^'' 

" Ta wlnna BondMy h«ad, btothan, 

Nur will ja BoDdMgr hang; 
But 7*11 taka o«t hit twa gray a%a, 
to gang. 

*' Tall pat to tha gate a ahaln o* gold, 

A row gariand gar make; 
And y«1l put thai In Dondaay^ haad 

A' Aw your aisltr^ i 

[Vboii BodMB^ OaBaoltoa.] 

Omn Srnaa and lady Makiy 
Ware baith born at aa birth t 

They lov'd owh othar tandarlia, 
'Boon avaiy thing on oarth. 

Tha lay Uhn nn tha nmnM 
Mor gina tha nomia' daw. 

Better, dear lady Maiary, 
Than OhU Kthor levM you. 

Tha bennla daa Ukea na Ha mata^ 
Vor baba, at bmaatp Its mithar, 

Battar, my daanot ChU Ethv. 
Than Mataiy loraa har brithar. 

Bnt ha naada VM to gain k««,w.. 
Into aooM fcr eoantria :— 

And GUI Sthar haa ipmb 
Ta flght In Vi^nlmla. 

A twatmonth and a day ; 
Bat nofarnaa thUnga dhl thBN 

Than aha'« to^an ahip, awa* to mil. 
Oat ownr tha roaring flMm ; 

A' Ibr to And him, OhU Kthar, 
And fbr to brtog hln hama> 

Sha hadna aaU>d tha aan a month, 
A month bat ban|y three; 

UatU aha landlt on CIparii i 
Bf tha moon-Uaht ana lia. 

Lady Maiary did on her I 

Took har poraa In i 
And flall'd to har. ha 

Syne walk^ np thnmgh tha huid. 

Bha walkad np, ana did aha down, 
TIU aha oama ttU oaaiall highi 

There eha eat down, on tha doer 
And wooplt bittnlla. 

1 oat it apaha a < 

Out owar the cnatell wn*;— 
'• Now lana that lady Maleiy 
That makaa ele a doMki' At*? 

" Bat gin that ba hidy ICabiy, 
Lat har make mirth and glee. 

For I'm her brother, Chtt i 
That low ha 

" Bat gin that ba lady Xalvy. 

Lat her take pane in hand ; 
And gang to yonder oaelril wnV 

Tfaay oall It Oorinand. 

" Bpalrlbr tha lard a* Itet 
ttle-m doUam thlr^*thrM . 

XWl him to mneam ChU kwe^f 
That lo?« yott tondarlla.** 



^h*^ 4aM b««p to ttat eMtdl, 
PaU d»wn her gad* moaJa ; 

And IM ilw^ imMoiii'd OhU Kthw, 
And teooght him huM harwi'. 

%9x^ V^omais ^tuatt* 

Osoatrit Gtttaad,'* (KUb* 
Um Kditor«jth«taoiiM- 

[Amw "A Worth 
bnilh, US ) whan 
fMiatod with tha 

TiMHAa Btvabt waa a Iotd» 

Ha ami to waar a coat or told. 
Bat aow hk gimva la gi 

Vow ha haa wooad tha rmng Oeantaoi, 

Tha ObantaM of Balqnhlo, 
Aad girea har for a rooralng gill, 

Btnthhogia and Ahegma. 

ranuum wit b aya wOlU, 
Alaal that aver It waa mc. 
It loBg'd to m tha flBornlng gHI, 
That bm good load to her ga**. 

Ab' ready fcr to rida, 
bar* eama a pain on that gnda hud, 

Ha Mid," 


Bida oB, mf lady fldr, 
tick and weary that 



Sayt, '* la there 

I my 

laeeh In Bdlnbaigh 

ftom WIBBg^ 

O loach la eoma and leaeh h gaao, 

Yat, Ihthar, I'm ayo waoori 
Tharen BOta laeah 1b Edlnbro* 

Bat ha B MoBd to my wllh, I 

' to her har own, 
' to har har montlng gill, 
)aad AbofBa. 

XI had baen gade fbr my wUb, ftChor, 

To ma aha'd borne a Mm, 
Ha wooM bare got my land* and raato, 

Whora they Ua oat and tai. 

*' It had been gnda for my wift, &thor. 

To ma eha'd borne an heir ; 
Ha would hata got my landa and lanta 

Where tlMy Ua Ana and Mr.- 

The elaeda they etrave Into thalr alablca, 

Tha boyt conld not get them bound, 
Tha hoande lay howUng on the beaoh, 
I thefar maatar waa bahind. 

" I draam'd a dream ilnoe kta ycotnen, 

I wlah it may 1m good, 
ThBt oar ehambrr wae foil ofiwiaa, 

Ab' oar bed AiH of blood. 

** Z mw B woman coma from tha 
Fall oore wringing her hands. 

And aya tha cried, Ohon, alaa! 
My good lonft brohen 

" Aa Aa oame by my gode lofdl bowrr 
Saw mony blaek tteade and brown,— 

I'm foaiad It be mony anoo lords 
Barlag my lera from towB. 

** As eha oaroa by my goda lord^ bower, 
Baw mony black etaede and grey, — 

Vm frar'd Itl mony unco lords 
BbvIb' my lore to tha day." 

^ix JKaurUe. 

[MoBBBV Ballad.— <JoAaiiA Baiiaib.] 

Bib Mavbicb was a waalthy lord, 
He lived In the north eeuntrie. 

Wall would he oope with foe-man^ 
Or tha gtamae oTb ladyH a'a. 

Vow aD his armad raaMla wait, 

A staaaeh and buriy band. 
Before hk stotely easUe gate, 


800TTI8B nALLAim. 

Ahan fha upmrmta't IcagtlMa'd flla* 

Are flKar*d anilKiit fljrtng; 
StrokM b7 tlMir kaeptrlt haod tha while. 

An luriMM'd < 

▲nd looka of woe, aad looto of ohMr, 

And looka the two between, 
Ob many a warlike fkce appear. 

Where t«u« have lately been. 

Ftor all they lo?e le left behind I 

Hope beokona them beftne: 
Their parting aalla apread to the wind, 

BlowB ftom their native ahorai 

Then throosh tiie crowded portal pna'd 

Six goodly knighta and tall ; 
Or Maarioe himaelf, who oanM the Im(» 

Waa goodUeet of them alL 

And proodly roved hie haaty eye 

O'er ail the warlike train ;— 
" Save ye, brave oomradea ! praap'rofMy, 

Heaven tend na e'er the main 1 

'*Bat aae I tight? an armed band 
From Mooriiam'B lordlOM hall ; 

And he who bean the high oonunand, 
Ita ancient aeneaohal i 

"Betamt yoor stately heep defbnd ; 

Defend your lady's bower. 
Lest rude and lawleei hnnde ihoold rand, 

Titat lone and lovely flower."— 

** God win defend our lady dear. 

And we will craaa the sen. 
Prom alav'iy'a ehain, hla lot aevere. 

Our noble lord to flnae."— 

"Nay, nay I some wand'ring mlnatrd'i 
Hath frnm'd a etory vain f [tongue. 

Thy lord, hie liegemen bnve among. 
Hear Aere'i wall 

'* Nay, good my lofd I fbr had hifl life 
Bean lost on battle-ground, 

When ceaaM that fell and fetal atrlfe, 
Hla body bad been feond.'^- 



Hla mortal term li peat.*'— 
*'Motaof notw! Iw la alive. 

And wttl be fMad •» iMt l" 

Theee laMar words right eagerly, 
From a slender stripling broke. 

Who etood the ancient warrior Iqr* 
And trembled as he epoke. 

Sir If aortoe ataitsd at the sound. 

And all from top to toe 
The etrlpling scann'd, who to the ground 

Hla blushing feoe bent low. 

** Is this thy kinsman, senesehal ? 

Thine own gr thy sfstai's son ■> 
A gentler page. In tsnt or hall, 

Xlne cyee ne'er look'd upon. — 

"To thine own 
To thine own 

Give ear to likely 
If or prudent 

retnm, felr youthi 



" War suits tfase not. If boy thou art ; 

And If a s wee t s r name 
Beflt thee, do not lightly part 

With maiden's hooour'd 

He tum'd Um ftrem his liegemen all. 
Who round their chieftain prsss'd ; 

His very shadow on the wall 
His troublsd mind esprsasM. 

As som eti mes dow and somctli 

He paced to end fkt>, 
Hb plumy erest now upward oast 

In air, now drooping low. 

Sometimes Bks one in ftnntle mood, 
Shen words of sound he nttsr'di 

And eometimee, sten>ln| shor% he stood. 
As to himself hs mutter^ 

** A dauHhtem lote, a maiden's 
And may they not agree ? 

,Conld man dceire a lovelier bride, 
A traer fHend than she ? 

" Down, onrssd thought! a boy^ garb 

Betrays not wantnn will, 
Tet, sharper than an arrows barb. 

That Ikar might teunt me stllL'* 

He inuttarM long, then to the gate, 

Retura'd nnd look'd around. 
But the esnesohal and his stripling mats, 

Wese no where to be found. 


In wartike Mr amf , 
DU If mtIm with hla buds depart, 
bant hi* way. 


' ■tetily ship rode DMur the port, 
TIm wsnton to nonvt^ 
And tbcn, with Mortiisa Uad bat ihert, 
DM fttends of frfaadi tak* IMT*. 

ABd NOB «hc7 Mw tha 

W«tf dimlr ftwn thalr view, 

And MM they aw Ite dMant land, 

Tht wliftf«»U'd diip with fe>v*riBff 
In all har gallant prlda, 

Ma>Vd Uka tha mlatnai of tha ■■», 
That lipplad te and widab 

I with atcadj aoona aha 
O'er wmva and aafga aaMariatr* 
Samatlaaaa with Mahmg aaat aha bant. 

, wfth poiaa and rlnlnff baia, 
Shaaanddad baftm tha blaat. 
Bat aafely by tha 9n*an Aatt, 

Jola'd with tha bmaa and gnat. 
fKom tha flerca, Mtbl— Baiaean, 

With beld tat band on ridga or moat, 

Wtth champion on tha plain, 
I* th' bfaaeh wtth cloafrlng Ibaa ha fboght, 

GhA'd op with grisly ilain. 

Voak vaUaat by tha valiaat itylM. 

Thair pimlaa hla daada proelahnM, 
And oft hia U agawaan proodly anU'd 

To I 

Bat hta win ^mM tha haro^ atoangthp 
And dim tha loftteat brow. 

And thaa, oar noUa ehlaf, at langth 
Waa in tha dnat laid low. 

B* hv tha baapa oTdaad baMatb, 

Aa aank 11*^ lltekMng flsnta, 
And thooght it waa tha tiaaca oTdaalh, 


And when again day*! blaaaad light 

Did on hit viaion tkU, 
Than atood by lila alda— a wond'rooa light ! 

Tha anolant i 

Ba f trova, bat eoold ne*^ nttar word, 

Hla mlatyaenaea fled: 
Again ha woka, and Mooriiani*a kwd 

Waa banding o'n hta bad. 

A turd tima aank he, aa if daad. 
And thaa, hia asfa-Uda ndalng, 

Ba aaw a ohlaf with turban'tt haad, 
lalontly on him gaaiag. 

" Tha prophat^ aealoaa aarrant X : 
Hia battlaa I'va fbaght and won 

OhriatiaBa I Mom, their eraada dany. 
Bat honoor Maery^ aon. 

"And I have waddad aa Xngltah dana. 

And aat har parent ftea ; 
And none, who waan aa Xngliah name, 

8haU •'V be thmU'd by me. 

" For her dear aaha I oaa andare 
All wrong, all hatred amother; 

Whate'er I Ihel, thoa art aaoara, 
Aa thoogh thoa wart my brother.''^ 

" And thoa haat wadded an BngUihdame ! 
Mr Maarioa aald no mofe, 

For o^ hia heart aoft 'w.mim i— ■■», 
He aigh'd and wept fUl aoie. 

And many a draaiy day and ni^t 
With tha Moalam ehlaTataj-d he, 

Bat ne'er eoald catsh, to bleee hla aight. 
One gUrapea of tiia fldr hM|y. 

Oft gai^ he on her lattice high 
Aa he paoad the oeart behiw. 

And tnm'd hla Uatning ear to try 
If word or aeeant low 

Klght h^ily vea^ him than ; and eft 
Tramead the garden gnan. 

Wotting her footrtepe email and aoft 
Might on tha torf be I 

And oft to Moorham'a lord be gan 
Hla liot'nlng ear who told, 

Uew he baeama a wretotaed alave 
Within that Syrian hrids 



What ttan* from II 
Upon the iMttI* Add, 

By ttmi mad advtm ttt» of 
H« WM oliUc«l to jrWdt 

And how hii daoitfator did by itaalth 

Be boldljr era* th* m^ 
With Mont ■tor* of gathoT'd WMlth, 

To iH her flithcr fkw 

▲od how into tho I 

8h«>nd h«rp6opl« fells 
And how (honelf in onptlfO bnidt) 

She woght him in hk oiUi 

And hat • mfdm hof i^poWd. 

TtU srioTbOT MS bctmyMi 
And Um florao Suuen, m feVd I 

Spoho flontljr to tha maid. 

How for h«r pUghtid hud i 
And tolcmn ptomln fnvo* 

Bar nobla fether ■ho«ld h* ttm 
With OT'ry Ohrtatfata davoj 

(Fbr many thoro, ta hondago lwpt» 
Ftolt the Item mborvloet) 

How, long ih* pondMM, ■ordy wapt, 
ThtB paid tha feaiftil | 

A tila whIA mada hia boaom thrffl, 

HIa (kdad ajraa to wacp ; 
Ha, wnUng, thooght apon It atUl, 

And »w it la hla I 

Bat harniai ringa. and tha 4nnnpalf« hny 

Again to battkcalla; 
And Chriatian poWn, in gnnd anay 

Ara naor thoaa Maalam walla. 

Blr MaoHoa hawd I antoward feta : 

flod to ba thought apon : 
Bat tha eaitle a lord unloek'd Ita ^Jtt, 

And bada hk gunt ba gona. 

** right tho« for felth hy ihw adord t 
By the* ao well malntalnMI 

But ncrar may thla troaty aword 
With blood of thlna ba alBln>d 1"— 

him by tha hud, 

too,"— haeikdi 
Chriatian band 


Than to tha 

Tha battiaj«ta<d, with 


tha fetal Md 



■a blood. 

Atlangth gnva way iha Moatom 
Thalr valiant ehlaf waa daln { 

Moaitaa protaetad hta Ufekn 
And bora It feom tha plain. 

Thavaii moomteg In tha Modan 
A daU and diamal aoand : 

Tha lady hit te laognrM waU^ 
And ml 

Whan moBtha w«ra paat, tha wldow^ 
Leok^d coin and ehaarfelly i 

Than Manitea to bar p r aa t o e a 
And brat Um oa hk 


Ha nttand, pam w« by ; 
Tha lady wapt, nwhUe waa mati» 
Ihan giava thk Arm laplyi 

" That thon didat doabt my maldm 
(A thMgfai that nm and vukh'd 

Bo flattingly) I wiU not ahtda i 
•Tk from nmamtemDoa baalah'd. 

" Baft thy hhrfema, «ani<d by tha* 

Still apotkmahall it bat 
Z waa the brUa oTa Modem bird, 
And will navar ba brtda to 

80 Ann, thoogh gantla, 
Hope I' tha inatnnt fkd : 

A iolamn, dear ferawatl ha took. 
And from hi 

And iha n pUgbtad nnn 
God anrlng day and night} 

And ha of Ueat Jaromlam 
A hnsa and aealooa knl^t* 

But that thalr lot waa OBO of 
Wot ye beoauH of thk 

Their mp'raU alngk aUta ? If ao^ 

Bha tanda thi halplem 

For alma bar wealth k 
On her maak worth Ood*a 



floomsH BiJXASs. 1^5 

HctfUinwIllMnMndMhitelk, 4 

> Aa WimeatDodinhlaohamberdoor, 

la am* hte prowMi prove ; 

And aa he thooght It good ; 

And oft of aics* or battle talk. 

There ha beheld dame Olipbant, 

And aoaMtbiMa ofUa IfOTC. 

Aa aha eama throqgh the wood. 

8h0 i*M tlw fUioat or tha Mr, 

He'i ta'en hia bow hla arm ower. 

Tha gcDtlaat or the kind : 

HIaawoid Into hie hand; 

flaareli ym the world wide evciy whara. 

And ho ia OB to gode gveeawood. 

Her Ilka j«ahall not find. 

Aa fiMt aa he oould gaag. 

Aa WM the ikinrt. ia the heat. 

Too good ftir a fnooareh'a bride; 

Waa lying found aalacp ; 

I i>oaU not give her In bar nan't oolf dreM'd 

And aye the aoander the did aleap. 


The nearer he dkl craep. 

But when ahe waken'd ftae her deep. 

An angry maid waa ahe ; 
Ckylng, " Had awa' hae me, young man. 

Vit Satl of 9ougIas( anl^ 

Had fitf awa' flrae me. 
For I Iter ye ara the Soottlah knight 

Sanu <9Iipiiaiit. 

That iHgoilea young ladim fkee." 
" I am not the Soottlah knight. 

[Tkiallknadlaftma Mr Boabaali OaDeetion. 

Nor ever thlnka to be ; 

It boue the nark or oonddembie antkinl^. 

I am but WUlteo' DooglaaHlale, 

thoogh boe and thM« betraying the IntopolA- 

That aarvea te meat and fee.- 

*' irya te WnUa o* ]>oag]aa dale. 

WnAiB wna an aariV M aoa» 

Te're dearly weleome to me ; 

And an aari% MO waa he ; 

For aft in my deep ha'e I thought on 

Birt ha thonght hlB Aithcr took to Mir, 

Ton and your meny winking e'e." 

▲ad hii mother or tow degree. 

Bat the eeeha thcyoraw.and the homa Mew 

Bat te la en to fldr England, 

And the Uona took the hUl : 

To «lr fermeat and Iba ; 

And Wlltto he gaad hame again. 

And an waa for dame OUphant, 

To hia hard taak and tilei 

A woman or great baaatj. 

And Uhewlae did dame OUphant, 
To her book and bar aanm. 

Be hadna been tn ikir Xngtand 

A month bat barely ane, 
Bn he dreamM that <Ur dame OUphant 

Tin It feU anoo upon a day, 
Dame OUphant thought lang; 

OM Um a gay gowd ring. 

And aha want on to WUlle'a bower yetia 

Be hadnabeen hi fliir Xngiand 

Aa feat aa aha eould ^tng. 

A month bat barely ibnr, 
Ike he dream 'd that Mr dame OUphant 

GM him a rad loaa flower, 
WeU kct about wt' white lOiaa, 

Uke to the potamoar. 

" 0, are 7* a^kap now, aqolre WDUe, 
0, are ye aalaep ?" aakl ahe ; 

"0 waken, waken, aqnira WUUa, 
O waken and q^aak to ma. 

It Ml aaea npon a day. 

" The gowna that were o««r wUtok wmia. 

Dame OUphant thooght hmgt 
And ihe gaMl on to gnde gioanwood. 

• They wlnna meet on me ; 

Aa feat aa aha eoald gang. ^ 

Ihay vlana eana to my kncei 


Aadlf lk«kB|ghtiorin7fiaiMr^eoiitt|MJ^ B«^ goC a bodi o* nddini tDl her. 


That grow on yonder thorn ; 

I'm Min they'll gar jva dm." 

Llkowiee a drink o* MaiyweU-water, 
Out o* hk giMffncB hon. 

" Datum Oliphant. daoM Oliphant, 


A Uof 1 (Unghtor are je; 
Bat would jre leave your flither and mother. 

Be carried the match In hie podwl» 
That kindled to her the flra; 

And gang awa' wi' me?' 

WeU eet about wi* oaken epails. 

" 0, 1 woald leaTe mj ftitiier and mother. 

That leam'd oww Lineolnehltn> 

And the nt- anet that fm betide ; 

And I would nae be tar'd to gang, 
Oln je «far Iqr my eUew" 

Aad ho haa bought to hie bdy. 

The white bread and the wine 
And the mUk he mUked Ana the goate. 

Bat ehel ta'en a web o' the eoariet. 

Ho fed hie young eon on. 

And tare it flne and ema*{ 

And ercn Into Wlllie'i arme 

Tm It fen aaee npon a day, 


Dame Ollphant thought lang ; 

And Willi* wae wight and weU able. 

■' gin ye ha'e a being, WUlie, 

And he becplt her frae a fh'. 

I prey you ha'e me hame." 

But the eoeke they erew, and tha honu 

He*e ta*ea hb young eon la hie arms. 


His hkdy Iqr the hand { 

And the Hone took the hill; 

And they are down thro««h gold gioea- 

And WiUle-e lady fbllvwed him. 


And the t«u* dU trlnUe itm. 

Aa feat ae they oooid gang; 

'* want ye ribbone to your hair. 

m they eame to a diepherd may. 

Or rueee to your ehoon ? 

Was feeding her floeke alone ; 

Or fkant ye chains about your neck. 

Said, " WOI ye gang alang wl* ma. 

Ye-ee get mair ore that be done.** 

And oany my bonnle young eon ? 

'* I want not ribbone to my ftet. 

"The gowns that were shapon ite my 

Nor roeee to my ehoon i 


And there are mair eliaine about my naek 

Thsy shall be sewed fcr thine; 

Than ever III eee done : 

And iifcewlse I'll gar squire WUUe 

But 1 ha'e m much dear bought tore 

61% you a bsaw Soots man.** 

Ae my lieart can oonlaia.* 

When they eamo on to Willie's bower jcthib 

" Wm ye gae to the earde or dloe r 

And fer beyond the sea; 

Or to the table pbiy? 

She was halN the lady o' Dooglae-dale, 

Or to a bed eee well down spread. 

And WUUe an eari to be. 

And eleop till It be da»- ?" 

Ukewiae the makl they hrooght awa', 
eOie got a bnw Boots man. 

" XNe mair need o' the roddine, WUU^ 


That irrow on yonder thorn i 

And lang and happy dM they lire. 

Ukewlee a drink o* MaiTweU-water, 

But now their days are dime ; 

Out e' your gmH-gmea bora. 

And la the kirii o' eweet Saint Brida 
Their graves ars growing greeo. 

« X*va mair need o^ a fire. WUIIe, 

To hand me fraw the eauld i 

Likewiee a gljus o* yonr red wf no. 



A WhtnVm had htr up to joaataluhmd. 


8ha waa bat a Mrwaat womaa ; 


Bat tang, lang ara aba oaraa down again, 
ate aw gattiag balth mlatnai aad nadam. 

Veggfi 9ou{Iait« 

■* TcatoMB I Mt by Meldrami Utehaa dm* 

Amang tba laat o' Ua atrvant lamm ; 
Bat tha alght 1 wUl lya la hh anna t»a. 

[IteM mifei It's AMiHtBdIadi and flooga.] 

And 111 «aar tha libbooa aad laem." 

M V trthar he Ml SM tws phMgte aid » bOI, 

It waa to bagln ngr dowrto i 

Asd wbatean I te oDj e' tkan a'. 
If I bt MC bmm MaUram'fe ladik 

9it miU oi tSi*in'i^ OKf II« 


IMdrwa, It alaadi on the iMad e* r» hm. 

[A vBAOvarr flnt paWlihadlntha Mlaatral^r 

▲ad daar bat It alaadi boante s 


Bat what can 1 fi>r thk. If 1 had UmMl', 

Mv to m ha^ tba dMm* o* obj. 

Taaaa ttvad a wl* at Vabtr^ vtO, 
Aad a ifaaltfiy wifc waa iha: 

Bat haw WB I ba tha bdy C Aqya, 

Sha had thraa attmt and atal wart aoaa. 

n* kdy o" Pltlaya. or Pitlogfan ? 

And ant tham oAv tha am. 

Haw can I ««aet to ci^ogr thato «tati% 

AW I bat a tonaat weatoB ? 

Xhqr tedaa baaa a waak ftam har« 
▲ waak bat bamly aaa. 

la alBbtoc Cha tna It ii too high te ma. 

Wbaa word caaaa to tha oarilaa wUb, 

Aad Making Iha fralt thatH am growtagt 

That har thna aoaa warn gmna. 

riB aarirtBghvt watar bta«aUi«attld iaa. 

▲ad ^ataat tha itnaa I am towlBg. 

Ihay hadaa baaa a waak ftron bar, 
▲ waak bat bamly thna. 

Bat M aldiam h« atanda ao Ua aia atafar haad. 

Whaa word oama to tha earlina wt». 

Aad hMitag hit boBote iaaria naoaraiagj 

Tlmt har aeaa iha<d navar am. 

Saya, *■ Ohatr np jroar taaart, ny ale proiiar plak. 

Ihai^ f ba bata nrraat aromaa. 

•* 1 wkh tha wind may natar aaam,* 
Bar dahm la tha flood. 

^Ta^ aaa cBmbliv a tna that^ too Ugh ibr 

nil Bty thna aeoa eoma hama to ma, 
la aarthly fltoh aad Uuod r 

Vm mMtm tha fMt thatt aaa grawiagi 

Bar iwiblag hat arator baaatth eaald too. 

It Ml aboat tha Martiamaa. 

IVH «r tha atiaam that ja aia rowlag.'* 

Whaa alghto ara laag and mlffc, 
Tha mrUna wifli'a thrm aona «ama hama. 

"TMjr <a aaa rtfg/ v^igiiH «■» otkcc, mm 

▲ad thair hato wara o* tha burh.t 

"Thiy m* ma Panr 1>e«S><Mi t^ ^*» ■I'f 

Aad althoagh I van yaar wcddad wttb. 

• Tha aaam af thia vana la utoiuia, owing. 


piobaUy, to aormpMon by naitwa. It would 

appmr that tha mothar had alanaJ In tha wma 


dagrm with tha ealobratod L«aorv.-Scatt. 

« n^ A' yao Tiggr BoagtaM Iha ban," ha 

t Tha notioa, Itet tha aoula of tba bicaaad 
««ar gariaa^ amnM to ba of Jawlih angla. 

■* Ttey aa* yoa Piggy Boa^hai tha baa, magrt 

At laaat In tha Maaaa-beok, tbam la a BabUaleal 

Bat Iha bmt ttera to a' my lithaiii ha% 

tradUlon to tha fUlowIng aflM:— *' It Ml oat. 

OMmm ea* yea Piggy Doaglam agata, | 

that a Jew, whom aama waa Pontan, an aoolaal 
•maa, wham bmlaam waa altogathar aboat 



., » *■ «^ 

too • ••• • • " *"• 


» » 




^v*««r And 

^s .^* «««« bat kMtod 

» u,!^n\Hmnt Jew. 

,^ ^ ttek tiMM art 

. ^<y«i4ttoii antwwtd, ' I 

<v^ v4 tib* wiMin I mm In, 

, imMmikitg miif, and with 


and olfcnd Uw 

•..«.*• (rf my b«rt; ft-r wW«h 

.W.MM grnot In pmrtOm, and 

v^ \t tboa doabtMt whether I 

.. ( will ihow thM • tohM that 

« . jtaMoTlt. TMtMdny, wbra thon 

, ^ la mjr tantnd attire, thoa dldet 

.w.' Then uiked RabM Poalin,' What 

A. .< idif of that garlaad /• The nppMl- 

, . ,«j«a, 'I wear It. to the end the wind 

*^ «,w4U irihy not have power over ne; ftir 

.bi«resoellcatherteor pandlM.' Then 

• *mJ»»i l*milni mend the eleeve of the de- 

^ . r r the deeeaeed had eald, that If It was 

. >; uMMded, he ehoald be ashamed to be ecen 

*....*i«e4 othere, whoee appaivl wae whole. 

VuJi Ihea the apparition vanlihcd. WherefceVf 

t«h vvwr «oe otter hit prajcr with hrreneyt 

IM Ihea it ehall fo well with htan In the ether 

aarld And let oan be taken that no rent, nor 

teaitng, be left In the apparel In which the do- 

imr' an loterred."— Jewish TradilUms, ahridg- 

«« flran Bastorf, London, 17a>, Tol. 11. p. 19. 


I we were away 


And eteppV U« «*"■■*' •'> 
the yoangeat to the 


''The oook doth citaw, tta day doth daw. 

The ahannetlB'* worn doth ohMe* 
CMa we be mist oat o* ear plaec, 

A lak pain we maaa Uda. 

" Ffen ye weal, my 
Threweal to bam and 

And bre ye weel, the 
That kindles my 


VttvD i^cUn. 

[**Tins bMBtUhl tale of wonanl lofe." My* 
Mr Robert Chambaie, " beauUAil ia the pathos 
of Its shnpic and toaehing nartaUve, and sqaally 
beaattAil la ths pathos of lu rimple and toiMh. 
Ing Isngnsm frns Orst pabUshed, by Percy, as 
an Xnglish ballad, andcr the title of ' ChUde 
Waters.' Mr Jamieeon long afterwards pab- 
Ushed a Beottlsh venion, under the title of 
' Bard Kllan,' fkmn the rsdUtioa of a lady of the 
name of Brown ; adding some ftagmenti of ano- 
ther oepy, which he had taken down ttvtn the 
singing of Mis Arrot of Aberbrothwiek. Mr 
Kinloch has more lately given, under the title of 
' I«dy Maifsiet,* an Imperibet copy, sapeflor la 
some points to that of Mr Jamiesoo i and, moie 
leeentiy etiil. Mr Baehaa, In his ' AaeUnt Bal- 
lade and Bongs,' has prssentsd a very oooMilots 
one, which he euUtke * Bard Uolen."' The pie- 
sent copy Is oompUed by Mr Chambers fron the 
dUknat Imperfeet versions ahuve enomanted.] 



JiOa» Jmk Mood in hb Hakto door, 

SUd aterd ran bf hlo ilde. 


f Aadhowaano'oraaolaek*akaicifat, 
Aa aaoa wad bid her ride: 
And die wna ne^ ana mean a Ifay, 
Aa anea wad Ud hfan Mdo. 

" Tht ogra k teming ripo. Lord John ; 

Hm nnti •■• growing fti' 1 
And y ava bonno for yoor aln eoantite; 

VHdn vad I go with yon." 

Lord John ho ndo, Bold Hdm ran, 
A Ufo-lang onianer day ; 

Until thay earn* to dydo-watar, 
Waa flUod ftao bank to brae. 

*■ WI* nM, IMon! wi* mo, Hoteal 
Wtei wnd JO do wl* no P 

1-00 nmlr nood o* a Uttto •tot'p^so, 
ThM of tho lOw n* thao." 

" Seoat then yon water. Hdon," aald ho, 
" That flowa ftnm bank to brim P" 

*' I tniat to Ood, Lord John," aho nid, 
"Ton no-Or will aae no awlm i" 

«* O I win «o yonr mao fMi-boj, 
To wntt npon your otaad ; 

And I wfll be yonr Uttto fcoHwgo, 
Tov ktt or honnds to IomL" 

Bat ho waa ne'er aao taek a kalAt, 

Aa anoa wad bid her ride i 
Httrdld he no nwrii aa reaoh hia hand. 

To help her ewer the tide. 

" Bnt my hondi wU Mi the bnid 0* wlMoft, 

And f tho doot and bran ; 
Aon win JO lit and iigh, Hohn, 

nm 0^ yo loM a man." 

The aioton etap that aha waldof la, 

'* Oehono, alaa," quo* Uiat fakdye fhir, 

** Thia water'a no ibr no !" 

«* yonr dflgo nay oat tho gndo wtaoat-brold, 

Aad I tho dut and bmn ) 
Tot wfU 1 otaDgaad «v, worili no. 

That o^ar 1 loM a BHa r 

The aaeond atep that aho waldo In, 
She ate, pit to the mUdle: 

Then, aighlag, nid that fUr Udye, 
** I've wet my gowden gInUe." 

** O bottar yoM otay a* haaw, IMon, 
And OBW yoor lUvor acnn ; 

Vte ny hoiMB io in tho flur HUando, 
Aad yo-U ha'o pair woieoaM homo." 

Tho tUiden alap thatahe wahio in. 

Bhe atoi^t to tho neek; 
Whan that the bairn that aho waa wi', 

Vte oaaM began to quake. 

" I wiaaft otay. Lord John." aho aald, 

** To aaw ny aOvor aeani 
Ttam^ yaw booao la in tho br Hlofauda, 

And I'tt bn^patr waloemo hamo." 

" Lie atUl. ny babe : lie atm, ny babe ;' 

Lta atUi aa laag'a ye nay: 
Toor fhtber, ttaat i idea on horaabaek Ugh, 

Oarea little fcr oa twaa." 

"llMn tfyoB'n bo ny feot^pagOb HMon, 

Aa yon Ml onto no. 
Than yon nuut out yoor gown of gicoB 

An iMh ahnM yowr kaoo. 

* Bo yon nnat oat yo«r yaUow locia 

An Inoh abnno yonr 0^ 1 
Ton nnat tan no nan what lo ny nanoi 

My iM^ogo thon yenV bo." 

Ikon ho fena hivpon on hh whita otaad. 

And olnlghtawa' did rltei 
a«rt Bolan. dTCofd In non^amy, 


And when ahe earn* to the other aida^ 

She lat down on a atone ; 
Soya, " Them that made me, help no nowi 

Vor 1 am te ihM hane ! 

*«Oh, ten no thla. now, good Lord Johnj 

In pity tdl tomes 
Hew ibr to it to your lodghig. 

When we thia Bleht nann be ?» 

1 • la another venlen, •'conrtwea." 

^ t A paotarito of wnde, paenHar to Beotlaad. 



, MMhar grew 111 ^yk* nor dttak. 

It MMhar grew ta i 

H or yet in onj dMagh ; 
Bat at the B*tM o' Pwadke, 

Ytaat Mtk gnw ttii enragh. 

" Blow ap tlM flf«, njr malitoM I 
Bring water from tb* wall I 

War »* my houM ahall taut this night, 
BbBos ny thrM wmu an wtlL" 


1, wnntag to tb* deer of the idioel, 

■tending tiMre, who had » garland upon his 

head. Then was BabU Ponlm aftnid, tmagis- 

tagltwasa qiMt. Wbnwnpoo hs, whom the 

Babbt saw, oaOtd oat to him, saying, ' Be not 

afln^d, bat pais fcrward. Dost tbon not know 

msP* Then said Babbl Ponlm, 'Artnotthoa 

be whom I bnrted yesterday ?' And he was an- 

■w««d, * Tea, I am hew' Upon whleh BabM 

Ptalm said, ' Why oomest thoa hither? How 

ftuvth It with thee la the ether world f And 

the apparition made answer. 'It goeth wefl 

with ms, and I am In high cetaem In patadlas.* 

Then said the BabM, 'Thoa wcrt bat looked 

upon in the world as an loslgnliaant Jew. 

What good work didst thoa do, that then art 

thus esteemed f The apparition answered, ' I 

will tsU thee: the reason of the esteem I am In, 

Is, that I ross every morning early, and with 

Ibrreney ntlered my pnyer, and offcted the 

gnoe from the bottom of my heart; t-r whieh 

rsason I now prunoanoe graoe in paradlee, and 

am well respected. If thoa douMest whether I 

am the person, I will diow thee a token that 

will eoavincs thee of It. Yesterday, whsn thoa 

dMst clothe me in my ftaacnd aUire, thoa didst 

tsar my sleeve.' Then adted Babbl Ponlm, ' What 

Is the meaning of that garUnd f The appoil- 

tloo answered, ' I wear it, to the end the wind 

of the world rtfky not have power over me s ftir 

U eonsists of cioellent herbs of paradlm.' Then 

did BabM Poaim mend the sleeve of the de- 

eeaesd: f r the deewissd had laid, that If It was 

not mended, he should be ashamed to be seen 

amongst othsrs, whose apparel was whole. 

And then the apparition vanished. Wherelbre, 

1st every one atber his prayer with fervency t 

fttt then It shall go well with him In the other 

worid. And let care be taken that no rent, nor 

tearing, be left In the apparel la whidi the de- 

ewad are lntsrrsd.---Jewish Traditions, abridg- 

•d from Baxtorf, London, 17n, YtA. 11. p. 19. 


SheiB made It bu«e and wUs; 
And she^ te^en her mantle her abon^ 
Sat down at the bed-elde. 

Up than crew the red red oock. 
And ap and orew the gmy; 

The eldest to the yoangeet said, 
" Tis time we woe awn^." 

ne eodc he hadna onw'd batttnee. 

And olappM his wings at a'. 
Whan the yoangeet to tbe eldest aM, 
~ r, we most awn*. 

"The ooek doth craw, the dsj doth daw. 
The ohannertn'* woen doth chide ■ 

Oin we be mist oat o' oar place, 
A sair pain we maan Ude. 

" Tan ye weel, my i 

F a rewe tl to bam and byrsi 
And fkre ye weel, the bonnle I 

That kindles my motfawl Ore.' 

ildttvD i^fUn. 

[" Tnn bcontiftU tab of woman's love." say* 
Mr Bobert Chambers, " beaatlAU in the pathos 
of ita rfmple and tuuching narrative, and equally 
beaatiAU in the pathos of lu simple and toooh- 
Ing^ language— was first publiriMd, by Percy, as 
an Xngiish ballad, under the title of ' Ohilde 
Waters.' Mr Jamisson long afterwards pah- 
lisbed a Seottleh version, under the title Of 
' Bnrd Xllen,' from the reoiUtion of a bMly of the 
name of Brown ; adding some fragments of ano* 
ttaer copy, whi<^ he had taken down from the 
singing of Mn Arrot of Aberbrothwick. Mr 
Klokwh has more lately given, under the title of 
' Lady Maigaret,' on imperfcot copy, supeAor In 
eomepoinUtothatof Mr JamiesoDi and, more 
reoenUy stlU, Mr Buchaa, In his ' Andent Bal- 
lads and Songs,' has presented a wry complete 
one, whi^ he eotltke ' Bard Uden."' Thepve- 
eent copy is compiled by Mr Chamben fr«n tha 
diflkrant imperiiet venloen above an« 


ia hw boms 
raa bf hi* dd*. 

b tanlog fip*t Iiofd John ; 
Tht DBlian growliiK fti't 
And !• »• boon* tot joax ala flonntito; 
Fkia ««d 1 ■» wHh yoo." 

•* Wl' ma, IMm ! «1* BM, H«teal 

Wk«t wad }• do «!' m* ? 
I'm BMrir BMd o' a tttlh tMC-pai*, 




•• O I win to loor BUI* flbot-bof , 
To wait «po« your alMd ; 

Aad I wttl to your UtUo fboU|Mfft, 

Bat ay koodi wU oat tto torid «• wtoai, 
Aad y« tto daai and btaai 
wUI ytitmaA^hf Hoka, 

** O fov dfl«i nwf cat fto gado wtaMt-torid, 

Aad I tto dait aad biaa ; 
T«t will I iteg and mf, wmIH mo, 


Vor Biy to«M b to tto Aw Htalaadi, 
Aad yW halt pair * 

ilay. Lord J«he," Aa vM, 

ooM b ta Um iv HMaada, 
111 ba-^ pair ^ 


out yovr gawa «r giMB 

"■» yaa aart «at yoar ysDow Mto 
Aa faMkabaaoyoaro^) 

Taa auHt tcB ae maa what b aqf aamo : 
My fcoi f^i ttoa yoall bo." 


lliba, dMHTd la inaalanay, 


BO^ aa lack* a kalaht» 
wad Md her ride; 

na^ wa mcaa a May, 

Lord loha to lada. Bard Habn nm, 
A Hva^huic aammar day ; 

Until ttMy earn* to Giyda-watv, 
Waa flllad ftaa bank to bma. 

I then yon water, Habn,** caM to» 
M That flow* tnm bank to balm ?•* 
" I truflt to Ood, Lord John," ate laid, 
'*Tea aa'cr wUl aea bm awim I" 

Bat to waa ne'er MB bek a knbht, 

Aa aaee wad bU her ride ; 
Bor did to na snioh aa ranch hb band. 

To help her ower tto Uda. 

atcpthatctowaldaf hi. 
Bto wadlt to tto knee; 
Oehone. abe," quo' that bdya fldr, 
" Thb waters no Ibr mal" 

Tto aeaoBd itcp ttot ato walda la, 

8to ala, pit to tto middb: 
Then, alghing, aid that Iklr ladya, 

** I've wat uiy gowdaa gtadla.*' 

Tto thbdaa atap ttot ito waUe la, 

8to aUppIt to tto neck; 
When that tto balra that ato waa wl', 

VOr OBold bagaa to qnaka. 

** Lb atm. ay bato ; lb atill. Of bate ; 

Lbatill alanfayamay: 
Toar fitther, that ilda un heaatock high, 

Ckra llttb far aa twae." 

to tto 

tkfM, " Tbaa ttot made ma, help aaa aowi 

-Ok, tdl ma thb. aow, good Lord faha; 

In pity tall tome; 
How br b it to year hidglag:, 

Whca wa thb nkkt maaa to^" 


t A 


OB r» •aamj tea? 
y«W gai •■• o' my 
T«^ g«t BM malr & ma.** 

lamlymff I 
loayon maBjIiki 
B«i I'M ha'a dmm o* yoor i 

1 1 iMvw latmBlr o' tbm." 


!• ft lady In yon 

• mioaMtlady*, 
I nalamy tboohli 
Bat I wWi th* imOct maM o 
That dmiwi hai yea booht. 


I b« «am- to tba pertarli yal^ 
▲ad whama rmdy at tha taald portir, 
V» ana and bfe klm la ? 

Movjr a lord and lady blight 
Mat Lord Joha ia tha 

Bat tha boaalaat lady 
Waa haodiag I<aid Johal 

Vear aad twanty fv 1*dym 
Lad him thruagh boalr and ha' j 

Bat tha klraat hMly that waa tham^ 
Lad hla hona to tha ata*. 

I^aa ap bwpak' Lord Jehali 
Tham waia tha worda apak* ahai 

" Yoa hava tha pwttlaat Awt-paga, 
My 9fm did amr 

*' Bat that hla ailddia ta ma IhlDk, 
Hla glidlo aaa woiid'naa hla I 

Lat hlin, 1 pngr thm, ggod Lord Joha, 
To ahamhar go with am." 

** ItiaaotatfcraUttIa ibot gaga. 
That h« nui thiwngh nmrn aad mka» 

To go lata whambm with aay ladya 
That waan ae iteh attlra. 

It wmo morn maol Ibr a Uttla tiot-pago. 

That hm nw thraagh mom aad min. 
To taka hk aappar apoa hia 1 

Aad rift da«B hgr yw UtahM An." 

I rang, aad 
▲ad a' maa boaoo to 
Bod HalOB waa, at tho byt-^abla. 

! O aat aad dilak my beoala boy. 

" Tha Bomr a Mt oaa 1 aatw driak ; 
My haart*a aaa h' o* ftar."* 

*« O aat mrf dflak. my boaala boy. 

Tha ii^ta hoaid aad tha wlao.- 
" O tha aavar a Mt oaa I aat or diiak • 


Bat oat aad vak* Laid Joha hla mothar, 
▲nd a ahaa^* woama waa ahai 

*' Wham mat ya, my aoa, wf thatboaaio bqy. 
That loohi BM md oa thaa ? 

doldly waat 

U la a aiiatoo'b aa daanot oaa. 

" Blm ap, rimap, my bonala boy { 
Wo ray horm earn aad hay." 

" O ttet I wttl, o^ maati 
▲a qalakly aa 1 amy." 



r^thapala that atrikm thraagh my twa 
X tar, will gar am ft'." [aidaa. 


0tnmg tmvaU oamo bar oa s 
▲ad, 0*08 aiiiaag tbo gmaft 

la eld 


tahMflm." A 


^-n W « ..'. . : ^ 



Loitf Joha'i 







•* Win «pi» wtai «|^ Lm4 lohn,' 
Asd » ■imna% h«ury ■bow r 

Bkht hMlflli te HM Urn «p» 
Bockt adtlMr h. M wv ahoM ; 

And ta*'i dowi him to tto atahto 
47 Um IM Uah» o' Om Mua. 

" O op«a and l«i m* !■ I 
I want to M If my ikMd to M, 
Or BV WhuuMJuidm It to itau" 


LalUby, dair dUld, dtirl 
1 «»ald tig Atttor warn a Uag, 


" O opw tto doOT to ma ; 
Or, •• my awwd kaoga by ay talr, 

111 or It gaM la tkrwl" 

And I kop* *i^ B•^tr to 
A kalcht lato tor aompanla, 


Ba Uk ito dMir tkaa wf kta iMt. 

ear a* daal, aad lodB or 
In miladaw to yart toa. 

** AaaAla% aaadUa*. Lard John, 
** An Mkla' yail gmnt ma 2 
Moaoak roaU atoat your 
V» totaf a ditnk to ma 

** I gmat, I pani your 
A A' ttot and mair ftM ma ; 

^!to vaty toat toolr In a' my toning 
For my yannt mn and 

** O tofa tton eomtet, fldr Batok 

Ba of good atoar, I pniy i 
And yoar Mdal and yaw klrkli« taMk 
I aa day.* 

' An MUn*. an _» , 
An aakta' yall gmai mo; 

te w anton tonlr In a' your toaba. 
Tor Uqr yoaag aon and ma !" 

Lord John, 


Aa thay. Lord John, and Lady Haloa, 
Halae day to klik dM iMo. 

Auf enSIrsnot'jS ^onfeMion* 

[TniB la originally an BngUrii haOad, tottito 
Mloataff SoottUhvontoaligmnIn MrKlnlgah'fe 
Aaolant SaoMah Waltoh " Homy II. of Bng- 
land,- mya Mr Klnkwh, '"whUa Dnto of Hor- 
maody, mairlad, at tto aft of nlnatoon, ' tto 
Aunid Elaaoor OnehOM of Ouhoaa and Aqal- 
tain, who had lately toan dlvoread bom Lawla 
klngofJPhmoa, Ibr oooaaagnlnlty and aavWon 
of adolteiy, after ato had torn him t«P0 daagh- 
toTk'— Kohard, b. H. o. 1. Tto grmt diapait^ 
In ago, and tto moral taint which attaatod to 
tor, wooM iHd aa to aaapaet ttot Uaniy waa 
dlMotid to Uaotoieo. nmro by tto anuramont of 
aavaral flab prarinom In Fknnoo, thaa by aflto- 
tlon Ibr tto lady. Thla ii>ay aeoooat te hia ao- 
torlooa taUUallty to har bad, parllaalafly with 
' rUr Boaaraond,' whom, to lamU, Btornor, la 
adtofjmhm^y, naiiil to to iiulaoinil. Whilak 
haiga Umnor with InaUfating 
to rabol against ttoir ftthfr, to whlA 
ato wM Indled by Joalowy and Ul nmg», ttoy 
do not toaatto tto allghtaat aHi|dB<ni 

It wonM, ttoraftira, appaar ihab tto ballad 
haa no fonadatlon in tmth, othar than It may 
alluda to har oendnat whilat tto wl* oT Loala 



Turn qoMB Ml liek, and wf, veqr akk, 
BIN WM tiek ami UkB to daet 

And dit tmt for • friar oon UnM Ftanee, 
fliii oiiiiliinii In 1)11. 

King Haniy whm ha heard o' that, 

Ao angry man wu he ; 
And he nat to the earl Marehall, 

Attendance Ibr to gi^ 

" The qnoen ii aiok,'* Ung Haniy arisd, 
*' And wantetu bo beehriven ; 

Sho hat emt tor a fHar oure fta* Fiaaoo, 
By tht ruda* h« wwa hattv ia I 

" Bat lok* you now alHatli gatao, 
Ttaa niot aad geetiire feign. 

And whaa iba has the pardoa oiaT'd* 
Beegnnil to her, AuMnl 

" And I wlll be a pnlate old. 

And Bit la a oomer datk. 
To hoar tha adventaito of nty epooie, 


" My Uago I my llagel how eaa I batiay 
My mtetraee aad my queta ! 

ewear by tha mda that no damage 
Vor thle Aall be gotten or be gl'ea." 

*' I ewaar by the mdc,- qooth Uag Heaiy, 
** Mo damage ehall be gotten or gCea; 

Oome, let as epare no cure nor oara, 
For the ooneoienoe of the queen. " 

"O flitheni fcthoral I'm Tory, tety ilek, 

I'm sick and like to dee; 
Bome gboeUy ooeaftirt ti» lay poor loa^ 


*• Oon&ee I eonftea I** eail MarolMll eried, 
*' Aad you eball pardon'd be;" 

'* Ooatei I eoafeea !" the Uag wpUad, 
*' Aad waahall eonUbct gi%.** 

'* O how ahan I teU the BOny, aorry tale ? 
How «an tha tale be told i 

1 ptayM the harlot wl> the eari Manhall, 
yon eloth of geld. 

'* Oh, waana that a rin, and a foiy gnat ala ? 

Bat I hope it wDl pardon'd be." 
*'Amaal Aman I" qaeth the earl ManhaU, 

Aad a vety ftar't heart iMMl ha. 

<* O down I' the Ibraat, ia a bower, 
* Bofond yon dark oak-tree, 
I drew a paakalfc ikae my pocket, 
Xb kill Uag Haoeile. 

" Oh, waaaa that a ria, aad a voy gnat Ma ? 

Bat 1 hope It win pardoa'd be." 
" Ameal Amaa I" qooth the earl ManhaU, 

Aad a van iHur*t heart had he. 

" O do yoa aae yoa paeUy little boy, 

That^ playiBg at the ba' ? 
Ha le the eari MarahaU'a only eon. 

And I hived Urn beatofa'. 

*' Oh, waaaa tha* a ahi, and a veiy gnat aia ? 

But I hope it will pardon'd be." 
" Amen i Amen f qaoth the eaii Maxahall, 

And a vary ftam heart had he. 

** And do yoa oee yea pretty Uttle gill 

Thati a' bedad la green t 
Bha^ a fHam daaghtar oora ia Fiance, 

Aad I hopM to aae her a qoaea, 

** Oh, waaaa that a aln, aad a vary gnat aia ? 

But 1 hope it will pardoa'd be." 
" Amea I Amen I" quoth the carl Manhall, 

Aad a kar't heart atill had he. 

" O do yon eaa yon other litlla bqy, 

Thata playing at the ba' ? 
He ia Uag Hearya on^ aoa. 

And 1 like hkn want of a'. 

" He-a headed like a boak," aha aaU, 

** Aad backed like a bear:"— 
"Amaar quoth the Ung, la the Uag'oatai 

" Be ahali be my oaly hairi" 

The Ung look'd over hie left ahouUer, 

Aaaogtyntaa waaha:— • 
" Aa it wcma far tha cath X aware, 

lari ManhaU, thoa ahouU'at doa." 



Wm^ %oM. 

tnm tiM reettatloa of a lady of , 
Lmrttt h tlM mam of «m of • 

•• Sk Jer* tha worthy LortU 
A kayrM of frcmt imMWCk, 

" iiiir ih* i7««M r 


lycM Bncbc 

M «aw bMflam ds' 


Momled Bpoa * gny 

' O whan ■■>■ 7* fotac, Lent Lo««l, 

' 1 aai |BlBf a ftr joonMy, 

« BM in ntnn la ama loai ytan, 

«*01 ■«». Mm. M««i loM y«n, 

Th«f aia maak loo loaf ftarm*." 

r«ar bat bamlj an 
1 a atrantB imcgr 


IM tkM ta.iad«. aad Iwciar lade. 

VatU kt cam' to th* toao. 
Ami tkcM ht iHavtf adlnnal note, 

Vov thtahanh Mha' dM mob'. 

Tkqr mU. " in tor Haadabal: 

I h I«nl Lowri.' 

■ta* iM teahted doan i 
uft^UmrdhK pale, pala ttpt. 

' W«U BMf I klH thM pal^ pab Upit 
IW thqr wUI anar kl« mas- 

Xadx Vaada dted OB ToMd^ni Btaht, 
Lord Loval apoB Um adat day ) 

I«djr Maaolodkd Ibr pan, pan lava, 

Irovll %obat* 

[FaoM a Maall volano, oatitltd, " Tha 
; Auaal tar lau."] 

LoBB LoTAT laft tiM wan, 
Baaaatk Um hallo oroaa, 
lb ank tha aoal-kaat bnaa and 
▲ad tha boanla wooda e* 


la apringUght oo hla brow; 
Bat dlin aad dooio ago waa cnaplag 
Oot-o«TC liB bnat 

Oh ! maay aa aerfa aight 
Haa prood Lord Lofat aaaa ;— 
Tho wild war flaahlog day aad ali^^ 

Tha daaart aad tha aaa, 
Bloht own tha bUskariag head ; 
The feanomo lod that gathand oa 

Iioid Lofat^ atap waa flnfc 
Whaa Aaoaloa waa woo ; 
Latd LovatH laaea, tha 
Jaraaakaili wa'a apoa. 

WImU haa ha got ?— Thaa 
▲n ae tor pair I trawi 
Bat hla boaidlla bnaet la 


aeamad with 

What hM ha got?— Tha 
O' warl ringiog Cuna, 
la Mlaatiol^y a loadly pi*— p 
. katghtheod'a 

Bat ha wad gl'to them a'— 
Tham a*, aad maeUe malr, 
IWaa hoar la hb Ihtharaha. 



▲• iMvr of aald laamfM. 

Oot-own Um hMghlag 



I Lord Lovat rodSy 
TlvoQgh wild and rooky ^aa, 
Thfoo^ (ha 4oi«t Ma^kaaM of tha 

Tha dmmly wlalar >«■, 
Asd tha aald fln tnmd llh* ■hadowi^NOBd, 
▲ad tha lift giaw milk 

Hli bimva and heaaia Hack 
Waa worn and araaiiad mItj 
Thqr had tnvallad o« di 
Ver thiat 

Baad on mj boaaia 
a lUiar itrMeh, and 

and ha* 


▲t a*«r7 >tap tbtf lada 
Lord Lovat hnt a Mas', 
lo tlM wat ban bntUla', aa it gaad 
Tha waving ataglis ha t watn t— 

Tha laAid eaalff oec-thnmch ;— 
Tha gtay «aini and tlia moay n«k, 
Wl* tha wild whlatan Mi bivw. 

On— oo, tha mb wm down, 
▲sd tha aya waa dim ia 


Wa« ma I Tha waada wm* 
Upoa tha brohan wa't 

jnm wm giowla* la tha 
Maa ttoht waa In tha te*} 

Whaia «ar and bridia mafi 
And tha 

▲nd tha oaald fewOlght 
OW a* la aaria glaama — 
Waa thia tha pataMa haa 
aaa boanle kt hia diaama ■> 


Lord LavaTi hlaad. I trow, 

Waa Ikaaiinff rooad hia 

▲nd thaaaald awaat hraha in 


tha ». 

Ha oa^ lalHd tha hoedla amw, 
JLad tha marraw ftam l«i 

Blood la tha yard baluw, 
id ftmr aaota yaara 1 

Tha Una of 






man tamadhia 


land ana by 

flowaia In 


Wl- har Ikht la^ to tha laal» 


"la mi 
Aadohl aalaag 

riMMTt yaan tha wan 

Load Lavas bat to ba'"^ 


Whan tha wild 
" Awa^-awa* "—Load 




Vpoa bli knM. •* aim*; 

WM and Itet Lord Lowat 
With u. bnriMu ipMt thawi 

" Itcovid Iw MM batte, 
I kmned tab tlMdy ■Mk'; 
I kniMd hhn Iqr Ida ftitlier^ 
Tht priM«l7 Md tlM bhwft "* 



0*CT •■ tta iMds or Boa, 
flten bAk i$ad bcMOB flog thdr Ueht 

la hat and karaas ha*— 


Aad the aoaU ea lallMt I 

Ob • na of ahtanaMrlef 


neagh twioo th« gatharlag ttf 

la thaadw to tho riV«~- 


" What hMpo LotI Lo«Bl 1 
8ald aald BaUhar, at laM; 
Aad to tho goto with oleadod hnm. 

Ob ttiVB^h mW 
Vao aoaad ifM hi tho ate- 
Ob to iha ohapol faod ta daath, 


Tho craai, aa If to vmr» 
▲ad whiti, opoa his taahavat 

ftal^S Olf(pat. 

tFMH Mr JamlMoal OoBaotloa, vhm it to 
■dd to ho flvan fron tho ndtatfam of Mn 


O' a' tho All 

jrollew to jnur hahr ^ 
o* telr SootlMid, 
ilihahid|Klapa*Mr • 

'* The Towi whioh y ha' mate to bn; 
▲ad at tha faaak o^ vqr Bkithar^ eaatell, 
Thk alght I V aai^ aaaat wl' tea." 

That haaid tho wordi thir twa did aj; 
Hc%tBld thorn to hor ladj mldMr, 
Wha wwa^t a woo t WUMam 

r« riM hM ta<iM 

And ohali garM Mad hln wi* hto bow itriag 
Tin tho nd hiald o' hlo Ihir body 

IVaa Ilka aaffl of hto hawl did I 

10, It 

Ml aaoo BpoB a thaa. 
That tho Lotd-Jaatloo ombo to towa s 
Oat hai Iha ta^M Ua, owoot William, 

•* Aad wtet to tho oriflM B«w, hidl," ho aaya, 
*< That has bjr thto joang aaa baoa daM i>* 

' O ha ha bntkoB'my boonto 
Thai waa wool blgglt wl* Uao 

1 ay boaaw oumio. 
That waa woal baadtt wl* alhoa baat 
▲ad ho baa itowa air rtah>w«to; 

I eat It ipak* bar Lady BtoiM*, 
Aa dia at by Lord-joatiao' kaa : 
*' Now yo ha** told yoar tak, Bilthar, 
I pay, Load-JBOtloe , fTO bow 

** Ho Whhb iwiibbw oar w w» ■hhw* 

That WM wed Uggit Wi* Umd and otaM I 
Hor haa ho atowa hor rioh Jowala« 
For I wat iho baa thoa orefy i 


But thoMh iM ma my flnt trat to**. 
And Iheogh I had iwani to Iw hit bride, 

h« hadna a gnat estate, 
Sha wenld this ««f oar lo«w dhrMa." 


SyiM eat and ipak' tha Lord-JcaCka, 
I wat ih« Ut WM In hta ••9; 

** I nt na* Ikat In this young man ; 
flaa looM his haadi, and Mt him A«a; 

** And tak* ymr la«a, bott, Lady ] 
And my b«rt blnrin' yon baith 

Vor ffia ha b« yanr flnt trae lova. 
Ha ii Bvy -•-•—» -•-*- 


** TiMia ataads a attad In my tlabla, 
Ooat ma balth goM and white mooy; 

Ta^ get aa miekia o' my IVm land 

Aa haV tMa ahoat hi a nuuMi^ day.- 

mt Carl of fifiux'ik 



Upon a ■lnr.mar% day, 
Ttaa noble carl of Marit daaghtei 

Waat Ibffth to ipoii and phv> 

Aa thai aha did I 

Tlaare aha mw a qnlgbMy doo 


** O aow-ma-doo, my to>a m» 1 

Ifyftl aoma down to ma, 
Ya*m ha^a a «aga o* gnid lad gawd 


A od ailler ronn' yoar wa' ; 
ini gar ye ehina aa telr a bird 


Bat Aa hadnoa thaw worda wall ^palM, 

Mor yaft thm wotda waU aald, 
nil eaw m a-doo flaw ftaa tfaa toi 


lada htan ablaa ai flib a bM 

Aboat tha avaniag tMet 
TUi lady apted a iprightly yonth 
I atndfht ap by ter ridab 

mamir; [mid. 

M y doar waa belted r%ht amaia I 
What wiqr ha-a ya aaaae ban ^'' 

" O had yoar to^M, ya My Idr, 

Xiad ya not aa yoar tartle doo 
I day ya baaoght wl* thaa /" 


' M y nltibar Ufaa on tealgn W«, 
8he has aaa mair bat mei 

And birth and high < 


waDdklU'd to magle velh, 

lafiMmHl ma to yon 1 

*' I m a dao tha Ufa laag day. 
A sprightly yoath at night; 
this aya gars ma appear BM 

U a Mr naUan-s sight. 

" And H WM b«t thk vanm day 
That I aama owar tha esa : 

Tear lovely has did aaa 
»1 Ilea and daawf 

"O essr me dea, my lava aaa 1 
Haa maIr fraa aaa yaiM gaa." 

** Thai^ never my Intent, my ktva, 



Than ha 

Till ma yottog sens to him she bare. 
And the ssvanth shs-s bcoaght 

NORmBAUbAM. 187 

Aid tooHgiift Item to hii miihn's «WBk 

"iBstaaS ofdaaoen to daMt, mlClMr, 

Or nlaalMlli fcr to pbiy 1 
Tmn f(iur<aDd>t««ity «all«w||kt omb 

IAb etnrki, la Aathon fray t 

SkH te iMi MiiOd la boMT wl' ter 
Vw timi^ j«n and thiw s 

no* awM a hud o* hitkraMwa 

"My MTCB lOBO In m«cn swam, 
AbooB their baadi to flMi 

And I, nyml*, a gfty goe-^wk, 

Ab« a' bis pnnato too 2 
a^». *'11ii eooftml to Utaalaaa 
Wlrny hM, eoo-oM-deo." 

Ttea deUa, mU tte qaeea harml', 

<* That tUaTi too high for Die 1" 
Baft ite applied to an auM woman. 
Who had mair ikiU thaa eho. 

* Tte men, or en I Mk or drink, 

Inrtaa* o* daaeart to daam adaam. 

Or oilaotiolh for to pb^l 
Tovr-aad-iwonty wall-wight man 

Tara'd birds o* foathan gnv) 

nt ibd «aa rittiag la tali c^iw 
Aad teaid wtek tiMjr did myi 

And wten te Couad tbqr vwadlmBlil, 
Bari» « Warn ma te thta day. 

Bar anon aona la arvon twaaa^ 
AbooB their baada to flmt 

And te, hlaiMl', a gay goo-hawk, 

«]Maa that I do laaew tliqr. 

▲ad thiM ti te Ibriora, 
ri fMg aato my arittert bowar, 

Wtera 1 wai biad aad bora." 

Thla fleob o* blida teak flfht aad flaw 

Bqrond tte ragtag am; 
And hiadad nmr the aari ICar^ oarth« 

Taok ■haltar la araiy tmo. 

Umb aaw-oe-doo took fligbt aad Onr 

Booed Um mstag smt 
▲ad Ughtod a«ar bl» nltbcr^oaitla 

Oa a toMT o" fowd ma hie. 

Thar worn a floak o' pretty btadt 
Bight otMBoly to be man ; 

Iha people viewd them wi' aarpttoa 
As they rlanwil on tte green. 

Aa kkmlthar wai «aakli« oat, 
Tv MO wbat ate oould «■ 1 

Aad tbom ite mw bar little mn 

Hhm Uida aaeaadad ftaa tte tioa. 
And lighted OD tte ha* 1 

Aad at tte iaat wi- form did flm 

« <M danan* hmo to daam," riM mU, 
*' Aad mlofCnlli ftrt* to phy 1 

War hato*o ny y«aa« warn, nonattao, 
Ooam tern wl' am to itoy." 

Ihe atetke them eelmd aomo o* ttemea. 
They o< aid neither light nor flm; 

Tte ewana they boaod tte brides bi el man. 
Below a grcea alk tma. 

** Ool MO daaeen to daaoo, Brilfaer, 
Hot mlartrrib ftir to play 1 

IW Ite mJthtt o' my mtoB moi^ 
Ite mon^ htr i>oddia«-div.'' 

They lighted aeat on maldena foir. 
Then on tte brides own headf 

And wl* tte twinkling o* an e^O. 
Tte bride and them WON fled. 

•■ O ton m^ tott mt, rionatiao. 

1M1 ma Chk day wtthea* a flaw, 


Ttere^ aaolent mea at weddlagi been. 

For els^ jMare or morr i 
Bat ele a oariooa wcddiog-day 


BOOWHH miliilW. 

For WNttlM wmM thi onwipiMb de» 
Mot naatkioc omM tfecy ay I 

Bat tkay aw A floek o* pntty Mfds 
That lock thiir bifda Amr. 

I that fht«art Mv, he MM 
Wkara hla doahtv did itejr i 
B« riBn*d » bo^ «* bbI^, 

[Oim In Mr Jaml«BB<B 

** O wsAwlDbateinyl 

▲od bniw nqr biidid ate ? 
▲■d wha wOl mtiomub mjr bri^Md*, 
;1 bring on* tto date ^ 


▲ml brtw yo«r bridal ala i 
▲ad I wUt wclooaM |oor bright brida, 

That yoa bring o'ar tha i 



Whan auildsa I am nanat 
Whan 1 hn^ bora yon w?aa i 

And am wl' balm again f 


And loahad eW tha land. 

And thcra iha aaw h«r aln good 
Lmding hi* brida hgr tha 

8ha^ dmai bar tana 1* tha narial rad, 

Uanri' i' tha dalntgr gmtn } 
And though bar ehcah look'd pato and «aa» 

Bha waU might hn'a bian a qnaaa. 

^ -0 

Ta jronr halls bnt w^u j^mr ■•wwvra i 
Ton an wriflOBM hama, m j aln goad laid« 

T» jronr oaatlai and ynar town t 
Oaa is yonr bright brida yoo 


If I'm bag hdy nbont thlB phwe. 

Soma good I wfDhordaa; 
Bm li M* Uba mf atottr Jana. 

Bnt ay aha dmnk tha una 


\ a aniddn hmg and white. 
And hnng^ npon n pln^— 
It wna ta &ry har wntory ayaa 



'to bad. 


m harp Intfn har hand, 
Ta haip thle tarn arioap ; 
And ay aa aha haipod and aha mng, 
Fall Botaly did aha < 

" O aevan flUl ftdr aona I have bora, 
Vb tha good load o^ «hli plaoa; 

And I irieh tlwt thay 
Ta ran tta oaetia 

And I mioel' a goad gray 
And I wad gl*« them 

' O aavnn fhn Mr oana 1 ha?a 
To tha good loid ai* thla ha', 

i npon har cldaat aon, 
*' Look yonder what yon oaai 
Fot yondaraonao yovr luha 
Yonr etep-mother hte wl*^ 


* Tb hup har 

iplaslen; ta 


ft food grqrm^ 

And tte lailf wu my mltlMri 
m' tk« bain* btrfda BfMl' 

I mrt y* kA*« ang la tteai 

I tktek ny b«l« bat «Jd ; 
I wadaa hMT aiy hrfy IMBM* 

O Mfw ■»!*■ did fartof yoa ] 
▲ad M* aU tak* yoa kanci 
iBf* 111 hMp •• yoar iMw Jaa^f 

H^f Vent Kaf Vrofoik* 


ilfgktalMrattMfk hwa Mr 



o* thMn la gad* diy 

My lot* III 

Aad o' Biy Mill a mU; 

i a* aqr OMM a gai 


oP kh coBllM^ BMde a b«at, 
Ihj had till iM omt tUL 


'*0 ilaip ya, wafea ya, aiy lofa Aaai*^ 

TaV Hn k» BM asna la." 

ihthiiatBqrl . >-.w, 

bat kaaa my aama ?" 
'It li yaar tvaa lofa» ama* wmk, 
Vnr yoa I^a aroaM tha I 

" I an da«^ ainm, Wnila. 

Qy Mhar aad by HMthv; 



At kirk «r 

<■ Ta tikt yaar lad tea la 

Tear whlta Mm 


Tha wblla tea o«>ar iMT aaa I 
It «M to VMar aad aa*a h« aafh. 

nil ap It 

Wla DP aad awha ya 
Tear alaMr^ totar^ la b 





It ap aad dowa i 




•t ItipMki tht flnto' tham, 
" W*!! gang md tet hv 1m; 
For than to Batthcr nw Mr boy 

Than oat II ipMkB tho 
*' Our tfmMliK •• In vkla ; 

But motlMr dMr, nor IktiMr 

Than oat Itipoaki tho thffd o^ 
(An 111 dwth mat ho dlol) 

" Wo'U lurk amaag tlio bmt mm 
That WUllo wo inaj no.' 

Ho otood tahind hta 1o?o^ entalu. 
Hit fotttl riagi ihow'd him Ugkt 

▲nd bf this y* rnajr a* wool goon. 
Bo waaa voDowaod kaigjbt. 

Ho% dono hbn to his lo*o^ 
Took oaf hio borrybrown 

Bto lovo otood In her bowor 
Hot hoart wao ilko to falmd 

**0 moora yo ftnr my oemlac. Iota? 

Or for my ■hart lUiylBg ? 
Or moom yo for our mfo dod'riag, 

** I mourn aao for year I 
Nor for your alaylng kng i 

Nor mourn 1 for our wfo ■lad'Hag,- 

" I wUh yo may won nib away. 

And aafoly finao the towa ; 
For boa you uot my brothors thfoo 

Arc laaag tbo boatno bvowa." 

IT I woro OB my wuiiy*bivwu *^ti*iI^ 
Aad thno mllm frao Cho Iowa, 
I Wi>ttldna foar your thrao baold 
AmuBg the boat aao brawa." 

Ho Mat Un owor hk nddio 

And kla4 her Up* mo 
no toari that foil botwoon 

Thoy wat hli grmt ■load'b 


Bat ho wana ea hla l«r<7*browB 
K or twa milea fraa tho towa, 

m ap Itolartt thmo thrm 
Amaaf tht boatMO hi«wib 

I «p thoy oamo Hkt i 
Wl' moay ahont aad fi^r ; 
** BUa otUl, bUo atUI. ye oowaidly youtk, 

** For I maat know bofon you go, 
Tall mo, aad make aao lie:— 

If yo^e beea la my alotar 
Xj haada ohaU gar ye dfo." 

