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Theolo^ia et Histuria £cclesia8tica pages 

French Sermons , 

Divinity and Ecclesiastical History 

Sermons and Discourses 

History, Antiquities^ Voyages, Travels, and 
Miscellanies , 

Reprints , 

Biography , 

Histor^a et Miscellanea , 

Auctores Classici, Gr. et Lat , 

English Translations of the Classics........ 

Dictionaries, Grammars, Philology, &c 

Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanics, &c... 

Natural History, Botany, Medicine, Chemis- 
try, &c 

Jurisprudence, Foreign and English 

Livres Frant^ois , 

Libri Italiani 

Libros Espanoles y Portugueses 

Deutsche Biicher 

Books of Prints and Works of Art, including 
important Publications, arranged under the 
heads. Anatomy, Architecture, Atlases and 
Maps, Bible Illustrations, Botany, Coins 
and Medals, Emblems, Heraldry, Horse- 
manship, and Portraits 

Bibliography and Literary History 

Early Printed Books. .< 


Appendix, a Clergyman's Library 

Miscellaneous Omissions and Additions ... 

Odd Volumes 




































Libraries and Parcels of Books bought or exchanged on the most 
Liberal Terms. 

54, Pfttemoster Row, 
January 1, 1831. 

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BiBLiA PoLTGLOTTA — Grffice, Latioe, et Germaiiice, opera Dayidis 
WoLDBRi, 6 Yols. bound ID 3, yelluiD, 2/. I2s. 6d. Hamburgij 1596 

A curious and uncommoD Polyglott, containing the Latin Versions of 
the Vulgate and Pagninus, the Greek from the Septuagint, and the 
Grerman of M. Luther's. It is adorned with numerous smidl wood- 
cots, executed in a spirited style by an artist whose initials are 1. M. 

' ' Sacra Biblia Vulgate editione, Translat. ex 

Hebrseo S. Pagnini, Trans!. Romanse ex Septuag. et Chaldaice 
Paraphrasis TransL congesta Fratris Fortvnati Fanbnsis 
studio et labore, 2 yoIs. folio, neat, scarce, 1/. Js..,.Venetm, 1609 

Biblia Hebraica, sine punctis, ad Leusdenianam Editionem adornata, 
beautifully printed edition y duodecimo size, interleaved with folio 
writing papery containing some few critical notes by a Dutch Scho* 
lary half-calf, 16*..... Amst. 1701 

Biblia Grseca, fine copy in old wooden binding, stamped, neat, 
scarce, 1/. 5^ ,,,„,„, ..Basilea per Joan, Hervagiumy 1545 

Biblia Latina, tlAtti l^tt^t^ (wants Ist leaf of '' Prologus in 
Bibliam") neat, scarce, IL 4s, 

Fontibus ex grecis Hebreorum quoque libriis 
Emendata satis et decorata simul 
Biblia sum presens superos ego tester et astra 
Est impressa nee in orbe mihi similis 
Singula que que loca, cum concordantibus extant 
Orthographia simul quam hene pressa manet. 


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2 Theologia et Hisioria Ecclesiaistica. [Folio. 

6 Biblia Lattna cum Goncordantiis VeteriB et Novi Testamenti nee 

Don juris Canonici, ac dtyersitatibus textuum, Canonibusque 
Evangeliorum ac quibusdam temporam incidentibas in marine 
positis per Venerab. Patrem Fr. Alb. OasteUanam, et cum Pne* 
fationes S. Hieropymi, &Cm wood cuts^ yellunn, neat, !/• \s. 

Lugd. impressa per D, J, SacoUy experuis 
Ant. Koberger de Nurembergis, 1518 

Masch copiously describes this "Editio per antiq. et rariss." in his 
Biblioth. Sacr. torn, v, pp. 150—6. 

7 Biblia Latina, S. Hieronymi, fildCtl IttttVf half-bound, neat, \2s. 

Nuremberge per Fredericum Peypus. 
Sumptu inte^errimi viri Joanmis 
KoBBRGBR, Nurembergensisy 1523. 

A fine old Gothic impression, apparently unknown to Masch. 

8 ■ Biblia interprete Sebastiano Castaltone, cum Anno- 

tationibus, plates, bound, a few leaves somewhat stidned, 9s^ 

BasUea, 1554 
Dedicated to our Edward VI. 

9 Isidori Claril Biblia Sacrosancta Vet. ac Nov. Test. 

cum Scholiis, &c., neat, scarce, IZ. U. 

Veneiiis in officina L. A, Junta^ 1557 

** Edition peu Commune." This copy is one of those having the title- 
page dated 1564, which led Masch to suppose it a re-impression, but 
the right date occurs twice towards the end of the volume. 

10 -—---___. Latini recens ex Hebr»o facti, brevibusque Scholiis 

illu strati ab Immanuele Tremellio et Francisco Junio, half-bound, 
10*. 6(/ Hanov. 1603 

11 _--_ Biblia Sacra, cum maltis utUissinis Observationibus 

ex Patrum Ortbodoxorum et prsestantissimorum quorundam nostri 
seculi Theologorum lucubrationibus per Anprbam Osiavdrum, 
half-bound, neat, 14» , Franco/. 1635 

12 Biblia in Lingua Italiana, da Mattia d'Erberg, 

frontispiece, neat, 15« •• Norimb. 1712 

13 Biblia en Espanola, por Cypriano de Valera, neat, 

scarce, 14f r Amst, 1602 

14 Biblia in Nederlandtsche tale, a fine edition with 

marginal notes, embellished with a sbkibs of meat bnoravings, 
six on a page, a supbrb copy, in fresh seal-skin binding, gilt leaves 
and brass clasps, 11. 10* Dordrecht, 1714 

15 Den Bibel ghetranslateert, small folio, IblftCft Ift- 

tttf ExcEssivBLT RUDB WOODCUTS, old woodeu binding, brass 

clasps, RARE, II. Is Gkeprint tot Antwerpen, hi Clms die 

Grave, M. Fender en XVIU. 

16 Novum Tbstambntuh, Grsec. et Lat., tertio jam ac diligentius ab 

Erasmo Rotbrodamo recognitum, xoood'cut initials and borders 
designed by Holbein^ vellun, scarce, \Ss. ...« BasiUiBy 1522 

17 ' ' Gr»c^ auctore Johanne Leusden, duo- 

[WiLLiAM Batnes, 

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F<ILio.] n^^offUi^ MistMia Eecksia$tica. 8 

decimd ftize iiiterle4ir«d with foHo wri^g paper, contahiiiig some 
few erltfcal notes by a Dutch Scholar, half-bound, 10^. 

Amtt. ex officina Wctstenkma, 1698 

IS MovtTM Tbstambntcm Gntch cum Schol. Crrsec. opera ac studio J. 
Gregorii, good copy, vellum, 10v .Mx^m, 1708 

W -u.u , ' Ortec^, euro Leetionibus Yariantibus, etc. 
studio et labore Joaknis Millh, calf, neat, I69 Oxon. 1707 

180 Ibid, studio et labore Millii, recensah;, me- 

iiori ordlne disposuH, novisqiie aecessionibos loeupleftavit Lvnoii- 
Pttrs KusTfesRus, vellum, 18^ Roter. I7IO 

21 : ^ Ibtd. tikROB PAPER, calf, U. U ibr. 1710 

22 ' i — . Ibid. LAROB PAPBR, vellum, 1/. 4s..Jb. 17IO 

24 Arab, et Lat. in double columns, no title- 
page, iKymewhat wormed, neat, 15^ Roma, 

m PsAL'PBiiinM PoLVOLOTTON, Hcbrseum, Greecuro, Arabicum 
et ChRldaicutti, com tribus Latinis Interpretationibus et 
Giossis, opeta Ave. Jushniaki, boitio princbps, fine copy, 
old stamped binding, U. Is ,,,. Geneva, Porrusy 1516 

26 Aboab (lehac) Parafrasis Comentado sobre el Pentateuco, calf, 
neat, #*........... Amst. 6441 (1681) 

tj Acta Primorum Martyrom Sfaveera et Selecta opera et studio D. 
Theod. Ruinart, fiditio secunda raetior, hdf*bound, uncut, neat, 
18* ib. 1713 

is Acta S]^odi Nationalis, Dordreohti habits, vellum, I2s. 

Dardr. 1620 

29 Althig (Jacobi) Opera Omnia Theologica ; Analytica, Exegedca 

Praeciea, Problematica et Phildogica, 5 vols, fine copy, vellum. 
It. 15» Ama. 1687 

" (Test un tr^sor d^^radltion sacre^ qui est assez recherche ; mals qu'on 
ne rencontre pas ftusileiiient en Allemagne ; et qtd se vend assez cher, 
qoaad il pairdt dans les ventes piOiliques/'-^Clenie&t Bibliotli. vol. i, 
p. 230. 

30 Ambronl Opera, lill^ mended, thick volume, neat, 95. 

Parism, 1549 

30* fixplanationes EvangelU 8. Lucse, Editio Princbps, 

per Ahihonium Sorg incolam opidi Augustensii, 1476.--*Eju6denk 
Exameron, id est de sex dierum operibus in pHncipio mundi, abs» 
que indicatiohe Loc. l)/pog. aut Ann. Bed typii Joh, Guldenschaff^ 
circa 1480, small folio, neat, rarb, H. 11^. 6^. 

31 Aquinai^s (3. Thomee) Continuum in qnatuor Evangelistas, IblHtil 

lett^i:^ fine copy, hatf-bottnd, rossia, neat^ \L 11^. M. 

Vinetivs impensa ingenioque Hermanni lAchtensteyn 
(hloniettsis : atque Johttnnis Hamman Spirensis sd* 

ciorum M.CCCC.LXXXII. 

98 ■ ■ Sententise in Mysteria S. S. Trinitatis, 

BlACft l$tUTf old 43tamped wooden binding, scarce, l4s. 

Golonia, per Hemicum HuenteU^ 1480 

99*Aretii (BenediGtl) Loci Communes Christiance Religionis metbodice 

explicad, Geneva^ 1617-— Mariorati Prophetia Esaise, cum Catho* 


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4 Theologia et Histaria Ecclenastica. [Folio. 

lica Expositione Ecdesiasdca, in one yoL yellain, 149. 

Genev€B, 1610 

93 Athamasii Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. 2 vols, very fine copy, 

vellam, neat, II. 155 Cohn. 1686 

34 . Opuseola antehae ineditar-^^Cosmse ^gyptii Topogpraphia 
Chri8taana-*-Eu8ebii Csesariensis Commentarii in Hesaiam, Gr. 
et Lat. cura Bbrn. db Montfaucok, fine copy, stamped bindings, 
16» ^ Parims, 1706 

35 Aug^astini Opuscula Plurima, Argent, itnpau. et opera Martini 

Flacky M.CCCC.XCI. — ^Anselmi (Archiepiscopi Cantuaribnsis) 
Opera et Tractatus, Nurenberge per Casper Hockfeder^ 
M.CCCC.LXXXXI. VUitfX \ttUXf 2 vols, in one, neat, rarb, 
1/. la. 

36 de Civitate Dei, libri xxii, fine copy, frbnch calf, 

GILT LBAVBS, I/. 10« Veuet. ah Nicolao Jenson, 1475 

37 Idem, et 8. Augustinus de Trinitate, 

ftlACtl MtolV russia gridned, marble leares, 18«. 

Friburga, M.CCCC.XCIIII. 

39 Exposition sur le Psaultier de David, IftlH^ IttttV^ 

wood-cut, balf-bound, neat, Ss Paris, 1519 

39 Operum Omnium Snpplementum, una cum sex libris 

secundie Responsionis ejusdem B. Augustini contra Julianum 
Hfiereticum Pelagianum, variisque Sermonibus . e1^ ..Tractatibus 
bactenus ineditis, 2 vols, in one, vellum, I69 Paristuff 1655 

40 — ■ Idem, original wooden binding, neat, 18*. 

ib. 1655 

41 Aurea Legenda Sanctorum, IftlUfft IttttVf wooden binding with 

clasps, lOs. 6<j. Hagenaw9M.D.X. 

42 Basilii Opera, Grsec^, Epitio Princbps, Basilea^ 1532. — ^Theo- 

pbylacti Commentaria in Evangelia, Grsec^, Editio Princeps, 
RonuBy 1542, 2 vols, in one, fine clean copies, old calf, scarce, 
U. Is. 

43 . Opera, Latine, wooden stamped binding, 7'* 

Basilea, 1552 
44 Regulie ad Monachos, Arabicb, sewed, 7'« 

45 Basnage Histoire de I'Eglise, depuis Jesus Christ jusqu^ present, 

2 vols, fine copy, calf, neat, 1/. I6s ^.Rott. 1609 

46 Bbrnardi Opera Omnia, EDITIO BENEDICTINA et OFflMA, 

2 vols, folio, LARGE PAPER, neat, 3^ Paridis, 1690 

47 Sermones de Tempore et Sanctis, JbllKit l$tttVf clean 

perfect copy, vbrt rarb edition, 1/. Is. 

Bruxelia {apud FRATRiEs Vitje Communis) 1481 ^^ 

48 ■ Sermones in Cantica Canticomm, tlHtk Utttt^ fine 

large clean copy, 9s Argentine , per Mar tinum Flacky 


49 Berthorii Reductorium Moralizacionum super totam Bibliam, 

ftlH^ \ttttVf fine large clean copy, half-bound, neat, bxcbs- 

sivblt scarcb, 1/. \s {Colonia) impressum per me Barthohmeum 

de Unckel, 1477 
[William Batnes, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastical 5 

50 Bocharti Opera Omnifty curia Lensdenii et Villemandyy Editio 

Optima, 3 vols* in 2, half-bound, vellum, 1/. I2s, 

Lugd. Bat. 1712 

*' His works contain a treasury of profound learning and criticism." — 
Dr. Clabkb. 

51 Brugensi (Francisci Lncse) Commentarius in Quatuor Evangelia, 

5 Yols. in 3, fine copy, neat, U. Is,. • Antv. 1712 

** A beautifully printed book, very scarce and Yalnable."— HoaNB. 

52 Bulloci (Georgii) (Economia Methodica Goncordantiaram Scrip- 

turse Sacrs, 2 vols, a very fine copy, brown calf, 1/. 1«. 

Antv. 1572 

53 Buxtorfii Lexicon Chaldaicum Talmudicum et Rabbinicum, vellum, 

1/. Ss Basilea, 1640 

54 Idem, calf, neat, 1/. 10s ib. 1640 

55 ————— Idem, fine copy, neat, 1/. II «. 6d» 

ib. 1640 

60 Caietani (Cardinalis) Evangelia cum Commentariis, bbautiful 

COPT, neat, gilt leaves, 9s.. • Paris^ 1532 

61 Calmet (Augustini) Commentarium in omnes VeteriB et Nori 
. TcBtamenti Libros, 9 vols, old brown calf, 3/. Ids. 6d. 

Aug. Vindcl, 1734 

** In tbis work immense learning, good sense, sound judgment, and deep 
piety, are invariably displayed. This is without exception the best com- 
ment on the Sacred Writings ever published either by Catholics or Pro- 
testants/*— Dr. A. Clarkb. 

62 ■ Dictionarium Biblicum, plates, 2 vols, neat, 

1/. 11*. 6d ib. 1738 

63 Oalyini Opera Omnia, EDITIO OPTIMA, 9 vols, half-bound, 

russia, uncut, 9Z. 9s. Amst. 1671 

^ ...^ Commentarii in quinque Libros Mosis, thick vol. 

yellum, 95 .Geneva^ 1573 

65 Tractatus Theologici omnes, vellum, 7^ ib. 1597 

66 Cameronis (Joaunis Scoto-Britanni) Opera, neat, 95...... .t6. 1642 

67 Cappelli (Ludovici) Commentarii et Notse Criticse in Vetus Testa- 

mentumi accessere Jacobi Cappelli Observationes in eosdem 
Libros item Ludovici Cappelli Arcanum Punctationis ejusque 
Vindicis, portrait, neat, ICM. Aifist. "' 

« This celebrated work, which first attacked the authority of the Maso- 
retic points, stated aU the arguments against their antiquity so fully 
and clearly, that it exhausted the subject in this first essay. Capellus 
sent it in MS to the elder Buxtorf for his examination, who returned 
it with ''the request that it might not be printed." It was then sent 
to Erpenius, professor of Oriental languages at Leyden, who so ap- 
proved of it. that with the permission of the author, he printed it m 
1624."— Bp. Marsh. 

68 Cassiani Collation ss Patrum et de Institutis Coenobiorum et de 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

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6 Theoloffia ei Hisioria Ecclesiaaiica. [Folio. 

octo priedpaliam yicionmi remediis^ IftllKit UtttVf !'• !'• 


First Edition, with date. Clement and Santander have noticed its 

69 Catena Grsecorum Patrum in Job, Or. et Lat. opera et studio 

Patricii Junii, old calf, neat, 9$ Lond. 1637 

70 Idem, vellum, 9s ib. 1637 

71 Cattenburgh (Adrian! a) Spicilegium Theologise Christians Philippi 
a Limborch, cum variis Dissertationibus Historico-Ecdesiasticis, 
FINE PORTRAIT BY HouBRAKBN, thick vol. vellum, 8«. Aiust, 1726 

73 Care Seriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria, calf, neat, 12^. 

Geneva, 1720 

74 1 ■ Idem, vellum, neat, 14* ih. 1720 

75 Chrysostomi Opera, Latin6, 6 vols, half-bound, vellum, neat, 

3/. 13*. 6flf Lu^d. 1687 

76 -^ Expositio super Mattheum, IblHtft l^tt^t^^ rarb, 

14f Impressum per me Johannem Koelhoff de 

Lubec, Civem Colorde, M.CCCC.LXXXVII. 
** Edition tres rare," says Clement the Biblic^rapher. 

77 Clementis Alexandrini Opera Omnia, Greece, bditio priki, half^ 

calf, neat, scarce, 18* *..*., Florauia, 1550 

78 Clbrici Translatio Vbteris Testaiienti, cum Paraphrasi et 

Commentario Philologico, editio optima^ 4 vols, vellunoL, 1/. 16«. 

Jmsi. 1735 

^'tlras ve have the translation of all the Books of the Old Testament, 
and a Paraphrase and Notes on the ^*eatest part of them, by one of the 
most learned and judicious critics of this century." — Bishop Watson. 

79 CoccBii (JoHANNis) OpERA Omnia, Theologica, Exegeiida, Didac* 

Ilea, Polemica, Philologica, 10 vols, et cjusdem Opera Aneoddia 
Theologiea et Philologica, 2 vols. — 12 vols, complete, BSAmriPUL 
COPT, in vdlum, 3^ 13f. 6d •« Amet, I7O6 

Cocceins's Works chiefly consist of Commentaries on the Old and New 
Testaments. R. Robinson writes, " It !s a saying, liiat Cocceins in 
the Books of the Old Testament finds Christ eyerywhere, while Grotlttft 
finds him nowhere." HartweU Horne too, speaking <^ his Commen- 
taries, particularly*tho8e on the New Testament, tells us that '* they 
abound with valuable illustrations, and will amply repay the trouble of 
perusal."— Vide his Introduction. 

80 Concilia. — Quatuor Conciliorum generalium, tomi duo.-^uadra- 

ginta septem Conciliorum provincialium authentioorum. Deere* 
torum sexaginta novem Pontificum, ab Apostolis et ebrundem 
canonlbus usque ad Zachariam primum, Ysidore authore. Practica 
quinte Synodi Cottstantinopolitane. 8exta Synodos ConBtaDtino- 
politana. Acta CoDcilii Conatantiensis. Decreta Concilii Basilien- 
fiis, bound in one ponderous volume, original wooden binding, 
RARB, 21. 2s Pom, 1524 

The above book was had lately out of an old library attadhed to a noble- 


Digitized by 


Folio.] Theologia et HUtoria Ecclesia$iic€U 7 

man's seat in Cheshire. The copy appears fbrmeHy to have helonged 
to ARCHBISHOP CRANMER, as we read on the title-pag^e in an an- 
cient hand Thomas Cantuaribn., which we douht not was written by 
Hm Archbishop himsblp. A number of M8 marginal notes occor 
ihroaghont the vokime. 

81 Concilia Rotomagensis Provincis accedunt Dioecesanee Sjnodi 
Pontificum Epistolae, Regia pro NoRMANKiiB Clero Diplomata, 
necnon alia Ecclesiasticse Discipline Monumenta, prodeunt in lu- 
cem operik et studio Domini Oulielmi Bessin, neat, lis. 

Rotoma^f 1717 

88 CoBciliam Illiberiitamim adjanotis Mendozn et aliomm Commen- 

tariis. Acta S. Concilii NiciBNi Gr, et Lat. m oneyol. rnssta, 14^. 


83 Crellii (Joannis) Opera Omnia Exegetioa, IMdactiea, et Polemica, 

2 vols, yellum, neat, 168 EleutheropoU [Amst,'] 1656 

84 Critici Sacri, siye Annotata Doctissimoram Viroram in Vetus 

ac NoTum Testamentum quibus accedunt Tractatus yarii Theoloji^co- 
Phiiologici, BDiTio OpTiMAt Amst. 1698,9yol8. — ^Thesaarus Theo- 
logico-Philologicus, }6. 1701.-^The8aura8 Noyus Tbeologico-Phi- 
lologicus MusttoHasseiet Ilcenil, Lugd. Bat, 1732. 2 yols. 13yols» 
yellam« neat, 14Z. 

g5 Criticorum Sacrorum sire Lectissimarum in Sacro 

Sancto Blblia utriusque Foederis Annotationum atque Tractatum 
Tfaeologico-Philologicorum Suppleroentum ubi non solum interspersa 
rec^ntiori Belgarum Editioni additamenta continua serie fideliter 
ad unum ezhibentur omnia, sed et complura alia non minus exqui- 
gita ac maxime hue facientia concinne recensenlur, etc. 2 yols. 
yellum, 1/. 4* Franco/. 1700 

86 CunwoaTBi CRadulpbi) Ststbua iNTBiiLSCTUAtB hujcjs UNiysRsi, 
omnia ex Anglico in Latin^ yertit, recensuit, yariisque Observation- 
ilMis et Diaaertationibus iilustrayit et auxU J. L. Mosbbmivs, 2 
Tols. yeilliun* neat, U. 1j •••••••••..•••««..•• ^t^Jcnue^ 1733 

" This yery learned work was written in conlfita^on of Hobbes's A theistic 
Pbik>80^y. The Latin translation by Professor Mosheim is greatly to 
be preferred to the English original, not oolyfor its purity and elegance, 
but also for its great abundance and excellence of learned notes. --^Bp. 

g7 'Idem, a splendid copy, in ru8sia,gi]t, IL Is. 

ib. 1733 

88 Ctpriavi Opbra ad MSS Codices recognita, et illustrata studio 

Steph. Balttzzi, bbitio bbnbpictina, folio, 6ne copy, yellum, II. 8s. 

Vtnetm, 1728 

gg . — .- Gul. Morellii diligeutia aclabore, neat, 9«. 

Paridis^ 1564 

90 CvRiiiW. Hibrosolymitani, Opbra Omnia, Graecfe et Latin^, 

edidit, emendayit, Notisque iilustrayit Tho. Millbs, yery fine 
copy in yellum, ISs Oxon. 1703 

91 Dayenantii (Joan. Episc.) Determinationes Qusstionum Qoarundam 

Tbeologlcarum, neat, 5f • Cantab. 1634 

92 Deb8e9a.(R, P. Didad) Commantaria AUegorica et Moralia de 


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8 Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastica* [FoLlo. 

Christo figarato in Veteri Testamento, 7 vols, in 3. yellani, nt. 1/. Ss. 

Lugduni, 1648-53 

A work well adapted and apparently principally intended to aid in the 
composition of Sermons. 

93 De Dominis (Marcus Antonius) de Rcpublica Ecdesiasdca, 2 toIs. 

wants title to rol. 1. neat, Ss Lond. 1617-20 

94 Dorschei et Grambsii Index Biblicus specialis in omnes Veteris et 

Novi Testamenti Libros, 2 vols, in 1, vellum, I6s, 

Francqf. ad Moen. 1674 

A regular and most extensive digest of references to all kinds of wiitinga 
that contain illustrations of particular passages of Scripture. 

95 Durandi Rationale Divinorum Officiorum, IftlAfft IttttV^ Rulbd 


Hermanus Lichtemten Ooloniensis impressuz 
Vincentie, M.CCCC.LXXVIII. 

96 Epbrum Syri Opera, Grsec^ k Thwaites, vellum, 145....0ron. 1709 

97 — — ^— — Lattnfe, k Gerardo Vossio, neat, 9s... Ant, 1619 

98 Episcopii (Simonis) Opera Theologica, half-bound, neat, 9s. 

Amt. 1650 

99 ' Eadem cum Parte Altera, 2 vols, complete, 
fine port, by Barry, vellum, 18$ ....«fr. 1650-65 

** It would be endless to collect the extraordinary eulogiums which great 
and learned men have hestowed upon Episcopius. Grotius esteemed 
his Theolog^pal Institutes so much, that he carried them with him 
wherever he went." — ^Vide Chalmers's Biog. Dict. vol. v, p. 309. 

100 Eusebii Socratts, Sozomeni, Theodoriti ut Evagrii Historia Eccle- 
siastica, 6r. et Lat. HenriciValesh, 3 vols, neat, vellum, 2/. 25, 

Mogunt. 1672 

101 Eusebii Pampbili Chronicorum Canonum libri duo, opus ex Hai- 

cano Codice a Doctore Johanne Zohrabo CoUegii Armeniaci Ve- 
netiarum Alumno diligenter ezpressum et castigatum, Angelus 
Maius et Johannes Zohrabbus nunc primum conjunctis curis Lati- 
nitate donatum notisque illustratum additis Grsecis Reliquiis edi- 
derunt, LARGE PAPER, half-calf, neat, 21. Us. 6d. 

MediolanU 1818 

102 Galani (Clbmentis) Conciliatio EccLESiiB Armbn^b cum Ro- 

MANA, Artnen. et Lat. 3 vols, fine copy in vellum^ rare, 21. \2s, dd. 
RomtEj typis S, Cong, de Propaganda Fide^ 1690 

A beautifully printed hook. Copies are now-a-days rarely or ever to he 
met with, owing to a very large portion of the impression being ex- 
ported into the East. 

103 Gomari (Francisci) Opera Theologica Omnia, vellum, 12^. 

Amst. 1664 

104 Greek Church, Services of the, — Triodion — Evaggelion — Me^ 

nologion — Evaggelistarion, in Cheeky vellum^ scarce^ lis. 


100 Tupikon t. e. Rituale-^Fh- 

racletice— Pentekostarion — ^thick vol. vellum, scarce, 16«. ib. 

[William Batnks, 

Digitized by 


FoLio,J TAeoloffia et Historia Ecclestastka. 9 

107 Gregorii Nazianzeni Opera Omnia, Latinfe, Jacobi Billii, yellum, 

neat, 98 Colon. Agripp. 1570 

108 Gregorii Paps IX Decretales, cum Glosais. Gratiani Decretum 

notationibus illustratum un^ cum Glossis. Bonifacii Papse VIII. 
Liber Sextus Decretalium. Clementis Papas V Constitutiones 
Extravagantea turn yiginti D. Joannis Paps XXII tum communes, 
3 Tols. vellum, neat, 1/. 49 Lugduni^ 1613 

109 SS. PP. Gregorii Neocssariensis Episc. cognomento Thauma- 

turge, Macarii ^gyptii et Basiled Saleucis, Opera Omnia quae 
reperiri potuerunt, Gr. et Lat. fine copy in vellum, 1 8«. 

Paristis, 1622 

110 Gussetii (Jacobi) Jesu Christi Evangeliique yeritas salutifera, 

demonstrata in cpnfutatione libri Chizzouk Emounah a R. Isaaco 
script!, half-calf, neat, \5s Amst. 1712. 

11 1 ■ ' ' Commentarii Linguae Ebraics, vellum, neat, 9$. 

ib. 1702 

112 Harduini (Joannis e Societate Jbsu) Commentarius in Novum Tes- 

tamentum, sewed, 8s AmsL 1741 

113 HiLARii Opera, per Erasmum Roterodamum emendat. neat stamped 

wooden binding, with clasps, 12s Basilea^ 1523 

114 _^-_^ studio et labore Monachorum Ordinis S. Bbnb- 

DiCTi, calf, neat, IZ. lis. 6d Parisiis^ 1693 

Editio Optima of the works of St. Hilary, and reckoned one of the best 
edited books of the fietmous Order of St. Benedict. 

115 HoET, HouBRAKEN, and Picart's Plates to the Bible (with Dutch 

Text), 3 vols, good impressions, 3/. lOs Gravenh. 1728 

116 Holdsworth (Ricardi) Prselectiones Theologies, curft Rich. Pear- 

son, cum vita Auctoris, neat, Ts Lond. 1661 

117 Hospinianus (Rodolphus) de Monachis, hoc est de origine et pro- 

gressu Monachatus ac ordinum Monastlcorum, equitumque Mill- 
tarium tam sacrorum quam secularium omnium lib. vi, neat, 
scarce, 10* Tigari, 1609 

118 ■ de Festis Judseorum et Ethnicorum, et 
de Festis Ghristianorum, 2 vols, in 1, vellum, neat, 9*. 

Geneva 9 1674 

119 Huetii (Petri Danielis) Demonstratio Evangelica, neat, 85. 

Parisds, 1670 

120 JosEPHi (Flavii) Opera, Grace^ fine copy^ in the original wooden 

stamped bindings rare, I/. 10*. Basile^i M.D.XLIIII. 

EDITIO PRINCEPS. « I wonder that collectors of Greek Books do not 
value this Editio Princeps more : it is one of the noblest and most ve- 
nerable books I ever saw." — ^Dr. Harwood. 

121 Antiquitatum Judaicarum libri quatuor priores ; 

item Historiarum de Bello Judaico, liber primus et pars secundt, 
Gr. et Lat. notis Ed v. Bernard!, vellum, 9s Oxon* I7OO 

122 Josepho de Bello Judaico in Lingua Toscana, half-bound, neat, 7^* 

FlorenticB, 1512 

123 Junii (Francisci) Opera Theologica. 2 vols, very fine copy in vel- 

lum, \l, Ss, ••• Geneva:, 1613 

54, Paternoster Row.] C 


zed by Google' 

10 Theologia et Historia Ecchsiasiica. {Foiiio. 

124 JusTiif Martyr. — Les CEuvres de S. Justin PUlosophe et Martyr, 

mises de Grec en Francois, par Jan de Maumont, neat, 7'* 

Paris, Va9C09any 1554 

125 KiRSTEVii OriiRA, viz. — Grammatices Arnbicaiy lihri tres^Vita 

Evangelist(urium qaatuor.-^Nota in Evangclmm S. Matthai ex 
cotllatione iextuum Arab. ^gypt. Hchr* Sjyriac. Grac. Lat.-^ 
Hpistola S. Judte Apostoli ex MSS, HMelbti^genti . Arakico ad 
verbum tramlcUa^ additU notU. — Avicenrw Liber secundum de 
Canone Canonis Arab* et Lai. cum notis, — Tria ^pecimina Cha" 
racterum Arabicorvm^ folio ^ neatf barb, 18s,..BrMZ<i!, 1609, &c. 

126 LEGENDA SANCTORUM, quas compilavit fratcr Jacobus db 

VoRAGiNB, IllHtft IttttVj recently bound in pale russia, Rarb, 
21. 2s. 

Per Conradum Winters de Homberch Colonic civem domini, 


This early edition of these popular Legends is of uncommon scarcity. 

127 Leger Histoire Generale des Eglises Eyangeliques des Valiies de 

Piemont ou Vaudoises, plates, neat, scarce, I/. 4s. Leydcj 1609 

128 Libanii Sophistee Epistolae, Grsee. et Lat. cum notis Joan. Chris- 

toph. Wolfii, folio, boards, uncut, \As Amst. 1738 

129 Lightfooti (Joannis) Opera Omnia, curft Johannis Lbusdbn, 

2 Yols. vellum, 1/ , Franeq. 1699 

129* 2 vols. 

vellum, neat, ]/. As • ...ib. J699 

The editio secunda et optima of the foreign impressions of these works, 
for which the Biblical Scholar is indehted to Leusden. They are 
works '' long and extensively known among theologians," and which 
Poole is well warranted in asserting to be '* singulari doctrina 

130 Limborch Theologia Christiana, accedit Relatio Historiea de Ori- 

g^ne et Progressu Controversiarum in Foederato Belgio de Prie- 
destinatione, fine copy, portrait, vellum, neat, 9s.... Amst, 1715 

131 r— - calf,neat, 10» H(^. Com. 1736 

232 Commentarius in Acta Apostolorum et in Epistolas ad 

Romanos et ad Hebrseos, old calf, gilt, neat, 9s Roter. 1711 

133 LUTHERI (MARTINI) OPERA OMNIA, 4 vols, half-bound, 

neat, rarb, 4/. Ts Jeme^ 1556-58 

134 — — .— — 4 vols. THICK FAPBR. VBRY FINB COPY, 


ib. 1566-70 

135 in German, 7 vols, original wooden bind- 
ing, vellum, neat, 4/. 10^ ib. 1555 

136 Marlorati (Augustini) Novi Testambnti Catholica Expositio, 

ex universis probatis Theologis, excerpta, sive Bibliotheca £x- 
positionum Nov! Testament!, very thick vol. vellum, neat, 16^. 

Excudebat Henricus SttphanuSj 1561 

137 - Prophetia Esaise cum Catholica exposi- 

tione ecclesiastica, vellum, 8^ Geneves^ 1610 

[William Baynbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] JTieelogia et HisttMria Eccle$ia8tiea. 11 

138 MelsDcthonlg (Philippi) Operum Volttmen, fine whole length por- 

trait of the Reformer, no title page, new half-calf, 18« 1561 

ld6*Melech (R. Selemonis Ben) Perfectio Palchritudinis sen Com- 

I mentarius in loca selecta yocesque et res difficiliores S. Scripturse 

cum Spieileglo authore R« Jacoh Abendana, Hebraic^y origincd 

•wooden bindings scarce f\Ss„»,»» Amst. 5421 

*' Perfectio pvlchritn&ils qui est perpetuus et literally in totam Scrip- 
tnram Sacratn commentaritis, ex pw estaatlBgiiaig Judsonim Inter- 
pretibus, praecipues vero commentano, Grammatica et Lexico Davidis 
KiMCHi ita coUectus, ut primo qnidem vocum cjusqne structurae ex 
praeceptis Grammaticis deducendae ac propriae signiftcatioDishabeatnr 
ratio, deinde vero literalis sensus siiccinte et plerumque (nisi prae- 
jadicia Judaica obstent) non infelidter eruatur. Leo Mutmensis in 
praef. ad Le:dcon suiim Hebr. Italicum rarissimum vocat, etc." — Vide 


139 Methodii (S. P. N. Episcopi et Martyri) Conviyium Virginum, 

Grsec. et Lat. Petri Possini, vellum, neat, 9s Parisiisy 1657 

140 MORTIER'S PLATES TO THE BIBLE, with Dutch Text* 

2 vols, bound, 3/ Amst. 1700 

141 MuscuH (Wolfgang!) Loci Communes Theologi» Sacra, half-bound, 

6* Basilae, 1599 

142 NiOEPfiOEi Callisti Historise Ecclesiasticse, lib. xviii, Gr. et Lat. 

cura F. Duceei, bditio optima, 2 vols, fine copy, yellum, neat, 

1/. 8* Paris, 1630 

Highly usefol, on account of the great light it casta on many important 

facts.*' — ^MOSHEIM. 

143 Oriobnis in Sacras Scripturas Commentaria, Or. et Lat., cum 

Notid lllustrayit Huetius, 2 vols, yellum, neat, U. lis. 6d, 

Colon. 1685 

** Tills is a good edition of what remains of Origen's Commentaries on 
Scripture, and its worth is greatly enhanced by the learned preface 
Of Hnetins/'— Vide Da. Harwood's View, p. 145. 

144 . Opera, Latinb, fine copy, 4 yols. in 2, neat, 1/. 4*. 

Parisiis, 1512 

145 Origenes Defensus siye Vita, Virtutes, Documenta^ 

auctore R. P. Petro Halloix, yellum, 6« Leodiij 1648 

146 Parei (DAy.) Commbntaeii in omnes libros Veteris et Noyi Testa- 

tnenti, 2 yols. neat, 12«.....« ; Geneva, 1642 

147 Pftuli (Caroii a Sancto) Geographia Sacra, cum Notis et Animad- 

yers. Lucse HQlstenii, fine front, maps, &c. half bound, yel- 
lum, neat, 12« • • Anut. 1704 

" Ooyrage estim^.*' — ^Brunet. 

140 Philostrati Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Olearii, edit, 
optima, neat, \5s Lips, 1709 

150 Phoiii Mirobiblon : «iye Bibliotheca Librorum quos Pbotius Pa- 
triarcha Con&tantinopolitanus legit et censuit, Grsec^ et Latin^, 
cum Notis «t Scholiis DAy. Hobschblii et And. Schotti, bditio 

OPTIMA, neat, 1/. \s Rothomagi, 1653 

M, Patbemostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


12 Theohgia et Historia Ecclesitzstica. [FoLlo. 

151 Picart Saperstidons Anclennes et Modernes, 2 toIs. yelluniy neat, 

U. Bs Am8t.^l733 

152 Plantayitii Florileg^am Rabbinicaniy wants title, neat, scarce, 125. 

Lodova, 1644 

153 PoLi (Matth.) Stnopsis Griticorum, 5 vols, bditio optima, 

half-bound, 6/ UUraj. 1684 

154 ■ vols, iv and v, contain- 
ing all the Books of the New Testament, 2 vols, bound, 1/. 49. 

Lond. 1674. 

155 Pricsei (J.)Goninientarii in Nov. Testamentum et in libros Psalmo- 

rum AnnotatioDcs, vellum, 8s ih. 1660 

<< Tliese notes are learned and judicious, and are greatly esteemed, con- 
taining many valuable observations Ulustrating the modes of diction 
which occur in the sacred classics from pro&ne authors." — ^Dr. 

156 Prideaux (Episc. J.) Lectiones de totidem Religionis Capitibus, 

neat, 6* Oxon. 1643 

157 Scacchi (Fr.) Sacrorum Elseochnsmaton Myrothecia Tria, editio 

optima^ plates, vellum, 9^ AtMt, 1701 

** A work full of learning and curious research, in which the author has 
explained with great erudition the passages of Scripture which relate 
to the instruments, rites, and ceremonies of the Tabernacle, the Ark, 
and the Altar." — Dupin. 

158 Schmidii (Erasmi) Notse et Animadversiones in Novum Testamen- 

tum cum Versione Nova, very thick vol. vellum, 12«* 

Nonmh. 1658 

159 Schotani (Christiani) Bibliotheca Historise SacrsB Veteris Testa- 

ment!, sea Exercitationes Historicae in Sacram Scripturam et Jo- 
sephum, 2 vols, vellum, \As Franeq. 1662 

160 Seckendorf Historic der Reformats door Dr. Martin Luther, Ver- 

duitscht en merkelyk vermeerdert door Elias Ferickius, 3 vols. 
embellished with a series qf Portraits of the Rtformersy 3 vols, 
half-bound, uncut, neat, 15^ Delfts 1728 

161 — ■ — 3 vols, vellum, neat, n... 26. 1728 

161*Sgnropuli (Sylvestri) Vera Historia Unionisnon vene inter Grsecos 

et Latinos sive Concilii Florentini Narratio, Gr. et Lat. Roberti 
Creych ton, neat, 6« • Hag. Com. 1660 

162 Sibelii (Caspar!) Opera Omnia Theologica, 3 thick vols, vellum, 

H. Is Ami. 1644 

163 Slichtingii Commentaria in Novum Testamentum, vellum, 85. 

ib. 1665 

164 Socini (Faust!) Opera Omnia, 2 vols, vellum, neat, I6s....ib. 1656 

165 Socratis Scholastic!, Hermiae Sozomeni, Theodorit! et Evagrii 

Historia Ecclesiastica item Excerpta ex Historia Ecclesiastica 
Philostorgii et Theodori Lectoris Greece et Latin^, Henrici Vale- 
si!, 2 vols, neat, 1/. 7s Parisiis, 1668-73 

166 SuiCERi (J. C.) Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus, h Patribus Gnecis, 

[William Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Theologiaet Historia Ecclesiastica, 13 

siye Lexicon Graecorum Patrum, 2 vols, bditio optima, yellum, 
neat, 21. I2s. 6d Anut. 1728 

" A valuable work, indispensably necessary for understanding the writ- 
ings of the Greek fathers^ containing illustrations of scripture. It 
cost the learned author upwards of twenty years* labour." — Rev. 
Hartwell Horne. 

167 Theodoriti et Evagrii ScholaBtici Historia Ecclesiastica item Ex- 

cerpta ex Historiis Philostorgii et Theodori Lectoris, Gr. et Lat. 
H. Valesii, vellum, 12«^ Mogunt. 1679 

168 Theophylacti Comment, in Pauli Epistolas, Gr. et Lat. studio 

Lindselli, neat, I6s Lond. 1636 

169 ■■ - Ejusdem Commen- 

taria in Evangelia, vid. No. 42, supra. 
170 Trommii (Ab.) Concord AMTiiB Grjecm Versionis LXX Inter- 

pretum, 2 vols, half-bound, neat, 11. Ss Amst, 17I8 

171 2 vols. LARGE PAPER, half- 

bound, neat, 1/. 16« ih. I7I8 

'' I wish," says Professor Michaelis, '' that this Concordance were in 
the hands of every theologian." 

172 Usserii Annates Veteris et Novi Testamenti, vellum, neat, I2s. 

BrenuB, 1686 

173 cum vita Usserii k Th. 

Smitho, &c. vellum, \As Geneva^ 1722 

174 ■ Idem, fine portrait, 
vellum, lbs. ih. 1722 

175 Viccars Decapla in Psalmos, front, by Wencbslaus Hollar, neat, 

6* Lond. 1639 

176 Vitae Sanctorum Patrum ^gyptiorum, cum Prsefatione Hieronimi, ^ 

Illat& UtUVf scarce, I85. 1/ 

In oppido Numhergi per Anthonium Koburger^ 1483 

177 Vossii (Gerard. Job.) de Theologia Gentili et Physiologia Chris- 

tiana, sive de Origine et Progressu Idololatrise Libri IX, cui 
accedit Rabbi Mosis Maimonidae Liber de Idololatria, Hebraic^ et 
Latin^cum Notis Dionysii Vossii, vellum, I4s Amst. I7OO 

178 Walaei (Antonii) Opera, 2 vols, in one, fine portrait, vellum, 14«. 

Lugd. Bat. 1647 

179 Wared (.Jacohi) Hibemia^ Sacra sive series Chronologica Hihemice 

Prcesulunif neat, scarce, 16s Dubl, 1717 

180 Whartoni (Hen.) Anglia Sacra ; sive CoUectio Historiarum par- 

tim Antiquitus, partim recenter Scriptarum, de Archiepiscopis et 
Episcopis Angliee, h prima Fidei Christians susceptione ad an. 
M.D.XL, 2 vols, in one, vellum, neat, 21. lOs Lond. 1691 

181 ZuiNGLii (D. HuLDRicHi) Opcrum, pars prima, continens Expla* 

natio Articulorum, Arnica et Pia Paraenesis adCommunem Helvet. 
Civitatem, de Certitudine et Claritate Verbi Dei Liber, de Ca- 
noneMissae Epichaeresis, Pastor, de Providentia Dei, Epistolarum 

Liber, etc. etc. vellum, 1/. 4^ ,,*,Tigurif 1581 

54, Patbrnostbr Row. 

Digitized by 


14 Theologia et Hiitoria Ecchaiastica. [Quarto. 

182 ZuiNflLii (D. HuLDkicai) Operam, pars secunda, continens ta 
Pdemika, id est pugoas quae ipsi cum Pontificiis Anabapttstis et 
aliis adyersariis suis intercesserunt, thick vol. yellum, rare^ 1/. IO5. 

ib. 1581 


183 BiBLiA Hbbraica, cum punctis opera Daniblis Bombbrgii, 
vellum, RARB, 18«. 

Venetiis nomine D. Bomher^i^ et in ejus domo, 

opera Fratrutn Filiorum Baruc 1521 

*' This is the second of Bomberg^'s valuable editions. It is accurately 
described in the Bibllotheca Sacra of Le Long, edited by Masch^ in 
-which it is styled '' editio rarissima." — ^Vide t. i, p. 19. 

184 sine punctis, accurante Nath. Forstbr, calf, 

neat, scarce, 21 Oxonii^ 1750 

185 Boothroyd's Hebrew Bible, without points, 

with various Readings and English Notes, 2 vols, in one, calf, 
neat, 1/. I69 • Pont^acij 

18G BiBLiA Grjeca ex versione Septuaginta interpretum, edidit Lamb. 
Bos. calf, neat, U, 6s Franeq, 1709 

187 calf, gilt, 1Z.7« ib. 1709 

188 Biblia Arabica, the Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testa- 

ments in the Arabic Language, neat, 1/ Newcastle^ 1811 

189 Biblia Malayica, in the Roman Character, half-bound, neat, scarce, 

1/. Ss ..Amst. 1733 

Masch is profuse in his commendation of this ** Editio Prima et splen- 
didissima Bibliorum Malaicorum," printed " typis Wetstenianis," 
and admirably edited by Goezius.— Vide Biblioth. Sacr. par. ii, 1. 1, 
p. 192. 

190 2 vols, old binding, 

neat, U. lOs ib. 1733 

191 somewhat wormed, neat, 

I65.. Calcutta, I8I7 

192 in the Arabic Character, neat, 1/. 4s.... ib. 

19d Biblia Hispanica, — La Biblia trasladada en Espanol (por Cassio- 
doro Reyna) vellum, rare, IL Is M.D.LXIX 

The &mou8 edition known by the name of the Bear's Bible. It is of 
very uncommon occurrence, and wUI be found amply described hj 
De Bure, and satisfactorily noticed by Brunet. 

194 -^ ' ' '■ La misma^ fine copy* wooiden bindings clasps, 

neat, H. 4« ., « « M.D.LXIX 

195 Bible in Frbngh.-— La Sainte Bible^ avec de petites notes mar^ 

ginales et les Textes pariilleles, par David Martin, half-bound, 
uncut, 10s. 6d. « 4*.. i..Amst. 1742 

196 — :-— *— — ^ old calf, lOff. 6d...i6. 1712 

197 > . M — . — ^ neat, 125 ib. 1742 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Thealogia et Hisioria Eccksiastica. 15 

198 BiBLB IN Danish, 3 yols. boards, 1/. U ••••• jFf^mi. 1811 

199 Bible in Dutch, a duodecimo edition, interleaved with writing 

paper of a quarto size, containing numerous " Animadyersiones 
Philologies," 2 vols, boards, 12« Dordr. I707 

200 Novum Tbstambntum GRipcuM, interleaved with writing paper, 
boards, 3^. 6d, Lond. Roger D(^niely 1653 

201 _^ curit Johannis Leusden, small 

size, interleaved with writing paper, containing some few MS 
critical notes, boards, 4s Lugd, Bat, I7I6 

202 cum versione Latina, cura Jo- 
hannis Leusden, duodecimo size, interleaved with quarto 
writing paper, 2 vols* half-bound, neat, 6s, ... • Amst, 1741 

203 et GracO'Barbarum, 2 vols, fine 

copy, vellum, rarb, U. 5« Gcncv^j 1638 

204 vol. i, con- 

tineps Libros Historicos, Grac, et Graco^Bar, vellum, 6s, 

ih. 1038 

205 Striacb, fine type, neat, lbs, 


206 -—-—--——--------—--—--—— cum versione Latina, cura et 

studio Lbusdbn et Schaaf, secunda editioy vellum, 18^. 

Lugd, Bat. 1717 

207 TuRciCB, opera Gu. Seaman, Oxon. 1666 ; 

Grammatica Linguse Turcica, authore Gulielmo Seaman, 2 vols, 
in one, neat, 18^ Oxon* 1670 

208 Psalmi Davidis, Lingua Striaca, cum versione Latina, Thomse 

Erpenii, neat, ]2«. Lugd. Bat, 1625 

209 Psalterium Davidis, ^thiopice, old binding, Ss, 

210 ■ et Latin^, cum variis Lectionibus 
et Notis cura Jobi Ludolfi, interleaved, hi^f-bound, 9^. 

Francqf, ad Moen. 1701 

211 Evangelium secundum Matthseum ex Codice rescripto in Bib- 

liotheca Coll. Trinit. Dublin. Opera J. Barrett, boards, \Ss, 

Dublin, 1801 

212 Alethei (Theoph.) Polygamia Triumphatrix, i. e, Discursus 

Politicus de Polygamia, cum Notis Vincentii, vellum, rarb, 5s. 

Lond. 1682 

213 Allatii (Leonis) Grsecia Orthodoxa in quo continentur Scriptores 

Greeci de Processione Spiritus Sancti et aliis, Grec. et Lat. 2 

vols, neat, scarce, 18^ Roma, 1652 

214 de Ecclesise Occidentalis atque Orientalis perpetua 

Consensione libri tres, ejusdem Pissertationes de Dominicis et 
Hebdomadibus Graecorum, etc, vellum, neat, Js, 

Col<m. Agripp, 1648 

^ Scripta Omnia Allatii rarissima sunt." — Bauer. 

215 Alph^n (Hieronyml van) CBcouomia Catechesis Palatinse, thick 

vol. of near 1000 pages, vellum, 4^. 6d, Truj. ad Rk^n. 1729 

216 Altmannl (J. G*) Meletemata Philologico-Critica in diffieilioribus 

locis Novi Testamenti, etc, vellum, 45. 6d »**.. 2*^*^1 753 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


16 Theologia ei Hisioria Ecclesiasiica. [Quarto. 

217 Anonymi de Arminis Observationes ad Aanales Ecclesiasticos 

Henrici Spondani, neat, 4s 1656 

218 Arminii (Jac.) Opera Theologica, vellum, 12*. Lugd. Bat. 1629 

219 Arnauld (Antoinc) et Pierre Nicole, perpetuity de la Foy de 

I'Egiige Cathoiique, touchant TEucharisti^, defeudue contre le 
ministre Claude, 3 vols, velittm, 15^ Paris^ 1704 

220 Arrowsmith (Joan.) Tactica Sacra, sive de milite spirituali Pug- 

nante, Vincente, et Triumphante Dissertatio, old faded morocco 
binding, gilt leaves, 4$ Cantab, excudebrJ, Fields 1657 

221 ArticuU de quihu$ convcnit inter Arckiepiscopos et Episcopos utri* 

usque ProvincuB et cLerum Universum in Synodo Londinij An, 
Donu 1562, &c. old red morocco, gilt leaves, scarce, 9s, 

hondoniy apud Johannem Dajfum, 1571 

222 Aymon Monumens Autbentiques de la Religion des Grecs et de la 

Fausset^ de plusieurs Confessions de Foides Chretiens Orientaux, 
neat, 7» Haye, IJOS 

223 Basilii Seleucise Isaurise Episcopi, de Rebus Gestis Sanctse 

Apostoli ac Protomartyris Theclse Commentarius, Gr. et Lat. 
vellum, 4s, 

224 Basnage Histoire de la Religion des Eglises Refurm^es depuis 

Jesus Christ jusqu'a present, 2 vols, vellum, neat, ISs, 

Rotter. 1725 

225 Beausobre et Lenfant Nouveau Testament traduit en Frangois, 

avec des Notes Literales, 2 vols, avec les Remarques, Histo- 
riques. Critiques, et Philologiques, par Beausobre, 3 vols, com- 
plete, neat, 1/. \6s Amst. 1741 

" This is a work of extraordinary merit. The authors have scarcely 
left any topic untouched on which the young Student in divinity may 
be supposed to want information." — Bishop Watson. 

226 ■ Remarques Historiques, Critiques, et Philologiques, 

sur le Nouveau Testament, half-bound , I4s • . . • Haye, 1 742 

227 Bengelii Gnomon Novi Testamenti, neat, I4s Tubing. 1742 

228 — — ^— — — ^ Editio secunda, curis B. Auc- 

toris PoBterioribus aucta et emendata, half-bound, uncut, I6s. 

ib, 1759 
220 vellum, neat, 18* ib. 1759 

" This work contains an instructive prefece, a perspicuous analysis of 
each hook, with short notes, in the true taste of judicious criticism. 
It is a very valuable substitute for the more expensive Commentaries 
on the New Testament.**— Hobne. 

230 Bez« (Theodori) Poemata Varia, wood-cut plates of Emblems, 

and fine portrait of Beza, by Hondius, vellum, 6s. 

Geneva: 9 1597 

231 Binghami (Josephi) Origines, sive Antiquitates Ecclesiasticae, k 

Grischovio, cum Prsefat. Buddei, et ejusdem Quatuor Disserta- 
tiones, etc.cura Griscbovii, 11 vols, in six, neat, 1/. \6s. 

Hal. 1724-8 

232 Bocharti Hierozoicon sive de Animalibus S. Scriptures, recensuit 

suis Notis adjectis RosenmuUer, 3 vols, new half-calf, 21. 

lAps. 1793-6 
[William Baynbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Tkeologia et Historia Ecelesiastica. 17 

333 Bordon (PraneU) de Aiitiqaitid» lUligionis tertii ordioU S. Fran- 

msci, 2s ••... Lavan, 1657 

834 Boston (Thome Sooti) Traclatas Stigmologicus Hebraeo«Biblicu8 

cum pnefatione Davidis Millli, half-bouud» 38 Am^. 1738 

834*Br«ndt'8 History of the Reformation in the Low Goantries, in the 

original Dutchy 2 Tola. bmbbiiLIshbo with a ftBRiBS of por< 

TEAIT8, yellam, lOt. 6d Amst. 1671 

235 Bucheri (Sam. Frider.) Antiquitates Biblioa ex Not. Testam. 

selectn, veliam, neat, 5s Viiem. 1729 

836 Buddei (Joan. Fran.) Historia Ecclesiastica Veteris Testament!* 

2 vols. yeUum, Ss Hal. Magd. 1715 

237 2 vols, hound, 7«- ib. 1726 

238 2 vols, vellum, 9». ib. 1726 

239 '■ Isiigoge Historico-Theolog^ca ad Theolo- 

giam Universam, 3 vols, vellum, neat, 12« Ups. 1727 

240 2 vols, vellum, 14*. ib. 1730 

241 '• Institutiones Theologia Dogmatica, thick 

vol. vellum, Js Uju. 1724 

242 ^ ■■- I — Institutiones Theologis Moralis, vellum, 

Zs.M i». 1727 

243 '. neat, 4s. U Uf. 1723 

244 . — '. . vellum, neat, 5s. 64. ib. 1727 

845 ■ ■ - ■ ' ■■ Meditationes Sacrs, cura Ijeonbardi, ejus- 
^em Tractatus Varii, etc. vellum, 6« • Jents^ 1723, etc* 

246 -—--—--——— Miscellanea Sacra, 3 parts in 2 vols, vel- 

lum, neat, 9s ib. 1727 

247 Theses Theolog^cse de Atheismo ct Super- 

stitione, cum annotationibus Joannis Lulofs, vellum, neat, Ss. 

Lugd. Bat. 1767 

248 BulUn^r*s (Henry) Six Books against the Anabaptists, translated 

into Ihitch by Gerard Nicolai^ WMtIk IttttVi boards^ scarce, 5s. 

Emden^ 1569 

249 Burkii (Philippt Davidis) Gnomon Psalmorum, 2 vols, sewed, iOf. 

Statg. 1760 

250 ■ in duodecim Frophetas minores, 

cum Priefftt. Jo. Alh. Bengelii, sewed, 5s. Heilb. 1753 

251 Another Copy, half-bound, 6» ib. 1753 

252 Burmanni (Francisci) Exerdtationes Academicse, 2 vols, in one, 

vellum, 4s Roter. 1688 

253 Burnet's (Bishop) History of the Reformation of the Church of 

England* translated into Dutoh, bmbbllishbd with a series 

OF ENGLISH PORTRAITS, 2 VOlS. nCSt, 9s Amst, 1686 

254 Buztorfii (J. Fil.) Exercitationes ad Historlam Arce Foederis, 

Ignis Sacri et Coelestis, Urim et Thummim, Marnue, Petm in 
Deserto, Serpentis JEnei, etc. neat, 69 • Basilecp^ 1659 

255 ' Tractatus de Punctorum Antiquitate et Ori- 
gine.— Oissertationes PhilologicQ-Theologicse, De Linguse He- 
brane lOrig^ue, Antiquitate & Sanctitate, de linguae Bebrsen 
Confusione, etc. etc. a thick vol. vellum, rare, 9s.. Jb. 1648, &c. 

64, Patbrnostbb Row.] D 

Digitized by 


IS Theologia ei Historia Ecclesiastica. [Quarto. 

256 Bynseiig (Antonius) de Natali Jesa Chrisd, accedit Dissertat. de 

Jesu Cbristi Circumcisione, neat, 4« .,»Amat, 1689 

257 -^-^— ^— de Caleels Hebrsoruniy acced. ejasdem Som- 

nimi], half-bound, neat^ 4s Dard. 1715 

258 Calmet (le R. P. Dom. Ang.) Histoire Universelle, Sacree et 

Profane, depuis le commencement du Monde jasqulk nos Jours, 
4 vols, neat, \L 10« ^ Stradf. 1735 

259 — .— Commentaire Litteral, Historique et Moral, 

sur la Regie de St. Benoit, 2 vols, sewed, 9$ Parisy 1734 

260 Carpovii (Jac.) Theolo^a Revelata Dogmatica methodo scienti- 

fica adomata, vellum, 6s Franco/. 1737 

261 Carpzovii (L. Job. Gottl.) Introducdo ad Libros Canonicos Vet. 

et Nov. Test. 3 vols, vellum, 10s. 6d Ups. 1721 

''This is a treasure of Biblical learning. The reader will here find 
very learned disquisitions upon every book of the Old Testament^ 
and a Catalogue of the most approved writers on each of them."-— 
A Bishop Watson. 

262 • Idem, et ejusd. Introductio ad Libros 

Nov! Testamenti in Genere, cura Rumpsi, 4 vols, vellum, neat, 
18* t6,1721, &c. 

263 ' Apparatus htstorico-criticus Sacri Co- 

dicis et Gentis Hebreae ; uberrimis Annotationibus in Goodwin! 
Mosen et Aaronem, 4to. neat, vellum, 18f Franc. 1748 

** The most elaborate system of Jewish Antiquities, perhaps, that is 
extant." — Hobwe. 

264 Cartwright (Thomse Angli) Metaphrasis et Homilise in Ecclesias- 

tes, 25. 6d Amst. 1663 

265 Catrou (le P. Fran90]s) Histoire des Anabaptistes, neat, 3*. 

Paris, 1706 

266 Cseremoniale F. F. Minorum Recollectorum Provincial Colonien- 

sis, etc. vellum, 2s Colon. 1652 

267 Chastenet Nouvelle Histoire du Concile de Constance, French calf, 

neat, Ss Paris, 1718 

268 Chrtsostom. — Palladii de Vita S. Johan. Chrysostomi Diidogua, 

accedunt Homilia S. Chrysostomi in laudem Diodori Tarsensis : 

' acta SS. Martyrum Tarachi, Probi, et Andronici: Passio S. 

Bonifatii Martyris : Evagriua de octo Cogitationibus : S. Nilus 

de octo Vitiis, Gr. et Lat., cura et studio £m. Bigotii, neat, 7^* 

Paris. 1680 

269 Clarisse (J. A.) Psalmi Qoiudecim Hammadloth philologice et 

critice illustrati, large paper, sewed, 3«. 6d Lugd. Bat. 1819 

*^ An ingenious and useful commentary on Psalms czx — cxxxv, which 
are usually called Psalms of Degrees." — ^Hornb. 

270 Clavis Talmudica Maxima, Hebr. et Lat. LTmpereurii, et Clavis 

Gemarica, Hebr. et Lat. notis Ritmeieri edente Henrico Jacobo 
van Bashuysen qui R. Mosche usus Talmudicos et Disserta- 
tionem de Talmude & Conversione Judasorum adjecit, vellum,' 

neat, 7< ..^ Hanoo. 1714 

[William Baynbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastica. 19 

271 ConfeBsion de Foy des EgHses Reforme^B des Pais-Bus, repre- 
sentees en deux colomnes J'une portant la Confession Ancienne et 
I'autre la Revision ^ui en ^t^ iaite au Synode National de Dord- 
recht I'an 1619, half.calf, 69 Leyde, 1761 

^J2 Conversio et Passio S. S. Martyrum Afrse, Hilaris, Dign^s, Euno- 
mise, Eutropis ; qase ante Annos Paulio minus, M.CGC. Aug^ustae 
Vindelicaruni passae sant: cum Commentario, Marci Velseri, 
vellum, RARE, 12«. 

Venetiisy ajmd Jldum^ GI3.I3.XCI. 

Appended to this copy is a work of four leaves, entitled " Brevis Histo- 
ria trium MagfOTum ex Sacris Literis et Probatis Ecclesis Scriptoribus 
collecta. Colon. Agripp. M.D.XCVU. 

273 Cndworthi Systemu Intellectuale hujus Universi, seu de yens 
Naturse Rerum Originibus Commentarii, Latine vertit, Opusc. 
Dissertat. & var. Observat. lllustravit et auxit Moshemius, 
2 vols, half-bound, uncut, 12. 4^ Lug, Bat. 1773 

274 2 vols, calf, 

neat, U. 7« «*• 1773 

275 2 vols, vel- 
lum, neat, II. 8j ib. 1773 

276 Dachselii Biblia Hebraica accentuata, cum prsefatione Salomonis 

Deylingii, 2 vols, vellam, neat, 12« Lip$, 1729 

277 Dallsei Disputatio adversus Latinorum de Cultus Religiosi objecto 

Traditiohem, thick vol. vellum, 4^. 6d Genev. 1664 

278 de duobus Latinorum ex Unctione Sacramentis, 

Confirmatione, et Extrema Unctione, vellum, neat, 69. ih. 1659 
279 Davenantii (Joan. Episc.) Expositio Epistols PauU ad Colossen- 

ses, vellum, 65 Amzt. 1646 

'280 Decrets du Concile de Bourdeaux, Ladn et Frangoisy neat, 3$. 

Burdig. 1584 

281 Be Rossi (J. B.) VARiiE Lbctiones Vbtbris Tbstambvti, exim- 

mensa MSS Editorumque Codicum congerise hausts, 4 vols, in 
2, calf, 2Z. 12«. M PamuBy 1784-98 

282 ■ de Hebrucse Typographis Origine ac Primitiis 

seu Antiquis ac rarissimis Hebraieorum Librorum Editionibus 
Seculi XV Disquisitio, sewed, 3* tb. 1776 

283 ■ Annales Hebrseo-Typographici Sec. XV, sewed, 

9a ih. 1795 

284 de ignotis nonnuUis antiquissimis Hebr. Textus 

Editionibus ac Critico earum usu, half-calif, neat, *Ju 

ErUmgay 1782 

.285 della Lingua propria di Cristo e degli Ebrei 

Naidonali della Palestina da tempi de Maccabei Dissertazioni, 
half*bound, russia, 4s, 6d,„, Parnuiy 1782 

286 Deylingii (Salom.) Observationes Sacrse in qua multa Scripturse 
Vet. ac Nov. Testamenti dubia vexata solvuntur, &c. 5 voU 
half-bound, neat, 16« Lips, 1735-8 

^' A work of particular merit"— Calmet. 
M9 Patbrmostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


so Theohgia et Historia EocUsiastica. [Quarto. 

287 Dilherri (J. M.) DispttUtiones Academies pneoipue Philologicn, 

9 yds. veliuQiy neat, Ab • IVbrtm^. 1652 

288 DrieMen (Anton.) Jesiu Doctor sine PtnboliB et per Parabolas, 
Jesus Thaumaturgas in novls ad Miracnla carta, &c. yeltum, 4s. 

Oron, 1742 

289 Elsneri (J.) Gommentarius eritieo^philologicas in ErangeUa 

Matthttl et Marci, edidit et Notnlas adjecit F. Stosch, 3 yols. 
sewed, dt TV-o;. 1773 

290 ' ■ ' 3 vols, in one, 

sewed, 8i ih. 1773 

291 Bmmii (Ubbonis) Historia Nostri Temporis in qua Controversia 

inter Gomitem Frisin Orientalis et Giyitatem Embdanam, etc. 
ezponitur, vellam, bs Grcn, 1732 

292 Evangelia Versionis SimpKcis Striaca, jaxta Editionem Schaafi- 

anaoi, collatas cum daohns ejasdem Vetustis Godd. MSS. nee 
non cum God. MS Gommentarii Gregorit Bar-Hebrsi, d Ricardo 
Jones, calf, stamped with the arms of the Oxford Uniyersitj, lOf • 

Oxon. 1805 

293 Ewaldi Emblemata Sacra Miscellanea, 2 yols. in one, plates, yel- 

lum. As. M JJps. 1732 

294 ■ ■ — Eadem, cum parte tertia, 

3 vols, in one, plates, yellum, neat, 9f *.•••••••• t^. 1732 

** Opas est mti].t^ yariaeqiie, profiaue aeque ac sacne eruditionis ao singu- 
larem industriam osten^t, quam auctor in emUematlbiu, soipta- 
ranim divinamm ezplicandis atque iliustiandiB poroit"— Walchius. 

295 Fabricu (Franc.) Ghristologia Noachlcha et Abrahamica, neat, 

yellam, As. 6d Lug. Bat. 1727 

296 Fides Christiana, Patriarcharum ac Prophetarum, 

yeBum, 3». M ih. 1730 

297 ■■ Ghristus unicum ac perpetuum Fundamentum 

Ecclesiffi, yellum, 3s ih. 1717 

298 — — — — Tractatus Philologico-Theologicus de Sacerdotio 

Ghristi juxta ordinem Melchizedeci, yellum, £ ib. 1720 

299 Orator Sacer, accessit Heptas Dissertationum 

theologico-oratoriarum, yellum, 3s. 6d ib. 1733 

300 (Jo. Alb.) Bibliotheca Greeca, stve Notitia Scriptorum 

Veterum Grsecorum, the first nine volumes^ comprehending the 

most valuable part of the Work, old bindings \As. 

Hamb. 1705, &c. 

301 FontiB-Ebraldi fexordium complectens Opuscula duo, cum nota- 

donibuB de yita B. Robert! de Arbreselio, studio & opera 
Michaelis Gosnier, yellum, 2s F/exue, 1641 

302 Georgii (G. S.) Apparatus philologiqo-theologicus ad Evangelia 

Domini Festisque Diebus dedicata, 4 yols. in 2, half-calf, neat, 
15« Lips. 1746 

303 Geminiano (Johannis de Sancto) Sermones Funebres, fillip 

IttttVy^ Lugduni cura et expensis M. Johmmi 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Q94RT0.] JTkeologia et Hisiaria EcclenMtica. 21 

304 Gerdedi HIetoria ReformalioiiiB, sWe Aoaalet Erattfelii Seonlo 

XVI passim p^r Europam BenoTati Doctri .ae^iM Reformatsr, 4 
vols. portridt8» €ummg toAtcA are ikou pf Tyndal, Cranmer, 
Thomat OrmnwtUf 4*c*. balf-boand, russia, neat» 1/. 8t. 

Growing. 1744-52 

305 ■ Introdttctio in Historiam Evangelii Reforraati, Grm. 
1744, portnuts. — Ejusdem Vespem Vadenses sive Diatribse 
theologfico-philologicae de Hyperbolis ex Scriptora Sacra eliminan- 
dis, Trc^. 1728. in one ?ol. Teliam, neat, 7^« ^* 

306 ■ " Exercitationum Acadeinicarnm Libri III/ quibus Varia 
Saora turn ad Hist. Patriarcharum^ turn ad Antlq. Judaicas, turn 
ad Hut. Chrisd etc. speetantia lUastrantur, fine portndt of 
GerdeSs by Hovbiukbn, reliam, neat« 7'««« Am»t. 1738 

307 Doctrina Gratis sive Compendiam Theologise Dogma- 

ticiB» Duub. 1744.— Ejusdem Oratio de mediis se praservandi 
ab apostasia Fidei Evangelic^, Groning, i744.-^Ejasdem Ves- 
per» Vadenses slye Diatribe de Hyperbolis ex Scriptura Sacra 
eliminandis, Trqf, 1727f in one vol. bound in russia, 6s, 

308 Doctrina Gratiie sive Compendiam Theologis Dogma- 
tics, ^ewed, 2s.6d , Duitb. 1734 

309 ■ Elenchus Veritatnm circa quas defendendas versator 
Theologia Elenchtica, Gronmg. 1740.— Ejusdem Twee Godge- 
leerde Verhandelingen over de Vrybeid des Geloofs des God»di« 
entes en der Conscience als mede over de Socinianery en de 
Socinianen, ih, 1741, in one vol. bound in russia, 6j. 

310 Gerbardi (Joannis) Loci Tbeologici, cum pro adstruenda veri- 

tate turn pro destruenda quommvis contradicentium falsitate 
per theses nervose solide et copiose explicati, ex recensione Jo. 
Frid. Cottie, Editio sbcunda bt optima, cum Indicihus^ cura 
Ge. Henr. Mulle, 22 vols, in 11, sewed, 4/. 

TMng. 1767-89 

Dr. Cotton Mather claBses this, with pre-eminent emphadi, among the 
works of <' two or three Divines" whose volmnes '* alone will aflbrd 
you a copious library, and you may on almost every subject repair 
unto them, and see what almost every writer has of»red upon it/^— - 
Vid. Student and Preacher, p. 170. Dr. Parr styles it ''an ex- 
cellent and most useful work." 

311 Glassil (Salomonis) Philologia Saora, totius Veteris et Nov! Testa- 

menti, half-calf, neat, ^s Amst. \^\\ 

312 neat, 8«.i6. I7II 

313 " ■ ■ ■ vellum, neat, 8«. 

f*. 1711 
314 ^ — ' ' fine, copy, calf, 

neat, Of tA. 1711 

315 -^ ■ cum Pnefatione 

J. Fr. Buddei, vellam, 9« Lips. 1713 

*^ Tliat inestimable and immortal work of Solomon Glassius, than which 
none can be more usefol for the interpretation of Scripture, as it 
throws aa unoanmioa degree of light upon the language and phra- 
80(dggy of the inspired miters."— Moshbim's Eccl. Hist. 
54, PiTBBifosTnE Row.] 

Digitized by 


22 Theologia et Historia Eccleriastica. [Quarto. 

317 Godwini (Episcopl Frandsci) de Pnesulibtts Anglic Commen- 

tarius, bound, As 1616 

318 Graseri (Conradi) Plaga Regia, Commentariug in Apocalypsin 

Sancti Johannis, («< ririss* vid. D. GerdesH FhriUg.) vellum, 
2*.6rf Tigttn, 1610 

319 Grcgorii (B.) Papn Dialogus, etc., VitU!k letter, neat, 5*. 

Parinisy opera Udalrici Oering ct Berch^ 
toldi Renbolt Ineglectis majorihus nume'^ 
ru] XCIIII. 

320 Expositio super Cantiea Ganticorum, half-bound, 

ruBBia, 4s, 6d ,per Udalricum Gering et magistrum Ren* 

bolt Sociarum, 1498. 

321 Greek Church, Services of the, in Greeky 4 vols, wood-cuts, 

vellum, 1/. 8» 1738 

322 Grelloti (Anthouii) Prodromus in D. Joannis Apocalypsin, vellum, 

neat, 3s Ijugd. Bat. 1675 

323 Griethuysen (Gulielmi Huiberti van) Authentia pro Evangelii 

Joannis, Dissertatio Gritico-Theologica, sewed, 2s. 

Harderv, 1807 

324 Gurtieri (^Hcolai} Institutiones Theologies, vellum^ 5s, 

Amst, 1094 
'^ This system passes for one of the best works of the kind that we 
have." — ^L'Advocat. 

325 Hamelsveld (Isbrandi van) Dissertatio Philologico-antiquaria de 

aedibus veterum Hebrseorum, fine copy in calf, with border of 
gold, As Traj, ad Rhen. 1704' 

326 Heideggeri (J. H.) Exercitationes de Historia Sacra Patriarcharum, 

2 vols, vellum, 7< Amst, 1688 

^' A learned and elaborate work, containiDg zlvii Dissertations on the 
most difficult points of Patriarchal History. They are examined with 
great care and minuteness, and must have cost the author vast la- 
bour."— Orme. 

327 ^n D» Job. Apocalypseos Prophetiam de 

Babylone Magna, Diatribse, 2 vols, vellum, 6#. Ln^, Bat, 1687 

328 ■ Dissertationes Selectee Sacram Theologiam 

Dogmaticam Historicam & Moralem illustrantes, 4 vols, vellum, 
12* 7%iir», 1673 

329 ' Medulla Theologiae Christianae, vellum, 6*. 

ih. 1696 

330 Labores Exegeteci in Josuam, Matthsum, 

Epistolas S. Pauli ad Romanes, Corinthios & Hebneos, vellum, 
3*. 6d ih, 1700 

331 Heinsii (Danielis) Exercitationes Sacrse ad Novum Testamentum, 

neat, 4* Cantab. 1640 

332 Herbelot Bibliotheque Orientale, ou Dictionnaire Universel, con- 

tenant tout ce qui fait connaitre les Peuples de I'Orient, leurs 
Traditions, Religions, Livres, &c. &c. avec les additions de 
ScHULTBNS, 4 vols, iu 2, best edition, neat, 3/. I6s. La Haye^ 1777 

333 Herbert (Edv.) de Relig^one Gentilium, calf, 2s. M. Amst. 1663 

334 HiBRONTHus.— liibri de Ecclesiastlcis Scriptoribus compositi 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Th^ogia et Hiatoria Ecchsiastica. 28 

Sancto Hieronimo, Presbitero Oenadio, Episcopo Ysidoro, et 
modenus, filACft^ IttttV* old calf, rarb, 10s. 6d, 

Sine ulUi Nota Anvi^ Loci, out Typographi, 

335 HiUeri (Matthdl) Hierophyticon sire Commeiitarias in Loca Scrip- 

tone Sacrs quie Plantaram faciunt mentionem, yellum, neat, Ss. 

Traj. ad Rhen. 1725 

336 Hirtii (D. Joan. Fr.) Varia Sacra, portrait, sewed, 3s. 6d. 

WUuh. 1776 

337 Historia librorum Catecbedcorum in Suecia, 2s. UpsaluSf 

338 Hofmanni (Immanuelis) Demonstratio Eyan^lica, edidit Obser- 

vationibus Vitam Aactoris et Commentationem pnemisit Tob. G. 
He^elmaier, 2 vols, in one, balf-calf, \2s Tubing, 

339 Hondius's Fifty Portraits of the Reformers of the Church, with 

Biographical Sketches, and an Account of their Writings, in 
Dutch, by Verheiden, \%s Graven-Haghe, 1603 

340 Honert (Johannis van den) Institutiones Theologise Didactico- 

Rlenctacse, cum Orationibus de Regeneratione, de Historia 
Ecclesiastica, etc. Lugd, Bat. 1749. — Ejusdem Dissertationes 
ApocalypticsB, 2 vols, in one, vellum, neat, Ss. 6d, 

Lugd. Bat. 1736 

341 ■■ Institutiones Theologiee Typicse, Em* 

blematicse et Prophetics, accedit ejus Oratio de Divinis Nuptiis 
sive de Jesu Christi et Ecclesiie Matrimonio, vellum, neat, 4s, 6d. 

ib. 1730 

342 — . Dissertationes Apocalypticse, calf ex- 

tra, Ss ib. 1736 

343 Horologium, GRiECS, calf, stamped, neat, 8^ Romcy 1677 

344 HoTTiNGERi (JoH. Henrici) Etymologicum Orientale sive 

Lexicon Harmonicum Hebr. Chald. Syr. Arab. Samar. ^thiop. 
et Talmud. Franco/, 1661. — Ejusdem Smegma Orientale, 
Heidelb. 1658. — Ejusdem Promptuarium sive Bibliotheca Orien- 
talis, ib. 1658. — Ejusdem PrimiUs Heidelbergensis, ib, 1659. — 
Ejusdem Enneas Dissertationum Philologico-Theologiearum 
Heidelbergensium, quibus adj. varia ejusdem programmata, in 
one huge thick volume, 1/. Is T^guri^ 1562 

345 Thesaurus Philologicus, seu Cla- 

vis Scripturse, vellum, neat, 6s ib, 1649 

346 calf, extra, Js. 

ib. 1649 

347 ■" Historia Orientalis qu» ex variis 
Orientalis Monumentis collecta, vellum, neat, 5s ib. 1651 

348 Idem, ib. 1651, 

et Balth. Rhaw Papatus Conciliis Apostolicis & antiquis denu- 
datus, Gtyphisw. 1634. — Sam. Hafenreffer Disputatio de Passio- 
nibus Planetarum, Tubing. 1606, thick vol. in vellum, 9s. 

349 Primitia Heidelbergenses, 

Heidelb. 1659. — Historia Creationis, ib. 1659, vellum, neat, 5j. 

350 Exercitotiones Anti*Morini- 

anae, de Pentateucho Samaritano, ejusque udentica Authentia, 4^ . 

7%. 1644 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


24 Theologia et Hiatoria Eccluiastiea. [Quarto. 

351 Hotdngeri (Jo. Hanrici) Proneaarittm 'siFe Bibfiotheea Orien- 

talis, neat, 7$ Heidelb. 1658 

352 Houbigantii Note CrkicaB in nnirersos Veteris Testamenti libros 
« com Hebraice tuon Grnce acriptos cum integris ejnadem Prolego* 

menis, 2 yols. boards, 14f Franoqf, ad Mom. 1777 

353 2 Tol«. half-bound, 

neat. 16f ib. 1777 

354 Ignatil et Barnabe (SS.) Epistols, Gr. et Lat. cum notis Vossii, 

neat, 3s. 6d.-- vellan, 4« Load. 1680 

354Mhre (Job.) Seripta Venionftm Ulphllanani et Linguam Mobso- 
Oothicam illttstrantia, novis access, ancta jam yero ob pnest. ac 
raritatem coUecta, et una cum aliis Scriplis sirailis argumend 
edita, a Busching, witb fac-aimiles* half*ealf, IZ. lit. 6c2. 

Berl. 1773 

355 Dissertationes in diversa loca Sacri Codicis, sewed, 

8# Lugd. Bat. 1749 

356 half-bound, neat, 2*. 6d. 

ib. 1749 

357 ■ Harmonia Historise Perpessionum Jesu Christi, 
sewed, 2# 16.1758 

358 Jaquelot Dissertations sur rExistenee de Dieu, yellum, neat, 6«. 

Hayc, 1697 

359 Jarchi (R. Salomoois) Comnentarius Hebraicus in Vetus Tes- 

tamentum, Latine versos, cum Vet. Cod. collatus, moltts emen- 
datos, atque Notis iilustratus a I. F. Breithaupto, 3 vols, vellum, 

il. Ss Goihe, 1713 

*' Rabbi Solomon Jarchi Ben Isaac, utually cited as Ratchi from the 
contraction of his names, wrote Commentaries on the entire Bible, 
and from his extensive learning is accounted one of the most valu- 
able of the Jewish £xpositors.'^HoRNa, v. ii, App. 44. 

360 Junii (Francisci) Analytica Explicatio Deuteronomii, vellum, 2s. 


361 Kabbala Denudata, sen Doctrina Hebrsorum transcendentalis, et 

Metaphysica atque Theologica, cum Lib. Ports Coelorum, very 

thick vol. plates, vellum, rarb, 1/. 7« Sulzbaciy 1677 

** This work is attributed to Christianns Knorrius a Rosenroth. Bn- 
dms and Brucker have made particular mention of it, reguding it 
as one of the most singular and complete which has appeared on the 
Cabbala. It is eagerly sought after, not only by the curious, on ac- 
count of its rarity, but likewise by those who apply themselves to the 
knowledge of the mysterious science it unfolds.— Vide De Burb, 
Bib. Inst. t.i, a. 895. 

362 Kalinsky (M. Job. Gottlieb.) Vatidma Chabacnci et Nachumi 

itemque Jesaiae, Michee et Ezechielis Oracula, observationibus 
historico-philologicis illustrata, etc. half- calf, 6s. 

VraiislavuR, 1748 

363 Kestner Commentatio de Eusebii Historis Ecclesiast. Condi-* 

tons auctoritate et fide diplomatica, ^sewed, Is, 6d. 

Gating. 1816 

364 Kiesling^ (Joannia Rndolphi) fizercitationes Theologico- Historian, 

tarn, i, pars 1 ; tarn, t, pars 2 ; ct tarn, tt, pars. 1, 3 vols, in one, 

vellum, 6s. ...,•...• Lips. 1742-46 

[WiLLiAH Batnrs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Theologia ei Hisioria Ecchsiastica. 25 

365 Kioraiogii (Olai) Commentatio Historico-theologica qua nobiUs- 

sima Controversia, de ConHecrationibus Episcoporum Anglorum 
recensetur et dijudicatur, sewed, 3? Hclmst, 1739 

366 Koch (Christoph. Galielmi) Sanctio Pragmatica Germanorum il- 

luBtrata, plates of fac-simile writings of Pope's bulls, &c. neat, 9». 

Argent. 1789 

367 Koecheri (Jo. Christophori) Analecta philologica et exegetica in 

quatuor Evangetia, boards, 9s Altenh. 1766 

368 Lampe (F. Ar) Commentarius analylaeo-exegeticus tarn literalis 

qnam realis ETaogelii secundum Joannem, 3 vols, neat, 
1/. \\b.M Amst. 1724 

369 — -* Idem, 3 vols, half-calf, 

neat, 1/. 10« ih. 1724 

^^ This is unquestionahly the most valuable work on St. John's Gospel 
that was ever published." — ^Bishop Watson. 

370 ■— Dissertationes Philologico-theologicse, 2 vols, 
vellum, 8* ih. 1737 

370* 2 vols, calf, neat, 

9* ih. 1737 

** The two volumes of Dissertations, published after the death of Lampe 
with a preface by Gcrdes, are necessary to complete the work on 
John. They are replete with learning and information." — Orme. 

371 ' — 2 vols, neat, one 
vol. little stained, 5« ib. 1737 

372 ■' Commentarius in Psalmos Graduum, itemque 

Fragmenta in Apocalypsin Johannis et in Ecclesiasten Salomo- 
nis, half-calf, neat, 3s. M • Groning. 1741 

374 vellum, As. 6d. ...ib. 1741 

375 * ■ Delineatio Theologise Activse, vellum, 5s. 

Traj. 1727 

376 Laurentii (Jacobi) Epistola Catholica S. Apostoli Jacobi, Gr. et 

Lat. perpetuo Commentario, vellum, 2s. 6d... Amst. 1662 

377 Lbmfant Histoirb du Concilb db Constance, Amst. 1714, 

2 vols.*— Histoirb du Concile db Pisb, ib. 1724, 2 vols. — 
Histoirb db la Gubrrb dbs Hussitbs et du Concilb db 
Baslb, ib. 1731,2 vols.— 6 vols. LARGE PAPER, calf, neat, 
scarce, 31. 3s. 

378 Histoire du Concile de Constance, 2 vols, in one, 

portraits 9 neat y lOs ib. 1714 

379 Histoire du Concile de Pise, portraits, 2 vols, in 

one, neat, lOs ib. 1724 

380 2 vols, in one, most 

beautiful copy, calf extra, 15* Utrecht^ 1731 

381 Lb Sueur Histoire de TEglise de TEmpire, 7 vols, neat, 18«. 

Geneve, 1679 

382 '■ avec la continuation 

de Benedict Pictet, 11 vols, in 7» half-bound, uncut, 1/. \s. 

Amst. 1730 
54, Paternoster Row.] E 

Digitized by 



26 Theologia ei Histaria Eccle9ia§(ka. [Quarto. 

383 Leusden (Johannb) Philologas Hebneus, in qi|0 lilenqae qass- 
tiunes generales Philologico-Hebraica) eonoernentes Textuin 
Hebrseum Vet, Test, delueide pertracUntury TeUam» 3». 

UUraj. 1657 

384 Pkilologus Hebneus, ih. 1657.— Gocsii 

Pilatus Judex, 2 yoU. in one, vellum, neat, 58.,. Hag. Com. 1677 

385 Philologus Hebrsuti. — Philologus Hebneo- 

Mixtus. — Philalogus Hebraeo-Graecus, 3 toIb. in one, half •bound, 

uncut, Ss. neat, 9s Basika, 1739 

*' AU these three Works oi Leusden are very ▼Bluable.'^-^ORNB. 

386 PhHologua Hebfieo-Mixtu% una cum Spier- 
leg. Philolog. vellum, 4s Uliraj. 1682 

387 vellum, 4#.6rf ib, 169» 

'* Besides discussing critical qoestiona, thiv voliime treats very copionslj 
on Jewish Rites and Antiquities." — ^Hornb. 

388 '^ Clavis Hebraica Teteris Testament, vellum, 

73. ih. 1683 

'< In this work Leusden analyses aJl the more difficult words in the Old 
Testament, so tliatit forms a grammatical commentary on ibe entire 
Hebrew Bible.''--ORwa. 

389 ■ -^ Translado Hebnuca Omnium Teztvana 

Chaldttcornm qui in Daniele Ezra, et in Jeremia inveniantur, 9s^ 

390 Lightfooti (Johannis) Hone Hebraies et Talmudieee, neat, 9ff. 6d. 

Cantab^ 165B 

391 Litio (Roberti do) Sermones de Ilmore Judiconim Divinorum, 

half-bouad, scarce, 9s. 

V€netiis imptnsis Johannis de Coionie ac Johamm 
Manthcm de Gheretzem ...M.CCCC.liXXV* 

392 LiturgiK et Vitse Sanctorum, Graci^ wood-cuts, vellum, 8s. 


393 Lowth (Episcopi) de Sacra Poesi Hebrseorum Pnelecdones, neat, 

8* ,.— Oxott. 1753 

*' An e»»llent work, highly interesting to every Biblkal stodeatr 

Da. Clarke. 

394 LuTHBRus. — Alfonsi Virvesii Canarien. E[Hscopi Philippicse dts- 

putatioues viginti adversus Lutherana dogmata, per Philippum Me- 
lancthonem defensa, sewed in vellum, 5« Colon. 1545 

395 Didymi Faventini (z. e. Pbilippi Mblancthonis) ad- 

verSus Thomam Placentinum pro Martino Luthero Theologo 
Oratio, scarce, 7* ....fVUtenberga, 

396 Life of Catherine Bore, Wife of Martin Luther, in 

Dutch, portrait, 2« Jmsi. 1777 

397 Machsor Germanorum, cum comment. Hebraic^, bound, 4s. 


398 Mamachii (Fr. Thoma Marup) Origines et Antiquitaies Christianity 
/i6n XAT, 4 vols, neat, scarce, \L 10* Roma, 1749 

[William Bavnes, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Theahgia et HUtaria Beebnaaiica. ST 

999 Manoale Saeerdotum ad nsnm Ecdesue Rothomagensis, neat, Ss, 6i« 

Rothom. 1611 

400 Marckii (Jolianaia) Opera Omnia, viz. Exereitationes et Disser- 

sertationes in Vet. «t Not, Test. 8 vols. — Comment, in Pentaten- 
chum, Canticum, Propfa. Minores, Apoealypsin, 7 vols. — Com- 
pendliam ThcGlogfise. — Opascula 2 vols. — HUtoria Paradisi.*— 
Historia Ezaltationis J. Chr. — Expectatio Gloria; futures illus- 
trata ; together 21 ¥»1b. mniform in russia, 4^ \As. dd, 

Amst. 1705, &c. 

401 ■' ' — Biblien Exereitationes ad qainquaginta se- 
lecta, Loca Vet. et Nov, Testament!, neat, 3^. M ih, 1707 

402 ' Scripturarias Exereitationes ad quinque et 
nginti selecta loca Veteris Testaraenti, neat, As ib, 1709 

403 Fasciculus Dissertationnm Philologico-Ex- 

egeticarum ad selectos Textus Veteris Testamend, neat, ?s, 6d* 

Lugd. Bai. 1725 

404 ■ Sylloge Dissertationum in Vet, Test, neat, 3c. 

t^. 1717 

405 Historia Paradisi illustrata, neat, 3jr« 

Amst. 1705 

406 _^ Commentarias in Pentateuch, neat, 3«» 

L. Bat. 1713 
407 ' ' Comment, in Hoseam, neat, Ss. 6d, 

Amat. 1696 

408 Comment, in Joelem, Amosvm, Obadiam, 

et Jonam, neat, Ss • ib. 1698 

409 ■■ Comment, in Micham, Nahumum, Habak- 
kukum, et Zephaniam, neat, 3i •••.•• ^...i^. 1700 

411 in Haggsum, Zechariam, & Maladiiam 
Commentarias seu Analysis Exegetioa, 2 foIs. neat, Ss. 

*. 1701 

412 ■ Sylloge Dissertataonum in Nov. Test, neat, 

38. 6d r....:., Rott. 1721 . 

413 ————— Fasciculus DissertadenHm ad selectos 

Textus Novi Testament, neat, 3$^^ ^...^^Imgd. Bat. 1727 

414 ——————— Scnpturaris Exereitationes in Nov. Test. 

accedit Oratio Funebris in Obitum BLermaBni H^tsii, neat, 3f . 6^. 

Amst. 1710 

415 Histona fixaltationis Jesu Christ! illustrata, 

neat, 3« ....Lugd. Bat. 1729 

416 Expectatio Gloriee Futures Jesu Christ! 11- 

lustr. neat, 3«... ib. 1730 

417 " Comment, in Apocalypsin, neat, 3s. 6d. 

Amst. 1669 

418 Martene (Domini Edmundi) Collectio Nova Veterum Scriptonim 

et Monumentorum ad res ecclesiasticas, monasticas, et politicas . 

illustrandas, neat, IQ^..... Rotomag. I7OO L-^ 

ContflSnlng many papers of great interest ; among others, the Histoire des 
Gnerres d'ltalie par les Bretons sous le Pontificat de Gregoire XI, es- 
crite en vers Francois par Guillaumede la Perene quiy estoitpresenL 
54, Patbrnostbr Row. 

Digitized by 


fl6 Theologia et Historia Ecclesiasiica. [QuARTO. 

419 [Martin] Religion dee Gaalois, tirte des pins pures Sources de 

TAntiquiti, 2 vols, plates, fine copy, half-calf, neat, 169. 

Paris. 1727 

420 Martyrologium quo utitur et semper usa fuit Saneta Primatialis et 

Metropolitana Ecclesia Rothomagbnsis, naif-bound, 4s. 

Rotham. 1670 

421 Mastricht (P. Van) Thbokbtico-Practica Thbolooia, 2 toIs. 

neat, IBs Amsi. 1682 

422 ——----—---—----------—— editio optima, 

neat, li. 4j ib. 1724 

'* There is nothing that I can with so much plerophorie recommend unto 
yoa as a Mastricht'sTheologriaTheoretico-Pribctica ; I know not that 
the sun has ever shone upon a human composure that is equid to it. 
I hope you will make a Mastricht the store-house to which you may 
resort continually." — ^Mather's Student and Preacher, p. 169. 

423 Matthsei (R. P. Leonard!) Tractatus Mirabilis de Sanguine Christi 

intridtto Mortis ejus, effuso, half-bound, 2s ,.Venet, 1617 

423*Mblanctbon. Defensio incomparabilis Philippi Melancthonis ad- 
versus Maledicum Scriptum Theologorum novitiorum Witeber- 
gensium, 4j « Hanovut^ 1601 

424 Menologium Grsecorum ex Bibliotheca & interpretatione Gnlielmi 

Sirleti Cardinalis, IngolsU 1602. — Martyrologium suum morem 
Romane curie, l^lAdt \tVitX9 impressum Vendiis iussu if impensis 
nobilis viri Lucensis Antonii Giunta FlorerUini^ M.CCCC.XCVIII. 
— Gatalogus Sanctorum quod Ecclesia Benevent. Duplici ac Se- 
midupl. celebrat. Ritu, k Mario de Vipera selectus. Neap. 1635, 
in one vol. vellum, %s. 

425 Meyer (Christian!) Vera Immanuelis Generatio ex Virgine Viro 

desponsat^, nee non £lncidatio Quaestionis illius : Quo tempore 
Christus Pascba cum Discipulis snis celebraverit, etc. Hebr. et 
Lat, vellum^ neat^ 69 Amsi. 1722 

426 Michaelis de Ungaria Sermones Universales, l^Uldt \ttXtt9 

original wooden^binding, Ts. 

Sine nota Anniy Locij aut Typographic sed typis 
Joannis de Westfalia Lofoaniensis. 

427 Michaelis Mediolanensis Quadragesimale seu Sermonarinm dupli- 

catum, IblUdt XttttX* 5d^« 

Venelns : cura et impensi Nicholai Franclrfbrtj 1487 

428 Michaelis (Jo. H. et Chris. Ben.) Uberiores Adnotationes philo- 

logico-exegeticn in Hagiographos Vet. Testament! Libros, vellum, 
3 vols, neat, li. 7* Hala, 1720 

429 (Johaunis) Not« Critics & Exegeticee in Novum Tes- 

tamentum, half-bound, neat, 3^ Rost. 1728 

430 (Jo. Dav.) Supplementa ad Lexica Hebraica, 6 vols. 

in 3, half-bound, neat, 2/ Goiting. 1792 

431 Mill!! (Davidis) Miscellanea Sacra Jesaiee caput LIV, Psalmos CXXl 

& CXXI1, aliaque argumenta tam theologica quam exegetica enu- 
cleantia & exponentia, fine portrait by Houbraken, and plates, 
vellum, 4« Amst. 1754 


vellum, neat, 6s • • ,. .-..ib. 1754 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Theologia et HUtoria Ecchsiasiica. 29 

433 Millii Dissertationes selectse, yaria S. Literarum et Antiqui- 

tatis Orieutalis Capita, ezponentes et illustrantes : Guris se- 
cundis noyisque Dissertat. et Mincell. Orient, auctse, yelluDi, 45. 

L. Bat. 1743 

434 Mintert (Petri) Lexicon Greco-Latinum in Noyum Testamentum, 

cum Prsfat. J. Gbo. Pritii, half-bound, 65 Franco/. 1728 

435 neat, 7$ ib. 1728 

" Tliis is a valuable Lexicon to the New Testament. The above edition 
is pre&ced by Pritios. The references to the Hebrew Scriptures and 
the Septuagint are ezceedinjzly numerous. It supplies the place of 
a Concordance^ as well as of a Lexicon." — Orme's Biblioth. Bibl. 

436 MISCHNA, Hebraic^, cum Comment. Bartenore & Tosepboth 

Jom. Tob. 3 yols. half-bound, neat, II Amst. 1686 

437 Moretti (Petri) Disceptatio fipistolaris de Ritu Variandi Chorale 

Indumentum in Solemnitate Paschali, vellum, 25.«. ... Roma, 1 732 
437*Morgantii (Belisarii) de B. Maria Christ! Matra Lucse picta ex 
Imagine Miracula proferente Historia, calf-extra, scarce, 48. 

Luca, 1591 

438 Moshemii (Jo. Laurent.) Institutiones Historise Cbristianse An- 

tiquae et recentiores, half-bound, 98 Helnuiad. 1755 

439 Institutiones Historise Christianae Ma- 

jores, Sseculum primum, boards, Is ib. 1739 

440 ■ Dissertatiouum ad Sanctiores Disciplinas 

pertinentes Syntagma, acced. Diss, de Legione Fulminatrice, vel- 
lum, Sa Lips. 1733 

441 Historia Tartarorum Ecclesiastica, sewed, 

5s Helmst. 1741 

442 half-bound, 6* ib. I74I 

443 Neumanni (Jo. Geo.) Chiliasmus Subtilissimus qui hodie Ecclesiam 

infestare coepit Disputatiouibus aliquot Academicis submissus, 
sewed, 3s. 6d Wutemb. 1702 

444 Noldii Concordantise Particularum Ebrseo-Chalducarum multis 

auxit TympiuB, edit. opt. boards, \Ss. calf, 1/. \s Jcikb, 1734 

" The Particles of the Hebrew language were very imperfectly under- 
stood, even by the best critics, before the appearance of this work of 
NoldiuA : and so complete is this Concordance, that it has scarcely 
left any thing on the subject unfinished, and is of the greatest impor- 
tance to every biblical student and critic." — Dr. Clarke. 

445 CEcolampadii Comment, in Prophetam Jesaiam^ half-bound, russia^ 

neat, rarb, 1/. is. Basil. 1525 

446 Offerhaus (Leonardi) Spicilegia Historica Chronologia, quibus 

Chronolospia Sacra Origines e Fata Regnorum per Orientem, ut 
et Graecorum Migrationes exhibentur, etc. etc. large paper, fine 
copy, neat, 7s • Groning. 1739 

447 Officium Quadragesimale, Grsec. et Lat, Diatribis illustratum cara 

et labore D. Angeli Quirini, two parts in one volume, neat, 9s. 

Venetiis, 1729 

448 Olearii (G.) Observationes Sacraead Evangelium Matthsi, vellum, 

js Lips. 1713 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


30 Theologia ei Historia EccUHoitica. [QUARTO. 

449 Ordinarias perpetuus Trajeetensifl Diocesis, IblA^ If tt^t^y wooden 

binding, brass clasps, 7' • ., ••Antwerp^ 1503 

450 Oriobnb, Traits contra Celse, ou Defence de la Religion Cbre* 

tienne, contre les accusations des Paiens, traduit par Elie Bou- 
h^eau, neat, 6tf Anat. 1700 

451 russia, ^8 ib. 1700 

452 Dialogus contra Marcionistas, de recta in Denm Fide ; 

Exhortatio ad Martyrium ; Responsum ad African! Rpistolam de 
Hist. Susannse, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis J . R. Wetstenii, neat, 45. 

Basd. 1674 

453 de Oratione, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Guliblmi Read- 
ing, half-calf, 6« Land. 1728 

454 Palladii (Episcopi Helenopoleos) Historia Lauslaca, Grsec^, cum 
Notis Joannis Meursii, vellum, 4^ Lugd. Bat, 1616 

456 Paolo Sarpi, Histoire du Concile de Trente, traduite par Amelot 

de la Houssaie, neat, Ss • Amst, 1686 

457 Histoire du Concile de Trente, traduite de nouyeau 

en Frangois avec des notes critiques, historiques et theologiques 
par Pierre Fran9ois le Courayer, 3 vols, neat, 1/. Ts ih. 1751 

45g Historia Concilii Tridentini ex Italicis summa fide 

ac cur& Latin! fhcti, /rontispiecey vellum, 5s Gorinch. 1658 

459 Idem, vellum, 

neat, 6* 1622 

460 Parallblb dbs Religions, 5 vols, neat, scarce, IZ. 10«. 

Par. 1729 

461 Pfafii (Chr. Matth.) Origines Juris Ecclesiastici, sewed, 4f. 

Tub. 1756 

462 Pfeifferi (Aug.) Dubia Vexata Script. Sacree, sive loca difficiliora 

Vet. Test, circa qua*, autores dissident vel hserent, succinete de- 
cisa etc. nee non Ebraica atque Exotica. N. T. e suis fontibus de- 
rivata, vellum, Ts • .Lips, 1699 

4^ Opera Omnia Philologica, 2 vols, in one, vellum, 9», 

Ultraj. 1704 

464 Eadem, 2 vols, vellum, 9* ih. 1704 

465 Philostorgii (Cappadocis) Ecclesiasticse Historise a Const. M. ad 
sua usque tempora. Lib. Xll, Gr. & Lat. Gotholredi, fine copy, 
original wooden binding, clasps, neat, %8 Genev. 1642 

467 Pictet (Benedict) Theologie Chretienne, 3 vols, fine copy, calf gilt, 
1/. 7« ib. 1721 

468 3 vols, half-bound, \L U. 

ib. 1721 

469 vols. 1 and 2, bound in 

one, old calf, Ss Amst. 1702 

470 Placidi(R. P. F.) Orationes Theologica, vellum, 2*...Brttx. 1648 

471 Pocockii (Edv.) Commentarius in Prophetiam Joelis, vellum, 4$. 

laps. 1695 

472 Notse Miscellanese Philologico-Biblicae quibus 

Porta Mosis Mfumonidis priimiss. &c. sewed, 3s. Hd. ...«&. 1705 

473 vellum, 4g....tft. 1705 

[William Baynes, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Theologia et Historia Ecdesiastica. 31 

474 Poiret (Petri) Cogitationum Rationaliam de Deoy Anima et Malo, 

Lib. IV, vellum, 2#. 6d. Ami. 1677 

475 Poll (M.) Synopsis Criticoruin aliorumque S. Scripturse inter- 

pretum, 5 vols, neat, 2/. 5s \.,Francqf. 1694 

476 Pomerii Sermones de Sanctis et de tempore comportati, per Fra- 

trem Pelbartum de Themeswar, filfltft l^tt^t^t ^ ^^i^* ^^ ^^^9 
beautiful copy, in old red binding, gilt leaves, 15«. 

HagenayWj per Henricum Gran, 

477 Prideaux (Joannis) Fasciculus Coutroversiarum Theologicarum, 

vellum, 2s Oxon. 1649 

478 Processionale Ecclesiae Rothomagense, Catholic Service sbt to 

MUSIC, neat, 7^ • Roth. 1645 

479 Raulin (Joannis) Itinerarium Paradisi, complectens Sermones de 

Penitentia et ejus partibus, etc, opus equidem pro sui merito et ex- 
cellentia omnibus laude sublimius ad celestem paradisum recto tra- 
mite per iter trium dierum dirigens. Et Sermones ejusdem de 
matrimonio ac viduitate, lblac& Itttttffine copy^ cajfextra^ gilt 
leavesj Ts Lugdun. 1518 

480 Ravii (Sebastiani) Specimen Arabicum cont. Excerpta ex Libri 

Achmedis Teifaschii de Gemmiset Lapidibus, Arab, if Lat. sewed, 
2s. 6d Traj. 1784 

481 R^glemens du Synode dei Eglises Wallones des Provinces-Unies 

des Pays Has, 8ewed,3f. 6^ Rott. 1793 

482 Relandi (Hadrian) Pai*b8tina, ex Monumentis Veteribus illus- 

trata, with maps, plates of coins, &c. 2 vols, vellum, 12«. 

Traject. 1714 

483 — — — — ■ 2 vols, in one, 

vellum, 12# ib. 1714 

484 ■' ■ 2 vols, in one, 
neat, Us ib. I714 

** This is one of the most elaborate and valuable works on biblical geo- 
graphy tbat bas ever been published. Almost every thing in sacred 
and pro&ne history relating to the subject is brought forward by 
this laborious writer. It is illustrated with excellent maps and plates 
of coins." — Ormb. 

484^^- Antiquitates Sacrae Veterum Hebrseorum bre- 

viter delineatse, sewed, 3s. 6d ib. 1741 

485 • neat, 4s. 6d ib. 1741 

486 Rhenferdii (Jacobi) Dissertationes de Decem Otiosis Synagogse, 

vellum, 4*. 6d Franck. 1686 

487 Ruelli Concilia illustrata per Ecclesiasticse Historiae, ex Vet. 

Fastis, approb^tis codicibus, antiquis monumentis, &c. continua- 
vit Hartmanno, 4 thick vols, neat, rare, II. I2s. Norimberga, 1675 

<<£narraaturnon solum Conciliorum DecretaetCanones ; sed etiam inter- 
posits dissertationes lucem illis variisque Antiquitatis Ecclesiastical 
capltibus praebent."-- 'Walchius. 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

^ Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastiea. [Quarto* 

488Rumpiei (Jas. Wessel.) Commentatio Gtitica ad Libros Novi 
Testamenti €um praefat. Jo. Gottlob. Carpzoyii, yellum, 48. 

Lips. 1730 
489 Idem, neat, 4*. 6d ib. 1730 

'* Critical questions of great yariety and importance relative to the New 
Testament are here solidly discussed, by a reference to the writers of 
the greatest credit on each of tiiem." — ^Bishop Watson. 

490 Saintes Montagnes et CoUines d'Orval et de Ciaireyanx, viye Re- 

presentation de la Vie de Dom Bernard de Montgaillard, fine 
whole length portrait by Scheltius k Bolsuert, Tellum, 2s. 6d. 

Luxenib. 1629 

491 Sarasa (Alfonsii Antonii de) Ars Semper Gaudendi ex principiis 

Divinse Providentise, et Rectse Conscientiee deducta cum praefa- 
tione, J. P. Rettflchii cura J. C. Fischeri, boards, 6s. 

Franco/. 1750 

492 Sauberti Palaestra Theologico-Philologica, vellum, scarce, 4s. 

AUd. 1678 

493 ScHBLSTRATB (Eman.) Ecclesia Africana, sub Primate Cartha- 

giniensi, old calf, 7^ Pam, 1679 

494 ■ Idem, yellum, neat, 

Is. %d ih. 1679 

495 Schickardi (W.) Jus Regium Hebreeonim, cum Animadvefsionibus 

et Notis J, B. Carpzovii, portrait, yellum, bs Lips. 1674 

496 Schoetegenii Horse Hebniicae et Talmudicae, in Noy. Test, quibus 

Lightfooti snpplentur et illustrantur : et in Theologiam Judaeor. 
Dogmat. de Messia, 2 yols. yellum, IL 1« Dres. 1733-42 

497 Schroeder (Nicol. Guil.) Obsenrationes Selects ad Origines He- 

braeas, sewed, 4s Grroning, 1762 

498 ScHULTBNs Opbra. — Liber Jobi, Hebr. et Lat. cum Commentario 

Perpetuo, 2 yols. — Proyerbia Salomonis, Hebr. et Lat. cum 
Comment. — Origines Hebraecae. — Sylioge Dissertationum, 2 yols. 
-— et Opera Minora, /ormii^ 7 <^^* kaJf^calf^ neat, 21. I2s. 6d. 

Lugd. Bat. 1737, &c. 

499 r Eadem, 7 yols. calf, 

neat, 3/. 3^ ib. 1737* &c. 

500 Liber Jobi, cum noya Versione ad Hebraenm 

fontem et Commentario perpetuo, 2 yols. neat, IBs. 

Lug. Bat. 1737 

501 • — = — • ^ Idem, 2 yols. in one, yellum, 

neat, 14* ib. 1737 

502 Proyerbia Salomonis Versio Integra Hebr. & 

Lat. cum Commentario. yellum, 9s., ib. 1748 

503 Idem, neat, lOs ib. 1748 

504 '■ Origines Hebraeae sive Hebraeae Linguae anti- 

quissima natura et indoles ex Arabiae Penetralibus reyocata, cai 
adject. Lib. de defectib. Hodiern. Ling. Heb. 2 yols. yellum, 8ff. 

Praneq. 1724 

505 Idem, 2 yols. LARGE PAPER, 

neat, lOs ib. 1724 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


QuARTaO TAeo&yta et HUiaria Eccksiastica. 83 

506 Sgrvltbns Opbra.— Oripines Hebrss sWe Hebnen Lingan anti- 

quissima natura et indoles ex Arabise Penetralibus reTOcata, cui 
adject. Ldb. de defectib. Hodiern. Ling. Heb. oomplete in one 
▼olume, halfobound, neat, 9» Lugd. Bai. 1761 

507 : Idem, calf, neat, 10»....t6. 1761 

£08 ■ Opera Minora. Animadversiones ejus in Jobnm, 

et ad varia loca V. T. necnon varias Dissertationes et Oratlooes 
eomplectentia, ydlnm, %s ib. 1769 

S09 et Scbroederi Sylloge Dissertationum Philologico- 

ezegeticaram, quibas multa S. Codlds loca obscura iliustrantar 
et nova ratione explicantur, 2 vols, sewed, \2» ..a^. 177^ 

510 Idem, 2 vols, half-bound, 14*. 

ib. 1772 

511 ————— Epifitote duo ad F. O. Menkenium ]^rscripta, 

sewed, 2«. M ib. 1749 

512 De Defectibas Hodiernis Linguae Hebra5» opus, 

half-bound, neat, 2«. 6i Praneq. 1731 

513 Simon (Pere Richard) Reponse aux Sentimens de quelques Theo- 

logiens de Hollande sur THistoire Critique du Vieux Testament, 
(no title) vellum, 3«. 

514 Simsoni (Archibaldi) Hieroglyphica Animalium Terrestrium, Vo* 

latilium, &c. quse in Scriptnris Sacris inveniuntnr, vellum, scarce, 
4».6rf. Edinburgi, 1622 

515 SiNOALBSB. — ^The Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments, &c. io 

Singalese, 2« Colombo, 

516 Slcidan (Jean) Histoire de la Reformation, traduite en Francois 

«vec des notes par Pierre Frangois le Courayer, 3 vols, half-bound^ 
neat, 12. ]« H(^e, 1767 

517 Snabelii (Hieron. Gulielm.) Amosnitates Theologia, Traj. 1727.— 

J. P. Henii Dissertationes Sacrse, Amst. 1736, — 2 vols, in one, 
Tcllum, 48. 

518 SO#IA SEIPAXsiveEcclesiasticus, Lat. Drusii.cumNotis, 

vellum, scarce, 4«. 6</...«. Fruneq. 1696 

Dedicated to Archbisuof Whitgift. 

519 Spmosse (Benedict!) Tractatus Theologico-Politicus, vellum, scarce, 

4*..... Ham. 1670 

«' A Work which haB been the foundation of what has since beenoall^ 
Spinosism.**— Vide Bib. Dict. vol. vi, p. 115. 

520 Starkii (Henr. Bened.) Notae Critice, Philol. exeget. in loca iahia 
. ac difficiliora. Vet. ac Nov. Test, boards, 6« Ups. 1730 

521 — Idem, et Ejusdem, Not» Critii- 

cse in Epist. ad Ebr«os,e«c. neat, 8t • ib. 1730 

522 Statuta Universitatis Oxoniensis, neat, 3^ Oxon. 1768 

523 Statuta Sjnodi Dkecesane Audomarensis, calf, neat, 2«. 6i. 

Audomarii 1640 

524 Siatuia Synodalia per Nicolaum Episcopum Harlemensem adita 

anno 1564, neat^gdty scarce, 9s Hartemi, 1564 

525 Surenhusii (GuUelmi) £{]^[o«^a//a2agtf5. In quo secundum Veterum 

Theologorum Hebreeorum Formulas allegandi, & modos intw- 
54, Paternoster Row.] F 

Digitized by 


84 Whsologia «i Hi^bria Ecdmagtica. [QcTARtO. 

pfetandi eondlliuitiir loe« «bc V. In M . T. allc^ta, velliitii, 6t. 

Ama. 1713 

526 Talmudis Baibylonis Codex Saeoa siye de IVibertiftfealofrum Festo, 

Kitus, ejus ntque Geremonias exponent', Hebr. et Lat. notis 
F. B. DachB, Comment. Crameri,etpr8efkt.-B.Mttlti,ye}hnn, 55. 

Traj. 1726 

527 TBRT0LLIIINT Apologeticus 8d?(^i]8 Geiites 't)rd 'Chnsthftios, et 

Minucius Felis, oura CoramentaHis ae ^gfresHidliibus f>e8iderii 
Herald!, half-calf, neat, 69. M. , .LateHmj 1613 

528 Thomassin (P. Louis) Traits Dogtnatiqae lit Hidtdriqae des Edits, 

et des autres moyens spirituels et temporels poor etablir et pour 
maintenir Tonit^ die TEglise Catboltqae : icrec un Soppl^ilient, 
poor repondre k divers Merits seditieux et particalierement ^ 
PHistoire de I'Edit de Nantes, 3 yols. eatf, stamped, \5s. 

d Paris, 1703 
Priced at 2/. '8#. in a Catalogoe for last year. 

529 Tnttenl]em(DomJoliannis &) CatalogusScriptoram Ecclesiastico- 

rum,neat, scarce, 8« Colon. 1531 

530 TfTRRETiNi (Fr.) Institu'vio Thbologue ELBNCTiciB, 4 vols. fine 

copy, balf-boand, 18f .GeneotB, 1679 

*' Turretin's Institutio is learned, methodical, {lerspiciionft, and very com- 
prehensive : a work of slngfolar excellence, by one of the hest of men." 
Williams's Citristian PKeACHSR. 

531 ■ Compendium llieologiee Elencticae, bound,3«. 

Amst. 1605 
£32 ■ Idem, hatf-bound, 4«. 

Ugd. Bat. 1731 

5^ . Idem, vellum, 5*.......*^« 4731 

534 ___ (Job. Alph«)* Opbra Ommia Theologica, jPhi^ 

iosophicaf et Phihlogicaf 3 vols, sewed, 12« Leav. 1774 

536 • Orationes Aeademicse Cogita- 

tioneset Dissertationes llieol. ^ vols, neat, 8j Gmev. 1737 

536 tJrsule (Si) la'Gloire de, cbntenaiit'I'Histoire et Martyre'des onse 

mille Viergres, et un abireg^ 'd^ hi vie d'lm'cunes filles de S. Ur^ 
sale signalees. en suntet^, bound, 2«.'6tf. .i^*ty*..i^iV4Utni. 1666 

537 Van Til (Salom.) Opbra Omnia, 9 vols, portrait^ hj Gunst, neat, 

in vellum, 1/. Is Ti-aj. 1720 

fSBS • ■■ — CdmpettdhimTheo1oig^8e,^e#ed, 2«. 

Lugd. Bat. 1734 
S3t • ' — ^ Commentarius de TabeltiaeHlo Mo*t8,'tt<Zib* 

logfia Sacca, sclVed, 2«. M.,, i.............^.ik...wu*Dffrd. 1714 

•840 - — '-^ • ■ ■' Melhodus ConcioBandi, -quibus -«ddite 'inilit 

'Bibliotheca ^JTheologiea et alise Diesertat. sewed, ^«.6d* 

Tfaj. 17«7 
541 Velzeb (Com. 1^) InMitataoncts Thedbgin PhMtkse, 3 <fOlai ireitt, 9s. 

Gronin. 1743-57 
54^ Venemse (Hermanni) lustitutiones Historian Ecclesise Veteris Tes- 
tament!, 7 vols. &ewed, 1/... ;lmgd* Bat. 1777 

54S : ' =^ ^ • ■ ■ ' tT i -r 7 VOlp.ilvlf- 

bound, II. 4s U). 1777 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] ThfofBgia #< Byft4ff^ ScdeMioiiica. OS 

544 VtBueiBK (H»nwmwii) CoiDQant, a4 Froph. Jtremiie, 2 vola, sewed, 

e*—.,.. "i./. ....• Leov. 17«5 

545 ^ — ^ AoQillier Copy, 2 yols. half-bouad, 74 ib. 17M 

546 -—I r. Lections 4i<r^<^^°>^<^ •d Ezechliem, 2 vols, 

halM>oiind, 6s. ib. 1790 

547 ' ■ . J CamBient. ad Zacharil^* half-bound, no 

548 -*T^-. . i . Prakotiones de Methodo Propttieticaa seu 

de Argiuneoto Prophet. V. & N.T. 4to. sewed, & ib. 1775 

549 ViBiRA (P. Antonio) Sbrmobns, 15 vols, neat, 1/. 10<. 

LUboa^ 1679 

550 VifQoles (Alphqnse des) Cbronolojpe de THistoire Sainte et des 

Histoirep Etrangeres qui la cpi^cernent depuis la Sortie d'Egypte 
jttsqu'a la Captivity de Babykwe, 2 foli. half-bo^nd, 12«. 

BerUn, 1738 

^ Onvnige sayant, et assea eftlm^."— Voyea Bjtuvsr, Manubl, t ir, p. ft^O. 

551 ■■ 2 vols, yellnm, 
neat, 16« , , • ik. 1738 

552 Vitringa (Camp^gii) Ol^servationes Sacre, 2 vols, bound, 10». 

Frwuq. 1700 

553 » - ■ 2vok.yellom,10l»>6<<. 

Amii. 1729 

554 -t 1 i 2 vols. catF, neat, 12». 

t^. 1727 

** The Obsfrva^ones cx^M^ en immunise nws of ^oellapepHf and 
let^fned dissertation on difficult passes of Scripture, and on qne^fioiiuf 
of sacrfd Criticism, Theology, and Antiquities ; all treated witii great 
learning. Waisii comxnendf them as speelmens of exquiiita croffir 
tien.f'-^de OaiiS*8 Bi»uothbca Bibuca, p. 448. 

555 ,v 1 ,M .j i . de SyvMigc^ V^re, Mbri HI, quiba^ turn de 

de Sacris etc. Synagogarum agitur ; turn prscipue Formam Regi- 
miaSs & Ministedi eamm in Ecclesiam Christ, translatam es^ 

denion8traAor,.veUwP»8?««***«!*-- .•••••••. mvm- Prt^uj* 1696 

556 -T-r — ■ . ..un. — Tvr^ Dyctprip^ Cbr|stii^^ ^eHgipnis per Aphorism 

mofi summetiw de9<:ripta, cura Martini Vifr^iga, etjp, ^ vols, 
beards, canfaes b^ks. li^ered, lOf. M. ••••••'t:-::Arnhem. 1761 

557 I .u.. — I — : (Cavip* FH») PrSPJcc^oi^es Vwi 4rpi?»«n*»» 

5Q8 VosriiTbeM9.T»M»lPgi<?« ^t Histgnca. 4^ v^ils PflCtrwff (^hris- 

ti#ott CaiNilib«9« Ejusdem de Philosopbia el Philospphprum Sect^s, 

lb. ii, thick vol. yelliiiA, 6«. •mm-*?; *fff*:»fHm:V9^r I^ 

559 Vorsfgii de Heibrw^WA Noy^ Testamenti Comme^tariiis sive ^hilo- 

logia S^r», veOwp, 6s..../. .l//..y...../s.i>»f^..ff.''PraTwqf. 1705 
5^ Viaemoiil; (H.) Observationes Miscellanese, argumenti prseclpue 

irtdlologiei 0t theoloj^d, half>hownd, 2^* 6d,.,,.,,,,,...Lepv. 174^ 

561 1 ■■■■t '. . Idem, vellum, S«. 

ib. 174D 

562 I . P.. II Idem, vejl^um, 3». 6rf. 

ib. I7fi6 
M,.PiTBava8T«ii, Row.] 

Digitized by 


36 Theologia et Histaria Ecch$ia$tiea. [Quarto. 

563 Wagenseilii (J. C.) Sota^ h. e. Liber MisohnietlM de Uzore Advd* 
terii Suspecta. una cunt Idbri en Jneob Excerptis Gemane^ Ver- 
sione Latina & Commentario perpetuo, in quo muHa Saer. Lit. 
ac Hebr. Script, loca explicanturf etc. thick vol. vellum, \2». 