" Tbough ITo baoa la y« 

lU ataad my grouad, and loroaly flgh^ 

Aad ahaU gala vletorio.'* 

"How I aatraat you for to otaj, 

If yu oar worda do not obey, 

Iln gar yoor body Mood.'* 

**I haro aaa wad." aaya awoet Wmie, 

" Unlma it be my biand ; 
Aad that ahall goaid my foir body, 

TUl X wlB ftao yo«r baud." 

twa o' thom atapt la bAlad, 
AJl hi a ftuloua moed I 
Tho third o* tfamn oamo him bafon, 
▲ad aeia'd hla barry-hiowB i 

O thoa he draw hla tiaaty bmad, 
Tbat hang dowa fay hla (arat 

▲ad he has alala them three flora* aw 
Aad lad thorn apnwllag Itaara^ 

Thm word haa gano to hor mother, 

la bed where abe akpt eoun', 
Tlmt WilUa had UU^ bar three bauM 
the boat aaa brown. 

bo has out tho looha tlMt hang 
flae low dowa by her e^; 
Baa haa aha klltit bar gnaa oiatthlag 
▲ little abooB hi 

▲ad I 

I OB to tiM hiagli oonrt. 

foir Aaato got word o' that, 
Was then aa aooa aa ahab 

Hor molhar wmt balbra tho king. 
Fill low dowa OB her kaaat 

** Wla ap, wlB ap. my dama,- h* salt, 
" What la your wUI irl* ■»>" 

CNJOmm BALfiAOfl. 191 

•'XywlIhllMyanaotnMSmyBBf^ ^ 

TiM truth in ten to tliM* 
Then b ane o^ ytme eoortiy knights 

Lwt Alght h«% robtod dm." 


" And hM b« bnto |««r Ugly boffMH, 

Or baa be etoto yowr ite ? 
Tbere to na» knight Into my eonxt 

iMt night has hMB taw DMt 

[Tma to a timulathm by Mr Jamtoaon Item 

" Unlca trnna WtOle o^ Laadavdal^ 

*" And by my aooth," ays tha aald womui, 


Tamam dwalto a lady In DnamarA, 

Lady HOIere iyto men her ea'; 
And ahe%gard Mgg a new oaetril, 


" nor he h«i broka ay bigly bviPM, 

And hehaestolamy Ito; 
And niada my daaghter, Ann, hto lova, 


Bar doehtar was alown awa' fraa hsri 
She sought for her wide-whara ; 

Bat the malr ■he eoog^t, and the tosssha fluM,r- 
That wMs har sorrow and oara. 

" Tbaft was not an ha did to ma. 

■rr he went tram the t»«rn ; 
My eons «a tma he flerady dew, 

Amang the bent lae biunua" 

And dM^ gni'd bigg a new dilp, 
Wl* vanes o' flaming good, 

Wl' mony a knight and mariner, 
aas slaA to need txstoWd. 

Then out It ipaka her daoghter Ann, 
Staa etaod by the kteg** knaa i 

** Te Ue, ye lie, my mother dear, 

Bheii Mlowad her sons down to ths stnnd. 

That chasm and noUe A«; 
And wttll and waif ftw eight lang ysan 


Sw haa not broka yonr bfj^y bowen. 
Nor hae he etela )«(ir fba; 
Hor made jaar danghter, Ann, hto Iota, 
A good woman 111 ba. 

And eight yean won and waif they mn<d, 
0' months that eeeirM me langj 

^yne they aall'd aftire a high eaMeU, 
And to tha land ean gang. 

•* AHheogh ha liew yomr three bmild eona. 

Ha woel might ba Ibrglte t 
They were well dad In armovr bright. 

Whan my Iota waa him hum.'* 

And tha young hidy Srane lyk. 
In tha bower that was tb6 best. 

Bays, *' Wharftae cam thlr fram swains 
Wi' US thto night to guast ?-• 

«' Wen apaka. waH epake," tha king npltod, 

" Tbto tanking plaaam me ; 
Vor ae Um o' year lovely mouth, 

ini aet year trae leva fear." 

Sheii to%n the king In her arms, 
And ktos'd Urn efaaak and ehin; 

Ha then eet her behind her tota. 
And thv want singing hama. 


Than np and spsk* bar youngest brither 

Baa wtody ayo epak' ha; 
** We are a widow's three poor eons, 

laag wibler'd on the sm. 


* amatm$ In this, and the otbar trandatlona 
from tha Dantoh, the term eiusia is used to Its 
original and proper acass, to atgDlfy a jawy «■•"• 
Tha term tfU (Itttto), eo often anoeacd, to ex* 
prsM endearment, Ut the nainos of ladles In tha 
Dnntah ballads, to atlU in use in Cumbvi Und and 



" Id Dunwok Mt* «• ban aad bnd. 
Lady HOton IjU wm mmr nltkar : 

W« ladm «kw» or whltt«.-' 

'la Dumiarok wOTt ye 

Thou art my yoaagMt Mlhw. 


Bad y* a bandar aad 

Ta oanoa brook aat o^ 


Bh« la tha hooaa oaa maaC; 
Aa'a bMdao him ftir tba high Oodi aka 
Hoathar to lao^ aa wmL 

▲od be took eo to baaa ; 
" ImaU Ai' waal. by aiy right 

Wl* a nanl baoa la U» 


Bat wHyty dm oan Boanar wia ; 

Aad dapplag him taadariy, 
** iVk hara ia oona nty i 


*' iVa ban to ooma aiy fa..^-w», 
Tnm baith oar Aithan' Uad; 

▲ad I ba'a pMgad blm hith and trach. 
That ya will aot him baaa." 

Aad la ha aooM thy I 
Fna thy ftithara iaad to Uiaa ? 
1 wUI awMT ny Mghmtalth, 
Ba'a dvM aao abaith ftaa ma.- 

Twaa than tha high klag 
Ba ea'd on youalun twaai 

** Ya bM pnad dtaaa lylal 


Whaa altan Boaniar ha «aa, 
Hk h«art it (ittook, aad Ida body aheok, 
I flay'd. ba aaaiaa dow atand. 

4^ aaaBa... 

Bat him apoa hia kn«a ; 
Ba efappit blm mm loltemaly. 
Ha taraad baith blao and 



ha till, tha flflhan 


Tb ba aM oa tha wtrito 
It waa pnmd lady Bvaao lyK 


" TUa yoaakar aaa toag ia tha aaa tea baaa, 

" Ola tha yoaahar ma laag ie tha aaa h 
Aad graaaa Ibr hama and land, 

Thaa 111 gi'a falm a Uat wl* goud, 
Sm Attiag till hia hand." 

'* And win |« gl^ him a Uat wl* goad. 

Baa fltUng tiU hia hand f 
Thaa haar ya. my aoUa haartk daar, 


Thaa vro«|^t proad bidy Braaa lylo 
What Booor Uttla wtati 

I oat tha good laa lad, 

apoa hia back { 
Tha kiat la hia moath took hai 
gaao tha iaag way ap 
I^aa tha bottom o* tha mtu^ 

** How I ha'a bofM Ihaa to tha toad ; 
aat baith aaa and nwnn i 
lady Bvaaa Ibr thr highaot Qod. 
I bag thaa aa a booa.** 

* BliM aad Mm. — Ia Boglaad they aay. 
'*Maok a^ blaa;- bat tha Daaiih haa it. 
" yallow and gmy.*^ Jmnt§mm. 

t Thia Buamar Loagaiawka, aa ho b aallad hi 
aauthar of tha ballada, noat haro beaa of tha 
moat Oarpmtaaa dlmcnaioiu, aot to bava baaa 
aanaibla, whaa ha pat tba cheat la hia inoath, of 
tha dlAiaaoa of walgbt batwaaa Swrnrnt ^ 



And jawp'd It ap I' tta* dvs 
B«t whM ha easn' till Um OMtall in, 
Hm Stsim lylt «ouU be wgf, 

Wtea IM flMB' tin tiM miM la, 

Hla il—nrt Awa' wu gaiM i 
Uk* mod h» HHrnng Um OHtall aboat, 

Ob tb* loek o' Um talaek flUktstana. 

(HmI Ihcf wwa in proud HOkraljIa^ booM, 

Wr ««leaii>«Joy aad fie*; 
Hum to tlwlr IMcDd* b«r balnit mn < 


go niQdt 

bj tint partlag of bis 

iKautioneM of Siouglaji. 

(Tn otrcaBMlaDeM In fcal Ufc, wbkb 
to tbla Iwlted, at* tba dotailcd by Mr 
iyom wb. M ooUaetloa tbo ballad is 
Jamas aeoond nuwiinls of Douglas, 
I aged twenty- four, married, at Xdinbur^, 
on Ifaa 7tb of tteptember, 1670, Ladj Barbara 
Xnddaa, cideat daiigbter of Joba, nintb earl of 
Mar. Tbia bwly ia Mid to bafo bean prerkiiialr 
wooed, witbout atKoeaa, bj a gentleman of tba 
nanta of Lowria, «fao, on aoeoant of bJa after* 
warda marrying Alariotta Wetr, bclreaa of Black> 
wood, la Lanarkahkre, waa eonimonly omIM, 
acaording to tUk oiutum of Sootland, the Tutor, 
ami aumctiiDca Um Lalrd^ of Blaokwood. Lowria, 
wbo acams to ba«a been conaideiably advaneed 
Id Ub at tbe time, was ebamberlain or fiMtor to 
tba Marquis of DouglM ; a elreufflstanos wblcb 
gave btm peculiar lacilitica for exreutiag aa 
I eebemc of Tvngeancc be bad prq|aatad 
■t the lady. By a train of procasdi n g s 
aomowbat similar to tbuse wf lago, and In parti- 
cular, by prstauding tu bava diaeuwred a pair of 
■asB's ahoca undaro«atb tbe MareUoaaas's bed, 
be complrtely suoeeedL-d in breaking up tbs aflM> 
tkn of iba uulbrtuiiala oooplo. Lord Douglas, 
wbo, tlMMtgb a man of pfwaigats oeaduet, bad 
Mttaartu tiaatsd bia wlfr wiib aome dagras of 
politcncas, now tendered ber life so miaerabls, 
that she was obUgrd to ssek nftiga with bar 
litbcr. The Karl came witb a bugs lettnuc, to 
oarry her off, when, aeeonltag b> tba ballad, as 
wcU as the tnalitlun of tba oountry, a moat 

Tba Martuis bhn- 

wife and eblld— for she bad now borne a 
that he exprsssed, even In that laat hour, a desire 
of bsing rsooncUed to ber. But tho traitorous 
Lowrlo suoesaded in preTsnting Um fktun doing 
so, by a well-almad sarcasm at bis weakii 
Bscsrding tfas ultimate fete of the Mardiloi 
1 am altogetbar ignorant. It is, however, veiy 
Improbable that any reeonoUiaUoo ever took 
place between bar and bar husband, audi as is 
related In the baUad. Her aon was afterwards a 
psnonago of sodm bisiorioal note. When only 
eigbtean years of age, hs raised tbe SOtb, or 
Osmaronlau regiment; a band originally asio- 
datsd in 1688 for tbe purpose of pruteeilng the 
Convsntion of Estates at Kdlnburtib, while tbs 
nMSSurs of tbe Bairelution was in ugttaUun, but 
which he afterwards Isd abroad to flttbi in King 
William's ITrcneh wars. Me was k.Ued, wtMa 
in tbs aot of leading on the regiment, at the 
battle of Stalnklrk, la UKtt, when only twentgr- 
ona years of sge. The Marquis of Duuglas mar- 
I rlod a second wife, wbo bore to bim the nwtsd 
Ar^baU dulw of Dougbn, Lady Jane Douglas, 
and other ohildren ; and thus, what is a very 
strange olrenmstaaoe, the venerable Lord Dou- 
glas, who died in 1887, was but grandson to the 
' feuss love' wbo sent the heruine of ' Waly, 
waly,' to take up hsr eoueb on Arthur's dcat, 
and sUka ber Ihlnt at 8t Anton's Wrll, m the 
dseada of 1670. Lowrle disUngaished himself la 
the religions troublss of the reign of Cbarlea 11. 
He bad been soocssocy to tbe tnsurreetiun of 
1606, and was condemned to death for bb eon- 
oern in tbo alfeir of Bothwrll -bridge, but was 
pardoned. Fountainhall describes bim as a 
man disUksd hy paopls of every party and every 

Past Fiasrw 

** O WAIT, waly, up yon bank. 
And wijy, wsJy, down yon bna. 

And waly, waly, 1^ yon bum-aide, 
Wharo 1 and my knra wont to gas I 

*' Bsy, nonnia, nennle, but love is bonaia, 
A Uttia wbils, when it is new ; 

Bat when itv auM, it waxes oauld. 
And fedas away UIh monii«g daw.* 

* Tbs stanaa runs thas in ths eopy which Mr 
Mothsrwail baa astiaetad from ths Fapystaui 




1 thought It 'W* » *»"*y *f^t 
And ■• dW »»J *« **" ** "^ 
MJ »«■» "vtI.- 1 J-. MM ill to trow ; 

^ptoood It wl- •■«»«?*». 
« O whwrfbw ihould I buA niy hjid, 

Slneo my tnio-tow hiu me '««»«♦ 

*'A»^ »»• »n *V OlMfow toon, 

Xy loT* wMobkd in btaArrittt, 
ADdlmyt'tofl tMnM i m . 

" Kow Arthart 8»t ihin b« my h«l, 

?S^ d»n »••« b. pr«ed b, mo, 

«• Oh, MarttaiM wind, whwi wBt thoB bl«»» 
And tb»fc" th» groon !«•••• •* t^o tr«e? 

Oh. iooUo d«kth. *h«i wDi thoB ««•, 
And taka a lift Ch«t wwtai mo ? 

TJh»» Im tho ocdtowy wwtoM, »» t*»«»^ 
"?I3i; tiirbutto«b6bonnior«dAIl.« 

f^ ^!^ to2o"Comptajntof 8ootlwd,-from* 
JlSSLSt^to^n*^ of 8ong^ datod 

A^hyteTwiai it U *«wi 
Wo. wortk Ui« Uw. nttw 1 

bMB'. Aoeount of the '«*P2!^**J*Sr,imt 

W,/- of tho two oont««o botom tho ^«JJ;^^^^ 
ft Arthur-i Mat to a w*U-taww« hlU 

••IVonotthtfrootthatl --, 

Nor driftin' OBawH ioelHMiMio; 

I W not lio caold that mahm mo oiy. 

Bat my !<»»••■ hmrtH grown oaald to no. 

•« And oh, an my ywttf *■*•''■■ 
And aot apon tho nniMl knoo. 

And I myml' woro dold andy* 
And tho grcoB gnMO growing ^ 

« Whw tart" Ml* >•"•««"'•**"■ *'^' 

And gonHomon C high dogm^ 
I took my aald oon In my anno, 

« Bnt whon lorto and laWi oomo Mtot tottia 
And goattomono' high dogreo, ttoim. 

«0, Ima«nritlnth»datfc,alano, 

Wl' my yoang oon om tho muwl ■■•• 

O, I maun ritln tho *«*» •*?^,. 
And no-w a ano to oomfcrt mo I 


" Wuwm I lay tick, and wiy **. 

Whan I lay Mk, and liko to die, 
A gwtloman of good aMOunt 

Guno from tho wmt to »»*"f « _ 
Bat Blackwood whliporM In my >«*?f» 

Howaaoworlanginthtchamb«wl me. 

Whan I waa ilok, and Tuy *k. 
Whon 1 wao tick, and like to die, 

Ab I drew near to my •tair-head, 
I heazd my aln lord Uehtitema. 


borih, and Bt Anton-e, «» 8t A»S"^jUI?Ji 

ruin, of a email ohapel and ^^^''^^^^^yZm!^ 

«nt of whi6h It muet ha« •anjtodw«j;22: 
Tho on«iM«»ten here glf«rftl«o«Mton«^ 

laltad to ooantonanoed by local «*«Tr~T^ 

Th. fWom ooant-e, *°?!:it*'li?i?S5 
when eho w» an hono«.*d ^^." ^^^.Tl 
to aiaegow.aolty nearto her hatl*nd e mwejoe 

»d eeM^t In allodlng to »»«' Pr"**Sfi 

Idlnbttfgh, eho Introdoooe a™"""." ^i^ ,_.. 
.^. I AntiHmn wen, two o^^yr goto to^ h. 
Mia. ^ wdlaw tietolty of tho <—*•■' nmmMtm, 



" OM, Bttlt p^ib aad toU yow tod, 

QIa htfV «gm» dooi aad diM wl* m^ 
ini Mi litan en • olMilr «/ gowd, 

^K^m ^^Mvv ■■■■■■ OTB **■# l^^Ml^Wa ^kW^^b 

TiM ItttfB pift tMd op tlM italr : 

" Load DeoglM, din* wt* jout la4l*{ 
SImII Mt 7* oa a cbalr e' flowd, 

** Wtei ceddi Aelli ton rilmr belb, 
Wbm wlae drrips red fra* ilka ttw, 
Dd tmmm win wana w a', 
Ml «m d««D and (Una wl' 

** Wbat afla 7m atyiwr fooofwt aoD, 
Tkat rite i«a« tka aantii kDM ? 

IlB nia ttet IM haa doM aae i 

'iri kad kMt what I km ».w. 
That lara tt waa M ill ta wla, 
I ahooM M^ ka' wM my 

* Bat whn Siy lither got wofd o* thK 
O what aa ai^qr mao WM ka • 

Ha MDt Ibanoan o' kli anh«a taohU 
lb kriM aa «* ta his ala coantria. 

I npy tlMnf la ths iiMiiUf 
My goadly palaoa te to tea', 
I kanchail at a«y hndli abamkar door, 

I aood «ara u» Uttla aa ya eaaa tar omi 
Tte Sari of Mar li ay fethtr daar, 

I aaaa wIU aaa any ala oonatria. 

Ta theeht that I waa Uha yoanal', 
Aod le*ta|c Uk an* 1 dU aaai 

kata 1 awaar ky th* haafona ataar, 

akwly, dowly. raaa ha ap. 
And ikmly. aktwly aan' ha deaa 1 

rhan ha aaw ma aK oa Ma hona, 

** Whaa I apoo my bona waa aat. 

My toaaataall waaa wHh aia ta'aa t 
At} aat than daaa apan thrir knoaa, 

"Ifa tea yt waal. say koaaia ] 

Aad tea ya waal» any ahiMmi tbrcal 

God gnuit your AUhar may gat Dialr I 
Aad hiaa |a battar thaa ha IMM loaad OMb 

** If tea ya wad, aay aanantaaU, 
Aad yaa» my hoDBla chlMiaa thiae I 

Qod giant yoor ftithar gn«a to be kind. 
Till I aaa yoa aaJk la my ain 

"Vow waa ba to yea. 

Ays aad aa 111 
T* waa tha drat and 

That paitad aay tra* baa 



My gad* AUhar ha walooBBad I 
Ba caoaid hia aalaaUala maat to 1 

It waa aaa noale at a' to m* } 
Ver aaa mirth nor maalo aoonda In my aar 
I my traa toaa'a 1 

** How hand yoar toogna, my daagfatar 
And of yoor waaplng lat ma ba; 

For a bUl of dlvona I'U gar wrlta for htan. 
And m gat w guda a load to thaa." 

"Oh, hand yoar taagaa, my Ikthar «H>r, 
Aad o* aooh talUag lat ro* bo; 

I wadaa gi'a aa kwk o' my gukl lonl'a tea 
ror aU tha hiada la tha aofth < 

** Oh, I'U oaat aff my robaa o* lad, 
Aad I'll pat on aay robaa o* blaet 

Aad I will traval to aora* otbor bmd. 
To aa* gin my lota will on ma 1 

I oa my tea { 
I aall aaa kaoM ooma la aay hair; 
Thara aall aaitbar eeal nor aandla-Uaht 
Ba aaaa latlU mj boalr malr." 

Am oam* to her tebarla kmd, 
Tha taaaata a' oam' bar to aa*{ 
Bavor a word ab* eoold apeak to tham. 
Bat tha battona aff her ( 

kaakapda. ^ 

•* Th* llatia la a bMiala bbd, 
Aad aftaa flla* te tea Itt aaati 

■aa a' tha waeld may plainly aaa, 
Thayfa teawa* that 1 toaa baati 


4eeaufl in cU tall«ta, MBMtlaMS uti^toT* 

Pasv VomiTx* 

man,atothertlnMaaatlmtorawoman. OTtha 
ftMnar la an Inatanoa In tha baUad of 'Tha 

Aa dM «M ilMlM •* kw bpsir wlBdofir, 

Knight and tha Hhaphaid'a Dnughtw.*— Ba- 

LeoUaK aflu- ow«r hUl and glm. 

UVM of Anelant Foatqr, ToL III. 71 :~ 

Whn dM dM M bat Iboneon Midtan, 
That oam* to tiik' hw bntk atnln. 

Aad MM« do aiU ■« Jilla. 

And wham a waal qMBW man una ha ! 

**WItton OUbart, a TtDaga fear mOaa waat 

of Dniham, k, throoghoat tha Uaheprle, pro- 

** ir tha Indy Sonslaa ba within, 

noanoad WItton JUbart. Wo hava alao tha 

YaOl Ud bar oona dmin and ipaak to sa." 

eonmon nnma of Olka, alwaya in Saotland pro- 
noanoad JUL For OiUe, or JoUana, aa a Ibmnia 

Bat ont baipafc* h« ftlkir liwa 1 

name, wo bavo Fair OUJIan of Otoydan, and n 

** Tc may gang back tha gaM 7a oam*. 

For har Jhoa again yell narw na." 

JnioM OnAMa aat In 9ilforwood,« 
Ho ahaipod hla broad award laog: 

*< Now bond year toogoa. my flrthar/' riia M|«p 

And ha haa eallod hia Uttia fcot-paga 

" And of yoor Mly kt ma bo; 

An annand fer togang. 

Vbr 111 gaa book to my goda lotd. 

8hioa hit lota baa ooma badk to ma." 

** Win ap, my bonnia boy," Iw nyo, 
" Aa qnlekly aa ye may ; 

ate riM bai diMMd hacart* fh* bnw, 

For yo mann gang fbr LIlUa flowar 

And moaattd on her da|*ple grey. 

Bafara the break of day. 

And. Un a quana, wl* har mon bthlnd. 

8ha haa riddan gayly oat tha way. 

Tha boy hM booklad hla baH aboot. 
And throogh the graen-wood ran | 

8ha langhad lihaosy naw^mOt Wda, 

And be oamo to the ladye*a bower 

Whan aha took Ikmwael 0' her fltthar^towan; 

Bafcn the day dM dawn. 

Bat tha tmr, 1 wat, rtnde In har a**. 

Whan aha oom' la ■iflht a^ har lomr^ bowan. 

** alaap ya, wako ye, unie Flowor? 
The Rd aanlion the ralni 

Aa aha oam* by tht Orangi gate. 

Tela bidden eome to SUrorwoed, 

Whatan a blytha riohtdkl aha aaa; 

Bttt I doabt yell ne'er win hamo.- 

Har gnda tord oomlng har to maat. 

And in hb band har balnte thfto 1 

Bba hadna riddan a mile, n mfla, 
A mile but baioly thrae. 

" Oo fcteh toma n pint o* wlna, 

Bra die eame to a new«mada giAVB* 

That I may drink to ray ladlat" 

Beneath a green alk tree. 

8ha took tha cap IntUl har hand, 

Bat har bonnia haart It bmk' In thraa. 

then ap atarted Jellen Gimme, 

" Light down , Ught down, now, UUk Ftowar 

SeUott ^ErYinie. 

For ifa here that ya maan lye." 

• BDrcrwood. mmtloned in thia ballad, eeeofa 

in amedtey ViLeong, wUoh aenna to have been 

[rnavpabUahad In Beotfa Minatral^y.— " Jd- 

copied from the flnt edIUon of the Aberdeen 

too," aa|B Sir Waltar, *'aaama to ba tha aama 

orntoa, rtmm John O. Italyell, Xtf. advoeato. 

naroa with Jylllan or Jnllan. * Jyl of Brantlbrdii 

OneUiiooalylaolted,appaionlJythe ba^nnlng 

l^atamant' la manttonad In Warton** Blataty of 


Foatiy, ToL U. p» 40. Tha nana lapaatadly \ 




n« BiMid aff hu mllk-white itoid. 
And iMWiI'd «pofi her loiM ; 

" O ncrcj* foatcjt JeUon Gimmc, 
Vor I'm BO pnpMr*d to dM I 

" Toar balm, that rtln betwMB my 
nana •faortly ma tha light; 

Bat to a* U waltarlag In my hkwd, 
WaoU be ft pHeooa al^t." 

** O dwald I qaua yoor Bft," ha Myi, 
" Uata that bain weta bom. 

Van «aal I ban loar auid fttiiar 
Wa«ld banc ma en tha mora." 

"O vara my Ufe, noir, Jalkm Oiamal 
My Mhar j^ naedna dnad ; 

111 keep my babe In fade green-wood. 
Or wf H ini beg my bmad." 

Ha took BO pity on LHUe flower, 
Thoa^ eha fcr licr lUb did iwayi 

Bat piarad her through the teir body 

Be Ml naa pity Ibr Llllla llower, 
Where die waa lying dead ; 

Bat he Ml eoma tot the bonole bain. 
That lay waliaring in bar blold. 

Up haa ha ta'tn that bonnie boy, 
Oiven him to oonea nine ; 

Xhree to ilaap, and three to wake. 
And thna to 90 between. 

And ha brad op that bonnie boy, 
Cbtlod him hie ebtarl ion : 

And ha thooght no eye oonld erar am 
Tha deed that ha had dooa. 


Whan hantlag they might be, 
Thqr mated then In ffilverwood, 
. that graaa aik tree. 

Upon tha gmve that grew. 
And marvail'd maoh that bonnie boy 

** Whatt paler than tha piymr eee waa ? 

Whnt'a redder than tha roee? 
^Vkait^ lUrer than the Uye flower 

Ob this waa knew that grows?" 

A O oat and aaawored Idlon Oi 
And ha ■pak' haitlUe 
" Toor mother waa a flUrer flo' 
And lies beneath thie tree. 

" More pala eha waa, whan iha aooghtmy gmoa. 

Than piymroM pale and wan ; 
And redder than roee bar roddy heart** blood. 

That down my broad vword mn." 

m* timt the bqy haa bant hli bow. 

It waa baith atoat and tang ; 
And through and throogh him JeUon Qrami^ 

He gai'd an arrow gang. 

Bays,— "Lie ye thava, now, JaDon Oramal 

My mallaoan gang yoa wi' 1 
The plaoe that my mother lias buried is 

la flw too good Ibr thaa." 

?lal^S Anne. 

[OowwtnnoATaB to the Border Mlnatrtliy by 
Mr Klrkpatriek Bharpe at Hoddom, who men- 
thme hartaig eopM It from an old magaalna. 
" Although It has probably raoelTad eoma mo- 
den eorrsotlOBS," aeys Sir Walter ttoott, " tha 
general tare eeanqp to be aaalent, and aen«> 
■ponds with that of a fragment, contain! og tha 
fbllewlng Torm, whlah I have < 
Inmj ohiMheod I 

Ehm Mt her bMk eeaiaat • than, 
Aa4 there ike hw nrr yeog m* bofai 
** O nfule BU Ma, my eoDni* bftbc I 
An ye wOe MM nraaV }Va 

An* when that lady «eat to the ohnah, 
•ha apiad a aakad boy la tha poreh. 


•■ O booaie boy, u* ye wan 
l*d dMd j« ia tha •<&• aae S 
•• O oiithiw dear, whan I «•• 
To aa ye weia aa half aa 

" StoilM af thla nature are rery oommon la 
tha annals of popular laperstltlon. It faw Bw 
example, ettrreat^ beliered in Kttrlck Vtatast, 
that a Hfaartlne, who had deatroyed flftyHlz 
inhaUtki hooaM. In order to throw the poaeea- 
dona of tha eottagars into hlaaaUts, and who 



to iMi ttt)my, that of «dadii« thrir|^ 
PM wont to eommlt to • Otfttar la 
tlw MtchbeariMMd the emn of bli dtagHfaMMa 
•hildm, Okortif after thcj ww« bora. Hli 
ng ulaily carrM tbam awajr, b<U tbqr 
fwvor asain heard of. Tha oinjaat and 
eniM inliw of tha proflifata laM «raf 
hjr hto txtnvaganw, and tha raloa of hto 
MODI to b«ar wttncM to tha trvth of tha rhythm- 
laal prophacUa d«BMiDoad nialntt it, and atUl 
eurmi amosf tha peaiantvy. Ha himMlf dlad 
an antlmaly death ; but the afont of hi* araoon 
aadanniMnnrlvrdtoextmiieoldaca. Wbenoo 
hie death-bed , ha eeamed muoh oppraaad la mind, 
and eant fcr a alaff7in*o to epaak paaaa to his de- 
part: nn ipIrK: but, brbre the maeeanfer rrtam- 
ad, the man waa in hie laat agooy; and tha torri- 
fled aerfetanu had Ba<l from hie eottage, nnani- 
mojeljr ararring, that the walling of mofdend 
InCuu had aeeendad from behind hie ooueh, 
and mlnglad with tha tjnvm of tha daparttng 

TAta. ItAj Anna Mta In bar bower, 

Down bjr the freenwood tide. 
And the flowen did spring, and tha birds did 

Twaa tha ptoaaant lUf 'dajr tUSb 

Bnft Mr lady Anna on Bbr WUHan oaU'd, 
With the tesir grit in bar a'a, 

"O thongh thou be Ikasa, aajr haavsn 
In tha wan ay«at tha ssat** 

Out of tha wood oanie three bonnle bcqrs* 

Upon the sfmrners ntom. 
And thejr did sing, and play at the ba% 

As nahad as they ware born. 

" O savea tang years wad I sit bare, 

Amang the fhiet and saaw, 
A' to ha'e but ana o' theee bonnla boya, 

A playing at the ba'.'* 

Then up and spahs tha aldaat boy, 

•' How lleten thou Iklr ladle. 
And ponder well tha read that I tril. 
Then make ya a oholoe of tha thrsa. 

"'TIS I am Patar. and this Is FmI, 
And that ana, eae fkir to sta. 

But a twclre-month sinsyna to 
Tb Join with our eompanla.'' 

" O I wn ba-O the SBUw^wUta bey, 
~ >ofthatht«a." 

thine, and la tkgr 

" Tie I wad aiaad thee la sOk aad i 
And Boarlae thee oa my knee." 
"O mither! aolthar I whea 1 waa thiM, 


il ooaMnasee. 

"Beneath tiw tarf, wbesa aaar I ataad. 
Tha flmaa aniw barted no; 

paakaUb stidBs stOI la my 
1 eoma not bai* to 


[Faeti tba Hlnstrslsy of tha Seottish Dordrr.— 
"Thli ballad," says Sir Walter, " is published 
from tba odUation of two oopias, obtained fr«m 
raeltatkm. It eearoe to be the rude original, or 
poihapa a eonupted and impcrftet oopy, of The 
Ohlkl uf Kile, a beantiflU iegandary Ule, pub- 
lished In the Rcllques of Ancient Poetry. It la 
singular, that thia oharmtng bnllad ahuuld have 
bean ttmnslaled, or Imluted, b> the eclebratsd 
Burger, without aeltnowledginant of the English 
orlginaL As The ChUd of Kile avowedly ns«ci*Ml 
oorreetions, we niay ascribe Its greatest beauties 
to tha poctloal taste of the Ingenious editor. 
They ars in tha true style of Gothic anibollah- 
manL We m«y compare, fbr example, the fol- 
lowing beautiful fcrse, with the same Idea la aa 

Tba baroB •trokad ilia dark-brewn Aack, 

Aad tuned hi* teee aaide. 
Ts wipe away tita atarting tear 

Um prwadlr atrora M hidat 

Child of Kla. 

Tba baatbSB Boldaa, or Amtral, whoa about 
to shv two lorera, raloBts la a slnUlar : 

Wssplag, Im turned hia 
And lua awaMe hit fel ta fr«u 
Plonae ana BU 


• Pi ^ p lne Uaaally gift, bat 


ndftAifer ^_., 

I r>t ht wetad b«r Ib a grau Aa,* 

An' »' to p«l tka iMly 1b. 



Aa'HM hM bit kir brathm M^ca, 
«tkv to watch bar a' tiM al^t. 
Or alM to aak h« Bora aa' •>Ba. 

Ka not a nlyht* bat ban^jr aae, 
m IkaM «a« Wnite, hvala tnM lort, 
Cfeapp"!! ai tlM door, mfia.', " 

I ii tbhat my .«w„ „.„, 
_ >M*lato,«irk«aathtgla?**t 
«' O tt b WiUte, joor ala tnM lov«. 
I pnr yoa xiM aa' let »• la i" 

** Bat la mj boww tlMn k a wain, 
Aa' at th* «aka thv* Is a awM :t 

Bat in MOM to tba giwa-wood «lM mom. 
Wbarbloonutba briar, tj moraia' dawn.' 

to bcr bad aBBui, 
Whan aha hM laym tiU ttaa ooak eraw 



8ha pat an har bMk a allkan «owB, 

Aa' «a har bntot a riUar pia, 
Aa' dWa taaa a rialar In Uka hand, 

Ha aet a mUa but bavaljn 
Tm than waa WUUa, bar aia trua lov*, 

har alatm bj lb* hand, 

ha^ to'aa bia troa lova him bafalad, 

wood tbay an 

VUrrf Aar iaa fraa< «f»— Plaoad har la daa- 
" tfaic a gvaat ala.— Sn«. 
aUght or triek auiimiy to opaa 



lUdaa In the bQaak graaa-wnod» 
Ha not a bdU* bat baidj aaa. 
Whan tbara oama llftaan o' tha boUaat half ht% 
That arar ban flaah, blood, or baaa. 

Tha ftmoBoat waa aa agad knight. 
Ha won tha gray hafar on hia chin, 

Baya, "TlaM to ma thy buly bright. 
An' Ihoa abalt walk tha wooda wltUa.- 

** Pormo to ylaU my lady bright 
To anch aa agad knlghtm thw, 

Paopla wad think I war gaaa mad. 
Or a' tha ooonga dowa ftaa ma." 

Bat op thaa apoha tha aaeoad kaighi, 
I wat ha apaka right beoatooaUa, 

** YWd ma thy lift, or tlv lady bright. 
Or han tha tana of na ahall dia." 

** My hidy la my warid-a maad : 
My lift 1 wlnaa yMd to aana: 

Bat If ya ba maa ofyoor mai 
Yall only flght ma aaa by 

Ba U^tad off bla mUk^whUa 

An' gaa hia buly him by tha haad, 

Say'n, *' 8m yo dinaa chaaga your 
Uatin ya an my body Uaad." 

Ha aat Ua back nnto aa aik. 

Ha art hia bat MalBt a atoaa. 
An' ha baa foagbt thaaa Oftaaa maa. 

An' klU'd tham a' but faanly ^ 
For ha ha* laft that agwl knight, 

Aa* a' to aany tha tldlaga 

Whan ha gaad to hk tody Adr, 

I wat ha kiai'd bar tendariU; 
" Thou art mlna ain Ion, I han thn bought; 

Now wa ahaU walk tha gnaa-wood ftn." 

¥ottti8 Vctttie* 

[Tiaar pablUiad In tha Boidar Miaatnliy.— 
'*Ia thia ballad," aaya Sir Walter, " tha raader 
will dad tmon of a alagolor npantitlon, not 
lataltogathar dlaandltad la tha wUdar porta of 
Sootload. Tho lykawaka^ or watohiag a daad 
body. In Uaalf a mahmeholy oOm, ia nadand. In 
tha Idaa of tho aaatatoat^ man dlamaUy awfld. 



by th« luji t w ta iM hortPTi «f aBpOTtithm. IhUmA 
iBtarvml betwixt the death and iDterment, the 
dbcmbodted spirit b mppoeed to hofer aroiind 
Ue mortal habitatloa, and, if lovoked by oertatn 
riteik ivkaliw the power of aommanieattng'j 
threat^ tta orfans, tho eaoa* of Iti dieeolntioii. 
9uoh inqnirlce. however, an always daageroui, 
and never to be neorted to, nnkee the dcoeaied 
ie nupeetad to have iuArcd Jbmt jrfqr. a* It Is 
oalled. It is the more unsaili to tamper with this 
charm in an unanthorised manner, beeause the 
inhabitants of the infernal rsglons are, at such 
periods, peeullaily active. One of the most po* 
tent oersmonies in the eharm, Ibr oaaslng the 
dead body to speak, is, estting the door ^Jar, or 
half open. On this aeooant, the peasants of 
Beotland eedialooslj avoid leaving the door l^|ar, 
while a oerpes lies in the hoose. The door most 
•ithet be left wide open, or quite shut ; bat the 
flnt is always preferred, on aeeount of the exer- 
cise of hoepltaiity nsoal on siieh oecarions. The 
attendants must be likewise eareftd never to 
leave the corpse Ibr a moment alone, or if It is 
left alone, to avoid, with a degree ofsapentltiouB 
horror, the first sight of it. The following story, 
which is frequently related by the peasants of 
Beotland, will illustrate tlw iniaglnary danger of 
leaving tJie door i^. In fbrmcr times, a man 
and his wlflt lived in a solitary cottage, on one of 
the extensive border fells. One day the husband 
died sudden^ ; and his wlib, wiw was equally 
afraid of staying alone by tiie corpse, or leaving 
the dead body by iuelf. repeatedly went to the 
door, and looiwd anxiously over the lonely moor 
for the sight of some person appraoehing. In 
her conAision and alarm, she accidentally left 
the door ijar, when the oorpss suddenly started 
up, and eat in the bed, frowning and grinning at 
her frightfully. She sat alone, crying Utter^, 
unable to avoid the frednatlon of the dead man's 
eye, and too muda terrified to break the sullen 
sllenee, till a catholi c priest, passing over the 
wild, entered the cottage. He first set the door 
quite open, then put his little finger in his 
mouth, and said the potemoeter backwards; 
when the horrid look of the o rpee relaxed, it 
fcU back on the bed, and behaved itself as adaad 
man ought to do. 

" Th<- baUad U given tnm tradition. I have 
been inftirmed by a lady of the highest tltsrary 
eminence, that she has heard a ballad on the 
same eul^ect, in wiilch the scene was laid upon 
the banks of the river Oyda. The ehcnis 


< O BothweO baaks bloMi 

and the wateUng of the dead corpee wac said to 
have taken plane in Bothwell ehureh.**] 

Or a' the maids o* fiilr Reothmd, 

TlM Ureet was Maijcele ; 
And yoang Bei^ic was her as true love. 

And a dear tras i«ve was ha. 

And wow! bat thqp were tovoKB dear. 

And loved ftt' eonstantlie; 
But ay the malr when they Ml out, 

The salrsr was their plea.* 

And they ha'a quarrelled on a day. 
Till Maijerle^ heart grew wae ; 

And she said she'd ehuse another lave. 
And let young BeiOic \ 

And he was stont,t and prond-hsarted. 

And thought ot bittsriie ; 
And he's gane by the wan moOB-llgbt^ 


" O open, open, my true lovu, 
O open, and let me in r 

*' I darana open, yoang BeiOlc, 
Ifly three broUiers arc wituln." 

" Ye Had. ye lied, ya boania bard, 
fiae load's 1 hear ye lie; 

As I came by the Lowdcn banks, 
Thsy bade gude e^ea to i 

" Bat floe ye wcel, my as ftuise Iov% 
That I have lovad see king 1 

It ssts ye iritase another love. 
And lei yoang Heinle gang." 

Then Ma^orio turned her revnd ab0ttt« 
The tear blinding her e**,— 

" 1 darena, darana, let thee in. 
But I'll come down to thee.'* 

Then saft she saitlsd, and said to Um, 

" O what m ha'e 1 done ?" 
He took her in Us twa. 

And threw hu o'er the 

• Pfeo— Uasd obUquely fbr iufml9.—HtttL 
t StoMf— Through this whole ballad, (unlees la 
la one Instance,} signifies hmugMjf.—Sealt. , 

aooniaH BALLAi)& 


Jkad latth UCh to te dM«, 
Bat, M* th* «»a th 
Bar flUr MkMV WM 

■tool, A 

And oat 



Oat tlm ipak* bar ddait bretiMV, 

" O tew ■hoU «• har km ?" 
A»a oat thaa apok* bar yoaoffiat brottwr. 

Omfn te'On op the oooaaty 
Aad UU tton tiba |ioaad— 
O wfa* haa klllad oor m aktar, 

Tha ^i^t It la bar low IjrkcwahB, 
n wotoh ok oUrfc aldalftb^ 
▲ad haor what aha wiU aoj." 

Wl* doom 1^, and eondla light. 

And torcbaa barntog daor ; 
Tfaa atialUt oacpaa, tUl atiU mklali^t, 

Thaf wohad, bat natbing baor. 

About tha nriddla o* the aiffbt, 

Tha eooka bagoo tooaw; 
And at tha daod boar o' tba nigbib 

Tha eaipaa baaan to thraw. 

O whae haa done ttie wraag, i 
Or darad the deadly aln P 

laa aaa atoat. and ftarad nae doat. 
As threw ]« o'er the linn?" 

"Teaag BdUi* waa the flret aa i 

I lakl n J lova apon } 
Be wae aaa atoat, and prood-bea rt ad. 

Be threw me tttt the Unn." 

"flUl we yoang Battle head, alaiar. 
Boll we joang Brojie bong, 

Or aall we pihe oat hia twa grajr een, 
Aad paniah htan era he gang /' 

** Te naann Benjle head, broihan 

Te nwann Bnjle hang. 
Bat |« maan pike oat hie twm graj can, 
I hia are k 

*' Ha n graen grarat nmnd Ma neek. 

And lead him oot and in. 
And the beet aa aarvant alwat your hoaae 

To wait yeuag Beqjie on. 

** Aad aye, at every aeven yaan* and. 

Yell Uk' him to the Unn; 
For thofa ttia pennnoa he mann drie, 

Xb aeng* his diadly atn." 

"^it 0ttV0e of i9ftos» 

[THia was a «»tribalion of J. B. Morritt to 
tha Mlnstralqr of tha Soottiah Border. Mr Mor- 
ritt of Bokeby in Torkablre, waa one of Sir 
Walter Seotfa moat raload fiieoda. He died in 
1843.—" The Castle of Moy ia the ancient rod- 
denoe of Maddntoah, the ehier or the COan-Obat- 
taa. It ia situated among the moontaiaa of 
Invemeaa-ahire, not flur fkom the military loed 
that laada to Inrameaa. It atanda in the hoUow 
of a mountain, on tha edge of a amaU gloomy 
hike, ealled Loeh Moy, aarrounded by a blaok 
wood of Seotoh flr, whkih cxtaiids round the 
bJw, aad termiaafeae in wild heaths, wbloh are 
nnbrokan by any other ol^act, as Ibr as the aye 
oan raaeh. Tha tale la founded on an ancient 
Highland txaditioni that oiigmatad in a llnid 
between the clans of Olinttan and Onuit. A 
small rooky island in Lodi Moy is still shown, 
stood tha dangeon in wbloh prisoners 
oonflned, by the fanner ehicfli of Moy."] 

LovD in the gloomy towers of Moy, 
TheChattaa elan their oard raiae,f 

Aad Ibr th' aaeending flame of Joy 
Bheoti o'er the loeh its tcembllng Uaaa. 

FW long within her i 

In ehUd-bed hiy the buly ftlr. 
Bat BOW ia oonae th' aptolntod boar. 

And «Mmle ahoat, " An heir • an hair " 

t The Ohattaa dan laaJMaral elan, aonsiabag 
of tbaflumlUea of Maointoab, Macphenon, and 
somaotberaoflemeonaeqaenee. The ehief 1« the 
laird of MadntiMh ; the Chattaa oountiy lain tlie 

203 aoomaB ballads. 

ADdnmadOMarawltkimuiyatd*, A "Vo fM tliM e^ jear inUBlght •!• 

Tb* ««U-«pieMl bowl tfao dame* prolong, 1 

Bavs Uslsnsd to Uw taiss oTgle*, 

Bam wlwn tht ahlefUlid' ■bouts prena, | 

I aooM to Ml a gwslp'lB tatoi 

Or warn wild ehoriM iwdb dM MOt- 

m-«nee'tti.iblsflslnl UMtoma." 

Loud toutid tb* pIpM, the duietrM bMl 

Tas WnoH's TaiA. 

Bounds nimbly from Um Boor of plno. 

•< Fun slaty ftHal yean hmw roUM, 

Wbn In Um llsht nad muy rs*l 

^■a^^^^^^— ^^w^aw^Ka^^M^a ^Hft^^^^a^b ft ^^^^^^^^ ^a^^^rfaava^v ^^m^^b^^^^bm a 

When Moys bhMk ehkf, wHh Urqakart old,t 
Led Gfaat's aad Ghattaa's mingled powei% 

lats wmnsd Iko nlchlp Om biasing bnad 

Mom fcebljr gUmmwsd In Um ball. 

" LIhs y«u dMir Mlawan sheotsd bnve. 

Loss loudly shout Um Jovial hand, 

Uks yonis Um minstiato aaswsr'd load. 

Ls« Uffsly sounds Um plbroebls esIL* 

Like yoa they "gan ths daaae to vnavs, 
A.nd round and round the goUat flvwV 

WlMn from the oornar oTUm hsartb. 

A figura crept, of all the train 

" In solsna gidee Um ahteftaiae eaoM, 

Most alien from a sesns of mirth, 

To solsma leagne the ehtoftains aware; 

And muttsriag slgh'd, *■ TIa Tain, tls 

To qasnah the death4bnd's Ihtal flasse. 


Aad dye the heath wlUi blood no mors. 

Soon esassd ths sboat, a gsnani thrill 

'* lUr roes ths oiom, and UrialMrfS pow^ 

Sali'd svery hsart : th' 111 omsn'd votes 

To Motny^ hosUU border flsw,| 

Bssm-d •'fen ths warrior's bnast to chfll. 

But UaTfing la ths Chattan tow rs. 

Bor darsd ths trsmbllag slia r^lotos. 

The aged ehlef the bst withdraw. 

B« saw a pnls and shlvMng flmn. 

'* HooMwards h* toRMd, some yonagar ana 

By ago Mkd ftvnsy haggard mada; 

Shall toad the war on the baaks of i^Miy ; 

Bsr sy«s, stlU wild with passion's stsrm. 

But sharp was ths stoet, aad eold the Btora, 

BellMl th« snows that shroud htr haad. 

That whtoUed at eve la Ue tooks so gray. 

Tmng had shs waadar'd on ths heath. 

•* WiUi Um went Alva's hair, who st^rd4 

Or bcgg'd Um lonely trav tor's aM, 

Tha ohtoltalais w«U or woe to share { 

And goasips swaar that sodden dsath 

t Orant, ths laird of Urquhart, was ths dUef 

Bar hut on Badenoeh's wlldsst height, 
Full well the mountain hunter hnew, 

Bor paused to tabs a narrower sight. 
But euisMl the witoh and qulek with- 

of the elan of Grant; his casUe of Urquhart, 
now la tulas, covers one of the moot baautlftal of 
the craggy promoniorfca that adorn Loch Ness. 
Ths daUghtAil vato of Oton Vrquhart Is soibo- 
■ooMd in the mountsias behind It. The poase- 


slooe of ths dan in the southern part of Invar- 

nowly she erawl'd beitaia Um thioag, 
Fia'd on the chief her haggard eyes, 

Gheek'd with a Uwk the mlnetrel's song, 
•* Bo mon,- sbs orisd. » Bo msc* v^lotos ! 

nem-ehlia, border on th se of the clan Chattau, 

t Tba Lowland dlsMct of lCony,or Klgla- 
riilrs, along the banks of the Sp«y, being eom« 
pacaUvdy ftrtUe and dvlllied, and in Um immo- 

• Ths pibioehisawfid mn^. pl^ad b^tha 

ad to ths mvagts and inroads of the Bighland 

pipsr at the asssmbliag of a elan. In marohes, *o. 

dans, who posiiiiid the meoutalns oa the 

Kvery dan had its own partioular tune, wbleh 

bocdar, and the upper part of fltrathepey. StaU. 

1 Alva to an anetout poesaasionof a ohtoftalnuf 

ths fhmUy of Oraat.— «nptff . 


IP UtHBlWlft ImiiWi^ fcl^lllil ipi^M, 4 *'BHM«k fete tetaBMbMW. Ik* Mill* 

■• AIM VMT^d, wte kiMd kw dnr. 

OTplMuM wfftag* wHh hatnd strovo. 

Aad ho thonght or ths hoais, psrahaaos, ths 

" Bat dnw «M B»draodlli wtetnr WMto, 


And mM tha night thai rooad than fSeD, 

Whsn ahs dlgbtBd hte thisati, aad s8oni*d 

As otar Ahifer kMdi th* Biihi^avai VMl, 

his lota. 

And thif CBftWd Olia Ind-k dftridlaf ddL* 

'* Aad thai hs spoks, with tninoas votes. 

** n« mvM Mmn^ aifid » docM yiiO 

' OhI not la vaia saa MaiiBiat ptasd : 

Bonk ftiHB 01m Itali Mbia wood. 

Oao Ute I ■par»-b* h*t^ th* eholss. 

TI19 kMid la IIM ffdo a bogto simU, 

And oa* terny stea aad aqr kla riadl bl**d. 

Ibif MW la Uw dMdo a aua or bleed. 

'< ' Ok wni lbs not a hnar sa«o. 

*■ Ottely te poiati. aad a haadfod Iwads 

Bat dMh Iris hopss sr nataal Joy, 

TlMir haraM nlMi la that AUal hoar. 

Aad doom ths bsavo to th* dkat giavo. 

Vo laasBoi a sbo fkom ths swoad or M oy ? 

Bat Aim hatdnnra his taoad dayaMia. 

*" Or wm ths aot a tethsr spam. 

" * Bhwd fcst, Oh»-TnaJili,' hs o»lsd,f 

Bat bsvs his teat siMuk or lite dsstray. 

As hk Malwart stroks ths ftirsmoafc sisw; 

Aad wia shs abaadoa hte lUfwy hair. 

Aksl ao ftlsadljr Toks Npllsd, 

And wsd hsriova la ths halb or Hoy ?• 

Bat iho htoad ehvmca la ftagnsati flnr. 

**0h bav* yoa sMB ths ahsphsid swala. 

•* Aad «d was tho hswl or AlTtf* h«lr, 

Whtts ksav^ to aahn oa tho hllb aroaad. 

Aad hs theaght «€ UiqaharTt msom orjoy. 

Aad swaOlag la old Ooniii'spialn,^ 

WhM tartsad or hsr smUs thai hs loiad so 

Earth diakM, aad thaadon bant th*gronad» 

Bs ast tho hanghiy soowl or Mogr. 

MUk* him agfaaat did Half v*t ataad. 

WUd atart bar aya* from h*r baralag haad. 

" Aad teacNSi ths wtatiy wasts. 

Hsr atlis h«r Ibot, nor lifts b*r hoad) 

Aad kr ftaa> Mavifofk bow^ of Joy, 

Xhs ohasttosmoat or haavMi to apad. 

la dsat harts, aad ta shalas thoy past. 

To gfoaa aad daipalr la ths towwB or Kogr. 

•' Loag mate Bhs staads, whaa bdtar* hsr aysa. 

Tram ths daagsoa*! aava, team th* gloiony 

** Oa fsadv rosk thslr pilooa stood. 

la th*mearaAil wood two term* artoa, [lak*» 

Dssp la th* daaffaoe's vaolt bsasath. 

Aad ahs of ths two bar shote* mast mako. 

ns pavaBHat mu wot with ths fWag flood. 

Aad hsa»y, aad dsak, b tha lot they bnaths. 

«« Aad wOdly aba aoagbt hsr loiars bnast. 

Aad madly aha ktea>d bto oteaklng ckidn ; 

"Thiosdaio wow past with straamhig sjn. 

' BaoM, homo,' ah* oriad, ' bs my aira ratoas'd. 

With bontlag hmit, and fldfring bioath. 

White AHa aad I la thi gmf* mmala. 

What BMidan SON at ths flba or Hoy, 

«» ■Bffo thsir Bft, or to ■haia thrir dsafh 7 


WteM Moy« litettmbariullbaalrowdon 

^ •Ik MMrm 1 la whoss bsofft ths tah 


Bad wahan'd th* ftnt «d sigh ar gri< 

ThspbM tm* Aall wav* o^ear paaosftil grava^ 

Aad waa aad pals flroai Urqohart^ fsl*. 

Tin tagtthar w* waha to woap ae BMT*.' 

Sha fl»w ts th* tow^ ortho gloooy shtefc 

sembilagorthsdaaor Qnnt,wasatootbs slo- 

* Ths lial IsawMM iliMMi thatitoasla ths 

gaa or war-ary or tks ctea.-dM(. 

Gkattaa ooaatry, aad tells lato ths rWsr oT 

1 Tb* nJ* or Oomit, in PortMitaa, whara 

Vaira, b*ta*sa Mogr aad Lssh titm. fcsil. 

•afthqnakm an atm te^Mntly ttlt, to la tho 

j^kl^arpartorilMl^aia, amrCHatt fwH. 


■ Af.V.Anflt 

" fiba righV not aa aha tamad away,- 

A* rviiff la hto «u> hh dM^tor^ «y. 

Ho toar'drop IbB from her froaan cyai 

OtaMd OB hlB fbirovM «hMk to roU. [Moy. 

Bot a night and a day, by thair aida ild atay. 

Whm ha Mfk'd tha mn of tha gloony 

la atapld maaidthaa ai<a>j. 

" And atotaly nM UiillflbD'd ten. 

** Aad aaothar aha ataM, aad a oaln iba nrndat,* 

ADd MtOMd to throw off tha load oTafa, 

ABd pllad It high, with many a gioaa ; 

As laUwrV la hta ar* tlM itorm 

Aa It riaaa white, on Badenoeh^ height. 

or tadal batok aad ft afataAalB^ nita. 

«««IUai tmHar 1 tboogli thj giaady aar 

" Bha piay«, that, ehUdlam aad fbriora 

Bath dniok tha graaa of an aaany. 

n» ahlar of May might pIno away : 

Tat inly raahla ahama and ftar. 

That tha daaplam alght, and tito oaraAil mom. 

WhUa iBptnia and trioaaphaadl* an ma. 

Might wUhar hk llmba la alow doe«y ( 

*< « And thaa, my bait, my aomwlaf ohUd, 

** Ibat narar tha aoB of a dhkr or Moy 

WhataW my Aua. thy aholea raeaUl 

Might U*a to protoet hla tethar^ aga. 

Than town*, with haniaa Mood daOlad, 

Orakaa la paaea hia dying ay^ 

Shall hida n^y aoiw, aad atona my flUk 

Or cathar hla gloomy terltaga. 

** ' Why ibeald I Urn tha aoara of ilavw ? 

"But, atUl M th«y Ml. aooMdMani braad, 

From ma do atrangar dudl I am* 

With aoidid hopea, and with marfala heart. 

Whara bir Loohnam my aaatia lavaa. 

B^ tame to the Altai towan auoeaMl, 

To laad my alan to rieteiy. 

Xatloot by taraa to tha gmva depart. 

" * Whito ata my hain, my aoona la rao^— 

" than load did aha buigh, te bar bam lag brain 

To-monuw laya thy flithar low; 

Tha aoothlng ahowan or griaT denied ; 

Bat Alva «*, with yoodw aaa 

And atlll, whaa tha moon ia on tha wane. 

Ba riiaU flaa In biood OB tha hlUa oTaaow. 

Bha aaaka bar hat on tha moantaiu'a ald«i 

" Tham aiti Iha oft to cana tha beam 

A fkthrrt euraa la ovar thy gmvai 

Tbat vama bar brain with iMaoar woe; 

Bat mil aad baa fet him wmd with tfaaa. 

ZUlwaUthaihephaRlkaowahoraeraaro. . 

Aad my dytof blaaaing than ihalt hftvok' 

Whaa ha ilaha aa tha moor la tha drlftod 

" Tha maid atood athMt, aad bar taanMl fba^ 


Aa tu ttia wild haath iha tura'd to flaa; 

« BafBB tlmm baa aha left bar wratohad eaU 

« Ba Al*a aaiB/ aha aiffh'd aa aha paal. 

To ohaar bar aad heart with floomy Joy, 

• To Badaaooh'a halght lat hhn Mlow ma.' 

Whaa the fbry or heaven, or tha MaaU or ball, 
Bava wltharM thahopaaorthohouaaor Jloy. 

" Sha mt bar down OD tha blaalad haath. 

And hollowly aoundad tha flan balowi 

** And new ! at yoar fmat, aa BnHddaB g«aat. 

She hoard in tha faia tha sreao of daath. 

Bha Mda you the preeeat hoar ei^oy i 

Bha anawand tha fraaa with aahitakcT woo. 

9vt tha blaat ordrath la on tha b«ath, 

Aad thagrava yawaa wide liar tha ohUd of 

*' And dowly tow^da tha moantalnl haad. 


With a aabia Mar fcor mifeaa hlad ( 

« And hart,- thay lald, ' k thy fkthar dead. 

Ban eaaaad tha tola, and with It oaiMd 

And thy hmria aona la ooM at hh ilda.' 

The lavala oT tha ahuddertag elaa ; 
Dmpalr had aalaad on avny braaet. 

" Thay laid tha bodica OB tlM bant. 

la aftiy vatn ahill taRura raa. 

Baoh In hia Moody tartaa foU'di 
' Hum aing Craig- Ellaehla<k lament, [eold.' 

• A ealn la abator loom atonaa, the eaaal 

roc barahlaSaia daa4» aadharhopea an 1 



Vto ttM noutaln hot It Vwrvrt nwd, 
T«t her toIm •till rin^ In th» wr eTMosri 

BMini ahoM Um nw-rn on the mmiitainl hMd, 
WiMB tha lady iMpt oiw ta« djtng boj. 

And long In H<if dtrotad toirar 

Slwll llais'rrtl gloom j cunt pirrall j 

Aad nwthert. la the child-bed bmir, 

BkaU ihnddtf tB thiuk oo tha witflh^ takb 


[Tmb aathor oT this ccltbratod ballad 
Ladv Wakplait. ncond daughter of 8lr Charlct 
Halhct of PitBrrane, a gcntlctnan of FUb, la 
■eotiaad. 4ha wa* bora la IflTT, and In W$ 
WM marrM to dir Hcmy Wanllaw, of Balam- 
lia. or Pitrivle. atao In PilW. She died about Um 
year 17V. Tbto lady» who must be allowtd to 
han puawwad poctkal talants of no eonimon 
onler, aontktoring dut tbt Uvtd at lo dark 
a puSod in the Uttniy hblwry of Seotland, 
attempted at flrat to pan off HardyknnU a* a 
■main* fragment or auetifMt ballad. 8heoained 
bar bnther-iu-law. Sir Joha Draee of Kinnaa, 
to cunimunioRte the MA. to Lunl Ulnnlng, (aon 
of the poetical Earl of Haddington, and hlnieelf 
a poet.) »ith the following account: " In perlbr- 
BHWcc of in> pronilar, 1 eeud you a true oopjr of 
the nunuecnpt I ftmnd, a few weeki ago, la an 
oU vault at IHuifeniilina. It U written on veU 
htm, in a bur Gothic ehafaetvr, but eo much de> 
Awed b]r time, aa you will And, that the tenth 
part to nut legible." The ballad was first pub- 
llehcd la 1719. by some litenrjr gentlemen, who 
b*.llcT*a it to be what the authoress pretended; 
and It WM afkcrwanls admitted by Ramaaj Into 
the Kmiraen. as a composition of the aatlqns 
DKCUR pfvper to that t-ollectlon. 7or many 
years, It was generally received aa a genuine old 
baibul; nor due* any one ever seem to have 
questioned Its prttrnslons to that cbaraotar* 
I>r Peny at length, in his BeUques. published la 
1739. diecloeeil ti« rnd hct of Ite authoiahlp, 
which has hittrrly been eonflnncd beyond a 
dwubt by other wntrts. Mr Hepburn of Krith, 
a gentlnnaa wvll known In the early part of the 
iMt century for high honour and prublty of eha* 
neCcr oAet. •lerlared that he was in the house 
with Lady Wanllasr at the lima aha wrofts tha 

A balladi and Xra Weddnrbmor Ooafari, tadty 

' Waidlaw^ daoghter, and Mm Menstos of 

Woodend, her sister-in-law, used to be equally 

podttre as to the flMt. Bee Chalmers' edition of 

Bamaay^ Wovhs. London, laM.—CMmmben. 

The htatorkal events upon which tha ballad 
Is tended am tha fUlowing.r-In llO. Haoo, 
king of Norway or Denmark, under pretsnea 
that Airmn and tha Ishinds wUaoent formed 
part of tha Western Isles, then subject to him, 
fltlsd eat a laiga armament, vrith vriilch ha 
omnmn KIntire and tha isbuds la dispute. 
Klated with aueeess, he determined on punning 
hb ptcdaloiy entsrpvlee still hrther, and with 
this view came to anchor with his fleet at the 
Cumbns, whsnee ha sent a detachment up tha 
Clyde, which plundsfsd the tohmds tak Loch 
Lomond, at that thna very pwpulooa. But 
befora ha had snflkknt time to carry Ms other 
plans into sAiet, a storm areas in whkh seveml 
of Us ships wars driven on shma near Larga, 
where the idcoteh army had oollretcd, and wae 
watehing his motions. ThiMs vsaris which nn 
aground warn Immediately attacked by the 
Scots, and vbeUnately defended by the Norwe- 
gians, who bsing BMcwsslvaly relnforaed from 
their fleet, remained on shorn all night { next 
morabig(fld October) llaco landed with a nanw 
roue body of troops,— was again attacked by tha 
Scots, and, alter a desprrsts conflict. Anally 
routed and driven to his ships, with the loa of 
sixteen tliottiand men, according to Buchanan 
and other deoteh writers, but of only about sis 
hundred aoooidlng to an ancient manuscript 
account of the expedition in the Ubrsty of tha 
Mag of Dcnmaik.— That the Iocs on the part uf 
the Norwegians is greatly under-mtcd In this 
account, to avMant from ths course whtoh Haeo 
found It neaeamry to follow a few days alter tha 
battle, for, notwithstanding hto having been 
Joined Iqr the detachment tnm Loch Lomond, 
he withdrew with Us flsct to Arran, which with 
tha other Islands that he had pttb«ad, he shortly 


0r ATBLT Btept he east tha wa*. 
And stalely stcpt he west: 

Full ssvanty yien he now had oene. 
With shefSB seven yien of KSt. 

Me Uvlt qnhcn Britons brcneh of fldUi 
Wr-ught SeotUnd ineikle wae; 

And ay hto sword Uukl. to thsir eosi, 
Ua was thsIr deadly foe 




With haJbaad iowln A-hkiit, 
And gvWUy duunbcn iUr to tw, 

<t[ihalr iM kMttil aH»r a haUit. 


• aaplataii 





Mai marrow had la aU tite land. 




Fan thirtria Mot ta Mai Mb 

All man of valoar Moot, 
la MuUjr floht, with nravd la haad, 

Xyaa Iom thdr UfM botdoabij 

To Maed hy Uai* aad 
Bit waa thair turn. Uo 
▲ad hk waa thair 

Onat lava thair taara ta fUrlj Mr, 
Their alattr Mfl aad dair ; 

Bar ghtlla ahaWd her middla Jimp, 
▲ad flawdaa gOM hM hab. 


WacAitt to jrottBg and i 
Wai-ftMi, 1 troa. to kjrth aad kia. 



Poft ap with powlr aad mleht, 
Landnl la fair Seotiaad tha yla 
With mony a hanljr kaleht. 

Tha tydiniB to oar gado Bcota king 

Oama aa ha Mt at dyva. 
With noUe chlaft la braif aioy. 

DriaUng tha Madaw h t wjraa. 

" To hoTM, to hona, mf vofal Vega, 
Yoar faca atand oa tha atrand ; 

Fall ta'cntj theoMod glittcrlag apaon 
Tha king of Muraa ( 

** Bring ma my alNd, Maga, dapph giagr/ 
Our gude king laJM and arjfd t 

A tiiMtler bmai ia all the tead» 
A ticeta king never ttyd 

**0<>, little page, tril HaidyknaM, 

That llvcft oa blU to hla. 
To «lnw hia iwofti, tha dried of ftMi^ 

And haata aad fallow BMb" 

4 Tholltlto pate flaw iwf ft wAtft 
Flaag hir hia maatam ana, 
** Oum down, cam down. Lord Haidf knata, 
Aad rad yoar king tea harm." 

1%an raid, nid gnw hIa darfc-hrown ahlah^ 
flaa did hia dark-browa brow ; 

Hla lalhi giaw hane m they w«a wont 
la daMan gnat to dOi 

Bo hM lane a horn aa gvena aa gTMN, 
Aad gl^an fi«« aonada aaa ahrill. 

That tram la greu e wood Mhnhe 
flaa load laag Ilka hiU. 

Blaaoaa, hi manly aport and glie. 
Bad paM that aammof^ mora, 

Qahea low doun In a graaay dale, 
Thay haanl their Aitharto horn. 

** That bom," qaod thay, *' aeir aonada la 
Wohairotheraporttohyder [| 

And eaao they heyd them ap tha hlU, 
Aad aaae wen at hla qrde. 

To ead my lengtheaed lyft. 
By age mloht well cxcan my arm 
Fiaa manly tala of Btryft • 

*'Bnt now that Koth dob proa«y 

rUr Bootiaad to inthrall, 
Xia aalr be aakl of Uardyknala, 

Be Mnd to floht or Ikll. 

" BoUn ofRothny, bead thy bow. 

Thy arrowa wbnto ma kil. 
That mony a comely coontraaaoa 

Thcy'n tamed to deklty pale. 

** Brade Thomaa, tak* ye bat yoal^ lanea, 

Te neld nae weapona mair, 
Oir ye (icht wi't aa ye did ann 

'Qaiaat Weatmoreland'a lima hair. 

" Ualeom, Ueht of feot aa atag 

That rnaa ia A»mt wyid. 
Gat me my thoawnila thrle of men. 

Wall bnd to ewonl and achiekl: 

*' Bring mo my bona and hamidaa. 

By Made of roetui cleir :" 
ir IhM tend Imt the hand it ban, 

Thay aana haxlihd iur Mr. 



And taka her fegr tba hand, 
' IWfanr to BM ki •■• yma 



AMt your iMdntod 



B«r aUkn otHda of tntrtla ttfM 

or Midl»-wark m« nvc, 
Wov« bj na* hand, m j« may 

▲ad ha haa ridden own iirair and 
Own hUb and 1110117 * s1*b« 

Qahon h* cam* to a woandad knieht. 
Making a heavy mana:— 




thai air i^iklth 



To kaa on allfcaa 1 
My ladyia kyadUa an* you'd pron. 

<)aha nelr kMd daidly bate: 

" Bir Hlf ifahl watdi ya an tha day, 

Hir makb at daid or nlehfe ; 
And Fairly Mr yoor heart waU ehalr, 

Aa eaho eamda la your aloht. 

" Ariae, yaang knieht, and moont your etekl. 

Fall kiwn'i tho whynaad day; 
Chat* frna my n.anyla qobom ya plaia^ 

To Md ya OB tha maj." 

Wtth enylaea laka, and vlaaca 
Tko woandMi knicbt rrply*d, 

" Kind aUflalo, yoor Intent 
For ban I nana abyda. 

^ ma Baa after day Bor BfAt 
Cba air b« await or fldr, 

laa boMBth aom drapin( trla 
ChnU death aall and my ( 


intfihlm Baa pleldlBg mleht pnvkil; 

Brair Hardyknato to gain. 
With ftdrvai worda and naaon atvaaf , 

Stralf ouortaonaly in vain. 

3^ ha baa fana Ibr hynd atlown 
Lord C'battaa'e land eae wyda ; 

That turd a worthy wMit waa ay, 
<)Bhan fltea Ua eenraga aeyd i 

or Plalieb laoa, by motharle qrda : 

<|nhen Plele mM Oalcdon, 
Lord Obattaa etalm'd tha prlnoaly niald 

qnhan ha eaift Fiotlah erowa. 

How Witt hla fent and etalwart tnla 

Ha nieht a fyttais bctebt, 
Qabair, braki aneampit on tha dale, 

Nona manyla lay la eiehtt 

*' Tondar, my vaUant aona, and Itrli^ 

Oar racing ravan wait. 
On tto ttneonqoarit Sootiab ewalid, 

TO try with oa thalr flito. 

** Mak* oriaona to Him that ealffc 

Onr aanle opon tha nidai* 
4yna bralfly eehaw your vdne an fill*d 

With Gbladonlaa bloda." 

Thaa fttrth ha dnw hie tmaty glalva, 
(iubyla thounada all around, 

Diawa fraa tbdr ehcatba glamt In tha 
And loud tha boogllla wund. 

To Join hli king, adeun tha hill 
In baste hie marah ha made, 

l^ibyla playaad plbrocba minatialls 
AAm bim atalaly atrada. 

" Thrym welanm, valytent ataup of 
Thy natlea'a eobaild and pryda. 

Thy Mag naa naann baa to Mr, 
^bon thou ait ba hla qda." 


For thrang aearea eonbl they flia, 
Tba dartt el<.v« anowa aa thay m«t, 
Tha arrewa dart tha tria. 

Lut did tk«y rM«. •"< *aht Adl ftm. 

With UUte ikaitk to man ; 
DBt blndy, Uody wm th* llald 

Or that tans day «M don* I 

i **lhka» irons, that gift tea me. and bid 
1 Him Tsnga the Mad* it beta, 
Bay, If te kae my bended bow 
Ha sat* aaa we^nn Mm." 

Th* Un« oTSoota that ifaidla* bralk^ 

Tha war that loUt lyka plaj, 
Dmr hto linld iword, and htaka hbbew, 

Bn bows MBt hat dday. 

Pread Vom with giant body tall, 
Bmid sheolder, and arms strong, 

OtyM, " ^halr k Hardyknate saa Aun'd, 
And Mrd at Britabi's thnm* / 

^oth aobia BotiMnj, '* XTaa 111 hdp, 

I wait ita bMd a •kon." 
" Ha*t» up my marry man/' eryd tha klnf , 
As ha rada on bafon. 

"ThagghBrltens tremble at hk name, 

I snae saU mak* hhn wail. 
That air my swotd was made aae sharp, 

She Mft hk eoat of maU." 

Tbi king of Vom ha looht to And, 
With him to manw tha fluieht ;f 

Bat on hk fctahMwt tbara did Ueht 
▲ aharp OMoaaia abaft; 

That bng hk stoot heart eooldna b)-de» 
It lent him youthfou miohti 

*'I'm HarOjrknute. Thk day," he ciyd* 
'* Tto deotkudls Uag 1 heoht| 

At ha hh hand pat np to And 

Tha wound, an anow hana, 
O waclba ehanot i thera ptnnM Ua hand 

la mldat batwana hii «aa. 

" To ky thee law as hocm-B ha*. 
My woid I mean to keep." 

Qyne with the flrtt stiake eir he stnik 

" Baveaga i rtfanga !" arlad Bothmyl hair, 
*' Your mail-coat nil noobt byde 

The streagth and ■harpnam of my darts'* 
Than lent it through hti qrda. 

icons one lyks gray goaehauk'a stahd wjrl^ 

" Diagrae'd k now my lar^hni'd araa 
That kft thee power to stryka.** 

Anethar arrow wdl ha marked. 
It perait hia naek in twrn^ 

Hk hand* then qnat the silrar lalni^ 

Than galf hk head a blaw aaa Ml, 
It mad* him doan to atoap, 

Aa ktw aa he to ladka aiit. 
In eoartly gyse to loot. 

*' Sair btoMa my 2kg* i mlr. mIt be bkldir 

AfKln with mieht he drew. 
And gwture dnid, hit atardy bow ; 

Vkat tha braid arrow flewt 

FnU aana h* rak'd hk b*nt body j 
Rk bow he manrell'd aalr, 

Ben Uaws tiU then on him but dairM 
Aa tooeh of Fairly Mr. 

Waa to tha kaloht ha attkd at; 

I«mant now qocna Xlgnid ; 
Hk dames ta wall your darling's hll, 

Hk youth and eomaly maid. 

Horse teUctl too aa aalr as ha. 
To aae hk atately luka; 

Sa* aana aa eir he straka a fhe, 
Saa auM hk lyfe h* tuke. 

" Taka aff, taka nff hk costly Jape," f 

(Of gold weU was it twynd, 
Knit Uha the fowler't net, thivuch quhUk 

Uk staUy harnes sbynd.) 

<iahalr, lyka a fyra to hether eat, 
BauM Thomas dki adrane*. 

% alordy Ihe, with luhe anrag'd. 
Up toward* him did pcaam 

* SsMom. t Tiy tha flghU 

1^ 1 Pramkad. | Waaidand. 


B» ipKfM hk flMd «hvo«r thldmt moks 

Tk« hwd]r|«mtlile QMll, 
^bIm tiadt mniavlt aft his mppnadi* 


CWas, Xmma, eaiss to hopa In vain, 

Tha valyiaat Seots naa rsven thelaf 

"Thai adMrt brawn ihafV ma miualy 

LiAte lylw poor SeotlUMl^ gair; 
But draidfbll ■rlim Um noty poynt 1" 


"Aft BrHoM bhidt hM dlmM Its Ajm, 
This pejrnt eut slMnt thctr vaunt;** 

Bg— piOTTd th« bvisUrisUlRM ehrik, 
Km IjiM h* toka to tannt. 

fllhnrf qnlqrt* b* 1" his mam iwaag; 

Bis flttrrip was nac stay, 
■as MMt Inng his anbcnt knie. 

Bnin tahan htwnhf. 

Thars on a Ma, qnhatr stands a oroas 

Hat np tor monumant. 
Thousands ftill flsras, that sammar'a day, 

nU'd kana wails Maok Intant. 

Lat Seots, qnhyla Seots. ptniss Hamykanta^ 
Lst Boras the name ays dried i 

Ay how hs fliaebt, aft how ha spalrd, 

Full load and ebOl blew westtln' wind, 

8alr beat ths haavy showir, 
XIrfc grew the nieht eir Haidykanta 

Wan nalr his stately towlr; 

Bwftb on tha hardan'd olaj h« Ml, 
Blchiihr was heard tha thod, 

Bal Thomas laikc not as ha biy 
All walttring In his Mods. 

Bis towlr that ns-d with torahas hlalse 

To shyne saa Ihr at nhdit, 
Selm'd now as Uaok as moomlng waid{ 

Baa naarrel sair ha sIchM. 

With aalrlsa gsstara, mtnd unmoTlt, 
On raid ha n«>rth tha plain, 

Ba sstant in thning of Strecat stiyft, 
t)nhen wlanar ajr tha same 

" Thalra naa Uoht In ray tady% howlr, 
Thnlr-anae Ikht In my hall; 

Vas hllnk shynes lonad my Fairly Mr, 
Bar wafd stands «a my waiL 

Bar }h his hsmt damcr dlmpdit chcik 
Cowl maiss* safk iu?s to bnilks 

no wngrrul Ann laturnad his seorn. 
Than hmgakl giaw Ua iuka. 

*'Qahatbedesit7 Bohert,Thama8,sayr 

Baa answer flts their draUL 
" Stand badi my sons, I'll be yoor gyde :** 

Bnt hy thqr past with «psid. 

In thmwlB oTdaath. with waUowIt eheih. 

Ail panting on tha plain, 
Tha tyaung corps of warrioon bqr. 

Hair to aryss againi 

"As bst I've sped ofwre Seotland's tea"— 

There oeM his brag of w«lr. 
Shir sehamit to mynd oeht hat his daasa. 

And mahUn Fairly ftlr. 

Brir toiatnm to natffa huid} 
Baa ntair with blythson soonds 

Ta hoist tha fbtrias of tha day. 
And schaw thdir shjaing wovnda. 

On Borway^ eoast tha wldowlt dama 
MjV wash the rocks with tairs. 

May long Inks owrs tha sdUpka ssb 
BiMr hlrmats appalia. 

Bbek Mr he Mt, hot quhat to Mr, 
He wist not ylt with drcUt 

Bair aohnka his body, sair his Umtas, 



Sfw Bar! of 8nt>»ton and 

i=^5^ =*.^'ii^jf .raS 

!■ IWqv. B ''J^|j'|3"'»"J™!Jj'^^S^ 



ofUiDOfrii. Batth* 
itlaMd fcr Mme tlms 
tomaiiitaiiithirirgKNuad. TlMriMrOoloinMarB 


dflj, ta all th» paaop^ of 

t dagr. iMd neowN lo «h* 

By » itm iaai fati m» 


taa » tiU at 
wllhoat aay eawinf bat 


, tkmt tka flnt daala w«i« vny auigaliiaiy, 
I. M In tha ballad. oT both 
Sar WM tUa all : Tba Meaada,wiMhad 
sothhif ta do wHh tha quwral, Itaoght atovtlj, 
yaar m dmMnvtr, and oAm Malad with thrir 
thair IHradahip Itar tbalr prtadpaL A 
■bat, Iboght bHwean MaMn Kb- 
; and Chjriaa, la tald to bava baan tha flnt 
Ib whleh thia iMhloa of prMBliaaeaa tsht waa 
liitndaead. Itpvovadihtal totwooTHaarytba 
TUfdl mialana. and estnMtad ftom that aor- 
I aa adlet atalaat doalUng, whleh 
aa ftcqaaatlj aa fraltlaady raaawad by hla 
Tha aaa of mplar and poalatd to- 
■ , ~da a n other caaataf tha morUl ■Uwyh- 
•v la thaaa doala, whleh wata aappoead, in tha 
■alga «f Baaiy IT., to hava eoat Fnaoa at leaat 
m Ptmay of hM- aoMca aa had faliaa to thadvU 
daabla waapoaa, fiaqoent 
I. la whleh a dariltat, ■MttaUy 
I, threw hlaaaalf wlthla hla anta«oalrt'e 
•■■■d, aad plaacad hla peaiatd Into hla heart, 
■aj, aa wt atl ni ae tha aword waa altngather abaa> 
doaad tar tha bmm« aaia aad maidcroaa dagger. 
A qaaml havtatg ariaaa betwlst tha rleonpte 
d'AOaaiogaa aad tha akar da ht Boqoa. the 
r, allegli« tha yoath aad dexteHty at hla 
laaMad apun fluting tha doel in 
their ahlfti, aad with thaIr poalanla oaly; a 
teqiwato oioda of ooetlat, whiah provad ihtal 
to both. Otherereflaadaveaaponthlahorriblo 
Maggie, by aheodag fcrthaeaeaa a email room, 
a large hogahaad, ar, laally, a hole dug la tha 
I, Into Whleh tha dnaUlato daeaoadad, aa lato 


the fottowuig bi 

With the* 

Uaa ia tba blaak4aU«r oopy of 
that Whwtaa aad itaait foaght 

Wbartoa WM tha tnt 
poaJard than (hat day. 

'^aaartalagnivew Mart I add, that avaa 
oan^t tha phrea^, aad that doala * 
act only by thoee whoee ranh aad > 
dated It Uttla aarprfalag, but by modeet 
weU-bora laaldoaa I— ilad(g«far IVailtdi Dmtl. 
Tkmtrt I'Btmmur, vol. 1. f 
Wa leara, Aran avary aathori^, that darte 
early aa oonimon in England, ailar tho 
of Janoi Yl., aa they had orar baea la 
Tha polat of honoar, ao fktal to tha 
gallaati af the aga. waa no where earrted aioio 
highly thaa at tha oonrtof tha paaiao Sitiaiia of 
Britafaa. laatead of tha taMlal aanbata, apoa 
tha Ht0-gmlt ^Sdit^htrgk, whlah had oftaa dla> 
tarbad hia repoae at Holy-rood, hie laveaa, aft 
ThaobaU'fe, were oaeapled with llstaning to tha 
detail af maea pollehed, bat n-t leae aaagoiaaiy, 
eoataete. I father aappoee, that Jaaaee aavar 
waa hlmaelf dlapoaed to pay particalar atteatloa 
to tha kwa of tha dmalh; bat they were dadaed 
with a qaalatacee and pedantry, whleh, bating 
hia dialiha to tha anhieet, moat haf« deeply ln> 
teraeledhlni. Thapointorhommrwaaaaeiaaea, 
which a growa gantlamaa might atady nnder 
eu lt a M e prolbeaofa. aa wall aa daaelng, or aay 
other nodlah aooompUahmaat. May, It woald 
appear, that tha laganolty of tha tmord-mttm, (ao 
theae military eaaulata ware termed) might oAaa 
aeoammodato a haahAil aombataat with aa hoa- 
oaiahle aaoiiae far deellaing tha eombai: 

— Uaden*aBd*M Umb wtll aiea polnto of 4m1 f 
An bora of muU* biuod aad para dOMtatf 
Wan aoae m all tby Maaaga kaaf'd ttr caefcaldF 
B aH f d or baatiaadoad f la thy f edi g iaa 
Aa loaf, aa wide aa mlac P Par uiitarwiaa 
Thuii wart Biuat Mawoithy t aad 'twat* loaaaf baaaoi 
la oia to flfht. Mora I I ha«« drawa l«a taath— 
ir Uuae atjuMl aouad, tlia tanaa ara Miieh aaeqaal{ 
Aad, liy aCrlct U«n of daei, I aa aa c aaad 
TO Igbl on dlaadraalaaa.^ 

-•" T.Aatiy. ga.T. 

of tha 

la Beaameat aad FlatdMr^e adadiable play of 
A Ktmg aad ae Ei^, there b eonte aaorileat 
mirth at the espaaM of tha 
polat of hoaoor. 

t Tbia folly raa to aoch a pitah, that ae oaa 
thoof ht worthy to ba raeknoad a gMitlataaa, who had 
■at tnad hia raloor ia at lc«»t <••• dad ; of whieh load 
Uarbart atve* tha foUowta| laauuea ; A yoaag fcaila- 
otaa, daaliiac to many a aieea of MoDuaar Dtaauaoar, 
ceuyar to tha duk« da Mnataoranei, r realTad thla 
aaawor i *' Priaod, tt 1» aot yat tina le msrty i if ywa 
•ill ba a brava aaao, yoa aiuatBnt iilU. la »iafle eoaa 
hot, two or thna mea i then laairjr, aad gat two or 
thrac ehildraa » otlicnrtaa the wurM will aaithar hava 
• piMd ar loot by yoa.**— Oarbaft'a IAf< p. 6*..— r 



Bat, tlioa«h mA AMI might ocfilowaiy b» Ahoaoor (balog laUmate Mmds.) took tha AoM, 

to by tiM Mnt-lMUtMl, y«t tho flory 
MinillMiar tlM KngUah oourt wen bat Uttio opt 
to proSt Iqr tiwin ; though thalr vmgeonoo Ibr 
Intollad beaoar oomoH i MO fmtod ItmU thnogh 
foalar ehanneb than that of ftJr oombot. It 
hoppoMd, fbr osampl*, that lofld Sianqahar, a 
flootUfh Bobtonuui, la fbnohig with a maottr id 
Iha noUo toimee of dolbnoi, lott hto ojro by aa 
oBlaekjr thmit. The oooiilant woo profoUog, 
but without rmood/t nor did lord SanqBhar 
thlak of It. onle« with ngnt, nntU aomo jmn 
alter, whon he oiiaiietd to be in tho Fnneh 
•eurt. Heory tho G-i«at coaoally aahod him. 
How he loet b'a qra ? * By the thnut of a sword/ 
aoawered lotd Saaqohar, not oaring to enter Into 
partiealan. The king, euppoeing the aecident 
the ooneeqoenoe of a dad, immodiately inquired, 
* Deei the man yet live f Tliaee ibw words set 
the Mood of the Seottlsh nobleman on Are ; nor 
dU he rest till he had taken the base fangeanee 
of asmselnating, by hired raJBans, the anlbrta- 
Date feudng master. The mutual animosity, 
betwist the English and deottlsh nations, had 
oliaady oooasioaed mudi bloodshed among the 
gentary, by single oombat, and James now (bond 
hlmsdr under the neeeeelty of making a striking 
witople of one of his Soottish nobles, to avokl 
the imputation of the grossest partiality. Lord 
Hanquhar was eondomnod to be hanged, and 
Boinsrsd that Ignominious poaishmant aooord- 

Bg a dronttoBS route, w« are now arrived at 
the sultieet of our ballad; ftir to the tragloal dnel 
of Stuart and Wharton, and to other instanoee 
of bloody eombats and brawls betwixt the two 
sathms. Is Imputed Jamasli flrmncm in tho ease 
of lord Sanquhar. 

' For Bamsay. one of the klng^ servants, not 
long befors Sanquhar's trial, had switelMd the 
sari of Montgomery, who vna the king's flrst 
AkTottrite, happily beoause he took It so. Max- 
well, another of them, had bittsn Hawlay, a 
genUeman of the Temple, by the ear, whleh en- 
laged tile Templan (in those times riotous, 
■ul)|cot to tomults,) and brought it almost to a 
national quarrel, till the king stapt In, and took 
it up himself. The lord Bnioe had summonod 
Blr Edward Saekvllle (aftsrwafd cari of Dorset,) 
Into Fmnoe, with a Ihtal oompUment to take 
death from hb hand* And the much-lamented 
fRr James dtuart, one of the king's blood, and 
Blr Oeott* Wharton, the prime braaeh of that 

and IbU together hy oaeh other's hand.'— WB- 
sen-s Lift of Jamoe TI. p. «l>. 

The suflbrers in thie molaaoholy a&lr 
both meo of high Uith, the heirs apparent of 
two noMe fcmlliss, and youths of tho moot pro- 
mising espeetotlon. Sir Jamee Staart waa • 
Knight of the Both, and eidaet son of WaMsr, 
first lord Blan^m, bgr HieoUs, danghtor of Sir 
Jamee Somerrlle, of Oambaanathaa. SirQoorge 
Wharton was also a Knight of the Bath, and 
eldest eon of Philip, lord Wharton, by Franeea, 
danghber of Haniy Clifford, eari of Oambcrland. 
He married Anna, daagbter of the eari of But- 
land, but Idl no lasne. 

The droumstanoss of tiie quarrsi aad eombat 
an aooumtoly detailed la the baUad, of whidi 
there exlets a black-letter eopy la the Pearson 
Oolleotion, now In the library of the late John 
duke of Boxbui«he, eatiUod, " A Lamentabto 
BaUad, of a Oombato, lately fbught near Loo- 
don, Wt w ae n Sir James Stewards, and Sir Goorgo 
Wharton, knighte, who won both elain at that 
time.—* To the tune of, Doiob Pbumplam Pmrie, 
8m.' A o^y of this ballad has been published 
in Mr Biteonii Aactmt Songa, and, upon oom- 
pariaon, appears nry little diffannt fWmi that 
whleh has been pie s sim d by tradition in Bttriok 
FOrsst. Two versH have been added, and one 
oonsMsrabiy imprond. from Mr Bitsoais edition. 
Thsss three stanaas an ths flflh and ninth of 
Fart Fliat, and the penult TCTse of Part Seoond. 
I am thna parttoolar, that the reader may be 
able, if he plassse, to eoapan the traditional 
ballad with the original edition. It Aamieheo 
striking eridenee, that, 'without eharaatori^ 
fluBo Uvea long.' The dUbrenoe, ehiefly to ba 
remarked betwixt the copies, lies in the dtailect, 
and In eome modifloations applloaltie to Scot- 
land t as, using the words ' Omr SeoMM Kmlgki,' 
The blaok-lettsr ballad, in like manner, terms 
Wharton *Omr BiW<M KmigU.' My oorre- 
spondent, James Hogg, adds the Mlowhig note 
to this ballad i * I have heard this song song by 
several old people! hut all of them with this 
tnditton, that Wharton bribed Stuarts ssoood, 
and artaalty Ibught in armour. I acknowledge, 
that, from eome dark hinto la the eons, this 
appears not Impossible ; but that you may not 
Judge too indkly, 1 muat mmlnd you, that the 
old people. Inhabiting the head-lands (high 
ground) hen-abonts, although possssisd of many 
original songs, traditions, and aaaodotrs, an 

Boble IhmUy, fbr littla ooiltJess punetiltos of tSmoet awsasonaUy partial when the valour or 

«f ft 

Isonlkd In qanOon.' I % 
Ik ii duoKtarlttio i twt 
with my notnmiotlwnt. tbam eaa b« no 
fcr th* tnditkn, «n*pt la i 

Pabt Fimt. 

800TT18H DALLA]>a. 




2f«r LoodoB lata what did btftn, 
Vwlzi two yoQBg fdlftnt smttaoMa I 

<hM of Ikan WW iJlr 0«ori* Wharton, 
M7 food ted Wharton'i SOB and h^ ; 

Ihw, Jamci dfeaart, a 9eottUi knl^t, 
Ob* that a vaBant heart did bear. 

I Int ta ooort tbMa boMm (■:»«», 
Ob* a%ht, a gaoUag, MI to wocdt ; t 
And hi thdr fluy glow M hot* 

That th«r dU both tqr thfllrfcMB fworda. 

Ho mawBg of tiaatlng, nor adfte, 
Ooald hold fton atrftlag in that plBM ; 

Var« la tho hdght and hMtof Uood. 
JaaMi Mroek Gooig* Wharton 00 the 

tht ydbUcaUoa of (ha tnt tditioa of tJia 
. I hn« MM m«M to ChiaJc U«i thia ia- 
bjr Saotdak neiun, bmt 

ladad apo* tbc •piaioa fonaad liy Stuan't 
air JaaMi Siaart aianiad Ua lady UoraUjr 
I aad, la a lattar tnm tha lata vaaaraUa 
I and HaaOac*. IM k deMribad. froai 
M tha aMit aBTBaiifH'Ha'l paraoa <if 
taaMa ha litad'ia, Mid,ia taJaaUaaoaUljliaa, alaiMC 
amalM «h»t U taeert a d of tha adaitrabto Cratehtoa. 
Br Qtt ug * Whartaa fa, 00 tba atbar haad. aflrscd 
I a aMa of a Aaroa aad biaUl I— im. aad 
id tha ^aanal, bv waatoa aad taiolanb- 
«a tha Seottlkh a*iiioaal ehanotar. 
"In tha teal,*' bar la^rahip oaaalndM, » bmi]« tndi- 
tiaa daaa mc allow Mr Jaam ta ha»a baaa kiUad 
M^." Jnm aa aaaedota M M a aU ag Sir Gaorga 
Vhartga*a aoadact ia a qaaml with tha aari of Paai> 
btoha, th«n la raoB te aaMoM ib* taipntaiioiia on 
hia taw f w o tt a not without faaadatioa. EaaLAdga^i 
IDoBtrauoaa at Kaaliah Uutoiy, vaL iiL p. SM. L«ij 
H, that aha bad aaaa a oopy of tha bat- 
Bt feWM an* oao hMharto atlatad, la which 
•r faal flay waa diraatij at 


t airOa o f g a 


lag with tha ovi or Ptaihrokob 
«1br Oaaiiak I bapi latad yo 

— ^ w ia yL^Mf, jr«a lay t( apoa ata' aitl 
to Ion y^ av ta fawra to alaj with yo«| 
rhoaaaf to lava yoa atill, 1 wlB arrar aUv with >oa 
an/ ai«nL'*-L«i«a's lUaatnliaMk valTuL p MO- 

that tha aail told bim, 
jroB loaf I but, by joar 
' lar to Mava 

" To atriha in raoh Bnmaaly aort 9 
Dat, that I taha It at thy band!, 

Tha tongua of man ihaU natcr rapett I** 

'< Bat do thy worrt. than,- aald Mr Janua, 
"How do thy wont, ar point a day I 

Tharei not a lord la Xni^nd hnathaa 
Shall gar no giva an laoh of way.' 

" Ta hng right waal," Q awc g a Wharton 

"Lat oar bnwo loida at targe ataao, 
A Bd apaak of mo, that am thy Ibo ; 

Vor yoB ahall flad onongh o^ aao I 

** III altnohango my gloTo wl' thfaio ; 

III Aow tt OB tha bad o* daath ( 
X maaa tha ^bwa wbaio wo ahall fl^t ; 

Than aao or both maoB loaa lUb anid 
breath I" 

** Wall meat aaar Waltham," add Sir li 
**To«»onow, thatahall ba tha day. 

Wall alther taha a dagla ■■ , 

And tiy who baan tha bell away." 

Then down tegather handa they diook. 

Without any anTlooa aign ; 
Thaa want to Lodgata, wbaio they lay. 

And aaoh man drank bla pint of wIb*. 

Mo kind of envy oenid be aaaa. 
No bind of mallea thry did batray ; 

Bnt a* waa dear and calm aa death. 
Whatever in their boaoms lay. 

TUI parting timei aad than, indeed, 

Thay ahaWd aome maooor in their heart ; 

'* Next tlaM wa meat," aaya Gaorga Whartoa, 
Not half aaa aoaadly wo ahall part !" 

80 they have parted, flnnly bant 
Their vallaat mlnda equal to try : 

The acoond part ehall dearly ehow. 

Both how thay noeti ftod how they dyv. 


Gaoaen WaABTOB waa the lint ae maa, 
Quno to the appointed pfa^e that day. 

When he capjfOd oar Soota lurd oomlng, 
Aa fbst as ha ooald post away. 



Th«gr toat, thoek handi ; tfMlr ehMlct wan pale; i 
Thsa to Qcori* Wluutoa Juan did wbj, 

*' I dinna like jroar doablat, Qaoit** 
II atanda aaa weal oo jpoa tiiia daj. 

"Say, hara joa got no annoar on ? 

Have Jim no under roba of alad ? 
I narar aaw an Engliahmaa 

Baaoma hia doaUat half mm wad." 

"Ty no! ly oo !" Gaoita Wharton aaU, 
" For thafa tha thing that manna be. 

That I ahoald eoma wi* armour on, 
▲nd joa a nakad man truly." 

" Oar man ahall aeareh our doublata, C iaor g e , 

And Ma ir one of us do 11a ; 
Than wUI wa prota wi' weqiona iharp, 

Onraalvaa irua gallants Ibr to ba." 

Than thay threw off thdr doublata both. 
And atood up In their aarka o' lawn ; 

*' Vow take nijr oounael," aaid Sir Jamaa, 
«« Wharton, tu thea 111 make It kaawat 

'^Boaa wa stand, so will wa flght; 

Thus nakad in our sarks," said ha; 
" Fy not (y no I" George Wharton aaya{ 

" That is tha thing that must not bt. 

** Wa'rs neither drlnkan, qnarrellers, 
Mor man that carta na for ouiael ; 

Nor minds na what we*era gaun about. 
Or If we're gaun to heav'o or helL 

. " Let us to Ood bequeath oor aoub, 
Our bodlea to the dust and ebty I" 
With that he drew hU deadly swurd, 
Tha first waa dnwn on field that day. 

Stf'an bonta and turna theaa haroea had. 
Or e'er a drop o' bloqd waa dmwn ; 

Our Booteh lord, wood 'ring, quiekly vyi, 
" Btont WhartonI thuu atill hauda thy awnr 

Tha first stroke that Gaorga Wharton gae. 
He struck him thro' the shouldar>bane ; 

The neist waa thro' the thick o* tha thigh ; 
He thought our Sootoh lord had been slala. 

"Oh ! atar ^aek !■* Oaorge Wharton oiy'd, 
*' Art thou a living man, tell me ? 

If there's a sunjcon living can. 

He's eurs thy wounds right speatUlj " 

" Vo mat* of thai," Jamaa Btaart aaM { 
** Speak not of earing wounda to ma i 

For one ofna muat yield our bnath, 
■ra off tha field I 

Thay looked oura their sheulden both. 
To aca what oompany was there: 

They both bad grievaus marks of death. 
But fraa the other nana wad ateer. 

Our Sooldi lord fctt immedfaitsly : 
They both did cry to Him abova. 
To save their aoub, Ibr thay bond dia. 

[Tns ballad, which ia saM by If otherwcU to 
be pofwlar in many parts of Seotland, is given 
from Ur Jamlasonli eoUaetlon.] 

Tbb yooBg lorda «> tha north aoantfy 

Have all a*woolng gaae, 
^ win tha Iota of lady Malaiy; 

But o' tham aha would ha'a nana. 

O, thaa ha'a sought hsr, lady Mais^, 

Wi' brooofaea, and wi' rings. 
And they ha'a ooortad her, lady Maary, 

Wi' a' kin kind of things. 

And thay ha'a sought bar, lady Maiaiy, 
Fraa fhthar and fraa mlthar; 

And thay ha'a aougfat bar, hAj Malary, 
Fraa slater and tea lirithar. 

And diay b*** Mtowd har, kdy 
Through cliamlwr, and throngb 

But a* that thay oould say to har« 
Har anawar stUl waa " Na." 

*' O, hand yovr tongues, young man," iba 

" And think naa mair on ma i 
For I've gi'an my lova to an Eiqjilsh locd» 
Baa think naa mair on ma." 

Bar Aral's Utohay.boy heard that. 

(An iU death mot he dee!) 
And ha la in to har brother, 

Aa faat aa gang aouM ha. 




"O^livqrfiifhfraiidaaynMtlMrwMl, 4^ " O wlum will I gvfe • beaato 1ior» 

B^ aad my brollMn thrM ^ 

To balp BM In my aaed. 

Ola By iMv lady Matey b* iNd, 

To ria wl' baata to Lord wmtom. 

Th— ^ aathlag «aa aii ma." • 

Aad bid htai eanw wf apaad ^ 

" Taar tebar aad yoor niothtr to vmI, 

aat to apak' a boBBto boy. 

Bafcaad yoor brathtn tbiaa: 

Stood by her brotbara aida; 

Ton rirtar, tody Matary'a ««d ; 

"Itfi I arad tlB yoar anaad, lady. 


Ote a* tha valid Hide. 

" A amltoHi Uglit oa fha toasaa. 

** Aft ba^ I taa yoar ananda, tody. 

ato tidlacs talk to ma 1— 

Wbaa Uawla' balth wkad aad weat ; 

Bat gla nbe a Ua yoD tan. 

Bat aow 111 tla yoar arraad, lady. 


WUh aaat taaa oa my diaak." 

Ba'fedoaa Urn to hto rittarm bowv. 

wbaa ha aaaia to bratan lalggi^ 

Wl' niekto doal aad eaia ; 

Ha boat hto bow aad awam; 

Aad tiMia ha Mw taar, tody Matoiy, 

Aad wbaa ha eama to tha gvaaa giaaa 

KflnUag htf yaUaw taair. 


Ha riaekM hto ahaoo aad laa. 

" 0. «te to aoaht that Iialnr iM »ya. 


And wbaa ba eamt to Load WIIltom*i 

And gtai ya wteaa own tka tnth. 


Thto maoMBtya Mtt das.* 

Ha badaaa to flhap or ea' : 
Bat aH hto boat bow to hto biaaat. 

BhaH tamad tow riAt aad laond atoBi, 

Aad lightly top tha wa'{ 

Aad tha kamba Ml ftaa bar baa'} 

Aad, or tha pottar waa at tha yaat. 

A toanbllBg ntoad bar fUr bodia. 

Tha boy waa In tha taa'. 

Aad harnv ahaak graw waa. 

•* to my bIgglBa brahaa, boy ? 

*<0 pndaa na, my bratbar daar. 

Aad tha tnilh 111 ftaO ta tbea; 

Or to my tody Ugbtar yat. 

■y bain to to to Laid WBHaaa. 

0* a dMT daaghlar or aoa ?" 

Aad ba to batmthad to BM." 

" Toar Uggla toaa brokaa, dr. 

* aoaldaa ya gaCtaa dakaa^ or lotda. 

Nor to yoar towan woa ; 

latD yoar ala coaatTtoy 

Battha fidrcatlaAr la a' tha toad 

Thai ya draw ap wi' aa Eag^Ildi dog. 

IhtodayCoryottBiaaa bara.** 

«» bring thto ahama OB ma 7 

*' aaddto to ma tha blaek, tha blaek. 

" Bat ya aMMn gl'a ap yoor Bagltoh load. 

Or aaddto to ma tha brown i 

Wham yoar yoaog baba to bom ; 

Orrnddto to ma tha awifkaat ataad 

Vcv gta ya haap bim aa baar toagor. 

Ihatavar tada ftaa a towa." 

Taar UtoahaU ba flbriocB." 

** I arm gl'a ap lUa Bagltob kffd, 

Or ha waa naar a mito awa*, 

fllW^ W^^^iJ a~*— ^^laA^k— W.j»^^^ ^^K^h^^K^ 

m my yoaag baba ba barai 
Ba* tha aavar a day aor boar toagar. 

«* Maad ap tha flia, my toaaa faroUkar, 

Thoafh nij llh ahoald te telora.** 

iva naa aoaaa to my kaaoh.- 

** viaia to a' aiy BMny yoaag oaa. 

0. wbaa ha IWbted at tha yaat. 

Wham I gl'a naat aad toa, 

Shabaafd hto brldto ring 1 

lb pa* tba bHMhaa aad tha thorn. 

" Maad ap tha flra, my toaaa biothar 
V If* tor yat ftaa my ohla. 

«abamfhtolaBto(wl'?» { 


'* M«nd vp dM fli« to IM, bfothar. A OLanuniB* «m anee a taipw gad*. 

Mend ap the fln to mo ; 

He harped to the king ; 

ftar I M Ua oomln' hud and hit. 

And Olonkindia was aaee the best haipor 

Win MOB nMat np ftv thofc 

That ever faaipM on a string. 

" gin my hvidt hM beMi looM, Wmj, 

BM hvplt a floh ant o* aant water* 

Am iMud M th«7 an bo«B', 

Or water ant o* a etane ; 

I rndd faa-a tium'd bm &■• tha glaad. 

Or mUk oat 0* a maiden's bnaH, 

Aad eaMm oat TDW jgoiif wm." 

That bairn had nofor nana. 

" 111 far bun fDcyvB, MalnT. 

Ho% tn'sB his harp IntU hb hand. 

Tow bthar and jpour moChMr; 

Be haipli and he asng; 

And ru gar born fbr 70a, Maia^Ti 

And aye as he haipit tu the king. 

Toar italar and jioar brathar s 

To hand hUn unthoiight laag. 

<* And I'D gar bam Aw r»* Ka<iV« 

*' I'D gl** yon a iota, Ghnkindto, 

Tho ^taf 0^ a' yoar kin : 

A rota 0' tha royal pn'. 

▲ad tha lait bonflia that I ooma to. 

Ghi ya will haip i' tta wtntorli nlghl 



And the king bat and hk nobles a' 

And te wad ha-a bat his aa doehtar. 

To wait on thsas at dlna.t 


Ha^ ta^ his hatp Intin histand. 
Bo's haipit thsm a' asleep. 

[Fbom JamlaMMil CollMtion^" Tha haro of 

Exoept it was tta yonug oountMS, 

thk tala.** M}« Mr Jamtown, "Manatobe tha 

That lore dfal waakin keep. 

Hallow, of whom MOM notloa wiU ba ftmnd in 

And flnt ha has harpit a grave tone. 

Owanl 'Qunbrlan Kography.' In QhaneWi 

And lyno ta has lutrpit a gay; 

'HouM of Fama/ ha is alaMSd with OiphMu, 

And mony a sleh atweon hands 

Alton* and Chiron 1— 

• Tb«i« karda I jfiaa ob ■ h*rp«f 
Tlwt Mwaad both mU wkd alMrM 

I wai tta kdy gas.| 

• Gbnkindle (qa. atrnktmrnti^t) k a beantf. 

Hya Orphnw Ml enAityt 
AmA !»• thi> tUa faai bjr 
Bata tha haipar Orion, 

fcll vallegr, watered by tta rivor Don, in tta 

ndghhoarbood of Oienbuckct, and bohmgi to tta 

Aad lUoMca Chirioa. 

KariofFifc, Jamistom. 

t This sisnaa to fonnd in tta opening of 
" Brown BoUn," whleh ooaimenoss tha8>— 

Tha SoottUh wrllm, adapting tha name to thdlr 
own meridian, caU Urn Olenlthidy, Olenekeanle. 

•• The Ideg bwt aad hk aobla* a' 
Sat hirling at tha wiaia. [bia] 

dm. Tha oopy hare given wae taken from 

Ha would ha'a aaaa but hu aa daufbtar 

tha redtation of an old woman, bj ProliWior 

TO wait OB than at diaa. 

BeoCt of Abordcan, and has been somawhat im 

•• 8ta tarfod than bat, aha aarMd Ihem ben. 

provad by a flragnant eommttnloated by the Bev. 

lalill a gown 0* groaa 1 

WiUiam Orsy at Uneoln. BtlU it ana* bo ooa- 

tend, that the garb of this ' harper gnda, that 

harped to the king,' eaons vary anwwthy (T 

t The following etaaaa oooais In one of tta 

the rank he oooe doeervedly hdd. For another 

oopies of " Tta Gay Goestawk :" 

ballad OD this aul))eet, eee the < BaUqoee of An- 

•• flfM ba aaag a mmtry Mag, 
a Aadthaahaaaag agrafOi 

dent XngUah Fbetiy,' edit. 4. toL ill. p. 48."] ^ 



aajft, ** Whn daj h daiMii. and oooki !»'• J^ 81m kmt ba mu dm gntie knleht 


1 Thatahehadfaittanin; 

And wBivit th«ir wlngi nt wUa, 

For neither whan he gaed nor oam'. 

It's y» may oom* to my bower doer. 

Kiat ho har ohaek or ehla. 

Aad aCrMkyou bgr nj ddo. 

Be nelthar )dst her wbaa he eam>. 

" Bat look that y* tall na Otb your nan. 

Nor elappit her when he gaed ; 

For naathlDf that y* dea ) 

And In at her bower window. 

For, aa yo tell blm, Olb your man. 

The moon abdoe like the glaed. 

Hall biCuUa hatth yon and mo.-* 

" 0, BBgtad la yonr hoae, Olcakindic, 

Bam tn^M hk haip IntlD hia hand; 

Aad riven la yoor aheen. 

Bo harpit and ha aaag; 

And rtavei'd la yonr yellow hair 

Awl he la hamo to Olb hla man. 

That I aaw tote yeatreea.'* 

Aa ftat as ho ooold gang . 

" The atoeUnga they are Gib mj man 'a. 

" mith I ten yon, eib. my man. 

Thqr oame flrat to my band ; 


And thia la Olb my man's shoon ; 

<t that ye mieht, my gode martar. 

At ny bed feet they atand. 

Althonghye had alain tea.** 

ITe leavel'd a* my yellow hair 
Coming againat the wind." 

"Than tab' ye tent now, Gib, my man. 

Xy bidden Ibr to dee; 

Be'a ta'ea the haip Intm hla hand. 

And, but an ye waahan dm la ttnw. 

Be harplt and be aaog. 


Until he oam* to hla maatar, 
Aa feat aa be oonid gang. 

«Whaa day hM dawen, and oooks ba'e 


" Woa np, won up, my good maater ; 

And wappit thair winga ana wide. 

I fear ye aleep o'er lang; 

I'm biddm gang tiU yon lady^ bower, 

Thateli nae a each In a* the land 

And atraak mo by her ride." 

Bat baa wapplt hla wlnga and enwn." 

** Oaa hane to your bad, my good niaater; 

Olanklndie'a tane hla harp in hand ; 

Te*va wsnUt, I tear, o^ lang ; 

Be harplt aad he aang. 

For I'll wnaken you In as good time. 

And he has leaeh'd the ladyli bower. 

Aa ony eook i' the land." 

Afeae thata^er ha blaa. 

Be'a ta'en hie harp IntlU Ma hand. 

Whan he earn* to the kdya bower. 

Be harplt and be aang. 

Bo ohapplt at the ehln : t 

VatQ ha harplt his maater aaleep. 

Syne ibat awn' did gang. 

1 That opona na aad oomee In ?" 

" Ifa 1, Oknklndle, >oar aln true lov j, 

And he la tm that ladya bowar. 

Aad hi 1 eanna wta." 

Aa fbat aa he ooald ria; 

Wheii he cam' till that jady'a bower. 

" Forbid It, forbid it," aaya that lady. 


" That ever alo ahame betide ; 
That I ahottid lint be a wild loon'a hua. 

** wba b thb,** aayi that lady. 

Aad thaa a young kwght'a brida." 

** That opona mm and eomea in ?" 

"Ifa 1, Olenklndle. yoar ala troa lore. 

There was nae ^ty for that lady. 


Por abe lay eald aad dead : 

And tkam he pecked Ua toathera Riur, 
lb kcr the lettv ge»e.»-JeMleiOB ^ 

6 t " At the «kl»,- ale— ^oarfaMM. 




Bat «' was fiir him Otonklndiaf 
la bower h* moat go mad. 

Ho'd barplt a flsh oat o' wat water ; 

TIm water oat o' a itUM ; 
nM milk out o' a matdea'a treait. 

That baira bad atrar aasa. 

Be^ ta'en hh harp iatlll hii haad ; 

fiM iwMtly •• it nag. 
And wao and weaij was to haar 

OkaUadioli dowia amg.* 

Bat eaald and dead was that UAj, 
Nor hacds Ibr a' hto maoa i 

Aa' ha wad haipit tUl doiuitday, 
Bha'U Barer apeak agaia. 

Bel ta'an hla harp iatlll hia haad i 

He barplt and be aang ; 
And he la hama io Gib hk nan 

Aa &Mt aa he oould ping. 

" OooM ibrthfOorae forth, aow, CHb, my 

Till I pay jroa your fce; 
Ooma fcrth» oome Anth, now, 01b, my 


And he haa ta^n him, Olb, hla i 
Aad be haa hang'd him hia; 

And ha^ hangit him o'er hia ain yata. 
As high aa high oould be. 

%f^t ffiut^tt of ®aetIabnoc. 

[Moaaait Ballad.— By Ohailaa Kiriqiatriek 
Sharps. First pubUihcd in the Ulaatnlay of 
the Seottiah Burder.— " The tngioal event,** says 
the editor of that work, " whleh prsoeded, or 
perhape gave rise to, the soeecssftil insarteetlao 
of Bobert Bruce, against the tyranny of Edward 
1.. is well known. In the year 1304, Bruce ab- 
ruptly left the oourt of Kagland, and bald aa 
Inlerrlaw, in the Oominioal eharoh of DumMas^ 
with John, samamad, from the oolour ct hk 

■ Thia ataaaa has beaa altered, to latradaea a 
little Tarlety, and prevent tbe nMmotoaoM ttoa- 
lofrspetttkia.— «/< ' 

hair, the Bad Cuming, a powstflil eliIeftala,wlM 
had iicmarly heU the regency of BeochiDd. It la 
said, by the Uoottlah historians, that he upbndded 
Coming with haviag betrayed to tbe BagUah 
monarch a aahame, farmed betwixt them, fbr 
aasarting the indapendenoe of UooUand. Tbe 
XagUah writers maintain, that Bruce propoeed 
suoh a plaa to Onming, which he r^feetad with 
eoom, aa Inoonalatsnt with the ftaltgr ha had 
awom to Xd wanL The diapata, howefer it be- 
gan, eeon waxed high betwixt two fierce and 
iadependentbatona. At length, standing belbrc 
the high altar of the ehureb, Cuming gave Bruee 
the lie, and Braoe retaliated by a stroke of hla 
ponlaid. Full of eonftiakin and remoraa, fbr a 
h o m l el da committed la a sanetoaiy, the ftaturs 
mooareh of Sootlaad rushed out of the ehureh, 
with the bloody poulard la his hand. Kirk- 
patrkik and Lindsay, two barons, who fkithftillj 
adhased to him, were waiting at the gala. T» 
their earnest aad anxious Inquiries into the «au« 
of hla amotion, Bmoa answered, *' I doubt 1 have 
slain the Bed Cuming."— " Doubtaet thou?** 
exdahned KIrkpatridc, " I make aure."*f Ae- 
oenliagly, with Lindaay and a fbw fbOuwers, be 
raahed iato the ahureb« aad dlapatohed the 
wounded Oumlng. 

A homleide. In aui^ a p l ac e, and auoh aa age, 
oould hardly eeeape embellishment trota tbe Iv- 
tUe genJas of the ehnrehmen, whoae lateraat waa 
ao doaaly ooaaeoted with the iBTiolabUity of a 
dlTlaa aanotaaiy. Aeoordingly Bowmaker in- 
ibnna ua, that the body of the stengbtered baron 
was watebed, daring tbe night, by the Domini- 
cans, with the nsaal rites of the ehureh. But, 
at midnight, the whole aaslaUuls Ml into a dead 
sleep, with tbe exception of one aged fkther, who 
heard, wich tartor and aaipriaa, a roica, like that 
of a walling iahnt, exclaim, " How long, O Lord, 
shall vaageaaae be diffrrrsd ?" It was anawerad, 
la aa awAil tone, " Bndute with patience, until 
the aanivcnaiy of thia day shall ntu n fbr the 
fifty sso ou d time.** In the year U97, fifky-two 
years after Gaming^ death, Jaroea of Lladaagr 
waa heepitably ftoatad in the castle of Gaarlaveroe, 
in Domfflas-ahire, belonging to Boger Kurk> 
patridb They were the soas of the moidaren 
of the rcgeat. In the dead of night, fbr mmoo 
nnkaowa aauaa, Llndaiqr arose, aad poniarded la 

4 Heaaetheereetol 
■ dan**' ^ietiUag |« 


It of UrkMtifok k a head, ftMpUr 


kiahomtoOTi but guUt Md ftw b»d m bcwU- 

The gaeeta aia drinking thara f 

der«l hlf wnan, tbmt, aiter riding all nigbt, ha 

Klrkpatrlek-8 peMa laU ba bat ana*. 

WM takra. at braak oTdaj, oet ttuet mflaa Aom 


Iha caada, and ma aAarwaida aaaeolad bjp Ofdar 

•TKlag David II. 

In oama tha marry mlnatnlay t 

Tha utotj of tha maidar la thai toM bgr tha 

Shrill harpa wl* tinkling •tring. 


And bag-plpaa, lilting maludy. 
Made prood Oaerlavaree ring. 

Ttaa Uk yhm ia aor faraiyk 
HoM WM •!»«• of KuMtrik 
BaMlwr iakkb tb« iMdMajr 
I»-ta lAriaTMttOi aad awiy 

There gallant knighta, and ladlea bright. 
IMd move to maaanrei fine. 

y» ta k««e bm with ftU kia aiyekt 

Like ftoUe fciriee. Jimp and light. 

Fwth OS Iran oaki Ikat rTdnd. 

Wbw danao hi pale moonihina. 

Nsekt thn ayla frm that ilk pUati 

Tha bdlaa glided tfanrngh the ha*. 

Ta KMiiMr«e. b« thai am 

Wf ftotlng ewtft and aara— 

That frcadM war lill Kirkpanrik thw | 

Xlrkpatrtek^ daaM ontdld them a*. 

Thara wm ka kepyd nrckt •trastb. 

Whao aha stood on tha floor. 

Aad pivut Um of kla raalta. 

Tka kyac Dnwy tiiaa aba Ikat 
TBI Dwaariaa witk ku sait ha paat* 

And soma had tyrea of gold aaa raifb 

And pendaatit ^ifbt or nine; 

And aha, wl* bat bar gowdan hair. 

Tkla Ltrmdmuu to oath ha gait da iharc. 
WtatnnHia CraarUU. b.^. «.4*.''-.SaaM.] 

Did a' tha rest oatehlna. 

" Vow. aoma to ana, raj littla paga. 

And aoma, wl' eoatly diamonds ihaea, 
DM warriora' boa. to aaail— 

or wit MM woodlooa ii7 1 

Bat aha, wi' bar twa aparkling can. 

HeW andar flower o' jroathfti' aga, 
DU nalr daatraetioo Ua. 

PlerCd throogh the ihlekaet mail. 

** I'D danea and revel wt' tlM taat. 
Within thbeaatla rata; 

Tat ha dMll ma the diaarta fhaat» 
Bet and hia lady Mr. 

KMpatriok lad bar by the hand. 
With gay and eoartaous alri 

Bo stately easUs la the land 
OooU shew saa brighta pair. 

" For f aaann drag Kirkpatriekli wlaa. 

Ohawasyouag and olear the day 

WV Julaa & poppy flowera i 

Of Ulb to yonth appears 1 

Vaa onalr ha^l aea tha morning aUaa 

AJasI how soon hla sKtlng ray 

ftaa pniad QaarlaTaroe^ towara. 

Was dtaam-d wi* showing tsaia i 

**ltor ha baa twhiM ny lore and aa* 

KD Undsay riokao'd at the sight. 

Tha maid of mlekla Mora— 

Aad saUow graw his ebeak) 

mtra wetoome, wl* a tearftt'a'a. 

Ha tried wl* anilee to hide his 9ite, 

Bar widowhood tha morn* 

Bat wwd he eoa'daa speak. 

" And Hddia waal my mllk-whlta ataad. 

Tha ffOffgeooa baaqoK was braoght up. 

Prapara my bamam brigM ! 

Oa sUvsr and on gold t 

OW I aaa mak' my rival bleed. 

• ^> a-B •■«■ aa-a. •• 

Ibe page ehoee out a oryetal oap. 

111 lida aam' thia night." 

Tha alaepy julea to huld. 

" That k. Ki>kiatri«k*a nllk. 



220 scxyniBH bauads. 

And whMKlfkpatrWi sailed IbrwlM, A Stir, «lr, ud iMtUa, 4M ht biMi i 
This pat* Um drink wooMbMri Hh lady ilq»t tiU day, 

VOTdldttakoighiordaiMdhiiM Bat dnamttha Firth -flvWdo^hwhnf^ 
OablaokdaMltwaiBaBr. In btMa4iad aa ate lay. 

Than avaiy lady naK a aang i 
Bofna gay aama aad and awaafr- 

Lika tunafti' birds tha wooda amang* 
Tma'bapM togiaat. 

Tha mnidarar hMtad down tha alalr. 
And baok'd bto ooaraar flaat : 

nan did tha thundar 'gin to mlr, 
Than ahowrd tha rnln aad alaat. 

X^m «nMl Uoday riMd a tHT, 

Forlactinf nallea daap— 
Aa matnwida. wl- thdr waihlaa alaar» 

Ohn dug tha wavaa ta ikap. 

Aa flra-fiaaghtdartad through tha ml«, 

Whaia a' waa mirk baCofo, 
Aad gUntad o'ar tha mging main. 

That aheok tha mady riMtWi 

And now to bad tbay afl arc dight. 

Now statk thay Uka doori 
Tbara-a neoght but atUlnaai •* tha night, 

Whai* WM ila din batm. 

Bnt mlifc aad mirkar gNw tha aigh^ 
Aad haavlar baat tha rain | 

Aad qnlokar Lindmy nrgad hla ffight. 
Bona ha* or beUd to gaha. 

rui UadMy pata bli hamaH «n, 
Hla Btaad doth raady ataad t 

And np iha alalreaaa la ha gOM, 

Long did ha rida o^ hfll aad dak, 
Kormlraaor flood ha fhaiVi 

I trow hkieoarag* 'gaa to Ml 
Wbaa morning light appaard. 

Tha airaat did on hla flnahaad btaak, 

Haabook wl' gailty ftar; 
In air h* board a jojrfti' ahriak— 

For having hlad. tha Uva-lang night, 

Throngh hall aadliaaTy ahowara, 
B* fluid hlmaal', at paap o* light. 

How to tha ahambar doth ha eraap^ 
A lamp, of ^Immarlng ray, 

Bbowd yoang KIricpatriek ftat ariaap* 
In anna of hkdy g»y< 

Tha aaatla ball waa rlnglag oat, 

And mony a aeriech aad waafli' ahoot 

AppaU'd tha mordaNr** aar. 

Ra lay wl' bart nngnardad bwaar, 

How tbay ha** boand thb tialior atnuib 

Wl* evTMa aad wi' blowa, 
Aad high In air th«y did him hMig. 

To fead tha oanloa orowa. 

Vodoaad bar aaonth o* foqr hoa, 
Whaoea taaoad fkngimnt air. 

That gantly, la aoft motkm, blow 
Stray rtngUta o* bar hair. 

" To awaat Undodan^t M7 toll* 

Thara paaaa wl* gantia patlaaw dwalk^ 

Naa daadly ftoda ar* thara. 

** Bleap en, daap on, y Invtn daarl 

Tha dama may waka to waap— 
Bat that daya aan roann ahlna ibn elaar. 

Thai qiUls thk WMTloni aUcp." 

Ha loatad down-har ttpa ha prat^ 

1 klaa, fbrtbodlng woa ! 
Than atradt on jming KJrkpatriek^ faivaat 

Ada^paaddaadlyUow. i 

** In ttora I*U withar Oka Cham, 
Uka dnqpa o' balafli' yaw i 

And wall tha baaoty thai eott*d haim 
A kalght, ana btmaa and tnia.- 

« Oaariavatoafcalandsnaaraolway Firth, 
t Ltododan Abb^r !■ dtaatad naar DnmArtta, 
^oatlMbaakaofthariTarandae. Itwaafcondad 



H^^e f&ViU XrObet. 

[Fmv BMhuli CUlMtloib— B«lit lliiw of 
thii an to In Iband In Herdl Ooltoetton.] 

A vAim iDAld Mt In bar bowar door, 

WriBflaf hor Uly hands; 
And by It eame a aptlgbtlr yonth, 
, Hipping o'er Uw tlnwda. 

I gBB« f. jomg John," aha m7«» 
It gBXS ma think, bj yoor ftat trip, 
Yoorjc n may^ hr away." 

Ba tam'd abont wt* aariy look. 
And lald, *' Wbatl that to thaa ? 

I*m gaan to aaa a lovaly nwid, 
Malr lUrar flw than ya." 

** Vow ha'a ya pbird na this, hoaa tora. 

In aiminar, "akkl tha 6owat«? 
I mil repay ya back again, 

la wintar, "mid tha diowen. 

" Bat again, daar lof«, and again, daar k»«k 

Will ya not Uini again ? 
Var aa ya look to Ithar woman, 

ShaU I to Ithar mm." 

** Kaha roar dMoaa o' whom yoa plaaae. 

Tot I my ehotea will hava; 
I'm choaen a maid mair ftdr than thaa, 

I navar will daaalva." 

Bat Aal fcflt np bar dalthlag line. 

And aftar Um gaad ahaf 
Bataya ha mid, *' Tall turn bafck, 

Kaa Awdar gang wi' ma." 

"Bat again, daar lova, and again, daar 
Will ya narcr lo«« ma again ? 

Alaa! Ibr kvlng yon ma wall, 
And yon. 

aaMi flOad wMh Btnadlettaia nnna, In tha lima of 
Xalaelm lY.. by Vthred, bther to Bofamd, lord 
af Oallmraf thran wan axpellad by An^ibald 
tha Ofhn, anil aT Itonglaa.— Yida 

Tha flntan' town that ttay eama till. 
Ha bought her broodi and ring; 

Bat aya ha hada bar torn again. 
And gang naa ftudar wl' him. 

" Bnt again, dear lova, and again, daar lore, 

vnil ya nerer lova ma again f 
Alaa! tor loving yon me wt>ll. 

And yoa, naa ma again." 

Tha n^at an' town that they eama tin. 

Bis heart It grew mair Mn i 
And he was deep In love wl' her, 
I ower again. 

The nelat an* town ttiat they oama till. 
He bonght her wedding gown ; 

And aoade her bMly o' ha'a and bowan. 
In bonnle Berwiok town. 

l^lancf^f flout k Sellsflotice 

ITfmom Kr Boehaal OoOaetlon.] 

Tnsnn was a maid rlAly airayM, 
In robes wave rare to eeaj 

Tor aevan yaaia and lomathlag mair, 
Bha serv*d n gay ladle. 

Bat being Ibnd o' a higher plaoa. 
In aarvioa she thought lang t 

She took her mantle her about. 
Her aoOr by the band. 

And as A» walkM by the sharp side, 
Aa Uythe'^ a bird on tree ; 

Tat still she gaa'd bar round about. 
To asa what dM aonld see. 

At last she spied a little oaatle. 
That stood near by the em; 
She spied It tke, and draw It near. 


And whan she came to that oaatie, 

And ready stood a little wee boy, 



283 woRHH 

**0»lw1t]MOWBOT«r4kliplMS, 4 WlMBtteqoMB'BaMMitlMlrTMIipaH. 

porter boj Ml ma?-* 

Upo* Um guda Yala day 1 

" This piMt iMkmfi ante a qMBB 

When other ladiw got horse to i«ds. 


Om bond take ftMt and ^s. 

At pat iMT hud bi iMr pootol, 

na ^asniiha ouO'd har atabla graoai. 

And M** him ■hlUtnga IhvM) 

Tq cone to her right aoon , 

*' purter b«r my niiwji wdl. 

aiyi, *' Teni take out yon wttd watth at»<d. 

UatD th* qoMD fraa n*.* 

Ami hitag him to the grssik 

Th* porterii VUM hdhr* tha 4BMB, 

** Tail toha Om hridk ftna Ua hatei. 

Fell low down on bla koM ; 

The Ughteia ftae hia e'en : 

** Win up, win op, my porter hoy. 

Irs aha ride three Umaa roun' the eroa^ 

What mahH thio oowUito?'* 

Bar wad d^a will ha daM.** 

" I ha^ hooQ porter at yov yvtte, 

JaOyflerles his true teve apy'd. 

My dame, than ywrt full Ihiw: 

As she rade roun' the orom; 

But am a ladla at your yatte. 

And thitee ha klm'd har lovely Upsb 

Tha fldiaat my ayaa dkl aaa." 

And took har Ana har hataa. 

** Chat up my yatte balth wida and hiaU, 

''Gang to yoar bower, my Illy flower. 

Lat har eoma ioto ma; 

l^or a' iqy mother^ spite { 

And 1 U know by har eourteala. 

Tharsli naa other ainang har maldsb 

Io«d1 daughlw If aha ha.-* 

iB whom 1 take daUgbt 

¥nian aha oama la balbra iha «MaB, 

** To are my Jowd, and only aae. 

Fell luw down on har knaa i 

NanelB do ywn li^Jniy i 

** darrVee ftae yon, my dana^ the QMan, 

Ver en this day-month ooma and gaog^ 

1 pngr you gnat It ma." 

Xy waddad wlft ya-W hoi" 

« If Uiat aarrloa ya now do HM^ 

'Whatatatlon wlUyaba^ 

Cha ya eard wool, or apin, Mr maid. 

Or milk Om oowa to ma?" 

"Ho, I oaa nalthar aaid nor apla. 

3)ftme0 ?9ertin(« 

hinr eowB 1 eoano' milk ; 

But ait into a ladya bowar. 

[Tav vwryalBgnlar old ballad b here f/tfm 

And aaw the aaama o' iUk.'* 

la a oomplcte fbrm Ikom Mr Boehaals OoUao- 

tloB. Fragmente of It are to be found in the 

** What Is your naaaa, ya eomaly dmr. 

Border Minatralv and MothcrweU's CoUeothm, 

Pray tell tbia ante ma i*" 

under the name of the Demon Lover.J 

"0 Aaa ya my Atther, or an ya my mother 7 

Or are ya my brother Juhn f 

" keep ya w«ll haa Jallyfloilo^ 

Or are ye James Berries, my Ant traa lore. 

My ain deer aon ia he ; 

Ooma taaek to tiootiaad agaia f" 

Whan other ladiea g«t a fifl. 

O- Uiat ye shall get thius." 

««I am not your Ihthar, I am not your 


It wama teld into the hover. 

Nor am I your brother John t 

Till It went through the ha'. 

But I'm James Ueirlsa^ your flnt tma 


Ware grown ow«r gnat wltha*. 

^ Gome baek to Sootland avafas." 


■cwrriBH BAU.AM. 338 

« Aw»-, vn.\ y ftiniMr lomn, i 

lUkd flu- •«»' Am ma; 
For BOW I un •aotlicr man^ mUtp 

Tall MiM mtiojpr nw." 

^ 8ba halaa aaOad npui the aaft 
A kagne bat barely thioa. 
Till the minded on her dear hatband. 
Her Uttlo young aott taa. 

" Had I krst th»t «n I CHUM hna, 

f nr'ar had oooM to thee ; 
Dor 1 mlgMba^maRtod the Unci daatb- 

** gfai I wera at hmd again. 
At land where I would be» 

The woman ne^ ahould bear tha aon 
flhoold gar ma aaU tha aaa." 

- I d«plMd tlMOIOWB O^ gOM, 

And 1 am eonia to my tma lov% 
Bat with ma aht'U not go." 

"0 hold your tongue, my eprightly flower. 

Let a' your mourning be ; 
111 ihow you bow tho lillm grow 

On the banka o* Italy." 

" My hortand ba b a owpantv. 

M ahM hia braad on dry land. 
And I taa'a born hhn a young am,— 


Bhe hadna aallad en the aoa 

A day but barely ane. 
Till tha thoughta o' grief eama In her mind. 

And die bu^d Ibr to bo hame. 

" You moat ibnaka yoor daar hoiba^, 

Yoar bitla young aon alao, 
Wi' no to atll tha mging aeaa. 

Whan tha atomy wlnda do btow.** 

" gantla death, eome out my breaa, 

I may be dead era mom ; 
I may be burled in Soottkh ground. 

Where I wn brad and bom." 

«« what ha^ yoo to kwp ma wl% 

If IM ftmako my dear boabaal. 
aiy Uttla young MB alao?" 

*' O hold your tongue, my lUy laeaonaa tUaft 

Lei a* your mourning be; 
But tor a while well etay at Boaa Ide, 

Than aeo a te eountrie. 

" 8aa ya not yen anon pvfttly aMpa, 
Tha eighth bfuught ma to hmd : 

With matohaodiia and marlaai^ 
And woalth la evaiy hand?" 

•* Te-ea ne'er be burled fai flootH* ground. 

Nor land ye'ee nae mair eee; 
I brought you away to punlih you. 

Bhe tanM hcrround upon the ahon^ 
Bar lava'a ahlpa to behold ; 

Thair topmaati and their mal«yarda 
Warn oovaf d o'er wi' gold. 

•* I aald ya ahouM eee the UUea grow. 

On the banka o' Italy i 
But III let you eee the tehee ewim. 

In the bottom o' tha eea- 

Tbn abfB*B gane to bar Uttla young aan. 
And UaaM bira ehoak and dilnj 

aao hM aho to her alaaping hoAaad, 
And dnM the aama to him. 

He reaehM hie hand to tha tepmaat. 

Mada a' the aalla ga« down; 
And in the twinkling v an 0*0, 

Bnith ahlp and oraw did drown. 

** ahcp ya, waha ye, my hoabaad. 

I wonldna tar tan thouaaad ponnda, 

Thia night ya knaw my mhid." 

Tha Altai fflght o* thia wretohod maid 
Did reach her ain oountrla; 

Her hoabaad then difttmefeed ran. 
And thia lament made he: — 

flha'a djRRwn tha dlppeta on her tot. 

Watt Hntd within wl> velvet fiat, 

** O waa be to the ahlp. the aUp^ 

And waa be to the marioera, 
» Took Jeanle Douglae bae mel 



** O boanK bonnie wm my love, 

A plearara to ! 
TlM vary ludr o* mjr I 

Wm Ilk* tha thRMk o» gdd. 


And bonnl* wm bar dhln; 
And bonnta wm Um brida ah* 
Tha da/ ah* wm auMle mlna )" 

[ran baantlflil bftllad ia one of Sis Waltbk 
Boorr*8 carij productlona. Ife mppaan In tba 
Bordar MiDatretagr, adJwaaad to Um Blfbt Hon. 
Likdjr Anne Uamilton.— " Tba mlna of Ondyow, 
or OMlaow CMtla/' aajra tbc nathor, " tbo andant 
barontel caaldeoM of tha brainy of HMOiltoa, an 
aituAtad upon tha praoipitooa buika of tiw rivar 
Bvnn, about two mlJaa above It* Janetton with 
the Clyde. It wm dlamantled, la the oonolndoo 
of the elvU ware, dariuf the lelgn of the uaAir- 
tunat* Mary, to whoee eaaae the hoaaaof Hamfl' 
ton devoted themaelvea with a lenaroH aaal, 
which oeoaaloned their tamporary obaaurlty, and, 
vecy nMrly, their total luln. The aitaatlon of 
the ralna, embosomed In wood, darkened by Ivy 
and creeplnc ahmba, and overhaugiog the brawl- 
ing torrent, ia ronantto In the hlgheafc dagne. 
In the Immedlato vielnlty of Ohdyow ia a grove 
of tanmenae oaka, the remalM of the Qaladnnlan 
Tonet, which anciently extended throng the 
aouth of Heotkuid, from the cm tern to the At- 
lantic Ocuan. Some of thoM tiaca maaaora 
twenty flvelbrt, and upwards, in droamflHienoe : 
and the atato of decay, la which thay now appear, 
ahowa, that they may have witaeaaad the ritee of 
the I>rulds. The whole aaanaiy la Indodad In 
tha magnlflMnt and CKtenalve park of the dake 
of Hamilton. There wm long prae c rred in thia 
foreat the braed of the ScotUah wUd cattle, antll 
their flMroelty oooaaloned their being eatlrpated, 
about fbrty yeara ago. Their appearance wm 
beautiAil, being milk-white, with black monlce, 
home, and boofe. The bulla are deaerlbed by 
andeot authora m having white maaaa; but 
thoaa of latter daya had loat that peoulfarity, 
perhapa by lataimlataie with tha tame b raed.* 

In detailing Che death of the regent Knmiy, 
which la made the ultfeet of the fbUowlog ballad. 
It would be liUaattee to my raader to um other 
worda than thoaa of Dr Bobo-two, whoM aooooat 
of that mcmanUe event itarma a bnntlAal pieoe 
of hlatorical pahitlng. 

" BamUton of BothweUhaagfa wm the peraon 
conmitlad thia barbaroua action. He had 
condemned to death aoon after the baUU 
of laugakla, m we have already ralatad, and 
owedhlallJbtoiharegant'ademeDCjr. But part 
of hla eatate had been bea to wed upon om of the 
ragenfa flivonritea,t ^^o ariaed hie hooM. and 
turned out hla wlk, naked, In a cold nJ^t. Into 
the open fldda, where, before neat morning, ahe 
became Atriooaly mad. Thia Iqjory made a 
dMpcr irop r aa al on on him than the beneflt he 
had reoelved, and from that n>om«nt he vowed 
tobeievcngedoftheregent. Party nigeatiength- 
ened and Inflamed hla private raaentment. Hto 
klnancn, the Ramiltoii*, appfauidtd the enter- 
priae. Themaxlmaof that age Juatlded the moat 
dcaperate coune he eould take to obtain vcn- 
geauM. Ha followed tha regent fir aome time, 
and watched for an opportanUy to atrike the 
Mow. He renlved, at lact, to wait till hit enemy 
ahould arrive at Unllthgow, through whioh he 
WM to paaa, ia hie way from Stirling to Bdin- 
burgh. He took hia atond In a woodrn gall(M7,^ 
which had a window towards the atreet , apread 
a feather-bed on the floor, to hinder the noiee of 
hia feet from balag beard , hung up a black cloth 
behind hbn, that his ahaidow might not be oIh 
aarved from without; and, after alJ thte prepa< 
ration, calmly expected the regenfa approach, 
who had lodged, daring the night. In a honae 
not fhr distent. Some indistinct information of 
tha danger whlcfa threatened him had been ran- 
veyed to the regent, and he paid so much regard 
to it, that he raaoived to return by the eame gate 
throng which he had entered, and to fetoh a 
oompaaa round the town. But, m the crowd 
about the gate wm great, and he himeelf uum- 
qnalntad with fear, he proceeded directly along 
and the thnmg of people obliging 

• Thcj w*rr foi 
rif, aad am ■till to b« 
Marthwabeitead.— fleelC 

Ijr kept ie Um ovk el lte«ailu- 
at CUIUaghaai Ceatie, u 

t Thia was Sir Ja«M BaileuivB. lord Jertice-cWrk, 
wboM sliaaieAil ud Mhenkii ni|>«eicy neeealoead the 
atftutrapha te the teit,—dpottiaire<Me.— Scott. 

} Thia pro)eetiBg falian u atili khowa. The hoaaa, 
to which it was attached, wm the property of the 
arehhlehof of St Aedrewi, » eateru brother to tike 
deke of ChaulhenHit, end encle to Bothwollhenf h. 
Thia, aBonf auey other c'reHouUeeee, laeMi to 
•rteee Uia aidwhioB BothweUhaafh reee i ted tram hia 
dM iB eflhetiag hia puipow.— «eot«. 



Mm to 

riowlf , gKw tha 

to lak* m trat kb aim, that h« ihot him, with 
a riogto bullet, throosh tha lower pari of hia 
M)]r,aad hllkd tha hona of a taottoBfian who 
I OB hla otbar alda. Hia foUowera Inatantly 
kToarad to bf«ak lato tha hooaa, whanaa tha 
hat thajr ftmad tha doer atrongljr 
i, and, bafbn It eooM ba fbread opan, 
HaniUtoa had maaated a flaat hona, • whidi 
atood laady Ibr him at a faaok paamga, and waa 
«ut fitt bayood thair raaeh. Tha rag«>at dlad tha 
aama atght of Ua wound.-— JIMary af Scatfaatf, 

" BothwaHhaagh roda atralght to Bamiltoa, 
viMfa ha waa naatvad in triumph i (br tha aahaa 
af tha houMB In Clydaadala, whleh had baan 
bamad bj Mnnay'a annjr, wara fat amoklng j 
and partf pr^uAkm, tha hablta of tha aga, and 
tha aaavmltf of tha piovaeatioa, l aamad, to hla 
ktnamaB, to Juatliy hia daed. Altar a abort aboda 
at Bamilt'B.thla Aeraa and datannlnad man laft 
flaattand, and aarrod In Frmnoe. andar tha pa* 
to«na«aof thaflunOyorOolaa, to whom ha waa 
doabtltai taaemmaadad hf harinf aveofad the 
aaoaa of thrlr nteoa. Quaen Mary, upon her on- 
gntofUl brother. Da Thou haa raaordad, that an 
attempt waa made to eogaca him to aaaai iln a te 
Oaapar dc Collgni, the bmouaadmiral of rrauee, 
aad the buckler of the Hnimeoot eauae. But tha 
charaotar of Bothwellhauf h wm mbtakan. He 
waa an maroraary trader In blood, aad rejected 
the o&r with eontempt aad indignation. He 
had Dw authoritjr, he nid, from Seutland, to 
aommlt nurdcn In Frenca ; he had arcnged hia 
arwn jaat quarrel, but he would neither, for priea 

' praj«r, avenge ihat of another man. — Tkm- 
cap. 46. 

' The regents death happened S3d January, 
ItM applauded or atlginatlaed, by oontam- 
peeary hittoriana, according to their lallgioua or 
party pnjudlcea. The triumph of Blackwood la 
■abounded. Ha not only cxtoh tha ploua flsat of 
Bothwellhugh, 'who,' he obaaivea, 'mtlaflad. 
with a aingle ouoee of lead, him, wboee aaerlla* 
pont had atrlppcd tha metropolitan 
•huiah of St AndrewB of Ita oo«arlng :* but ha 
aaa.ibea tt to immediate dWlna iaeplratlon, and 
the Maapa of Hamilton to little leai than tha 
Biifaculoua ioterferenoe of the Deity.— JieM, vtri. 
ILp.W. Wlthc4uallaJuatloe,ltwaa,byothaia, 

tima Amada tha gronad oTa general natlimal reflaetlen t 

Ibr, whan Malhar wged Bemey to aaaaaalnato 
Buriaigh, aad quoted tha aaamplaa of Poltrot 
and Bothwellhaagh, tha other aonaplrator an< 
awerad, 'that nayther Poltiot nor HamUatoo 
did attempt thair eatoeptyae, without aoma raa> 
eon or eoaaldanitloa to lead them to It: aa tha 
oaa, by hyia, aad pramlae of prefennent or re- 
warde; tha other, apon deapenUe mind of 
revaaga, fbr a lytla arrong done unto hbn, aa 
tha report goatha. aeeotdlnga to tha vyla 
tiaytarooa dyapeayajroa of tha hoola aatyoa of 
tha Hoottaa."*— Jfarrffa'a gtote i*ajMr«, toL L 


"Vramm p tto e a i / HamOteB% abode 

Bnnohlad €Myow«a Ckthle towoa, 
Tha aong want laund, tha goblet flowed, 
tha haghlng heuia. 

The gift of laed John HaMllea, 

IhifOteg to tha harpii gay i 
flo aweatly mg each Tanltad wall, 
Aad eohoed light tha daDoerli boand, 
Aa mirth and maala ahaarM Iha haU. 