Midorji, 1674 

564 Tula Ignea Sxtavje^ hoc est Arcani, & hor- 

ribiles Judseorum adversus Christum Deum & Christaanum Reli- 
gionem Libri ANEKAOTOI, additse sunt Latins interpretationes 
etduplex confutatio, thick vol. I4s • ib. 1681 

A collection of the Jewish Blasphemies written against Christ, and the 
Christian Religion, with Latin Translations and long notes in the 
way of refutation. It is a very learned, laborious, and valuable per- 
formance, often referred to in controversies with the Jews. Dr. 
Clarke calls it ''a scarce and curious work/'—Vide Bibl. Dict. 
vol. vi, p. 327. 

565 TTalchii (C. 6. F.) Commentatio de Obedientia Chrisli Activs, 

sewed, 3« Gattii^. 1755 

566 Waltheri (M.) Officina Biblica, noviter adaperta, in qua perspieue 

videre licety qua& scitu, cognituque maxime sunt necessaria, de 
Sacra Scriptura in genere, et in specie de libris ejus canonicis, 
apocryphis deperditis^ spuriis, boards, 6^ Dps. 1636 

567 Wbrbbro. — Triumphus Gastitatis seu Acta et Mirabilis Vita 

VeneralHlis Wilburg^s Virg^s, Jrantispiece^ neat^ 6s, 

Augustas 1715 

568 Werenfelsii (Samuelis) Opuscula theologica, philosophica et philo« 

logica, 2 vols, boards, 10s Lugd. Bat. 1772 

569 Weissii Manipulns Symbolorum, sewed, }s,6d JcR<e, — 

570 WiTsii (Hbbm.) Opbra Omnia; viz. Miscellanea Sacra, 2 vols.— 

De CEconomia Fcedemm Dei.— Meletemata Leidensia.-*£gyp* 
liaca. — Exercitadones Sacro in Symlioium Apostolorum et in 
Orationem Dominicsm, 6 vols, in 5, neat, IL 10f. 

Herbom, 1737 

571 " ■— 6 vols, in 5, browa 
calf, neat, 1/. 14^ Lugd. Bat. 1735 

571* CEconomia Fcederum Dei cum Hominibus, editia 

prima, vellum, 6s Traj. 1694 

572 ■ Exercitationes Sacree in Symbolum quod Aposto- 
lorum dicitur, vellum, 4s. 6d Frtmeq. 1681 

573 Idem, et in Orationem 

Dominicam, half-bound, 5^ Amst. 1697 

574 Yelinm, 6s. Franeq. 1681 

575 ^gyptiaca, et de decem tribibus Israelis Ldber, 

vellum, 4s. 6d .Atnsi. 1683 

576 ! half-bound, 4s. 

HerUnn. 1717 
577 ' Labob Papbb, vcHam, 6#. 

Amst. 160(^ 

573 ............._ Miscellaneorum Sacrorum, libri IV, half-boond, 

ikeaXs4s.6d. Trmf. 1692 

579 ■■! neat, 5* i*. 1692 

[WiLiiiAM Bathss, 

Digitized by 


Octavo;] Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastica. S7 

580 Wolfbur^ Observationes Sacrse in Novam TestameDtuin, ordine al- 

phabetibo, editie ex occasione uberius supplendi Saeram Criticam 
Ed vnrdi Leigh, yel]oni,55 Flensb. 1717 

581 WoLTii (Jo. Christ.) Cvrje PniLOLOGiCiE ct CaiTiciB in Novum 

Tbstahbntum, 6 vols, in 4, vellam, neat 1/. lOs. ,,,Hamb, 1725 

582 5 vols, half-boundy 

rnssia, neat, 1/. 16« Basil, 1741 

** This work/' says Bp. Watson, '' has some reseznhlance, in the manner 
of its composition, to Poole's Synopsis, but is written with more 
judgment, and contains the opinions of many expositors, who have 
liv^ since the publication of Poole's work. Wolfius, moreover, has 
not followed Poole in simply stating the sentiments of others, but 
has frequently animadverted upon them with great critical discern- 

583 ■ Bibliotheca Hebrsea, sive Notitia tam Auc- 
toram Hebr. cujuscumqoe ^tatis, turn Scriptoram, qute vel He- 
bndce primum exarata vel ab aliis conversa sunt, etc. 4 vols, 
vellum, 2< Hamh. 1715-33 

584 (Christiani) Theologia Naturalis methodo scientifica 

pertractata, 2 vols, neat, 9^ Franco/, 1736 

585 Xavier (Hieron.) Historia Christi, Pers. et Lat. cum Notis Ludov. 

De Dieu. — Historia S. Petri, Pers. et Lat. cum notis De Dieu, 
half-bound^ vellum, uncut, 148, 

Lugd, Bat, ex officina Elzeviriana, 1639 

'< This is a very useful Work for all those who study the Persian lan- 
guage." — Dr. Clarke. 

586 Zaccaria (Francisci Antonii) Bibliotheca Ritualis, 3 vols, half- 

bound, scarce, 18».... ,,., Romas, 1776 

587 Zuinglii (Huldrychi) Arnica Exegesis, id est Expositio Eucharistise 

negodi, ad.Martinum.Lutherum, RARE, 55 Tiguri^ 1527 

5gg ■ Sabsidium sive Coronis de Eucharistia, scarce, 

5s ib, 1525 

589 Responsio ad Theobald! Billicani et Urbani 

Rheg^i Epistolas, scarce, 5s ib, 1526 

591 — — — — - Antibolon adversus Hieronymum Emserum 

Canonis Miss® Adsertorem, scarce, 5t •.•.••••.»6. 1524 


592 BiBLRS IN Hbbrbw. — Biblia Hebrsa, cum punctis J. G. Nisselii, 

new in calf, 12« Lugd, Bat. 1662 

593 ' — ; '• Biblia Hebraica, accurate recognita k 

J, H. Maio & uldmo revisa a Johanne Leusdeno, cum var. lect. 

et Nov. Test. Grec. thick vol. half-calf, 15^ Francqf. 1692 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

38 Theologia et HUioria Ecdesiastieci* [OcTATO. 

594 Bibles in Hebrew. — Biblia Hebraica Manualia, cum pi»«ta9 
access Vocabularium omnium Vocum, V. T. Hebr. et Cbald. 

luterpretat. et Explicat, sewed, ]6«. uew half-calf, 1/. Is. 

Halm, 1822 
" Merits the first place ' amoQ^ the most useful portable Ifa^oretic 
Bibles."— Bib. Dict. 

596 Biblia Hebrdca secundum ultimam Edi- 

lionem Jos. Athise a Jobanne Leusden recognitam, aliosque 
Codices optimos recensita yariisque notis iUustrata ab Eyerardo 
Yander Hoogbt, Editio nova recognita et emendata a Josepho 
Samuele C. F. Frey, 2 vols. LARGE PAPER, calf, 2Z. 

Lond. 1812 

598 Bible in Greek. — ^Vetas Testamentnm Gnecum ex versione Sep- 

tuaginta Interpretum, juxta Exemplar Vaticanum Romse editum, 

. neat, 10« Loud. 16S3 

599 Septuaginta Interpret^, torn! i, et id^imus 

eontinens Octateuchum, et Psalmorum, Jobi ac tres Salomonis 
Libros cum Apocrypha ejusdem necnon Siracid® Sapientia, 2 
thick volumes, vellum, neat, 6s • Oxcau 1707 

600 Latin. — Biblia {Sacra Yulgatse Editionis, stamped, vellum 

binding, 8« Franco/^ )6Qg 

601 Veteris Testamenti versio Nova ad Hebraicam 

veritatem facta, auctore C. F. Houbioant, 8 vols* browo calf, 
!/• 11*. 6d Paris, 1753 

602 French. — La Sainte Bible, avec des paralleles et des 

Sommaires par David Martin, half-bound, neat, 5*. 6d. 

Flensbourg. 1739 

003 ^— — Italian. — La Sacra Biblia tradotta da Diodati corretta 
da G. M. Mull^r, 2 vols, neat, 9* I^m. 1744 

003* tradotto da Monsignor Antonio Martiqi, 

bound, 7s 1821 

004 German. — Die Bibel nach der teutsehen Uebersetznng 

D. Martin Luthers, neat, 5s,, •• HaUe, 1777 

005 — ^— Portuguezb, neat, 5* Lond. 1819 

006 — '. — - Spanish, traducidos de la Vulgata Latina, bound, 6s. 

ih. 1824 

607 Dutch, neat, 4* t^. 1812 

008 Malay, in the Roman Character, royal octavo, bound, 

7s ih. 1821 

009 Irish, neat, 5s ib. 1817 

010 Gaelic, 2 vols, (wants title to vol. i,) bound, 4#. M. 

Whitehaven, 1773 

611 Novum Tbstambntum Gracum, in Sectiones diidsit interpunc- 

tiones posuit et Dispositionem Logicam adjecit Chiistianus 

Schoettgenius, half-calf, 4« ..Vratisl. 1765 

612 cum Scholiis Theologicis et 

Phiiologicis, cura Hardt, 2 vols, bound, 10$ Lond, 1768 

613 2 vols, boards, 12*. 

ih. 1778 

614 2 voIb. brown calf, 

neat, 14j • •. • • ih. 1820 

[WiXiUAM BAms^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

OorAVC] Theologia et HUioria EcclesiasHca. 38 

9tS Novum Tbstamsntum Gilbcum, ad Godicem Yindoboneuflen 
Oneee expressum, Varietatem Lectionis addidit ]Pranciscus Ga- 
lolus Alter, 2 vds. green morocco, 16««».»..^.».».««.«Ftai]Ke, 17^7 

** It is in geneTBl acknowledged that this work has been execnted with 
great care and diligence ; and as it contains the readings -of M86 
which had been totally neglected, or very superficially examined, it 
is a work with which no man engaged in sacred criticism can &- 
pense."— Dr. Dibdin. 

(M6 ex recensione Jo. Jac. Gries- 

'bachii cam selecta Lectionuin Varietate, half-calf, neat, 4s. 6d. 

Lipsioi^ 1805 

617 ■■ ' Gnec. pum vulgata interpreta- 

tione Latina, Graeci contextiu lineis inserta, ▼ellam, As. 6d, 

Plantin. If6l3 

•618 ' ■■■■■ sewed in yeilum, 4«. 

Commelin^ 1602 

619 ' ■ Gnec. et Lat. Montani, inter- 

LBATBD with writing paper, in 4 vols, no title-page, boards. 

f^O ■■■ perpctua annotatioue illustra- 
tain d Job. Benj. Koppe, vol. 4, complectens Epistolam Paul! ad 
Romanos, sewed, 2s. 6d -.Gonivg. 1806 

^Jfl ■ ' Tol. 6, Epistolse 

Panlli ad Galatas, Ephesios, Thessalonieenses, cura?it Tychsen, 
«ewed,29. 6</ t6. 1791 

'622 « ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ' ■ vol. 7* complec- 
tens Epistolas Paulli ad Timotheom, Titum et Philemonem, con- 
dnoavit Heinrichs, sewed, 2«. 6c? ih. 1798 

623 ■ Tol. 7, Partic. 2. 
complectens Epistolas Paulli ad Philippenses et Colossenses con- 
tinuant Heinrichs, sewed, 2^. 61^ «6. 1802 

034 « » yol. 8, complec- 

'tens Epistolam Panlli ad Hebneos continuarit Heinrichs, sewed, 
2«. 6rf %h. 1792 

'625 ■■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ vol. 9, Fascic. 

2, exhibens utramqae Epistolam Petri, continaarit D. J. Pott, 
^cwcd, 2s. M ih. 1810 

"626 ■ ■ ' ' ■ ■ Epistolarum Ca- 

tiioHcaram Septenarins, Gnec. et Lat. cum Scholiis Grammaticis 
-atfue criticis, opera Job. Ben. Carpzo?. sewed, 3«. Hcd. 1790 

62^ !New TsSTiiMBNT IN HiNnoosTANSB. NagTco Character, neat, 12«. 

*628 " ■ ■■ Armbnian, neat, 7« 1814 

•629 " ■ ■ Malay, Arabic Cbaracter, sewed, 8». 

Harlemi, 1820 

'TOO- " ■ ■ ' ' ■ bound, 6s. 

Ijond. — - 

^631 ■<"" ■■ " ■ ' ■ ■ Roman Character, neat, 4«. 6d, 

Calcutta J 1814 

*'6S2 ^ " f " bound, 3s. 

Lmd. 1818 

433 ' '■ Bbngalbb, no title-page and unbound, 6«. 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

40 Tkeologia et Historia Ecclesiastica. [Octavo. 

634 New Tbstimbntin the Kunouj Language, by the Serampore Mig- 
sionaries, boards^ IDs Serampore^ 1821 

635 Frbnch, traduit ear la Vulgate par De Sacy, 

neat, 3«. M Paris, 1818 

636 ■ OBRMAMy with GomineDtaries by D. Johann. 
Otto Thieszy 4 vols, boards, 9t Ltiirz. 1799 

637 Dutch, bound, 2» Land. 1812 

638 Pentateuchns Hebrxo-SamaritaQus charactere Hebraeo-Chaldaico 

editns cura et studio Benj. Blayoey, boards, T$ Oxan. 1790 

639 The Prophets, and Book of Psalms, in Hebrew, large print, with 

points, yellum, 4^. %d Lmd. 1822 

640 The Psalms, in Hebrew, with points, by Prey, half-bound, 2t. M, 

ih. 1813 

641 The Psalms, Ten Commandments, and Lord's Prayer, in Arabic, 

bound, 6« ...•.••...LQn^. 1725 

642 Gospel of Matthew, in Chinbsb, 2«. 6(i. 

643 Book of Common Prayer, Irish and English, neat, scarce, bi. 

Land. — — 

644 Compendium of the Book of Common Prayer, in Hindoostanbb, 5«. 

Calcutta, 1814 

645 ' ■ boards, 7*- 

bond. 1818 

646 Abbadie Traits de U V^rit6 de la Religion Chr^tienne, 2 vols. 

neat, 6f Roit. 1684 

647 Alberti (J.) Observationes Philoiogicte in Sacros Novi Foederis 

Libros, neat, 2«. 6d Lugd. Bat. 1725 

648 Idem, yellum, 3s. ib. 1735 

649 ■ ■ Glossarium Grscum in Sacros Novi Foederi Libros, 

acced. ejusd. Miscellanea Critica in Glossas Nomicas, Suidam, 
Hesychium; et Indicem auciorum ex Photii Lexico inedito, 

sewed, 2s. 6d ib. 1735 

650 Idem, vellum, 3s. 6d. ib. 1735 

651 7— Idem, ib. 1735, et Pericnlum 

Criticum in loca qusedam Vet. ac Nov! Test, vellum, 4^. ib, 1727 

652 Amersfoordt Annotatiooum in Loc. Select. Nov. Feed. Specimen, 

If. 6d ib. 1810 

653 Amjrraldi (Moses) £zercitationes duse, 1 . In Orationem Domini- 

cam, 2. In Symbolum Apostolorum, half-bound, uncut, 3f. 

TraJ. 1767 

654 Arminii (Jacobi) Disputationes Publics et Private, vellum, dc. 

Lugd. Bat. 1610 

655 IdemetEjusdemOrm- 

tiones itemque Tractatus. — Disputationes Privatse, in one vol. 
new half-calf, 6* ib. 1610. &c. 

656 Historia Vit«, auctore Casp. Brantio, neat, 

3*. M ; Amsi, 1724 

657 new, boards, 3»... .aft. 1724 

658 veUum, 3s. M. ...ib, 1784 

This interesting Life of Arminius was written by Caspar Brandt, but 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] Theologia et HUtoria Ecclesiastica. 41 

published and prefiEMsed by Gerard Brandt, the son of Caspar, and the 
author of .tha well-known ^' History of the Reformatiott of the Low 
Countries." Subjoined are Verses on the Death of Arminius, by 
Hugo Grotius and Baudius. 

^8*Artemomii Initittm Eyangelii S. Joannis restitutum et illostratum, 
yellum, 3f 1728 

This heterodozical work was written by Samuel Crellius, of whom see 
an account in the " Bibliotheque Cniieuse," vol. ii, p. 153. Vogt 
calls it " Opus rarum> imo perrarum." 

f^9 Barberini (Maph. Card.) Poemata, edid. Jos. Browne^ thick 
paper, Tellttm, 3;.. Oxon, 1727 

660 Basil (S.). J. £. Fiesseri Dissertatio Historieo-Theologica, de vita 

Basilii Magni, Csesareae in Cappadocia Episcopi, sewed, \s. 6d, 

Groning. ^— 

661 Biel (J. C.) Novus Thesauras Philologicus, sire Lexicon in LXX. 

et alios Interpretes et Scriptores Apocryphos Veteris Testamenti, 
edidit E. H. Mutzenbecher, 3 vols, sewed, l2s..,Hag. Com, 1779 

" This is a very valuable work ; it is very neatly printed, and so neces- 
sary to the biblical student, that its want cannot be easily supplied." 

— ^DlBDIN. 

662 Idem, 3 vols, brown calf, 

18* »6. 1779 

663 Borger (E. A.) Specimen Hermeneuticum Inaugarale exhibens 

Interpretationem Epistolse Pauli ad Galatas, sewed, 2«. 6^. 

Lugd. Bat. 1807 

664 Broes Insdtationes Theologise Theoretics, sewed, 2s..*,..ib. 1788 

665 Brnnings (Christian!) Doctrina de Regno Dei, Francqf, I7^* — 

Ejusdem de Silentio SacF» Scripturie Libellus, ib. 1750, in one 
vol. vellum, 3s. 6^. 

666 Bulli (Episc. Geo.) Judicium Ecclesiee Catholicse trium primo- 

rum Seculorum de Divinitate Christi, Amst. 1697* — Eli» Benoist 
in priores octodecim primi capituli Evangelii secundum Joanneu 
versiculos Dissertationes Eplstolice tres, Roter* 16979 in one 
vol. vellum, 5«. . . 

667 Burgerboudt Specimen Academicum Inaugurale de Coeiua 

Christianorum Thessalonicensis ortu fatisque, etc. sewed, 1*. 6<f. 

Lug. Bat. 1825 

668 Burton (J.) OpuscalaTheoIogica et Metrico-Prosaica, 2 vols, neat, 

49 Oxm. 1771 

669 Cappelli (Ludovici) Critica Sacra, slve de variis que in Sacm 

Vet. Test, iibris occurrunt Lectionibus libri sex, recensuit mulds- 
que animadversionibus auxit G. J. L. Vogel, 2 vols, in one, vel- 
lum, neat, 9« Hal. Magd. 177^ 

670 Celsii (Olavi) Hierobotanicon sive de Plantis Sacra Scripturaf DU^ 

sertationes brevu^ 2 vols, fine copy, calf, rare^ \U lOs. 

Am»t. 1748 

** This book was not esteemed as it deserved till its author was no 
more. There having been but 200 copies printed, it is now very 
rare, and is one of those works which are oftener talked of than 
read."— Dr. Smith's Introd. to Linnsean Trans. 

54, Patbrnoster Row.] G 

Digitized by 


43 Theolagia et Histaria Ecchsiastica. [Ogtayo. 

671 Cliim BNTI8 Liber qvds Dives sulvetur, Gr. et Lftt. cum commeDt. 

Carolt Segaarii, sewed, 3f. 6d Traj. 1816 

672 Glodii (Jo. Christ.) Lexicon Hebraicum Selectum in quo Voces 

rariores etobscurse Codicis Hebrsei Biblici illustrantur, vellum, 5t. 

Lipa. 1744 

979 CuQsei (P.) et Djoct. Virorum ad Eundem EpistolseenraBurmanni, 

nfat, 3* • (Mgd. Bat. 1732 

674 Ctbilu HomUiae XIX in Jerei^iam, Gr. et I^. Corderii, neat« 

4* Aniv. 1648 

675 Daniel, sec. LXX, ex Tetraplis Origenis ediditj & illustravit jSe-* 

gaar, sewed, 3s Trq;, 1775 

676 Dathii Pentateu^^us, Latine versus notisque Philctlogicis et Critioia 

illustratus, boards, 5« Hala, 1781 

677 ■ half-bound, un- 
cut, 6« ib. 1781 

678 Prophetse Minores, Lat. versi et illustrati, seyi^ed, 2s. 6d. 

ib. 1773 
679 boards, 3s...ib. 1779 

680 Decreta Romana et Asiatica pro Judasis, ab Josepho coUecta, 

Greec. et Lat. cum notis, accedunt Suidse aliquot, loca purgata 
ab Jac. Gronovio, vellum, neat, 2s Laj^d. Bat. 1712 

681 De Rossi (Jo. Bern.) Specimen Var. Lect. Sacri Textus et Chal- 

daica Estheris Additamenta, cum Lat. Vers, ae Notis, sewed, 4«. 

Tfdnng. 1783 
682 Idem, original edition, thick 

paper, 69 « RonuB^ 1782 

6Bd Devoti (Joannis) Institutiones Canonics, 4 toIs. sewed, 8». 

ih. 1825 
6i4 Dicta Classica Vet. et Nov. Test. Hebr. Gr. el Lat. Dogmatische 

Beweisstellen des alten und neuen Testaments in den Urspiachen 

und den lateinischen Uebersetzungen von Dathe und Reiohard, 

sewed, 2*. M jLei;is. 1806 

6fi6 Dorhont Animadversiones in Loca selects V. T. (ex Hebr. L. etc. 

elucidantur) annexas sunt Vindicat. Loc. celeb. 1 Joh. v, ?» &c. 

2 vols, sewed, 5«.. Lsov. 1765-72 

6fi7 2 vole, neat, 7s....ib. 1765 

688 Drelincourt Visites Charitables ou Consolations Chretiennes, 3 

vols, half-bound, neat, 7'* 6<f Amst. 1731 

6S9 Edwards (Tfao.) Prolegomena in Libros Veteris Testament! 

Poeticos; sulijicitnr Metrics Lowthians Confiitalio, 8vo. vellum, 

neat, bs.. CatUab. 176» 

600 Eichom Repertoiium fur BibUschc und Morgenlmndische Lkteratur, 

18 vols, in 9, sewed, 2L 7s Laps. 1777-85 

W\ Eisner (Jacob!) Observationes Sacrse in Novi Foederis Libros, 

2 Tols. half-bound, uncut, neal;, lOt. M Traj. 1720-9 

'' Hiis is one of the most valuable books of Sacred Criticism. It has 
BOW become veiy scarce and dear in England." — Dr. Harwood. 

6JM5 ^- 2 vols, calf, neat, 12*.. ih. 1720 

z : ? vols, vol. i slightly stained, 

vellum, neat, dv. ib. 1720 

Digitized by 


OcTAYO.] Theologia ei Histaria EccUsiastica. 48 

BM Endemann (Sam.) Institiitioiies Theologie Moralis, 2 rols. sewed, 
48. 6d Prancqfi 1780 

695 Epistols Virorum Doctorum quorundam ad Erdm. Radolphnm 

Fiseherom edits ab J. F. Fischero, sewed, 2s Lips. 1791 

696 Einesti (Jo. Angnsd) iDstitotio Interpretis Nori TesUmenti, 

sewed, 2s ^ Lug. Batao. I76S 

697 Glassii Philologia Sacra his tempoiibas aceommodaCa a J. A. 

Dathio, 2 vols, sewed, 18^ Lips, 1776-1795 

698 Grabii (J. £.) Spicilegrium SS. Patrain ut et Heretieomm Ssciili 

I, II, et III, cum notis, 2 yoIs. in one, largb paper, rellam, 
fine copy, \L 4s r» Oxon, I70D 

699 Grey (Ric.) Liber Jobi in Versic. Metrice divis. Heb. cum yers. 

Lat. Alb. Schultens cam Comment, neat, 3s Lond. 1742 

700 Hackmanni (Dithmari) Praecidanea Sacra sire Animadr. ia Gene* 

sin, Exodum, et Leyiticum, yellum, neat, 2s. ...Lugd. Bat. 1735 

701 Hsefteni (D. Benecticti) Re§fia yia Crucis, embellisbed with a \Arg^ 

series of engrrayings, yellum, Js. Aittv. 1635 

702 Harenberg (I. C.) Otia Gandershemensia Sacra, exponendis Sacr. 

Lit. dicata, &c. yellum, 2s» 6d ••• Tre^. 1740 

703 Haselaar (Arnold! Gulielmi) Dissertotio Exegotica de Bonnufib 

Actuum Apostolorum et Epistolarum PauUanamQi ad BiAoriam 
Pauli pertinentibus Locis, sewed, 2s 1806 

704 Hengel (W. A. yab) Annotatio in loca nonnulla ]^oyi Testamenii, 

sewed, 35 ..Amst. 1824 

705 Het#e^n (C. H. van) Clsputatb de lib'ro Josuse, boards, 3^. 

Groning. 1826 

706 Body (Hmnfredf) cotitra tRiidffaxh Aristes de L£S fnterpretF&us 

Dissefiliatio, tellatir, Ss .' :....Oxoh. 1685 

707 Honert (1!". H. Yanden) Dissertationes Efistoricse, de Creatione 

Mundi, de Stttf Edensis, de Litigua Pritnaeya, &c. sewed, 2i. 

Lug. Bat. 1738 

708 Hornemsh (Claudii' Frees) Specimen Exercitadonum in yersionem 

LXX Interpretuitf ex Plrilone, sewed, 2s. Goiting. I773 

709 • S|>ccimiii!i Sectrndum Exercitationum 

in yersionem LXX Interpretum ex Philone, sewed, 2s. M. 

HavnuB^ 177^ 

710 Horrel (Petri) ll^isceUaneorum Criticormn Lib. II, quorum alter 

Varia ad Script, turn Gr. turn Lat. complect. ; alter Vocab. 

$ATN£ Originem & Usum, ubi Loci plures LXX, etc. illustnn^ 

etc sewed, 2s Leov. 1738 

711 (Gerardi) Animadyersiones Sacrse Profans, sewed, 2s. 

Marling. 1749 
1\2 Irensei (S.) Fragmenta Anecdota, Gr. et Lat. Notisque ao Dis- 

sertationibus illustrata, denique Liturgia Grseca, Jo. Emestr 

Grabe, aucta labore et studio, €. M. Pfaffii, yellum, 5«. 

Hag. Com. I715 
713 ' hatf-boutod, russia, 

uncut, 5f. 6(f. tir *^- 1715 

714 Jablonski (Pauli Ernesti) Institutiones Historin Christianfle, 2 

yols. inone, yellum, 3l.v. #.r.%.r*.... Ftwkcqf. 1754 


Digitized by 


44 Theoloyia et Historia EcclesicLSiica. [Octavo. 

715 Jablonski (Pauli Ernesti] Insdtutiooes Historic Christians, yel- 
1am, 39. 6d Groning. 

** A work," says Bishop Watson, ** of ffreat merit, which may be read 
with much utility. An English translation in one vol. 8vo. would be 
very serviceable." 

7 16 Idem, et Histor. Recent. 

conscript, a E. H. D. Stosch, 3 vols, in one, half-bound, uncut, 
68 Franco/. 1766 

717 Jahnii (Job ) Enchiridion Hermeneuticse Generalis Tabularum 
Vet. et Nov. Testamenti, sewed, 4$ Vicnmsy 1812 

j\g ____ Archnologia Biblica in Epitomen redacta, sewed, 0«. 

t6. 1814 

719 Jaquelot (M.) Dissertations sur la Messie, ou Pon prouve aux 

Juifs que Jesus Christ est le Messie, neat, scarce, 4s, 

Haye, 1699 

720 JusTivi Marttris Apologia prima pro Christianis, Gr. et Lat. 

ed. Jo. Em. Grabe, neat, Ss, 6d Oxon. I7OO 

720 * ' — Apologia secunda, Gr. et Lat. edita ab H. 
Hutchin, half-vellum, Ss ib. 1703 

721 Keuchenii Annotata in omnes Novi Testamenti Libros, cum prse- 

fatione Alberd, sewed, 4s. 6d Lugd. Bat. 1755 

Dr. Smitii speaks of Keuchen as " a critic in the first rank for learning, 
judgment, and mental independence." This is the best edition. 

722 King Historia Symbol! Apostolici cum Observationibus Ecclesias* 

ticis et Criticis, vellum, 2s. 6d ib. 1765 

723 Krafft (Joannis Gulielmi) Observationum Sacrarum quibus varia 

scripture loca atque argumenta theologica illnstrantnr Fasciculi 
IX, 5 vols, vellum, 10* Marburgi, 1753-61 

724 Krebsii (Jo. Tobise] Observationes in Novum Testamentum e 

Flavio Josepho, half-bound, neat, 7s Dps. 1755 

724* ■ Idem, sewed, 5s. ib. 1755 

" One of the most valuable books of Sacred Criticism. There are few 
more elegant and judicious scholars than Krebsius." — Dr. Harwoodu 

725 Kulenkamp (Gerardi) Diacrisis modesta Qusestionis philologico- 

hermeneuticffi, circa Ellipsin Litters vel Particulse Interrogantis 
in codice Hebrso-Blblico, 2 vols, in 1, very fine copy, calf, gilt, 
68 Amst. 1759 

726 Kypke (Georgii Davidis) Observationes Sacrse in Novi Foederis 

Libros ex auctoribus potissimum Grsecis et Antiquitatibus, 2 

vols, half-bound, neat, lOs Wratislav. 1755 

727 2 vols, in one, 

vellum, 9t ib. 1755 

728 2 vols, vellum, 

neat, 10* t*. 1755 

Of all the expositions of the New Testament conducted on principles 
like these," savs Michaelis, " 1 know of none that are superior or in- 
deed equal to tnose of Kypke. They are written without pedantry or 
an affectation of learning, and contain all that is important without 
being encumbered with estraaeous matter." 

[William Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Theologia et Hisioria Ecclesiastica. 45 

729 Lactantii Opera» calf, neat, 7$. 

BadletBy apud Andream Cratandrunif 

730 ■ Liber de mortibus Persecatorum cum notis Baluzii et 

Variorum ; recensuit, suis auxit, cum versionibas contulit Paulus 

Bauldri, bouDd, 6$ Traj. ad Rhen. 1692 

731 neat, &. 

ih. 1692 

" Edition e«tim6."— Bruhet. 

732 Leig^hii (Edvardi) Anuotationes philolog^cee et theologies in 

Novum Testamentum, cura Theodori Arnold!, vellum, 6f. 

Up$. 1732 

733 Leusden (Jobannis) Lexicon Hebrseo^Latinum, portrait, neat. As. 

Ultraj. 1687 

734 Lilienthal (D. Theo. Chr.) Commentatio Critica sistens duorum 

Codicum MSS. Biblia Hebraica continentium prsestantissimo- 
rum Notitiam, cum Var. Lect, etc. half-bound, 4«. Regiotn. 1770 

735 Lowth (Episcopi) de Sacra Poesi Hebraeorum Prslectiones, neat, 

6s Oxan. I775 

736 Macknighti (Jacobi) Commentarius Harmonicus in quatuor Evan- 

gelia, ex Anglico Latinum fecit, notas et alia nonnulla adjecit, 
A. F. Ruckersfelder, 3 vols, sewed, Ss Bretn, 1772 

737 Meisner (Joauuis Henrici) Nova Veteris Testamenti Clavis, 2 vols. 

boards, canvass backs, 12; Lips, 1800 

738 2 vols, new half-calf, 

uncut, I4s ib, 1800 

739 Moshemii Observationes Sacre et Historico-Criticse, vellum, 3;. 

Amst. 1721 
740 Elementa Theologise Dogmatics, 2 vols, in one, half- 
bound, neat, 5s Narimb. 1764 

741 Institutiones Historise Christianse in Compendium re- 

dacta, sewed, 2; Lips, 1783 

742 Muntingbe (Hermann!) Pars Theologise Christians Theoretica^ 

8ewed« 3; Harderv. 1801 

743 Nicola! (Jo.) Annotationes ad Libellum Dom. de Fieury de Mori- 

bus Patriarchorum, nunc primum edit, ex Bibliotheca Sigeb 
Havercampi, 2 vols, in one, unbound, 3s Lugd, Bat. 1740 

744 vellum, neat, 4s.. .ib. I74O 

745 Observationes Selects, in Vet. Test, et in aliquot loca Nov. Test. 

cum prsfat. Jac. Rhenferdi, vellum, 3s ib. 1723 

746 Opuscula Sodetatis, cui Symbolum, tandem fit Surculus Arbor, 

sewed. Is. M Traj. I776 

747 Palairet (Elis) Observationes Phiiologico> Critics in Sacros Novi 

Fcederis Libros, sewed, 35... .: Lug. Bat. I752 

748 new half-calf, 4s ib. 1752 

749 vellum, 4s. 6d ib. I752 

750 Palm (J. H. Vander) Ecdesiastes philologice et critice illustratus, 

sewed, 2s ••• ib. IJ84 

54, Patbrmostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


46 Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastica. [OcTAVO. 

751 Pareau (L. G.) Commentatio critica et exegetica in Panlinse Epis* 
tolee prions ad CoriDthios Caput XIII, boards, 3$. 6d. 

Traj. 1826 

753 Passio SS. PerpetusB et Felicitatis, cum notis Lucse Holstenii, itetn 

Passio Bonifacii Romani Martyris, etc. vellum, 3j...Pam, 1664 

754 Pfeiifer (Johann. Jakob) Anweisung fur Prediger, sewed, 2s, 

Marb. 1789 

7^ Pierce (Thomse) Pacificatorium Ortbodoxee Theologise Corpuscu- 

Inm, bound, 2« Lond. 1683 

756 Pritii (J. G.) Introductio in Lectionem Novi Testament!, in qua 

que ad Rem Criticam, Historiam, Cbronologiam, OtSogrsL^ 
pbiam, yarias Antiquitates, pertinent, breyiter et perspictke 
exponuntur, auxit C. G. Hofmann^ maps, vellum, 9«. L^s, 1737 

757 *— -^ ' Idem, maps, neat, 98,.,ib, 1737 

" I have never met with any book superior to this as an introduction to 
the New Testament." — ^Bp. Watson.—" The Introduction of Pritius 
deserves to be purchased by every student in Divinity." — Marsh. 


758 Raphelii (Geor*) Annotationes in Sacram Scripturam, ex Xe* 

nophonte, Polybio, Arriano, et Herodoto, 2 vols, vellum, 14s. 

Lugd. Bat, 1750 

" An author whose literary merit it is not for me to celebrate." — Haft> 
WOOD. " Raphelius, Eisner, and Kypke, are among the best of those* 
authors who have applied the productions of the classical writers to 
the elucidation of the Bible." — Horne. 

759 Roordse (Tacoiii») Commeutarii in aliquot Jeremise loca, sewe^, 

2« Gromng. 1824 

760 Rosenmulleri Scholia in Vetus Testamentum, 13 vols, complete,. 

half-calf, neat, 6i. 65 Lq>s. 1788, &c. 

76 1 ■ _-_———— — last e^ion , 1 6 voir. 

vellum, neat, 8/. 8s ib, 1821, &c. 

y52 ■ Scholia in Novum Testamentum, 5 vols, half-bd. 18*. 
763 Scholia in Vet. Test. Tomus secundus, continens 

Leviticum, Numeros et Deuterononium, sewed, 3«.-...L^. 1790 
y54 Psalmi Annotatione perpetua illustrati, vols, i & 

ii, sewed, 6s. ib. 1802 

765 Scholia in Jesaiam, Seetia Prior, sewed, 3s. 

ib. 1791 

766 Ruekersfelder (A. F.) Sylloge Commentationum & Observationum 

Philologico^-Exegeticarum, et Cridcarum, neat, 2s, M, 

UUrqf. 1762 

767 Saurin (Elie) D^ensede la veritable Doctrine de TEglise Reform^e 

sur le principe de la Foy, neat, 2s Utrecht j 1697 

768 Suite de la Justification de la- Doctrine du Sieur Sato- 

rin, bound, 2^.... Amst. 1*697 

769 Scbachtii Animadversiones ad Antiquitates Hebrseas,olimdelineata8 > 

a C. Ikenio, half-bound, neat, bs Traj, 1810 

770 Scharfenbergii Animadversiones quibus Fragmenta Versionum 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastica. 47 

(jraecarum V. T, a B. Montfalconio colleeta illuBtrantur emen- 

dantur, Specimen Primum, sewed, 3t. 6^... Lips. 177^ 

77^ Scheidii (Everardi) Dissertatio Philologico-Exegetica ad Canticum 
Hiskis acces. Specimen Observationum ad quxdam loca Vet. 
Test, sewed, 2s.M Lusd, Bat. 1769 

772 Idem, half-bound, 35. 6d. 

ib. 1769 

773 . Idem, vellum, 4« ib. 176d 

774 Schnurrer (C. F.) Dissertationes phiiologico-criticse, sewed, 6s. 

Gotha, 1790 

77^ Schoettgenii Novum Lexicon Grseco-Latinura in Novum Testa- 

laentum eura Krebsii, 5s Ups. 1765 

776 Schroeder(Jo,Wilh.) Comment. Philol. in Psalmum X, balf-bonnd, 

oeat, 2«. 6d. ,. Groning. 1754 

777 ; Idem, vellum, 3s ib. 1754 

778 Schulzii Scholia, in Vetus Testamentum, condnuavit G. L. Bauer, 

10 vols, half-bound, neat, 21. 5s Norimb. 1786*97 

'^ A v«7 usefiil work, consisting of short Notes on the Old Testament, 
extracted from the best Philological and Critical Scholia, chiefly from 
Grerman works, which are not readily accessible or intelligible by fo- 
reigners: this is no small advantage; and, independently of it, 
Scholze has added numerous critictd notes of his own, besides the 
contributions of his learned friends." — Horne. 

77d Sed^ Hetiphilothy Jewish Prayers, in Hebrew, bound, is. 

hond. — 

780 Segaar, Observationes philolog^cae et theol. in Evang. Luc» Cap. 

XI, priora, sewed, 3* • :.Traj. 1766 

781 Senleri (Job. Sal.) Historise Ecclesiasticse Selecta Capita, 3 vols. 
iHiards, lOs Hal. 1767-9 

782 Another Copy, 3 vols, vellum, n«at, lis ib. 

783 — rr Institutio ad Doctrinam Christianam liberaliter 

discendam, sewed, 4s. 6d ib. 1774 

784 > ■ Apparatus ad Libros Symbolicos Ecclesise Lu- 
therans, sewed, 3s ib. 1775 

'* Semler was one of the most elaborate Biblical Critics of Germany 
during the last century ; his writings, which illustrate, with real 
ability, many philological difficulties, bear a high price." — Horme's 

785 $€pher Toldoth^ Historia Jeschuse Nazareni, k Judaiis blajsphem^ 

corrupta, ex Manuscripto hacteaus inedito nunc demum edita ae 
Versione & Notis lUustratak Joh. Jac. Huldrico, new, half-bound, 
vellum, RARE, 89 Lugd. Bat. 1705 

786 Sunonis (Joh.) Lexicon Manuale Hebraicum et Cbddaicam,. ejus* 

dem (icxicon Manuale Grsecum, 2 vols, neat, \4s. 

Hal. Mugd. 1771 

787 Smith (T.) Septem Asise Ecclesiarum et Constaotinopoleos Notitia. 

-^Ej. de Grsecae Ecclesise hod. Statu Ep.<— Ej. Inscription's 
Gnecse Palmyrenorum, cam versione & scholiis, in 1 vol, vellum, 

4s. 6d •....M,M..,.M,^. Traj' 1694-8 

54, P^TPRHOSTBR Row.] 

Digitized by 



48 Theologia et Hisioria Ecclesiastica. [Octavo. 

787*Stapferi (Job. Frid.) Institutiones Theologise Polemics Universse, 
ordine scientifico dispositse, 5 vols, half-bound, uncat, neat, II, 4«. 

Tiguri, 1752 

ygg __ Idem, 5 vols, half-bound, neat, 

11.4$ ib. 1743 

789 Idem, 5 yoIs. half-bound, !/• 6*. 

ib. 1757 

790 • Idem, 5 vols, vellum, 1/. 6*. 

ib. 1757 
** A masterpiece on Polemic Divinity." — ^Dr. WiLLiAMa. 

791 Stockii Claves Linguarum Sanctarum Veteris et Nov! Testament!, 

2 thick vols, vellum, 10« Jenaj 1727 

792 2 vols, vellum, 9« ib. I717 

793 2 vols, neat, 10* ib. 1735 

794 2 vols, russia, neat, \2s ib. 1734 

795 cura Fischeri, 2 vols, bditio optima, 

half-bound, uncut, neat, I85 ib. 1753 

796 Stronck (Caroli Wilhelmi) Specimen Hermeneutico-Theologicum de 

Doctrina et Dictione Johannis Apostoli, sewed, 2s....Traj. 1797 

797 Sturm Considerations sur les GDnvres de Dieu, 3 vols, neat, 6s. 

Lausanne^ 1799 

798 Sucquet (Anton.) Via Vitse ^ternse Iconibus illustrata per Boetium 

k Bolswert, old calf, neat, scarce, 12.9 Anfw. 1625 

799 Tamburinus (Petr. Brixian.) de Fontibus Sacrse Theologiee deque 

Constitutione et Indole Ecclesiee Christians ejusque Regimine, 7 
vols, neat, in calf, 14s Ticini^ 1789 

800 Tempe Helvetica, Dissertationes atque Observationes theolo^cas, 

philologicas, historicas, exhibens (cura Altmanni) cum Indicibus 
Locorum S. S. Vocum, etc. 6 vols, vellum, 14r. 

Tiguri, 1737, &c. 

Recommended by Harwood. It contains numerous Dissertations by 
Stapfer, Altmann, J. J. Lavater, Hettinger, Brucker, J. F. Mayer, 
Reland, Pfaffius, Heidegger, etc. 

801 Tertulliani Liber de Pallio. Salmasii, vellum, 4s. 

Lugd. Bat. 1656 

802 Aliud Exemplar, Lut. Par. 1622.— Cum Confuta- 

tione Animadversorum Cercoetii ad Salmasii Notas in TertuUianum 
a F. Franco, 2 vols, in one, vellum, 6^ Midelb. 1623 

803 Theodoreti Opera Omnia,. Gr. et Lat. ex recens. Jac. Sirmondi 

denuo edidit et var. lect. adj. J. L. Schulze, 10 vols, half bound, 
vellum, neat, 3/. 3j Hal(By 1769 

804 Tieftrunk Dilucidationes ad Theoreticam Rel. Christianse Partem, 

2 vols. sewed,5« Berol. 1793 

805 Turretin (J. Alphon8e)Traite de la Verity de la Religion Chretienne, 

5 vols, neat, 9«. Geneve^ 1730 

806 Historiffi Ecclesiasticse Compendium, 

boards, 2« ib. 1736 

807 neat,2« ib. 1734 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Theologia et Hisioria Ec^leMtastica. 49 

808 Usserii (Episcop. Jac.) Opuscoladuo, de Episcoporum, et de Asia 

Proconsulari, neat,3« Land. 1688 

809 Vflickenffirii (Lud. Casp.) Opuscula philologica, critica, oratoria» 

nuiic primum conjanctim edita, 2 vols, sewed, 9« Lips, 1808 

810 Voorst (Joan. Van) Compendii Theologis Christianse Ordo et Ar- 

gumentum, sewed, U, 6d Lugd, Bat. 1808 

81 1 —I interleaved, with abundance €^ MS notes in a 

smaU neat hand^ sewed, Ss ib, 1808 

812 ■ Dissertatio Philologica de notabili Correc- 

tionum Masorethicarum Genere, sewed, 2^. ••• ib, ]JJS 

813 Vorstius de Hebraismis Novi Testamenti, accessere prseter Ejus* 

dem Cogitata de Stylo N. T. et Diatriben de Adagiis N. T. 
H. Vitringie Animadversionesad Commentar. de Hebraismis N. T. 
curavit Job. Frider. Fischerus, editio op/2ma,half-bound,neat, 9s, 

Lips. 1778 

814 Vriemoet (E. L.) ad Dicta Classica Theologize Dogmaticse Vet. 

Testamenti selecta Adnotationes philologico-criticte, 3 vols, vel- 
lum, neat, 9t Fran. 1743-58 

815 Waehner (A. G.) Antiquitates Ebraeorum de Israelitice Gentis, 2 

vols. LARGE PAPER, vellum, Ss Gotting, 1743 

** This work oontains much Valuable information relative to the literature 
of the Jews."-*-HoaNB. 

816 Walchii (Jo. Geo.) Bibliotbbca Trbologica Sblbcta, litb* 

RARiis ADN0TATI0NIBU8 Instructa, 4 vols. half-bound, russia, 
neat, 21. 7*- lena, 1757 

817 Whitby (Danielis) Observationes Philologico-Criticee in quibus 

examinanturiVaris Lectiones Joannis Millii in Novum Testamen- 
tum, cum pnefatione Sigeberd Havercampi, sewed, 2s. 6d. 

Lugd, Bat. 1733 

gl3 ■ Idem, half-bound, neat, 3f. 

ib, 1733 

gl9 -««-__ Examen Variantium Lectionnm Johannis Mil- 
lii in Nov. Test, ib, 1724. — etMoshemii Observationes Sacrae et 
Historico*Critic», ^msi. 1721, in one thick volume, vellum, neat, 
4s. 6d. 

g20 ' ■ Dissertatio de S. Scripturarum Interpreta- 

tione secundum Patrum Commentarios, Lond. 1714. — et Theo. 
Scheltiuga de Fato Nadabi et Abihu, Hariing, 1742, in one vol. 
half-bound, neat, 48. 6d, 

822 Woidii Notitia Codicis Alexandrini, curavit Spohn, boards, 4s. 6d. 

Lips. 1788 

823 Xaverii (Gmeineri) Theologia Dogmatica in Systema redacta, 2 

vols, sewed, 5s Gracii^ 1790 

824 ZuiNGLius. Vie d'Ulrich Zwingle, par M. J . G. Hess, portrait, half- 

calf, 4s. PariSy 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] H 

Digitized by CjOOQLC 

50 Theologia et Hisioria Eccleriasiica. [DUOD. 


825 BiBLiA Hbbraica, ad Leusdenianam Editionem adoniata, et Nov. 

Test. Graec. Leusdenii, in one compact Tolome, neat, 14^. 

Amit. 1701-17 

826 BiBLiA Git£CA,ex yersione Septuagintalnterpretum, Dav. Millii^ 

2 vols. jSne copy, seal skin, gilt leaves, IL U Traj. 1725 

827 ■ ex versione Septaaginta Interpretum, yellom, 9;. 

Amst. 1683 
828 3 Tols. wanting title pages, and otiierwise im- 
perfect, boards, 6« iGlas, 

829 BiBLiA Latina, Valgatse Editionis, cum Prologis Hieronymi, 6 

small vols, old binding, 14« ParisUs, 1670 

830 Vulgats editionis, Old Testament only, 4 small 

vols* ruled throughout with red lines, old calf, lOs CoUm, 1679 

831 — — .— ex Sbbastiami Castbllionis Interpretatiooe, 

4 vols, in 2, neat, 9^ Lond. 1726 

832 ^ — ab 1m. Trehbllio et Junio, et Nov. Test, k 

Beza, bound, 3s »• Amst, 1631 

833 Idem, vellum, 4* ib. 1669 

834 Idem, vellum, neat, 4*. 6d. 

ib. 1648 

835 Idem, neat, 4*. 6d....ib. 1648 

836 : Idem, fronti^iece by Gayxvood, 

gilt leaves, neat, 5^ Lond. 1656 

837 ; Idem, new calf, 6». Amst. 1633 

838 Biblb Francois, old binding, scarce, 6s. 

Sedan, par Jean Jannon, 1633 

'* Edition assez jolie, imprim^ avec les pelits caract^res qui portent le 
nom de S^danois." — Voyez Brunet, Manuel, t. i, p. 207. 

in seal skin, 2s. 6d... Amst. 

840 old binding, 3* ib. 

841 calf, 3*. 6d Amst. chez les Wetsteins, 1710 

842 calf, gilt, 3« Haye, 1731 

843 avec des Paralleles et des Sommaires par David 

Martin, witb clasps, neat, 4^ •• Hamb. 1727 

844 Bible IN Gablic, bound, 2s. 6d Lond. 1807 

845 Novum Testamentum Gr^bcum, Cephalsei, MS title, vellum, 

RARE, 9s Argentorati, apud Vuolfium Cephakatm, 1524 

847 Idem, no title page, vellum, 

RARE, 7«. 6d ib, 1524^ 

848 R. Stephani, the " O Mirifi- 

cam" edition, vol. i, only containing the Gospels and Acts of the 
Apostles, ruled throughout with red lines, neat, gilt, 6s. 

Lutet. R. Steph. 1549 

849 — : — R. Stephani, old binding, 4i. 

ib. 1568 
[William Batnes, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastica. 51 

850 Novum Tbstambntum Grjecum, R. Stbphani> a much hand- 
somer editioD than the preceding, ruled with red lines, neat, g;ilt 
leaves, 8* ib. ISCS 

g51 ' cum Interpretat. Marginal. 

Henr. Stbphani, vellum, 3s 1587 

852 ■ DB LA RoviBRB, Small vellum, 2s, 

Aureli<B AUobrogtm, 1609 

853 '■' ■ cum notis Isaaci Casauboni, 
etvar. lect. vellum, 3s GeneviBy 1615 

854 Elzbvirii, new calf, 10». 

Ltf?. Bat, ex officina l^zeviriorum, 1633 

855 Idem, new russia, 12*. 

ib. 1633 

" Editio cunctanim Elzevirianarum prsstantlssima." — ^Le Long. Bib. Sacr. 
t. i, p. 227. *' It contains a short preface, which some have ascribed 
to Baza, others to D. Heinsins ; and others with more justice to Thy- 
sins, who lived in Leyden at the time. A very fine copy was sold for 
2/. 7s, at De Missy's sale." — ^Dibdin. 

856 ' ■ £lzbvirii, old calf, Js. 

ib. 1641 
857- •-» ■ half-bound, calf, Ss....ib. 1641 

858 new, calf, 7« ib. 1670 

** This last edit, has, for the first time, the verses printed separately. It 
is an elegant little book, formed on the edit, of 1641, and of rare 

859 Jansonii, small edit, calf, 3s. 

Amst. 1632 

860 ' '• very small edit, calf, scarce, 12*. 

Amst. apud Guil. Blaeu, 1633 

Dr. Dibdin justly designates this ''one of the most beautiful specimens 
of Greek typography ever exhibited ; the text is in very small but 
distinct characters. It is rarely met with in good condition."— Vide 
Introd. to the Classics, p. 57. 

861 " Whittakbri, notis Stephani, 

Scaligeri et Casauboni, thin for the pockety new in brown calf, ^* 

Lond. 1633 

862 -^ — ' '--^ Arnoldi Leers, old binding, 3s. 

Rotter. 1654 
g63 vellum, 4s ib. 1658 

864 accesserunt Parallela Scripturae 

Loca, ncc non Variantes Lectiones ex MSS et antiquis Version- 
ibus collecta, edente Fell, calf, 4s. 6d Oxon. 1675 

865 CuRCELLiEi, cum Var. Lect, 

&c. vellum, 4s. 6d Amst, ex officina Elzevirianay 1658 

" A very beautiful and correct edition." — ^Dr. Harwood. 

866 slightly wormed, vellum, 3«.6i. 

ib. 1658 

867 — somewhat stained, half-bound, 

3s.M .,.„.Amst, exTypog. Blaviana^ 1685 

54, Patbrnoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


52 7%$ologia ei Histaria MkcUsioMtica. [DvoD* 

S68 Novum Tbstaxbktum Grjbcum, LBusDnai, tmftll edit* old bind* 

ing,2« Lugd.Bat. I7I6 

Bbnoblii, interleaved with 

writing paper, in 2 vols, half-bonnd, 4« • Oxon, 1748 

870 '. BBNOBLiiy good edition, neat« 

2*. M Tubing. 1738 

871 ■ Editio Nora, 2 vols, in one, 
bound, 3s. 6d Paris^ 1715 

872 '■ r-. cura Leusdenii et Griesbachii, 

calf, ar. 6d Land. 1823 

873 ■ school edition, l»ottnd, 2*. ; half- 
bound, Is. 6d Edin. 1740 

875 small edition, neatly printed, 

new, boarded in canvass (published at 5s.) Ss. 6d. 

GlasgucBy 1829 

876 Gi-ffic. et Nov. Test. Syriac. 

Characteribtts Hebraicis (no title page), neat, 4s. 

877 Grsec. ^t Lat. k Beza (no title 

page), with English Common Prayer prefixed, neat, 2s. 6d. 

Genev. 1567 

878 • — ___ Gr»c. et Lat. Lbubdbwii, In- 
terleaved with writing paper, half*boand, neat, 3s. M. 

Amsi. 1740 

879 ■ Gr. et Lat. Leusdenii et Gries- 

bachii edit, ah H. A. Aitton, new, vellum, 6t..»«LHgi<. Bai. 1800 

880 Gr. et Lat. Leusdenii, etc. 2 

vols, new, boards, 4«. 6£2... Glasg. 1816 

881 Novum Tbstambntuh Striacb, acourante iBeinio Gutbirio, old 

binding, 7'*-'*««* • • Hamburgiy 1664 

882 --—^ cum Lexieo Syriaco, vellum, 10». 

ib. 1664 

883 ■ Characteribus Hebraids, neat, 

gilt, scarce, 6s .Anfv.exoff. Ckn PUniini, 1575 

884 Novum Tbstambittum Latinum, D. Hieronymo interprete, 
WUrifc totter* scarce, 4s 1526 

gS5 illustrated with wood'cuts^ old 

binding, scarce, 5s 1541 

886 — ad exemplar Vaticanum accu- 
rate re?isum, 2 vols, bound, 2s. 6d * Monach. 1788 

887 ' interprete Thbodoro Bbza, 
bound, 2« ...Amst. 1724 

888 vellum, 2s. 6d ib. 1673 

new calf, 3s ib. 1724 

890 new boards, 3*... .jBdrnfe. 1829 

891 cum notis Bezse et Camerarii, 

vellum, 3s. 6d Amst. 1633 

892 : en Latin et en Fran90]s, 2 vols. 

old calf, 4s Monsy 1684 

893 NouvEAu Testament, en Fran9ois, selon TBdition Vulgate, avec 

les differences du Grec, bound, Is. 6d ib. 1672 

[William Batnss, 

Digitized by 


Duoo.] lieologia etHi$ioria Eccknoitiea. 53 

894 NovYXAu TssTAMXNT, eu Fran$(M8, avec des refleetions morales siir 
chaque verset par P. Qaesnel, 8 yoIs. in 6, vellam, neat, 1/. 8f. 

Paris, Ijm 

g^ _____ traduction reme et approuYfo 

par les Pasteurs de Geneve, bound, It. 6<i..... Geneve^ 1759 

896 board*, U. 6d Pmris, 1803 

897 bound, 2« Land. 1807 

898 ' Corrali's diamond edition, bound, 

2s i Londres, 1803 

899 11 NuoYo Testamento, in vulgare Italiamo, per Antonio Brucioli, 

neat, scarce, 3s, 6d. Venetiay J544 

900 ' with WOOD-CUTS, brown calf, 

RARE, Ts Idfone, appresso Gulielmo RoviUio, 1552 

901 O Novo Testamento, traduzido na Lingua Portuoubsa, bound, 

l4. 6rf Lond. 1809 

902 neat, 2* ib. 1818 

903 New Testament, in German, boards, 2s ib. 1828 

904 in Chinese, 8 vols, sewed, scarce, 14*. 

905 ' in Russian, no title page, old wooden binding, 

4s. 6d. 

906 in Gaelic, bound, It. 6d 1767 

907 PsALTERiuM Hebraigux, cum punctis, editum per H. Opitium, 

vellum, 3« Witeb. 1566 

908 stamped, vellum, 2/. 6^ ib. 1576 

969 " ■ small size, vellum, Is, 6d. 

Lugd. Bai. 1637 
910 : Idem. ib. 1692, et Proverbia, Canti- 

cum, et Eecles. Venet. iypis Dam. Bombergit veUum, 2s. 6d. 
911 ' ■ cum annotatationibua Hulsii, neat, 

28. ed Lugd. Bat. 1654 

912 • accurately printed wltii the vowel 

polnta from the text of Vanderhoogt, boards, 2s. 6d. Lond. 1823 

913 ' Hebr. et Lat. Cocceii, vellum, 2*. 

Praneq. 1646 

914 Psalmorum Liber, G&so. et Lat. ad Exemplar Complutense, 

vellum, 2s, 6d. • .Antverpia:, 1584 

915 ■ Grffic. et Lat. juxta Exemplar Alexan* 
drinumy^very fine copy, vellum, 2«. 6d Oxon. 1678 

916 Metaphrasis, Gneds versibus oontexta, 

bound. If. 6d ...Lond. 1674 

917 ' Latine, Vetus Translatio et Neva, cum 

Annotationibus, ex Hebrseorum Commentariis, calf, neat, 2s. 

Lutet. R. Stcphaniy 1546 

918 ■ — — Latine, Versio Nova, cum notis, neat, 
2s Paris, 1762 

919 Proverbia, Job, Canticum, Ruth, Lamentationes, Ecclesiastes et 

Esther, Hbbraice, cum punctis, vellum, \s. 6d Aniv. 1608 

920 Prophets. Hbbraice, sine punctis, small vd. vellum, Is. 6d. 


921 Prophets Minores, Hebraicb, cum punctis, boards, is. 6d, 
54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


54 Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastica. [DUOD. 

922 Psalmorum Liber Quartus in Linguam Indostanicam, translatns a 
*Schultzio, \s. 6d Hake, 1746 

923 Abbadie Traits de la Verity de la Religion Cbretienne, 3 yoIs. 

yellum, neat, 7^* 6^ Atnst. 1729 

924 Triompbe de la Providence et de la Religion, ou I'Ouvcr- 

ture des sept Seaux par le Fils de Dieu, 4 vols, neat, 6s.,»ib, 1723 

925 Abreg^ de la Morale de I'Evangile, ou Pense^s Chretiennes sur 

le Texte des quatre Evangelistes, 3 vols, ruled with red lines^ 
bound, gilt, is. 6d ; Paris, 1689 

926 Actes (les) du Synode Universel de la saincte Reformation^ tenu ^ 

Mompelier Satyre Menippsee, sewed in yellum, scarce, 4;. 

Momp. J 599 

926*Alcoran des Cordeliers en Latin et en Francois, c'est a dire Re- 

cueil des Bourdes et Blasphemes de ceux qui ont os^ comparer 

Sainct Frangois k Jesus Christ, 2 vols, plates, by B. Picart, sewed, 

98. Amst. 1734 

927 — 2 vols in one, 

plates, old calf, 9*. ...* ib. 1734 

928 ' ' fine copy, 2 

vols, plates, calf, neat, 12^ ib. 1734 

929 Alcuini in septem Psalmos pcenitentiales & cxviii psalmum, 

& in Cantica graduum pia ac brevis expositio, Lutet. Par. 1547* 
— Joannis Neovillei Genvillani ui septem Davidis Psalmos poeni- 
tentiales Commentarii, in one vol. sewed in vellum, 4s. 

Paris, 1556 

930 Algerus de veritate Corporis & Sanguinis Dominici in Eacharistia, 

ex recogn. Erasmi, accessit Cyprianus de Coena Dominici. — 
Erasmi Roterodami Vitaet Epitaphia qusedam, oval wood-cut, 
portrait of Erasmus on reverse of title page, neat, scarce, 3^. 

Aniv. 1536 

931 Almeloveen Amoenitates Theologico-Philologicse in quibus var. S. 

Script, loca ; ritus prisci, et inedita qusedam Erasmi, Bocharti, 
&c. eruuntur. subjec. Epigram, et Poem. Vet. vellum, 2«. 

Amst. 1694 
^2 Alting (Henrici) Methodns Theologis Didactics, vellum, Is. 

ib. 1650 

933 Altmani (J. G.) Observationes Philologico-critacs in Lib. NotI 

Test, quib Voc. et Phras. diff. lux affunditur, &c. 3 vols, boards, 
5s Benue, 1737-40 

934 Amyraut (Moyse), la Morale Chretienne, 6 vols, vellum, lis. 

SaumuTy 1652 

935 Apologie pour ceux de la Religion, vellum, 

2». ed ib. 1647 

936 Andreas (Job.) Confusio Sectse Mahometans, cura Job. Lauter- 

bach, neat, scarce, 2s • Traj. 1646 

937 Apocalypsis insignium aliquot Haeresiarcharum, portraits, da- 

maged, scarce, 25. 6(;{ Lugd. Bat. 1608 

937*Apologie pour les Protestans, neat, ]s. 6d Amst. 1672 

^38 Aquilini Pentateuchi Hebreeo-Samaritani preestantia in illnstrando et 

emendando Textu Masorethico ostensa, sewed, ^...Heideib. 1783 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DcrOD.] Theologia ei Historia Ecdesiaaticd. 55 

i^9 AqniHni Pentateuchi Hebrao-Samaritani pnestantia in iUuBtrando 
et emendando Textu Masorethico ostensa, Tellam, neat, 4«. 

ih. 1783 

940 Athenagoras (S.) de Resurrectioiie Mortaorum et Apologia pro 

Christianis, Gr. et Jjat. Rechenbergi, neat, 2s lAps. 1685 

941 Aagspnrg Gonfessie OYergegheven, Aodo M.D.XXX. Apologie van 

de selfste Gonfessie, brown calf, neat, scarce, 5s 1567 

942 AuousTiNi (S.) Opuscula qusdam selecta, yellum, 2«. Brux. 1662 
943 Liber de Hseresibus, etc. yellum, 2«. 6rf. 

Genev. 1576 

944 Meditationes, Soliloquia & Manuale, bound, 25. 


945 • Livre de la Veritable Religion ; Livre des moeurs 

de FEglise Gatholique, neat, 2^. M Paris^ 1725 

946 Aug^stini (R. P. Jos.) Brevis Notitia adaudiendas Gonfessiones, 

▼eilum,'U. M RonuB^ 1700 

947 Balduini Biga Responsionum ad Galvinum et Bezam, calf, 3$. 

Dusseld. 1763 

948 Basnage, Histoire des Juifs depuis Jesus Ghrist jusqu'k present, 

pour servir k Gontinuation k THistoire de Joseph, 5 vols, vellum, 
neat, 18* ; Rotterd. 1707 

949 BEST EDITION, 15 VOls. 

yeUum, 2/ Haye, I7I6 

950 . Gommunion Sainte, ou Trait^ sur la necessite et les 

moyens de communer dignement, 1 s. 6d „, Rott, 1 697 

951 Bbngalbe. — Hymns in the Bengalee Language, calf, 5s. 

952 Bernard (Jaques) de I'Excellence de la Religion, avec quatre Dis- 

cours, 2 vols, half-bound* neat, 3* Amst. 1714 

953 Bernardi Flores ; in quibus optima queque ex openbus eius stu- 

diosissime excerpta recondiinter, j^lA(& IttttVp 5s. 

Parisizs, 1499 

954 Bemierse (Joan. Angeli) Historise Ecclesiasticfie a Reforinatione 

Zwinglii & Lutheri ad nostra usque tempora Gompendium, lialf- 
bound, neat, 3*. 6^^ Trqf, ad, Rhen', 1753 

955 BEZiB (Theodori) Homilise in Historiam Passionis et Sepulturse 

Domini nostri Jesu Ghristi, thick vol. vellum, ^s.^.Qenevai, 1598 

956 • Homiliae in Historiam Dominis Resurrectionem, 

vellum, 25. 6rf ; BenuB, 1601 

95y . Tractatio de Polygamia, in qua et Ochini 

Apostatae pro Polygamia, ac aliorum argumenta refutantur. — 
Tractatio de Repudiis et Divortiis, neat, 4s Dav, 1651 

958 Gonfessio Ghristianse Fidei, et Ejusdem Gol- 

latio cum Papisticis Hseresibus, russia extra, gilt leaves, rare, 
4«. 6(2 Londinii excudebat Thomas VautroUerius^ 1575' 

A very uncommon edition, amply described in Herbert's Ames, vol. 11, p. 1067. 

959 Quaestiones et Responsiones Ghristianse, cum 

parte altera quae est de Sacramentis, 2 vols, russia, extra g^lt 

leaves. As, 6d Genev4E, 1577 

54, Paternoster Row. 

Digitized by 


56 Theologia ei Histaria EccUrioitica. [DuoD. 

960 Bbza (Thbodori) ResponBio ad Francisci BaldKuni Apostatas Ece* 

bolii Gonvicia, & Calyini brevis Epistola, sewed in yeUtt]ii» 2s, 6d. 


961 Boehmeri (J. H.) Dissertationes Juris Ecclesiastici Autiqui, ad Pli- 

nioin secundum, et TertuUianum, half-bound, 28. 6d,..lAps, 1711 

962 Bogue (Day.) Esau sur la divine authority du Nouvean Testament, 

boards, Is ...; Lond. 1814 

963 Bonaventura de Stimulo l>i?ini Amoris, JblAtft Mtttt 3«. 6d. 


964 Bonhours Pensees Ingenieuses des Anciens et des Modernes, 

neat, 2« Par. 1693 

965 Brandt (Gerard) Histoire Abreg^e de la Reformation des Pais 

Bas, 3 vols, balf-bound, neat,6tf //aye, 1726 

966 Breviarium S. Ambianensis Ecclesise, partes festival, autumnal, et 

hiemal. 3 vols, calf, 65 Amb. 1746 

967 Breviarium Cenomanense, partes sestiv. et biemal. 2 vok. neat, gilt, 

4s. 6d Paris, 1748 

968 Breviarium Rotomagense, pars autumnal, bound, is. M. 

Rotam. 1728 

969 Bruin (Florent. de) de Emendandis Temporum Hebree linguie, 

sewed. Is Jmst. 1703 

970 Buddei (J. F.) Ecclesia Apostolica, sive de] Statu Eccles. Cbriat. 

sub ilpostolis, vellum, 5s JcMt, 1729 

** Itte author has briefly treated this important subject with great judg- 
ment, and referred to a variety of oaefid writerB."— Bishop Watson. 

971 Buxtorfli Sjnagoga Judaica, de Judseorum Fide, Ritibus, Ceremo- 

niis, tam publicis & sacris quam privatis, in domestica vivendi 
ratione, bound, 2s. 6d. Bas. 1661 

972 Idem, neat, 3* ib. 1661 

973 Idem, vellum, 3«.6rf...tA. 1680 

974 GamilU Gautii Scholia pro Religione, vellum, scarce, 5s. 

Venet. 1559 
Appended to the above, is a sing^ular tract in Italian, entitled '< Epistola 
ol Messer Pelegro de Grimaldi robio, scritta a Messer Hannano de 
Nobili. Nellaquale egli risponde a pieno affli argomenti di qnegU 
heretici, iquali non vogliono, che si habbia ncorso alle intercession! 
de santi, Genea, 1543." . / 

975 Castalionis (Sebastiani) Moses Latinus ex Hebrso factns, beautiful 

copy, calf extra, 38. 6d BasiltB, 1546 

976 Chrvsostomi (S.) Epistola ad Ceesarium Monachum, adj. tres Epis- 

tolicse Dissertationes, authore Jac. Basnage, neat, 2«. Roicr. 1687 

977 dementis (S.) ad Corinthios Epistola, Grsec. et Lat. bound, 2a. 

()x<m. 1669 

978 Concordia Pia et Confessio Fidei et Doctrine eorum qui Augus- 

tanam Confessionem amplectuntur, cui e S. Scriptura unica ilia 
Verit. norma & regula, quor. Artie, qui post Lutheri in Gontro- 
vers. venerunt, thick vol. bound. As. 6d Lips. 1756 

979 Cooper (Jos.) Domus Mosaicse elavis : sive Legis Sepimentum in 

quo punct. Heb. andq. demonstratur, vellum, 2s Lond. 1673, 

[William Bathes, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Theologia et Historia Ecclesiasiica. 37 

dSO Cottae (J. F.) de Fallibili Poiitificis Roman! auctoritate ex actis 
Concilii Constant, deducta, sewed, uncut, Is. 6d. 

Lugd. Bat. 1732 

981 Ctpriani (S.) Opera, cura D. Erasmi Rot. vellum, 3«. ^d. 

Lugd. 1535 

982 ex recognitione D. £rasmi Roterodami, 
2 vols, old stamped calf, neat, Ts Colon. 1524 

983 Danzii (Jo. Andr.) Literator Ebrseo-Chaldseus, plenam utriusque 

Linguae Vet. Test. Introd^tionem, &c. boards, 2s...Jen€e, 1745 

984 De Rossi (Johann. Bern.) de Hebrsucse Typographise Origine ac 

Primitiis, sewed, 3« Erlang. 1778 

9g5 Annales Typographise Ebraicae Sabionetenses, 

sewed, 2« ib. 1783 

986 de Typographia Hebrseo-Ferranensi Commen- 

tarius Historicus, sewed, 3« ib. 1780 

987 • Idem, et ejusdem de Hebr. Typogr. Origine 

ae Primitiis Disquisitio, et ejusdem Annales Typogr. Ebr. 
Sabionetenses, 3 vols, in one, sewed, Js ib. 1778, &c, 

988 Diurnale, Parisiense, pars aestivalis, yellow morocco, gilt, 2«. 

Par. 1745 

989 ■ parshyemalis, red morocco, gilt, 2«...t6. 1745 

990 Dougtaei (Joan). Analecta Sacra, siye Excursus Philologici breves 

super divers, loc. Vet. et Nov. Test. subj. Knatchbull Animadv. 
in Lib. Nov. Test, vellum, 28 A^ist. 1693 

991 Drelincoort (Charles) Defense de Calvin, finb portrait of Cal- 

vjff, scarce, 4s Geneve^ 1667 

992 Du Bois (L'Abb^), Les Heros Chretiens, ou les Martyrs du Sacer- 

doce, calf, gilt leaves, U.6d Paris, 1818 

993 Du Moulin (Pierre) UArUi^Barbare ou du Langage Incogneu, tani 

et Prieres des Particuliers qtCau service public, ou aussi sont repre* 
sentees les clauses principales de la Messe qui scandaliseroifent le 
peuple sHl les eniendoit, caff, scarce, 4s .ib. 1 630 

994 Erasmus. — ^entimens d'Erasme de Rotterdam, conform^s k ceux 

de I'Eglise Catholique sur tons les points controvers6s, neat, 
scarce, 5^ d Cologne, 1688 

See Jortin's Erasmus, vol. ii, p. 1(»9. 

995 Espence (M. Claude d'} Tnu6t^ contre I'Erreur vieil et renouvelle 

des Predestinez, ruled with red lines, neat, 23. 6d.,..I^on. 1548 
995*Examen de la Theologie de Mr. Bayle, vellum, 2s Amst. 1706 

996 Fabricii (J. A.) Codex Pseudepigraphus Veteris Testament!, thick 

vol. vellum, 5s Hamb. 1713 

997 Fenelon Demonstration de FExistence de Dieu, avec Lettres du 

m^me Auteur et ses Sermons, 2 vols, calf, extra, 6s. Amst. 1731 

998 Fisher (Bishop of Rochester). Sacri Sacerdotii Defensio 

contra Lutherum per Reverendissimum D. D. Joannem Roffen. 
Episcopum, jamprimum ab Archetypo evulgata, most beautiful 
COPT, brown calf, rare, 9^. ...'. Antverpia, M.D.XXXVII 

999 Flechier (Eveque de Nismes) Lettres Choisies, 2 vols, boards, 3s. 

Paris, 1715 
54, Paternoster Row.] I 

Digitized by 


56 Theologia et Hisioria Ecclesiastica. , [DuoD. 

999*Garetius de Sanctorum Inyoeatione, GandavU 1570r--PBRELLii 
Dialogue de Gatholic4 DoctrinA, de que Rebus Societatis Jesu, 
Ingoistadii^ 1586 ; in rvol. yellum, rare, 2s. 6d, 

1000 Gastrell (Franeisci Epiac.) Institudones Christiana, seu sincerum 

Dei Verbum, neat, Is. 6d Lond. 1718 

1001 Gerard! a Zutpbania (Domini) de Reformatione virium animie, 

neat, scarce, 2s Paris^Jehan Petit j 

1002 Godefroy Conduite de i'Eglise pour la Reception des Riles dans 

les Monasteres, vellum, 2s Parisy 1668 

1003 Goodwin (Tho.) Opuscula quaedam, yellum, 2s. 6d. 

Heidelb. 1658 

. 004 Gousset Consideration sur le Projet d'une nouyelle version Fran- 

90180 de la Bible public sous le nom de Mr. Charles le Cene, 

half-veUum, 2s Amst. 1718 

1005 Greek Common Prayer Book, bound, is. 6d. Caniab. Fteld. 

1006 Grey (Dr. Ric.) Historia Joseph! Patriarchs, literis tarn Ro- 

manis quam Hebraicis exeusa, cum yersione et nova methodo 
Hebndce discendi, 2s 1739 

1007 Griesbachii Symbolae Critics ad supplendas et corrigendas ya- 

riarum N. T. Lectionum CoUectiones, 2 yols. sewed, 7'* 

Hala, 1785 

1008 ■■ ' vol. i, contineas Eyange- 

lias, neat, 2«. 6d ib. 1785 

1009 Grotius (Hugo) de yeritate Religionis Christians, eom notulis 

Joannia Clerici, neat» 2s. \ with Notes in English, bound, 2s. 6d. 

Valpy, 1821 

1011 _.— _— Trute de la Verity de la Religion Chretienne, 

yellum, 2*, 6d Amst. 1728 

1012 Grynsi (Johannis) Opuseula nonnuUa theologico-miscelianea, 

neat, 2* , BasU, 1746 

1013 Guillelmi, Fratris Cartuaiensis, Sermones in orationem domini- 

cam, JblHtlt IttttVy very fine copy, cut large, scarce, %s. 

Impressorum Parisii Opera Udalrici Gtring et Berch- 
toldi Renbolt sociorum in mco sorbonico^ 


1014 Guillelmi Lugdunensis Sermones super epistolas de tempore, 

IblUCft letter, scarce, 55. 

Impresstts Parinus "in vica sarbone: ad intersignium 
soils aurei per Magistrum Udalrieum Gering ; et Ma^ 
gistrum Berthcldum Renbolt; socios, 1494. 

1015 GuiON (Madame). Les Livres de TAncien et du Nouveau Tes- 

tament, avec des Explications & Reflexions qui regardent la Vie 
Interieure, 20 vols, neat, 1/. 89 Cologne^ 1713 

1016 Hasaei (Theo.) Dissertationum et Observationum Philologicarum 

Sylloge, vellum, 2^ Brem. 1731 

1017 Heidelberg Catechisme, avec une courte ExpUeation, sewed, 3^. 

Dc(f, 1726 

1018 Hbnrici VIII. Assertio septem Saeramentorum adversus Mart. 

Lutherum, cui subnexa est Ejusdem Regis Epistola defensoria ; 
accedit quoque R. P. D. J oh an. Roffbn. Episcopi contra Lu- 


Digitized by 


DuoD.] Theologia et Hisiaria Ecch$ia9tica. 59 

then Cftptiritatem BftbylontcuUy Asserlloms Refin defensio, 
half-calf, rare, 9*.- Partms, 1562 

1019 Hieronymi (S.) fipislolie aliquot selecte, neat, 9^. 6il. 

Nispaa, 1670 

1020 Hilleri (Matth^i) de Arcano Kethib et Keri, I^bri duo, Tellum, 

3s Tuhing, 1692 

1021 Hohelael (Caroll Ludor.) ObservatioDes philolog^co-exegetiosfe 

quibus BODBuUa EsaiiB loca illnatraiitar, vellum, 25. 

Gedan. 1729 

1022 Hornii (Geo.) Historia Ecdeeiaalica et politica, yellum, 2f. 

Lugd. Bat. 1665 

1023 Horologium Eterne Sapientie, filflCft IttttVp wood-cut on the 

title-pi^e, scarce, 5ir Colon. M.CGCCG.III. 

Bomid HP with this, and eonstitutinr about one half of the volume, 
is a mairascript of Devotioaal Semcet, &e. in Latin. 

1024 Hortttlus Anirae, filfltft l^ttH^t scarce, 3s Lovan. 1551 

1025 Hottingeri (J. H.) Historia Ecclesiastica Nov! Testament!, 9 

vols, vellum, neat, 12. 7^ flanovuBy 1651 

1026 Archeologia Orlentalis exhibens Compendium 

Theatri Orientalis et Topographiam Ecclesiasticam Orientalem, 
vellum. As Heidelb. 1662 

1027 Hubneri Centum Quatuor Historias sacras, half-bound, 2s. 

Lips. 1760 

1028 Hogonls (Hennanni) Pia Desiderla Emblematibus Elegiis & affec- 

tibus S. S. Patrum illustrata, woodcuts, new half-cfdf, 4^. 6d. 

ArUverpiiBy 1628 

1029 Ikenii (Conradi) Antiquitates Hebraic^, 2s. 6d Brema, 1732 

1029*- — ' vellum, neat, 4*. 


'< Thid book of Ilceniiis is valuable for its brevity, method, and per- 
spicuity.*' — ^Bishop Watson. 

1030 Incendlum Calvinisticum Regis Navarri Legatione, apud qWNh* 

dam Imperii status nuper admodnm, ad certam Religionis ac 
Rdpub. conturbatlonem proeuratufli, vellam, iurb^ 4s. 6d. 


1031 Israel (R.) in Dispat«tioiieiii CabaU^ticam de Anima. Hebr. et 

Lat. Not» quas ex Zohav, aliisque Rabbinoram libris, cum 
lis qu» ex doctrina Plakoois convenere compotuit Jos. Voysin, 
half-calf, d«« 

1032 Italian Liturgy, neat, \s. M « Land. 1685 

1033 Jaquelot Conformity de la Foi avec la Raison, ou Defense de la^ 

Religion, vellum, 2«^ Amst. 1705 

1034 Jewish PaATSiis. — Machzor lerosh heshineh, etc. Return of 

New Tear, Day of Atonement, &c. for the Portuguese Congre- 
gation, bound, 2s Amst. 

1035 ' Machaor lemeadim veliemmim tobim. Re- 
volving of the times and days of Good, Passover, Weeks, 
BoothA, for the Portuguese Congregation, boond, 2#. ...ib. 

1036 Seder taauth legaieliotr Order of the Great 

54, Patjbrnoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


60 Theologia et Historia Ecclesiastical [Bvod. 

Afflictions, or Fasts, for the Portuguese Congregation, bound, 2^. 


1037 Jewish PRAYBRS.^—Seder tephiUoth micol heshineh. Prayers 

for the whole Year, for the German and Polish Congregation, 
bound. Is. 6d « • •..< ^.Lond. •» 

1038 ■ Seder Sephiroth haomad, etc. sewed, Is. %d. 

1039 Juelli (Episcopi) Apologia Ecclesis, boards, 2s Cantab. 1818 

1040 Junii (Fr.) Sacrorum Parallelorum libri tres, bound, \s. 6d. 

Lond. impensis G. Bishop. 

1041 Kypke Vocabularium Grsecum in Novi Foed. Libros. sec. Capi« 

turn et Vers. ord. digestum, in usum Juvent. half*bound, 3«. 

Lips. 1784 

1042 Labadie (Jean de), le Heraut du grand Roy Jesus — Les divins 

herauts de la penitence an Monde — Le veritable Exorcisme, ou 
Punique effectif moyen de chasser le Diable du monde Chres- 
tien, 3 vols, in one, neat, scarce, 4«. Amst. chez Elzevier^ 1667 

1043 Lafitau (Pierre Fran9ois) Lettres Spirituelles, neat, 1^. M. 1760 

1044 Lampe (Frid. Adolphi) Compendium Theologia Naturalis, Traj. 

ad Rhen, 1753. — Lulofs primee linese Theologiae naturalis theo* 
reticse, 2 vols, in one, vellum, 2^. 6^^ Lugd. Bat, 1756 

1045 Larroquani (Matthsbi) Adversaria Sacra, access. Danielis Larro- 

quani Diatriba de Legione Fulminatrice, .vellum, \s. 6d. 

Lugd. Bat. 1688 

1046 Le Moyne (Stephani) Dissertatio Theologica ad locum Jerem. 

xxiii, 6, de Jehovah Justitia nostra, Steph. Morini Disserta- 
tiones octo, boards, 2s Dordr, 1700 

1047 Lette (Gerardi Joannis) Animadversiones Sacree ad textum He- 

braicum Veteris Testamenti accedit Augustissimum Dehors 
Canticum, new half-calf, 2s. 6d Lugd. Bat. 1759 

1048 Libellus Precum et Piarum Exercitationum, green morocco, 2s. 

Mancuniij 1805 
1048*Liturgia Anglicana Latin^, bound, 2s Lond. 1820 

1049 Livre d'Eglise et Psautier dispose selon les jours, par M. Fr. 

TAngloysj plates, old morocco, gilt, 3« Paris, 1620 

1050 Luther (Martin) Der Prophet Jesala Deudsch. Gedruckt zu 

Erffurdi durch Melcher Saclisen zu der Archa Noe, 1528. — Der 
Prophet Jona ausgeleget durch M. L.-^Der Prophet Habacnc, 
ausgelegt durch Martin Luther, Gedruckt durch Gabriel Kantz. 
•— >Der Prophet Sacharia ausgelegt durch Mart. Luther, Ged* 
ruckt durch Gabriel Kantz y in one vol. old wooden binding, ex- 
tremely rare, 15«. 

The First Edition of Luther's translation of Isaiah. The Jonah 
and Habakkuk appeared in 1526, and Zechariah in 1528 ; whether 
these dateless impressions were published previously we cannot 

1051 ■ Commentaire sur les Revelations des Pro- 

phetes Joel & Jonas, vellum, As. 6d 1558 

1052 — ' Majori (Johannis) Orationes continentes 

Laudes Mtenu Filii Dei, pro Ecclesiarum, et optimarum artium 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Thtologia et Hisioria Ecclesiastica. 61 

reformatione, quam susceperunt Yiri iooomparabiles D. Mar- 
tinus Lutherus, & D. Philippus Melanthon, rare, 4«. 

Vtdteb. 1577 

This volume entirely consists of Latin verses, with the exception of 
the last oratio. 

1053 Ldther (Martin). Engelhard (R. D. Eusebii) Lucifer Witten* 

bergensis, oder die Morgern-Stern tod Wittenberg, das ist 
YoUstaendiger Lebens-Lauflf Gatharins von Bore des vermeyn- 
ten Ehe-Weibs D, Martini Lutheri, boards, 2« Lands, 1794 

1054 ' De M. Lutheri et aliorum Sectariorum Opus- 
cula, viz. Staphyli Lutheranse trimembris Theolog^ee Epitome, 
item Defensio F. Staphyli adversus Melanthonem, Musculum, 
etc. eedificatores Babylonicse turris Martini Lutheri, item 
Lindani grassantium passim bfieresit&n tabuis, prseterea Fabri 
Antilogarium Martini Lutheri Babylonia, neat, scarce, 5s, 

Colon, 1579 

1055 Lutzenburgi Catalogus Hsereticorum, omnium pen^, qui ad hsec 

usque tempora passim literarum monumentis proditi sunt, illo- 
mm nomina errores et tempora a quibus vixerunt ostendens, 
old brown calf, scarce, (is 15l^ 

1056 Malderi (Joannis) Anti-Synodica sive Animadversiones in Decreta 

Conventus Dordraceni, vellum, 2«. 6d Antv, 1620 

1057 Marckii Compendium Theologise Christians, half-bound, 2s. 6d. 

Groning, 1686 

1058 Medulla Christianie Theologise^ ha1f«bound, 

2s Traj\ ad Rhen. 

1059 Idem, new half-calf, 3s. 

ib. 1772 

1060 Idem, neat, 2s. M....ih. 1742 

1061 -—-—----------— —^— Idem, interleaved, boards, 3#. 

Afnst. 1716 

1062 Medulke Marckianse Synopsis Analytica, 

concinnata et edita a Comelio a Velzen, 2s Groning, 1745 

1063 : Dictata Theologica, quae vulgo Hulsii Dic- 
tate in Marckii MeduHam adpellantur, boards, 2s, 6d, ib, 1749 

1064 Martin Trait6 de la Religion Naturelle, vellum, \s, 6d. 

Amst, 1713 
1064*Mass. — Dissertation sur I'honoraire des Messes, neat, \s, 6d. 


1065 Mbi<ancthonis (Pbilippi) Selects Declamationes, 4 vols. 

wooden binding, stamped , brass clasps , ISs Argentor. 1 558 

1066 ■ ' ' Declamationes, 3 vols, neat, stamped, 

calf, 16« ib. 

1067 ■ — Loci Communes Rerum Tfaeolog^- 
carum seu Hypotyposes Theologies, As, 6d Wittemb, 1521 

1068 ■ Loci Communes 'fheologici, sewed in 
rellum, scarce, Ts ., ih. 1535 

1069 • ■ Defensio Conjugii Sacerdotum pia 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


62 Theologia ei Hittoria Eoclenastica. [DuoD. 

fc erudite, misBa ad Regem Anglieey uDcnt, searce, Zt* 

Wesalia, 1543 

1070 Mbjuancthonis (Philipn) Liber Epistolarum nondom edi* 

tarum, accurante Johanne Sauberto, portrait, yellum, 6«. 1646 

1071 Michselis (J. Dav.) Compendium Theologiee Dogmaticse, vellum, 

neat, 2tf. 6d Gastiing. 1762 

1072 " Recueil de Questions propos^es a une So- 
ciety de Savans qui par ordre de sa Majestie Danoise font 1e 
Voyage de TArabie, boards, 2«. 6d Franco/. 1763 

1073 (Jo. Geo.) ObserVationes Sacr», half-bound, 2^. — 

Tellnm, 2s. 6d Trqf. ad Rhen. 1738 

1074 Michaelis de Ungaria Sermones predicabiles per totum annum 

licet breyes, flladt UtUt, half-bound, ]4«. 

Impressi DaverUrie in plaiea epiwcopi^ M.CCCC.XCI. 
107^ Millii (Dayidis) Dissertationes selects, yellnm, 2s. 

Traj. ad Rhen. 1724 

1076 Catalecta Rabbinica, in usnm Scholarum Priva- 

tarum, half-calf, 6« Traj. 1728 

Contains Danzii Rabbinismus enudeatufr—Millius de Modis Loquendi 
et Disputandi fannulig Talmudicis — ^Vet. Rab. in Ezponendo Pen- 
tateucho modi xiii — ^Groddeck Spec, aliquot Lib. Anonym, qui Ling. 
Rab. reperiuntor — ^Kxcerpta e Ben Melech, KimcM, Abarbanelis, 
Aben Ezra, &&. 

1077 MISCHNA, Hebraic^, sine commentario, cum punctis, 2 yols. 

neat, 6» Anai. 

107s Missale paryum ad usum Insignia Ecclesie Parisiensis, flto^ 

Utter, B«at, a?. 

ParisUs per Wolfgang Hopyl^ impensis Simonis Vostre 
atque Th. Kerver^ 1605. 

1079 Morini (Stephani) Dissertetiones octa in qutbus maha sacne 

et profans Antiquitatis monumente explicantur, yellum, Is. 6d* 

Genev. 1683 
1071^^MosbeBui (Jo. Laur.) Institationes Historin Cbristiaatt in Com- 
pendium redact» a J. P. Millero, sewed, 2^. ...... .Hclmst. 1761 

1080 Naud^ (Ph.) Exameii de Mr. La Pkcette coutenant Reponse k 

une objection qu'oB apptique il diyers tnijcCs &c. ayee uve addi- 
tion ou I'on examine le dogme de la promotion physique. Eclair- 
cissemens sur qaelques d^^ultes qui mnssent de la coBsidera- 
tion de la liberty necessaire pour agir moralement ayec une 
Addition ou Ton prouye contre Spinosa que qoos sommes libres, 
2 vols, sewed, 3f Amst. I713 

1081 Ochini (Bemardini) Dialogorum liber s ec un d u s, cum aliis de 

rebus yariis» turn potissimum de Trinitete, orig^uid catf, scarce, 
7r. « Bojffeir, 1563 

1082 Office de Saint Oodard Areheyesque de Rouen, bound. Is. 6d. 

jRonfir, 1735 
1082*(M&ces propres pour la Par4)i8se de St. Maclou, bound. Is. 

ib. 1765 


Digitized by 


Duoo.] T/uologia et Hi$ioria Ecclesiaslica. 63 

1083 OBIcium Defunctorum cum Exequiis Adultoruin et Paryuloram ad 

usum Diocesis Abrioceo8is> bound, 1« ib, 1733 

1083^Officium Beats Manse Virginis, printed in black and red cbarac- 
ters, embellished with many engravings, black calf, 2«. 6d. 

Antv. 1623 

1084 Origenis (S.) GommeDt. in GeDesim, Exodom, Leviticnm, Nu- 

meros, Jo»ue & Jadioum, old binding. Is, 6d, ...... Sa/tnig. 1537 

1085 Origine des Gardinaux du Saint Siege et particalierement des 

Francois ayec deux Trwttez curieux des Legats k Ijatere, red 
MOROCCO* GILT liBAYES, 5« Cologne, 1670 

1086 Ostervaldii (J. F.) Gompendium Theologiae Ghristianae, sewed, 

2s, ..Ba&kcp.^ 1764 

1087 — Ethic« Ghristianae Gompendium, sewed, 2«* 

ih. 1739 

1088 de I'Exercise duMinistere sacre, sewed, 2^. 

AmsU 1727 

1089 Pense^s Libres sur la Religion, TEglise et le Bonheur de la 

Nation, 2 Tols. vellum, 25 Haye^ 1723 

1090 Perizonii (Jac.) Origines Babylonicse et iSgyptiacse, 2 vols, vel- 

lum, &r Traj. 1736 

*^ An excellent Work, \n which the author corrects several mistakes of 
Sir John Marsham." — ^Dr. Clarke's Bib. Dict. vol. v, p. 181. 

1091 Pfaffii (G. M.) Institutiones Historise Ecclesiasticse, thick vol. 

vellum, 28, M Tub. 172? 

1092 ■ Idem, half-calf, neat, 3s. 

ib. 1727 

10^ . Dissertatio critica de gen.N. Test. Leetionibus 

et de Millii coll. Var. Lect. half-bound, russra, 2*. 6d. 

Anim. 1709 
1094 Philicini (Petri) Dialogus de Isaaci Immolatione, wood-cut, 

scarce, 95.. Aniverpite^ 1544 

1096 KcherelU (Petri) Opuscula Theologica, vellum, 1*. M. 

Lwgrf. Ba^ JKswtV. 1629 

1096 Pieteti (Benedicti) Theologice Ghristianas, pars prima, vellum, 2^. 

Lugd. Bai. 1723 

1097 — -Apologie de la ReKgion des Protestans, 2 

vols, sewed, 3* Geneva, 1726 

10^ , , Dissertat. de consensu et dissensu inter Re- 

formatos et Augustans Gonfess. Fratres Vindic. adv. Animad. 
Lutherani, Gtnetf. I7W.— Pufendorff Jus. Peciale Divinum, 2 
vols, in one, vellum, 2s. 6d , Francqf. I7I6 

1099 Poiret (Petri) Sacra Oratioais Theologia, neat, 2»....y^fw/. I7II 

1100 Pr»*adamitK, sive Excrcitatio super versibus XII, XIII, XIV, 

capitis quinti Epistobe Pauli ad Romanos, quibus inducuntur 
Primi Homines ante Adamum eonditi, neat, scarce, 3*. 

s. L 1655 

The scarcest edition of this very singular work, written by Isaac la 

Peyrere.— Vide De Btjre and Cailleau. 
54, Paternobtbr Row. 

Digitized by 


64 Theologia ei Historia Ecclesiastica. [DuoD* 

1101 Pritii (J, Geo.) Introductio in lecdonem Nov! Testamenti, vel- 

lum, neat, 5s Lips. 1722 

** This is a good introduction to the study of the New Testament. I 
have read it with great pleasure and instruction." — ^Dr. Harwood. 

1102 QuesDel (Pasquier), le Nouveau Testament, en Fran9oi8, avec 

des Reflexions Morales sur chaque Verset, pour en rendre la 
Lecture plus uti]e« et la Meditation plus us^e, 8 yols. in 6, 

vellum, neat, 1/. Ss PariSf 1702 

1103 8 vols, in 4, neat, \L Is. 

ih. 1702 

1 104 8 vols, neat, \L 8s... .ib. 1702 

1105 e Gallico Latin b versum, 8 
vols, in 4, vellum, 8^ ib. 1694 

" I am so persuaded of the worth of the work on the New Testament, 
that, had I to choose one accompaniment to the New Testament to 
the exclusion of all others, I would at once prefer it." — ^Nicole. 

1106 Idem, complete in 5 vols, old 

binding, &... ib. 1694 

1107 Instructions Chretiennes et Elevations a Dieu 

sur la Passion, damaged, bound. Is. 6d ib. 1702 

1108 Racine (FAbbe) Lettres sur le nouvel Abr^g^ de PHlstoire Ec- 

clesiastique, 4 tracts, freucb calf, 2« Liege^ 1759 

1109 Rainoldi (Johannis, Angli) Sex Theses de sacra Scriptura & 

Ecclesia, vellum, 2s. 6d ^.....Hanovia^ 1603 

1110 Raphelii Annotationes Philologicse in Novum Testamentum ex 

Polybio & Arriano collects, neat, 2s* 6d Hamb. 1715 

1111 ■ • Idem, et Annotat. in Novum 

Testamentum ex Xenopbonte coUectae, 2 vols, vellum, neat, 5«. 

ib. 1715 

1112 Ravii (Sebaldi) Diatribe de Epulo Funebri Gentibus dando cum 

prsef. Millii. Traj. 1751. — Meinoldi Boeseken Disquisitionam 
Philologicarum Biga, in one vol. half-bound, 2^. 

Lugd. Bat. 1712 
l]12^Ileformationis Abusuum Cleri Formula per Ludovicum cogno- 
mento Pium, Romanorum Imperii Imperatorem, Caroli Magni 
Filium, ex Sanctorum Patrum sententiis, neat, scarce, 4«. 

Colon, ex off. J. Sluentel, 1549 

1113 Reinimanni (J. F.) Historia Universalis Atheismi et Atheorum, 

vellum, neat, 5s '. HUdes. 1725 

1114 Relandi (Hadriani) Antiquitates Sacrse Veterum Hebrsorum, 

half-bound, 2« L. Bat. 1707 

1115 ' Idem, editio optima, calf, 2s. 6d. ib. 1717 

1116 ^ Idem, vellum, 2s. 6d ib. 1717 

1117 Dissertationes Miscellanese, 3 vols, in 2, 

vellum, 6s Traj. I7O6 

1118 Idem, 3 vols, vellum, 7* ib. 1713 

1119 Decas Exercitationum Philologicarum de 

Vera Pronuntiatione Nominis Jehova, viz. : J. Drusii, S. Amamffi, 

[William Baynbs, 

Digitized by 


DuodJ Theologia ei Historia Eccksiasiica. 65 

J. CappeUiy N, FuUeri, T. Gatakeri, et J. Leusdeni, rellam, 

2s. 6rf ib. 1767 

1130 Relandi ( Hadrian!) De Nummis Samaritanis DissertationeSy 
plates, vellom, 3s • ib, 1709 

1121 de Spoliifl Tempi! Hierosolymitani in Arcu 
TiUano Liber sing. Bg. sewed, \s, 6d ib. 1716 

1122 Idem, vellum, 2s ib. 1716 

1123 La Religion des Mahometans, arec une Con- 
fession de Foi Mahometane, neat, Bs .Haye^ 1721 

1124 Ricbeom!(Rdi.P. Ludovici) Idololatria Huguenotica seu Luthero 

Calyinistica ad Exemplar Ethnicie Veteris expressa, thick vol. 
yellum, scarce, 4«. ^d • • Mogunt. 1643 

1125 Riyeti (Andres) Vindicis Apologetic! sui, pro vera pace Eccle- 

sice, contra subdolos Medlatores, yellum, 2s Roiet\ 1646 

1 126 instruction Chretienne touchant les Spectacles 

publics des Comoedies & Tragsedies, yellum, ^^...Hoye, 1639 

1127 Roches (Fr. de) Defense du Christianisme, ou Preservadf contre 

un Ouyrage intitule Religion essentielle a I'homme, 2 yols. 
half-bound, 2s Laus. 1740 

1128 Rodolph (J. R.) in Catechism Palatinam, yellum, 2s. 6d. 

Franeq. 1709 

1129 Rome Anti-Chretienne oa Conformity de Thorrible Persecution 

qu'Antiochus exer^a contre FAncienne Eglise, ayec celle que le 
Clerge de France fait 8ou£frir aux Reformez, neat, scarce, 4s. 

Cologne^ 1687 

1130 Rothii In Epistolas S. Paul! ad Romanos, Cor. Galat. Epbes. Pa- 

raphrasis Poetica, curiously stamped binding, rare , 3r. . . . . . 1 568 

1131 Ruhlii (L. C.) Epistolce tres Catholics S. Joannis, Gr«c. notis 

illustrate, sewed, is. 6d ^ Amst. 1739 

1132 Sanderus de Origine ac Progressu Schismatis Anglicaai, old 

binding, 5s. • Ingolstadj 1588 

A Catholic Eodeslastical History of England, during the reigns o^ 
Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth. 

1133 Saurin (Jacques) Principes de la Religion et de la Morale, 2 

yols. french calf, gilt, 5« Paris^ 1768 

1134 Schiede, Obseryationum Sacr. Biga I. de Cod. Bibl. Ebr. Msto. 

Bibl. Cass. II. de Velo Tabernaculi interior!, etc. half-bound, 
neat, 3« ••• Brema^ 1748 

1135 Schmidii (C. F.) Obseryationes super Epistola ad Hebreos 

Histories Critics Theologies, cum prsfat. Crusii, half-bound, 
2s. 6d Ups. 1766 

1136 Schudt (J.* J.) Trifolium Hebrso-Philologicnm exhibens.— I. " 

Textum Hebr. cum yers. Lat. et notis. — II. Vocabularium. — 
111. Lexicon Verbale et Reale, e quatuor capitibus prioribus 
Genes, half-bound, neat, 3s. 6d Franco/. 1694 

1137 Schultens (Alb.) Animadyersiones philologies et critics ad V. T. 

old binding, 2*. 6d Amst. 1709 

1138 Sbhlbri (D. Jo. Sal.) Programmata Academica, boards, 2s. 

Hal. Magd. 1779 
54, Patbrnostbh Row.] K 

Digitized by 


66 ITuologia et Hisiaria Eccksicutica. [Duod. 

1139 Semlbri (D. Jo, Sal») Paraphrasis £TaDgeHi Johannis, cam 

Noti8,et Cantabrigiensis Codicis Latino Textu. 2 vols, boards, 53, 

ib. 1771 

1140 -p— ■ Paraphrasis, in II Epistolas ad Co- 

rintbosj 2 vols, boards, 5« ••««.•*«,** ib. 1770*6 

1141 2 vols, half-bound, uncut, 6*. 

ib. 1776-6 

1142 ' ■ Epstolae ad Galatas, cum proleg, 

Notis, &c. boards, 2« ib. 1779 

1 143 Epistols J acobi, cum Notis, boards, 2», 

ib. 1781 

1144 Epistolas II Petri et Epist. Judas, 

cum multis Notis, &c. 2 vols, boards, 4» ib* 17B3*4 

1145 ' Joannis Epistol. prim, cum prolegom. 

etanimadv. boards, 2i. 6d ,.,,*.. .„,..,»„i22g<E, 1792 

<' Semler was one of the most elaborate Biblical Critics of Germanj 
during the last century ; his writings, which illustrate, with real 
ability, many philological difficulties, bear a high price." — Horne. 

1146 Senali (Roberti) de Matrimonio Mosaico, per Legem Eyange* 

licam Reftttato Axioma, very fine copy, in calf, scarce, 3s. 6d. 

ParisUs, 1544 

1147 Simler (Josias), la Republiqne des Sidsses, woop-cuts, vellum, 

scarce, 5s ^ ib. 1578 

1148 Smith (Tho.) Epistolse duse de Moribus ac Institutis Turcarum, et 

Septem Asise Ecclesiarum notittam, bound, 2«. 6d...0xoH, 1672 

1149 Smythei (Richardi Akoli) de Ccelibatu Saeerdotum liber, Ejus- 

dem Confutatio qoorundam articulornm^ de vetis Monasticis 
Petri Martyris Itali, Oxoniee in Anglia Theolof^am profitentis, 
old binding, rarb, 4«. 6^. Lovan. 1556 

1156 SociNi (Pausti) Disputatio de Adoratione Gbristi. — Explioatio 
Capitis qmnti et sexd Matthiei. — Lectiones Sacrse, — De usu 8t 
fine Goenie Domini, thidc vol, vellum, 59 Racovia^ 1618 

1151 De Unigeniti Klii Dei cxistentia Disputatio, 

Ejusdem de Jesu Ghristi Invocatione Disputatio, Ejusdem Dis- 
putatio de Adoratione Ghristi, in one vol, vellum, scarce, 5«, 

ib. 1626 

1152 ' de Sacrse Scripturse Auctoritate Libellus cui 
addita estSumma Religionis Christians. — Ejusdem Txactatua de 
Deo, Christo, et Spiritu Sancto. — Ejusdem Tractatus de Ecclesia. 
— Ejusdem Tractatus de Justificatione, vellum, 3s ib. 1611 

.1163 i de loco Pauli Apostoli in Epistola ad Rom. cap. 

septimo Disputatio. — Ejusdem de Sacrie Scripture Auctoritate 
Libellus. — Ejusdem Tractatus de Ecclesis, — Nicolaidis (The- 
ophili) Defensio Brevis Anonymi cujusdam de Ecclesia & Mis- 
sione Ministrorum tractatus, in one vol. vellum, 35. 6d. 

ib. 1612 

1154 ' de Baptismo Aquae Disputatio, vellum, 2^ 

ib. 1613 
[William BATyBs^ 

Digitized by 


DuOD.] neobgia €i Historia Eeehiiasiica* 67 

1155 SoiBsons (I'Eteque) Traite de la Confiance en la Miseiieorde de 

Diea^ bound, \s • ,»,.*,»,, Avignon, 1770 

1156 Sotre (R. P. F. Andreee de) Sancta Familia sea ChroDicum, 

1690. ANAORAMHATUMy sttper \j Salvatcn*, Genitrix, Josephus 
yel Joseph, e/c. plates, old binding, curious and scaroe, 33, 6d, 

Antv. 1686 

1157 Sorbin (M. Arnault) Vray Resveillematin des CaWinistes, et 

Publicfuns Francois ; oh est amplement discoura de Tauctorit^ 
des Princes, et du devoir des suiets envers iceux, original calf 
extra, gilt leaves, scarce, 45. 6d. 

Paris ^ chez Cruillaume Chaudiere, 1576 

1158 ■ Ruict Sermons de la Resurreetaon de la 
Chair, prononcez au Chasteau du Bois-de Yincennes, durant 
le temps de Parade et dueil de feu Charles IX, Roy de France, 
yrayement pitenx et debonnaire, Paris^ 1576. — Exhortation a 
la Noblesse pour les dissuader et destoumer des Duels, et autres 
Combats, &c. calf, rare, 4^ ib, 1578 

1159 Spanhemii (Frider.) Historia Jubi sive de Obscuris Historic 

Commentstio, Tellum, neat, 25 Lugd, Bat, 1694 

1160 ■ Idem, et Pars posterior sistens Commen- 

tatores in Jobum, half-bound, calf, 35 Haiisb. 1710 

1161 Introductio ad selectiores Controversias 

cum fiodiemis Pontifieiis, Remonstrantibus, Quinquarticulanis, 
&c. &c. Lagd. Bat, 1677* — Guil. Bradshaw Anoli Disser- 
tatio de Justificationiii Doctrina, ih. 1684, in one vol. vetlUm, 
scarce, 45. -M. 

116S Bpinsei (Job.) de trimqaiintajte Arami, lib. vti, et EJusdem Trac- 
tatus de Providentia Dei, wood-cut portrait of Henry IV of 
France, 2 vols, in one, vellum, 35 1600 

1163 [Spinosa] Reflexions Curieuses d'un Esprit des-Interessd sur les 

Matieres les plus importantes au salut, tant public que particu- 
lier, vellum, scarce, 35... Cologne, 1678 

1164 Spitzneri (Adimii Benedicti) VincKcise Origtnis et Auctoritatis 

DivinsB Punctorum Vocalium, et Accentnum in Libris Sacris 
Vet. Test, sewed, 2s Lips. 1791 

1165 Stegmani (Joach.) de Judice et Norma Controversiaruin fidei 

Lib. ii, vellum, 2s Eleutkeropoli, 1644 

1166 Stephan (Erhardi) Summarium Novi Testament! sistens Sum- 

mam Textns Graeci N. T. qua Greec^e voces, quas continet. 
onmes comprehenduirtur, et Index Memorialis Etymologicus au 
Summarium Nov. Test, cum Harmonia Nov. Test. 2 vols, 
boards, 35. 6d ..Argent. 1778 

1167 Idem, 2 vols, half-calf, 55. 

ib. 1778 

1168 Stinstra (Jean) Lettre Pastorale contre Le Fanatisme, fine copy, 

calf, 25 ,...Leide, 1752 

1109 Stokmans (^gidii) Miscellanea Sacra, vellum, 25 Amst. IJSJ 

1170 Superville, Vrai Communiant on Traite de la Sainte Cene, et 

des Moiens d'y Men participer, sewed, 2s. M....... Rotter. 1760 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 



68 Theologia ei HUioria EccUsiastica. [DuoD. 

1171 Super?ille, Veritez & Devulrs de 1ft Religion Ghretienne oa Cate- 

chisme, bound, l^. 6d ib, I7O6 

1172 Sweertii (Rob.) deFide Hsereticis servandfi Dlssertatio, fine copy, 

old calfy extra, rare, 4« • Antv* 1611 

Beneath the title is written ** Reverendi88<> D&o. D. Joanni Miraeo 
Antverp. Episcopo anctor L. M. D. D." 

1173 Sjmbolse Literarice ad Incrementum Scientiarum omne genus, 

curante Conrado Ikenio, 3 Tols. yellum, 7s Brcmm, 1744 

A very valuable collection of theological treatises and literary disqcd- 
sitionSy by Eisner, Michaelis, Vitnnga, Heumann, Iken, &c. &c. 

1174 Taylor (Francisci) et Arnold! Bootii Examen Prasfationis Morim 

in Biblia Grseca de Textus Ebnaci corruptione & Graci autho- 
. ritate, Lugd, Bat, 1636. — Brian! Waltoni Dissertatio in qua 
de Linguis Orientalibus, Hebr. Chald. Samar. Syr, Arab. Pers. 
^tbiop. Armen, Copt, et de Textuum & Versionum quce in 
Polyglottis Bibliis habentur, antiquitate, &c. access. Wooreri 
Syntagma de Grseca &Latina Bibliorum interpretatione, vellum, 
scarce, 9« DavetU. 1658 

1175 Tertulliani (S.) Apologeticus et ad Scapulam Liber, acoessit 

M. Minuccii Felicia Octavius, new brown calf, 2s. 

Cantab. 1686 

1176 ■ Idem, et Juelli Apologia Ec- 
clesis Anglicans, in one vol. neat, 3« ...16. 1683 

ll76*^Theodoreti (S.) Dialog^, Gr. et Lat. Strigelu cura Marci Beum- 
leri, tbick vol. vellum, 3^ , Ttguri, 1593 

1177 ■ Dialog!, Ejusdem Hnreticorum improbarum 

nugarum ac fabularum compendium, Ejusdem Divinorum Decre- 
torum sen Dogmatum Epitome, Latin^^ Basileat 1549. — Coch- 
Iffii de Sacris Reliquiis Christi et sanctorum ejus, Brevis contra 
Joannis Cal?ini calumnias & blasphemias Responsio, in one toL 
original binding, stamped with a representation of Lucretia, 
scarce, 69. 1549 

1178 Thomas a Kempis de Imitatione Christi, with Life by Charles 

Butler, boards, 4« Lond. Pickering, 1827 

1179 ■■ interprete Sebastiano Castellione, neat, 2s. 

Cantab. Hayes, 1685 

1180 — —--— — ^— I'Imitation de Jesus Christ, traduction par le 

R. P. De Gonnelieo, neat. Is. 6d i^gc, 1801 

1181 Tort! Responsio ad Librum inscriptum Triplici Nodo Triplex Cu- 

nseus, neat, rare, 2s. 6d ..Colon. 1608 

1182 Tractatus. — H. Bullinobri Dispositio et Periocbe Historic 

Evangelicae, Tiguri, 1553. — Heinrtchus Bullingbrus de 
Prophetae Officio et quomodo digne administrari possit, Tiguri, 
1532. — D. Ben. Aretii Lectiones septem de CcBua Domini, 
Morgiis, 1581.— -D. Ben. Aretii Examen Theologicum brevi 
et perspicua metbodo conscriptum, Lausan. 1579. — Abr. Scul- 
teti Delitis Evangelicse Pragenses, Hanov. 1620, with others, 

thick TOl, SCARCE, 5<. 

[William Baynes, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Uieologia et Historia Ecclesiastica. 60 

1183 Tractatus.— Elogia Patriarcharum & Christi Jesu, Eman. 

Thesauri & Aloysii Jng^laris, quibus ob pnestantiam & Antiqui- 
tatem adjunctam est Tesiamentum xii Patriarcharum ^ Mogunt. 
1669. — Wolfg. Fransii Historia Animalium Sacra, in one thick 
vol. vellum, 3*. 6d Witteb. 1642 

1184 Le Sisteme dea Anciens et des Modemes sur 

I'Etat des Ames separes des Corps, 2 parts complete, Londrcs, 
1757. — La R6alit6 et TEternit^ des Peines del'Enfer, calf, neat, 
RARE, 2s. 6d. 

1185 Oraison Fanebre de Montmorency Due de 

Luxembourg, par le P. De la Rue. — ^Arnauld Dissertations sur 
les Miracles de I'ancienne Loy. — Panegyrique de Marie Stuart 
Heine d'Angleterre, par J. Abbadie.*— and others, half-bound, 
neat, 2s. 6d Paris^ 1695, &c. 

1186 Turrettini (Joh. Alph.) Historic Ecclesiasticee Compendium, old 

binding, 2«. 6d Genev. 1734 

1187 ■ cum continuatione editum a 

Joh. Simonis, half-bound, 3^ Hal. 1750 

1187* (Samuel) Preservatif contre le Fanatisme, vellum, 2s. 

ih. 1723 

1188 Ursini (G. H.) Observationes Philologies, vellum. Is. 

Ratish. 1679 

1189 Usher (Archiep.) de Christianarum Ecclesiarum successione & 

statu, vellum, 2s. 6d Hanov. 1658 

1190 Verini (Simplicii) Liber de Transubstantiatione ad Justum Pa- 

cium contra H. Grotium, vellum, 2^ Hagiop. 1646 

1191 Idem, original red morocco, 

GILT LBAVBS, AtS ih. 1646 

1192 Viti (Stephani) Apologia, in qua Synodus Dordracena et Refor- 

mata Fides ab Iniquls criminationibus doct. J. L. Moshemi et 
aliorum vindicatur, boards, 2s. 6d Cassel^ 1726 

1193 —Idem, vellum, 3« ib. 1726 

1194 Vilierlus (Franciscus) de statu Primitivae Ecclesise ejusque Sa- 

cerdodis, neat, scarce, 45 Hierapoiiy 1553 

1195 Vitrings (Campegii) Hypotyposis Historise et Chronologiee Sa« 

crse, accedit Typus Doctrinse Propheticse, bounds 2^. 

Leov. 1716 
1190 — ^ Idem, neat, 2*. 6d. ...ib. I7I6 

1197 Vogt (Johannis) Bibliotheca Historic Hseresiologise, 2 vols, vel- 

lum, neat, scarce, l(h. 6d Hamb. 1723 

1198 Voluseni de Animi Tranquillitate Dialogus, beautifully printed, 

neat, 2$. 6d Edinb. IJ51 

1199 Walchii Monumenta Medii ^vi, 3 vols, half-bound, neat, 9«. 

Goiting. 1757 

1200 Wendelini (Marci Friderici) Christiana Theologia, neat, \s. 6d. 

Ami. 1639 

1201 Another Copy, vellum, 2s i6. 1639 

1202 Wicelii Retectio Luterismi, qui se Veteris et Apostolicse Eccle- 

siee venditat. in admonitionem edita Parisiis^ 1564; — Ejusdem 
de Arbore Bona, Aotichristi Intercessione Divorum, d^que 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


70 Tkeologia ei Historia Ecclesicuttica. [Duod. 

Jejanio, et Mortis Dominies Die, ib. 1564 i-^Efusdem de Mo- 
ribus Veterum Hsereticorum Libellus, t^. 1564 ;«— Rbnb db 
Fbbuk, Brieve Reponse aux quatre execrables aiticleB contra 
la Saincte Messe, ib, 1564; — Beavx Amis Remonstrance aux 
Devoyez, qu'il n'est pas permis aux subjets, sous quelque pre- 
texte que ce soit, leyer des armes contre leur Prince, ib. 1567 ; 
«— Recueti de rAbjuration de la Secte Lutberienne fait par 
UiiDBRicH Comte de Helfemtain^ ayec les causes et rusons qui 
Font esmeu k ce faire, ib, 1567 ;-^Des Troubles et differents 
Advenans entres les hommes par la Diversity des Religions par 
Loys le Rot diet Rbqius, ib. 1567 ;^»Adyerdssement i tons 
Bons et Loyaux Subjectz du Roy pour n'estre surprins et circon- 
yenuz par les propositions color^es, impostures, &c. centre le 
Roy, ib. 1567 ; in one vol. neat, 6«. 

« Omnia Wicelii sunt rara."— -Baubb. The other Tracts are all of 
them uncommon and curious. 

1203 IVitsii (Hermanni) Exercitationes Academics, thick vol. vellum, 

^s. M , Ultraj. 1694 

1204 Animadversiones Irenicse ad Controversias 

quae sub infaustis Antinomorum et neonomorum nominibus in 
Britannia nunc agitantur, bound, 2^ ib. 1696 

1205 Dissertatio Epistolica ad Ulricum Huberum, 

de Seripturse Sacrse Auctoritate Divina, etc. etc. 2*6. 1687* — 
Vlrici Huberi de Concursu Rationis & sacrse Scripturae Liber, 
in one vol. vellum, 2s • Francq. 1687 

1206 Wollebii Compendium Theologise Christianse, bound, \s. 

Cantab. 1648 

1207 W^oUii (M. Christoph.) Ecclesia Pharisaica et Christiana in 

Vitffi Morumque Akribeia diversa, half-bound, vellum, 2«. 

AUonm, 1730 

1208 Wyttenbachii (Dan.) Tentamen Theologise Dogmaticse Methodo 

scientifica pertractatee, 3 vols, sewed, 6^.. Francqf* 1747 

1209 3 vols, old calf, neat, js. 6d. 

ib. 1747 

1210 Zomii (Petri) Bibliotheca Antiqnaria et Exegetica in Vet. et 

Nov. Test, thick vol. plates, half-bound, vellum, 5s. 

Franco/. 1724 
** A very curious and useful work."-— Dr. Clarke. 

1211 [Zwickeri] Irenicum Irenieorum, seu reconciliatoris Christia- 

nornm bodiernorum norma triplex: sana omnium hominum 
ratio, scriptura sacra et traditiones, half-bound, scarce, 5s. 


1212 Idem, 1658.— Johan-Amos 

Comenii Admonifio de Irenico Irenieorum, Amst. i660.~«-Ireni- 
oomastix per pet uo convictus et constrictus, edente Irenici Au- 
tore, ib. 1661. in one thick vol. vellum, rare, 9^. 

1213 Zype (R. P. Henrici vanden) Examen Qusestionis an magis 

expediat Devotam in Mundo quam Religiosam in Monasterio 

vitam agere, etc. neat^ scarce, ^ Brugisj 1631 

tWiLLiAM Batnbs, 

Digitized by 




1214 Beausobre (M. de) sur le XII Chapitre de TEpitre de S. Paul 
aux Romans, et sur le XI Chapitre de PEvangile selon 8. Jean, 
4 Tols. calf, neat, 12« Lam. i7M 

1216 Bertbeau (Charles) sur divers Testes, 2 vols, bound, 4$. 6d. 

Am$i. 1730 

1217 *v®c Sermons sur diverses Sections du Cate- 

chisme de CaWm, 3 yoIs. half-bound, neat, ^9• 6c{ ih, 1790 

1218 Bertrand (J. E.) sar differens textes, 2 Tols. sewed, 6s, 

Neuch. 1770 

1219 BossuBT (Jacqubs-Bbnionb Eybqub) sur diybrs sujbts, 9 vols. 

in 5, half-bound, neat, 2/. 2« Paru, 1772 

1220 Cellerier, Sermons et Pri^res, tome i, sewed 2«. ..»*Geneve^ 1819 

1221 Chatelain (Henri) sor divers Textes, 4 vola. portrait, calf, 12«. 

Anut. 1744 

1222 — Another Copy, 6 vols, portrait by Tanjt , half-bound, neat, 

18« /. ib. 1759 

1223 Chaufepi^ (Samuel de) sur divers textes, 2 vols, sewed, 5$, 

ib. 1808 

1224 Chevallier (P.) relatifs aux drconstances de la Patrie, sewed. 

Is. 6d Haycy 1814 

1225 Clarion (Antoine) sur divers textea, 2 vcAs. sewed. Of. 

Uirecht, 1805 

1226 De Joux (Pierre) Pr^icadon du Chriatianisme, ou V^it^ de la 

Religion Chretienne expos^es, 3 vols, sewed, Ss. Geneve^ 1803 

1227 Du Bosc (Pibrrb) sur I'Epitre de St. Paul aa£pheuens,3 vola. 

half-bound, 14^. ••• ••».*«..*......».**..»»M»».»*«..i2o^<er» 1699 

1228 La Vie de Pierre Du Boge> enrichie de 

Lettrea, Harangues, Dissertations & autres Pieces importaoteSy 

sewed, 5^ • • ..«.•«.. .•..9(. 1694 

1229 EscluHuier (M. Sam.) sur divers Textes, sewed> 3f. 

Hayc, 1795 
1230^ Another Copy, half-bound, iieat» 4f*....- .ib. 1795 

1231 Goiol (Jean) sur divers Textes, 3 vols* sewed, 8u 

Rotter. 1779 

1232 Huet (Theo.) sur les Sections du. Catechisme de Calvin, 4 vols. 

sewed, Ss Amst. 1762 

1333 — . 4 viris. hidl*boiiiid, neat, Od* 

ib. 1762 
1234 4 vols, neat, lO* ib. 1762 

^' The Sermons of Huet combine critical and practical remarks on 
tiie principal doctrines of Divine Revelation ; and will be foimd 
usenil for Students in Theology."— The French Preacher. 