Bui Qadyow^ towaia, la lalna laid. 
And aaalta, by Ivy maatled o'er. 

Thrill to tha maala of tha ahada, 

Tat atUl, oTChdyow^ tided flune, 
Tou bid ma tan a minatral tale. 

And tana my haip, of Border 
On tha wild baaka of 

For thoB, favB BBiBM of oooftly pride, 

From plaaaaia'a Ughtar aaaaaa, aaaat tnra. 
To drnw oblMoB*B paU aalde, 

lark tha lMig-fbrgeUe& am. 

Thaa, Bobla atfdl at thy eommaad, 
Avaa tha arwaablad haOa ahall ilaa; 

Lo ! aa on Bvaala baaha wa ataad, 

Tfhare, with tha rook*a woed-covar'd ildt» 
Ware blaadad lato tha mine green, 

Blae tarreta In fhntaatle piUa, 
And Imdal banaara flaunt bat* 

Whara fha nda torrant*8 brawling oeoraa 

Waa ahaggM with thorn and tangling doa 
Tha aahler buttnaa hmvaa lie fbrea, 

iBBfKrti frawa to hattlad row* 



UbHunljr daaot on Svaal 
Ant on Um wmy th* wnrdl«r^ fin 
la nh«qniiw1nt tbt moon-U^t 

FndMalow thatrllghti tiNflaatlignj; 

Th« mmij wnrdar tanvM hii tow i 
ataedtanott; uaeoophd ■to^-hoonda boy, 

▲od many haatan quit tho bower. 

Tha dnw-teMga fclla tfcay hnrqr ooi— 
Olntlara aaoh plonk and awlofing ahaln, 

Aa, daaiUBg oier, Um joriol ronta 

Vrft tba alqr Mocd, and dock tha rain. 

FInt or bia treop, tha Akfroda on : * 
HIa abootlnf luoirj-uou tiuong bahtnd ; 

Tha attod of princoly Hanllton 

Waa flaatar than tha moontaln wind. 

Troofi tho tUek eopaa tha roo-bneha bonad, 
Tha atartlinc rad^acr aeada tha plain. 

Toe tha hoana bogla^ w aw lo a aonnd 
Haa Tooaad thalr mouitBla haanis aialB. 

Throogh tho huca 
Wboae Umba a 

What ioUan roar 
And dfowna tha 


That roam In woody < 
Otaahlng tha foraat in hia i 

Tha Mountain Boll ooniaa thnndaiiag en. 


yaara havo worn, 
down thagalo. 

Fteree. on tho hantair qnloor^ band. 
Ho raDa hia ayaa af awarthy glow, 

Bpoma, with blaek hoof and horn, tho 
And toaaaa high hia mano of anow. 



Aln'd waU. tho ohlaflaln'a laaoe haa 
StrnggUng In Mood tho wvaga llaa ; 

HIa roar la aonk In hollow groan— 

Sound, marry hnntaBMn I aauadthoPryw 


• Tha hand of tha flimlly of Ramnton, at thla 
partod, waa Jamaa, earl of Arran, duke of Chatal- 
haraolt. In Franoa, and flrat pa«./ of tha Soottiah 
raalm. In 1M9, ha waa appointed by Qaeon 
Mary har llaat«nant*gan«ral in Hootland, under 
tho aiagalar tltla of har adopted fcther. goaff. 

t PvyM— Tho note blown at tho death of tha 

TlanooB agidnat tho 

Tho hnatan real tha Idle 
Cwla through tha treea tha 

Prottd^ thadilaftala maik'd hia dan. 

On gr eenwood lap all 
Tat mlea*d hia aye tha bddaat nan. 

That boio tho 

" Why flUa not DothwriUum^ hk phMp 
Still wont our weal and woo to ihara ? 

Why oomea ha not our aport to graoa ? 
Why aharm ha not our hnntan' Aou ?*■ 

Btarn OUad replied, with daifcaalng fhoe, 
(Gray Paaky'a haughty hird waa ha) | 

" At aiany Ibaat, or busom ohaaa. 
No moao the warrior ahalt thou aao. 

" Few auna have aat, dnoo W< 

Saw BothwuUhaogh^ bright goblcti 

Whan to hia haartha. In aodal glaa, 
Tho war-worn aoldiar tam'd him 

I Lord daud Hamilton, aaoond eon of tha duho 
of Obatalheraolt, and eomrooodator of the abboy 
of Paialay, aoted a diatlnguiahcd part during tho 
troubke of Quern Maiy'a roign, and mnained 
nnaltetably attached to tho oauae of that unAw- 
tunate prinocea. Ha led the ran of har army at 
tha Iktal battle of Langaido, and waa one of tho 
oommandcra at tha Bald of Htirling, whloh had 
ao nearly gtvon oompleto a u oooM to the qnaaa'a 
flwtlon. Hewaaaoceatorof thaptcaentmarqnia 
of Aboroom.— Soatf . 

I Tbia barony, atrotehlng along tho banka of 
the Bak, near Auoheodinoy, bclunged to Both- 
wvUhaogh, in right of hia wiik. Tho ralna of tha 
roanalon, from wbenoe ahe waa axpalled In the 
brutal manner which oooaeionod har death, are 
atill to be aaaa In a hollow glw bealde tha rivor. 
Popular report tenaota them with tha raatlaaa 
ghoat of tha lady BothwcUhaugh ; whom, how- 
ever, It ooofounda with lady Anna Bothwall, 
wboae LmmaU la ao popular. Thla apootra la ao 
tanaeioua of har righta, that, a part of tha atonoa 
of the ancient cdiAoe bating been employed la 
building or repairing the pnaant Woodhouaelaa, 
•ha haadaamod It a part of her prhrilego to haunt 
ttaathouaaalao; and,eiwnof vnylateyaai^haa 
ezeitedoenaidatabladlatatbanoaand tamr among 
fthadomortka ThbliamoreNmariaihltTiDdi- 



If ».»«. uvH* -WW ■■■■■■ ■ ■■■I thmH| 
Hb M«iH«t, bautiftil ud mild, 

in ter boiper, a palUd iom, 

"Oflhnn|»M«wi^I pMtmttoMdayt; 
PUm M iimf a ratiilaM •poUan mmm. 
And, Ibr the hMrthi demMtie Usm, 

When moantaln Xalra tfarough woodland 
BcrannamMdaahMlowyehild— [Oo**, 
Oh ta it ■ko, tlM piUUd nw ? 

M her gild*. 
I her Iheble volee with ni 
' BevMft/ elM orte, 'on Marnqr*e pride • 
I fcr fqjimd Bochwollhnagh i'" 

>d eiiee ef ng* and grief 
; mingBi^ from tho UadMd tend, 
▲ad telfarom tiie UpdUng ohieT, 
▲nd hdtf nneheMhM hie Ama bmad. 


who, o^ hoeh, o'er etnam and rodi, 
RIdm hendleng. with rwietlia epoed, 

bloody peniard'B ftnaUc etrolM 
Drivee t» the leap hie Jaded Bteed ; • 

Aeak li pale, whoee «|«-ba]li glaiv, 
Tlatoned eight that mw. 

haade are b'oodj, looee hb hair ?— 
hel tbhcl tb Bocfawellhangh. 




on tbegioand. 

itlaa oTtbe wiflkl^gkMtt, aa the premnt Wood- 
I, whlah gHce hb tHb to the henonmblo 
Vaeer Tjrtler,a eenator ofthe eollege 
or jMtbe. b ritonted on theelope of the Pentlaad 
hUle, dietant at leaet tmr mUei from her proper 
abodeb Bbe alwayi appeal* in white, and with 
har child fai her arm*.— «Mtf. 

* Bfatcl inftmmn*, that Bothwenhaagh, being 
dmely parened, "after that epar and waad had 
MIM htm, he drew Ibrth hb daicgrr, and •tracka 
hb hfOfw behind, whffli onaeed the horm to leap 
a vety brede ataahe (I. r. dlteh,) bjr wbilk meane 
he eeeapit, and gat awajr from aO ths mat of the 
L**— Mrrrf-t Dfary. p. 1&— Scetf. 

Bteraly he epoka— «"Tb ewvel to hoar 
la good gieenwood tfaa ba^e Mowa, 

Bat eweeter to Berengci ear. 
To driak a tnaat*a djrlng groaa. 

" Yoor daaghteiad qaarrr proadly trod. 
At dawning mom, o'er dale and down. 

Bat pnadcr b aee- b om Marrajr rode 
Thro' oU Idallthgow e orowdo ~ 

*' From the wild Borders hambbd eide, 
la haughty triumph, marched he, | 

Whib Knox lalased hb Ugot pride. 
And amiiad, the tmitoroaa pomp to eee. 

** Bat eaa atera Powar, with all hb faunt. 
Or Pomp, with all her eoortty glare. 

The eettbd heart of Ycageanoe dauat. 
Or ehaage the parpoee ofPeepair ? 

" With hackbat bent. { my eeeret etaad, | 
Bark aa the parpoeed deed, I ehoee. 

And marked, where, mingling in hb band, 
Ttoop'd Soottieh pikaaand Xngliah bow*. 

" Dark Mortea, girt with many a apear, 5 
If nrder'e Ibal minion, led the van : 

And elaahcd their bniad'ewor le In tka laar. 
The wild Madkrianee' plaided olan. •• 

I Murray'a death took place abortly afler an 
expedition to the bordcra; whieh b thae 
memomted b7 the author oThb elagy : 

•• So haTing >ubluebt all thing la thb aart. 
To LiddiwUiil BgAM h« did r>-»u t. 

Throw Bwiadajl, Batd«ll. mad « I th« dallU rod* h% 
AMI alM ley iktf •Ighu » Canaa 'ie, 
Wbair aa priaea l»j lair hsftdrad vairia bcfoin. 
Smm tbiaf amm adr, ik«y did him f«tr to Mir i 
And, tkat ia«y aald aa matr tkair ihiti allcga, 
TitraeMora aad twatf Im hroebt af Ui«a ia pbdM, 
Syae wanUt Ihaiae. arhilk natd liie leat kaap araoai; 
l^aa myeht tlia ra*eh-bua kaap ky oa ilie bnrrfpur.** 
ScMtteh PoetD*. Idtk oaaMiy, p. ail->fleML 

I VadUaf leaf— Gan eoek^l. 

I The carbine, with whfch the legont waa ahot, 
b p tea g r red at Hantiltoa palaoe. It b a braaa 
pboe, of a middllag bngth, vary email la the 
bore, aad, what b mthrr extraordlnaiy, appcara 
to have bcea rifled or lodaated la the barrel. It 
had a mateh-lock, Ibr which a modem ilre-loak 
haa bera iajndleioaaly enbatltotad-^ScBtf. 

5 Of thie acted penon, it b enough to my, 
that he wae active in the marder of David Rta^, 
aad at leaat privy to that ofOareky.- 

** Thb daa of Leaaas Highhmdee* 



"OtamdrnaiMlatmitPwfcliMdwmBlfh,* 4 

ObwqukMt at thalr iccvntl rtln. 
And haggard Undanjl Iron eja. 

That mar AUr Maiy ««*p la vain, t 

'* 'Mid paoBOn'd ipcan, a ilarir gvova, 
PrBQd Manajr'B pliunaf* floalMi high ^ 

tBCbtdtotharcgmtManajr. HeUoahid, 
lag «r tba battia of Laagqrda, aiya, " In thia 
batayla tha TaUaaele of aa hailand gratlnBaB, 
■amad Madkrlaaa, alood tha ngaofi part in 
gnat itMda ; far, in tha hottMt bmnta of tha 
flghti, ha oama ap with two handrsd of hi* 
flrtaadM and eouBtijmiaa, aad ao manAiUjr gava 
In npon tha flanlua of tha qoaao'i paopio, that 
ha ma a graat caoia of tha dltordarlng of tham. 
Thto Maebriaaa had bean latelj bafoia. aa I hawo 
hMud, condamaad to dia, far aoma owtiaga by 
him ooinmitttd, aad obtajrnlag paidan throogh 
nTta of tha oonntaH of Mnftajr, ha raaomptneed 
that damaneia bgrthkplNtofnrTlMaowatthlt 
batajla." OaMcrwoedliaoooaDthlMifaTottmblt 
to tha Maeihrianea. Ha MatM that MaeAulaac, 
with hli hi^landman, Aad fttan tha wing whar* 
thiy wara wt. Tha lotd LIndny, who ■toed 
naarMt to tham In tha ngantl battle, wid, ' Let 
tham go 1 I shall All tbclr place better :' and eo, 
■tapplBg farward, with a eompany of fraeh OMn, 
charged tha eaamy, whoee epeara ware now 
■pant, with long weapooa, eo that thajr ware 
drlren baak Iqr fane, being befare aloMWt orer- 
(hrown by the avaont-guaid and barqueboriere, 
and eo were tamed to flight."— r«M«nwerf*« M8. 
mrmdKMk,p,4a9. MelvUle naentlona the flight 
of the vaagoard, bat etatce It to have been «o«- 
wr^mAaA If Uorton, aad c e m poeed ehlcfly of 
oemmonan of the bnrony of Benftew.— Scatt. 

• The earl of Olanoalm wae a eteady adbciant 
oT the legent George Dengbu of Parkhead was 
a natttral brother of the earl of Morton, whoee 
borae waa killed by the same baU by whleh Uv 
i>y ML— Stan. 

t Load Lindsay, of the Byres, was the meet 
ftroaloas and brutal of the rvgenfs hetSon. aad, 
as saoh, was employed to extort Maxy'salgnatara 
to the deed of rcsignatioo praeented te her In 
Loehlerln aaatlai He dieohargcd hia oomraiaelon 
with the moet mrage rigour i and It b etan eald, 
that whan the weeping oaptlve. In the act of 
signing, averted her «yee ftori. the fbUl deed, ha 
plnehad bar aim with the grasp of hla irao glava. 

aoaM Ui trampOng I 
8a doee the aatailoae etowded sigh. | 

*' From the mlaad vlaor^ ahada, his eye. 
Dark-rolling, glanoed the ranks along. 

And his steel tnnalieon, waved on high, 
Baem'd maiehalllng the iron throng. 

<* Bat yat Us sadden^ braw eonlbss'd 
▲ panlng shade of doabt and awe ; 

was whlaperlng In bis baeast, 
* Bewan of iiOnred BothweUhaugh 1' 


Wild rlsss taiBulfs startltaig roar I 
▲ad Munay^ plamy helmet ring*— 

— Bfaigs on tha grauad, to rise no 

" What Joy the raptanad yoath ean faei. 
To hear her love tha loved one trU. 

Or he, who breaehts on his steel 
The wolf, by whom hie Infant faU 1 

** Bnt dearer, to my liOarsd eye. 
To em In dost proud M array roll { 

Aad mine was ten tlmea trebled Joy, 
To hear him groan his fclon seal. 

"My MaitarefS «eotra gilded near t 
With pride her bleeding vietim mw ; 

And ehrfekad In hh daath-deafva*d ear, 
* Bemwn^v li^ured BothwaUhaogb t* 

"Then speed thee, noble Chatlenkalt I 
ilpimd to tha wind thy bannered tiae ! 

Bach warrior bend hie Olydcedala bow I— 
Mamy la fldlan, and fleotlaad free." 

Vaalts avety warrior to his steed ; 

Lead bogles Join their wild aodalm— 
*' Marvay le fldlen, and Beotland fVacd ! 

Oeuflh, Arran ! cooeh thy epeav of ~ 

\ Hot only had the regent notioe of the la* 
tended attempt npon hia lift, but even of the 
vary hones from whleh It wns threatened. With 
that Infatuation, at whleh men wonder, afler 
Booh evenU have happened, he deemed It would 
be a eufllelent prenuition to ride briskly paet tha 
dangerous epot. Bat even this was pravantsd 
by the erowd i eo that Bothwellbaugh had time 
to take a dellbemto aha,— .S^MMineoeA^ p. 






Nto no I 

▲a4 nnk la 


whliUa down tks vala, 



Inftnt on Iiloo4y deed, 

i, ■kontfaf o'«r the 




b« known 
of Enndnlol 

lPao« Bnahuli BiOUds of tho North, 
mnti of thi» •(« to bt faoBd In MHn 
ttoM, bat hen wo hn*» It aoinptoti.— •* Tha 
naiMtuaa* hcrooT thJslMlliid,'* MjB Mr Bnohnn. 
n tetor to tho laird of Klnmandy. Aa 
to whom ho WM to bo nnltMl 
iMdod In Oatnoty,* imall 
•ahlag town en tha eaat ooait of tha M amy 
Vrilh, Iha laarrlaffe waa to ba aolonntaMd In tha 
ehareh of that parlrii, to whloh ho waa on hit 
lan ovartakon by iofaa of tha baary 
whkh overflow a part of tha road ha 
paaa, and daah, with fanpatoooa ftaiy, 
tha Mtf and adaonantlna roaka with 
whidi it la iklrtod. Tha yoong daoHal, to bar 
also mat with a wataiy fimra, 
I of bar mothar*a mallaoa. Thla 
wUI ramind tho madar of tha Dvownad 
lovvra, who riMiod tho anna flito la tho ilvar 

"O tTfutala Idr, and Wmio la nm, 
Aad WUUa la wond*nMa boanio ; 

And WUtta aaya hall narry ma. 
Ola «foff ha marry any.** 

m **0,yotet*tJamoa,orya^gata«ar|a, 

Or ya^ cat bonala Jolunla ; 

To^ gat tha flowar o* a' my aona, 

Gin yoll ftnaka my Wima." 

Or yot tir boania Patar ? 

I dinna vahM thair lova a laA, 
An' I gatna Wlliia tha writer. 

** O, Wmia haa a bonnio hand. 
And daar bat It b bonale : 

Ha haa aao mair fbr a* hii fauid. 
What woVd y« do wi* WUUa ?■ 




And daar bot it la boania i 
Bat WilUo haa nao othar giaea. 
What wwd ya do wl' WllUa? 

"WnUa'B Ih^. and William larv. 
Aad William wondVona bonaia ; 
Thara'a nana wi* hhn that aan aompara, 
I lova him baat oTony.** 

On Wadnaaday, that fktal day, 

Tha paopio wora ooavaningi 
BaaMaaall thla, tb r aaaao w and tan. 

To gang to tha brtdaatool wi' hbn. 

** Bida en, lUo en, my marry man a', 
I've fbfgot aomatliing Italilnd mo ; 

Tva flMgot to get my mothar'a Maaring, 
To gao to tho brtdaatool wi' mo." 

« Tear Piggy ihali bat baio fllrtaon. 
And ya ara aearealy twenty ; 

Tha water o* Q a m ary la wide and braid. 
My iMary eona gang wl' Ihaa !** 

Than thay rado en, and AiTthar en. 
Till thay oama on to Qamary > 

The wind waa load, tha atraam waa prood 
And wi' tha atnam gaad WUlle. 

Than they rade on, and finthor en, 
nil thay eamo to tha kiih o" Qamaryi 

Aad awary one on hi^ hocaa oO, 
Bat WilUa'a i 

Whan thay were aattlad at ttat phMO, 
Tiw people Ml a moaralng ; 

And a eoaneil liald amo^ tlicaa a'. 
Bat aalr, aalr wept Klnmnady. 


ThraMtHipMkitlMbrMcbOTrt', i 

SHI*. " Whikt BMuw a' this nwvalag ' 
Whmn is the maa amo' Iham m\ 
TkMt ahenld gltt nw fkir wtddinf ?" 

" Bat hoio I hato a IMlo psaknHb, 
Hangs lew down byvygwoi 

Ola f wiana keop thir ssorsts olsssb 
ToOl flad It woBdor salr." 

Thni oat it spMlts hit IwollMr Joha, 
amf, " Meg. Ill ttU XM plalDtr, 

The ttrMin WM •(nog. Um oltfk i»d« wioog* 
▲m Willi*'* dmwnM In OMMvy.- 

Thon sho^ ta'on hha to hsr ohaaher, 
Aad down In hsr anas hty ho >- 

Tho boy oooot aff his hooo and shooo. 
And ma to bbr Pnndoo. 

9h* pat b«r hand up to btr haad, 
Wbort w*i« tho ribbou many; 

Sbo imvt thorn a', lot thorn down UT, 
And otndghtway na to Qtmwj. 

Whsn ho oam* to tho wan waiv. 

Ho daok-d his bow and swam : 
Aad whoa ho oam' togrowla' graa^ 

Bot down Ui flMt and ma. 

8bo oottght It np, aho ooof ht It down, 
TUl tho WM wot and woaty; 

And in tho middlo part o' it, 
ThoN iho got taor doaiy. 

And whsn ha oam' to ihlr Dandoot 
Wad nolthar ehap nor on': 

Bat stt his brsnt bow to his brsast, 
Aad noifUy Jnmp'd ths wn% 

Tbon ibo otraakM baek hli Friknr iMir, 
And ki«'d hk mou' m» eoiMly ; 

" MX motbtrl hoart-o bo ao WM as thino, 
WoiH balth ikop ia tbs walw »• Qwmuj.- 

" O wakoa yo. wakoa yo. ay good hMd. 

Wakaa, aad oomo away i" 
" What ails, what alb my was tet-pM*. 
Ho erias sao laag on day. 

3.0(0 idatnabs. 

*'0 is my bowofs bront, my hoy ? 

Or Is my oastio woo ? 
Or has ths lady that 1 lo> best 

Bnmght mo a daaghlor or son P" 

TTiin ttoiy of thh bAad la Iho nmo with that 
or " Llttlo Moagiavo and Lotd Barvaid/' In Dr 
Poray't SsUqiMS. her* altsnd hr noltMa to tho 
nondlan or Aagas-ohlro.] 

** Tonr ha's an sato, yoor bownn an sbI< 

And frn Am all alarms; 
Bat, oh 1 tho fauly that yo 10*0 bast 

Llos sonnd In Mo^ran's arms.'* 

*' I HA VB a tfMPor In DalUbony, 
Which now k daarly dight. 

And 1 wUl gi'o It to rwng Mingmvo 
To todgo wi' mo a' algbt." 

*' Gao saddio to mo tho blaek." ho orisd, 
" Oao saddio to mo tho gray 1 

Qao aaddlo to ma tho swlfteot stsad. 
To hlo mo on my way.'^.- 

** To lodg* wl* thso a* night, fUr hKlj, 

Vor I sss by tho rings on yoar tngu% 
Ton'n food Lotd Baniaby's wife." 

*' kdy. I hoard a woo horn tool. 
And It Mow woBdor olaar ; 

And ay tha taraiag o' tha aoto. 
Was ' Bamaby wiU bo honr 

*< Lo«d Bamafaf^ wUb althoMk I bo. 

Tot what to that to thoo/ 
For woni bogullo him Ibr this ao nlgh^- 


" I theoght X hsaid a woo hoin bkw. 

And It Mow hmd and high: 
And ay at ilka torn II said, 

' Away, Uaagmvo, away !* " 

'* Obmo hors, oomo hoio, my Uttlo bot-pago. 

This gold I wlU giTo to thoo. 
If y« wUl hasp thir saerats olooo 

TwooBioangMaagmvoandn*. ^ 

*' Llo oUn, nv daar } Ue sUll, my doar { 

To hoop mo Ikno tho ooM 1 
For It Is bat my ftittor^ shophnds 

DriTlaf thsir fledn to tho Md.- 



Up thagr lookl^ and down Uwj I«j, 
And tbttff fii'ai ■oand wleep ; 

Till up Blood good Lord Banwby, 
JiMt ckM at ttadr bed feoC 

do joa Ukt 107 bed, HuagmTe ? 
And hew Itte j« my iheeU f 
ham like |« mj Ur ladjr, 
Uee in yoor anna and deepe?" 

'* Weel Uk» I jvat bed, njr lord, 
▲ad wed Uke I your liieeu ; 

Bat O Bka I yoor teir lady, 
Uee In m j anu and deepe.** 

" Tan tot yoor wala o^ aeiBB liaters. 

And X foi mine & flve; 
aaa tak' ye mine, and !*• tak* thine, 
I ntair «U strive.** 

** O, Bj wooanl die beet woman 
That ever bnk* woild'e brcad; 

And yonrwontanl the want woman 
That e««r dtew eoat o'er head.** 

** I hale twa ewoide In ae eeabbcrt. 
They are balth eharp and clear : 

Thk* ye the beat, and I the want. 
And wall end the matter here. 

" Bat vp, and ann thee, yoong Mugimve, 

Well try It ban' to ban*; 
Ife na'ar be add o* Lord Bamahjr* 

Be Btmok at a aafeed man." 

The ftrat etiaik that young Moagiave got. 

It waa balth deep and Mir; 
And down he Ml at Bamabyli ftet. 

And a wovd q^' never mair. 

** A gsava, a gfa«« r Lofd Bamaby erieds 

" A grava lo lay them In ; 
My lady ehall lie on the lonny dde, 

Bcoaaee afher noUe kin." 

Bat oh, hew aeny waa that good lord. 

For a' hk angry mood. 
Whan ha beheU hie afai yonng 

AH wdtttag In Ua Mood ? 



[Tna aAeting and highly poetical ballad la 
gl««n In Hr Gbamberr Odlectton, chiefly from 
the redlatlon of hia grandmother, aedsted by a 
ftagmeat in the Border Minstrel^, called " The 
yntt of Ueher'a WeU," and Mr Buchan's r«r> 

PAnT Fiaar. 

I WRA dag to yen a eang. 
Will grieve yoor heart Atll mlr ; 

How the Cterica twa eoaa a* Owsented 
Have to Icam sonta nnoo tear. 

They hadna been la fkir Partdi,* 

A twelvenonth and a day. 
Tin the Clerks twa aone Ml deep In love, 

Wl* the Mj^rorn danehlen tvraa. 

And aye aa the twa derka aat and wnto. 

The hdlcf aewed and eang; 
There waa malr mirth la that chamber. 

Than In a' ftlr Fertol'e land. 

Bat word's gane to the miehty Mayor, 

Ai he lailed on the aaa. 
That the Clerk's twa aone made Uaht lemaaa 

O' hie telr dandkten t« 

" If they ha** wtanged ny twn danchters, 
Janet and Maijorte, 

The mora, ere I taato maat or drink, 
Bte haagit they BhaU ba." 

And word% ffana to the Oleifc 

As ha waa drinking wine. 
That his twa sens at fldr Fterlih 

i np and qMk* the Ctekl b4y«b 
And she spak* teodarllei 
** O tak* wi' ye a pane o' gowd. 

Or ev«n tak' ye three ) 
And if ye oanna gat Wmiam, 
I to ma." 



O tmmQj mag the olghtlBgik, 
A« ■h* at 4M tht wand { 

But mbr, mir mourawl Owtaalbrd, 
JL* iM iMd la th« sinad. 

When h* ouae to their priwn 
He nde it reuad abont, 

Aad at a Uttle ehot-wlBdoWp 
Hk eoae ««te looklag onU 

A He^ ta^ea a wUp faito hie hand. 

Aod laah'd them woodToui wJr : 
" Oee to your bowen, ye vile Uminete, 
Te^ aever eee than naa'r.'* 

n«B oat It epeaka aold Oweoalbnli 

▲ eony maa wae ba : 
" Gang to your boatn, je liljw Aooln; 

tor a' thle mauDna bo." 

" O lit yt then, my asai»" he Mid, 

" For owem or Ibr kye? 
Or what b it that ye lie ftir, 

dae ealr booad ae ye Be ?>* 

" We Ue Bot here tor oweea, Ihthw; 

Kor yet do we for kye{ 
But Ife for a Uttle o' dear-boodbi lofe« 

iJae ealr booad aa we lie. 

" Oh, borrow ue, bomw ni|,e fother,** they 

" For the lave we beer to thee i" 
"O nevrr fear, my pretty eoae. 
Weal boerowed ye eaU ba." 

fhea he'e gaae to the miehty lC«|or, 
▲ad he epak' eonrteottslb ; 

•* Will ye fnmt my twa eoae* Uvee, 

Or wUl ye be eae gude a BiaB, 
Aa grant them baith to me ?** 

'* I'll BO gmat ye your twa eoDe' Iif«e, 

Meltlufr fur geld nor fee; 
2for Mrill I be me gnde a num. 

Ae gi^ them baith to tbee; 
Bat before the morn at twal o'dook, 

Te*U eee them haagit hkl" 

I it earoe the MayWe daaditen, 
Wl'Urtleooat alone: 
Their eyce did iparlde Uhe the geld, 
Aa they tripped on the 

<* Will ye gl«e oe oar lovee, fltther P 

For gold or yet fur fee t 
Or will ye take our own eweet Uvee, 
- Aad bt our tne lovee be ? 

Thea oat it epeaka him Hyade lleaiy i 

" Oome here, Janet, to me ; 
Win ye gi'e me my fkith and troth, 

And luve, aa 1 ga'e thee f" 

'* Te eaU ha'e year felth aad troth, 
Wi' G«d'e bbeting and mine." 

Aad twenty tiinee ehe Uned hb moath. 
Her fkther looking oa. 

Then out It epeaks him gay WUllam, 
" Gome hen, eweet Mai^orte { 

WIU ye gi'e me my (kith and trath, 
Aad love, ae 1 ga'e thee *" 

" Tee. ye call ba-e year feith aad tnth, 
WI' God'i blneing and mine." 

And twcaty Umn ehe kbeed hb mouth. 
Her fether looking on. 

" O yell tek* affyoar twa black hat^ 

Lay them duwn on a etone. 
That nana may ken that ye an eteriu, 

TUl ye an puttan doun."t 

The bonnb derka they died that mon; 

Their lovea died lang en noon ; 
And the waefu' Cbrk o* Owaanford 

To hb lady haa gane hania. 

PAar BaoeirB. 

Hn lady eat on her eaatle wa*. 

Beholding dale and doua ; 
And then ahe aaw her ain gode lord 

Ooaie walking to the tuun. 

** Ye*n weleome, ye'n weleome^ n^ ala gnde 
Te'n weleomehame tomej [hud. 

But wberaaway an my twa aone? 
Ye BuM ha'e brought tbem wi' ye." 

i I^■t to death. 


" O tbiy an patlan to a dMp«r kw. 

And to a Ughcr took i 
Toar alB tm loiia wUl no 1w hame 

nil tho haUew daya o* Tab." 

** O ■onow, oofrow, aooM mak' aoj bod ; 

Aad dala, eooio, lajr om doaa ; 
For I wOl aotthor oat nor diiak, 

Ifor iot a flt OB giooa' I" 

Tho kallOTT dafo o^ ToU ^ 

And tho nlghti were lane and miik, 
Wbon la and ean' her ain iwa noo, 

▲ad tboir hate nado o* tho Urk. 

It aoMhor grew In qrko nor ditiA. 

Kor jot in oay ■boMdi ; 
Bat at tho tatco e' Faradioo 


"Bkmnp tho §19, now» maidono inlno, 

BHas wator from tho wall ; 
ITora* my booao ihall feoot thk alght, 
I mjr t«ra aona aio woU. 

" O oat and drink, naj mony-mon a', 

Tbo bottar diall yo fluo ; 
Vor my twa oono th«y a>o oomo hamo 



Aad riM^ happit thom wl'hor gay 
thoy wen hor aln.* 


Bat tho yoong oodi oow la tbo BBony Lln- 
Aad tho wild fowl ehlrpod for day ; Ikom, 
Aad^ho aafaler to the yooafor oaki, 
w auHuiaway* 

: dotti cmw, tho day doth daw, 
Tho chaanorin worm doth chldo ; 
OIn wo bo aloood oat o' oar plaeo, 
A oalr pain wo maon bklo." 

" Llo ■cm, Uo oHU a Utth woo white, 

Ola ny mother aboald mloi no when oho 

(Aoll (00 mad ore it be day." [wakeo. 

Tariation In tho Border Mlaotrohyi— 

Asd aha lua aad* to them 
ate** audett liuto aad « 
1 aWa ta'aa hm aaatal bar'i 

O Itt thqr'fo ta'ea mp thdr moiheri 
And thoyTo hong it on a pin: 

*' O laag may yo hlag, my motborlt maatll» 
Bio yo hap u again*** ^ 

®i)e (&ut^t aZSaliace. 

[A raAOMarr of thio erlgloany appoorod In 
Johneon'O MooMim. It It liero extended IWim 
two oopieo given by Mr Biiefaan. The iumeet of 
tho ballad will bo feond la tho Sth book of 
Uenty the Mlutrolt Wallace.] 

ffjLi.iaoa wteht, npon a nldit» 

Chm* riding owor a linn ; 
Aad he te to hie lomaa'O boolr. 

And tiri'd at the pin. 

" O eleep yo, or wake yo, lady ?" be eriod ; 

" Ye'll riee aad lot me In." 
*' O wha le thla at my bonlr door, 

That kaooki aod know* my name '" 
" My name lo WiUiam Wallaee ; 

Ye may my onand ken." 

*' Tho trath to yon I win icheano— 

Tho eeoret 111 aaihald ; 
Into yoar onemioe' handa, thb aleht, 

I folrly ha'O yoa aaald.- 

" If that bo true yo tan tome. 

Do yo repent it eair P" 
•* Oh, that I do," iho aaid, "dear Wanao^ 

Aad will do overmalr ! 

** Tho BngHih did ■orrannd my heuae. 

And foveit me thoretiU s 
Bat for yoor aako, my dear WaUaoo, 

I ooold bam on a hdl." 

he ga'a har a loring hto; 
Tho tatr dmpt frae hie o'o; 
Sayo, ** Fwo yo woel for erermalri 
Tonr fooo naa mafar lH aeo." 

She droM'd hhn la her aln otelthlng. 

And ftae her hoaw ho eamo; 
Which made the BagUduno 

To oea rto a italwavt damol 



Xoir WaDafBt to the Htoiaodi went, 
Wbmn DM iiMAt nor drink had ht ( 

arid. "A* nM iUb, or flu* m* dMth, 
To MM toun I num drls." 

B« ttcpplt owcr the rlrer T«f— 
On tlM North Inch* atopptt h*; 

And thcrt ha m« n WMl-lhar«d M«]r, 
Wai wishing nnenth » tiw. 

" What Mwi, what nam, yt 

What n««iha^y« torn*? [Mm? 

What n«««, what news, jr* wwl-flnmd Majr, 

What nnri Ib th« wuth oonatrit ?" 

** O M* jrv, sir, 70B ha«tl«r>hoim 

That ttandt on yondor plaa f 
This Tn7 dajr havo landlt in It 

FaU flflMn BnglkhoMB, 

" In naroh of Wallno*. oar Champhm, 

Intnding ho ■hould daa !" 
" Then, bf my oooth," atya Wallaot wioht, 

*' ThoM BngUihnMn I'M mo. 

'* ir I had but In my pookat 

Tho worth of a fltaglo poanlo, 
I wad gang to tho haotlor*hooM, 

ThMo goiitlemen to na.** 

Bha p«t har hand in har podwip 

And pull'd out half*a'«roua. 
Bail, " Tak* jo that. y« bclUt kakshW 
And pajf your lawin doun." 

As ha want ftaa tha wsal*Auirad Msj, 

A baggar boM mat ha. 
Was oovar'd wi* a doutad elohs, 

1b his hand a triistio trae. 



what nsws, y« silly Mild 

What nawi ha** yo to gU?" 
*' Mo oows, no nawa, ya baltit knkht. 

Mo nawa ha'a I to thto. 
Bat Aftaan lords in tha hoatWr-houa 
Waiting Waliaaa hr to ssa." 

" Tall land to ma yoar eloatad olohi^ 
That kivars ya fraa hatd to shlat 

And I'll go to tha hoatiar-hoiiaa. 
To ask te soma suiipUa." 

* A bsaalUil plain, or comrnen, lytng akag | 


And than 

to tha Wast-molr 
than Air oharitia. 

Dona tha stair tha oaptaln ( 
Tha pair man for to saa: 
Ifyo ba eaptala as gnda as ys look, 
Tonll giva mo soma sappUa." 


I ya bom, ya emlUt owl*? 
Whars, and In what oeantria f 
" In ftdr Bootlaad. sir, was I bon. 
OrolUt oaito as ya oa* ma." 

"01 wad glva yon Ally poanda 

Of gold and white monia { 
O I wad giva yoa fifty pounds^ 

If Wallasa yo wooM 1st ma ssa." 

** Tdl doon yoar monay,** quo* tha emiUt 
" Tdl doaa yoor money good ; [eariOk 
I'm SOTS I hav« it In my pouir. 

Tha money was told upon tha tablo. 

Of sUvsr pounds llftie: 
" Kow hara I stand i" quo' tha guda WaOaeo, 

And hia doka fitna him gafd flla. 

Ha daw the ei^taln whara ha stood ; 

The raat thay did qoaka and ralr : 
Ha slaw tha raat around the room : 

Byna aak'd If thora wara oay 1 

**G«t up, gat up, gndewUb," ha says, 
** And gat ma soma dlnnar In baste t 

Tor it soon will ba thraa lang days tima. 
Bin' a bit o* maat I dki tutel- 

Tha dlnnar was na w«U raadia, 

Mor yaton tha table aat. 
Whan othar flftaan Bngliahmaa 

Wan Uehtit at tho yatt. 

" Coma out, oomo out, thon traitor, WaOaoa 

This is ths day ys maun dn !" 
" I llppon naa sm llttla to Ood." ho sayi^ 

" Although I ba but lU wordia." 

Tha gudowUb had an auld gudamani 
% guda Waliaaa ha attflly atudo. 

Till tan o' tha flftoan Englishman 
Ligr batea tha door la thair hlnda^ 



The etk« flw k* took alhv. 
To Am gmu w iMi d u thqr ima ; 

Aad h* has haaftd ttem, bel marote, 
Vp kiflh apon • ffakk. 

Vow kt li on ta Um Horth lodk gone, 
Wkera the lUj was wMUng tenitorito. 

" V«w, hj mj ■ooth," Mid the cod* WaltaM, 
** in ban a Mtr dar"* «uk to in*." 

Bat pot kh kaad la bte poetet. 
And pvllad oat twenty poanda ; 

B^f% " lUi* jra that, j« waal-ftwrad Maj. 
Far tha foda hiok o* yoor half-arouo." 



twaatf man ka dew, 

ttpea a grata ; 
ka wt, wi* Ua 





[Tan la a ntodara •xtaaaloB by Ma Jaj 
ef a ftagiBant gtaca la Johaaoa'e Mvaeai 
aloag with tha aaalody, wai 
by Bam* from oial aoamoaieatlon, aad 
to tha If Mtaai. TIm hemite Wal- 
doabtkaa tha aablaei of aauiy baOada 
_*wklali ka*a baaa kak la the h4Na of 

Taa WaDaaa wlAt, wl* kla mxtf maa a', 
f^na Oulvallaf la aoathward fan* ; 

Aad bat got word that the Kari Peirj 

Bb naajla hat bft I' tha gnda grwa wood. 

To net Ika* the haot bj tha gi a< a w o od tree ; 
Bb maajia hat Ml wl* tha traatjr Graham, 

I to aeoai la tha iottth coantrla. 

The WaOaoe eat over yen river he lap. 
And frat ha hied Urn over yoa lae. 

Tin, at a well waahla' her elaca. 
Ha wai awat* of a Iklr hMll*. 

Aad aj aa aba woah, iha mbMt mir, 

Aad bar ebacka the mat tear aj did woat : 

** What tkUaa, what tkUea. Ibbr ladle ?" be aaid{ 
*■ Or wtet aOi thee to gar thaa gtaei ? 

" Hair meet It wore la prineriy bower, 
WI* noUoet frree thy youth ihould won; 

It rewla my heart, a flower ma Btaek 
Miaaaataria bab ahoald blaw apoa t 

" TbIr oboaka ahoald roqr dbaplea w«ar, 
Thir eca ahould eUn* wl' lor* and glee"— 

** Oeh bag." the bdy rieh'd and eald, 
" Haa Joy baea ataage la thla ooaairi*. 

" My Ikther they klU'd, tbigr UU'd my bet. 

They herrylt oar Md, aad breat oar ha' ; 
Me thqr'vo— oehoa i my hoart will brmk !— 
My traa hifo to Xaglaad'a nA awa*. 

*' Tet hope, gla Wal^aa had thrlraa, I had, 
Tkat I my lemmaa yet amt em. 

Revenge on Orteelngham to 

Tor a' the wraaga hat gait ma dra*. 

" Bat PtaPcy, wl' tha fimn earl Warren, 
Aad Oteeriagbaro tin mat he epeed !) 

Are daekerla' wl* ma thoamnd mair, 
Ttae Ooapar to Berwtok apoa Tweed. 

''And dewa la yon wae oatler koaee 
Vow Ugi AiU lyfleen KuKllah etrang. 

And they are eaekln' the gnda Wallaee, 
Iti hba to tak', and blm to haag." 

aon^t la my pnrM," qoo^ gnda 
«*SBm'apal|le hat they to get fraa me; 
Bat I will down to jon wee oetler boom, 
Tklr fifteen EngUahaien to aee. 

« I've bat thla bmadi wl* wbUk, Ood win, 
lU mak' them ale dieer m I dow"— 

** Sae Ood thee epeed,** mid the ladie Mr, 
'* And aaed aa tea thoamnd rie m jou!" 

Aad whaa he earn' to yon w«* oatler hoaw. 
He bade btmtdMt* ba there; 

The gade-wUb eaM, " Te'ra woMome, e ro* 
Malr wakoma, I wat, aor twa t thrm n ntr.' 

Tka gada-maa ^na aame la frne the hOl, 

A bmw flit glmmer upon hia back ; 
Ba faUad to am that etoaaga menate, 
I at hia la^ mak* 



•« Te^ hamelto kDo«*. to b* M* ft«m ! 

I tanwM BM brawtt far Iwttrin lilw >«: 
Qod wod tlM dKj* pair SeotlADd has teen. 

And a blttw browtt to jm twUl tel** 

" WdeonM, uld cftri r wM tlM mptaln ; 

" Auld eralkit carl, wl" year fct yow ; 
It wMl will wnr wl' Uw cade brown }ill ; 

And Um ftMir qaiwU o*t I wnt wc'i eow.*' 

** Hm apawli o* it gin yt iheold oow, 
111 wUl 1 tbelc to brook the wmng. 

Bat gin I bad yo in gndo Btm Homy, 
I'd gar y« alng aaitbar nag. 

** TbM« EddOTfi iUtf and Xddcrtn goad 
Ha"* oitlad at thirldoina In vain ; 

And Mir will Bnglai^ aomo day rao 
Tba wimnga w**** a' ftaa Bddcrt ta'tn. 

*'<3«d red ear WaUae* wUbt ftae harm. 
And Mnd our gad« oarl Bobwt bar*; 

For eowart art and iawlaaa riaf, 

Wa'll aoon our aoora wl' Bddart elear." 

'* O wbaie waa ya bon, aald erotUt earl ? 

Your load aaun na o' thto eoantria"— 
*' A troa Marray Scott I'm bom and bnd. 

And an aald cniikit oarl Joat ale aa ya 

*' I'D gi'e QAsttt ahllUna to thaa, emlklt 

For a friend tn him ya kytha to m«. 
Gin ya'U tab* ma to tba wiebt Wallaoa ; 

For op-aMaa wi'm 1 moan to ba." 

" I'm bat an anid eraikit earl, Qod wot. 
Stiff and onfelrie to what I'to baan ; 

My glaiva laog ayne waa hang o* the knag. 
And thrac aeore and Ave thir baflrta ha*a 

"But leal my heart baata yat, and warm ; 

Tboeb aald onfelna and lyart I'm new; 
VTcra wieht Wallace hera, wl' nana but 

For a' Sddarfa kingdom I wadaa be you!" 

A rang the Wallaoa had IntiU his ban', 

A borly kent aa wall mat be. 
That anea atom radd him ftae akalth. 

Whan tallin' hla beada by the greanwood 

Ha hat dke paood OKptaln olang tiMchaft blade. 

That never a Ut o' meal he ate mair s 
He atlekit the Uive at the buird whara they nt. 

And he kit them a' lyla' aprawlin' there. 

" Saa Ood ma ahleid." aald the gade Walbwe, 
'* Though hard beatad, I've dona wi' thae : 

Sea God me ahidd," aald the gnde Wallaee. 
" And aend me aa mony aothroun mae.** 

Bamfaaaad the gade*man g^owr'd a w«e, 
^yna bent the Wallaoa by the han' ; 

** Ifei he I it can be naoe but ha I" 

The gude-wUb on her kneea had flum. 

'* Hale be year hearts, ya eoathie twa, 
I'm he, I'm Wallace, aa ye trow ; 

Bat ftuit and miater ha'e dona mair, 
Sot e'er ooold thae my head to bow. 

" Get op, gade-wHb, gin Chrlat ye love* 
Soma meltith feaa to me In baata; 

For it will aoon be three lang days 
Sin' I a hit e' meat did taata." 

I wat the gode-wift 

But hardly on the balrd twaa eat. 
Till itber lyfteen Engliabmcn 

Were a' liehtad about the yett 

*' Coma OBt, eeme oat, thea Ikaaa Wallaee, 
Fx>r weel we wat that here ye be : 

Oane out, eome out, thoa traitor Wallaee ; 
Ite o'er late now to flinch or flee. 

*< The tod ia ta'en in hla hole, Wallace : 
Thia la the day that thou maun die." 

*' I Uppcn na eaa litUe to Ood," he lajt, 
" Althooh that I be ill wordie." 

The godemaa lap to hla braid daymore, 
That hang on the knag aelde th« apeir; 

A lanoe the wite bent down IVac the bauk. 
That aft had thane fii' aharp In weir. 

Hie Iwriy bmnd the Wallaoa draw. 
And out ha braided at the do tr . 

Hla atalwart back he turn'd to the wa'. 
And firmly eat hla fbot befbra. 

Hla traaty-trne twa-hannlt gUive 
Afore him awang he nuutihllle, 

WhUe anger lueken'd hla dark browa. 
And like a wood-wulf glanst hla e'e. 



' AH thoa tkat b o t i i o u> bdUtmr," 
P»inlm wl' ra««. Mid the eafttalo i 

'TiMl Mloaa traitor, that mb fcU 
O dootthty iBcUatamm hM tUlB ? 


I DM, bat It IMS 
My hart this ty4* to nwt thM ■» I 
My •■ Mthv h7 tiM Earn llM dead : 

Bat la thy btart^ Hold I'D wiadi my 

I i*«M thM, to Itt mo bo warn tart ; 
Voeht do I giatat thy blnid to ■pin ; 

ao thy btlttar wm. aad Ml. 
Soathroa, ho was thy Mth« tliU : 

"And kith 

I," qaoth the gado Wal< 

lowftin' hi* glalTO In nyldor maid, 
** To okalth tho raoM hMrt that ; 
Bat to nvoon a brithor^ Maid. 

■ Thoa Ibteo aa thb hand to wM thy balo. 
Bat tak* my ndo, aad Ut mo laas.** 

' 1^, by tho rado thou ■wapoi nat mo !" 
And teat at hin tho batlor sprang. 

A thad wl' hb haca ow«rd ho loot. 
To doavo tho WaDaeo to cho cfala) 

Bat hlo bonaot, thoeh o' the daith wlthoat, 
Wat 0^ tho tnotr ttotl wlthla. 

"Ta, wilt thoa ?** tald WaOaot, " thoa tak* 

And dorfly ttnk a dyat tao doar. 
That through tho oralg aad thonthor blado 

Aft aaoo tho tnachaad woapoa than.* 

* TUtttrohtofthoid^irMlocolaBothlag 
•e tbt fcOowlag:— ** Ono *ilr David do Aaaod, a 
■l^t valtaat knight, oh a aeort to bo woaadod by 
OBO at tbt caemkt, by natoa whortof ho wot to 
kladlod in wimthAii dodrt to bo raroBgtd, that 
wHh an aao which ho hod In hit hando, ho 
raaghtt hit admnurl*, that had hart him, tuoht 
a Mow on tho thooldor, that ho olovt hym tagl> 
tbor with hM bono, and tho an ttaywi not till 
It Ugbt apoB tho Ttrio htido pavcmont, to at tho 
pnot of tho vMoatt ttfvko nmalaod to ta 
tyoM afttf la oao of the tfeonttoT tho 
ift.'^BoUathad'O HMtry of flaotiand, ¥. 

Afttt tho tothroan itood a itonnd i 

9yno hamphioHl him, polt mtk, ant and a'. 
And fi^oBftn' wi* bnnltt iwordt, gaa thoiit, 
go, nvcngo! Qr, Ink* and rial" 

The anld gado«ian had tbt aald mant grip, 
Thoeh nae tae Mrlo at he had been; 

Sae tieovely he by tho Wallaot tlood. 

Worn fcw that to moot hit glaivo mat grcla. 

And baald and bardaoh tht gnde>wilb 

8ao detf eoath wield her gudo brown aptar; 

To keht fcr her eoaatry and gnde-ouui, 
Ooold aoottwonan own a woman*! fmr ? 

Tho flrit that ttrak at tho gnde Wallaoe, 

Tho anld gude-man thara hit eraig In twa. 
*« Wool doon, my fert !" taid tho Wallaot then ( 
a thamo to tak* to tho 

Blyno grlpplt hit brand wf mioht and fa«, 
Aad Anrward throw the prat ho flaog ; 

Mo thadt on ilka tide he dealt. 

That down to the dead tho Moki he danf. 

Wl' deadly dyntt tho baldett ten 

O* the tothrovn, that tho ttarhett etoid, 

Tho wloht WallMO and thlr tnuty twa 
Ha'o laid o* tho gioon dioht In thoir blahL 

The tithtr Art to tht grten-wood ran ; 

On a grain they bar git them bat nuitonn j 
And noitt day wl* WalkMf mtny mtn a*, 

Thty tat at dlno In Loohmahon town. 

Thit awofd of the good Bkt David tetut to 
havo beta little IniMor to the onehantc-d fie<v 
Mor of Fingal, to flunout In the talet of the 
HIghlandon, that would by men dint of itt own 
innatt vtituo, cut through any thing that was 
ttrnok with It, and oouid not te ttopt tlU It 
oamo U> the groand. Thlt unlaoky prapontity In 
the tword to go Either than wat lattaded, often 
oeeatloacd tad mlttakm and aeo t dontt, many of 
whith make the greaod-work of talet whieh an 
ttOl rtptaltd by tho winttt^ ofontn 


SOOTTiaH BALftim. 

HotO ManOaL 

[In Johaioal Maaemn, a IhtgaMnt of thk ballad ta glvn, twdar tha tilk of 
8oa." Thi«ftrafin«nt«a«fliniiab«dbgrBunwtoUiatwiwk,alongiriththaalrto«htakttlfi 
Bttros «jFt thai th« air to a b?oiirlta ona InAjnhir*, aad wppoBW tbaft It li tht otigtaal of LoqImp 
bar. Id the Bordar Miiwtialqr, tha foUowtag mon aemplati vMahNi af tte ballad k ghmi nndar 
ttaa head gf " Lord BandaL" Hoott Hja, " Tha haro is mora fcaanllf t««Md Loid BonaM : bat 
X wUUnglj foUow tha aatheritf of an Bttrlek Fofaat aepjr tar aalUnf hfan Baadal ; baeauaa, 
thoush tha eJreomatanaai an aa vary diflMmit, I think It not lapoaribla, that tha ballad mar hava 
originally i«|ant«l tha daath aT Thumaa Bandolph, or Bandal, aari of Manaj, aaphaw ta Bobact 
Uroaa, aad govaroor of Hnotiand. Thia gnat warrior dlad at Mnoalbaigh, lUK at tha nMmaot 
whan hia aanrioaa wara moat niieaaaaiy to hla aoantry, alraady thraataaad by aa B^gUah aiwj. Vor 
thk aola raaaon, parhap^ oar hktaiiaaa ebatlnataly loipato hk daath to pokoa. 8aa Tha Bkoea, 
book as. Fordan rapaata, aad Boaoa eahoaa. thk atory, both of whoa ohacga tha nardar on Bd« 
ward III. But it k oambalad au ae iaaft iUy by Lord Uallaa, in hk Bamarka on tha Hiatery of Baet- 
laad. Tha aubaUtutlon of aoma TaaaoMMw raptila Str Ibod, or patting It lata Uqnar, waa aaetoatly 
aoppoaad to ba a eommon noda of admlnkleriag pokon.* Ha adda, " thaea k a vaiy almllar aong, 
wbiah, apparaatiy to aselta graatar lataraat in tha noraary, tha haadaoma young hantw k as- 
ehangod for a IttUa ahlld, poiaonad by a him aUp*inothar.** IIm aaioary aoog ta whkh Sir Waltar 
tHnt roaa as iUlewa. It k oalkd " Xha Otoodiin' Dao^" (Oooing PIgaoa.) 

•' CK «bn 
•• On, i'va I 

■ h*'« ya baom k* Ua daf. mf bonai* waa areodiiB* doot** 
MO ■! i^j graadaiothar't (■up-MMkcn), auOt* mtj bad am 


•• Oh, wkat nt ya M yow grudaioUar'a, ay Ultk 
« I gat • bOHoto waa tahla. mmk' ay bad. i 

"Ob whatir dU the eateb tba itblai, mj braote 
•• aba aalab'd tt la Um g«tter<4i«iak awk' ay bod, 

•• And what did aba do wt* iha tab, ay Uttk waa aroodUa* dao?" 
•• 8h« botlad It is a brua paa. ob, auk' aqy T ' 


•• And what did ya do wi' tba htmm o% » booate waa 
•• I |tad tbaa la ay btUa dog, aAk' og* bod, aa 

" Aod what did yoar UtUa dogifa do. ay beaate 
•• Hm •Cratebad oai hia baad. bu fMl, aad daa'd. 



In BaehaBt Ballada of tha North a rhyna vary abaaliar to flia aheaa ta ghan aadar fha oama of 
" WUly Doo." Tha aul^aet of tha ballad aaanaa to ba nakaiaally popular In oaa dhapa or othar. 
In lUoatntloaa of Nortbam AntlqalUca. Mr JamkaoB givas tha aonmanaaoMat af a Soflblk var> 

*• Wbara ba«a yoa baaa lo4ay, Billy aiy aoa f 
Whara ha«a yoa b««a lo>d^, ay aaly aaa t' 
** I'va baaa a wootag aothar, aaka oiy bad i 
Wot Vm ueb at tha baut, and Cua waald ha 

•• What hava yoa ata to d^, Billy, aqr aoaT 
What have yoa aM to-day. ay oaly auu f" 
" l'*« aia aa aal-pia, aothar, aaaka ay bad aooa i 
Par I 'a tick, at tha haart, aad aball dia bafcra aooa.' 

Mr Jawlaaen alao tnuialataa, aa fbUowa, a 
gankeaehla, 1. «. Grand mothar Addar-aoek. 

popolar dlMg, antitlad Oi 

•• Maria, what i 

•• r»a I 

•• What haa i 

lat rooa ba*a yoa baaa ia— Maria, ay only aUM f 
with ay iraadiaothac^alaa, ladv aatbar, what pain ** 
•ba KiTaa thao la aat— Maiia," W 



I Urn IttU* flrtT- TTnilt.*' 

« Wlthwbd aU aWa e»t«li U« Utlfa ilifco Maria. " ft«. 
•• RM onfht tkcn with rmb aad Uttla •ticka-aUa." ftai 
■ Wk«l da tlM do with tlM T— toftkaaahaa Maria." fte. 
" 8ka gava it to bar Uttla dark-brown doy-alaa." fta. 
•* Ami what baoana of tha dark-brows dof^Maria," Ac. 
•* It bvat lata a thoaaaad piaoM aha." £b. 

Haria. aay oaly ehfU 

Ihar, what paia I" 

•• Maria, whara ahall I aaka thy b«l— Maria, aay oalr ehfUr" 
•• la tkt ehtuchjaid ahalt thou sake ag* tud iln. Ikig i 

** O WMMMM ha^ y bMB, Lovi Raadal, mjr aoa ? 

O whcff* hkia y baen, ny haodaomc pmog ntaa ?" 

" I h«'« bMB to €h» wild wood ; motlier, makt my bed woii, 

Vor I'm wMiy wl* bvatlatt •»! tl^ waM Ua down." 

** WImk gmt y« jroar diaiMr, Lotd RukUI, mj wn ? 
Whara gat y* your dinoar, my handmiM young inaa ?" 
*' I dla'd wl' my trne-lova ; mother, maka my bed eoon, 
Vor I'm weaiy wl* haotlng, aad fcia wald Ue dowa." 

'* Wbaft gat ye to year dlaaar. Lord Baadal, my wa ? 
Wbat gat ye to year dlaaar, my haadaoaia yonag maa ?" 
** I gat aala boO'd la bn»e' ; motbar, maka my bad aooa, 
7or I'm weary wl' haatiag, aad Mb wald Ua dowa." 

** What becBBM of your bloodhoaads. Lord Baadal, lay eoa ? 
What b eca me of year btoodbevDda, my haadaoma yoang aiaa ?" 
" O they ewaBVI aad they died ; mother, maka my bad eoea, 
Tnr I'm weaiy wl* haatlag, aad Ada wald Ua dowa. ' 



O I fear ya are polaea'd. Lord Baadal, my aoa I 
O I fear ye are poleoa'd, my handenwie yooag aiaa 1" 
" O yeall am peiaoa'd ; mother, maka my bed aooa, 
Vor Ita tick aft the h«urt, aad I lUa waU Vm down.'- 


fVaa ItallOT vmbB of " Lord Baadal** ia gh«i la Mr KJatodfe Aaotaat Baottlah Btellada, LoB- 
doa, UV. It waa ptoearad la the North. '* It wooM aeem," esya Mr Kinloeh, *' that Lotd 
DooaM had baeapoleoDed by eattagtflada prepared aa a diah of flahaa. Thooch tha frog la la eon* 
•eoatrtea ooaeldered a delleaqy. the toad haa alwajra bean viewed aa a TaBomoae aalmal. Might 
not tha Seoti prorerUal pbrMa, *' To gt'a ooe flnoga laetaad of llah." aa maaalng to eubeUtato what 

k bad or diaipaaahle, fer espeeted goud, be TtowMl aa allied to tha idea of tha raaooioaa qaallty of 
the toad?" 

** O waAjta haii ya beea a' day, Lord Deaald, my eon ? 
O whara ha** ye beea a* day, my JolUe yoaag aiaa ?- 
" l*fa beea awa* ooortla' ; mllher, mak' my bed eaae, 
Itar I'm rfek aft the heaitp aad I Ma wad Ua doaa." 



** VTbmlt wmi y hftt for jowr rapiMr, Lort 
Wliat wMd y ha** fbr pmr Mppar, mjrjoUlt 
*' I*** flotton my aappmr ; nithcr, nak' mj bad 
Vor I'm ■idc at Um iMvt, and 1 Aiin wad Ito 


*' What did yt Rct fer jroar nippn-. Lord Donald, mj ton? 
Wlwt did y* g*t ter your mppcr, my J44U« jowag man ?** 

A diah of ma' flthea ; mitlMr, mak' ray bed mac, 
Vor I'm alok at tiM h«urt, and 1 Ada wad Ito donn." 

" Wfaaia gat yt Um flihM, Lord Donald, my mm ? 
Wban gat y* th« AibM, my JolU« young man?" 
*' In my btter't bUwk dltohm ; mitbar. mak' my bad 
rvt I'm ilok at tht hoait, and I Ikin wad Ua doua." 

" What like wan yoar flahM, Lord I>Dnald, iqy 
What lik* wtra your flihn, my jolllo yonng man ?" 
" Biaek bnoki and epnekl'd bclliM ; mlthar, mak* my bad 
Vor I'm aick at tba haart, and I fkin wad Ua donn." 

" O I ftar y« are pobon'd, Lotd DonaM, my aon I 
O I ftar ye are pobon'd, my JolUa young man I" 
** O yaa I f am potion *d i rolther, mak* my bed aaaa, 
Vor I'm lUk at tba heart, and I ftdn wad Ua donn." 

"What win ye leave to yovr flithar, Lotd Donald, my 
What will y« Uara to your Ikthar, my Jollle yoang 
'* Baith my houeee and land ; mlthar, mak' my bad 
Fte I'm aick at the heart* and I lUn wad Ua daon.' 



** What wUl ye leave to your hrlthar. Lard Doaald, my eon? 
What will ye laare to your brlther, my JolUa young man ?" 
" My borm and tha aaddle ; mlther, mak' my bed 
Far I'm alek at the heart, and I bin wad lla donn." 

" What wfll ye laava to yovr datar. Lord Doaald, my aon ? 
What will ye have to your elecar, my joUla young man ?" 
*' Baith my gold bos and ringa ; mlthar, mak' my bad i 


at tha 


** What wni ye leave to your tme«leTa, Lord Donald, my ( 
What will ye leave to your tn*e4ove, my JolUe young maa 
" Tha tow and the halter, for to hang on yon troa, 
And Int bar hang there ihr the poyaoning o* i 




[Tm teBftd gmnaltj oaUcd "LunMlUa'* 
I at OM tin* • popular on* tiuoaftboat Seofc- 
land, and a onmber of dlAtvnt venioiia of it 
wdat, la wbWk both ttao nantM of tho h«ra aad 
tbo loeaUtjr MiobcBtod vary. In tbo vmkMU ba- 
flbre oa, tho haro flguiai uader tka dUkmat 
aamct of ** LammiUn/' 

«aal.~ ** Umbert Llnkla,- aad *' Bold Baaklii.- 
while Cha looallUM art alao duuigad moN or 1MB. 
** lammlkia** la tappoaed to be aa ironical da- 
rigaatMQorthablood-thiratjmaaon. ThaaarllMt 
prtnlod oopj of tb« ballad that eaa ba tmead ia 
that la Hcnf^ coUcotkm, ITTt; a moia oompMo 
aad botltreopf la jcivtn in Jaraicaoaii ooUaolioa, 
U06: aaotlwr varaloa bj Fialajr, In 1808; and 
aaethn by MothfertvM ia 1817. AD thaaa wa 
nprlnt la tht ordtr in which wa have ■padAad 
tham, aad alaa add a vanlon derived fktna oeal 
tiadihMw which hae not befcia beta priated.] 

(Haaane copy, with addltloaal 


Ha biggit Lord Weiia-k 
Bat p^yncat gat ha 

** flea 7a wiana gite Bie my gaeidoBf loid, 
flcn ]re wtnna g!> dm mj hire, 

Thia gnde eaatle. aae etaiely boUt, 
I aU gar nek wi* flea. 


" flea ya wtena gt'c me my 
Te mil ha'« eaoee to me." 

Aad qrne ha brewed a black 
Aad 4jae he rowid a «ow<— 

The LammikiB mir wroth, aalr wnth, 

Beturoad again to Dowae; 
Bat or he gaed, he rowM aad voWd, 

Iha aaatle ■heuU awaep the groaad.— 

"O byde at hama, «iy gnde I«rd Weiia, 

I weird ya byde at hanw} 
€ang aa la thta day^ haattef, 


" Tae alght, yaa night, Idiaamt thh 

nd red blaila wae Aa'; 

Gia ye gaag to thla Mack haatlng, 

1 aaU ha% eaam to 1 

I dnamcp my wlaaama dame' 
Baa oaaee ha'a ye to fear;** 
Aad qriM he kindly kiaed her cheek, 
Aad qrae the etartlng tear — 

Vow to the gvda grean-wood he^ gaaa. 

She to her painted bower. 
Bat Bm ahe okeed the windowa aad docn 

Of the oartle, ha', and tower. 

They eteehed doom, they e teahid yiMiy 

Cloee to the diaek aad ehia t • 
They ettthBd them a' bat a waa wlokat* 

Aad '■^"'"''"«' crap ia. 

** Wb«« are the hide o' thla caaUa ?" 

flaya the Lammikin ; 
" They am a* wt* Lord Wolre, haattatg," 
I did Mag. 

" Where are the laeeae o* this oaatla ?" 

Si^e the Lammikin ; 
" They are a* out at the waahlag," 

*' Bat wheren the bdy e' thla 
Baya the Lammikia; 

** She la la her bower aewiag," 
Iha Mao aoaike did alag. 


** la tUi the balra o* thle 1 

S^yatha Lammlkia; 
"The oaly baiia Lord Waira aaghte,** 

White lead AdM nooilaa aiaga I 

iMBimikia aipped the boaate babe. 

Tin high the lad Mode ipilnga. 


For a* hi 



'* 0, fiBtto noarlot, ilill mj faalni, 
O itiU htm wl' tlM kegra;" 

'* Be wiU not itiU, iUr Udjr, 
Let ma do what I pl«MM.» 

i "I wanted IbrnaA meat, ladle, 
I wanted for naa fee; 
Bat I wanted for a hantle 
A ftlr bidy oould gi**." 

" stm my bain, Uad noorto, 
etui him wi- the rioc.- 

" He win not itlU, my lady. 
Let me do any thing." 

Hiea Lammikln drew Us red ndcirord. 

And aharpod it on a atane. 
And through and through thia lUr ladia. 

The eaold oauU steel la gane. 

*' etui my balm, gude noutee, 

itlU him wi* the knlft.x 
*' He will not itlU, dear mIctnH mlae, 

Oln I'd lay down mj lUb>" 

Bor kng was't aflcr this foul dead. 
Till Lord Weire cumin hame, 

Thooht he aaw hk sweet bairn's blaid 
Sprtnkled oa a staae. 

" Sweet nouriea, load lood ertH ny balm, 

etm him wl* the bell." 
" He wUl not still, dear lady. 

Till ye oum down yoonel'. 

" I wish a' may be wee!,*' he ssya, 
"Wi' my ladle at hame: 

For the rings upon my flngen 
Are bunting in twain." 

Sfee flnt itep ehe itepped. 
She stepped OB a etane. 
The next step the etrpped. 

But malr he lookM, and dole mw he. 

On the door at the tmaoe. 
Spots o' his dear lady's bluid 

▲ad when ihe eaw the red red blade, 
A loud ekrieeh ikrieobed the,— 

" O mouter, monetar, apare my dllld. 
Who never ekaithed thee 1 

" There's bluld In my nnnesy, 

TherelB bluid in my ha', 
There'a bluid In my ikir faidy'a bowv, 

Aa* that'a want of a'." 

*' apare. If In your Uoldy breMt 
AUdea not heart of atane ! 

apan, an' ye aall ba'e e' gold 
That ye can oany hame i" 

iwaet aweet aang the Mrdle 

Upoa the bough aae hie. 
But little oand Iklea norioe for that* 

For it was her gallows tna. 

** I earena fbr yoar gold," he mid, 

" I oarena fbr your tse, 
I ba'e been wranged by year hud. 

Black WBgaance ye mU driot 

*' Here are nae aerft to goard yoar haH, 

Baa troaty apeavmaa hero ; 
In yoB green wood they eoand the bora. 

And ehaee the doe and deer. 

Tbea out he sat, and his braw mea 
Bode a' the oouotry rouu', 

Bre lang they Iksd Um Lammikla 
Had sbeltsrad near to Dewne. 

They oanrled him a' airU o' wlad. 
And miokle pain bad he. 

At last bcfon Lord Welre's gats 
They hanged him oa the trev. 

" Though merry loande the gude green-wood 
Wl' buatHaen, houods, and ham. 


Tour lord aall rue ere eete yon aun 

[jAKxaeoM'e vcnion, who RMivad it fton 

" noariee, wanted ye yoar meat. 

Or wanted ye your llM, 
Or wantMl ye for any thing 


It's Lamkln was a aaasoo good, 

Be built b>rd Wearle'e aastK 
Bat poTmant got he aaaa. 

tfOOmmi BALULM. 


** O ptf inB. lord Wiawis i 
OooM, vt TM my b*.** 

**I auwA pay foo, LwaUn, 
I\or I aumn gaiic o^ tlw laa." 

" O pay mt DOW, Locd WiMrie ; 

OooM, paj OM OBt o' hand.** 
** I auiiiA pajr yea, LamUn* 


*' O gin 7» wlima pay nw, 
I tan* an mak* a tow, 

Baltot* that ya ooma hama agidiit 

Lord Wcatte cot a boBsia Alp, 
To mH the nai Ma ftwm i 

hi* lady w«al tba eaatla kaop, 
Ay till ho alMidd i 

But tha aoariot wai a 

▲• oitf hanff OQ a tno ; 
Om laid a plot wl' LamUa, 

Whan hw lort waa o>r tto MU 

Bhi laid a plot art' Lamkim 
Whm tho iimuiU wtn awa': 

Loot Urn In at allttla ahot wtndow, 
▲ad hramhthim to tho ha*. 

a* tho moil o^ thkheoac. 

** Thoyn at tho harnwtU thnuhlng, 
TwUI ba bnt ort thiy oomo la." 

A Thoo LamUn ho roekad, 
*| And tho Ihaoo noarie* auf , 

TUI ftao Ukao bor« o* tho cfmdlo 
Tho rod Mood oat ipnuif . 

Thm oat it opak* tho lady 
A« dM stood on tho ttalr, 

'* What alio my balm, noarioo. 
That bo's fioetinff no mIt f 

** O itlll my bairn, nonrloo; 

O otiU bim wl' tho pap!" 
•' Ho winna ctlll, lady. 

For thio, nor fcr that." 

*' O, Btill my balm, noartoe ; 

O, itUl blm wi* tho wand 1" 
" Ho winna otni, bMly, 


I tho wonwa OP ttk 
no Lanhla ?" 
** Iboyl* at the fcr woU waihlng f 
Twill bo lane •>• thoy ooom ia.' 

' And whaM'a tho balm «* ttio 
That ea' mo lamUn ?" 

■ Th«ri« at fho oehool landing ; 
Twin bo Bight or thoy 

« O, wharo^ tho lady 0^ lUi 

Tha ea'B mo LanUn ?*' 
** ebtr* ap in hor bowor lawlag, 

Thon LamUa^ tana a dmvp kaifc, 
That hang down by bio galro. 

Awl ho hao gi*on tho bonnio baba 

'* O, otlU my bairn, noarioo t 

O, still Um wl' tho boUl" 
*« Ho winna stUl> bMly, 

Till yo oomo down yonnoi V* 

O, tho flnton stop ahc ttspplt. 