1235 (Dan. Thea) sur divers Textes» 2 vols. sewed» 5*. 

ib. 1797 
54, Patbrvostir Row.] 

Digitized by 


72 French Sermons. [DuoD. 

1236 Le Maitre (J. H.) sur divers Textes, old calf, neat, 3s. 6d, 

Utrecht, 1741 

1237 Luliin (Amede^) Bor divers Textes, 2 vols, sewed, port, by Tar- 

dieu, 5s Geneve, 1761 

1238 Another Copy, 2 vols, portrait, neat, 7* »*• ^761 

1239 Mothe (CI. Groteste de la) sur divers Textes, half-bound, 3«. 

Amnt. 1715 

1240 Reclam (M.) sur divers Textes, 2 vols, half-bound, neat, 5«. 

Berlin, 1790 

1241 Roux (J. M.) sur TEtat intermediaire, sewed, U. 6c{. 

Amst. 1803 

1242 Sauuin (Jaqubs) sur divers Textes, avec les Nouveaux Ser- 

mons, 12 vols, complete, calf, neat, 22 Haye, 1730 

1243 --—--——-—---——— ———^ vols, i to ix, 9 vols, sewed, 

1& ift. 1730 

1244 _. Discours Historiques Critiques Theologiques 

et Moraux sur les Evenemens les plus memorables du Vieux et 
du Nouveau Testament, 1 1 vols, complete, plates, half-calf, neat, 
2/.2« AfMt. 1720 

1245 Saussaye (J. G. Ch. de la) sur divers Textes, half-calf, neat, 45. 

Haye, 1817 

1246 Sermons sur les Chapitres IX, X, et XI, de I'Epitre de S. 

Paul aux Romains, qu'on explique du Pouvoir de Dieu qui 
delate dans le Choix des Peuples, 3 vols, sewed, 9^. 

Hamb. 1735 

1247 Superville (Daniel) Nouveaux sur divers Textes, half-bound, un- 

cut, neat, 3«. 6d Amst, 1743 

1248 ■ (Dan. le Fils.) sur divers Textes, 3 vols, sewed, 8*. 

ih. 1763 
1249 J 3 vols, boards, 9«. ...ih. 1756 

1250 3 vols, half-bound, uncut, 

neat, \2s ih. 1763 

1251 ' sur divers Textes, half-bound, 2#. Od. — 
neat, 3*.; vellum, 3«w M ..^ ih. 1754 

1252 Treille (J. Colas de la) sur divers Textes, 2 vols, calf extra, 6f. 

ih. 1727 

1253 Vemede (J. H.) sur divers Textes, sewed, 2«. 6d ih. 1809 

1254 — — — — d Tttsage de Chretiens afflig^s, sewed, 2*. 6d. 

Leide, 1807 

1255 ■ FINE PAPER, sewed, 3*. 

%b. 1807 

1256 Vemes (Jacob) sur divers Textes, neat, 2«. 6d Laua. 1790 


1257 Abbadie (Jaques) sur divers textes et Panegyriques, 3 vols. 

half-bound, uncut, neat, & Amst. I76O 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.}. Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 73 

1258 Beauvais (M. de) sur divers Testes, 4 vols, sewed, 7«* 

Paris, 1807 

1259 Bochart (Samuel) sur divers Textes, 2 vols, in one, scarce, 4s. 

Amst. 1714 

1260 Chapelain sur diif^rens sujets de Pi^t^ et de Religion, 6 vols. 

boards, 9s Paris, 1768 

'' The style is lucid, the reasoning close, and the perorations pa- 
thetic."~THE French Prrachbr. 

1261 Crousaz cinq sur la Verite de la Religion Chretienne, et Sermons 

sur la Resurrection de Jesus Christ, &c. 2 vols, bound, 4s. 

Amst. 1722 

1263 Dailie, sur le Catecbisme des Eglises Reform jes, 3 vols, neat, 9s. 

Geneve, I7OI 

1264 Flecbier (Esprit) Panegyriques et autres Sermons, 2 vols, por- 

trait, calf, neat, 6« Bruss. 1696 

1265 Oraisons Funebres, brown calf, 25. 6d. 

Paris, 1734 

1266 De Mascaron, Bourdaloue et Masslilon, Orai- 
sons Funebres, 2 vols, sewed, 2s. M ih. 1803 

1267 Lambert (M. L'Abb^ de) de I'Octave du Saint Sacrement, et 

Panegyriques de quelques Saints, et sur le Careme, 2 vols, 
half-bound, 2s. %d Uege, 1746 

1268 Leger (Antoine) Nouveaux sur divers Textes, 2 vols, neat, 

scarce, 9s Geneve, 1728 

1269 Martin (David) sur divers Textes, balf-bound, neat, 25. 

Amst. I7O8 

1270 Miiscaron (Jules) Oraisons Funebres, neat, 25. 6d. Paris, 1745 

1271 Masillon, sur divers Sujets, 13 vols, sewed, 1/. 155. 

ih. 1770 

1272 13 vols, neat, 2/. 1s....ih. 1762 

1273 Morus, sur le Catecbisme des Eglises Reform^es de France, 2 

vols, vellum, neat, scarce, 85.. .« Geneve, 1695 

1274 Poulle (PAbb^) surdivers Textes, 2 vols, neat, 45.. ..Lyon. 1808 

1275 Werenfels (Samuel) sur des Veritas importantes de la Religion, 

boards, 25. %d Basle, 1715 



1276 Holy Bible, finely engraved title page, first leaf rent and 

mended, half-bound, calf, 185. 

London, hif Robert Barker, 1633 

1277 with Common Prayer prefixed, engraved title- 
page, neat, U. \s ih. 1639 

1278 neat, old binding, gilt leaves, \l. \s. 

Lond. John Baskett, 1723 
54, Patbrnostbr Rbw.] L 

Digitized by 


74 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [Folio. 

1279 Holy Bible, with Notes and Annotatious by Dr. Southwell, 

plates, neat, ISs Lond, 

1280 Allen's (Robert) Doctrine of the Gospel, thick vol. old binding, 

6$ 1606 

1281 Andrews's (Bishop) Lectures, old binding, portrait by Vaughan, 

neat, 12s ^ t. 1657 

1282 Barrow's (Dr. Isaac) Works, 3 vols, in 2, calf, neat, 2/. 7«. 1722 

1283 Bates's (Dr. William) Works, portrait, neat, 1/. 65 I7OO 

1284 Baxter's (Richard) Catholick Theologie, portrait, title-page 

ruled with red lines, neat, I5s 1675 

1286 Bunyan's Works, with Life, 2 vols, portrait, neat, IZ. Ss... 1736 

1287 Burgesse's (Anthony) Doctrine of Original Sin, neat, 8«.., 1659 

1 288 Burkitt's Expository Notes on the New Testament, rough calf, 
, neat, ISs 1753 

1289 • calf, neat, ISs 1772 

1290 Burnet's (Bishop) History of the Reformation of the Church of 

England, 3 vols, portraits, neat, 2/. 7^ 1681 

1290*^ Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles, neat, 

7* 1700 

1291 Galderwood's True History of the Chureh of Scotland, from 

the beginning of the Reformation unto the end of the Reigne of 
King James VI, fine copy, neat, scarce, ISs 1678 

1292 Caussin's (Nicholas) Holy Court, portraits, russia, neat, 14«. 


1293 Cbarnock's (Dr. Stephen) Works, 2 vols, old calf, neat, 

21. I5s.. 1682 

1294 Clarke's (Sa.) Mirrour or Looking Glasse both for Saints and 

Sinners, held forth in some thousands of Examples, with a Geo- 
graphical Description of the World, neat, 12^.. •«••«.•....«• 1657 

1295 Clarkson's (David) Sermons, portrait, calf, neat, 1/. Is 1696 

1296 Common Prayer Book, fine large print, rough calf^ 12«» 

Ojford, 1815 

1297 Cotton's (Clement] Christian Concordance, containing the most 

materiall words in the New Testament, 2s. 1629 

1298 ■ ■' ' ' Complete Concordance to the Bible, half- 

bound, neat, 4s «.. 1631 

1299 Cracanthorp's Treatise of the fift General Councel held at Con- 

stantinople, neat, 4s 1634 

1300 Cradock's History of the Old Testament methodized, with a short 

History of the Jewish Affairs to the Birth of our Saviour, neat, 
8s : 1683 

1301 Cyprian's'(St.) Genuine Works, with his Life by Pontius, trans- 

lated with a Dissertation by N. Marshall, neat, 9^ 1717 

1302 Davis's (Hugh) Three Books of the Rights belonging to an Uni- 

formity in Churches, neat, 5s 1669 

1303 Dodd's (Dr.) Commentary on the Books of the Old and New 

Testament, 3 vols, old binding, neat, 3/. IQs «• 1770 

1304 ■ 3 vols, fine copy,, new in calf, 

4/. 10* 1770 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


FoLioO Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 75 

]a04*Doorittle's (Thomas) Body of Practical Divinity, fine copy, neat, 
185 : 1723 

1305 Downham's Christian Warfare, frontispiece, neat, 12«..«... 1634 

1306 Edwards's (Dr. John) Theolog^a Reformata, or the Body and 

Sabstance of the Christian Religion, 2 vols, portrait by Vertue, 
neat, lOs. 6d 1713 

1307 Ellwood's Sacred History of the Old Testament, neat, 8s... 1705 
1308 Sacred History of the Old and New Testament, 2 vols. 

neat, \4e 1705 

1309 Erasmus's Paraphrase upon the Newe Testameute, 2 vols. 

filACit Iftt^l^, fine copy, newly bound in calf, 3/. 

Enpriented at London in fietestreete at the 
signe of the sunne, by Edwarde Whit' 
churche, 1548. 

1310 Fiddes's Fifty-two Practical Discourses, neat, 55.,.. 1720 

1311 Fleming's Fulfilling of the Scripture, complete, neat, IO5. 1726 

1312 Fonseca's Sermons upon all the Quadragessimal Gospells (no 

title page), neat, 65. 

1313 Fox's Acts and Monum&nts of Martyrs, 3 vols, best edition, 

(a leaf or two wanting) newly bound in calf, 3/. 7^ 1684 

1814 Gibson's Codex Juris Ecclesiastic! Auglicani, the Statutes, Con- 
stitutions, Canons, Rubricks, and Articles of the Church of Eng- 
land, with Commentary, 2 vols, neat, 145. 1713 

1315 Haweis's Evangelical Expositor, a Commentary on the Bible, 

with Practical Observations, 2 vols, calf, neat, 21, 2s 1765 

1316 Hayna's General View of the Holy Scriptures, neat, 3s 1640 

1317 Henry's Exposition on the Old and New Testament, 6 vols, in 3, 

neat, 21. ISs Edinb. 1767 

1317* 1 — I 3 rols. plates, 

ealf, neat, 3^ 3; Stratford^ 

1318 Hopkins's (Bishop) Works, portrait, neat, 12. As 1710 

1319 Horton's Choice and Practical Expositions on four select Psalms, 

neat, lOs 1675 

1320 Kellett's Threefold Supper of Christ on the night that he was be- 

trayed, frontispiece engraved by Marshall, neat, 4s, 6 J.... 1641 

1321 Kidder's (Bishop) Demonstration of the Messias, fine copy, neat, 

W.4** 1726 

1322 Laud's (Archbishop) History of his Troubles and Tryal, wrote by 

himself, with the Diary of his own Life, portrait, neat, 12«. 


1323 Leigh's (Edward) Critica Sacra, -in two parts, containing Obser- 

vations on all the Radices or Primitive Hebrew Words of the 
Old Testament, in order alphabetical, and Observations on all 
the Greek Words of the New Testament in order alphabetical, 
neat, lOs. 6rf 1650 

1324 Luther's (Dr. Martin) Divine Discourses at his Table, &c. which 

in his life Time hee held with divers learned men, conteining 
Questions and Answers touching Religion, &c. translated by 

Captain Henrie Bell, new half-calf, 14^ 1652 

64, Patbrnostbr Row. 

Digitized by 


76 Divinity and Eccleriasiical History. [Folio. 

1325 Luther's (Dr. Martin) Difine Discourses at his Table, with 

Life by Dr. Burkhardt, portrait, neat, ISs 1791 

1326 imperfect in the middle, por- 
trait, half-bound, neat, 7$ 1791 

1327 Manton's Sermons, vols, iy and v, old binding, 2L 2s 1693 

1328 Masoni (Franc.) Vindicse Ecclesis Anglicans, 4s, 6d. 

Land. 1625 

1329 More's (Dr. H.) Explanation of the Grand Mystery of Godlinesss, 

bound, 4« 1660 

1330 Ness' (Christopher) Compleat History and Mys^tery of the Old 

and New Testament, 2 first volumes, old binding, 16f 1690 

1331 Owen's (Dr.) Works, of the Person of Christ, of Communion 

with God, of Indwelling Sin, of Temptation, of Mortification ei 
Sin, of the Death of Christ (wants a leaf), portrait, neat, 15«. 


1332 Work on the Holy Spirit (wants title-page), neat, 


1333 Patkick, Lowth, and Whitby's Cohhentart on the Books of 

THE Old and New Testaments, best edition, 6 vols, half* 

bound, russia, neat, 6/ ••.......•• 1765 

1334 6 vols, newly bound in calf, 

very neat, 62. 165.64 1732 

1335 Pearson's (Bishop) Exposition of the Creed, best bdition, por- 

trut, neat, 12« 1741 

1336 Pococke's (Dr. Edward) Commentary on the Prophecy of Hosea, 

neat, 9« Chf. 1685 

1337 Quick's Acts, Decisions, Decrees, and Canons of the National 

Councils of the Reformed Churches in France, 2 vols, portrait 
and frontispiece, neat, 16^ ••• 1692 

1338 Reynolds's Triumphes of God's Revenge i^ynst the cryinge & 

execrable Sinne of Murther, expressed in-thirtye tragicaill His- 
toryes, engraved title-page, neat, Ss ,. 1635 

1339 i WITH PLATES, neat, 10#. 6rf. 


1340 with plates, wants a leaf, half- 
bound, neat>6s 1663 

1341 Ridgley's Body of Divinity, 2 vols, calf, nest, 1/. %s 1731 

1342 Rogers's (Richard) Seaven Treatises, gathered out of the Holie 

Scriptures, leading and guiding to true Happinesse, neat, 5s» 


1343 Royaumont's History of the Old and New Testament, translated 

with large additions, supervised and rectified by Dr. Anthony 
Horneck, with about two hundred and sixty Historical 
Sculptures, old morocco binding, gilt leaves, 1/. 16«. ... 1712 

1344 Saurin's Dissertations on the Events of the Old Testament, trans- 

lated by Chamberlayne, neat, \28,.., 1723 

1344*Sewers History of the Quakers, fine copy, neat, 10^. • 1722 

1345 Scott's Christian Life, fine copy, neat, 14* 1729 

1346 Smith's (John) Exposition of the Creed, half-bound, neat, 4«. 1632 

[William Batnes, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 77 

1347 Spencer's (Benjamin) Chrysomeson, a Groldeh Meane, or a Middle 
Way for Christians to Walk by, ysrt curiou« frontispibcb, 
half*calf, scarce, 9s » 1659 

1348 Way to Everlasting HappinesBe, the sub- 
stance of Christian Religion handled in a familiar discourse 
Dialogue- wise, half-calf, scarce, 5^ 1659 

1349 Stackhouse's History of the Bible, 3 vols. LARGE PAP£R, 

plates, rough calf, 21. I2s.6d. 1733 

1350 Compleat Body of Speculative and practical Di- 
vinity, neat, 16# 1729 

1351 old binding, 14« 17^9 

1352 LARGE PAPER, nt. ll.lOs. 


1352* Practical Exposition of the Apostles' Creed, neat, 

5* 1747 

1353 Stebbing's (Henry) Polemical Tracts in Defence of the Doctrines 

and Discipline of the Church of England, neat, 5s 1727 

1354 Sterry's (Peter) Discourse of the Freedom of the Will, neat, 4s. 6d. 


1355 Stock's (Richard) Commentary upon the Prophesie of Malachy, 

and Samuel Torshell's Exercitation upon the same Prophesie, 
calf, neat, Js 1641 

1356 Strong's Discourse of the Two Covenants, neat, ds 1678 

1357 Strype's Memorials of Archbishop Canterbury, portraits, neat, 

II. Is 1694 

1358 Life and Acts of Archishop Parker, illustratbd with 

PORTRAITS, new, half-calf, 1/. Ss 1711 

1359 Taylor's (Bishop) Ductor Dubitantium, or the Rule of Con- 

science, neat, ISs 1696 

1360 Collection of Polemicall Discourses, new half- 
calf, U.4* 1674 

1361 ■ ■ — Polemical and Morall Discourses, half-bound, 

neat, 16* 1657 

1362 Tillotson's (Archbishop) Works, 3 vols, neat, 1/. 4* 1728 

1363 Walker's Account of the Sufferings of the Clergy of the Church 

of England in the late times of the Grand Rebellion (wants two 
leaves), half-bound, 6^ 1714 

1364 Wamei^s Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer, half-bound, 

neat, Ss 1754 

1365 ^ old calf, 9* 1754 

1366 Wesley's (Samuel) Life of Christ, an heroic Poem, with sixty 

COPPER platbs, fine impressions, neat, \2s 1693 

1367 Whitby's Paraphrase and Commentary on the New Testament, 

2 vols, neat, W. 1* 1763 

1368 2 vols, in one, half calf, neat, IZ. 


1369 2 vols. UNCUT, BOARDS, 1/. 1». 


1370 2 vols. BB9T EDITION, old bind- 
ing, U. lU.6d 1727 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


78 Diviniiy and Ecclesiasiical History. [Folio. 

1371 White's (Dr. John) Workes, m: Way to the True Church, 

wherein the principal motives pers wading to Romanisme, and 
Questions touching the nature and authority of the Churcli and 
Scriptures^ are ftuniiiarly disputed, and driren to their issues, 
where, this day, they sticke between the Papists and us. De- 
fence of the Way to the True Church against A. D., his Reply, 
&c. Lond. 1624 ;r*-White (Francis) Orthodox Faith and Way 
to the Church, explained and justified, in answer to T. W. P., 
and Replie to the Jesuit Fisher, t6. 1624; in I vol. port, neat, 
scarce, 12j. 

1372 Whole Duty of Man's Woriks, neat, 69 1726 

1373 Williams's (Bishop) Seven Treatises, very necessary to be observed 

in these very bad days, to prevent the Seven last Vials of God's 
Wrath, neat, 5s • .printed for the Author^ 1661 

1374 Great Antichrist revealed, before this time 

not discovered (no title page), neat, 4«. 

1375 WoD row's History op the Supfbrinos op thb Church op 


2 vols, fine copy, neat. 5/. 5« Edinh. 1721 

1376 Wright's (Dr. Paul) Life of Christ, plates, neat, Qs...Lond, 


1377 Holt Bible, with marginal references, ruled with red lines, 
newly bound in calf, 15<...Lond. printed by Roger Daniel, 1654 

1378 interleaved with writing paper, containing old 

MS noteSy 3 vols, half-bound, 12«. 

Land, by Bonham Norton and John Billy 1629 

1379 -^ large print, with marginal references. Common 

Prayer prefixed, and Sternhold and Hopkins's Psalms affixed, 
old blue morocco, gilt leaves, I2s Christopher Barker , 1661 

1380 ; The Pulpit and Family Bible, with Annotations and 

the Marginal Notes of Canne, the Parallel Scriptures of Samuel 
Clarke, and those of Wetstein's Greek New Testament, and the 
Hebrew Phrases carefiilly compared and revised, 2 vols^ boards, 
scarce, 1/. 5s Edmb. 1766 

1381 the Holy Bible illustrated and explained, or a 

compleat Treasure for every Christian, the Sacred Text and 
Apocrypha, with Exposition and Paraphrase by the Rev. J. 
Butlet, 2 vols. PLATES, russia, neat, IL 7s* 1761 

1382 The Family Bible, containing the Sacred Text 

and Apocrypha, illustrated by marginal references and notes, 
collected from the Bible of Dr. Dopd, and other eminent 
Divines, 2 vols, fine wood-cut plates (published at 4/. ]0».), 

calf, neat, \L I6s «•• Lond» -— 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Divinity anid Eccletiasiical H%$tory, 79 

1383 The New Testament, a modern, correct, and close translation, 

witb occasional Observations, and arranged in order of time, with 
a special explanation of the Apocalypse, brown oalf, neat, 12«. 


1384 Anderson's (Dr. W.) Lectures upon the Psalms of David, boards, 

2«. 64 Edinh. 1797 

1385 Arnald's Commentary on the Apocrypha, boards, Ss •• 1809 

1386 Arrowsmith's Chain of Principles, an orderly concatenation of 

Theological Aphorisms and Exercitations, neat, 7^- 

Camhr. J. Field, 1659 

1387 Bancroft's Survey of the pretended Holy Discipline, faithfully 

gathered by way of historical! narration out of the Bookes and 
TTritinges of principall favourers of that platforme (of Gbmeta), 
first edition, neat, scarce, 5«... Lond. John Wolfe , 1593 

1388 Baxter's (Richard) Reasons of the Christian Religion, fine por- 

trait, neat, 8« 1667 

1389 — — — — Of Justification, four Disputations, neat, 

4*. 6(/ 1658 

1389* Saint's Everlasting Rest, half-bound, calf, 5*. 


1390 ---—--——— Paraphrase on the New Testament, portrait, 

fine copy, neat, Ss • 1685 

1391 Benson's (Joseph) Bible, with Notes critical, explanatory, 

AND PRACTICAL, 5 Yols. fine paper, boards (published at \(SU 10s.), 

m 1818 

1391* (Dr. Geo.) History of the Life of Christ, 

fine portrait, \2s ..••.• 1764 

1392 Paraphrase and Notes on the Seven Catholic 

Epistles, neat, 85 1749 

1393 Bible in Miniature, or the Holy Scriptures abridged and metho- 

dized, by the Rev. James Neligan, boards, 89 1808 

1394 Bibon^s (Tho.) Perpetual 60 Yemement of Christes Church, 

filjICft XttXtt^ sewed in Yellum, scarce, *Js 1593 

1395 Blair's (Dr.) Lectures on the Canon of the Scriptures, boards, 

3*. 6rf 1785 

1396 Bowyer's Critical Conjectures and Observations on the New Tes- 

tament, haif-calf, neat, 14« 1782 

1397 calf, neat, 16* 1782 

1398 Brocardc (James) upon the Revelation, fllAtft Xtttttf wants 

title, half*bound, scarce, 6^. 

1399 Bryant's (Jacob) Observations upon Passages in Scripture, which 

the Enemies to Religion have thought to be attended with diffi- 
culties not to be surmounted, maps, boards (published at 15^.) 
3» 1803 

1400 Bulkley's Economy of the Gospel> old calf, 2«. 6d 1764 

1401 Buchanan's (Dr.) Memoir of the expediency of an Ecclesiastical 

Establishment for British India, boards, 3s 1805 

1402 Bunyan's Works, containing the Holy War, Pilgrim's Progress, 
54y Patbrnoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


80. Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [Quarto* 

Sighs from Hell, the Pharisee and Publican, and the Excellency 
of a Broken Heart, neat, Ss 1805 

1404 Barkitt's New Testament, with Observations and Practical In- 

structions, abridged by Dr. Samuel Glasse, 2 vols, boards, ISs. 


1405 Burton's (H.) Baiting of the Pope's Bull, or an unmasking of the 

Mystery of iniquity folded up in a most pemitious Breeve or 
Bull, sent from the Pope lately into England to cause a Rent 
therein for his Reentry, wood-cut, half-bound russia, scarce, Ss^ 

Lond, — — 

1406 Butcher's (Edmund) Substance of the Holy Scriptures Methodized, 

neat, lO*. (>d 1800 

1407 Calvin's Commentaries on the Psalms of David and others, 

flljICtt IttttVf good copy, old binding, scarce, 15«. 

Imprinted at London^ bj/ Thomas East 
and Henry Middleton, for Latcas Hav 
rison and George By shop ^ 157 1 

1408 Cawdrey (Dan) and Herb. Palmer's Christian Sabbath vindicated, 

bound, 2s. 6d 1652 

1409 Christian Code, or a Digest of Christ's Dispensation, by an old 

Graduate of Cambridge, boards, 48.6d 1808 

1410 Cosin's Scholastical -History of the Canon of Scripture, nt. 3s, 6d. 



complete, or each part separately, new. 

1412 Exodus, 4*, ; large paper (published 

at 14^.) 7^- — Leviticus and Numbers, large paper (published 
at 15$.) 7'* — Deuteronomy and Joshua, large paper (pub- 
lished at 19^.) &.— Matthew, large paper (published at 
1/. Is,) Ss, — John (published at 8^. 6^.) 4s, ; large paper, 
(published at 145.) 7^. — Acts (published at I3s,) 6s, ; large 
PAPER (published at 1/. Is.) 9s,- — Romans (published at 9j.) 
4s, 6d, ; LARGE PAPER (published at I5s,) Ts, 

1413 Clayton's (Bishop) Chronology of the Hebrew Bible vindicated, 

neat, 4s 1747 

1414 Coliing's (John) Cordial for a fainting Soule, neat, 4s 1652 

1415 Common Prayer Book, with the Psalms, large print, blue mo- 

rocco, gilt leaves, 15^.... Oxf, 1816 

1416 Crutwell's (C.) Concordance of Parallels, collected from Bibles 

and Commentaries, calf, gilt (seUs at IZ. I65. %d,) \6s„,, 1790 

<' This is a very elaborate work, and will amply repay the labour of 
consulting." — Hornb. 

1417 Daille's (John) Treatise concerning the Right Use of the Fathers, 

in the Decision of the Controversies that are at this day in Re- 
ligion, bound, 4s, 6d ', 1651 

1418 DarreU's (John, Minister of the Word of God), True Narration 

of the strange and Grevous Vexation by the Devil of seven per- 
sons in Lancashire and William Somers of Nottingham, wherein 

[William Batnes, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 81 

the Doctrine of Possession and Dispossession of Demoniakes 
out of the Word of God is particularly applyed unto Somers and 
the rest of the persons controverted, calf, neat, scarce, 8«. 1600 

1419 Deering's (Maister Edward) XXVil Lectures or Readings upon 

part of the Epistle written to the Hehrues, newly half-bound in 
calf, R ARE , 10* Imprinted by Lucas Harrison, 1576 

1420 Delgado's New English Translation of the Pentateuch, with Cri- 

tical Remarks and Illustrations, new, half-calf, 5s 1789 

1421 Dimock's Eight Sermons on the Nativity, Personal Character, 

Crucifixion, and Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ, 
with notes, several Hebrew Odes translated, and Miscellaneous 

Observations, half-bound rnssia, 6s 1806 

l421*Dis8ertation on the Religious Knowledge of the Ancient Jews 
and Patriarchs, 2s ••• v.. 1757 

1422 Dod and Cleaver's plaineand familiar Exposition of the Ten Com- 

mandments, 3s 1662 

1423 Dodbridgb's Family Expositor, 6 vols, plates inserted, neat, 

21. \0s 1756 

1424 Ducarel's Repertory of the Endowments of Vicarages in the Dio- , 

cese of Canterbury, half-calf, 5s 1763 

1425 Durham's (James) Practical Exposition of the Ten Commandments, 

neat, 4*. 6d 1675 

1426 Edward's First and Second Part of Gangrxna, or a Catalogue and 

Discovery of many of the Errors, Heresies, Blasphemies, and 
pernicious Practices of the Sectaries of this time, vented and 
acted in England in these four last yeers, new half-calf, scarce, 
12* 1646 

1427 Enfield's Preacher's Directory, boards, 85 1771 

1428 Erbery's (William) Testimony left upon record for the Saints of 

succeeding Ages, being a Collection of his Writings, with the 
Honest Heretick, being his Tryal at Westminster, half-calf, 
scarce, 8^ 1658 

1429 Exposition of the whole Book of the Revelation, wherein the 

Visions and Prophecies of Christ are expounded, showing the 
great Conquests of our Lord Jesus Christ, for his Church, over 
all his and her adversaries, Pagan, Arian, and Papal; and the 
giorious State of the Church of God in the New Heavens and 
New Earth in these Latter Days, by H. K. calf extra, scarce, 9«. 

1430 Faber's Orioin of Pagan Idolatry, ascertained from Historical 

Testimony and Circumstantial Evidence, maps and plates, 3 vols, 
boards, 3/. 13^.6^. (published at 6/. 15$.) 1816 

1431 Farewell Sermons preaehed by Calamy, Manton, Caryl, Case, 

Jenkin, Baxter, Bates, Watson, Mede, Brooks, &c. neat, 5s. 1663 

1432 enlarged edition, more perfect than any other 

extant, containing 42 Sermons, including those preached in the 

Country, half-bound, new, 7^ 1663 

1432*Fleetwood's Life of Christ, plates, calf extra, a very fine copy, 9*. 


1433 Fox's Martyrs. — An abridgement of the Booke of Acta and Mo- 
54, Patbrnohter Row.] M 

Digitized by 


82 Diviniiff and EccU$%a$tical History. [Quarto. 

nmieDtes of the Church, written by thtt Reverend Father 
Master John Fox, and now abridged by Timothe Bright, fllapt& 
l^tt^tf wants leaves in the middle, half-ealf, scarce, 9t. 

IwfTinud at London by J. Windet, 1589 

1434 Geddes's (Dr. Alexander) Bible^ translated, with Various Read- 

ings. Explanatory Notes, and Critical Remarks, 3 vols, boards, 
1/. 58 1792 

1435 Gill's (Dr. John) Collection of Sermons and Tracts, 2 vols. 

boards, canvass backs, lettered, neat, 18* 1773 

1436 Godwyn's Moses and Aaron, Civil and Ecclesiastical Rites used 

by the Ancient Hebrews, with Roman and Greek Antiquities, 

bound, 3* 1641 

1436*Goodwin's (Tho.) Childe of Light Walking in Darkness, bound, 
6«.. •• 1643 

1437 Granger's (Thos.) Syntagma Logicum, or the divine Logike, 

half-bound, russia, 4j. 6d 1620 

1438 Green's Poetical Parts of the Old Testament, newly translated 

from the Hebrew with notes, sewed, 6« Cambr, 1781 

1439 Guvse's (Dr.) Practical Exposition of the New Testament, 3 vols. 

neat, 1/. 16* 1739 

1440 Hanway's (Jonas) Virtue in Humble Life, containing Reflections 

on relative Duties, Thoughts on the Passions of Mankind, with 
various anecdotes, 2 vols, in one, neat, 9« 1777 

1441 Heigham's Meditations upon the Mysteries of our HoKe Faith, 

with the Practice of Mental Prayer touching the same, trans- 
lated out of Spanish into English, 2 vols, newly half-bound, 
russia, 10« S. Omers, 1619 

1442 Heminge's (Nicholas) Postill, or Exposition of the Gospels that 

are usually red in the Churches of God, upon the Sundayes and 
Feast dayes of Saincts, translated into English by Arthur 
Golding, ftUrft Utter, neat, 8«. 

Lond, by Henry Bynemany 1574 

1443 Hbitrt's Exposition op thb Old and Nbw Testament, 6 vols. 

new boards, canvass backs (published at 6/. 6«) 3/. 3«. ... 1830 
1444 6 vols. 

newhalf-calf, 4/ 1830 

1444* : 6 vols. 

new calf, 4/. 10« 1830 

1445 Heylyn's (Dr. John) Theological Lectures, with an Interpretation 

of the four Gospels, 2 vols, neat, 9«*..« 1749 

1445*Highmore's (Nath.) Jus Ecclesiasticum Anglicanum, or the Go- 
vernment of the Church of England exemplified and illustrated, 
portrait, boards, 3j 1810 

1446 Historical View of Christianity, Passages from Scripture, with 

Commentary by Gibbon and Notes by Bolingbroke, Voltaire, 
and others, boards, 2« ^ 1806 

1447 Bistory of Popery, 2 vols, neat, 12« ,.. 1735 

1448 Howard's (Philip) Thoughts on the Structure of this Globe, half- 

calf, 7* 1797 

1449 ^■■■- ■ calf, neat, 8i. 1797 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Dimniiy and Ecoiesia$iieea History. 69 

1450 Jadcflon'fi (Artiiur) Second Part of Annotatiops upon ihe Histori 

call Part of tbe Old Testament, half*bound, 2^. 6d. Cambr. 1646 

1451 Johnson's (Andrew) Family Prayer Book, the Book of Common 

Prayer with Paraphrase and Notes, bound, 3s. 6d..,, 1775 

1452 Jortin^s Life of Erasmus, 2 vols, portrait by Houston, neat, 

scarce, U. 16« 1758 

1453 King's Morsels of Criticism, tending to illustrate Passages in 

the Holy Scriptures, half-bound, neat, Js 1788 

1454 ■ — (Archdeacon) Exposition upon the Lord's Prayer, sewed 

in vellom, 2* 1628 

1455 Kirkman's Lives and Sufferiugs of the Martyrs, plates, bound, 

4*. 6d, 1794 

1456 Leigh's Critica Saera, Pbilologicall and Theologicall Observations 

upon all the Greek Words of the New Testament, ne^, half«calf, 
5*. 1646 

1457 Leigh's Treatise of Divinity, neat, df 1647 

1458 Leigbton's (Dr. Alex.) Sion's Plea against the Prelacie (damaged 

copy) 2 plates, new half-bound, russia, rare, 9^. 

Printed the Year and Moneih wherein Rocheli was lost. 


1459 Locke's Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul, half- 

calf, gilt, fl« 1763 

1460 Lowman's (Moses) Paraphrase and Notes on the Revelation of 

St. John, neat, 8« 1745 

1461 Lowth's Commentary upon the Prophets, edited by Pitman, new 

boards, canvass bade, 9« 1822 

1462 Lupton's The Glory of their Times, or the Lives of the Primi- 

tive Fathers, contayning their chiefest Actions, Workes, Sen- 
tenoes, and Deaths, portnuts by Glover, neat, scarce, \Ss, 


1463 ' " ■' '■ ■ (wants title-page), old 
binding, 5f. 

1464 Macknighf 8 Translation of Paul's Epistles to the Thcssalonians, 

with notes, boards, 2j. M 1787 

1465 Mant's Bible, the Pentateuch, plates, new half-c4if, 6s. 

Land. 1814 

1466 ■ The Books of Chronicles, the Prophets, and St^ MaN 
thew's Gospel, in one vol. plates, new lialf-calf, 6s 1814 

1467 Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Wisdom of Solomon, and Ecde* 

siasticus, half-calf, 3<. 6<i{ 1814 

1468 Mayer's (Dr. John) English Catechisme explained, neat, 2s. 


1469 Mode's (Dr. Joseph) Diatribe, Discourses on divers texts of 

Scripture, neat, 4» 1648 * 

1470 Montagu's (the Honourable Walter) Miscellanea Spiritualia, or 

Devout Essays, 2 vols, engraved frontispiece, neat, Js. 

Lomd. 1648 

Hie frontispiece contains a fine whole length portrait of the author^ 
executed by W. Marshall. 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


84 Divinity and Ecdeiiastical History. [Quarto, 

1471 Mosse's (Miles) Arraigmneni and Cooviction of Usurie, Jbl^Cti 

IttttVf title torn away, new half-calf, 48 1595 

1472 Muggleton'tt (Ijodowick) Acts of the Witnesses of the Spirit, 

neat, 3* 1699 

1473 Answer to William Penn, the Quaker, 

. . neat, 2<. 

1474 Nash's Christ's Tears over Jerusalem, whereunto is annexed a 

Comparative Admonition to Ixindon, boards, 6«. 

Reprinted Jram ike edition qf 1613, Lond. 1815 

1475 Neal's History of the Puritans or Protestant Non- Conformists, 

2 vols, brown calf, Is. 16« 1754 

1476 Newcoroe's Observations on our Lord's Conduct as a Divine In- 

structor, boards^ 7'* ^ 17^ 

1477 calf, 98 1782 

1478 Nubes Testium, or a Collection of the Primitive Fathers giving 

testimony of the Faith once delirered to the Saints, Latin and 
English, bound, 3». 6d 1686 

1479 Owen's (Dr.) Doctrine of Justification by Faith explained, con- 

firmed, and vindicated, neat, 7' 1677 

1479 ^ LARGE PAPER, ncat gilt leavcs, 9*. 


1480 Grace and Duty of being Spiritoally Minded, 

bound, 38. 6d 1681 

1481 Display of Arminianisme, and Duty of Pastors and 

People, 3< 1644 

1482 Enquiry into the original, nature, institution, 

power, order, and communion of Evangelical Churches, 1681. — 
Declaration of the Faith and Order of the Congregational 
Churches in England, 1659. — Du Moulin's Conformity of the 
Discipline and Government of the Independants to that of the 
Ancient Primitive Christians, 1680. — Vindication of Dr. Oweo 
against Rich, Baxter, 1684. — Vindicis Revindicats, bdng an 
^swer to Mr. Baxter, 1684. — A Theological Dialogue, contain* 
ing the Defence and Justification of Dr. Owen against Richard 
Baxter, 1684. — Portrait of Dr. Owen^ by White, in one vol. 
neat, Js. 

1483 ' (James) History of the Consecration of Altars, 

Temples, and Churches, 2« 1706 

1484 Pagitt's (Ephraim) Heresiography ; or. Description of the Here-* 

ticks and Sectaries sprang up in these latter Times ; with the 
curiously engraved frontispiece, containing representations of 
the Anabaptist, Jesuit, Antinomian, Seeker, &c. neatly half- 
bound, scarce, 7s 1647 

1485 Paley's (Archdeacon) Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, 

neat, 6« 1786 

1486 Parker's (Archdeacon) Demonstration of the Divine Authority of 

the Law of Nature and of the Christian Religion, bound, 2s. fine 

copy, neat, 35 1681 

1488 Platts's New Self-Interpreting Testament, with the parallel pas- 


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Quarto.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 85 

sagfes in words at length, and many various readings, canvass 
back, boards (published at 2/. 14«.) 14^ 1827 

1489 Felagtus Redivivus, or Pelagius raked out of the Ashes, byArmi- 

nius and his SchoUers. — A Second Parallel, together with a 
Writ of Error sued against the Appealer, 3«. ^d 1623 

1490 Postil, or orderly disposing of certaine Epistles usually red in 

the Churches of God, uppon the Sundayes and Holydayes 
throughout the whole Yeere, written in Latin by David Chytraeus, 
and translated intoo English by Arthur Golding, JblAtft IfttHT^ 
fine copy, thick vol. old calf, ueat, H^. 

Imprinted cU London^ h\f Henry e Bynneman, 1570 

1491 Potter's Interpretation of the Number 666, wants title, 2«. 6d. 

1492 Prideaux's (John) Synopsis of Councels, 1661. — Introduction for 

reading all sorts of Histories, 1664. — and Fasciculus Contro- 
versiarura Theologicarum, 1652, in one thick vol. neat, 6s, 

1493 Prynne's Unbishoping of Timothy and Titus, and of the Angel of 

the Church of Ephesus, 3* 1660 

1494 New Discovery of the Prelate^s Tyranny in their late 

prosecutions of W. Pryn, Dr. Bastwick, and Henry Burton, 
brown calf, Js 1641 

1495 Raleigh's (Dr. Walter) Discourses and Sermons, neat, 2s, 1679 

1496 Ramsay's (The Chevalier) Philosophical Principles of Natural 

and Revealed Religion, 2 vols, large paper, neat, scarce, 18*. 


1497 Randall's (Master John) Three and Twentie Sermons upon the 

Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, bound, 25 1630 

1498 Reeve and Muggletou's (the two last Witnesses and true Prophets 

imprisoned for the testimony of Jesus Christ in Old Bridewell) 
Works, neat, 6* 1661 

" If any of the Elect desire to speak with us concerning any Uiiog 
written in this Treatise, they may heare of us in Great Trinity 
Lane at a Chandler's shop against one Mr. MiUis, a Brown Baker, 
neer the lower end of Bow-lane." 

1499 ^ Divine Looking Glass, or the 

third and last Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ, neat, 3s, 


1500 Roberts's Harmony of the Epistles, new boards, 9s. 

Cambr, 1800 
l500i*Robinson's (Robert) Ecclesiastical Researches j bds. scarce, II, 4s, 


1501 RoUenson's (Fran.) Twelve Prophetical Legacies, or twelve Ser- 

mons upon Jacob's last Will and Testament, neat, 4^ ,. 1612 

1502 Rutherford's Influences of the Life of Grace, a Practical Treatise 

concerning the way of having and improving of Spiritual Dispo- 
sitions, 3s, 6d 1659 

1503 Sandys's (Edwin, Archbishop of York) Sermons (wants the title), 

neat, 3^. 6d, 

1504 Scott's Bible, vol. i, containing down to the second Book of 

Samuel, boards, 9^.. •• 1802 

54, Paternoster Row. 

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86 Divinity and Ecch^astical History. [Quarto. 

1505 Scripture Genealogy from Adam to Christ, ia thirty-six engraved 

tables, half-bound, 15* , 1817 

1506 Senault's (John Francis) Christian Man, or the Reparation of 

Nature by Grace, brown calf, ^s «... 1650 

1507 Shepherd's Notes critical and explanatory on the Gospel and 

Epistles of St. John, calf, neat, lOf 1796 

1508 Sherlock's Discourse concerning the Divine Providence, bound, 

is. 6rf 1694 

1509 Sibbes' Returning Backslider, a Comm'entary on the 14th chapter 

of Hosea, 45. 6rf. , 1639 

1510 Simon's (Father) Critical Enquiries into the Various Editions of 

the Bible, 2 vols, half-calf, neat, 8^ J684 

1511 Smith's (Henry) Sermons, portrait inserted, neat, 5«. 

At London imprinted by Felix Kyngsion^ 1609 

1512 half-bound, neat, As 1632 

1513 Spelman's (Sir Henry) Tithes too hot to be touched, certiiio 

Treatises wherein is shewen that Tithes are due, neat, 4^. 6d, 
1614 Stackhousb's Histoht of the Biblb, corrbctbd and im« 
pROVBn BT Bishop Gleio, 3 vols, new boards (published at 

4/. 4s.), 11. 45 1817 

1515 3 vols, new half-calf, U. 13*. 


1516 Stukeley's Palseographia Sacra, or the Monuments of Antiquity 

that relate to Sacred History, No. i, 2s 1736 

1517 Swan's Speculum M undi, or a Glasse representing the face of the 

World, engraved title-page by W. Marshall, 3s. 6d 1644 

1518 Sydenham's (Humfry) Rich Man's Warning Peece — the Royali 

Passing Bell — ^the Athenian Babler^the Arraignment of the 
Arrian — the well-tuned Cymball — the Christian Duell — Jehovah 

Jireh, &c. neat, 3*. 6d 1630 

1519 Sermons, 2*. 6d...,. 1637 

1520 Sym's (John, Minister of Leigh in Essej^) Life's Preservative 

against Self-Killing, or an useful Treatise concerning Life and 
Self-murder, with a brilliant imfrbssion op thb rarb por* 


1521 Symonde's Observations upon revising the present English Ver- 

sion of the Epistles of the New Testament, 3s. 6d 1794 

1522 Talbot's (Matthew) Analysis of the Holy Bible, containing th« 

whole of the Old and New Testaments, collected and arranged 
systematically, with an Index of every Chapter, boards, 18$. 

Leeds, 1800 
1524 neat, IL Is ib. 1800 

*♦ Of great raiity, and high price."— Horns, 

1525 Talon's (Nicolas) Holy History, translated into English by the 

Marquess of Winchester, portrait of the Marquess of Winchester, 
half-calf, neat,' scarce, 8* ; 1653 

1526 Taylor's (Bishop) Life of Christ, 2*. 6d , 1649 

1527 • *— Discourse of the Liberty of Prophesying, fron- 

tispiece by Marshall, neat, 4s 1647 

[William Batkbs, 

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Quarto.], Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 87 

1538 Taylor's (Johu) Paraphrase with Notes on the Romans, and a Key 
to the Apostolic Writingps, sewed, 12^ 1745 

1529 Teate's (Faithful) Scripture Map of the Wildernesse of Sin and 

Way to Canaan, or the Sinner's Way to the Saint's Rest, the 
summe of lxiy Lecture Sermons preached at Sudbury in Suffolk, 
calf extra (wants a leaf), scarce, 4<. 6d 1655 

1530 TRACTS.— Mason's Authoritie of the Church in making Canons 

and Constitutions, a Sermon preached in the Greene Yard at 
Norwich, 1605.*— Howson's Seeond Sermon preached at Paule's 
Crosse, 1598.— Buckeridge's Sermon preached at Hampton 
Court before the King's Majestie, 1606, in one voL half-bound, 
4s. 6d. 

1531 Spurstowe's (Dr. W.) Crown of Life the Reward of 

Faithfuluesse, a Sermon at the funeral of W. Taylor, Is. 6d. 


1532 Spencer's (John) Short Treatise concerning the 

lawfulnesse of every man's exercising his gift as God shall call 
him thereunto, ha)f-caif, 2«. 6d. 1641 

1533 A Great Wonder in Hea?en, shewing the late Appa- 
ritions and prodigious Noyses of War and Battels seen on £dge 
Hill, certified under the hands of W. Wood, Esq. Justice for the 
Peace, Samuel Marshall, Preacher of God's Word, and other 
persons, half-bound, 4« 1642 

1534 The Petition for the Prelates briefly examined, 1641* 

— -A Letter from a Minister of the Church of England to a pre- 
tended Baptist, 1688.-— Of Prelatical Episcopacy, an Answer to 
Treatises, one whereof goes under the name of James Arch- 
bishop of Armagh, 1641, half-bound, 3«. 6 J. 

1535 Sandys's (G.) Paraphrase upon the Song of Solo- 
mon, 2s. ed 1642 

1536 Nathanael Taylor's Funeral Sermon, occasioned by 

the sadden Death of the Rev. Nathanael Vincent, half-bound, 2s, 


1537 ■ Jeanes's (Henry) Want of Church GoTemment no 
warrant for a totall omission of the Lord's Supper, Is. 6d. 1650 

1538 ■ ■ ' Magasine of Scandall, a heape of wickednesse of two 

infaoMNls Ministers, consorts, one Thomas Fowkes convicted for 
killing » Man, the other John Lowes arraigned for Witchcraft, 

2s. Qd 1642 

1539 Review of Presbyters' re-ordination by Bishops, by 

Zach. Crouton, half-bound, 2s. 6d 1660 

1540 — — The Hearse of the renowned the Right Honourable 

Robert Earle of Essex, sometime Captaine Lord General! of 
the Armies raised for the defence of King and Parliament, re- 
presented in a Sermon by Richard Vines, original portrait, 
ealf extra, scarce, 9s 1646 

1541 ■' ■ ■ ■ Shephard's (Thomas) Clear Sun-shine of the Gospel 
breaking forth upon tbe Indians in New-England, an Historicall 
Narration of God's wonderful Workings upon sundry of the 

54| Patbrnostbr Row.] « 

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88 Divinity and Ecclesiastical Histori/. [QuARTO. 

Indians, 1648. — Life and Death of Bishop Atherton, in verse, 
reprint J 1641, half-calf, 5s, 

1542 TRACTS.— Sermon of Antichrist, preached at Dublin by Henry 

Lord Bishop of Meath, half-bound, 2s 1679 

1543 Stillingfleet's (Bishop) Scripture and Tradition com- 
pared, a Sermon, half-bound, ^2s 168S 

1544 Speculum Jesuiticum, or the Jesuites' Lookingf- 

Glasse, wherein they may behold Ignatius his Progresse, their 
owne Pilgrimage, his Lite, their beginning, &c. 2«. 6d. 

1545 The First Treatise of the end of the Society of 

Jesus (no title-page), 2s Apparent ly printed abroad. 

1546 Salgado's (James, a Spaniard) Treatise of Jugdment, 

Is 1684 

1547 Judgement of the Synode holden at Dort, con- 
cerning the five Articles, as also their sentence touching Conrad 
Vorstius, 1619. — ^The Summe of the Conference before the 
King's Majestic (no title-page). — An Answer to the Apology, 
addressed to King James, about Church Discipline, &c. (no 
title-page) half-bound, neat, 4^. 6^. 

1548 Whitaker's (Jeremiah) Christian's great design to 

attain assurance for Heaven, a Sermon, 1645. — ^Whitaker's 
Danger of Greatnesse, a Sermon, 1646. — Gataker's Mistake of 
Misconstruction removed, and Free Grace maintained against 
Saltmarsh, 1646. — Calamy's (Edmund) Great Danger of Cove- 
nant-refusing and Covenant-breaking, 1646. — Burroughes's 
(Jeremiah) Saint's Treasury, sundry Sermons, 1654, original 
PORTRAIT BY T. CROss.—'^eremiah Whittaker's Christ, the 
settlement of unsettled Times, 1642. — Simeon Ash's Good 
Courage discovered and encouraged, 1642. — ^Ash's Religious 
Covenanting directed and Covenant-keeping persuaded, 1646. — 
Dr. H.Wilkinson's Gainefull Cost, 1644. — ^Manton's Meat out of 
ihe Eater, 1647- — Dr. H. Wilkinson's Babylon's Ruine Jerusa- 
lem's Rising, 1644. — Joseph Caryl of a sacred Covenant, 1643.'— 
Simeon Ash's Church sinking saved by Christ, 1645. — ^Thos. 
Brooks's Glorious Day of the Saints' Appearance, 1648. — Thos. 
Lye's King of Terrors' Metamorphosis, or Death transformed into 
Sleep, a Sermon at the funeral of Mrs. NicoH, 1660. — Caryl's 
(Joseph) Heaven and Earth embracing, 1646. — ^Thos. Good- 
win's Great Interest of States and Kingdomes, 1646, in one 
thick vol. half-bound, lOs. dd. 

1549 : Account of the Growth of Popery and Arbitrary 

Government in England, 1677*— A List of Ships belongfing to 
English Merchants taken by French Privateers, ^m</. 1677* — A 
seasonable Argument to perswade petition for a New Parliament, 
or a List of the Principal Labourers in the great design of 
Popery, 1677« — Account of the Growth of Knavery, 1678. — 
Du Monlin's Account of the Advances of the Church of Eng- 
land to that of Rome, 1680.— Two Speeches of George Earl of 
Bristol, with Observations upon them, 1674. — Account of Scot- 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto*] Diviniiy and EccUsiasiical History. 88 

land's Grierancefi by reason of Landerlade's Ministrie. — ^The 
King of Scotland's Negotiations at Rome for assistance against 
the Commonwealth, 1650, rough calf, 7$. 

1550 TRACTS. — Sermons by Aaron Baker, Isaac Barrow, John 

Scott, Edmond Hickeringill, Dr. Templer^ . Dr. Woodroffe, 
Felling, John Williams, Dr. Thomas Pierce,. Dr. Standish, 
Dr. Z. Cradock, Dr. T. Cartwright, D^^ Simon Patrick, ;>rith 
Thomas Gouge's surest and safest way of Thriring. — The 
Plotter's Doom, 1680. — Hardy's Lamentation, Mourning, and 
Woe, a Sermon on the Fire of London. — ^Abraham Scultetus's 
Secular Sermon on the History of the Reformation, from the 
Latin, 1618.-<— Peter Smart's Sermon at Durham, 1628. — Henry 
Burton's Apology of an Appeale, also an Epistle to the true 
hearted Nobility, for God and the King, 1636, one thick vol. Ss. 

1551 — - Sermons by Bishop Burnett, Wake, and Symon 

Patrick, with Zachary Cawdrey's Christian's Prize and Race. — 
A second Collection of Papers relating to the present Juncture 
of A£Pairs in England, 1688. — Catholicon, or astipulation be- 
twixt the Parochial Ministers and their Congregations, 1674. — 
Zach. Cawdrey's Discourse of Patronage, 1675. — ^The naked 
Truth, or the True State of the Primitive Church, 1675, 
bound, 3^. • 

1552 How's (Samuel) Sufficiency of the Spirit's Teaching 

without Human Learning, 1639. — 'An Enquiry after New Lights, 
Innovators, Enthusiasts, &c. 1755. — Bunyan's Reprobation 
asserted, the Doctrine of Eternal Election and Reprobation un- 
folded and explained, 1696. — Solemn Declaration of Richard 
Coleman, executed at Kennington Common for the murder of 
Sarah Green, with the Dying Words of the four other Malefac- 
factors, delivered to the Rev. W. Wilson, with other Tracts and 
Sermons, bound, scarce, 4s. 

1553 True and exact Relation of the late prodigious 

Earthquake of Mouiit iEtna, as it came in a Letter to his Ma- 
jesty by the Earle of Winchilsea, 1669. — Relation of the Ma- 
terial Matters handled in Parliament relating to Religion, &c« 
1673. — England's Appeal from the Private Cabal at Whitehall to 
the Lords and Commons, 1673. — Letter from a Gentleman in 
Ireland to his Brother in England, 1677* — Letter to SirThomas 
Osborn, 1672.~-Treaty of Peace called the Pyrenean Treaty 
between France and England, 1678. — ^Account of Growth of 
Popery in England, 1677 • — i'ist of English Merchants' Ships 
taken by French Privateers, Amst, 1677* — ^Antidote against the 
fears and jealousies of the Nation, 1679.-— Reason for the reduction 
of France into a more Christian state in Europe, 1678. — Two 
Letters from Mr. Montagu to the Lord Treasurer, 1679.— Epis- 
copal Government maintained, 1679. — Letter from Amsterdam 
to a Friend in England, 1678. — Romish Positions and Practises 
for Rebellion, by Dr. Ezerell Tonge, 1679.— The Jesuits un- 
masked, 1679. — Interest of these United Provinces, being 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] N 

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90 Divinify and Ecch$ia9iical Hiiiarjf. [Quabto. i 

Defbnee of the Zeelander's Choice, Middleburg, 1673.— Case of 
Bankers and Creditors stated, 1675, neat, 6#. 

1554 TRACTS.— Short View of the PraladcaH Chnreh of England, 
wherein is set forth the horrible abuses in Discipline and Go* 
temment, with a short view of Church Goyemment, half-bound, 
russia, scarce, 5ff. ..•• 1641 

1505 Treatise of Melchisedek, proving him to be Sem, the Father of 
all the sonnes of Heber, tUitk UtUV, 2<. 6^ Lond. 1591 

1556 TunstaU's (Dr. James) Lectures on Natural and Revealed Reli- 

gion, half-bound, russia, 2i. M 1765 

1557 Twisden's (Sir Roger) Historical Vindication of the Church of 

England in point of Schism, as it stands separated from the 
Roman and was reformed by Elizabeth, 28. 6d 1675 

1558 Tythes, the Civil right of, by C. E. neat, Zs. 6d 1650 

1559 Usher's 9ody of Divinity, portrait, bound, 7$. 6d 1702 

1560 Wakefield's Translation of St. Matthew's Gospel, with notes, new 

boards. Si ; 1782 

1561 Walker's God made Visible in bisWorkes, a Treatise of the exter- 

nall Workes of God, neat, 2^. 6d 1641 

1562 Weemse's Exposition of the Ceremoniall Lawes, of Moses, 1636. — 

Weemse's Exercitations Divine, 1634, half-bound, neat, 23. 6d. 

1563 Wellbeloved's Bible, with Notes explanatory and critical, parts 

i and ii (published at II. Is.), 5s 181d 

1564 Welles's (Johii) Soiile's Progress to the Celestiall Cafaaan of 

Heavenly Jerusalem, by way of godly Meditation, accompanied 
with learned exhortations and pithy perswasions, bound, 2«, 6d» 


1565 Wesley's (John) Explanatory Notes on the Old Testament, 3 vols. 

bound, 16* 1765 

1566 — 3 vols, neat, XL Is 1765 

1507 ■ (Samuel) Poems on several occasions, fine large print j, 

bound, 4* 1736 

1568 Whiston's Chronology of the Old Testament, and Harmony of 

the Four Evangelists, half-calf. As Cambr. 1702 

1509 -_ Essay on the Revelation of St. John, neat, 2^. 

ib. 1706 

1570 Wihtle's Daniel, an improved version, with preliminary Disserta- 

tion and Notes, sewed, scarce, 1/. Oj^. 1792 

1571 WHght's (Tho.) Passions of the Minde, with a Treatise of the 

ClymatiericallYeare, occasioned by the Death of Queen Elizabeth, 
sewed in veUtim, 6s 1604 

1572 Passions of the Minde, old binding, 4s. 6d, 


1573 Yonge's Practical and Explanatory Commentary on the Holy 

Bible, boards, scarce, Ss 1787 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Octavo.] Dipiuify n»d EccleMiastkal HUiory. 9k 


1574 Holy 9ible, with Ganni's References, old gilt bindingry neat, ^s• 

Edinb. 1727 

1575 good print, neat, 5^ 1820 

i576 good print, neat, 6« Oa/. 1825 

1577 Nyw fBSTAVBNT, bound, 2«. 1825 

1578 --^ good print, bound, 2«. 6d 1820 

1579 lu^e print, bound, ^ 1825 

1580 ■ — Rhbims Translation, with Annotations, ealf 
gilt,5« 1818 

1581 ' SociKiAN Version, entitled an Improved Ver- 
sion, with notes, calf, 3«. 6^ • ••••• 1808 

1582 ' royal oetavo edition, half- 
calf, 4s. M. ; neat, 5«. ; brown calf, marbled leaves, 0«... 1808 

1583 Abbadie's Vindication of the Truth of the Christian Religion, 2 

vols, neat, 6s 1694 

1584 Addington's (Dr; Stephen) Life of St. Paul, boards, 2#. M. 


1585 Ady'fi Qanpony of the Divine Will, illustrated in the fulfilment of 

Prophecies, boards. Is. 6c2. ; neat, 2s • 1807 

1586 Allen's Spiritual Magazine, or the Christian's Grand Treasure, a 

Body of Divinity, in Dialogues, 3 vols, boards, 12s 1802 

1537 - ■ — (Robert) Treasurie of Catechisme, or Christian Instruc- 
tion, bound. Is. M 1600 

1568 *-. (Thos.) Christian's Sure Guide to Eternal Glory, neat, 

2s. 6rf 1733 

1589 Ambrose's Looking unto Jesus, a View of the Everlasting 

Gospel, 2 vols, new boards (published at 18s.) 8s 1830 

1590 Arrowsmith's Chain of Principles, new boards, canvass back 

(published at 9s.) 5s 1822 

1591 Ashdowne's (W.) Scripture Key to the New Testament, brown 

calf, 2s. 6d Canterbury, 1777 

1592 (J.) Churchwarden's and Overseer's Guide and Di- 
rector, 2s. 6d , 1821 

1593 Aspinwall's Apology for the Christian Rell^on, bound, Is. 6d. 


1594 Athenagoras's Apologeticks for the Christian Relifi^on, and for 

the truth of the Resurrection, together with a curious fragment 
of Justin Martyr on the subject of the Resurrection, and two 
other fragments, translated by David Humphreys, neat, 3s. 6d, 


1595 Augustine's Meditations, Treati|ie on the Love of God, Solilo- 

quies and Manual, with the Contemplations of St. Anselm and 
St. Bernard, translated by Dean l^tanhope, neat, 3s 1701 

1596 Baptist Mission in India, a Narrative of, m^>» boards, Is. 1813 
54, Patbrnostbr Row, 

Digitized by 



99 Divinity and Ecchsiastical History. [Octavo. 

1597 Barclay's Apology for the Quakers, neat, 35 ..••• • 1736 

1598 . boards, 4*. 6d 1825 

1599 Barrington's Miscellanea Sacra, containing an Abstract of the 

Scripture History of the Apostles, with four critical Essays, 
3 vols, new half-calf, 124 1770 

1600 Bateman^s Treatise on Agistment Hthe, U. 6d 1778 

1601 Bates's Whole Works, with Memoir of the Author by the Rer* 

W. Farmer, 4 Tols. large paper, boards, scarce, IZ. 16«. 


1602 •* SoYereign and Final Happiness of Man, 2s 1680 

1603 Baxter's History of his Life and Times, abridged by Dr. Calamy, 

with Continuation of the Account of Ejected Ministers by Cala- 
my, 4 vols, portrait, uniform, neat, 1/. i4s 1713 

1604 Life and Times, abridged by Calamy, portrait, neat, 6s. 

1702 . 

1605 " Matho, or the Cosmotheoria Pnerilis, the First Prin- 

ciples of Philosophy and Astronomy, vrith the Principles of 

Natural Religion deduced therefrom, 2 vols. 4« 1765 

1606 2 vols, neat, 6* 1740 

1607 Bayford's Messiah's Kingdom, or the Second Advent, boards, 2s. 


1608 Bean's Family Worship, Morning and Evening Prayers, half- 

calf, 4». 6d 1796 

1609 Beattie's Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth, boards, 

3s. 6d,.... 1807 

1610 bound, 4s. 6d 1771 

1611 portrait, neat, 5* 1801 

1612 Beere's Epistle to the Chief Priests and Elders of the Jews, 

neat. Is. 6d. 

1613 Bell's (Dr. W.) Authority, Nature, and Design of the Lord's 

Supper, neat, 3s 1781 

1614" (John) Piety Promoted, Dying Sayings of Quakers, 

seventh part. Is. 6d 1740 

1615 Bennet's (Benj.) Christian Orator, the Devotion of the Closet, 

calf, neat, 5s 1732 

1616 (Thos.) Confutation of Quakerism, neat, 2« 1709 

1617 ■ Abridgement of the London Cases, 1*. 6d, 


1618 '■ (W.) Legislative Autliority of Revealed Grace, an 
Essay on the Gospel Dispensation, boards, 3s. 6d 1812 

1619 «— — (Dr. James) Lectures on the History of Jesus Christ, 

2 vols, new boards, canvass backs, ISs 1828 

1620 Benson's (Dr. George) Reasonableness of the Christian Religion, 

2 vols, neat, 9^ 1759 

1621 Bentle/s (John) Reply to Apelentherus, boards (published at 

7s). 2s. 6d 1819 

1622 Berkeley's (Bishop) Works, with Life and Letters, 3 vols, new 

boards, \5s. 1820 

1623 -f i Principles of Human Knowledge, with 

Three Dialogues between Hyhis and Philonous, calf, 6s,.. 1734 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


OcTAYO.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 98 

1(>^4 Berkeley's (Bishop) Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philo- 
nous, neat, 2s 1725 

1625 Bernard's (James) Excellence of the Christian ReUgion, with 

Life and Notes, boards, 2s 17^3 

1626 Berriman's Critical Dissertation upon 1 Tim. iii, 16, God was 

manifest inthefiesh^ neat, 2s. 6^ 1741 

1627 BickerstafTs Christian Philosopher, Moral, Political, Religious, 

and Entertaining Essays, 3 vols, neat, 65 1730 

1628 Bingham's (Dr. George) Dissertations, Essays, and Sermons, 

with Memoirs of his Life, by Peregrine Bingham, 2 vols, calf, Ss. 


1629 Blacklock's Paraclesis, Consolations from Religion, neat, 2s. 


1630 Blackwall's Sacred Classics defended and illustrated, 2 vols, 

neat, Ss 1727 

1631 Blackwell's Schema Sacrum, a Sacred Scheme of Natural and 

Revealed Reli^on, bound, 2^ • 1710 

1632 Body and Soul, boards, 3s. 6(i 1822 

1633 Bog^e and Bennett's History of Dissenters, from the Revolution 

in 1688 to 1808, 4 vols, boards, II. 16s 1808-12 

1634 Booth (Abraham) Essay on his Life and Writings, by W. Jones, 

portrait, boards. Is. 6^ 1808 

1635 Boston's Human Nature in its Fourfold State, neat, 3s 1752 

1636 ■ new boards (published at 6s.) 3s. 

1637 View of the Covenant of Grace, neat, 3s. 6cZ 1734 

1638 Bowden's (Rev. James, of Tooting) Remaifis, edited by Richard 

Bowden, brown calf, 5s 1814 

1639 (Joseph) Prayers and Discourses for the use of Families, 

(published at 9s.) 3s. 6d 1816 

1640 Bowdler's Essay on the Happiness of the Life to come, calf gilt, 

2s. 6rf 1800 

1641 Bragge's (Dr. Francis) Practical Treatise on the Passions, half- 

bound, 2s I7O8 

1642 Bray's (Dr. Thomas) Bibliotheca Parochialis, Theological Heads 

to be perused by the Clergv, with the Books to be read, neat, 
3s. M .'. 1707 

1643 Brewster's Meditations for Penitents, boards, (published at 9s.) 

3s 1813 

1044 Meditations for the Aged, neat, 3s. M 1810 

1645 Brine's Treatise on various Subjects, brown calf, scarce, 6s. 1766 

1646 Bristed's Thoughts on the Anglican and Anglo-American Churches, 

boards (published at 10s. 6d.) 4s. 6J 1823 

1647 British and Foreign Bible Society Reports, 7 vols, half-calf, ^^ 

extra, 18s 1805-20 ^'^^'^^ 

1648 Broadley's Internal and External Evidence of the Religion of 

Moses, calf, 2s Camhr. 1805-6 

1649 Bromley's Discourse on the Consideration of our Latter End, 

neat. Is. 6d I77I 


Digitized by 


94 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History* [Octavo* 

1650 Brown's (Dr. W. Lawrence) Essay on the Existence of a Supreme 
Creator, 2 vols, boards, (published at 1/. Is,) \2s 1816 

1052 (J. A.) Even Tide, or the Last Triumph of the Meu- 

siah, a deveiopement of the Mysteries of Daniel and St. John, 
and of the Prophecied respecting the renovated Kingdom of Is- 
rael, 2 vols, boards (published at 185.) 9s 1823 

1653 Browne's (Isaac Hawkins) Essays on Subjects of Important En* 

quiry in Metaphysics, Morals, and Religion, boards (published 
at ISs.) 6s ; 1822 

1654 Bryant's (Jacob) Treatise upon the authenticity of the Scriptures, 

and the truth of the Christian Religion, boards, 3«^ 1810 

1655 Buchanan's (Dr. Claudius) Christian Researches in Asia, Two 

Discourses and a Sermon, boards, 3^. 6d 1812 

1656 ■ Colonial Ecclesiastical Establishment, 
boards, 2s ;.. 1813 

1657 calf,35 1813 

1658 Bulstrode's (Whitelock) Essays, portrait, bound, 2s 1724 

1659 Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, and Grace Abounding to the chief 

of Sinners, plates, neat, 6s 1775 

1660 Pilgrim's Progress, plates, boards, 4« 1812 

1662 Burgess's (Episcopi) Adnotationes Milli auctae et corrects ex 

Prolegomenis suis Wetstenii Bengelii et Sabaterii ad 1 Joan. 
V, 7* 6tc. calf, neat, scarce, Ss , ,.• 1822 

" Not Published." 

1663 Burnett's (Thomas) Sacred Theory of the Earth, 2 vols, plates, 

neat, 5s 1722 

1 664 Burnham's Pfous Memorials, the Power of Religion in Sickness, 

and at Death, neat, 4s • 1753 

1665 calf, neat, 4s. 6d 1754 

1666 Butler's (Bishop) Works^ portrait, new, boards, canvass backs 

(published at 12».), 8* 1828 

1667 Buttenshaw's Defence of Hoadley on the Sacrament, neat, 2s. 6d. 


1668 Campbell's Lectures on Systematic Theology and Pulpit Elo- 

quence, boards (published at 8^.), 4s 1824 

1669 Cappe's Connected History of the Life and Divine Mission of 

Jesus Christ, boards (published at 12^.) 4s. 6d York^ 1809 

1670 Card's (Henry) Essay on the Eucharist, a Refutation of the 

Hoadlyan Scheme, boards, 2s. 6d • 1819 

1671 Cardale's (Paul) True Doctrine of the New Testament concern- 

ing Jesus Christ considered, half-bound, uncut, 3s 1771 

1672 Cave's Primitive Christianity, neat, 3s. 6d,,,, 1676 

1673 Chamberlain's (John, late Missionary in India) Memoirs, by 

William Yates, new, boards (published at lOs. 6c2.), 5s. ••• 1826 

1674 Chandler's (Bishop) Vindication of the. Defence of Christianity, 

2 vols, neat, 4s. 6d 1728 

1675 (Samuel) Vindication of the Christian Religion^ neat, 

2s. 6d , 1725 

[William BATKBCir 

Digitized by 


Octavo^ Dimniiy and Eccluia9tical History. 95 

1676 Chandler's (Dr. Thomas Bradborjr) Life of Dr. Ssihttel Johnson 

of New York, boards (published at 6«.)> ^^ l^?'^ 

1677 Gharnock's Two Discoarses of Man's Enmity to God, and of the 

Saltation of Sinners, bound, 3f. 6c/ 1699 

1678 Christian's Magaaine, or a Treasury of Divine Knowledge. 8 vols. ^ 

portruts and plates, neat, 18f 1760-67 

1679 Christian Religion as professed by a Daughter of the Chnrck of 

England (Mrs. Mary Astell), bound, 2s 1717 

1680 Christian Review and Clerieal Magazine, 3 vols, boards, and 2 ^ 

Nos. 9# , : 1827-30 \^^ 

1681 Christianity, Protestantism, and Popery compared and con- 

trasted, new boards, 2« 1829 

1681*Chubb'8 Posthumous Worlcs, 2 vols, neat, bs 1748 

1682 Tracts eoliected in 3 vols, neat, js 1733 

1683 True Gospel of Jesus Christ asserted, bound, 2^. %d. 


1684 Clarke's (Dr. Adam) Bibliographical Dictionary and Miscellany, 

8 vols, boards, \L As 1802 

1685 Large Paper, 8 vols, boards, 

1/. 10* 18()2 

16S0 (Dr. Samuel) Paraphrase on the Four EvangcHsfs, 

2 vols, boards, 6» Oxf. J816 

1687 2 vols, half-calf, 7« 1795 

1688 • Demonstration of the Being and Attri- 
butes of God, neat, 3*. %d 1716 

1689 Answer to Dr. Clark and Mr. Whiston 

concernmg the Divinity of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, by 
H. E., 1#. 6d 1729 

1690 ; (Richard) Gospel of the Daily Service of the Law 

preached to the Jew and Gentile, boards, 2«. 6d 1767 

1691 ---—---——— Jesus the Nazarene, addressed to Jews, 

Deists, and Believers, boards, 2«. 6(/. 
1602 {Rev. R.) Prophet^ Records of the Christian Era, 

boards, 2«. 6i. 1812 

1093 Clarkson^s Portraiture of Quakerism, 3 vols, new boards, 10«. 


1694 Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of William 

Penn, 2 vols, half-bound, russia, \{k 1813 

1695 Claude's Defence of the Reformation, with Author's Life by 

John Townsend, 2 vols, boards, 6« > 181$ 

1696 — 2 vols, half-calf, 8« 1815 

1697 Clayton's (Bishop) Essav on Spirit, neat, 2«. 6(f 1751 

1698 Clerical Guide, or Ecclesiastical Directot*y, third edition, cor^ 

rected by Richard Gilbert, royal 8vo. boards (published at 
1/.2«.),14« * 1829 

1699 Clergyman's Intelligencer, ^n Alphabetical List of all the Patrons 

in England and Wales, 2s , 174$ 

1700 Clergyman's Companion in visiting the Sick, h. 6<2 1723 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


96 Divinity nnd Ecclenautical History. [Oct a v o. 

1701 Cobbin's Historical View of the Reformed Church of France, 

boards (published at55.)» 2«. %d 1816 

1702 Coke's (Dr.) History of the West Indies, Natural, Ciyil, and 

Ecclesiastical, 3 vols, calf, \5s 1811 

1703 Coluber's Impartial JBnquiry into the Existence and Nature of 

God, neat, 2* 1735 

1704 Collins's Discourse of the Grounds and Reasons of the Christian 

Religion, bound, 2« 1724 

1705 Scheme of Literal Prophecy considered, nt. 2«. 6d. 1727 

1706 * Discourse of Free-Thinking. — Bentley's Remarks 

upon the Discourse. — ^The Clergyman's Thanks to Bentley for 
his Remarks. — Whiston's Remarks on the Discourse of Free- 
Thinking. — Queries to the Authors of the Discourse — Answer 
to the Discourse on Free-Thinking, neat, 4s 1713 

1707 CoIlin89n'8 Analysis of Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity, bds. 5^. 1810 

1708 Collyer's (Dr.) Lectures on Scripture Comparison, portrait, 

boards (published at 14«.) 6« 1823 

1709 Common Prayer Book, 2s. 6d Basketi, 1712 

1710 black sheep, 3».6d Oxf. 1791 

1711 new black sheep, 4* ib. 1798 

1712 with new Version of the Psalms, neat, 

4*. 6d ib. 1798 

1713 good print, sheep, 4^....* ib. 1822 

1714 ■ very large print, with new Version, bound, 

4s, 6d Camb. 1819 

1715 Confessions of a Justified Sinner, written by himself, boards, 

2s. 6fif 1824 

17 16 Cook's Illustration of the General Evidence, establishing the 

reality of Christ's Resurrection, calf, 4« 1808 

1717 General and Historical View of Christianity, 3 vols. 

boards, canvass backs (published at II. I6s.) 9s 1822 

17 18 Cottle's Strictures on the Plymouth Antinomians (published at 

2s. 6d.) Is , 1823 

1719 Cove's Essay on the Revenues of the Church of England, boards. 

Is. 6d.; boards, canvass back, lettered, 2s. 6d 1795 

1720 Crantz's History of Greenland, and particularly a Relation of- 

the Mission carried on for above thirty years by the Unitas 
Fratrum, translated from the High Dutch by Gambold, 2 vols. 
BBST EDITION, maps and plates, boards, canvass backs, lettered, 
\4s 1767 

1721 Cruden's Concordance, new boards (published at }Ss.) \3s. 1830 

1722 Cudworth's Intellectual System of the Universe, with Life by 

Birch, 4 vols, portrait, boards, 1/. 5s 1820 

1723 Cumberland's Calvary, a Poem, 2 vols, boards (published at 

II. ls.)5s 1810 

1724 Cumming's Grounds of Differences between London Ministers, 

neat. Is, 6d 1720 

1725 Cunningham's (J. W.) Christianity in India, 2s 1808 

[William Batnb8» 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Diviniijf and Ecclesiastical History. 97 

1726 Canningham's (J. W.) Velvet Cushion, boards, canvass back, 

lettered, 2s. ed 1815 

1727 -— — — — • New Covering to the Velvet Cushion, 

boards, 2» 1815 

1728 Daubeny's Guide to the Church, half-bound, neat, 6s I7O8 

1729 Trial of the Spirits, calf, 2s.6d 1804 

1730 Davies (Sir John, Attorney-General to Q. Elizabeth) of the Ori- 

ginal, Nature, and Immortality of the Soul, a fobu, neat, 2s. 6d. 


1731 Davies's (Edward) Immanuel, a Letter on Isaiah vii, 14, in 

answer to the Strictures of a Modern Jew, boards, 1^. 6d. 1816 

1732 Dealtry's Vindication of the Bible Society, boards, 3s I8IO 

1733 Review of Norris on the Bible Society, Is. 6d.... 1815 

1734 Defoe's Religious Courtship, original binding, 5s...., 1737 

1735 ' brown calf, neat, 7«....» 1737 

1736 Delaune's Plea for the Nonconformists, 2« 1779 

1737 Derham's Physico -Theology, a Demonstration of the Being and 

Attributes of God from the Works of Creation, neat, 2s. 6d. 


1738 calf, neat, 3* 1727 

1739 Dewar's (Dr. Daniel) Elements of Moral Philosophy and of 

Christian Ethics, 2 vols, boards (published at IL 4s,) 9s. 

1740 Dewhirst's Nature, Order, Privileges, and Duties of the Christian 

Church, If 1808 

1741 Dialogues on Prophecy, vol. i, calf extra, and the seven following 

parts, being down to part xii, I5s 1827*9 

1742 Dicl^'s Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles, 2 vols, boards, Ss. 

T743 Dictionary of the Holy Bible, an Historical Account of the Per- 
sons, a Geographical Account of the Places, and Literal, Critical, 
and Systematical Descriptions of other objects mentioned in the 
Bible, 3 vols, neat, 12s 1759 

Recommended by Bishop Tomline. 

1744 Discourse concerning Lent, an Historical Account of its observa- 

tion, and an Essay concerning its original, bound, 2s 1695 

1745 Disquisitions, free and candid, relating to the Church of England, 

neat, Is. 6d 1749 

1746 Ditton's Discourse concerning the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, 

neat, 2s. 64 1727 

1747 Divine Dialogues, Disquisitions, and Instructions concerning the 

Attributes of God and his Providence, by Franciscus Paleeopoli- 
tanus, neat, 2s. 6d I713 

1748 Dodd's ComfiDrtfor the Afflicted under every Distress, with suita- 

ble Devotions, neat, 3« 1764 

1749 Doddridge's Family Expositor, or a Paraphrase and Notes on the 

New Testament, 1 vol. imperial 8vo. new boards (published at 

1/. Is.) I5s 1829 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] O 

Digitized by 



98 Diviniiy and Ecclesiastical History. [Octavo. 

17^ Doddridge. Illustration to Doddridge's Family Expositor, twenty 
copper plates, royal 8vo. sewed (published at4$.) 2s. 6d,,, 1826 

1751 Heads of Twenty- seven Sermons, boards (published 

at 5s.) Vs. M 1824 

1752 — Lectures on Pneumatology, Ethics, and Divinity, 2 

vols, boards, 8» 1799 

1753 2 vols, calf, 10« 1799 

1754 D'Oyly's Four Dissertations, on the Fall, Extraordinary Assis* 

tances vouchsafed to the Primitive Church, &c. bound, 2s. 


1755 Dudley's Analysis of the System of the Bible Society, boards, 

(published at 16*.) 3i 1821 

1756 Du Moulin's Treatise on Peace of Soul and Content of Mind, 

with Notes by Sartoris and Dr. Scrope, 2 vols, bound, 6s. 


1757 Duncan's (Dr.) Libertine and Infidel led to Reflection, neat, 2s. 6d. 


1758 Du Pin's Life of Christ, with Practical Inferences and Discourses, 

plates, neat, 2/. 6d 1696 

1759 Dwight's Travels in New England and New York, illustrated with 

Maps, &c. 4 vols, boards, canvass backs (published at 21. 2s.) 
ISs 1823 

1760 Dyer's Inquiry into the Nature of Subscription to the Thirty-nine 

Articles, neat, 2s. Qd. 

1761 Edmondson (Jonathan) on Self Government, boards, 3s. 

1762 Edwards's (Dr. John) Discourse concerning the Authority, Style, 

and Perfection of the Books of the Old and New Testament, 2 
vols, in one, half-calf, 4^ 1693 

1763 — — ^— — — Preacher, 3 vols, portrait, calf, neat, 9s. 


1764 Emlyn's (Thomas) Works, 3 vols, neat, 9* 1746 

1765 English's (Rev. Thomas) Memoirs, with Letters jind a Poem, 

Rest for the Weary, edited by Griffin, boards, 2s. 1812 

1766 Erskine's (Ebenezer) Whole Works^ 3 vols, boards (published at 

II. 4s.) 12* 1810 

1767 ■ with Life by the Rev. D. Frazer, complete 

in 2 vols, boards (published at 11. 4s.) lOs 1S26 

1768 Essay upon the Relation of Cause and Effect, hoards (published 

at Ss.) ds 1824 

1769 Essays on the reality and evidence of Miracles, on Balaam, on 

Joshua's Victory, kc. by a Layman, neat, 3s 1753 

1770 Ettriok's Second Exodus, Reflections on the Prophecies of the 

Last limes, 3 vols, boards, 7*^ •«•• 1^10 

1771 EvANGBLicAL Magazinr, A COMPLETE SET, from 1793 to 

1829 inclusive, and 3 Nos. of 1830, half-bound, neat, the five 
last yearg in Nos. 2L 

1772 Fabei^s . Horse Mosaicse, a Dissertation on. the Credibility and 

Theology of the Pentateuch, 2 vols, new boards (published at 

II. 4s.) ISs 1818 

[W1LL14M Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 99 

1773 Faber's Dissertation on the Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks^ 

boards, 4s • • • 1811 

1774 Farmer's (Hugh) Pre?alence of the Worship of Human Spirits 

in the Ancient Heathen Nationtf, neat, Js 1783 

1775 Nature and Design of Christ's Temptation ih 

the Wilderness, half-bound, 3s 17^ 

1776 Fathers of the English Church, vol. i, containing various Tracts 

and Extracts from the Works of Tindal, Frith, Patrick Hamilton, 
Joy, Barnes,, with their Lives, from Fox and Bishop Bale, 
hoards, 6» 1807 

1777 Fell (Bishop) on St. Paul's Epistles, a shabby copy, is. 6d. 1684 

1778 (John) Demoniacs, the Heathen and Scripture Doctrine of 

Daemons, neat, Qs • • ••• 1779 

1779 Fellowes's Body of Theology, principally practical, in a Series of 

Lectures, 2 vols, new boards, canvass backs, lettered, 7'* 


1780 2 vols, bound, 5* 1807 

1781 Picture of Christian Philosophy, neat, 3«. 6d, 


1782 Fenelon's (Archbishop) Demonstration of the Existence, Wisdom, 

and Omnipotence of God, neat, 2s. 6d 1713 

1783 r Dissertation on Pure Love, with Life of 

Madame Ouion, &c. neat, 39 1738 

1784 Dialogues on Eloquence, crown 8vo. bds. 

canvass backs, lettered (published nt Ss.) 4s 1808 

17^^ Fisher's (James) Winter Season, portrait, boards. Is, 6d„. 1813 

1786 FlaveVs Whole Works, 6 vols^ boards, canvass backs (pubRshed at 

3/. 35.) \l. & 1820 

1787 - ' Divfaie Conduct, or the Mystery of Providence (no title 
page) rough calf, neat, 2s, 

1788 Fleming's Apocalyptical Key (published at 2s. M.) \s. M. 1809 

1789 Fletcher's Portrait of St. Paul, or the True Model for Christians 

and Pastors, with account of the Author, by Joshua Gilpin, 2 

vols, boards, Ss 1791 

I79Q Foster's (James) Usefulness, Truth, and Excellency of the Chris* 
tian Revelation, calf, neat, 3« 1734 

1791 Franck's (Augustus Hermannus) Pietas Hallensis, the Footsteps 

of a Divine Being, in an Historical Narration of the Orphan 
House at Glaucba, 3^. > ..;.... 1705 

1792 FrizelFs Sunday Family Instructor, an Illustration of the Liturgy, 

with Sermons and Private Devotions, 3 vols, boards, Ss, 

Ilfracombe, 1824 

1793 Fuller's (Andrew) Apology for the Christian Missions to India, 3 

parts in one vol. half-calf, 3s. 6d 1808 

1794 : ! Memoirs of his Life and Writings by J. W. 

Morris, portrait, new boards (published at 7«- 0(^-) ^ 1826 

1795 Galloway's Commentaries upon such parts of the Revelation and 

other Prophecies as immediately refer to the present time, bds. 

2s. 6d, ; half-calf, 3s. ; neat, 3s. 6d 1802 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


100 Divinity and EcclesiaHtical History. [OcTAvd. 

1796 Gambler's Introducdon to the study of Moral Eyi^ence, third 

edition enlarged, boards (published at 8«.) 4«. ^d 1824 

1797 Gentleman's Calling, by the Author of the Whole Duty of Man, 

neat/U U 1679 

1798 Gibbons's Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women, 2 vols, portraits, 

boards, 10* 1777 

1799 2 vols, portraits, 

calf, 125 1804 

1800 GiUies*8 Historical Collections relating to remarkable periods qf 

the Success of the Gospel j 2 vols, fine copy^ calf neaty 18*. 1754 

1801 Gilly's Spirit of the Gospel, the Four Evangelists elucidated by 

explanatory Observations, half-bound, russia, 6s 1818 

1802 Gisborne's Enquiry into the Duty of Men, 2 vds. boards, 65. 


1803 2 vols, calf, 85 1795 

1803* Familiar Survey of the Christian Religion, half- 
bound, neat, 3s 1799 

1804 Goodman's Winter Evening Conference between Neighbours, 

neat, 2s. 6d 1720 

1805 Goodwin's (Dr. Thomas) Christ the Mediator, revised and 

recommended by Dr. Hawker, neat, 6« 1819 

1806 Graham's Review of Ecclesiastical Establishments in Europe, 

boards, 1*. 6d 1796 

1807 Grant's Summary qfthe History of the English Churchy and qfthe 

Sects which have departed from it^ 4 vols, boards, canvass backs, 
lettered, 1/. 12^ 1811 

1808 Gray's Key to the Old Testament and Apocrypha, boards, 7'* 6d. 

1809 Connection between the Sacred Writings and the Lite- 
rature of Jewish and Heathen Authors, 2 vols, brown calf, 14«. 


1810 Grose's Ethics, rational and theological, with Reflections on 

Deism, boards, 2s. 

1811 Grove's (Henry) Posthumous Works, 4 vols, neat, 10* 1740 

1812 System of Moral Philosophy, 2 vols, neat, 6*. 


1813 'Gumall's Christian in Complete Armour, complete in 2 vols. 

new boards, canvass backs (published at 11. 4s.)f \2s. 1826 

1813*Gyles's Essay on the Authenticity of the New Testament, boards, 
25 1812 

1814 Hall's (Bishop) Contemplations on the Historical Passages of the 

Old and New Testaments, 2 vols, boards (published at 1/. Is.), 
\2s 1825 

1815 *- Extracts firom his Devotional Writings, portrait, 

boards, 2s. 6d 1785 

lgl5* (Robert) Reviews of Foster's Essays, Gisborne's Ser- 
mons, Gregory's. Letters, Belsham's Lindsey, &c. 3^. 6d. 1823 

1816 Hamilton's Gospel of St. John in Greek, with an Interlineal and 

Analytical Translation, half*calf, 45 ; 1826 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 101 

1817 Hardy's (Samuel) Prophecies of the Bible, particularly those 

in the Revelation of St. John, compared and explained, neat, 2^. 


1818 Hare's Treatise on the Conduct of God to the Human Species, 

and on the Divine Mission of Christ, half-calf, 4s. 6d, 

Ojf. 1809 

1819 Harmer's Observations t)n divers Passages of Scripture, 4 vols. 

brown calf, 1/. 7* 1776 

1820 ' First Edition^ in one vol. com- 
plete, neat, &. 6d 1764 

1821 Miscellaneous Works, and Memoir by W. Youngmau, 
boards (published at 10«. 6d.), 3s 1823 

1822 Harwood's Liberal Translation of the New Testament, with Notes 

critical and explanatory, 2 vols, neat, 105. 6d 1768 

1823 ■' (Dr. Thomas) Annotations Ecclesiastical and Devo- 
tional, to illustrate the Liturgy and xxxix Articles, boards 
(published hi 6s. 6^.), 3s 1826 

1824 Hawker's (Dr. Robert) Works, 6 vols, large paper, boards, 

U. 4s 1804 

1825 Morning and Evening Portions, in one 

volume, large print, boards (published at Ws), \0s. 6d, 1829 

1826 Henry's (Philip) Life, with Dr. Bates's Dedication, and a Ser- 

mon by Matthew Henry, portrait, half -calf, 3s 1712 

1827 Hervey's Theron and Aspasio, Dialogues and Letters, 2 vols. 

neat, Ss 1817 

1828 Letters, elegant, interesting, and evangelical, boards, 

2s. 6d 1811 

1829 Hewlett's (Dr.) Commentaries and Annotations on the Scrip- 

tures, 5 vols, half-calf, \L Is 1816 

1830 Hildrop's Works, plate, neat,3« 1745 

1831 Hill's (Samuel) Rights, Liberties, and Authorities of the Chris- 

tian Church, neat, Is, 6d ....; 1701 

J 832 (Sir Richard) Apology for Brotherly Love and the 

Church of England, boards, Is. 6d 1798 

1^3 Hints on Toleration, suggested for the consideration of Dissenters, 

half-calf, 25. 6d .^v • •• . . 1810 

1834 Hoadly's (Bishop) Plain Account of the Sacrament, bound, 2s. 


1835 r- half-calf, 2s. 6d. ... .. .. 1735 

1836 Terms of Acceptance with God, neat, 2s. 6d. 


1837 Reasonableness of Conformity to the Church 

of England, Is. 6d 1720 

1838 : Tracts, neat, \s. 6d 1715 

1839 Hodgson's Life of Bishop Porteus, portrait, half-bound, russia, 4s, 


1840 Hody's (Dr. Humphry) Resurrection of the same Body asserted, 

bound. Is. 6d ^. 1694 

54, Paternoster Row. 

Digitized by 


102 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [OcTAVO. 

1841 Holcombe's Whole Truth about the American Baptists, l5. 6d, 

Philadelphia J 1820 

1842 Holmes's (Rev. James Ivory) Revelation of Saint John the 

Divine elucidated, 2 vols, half-bound, 6«.«.. 1815 

1843 (Dr. Robert) Treatises on Religious and Scriptural 

Subjects, boards, 2*. M Osf. 1806 

1844 half-calf, l^s ih. 1806 

1845 Holloway's Originals, Physical and Theological, Sacred and 

Profane, 2 vols, neat, 9« 1751 

1846 Hone on Mysteries and Religious Shows, plates, boards (pub- 

lished at 105. 6^.), 5«. 6(2 1823 

1847 Holy Jerusalem, an Enquiry into those mysterious Prophetick 

Systems, which declare the several ages and successions of the 
Church of God, neat, scarce, 4f 1758 

1848 Hooker's Complete Works, with Walton's Life of the Author, 

Index, and Portrait, edited by the Rev. W. S. Dobson, 
2 vols, new boards, canvass backs (published at 1/. 4^.), 16«. 


1849 First Book of Ecclesiastical Polity, 1* 1793 

1850 Hopkins's (Bishop) Doctrine of the Two Sacraments the Way of 

Salvation, bound, 2«. M 1712 

1851 portrait, neat, 3^ 1712 

1852 Home's (Bishop) Commentary on the Psalms, complete in one 

volume, new boards, canvass backs (published at 124.), Ts. 


1853 Homeck's (Dr. Anthony) Happy Ascetick, or the best Exercise, 

with prayers, frontisjnece by Hogarthy neat, 3s 1724 

1854 • Great Law of Consideration, frontis- 

piece, neat, 2«. 6d 1648 

1855 Horton's (Right Hon. R. Wilmot) Protestant Securities sug- 

gested, boards, 3s 1828 

1856 Hunter's (Dr.) Sacred Biography, 7 vols, half-calf, I85. ... 1785 

1 857 — — — complete in 2 vols, boarded in canvass, 12«. 1826 

1858 Huntington's (William) God the Guardian of the Poor, and the 

Bank of Faith.— -Spoils taken from the Tower of London. — The 
Coal-Heaver's Confession. — The Servant of the Lord described, 
and vindicated. — A Reviving Cordial for a sin«>despairiug Soul, 
neat, 3s. 6d 1785 

1859 Hutchinson's Philosophical and Theological Works, 12 vols* 
. half-calf, 1/. 14* 1749 

I860 Religion of Satan, or Antichrist delineated — the Use 

of Reason recovered, neat, 2s. 6d 1736 

jggl (Mrs. Lucy) Principles of the Christian Religion, 

boards, 2s 1817 

1862 Infant Baptism, or Infant Sprinkling, as the Anabaptists ironicaUy 

term it^ asserted and maintained, \s. M 1700 

1863 Innes's (Dr.) Enquiry into the Original of Moral Virtue, neat, \s. 

[William Batnss, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Bicdesiasiical History. 103 

1864 Inquiry what is the one true Faith, and whether it is professed 

by all Christian Sects, boards, 5« 1829 

1865 lyimey's Baptism necessary for Communion, 1«. 

1866 Jackson's Life of John Goodwin, comprising an Account of his 

Writings and Opinions, and of 8e?eral public transactions during 
the Civil Wars, fine portrait, boards (published at 1(M. 6^.), 6f. 


1867 Jebb's (Dr.) Works, with Life bv Dr. Disney, 3 vols, boards, 9$. 


1868 (John) Sacred Literature, a Review of the Principles of 

Composition laid down by Bishop Lowth, and an application of 
the Principles so reviewed to illustrate the New Testament, 
calf, 10* 1820 

1869 Jennings's (Dr.) Jewish Antiquities, new boards (published at 

12*.), 7« 1825 

1870 Jesse on the Scriptures, calf, neat, 3s 1799 

1871 Jesuit's Memorial for the Destruction of the Church of England, 

with Introduction, by £. Gee« neat, 3s 1690 

1872 Johnson's Holy David, and his old English Translators cleared, 

with Lives of Tindall, Rogers, and Coverdale, 2s. 6d. I7O6 

1873 (Dr). Prayers and Meditations, bound, 2ti .... I796 

1874 boards, 2*. Od I8I7 

1875 Josephus's Works, by Whiston, 2 vols, new boards (published 

Ktll.4s.), \3s 1825 

1876 Jones's (John) Ecclesiastical Researches, Philo and Josephus 

proved to be Historians and Apologists of Christ, boards, 4t. — 

half-calf, 5* 1812 

1877 (W.) Lectures on the Figurative Language of the Holy 

Scripture, 1821. — Dr. Smith's Summary View and Explanation 
of the Prophets, 1812, half-calf, 6s. 

1878 Kennicott's State of the Printed Hebrew Text of the Old Testa- 

ment considered, 2 vols, fine copy, neat, I85 1753 

1879 Kidd's Dissertation on the Eternal Sonship of Christ, boards, 4s. 


1880 Knox's (Dr. Vtcesimus) Considerations on the nature and 

efficacy of the Lord's Supper, calf, 4^. 6d 1808 

1881 Latrobe's Exposition of Christian Doctrine, from the German of 

Spangenberg, calf, Of 1784 

1882 Law's (Bishop) Theory of Religion, neat, 2s. 6d 1749 

1883 with Life, by Paley, a new 

edition, by Dr. Law, Bishop of Chester, new boards (published 
at 125.), 55 1820 

1884 (William) Serious Call to a devout and holy Life, 

OLD EDITION, scarcc, boards, 95 1753 

1885 new boards, 65 1816 

1886 " ' Practical Treatise upon Christian Perfection, 
boards, canvass back, lettered, 45. 6d 1783 

1887 Grounds and Reasons of Christian Regenera- 
tion, 1762. — Answer to Dr. Trapp about being Righteous 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


104 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [Octavo. 

overmuch, 1756. — ConfatAtion of Warburton's Dinne Legation 
of Moses, bound, 4$, 6d 1769 

1888 Law's (William) Justification by Faith and Works, 1762. — 
Remarks upon a Book intitled the Fable of the Bees, 1762. — 
The Case of Reason or Natural Religion stated, 1755. — Se- 
cond Letter to the Bishop of Bangor, bound, 4s 1762 

1889 Demonstration of the Gross and Fundamental 

Errors of Hoadly's Account of the Sacrament, bound, 2$. 6d. 


1890 Appeal to all that doubt or disbelieve the 

Truths of the Gospel, bound, 5s 1768 

1891 Leififehild's Christian Temper, or Lectures on th« Beatitudes, 

boards (published at 7s. 6d.)y 4s 1821 

1892 Leightom's (Archbishop) Comhentart on Peter, a new, 

genuine, accurately printed edition, complete in one volume 
with portrait, new boards (published at 12«.) &s 1829 

1893 Leslie's Essay concerning the Divine Right of Tythes, nt. 2; . 6d. 


1894 Letters on the constrained Celibacy of the Church of Rome, 

boards (published at 10s.)» ^' ^^ 1816 

1895 Levi's Dissertations on the Prophecies of the Old Testament, with 

Introduction by J. King, 2 vols, boards (published at 1/. 1«0> 
45 1817 

1896 Lewis's Origines Hebreese, the Antiquities of the Hebrew Re* 

publick, 2 vols, in one, neat, Ts DubL 1725 

1897 History of the Translations of the Bible and Testament 

into English, new boards (published at 12«.), 6f 1818 

139g (John) Apology for the Clergy of the Church of England, 

neat, 2* 1711 

1899 (Paul) Final Call to the Jews, neat. Is. 6d 1744 

1900 Life of Jesus Christ, in Devout Meditadons, translated from the 

Latin by the Rev. E. Yates, plates, half-calf, 3s 1774 

1901 List of the Various Editions of the Bible and parts thereof, in 

English, with multitude of MS additions and the autograph of 
M. Lort, half-bound, 5s 1778 

1902 Lives of the most Eminent Fathers of the Christian Church 

who flourished in the first four Centuries and part of the fifth, 
2 vols, in one, plates, neat, Ss 1705 

1903 Lloyd's Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus, an improved edition of the 

Liber Valorum, a Valuation of all the Linngs in England and 

Wales, half-calf, 4s. 6d 1796 

1904 (Richard) Christian Theology, boards (published at 8^.) 4«. 


1905 • Extensive Inquiry into What it is to preach 

Christ, and What is the best mode of preaching him, new boards, 
(published at9«.) 4^ 1825 

1906 Lobb's Letters on the Sacred Predictions, bound. Is 1761 

1907 Locke and Dodd's Common-place Book to the Bible, new boards, 

canvass backs (published at I2s.) 6s 1824 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 105 

1908 Locke's Essay coDcernin^^ the Human Understandings, 2 vols. 

boards, 8s 1817 

1909 2 vols, brown calf, 12*. 1796 

1910 ■ complete in one volume, new 

boards (published at Us.) 6s 1828 

191 1 : Paraphrase and Notes' on the Epistles of St. Paul, 

boards, 4* 1801 

1912 boards, 5* 1824 

1913 Letters, neat. Is. 64 1708 

1914 Long'? Unreasonableness of Separation, Second Part, Is.... 1682 

1915 Lowth's (Bishop) Isaiah, a New Translation, with Dissertation 

and Notes, 2 vols, boards, 7« 1795 

1916 -— — — — complete in one volume, por- 

trait, new boards, canvass back, 6s 1825 

1917 Lucas's Enquiry after Happiness, 2 vols, neat, 4s 1697 

1918 2 vols, neat, 7s 1749 

1919 2 vols, new boards (published 

at 16s.) 8s 1818 

1920 Luther's Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, with 

Life of the Author, by Erasmus Middleton, boards (published at 
12«.)7*.6d 1822 

1921 Mandeville's Free Thoughts on Religion, the Church, and Na- 

tional Happiness, 2s 1720 

1922 Mant's (AUcia Catherine) Ingenuous Scruples about the Observ- 

ance of the Sabbath answered, boards (published at 5s.) 2s. 1824 

1923 Mason's (W.) Christian's Companion for the Sabbath, new boards 

(published at 9s.) 3s. 6rf 1817 

1924 Mathias's (B. W.) Inquiry into the Doctrines of the Reformation, 

boards (published at 10s. 6(2.) 3s. 6(i 1814 

1925 Mauderc^s Christian's Magazine or Treasure, a choice collection 

of remarkable Passages, neat, 2s. 

1926 Maundrell's Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, and Clayton's 

Journal from Grand Cairo to Jerusalem, half-calf, 4s. 6d. 1810 

1927 Meditations of a Neophyte, boards. Is. 6cZ..... 1818 

1928 Meep's Succisivse Operse, Selections from Ancient Writers sacred 

and profane, with translations and notes, calf, 3s 1815 

1929 Michaelis's Commentaries on the Law of Moses, translated by 

Dr. Alexander Smith, 4 vols, boards, 1/. 4s 1814 

1930 Middleton's (Erasmus) Biographia Evangelica, or an Historical 

Account of the Lives and Deaths of the most eminent and evan- 
gelical Authors or Preachers, 4 vols, portraits, half-calf, 1/. 7«. 


1931 — (Dr. Conyers) Letter from Rome, the Conformity 

between Popery and Paganism, neat, 3s. 6d I74I 

1932 Millar's History of the Propagation of Christianity and the Over- 

throw of Paganism, 2 vols, neat, 7s 1731 

1933 Milne's (W^) Sacred Edict, Maxims of the Emperor Kang-He, 

amplified by his Son the Emperor Yoong-Ching, with Paraphrase 
by a Mandarin, translated from the Chinese, boards, 3s. dd. 

54, Patbrnoster Row.] P 

Digitized by 


106 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [OcTAVO. 

1934 Mllner's (Dean) Strictures on Publications of Bishop Marsh, 

a Reply to his Objections against the Bible Society, boards, 3s. ; 
half-calf, 3s. 6i 1813 

1935 Milton's Poetacal Works, with notes by Bishop Newton, 4 vols. 

neat, 1/. & 1757 

1936 Missionary, the, boards (published at 7<) 2«. 6d 1825 

1937 Moir's Gospel of Jesus the Philosophy of Life, 2 vols, neat, 5s. 


1938 More's (Hannah) Strictures on the Modem System of FemaliB 

Education, 2 vols, boards, 65 1799 

1939 Hints towards forming the Character of a 

Young Princess, 2 vols, boards, 6« 1805 

3940 Sacred Dramas, and Sensibility, a Poem, 

bound, I5. ed 1791 

1941 Moravian Hymns, bound, 2s. 6d 1809 

1942 Murray's Clear Display of the Trinity, with a Key, new boards 

(published at I2s.) 3s. 6d 1815 

1943 Nalson's (Dr.) Countermine, a Discovery of the Dangerous Prin- 

ciples and Practices of the Dissenting Party, neat, Is. 6d. 


1944 Nares's (Archdeacon) Essays and other occasional Compositions, 

2 vols, boards, 4«. 6(f 1810 

1945 Neal's History of the Puritans, or Protestant Nonconformists, 

4 vols, (title-page wanting to vol. ii) half-bound, 1/. 5^.... 1732 
1946 a new edition enlarged, 5 vols. 

boards (published at 2/. 12^. 6d.) II. 5s 1822 

1947 Necker's Importance of Religious Opinions, boards, 2s 1788 

1948 half-bound russia, neat, 2s. 6rf. 


1949 Nelson's Companion for the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of 

England, calf, 4*. 6d 1807 

1950 Newcome's (Primate) Improved Version of the Twelve Minor 

Prophets, with Explanation, royal octavo, boards, canvass back, 
lettered, Ss 1809 

1951 Observations on our Lord's Conduct as a 

Divine Instructor, half-hound russia, 85 1795 

1952 Newton's (John) Works, with Life by Cecily 6 vols, boards (pub- 

lished at 3/. 3s.) 21. 5s 1824 

1953 ■ complete in one volume, boards, canvass 

back (published at 1/. I5.) 95 1830 

1954 ■ Messiah, fifty expository Discourses, 2 vols. 

neat, 7* 1786 

1955 ^-^__ Review of Ecclesiastical History, calf extra, 4s. 


1956 (Bishop) Dissertations on the Prophecies, 2 vols. 

boards, Ss 1820 

1957 complete in one volume, new 

t>oards, canvass back (published at 12s.) 6f... 1826 

1958 —— (Dr. Robert) Exposition of the Church Catechism, 

neat, I5. 6d 1727 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 107 

1960 Nichols's (Dr. W.) Paraphrase on the Book of Common Prayer, 

neat, 6» 1775 

1961 Duty of Inferiours towards Superiours, 

bound, 2* 1701 

1962 Nicol (James) on the Nature and Design of Scripture Sacrifices, 

in which the Theory of Archbishop Magee is controverted, new 
boards, 6* 1523 

1963 Nightingale's Portruture of the Roman Catholic Religion, bds. 4s, 


1964 Noble's Plurality of Worlds, against Dr. Chalmers', Is 1828 

1965 Nolan's (Frederick) Operations of the Holy Ghost illustrated and 

confirmed, boards, 4f. 6d 1813 

1966 Inquiry into the integrity of the Greek Vul- 

gate, or received text of the New Testament, boards, 7s... 1815 

1967 Norris's Letters concerning the Love of God, neat, 2s 1695 

1968 Practical Treatise concerning Humility, bound, 3s, 6d, 


1969 Notcutt's Heavenly Register, the Nature of that Book of Remem- 

brance the Lord keeps of Christians upon Earth, Is. 6d,.. 1728 

1970 Nottingham's (the Earl of) Answer to Whiston's Letter concern- 

ing the Eternity of the Son of God and of the Holy Ghost, Is, 6d, 


1971 O'Leary's (Rev. Arthur) Miscellaneous Tracts, neat, 4s. 

DubL 1781 

1972 Opening of the Sixth Seal, a Sacred Poem, boards (published at 

7*. 6d.) 2s, 6d 1829 

1973 Orton's (Job) Exposition of the Old Testament, 6 vols, boards, 

U, \0s 1791 

1974 Oswald's (Dr. James) Appeal to Common Sense in behalf of 

Religion, 2 vols, brown calf, 6s I768 

1975 Overton's True Churchman ascertained, an Apology for the 

Evangelical Clergy, boards, 6s 1801 

1976 Owen's (Dr.) Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews, revised 

and abridged by Dr. Williams, 4 vols, boards, 18s 1790 

1977 (John) History of the Origin and first ten years of the 

British and Foreign Bible Society, 3 vols, boards (published at 
II. 4s.) 9s 1816 

1978 Paley's Works, unth Life by Lynam, 5 vols, boards (published at 

2l.l2s.6d,) \l. Is 1823 

1979 6 vols, calf, neat, 11. 15s. 


1980 Evidences of Christianity, complete in one volume, 

boards (published at 9s.) 4s. 6d 1825 

1981 Natural Theology, half-calf, 3s. ed 1803 

1982 Moral and Political Philosophy, 2 vols, boards, 6s. 1801 

1983 2 vols, boards, 7s I8I7 

1984 2 vols, brown calf,nt. 10s. 6d. 


1985 Analvsis of the Philosophy (published at 2s. 6d.) Is. 

^ 1822 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


108 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [Ogtato. 

1986 Palmer's (A.) Gospel New-creatore, the Work of the Spirit in 

awakening the Soul to get Pardon of Sin and an interest in 

Christ, opened, with a Treatise entitul'd the Tempestuous Soul 

- calmed by Christ, half-calf, 35 1743 

1987 Papal Power, an Historical Essay on the Temporal Power of the 

Popes, 2 vols, boards (published at 1/.) 3^ 1825 

1988 Paul's (Father, Author of the History of the Council of Trent) 

Letters, half-calf, 3* 1693 

1989 Pearson's (Anthony) Great Case of Tithes, with a Defence of 

other Principles held by Quakers, by J., M. 28 % 1730 

1990 Petitpierre's Thoughts on the Divine Goodness, boards, 2^. 

1990*Peters on Job, neat, 35. 6d 1757 

1991 Penn's No Cross No Crown, neat, 45. 6d 1762 

1992 ' portrait, neat, 55 1789 

1993 Pike and Hayward's Religious Cases of Conscience answered, 

new boards, canvass back (published at 85. 6d,) 3s\ 6d. 


1994 Plowden's Human Subordination, an Elementary Disquisition on 

Civil and Spiritual Power and Authority, boards, canvass back, 
25. ed Paris, 1824 

1995 Plumptre's Christian Guide, Discourses on the Leading Articles 

of Christianity, calf, neat, 55 , 1802 

1996 Pluralities and Non-Residence, the necessity of their abolition, 

boards, I5. 6<i 1802 

1997 Polwhtle's Traditions and Recollections , Domestic, Clerical, and 

Literary, including Letters qf Charles II, Cromwell, Fairfax, tfc. 
2 volss new boarded in canvass, 58 1826 

1998 Popham's (Dr. Edward) Extracts from the Pentateuch, compared 

with similar Passages fixim Greek and Latin authors, boards, 25. 6d. 


1999 Person's Tracts and Miscellaneous Criticisms^ collected and ar- 

ranged by Professor Kidd, half-bound russia, 85 1815 

2000 • Literary Character Vindicated from the Animadversions 

of Bishop Burgess, by Crito Cantabrigiensis, boards, canvass 
back (published at II5.) 4*. 6d 1827 

2001 Poyntei^s (Bishop) Christianity, or the Evidences and Characters 

of the Christian Religion, brown calf, 35 1827 

"2002 Prayer for Morning and Evening, with four short Homilies, 
boards, I5 1751 

2003 Price's (Dr. R.) Four Dissertations on Providence, on Prayer, &c. 

neat, 4* 1767 

2004 • neat, 55 1772 

2005 Review of the Principal Questions and Diffi- 
culties in -Morals, neat, 25. 6d 1758 


TESTAMENT, in the History op thb Jews and Neigh- 
bouring Nations, new edition, complete in 2 vols, new boards, 
11. 45 1831 

2007 ■ 4 vols, plates, neat, I65. 1725 

[William Bathes, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 109 

2008 Prideaax's Connection of the Old and New Testament, 2 vols. 

neat, 9^ 1720 

2009 4 vols, plates, neat, 18*. 

2010 Life, with Tracts and Letters of his, neat, 3*.... 1748 

2011 Priestley's (Dr.) General History of the Christian Church to the 

present time, 6 vols, neat, 2/. 2« 1790-1803 

2012 History of the Christian Church to the fall of 

the Western Empire, 2 vols, neat, lOv 1790 

2014 f heological Repository, consisting of Original 

Essays, Hints, Queries, &c. 6 vols, boards, 1/. Ss 1795 

2015 ■ Examination of Reid on the Mind, Beattie on 

Truth, and Dr. Oswald's Appeal, boards, 4^ 1774 

2016 Essay on the First Principles of Government, 

neat, 3«. 6d 1771 

2017 Proceedings of the 6rst twenty years of the Religious Tract So- 

ciety, boards (published at 6^.) 2^ 1820 

2018 Prophecy opened. Book of, a Plain Discovery of the Wisdom 

contained in the Book with Seven Seals, half- calf, 2^. 6d, 


8019 Fruen's (Rev. Thomas) View of the Church of the living God, 
its Ministry and Service, 2 vols, new boards (published at 
1/. Is.) 10* 1823 

2020 Illustration of the Liturgy, larger form. 

extra royal octavo (published at 1/. Is,) lOs, 

2921 Illustration of the Liturgy, second form, 

extra royal octavo (published at 145.) 7«* 

2022 ~ r— Illustration of the Liturgy, third form, 

extra royal octavo (published at Js.) 3s, 6d, 

8023 •: : . — Sketch of the Church, royal octavo (pub- 
lished at 58,) 2s, 6d, 

2024 Pyle's Paraphrase on the Acts and Epistles of the New Testament, 

2 vols, neat, 6s 1765 

Paraphrase, with notes on the Revelation of St. John, 

bound, 3s 1735 

: : boards, 3s. 6d 1795 

2027 Quarles's Judgment and Mercy for afflicted Souls, or Meditations, 

Soliloquies, and Prayers, portrait, boards, 2s, 6d 1807 

2028 Rammohun Roy's Precepts of Jesus, sewed. Is. 6d, 

Calcutta, 1820 

2029 Ramsay's Essay on the Treatment and Conversion of African 

Slaves, neat, 2* 1784 

2030 Rawlet's Treatise of Sacramental Covenanting with Christ, por- 

trait, neat, 2^ 1710 

2031 Rawlins upon Heretical Opinions, a view of the Errors which 

have prevailed in the Church, l5. 6(/ 177^ 

2032 Ray's Wisdom of God manifested in the Works of the Creation, 

portrait, neat, 2f . M.,^ 1709 

2033 Reader's Remarks on the Prophetic part of the Revelation of St. 

John, boards, 2s \^^S 

54, Patbumoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


110 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [Octavo. 

2034 Reading's History of Jesus Christ, with Lives of the Apostles, 

plates, boards, canvass back, lettered, 3«. 6d 1776 

2035 Recce's (Richard) Compendious Martyrology, the Sufferings and 

Constancy of Christians in the Persecutions which have raged 

against them, 3 vols, calf, neat, ISs. • 1812 

. 2036 Reeve's History of the Old and New Testament, with Reflections 
from the Holy Fathers, neat, 2s, 6d Philadelphia, 1784 

2037 Reformation in the Catholic Church of Germany, and the Down- 

fal of Papal Authority, boards. Is. ed 1819 

2038 Religious Philosopher, or the right use of the Contemplation of 

the World, 2 vols, neat, 3s 1718 

2039 .———--—— —^ 3 vols, complete, plates, brown calf, 6». 


2040 Religious Correspondence, Letters by the Curate of Raunds, 

boards, 1* 1816 

2041 Renou's Temple of Truth, a Poem, boards, Is 1822 

2042 Riccaltoun's {Robert) Works , 3 vols, neat, scarce, 1/. 4«. ... 1771 

2043 Rights of the Church attested by Historical Documents, boards, \s. 


2044 Roberts's (Rev. Peter) Manual of Prophecy, boards (published at 

6«.) 2s. U 1818 

^045 Robinson's Christian System, Practical Essays on the principal 
Doctrines and Duties of Christianity, 3 vols, new boards (pub- 
lished at 1/. 4«.) \2s 1825 

2046 (Dr. Nicholas) Christian Philosopher, 2 vols, neat, 4*. 


2047 (Christopher) Essay upon the Usefulness of Revela- 
tion, bound. 2s. ..., 1733 

2048 ' (Robert, of Cambridge) Miscellaneous Works, with 
Life, 4 vols, large paper, portrait, boards, 1/. Is 1807 

2049 Posthumous Works, boards, 4g. 


2050 ■ (Thomas) Enquiry into the Necessity, Nature, and 
Evidences of Revealed Religion, bds. (published at 6s.) 25. 1803 

2051 (J.) Clergyman's Assistant in the Discharge of Paro- 
chial Duties, boards, 25. M 1805 

2053 Roman Catholics of Great Britain, an Apology for, boards, l5. 


2054 Ronde's (Lambertus de) Spiritual Religion, or Delightful Service 

of the Lord, half-bound, 25. Oc? New York, 1767 

2055 Rowe's Friendship in Death, Letters from the Dead to the Living, 

bound, 25. 6rf 1736 

2056 new bds. (published at 85.) 35. 


2057 new half-calf, 45 1816 

2058 (John) Saint's Temptations, neat, 25. 6(1 1675 

2059 Rymer's (Thos.) General Representation of Reveal'd Religion, 

neat, I5, %d 1723 

2060 Sandys's (Michael) Words of Christ, with explanatory notes, bds. 

Is.U 1788 

[William Baymbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. Ill 

2061 Schimmelpenninck's (Mary Anne) Biblical Fragments, boards, 35. 


2062 Scott's (Dr. John) Christian Life, 5 vols, neat, 1/ 1739 

2063 ■ 5 vols. BBST BDITION, SBWED, 

UNCUT, IZ. 5s 1757 

2064 (Dr. J. R.) Dissertations, Essays, and Parallels, 

boards I5. 

2064* Remarks on Bishop Tomline's Refutation of CalTinism, 

2 Tols. boards (published at IL Is,) 5s 1811 

2065 Shaw's (Dr. Duncan) History and Philosophy of Judaism, boards, 

2^. 6d 1787 

2066 Sheppard's Duty of Christians with respect to War, boards. Is. 6d. 

• 1820 

2067 Sherlock's Discourse concerning^ the Divine Providence, neat, 2«. 


2068 bound, 25. 6d 1705 

2069 — — — Discourse concerning Death, boards, 2^. ; new boards, 

canvass back lettered, 2s, 6d 1813 

2070 Discourse concerning a Future Judgment, neat, 2s, 6d. 

2071 Discourse concerning the Happiness of Good Men 

and the Punishment of the Wicked in the Next World, neat, 

2*. 6d 1705 

2072 neat, 2s 1776 

2073 ■ Discourse of Religious Assemblies, neat, 2^. 6d, I7OO 

2074 (Bishop) Trial of the Witnesses of the Resurrection 

of Jesus, sewed, Is, 6d, ; half-calf, 2s. 

2075 Shmbsole's Christian Memoirs, a new Pilgrimage to the Heavenly 

Jerusalem, bound, 3«. 6d 1807 

2076 —.———»————*—« new boards, published at &•) 45. 


2077 Simon's (Barbara Anne) Hope of Israel, presumptive Evidence 

that the Aborigines of the Western Hemisphere are descended 
from the ten missing tribes of Israel, new boards (published at 
10*.) 5* 1829 

2078 Simpson's (David) Plea for Religion and the Sacred Writings, 

boards (published at9«.) 4s, M 1^9 

2079 Key to the Prophecies^ boards^ scarce^ 8s, 


2080 Skelton's (Philip) Works, in 6 vols, (wanting vol. iv) neat, 18*. 


2081 Smith of Demerara, the London Missionary Society's Report of 

his Trial, boards, 2s 1824 

2082 Smith's (Sir J. E.) Defence of the Church and University of 

England, calf, 2« 1819 

2083 (Miss) Book of Job, translated from the Hebrew, with 

Preface and Annotations by Dr. Randolph, boards (published at 

7s. 6d.) 2s,6d 1810 

2084 Snodgrass's Commentary, with Notes on the Revelation of John, 

boards, 69 , Paisley^ 1799 

54^ Patbrnoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


112 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History, [Octavo. 

2085 Spencer's (Dr. John) Discourse concerning Prodigies, with a 

short Treatise concerning Vulgar Prophecies, neat, Ss, ... 1665 

2086 Spinclces's Sick Man visited §nd furnished with Instructions, Me- 

ditations, and Prayers, frontispiece, neat, 35 1722 

2087 Spiritual Recreations in the Chamber of Afliiction, Pious Medi- 

tations in yerse, boards, is. 6d 1821 

2088 St. George's (Dr. Arthur) Blessings of Christian Philosophy, a 

treatise on the Beatitudes, calf, gilt leaves, 2s 1 737 

2089 Stack's (Dr. R.) Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles, bds.3«. 6d. 


2090 Stackhouse's History of the Bible, 6 vols, maps, brown calf, 1/. 46*. 


2091 — Miseries and Hardships of the Inferior Clergy, neat, 

1*. 6rf 1722 

2092 Stanhope's (Dean) Thomas h Kempis's Christian Pattern, the 

Imitation of Jesus Christ, neat, 4s, %d 1759 

2093 Stevenson upon the Miracles of our Saviour, bound, 1^. 6^^. 1790 

2094 Stone's (Francis) Call to the Jews, neat, 2^ 1783 

2095 Stewart's (Dr. Gilbert) History of the Establishment of the Re- 

formation of Religion in Scotland, portrait, boards, 3s. ,„ 1805 

2096 Sturmy's (D.) Theological Theory of a Plurality of Worlds, Dean 

Stanhope's copy^ old morocco bindings scarce, 3a. 6d 1711 

2097 Sunday Reflections, boards, 2« 1809 

2098 Swedenborg's Treatise concerning Heaven and Hell, boards, 3s, 

^099 Talib's Remarks upon David Levi's Dissertations on the Prophe- 
cies, boards, Is. 6d 1810 

2100 Taylor's (Bishop) Holy Living and Dying, 2 vote, calf, 85. 1815 

2101 Holy Living, boards, 4» 1820 

2102 calf, 3*. 6d 1807 

2103 Holy Dying, boards, 2s. 6rf 1814 

2104 ^ Doctrine and Practice of Repentance, nt. 4*. 6d. 