She ttoppit on a stano ; 
Bat tho n^otmi step aha otopplt* 

Sho mot him, I^unkin. 

** O morey, mor^, Lamkinl 

Ha'o morey apon mo ! 
Tbou^ yon'vr ta'oa my yonag mn't Ub, 

Yo may lot mynl' bo." 


Or mUl lot bar bo?" 
'* O, kill her, idU h«r, Lo«..., 

For oho n»tr was good to ma." 

"O Moor tho baton, nonrior. 
And mak' it bur and eloan. 

For to koop thlo lady's hcarfo blood, 
Ite aho^ oomo e* aobio kin." 

'*Thoro nood nao baton, LamUn, 
Lai it run Ihroogh tbo fluor; 

What hotter b tho boarti blood 
O* tho riBh than o^ tho poor." 

Baft ors thrso montho wort at an 

Lord Woorsoamo again; 
Bat dowlo dowio was his boart 

244 soomsH ballads. 

"O, whan blood kthk."lMMji, A "OpkuttiMbiani.iiowiee, 
" Tlwt Itot in the etumcr ?" . And plsua him wV (he k^yn.** 

*« It Is jronr iady't h«ut1 Mood; | ** He'll no Im plouad, iniidain, 
TtoasdanrMtiMlamtr.- For a' that ho n«." 

» And wha** Mood Is thb,*' bo aiii, 

" It is your yeung son's hsarili blood ; 

TIs Uw doanst ava." 

And Balcanqaal ay rooksd. 
While Auue nourioe sang. 

And thronj^ a' the cradle 
The baby's bkMd laa. 

0. twmQj sang lbs blaok-Mid <'F1cass the baira. noaitop 
That sat upon tha trss; And please him wl* the knllk* 

Bat minr gnit Lamkin, H *' Ha'U no be pIsasMl. madam. 
Whan ho was ooadsmn^ to dla. 1 Though I'd gi'a my Uft." 

And bonnio sang tha mavli 
Oat o' the thorny braks j 

But osinr grat the nowfes, 
Whsn shs was tisd to the Stake. 

And Baleanqoal stfll radksd. 
And fluue nouriee esag. 

While thiongh a* the eiadlo 
The ba^'e blood ran. 


"Now plcass the bairn, nooxka^ 
And please him wi' the balL" 

** He'll no be pleased, madam. 
Till ye oooM youiasl'.'^— 

[TnoAT's eopj, who glfss it flroa a maaa- 
sarlpt wiittsa by aa old lady.] 

I>own eama this Mr lady. 
Tripping down the stair, 

TO sse her sick bairn. 
Bat retaraad nerer raalr,^ — 

Waair Baiwsaris and hta tiaia 
Gasd to hunt the wild boar. 

Ha gar'd bar up liis oastla 

** Now sooar the bason, Jsaay* 
And soour't very oleaa. 

To haad this lady's blood. 
Vor she's of nohls kla." 

And hsbada his adr lady 
Ooard wesl her young son. 

Wot wiekod Baloanqnal 
Orsat mlsehiar had donob 


And klMd cheek and ohia, 
Aad his ance rosy lipe. 

But aaa bnath was wItUa.— 

80 shs doasd a' the windows 
'Without and within. 

Bat Ibtgot the wee wieket. 
And Baloanqnal «rap ia. 

" Tisrs wed, my sweet baby, 
Ye*Te left me alaaej 

But 1 see my death cemiag, 
I aeedaa make maae." 

Then up qiak' fkoss aoorice, 
" Haste up to the towar. 

Somebody knoeks at tha gate 
Baaldly and dowr." 

Therre to'en this Mr lady. 
And tied her wi' bands. 

And in her sweet heart's blood 
They've dipped their hands. 

Syne Baleanqnal ha rookad. 
And Auiee nouriee mng. 

Tin thitMgh a' the ofadlo 
The baby^ blood vtaiig. 

For Baleanqnal aad aoarka 

Had Tow^ her to ilaa, 
BeeauM their ill deeds 
m lladeBalwwkriaUasirte. 

...- . 1 


Dd««ttteaadUa train 

Tba gataa thay waia bolted 

Qun' hum* WMiy at •tn. 


Umb Toie* gtad ttacm wckjoma. 

And at tha ima' peep of a window 


BaUnkln aiap in. 


" QhMla morrow, gnda monvw," 


Skid iMsbart Unkln ) 

Nat TOleagM an awwcr. 

** Code morrow to yoared*, elr," 


ilaid tha Ikaae norm to him. 

«* O wbare ia year gnda lord ?" 

9Ud Lambert LInkini 
** Ha-i awa* to New Bngland, 


TO meat with UaklBg." 

'* where It hli anld eon ?- 


mf Mr MotlMrwaD, " ii givm from nettatlon. 


and thoogh it eoaM l«v« nwlTed addltlona, and 

*' Bel awa' to buy pearilaci 

pariiaiii improvementi, from another copy, ob- 


tained from a ilmilar wurM, and of tqoal an- 

tfamtialtr, fa hli poaMirion, tlM editor did not 

" Than dMH never wear tham," 

Hkt to nw Um Ubcrtj which !• liable to ntneh 

8akl Lambert Llnkin; 

aboH. Tb wme, tha picMnt wt of tba ballad 


fray ba vafaiabia, as handing down both name 

8ald tha fluHe norae to him. 

and nteknaiM of tha nvangcAal balldar of Prima 

QMtlo; te tima «an ba Uttla doabt that tha 

"O where ta your bidy?" 

apithai Umkim. Mr Lambert aeqaind from tha 

Said Lambert linkin; 

aecraoy and addroi with which be Inalnuated 

" Bhe'e in her boulr aleepln',** 

bhaaKlf into that notable etnngth. Indeed aU 

Said the Dram nuae to him. 

the anmee of Lunmarilnkin, Lammlkln, Lun- 

Un. LaaUn, Ltaikin, Beliakin, ean eaaUy ba 

** How aaa we get at her ?" 

fcaeed oat aa abbiaviattona of Lambert Unkln. 

8abl Lambert LInklat 

In tha piaaenttet of the ballad, Umbert Unkin 

•* Stab the babe to the heart 

and Bellaklii are oaed hidUhrently, as the maa- 


•aiear the vane maj require: In tha olhar re- 

cited aof>r. to wUdi lehiumji hae been made, it 

** That wad baa pity," 

le Lamnurllnkln, and Lamkla ; and tha noble- 

Said Lambert Linklai 

man Ibr whom he * baDt a honee,' la atated to 


ba ' Load Aitan.' No aUaahm, however, ia made 

Bald tha fknw naraa to hla. 

hte« to the name of the owner or Prime Oeatle. 

Aatiqnariea, paradTentore, may And It aa dlfll- 

BellnUn ha inekad. 

anlt to eettle tha pndee loaaBty oTthle fbrtallea. 

And tha fiMiaa none tha Mng, 

aa thay have fennd it to fts tha topogiapby of- 

TUl a' tha toree* or tha aradla. 


Wl' the red blada dawn ran. 

BauvKtw waa aa guda n naaan 
Ae eier pidit a etano} 

Ha buUt ap Prima Gaatle, 

• 3Wm.— Tha projeeflona or knoba at tha ai»> 

Bat payment gat nana. 

nen of oU-kahbmad endles, and the omaraaa- 
tal balla commonly fbaad eannonntlng tha 

Aa lord mid to hta lady. 

baeka of old chain. Pr Jemleewi doea not eeem 

When he waa going abroad. 

to have had a pndee notion of thie word. Tide 


IV. YoL or hie Piattonaiy, neee IWr. 

For ha Uea in the wood.** ^ 

j JMftenaalL 


flOOTTUH <»AliJb*]}ia. 

" O itUl my b&to, nurioe, 

O tUII him wi' ttM knift;" 
" H»>U BO be ttUl, iMljr, 

Tboagh 1 tejr domi my lite." 

**0 ttin my babe, narlo*. 

O still him wl- the 1uim«; *' 
"Bc'Unobeiatl, Uuly, 

Tin hl« daddy soma hama." 

** O aUll my bate, nartea, 

O atill him wl* tha baU ;•* 

Till ya eoma down youraal'.'* 

"Ita how oan I eoma doan 

Thia aaaM freaty nioht. 
Without a'ara coal 

Or » claar oandla Ikbi?" 

" Thanl twa anMJcka In your ooflbr. 

At white aa a awan. 
Put ana o' them about yoo. 

It wUl ahow yoo Uoht dooa." 

She took aaa o^ thorn about bar. 

And oaroa tripping doun ; 
Bat as soon as she nawod, 

BalioUn waa in. 

" Gnda morrow, goda mofrow,* 

Said Lamtert Unkln ; 
" Quda monow to >oarsal', rir»* 

Bald tha lady to him. 

*' Oh aavs my lUb, Ballnkia. 

Till my husband eoma baek. 
And I'U gl'a y« as mueh red gold 

As yall baud In yoor hat." 

" 111 no mve your llib, lady. 
Till your husband ooom badk, 

Tbo'you wud gt'a ma as mueh led gold 
As 1 oottld baud In a sack. 

" Wni I kill bar ?'• qno' BallnUn, 
" Win 1 un her, or lat bar te ?» 

** Ton may kUl bar," mid tha Auisa 
" 8te was note guda to mai 

And ya'U te laird o' the oastia. 
And ini te faidya." 

Hmq te eat affher haail 
Tma bar lily bnast Imm, 

And te hang't up In tte 
It made a' tte ha' shiaa. 

Tte lord sat In England 
A-drinking tte wlnet 

" I wish a* may te weal 
Wl' my lady at hamaj 

Fkw tte rings o* my flngws 
Theyl* now bunt In twain r 

He saddled his bone. 

And te earn' riding dooa i 

Bat as soon aa te riewed, 
Ballakln was In, 

He hadaa weel elepped 
Twa steps np tte stair. 

Till be saw his prstty yoang 
loriag dead on tte floor. 

He hadaa weel stepped 
Other twm np tte stair, 

TO! te saw bis prstty lady 
Lying dead la deapair. 

He haaged Bellnkla 

Out over tte gate i 
Aad te barnt tte fiuse noriee 

Baiag oadar tte giato. 


[raoM a M8. la tte poasaarioa of W. H. 
, Sdiaboifh, daelvad fton oral tra> 


a&iD tte lord to tte lady— 

"Beware or fianUa, 
Vor I'm going te Kngland 

To wait oa tte klag." 

" No Iters, no kars," 
8afal tte lady, aaM ate, 

*' Vor tha doon riiall te bolted, 
Aad the windows pladce. 

" Go bar all tte windows 

Both outside and la, 
Doat leave a window open. 

To let bold BaaUa In." 

Bte has baned up tte wladoen, 

All outside aad in. 
Bat ste left aae of them open 




" Oh ! where h Am martar or tUa 

BaU bold BiinUn, 
" H*^ np In old BnglABd," 

Bakl th« Mm aune to hiou 

" Oh ! where to themlitoMi of fUtbooM ?* 

Sidd boU Baakln, 
** Bh*^ np in her dmmber Jeeplm," 

ayd the lUee noxae to him. 

" Oh ! how ihall we get her 

BOM bold BenUn, 
«* Bx pierdDg the bnbj," 

BMd the flUee noree to htan. 

"Go plean the baby, noiaqr ohi 
Oo pkoae It with a beU;" 

" It will not be picaaed, madam, 
m ye oome down yoarBel*." 

"How eaa I eoma down etaiie, 

80 htta Into the night. 
Without coal and eandla 

To ahow me the Ught? 

*■ Then to a eilver bolt Uee 

On the elooBt bead, 
(Mr* it to the baby, 

Oiva U eweet milk and bread." 

Bha imnmed the ailver bolt 

▲11 np the bab7?i noea, 
m the blood it oame trlddlng down 

The babgr^ fine eiothee. 

"Go pkaee the baby, noney, 
Go pkaae It with the beU." 

It wUl not I leaae, oadam, 
m you oaoM down yoaneF: 

" It will ntftbor pleaae with 

H«v yet with pap, 
Bnt I pray, loving lady, 

OooM and roll it In yoor lap.' 


She etepped on a itane, 

the next vtap eha aleppad, 
Bhe BMt bold BaaUa. 

" Oh • BaaMn. oh 1 BanUn, 

Bpara me till twelve o*elook. 
And 1 will give joa as manjr gaineaa, 
■a eany oa yooar back." 

" What can I fcr aa many gnlaoas 

As eaede Into a waA, 
When I cannot koep my hands 

Off your Uly-whlto aeok ?" 

"Oh! wiU I km her, non^, 

" Oh! kiU bar,- mid the Use anne, 

'* She wae never good to ma." 

** Go eoour the bason, lady. 

Both outride and In, 
To hold your mother's hearti blood, 

i^pnwg from a mridar king."* 

** To hoM my mother* heart's Mood, 
Would maks my heart foil woe, 

OhI rather kill me, Bankin, 
And let my mother go." 



Both otttihle and In ; 
To hold your lady's hearts blood, 

Bprnng tkom a nobhv king." 

" To hold my hidy*B heart's Uoad, 
Would make my heart AiU woe. 

OhI rather km 
And tot my lady go." 

'* Go aoovr tha bason, aamj. 

Both oatdde and In, 
To hold your tody'a heart's blood, 

Bpmng fkom a aohlar king." 

" To hold my lady's hearts blood, 
Wottkl maks my heart ftdl glad. 

Bam In the knilb, boU Baakia, 
And gar the blood to shed. 

'* She^ none of my eommdee. 

She's none of my kin',t 
Bam to the knl*. bold Baakln, 

And gar the Uuid rla." 

" Oh ! wini kin her, Bueey, 

" OhI km bar," said the Bdss anne, 

"Bha was nerergood to me." 

* Bpmag tnm a nobte kin' ? 
t Kqnlvaleat to the If Iggsr adage, " Hit hfaa 
^ ha«d, him got ao IHaads hsro." 

248 800TTI8H BALLASf. 

<*Zwtahnv«MaadlkaiU7 4*""^*^ pvlabad In «h« Amiim. IIm nlu of 


thia baranlal naidenco are atUI tobaawnontho 

Wot th» ■ilw batSoiH Qtmj ooat 

bwika of the river riddach in Bamfrhlra."J 

Tfaqr wUl not Mv on.- 

**Tvmm, WttUe Maekintoeh, 


Tom, tarn, 1 bid jron; 

0%r hv window ao high. 

If yott bom Auehindoun, 

8ht WW hor d«w flithw 

Hontly will hand yov." 

Ooano riding by. 

** Bead me or hang me. 


That wlnna flay me. 

Dont pnt th« blaoN on bm^ 

I'U bum Auchindooo, 

It WM Mm ttoiM nnd Bnnldn, 



Oomlag owre Oaim-oroomo,* 

Ohl want that na awAiI rigkl. 

And looking down, man; 

WbM ho OMn* to Um §»mkt. 

I Mw WUUe Maekintoeh 


Bum Auehindoun, man. 

Ui blMdinf Ibm/ 

Light WM tho mirk boor 

Tbo Mm bum wm bnraft 

At the dagr dawlog. 

On tho mooauin hlU hood. 

▲nd Bankin wu ttoUad 



Idtttning of ^u<i)inl)ottn* 


IT«ia tagmoaft, with tho fellowint noM pra- 

And to It, waa ftrst printed in au Abordcon 

Bcwtpapar about thirty jraan ago.—" In im tho 

" Tdkh again, my gallant diief. 

MaolilntoihM, or dan Oiattan, harlng ofltodod 

Turn again, I Md you— 

Gordon of Uuntljr and bUathbogia, to whom 

If yon bum Auehindoun, 

thay wore TOMala, tho latter vowod vongtanoa. 

The Gofdon wlU behaad yott." 

whUi tho flmnor fearing, loquMtad tholr ohtef 

to prooMd to Auehinduun OuUo, tho rcoidono* 

** The Gordoa may behead mo— 

of thtir o&ndod auporior, and mo Ibr pMoa. 

I win think of turning 

On hit anrival thore, Gordon wai ttofortunatal/ 

When hk haughty lady wmpa 

fhim homo: ha wna however introduead to hia 

Whan Awofedndoon ia bnrningr 


ladjr, to whofn ha told on what artaad ha had 

oomo. and pleaded for hor IntaroaeOon; bat aha 

Xte Bhopherd BOW had loft the hoi. 

(old him that ihe wm aoio her loid would nut be 

The atormy wind wm howlingi 

aatlafled notU the hMd of the chief of the dan 

And on the brow of Oaim-croone, 

The dood of night WM aoowlingi 

deaplaiug her thraat, and bowing MomAiIlj low 

WhUa OB the deep and dlatantgloiw 

from tho wall, and aevcrod hla head from hia 

The Flddaeh, wUdly walling 

body. Hkolaa. on hearing of the 'horrid deed/ 

Of ftam npon ita woody bank»— 

aaaemWed under hla eon and mnOMaer, and 

Of aoming WM WM telling j 

marehed to Aodilndoua Ghetto In the doMd of 
night, which thajr plundered and eat on flre. 

Tho ladj made her aacapo, b«t aavoral of tho 

IP • A hffl near AnehtedOBii. 


400TT18H 1IALLAO& 


WB aloiig Um aky 
▲ iMMn to bright appnachlng. 
That on Um midclk hoar of night 
Th« (Uf 4<ght mama'd •nanMehlsg. 

nwB fliintly «• tht wbonuf hmth 
Was havd tho vo«» ofmevBiBf— 

And tbMi appcaiwl th« bnntlag 
Andiinrtxuii w buiwiagl 

f^it aSlatlocit o' %itooo?»* 

nCoDOJi Bauab.— <8m Ylgootto to tho 
It volonw.)— Tho tnulitton npon vhieh tho 
p cMnC hallad Is fouadod is thus oanrsted bjr Sir 
Waluar Seott in the notn to ths Lay of ths Last 
MmstnL—Sir MWimI Soott " ms ehown, it is 
amid, to go upon an smbasqr, to obtoin fkwn tho 
king of Franco aattafketion for esrtain piraeiss 
oommittsd bgr bis satdeets upon thoso of 8out- 
In rtta d of prsportng a now oqoipoce And 
lotlnns, tho ambaMador retnatod to 
his stndy.epniod his book, and sroksd a flond in 
tho ahapo of a hug« black hone, moonted upon 
his hoefc, and brosd him to fljr through ths air 
towards Vraoos. As thsy crosssd tho saa, tho 
devil ittitdioualy asksd his rider, what it was that 
the old won en of Sootland routtored at bed'tlma f 
A Vtm eapcrienoed wiasrd might bars anawertd, 
that it was tho Pater Mooter, whieh would havs 
the devU to pitdiritate him fkom his 
Bat Michael sternly replied, ' What is 
thattothasi* Mount, DkOiolDS, and fly I' When 
he arrived at Paris, he tied hk hone to the gate 
of tho palaoe, entered, and boldly dcllTcred his 
■Koian An ambasmdnr, with so Uttle of the 
puap sad riicamstanoe of diplomacy, was net »- 
•eived with mueh nspeet; and the king wae 
about to retam a contemptuous leftasal to his 
when MIebael be s o u ght him to sne* 
hia rssolntion tUl he had seen hit hone 
stamp thne times. The Ant stamp shook every 
a«eeple In Puis, and eaosed all the bells to ring; 
tiM sMsnd threw down thres of the towers of tho 
pahwe; and the Inlbmal stead had lifted his hoof 
to give the third stamp, when the Idng father 
to diemiaB Michael with tike most ample j| 
thMi tostand to the pn>bahto con- i| 

A ** Mr Miehael aeott," aeoeiding to the mmo 
high anthority, " flonriehed during the 18th 
eentniy, and was one of Uie aniba«adon sent 
to bring the Maid of Norway to Sootland, upon 
the death of Alexander 111. He was a man of 
much learning, ehiefly aequlrsd in foreign conn- 
trtee. He wrote a oommenlaiy upon Arlatotie, 
printed at Venles in 14iMi and several treatises 
upon natural pbikMophy, fkom whleh he appeal* 
to have been addicted to the abstruae studies of 
Judifllal astrology, alehymy, physiognomy, and 
chiromancy. Hence he passed among his oaa> 
tempoiarlee %» a sUlAU magician. Dempster 
inlbrms us, tliat he remember* to liave beard in 
his youth, that the mag'« books of Michael deott 
were atUl in OKlstenos, bat could net be opened 
without danger, on sooount of tlis fiends who 
theraby invoked.— Dempatori Hiatoria Eo- 
107, lib. sli. p. 4i»S. Lesly eharae- 
Michael 9eott as ' singuiari phllosnphlsB, 
ae medieina laude praatana; diceba> 
tur penitierimoe magi« rscesaui Indagaase.' ▲ 
personage, thus spoken of by bii^grapber* and 
hiatoriaas, loses little of his mystical Ihme in 
vulgar tradition. Accordingly, the memory of 
Sir Michael ikmtt sarrlves in many a legend ; 
and in the south of Seotlaod, any work of great 
labear and antiquity is ascribed, either to the 
agency <d Amid MiehatltOl dir WlUbun Walhtce, 

An gloamin, as the sinking aan 
Gaed owf* the wasUin' braies, 

A.nd shed on Aikwood'i liauntod towers 
His brlghfbut ftuiing rays; 

AaM Michael lat his leafti' lane 
Down by the ktreamlefa side. 

Beneath a qM«ading hasei bush. 
And watched the passing tide. 

Wi' iBonnona wee, that loap*d Ifar Joy, 

The water eseoed a trj. 
And eroes the stream, tnm atano to stane, 

Ths trout gnsd glandn' by. 

The ■portive maakin fVac his flma 

0am' dancing o'er tlie loa, 
And cooked his lugs, and wagged his Aid* 

Sons 's Mfajbasl caught his e'e. 

The paitrhte whirring iisarar flew,— 
But, hark 1 what it't I hear ? 

The horse'a tramp and trumpets note 
To Aikwood drawing near ;' 




Aold MMiMl imiMd hh ttetol j fbrm. 
And tlowlj luun««rard bled,— 

Blftat wwl h* kenM wlut knight and hon* 
And trampct did iMtid*. 

'* Onr gmekMii Ung , to whom the Lord 

Omnt •!• ■ happy lot, 
Thia pnekrt to hit kinanaa Mnd*— 

Tht toal i3ir Miefaaal Seott. 

" And yt navn hie m feat m 1 

WUI bonr ytm own tb« laa. 
To Fmiehnuui'i land, and to Cho king 

Thla packet f mann giV. 

" An aatwtr ftaa tlM Frenchman yo 
Maun teak for dean aff hand. 

Than hi* thaa to oar ■oT'rrign lord— 
Boah Is the king's eommand." 

Be ipak' the knight, and MlchMl boWd I 

'* The king's bceU 111 obey. 
The fleetest steed 1 shall pre, are. 

And start ere break o* day." 

Anld If lehad to his ctaost 
Bat lang he bald na there. 

He donoM a claack balth auld and 
And hanting cap o' hair. 

Free a phial sma', a drap he pour'd. 

That sane rose till a flame, 
A grueeonie low, whar clflns wee 

JlggM roan' wi* might and mala. 

The low he toes'd np la the air. 

The sky grew black as coal. 
Bono words he spak' that naa maa taiM, 

And thandcn 'gan to rolL 

Tbs lightnings Bashed, the load winds Hew 
Till Aikwood trcmbUag stood, 

And taU trnee bent their stately fonna 
like eele In playfli' mood. 

If Idet war o* winds and thandai's 
TIm bravest weel might Ibar; 

The warloek wav'd his little wand. 
And throogh the stona did peer 

His eeant'aanoe glow'd, fbr sse he 

Borne on the blast along, 
A tall blaek stssd, with eyes of flame. 

And thews and sinews strong ! 



Be not by m otrew' s dawn 

The wailod aad hie stssd flew oa, 
Voogbt stayM their headlong way. 

The highest 9mk, the lowest glen. 
Were •paag'd as twen but play. 

They boa a ded en, aad aight owls sna 
As pMs'd this fk«mit pair, 

Aad la their beds the s J e e p e m gTaa*d 
And rowM as la nightaoare* 

Oa, oa thay sped ilhe wintry blast, 
Aad kmg ete flrst e u c k^ rr t w 

The sea was eross'd, and Parte tow'n 
Wars isea tut flv below. 


The great, blai^ 

hofse with Jbart 
eonlbonded looklS, 

At Mkhael^fe dress: bntsooawHh 
That made their doD ears ring. 
Be naoMs his ernm^ and deaiaada 

" What I ye vsAus, ye crlngtag paek, 

A messenger so mean ? 
Than stamp, my stsed, and let them 

Wel« better than we seam i" 

The blaek horse stampM ; aad le * the bdle 
Throogh all the towa did sound. 

The stseple towen shook to their base 
As heard ap ttom the ground. 

"What I do ysatin my salt 
Then stamp, my etsed. 

The ooa i tter s shook fl»r very 
And ereesM themselTM right 



St ths hoof, and sounds efi 
Wen heard on er'ry side. 
The thaaden roBM, the Ughtaiags giarM, 
Aad through the air dkl ride 



Pm—tMy kmw, wf ih boop mad ho t 
That qMwed Ibrth onohc and flra. 

*' AlMk-«-day ••* quoth th« eeartlcn all, 
"Thato'wwofairdhtolia.'* ' 

Tb* wodklt htn iB ITotra Dam** 
Play'd jow, and ham la twain. 

And lolljr toWis aad irfnaaelM 
OuM tamhHm down amain. 

n« bcn^noa on a gargoyloiit hack 
y/f»M shot oat OWN ih* MnOf 

Hit hof npoB a weodra Mint 
Wrat ipbMh into tho ( 

Tb* palaM diooli Bh» tanghcn hodi 
When wavM by waitllo wind*. 

Or llh* tht oorn con In tlM dicaf. 
That liarvott reaper hiada. 



The kinf fkae nfil aMt wai 
Aad plteooely did roar* 

For a Tulfar part o' his bodto 
Oune thad upon the floor. 

«* A1aek4i-daj I" hie MngeUp 
*' Wha wreofht a* this deiar 

Maan e'en be mair than mortal 
O dalali no on the daj 

" Be e^ earn' to oar pelaoe yctt I" 

Bat Miohael now aae lanter 
Wad wait. '* Ye poltroon knavee.tak* tent 1 

The third etanp ehall be etnnfer." 

>t etopr they cKed, "th/ mishty 
Bae Btair we een wttheUnd, [pow'r, 

A third ttanp or thy IbD bladi hotM 

' n hot heete wae gtT*By 
And e'er yen eould eey, whawi 
The waileek had beetrode hto iteed. 
And tliroi«h the air tfa^r flew. 

•ir«»» Dams, the priadpal eathednJ hi Parb, 
BtMBda upon an ielend hi the middle of the river 
Belae. which lalereeoU the eify. 

■eon to difbrrat e^lee oTaRhltMitaM, and fin- 
qaentty acn^^tored into the ahue of an 

Aad aa tiiey poard Car Dover atniti. 
The hone to apeak began, 

A pawky heart, aad, aa he plaaaM, 
Waahane,or de'U.orBian. 

** Gome tell to mo, O maeter mhie I 
What do the aold wirea my 

In Bootiand when the eon gaea down, 
<v» to thabr bade they gaa ^^ 

Bat Xlohael waa oWre alee e'en fcr 

The eanning e* the de*!!— 
" Whafa that to thee, Diabolaa ? 

Meant* or my wand thou'lt flaal. 

" Bat If indeed thon fkin wadst ken 
Whafa by the aold wivaa mid. 

Then dam tiiyaat* at e'enln'a tk' 
Ckm by aome eottafa bed; 

" And when the aun haa left the lUI, 

And atan begin to peer 
Oat throagh the blue, and aoonda o' toil 

Haa mair Ik' on the I 

**Then wOt thon eee anM Seothil damae 

Kned down to aae above, 
Aad aame with reveranee the muao 

Of Him thara tinth aad lore. 

" A aame, Blabolae t mora diand 

To thee and all thy Ay 
Than la thy hldeoos natire flma 

T» nntMght mortal eye." 

By tUa tfane tfiey had Bngland eroaa^. 

And eke the OhorleU high ; 
The Pentlaada had been left behind, 

Aad Holyvoed waa al^ 

Hera Mohad parting fkne Me ataed 

Stoalght to the pateoe went, 
la haata belbra hia aoe'reiga kad 


•* What hof afar Michael, art then 

Raat dar*d to dlaebey 
My oidan, that ambaamdor 

Te Vkaaoa thon'det haata away ?>' 

"Wntptaeamyaorfalga tereeelm 

Thle padaat from my hand ? 
With right good will I have obeyd 



Tbt king tnmBxt wl* 

And nww brltor'd Ua •'«!, 
And all aghMl the eomtlcneow'r'd, 

liuifw tbrtr WHIM h«d wtam'd 

Sir MiehMlaff had tM«, 
▲ad ^lad hin baek to Alkwood gfw 

InhwtohtolMlh'laatl * 


Vlacl^ Agnace of Siunbat* 

[Jemt TALaoT.— Blaek Agum of DuBbftr 
daufhtar of ThooM wii of Bandelph, and wUh 
•r Patrick, 9th aarl of Dunbar and Maivh. She 
hehl th« CMUa of Dnnbar ntDOtaaa wtoln agalnti 
tha Kngltoh, and at laat eompollod lord If ootagM 
to rain tho ■!•■•* This Viok plaoo in Januarj, 

flo»a lint o' lord! an* mno o' knlebta, 
An* Mifno •* miehty moa o' war. 

Bat I rinc o' a Mdjr bndii, 
Tho Blaok Acaaeo o' . 

Lord Xarefa rado to tlM Bargfa Mnlr, 
Wl* him his vaonk tmo an' baald. 

An' Mt hk wift an' her boahHaaajrto 
To bMo at homo aa' koop tho haald. 

I ap and ■pak* Lord llontoc<*w : 
Aa Ul dflid maj ho doe Ihorolbrol 
** JTow buak an' boane, yo rooti yin o u a*, 
TO ioo thk laddjr la her boair.* 

" O Mdj Kareh ! O loddj blr I 
Do up jronr yotio an' opeak to mo, 

Aa' 111 gl'e yon mo goM aa' pearlo. 
As aow a dame la ( 

< " Toar porltaie flno I oareaa by, 
A« ttttio oare I Ibr yoar gold I 
Aa' while mjr lord Is gaao Afao hamo, 
Tho jetu ftMt looked 1 moaa to hold." 

" O loddy brteht! O Mdy hlr ! 

Do up yoar yode aa' speak tlU iM, 
An' 111 gl'o yoa sle oioth o' guM 


" Aa* wo win rUo to LondOB town, 
Bleht welooiao to oar English kingj 

And you sail be Dane Montagow, 
Vor 111 gl'o jou a wwldia' riag. 

<* Aa yoa saU ha<0 haith lords an' kalohta, 
Aa' Uttlo pa«w twoely-throe ; 

Aa* hawks, aa' hoands, an' 

" Taar flap a' gold X oatona hf , 
liar oars I far yoar Ihloons ftoo i 

I oarsaa fbr your horss nor houMbi 
Hot tor yoar pagss twoatythrso. 

** Bat tak' yoar pages haald aa* yoaag, 
Aa' gl'o ilk ane a sword aa' spear, 

Aa' sst thorn on your hones good, 
Aa* mak' thom nalehty atoa o" 

** Aa* y« BMy tok* yoar lordings biavo. 
An' dook thom wi' your cbuth o* goht; 

Tor while my aln gudo lord's awa'. 
My yotta hsk laoTd I moaa to hoUL" 

Vmr ho has ta^m hk roanionolls* 

His warwolres an' hk swine sae Strang, 

Aa' thuadsr'd at ths oastlo yett, 
Wl* stardy stniks fa' loud and lang. 

He gard the oroes-bow strings to tirl. 
The quairsk Ihot an' thick they dew ; 

Be gafd hk arehMS gudo %» staod 
An' stoatly ben' the tnisty yow. 

igOBolk play*d hst aa' ft«». 
Brought d(»wn big stanrs tm» aff the wa'i 
Blaok Agnaoe wl' hor napkin fine, 
Leueh load aa' dicht the stoor awa*. 

nwa If oatagow ho oweas aa alth. 
That he wad tame that leddys prido. 

An' moved hk swine again t^ was. 

Upoa tho <»■««« w. ... ...»., 

Tho yiri o' March's siuniy mairow, 

Aa' looeh an* spak*, " Lord Montagow, 
1 trow thy swiao are fiUa to thnrow.' 

Thoa lat she fk* a woigfhy staao. 
Upon tlie Bog'ish oi^ittin^ awlnei 

TIm Bnglkh lang may nae the day. 
That they «k Oftr mea dM tiae ! 



Wl* tnrnbUn' toIm then rat apAli' b* 
TUr Heoctlah qoMuu are dtvUI gvti, 

^ I «»t ««*f« bUdm IMM efwn tanr. 

Bat biMli, my m uifua m a a', an' rid*:" 
Tbcy dldoa iiMd th* Mddm twtea, 

I wat thqr wwraa brath to Mdt. 

How dag wba Itali o' Ionia an* knkkt^ 
Aa' aiDf wtaa IMi o* man o' war; 

Bat kt iM doc *!»*• Md7 brinht, 
Tha Blaok A<aaoa o* 

iluncan, a Jptagment* 

(M opaair Ballad Iqr HanT 
■hor of Tha Mw of IMIag.] 

'8av !• tha Thaaa e' molkla pridt, 

B«l angar ht hia mf ?** 
' I Mw libn Boi, DOT aaia," ha «riad{ 

Though daath trod en hk haal 
laaa ia tha erMt that tto^a to 
Haa tio aaagr Duncan 

** Baifcl harki or wat It bat tha wind 
That through tha ha* did dug ? 

Hark! hark! agam awarllkadMaft 
Tha hhak wooda foond do ring. 

** Til na tot nooght,* hold DoMaa mM, 
*■ 8te dMmUnin on tha wind :* 

%BC nf h* atartMl ftaa hia i 
A thrang o' i 

" Barte, hMtt, my valhwt haarti," bo add, 

" Anaa mara to feUow ma ; 
Wail maat yon dioutan by tta bom i 

I gnam wha th«y may ba^ 


Fma tha daw anaivhlag thrang 9 
Bha flrao tha mirk aloml dMOti ft 


vHli. mayhap I" 
*' Than not of poaea, X trow :• 
' Xy maHar, Danaan, bnda aaa rin. 

*' B m t oia agan that bhrimlBg raaa, 
Toor mda hand pladi'd awn' ; 

apUn hia Hary Cdr, 
Or yon diall ma tha Uf.- 

Tbraa atfUaa Iba gallant 
And ihuik hIa ftorward 

*'Oaa tall thy naatar, 



Ofraral, iport, and jplay; 
Onr aworda gart fluno proolafaa na man 
f thla raaAi' d^y. 

Tha reaa I plaflhrd, oTrighftta 

ha til 
Fma hnta to faif* ika flaw." 

■wifl aa a wlngad dwft ha apadt 
BoM Danaan add. In Jaar, 


ita aoBwa an oa n wamH na% 
or rtvd, aport, and ptay t 



Oar haarti logathar grow 
Uha twa awaat roma oa ■ 


And thaa in wiath did My i 
*' 6od auik* Bay aaol ir tea thli flald 




And now bat 

Bar iMt aaa atap thqr And I 
ia awlfUy fidaa tha milky aioad 
Upea the dmaMtM wind. 



Bar tu; a maBtl* tenm^ alfan, ^ 

Bm ATM tiM gny mitt brmki Cha ran 

To diisk tb« iiMniiiig<dnr. 

^ *< For thla did a* thaaa wanton eema, 

flhaU allly tmn prarall?** 

** Alain, ni7 ftfanda 1 what ■Ifhc b this ? 

Ob, itap your rag*," dM cried: 
" Whar km with bon^'d lip ihoald U, 

Mak* noia bnMh «• wMo. 

Thay glad a ahOBt, thair bow* they talk. 

Like tha load warn of Ban-aahon ; 
Than waa na* loacu nv woad^ 

" Grii then aay and* draw hli aworl. 
My hosbandl braatt to bldd ? 

Or oaa my twMt lord do to him 
tik) foul and mthle« dakl? 

A 017 Mm waaplag Maiy gfcdi 
" O anala ! hear my prayar j 

Bead na that man of bloldy Io«k;~" 
Bha had naa tfaaa to malrs 

" Bethink y*, vd«I*, or th* tliM 

My gray^balT'd tethar di«l i 
Fra* whar yoor ■brill horn ■hnlk tho wood, 

H* Mnt fkw yoa wl' «p*td: 

For to tba mldat aaoa than eama 

A blind, unweatlng dart. 
That glaae'd fkae off bar Daneaa'a tai|l^ 

And atnwk her to the heart. 

"< My hrothar. gard my harm/ ho addi 

* She bat nai CUhmr aeon : 
Bagwd her, Donald, ae your ala i 

111 aAnaaithar boon.' 

A whUe aha ■tagger'd, lyna aha fcll. 
And Duncan aaa'd her Ih' ; 

Aatound ha stood, for to hb Umba 
Ihan waa nae power at a'. 

*' Woald than my anala tew my lova, 

Whar Ion itooald na ba. 
Or wwl ma to tha man 1 hate? 


The ipaar ha meant at ton to fling, 
Stood fls'd within hb hand{ 


" Oha theto bravo man. who but efiato 

Togvtbar ebaa'd tha dear, 
▲gainal Ihalr eomradea band tbafar bowa. 

In Uuidy hnnttng han f- 

tea the bbwk atnmp of aoma anU alk. 

With anna to trtamph dight, 
BMina to tha tnmUer like a man, 
• • • 

Bha «aha, whUa «rtakUns ma th* IMM 

Bar bliuhing ehaak alan/; 
And aUanea, lika a hmvy doad, 

O'ar a' tha wanton hang. 

eyaa atopt tha i*d.h*hr*d Kaloam flhrth, 
Thraeaeore hto yaara and thiaa; 

Yat a' tha atrangth of atraogaat youth 

»aa p(ty waa than to hk bnMl, 

For war alan* ha lo>d i 
Hb gray •» qiarklwl at th* alghl 

Of plandar, d*ath, and blald. 

Af tit imontgometifii. 

[BaraiirrBB from a pamphtet poblbh*d to dt*. 
at Obagow. 177«, by Robert and Andrew Foulb, 
and then mid to be printed tvm the only eopy 
known to ramata, whbh had been preeerved 
abon aisty yean by the oara of Uagh MooV 
gomwto, eanior, at Saghaham. long oao of the 
foelon of tha Cunlly or JBgltotooa.] 

- WhatI *all on haarto eratod.**ba a^d; 

** Band to a womon'a mng f 
Or aan her word* oar hoouwr qnlt 

FerdadUtoiMHwiaM' ' 

A MW&a Roman waa tha root 

Fkom whldi Mooinomarba aaoMb 
Who braoght hb bdoa from tin «ar» 
} AadaattladtbiiaaM 

800TTI8H BAI.LU»d. 


V^M ft Un nwtxt Itaaw ud 
CkoMrieiis* bf namt; 

FromwhWi h« and hli 



nwir nlemr did khan bting , 
TlMfc th«y gnat loalnnnMti mlsht ba 
Ta aavt tlw Oallla kiBf I 

Bara, with tnat apteBdor aad 

Bis etntmiM tbitj ■pandt 
At koffUi ftar Sn^aod they art mUj 

AnbltlOB hath M»aad. 

Oa BHtUb groand thar laad at langthi 

Bodgar moat ganatal ba, 
A oauata or tha eonqaavor% 


Tha greataat peat; Into tha llaM 

Tho anof than laada ba. 
Into a oamp, HaaBnga by naaaa. 

In taaaax, whara joall aea 

Tha marhi oTaanpa aato thia day { 
And wham yoall haar tt told, 

Tha XacllA king did tham atiaak 
Moat lika a oaptaln bold. 

Bat aoon, alaa! ha fbaad it vala. 
With Bodgcr anna to tiyi 

Tola wayry offloav piapaiaa, 
Hia pt^teU to ddy. 

Tha Btnmg attaoka ha than ol 
Whidi mada hlra thtnoa to dread. 

That Eagland'a Itlnc atiight ba amoQg 
TlMaa who ehazgad with aoeh apaad« 

Tha Hlb-snarda atralght ha oidacad, 

Thdr taxj to dalbnd { 
Whcia Handd, Kaglandti Uaf;, at 

Hla erown ud lUb dU and. 

vf nanea to tha aoBQoaror did < 

Tha Bngiiah aeaptra great* 
Aad WUliMn, Xaghkadi Uag daalaV^, 

T» Leadaa oama la I 


Earl Bodgarf tten tha graateat iohu. 
Hast to tha liing waa thoaght; 

Aad nothing that ha aould daaiie. 
Bat it to him waa brought. 

Xoatgonary town, Xontgonaqr Airt 

And carl of Shrtabarte, 
Aad Arundala do ahow tiiia BUti 

Of graadaur All! to ba. 

Thoa did ba Uva all thIa ktaiC^ laiga 

For worlia of piety, 
Ba built an abbada, and 

FtepazM hlmacir to dla. 

At kat Ung WilUan yMda to 
And then iUa aao ad aon 

Moante on tba thiv^na, which had 
Tha kingdom qnito undena i 

r fcr tha aidaat aon ataad up, 
Aa Bodgctli aona did ail : 
Bat tha uaarpar kaapa tha throDa^ 
Whloh did begin thair lUL 

Than FhDIp lato SaoOaad 

ITnabla to andoia. 
That they who carldoma had 


Tha Ung of Soota wall knew tha worth 

Of man of noble raeo. 
Who, in no timca oTagca paat, 

Tbair worth did < 

Ha In tha Xana glvaa Philip laadt, 

Whloh aftarwania ba eoon 
With tha black Douglaaa did cscfaaoga 

Jm Eaatwood and Poooon, 

Wbaia many agea they did liva. 
By Ung aad oouoUy lor'dj 

Aa men of rolour and noown. 
Who wan with honoor mov'd 

To ahoB BO hasard wbaa they ooaid 

To aithar aHTioa do I 
Thaa did thay Uva, thua did ttaay apai^ 

Their blood and meaey too. 

t I)ugdala'aBBraaaga,aadHMofl!aaof 


WW rr iflH BAXLAM. 

JLt last «Br1 DeoglMi dM Inlbrai, 
That to our kinfi dliRnM, 

▲b Bnsliah «url luid deaplj twer*, 
HaV hoaft ia < 

Aad, naagrt all that 8eo<a eould do^ 
Would kill and baar away 

Tba etaoleaflt daer of Ottorfeani,* 
And baat of harii woold alar. 

Oar Unf aaat hit eommaiidi anto 

8lr Hb^ MoatfonMrto, 
Asd told him Dovgiaai wanlid 

Who flcht ooold, but not flaa. 

Tha itovt Sir Rogh f Umaatf 
The DoogiaM to rapport; 

And with him took hia aldiat 
Itacn did thajr aO Naoct 

Vate tha Md, wttt thair teava 
Whara moat of them did dia ; 
or AAwn huadnd warlllw Seoti 
I bat Bfly-thraa. 

idala; HrRagliacala 
Tha battla dM rtaa«r ; 
Ha mada no ataad, with hla owa 
Tha aari Tmnj ha alaw. 

abt Hngh waa data, Mr Joha malatainV 

Of Britain tha flrat hlng, 

n^al raaa anto thla day 
Doth o-ar Chaat BtMaln taign 

) yea aia eotaa af ivfal blood. 
And klngt an ipning frvm joa t 
flaa that with graatnt aeal and ieta 
Tkoaa virta« ya parma. 

WMeh to thoaa hooean lata'd yoar 

And ahail withoal all ataln, 
la h w alda hooka ynir anaigna flowiM, 

Tha hoBoor of tha day t 
Aad with him brought tha Tlolfliy, 

Ba with hla raaaom bnlU Pe 
A caatla whleh yet alanda; 

Tha king well pleaa'd aa a reward 
Ski thamAira gira him laadat 

Aad aoma tima after gave hk alaea, 

OfEgllntoun tha heir. 
To Sir Uoghl laprcaenUtlva; 

Xkoa Jolaad was thli pair. 

Aa with her aama a gTMtt aauia, 

Bar loyal hlood ta Lcnnozt hooaa, 

Whlali did la Soraly and, 

* Sea Parcya BaUqoea. voL I. p. IS, ad. 17M. 


I ■arl of LeBBOO. 

?9i0(lanl) Urgent. 

[Jam Dyk.] 

Toowa Lamohb, the prldn of ArgyUahlra^ 

Waa haating the nd red dan, 
Aad he eaw a hart In hie own O leu Ana, 

Aad planed him with hla apeor. 

The hart Sew on with the llghtnlnfe epead. 
Though tha abaft waa in hie Md«, 

ni ha eana to a riwer*a akiptng bank, 
Aad piuagad In tha netlea tldOi 

Tha hoatar fellow*d with might and mala. 

To ttie tofalat of tha wild Ulcnitnie, 
When tba y«mng Maogrigor had thrown a 

Aad wounded a hart that day. 

Tte daer oiar aodi othar'a path had croefd, 
Aa thay kept on their blwod-tmekd fligki, 

Vatll one tank duwn on the bcattaci bed, 
Aad dlad la tha huatcr'e aighu 

Thay mat in a proad and angry mood. 

Who had never mot baf n : 
And a eUlfc onae o'er the Ikllen pray, 
i draw hla broad elaymora. 

In vain, la vbIb, did tha Or^or^a 
On hia rival banter dart, 

Far Lamoad hia ahlataig 
Aad ballad 1ft la hta 



li« fltd, ponMd by hli fbemaat dan. 
Bat he MWQ eatstript than all ; 

And whco ha had wmodcrM long and tkr, 
H* mam to an aadnit halL 

And iM lookM on th* ftu» ofaa agad man. 

And iM told him nf the frayi 
And the old maa ■hdtar'd and M the Twth 

1U1 tha aloM or that fetal day. 

Bat MOB bo hoaid from ahaadnd llpo 

That hto oal/ ehQd was alafai, 
That the loot hope ofa mightir dan 


Bo had •)«• aremad hfan— Ui ilraagth waa 


And hlo rao* wai nooilj ran ; 
And ho wept with a lono and a ilooolato 
Oiw tho (hto oT hiinobio 


Bttthliword waa paaa'd to tho 
And ho led him forth at n%ht, 

Whllo tho dan of Maogrogw draan'd 
And graap'd thalr waapona bright. 

Bo kd htan forth to broad LedJIae, 
Whota a bark waa aaon to ride. 

And ha ooon waa bomao'ar tho dackllag wavoa, 
Onaa mom to hia own bom^ida. 

' at parting, Maogragor anid, 
*' Then nnat Ittow n.o for thj km : 
Oh I ha wall may bar a aiicli lavongv. 
Who haa hdd hto hopea ao low." 

Tho batqoo ahot off, and tho dd man tarn'd, 

Wnh a foobia atop, to roam 
Throogh tho lonoljr gicna and tba mMy 

To hto and and chUdlaaa homo. 

Bat ovQ daya o'Or tho good labd 
And ho loot tiiat homo for aya ; 

And ha Mt-and he kit with 
Tho ioenao of hia lovod Glooatno 

Tanag Lamond then aengbt tho waad'ring 
And oponM hto haU-door wldo. 

And ho tended hto wanto with filial 
TU tho aged ahtoftoia dkd. 

["A raAavaitT of thtoflaopU ballad] 
lapoatadly pabltobod nndor tho Utlo of 
•rod Kni ^t.' The pnaant adlUan hm 
oomplatod foom t«o radted eoplaa. Tonag 
JohHtoMliiaaaonforbdag *aaabMo aeeoilag 
In/ haa boon npfwaaaad, aa well aa a ooadnding 
■taB8aorinforiormarit,in which tho oataauopha 
to daaeribad hi a manner qalto aatiafoetoty, bat 
Mt vmj poattoaL"— MHiVa ammUk MUttHem/ 
mad Mmmmtk Batlmda.-} 

Tonra Johnatono and tha jroong ed'nd 

Bat drinUng at tha wfaio, 
"O gin !• wad many my i 

Ito I wnd many thine.' 

" I wadna many yonr I 

For a' yonr hoaaoa and land. 
Bat 111 hoop her forn^ lemaa. 

Whan I eono o'er tho atrand. 

wadaa many yoar atoter. 


For a' yonr 
Bat I'U keep b 



And he 

formy lemaa, 
o'er tho aea.' 

bad a not-brown awoid,* 

It thningh tha yoa^ ed'nd. t 

Bat he'a awa' to hto atotw^ boi 

And hel tlrted at the pin; 
" Whar lufo ya boon, my dear Johnatono, 

itoo lato a oaming in ? 

Thto waa a fovonrito almUe with onr 

, and did not Imply, aa aonio auppoea, (aao 
partionlarly a long note In Percy'a Brliquaa, VoL 
I. p. 90. Uat edit.) that thay allowed their 
aworda to mat from a noUe coiitetnpt of appear- 
anea. bnt that it waa a Damaaeua blade.— /lU/^. 

t A gair la a pleoa of doth iaeerted into a gar- 
ment to widen li. Oair to aomeOmca need for 
tho whoto dftaa, '* Cralncot ander gore." the moat 
baantifol In dreaa : a phiaaa of I 

I TbroMttvldontly. 




^bamjt, A 

'*I*T« dnamad ■ dnan thk alghV 

" I wldi it voaj b« good, 
Thiy «wi« Htklng yoa wlUi hawks ao4 haania. 

And the jrouag MI'mI wm dnd.'w* 

" Tb«y an n^ng mo with hftwki iomI honnds, 

Ab I trow wiii they bt» 
IVv I haw UU^ tbt youag eol'Bd. 

And thy owo triM low 

" If ya Uf kfltod tha yoang eollMl, 

A date and woa la vaa i 
Bat I with y« may bt hanged on a hie gal- 

An' ha'e naa power to flee."— 

And he's awm* to his lover's bower, 

*' Whar ha'e )e been, my dear lohastoaa, 

*' ITS dreamed a dream, this night," she sayi, 

1 wish it may be good. 
They were seeking you with hawksaad hoonds. 

And the yoong col'ael was dead." 

" Thsy are seeking me with hawks aad honads. 

As 1 trow weU they he. 
Woe I have killed the young oel'aal, 

Aad thy ae brother was he." 

*• If ye ha'e killed the youag eol'ael, 

A duls aad woe Is me: 
But 1 gi'e na sae much fur the youag ool*Bsl, 

ir thy ala body Is free. 

*' OoBM la, eome in, my dear Johnstone, 

Oome la aad take a slesp, 
Aad I will go to my «assm«nt,t 

And •HiafhUy I'll thse keep." 


In BIr Tristrem, but I baUeve aowhsrs 
Sir Tristrem it simply m' aos e¥i.—Fiml0jf, 

• Though the rhyme of this stansa may now 
appear Uoentlous. it was aot so formerly. Dmd 
Is to this day pronouneed deed la SooUaad, aad 
gtod gueda in Abentoeoihira. It teems indeed 
aaoiaatly to have bean so pronouneed nniver- 
sally: at least la the remaaoo of Horn Child we 

' HU giftai were eavght gueda.*— KaUy. 

f Bo the word has beae eompled ; It shoald 
be wminefr, a kwp-hoie la a walL— Mni^. 

flha hadaa wsel gaae up the etair 

And entered In her tower. 
Till fowHuid'twenty belted kalghts 

Osae riding to the door. 

'* O did yoa ass a bloody stutaa. 

A blooily squire was he : 
O did you see a bloody equba 

Ocane riding o'ar the lea?" 

" What oolonr ware Us hawks ?" she vried. 

" What colour ware his hooads? 
What ooloor was the gallant elaed. 

That ban him from the bounds?" 

" Bloody, bloody were his hawks^ 

And bloody were hie houads. 
And milk-whlts was the gallant stsed. 
That bors him from the bouads." 

*' Tee, bloody, bloody were his hawks. 

And bloody were bis hounds, 
Aad mUk-whIts was the galhint stsail. 

That bore him from the bouads : 

" But light ye down, now, gentleman. 

And take soma bread and wlna; 
An' ths steed be good he rides upon. 

He's past ths bcldgs of IJrns." 

** We thank you for your braad, ladla. 

We thank }ou for your wine ; 
I wad gl'e thrice three thoueand pounds * 

Tour Ikir bodie was mine."— 

" Lie still. Us stUl, my dear Johastoae, 

Lie stiU and take a sleep. 
For there's lbttr-and-t«««nty belted kalghti 

Just gone out at ths gate." 



Bat youag Johnstone had a 
Uung low down by his gair, 

Aad he ritted it through his 
Aad wounded her eae sair. 

** What allsCh thee, now dear Johnstone ? 

What aileth thee at me t 
Hast thou not got my Ihther^ gaU, 

Bot aad my Btotherls fte ?" 

*' Bow live, BOW live, my dear ladla. 

Mow live but half an hour; 
Aad there'e ao a laeoh la a' Heotkad, 

But shall be la thy bower." 



" How can I live, ny dor Johnstone ? 

How QUI I Ut« fbr the* ? 
O do y« na M* my red heart's blood 

Bob triaUinc down my knee ? 

* Bat go tiqr way, my d«ar Johnitona, 

And ride along tho plain ; 
And think no mora of tfay troo lofo. 

Than ifaa had nemr hMn." 

Eit SolPS Sen. 

FTmm mnatn OoDeetlon oTOM Ballada.] 

▲ lady haaitog har lover had fldlan in singlo 
combat with his rlTal, aUls to her attendant 

" O SBB yon not yen boonla rtied. 

That cats beneath the tree ? 
O tairy not, my little boy. 

Bnt bring him Awt to me." 

The boy lan nhnbly to the plaea. 
When M tha railk-wfalto etead. 

And bionght him to the lady &lr. 
Who mooaftad him with spaed. 

n* whip Sba plled-the 
The dnst In clooda did riee» 

And BOon rite epied the dowy Sen 
When her trae lever lies. 

Bat now tha panting steed she stopM, 
And en the gronnd alw sprung, 

n>en Ued her to the fhtal plaroe. 
With toeee and buehss hung. 

A dnaiy plaos, I 

, It was. 

And moomfhl to behold ; 

winds dU dolefhl hkm, 
waters foU'd. 

eold and pals the yeoth was hOd 
by thsnieftil flood; 

mas oatsti«tdi*d hs hj, 
all hssmeard with blood. 

"O sight of wool" she eikd and ma 

To when her lorer lay. 
Than, Ulw an aspln, qntv^ng stood. 

And gaiM on the cold day. 

That breast when oft thoa, loTS-sldk 
Hut laid thy languid bead. 

Doth now pneent tiie ghastly wound 
Made by the deathftU Uad*. 

Thoee yellow locks, that oft with Joy 
Thy Illy hand bath bonnd, 

Voss'd by the wind, now loosely flow 
Ifegiected on the groond. 

How cold and wan at noon that cheek. 
Where glow'd at mom the roos I 

Those beautBOos eyes the sleep of death 
Doth now fbr evor < 

In silent anguish flx*d she etood. 

And o'er tha body bung. 
Then stouping, grssp'd and klsTd the hand. 

And elghlnc, thus Iwgant 

"Nor wealth nor grandeur pow^ eonld have 

My flUthflil heart to shakat 
For thae It beat, O much loVd boy I 

For thee it now doth break. 

••Why did thy wmthfht rInU think 

His sword ooold u« di^oln f 
Did he not know that love had mado 

My lifb but one with thlna ? 

** Then, haughty baron, know It new. 

Nor hope I'U be thy bride; 
With this dear youth I Joy to dia, 

OoBtsmn thy pomp and pride. 

** And then, my fhther, ooma and sos 

How low thy daughter liee; 
Wram eraeslng virtuous love, beheld 

What dirs misltaitanes rise. 

** O hapkai youth *— But ah ! no moi« 
Her flwlfriag toogns oould ssy | 

Then seftly sank upon Us brssst. 
And biaathV her soul away. 


<K KseoortidtlMeldwIwHhbraMhudtaUbi 

Blnoofie, Binnorle ; 

Eit €DrutI ^titter* 

But he lo'ed the Toungcet abune hh lift ; 
Br the boonle miUdama of Biaaoria. 

[Thk b>11>J Ailtm lamntUlj from UmU wMnh 

The cldaat ahe waa nsed aair ; 

kM bwa pablUMd in varlooi eoUMtloiii, oadcr 

Btnaorte, Binnorle; 

the tilk of BiBDorto. It to eomplkd ftom » ooiiy 

And *on enTied her iliter Ikir ; 

in Mn Brown-* M83., Intnaalsadwlth* bMStl- 

Bjr the beanie miUdama of Btaaoria. 

Ibl feagiMat, offtnrtwii nmi, tnuumittod to tbo 

•ditor by J. a WbUmt, Xk|. tho infmioiH htoto< 

Tha eldael aaM to the yoangHt ana. 

rluortlMlrtahlMuili. MrWalkm.Mthanino 

Binnorle, Binnorle; 

tliM, flkvoorMl tlM adltor with th« following nolo i 

"WiUyagoaadaeaoarfothei^diipeooiBela? ' 

"I mm ladeMod to mjdoputad Muid, Mia Bmok, 

By the beanie milldaina of Blanorie. 

fbrtiU'for«galns|«tiMClolWignMnt. Horaceount 

or It MM M follow*: Thii nog wai tiaaMribad, 

She** ta'ea her I7 the illljr hand. 

Mverml yonn ago, from tlM iDOmoiy of as old 

Mnnorle, Bmnorie : 

woniwi, who bad no nooll«etion of th* oondod- 

And led her down to the river etnuidi 

Ing Twmai protebl/ tho beginning vaag alto b* 

^r the bonnle niUdaina of Binnorle. 

hMi, aa It Motna to commano* abfupajr." Tha 

flnt TMTW and burdan of tha frngnMBttua thna: 

The yoongaat itude vpon a atane, 
Binnorle, O Binnorle. 

O aUtcr. BbUr. nMh tk* bandl 

U»f ho, my Naanr, CF» 
And ^oM •kail ba hwr of an Bj land. 

And the eldeat oame and pushed her In 1 

Br tlM boanle mllldama of Uinnorte. 

yn itila tha ■«*•■ iwiMa boania, O. 

flhe took her by the middle ama'. 

Tha llrat part of thto ehonu aaana to be oor- 

Binnorle, Binnorle; 

mptad fiom tha common boxdan of H^, Nttmjf, 

And daihed her bonnle beek to the Jaw, 

Nommg, alluding to tha aoQg, beginning, " Sigh 

By the bonnle mllldama of Binnorto. 

m mart, Udjft." Tha ofaociia, retained in thl* 

edition, la the meet common and popular; bat 

" atolar, riatvr, raaeh yoor baad," 

Mi* Brown** oofgr bean » |<et dlfltoent btuden. 

Binnorle, Binnorle; 

beginning tho* 1 

'* And ye ahall ba heir of half ny land.* 

By the bonnle mllldama of Binnorle. 

Kdiiiboroach, Kdiabomighi 
There wara t«* auun lat is a beuri 

'* itoler. 111 not rMch my hand," 

8ii(lui(for ajai 

Binnorle, Binnorle; 

Then wan tw» uaMra ut in a boar. 

** And I'll be heir of all your land ;" 

Thara cam' * kaifht to ba tbair wooer, 

Voaala 8( Johaatoaa aUaiU apoa Tay- 

The balladf being piobabljr verj popnlar, wa* 

" Shame fo' the hand that I aboold take," 

tha aal^cet of n parody, which to to be found in 

Binnorle, Binnorie; 

D'Urfojr'a " PiU* to poxga Malanaholy.-'—jrte- 

tlnUjf ^tk» HtmtHik Bariar.l 

Tonn ware twn 4iten aat In a boor ; 

** aiilar, reada roe bat your glove," 

Blnnoria, Binnorle; 

Binnorle, U Binnorie; 

Then came a knighl lo be their wooer; 

'< And aweet William ahaU be your love." 

Bjr the bonnie mllldani* of IHnnoria. 

He ooutod tha eideet with glove aad ring: 

**§lnkoa, nor hope for hand or glover 

Btnnorla, Binnorle ; 

Binnorle, U Binnorie; 

Bni he lo'ed tike joangeit aboon a' thing; 

*' And Bweet William ahall better be my love." 

Bythobooalemllldamaomaaerla. ^ 




Tan ^tmrjAmlkatatA jam jtSk/whatrt" A H« laid hit harp apoo a lUm*, 

BluKiilc, O Blnnorte; 
And ilimisht It bapui io pbgr aloiitj 
Bj th« boBikl* mllldaaN of Binnorte. 

O an r d bm fang m^dm »niiiialr.- 
B|y th« hoBBto Billdaaw of BtaUMria. 

I riM aaak, and 
BlaiMirl*, O Blnnorl* i 
UotO iha «am' to tha nlllar^ dam, 
i^ tht hooBlt mflUanw of 

' O flithar, flithcr, dmw jaar dam !" 

BImiOflto, O BlBiMrli ; (i 

' Thtnfit attfaar a marmaid, or a mOk-whito 
Or thai 

I aad draw hia dam, 
Blnnorla, O Bhworia; 
And than ha feond a drowaad woman, 
Bjr tha ho— la mllMaina of Btoaoria. 

Toa oaaid not ■• her fallow hair, 

Blanotla. O Btaaoria; 
For towd aad paaria that warn aaa lara, 
93r tha henaia mllWama of Blnnorfa. 

Toa oeold aa am h« mlddla atna', 
Blnaorle» O Blaaorlr ; 
By tha heeala mlUdaaia of Blaaorio. 

I, O Blaaorla; 
Tha Bwaat pala feoa ha ebaaead to ipj ! 
B{f tha honala mmdana of ] 

BlanoHa, O Blaaariai 
Ha dtfbad, aad amda a hmvy moaa ; 
By tha hoaaia mlMaaia of Btoaoria. 

Blaaorla, O Blaaeria ; 
•ada woold aialt a haart af atoiM i 
B)r tha hoaaia aiBldaaM of ] 

Tha atriaiB ha ftamad of har yaOow hair, 
O Btoaoria; 
B!y tha hoaaia mIMaaw of ] 

a* teoailit It to h«r Ihthar^ ten I 
I, O Blanorta; 
I tha ooart aaaamblad an t 
By tho hoaaia mlUdama of ] 

'* O joadar aha aqr ftthar, the htag," 

Blaaorla, O Blaaorla; 

" Aad jrondar ilta my mother, the quaaa ;* 

By tha boaala mtUdama of Blanoric* 

I my hrothar Hogh," 
Blnaoffla, O Btnnoria : 
" Aad by him my WUUam iwaot aad tma." 
By tha beaaU mflldame of Blaaorla. 

Bat tha hut taaa that tha harp playM thoa, 

Blanurla, O Biaaora ; 
Wa»~'* Woo to my liatar. blw Halea !*• 
By tha boaala mllMama of Biaaonab 

^if Attcf n'0 ^atie. 

[Vaoa tha MfaMtrehy af tha SoettUi Border, 
—•'la tha vaiy tfana of tha Ooneml Aammbly, 
thara eomaa to poblte kaowlodfe a haynooa mur> 
thar, eomailttod la tha court! yaa, aot te from 
the qaaaa^ lap; Ibr a Fraech womaa, that 
aerrad la the qnaant chamber, had plajod tha 
whom with tha qoaeaii own apoUMeary< — Tha 
wonma e u aoa i fo d aad bare a ehUda, whom, 
with ao mmon ooaaeat, tha flithar aad atothcr 
mortharad t yet ware tha oriea of a aaw-boraa 
ohllda haaida, aaateha waa made, tha ohllda aad 
tha mother wan both a p prahaadod, and w worn 
the maa aad tha womaa eondamned to be 
haafad lathe pabUehaatrmt of Sdlobmsh. The 
paaiahaiant waa aoltahle, bemaea tha eriaie wae 
haynoua. Bat yat waa aot tha eourt pargod of 
whorm aad whovadoaia, which waa tha fttaa- 
taiaoofaaeheaonnitlaa: Ibr it waa well kaowa 
that ihamo haated manlaca betwixt John flam- 
piU, eaUad tha Danoar, aad Mary Leriaaaloa, 
; almamad tho Laity. What bralt the Maila% 
I aad tha net of tha danoan of the ooart had, tho 
: baOada of that age do witaaM. whleh wo, Ibr 
' uiodaaUa'a aaha, oaUt } bat thk waa tha oenmwa 
j eemplalat of all godly and wlee mea, that, if 
thay thought aaeh a ooart ooaU loag oootfaiaa, 
' aad if thay loohad for ao bettor Ilia to oonM.thfy 
m would ham wlihad their aoaam aad daaghtua 



nthar to ham been brought «p with fiddlOTt A 
■nd daooen, and to fa*vo bean •serclaed with 
Mngtng apon a floore, and in tho not that 
thanoT followco, than to have boon czerdiOd In 
tho oompany of tho godlj, and oxordosd In lir- 
tao, which in that court wm hatid, and flltho- 
BOOM not onlj maintained, but aho rcwantod ; 
witncoM th« abbey of Aberoorne. the barony of 
Aaohfcnniiehtle, and difwt othert, pertaining 
to the patrimony of the erown, giveii in heritage 
to akippen and danoera, and4alllert wiUk damea. 
Thia waa the beginning of the r^raent uf Mary, 
queen of dooti, and theaa were the fhalta that 
aha farongfat A>rth of Franoa.— Lord I look on our 
miaerlea ! and dellnr ua from tlae wlehedneMa of 
thla oormpt court !"— KnoK'a Hlatory of the B«- 
formatlon, p. S7t-4.* 

Such aaema to be the aui^Mt of the foUowlng 
ballad, aa narmied by the atern apoatie of praa* 
bytary. It will readily atrike the reader, that 
the tale haa antfered great alteratlona, aa handed 
down by trail Itien ; the Fnnch waiting- woman 
being changtd Into Mary Hamilton, and the 
queen 'a apothecary into Heni7 Darntagr. Yet 
thia la le« aurprltiug, when wt reooUeot, that 
ona of the hearint of the quecn'a oomptelnta 
againat her Ul-lkted hoahaad, waa hb Infldality, 
and that eren with her penonal attcadanta. 1 
h«Te been enabled to publiah the following com- 
lOela edition of the ballad, by oopiea from varfooa 
quarter! ; that principally naed waa oommunl- 
cated to me. In the meet polite naaner, by Mr 
ICirkpatrleke 8barpe, of Hoddom, to whom I am 
Indebted fur many aimilar ftvoon.— iSeptt'« Mim* 

MAaia HAMiLTOH'e to the kirk gane, 

Wi' ribbona on her halr^ 
The king thought mair o' Maria BamUton, 

Than ony that wen thara. 

Marie Haml]t'>n'ii to the kirk gaDC, 

Wi' ribbona on her braaat; 
The king thuught maIr o' Maria HamUton. 

Tbau he liaten'd to tha prlcit. 

Marie Hamilton'e to the kirk gaaa, 

Wi* glurea upon her handa; 
Tha kln« thought malr o' Marie Hamlltoii, 

Than the queen and a' her laoda. 

* A Tciy odd cinRcldeeea, in uaMe, erimev 
taMropke. ocetuied at tkt eoart at Caar Fewr 

Great.— Seott. 

Bha badna been about the kiog'M ooart 

A month, but barely one. 
Till iha waa bdored by »' the UnTi coart. 

And the Ung tha only man. 

Bha hadoa been about the klagli < 

A month, but barely three. 
Till frae the kinre court Maiie HamIltoa« 

Marie Hamilton durat aa be. 

The Uag Is to the Abbey 
To pn' the Abbey tne. 

To aoBle the babe fraa Maries 
But the thing it wadna be. 

O ahe haa rowM it In her apnm. 
And aet It OB the eea,— 

" Qae aink ya, or awim ye, boonla 
Te'a get an mair o* ma." 

Word la to the kltehen i 

And word la to the ha'. 
And word ia to tha noble toom, 

Amang the ladyee a'. 
That Marie Hamilton'a brought to bad. 

And tha boanla baboli mlet and awa*. 

Seareely had ahe lain down again. 

And aoareciy fh'n aaloep. 
When up then atartad our gnde quaan, 

Juat at her bed-feat ; 
Baying— "Marie HamillMi, wham'a 

IVw I am son I haanl It 

" O no, O no, my noble qnaani 
Think no auch thing to be ; 

Twae but a etitch into my akia, 

** Got up, get up, Maria Hamilton t 

Q«t up, and Mlow me { 
For X am giring to Kdlnbuvh town, 

A rich wadding for to aaa.** 

O dowly, dowly, miaa aha mpt 

And alowly put aha on ; 
And alowly roda aha out tho way, 

Wi' mony a waary groan. 

The quaon waa olad In aoarial^ 
Her many malda ail In 

And ereiy town that they 
Thay took Marie far the 


800TT18H BAfiTiAIML 


■* Bids booty, hooly, feAtlmen. 

Bite hoolj now wi' iMl 
Ver Btver, I ani nra, a woaiitr Imrd 

Bad* tai year oampanto.** 

Bat Btdc ulit Mttffa BAmnton, 
Whan ah* nd* on the brown, 

TtetdM WM gam to Xdlnbaiili 
And a* to bo pat down. 

" Wliy waep ye ao, 70 bnifBH wlfM, 

Wb J look jm 00 on mo ? 
O. [am going to Bdlnbntgh town, 

▲ ikh wadding te to mo." 

I saod np tba tcabooth stain, 
Tha oorts ftao har hMla did Am ; 
lad laag or a'ar aba earn' down again, 
I eondemned to ( 

ihaoam to tfaa iretbarbow.port,* 
laogbad loud langhtara Uum ; 
Bat wban aha oam' to tha gallowa Ibot, 
blinded bar 0*0. 

" O, ollan bMO I dnaTd my qucaa, 
•^■d pat gold npon bar hair ; 

Alt WW I>agottan fbrmy rawaid 
tba gaOewi to be my ibara J 

'* Oflan hava I drea'd my vmm. 
And often mada bar badt 

Bnt now I'ra gotten ftir my lewaid 
Ihe gallowa tna to tread. 

tha qoeaa bad foar Marlee, 
night eball ba'a bat three if 
waa Mario deaton. and Maria 
' Maria Cknaiebaei, and ma. 