2104* : — (Dr. John) Scheme of Scripture Divinity, neat, 4^. 6d. 

2105 ■ Scripture Doctrine of Original Sin, bound, 4*. 

2105* (Richard) Scripture Doctrine of Justification, 2^. 

2106 (Abraham) Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity, half- 
calf , 5* 1727 

2107 Another Copy, with his Answer to Dr. Watts on the Trinity, 

neat, 5s. M 1727-28 

2108 ' (Henry) Thoughts on the nature of the Grand Apostacy, 
brown calf, 3s. Bd 1781 

2109 ' ■ (Thomas) Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, neat, 3s. 


2110 Temple of Truth, the best System of Reason, Philosophy, Virtue, 

and Morals , analytically arranged , boards , 4s 1 806 

2110* Studies adapted to the Temple of Truth, by C. E. De 

Coetlogon, boards (published at 9s.) 4s ISOJ 

[WiLiiUu Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Ecclesitutical History, 113 

2111 TertulUan*s Pr€8criptioH against Hereticks; and the Apologeticks 

of St, Theophilusy Bishop of Antiochy to Autolycus, against the 
maUciow Calwnmators qf the Christian Religion ^ Englished^ with 
Notes and Dissertations by Joseph Betty, frontispiece^ hajf-calf^ 
neat, & Ootf'ord, 1722 

2112 Theological Dictionary, intended to exhibit a ?iew of every Reli- 

gious Term and Denomination which has prevailed from the 
Birth of Christ to the present Day, thick vol. neat, Ts„., 1807 

2113 Thirl wall's Diatessaron, the History of Christ, with notes prac- 

tical and explanatory, a map of the Holy Land, and an Introdac* 
tion, half-calf, 45 1803 

2114 Thomson's Gospel History, with notes, boards, 2< 1811 

2115 Thruston's England safe and triumphant. Researches into the 

Apocalypdc Little Book and Prophecies connected and synchro- 
nical, 2 vols, boards (published at 1/. \s,) Hs 1812 

2116 2 vols, half-bound, russia, 9^.1812 

2117 TillemonCs History qf the Arians, and of the Council of Nice, 

translated by T, Deacon, 2 vols, boards, S$ 1721 

2118 Tindal's (Dr. Matthew) Rights of the Christian Church, neat, 2s. 


2119 Todd's Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Bishop Walton, 

with Dr. Walton's own Vindication of the London Polyglott, 2 
vols. 8vo. portrait, boards (published at 2b.) 7' 1821 

2120 — Account of the Deans of Canterbury, boards, 65... 1793 

2121 Tomline's (Bishop) Elements of Christian Theology, 2 vols. 

boards, 9« 1809 

2121* abridged, for the Use of Families, by Clap- 
ham, boards, 55 1802 

2122 Tower's Illustrations of Prophecy, Elucidations of Prophecies 

which are thought to foretell a Revolution in France favourable 
to the Interests of Mankind, the Overthrow of the Papal 
Power and of Ecclesiastical Tyranny, the Downfal of Civil 
Despotism, and the subsequent melioration of the State of the 

World, 2 vols, boards, 12* 1796 

2122* ' 2 vols, boards, canvass backs, 

lettered, 14* 1796 

2123 Toland's Letters to Serena, the Origin and Force of Prejudices, 

History of the Soul's Immortality, Origin of Idolatry, &c. new 
half-calf, 35 1704 

2124 TRACTS.— Randolph's Scriptural Revision of Socinian Argu- 

ments, 1792. — Benj. Hobhouse's Reply to Randolph's Letter to 
Dr. Priestly. — Randolph's Scriptural Revision of tSocinian Ar- 
guments vindicated against B. Hobhouse, 1723. — Hobhouse's 
Reply to Randolph, 1793, thick vol. half-calf, 45. 6d. 

2125 -. Dr. John Taylor's Sketch of Moral Philosophy, 

1760.— Dr. Taylor's Scripture Account of Prayer, 1761.— Dr. 
Harwood's Sermon on the Death of Dr. Taylor, 1761. — Hugh 
Farmer on Christ's Temptation in the Wilderness, 1761. — Dr. 
Lardner's Case of Demoniacs, 1758.-^Dr. Young's Dissertation 
on the Gospel Dsmotiiacks, 1760, half-calf, 45. 6d, 

54, Patbrmostbr Row.] Q 

Digitized by 


114 Diviniif and Ecclesiastical History. [Octavo. 

2126 TRACTS.— Witbers's History of Resistance, as practised by the 

Church of Eogland, 1710.— The Finishing^ Stroke, a Vindication 
of the Patriarchal Scheme of Goyemment. — A Battle Royal 
between three Cocks of the Game, Higden, Hoadly, and Hot- 
tentote, 1711* — ^A Vindication of the Bishop of Exeter against 
Hoadly's Reflections, I709*— -Hoadly on Ciril Ctovemment, 
1710.— vellum, 33. 

2127 ■ Dr. Maurice's Discourse concerning the Laws of 

the Church of Rome made against Hereticks, 1723.— Earberry's 
Detection of the Forgery of the Nag's Head Consecration, 1722. 
— Dr. Taswell's Antichrist reveal'd among the Quakers, 172.3. — 
Fanatick Moderation exemplified in Bishop HalFs hard measure. 
— The Rrformed Churches jrroved destitute of a laufuJL Ministry ^ 
with the Antiquity qf Popery. '^Printed at Roubn, 1722, scarce, 

2128 Rawlins's Dissertation upon Heretical Opinions, 

1773* — Lauchlan Taylor's Essay on Passages of the Revelation 
of John and Daniel, 1770, neat, 25. 

2129 Spiritual Communion recommended from Scripture, 

from the Fathers and Councils, by a Lay-Hand, 1725. — Paris's 
Miscellany chiefly concerning Faith and Manners, 1726. — Co- 
nybeare's Expediency of Divine Revelation, 1733. — Conybeare's 
Mysteries of the Christian Religion credible, 17^.--*Answer to 
Considerations on the Bill to permit the naturalization of Jews, 
1758.— Dr. Wells's Rich Man's Duty to contribute liberally to 
Churches, 1715.— Welchmani XXXIX Articuli Ecclesise An- 
glicani, 1738, 2s. 6d. 

2130 — — — — Slave Tradb : Harris's Scriptural Researches on the 

licitness of the Slave Trade, shewing its conformity with the 
Principles of Natural and Revealed Religion, 1788.— Ramsay's 
Examination of the Rev. Mr. Harris's Scriptural Researches, 
1788. — Hughes's Answer to the Rev. Mr. Harris's Scriptural 
Researches, I788. — Scriptural Refutation of Harris's Scriptural 
Re8earches,;in four letters, 1788. — H. Dannetfs Examination of 
Harris's Scriptural Researches, 1 788. — Am I not a Man and a 
Brother, 1788.— Rev. Mr. Harris's Second Edition of Scrip- 
tural Researches, 1788. — Scripture the FViend of Freedom, 
1789.— Considerations on the Abolition of Slavery, by T. 
Burgess, 1789, 2 vols, calf, neat, 55. 6.d. 

2131 . PopBRT ! Pastoral Letter from George Bishop of 

Daults to his Flock, 1779.— Dr. M'Farlan's Defence of the 
Clergy of Scotiand. — De Coetiogon's Sermon against Popery. — 
H. Venn's Sermon against Popery.— Dr. Erskine on the Spirit 
of Popery. — Dr. Erskine's Debates of the Assembly of the 
Church of Scotland.— Scotland's Opposition to the Popish Bill. 
— Free Thoughts on the Toleration of Popery. — Answer to 
Burke's Speech. — ^New Key to the Conclave.— Four Letters on 
the Popish Bill, &c. 2 vols, brown calf, neat, 7«« 

2132 PopBRT : Bishop Hay's Roman Catholic Fidelity. — 

Dr. Abernethy's 1st Letter to Mr. Hay, 2d Letter, Dialogues 

[Willi AH Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] tHvimty and Ecchsiastical History. 115 

on Transubstantiajdon, and Remarks on Transubstanliation, a 
Vindication of opposing the Popish Bill, neat, 2$. 

2133 TRACTS.-^Binning on Christian Love.— Rowland's Practical 

Sermons. — Dr. Erslcine's Sermons, the People of God all 
righteous.*— Dr. Webster on Divine Influence.— History of Me- 
thodism .-> Andrews's Justification in Christ's name.— -Thorn 
on the Decline of Religion. ^^Blacksmith's Letter to the Minis- 
ters of Scotland. — Antidote to Popery. — Wesley's Popery con- 
sidered, half-bound, neat, 2s. 

2134 A Barrister's Hints on Evangelical Preaching, two 

parts.-*-Dr. Symmons's Historical Memoir of the Rev. T. Wake- 
field, 1807.'— Parnell's Historical Apotogy for the Irish Catho- 
lics, 1807, &c. bound, 2$. Oi. 

2135 Perfections of God, a Poem, offered to the Conside- 
ration of Mr. Wesley, 1770.— Voice of God in his Promises, 
extracted from Joseph Alleine, 1768. — Booth's Death of Legal 
Hope.-— Stat« of Religion in London, 1774. — Eternal Justifi- 
cation refuted. ^-Peck well's Letter to a Churchwarden threaten- 
ing to shut the Church doors against the Author, neat, 2s. 6d. 

2137 ■ — Advantages and Disadvantages of the Marriage 

State.— 'Ryland's Contemplation on God.— -Dr. Dodd's Con- 
vict's Address. — Milner's Life of W. Howard. — Toplady's 
Gleanings of the Vintage. —Toplady's Dying Avowal, &c. &c. 
neat, 2s. 6d. 

2138 ■' — Dr. Chalmers's Sermon on the Death of Princess 

Charlotte. — J. W. Cunningham's Sermon on providing a Re- 
fuge for the Criminal.— Bradley's Lectures on Doctrines of 
Revelation, and BuUar's Defence of Dissenters, half-calf, 2s. 

2139 Dr. Clarke on the Eucharist.— W. Jay's Duties of 

Husbands and Wives. — Benson's Inspector of Methodism in- 
■ spected.-*-*Granville Sharp's Jerusalem.— Gambold's Works. — 
Lord Lyttleton on the Conversion of St. Paul, &c. 2 vols, half- 
bound, neat, 4^. 6d. 

2140 ^ — . r Drew on the Divinity of Christ, 1814.— T. Wood 

on Orthodox Christianity and Socinian Error. — Sutcliffe's Di- 
vine Mission of the Methodists. — Jabez Bunting's Justification 
by Faith.-**Dr. Clarke on the Holy Eucharist.— Dr. Clarke's 
Letter to a Preacher, with a Discourse on 1 Corinthians xiv, 3. 
*-*Dr. Clarke on Tobacco.-*-Rowland Hill on Parochial Assess- 
ments, half-calf, 6s. 

2141 ■ i - ■ Jacob Stanley's Unestablished Religion no cause of 
Alarm to established Christians, Is. 6d 1813 

2142 ' ^ Gathercole's Living Witnesses, Spiritual Corres- 
pondence.— Dell's StumUing Stone, Is. 

2143 ■ ■ ' Revealed Knowledge of the Prophecies and l^mes, 
two parts, containing the Restoration of the Hebrews to Jeru- 
salem by 1798, under their Prince and Prophet, wrote bt 
HiMSBLF. — Prophetical Extracts, containing a most extraor- 
dinary Prophecy, delivered near one hundred years ago before 
the Senate at Frankfort in Germany by J. M. Daut.-^Daut's 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


116 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [OCTAVd^ 

Prophecies, a Cry from the Desart, the Prophecies of Kotter» 
&c, calf, 3« 1794 

2144 TRACTS.— Reader's Israel's Salvation, 1788.— Fleming on the 
Papacy (no title), hoards. Is, 

2145 Triumphs of Jehovah. — Calculation ahout the Mil- 
lenium, with Halhed's Speech on the confinement of Brothers 
the Prophet. — Reader on the Reveladon of John.— Reader's 
Three Witnesses in Heaven. — Reader's Israel's Salvation. — 
Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Scriptures, 
boards, 2s. 6d, 

2146 — R. Warner's Catholic Emancipation incompatible 

with the Religion, &c. of the British Empire, 1829. — Lux Re- 
nata, a Protestant's Epistle, with Notes by the Author of Religio 
Clerici, 1826, Is. 6d. 

2147 James Dore's Three Sermons at Salters' Hall, 1805. 

— Dr. Watts's Remarks on the Common Prayer, 1801. — 
Huntingford's Thoughts on the Trinity, 1804. — Faber on the 
Calvinistic and Arminian Controversy, 1804.— George Colli- 
son's National Happiness, a Sermon, 1803.*— Toller's Sermon on 
the Death of the Rev. S. Palmer, 1814.— H. F. Burder's Ser- 
mon on the Death of the Rev. T. Spencer, 1811. — Dore's Reli- 
gious Experience essential to a Minister, a Sermon, half-calf, 4s. 

2148 '■ J. W. Cunningham on Regeneration. — David Thorn 
on Life forfeited by Adam, Resurrection of the Dead and Eter- 
nal Punishment. — Hare on Assurance. — Leifchild's Christian 
Antidote to W. Thorp's Unreasonable Fears.'^Highmore's 
Christian Church vindicated. — G. C. Smith's Windsor, an 
Appeal to George IV, for the circulation of Tracts in the British 
Navy, 2s. 6d. 

2149 Travell's Attempt to render the daily reading of the Psalins 

intelligible, with Paraphrase and Notes, half-calf, 58 1794 

2150 Travis's (Archdeacon) Letters to Gibbon, boards, Js 1794 

2151 Trimmer's Help to the Unlearned in the Study of the Holy Scrip- 

tures, boards, 6^ • 1805 

2152 ■ Essay on Christian Education, boards, 3s. 6d. 1812 

2153 True Doctrine of the New Testament concerning Jesus Christ 

considered, bound, 25. 6d 1767 

3154 Tucker's (Dean) Treatise conceniing Civil Government, boards, 

25 1781 

2154^Twopeny's (Richard) Dissertations on parts of the Bible which 

have been supposed unsuitable to the Divine Attributes, boards 

(published at lOs. 6d.) 3s 1824 

2155 Two Dissertations on extending the power of the Roman Catho« 

lies, \s * 1807 

2156 Tyndale's Prologues to the five Books of Moses, Prologue to the 

Prophet Jonas, the Parable of the Wicked Mammon, the obe- 
dience of a Christian Man, and the Practice of Prelates, being 
vol. ii of the Works of the English and Scottish Reformers, 
edited by Thomas Russell, new boards (published at 10$. 6(2.), 

5^. 6rf 1828 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 117 

2157 Vanghan's Life of Thomas Robinson of Leicester, portrait, new 

boards (published at lOs. 6d.) As 1816 

2158 Vindication of Reason and Religion against Impostures of Phi- 

losophy, Immaterial Substance a Philosophic imposture, &c. by 
W. C, M. D. neat, 2s 1704 

2159 Wait's (Robert) Gospel History with Explanatory Notes, half* 

bound, uncut, 3^ ••..... 1765 

2160 calf, neat, 3*. 6d 1765 

2161 Wake's (Archbishop) Principles of the Christian Religion, neat, 

1«. 6d 1731 

2162 Wakefield's (Gilbert) Translation of the New Testament, 3 yols. 

boards, 9* 1791 

2163 ■ 2 vols, bound in russia, neat, 

125 1795 

2164 Walker's (Thomas) Vindication of the Discipline and Constitu- 

tions of the Gkurch of Scotland, sewed, 35 1774 

2165 Wall's Critical Notes on the Old and New Testaments, 3 vols. 

half-bound, neat, 12s « • 1734 

2166 Wallin^s Lectures on Primitive Christianity, neat, 2^. 6d. 

2167 Warburton's Remarks in defence of the Divine Legation, neat, 25. 


2168 Ward's Dissertations upon Passages of Scripture, boards, I5. I76I 

2169 (W.) Plain Account of Conversion, Discourses on Pro- 
phecy, Ships of Tarshish, &e. neat, I5. 6^^. 

2170 Warner's English Diatessaron, the History of Christ, with notes, 

neat, 25 ^ 1803 

2171 Warren's (Dr.) Impartial Churchman, portnut, bound, I5. 6d. 


2172 Waterland's (Dr.) Importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity, 

neat, 35 1734 

2173 Watkins's (Rev. C. F.) Sacred Poems (published at 75. 6d.), Is. 6d. 


2174 Watson's (Bishop) Charge to his Clergy, half-bound, I5. ... I788 

2175 Life written by himself, 2 vols, portrait, 

boards (published at IL 65.), 145 1818 

2176 ■ (Thomas) Popular Evidences of Natural Religion and 

Christianity, half-bound, 35. 1805 

2177 •■ half-bound, russia, 4s, 6d. 


2178 (Richard) Defence of the Methodist Missions in the 

West Indies, portrait, calf extra, 25 1817 

2179 Watts's (Dr.) Rational Foundation of a Christian Church, neat, 

35. 6d 1747 

2180 Improvement of the Mind, boards, 35 1801 

2181 -. Logick, or Right Use of Reason, neat, 35. 1745 

2182 Orthodoxy and Charity united, reconciling Essays 

on the Law and Gospel, Futh and Works, boards, 25. 6(2.,. 1745 

2183 neat, 25. 6d 1745 

2184 Wells's (Dr.) Historical Geography of the Old and New Testa- 
ment, 2 vols, in one, maps, calf, neat, 95 • ..O^. 1819 

54, Patbrmosteii Row,] 

Digitized by 


118 Divinity and Ecclesiaitical History. [Octavo* 

2185 Wbslbt's Works, 16 vols, half-bound, Deat, with Index, 4Z« 


2186 Doctrine of Original Sin, neat, 2$. 6d 1757 

S186*We8t on the Resurrectioi], Lytdeton on the Conyersion of St. 

Paul and the Trial of the Witnesses, calf, 6s 1807 

2187 Whiston's Six Disaertations, Testimonies of Josephus yindicated, 

the Copy of the Old Testament used by Josephus, &c. neat, 

2s. M 1734 

2188 Memoirs of his Life and Writings, written by himself, 

3 vols, neat, 9s 1749 

2189 Whitaker's Commentary on the Revelation of St. John, calf, 5s. 


2190 ' half-bound, russia, 4*. 6d. 


2191 Whitby's (Danibl) Discourse concerning the Fire Points, thiek 

vol. neat, 6s 1785 

2191* Discourse on the Necessity and Usefulness 

of the Christian Revelation, neat, 2s 1705 

2192 liHikins's (Bishop) Discourtfes concerning Preaching and Praying, 

neat, 2s. 6d 1651 

2193 (Geo.) Brief, harmonized, and paraphrastic Exposi- 
tion of the Gospel, new boards (published at 9«.), 3s 1823 

2194 Wiiks's (Mark) History of the Persecutions of the Protestants 

of the South of France, 2 vols, map, boards, 4s 1821 

2194*Williams's (Joseph, of Kidderminster) Diary, Meditations, and 
Letters, compiled by Benjamin Fawcett, portrait, boards (pub- 
lished at 6«.), 2s. 6d 1816 

2195 Williamson's (David) Reflections on Paganism, Mohammedism, 

Judaism, and Christianity, 2 vols, boards (published at II. Is.), Js. 


2196 ■ Lectures on Ciril and Religious Liberty, 

boards, Is. 6d. 

2197 WiUs's (Rev. Thomas) Life, portrait, boards. Is. 6d 1804 

2197*Witherby'8 Vindication of the Jews, half-calf, 2^. 6d. 


2198 Observations on Bicheno's Restoration of the Jews, 

boards, 1*. 6d.... 1800 

2199 Witherspoon's (Dr.) Essays to establish the Doctrine of Salva^ 

tion by Grace, and its influence on Holiness of Life, 2 vols, 
neat, 4s. 6d 1800 

2200 Woolston's Discourses on the Miracles of our Saviour, six 

p^RTS, with Defence of his Discourses, two parts, neat, 5«. 


2201 Worthington's Great Duty of Self^Resignation to the Divine 

Will, new boards (published at 6s.), 2s. 6d 1826 

2202 (W.) Essay on Man's Redemption, neat, 3». 


2203 Wright's (Dr. Samuel) Great Concern of Humim Life.--.Hu- 

man Virtues, and three Discourses on Self-Possession, neat, 

3*.6d 1733 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DUOD.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 119 

3304 Wri^fht's (Dr. Samuel) Great Concern of Human Life, new 

hiaf-calf, 38 1733 

2305 (Richard) Apology for Dr. Michael Servetus, bds. As. 

3306 Yardley's Genealogies of Christ as recorded by Matthew and 

Luke, neat, ls.6d 1739 

8307 Zeal without Innovation, the Present State of Religion and 

Morals considered, half-bound, neat, 3s, M 1808 

3308 Zimmermann's Solitude considered, frontispiece by Bartolozzi^ 

oalf extra, 6s 1801 

2209 ■ ■ ■ Reflections on Men and Things, boards, 3s. 

3810 ZoUikofer's Derotional Exercises and Prayers, boards, canvass 

back, lettered, 3s. 6d 1815 


8311 Holt Biblb, good print, with references, newly^bound in calf, 6^. 
Lond. by the Assigns of Bill^ Newcomb, and Hillsy 


2312 ^-— ' bound in seal skin, gilt leaves, 3j ib. 1684 

2213 with Cankb's marginal notes, neat, Ts. , 

C. Bill, 1698 
2814 — — -— 2 vols, old morocco binding, gilt leaves, 4s. 6d. 

Camb. 1747 
2215 ' ' PASHAM'S very small edition newly bound in 

morrocco, elegant, U. 85 1776 

2316 ■ ■■ very small edition, calf, gilt leaves, 12«. 

Scatcherd and Whitakerj 1790 
3217 ■■■' Parsoms's small edition, with notes, calf, neat, Ss. 


2218 ' ■ Nonpareil 12mo. bound, 3». 6d Ojf. 1823 

2219 the same, bound, 3« ib. 1827 

2220 the same, stamped calf, 4s ib. 1828 

2221 Ruby, 34mo. bound, 3* ib. 1823 

2223 same size, bound, 3$ Edinb. 1820 

3334 ■ The Old Testament and Apocrypha translated from 

the Latin Vulgate, and first published by the English College at 

Douay, with annotations, 4 vols, half-calf, 14^ .Edinb. 1805 

2335 New Testament, school edition, bound, 1« Oaf. 1822 

2226 bound, l5.6rf ib. 1829 

2227 —— small edition, bound, 1« Cambr. 1819 

2228 small edition, bound. Is. 6d. John Field, 

2229 Adams's Private Thoughts on Religion, boards (published at 4s.) 2s. 

8230 Admirable and indefatigable Adventures of the nine Pious Pilgrims, 
devoted to Sion by the Cross of Christ, and piloted bv Evange- 
list to the New Jerusalem, written in America in a time of So- 
Utude and Divine Contemplation, neat, scarce, 2s. 6d,r..,. 1707 
54, Paternostbr Row. 

Digitized by 


120 JHvimtjf and Ecclesiastical History. [DuoD. 

3231 Alleine's Alarm to Unconyerted Sinners, calf, 2s....:.. 1811 

2231 * new boards (published at 2s.) 
U. 3d 1823 

2232 9 small edit, new brown calf, 2s. 


2232*Alling^n's (John, a Sequestered Diyine) Grand Conspiracy of 

the Members agunst the Minde, of Jewes against their King-, in 

Sermons, bound, 2s • 1654 

2233 Andrew's Questions on the Old and New Testaments, calf extra, 

2s. 6d 1823 

2234 Apology for God's Worship and Worshippers, neat, is. 6d. 


2235 Arndt of True Christianity, now published by the care of George 

Nesbitt, Minister of Iniskeel, neat, 2s Dublin^ 1724 

2236 Ashford Rectory, a Tale, third edition, new boards (published at 

4*0 is. 6d 1820 

2237 Augustine's (The Glorious Doctour S.) Meditations, Soliloquia, 

and Mannall, calf, scarce, 3s. 

Printed at Paris by Mrs. Blageart^ 1655 

2238 Ballance's (J. Des Carrieres) Memoirs, compiled by his Father, 

boards (published at 5s.) 3s 1829 

2239 Barnard's Divinity of Christ demonstrated, in Letters to Dr. 

Priestley, boards. Is. 6d. • 1789 

2240 Bassett's Sermons on Genesis, yol. i, half-bound, russia. Is, 6d. 


2241 Bateman's Ecclesiastical Gazetteer, the Livings in England, I5. 

2242 Bates's (Ely) Observations on Points in Divinity in controversy 

between the Arminians and Calvinists, boards, \s.6d 1793 

2243 Baxter's Saint's Everlasting Rest, abridged by Fawcett, new 

boards, Is. 9d 1824 

2244 Saint's Everlasting Rest, with his Dying Thoughts 

abridged by Fawcett, new boards (published at 4«.) 2^ 1826 

2245 Call to the Unconverted, new boards (published at 2s.) Is. 

2246 Poor Man's Family Book, new bound, is. 6d.... 1825 

2247 Matho, or the Cosmotheoria Puerilis, wherein from the 

Phaenomena of the Natural World the Principles of Natural Re- 
ligion are deduced and demonstrated, 2 vols, calf, neat, 6«. 1765 

2248 Beart's Vindication of the Eternal Law and Everlastmg Gospel, 

new boards, canvass back, lettered, 2s 1813 

2249 new hidf-calf, 2s. 6d. ... 1813 

2250 ■ Sinner's Justifying lUghteousness, Vindication of Law 
and Gospel, abridged by T. Jones, boards, is. 6d 1829 

2251 Beaufoy's Guide to True Pilgrims, new bound, is. 

2252 Bell's Church Member's Directory, Is. 

2253 Belcher's Interesting Narratives from the Sacred Volume, 2 vols. 

new boards (published at Ss.) 3s. 6d 1827 

2254 Bennett's (Rev. J.) Letter to a Young Lady^ to improve the 

heart, to form the manners, and enlighten the understanding, 2 

vols. 2* , 1808 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuooJ Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. ' 121 

2255 Bennet's (Benj.) View of the Whole Sjstem of Popery, neat, 

2s. 6rf 1781 

2256 Bentley's Diyine Logos, Jehovah Elohim the only object of Wor-. 

ship, neat, If • 1803 

2257 Berridge's Christian World Unmasked, new boards (published at 

3».) 1*. W 1825 

2258 Beveridge's (Bishop) Priyate Thoughts, bound, U. 6d 1776 

2259 '— 24mo. new boards (published 

9,t4s.)2s.6d 1822 

2260 Bingley's Economy of a Christian Life, boards (published at 

5s. 6d.) 2s 1822 

2261 Blackader's (Lieut. Col.) Life and Diary, by Andrew Crichton, 

new boards, (published at 7'. 6^.) 3s. 6d 1824 

2262 Blair^s Sermons, a beautifully printed edition, 3 vols, new boards, 

6s. 6d Chiswick, 

2263 Boetius (the most renowned) on the Sommum Bonum, Is. 

0:tf. 1674 

2264 Bogatzky's Golden Treasury, square, new bound (published at 

3f. 6d.) 2« .... 1821 

2265 Bonnell's Life and Character, by Archdeacon Hamilton, bound, 

1*. 6d 1814 

2266 Book of Prophecy opened, plain Discovery of the Book with Seven 

Seals, bound, 2s 1779 

2267 Booth's B.eign of Grace, new boards (published at Ss. 6d.) 2s. 


2268 ' 18mo. boards (published at 3*.) Is. 6d. 


2269 -^ Glad Tidings to Perishing Sinners, new boards (pub- 

Ushed at 3f. 6d.) 2« 1825 

2270 Psdobaptism examined, boards, 2«.-^Apology for the 

Baptists, boards. Is. 6(2.— Glad Tidings to Perishing Sinners, 
boards. Is, — Death of Legal Hope, bound, l^.—Posthumoug 
Essays, boards, Is, 

2271 Boothroyd's New Testament, as harmonized by Dr. Doddridge* 

improved by question andanswer, boards, 2« ISM 

2272 Boston's Crook in the Lot,^ new boards (published at 2s.) Is. 3d. 


2273 Bowdler's (Miss) Essay on the Happiness of the Life to come, 

half-calf, 3s 1793 

2274 Boyle's (the Honourable Robert) Considerations touching the ' 

St^le of the H. Scriptures, neat, 2s. 6d 1661 

2275 Bradbum's (Samuel) Sermons, boards (published at 5#.) 2s. 6d. 


2276 Bramwell's (W.) Salvation Preacher, translated from the French 

by D'Oyley, half-calf, 2s 1800 

2277 Brentius^s right godly and learned Discourse upon the Books 

qf Ester 9 newly turned into English for t/te contfort qf God his 
Children^ hyJohn Stockswoodf l^lktU ItittVf blue calf ^ rare 9 \4s. 

Lend, ImpTi by J. Woolfe, 1534 
54, Patebmostbr Row.] R 

Digitized by 


122 Divmity and Ecclenastical History. [DuoD. 

2278 BrewBter^s Meditadons for the Aged, boards (pablished at 5s.) 2s. 


2279 Brocas's Refntation of Scott's Remarks on Tomline, boards, Is. 


2280 Brooks's (Thomas) Heaven on Earth, a serious ground of Assu- 

rance, bound, 2^ • • J728 

2281 Brown's (Joseph) Family Testament, new bound, 2s 1815 

2282 (John) Compendious History of the Church of England, 

2 vols, bound, 3f. 6d J784 

2283 Christian Journal, 1«. — ^^Posthumons Works, 

boards, l«. — neat, U,6d I797 

2284 Browne's (Moses) Works and Rest of the Creation, bound. Is. 6d, 

2285 Sunday Thoughts, boards, Is. 6rf 1786 

2286 Buck's (Charles) Sermons, boards, 2s. 6d I8I7 

2287 Buckworth's Discourses, boards^ 2« 1812 

2288 Bugg's Country Pastor, fifteen Sermons, new boards (published 

at5«.) 2s.M , ^..,. 1814 

2289 Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress^new boards (published ktSs.) Is. 9d. 


2290 -^-^ : -with Life by Scott, plates, boards 

(published at 2s.) Is. 3d 1825 

2291 — : r- Pilgrim's Progress, donb .into ybrsb, frontispiece, 

scarce, 2s. 6d I7O6 

2292 Sighs from Hell, new bound, !«.— calf, neat, 2s. 6d. 


2293 ^ Life and Death of Mr. Badman, with Mason's notes, 

new boards (published at 2s.) Is 1816 

2294 -r^rr, r- GrACC aboundiug to the chief of Sinners, new bound 

(published at 1*. 6d) }s 1824 

2294* Ldfe, by Jos. Ivimey , boards, (published at 5s.) 2s. 1815 

2295 Bnrckhardt's System of Divinity, boards, \s 1797 

2296 Burder's (H. F.) Mental Discipline, parts i and iii (.published 

at 5s.) 2s.:... 1822 

2297 -« (Geo.) Village Sermons, 3 vols, in one, bound, 3*. 6d. 

2298 4 vols, in 2, calf, 5#.,... 1801 

2299 Burgess's (Bishop) Motives to the Study of Hebrew, boards, 

(published at 3«.) Is. ^. .' 1314 

2300 Burnet's (Bishop) History of the Reformadon, 6 voi^. boards 

(published at \l. lOt.) 14* ; ig25 

2301 Life of the Earl of Rochester, new boards (published 

at2#. 6d.) Is.iid , 1320 

2302 Burnside's Remarks on the Different Sentime|its entertained re- 

lative to the Weekly Sabbath, boards (published at 5s.) 3s. 1825 

2303 Butcher's (W.) Plain Discourses delivered to a Country Congrega- 

tion, 2to1s. boards (published at 10«.) 5* 1814 

2304 Butler's (Bishop) Analogy of Religion, boards (published Kt4s.)2s. 


[WlLMAM BaVnbIb, 

Digitized by 


pUOD*] ^Divinity and BccleBiastical History. 123 

2305 Bmler*8^ (Dr. John) Chrisiologia^ a hrirf but true account qfthe 

certain Yeare^ Moneth^ Day^ and Minute of the Birth qf Christy 
bounds 3», ..., 1671 

2306 Gaddick's Gospel of Matthew in English, hoards, U 1800 

2307 Calvin's Life, by John Mackenzie, boards, 2i 1818 

2308 Campbell, Macknigfat, and Doddridge's Translation of the New 

Testament, boards (published at b9.)^.%d. .• 1818 

2308^Campbell's Dissertation on Miracles, new boards (published at 

2«.)U.3d 1827 

^2309 *— ^ (John) Antichristian Tendency of Modern Education, 

boards, U • 1823 

2310 Carne> Proper Deity of the Holy Spirit, boards, 1^.... 1818 

2311 Carpenter's (Richard) Perfect Ijaw of God, being a Sermon and 

no Sermon, preached and yet not preached, in a Church but not 

in a Church, to a People that are not a People ; wherein 

also he gives his first alarum to his Brethren of the Presbytery, 

. as being his Brethren but not his Brethren, bound, 3«....«« 1652 

S312 Cecil's Life of the Rev. J. Newton, portrait, boards (published 

at 2*.) U6rf,.. ..,.....,., .,..,; 1825 

2313 Memoirs of J« Bacon, Esq. and die Rev. W. B. Cadogan, 

boards, 2*. .*.,.. 1822 


new edition^ eery neatly printed^ boards (published ai 5s, J 2s, Gcf. 

2315 Clapham's Pentateuch, or the Five Books of Moses illustrated, 

boards, 2«.. ., 1818 

^f6 Clarke's (James) Motives to Early Piety, boards . (published at 

2s. 6d.) Is , 1826 

2317 Clarke's (Sam.) Looking-Glass for Persecutors, containing mul- 

titudes of Examples of God's Judgments upon Haters of his 
Children, neat, 2s. «rf 1674 

2318 Collection of Scripture Promises, half-calf, 2s. 6d. 


2319 ■ ■ • ■ small edition, new boards (pub- 
lishedat \s. 6d.) Is. 2d 1825 

2320 Coates' Miscellany, Treatises and Discourses in Divinity, boards, 

(published at 4s.^.) ls.6d 1812 

2321 C<Blebs Deceived, 2 vols, boards, 3f i 1817 

^322 Coldwell's Psalms of David and other Prophets in Metre, bds. U. 


2323 Cole (Thomas) on Imputed Righteousness, is 1755 

2324 Common Prayer Book, bound, 1« 1785 

2325 bound, 1*. ed 1825 

2326 Concordance to the Bible, old engraved title page, half-calf, 2s. 
^27 Contrite «nd humble Heart, with motives and considerations to 

prepfisre it, neat, scarce, 2s Parist 1692 

2328 Cooke's (Joseph) Methodism condemned by Methodist Preachers, 

boards. Is 1807 

2329 Cottle's Version of the Psalms, boards. Is, 6d 1805 

54, Patbamostbr Row«] 

Digitized by 


ISM Diviniiy and Ecchsiastieal History,' [DuoD^ 

2330 Cowper'8 Life, rtYised by Gi^atheed, portrait, half-bd. oeat, Is, 6d. 

3331 Craig's Pastoral Addresses on Reg^eratioQ, \s. 1823 

2332 Crawford'^ Dyiof Thoaghts, boards (published at 35.) U. 6d. 


2333 Crossman's Church Gateclusm explained, enlarged by Williams, 6d^ 


2334 Galy's (David) Works, Glory of the two crowned heads, Adam and 

Christ, Letters and Hymns, portrait, bound, 2s 1726 

2335 Cumberland's plain Reasons why we should believe in Christ, 

boards (published at 2«. 6e;.) 1« 1812 

2336 Davidson's (Rev. H.) Letters, boards, Is 1811 

2987 Decision, Religion most be all or nothing, boards. Is 1823 

2388 Description of the four last Things, in blank verse, bound. Is, 6d. 


2339 De Foe's Religious Courtship, bound, 2s. 

2340 ■ ■ bound. Is 1791 

2341 Derham's Astro-Theology, calf , 25 1750 

2342 Dingley's (Robert) Spirituall Taste Described, and a Glimpse of 

Christ discovered, with thb rare oRioiNAii portrait bt Thos. 
Cross, and a copy of the same, half-bound^ scarce, 7'* 6c2. 


The l^ortrait alone is priced by a Printseller at One Guinea. 

2343 Deputation of Angels, or the Angell-Guardian, 1654.-^Light- 

foote's Erubhin or Miscellanies Christian and Judaicall, 1629» 
. . half-calf, 45.. 

2344 Discourse of the Terrestial Paradise, uming at a more probable 

Discovery of the true situation of that happy place of our first 
Parents' ilabitation, map, half-bound, 2s, 6d 1666 

2345 Dodd's (Dr.) Sermons to Young Men, 3 vols* brown calf, gilt, a 

very fine copy, 7s 177^ 

2346 Reflections on Death, bound. Is.* 1791 

2347 Doddridge's (Dr.) Translation of the Testament, 2 vols, neat, 3s. 


2348 Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul, new 

bound, 3^ 1807 

2349 portrait, calf, 2s, 6rf. 


2350 ■ Sermons to Voung Persons, boards, 1*. 

2351 . Sermons to Young Persons^ and Sermons on 

Education, bound, 25... 1743 

2352 ■ Discourses on Regeneration, bound, 2s, . 1745 

2353 new bound, I*. 6d 1819 

2353* Hymns, bound, U. 6d 1819 

2354 red calf, gilt leaves, 1*. 9d 1^5 

2354* Evidences qv Christianity briefly stated, and 

the New Testament proved to be genuine, in three Sermons, with 

[William Bathes, 

Digitized by 


l>uaD.j Divinity and Eccletiastical Hiiioty. 185 

a Dissertation on the Inspiration of the New Testament, new 
boards (published at 25.) 1^.6^ 1830 

The late BUhop of London directed these Sermons to be read by 
every person intending to take Holy Orders. 

2355 Doolittle's Treatise concerning: the Lord's Supper, U 1761 

2356 Dore's Essay on the Resurrection of Christ, lioards, 1« 1823 

2357 Doutrin's (Minister at Arnhem in Guelderland) Scheme of Diyine 

Truths, \s.M 1705 

2358 Downame's (John) Spiritual Physicke to cure the Disease of the 

Soule, arising from superflnitie ' of choJIer, sewed in vellum^ 
scarce, 2j. %d 1600 

2359 Dransfield's Sermons for Families and Villages, boards (published 

at4«.)2« 1824 

2360 Dyer's Christ's Famous Htles, and Believer's Golden Chain, 

also a Cabinet of Jewels, or a Glimpse of Sion's Glory, together 
with Christ's Voice to London, or a Call to Sinners, new boards 
(published at 3*. 6rf.) U. 9d 1827 

2361 Eastcheap Practical Disycourses on Prayer, Is »..*.... 17 11 

2362 Edwards's ( President) Memoirs by Dr. Hopkins, edited by Hawks- 

ley, boards, 28 1815 

2363 Erskine's (Ralph) Scripture Songs, neat, Is. 6d I771 

2364 (John) Theological Dissertations, 1*. 6rf 1765 

2365 Evans's Sketch of the Denominations of the Christian World, 

half^calf, 2*. 6d 1811 

2366 Extracts from the Diary of Dr. Michael Underwood, boards 

(published at 7*0 2».^^ '823 

2367 Family Prayers (published at 2s.) I*...* 1826 

2368 Farquhar's Sermons, corrected by Campbell and Gerard, 2 vols. 

brown calf, 3* 1773 

2369 Farrar's Bible Class-Book, new bound. Is. 6g^ 1825 

2370 Father's Leisure Hours, intended to arrest the attention to religious 

and social Duties, boards, ls,6d 1815 

2371 Fawcett's (Dr. John) Hymns, boards, Is. 6rf 1816 

2372 Fenelon's (Archbishop) Dialogues on Eloquence, translated, with 

notes by Stevenson, with additional notes by Creighton, calf, 5s. 


2373 ■' ' by Stevenson, boards, 4s. 1806 

2374 Ferrarius, an Augustine Friar, his Epistles to the two Brethren of 

Wallenburgh, concerning the usefulness and necessity of the Ro« 
man Catholick Faith, neat, scarce, 2s. 6d • 1673 

2375 Fisher's Concordance to the Bible, bound, 4s 1787 

2376 Fiavel's Divine Conduct, or the Mystery of Providence, bound, 

2s. 6d 1771 

2377 32mo. new boards, Is. 6d. 


2378 Touchstone of Sincerity, new bd. (published at 2s.) Is. 3d. 


2379 — Saint Indeed, new boards (published at Is. 6d,) Is. 1825 

2380 Fogg's (Dr.) Two Treatises, on the Christian Religion, and En- 

trance into the Doctrine of Christianity, neat, is* 6d 1714 

54, PATBRN03TER RoW.] 

Digitized by 


1S6 Divinity and Mcck^iasticiU History. [DuoD* 

2381 Forbes's (Sir Wlliiun) Life of Dr. Beattie, boarde (publisbed at 

6s.) ds,..^ ., 1824 

2382 Fordyce's (Dr« James) Addresses to the Deity, boards, Is. 1801 
238i3 Fort Royal of Holy Scriptures, a new Concordance of the 

chief Heads of Scripture common placed, by J. H. bound, 4s, 


2384 Formulary of Devotion for the use of Schools, boards, \s... 1828 

2385 Franck's Guide to the reading and Study of the Scriptures, with 

Life of the Author by W, Jacques, boards, 2«. 6d, ^^\^ 

2336 French Catechism, with Introduction and Notes by Bogue,bds. ts. 


2387 Fuller's (Andrew) Strictures on Sandemanianism, boards. Is. 


2388 Gibbs's First Principles of Religion, new bound, Is. 3d. *.. 1824 

2389 Gibbons's Hidden Life of a Christian, Diary, Meditations, and 

Letters of a Young Minister, bound. Is, 6d, 

2390 Gordon's (ihe Author of ^'Cordial for Low Spirits,") Independent 

Whig, or Defence of Primitive Christianity, 4 vols, neat, 6s, 


2391 Gibson's (Bishop) Three Pastoral Letters, bound. Is, „„„, 1732 

new bound. Is. 6d 1818 

2393 Gillespie's Treatise on Temptation, boards. Is, 6d • 1774 

2394 Gouge's Young Man's Guide to Canaan, Is^ 1713^ 

^95 Greenwood's (Dr.) Harmony of the Evangelists, calf, Is, 6d, 


2396 Glass's (John) Testimony of the King of Martyrs concerning his 

Kingdom, neat, scarce, 2«. 6d ,. ...,. 172d 

2397 Grinfield's Visions of Patmos, a Prophetic Poem, boards, 2s, 


2398 Grotius's Truth of the Christian Religion, with Notes by Le 

Clerc, translated by Dr. Clarke, new boards (published at 

5*. 6d.), 2s. 6d 1829 

3400 new in calf, 3s. 6d 1829 

2401 Gumey's Observations on the Religious Peculiarities of Hie 

Society of Friends, calf grained, neat, 3s. 6d • 1824 

2402 Hall's (Archibald) Treatise on the Faith and Influence of the 

Gospel, boards. Is, 6d, 1803 

2403 Harmony of the Old and New Testaments, fulfilling of the Pro- 

phets concerning Christ, by J. T. one of the people in scorn 
called Quakers, calf, 2^ m 1694 

2404 Hamilton's Establishment of the Law and Gospel, boards (pub- 

lished at 5s.), 2«. ... 1820 

2405 Harris's (Dr.) Nature of Church Fellowship (published at U.), 9d, 


2406 Harrison's (Susanna) Songs in the Night, new bd. Is. 6d, 1823 

2407 Halyard's (Simon) Discourse concerning the Soule and Spirit 

of Man, scarce, 2s Imprinted by John Windett, 1604 

2408 Haweis's CarmhnaOhristo, or Hymns to the Saviour, square, por« 

trait, new bound, 2* 1808 

2409 — — — Communicant's Companion, bound, \s, 64, 1821 

[William Batniis, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 137 

2410 Hawker's (Dr.) Comubntart on thb Old and New Testa- 
ments, 10 vols, eomplete, boaids (published at 3/.)9 1^* 1^^* 


2411 Poor Man's Commentary on the New Testa- 
ment, 4 vols, new boards (published at 1/. As.), 14« 1823 

2412 ' Works, 2 vols, contuning Sermons on the 
Deity of Christ and Sermons on the Holy Ghost, boards, 2«. 6d, 


2413 Heap's (Henry) Hephzibah, Jehovah's infinite Delight in his 

Church, boards (published at 5jr. M.), 2s. 6d 1828 

2414 Hebrew Psalter, or Psalms of David, in Hebrew, from the Text 

of Vanderhoogt, new boards, 2s 1823 

2415 Heidelberg Catechism of the Christian Religion, with Scripture 

Proofs at Length, new boards (published at 3s.) , 2s. 6d. 

Orf. 18^8 

2416 Heidelberg Catechism of the Reformed Christian Religion^ 

half-bound, scarce, 2^. M Amsterdam^ 1744 

2417 Henry's (Matthew) Method for Prayer, new boards (published at 

29. M.) \s.3d 1827 

£418 Hervey's (James) Works, 6 vols, neat, 14^. %d 1771 

2419 6 vols, calf, neat, 15* 1802 

2420 ■ ■ ■ ' Meditations and Contemplations, 2 vols, in 
one, neat, 3» 1777 

2421 2 vols, bound, 35 1761 

2422 Colle(jtion of Letters, with Account of his 

Life and Death, 2 vols, bound, 45. %d 1760 

2423 Collection of Letters, new boards^ canvass 

back,lettered, 25. Oc^.... 1807 

2424 Eleven liCtters to Wesley, boards, 25 17^0 

2425 Heywood's (Oliver) Life in God's Favour, I5. M 1796 

2426 Hill's (Sir Richard) Deep lliings of God, boards, I5. M. 1826 

2427 Hints for Conducting Sunday Schools, boards, I5. 6d 1822 

2428 Historical Collections oiit of several grave Protestant Historians, 

concerning the Changes of Religion and the strange Confusions 
following from thence in the Reigns of Henry VIII, Edward YI, 
Mary, and Elizabeth, newly half-bound in calf, scarce, bs. 


2429 Hfstoryof Religious Knowledge, by a Clergyman, l5... 1795 

2430 Hooper's Advantages of Early Piety, a Memoir of John Clement, 

boards, I5: 6rf.: 1820 

2431 Horn's (Andrew) Insufficiency of Reason and Necessity of Reve- 

lation, boards; 25. .' 18^0 

2432 Howard's Joseph and his Brethren, a Scriptural Drama, new 

boards, 25 1824 

2433 Howgil's (Francis) Glory of the True Church discovered as it 

was in its purity in the Primitive Time, also a Manifestation of 
the Apbstacy in the Church of Rome, 2^.%d..,.: I66I 

2434 Hoxton Select Hymns, bound, I5. M 1820 

2434*Jackson's (Rev. Miles) Sermons, 2 vols, new boards (published 

at 125.), 4«. M.:. .:...... 1825 

54, PAfBRKosTBii Row.] 

Digitized by 


128 Diviniiy and Ecclesiastical History i [Duod. 

2435 Identity of the Religions called Druidical and Hdbrew, new 

boards (published at 5«.)» 1^* ^^ 1^9 

24d5^Jane way's Life of Janeway and Fuller's Life of Pearce, new 
bound, 28, 6d, — new boards, 2^. dd • 1824 

2436 Jenks's Prayers for Families, neat, 2s. 6d 1793 

2437 Jenyns's (Soame) Free Enquiry into the Nature and Origin of 

Evil, half-calf, 2s. 6d 1761 

2438 Jesus the Messiah, Old Testament Prophecies fulfilled in New 

Testament Scriptures, boards (published at d«.), 2^ 1828 

2439 Jones's Dictionary of Religious Opinions, boards, 2s 1815 

2440 (Dr. John) Welsh Gospels, boards (published at 58.), 28. 


2441 Josephus's Works, translated by Whiston, 6 vols, boards, 9$. 


2442 neatly printed by Whittingham, Chiswick, 

6 vols, boards (published at II. 16«.), I4s 1825 

2443 Juvenile Prize Essays, with Introduction by H. F. Burder, Is. 


2444 Ivimey's Life of Bunyan, new boards (published at 5s.), 2s. 3d. 


2445 Reach's War with the Devil, new bound, Is 1776 

2446 Travels of True Godliness, new boards, \s 1817 

2447 Kent's Gospel Hymns, new bound. Is. 6d 1826 

2448 Kershaw (James) on the Book of the Revelation, 1^. 6d.... 1780 

2449 King's Hymns to the Supreme Being, in imitation of the Eastern 

Songs, boards, 2*. 6d 1798 

24$0 Kirke White's Life and Remains, super royal, portrait, new boards 
(published at 7«.), 3?. 6d 1825 

2451 Kirkpatrick's Pious Meditations, boards, }s calf. Is. 6d. 1805 

2452 KnoUis's Parable of the Kingdom of Heaven expounded, or an 

Exposition of the first 13 verses of the 25th chapter of Matthew, 
2s 1674 

2453 Lacey's Life of David, boards, Is. 6d 1818 

2454 Lackington's Confessions, boards. Is. 6d 1804 

2455 Langhorne's Sermons, 2 vols, neat, 2s 1767 

2456 Law's Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, new boards, 2^. 3d. 


2457 ■ ■ ' ■■ a new abridgement, boards 

(published At 5s.), 2s 1814 

2458 Lawson's Discourses on Esther, boards (published at 6<.), 2s. 


2459 ■ . ■ Lectures on the History of Joseph, 2 vols, new boards 

(published at 10s.), 3s. 6d. 
3460 Lea's Ecclesiastical Registry of Ireland, boards, Is. 6d. .. 1814 

2461 Leslie's Short and Easy Method with the Deists, boards, Is. 6d. 


2462 Light from the Sun of Righteousness expelling Darkness from 

the Quakers, \s 1672 

2463 Littleton's (Adam) Solomon's Gate, or an Entrance into the 

Cburcbi neiitold binding* gilt leaTcs, scarce, 3^ 1662 

[WiLiiiAM Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DUOD.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. 12Q 

3464 Living Christranlty, Diaries and Letters of Hugh Bryan and 

Mary Hutson, bound, Is 1760 

2465 Locke's Essay. on the Human Understanding, 3 vols, boards, 6s, 

2466 abridged, calf, 1*. 6d... 1770 

2467 Lord's Supper, its Nature and Design, an address to young, un- 

infoimed, and scrupulous Christians, black calf. Is. 6d..„ 1824 

2468 Maegowan's Socinianisni brought to the Test, boards (published 

«t2».). Is 1822 

2469 Death, a Vision, new sewed (published at !«•), 9d, 

2469* " — Looking Glass for Professors of Religion, bound, 

ls.6d , 1814 

2470 Maclaurin's Sermons and Essays, with Life by Dr. Gillies, 

boards (published 8t4j. 6d,), Ss 1815 

2471 Manchester al Monde's CootempUition of Death, bound, Is. 6d. 


2472 Mann's Memorials of Christian Friendship, new boards (published 

at6».). 2*. 3<;? 1829 

2473 Theological Essays, boards (published at4«.)> 2«... 1828 

2474 Marshall's Gospel-Mystery «fSanctification, sewed, 2s 1761 

2475 ' ■ new boards (pub- 
lished *t 4*.)» 2«* 6fl? 1819 

2476 MaiB0»'s (Hmry) Hearing and Doing the ready Way to Blessed- 

Be8«s, tfaidc vol. half-oalf, scarce, 2s. 6d 1635 

2477 (JeJui) Select Remains, bound, Is... 1820 

2478 — ^-,_ Belieyer's Pocket Coskpanion, new, bound, 1*. 3d. 


2479 May'« Sermons to YooMg People, 1« 1753 

2480 Meditations 00 Advancing Years and Old Age, boards, 1^. 6d. 


2481 Meade's Almost Christian discorered, bound. Is 1825 

24812 Meikle'fl (James) Miscdlaneous Works, calf, 2« 1807 

2483 Meirrick's Version of the Psalms, . with explanatory Heads to 

each Seedon by Tattersall, boards, 3s 182t 

2484 Moody's (James) Remains, boards, ]s 1809 

24d5 More's (Hannah) Thoughts on the Maimers oi the Great, Is. 


2486 Religion of the Fashiom^le Worid, \s. ... 1791 

2487 "* (Geo.) Sermons on the Leading Doctrines of the Gospel, 

2 vols, boards, 3s 1810 

2488 Murray's (Lindley) Selection from Bishop Home on the Psalms, 

boards, 2s 1812 

24g9 ' ' ■ (James) Sermons to Doetors tn Divinity, U. 6df. 

24M Nelson's (Robert) Practice of True Devotion, bound, 2s.... 1805 

2491 _*„—__ half-bound, 1 9 1/75 

2492 New Manual of Devotions, bound, I5. 6d 1818 

2493 : neat, 2f... 1^4 

2494 New Whole Duty of Prayer, boards. Is. W.^homd, 2s. 

54, PAT«AiiQtTAa Row.] S 

Digitized by 


180 Divinity and Ecclesiasiicid History. [Duod« 

24d4«New Whole Duty of Man» new bound, 2$. 6d 1812 

2495 New Week's Preparation and Companion at the Altar, boand, Is. 

2496 two parts, 

bound, U. 6d» 

2497 two parts, 

new bound (published at S*.)* !'• ^^ ••• ^^^^ 

2498 Newcomb's Hervey's Meditations in blank verse, 2 vols, bound, 

2s • : 1764 

2499 Newton's (John) Letters to the Rev. W. Barlass, boards. Is, 


2500 Letters to a Wife, boards (published at As.), 2s, 


2500* Omicron's LBTrsRS, new boards, Ij. 6d. 1831 

A very neat edition, intended to continue the serieB of The Chris* 
tian's Cabinet Library." Thirteen copies as twelve. 

2601 Correspondence with a Dissenting^ Minister, 

boards, is. 6d 1809 

2502 ■ Christian Character exemplified, \s. 1818 

2503 Nicholls's Method of Grace in Salvation, half-calf, Is. M... 1730 

2504 Nichols's (Henry) Re?elatio Dei, the Revelation of God and his 

Great Prophesie. — Prophecy of the Spirit of Love, frontispiece^ 
— Introduction to the holy understanding of the Glasse of 
Righteousnesse^Terra Pacis, a true testification of the spiritual 
land of Peace. — ^Four Epistles, a Crying Voice of the Holy 
Spirit of Love, wherewith all People are out of meer Grace 
called by H. N. to repent, &c.— Evangelium Regni, a Joyful 
Message of the Kingdom. — Publishing the Peace upon Earthy 

in one vol. bound, rare, 8s 1649, &c. 

2405 Nicholson's Collection of Hymns, bound, \s,M 1811 

2506 Nicholson's Prayers, boards (published at 3s.), 1.9 1822 

2507 Noel's (Hon. G. T.) Selection of Psalms and Hymns, bd. U. 6d. 

2508 Q'Donnoghue's Christian Faith explained in Lectures, boards, 

U. 6d 1817 

2509 Olivb Branch, for 1830, portrait of Dr. Gordon, boarded in 

canvass, 3s. 

2510 Olney Hymns, bound, ls.6d 1788 

2511 large print, new bound, 2s. 6d 1821 

2512 small edition, boards, 2s 1820 

2513 Ouesimus's Letters on Godly Subjects, 2 vols, boards, 2s. 6d, 


2514 Owen's (Dr.) Exercitations concerning a Day of Sacred Rest, 

bound, 2s 1671 

2515 ■ Vindication of the Animadversions on Fiat Lux, 
wherein the Principles of the Roman Church are examined, 
bound, 2s 1664 

2517 — — — Plea for Scripture Ordination, bound. Is. 6d. 


2518 True Nature of a Gospel Church and its Govern- 
ment, neat, 2s. 6d 1801 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Divinity and Ecclesiastical Bisiory. 181 

3519 Owen's (Dr.) Humble Testimony unto the Goodness and Seve- 
rity of God in his Dealings with sinful Churches and Nations, 
U.6d..:. ; 1681 

2520 Declaration and Vindication of the Doctrine of 

the Trinity, \$ 1798 

2521 Guide to Church Fellowship, U 1778 

2522 Mortification of Sin in fielieyers, new boards 

(published at 2j.)> 1»- 3rf 1822 

2523 Evidences of the Faith of God's Elect, new boards 

(pubDshedat \s. 6d.), U 1811 

2524 Paley's Moral and Political Philosophy, an Analysis of, in the 

way of Question and Answer, new boards (published at &•)• 
28. M 1824 

2525 Patrick's (Bishop) Mensa Mystica, a Discourse concerning the 

Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, half-calf, neat, 2«. • 1660 

2526 Penn's No Cross no Crown, bound, 2« 1801 

2527 ' (Granville) Prophecy of Ezekiel concerning Gogue, 

boards, U 1814 

2528 Pernicious Consequences of the New Heresies of the Jesuites 

against the King and State, neat, 25 1666 

2529 Popery manifested, or the Papist incognito made known, bd. 2s. 


2530 Popish Sham IHots, History of, from the reign of Elizabeth to 

this present time, bound, 2s. 6d 1682 

2531 Pott's Scripture Evidence of the Trinity, boards, Is. — neat. Is. 6d. 


2532 Powel's (Vavasor) New and Useful Concordance to the Bible, 

neat, 2s. 6d 1671 

2533 Presbytery, English and Scotch, the History of, bound, scarce, 45. 


2534 Prideaux's (Dean) Life of Mahomet, bound, 2« 1716 

2535 Priestley's (Dr.) Catechisms. — Considerations for Young Men. — 

Address to Masters of Families. — Free Address to Dissenters. — 
View of the Unity of God, &c. neat, 28. M. 
2536 Index to the Bible, boards, 2« 1805 

2537 Prophetical Warnings of the Eternal Spirit, pronounced by 

Mary Aspinal, Mary Beer aged 13, Thorn. Dutton, &c. &c. Is. 6d. 


2538 Providences of God observed through several Ages towards 

this Nation in introducing the True Religion, 28 1694 

2539 Psalms of David as said in Churches, with Morning and Evening 

Prayer, bound, 1^ « 1823 

2540 Purves (James) on the Doctrine of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, 

neat, 1* 1784 

2541 Quarles's Emblems Divine and Moral, with Notes by the Rev. 

R. Wilson, 2 vols, plates, new boards (published at 10«. 6i.), 
4*. 6d 1824 

2542 Rational Catechism, neat, scarce, 2« 1712 

2543 Reformed Devotions, Meditations, Hymns, and Petitions, neat, 

1#. 6d 1687 

54, Patbrmostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


Wi Diviniiy and Baeksi^stisal History. [Duo0« 

2544 Religious Memoirs, th« Powei* of Reilgloii in Sickness and «t 

Death, boards, \s 1795 

2545 Religious Correspondence, the Dispensation of Divine Grace 

?indicated, 2 vols. 3» * * .••.•..••...«•«.•• 1775 

2546 Richlieu's (Cardinal) Etnblema Animse, or Morall Discourses 

reflecting upon Humanitie, engraved tiik-pagc, containing two 
whole-length portraits by William Marshall, sewed in velknn^ 
5* .-... 1635 

2547 Ripley's (Dorothy) Bank of Faith and Works United, boards^ 

1*. 6rf 1822 

2547* Extraordinary Conversion and Religious Ex* 

perienee, vol. I, boards, \s « 1817 

2548 Rippon's (Dr.) Hymns, bound, 2«. 6d. 

2549 Romaine's Life of Faith, boards, 2s 1817 

2550 ' '■ new boards, canvass back, lettered, 

2j. 3cZ 1817 

2551 ^ Triumph of Faith, bound, 2s.., 1802 

2552 new boards, canvass back, lettered, 

2j. 3d 1817 

^553 Treatises on Faith, with Introductory Essay by Dr. 

Chalmers, 2 vols, boards (published at 7«*)' ^' * ^^^ 

2553* Letters, published by T. Wills, bound, 2».. 1822 

2554 portrait, new boards^ canvass back, lettered^ 

2*. 3rf * 1818 

2555 Twelve Discourses upon the Law sod the Gospel, 

new boards (published at 4^.), 1«. 9d 1829 

2556 Rotheram's Essay on Faith, bound, \s « 1816 

2557 Rowers (Elizabeth) Friendship in Death, Letters from the Dead 

to the Living, neat, U. M Edinh. \^^6 

2558 large print, calf, 2* 1745 

2559 new calf, 2* 1808 

2560 ^ '• Devout Exercisea of the Heart, neat» U. 1809 

2561 new boards. Is. 3ii. — new 

bound, \s. 6d 1813 

2562 Russell's (Robert) Seven Sermonsi ne^ bound (published at 1«.), 

9d ...i....... 1819 

2563 Sacred Hours, Extracts for Private Devotion and Meditation, 

2 vols, neat, 4s 1806 

2564 Scott's (Thomas) Sermon on Select Subjects, portrait^ boards 

(published at 5s.), 3^. 6</ 1826 

2565 Theological Treatises, Force of Truth, Repent- 
ance, Growth in Grace, on Election, Warrant and Nature of 
Faith, new boards (published at 4^. 6d.), 2«. %d.... 1826 

256^ . Force of T^uth, Growth in Grace, Discourse 

on Repentance, and Sermon on Election and Final Perseve** 
ranee, boards, 2* 1826 

2667 Essays on Religious Subjects, new boards (pub- 
lished at As.) 2*. M 1825 

2568 Memoirs, by Andrew Crichton, new boards 

(published at a?.) b. 6(i. ., 4 1826 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Dkfinitjf and EceU$ia$iical HUtory* 18d 

3&09 Scourge, in Vindication of the Church of England, bound, If. 

3570 Soragg^a True and False Religion, with the best means to promote 

Vital Godliness, new boards, canyass back, lettered, Ss.... 1821 
9571 ■ Questions resolved in Dirinity^, History, and Biography, 

2 vols, new boards (published at 10«. 6d.) 6$ ' 1817 

2572 Searle's Christian Remembrancer, large print, boards, 2s,.. 1807 

2573 ' new boards (published at 2«. 6d.) 
Is.Sd 1827 

2574 ~^ — ^-^ Christian Remembrancer, 1814, and Christian Parent, 

in one vol. calf, |^t, 39. 6d 1815 

2575 Select Discourses by Seeker, Warburton, Jortin, Powell, Mason, 

Porteus, Blair, Balguj, and Watson, new half-calf, 2s. 6d. 


2577 Sellon's Scripture Class Book, new bound, Is. 6d 1820 

257B Shaw's Immanuel, a Discovery of True Religion, with a Dis- 
course on Communion with God, half-ealf, 2s 1703 

2579 Shepherd's Liturgical Considerations, an apology for the daily 

servlee of the Church, new boards (published at 5s,) j Is. 3d. 


2580 .*——--— (James) Sermons, with Sermon on his Death by Dr. 

Doddridge, neat. Is. 6d , 1748 

25S1 Sherlock's Practical Discourse on Death, new boards (published 

at 4s. 6d.) 2s 1825 

2581* Trial of the Witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus, 

boards, 2s 1800 

2582 Shower's Reflections on Time and Eternity, neat. Is. 6df.... 1770 
25g3 I Mourner's Companion, or Funeral Discourses on se- 

reral Texts, bound, 2s 1692 

2584 Sil>bs's Bruised Reed and Smoaking Flax, new boards, Is. 3d. 


2585 Simpson's Essay on Beneficence, new boards (published at 5s,) 2s. 


2586 Smith's Domestic Altar, Prayer for Families, new boards (pub- 

fished at 5s.) 4s 1828 

2587 Soul's Magazine, Scripture Truths in an Historical Dialogue, 

half-bound, 2s 1720 

2588 Sound Doctrine extracted from the French Reformed Divines, 

bound, U. 6d 1801 

3589 Spire's Sacred Poesie, bound, 1^ 1758 

2590 Stafford's Scripture Doctrine of Sin and Grace, Discourse on the 

seventh of Romans, bound, 3s. 6d 1774 

2591 Steele's (Sir Riehard) Account of the Roman Catholick Religion, 

bound, Is 1724 

2592 Steinkopff's Letters relative to a Tour on the Continent, boards, 

U. 6d 1814 

2593 Stennett's (Dr. Samuel) Discourses on Personal Religion, 2 vols. 

boards, 4s. 1801 

25M Sterne's Sermons, 2 vols, neat, 2^. 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


134 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History. [Duod. 

2595 Stevenson's Scripture Portruts, 4 vols, new boards (pablished 

atl/.)8« 1817 

2596 Stinstra's Essay on Fanaticism, neat, 2s 1774 

2597 Stunhouse's Sick Man's Friend, bound. If. 6<i 1794 

2598 neat, 2« 1818 

2599 Stratton's Aure« Sententiae, Select Sentences from eminent Di« 

vines, boards, 2« 1822 

2600 Sturm's Reflections for every Day in tbe Year, on the Works of 

God, 2 vols, half-bound, neat, 6« 1813 

2601 Sutcliffe (Joseph) on the Mutual Communion of Saints, 1794. — 

J. Beaumont's Nature of the Work of God, a Sermon, half- 
bound, neat, 2j • 1796 

2602 Sunday Papers, 1809. ^Pastoral Duties, 1813, half-calf, 1^. %d. 

2603 Swain's Redemption, a Poem, boards^ \s 1814 

2604 Sykes's (Rev. Geo.) Life, Ministry, and Correspondence, por- 

trait, boards, 25. 6d 1827 

2605 Synge's (Archbishop) Works, 4 vols, bound, 14« 1744 

2606 -^ Gentleman's Religion, calf, 2«. 

Ojf&rd, 1800 

2607 Talbott's (Dr.) Christian School Master, neat, 1«. M, 1811 

2608 Taylor's (Bishop) Golden Grove, or Choice Manual, bds. U. 6d. 


2609 Baptists Justified, with Introduction and Notes 

by W. Anderson, boards, Is, • 1818 

2610 Contemplations on the State of Man, new 

boards. Is. 9d 1824 

2611 (Richard) Discourse of Christ as a Rock of Salvation, 

bound, 1*. ed 1701 

2612 (Thomas) Sixteen Lectures upon the Epistles to the 

Seven Churches in Asia, neat, 2s • 1800 

2613 Concordance to the Scriptures, bound, 2«. 6rf. 

2614 (Isaac) Advice to the Teens, bds. (published at&s.)2s, 

2615 Self Cultivation, bds. (published at 6«. 6^.) 2s. 

2616 Twelve Addresses to Young Persons, bds. Is. 

2617 (Jane) Mother's Journal, boards, 2* 1822 

2618 Teacher of Babes, calf extra, 2* 1825 

2619 Thirlwall's Diatessaron, the Life of Christ, bound. Is. ^d. 1804 

2620 Thomas a Kempis of the Imitation of Christ, with the Book of 

the Sacrament, translated by John Payne, neat, 4s 1769 

2621 Thorn's Eight Lectures on the Sabbath, boards (published at 7<*) 

2s. 6d 1823 

2623 Thornton Abbey, Letters on Religious Subjects, 2 vols, new 

boards (published at 10*.) 4* *.. 1826 

2624 Thornton's Serious Warnings, six numbers. Is 1817 

2^25 Solid Resources for Old Age, new boards (published 

at 35, 6d.) Is. 3d , 1824 


Digitized by 


DuoD.] Divinity and Ecclesiaktical History. 1S5 

2626 Thornton's Christian Consolation, calf, gilt, 2s. 6d 1812 

2627 Fare Religion recommended, in Dialogues, new calf, 

2* 1820 

2628 Sermons, new calf, 35 1815 

2629 Discourses on Prayer, boards (published at 5s.) 2s, 6d. 

new calf, 3s. 6d 1824 

2630 Anecdotes, accompanied with Obserrations, 2 vols. 

new boards (published at 8^.) 3^. 6d 1821 

2631 half-bound, calf, 45 1821 

2632 Tillotson's (Archbishop) Works, 10 vols, half-bound, uncut, 

neat, R 7* Edinb. 1760 

2633 10 vols, neat, 1/. 8*.. .it. 1760 

2634 10 vols, in 5, calf, neat, 

1/.7* ib. 1748 

2635 12 vols, small size, neat edi- 
tion, calf, 12.105 Tonson^ 1748 

2636 TRACTS.— Bishop Tomlin's Charge.— Bishop Huntingford's 

Petition of Catholics considered. — Taylor's Why are you a 
Churchman ? — ^Tillotson's Persuasive to Communion. — Scott's 
Force of Truth, and others, boards, 25. 

2637 ' Answer to a Letter about the Contempt of the Cler- 
gy. — ^Vindication of the Clergy. — Dr. Launcelot Addison's Mo- 
dest Plea for the Clergy, bound, 25 1671 

2638 Spalding's (a Quaker) Convincement and Religious 

Progress. — Mary Brook's Reasons for the Necessity of Silent 
Waiting, &c. half-bound, neat, 25. 

2639 Fuller's (Andrew) Backslider.— Account of Revi- 
vals in New England. — Experience and Dying Sayings of Meli- 
cent Sills, &c. half-bound. Is, 6d. 

2640 Sydenham Burgh's Sermon at the opening of a New 

Fair. — Dyer's Christ's Famous Titles. — Sermons by Bishop 
Blackall, and the Lambs of Christ fed with Milk, half-bound, 
neat, 25. 6d. 

2642 Watson's (Bishop) Apology for the Bible.— Scott's 

(Thomas) Vindication of the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures^ 
half-bound, I5. 6d. 

2643 — ^ — — Miraculous Prophecies touching Revolutions by 

Nostradamus, Christopher Love, Lacy, Baxter, Jurieu, Nixon, 
Fleming, &c. &c. — R. Leggett's Period of God's Patience to 
the Prayers of French Martyrs. — ^Trial at Large of Thomas 
Hardy for High Treason, neat, 25. 

2644 Justification by Faith alone, a Letter from the Rev. 

Mr. Berridge. — Letter to the Inhabitants of St. Dunstan's in 
the West, with regard to their Lecturer, Mr. Romaine. — Ser- 
mon by Whitfield, Sermons by Wesley, and Extracts from Law's 
Works, neat, 25. 

2645 Of Education, especially of Young Gentlemen, Oxoji, 

1673. — W. Sherlock's Discourse concerning the Knowledge of 
Christ, I674.— Constantius the Apostate, being a Short Account 
of his Life, thick vol. neat, 25. 

54, PikTBRNOSTBR Row.] 

Digitized by 


196 Divinity and EeclesioMtical History* [DuoD. 

2646 TRACTS.— Epistle apologetieai of S. C. to a Person of Honour, 

touching^ his Vindication of Dr. Stillinf^eet, Permissu Superior 
rum, 1674. — Abstract of what is necessary to be known con- 
cerning the Constitution Unigpenitus, the better to avoid the 
Erroars and Snares of the modern Innorators. Permism Superi^^ 
rum, 1724, with other tracts in Latin and French J foreign bindg. 4s. 

2647 Treatise on the Govemnent of the Church, the Divine Right of 

Episcopacy, boards, Is, 6d • 1811 

2648 Trench's (Edmund) Life and Death, Remaiicafole Passages, me^t 

of them drawn out of his own Diary, 2s 1693 

2649 Trimmer's (Mrs.) Sacred History, 6 vols, neat, Us 1796 

2650 — ! ^ Scripture Catechism, 2 toIs. bound, 2s.,. 1813 

2651 (Economy of Charity, neat, 2* 17^7 

2652 -— — Abridgment of Scripture History, bound, 1 J. 6rf. 

2653 Truth Vindicated, by the Testimony and Writings of the innocent 

Servant and Handmaid- of the Lord, Elizaibeth Bathurst, bound, 
2s.6d 17ai 

2654 Tuke's Principles of Religion as professed by Quakers, boards, 1«. 
2655 ^ (Iliomas) Picture of a True Protestant, or God's House 

and Husbandry, bound. Is. 6d 1609 

2656 TurnbuU's Comparative View of Presbyterian, Congregational, 

and Independent Church Government, boards, Is 1821 

2657 Turner's (Mrs. Joanna) Li£e, Death, and Spiritual Experience, 

boards. Is. 6d 1787 

2658 Tyennan's Essay on Bi^sm^ boards, Is. M 1806 

2659 Universal Monitor, Dictionary of Maral and Divine Precepts, 

is. 6d 17« 

266# Vivian's Book of the Revelation of John expldned, neat. Is. 1785 
2661 Vincent's (Nathanael) Spirit of Pmrfer, bound, Is. 6d 1820 

2665 Wagstaff's Piety Promoted, Lives, Services; and Dying Sayings 

of Quakers, the eighth part, bound. Is. M 1774 

2663 Wallin's (Benjamin) J^ermons on Christ's Sonsbip, boards, Is. 

2664 Walsh's (Thomas) Life and Death, by James Morgan, Is. M. 1 762 
3665 Warner's Old Churcii of England Principles, plain doctrinal 

and practical Sermons, 3 vols, neat, 81 1819 

2666 Walton's (Dr. Brian) Considerator Considered, wherein amongst 

.other things the certainty, integrity, and divine aathority of the 
original Texts is defmided, ealf ex^a, Js 1659 

2667 Ware's Foxes and Firebrands, or a Speciaien ef the Dai^er and 

Harmony of Popery and Separation, bound, 2s 1682 

2668 Warnings of the Eternal Spirit, pronounced at Edinburgh out of 

te mouths of Anna Maria King, Jeibn Moult, Mary Turner, 
and Ann Topham. — ^Warnings by Margaret MackenEie and James 
Cnranngham, n&9!tj2s.Sd 1709 

2669 Watkins's (H. G.) Sunday School Traots, 3 vols, boards, 6s. 

2670 Watson's (Thomas) Godly Man's Picture drawn With a Scripture 

Peaey, with his Farewell Sermon, and WlUison's Short Christian 

Dineotory, neat, 3s 1758 

3e7l ■■■ ■■ (Bishop) Apology for «he BiUe, sewed, 2s 1799 

2673 — — ne»t,2«. 6(1.; hf-bd. russia, 3^ . 

[WrLLiAM Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD«] Diviniiy and Ecclesiastical History. 187 

2673*Wal80D'8 (Bishop) Apology for the Bible, new (published at 6^.) 
3e. M 1824 

2674 (Thos.) Popular Evidences of Natural Religion and 

Christianity, boards, 2s 1808 

2675 Watts's (Dr.) Sermons, 2 vols, boards, 3j. 6d 1805 

2676 2 vols, new boards, 4« 1812 

2677 2 vols, calf, neat, 6» 1806 

2678 Scripture History, new boards, 2$. 6d 1830 

2679 Improvement of the Mind, bound, Is. 6d. ... 1809 

2680 ■ small edition, brown 

calf, 2«. 6d 1816 

2680* Improvement of the Mind, with Posthumous Works, 

boards (published at ^.) 2s 1819 

2681 ■ Doctrine of the Passions explained and improved, 

neat. Is 1757 

2682 new bound. Is. 3d. 1812 

2683 ' Orthodoxy and Charity united. Essays on the I^aw 

and Gospel, Faith and Works, half-bound, 1^. 6d 1791 

2685 — .-^-— ^ Holiness of Times, Places, and People, under the 

Jewish and Christian Dispensations, bound, Is 1738 

2686 r^ Discourses on the Love of God, boards. Is. 1812 

2687 Death and Heaven, bound. Is 1788 

2688 new boards, \s. ed 1813 

2689 ' Miscellaneous Thoughts in Prose and Verse, 
bound, 1*. 6d 1734 

2690 Lyric Poems, bound, 1*. M 1751 

2691 •— ---^ Psalms and Hymns^ very good print, 32mo. new 

bound, 2s. 3d 1829 

2692 — i small edition, shejop, Is. 1829 

2692*Weaver'8 (Robert) Scriptures Fulfilled, an Antidote to Infidelity. 

new boards (published at 5s.) 4s 1829 

2693 Webster's Prayers for Families, boards. Is. M 1824 

2694 Welwood's Glimpse of Glory, a Gospel Discovery of Emanuel's 

Land, neat, Is.M 1797 

2695 Wellbeloved's Devotional Exercises for the Young, Is 1818 

2696 Wsslby's Coristian Libiury, consisiting of extracts from and 

abridgements of the choicest Pieces of Practical Divinity, 50 vols, 
calf, 6/. lOs 1768 

2697 '■ : — Sermons, 6 voh). calf, neat, I4s 1805 

2698 Redemption Hymns, Hymns for the Watch Night, Fu- 
neral Hymns, &c. 1«. 6<2 1769 

2699 Collection of Moral and SacredPoems, 3 vols, bound, 5*. 


2700 * Hymns, large 12mo. portrait, calf, neat, 4s. 6d. 1826 

2701 18mo. neat, 3s 1824 

2702 (S.) Life of Christ, a Poem, 2 vols, plates, bds. 3^. 181 1 

2703 Poems, boards. Is. 6d 1812 

2704 Westlake on the Mode, Subjects, and History of Baptism* nt. Is. 6d. 

2705 Wetherall's Sixteen Orations delivered at a Public Society at the 

Queen's Arms, Newgate Street, bound, 1«. 6(i 1768 

54, Patbrno&tbr Row.] T 

Digitized by 


188 Divinity and Eccluiasiieal History. [DUOD. 

ir^W Wharton's (Hannah) Manifestations and Gommnmcations of th« 
Spirit.—- Divine Inspiration, or a Collection of Manifestations.—- 
Prophetical Warnings hy Mary Aspinal, Mary Beer, &c. &c.— • 
Prophetical Warnings hy Mary Beer, Mary Keemer, Ann Watts. 
—Warnings of the Eternal Spirit to the City of Edinburgh la 
ScotUnd, by T. Dutton, Gay Nntt, and J. Gloyer, &c. 4 vols, 
half-bound, 69. 

3707 — — — — .. Divine Inspiration, neat, 1#. M. 1733 

8768 Manifestations and Communications of the 

Spirit,!* 1730 

2709 Whichcote's (Dr.) Select Sermons, U. 6d 1773 

2710 Whitaker's Manual of Prophecy, sewed, Is. $ neat, Is. 6d. 1808 

2711 Whitfield's (George) Twenty-three Sermons, bound, 3«.... 1745 

2712 M Hymns, small size, blue mor. 2s. 6d. 1814 

2713 Whole Duty of Man, bound, 2« 1809 

2714 Whole Duty of Prayer, bound, ls.6d 1761 

2715 Willison's Sacramental Directory, bound, Is. 6d 1741 

27I6 Treatise on the Sanetification of the Lord's Day, 

bound, 1*. 6d 1810 

2717 Wilson's (Bishop) Knowledge and Practice of Christianity, neat, 

2s 1815 

27 18 ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ I ■ ■ Instruction for the better Understanding c^ 

the Lord's Supper, bound. Is • • •••.... 1789 

2719 Sacra Private, Meditations and Prayers, 

portrait, black calf, 2s 1826 

2720 ■ i . ■! (Joseph) Letters on the Truth and Certainty 
of Natural and Revealed Religion, boards. Is. 6d 1810 

2721 Witherspoon's (Dr.) Works, 9 vols, boards (published at 1/. I69.) 

18# ^ 1816 

87^2 ■ Essays on important Subjeeto, 2 vols, half- 
bound, neat, 4«. 6(2 1765 

27S3 .^^^ ^^ — 2 vols, bound, 3* 1768 

2724 Practical Treatise ou Regeneration, half- 
bound, neat, 2«. 6(/ ^ 1764 

2725 — ■'■ Sermons on Practical Subjaeta, hAlf4K}und, 

neat, 2a, 6d ...i.. 1768 

2726 Wood's (Thomas) Memoirs of J. H. Wood, portrait, bds. Is. 6d. 

2727 Word of God the best Guide ; Christian Monitor, and Labouring 

Person's Remembrancer, Is. 6d 1689 

2728 Wright's Rural Christian and Sylvan Letters, Is. 1816 

2729 ■■ " ^ (R.) Free Grace of God, boards, U.-^lnstruotions for 

Youth, boards. Is. 6d. 

2730 WyviU's (Sir Christopher) Pretensions of the Triple Crown, 

bound, 2s ^. 1672 

2731 Young's (Dr.) True Estimate of Human Life, boards. Is. 1802 
2733 (T.) Young Convert, l«.-^Practieal Thoughto on Sane- 
tification, Is. 

2734 Zimmerman on Solitude, boards (published at 4^. 6il.), 2s. 1808 

2735 plates, calf, 3« 1798 

2736 2 vols, plates, calf, 6s 1799 


Digitized by 





9737 Abbot's (Dr. Cbtries) Pirashial Divimly, half-bowid, roirfa, 
3«.6d 1807 

2738 Abwae^a^ on yarious subjects, 4 vols, sewed, Si..«.« 1748 

S739 Adams's <W.) Fifteen, before tbe Uoiyersity of Oxford, neal, 2s. 

^40 ( Jobn) on tbe Existence of dM Deity, tbe Immortality 

of tbe Soul, tile ARtbenddty of tiw Bible, and other impoitsifet 
siiblects, boards (publisbed at 7s. ^.), 2s.M 1805 

2741 Aitisen's (W.) Ten on important solneets, bonnd, if. M. 

Edinb. n«J 

t742 AInon's (Arclnbald), on partieolar oeeasions, boards, 4«. 1815 

2743 ■ ■ > — 2 y^8. complete, balf^alf, 12< 1814 

2744 — ^ 2 Tols. complete, neat, 12#... 1814 

2745 Allen's (Josbfta) Tweaty«six, on tbe most important sobjeets of 

tbeCbrittiaB R«%ion, neat, df 17M 

2746 Allwood's (Dr. Pbilip) Warbuftonmi L^ctsres, on tbe Propbe- 

des rdatimg to tbe Christian Cfamrcb, 2 yds. new half^ealf, 9s. 


2747 Andrews's (J.) on the most Impoitaat subjects, boafds, 2f. M. 


2748 Appleton's (James) Pkms Lectnres, ex plana t o r y of the Prindples, 

Obligations, and Resources of the Catfaolie Religion, translated 
from La Doetiine Chretienne par Lhomood, boards^ 2s. %d. 


2749 AjpChorp's (Dn> on Prophecy, Warbn rt onlan Jvectnres, 2 vols. 

bounds 5s .,.....^,<..^ *.... 1786 

2750 ' Tn ■ ,, ■ 2 vols, neat, gth, 7*. ... 1786 

2751 Arthur's (Edward) 4>n various subjects, boards. Is. 6di 1783 

2752 Aspniairs (James) Doctrinri and Pmctical, a tbird series, boards 

(published At 8s.), 4s , , .4.. 1826 

2753 Aflhton's (Dr. T.) t)n scfcrai occasions, p«rtrait, haK^ound, 2s. 

— poctrait, neat, 3s.......... , I77O 

2754 Atkinses (IL) on tbe King's Proclamation for tbe eneouragement 

of Piety and Virtue, and on the Necessity, Nature, and Evi- 
dences of Revdafaon, new boards (publkAied at 10s. 6<i.), 
8s. 18W 

2755 Atkinson's (Christopher) on the most interesting and important 

itubjeets, haif-bo«nd, neat, 2s 1782 

2756 -— — -^ (H. A.) Doctrinal and Practical, new boards (pnbtished 

at 12s.), 2s.M. 1822 

2757 Austin's (Gilbert) on practical subjects, boards, Is 1795 

2758 Bagtst's (Dr. Lewis) on the Prophecies, at the Warburtoman 

Lecture, calf, neat,4s Oaf. 1780 

54, P1TCRNO8TBR flow.] 

Digitized by 


140 Sermons and Discourses. [Octavo. 

2759 Balfour's (Dr. Robert) on interesting subjeets, portnut, boards, 

2s. 6d. 1819 

2760 Balguy's (John) Twenty on various subjects, neat, 2t 1750 

2761 Twenty-one, neat, 2*. 6d 1749 

2762 ■-' (Archdeacon) Nine on various subjects, and Seven 
Charges, boards, Ss 1817 

2763 on various subjects, half-bound, neat, 

3j 1785 

2764 Baylie (John) on the Apostles' Creed (pubtished at 55.), 3s, 


2765 Bell's (Dr. James) before the University of Glasgow, beards, 

28 1790 

2766 Benson's (C.) Hulsean Lectures for 1820, boards, 7s 1822 

2767 Bentley's Eight at the Boyle Lecture, and three on various 

subjects, neat, 4s * 1735 

2768 Berriman's (Dr. W.) Forty, Christian Doctrines and Duties 

explained and recommended, 2 vols, bound, 68 1751 

2769 Beveridge's (Bishop), selected and abridged by the Rev. J. 

Dakins, 2 vols, boards (published at 1/.), 9s. 1815 

2770 ■■ Four, on public occasions, bound, Is. 1712 

2771 Billingsley's (John) against Popery, neat, 2« 1723 

2772 Bingham's (Dr. Geo.) with . Dissertations, Essays, and Memoir 

of his Life by Peregrine Bingham, 2 vols, calf, Ss 1804 

2773 Blackairs (Bishop) upon our Saviour's Sermon on the Mounts 

8 vols. LARGE PAPER, neat, U. 168 • • 1717 

2774 Blair's (Hugh) Sermons, complete in one volume, new boards, 

2775 5 vob. boards, I4s 1781 

2776 Blunders (Thomas) on various subjects, boards, 2s 1806 

2777 Bourn's (Samuel) on the Principles and Evidences of Natural 

Religion, and the Christian Revelation, 2 vols, neat, Ss... 1760 

2778 and on the Parables of 

onr Saviour, 4 vols, neat, 9s • 1768 

2779 ----------- Twenty, on the most serious and practical 

subjects, neat, 2« 1755 

2780 Bowden's (Joseph) for the Use of Families, with Prayers, boards 

(published ^t 9«.)» 3s. 6d , 1816 

2790 Bradbury's (Thomas) Twenty-eight, concerning (Mences, Re- 

vilings, and a Confession of the Faith, preached at Pinner's 
Hall, neat, 3* 1723 

2791 Bndlsfofid's (J.) Thirteen on various subjects, boards, Is. 6d. 

2792 Brichan's (Dr. David) boards (published at Ss.), Ss 1807 

2793 Bromley (R. A.) on the Consideration of our Latter End, large 

paper, bound, 2s 1771 

2794 Brown's (Dr. J.) on various subjects, half-bound, 25 1764 

2795 Buchanan's (Dr. Claudius) Eight, viz. the Star in the East, 

Jubilee Sermons, the Light of the World, the Three Eras of 
. Light, and the Healing Waters of Bethesda, boards, 3^... 1812 

2796 Bulkley's (Charles) on various subjects, boards. Is. 6d.— -bound, 

2s 1762 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Senmms and Discourses. 141 

2797 Bulkley's (Charles) on Public Occasions, neat, 2s. 6d 1761 

2798 Bull's (Bishop) Important Points of PrimitlTe Christianity 

maintained and defended, 3 vols, neat, I2s, 1713 

2799 Bundy's (Dr. R.) on seyeral occasions, and Lectures on the 

Church Catechism, 3 vols, calf, neat, I2s. • ....••• 1740 

2800 Burnett's (Bishop) Four to the Clergy on the Truth of the 

Christian Religion, &c. neat, 2s. 6d 1694 

2801 Butcher's (Edmund), with suitable Hymns, 2 vols, calf, 9^. 


2802 Butler's (Bishop) Fifteen, at the Rolls' Chapel, fine copy, neat, 

4s 1736 

2803 Calamy's (Dr. Benjamin) upon several occasions, neat, 2s. 6d. 


2804 Carr's (George) 2 vols, neat, 6« Edinb. I78O 

2805 -^ 2 vols, calf, gilt, 7« ib. 1780 

2806 Catcott's (A. S.) fine copy, neat, scarce, 6s Bristol, 1752 

2807 Chalmers's (Dr.) on the Application of Christianity to the Com- 

mercial and Ordinary AflRurs of Life, boards (published at 8«.), 

4*. 6d 1820 

2809 on the Christian Revelation, viewed in Con- 
nection with the Modern Astronomy, boards (published at 8«.), 
4s. 6d I8I7 

2810 Churchill's (Charles), bound, 2«.-— neat, gilt, 2s. 6d 1765 

2811 Clagett's (Dr. W.) complete in 4 vols, neat, I2s 1704 

2812 Thirty-three^ 2 vols, neat, 6» 1720 

2813 £leven, and Paraphrase and Notes upon the 

first eight chapters of St. John, neat. Is. 6d 1693 

2814 Clapham's (Samuel), selected and abridged for the Use of Fami- 

lies, 3 vols, bound, scarce, 1/. 4s ISG3 

2815 ———--—------------—-—-------— vols, ii and iii, boards (pub- 

lished at H. 6*.), lOs. ed 1813 

2816 Clarke's (Dr. Samubl) 10 vols, complete, fine copy, portrait, 

neat, 21. 2s 1732 

2817 7 vols, complete, boards (published at 

3/. 3*.), 1/. IBs 1820 

2818 ' Seventeen on several occasions, neat, 3«. 


2819 — — — — (Matthew) upon sereral occasions, with Life by D. 

Neal, portrait, neat, 2s 1727 

2820 Clement's (Benjamin) on several subjects and occasions, 2 vols. 

new half-calf, 5s Wolverh. — 

2821 Cockman's (Dr. T.) Select Theological, 2 vols, portrait, neat, 4s. 


2822 Cole's (B. T. H.) Sixteen on Practical and Doctrinal Subjects, 

boards (published at 8^.), 3$. M 1824 

2823 Collier's (Jeremy) upon practical subjects, portrait^ neat, \s. 6d. 

2824 Cotes's (Digby) Fifteen on several occasions, neat, 2s. 

orf. 1721 

2825 Co¥q)er's (Dean) Eight on the Great Festivals, neat, \s. 6d. 
54, Faternoitbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


143 S$rmon$ and Di$eimr»9S. [Octavo. 

383t Cru80*« CRmollijr) Twenty-fovr at: Pfamer's Hall, portrait, neat, 

scarce, As 1699 

2837 CuDDkiriiain'B (J. W.) 2 toIs. (published at 1/. U.\ lOf. 6d. 


2828 DarneU's (Dr. W. N.) boards, 3f 1816 

2829 Daabeay's (Charles) on Tarioas sabjects, 2 vols, boards, 7«* 


2830 Davies's (Pi^esident) on Important subjectSi 4 yoIs. new boards, 

canvass backs (published at U. IBs.)^ ISs 1824 

2831 4 vols, new in calf, 

neat, 1/. 8* •. 1824 

2832 - (W.) on religknis and moral subjects, half-calf, neat, 

2s. 6d 1754 

2833 De Coetiof on's Portraiture of the Chrisdan Penitent, upon Ps. li, 

2 vols. 12mo. boards, e« 1775 

Sffi34 Dickinson's (Robert) on several subjects and occasions, boards, 

2«. M ■ 1818 

2835 Discourses delivered in the GcUege of New Jersey, with notes 

and iUttstratlons, a History of the College, and Biographical 
Notices of Professors Dickenson, Burr, Edwards, Davies, and 
Finley, by Dr« Green, bott^s, 5^ 1822 

2836 Disney's (Dr.) vols, iii and It, 2 vols, boards, & 1816 

2837 Doddridge's (Dr.) on special subjects, published separately, 

collected in one yol. neat, 48^ 6d «. 1736, &c. 

2838 — leading Heads of Twenty-seven Sermons, 

new boards (published at 5i.) $ 2$ 1824 

2839 Dorman's (W.) Twelve, upon practical subjects, bound, Is. 6d. 

2840 Douglas's (N. of Dundee) Britain's Guilt, Danger, and Duty, 

boards, 1*. 6rf ■. 1795 

2841 Draper's (H.) Lectures on the€hnrch Catechtsm, odf, 9s. M. 


2842 Drysdale's (Dr.) with Life by Dalttll, 2 vols, calf, 7s. 

Edinb. 1793 

2843 Duchal's (Dr.) Srels. calf, neat, 8* 1765 

2844 Duke's (RichuHl) Fifteen, neat, \s. 6d 1730 

2845 Dupre's (John) on various subjects, neat, Is. 6d 1783 

2846 Eccles's (Samuel) Sixteen, neat, 2^. 1755 

2847 Enfield's (Dr.) on Uie Progress of Christian Knowledge, God- 

win'» on Religious Zeal, and Holland's on the Christian 

Preacher, boards. Is. 6d. •• 1780 

2848 on practical subjects, with Life by Dr. Aiken, 

3 vols, boards, 6s r.... 1799 

2849 Erskine's (Ebenezer and Ralph) on various important subjects, 

with preisoe by Bradbury, 3 vols, fine copy, neat, 18«. ... 1763 

2850 Evans's (John) practical, concerning the ChrislJian Temper, 

2 vols, neat, Ss 1725 

2851 Faneh's (James) Ten, practical, bound. Is. fki 1768 

2852 Farquhar's on various subjects, corrected by Dr. Campbell and 

Dr. Gerard, boards, 3s. 6d. 1792 

[WiLUAH Batves, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] SkrmanM and lHMoour4€8. 143 

i8S3 Fawoetf fl (Joseph) at the Sunday Eimliif Lecture, Old Jewry, 
2 yolg. boards* 7« • 1801 

2854 Fell and Hunter's Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity, 

boards, 2j.— half-bound, 2«. ed.*^calf gilt, 3«. 6d 1798 

2855 Fiddes's (R.) practical, on several subjects, 2 vols, neat, 3s, 


2856 Fleetwood's (Bishop) Relative Duties, neat, Is. 6d 1732 

2857 Foster's (Dr* James) on various suljjeets, 4 vols, bound, 8^. 


2858 • '- " ^' 4 vols, fine copy, 

neat, 9s 1745 

2859 ■ ■ ■ " on all the principal branehes of Natural 

Religion and Social Virtue, 2 vols* neat, 5s ,^ 1754 

2860 Fuller's (Andrew) Expository Discourses on the Book of Genei- 

sis, 2 vols, boards, 7«...., 1806 

2861 Gibbons's (Thomas) on various subjects, neat, 4« 1762 

2862 Gilpin's (W.) to a Country Congregation, with a few Hints for 

Sermons, 4 vols, calf, neat, II. 4s 1800 

2868 — : practical, boards (published at 10s. 6d.) 3s. 6d. 


2864 — half-bound, neat, 4*......... 1817 

2865 Gisbome's (Thomas) 2 vols, boards, 7s 1810 

2866 2 vols, fine copy, calf, neat, 10* 1804 

2867 Glasse's (Dr.) Lectures on the Holy Festivals, neat, 6s. .. 1797 

2868 Gordon's (Rev. Sir Adam) Fifty-two Lectures on the Church 

Catechism, 3 vols, new boards (published at 1/, Us. 6d.), 7s. 


3869 Homilies of the Churoh rendered 

in a modern style, 9 vols, half-bound, 5s 1817 

2870 Gray's (Robert) on various subjects illustrative of the Evidence, 

Influence, and Doctrines of Christianity, neat, 3s. 6d 1793 

2871 Gregory's (Dr. O.) with Thoughts on the Composition and 

Delivery of a Sermon, calf, 4s , 1789 

2872 Green's (Samuel) on various imporlant subjects, boards, 2«. 


2873 Grove's (Henry) on various subjects, and Tracts, 4 vols, neat, 

IOj 1740 

2874 Bardie's (Dr. T. 8.) boards (published at lOf.), S$, 


2875 Hartley's (Thomas) on various subjects, neat, 3« I755 

2876 Harvest's (George) boards, U.-^neat, \s.%d 1754 

8877 Harwood's (Uriel) from eminent Divines, vol. ii, boards (pub- 
lished at 10*. 6d.), 2s * 1813 

§876 Hawker's (Dr») on the Divinity and Operations of ^e Holy 
Ghost, boards, ^s.M I794 

2679 Hawkins's (W.) on Scripture Mysteries, at the Bampton Lec- 
ture, halfrbound, neat, 35 > ...Ostf. 1787 

2880 — rr-, r (Heury and Letitia Matilda) Sermonets, boards, 2*. 6rf. 


2S81 Hazlitt's (W.) for the Use of Families, \s I79O 

54, Fatbrvostvr Row.] 

Digitized by 


144 Sermons and Discourses. [Octavo. 

2882 Head's (Rey. Sir John) on various sabjects, boards, 3f. ... 1819 

2883 Hendy's lliree on practical subjects, with an Essay on the utility 

of Classical Learning, boards, \9 • Osf, 1808 

2884 Hickes's (Dr.) Posti^umous, published by N. Spinckes, neat» 

U. M 1726 

2885 Hill's (John) on several occasions, neat, 5s. 6d 1748 

2885* LARGE PAPER, boards, 6*.. 1794 

288<5 (Noah) boards (published at9«.)» 4<. 6d 1822 

2887 HincshUffe's (Bishop) boards, 2« 1796 

2888 Hoadley's (Bishop) on Terms of Acceptance with God, neat, 3s. 


2889 Hodge's (John) on the Evidences of the Christian Religion, 

neat, 2s 1758 

2890 Holmes's (Robert) on the Prophecies and Testunony of John the 

Baptist, and the. parallel Prophecies of Jesus Christ, at the 

Bampton Lecture, sewed, 4s Oxf. 1782 

2892 Horsley's (Bishop) 3 vols, half-bound, neat, 14f 1810 

2893 complete in one volume, new boards (published 

at 12*.) 6«. 6d 1817 

2894 vol. iii, containing fifteen Sermons, boards 

(published at 10*.), 3* 1813 

2895 Hunter's (Dr. Henry) and Fell's Lectures on the Evidences of 

Christianity, half-bound, neat, 3* 1798 

2896 Hutchins's (Dr. R.) Ten, with Life, portrait, neat, 2*. 

Oxf. 1782 

2897 Hyatt's (John) on select subjects, boards, 4*. 6d 1811 

2898 on the Seven Epistles in the Apocalypse, portrait, 

boards (published at 12*.), 6« 1820 

2899 ■ portrwt, half-calf, neat, 7*. 


2900 Ireland's (Dr.) Paganism and Christianity compared, boards 

(published at 10*. 6d.), 3*. 6d 1809 

2901 Jabet's (W.) Eighteen, practical, 1* 1787 

2902 Jackson's (Miles) , in which the connection is traced between a 

belief of the Truths of Revelation and the Character, Comfort, 
and Prospects of Christians, boards (published at 12*.), 6*. 


29QQ Jeary's (O. A.) on various subjects, for Domestic Use, boards, 

5* 1817 

2904 Johnson's (John) Riches of Gospel Grace opened in Twelve 

Discourses, 2 vols, bound, 9* 1776 

2905 Jones's (William of Nayland) practical, doctrinal, and expository, 

with Life, portrait, new boards, canvass back (published at 12*.), 

7* 1829 

2906 (Dr. Thomas Snell) new boards (published at 10*. 6(/.), 

8* Edinb. 1816 

2907 Jortin's (Archdeacon) on different subjects, 4 vols, comfdete, 

boards, 18* 1809 

2908 ■ ' ... 7 vols, fine copy 
m brown calf, 1/. 16*....*, 1774 

[WiiiuiAM Bathbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo,] Sermons and Discourses. 145 

2909 Keddin^ton'ff (Dr.) Christianity as taaght in Scripture, neat, 2s. 

2910 Kippis's (Dr.) on practical subjects, boards, As 1791 

291 1 Kirwan's (Dean) with Sketch of his Life, portrait, half-bound, 

russia, 4s, ^d 1814 

2912 Knowles's (Thos.) Scripture Doctrine of the Existence and 

Attributes of God, as manifested by the Works of Creation and 
Providence, neat, 2« 1750 

2913 Lacey's (Henry) for Domestic Use, 2 vols, boards, 4* 1813 

2914 Lamont's (Dr. David) on the most prevalent Vices, and on other 

important subjects, 3 vols, boards, i2s 1810 

2915 Lardner's (Dr. Nathaniel) upon various subjects, neat, 4*. 6d. 


2916 Laughton's (Dr.) on the Doctrines and Duties of Christianity, 

calf, neat, 3s 1790 

2917 Laurie's (Dr.) boards (published at lOs, 6rf.), 5s 1811 

2918 Le Mesurier's (Thomas) Nature and Guilt of Schism considered, 

with a particular Reference to the Principles of the Reformation, 
at the Bampton Lecture, half-bound, russia, 6s. 

2919 Lime Street Sermons,, a Defence of some important Doctrines of 

the Gospel, 2 vols, brown calf, 12* 1732 

2920 Lloyd's (Peirson) on several occasions, preached in Westminster 

Abbey and St. Margaret's Westminster, neat , 2« 1 765 

2921 Lupton's (Dr. W.) Twelve, on several occasions, half-bound. 

Is. 6d 1729 

29 '. * Mace's (Daniel) on various subjects, neat, 2s 1751 

29 '^ Macdonald's (A.) Twenty-nine Miscellaneous, neat, 2* 1791 

29 •■ Mackenzie's (Dr.) boards, 2s. 6d Edinb. 1800 

29 r' Maclwne's (Dr. Archibald) on various subjects, neat, 3«.— calf, 

gilt, 3s. 6d :. 1799 

29 1^ Marriott's (Harvey) Eight on " the Signs of the Times," boards 

(publi8hedat65.),25. 6d 1828 

2927 Second Course of Family Sermons, boards 

(published at lOs. 6d.), 5s 1819 

2928 Massillon's, with Life of the Author, new boards (published at 

12*.), 6*...: 1826 

2929 • -^ new calf, 8* 1826 

2930 Maty's (Paul Henry) preached in the British Ambassador's 

Chapel at Paris, half-calf, 2s, 6ci.— neat, 3* I788 

2931 May's (W.) Twenty, practical, neat, 3s 1757 

2932 Mayhew's (Dr.) on special occasions, published separately, 

neat, 2s. 6d Boston, N. E. 1755 

2933 Milncr's (Joseph) practical, with Life by Dean Milner, half-calf, 

5s ..: 1804 

2934 Missionary Sermons, Four by Matthew Wilks, J. Love, A. Steill, 

and Dr. Gilbee, \s 1812 

2935 Moncreiff's (Sir H. Wellwood) boards, 4s 1815 

2936 - — on the Evidence of the Jewish 

and Christian Revelations, with notes and illustrations, boards, 

4s, 1815 

54, Patbrnobtbr Row.] U 

Digitized by 


146 Sermons and Discourses. £0cTA¥O. 

2937 Monro'tf (Dr. Al.) before the MagiBtrates and Judges, Ediabiirigb, 

neat, 25 ; 1693 

2938 Monthly Lectures on the Evidences of Revelation, by W. Onne» 

Dr. Collyei:, H. F. Burder, J. Stratten, Dr. PyeSmith, A. Reed» 
Dr. Winter, Joseph Fletcher, &c. bds. (published at lOte. 6d.) 7<» 


2939 Moore's (Bishop) on several subjects, 2 vols, portrait, nt. 4ts. 6d. 


2940 (Charles) selected from his Manuscripts, 2 vols, boards 

(published at II. U.) Ss 1818 

2941 Morehead's (R.) on the principles of Religious Belief , as connected 

with Human Happiness and Improvement, 2 vols, boards (pub- 
lished at U. 1*.)8* 1811 

2942 Morley's (John) Doctrinal and Practical, boards, 3« 1815 

2943 Morris's (Joseph) widi Life by Joseph Burroughs, neat, Is. M» 

2944 Moss's (Dr. Robert) on practical subjects, 8 vols, neat, U. Is. 


2945 ------ ----.P--—— 8 vols, fine copy, neat, IL 4s. 


2946 Munkhouse's (Dr. Richard) Occasional, on various subjects, 

with copious annot^ions, 3 vols . boards , 7^ - • • • • 1 805 

2947 ' '■' on various subjects, chiefly practical, 
boards (published stl(^.6d.)3s , 1813 

2948 Muscut's (James) on several subjects. Is. 6d 1760 

2949 Nance's (John) on various subjects and occasions, 2 vols. bds. 6t. 


2950 Nares' (Dr. Edwards) on the three Creeds, and on the Homage 

to our Saviour, boards (published at 10s. 6d.) 5s 1819 

2951 Newman's (Thomas) on various importiint subjectSi 2 vols, half- 

bound, vellum, 4s 1760 

2952 Noble's (Daniel) five funeral, &c. (published sepanitely)^ Is. 6d. 

2953 Noel's (Hon. Gerard T.) for the use of Families, boards (pub* 

lished at lOs. 6d,) 6« 1827 

2954 Nourse's (Dr.) Practical, Homilies of the Church, neat, 1«. 6^. 

2955 Okes's (Dr. Holt) Practical, new boards (published at lOf. 6d.) 3s. 


2956 Owen's (Dr. Henry) Sixteen, on various subjects, calf^ f ik, 4s. 


2957 Palmer's (Samuel, of Hackney), boards, 3s 1814 

2958 Parker's (Dr. W.) before the University of Oxford, 2 vols, neat, 4s. 

Ojf. 1790 

2959 . 2 vols, in one, larob pa^», 

neat, 5* ib. 1790 

2960 Patterson's (Dr. James) neat, 2s Edinh. 1786 

52961 Paterson's (Edward) chiefly designed to disfdafr the connection 
between a sound Faith and a holy Life, boards (published at 

10*. 6d.) 3* 1826 

2962 Pattrick's (Geo.), with a Help to Prayer, boards, 3s 1801 

^963 calf, neat, 4s 1801 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Sermons and Dis€our9eB. 147 

29IS3*Pe«r80ii'i» (Bishop) TwelTe» at the Botle Lecture, sewed, %s. M. 


8964 ■ (Dn Edward) Warburtonian Lectures on the Pro- 
phecies relating^ to the Christian Church, boards (published at 
14*.) & ^ , , 1811 

3985 (Dr. W.) at the Cathedral of Yoric, bound, \$. M. 

2966 Peirce's (James) Fifteen, with a Scripture Catechism, neat, 2«. 

2967 Pembertoa's (Ebenezer) on sereral occasions, half-calf, 2«. 172? 

2968 Penn's (John) upon various subjects, 2 vols, boards, 3«. ... 1792 

2969 Penrose's (John) Truth of Christianity proved from the Wisdom 

displayed in its original establishment, and from the History of 
false and corrupted systems of religion, at the Bam fton Lecture, 

calf, ftj Ojff. 1808 

^70 Peters's (Charles), half-bound, neat, 6s 1776 

2971 Pi^gott's (8.) Sacred Truth unfolded. Practical Lectures on the 

Doctrines and Duties of Christianity, boards (published at lOf .) 
3* 1811 

2972 Pons's (J. S.) Doctrine of the Church of Geneva illustrated. Ser- 

mons preached by the Modem Divines of that City, boards 
(pubHshedat 10».) 4* 1825 

2973 Pott's (Archdeacon) Charge to the Archdeaconry of London, 

Discourses on the Rule of Life, boards (published at *Js. M.) 

2*. 6rf 1823 

2973 * Course of Sermons for the Lord's Day 

throughout the Tear (published at \U U.) 12« 1824 

9974 - -■ — ■ (John) Preacher's Plan, or Jonah's Commission opened, 

bound, 2«. M , 1758 

8975 Powell's (Dr.) on various subjects, half-bound, 6f 1776 

£976 «— ^ Another Copy, 177^9 ^ Three Discourses by Dr. Enfield, 

R. Godwin, and P.Holland, half«c«lf, uncut, 7« 1780 

2976*Price's (Dr.) on Christian Doctrine, boards, 2«. M. 1787 

2977 on various subjects, boards, 5f 1816 

2978 Procter's (W.) Five, on the Personal Office of Christ, and of tiie 

Holy Ghost, on the Doctrine of the Trinity, on Faith, and on 
Regeneration, boards (published at 4«. M,) 2^. 6c2 1824 

2979 Pttddicombe's (J. N.) calf, neat, 2i. M I786 

2980 Pulling's (W.) from the original Danish of Dr. N. E. Balls, boards 

(published at 10f.)2<. M 1819 

2980^Purdy's (Dr.) Lectures on the Church Catechism, the Church, 
the Liturgy, and the Pentateuch, half-calf, 3f 1812 

2981 Pyle's (Philip) Popular Sermons, 5 vols, complete, boards, can* 

vass backs, lettered, 1/ .i... 1789 

2962 Ramsden^B (Dr. R.) Twenty-six, boards, Zs 1827 

2983 Randolph's (Dr. F.) preached at Laura Chapel, Bath, boards 

(published at 6«.) 2s. 6d : 1800 

2984 Reays (W.J on severai su^ects^ neat, 5s I755 

2984*Ree8's (Dr. Abraham) Practical, 2 vols, boards, 6s 1809 

2985 Reynell's (W. H.) Parochial, upon the Advent of Christ, his 

Mission and Character, boards, 2« , • 1805 

54, Paterkostxr Row.] 

Digitized by 


148 Sermons and Discourses. [OcTAVO^ 

2986 Reyner's (Kirby) select, upon practical subjects, boards, Is. 6d* 

2987 Robinson's (Robert) Village Discourses, large paper, bds. 4$, 6d, 


2988 Robinson's (Robert) on particular occasions, 1804. — James Par- 

sons's Excitements to Exertion in the Cause of God, a Mis- 
sionary Sermon, 1827, portrait, — Dr. Pye Smith's Letters to 
Belsham, 1805, portrait, boards, 6«. 

2990 Robson's (E.) on various subjects, 2 vols, in one, boards, 4s. 


2991 ' ■ 2 vols. bds. canvass backs, 

lettered, 6« 1818 

2992 Rogers's (Dr.) 4 vols, neat, 12* 1729 

2993 4 vols, neat, 16* 1749 

2994 4 vols, neat, gilt, 18* 1757 

2995 — with Life of the Author by Dr. Burton, complete in 

2 vols, boards, 12* 1819 

2996 Eight, on the Necessity of Revelation and Truth of 

Christianity, neat, 2* 1727 

2997 Twelve, upon several occasions, neat, 3* 1754 

2998 Romeyn's (Dr., of New York) boards (published at 10*. 6d.)38. ed. 

2999 Ryther's Seaman's Preacher, Nine on Jonah's Voyage, 1*. 1803 

3000 Sandford's (Bishop), preached in St. John's Chapel, Edinburgh, 

boards, 5s 1819 

3001 Saurin's, from the French, by Robert Robinson and Dr. Hunter, 

6 vols, neat, 1/. 2* 1784 

3002 vol. viii, translated by Sutcliffe, bds. 

2* 1813 

3003 Scott's (Thomas) on select subjects, boards, 4*. ; neat, 5*... 1796 

3004 (Dr. Thomas) Christian Morality indispensible, Christ a 

Pattern of Religious Virtue, boards (published at Ts.) 3*. ; calf, 
neat, 4* 1819 

3005 Seeker's (Bishop) Nine, on occasion of the late War and Rebel- 

lion, neat, 2*. 6d «•••.... 1758 

3006 Sergrove's Lectures on Popery, the Mystery of Babylon, boards 

(published at 10*. 6d.) 3*. 6d 1823 

3007 SERMONS.—on the Jews' Society, by Dr. Graves, W. Marsh, 

Melville Home, Dr. Randolph, H. Atkins, &c. boards, 2*. 

3008 on the New College at Hackney, by Dr. Price, Dr. 

Kippis, Dr. Rees, Dr. Priestley, Hugh Worthington, and T, 
Belsham, neat, 4*. 

3009 Sing on the Last Judgment, Slinn's Believer's AI* 

phabet, Ryland on the Lord's Supper, &c. 1*. 6d. 

3010 seven. Funeral, by Dr. Guyse, Dr. Gill, Samuel Wil- 
son, Thomas Hall, Bradbury, &c. bound, 2*. 6d 1750, &c. 

3011 Twelve, by Bradbury, Sladen, Dr. Ridgley, and 

T. Hall, boimd, 1*. 6d> 

3012 Five, by David Jennings and W. Ford, 1*. 

3013 Six, by Fawcett, Jenkins, Samuel Meadows, Slinn, 

&c. half- bound, 1*. ^d, 

[William Batnss, 

Digitized by 


0CTA.VO.] Sermons and Discourses. 149 

^14 SEnR,MONS.— Four, by President Edwards, Abraham Booth, John 

Conder, and John Stafford, half-bound, 2s. 
3015 Pour, by Wesley, W. Love, J. Clark, T. Prince, of 

New England, Vidler's Letter to Samuel Bradbarn, Gibbons's 

Mourning Saint among the Willows, &c. boards, 2s. 
3016 Twelve, by Bishop Home, H. Venn, D. Bradberry, 

B. Russen, J. Martin, J. Hughes, H. Peckwell, President 

Finley, N. Robbins, J. Hunt, and J. Bacon, neat, 2s. 
3017 at Ordinations, by J. Upton, J. Bowden, and B. 

Wallin, with others, by Dr. Gill, Dr. Stennet, W. Walker, Dr. 

Jenkins, Dr. Ryland, &c. half-calf, 2s. 6d. 
3018 Funeral, by Jonathan Parsons, T. Grove, Caleb 

Evans, Rowland Hill, Dr. Davies, J. Martin, W. B. Cadogan, 

and Erasmus Middleton, with others by Medley, De Coetlogon, 

Kello, &c. bound, 25. 6d. 
3019 Eight, Funeral, by Robert Hall, Daniel Wilson, T. 

Burgess, W. Romaine, H. J. Knapp, &c. 2s. 

3020 Four, by Bishop Hobart, of New York, Is. 

3021 Nine, by Irving, T. Martyn, T. Edmonds, C. Si- 
meon, Bishop Hobart, and Dr. Gill, Is, 6d, 
3022 Nine Missionary, by T. Scott, Charles of Bala, 

Bogue, Winter, &c. with Dr. Buchanan's Address before the 

Church Missionary Society, 2$. 
3023 Four, by Dr. Gill, J. Bradford, and C. Simeon, with 

Discourses at the ordination of J. Morison. 
3026 Fifteen, by Dr. Samuel Wright, Thomas Newman, 

Daniel Mayo, John Barker, and David Jennings, 25. 6d. 

3027 — ' Two, by Dr. Gill, Toplady's Good News from 

Heaven ; Dr. Everard's Rending of the Veil, and Robert Eedes's 
Love -of. Christ, I5. 6d, 

3028 ■ Four by Andrew Fuller, and two by Dr. Gill, 2s. 

3029 Six, by Reynell, Lupton, Betty, Bisse, Bulkeley, 

and West, I5. 

3030 Seven, by Meadowcourt, Edmund, Bishop of Lin- 
coln, Dr. Bradford, and De Coetlogon, I5. 

3031 Six, by Hind, Hoadly, Turner, Chandler, Bradshaw, 

and Walter Jones, I5. 

3032 Six, by Ibbetson, Joseph Trap, Scurlock, and 

W. B. Williams, I5. 

3033 Seven, by W. Budworth, Webber, Dr. Price, Lisle, 

Stubs, and Meadowcourt, I5. 

3034 Seven, by Mudge, Skerret, Kenrick, Dr. R. Gray, 

Blackburn, Pearse, and Denne, Is. 

3035 Six, by Dr. N. Marshal, Dr. Sturges, Wink- 
worth, Dr. J. Clarke, T. Robinson, and a Sermon in Latin, 
l5. 6rf. 

3030 ■■ — - Seven, by Garmston, Dean Stanhope, Cotes, Lup- 

ton, Dr. Stennett, and'N. Gilbert, Is. 

^ 54, Patbrmoster Row.] 

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150 Sermong and Di$cour$e$. [Octavo. 

3037 SERMONS.— Six, bj HoUowty, Bickerdike, R. Cecil, Dr. 

Hnyley, Dr. Rye, and W. B. Williams, Is. 
3038 Six, by Tottie, Pyle, Winkworth, W. B. Williams, 

3039 , pivc, by W. WiUiams, W. B. Williams* and De 

Cmircy, 1«. 

3040 Six, by Bishop Burgess, Markham, Doddridge, 

Dr. R. Gray, Waterland, and Foster, with Levies Form qf Praise 
at the Synagogue^ Hebrew and English^ half'Cafft 2s. 

3M1 --___ Rfteen, by Theophilus St. John, printed in 


3042 Sharp's (Archbishop), 7 vols, boards, 1/ 1738 

3043 7 vols, portrait, neat, 1/. Is 1700 

3044 7 vols, portnut, yellttm, neat, 1/. 10». 


3045 Sharpens (Dr. Gregory) on yarioas subjects, half-bound, uncut, 

l8.6d.; calf, neat, 2# 1772 

3046 Shepherd's (Samuel) on Tarious subjects, neat, 39 Dubl. 1790 

3047 ' (R.) on seyeral occasions, boards, 2s. 6d. ; calf, 3s. 6d. 


3048 Sherlock's (Bishop), 4 vols, fine copy, calf, gilt, 16^ 1772 

3049 Use and Intent of Prophecy, neat, 39. 1744 

3050 Short's (Dr. T. V.) on some of the Fundamental Truths of Chris- 
tianity, new boards, 9s Oj^, 1829 

3052 Smith's (John, of Cambridge) Select Discourse, with a Sermon 
at his Funeral by Bishop Patrick, new boards, canvass back 
(published at 12^.) 4f. 6i< 1821 

3053 (Jeremiah) on the Deaths of Sir Thomas Abney and Rer. 

S. RoseweU, bound, ls.6d...... 1722 

3054 (J.) Twelve, half^salf, 1*. 6d 177« 

3055 Duty of Contentment and Resignation to the Tllll of 

God, neat, 2s • 1707 

3056 Snape's (Dr. Andrew) Forty-five, 3 vols, neat, 89.. 1745 

3057 Sowden's (Benjamin Choyee) on various subjects, boards, 2s. 

3058 Sprat's (Bishop) on several occasions, neat, ls.6d...., 1^7 

3059 Stebbing's (Dr. Henry) on Practical Subjects, 2 vols, neat, 7«* 


3060 Steele's (John, Esq. of Gadgirth, Minister of Stair) boards, 

2s 1778 

3061 Stennetfs (Dr. Samuel) on Personal Religion, 2 vols, boards, 5s. 


3062 Stevens's (Dr. W.) 3 vols, boards, Js. M 1801 

3063 (Brooke Bridges) on the Festivals and Fasts of the 

Church, pew boards, canvass back lettered, 39. 6d.. 1817 

3064 Stewart's (Dr. Alexander) with Memoir of his life and Letters, 

brown calf, 7« ..•.. 1822 

3065 ■'■ (James Haldane) Farewdl Disconses, six, at Percy 

Chapel, St. Pancras.boards (pid)lished at59.)29 1829 

[W114LIAM Batviis, 

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OcTATO.] Sermons and Discourses. 151 

3066 Stiningfleef B (Biskop), yols. i. and iii, containiog 25 SenDons, 2 

Fok. neat, 4« J. 1696 

3067 Stirling's (Dr. Alexander), boards, 2«. 6^ 1808 

3068 Sturges's (Dr.), chieflj on the Evidences of Natural and Revealed 

ReHgion, boards, 2s, ; calf, neat, Ss. 6d 1792 

d068*Suoiner's (John Bird), on the Christian Faith and Character, 
12mo. boards (published at 6«.), 4s. 6d 1826 

3069 SaperviUe's on important subjects, translated by J« Reynolds, 

boards, 3*. 6d 1816 

3070 Sylvester's (Dr. Matthew) Chrbtian's Raee and Patience, on 

Heb. xii, 2 vols, portnut, neat, 5$ 1702 

3071 Syoiinons's (Dr. Charles), calf, 3f 1787 

3071^atham's (Edward) Twelve, introductory to the study of Di- 
vinity, boards, steined, 2s. 6d 1780 

3072 Tayler's (Thomas) upon subjects interesting to Christians of 

every Denomination, neat, 3s ...•• 1803 

3073 Taylor's (Richard) on several subjects, 2 vols, neat, scarce, 

lOf. 6d •. 17W 

3074 (Dr. John) on different subjects, left for publication, 

sewed, 2s.— neat, 2*. 6d. 1788 

3075 2 vols, boards, 5$ 1800 

3076 ' ' 2 vols* in one, bound, 4». 

These Seimont aw aaoribed to Da, Johnson. 

3077 Thomas's (Dr. J. Deere), 2 vols, boards (published at 1/. 1«.}, 8^* 


307B Tliomson's (Dr. H.) on Passages selected from the Book of the 

Acta of the Apostles, boards, 3s. 6d .... 1822 

3079 Thmston's (Frederick) High Calling of the Gospel, in Twelve 

Discourses, boards (published at 8^.), 2s. &/ 1822 

3080 Tottie's (Archdeacon) before the University of Oxford, with 

Three Charges, neat, scarce, Ss 1775 

, SOBl Townsend's (John) Nine on Prayer, boards, 2^. 6d 1799 

3082 — ^— — — (Joseph) on various subjects, boards, 3s 1805 

3083 Trailers (Robert) Stedfast Adherence to the Profession of our 

Faith recommended, bound, 2s,.'.....* 1718 

3084 Trevor's (Dr. T.) boards (published at 6«.) 2s.... 1816 

3085 Twining's (Thomas) on interesting and practical subjects, with 

Biographical Preface by Dr. Toulmin, boards, 2s. 6d. 1801 

3066 Usher's (Dr. Henry) blub morocco, gilt lbavbs, 7'* 

Bath, 1791 

3087 Valpys (Dr. R.) on public occasions, with notes, 2 vols, boards 

(published at I8s.) 4s 1811 

3088 Vanbrugh's (Geo.) on several subjects and occasions, boards, 2s. 

3089 Venn's (John, of Clapham) vol. ii, boards, 3s 1814 

3090 Watt's (Dr. Daniel Guildford) before the University of Cambridgs^ 

with copious criticfd illustrations, boards (published at 6s.) ^ 

2s. M 1826 

54, Patbrnostbr Row. 

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162 Sermons and Discourses. [OCTAVd. 

3091 Walker's (Robert, of Edinburgh), on practical subjects, with 

character of the Author by Dr. Blair, 3 vols, half-calf, gilt, I2s. 


3092 ■ complete in 2 vols, boards 

(published at H.), 9* 1811 

3093 (Geo. of Nottingham) on various subjects, 2 vols. 

boards, 5s 1790 

3094 2 vols, calf, neat, 7s 1790 

3095 Wallis's (Dr.) with Memoirs of the Author, original Anecdotes, 

and Introduction by De Coetlogon, portrait, half-calf, 4^. 6d. 


3096 Warburton's (Bishop) Principles of Natural and Revealed Re- 

ligion, 2 vols, neat, Js 1753 

3097 ■ Sermons, complete, 3 vols, calf, neat, l&I 


3098 Warneford's (Dr.) on several subjects and occasions, 2 vols. 

half-bound, 4« Oxf. 1776 

3099 Warren*8 (Thomas, Rector of St. Elizabeth in Jamaica) boards, 

28 1809 

3100 Waterland's (Dr. Daniel) on important subjects of Religion and 

Morality, 2 vols, neat, 65 1742 

3101 Eight in Defence of the Divinity of 

Christ, at the Lady Moyer Lecture, neat, 2s. 6d I72O 

3102 Waters's (Edward Pye) on various subjects, boards, Is. 6d, 

3103 Watts's (Dr.) on various subjects, half-bound, neat, 4^. 

3104 Evangelical Discourses on several subjects, with 

an Essay on the Powers and Contests of Flesh and Spirit, fine 
copy, neat, 4« 1747 

3105 boards, 2*. 6d, 

Glasgow^ 1791 

3105 . Nine, with Preface by Dr. Pye Smith, boards (pub- 
lished at 65.), 2*. 6d '. 1812 

3107 Webb's (Francis) on various occasions, royal octavo, portrait, 

boards (published at 18^.), 4s 1818 

3108 half-calf. neat, 6s 1818 

3109 Webster's (Dr. W.) Two, upon the Sabbath, half-calf. Is. 6d. 
3110 (Dr. Charles) boards, Is. 6d.— half-calf, 2s 1811 

3111 Weedon's (Dr.) on several subjects, boards, Is 1777 

3112 Wesley's (John) with Life by Samuel Drew, 2 vols, portrait, 

boards, lOs 1829 

3113 West's (William) on various important subjects, neat, 2^... 1762 

3114 Wharton's (Henry), preached in Lambeth Chapel, 2 vols, por- 

trwt, neat, 4s ; 1700 

3115 Whichcote's (Dr. Benjamin), 4 vols, portrait, neat, 9s 1702 

3115* Select, neat, Is. 6d 1773 

3116 Whishaw's (Humphrey), 2 vols, neat, 4* 1782 

3117 Whiston's (William) Accomplishment of Scripture Prophecies, 

Eight at the Boyle Lecture, neat, 2s. 6d 1708 

3118 .^ on different subjects, and Essays on the 

[William Batnbs, 

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Octavo.] Sermons and Discourses. 153 

Penitent Thief, Advice for the Student of Divinity, &c. &o. 

sewed, 2«. 6d 1709 

3119 Whitaker's (E. W.) Family Sermons, 3 vols, boards, 7s. ... 1798 

3120 on Education, boards, U.— half-calf, 1*. 6d. 


3121 White's (Thomas, Prebendary of Lichfield Cathedral) Twenty on 

various subjects, neat, 3s 1757 

3122 Whitfield's (George) Seventy-five on various important subjects; 

3 vols, boards (published at 11. U.), lOs. (id 1812 

3123 Discourses on several subjects, portrait, 

neat, 2s 1739 

8124 Eighteen, revised by Dr. Gifford, new 

half^alf, 4*. 1771 

3125 Williamson's (John) Gospel Method of Conquering Sinners 

unto Christ, neat, scarce, 3s. 6d Edinb. 1721 

3126 Wilson's (Daniel), new, boards, (published at 12^.), 9s.K.. 1826 

3127 (H. B.) on several subjects, boards (published at 

lOs. 6d.),3s. 6d 1807 

3128 ; — (Samuel) Saints imperfect on Earth, Saints compleat in 

Glory, &c. neat, 1*. 6^.... 1735 

3129 ■ on various subjects and occasions, with Ac- 
count of his character by^Stennett, neat, 2s 1753 

3130 (Matthew), on particular occasions, boards. Is. M. 


3131 Winbolt's (Thomas), on various subjects, preached at So.uthg^ai;e 

Chapel, 2 vols, boards, 3s. 6d 1800-7 

3132 Winter's (Dr. Richard) on important, and chiefly practical sub- 

jects, boards, 2^ 1800 

3133 Wintle's (Dr. Thomas) Christian Ethics, Discourses on the 

Beatitudes^ 2 vols, boards, 6s • Oif. 1812 

3134 Wolstenholme's (Henry) on several occasions, 2 vols, boards, As. 

Liverp. 1790 

3135 Wordsworth's (Dean), 2 vols, boards (published at ISs.) 7s. 1815 

3136 Wrangham's (Archdeacon) Thirteen practical, with Rome is 

Fallen, a Sermon, and St. Peter, a Sermon, boards, 2s. 6d. 1800 

3137 Wright's (Dr. Samuel) Occasional Preacher, Nine Sermons, 

with Four others on particular subjects, neat, 3s 1743 

3138 ZoUikoffer's, on the Festivals and Fasts of the Church, 2 vols. 

boards, 7s. 1807 

54, Fatbrmostbr Row.] X 


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3 J 99 Acta Regia, the Accmmt which Rapin pnbfished of his History 
of England, neat, 9$ •..••• 1733 

3140 Adams's Index VilUris, or an Alphabetical Table of all the Cities, 

Market Towns, Parishes, Wlages, and Private Seals in England 
and Wales, bound, 9« 1680 

3141 enlarged edition, with perfect 

Catalogue of the Nobility of England and Wales, with thmr 
respective seats, and die Coandes wherein ihey are situate, 
half-calf. Us 1700 

3142 Annals of England, containing the Reigns of Henry die Eighth, 

Edward the Sixth, and Qaeen Mary, written by Fnuiins, 
Rishop of Hereford, Englished by Morgan Godwyn, half-calf, 
55 1675 



3144 Anstis's Rbgistbr of thb host koblb Ordbr op thb 

Gartbr, 2 vols, old calf, neat, 21. 2$ 1724 

3145 Aphorismes Civill and Militarie, amplified with Audiorides 

and exemplified with Historic out of Fr. Gaicciardine, bound, 
4* 1629 

3146 Bacon's (Nathaniel) Historical and Political Discourse of the 

Laws and Government of England, collected from Manuscript 
Notes of Selden, best edition, neat, 8* ••••••• 1739 

3147 Badeslade^s History of the Ancient and Present State of the 

Navigation of the Port of King's Lynn, and of Cambridge, maps, 
neat, & 1725 

3148 Baker's (Sir Richard) Chronicle of the Kings of England, 

continued to the Death of King George I, illustrated with 


3149 Beaumont's Travels through the Maritime Alps, fine platbs, 

1795, and Beaumont's Select Views in the South of France, 
with Historical Descriptions, 2 vols, in one, half-bound, 1/. 8«. 


These two works contain together thirty -five fine large engravings 
of interesting views, &c. 

3150 ■■ Travels from France to Italy through the Lepon- 

tine Alps, plates, boards, 9<... «.••• .,•• 1806 

[William Batnbs, 

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ToLio.] HUiarf, Aniiqmiieh Vaifrngf^ trc. 165 

3150*Berry'8 GciMlogU Antiqiui, er Mythological and Claaaical 
Tahles, boards (pnbliahed at 1/. ls.)M. , 1816 

3151 Biod'b CoDstructdoD and Principal Uses of Mattiematical In* 

•tramenta, bj Stone, plates, nnsT bditioni neat, 13« 1758 

3152 Biondi's (Gayalier Gio. Francesco) £roniena, or LoTe and Re- 

vengej Englished by Ja. Hayward, half*bonnd, calf, Sf. ••• 1(132 

3153 Birch's Histort of IiiLustriovs Pbrsovs op Grbat Britain, 

with thbib llybs and characters, finb portraits bt 
UouBRAKBN, ORIGINAL EDITION, ncaty scarce, 41. 4f. 


3154 Blondel's (Dafid) Treatise of the Sibyls, so highly celebrated as 

well by the Antient Heathens as the Holy JPathers of the Charch, 
BngUshed by J. Davies, neat, 7« • 1661 

3155 Blore's History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland, vol. i, 

part ii, contuningthe East Hundred, and including the Hundred 
of Casterton Parva, boards (published at 4/. 4^.), 18<« ... 1811 

3156 Borkse's Natural History of Cornwall, plates, neat, scarce, 

II. l\s.6d Oitf. 1758 

3157 Brice's (Andrew, of Exeter) Universal Geographical Dicdonary, 

or Grand Ga,2etteer of General, Speeial, Ancient, and Modem 
Geography, neat, scarce, I4s ••••• 1759 

3158 British Apollo, or curious Amusements for the Ingenious, to 

which are added the most material Occurrences Foreign and 
Domestick, neat, scarce, I2s • • 1708 

3159 Brown's (Dr. Edward) Travels in divers parts of Europe, plates, 

half-calf, 48. 6d 1685 

3160 Browne's (Dr. Patrick) Ciril and Natural History of Jamaica, 

plates, calf, neat, I6s • • 1789 

3161 Brown's (Sir Thomas) Enquiry into Common and Vulgar Errors, 

fine copy, neat, ds 1686 

3162 Buck's (Geo.) History of the life and Reigne of Richard the 

Third, tbrt pimb orioinal portrait bngravbd bt T. Cross, 
bound, scarce, I2s • 1646 

.3163 Burton's (Dr. John) MonastiMin Eboracense, the Ecclesiastical 
HistoryofYorksbire, plates, neat, 1/. 15«...... York^ 1758 

3164 Burnet's (Bishop) Memoires of the Lives and Actions of James 

and William Dukes of Hamilton, portrait op Cbarlbs I, l^ 
BT Faithornb, bound, Js ••••••... • 1677 

31^ ._ Another Copy, portraits of the Dukes of Hamilton^ hj 

White, a whole length of Charles I, kneeling, by the same . 
Artist, and a fine impression of Faithornb's superb portndt of ^ 
the unfortunate Monarch, neat, 12« ••• 1677 

3166 Chambers's Deagns of Chinese Buildings, Furniture, Dresses, 

Machines, and Utensils, vellum, 14« «....•••... 1767 

3167 Charies's (King) Works, both civil and sacred, with the Life and 

Reign of that Prince, large prim of the King giving Au orders to \^ 

his secretary qfwar^ Sir Edward Walker^ neat, 6s 1735 

3168 ' Large Declaration concerning the late 

Tumults in Scotland^^ne p^maU qfthe King^ neat, 6^... 1639 y^ 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

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ISB Hi^atfyy AntigvUieM^ VagageB^ . [Folio. 

ai69 ChiBhuU's (Dr. Edmund) Traveh in Turkey and back to Engkmd^ 
neat, 6s 1747 

3170 Churchill's (Sir Winston) Di?i Britannict, a Remark upon the 

Lives of all the Kings of this Isle, from a.m. 2855 to a. c. 1660, 
plates qf arntSi neat, 8«.. ••• 167^ 

3171 Churohill's Collection of Voyages and Travels, some now first 

printed from original Manuscripts, otliers now first pub«- 
iisfaed in English, 6 vols, plates, half-calf, uncut, 3/. 7s. 1732 

31712 ■ » .1 I ■■■ Supplement, Collection of Voyages and Travels, 
compiled from the Library of the Earl of Oxford, 2 vols, plates^ 
rough calf, 1/. 8* : 1745 

3178 Clarendon's (Earl) Collection of Tracts, containing his Vindi- 
cation, Moral Essays on Education, on the Psalms, &c. half- 
calf, neat, 18*. 1727 

3174 Gloria (the Princesse), or the Royal Romance, imbellished with 

divers Pditical Notions and singular Remarks of Modem 
Transactions, containing the sit^ry of most part of Europe for 
many years last past, by a Person of Honour, neat, 0«. ... 1665 

3175 Coker's Survey of Dorsetshire, its Antiquities and Natural 

History, plates, neat, I2s ^ 1732 

3176 Craig's (Sir Thomas) Right of Succession to Uie Kingdom of 

England, against the sophisms of Parsons the Jesuite, neat, 69. 


3177 Davies's (John) Extravagant Shepherd, or the History of the 

Shepherd Lysis, an Anti-Romance, half-bound, neat, 6*. 


3178 D'Ewes!s (Sir Simonds) Journals of all the Parliaments during 

the reign of Queen Elizabeth, ricihlt sNGRAVsn frontispiece 
OF '^ Queen Elisabeth in. Parmambmt," fine copy, neat, 14«. 


317^ Digges's (Sir Dudley) Compleat Apibassador, w two Treaties 

of the intended Marriage of Queen Elizabeth, neat, 6$.... 1655 

3180 DFummond's Travels through Germany, Italy, Greece, and seve- 

ral parts of Asia, plates, boards, 49. 66^. 1754 

3181 Du Bartas, his Divine Weekes and Workes, with a compleate 

Collection of all the other most delightful Workes translated and 
written by that famous Philomusis Joshua Sylvester, engraved 
title-page fy R^ ELuracke^ neat, Ss 1641 

3182 Dn Bosc's (Claude) Military History of the Prince Eugene of 

Savoy and John Duke of Marlborough, plo/es o/* Battles, Sieges, 
Plans, &c. 2 vols, neat, 14^ 1736 

3183 Ducarel's (Dr.) Anglo-Norman AtUiquities, observed w a Tour 

through Normandy, illustrated with 27 plates, half^bomid, uncut, 
neat, 1/. 16* 1767 

3184 DuGBAfiB's History of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, 

second edition, with Life, published by Dr. Maynard, plates by 

Hollar, calf, neat, 3/. 3^ 1716 

3185 Short View of the Late Troubles in England, por- 
trait OF Charles bt Faithornb, neat^ IO9. 6^ 1681 

[William Batnbs, 

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Folio.] Travels, and MUceHafUei. 157 

3186 Dancan's ComnienUiries of Csesar, translated into English, fine 

plates, bound in russia, 2/. I5s Tonson, 1753 

3187 Dunton's Young Students' Library, containing extracts and 

abridgements of the most valuable books, from the year sixty- 
five to this time, curious frontispiece, neat, 8f... •••••« 1692 

3188 Elton's Complete Body of the Art Military, /ron^i^iVce by Dela- 

ratHy neat, hs ••• 1668 

3189 Fit^erbert's Abridgement, fiUt& letter^ 2 fine large volumes, 

half-calf, gilt, rare, 1/. 8^ * (printed by Pinson.) 

3190 Fludd's (Robert) Mosaieall Philosophy grounded upon the Essen- 

dali Truth or Eternal Sapience, neat, I2s 1659 

3191 Fordun (Joannis de) Scoticronicon, cum Supplementis et Conti- 

nuatione Walter! Boweri. Praefixa est ad historiam Scotorum 
Introductio brevis, cura W. Goodali, 2 vols, half-bound, IL 4s. 

Edinb. 1759 

3192 Fox's (Sir Stephen) Memoirs of his Life, large paper, 2 por- 

traits, half-calf, neat, 12f 1807 

Only Twenty-five copies printed on tlus paper. 

3193 Fryer's (Dr. John) New Account of East India and Persia, por- 

trait by White, neat, 8^ 1698 

3194 Fuller's (Dr. Thomas) History of the Worthies of England, defec- 

tive in two places about the middle of the volume, russia, neat, 
21. 2s. 1662 

3195 General Tables of the Moon's Distances from the Son and ten 

principal Fixed Stars, published by the Commissioners of 
Longitude, large folio, with 86 blank leaves at the end, neatly 

bound in russia, 145 1787 

3195*Grabu's (Lewis) Albion and Albanius, an Opera or Representation 
in Musick, neat, 8^ i c. 1687 

3196 Grew's (Dr. Nehemiah) Catalogue and Description of Rarities he' 

longing to the Poyal Society, and preserved at Gresham College, 
plates, 45 1681 

3197 Cosmologia Sacra, or a Discourse of the 

Universe as it is the Creature and Kingdom of God, portrait, 
neat, 55 1701 

3198 Grotius's (Hugo) Rights of War and Peace, with all the large 

notes of Barbeyrac, best edittok, neat, 1/. 115.6^^ 1737 

3199 Habington's History of Edward the Fourth, King of England, 

bound, 35. 6d 1640 

3200 Hager's Explanation of the Elementary Characters of the Chinese, 

with an Analysis of their Ancient Symbols and Hieroglyphics, 
bds. canvass back, lettered, 125 1801 

3201 Hamilton's (Sir William) Vases, 4 vols, somewhat stained, half- 

bound, russia, 5{. lOs^,..,. Naples, 1791 

Priced in a Bookseller's Catalogue for last year at 12/. 

3202 Heath's Chronicle of the late intestine War in the three kingdoms 


Digitized by 


158 HUtoriff Aniiquiiies, Voyages, [Folio. 

of England, Scotland^ and Ireland, illustrated with a variety of 
portraits, new half-bound, russia, 1/. 5s • 1676 

3203 Helvicus's (Christopher) Historical and Chronological Theatre, 

neat. As 1687 

3204 Heywoode's (Thos.) NineBookes of Various History conceminge 

Women, inscribed by the names of the nine muses, engraved litle- 
page, neat, 12^ 1624 

3205 History of the Life and Death of Muy Stuart Qneene of Scot-> 

land, half-bound, calf, 8» 1624 

3206 History of the Life, Reign, and Death of Edward II, King of 

England and Lord of Ireland, with the Rise and Fall of his 
great favourites, Gayeston and the Spencers, written by £. T. 
portrait, neat, 6s 1680 

3207 History, Natural and Civil, of the French Dominions in North 

and South America, maps, neat, Js 1760 

3208 Hobbes's Thucydides's Eight Bookes of the Peloponnenan 

Warre, plates, and engraved title-page, by Cecill, neat, 
lOs. 6d 1634 

3209 Hooke's (R.) Micrographia, or Physiological Descriptions of Mi- 

nute Bodies, made by Magnifying Glasses, plates, neat, 15«. 


3210 Micrographia Restaurati^ the Copper-plates of Dr. 

Hookers wonderful Discoveries by the Microscope, reprinted 
and explained, 8«. ; neat, lOs 1745 

3211 Horrebow's Natural History of Iceland, map, half-bound, neat, 5s^ 


3212 Howel's (James) Discourse concerning the Precedency of Kings, 

with a distinct Treatise of Ambassadors, &c. neat, 6f. ••• 1M4 

3213 Hughes's Natural History of Barbadoes, plates, half-cidf, neat, 10s. 


3214 Hunter's (William) Essay on the Diseases incident to Indian 

Seamen or Lascars, on long Voyages, half-bound, 9s. 

Calcutta, 1804 

3215 James's (King) Workes, portrait qf Prince Charles by Sinum Pass, 

neat, 12# , 1616 

3216 Jacobi Opera, edita ab Jacobo Montacuto Winton. 

Episc. portrait of Prince Charles by Simon Passe, fine copy, 
in vellum, 12« 1619 

3217 Jonson's (Benjamin) Workes, thick vol. neat, 12<, 

Lond. W. Stansby, 1616 

3218 Jonston's (John) History of the Wonderful Things of Nature, 

rendered into Engtish by a Person of Quality, half-calf, 6if* 


3219 Ksempfer's History of Japan, 2 vols, plates, fine copy, calf, neat, 

U. 16* 1727 

3220 Leigh's Natural History of Lancashire, Cheshire, and the Peak 

in Derbyshire, with an account of the British, Phoenician, Ar- 
menian, Gr. and Rom. Antiquities in those parts, plates, neat, 18s. 

0^. 1700 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.} Trav$U, €tnd Miscellanies. 189 

3221 Lewis's History of Great Britain, from tlie first Inhabitants 

thereof, till the death of Cadwalader, last King of the Britains, 
and of the Kings of Scotland to Eugene V, neat, rare, 22. 5s. 


3222 • ' ■ '■ (James) Original Designs in Architecture, book i, royal 

folio, boards, 18» 1797 

3223 Leycester's (Sir Peter) Historical Antiquities, treating in general 

of Great Britain and Ireland, with particular Remarks concern- 
ing Cheshire, neat, 1/. 1673 

3224 linschoten (John Huighen van) his Discours of Voyages into 

the Easte and West Indies, divided into four Bookes, fil^^ 
IttttVp maps, RARB, 21. 

Printed at London by John Woolfe^ 1598 

This ** very curious and instmctive volume," is also a volume of yerj 
uncommon occurrence. Colonel Stanley's Copy sold for as much 
as 22/. 

3225 Loys le Roy, called Regius, of the Interchangeable Course, or 

Variety of Things in the Whole Worid, translated into English 
by R[obert] A[shley], in fine black calf extra, scarce, *]s. 

At London^ printed by Charles Yetsweirtj 1594 

3226 Lyte's New Herball or History of Plantes, first set forth in the 

Dutch or Almaigne tongue, by that learned De Rembert Do- 
doens, l^lACft Uttttt with wood-ent portrait of Dodoen, neait 
stamped bindbag, scarce, Ifh, 

Imprinted at Antwbrpb, by Henry Loey 1578 

** Lyke as the swanne doth chaunt his tunes in signe of Joyful mynde, 
So Lyte by Learning shewes himself to Prince and Countrie kynde." 

3227 Maitland^s History of London, from its foundation to the present 

time, 2 vols, plates, neat, IZ. I6s 1756 

3228 Malton^s Perspective, the Appendix or Second Part, boards, can- 

vass back, 89^. 1782 

3229 Mariana's General History of Spun, translated by Captain Ste- 

vens, LARGE PAPER, ucat, I2s 1699 

3230 Markham's (Francis) Five Decades of Epistles of Warre, and the 

Booke of Honour, or Five Decades of Epistles of Honour, 
bound, 5s 1622-25 

3231 Martin's Historic and Lives of twentie Kings of England, illus- 

trated WITH PORTRAITS, neat, lOs 1615 

3232 Matthsi Paris Historia Major, editore Will. Watts, very fine 

copy, vellum, 2/. 5s 1686 

3233 Methold's Two Relations, one of the Northe Easterne Parts, the 

other of the South Easterne Parts, new half-calf, 5s 1626 

3234 Milles's Catalogue of Honour or Treasury of True Nobility 

peculiar to Great Britmn (titie wanting), bound, IL 4«. ... 1610 

3235 Morant's History and Antiquities of Colchester in the County 

of Essex, plates, new half-calf, 15s. «••* 1748 

3236 plates, russia extra, marbled 

leaves, II 1748 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


160 History, Aniiquiiies, Voyages, [Folio. 

3236*Nani'8 (Battista) Histoiy of tlie Affairs of Europe in this present 
Age, particularly of Venice, engUshed hj Sir R. Honey wood, 
neat, 48 1673 

3237 Natural History of Animals, the Anatomical Description of Crea- 

tures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, 
plates, neat, 7^ • • • 1702 

3238 Newcastle's (Duke of) General System of Horsemanship, in 

French, superb plates, largb paper, half-calf, 2/. I2s, 6d, 

Lond. 1737 

3239 Newton^s (John) Trigonometria Britannica, or the Doctrine of 

Triangles, neat, 9* 1658 

3240 Nicholson's (Bishop) English Historical Library, neat, 5s, 


3241 North's (Thomas, Son to Sir Edward North, Lord North of 

Kirthling) Diall of Princes, from Don Antonio of Gueccara, with 
a fourthe Booke stiled the Favoured Courtier, neat, 9^. 

Bernard Jlsfyp, 1619 

3242 (Dudley, the Third Lord North) Forest of Varieties, 

wants two leaves, rare, 6s 1645 

At Page 237, the author signs his name Du. North. Sen. 

3243 Oldmixon's History of England during the Reigns of the Royal 

House of Stuart, old binding, 8^ • 1730 

3244 Another Copy, with the History of England during the 

Reigns of William and Mary, Anne» and George, being the 
Sequel of the History of tlie Stuarts, 2 vols, fine copy, neat, II. 


3245 — — '• a complete copy, 3 vols. 

UNIFORM, original calf, neat, scarce, 21. 2s 1730-39 

3246 Olearius's Voyages and Travels of the Ambassadors sent to the 

Great Duke of Muscovy and Persia, containing a compleat 
History of Muscovy, Tartary, and Persia, with Mandelslo's 
^Travels from Persia into the East Indies, ^;i^ frontispiece con- 
taining five portraits, neat, ]2s 1662 

3247 Parkin's History and Antiquities of the Borough of King's Lynn, 

in the County of Norfolk, and of the Towns, Villages, &c. 
within a circuit of 15 Miles, map and plate, neat, scarce, IQs. 


3248 Parkinson's Theater of Plants, or an Universall and compleate 

Herball, with the frontispiece, containing portrait of the Author, 
engraved by W. Marshall, fine copy, neat, 1 /. 1 6f 1 640 

3249 Peck's De^derata Curiosa, or a Collection of divers scarce and 

curious Pieces, 2 vols, plates, calf, neat, \l.Ss 1732 

3250 ' — '• Antiquities of Stamford in Lincoln, Rutland, and North- 

amptonshire, plates, fine copy, neat, 1/. 4«. 1727 

3251 Perry's View of the Levant, particularly of Constantinople, Sy- 

ria, «Egypt, and Greece, plates, boards, uncut, 9^ 1743 

3252 Play Bills, a curious and extensive collection, beginning Oct. 2, 

1810, and ending Sept. 16, 1816, comprised in 3 vols, faalf- 
bdund, 1/. 10». 

[William Batnb8» 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Travels, and Mtaeellaniea. 161 

9953 PJayiiiir's (Dr.) System of Chronology, containing an Explana- 
tion of the Principles of this Science, account of Epochs, ^ras, 
and Periods ; a Chronological History, exhibiting a connected 
view of the time, mode, origin, progress, &c. of Kingdoms ; 
List of Eclipses and Councils ; Chronological Tables of Kings, 
&c. &c. ; of all remarlcable events and occurrences relating to 
every kingdom and state ; a copious Biographical Index, and 
concise characters occasionally given, royal folio, calf, iSs. 


A scarce book, priced in a Bookseller's Catalogue at 2/. 5^. 

3254 Plot^s (Dr.) Natural History of Oxfordshire, map and plates, a 

good copy, calf, neat, \l, I6s 1705 

3255 Portraits, to illustrate English History, Ixvii, after Paintings by 

Vanderwerff, engraved by Gunst, Vermeulen, Valck, Audran, 
&c. &c. \6s. 

3256 Ramesey's Introduction to the Knowledge of the Stars, wherein 

the whole Art of Astrology is taught, neat, I2s .' 1653 

3257 Registrum Honoris de Richmond, exhibens Terrarum et Villa- 

rum, etc. infra Richmundshire descriptionem (edidit Gale) folio, 

plates, neat, 2/ 1722 

3259 Rennell's (Major) Bengal Atlas, neat, 1/ 1780 

3251^ Rycaut's Royal Commentaries 'of Peru,* tronTlh^' Spsnish of 

Garcflasso de la V^ga, thick vol. neat, 6« 1688 

^60 Present State of the Ottoman Enrpire, half-calf, neat, 6;. 


3261 Salmon's History of Hertfordshire, describing the County and 

its Ancient Monuments, particularly the Roman, with the 
Characters of those that have been the chief Possessors of the 
Lands, ' and kn Account of the most memorable Occurrences, 
calf, neat, li. Is .: 1728 

3262 Scott's (David) History of Scotland, from the year of the World 

3619 to the year of Christ 1726, neat, 12* 1728 

3263 Scudery's Clelia, an excellent new Romance, 5 vols, in 2, por- 

trait, very fine copy, brown calf extra, gilt leaves, 18^. 


3264 Selden's Tracts, Jani Anglorum Facies Altera, in English, with 

notes, England's Epinomis, of the Original of Ecclesiastical 
Jurisdictions, of Testaments, of Intestates' Goods, portrait by 
White, half-bound, neat, 8«. 1683 

3265 Sewell's History of the Rise, Increase, and Progress of the 

Quakers, intermixed with remarkable Occurrences, fine copy, 
neat, 10* 1722 

3266 Shaw's Travels and Observations relatfng to several parts of 

Barbary and the Levant, lAr^b papbA, neat, H 1738 

3267 Sidney's (Sir Philip) Countesse of Pembroke's Arcadia, with 

Sonnets, the Defence of Poesie, and Astrophel and Stella, new 
half-calf, 12j ;.......;...;.;;;...;.;......:.... ; 1629 

3268 — '■ '■ '" Arcadia modernized, by^ Mrs. Stanler, 

ii A ROE PAPER, neat, 10$ 172«5 

54, PatbRnostrr Row.] Y 

Digitized by 



162 History, Antiquities, Voyages, [Folio*. 

3269 Smeaton's Narratiye of the Building, and a Description of the 

Constraclion of the Eddystone Lighthouse with Stone« to which 

is subjoined an Appendix, giving some Account of the Light- 

J* house on the Spurn Point, built upon a Sand, numerous maps, 

^' plans, and fine engravings, atlas folio, half-bound, new (published 
at 6/. 68.), 21. 5s 1813 

3271 Somner's Antiquities of Canterbury, containing a Survey of that 

Ancient City, its Suburbs, Cathedral, &c. enlarged by Nicolas 
Batteley, fine copy, neat, 1/. Js 1703 

3272 Speed's Historic of Great Britaine, thick vol. neat, I5s. ... 1623 

3273 Spelman (Joannis) Vita ^Ifredi Magni, portraii of Alfred 

and plates of Coins, engraved by Michael Burghers, and View qf 
the Univerdttf of Oxford by Loggan, neat, \Ss Oxon. 1678 

3274 Spon's History of Geneva, plates, neat, As. 6d 1687 

3275 Stalkartt's Naval Architecture, no plates, calf, gilt, 7s 17^7 

3276 Stewart's Family, the History of, and History of the Shire of 

Renfrew, no title-page, half-bound, 5s. 

3277 Strafford's (Thomas Earl of) Tryal, collected and published by 

Rushworth, portrait by White, bound, 5s 1700 

327s Tavernier's (John Baptista) Six Voyages through Turkey into 
Persia, with a New Relation of the Grand Seignor*s Seraglio, 
&c. plates, neat, I4s. 1678 

3279 ■ Collection of Relations and Trea- 

tises, singular and curious, published by Edmund Everard, 
plates, neat, 6s , 1680 

3280 Taxatio Ecclesiastica Anglise et Wallise, Auctoritaie P. Nicholai 

IV, circa A. D. 1291, half-bound, neat, lOs. 6d 1802 

Ordinarily priced at about 11. Is. 

3281 Thevenot's Travels into the Levant, three parts complete, with 

the two duplicate leaves in the 3d part containing the Malabar 
Alphabet, &c. plates, neat, 10* 1687 

3282 Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis, or the Topography of the an- 

cient and populous Town and Parish of Leedes, and parts adja- 
cent in the West-riding of the County of York, plates, neat, 21. 


3283 Tuirs (Jethro) Horse-Hoing Husbandry, plates, neat, 7^... 1743 

3284 Universal History, the Maps and Charts to the Modern Part, 

boards, 5« 1766 

3285 Vetusta Monumenta, Index to the first three volumes, 4s. 6d, 


3286 Vere's (Sir Francis) Commentaries, being diverse pieces of 

service wherein he had command, plates, neat, 9s. Catnbr. 1657 

3287 Walker's (Sir Edward, Secretary of War to Charles I) Historical 

Discourses upon several occasions, illustrated with por- 
traits, neat, 12^ ; 1705 

3288 Webster's (John) Displaying of supposed Witchcraft, neat, 

scarce, Js 1677 

3289 Weever^s Ancient Funerall Monuments within the united Manor" 

chie qf Cheat Britaine, Ireland, and the Jlands adjacent, with 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Travels, and Miscettaniei. 163 

the dissolved Monasteries, bfc. with Index, portrait and engraved 
title-page by Cbcill, neat, scarce, 1/. 11^. 6d 1631 

3290 Weldon's (Sir A.) Court and Character of King James I, illus- 

trated with portraits, boards, 9« 1817 

3291 Whartoni (Hen.) Anolia Sacra ; sive CoUectio Historiarum 

partim Antiquitus, partim recenter Scriptarum de Archiepis- 
copis et Episcopis Anglise, a prima Fidei Christianse suscep- 
tione ad An. M.D.XL. 2 vols, in one, vellam, neat, 2/. 10«. 


3292 Wilford's Memorials and Characters, together with the Lives of 

divers eminent and worthy Persons, Examples of Piety and 
Virtue among the Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy, neat, scarce, 

i2« : 1741 

3293 Wilkins's (Dr.) Essay towards a Real Character and a Philoso- 

phical Language, neat, 14f 1668 

3294 Williams, Oxonia Depicta, being ^^ large Plans and Views of the 
' Colleges and Halls of Oxford, imp. folio, half-calf, neat, 2/. 2«. 


This copy has prefixed to it an original drawing of << the East Front 
of the Conduit at Carfax in the City of Oxford."— R. West delin. 

3295 Wottoni Jjeges Wallicse Hoeliboni et aliorum Wallite Principum, 

WaiU et Lot. notis et glosaariot sewed, U. 4s 1730 


3296 Acerbi's Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the 

North Cape, 2 vols, many plates (those of Natural History 
coloured), half-bound, neat, 18s 1802 

3297 Acosta's Naturall and Morall Historie of the East and West 

Indies, 6* 1604 

3298 Acta Historica Reginarum Anglise, Historical Account of the 

Queens of England, plate, half-bound, neat, 5^ I786 

3299 Adams on the Microscope, plates to, oblong, half-bound, 9^. 


3300 Adams's System of Universal Geography, thick vol. maps and 

plates, culf, neat, 9s I793 

d3lOO*Agricftltural Surveys of the Counties of England, Scotland, and 
Wales, collected in 12 vols, hajf-calf, neat, \l. Ss 1794, &c. 

3301 Agricultural Survey of the West, East, and North Ridings of 

Yorkshire, coloured maps, &c. russia. As I794 

3302 Agrippa (Henrie Cornelius) of the Vanitie and Uncertaintie of 

Artes and Sciences, l^laiCft IttttX^ fine clean copy, neat, 9^. 
Imprinted at London, by Henrie Bynneman, 1575 

3303 Another Copy, wants title page, neat, 4s. 

54, Patbrnostbb Row.] 


zed by Google 

1G4 History 9 Antiquities, Voyages, [QiJARTa« 

3d(H Alexis (the expert and reverende I^ayster), the Booke of his 
Secretes, a yerye excellent and profitable Booke, conteyning sixe 
hundred foure score and odde experienced Medicines, I^Ul^ 
IttttVf fine copy, calf extra, scarce, Ss. 

Imprinted at London^ by J- ^J/ghis 1578 

3305 Alison's Essays on Taste, brown calf, 7« • 1790 

3306 Ames's Typographical Antiquities, the History of Prindng in 

England, Scotland, and Ireland, by Dr. Dibdin, 3 vols, boards 
(published at IIZ.), 3/. 10^ 1810, &c. 

3307 vol. i, boards (published at 

3/. &.), 16* 1810 

3308 voL iii, boards (published at 

3/. ISs. ed.)j U. Is. 

3309 Amos's Minutes in Agriculture and Planting, illustrated with 

ten sorts of natural Grasses, and with plates« half-bound, 7^* 

Boston, 1804 

3310 Anderson's (A.) Journal of the Secret Expedition to Egypt, 

under Sir R. Abercromby, with a particular Account of Malta, 
map and fine large views, boards, 7« 1802 

3311 Armalia Duhrensia. Vpon the yeerely celebration of Mr. Robert 

Dover^s Olimpick Games vpon Cotswold'Hills^ being Poems by 
Michael Drayton, Shackerly Marmyon, Thomas Heyxoood, i^c. 
t^c. ca\f extra, II. 4# 1636 

3312 Anson's Voyage Round the World, by Walter, virst bdition, 

many plates, neat, 10; 1748 

3313 Another copy, plates, brown calf, neat, 12; 1749 

3314 ■ plates only, half-boiuid, un- 

cut, As. 

3315 Austis^s Observations upon the Knighthood of the Bath, \s, 6d. 


3316 Antiquities of Die Englisli Franciscans or Friefv Minors, com* 

moiily called Gray Friers, n^, Ts... f. 1726 

3317 Appian of Alexandria, the Second Part, wherein be eootuned 

so manie of the Romanes expeciitipns against forraine Nations, 
as have bin brought into light and come to our hands, l^lAttt 
I^tt^t^ halif-bound, 5s. , 

Land. Ralph Newberie and Henrie Bynne^ 
man, 1578. 

3318 Arbuthnot's Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, and Measures, 

explained and exemplified in several Dissertations, Tables, &c. 
neat, scarce, 10* 1727 

3319 Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, the Paraphrase of an Anonym 

mous Greek Writer, translated by Bridgman, boards, IO5. 

3319*Arrowsmith'8 Map of India, coloured, several sheets, on canvass 
in a case, neatly lettered, II. Is. 

3320 Ascham's (Roger) English Works, with Notes and Observations 

by Bennet, neat, 14^ 1761 

Prefixed to this edition is a Life of the Author, written by Dr. Johnsoa. 

[William Batnbs^ 

Digitized by 


Quarto*] Traveh^ and Miscellanw. 165 

33S1 Ascbam's (Roger) Scholemaster, fjl^tfSi Uttot. wauling foar 
leaves, calf extra, 65. 

Lond, printed by John Daye, 1579 

3322 Astley's General Collection of Voyages and Travels, iUustrated 

with numerous plates, 4 vols, neat, I/. lOs 1745 

3323 Atwood's Dissertation on the Construction and Properties of 

Arches, is 1801 

3324 Auctioneer's Guide for Town and Country, map, boards, 3s. 


332d Ayin Akbary, or the Institutes of the Emperor Akbar, translated 
by Gladwin, boards, 2« 1777 

3326 Ayscu's (Edward) Historie, containing the Warres, Treaties, 

Marriages, and other Occurrents between England and Scot- 
land, half-bound, neat, scarce, 9s. 

Lond. printed by G. Eld^ 1607 

3327 Bacon's (Lord) Works, 5 vols, portrait, calf, gilt, 6^. 6$. 


3328 Bailey's Advancement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, 

or Description of the useful Machines and Models in the Re-^ 
pository of the Society of Arts, &c. boards, 9s 177^ 

3329 Barrett's Tables of European Exchanges, thick vol. bound, %s. 


3330 Barrough's (Philip) Method of Physick, neat, 2«. 6(2 1624 

3331 Barry's (Sir E.) Observations, Historical, Critical, and Me« 

dicid, on the Wines of the Ancients, and their Analogy with 
Modern Wines, and on the Convivial Entertainments of the 
Greeks and Romans, 8ic. &c. neat, 14s 177^ 

3332 Bastwick*s utter Routing qf the whole Army of all the Independents 

and Sectaries f with the totall overthrow of their Hierarchy^ that 
new Babel, more groundless than that of the Prelates, with the 
original portrait qf Dr. Bastwick, whole length, in complete 
armomTf holding a shield with his right hand, and a Bible in his 
Irft ; on the shield is inscribed, " I fight the good fight of faith,*'* 
under the print are these verses : 

" Heere stands one arm'd, who hath truth's cause msdntain'd 
'Gainst error's captains, forces, vaunts, high boasts ; 
God's word his weapon, might and strenp^h he 'th gain'd 
To rout them all, from the great Lord oiHoasts." 

fine copy, 18* 1646 

3333 Becket's (Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury) Life, in French, 

no title-page, neat, 5s, 

3334 Beckford's Thoughts on Hunting, neat, 3*. 6d 1781 

3335 Bell's Travels from St. Petersburgh in Russia to divers parts 

of Asia, 2 vols, half-bound, neat, 9s Glasgow, Foulis, 1763 

3336 Bellers's Delineation of Universal Law, half-bound, 2s. 6d. 


3337 Bengal Husbandry and Commerce, Remarks on its present 

state, russia, 5s • Calcutta, 1795 

3338 Berington's Literary History of the Middle Ages, half-calf, neat, 

(published at 21. 2s.), 14« 1814 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


166 History, Antiquities, Voyages, [QuARTO. 

3339 Bernard's Terence in English, sewed in vellum, 4* 1614 

3340 Betham's Baronetage of England, or the History of the English 

Baronets, and such Baronets of Scotland as are of English 
Families : with Genealogical Tables, and Engravings of their 
Armorial Bearings, collected from the present Baronetages, ap- 
proved Historians, Public Records, Authentic Manuscripts, 
well-attested Pedigrees, and Personal Information ; plates, 5 
vols, calf, neat (published at 8/. 8*.)» 4/ 1801 

3341 Black's (Dr. Joseph) Lectures on the Elements of Chemistry, 

2 vols, boards, canvass backs, 14^ 1803 

3342 Bligh's (Commodore) Voyage to the South Seas, plates, boards, 

canvass backs, 6^ 1792 

3342^Blom field's Lectures on the Philosophy of History, coloured 
plates, boards (published at 1/. l^.) 6^ 1819 

3343 Bloomfield^Fifteen Views in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Northamp- 

tonshire, illustrative of the Works of Robert Bloomfield, with 
Descriptions, and his Life by Brayley, first impressions of th« 
plates, boards (published at 1/. Is.), *Js. 6d 1806 

3344 Blount's Voyage into the Levant, half-calf, extra, 5s 1630 

3345 Blundevile's Theoriques of the Seven, Planets, "good copy, 3s, 


3346 Boerhaave's New Method of Chemistry, with Notes by Dr. 

Shaw, 2 vols, plates, boards, 5s... 1753 

3347 Bolingbroke's (Lord) Letters and Correspondence, public and 

private, with Notes by Gilbert Parke, 2 vols, boards, I6s, 


3347* (Henry) Voyage to Demerara, Essequebo, &c. 

map, boards, 4^ 1807 

3348 Booth's System of Book-keeping, boards, 2s. 6d. — calf, 3s. 6d. 


3349 Bowyer's Miscellaneous Tracts, including Letters on Literary 

Subjects by Markland, Clarke, &c. collected and illustrated 

with Notes by Nichols, half-bound, I5s 1785 

3350 Life, by Nichols, neat, lOs. 6rf 1782 

3351 Boyer's Great Theater of Honour and Nobility, the Science of 

Heraldry, &c. plates, boards, ds 1729 

3352 Brathwait's (Richard) English Gentleman, half-calf, extra, 69. 


3353 ■ somewhat stained copy, half- 
bound, neat, 4s 1630 

3354 British Atlas, a complete set of County Maps, coloured, half- 

bound, neat, 18s 1810 

3355 Brooke's* (Ralph) Discoverie of certain Errors published in the 

much commended Britannia, 1594 ; with Camden's Answer, 
half-bound, neat, 6s 1723 

3356 Brook's (A.) Experiments and Remarks on Electricity, the Air- 

Pump, and Barometer, boards, 2s 1789 

3357 Brown's (Dr.) Travels in Europe, with Observations on the 

Gold, Silver, Copper, and Quicksilver Mines, Baths, and 

Mineral Waters, plates, bound, 2s, 6d 1673 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 1G7 

3358 Brog^s's Marrow of Physicke, with rare receipts for Beauties, 

and other secrets never before published, bound, 2s. 6d.,. 1640 

3359 Bryant's Dissertation concerning the War of Troy, and the Ex- 

pedition of the Grecians as described by Homer, map,bds.2«. 6d. 


3360 Buchanan's Memoir of the Expediency of an Ecclesiastical Esta- 

blishment for British India, calf, neat, 4s 1805 

3361 Burton's Historical Remarks on the Ancient and present State 

of London and Westminster, wood*cut portraits, boards, 6s. 


3362 Camdeni (Gulielmi) Reges, Reginse, Nobiles, et alii in Ecclesia 

Collegiata B. Petri Westmonasterii sepulti, usque ad annum re- 
parats salutis, 1603, fine copy, calf, 10^. 6d. 

Londinif excudehat Melch. Bradwoodus^ 


3363 Camus's (Bishop) Admirable Events, with morall Relations, trans- 

lated by S. Du Verger, neat, 5« 1639 

3364 Carlyle's Specimens of Arabian Poetry, Arabic and English, calf, Ts, 


3365 Another Copy, and Carlyle's Poems, suggested chiefly by 

Scenes in Asia-Minor, Syria, &c. two fine views, 2 vols, in one, 
calf, neat, 10* 1805 

3366 Cavdlo's Treatise on Air, with an Introduction to Chymistry, 

brown calf, 9^ 1781 

3367 Caxton's Ancient Historic of the Destruction of Troy, with 

many admirable and most rare exploits of Ghivalrie and mar- 
tiall Prowesse, effected by valorous Knights, with incredible 
events, compassed for and through the love of Ladies, trans- 
lated out of French into English by W. Caxton, newly corrected 
by W. Piston, l^lHtlft lett^t^ russia extra, gilt leaves, 1&. 

London^ printed by Thomas CrecdCj 1607 

3368 CelIarius*B Maps of Ancient Geography, on thirty-three copper 

plates, half-bound, 3^. 6d 1806 

3369 Chandler's (R.) Travels in Asia Minor, or an Account of a Tour 

made at the expense of the Society of Dilettanti, calf, 14j. 1776 

3370 Travels in Greece, maps, neat, 14* I776 

3371 Characturas by Leonardo da Vinci, from drawings by Winceslaus 

Hollar out of the Portland Museum, bds. (published at 15^,) 5s. 


3372 Chatfield's Historical Review of the State of Hindostan, boards, 6s. 


3373 Christie's Inquiry into the Ancient Greek Game supposed to, have 

been invented by Palamedes antecedent to the Siege of Troy, 
also two Dissertations on the Athenian Skirophoria and on the 
mystical meaning of the Bough and Umbrella in the Skirian 
Rites, boards, 5« 1801 

3374 Clark's (Samuel) Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Me- 

chanics, half-calf, scarce, 12^ 1764 

3375 Clayton's (Sir Richard) Critical Inquiry into the Life of Alexan- 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 



168 Hiaiary^ AniiqHiiies, Voyages, [Quarto. 

der the Great, from the French of Baron de St. Croix, map, 
half-bound, 4». 6d 1793 

3376 Clerk's Essay on Naval Tactics, systematical and historical, with 

explanatory plates, half-bound russia, neat, 15« 1804 

3377 Clowes's (W.) Profitable and necessarie Booke of Observations 

for curing Gun Shot wounds, Is. 6d. .« 1637 

3378 Collectanea Anglo^Minoritica, or a Collection of the Antiquities of 

the English Franciscans or Friers Minors, commonly called Gray 

Friers, plates, neat, \2s 1726 

337^ Colnett's Voyage to the South Atlantic and round Cape Horn into 
the Pacific Ocean, maps, neat, 9«. ..^ 1798 

3380 Cook's (Captain) Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 3 vols. bds. 11. 4*. 


3381 3 vols, fine copy, calf extra, 

gilt, marbled leaves, lL\\s,6d 1784 

3382 Cooper's Chronicle, conteinenge the whole discourse of the histories, 

as well of this realme, as all other countries, with the succession of 
their Kynges, the time of their raigne, and what notable Aetes were 
done by them, fllntft XtXttXt newly bound in calf, neat 21. 2s. 

Land. 1560 

3383 Coronations of the Kings and Queens of England^ an Account of 

the Ceremonies, wood^cuts, 2s. 6d 17^7 

3384 Corry's Observations upon the Windward Coast of Africa, co- 

loured PLATBS, boards, 69 1807 

3385 Coxe's Memoirs of the Life and Administration of Sir Robert 

Walpole, Earle of Orford, 3 vols, half-bd. russia, neat, 1/. 16«. 


3386 Memoirs of Horatio Lord Walpole, selected from his 

Correspondence and Papers, connected with the History of the 
Times, from 1 678 to V]5>J, embellished with numerous portraits, 
russia gilt, 1/. 16» 1802 

3387 Crusaders, or the Minstrels of Acrej a Poem, boards, 2s. 1808 

3388 Culpeper*s Complete Herbal embellished with Engravings of 


calf, 18» 1816 

3389 Cumming'ft Elements of Clock and Watch Work, adapted to prac- 

tice, plates, boards, 6«. ; half-bound, &. ; neat, 9s 1766 

3390 Da Costa's Natural History of Fossils, half-bound, neat, ^s. 


3391 Dale's History and Antiquities of Harwich and Dover Court, 

plates, neat, 12* 1730 

3392 LARGE PAPER, neat, 

scarce, \l. 8» 1730 

3393 Dallas's (R. C.) Miscellaneous Writings, Poems, Lucreda a Tra- 

gedy, and Essays, boards, 3« 1797 

33$^ Dallaway's Enquiries into the Origin and Progress of the Science 
of; Heraldry in England, with Explanatory Observations on Ar- 
morial Ensigns, &c. with numerous richly coloured plates, 

boarded in canvass, and lettered, 1/. lOf 1793 

[William Batnes, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 16D 

3395 Dalzers History of Dahomy, an inland Kingdom of Africa, com- 

piled from authentic Memoirs, plates, half*boand, neat, 5«. 


3396 Danla's History of the Civil Wars of France, translated by 

Farneworth, 2 vols, best edition, neat, 1/. Is 1758 

3397 2 vols, fine copy, calf, nt, 1/. 4*. 


3398 Dayes' (Ed., the Artist) Works; contuningan Excursion through 

Derbyshire and Yorkshire — Essays on Painting— Instructions 
for Drawing and Cololiring Landscapes, &c. many fine Views 
by Angus and Smith, first impression, boards, canvass back, 
lettered, 9s 1805 

3399 Defence of the Proceedings of the Dutch against the English at 

Amboyna, the Actes of the Councell of Amboyna, with a RepI;^ 
to the Defence, wood-cut, bound, 4ts 1^2 

3400 De Moivre's Doctrine of Chances, bbst edition, boards, canvass 

back, lettered, 9s 1738 

3401 Desaguliers's (Dr.) Course of Experimental Philosophy, 2 vols. 

plates, fine copy, neat, \l 1763 

3402 Dicev's Historical Account of the Island of Guernsey, plates, 

half-bound, neat, 4s. 6d I777 

3403 Discourse of a Citizen of Paris on the Power of Cardinal Chigi, 

French and Euglish, neat, 2s 1605 

3404 Dixon's Voyage Round the World, but more particulnrly to the 

North West Coast of America, maps and plates, boards, 6s. ; 
half-bound, neat, 7s 1789 

3405 Dougharty's Mathematical Digests of Geometry, Trigonometry, 

Astronomy, Navigation, and Dialling, neat, 6s* 

3406 Dystillations, Booke of, eonteyning sundry excellent secrete Re- 

medies of dystilled Waters, wood-cots, fllacft Uttttf n«at, 4s. 

3407 Edgeworth's Practical Education, plates, fine copy, calf, gilt, lOs. 


3408 Edwards's Historical Survey of the French Colony in the Island of 

St. Domingo, calf, 4s. 6d I797 

3409 Edwin and Emma, the original edition printed by Baskerville, 

illustrated with Views (published at \L \s.) 2«. 6d 1810 

3410 Ellis's Journal of Lord Amherst's late Embassy to China, co- 

LOU RBD PLATES, new half-calf, I6s 1818 

3411 Elmore's British Mariners' Directory and Guide to the Trade and 

Navigation of the 1 ndian and China Seas, Js 1 802 

3412 Emerson's Principles of Mechanics, illustrated with 43 plates, 

neat, 9s 1773 

3413 ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, third edition, 18 vols., 

plates, 2 vols. ; 20 vols. ; a very fine copy, calf, gilt, 12/. 1797 

3414 Enfield's (Dr.) Institutes of Natural Philosophy, boards, canvass 

back, lettered, 8*. ; half-bound, 7s. 1785 

3415 Fabyan's Chronicles of England and Wales, to which is added a 

Biographical and Literary Preface and Index, by Henry Ellis, 

royal 4to. boards, 1/ 1811 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] Z 

Digitized by 


170 Hukwry, Aniiqmiie$, Voyages, [Quarto. 

d416 Fabyan^B Chronicles of Eng^knd and Wales, boards, canvass baek, 
lettered, 1/. As 1811 

3417 Falconer's Universal Dictionary of the Marine, fine copy, calf, 

gilt. Us 17«9 

3418 Fale's (Thomas) Art of Dialling, teaching an easy and perfect 

way to make all kinds of Dials, ibUl^ litUt* £alf , 3s.^ 6d. 

Fdix Kingstcn, 1627 

3419 Famous History of Montelion, Knight of the Oracle, Son to the 

True Mirrour of Princes, the most renowned Persicles King of 
Assyria, interlaced with a variety of pleasant and delightful 
Discourse, half-bound, gilt, Ss, 

3420 Fenn's Original Letters written during the Reigns of Henry VI, 

Edward IV, and Richard III, 2 vols, neat, 16$ 1787 

3421 Ferguson's (Dr.) History of the Progress and Termination of 

the Roman Republic, maps, &c. 3 vols, fine copy, calf, nt. II, Ss, 


3422 Forster's Voyage round the World, 2 vols, biost beautiful copy, 

RUSSIA, GILT, 2/. Js 1777 

3423 Francklin's History of the Reign of Shah Aulum, Emperor of 

Hindostan, boards, 3s. B<L 1798 

3424 Fuessly's Archives of Entomology (no plates), 2s 1705 

3425 Gbrdiner's Tables of Logarithms, fine copy, neat, I6s 1742 

3426 Garnett's (Dr. Thomas) Popular Lectures on Zoonomia, or the 

Laws of Animal life in Health and Disease, half-bound, riMeia, 
neat, 7» 1804 

3427 Gems selected from the Antique, with Illustrations, plates, bds. 8^. 


3428 Gladwin's Dissertations on the Rhetoric, Prosody, and Rhyme of 

the Persians, neat, 5s. 6d ...dalaUta, 17^8 

3429 Persian Classics, containing the Gulistan of Sady, with 

an English Translation and Notes, 2 vols, half-bound, russia, 
neat, \L Ss Calcutta, 1806 

3430 Glass's History of the Discovery and Conquest of the Canary 

Islands, russia, neat, 9< 1764 

3431 Godwin's Lives of Edward and John Philips, Nephews and Pupils 

of Milton, including various particulars of the Literary and Po- 
litical History of the Times, with fine Portraits of Bradshaw, 
Lilly, Gates, &c. half-bound, neat (published at 2/. \2s.6d.) I2s. 


3432 (Thomas) Roman Antiquities, neat, 2s 1658 

3433 Gough's Anecdotes of BritishTopography, or an Historical Account 

of what has been done for illustrating the Topographical 'Anti- 
quities of Great Britain and Ireland , neat, \2s 1768 

3434 Grafton's Chronicle, or History of England, to which is added 

his Table of the Bailiffs, l^eriffs, and Mayors of London, 2 vok. 
sells for 51. half-bound, neat, 1/. 4s 1809 

3435 Gray's Works, with Notes, Life, and Essay, by Mitford, 2 vols. 

portrait, boards, 18* 1816 

3436 I. 1. Poems, with Memoirs of his Life and Writings by Mason, 

[Wii^LiAM Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


QflARTO.] TtaveU, and MisceUanies^ 171 

2 portcaitSy one of #hich is an origfinal driiwiii^, and pkte of the 
Castle of Gianmiisy. by White, 1684^ inserted, fine eopy, LAaea 

FAPBR, neat, 15< 1775 

34^7 Greene's Arcadia, or Menaphon; Camilla's Alarum to slumber 
Euphues in his melancholy cell at Silexedra, reprinted from the 
edition of 1616, boerds, Js Longman, 1814 

3438 Grieye's History of Kamtschatka and the Knrilski Islands, plates, 

neat,.159 *• 1764 

3439 Greee's Miikary Antiqidties, respeeting the History of the English 

Army, from the Conquest to- the present time t a new edition, 
with material addidons and improvements. To which is added, 
A Treatise on ancient Armour and Weapons, illustrated by nu- 
merous. Plates, taken from the original armour in the Tower of 
London, and ether Arsenals, Museums, uid Cabinets ; 2 vols. 
iaipei3aL4to. boards (published at 12/. i2s.) 2L 12«. M. 1812 

3440^ Gueara's (Sir Anthonie) Familiar Episdes, translated out of the 
Spanidi Tongue, by Edward HeUowes, tl»tk Utttt, half- 
calf, searee, 7'* 

Imprinted at Lond<m for Ralph Newherk, 1577 

.3441 .-«-. Another Ci^, at London^ printed by Ralph Nmohaie^ 
1584. — Golden Epistles ; eontayning Varietie of Discourse; 
both Morall, Phiiosophicall, and Divine : gathered as wel out of 
the remaynder of Gueara's Woorkes as other Authours, Latine, 
French, and Italian, by Geffrey Fenton, Imprinted at London, hy 
Balphe Newberie, 1582, 2 vols, in one, I^UlCft IttUt* fine 
copies, in the original stamped binding, scarce, I2s. 

3441*Guthrie'8 (Mrs. Maria) Tovr through the Taurida, or Crimea, 
plates, boards, canvass back, lettered, 6^. 1802 

3442 Hafiz's (the Persian Poet) Select Odes, Persian and English, 
witk notes by Nott, boards, canvass back, 6s 1787 

31443 Haeris's (Mosbs) Exposition of English Insbots, exhibiting 

on 91 copper plates near 500 figures, accurately drawn and 

. highly finished in colours from Nature, fine copy, calf gilt, 

iiARB,4i.l4#. 6d 1786 

3444 ! Essay preceding a Supplement to the Aurelian, 

the Tendons and Membranes of the Wings of Butterflies, co* 


3445 Haatings's (Warren) Narrative of the Insurrection at Banaris, 

russia, 5* Calcutta, 1782 

3446 Hawkesworth's (Dr.) Voyages undertaken to make Discoveries in 
. ' the Southern Hemisphere, and. performed by Commodore Byron, 

Captains Wallis, Carteret, and Cook, 3 vols, j^ates, boards, 

UNCUT, IZ. Bs » 1773 

3347 " . '■ ' ' 3 vols, pktes, neat, 1/. 7«. 


3448 Henderson s History of the Brazils, comprehending its Geo- 
. graphy. Commerce, Colonization, aboriginal inhabitants, &c. 

&c. (published at 3/. 13$. 6d.) no plates, half-bound, 6s... 1821 

3449 Henry's History of Great Britain from the Roman Inyasioo, 
54, PaTBEWosTER Row.] 

Digitized by 


17S HUiories, Antiquities, Voyages, [Quarto*. 

5 vols, fine copy, very neat uid gilt, 2/. 10l$..., 1771 

3450 Hesiod, translated by Cooke, 2 vols, frontispiece, neat, 5s, 


3451 Hi!(ins'8 FaUes of Uf^ortunate Princes, being a true Chronicle 

liistorie of the untimely death of such ut^orhmate Princes and 
Men of note, as have happened since the first entrance of Brute 
into this Island, untiU this our latter age, in vbrsb, new caff, 

scarce, 2L 1623 

3451*History of the Azores or Western Isles, fine plates, boards, can- 
vass back, lettered, 5« 1813 

3452 History of the Queens of England, portraits, half-boand, neat, 9s. 


3453 Historie of Astrea, containing many remarkable and deligb^ll 

Stories, well composed, with varietie of sundrie excellent Let- 
ters, sewed in vellum, scarce, 5s Lond. 

3454 History of the Charter House, ilIiVstratbd bt fivb colovrbb 

BNQRAVIN68, boards (published at 11. Is.) 9s 1816 

3455 History of the Inquisitions, including the secret transactions of 

those horrific Tribunals, no plates, boards, ^...Stockdak, 1810 

3456 History of the War, from the commencement of the French Re- 

volution to the Present Time, by Hewson Clarke, Esq. embel- 
lished with beautiful engravings, 3 vols, calf, neat, 1/. 8^. 


3457 Holcroft's Travels from Hamburgh, through Westphalia, Holland, 

and the Netherlands, to Paris, 2 vols, fine copy, calf extra, 
marbled leaves, 18« 1804 

3458 Horneman's (Frederick) Journal of Travels from Cairo ta Mouz- 

zouk, boards, bs • .•... 1802 

3459 Howard's (Earl of Surrey) and Sir Thomas Wyatt's Works, edited 

by Dr. Nott, portrut and plates, two thick vols, boards, canvass 
back, lettered (published at 6/. 6^.) \l. \U. 6d 1815 

3460 Hume's History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Cssar 

to the Revolution in 1688, 6 vols, unbound, \l. 10s 1762 

3461 8 vols, wants a leaf in one voh 

half-bound, neat, 22. 7« 1770 

.3462 Hunter's (John) Treatise on the Venereal Disease, sewed, js. 

3463 Hutchinson's History and Antiquities of Cumberland, 2 vols. 

plates, neat in calf, 1/. \\s. 6d Carlisle, 1794 

3464 History and Antiquities of the County Paladne of 

Durham, 3 vols, not perfect in the plates, half*bound, neat, 

I/. 11«. 6(f 1785 

. 3465 Johnstone's (John) Account of the most approved mode of Dram* 

ing Land, plates, half-calf, bs Edinh. 1797 

3466 Jones's (William) Essay on the first principles of Natural Philo- 

sophy, plates, calf, neat, \9s Oaf. 17^2 

3467 Physiological Disquisitions, or Discourses on 

the Natural Philosophy of the Elements, plates, calf, neat, 18ff. 

3468 — English System of Book-keeping, 2« 1796 

[William Batmjss, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Travels, and MisceUanies. 178 

3469 Joyfull Newes out of the New»fouDd Worlde ; wherein are de- 

clared, the rare and singular yertues of divers Herhs, Trees, 
Plantes, Oyles, and Stones. Also the portrature of the said 
Hearbs, yerie aptly described; Englished by John Frampton, 
Merchant. Whereunto are added three other bookes, treating 
of the Bazaar Stone, the Herb'Escuerconera, the properties of 
Iron and Steel in Medicine, and the benefit of Snow, fine copy, 
sewed in yellum, scarce, ISs. 

London, printed by E. Allde, 1596 

3470 Keate's Account of the Pelew Islands, composed from the Jour- 

nals of Captain Wilson, plates, calf» 8« 17B8 

3471 plates, half-bound russia, 

neat, 9* 1789 

3472 Kirkpatrick's Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, map and en- 

gravings, boards (published at 2/. 12«. 6<2.) lbs 1811 

3473 Knox's History of Ceylon, from the earliest periods to the year 

1815, plates, boards (published at 22. \^.%d.)99 1817 

3474 Lancaster's Alliance of Education and Civil Government, with 
. Strictures on the London University, boards (published at 6«.) 

2«. 6rf 1828 

3475 Langham's (William) Garden of Health, conteyning the sundry 

rare and hidden yertues and properties of all kindes of Simples 
and Plants, l^lUCft letter, neat, 4« Land. 1597 

3476 LangsdorflPs Voyages, part ii, containing Voyage to the Aleutian 

Islands and North West Coast of America, map and plates, 
boards, 5s 1814 

3477 Latham's General Synopsis of Birds, with supplement and index, 

10 vols, plates, boards, 4/ 1781 

3478 Laurie and Whittle's Welsh Atlas, coloured, half-bound, 3f. 


3479 LeslceuB de Origtnef Moribus, et Rebus Gestis Scotorum, portraits, 

fine copy, neat, scarce, I4s 1675 

3480 Lewis's Philosophical Commerce of Arts, very fine copy in rus- 

sia, 16» 1763 

3480^Lithgow's Totall Discourse of the rare Adventures and painful 
Peregrinadons of long nineteen yeares Travailes from Scotland 
to the most famous Kingdomes in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 
perfited by three deare bought Voyages, wood-cuts, newly bound 
in brown calf, 18* 1640 

3481 Another Copy, defective in the middle, half-bound, 3«. 6d, 


3482 Loder and Hawes's History of Framlingham in Suffolk, plates, 

neat, 9« 1798 

3483 Lodge's (Edmund) Life of Sir Julius Caesar, Judge of the 

High Court of Admiralty, Master of the Rolls, Chancellor of 
the Exchequer, and a Privy Councillor to King James and Charles 
the First, with Memoirs of his Family and Descendants, illustrated 
by eighteen portraits after original pictures, and other engra- 
vings, new, half-bound, 12* 1827 

54, Paterkostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


1^4 Hisiorjf, Aniiqukiu, Vayeges, [Quarto* 

9484 Lor^ns's Dksertatlon on the Summation of infinite eonwergmg 
Series with Algebraic Divisors, boards, 48 177^ 

3485 I/oudon's Treatise on Forming, Improving, and Managing Coan« 

try Residences, illustrated by thirty*two mgravings, 2 vols, 
half-bonnd, russia (published at 3Z. 3«0> I^- 16f 1812 

3486 Luccock's Notes on Rio de Janeiro, and the Southern parts of 

Brazil, boards, Ss ,. 1820 

3487 Ludus Scacchise : Chesse-play, containing also therein a prety 

and pleasant Poeme of a whole Game played at Chesse, writtea 
by G. B., boards, 3^ Lond. 1597 {Repnnf) 

3488 Lugar's Country Gentleman's Architect, twenty-two plates , 

boards, 12* 1807 

3489 Lumisden'fr Remarks on the Antiquities of Rome and its En- 

virons, being a Classical and Topographical Survey of the 
Ruins of that celebrated City, plates first impressions, boards, 
1/. lU ^d ; Bulmtr, 1797 

3490 Lyttleton's (Lord) History of the Life of King Henry the Second, 

and of the Age in which he lived, with the voU of Notes, 
4 vols, best edition, neat, in calf, \L \Ss 1767 

3491 Maebride's (Dr.) Methodical Introduction to the Theory and 

Practice of Physic, neat, 8* .r 1772 

3492 Machiavel's Art of Warre, set foorth in English by Peter Whit- 

home, student at Graies inne, wkh other like raaortial feats 
and experiments, Ifttottt l^ttHT, beaatiful copy, neat, rare, 90* 
Imprinted at London^ by W. fViliiamson for 
John Wight, 1574. 

£lli8 Fameworth appears not to have known of any edition of this 
translation previous to 1588^ 

3493 Mackenzie's Voyages from Montreal, through the Continent of 

North America, and to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans, map, 
boards (published at 1/. lis. 6(2.), 9« 18(M 

3494 Maclaurin's Account of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophical Dis- 

coveries, neat, 9« , 1748 

3495 Macpherson's (David) History of the European Commerce with 

India, half-bound, neat, 8^ 1812 

3496 Maison Rustique, or the Countrie Farme,.with a short Collection 
, of the hunting of the Hart, wiWe Bore, Hare, Foxe, Gray» 

Conie, of Birds and Faulconrie, plates, wants a leaf or two at 
the end, scarce, 6« 1600 

3497 Malcolm's New System of Arithmetick, neat, 8s 1730 

3498 Malthus's Essay on the Principle of Population, boards, 9^. 1803 

3499 Margetts's Longitude Tables, neat, 8^ 1790 

3500 Markham's New Orchard and Garden, with the Country House- 

wife's Garden for Hearbes of common use, as also the Hus- 
bandry of Bees, new half-calf, 3t. %d • 1638 

3501 Marsden's History of Sumatra, second edition, calf, neat, 85. 



Digitized by 


Quarto.] TraveU, and Miscelkmies. 175 

3508 Marsden's Hiitoiy of Sumatra, 1783.^*^apper'8 Observations od 
the Passafpe to Indta, 17^1 half*boand, uncut, 5s. 

3503 Martin'« (Benjamin) Theory of Comets, half-»bound, 2$. 6d. 


3504 Mascall's Goyemment of Catteli, JftUrlt letter, new, half- 

catf, 4«. 6d 1653 

3505 Mason's English Garden, a Poem, calf, gilt, 4^ 1778 

3500 Art of Painting, translated from Du Fresnoy, wi^ Anno« 

tations by Sir Joshua Reynolds, half-bound, neat, 6« 1783 

3507 Masters's History of the College of Corpus Christi and the 

Bene't in the University of Cambridge, large papbr, 2 vols* 
calf, RARB, \Ll\s.6d 1753 

3508 Maurice on the Ruins of Babylon and Persepolis, with Appen- 

dix, 2 vols, plates (published at 21. I0s.)» 16^ 1816 

3509 Maximilian's Travels in Bra^, fine plates, extra bds. 12^. 1820 

3510 Mayo's Compendious View of Universal History, 4 vols. bds. 18«: 


3511 Memorials of the English and French Commissaries, concern- 

ing the Limits of Nova Scotia, or Arcadia, fine copy, nt. Js. 1755 

3512 Meyrick's History and Antiquities of the County of Cardigan, 

with beautiful engravings by Storer and Greig, brown calf, 
(published at 4/. 4s.), II. 6s 1810 

3513 Milburn's Oriental Commerce, containing a Geographical De- 

scription of the principal places in the East Indies, China, and 
Japan, with their Produce, Manufactures, and Trades, also the 
rise and progress of the Trade of the various European Nations 
with the Eastern World, &c. 2 vols, half-bound, russia (pub- 
lished at 7^0 » 2/. 2# 1813 

3514 Milton's Paradise Lost, with Notes by Bishop Newton, 2 vols; 

large print, fine plates, neat, 11..*] 1749 

3515 Mirrour for Magistrates ; being a true Chronicle Historic of 

the untimely falles of such unfortunate Princes and Men of 
note, as have happened since the first entrance of Brute into 
l^is Island, untill this our latter age, newly enlarged, with a 
last part, called a Winter's Night Vt^on, being an addition 
of such Tragedies, especially famous, as are exempted in 
the former Historic, with a Poem annexed, called England's 
Eliza, calf, scarce, 21. 

London, imprinted by FeUx Kyngstan, 1610 

3516 Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean, in the ship DuflT, 

commanded by Captiun Wilson, pUtes, boards, 9s 1799 

3517 Moor's (Edward) Hindu Infanticide, map, boards, 125 I61f 

3518 Morgan's (J.) Phcenix Britannieus, being a miscellaneous Col- 

lection of scarce Tracts, neat, lis « 1732 

3519 Morrison's Book-keeping, with an Appendix on Exchanges, 

boards (published at 11. Is.), 6s 1814 

3520 Muller's Mathematical Treatise, containing a System of Conic 

Sections, with the Doctrine of Fluxions and FtuenCs^ aeat^ 9s. 

54, Patbrnostvr Row.] 

Digitized by 


176 Histories, AniiquiiieSf Voyages, £QVARTO. 

3521 Napoleon, the Emperor, MedaUic History of, a C<^ection of all 

the Medals, Coins, and Jettons, relating^ to his Actions and 
Reign, boards, I6s « 1819 

3522 Naval Architecture, the Elements and Practice of, plates, calf, 

neat, 10» 1805 

3523 Neild's Stote of the Prisons in England, Scotland, and Wales, 

half-bound, russia, neat, 10s • « 1812 

3524 Newnham's View of the Natural, Political, and Commercial Cir- 

cumstances of Ireland (published at 2L 2«.) calf, gilt, 9s. 


3525 Nichols's Collection of aU the Wills now known to be extant of the 

Kings and Queens of England, and eyery Branch of the Blood 
Royal, with Historical Notes, boards, 4s. 6d I78O 

3526 Will of King Henry the Seventh, new half-calf, 3s. 6d. 


^27 Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica, No. I, containing 

Queries for the better illustrating the Antiquities and Natural 
History of Great Britain and Ireland, with the History and An- 
tiquities of Tunstall in Kent, by £. R. Mores, sewed 4s. 6d. ; 

new half-calf, 6* 1780 

3528 ■ No. XL, contwning 

the History and Antiquities of Fotheringay, 17B7* — No. VII, 
containing the History and Antiquities of Hinckley, plates, in one 
vol. calf, 14*. 1782 

3529 Nicholson's (W.) English, Scotch, and Irish Historical Libraries, 

giving a short View and Character of most of our Historians, 
whether in print or manuscript, with an account of our Records, 
Law Books, &c. best edition, calf, gilt, 1/. 10* 1776 

3530 Nicols's Faithful Lapidary, experimentally describing the richest 

treasures of Nature, in au Historical Narration of the several 
Natures, Vertues, and Qualities of all Pretious Stones, neat, 
scarce, 8* 1659 

3531 Noble's History of the College of Arms, and the Lives of all the 

Kings, Heralds, and Pursuivants, with a Dissertation on the 
different Orders of Gentry in England since the Conquest, fine 
ports, bds. canvass back, lettered (published at 21. I2s. 6d.) Ss. 


3532 LARGE PAPBR, boards, canvass* 

back, lettered, 12* 1805 

3533 Historical Genealogy of the Royal House of Stuarts, il^ 

iiUSTRATBD WITH PORTRAITS, boards, 9^ 1795 

3534 Oliver CROMWELL.^^lnauguratio Olivariana, sive pro Prsefectura 

serenissimi Principis Anglise, Scotiffi. & Hibernise Dom. Protec- 
toris Olivari, Carmen Votivum, engraved frontispiece, calf extra, 
rare, 12* , 1654 

3535 Ottley's History of Engraving upon Copper and Wood, with an 

Account of Engravers and their Works, from the invention of 
Chalcography, by Maso Finiguerra, to the time of Marc. An- 
tonio Raimondi, 2 vols, with many finely executed fac-similcs of 
early engravings (published at 8/. 8f.), boards, 3^. 10s. ... 1816 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Travels, and MiscellaniM. 177 

3S35*OtwtLfs Essay on the Art of War, from the French of Count 
Turpin, 2 vols, fine copy, neat, 9«.. 1761 

3536 Onseley's Oriental Geography of Ebn Hanknl, an Arabian Tra« 
veller o(the 10th Century, boards, 5^ 1800 

3a37 Pallas's Travels throujSfh tbie Southern Profinces of the Russian 
Gmpire in the years 17^3-4, 2 vols, large PiPEft, with 121 fine 
coloured plates, half-bound russia, neat, uncut, g^lt tops, 21. 2«. 


3538 Palmer's Catholique Planisphser, or Mathematical Jewel, neat, 
scarce, 5« 1658 

3539 (S.) General History of Printing, from Its first invention 

in the City of Mentz, particularly its introduction, rise, and 
progress here in England, neat, 7« 1732 

3540 Pananti's (Signor) Narrative of a Residence in Algiers, with notes 

by Blaqniere, coloured plate (published at 2/. 2««)9 half-bound, 
uncut, neat, 9^ 1818 

3541 Park's (Mungo) Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa, 2 vols. 

complete, vol. i neat in calf, and vol. ii in boards, \4$ 1799 

3542 < vol. ii, the Journal 

of a Mission to the Interior of Africa in 1805, boards, 7$. 


3543 Parkinson's System of Mechanics, 2 parts, sewed, 7^ 17^ 

3544 Parr's (Dr.) Essay on Government, boards, 5s 1817 

3545 Paterson's (Lieut. W.) Narrative of Four Journeys into the coun- 

try of the Hottentots and CafFraria, coloured plates, neat, 9^. 


3546 Peall's Observations on Diseases of the Horse, boards, Ss, 1814 

3547 Peck's Memoirs of the Life and Actions of Oliver Cromwell, to 

which is added, several curious historical pieces relating to Crom- 
well, and many other remarkable persons of those times, illus- 
trated with fine portraits of Cromwell, the Eari of Essex, Fair- 
fax, Hampden, Peck, &c. neat, 18^ 1740 

3548 Pegg's Memoirs of the Life of Roger de Weseham Dean of Lin- 

coln, half-bound, calf, 6s 1761 

3549 Pemberton's View of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy, plates, 

neat, 9s 1728 

3550 Pennant's History of Quadrupeds, 2 vols, fine plates, bds, 1/. Is. 


3551 ' 2 vols, fine impressions of the 

plates, boards, II. 5s 1793 

3552 View of Hindoostan, 2 vols, plates, boards, 12«. 1798 

3553 Percival's Account of the Island of Ceylon, containing its History, 

Geography, Natural History, &c. maps and charts, boards, ys.--^ 
half-bound, neat, &. —calf gilt, 9« 1803 

*' A veory interestiiig Journal of tiie Author's proffrets in that distant 
country, in which its nature, production8» and the manners o( its 
inhabitants are very aatla&ctorily described." 

3554 Beronse's Voyage round the World, 2 vote, no plates, boards, 145. 

54, Patbrnosti^r Row.] 2 A 

Digitized by 


178 History, Antiquities, Voyages, [Quarto. 

3555 Phillips's Life of Cardinal Pole, a leaf supplied with MS, portrait, 

neat, 8* 1764 

3556 Phipps's Voyage towards the North Pole, thick paper, plates, 

neat. Us 1774 

3557 Pierce Plowman^s Vision, whereunto is annexed the Crede of Pierce 

Plowman (MS title). /w/*r. at London by Owen Rogers^ dwelling 
neare unto great Saint Bartelmewes gate at the sygne of the Spred 
Egle, 1561.-— Warner's Alhion^s England <wants title page to 
first part). Lond. by T. Orwin, 1589, fllOiCft l^tt^t, in one 
vol. neat, rare, 2/. 2^. 

3558 Pike's Exploratory Travels through the Western Territories of 

North America, maps (published at 1/. 16^.) half-bound, russia, 
125 1811 

** This is a valuable work, from the information with which it abounds 
relative to a part of the World which is so little known." — -Critical 

3559 Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters, with a Catalogue of the Dis- 

ciples of the famous Masters, and of those Painters Who imitated 
them, with Supplement by Barry, half-calf, neat, \l, 10s... 1798 

3560 Another Copy, LARGK PAPER, calf, neat, 2/. 10s. 1798 

3561 Pittman's Present State of the European Settleipents on the 

Mississipi, with Geographical Descriptions, with many large 
plans, neat, As.6d 1770 

3562 Playfair's British Family Antiquity, illustrative of the Origin and 

Progress of the Honours and Personal Merits of the Baronets of 
the United Kingdom, 4 thick vols, plates, calf, neat, 1/. !&• 


3563 PLAYS.— An excellent Tragedy of Mulleases the Turke and 

Borgias Governour of Florence, full of interchangeable variety, 
beyond expectation, as it hath been diverse times acted (with 
generall applause) by the Children of his Majestie's Revels, 
written by John Mason, Maister of Arts, half-bound, 6«... 1632 

3564 ■ Shirley's (James) Maide's Revenge, a Tragedy, as it 
hath been acted with great applause at the private House in 
Drury Lane, first edition, half-bound, 3^ 1639 

3555 Shirley's (James) Triumph of Peace, a Masque pre- 
sented by the foure Honourable Houses or Innes of Court, before 
the King and Queene's Majesties in the Banquetting House at 
White Hall, first edition, half-bound, 3f 1633 

35(>6 i__ Shirley's (James) the Example, as it was presented by 
her Majesty's Servants at the Private House in Drury Lane, 
FIRST EDITION, half-bouud, 3j 1637 

3567 — — Shirley's (James) the Humourous Courtier, a Comedy, 

^ it hath been presented with good applause at the Private House 
in Drury Lane, first edition, half-bound, 35. 1640 

3568 Shirley's (James) the Politician, a Tragedy presented 

at Salisbury Court by her Majestie's Servants, first edition, 
half-bound, a? 1655 

3569 Davenant's (Sir William) Siege of Rhodes, as they were 

[William Batnes, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 179 

lately represented at his Highness the Duke of York's Theatre 
in Lincoln's Inn Fields, first edition, one of the first plays 
that scenes were painted for ; yid. Malone's Hist, of Stage, unbd. 
3s 1663 

3570 PLAYS.— Otway's Friendship in Fashion, a Comedy, 1678.-— 

Otway's Atheist, the second part of the Souldier's Fortune, 
1684. — Otway's Alcibiades, a Tragedy, 1687, original edi- 
tions, 1^. 6d. each. 

3571 Beaumont and Fletcher's Scornful Lady, a Comedy. 

— Beaumont and Fletcher's Maid in the Mill, a Comedy. — 
Beaumont and Fletcher's Double Marriage, a Tragedy. — 
Shadwell's History of Timon of Athens, the Man-hater, a Play. 
— Mrs. Behn's Sir Patient Fancy, a Comedy. — Nat. Lee's Rival 
Queens. — ^Nat. Lee's Csesar Borgia, a Tragedy. — Dryden and 
Lee's Duke of Guise, a Tragedy. — Dryden's Evening Love, or 
the Mock-Astrologer. — ^TTycherley's Country Wife, a Comedy. — 
Dr. C. Davenant's Circe, a Tragedy. — Henry the Second King 
of England, with the Death of Rosamond, a Tragedy. — The 
Confederacy, a Comedy. — The Conquest of Spain, a Tragedy. — 
The Revolution of Sweden, a Tragedy, original editions, all 
neatly half-bound, 1^. each. 

3572 POEMS.— Hurdis' Favourite Village, Printed at the Author's own 

Press, 1800.— The Anti-Corsican, Exeter, 1805.— Labour and 
Genius, a Fable, by R. Jago. — Theatres, a Poetical DissectSon, 
by Sir N. Nipclose. — Mason's English Garden. — Baviad's Epistle 
to Pindar. — The Free School, and the Diabo Lady or Match in 
Hell, and others, half-bound, neat, 6s, 

3573 ■ Amabella.— Jerningham's Faldoniand Teresa. — Fune- 

ral of Ar^bert, Monk of La Trappe. — ^The Deserter. — Hermit 
of Warkworth, a Northumberland Ballad. — Minstrel. — Deserted 
Village. — ^Traveller. — Ekins's Loves of Medea and Jason, half- 
bound, 45. 

3574 Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin, fine edition, bds. Ss. ; brown calf, 9s. 

Bulmer, 1801 

3575 Pomet's Compleat History of Drugs, neat, 7^ 1725 

3576 Pote's History and Antiquities of Windsor Castle, with additional 

plates, neat, gilt, 12^ ...Eton, 1749 

3577 Another Copy, with Appendix, 1762 ; large paper, half- 
bound, uncut, scarce, ISs 1749 

3578 Pope's Works, with his last Corrections, Additions, and Improve- 

ments, with Commentary, Notes, and Life by Owen Ruffhead, 5 
vols. ; and Supplementary Volume, containing Poetry and Letters 
now first published, with Notes by Bowles, embellished with 
19 fine portraits of celebrated contemporaries, 6 vols, boards, 
21. 2s , 1769 

3579 Pouqueville's Travels in the Morea, Albania, and other parts of 

the Ottoman Empire, translated by Anne Plumptre, plates, 
boards, canvass back, lettered, 8^. 1813 

3580 Prideaux's Introduction for reading Hi8tories> bound. Is. 6d, 
54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


180 Historyf Antiquities^ Voyages, [Quarto 

2581 Priestley's History of ElectridFty, with original Experiments, 
plates, half- bound, neat, IO5 1767 

35g2 —....— Lectures on History and General Policy, with an 
Essay on a Course of Education for Ciril and Active Life, 
boards, 6« 1788 

3532* Course of Lectures on Oratory and Criticism, half- 
bound, russia, 6$ 1777 

3583 Profitable Booke, declaring dyvers approved remedies to take out 

spottes and Staines, &c. also to dresse Leather and to colour 
Felles. How to gild, grave, soulder, and vemishe, taken out 
of Dntche, and Englished by L. M. flluft Itttttt half-bound, 
scarce, 5s Imprinted at London , by J%omas Purfoote, 1588 

3584 Prophesie that hath lyen hid above these 2000 yeares, wherein is 

declared all the most principall matters that hath fallen out in 
and about the Civill and Ecclesiastioall Monarchic of Rome, 
tlMti Uttttf half-bound, russia, barb, 9« 1610 

3585 Prynn^s Speech made in the House of Commons touching the 

King's Answer to the Propositions of both Houses upon the 
whole Treaty, half-calf, 3s 1648 

3586 Pugh's Theatrical and Practical Treatise on the utility of the 

Science of Muscular Action for restoring the power of the 
limbs, illustrated with fine portraits, boards (published at 

3/. 3s.), Ss 1794 

3587* Pulteney's General View of the Writings of Linnseus, with Me- 
moir of the Author by Dr. Maton, and the Diary of Linnseus 
written by himself, new boards, canvass back, lettered (pub- 
lished at 12. Us. 6d.)» & 1805 

3588 Raffles's (Honble. Thomas Stamford) Substance of a Minute on 

the Introduction of an improved System of Internal Manage- 
ment and the Establishment of a Land Rental in the Island of 
Java, half-bound, morocco, neat, 14^ 18J6 

3589 Raleigh's (Geo.) Albania, or Certidue Concernments of Great 

Britanny, half-calf, neat, 4; 1641 

3589^Raven8croft's (Thos.) Songs set to Music, of Hunting and Hawk- 
ing, of Dancing, of Drinking^ and of Enamouring (wants 
tatle-page), neat, rare, 16s. 

3590 Reid's Essays on the Intellectual and Active Powers of Man, 

2 vols, boards, 12« 1785 

^QQ* Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, bds. Ss. 1785 

3591 Essays on the Active Powers of Man, boards, 5<. — brown 

calf, neat, 6» , 1785 

3599 Repnell's (Miyor) Memoir of a Mq) of India, Is, 6d 1793 

3593 Renny's History of Jamaica, with Observations on the Climate, 

Productions, Customs, &c. map, boards (published at 1/. 7«*)» 

Ss 1807 

3593«REPR1NTS.— Armin's (Robert) Italian Taylor and his Boy, 

IN VBRSB, is 1609 

^^4 .: Ane addicioun of scottis Corniklis and Deidis, 

tiUt UtttV, half-bound, neat, 7<« 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.} Travels^ and Miscellanies. 181 

3594^REPRINTS.— Burton's Historical Remarks ou London and 
Westminster, woodcut portraits, boards, 6« 1810 

3595 Corbet's (Bishop) Poems, with Biographical 

Notes and Life of the Author, by Octayius Gilchrist, crown 8vo. 
boards, 3* 1807 

3596 Declaration of Captain Hind, close Prisoner in 

Newgate, a Narrative of all his strange Proceedings and Travels, 
portrait, Is. 6d 1651 

3597 — — — — Downfall of Temporizing Poets, unlieenst Printers, 

upstart Booksellers, trotdng Mercuries, and hawliDg Hawkers, 

2s Printed merrily and may he rtad unhappily ^ 


3598 Generous Usurer, Mr. Nevell in Thames Street, 

who allowed his Maid usually a black pudding to dinner, &c. 
2s 1641 

3599 Habington's Castara, with Preface and Notes by 

Elton, 12mo. boards, 29. 6d Bristol^ 

3600 Heir foUoweth the coppie of the ressoning which 

was betwix the Abbote of Crosraguell and John Knox con- 
cerning the Masse, fllUCft Ittttt^ 7' Edinburgh^ 1563 

3601 Hereafter ensue the trewe Enconntre or Batayle 

lately don betwene Englande and Scotlande, lblM& IttttVf 2«. 


3602 Ladus Scacchise,^ Chesse*play, a Game both plea^ 

sant, wittie, and politieke, with a prety and pleasant Poeme, 
written by G. B. boards, 2s. M 1597 

3603 Nash's (Thos.) Christ's Tears over Jerusalem, 

with a Comparative Admonition to London, boards, 6t... 1613 

3604 Bicraft's Survey of England's Champions, with 

their lively pourtraitures, crown 8vo. boards (published 
at 10$. 6£?.)9 4«. M. — i«AReB pafbr, royal 8vo. hoards (published 
at 15*.)» 6*. M 1647 

3605 Rowlands's (Samuel) 'TIS merry when Gossips 

meet, a Crew of Kind Gossips, 'crown 8vo. boards (published at 
3*. 6<Z.), 2#..; 1609 

3606 Whetstone's Metrical Life of George Gascoigne 

the Poet, one hundred copies printed ^ 3« 1815 

3607 Roberts's Chronicles, of the Kings of Great Britain, translated 

from the Welsh of Tysilio, illustrated with copious Notes and 
original Dissertations, boards (published at 2L 25.), 9f. 1811 

3608 Robertson's History of the Reign of Charles the Vth, including 

a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Sub- 
version of the Roman Empire, 3 vols. balM>ound, uncut, I65. 

3609 History of America, 2 vols, boards, 9^ 1777 

3610 Russell's (Dr.) Treatise of the Plague, containing an Historical 

Journal and Medical Account of the Plague at Aleppo, boards, 
8* 1791 

3611 Rutherfbrth's System of Natural Philosophy, being a course of 
54» Patkbnostbk Bow.] 

Digitized by 


182 History, Antiquities^ Voyages, [QuARTO* 

Lectures in Mechanics, Optics, Hydrostatics, and Astronomy^ 
2 vols, plates, russia, neat, 14^... Cambr, 1748 

3612 Sandwich's Voyage round the Mediterranean, plates, calf, neat, 

9s 1807 

3613 Saunderson's Elements of Algebra, with his Life and Character, 

2 vols, portrait, neat, \Ss 1740 

3614 Scriptores Logarithmici, or a Collection of seyeral curious Tracts 

on the Nature and Construction of Logarithms, in 6 vols, wantinf^ 
the fifth Ydlume, 5 vols, calf, neat, scarce, 21. lOs, 1791-1807 

3615 Seir Mutagherin, or View of Modern Times, an History of India 

from 1118 to 1194 of the Hedjrah, vol. ii, section ix, loose 
binding, 6s Calcutta, 1789 

3616 Selden's Titles of Honor, neat, 6s 1614 

36 16*Seymour's (Charlotte) Powers of Imagination, a Poem, portrait, 

half-bound, neat, 3s 1803 

3617 Shaw's Trarels, or Obseryations relating to several parts of 

Barbary and the Levant, plates, best edition, neat, 15«. 1757 
3617*Shepherd's Life of Poggio Bracciolini, boards, 12* 1802 

3618 Shipbuilder's Repository, a Treatise on Marine Architecture, 

large folding plates, neat, I2s. 

3619 Simpson's (Thomas) Treatise of Fluxions, neat, 9* 1737 

3620 Smith's (W.) History of 'Fhucydides translated, 2 vols, neat, lis. 


3621 History of the Province of New York, from the 

first Discovery, an Account of its Inhabitants, its Religious and 
Political State, Courts of Justice, &c. folding plate, half-bound, 
neat, 4* 1757 

3622 Somerville's (Lord) Illustrations, &c. of the Board of Agriculture, 

Sheep, and Wool, &c. boards, 3s 180O 

3623 Sonnini's Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt, fine plates, boards, 

canvass back, lettered (published at 2/. 2^.), lis,, 180O 

3624 Speechley on the Culture of the Vine, so as to render it abund- 

antlv fruitful, with plates, boards, lOs, — half-bound, neat, I2s. 


3625 Speechley's Treatise on the Culture of the Pine Apple and the 

Management of the Hot-house ; also a Description of every In- 
sect infesting it, with means for destroying them, largb 
PAPER, boards, Js 1796 

3626 Staunton's Fundamental Laws and Penal Code of China, new 

boards, canvass back, lettered (published at 3/. 3s.), lOs, 


3627 Stewart's (Sir James) Inquiry into the Principles of Political 

(Economy, 2 vols, calf, gilt, I2s. 1767 

3628 Stewart's History of Bengal, from the first Mohammedan Inva* 

sion until the Conquest of that Country by the English, boards 
(published at 3Z. 35.), 14* 1813 

3629 Stockdale's (T. W. Litchfield) Etchings from Original Drawings 

of Antiquities in the County of Kent, boards, 10$ 1810 

3930 (J. J.) History of the Inquisition, plates, boards 

(published at 2/. 12*. 6d.), lOs 1810 


Digitized by 


Quarto.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 183 

^3631 Stowe's Annates of England, faithfully collected out of the most 
Butenticall Authors, Records, and other Monuments of Anti- 
quitie, from the first Inhabitation untill this present yeere» 
1592, tlSita letter* half-bound, russia, neat, ISs. 

Imprinted at London by Rafi Newbery, ■ 

3632 Sully's Memoirs, 3 vols, fine old edition, neat, 1/. Is 1756 

^633 Swinburne's Travels in the Two Sicilies, 2 vols, fine plates, 
boards, 15* * 1783 

" The leaminff and ingenuity of Mr. Swinburne have been generally 
acknowledged, and the warmth and animation of his descriptions 
discover an imagination highly susceptible of every beauty of na- 
ture or art." — Chalmers. 

3634 Sydney's (Algernon) Works, with Memoirs of his Life, fine por- 

trait, bound in russia, neat, 1/. As 1772 

3635 Symes's Account of an Embassy to the Kingdom of A?a, largb 

PAPER, many fine plates, boards, 1/. \2s 1800 

3636 Taylor's (Dr. Brooke) Method of Perspective made easy, both in 

Theory and Practice, 2 vols, plates, half-bound, neat, 125. 


3637 (Michael) Sexagesimal Tables, boards, I2s 17^ 

3637*Thom8on's (James) Works, 2 vols, beautiful copy, calf extra, 

marbled leaves, I/. 10^ 1762 

3638 Thompson's Translation of Alcedo's Geographical and Historical 

Dictionary of America and the West Indies, with large addi- 
tions from original and authentic Sources, 5 vols, (sells for 12/.) 

boards, 3/. l(k 1812 

3^9 Thoreau's Course of Book-keeping (published at 9^.) , 25. 6d, 

3640 Tindal's History and Antiquities of the Abbey and Borough of 

Evesham, plates, boards, 7^. — russia, neat, IO5 1794 

3641 Tookc's Diversions of Purley, vol. i, boards, 10* 1798 

3642 Toulmin's (Dr.) History of the Town of Taunton, plates, 1791. 

— Dissertation upon Oriuna, Wife of Carausius, 1751. — Burna- 
by^s Travels in North America, 1775, in one vol. half-bound, 
neat, 65. 6d. 

3643 TRACTS. — Narrative of the Insurrection which happened 

in the Zemeedry of Banaris, Calcutta^ 1782. — Dr. Mackinnon's 
Persian English Grammar, or Grammar of the English Lan- 
guage explained in Persian, Calctttta, 1791. — The Mysorean 
Revenue Regulations, translated by Burrish Crisp, Esq., from 
th« original Persian, under the seal of Tippoo Sultan, Calcutta, 
1792. — Description of the Coast of India, by John M'Cluer, 
1789. — Madras Gazettes Extraordinary, 1799, in one volume, 
neat, scarce, 125. 

3544 Douglas's Dissertation on the Antiquity of the 

Earth, plates, 1785. — Grant's Essays on the origin of Society, 
Language, Property, Government, &c. interspersed with illus- 
trations from the Greek and GaeUc Languagues, 1785. — Colonise 
54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


184 History, Antiquities, Voyages, jQipARTO. 

Anglicans illustr&tse, or the acquest of Do&inion and the Plan- 
tation of Colonies made by the English in America, with the 
Rights of the Colonists, illustrated, 17^9 in one volume, neat, 


3645 Kenrick's Lecture on the Perpetual Motion, 177 1-—^ 

Gobert, Traite pour la pratique des Forces Mouvantes, Paris, 
1702.— Thoughts on General Gravitation, 1777-—l>e Luc's 
Essay on Pyrometry and Aereometry, 177d*'-*l^trouyille L'Hy- 
drauliquenaturelle, 1790. — Rapport fait a la Classedes Sciences 
Mathematiques et Phisiques de I'lnstitut National sur diverses 
Inventions de Jean Pierre Droz, relatives a Fart du Monnoyage, 
plates, Paris an XI, in one vol. half-bound, scarce, lOs. 

3646 Additions and Corrections to the first edition of Mr. 

Pennant's Account of London, 1791. — Excursion down the Wye 
from Ross to Monmouth, by Charles Heath, 1799. — Account of 
the Southern Maritime Provinces of France, 1764. — Histoire de 
I'Erection Origiuelle du Havre de la Ville de St. Pierre Port a 
Guernsey, avec un Appendice contenant les Regies de Police de 
ce Havre enclos a peu-pres comme un Bassin, anglice Dry Dock. 
— Charter of Henry the Vlll. — Privileges granted to Guernsey 
and Jersey, &c. in one vol. neat, Ss, 

3647 Godwin's Romane Antiquities, Oxf, 1620. — Cor- 
nelius Agrippa of the Vanitie of Science, black letter, MS title, 
half- calf, 4j. 

3648 Letter from General Ludlow to Dr. HoUingworth, 

vindicating the Parliament, Jmsi. 1692. — Letter from Ludlow 
to Sir E. S[eymour], comparing the Tyranny of the first four 
years of King Charles the Martyr, with the Tyranny of the 
four years reign of the late abdicated King, Amse, 1691. — 
Ludlow' no Lyar, Amst. 1692, in one vol. neat, 4*. 

3649 — ^ An Admonition published by the Generall States of 

the Netherlandish United Provinces unto the States and Cities 
their Adversaries, touching his now intended proceedings 
against the Spaniards and their adherents, l^llltjl^ Ittttt, 
half-bound, 4^ Lond. piintedfor WaUer IHght, 1602 

3650 The Prince of Orange his Declaration, shewing the 

Reasons why he invades England, calf, neat, 2^. 6^ 1688 

3651 England's Grounds of Joy in his Majestie's return to 

his Throne and People, a Sermon by W. Browns wood, 1660. — 
William Crowne's True Relation of all the remarkable Places 
and Passages observed in the Travels of Thomas Lord Howard, 
Ambassador to the Emperor of Germanie, 1637. — ^A Declaration 
of the Demeanor and Cariage of Sir Waltbr RAiifiiGH, as wel 
in his Voyage, as in and si thence his Retume, 1618, in one 
vol. old binding, scarce, 7^* 

3652 A Short Account of his Majesty's late Journey to 

Goettingen, and of the state of the New University there, unbound, 
Is. 6d 1748 

3653 The Petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and 

[William Baynes, 

Digitized by 


QuABTo.] Travels, and Miicellanies. 185 

' Commonfl of the City of London to the Parliament, half-bound, 

neat, 2s « .» 1645 

3d54 TRACTS. — Animadvenions on the Notes which the late Obser- 
▼ator hath pablished on the King's Positions, half-bound, 2s, 


3^55 .—^^....^ Relation of an Honoarable Victory obtained by the 

Parliament's Forces in Yorkshire, half-bonnd, 2s 1643 

3656 Gertaine Inteliigenee from Torlce, half-bound, 28. 


3657 A Voice from the Dead, an Oration of Boetius to 

the Empeiour Theodoricus, neat, half-bound, Is. 6d 1681 

3658 Transactions of the Linnean Society, vol. xi?, parts 2 and 3, vol. 

XV, parts I and 2, and Charter of the Society (together published 
at 6/. 1#.) 21.78 1824-27 

3659 Tombuirs Voyage round the World, new half-calf, Ss 1813 

3660 Turner's Account of an Embassy to Tibet, largb paper, plates, 

boards, 1/. II*. 64 1800 

3661 (W.) Sound Anatomis'd, in a Philosophical Essay on 

Musick, half-calf, 3» 1724 

3662 VALBNTIA'S (Lord) Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, the 

Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, in the years 1802, 3, 4, 5, and 
.6, 3 vols* PINE iMPiiBSsioNS OP THE PLATES, calf extra (pub- 
lished at 12/. I2s.) In boards, 4i. 10* 180!) 

3663 Vancouver's View of the Agriculture of Essex, coloured map, 

half-bound, neat,4«. «.«<• *** 1795 

3664 Vaaghan's View of the Present State of Sieily, its Rural Economy, 

Population, and Produce, from a recent Survey, map (published 
at li. lOs.) half-bound, russia, 7< 1811 

3665 Vinoe's (Professor) Complete System of Astronomy, 3 vols. bds. 

(published at 6i. ftr.) 1/. 15* 181/ 

3666 Treatise on Practical Astronomy, half- bound, nt. 12*. 1790 

3667 Waddington's and Handbury's Journal of a Visit to Ethiopia, 

illustrated with numerous plates (published at 2/.) boards, 15*. 


3668 Wakefield's Account of Ireland, statistical and political, 2 

▼q1s» (published at 5L 58.) half-bound, russla, neat, 21. 7s. 


3669 Walker's Treatise on the Conic Sections, half-bound, neat, 8*. 


3670 Waller's Works in verse and prose, finely printed edition, portraits 

by Vertue, neat, 7' 1729 

3671 Walpole's Memoirs relating to European and Asiatic Turkey, 

plates, half-bound, russia, neat (published at 3/. 3*.) 1/. 11*. 6^. 


3672 Warburton's (Bishop) liCtters to Hurd, portraits, half-bound, 

russia, 6* 1808 

3673 Waring's Tour to Sheeraz, by the Route of Cazron and Feeroza- 

bad ; with a History of Persia, plates, new boards, canvass 

back, 7* 1807 

54, Patbrkostbr Row.] 2 B 

Digitized by 


186 History^ AniiquitieSf Voyages, [Quarto. 

3674 Wariog's Tour to Sheeraz, original edition, printed at Bombay, 

half-bound, neat, 3s 1804 

3675 Weeyer's Funeral Monuments of Great Britain, Ireland, and ad- 

jacent Islands, with the dissolved Monasteries therein, their 
Founders, and what eminent Persons have been therein interred ; 
also an Account of the Foundation and Fall of Religious Houses, 
Religious Orders, &c. &c. portrait, plates, neat, 1^. Ss, 

3676 Weston's Letters and important Documents relative to the 

Eddystone Lighthouse, plates, boards (published at I/. Is.), 
4*. 6d 1811 

3677 Whitaker's Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall historically surveyed, 

2 vols, boards (published at 21. 2$.) 12* 1804 

3678 White's Translation of Timour's Institutes, Persian and English, 

with notes, &c. boards, 6s.; calf, neat, Js Oj^. 1783 

3679 Whitehurst's Enquiry into the original State and Formation of 

the Earth, boards, Js. half-bound, russia, neat, 9s 1792 

3680 Whitelocke's Notes upon the King's Writ for choosing Members 

of Parliament, being Disquisitions on the Government of Eng^ 
land by King, Lords, and Commons, published by Morton, 2 
vols, neat, somewhat wormed in the forage, scarce, I2s.... 1766 

3681 William Wyrcestre Redirivus, Notices of Ancient Architecture, 

particularly in Bristol, 3*. 6d 1823 

3682 Willis's Survey of the Cathedrals, with the Parochiale Anglicanam, 

4 vols. vol. i, large paper, bound in calf, the other three boufds, 
uncut, 41. 4s i 1730 

3683 Wilson's (R. T.) History of the British Expedition to Egypt, 

with a Sketch of the State of that Country, larob paper, port. 

and plans, boards, 12* 1803 

3684 (Dr. H. B.) History of Merchant Taylors' School, 

thick volume, portrait, boards (published at 42. 4s.) II. 4s. 


3685 Wilton House, a Description of its Antiquities and Curiosities, 

fine plates, boards, canvass back, 5s 1786 

3686 Wise's (Dr. Fr.) Letter to Dr. Mead concerning Antiquities in 

Berkshire, 2*. 6d , 1738 

3687 Woolfs Sketches on a Tour to Copenhagen through Norway and 

Sweden, plates, half-calf,. 8* 1816 

3688 Wool's Biographical Memoirs of Dr. Joseph Warton, with selec« 

tion from his Works and Literary Correspondence, brown calf, 
neat, 14* 1806 

3689 Xenophon's History of the Affairs of Greece, translated by Smith, 

boards, 4s.6d.i half-bound, neat, 5« 1770 

Digitized by 

[William Batnbs, 


Octavo.] Trav$h, and Miscellames. 187 


3700 Adum'B History of Rome, 3 vols, calf, neat, 12# 1792 

3701 Adanson's Voyagfe to Senegal, Deat, 39 1759 

3702 Adolphus's History of England, from the Accession of Qteo. Ill, 

in continuation of Hume and Smollet's History, 3 yols. portraits, 
calf, neat, \l 1802 

3703 Aikin's (Dr.) Vocal Poetry, or a Select Collection of English 

Songs, with an Essay on Song Writing, boards, 4«... 1810 

3704 ■ with Supplement by Evans, 

calf extra, 6f. 6d 1810 

3705 ■ Letters from a Father to his Son, 2 vols. bds. 7#. 


3^06 Essays, Literary and Miscellaneous, boards, 2^. 6<2. 


3707 Ali Bey's Revolt against the Ottoman Porte, a History of, boards, 

canvass back, lettered, 2« 1783 

3708 Anacharsis's Travels, abridged, neat, 35. M 1800 

3709 Anbnrey's Travels through the interior parts of America, 2 vols. 

boards, 2«. 6d 1789 

3710 Anderson's Commercial Dictionary and Sea*Port Gazetteer, a 

View of the Commerce and Manufactures of all nations, their 
several products, &c. boards, \As 1819 

3711 Anderson's (David) Canada, a View of the Importance of the 

British American Colonies, calf, gi]t,3« 1814 

3712 Anglorum Speculum, or the Wortiiies of England in Church and 

State, half-Hsalf, neat, 6« 1684 

3713 Anson's Voyage round the World, by Walter, maps, neat, 49. 


3714 maps, boards, 3g. ; neat, 3>. 6d, 


3715 Antiquities of St. Peter's, or the Abbey Church of Westminster, 

plates, half-bound, 2^. 6c2... , 1722 

371 6 vol. ii, plates, bound, 2*. 


3718 Armstrong's History of the Island of Minorca, plates, neat, 2f. 


3719 Asgill's Collection of Tracts, some relating to Diiinity, and others 

to the History of the Monarchy, the Succession of the Crown, 
and Constitution of the Government of Great Britain, bound, 
scarce, 5« 1715 

3720 Asiatic Journal, and Monthly Register for British India and its 

Dependencies, down to 1826 inclusive, 21 vols, (published at / 

25/. 14«. 6d.) calf, neat, 10/ 1816 ^ 

64, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


188 HUtary, Antiquities, Voyages, [Ootavo. 

3721 Asiadc Researches, or Tnmsactions of the Society iDstituted in 
. / Beng^ for inquiring into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, 
^ Sciences, and Literature of Asia, 10 vols, neat, 1/. 14^. 


3722 Asserius de Rebus Gestis JElfipedi, cum Prtefatione Mfredi Regis 

ad Pastorale S. Gregorii, Saxon, et Lat. &c. portrait, neat, 6«. 

Oxan. 1722 

9783 Atterbury's (Bishop) Bp&stolary Correspondence, Visitadon 
Charges, and Miscellanies, 4 vols, half-boubd, uncut, 1^. 1783 

3724 Atwood'a History of the Island of Dominica, Is 1792 

372^ Aubrey's CoUection of Letters, written by eminent Persons in 
the Seyenteenth and Eighteenth Centuries : to which are added 
Heame's Journeys to Reading and to Whadden Hall, and Urea 
of eminent Men, 3 vols, (published «t li. 11«. 6d.), boards, 14f. 


8729 Ayscough's ComprehensiTc Index to Shakspeare, boards, canrass 
back (pubUshed at 1/. U.) I4s 1827 

8727 Baillie's (Miss) Series of Plays, in which is attempted to deli- 
neate the stronger passions of tibe mind, vol. i, boards, canvass 
back, lettered, 35 1802 

3728 Baker's Reflections on Learning, shewing its hisufficieney, and 

evincing the usefulness and necessity of Revelation, calf, 2s. 


3729 Bancroft's Natural History of Goiana in South America, half- 

bound, 3«. neat, 3*. W, 1789 

3730 Barclay's Present State of Slavery in the West Indies, half-bd. 

neat» 4s 1827 

3731 Barron's Lectures on Belles Liettres and Logic, S vols, boards, Js. 


3733 Barry's Letter to the Uilettaoli Society on fthe obtcn1i<m of cer- 

t»ln matters necessary for the Improvement of the Public Tftste, 

&c. calf. 2s. 6d 1799 

37^ Beccaria's Essay on Crimes and Punishments, with Commentary 
by Voltaire, neat, gilt, As 177^ 

3734 Bell's (Dr. Andrew) Elements of Tuition, part ui, Ludus Lite- 

rariu8, the Classical and Grammar School, boards, 2s 1815 

373£» Beltrami's Pilgrimage In Europe and America, leading to the 
Discovery of the Sources of the Mississipi and Bloody River, 2 
vols, portrait, map, &c. new boards (pubMshed at 1/. 11«. 6if.), 

7* 1828 

3786 Bickell's West Indies as they are, a real Pkture of Slavery (putn 
lished at 6*. 6d.) 3« 1825 

3737 Bielfield's (Baron) Elemoits of Universal Ervdidon, or of the 

Sciences, Polite Arts, .and Belles Lettres, translated by Dr. 
Hooper, 3 vols, neat, 89. 1770 

3738 Bigland's Sketch of the. History of Europe, 2. vols, boards (pub- 

lished at 1/. 4s.) 7« 1815 

3739 l&sefs History oi the Reign of Georg« 111, 6 vols, neat, 1/. 8t. 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 180 

3740 Blacket's Remains, Poems, Dramatie Sketches, &c. with Memoir 

of his Life by Pratt, 2 vols, calf, 5s 1811 

3741 Blair's (Dr.) Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, 3 vols. 

calf, neat, 14» 1806 

3742 Boaden's Inquiry into the Authenticity of the yarious Pictures 

and Prints oif Shakspeare, portraits, boards, 4^ 1824 

3743 Body and Soul, boards, 3s. 6d 1822 

3744 Bolingbroke's (Lord) Philosophical Works, 5 vols, neat, 14«. 


3745 ' — r Letter to Windham, Reflections on the 

State of the Nation, and Jjetter to Pope, ealf, neat, 3$, ... 1753 

3746 Boothby's (Sir Brooke) Fables, 2 vols, boards, 2« 1809 

3747 BfHrn's (Baron) Travels through the Bannat of Temeswaf, Tran- 

sylvania, and Hungary, half-bound, neat, 2«. 6d 1777 

3748 Boswell's Account of Corsica, and Memoirs of Pascal Paoli, 

bound,2«.; calf, 2«. 6^ 1768 

3749 Bouchette's Topographical Description oi Canada, plates, bds. 63. 


3750 Bourgi>anne's Travels in Spain, 3 vols, plates, ealf, 9s 1789 

3751 Bouterwek's History of Spanish and Portuguese Literature, 2 

Tols. 8yo. boards (published at W. 4s.) 7$ 1823 

3752 Bowdler's Letters written in Holland, half-calf, 2s. 6d. ... 1788 

3753 Boyd's (supposed Author of the Letters of Junius) Miscellaneous 

Works, 2 vols, neat, 6« 1800 

3754 Bramsen on the North of Spain, boards, Is 1823 

37^5 Brissot's Travels in America, half-bound ,2s 1792 

3756 Brookes's General Gazetteer, maps , half-calf, 6s , 1791 

3757 Brown (Dr. W. L.) on the Natural Equality of Men, Is. ... 1793 

3758 Bryce's Sketch of British India, boards. Is. 6d 1810 

3759 Brydges's (Sir Egerton) Letters from the Continent, boards 

(published at 14*.) As Lee Priory Press, 1821 

3760 ■ - -^ — — Memoirs of the Peers of England 

during the Reign of James the First, portraits, new half-calf, 
4s. 6d 1802 

37SI Brydone's Tour through Sicily and Malta, map, 2 vols, bound, 3s. 


3761*BuekiBgham'8 (John Sheffi^d Duke of) Works, 2 vols, neat, gilt, 
43. 6d 1723 

3762 Burgess's (Bishop) Essay on the Study of Antiquities, new half- 
calf, 2s. 6^ 1782 

3762*Burke'8 Account of ^e European Settlements in America, 2 vols, 
neat, 4s 1770 

3^63 -~.*.«^«— ^ Reiei^ons on the Revolution in France, half-calf, 
neat, Ss. fid 1790 

^64 ■ ' ■■ Another Copy, and the Civil and Ecclesiastical Systems of 
BngHmd defended, 2 vols, in one, half-bound, uncut, 39. 


3764^Barlamaqiu's Principles of Natural and Politie Law, translated 
by Nugent, 2 vols, neat, 9^ 1763 

54, Patbbnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


190 History^ Antiquities, Voyages, [Octavo. 

3765 Burney's (Dr.) Present State of Music in France and Italy, calf, 

3«.6d 1771 

3766 Burns's Works^ with his Life, Criticisms on his Writings, and 

Remarks on the character and condition of the Scottish Pea- 
santry, 4 vols, calf, gilt, \%s 1803 

3757 Poetical Works, with Life by Dr. Currie and Jjetters. — 

Mrs. Mary Robinson's Poetical Works, in one vol. half-calf, 6^. 


3768 Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy, 2 vols, new boards (published 

at 1/. 4*.), 14« 1827 

3769 • ^— 2 vols, frontispiece, new 

boards (published at IZ. 10«.), 12« 1806 

3770 Butcher's Survey and Antiquity of the Town of Stamford in the 

County of Lincoln, with its ancient Foundation, Grants, Privi- 
leges, &c. calf extra, 6f 1717 

3771 Another Copy, with the Description of Tottenham High 

Cross in Middlesex ; together with the Tournament of Totten- 
ham, or the wooing, winning, and wedding of Tibbey the 
Reeve's daughter there, fine large copy, 89 1717 

3773 Byron's (Lord) Works, vols, vii and viii, containing the Age of 
Bronze, the Island, Vision of Judgment, Deformed Trans- 
formed, Werner, Heaven and Earth, and Morgante Maggiore, 
2 vols, new boards, As 1825 

3774 ChUde Harold's Pilgrimage, 

Canto the fourth, boards, 3^ 1818 

3775 Siege of Corinth and Parisina, 

\8 1816 

3776 Werner, a Tragedy, 2«. 1823 

3777 Byron^s (Commodore) Narrative of his Voyage, by himself, neat, 

25. M 1768 

3778 Campbell's Treatise of Modem Faulconry, with an Introduction 

shewing the Practice of Faulconry in remote times and countries, 
boards, 2s. M 1773 

3779 Capell's Prolusions ; or. Select Pieces of Antient Poetry ; com- 

piled with great care from their several Originals, and offered to 
the Publick as Specimens of the Integrity that should be found 
in the editions of worthy Authors, in three Parts ; containing : — 
The Nut-browne Mayde. — Master Sackvillb's Induction, 
and Ovbrburt's Wife.-— Edward the Third, a Play, thought to 
be writ by Shakspearb. — Those excellent Didactic Poems, in- 
titled, Nosce Teipsum, written by Sir John Davis, with a Pre- 
face, newly bound in russia, scarce, 1/. Is, 

Land. Printed for Tonson, 1760 

3780 Capp's (Mary Elizabeth) African Princess, and other Poems, 

boards, 1*. 6d 1813 

3781 Capper's Observations on the Passage to India through Egypt, 

boards, canvass back, lettered, 3s. 6d 1785 

3782 Carte's Inquiry into the share which King Charles I had in the 

Transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan, neat. Is. 6d 1747 

[WiiiiiiAM Baynbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 191 

3783 Castera's History of Catharine II, Empress of Russia, translated 

by Dr. Hunter, portraits, neat, 3^ 1800 

3784 Charenton, or the Follies of the Age, a Philosophical Romance, 

by M. De Lourdoueix, frontispiece, half-bound, 2s. 6d. 1818 

3785 Chateaubriand's Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, and Bar- 

bary, 2 vols, calf, neat, lOs. 6d 1812 

3786 Chesterfield's (Lord) Miscellaneous Works, with his Life, tend- 

ing to illustrate the Civil, Literary, and Political History of his 
Time, by Dr. Maty, portrsuts, 4 vols, neat, 12^ 177^ 

3787 ChiroPs Enquiry into the best System of Female Education, 

boards. 2s. 6d 1809 

3788 China, the History of, map, neat, 25 17^3 

3789 Chinese Empire, a complete View of it, boards, 2^ 1798 

3790 Claremont, a Poem addressed to the Earl of Clare, calf. Is. 6d. 

3791 Clarendon's (Edward Earl of) Valuable Pieces, an Appendix to 

the History of the Rebellion, bound, 2s 1724 

3792 Proceedings in the House of Commons touching his 

Impeachment, neat, 2s 1700 

3793 Clarissa Harlowe, the History of a Young Lady, by Riehardson, 

8 vols, neat, 1/. As 1751 

3794 Clarke's (E. D.) Travels in various Countries of Europe, Asia, 

and Africa, 8 vols, plates, neat, 41. 4s 1816 

3795 Cobbin's Historical View of the Reformed Church of France, 

boards (published at 5^.), 2s 1816 

3796 Cochin and Bellicard's Observations upon the Antiquities of the 

Town of Herculaneum, with Reflections on the Painting and 
Sculpture of the Ancients , pi ates , bound ,35 1 756 

3797 Cogan's Rhine, or Journey from Utrecht to Francfort, 2 vols. 

plates, fine copy, calf extra, bound bt Kalthoeber, \6s. 