•»• BTatbarbowport waa Ow gata wbldi 
iMdad tha eily of Edlabarg b ftom the anborb, 
•aUcd tha Gbaoogate. It had towers and a 
airira, wbleh fcrmod « flna termination to the 
ilaw ftwn the eroes. The gate waa polled down 
in one of tfaoee flts of nge fbr IndleerlminMa 
I, wMh wbleh the maglitratea of a 
an aometlmee trisited.— SMI. 
t Tba VMOB'a Mariee w«« Ibar young kdlee 
or tha hlghaat ihmllka in Seotbmd, who wen 
■est to Vraaae in bar train, and retomad with 
hartoSeotiand. Tbay are mentloaad by Knox, 
la tta qwytattoa Introdnetory to tUa ballad. 
"' gifaB aa their namea, p. H. " Tba young 
I, Mary, embaifadatDanbarton fcr France, 

. . and wltfi her want, , aad fcur 

▼lillBa, aU of tba name of Maiy, via. 

VleHilng. Beaton, aad Beatoun." 

1^1 Marlee are mentkinod again by tha 

author, p. K8 and 181. in the note. Kei. 

Maiy LifingstoQ, nor Maiy Hemiog, an 

- ia the baOad; nor are the Mary 

aad Maiy Ohimkiiad, of tba baOad, m 

" I cibttiB ye aU, ye mariaen. 
Whan ye sail owar the fccm, 

I«t naltlMT my fkther nor mother gat wit 
But that I'm ooming bamc. 

" I abaige ye aB, ye marina^ 

That saQ upon tba sea. 
Let neither my Ikther nor mothar get wit 

TUB dog's death I'm to deob 

" ror If my flithar aad mother got wit. 

■And my bold brethren thrto, 
O talokk wad b« the gude mi blade, 

Thia day wad be epilt fcr ma 1 

" O little ^d my mother ken. 

The day ahe cradled mo, 
Tha landa 1 was to travel ia. 

Or the death 1 was te ( 



OoDsctloB. As tiadk 
In the Weet of Scotland.] 

Tnaaa Uree a knight Into Ike north. 
And he bad daughters thrse; 

The aae of them wne a barber^ wUb^ 
The other a gay ladia ; 

nMntloacd by Keith. Bnt if fble 
ttnoed to ooaalet of young vitglae, aa wbea 
originally raieed. IteouU bardi) have subeMsd 
without oeeaslanal neniits I eepeeklly if we t 
our otd bard, and John Kaoc 

The qaeen^B Mariee are meationad In 
ballads, aad tha aaaeo aessna to bnv« passed Into 
a geaeial dencmlaalioa A 





And llM yoonfMk e* ttMD to 
IIm qawnl llaiy to ta. 

And for A' thai ibtej oonU ay 
VoriilddMi dM wonldna be. 

BooUasd i« gaiM 



n* ptfaioe^ ted It WM «• Mft, 
Hm ipieM tlM7 WMO MM floe. 

That oat of It ■ho eosld not lye 
WliUo dM WW ■moa ftftMn. 

8b«^ guo to tbo larden gaj 
TO pa' of tha aarln tRO, 

Bat far a* that the ooald aay or do 
Ite bahU It would not ( 

Bbo^ rowwl it In bar bandtarOhM; 

Bh« thmr It In the Ma, 
Br|b,— " Sink y, ■wlm ye, my bonnto babe, 

For yell get naa mair of me." 

^fum Kai7 same tripping down the etalr, 
Wl* the gold etrins* In her balr : 

'«0 wbare^ the little babie,*' die way, 
"That 1 heard greet eae air ^^ 

**0 bald yonr tongae, Queen Mary, my dame. 

Let all thoH word* go free; 
It wae myeel' wT a fit o' the aeir oolle, 

I was dak Ju*t Uka to dee.** 

•« o bald joar tongue, Mary Hamilton, 
Let all thoae words go ftaei 

when it the Uttle babie 
That I heard we«p by tbaa?** 

** I rawed It In ray haadherehtor. 
And thmr It in thaaea; 

1 bade It dak, I bade it awUn, 

It would get nae malr o' ma." 

" O waa ba to Oaa, Maiy BamUtoa, 

And an 111 daid may yoa daa ; 
rat If yoa bad aavcd the bable's Ufa, 

It might ha*e been an honoar to thee. 

** Bosk ye, bodi ye, Maiy HamUtoa, 

Wot I am going to Edinbargh town 

Toox gay wedding to Mdeb 

'* Te moat not pat on yoar robes of btaMk, 

If or yet yoor robes of brown { 
Bat yoa moat pat on yoor yellow gold atuflh, 

Vo dilna thioagh ■dinboifh 

" I win not pat en my n>bn of Mack, 

Hor jpt my robee of brown ; 
Bat 1 will put on my yellow gold etuiTit, 

To ihlna through Xdlnburgh town." 

As die want up the Paillamant Claee, 

A riding on her bortf, 
There she aaw many a Burgen' lady 

Bit greeting at the croeB. 

** O what mean* a' this greeting, 

I'm sure its nae for inc, 
For I'm cotne thit day to Edinburgh town 

Wed wedded fur to be." 

IfVben she gade up the Parliament stair, 
8hc gicd loud lencbtere three; 

But ere that ebe had ouroe down again, 
iShe was eondcmned to dee. 

** O little did my mothrr think 
The day die prlnoed my gowa^ 

nat I was to come aae (kr firae hame 
To be hanged In Edinburgh town. 

** O whatll my poor father think. 
As he ooraee through the town, 

Tb eee the faee of his Molly fair 
Hanging on the gallows pia. 

** Hare's a health to tha mariners 
That plough the raging mala : 

Let ndthar my mcthar nor father lean 
Bat I'm aomiag hama again. 

*' Here'sa health to the sailors 

That safl upon the ssa : 
Let neither my mother nor father ken 

That I came bars to dee. 

the Quaen had four Marias, 
This night ihe'Il ba-e bat three t 
There wae Mary Beaton, and Maiy Saatoa. 
And Mary Oumiebael, and ma." 

" hald yov tongoa, Mary Bamiltoo, 

Let all thoas words go ftae ; 
This night ere ye be hanged, 

Te ehall gang hame wl' me." 

«* O bald yoor tongue, (^aam Maiy, my damok 

Let ail thoee words go free, 
Sinoe I hare oome to Edinburgh town, 

Ite banged I shall be; 
For it dull ne'er be said that in yoor court 

I was condemned to diC* 



AnUvfto SamrnU. 

(AunoTOB lbs pmou who flgvM hi thia 
ballad baloiif to a vary hamUa data of aocla^, 
itlaaotMV fartlM moat flurtidlaaa feadar to 
wlthbold Ida enpathha ftmn It. It la mM to 
UfcMdadamaaldre mn a h i mw ai thadughtar 
«r tlw MUlar of TIftjr, Dcar I>tla, in Abodaan- 
ihtaa. Ml In lova wltk tha trumpeter of tha 
Lalid of Frrla, and baing pRranted from mar- 
ijlac Urn, tj iMT flUhar, who aMaomad tha 
natdi banaath hladlgnlty, diad la oooMtoaaoa 
oTa brokan heart. Both parttaaaivmld tohava 
batBranartebiatwfaodloaki. Annlaldaaih, 
aoaofdlnt to bar gimn-atona 1& Tjrvla ^orob- 
yafd, took plaee In lOl. Andnw, hewavar, 
did ■otdto.Mnlatadfai tha ballad. Thara la a 
tfadltbm la " tha Lawtaad baa or lyrla." that, 
aoma jaan aftemaida, tha malaiwholy flita of 
Tilly^ Anolt baIng mantloaad, aad tha ballad 
aasg la a oompaa j la Kdlabarf h whna ha waa 
praaeat, ha lamalaad aUaat and motioalaM, till 
at langth ba waa diaoovond b7 a gioaa nddaaly 
baivtiaf fk«m him, aad aanval of the battone 
flyiag ft«m hia walateoat. Thia wlU icailad tha 
rrartarnf Ting Lmr ealllag to hit attaedaata to 
aabattoa him, aad alaoofa ctaouaataaoa which 
OMon la tha baaatUhl ballad of ** the Maiahlo- 
Bcm of DoaghM.* It would appear that, la 
Allaa Bamav^ dajr, " Bonala AadMW Lam- 
mie" waa a paraoa of tiadltloaal aalebrltj. la 
tbe baglaalag of that poetM third eaato oT 
" Cbrlatii KU on tha Oreaa," a good old fkae* 
apekaa aommar, aa tha beat arldenee of the 
power ofhar yoaihAiI ehama, m|a— 

AytM— a' band uD 


C b 

•■Uiy la late wl* aM be ML 

AaMMMa'trbawwaa- ^ . 

Tbu wm^iaf I"— CbawNn.] 

At Mm o' TUtj Dv*d a maa. 

la tha aaighboaitaood otTywiai 
Ha had a lovely daaghtar fkir, 

Waa eallad booala Aaala. 

Her bloam waa Dha the apriaglag flower. 
That lalulaa the reegr meralng ; 

Wnh laaoceaee, aad gnwcfbl miea. 
Her bmateona Ibnn ademlag. 


Wboae aaaie waa Aadraw 
Be had tha ait to gala tha heart 

Of Mill o^ TUUara Aaala. 

Viupar ha waa, both yoaag aad g»f, 
Hia Ilka waa aot la Fyrle; 

Bo oae waa them that aoald eompara 
With thtamma Aadiow Lammla. 

Laid ]^*la he rode by the tHn^, 
When Uwl TilUe^ Anale ; 

Hli tiumpater nda him beibm, 
Xf«a thIa maia Aadrew lammla. 

Bar mother aalM bar to tha door, 
** Ooma here to m», my Aaaie ; 

Did year ever aee a prettier maa, 
Than thia trumpiter of Fjrvie f 

liCirboaaie Aanlei 
Bha daiat aot own bar heart 
Biy tha tnmpetw of Y^la. 

▲t alght whaa thay weat to their beda 
All aiapt Aill Muad but Aanle ; 

Love ao oppieet her tender I 
Thlaldag oa Aadrew 7 

I la at my bad Ma, 
Aad love Uas down beyond mat 
Love haa poaaem'd my tender bcaaet. 
And lore will waato my body. 

** Tha flnt tfane I aad my love met, 
Waa la tha wooda of ryrle ; 

Bla lovely ftmn aad epiech eo awaat, 
Sooa gaia'd the heart of Aanla. 

•« Ha «all*d ma mlatiam, I mU, Ho. 

I'm TlfUa^ bonali Annie ; 
With apptai ewaet, ha did ma beat. 

And IdaMi aoft aad aoany. 

" Iti ap aad down tai TIAlo^ dea. 
When the bam rlae olaar and boaala, 

I've oAaa goae to meet my lovr. 
My boaale Andrew lammW." 

Butaow, Blaa! her fttber heard. 
That the trumpeter of f^rvla 

Bad bad the ait to gain tha hiart 
Of TUtteH boaato Aaala. 


BarfMlMrMOBAteMMrwrMe, J^ "ini boy to tlmatoMid gown. 

A od wnt It OB to Fyrte. Xy love 111 buy It boBBW ; " 
to t*U hit danthter wm tenitohM ** Bat I'll te d«Ml cm y oone faMk 

Bgr hi* nmnt Andnw Lammle. To mm your bonnto AnBte." 

Wbm Lord Ffvie lud thh MtarnMl. 

dMv 1 bvt ha WM tony ; 
TlM boonlMt laM la Fyneti laad 

b bnrltdwd by Andraw I«nmlc. 


" If yOB'n be trae and oonalant too. 

As my name's Andrew Lammle t 
I shaU thee wed when 1 come back 

To SM tfas lands or r^kc- 

Ibm Bp tb« atBlr hh ttumpolw 

He ealkdioon and shortly; ' 
*' Pray tell me eooB, What** thh job'tc done, 

To TUUet boDBli AbbI* ?•• , 

" X win be true and coMtaat too. 
To thee my Aadrew Lammle, 

Bat my bridal bed wlU ere then be mad* 
In the green efanreh-yard of Fyvia." 

*' la wicked art I hvA ao part, 
Nor therein am I oanny ; 

True km alone the heart hae won, 
or TUUe^ boBBle Annie. 

" Oar time Is goas aad now comes oa. 
My dear, that I most leave thes; 

If longer her* I should appear, 
MlU o' TUtis h* would see m*." 

" Woe betide MID o* TUUO pride. 

For It has mln'd many: 
He'U no ha'et eald that the ■honld wed 

The cnuDpcter of Fyrle. 

" I aow ftw ever bid adieu 
To thee my Andrew Lammle; 

Ere ye come baok, I wUI be laid 
la the green church-yard of Fyvlc* 

"When will I end a boy 10 kind. 

That '11 carry a letter canny. 
Who wQI ran on to TlfUet toirn. 

Give It to my love Annie ?" . 

Be hisd him to the head of the house. 
To the house top of Fyvlci 

He blew his trampet loud and scfaill, 
Tw** heard at MiU o' Tlftie. 

"Bere yoa shall find a boy so Idad, 
W ho 11 carry a letter oanny ; 

Who will ran OB to TUUe's town. 
And il^'t to thylovB Annia." 

Her hther loek'd the door at night, 

Lakl by the keys fu' canny; 
Aad when he heard the trampet eoond. 

Said, *' Your eow i* lowing, Aaol*." 

" Its TUUe he ha* daufhten three, 
Who all are wond'rous bonale; 

But yell ken her o'er a* the kve. 
Ol'e that to bonnie Annie." 

'* My fltther dear, I pr«y forbear. 
And ivpraach no more your Annie i 

For I'd rather hear that oow to low. 
Than ha** a' the kine In Fy vis. 

" Its up and down la TIMCs dea. 

Where the bora raas dear and benaiet 

There wilt thou come and neet thy love. 
Thy bonale Andrew I^mmls. 

Aad a' your gifts so many, 
TiMt It wen told In Fyvle's land. 
Bow crosl you are to Annie. 

** When wilt thco come, and 111 attend, 

My h>ve I h>nt to we thee?** 
*' Thou may*st come to the Brldce efSleuch, 

And there 111 oocae and meet thee. 

" Bat If ys strike mel will ay. 
And genUemen will hear mo; 

Lord Fyvie wUl be riding by. 
And hell come In and ese mC* 

" My love, I fo to Bdlnbro'. 

And ftir a while mast kave thee ;■* 
She sighed sore, and said no mom, 

** BBt I wish that I wore wl' thso.- 

At th* same time, the lord eame In, 
Be said. '« What alls thee Annie?'* 

*"Tls all fbr tove now I must die. 
For boanle Aadrew Lammle.'* 


And M your daoghter many.'* 
» II will b* with Mm* hlffhw mateh, 
ThM tlM tmmpttv or r^Tto." 

f Lord Fjrrlafaa did wHng hie laada. 
Bald, " Alael Ibr Tlftie a Ann!*, 
The fUraet flowwa cut down by leva. 
That 0^ Bfrang «p la l^Tte." 

•* If aha w«M MRM or M Ugh • kind, 
A* A»1i adoTMd with bwuty ; 

I woald tete bar onto mjveV, 
Aod aato h«r nin* own ladj." 

** woe betida Mm 0* TUIla^ pride. 
Be might hava let them marry : 

I ahoaU have given them both to Ure, 

*• III Fjr*l«1 bads aro fitir ud wMo. 

Aod tlMy an rieh and boaalo ; 
I woold not kavo my own tavo lovo, 

fte aU «h* laada of fjrrto.** 

Ber fcthar aoraly now lameata 
The lorn of bin deer Annie, 

And wlahM ha bad gl-on ooneent, 
To wad with AadMV Lammia^ 

Bor flohcr straek h«r woodfom Hto, 

A* atoo did bar mother i 
Btr riatcn alwaya did h«r Mora ; 

Bat woe hi to her btothor. 

Bar mother gikvae both air and lata. 
Bar eMcr-a cnnee thay aeom'd her} 

Boinly her brother doth mourn and grieve^ 
For ihaomal naage he'd given her. 

Bor brothar •track bar woad*R>a8 aon. 
With oraal ttiokaa and maay : 

Ba bnht bar baak in tha baU doar. 
Far liking AndNw Lammia. 

Bat now, afaMi It wee too hte, 
For tboy ooald not raoail her; 

Through lib, unhappy la thalr fhto, 
Beoanee thay did oontroul her. 

•AlMl myftthcrandmothardMr, 
Why to enwl to yoar Aanla / 

My h«tft wM broken Am by )<>*•, 
My bnthar baa brokMi m/ body. 

When Andrew hamo fttmi Xdlaboigh cma^ 
With DMikle grief aod aorrow} 

** My leva bat diod for ma, 
111 die for bar toHnoerow. 

" methar daar maba ya ny bad. 
And lay my hea to F>Tta: 

ThM wiU 1 ly, and tbu wiO dlai, 
nor my leva Aadmw Lammia 1 

«« Vow E wm oa to TIMe^ den. 
Where the bum rioe alaar and bonniai 

With toare lU view the bridga orsiaugta,* 
¥rhare I parttd taat with Aanle. 

" Ta Daiffhboon haar both te and naar, 

Who diat far leva of oaa poor lad» 

Vov bonala Aadmw IrfMBula. 

**Then wlU I aprad to the ehnreh-yMrd. 

To the graen ehnrcb-yard of Pyvio ; 
With taaia 111 water my lova'a grave. 

Till 1 follow TifUark Annie." 

"He UBd or Viet aVr otalnV my llft^ 

My yontbAil baart waa won by km. 
Bat death wlU ma asonar." 

Ta yarenia grave, who ekildren have. 
In omahing them be aaany ; 

Laat when too boa yon do repent, 
BenMmber TUtle^ Annie. 

Bar mother than ate made bar bad. 
And Wd her flme to ryvle 1 

Bar tender heart It Boon did bnnk. 
And note aaw Andrew Lammle. 

Bat the weed eoon wont op and dewn« 

Throi^ aU the knde of flyvle J 
n«t aha WW dwd and bolted, 

Bvan niya-s bonto Annie. 

• Inoae printed oopy.thiaia "dhangh.-andln a 
reeitedaopy. It waa oalled "akowr' whiob b the 
right reading, the editor, ftom bia Ignoranoe of 
the topogmphy of the lande of ryvia, b unabb to 
aay. It b a raaalvad aaparatition In Saotiand, 
ttet lAea ftbnda or bvare part at a brldgab 



S^lftftU JF>A* 



did to 

TTiin bikUad wtm tn( prtatod In an imperitol 
■teu in ttaa Tw TaUa MtoedUnj. Mr Flnlajr la 
hk etdtoetion gaf* a moi* •omplet* ▼onion, 
whieh wa ban follow. In Mr Ghamban*! Pk>- 
tare «r aaotlaad, w ham thh aoooant of tba 
olrBaaiatanoai on whieh tha ballad waa ftmndad. 
—"John, tha risth BariorOuailla, aalam aora- 
naalar. and ct whom it la rceordad by Btohop 
Bumat, that h« narar woald pannlt hiM languaca 
to ba andantood bat ia ita dlraot aaoaa, obtainad 
to wilb Lady Jaaa Hamilton, a daashtar at Tho- 
maa. flrtt Bart of Haddington, a man of lingular 
gralua, who had niaad himaalf ftom tha Soottiih 
bar toa paanga and tha batt flnrtaneof hia tiaoa. 
Tha mateb, aa la probabia from tha diaraetor of 
tha partlaa, aaana to hafo baan ona dtetoted by 
policy I for Lord Haddingtnn waa ansioua to 
eonnaet himaelf with tha oUar paera, and Lord 
ObwiUa might hava aoma aneh anxiety to ba 
alllad to hia fkth«r-ln4aw<a good aatotMj tha 
laUgion and poUtio* of tha partlaa, moraorar, 
wcra tha nma. It la tharafbre not ntj likely 
that Lady Jean heraalT had moeh to aay in tlia 
haigain. On the oootiary, eayi report, her afito* 
tiooa wara ahamaflally violalad. Bha had bean 
pravloaaty beloTad by a gallant yoang knight, a 
Btr John Fha of Xhiabar, who had parhape aeen 
her at har ikthar'a aaak of Tynningham, which ia 
not more than time milet turn that town. 
Whan aaveml yean were ^ant and gooe, and 
Lady QaMllla had bnmght her huaband thiae 
ehUdran, thle paaelon led to a dreadful eataatro- 
pha. Her youthAil lorar, aelung an oppoctunlty 
when tha Karl waa attending tha Aeaembly of 
DlTlnea at Wmtmlaator, cama to OaaeUia Ohatte, 
a niaaeive okl tower on the banka of tha Doon, 
fcur mllee from Maybole, then tha prinelpal 
reeldcnea of the ihrnlly, and whioh ie etill to be 
aeen in lU original etato. Me waa diagoleed aa a 
gypey , and attended by a band of thiM dMpacato 
outoaati. In the worda of tha ballad, 

•• They eoiet the itawaoiuye e««r her.'* 

with her 
th«iy had prck> 

Bat lore haa a glaaooya far the 
more powarAil than that aappoaed of old to ba 
praetlaHl by wandering gypalee, and whldi mnat 
have been tha on^ nufia oaed oo thia 

lover. Meet nnlbrtanatoty, 
oeedad Tai7flw, the Bart 
ing tha fliet. tamnadiat^ eat oat In pureolt. 
Awwmpanled by a band whieh pat reaiatonaa 
oat of tha qneathm, ba overtook tham, and cap- 
torcd tha whole party, M a tord arar tlM Doon, 
etU eallad the Oypeiee' Btopa, a Ibw milea from 
tha oaatla. Ha biought them bade to ChaiUia, 
and thara hangad all the Oypaiat, including tha 
hapiam Sir John, upon 'the Dole Tfeae,' m 
qtlandid and moat ambrageooa plana, whieh yat 
flooriahea upon a mound ia front of the oaatla 
gate, and whieh waa hia gallowa^-ordiaary, aa 
tha name teatlfiea. Aa Cor tha Oonateai, whoea 
indlaovtloa ooeaakmad all thie waato of hnuian 
lift, ahe waa taken hy her hnebaad to a window 
In front of tha aaatle, and than, hy a reftnament 
of emelty, oompallad to earvey the drcadlhl 
aeana— to aea, ona after another, flflaan gallant 
man pat to death, and at hut to witaeae tha 
dying agoniee of him who had lint been dear to 
her, and who had (arilledaU thatmeneeteemin 
har behalf. Tha partieular room In the etatoly 
old hooae where tha unhappy lady endurvd thla 
horrible tortara, la etill oallad 'the Ooaateea'a 
Boom.' Alter nndaigoing a abort oonllnaroeat 
in that i^Nutmaat, the houae belonging to tha 
flunlly at Maybole waa fitted for her reeeption, 
by the additton of a fine pr^feetlng etoir-oaae, 
npon which ware earred heada repneenting 
thoea of her lovar and hia band ; and eha was re- 
roorad thither and ooafined for the net of her 
lift" th e Xarl In the nMantlma marrying another 
wift. One of her daugbtera. Lady Margaret, was 
aftorwarda married to the eelebratsd Gilbert 
Burnet. While eonflned In Maybole Oaatle, she 
ia eaU to have wrought a prodigioua quantity of 
tapaetiy, ao aa to have eompletoly eovared tha 
walle of har priaon ; bat no veatiga of it ia now 
to be aeen, tha hoaee having been repaired. 

{aAermiM ruined,) a faw yean ago, when 
paint had beeoma a more ftahionable thing in 
Maybole than topeatiy. The aOgiae of tha 
gypalee an veiy minute, being eubeervlent t<> Um 
deeoration of a Ana triple vrindow at the top of 
tha etair*«aae, and atuek npon tha tope and 
bottoma of a amae of Uttle pUaatan, which 
adorn that part of tha building. Tha head of 
Johnle Fka hiroaelf Is distinct from tha reet, 
laiger, and mors laobiymoae In tha aapnasloa of 
tha ftatorea. Soma windows in tha upper flat of 
€haiilis Castle an aimilatly adorned t bat regard- 
ing tham traditton la aUant."] 



Tm BTpdM Mun* tB ewg«d« lovdH yttt» 

And O bat tbar mng iwwOy ; 
Thmj mif ■■• sirMt Mid tM «n] 

TbftI doon «nm' oar fkte Uu^. 


And fhc can' tripptag down tkt iteir, 

And all hm maMa bdbra IMT i 
A« MUM •■ thtjr taw Imt wMl-Ai*amd fbee. 

Thqr outot tha i^ainoaiya* owcr Imt. 

"O oooM with iM,'*fl9a Johab fkaj 

" O «oBM with mo, my dMrloi 
Par 1 vow aad 1 nnmt by tha hUtoTny ■word. 

That yoor tord ahaU aat mairaoBM aaar y« r 

ThoB dba glad thara tha gada whalt bnU, 

Aad thay ga'a bar tha itafcr: 
But tha ftad than a Ikr batter thlag, 

Tha cmd rtag aff bar dagtr. 

*'Oaa tak* ftaa laa thbgay maatU, 

And bring to ma a plafaiia i 
For ir kith aad kin aad a' had iwora. 

I'U Mlew tha gtpaqr taiddia. 

** Taatraaa I lay ta a waal-nada bad. 

Wl- my gada lord bMido no; 
Thla al«ht 1>U Ua in a tanaotl barn, 

Whattvar ahall batMa na." 

** Oomo to yonr bad," «ya Johnia Faa; 

" Coma to your bad, my dcaria ; 
For I TOW aad 1 awaar by tha hilt o* my aword, 

Tbat yoor lord ahall aaa mafar ooma naar !«.'' 

** 111 go to bad to my Johala Ftos 

111 goto bad to my daaria; 
Ftor I vow and 1 awaar by tha fcn in my band, 

Tbat my lord ahall naa malr ooma nai 

"I'D mak* a hap to my Johala ha; 

1*0 mak* a hap to my dcaria; 
Aad ha-a gat a' tha mah gaea roand. 

And my lord aliall aaa lualr 

Aad wbaa oar lord cam' liama at< 
Aad apalrad for hia flUr lady, 
taaa aba criad, and tha othar rapUad, 
dha'a away wl* tha glp^y laddia." 

* A apcdaa of maglaal Ulnaloa, whloh the 
gypa^■ wara funaarly baUavad to aaarelaa. 


to ma tha Madi bkidi atMtl. 
aad mak* him raady : 
I oithar aat or ilacp, 
aaak my Ihlr kdy." 

And wo waia flflaoa waal-mada man, 
Althoagh wo wara na honaia ; 

And wa wora a pat down Ibr aaa. 
A fldr yooag waatea lady. 

^i)f J^itf of J^renOraugt)!. 

trida ballad fliat appaarad laa oomplata ahapa 
in Mr Bharp'k *' North Oooatiy Oariaad.'* Tha 
atovy oa whloh It ia fbaadad ia thoa aarrated by 
Mr Ohambara*— ** A mortal fend having ariaaa 
batwixt tha Lahd of Froadraaght and tha Laird 
of Bothlamay. both gaatloman of Banflhhlra, a 
raaoaotra taok pbua, at which tha rataiaara of 
both wrva praaaat, oa tha lat of Jaoaaiy, 1630 1 
whan BotUamay waa klllod, aad aavaral panoM 
hart oa both aldaa. To ataaaeh thia bloody 
qnanal, tha Marquia of Hnntly, who waa ohlaf to 
both partlaa, and who had thanfbra a right to 
aot ■■ arUtar batwaan tham, ordciad Fraad- 
raoght to pay fifty tbooaaad morka to Bothte" 
may'a widow, la tha anaalagflaptambar, Froad- 
raaght Ml lato aaothar quarral, la tho ooona of 
which Jamaa Laaly, aoa to Lioly of Piieapla, 
ahot throogh the arm. Boon aftor tha 1 
daat, Fraadraa^t having paid a vlalt to 
Marqola of Haatly at tha Bog of 01ght» tha 
Land of Pitcaplaaama ap with thirty armad man 
to dwnaad atoaaniaat fbr tha wooad of hIa aoo. 
Haatly aetad ia thla eaaa with gnat dlaaratloo. 
Wlthoot parmlttlag tha two kdrda to ooiao to a 
ooaferaaoa, ha andaavourad to paraaada tha o^m- 
plaialag party that Fiandraoght waa la laality 
laaoaant of hia aon'a woand ; aad, aa Pltaapla 
wont away voaring vaogaanaa, ha aaat 
raaght homo aadar a atreng aaoort, 
oommandad by hla aoa tha Tlaooont Aboyao, 
aad by tha yoaag Laird of Bothlamay, aoa to 
him whom Fvandraaifht had kiUad aoma montha 
balbra. Tha par^ raaohad Frandraaght Obatla 
withoat baing attaokad by Pitoapla} whan, 
Aboyao and Bothtaoiay oSdriag to taka kava of 
Fraadraaght aad hla lady, la ofdar to ratorn 
homo, thay wora aamaatly oatraatad by thaaa In- 
divMaala to f«a»fai a alght. 



till t»4naR«w. Bring with dUkoMgr A«vA 
pNTkltad apon, th* jroaof YkoottDt and £oChi*- 
n^ wtn wcU •atartaiiMd, and AAtr rappw | 
«uit tbmatollj to bad. To eomlBiM the nmrtm- 
ikn In tlM wardB of 8|»ldini|— ' Thn TiMonnt 
WM laid In no bad In th* Old Toww golnff off th« 
hall, and itanding upon a vault, wheraln then 
was an* round hol*, dnvked of old, Jnat under 
A bojnot bed. Bobait Gordon , hu eerrttor, and 
XngIkh WUl, hla page, were both laid In the 
MOW chamber. The Laird of Bothiemaj, with 
aunie eerranU beeld* him, was laM in another 
chamber juat above Abo/ne'e chamber; and in 
another room, above that chamber, wen laid 
George CBialmen of NoCh, and George Goedoo, 
another of the Tleeoanfa eervanta; with theni 
also wae laid Ckptain BuUoeh, then In Frend- 
nught*e own company. All being thue at reet, 
about midnight that dulonnu tower took Are in 
ao eadden and Airloui • manner, yea, and In aae 
clap, that the noble Yleeount, the Laird of Eo- 
thtemay, English WUl, Colonel Wat, another of 
Abujrne'e servanti, and other two, bring aix in 
BUibber, were eruelly burnt and tormented to 
the death, without help or reUef; the Laird of 
Prendraught, hla ladjr, and halll honaahold look> 
ing on, without moving or etlfxing to deliver 
them from the itaty of thia AarAil Are, as wae re* 
purted. Bobert Gordon, called 8utheriand Gor- 
don, being in the Tieoountia chamber, 
thle Are with the Uib. George Chalmert 
Chplain Rolloeh, being in the third room, eacaped 
thia Are alao, and, ae waa laid, Aboyne might 
have aavcd htmeelf ales If be would have gone 
out of doora, which be wouki not do, but aod- 
denly ran up etaiteto Bothiemay'a chamber, and 
wakened him to riee ; and aa he waa awakoiing 
him, the tbnher poaaage and lofting of the cham- 
ber hastily takea Are, ao that none of them could 
win down euira again ; ao they tamed to a win- 
dow looking to the eloee, where they piteoualy 
eried many times, " Help I help! for God's 
eauae !" The I^rd and Lady, with their aer- 
vantt, all sicing and hearing the woeAal crying, 
made no help or manner of helping! whleh 
they perealving. cried oilsntlmes mercy at God's I 
hands tar their dnsj qme dasped In each other's 
arms, and cheerftally auAred their mart yr dom. 
Thus died thia noble Viaoount of singular espeo- 
totion, Bothlemay. a brave youth, and the rest. 
hy this dolcAil Are, never enough to be deplovcd, 
to the great grief and aonvw cf their kin, pa- 
lenti, and haU common people, especially to the 

■Ohio Martuto, who fcr his good wlU got this n- ir his all^eil 

No maa eaa ezprsas the Moor of him 
and his lady, nor yet the gitof of the Vieoowifk 
own dear lady, when It came to her ears, which 
she kept to her dying day, disdaining after the 
company of men all her lllb-tlme, Allowing the 
love of the turtle-dove. 

" ' It is reported that upon the mom after this 
woeAil Are, the Lady Frandraught, daughter to 
the Kail of Butherlaad. and near cousin to the 
Marquis, batiked In a whita plakl, and riding on 
a small nag, having a boy loading her horss, 
without any more In her company, in this pitlAil 
manner she came weeping and mourning to the 
Bog, desiring entry to apeak with my lord ; but 
thia was rel\issd ; so she returned hack to her 
own house, the aam* gate she came, comfort- 
Ices.'— Bpaldingli Ulstuiy of the Trouhlea la 

" Boeplclon Ibrmad two theories raganling the 
cause of the Arc of Frendmught. The Arst was, 
that the Laird had wUftally a*t An to the tower, 
for tite porpoee of dcetmying the youn^ Lalid of 
Bothiemv The other wae. that it urlginated 
in the revengeihl feelings of tiie Laird of Plt- 
capla. In the Arat theory then la eatramely llt^ 
tie probability. First, it could nut have been 
premeditated; beoauae the drcumatanoe of 
Fnndrnught being accompanied home that day 
by Aboyne and Bothiciuay, was entirely aod- 
dentaL In the sseond phkoe, then was no rea- 
son A>r Frandrsught being inclined to murdet 
Bothlemay, except that he grudged the pnj^ 
ment of the Afty thousand merka to his mother, 
while thsn vmsevery reason tut hit being laelinod 
rather to befriend a youth whom h« had aliTMidy 
Injured by occaskming ths death of hla Ihther. 
In the third place, all Frendmught*s thiiilly 
papers, with much gold and silv«r, both In 
money and plate, wen cooMimed la the Are. 
And, In the fourth place, it is eztirnwly Impro- 
bable that any man of his rank ahould commit 
so deliberate and so atrocloos an act of villainy. 
On the other hand. It ssems by no means iniptu- 
taabla that Pitcaple ehould have ouised An to im 
ast to his enemy's houas ; a mode of reprtel, 
which had bsen pmetlecd in the same distriet 
of country, as we have elnady seen, by a eea- 
tlemaa cf only the preceding age. ritcople's 
men, moreover, had been heard to dedanjin 
Intention of attempting soow such aaterpeise 
against Pnndraught; as was proved on the trial 
cf a gentleman of the nam* of Hcldrum, who 
was apprahended, coadcmaed, and estcuted fer 

to their oooaplnMiy. 



Taa fllgbtoMith of Oelebcr, 

A dtamal Uk to bmr. 
Bow good Lord John and BotWoinay 

Won both bant in tho fln. 

Whn HMda wtn mUM, Md wwl bridM, 

And rtady fbr to rido. 
Than oat cnine ■ho nnd fluiM Frendnughti 

Invitiag them to Uda. 

Bald, •• Stay thb nkht nntO j9 mp, 

Tho mom antU y dinoi 
TwUI bo n toktn of gndo fVMment 

Twist yoar food lotd nnd nklno." 

** Woil torn again,** mid good Lord John. 

Bat, " Ko," Mid Botbioinay ; 
** Jl J ■laed'* tmpana'd ; my bildio'a broken ; 

I ter thiadajr I'ui fcr."* 

Whtn mam waa Mag, and boDa won mng. 

And all m«n bound for bed, 
Ihon good Loid Jubn and Bothfamay 

In ooa ehamber worn laid* 

Tbqr had not long oait off thalr eioth«. 

And won bat new asleep, 
When the weaiy 1010110 begui to rlHi, 

UhewlM the MorchlBg hcau 

** O wakra, waken, Bothlemay, 

O waken, brother d«ar ; 
And tarn )e to our BaTloar; 

There k strong 

When they wo* dMcmd la their doOM, 

And ready to* to boune. 
The doom and windows were all 1 

The nMr-ttee bamlng duwa. 

Bo did him to tlM wire window. 

As fcet ae he Obttid gang} 
flaya, " Waa to the haada pat in the 


Vor out wall 

Whan ha etood at the wire window. 

Moat doleAil to be aeen, 
Ba did eapy her. Lady rtaadmaght, 
' Whoatoudnponthoj 

Fradeatinalad, «v ordalaad to drnCh. 

Cried, " B crqr, meray i Lady Frendnm^ti 

Will ye not rink with ein ? 
For Oiat ywnr hoaband kill'd my Ihther, 

And now yon burn hie ion 1" 

O than oat apoke her, I«dy Fiandnoght, 

And loodly did she ery, 
*' It were great pitie Ibr good Lord John, 

Bat none tu Bothlenay< 
Bat the key* ace oaetea in the daep draar* 

To cannot gat away If 

The raak Itrom, and tha flama it Sew, 

Tho Are angmentad high. 
Until It eama to Lord John'a 

And the bed wherein he lay. 

Ba looklt eaat, he koklt w^. 
To aee if any help waa nigh ; 

At length hla Uttle page he a»w, 
Who to hla lord did loudly cry. 

"Oh, loapioh, loapl my dear master j 
Oh, luup I and eome to mo : 

111 catA yoa In my armla two| 
One foot I will not 1 

" Oh, lonp, oh, loop t ray dear maater, 
Thoogh the window's dreigh and highi 

III catah yoa in my anuk twoj 
BatBothleaBay may Iter 

** The fl<h ahaU awtan the Sood naa malr. 
Bar the 00m grow through the day, 

Xre the Serecat ftn that ever waa kindled 
Twin mo and Bothtienay. t 

** Bat I cannot leap, I cannot aome^ 

1 cannot win to thee { 
My hatd-B flut la tha wire^wtadow, 

Aad my tmV* bamlng ftaa mal 


toiuiad by a 

% 80 aMarad 

of tha trath of thia part of 
aa It la to pcobabUity, Mr 
tlona, aa a Swt of which he wae la- 
realding near Frandnaght» 
ago. when the well of the oaetle 
oat, a baneh of k«ya waa Siaad at 



" Uj tyw •!• tMthlag la 1117 haul, 

II7 flMh roMttag also ; 
Xjr bowab are bolllag with my blood ; 

I'm daUng In tha low i ■ 

*< TalH hare Um rtngi frw n>y white flagm. 

That are la* lon< and cniall ; 
Aad five them to my ledj bir, 

Wheia ite riti la her 

" I eaanot loop, I ouinot 

I oanoot loup to thee ; 
Hy earthly part Is aU 

My aplrit but tpelkt thee t" 

Wiioflnf her haoda, tearing h«r hair. 

Hie lady ehe wu eaea i 
Who thoe addrees'd hie acrraat Gordoa, 

As bo etade OB the I 


" O was ba lo yon, Oeofge Goidon 
An 111 death nay yon dee I 

Am laJb and ioand ae ye etaad there. 
And my lord betaaved ftrom ma I" 

" I bads him kmp, I badt Um 

1 bads him loap to ms ; 
I'd oateh him la my armta two^ 

A Coot 1 shoold Bot flee. 

ft«m kh white 

** He threw ma tha rings 

Which wore ess long and m 
To give to yott his lady thir. 

When yoa ait in your ball.' 

Bophia Bay. 8i>phla Ray, 
O bonoie Sophia was her aams ; 

Her waiting maid pat on her olothes } 
But I wat ahs tore thsm off again. 

And aft ahs eried. "Atasialael 
A mir heaifk ill to wfa t 

Z wan a ealr heart when 1 married 
And thie day itt wool retara'd 

rraia b a modam ballad Ibnaded on the 
■nlliset as ths prwedlng. It flist ai 
flard-e OoOeetion.] 


•• Ae flab ilwU atrer •wim the tood, 
Sfer ear* grow Urongh Ike eley, 

Xor tke letent in lau ever «m Uadled. 
Twte ■• aad ,** " " " 

* Xb the orif lnal«— 

Wasir nanaal OMtUt hrkd walb 
Throagh yellow Isavas wen eeea, 

WhsB birds Ibnook ths atpleea boughs. 
And best tha teded gnaa; 

Thaa Lady Ikanttet, TeagoAi' damt- , 

DM waader fraa the ha', 
Iq the wMs ftmsfe dcwlo gloom, 
; ths Isana that At'. 

Her page, Oa swUtest or her train. 

Had efaunb a lofty tree, 
Whase biaachsB to the angry blast 

Wen smighlBg monmftillie. 

Ho tvm'd hb sen towards ths path 

That near the oaatle lay. 
When good Lord John aad Bothlanuv 

WeniMing down tlM btaa. 

Bwlftdarti the eagle thnmgh the akj, 

WhsB pray beneath b seea : 
As qalokly he Ibtgot hb hold. 

And peatth'd upon the giaea. 

*'0 hia thsa. hb then, kdy gay, 

Frae thb dark wood awa' ! 
Boom rislton of gallant meln 

An hasting to the ha'." 

Than round ahe row*d her silkan plaU, 

Her bat shs did na apan, 
Vatll she left the Ibnefa aklru 

A long bow-shot and malr. 

" O when, O when, my good Lord John, 

O toll me when yo rido/ 
Wlthia my oaetla-waU thb akht 




bower to stay, 
tsach you to Itaiget 
of the way." 



" Fovtaw «Btraa1gr, tmOa dan*. 

How ean «• hen vmiAln ? 
Foil wall jrm know your hiub—d deir 

Wm bgr Bty fctlMr rialai 

" The tboBgbti of which with tdl mcnge, 

Wlibin your boaam sw*U; 
Kmacid you're ■worn that Mood Ibr blood 

fftoold thia btaek psMkm qwU." 

^ h* piled Bg^fairt the iMme, aad ledaaed to apOe 
of fflowUiff ariiee the dwelUn«, with all Itiln- 

" O ter not, Ihar not. food Lord John, 

That X wiU 700 betisf , 
Or me rtqultal Ibr a dvbt 

WUah aataie eannot pay. 

■, a' ye powen on high! 
Ye liebta that 'gin te ■hine! 
Thta bicht •hall prove the nored oord, 
lliat knlta four iUth aad mlaob" 

The Mj rile, wf (h beney'd worda, 
Eatiewl thlr joaths to ■tajr ; 

Bat the moralag tun ne'er ihone upon 
Lord John aad Bothtom^y. 

®i)e ®tas 2$toti)ei. 

tXoBBBB Bdad.— Sib Waltbii 
"The tmdltioa, npen which the tale to ftwiidtd, 
itfBcdi a houee, upon the baiany of OUmerton, 
. in Mid-Lothlan. Thto building, 
OUawrtea Omnge, wae or;glnally 
Bumdale, tram the fuUewIng tragie ad- 
The baroQjr of Gilmerton belonged, of 
]roi«k te a gentleman, named Heron, who had 
b««tlfal daughter. Thto yoang bwly wae 
bjr the abbot of MewboUle, a riehly ea« 
I abbey, npon the banks of the Duuth Bdi, 
k Hat of the Marqnto of L< thtaw. Heron 
to the knowledge of thia dreumetaooe, 
■mod alao, that the kven earrie J on tbair 
guilty latcreourm by the eonnlraaee of the lady ti 
■ane, who lived at thto bum of GUmerton 
Otange, or Bumdala. He Ibnned a Teeolution 
of bloody eengwnee, ondctcrred by the mppueed 
■mctity of the elcrieal eharaatvr, or by the 
atnngar dalaa of natural affection. CSiooeiug, 
thereftire, a dark aad windy night, when the 
ntjeete of hk vengaaaee weiv engagwl in a etolen 
r, ha mt Ore to a itaek of dried thorne, 
eombmUhh^ whleh ha hadoaamd to 

■ The Neae, with whieb the ballad < 

by the fcOowing corloaa paamga, «■- 
traetcd fkmn the lilb of AleKandar Fadan, one of 
the wandering and p erm e ate d tmehiw of tho 
met of Cknicrantane^ during the reign uf Gbarle* 
II. aad hto eooommr, Jamea. Thto permn was 
supposed by hto foUowcrs, and, perhaps, rsally 
bellevsd hknaslf, to be poesssssd of suprmatural 
gifts; Ibr the wild smnm whieh they fteqaentsd, 
and the eonstant dangers, whidi ware ineumd 
tbrongh their prasoriptioa, de e p e ned upon their 
minds tbe gloom of eupenUtlon, so gemml la 

" • About the mme time ba (Pedon) oama to 

Andrew Konnand's boose, in the parish of AUo- 

wi^, in the shirs of Ayr, haing to peeaahatalghft 

in hto barn. Aitor be oame in, be halted a little, 

leaning upon aohair-bnak, with hto baa aovsred ; 

when he lifted up hto bead, he asid, " Than an 

in thto bourn that 1 have aot ooe word of aalv»* 

tion unto;" be halted a Uttto again, aafing, 

" Thto tostnuigr, that the darU will not go out, 

I that we may begin our work t" Then tbara waa 

I a weenaa went out, ill-looked upon almoat all 

bar life, aad to her dying hour, tot a witsh, »ldk 

many prmumpthma of the same, itaaoapadme, 

• in the fotmar paasagm, that John Muirhead 

' (whom I haveoAaa meattoned) toM me, that 

^ when be eaoM from Iralaad toOalloway, he wee 

at IhmUy-woffsblp, and giving some aetee upon 

the Sorlpturs, when a very lll>looking man oaoM, 

and mt down within tbe doer, at tbe bank uf 

I the kmUam (partition of tbs cottage:) bamediata- 

ly be halted, aad said, " There to aome unhappy 

, body juat now ooom Into thto bouae. I oharge 

, blm to go out, and aok atop my mouth t" The 

paraon went out and he iaeUW (went on) yet he 

mw him neither eume in nor go out.' — ^The LUb 

and Propheeiao of Mr Alaaander Paden, Uto 

Mtaitotor of Uie Ooepel a* Hew Olaalaca, to CM- 


Tub pope be waa aaytag tbe Ugih, Ugh 1 

All on eaint Fbter'a day. 
With the power to him given, bf tba lainti la 

To waab meals rias amajf. (baa»aa» 

Tbe pope be waa aaytag tba 

And tbe people kneal'd around, 

Aad ttmu eedi manis aoul hto alas did 
Aa ba kJto'd tbe holy gnmad. 



And all, among the vtv w&t A thmtg, 
Wm still, boUi limb And tonipM, 
. WHtla throaah vsuliM roof, and kkiM •Jo«r, 
The holy Morata rung. 

At tb* hollMt word, ha qalTer'd for ter, 

And fkaltarM In Um wand— 
And, when be would th« oluiUw rtar, 

Hv drvpp'd It on tht ground. 

'* TiM braftth oTona of evtl dMd 

PoUotM our Murad dajr; 
Ht hM no p >rtlon In oar ersid, 

Ko pott In what I wj. 

*' A being whom no bl««fd word 

To ghwtljr pMM can bring ; 
A wmteh, at whoae approach abhorT*d, 

BaooUa aaeh holy thing. 

*' XJpl np! aabappy I baste* aflnl 

My a4)ttratloii I 
I ohnrga xitm nut lo stop mjr ? olot, 

Mor longw tarry hero I" 

AmM tbom all a pilgrim knoal'd, 

In gown of Mckdolb gray; 
^ar joumoylng from bU nativo Held, 

Ha fini law Boum that day. 

For flirty days and nights, ao drsar, 

1 waen b* had nut tpoba. 
And, aava with brvad aiid water olaar, 

Uls fiut ba na'ar bad broke. * 

AmM tba panltentW flook, 

SaaniM nooa u ora bent to pmy ; 

Bot, when tba boly flitbar spoka, 
Ua rgaa and want bis way. 

Again unto bis nallva land, 

His weary e<>ura« ha di«w, 
To Lothian *• ikir and tetlla atiaad. 

And Pcntlaad^ moantains Una. 

Bk anblast Ibct hit naHra ami. 

Mid Kska-s Csir wouda. ragalnt 
Tbro* wuods mure Aiir no 

BoUa to tba aaslara niala. 

And lorda to mact tba pOgilm 
And raaials bent tba knaa i 

Vor all mid ttoutlandls efaiaJb of 
Was nona mora iMiMd than ha. 

And boldly for his eoaolry, atiU, 

In battle ba had stood. 
Aye, avan whan, on tbe hanks of Till, 

Har nobleat pour'd tbalr blood. 

Swaat ara Ifaa patba, O poaring swaet! 

By Eake's fair sinfams that ran, 
O'tr alfy steap, thruugh aopeswood deep, 

Imparrloos to tba sua. 

Tbars tba rapt poat*a atop may rove. 

And yield tbe muae tba day; 
Tbare beauty, lad by tonid lora, 

May ahun tba tall-tala ray ; 

F^om that fldr doma, wbars aolt li paid. 

By blast of bogle free,* 
To Auobendlany'a basel glada.f 

And baantad Woodhousalaa. {: 

Who knowa not Melrilla*a baaaby gnm, f 
And BoaUn** roeicy g1aa,| 


■ Tba barony cf Pennyeuiok, the prftpartj of Sir 
Oaorge Clark, IWt-, is bald by a singular tanunt ; 
tiie pruprlat<)r being bound to sit upon a large roeby 
fiagmcnt, aallad tbe Uuclutane, and wind three 
biMta of a bom, when the king shall coma to 
hant un the Borough Muir, near Kdlnburgh. 
lienoa, tba fkn illy bare adoplad, as tbalr OKst, 
n daml'furester pri>im, windiog a born, with Um 
iiwtto, " Frw for a Bloat." The beauUful Biaa< 
slon-bouas of Pennyeuick is much adtnlred, both 
on account of tba arebitaotura and summndlng 
aoanary.-— Scatt. 

t Auebendinay, situated uptm tba Bake, balow 
Pannycttick, tbe present raaidanoa of iba IngtK 
Dions U. Maekansle, Kt^i. author of " Iba Mau 
uf Vaeling," Ctc—SevU. 

i Fur the tndltiuntaonnaetad with this mlneas 
mansion, sea the baliad of " Oadyow Gaatla.** 


I MalvUla Gbstla, tba saat of tba right bonoor- 
abla Lord McltrUle, to whom It givae tba title of 
riscount. Is deligbtfaUy situated upon tba Kska* 
near Laaawad«.— jjoatt. 

I The nuns of Boalin Gsstle, the baronial nri- 
danoa of tbe ancient fkmUy of At Clair; the 
Ootble cbapal, which U stlil m baautlfbl praaar- 
valloa, with tba romantic and woody dall In 
which tb^y aio aiUiated, belong to tba right 
bonoofmbla tba Kari of BMalyn, tba i 
tiT* of tba funaar lords of Bualln.— Seatf. 



IWMlta. wUflh an the vtrtoM Iov«, * 
And fltaHrie Hawthornctan ? \ 

T«t Btfwr a palk, from day to day. 
The pUgrlin'i fbotitepi lange, 

8kvc bat tba toUtary way 
T4» Bamdah^ rataM gianga* 

A «<o«lbl plaM waa thai, I 

Ai wanow eoold darir* ; 
Vor, noddlsg to the Ml waa each cnimbUng 

Aad thoiMfwai eeathed with Are. 

II Ml opan ab»«..« . .... 

White «Q Oterorthy'e hmA, 
Tha tali Mat fUams of the eun'i low beams 

Ited etoaak'd tha giay with red; 


And tha aoavMtt-baU did 
K«wbotile^ aahi aroeng, 

Aad miflflad with tha eotama 
0«r Lady**! avanlag loogi 

* Tha vlllaga and CMtla of Dalhaith baloDgad, 
oroU. t» the taeooa Earl of Moiloo. but to now 
the iMUenaa aT the neUa fiunlly of Buoeleaeh. 
Tha park asicnda along tha Eeiw, wUeb to there 
Jiiiiiail lij He ilaiai elieaiii. nf llie ■nie iianii 


t Hawthoradan, tha neldanea of tha poai 
a, of noea modem date, to 
, aa li ware, tif the mine or tha andeni 
uid orarbaage a ire a i a ndooe praetpiea, 
tha baaka of tha Beka, perfbnted by wlad* 
log aavae* whleh la Itanaar times ibrmad a re« 
fhga to the epptWied patriots of Seotlaad. 
Hera DramaMBd noeivad Bea Jeoeoa, who 
I, oa fei>t, ia order to Tieli 
beaoty oTthto etriklng eeeaa has beaa 
l^Jored, of laie years, by tho ladtoarlael- 
•M of tha aaa. The traTsUar oew looks la 
vola te the laa<ir bo«ar« 

la Dmaaioad'a aoetol tlude/' 

I, iradag tha Eeka froaa lie 

the eea at XaaHlburgh, no 

can boaei eneh a varied eoo- 

huewatiag objects, as wall aa 

itle aad baaatUhl eeaaary. 

The heavy knall, tha ehelr^ Adat swaD, 
Ckuna slowly down the wind, 

Aad on the pdgrlm'e ear they Ml, 
Ae hto wonted path he dkl flad. 

Deep rank in thooght, I 

Kor evar nto'd hie rye, 
TTatil ha oaroe to that dreary plaoe, 

Whieh did aU in ralae 11a. 

Ha gaaed on tha walle, aa eoathad with flra, 

With many a Utter graaa — 
And there was aware of a Oiny Fiter, 

Bceting him on a stona. 

" Kow, Cbrlet thee KTe i 

'So I e pilgrim thoa 

eald the gray brothen 
emest to be." 
Bat in sore amase did Lord Albert i 
Nor answer again made ha. 

"Ofomayeflrom eaet, or coma ye from 
Or bring reliqucs ftvm over tha ssa. 

Or come ye ftom the shriaa of 0t Jamas the 
Or 8t John of Beverly P" 

*' I eema not frou tha sbrlna of Bt Jamaa tha 

Nor bring reliqnee from over the eea; 
I bring bat a curse from oar fhther tha pope. 

Which fbr ever will eUng to me." 

" Now, woefal pDgrlm, say not so i 

But kneel tb«a down by me. 
And shrive tliae so clean of thy deadly sla. 

That abaolvad tbon mayst be." 

" And who art thou, thoa gray 
That I shouU shrive to thaa. 

Whan ha, U> whom are givaa tha kiga 
and heaven. 
Has ao power to paidoa bm?** 

" O I am eent from a dlitaat dhaa. 
Five thotttaad mike away. 

And aU to abeolve a fcnl, Ibal erlma. 
Doaa hare twist alghi aad day.** 

Tha pOgrtaa kaaei'd him aa tha 

And thoa began hto 
When oa his aeak m 

Did thai gny bKithsr .aga. 


iMoOTit TarioB of Ml old BaDftd.] 

•■ WW |M |M to Om HMudt, my jmral.«1* iMf 
WQl 19 gM with jonr tni* low th« moaatalM to tmP 
It b kMkltiVf <l*v laMla, to toMtlM tho mrwi air i 
▲b' to p«' tbo Maebanks in Um forast no &ir I** 

** Wl' Umo to Om HklMida, lov*, I danna laaff i 
Tba moantalBS an drMiy. Um Jooniflr ia iMigt 
I lova tUa Mr valley, an* iwcat oon flaM, 
Hair than •' tha blaebanrka jow wild ftmati jWd." 

** ! the BWaada art bonnla, wb«n tha haathcf^ to Uoami 
An' ilk atimth, wbara fou mndtt, malki awvat wl' paKkoMt 
Toa may gattaar blatbarriaa an aammcr ba goo*. 
And pfiodttoe tham at tabla when Saoambar oomaa ao.** 

Than oat apaka bar Ihthar, a han(hlr anld i 
" Oaa aaak jra a mlatraai amang yonr ain «hw t 
Wa lo^ na tba proChr, inaDg wQd HUand Ml«, 
O* ywur walth o* btoabarriaa, and Una haathar baUi I 

**OonM Ult 19 jpoiir plaldla. an' off own tba hOli 
TIm right o' TOUT Hialand fiMa doai ma moob ill I 
111 many my daagblar, and apan panniaa too. 
On anlthar malr ganila nn' llluly than yon.** 

*■ My pliddla ia broad, and baa eolonri anawi 
Oudamaa, ibr yonr Undoaia. 1*11 leaTc It with yon ' 
Tba eaold dayt o' winter an barmlaaa to bm. 
Whan I gat bUnha o' lova ftaa yaor awaat daoghtara an^ 

" My flocka an but aoanty, my lodglnga bat ban t 
And you that hn'a plenty, tba mair ya aan qmn i 
Tall no aend yonr law i e yonr darling nwa', 
A vilb to the UlaUnda, wi' naathing ava f" 

Hian off draw the Ikther wi' her to advl8a»— 
** If ya thia* o* gann wi' him yott'n Mualy not wtaa t 
Ha*8 a ruda Uieland IkUow, aa pair aa a emw i 
And the Ukeat a catena tbat ever I aaw. 

**Bat If yon datvnaina hla miatraas to ba, 
Ta'aa gat nonght that 1 or yoar mithar oaa gi% i 
Fna a' oar poaHaiioaa wa bar yon ftw aye. 
If aff to tha HiaUnda wl* him yoa'U away." 

*' Than heap, honearad flUhar, wbato'ar you | 
Par aU yon aay of bim, I love him not Iom; 
I rataa not riehca, thoogh tempUng they ba. 
If tha wild Hlalaad hilla an batwaan him and ma r 



A«a* to a eooatej taar cm n«t«r mw; 

Own bfMd BMH •■' HMHWMla, OB iMt dM db* 





. itep eawaid wl* la*. 

** I'm fl*«lr M* «Mi7, mj AoM M* an vmt { 
■m te ha** wt trnvrira, I'm rmdij to aUat ; 
Aad WOT It ant, dmrctl, fbr yoar eompaaj, 

; tte laaf bwtbcr I'd Ha 4owb aa' dw." 

"O! vara thtiaaa oat-beam. a basaar a tyi«. 
Aad «a btdfad la cither, iti a' I drntaa"— 
"Obmr ap, mj twaet lamh, wall no tany hen: 
Oar ala woods aa' itaadlBC wtTn nam dmarlat a 

▲a oa«ard tlM]r waadw^ ttNf ( 

Whma ikMp oat o^ nambar a-ltodlaff did rovat 

Aad AUaa stood maiiaff hk hiiaris toma. 

Bat to hm, hb dmr la«to, aaa Jogr aoald thty fl^ 

A iprightl7 yoai« hddto wP gmm tartMi 

Baith yoa aa'joar Mdy wa laat lookV to ma." 

Ifa tooatbt y a 

■mtls yoaaf ( 

loMMlamaa, *a oatnad tka ba*. 

Wr alaaa* gada wblsky thay dfaak bm hmltb iaaa% 
~ tbigr mada ber a bra- bod a^ r 



•w aa dm aeald ipy — 
an yoom, lofOb fm a|v t 
la a laaff ibnmm day.' 

** O AOaa I O, Allaa I wby smaa ya to ma ? 
flaia, 1 am aairortbjr ywu mhtimi to bt !" 
" Look ap. wlammo lairit, ja iMtdaa tbtak dmanai 
Aad aall aw BOl AUaa, te daadiTftair uuaa! 



*■ O, doat yoo tvmembcr nt whool Imiff afrt, 
Toar hard-havted (kth*' wu e*»r mjtbtf 
And MMt or my oomtadM dealt hanktj Wth nuc 
T«i WM I gn|itt>id and lofvd by thM. 

" Atc fM Ihca m/ Baady. whom I lovad dear * 
Why heard I aot tntm pim tar many a year? 
O, oft, bklthAi' flaody, wf thlnkiag oa theal 
When ottMte wna iUeplaf » 1 ae'er aloud aa •'«." 

" JJae' both my paiaato I loot when a child, 
Aad ftur from theee vaileye wae I then callodi 
Bat yean caiae, and plenty wae ebowond apoa mat 
Bo I wieh. deareet Jtwall to ihare it with thoa. 

*' We lorcd other dearly, with Una let ae end. 
While In laaoeent pleaeore our daye will wo ej 
And ncain to your fttther together we'll go : 
II will eaae the old krnwr of tnmbie aad woo.* 

With maa aad mald-acrraate, to wait them npon, 
Aw«y to the Lewlandt again are they gone ; 
They drove to the wtH.low bdhre they wad etaad ; 
While down oatoo tho bther wl* boaaet la hand. 

*'OonM hoep oa yo«r faoBBOt, aad dont lot It Ik* ; 
It oete not the peacock to bow to the omw !" 
" Porboar, geatio Sandy, an' dlnna laant moi 
My Jeaati nadeoorring yonr laddy to bo." 

Then*! mirth i* the kltrhen. delight oa tho green ; 
Bae pleoaed was the mother, tcan blinded her o^oa ( 
To make Ilk ano happy, aao elllor wae epared ; 
Aa' BOW the aald hrawt'e a douse looklag laird 

ftoci)aber no mote. 

(WaiTTBir on hearing the (bilowtng tradlUonal aoooant of one of Iho many prodatay Inoarriona 
of the Catcran into the low oountry, during tho llmo, ae Booi ayi la Ua bUo of " Holeaoro or tho 
Vortuaalo dha^ideeo," 

•* Wben loowlar Arnlda or eeeeriaf e' e gtoa. 
Wet e«e« deeoi'd the dMd e' protty ■aa." 


Apartyof theoemaraadonfWNn I^dkabrr, ooneMlaffofoomo ibrty orflfly 
on an antamn afkaraoon, the oammit of a hill imoMdlately aboro OUneil^ tho oMOt northerly 
parieh la forflaohho watod Ihomeelvoi to taho not and refraehmont, aad ta wait tho fall of night 
tte work of plandor s bolag oboorvod by tha eho^Mrio fron tho aolghboulnc 


hrighlif tlM ahm wm gtfvn, and bj th* evcnlnf 41m moct •flbotiv* men of tht glra wo* In mm*, 
•Bd had mat toflsther fbr the protaction of thdr proparty. Alter dark tite Catermn dawMMted and 
■avB tham battia, and in a ahort bat aavn* aktnntah whleh anamd Ava of tha inhabltaata w«n> 
bUlad, and abaut ten of them taken prlaonata, who with taa gnalar part of tha eattla and aheap of 
tha paridi vara drlvan to tha Highhuida. Tha pailahioaan never heard mora of their floeka and 
henU; bat aarlj la tha fbUowlog year the oaptiTva ware penaittad to rttara hom e a mnaom of 
flltean matka having bean paid ibr eaoh man. It ia aaid that a ballad, glriag tho abeva partlaalara 
in detail, waa long popolar in the glen; bat nothing morale now remembered «f it, esoept that 
with tha worda " Lochalier no mora."] 

M oviTTBATTocK,* how dark U the ck>ad on thj brow. 
How grateAal iti gloom to the Tallej below ; 
For the band of tbt reaver haa amitten ao aore, 
Tb» daya of our moamlng will never be o'er. — 
Ha came in the night— he haa taken and alaln 
Tha wala of oar flooks, and tha Hower of oar men— 
Tha maktana, the widowi, and orphana deplore. 
And tha hollow wind monnttra— Loehabcr no more > 

Tha fold now ia ailent, the ahelUng ia atUl, 
No held la the vallay. no aoek on tho hiU ; 
Ko gay alaging maiUrn a-mllking the eowa. 
Vo blythe whlatllng ahepherd a-bughting the ewaa. 
The award of Olaneflbokf la ahlning In red; 
The down of the thlttle with cfimaoa ia dyed ; 
The bloom of the heather la ataepiag in gor»— 
And tho wild bee la humming — Lochaher no more ! 

A high moaatain on tha north of Oleneak. 

Tlw plaoe of eembat. The laat ineuralon of the Gateran took plaeo aboot 1708. Their leader 
I John llacgnger, better known in tha Low Country by the name of tha " Bed Bull of Bada- 
He wae a man of nnoommon atatare, atrvngth, and daring, and with hie gang waa long 
the tenor of Strathmora. The place uf their attack waa Feam, a pariah about ten milee eouth- 
waat of Glonaak, and eontigooaa to the Gramplaaa. The aaaaalt, at uiual, waa made by night, and 
aa oompleto waa the work at plunder that aearcaly a aingle " hoof or horn" waa left in the pailah ■ 

The plosf hmaa nite lo yoke Ue teaai, 

Tbe Ukin WM steea am*' ; 
Tlie euitfeB ruM to aulk her kye^ 


!■ the nomlag tho panahtonan aaaembled In the chureh-yaid, having bean ealled togethor by tha 
ffaging of the kirk bell, and learning tton each other the extent of the depredation, th(>y neolvcd to 
attempt roeovaring their property. Having procnred arma, and ehoeen for their oaptidn John 
Maolateah, ikrmor of Sadenberry, a l>old aetive young man, they eommenoed pureult, and after a 
I of ten or twelve mtlea over high and nigged mooataina, tho thievee, with the aheap and cattle, 
an at a plaaa eallad the Water of Sanghe, where a Airloua akirmiah eaauad. In which 
vaa klUed. Whan their chief Ml tho Hlghbmdera immediately fled, and from tha 
want of a lender the band waa broken up. Tho people of Feam got pneiimtnn again of all thair 
prapertiy, but last otia of thair men In tha combat. 



SatI miti^atl). 

C'*Tn loeaUty ti thia liallad, B>nM«lc» 
wlU hrtof to tt» iwnambfmaM of tha rHwIcr, 
feklM of BoUb Hood ud UtUa John, who, M- 
oordlDg to tho tMtlmony of Uutt vonombk ehro- 
Blctar, Andnw of Wjiitown, 

' !■ Tagilwodc rad Barfidri^ 

TlMf« ojrMd aU thia tgrtaa thu« travaOa.' 

Whatbar Cha haOad la erigtullr tha prodnetlen 
or an Kag Uah or m Beoteh mlnatral admiti of 
quvation ; eartaln, howavor, U ia, that it haa 
baan raeaivad Into both oonntcln at a pratty 
aarly pariod. Haanw In hla praflMa to Qui. 
Kaubrlglanaia HMorla, Oaoa. 1719, Vol. I. pa«a 
Ux. mantloBa, that tha Knif ht and Shaphard'a 
dauchfear waa wall known In tha thna of Qnaan 
XUsabath. In Flaieharii PUsrim, Act 4, Beana 
S, a atonia of tha aama ballad ia quoted. Tha 
EnflUk vonlon of thia baUad la givan in tha 
BcUqnaa of Bngllah Poatfy, ToL III. Than 
ara varioua ceplaa of it cmvant In Soetland. 
Tha praaeot venlon, obtainad from neitattoa in 
en« of tha northern aountlta, ia oat of alght tha 
moat drenmitantial and alaboratad that haa jrat 
baan printed. It poaaaaaaa no amall portion of 
humoor, and appaara to ba of giaator antiqalty 
than tha oopy pnbUahad In tha Ballqnaa. In 
ona of tha ndtad eoplaa of thia ballad, Karl 
Rlehard endaavoun to ahaka tha ladyla oonrle- 
tlon of hia Idantity by uaing tha auna maana aa 
tha Qabolanila nan, who aaug^— 

• 111 bow my Iff, aad anmk ay ] 
Aad draw « btMk el«at o«i« msf o'cl 
▲ erippia or hliMl ihay wiU «•' mm.* 

Bat tha ayaa of lova wcra too aharp to ba da- 
oaivad by aueh witty darieaa, far aa tha ballad 

• Ba ouna UrpUa* o« a Bliak, 
Amd Icuiia* oa a Uaa,* 

Thakdy.arlthahaalgrvolaa, fai tha ftoa af aU 
tha oour^ hnmadiataly oriaa — ^ 

• Ba ha ortppla, «Mr ba ha bhad, 
Tko MM* Bu b ka ' 

WiU av lew ■Uiar a'a.' 

■art Bldiaiil>i anhridagrooa-lDta bahavloar 
«a hla arartiling night, and hto apawMa db- 

ootairy on tha morrow, wfll nmind fha 
raadarofthagantlaairOawalna who, when n>« 
Inetantiy turning nmad to earaai hia lothly 
brida, Baeh to hia Joy and oontentment found 
Into a aaeat loraaoma lady." 


Xabl SienauB onoa on a day, 
And aU hla valfatnt man ao wight; 

Ha dM him down to Bamiadala, 
Whara aU tha Uad ia flUr and light. 

Ha waa awara of a damoari, 

I wot teat on aha did har bound. 

With towaia of goM upon har hiaul, 
Aa bir a woman aa ooold ba foond. 

Ba aahl, '* Buak on yon. Mr tawlya, 
Tha white flowara and tha red ; 

For I would gt*a my bonnla ahlp, 
To get your maUanhaad." 

" I wlih your bonnla ahlp lant and rtva. 

And drawn you in tha aaas 
For all thia would not mand tha miai. 

That ya would do to ma." 
"Tha miaa ia not w great iady^ 

Soon mondad it might ba. 

" 1 have fbar*aBd*twan^ mlUa In BeotlaDd 

Stand on tha watar Tkyi 
Toull have tham and aa mu«h flour 

Aa thayll grind in a day.* 

" I wiah your bonnla ahlp rant and rira. 

And drawn yon In tha aea; 
Fbr all that would not mand tha mim, 

Hiat ya would do Air ma." 
'* Tha miaa ia net ao great lady. 

Boon mandad it wiU ba. 

" I hava Ibur-aBd'twanty milk white eowa 

All ealv«d in a day ; 
Tou'li have tham and aa much halnad gnu^ 

Aa thay all on ean i 

** I wlah your bonnla ahip rant and rivo^ 

And drown ya in tha eaa; 
For all that would not mand tha 

That ya would do to ma." 
" The miaa ia not ao grmt ladya, 

«nrvm>f av n a t.y. jl na, ao i 

••IlwfvkaMad-CwralyaillkwhitoitMda, A Vw ht hatf M««r bwa aa Uad hwrtid. 



Toull taav* than aad m mach nd gold« 

Aad aha bad a*f«r baaa ao law baartad. 

Aa an tlMir tiMki«Mi bMr." 


Bat daap lata tba waa watw 

And iht tmon bgr tba mold. 

Tbara alaada a giaat big atona; 

**! woaM aatba yoor tava,** laU dM, 

Ha taraad bla wlgbt bona biad abaat. 

** JW tiAl Qhaiah flill or gold." 

Bald. " Udy Mr. win yo loop aa ^^ 

Ho taiMd bim ifgkl aad !«■■« about. 

flbana tabao tba mad «aa la bar tead. 

And iM aivoro hy tbt naaib 

And ctraak It oa tbo Jbam. 

aiv*. ** Udjr. !• ay kHO ihaa ba» 

Aad balbra ba got tba mbldlaatnaai. 

Ajtf told yo ihaU havo kM." 

na lady waa on diy laad. 
** Bjr tba balp of God aad oar Lady. 