3798 Coke's (Dr.) History of the West Indies, natural, civil, and 

ecclesiastical, 3 vols, calf, neat, 155 1808 

3799 Collier's Poetical Decameron, or Conversations on English 

Poets and Poetry, 2 vols, boards (published at II.) 65... 1820 

3800 CoUins's Peerage of England, with Longmate's Supplement, 

7 vols, plates, partly coloured, vellum, neat, II, Js 1756 

3801 Colquhoun on the Commerce and Police of the River Thames, 

boards, 25. 6£?. — ^half-bound, russia, 35 1800 

3g02 on the Police of the Metropolis, boards, 35 1805 

3803 Colton's Hypocrisy, a Satire, boards, canvass back, lettered, 35. 


3804 Constable's Reflections upon Accuracy of Style, neat, I5. 6d. 


3805 Cook's (Captain) Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 4 vols, plates, 

half-bound^ 7s 1784 

3806 Coote's (Dr.) History of Europe from 1763 to the Treaty con- 

cluded at Amiens in 1802 (continuing Russell's History of Mo- 
dern Europe), boards, 85 1817 

3807 Copland's History of the Island of Madagascar, boards, 25. 

54, Patbbnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


1&2 History, Antiquities, Voyages, [Octavo. 

3808 Corbels (Bishop) Poems, with Biographical Notes and Life o€ 

the Author, by Octavius Gilchrist, boards, 3ff 1807 

3809 CoronatiioD of Charles the Second, a circumstantial Account of 

it, from an original manuscript bj Sir E* Walker, plates, boards, 
4# 1820 

3810 Cony's History of Bristol, Ciril and Ecclesiastical, with notices 

of its eminent and distinguished Natiyes, 2 vols, royal Sro. 
splendid engravings, half-bound, neat (published at 2/. 2s.), 
lOff. U 1816 

3811 Cottle's Icelandic Poetry, or the Edda of Ssemund translated, 

frontispiece, boards, 2«. — canvass back, lettered, 3«. .. ... 1^97 

3812 Coxe's View of America, boards, \$.M *. 1795 

3813 Craftsman, or Weekly Journalist, a Farce, half-bound, 1«. 1728 . 

3814 Craufurd's (Captain) Account of Remarkable Events of the War 

between the Prussians, Austrians, and Russians, from 1756 to 
1763, with a treatise on the Military Art from the German of 
Tielke, 2 vols. maps. and plates, half-calf, 8« 1787 

3815 Cruttwell's Universal Gazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary, 

4 vols, calf gilt, l/.4« 1806 

3816 Dale's Widow of Nain and other Poems, Is, 6d 1829 

3817 Outlaw of Taurus, a Poem, Is. 6d 1820 

3818 Dairy mple's Collection of English Songs, with an Appendix of 

Original Pieces, boards, 2«« 6d.,9 • 1796 

381^ Dallas's New Conspiracy against the Jesuits detected and ex- 
posed, with a short account of their Institute, boards, 3s... 1815 

3820 Dalyell's (John Graham) Monastic Antiquities, /ac«imt/e, boards, 

2s. 6d 1809 

3821 D'Anville's Compendium of Ancient Geography, translated from 

the French, illustrated with maps, 2 vols, neat, lOs 1791 

3822 Darwin's (Dr. Erasmus) Botanic Garden, a Poem, with Philo- 

sophical Notes, plates. — Darwin's Temple of Nature, a Poem.' — 
and Cowper's Poems, in one vol. half-bound, 5s. 6d 1824 

3823 Dawson's (DrO Memoirs of St. George and the Order of the 

Garter, neat, 2* 1714 

3824 De Bosset's (Lieut. Col.) Parga and the Ionian Islands, maps, 

calf elegant, 3». 6d 1821 

3825 De Foe's Religious Courtship, bound, 4s 1722 

3826 Dennis's Remarks on Prince Arthur, a Poem, Is. 6d. ,,4.4. 1696 

3827 1^0 Panw's Philosophical Dissertations on the Greeks^ 2 ycds. 

neat, 5s *. 1793 

3828 Depons's Travels in South America, with a View of the Manners 

and Customs of the Spaniards and Native Indians, 2 vols, half- 
bound, neat, 7^ 1807 

3829 Description of Venezuela, Trinidad, Margarita, and Tobago, 

containing various Anecdotes and Observations, map (published 

atl55.), boards, 35.~-half-calf, 4« 1820 

3840 Dibdin's Library Companion, or the Young Man's Guide and 
the Old Man's Comfort in the Choice of a Library, a new edi- 
tion, enlarged* corrected, and improved, a thick vol. boards, 

(published at H. 75.), 14s 1825 

[WiiiUAM Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] . Travels, and Mispellanieis. l^ 

3841 Dtbdin's (C.) Yoang^ Arthur, a Metrical Romance, ]«. 6<^. 1819 

3842 Disraeli's Curiosities of Literature, 3 yols. lialf4)ound, russia, ^^.^ 

165... 1817 V^ 

3843 Dodsworth's Salisbury Cathedral, Is... ., ; IJ9^ 

3844 Drake^s Literary Hours, or Sketches critical, narrative, and 

poetical, 3 vols, boards, canvass backs, Ss • ••••,.. f 880 

3845 Drydeu's Poetical Works, with Notes by Joseph and John 

Warton, 4 vols, portrait, brown calf (published at 3/. 3s,), 
IL 10* ^ , 1811 

3846 Virgil, 3 vols, plates, nueat, Ss I7I6 

3847 revised by Dr. Carey, 3 volsu fine plates by 

FiTTLBR, calf, neat, 16« , 1803 

3848 Dwigbt's Travels in New England and New York^ iUustra^i 

with maps, &c. 4 ypls. new boards (published ^t 2(. 2s,), \8s. 

3849 Dyer's Four Letters on the English Constitution, boards, Is. 6d. 


3850 Edgeworth's Practical Education, 3 vols, boards, 9s 1801 

3851 ,^^ Essays on Professional Eduction, ^>ards (pub- 
lished at Us.), 4s. 6d 1812 

385^ Edinburgh Annual Register, from 1808 to 1822, in 20 thick vols. y^ 
. . boards (published at 20/.), 3/. 3*. ^ 

3859 Edwards's History, Civil and Commercial, of the West Indies, 

5 vols, coiqple)^,. plates, nei^;, 11.8s..... 1801, jBcj^; 

3g54 ^^ . ^^ (Thomas) Canons of Criticism and Glossary, and Son- 

.W83 peik, 28. 6d..^.. , ,. 1758 

3855 tfVQiv Maasues. Memorandum ,on the sjubject of the Earl of 

Elgin's Pursuits in Greece, plate^ calf, neat, 5s •.«.. 1815 

3856 Canova's Letter and Viscoati's two Memoirs on 

the Sculptures in the Collection of the Earl of Elgin, calf, yieat, 
6«.. 1816 

3857 Eliot'p D^ileiioe of Portugal, map, boards. Is. 6d..... 1810 

3858 Ellis's Journal of Lord Amherst's Embassy to China> 2 vols. 

boards (published at J /. Is.), Js 1818 

3859 Elstobb^p History of Bedford Level, jlarok papba, boards, ^. 


3860 Ekiglefield's (Sir H. C.) Walk through Southampton^ plates, ;M^ 
. bound, neat, ^ 1805 

3861 Essays on the Prindples of Translation, boards, 2$. 6d IJ^ 

3862 Essays of the London Architectural Society, with four plates, 

boards, 4s 1808 

3863 Este's Journey through Flanders, Brabant, and Germany, to 

Switzerland, boards. Is, 6c2 179^ 

3864 Estlin's Lectures on Moral Philosophy, 2 vols, boards (published 

at 1/. 4s.), 4* 1818 

3865 Eton's Survey of the Turkish Empire, boards, 3s 1799 

3866 Euremond's (M. de St.) Wk>rks, .wjth Life, by Qes Mniz^iitir* 

3 vols, portrait, neat, 85 1728 

3867 Ec^ropei^fi Commerce, or complete Mercantile Guide to the Con*- 

tihent of Europe, boftrds .(published. (^t.^/.. 1^.), Js. ....... . . 1 818 

54, PAr]|Rl^Q^««& Row.] 2 C 

Digitized by 


194 Histories, Antiquities, Voyages, [Octavo. 

3868 Eustace's Classical Tour throug^h Italy, sixth edition, with addi- 

tions, 4 vols, map and plans, boarded in canyass (published at 

3/.), 1'. 8» *821 

3869 Evans's ^gis of England, the Triamphs of the Late War, boards, 


3870 Eyre's Observations at Paris, boards. Is 1803 

3871 Faber's Sketch of the Internal State of France, half-bound, neat, 

2s : 1811 

3872 Fables, Moral and Political, with large Explications, translated 

from the Dutch, 2 vols, vellum, neat, 6^ 1703 

3873 Farmer's History of t^e Ancient Town and once famous Abbey 

of Waltbam, plates, neat, fine copy, 10^. 6d ^ 1735 

3g74 (Dr. R.) Essay on the Learning of Shakespeare, 

mssia, gilt leaves, 4s, 6d 1767 

3875 Faulkner's Historical and Topographical Account of Ful- 
ham, including the Hamlet of Hammersmith, largb papbr, 

with 23 phites, boards (published at W. !«.), 9s 1813 

3376 ■ Historical and Topographical Description of Chel- 
sea and its Environs, with anecdotes of illustrious and emiDcnt 
persons who have resided there, plates, boards (published 
at 15*.), 7* 1810 

3877 Fenelon's Dialogues on Eloquence, new boards, canvass back, 

lettered CpnbliShed at 89.) 4^. 6d 1808 

3878 Ferriar^s Illustrations of Sterne, with other Essays and Verses ; 

2 vols, boards, 2s. 6d 1812 

3879 Fielding's Works, 10 vols, plates, new half-calf, 2/. 7s... 1784 

3880 Filmer's (Sir Robert) Free-Holders Grand Inquest touching our 

Sovereign Lord the King and his Parliament, portrait of 
Charles 11, neat, 2s. 6d 1684 

3881 Fischer's Picture of Valencia, boards, Is ; 1811 

3882 Fisher's Jaurnal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions, 

with maps and wood-cuts, boards, canvass back, lettered (pub- 
lished at 12«.), 4s. 6d 1821 

3883 Flatman's Poems and Songs, neat, Is. 6d 1686 

3884 Fletcher's Purple Island, a Poem, with Critical Remarks by 

Headley, and Memoirs by Jaques, boards, 2s 1816 

3gg5 . Purple Island, with Christ's Victory and Triumph, a 

Poem by Giles Fletcher, boards, 2^. 6<f 1783 

3886 Forrest's Voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas from Balam- 

bangan, with Vocabulary of Magindano Language, neat, 4s. 


3887 Foster on Commercial Exchanges, 1« 1804 

3888 Fox's Sketches and Observations in a Tour through Europe, 

U. 6d , 1799 

3889 Franklin's (Dr.) Historical Review of the Constitution and Go- 

vernment of Pennsylvania, neat, 35. 6^ 1759 

3890 Fraser's History of Nadir Shah, with History of the Mogul Em- 

perors, bound, 3s. .., 1742 

3891 French Revolution, a Comparative Display of the Opinions of 

British Writers on it, 2 thick vols, boards, 6* 1793 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


OgtavoO Travels, and MUcettanies^ WH 

3892 Fry's (Edmund) Specimen of Printing Types, boards, 3«... 1816 

3893 Gait's Bachelor's Wife, Curious and Interesting Extracts, bds. 

canvass baclc, lettered, 4s • • 1824 

3893^Gent'8 History of the loyal Town of Ripon, beautiful copr, 
brown calf, 1/ '. York, 1733 

3894 > newly bound in calf, very neat, 

I8s , 1735 

3895 History of Kingston-upon-Hull, plates, neat, 7^- 6c^« 


3896 6ne copy, plates, newly 

bound in calf, very neat, 16f • 1735 

3897 GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, from its commencbmbnt in 

1731 TO thb bmd of 1829, 140 vols, a complbtb and kbmark- 


A copy like the present challenges the appellation of UNIQUE. 
The binding alone would cost Thirty Five Pounds. 

3898 Gentleman's Recreation, in four parts, viz. Hunting, Hawking, 

Fowling, and Fishing, with an abstract of the Forest and Game 
Laws, plates, neat, 5^ 1721 

3899 German Spy, Letters from Germany to England, neat, Is. 6d. 


3900 Gibbon's History of tub Decline and Fall of the Roman 

Empire, a new edition, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, 
super royal octavo, beautifully printed, fine portrait, boarded in 
canvass (published at II. As.) \9s 1830 

3901 GilKes's History of Ancient Greece, its polonies and Conquests, 

4 vols, boards, lis 1809 

3902 View of the Reign of Frederick II of Prussia, boards, 2s. 


3903 Godwin's Enquirer, Reflections on Education, Manners, and Lite- 

rature, calf elegant, 5j 1797 

3904 Goldsmith's History of the Earth and Animated Nature, 8 vob. 

plates, half-bound, ttncut, 1/. 10^ 1790 

3905 — — ' 4 vols, plates, new boards 

(published at 21. 2s.) II. 4s 1822 

3906 abridged by Mrs. Pilking- 

ton, boards (published at 7««) 2s. 6dL 1810 

39Qy . History of Greece, complete in one vol. new boards 

(published at 9s.) 5s 1825 

3908 ' — • Roman History, 2 vols, neat, Js 1769 

3909 — ——-—-----————— 2 vols, new boards, canvass backs, 

7s. , 

3910 ■ complete in one vol. boards, 4#. 


3911 History of England, with Continuation by Coote, 4 

vols, genuine edition, boards, 12^ • • 1812 

3912 — History of Greece, 2 vols. ; History of Rome, 2 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


10g Hkiory, AtUiquiiies, Voyages, [Octavo 

▼ols. ; and History of England « 3 vols, f 7 vols. portraitSy uniform 
in calf, neat, 1/* 5s 17^6) &c. 

8913 Golownin's (Captain) Narrative of bis Captivity in Japan, 2 vols. 
boai»dd, 6tf. i 1818 

9914 doodttU's Examination of the Letters said to be written by Mary 
Queen of Scots to Jilmes Earl of Botbwell, 2 vols, beautifal 
portrut, neat, lOs ..;.. ;..;; i„.Edinb. 1754 

5915 Ck^stling's Walk in and about tbe City of Canterbury, LARGE 
PAPER, plates, boarded in canvass (published at U. 7^-) l^^- 


391 6 Granger's Biographical History of England, from Egbert the 

Great to the Revolution : consisting of Characters disposed in 
diffbtent Classes, and adapted to a Methodical Catalogue of 
engraved British Heads : interspersed with a variety of Anec- 
dotes and Memoirs of a great number of Persons, fifth edi- 
tion, with upwards of 400 additional Lives, 6 vols, boards, can- 
vass backs (published at 3/. 3s.) \L lU. 6d 1824 

3917 ■ Another Copy, illustratbd with the thrbb hundrbd 
Ann TEN PORTRAITS, 6vo]s. boards (published at 8/. &.) 3/. 10$. 


3918 Grant's (Mrs.) Poems, boards (published at 10«. 6d.) 2s... 1803 

3919 Gray's (Hugh) Letters from Canada, boards, 3s 1809 

39^0 (Charleswortb) Mercator, the Voyage of life, colourbd 

PLATES, Is. 6ci. • « •... 1819 

3920^Grece's View ot Canada and the United States, Is. 6d 1819 

3921 Green's Survey oi the City of Worcester, plates, fine copy, brown 

calf, 5s. 6d 1764 

3922 Grobianus, or the Compleat Boobv, an ironical Poem, done into 

English from the original Latin of Frederick Dedekindus, nt. Js* 


3923 Grptius on the Rights of War and Peace, 3 vols, half-bd* nt* Ss. 


3924 Guardian, the, fine large print, 2 vols, neat, lOs 1789 

3924* with (Preface by Chalmers, 2 vols, calf, neat, 12a. 


3925 Guidott's (Thomas) Discourse of Bath and Hot Waters there, 

with Lives of the Physicians of Bath, neat, 4« 1725 

" This Book once boM for 1/. 4*.** 

3926 Hacho, or the Spell of St. Wilten, and other Poems, boards, Is. 6d. 


3927 Halhed's Code of Gentoo Laws, brown calf, 4s 1777 

3928 Halkett's Historical Notes on the North American Indians, new 

boards (published at 10*. 6d.) 3s 1825 

3929 Hairs (Lieut. Francis) Travels in France, boards, 3s 1819 

^930 Hamel, the Obeah Man, 2 vols, new boards (published at 16s.)» 

4*.6f/ 1827 

3931 Hamilton's (Mrs. Elizabeth) Letters on the Elementary Princi* 

ptes of lEducation, 2 vols, calf gilt, &..,.... 1808 

[William Batnes, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 197 

3idSt Hamilton's (Mrs. Ettzabeth) Letters of a Hindoo Rajah, written 
previous to and daring his residence in England, 2 vols, ealf, &. 

3933 Letters to the Daughter of a Noble- 
man on the formation of Religious and Moral Principle, 2 ¥ols. 

boards, 4^ * 1806 

dd34 Harrises Historical and Critical Account of the Lives of James I, 
Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, and Charles II, 5 toIs. boards, \L 


3935 _..^ — Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Writings 

of King Charles !> with autograph of Dr. Harwood, neat, 4^. 


3935 (James) Philosophical Arrangements, new boards, canvass 

back, lettered, 3^. %d 1799 

3938 Hartley's Theory of the Human Mind, by Dr. Priestley, sewed, 

WNCUT, 7« • 1775 

3939 Hazlitt's Ticctures on the Dramatic Literature of the age of Eliza- 

beth, boards (published at 12«.) 5« 1820 

3940 Table Talk, or Original Essays, vol. ii, boards, 3$. 


3941 Hbarnb's Collection of Curious Discourses written by eminent 

Antiquarians upon English Antiquities, 2 vols, neat, scarce, I69, 


3942 Thom» Sprotti Chronica, fine copy in calf, 14s. 

Oxon. 1719 

3943 ■ ■ half-bound russia, uncut, 

125 ib. 1719 

3945 , Gulielmi Neubrigensis Historia, sive Chronica Rerum 

Anglicarum, 3 vols, in 2, neat, gilt, scarce, \L 159« 1719 

3947 Liber Niger Scaccarii nee non Wilhelmi Worcestrii 

Annates Rerum Anglicarum, cum pra^fatione et appendice 
Thomee Hearnii, 2 vols, boards (last leaf of vol. i, MS), 8s. 

- 1774 

394g ■ '■'■■ Joannis Rossi Antiquarii Warwicensis Historia Regum 
Angli», calf, neat, 12« 1745 

3949 ■ Camdeni Annales Rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarum 

regnante Etisabetha, 3 vols, fine copy, calf, neat, R lO^. 1717 

3950 Henckel's Pyritologia, or History of the Pyrites, with the plates 

from the German edition inserted, neat, 4s 1 757 

3951 HfiNRT's History oipGr6at Britain, 12 vols, calf, nt, 2/. 12«. M. 


3952 Hervey's (Lady) Letters, with Memoir and illustrative Notes, 

in^Ae the tover is written " Lard Boon's Copi/^ J, B.** " Not 
Pubiished, J. M." boards, 4«. 6d 1821 

3953 Historic^ Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Court of France during 

the {kvour of Madame de Pompadour, by J. L. Soulavie the El- 
^er, half*bo«nd, neat^ 4$ 1811 

3954 History of Culifornia, Natural and Civil, 2 vols, plates, neat, 5«. 

54, Patbrmostba Row.] 

Digitized by 


198 Histories, Antiquities, Voyages, [Octavo. 

3955 riistory of Poland, from its origin to the year 1795, calf, neat, 4s. 


3956 History of the Ridiculous Extravagances of Monsieur Oufle, oc" 

casioned by his reading Books treating of Magick, the Black 
Arty DtBinoniacks, Conjurors, Witches, Hobgoblins, Incubuses, 
Succubuses and the Diabolical Sabbath, of Elves, Fairies, Wan" 
ton'Spirits, Geniuses, Ghosts, S^c, dfc. neat, scarce, 9^ 1711 

3957 Hogg's (the Ettrick Shepherd) Queen Hyode, a Poem, half-bd. 

russia, 5s 1825 

3958 Holcroft's Travels from Hamburgh through Holland, &c. abridged 

by Fulton, neat, 2«. 6d 1804 

3959 Holmes's (Isaac) Account of the United States of America, co- 

loured map, boards (published at I2s*) 3s. 

3960 Holf 8 Public and Domestic Life of George the Third, 2 vols. 

portraits, boards (published at \L lis. 6d.) Js 1820 

3961 HolwelPs (Dr. W.) Mythological, Etymological, and Historical 

Dictionary, neat, 5* 1793 

3962 Home's Chronological Abridgment of the History of England 

from the earliest Times, fine copy, neat, scarce, 7««« 1791 

3963 Hone on Mysteries and Religious Shows, illustrated with curious 

engravings, boards (published atlOf. 6d.) 5s. 6d 1823 

3964 Hooke's Roman History, 9 first vols, calf, neat, U. \s 1766 

3965 Hoole's Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, translated with Notes, £ne 

plates, calf, gilt, 1/. 4s 1799 

3956 Metastasio's Dramas and other Poems, 3 vols, fine 

plates, calf, gilt, 12* 1800 

3967 Hospital of St. Elizabeth, annexed to the Imperial Monastery of 

St. Maximin of the Benedictines in the Electorate of Treves, 
a brief account of it, plates, half-bound, russia, scarce, 6s. 


3968 Howel's Elements of History, 1*. 6d 1704 

3969 Hudibras, written in the time of the Civil Wars, with 

Annotations by Dr. Grey, and Plates by Hogarth, 2 vols, neat, 
scarce, IBs 1764 

3970 Hudibras, with annotations and wood-cuts, boards, 4s. 6d. 


3971 Hughes's Correspondence, and Letters by several other eminent 

persons deceased, with Notes by Duncombe, 3 vols, brown calf, 
gilt, Ss 1773 

3972 Hughson's London, being an accurate History of the Britisli 

Metropolis and its Neighbourhood to Thirty Miles extent, nu- 
merous plates, 6 vols, calf, neat, IZ. lOs. (sells for 4/.).., 1805 

3973 Hume's Philosophical Works, 4 vols, new boards (published at 

2/. Ss.) II. Ss 1826 

3974 History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Ceesar 

to the Revolution in 1688, complete in 2 vols, bouds, canvass 

back, lettered, 96- 1810 

3975 Humphreys's Prince Malcolm and other Poems, boards. Is. 6d. 

[William Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 199 

3976 Hunter's Memoirs of a Captiyity among the Indians of North 

America, boards, As. 6d J824 

3977 Hunter's (W.) Travels through France, Turkey, and Hungary to 

Vienna, half-calf, 2«. 6d 1796 

3978 Hutchinson's Historical Essay concerning Witchcraft (containing 

Notices of the Suffolk Witches, the Witchcrafts at Boston, the 
Witches of Warhois, the Surrey Imposture, &c.)9 half-bound, 
neat, As. 6d 1720 

3979 Hypolytas Earl of Doitglas, containing Memoirs of the Court of 

Scotland, with the secret history of Mackbelh king of Scotland, 
and the Amours of Count Schlick and a young Lady of Quality, 
new half-calf, 4s. 6d 1708 

3980 Imlay's Topography of the Western Territory of North America, 

maps, half-bound, neat, 2s. 6d. ; calf extra, Ss. 6d 1793 

3981 Ireland's Picturesque Tour through Holland, Brabant, and part of 

France, illustrated with copper-plates in aqua tinta, 2 vols, royal 
8vo. half-bound, neat, 1/ 1796 

3982 Jachin and Boaz, an Authentic Key to Free-Masonry, \s. 6d. 


3983 Jackson's (W.) Constitutions of the Independent States of Ame- 

rica, boards, 2s 1783 

3984 (Jno.) Journey from India to England, boards, 2sm 

3984'*James's Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, 3 

Tols. plates, half-calf, neat, lO^ 1823 

39g5 (J. T.) Flemish, Dutch, and German Schools of Painting, 

new boards, canvass back (published at I2s,) 6s 1822 

3986 Jardine's Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, Portugal, &c. 2 

vols, calf, 5s 1790 

3987 Jenning's THenry Constantine) Summary and Free Reflections, 

in which the great Outlihe only and principal Features of seve- 
ral interesting Subjects, are impartially traced, and candidly 
examined, scarce, 3^ , 1793 

The above was privately printed, for presents only. Priced in a 
Bookseller's Catalogue at 1/. 5s. 

3988 Johnson's (Dr.) Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, calf, 

neat, 4s. 6d 1775 

3gg9 Lives of the English Poets, 4 vols, calf, \Ss. ... 1781 

3990 Johnston's Sonnets, original and translated, boards, canvass back, 

lettered, 2s. 6d. 1823 

3991 Jomson's (Ben) Works, with Notes Critical and Explanatory by 
'" . Peter Whalley, 7 vols, plates, ▲ vbrt finb copy, original calf 

GILT, 2/. 16* 1756 

9992 Joyce's Analysis of Dr. Adam Smith's Inquiry into the Wealth 

of Nations, new boards, 2s 1797 

3993 Judkin's (Rev. C.) Oriental Mission, crown 8vo. boards (published 

at 10«. 6d.) 2s. 6d 1828 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


200 History, Antiquities, Voyages, [Octavo* 

39d4 Julian the Apostate, a Dramatic Poem, by Sir Aubrey De Vere 
Hunt, boards (published at Ss. 6d.) ^ 1823 

3995 Kalm's Travels into North America, translated by Forster, 3 vols. 

plates, fine copy, bound bt Johnson, neat, 12^. 1770 

3996 Keepe's Historical Account of theOri^nal, Increase, and Present 

State of St. Peter^s, or the Abbey Church of Westminster, neat, 
2s,6d 1682 

3997 Keysler's Travels through Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Switzer- 

land, Italy, and Lorrain, 4 vols, plates, fine copy^ calf, gilt, Ss, 


3998 Klopstock and his Friends' Letters, translated from the German 

by Miss Smith, with a biographical introduction by Miss Benger» 
boards, 3« 18U 

3999 Knight's (Richard Payne) Analytical Inquiry into the principles 

of Taste, calf, 65 , 1805 

4000 (£. Cornelia) Marcus Flaminius, or a View of the Mili'- 

tary. Political, and Social Life of the Romans, 2 vols, neat, 7^- 


4001 2 vols, brown calf, neat, 85. 


4002 Kolben's Present State of the Cape of Good Hope, or a particu- 

lar Account of tiie Nations of the Hottentots, 2 vols, plates, neat, 
7' 1731 

4003 Kotzebue's Russian Prisoner of War among the French, boards,^. 


4004 Labaume's Narrative of the Campaign of Russia, plans, nt. 4s^ &d. 


4005 Laborde's (Alex.) View. of Spain, comprising a descriptive Icine- 

rary of each Province, and a general statistical Account of the 
Country, 5 vols, maps, boards, 14^ ».... }809 

4006 Laelius and Hortensia, or Thoughts on the nature and objects of 

Taste and Genius, calf, 3f.. 1782 

4007 Lambert's Travels through Canada and the United States of 

North America, 2 vols, coloured plates, half-calf, neat, 12«. 


4008 Lancaster's (Joseph) Improvements 10 Education, boards. Is. 6d. 


4009 Lauderdale's (the Earl of) Inquiry into the nature and oiig^ of 

Public Wealth, boards, 4*. 1804 

4010 ■ " ' ■ second, e^tion, improved, 

boards, 5s. ; * ■. /...... .«... 1819 

4011 Laughtqn's History of Ancient Egypt, bound, Is. 6d 1774 

4012 Letters on Iceland, written by Dr. Uno Von Troil, map, sewed, 

2*; calf, 3*. 1780 

4013 Letters on the Internal Political State of Spain, boards (published 

at 1/.) 2s 18W 

4014 Letters from an English Traveller on the Origin and Progress of 

Poetry in Spmn, portruts, neat, 2s.... 1781 

[William Batniis, 

Digitized by 


Q9TATa] Trmels, and Mucellam$M. 9M 

4015 l^iberal, the, Ver^e aqd Prose from the Sontli, 9 rok. boards, 

eai>Tats bac|F» Ut^weii^6$ , 4 1822 

4016 Lille's Ctbe At>b^ d9)» tbe Gardens, a Poem, tranglated by Mrs. 

Hoqtolleu, plf^tes bj BAVtOhQ%%if new half^bound, 4s. 

Baisl^, 1805 

4017 Loess's Woass, 10 iFob. boards, 2/. IQi. 1888 

4018 Essay concerning Haman Understanding; 2 vols, por- 
trait, neat, 7^1 ••• • 1748 

4019 Bssay pn tbe Hamaa Understanding, Tbougfats o^neemo 

ing Reading and Study fer a 6entl«nian, and of tbe Conduct of 
tbe Understanding* new bds* canvass back (published at 12«.), 
6» , 1828 

4020 — .. lii . Two Treatises of Qovevnment, neat, 4$. dd 1 772 

4021 Lodge's Peerage of Ireland, 4 vols, plates, neat, 16« 1754 

4022 Luccbesini's (Marquis) History of tbe Causes and Effects of tbe 

Confederation of tfie Rhine, boards, 2f. 6d 1821 

4023 Macfutney s Embasfiy, iMid a complete View of tiie Chinese Em- 

pire, nei^t, 2« 1798 

4024 Macderinot's Beauties of Modern Literatnre, in verse and prose, 

mrith ^, Preliminary View of tbe Ltteratnre of the Ag«, boards, 
canvass back (published at 14«.) 4^ 1824 

4025 Macdiarmid's Inquiry into tbe Principles of Civil and Military 

Subordini^on, boards, 2^ 1806 

402(3 Magillan's (Gabriel, of tbe Society of Jesas) New History of 

China, fu^, neat, 9s • 1688 

4027 Malcolm's Anecdotes of tbe Manners and Customs of London, 

from liie Roopan Invasion to the year 1700, 3 vols, boards, ean- 

yass bi^lc, lettered, 14« 1811 

4026 — *- Miscellaneous Anecdotes illustrative of the Manners 

and History of Europe, boards, 3i. 6d 1811 

4029 Malthfis on Population, or a View of its past and present Effects 

on biiman happiness, 2 vols, icalf gilt, neat, 12s 1807 

4030 Mjarriner's Account of tbe NaSives of the Tonga Islands, in the 

South Ps^eific Ocean, witb a Grammar of their fjangnage, com- 
piled ^nd ari^ged by Dr. Martin, 2 vols, plates, boards (pub- 
lished at 1/. JOs.) 7# 1817 

4031 Mariti's(the Abb^)Tr9Tel8 through Cyprus, Syria, and Palestine, 

3 vols. >aif-boiind russia, Aest« 9s 1791 

4032 Marsh's (Bishop) Horss Pelasgicse, part i, containing an Inquiry 

Inito the pirigio and l^ngMSge of the Pelatigi^ boards (published at 
7*. 6d.) 3s,,,,,;,..,,,... 1815 

4033 Mason's Poen^s, 2 vols, bound, 3s 1796 

4034 .:.: neat, brown calf, 2s. 6</ 1774 

403||5 (A. J.) Poetical Essays, eleven engravings on wood 

from dei^gns by John Thurston, boards (jko^lished at 8s. 6d.) 
2s. 6d 1822 

403^*-- (lU. Honble. J. Monck) Commei^s on the Plays of 

Rc^umo^t and Fletcher, calf, 2s 1798 

4036 Mavnce's Indian Antiquities : or, Dissertaions reladve to the 
54, JPATR^SMpsffBR Row.] 2 D 

Digitized by 


aneient Geographical Dftyiaiens, tbe pure Sjstein of primeval 
Theology, the grand Code of Civil Laws, the original Form of 
Government, Uw widely-extended Commerce, and the various 
and profound Literature, of Hindostan, ^ vols, plates, calf, neat, 
1/. 16a 1806 

4037 Maurice's Indian Antiquities, 6 vols, boards, wanting vol. vii, 14^. 


4038 ^~ Brahminical Fraud detected, boards, Is 1812 

403^ Maw'» (Lieut. Henry Lister) Journal of a Passage from the 
Pacific to the Atlantie, map, half-bound, uncut, Ts.,.. 1829 

4040 M'Dermot's Beauties of Modern Literature, new boards, canvass 
hack (pubUshed at 14<.) 4f 1825 

4Q41 — ,_ Philosophical Inquiry into the Pleasure derived from 

Tragic Representations, hoards, canvass back, lettered, 2«. 6</. 


4042 Memoirs of Jeanne D'Are, surnamed La Pucelle d^Orleans, with 

the History of her Hmes, portrait, and coloured fac-simile plate, 
2 vols. LARGE PAPER, boards, canvass back, lettered (pub- 
lished at 5/. &.) II. U 1824 

4043 Memoirs of a life chiefly passed in Penns^lvama within the last 
. sixty years, boards, canvass back (published at 9s. %d,) 2«. 6d. 


4044 Memorials of the Family of Tofton Earls of Thanet, plates, 

boards, 4*. 6d ...^ 1800 

4045 Michaux's (Dr. E. A.) Travels In America, map, boards (pub- 

lished at 12«.) 2« ,.... 1805 

4046 Mickle's Lusiad, an Epic Poem, translated from the original 

Portuguese of Camoens, 2 vds. boards, 7'* » ^ ▼ols, calf, nt. St. 


4047 Middleton's Life of Cicero, a vols, calf, neat, \%9 1801 

4^8 Millar's (Professor) Historical View of the English Government, 

from the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the Revo- 
lution in 1688; to which are subjoined some Dissertations 
connected with the History of the Government, from the Re- 
volution to the present time, 4 vols, calf, gilt, 1/. 7^ 1803 

4049 Milton's Poetical Works, by Bishop Newton, plates, 4 vols, neat, 

H.8* 1703 

4050 r Paradise Regaiaed, Samson Agonistes, &c. neat, 2*. 6rf. 

4^i ■ Poems, English, Italian, and Lathn, with Notes by Dr. 

Warton, half-calf, 4< ., 1785 

4052 Defence of the People of England, neat, 2« 1696 

4053 Mirza Aboo Taalib Khaun's Poems, Persian and English, U. 


4054 Mitchell's (James) Tour through Belgium, Holland, &c. bds. 25. 


4055 Mitford's Inquiry into the Princ^)les of Harmony in Ijanguage, 

and of the Mechanism of Verse, Modern and Antient, half-bound, 

neat, 4j. 6d 1804 

[WiLTiiAM Bathes, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Travels, ^nd Mwcellani^s. d03 

4066 Mdiaa's History of Ghili» Geo|fraphieal> NstUral, tod CiyiI. 2 
yols. half-bouiid« russia, neat, 6«... ; 1809 

4057 Montagfue OB ADcient Repttblicks» neat, \s.%d 1760 

4057*Mo.dern Gazetteer, a copious Ge<^aphieid Dictionary of the 

Worlds maps, 2 thick Vols, boards, lOf. 6d 1810 

4058 Moore's. Mordaunt, or Sketches of Ufe, Characters, atid Manners, 

in various Countries^ 3 toIs. boalrds, 7'- • •••••^ 1800 

4059 -^ (Fradeis) Trayds into ih« Infaoid ?9,1^ of AfHca, plates, 

neat, 3** .... .i.i ;;...... : .;...;... 1738 

4000 ■— (Dr. John) VifeW of Society and Manners in fVaiice, 

Switzerland, and Gennany, 2 vols, calf, neikt, 7^ 1789 

4061 ^ (James) Narrative of the Gilinpliign of the British Army 

in. Spain, commanded by Lidnt. General Sir John Moore, maps, 
new half-calf, 4j. 6d. ........i.^..*... .;..... ;. tSftO 

406^ Mwden's Maps of England^ is. 6d..., 1702 

4063 MoreU's Studies in History, the Histories of Greece and Rome, 

2 vols, new in eidf, lO^i 6d. «...*»....... 1813 

4064 History of Greece, vol. i, boards (published at lOs. 6d.\ 

38. ;.. ....i 1813 

4065 Morgan's (Dr. Sir T. G.) Sketches of the Philosophy of Lify. 
bound, 4«. 6d.,4,....^,, ;. ..^ 18l9 

Morrison's (Rev. Rob.) Horse Sinicas, Translations from the po- 
pular Literature of the Ohintoe, bourds, 2«. ; half-bound, neat, 

2*. M.^.....* .; ; 1812 

4067 Morse's American Geogri^hy, boond» 2»...Elizabeth Town, 1789 
4067*M.orse and Parish's Compendious Histofy of New England, bds. 

2«. 6tf... 4........ , : ; 1808 

4068 Mortimer's General Dictionary df Oommerce, Trades, and Ma-^ 

nufactures^ thick vol. boards (published at H. 5$.) 6f. ... 1810 

4069' Musee Seatonianae, a complete Collection of the Cambridge Prize 

Poems, balf^bound, nissia, neat^ 3*. dd ..& 1772 

4070 Nares's (Archdeacon). Essays and other occasional compositions, 

2 vols, boiirds, 494 6(i....i3..^....i<.....^.;;^. ISlO 

4071 NalsOn's (Dr.) Commoti Interest of Kiiig and People, shewing 

the .Original Atitiquity^ and Excellency of Monarchy, portrait 
ofCharles II, bound, 3».6(^ 1678 

4072 Naylor's History of the Helvetic Republicsi 2 vols, boiirds, 

.3*. 6d .......*.,.;;. ; 1801 

4073 Nichols's LiTBRAar AkbodotIis ov Tdit EioHTBBivrB CbivtuhY, 

8 vols. ; Illhstbatiobs op tAb Litbbart Histoat of thb 

. JEightbbnth CBMTtriiT^ 3 vols. ; 11 vols, uniform, half-bound, 

rossia, bars, 8/. Ss. ...^. .»....«...; w^.^. .....;. ...:.. 1812, &c. 

4074 Nicholas's Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand, in company 

with the Rev« Mr. MArsden, Chaplain of New Sooth Wales, 
plates^ 2 vols, boards (sells for II. 10«.)» 9«. 1817 

4075 Noble's Continuation of Grainger's Biographical History of Eng- 

land, 3 vols. Large papsr, boards (published at IZ. 16«.), 16^. 

4076 ' — Memmrs of tfao ProtBOteval H^mse of Cromwell, from 

, 54f PiATTBRNOSllSll Row.] 

Digitized by 


804 History, AnHqmiies, Voyages, [Octavo. 

Original Papers and Records^ with proofs akid illttstratidtis, 
2 vols, plates, neat, 9* .*....... 1784 

4077 Norfolk, JHIstory and Antiqaities of the County of, 10 yoh« 

boards, IL ISa 1781 

4078 Notes and Refleetions, daring a RamUe In Oennaiiy, bourds, 

2*. 6d 1826 

4079's Magazinb, 23 rols. complete, plates, ntm^ 6L 1781 

4080 O'Connor's Chronicles of £ri, being the History of the Geal 

Sciotlb^rt or the Irish People, 2 Tols. boards, 9^... 1822 

4081 OgiWy's Itineh^ry of Engiand and Wales wHIh part of Scotland, 

map, .boards, 2^. 6d ., > .v. 1804 

4082 Ordinaire'a (the Abb^) Natural History of Volcanoes, trans- 

lated by Dallas, stew half-calf, ^8. M. 1801 

4083 Qtway's Dramatic and other Works, with Notes .and Life by 

.Thomtoo, 3 vols, portrait, brown caff {pnbiished at \L IfSt.), 
14j. 1813 

4084 Painter's (A Young.) Letters from Abroad to his Friends in 

England, 2 Tols. plates, neait, 7s. 17^ 

408d Pasquin's (Antouy) Poems and Satires, plates, boards, 2». 1796 

4086 Patton's Prindples of AeiAic Monarchies, boai^s, 3i. 1801 

40^7 Paul's (father) Letters, translated by BrowA, balf-cs()f, 28. 6d. 


. 4088 Payne's Epitome of Hiefeory^, 2 toIs. cUf, g»t, 7^* ••*.. 1795 

^ 4089 Percy's (Bishop) Five Pieces of Runic Poetry, translated from 
the Icelandic Lannfoage, half-bound, 4$, •... ^•.. 1763 

4090 Petrarch's Ufe by Dobson, 2 vols, brown calf, neat, 9t. ... 1775 

4091 Philosophy of the Passions, 2. vols, in one, half-bound, 2«. 1772 

4092 Pbipps's Voyage towards the North Pole, neat, 2«. 6d...... 1775 

4093 Pinckard's Ncftes on the West Indies, 3 vdls. half-bouii4, tussia, 

neat, 10*. 6d... 1866 

4093*Plutarch'8 Lives, with Notes, and Life of Plutarch by Dryden, 6 
vols, neat, W. 59. •.•..'...'... 1758 

4094 Poems.. — ^The Lawsuit, or the Farmer and Fisherman, yi'OfU. — 

The Modertite Cabal.— Hie Parish Guttlers, or the Humours df 
Vestry, a Merry Poem.— ^Durgen, or a Plain Saty^, '&c. bound, 
ds.6d... ,....., 1721, &c/ 

4095 Poems by the Marquis of Normanby, Lord Hallfaic, Sir Robnt 

Hqward, &c. &c. neat, 2s .....w^*.........*^ 1702 

4096 Polehampton and Good's Gallery of Nature and Art, or aTotrr 

through Creation and Science, illustrated by one htttidt'ed en- 
gravings, 6to1s. neat <publiBhed at 7^4^)) 2/. Ss 1821 

4097 PolltipAl Disquisitions, or an Enquiry into PabHc 'Errors, De- 

fects, and Abuses, illustrated and established upon Fkcts, and 
Remarks eiLtracted from a Variety of Authors, ancient and 
modern, 3 vols, neat, 9ff. ..« • ..z^^^^.. 177^ 

Priced in a BookBeller's Catalogue for last year at IL 6s* 

4098 Pol whole's Traditions and Recollections, Domestic, Clerical, and 

Literary, in which hre mdiMled Letters of Charles II, -Cromwell, 

fWtijUAM Batkis, 

Digitized by 


Octavo*] Travels, and Miscellanies. '^^ WT^f^ 

FaMkx, attd olher disthig^uished characters, 8 rols. new boarded 
in canvass, 6$ •• • • 1826 

4099 Pope's Works, with Notea and Illustrations by Dr. Wartoip, 
9 vols, half-bound, russia, 1/. 15s 1797 

4100 Rape of the Lock, plaies derived by Hamilton and 

Stoikard^ engraved hy Barioiotzi, Ntaiile^ Sfc. talf^ gilt leaves^ 
3t.M Du R&verayy 1798 

4101 ; Homer's Iliad and Odyssey^ 1 1 vols, fine edition, plates, 

neat, 21. 5s 1760 

4102 Porter's (Sir James) Observations on the Relij^on, Law, 

Govermnent^ and Manners of the Turks, boards, 2s I771 

4103 Portugal Revoludone since the close of the Peninsular War, an 
. Historical Vi&w, calf, neat, 3$. M 1827 

4104 Pitta's Gazetteer of England and Wales; containing the Statistics, 

Agriculture, and Mineralogy of the Counties, with maps, 2 vols, 
boards (sells for 1/. IC».)' ^* )810 

4105 Pratt's Gleanings through Wales,* Holland, and Westphalia, 

3 volt. half<«alf, neat, 9s 179s 

4106 ■' Harvest Home, Supplementary Gleanings, Original 

Dramas, and Poems, 3 vols, boards, lOs, 6d 1805 

4107 Price's (Uvedalc) Letter to Repton, Is.... I795 

4109 Priestley's (Dr.) Lectures on History and General Micy, 2 vols. 

calf, neat,6« ^. *.. •• 1793 

4110 Printing, History of its Origiti and Progress, with Practical In- 

structions to the Trade, neat, 4». 6d 1770 

4111 Pnffendorff's Introduction to the History *ef l^e Principal States 

of Europe, 2 vols, brown calf, 6* .1764 

4112 Ras^pe's Account of German VoUsanos,. calf, 2s I776 

4113 Ray's Travels through the Low Countries, Germany, Italy, and 
. France^ with carious Observations, and a Catalogue of Plants, 

2yiAs. plates, fine copy, neat, 7s, 6d 1738 

4114 -r — r^ Select Remuns, with Life by DeAam, portrait, large 

PAP^R, neait, 7'-*f* %%«..........•*...• I76O 

4U5 Recollections of a Service in Colombia, 2 vols, new boards (pub- 

■Kshed at 16*.), 4t ....r, 1828 

4U6 Redford and Riches's History of the Town and Borough of 

Uxbb'idge, plates, boards (published at 1/.), 4s. 6d. 1818 

4117 Reid'A Inquiry into the Human Mind, boards '(published at 8s.), 

3t-6d ^ -.. 1818 

4118 fissays on the Active Powers of Man, half-bound, neat, 

4s. •.... 1790 

4119 RevisalofShakespeare'«Text, l9.^. 1765 

4120 Rich's Memoir on the R^iins of Babylon, plates ^ boards, 4*. 6^, 

1818 ^ .. . 

4121 ' » ' ■'■ — Second Memoir on Babylon, half-bound, russia, 5s. ^- / 


4122 Ricrqfi's'Sutviy of England^ €hampions^ with their Hvely pour- 

iroiimrssy boards (published at 10«. 6d.), 45.. 6(2. — calf, g^lt, 6«. 
— LARGE PAPBR, boards (published at 15«.}, 6$. 

1647, Reprint. 


Digitized by 

Google ^ 

a06 History, Antiquities^ Voyages, [Octavo. 

4123 Ritoon's Bibliographla Poetica, a Catalogue of English Poets of 

the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth 
centuries, boards, scarce, 6e •••. 1802 

4124 Roberts's (Captain George) Four Years' Voyages, a Series of 

Uncommon Events, plates, neat, 3$ » 1726 

4125 Robertson's Works, with Life by Dugald Stewart, genuine 

edition, 12 vols, boards, 2/. 2s 1816 

4126 History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V, 

4 vols, portrait, bound, 10^ 1777 

4127 4 vols, boards, 16« 1817 

4128 Robinson's Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution* including a 

Narrative of the Expedition of General Xavler Mina, 2 iO\n. 
fine portrait, boards (published at 1/. 4s.), 5s « ,.. 1821 

4129 Rochester. History and Antiquities of Rochester and its En- 

virons, plates, neat, 3«.. ..»»...« » * 177^ 

4130 History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church 

of Rochester, neat, scarce, 7'* 6^ «•-•*' *• 17^ 

4131 Rochon's Voyage to Madagascar abridged^ boards, .1«. 6d. 1821 

4132 Rogers's (Eliea) Lives of the Twelve Csesars, 5 vols* boards, I4s. 


4133 (J. B.) Days of Harold, a Metrical Tale, boards (pub- 
lished at 12*.), 2s 1816 

4134 Roland's (Citizeness) Appeal to impartial Posterity, a Collection 

of Pieces written by her during her confinement in the Prisons 
of the Abbey and St. PMagie, half-<:alf, neat, 5s 1795 

4135 Ross's Voyage of Discovery to explore Baffin's Bay and enquire 

about a North-west Passage, 2 vols, boards, 7' * 1819 

4136 Ross's (Alexander Leith) Remains, with Memoir of his Life. 

boards (published at lOs, 6d.), 4# < 1822 

4137 Rough Sketch of Modern Paris, neat, 2s. 6d. 1803 

4138 Rowe's (Elizabeth) Poems, and Devout Exercises of the Heart, 

bound, neat, 2s « «.....« <»<»« 1737 

4139 Rowlands's 'TIS merry when Gossips meet, boards, 2f« 

1809, Reprtni. 

4140 l[lus8ia, a Sketch of its Military and Political Power in 1817, 

boards (published at 8«.), Is. 6d «<.. , 1817 

4141 Saint Pierre's Studies of Nature^ translated Irf Dr. Hunter, 

4 vols, boards, 12«... < 1801 

4142 Salmon's Historical Description of Ancient and Modem Rome, 

also of the Worics of Art, particularly in Architecture,- Sculpture, 
and Painting, 2 vols, plates, boards (published at 1/. lOs.)^ Ss. 

4143 — ' ' — ■ ■■■■ ■ ■ " ■-■ 2 vDls. pbtev, calf, neait, 

10*. ed .-.. 1800 

4144 Essay concerning Marriage, with an Historical Ac- 
count of the Marriage Rites and Ceremonies of the Gi^eks, 

Romans, our Saxon Ancestors, &c. neat, 3* 1724 

4145 Sabbatbier's InstitatioBs, Manners, and Customs of the Andent 
Nations, by Perclval Stockdale, 2 vols, half-boundy rtissia, 6«. 

414d Sass's Journey to Rome and Naples, giving an account of the 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] Travels^ and MtMcdlanieM. 20? 

present stete of Society in Italy, and Obsenralions on tlie Fine 
Arts, h»lf.calf, 5« 1818 

4147 Scotch Pobts. Poetarum Scotorum Mumb Saera, 2 vols, froa- 

dspieces containing Portraito, neat, 9« • 1739 

4148 Scott's (Sir Walter) Historical Romances, Ivanhoe, the Monas- 

tery, Uie Abbot, and Kenilworth, 6 fols. boards (pablisfaed 

atS;. 12#.), 11. 10». 1822 

4149 Novels and Romances, the Pirate, the Por- 

tnnes of Nifel, Peveril of die Peak, and Qaentin Durward, 
7 vols, boards (pubtished at 4Z. 4<.), IL 12«. : 1824 

4150 ■ Kenilirorth, 3 vols, crown 8vo. boards, Ts. 


4151 H . Marmion, new half.^alf, 6tf 1815 

4152 LiPB OP Napolbon Buoivafartb, 9 vols. 

newboard8(pabli8hedat4;. 14«. M.>, 2i. 2< 182? 

4153 Ballads and Lyrical Pieces, new boards 

(published at 7». 6J.)> 2«. «d 1812 

4154 ,. , Lay of the Last Minstrel Travesty, boards, 

eanvass back, lettered, ^s.M 1811 

4165 — - — (Jonathan) Bahar-Danash, or Grarden of Knowledge, an 
Oriental Romance, translated firom the Persic of Einaiut Oolah, 
3 vols, calf, neat, \0s. M 1799 

4156 (John, of Amwell) Poetical Works, f^tes, 8«. 1786 

4157 (Robert) History, of Enfcland daring the Reign of George 

the Third, 4 vols, boards (published at 2J. 2«.), 14< 1824 

4158 Second Tale qf a Tub^ or the Hi$iory of Robert Poofel the Pup- 

pet^thow Man, curious frontispiece, neat, scarce, 6«.«..... 1715 

4159 Secret Memoirs of the Court of Petersburg, a Description of the 

Manners, and Aneodotes, 2 vols, in one, calf, 5s 1800 

An authentic work> quoted with approbation by Dr. Edward 
Daniel Clarke. 

4100 Select Essays from the Encyclopedic, the most curious, enter- 

taining and instructive parts, written by Mallet, Diderot, 
D'Alembert, &c. neat, 2«. 6d • 1772 

4101 Seward's (Dr.) Anecdotes of distinguished Persons, chiefly of 

the last and two preceding Centuries, illustrated with engrav- 
ings, 4 vols, half-boimd, russia, neat, \L 4s* 1798 

4162 Seymour's Remarks, critical, conjectural, and explanatory, upon 

the Plays of Shakspeare, 2 vds. new boarda, canvass backs, 
lettered (published at U. U), 8$ 1805 

4163 Shqfteshury*s Characteristicks qf Men^ Manners, Opinions^ Times, 

3 vols, kecmifulfy printed by Baske&villr, LARGE PAPER, 
fourportraUsqf the Author, neat, 1/. 14< 1773 

4164 Shakspbarb's Plays and Poems, with the Corrections and Illus- 

Uistrations of variouA Commentators, to which are added, an 
Essay on the Chronological Order of his Plays, an Essay rela- 
tive to Shakspeare and Jonson, a Dissertation on the three 
parts of King Henry VI, an Historical Account of the EngUsh 
54a ,P4TBBJN0Sfl»» Row.] 

Digitized by 


HiHaryt Aniiquiiu^ VoyageM^ [Ogtayo 

Stage, and Notes by Edmond Malowb, 10 vols, in U, half- 
bound, ruBsia, neat, 21. Us 1790 

41^ Shakspeare's Plays, from the comet edition of Isaac Rbbd, 12 
?oU. boards, U. lOt 1809 

41M ■ from the text of Johnson, Steveiis, and Reed, with 

Glossarial Notes, his Life, and Critiqae on his Genius and 
Writings bv N. Roire, complete in one vol. neat, lOt. 6d. 


4107 Tiffenty qf» the Play o/ Shakespeare, being ihe whole 

number printed in Quarto during hie Life^time, or before the 
Restoration, eoUated and published by George Steffens, 4 vols, 
neat, scarce, 1/. 4s 1766 

4168 Sharpens (Dr. Gngory) Inirodiietion to Universal History, neat, 

3s. M 17fi8 

4169 improved by RaddifBe, calf, 

neat, 4s 178? 

4170 Shelley's (Percy Bysshe) Queen Mab, boards, 2s. M 1822 

4170*Sliigurf Namah I V^elaet, or Excellent inteliigence eoneermng 

£urope, being the lYavels of Mirza Itesa Modeen in Great 
Britun and Franee, in Hindoostanee, with English version and 
notes by J. E. Alexander, new boards (pablished ei ISs.), Ss. 


4171 Sidney's {Algiemon) Discoirses eonoemlng GovenHMeni, with 

Author's Life, 2 vek. neat, 9s 1750 

4172 SJoelair's History of the Public Reveiwe of the British Empire, 

3 fols* boards, 7« 180S 

4173 Slavery, its Mitigatiori, Letters and Papers of the Hon. Joshua 

Steele, and Dr. Didcson, boards, 2s, id 1814 

4174 Smith's (Dr. Charies) Ancient and Pfesent State of the County 

and City of Waterford, plates, neat, Ss 1774 

4175 Ancient and Present State of the County 

and City of York, 2 vols, boards, (is 1817 

4175 [W.) Voyage to Guinea, plates, neat, ^. M 1745 

4lj^7 (Rev. \W.) Liters de Re Nummaria, on the Denarii 

Roraani, with Remarks on Arbuthnof s Tables and Miscellanies, 
neat, 3* 17«1> 

4)7g (Dr. Adam) Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the 

Wealth of Nations, 3 vols, boards, ^s 1802 

4179 ■ com|ilete in one voluine, por- 
trait, boards, canvass back (pobTiidied at 14«.), 7' 1826 

4190 ...^i^ (Dr. James Edward) Sketch of a Tour on the Continent, 
3 vols, boards, 7« • 1798 

4191 : ' ' ' Correspondence of Linmeus 

and other NaturaKsts, 2 vols, wkh fac simMes, new boards, 8s. 


4id2 'Southey's History of the Peninsular War, 4 vols, new boards 

rpublislicd at 2/. 2s.), 1/. Ss 1828 

4193 Spectator, 8 vols, large print, calf, n^at, U. i2s 1789 

4194 Spelmao^s (Sir Henry) Villare Anglicum, the Cities, Towns, and 


Digitized by 


Oct A TO.] Travels^and Mi$cdlani€8. 209 

Villagfes in England, alphalietically composed, half*bound^ 
2«. M 1678 

4195 Spelman's (Sir Henry) History of Sacrilege, neat, 3^. %d... 1698 

4196 Spence's Parallel between a most celebrated Man of Florence 

and one scarce ever heard of in England, half-bound, uncut, 
28. 6d 1759 

4197 (Elixabeth Isabella) Letters from the North Highlands, 

boards, 2«. 6d 181? 

4199 Spix and Von Mardus's Travels in Brazil, 2 vols, plates, new 

boards (published at 1/. 4s.), 1824 

4200 St. Amand's (Creorge) Historical Essay on the Legislative Power 

of England (ancient laws in Saxon and English, &c.), half- 
bound, neat, 3s. 6d 1725 

4201 Starke's Letters from Italy, its Revolutions and Works of Art, 

2 vols, boards, 3s 1800 

4202 Stavorinus's Voyage to the East Indies, 3 vols, boards, Ss. 


4203 Stevens's (J.) PoeticaLPieces, by several hands, calf extra, 2s. 

4204 Stolberg's (Count) Travels through Germany, Switzerland, 

Italy, and Sicily, translated from the German by Holcroft, 
4 vols, boards, 8f 1797 

4205 Sullivan*s Analysis of the Political History of India, half-bound, 

rusBia, 3s. 6d 1784 

4206 ■ (John) Tracts upon India, calf, neat, 3s 1795 

4207 Swift's Works, with Notes by Sheridan, revised and corrected 

by Nichols, 19 vols, boards, 31. I3s. 6d \ 1800 

4208 Swinburne's Travels through Spain, 2 vols, plates, half-bound, 

russia, 9s 1787 

4209 Table Talk, or the Modern Scrap Book, 75 Engravings, boards, 

canvass back (published at \2s. 6d.), is «. 1829 

4210 Tatlbr, 4 vols, large type, fine paper, neat, 18^ 1710 

4211 corrected edition, with Biographical Prefaces, and Notes 

by Alexander Chalmers, 4 vols, new boards, 16^'. 1806 

4212 Temple's (Sir William) Works, with Life of the Author, 4 ?ols. 

half-bound, neat, 16« 1770 

^13 4 vols, neat, 18* 1757 

^14 Tench's (Major) Letters written in France, half-bound, russia, 

28 1796 

4215 Tennant's (Dr.) Indian Recreations, the Domestic and Rural 

Economy of the Mahomedans and Indians, 3 vols, calf, neat, 
185 1804 

4216 Thicknesse's Year's Journey through France and part of Spun, 

2 vols, boards, 4* t 1789 

4217 Thomas AntiquUates Prioratus Majoris Malveme in ds^ro WiC' . 

ciensi, cum chords Ori^inalibus easdeni illustrantihus, ex regis- r^y^ 

iris Sedis Episcopalis Wigorniensis nunc primum editis, fine copy^ ^^ 

neat, scarce, \5s 1725 I 

^18 Thomas's History of the Reign of Solomon, 1*. 6d, — History of \ 

Solomon's Temple, Is 1813 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 2 E 

Digitized by 


810 Histaryt AntiquUies, , Voyages, [Octavo* 

4219 Tfaomsoa'B Seftsons, Hymns, Ode, and Songs, with Life. Glos- 

sary, and Index, plates, neat, bs 1809 

4220 '^. (Geo.) Spirit of General History, boards, 2« 1791 

4221 Thurlow's (Lord) Moonlight, the Doge's Daughter, Ariadne, 

Song of Britun, and Rape of Proteus^ boards, 2<. • 1814 

4222 Toland's Aniyntor, or Defence of Milton's Life, neat, 2«. %d. 


4223 Tpoke's View of the Russian Empire to the Close of the present 

Century, maps, &c. 3 vols, boards, \2s 1799 

4223* 3 vols, half-calf, neat, 16». 

4224 Diversions of Purley, a new edition revised and cor- 
rected by R. Taylor, 2 vols, new boards, canvass backs, lettered 

(published at 1/. XOs.), \L A» 1829 

4225 Two Pair of Portraits, Pitt and Fox, U 1788 

4226 Tooti Nameh, Tales of a Parrot, from the Persian, U. ^d. 1792 

4227 Torr's Antiquities of York City, with List of all the Mayors 

and Bayliffs from the time of Edward the First to 1719, neat, 
scarce, 55 1719 

4228 Topographical and Historical Description of the County of 

Suffolk, plates, boards (published at 12tf.)» 4«. 6(2 1829 

4229 Toulmin's (Dr.) History of Taunton, greatly enlarged and brought 

down to the present time by James Savage> boards (published 
at 155.), 5* 1822 

4230 Tour through Germany, coloured chart, boards, 2<. 

4231 Tour through the South of England, Wales, and part of Ireland, 

NUMEROUS PLATES, neat, 3s 1793 

4232 Townley's Journal kept in the Isle of Man, 2 vols, half-bound, 

russia, neat, 7* 1791 

4233 TRACTS. -^Meditations upon a Broomstick and somewhat be- 

side. — Mist's Closet broke open, Letters intercepted. — Dr. 
Tindall the Free-thinker's Last Will, &c. &c. 25. 

4234 : Rousseau on Theatrical Entertainments. — Dr. 

Franklin's Works. — Robert Dale Owen on Education, &c. 
25. M. 

4235 Origin of Printing, 1774. — Discoveries at Hercu- 

laneum, 1771. —Barry's Account of Pictures, 1783, half-calf, 
scarce, 5«. 6(f. 

4236 on Bullion. — Magens on the Difference of Actual 

and Paper Money. — Huskissun's Depreciation of our Currency. 
— Letter to Sir J. Sinclair on Huskisson's Pamphlet. — Francis 
Perceval Eliot on the Fallacy of the supposed depreciation of^ 
the Paper Currency.— Replication to all the Theorists on Bul- 
lion. — Lord Castlereagh's Speech on Bullion, in one vol. half* 
bound, neat, 55. 

4237 ■ Dr. Ducarel's Repertory of the Endowments of 

Vicarages in the Dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester, 1782. 
— Arguments concerning the Jewish Controversy, 1774.—- 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


OeTAVO.] Travehs and Miscellanies. Sit 

View of tbe Missions established by l^e United Brethren, &c. 
brown calf, extra, 53. 

4238 Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, describing Characters, 

Customs, Manners, Jjaws, and Productions of Nature and Art, 
2 vols, calf, 4* 1782 

4239 Travels of the Rusman Mission through Mongolia to China, bj 

George Timkowski, with Corrections and Notes by Julius von 
Klaproth, 2 vols, plates, boards (published at II. 10s.), lOf. 


4240 Tressan's Mythology compared with History, translated by North, 

half*boand, calf, 4s 1797 

4241 Trotter's Walks through Ireland, half-bound, russia, 4s. 6d. 


4242 Trontbeek's Survey of the Scilly Islands, half-bound. Is. td. 

4243 Tucker's (Dean) Treatise concerning Civil Government, neat, 

2j. 6d 1781 

4244 Tusaer's Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, with Notes 

and Glossary by Dr. Mavor, boards. Of 1812 

4245 Twenty interesting Views on the Rhine, executed in aquadnta, 

sewed (published at 10$. Od.) 2s 1793 

4246 Two Years in Ava, maps, boards, canvass back, lettered, 


4247 Tytler's Considerations on tlie present Political State of India, 

embracing the Character of the Natives, the Civil and Criminal 
Courts, State of the Land-Tenure, &c. &ib. 2 vols, boards, 7^* 
(published at \8s.) 1816 

^48 rr Inquiry into the Evidence against Mary Queen of Scots, 

Deal:, 3* 1772 

4249 Udal ap Rhys's Curiosities in Spain and Portugal, Is. Bd... 1749 

4^ Ullaa^s Voyage to South America, describing ^e Spanish Cities, 
Towns, Provinces, &c., translated with Notes by Adams, 2 vols, 
plates, boards, 6s 1807 

42&0^UKivfiR8Aii History, Angibmt amd Modern, 05 volumes com- 
plete, calf, double lettered, neat, 14/. 14# 1747 

4251 Valiancy's Essay on the Antiquitv of the Irish Language, bds. Is. 


4252 Vansitt^rt's Narrative c^ Transactions in Bengal, from 1760 to 

1764, 3 vols, calf, 6». 1766 

4253 Viaud^s (Pierre) Shipwreck and Adventures, Is. 6d 1771 

4254 Viceroy of Catahnia^ . or tke Double Cuckold^ made English by 
' James Morgan^ Gent, brown caif^ 4s 1696 

425^3 Volney's Ruins, or a Survey of the Revolutions of Empires, calf, 
neat, 5s 1795 

4256 Vokaire't Letters concerning the English Nation, neat, 2s. 


4257 Voyages round the World, performed by English Navigators, an 

Historical Account of all of them, faithfully extracted from the 
Journals of the Voyagers, Drake, Cavendish, Cowley, Dampier, 
54, Patbraioster Row.] 

Digitized by 


212 History^ AntiqmtieSf Voyages, [Octavo. 

Cooke, Rogers, Glipperton and Shelvocke, Anson, Byron, 
Wallis, Carteret, and Cook, 4 vols, numbrous platbs, n^t, l&s. 


4258 Walker's (Sir Hovenden) Expedition to Canada, neat, 2<. 

4259 Waller's Poems, portrait, neat, 4# 1711 

4260 Warbarton and a Warburtonian's Tracts, half-bound, rassia, 4s^ 

M 1789 

4261 Ward's System of Oratory, Lectures publicly cead at Gresham 

College, 2 vols, neat, 7$. 1759 

4262 Warden's Letters from Saint Helena, the Conduct and Conrersa- 

tions of Napoleon Buonaparte and his Suite, plates, boards (pub- 
lished at 10«. ed.) 2s. 6d 1816 

4263 Warton's Poetical Works, with life and Notes by Mant, 2 vols. 

half-bound russia, neat, Js, 6d 1802 

4264 Poems, half-bound, russia, neat, Sf 1791 

4265 Obsenrations on Spenser's Fury Queen, 2 vols, calf, 

neat,89 1807 

4266 2 vols. bds. 

5s 1807 

4267 Watkips's Anecdotes of Men of Learning, natives of Great Bri- 

tain and Ireiuid, half-b6und, russia, uncut, Js 1808 

4268 Watson's Animal World displayed, plates, neat, 2s. 6d 1754 

4269 Welby's Visit to North America, vinb platbs, half-bound, uncut, 

3*. ed 1821 

4270 Welwood's (Dr.) Memoirs of the most material Transactions in 

England for the Hundred Years precedingr tiie Revolution, calf 
extra, 5s I7OO 

4271 Wenderborn's (Dr.) Vitw of England, towards the dose of the 

18th Century, 2 vols, boards, Of 1791 

4272 West's Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland, and 

Lancashire, plates, boards, 2s. 6d 1799 

4273 Weston's (Dr.) Englishman Abroad, Greece, Latium, Arabia, 

Persia, Hindostan, China, &c. &c. with Specimens of the Lan<* 

guages and pUtes, boards (published at l(k.) 5s, 1824 

4274 Arabic Aphorisms, boards (published at 5s.) 2s. 6d. 

4275 Chinese Characters analysed and decompounded, bds. 

4s.6d 1812 

4276 Fan Hy-Cheu, a Tale, Cldnese and English, with 

Notes and Grammar, boards, 4s. 6d 1814 

4277 Whitaker's (Dr.) Mary Queen of Scots vindicated, 3 rols. half- 

bound, russia, neat, l&s 1790 

4278 Whitworth's (Lord) Account of Russia, hidf-bound, uncut, 4s. 6d. 

Strawbbrrt HiiiL, 1759 

4279 THeland's Dialogues, from the German, half-bound, neat, 2^. 

4290 Williams's (Helen Maria) Correspondence of Louis the Sixteenth, 

3 vols, boards, 4s 1803 

[William Batkbs, 

Digitized by 


OcTATO.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 213 

42dl WiUianift's (Cyniic R.) Tour in Jamtica, bds. (published at 12^.) 3f. 


4292 Willis's (Browns) Survey of the Cathedral Church of St. Da- 

vid's, 1717. — Survey of the Cathedral Church of Landaff, 1719. 
. Survey of the Cathedral Church of St. Asaph, 1720. — Purvey 
of the Cathedral Church of Bangor, 1721, 4 vols, plates, unl- 
iorm, neat, rare, 21. 139. 6d. 

4293 -2: . Survey of the Cathedral Church of St. 

David's, plates, larg^e copy, old binding, 15« • 1717 

4294 I ■ ■ ■ fine copy, dark coloured 

calf,, marbled leaves, 18s 1717 

4295 — Survey of the Cathedral Church of Bangor, 

fine copy, plates, brown calf, lbs 1721 

4296 Survey of the Cathedral Church of St. 

Asaph, neat, \2s 1720 

4297. ' ' considerably enlarged by 

Edward Edwards, 2 vols, boards, canvass backs (published at 

18».) 5* 1801 

4298 2 vols. LARGE PAPER, 

neat, \Aa 1801 

4299 Windham's Speeches, with an Account of his Life by Amyot, 

and fine portrait, 3 vols, boards, canvass backs, lettered, \l, 


4300 Witty's (Dr.) Gout Raptures, or an Historical Fiction of a 

War among the Stars, Greek and English, verse, scarce, 4«. 


4301 Woodley's Cornubia, a Poem descriptive of Cornwall, 2«. 1819 

4302 Wrazall's (Sir N. W.). History of France, from the Accession of 

Henry the Thir4 in 1574 to the Death of Henry the Fourth in 
1610, 6 vols, boards, 15* 1814 

4303 (N.) Tour through the Northern Parts of Europe, nt. 

3f. M 1775 

4304 Wright!s (Francis) Few Days in Athens, boards, 2* 1822 

4305 Young's Political Arithmetic, observations on the state of Great 

Britain, boards, 45 • 1774 

4306 (Sir W.) Spirit of Athens, a political and philosophical 

investigation of the History of that Republic, boards, 2^. 1777 
4307 Zimmermann's Essay on Nadonal Pride, with Memoirs of the 

Author's. Life and Writings, boards, 2$. M.i calf, neat, Zs. 



4310 Adams's Flowers of Modem Travels, 2 vols*, half-bound, nt. 2s« 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


814 Hisior^t AntiquitieSf VwfogeSf [DuoD* 

431 1 Addison's Miscellaneous Works in Verse and Prose, with Re- 

marks on Italy, &c. 4 vols, bound, %s 1766 

4312 ' ' ' ' 4 vols, fine copy, 

neat, Js 1736 

4313 Adventurer, by Dr. Hawkes worth, 4 vols, neat, 7« 17^8 

4314 r 4 volsj calf, neat, &.... 1770 

4315 complete in 2 vols, plales, bds. 

(published at 12«.) 2$. 6d 1801 

4316 Albin's Isle of Wight, Map, Is. 

4317 Aleyn's Historic of Henry the Seventh in vbrsb, do title pa^e, 

half-bound, neat, rare, 4^ 1638 

4318 Arabian Nights' Entertainments, translated from the Arabian 

MSS by M. Galland, 4 vols, neat, 10s 1798 

4319 complete in 3 vols, boards 

(published at 13*. 6d.) fo Wi^lker, 1821 

4320 Arabian Tales, a Continuation of the Arabian Nights' Entertain^ 

ments, from the original Arabic, by Don Chaves and M. Cazotte, 

3 vols, neat, 7s.6d * 1794 

4320*Art of Memory, front, bound, la 1706 

4321 Art of Preserving all kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances, 

boards (published at 5t.) 2« 1812 

4322 Asiatic Miscellany, by W. Chambers, Esq. and Sir W. Jones, 

calf. Is. 6d 1787 

4323 Baker's (Humfrey) Weil-Spring of Sciences, fllntlt tottirr, 

neat, 2s 1631 

4324 Baratti's (S. Giacomo) Travels into the remote Countries of the 

Abissins or of Ethiofna Interior, new half-calf, 2s. 6d. ... 1670 

4325 Batavian Anthology, Specimens of the Dutch Poets, by J. Bow- 

ring and H. S. Vandyk, boards (published at 7<. 6(i.) 2«. 1824 

4326 Beauties of Poetry displayed, 2 vols, neat, 2s. 6d 1757 

4327 Berquin's Children's Friend, 4 vols, half-bound, neat, Ss,.. 1804 

4328 Bingley's Travels in North America, hoards (published at 6$. 6d.) 

3s 1821 

4329 Travels in South America, fads, (published at 6f. 6d.) 3s. 


4330 Blackwall's Introduction to the Classics, neat, 2s 1737 

41^1 Blair's Lectures, 3 vols, aew boards (published at 9s.) 5s... 1819 

4332 Bkmot's (Sir Henry) Voyage to the Levant, Is. 6d 1664 

4333 Bloomfield^s Farmer's Boy, plates, neat, 2s 1805 

4334 Rural Tales, Ballads, and Songs, plates, neat, 2s. 


4335 Bolingbroke's (Lord) Miscellaneous Works, 4 vols. nt. 9s. 1768 

4336 Bowles's (W. lisle) l^irit of Discovery, or the Conquest of 

Ocean, a Poem, with Notes, plates, boards, 2s. M 1804 

4337 Boyse's Pantheon, Fabulous History of the Heathen Gods, &c. 

plates, neat, 2s. 6d. 

4338 Bransby's Selections for Reading and Recitation, neat, 2s. 1814 

4339 BrightOD Ambuiator, EaoMt to Lewes, &c. hal^boiuid. Is. M. 


[WlItlilAM BaYNBS, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Travehf and MiiceUanUs. 815 

4340 Biigliton Amboliitor, Epitome of Brighton, 1^ ». 1815 

4341 Bressol's (Countess de) Memoirs, 2 vols, neat, 2^. 6d 1743 

4342 British Plutarch, Lives of English Statesmen, Patriots, Divines, 

Warriors, Philosophers, Poets, and Artists, 6 vols. nt. gilt, 15^. 


4343 British Apollo, eootaining two thousand Answers to curious 

Questions, serious, comical, and humorous, 3 vols, calf gilt, 
10». 6d 1726 

4344 Brooke's (Mrs.) Dialogue, a Journey through England and Wales, 

with introductory Account of England, by Evans, new half*calf, 
3a 1808 

4345 Brown's (Dr.) Wanderer in Norway and other Poems, bds. Is. 6d. 


4346 Bryd^es' (Sir Egerton) Tragic Tales, 2 vols, boards (published 

at 12«.) 25. 6d 1820 

4347 ' Coningsby, a Tragic Tale, boards (pub- 
lished at 4a.) Is Parisy 1819 

4348 ■- Lord Brokenhurst, a Fragment of Win- 
ter Leaves, boards (published ntSs. 6d,) \s ib, 1819 

4349 Sir Ralph Willoughby, an Historical Tale 

of the Sixteenth Century, bds. (published at 7s») U, 6d. 

Florence, 1820 

4350 Bullar's Isle of Wight, la 1815 

4351 Burton's Admirabtd Curiosities, Rarities, and Wonders in Great 

Britain and Ireland, cuts, new calf, 4s 1737 

4352 Unfortunate Court-Favourites in England, bound, 4a, 

Crouch, 1695 

4353 English Hero, or Sir Francis Drake revived, his Voy- 
ages, Adventures, Discoveries, and Achievements, wood-cut 
portrait, bound, 3a 1762 

4354 Butcher's Excursion from Sidmouth to Chester, 2 vols, boards 

(published at 8s.) 2* 1805 

4355 Butler's Hudibras, boards, 2« 1818 

4350 ■ • ■ ■ Hudibras^ English and French, by Townley, with Notes 

and 15 engravings after Hogarth, 3 vols, plates, sewed, 14^. 

Paris, 1819 
4357 Byron's (Lord) Don Juan, 2 vols, boards (published at 14«.) 6s, 

43^S Lara and Jacqueline, boards (published at Js, 6d,) 

\8.6d..... 1814 

4359 Cabinet of Love, Rochester, Hammond, Spratt, and Lyttleton's 

Poems, boards, Is. 6<f 1821 

4300 Caledonian Musical Repository, Scottish Sougs» set to Music» 

(published at Os.) 2s. 6d ■. 1811 

43(61 Campanalogia impfroved, or the Art of Ringing, 2s. ; no title page. 

Is 1733 

4302 Card's Dissertation on the Herefordshire Beacon, plate, boards,. 

Is. 6d 1622 

4363 Carter's Analysis of Honor and Armory, plates, neat, 3s. 6^. 1660 
54, Patbrkostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


916 HUtory, AntiquitieSf Vajfag€9, [DUOD. 

4364 Case qf Mary Catherine Cadiere against the Jesuite Father J, B. 

Girardj in a Manorial^ in tvhich he is accused qf seducing her 
and six other Female Votaries into the most ahonnnaUe excesses 
qf Lewdness^ 3 vols, curious frondspiece, ha^f^bound, neat, I2s, 


4365 Case of Impotency, between the Earl of Essex and the Ladj 

Howard, &c. neat, 2s.6d 1715 

4366 CaHsandra, a Romance, translated by Sir C. CottereU, 5 vols. 

neat, Ss 1737 

4366*Cato's Letters, 4 vols, neat, 4«, 6d 1724 

4367 Chapone's (Mrs.) Letters, \s 1821 

4367*CHiiRLBs II. — His Majestie's Propriety and Dominion on the 

British Seas asserted, scarce, 3«.— «a]f, neat, 5s 1665 

4368 Cheny's Historical List of all Horse-Matches run, and Plates and 

Prizes run for in England and Wales, bound, 2s 1730 

4369 Chesterfield's (Earl of) Letters to Arthur Charles Stanhope, 

Esq, boards, 2s 1817 

4370 Chichester Cathedral, its History and Description, plates. Is. 


4371 Chinese and Oriental Tales, boards, 3« 1817 

4372 Chronological Couplets, Artificial Memory, boards. Is 1819 

4373 Clarissa, or the History of a Young Lady by Richardson, 8 vols.. 

neat, 14«. ... 1764 

4374 Clarke's History of the glorious Life, Reign, and Death of the 

illustrious Queen Elizabeth, bound, 2s. 6d 1682 

4375 Cleveland's Poems, poRTRiiiT, neat, scarce, Ss 1656 

4376 half-bound, 2*. 1657 

4377 Clieveland's Genuine Poems, Orations, Epistles, &c, 

brown calf, 2* 1677 

4378 Cleveland's Works, with Life, neat, 2s 1687 

4379 Codrington's Proverbs, new half-calf, scarce, 4s 1672 

4380 Cokain^s (Sir Aston) Small Poems of Divers Sarts^ neat^ scarce, 

14s 1658 

4387 Colvil's Whig's Supplication, or the Scotch Hudibras, a Mock 

Poem, neat, scarce, 3^ 1751 

4388 Compleat Statesman demonstrated, in the Life, Actions, and 

Politicks of the Earl of Shuftesbury, bound, 25 1683 

4389 Connoisseur, with Preface by Chalmers, 3 vols, calf, neat, 6s. 


4390 Conspiracy of the Spaniards against the State of Venice, neat, 

2*. 6d 1675 

4391 Constancy, a Tale, boards, canvass tiack, lettered. Is 1826 

4392 Conversations on Political Economy, boards, 2s. M 1819 

4393 Cooke's Middlesex, bound, 1«.— Sussex, Is. 

4394 Cotton's (Charles) Genuine Poetical Works, plates, neat, Ss. 6d. 


4395 Wonders of the Peake, half^bound, morocco, 

2«. 6d 1699 

4396 Cowper's Poems, plates, boards, 2s 1824 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Trawb, and M%9C$llanU$. 31?^ 

4397 Cnmbeloi's Pdems, calf, U. 6d. 

4998 Cumberland's Observer, Moral, Literary, and fkunlKar Essays, 

6 Fols. neat, lOs. 6d 1798 

4399 Dalrymple's (Sir David) Remarlcs on the History of Scotland,^ 

neat, 3»- 6d 1773 

4100 -^ — ■ — Essay towards « General History of 

Feudal Property in Great Britain, neat, 3« 1739 

4401 Dartmouth Parsonag^e, a Tale, boards, l«.6e£ 1814 

4402 Dairies's (James) History of Charles II, began from the Murder 

of his Royal Father to 1660, bound, 28,6d Corky 1660 

4403 Day's Shepherd's Boy, boards, canvass baclc, ls.6d 1804 

4404 Death of Abel, boards, U. 6d. ; neat, 2s. 

4405 Defoe's Toftr through Great Britain, 4 vols, bound, 4s 1753 

4406 ^ Political History of the Devil, Interspersed with many 

of the Devil's Adventures, and a DescriptloB of the Devil's 
Dwelilag, vttlfi^rly called Hell, fine copy, neat, 4^.641^ 1754 

4407 Delaune's Present State of London, or Memorials comprehending 

a full and succinct Account of tiie Ancient and Modern State 
thereof, plates, \2s 1<S81 

4408 Delohne's Constltation of England, boards (publtshed at 3s, M.) 

2s 1822 

4409 Description of ail the Counties in England and Wales, wood-cut 

plates, half-booad, 2s. M 1762 

4410 Descriptioii and History of the Cathedral and Metropolitical 

Chunsh of St. Peter York, 2 vols, plates, boards, 5s 1768 

4411 Descriplten of England and Wales, containing a particular Ac« 

count of each County, with its Antiquities, 6cc., plates, 10 y(As. 
nea*, U. 6s 1775 

4412 Dicey's Historical Account of Guernsey, neat. Is. ed 1750 

4413 Dodsley's Fugitive Pieces on various Subjects, 2 vols, necit, 

3s. ed 17«l 

4414 Don Quixote, with Author's lAfe by Smollett, 4 vols, plates, 

neat, 8s 1792 

4415 • . ■ ■ ■ hie Fourth Sally, and the Fifth Part t>f his Adven« 

tures, now first tranelated from the Spanish, 3 vols, boards, 
3s. Bd 1805 

4416 Donne's Poems, with Elegies on the Antlior's Death, new, lMdf«> 

calf, 3*. M. 1639 

4417 ■ ■ ■ ■ large copy, 
old binding, 4s. 6d 1639 

4418 Doran's Sketehes and Reminiseenees, boards (published at 7^*) 

U.6d..,^ 1828 

4419 Dover Castle, an History of it, plate, 1« 1828 

4420 Drayton's England's Heroical Episdes, new, half-calf, 2;. 6d. 


4421 Drunken Bamaby^s Four Journeys to the Nordi of England, 

wittily and. merrily (tho' an hundred years ago) compost ; found 
among some oM musty books that had lun a long time by in « 
comer, and now at last made puhlick, together with Bessy Bell, 

Latin and Engli^, plates, neat, Ss 1723 

54, PjmBRKOSTBK Row.] 2 F 

Digitized by 


318 HUtory, AntiquUies, Vayagei, [Duo0« 

4422 Edgfeworth's (Miss) Tales of FashioDftble Life, rols. ir, v, and ti, 

eontaining Viyian, Emilie .de Coulanges, and the Absentee, 
3 vols, calf, neat, 8*.. 1812 

4423 Eikm BasiUkij the Pourtraicture of bis Sacred Majestic in his 

Solitudes and Sufferings, frontispiece containing portrait of 
Charles /, half-calf, 2s 1649 

4424 England's Gazetteer, an accurate Description of all the Cities, 

Towns, and Villages of the Kingdom, 3 vols, neat, 3« 1751 * 

4425 England's Black Tribunal, being the illegal Tryal of Charles I of 

blessed memory ; together with the tryal of Col. J. Peurnddock 
and Mr. Hugh Grove, who were beheaded for the Royal Cause, 
portrait, bound, 3s 1674 

4426 English Connoisseur^ containing an Account of whatever is curious 

in Paintingy Sculpture. Sfc,^ in the Palaces and Seats of the Nobi^ 
Uty and Gentry of England y 2 vols, brown calf, 6s 1766 

4427 Epitome of the whole Art of War, bound, equestrian portrait of 

King William by Van Hove, and plates, 2s 1692 

4428 Evans's Excursion to Windsor, boards. Is. 6d 1817 

4429 —Juvenile Pieces, calf. Is 1806 

4430 Experienced Butcher, with the Laws, and suggestions for the • 

rightly carrying it on, boards, \s.6d 1816 

4431 Fables from the Hftopad^sa and M. Lessing, Is 1807 

4432 Fiury Tales, 2 vols, boards (published at 8«.), ^...Walker, 1817 

4433 Felton's Dissertation on Reading the Classics, boards, \s. 6d. ; 

bounds 2s 1730 

4434 Festival of Wit, Is Dresden, 1795 

4435 Festival of Flora, a Poem, with Botanical Notes, by the Rev. A. 

Crichton, plates, boards (published at 4s. 6d.), \s. 6d. — ditto, 
plates COLOURED, boards (published at 65.), 2s. 6d 181 B 

4436 Fielding's Works, 12 vols, neat, U. 4# 1783 

4437 Fitzosborne's Letters, by Melmoth, frontispiece, boards. Is. 6d. 


4438 — I : calf, neat, 2s 1805 

4439 calf gilt, 2s. 6d 177^ 

4440 Fontenelle's Plurality of Worlds, translated by Glanvell, brown 

calf extra, 2^ 1695 

4441 History of Oracles, bound, 1* 1750 

4442 Fraser's (W.) Travels (no title page), new, half-calf, 2^. 

4443 Frend's Evening Amusements, Is 1804 

4444 Gadbury's Astrological Seaman, how to escape the Dangers of 

the Ocean, with a Diary of the Weather for XXI years, scarce, 
3s. 6d 1710 

4445 Gay's Poems, 2 vols, neat, 2^. 6d 1762 

4446 Genlis'a {Madame) Adelaide and Theodore, or Letters on Educa- 

tion, 3 vols, neat, 5s 1788 

4447 Gentleman's Companion, the Mystery of Dyeing, Art of Drawing,. 

Painting, Etching, Engraving, &c. &c., 2s 1735 

4448 German Theatre, translated fay B. Thompson, 6 vols, plates, 

calf, neat, \l. 4s ; 1801 

4449 Giraffi's (Lord Alexander) exact Historic of the late Revolutions 

[William Batnbs» 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] • Travels, and Miscellanies. fil9i 

in Naple«, for the rareness of the subject rendered to Englnh 
by J. Howel, frontispiece, neat, Ss '.••.. 1650 

4450 Gloucestershire Displayed, a Tour to Cheltenham Spa, nev» 

half-calf, U. 6d i 1783 

4451 Gloyer's Leonidas, a Poem, calf, 2« 1810 

4452 Goldsmith's Poetical Works and Essays, new, half-calf, 2$. 6d. 


4453 — Essays, with Life by Mudford, boards, \s.6d. 1809 

4454 History of England Abridjced, new, bound, 25.6(1. 1828 

4455 History of Greece Abridg:ed, bound, 1«. 6d, ; new, 

bound, 2s, 6d, — History of Rome Abridged, bot}nd, Is. 6d. ; 
new, bound, 2s. 

4456 Grafton's Abridgement of the ^Chronicles of England, j^lAfft 

IttttV (wants title page), bound, 4s. 

4457 Gratius the Faliseian's Poem of Hunting, Englished and illus- 

trated by Christopher Wase, Gent., imperfect at the end, 3s. 


4458 Greaves's Description of the Pyramids in Egypt, plates, half-calf» 

2s. 6d 1646 

4459 Greenwood's Virgin Muse, Poems, half-bound. Is. 6d 1717 

4460 Grey's Memoria Technica, Method of Artificial Memory, Is. 6d. 


4461 Grotius on Warre and Peace, with Author't) Life, bound, 2s. 1655 

4462 Habington's Castara, Pobms, neat, rare, 5s,,..; 1635 

4463 Castara j with Preface and Notes by Elton, boards, 

2s. 6d Bristol, - 

4464 Hakewel's Old Manner of holding Parliaments, and Opinions of 

sundry learned Antiquaries touching the Antiquity, &c., of the 
High Court of Parliament, neat, 3s 1659 

4465 Hayley's Triumphs of Temper, Stothard's plates, calf, 2s. 6d: 


4466 Hatfwood^s Seer A Histories, Novels, and Poems, 4 vols, brown 

cdf, scarce, 14s , 1732 

4467 Head's (Richard) Proteus Redivirus, or the Art of Wheedling or 

lumnuation, obtained by general cotiversation, new, calf, scarce, 
6s. 1675 

4468 Heeley's Letters on the Beauties of Hagley, Envil, and the 

Leasowes, 2 vols, brown calf, 4s • 1777 

4409 Hell Reformed, or a Glasse for Favorits, their Falls and Com- 
plaints. Also the Complaints of Princes against their Favorits. 
Also the Reasons of a Derill, why he had rather continue in 
Hell, then returne and live againe on Earth. The Decree of 
Lucifer, for Reformation, &c., discovered in a Vision, by a 
. Spanish Knight. Published by E. M. Gent, old binding, scarce. 
Is 1641 

4470 Helme's History of England, in Conversations, 2 vols, bound, 

2s 1804 

4471 Heraldry in Miniature, an Introduction to Heraldry, a Dictionary 

of Heraldic Terms, &c., plates, neat, 2s 1790 

4472 Historical Collections out of several grave Protestant Historian^ 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


920 History, AniiquitieSf Voyages, [DuoD» 

conoerniDg the Gbanges of Religion, and the strange Confusions 
following from thence, new, half-catf, scarce, As. 6<f 1674 

4473 Historical Relation of the Famous Siege of the Busse and Uie 

surprising of Wesell, title page torn, scarce, 38. 

4474 History of Oracles and the Cheats of Pagan Priests, boond, 

2«. 6rf 1088 

4475 History of Pompey the Little, or the Life and Adventures of a 

l^p-Dog, frontispiece, neat,2« 1751> 

4476 History of Jewels, and of the Prineipal Riches of the East and 

West, neat, 2« 1671 

4477 History of the Rebellion in 1745 and 1746, extracted from the 

Scots^ Magazine, neat, 33 Aberdeen^ 1755 

4478 History of Ripon, boards, 2s. 6d 1806 

4479 History and Antiquities of Rochester and its Environs, plates, 

neat, 3s. 6d 1772 

4480 History of Verulam and St. Alban's, plates, boards, 2s 1815 

4481 Hobbes's Behemoth, or an Epitome of the Civil Wars of England^ 

1*. 6d 1679 

4482 History of the Civil Wars of England, bound, 2s... 1679 

4483 illustrated with prints, new, 

halfcalf, 3s. 6d 1679 

4484 Hocus Pocus, the whole Art of Legerdemain, with abundance of 

new and rare inventions, wood cuts, neat« 2s. 6d 1763 

4485 Hoddesdon's History of the Life and Death of Sir Thomas Mora, 

new, half^jalf, 4«. 6d 1662 

4486 Holland's Exercises for the Memory and Understaading. calf, 

neat, 2s 1805 

4487 Hook's Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, an Heroic Poem, 2 vols. 

plates, new, half-ealf, 5«..«.«. ••»•..• 1797 

4488 Hopton's (Arthur) Coneordancy of Yeares, sewed in Tellam, 

scarce, 28. 6d 1615 

4489 Houghton's Complete Miner, neat, scarcer 2s. M. 1729 

4490 Howell's Instructions for Forreine Travell, 1642; England's 

Tears lor the present Wars; and the Pre-eminence and Pedi* 
gree of Parlement, neat, 3s « 1645 

4491 Some Sober Inspections made into the Cartage and 

Consults of the late long Parlement, neat, 2# •.... 1655 

4492 Humane Industry, or a History of most Manual Arts, half-calf, 

scarce, 3*. 6d 1661 

4493 Idler, by Dr. Johnson, 2 vols, neat, 4s 1767 

4494 2 vols, calf, neat, 5« 1761 

4495 lu-Kiao-Li, or the Two Fur Cousins, a Chinese Novel, 2 yols. 

boards (published at 14«.) 2s. 6d 1827 

4496 Jamieson's Conversalaons on General History, boards* 2«... 1819 

4497 Jenkins's (Judge) Works, bound, 2s , 1681 

4498 portrait, bound, 2s. 6d 1648 

4499 Jewish Spy, a Philosophical, Historical, and Critical Corres- 

pondence between cerUin Jews, 5 vols.; Chinese Letters, 
1 vol. ; 6 vols, neat, 14« ., 1744 

4500 JoannesSecundus'^Kisses, Latin and Ek^iish,browo€alf,3ff. 177A 


Digitized by 


Duoix] Travels, and Miscellanies. 221 

4501 Juhnson's (I>r.) Lives of the English Poet8» 2 vols, new, boards, 

(published at !*«.)» 4*, 6d... 1820 

4502 ■ ' ■ ' — Rambler, 2 vols, new, boards (published atds.), 

4«. 6<i 1820 

4503 Junius's Letters, with notes by Almon, 2 vols, boards, 3«. M. 


4504 Karmath» an Arabian Tale, new, boards (published at 8«.), 3«. %d. 


4505 Kmckerbocker's History of New York, boards (published at 0«.), 

2« 1825 

4506 Knox's (Dr.) Winter Evenings, or Luonbrations on Life and 

Letters, 3 vols, boards, canvass backs, 6«....« 1825 

4507 Laing's Voyage to Stpitzbergen, boards, U. 6<2 1818 

4508 Lanadowne's (Lord) Poetical Works, neat, 1$. OcZ. 1779 

4509 Langbaine's Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick 

Poets, also an Account of all the Plays that were ever yet printed 
in the English Tongue, &c. neat, As. 

4510 Lancashire Dialect, by way of Dialogue, showing the Comi* 

cal Adventures of a Lancashire Clown, with Glossary, 

4511 Laurel- Wreath, a Collection of Original Miscellaneous Poems, 

Moral, Comic, and Divine, by W, P., 2 vols, in one, calf extra, 
3s. 6d.. 1766 

4512 Law's Proposals and Reasons for a Council of Trade in Scotland, 

calf, 2s • GUtsgouf, Foitlis, 1751 

4513 Letters on Entomology, coloured plates, calf extra, 5«... 1825 

4514 Life of that Incomparable Princess Mary,, our late Sovereign 

Lady, with Threnodinm Britannicum to the Memory of Mary, 
bound, 2« 1695 

4515 Lilly^s Merlini Anglid Epbemeris, 1647i a Conjeelure of Pas« 

sages prefigured by the influence of the Stars to concerne Eng- 
land, Scotland,, and belaud, half^calf, 39.. 1647 

4516 Lindsay's History of Scotland^ from 1436 to 1565, with con- 

tinuation to 1604, neat, 4^ 1749 

4517 Littleton's Tenures, JblaCll Utter* half-calf, 3«. 6d. . 

London^ fy Richard Toitil, 1557 

4518 Lloyd's (David) Statesmen and Favourites of England since the 

R^ormation, neat, 5s., » 1665 

4519 : Second Edition, with addi- 
tions, frontispiece containing portraits of Henry VIII, Ed- 
ward V^I, Mary, Elizabeth, James I, and Charles I, neat, 7«. 

4520 Another Copy, with frontispiece, brown oalf, 96, 1670 

4521 — , — . . , I The True Portraicture of his sacred Majesty, 

Charles the 11, whereui is interwoven a compile History of the 
High-born Dukes of York and Gloucester, half-calf, 3s.... 1660 

4522 Locke's Conduct of the Understanding, and Bacon's Essays, 

boards, l4. Qd.... 1825 

4523 Ijodbrokar Quida, or the Death Song of Lodhrog, by Johnstone, 

U ,.. 1782 

54, P^TEJiNOftTER Row.] 

Digitized by 


222 History, Antiquities, Voyages, [DuoD. 

4524 London, its Laws, Customs, Rights, Liberties, and Priyileges, 

neat, 2*. 6d 1774 

4525 London Theatrb, a Collection of the most celebrated Dramatic 

Pieces, correctly given by Dibdin, 26 vols, plates, brown calf, 
neat, 2/. 10* 1815 

4526 Lyttleton's (Lord) History of England, 2 vols, boards, (published 

at9«.)3* 1819 

4527 Mackenzie's Man of Feeling, frontispiece, calf, 2«. 

4528 Maecenas's Life, with notes by Dr. Schomberg, Is 1766 

4529 Markbam's (Mrs.) History of England, 2 vols, boards, 45... 1823 

4530 Marmontel's Belisarius, neat, 1*. 1774 

4531 Marriage Customs and Modes of Courtship, by Tbeo. Moore, 

frontispiece, bound, 2s 1820 

4532 Maxwell's Battle of the Bridge, or Pisa defended, a Poem, 

boards, canvass back, lettered, 2s ^ 1823 

4533 Maze, a Poem, calf, neat, 2s. Gd 1815 

4534 Memoirs of the House of Brandenburgh, neat. Is, i5d 1751 

4535 Mendez's (Moses) Collection of the most esteemed Pieces of 

Poetry that have appeared for several years, with variety of 
Originals, sewed, scarce, 5s 1770 

4536 Milton's Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes, and Poems, neat, 

2s. 6d 1772 

4537 Mirror, a periodical paper, 3 vols, neat, Js 1787 

4538 Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws, 2 vols, neat, 5^ 1768 

4539 Moral Miscellany, Select Pieces in Prose and Verse, neat, 2^. 


4540 Moyses's Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, neat, 3s. 6d,, 1755 

4541 Napoleon Bonaparte's Life, the Last Moments of Bonaparte, 

&c. plates, half-bound, 2s, 

4542 Natura Brevium, in Englishe, filUfft UtttV, neat, 3s, 6d. 

London, by H. Tottil, 1557 

4543 New Help to Discourse, or Wit and Mirth, xoood-cut froniispiece, 

half-bound, neat, 2s • 1716 

4544 Novice (the), or the Man of Integrity, from the French of 

L. B. Picard, 3 vols, new, boards, 45. Gd 1825 

4546 Oclandi Anglorum Prcdia ah anno 1327 » anno nimirum prima Ed" 

vardi cms nomims terHi, usqus 1558. Carmine summatim per^ 
stricta. Item de pacatissima AngH<t statu, imperanie Elizabetha, 
compendiosa Narratio Hiis Akxandri NevUli Kettum adiunciiur, 
old calf, neat, rarb, 9s. 

Londini apud Radulphum Nubay, ex assignatione 
Henrici Bynnemun Typographi 1582 

4547 Odd Moments, or Time Beguiled, plate, boards (published at 

6s.) 2s 1825 

4548 Ogilby's Works of Virgil, portrait of Ogilby, and title page en- 

graved by W, Marshall, good copy, old binding, 69 1649 

4549 Old English Baron and Castle of Otranto, new, boards (published 

at3«.) 1*. 6d IValker, 1826 

4550 Opie's (Mrs.) Poems, plate, boards, 2s...., 1811 

4551 Optick Glasse of Humors, or the Touchstone of a Golden Tem- 


Digitized by 


DuoD.] Traveh, and Miscellanies. 933 

perature, or the Philosopher's Stone to make a Golden Temper, 
by T. W. eng^raved title page and frontispiece, bound, 7^- ^^ 

4552 Osborn's (Francis) Work» : Advice to a Son, Traditional Me- 

moires on the liaignes of Elizabeth and James, Observations 
upon the Turk's Government, Essays, Paradoxes, Characters, 
Letters, &c. thick volume, neat, 4^. 6d 1658 

4553 Paracelsus of the Chymical Transmutation, Genealogy, and 

Generation of Metals and Minerals, of the Urim and Thummim 
of the Jews, with the Experiments of Raymond Luliy, neat, 3^. 


4554 Parish-Clerk's New Remarks of London, a Survey of London, 

Westminster, South wark, &c. calf, neat, 4$ • 1732 

4555 Park's Sonnets, beautiful platbs, boards, 2s 1797 

4556 Pearch's Collection of Poems, 4 vols, neat, 8s 1768 

4558 Peruvian Tales, 3 vols, neat, 6s. 6d 1750 

4559 Planta^s Gazetteer of France, maps, bound, 2j 1814 

4560 Plutarch's Lives, with notes by Langhorne, 6 vols, calf, neat, 

ISs 1795 

4561 Poetry contained in Sir Walter Scott's Novels, boards, 3^.. 1822 

4562 Political Merriment, or Truths told to some tune, Ballads, &c. 

neat,4*. 6rf 1714 

4563 Pomfret's Poetical Works, calf, neat, Is. 6d 1787^ 

4564 Poor Robin's Visions (no title page) half-bound, scarce, 3s. 

4565 Pope's Works, with Bishop Warburton's Commentary, 9 vols. 

neat, I/. Is 1757 

4566 9 vols, bound, 16» 1757 

4567 Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, 11 vols, jilates, neat, 

1/. 8* 1720 

4568 Homer's Iliad, 6 vols, plates, neat, \0s. 6d 1756 

4569 Homer's Odyssey, 3 vols, neat, 7« 1763 

4570 Homer's Odyssey, complete in one volume, new, 

boards (published at 4s.), 2s. 6d 1823 

4571 Essay on Man, with a Critical Essay by Dr. Aikin, 

frontispiece, calf, 2s. 6d : 1796 

4572 Portia Belienden, the only Child, a Tale, boards, 1^. 6d.... 1821 

4573 Portugal History, the Troubles that happened in the Court of 

Portugal in 1667 and 1668, bound, 2s 1677 

4574 Pourtraet of the Politicke Christian Favourite, by Marquisse Vir- 

gilio Malvezzi, bound, 2s * 1647 

4575 Practical Discourse concerning Merit, a Treatise of Good Hu- 

mour, Wit, Criticism, Rallery, Drollery, &c. &c. neat, 2s. 6d. 


4576 Practice of the Sheriffs Court, London, bound, 2s 1657 

4576*Price'B (Dr.) History of the King's Restauration, neat, 2^. 6d. 


4577 Priestley's Description oCa Chart of History, is. ; Description o 

a Chart of Biography, 1«. 

4578 Primcock's Touchstone, Essays on the Diversions of the Town, 

neat, 2* 1729 

54» Patermostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


234 Hisiortff AntiquUies, Voyagea, [Duo p. 

4579 PriTftte Life of the Romans, from the French of D'Arnay, neat, 

1«. 6rf ; 1764 

4579*Rani8a7'8 (Cheyalier) Trarels of Cyrus, neat, 2< 17^3 

4580 Rawleigh's (Sir Walter) Marrow of Historie, thiclc toI. portrait, 

neat, 3*. 6rf 1650 

4581 ReflectionH on the Stagre and Collyer's Defence, Is. 6d 1699 

4582 Relation, True and Historical, of the poysoning of SirTliomas 

Overbury, with the Passages concerning the Divorce of the 
Earl of Essex and Lady Howard, half-bound, 3a. M 1651 

4583 Richardson's Analysis of Shakspeare's Characters, neat, I5. 6^. 


4584 Robinson Crusoe, new, boards (published at 5«.), 35 1824 

4585 Roderick Random, new, boards (published at 55.), 2s. 6(L.. 1824 

4586 Rogers's (Samuel) Pleasures of Memory, with other Poems, 

plates, calf, neat, 35. 6^ Walker, 1602 

4587 Rollin's Method of Teaching and Studying the Belles Lettree, 

4 vols, neat, 7« 1742 

4588 4 vols, half- bound, neat, 8*. 


4589 Roscommon's (Earl of) Worlcs, neat, 25.«.G/a5gotp,FovLis, 1753 

4590 Royal Charter granted unto Kings by God himself, by T. B. 

Dr. in Divinitie, vellum, 25 • 1649 

4591 Roy all Game of Chesse Play, sometimes the Reereatioo of the 

late King with many of the Nobility, illustrated with ateost nn 
hundred Gambetts, being the Study of Biocfaimo tiM famous 
Italian, portrait op Cbarles, bt Stbmt, bound, scarce, 
IO5. 6d 1656 

4592 Russell's ( Lady) Letters, new, bds. (published at 35.) 1«. td, 1826 

4593 Sftbine's Guide to £k>cutton, boards, I5. 6d , 1867 

4594 Sandivogius's New Light of Akhymy, Paracelsus's Nine Books 

of the Nature of Things, and a Chymical Dicdonary, new, half* 
calf, 35 — 1674 

4595 Sandy s's Ovid's Metamorphoses Englished, bound, 25 1638 

4596 Scott's Beauties of Eminent Writers, ciOf, 25 1824 

4597 Scottish National Songs, portrait of Burns, boards (pabiifihed at 

55. 6d.), 25. 6d 1823 

4598 Secrets Revealed, or an Open Entrance to the Shut Palace of 

the King, the Greatest Ti-easures in Chymistry, half-boand, 
neat, 35 .• 1669 

4599 S^vign^'s (Madame de) Letters to her Daughter and her Friends, 

9 vohi. boards (published at 21. 145.), I85 1811 

4600 Seymour's Court Gamester, Instructions for playing Ombre, 

Picquet, and Chess, bound, 25. M 1722 

4601 Shaftesbury's (Earl of) Life, Actions, and PolitickB, the Conoplest 

Statesman, portrait, new, half-calf, 35 1683 

4602 Shakespeare's Works, with notes by Theobald, 8 vols, plates, 

neat, XL 5s 1.^.... 1773 

4603 — Mr. William Shakespeare his Coviedies, Histories^ 

and Tragedies^ set out by himself in quarto, or by the Players 

[William BAWBSy 

Digitized by 


DUOD.] Travels, and Miscellanies, 225 

his Peliows in foliOj and now fakkfuUy republished from those 
editions, vnth an Introduction, Notes, and various Readings, by 
Edward Gapbll, 10 vols, neat, 2/ 1767 

46M — — — Shakspeare's Dramatic Works, with Prolegomena, 
Prefaces, Notes, &c« &c. 20 vols, plates, neat, 2/. 5s. 

Bbll, 17S8 

4({05 Shakspeare's Plays, accurately printed from the 

text of the corrected copy left by the late George Bteevens, 
with Glossarial Notes, 10 vols, boards, U. is 1823 

4606 with Life and Glossary, 8 vols. 32ino. new 

boards (published at IZ. 4s.), I2s Chiswick Press, 

4607 7 vols, neat, wood-cut embellishments, Whit- 

tingham's edition, boards (^published at 2/. 2s,), IL Is. ib, 1818 

4608 Sherlock's (Martin) Letters, neat, gilt, 2^ 1781 

4609 Sisters of Nansfield, a Tale, 2 vols, new boards, 2$ 1824 

4610 Slaughter House, or a brief Description of the Spanish Inquisi- 

tion, in a method never before used, with figures ingraved in 
Copper, gathered together by the pains and study of James 
Salgudo, a converted Spanish Priest, who beareth in his Body 
the Prints of their Inhuman Rigors, portrait of Charles II, and 
plates, calf, scarce, 6« 1683 

4611 Smith's (Dr. Adam) Works, 5 vols, boards, 9s 1822 

4612 Smollett's Roderick Random, 2 vols, new boards (published at 

7s.), 2s 1816 

4613 Sorrows of Werter, plate, Is. 6d «... 1815 

4614 Southey's Omniana, or Horse Otiosiores, 2 vols, new boards, 4s. 


4615 Soutbouse's Monasticon Favershamiense in Agro Cantlano ; or, 

a Surveigh of the Monastry of Faversham, in the County of 
Kent, front, neat, scarce, Js : 1671 

4616 Spence's Parallel, in the manner of Plutarch, between a most 

celebrated man of Florence, and one scarce ever heard of in 
England, calf extra, scarce, Ss Strawberry-hill, 1758 

4617 Spenser's Works, with Glossary, and Life (d the Author, &c. 

by Hughes, 6 vols, neat, \2s Tonson, 1750 

4^1 g , Poetical Works, from the text of Upton, with Preface, 

Biographical and Critical, by Dr. Alkin, finely engraved title- 
page, calf, neat, 1/. 10« Sharps, 1810 

4619 Sterne's Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, new 

boards (published at4«. M.), Is.M 1823 

4619*- two coloured plates, boards. 

Is. ^d 1809 

4620 Stevens's Works, Lecture on Heads and Songs, new boards 

(published Ht 3s. 6(i,), 2s 1825 

4621 Stow's Remarks on London, an exact Survey of the Cities of 

London.and We^minster, bound, 2« 1722 

4622 Suckling's (Sir John) Poems, &c. printed by his own copy, the 

Lycick Poems were set in Musick by Mr. Henry Lawes, Gent« 

neat, 3*. 6rf 1648 

4023: Fragmenta Aurea. A Collection of all 

54, PiTSRMOSTfiR Row.] 2 G 

Digitized by 


226 History^ Antiquities^ Voyages, [DuoD* 

the incomparable Pieces written by Sir John Suckling, old calf, 
4s 1648 

4624 Sully's (Duke of) Memoirs, 5 vols, new, half-calf, \6s 1805 

4625 2 vols, boards (published at 8*.), 

3s. 6d 1823 

4626 Swift's Tale of a Tub, plates, half-bound, neat, 2$ 1797 

4626* Letters, neat, 1* 1741 

4627 Taste of the Town, of Music, Operas, Plays, Poetry, Dancing, 

Mimes, Pantomimes, Masquerades, Athletic Sports, &c. nt. It. 6d. 


4628 Tatler, with preface historical and biographical by Chalmers, 5 

vols, calf, neat, 12t 1808 

4629 Taylor's (Isaac) Character essential to success in Life, boards 

(published at 5«.) 2$ 182a 

4630 Taylor's (the Water Poet) Memorial of Monarchs, in versb 

(no title page) neat, 2s. 6d. 

4631 The Order of the Hospital of K. Henry VUl and King Edward 

VI,VlatklttUt,neat, scarce. Us 1557 

4632 Thomson's Works, 4 vols, neat, Ss 1766 

4633 Seasons, with beautiful wood-cuts, new boards, pub- 
lished at 2*. 6rf.) Is. 6d 1827 

4634 Tidy's (Theresa) Eighteen Maxims, calf extra, 2s 1819 

4635 Tooke's Pantheon, Fabulous Histories of the Heathen Gods, 

platen, neat, 2s. 6d 1813 

4636 TRACTS. — ^No Prince to be deprived of his Right on account of 

Religion. — Depositions concerning the Birth of the Prince of 
Wales. — Rymer's Power of Parliaments. — Earl of Anglesey's 
Privileges of the House of Lords and Commons. — ^The Art of 
Restoring, about General Monk. — Reasons for demolishing 
Dunkirk. — Cheshire Prophecy, &c. half-bound, scarce, new 
boards, 3s. 6d. 

4637 Tristram Shandy, new boards (published at 6^.) 3^. Walker, 1817 

4638 Truth brought to Light : or, the History of the first 14 Years of 

King James 1, in four parts, containing the account of the Di- 
vorce betwixt Lady Frances Howard and Robert Earl of Essex ; 
the Arraignment of Sir J. Ellis, about the Murther of Sir 
Thos. Overbury, &c. with the emblematical frontispiece, old 
calf, scarce, 7^ 1692 

4639 Tryon's Friendly Advice to the Gentlemen-Planters of the East 

and West Indies. — Tryon's Treatise of Dreams and Visions, in 
one vol. half-bound, neat, 3s 1695 

4640 Urquhart's (Sir Thomas) Tracts, half-bound, neat, 3s. 

Edinburgh, 1774 

4641 Valentine (Basilius) his last TesUment, neat, 3f 1670 

4642 Vaughan's Fame and Confession of the Fraternity of R. C. com- 

monly of the Rosie Cross, neat, scarce, 2^. 6d 1652 

4643 (Rice) Treatise of Money, or a Discourse of Coin and 

Coinage, also Tables of the value of all sorts of Pearls, 
Diamonds, Gold, Silver, and other Metals, neat, scarce, As. 



Digitized by 


DuoD.] Travels, and Miscellanies. 227 

4644 Vicar of Wakefield and Rasselas, new bds. (published at 3s. 6d.) 2s, 


4645 Village Memoirs, in Letters, neat, Is 1765 

4646 Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary, 2 vols, boards, 3s 1819 

4647 Zadig, or the Book of Fate, an OrienUl History, 

plates, calf, 1*. 6d 1794 

4048 Yoang James, an English Story, and Zadig, plates, 

boards. Is. 6d 1796 

4649 W(alke]ey)'s (Tfaos.) New Catalogue of the Dukes, Marquesses, 

Earls, &c. with the times of their Creation, &c. calf extra, 4s, 6d, 


4650 Waller's Works, with Life, calf, 2* 1772 

4651 Waring's Traveller's Fire-Side, Papers on Switzerland, boards 

(published at 5s. 6d.) 2s 1819 

4652 Watts on the Mind, boards (published at 4s.) Is. 6d 1820 

4653 Weldon's (Sir A.) None-such Charles, his Character, extracted 

out of Originall Transactions, Dispatches, &c. port, neat, 3s. 6d. 


4654 Court and Character of King James, written 

and taken by Sir A. W. being an eye and eare witnesse, original 
portrait, haUF-calf, neat, 6s 1650 

4655 Welwood's (Dr.) Memoirs of the most material Transactions in 

England, for the last hundred years, neat, 2s, 6d 1710 

4656 West's (Mrs.) Letters addressed to a Young Man, 3 vols. 

boards, 4s 1806 

4657 Wilkins's Story of Dooshwanta and Sakoontala, from the Sans- 

kreet. Is. 6rf 1795 

4659 Williams's (Sir C. H.) Poems, half-bound, russia, 2s 1763 

4660 Withers's (George) Juvenilia. A Collection of those Poemes which 

were heretofore imprinted and written by George Wither^ viz. 
Abuses stript and whipt, or Satyricall Essayes, with certaine 
Epigrams. — Prince Henrie's Obsequies, or MournefuU Elegies 
upon his Death. — A Satyre written to the King's most excellent 
Majestic; — Epithalamia : or, Nuptial Poems upon the Marriage 
between Prince Frederick Count Palatine and Elizabeth daughter 

of K. James, calf, scarce, 15s 1622 

4661 Britain's Remembrancer, containing a Nar- 
ration of the Plague lately past, a Declaration of the Mischiefs 
present, and a Prediction of Judgments to come, in vbrsb, 
frontispiece, neat, 8s Imprinted for Great BritainCj 1628 

4662 Speculum Speculativum, or a Considering 

Glass, being an Inspection into the present and late sad con- 
dition of these Nations, in terse, neat, 4s. 6d Lond, 1660 

4663 Wit's Commonwealth, bound, 2s. 6d 1674 

4664 Wittie's (Dr.) Survey of the Heavens, and Gout-Raptures, in 

English, Latine, and Greek Lyrick verse, bound, 2s. 6d. 


4665 Wollstonecraft's (Mary) Posthumous Works, 4 vols, in 2, half- 

bound, russia, neat, 7'.. ....••., .•••••• 1798 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


226 Biography. [Octavo. 

4666 WottOD*s (Sir Harry) Collection of Lives, Letters, and PoemB, 

with Characters of sundry Personages, and other incomparable 
pieces of Language and Art, portraits of Wotton, the Earl of 
Essex, Duke of Buckingham, and King Charles, by JOoUe, new 
calf, 8s 1676 

4667 Young's Night Thoughts, boards (pubtished at 3f.) 2i. 1823 



4670 Adam's (Dr. Author of the Latin Dictionary) Life and Character, 

boards, 1*. 6d 1810 

4671 Bacon's (Lord) Life by Mallet, neat, 2s 1740 

4672 Ballance's (J. Des Carrieres) Memoirs, compiled by his Father, 

boards (published at 5s.) 2s. 6d 1829 

4673 Barwick (Johannis) Vita, a Petro Barwick, M. D. Conscripta, 

neat, 2« 1721 

.4674 Baxter's History of his Life and Times, abridged by Calamy, with 
Continuation of the Account of Ejected Ministers, by Calamy, 
4 vols, portrait, neat, 1/. I4s 1713 

4675 Bernardi's (Major) Life, written by himself in Newgate, where 

he has been for near 33 years a Prisoner of State, Is. 6d. 1729 

4676 Betham's (Matilda) Biographical Dictionary of celebrated Women 

of every Age and Country, frontispiece, half-calf, 5s 1804 

4677 Blackader's (Lieut.-Col.) Life and Diary, by Andrew Crichton, 

12mo. boards (published at Js. 6d.) 3s 1824 

.4678 Bonnell's (Accomptant -General of Ireland) Life and Character by 
Archdeacon Hamilton, portrait, neat, 2s. 6d 1707 

4679 Booth's (Abraham) Life, by W. Jones, portrait, boards, 1*. 6d, 


4680 Bowyer's Life, hj Nichols, 4to. neat, lOs. 6d 1782 

4681 Budgell's Memoirs of the Family of the Boyles, particularly 

Charles Earl of Orrery, neat, 2s 173/ 

4682 Calvin's Life, by Mackenzie, boards, 2« 1818 

4683 Caroline's (Queen) Memoirs, by John Wilks, 2 vols, boards (pub- 

lished at II. Is.) 6j 1822 

.4684 Cary's (Robert, Baron of Leppington and Earl of Monmouth) 

Memoirs, written by himself, neat 4s 1759 

4685 Another Copy, and Fragmenta Regalia, a History of Queen 

Elizabeth's Favourites, by Sir Robert Naunton, half-bound, neat, 

3s. 6d 1808 

[Wl LLI AM BlTN B8> 

Digitized by 


•Octavo.] Biography. 229 

4686 Cellinrs (Benvenuto) Life, a Florentine Artist, with History of 
his own Time, translated by Dr. Nugent, 2 rols. portrait, 
neat, gilt, 10*. 6rf. 1771 

'4687 Chamberlain's (John, late Missionary in India) Memoirs, by W'il- 
Itam Yates, new boards (published at 10^. 6d,) 5s 1824 

4688 Charles I. — ^The Royal Martyr, or Life and Death of King 
Charles I, by Riehard Royston, bound, 2s 1676 

4689 — with plate of Charles kneeling, 

by White, calf extra, a? 1684 

4690 Charlotte's (Princess)' Memoirs^ by Green, plates, neat, 2s, 6d, 


4691 Cicero's Life, by Dr. Middleton, 2 vols, neat, 6s 1741 

4692 3 vols, calf, gilt, 16* 1801 

4693 Clarendon's (Earl) Life, written by himself, 3 vols, sewed, \4s. 

Oxford, 1750 

4694 Comines's (Philip de) Memoirs, containing the History of Lewis 

XI and Charles VIIl of France, and of Charles the Bold, Duke 
of Burgundy, also the History of Edward IV and Henry VII 
of England, by Uvedale, 2 vols, neat, 65 1723 

4695 Cromwell's (Oliver) Life, by W. Harris, new half-calf, 6s... 1762 

4696 Curran's (the Right Honourable John Philpot) Life, with Anec- 

dotes of his Wit and Humour, and a selection of his Poetry, 
boards (published at 10s. 6d.) 3s ; , ... 1817 

4697 Darracot's (Risdon) Life, the Star in the West, l2mo. bds. 2s. 6d. 

4698 David's (King of Israel) Life, by Dr. Delaney, 2 vols, half-bd. 6s. 


4699 Dermody's (Thomas) Life, with original Poetry, edited by J. G. 

Raymond, 2 vols, half-bound, neat, 4.^. 6d 1806 

4700 Desenfans* (Noel) Memoirs, portrait, neat, 2s. 6d 1810 

4701 Edward Prince of Wales, commonly call'd the Black Prince, his 
- Life, and the History of bis Royal Brother Joh6 of Gaunt, by 

Arthur Collins, neat, 2s. 6d 1740 

4702 -Edwards's (President) Memoirs, by Dr. Samuel Hopkins, edited 

by Hawksley, portrait, boards, 25 1815 

4703 English's (Rev. Thomas) Memoirs, with Letters, &c. by Griffin, 

boards. Is. 6d 1812 

4704 Erasmus's Life by Jortin, 2 vols. 4to. portrait, lieat, 1/. \6s. 


4705 Farmer's (Hugb) Life, by Michael Dodson, boards, 2* 1804 

4706 Ferdinand VII King of Spain's Memoirs, translated by Michael 

J. Quin, boards, canvass back, lettered, 3«... 1824 

4707 Fuller's (Andrew) Life, by J. W. Morris, new edition, corrected 

and enlarged, portrait, boards (published at ^s. 6d.) As.... 1826 

4708 George the Third's Public and Domestic Life, by Edward Holt, 

2 vols, portraits, new boards (published at 1/. \\s. 6d.) Js. 1820 

4709 '■ • ^ Reign, by Robert Scott, 4 vols, new boards 

(published at 2/. 25.), 14» 1824 

4710 Gibbons's Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women, 2 vols, portraits, 

ralf, neat, 12* 1804 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


230 Biography, [Octavo. 

4711 Goodwin's (John) Life, with an Account of his Opinions and 

Writinf^s, by Thomas Jackson, portrait, new l)oards (published 
at 105. 6d.)58.6d 1822 

4712 Gramoiont's (Count) Memoirs, with notes and illustrations, 3 vols. 

half-calf, neat, 10*. 6d. 1809 

4713 Hamilton's (Lady) Memoirs, with Illustrative Anecdotes of many 

of her most particular Friends and distinguished Contempora- 
ries, half-calf, 4*. 6d , 1815 

4714 (Mrs. Elizabeth) Memoirs, with Selections from her 

Correspondence and other unpublished Writings by Miss Benger, 
2 vols, portrait, boards, Js. 6d 1818 

4715 Harris's (W.) Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and 

Writings of James I, Charles I, and of the Lives of Oliver 
Cromwell and Charles II, 5 vols, boards, U » 1814 

4716 Henry's (Philip) Life and Death, portrait, half-ealf, 3* 1712 

4717 Joanna of Sicily Queen of Naples and Countess of Provence, 

Historical Life', with correlative Details of the Literature and 
Manners of Italy and Provence in the thirteenth and fourteenth 
Centuries, 2 vols, portrait, boards, 9s 1824 

47 18 Johnson's (Dr.) Lives of the most Eminent English Poets, with 

critical Observations on their Works, 4 vols, neat, 18* 1781 

4719 Life, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. half-bound, neat, 

2s 1793 

4720 (Dr. Samuel, of New York) Life, by Dr. Chandler, 

boards (published at 6^.) 2« 1824 

4721 Langbaine's Account of English Dramatick Poets, or Observa- 

tions and Remarks on the Lives and Writings of all that have 
published Comedies, Tragedies, Masques, Farces, &c. in tjfie 
English Tongue, neat, 4s. 6d 1691 

4722 Larochejaquelin's (Marchioness) Memoirs, map, hoards (published 

at 125.) 2s. 6d 1816 

4723 Leiand, Heame, and Wood's Lives, 2 vols, portraits, vol. i 

slightly wormed, neat, 9s • 1772 

4724 Lupton's Lives df the Primitive Fathers, 4to. portraits, neat, 

scarce, 18* 1640 

4724^Mahomet's Life, by Dean Prideaux, new bds. scarce, 4s,,. 1808 

4725 Mahomet's (Lewis Maximilian) Life, written by himself, half- 

bound. Is. 6d 1727 

4726 Mary Queen of Scots and Dowager of France, History of her 

Life and Reign, fine portrait by Vertue, neat, 4s 1725 

4727 Memoirs of a Life chiefly passed in Pennsylvania, new boards 

(published at 9*. 6d.), 3* 1822 

4728 Mendelsohn's (Moses, the Jewish Philosopher) Memoirs, by M. 

Samuel, new boards (published Atjs. 6d.)y 2s 1827 

4729 Monck^s (General) Life, with Remarks upon his Actions, by Dr. 

Gumble, portrait by White ^ and other Heads inserted^ calf, neat, 
Is, 6d 1671 

4730 Life, by Dr. Skinner, neat, 3* 1724 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] Biography. 231 

4731 Nadir Shah's History, portrait, neat, 2.? 1/41 

4732 Nadir Shah's History, with History of the Mog^hol Emperors, by 

Fraser, portrait, neat, 2s. 6d 1742 

4733 Napoleon Buonaparte^s Life, by Sir Walter Scott, 9 vols, new 

boards (published at 41. \4s. 6d.), 21. 2s 1827 

4734 Napoleon's Memoirs, dictated by the Emperor at St. Helena, 

and published from the original Manuscripts, corrected by him- 
self, 7 vols, boards, 1/. 4s Loud. 1823 

4735 Nelson's (Lord) Life, by J. S. Clarke and Dr. M'Arthur, por- 

trait, boards, 4s 1810 

4730 Biographical Memoirs, with Observations by 

Charnock, portrait, boards (published at lOs. 6d.), 4^ 1806 

4737 Ormonde's (Duke of) Life, neat, 5* 1747 

4738 Owen's (Dr.) Life, by W. Orme, portrait, half-bound, neat, 6s. 


4739 Paine's (Tom) Life, by Cheetham, boards (published at 7^0 « 2^. 

4739*Penn'8 Private and Public Life, by T. Clarkson, 2 vols, half- 
bound, rnssia, neat, lOs 1813 

4740 Peter the Great's (Emperor of Russia) Life, 1812. — Xenophon's 

Expedition of Cyrus, translated by Spelman, 1811. — Marshal 
Count Saxe's Art of War, 181 1, in one vol. half-calf, 5^. 

4741 Petrarch's Life, collected from the Memoires pour la Vie de Pe- 

trarch, by Dobson, 2 vols, neat, Ss 1776 

4742 — 2 vols, fine plates, neat, 9s. 


4743 Pitt's (the Right Honourable William) Life, by Bishop Tomline, 

3 vols, new boards (published at \l. ]6«.), ]/. 4s 1822 

4744 Pius the Sixth's (Pope) Memoirs, 2 vols, portrait, boards, 5s. 


4745 Plutarch's Lives, by Langhorne, 6 vols, new boards (published at 

3L3s.), It. 7s 1819 

4746 Porteus's (Bishop) Life, by Hodgson, portrait, half-bound, 

russia, 4s .*. 1813 

4747 Poussin's (Nicholas) Life, by Maria Graham, port, half-bound, 

neat, 4s. 6d 1820 

4748 Prideaux's (Dean) Life, with Tracts and Letters of his, never 

before published, neat, 3* 1748 

4749 Raffael's Life, by Duppa, new boards (published at Ss. 6d.), 3*. 


4750 Rochester's (Earl of) Life, by Bishop Burnet, 12mo. new boards 

(published at 2*. 6fl?.), 1*. 6d 1820 

4751 Servetus's (Michael) Life, by R. Wright, boards, 4s 1806 

4752 Sheridan's Public and Private Life, by Dr. Watkins, 2 vols, new 

calf, 14* 1817 

4753 Stevens's William) Memoirs, boards, 2s 1812 

4755 Sully's (Duke de) Memoirs, 5 vols, neat, II 1757 

4756 Swiflfs (Dean) Life, by John Earl of Orrery, portrait, neat, 3*. 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


382 Historia, et Mucellanea. [Fulio^ 

4757 Swift's (Dean) Life, by Deane Swift, neat, d». (id 1755 

4758 Sydney's (Algernon) Memoirs by G. W. Meadley, half-bound, 

nissia, neat, 4«. 6d 1813 

4759 Todd's Account of the Deans of Canterbury, boards, b$. ... 1793 

4760 Voltaire's Historical Memoirs and Letters, neat, 2« 1777 

4761 Walpole's (Horatio Lord) Memoirs, by Archdeacon Coxe, 4to. 

portraits, russia, neat, \L 16s 1802 

4762 Walpole's (Sir Robert) Life and Administration, by Archdeacon 

Coze, 3 vols. 4to. half-bound, russia, 1/. 16« 1798 

4763 Watson's (Bishop) Anecdotes of his Life, written by himself, 

2 vols, portrait, boards (published at U. 6».), \4s 1818 

4764 Whiston's Memoirs of his Life and Writings, written by himself, 

3 vols, neat, 9* 1749 

4765 Williams's (Joseph, of Kidderminster) Diary, Meditations, and 

Letters, by B. Fawcett, portridt, boards (published at 6«.)» 
1«. M 1816 

4766 Wills's (Rev. Thomas) Life, boards, U. %d 1804 

4767 Wolsey (Cardinal), History of his Life and 'Hmes, 3 vols, por- 

traits and plates, neat, 14* ,..,... 1742 

4767* Life and Administration, by John Gait, 4to. 

new boards, canvass back, lettered, 14* 1812 

4768 Zieten's (General de) Life, by Madame de Blumenthal, trans- 

lated by Dr. Beresford, 2 vols, in one, neat, 3*. .. Berlin^ 1803 



4709 Abulfeda (Ismael) de vita et rebus gestis Mohammedis, Afab. et 
Lat. cum notis Joannis Gagnier, boards, 6* Oxon, 1723 

« A curious and Important work.'' — ^Dr. Clarke. 

f 4770 Academic Royale des Sciences de Paris. — Recueil d'Observations 
v^ pour perfeetionner TAstronomie et la Geographic, avec divers 

] Traitez Astronomiqiies, vellum, 9* Paris^ 1693 

/ 4771 Divers Ouvrages de Mathematique et de Phy- 
sique, vellum, 8s. ih, 1693 

<' Les impressions du Louvre, n'entrent pas dans le cours ordinaire 
de la 'Librairie, c'est pourquoi elles sent rares." — Clement 
BiBLioTH., vol. i, p. 23. 

4772 Aldrovandi (Ulyssis) Opera Omnia, viz. Ornklinlogcia, 3 vols. 
De insectis. — De reliquis animalibus exanguibus. — De piscibus et 
de cetis. — De quadrupedibus solidiped. — Quadrupedum omuinm 
bisulcorum historia. — De quadrupedibus digttatis viviparls et ovi- 
* paris. — Serpentuiii et draconum historia.— Monstrorum hist, 

cum paralipomenis hist, omnium animalium.— Musseum metalli- 

[WlIiUAAl E^YiriSs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Higiwria et Mim:Mtmea. 28d 

etiiil.-*^DiBiidrologftB nator»lis, libii duo> 13 irols. doMtfLvrs, 
SPIRITED WOOD-CUT EitBBLLisHMBirrfiy neat, gcaree, 4/. 14^. 6d. 

Bononia, 1599, &c. 
A complete cof y of Ijiese esteemed works U of rare occurrence. 

4773 Apollonii Pergiei Cooica, cam yComment. Richardi, platet, fine 

copy in vellum, IQt •....» o... Jntv. 1655 

4774 Apollonii Perffsei Conica, et Serenug de Seetioae Cyliodri & Coni, 

Gr. et Liat. opera et studio Edm. Halleii, large paper, old 
calf, \l. Ss Oxon. IJIQ 

Editio Optima. *' Belle Edition dont les exemplaires sont xaree et 
rechercb^s." — ^Brunet. 

477d Archimedis Opera qu» extant, novis demoDStratiombus com- 
mentariisque illastr. per Dav, RiTaUnim, Gr. et Lat. vellum » 
neat, I6s PariB, 1615 

"Editkm ettim^e."— Brwnht. 

4776 Opera, cum Eutocii Ascalonitse comment. Gr. . 

ex recens. Joei. Torelli, acced. lectiones variantes^ neat, 1/. Ss, 

Oxon. 179^. 

4777 Aretsei Cappadocis de Causis et Signis acutorum, et diuturnorum 

Morborum, libri quatuor. De Curatione, libri quatuor, Gr« et 
Lat. cum notis variorum, cura H. Boerhaave, haif<-bouiid, neat, 

1/. 45 Lugd, Bat. 1735 

477B Aringhi Roma Subterranea ; qua Christianorum Antiqna Coeme- 
teria, Tituli, Monumenta, Inscriptiones et Sepulcra illustrantur, 
2 vols, in one, plates, neat, \2s Luiet. PariSy 1659 

A volame valuable for the light it throws on Christian Antiquities. 
Frequently referred to by Cave, in his Primitive Christianity. 

477d Armorial Uoiversel, contenant les Armes des principales Maisons 
Estatz et Dignitez des plus considerables Royaumes de TEurope, 
vellum, 12* Paris, 1679 

4790 Baker's (Sir Richard) Chronicle of the Kings of England, 

translated into Dutch, neat, 9*. 

Amst. Com. DankertZy 1649 

Valuable for the portraits and historical engravings with which it is 
embenished; among t^e former is Charles 1, after Vandyke, 
with Whitehall in the distance, executed in the manner of 

4791 Barleti Historia de Vita et Gestis Scanderbergi Epirotarum 

Principis, wood-cut portrait, stamped binding, ISs. 

Impressmi Rome^ per fi. T. 
** Editio prima rarissima."— Panzer. 

4792 ■ — Idem Opus, neat, 9*. 

Argtntorati, M.D.XXXVIL 

« Edttion rare."--<3MEM»iiT. 
64, PiTKRNosTBR Row.] 2 H 

Digitized by 


284 Hi$tor%a et MiscelkMea: [Folio. 

4793 Bartholome Anglois, Le Proprietaire des Ghoses, ftlUCtk \Mtty 

wood-cQts, calf, gilt leayes, lOtt. 6d. 

Pariiy par Nicolas Couteau^ Mil.D.XXXIX. 

«* Ce Livre est trfes rare et trSs cuiieux." — ^MS. Note on fly leaf. 

4794 Bauhini et Cberleri Historia UniTersalls Plantarum; recensuit 

et auxit Domin. Ghabneus, edidit Fr. Lud. a Graffenried, 
3 Tols. wood-cut plates, rellum, neat, IL Is, 

Ebroduni, 1650 

" Onvrage estim^ et pea commun."— Brunet. 

4795 Batlb Dictionnairb Hi'storiqub et Critique, cinquieme 

edition, revue, corrig^e, et augment^e avec la Vie de V Auteur, 
par Des Maizeaux, 4 vols. — Ghaufbpie Noutbau Digtionnairb 
HisTORiQUB BT Gritiqub, poar servir de Supplement, ou de 
Continuation au Dictionnaire de Bayle, 4 vols. — 8 vols, uni- 
form, half-bound, calf, neat^ uncut, scarce, 6Z. 6$. 

Amst. 1740-50 

4705* ■ (EuvREs DivERSEs, 4 vols. fine copy, calf, 

neat, scarce, 21 Haycy 1727 

4796 4 vols. LARGE PA- 

PER, boards, rare, 4/ ib. 1727 

4796*Bembi, Cardinalis, Historiae Venetian LibriXII, fine clean copy, 
half-bound, neat, \Ss Venetiisj apudAhvi Fzfibs, M.D.LI. 

A French Bibliographer tells us, that this is not only a '^ magnifique 
edition," but also " fort-rare." 

4797 Ber^omensis (Jacobus) de claris mulieribus, cum additamentis, 

half-bound, neat, scarce, 9^. 

Parisiis ex (Bdxbus Simonis Colinaei^ 1521 

*' Inter rarissimos libros, hoc opus, omnino locum, obtin^t." 

Vid. Freytag Analecta, p. 85. 

4798 Billon, Francoys, Fort inexpugnable de FHonneur da Sexe 

Feminin, wood-cuts, old stamped binding, lOs. 6d. 

Paris, 1555 

" Feu commun." — Osmont. " Henri Estienne n'etoit pas content 
de notre Auteur. II dit que ce livre contient des blasphemes ; & 
en tire divers passages pour le prouver, dans so^ apologie pour 
Herodote." — Vid. Bayle Dictionnaire. 

4799 Boccatii (Joannis, de Certaldo) Insigne Opus de Claris mulieri- 

bus, wood-cuts, sewed in vellum, rare, ISs. 

Bema Hehet. Excudebat Maihias Apiarius^ 1539 

** Edition fort rare." — Clement. It is adorned with fifteen spirited 
wood-cuts, by James Kerver. On the reverse of folio Ixzziii, 
we are presented with a curious representation--Hle Joanne An- 
glica Papa. 

4800 ■ Bocatii Genealogia Deorum, cum annotatio- 

nibus Jacobi Mieylll, ejusdem de Montium, Sylvarum, Fon- 

[WiLiiiAK Batnbs, 


zed fry Google 

Folio,] Hittoria ei MiwceUanea. S8& 

tium, Lacuum, FlaTiorum, Stagfnoram et MariQm nouinibas^ 
Kber, old stamped biading^, g}h leaveB, neat, 12<« 

Basileoi, 1532 

4801 Bouchet (Jehan) Anciennes et Modernes Genealogies des Roys 

de Frahoe, leurs Epitaphes et Effigies : avec le sommaire des 
Gestes des Roys de France. — Le Chappelet des Princes par 
cinquate Rondeaulx et cinq Ballades. — Deploration de I'Eglise. 
— Dizains Moraulx, sur les Apophthegm es, c^est a dire subfiles 
responses des Sept Sages de Grece. — Les Angoysses et Reme^ 
des d^ Amours, du Traverseur, en son adolescence (wants title), 
vellum, RARE, iSs. 

This edition of the works of the celehrated Traverseur des V<nre8 
PeriUeuses, is defective of the first title, hut appears to he that 
printed at Poictiers, in 1545, and noticed hy Clement as an " Edi- 
tion fort nure." Appended is a copy of Joachim Hoppems de Jniit 
Arte, Lovanii, 1553. 

4802 BoulainvilHers (Le Comte de) Histoire des Anciens Parlemens 

de France, ayee I'Histoire de France, brown calf, marbled 
leaves, iSs Londres^ ckez Brindley, 1737 

4803 Buehanani Opera Omnia, cura Rudimanni, 2 vols, large paper, 

ruled with red lines, neat, 21 E(Hnb. 1715 

A large paper copy, of this edition, sold at the Askew sale for 
Seven Guineas. 

4804 Carpentieri Alphabetum Tironianum, seu Notas Tironis expli- 

cati Methodus, cum plur. Ludovici Fii Chartis, with above 50 
engravings of ancient writing, alphabets, &c. neat, 15«. 

Paris, 1747 

4805 Chronicon Paschale a Mundo condito ad Heraclii Imperatoris 

Annum Vicesimum, Gr. et Lat. notis chronicis ac historicig 
cura et studio Carol! Du Fresne D. Du Gange, fine copy, neat, 
original wooden binding, stamped, with clasps, 158. 

Paris, 1688 

4806 Codex Traditionom Corbeiensium notis criticis atque historicis 

ac tahnlis geographicis ac genealogicis illustratus, quibus anti- 
quissimus Germanise imprimis autem Saxonise status a Carolo 
Magno usque ad Conradum II. Imperatorem nee non Origines \ y^ 
multarum Familiarum illustrium exhibentur, &c. cnra J. F. 
Falke, plates of fac-similes from ancient MSS, &c. boards, 12«. 

npM. 1752 

4807 Commines (Philippe de), Hystoire et Cronicque du feu Roy 

Loys unziesme, J^lH^ft l0ttn^9 neat, 6«. 

Paris ^ pour Frangois Regnault, 1529 

4808 Croniques du Roy Charles huy- 

tiesme de ce non, J^lHtft l0tt01^9 vellum, 6s. 

Paris ^ De Mamrf. 1529 

4809 Constantini, Porphyrogenneti, de Cerimoniis Aulse Byzantinse, 

llbri duo, Gr« et Lat. opera J. Jac. Reiskii, 2 vols, larob 

PAPER, boards, canvass back, lettered, IL 5« Lips, 1751-54 

54, Patbrnoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


238 Hutoria et MUcellanto. [Foiiio. 

481A Cfonike rm Br»bant, wood-cuts, IllWft \Mitt9 old binding, 
rare, \L \$ Jntmfpen, MXCCCC.XXX. 

Copies of the Brabant Chronicle very rarely occur for sale, especially 
m a clean and perfect condition. Itie Tolume has at aU times 
bees popuLar among the cc^leetors of Black Letter* owing in some 
measure to the singularly rude wood-cuts with which it is em- 
bellished. Several of these cuts are occasionally to be seen in the 
Flemish Romances of that time. 

4611 Dioflcoridetf de Medica Materia, de letalifoua TcneBia, etc. Gr. et 
Lai. interprets Maroello Verg^io, cum ejosdem Notis, Colon. 
M.D.XXIX. — Hermolai Barbari in Dloscoridem Coroilariam, 
ib. M.D.XXX. folio, vellum, scarce, 8s. 

This volume, Brunei tells us, is " very rare." 

4812 Dissertatio et Animadrersiones ad tiuper inventun, Severae Mar- 

tyris Epitaphium , plates , veUum ,5$ Panormi, 1 734 

\ Containing valuable elucidations of Christian antiquities. Referred 

to by N^shelm. 

4813 JDtt Ckeme, HiUoirt d'AngUurre^ (TEoosse et d'Irlandi, ensemble 

feiai €t 9ucci$ des Affaires des Anglois en France, en la Terre 
Sainte, en Castile^ etc. neat, 14^ Paris^ 1641 

4814 Duhalde Description Geographlque, historlqae, chronologiqae, 

politique, et phisique de PEmpire de la Chine, et de la Tartaric 
Chinoise, 4 Tols. plates, neat, 4/. 4s. Parisy 1735 

** Includes a vast mass of valuable materials." — Murray. 

4815 I>ii Moulin (Gabriel), Conquestes et Trophees des Normans 

FVan^ois, new half^^alf, 9^ Rouen, 16&B 

48i6 Epistolae Gnecanicce Mutue Antiqoorum Rhetorum, Orat. Philos. 
ifed. Theol. Regum, etc. Gr. et Lat. Cujacii, yeilttm, nt. 125. 

Anr. AU. 1606 

4817 Erlgenae (Joannis Sgoti) de Dlvisione Naturae, Libri quinque, 

aoced. 8. Maximi Scholia in Gregorram Tbeologum, Gr. et 
Lat. uaat, 6». Oxon. 1681 

4818 Escalier des Sages, on la Philosophic des Auciens, plates, vellum, 

scarce, 7'«- • ....Crromwg. 1686 

4819 Eusebii, Sooratis, Hermise Sozometii, Tbeodoriti, et Evagrn fiis- 

tori» Ec^lesiasticae, Gr. et Lat. Valesii, 3 vols, half-bound, un- 
cut, 21. 2s Amst. 1695 

4890 Felibien (D. Michel) Histoire de la Ville de Paris, 5 yols. platet, 
neat, 3/. 10s Paris, 1725 

A splendid book. Its calcographic embellishments are executed 
with taste and effect by Simonneau and other artists of ac- 
knowledged merit. 

4821 Fludd (Robert!) Philoaopbla sacra et vere Cbristiaoa sen Me- 

temrolo^c^ Cosmica, plates, neat, Ss , Francqf. 1626 

4822 .Fourmoat Meditation«s Sinic^^ in quibns considerantur Lingus 

[WiiiiiiAM Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Hiaioria et Miscellanea. 287 

Philosopbicc, An Legendi, Intelligendi, &c. scarce, neat^ J4«. 

Paris, 1737 

4823 Freheri Rerutn Germanicaruin 8criptores aliquot insignes, cum 

notis Bare. Goth. Struvii, 3 vols, fine copy, yellum, neat, II, Is. 

Argent. \^\^ 

4824 G^n^aldgie aieendaBte de tons les Rois et Princes de inaisons 

Souveraines de i'Europe, neat, bs Berlin, I768 

4825 Gesneii Historia Animaliam, 3 thick vols, adorned with a pro- 

fusion of spirited wood-cuts, vellum,. 1/. Ts. ....^, Franco/. I72O 

4826 Giiles (Nicolle). Les tres elegantes et copieuses Annates des 

tres preux, tres nobles, tres Chrestiens et excellens Moderateurs 
des belliqueuses Gaulles. Depuis la triste desolation de la tres 
inclytc et fameuse Cite de Troye, iusques au Regnc du Roy 
Frangois a present regnant, j^ll|(ft itttttf vellum, I85. 

Paris, 1533 

These are the Annals of England as well as of France, and the 
volume contains nearly as much relative to the one country as to 
the other. The annalist has not omitted to embellish his History 
with tales of knight errantry. The travail of Secretary Giiles ex- 
tends to 1496. For the continuation, L'Advocat intimates we are 
indebted, among others, to Denis Sauvage, and Belleforest. 

4827 Novellement Revues et corrig^es sur les anciens 

originaulx, oultre les precedentes impressions, vellum, scarce, 
1/. Is On les vend a Paris, en la grande salle du Pa- 

lais, par Galliot du Pre, Lihraire iuri de 
rUniversite, M.D.XLVII. 

This is perhaps the best edition of these entertaining Annals. It 
is printed in a neat white letter, and ornamented with wood-cuts. 

4828 Gorit Inscriptiones Antiqns Donianss, nunc primum edits, notis- 

que illustrate, neat, 9^ Florent. 1731 

4829 Gruteri (Jani) Corpus luscriptionum, ex recensioiie et cum 

annotationibus Jo. Geo. Graevii, 4 vols, in 2, bbst edition, 
plates, fine copy, neat, 41 Amstel. I707 

4830 Corpus Inseriptionum Romanarum, cum Indi* 

cibus Scaligeri, complete in one voL veilumy neat, 18f. 

Cammelin, 1616 

4830*Guyse (Jac. de) Illustrations de la Gaulle Belgique, antiquitez 
du pays de flfaynnau, et de la grande cite de Beiges : a present 
dicte Bavay, dont procedont les chaassees de Branebault. Et 
de plusleurs Princes qui oot regne, &e. 3 vols, in 1., j^lfttft 

\itttt9 MOST BBAUTIFUIi COFT, Ib fittC old Calf, RARB, 2/. 

Paris, Galliot du Pre, M.D.XXXI. 

4831 Gmitheri (Lagurini) de gestis divi Friderici primi decem libri, 

old calf, scarce, 168 1507 

'^EoiTio. OMNIUM Prima." Warton, in his Dissertation on the In- 
troduction of Learning into England, informs us. that this 
Heroic Poem is scarce inferior to the Philippid of Gnillaum le 
Breton, or the Alezandreid of Gualtier, and was written about 

. 54* Patbrmobtbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


238 Hisioria et MisctUanea. [Folio. 

the year 1206*, by Gunther, a German^ and a Cistercian Monk 
of the Diocese of Basil. It is in ten books, and the subject is 
the War of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa against the Mi- 
lanese in Liguria. 

4832 Halleri Historia Stirpium ludigenarum HelFetias inchoata. 

3 vols, in 2, half-bound, uncat, many plates, IL 5«« 

Berme, 1768 

4833 Harsei Anuales Ducum seu Principum BrabantiK, totiasque 

Belgii, 3 vols, in 2, portraits, neat, 14« AntvcrpiiB, 1623 

A work of authority and interest, embellished with 42 fine whole- 
length portraits of the Dukes of Brabant. 

4834 Heineccii (J. M.) de Vet. Germauorum aliarumqae Nat. Si^llis 

Syntagma historicum, with 18 plates, containing nearly 200 eD- 
gravings of Seals, neat, yellam, 9« Fran. 1709 

4835 Heinsii (Danielis) Rerum ad Sylrun Ducis Gestarum Historia, 

engraved title-page, vellum, 4s, 

Tjugd. Bat. ex off, Elzevir^ 1631 

4836 Helvici Tbeatrum Historicum et Chronologicum, bound, 3s. 

Oxon. 1662 

4837 Hemricoort (Jaques de) Miroir des Nobles de Hasbaye com- 

post en forme de Chronique Fan M.CCC.Llll. mis du Tieux 
en nouveau langage par le Sr. de Salbray, fiili of plates of coats 
of arms, &c. neat, 16« Brusselk, \^\5 

4838 Renault Nouvel Abreg^ Chronologique de THistoire de France, 

LARGE PAPER, neat, gilt leaves, 12« Paris^ 1746 

An octavo edition on a folio page : a beautilul looking book. 

4839 Herrgott Genealogia diplomatica augustee gentis Habsbur^cse, 

qua continentur vera gentis hujus exordia antiquitates, etc* 
3 vols, embellished with fine large plates, a superb book, vellam, 
neat, 2/. 18» VietmB, Austrue^ 1737 

4841 HippocratiB Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. studio Jani Cornari, 

2 vols, fine copy, yeilum, neat, 1/. 4« Bon/etf, 1538-46 

4842 Eadem, Gr. et Lat* veterum codi- 

cum collatione restituta, etc. ab Hieron. MercuriaH foroliviensi,* 
2 vols, vellum, neat, 1/. 4s VenetiU Junta^ 1588 

" Edition assez estim^e." — Brunet. 

4843 ---— -----^---— — — — Eadem, Latine, ex Jani Comarii 

versione, cum comment. Jo. Marinelli ac Pini indice, edente 
J. B. Paitoni, 2 vols, neat, ISs Venetiisy 1737 

4844 HisTOiRB de I'Abbaye Royale de Saint Oven de Rouen, plates, 

neat, 12* Bouen, 1662 

4845 Histoire des Archbvbsqubs de Rouen, avec plusleurs lettres des 

Papes, des Roys de France, des Dues de Normandie, & des 
Roys d'Angleterre, fine portrait of St. Romun, neat, old richly 
gilt binding, 14* ib. 166? 

4846 Historia Fanaticorum oder eine vollkommene Relation und Wis- 

[WiLLiAM Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Huioria et Miscellanea. 289 

senschaflft von denen SchweBrmern als Alten Anabaptisten und 
neven Qiuekern, historical plates, and portraits of Thomas 
Venner, William Oxmann, Robert Fludd, Jacob Behmen, 
Socinus, John of Leyden, &c. half*calf, rarb, 12s. 

Pranckfurth am Mayn, 1701 

4847 Ho^maoni (Friderici) Opera Omnia physico-medica, cum vita 

auetoris ac duobas Supplementis, 11 vols, bound in 6/ fine copy, 

calf, gilt, 21. 2* Gentv. 1740-53 

" Collection assez recherch^e de cette ^tion." — ^Brunet. 

4848 Hubner's Genealogical Tables of the Royal Houses of every 

European State, in Dutch, 2 vols, oblong, vellum, 5^. 

Ltyden, 1735 

4849 Ibn Sins, sen Avicennse Ketab Alneg^ata, in quo habentur liber 

de Logica, liber Naturalium et Problematum cum indice capitum 
ad ejus opera, Arabice, sewed in vellum, scarce, 9s. 

Roma in typographia Medicea^ 1594 

4850 Imhoff, Historia Genealogica Regum Pariumque Magnje Britan- 

MiiB, qua veterum juxta ac recentium in ilia familiarum Ori- 
gines, Stemmata, et Res memorabiles recensentur atque expli- 
cantur, with plates and genealogical tables, half-bound, vellum, 
neat, 16* Noiimb. 1690 

4851 Inghiramii <Curfii) Ethruscarum Antiquitatum Fragroenta quibus 
- Urbis Romse, aliarumqne gentium primordia mores, & res gestee 

indieantur, plates, vellum, neat, 9s Franco/. 1637 

Bearing the autograph of P. Burman. 

4852 Jacobi (Regis) Opera, with portnuts of James, Prince Charles, 

and three others, vellum, Ts. 6d Franco/, 1689 

4853 Joannts (G. C.) Scriptomm Historise Moguntinensis, Tomus 

Novus, plates of sepulchral monuments, &c. calf, neat, ISs. 

Franc. 1727 

4854 Johnstoni (Roberti) Historia Rerum Britanniearum ut et mul- 

tarum Gallicarum, Belgicarum & Gennanicarum tam Politiica- 
rum, quam Ecclesiasticarum, ab annum 1572 ad annum 1628, 
vellum, 9s Amst. 1655 

4855. Jonstoni (Joan.) Historia Naturalis de Quadrupedibus, de Avibus, 
de Piscibus, de Exaoguibus Aquaticis, de Insectis, et de Ser- 
pentibus, with an immense quantity of engravings, in one thick 
vol. vellum, neat, 1/. Is Amst. 1657 

4856 Historia Naturalis de Quadrupedibus et de 

Avibus, 2 vols, numerous plates, boards, 9^ Heilbr. 1755 

4857 ■ Historia Naturalis de Piscibus, Cetis, de Exan- 

guibus Aquaticis, de Insectis, et de Serpentibus, plates, half- 
bound, neat, 9s Amst, 1657 

4858 Junius (Franciscus) de Pictura Veterum, accedit Catalogus ad- 

huc ineditus Architectorum, Mechanicorum sed. pnecipne Pic- 
torum, Statuariorum, etc. neat, lOs Roter. 1694 

** Bonne edition de cet ouvrage estim^, on se trouve un catalogue al- 
phabetique des artistea anciens."— Brunet. 

54, Patbrnostpr Row.] 

Digitized by 


240 Hiftoria et MiscdIahM. [Folio. 

4859 Khanrath (Henricf) Amphithestram Saplentie eiern« solius 

verse, Cbristiano-KsbbaHsticuiB, DiTino-Magicum, neenoo Pfay- 
sico-Chymicum & Tertrionum Catholicon, plates, engraved 
title-page and portrait, neat, rarb, IS^.^ j^iunw. 1609 

Brucker has long ago told us that this is a ^' Liber longe laristimu^ 
& paucis risus," vid. Hist. Crit. Phil. t. 5, p. 928. * Db Bure 
copiously describes the volume, premising that It is an *' Ouvrage 
trea siogulier recherche des Curieux, ft sur toot par les personnes 
qui donnent dans ce genre de Cabbalb. Les exemplaires en sent 
rares."--Vid. Bibl. Instr. n. 1399. 

4860 Kircheri Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae in X Libros digesta, plates 

and brilliant portrait, neat, \As Amst, 16/1 

4361 — ^— Ars Magna Sciendi, sive Combinatorise Libri XII, 

plates, and fine portrait, fig. neat, 12^ %b. 1669 

4862 China Monumentis qaa sacris qua profanis illastrata, 

many fine plates of Chinese manners and customs, vellum, 8$. 

ib. 1667 

4863 LARGE paper, plates, neat, 9». 

ih. 1667 
» / 4864 Larrey Histolrc d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse et dirlande, 4 vols, em- 
bellished with a series of beautiful portraits, fine copy, nt. 2/. 2«. 

Rott. 1697-1713 

'* It was much applauded abroad, on its first appearance, as the com- 
pletest history in the French language ; and the portraits, with 
which it is plentifully furnished, helped to increase its popu- 
larity." — Vid. Library Companion, p. 200. 

4865 Le Long Biblioth^que Historique de la France, contenant le 

Catalogue des Ouvrages, imprimis et manuscrits, qui traitent 
de rUistoire de ce Royaume, ou qui y ont rapport ; avec des 
"Notes critiques et historiques, neat, 14^ Paris^ 1719 

4866 Lloyd (Episcopi) Series Chronologica Olympiadum, Pythiadum, 

Isthmiadum, Nemeadum, quibus Veteres Grseci tempora sua 
metiebantur, vellum, 5s Oxon. 1700 

4867 Ludolfi (Jobi) Historia iEthiopica, plates, vellum, 9^. 

Franco/. 1681 
4868 '■ fine copy, neat, 12*. ib. 1681 

4869 Ludwig (C. G.) Terrae Musei Regii Dresdensis quas digessit, 

descripsit, illustravit C. G. L. acced. Terrarum Sigilh many 
plates, neat, 7^ * ^P^* 17^9 

4870 Maire (JeanO, les Illustrations de Gaule et Singularitez de Troye, 

avec la Couronne Margaritique & plusieurs autres (£a?res de 
luy, noD jamais encore imprimees,. neat, scarce, 12«. 

Lyon, 1549 

Best Edition of these singular works. . It.poataiiis many specimens 
of early French poetry, not generally known. 

4871 Malpiglii (Marcelli) Opera Otunk, et Opera Posthmna, 3 vols. 

ill 2, platea of plants, ac. neat, I6s bond. 1686 

4872 Marmora Oxonien^ia, com comnent, Huni]^ridi Prideaux, fine 

plates by Burghert^ velhim, net*, 10tr««*« Oxon. 1676 

[WicLuuf Batiibs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] HiHoria et MUeellanea. 241 

4873 MarmoHt Oxoniensia (cum comment. H. Pridbaux, etc, edente 

Mich. Maittairb), half-bound, uncut, I69 Lond. 1732 

This impression was limited to 300 Copies. It was printed by the 
venerable Bowyer. 

4874 Marshami GhronVcon Canon ^Sgyptiacns Ebraicus Grsecus et Dis- 

quisitiones, neat, 5s ib, 1672 

4875 Matthjbi Paris, Monachi Albanensis Ang^ll, Historia Major, li 

Gulielmo Gonqusestore ad ultimum annum Henrici TertH, fine 
copy, original wooden binding, ^It, first edition, scarce, 1/. Ss. 

Lond, 1571 

4876 Historia Major huic edit, access. XXI II 

Abbatum S. Albani Vita, etc. editore Watts, qui Var. Lect. Ad- 
versaria, et Glossarium adjecit, half-bound russia, 1/. Ss, 

Lond. 1640 

*^ The most usually purchased edition/' — Dr, Dibdin. 

4877 Historia Major, editore Watts, neat, 1/. 4«. 

Paris, 1644 
4878 ^ Historia Major, editore Watts, Editio Op- 
tima, fine copy, vellum, neat, 21, 5s Lond. 1686 

" For sincerity of narration, truth of colouring, and extent of iiifor- • 
mation, the Historia Major of the monk of St. Alban's may be 
justly deemed as valuable a work as this or any other age has pro- . 
duced." — Bebi ngton . 

4S79 Matthieu Histoire de Louis XI, beautifully engraved frontispiece, 
vellum, 7* f^aris, 1610 

4880 Matinae (Leonis) Ducalis Regia Lararium, sive Ser. Reipu. Ve- 

netae Principum omnium Icones et Elogia, containing one hun- 
pRBD AND THRRB PORTRAITS, neat, lO^. 6^ Vduet. 1659 

4881 Meninski de Fatis Linguarum Orientalium Arablcse, nimirum 

Persicse et Turcicse Commentatio, boards, 9s Vienna, 1780 

4882 Mer des Histoires, pais la creation du Monde iusques en Tan 

Mil. cinq cens. L, J^lHtft Itttttf wood-cuts, 2 vols, in one, 
vellum, neat, H. 

On les vend a Paris, en la Rue Saint Jacques, a 

Venseigne de Uelephant, par Magdaleine Bourcette, 

vrfue de Francoys Regnauld. 

4883 Mer (la) des Croniques et Miroir hystorial de France, jadis, 

compose en Latin par religieuse parsonne frere Robert Gaguln. ' 
Lequel traicte de tons les faitz advenuz depuis la destruction 
de Troye lagrant, tant es Royaume de France, que a Anglb- 
TERRE, Irlanpe, Espaignc, Gascongne, Flandres & lieux Cir- 
convoisins, additionne de plusieurs Additions iouxte les premiers 
Imprrmez iusques en Fan Mil. cinq cens & XXYII. IbtoCft 
IttttVf half-bound, neat, \4s. 

. Paris, pour Jehan de sainct Denys, 
MIL V. cens. XXVIl. 
64, Paternoster Row.] 2 1 

Digitized by 


242 Historia ei MUcellanea. [FoL lo 

4884 Mercati(Michaeli8) Metallotheca, cur& J. M. Lancisci (accessit 

appendix cum XIX, recens inventis iconibas), portrait of Lan- 
cisci, and numerous plates, boards, ]6« Roma, 1719 

" Ouvrage assez estim^." — Brunst. 

4885 Merulse (Georgii Alexandrini) Antiquitatis Vicecomitum libri X, 


Mediolani, 1629 

4886 Meteren (Emanuel van) Historia der Nederlanden en haar Na- 

buren Oorlogen, embellished with a large number of Portraits, 
many illustrative of English History, vellum, \2s,.,AmsL 1663 

4887 : L'Histijire des Pays-Bas, ou Recueil 

des guerres et choses memorables advenues tant ^s dits Pays, 
qu'^s Pays voysins depuis I'an 1315 jusques k Tan 1612, folio, 
illustrated with a large number of beautiful portraits, English 
and Foreign, engraved by Crispin Van Queborbn, &c. including 
the Heads of Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth, Dudley 
Earl of Leicester, &c. neat, 1/ Haye, 1618 

An old Chronicler quoted by Sharon Turner. The Author was in 
England at the time of the execution of the unfortunate Queen 
of Scots. 

4889 Monstrelet (Enguerrand de) Chroniques, avec les continuations 
jusqu'en 1516, 2 vols, sewed in vellum, 1/. 10^ Paris, 1603 

4890 2 vols, in one, neat, 

lL4s 1603 

4891 Montfaucon (D. Bern, de) Bibliotheca Bibliothecarum Manuscrip- 

torum nova, 2 vols, vellum, neat, \L4s ib, 1739 

4892 Moufeti (Tho.} Insectorum sive Minimorum Animalium Theatrum, 

WOOD-CUT PLATES, vellum, 6s Lond. 1634 

4893 Munsteri (Sebastian!) Cosmographise Universalis, lib. VI, adorned 

with abundance of wood-cut embellishments, neat, 1/. 

Basileay 1559 

A volume of almost unequalled importance in the illustration of the 
history of wood-cut engraving in its earlier stages. It compre- 
hends works of some of the most renowned of the ancient mas- 
ters, and monograms of artists of whose productions no other 
specimens are known. 

4894 Muratorii (Ludovici Antonii) Novus Thesaurus Veterum Inscrip- 

tionum, 4 vols, boards, 3/. 7« MedioL 1739 

4895 Musseum Odescalchum, sive Thesaurus Antiquarum Gemmarum 

cum imaginibus in iisdem insculptis, et ex iisdem exsculptis, 
qusea Serenissima Christina Suecorum Regina collect® in Muses 
, Odescalcho adservantur, et a P. S. Bartolo quondam incisse, 
nunc primum in lucem proferuntur, with 100 plates, 2 vols, half- 
bound, uncut, neat, IZ. 4« Ronia, 1751 

4896 Musellii (Jacobi) Numismata antiqua, 3 vols, plates, half-bound, 

uncut, neat, 1/. 10* VerotkB, 1751 

4897 Natalibus (Petri de) Catalogus sanctorum et gestorum eorum ex 

[William Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] HiBioria ei Miscellanea. 348 

diversis volumlnibus, wood-cuts, IblA^ft Iftt^» hatf«boand» 
neat, 15« Ijugduni^ 1514 

4898 Olearius Voyaj^es faits en Moscovie, Tartaiie, et Perse, nnmeroua 

plates, neat, 12« « Amst. 1727 

*' Les Relations d'Olearius renferment des details aussi curieux 
qu'exacts."— Bib. des Voyages. 

4899 Orloge des Princes, IblA^ft itXXtXi half-bound, neat, Ss, 

Paris, 1540 

4900 PanciroUi Notitia utraqae chm Orientis turn Occidentis, wood- 

cuts, half-bound, vellum, 6s , ».,,Lugd, 1608 

4901 Peringskioldi Historia Hialmari, Runic, et Lot. 3s, 

4902 Menniskiones Slacht, och Jesu Christi Bord eller 

Bibliskt. SlScht-Registor frao Adam til Jesu Christi, plates, 
boards, Ss 1713 

*^ Tables of the Genealogies of the Old Testament, very learnedly 
drawn up, and highly esteemed." — Debure.— Sold for 1/. lU. 6d. 
■ at Saunders's in 1817. 

4903 Philomath! Mnsse Juveniles, Editio novissima prioribus auctior et 

emendatior, fine old stamped binding, gilt leaves, 10^. 6d. 

Paris, typ. Reg. 1656 

The writer of these Poems was Pope Alexander VII. 

4904 Pise (Joseph de la) Tableau de THistoire des Princes et Princi* 

paute d'Orange, plates, ** Crispin van de Pas Junior fecit,** 

vellum, 9* HayCy 1639 

4904* LARGE PAPER, plates, 

** Crispin van de Pas Junior fecit," vellum, 125 ib. 1639 

4905 Placcii Theatrum Anonymorum et Pseudonymorum, cura Fabricii, 

2 vols, in one, vellum, 1/ Hamb. 1704 \y^ 

4906 Poliphile Hypnerotomachie, ou Discours du Songe deduisant, 

comme Amour le combat h, Toccasion de Polia, nouvellement 
traduict de Langage Italien en Fran9ois, wood-cuts, half-bound, 
calf, scarce, 14* Paris. M.D.LXI. 

4907 Potteri (Archiepiscopi) ArcheeologiaGrseca, sive Veterum Grseco- 

rum prsecipue vero Atheniensium Ritus Civiles, Religiosi Mill- 
tares et Domestici, plates^ rich vellum binding, ISs, 

Lugd. Bat. 1702 

4908 Pufendorf, de Rebus a Carolo Gustavo Suecise Rege Geslis Com- 

mentarii, 2 vols, with an immense number of Engravings, con- 
sisting of Views, Processions, Naval and Military Engagements, 
etc. very fine copy in nice vellum binding, 1/. Ss.,.Norimb, 1729 

A copy of the Book was priced at 15/. in a Bookseller's Catalogue 
for 1817. 

4909 Raii Historia Plantarum, 3 vols, neat, II. Ss ,. 1686 

4910 Rami (P<)9 Arithmetics Libri duo : Geometrise septem etviginti, 

Mathematicamm libri unus et triginta, sewed in vellum, Js. 

Basilea, 1569 
Mj Patbrnostbk Row.] 

Digitized by 


244 Hutcria $t MiacMmm. [Folio, 

4911 Rtlcha (AoMne) Odors de Compoiitian Musicale, bds. 5«. 


4911*Re8ptte8ta de Espana al Tratado de Fraada Bobre laa Preteosionea 
. de la Reyna Chri^tianisBima, Bewed in vellam, ?«• 

4912 RittershuBii Tabalse GeDeaiogncse illuBtrium aliquot Familiarum, 

vellum, 5a Tubing. 16^8 

4913 Rom« Urbis Topogfrapbia^ bpiritbd wood-cutb. — SuetoniuB 

cum commento, Venet. M.CCCC.LXXXX.} in one vol. neat, 
Bcarce, 12«. 
49 i 4 Rusii (Laurentii) Hippiatria Biye MareBcalia, wood-cuts, half-calf, 
' 5#.. Parisiis, 1531 

4915 Sallengre, Notub ThesauruB Antiquitatnm Romanarom, 3 voIb. 

fine copy, calf, neat, W. 16tf Hag. Cam. I7I6 

4916 Sohannat (JoanniB Friderici) DioeocBiB FuldensiB cum annexa saa 

Hierarehia« platCBof fac*BimileB, &c. neat, \2$...Pranct^. 1727 

4917 Schilteri Scriptores, Rerum Germanicarum k Carolo M. UBque ad 
<> Friderieum III, plates of anIiqaitfeB, coins, &c. Tellum, 15f • 

Argent. 1702 

4918 Schoneri Opera Mathematical Isagogse^Astxplogia iudiciarie, de 

judiciiB nativitatum, Tabuls resolutse, etS etc, cum pnefatione 
Philiffi Mblancthonis, portrait of the Author, and curious 
plates, new half-calf, scarce, ]Ss Norimb. 1551 

4919 Scriptores Rerum Sicularum, neat, 8s ...Franco/. 1579 

4920 Seieui Cryptomenytices et Cryptog^raphise lib. IX, in qolbua 

pleuissima steg^nographiee a Joh. Trithemio olim conscriptae, 
enodatio traditur, vellum, 9« Limeb. 1624 

"Ouvrage curieuz." — Brunbt. 

4921 Senckenberg (Henrici Chriatiani) Rerum Alamanicarum Scrip- 

tores aliquot vetusti, cum Glossis ex Bibliotheca, M. H. Grold- 

asti, 6ne copy, calf gilt, lOs.^d Francqf. 1730 

4923 Simsonii Ghronicon Catholicon, ex excensione et cum animad- 
versiionibus P. Wesseling, frontispiece containing portrut of the 
author, fine copy, vellum, 14«.... \. L. Bat. 1729 

** Egregium et absolutissimmil opus, summa indnstria, omnigena 
eruditione, magno judicio, multorum annorum vigiUis produc- 
turn.'*— Bishop Reynolds. 

4d24 Snorronis Sturlonidse Heims-Kringla sive Historic Regum Sep- 
tentrionatium, ante secula quinque patrio tjcrmone antique cod- 
scriptaB, deinde a G. Olavio Suecice translata ; edidit, versione 
Latina, notisque iliustravit Peringskiold, veUum, neat, 16s. 

Stockh. 1697 

^ We owe all that is rational, certain, and connected in the ancient 
history of these vast countries, to tiie Writings of Sncnrro Stur- 
leson, and especially to his Chronology of the Northern Kings. 
There runs through this whole work so much clearness and order, 
such a simplicity of s^le, such an air of truth, and so much good 
sense, as ought to rank its author among the best historians of 
that age." — Mallet's Northern Antio. 

Digitized by 


Folio.] HUtoria ei Miscellanea* 24S 

4925 Spelmui ^fredi Magni Vita, with portrait and platea of coins, 

neat, 18* Oxon. 1678 

4926 Speneri Insignium Theoria aeu Operis Heraldici, para f^eneralis, 

platea, fine copy, vellum, ]Os.(yd Franco/, 1717 

4927 Historia Insignium lUustrium sou Operis Heraldici 
pars specialis, plates, fine copy, neat, 124 i6. 1680 

4928 Theatrum Nobilitatis Europee, vellum, Ss,,.ib. 1668 

4929 Sponii Miscellanea Eruditse Antiquitatis, half-bound, uncut, neat, 

& ...- Lugd, 1685 

4930 Stoefler Calendarium Romanum Magnum (no title page) , printed in 

black and red, with wood- cuts, scarce, 6* Oppenheym^ 1518 

4932 Stuckii (Jo. Gulielmi) Antiquitates Conviyiales, Hebr. Grsec. 

Rom. aliarumque nationum, neat, 8^..... ^...Tiguri^ 1597 

A Book of very great research, highly esteemed by Lipsius. 

4933 Svaningii (J. J. Ripensis) Chronologia Danica, neat, scarce, ds, 

Hqfhia, 1650 

4934 Szafieddini Hellensis ad Sulthanum Elmelik Eszszaleh Schemsed- 

din. Carmen Arabicum, Arab, et Lat. Bernsteinii, boards, 5j. 

lApsia, 1816 

4935 Tacuini Sanitatis Ellnchasem Elimithar Medici de Baldath, etc. 

curious wooD-cuTs,* 5s Argent. 1531 

4936 Taisnierti Opus Mathematicum octo libros coroplectens, innumeris 

propemodum Figuris idealibus M annum et Physiognomise, aliis- 
que adornatum,4[ieat, scarce, 12« Colon. Agripp. 1562 

One of the most copiouii Works on Chiromancy anywhere to be 
met with. 

4937 Thesaurus Antiquitatum Beneventanarum (stud. Jo. de Vita), 2 

vols, plates, vellum, 1/ Rommy 1754-64 

4938 Tillet (Jean du) Recueil des Roys de France leurs Couronne et 

Maison, Chronique des Roys de France, et Rbcubil dbs Traic- 
TBz d'entrb lbs ROTS DB Francb bt d'Amglbtbrrb, ut. scarcc, 
12* Paris, 1587 

4939 Tractatus Universi Juris, dugb bt auspice Grbgorio Xlll, 

IN UKUM coNGEBTi,27voL8. IN 28, Complete, vellum, nt, 122. 12«. 

Venet. 1584 

A Copy of this magnificent set of Books is scarcely to be met with 
in this Country once in a hundred years. 

4940 Tractatus. — Historia de vita Imp. Cies. Henrici III, et Hilte- 

brand| Ponti6eis Rom. Franc. 1581 . — Chilinscii Resolutio Ca- 
nonum, Church-Music, ^ytfv. 1734. — Meibomii Cbronicum 
Comitum de Marca et Altena, Hanov. 1613, with other interest- 
ing tracts and pontifical broad-sheets, neat, scarce, lOs, 6d, 

4941 Uptonus de Studio Militari, Johan. de Badeo Aureo tractatus de 

Armis, H. Spelmanni Aspilogia, notis £d. Bisssei, plates by 
Hollar, &c. vellum, scarce, ISs Ltmd* 1654 

4942 Van Loon Histoire Metallique des Pays-Bas, 5 vols, plates, half- 

boUnd,neat, 2i. 2^ , Haye, 1732 

Full of Plates of Medals, many of which serve to illustrate English 
tod Scotch History. 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


346 Historia ei Miscellanea. [Folio. 

4943 Vegetiu9 de Re Militari, Frondous de Strstegfematis, ^lianas de 

lostruendis Aciebus, Modestus de Vocabulis rei Militarise item 
piclura belUcm CXX passim Vegetio adjecta^ boards, 9s. 

Lutet. apud Chr. Wechelum, 1532 

4944 ' Flave Vegece du fait de guerre 
et fleur de Chevalerie ; Sexte Jule Frontin. ^lian. etc. trad, da 
Latin en Fran9oi8, par le Polygraphe (Nicolas Wolkir), Iblclfft 
IttttVf wood cuts, brown calf, \(k.6d Paris, 1 536 

4945 Veterum Mathematicorum Atheneei Apollodori Philonis Britonis 

Heronis et aliorum Opera, Grac. et Lat. fine copy, neat, IL 16«. 

Paris, 1693 

4946 Warsei (Jacobi) Hibemia Sacra sive Series Chronologica Hiber- 

niffi Prcesulum, neat, scarce, I6s Dublin, 1717 

4947 Wassebourg (M. Richard de). Antiquitez de la Gaule Belgicque, 

Royaulme de France, Austrasie, et Lorraine, ayec rOrigine des 
Duchez et Comtez de Brabant, &c. fine copy in old brown calf, 
gilt leaves, 12.109 Paris^ 1549 

Bruoet calls this an " Oavrageint^ressant," and DeBure declares, 
that '* Cat ouvrage est encore assez consid^r^ malgr^ les 
Fables dont il est rempli, parcequ'il renferme beaucoup de par- 
ticularit^s, qu'on ne trouve point ailleurs/'-^Vid. Bibl. Instb. 
t. vi, p. 60. 

4948 Willoughby (Francisci) Icthyographia, de Historia Piscium, Libri 

quatuor, with fine plates , calf, neat, \5s Oxon . 1 686 

4950 Wise (Fr.) Nummorum Antiquorum Scriniis Bodleianis recondi* 

torum Catalogue cum commentario, plates, neat, I6s, 

Oxan. 1750 

4951 Worm (Olai) Fasti Danici. Danicorum Monumentorum, Libri VI. 

— Regum Daniffi duplex Series descriptio Literis Runis scripta, 
frontiqneces by Simon de Pas, and plates of Runic Monuments 
and Inscriptions, neat, ]/.5«. Hqfh, 1643 

** A book of singular use to any man that pretends to write upon any 
branch of our English Antiquities ; some whereof are herein 
particularly illustrated." — ^Nicholson's English Historical Li- 

4952 ' — Fasti Danici, frontispiece by Pas, imperfect at the 
end, vellum, 4; ib. 1626 

4953 ' Museum Wormianum seu Historia rerum rariorum 
quse Hafnise Danorum in sedibus Authoris servantur, plates, nt. 9s. 

Lugd. Bat. Elzevir, 1655 

*' Nor is the Museum Wormeyanum so full fraught with physical 
rarities, but that it will supply us with some curiosities in 
Northern Antiquities, well worth our seeking after." — ^Nichol- 
son's Engl. Hist. Library. 

4954 Wytfliet, Magin, &c. Histoire des Indes Orientales et Occidentales, 

front, and maps, neat, I0s.6d Douay, 1611 

4955 Zenocari (Gulielmi) de Republica, Vita, Moribus gestis, fams, 

[William Bayvbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Hutoria ei Miscellanea. 247 

religpione, sanctitate Imperatoris Ceesaris Augasti Qninti Carol! 

Maximi Monarchee, Hbri septem , neat, 9^ Ghndavi, 1 560 

4956 Zonarffi Antiales, Gr. et Lat. notis Carol! Du Fresne Dom. Du 
Cange, 2 vols, fine copy, original wooden binding, neat, brass 
clasps, 1/. U*. 6d Paris, 1686 


4957 Abd-Allatiff Relation de TEgypte, suiyie de divers Extraits 

d'Ecrivains Orientaux, &e. traduit avec des Notes hist. & crit. 
par S. De Sacy, half-calf, neat, 16« Paris. 1810 

4958 AbdoUatiphi Bagdadensis Vita, auctore Ibn Abi Osaiba, Arab, et 

Lat. cura Mouslev, boards, 6s Oxon. 1808 

4959 Abulfedae Annales Moslemici Latinos ex Arabicis fecit Jo. Jaco- 

bus Reiske, new half-calf, 5s Lips, 1754 

4960 Acta Pads Oliviensis, curft Boehmii, 2 vols, boards, Js. 

Vratislavice, 1763 

4961 Adeisidaimonos Philoromaiou, Vindicise adversus Sycophantas Ju- 

vavienses, sewed, 3« Colon, 1741 

4962 Alemanni (Nicola!) de Lateranensibus Parietinis ab Cardinal 

Barberino restitutis Dissertatio Historica, vellum, 6s, ./ 

RomcB, 1625 ^ 

" Liber elegantissimus & rarissimus." — ^Vogt. Catal. p. 23. 

4963 Anglia Fairfaxismos, ou Tyrannic Angloise, contcnant ^execution 

inouyie-du Roy Charles Stuart j rarb, 4« Rouen, 1649 

4964 Antarse Poema Arabicum MoaUakah, cum integris Zouzenii 

Scholiis, Arabice Sf Lat., iliustravit Wilmet. boards, 7*. 

L. Bat. 1816 

4965 Anthotogia Sententiarum Arab!carum,cum Scholiis Zamachsjarii, 

Arabice & Lat. edidit Schultens, new half-calf, 4s. 

L. Bat. 1772 

4966 Arresta Amoram, cum erudita Benedict! Curti! Symphoriani 

explanatione, neat, rare, 12« Lugduni, 1533 

" Edition fort-rare. Cette edition est remarquable parce qu'elle est la 
premiere accompagn^e des Commentalres Latins de Benoit le 
Court comme M. de Sallengre nous Fapprend — il avoue, que 
c'est une plaisante imagination, que d'aller commenter serieuse- 
ment un ouvrage purement bacUn, comme Benoit le Court a 
faict."— VoYBi Clement Biblioth. 4to. vol. ii, p. 508. 

4967 Baillet Jugemens des Savans sur les principaux Ouvrages des 

Antients, 8 vols, in 4, fine copy, neat, 1/. I69 ..Antst. 1725 

4968 Barlaudus de Hollandie Principibus, vellum, 3s. 

AntverpicB, M.CCCCC.XX. 
54, Paternoster Row.] 


Digitized by 


248 Hutaria et MtMcelianed. [Quarto. 

4979 BttrthoUai Antiqaitotum Danicarum de cansis contemptae a Danis 

adhuc Gentilibus Mortis, libri tres, half-bound, neat, 10«. %d, 

Hqfma, 1689 

A yolome of singular interest, containing many ancient Northern 
Songs with translations. 

4980 Bast, Anciennete de la ViUe de Gand, Stabile par des Chartes et 

par d'Autres Monumens Authentiques, sewed, A9..,Gandy 1821 

4981 Battely Opera Posthuma, viz. Antiquitates Rutupin®, &t Anti- 

quitates S. Edmundi Bargi, large paper, neat, 9«...0xa». 1745 

4982 Bayeri Historia OsrhoBna et Edessena ex Numis illustrata, Pe- 

tropolij 1734. — Historia Regni Grscorum Bactriani, acced. 
Waltheri Doctrina Teinporum lodica cum Paralipomeiiis, ib. 
1738. — De Boris Sinicis et Cyclo Horario Commentationes, 
acced. Parergon ^icum, t^. 1735, in one vol. scarce, I4s, 

4983 Bayfii (Lazari) Annotationes in Ijegem II de Captivis et post- 

Mminio reversis, in quibus tractatur de Re Navali. Eiusdem 
Annotationes in tractatum de Auro et Argento legato, quibus 
Vestimentorum et Vasculorum genera expHcantar, wood-cuts, 
neat, 4s. 6d BasiUa^ Froben. 1541 

4984 Beausobre (Is. de) Histoire de Manichee et du Manicheisme, 

2 vols, half-bound, uncut, scarce, 2L &8 Am$t. 1734-89 

'* The rise of Manichseism in Persia is a proof of the early planting 
of the Gospel in that country. -This work of Beausobrb, which I 
have made great use of, contains not only a laboured history of 
the Manichaeans, but likewise several useful digressions concern- 
ing the opinions of the heathen philosophers, and the most early 
Christian sects. 1 wish some learned man might have leisure to 
give us an handsome edition in English." — Dr. Lardner. 

4985 Bembus (Petrus) de Guido Ubaldo Feretrio deque Elisabeta Gon- 

zagia Urbini Ducibus, sewed in vellum, 4s Ronue^ 1548 

" Edition fort-rare." — Clement. 

4986 Bernoulli (Johannis) Opera Omnia, 4 vols, newly half-bound, 

neat, 21 Lausanme^ 1742 

4987 Berthoud Essai sur I'Horologerie, 2 vols, plates, boards, 16s. 

Paris, 1786 
49g8 La mftme, 2 vols, plates, neat, ISs. ib. 1763 

<< Ouvrage le plus estim^ que Ton ait sur cet art : la Ire. edit, de 
1763, a la meme valeur que la seconde."— -Bbcnet. 

4989 Blettland Descriptio Musei Anatomic! quod Belgii Regis Gui- 

lielmi I, munificentia Academise Rheno-Trajectinse concessit, 
new, sewed, Js TVq;. 1826 

4990 Bochat Menioires Critiques pour servir d'Eclaircissemens sur 

divers Points de THistoire Ancienne de la Suisse, 3 vols, neat, 
16« *. LausannCy 1747 

4991 Bodin Angevin (J.) de la Demonomanie des Sorciers, large copy, 

bound, bs iParis, 1582 

4991 * an uncommon edition, bound, 

69 Excudebat Josbpbus Barnesius, OxoMiiE, 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Historia 4i MUeellama. 249 

4992 Bory de St. Vincent, Essai^ sur les Isles Fortun^es et TAntiqae 

Atlanttde, ou Precis de THistoire g^n^rale de rArc^blpel des 
Canaries, plates, sewed, 5s Parisy 1803 

4993 Bottie et Riffault Trait^ de TArt de fabriquer la Poadre i 

Canon, boards, with a separate volume containing 40 plates, 9^. 

Paris, 1811 

4994 Bouelles (Charles) Geometrie Practique, stamped calf, neat, 

scarce, 4« Paris, 1547 

4995 Broedersen Tractatus Historici de Rebus Metropolitanae Kcclesise 

Ultrajectinse, 2 vols, neat, 7^ Delphi 1729 

4996 Budseus de Contemptu Rerum Fortuitarum, beautiful copy, calf, 

As Venundantur, in officina Ascensiana, 1520 

4997 Burmanni (Petri) Poemata, fine copy, prize vellum, 7^- 

Amst. 1746 

4998 Vectigalia Populi Romani, et Jupiter Fulgerator, in 

Cyrrhestarum Nummis, fine copy, calf gilt, 6$ Leid. 1734 

4999 Caab Ben Zobier Carmen Amralkeisi Moollakah, et Sententise 

Imp. AH, Arab, et Lat. illustravit Jjette et Schultens, sewed, 4«. 

L. Bat. 1748 

5000 Callot. Eloge Historique de Callot, noble Lorrain, c^l^bre Gra- 

veur, green morocco, gilt leaves, Ts ,.^Brux, 1766 

^ lliis volume contains a Biographical accoimt of Callot, with an his- 

torical and critical enumeration of \ds works. 

5001 Cambray Rapport sur les Sepultures, plates, boards, 5^. ; new, 

half-calf, 75 Parisian VIL 

5002 Camerarii (Joachim L F.) Opuscula de re rustica, with folding 

wood-cut, neat, 4.?. dd Norib. 1577 

A Catalogus Aatorum Rei Rusticae precedes the work. 

5003 Carpentier (Jean le) Histoire de Cambray et du Cambr^sis, avec 

I'hist. g^n^alogique des families, 3 vols, plates, neat, I4s. 

Leyde, 1664 
** Onvrage estim^." — Brunet. 

5004 Caussini (P. Nicolai) Symbolica ^gyptiorum Sapientia, Polyhistor 

Symbolicus, ?ellum,.4« Paris, 1647 

5005 Cebetis Tabula, Grsec., Arab., et Lat., item Aurea Carmina 

Pythagorse cum Paraphr. Arab., Litgd. Bat. 1640. — Warneri 
Centuria Proverbiorum Persicarum, ib. 1644. — ^Warneri Epsitola 
valedictoria, ib. 1644. vellum, 4*. 

5006 Chardin Voyages en Perse et autres Lieux de TOrient, 3 vols. 

plates, neat, IL 4s Amst. 1711 

*' The best account of Mahometan nations that was ever published." 
— Sir W. Jones. 

5007 Chess. Le Jeu des Escbecs, avec son Invention, Science, et 

Practique, Traduict d'Espagnol en Frangois, sewed in vellum, 
very rare, 15^ r Paris, 1609 

Unknown to Beyer. 
54, Patbrnostrr Bow.] 2 K 

Digitized by 


350 Hiftofia ei Miscellanea. [Q U A RTo. 

5008 Chiromancy. — La Science carieofle ou 'trait-^ de la Chyromance, 

curious plates, bound, Hcarce, bs ih. 1667 

5009 ChoTeronii (Bermondi) de pubKcis Concubinarits comment, neat, 

scarce, is Lugd. 1550 

5010 Chronicon Egmundannm, sen Annales Regallum Abbatum £g- 

mnndensiam, auctore Fr. Johanne de Leydis, neat. As. 

Lugd. Bat. 1092 

5011 Clusii (Caroli) Cur» Posteriores, accessit Vorstli de Clusii Vita 

et Obitu Oralio, plates of plants, neat, 4$. 

In qfficina Plan^iana^ 1611 

5012 Cluverli Introdactio in universam Geographiam tarn veterem 

quam novam, cum notis Variorum, Editio omnium locupletissima^ 
maps, vellum, gilt, \2s ,.Amst. 1729 

5013 Cominale (Dr. C.) Anti-Newtonianismi, partes duo, half-calf, 

scarce, %s Neap. 1754 

5014 Cousin (M.) Introduction k T^ude de rAstronomte Physique, 

plates, half-calf, 5« Paris, 1787 

5015 Crenzeri (Fnderici) Dionysius sive commentationes academics 

de rerum Bacchicarum Orphicarumque, plates, neat, 10^. 

Hddalb. 1809 

5016 Cuperi Apotheosis rel ConseCratio Homeri, sive, Lapis autiquis- 

aimus in quo Homeri Coasecifttio sculpta eat, Commentario 
illustratus, plates, vellum. As, Od • Amst. 1683 

*^ A curious and learned interpretation."— CtIBBOn. 

5017 Harpocrates sive Explicatio Imagunculse Argenteie peran- 

tiquse ; quse in figuram Harpocratis representat Solem. Ejusd. 
Mouumenta Antiqua inedita, etc., plates, neat. As. 6d. ; vellum, 
5* Traj. 1687 

5018 liCttres de Critique, d'Histoire, de Literature, &c., 

ecrites a divers Savans de TEurope, plates, sewed, 5«. 

Amst. 1742 

5019 Cybelii (Valentini) Opusculum de laudibus et vituperio Vini et 

Aquae, scarce, 3« Hagenau, 1517 

5020 Daniel, Histoirb de France depuis l'Establissembnt db la 


TiON, fine copy, plates, French calf, seat, 4/. 10«... Pam, 1755 

5021 ■ Histoire de la Milice Fraagoise, et des ehangemens 

qui s^y sont faits depuis r^tabliesement de la Monarchic Fran- 
goise dans les Gaules, 2 vols, plates, neat, 12« Amst. 1724 

« Ouvrage fort estim^ et rempli de recherches tr^s curieoses sur 
cette parte de notre Histoire." — De Bure. 

5022 Daulphinoys (Nicolay) Navigations, Peregrinations et Voyages 

faicts en la Turcquie, avec soixante figures au naturel tant 
d^hommes^ que defemmes selon la diversite des nations, large copy, 
sewed in vellum, 10^ ..Anvers, 1577 

The sixty wood-cut engn^vings are generally supposed to have been 
designed by Titian. 

5022^D*Ebulo (Petri) Carmen de Motibus Sicnlis, notis illustratum, 

cum figuris, edidit Samuel Engel, sewed, 4| BasU, 1746 

'[William Batnes, 

Digitized by 


QuABTo.] HiMteria «f MisceUansa. SSL 

5083 Deidier, Mesore dos Miffecrs et det soUdes par rArithmetiqiie 
des iiifinls et lea centres. de Gravit^» luJf-boand> nett, &. 

Parif, 1740 

50^4 De Jjucy Recberehes aor les Modifications de rAtmosphere, coDte- 
nant i'histoire critique du Barometre et du Thermometre, &Cm 
3 ?ols. neat, 6$ Geneve^ 1772 

S025 Det-Cartes GeouMtria» portrait, Telium, neat, 3«. 6tL 

Anut. Elzevir, 1659 

5026 TractatuB de Homlne el de Formatioae Fcetua. 

plates, yellum, 3« , t6. 1677 

5027 ■ Principia Matheseos Univeraalis, vellum, 3«. 6d. 

^. 1661 

5028 Diootbi (Richardi Normanni Constantlnatis) de Bello Cinii Gal* 

lico Relig^ionis causa suscepto lib. ti. BaaiL 1582.— -Papam 
Joaanem VIII fuisse Muliereip contra Jesuitas assertio, with 
wood-cut on the title page, representing the accouchement of Pope 
Joan, yeUum, soaree, KM. 6d. , 1507 

5029 Dissertation de TOrigine du Nil et autres Fleuves^ neat».2«. 

Pari^ 1667 

5030 Drelincurtii Homericus Achilles, vellum, 2« Lugd.Bat. 1604 

5031 Du Bois Vies des Gouverneurs-G^n^raux, avec I'Abr^^ de TBia- 

toire des Establissemens HoUandois aux Indes Orientales, por- 
traits aad plates, neat, lOt...... HojfCj 1763 

5032 Du Bosy Hi8toire Critiqua de rEtablissement de la Monarchie 

Fran9oise dans les Gaules, 3 vols, neat, I2s AmtU 1734 

5033 Duby RecueU G^n^ral des Pieces Obsidionales et de N^cessit^, 

many plates of coins, royal 4to. calf, neat, \2s P^ris, 1786 

5034 Duhamel G^om^trie Soutemdne dtoentaire, tbterlque et pra- 

tique, plates, boards, 5s «••• $5. 1787 

6035 Durand (J. B. Leonanl), Atlas pour servlr an Voyage du S^n^gal, 
maps and plates, boards, 4f. 6<i.. ,.«•*... ParUt 1807 

Preceded by copies of three several treaties in Arabic and French. 

5036 Du Ruet (D. M. Julian) Tableau Ghronologique et Moral de 

THistoire Universelle du Commerce des Aiiciens, 2 vols, boards, 
9s... ib. 1809 

5037 Eberi (Pauli) Calendarium Hiatorioum, vellum, scarce, &. 

VitebergiB, 1571 

PrindpaUy relating fBtcts connected with the History of the Re- 
fonaation of the Chnrch. 

5038 Ellis Essai sur I'Histoire Naturelle des Corallines, plates, sewed, 

5* , HtQ^, 1756 

5039 Euleri Institutiones Calculi DifferenUalis cum ejus Usu in 

Analysi, Finitorum ac Doctrina Serierum, half-bound, vellum, 
neat, 1/. 4^ Petrop, 1755 

5040 Introdttctio in Analysin Infinitarum, 2 vols, vellum, neat, 

scarce, IZ. 7^ • • Lams. 1748 

5041 Scientia Navalis sen tractatus de construendis ac diri- 

gendis Navibus, 2 vols, neat, IZ,.. »,•••.•••.. Petrap. 1749 

5 4, Patsrhqstui Row.] 

Digitized by 


253 Histaria et Miscellanea. [Quarto, 

5042 Fabrieii, Imp. Ctts. August! Temporum notatio et Scriptorum 
Fragmenta, etc. neat, 2s, ^d Hamb, 1727 

5049 Faleti de Bello Sicambrico, Lib. I II I, et eiusdem alia Poemata, 
Lib. Vlll, old biuding, scarce, 125...Fene^. Aldus, M.D.LVII. 

*^ Volume peu comun/' — Brunbt. Bound up with this, is a scarce 
Volume of Poems, by Hieronymos Oliverlus, de Imperio Romano, 
&€., printed at Augsburgh m 1548. Beneath its title-page is a 
whole-length wood*cut representation of the Emperw Charles V» 

5044 Finei, de Solaribus Horologiis et Quadrantis, Hbri quatuor, plates, 

vellaiii,3«. ed ParU, 1560 

5045 Fouilloux (Jaques du) Venerie, wood«cuts (wants leaves in the 

iniddle), half-calf, karb, 9s Poitiers. 

5046 Fourmont Reflexions Critiques sur les Histoires des Ancienff 

Peuples Chaldeeiis, Hebreux, Pheniciens, Egyptiens, Grees, 

{ &c. jusqu^au terns de Gyrus, 2 rols. fine copy, neat, scarce, 

ISs Paris, 1735 

5047 Fraehu de Numorum Bulgharicorum forte Antiquissimo, sewed, 

5s Casani, 1816 

5048 Numi Kufici ex variis Museis selecti, plates, sewed, 

5s PetropoU, 1823 

5049 de Musei Sprewitziani Mosquae Numis Kuficis, sewed, 

45 ib. 1825 

5050 Beitrage zur Muhammedanischen Munzlcunde aua 

St. Petersburgh, plates, sewed, 3s... Berlin. 

5051 Frontonis (M. Cornelii) Opera inedita cum epistuUs item ineditis 

Antonini Pii> M. Aurelii, L. Veri et Appiaui nee non aliorum 
veterum Fragmeiitis invenit et commentario prsevio notisque 
illustravit Angelus Maius^ 2 vols, largb papbr, vellum, neat, 
129 Mediolani, 1815 

5052 Galletthi (A. D. Petri Aloysii) Inseriptiones Venetse infimi sevi 

Rom» extantes, sewed, 3f. 6d Roma, 1757 

5053 Gebuileri (Hieronymi) Epitoma regii ortus Imper. Feri>inandi 

oraniumque Archiducum Austrise, 35 small wood-cut portraits, 
6s HaganoiBi 1530 

5054 Gillet, le Triomphe de I'Amour honneste, frontispiece, vellum, 

neat, 3s Paris, 1642 

5055 Gislonis (M. Jacob!) Chronologia seu temporum series, ab initio 

mundi ad nostra h»c tempora prsesentia, vellum, 3s. 

Stockhoknia, 1592 

5056 Gleichen (la Baron de) Dissertation sur la generation les Ani- 
• macules Spermatiques, et ceux d'lnfusions, plates, boards, 7s. 

Paris, 1799 

5057 Goransson (Johan.) Is Atlinga, det ar de Foma Goters, har uti 

Svea Rike, Bolcstafver ok Salighets Lara, 3s, „, Stockholm, 1747 
'5058 Gouz de la Boullaye Voyages et Observations, ou gont d^ciites 
les Religions, Gouvernemens^ & Situations des Estats & 
Royaumes d'ltalie, Grece, Natolic, Syrie, Perse, Palestine, 
Karamenie, Kald^e, Assyriej Grand Mogul, Byapour, Indes 
Orientales des Portugais, Arable, Egypte, Hollaiide, Grande 
Bretagne, Irlande, Dannemark, Pdogne, Isles, et autres lieux 

[William Batnb^, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Hisiaria et Miscellanea. 2S8 

d'Europe, Asie & Afrique, ou il A seiourn^, le tout enrich b db 

BBLLB8 FIGURB8, Js Patis-, 1()57 

5059 Grobert, Description des Pyramides de Ghize de la Ville du Kaire. 

et ses JSovirooB, plates, sewed, 4s Paris, 1801 

5060 Gronovii de Pecunia Vetere Lib. IV. access. Grosippl Tab. Num- 

marise ; Mantissa de Foenore Unciario & Centesimis Usuris : 
etc. 4to. fine frontispiece contuning 25 portraits, vellum, ds, 

L. Bat. 1691 

5061 Another Copy, with duplicate impression of the frontis- 
piece, havin{( a list of the persons represented, printed beneath, 
vellum, fo lA. 1691 

5062 Hager Description des M^dailles Chinoises du Cabinet Imperial 

de France, pr^ced^e d'un Essai de Numismatique Cbinoise, half- 
calf, 10» Paris, 1805 

5063 Halleri (Alberti von) Bibliotheca Botanica, 2 vols, calf, neat, I2s, 

Land. 177 1 

5064 Hartnaccii (Danielis) Breviarium Historiae Turcics, exhibens 

Vitas Imperatorum omnium, Prselia inter Christianos & Turcas 
omnia, plates, calf, neat, 5« Hamb. 1684 

5065 Heinsii (Nicolai) Adversaria in quibus plurima veterum Auc- 

torum, Poetarum praesertim, loca emendantur & illustrantur sub- 
jiciuntur ejusdem Notse ad CatuUum et Propertium nunc primum 
productce curante Petro Burmanno, Juniore, half-bound, neat, 
8* : Marling. 1742 

5066 Renault Nouvel Abreg^ Cbronologique de THistoire de France, 

fine copy, French calf, gilt leaves, 15^ PariSf 1768 

Bninet calls this a *' Bonne edHlofl d'un ouvrage estim^/' 

5067 Henry (J. F.) Essai historique, topographique et statisque sur 

Tarrondissement communal de - BouIogne-sur-Mer, calf extra, 
6* Boulogne, 1810 

5068 Hervararsaga ok Heidrekskongs, sumptibus P. F. de Suhm, I si. 

et Lat. RARE, 16*..... Hqfnia, 1785 

5069 HippoGRATis Aphorism!, Gr. et Lat. cum exposit. Joannis 

Hecquet, hound,3s.6d Neapoli, 1731 

5070 Histoire Naturelle et Morale des Isles Antilles de I'Amerique, 

avec iin Vocabulaire Caraibb, plates, neat, 7s....Roier. 1665 

5071 plates, neat, 8*... ib. 1681 

5072 Historise Rei Nummaria; veteris Scriptores aliquot insig^iores, 

ad lectionem sacr.' et prof. Scriptorum utiles ; cum Bibliotheca 
Nummaria (scz. Host! Historica Antiquitas Rei Num. Mensura- 
rum Ponderum, etc. — Seldeni Liber de Numis. — Budseus de Asse 

et Partibus ejus.— etc.) 2 vols, in one, vellum, 9s Lips. 1695 

5072*Hopperi (Joachimi) Epistolae, half-calf, uncut, 4s 1802 

5073 Hospital (le Marquis de 1'} Analyse des Infiniments petits, bound, 

2s..,, 1696 

5074 Hotomanorum Patris et Filii et Clarorum Virorum ad eos Epis- 

tolse, vellum, 69 Amst. 1700 

5075 Jasonis Pratensis Zyricei Liber de arcenda sterilitate et progig- 

uendis Ljberis, rare, 5s Anivcrpia, 1531 

54, Patbrnoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


254 HhUnia H MUcelianM^ [Quabto. 

5(^6 JQA.N (PoffB)» Erreor Popnlaire de 1* Papesfle Jmm, half*bound, 
'BAKB, d« JBoMrdeixKa:, 1587 

5077 Jodelle (Estienne), CEurres & MesUnges Poetiques (publics par 
Ch. de la Mothe), neat, rarb, 6s Pom, 1574 

" Ce y(»lume assez rare porte premier volume, sur le titre, 11 est ce- 
pendant le seul qui ait paru.** — Brunbt. 

507B Jones (Sir William) HiKtoire de Nader Chah, connu sous le nonn 
de Thahmas Kali Khan, tradaite d'un Manttscrit Persan avec de» 
Notes et un Trait^ sur la Po^sie orieutale, 2 vols, half-boand, 
7* 1770 

" Ouvtage estim^." — Brunet. 

5079 Klein (Jacobi Theodori) Tentamen Method! Ostracologise sive 

Dispositio Naturaiis Cochlidum et Concharum, plates, half- 
bound, 5s Lugd. Bat. 1753 

5080 Kopp (P. FridoHni) Vindiciee Actorum Murensium Acta Funda- 

tionis Murensis Monasterii, half-calf, neat, 6$ 1750 

5081 Lalande Astronomic, 2 vols, plates, half-calf, IQs. 6d. 

Paris, 1764 

5082 Landi Selectorum Numismatum prsecipue Roraanorom Exposi- 

tiones, plates, vellum, 5s Lugd, BcU. 1695 

5083 Leeuwenhoek Epistolee Physiologicse super compluribus naturae 

arcanis, neat, *ds Delph, 1719 

5084 Lefebure, L'Art d'attaquer et de d^fendre les Places, smvi d'un 

Essai sur les Mines, 2 vols, folding plates, sewed, 6s. 

Paris, 1808 

5085 Lbibnitzii Opbra Omnia, studio L. Dutens, 6 vols. ^g. neatly 

half-bound, 3/. 13*. %d Genera, 1768 

5086 Lentuli (Paulli) Historia Admiranda de prodigiosa Apoilonis 

Scbreierse, Virginis in Agro Bernensi Inedia, tribus narratio- 
nibus comprehensa, rare, 5s Benns, Helvet^ 1604 

5087 l^pici^, Catalogue raisonn^ des Tableaux du Roy, avec un abr^ge 

de la vie de« Peintres, 2 vols, neat, 8* Paris, 1752 

5088 Lettres Paten tes du Roi, printed on vexiLum, neat, 8$. 

Paris, 1778 
A beautiful specimen of vellum typography. 

.5089 Lipsii Satunialium Sermonum, libriduo — de Amphitheatro liber, 
plates, vellum, 4ts Antverpia, 1588 

5090 Lloyd (General) Introduction a I'Histoire de la Guerre en 

Allemagne, ou Memoires Militaires et Politiques, maps, sewed, 
&. Lond. 1784 

5091 Louis XV, Cours des Principaux Fleuves Rivieres de TEurope, 
yj small 4to. with portrait bt aupran, in the old green morocco, 

with Arms impressed on each side, leaves gilt, bxtremblt 
RARE, 18* Paris, M.DCCXVlll. 

De Bare has satisfactorily accounted for iihe excessive rarity of this 
petite brochure. He informs us, that the whole extent of the impres- 
sion was extremely limited, and that the sopies were not suffered to 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Huiaria e€ MiscellAmea. 955 

be gonenlly circidsted,biil reaenred to be dUtrlbnted by tbe Kiiif 

himself. Bnm^t cautions the buyer to look sharply after the " Joli 
Portrait de Louis XV, enfant, grav6 par Audran," of which portrait 
the present contains a beautiful impression. 

5093 Lydii (Jacob!) Syntag^ma Sacrum de Re Militari et Dissertatio 
de Juramento, pktes, fine copy in reUum, 7^ Dordr. 1698 

5093 Machines bt Inventions approuv^es par Ij'Acadbmie Rotale 

des Sciences depuk sou ^tabUssement jusqu'a present; «Tee 
leur Description, ^ vols, plates, neat, \L 153.... Paris ^ 1735 

5094 Maffei (Jo. Petri, e 6ocietate Jesu) Historiaruw ludicarum, Libri 

XVJ,3* « Venem, 1689 

5095 Magnus Elucidarius omnes historias & poeticas fabulas con- 

tinens insuper montes, valles, amnes, fontes, lacus, urbes, 
et omnia in poetarum monumentis loca famigerabilia, fllACft 
letter, neat, 5».... ParisitM^ 1512 

5096 Maillard (le R. P. Claude, de la Compagnie de Jesus), le bon 

Mariage oo le moyen d'estre heureux, et faire son salut en 
estat de Mariage, avec un Trtdt6 des Vefues, vellum, 3^. 6d, 

Dovay, 1643 

5097 Maire de Beiges (Jean de) Illustrations de Gaulle, et Singula* 

ritez de Troye, contenant troys parties, avec I'Epistre du Roy, 
Hector de Troy (en vers). — Le Traicte de la difference des 
Scismes et des Concilles. — La Vraye Histoire, et non fabu^ 
leuse du Prince Syach Ysmail diet Sophy, vellum, rare, i5s. 

Park, 1548 

This is one of the rarest, and at the same time one of the most perfect 
editions of these works. Annexed are divers other poetical pieces 
by the same author, viz. '* he Triumphe de TAmant Verd. Le 
Temple d'Honneur et de Vertus. Vmgt quatre Coupletz de la 
valitude et convalescence de la Reyne Anne de Bretagne. Des^ 
cription da Temple de Venus. Le Chemin du Temple de Minerve 
et Plainte sur le trespas du Viscompte de Falaise. in all these 
poesies, according to Ladvocat, " on remarque une imagination 
eujoii^e, de Tespnt et de la facility." 

5098 u Le traicte de la Difference des Scismes 
et des Gonciles de I'Eglise Gallicane. — L^Histoire du Prince 
Syacb Ismwl. — Le Temple d'Houneur et de Vertus. — La Des- , 
cription du Temple de Venus, — Plainte sui: le trespass du vis- 
compte de Palaise, half-calf, 5a • Ab, 1548 

5099 MakodeAritbmetioiaetGeometricis JSf|uationum Resolutionibus, 

Libri duo, half-bound, neat, 4s. 6d Vindoh. I77O 

5100 Mariny, Relation Nouvelie et Curieude des Royaumes de Tun- 

quin et de Lao, calf gilt, 6f.. Potm, 1666 

5101 Mayneil Tratt4 experimental et analytique de la PousǤe dea 

Terres. balf-caJf. 6» ..- Sb. 1808 

5102 Meidanii Proverbiorum Arabicorum pars, Latine vertat et cotis 

iilustravit Henr. Alb. Schultens, sew^d, ^,.,Lmgd, Bat. 1795 

5103 Memoires des Prix de rAcademie Royale de Bruxelles, 4 vols. 

plates, sewed, 16^ 1817-23 V^ 

Containing some very valuable Literary, Biographic, Chemical, 
and Antiquarian Disquisitions. 
. 54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 


zed by Google 

256 Hisioria ei Misc^lhmea. {QuARTO. 

5104 M^netreti (Olaudii) Symbolica Dianse Ephesie Statua — Bellorii 

Notas in Numismata turn Ephesia turn aliarum Urbium Apibus 
insignita, plates, vellum, 5s Roina^ 1657*58 

5105 Mengs (Raffael) CEuvres Completes, 2 vols, piortrait, sewed, Ss. 

Paris, 1786 

5106 Merville (M. Pierre de) la coutume de Normandie reduite en 

Maximes, neat, Ss ib. 1707 

5107 Meun {M^ Jan de) le Dodechedron de Fortune, livre non mains 

plaisant et recreadf, que subtil et ingenieux entrc tous tes ieux et 
passetemps de Fortune f neht, rare, \0s, 6d .,,.ib. 1556 

5108 Menrsii Olossarium GrsecO'^Barbarum, portrait, vellum, 55. 

Lugd, Bat, apud Ludov, Elzevirium, 1614 

5109 Miltoni (Joannis) pro Populo Anglicano Defensio, neat, 3«. 6d. 

Lond. 1651 

51 10 Miscellanea ex diversis Historiographis, Oratoribus et Poetis dili- 

genti admodum labore exerpta,- quibus varii bominum mores, 
exempla, proprietates nomenclaturesque Brutorum, Aviam, Pis- 
cium, Arboram, Syl varum, Montium, Fluviorum, etc. conti- 
nentur, neat, 5* Parisiis, Joannis Gormontii^ M.D.XIX. 

5111 Molleri Discursus de Cornutis et Hermaphroditis, neat, 2s, 6d, 

Berol. 1708 

5112 Moncony, Journal des Voyages, enrichi de quantite de Figures en 

taille-douce des lieux et des choses principales, 3 vols, neat, scarce, 
• I5s L^on, 1665 

5113 Monge (Gaspard) description de TArt de fabriquer les Canons, 

plates, half-calf, lOs, 6d ,,,Paris^ an 2, 

5114 MoNTUCLA (J. F.) HiSToiRE DBS Mathbmatiqubs, nouvellc edi- 

tion achev^e par J. de Lalande, 4 vols, half-calf, neat, 4/. 

ib. 1799-1802 

5115 Moresi (Edwardi Rowei) De ^Ifrico Dorobernensi Archiepiscopo 

Commentarius, edidit et prffifatus est G. J. Thorlekin, LL.D., 
boards, 6s , 1789 

5116 Morgagni (Jo. Bapt.) de Sedibus et Causis Morborum, per 

Anatomen indagatis, libri V, 2 rols. calf, neat, 1/. 5^. 

Lovan, 1766 

5117 Muratorii Anecdota Grseca, Gr. et Lat. notis et disqaisitionibus, 

vellum, 6* Patav. 1709 

5118 NevyUi (Alexandri, Angli), de furoribus Norfolciensium Ketto 

Ducey liber unus, efusdem Nm^icus, new, half calf, scarce, 10s. 

Lond. ex off , H. Btnnemani, 1575 

5119 Newtoni Principia Philosophiae Naturalis, liber primus, plates, 

sewed, 5« Prag. 1780 

5120 Exerpta quaedam e Newtoni Principiis, cum notis 

variorum A Jebb, half-bound, neat, 9s Cantab, 1765 

5121 Arithmetique Universelle, avcc des Notes par Noel 

Beaudeux, plates, calf, 14^ Paris, 1802 

5122 — — Methode des Fluxions, Paris, 1740. — Newtoni Trac- 

tatus de Quadratura Curvarum, IJpsal. 1762.— Gerard! Meer- 
man Specimen Fluxionalis, Lugd. Bat. 1742, in one vol. half- 
bound, neat, bs. 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Hutoria et Miscellanea. 237 

5123 Newton. Madsurin Exposition des d^couvertes de Newton, 

vellum, 5s Paris, 1749 

5124 Niebuhr Flora iBgyptiaco-Arabica, sive Descriptiones Plantarum 

quae per iBgyptum Inferiorem et Arabiani Feiicem,' detexit 
Forskal, sewed, 9s HannUf, 1775 

5125 Ode (Jacobi) Principia Philosophise Naturalis, 2 vols, half-bound, 

neat, 8* Traj. 172? 

5120 Orationes du», altera Cardinal Sadoleti altera Cardinal Campe^ii, 
scarce, As* M rime^. Aldus, 1561 

5127 Orkneying^a Saga sive Historia Orcadensium, Saga Hins Helga 

Magnusar Eyia Jarls sive Vita Sancti Magni, ex MSS, cum 
vers. lat. var. lect. etc. edidit Jonas Jonseus, sewed, scarce, 15^. 

Hafnia, 1780 

5128 Pagan (Comte de) Tables Astronomiques, vellum, 3^. 

Paris, 1681 

5129 Panziroli (Guidi) de claris Legnm Interpretibus, libri quatuor, 

portrait, vellum, 4s, 6d Lips, 1721 

5130 Pareau(J. H.) Commentatio de Amralkeisi Moallakah, sewed, 3s, 

Traj. 1828 

5131 Parmentier Memoire sur les Avantages que la Province de Lan^ 

guedoc peut retirer de ses Grains, plates, neat, Ss,., Paris, 1786 

5132 Paulli Commentarius de Abusu Tabaci Americanoram veteri et 

Herbse Thee Asiaticorum in Europa novo, plates, vellum, 3^. 

Argent. 1665 

5133 Quadripartitum Botanicum, neat, Ss ib, 1667 

5134 Pausanias, ou Voyage historlque de la Greee, traduit par 

Gedoyn, avec des remarques, 2 vols, plates, neat, 14^. 

Paris, 1731 

5135 Pignorit (Laurentii), Mensa Isiaca, qua Sacrorum apud iBgyptios 

ratio & simulacra subjectis tabulis mveis simul exhibentur & 
explicantur, vellum, 5^ Amsf, 1670 

5136 Pii Papae Cosmographia, in Asise & Europs elegant! descriptione, 

half-bound, neat, 3s, 6d Parrhisiis, 1509 

5137 Placentinii (D. Gregorii) Epitome GrsecsB PalseographisB et de 

recta Grseci Sermoni? Pronunciatione Dissertatio, plates, neat, 
4* Roma, 1735 

5138 Porta (Joan Baptista) de Furtivis Literarum Notis Vulgo, de 

Ziferis, lib. iv, scarce, 3s Neapoli, 1563 

5139 Praetorii lliesaurus Chiromantise, locupletissimus, multis Jocis 

et AMiENiTATiBUS pluribus tamen seriis instructissimus, &c. 
thick volume, vellum, scarce, Ss,,,,, JentB, 1661 

5140 Ptolomsei Harmonica, Gr. et Lat. Wallisii, neat, 4s, 6d. 

Oxon, 1682 

5141 Puteani (Eryci) Historise Insubricae sive Barbaricce, Hbri vi, 

vellum, 3s Franco/. 1678 

5142 Reaumur, Art de Convertir le Per Forg^ en acier et Tart d'adoucir 

le fer fondu, plates, neat, 7^ Paris, 1722 

5143 Recherches sur Torigine, I'esprit et les progr^s des Arts de la 

Gr^ce, sur leurs connection avec les Arts et la Religion des plus 
54, Paternoster Row.] 2 L 

Digitized by 


256 HUioria et MisceUauea. [Quarto. 

Aocieii Peuples codmis, 2 vols, half-bouod, neat, 12^. 

Lond. 1785 

5144 lUeger (Chri&titni) Universse Architecturse Militaris £lementa, 

plates, boards, canvass back, lettered, Js Vindoh, 1758 

5145 Robertson (A.) Sectionum Conicarum Libri vii, cum figuris 

xlv, boards, 8i Ox&n. 1792 

5146 Roccha (Fr. Angeli) Comment, de re doroestica et nummaria 

directis contra Ludum Albarum, Chartarum, scilicet ac 

TAXiLiiOiiUM, sewed in vellum, scarce, 6« .....J^oiikc, 1616 

' Original EditioB of this ancommoii treatise. 

5147 Rome. Opusculum de Mirabilibus Nove et Veteris Urbis Rome, 

editum a Francisco Albertino Florentino, new, half russia, Ts. 

Lugd. M.D.XX. 

Containing an account of the Buildings, Statues, Pictures, Libraries, 
&c. to be seen at Rome, at that interesting period. 

5148 Roorda (Taconis) Specimen HIstorico criticum exbibens Vitam 

Amedis Tolonidis, boards, 2s Lugd. Bat. 1825 

6149 Rulilii (Bernardini) Juris consultorum Vitee, sewed in vellum, 
8eiiree,3« Basil. 1537 

5150 Salig (Chrislianus Augustus) de Diptycfais Veterum ta«i profanis 

quam sacris, rellum, 5« Hal. Magd. 1731 

5151 Scheffer de Re Vehieulari Veterum, accedit Pyrrhus Ldgorius de 

Vehiculis Fragmentum, plates, vellum, 5s Franco/. 1671 

5152 Scheffer Histoire de la LafioDle, plates, neat, 5s Paris^ 1678 

5153 Schcepflini Vindicise Celtieee, half-bound, ^.,.^,.^... Argent. 1754 
5154 Vindiciae Typographicje, sewed, 7«—.» •*• 1760 

5155 Seldeni Marmora Arundeliana, neat, scarce, 6^ Lond. 1629 

5156 £Klvii (Marchionis) Poemata et Epigraramata, vellum, bs. 

Hag. Com. 1723 

5157 Spaaheim (Le Baron de) Cesars de I'Empereor Julien, traduits 

par le Baron de Spanfaeim avec dee Remar^iies, i^ates by Pieart, 
neat, 8« Anut. 1728 

5158 SperUsgii (Otthenis) de Summe Regie Nomine et 'EHtttlo Sep- 

tentrioiialibiifl et Germanis omnibus et aKis Comment, vellum, 
6« — Havnue, I7O7 

5159 Stephani Byiantini Fragmentum de Dodone^ Gb*. et Lat. cum 

•xereitat. GronoTii, vellum, 2s Lugd. Bai. 1681 

5160 Stritleri Memeriee Populorum, oiim ad Danubiana, Pontum 

J^xinnm, Paludem MfBOtidem, Caucasum, Mare Caspium, et 
inde magis ad Septentriones incolenttum e Scriptoribus His* 
toriae Byzaotinie ervtB et digestie, 4 toIs. boards, 1/. 1 1^. 6d. 

Petropoli, I771 

5161 Sybffle (Bartholoiiiei) Speeulam Peregrinanim Questiomim ac 

Quttstiuncalarium, very scarce, 1 Ss. 

Absque ulla Indieatione Anm^ Loci, asti TypograpM. 

5162 Tabula Chronologica sive Ducum Lotharingise, Brabantiee, &c. 

eontlnua aeries, two vink portraits, vellum, is..Mechlinj 1660 
6163 Tasbo, Le Godefroy, ou la Hierusaka deslivr^edu Tasse, Poeme 

[WiLiiiAM Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


QOABTO.] HtBtoria ti MUeeilanea. 259 

Hermqve en Yen FnmeoiB, par M, Sablon, most bemulifiil copy, 
in fine old red morocco, ruled throoghout with red lines, richly 
irilt, 9* Pam. 1659 

5164 Taylori (Dr. J.) Mannor Sandncense cum eommentario, 2s. 

Cantab. 1743 
5i64*Tennulii (SamaeliB) Historica de Igne Diesertotio, bound, 2«. 

Sieinf. 1664 

5165 Terpager (P^rt) Rips Cioibrieie seu Urbis Ripeneis in Cimbria 

cit« Descnptio, plates, Flcuah. 1736. — Bertachii Chronicon 
Portense, plates, lAps. 1739. — half-bound, yelhim, 5«. 

5166 Tharaphs Moallakah, cum Seholiis Nahas, Arabiee et Lat. edfditt 

iliustraf it Reiske, half-bound, russia, bs L. £ai. 1 742 

5167 Tharaphse Moallakah cum Seholiis Nahas, Arab, et Lat, J. J. 

Reiske, Lugd. Bat. 1742.— Prdieu der Arabischen Dichtkunst 
aus dem Motanabbi, Arab, nnd Deutsch, Leipt. 1765.-^armen 
Mysticam ^orda dictum Abi Abdallse, &c. Arab, et Lat. Job. 
Uri, 1761 , half-bound, vellum, neat, Js. 

5168 Thiout, Traits de rHorologerie M^chanique et Pratique, 2 vols. 

plates, neat, 16;..., Pans^ 1741 

5169 lliyrseus (R« Petrus Soc. Jesu) de Dsemoniacis, de Spirituum 

Apparitionibus, new, half-calf, 6f CoUm. Agripp. 1594 

5170 Tograi Poema, Arab, et Lat. cum notis Golii, sewed, 39. 6d. 

Franeq. 1769 

5171 ToUii (J.) EpisUda Itinerarise, cora et studio Henninii, plates, 

vellitm, 6s Amst. 17OO 

*' An account of several Journeys into different parts of Germany and 
Italy, containing much osefol and curious matter." — Chalmbrs. 

5172 Torfaei Universi Sepientrionis Antiquitates seriem Dynastamm 

et Regum Daniv, Hc^ni^t, 1705.-^T. Broderi Bircherod Spe- 
cimen Antiquee Rei Monetariee Danorum, plates of coins, in 
one Tolume, neait, old binding, eearoe, 12< ..HufkuBf I7OI 

5173 TRACTATUS.— Mqihei Vegil LaudeuMs, de perseverentia reii- 

gionis, lib. 7* &c* Pari$ius^ per B. Remhok et J. WaterioeSf 
151 1 . — Maphei Vegii, inter inferiora corpora, scilicet Terram, 
Aurum, et euperiorft pnesertim Solera elegantissima simnl et 
iocundissima disputatio. Parishts, per B, Remboli^ et J. Wa^* 
terloes, 1511. — Jo. Franciaet Pici Mirandaie Pbysici libri duo. 
I. De Appel»tu prims Materise. II. De Elementis, et Rhetorid 
duo, de imitatione ad Petrum Bttubum. Petri Bembi Veneti de 
imitatione liber unus. BasUeue apud J. Frcbenium^ 1518, title- 
pag« cut in wood by Hajis UoLBBiif.-^udoci Glichtovei de 
mystica numerorum signifieaHooe opiseiium. In akna Pari^ 
siorum Academia^ per Henricum Stepkanum L513, curioHS wood* 
evA title-page.— Jacobi Vokardi Bergensis Oratio de usu Elo* 
quentiffi, Ani». apud Michaelem HiHemum^ 1536, in one Tolume, 
half*ru88ia, extra, tbrt rabb, I8f. 

5174 " ■■ Caroltts FemanduB de Animi Tranqoillitate, 
Parrhisiit^ 1512. — Erasmi Roterodami Apologia ad Fahram Sta* 
pulensem. — F. Casparie Sasgerl Sertttinium DiviMe ^kriptane 

54« Patbkmostbb Row.] 

Digitized by 


860 Historia et Miucellanea, [Quarto 

pro conciliatione dissiilentiuin dog^atum circa snbscriptas ma- 
terias (pirefatioue Con kadi Pbllicani). Colon, — AUni Varenii 
Opera, Pans, H. Suphanus, — Bailandus de literatis urbis 
. Romse Principis, Elisii Caletitii fipistolse, Menandri Dicta 
eximia, Lovan. 1515. — Pomponii Lsett Compendium Romanae 
Historise, Plotarchi Parallelia, Libellus de vita et moribus Im- 
peratorum ex libris Sexti Aurelii Victoria.' — C. Plinii secundi 
iutiioris liber illastrium virorum elegantissimus, Quentel, 1508. ' 
— BovillivResponsiones, 1521, in one thick volume, new, half- 
calf, RARB, 165. 

517^ — : Tricassi Mantuani Enarratio pulcherrima prin- 

cipiorum Chyromantiie, Ejusdem Opus Chyromantium, etc., 
WOOD-CUTS, Norib. 1560. — Guilandini Theon, Patav.. 1558. — 
Guilandini Epistolse de Stirpibus, Gesneri Epistolae, ih, 1558. — 
IiYcipit Tractatus de virtutibus Herbarum, wood-cuts^ Vcnet, 
1520, vellum, scarce, 125. 

" Liber curiosus et valde rarus." 


MIA, CONGRATUTiATIONS, &C. &C. &C., portrait, A RARE COL- 

LECTION, vellum, 105. 6d. Tiguri, etc, 1605, c/c: 

5176* — '^ Le Vtay Patriot aux Mons Patriots, veliam, 

.scarce, 4s, 

5177 — Extract out of the Re^ster of the Acts of the 

. States General of the United Netherlands, in English and Dutch^ 
I672. — Declaration of the King of Great Britain to the States 
General of the Netherlands, in Dutch, — Relation of what passed 
in the {Parliament of Scotland at Edinburgh, 1673, in Dutch. — 
Lettres au Roy de la Grande Bretagne, 1673. — England's Gall 
to the People, in Dutch, and a vast number more Dutch Tracts, 
thick vol. vellum, 55. 

5178 Tragic History of the Murder of Burgomaster de 

La Ruelle, in Dutch, with curious portrait of the murdered Burgo^ 
master, Amst, 1637* — Life of the Holy Maid ChrisUna, in Dutch, 
1618. — Secretissima Instructio Gallo-BaiTAMNO. Batavo Fri- 
derico V. Comiti Palatino Elector! data, 1620.— De Rebbe Ora- 
tiones Panegyricee, Brux, 1599. — Conceptions Funebres sur les 
trespaz dlsabella de Bourbon, 1645. — Carmen Paradoxum sive 
Podagra Tabaci usu curata, ab Egidio de Rasyz, 1637 • — Modus 
Colendi Deum per Chronostica, plates, 1653.^*-Bouclier 
cbntre les Nouvelles Erreurs tir^e de S. Francois de Sales, 1675. 
— Wingles, Oraison a Phonneur d'Albert le Grand et de S. Tho- 
mas d'Aquin, 1644.-— Du Sacrifice de Jesus Christ, &c., Mamu- 
sGRirr. — L'ordonuance de Charles le Quint pour I'extirpation 
des sectes et erreurs. — Anthoinette Bourignon, I'lnnocence re- 
connuce, &c. Amst. 1669, &c., scarce collection, 95. 

5179 Oldenbarnevelt. Gulden Legende van den 

Nieuwen St. Jan, curious print on the title page, vellum, rare, 
45 1618 

5180 . . Three Dutch Plays by Swetnam, Judgment 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Historia et Miscellanea. 261 

against Women, Wives, and Widows, with wood^cut to eack, 
2s.6d Amst. 

5181 Pasquillus, continens Analysin seu Exposi- 

tionem Adyerbii, Interitn, quae est pars Indeclinabilis, a Satana, 
et eius Squainis elaborata ad animarum Interitum. — Hyperas- 
pestes LuTHBRi cum notis Balduini, Lips. 1603.— A. HeWigii 
Antichristus Romanus, Wilieb, 1612. — Disputatio Sacra Anti- 
papistica, Orthodoxa et solida Religionis liUtheranse Confessio, 
1613.— M. Antonii De Dominis Causse Profectionis sua; ex 
It^lise, 1616.-— Voetii Philonium Romanum correctum, 1620*— 
Irensei Philadelphi Epistola, db Episcopatu Anglicano contra 
JosBPHUM Haltj, 1641. — Constitutiones sive Motiita Secreta 
Societatis Jbsu, 1654.— -Hoornbeck Disputat. ad Ballam P. In- 
nucentii X. — D. Urban! Divina Providentia Papse VIII Sup- 
pressio Preetensae Congreg. Jesuitiss. 1631. — Rorose Ruina Fi- 
nalis, Lond. 1655, in one vol. vellum, rare, 10^. 6d, 

5182 Gretseri Apologia pro illustr. Card. Baronio, 

Vita di Papa Gregorio XIII, Roma, 1591. — Chronologia de 
Sommi Ponteficij with wood-cut portraits of altj the Popbs, 
RoTua, 1608. — Onuphrii Panvinii Romani Pontiiices, Venet. 
1557, vellum, scarce, 7«« 

5183 Fine and Pleasant History of the Life, Death, 

and Wonderful Works of Virgil, that he did by Necromancy and 
the help of the Devil, in Dutch, wood-cuts, l^lAtft l0tt^lT» 
RARB,5s Amst, 1672 

5184 Thorlacii Dissertatio Chorographico-Historica de 

IsLANDiA, Witteb. 1666. — Olavi Rudbeck Budaim Rubenis^ 
VpsaL 1733. — Gothenii Dissertatio de Fundamentis Chrono- 
logiae Suiogothicse, new, half-calf, 5«. 

5185 The Histories of Helena, Griseldis, and Flo- 

rentine> in Dutch, wood- cuts, Iftlotft l^tt^r, ^> 

Brusseht 1710 

5186 Trevigar Sectionum Coni^arum Elementa, 2s Cantab, 1731 

5187 Trithemii Steganographia, ars ])er occultam scripturam Animi 

sui voluntatem absentibus aperiendi certa. Clavis Steganogra- 
phiae, boards, scarce, 3s. 6d Franco/. 1606 

5188 Tydeman (Bern. Fr.) Conspectus Operis Ibn. Chalicani, de vitis 

illustrium Virorum, Arab, et Lat., sewed, 4s. 6d. 

Lugd. Bat. 1809 

5189 Ulugh Beighi Tabulse Stellarum, Pers. et Lat. cum comment. 

Thomse Hyde, neat, 9^....., Oxon, 1665 

5190 fine copy, calf extra, 12s, 

ib. 1665 

5191 Epochae Celebriores, Astronomis, Historicis, &c. 

usitatae, ex traditione Ulug Beigi, Arabice et Lat. Gravii, half- 
bound, vellum, 6s Lond. 1660 

5192 vellum, neat, 8* 1650 

5193 Vignolii Dissertatio de Anno Pri mo Imperii Severi Alexandri, 

neat,3» Ronue, 1712 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


262 Historia et Miscellanea. [Quarto* 

5194 Vossius (Ger. Joann.) de Historicis Gnecis, Libri iy, vellum, 4s» 

jL. Bat. 1650 

5195 Vossii (Isaaci) Variarum Observatioaum Ldber, neat, vellum, 4s. 

Lond. 1685 

5196 Waring (£•) Proprietates Algebraicarnm Curvarum, figures, half- 

bound, vellum, 14«.... •. Cani. \JJ2 

5197 Warner i (Levini) Centuria Proverbiorum et Sententiarum Persi- 

canun, Pers. et Lat. notis, half-calf, 3s. %d...lMgd. Bat. 1644 

5198 WinkelmauD, Histoire de I'Art chez les Anciens, traduit de I'AUe- 

Biand, avec des notes hietoriques et critiques de dlfferens Autenrs 

^ [par Huber, et revue par Jansen) 2 vols, plates, sewed, 

\l. Ws.M .....Pam, 1802 

** L'Histoire de Tart chez les anciens est sans contredit nne des plus 
admirables productions de Tesprit humain." — Jansem. 

5199 Wolfi] (C.) Elementa Matheseos Universse, 5 vols, vellum, neat, 

\l. 45 Geneva-^ 1743 

5200 (J. C.)» Mulierum Grsecarum Fragmenta Prosaica, Or. et 

Lat. accedit Catalogus Foeminarum Sapientia celebr. Gr. et Lat. 
half-bound, neat, Ss • Lond. 1739 

5201 Wurdtwem (Stephani Alexandri) Dioecesis Moguntina in Archi- 

diaconatus distincta et commentationibus diplomaticis illustrata, 
2 vols, sewed, 14^ •• Maunhetn. 1769 

5202 Zach (Francisci de) Tabulse Motuum Solis, quibus acced. JFIxarom 

prsecipuarum Catalogus novus, half-bound, neat, 12«. 

GothtB^ 1792 

5203 Zimmermanni (Matthiasi) Florileg^um Philologico-Historicum, 

vellum> 65.. Miscne, 1687 



5203^4b«lardi et Heloiasffi Epistols, cur& Rieardi Rawlinson, Editio 
Optima, neat, 2s. M....^ « ...Lond. 1718 

5204 Abnlfeds Descriptio iBgyptii, Arab, et Lat. cum notis Joh« Dav. 

Michaelis, sewed, 4«. 6d Goett. 1776 

5205 Ahmeloveen, Fastorum Romanorum Consularum, libri duo, vellum, 

3«.6d Amst. 1740 

5206 Annales Academiae, Rheno-Trajectince, ab ann. 1815 ad ann. 

1821, 7 vols. 15*. , 1817-22 

Tliese volumes contain a large number of valuable essays by approved 
scholars, in Theology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Philology, His- 
tory, and General Literature. 

5207 Anthologie Frangoise^ ou Chansons chdsies depuis le 13^ Stick 
jiisqu*d present f 4 vols, calf, gilt leaves, ISs ., 1765 

A beautiful book. The songs are set to music. 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] Historia et Miscellanea. 263 

5208 Aschfimi (Rofreri) Eptstolie, neat, 5* Oxoriue, 1703 

5209 Barallon Recherches sur les Peuples Cambiovicenses, etc. boards, 

3«. W Paris, 1806 

5210 Bftrt^heiemj (M. TAbb^) Voya^ en Italie, sewed, 2^ ib. 1802 

5211 Bast, Reeueil d' Antiqait^ Romaines et Gauloises, troareen dans 

la Phmdre proprement dite, sewed, 2$. 6d Gand, 1804 

5212 Batei (Dr. Geo.) Elenchos Motunm Nuperornm in An^Ifa, bound, 

28 ; .Lond. 1663 

5213 Bazin (fAbb^}, Philosophie de PHistoire, neat, Is. 6d. 

Geneve, ^765 

5214 Beaumarchaifi, Marriage de Figaro, Com^dte, calf, bound by 

KLalthcbbbr, Ss Lyon. 1785 

5215 Belgicarnm Reroin Liber Prodromns, ex Hibliotheca Cornein 

Prancisei de Neli9, fine paper, portrait, 2$ 1795 

5216 Bemardus de Menraris et Ponderilms Antiquis, vellum, scarce, 

3s. 6d Oxon. 1688 

5217 Boileau Despr^aux, Ourres completes, 3 vols, half-bound, neat, 

105. ed Paris, 1819 

5218 Boot, Anselmi Boetii de, Historia Gemmarum et Lapidum, cura 

Tollii, Edit. Opt. bound, 2s. 6d Lug. Bat. 1647 

5219 Bosscha (Hermanni) Poemata, boards, 2« Daventr. 1820 

5220 Brez (Jaques), Flore des Insectophiles, sewed, 2s. 6d. 

Utrecht, 1791 

5221 Bruckeri Institutiones Historiae Philosophicse, half-calf, neat, 6^. 

Lips. 1756 

5222 Budseus de Asse et partibus ejus, neat, scarce, I65. 

VeneHisin adibus Aldi et Asdzeje Asulani, Soceri, 

** Edition rare et la seule recherch^e."--BRUNET. 

5223 Buonaparte, Campagne en Italic, sewed. Is. 6d. Paris, 1797 

5224 Burgravii, Achilles Panophs redivivus seu Panoplia Physico- 

Vuleania, calf extra, 2k6c2.... Amst. 1612 

5225 Cale^OB des Coquettes du Jour, en ybrs, is. 6d Ha^^ 1763 

5226 Camdeni Annates Rerum AngHcarum et Hibemicarum regnante 

EUzabetha, 4s. 

Lugd. Bat. excudcbatUur iypis EiiSBTiRiOftUH, 1639 

5227 with the splendid portrait of 

Elizabeth engraved by Crispin van Qubborbn, vellum, 68. 

ib. 1639 

5228 ' Annates, et ejusdem Britannia sive Anglise, Scotise, et 

Hibernian descrlptio, sewed in vellum, 4s Franco/. 1616 

5228*Catteau (J. P.) Tableau des Etats Danois, 3 vols, map, calf, 
neat, 6# Paris, 1802 

5229 Compendiosa Legis Explanatio omnibus Christianis scitu neces- 

sario MatiAbarico idiomate, calf, %s. RonuB, 1772 

5229^Condamine (M. de la) Voyage dans I'lnterieur de TAmerique 
Meridionale. — Lettre sur I'emeute populaire excit^e en la ville 
de Cuenca au Perou, half-bound, plates, 4s ^^Paris, 1745 

. " Ottvrage e8tim^e.***-BRUNET. 
54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


264 Hisioria et MUcetlanea. [Octavo. 

5230 CoMDiLLAC (i/Abbb de) (Eutrbs, 22 yols. calf, neat, 

Paru, 1795 

5231 Condorcet, Esqulsse d'un Tableau historique des progrfes de I'es- 

prit humaiD, 2« ih, 1810 

5232 Considerations sur i'organisation Sociale, appliqu^es k I'^tat de 

la France et de TAngleterre, 3 vols. As ib, 1802 

5233 Cr^billon, CEuvres, 3 vols, portrait and plates, half-boand» neat, 

8» ib. 1812 

5234 Creuzeri (Friderici) Historicorum Graecorum Antiquissimorum 
. Fragmenta, cum comment. 3«. 6d Ueideib. 1806 

5235 Dante, L'Enfer, Poeme, traduit de I'ltalien suivi de notes, \s, 6d. 


5236 Delille (Jacques), Poesies fugitives et Morceaux choisis, ybl- 

litJM PAPBR, portrait, boards, 3« Parisy 1802 

5237 De Luc, Lettres Physiques et Morales sur I'Histoire de la 

Terre et de I'Homme, 5 vols, neat, 12« Paris^ 1779 

5238 Dodwell, Prselectiones Academics in Schola Historica Camde- 

niana, vellum, 4« Oxon, 1692 

5239 Annales Velleiani, Quintilianei, Statiani, bound, 2^. 

ib. 1698 

5240 Dutens, Itineraire des Routes les plus frequent^es, large map, 

vellum, 2* 1793 

5241 Da Voisin, Essai sur les etudes et Texercise du St. Ministere, 

2 vols, sewed, As Lausanne, 1795 

5242 Duyssetdorpii tractatus de Matrimonio non ineundo cum his, qui 

extra Ecclesiam sunt, vellum, 25 Antv, 1636 

5243 Eichorn (Jo. Godofr.) Antiqua Historia ex ipsis veterum Scrip- 

torum Graecorum narrationibus contexta, 3 vols, new sewed, 18^. 

Lips, 1811 

5244 Epistols Jacob! Quarti, Jacobi Quint! , et Marias Re^pim Scoto- 

rum^ eorumque Tutorum et Regni Gubernatorum, 2 vols, in 
one, fine copy, neat, 9;. 

Edinburgi in adibus Thoma: Ruddimanni, 1722 

5245 Ernest! (Jo. Aug.) Initia Doctrinse Solidioris, half-calf, 35. 

Lips. 1783 

5246 Fabricy (R. P. Gabriel) Recherches sur TEpoque de TEquitation 

et de rUsage des Chars Equestres chez les Anciens, 2 vols. 
new half-calf, Ss Marsdl/es, 1764 

5247 Falconet (Etienne) (Euvres, contenant plusieurs Ecrits relatifs 

aux Beaux Arts, 6 vols, sewed, 12^ Laus. 1781 

5248 Four Coponishyuts, in Sanscrit, boards, 3^. 

5249 Gamier (M. le Marquis) Histoire de la Monnaie des Anciens, 

2 vols, sewed, Ss Paris^ 1819 

5250 Gautier Traits des Fonts, ou il est parl^ de ceux des Remains & 

de ceux des Modernes, plates, scarce, 3s. 6 J ih, 1728 

5251 Gellert Legons de Morale, 2 vols, thick paper, half-bound, neat, 

8* Berlin, 1790 

5252 Vie et Lettres, half-bound, neat, 3« Utrecht^ 1775 

5253 Genlis (Madame) Ad^e et Theodore, ou Lettres sur T Education, 

3 vols, half-calf, neat, 10^ Paris^ 1782 

[William Baynes, 

Digitized by 


OcrrjiiiCit] Hfeit^ e§ J«ic»ytotrt. MS 

MM. e6iriis^(MiiMie> BiitMiraa 4» Mir^nw ilkS Itaiigatew 4 yoIs. 