Om tataod hir i%h» and loaad alMMt, 

My balp lyaa aotla yoar tead.- 

And aho oiron by ttao moon. 

«* I woald nek ba yoor lovo," M|a dM, 

** I laaiaad U from my BMCbar daar. 

** Ite aD tba gold la Soma." 

Vaw ia tbara tbat bM karaod bettrri 

Ho tanad bbn figbt aad reoad aboat, 

1 ana aarbB tbnmgb Uba oay oMv. 

Aad ba Bwoio bjr tba noon* 

flh^a. ** I«dr> !• ny b»*a abaU ba. 

I laanMd it from Wf BMtbar daar. 

Aad gold yo ahaU teva aaoab- 

I dad Ilaaraad It to aqr w«d ; 

Ha oavgbt bar by dM mlDc-wbfla tend. 

I aaa awlm tbroagh bba any oaL" 

Aad tboM bM lakm bla wU oTbar. 

"Tata badk. tan ba*. yaa bidy frb. 

WboUy wttboot bar laaoa. 

Toa baow aot lAat 1 aaa» 
Tbara la a lady ia tbat aaalla. 

Tba lady Amraad aad aadly blaahad. 

That wm bam yoa and mo." 

Aad obi bat aba tboogbt abaow; 

*« BatUa ma waal. batlda ma waa. 

■aya» ** If ym ara a bnli^ at all» 

Tbat lady wUlIaaa." 

Taa aaiaty will tall aa yoar naoM.'* 

8ha taob a flag from bar Aagar, 

•* In aeiBo plaoaa tbcy aan mo Jaok, 

Aad gatot tha porlar Ibr bia frai 

In atbar aoBM tbay aall no Joba i 

Baya, '* Tab' yoa tbat, my good poftar. 

Bat wbon lata tba qawn^ eontt. 

Aad Ud tba qaaaa apaab to mo." 

Ob tbaa Utbaoak it la av BMna^" 

Aad wbaa aba oamo bafora tba qnaaa. 

'* Utbeadi 1 Utbeoak r tba bidy Mid, 

Tban aba frU low dowa oa bor kaaa j 

Aad oft iha ipalt It ovar again s 

Baya. " Tb«ra la a bolgbt Into yonr oooit. 

«* Iltbeaab! if I«ttai,*' tba tady «ld. 


« Biabaidii tba Kagllab ef tbat aaaa." 

" Ob. baa ba robbad yea of yoar gold. 

na kalgbt ba Mda, tba lady nw. 

Or boa ba robbad yoa of yoar fra ?■• 

A llffo long tummtft^ day} 

" Ha baa not robbad rao of my gold. 

Tin tbay oaoa to tba «aa watar. 

Bo bna not robbad ma of my fao; 


Tba frtooat flowar afay bodlob" 

H/aat bia bona band to tba watar. 

Jaat tbraogb It te to lUat 

** Tbara la ao balgbt la aU aqr aaait. 

Aad tba lady waa M Nody aa Urn. 

Tbat tbaa 1^ rabbad tbao : 

Tba watara te to wada^ 


; Bat yottirbaao tba trntbofblar^b* band. 
Or aha for yowr aaka boV daai 

283 BoornaB ballads. 

Thoiich it wtn Kiai Blcbwd my own ferather, i 

And Ota ! JbrMU that tt he ;■• 
Thoo. oMtMnff. Mid Um lady fiiir, 

"I wot llM nmm luaa !■ bo." 

f ** And riM would meal yea with mmertac. 
That ebe gathen at tbo mill i 
And mak' you thlok-M any daigh. 
And when the pan wae brimtol 

Tbe qaom taSkA en bor murj noa, 
SvcB Aly men and thnw ; 

larl Btehiinl OMd bo bo the flnt niaa. 
Bat now tb« bludmott wa» ho. 

" Would moM you «p tai eeuttlo dIdiM, 
8yne bid u* eup till we won ftm. 

Lay down her head upon a poke. 
Then ilaop and enoco like any eow.*' 

Ho^ tokoD oat ooo hnodred poando, 

Bofi. " Tak* jroa that, mj iadj tiOr, 

And aoak aaotbor loro." 

" Away 1 away 1 yon bad woman, 
Vor all your vile words grterctb ao. 

When ye heed eo Uttis fbr jmuwOt, 
I'm eun ye*n heed fiurloM Amt mo 

" Ob no, ob no.** tbo lady eriod, 
*' Thafk wbat ■ball noror bo ; 

11] bavo tbo tratb of your rigbt band. 
Tht quooa It gavo to mo." 

" I wbh I had drank your water, oMer. 

When that I did drink of your wine ; 
Oaoe for a carte's fliir daaghter. 

It aye gars me dtee all this pine." 

" I wtob I bad dmnk ofyoar walnr, rittor, 
Wtaoa I did drink your wIdo ; 

Tbat tor a carlo's fldr dan^btcr. 
It dooi gar mo droo all tbU plno." 

" May be I am a earle's daughter. 

And may be never none ; 
When ye met mo In tbo good green wood. 

Why dkl you not let mo aUae f 

" Moy bo I om aoorioo daagfatv. 

And may bo netornanot 
Wbon yo mot mo in tbo grcon wr«d, 

Wby did yoa not lot nw alaao?" 

" Onde o'on, gode e'On, yo heather bonlee. 
As ye'n growing on yon hill ; 

It the auld oarie and hia bag* were bora, 
1 wot he would get meat his flU. 

" Win yoa w«ar tbo •bolt dotbeo. 
Or will you woar the oldo, 

Or will you walk to your wcddlog, 

" Lata, late, at night I knit our pokes. 
With even lbur«nd-twenty knots ; 

And in the ntom at bnakfitst time, 
1*11 eany the keye of an can's looks. 

" I wiU net woar tbo ibort clotbo^ 
But I wUl wear tbo lido 1 

X wiU not wolk to my woddlng. 
Bat 1 to It wiU rido.** 

" Late, lata, at night I knit our pokee. 
With even fwur'and'tweaty etrin^; 

And if you luok to my white flngen. 
They have as many gay gold linga." 

When bo WM ■ t upon tbo bone, 

Tbo My bim behind i 
Then oonld and eorlo were the words, 

Tbo twa had thorn between. 

" Away 1 away ! ye 111 woman. 

And surs your vile wurds grievcth mo{ 
When you heed eo little for youiwlf, 

I'm sure yo'U heed fiur le« for mo. 

Bbo Mid. ** GkMMl wn, yo nottlM tall, 
Joet there wboio }o grow at the dike. 

If tbo auid oarlin my mother wae horv, 
ihM weel'O ahe would your patH plka. 

** But If you aro a earle's daughter. 

As I take you to be ; 
How did you get the gay dolhing. 

In greenwood ye had on thee f* 

** Bow ebe would etap you in her poke, 

1 wot at tbat ahe wadna Ml j 
And boll ye in her auld biaae pan, 

Aad oTyo mak' right gudo kalL y 

*' My mother sheti a poor woman, 
She nureed earl's children thrM ; 
And I get them flrom a fueter eister, 
f JTor to biguile such sparks as thoo." 


"BntlfiovtoaaM-lt^dMchtcr. A HtatoillrfliMCTflmortlMtoan, 

Atl bciler«7oab«: 

To Ttav AUaae he maid him boaa : 

How dU yoa l«un tiu good latin, 

He aaw him lyane, alfaue 1 in awrnn 

In gnen wood j« ipoht to w?" 

For Wt of help, and lyk to de ;— 
qfMhj aowld not AUaae honorit be ? 

'* Mj tnoOm itatTi « uimui womui. 

tfht narwd mAt chiMran three ; 

Thay mw hla held begin to lyte; 

I lawned it flrvm their ohapeban. 

Syne for ane anialae thay eend beiyft. 

To beBttlla ndi eparke M ye." 

qfaba bcoeht with hir fynf-«Md-t/v9 
Uf HMn or war AiU prerely :— 

Whan nan ivae mtag, and bellt weia rang. 

<)Bhy aowld no* AUaae honorit be ? 

▲nd aU men bonne for bed ; 

Tbea Sari lUohud and thia Ladye, 

Thay raadhlt Airt lyk helUe rakia, 

la aae bed thif were kOd. 

And every aae or yame had hukia; 
They caat htan ahortiy in your olakia. 

He tamed hie flMe to the itoek. 

Syne band him la ane eieddiU oTtNi— 

▲nd aha heia to the atanej 

Siuhy eowkl not AUaa honorit be/ 

And eaald and drcaty waa the lave. 

That waa thbr t«n between. 

Thay brot him invart in the land. 

Qiaat waa the mirth In the kitoh«i» 

QnhiU they might owdir gang or ataaJ, 


Never ane foto tea him to He;— * 

Bat in hie bed lajr Sari Blehacd, 

qahy aowld not AUane honorit be? 

Wiping the taaia awa'. 

The grittert eowart In thla bmd. 

He wapt tin ha Ml aMi aalaq>. 

F&a he with Allane eater in band. 

Then elept tUl Ueht waa ooma; 

Thai ha may nowJir ^ang nor etaad. 

Thea he dkl hear the geatleaian 

Set fourty aall not gar him fle;— 

Tfaat talked in the room. 

^H^eowhl not AUane honorit be? 

Said, •• flaw je em a ftttar matefa. 

Blr AOaale hewmond la ana cop. 

Betwixt Um aae and Ither ; 

With an aaga Ikddir in hie top; 

The king o' fiootfauid'a Mr doohtar. 

Fia hand to hand ao dole he hop. 

And the qneen of Kngland'a brither." 

^ahlll aam may nowdlr apelk nor ee;— 
()nhy aowld not AUaae honoeit be? 

*• And la aha the king or B«itlandli flilr doehtar ? 

Tble day. oh, weel la mal 
Fee aeven tlaaa haa mj etead bctti aaddled. 

To eome to eowt with thee ; 
And with thla witty lady fiUr, 

Uow hapnr moat I be !'* 

la lale, qohan ilk man aingia hie cariaU, 
Gade Allane lyia m to ane barnJl ; 
Qnhaa he to thalr, he dowtia ne parreU 
To oam oa him be laad or ae ; — 
qftbj aowld not AUane hoaorit be? 

Set waa yalr aerir aa gajr aae gallane. 


jnra he melt with our malaler blr AUane, 

Botgirhe hahl him by ye hallane. 

(Faaii the Baaaa^yae X&, la the AdTooaMe* 

Bah wart oa ttM flare IhUla he;— 

Ubrary. Edinburgh.] 

<)ahy eewld not AUaae honorit be ? 

Qunaa hp wee anag, and eled tn grene. 

My malatir AUane grew ao atark. 

HaUhad hie air abeot hie ene. 

<)nhlU he maid mony ooanlDg elerk ; 

Baith men and wemen dU him mene. 

Upoua yalr Adala he astta hla mark. 

^ahen he gnw on aea haib het— 

A bind arid note be^yd ye e;— 

<)ahy aowld not AUaae hoaocit be? 

} <tBk]r«nriila«t AUaae hanoritba? 



X7 mMIr JJliM I aay «lr OTii t 
H* kvit no moay la mj pmn; 
At Ui •ammuA I moa dabon 
Malr Bar jw tim pC «r my k i— 

<)Bhj MnrU not AUmm koMrit to ? 

4 TlM]r«owpltUBlhMla«o«to...rr-', 
And brack hh bwiM, galppar Ibr 
BgrM p«t tb* bun ■ntUl th* giMd, 

And iMptt (k* MB OBt •* Ms 


H« M toBlBC* eoBitn 

And MTvIs «■ of ear daljr flida, 

Aad that witblltowHM>{— 

^idir wwld Bot AUoM hMMrit to ? 


[raOB a wpy ftwoWMd t» Mr Ji 
OoUMttoB by Cto BiTwaod WUUom Qnj 

OvM AOoa o* Moat «■• OBoa OBl 
Aad to «aa aadgad ftoa «b' ta waor, diaolat wl' mook, aad ^mm wl' nla, 
TUl to dtot, ood «Ma- to lift afoia. 

Bo flnt (raw (raaa, lyao to staw whltSi 
Qjrao a' nioa tbootat that to wao clpo I 
Aod wl' orooUt fttlUaa and tofta o* tna 
Ttoqrra hoWd him dowa ri^ht doadmiia. 

0JBO thoy*vo aat Alloa ap late atooka. 
Aad oaataa oa blm moay plaaaaot lootoi 
Tbayvo tana'd blm up qrao oa a al«d, 
Till la tto (mla-yord ttoy mode bla bad. 

> BMB olomb ap apoa a loddor, bopplt bla baod ftaa wind and ^ 
Tba)r>a ta*on blm aolat ap la their arms, 
I bk ahok-dewa la tto 

I aoaplaa, ttot w«ra aoa )»<««, 
Bla bach tbay loaadart. moU Ibr moOi 
M^ §ut moU. and boff «Mr boff. 
Titt bto bMo flaw aboat bk iaga llto «aff. 

ioaala wl* to 
Aad ato loa meny a flto ood flddle } 
Bat ap tto doora, loot la tto wla', 
*o aaa what had^ Ml ftar him. 

i 1dm op lotQl a aaok. 
Aad o^ tto tona baak hraok hk arrk : 
a»na briatlad Itoy him apoa tto klU, 
nu to waa boot diy Ibr tto miU. 

lito aa godo aolbar to onMk wl* aolthori 
Boya, *' ABoa o* Moat, am yo (oob to dao? 
Uaa op maa, Bntk and doaoa wl* 

TIU ttoy doaoad oW tto wofUac atOBdi 
Byaa la earn' Joaala wl* her dUh, 
8to fao mooy a raouDlo aad ; 

Vor ovor fot hia pride a fit', 
TlUoorika pta'd bM at tto wa*. 


[OiTBi by Mr Jomlaaan fVom bk 
laetloB, oa to iaomad it la Momyahlra * 
waa a toy, and befbra tto Poonta of Boroa 
paUktod. Tto two oomdadlng atoaiaa are by 
Mr Jamkaoo.] 


Aad three many 

Aad tbcy tofo awora 

Joha Borlayoera 


Pat eloda apon hk toad ; 
ABdtbay tova 

But tto 

Joha Barkyoom^ 


MaMlaaaBwtorato toToadooUo 
n« Mf k tto oolketioa of babkfaa 
ttot Boot OB tto oaiflMO of wAMy. oaAia dom 
oa ^, te., whoa poandoBt: aad totoorlto Ml 
woU, k oeeoaatad a food riga lu whkky. TMo 
r, k fo«y deeeitAU, aa It amy to 1 




n«i«h*MBimrkMlMi1itedUbiat, i 


Asd b» gnw pal* and wan ; 

Joka Buto|«OTnhMfoiabMid 

Vsofoii 90am. 

n«y^ ta^ a hoak« that WW ftiO ihMp, 

pPaoH tha Bordsr Mlaslrriv.] 

▲ad Mft him abof tfaa knca; 

▲ad thtr«* hMod him latUl a oon out, 

WKA wad wish the wtad to Maw, 

Uh» a tkhfte tha frihiw-traa. 

Or tha giam havas ft* thaw with? 

Or wha wad wish a laaler leva 

Th«r«* taim iwa ■liahi, that WW* ftin iloal. 

Ihaa Brown ▲dam tha Soiith? 

▲ad MM th^f bwt Us honm; 

th* aiOtor oaad Urn wwm thaa that, 

Bat thay ha^ baafah^ Um, Browa ▲dam. 

Aad fioaad hfaa hatwaoi two itBBM. 

Vras flitbcr aad fras mothar i 

▲ad thcyha% baaWi'd him. Brown Adam, 

rtm sistsr aad fras brother. 

At wtil her tal* eaa tril 1 

Bhrs ta'an tha mp oat ofhti bedto, 
▲ad mada of it food ato. 

▲nd thay ha<«s bsalsh'd Um, Brown ▲dam. 
The flower o* a' Us kin i 

▲ad thaj hat* flnv H la a eap. 

▲ad ha% biggad a bear ia god* green- 

▲ad diaak It roand aad nwad ; 
▲ad ay tha mair thc7 draak o' It, 

▲tweea Us ladye aad Um. 

Tht amir did Jograboaad. 

II M npaa a saaaasrisday. 

J«hB BaikyoOTB b tht wItfhtHt maa 

Btowa Adam ha theoght laag; 

That ovar thrava la tauid t 

▲ad, fbr to hoat some venlsoa. 

Ite te ooald pot a WallMB dawa 

Wl' th» taralBf efhls haad. 

Be has ta'ea Us bow Us arm oisr. 

Bon fv tha haatanaa ihoot his dogi 

Bis bolts and arrows laag ( 

HIa fold a mlssr soorn ( 

▲ad he Is to the gnde giaenwood 

BsTU far a aialdeB daaos staikHMkad 

▲a test M he aould gang. 

fH' ths toomiag of a hora. 


het diot np, and he^ shot doan. 

BstI ihaaga a oma lato a ber. 

The Mrdnpon the brier; 

▲ boylatoaaam; 

▲nd he ernt It baine to hU ladye. 

Ball daaga joar gold lato sUvar, 

Bade her be ofgude ehetr. 

▲ad year stlfor lato brass. 

▲ad heia w* teve Us T«7 heart-hkod, 

8bs Msslag bright aad brown) 
▲ad ay w«*U btri tba tithsr stoap. 

O he% ehot ap, aad ha^ shot dooa. 

The Urd apon the thorn ; 
▲nd seat It bame to Ui ladye, 
aeid he'd be hame the mora. 

▲ad V wfU brad It roan'. 

▲ad ya will dilak a hMlth to ma. 

Whea ha earn* to Us faidye^ boor door. 

And I'B driak aa* to yoo; 

Be stade a Uttle Ibrbye, 

For h* asvar missss haalth or wsaHh 

▲ad them he hsaad a IM team kalght 

That wl' JahayH Mood Is fti'. 

Ibmptiag hh gay tadya. 

Vtar ks^ ta'ba eat a gay good rlag. 

Bad oeet Um mony a poaa'; 

**0 grant me tore Ibr tove, hMiya, 


▲ad this thaU be thy ewa." 



** I lo> Drown Ateta «•*!»' 
" I trew m» doM ht m* t 

1 wMlna gi'« Brown AdunM lo«« 
For naa ftuut kniftht 1 ■m." 

Ont lUM 1m ta>Mi a pane e' gv^^t 

Wm a' fbu to Um ttrint ; 
" O sntnt m* Iota Aur lovt, laAjo* 

And a' tlOtilMU be thiao." 

" I !o"» Brown Adam wwol," dke lap, 

" I wot wu doM h« m* i 
t wndna be yo«r light Wnaa, 
Vor mair than y* eoald |i V 

Then oot ho di«w hit Ung hrlcht tarand. 

And (larik'd it in her oca ; 
" Now frant mo love f.»r loro, ladye, 

Or throoih ft thto ■hall ^ng !*■ 
Thon, tighing, «yi that Imdye fclr, 

" Brown Adam tarriee Ung !" 

Then In md etarti him. Brown Adam, 
Kayi, " I 'm jnti at yoor hand." 

Htt gai-d him J*aw hto hooote bow. 
And g«rd him kaee hh bmndj 

He"* p»rd hkm lenre ft dearer plrfl«f— 
Four Angno o* hw rtght ba»d . 

^U kint** eeati"7> *!>*■ t*** 

tJw ^"'"^'^"J^.i w«et «• rounded, of two 
». bkh »*' *f 1 ir ileter ladjr Jano. who it la eaid 
lrfotA««*°r^atifttl and highly aeoompliehod. 

«*• **^ own* ■•'•^ *" '*""• ^"* «*?>»••. 
AH**"* button of her own i but having gaload 
• ''•^', ho midMtd and deeorted hor. 
Ii*"- "STti^Jther, detwmlned on ntmfflng hor 
»'•' »>«ih» •**y opportunity of mootlag ibo 
vro<^^ Mmetimo after ho mot hln on tho 
^^'l 4ti««« »r li^)nl>tt'f *>• •^ having loM hlra 
*'^ M^ hkiod in hU body oonld not waah 


On tba Mh w i lt day a party of nkUen wen 
aeni to apprehend and bring htm to juatioe, bat 
on haaring of thair approach, ha removod fkom 
■eboell with a oooddcmUe naraber of adhcrcati, 
to hh oiatle of aiennark, a bailding of eone 
■liaagth, and aitaatod nearly la the centre of 
the Otanpian mooatalne, when he propoeed 
dolmdlng Mneeif. Thto ■ehawn, however, he 
a b aadcwed whoa the military made their appear* 
ao«e, aad dlemhaing hto followera, he aeeamed 
tho diom of a peaeant, and fled to the northera 
Mee of Seotland, whore it to mid he died In ob- 
eemi^ aad waat. What beoemo of hto etoter 
tmdition makie no montton. The lands of Kcb* 
■d wwe fMWted in ITMhy th« aOhcrenoe of the 
Uadeeje to the h<Mue of Btownri, and afo now 
the propertjr of tho Sight Hoaoialde Lord Paa> 

Loao Brana.o j« maj pa* tfa« roee. 

An* epaio the Uty flii««r. 
When ye gao through Um gnnlon grvna 

To woo la ladyo bowor; 

And yo may pa* tho llghteemo thyme. 
An' leave the loaoeome nie ; 

JPar Ung and mb wlU tho ladyo mottm 
That yo gae then to woo 1 

VM- ye will look an' talk of lave. 

An* Undiy, kindly emile. 
An' vow by graee, an' a* thati gadOL 

An- lay tho luring wUo. 

Tk mir to rob tho bonnle hlnl 
That makoe yon melodio; 

Tto omol to win a Wi4nan-s Invo, 
An* no hale lavo lo gi't • 

I wadaa ha'o your willh' hand 

vI^!T*^ ***** ""^ **"*"»• : 
ro>e brukan many a nuuden'i »«•«• 

Yo'vo nalr than broken mino. 

I wadaa ha% yonr fiathlea heart, 

Tb no yoar alo to gi-o { 
Bat gfai ye ovor think o* hiavea, 

OhI yo maaa think <y tatl 

• Thto Utle hae beoa dormaateiaat 
oTCtoorgo, tUvd hiod, la lara. 

tho death 


«l>to«H>, EDtoart. ^'-"^ "^"ST "-«-»«" •-™ - 

Edward. Edward? 

[Tan Ndtad wu trafaUahad bjr Dr Pm?, from 

And what will ya leave to your balraa and 

a nuuiiiMript whiefa wm tnntmltied to blni, 

yonr wifc. 

troin SaoUand, by Sir David Dalrympte (Lord 

When ye gang ower tiM aw, ?" 

Raikc). From tbo •oiinw wh«uo« it prooiwdcd. 

" Tha warid-a room : let them beg through life. 

It vu la aO probabUl^wiiUta by Last Wabd- 

Mother, mother; 


The warid'a room : let them beg throngh life; 
Far them never malr will I aee, 0." 

** WsT dOM yoar bvBBd MM drap wt' blod*. 

Xdward, Bdward ? 

" And wbat will you leave to your ain mother 

Wtj do«a your bnud mm dnp wi' bind*. 

Edward, Edward? [dcs;r. 

And why ne lad gang ye, f- 

And what will you leave to youraln mothardear i* 

« 0, 1 ha'« killed my hawk m» guda, 

My dear eon, now tell me, O." 

MoUier, mother ; 

'* The eane of hell free me ye uU belr. 

O, I ha*e kfficd my hawk ae gnde; 

Mother, mother : 

And I ha** aaa nalr but he, O." 

The eune of hell ftne me ye aall bdr; 
Ble oouBiele ye gave to me, !" 

*' Toar hawk'* blade wae new m» red. 

Edward, Bdward ; 

Toor hawk^ blu<ie wae nerer mm red. 

My dear eon, I tell tii«e. 0." 

" 0. 1 h»'e kilkd my red-roaa gtttA, 


Mother, mother; 

O, I ha^ kined my nd-roan ateed, 
Tlwt wae ■• fUr and fret. O.*- 

[PaoM Motherwell-B CoUeetkm, whera It is 

said to be given from the recitation of an old 

" Toar atoed was aald, and ye ha^ gal mab. 


Edward, Edward; 

To«r atMd waa auld, and ye ha> pA nuUri 

** What Maid "a that on thy cuat lap * 

Home other dale ye drie, O." 


"OX ha'e killed my fhther dear. 

What blBid'B that en thy ooat Inp ? 

Mother, mother; 

And the tnith oomo tell to me, O." 

0« X ha'e killed my btber dear. 

Alat! and woe la me, O "* 

" It la the Makl uf my giaal hawk. 
Mathar bMly ! mottaor buty i 

** And whattm pcnaaco wIU ye dile lir thai. 

It le the blald of my great hawk. 

Zdwaid, Edward? 

ABd the trath 1 ha'e tald to taee, 0." 

And whalten peaaiioe will ye drte fbr that? 

My dear 9>n>, now tell me, O." 

'• Hawk^ Mold waa ne'er mm ni. 

** I'll ant my Ibet in yonder boat. 

Bon Davie! eon Davte! 

Mother, mother; 

Hawk'B blaid waa ne'er caa red. 

I'D aat my fcet in yonder boat. 

And the trath noma tell to me, 0.* 

And ini flunovtr tha aw, 0." 

" IllatheblaU o* my grey hennd. 

" And what will ye do wl'yonr lenlra and yoor 

Mother btdy i mother buly 1 

Edward, Edward? (te'. 

It la the Moid o' my grey hoand. 

And what wUl yo do wi' yoar toairB and yoor 

And It wudna ila for me, O." 

Hut wcra UM Iklr to aeo, ?" lha'« 

"IV lot then ataad till they doan h,\ 

«* Hooad% Mold waa ae^ aaa lad. 

Mother, mother 1 

Sen Davte! eon DaHal 

m let tima aland tUI they dona Ih' t 

Beaadii Maid waa note aaa nd. 

rarheNBeTarnyraaauIbetO.** « 

^ AndtholralhaoaalaUtoaMkOiF* 

■ 1 



'< I lo'* Btowb Adam weal,** A 
" I trew ■■• don he mt ; 

I wndna gi'e Brown Adam's lore 
Tor DM fluaaa knltht I wm." 

Oat has he ta'ra a pane o* cawd, 

Waa a' fou to the string ; 
*' O gnwt me love for love, UUIjre, 

And a' this shall be thine." 

" I lo'e Brown Adam wnl," she mji, 

" I wot sae does he me; 
I wadoa be jroar light leman, 

F<u mair than ye eoald gl^" 

Then oat he dnw his lang bright bnuid. 

And flash'd It in her etn j 
" Mow grant me love fur Ion, buljv, 

Or through jpe this shall gang !" 
Then, sighing, lajs that ladjre Adr, 

" Brown Adam tanies lang !*' 

Then in and starts him. Brown Adam, 
rtaxs, " I'm Just at jrour hand." 

He's gar'd him leave his bonnls bow. 
And gar-d him kave hie bnnd ; 

He's gar-d him leave a dearer pledge,— 
Pour Ongen o* his right hand ! 


[Easlt in the seventeenth century, whan the 
liindsajrsof Kcbaell, a braneh of the great Angus 
clan et that name, mided at £ebaell Castle, 
the ftunily then ounsistad, says the tradition on 
which the following reran an founded, of two 
brothen and their sister lady Jane, who it Is said 
was veiy beautiful and highly accomplished. 
Among her many suiton was young Lord Dpynie, 
a dlsUnt reUtion of her own ; but having gainad 
lier aftctions, he seduced and deserted her. 
Ker elder brother, determined on rsven^ng her 
wrongs, sought every opportunity of meeting the 
false lord. Hometime after he met him on tha 
High Stmt of Kdinburgh, and having told hire 
that all the Mood in hU body eould not wash 
t ut the stain In his sister's chaiaet«r, he plang«d 
a dagcsr into his heart, and tboagh the 
was don* In opan iMj and In the prueiinos «f 
■svanri panoas, ha was allowed to 

On tha fcUewlag day a party of soldien __ 
I aeat to appnbend and bring Mm to Justice, bat 
on haariug of thair approaeh, he nmoved from 
Eebeail with a oonsiderahla Dumbar of adheients. 
to hta caatle of Olenmark, a building of aerac 
strongth, and sitoated nearly In the eeotro of 
tha Gramplaa moontalna, whan he propoeed 
deCmdiag hlraaslf. This schema, however, he 
afaoadonad whan tha military made their appear- 
anee, and dkmlasing his followen, he aseumed 
the dnas of a paasant, and fled to tha northern 
lalos of Scotland, when It is said he died In ob- 
•cority and want. What became of his sistar 
tndltlon makes no mention. The lands of Kcb- 
sell wen briStltsd In 1716 hy the adhervnce of the 
Lindsays to the house of Stewart, and an now 
tb* property of the Bight Uonotable Lent Pan- 

Loao SrTKiB,* ye may po* the nm, 

An> span the Uly flower. 
When ye gaa through the gaidan gruen 

To woo 1b lady* bower; 

▲ad ye may pa* the lightsome thyme. 

An' leave the loneaomo rue; 
fbr lang and sair wUI the ladye moorn 

That ye gM than to wool 

IVir ye wUI lo<* an' talk of luve. 

An' kindly, kindly smile. 
An* vow bf grace, an* a" that's gade. 

An* lay ths luring wUa. 

TIs sair to rob the bonnie bird 

That makes yoa melodia ; 
TIs cruel to win a woman's lave. 

An' no ha** Ian to gi'e 1 

I wadna ha'e your wllfti' hand 
Thoogh a' the earth wen thine : 

TCve broken many a maiden's . 
YeTe maIr than broken mine. 

I wBdna ha'e yoar ftdthlees heart, 

TIs no yoar ain to gi'e i 
Bat gin ye evor think o' hcsven, 

Ohl ye maun think o* mal 

I- -- 1 


lE^toffT)^, ^EOtoatO. 

^"Aad what win y« leave to year balms and 
yoar wire, 

Edward, Edward? 

[Tan ballad was poblUiad ly Dr Percy, fhm 

And what will ya laava to your balraa aad 

• maauaipC which wu tmntmittod to him. 


from tiootiMid, by Sir David Dalrymple (Lord 

Whan ya gang owar the aaa, O ?" 

Hailn). Prom tha aoaree whane* it prooacd«d. 

" Tha waiMls room : let them beg thivogh Ilia, 

it wa« la all probaUUty wiitteo by Last Wabd- 

Mother, mother; 


The wand's room : let them beg through Ufa ; 
For than never maIr will 1 aea, 0." 

** Wav daaa year bnuid mm drap wl' bloda. 

Kd ward. Edward? 

" And what wfl] yoa leave to your ain mother 

Why daaa yoar bnwd ma drap wl' bhida. 

Edward, Edward f [dear. 

Aad wby «• nd gang ya, f- 

And what wlU you leave to yourain mother dear / 

** O, I ha'a IdUcd my hawk laa goda, 

My dear son, now tell ma, O." 

Mother, mother; 

" The cone of bell flraa me ye nil beir, 

O, X ha-a killed my hawk mm goda; 

Mother, mother ; 

And 1 ha'a naa mair but ha, O." 

The eiirss of hell ft«e me y« sail belr ; 
Bio oouaaats ya gave to me, !" 

** Tow hawk's Uoda waa navcr MM rad. 

Idwaid, Kdward ; 
Tear hawkH bla la waa navcr m» nd. 


My dwr aoo. i tell ttiae. 0." 

" 0. 1 ha'a killed my red-man ttaad. 


Mother, mother ; 

O, I haV klllad my rad-roan ataad. 
That waa aaa fkdr aad trv, O.*- 

[PaoM MotherweU's Cbllaetlon, where it Is 

said to be given flnm the raoltation of an old 

** Toar alaad waa avid, and ya ha'a gat mab; 


Xd ward. Bd ward; 

Toar alaad waa aaM, aad ya ha^a gal nair i 

" Wbat Maid's that on thy »iat lap » 

Homa other dole y« drie, 0." 

Bon Davie! son Davla! 

** I ha'a kilkd my bther dear. 

What bluid'B that on thy coat Inp ' 

Mother, mother; 

And the truth oome tell to me, 0." 

O. I ha'a killed my &thcr dear. 

Alaa ! aad woa is ma. O r 

«• It is the MnU vt my great hawk. 
Mother hKly ! mother lady 1 

■* Aad whatten penanea wffl ya dila »r ttet. 

It is tha blaM at my great hawk. 

Edward, Edward? 

Aad tha truth 1 ha'a tald to taae, 0." 

And whattan peaauea wUl ya drfa twUmif 

My dear »in, bow tail roa, 0." 

" Hawk's blaM waa ne'er saa rsd. 

** im mtt my Ibet in yoader boat. 

Bon Davlaison Davlei 

Mother, mother; 

Hawk^ bluid was ae'er aaa red. 

III sat my feat la yonder boat. 

Aad the truth eosae teU to ma, a* 

And im fluvoTcr tha ssa, 0." 

" It Is tha Maid o* my grey hoand. 

" And what win ya do wl* year toalf* aad ymr 

Mother lady 1 mother lady I 

Edward, BdwanI ? (ba*. 

It b the blold o* my grey hoaad. 

And what will ya do wl' your toolrs aad yaur 

Aad it wudna na for me, 0." 

That wars MM fkir to see, 0?" Ite', 

«* I'D let them stand tUl they doaa ai'. 

" Hooad'* blald was aeVr aaa lad. 

Mother, mother 1 

Boa Davie! aea Davtal 

m let Oien stead till tiMy do«B ft' t 

Boaad'a Maid waa aa^ bm lad. 

PsrhaaaefWBMlrBaBalbakO." ^ 

^ Aad tha truth ooHMtsUtaaai^ik* 



**lt li tlM MnU o^ mj bratlNr John. 

MothCT Iad7 ! molhv Iwljrl 
It la the MaM «^ my brother John, 

▲ad thn truth I fan's tnM to ihw, O." 

" mint nbont did tho piM betiQ ' 

Son Dnftel ton Dnviel" 
*' It begna nbeut tha nntting o' n willow 

Thnt would Btmr bn>> bean n tian, O." 

*• Whnt danth dott thou dMlM to din •• 

Son DnTln ! aon Dnria ! 
Whnt danth dont thoa daain to dla/ 

And tha truth eoma tall to ma, O.** 

*' 111 aet my foot hi n bottomlam ahlp, 

Mothar Indy ! mothar Indf I 
I'D aat my foot In n bottemlaaa ahip. 

And ya'll navar aaa mnlr o' aw, O." 

" Whnt wlllt thou lanva to thy poor wifo ? 

Bon Dnvia i aon Dnria I" 
" Grief nnd aonow nU bar Ufo, 

And ahe'll aarar gat ntnlr Ana ma, O." 

<* Whnt wUrt thou lanra to tbj nnld aon ? 

Son Dnfla! aon I>nviel" 
"Tha wanry wnrld to wnndar up nad down. 

And iMil navar fat mnlr o" ma, O." 

" Whnt wUl't thou lanva to thy mothar daar ? 

Son Onvia! aon SnTlal" 
" A lira o' oonia to bom bar wi' hnxtj 

fat malr o' ma, O." 


^i)( idroom of ®oMeni(noto^, 

[" Tan banutUbl nlr of Oowdanhaowa la wnll 
known nnd popalnr. In Ettrieh Foiaat tha fol- 
lowing worda nro onlformly ndnptad to tha 
tona, nnd aaam to ba tha oriclnnl bnllnd. An 
edition or thia paatoml tnia, diOuiing nonaldam- 
My ftom tha pre>ant copy, waa pnbUahad by Mr 
Hwd, in 177a. Oowdmlinowa la altunted upon 
tha rivsr Laadnr, nboul four mllca from Malraaa, 
nnd la now tha property of Dr HuBMb**— JNa- 
tmUy ^tkt «aa«M Jtorrfar.] 

A O ran bfoom, nnd tha boanla boanla braom. 
And tha broom bftiia Oowdanknowai 
And aya aaa awaat aa tha fauala anng. 
r tha bought, milUag tha awe*. 

Tha hilU wnra high on Ukn alda, 

Aa' tha bought i' tha liik o' the hlU, 

And aya, aa ahe anng, bar voiaa it mng. 
Out o'er tha hand o' yon htlL 

I n troop 0^ gaafkmaB 
Ouaa riding manilia by. 
And oaa of than baa roda out of tho way. 
To tha bonglu to tha bonnia may. 

'* Waal mny ya anvn nn' aaa. bwinia hM*, 
An' waal may ya anva nn' aen." 

" An' aaa wl* you, y« waal-brad knight. 
And whnt'B your will wl' ma ?" 

" Tha Bight la miaty nad mlik, foir may, 

Aad I hnva riddtn aatmy. 
And will you ba w kind, foir may, 

Aa ecnna out nad point my way f 

" Uda out, rida oat, yn ramp ridarf 
Your 8taad*a bnlth atout nad atiaag i 

Por out of tlM bought I damn eoma. 
For foar *nt ya do mo wmag." 

** O wtana ya pity me, bonnia Ia% 

O winnn ya pity ma f 
Aa* winnn ye pity my poor atead, 

Scnnda trambling nt yon tna f 

"I wadnn pity your poor Btaed, 
Though it were tied to n thorn ; 

Vor ITya wnd gnln my leva tha nighty 
Ye wad alight ma era the mora. 

" For I ken yon by your wael-boakad bat. 
And your marrle twinkling e'a, 

Thnt ya'ra tha laird o' the OnkJnnd hlUi^ 
An' ye mny weal aaan for to be." 

** But I nm not tha Inird o' the Onklnod hlU% 
Ya'm for miaU'Mi o* mej 

Alt I'm nne o* the men about hia honatb 
Aa' right nil In hia oompnnla.'' 

ne'e to'en her ^ the middle Jtai^ 
And by tha gnaa-graan alaave,- 

Hel lUtad her over the fonid dyk^ 
And ipeerd nt her ana' leave. 

800TTI8H BALLA]>S. 289 

Obfrtte'flBoatapinrMO'gowd, { 

▲nd •tTMk'd bw fallow hair, 
"Now, talw y that, my boBste maj, 

OfoM tfll 70a hnr m^.* 

i "Tollod.yolM.nyvwyboBaliaajr, 
Iter dinna yo mind that mlrty niglft 
I wao I' tho bought wl* thoo ? 

An' Mxm h**! o^tk'*n hi* mm ; 
And MM umI •' «riid oat to Um, 
** Buntor, TTto tuiT'd long ••' 

** X ken yoQ by yvor middlo mo jimp. 

An' yonr many twinkling 00. 
That yo'ro tho bonnlo lam 1' tho Oowdoaknowi^ 

And yo may wool ooHn far to bo." 

"O IlM> boon ooai. and I hni» boon wool. 
An' I halo boon tu o'or tho know, 

Bnt Uw bonnleot laao that eror I aaw 
]« i* tbo bought nUUng tho owoo." 

Thon holi kapt off hh b«ny brown atood. 
An' hn Mt thnt Mr may on— 

" Oa* ont yow kyo, gndo AUhor, yooml* , 
Voraho'o novor oa' thom ont again. 

Ao iK tho eog apon hor bond. 

An' ■ho'O gano ■loging hnmo— 
**0 wheio hai« yo boen, my ao danghtv? 

To hn'o na baon yonr lano." 

*« I am tho hM of tho Oakland hlUa, 
I ha% thirty plewo and thrw ; 

An' I ha>B gotlon tho bonntaot lam 
ThaTi In a* tte aooth ooontiy.** 

■* nna body wai wT mo, fhttMr, 

nao body has boon wi* mo; 
Tk» night U mloty and mirk, fcther. 

To may Vug to tho door and 000. 

" Bot wao bo to yonr owo-hcrd, ftthor. 

And an ffi dcod may ho doo ; 
Ho bog tho boi«ht at tho baek & tho know. 

And a tod baa Mghlod mo. 

[rnoM Boohaali OoOartton.] 

" Ihon eaao a tod to tbt boofhl-dear, 

Tho liln I noTor aaw; 
lad or* ho had tano tho tamb ho dU, 

I had loud ha had to-on thom a'." 

Wam In yon Idm beyond Argyle, 
Whoro floeka and herds wort plenty, 

XiVd a ridi holr, whooe ehtrr fair 
Wao flowor ower a' that oountry. 

whan iftoon wooks wao omno and gano* 

Fttoon wBOko and thno, 
That huolo began to look thin and polo. 

An' to long tar hto mony twinkling 0^0. 

A knight, 81r Klol, had wooM her lang. 

Intending Ibr to marry; 
Bnt iHkon iha oaw tho young OloagyU, 

Ho wan her heart ontlnety. 

It Ml OB a day, on a hot rfmmcr day, 
8ho wM oa'Ing ont hor fhthor'i kyo. 

By oamo a troop o* fontlomon, 
A* BOfifUo riding byo. 

X]mb tUUngi to her brother oamo. 

Or Biol had boasted pruodly, 
In faronn of hit eUtrr tklr, 

Thli made him to swear rondly. 

*' Wool may yo nvo an* ooe, bonnlo may, 

WmI may yo aaro and aoo i 
Wool I wnt, yo bo a voty bonnlo may, 

Bnt whaol aught that babo yo aro wt'?" 

Bwoarlng ta> aU the frlendahlp past. 

If anee ho mw tho morning, 
lltfa knight by him should bnsthe hb last. 

Or make him rwt his soomiog. 

KoTor a word eonld that lamk my, 
Tor aofor a ano oould ■ho Uamo, 

An* noTor a word ooaM tho lamio my, 
Bnt, " X hnro a good man at hamo." 

Down 00 yon shore where wild wotm rear 

A ohaUongo he did eead him ; 
Beibre tho sun, them twu men mot, 
f Mao asoonda to attud thtm. 


800ni8H BjlUAJM. 

Om wtoM tb« bfaad<«w«cd Uka m*." 

** Th* nraid, jnm mjt* ean haadla mil, 

▲nd boumh va>7 boUUy ; 
Your boMtins U tM off with 11(111, 

Tour ftsUona mmb bnt eowsidij.'' 

H* btliic mad at thtoabon, 
▲ ftuioiu ■troke ht daitad. 

Into tlM bnut of bold Mao Yu, 
VTlio with a givaa dapattid. 

** Ootaa OB njr aUll, what hava Z dona ? 

Bach man, bnt jroa would hat* it» 
T« fbreaafrtead to taka thjr Uk, 

Who would loot blood to mf it > 

" Vow, woo li mo, fbr this I dio. 
And now It oannot bo mondad ; 

That happloam that waa «a nigh, 
Bf ona nuh alroha ia tndad. 

" Bat 111 axlla to mma toreign Ua, 
To fly I know uot whltbar; 

I dama &um my bonnla Ann, 
Whan 1 ha'a ilain hut brlttaar." 

Than oaiting round a monrnfU oyo. 
To aw that nazta was nlgb him ; 

Than ha law tha jroung Qlangyla, 
Who Uhi tha wind oama fljring. 

'* Pva ooma too lata to atop tha itrllb. 
Bat rinoa youTa baan Tiotoiioaa, 

Upon yoor lift 111 ba raT«ng*d, 
My honour bids ma do thla." 

"WhntalKwtetaDimydMMtMiDd? 4 

Why want you to daatroy ma ?" 
•' I wan* UM flattaqr from Sir NU, 

Unahaath your award and tiy ma." 

" I wHI not flght with you, Mac Yan, 

Yon nafar ma oflhndad } 
And If I aoght to yoa hava dona, 

111 own my Ihalt, and mand it." 

*«]>0M thla baasma ao hmva a knight? 

SoM blood ma much auiyriH you ? 
And If you do icAua to flght, 

111 Uha a dog ehaatin you." 

" O, IboUah man don't tampt yaur flita, 
Not don't piaanma to atifht aw; 

with Glangyla ba did .««,^, 
Net moaning fiir to harm him ; 
And thtlaa with wounds ha did hfan 

** YMd up your awwd to ma, Olangyla, 
Our qaaml'a honour fbundad ; 

I oouM ha'a plare^ thy daantlmi brmat, 
Thrae tlmm I hara you wonndad.'* 

Than mylng ae, ha qnlt hk ground, 

Olangyla with this advanoad. 
And plaro'd tha heart of braTo Sr NM 
Till thai 

Thm blllBg down, haariad, "I'm 
Adieu to all thing! aarthly i 

Vhiawall, Olangyla. tha dayH your atai. 
But ya ha^ won It baaaly." 

Whan tidlngi oama to Lady Ann, 
Ttanca attar tlmm aha fcintad ; 

She ran and klae'd thair elay*«old llpa. 
And thus har oam lamantad :— 

** O thou tha gnasdian of my youth. 
My young, my only brothor, 

Ala* I for thy untlmaly and, 
ril moum till Ufa to over I 

"And thou, my kwo, why wait thou daln. 

All in thy youthAU blomam; 
Baa mair I'll lore that trmah-roua man. 

That plaroid thy manly booom. 

*' Thou tmdar-haarted waat and trao^ 

Thy hononr'a bean abumd . 
A bmvar man ne'er fiMsd a toa. 

Had you baan Mrly uaed. 

*' For you a maid I'll Uve and dla, 
Olangyla ehall ne'er eepouM mei 

Till aaven y«an are aoma and gana. 
The dowla blaek ihaU elotha ma.** 

" A Baujlb under thli name, and MMnewhat 
■fanllar, waa printed by Wothenpoon, In tha 
ieoood Toluma of hi* OoUeetlon: there an, how* 
bnaofaee in that onei, whioh am now 


kappOj made op In tUa on*. Thsre is alio • ^ '* I wlana (uig aluig wi' yoa. 

dlftranee betwwa tham ia tha manaer of <!•• 

Indeed I maao eonfrss; 

taiL Tha Saaoan Qnma meationad in tba 

I can neither mUk oow nor ewi% 

ballad Is only fletttkmit, to prevent tha raal nama 

Nor yet osa I qwak Sans." 

haing known. 

*< Lisls Balllla was a danshtar of tha Bevcfand 

" never ftar. Lisle," he said. 

Mr BaUlk^ and hwlj's makl to the Ooantm of 

'*irye will gang wi' me; 

Saltoun, to whosa son, Akaandar. master of 

All that Is into my piaee. 

flaltoan, iha ban a child. The yoang man 

Osn speak as gwde Sootah as thee. 

wished to legUimatiss the oflbprios of his onlaw 

fhl lo««, by marrying tha mother of hJs ohUd, 

" Bat tut a tima, we now maun part. 

bat was psavaated by Lord and Lady 8al> 

toon, his flsthsr and mother, as being below his 

Kext when we twa meet again. 

dagnai when he retorted by aijlag,— ' She was 

Will be in Gsstlecary.'* 

a mlnlsteni daoghter, and he was bot a mlnis- 

tsds grandson.' He, on the motbar^i aide, hav- 

Whan Lisle tarried oat her time. 

tag Jescandsd from Dr James Bharpa, Aiah- 

TJato har Other's eama; 

The very first night she arrived. 

109. Tha youog aobleman*s mother^ nana 

Wba oomes bat Danean Ormaaa. 

aseond Lord Baltoon, and he was ths only tarns. 

Says, " Bonny Lisle BallUa, 

After harlag aontanoed a conslderabls length of 

A gnda deed mat ye dee ; 

time a baehelor, he married Lsdy Maiy Gordon, 

Although to me y« braks yoar tryst. 

daoghter of Oaorge Zarl of Aberdeen, and LUie 

How I am coma br thee." 

Balllie was than ftngotten. Ths Uts Mr Fraser, 

Blnlttsr of Tyrie, waa agrandaon to Lisis Balllk, 

" stay at hame, har iktfaar said," 

tad grsat grandson to Alexander Frsser, third 

Tour mither cannot want thee ; 

Laid aaltoun."— ilM*«M'« BaHads ^tkt Jtvrtk.} 

And gin ye gang awa' this night, 
We'U ha'e a KUlymnkia.'* 

It Ml about (ha Lammas tima. 

When flowers ware fresh and gvssa ; 

** My bonnla Lisle Badlie, 

Lteit BaOUa to Qartartan wen^ 

oome to me without delay; 

To sss har slater Jean. 

wottld ye ha'e saa Uttle wit. 
As mlad what odd folks wad a^r ?" 

flho msaat to go onto thai plMM, 


Bat mark what ftirtaoe her bcMl, 

That wears the eoat aae blue ; 

When shs want to the iaia. 

Bat ahe would haie the Hlghlandoiaa, 
That wears the plaid and tnws. 

Bhesp shearing at aa end ; 

Llito fislllia Aa walkM out. 
To sse a distant friend. 

Oat It spaks bar mother then. 

A Sony heart had ahe; 
Bays, " Wae be to his HigUand flws. 

^ '^ ^^^^ ^B ^Be^^^^HH W ■• ^^P^B*Wa 

That's ta'an mj)amba»m»f 

Bat gelag down la a low glen, 
&hs mat wl* Danaan Onsme, 

Who eoartsd her along tha way. 

Llhswiss eonveyed her hamc. 

Sjfte Zaitt of SaatiKtoun* 

" My boaale Lisle Balllie, 

111 row yon In my plaidie ; 

["John Kiaeakl,Lal]daf WarMoan,(aasatato 

If yeni gabg ower the hills wi' ma. 

altoated between the dty of Edlo burgh and the 

And be a BIgblaad hidk." { 

a sea, towards Ldth,) was mnidcred, on tha 9nd 




*' WkAt Blkp wkmt Bill my 

Why want jroa to destny m* ?** 

*' I waa* um BaMmtj tnm Mr NU. 
UuhMOh Totir nraid and txj 

"I wffl not flght wMh yea, Mae Taa, 

And If I aofht to 70a bava dooa^ 
111 own my fentt, and mand 1 V 

•*I>OH thk bMCHB* ae bmvt a kalghtr 
Ikaa blood mo modi a m priM yo« t 

And If yo« do rAim to flght, 
m Ilka a da« etealte yoa- 

" O. flMlUi man don't tonpt yonr Arto, 
Nor don't pnaumo to atrtki mai 

BanoBfibMr nana la Mt Boottand 
Gan wWd tho broad-awoid IUh ma." 



, yon mff ean haadla tvall, 
TMy boldly; 
tatot off with ■Mil, 
am bnl oowaidly." 

He balag mad at thk abaM, 
▲ ftuloua atroka ba daitad. 

Into tba bnaat of bold Mao Tan« 
Who with a groan dofnrttd. 

** Oum on my dcin, what hafo I dona I 
Baah man, bat yon would hava It* 

To Ibno a IMand to taka thy hh, 
Who woold loM Mood to Mva it< 

*' Now, woo la BM« br thk I die, 
▲ad now It oannet ba manded ; 

That happlnaai that waa ma aigh, 
Qy one meh atroka la andod. 

•* But ini axlla to aoma forcltn Ua, 
To fly X know not whlthar; 

1 dareaa fhee my boanle Ana, 
When 1 ha** alaln her brlther." 

Then oaatlng round a moumlhl eye. 
To tf that nana waa nigh him ; 

Thare ha mw the young Glcngyle, 
Who like the wind oama Qylng. 

" !*!• eome too late to atop the itrift, 
B«t Mnoe you've been Tlotoriou^ 

Upon your lite 1*11 ba rereog'd. 
My hoaoar bids ma do this." 

with Glengyla he did endoae. 
Not meaning for to barm hhn ; 
And thitae with wonnda ba did bfan 

" YMd np yoor iwwd to mo, Glengyla, 
Our quaml'e honour fbundad i 

I eould ba** plere'd thy danntlem bnaat* 
Tbiae tlmm I have you woondad." 

Than mylng ao, he qalt hb grooad, 
Glengyle with thk advaneed. 

And piaiVd the heart of brava Sr Nlil 


Adieu to all things earthly I 
Vbrewril, Glengyle, the day's yoar ala. 
But ye hate won It baasly.* 

Whan tldlnga eama to Lady 
Thnm after tlmm she fldntad ; 

8ha ran and kim'd their day-eoM llpa. 
And thus her < 

" O thou tba gnaidiaa «f my youth. 
My young, my only brother, 

Alas i for thy untimely and, 
I'U mourn tUl lUe la over 1 

" And tbon. my lova, why 

All In thy youthftU 
Naa mair I'll lova that tieaeh'roaB 

That pierati thy man)y boeom. 

"llMa tender-hearted waat and traa^ 
Thy honour^ been abueedi 

A bmvor man ne'to (boed a ta% 
Had you been fblrly usad. 

*' For yon a maM I'U lh« and die, 
Glengyle shall ne'er eepouee me ; 

TDl seven years are ooma and gone. 
The dowle bladi shall elotho me." 

** A Baixau under thli nnma, and somowbnt 
similar, was printed by Wothatapoon, In tba 
seoond voloma of his Oolleetlon : than am, how* 
ever, some brsaebas in that ena, whiah an new 



hattSif made np In thta on*. Th«r« ia alto a §^ 
diflhrmee batwani ttaam In tha maonar of da* 
tafl. Tha Dnncaa Oname mantionad in tba 
ballad U only flctitiona,to prerant tha real nama 
bainf known. 

•< Lisia BalUia was a danghtar of tha Barataad 
Mr Baillia% and lady'i maid to the Oountaae of 
Baltoan, to wlioaa wm, Alesandar, master of 
flaltoun, aba ban a chtid. Tha jroaof man 
wishad to lanltiniatisa the oftprlox of Itii anlaw< 
fU lova, by marrying tha motlier of his ehUd, 
bat was prevented hf I<oid and Lady Sal- 
toon, hie fktbar and nwtbar, aa being below his 
degree; when he retorted by eaying,—' Sha was 
a flB!nlater*B danghtar, and he was bat a minie- 
tede grandaoa.* Urn, on tha motharli side, bar- 
lag fcaeeadeil fhnn Dr Jamee Sharpa, Aieh« 
bWiop of 81 Andrews, who was awaeiinated in 
Xdre. Tha yoang nobleman's mother's name 
waa Maigaret Sbarpe, who married William, 
aaaood Laid Saltoon, and ha wae tha only isana. 
After haring aentinoad a eoneidanLble length of 
time a bachelor, ha married Lady Maqr Gordon, 
danghtrr of Oaoiga Karl of Aberdeen, and Liaia 
BailUa waa than fbrgot«en. Tba late Mr Fraeer, 
miaiitar of l^rrie, waa agrandson to Lisia Baiilia, 
Mid great grandaon to Alexander Fiaaer, third 
Lead Saltoan."— JBacAm'* BaUads ^ftkt S^rtk.} 

It fcn abovt tha Lammas time. 
When flow«n were freeh and 

Liak BailUa to Gartartan weot» 
To eee her sieter Jean. 

Bt to go unto that place. 
To Btay a little while; 
Bat mark what Ibrtone her befell, 
When she went to tha Isla. 

It Ml oat npOB a taj. 

IM walkM out. 
To aaa a dietant friend. 

Bat going down In a low glen. 
She met wl' Danoan ersMae, 

Wlio cooitad her along the way, 
Hhiwiea oonreyed lier liaoke. 

** My bonale Uaie Baillie, 
I'll row yoa in my plaidie ; 

If ye'n gahg owar the hilk wl' me. 
And be a Highhuad hMlle." 

*' I winna gang alang wl* yoa. 

Indeed I mano eonfeae: 
I can neither milk cow nor ewa^ 

Kor yet oan I apeak Bane." 

" O naear fear, LUIe," he eald, 

" If ye will gang wi' ma ; 
AH that i» into my place, 

can speak as gnda tJootah as tliee. 

*' Bat Ibr a time, w« now maun part, 

I hinna time to tarry ; 
Kezt when we twa meet again. 

Will be in Outleoary." 

When Lisle tarried oat her time. 

Unto bar fether's came ; 
The very first night she arrived, 

Wha oomes but Duncan GraBma. 

flays, *' Bonny Lisia BaQlIe, 

A gnda dead mat ye dee ; 
Although to me ye brake yoar tiyst, 

How I am come for thee." 

" O atay at hame, her fethar aaid," 
Tour mlther cannot want thee ; 

And gin ye gang awa' tliis night, 
We-U ha'e a Killyamnkia." 

** My bonnia LUe BailUe, 
O oome to me without delay; 

O would ye ha'e eaa little wit. 
As mJnd what odd folks wad say ?" 

She wonldna ha'e the Lowlandmaa, 
That wears the coat aaa blue ; 

But ehe would ha^ Uie Hlghiaodmaa, 
That wears tha plaid and trewa. 

Out it epaka her mother than, 
A aorry heart had she; 

Says, " Wae U to his Highland 
That's ta'ea my hue feae me!" 

9U liaUli of 2ii(ad0tottR. 

["John Kineald, I^Ird of Waristoan, (aa aetata 
situated between tfia city of Ediubuigh and the 
»aea, towards Leith,) waa munUred* on the Snd 



flf July IflM. br a Ban BUMd Bolart Weir, 
who «•• wDplojad to do w bf hli wUii, J«mi 
LMagitoM, daofthtfBr «rf th* Laird of Danlpaoa. 
TlM BBfartanata wonuui, who that bacama im* 
pUeatad in a orlma w rtroltint to hnmaaitgrf 
wasonlyiwm^-ocMywnafactatttMtlnw. It 
li protebit flrom khim fljinaowtanaw, that bar 
hiMband wn aonaidnmbiy old«r than hMtoir, 
and alw that their marrlaga waa any thing but 
ontoTloTa. ltbon<jrallag«l,how«*«r,thattha 
WM instigatad to Mak hit death bj rettntmant 
far aoma bad tnatment on hit part, and, in parti* 
colar, fora bita whioh be had infliotad on bar arm. 
Ttaart wat lomthtng axtraonlioaiy in Um daii* 
baiation with wliieh thia wiatehcd woman ap- 
proa^ad tlM awflal golf of crima. HaTiag ra- 
aotvad on tha mwani to ba amplvyad in tb» mur- 
dar,alM aant ftira quondam aervant of bar &tlMr, 
Bobart Wair. wlio Urad in tlia naighboaring ottj. 
Ha oama to tlta plaoa of Wariatoaa, to aaa Itar; 
bat* Ibr aofna unesplainad raaaon, waa not ad* 
mlttad. Sba again aant Ibr him, and ha again 
want. Again 1m waa not admitted. At length, 
on hia being oallad a third time, he waa Intro* 
dooed to her praaenee. Beftira thia time aha had 
fbaad an aooomplloa in the norae of bar child. 
It waa then arranged, that Weir ahoold'^ oon- 
oealad in a ealfatf tUl,the dead of night, when he 
ahoold oooM forth and proeeed to doatrqy the 
latid aa he laj in hia chamber. Tha bloodjr tia* 
gedjr waa aoicd praeiaeljr in aoooidanoa with this 
plan. Weir waa brought np, at midnight, fkom 
tha cellar to the hail by the lady benelf, and 
ofkarwarda want fbrward akma to the laird'a bed- 
room. At ha pro e eedad to hia bloody work, the 
retired to her bed, to wait the intalligrace of bar 
haaliand'a murder. When Weir entered the 
ehaiDber, Wariatonn awoke with tha nolaa, and 
leant ioquirlngiy over the eide of the bed. The 
murderer than leapt upon him; the unhappy 
nan uttered a great cry j Weir gara him levaral 
draadOal blowa on rital parts, parttealarly on« 
on the flank rein. But at the iaird wat atiil 
able to erj out* beatloDgth rnwflt to take more 
elSwUve nieaaureai ha aeiaed him by tiie throat 
with both handa, and, oompraaatng that part 
with ail bit foroe, a u n e aeded, after a >w minataa. 
In depriTlng him of lift. Whan tha lady heard 
her hoabaad'a flrat death-ahout, aha leapt out of 
bed. In an agony of mingled horrwr and re|)ent- 
aaoe, and deeoanded to the hall ; but aha mada 
no effurt to oountamiand her miaalon of deatruo- 
tloo. She waited patiently tiUWalroauia down 
to inform her that all waa over. i 

** WaIr mada an Immediate eaeapa ftwn J aatiea, 
but Ladj Wariatoun and the nune were appro* 
handad before the deed waa half a daj old. Being 
oaaght, aa Um tteottiah law teraia it, nd-kmmd— 
that la, whlio ttill bearing aoequivooai ntarka of 
guilt, thoy ware immediately tried b/ the magia- 
tratee of Sdinburgh, and tentenoed to be atran* 
glad and burnt at a ateka. Tha iady'a lather, 
tha Laird of Dunlpace, waa a foTourtte of King 
Jamoa Tl., and ha made all the interaat ba 
eottid with hia nuv}caty to proourt a pardon ; but 
all that he ooold obtain from the lung, wat aa 
order that the nubapi^ lady ahoold be execute i 
by deoapitetion, and that at taob an early hour 
In the morning at to maka the alUr ailitUe of a 
apeotade at poedMe. 

" Tha apaoe interrrnlttg between bar aentenoe 
and her execution waa only thirty •eeven heurvi yet 
in that little time. Lady Wariauwn oontrivod to 
become converted from a blood*atained and un- 
relenting murderaai in toa pariect aaint on earth. 
One of the than mlnlatata of Kdinburgh baa left 
an aeeount of her oenveralon, wiiich waa Intel/ 
pubUahed, and wookl be extremely amuaing, 
wen It not for the diaguat whioh aeiaee tha mind 
on beholding auch an inatanoe of perverted lall- 
gion. She went to the acaifold with a demeanour 
which would have graced a martyr. Uer Upe 
wera ineeamnt In the uttemnoe of pioua exela* 
mationa. flhe profcieed herMlf oonOdant of 
ererlaatlng hapjdnaaa. She even grudged every 
moment which the apent in thia world, aa ao 
mneb taken from that aum of eternal ftUolty 
which aliewaa to eiOoy in the ncxu The peopla 
who oama to wttneaa the laat eoena, Inatead df 
having thair mlnda innplTCd with a aalntaiy hor- 
ror fbr her orima, were engroeaad with admira- 
tion of bar aalntiy behaviour, and greedily ga- 
ttiared up every devout word which foil fkom her 
tongue. It would almcat appear from tha nar* 
tative of the olwgyman, that her Ibte waa rather 
a matter of envy than of any ether foaling. Uer 
eiaotttlon took place at four In the mo^ng of 
the 6th of July, at the Watergate, near Uoly- 
loodhouaa ( and at tha aame hour bar nurae waa 
burnt on tha oaatle-hilL It le eoma gratifloatkm 
to know, that the aoual murderer. Weir, waa 
evantuaUy aolaad and exeouted, thoogh net till 
four yean after."— Ct«ai6ar*.] 

SovH by yon bonnle garden gmn, 

Sae merrily aa aha gaae { 
She baa, I wit, twa weel-made foot. 

And aha tripe upon her 


■m bM twa wwl'iBAd* feat, I traw ; 

Var tetter b ter ^«mI ; 
fb9 h M Jlnp ttt tiM middto m» ta«, 

M» OBjr wUlow mad. 

la It eama bar mother dear ; 

A aeny woman waa she > 
'* I wad gl^ my white money and gowd« 

It «M at dloiMr M thty Mt, 
And whan they dimnk tha wlaa. 

Bam bappjr wara tka tadrd and lady 

** Borrow me, mother I bonow ma 

0\ 1 nil Halt T ■! iiMi ■ Ka • 

u DOROwaa aaii 1 newer ae { 
ror X garrM kill my ain gnda lord. 
And U*^ naa pieaaare to ma." 

Bat IM bM ip^kaB a word la j«t : 
Her aniwar waa not good ; 

And ha has thrown a plat* at har, 
Hada her mouth soah out o' Mode. 

Than In H eama her Mher dear ; 

Aaoctymaa washax 
** Oehon, alaa, my bonnia Jean ! 

If I had you at hama wl' me 1 

8ha waaaa ftna her ehamter doer 

When ap and at her iklbt hand 
Thara etMd Man^ Xnenato 1 

"Sevan daaghtaia I ha'a kit at hama. 

As Ihlr aa flilr ean te ; 
Bat I would gl'e them a', ana by w*, 

Jean, to borrow thea." 

** QlTja wfll do my bidding lady« 
At my bUdlag fbr to te, 

Avaatad ftir to ha. 

«* bonow me, fittherl borrow ma 1 
Borrowed mU I nerer te ; 

I that la worthy 0' tha death 
ira fleht that I aald dee. 

- At evevlof, whan ja dt and asp. 
And when 7a drink the wine, 

8ae that ye flU the glam waal up 
Va tha LaM o' Wartatooa." 

" Warristonn, I waa yoar wlft 
Theae nine yean, running ten , 

And I never lo'ed y half me weal 
As now when ya*ra lying slain ! 

The f^Nd Thief ha hae knlei tha knot: 

And the fiwae noarlea drew the knot. 

That Warlelooa gaird die. 

«« OMaa talc ma out at nlaht, at nkht{ 
Let tte ann not on naa aUno : 

And on yoo teldlag hlU itriteaff 
This dowla teU of mine. 

Thaa word haa fane to Laitfa, to Leith, 

And ap to Xdiubro toun, 
ftet tte hidjr ahe haa daln the laM. 

Tte laird of Waiiatoan. 

** But fliat tak' aff my gowd broeadai 
Let only my petUcoat te ; 

And tie my maotle owcr my head; 
For my death I dauma aaa." 

And they^a ta-ta bar and the Amh nowto. 
And la patoo ha'a them boon'i 

The nooriea aha was hard of heart, 
Bnt tha lady Ml hi a awoen. 

8te thar«« ta'en her to tte balding hill. 

At morn, albra tte aan ; 
And wi* rooamnt' rigte tbay^re ta'en her U*^ 

Vor tte death o* Warlaleun. 

In it aaroa her brother dear ; 

A satry man waa he i 
** I wnd gl^ a' tha bwde X ha'a. 

®I)f 8Kf ats ^o^le o* iSatgUI 

** harrow ma. brother 1 bocffow me I 

berrowad mU I oarer be; 
yipr I gaiT'd kUl my ain gnda tod, 

AadlUbisnaaplaaaamtoma." i 

aoma rail event, la given from tte raeltatlon of 

an old woman, reading in tte nelg^bouihood of 

j; Chmboa Mtehaal, FarthaUra. It poaaasam Ite 


•lasMBti c€ food pettnr» and, had it fkllen into A " Om toU my fkther and mj moUMr, 

tlM handa of thoM who mako no Mniple of Intor- 

It waa naabody did me thia iU. 

polating and eenuptlnf tlM text of oral aoog, it 

I waa a-going my ain erranda. 

mifht bam beon mad*, with llttlo tronUo, a 

Loot at the eoUe o' bonnie GaigUl.'* 

vny Intormdng and pathotie oomporition. 

" Kerooelt and Oalathy are two imall villagaa 

She bored the boat in aeren palrta. 

on the banki of the Tajr ; the latter ia nearly op- 

I wat abe bond It wl* gnde wUl; 

poeila Stobhali. AcooMlnff to tradition, the Ul- 

And there they got the bonnie ladl eorpee^ 

la the kirk ehot o* bonnie Oaiglll. 

theae plaoae. and It was on tho oeoadon of Ui 

paying a vldt to hU Kereodi lovo, that the 

Oh a' the key* o' bonnie Btobha*, 

iealoiu damo in Balathy Tonn, from a rerongofttl 

I wat they at bia belt did hiag ; 

fcellng, eeatUed the boat in which ho wm to ra- 

Bat a' the krya of bonnie Btobha*. 

eroea tho Day to 8tobhatt."^«M*flnMlfO 

They now ly low Into the atream. 

Datis DavMMOin»'a daatlnio. 

A btmTor page Into hia «ga. 

Gnda nan o* appeamnoe o" OarfUl ; 

Ne'er eat a Ibot apon the plain , 

Z wat hia blade ilna in the flude. 

Hia btber to hia mother aaM, 

flao aalr afainat hie parenti' wUL 

" Oh ana aaae aa we're wanted him I 

Bha waa the laaa o* Balathy toaa. 

" I wat tbey had mair lave than thla. 

And he the bnUer o' Stobhali ; 

When thry wera yoang and at the aealej 

And mony a time abe wauited lata« 

But lor hie aake ahe wauked late, 

To bon the ooble o' OugilL 

And borad the ooble o' bonnie GargUU 

Hb bed waa made In Kerooek ha'. 

" Tbere'ene'eraolean aark gaeon my baok, 

or fade oleaa ahaeti and of the bay ; 

Nor yet a lame gae in my hair; 

Be wudna raat ae alcht therain. 

Tbeio'B neither ooal nor oandle Ikht. 

Bat on the proud wateia be wad gae. 

Bhali ahine in my bower far ever malr. 

Bla bed waa made In Balathy loan. 

*' At Urk nor maiket lie ne'er be at. 

Of the clean aheeta and of the bCrm; 

Nor yeta biythe bUnk in my e'e; 

Bat I wat it waa fbr better made. 

ThereTi ne'er a ane ahall aay to anlther, 

Into the bottom o* bonnle Tay. 

That*e the laaaie garrM the yoang man dee." 

Bhe bored the eoble in earen paJrta, 

Between the yrtta o* bonnie Stobha', 

I wat her heart might ha'e been eae mir. 

And the Kirkatyle o' bonnie OargOl ; 

For there ahe got the bonnie lad loat. 

niere ia mony a man and mother'a aoii. 

WI' the coriy kwkaand the yellow hair. 

That waa at my lureiB bariaL 

Be pot hia fbot into the boat. 

He Uttle thocht o" ony iU ; 

Bat before that bo waa mid walan, 
The woaiy Qobk b^gaa to All. 

10onii(e Su^ie CDIelanO* 

** Woe be to the laaa 0' BaUtky toon. 

[naar pabUahaJ by HotherwelL] 

I wat an ill death may ahe dee; 

Vor ahe borad the ooble la aeren polity 

Tmas Ured a lady In Bootlaad, 

And kt the waten pertah me i 

Hey my love and ho my Joy i 

There Uved a lady in SooUaad, 

" help i help 1 X oan gat Bane, 

Who deariy lor^d me ; 

There Uved a lady In Seotland, 

Thla waa about hia dying worda. 

And aha'a fli'n In lore wi' an Engliahmaa, 

When he waa ohoahed up to the ehio. 

f Aad booaie Boaio Oeland to to be bunt 1 n Dttii4e« 

800TTX8H BALLADS. 295 

SteiktteraatollMdMflitar«MM, 4 CMv* to Urn thto Itttl* pn-knlft. 


TttU hfan to flat anotter wllb. 

Tk* tetter vnto th« dMghtCT cub*. 



TlM tetlMranto th« dai«hMr oum. 

'* OlTo to hhn thli gay gold rlag. 

te|lab**wm Toatentetiwt KnglUauuui,- 

H«y my low, Jto. 

Aad bODBb flgila Obkiid ta to ba burnt in 

Oho to lUm this gay gold rlag. 


Wte daaiiy lorw, &e. 
Oifo to him thta gay gold ring. 

" ir yoB wm net that XngUthnnn amnte. 

TaD him itD going to my bomlag , 



If TOT wlU not U»t XnslUimMi ftwMte, 


Hot tetter te ea^ vp tte ataka. 

Vjm wlU not that SaglUniui IboBte, 

Boy my lovo, &» 

O I wffl bwn jon nt n airin. 

Bar tetter te aa4 op tte atate. 

Aad bonnl^,- te. 

Bar tether te ea^ «p tte atate. 

Bar brother te tte flra did mate. 


Aad baania Soda Olaland waa burnt In Dondeak 

I wm not tbnt IniMiiwin tatmht. 


I wfll not that XogUiluMa fcmk*. 

HMogh jmt thonht bun no at a olaha, 

" O whm wm I ftt a pntty tttdt boj. 

Haj nv lofo, IM. 

[TtoM Mollii ailf oolleetioa, whara it ia 

O whcN wiU I fM a pNtty Uttto bo]r« 



wh»i wOl I frt a pMtty littlo boy. 

Who wUl «ny tutap to ny Joj* 

Xaaaa worn thraa ladlaa Uvad la a tewar. 


■h t««r boaata, 
Aad ttef want out to poll a flowor. 

Hon an I a piotty lltllt boj^ 

Oa tte beanie bante o» rordia. 

Boo am I a pvrtty Btilo hoj. 

Itey tedna pa-Od a flower tet ana, 

Xh TOW bonnie. 
Whan up atartad to there a teaitht man. 
On tte bonnia bantoo' fordia. 

B«fft «n I a pMtlj Uttla biv. 

Who wm aany Udlagi to thy Jogr. 

Aad bonate," te. 

B«« to'oa tte flnt atatar by her hand, 

«* Oh* to hfan thh Ellht hand gtovo. 

Aad hemitmad bar roaad aad made her ataad. 

Bigr my lo?«» te. 

Oa tta boaala baate o* Fordle. 

«to> to him thli right tend glow. 

Wte diarty lofvd mo; 

** It^ whothor win ya te a raak lobbert wlte» 

CHfo to him thli Tight hand gtovo. 


1U1 Um to flit another lofo. 

Or will yo die by my waa pen-kolte. 


On tte boaale baateo' Fordia/" 

*• Olvo to him this llitia pM-teUhi, 

'* Ifa m BOt te a raak robber^ wlte. 

Boy my loT«, te. 


Olvo to hhn thto Uttio pon-kaUb. 

Bat ini rather die by yoor woo paa-knlte. 

WtedMdy,&o. ^ 

Oa tte beaala bante 0' renlla.- 


■ - - - 1 



Ben kllM fiys nv sad brt hM h« I7, 

Bh TOW bonnit, 
Fcr to Imw th* rtd roM eenpuiy, 
Ob Um booBto buiki o' Fotdia. 

B«% takM «k« noead u* tj tte hutd, 

Bh vow bODole* 
And ho^ tBHMd her nMDd aad madt btrtteod, 
Oa th* bonato teaks o* Fortk. 

" Ift wWOmt win 9« bo a makioMMc^ wi*, 

Bh vow boaali^ 
Or win y« dto by njr WM pM-kaUk, 
Oa tha boaato baabs o^ FonUt?** 

"Ill Bot ba a imak robbvH wtft, 

Bh vow boaalo. 
Bat 111 rathor dlo byyear ww ptn-kaih, 
Oa tho banal* baaki o* FoidW.** 

HiTfe klllad thii naj aad ban laid bw Igr, 

For to baar Um lad roaa aompaa j, 
Oa tha boBBla haaks o* Feidla. 

Ba% takaa Um yoaataat aaa by Iha bUMl, 

Bh vow boaala, 
▲ad hal tarnad bar roaad aad mada bar alaad, 
Oa tha bonala baaki o' Fordia. 

■^9, " Wm ya ba a nuik Nbbar^ wMb 

Bh vowbaaala. 
Or wm ya dia by my waa paa-kalfc, 
Oa tha boaala baaki o* Fotdia.'* 

** in Bot ba a raak robbarii wife, 

Bh vow boaala. 
Bar wUlI dla by yoor waa haa-kaUb, 
Oa tha boaala baaki o" Foidla. 

" For I ha'b a brotfaMT la thta ^ 

Bh vow boaaia, 
And glB ya kUl aw. it^ hall km thaa, 
Oa tha beaala baaki o* Ftodla." 

Bh vow boaala." 
By brothar*! aama Is Baby Loa, 
Oa tha boaala baaki o* Faidla." 


** O iMw, abtar, what hava I 

Bh vow boaala, 
O hava I doaa tUa 01 to thaa, 
Oa tha bonala baaki o^ Foidla / 

" O alaaa I>a dona thk avfl daad, 

Bh vow boaala^ 
fload Mil aavar ba aaaa o* bm, 
Oa tha boaala baaki o' Fordlaw** 

Hal takaa oat hli ^ 

Bh vow bonala, 
JLad han twynad hlmMl' o^ Ui ala awaat UA^ 

Oa tha honnia baaki e* Fordla. 

prince iloif vt. 

[FaoM fha Bortar Mlai U al y, 
Aoea tha radtattoa ofa Lady.] 


Faiaea BoBBBT haa waddad a fay Mya^ 

Ha baa waddad bar with a ring; 
Bat ha daraa bdng I 

Toor blaariag BOW craat to BM r* 
** laalaad of a blaariag ya laU iMva my 
And yonll gat aaa hiaaring ftaa 

Bha baa aalhd npon bar waltlnf maid, 
TodU aglaaof wlaai 



Sba baa pat It to hi 

Aad to bar roadaa ahla 1 

■ba haa pat It to bar AioM 
Bat tha aatar a diap gaad la. 

Ha haa put It to bia boaala Bumth, 

Aad to hla boaala ehia, 
Ba'B put It to hlaahaiTy Up, 


O ya ha** pelaoBad yonr aa 

Aad aani yon'tt aavar ba^ mab. 

*' O wbaia wfil I gat a UtHa bay. 

That wOl win boae aad aheon. 
To nn aaa Ibat to Darilntea. 

Aad bM fldr Bhaaar aona?* 




O 111 away to BulIntoD, 

O k« bM raa to DarBataB* 

▲ad wha waa na laady aa ! 
lb kt tht booBit boy fai / 


A Sha^taffMdb«backaBtoCha«a>, 
▲ad b«r flwa onto a laeik; 
Aad than, baiiia Um nothn** Am, 
Hw VM7 haart M baoka. 

Tha taaa waa buM la ICarr* Urk. 

Tba tottMT IB MaijH vialri 
▲ad oak o' tha Una thara apiaag a hUk, 

Jkad oal o' Ifaa tottar a ] 

ya a nuna 

Eha^ BMda tt balth gada and flaai 
T«ar gada- i aottar baa laada y a gay dlaaur, 
And yaBatuaam toil 

It*a twmtf laat orilea to SOIartoaa towa, 

Tba kafNk tba* avar wan fMa ; 
Bat tba atoad It waa wlgb^ aad tba Mja 

%» HsMm* In. 

Bat wbaa aha aam' to 
Aad lato BDkrtoaa 1m', 

baralag, tka ladka 

AaA tbtj wan waapiag »*• 

** O whan la BOW my waddad ted, 
Aad whna BOW aaa ba ba » 

O whara la BOW my waddad load ? 

" Tow waddad ted h daad." ite ( 
" Aad jaat gaaa to ba laid iB tba olay ; 

Toar waddad ted la daad," tba nyi, 
** Aad JaM gaaa to ba boilad tba day. 

Ta^ fal aaaa ar hii gawd, yam gal 

T«^ BO gM as laah 0^ bk gada btaid laad, 


IwaatBaaao'hkgowd, I waat 


I want aaa fauid ftaa thaaj 
Bat 111 ba'a tba rlBga tbat^ OB hto 
For than ha dM fBoaate to 

" Ta^ aa gaft tha il^i than a« hk 
Tam BO gat than tea aa I 

Ta^ BO gat tba itogi tbaM aa bto 
Aa* yaar haart aaU baat iB tbna.< 

Aad thaa twa BMl, aad tbaa twa plat, 

Tba Mrk bat aad tl» briar ; 
Aad by that ya Biay toiy waal hn 


Vtum XetharwaDIi aaOaaHaa, whan It la 
aaid to ba glfaa (kam tba naltotloB of aa old 
waaaaa, a aattfa of BoabUI, la BaaAbaitoB- 

It^ My mite to fltttoagaaii laehib 

Aa avar waa rlddaa or gaaa; 
Aad Barl Bobart baa waddad a wUb, 

Bat ba daraa brlag bar bama. 
Aad lari Bobavt haa waddad a wjft, ftc 

Bk nathar aha aalTd to bar waltlag Bialdi 

" O btlag Bia a plat of wlaa, 
V9r 1 dlaaa waal kea what boor of thia day 

Ihat my aas Bari Bobart aball dlaa." 

flha^ pat It to bar .«»., 

Bat aa' bar Ikaaa, fluiaa 
Bba% pat It to bar Ann, 


Batha^a pat It to bk boaak 
Aya aad bk boaak ebiB : 
Br* pat it to bknd n^y l|pa. 

** O whan win I gat a boBBk boy. 
That wUl wlabanaadahoaa 

That wiU gaag qakkly to Blttaagaal laak, 
Aad bid nqr kdy aooM?* 


• na tet two 

I old 

wadad thaldto 


ot Thf 



298 BoorruH ballads. 

lifkoaitthMiipwkiabeaiitoboy, 4t And Ibir fewa gMw, Md tUr tim thnw. 

TbBwIBolwrtwMMiiMthiBgaUol [ 

TDl this twa envs drew nsnr; 

"lEaayatliiMbawInmthrwrnuid, | 

8e all the warid may plalBljr SM 

Bat thk digr with the taui 111 rtn." 

That thay lar'd aaeh other dear. 

wh«i te MBi' to SlttMiffnfi neks. 

TDth«iBlddl«offt-thahA% \ 

Than wm balls a itesingaad mosie playlBf* 

Sxittt miW» Viljttim. 

" Wbiit iMin, whiA Mwi, my bomile Iwgr, 

[TnMlowlngbalkd, whieh b ftnndsd ana 

What Dsws han ys to ms i 

HIghtawd tradMon, and now glnn In a mrissd 

Is Eul BobCTtia Twjgood haidtfa. 

slate, ^qpeared flnt In the Hewoaatle MagnslDa 

And tfas ladlas «r7«w coonMs Z" 

ftir Hay. IBV. Its essna. Olenelehalg. In Kin- 
tafl,Bomehha, Is, with the eaaeptlon perheye aT 

Olaneoa, the moat ragged faioBllty In the Weet 

Aad M WMl M A num eaa b* ; 

HIghtaBde. The aathor or the BaUad Is Mr 

Bat Us mothsr this nl^t has a driak to bt 

Jakbs Tatraa, Tsaeher, parleh af QHtlaion, 




" BaaiAm with ae, tboo gantU gMat, 

Bha aaUad to harifaltiaff maid. 

Bamaln with ns, till morning stay; 

To bring bar a riding wMd 1 

The daylights dying In the waet. 

And shs eallsd to htr stabls groom. 

And long aad loaaaoma le the way 

Tb ssddls bar mllkwhlts slaod. 

** Xy eone to wake the deer an geaa 

Bat wbsn she earns to Bwl Bobert^ bealr. 

la br Olen Aflte-e wild wood glad* i 

To ths middls of a' the ha'. 

Horn aad I an left alone^ 

Than wan balls a ringing aad ihasts down 

Oln 08 thy aompaay, dear maid. 


And the ladlss manilng a*. 

■* Think not that oonrt goUe doth lla 
BIsgulead In gaib or fetr goodwill. 

«< I*n aoms fbrnoBs or his gold.** ihs ssU, 


" Nor none or his whit* monlst 

le aaend on the Hlghtamd hllL 

Baeoptlng a ring oT his smallsst flngsr. 

ir that yoa will gimat me ?•* 

** Wart tboa the daughter or my fce, 
As thoa-rt the Saion etmngvlB ahtfd. 

"Thonni BO got none of hk geU," aha «M, 

I wonld not, ooald not let thM go 

** Vornono oT Us whito moBle 1 

To be benighted la the wlhL 

Thoa'U no get a ring oT his smallest fingar. 

Thengh thy heart sheold braak la thns." 

" Hon, my datllag, eheor prepare. 
And Md the maid onr waleeoM pnn , 

She est her tiot nato a stona. 

Old Xenaeth or the snowy hair, 

Bar bask onto a tna 1 

Is yoaag to SM Us daoghtsr^ Ion.- 

Bha set her Ibot nato a stone. 

And her heart It kcak In thvse 1 

"Bntrsat ma not, thoa good old maa." 
With fklfring tongne the maid repUed, 

The ana WM bwled la Kaire hM, 

"I mart panaa my wayward phm,— 

The other la If ary^ qnler { 

I may not, caaaai hem ahlda." 

Oat of the one them grow a bosh. 

Vkom the ether a beania brier. 

•■ Ah I Bsaldaa wayward eon thea art, 

Aad ir thoa mast, thea mart be goM. 
Trt was It aanr Kaaaeth-e part 

■rTristwm. Bttll 

f TdesadtbehalplaMtethaleaa. 

' 1 

muTfun niLLAML 4^00 

••▲llFUI^tlBKTImtlMthiMmbdiud, A And Ioad« liMvd Ibft Iwwl and taric, 

Ma* tjm an glased and dim of ken. 

With aanam, and htoi» and shriek, and 

Iba «agr !■ niggad, waaia and rode-- 


Otanddndg* le a dnavy glen. 

Bhe «mM beneath that flrtal toek 

"Tal nam «1D her flttfcOT aid. 

Where honor lowcrd fai tenlbld woOh— 

Be epeaka that bright espreidfe eye— 

A hamlet here.t^the mewitaln broke. 

Shall «• deeeit the itranger nudd, 

And 11* waa orerwhelmed In death. 

Whn othOT aU noM elM la nigh r 

Bhe deam'd she hsard the banting orash. 

"O klad eld man," the maiden ipoke. 

The agonised and stiflsd shrttk; 

** AD homaa aid I mut fbngo, 

Her eenses resl, her ear-dmms dash. 

Xj MONd voir moat not be broke— 

Her sy bans stnOn wen nigh to break. 

The vour tta Uvlag moet not know. 

Tet sped dM on, her heart beat high* 

•* AMweilS-eatreat not, 01 ftTCwcIL" 

80 kmd It did itssirahtfm { 

80 Mid, ehe ipod away in haete ; 

Bhe orassed at length the Altondye, 

Deep, deq> tiM gloom of evening MS, 

Than Ughtsr grow her thooghts of harm. 

Aad heavan and earth were aD a wastk 

Btm sped ite on by rode and bash. 

•* Abate thr grief, thoa whltt-hali*d man. 

Ber tender limbs madi grleranee band ; 

And lovely Fk»n oeaee to weep; 

ABm heard the stareams of Fahda msh. 

Wot Heaven the heart ean troljr eoan. 

And boUow tonguaa were whispering roaa^ 

And doth ollofa nmamtaanoe keep. 

KlInlBnl met her sight at length— 

** Vor Be who to oar tnut and night. 

Oorpes oaadlee bamt with Uvid iama— 

And who to with hto own alwaj. 

Vow Heawen aarist the maiden's strsogth. 

Aa nigh oa to In ehadce of night. 

Tto moeh to bear tot mortal ftama. 

Aa In the brighteet beams oTdaj. 

Aa near'd she to the eamp of death, 

•■ Hto pweenee sUeld the maMenf seal!**— 

The Bghts daaoed In the yawning blasts 

The gloom now dark and darkar hong. 

And sbsetsd spectres erosssd her path. 

With wild oontinnou toartal howl. 

An gibbering ghastly as thqr paas'd. 

■aeh glen, eadt cUff, eaeh eavem mg. 

Tet h%h reesha eonld aothtog harm. 

Tet held dM on— avaant, dtomay 1— 

Sped on the maiden free of seathe ; 

0^ spany ledge and rolling stone ; 

VIghtl otommy dawe lUl thick and warm. 

Bode, dMk, and toOeome was the way. 

The salph*i7 air was hot to breaths. 

And an uatrod, yet held she on. 

She reaohed at length Saint Xnila's Btooo, 

Tei tosld rfM «o, by hill and stream. 

Oom posed In eflbrt thereon mte ; 

Thio^ tsailng bnkse and sinking awamps^ 

Thoa Power that yet heat led her en. 

WhUe mvage eyes arooad her gleam. 

XnstoengthMi her the end to wait! 

Uhe hair-extlagvlAed eaven tompa. 
Ae heard the 61omah,t tvsr dark. 

sappossd by late toortolB to be tha Ughesl In 

Uke wakening thnndsr deeply moan ; 



« There to a pass In Otanelflhalg aaariy Uoehad 
np with detaehett pisoss of rock. Hera, eaya 



tradition, was onee a riUage. and the rock above 

• OtoMkhalg, In Khitan, Inse ehha, to aboat 

giving way In the night baried It and an Its hi- 

M mUae to bagth, and tawMoelvably ragged. 


t The Cnemahtoawatsr4hllft«mthamoan- 

1 KiloUtai, litsraDy tha baiylag plaoo of 

tolDaoalhBsoathsfnMeofOtoiidshalg. It k^ 




Am kartt hw by «lM riauBlwifBff Mint, 
Tlpw and loail anmnA bar omwl t 

T«t twanr'd •ta« noi hw tool givir fkint, 
la pnjf«r hv Hp* did i 



• ohllkd tte Uvlaff taw^»-, 
8h« wak apon th* meald ofdnlh t 
■■y did iha alMp m thow who diwoi. 
Or dMf M then wbo dapt bSDMlli ? 

I Dot that mortal ni^ 
In wbkk tht ipirit Imtm tb* otajr i 
VwM wak*DiBg to a vitloa bright 
or li^t and cvMrlartlas dagr. 

Twai wak*alag la aaoChw i 
A fhlnr, portr, hoUar. bith«r; 

Whm all it ■;•, where all b mt, 
vnam all is smtUtod dolra. 

Bant on har dght tiiat world of bllH, 
Wbara wo* aod doatb maj a« 

Bba baard kha bTmaa oTPanidiaa, 
Wbara Bota tuMAil braaaa ia dumb. 

Bba aaw tihr% river flowing wida 

With Lova and Umvj oa the bftm, 
Oonparad onto iti oiTatal tide 


Aad on that tMa 

With bowan of e?er rerdant graan, 
Wbaraaata baaeath tb' Etemal'% amUoa 

Tfaoaa who od earth bad Ibltbfbl bean. 

■ba haaid the baflelajaba riaa 

From tboae who atood boftira the thfooa { 
0ba tamed aaida bar mortal a^rw 

VMmd what thejr odgbt act look apon. 

Bar lovely bee aba above to bida, 
It waa, aa aagalli, adld aad iblr t 

She fclt a taar rpontaaaons glide, 

Bba thoogbt of one die mw aot thara. 

ji ddnlag anapb to hi 

la melodj hie aeaaata mevad,— 
*<fkir vlrgla of the mortal fraoM, 

Thy ataartlbat ihith la waU apptorad. 

tea thy eeol devoM of atala— 
Twaa aaea thy earthly paaatoa pare— 
Tboa daamHlat thy lova la battle alala— 
'Twaa aaea what vlrtiia aaa aadura. 


Xaoh to Ita batter belag loot ; 

la pily waa a riiioa 

Yoa botft an piovad. aad frith ihall 

aot to lova while life Aan bMt, 
▲ad amooth year path aball love dlvlaa; 

B your mortal time le paat, 
HiIb rlrioaad bliiiAil laad k thlaa.'^ 

Bb radlaat Ibrm aha oould 
She baard the moalo fldl aad 

aot mark; 

ar heart glva Atfld thrill 
abe Mt the life etream olowly play— 
Bbo thoogbt the heard the laik eiag ehifll— 
aba thoogbt aba aaw the btaaUog day. 

She feU fanprcaMd a glowlag Um, 
Bba heard the well-known aooenti 

She atartad round— O powara of bUmI 
Tie AUaa 8amrwlb-ba. bar loval 


peat, she doth not aleep ; 
ahe death aoald bravo,— 

The taa above the moaatalaa bright 
Streamed llqaki gold o'er land aad aaa ; 

Barth, ooeaa, aky dM float In light, 
Aod Mature miaed bar hjrauia of glee. 

Our W«^[« BSir aw* ^fm mf OTHif 

They heard aot Nature'e matin hymn ; 
Tbair aonla ware pour'd ftom one to oae 
Xadi othar'B «yee, all elat 

®i)( 99attU oC Xttficavts. 

[Mooaaa Ballad, by Batid Tavaaa.— *<Ia 
the year 880, whea the Danea had Invaded Baot- 
laad, aad prevailed la the battle of Lonearty, 
aaar Ponb, the fleota ware wor s ted aod gave way« 
aad la their flight thraagh a aarrow paea, wore 
atopped by a ooaatiynuw and bia two ausM, wbn 
aoooamged them to imlly and renew the flgbt i 
m telUag tbem that tt waa mora hoaoai ah ia to die 



tai the Add flshtinf te tb«lr Uac sad Mutiy, A 
yMuiio flj and b* aiterwaidi Ultod bj tbt iiMr> 
dkn Umam ; and opbtrnktod thoM who wcmld 
fr Uk* Gowaidi, whaa dB «m at slak*. Tha 
aaon tlnwrom •toad atiU, and BMuiy of tha atoat 
BWB, wbe a«l men bj tha dawiUan of thair 
aoapaaiou than want of ooaraga, Jolnad with 
the eld aaao and hb Mea to Mop tha iwt, till 
thara wai a good nainbcr tof athar. 

Iha aottatiTiDnit who waia aimad with only 
what thaIr ploosha ftmiahad, laarttnj thtm on, 
and laturalaf open tha Swim* made a flnteoi 
ooaat* CTTlnf aleoif "Help to at hand I" Tha 
Daoaa. baUavlnf a tmh axmj waa fhUlat on 
thMOp tha beota thnobr totally daftatad th«n, 
and ftacd thalr ewa aoaatty froak Miritada. 

The battto baint ovw* thaoU mas.aftorwaida 
known bf tha naoM of UiVt «» bnwght to tha 
Ung, who, aMrmbllag a parllamant at Seaaa, 
ga«« to tha Mid Hay and hk aona, aaa Joat la- 
ward for thair valear, w mneh laad on tha rtvnr 
Vkj. in tha dtotriet of Oowrit. aa a aUeoB ftom a 
nanH hand flaw over tUl it aattladi whieh, baing 
rfs ntlca in length, was aftarwatda ealkd EnoU 
And tha Ung being willing to proroeto tha «tld 
Hajr and hie eone ftvm tha rank of plabelane to 
tha ofder of nobilitr. be aeelgnad tham a ooat^f- 
anna, whleh waa— argent, three eeantsheona, 
galee— to inttmato that the gither and two aona 
had been tha three foctanateahlalde of Seotfamd." 
MetUisk Pmragt, AH, B^.} 

Taa beaeen Hghle are blaiiag bright, 
Tha ektgan'e on tha blaet ; 

The elanenan noeter mpM|y, 

Ghleft harry Ikom their towen of itnngth. 
And TaHab froea their ahtob ; 

For Albjm^ etnuMfe pollated by 
Aa hundrad hoetile l 

Oh ! Termll eheeke ahall paUld grow. 
And eunny eyce ehali weep; 

Bat not flrom tear nor aorrow, bat 
Txom hidignatioa deep ; 

To eae thaee Bcandlnavlan welvai, 
A wild anhallowed band, 

like danoaeo. deetmetloo aoBM 
lb waata eor &ther-laad. 

The robber hotdae are all debaited— 


Ptk, flto nr et h ea k . Loaaa, Ta^, 
Baa raddy to tha eeai 
While altar, temple, tower, and ttiwa, 
Aie levelled with tha leal 

Tha hat, the oottaga. and the graaga. 

Are blaaing «p to Iwavan s 
Pw i e p it eld, and babea alike. 

Am to thia eanaga given I 


Leap Ibom the dl8«y ateep 
And perlah— para aa enow hom 
Vpoai tha oaeaa deep. 

» aznltingly, 
Olar Gowrle^ fortae flelda. 
Their deadly apaara a Ibfw 
A aoUd wall thalr ahMda; 

Like hwaata tai their mortal flighft 

Upon the orient wind, 
A paradlaa before them lay, 

A blighted waato behind. 

Bathed la the aettlag light of heaven. 
Imperial Bertha * ahona. 

Like eome empoipled orient qoaea 
VpoB haraoMnld thioaa. 

Tha waving woeda. her gorfaona tnUa, 
flaaawd poying homage meet ; 

And Tay, emitting aUver eovnda, 
Lay oroaahlag at bar foot. 

" Vow, by the eaoTMl mead that flowe 

la Odla-a palaee high— 
Aad by the bleeeed light thatbaama 

From Thoria Immortal eye. 

"irthere^ a noeant ia my heat,** 

The glaat Sweao erice, 
** Bto onven eone ahall daah my 

Bto odloaa mcnaory dica. 


itala, meadow. 
Behold the glorioae priae, I 
The bright Yalhalla of my draama 
Whaa alccp had aealol mine cyta; 




TAert IlM tlM lud of m J I 

Tbe hom* of all nqr low : 
AaA tk«r§ tha Sai&lah diMl«n 

Shall ahiiM all orowu abo**." 

Twa thouauid voioM bant at oooe 

In una loud ehonu swdl; 
Whilst oebo from har monntidn oavait 

Proloased tht tavagt 7*11 ; 

Twa thouand brands on biaaan shldds 

In din ooUision dashed — 
Tsn thousand darts were barlsd in air. 

Or in ths sod wsrs daalMd. 

Bat baik I a shout has aaswersd thdrs, 
Llka mountain torronts loud — 

▲ marshalled host eomes moring on 
Dense aa a thunder doad— 

▲nd like Uiat eloud, snrehaifed with 

And rolling mpidljr :» 
That thunder-dottd is Scotla^dl King, 

JUid fleoClaad's diivali?. 

In llery haste the Soots adraaoe. 
And with the InTaden dose- 
Like tigers of their oube bereaved, 
Tbqr spring upon their ibss. 

And thousands frll no mors to rise. 
Gashed o'er with man/ a wound ; 

And shrieks, and shouts, and groans arsbtaty 
And lUb-blood stains the ground. 

The Beottlsh monardi marked his trade 

Along the gory plain; 
His beaoons in that laa of blood 

Were pyiamids of slain. 

He sparrsd his fbaming chaigsr on 

Along the embattled line. 
And with his ponderous battle-axe 

Glove Bweno to the ehlne. 

How dan with dan, and son with dre^ 

And ehiefwith chieftain Tied, 
To pieroe the Danish phalaoz through. 

And turn the battled tide. 

For Tasnl, knight, and thane, aUke 

Their blood mn hot and hi^ { 
Death glared from ereij fUohion's edge. 

And veogeaaoe from oaeh ^gre. 

What boots It now how wuD tbmj Ibagfat, 

ror ah ! Cher Ibught in vain ; 
neir squadrons red— tiielr ranks are breh»» 

They flj betbre the Dana. 

Tlas barnier of the slhrsr ( 

Lies teampkd In the day. 
And Ibr the glorious battie^ty, 

Tl^ " teve htanadr who may." 

See how they flse o'er moor aad dale, 

Llka fiigftfres fcriom ; 
Wl^re Is thine honour, aeodaad, wfw? 


Tee, thers fa hoBoat^theie is 
ror by this blesssd light. 

Three gallant men have left their 
Aad ohedi'd the shamaAil flight. 

And now they rally, ftirm, and 
And goiy gape they hewed { 

With tenlbid Airy In their souls. 
The battle wae renewed. 

Twas hand to hand, and bnutd to braad. 

And dirk and daQer me^- 
Aad flane aad flaoe alternately 

la red haart-bioed vrers wet. 

Oa, on, ye glorious psaaaats thiae. 

The Moody die is east i 
Ths Danes are rdktad— See; they 4y 

Uka SBOw*flaksaon the btaat. 

On, OB, ye peasant heroca, on. 
And win your deathless meed— 

The gory die at length is oast. 
And aeotland's seal is freed. 

I's mirth aad kingly revdxy 
In Booone's Impsvlal hall ; 
And squire and koight, and lord aad 
Qtaee that high ftstival; 

And reyalty. In robss of elata, 
Aad beauty's bright dispU^I 

But ewy eye in homage turned 
Upon the patrioto Uaj. 

There^ mhnlo warfhre on the lawn. 

Beneath the royal «ye ; 
Thsre^ laaoss shlversd - bnlghti nalwwaed— 

The flower of ohivaliy t 



▲iidkigh.boraduiMi,titapwlthimO«i A 

&lilit as tbt mlDgr wii^-> 
Brt O I their ■milM beaiMd bri^tnt oa 

IkB MHwMi pMMuto Hay. 

nqna KsBiMth hft U« thraM, 
And Ud hb down mM> 
'Am you th« fkwloai poMuiti tfaic* 
Ika* toned tho tettk'a tido? 

' Tow patB&t of DoMlltj 
Bmrm gnt 70a a* fow birth. 

AhMl aKlBgouonljradd 
Hm ^londoon of tbo oanh. 


"Soehaflwohavawoglvow B 

And bo yoat iBaloheoB blaaonod with 

ThvN btoodotntnort SeoctUi ■hWdi ; 

"And BHky yoor Ihmo, joar gloiy, but 

Tor e?er and fbr mgm. 
Wot Seotland, to tho and of tlmo, 

Bhall bloaa tho nauM of Haj." 

Sit eEriliett ^8milton> 

[Momoui Ballad.— BosuT Waxr 

>Rore flnt printed.] 

ItMI opon a naunor dajr, beyond tho noontide hour, 
Ainldat aU EnclaBd-B ohlraliy. In Wlndoor^ ivyal towvr. 
That Men and high debate aroee, far thue the qneethm laa ;~ 
Throoghont the boanda ofOi ii e t o n dom, who waa Urn btavaet nan 9 

BcBHuted Sir Gilbert Hamilton, a jroaag and rtminrifea knight, 
" 1 place King Robert Bmee beftm eaoh other martial wJghtt 
Be hath been Bnglandl deadlleet fbe, aa Bannoekbam oaa teU; 
Bat in battle aheok or Hated Held, BO ann eaa hla 

Da flpeaear apoko >— " It m beooroea a knight In Xnglaad bom 
To throw apon her ehlTaby aoch mdo oontemptand aoonii 
Batlf Mr OObert Hamilton be not la Jc^hig mood, 
Piarhap^, within hJa vafau magr ran aome tmoa of Seotttah Uood."— 

"ICJr mothv waa moat Ttrtaona, and that nqr laneo ahall prove 
VpoB yonr hebn when next wo meet; meantime, then liee mj glovwi* 
And aa he apdke hie ganntlat rang In eentra of the haU 1 
Da Sponaer took the hoetile pledge beAm tiie warrion an. 

Oh! egrao wen atralned, and hearti atoaead open the 
When both the ehamplooa mounted eame in praod 
fljort waa the atniggle, oouraea three la dnadfUl be » 
9e Spcaaar groraDad on the duet, hia Ibe the hoBoom 

Alt ftw aronnd the vktor eaoM Ua tkir roBowa to 1 

The man who Ml beneath hie lanee waa ofa potent . 
And tfatoatenlng hwkaand Millan browa he met wldi 

He Boat awajH-he maat be gone, if he hie lift would 





AD amwd In nan of buniikcd atMl fUl fafl^ rodi h« Ibrth ; 
Tb* btoMl and opn way ha kept that lad him to th« north : 
Bis nns upon hit Icfk bad Mt— Um nraDth was ahlnlag brlybt. 
Whan Baotlandii hMaly hlllt aad date lay ilratobad tmton hh righu 

Thfongk MmndiDg ilU and topmmooA wild, on, en ba held bb wajr, 
Vatil tha baakt aad npatplng ttnam oTCIyda boftMa blm la/: 
AiMB, tht buntons bom aad baj of botindi oama on bk car, 
Aad ttcim a fvova of daifc f iwa fknm laapod talh a panting < 

Swift on its tvaek in opan vlaw, advanaod tba aalngUng fua. 
And ooon amid Iha aMMi aad ten Ibtjr lay Iti aatkn lowi 
Bold was ths Ibnmost bofMmaaH kK*, m^fsstlo was hk air. 
Most fliBljr knit bis fhuna aad limbs, and mbla daifc bis balr. 

Ha gaasd npon ths 
IneoatormaU, with 
*' Wma Bngkad's 
Aad fsAiga ssak fk'om 

, Btr kniffbt, why ( 
swotd, to obass tba flying dsor ?"— 
eoarticn I ooma, my lUb to ats, 
yonr king, ths faimfast of ths bmrs. 

*' My nama Is GObort HamUton {— It Aaaosd la Windsor HaU, 
That MIy woids and strUb araos amongst our barons all, 
Aad this tba sal^t: — throagb saeb land what* Gbiistian ban 
Who was In battla's stsm tnnaoU most ohl?alro(is and bcava? 

*' Unftarlag to dlsdoos tba tmlb, I tsstimony bors 
To Braes'S tens, aad gava blm plaos all otbar knights lMrfbn( 
Ba Spanssr moohad ma bittarly ; but down my gags I throw : 
Wo mat within Iha faattis llslB,~4bo pamslto I slaw."— 


''Bnengfa,anoagh,SlrOilbort; wa glvs thas waloona hen t 
Look round thoo, aad wbotvor thlno sya tramnses tu or nsar, 
Thsos aerss bfoad shall bo thins own, whilst thou that sword Aalt bring 
tbaid ftir Baotkadl aanss and mias, ftir I am Bmea, tba king r* 


»»^^IM»JMMM^^ «^^«^^>%^^ 


CBsvBZVTmB iraoi tiM fifth Bdhlon of Bbr 
Wallfw fleott** lliagmi^f of tho Seotthh Bar- 


Vboh ttANBOte ported, wbm tho Bomaii pto- 
Tlaoe waoeoatiaotad by thoiampartsef Bcronu, 
ontfl the aaSon of tho Ungdoos, tho bordon of 
flcottend Ibnnod (ho itaco, npon whldi werepro- 
omtod tho moot aaomoaobb ooidUeti of t«ro fol- 
hut natfoDO. Tho tnhoUtuto, ot tho oooa- 
flionooiiwnt of thlo an, flBmod tin flnt wovo of 
tho tancat, whloh ooMMltcd, and flaoDy ovcr- 
wholmod, tho bonWn of tho Bomaa powor In 
Britaltt. Tho oo b oo q oont ovonto, la whidi thoy 
won oagoffod, teadod llttlo to dlmiakh tfaoir 
ntUttoiy honHhood, or to roooooDo thorn to a 
dTillood otato of aooMy. Wo havo ao 
to tiaoo tho otate of tho bovdora dartat 
tho long aad eboeofo period of Seottiih hMory, 
whUk proeadod tho aeeeorfea of tho Stoart 
iMiDy. To maotomto a fcw baUado, tho oarlkot 
of whkh io baldly oooral with Jaiata Y., oaoh 
aa laqoiry woold bo cqaalty dUBoolt aad vala. 
I f wo BMy troot tho WdfA bank, ia thdr aeooaat 
of tho wan betwixt tho Sazoaoaad Daaoo ofDoira 
aad tho OoBiialg, imaglaatloB oaa 
hardly fron aay Mca of eonlDoti 
mora dcoporato, thaa won malntalaod, on tho 
boaten, botwooa tho aaoieat Britlah aad thota> 
Tontonlo famdcro. Thna» tho Oododladooorlboott 

▲. D. 1410. 

• lOo waofeo aad dOfaotatloB of matoal l»voo, tat 
ooloaroaoglowiag, ao ttroagly to Moall tho 
of Tholtaa; **Et irtf tttttmUamt Jhttm^, 

At a later period, tho SasoB ftmnieo, who flod 
from tho ostonnlaatfaK owofd of tho 
with Biaayof tho Hocmaas thomoolvM, 
dloooatmt aad lataoUao ftvdo had dfltoa taito 
csllo, begaa to rioo iato oaifaioaoo apea tho 
Soottloh bordaro. They bvoaght with tbamarta, 
bothof poaeo aadof war^oakaewa fat Beotibad I 
aad, amoes their doooeadaati, we oooa aombor 
the meet poworftil border eUob. 8iioh,davlagtho 
roiga of tho htft Aloaaador, wore 
Patrick, oari of March, aad Lord 
floolls, reaowaed la tradition ; aad oaoh 
alao tho pewotfbl Oomyns, who oarty aeqnlmd 
tho priaoipal sway opoa tho Seotthh 
In the oItII wars betwixt Bmeo aad 
BaUol,an thooo poworfbl chloftafau 
f opo no od tho n a i n oeto rtJ party. They 
Mtod aad exiled ( aad npon their ralaa 
fbuaded tho Ibimldablo hoaoi of I>oaglaa. The 
beideri, from oaa to oea, wore aow at tho doro- 
tiea of a ■aectedon of mighty ehieft, whoae 
exorbitant powor thivateaed to plaoo a aow 

t la tho qrirttod trandatloB of thb poem, by 
Jnneo, the followiag ftroeo ara highly deoerip* 
tive of the oxhaaotod state of the Tietor army t— 

A. D. 1M>. 

At Mailoe'a int ihm darUm MMad*, 
With rapid e'«Nfov hwrted for s 

Baeb Mhoiay dell tbe sota nrttmili 
Bttt when nCnm tho •on* of war I 

Tboa, bora at itvra i i > c o>e H y, 

Don pMcc' ihm dcMit yield* to thoe, 



dyaMtj upon th* Beettldi thrant. 
mj IntaatUm to tnMO tbo danllng ouotr oT thla 
raoo of bcroao, wliew exploits wtio allka fcr* 
mirtaMo to tho BngUdi and to UmIt tovenlgn. 

Tho tnn of Dooglao wt% In blood. Tbo inttr> 
dm of tho rfxth «ul, and hl« brother, in tho 
oMtlo of Xdlnbofyb, wen followed bj that of 
their mommnr, pdgnarded at Stirllnf bj tiie 
hand of hta prlnoe. Hie beothar, Bart Jamee, 
^ppcan neither to have jimwiil the abOitlee 
nor the ambition of bis ancerto— . He drew. 
Indeed, againet Ue prlneOf the flacmUabie ewotd 
of Dooglaa, but with a timid and heiitatlnf 
hand. Proenetinatlon rained hie eanee; and 
he wae deeerted, at Aberoom. bj the knight of 
Qkdjrow.ddef of the Hamlltoni, and bj hie 
native adhennta, alter 

A. D. 1407. 

It le not A libcraDj dietrlbnlad among his eonqwrora, and 
royal grants of his forMled dnmalns tfftrtnallj 
Intaifsted them In euhiding hlsmtnn. An 
attsmpt on the east borders by 
*'tt« Fmyend l*« Zlo^ffles, Mk 
tagtUur/' was cqnalljr unsutieesiftil. 
grown old In esile, longed onoe man to see his 
native eonntiy, and vowed, that* vpon lialnt 
Magdalen'a day, he would depoeit 
his oObrlng on the high altar at 
Loehmaben.— Aeeonpanlsd by the 
cari of Albany, with his nsnal Ul fortan^ he 
entarsd Scotland.— The borderas asssmUed to 
oppoee him, and he siiikrsd a final deftat at 

A. D. MBS. 
shMb, who 
A. D.14BB. 

thqr had IneAetoally 
exhorted hUn to oommit hlslkto to 
the Issue of a battle. The border 
longed for Independeneok showed 
little Inellnatlon to follow the de> 
«dinlag furtnnes of Douglas. On 
the contrary, the meet powerfol elans engaged 
and debated him, at ArUnhelme, In Annan- 
dale, when, after a ehort leeldenoe in England, 
he again endaavoond to gain a footing bt his 
natin eountry. f The spoils of Douglas 

t At the battle of Arkinholme, the Earl of 
Angus, a near kinsman of Douglas, commanded 
the reyal fonts ; and the dUhmnoe of their 

A. D. ItfS. 

plexion oceaakmed the saying, " that the BImek 
Dmglma had pot down the Jl«rf." The Max- 
wells, the Johnstoncs, and the Bcotts, oom« 
poaed his army. Areiilbald, Earl of Mumy, 
brother to Douglas, was slain In the aetlon; 
and Hugh, Earl of Ormond, hie sivond brother, 
was taken and executed. Hie captors. Lord 
CkrUsle, and the Baron of Johnstone, were 
ntrarded with a grant of i he lands of Plttlnane, 
upon Qyde.— Garf«cn|/t, vol. I. p. 375 —Ba^flmr'a 
MS, im IA« Advoeatt-t Library, Edimbmrgk.^ 
Abtrcf9mhW§ AMnmmnUt, vol. 11. p. 861. JbUo 
Bd.—Tha other chicfo were also dlstiaguished by 
royal fovour. By a charter, upon reoord, dated 
Sth February, 1518, the king grants to Waltsr 
Boott'of Kirinud, anocstor of ths boum of Bne* 
eleadi, the lands of Ablngtowa, PlMi«bahn,^Bdlnbargh. 1778, p. ISl. 

and Glcntonan craig. In Lanarkahtrs, " 
JUeii tervitU ucbi* imptmm tt pn fiwrf i 
im esti^Ma ^ ^rlr<«tA«/ifw im eecMom if Mpffane 
moarormm rtUUimmt fweerfem AreUbrntM 4 ITh- 
gomia da Detiglma alim eotnitmmt M^rmvim si d» 
Orm»md tt e/torwn re6«UJtnn ■Mfrvmm im i 
eomitivla ueitlem: ibidewt eoflormm tt 
tormn." Bimilsr grants of land wen made to 
Flnnait and Arinn, the two bcanehee of the 
of HamUton: to the ehlefo of the Batti- 
; but above all, to the Earl of Angus^ who 
obtained from royal fovour a donation of the 
Lordship of Douglas, and many other lands, 
now held by Lord Dfwglas, as his repnssnto 
tlve. Tfasraappcan, however, to be some donbt, 
whether. In this division, ths Earl of Angus 
received more than his natuml right. Our hta- 
torians. Indeed, my, that WlUlam I. Bsrt of 
Douglas, had three sons; 1. James, the M. 
Earl, who died In the flekl of Uttn-bnrn; X 
Archibald the Orim.Sd. Earl; and 8. George, 
In right ot Us mother. Earl «f Angus. Whe- 
ther, however, this Arehlbald wns actually the 
eon of William seems vcrydoubtfhl; and 8br 
David Dabymple has stnnuously nsalntalned 
the contrary. Kow, if Anhibald the Grim 
intruded into the earldom of Douglas, without 
being a son of that family, it follows that the 
hone of Angne, being kept out of their Just 
rights for mom than a century, wen only 
wst ored to them after the battle of ArUnholnM. 
Peihape this may help to Sfcooont for the eager 
Intereet taken by the Earl of Angus agalnet his 
kinsman.— JKannrJte en HMery ^f 



Banumtfk, In DtmafrleMhlw. The aged »rl A bonier oeao tin wrrared Bgalstt their aomciKo, 

was taken in the flgbt, bj a eon of Klrkpatrlck 
of Cloaebam, one of hb own vaMab. A grant 
of landa had been oflbrtd ttar hUpereon: "Garry 
me to the king ! *' Mid Dooglaa to Klrkpatrlck s 
"thoa art well entitled to profit by my mlafer- 
tane ; fbr thoo waet true to me while I waa 
trae to nayielt " The yonng man wept bitterly, 
and oflbred to fly with the earl Into Eoglaad. 
But Dooglas, weary of exile, refbaed'hia proSned 
Ilbeny, and only reqoceted, that Ktarkpatrlek 
would not deliver hlxn to the king, till he had 
■eearedhliownreward.t KMpatrtck did more: 
ha etipolated fbr the pereonal iaMy of hie ohl 
laaaler. Hb generona interecnion prevailed; 
and the last of the Dooi^laaBee waa permitted to 
die. In monastle aaduelon, in the abbey of Lin- 


After the fldl of the hOQM of Dooglae, no one 
chieftain appeare to have eqjoyed the nine 
exteaelve eaprenaey over the BeottJah boiden. 
The varlona barone, who had partaken of the 
VpoO, eomMned la rMbting a meeeerion of 
nncontroUed domination. The eari of Angns 
ahHie Memo to have taken rapid etepa la the 
I eoane of ambition, whldi had been par- 
by hie klnemen and rivala, the earb of 
Donglaa. Arohibald, sixth earl of Angus, called 
Bcff-M*>Cs<, was, at ones, warden of the east 
and middle marehes. Lord of Llddbdale, aad 
Jedwood ft>rest, aad pn tie ad of the streag 
csstles of Bonflas, Hermitage, and Ikntalton. 
Highly estBemed by the aneieat nobility, a 
ftetfam wUdi he headed shook the thitme of the 
ftebb James III., vriioee person they restrained, 
aad whose minions they led to an Ignomlnioos 
death. The king flilled not to show hb sense of 
thcsB Inaalti, tho«gfa nnable eflbetoally toavenge 
them. Thb hastened his kte: and the field of 
tennoekbam, onoe the soene of a more glorious 
ooafllet, beheld the ewnUned ehleftalns of the 

f A grant of the klnff, dated Id. Oetober, 
1484, bestowed upon Klrkpatriek, for thb as- 
oeptabto serHoe, the lands of KlifcmMnai. 

under the banners of his own son. The king 
was sopportsd by almost all the barons of the 
north ; bat the tamultaou ranks of ths High- 
landers were Hi abb to endure the steady and 
rapid charge of the men of Annandab and Lid- 
disdale.who bear spears two cUs longer than were 
used by the Rst of their eoontrymen. The yells 
with which they accompanied their onset, 
caused the heart of James to quail within him. 
Be deserted hb host, and fled to- 
wanis Stirling; but, ihlling from ^' "* ^*^* 
hb hoTM, he was murdered by ths pnmers. 

Jaaics IV., a monarch of a vigorous and 
energetic character, was well aware of the dan- 
ger which bis ancestors had experienced, flrtna 
the prvponderanoe of one overgro w n fiunily. He 
b suppoeed to have smiled internally, when the 
border aad highland champions bled and died 
in the savage sports of chivalry, by which his nup- 
tials wers aolsmniscd. Upon the waxing power 
of Angus he krpta wary e]f« ; aad, embracing the 
occasion of a casual slaughter, he oompelled that 
earl and hb son to exchange the lordship of Lid- 
dbdale, and the castle of Hermitage, for the 
castle aad lordship of Bothwell. f By thb policy. 

t Bpens of Kilsptndie, a renowned cavalier, 
had been present in court, when the Earl of 
Angus was highly praised for strength and 
▼alonr. " It may be," answered Bpens, "if all 
bs good that b upcome," insinuating, that the 
courage of the earl might not answer the pro- 
mise of hb penon. Shortly after, Angus, whib 
hawking near B«»rthwlck, with a slagb atten- 
dant, met Kilsplndb. " What reason had ye,** 
latd the earl, *' for making question of my man- 
hood ? thou art a tall llellow, and so am I ; and 
by St. Bride of Dougbs, one of us shall pay tor 
it!"— "Bines It may be no bettr," answered 
Kl'splndb, " I will defend myself against the 
best eari in Scotland " With these wnrds they 
encountered fiercely, till Angus, with one blow, 
severed the thigh of his antagonbt, who died 
upon the «ot. The earl then addressed the 
attendant of Ktbpladb: "Go thy way: teU 
I ray gossip, the king, that here waa nothing but 
^fldr play. I know my gossip wUl be 



to pNVMtod tba iMMM of Abrw. mlghti m liAMt tlw tenth sftlM adaga, "thai the aonniiy h 


«B^ from ililBft to Iha bright, whaaea tha elder 
toaadi or their femUy had bean harM. 

Her dldJamee fldl In aflbidlag Ue aal^eete on 
the nnidMe maito of hlB niial Joatloa and pio- 
taeHon. The dan of Tomboll 
toflnf been gniltr of tanbooaded 
, the M"g««™' eaddenly to Jedbwgh, bf 
n night masA, and eseoutad the moet rigid 
Jvatloe npon tba aetonhhad aflteden. Their 
•abmlarion wae made with aingutar eotamnltgr. 
Two haadred of the tribe met the Ung. at the 
water of Bala, holdbig In their handa the nakHl 
ewerde, with whioh thay had parpatratad their 
orimee,and baring each aroand hie neek the 
halter whleb he bad wdl merited. A fcw were 
eapttellr ponlehed, many Imprieoned, and the 
reat dlamlaeed, after they had given hoetagee ttr 
their ihtare peaeeable dameaaoor.— ArfiM*«''« 
OntmitU, Luljf. 

The hopee of Beotland, exdtad by the prudent 
and virited eondaot of Jamei, were doucaad to 
a nddan and fttal rererae. Why ahoold we 
leoapitnlate the patnfial tale of the dcftat and 
dMth of a bigb-apirited prinee? Pradanee, 
polky, the prodiglee of eopetatltlon, and the 
adriee of hie moet ezparlenoed ooaneelloiB, were 
aUhe onable to oobdne In Jameethe blaring eaal 
of romantle ehlraliy. The monaith, and the 
aowar of hie noblee, predpltatdy niehed to (he 
Ihtal fidd of Flodden» whanee they 
were never to retam. 

The mlnori^ of Jamee T. praeenti a melan- 
eholy Meae. Beotiaad, Umogh all iU extent. 


bttti win get me Into U dd l edale. and remafai In 
my oaatle of the Hennitage tiU bla anger be 
abated."— G«f«rr^. ToL U. p. OB. The price of 
the aarl'B pardon Mama to hare been the es- 
change mentioaed In the text. BothweUlanow 
thereeidenoeof LordDooglaB. The iword with 
whioh Afcbibald, JMl-Ou-cal, alew Spena, wae, 
by hie dceeendant, the famou Xari of Morton, 
pneented to Lanl Lindaay of the Byree, when 
about to engage In itogle oombat with Both 

prince to a ehUd." Battiiabar' 
der oouatlee, axpoeed flrom their ritaaHon to 
the laoBrrione of the XngUah, deprived of many 
of their meet gallaat AieA, aad haiaaHd by the 
lateetine etragglee of the enrrivoca, were re« 
dooed to awUderaeaa, bihabiitd only by the 
baaateof the field, and by a Ihw moee bratal war- 
riofe. Lord HoBoe, the <temberhdn and 
thvmrita of Jamee IT., leagoed with the Xari 
of Aagna,whemaRied the widow of Ue eove- 
reign, heU, Ibr a time, tha ehtar Bway opoB the 
eari border. Albany, tlw regent of the Ungdou, 
brad In the Frandi ooust, and more I 
to wield the pen than the award, IM4y ( 
Toured to oooteol a lawleei aobHity, to whom 
appeared etrange, and hie 
It wae in vain that he 
inveigled the Lord Home to Xdhi> 
bugh, where he wee tried and exaeotad. Thto 
iple of Jnetlee, or eeverity, only taritatod the 
and fUlowan of the deeeaaed baront 
Ibr Choogh, In other reapeol^ not more aangaln- 
ary than the raet of a baibarooa aatka, the 
bordaren never dlantoMdfica their aMaaoey a 
deadly Ibod, tm blood ibr blood had been axaotad 
to the nttemoet draohm.t Of thto, the &to of 
Anthony d'Areey, Beignenr de to Baatto, aflbrda 
a malandoly exam]^. Thto gallant French 
eavaller wae appointed warden of the aaat mar- 
ehee by Albany, at hto flnt dtagiaoalbl ntreat to 
France. Thoogh De to Baatto wae an abto 
etateeniaa,aad a troe eon of dblvaliy, the choloe 
ot the ngmt wm nevertbeleee nahappy. The 
atiraigner, ptooed to the oflBce 

A. D. ino. 

1 The etatate IBM, cap. an,aMribeB the dle> 
ordere on the border in a great mcaaire to the 
" oounidlBe, direotlotte, receipt, and partaking, 
of diieflaina prinolpallee of the bianehee, and 
booeebalders of the aaidce eumamee, and etonnea, 
qohUkla bear* quairrel, and aeeke revenge Ibr 
the Icait hurting or riaaditer of ony ana of their 
unhappy raee, although It ware ordoor of Jnatloe, 

^^___ ^_^ or to reletting and foUowingef trewmonegearce 

weli^'at CarUny-WU.— Oerfeertfl, toI. U. p. 170.^**^^**" <* *«**•" 



Lord HooMi m fh* dfliU«i*B of A 

A. D. 1017. ^^ ^^^ Bum wbo hufl brooght 
thai b«oa to the Maflbld. A ttnUgfm, cm- 
tri*«l bf Boom of W«dd«rbiizik, who honod to 
■*««> the dnth of hit chki; drmr De hk BMtle 
towwdaLsDitoB laths Mono. Hwehoflmiid 
hhnMiranniuiutodbjrbkwMinlBa. In Attempt* 
ia«, bar tho tpMd of hto hone, to giJa the oMtIa 
of Doabar, thowardoa plaagod latoamonM, 
«hH« ht wm owtahan, aad eratlly hatdMored. 
Weddartam hhnMlf eat off hb hoad; aad, la 
•avi«« WoiDph, kaittod It to hia laddla-bow Ij 
the hmg flowing hair, which had been admired 
b7 tiM danee of Fnaee.^ JPHmoM*, BM. 1718, 
P.UO. MafariM'«Hli«ny^aertland,v«l.U. 

p. l«.f 
The eart of Arsaa, haad of tha bonee of HamQ- 

toa, waa appelated to eoecoed De teBMtia in 
hie periloas ofltoe. Bat the DooglaieeB, Iha 
Homee, aad iha Kem, proved too etrong fcr 
him apoB the border. Ha was rooted by these 
elans, at Ketoe, and afterwards 
In a sharp sUnnlsh, feoght betwixt 
his teetloa aad thaiof Angns, la the hlgh-sireat 


«f the 


A. D. IBM. 

f This tragsdy, or, perhaps, the preceding 
•aeoattoa of Losd Hooo, most have beee the 
■ul^eci of a song, the first two Unee of wblchass 
[In ths Onqpl^ya< 4f Scetlsa^f 

God MB* tte Dse bed byddlB w FtaMS^ 
AmA da la Beta bod oc*or <«nii>o kame. 


% Tbopafttoabrsof ihis anooanlsr are later* 
cetiag. The Hamlltone were iha moat namar- 
oas parly, drawn dUat/finuk the ii s st am conn- 
laMt in the palace of Aveb- 
rseriwd to apprehend 
Angus, who was ooma to the sUgr to attsad ths 
aoBvaatloa of sstatos. Oawla DooghM, blibop 
of Deahsid, a aear velatloa of Aagus, in ndn 
Mdsavouad to medlato bctwist the flMtloaa. 
Haappsalsd to Beatoa, aad lavohed his 
Mae to pcavcat Moodsbed. "Oa mjr 
nience," aaaimad tiia arohUebop, " I caaaot 
heipwbatlstohappea.- As he tald hishaad 
apon his brsael, at this solemn declaration, the 

baalshmaat of Aagas, aad bf a dseultoty < 
flups with Baglaad, carried oa idtt nmtaal ia- 
enrslons. Two galfamtarmlse, levied by Albany, 
wers dlsmlsssd wlthoai any cxploH worthy 
notice, while Svrrey, at tfas head of tan thoa- 
send eavBliy, baraad Jedbar^ aad laid wasto 
an Tlvhjtdale. Thle general pays a spleadid 
tiibato to the gaUantiy of the border ehleft. Be 
tetme them, "the boldcei mca, 
aad the hottest, that ever I saw any 

ehkttsr: "Ah! my hMdr rstcrtod I>eaghw, 
"yoor eoBseienee soonds hollow.'* He then 
ezpcstnlated with the seoahtf kadsrs, and Sir 
Patrick Hamilton, brother to Anna, was eon- 
vloeed by bis remonstrancM; bat Sir Jamas, 
tb» natuTal son of the earl, npbraldod his aacle 
witfa Kinetancs to flght. " Falss bastardl" 
aaswcnd Sir Patrick, " I wfll flght to-day when 
thon dareet act be seen." With thcee wosds 
they Tashed tamaltaooely townrds ths hlgh> 
sCraet, when Angus, with (he prior of OoMiag- 
hym^, aad the redoobtod Weddcrbam, watted 
their assaali, at the head of fimr-handred ^sar*^ 
men, the flower of the eeet marohss, who, hav- 
IngbnAa down the gato of the Nethnbow, had 
airivwl Jnst to time to ths carl's asrietaacs. 
The advantage of the groand, and the dkordcr 
of the Hamiltons, sooa gave the day to Angae. 
Sir Patrlsk Hamilton, and the master of Mont- 
(omeiy, were slain. Arraa, and Sir Jamse 
HamUtoa, eseaped wUh difflealty; and with 
no lea difllenlty was the military prstatto of 
Glasgow rescued frcsn the ftrodoos borderoi^ 
by the genarans Inteipceitloa of Oawla Deoglaa. 
The sktrmlsh was Ions rsmcmbctad in Bdla- 
bargb, by the aama of " Oeanse the aaeeway." 
—Pinknitm'* HMefy, »oL IL p. 181.— Ptoeatflt, 
SdU. 17«, p. 1».-A<^ 9f Ommtm DomgUt, pre- 
JLnd to hIa Witgtt. 

I Lbttbb raon tb« «AaL of soaaav, to wwra T 
vm. Oiviao ak aocooht or raa sroaa 
or jBBBcaoa. Catt. MSB. Qsllg. B. III. 

"PiBisira Ityoar grace to be advertissd, thai 
npOB Fridays, at s a dok at nygfai, I rstoamcd 
to this towns and all the garnysons to titeta 
ptacee sssigncd, the boshoprieka men, my hade 

JIM sesemn oe ci a i ai w u, we ■ v-na^ .i...s>">~> — -■ r ~ . " — ' ^ „^^ 

l« hk n^et, was hsaid to^^of WestmoiatauMi, aad my lorda Deere, la like- 



1>liffrafeeduiddHHlad,AltaiirtMid«adk«toA«nt oTAnaa A« 
BooUand Ibr crtr. Tha qacen>motlMr and ttaa dom. Bui thalr poii«r 

aw«9«d thakioB* 
dM|iiMd oa Um bor* 

wIn, eviy man homa with thalr companji, 
wttbottt loM of any man, thanlnd be Ood i Mving 
Till or X slayne, and dyrvn hurt, at tk/nny«hls 
and ■aulti of the towne of 0«dwarth, and the 
fertaralMla; whieh town* to wo munAj brvnt, 
that no garayaoni ner nona othar efaal bre 
lodffd there, unto the tjme it bee new* boylded ; 
the brennyng whenor I comjrited to twoo sure 
nea. Sir William Bulmer, and Thomas Tem- 
peetcb The towne wae moch bettlr then I went 
(<. «. ween'd) it liad been, Ibr there waa tawo 
Igrmyi moo IwaMe therein then la Berwleke, and 
well bnylded. with many honeet and Ihir honaee 
theavtn, euflleiente to have lodged M horeemen 
in tamyaon.aad tlz good towrei iherein ; wlilch 
towne and feowrce be dencly deetroyed, brent, 
and throwen downa. Undoubtedly there wai 
noo joumey made into Scotland, in noo many* 
day lering, with too fewe a nombre, that ie 
reeownted to be eoo high an onterprice as thii 
boihe with thais contremen, and Seottiehmen, 
nor of truthe aoo mneh horte doon. But in th' 
cnde a great myifbrtune ded lal, onely by foly, 
that sudi ordere, as was oommanded by me to 
be Iccpte, was not obserred, tha manner whereof 
hanalUr shall rasoa. Bilbre myn entre into 
Seotland, I appointed sir William Bulmer and 
•Ir William Kven to be matehalUs of th* anny ; 
sir William Bulmer Ibr the vanguard, and sir 
William Even for tha rerrgard. In the van- 
tuard I appointed my lorde of Westmoreland, 
as ohief, with all the boshoprieke, sir William 
Bulmer, sir William Evare, my lords Daere, 
with all his company { and with ma rcmayncd 
all tha Nat of the gamysons, and the Northum- 
bariand men. I was of oounssUl with tha mar- 
shallis at th' ordering of our lodgingg, and our 
oampa was soowall envlrowned with erdynaaee, 
earts, and dikes, that hard it was to entre or 
issue but at asrtala plaees appointed for that 
porpoe, and asrigned tha mooste oommodious 
plaoe of the said oampa tat my lord Baore com- 
pany, next the water, and next my lord of 
Weetmorelaad. And at snehe tyme as my lord 
Daere oame into the fkMe, I being at the sanlt 
of th' abby, which contynued unto tw«>o houres 
within nygbt, my seld lord Daere wolde In no- 
wise bee oontonte to ly within the oampe, whleha 
was made right sura, but lodged himeelf with- 
out, wherewith, at my rvtamv, I was not con- 
tents, but then it was too late to remove; tha ^ 

next day I sente my eeid lorde Daere to a strong 
hold, oalled Femhent, the loid whereof was his 
mortal enemy; and with hym, sir Arthur 
Dsrey, sir Mannaduka Ooostable, with vUleof 
their man. one aortonto, and dyreia other good 
pccre of ordynanoe Ibr the feld (the tekl Fern- 
hereto stode marvelous strongly, within a greto 
wooile) ; the seld twoo knights with the moot 
part of their man, and Strlddand, your giaea 
sarvaunto, with my Kendall men, went into tha 
woode on Ibto, with th' ordyoance, where tha 
eald Kendall men were so handled, that they 
found hardy men, that went noo fboto htA for 
theym ; the other two knightes were also soo 
tharply ■■ayied, that they ware aafoeaed to oall 
for moo of their men { and yet eonid not bring 
the ordyoanee to the fortrces, unto the tynie my 
lord Daere, with part of hb horaemen, lighted on 
fbto; and marveloosly haidly handled himself 
and iynally, with long sklrmyahlng, and moche 
difflenltle, gat Ibrthe th' ordynanoe within tha 
howse and threwa down the ssma. At which 
skyrmyehe, my seld lord Daore, and his brother, 
sir Cristofer, sir Arthure, and sir Marmaduke, 
and many other gentllman, did marvelloasly 
hardly { and bund tha beet itabtaaae that hath 
been seen with my eomylng to their partiee, and 
abova xszU Beottis sleyne, and not passing iiQ 
Englishmen, but above Ix hurt. Aftir that, my 
said lord retoumyng to the enmp, wold In no 
wise bee lodged in tha same, but whers ha Iny 
the ftirst nyght. And ha being with ma at 
Bouper, about viy a elok, tha horsM of his com- 
pany brak kmse, and sodenlyran out of his fold, 
in sueh nombre, that U caused a marvelkmso 
alarome in our fold; and our standing wateha 
being set, the honee oun ronnyng along th* 
eampe, at whom were shot abova one hundred 
ehief of anowes, and dyvers gennys, thinking 
they had been Scots, that woM have saalted the 
eampe ; lynally, tha hoiaos were so madde, that 
they ran like wild dero Into the fUd ; abova xv a 
at tha least. In dyvere compaays, and* la oaa 
plaee.above 1 felle downe a greto rok, and dews 
theymself, and above U e ran lato the towna 
being on Are, and by tha woman taken, and 
earried awaya right evill bnnt, and many were 
taken ngayne. But, Anally, by that I aaa 
estme tv the nombre of thqrin that I saw goo 
on Iboto the next daye, I think there li lost 
ahova vlU a hones, and aU with foly for lak of 


dm. wbm ABgu,tlM»gh taBitfa«d, ttA vmaj 4 iwww of tii« 




Mend*. Bcott of Baminehwn vpsmsKia^^ 
to himwlf dooiaiM belonging to tlM vmm, 
400 ncrln ymetji b*^ pmb^bly th« 
of K«««rk, and ber Jointan lands in 
XtMek ftnwt.t— Thit ehM; with Kerr of Om- 
tad, «M coninlttod to «Hd» from whMi Owy 
Monped, to Join the pwrty of the 
•xilodAngnh LMgnod wUh tfasM 
and otiMT boidtf ebJdk, Angna aflHtod hla ra- 
ton to BaoUand, whera ha duMtlyaflar aoqvhad 

tiinawilnn of tha nprama powar, and of tha 
panoa ef the jraathftal Ung. *'Tha 

A. D. lOS. 

not lying within tha aanp. I dan not write 
tha wondrea that mj lord Baerc. and all hii 
coropony, doo laya they nwe that nyght. rj 
tyms of qrirtti end AreAal tight*. And unyrer- 
nllyall their eompaayeaya ph^rnly, tha derfl 
wae that nyght amony tbeym ri tymyt; whieh 
mydbrtaoe hath bkmyehcd tha beet Jooxney 
that waa nad« in gcotlaod many yeres. 1 
Meore yoar graoe I fbond tha Soottes, at thla 
tfVM, the boldeet men, and the hoteat, that ever 
1 eawe any nation, and all the Joamey, upon all 
parta of th' armye, krpto oa with wo contynnall 
•kyTmyaha,that I never nw tha Uha. If they 
might aaeamble xl M aa good men ae I nowe 
aawa, xr e or U M, itwoold bee a hard eneoon- 
tra to mate theym. Pitle it ia of my lord 
Paena loeee of the bonce of hli oompany i be 
bcooght with hym above liU M. men, and eame 
and lodged one night in Beotland. in hla moeet 
mortel enemy** eontra. There le noo herdyor, 
nar battir knyght, hot oflea tyma ha doth not 
UM the moct rare order, which he hath nowe 
payd demly for. Written at Berwika the xsvU 
of September. 

Tear moet bownden, 

t In a letter to the Dnke of Keefelk. October 
19M, Qncea Margaret aaya, " Sea that tha Lard 
ofSeerftard and tha Lard of Baelwraa pat In the 
oietoU of Edinhfwih, tha Xri of Lenaem hath 
paet 119s ray vythoat lyeyena, and In deepyt; and 

thynhyth to make the brek that he may. and to 
aelyst other kndla to tak hys port; fortheaaid 
Wrd of Bavklw vaa hya man.aad dyd the gretyat 
awalyi that myght be dwn.and twk partplavnly 
vyth thal^ aata wdl known."— CM. Mh8. 
<Wv. B.I. 

toriaa, whom I have to often lafeiiadto. 
ed to hava rartvad ; aad.aAeraBlnmberof 1 
a eentnry, again to thrtotan doatmetlon to 
tha SeottUi monarehy."'-PMterto«, voL U. p; 

In fltet, tha tima now retnmad, whan no one 
dvrat Btrhra with a Donglaa» or with hla fol- 
lower. For, althoogh Angoa need tha outward 
pageant of eondnetlng tha king aroond tha 
ooantry, for ponlihfnff thlavea and tnltm*, 
" yat/' aaya FIteeottle/'nona were foaad greater 
than araia In his own eompany." The high 
■pltlt of tha yonng Ung waa galled by the igno- 
minloaa reetraint ander whiidk he foaad htan- 
aelf ; and, in a progreaa to tha border, for re- 
pwaalng tha Armatnmgs, he probably gave sodi 
sfgw of dlsaatlafoetlon, as eselted tha laird of 
Bacdandh to attempt hla reeene. 

This powerful baron waa the 
chief or a hardy eUn, Inhabiting 
Btlrlek foreat, Xakdale, Bwadala, the higher 
part ofTlrlotdala, and a portion of Uddeadak. 
In thla warlike dlstrfet ha eaeily levied a thoa- 
sand horee, comprebandlng a large body of 
BlUota, Araostrongs, and other broken ctene, 
over whom tha laird of Baecieuah exerdaed an 
estaaalva aathorityi being tanned, by Lard 
Daara, ''ahlef malntalnar of aU mlagnidad man 
on tha boideia of 8oot]aad."-^L«Mr l» fTolMy, 
Jnly 18, IBM. The carl of Angus, with Us 
raluetaat ward, had slept at Malroaet and tha 
clans of Home and Kerr, under tha Lord Uoma, 
and the baron of Gaeafbrd and Fatmihlrat, had 
taken fhak lasve of the klag, whan. In the grey 
of the morning, BaoolenA and bis band of 
cavalry wcn dlecovaRd, hanging. Ilka a thnn- 
der^Iond, upon the ndghbonrlng hill of Ball- 
4 A hrmid was emt to dernaod his pur- 

A. D. 1616. 

X Hear Samlck. By a corraptton from SUr- 
mieh field, the spot k atUl called the Bklnnos- 
field. Two lin< a of aa old kaUad on the aohicat 
an still preaervrd:— 

«« There 

risk bciti ead btow«, 
a ban na blood.'* 




point ba aammd,that 
elaa to Um ldiic» miiwullng to tha 
to yw weoud. tht ha 

Tothftflrst A 

to Aeml 

nportod to tb« mtI, "Bb,** miA h» 
to tlM Uaf, '*70Ddcr to Boeatoodi, with th* 
thtovw of AiuMndato and LiddMdate. to bar 

TOttr giMtH PMNM** I vw to Ood *^ f^^ 
•Ithor fli^t or Am. Tonr snwa ahall torry od 
this hfllodc with my brothar Ooorgo; ud I wOl 
•IthirdwrTOBrroadar 9oad«r banditti, or dla 
In tho atlampt." The «rt, with thaM worda, 
allghtad, and haatenad to thaaharga; while tha 
ami of LaanoK (at whoaa InatlgaHoii Buaakoch 
,) ramalaad with tha Uag, an 
. Baaaianah aad hla fbllowara 
I, aad raoalTBd tha aawilanti 
with a dia^Uka ahoat. aad aahowar of lanoaa. 
Tha aaooBBtar waa tana aad obatiaate; but 
tha HanMa aad Karri, fatamlof at tha aolaa of 
hattia, bora down and dlapaiMd tha laft wing of 
BnaaiaaBhl Uttia anny. Tha hirad bandltU flad 
an all