Mf-bewld, rossia, IQul.^^^ .^.......^PoHs, 1817 

SMdt ibrlMrti ^M«rfa»> Iter ^yMMSMdeH*!^ $i9M%ik^ El;a&iM» tfi GvIIt 

«iBB^ With Id'tapBuyfayi rf Eccteahwtiqfcl AiUfiquitiM^ ftc. half- 

Miwid^ imk) 89* odL... ••^•.•.^.^••'..•••M.di.^.ilMiiMlM «L Bltfitij 1765 

dtM Ckeste «t Vestigia Danorum extra Daniain, 2 vols, in one, half- 

J8a7 Giimiimi (L. P.) GecmanU Princeps, yeflum,, 1752 

MM €badnad €fliiteki%iaaries ab wrnm 1«59' aiA. anted liifl^ b«ft« 
(fliblisiied at Ubw>,i 5«^. ...^^^.M.^«%i«^..v^wM.4#ii..i&i»Aa6. 1823 

5I5# Gbatama (Secrpii) Opuacuk Academfea^ avmd^ 2m M^ 

Gi'M*^ 1891 
MM» enikmrt CBuvnlr Militeireay S^ygfo.. pkt»^ iMftt^. I6iw JPMt^, 1803 
5d6ft QvHhriiilb MbwIriiroMhr Aikf By ^ Rebua AnfiicMi^ si^Tfuporis, 

libcB ^psibque, veUum,. 5«. #^.v^*ai^^^J&. 1610 

5262 HeiuMilt^ Hi«t«Ar9toFFMioavii««, 35U...^ v.^.^tt^ ¥749 

Mn MisC6ire des Inaugurations des Rois, Empereurs, et autres Sou- 
Hawam d& Vllohnmy ddpm Irar •tfTg^Wtes jtsi^Afd pi<a<At sliMla 
4'un pr^is de I'^tat des Arts & des Sciences sous chaque 
WUfgm s 4«8 frianpanx MUs^^ moe«r% ftovaSmtm h imgev IM 
pivtt remarfii«ble» dear FMagmSi dbpuis' PqMtt jiait4ii^i Louis 
Snri^ Mriched. with, a multiCude of fistt ebg^vitogii^ represent- 
ing tiwf4maiis<tf tlM(«ii^6nt agss!, aest, lOn. W. iWlii^ Bn« 
S9rC4 Histoire des Vaudois, ou des Habitans des Valines Occidentales 
du Picttumfe^ a vmyB. onwadl^ 4[a,.« ••.Mtf«4>*::..'..M«.4>.%vv.«v.jtf««ilE^ I9M 
K65r Hoti^ ^Fotri^ OliMtvalwMieii Crificn mi Scri^rM fuosdam 

l0oi»tM. 1736 

Elucidations of the^ tester df If^rodbttis, TfeMcymdev; Xettoijplkyii', anil 

5266 " ' MisccnkniftC Cr Itftf y^ tcfftfidi, 3sl.. •••«tfr« 17% 

Greek aad RomaA'CHasrisft ' 

5S87 tiragfo (ITernfaAnus) rfe plMida I$(<iti6eddi oHgitt^ et trnlve)rs« iftt 
Ml«id» alikqaitiitary on noln^ ete. Cv< Ik Twtaii, plates, 
y4illttin».79^ » .•» Tri^. ad Rhen. 1738 

<' This is Hie best edition of a rare and cuiious work whichr first ap- 
peared'ot Antwerp la HSISI'*^— Hornets Bibliography, {u 45£. 

MfB Jensii Ferculum Literarium, half-Bound, 2«. »,.Lugd. Bat. 1717 
MM JMgMMm ^X do Pavift^' i^atA Iqi CtauUiv,. faalMMMud^ 2«. 

827% JaBb Msei|MatUi q|ii« supMeiiDt es. Ubro^ de^ Brtdijiifl, cum 
MMsadfWMonitai' JeMmis: SUduiffecii eti SuppleBflmMiB. Conradi 
LjFMftt&eaH cuawIa Fr ^ QudaodQil^ iraiUuvhi ^« 

XKp^.JSor. 1720 
M9I Kipfiln^ Antiquitate9 Romanaii ac Raripra qneedam LifsU Opus- 

M{rS Koffterar (Petri llhnti€&^ ObMUfnta pliiM««ios m loea^ queedam 
S4,. WktmamMfiL Row.] 2 M 


Digitized by 


266 HUtcria et MisceJbmea. [Octayo. 

Antlt^hanls, Thebcriti, PauK ApoBtoli, EratOBtiheiiis, et Proper^ 
tii, sewed, 2« ; Lugd. Bat. 1771 

5273 Lambinet Recherches Historiqoea, LitCerures et Critiques sur 

Forigine de rimprimerie, paiticulierement sur ses premiers 
etablissemena au XVme. aiecle, dana la Belg^qne, boards, 4s, 

Brux. an VII. 

5274 LarocbejaqueliD (Madame la Marquse de) Memolresy sewed, 

2». ed Parti, 1816 

5275 Lenoir (Alexandre) Description des Monumens de Sculpture < 

r^nnis au Mus^ des monumena Frangais, sewed, U. 6d. — 
balf-bound, russia, 2s* •••f6. anX, 

5276 L'Enfer de la Mere Caroline, traitant de la cruelle et terrible 

bataille qiu fut aux enfers, entre les diables et les maquerelles 
de Paris aux nopces du portier Cerberus et de Cardine (en vers), 
boards, 4«. 6</ « 15979 reprinted. 

5277 Lesser (M. Creuz4 de) Voyage en Italic et Sicile, 2s* 

Paris, 1806 

5278 Llorente Histoire de I'lnquisition d'Espagne, toI. i, sewed, 25. 6d. 

ib. 1818 

5279 Lydi (Joannis Laurentii, Philadelpbini) de Magistratibus Rd- 

pubticse Romanie, libri tres. Or. et Lat. cura J. D. Fuss., cum 
pnefat. C. B. Hase, sewed, 58 • Lugd. Bat. 1812 

5280 Maintenoniana, Anecdotes de Madame de Maintenon, Is. 6d. 


^ /' 5281 Malaise (Joannis Antiocbeni) Historia Cbroniea Gr. et Lat. cum 

^ ' ' notis Edm. Chilmeadi & triplice Indice Rerum, Autorum, & 

/ ' Vocum Barbarum, pnemittitur Dissertatio de Autore per Hum- 

fredum Hodinm, vellum, neat, 69 Oxon. 1691 

5282 Malherbe, Poesies, portrait, neat, 2s, 6d. 

Paris, Barbou, 1757 
" B^e ^dit. la plus recherch^e/'— -Brunet. 

5283 Mejan (Maurice) Recueil des Causes c^l^bres et des Arrets qui 

les ont d^cid^es, 12 vols, sewed, I8s ib. 1808 

5284 Memoires Secrets sur la Russie, 3 vols, sewed, 4s.... ib* 1800 

A work of autbority, quoted by Dr. Edward Daniel Clarke. 

5285 Memoires de Pbisique et de Chimie de la Soci6t6 d'Arcueil, 

2 vols, sewed, 3s ib. 1807 

5286 Memoires du Prince Eugene de Savoy, par lui-meme, Is. 6^. 


5287 Mengi (R. P. F.) Flagellum Deemonum, Exorcismoa tenibiles 

potentissimos et efficaces, remediaque probatissima ac doctrinam 
singularem ad malignos spiritus expellendos, factiirasque & 
mtdeficia fuganda de obseasis corporibus, complectens — item 
Fustis Dsmonum — quibus noviter accessit insignis tractatus qui 
Fuga Satana inscribitur, autore Petro Antonio Stampa, vellum, 
scarce, 7< • Lugd. 1610 

5288 Miscellaneie Qbservationes in Auctores Veteres et Recentiores 

ab Eruditis Britannis incboats et in Belgio aliis Region con- 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] HUioria et Miscellanea. 987 

tinuat«9 cani Notis et Auotario Varloram Virorum Doctonini, 
10 vols* — ^Miflcellaiiea Obsenradones Novoe in Auctores Vet. et 
recent, in Belfio coliectse et prodits, 12 vols, in 4, 14 vols. 
Tellum, R 12# Anut. 1739-61 

5289 Montesqaieu, Grandeur des Romains, bound, Is, 6d 1751 

5290 Musgraye (Guilh.) Antiquitates Britanno^BelgiciBy prscipue 

Romanas, fignris ilkiBtrattf; 4 vols, neat, 10«. 

Isca: JDunm. 1719 

5291 " " Gcta Britannicns et de Icuncula Reg, ^1- 
fridi Dissertatio, plates, yellum, 3« ib. 1716 

5292 Ney (Mar^chal) Vie, sewed, U. 6d Paris, 1816 

5293 Noel (M.) Legons de Litt^rature et de Morale, 2 vols, sewed, 5s, 

ib. 1810 

5294 Normandie, Constitution de. Is. 6d 1789 

5295 Observations sur les Savans Incr^dules et sur quelques-nns de ' 

leur Ecrits, half-bound, neat, 2s. 6d Geneve, 1766 

5296 Offerhaus Compendium Historioe Universalis, vellum, 4<. 6d, 

Groning. 1751 
Recommended by Da. Priestley. 

5297 Ossiani Darthula, Gitec. acced. Miscellanea, Is. 6d. 

Land. 1801 

5298 Pindare, Pythiques, traduites avec des Remarques par M. Cha- 

banon, neat, 2«. M .Paris, 1772 

5299 Pontani Opera Omnia, 2 vols. Ss. 

Faiei. in €Bdiims Ajudi, M.D.XVIII. 

5299*Popbam (Edvardi) Elogia Sepulchralia lUustrium tlrorum, balf- 

bound, 2s. 6d Lond. 1778 

5300 Pradt, DuCongres de \lenne, Is ib. 1816 

5301 Rhunken, Opuscula Rbunkeniaua, cum prsefat. T. Kidd, boards, 

3*.— new calf, 5* ib. 1807 

5302 Rouband, Synonymes Frangais, 4 vols, sewed, 69. ...Paris, 1796 

5303 Rubens's (Sir Pet«r Paul) Life, with an account of his Paintings 

in Dutch, portrait, half-bound, neat, 2s. M Amse, 1774 

5304 Rulfi (Pauli) Theatrum Modernum, bonis moribus exitiosum, 

calf extra, 3* Medial. I77O 

" Ouvrage ezceUente et peu connu." 

5305 Rymer Abrege Historique des Actes Publics, 2 vols, vellum, 

5306 Sabbagfa (Michel) la Colombe Messag^re plus rapide que TEclair 

plus prompte que le Nue, Arabs et Francois, par Silvestre de 
Sacy, 2s. 6d Paris, 1805 

5307 Sarrazin Histoire de la Guerre d'Espagne et de Portugal, sewed, 

2s ib. 1814 

5308 Saxii (Christop.) Queestiones Literaris, sewed, 2s... Traj. I767 

5309 Schraderi Tabulffi Chronologies, half-bound, 2^ Bruns. 1765 

5310 Shoolue Ishq, the Flame of Love, a Hindoostanee Poem, edited 

by W. Carmichael Smyth, \s. 6d , Lond. 1820 

5311 Sluiter Leetiones Andoddete, sewed, 2s. Lugd. Bm. 1804 

. 54» Patbrnostbb Row.] 

Digitized by 


2m Mmi0rm «l Mis^fiikma. [Oor^^o, 

SUB AMMeii, itetiis Jmrm JnlH tCiMmfl iUoftealm, rnrs mwitrait 
BT IknuBUHiSv «eat, 6f^.*...*^:..,,..^^««««...»^.«.,^»..^jmi. 1694 

£019 lilyii»«oiib.(M#i]MbiihiiiMmwai0^ iUstom DniONEilivesm Eccle- 
,4^9 ema Diiq^iaijU Tiioma^ Aud^ u^kqb PA^Bft, bowsA, 6«. 

SAiA TracUdns a CrevMR, Brotkr, An^cn, eta. botrils, l«. sfc. 178ft 

5i3]5 Traits de la MajotM de «•§ B«ii el ies JI«Bgwc0» du Boyanme, 

afwe un Titait^ des Pr^emin^ces dii Parlement de Paris, 2 toIs. 

30^ JkQi$e de la Omalutim dm Mmria^ pour mome d^Impwissance, 
OMC .^ud^es Pieces curieuses mr ia mime St(fie^, kMma mtM, fHi 

1817 TiEessan (L'Abb^ de) Mytbologie comparee ayec THistoire, 

5»18 Tflewdinu) PmIuhoms, Cb«B. ei JLiit. thoardb, U.,.«.«Owlt. IMS 

Mt^ Tme«i Ajifiales JSex lUgm A«f Uic, ooa Ce^MiDsatione, nt et 

Adami ifurioMfltoim Cbrwuecn, etc edidil; HaM, ^ r»la. ib 

«niiyfr«iitispieeebyyertae» neat, 14«....^ ^,.Oxon. 1719-22 

5320 Vida (M. H.) de Artie JPoetW# ^tlC h&i^^txtMf printed, vignettes, 

neat, 2». 6d.. ih. 1722 

5321 Vies 4e H«y^» 4e Momnrt et 4U Metastasc, beards, ^. ^M. 

Paris^ 1817 

5Si2 Voltadawa, t iviriB. se^rei, t«. «d. ,.... Jb. 174t 

5323 VefBgede l>iBie-et Nicole Stepkanepoli ea<ir«€e, 2 w^. plates^ 

sewed, 3f.6d ParU, «f> YIH. 

5924 V'eyage Hieleri^ifieet Litttmire dans la Suisse Occidentale, 2 yols. 

teaif^ «eai> <^* .v..«.«..»«.« ..•9« en iSbuse, 1787 

eSB iryHenbaehii (DaaMl) MiseeUenea Deetnaa, 3 v^s. fiewed, 7s. 

Amu. \m^Vt 


5326 Agatbemeris GeograpbUe Expei^^envn, ffiMi II, aTennitlio, 6r. 

At l^, neaii, U. <64... •.,..«.-, ^,...,^..^Jm$^ )«?> 

5327 Albericas Gentilis de Armia Romania, yellum, 2s. 6d. 

53^8 Alkf^rpi^ Magmas de Secretis MuMemie^'dil VveMi^ 0«rbarum, 

f^. pt de Mirabilibus Mundi^ neat, 2«. 6^... ^^..^.^..Jjngd. 1553 

5339 .Alc&iim« de F^vaule ftomui; Iwjimif D»D|;e 4^ MopereUe? f^er" 

danis Ghroniea^ sewed in yellum, 2s Ba^. 1559 

59^ 4141 Mapatii de Q««B^ti« per «pij»tcde«i^ Uh. Ill, Vsn^tUn 

nwimsiv^ Sml^f ip ope iwl^ old bwdnigt ^car^iw, 7^ 

llie&ratworkisAfrodiieCkMioftlisflyditiefRen. On Ibe 4ltle-page 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

P4;mi.] Uisim-ia et MUceUama. 269 

53M A^/lh^kmi\ ^hN>gfmuAim^ Is. M... .*. .Ama., 1657 

5332 <BlkcwH temcMMM FMeltt Eliiiei Politici CfioDMiiiiM, nMt. 2«. 

In^. fittf. 1644 

5333 Bl^ltainiili 4% Cdiwo Aatique «t Nigran&us ik Caliga Veterum, 

yellam, 2« - Lugcf. Bmt. 1711 

5334 Pw^tri ^FrMMSJbtt) 4e Bie Un)CM» liM 4iio, y^\m^ if. «<f . 

^M^ 1639 
5S3£» B«i«MlQi« de UiilcArnp ObMry«itiefies, fUstot, Tislkim, 2c. 

ti. l«7S 

539$ je ArmlUb Yiiteniiii &lMdi«i.-^0. Worn ile Au- 

reo £iii»a JDaiIoo.— T. BArtbolini Aiitiq. Vet. iNmrptriL-— 
Cj«m4. de loauribus YeU Syvtagn^, ^tet, irattuB, ib. m. 

ib. 1^« 

5337 Bftt^i Elcnchiis Mobiiui mmfevorwrn m Aagiia, Jme partraUs oftLe 

Ch4VrlfisX MMt, 3». fid — ^..Amst. 1663 

5338 Saudii <l>OiDMi«s^} itew^i, Telkun, (Muree, &s. 

Lttgd. Bat. Hm 

A Pk-esentflfion copy to the illustrious Scaliger, evidenced by the 
author's own hi^idwijyting on the flyleaf. 

533P Epistolw et OratioDeB, 2* Eia. 1662 

5340 Baiuaeisteri lostittttiqim Phakmphitt {Mcm^ a<--et Pkilosophla 

Deinitiva, half-bouud^?*.,.,. rOemk. 1759-62 

534;i Bajfius de Re Naiwli, catfp tnwee^ 2«. «ij. Parum^ 1537 

5342 Biechari CEdipus Chimicu^, pbfCurkMrnn TMBQiaonHB ^ PrkicS^ 

idonmi Ciiiwkofmm, My^teria a|icfif ub & rcaotveoB, (tii« euriotu 
pliUe9«8ew^« »earoe*4«.<9c2.*^«.«<«« «. « Frmuxf. 1705 

5343 Beiyaminis (Rabbi) Itinerarim Hebraic^ et Latine redditum opera 

Caop(. L'£mper«|ir« ft vphu M^lJtafll« 7»' 

iMgd. B^. Ekmit, 1«93 
$344 H<euR9 Poemata^ p^^ 8c»rjce» 3s* (ad tmipid Camw Mobtui.) 
5345 Bo«i>d «Moi*«$ Li^faf f$ UlMi ftwnwm AuiISriou velluoi*^. 

£49d. 1576 

534f Suo^W (P.) •t Flauli ftfamtii, St^ktobe C&sennikM Stylo 

«crlp)ie. — JLiopgolii e( fJior^ KJalL et ItaL J^pbtole aod. Stylo 

*' lAbernoiBBlmUB, teste Bunemanno^ gui pretiuin iUi 111* taleiipc. 
•tetuH.*'— VooT. 

5347 CaoifUoa de Romana Republica, plates, yallun, i/u UUr^. 1696 
534S Carpz^F^^Joan. Besed.) Paradojuw StoicMpi Arifitom CWinom 
obj»^rvaljuifMfc|]» Ulw^atirasy ireUmn» SU. ; isatf, a«iil^ ^ W. 

Lips. 1742 
5349 Caaltilio (J)i«itha&ir) de CwtmU «ive A^itep, bouad, U Im/. 

c;mto2». 1713 

53&D Cft^ii J*ace9 AMgMHtje/siir« Po^oaati*. ad £JuMtetli,ai», Fr«d, Regfe 
Bobenuie FiUiun» ftnibiw accad* Opiw^nln d« Naptus varior. 
auctor. plates; vellum^ 3«. .•••.•.»^«.,v.,^,or«.*t*^«*Air€ir. 1643 

iSS\ Cbmm»Bib.^Pby8]ai»0iiiiA, A^^ NMnrafii, ft& v««il- 
54, P4JWViQtT»ft Row.] 

Digitized by 


270 Historia et Miscellanea. [DuoD. 

cats, Apud Peirum Drouari, 1546. — Coclitis (Bartolomni), 
Compendium Pbysiogoomise & Ghiromanti»y Argent, 1536.—*- 
Dryander de Ghiromantia, Marpurgi^ 1538. — Astrolabii Decla^ 
ratio, Parisiisj 1545, in one vol. singular old stamped bindiog, 
rare collection, Ss, 

5352 Ciacconius (P.) de Tridinio sire de modo ConTivandl apud pris- 

cos Romanos, many plates, Tellum, 2s ...Atnst. 1689 

5353 Gluyerii Introduct. in Geogr. vellum, U. 6d £lsevir, 1641 

5354 Cocaii Merlini, Poetce Mantuani, Macoronicorum Poemata, wood- 

cuts (wants a leaf), scarce, Ss. 6d.... Venetm^ 1554 

5355 Coclitis, Barptolomeei, Pbysiognomis & Cbiromantifle Compen- 

dium, wood-cuts, neat, scarce, 3^ Argent, 1534 

5356 Cocquius contra Hobbes, yellum, 2« Ultraj. 1668 

5357 Colleclio Monumentorum Rerumque maxime insignium Belgii 

Foederati, neat, 3« Afnst. 1684 

5358 Comenii Abrabamus Patriarcba Scena repnesentatus, balf-bound, 

russia, 1«. 6d Amst. 1661 

5359 Dansei (Lamberti) Elencbi Heeredcorum, vellum, scarce, 3«. 

Genev. 1573 

5360 Eikon Basilike, vel Imago Regis Carqli, vellum, 2«. — pUtte^ vellum, 

3j 1649 

5361 Epitome Rerum Grermanicarum, annotat. Boehmii, half-bound, 

vellum, 2s Lips, 1760 

5362 Erasmus de conscribendis Epistolis, vellum, 2^: ,Ain9t, 1636 

5363 — Adagia, neat, 2« Land, 

5364 Eremundi (Emesti), Origo et Historia Belgicorum Tumultnum, 

accedit Historia Tragica de Furoribus Gallicis, boards, 2s, 

Amst. 1641 

5365 FabriciiBibliothecaLatina, 3vols.neat,6$ Hamb, 1721 

5366 Garda ab Horti (D.) Historia Aromatum et Simplicium apud In- 

dos nascentium, vellum, 2s Antv, 1579 

5367 Gazfle (Theodori) Liber de mensibus Atticis, Joanne Perello inter- 

prete, eiusdem interprets de ratione Lunie & Epactarum secun- 
dum Grazam, accessit pneterea idem Theodori Libellus, Grece, 
neat, scarce, 4«. 6d Basilea^ 1536 

5368 Gemma (D. Corn.) de Natura Divinis Characterismis, wood-cuts, 

sewed in vellum, 3s • Antverpue^ 1575 

5369 Hand inutile lAbidinis sive luxuries dekortamentum^ cum Laicis 

turn Ecclesiastids viris utilissimum, necnon accommodatissimum^ 
neat, scarce, 4s Parkisiis^ 

5370 Heinsii (Danielis) Poemata, vellum, 2s„,;,, ,.Lugd, Bat. 

5371 Hessi (Eobani) de tuenda bona Valetudine Libellus, neat, 2s, 

Franc. 1551 

5372 Hildebrandi Antiquitates Romanse, online alphabetico, plates, 

vellum, 2« Traj. I74O 

5373 History of Brother Cornelis Adriaensae^ relating the Discipline 

and Secret Penances he imposed, iu Dutch, curiously engraved 
title page, vellum, 2s, 6d 1628 

5374 Hcenigeri Propugoaculam Castitatis ac JPudicitiie Fortitudinis 

[William BatKbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Hi$toria et Mi$ceUama. 271 

Constantise que; tarn Virginum, quam Uxorum, neat, scarce, 4f. 

BasiL 1575 

5377 Hoffmanni Epigrammata, vellam, 2«.. ^mi/. 1665 

5378 HoUmanni Prima Philosophia quae Metaphysica yulgo dicitur. — 
. iDtroduotio in UniFeream Philosophiam, half-bound, 2«. 

Gott. 1747 

5379 Hornius (Georgius) de Ori^nibus AmericaniSy yellum* 2^. ; calf 

extra, 3* Hag. Com. 1652 

fi380 Hottingeri Archseologfia Orientalis exhibens Compend. llieatii 
Orientalis et Topogr. Ecclesiasticam Orientalem, new half-calf, 
4s Heidelh. 1662 

5381 Hoyeri (P. Michaelis) Theatrum Castitatis, give Susanna et 

Gamma Tragoedise, aiiaque Poemata, vellum, 2^. 6(2. 

Tornaci, 1631 

5382 Hutcheson^s (Francis) Philosophise Moralis Institutio Compendia- 

ria, neat, 2s Glasg. tyjns Rob. Foulis, 1745 

5383 Ikenii Antiquitates Hebraiese^ half-bound, neat, 3s. Brenue, 1735 

5384 Joan (Pope). Salle [Johannis de la] Confiitatio Joannee Papissse 

una cum celeberrimis Beatissimse Virginls Maris, yeilum, 35. 

Lovan. 1633 

5385 Joan of Arc. Nicolai Vernulsi Joanna Darcia Tulgo Puella Aure- 

lianensis Tragcedia, vellum, scarce, 3s 26. 1629 

5386 Jovius (Paul) de Romania Piscibus, vellum. Is. 6d... Basil. 1531 

5387 Kempius (M. Cornelius) de origine, situ, qualitate et quantitate 

Frisiee, et rebus a Frisiis olim praeclar^ gestis, wood-cuts, neat, 
scarce, 4s /. Colon. Agr. 1588 

5388 Keysler Antiquitates Selectai Septentrionales et Celtics, plates, 

boards, 4«,; calf, 5s Hanov. 1720 

5389 Kippingii Antiquitates Romans, vellum, 2« Franeq. 1684 

5390 Kirchmannus et alii de Annulis, vellum, 2«. 6d. Lugd. Bat. 1672 

5391 Kuere van den Lande van Zeelandt, fllOtft XttttXf interleaved, 

neat, 29. 6<2 ....•• Antwerpenj M.D.LVIII. 

'* Deiz dnik is zeer raar, en zeer accuraat." 

5392 Lampe (Frid. Adolph.) de Cymbalis Veterum, Libri tres, plates, 

vellum, 2*. 6d ....Traj. 1703 

*' A work of g^eat learning and research* and containing much 
precious information for a classioal antiquary." — Burnby's Hist. 
OF Music. 

5393 LipsiuB (Justus) de Cruce, plates, vellum, 25 .Amst. 1670 

5394 Ludovici Petri Giovanni Germania Princeps, calf, neat, scarce, 3s. 

Hal. 1702 

5395 Macer (^milius) de Herbarum virtutibus, cum Atrociani com- 

ment, neat, 2^.6^ Friburg. 1530 

5396 Maffei Historiarum Indicarum, libri xvi, stamped binding, 2s. 

Cadomij 1614 

5397 Malescot (Stephani de) Nuptiis liber Paradoxicus, neat, scarce, 3^. 

Basil. 1572 
. 54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


279 Mki6ria ei Misceikm&a. [Otr^i^. 

5398' Malkm Makfhartm, MaUfka9 ^ earum ft6tr^im m fhrttmea po» 
tcruhsima conterens^ rarb, 9^ Colon, anno XX. 

5399 Mantaani (F. Bupt.) Coena SaloberrnaM, Ex Mibm Aicmisianhs 

M.D.IX. — Symbokm daodecim Apostotomm mdiriiee Compost- 
tam» atqne Prosaice Exposituniy half-eaA'f, searee, %.-. 

5400 Marcelli (Petri) Historia de vita, moribus, et rebus gestis omnium 

Dneum Tenetoruur, wood-cntt, sewed m yeUumi,, 4s. M. 

Fremeof. ad Mom^ imp^nsis Skiismundi 
YnnKMEWKr •«• Uf4 

5401 Martioii (Martini) 8Stties Hi'irtforia, f«llum, neat, 2s. 

Amst. 1659 

5402 Matthsi Gurtit Papiensiier de P^andfi ac Cens modo Libethi», 

old binding, rare, ^. 

RonuBi M.D.LXVI. — Apud Paulum Manutium^ 
Aldt, F, 

Bound up with this is Georgii Piictorii Tuendae Sanitatis Rati% VU 

5403 MeticWenil (JPo« Bmrch,) dor Charlatanerla Eraditemixk Declama- 

tiones dus, cum notis Variorum, vellum, 4^ Amst. 1716 

5404 MiHonilMensio pro l^if»fe Aii9Keano,.v«llnm^ IMO 

5405 Jifochii (Petri) Senaaws) d» Cruente Exffio<|n«» DMo^j^ao!^ bds. 2s. 

Pmrisns^ M68 

5406 Mdlert (JokumiB) Isago^e ad Hifltoriam Chenoatst Gialbiicar, 

3 parts in one, baH^boQwd^ vellnnm Js^.*.^^....^Mamh. 1691 

5407 Moi"! (Tbonn Anglis) Lucubratlones, Utopis, lib. II., Progym- 

nasmatft, EpigrMMnalA, Dedmnitio' Ladaiiie» feajMndetos «fi^ 
toiffi) q«ibo8 additss sunt dusc albrum Epiatoln^ de Tite, moribus 

e( morte Mori, hal^baund, scancB, Os ««».« ,^.BaM. IM3 

1408 Mmsas B^ilanaitea, from). bouwdvS^. ^........iM/i. liTlil 

MB Masapdm AnglieaBarumi Anafatta,. 9 vobi. neat, Stw. w. .... .£11 1 714 

5410 N^g» Venalos a^o Thesaucua. ridendi et jocandi,. plato^ half-bd. 

neat, 4*..« Lcob. 1703 

5411 CElrich Danige et Suecise Lit'eratee OpuscuTa, toin. i, sewed, 2s. 

Brejtn. 1774 

M12 Okt Magni Historia de gentibus Septentrionalibud,^ in Gpitomen 

redacta a Cornelio Scribonio Grapheo, wood-cuts, vellum, neat, 

scarce, 4s. 0(^... ^ ..jihtverpuB, 1562 

6412* Idem, woOJX-ctJf s, calf, nt. 5s. 

lb. 1558 
54t3 Pln^aeelsi- P jropfaifli^ Vexatfottvinqiie fiiboi^ boavday 2m*9sL 

Bkml 1588 

5414 Partbenii (N.) Halieutica, vellum. Is Neap. 1643 

MPd Pii8({uilFtts Ecstifdietttf, eui aocedtt Pas^iQua VIviDlognater, Uf^ 

bound, 2s. Bd .«.. ...^..^^...^..^..Gisnmf. 1667 

5416 PaatorH (Dr. JoaOh.) Aalleus> Iii6<a}pail«9» haMH>«td,>9b4r 

Elzevir, 1644 
54>7 P^itdim (HenrieT> Iteraraf Bdgkatmm* Hh i t o ri a, bdlMd* noali; 2ii& 

Embdeni, 1663 

IJWflif.iJiK' BAlttlBS, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] HUtoria et Miscellanea. 273 

5418 Perizou!! (Jac.) Origioes Babylonicffi et ^gyptiacse, 2 vols. 

plates, calf extra, 5s Trq;, 1736 

5419 Platinse (Bap.) de Honesta Voluptate et Valetudine, Libri Decern, 

fine copy, recently bound in russia, scarce, 5s. ...Colonia^ 153 j 
.5420 Pontani Opera (Poetica), veiluni, Str. 6d Fenct. Aldus, 1505 

5421 Pretiosa Margarita Novella de Thesauro, ac Pretiosissimo Philo- 

sophoram Lapide, Artis huius diyinse Typus, et Methodus; 
Collectanea ex Amaldo, Rhaymundo, &c., per Janum Lacinium 
Calabrum, sewed in yellum, scarce, .0$. 

Venetiis, apud Aldi Filios, M.D.XXXXVI. 

5422 Rapini Hortorum, libri IV, et Gultura Hortensis, Hortorum Histo- 

riam addidit Gabriel Brotier, calf, gilt leaves, 5s. 

Paris, Barbou, 1780 

5423 Relandi Galatea, Lusus Poeticus, Is Traj. 1724 

5424 Rycquius de Capitolio Romano, plates^ Tellum, 2s. 

Lugd. Bat. 1696 

5425 Sacro-bosci (Job. de) Spbsra, bound, \s. 6d. Elzevir, 1647 

5426 Salmbsii, Defensio Regia pro Carolo I, ?ellum, I5. 6^ 1652 

5427 Sanderson! Logicse Artis Compendium, bound. Is. 6d. 

Oxon. 1741 

5428 Sannazarii, Jacobi, Opera Omnia, Latin^ Scripta, vellum, nt. Ss. 

Venctiis, ex Bibliotheca Aldina, M.D.LXX. 

5429 Sarcotis et Caroli V. Imp. Panegyns Carmina, calf, gilt leaves, 

4s, 6d Paris, Barbou, 1771 

5430 Scbolee Salemitanae Opusculum de Conservauda Bona Valitudine 

ad Regem Avglim vbrsibus conscriptum Riim enarrationibus , 
half-bound, calf, scarce, 4s Ups. 1539 

5431 Schenck (Frederici) Dialogus in Temulentiee et Crapuls detes- 

tationem, bound, 2s .*• Antv. 

5432 Schottennii Hessi (Hermanni) Confabulationes Tyronum litera- 

riorum ad amusim Colloquiorum Erasmi Roterodami* 1542. — Ci- 
ceronis Oratio pro Milone cum dispositione Phil. M&lancthoni, 
1541. — Hieronymi Batrachii Oratio absque Grsecarum Llterarum 
cognitione nuUam recte addisci posse, 1542, half-bound, scarce, 

5433 Schurman (Anns Marin It) Opuscula, Hebrsea, Graeca, Latina, 

Gallica, Prosaicaet Metrica, vellum, 4s. 

Lugd, Batav, ex officind Elzbvi riorum, 1648 

5434 --^— -—-—------— --———— Idem, portrait, neat, 3s. 

Traj. 1652 

5435 — Idem, portrait, Traj. 1652. — 

Keuchenii Muss Juveniles, iii one vol. vellum, 5s..,Amst. 1662 

5436 ' Eukleria, seu Melioris Partis 

Electio, Tractatus Brevem Vitse ejus Delineationem exhibens, 
half-bound, vellum, 3s ,...•• AUana, 1673 

5437 Sigonii (Caroli) Emendationnm, libri duo, nt. old calf, scarce, 9s, 

Venetiis, Aldus, M.D.LVII. 

5438 Smith (Thomas) de Republica Anglorum, vellum ^ \s. M. 

Mzevir, 1641 

5439 de Grsecse Ecclesiss Hodierno statu. Land, 1678. 

54, Patbrnoster Row.] 2 N 

Digitized by 


274 HUtoria et Miscellanea. [Duoix 

— Septem Asise Ecdeskroin et Constantinopoleos Notida, in one 
vol. vellum, neat, 38 TV^'. 1694 

5440 Smytheei (Ricbardi An«li) de Missae Sacrificio, suceinta qusedam 

enarratio earn confutatione eorumque P. Melancthon objicit 
. contra Missie sacrif. sewed in yellum, scarce, 49,...Lopan* 1566 

5441 Somneri Portus Iccius JuU! Csesaris iiluatrntmB, fine portrait^ calf^ 

neat, 59 Oa:<m. 1694 

5442 Spanhemii IKs^ertatioimra HIstorici ArgamentiQaaternio, velluni, 

2« ; Li^dL Bat. 1679 

5443 SpizeKiM de Re Literaria Sinensium, neat, 2« ih, 1661 

5444 Staleni (Johann.) Papissa monstrosa et mera fabola, half-bound, 

scarce, 2*. 6rf .....Cb/; Agripp. 1639 

5445 SteUa de Gerarais et Plinius Secundus de Gemmis, balf-bound, 3s. 

ArgtfU. — -— . 

5446 Stephani (Carol!) Vinetum, scarce, 2ls. 6<i ParUy 1537 

5447 ■ ■■ -" de Nutrimentis, libri tres, sewed in v,ellum, 

2#. ^ ib. 1550 

5448 Stiblini (Gaspari) Coropse^a, sire de morlbus et vita Virginum 

sacrarum, scarce, 2^. 6d * .^.Basii, 1555 

5449 Straochs (Benvenuti, Patntii Anconitani) de Proxenitis & Prox- 

edetiois tractattts, sewed in yeUuni, 24 ..•••F^iief* *■■■■ " 

5450 Sweertii Mouumenta iSepulcralia et Inscriptioues publicse priva- 

tftque Dttcailtts Brabaoti^ ^ettuoi» is.6d. .* Aniv. 1613 

5451 Tfaeatrum Stuhorum^oco-serium, sive Mundus Fatuus, emble- 

matic^ expriessus per R. F. J. de Leenheer, plates, tcUub, 
RARE, 5*. Brtis$el. 1699 

5452 TaACTATus. — Smythsei (Richardi Angli) Enarratio de Missse 
^ SacrificiOy Lovan. 1562.-^Delegatio Regularium ad sacras Co»- 

fessiones, Paris^ 1648«-«-Les Mer?eilleB de la ville de Rome, ou 
il traicte des Eglises, Stations, et Reliques dee Corps Saincts qui 
7 sont, &c. wood-cuts, Rome^ 1746. — Mancinus de quatnor yir^ 
tutibus, versn, Antv. 1565. — Itiventaire 0u ]>eB6mbrement tant 
dee Corps Saincts et Tombeaux des Rots, qu'^autres raretez qui 
sevoyenten FEglise S. Denys hors IcTresor, Part>» 1694, in 
one vol. old binding, scarce, 64. 

5453 , Bulla Pap« V. taoan. 1560.— Cor. Croci Be- 

claratio Autoritatis Ecclesifie, CoUn. 173Si. — HasMlli Sententia 
circa -sttUationem eon^sit>ni&, I564<--^. de Palafox Epistola 
cum Prophetia S. Hildegardis, 1669.— ^J. a liaprde, -LaudatiM 
Funebris Corn. Jansenii, vellum, As. 

5454.^ -^ ^ — D. Pauli Ammann Supellex Botanica, hfips. WJiS^ 

Eurioii Cordi Botahologioen, €kion. 1534. — Joaelikfr Schiller 
de Peste Britammica, BasiL 1531.— B.- W, -Bayer de novo 
Pestis genere, quod Sudorem Anolicum vulgo appellant, Leypt' 
ngky 1529, new half-cidf, 3^. 6^. 

545.^ Vanierii (Jac.) Praedium Rusticum, oalf, gilt leaves, 4^. M, 

Paris J Barbou, 1786 

5456 Vid»(M. Iiier.)Dtalogi deRe>p»bHo9&digtutate, Crcmonaj 1556. 
— Palmieri (Mattheo) Libro della Vita Civile, Firente^ 1529, 
sewed )n vellum, Ss. ^d. 

[Wii«MAM Bathbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] AuctorMs dassici, Or. et jMt. ^6 

5457 Vindicis contra Tpanuos^ rars, 58, «• M.D.LXXX. 

"** Get ouyraKe, dont la matUre est Int^ressaate 6t d^lkatd, est attri- 
bu6 h, Hubert Lanouet." — ^Peignot Livres Condamnb8» torn, i; 
p. 228. 

5458 Wolfii (GhristiRii) Tabulae Simiiiiii Mque Tangentium, yellum, 

1*. 6d Franco/. 1728 



5460 Ammianus Marcellinus, cura Valesii, neat, 14^ Paw, 1681 

" The most magnificent edition I know. It is printed with large 
types of extreme beanty." — Clement. 

5461 Appiani Historia Romana, Latin^ reddita, scarce, old brown 

calf, neat, 11, l^s, 

VenetiiSf per Bcmardum jnctoretn Sp Erhardum Rat- 
l>OLi* una cufH Petr^ hoMn de Langifricen car- 
rectvre kk socio M.CCCC.LXXVII. 

" Few ancient volumes of the Classics display greater beauty of ty- 
pographical execu^on than does the present one. Clement and 
SeemiUer may be indulged in the full scope of their warm eulo- 
gies upon it."— Dr. Dibdin's Bibl. Spenc. vol. i, p. 254. 

5462 Apuleu Asinus AureuB, cum comment. Philippi Beroatdi, superb 

copy, in old red morocco, marbled leaves, II, Ss, 

Impressum Bononuz a Benedicta Hectoris impresiore 
solertissimo^ 15()0. 
6463 Aristotle. — Opera Varia, Latinfe, ft to(^ XttXtt^ very scarce, 
15«, .••••..•.»..*«««....».»v JMgduni^ 1486 

5454 _ Moralia, Latin^, Johanne^ Argyropilo Byzantio 

traductOrtB, cum comm. Jacob! Staputensis, ftlkcfl^ IttXtXf 6«. 

Pam, 1497 

^4^ ^ Enstratti et aliorum insigniorum Peripateticonim 

Commentaria in Libros decern Aristotelis de Moribus, una cam 
T^tH sufo in Lods adiecto, Grsec^, Venbtiis, in ^dibus Httre- 
dum Aldi Manuth. et ANPRfiJE Asulani, M.D.XXXVI — Aris- 
totelis Moralia, cum Eustratii, nonnullorumque alioram Grte> 
comm Explanationibus, Latin^, Parisiis, 1543, 2 vols, in one, 

neat, 165* 

5455 . Victoril Comment, in Aristotelem de Moribus, 

feUum^ 9«k — ,Flarmt, 1584 

Priced at 2/. 6«. in Moss's Manual of Classical Biograpby. 
54, Patkrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

276 Auciares Classid, Or. et Lat. [Folio. 

5467 Arriao^ Or. et Let. Gronorii, editio optima, fine copy, stampt 
calf, 14* Ug. Bat. 1704 

" To this edition the title of optima is justly and universally applied; 
and it may be considered as the chef d'oeuvre of Gronovius's cri- 
tical and editorial talents."— Moss's Manual, vol. i, p. 188. 

5468 Aliud Exemplar, vellum, neat, 12< ih. 1704 

5409 Latin^, Bartholomei Facei, neat, 5<. 

PiSAURi, opera et itnnensa Hieronymi de Soncim. 


5470 Athenseuii, 6r«c%, ex recens. Marei Musori, damaged title page, 

half-bound, \4$. 

Venetiis^ apud Aldvh et Andream Socerwm^ 


EDITIO FRINCEPS. ** A very nure and beautiful book, and one of 
the scarcest of the Aldine Classics." — ^Moss's Manual, vol. i, 
p. 191. 

5471 Aali Gellii Noctes AttU», recently bound jn russia, gilt leaves, 


VenetiiSf per Joannem de Tridino alias Tacuinum^ 

** Edition tres rare." — Clement. 

5472 Boetius jde ConBolotione Philosophic, cum Comment. Iblfldt 

XttXtti most beautiful fine large copy, in the original wooden 
1^ binding, tbrt rare, 2/. 12«. 6(/. 

Per me Johamnem de Westfalia in alma Lovd* 
niensi Umvcrdtate diUgentur elaborati expHciuiU, 

5473 Idem, Latin^ et Belgic^, cum comment. IbUlCft lftt^> 

a fine large copy, old calf, neat, 3/. 135. 6df. 
! Gkendf by Arend Keytere^ 1485 

The rarity of this impression is acknowledged by Brunet. Dr. Dibdin 
says, " Clement does not appear to have seen it, and the notices of 
Maittaire and Laire are confined to the Colophon.*' He amply de- 
scribes it in his Bibliotheoa Spenceria&a* 

5474 Idem, cum Commentariis Sancti Thome, filUdft \ttttXi 

half-bound, neat, IO5 Venetiis^ Octavian, Scot. 1489 

5475 Callimacbus Grsec^, large paper, 1/. 4^. 

Parma^ typis Bodonianis, 1792 

A. splendid edition, executed in Capttal Letters. Hie number of 
copies worked off was exceedingly limited. 

5476 OiCBRONis Opera Omnia, studio atque industrift Gruteri, 2 yols. 

vellum, 1/. 75. Lond. 1681 

Printed under the inspection of Dr. Gale, the ecUtor of Herodotus. 

5477 ' Idem, 2 vols, in one, new, half-calf^ 
1/. 4* lb. 1681 

5478 DB OvFiciis, cum Comm. Petri Marsi. — De Amicitia, 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Aueiare$ Clasiici^ Chr. et Lat 277 

com Comm. Omnib. Leoniceni. — Cato Major, cum Comm. 
Mart, Philetici. — Paradoxa, neat, IL Is. 

Venetiisy per Baptistam de Tortis^ 
5479 Demosthenis Orationes, Gr»c^, wormed, half-bound, IBs, 

Venet, in adib. Aldi, 1504 

Editio Sbcunda. Priced In a Bookseller's Catalogue at 71. Is. 

5480 Graec.Tellum, neat, 14«. Paru, 1570 

5481 Euripidis Tragoediee Grsc. et Lat. cum annotatlonibus et preefa- 

tionibuB Gaspari Sdblini, fine copy, neat, ]4«. 

BasilecBj per Joanntm Oporinunij 1562 

5482 Flori Rerum Romanarum Librl duo Priores, cum Notis, &c. 

Begeri, illustrated with numerous fine plates, calf, neat, IBs. 

Colon. 1704 
5483 Idem, yellum, I4s....ib. 1704 

5484 Frontinus, Vegetius, ^lianus, et Modestus, de re militari, vellum, 

neat, scarce, IO9. Bd. 

Imprassit omni solertia Joannes Antonius de Bene* 
dietis Cwis BononiensisininclUacivitate Bonanue. 


5485 Gemisti (Georgii) qui et Pletho dicitur, ex Diodori, et Plutarchi 

historiis de iis, que post pugnam ad Mantineam gesta sunt, per 
capita tractatio. Herodiani a Marci principatu historiarum, 
libri octo. Enarratiunculae antique et, perbreves in totum 
Thucydidem, omnia Grsec^, sewed in vellum, II. Ss. 

VenetUs in Aldi Neacademia^ M.D.III. 

A noble specimen of Aldine Greer Typography. The present is a 
singularly large pure copy. 

5486 Herodoti Historiee, Gr. et Lat. edidit Gale, neat, 1/. 4«. 

Lond. 1679 
Dr. Harwood calls this ** an excellent edition." 

5487 BORATII Flacci Opera, cum Landini Commentariis, filntft 

IttttVf fine large copy, original stamped binding, 1/. 5s. 

VenetiiSf per Magisirum Reynaldum de Novimagio 
Almanum, M.CCCC.LXXXllI. 
5489 ■ cum Commentariis Landini, filndft 

\StUX9 half-bound, \l. 

. Impressum VenetUs^ per Bemardinutn de TVidinOj 1486 

5489 Isbcrates nuper accurate recognitus et auctus. Isocrates, Alci- 

damas, Gorgias, Aristides, Harpocration, Gr»c^, fine copy in 
yellnm, IL l(k. 

Venetiis in adibus haredum Aldz Manutii, et An- 


5490 ' Isocrates Gr. et Lat Wolfii, 
neat, Bs Paris^ 1593 

5491 ■■ ' Isocratis Oratio de laudibus 

Helens, Tabula Herodoti, Herodoti libri novem, Latin^, vellum, 
Js i Editio vetusy sine anno attt loco. 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


278 Aueiores Cloisici, Gr. et Lai. [Folio. 

5492 Junbllchtts de Mysterils ^gyptiorum, Cbaldseorum, et Assyrio- 

rum, necnon et alii Tractatus Philosophiciy yellum, 18^. 

Venetiis in adibus Aldi et Andra Socerii niense No" 

rem^rt, M.D.XV1. 

5493 LiFius, Florus, et Polybius, neat, I/. 4f. 

Venetiis in adibus Aldi et Andres Soceri, 

5494 Ladani Opera.— Icones Philostrat!.— Einsdem Heroka. — Eius- 

dem yitse Sopbistarum. — leones Junioris Philostrati.— Desodp* 
tionea Callistrati, Greece, 3/. 7'* 

Venetiis in adib, AiiDI, mcnae Junio^ M.D.IIL 

The Fir«t Aldlne Editkm, very rare. 

Renouard teUs us that fteveni copies ^ eUt M mutU^ par les com- 
missaires de rinqidsition qai on ont sii^prim^ le mcnroeaiiDe morte 
Peregrini et le dialogue Philopatris." The present copy, although 
it has eluded " cette ridicule mutilation," has not been equafiy 
fortunate in escaping the similarly undistinguishing ravages of the 
worm. Otherwise wis Is a veiy fine copy, ftplendidly bound In 
russia and richly gilt. 

5495 Manilii Astronomicon. — ^Arati Pbnooiuena Germa«ico Cesare in- 

terprete cum CommeDtariis et imagiuibus. — Arati eiasdem 
Phaenomenon FragmentuBi, Marco T. Cicero interprete.^— Arad 
eiasdem Pbagaomena Rufo Festo Avieoo Parapbraste* half-bound, 

vellumy scarce, 1&..., Venetiis, typis Aloi Romami, 1499 

5495^0ro8ii (Pauli) Historic— a rare edition, vellum, neat, ISs, 

Venet. Octw^ Scotus^ 1483 

5496 Orose (Paul) Histoires, imprime a Paris ce XXI jour d^aoust 

1489, pour Anthoine Verard, — Senecque des mots dorez des 
quatre vertus en Fraiicoys, supbrb wood-cuts, t^lAt& XttttXi 
fine copy, calf, 4/. 4s.,., Imprime a Paris pour Anthoine Verard. 

5497 Ovidii Epistolse Heroine, cum Commentarlis, VlAtIi UtttVf 9f* 

Venetiis, 1497 

5498 Pausanias, Or. et Lat* Xylandri, veUnm, l(k. 6d... Franco/. 1583 
6499 Philonis Jadsei Opera, Or. et Lat. Tamebi et Hoesekdii, Tellamt 

10*. 6(f ...^ dohn. 1613 

5500 Philostratus, Gnec^, balf-bound, neat, 1&. 

Venet. apud Aldum, M.D.I. 

5501 Pindari Opera, Gr. et Lat. a West et Welsted, fine copy in russia, 

2/. 2* , W..W Oxon. 1697 

5502 Plaatus> cum nods Variorum, yellum, neat, I8s, 

Venet. per Metchiorem Sessani et Petrum de Ra* 

vanms socios, 1518 

A fine copy of a curious, interesting, and uncommon edition. It is 
adorned with wood-guts, and Sessa's singular Device of a Cat and 
Mouse is given on the titie page. 

5503 Plinii Historia Naturalis, neat, I2s. 

Venetiis, opera et impensa Rainoldi de NovimagiOf 


5504 Quintiliani Institutioues Oratoriae, cum Commento Laurentii Val- 


Digitized by 


Folio.) AuctareM Olasnei, Or. ei Lat. Vff9 

leosis, Pomponii, ac SvIpHli, old bindiiig, neftt, ISs. A 

Impressum VeneHisper Peregrinum de Fusqualihus dc^J 

5505 Seripteres Rei Rustioee. — MarcuB Priscus CaJto, et Marcus Te- 

reoties Vilrro, half-bound, neat, ]6«. 

Impressit Bartholomeus Botionus AV Bruschus Jf2e- 
giensis, M.CCCC.LXXXII. 

EoiTio Sbcunim. The printer of this vokime was the iatroducer of 
Typography iiito Regf^io. 

5506 Sidoiiii ApoHinarifi Poena Aureum cjusdemque Epistole, fine 

oopy, old calf, neat, rare, 21. I2s. M. 

Impressum Mediolanni per magistrum Uldericum Sci' y 
zenzeler. Impcmis venerabilium dominorum PreS'/y 
byieri Hyeronimide Asula necnon Joannis de abba^^ ^ 
tibus Placentini, M.CCCC.LXXXXVIIL 

First Edition with date, very rare, and much sought after. It sold 
at the Roxburghe sale for 12/. I2s, See an accurate description of 
the volume in Dibdin's Bibl. Spenc. t. i, p. 7. 

5507 Strabonis Geographia, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Casauboni et Va- 

riorum, studio Almeloyeen. EDITIO OPTIMA, LARGE 

PAPER, rellum, fine copy, n^at, 4/ Ami. 1707 

5507*Terentiu8, cum notis, wood-cuts, vellum, 12# Paris^ 1562 

5508 Theocritus, Theognis, Hesiod, etc. FIRST ALDINE EDITION, 


Venetih characteribus ac studio Aldi Manucii Ro- 
man!, M.CCCC.XCV. 

5509 Thucydides, Gr. et Lat. Laurent!! Valise et Henric! Stephani, 

cum Scholiis, velhim, neat, 15« Franco/. 1594 

5510 Wliine, i.nterprete Laurentio Valla* calf extra, rare, 

1/. \s Absque indie. Anni, Locif atU Typographic — 

First Edition of the Latin Translation, and of uncommon scarcity. 
An accurate description of the volume is ^ven in Dibdin's Blblio- 
theca Spenceriana, vol. ii, p. 443. Priced in a catalogue at 5/. 5«. 

^11 » Idem, larg^ copy, somewhat stained, 94..... 16. — - 

5512 Valerius Maximus, cum Coninent. SUdiolani, M.D.XXIi. — 

Anneus Lucanus, cum Comment. In one vol. flIlK& l^ttft^* 
WOOD- CUTS, neat, scarce, 1/. I^. 

In adibus GuHielmi de PonKmejto Montirferrati, 


5513 Vegetii Flavii Epitome Rei Militaris, unfoNunaiefy wanting the 

first five leaves J half-bound, russia, neat, ybry rarb, 1&. 

Sine nota Antdj Locij out Typographic sed UUrajecti 
typis Nic, Ketelaer et Ger. Leempt* circa 1473 
" Eqitio Princeps, and of most extraordinary rarity."— -Beloe. 

5514 Vegetius, Frontinus, ^lianus, et Modestus de Rebus Militaris, 

WOOD-CUTS, neat^ 12«..«..... Parisiisj apud Wechel^ 1553 

5515 Vegece (Flave) Rene du £uti de Guerre et fleur de Che- 
54» Patbrmostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


280 Auctorea Cla$sicif Or. et Lat. [Quarto. 

Valerie;. Sezte Jale Frondn des Stntftgemes; ^|ian de 
L'ordre des Battailles ; Modeste; Pareillemeiit GXX. Histoires 
coneernans le fiiit de Guerre, ioinctes a Veg^ece. Traduicts par 
le Polygraphe humble Secretaire et Historien da Pare d'Honneur, 
wood-cuts, JblACil IttttVf remarkably fine large copy, in beau- 
tiful old red moroceo, gilt leaves, 2/. 

Paris, par Christian Wechel, M.D.XXXVI. 

TUB copy, for its perfect, flpotless condition, ampUtade of margin, 
and elegance of binding, is not to be equalled. 

5516 Virgile GSuyres, translatees de Latin en Frangois, wood-cuts, 
Iblarft IttUty old bindingy scarce, ISs Paris, 1540 


5517 iBlianus de Militaribus Ordinibus institoendis more Grseconim, 

Or, Francisc. Robortelli, fine copy, vellum, 7'« 

Venetiisy MDLII. 

" Premiere Edition, assez rare."— Brunbt. 

5518 ^schyli Tragcedise, Or. et Lat. cum Comment. Thomas Stanleii, 

et Notis Variorum, curante Joanne Gornelio de Pauw, 2 vols, 
fine copy in russia, 3/ • .Mag, Com, 1745 

Dr. Clarke calls this << a heautifiil edition ; " Moss says it is << raie, 
and in request ; " and Brunet informs ns, that *' on la recherche 
assez, et les ezemplaires s'en trouvent difficUement." 

5519 Anacreon, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Pauw, vellum, neat, Ts, 

Traj. ad Rhen. 1732 

5520 Anthologia Grseca cum versione Latina Hugonis Grotii, edita ab. 

Hieronymo de Bosch, vol. i, thick papbr, vellum, 9^. 

Uttmj. 1795 

5521 Aulus Gellius, cum Notis utriusque Gronovii, vellum, neat, \l, 5s, 

Lug. Bat. 1706 

" The notes of other Critics are selected with judgment, and the ex- 
planatory remarks of Gronovius must give every scholar the most 
exalted idea of his singular erudition. It is now a rare book.** — 
Dr. Harwood. 

5522 Aurelius Victor, cum Notis Variorum, curante Joanne Amtzenio, 

vellum, W. Is • ,Amst, 1733 

5523 Idem, neatly bound, 18* ih, 1733 

<' Editio Optima. Amtzenius, by his critical sagacity, extensive 
erudition, and diligence in comparing MSS, has succeeded in 
greatly improving the text of this historian. With respect to 
ulustration, we find in this edition, his own notes, and those of 
preceding editors." — ^Moss's Manual, vol. i, p. 208. 

[Wii<i.iAif Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Quarto.] Auetotes ClOMiei, Gr. §t Lai. 281 

5524 Ausonius inierpreiatione et ne^ in umtn Delphini^ beMitifuI copy 

in T«l)uiD, neat, \L As PutU, 1730 

5525 Csesar, interpretatione et notis in asuin Dtlptiini, lialf-ealf, neat, 

12* i * Bassani, 1786 

5526 Catonis Distichse de Moribas, cum Commento, JblAdl Iftt^tTy 

fine copy, neat, rarb, 149. 

Morosi Catania mterpretaiio finit felUnttr exarata in 
Paridana utbe in vivo sancti Jacobin per Pbtrvm 
Lbybt, 1487. 

ft527 Catho cum Commeoto, Ill4(il^ Itttit, recently botind 

in pale russia, rare, 16*. 

Typis S. Fblicis Balioault, circa 1490 
5528 CatuIluB, Tibullas, et Propertius, beautifully printed by 

Babkbrvillb, very fine copy, calf, lAs ...,,Birm. 1772 

5520 Cellarii Notitia Orbis antiqui, give Geographia plenior, 2 vols, 
maps, neat, lOs Cantab. 1703 

5530 Cicbronis Orationes, cum notis, ad usum Delphini, 3 vols. 

neat, 2/. 5* Parisiis^ 1684 

5531 ■ ■ fiptstolffi ad Familiares, in nsura Delphini, fine copy, 

neat, 1& i6. 1685 

5532 Claudiani Opera, Interpretatione et Annotationibtis iitustrtvit 

Gnl. Pyrrho, in ifsain Delpbini, ^nt copy, neat, rare, I/. 89. 

ib. \&n 

'' Ce volume qui fait partie de la collection des Auteurs ad usum 
Delphini est un des mohis faciles a trouver.*^ — De Burr. 

5533 Cornelius Neposde Vita Cxcellentium Imperatorttm, notM Nicolai 

Omrthi, in usum Delphini, balf-inmnd, 7« ^.i^. 1675 

5534 Diegfieiies Laertius de vitis, decretis, et responsiv eelebrlnm Philo- 

•ophofum, Grsec^, neat, 14s Baskkts, Freben. 1538 

EoiTio Frincbps. Brunet says it is rare. A copy sold for 41, bi. at 
Dr. Askew's Sale. 

5535 Dlonyeii Halicarnassei de Thucydidia Hratoria Judkinflu, Andrea 

DHd^io Panm>iiio interprete, 8«..r...r fenefiif, Aldus, 1560 

5536 EyistokB diversorum Grsecorum, Grsec^y defective in the middle, 

neat, rare, 9«...... «•». ...^....Aldus, 1499 

5537 EnCropias, in asum Delphini, boards, uncut, 7s..,...Par%s^ 1726 

5538 Flori Epitome Historiae Romanse, interpretatione et uotis in usum 

Delphini, neat, 10*..... ih. 1674 

5539 Hephsstionis EnchiriiUondeMetris etPoemate cum scholiis anti- 

quis et aaimadv. De Pauw, half-bound , As Traj, 17 26 

5540 Healodi Opera, Grsc^ cum schoUis Trincavelii, fine copy, neat, 

1^ Venetiis, M.D.XXXVII. 

Editio Frincbps, and held in high estimation by both Critics and 
Bibliographers. Its rarity is acknowledged by all, and evinced by 
a copy selling for 4/. 4i. so long back as at the Pinelli Sale. 

5541 Hyginus et Polybius de Castris Roraanis, cum notis, vellum, 3*. 

Amst. 1660 
54y Patbrnostbr Row.] 2 O 

Digitized by 


S82 Awstor^B CUuwi, Gr. «# Lai. [Quarto. 

6543 JamblicboB de Vita Pyibagom, Gr. et Lat. eom Notis Knsteri^ 

neat, 7« Anut. 1707 

5543 Jorenalis Satyrs, IlUrfc UtUt, scarce. Us. 

ParisiUj opera M. Georgii Vuo{f Cadensis, 

5544 et PersiuSyCum interpreUtiooe et notis Lud. Pratei, io 

118UID Delphini, fine copy in ?ellum, 1/. 5# ParisiiSf 1684 


neat, 12* Birm. 1761 

5546 Lncanas, cum nods Variorum, cnrante Francisco Ondendorpio, 

qui suas etiam adnotationes et copiosos indices adjecit, neat, 
1/. 89 Lugd. Bat. 1728 

** A very ezceUent edition ; it contains the ancient Scholia, the select 
notes of various ancient and modem editors, with ihe editor's 
own remarks and annotations, in which he has explained the 
subject of his author in a concise and perspicuous manner." — 
Dr. Dibdin. 

5547 Miuucii (M. Felicis) Octavius, cum notis Jacobi Ouzelii, accedit 

Julius Firmicus Maternus de Errore Profanarum Religionum, 
vellum, 7* ib. 1652 

5548 Ocellus Lucauus de Natura Universi, 6r. et Lat. Paraphrasi et 

CommeDt* C. £. Vizzanii, vellum, scarce, 6$ Bonon, 1646 

5549 Ovidii Metamorphoseon, ad usum Delphini, neat, 9s. 

DubUn, 1729 

5550 Panegyrici Veteres, ad usum Delphini, neat, 7s Paris^ 1728 

5551 Petronius, ex Musaeo D. J. Antonii Gonsali de Salas, portrait, 

vellum, As Francqf, 1629 

5552 -— --— — — ^— — ..— ^ cum Notis Variorum, curante 

P. Bnrmanno, vellum, 14« Traj.adKken. 1709 

5553 ■ Edido altera, cujus accedunt 
cnree secundse Burmanni, 2 vols, new, vellum, IZ. Ms. 6d. 

Amst. 1733 

5554 Phsdri Fabuls ^sopis, cum comment. Petri Burmanni, old 

bindings, neat, 9« Leid. 17^7 

5555 -—— Another Copy, in clean vellum, \0s. M..... ib. 

** I have carefully read over Burman's edition of Phaedrus, printed at 
Leyden in 1727, and it is very correct, and does great honour to 
the singular erudition and critical acumen of that great man." — 
Vide Harwood's View, 12mo. p. 195. 

5556 Phile de Animalium Proprietate, 6r. et Lat. cum animadv. J. C. 

de Pauw, vellum, 5s Traj. 1730 

5557 Pbrynichi Eclogse Nominum et Verborum Atticorum, Gr. et Lat. 

curante J. C. de Pauw, vellum, 5s Traj. ad Rhen. 1750 

5558 Pindari Opera Grasce, cum Scboliis Gr. fine copy, in vellum, 

scarce, Ids...... Francqf. opera et impensa Petri Brubachii^ 1542 

5559 Plauti Comadia^ notis in usum Delphini^ 2 vols, old calf, neat, 

rare,2Z.7*. Paris, 1679 

" This edition forms part of the series of Delphin classics, and is one 
of the scarcest and most esteemed." De Bure Biblioo. In- 
STRUCT, vol. iii, p. 250. 


Digitized by 


Quarto.] Auetores Classid, Gr. ^t LaU 283 

5560 Pllnii Panegyricus, cum Notis Variorum, curaute J. Amtzenios 

neat, 14« % A^nst. 1738 

5561 fine copy, prize yellum, 16*. 

ih. 1738 

5562 Plutarclii Cheronensis Apophthegmata e Greco in Latinum tra- 

ducta, elegantissime Phileifo interprete, filE(& XttttV^ 1*,^ ^ 
Per Richardum Pqfrat {Daventria)^^ 

5563 Pomponii Lseti Romans Historic Compendium ab interitu Gor- 

diani junioris usque ad Justinum III, fine copy, vellum, 16f. 


5564 Qttintus Curtius, in usum Delpbini, old binding, scarce, 18«. 

Parii, 1678 

5565 ' cum Notis Variorum, cura Snakbnburg, 2 vols. 
LARGE PAPER, vellum, 3/ Lug. Bat. 1724 

** Some copies are struck o£f on large paper, and, in fine preservation, 
. bring a considerable sum." — ^Vide Dibdin's Introduction, 8vo. 
p. 343. 

5566 Scriptores Rei Rusticse Veteres Latini Cato, Varro, Columella, 

&c. curante Jo. Matth. Gesnero, 2 vols. haJf-bound, neat^ 1/. 

Lips. 1735 

5567 Sophocles, Gr. et. Lat. Capperonier et Vauvilliers, 2 vols, calf, 

neat, 1/. ll*. 6d , Paris, 1781 

5568 Statins, cum Comment. Cruceii, 2 vols, vellum, II. 48... ih. 1618 

5569 Suetonius, ex recens. Grsvii cum Notis Variorum, vellum, neat, 

12* Traj. 1691 

5570 — Carol. Patinus notis et numismatibus illustravit, finb 


5571 cum comment. Almeidi, ad usum Jos. Portugallensis, 

neat, 14* Hag. Com. IJ^j 

5572 Terentius, in usum Delpbini, half-bound, russia, neat, 18*. 

Paris, 1675 

5573 Theophili Antecessoris Parapbrasis Grseca Institutionum Csesarea* 

rum : cum Notis Variorum, cura G. Otto Reitz, 2 vols, new, in 
calf, 1/. Hag. Com. 1751 

5574 Tibullus, Brouckhusii, vellum, neat, 10*. 6d Amst. I7O8 

5575 Vegetius, Frontinus, Modestus, ^iianus, et Onosander de Rebus 

Militaris, old morocco binding, scarce, 10* Rome, 1494 

5576 Velleius Paterculus, in usum Delpbini, neat, I4s Paris, 1675 

5577 Virgilius, ad usum Delpbini, neat, 1/. 1* Amst. 1690 

5578 ad usum Delpbini, old calf, II Paris, li575 

5579 ad usum Delpbini, vellum, 14* ib. 1722 

5580 — '• = Idem, large copy, neat, 1/. 1* ib. 1722 

5581 ad usum Delpbini, half-bound, 7s Bassani, 1804 

5582 cum integris Comment. Servii, Pbilargyrii, Pierii, 

Notis Variorum, recensuit Masuicius, 2 vols, plates, neat, vellum, 
1/. Ss. Venet. 1736 

54, Patbrmostbr Kow.] 

Digitized by 


984 Auctores Clanioi, Or. «l Xol. [Octavo. 


5583 Achilles Tittius, Gr. et Lat, cum Nods Salmasli et aHor. ; care 

Boden, neat, 7« .Up9. 1776 

*' Cette Edition est oelle qa'on pr^f^re.*'— Brunvt. 

5584 JBlianus de Nature Animalium, Or. et Lat. aDimadvers. Schuei- 

deri, calf, 12* ih. 1784 

5585 JSschiiiig in Ctesiphontem et Demosthenis de Corona, Orationes, 

Greec. cum delectu Anuotationum, boards, 3«. M,,.Oxon. 1807 

5586 ^schinis Socratici Dialogi tres, Gr. et Lat. k Clerico, half-bound, 

neat, 4« Amst. \^\\ 

5587 ^schylus, Grcec^, recensuit et Commentario illustrerit Chr. Go- 

dofr. 8chutc, 3 yols. half-bound, neat, 1/. 5f Hal<B^ 1809 

** Igitar subductis omnibas rationibus, banc editionem omnium utl- 
liMimam judicamus ad fiicUem accmratamqoe tn^jki int^Bgen- 
tiam."— BiBL. CaiT. p. 137, 8vo. 

5588 Grsec. et Lat. Porsoni, 2 yols. boards, 9*. 

Glasgow, FouLis^ 1796 

5589 Septem contra Thebas, Gnec^, cum Schol. et Notis 

Schwenkii, 2*. (M ,,,.,Traj. 1818 

Priced at lOt. in Mosa's Classical Bibliogxaphy. 

5590 Septem contra Thebas, Grsec. Notis et Glosaario C. J. 

Blomfieldi, written in, boards, 2«. 6d Cantab. 1812 

5591 Persse, Notis et Glossario C. J. Blomfieldi, boards 

(published at 8f.),4«. i^. 1818 

55j92 Agamemnon, Notis et Glossario C. J. Blomfieldi, 

boards, 5^ ib. 1818 

5593 Alexandri ab Alexandro Genialium Dierum, lib. vi, cum Notis 

Variortun , 2 vols, fine copy in calf, \2s I^d. Bat, 1 673 

" A good edition ; it is one of the most esteemed of the Varioram 
Classics."— Db Bure. 

5594 Analecta Li^tina Majorat with Bnglisb notes, new, boards, 4«. ; 

bound, 58 ,,..Lond. •*«— -o- 

5595 Anthologia Grneca Poetica, h, Harles, half-bound, 3$. 6d. 

Norimb. 1775 

5596 Antonini LiberaKs Trensformationuui Congeries, Gr. et Lat. 

curft Heur. Verheylc, ^ditio oftiva^ prize yellum, 4«. 

Lugd.Bat. 1774 

5597 Appiauus, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Variorum et ToUii, 2 vols. 

neat, 18*. .Amst. 1670 

5598 Apuleii Opera Omnia, Elmenhorstii, vellum, Ss,.. Franco/. 1621 

5599 A rati Solensis Phenomena et Diosomea, Gr. et Lat. curayit 

Buhle, 2 Tols. boards, canvass backs, lettered, 148... Lips. 1793 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] Auciores Clas$ici, Gr. et Lat. 385 

5600 AriBtophaneB, Gnec^, ?ellam, 5j BamL 1532 

SeOl Gr. et Lat. studio R. F. P. BruDck, 3 vols, boards, 

105. 6d Lond. 1823 

5602 ■ ' Gr. ct Lat. Variis Lectiombus,Not]s, etc* a Brunck, 

3 vols, boards, 18« ib. 1823 

5603 Plutus, Gr. adjecta sunt Scholia Vetusta. cnravit 

T. Hemsterhuis, half-bound, neat, 59 HarL 1744 

'* One of the most accurate editions of a Greek author ever pub- 
lished." — Harwood. 

5604 Aristotelis Opera, Latin^, 10 vols. Id 4, vellum, neat» 10s. 

Francqf, 1593 

5605 Ethica, Gr. et Lat. notis Wilkinson, boards, 4^. 

Oxon. 1809 

5606 — Excerpta ex Organo ; de Simplicibus Terminis, de 

PropositioDe, et de Syllogismo, boards, 3».— calf, 4s. ib, 1802 

5607 Riccoboni Paraphrasis in Rhetoricam Aristotelis, bds. 

3s. 6d ib. 1819 

5608 Bardaii Argenis,fine portrait, neat, 5s Lugd* Bat. 1664 

5609 Burton (Jo^annis) Pentalogia, sive Tragaediaruro Grsecamm 

Delectus, Grsec^, cum adnotatione cura Thomse Burgess, 2 vpla* 
neat, 9is ..,.. Oxon. 1779 

5610 Catonis Disticha, Gr. et Lat. notis variorum, Flosculis Poeticis, 

et lnterpretationibus» adornata variis, veHuOx 6s. Afusi. 1759 

5611 Cellarii Geographia Antiqua* maps» bound, 2s. 6d. 1812 

5612 CicBRONis Orationes, cum notis Variorum ex recen^one, J. G. 

Grsevii, 6 vols, neat, 3Z... Jnut. 1699 

** The text of thi» edkioA ii beaatUiilPf and correctly printed, and 
the notes of Greevius contain a wonderful tFeasure of }uit 
criticism and elegant erudition."— Dr. Harwood. 

6613 ' £pist«1» ad FamiMareff, eooi noEtis-VarierttttetGnimi, 
2 vols, neat, 16*. ^ ib. 1693 

5614 ' ■' ■ Idem, notis Variorum, 2 vote. 

kn one, vdkun, 8s .........iB. 1677 

5615 i i ■ ■ . l^istoln ad Atdeum, eum nolis Variorwm ct Gr^vii, 
2 vols, neat, I6s ib. 1727 

5516 de Officus, cum notis Variorum et Grsevit, 2 vols^ in 

one, neat, 12sw Lugd. Bat. 1710 

5gl7 ■ deOratore, notis Pearce, neat, 5s ^..Cantab. 1732 

5gi}8 .-..-*.-.« de Orator*, ex edit. Ernesti, notisr Variorum, neat, 6s. 

Chon. 1809 

5619 -.^.— -*-^ de Oratore, de claria Oratoribua, Oratorise Partitiones 

et Topicft, curante A. Stewart, ealf, neat, 4s. %d. Edinb. 1812 

5621 Orationes Selectee, animadversionibus Weiske, half- 

fc«ind,4». Ups. 180? 

5522 Academica, notis Variorum, Davisii, neat, 4s. 

Cantah. 1725 
5583 M ,i . Academica, curavit Hulsfimann, new In catf, Js. 

Magdeb. 1806 
54, PiTBRvoeTEA Row.] 

Digitized by 


S86 Auctares Cla$$ioi, Gr. et Lai. [OoTAirO^ 

5624 Cicero de Legibas* notls Varioram Davisii, neat, d#. 6d, 

Cantab. 1727 

5525 de Finibus, notis Variorum, Davisii, neat, ds, 

ib. 1728 

5526 : de Finibus, Davisii, editio secunda, neat, 7*. 

ib. 1741 

5527 — -^— de Finibas, ex recens. Davisii, cum nods Variorum, 

edidit Rath, new half-calf, 5^ Hal, Sax. 1804 

5628 ■ de Divinatione et de Fato, notis Variorum et Davisii, 

neat, 4« Cantab. 1730 

5529 .. Ernest! Glavis Ciceroniana, sewed, 5$ Hal. 1769 

5630 Claudianus, cum notis Variorum et Heinsii, new in calf, ISs. 

Amst. ex off. Elzeviriana^ 1665 

5631 Cleomedis Meteora, Or. et Lat. comment. Balforei et Bake, 

sewed, 4ff Lugd. Bat. 1820 

5632 Cornelius Nepos, notis Variorum, accurante Keuchenio, neat, 

35. 6d ib. 1658 

6633 ■ cum var. lect. bound, 1*. 6d Oxon. 1708 

5634 in usum Delphini, neat, 2s. 6d...L<md. 1729 

5535 curavit Carey, neat, 2s. 6<f. ib. 1820 

5535 Wichers Disquisitio critica de fontibus et 

auctoritate Com. Nepotis, Is. 6d Groning. 1828 

5637 Dawes (Ricardi) Miscellanea Critica, cum adnotat. Thoms Bur<» 

g^ess, edidit Gottl. Christoph. Harless, neat, 7^ ^ps* 1800 

5638 Demosthenis Orationes, Gr. et Lat. notis, edidit Allen, 2 vols. 

neat, ds •.•••• ••... Lond. 1755 

5639 Demosthenis et ^scbinis Opera Omnia, Gr»c. cum var. lect. 

2 vols, new boards (publisbed at 1/. lis. Bd.), IJs. ib. 1824 

5640 Orat, de Corona, Gr. et Lat. Taylori, half-bound, 

4s Cantab. 1769 

5641 Selectee Orationes, Gr. et Lat. notis Ricardi 

Mounteney, bound, 3s. 6d • Eton. 1791 

5642 Idem, neat, 3s.,. Cantab. 1731 

5643 Dionysii (Halicarnassensis) Archeologise Romanae, quee ritus 

Romanes ezplicat Synopsis, Greece, cum animadvers. Dav. Chr. 

Grimm, calf, 6s Lips. 1786 

5644 de antiquis oratoribus, commen- 

tarii, Gr. et Lat. recensuit Edv. Rowe Mores, neat, 3s. 6d. 

Oxon. e typogr. Clarend. 1781 
5545 de priscis Scriptoribus tractatus, 

Grsec. et Lat. Graeca recens. notasque adjec. Guil. Holwell, 

neat, 3s Lond. 1766 

5646 ■ LAROB PAPER, board», 6#. 

ib. 1766 
6647 ' — . editio altera, neat, 3s. 6d. 

ib. 1778 
5648 Epictetus, et Cebetis Tabula, Gr. et Lat. notis variorum et Ber- 

kelii, bound, 2s.^neat, 2s. 6d Lugd. Bat. 1670 

5649 vellum, 2s. 6d. ib. 1683 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] Auctares Cla$sici, Ghr. et Lai. 287 

5650 Epictetns, et Cebetis Tabala, Or. et Lat. notis Variorum, recen- 

salt Schroderus, bound, 3s. — vellum, 4$ Delph. 1723 

5651 ■ Epictetus, Cebetis Tabula, et Tbeopbrasti Characte- 
res, 6r. et Lat. notis Simpson, neat, 3s Land, 1758 

5652 -----------—---——-----—-__ brown calf, extra, 5s, 

Oxon. 1804 

5653 Euripides, Or. et Lat. Scholiis et notis King, 2 vols, neat, lOs. 

Cantab. 1726 

5654 ' Phoenissa, Gr. et Lat. King, bound. If. 6d, 

5655 ■ Hecuba, 6r. edidit Porson, with explanatory and 
illustrative notes by Walker, Is Ojf. 1826 

5656 Troades, Grsec. et Lat. nods Porsoni, Bumeii, &c. 

boards, canvass back (published at 8f.), 2s 1819 

6057 SuppHces Mulieres, Gr. et l4it. notis, half-calf, 4*. 

Lond. 1775 
5058 — — — Orestes, Gr»c. notis Porsoni, sewed, 2f. ib. 1821 

5659 Eutropius, with Ordo, &c. by Stirlingr, u. ed 1780 

5660 Extracts from Greek Authors, with notes, and a Lexicon, bound, 

35. 6d Glasg. 1824 

5661 Florus, ex recens. Blanckardi, cum notis Salmasii, vellum, 

4s. 6d Lugd. Bat. 1648 

5662 ■ cum notis Variorum et Grsevii, vellum, 3*. 6d. — 
neat, 4s. 6d Traj. Bat. 1680 

** This is an excellent edition, of which Harwood and Ernest! speak 
In high terms of praise."— Dr. Dibdin. 

5663 cum notis Variorum et Gravii, neat, Js. 

Amst. 1692 

5664 ex recens. Gr«vii cum notis Variorum, 2 vols. 

neat, Ss. — fine copy in vellum, Ss. — 2 vols, in one, half-bound, 
russia, Js ..., • .,...ib. 1702 

5665 in usum Delphini, neat, 3s. 6d Lond. 1727 

5666 Frontinus, notis Keuchenii, vellum, 4s Amst. 1661 

5667 notis Variorum et Oudendorpii, editio optima, vel- 
lum, 6* Lugd. Bat. 177^ 

5068 studiis Societatis Bipontinse, boards, canvass back, 

lettered, 4s Biponti, 1788 

5669 Homeri Opera, Gr. et Lat. ex recens. et cum Notis Glarkii, 
cur^ Ernesti, 5 vols, neat, scarce, vellum, 2/. 2s. 

Lipsiasy 1759-64 

''This publication of Ernesti does that great scholar sinfi^lar 
cre^t ; it is now become scarce, and the pupil will do well to 
procure it the very first opportunity which offers." — ^Da. Dibdin. 

5070 Ilias, Grac. cum scholiis Didymi, 2 vols, calf extra, 

lOs Oxon. 1811 

5671 I Ilias, Grsec. et Lat. notis Clarke, 2 vols, neat, 9s. 

Land. 1768 

5672 :• Claris Homerica, cura Dr. Samnelis Patrick, neat, 3*. 

ib. 1771 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


388 Auctores CIosbuA, Or. %i Lai. [Octavo. 

5673 Horatins, cum schol. vet. et notis Baxteri, Var. Leqt. et Obser- 

vat. Gesneri et Zeunii, boards, 7« • Edinh. 1806 

5674 Justinus, oum notia Variorum et Grseviiy neat, As. ^. 

Lugd. Bat. 1683 

5075 .._— .^ in Qsum DelpbiDi, bound, 3«. — neat, 4«. — new half- 

calf, 4^. 6d. 

5076 ' ■ ■ Btudiis Soeietatis BiponttnaB, fine copy in vellum, 5«. 

Bipont, 1784 

5677 Juvenalis et Persius, Btudiis Soeietatis Bipontise, sewed, 3s, — 

new in calf, 5s t^. 1785 

5678 ■ expurgatse, in usum Scholanim, edente 
Vicesimo Knox, neat, As. 6d Land. 1784 

5679 ■ . ' ' new boards, As ib. 1822 

5680 Livitts, cum notis Variorum et Gronovii, 3 vols, new In calf, 

\L lis. 6d Amst, upud Laidov. 4* Don. Elzeviriosy 1665 

5680 * Idem, bditio optima, 

3 vols, neat, 22. 12^. M. 

Amsi. apud DanUlem EUeviriwn^ 1679 

** Printed by the Elzevirs. These are the excellent editions of Gro- 
novius, of which the first is a very neat and valiiable one, but 
t^ last is generally esteemed the edit, opt." — Dr. Diboin. 

5681 ex recensione Drakenborcbii, ed. H. Homer, 8 vols. 

royal 8vo. large paper, calf, neat (publisbed at 62. 6$.), 2/. Ts. 

Lond. 1794 

'< One of the most correct and beautiful octavo editions of a Roman 
Classic that has ever been published, containing a very copioiM 
and useful index, &c.** — Dr. Dibdin. 

5082 ' ex recens. Drakenborehii, acceduat Notse Integra Cre* 
vierii, 4 vols, calf, neat, 1/. lOs Oxom. 1814 

5083 ■ Annotationibus illustrati Hearnii, 6 vols, neat, 18s. 

ih. 1708 

** This is a very accurate edition, and does honour to that indus- 
trious antiquary." — Da. Harwood's View, 12mo. p. 200. 

5684 LoNGiNus, Gr. et Lat. a Pearce, neat, Ss DubL 1733 

5685 • Idem, neat, As. 6d. 

Lond. 1743 

5686 — ^ " Gr. et Lat. notis et animadversionibus Toupii, 

emendationibus Ruhnkenii, new in calf, Ts. 6d Oxon, 177^ 

5687 Mori Libellus Animadversionum ad Longinum, 

Is. M , Lips. 1773 

5687*LuciAN.— Excerpta quaedam ex Luciani Operibus per N. Kent, 

Gr. et Lat. cum notis, neat, 3s Caniab. 1730 

5688 ' Select IMalogues of Lacian^ with literal Latin 

translation, and English notes, by Edw. Murpht, neat. As. 

Land. 1744 

■ Luciani quomodo Historia conscribenda sit, edidit 

ac notis rttustravit Frahciscvs RioiyLAT, neat, 2fi. 6d, 

Oxon. 1776 
[William Baynbs, 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Aueiores ClasBid, Or. ei Lai. 289 

5690 Lacian.— -Jenflii Lectioues Lnciaoesy yellvin, 2«. 6d, 

Hag. Com. 1699 

5691 LTBiiB Opera Omnia, Grsee. et Lat. cam var. lect. et notls 

edidit Athanasias Auger, 2 voh. neat, 18f . 

ParisiiSf typis Didoi, 1783 

51592 Opera Omnia, Or. et Lat. cum var. lect. annotationi- 

boa variorum, illustravit G. S. Dob9on, 2 toIs. new boards, 
canvass backs (published at \L 16«.)> 16s t^ond. 1828 

5^3 Macrobius, notis Variorum et Gronovii, bound, 4s 26. 1694 

5694 Martialis, interpretatione et notis ad usum Delphini, neat, 3*. 6d, 

ib. 1701 

5695 Minucius Felix, cum notis Variorum et Oozelii, vellum, 4«. 

Lugd. Bat. 1672 

5696 Oridii Opera, cum notis Variorum et Cnippingii, 3 vols, neat, 

11. 7» AfMt. 1683 

5^97 Metamorphoses, interpretatione et notis ad usum Del- 
phini, neat, 3« .Land. 1737 

5698 Idem, bound, 3*. %d. ih. 1820 

5999 ' Idem, new bound (published 

at 9«.), 3«. M. 

5700 • Metamorphoses, with Abb^ BanierHi Historic and 
Mythologic Explanations in English, half-bound, neat, 4$. M. 


5701 ■ Bachet Commentalres stir les Epistres d'Oride, 2 vols. 

neat, 7' • • HayCy I7I6 

5702 Pausanias, Gr. et Lat. recensuit, emendarit, explanarit Facius, 

4 vols. BDiTio OPTIMA, sowcd, \l. As Lips. 1794 

5703 Phaedrus, cum notis Variorum et Laurentii, with numerous en« 

gravings, reilum, lOf. 6(2....^*.... • AnnU 1667 

nils copy has the plate at p. 27C, which is, as De Bare remarks, ** un 
peu libre et ind^cente," and sometimes wanting. 

5704 editio accurata, new half-calf, Zs.M Biponi. 1781 

5705 Phalaridis Epistolse, Gr. et Lat. notis Boyle, Lennep, Valckenaer 

et Schsfer, sewed, 4«. 6(2 • ....laps. 1823 

5706 PhilsB Garmina Grseca, Gr. et Lat. cura Wemsdorffi, fine paper, 

boards, 4*. M ih. 1768 

5707 Pindar, Gr. et Lat. notis Heynii, boards, 35. %d Oxmu 1815 

5708 Platonis Dialog! Ill, quibus pr«Gg. Olympiodori Vita Platonis et 

Albini Introductio, Gr. et Lat. opera Guil. Etwall, large 

FAPBR, boards, 3^. 6^... •• • Oxon, 1771 

5709 Timsei Sophists Lexicon Vocum Platonicarum edidit, 

atque animadyersionibus illustrarit D. Ruhnkenius, calf, 6$. 

Lugd. Bat. 1789 

** Hie libellns in tota literatura Graeca simul et brevissimoa et doc- 
titsimus."— BauNCK. 

5710 Morgenstem (Caroli) de Platonis Republica Commen- 

tationes tres, sewed, 3« »•••• • Hal. 1794 

54, PatbKnostbr Row.] 2 P 

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390 Auciare9 Clauici» Or. et Lai. [Octavo. 

5711 Plaiitas, fioe copy* vellaniy neat, sciiRGB, 1/. 4<. 

Venetiis in mdihus Aldi et Andrea Asulani Soceriy 
mmse Julio, M.D.XX1I. 

5712 Editio accuraU, 3 voli. half-bound. It. Bipmt. 1788 

5713 Piinii Pan^gyricus, cum ootis Variorum, yellum, 4&. 6d. 

Lagd. Bat. 1675 

5714 > Idem, russia, neat, 6*. 

ib. 1675 

57I6 -: Heraolai Barbari in C. Piinii Natiiralis Historic libroa 

Castigationes, calf, neat, scarce, 6« jBan2ece, 1534 

57 16 Plctarchi Moralia, id est Opera, exceptis Vitis, reiiqua, Gr. et 

Lat. animadyersionibus DakibiiIs Wtttsvbach, 9 vols, new in 
calf, 6/. 61 Oxon. 1795-1821 

5717 . ■ Demtostbenis et Ciceronis Vits Parallels, Gr. et 

Lat. DQtis Bartoni, yellum, Zs t6. 1744 

57 18 Trut^ sur la nani^e de discerner un flatteur 

d'avec.yn Ami, Grec. et Fran^oise avec des noteat neat, 3f. 

PariB, 1772 

5719 Poetffi Gneei, 6r. et Lat. notis, new bound, 3«..« ...Eton, 1814 

5720 PolysenuB, Gr. et Lat. cum notis Variorum et Maasaicii, bditio 

orriiCA, yeUum, lOs. 6(2 Lugd. Bat. 1690 

5721 . Idem, prize copy, yellum, 

neat, 13« ib. 1690 

5722 Polybius. — Lexicon Polybianum, ab Schweighsusero, new bds. 

canyass back, lettered, 7^ ,.Oxon. 1822 

5723 Pomponius Mela, cum uotis Variorum et Groooyii, neat, 7'- 

Lugd. Bat. 1722 

5724 - — Idem, editio altera, notis ya- 

.rionini Perixonii et Gronoyii^ yellum, Ss ib. 1782 

5725 Idem, calf, neat, 9s..,ih. IJSi 

5726 Quintiliani Institutiones Oratorifle, yellum, lOs. 6d. 

Venetiis in tzdihus Aldi, et Andrea Soceriy mense 
Januarioj M.D.XXI. 

6727 — ^ notis Rollin, neat, 69. 

Lond., 175s 

6728 ' notis Rollin, cdfti a T. C. 

Harles, 2 yols. in one, half-bound, neat, 4^ AUenh. 1773 

6729 Quintus Curtius, notis Variorum, neat, Ts Amst. 1684 

6730 notis Variorum et Pitisci, plates, yellum, 8».— 

calf, neat, 9s TJltraj, 1685 

6731 Idem, yellum, 6». M, ib. 1693 

5732 — ■ Idem, BDiTio OFTiHA, nt. 9#. 

Hag. Com. I7O8 
&733 Rei Rustics Scriptores, cum tribns Indicibus, yellum, 3s, 6d. 


5734 Sallustius, notis Variorum et Thysii, neat, ^....Lugd. Bat. 1654 

5735 ' ■ notis Variorum et Thysii, editio seeunda, auctier et 
emendatior, neat, &• •••••« ....ib* 1659 

IWiLhum BAnntSf 

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Octavo.] Awtores Classici, Or. et Lai. 291 

5736 Sallustius, interpretatione et notis io usum Delphini, fit. 3s. 

Lond. 1726 

5737 in usum Delph. bound, 2s, 6d, — calf, neat, 3s. 6d. 

ib. I8I7 

5738 Sanctii Minerva, animadversionibus Perizonii, neat, 5s, 

Amst. 1714 

5739 — Idem, vellkm, a prize copy, 

& ih. 1754 

574a Idem, vellum, 6s ib. 1795 

5741 Scriptores de Re Rustica, LARGE PAPER, recently half-boand 

in xussia, rare. Ml \\s. 6d. . 

Venedis in adibus Aldi^ et Andrea Soceri, mense 
Maio, M.D.XII1I. 
The margins are filled with MS obaervationfi. 

5742 eat hx^^t in tbe original g t a mp ed yd- 

lam binding, clasps, 18s. 

Vtnetiisj in adibus Ai<m, M.DJJ[XXIII. 
** This edition is rare, and little known/'-r-Da. Dibdin. 
6743 Graeci, Or. et Lat., bound, 35. 6d Eton. 1810 

5744 Senecs et Syri Mimi siugulares Sententise, Lat. et Grsec. notis 

Scaligeri et Gruteri, vellum, 5^ Lugd. Bat. I7O8 

5745 =^ Idem, velhim, As. 6d. 

ib. 1727 

6746 SenecsB (Rbetorls) Opiera, sewed, 4*. 6d.— half-bound, neat, 

5s. 6d Argent. 17^3 

5747 Sibjillina Oracula, Gr. et Lat. cum notis iDpsopaei, vellum, neat, 

scarce, 6s Paris, 1607 

5748 Sophocles, Gr, et Lat. Scholiis, Notis, et Variis Lectionibus, 

opera Thomse Johnson, 3 yols. ^ne copy, neat, 12s. Lond. 1746 

5749 Gr. cum Scholia Bt animadyersionibus Musgravii, 

8 vols, half-bound, russia, neat, 18s Oxon. 1800 

5750 Gr. et Lat. cum Scholiis, notis Brunckii, et var. led. 

Erfurdt, 3 vols, boards, 15s Land. 181^ 

5751 — Ajax, Gr. cum Scholiis et Comment. Perpetuo, ed. 

Lobeck, boards, 5s Lij)s. 1809 

5^52 Philoctetes, Gr. cum var. lect. schol. notisque Erfurdt, 

half.calf,5s :. ib. 1805 

5753 Philoctetes, -Gr. Bt Lat; notis, curante T- Morell, 

Is. 64 ,....: :.... Lond. 1777 

5754 '— iEdipUB Ooloneas, Gr. mm annotat. Brunckii et Schse- 

feri, KNTBRLBAVBDi half*boiuid, ri»«a, ds. 6(2«.« ...Oxon. 1819 

5755 Scholia Grseca in Sophoclem, calf extra, 7$. ib* 1801 

5756 Statius, notis Variorum et Veenhusen, calf gilt, 1/. 

Lugd. Bat. 1671 

5757 editio actmrata, Ktodiis' Societtttis Blpontin^, se^ed, 

4^. ^ — new half-calf, '5s. 6tf Bipont. 1785 

5753 ex recensione Gronovii, 2 vols. sewed« 5s. 

Mannhem* 1782 
54, Patbrkostbr Row.] 

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392 Auctores Classici, Or. ei LaU [Octavo, 

5759 SuBTOKius, cum notitt Variorum et Pitisci, 2 vols, new in calf, 
\l Traj. 1690 

5760 cum Emesti Animadvers. et Casauboni Com- 
ment, cura Wolfii, 4 vols, balf-bound, neat, \U 5s, ». Lips. 1802 

5761 Tacitus, cum notis Bro^rii, curavit Valpy» 5 toIs. calf» neat, 

(pubrisbed at 4^ 4s. in boards), II. Us ..Land. 1812 

5762 Theocriti IdyUia, Seleeta qusdam, 6r. et Lat. nods Lat. et Anf l. 

Tbome Edwards, half-calf, 4s. 6d Cantab. 1779 

5763 Theognidis Sententis, Phocylidis Poema Admonitorium Pydia* 

gorse Aurea Garmina, Gr« Lat. et Ital. Baudinii, sewed, 2f. 6^. 

Piorcm. 1766 

5764 Thucydides, Gr»c^, cum Schol. Vet. 2 vols. balf«bound, 7'- 

Fenti. 1802 

5705 Gr. et Lat. ex edit.' Dulceri, var. lect. notis, etc. 

3 vols, half-bound, russia, neat, ISs... '. Oxan, 1809 

5766 ■ ' Latin^, boards, 6*.^ — lar«b ^aper, boards, 6». 

ib. 1809 

5767 TibttUns, var. lect. notis indicibusque adjectis edidit Bach, 

sewed, 4«. 6d Lips. 1819 

5768 Tractatus. — Demostbenis Selectie Orationes^ Gr. et Lat. notis 

Ricardi Mouiiteney, j&on, 1791. — Euripidis Medea, Gr. et Lat. 
notis. — Wakefield Diatribe in Euripidis Hecubam, half-calf, 
3». M 1797 

5769 TroUope Pentalogia Graeca, notis Anglicd, et Lexicon Vocum 

Difficiliorum, bound, 6s Lond. 1825 

5770 Valerius Maximus, cum nods Variorum et Thysii, neat, 3^. 

Lugd. Bat. 1660 

5771 ■ et Julius Obsequens, 2 toIs, boards, 6s. 

Argent. 1806 

5772 Vegetiuft de Re Militari, cum notis Schwebelii et selectis alior. 

half-bound, neat, 4« ib. 1806 

5773 Velleius Paterculus, cum notis Variorum et Thysii, vellum, 3«. 

Lugd. Bat. 1653 

5774 ' cum notis Variorum et Burmanni, yeUum, 5*. 

ib. 1719 

5775 Annotationibus Studiis Societatis Bipontinee, 

sewed, 25.— half-bound, 2s. 6^.... Bipont. 1780 

5770 'm editio secundaauctioret emen- 
datior, boards, 39.. Argent. 1811 

5777 Virgilius, illustrata, omata, et accuratissime impressa, 2 vols, 
neat, 16f Land. 1750 

Sandby's beaatUuI edition, adorned with a profeskm of elegant en- 

577s ad Heynii edit, exactns, in usnm Scholarum, calf, neat, 

Ss ib. 1809 

577d collatione Scriptorum Gh*scorum illustratus opera et 

industria JPlavii Ursini, access. Valckensri Carmen Homeri 
Hectoris interitus, cum Schol. Vet. etc. vellum, 6s...Leov. 1747 

\WlhhUM Bavnbs, 

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Octavo.] Aueiores Classici^ Gfr. et Lat. 298 

5780 Viricilius, Georgicon, lib. i?. illastrabat. explieabat. emendabat. 

Gilbert Wakefield, boards, 2s Cantab. 1788 

5781 Wakefield^ (Giiberti) Trag^cediarum Delectus, Gr. et Lat Dotis, 

2 Tols. new in calf, l2s Land* 1794 

5782 Xenophontis Opera, Gr. et Lat. ex receos. Wells, acced. Dis- 

sertationes etc. cura Thieme et Ernesti^ 4 vols, oew half-calf, 
U Ss. , Ups. 1801^ 

** This edition of Thieme and Ernest! is not only more correct than 
the Oxford edition of Wells (of which it is called a republica- 
tion), but also contains Hutchinson's Dissertations. Dr. Har- 
wood iJlows this edition to contain many good emendations of 
the text."— Dr. Dibdin. 

5783 Anabasis, Grac. cam notis Hutchinsoni, neat, 3s, 

Oxan. 1788 

5784 —--——---——— Gr. nods Zeunii, half«bound, neat, 5*. 

Lt)i9. 1785 

5785 Gr. et Lat. cum notis Hutchinsoni, 

half-bound, neat, Js Cantab, 1785 

5786 Idem, large papbr, boards, 

8* »6. 1785 

5787 CyropcBdia, Gnec. cum notis Schneider!, calf, 6#. 

Oxon. 1812 

5789 Gr. et Lat Edy. Wells, bound, 2$. 

lb. 1703 

5790 ' ' Gr, ct Lat. notis Hutchinsoni, nt. 4*. 

Land. 1773 

5791 Historia Greeca, Gr. cum notis Zeunii et Schnei- 

deri, half-bound, naat, 4«.6i. — ^neat, 5s Oxan. 1810 

5792 Memorabilia, Gr* et Lat. cum notis Variorum et 

Simpsoni, neat, 4s ib> 1749 

5793 Idem, LAROB PAPBR, neat, Ss, 

ib. 1749 

5794 ■ Agesilaus, Hiero, Lacedemoniorum et Athenen* 

slum Respublicse, et Rationes Redituum, Gr. et Lat. notis 
Simpson, neat, As ib. 1754 

5795 GSconomicus, Gr. et Lat. var. lect. et notis Vari- 
orum, bound. Is. 6</... ,.ib. 1750 

5796 ■ Opuscula Politica Equestria et Venatica, item 
Arrianus de Venatione, Gr. et Lat. notis Zeunii, calf, 5f. 6^. 

Lips. 1778 

5797 Zosimi Historia,* Gr. et Lat. Leunclavii et notis Variorum accu- 

rante Cellario, vellum, 3s. 6d Jentt, 1729 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized byCjOOQLC 

294 Auetores Clasnci, Or. et Lai. [DuoD. 


5798 iEschylas^ ex edit. Schutz, boards, 2s Oxon. 1809 

5799 ^sopi Fabulee selectiores, Luciani Dialog^, Isocratis Orationes 

dusy Cebetis Tabula, etc. Gt. et Lat. boards, 2s, 6d. 

Edinb. RuDDiMAN, 1747 

5800 ^Bopise Fabuke, cura Desbillona, French calf, gilt leaves, 4j. 6d. 

Paris^ Barbou, 1759 

5801 Albinovani Elegis, et fragmenta. Seven ^tna, et P. Bembi 

^tna, cum notis Variorum et Theod. Goralli (alias Joannis Le 
Clerc), vellum, 2s. 6d Amst. 1715 

5802 Alcipbronis Rhetoris Epistolx, Or. et Lat. calf, 2s....Traj. 1791 

5803 Antoniui Liberalis Transformatiouum Congeries, Gr. et Lat. 

Berkelii, vellum, 2$ Lugd. Bat. 1674 

5804 — Gr. et Lat. Munckeri, vellum, 

2s Jmst. 1676 

5805 Apbthbnii Progymoasmata, morocco, 4s. 

Amst. apud Lud. Elzbvirium, 1649 

5806 ApoUodorus,* Gr. illustravit G. G. Heyne, 4 vols. half-c4tlf, 9s. 

Gott. 1803 

5807 Aristeeneti Epistola, Gr. et Lat. notis, boards, Is. 6d. 

Traj. 1737 

5808 Aulus Gellius, new in calf, 6^. 

Amst. apud Ludov. Elzbvirium, 1651 
5S09 Ausonilis, Venetiis in adtbus Aldi et Andra Soceriy M.D.XVII. 
— ^Aurelius Augurellus, Venetiis in ctdibus Aldi, M.D.V, 2 vols. 
in on6, fin6 Clean copies, rarb, \%s. 

5810 Barclaii Argenis, cum Clave, et ejusdem ^atyricon, cum Claye, 

2 vols, uniform in fine old morocco, gilt leaves, 14^. 

Lu^d. Bat. ex qfficina Elzbviriana, 1630-7 

5811 -— ArgeniSf cum Clave, neat, Zs. 6d \b. 1630 

5812 Idem, neat, 3« %b. 1658 

5813 Satyricon, accessit Conspiratio AngHcana, neat, 3«. 6^. 

ib. 163J 

5814 Idem, vellum, 3* ib. 1651 

5815 Bonefonii Carmina, brown calf, 1^. 6^ Land. VJ2s 

5816 Bourne Poemata, Lat. et Angl. neat, 2s. 6d ib. 174^ 

B8I7 Idem, neat, 3» ib. 175C 

5818 Bucbauani Poc$mata, neat, 2s, 6d.... Amst. apud Wbtstbn. 168J 

5819 Cssar, ex officina Plantini, vellum, is.6d AntD. 1585 

5820 ex officina Elzbviriana, vellum, 5s Lugd. Bat, 1635 

5821 neat, gilt, As Amst. 1675 

5822 Idem (wants title), neat, 2s. 6d ib, 1671 

5823 ex emendatione Jos. Scaligeri, neat, 2s„ ib. 168f 

5824 cura Micbaelis Maittairii, neat, 3s Land. IJll 

" A correct, and neatly printed edit|U>n.*'^Mos8. 

[William Batnb^ 

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DuoD.] Auciorts CkMud, Gr. et Lai. 296 : 

58^5 Qviwr* "Tn^is Jousphi Barbou» 2 yols. FrcDoh cmlf, giit hwtn, 
^ ••• Parrkisii^,- IJ55 

5S26 ■ ' noti^. Anglicise etc. Studio Joannis Dymeek^- bew 
hound. 3«. 6d,... ^ Edinh.l^ 

5827 OttdeodorpU, s;ewe4, 2s JL Ba$, l^jh 

5828 les Commentaires de C^sar, 2 tqIs. neafe, 4^. 

Petria, Uarbou, 1776 

5829 C«UUa8» HbuUas^ et Propertiut, calf f^lt, 5«. ; russia, neat, 6s. 

/\irM, r^w Barboct, 1792 

5830 Maittairii, calf, 4* Lamd, 1776 

5831 CiCRRONis Ofrra, recensoit J. N. XjaUcmand, 14 ¥els. calf gilt, 
AL 14*. 64 Farisiis apud BARBOvr 1768 

•* Nitidissimis Uteris, et pulcherrimis chartis nee contemnendis no- 
tuHs ex TitToque genere." — Ernesti Fabr. B. Lat. vqI. i, p. 221. 

5382 -Opera Rhetorica, reoenstnt et illustravit Schutz, 

4 vols, hoards, 8* Lips, 1804 

5833 . Bpigtote ad Attucum ad Bratum ad Quintam Fratrom, 

new in calf, scarce, 9s , Fenet. in adibus Aldi, MDXIII. 

5834 ' ■ EpistolsB selectae, animadversionibus Strothii, sewed, 
3« — Bm>/. 1784 

5835 Tuscnlanffi Qusestiones, neat, 5*. 

Vtnet. apud Aldi Fdios, 1646 

5836 Aoademice Quastiones, de Finibus, et Tusculanse 

, QasBstiones, old binding, 6s. 

Vcnetn tipud Paulum Mcomtrum^ Aldi F. 1556' 

5837 -^""^ de Nalura Deorum, de Divinatione, de Fato, de 

Legibus, etc. vellum, it Venet. in (tdihus Aldi, 1523 

5838 Le Epiatole Famig. di Cicerone, tradotte secondo i 

veri sensi dell' Auttore, et con Figure proprie della Lingua 
Tolgare, vellum, 55^ 

In Vinegia, in casa de PigluoU di Aldo, 1545 

5839 Claudianus, Hebaii, calf, 2«. 6d....ArHst. apud Eheviriumy 1677 

5840 GorneliuB Nepos, French calf, gilt leaves, 49. 6d. 

Paris, typis Barbou, 1767 

5841 Idem, French calf, gilt leaves, 4* ih. 1784 

5843 Die Gassius, Grcec^, Sehseferi, 4 vols, sewed, 6s Lips, 1818 

5843 Epigtbtus, Arriani Epictetus, Grseo^, new half calf, rare, Ss. 

VeneHis in adibus Bariholomai Zamui Casterzagensis, 
csre vero^ et diligentia J. F. Trincaveli, 1535 

Bearing on Its title the autographs of Fabricius and Adolph. Frid. 

5844 Erasmi Colloqtiia, neat* 4s...Lugd. Bat. ex off. Ehemriana, 1643 

5845 Butropius, calf, gilt leaves, 4« Parmw, Barbou, 1746 

5846 . ■ > ■ calf, gilt leaves^ Zs. 6d. 

Parisiis, typis Barbov, 1754 
5847 Excerpta ex Romania P^atis, notis PitmanI, calf extta, 2s. 6d. 

Lond. 1817 
54, Patbanoiter Row.] 

Digitized by 


286 Aueiores Classici, Gr. et Lai. [Duod. 

5848 Floras, vellam, 2s. Amst. Wbtstbin, 1736 

5849 large eopj, old calf, 4s... L. Bat. apud Elsbyieium, 1647 

5850 French calf, gilt leases, 4s Paris^ apudBAKBOv, 1776 

5S51 Maitturii, brown calf, 2s. 6d Lond. 1765 

5652 Herodiani Historiaram, Libri VIII, Latin^, Angeb Politiano, 

scarce, neat, in calf, 15t. 

VeniHis in adUms Aldi^ et Andrea Asulam Soceri, 
mense^Septembri M.D.XXIIII. 

5853 Homeri llias, Griece, 2 vols, neat, 3» Lond. 1808 

5854 Horatias, vellam, neat, 2« Troj. Bat. 1713 

5855 new, in calf, 5s Paris^ typis Barbou, 1763 

5856 Maittairii, neat, 2*. 6d Land. 1715 

5857 recognita a Livie, boards, 2s ib. 1799 

5858 Isocratis Epistolse cum schoUis, neat, \s. 6d 1813 

5859 Justlnus ex recens, Gnevii, TeUum, 2s Amst. Wbtstbn. 1722 

5860 notis Vossii, neat, 3s Amst. Elzbyir. 1673 

5861 Maittairii, brown calf, 3s Land. 1758 

5862 —half-bound, neat, 2# Mannhem. 1790 

5863 Justinianus, noUs Vinnii, calf gilt, 3«. 6^. 

Amst. ex off, Elzbtiriana, 1669 
5864 Vinnii, boards, 2s. 6d Am$t. 1690 

5865 sewed, 2* Parisy 1805 

5866 Jayenal et Persias, ex recognit. Philippe, calf, gilt leaves, As. 6d. 

PariSf typis Barbou, 1754 

5867 ex edit. Ruperti, calf, 2s. 6d Land. 1819 

5868 Livias ex recensione Heinsiana, 3 vols, neat, 1/. Ss. 

Lugd. Bat. ex officina Ekevtriana^ 1634 

This ezqaisitelj beautiful edition, '* est,*' says Brunet, *' celle que les 
curieux choissisent pour la collectioii des Elzevier." 

5869 ex recensione Gronovii, complete in one volume, newly 

bound in russia, gilt leaves, 16f ib. 1678 

" Cette edition est remaiquable par la beauts de rimpvession, et par 
la petitesse des caracteres qui ont 6U employ^ k son execution. 
On en trouve rarement des ezemplaires blen conditionn^s." — 
De Bure, Biblioo. vol. v, p. 535. 

5871 ■ cum integris Freinsbemii Sapplementis emendatioribns 
et suis locis collocatis, Tabulis geographicis et copioso Indice, 
recensuit et notulis auxit Joanmbs Clbricus, 10 vols, vellum, 
neat, II. 10* Amst. 1710 

5872 ^ Mattairii, 7 vols, neat, il. Is.... Land. 1749 

** Edition tr^s jolie et bien ezecut^e."~DB Bure, No. 4817. 

5873 LucANus, fine copy, old rbd morocco, It. 4s. 

VenetiiSy apudAldum^ mense Apr Hi ^ M.D.II. 

5874 Maittairii, vellum, neat, 3s. 6d Land. 1719 

5975 half-bound, neat, 3s. 6d. — French calf, gUt 

leaves, 4s. 6d Parts, typis Barbou, 1767 

5876 boards, 2* Lond. 1815 

[WiLiiiAU Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuOD.] AmoiarM CUmiai, Or. &i IM. 907 

'5877 liadani Opera, Qmc. et Lat. ci|«i iOiIbarti Cognali et 
Joaanis Suibaei Adnolationibus, 4 voU. velluiny neat, 14«. 

5878 MacroblttSy yeUum, iMat, 4« li^^dttniy 1550 

5879 Mustti de Hero et Leandro, Poema, Gr. et Lat. notis Variorum 

et Kroraayeri, veliuin, neat, 2s. M Hal. Magd. 17^1 

5880 Nictttn Eugeniani Narratiooem Amatoriam et Gonstantini Ma- 

naeeis Fm^enta, Or. et Lat. notis Boissonade, 2 toIs. sewed, 

5s ,Lugd. Bot. 1819 

9881 Ocellus Lucaous, Grec. et Francois, avec di s ser ta tions par 
M. le Marquis d'Argens, sewed, 2s .....jUireohif 1762 

5882 Oppiani Opera, Gr. et Lat. yery fine copy, in old russia, gilt 

leayes, rare^ IBs. 

Veneiiis in adibns Aldi ei Andreet Sacerit inmse 
Decmbri M.D.XVII. 

5883 Oyidii Opera, 3 yols. dd green morocco, gilt leayes, 18«. 

Lugd, Baiav. ex qfidnaEhtEriKiAJHAy 1€29 

** Cette edition est la meilleare que les Elzeviers ayent donn^e de 
ce Po«te."— VovBZ db Burb Biblioo. voL Hi, p. 338. 

5884 3 vols, neat, I4s. 

Amsi. ex qgkina ELZByiRiANA, 1659 

5885 • accarante Heinsio, 3 vols, neat, 6s... Amst. 1701 

5886 — — Metamorphoses, Excerptse, notulis Anglicis et Quaes-* 

tionibus studio C. Bradly, bound, \s. M. 1816 

5887 Electa ex Oyidii Metamorphoseos, bound, 1« 1808 

5888 Panegyric! Veteres, duodecim, notis Cellarii, yellum, 2s. 

Hal. 1703 

5889 Phttdrus, MaitUirii, brown calf, 2s. M Ltmd. 1762 

5390 ' notis et Supplementis Brotier, French calf, gilt leaves. 

As. 6d Paris, typis Barbou, 1783 

5891 Phumutus de natura Deorum gentilium, Palsphati poeticarum 

fabularnm explicationes, item Julianus Aurelius Ticssigniensb 
de Cognominibus Deorum gentilium, Gr. et Lat. old stampt 
vellum binding, scarce, 5s Basil. 1543 

5892 Pindar, Greece, boards, 2s. M.; calf, 3«. 6^. 

Land. 1825 

5893 Grec. H. 3tephani, neat, 2s. 6c2 H. Steph. 1566 

5894 Plinii Historic Naturali^ cum Indice, 4 vols, damaged, green 

morocco, rarb, 1/. 

VeneHis, in adibus Hatedum Aldi et Andrea Asuhmi 
Soceri ,.... .,,..,...,. M,D.XXXVI. 

Several leayes in the first Yolame. ^pe laiserably decayed, and ren- 
dered imperfect. The fourth yolome consists of the Index only, 
and is dated 1538. This yolvme Aloqci is ia«rlqe4 At .3/. 9«. in a We 

5895 6 vols. French calf, gilt leaves, 

1/. I6s Pam, ^ BiRBOv, 1779 

54, PaHsrnostbr Row.] 2 Q 

Digitized by 


396 Auciorei CloiMki, Or. ei Lai. [DuoD. 

6896 Epktole et Panepfyrieas, neat» Ss. 

Liigd. Bat. apud Elzbyib, 1653 

5897 ■ Idem, Teliam, neat, 3s,.,,ib. 1669 

5898 Maittairii, bound, 2«.; neat, Bs. 

Lcmd. 1741 

5899 Pomponias Mela, ex recens* Gronovii, neat, 2$, 6d. 

Glasg. FouLis, 1752 
6900 Quintiliani Instatationes Oratorie, nods Caroli Rollin, 2 vols. 

neat, 49. 6rf Pans, 1774 

6901 2 vols, neat, 4s ib. 1809 

5902 Quintns Cartias, yellam, 5s. 

Lugd. Bat, ex officina Elzeyiriana, 1633 
6903 ——.——*. Maittairii, brown calf, neat, 3f.... Land. 1751 

5904 Idem, neat, 2« ib. 1761 

590i6 — — Commentariis Cellarii, 2 vols, plates, vellam, 

neat, Ss Hag. Com. ,17^ 

5906 ■ Quinto Curtio, dall' Originale, strongly bound 

in the original red morocco, leaves gilt, and inlaid with sky- 
blue silk, RARE, lAs. 

Florentia per li heredi di PhiUppo di Giunta, M.D.XIX 
di Giugno. Leone X Pondfice. 

5907 Reiske Animadversiones ad Grsecos Auctores, 2 vols, in one, 

vellum, neat. As. 6d Lips. VJ&J 

5908 Sallustius, vellum, 6«...Ltfgd. Bat. ex officina Elzeviriana, 1634 

5909 I French calf, gilt leaves, 4^. 6d. 

Paris, typis Barbou, 1801 

5910 Salustio con alcune altre belle cose, volgareggiatto 

per Agostino Ortica, red morocco, gilt leaves, 4s. 6d. 

Vinegia, M.D.XVIII. 

5911 Sarcotis Carmina, French calf, gilt leaves, 3s. 6d. 

Paris, apud Barbou, 1771 

5912 Senecffi Opera, 4 vols, vellum, gilt leaves, II. lis. 6d. 

Amst. apud Elzevirios, 1659 

5913 — — . Tragoedise, vellum, scarce, 4*. 

Florent. sumptibus Philippi de Giunta, 1513 
5915 — *- Selecta Opera, Lat. etGalL French calf, gilt leaves, 4s. 

Paris, typis Barbou, 1761 
^16 Sophocles, Gr. et Lat. notis, 2 vols, neat, 5s. 

Glasg. excudeb. Foulis, 1745 
5917 Statins, morocco, rare, 1/. lOf. 

FenetUs, in adibus Ahj>i, mense Augusta, M.D.II. 

A good comi^eteoo^, with the Orthographla et Flezus Dictionamm 
Grsecarum, &c. occasionally wanting. Bound in a slate-coloured 
morocco, gilt, with the Aldine Anchor stamped on the sides. 

6918 ^ old calf, neat, 1/ v ib. 1502 

A copy sold for 4/. at the Roscoe Sale. 

5919 vellum, neat, 3«. 6d BasiUa, 1541 

[William Batyibs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Auctores Cla$$ifn, Ghr. et Lat. 

5992 Statias ex recens. et notis Gronovii, veUam, 4«. 6d, « 

Affist, typis LuDOY. Elzbtirii, 1653 

5921 Strabo de Situ Orbis, Latin6, 2 vols, vellaniy neat, 4$. 6d. 

Amst. 1652 

5922 Suetonius, item Egnatius de Romanis Principibus et Annotat. in 

Suetonium, rbd morocco, gilt leavbs, Ts Lugd, 1548 

5923 Tacitus, Supplementis, notis et dissertationibus iilustravit, Ga- 

briel Brotier, 7 ▼ols. neat, \l. 4s Pam, 1776 

5924 Terentius, ex recens* Heinsiana, vellum, 6f« 

Lugd, Bat, ex officina Embviriana, 1635 

5925 ' ' ■ Idem, neat, 5*. 

Amst, ex officina Elzbviriana, 1661 

5936 > : with plates, 2 vols, beautiful 

edition, neat, 6s, ; 2 yols in one, plates, sewed, uncut, 5«. 

Lond, Knapton et Sandboy 1751 

5927 __«-_—_ typis Baskbryillb, neat, gilt 

leaves, 4s. 6d Birming, 1772 

5928 Tfaeognidis Sententiee, Gr. et Lat. Philip. Melancthonis, Lips, 

1591. — Hesiodus, Gr. et Lat. in one vol. half-bound, russia, 
3s. 6d Lips. 1603 

5929 Valerius Maximus, large* copy, in the original binding, neat, 

scarce, Ss, 

VenediSf in adibus Aldi d Andrea Soceris Mense Octobri^ 


5931 neat, Is. 6d Amst. 1632 

5932 vellum, 2s. ; neat, 2s. 6d, 

Amst. typis Elzeviriiy 1671 

5933 Valerius Fiaocus, scholiis Carrionis, vellum, 2s. 

Antv. Plantin. 1575 

5934 -.—— — Heinsii, prsefat. Burmanni, neat, 2s. 

L. Bat. 1724 

5935 Velleius Paterculus, notis Vossii, vellum, 5s, 

L. Bat. ex off. Elzevirianay 1639 

5936 — French calf, gilt leaves, 5s, 

Parisiis, apud Barbou, 1777 

5937 Maittairii, brown calf, 2s. 6d. ...Lond. 1744 

5938 ■ half-calf, neat, 2s. Mannhem, 1790 

5939 Virgilius, cum notis et variis lectionibus, 2 vols, plates, French 

calf, gilt leaves, I2s Paris'^ typis Barbou, 1790 

5940 ad fidem edilionis C. G. Heyne, boards (published at 

lO^.)^- ^<^ ^^^- 1824 

5941 Xenophontis, Cyropsedia, Greec, et Lat. ex edit. Hutchinsoni, 4 

vols, calf, neat> 7^ Glasg.FovhUf 1767 

54, Patbanostbr Row.] 


Digitized by * 



5M2 iEsehylttS, by Potter, 2 yols. calf, I2s 1779 

5943 Anacrbok, Sappho, and Bion's Idylliam, 1« ««.««.rfrr#< 1713 

5^44 the first twenty-eight odes, in Greeic and Engtiah, in 

prose and in yerse, with notes, grammadcal analysis, md le%U 

een, by Dr. Roehe, Iraards, canyass baclc, lettered, 2s. M. 1827 

5M9 Antonhius's (Mareus) Meditations, by Jeremy Collier, neat, 2f. 

5940 ApoUonios Rhodius, by Pawkes, with notes, neat, 4a. $d... 1780 

5947 Apuleins's Golden Ass, 2 yols. boards (piiUiriied at 249.) 9«. 1812 

5948 Ariesto's Orlando Fnrioso, with notes by Hook, 5 Vols, fine 

piates, calf, neat» I/. 4s «. 1799 

5949 reduced to xxiv Books, the Narr»i 

tiye connected, and the Stories disposed in a regaiar aeries, by 
Hoole, 2 yols. boards, ksi ....« , 1791 

5950 Aristotle's Art of Poetry, neat, 25 1709 

5951 Treatise on Poetry, vrith Notes, and two Dissertatioiia 

by Twining, royal 8yo. boards (pdblisbed at 13«.) 5s,,... i 18U 

59^ ^rt of Rhetoric, Poetic, and Nicomachean Ethics, by 

Taylor (wtiits title), boards, canvass back, lettered, 4s. 
^^993 ■ Paraphrase on the Nicomachean Ethics, translated 

from the Greek by Bridgman, 4to. boards, 10* ..i..... 1807 

5954 Arfian, with Notes, by Rooke, 2 vols, neat, js 1729 

5955 ' ' 2 yols. neat, 89...... » 1729 

59M — ^ ' complete in one yol. half-bound, 

neat, 5«- *........*.* 1812 

9M7 *- with Halifax's Elements of the 

Roman Ciyil Law. — Burke on the Sublime^ — and Sue'e Art of 
War, in one yoL half-bound, neat, 8^ .....^nr.^...... 1812 

5958 Caesar, by Duncan, folio, plates, ruseia, 2/. 15« ..i.*.. 1753 

5959 by Bladen, neat, 4* „ 1712 

5900 Cicero's Orations, by Guthrie, d yols. oalf, neat) I4s...... 1778 

5961 3 yols. neat, 12s 1758 

5903 ' Select Orations, Latin and EngBsh, with Notes by EHm- 

, can, boards, 6« , 4 1816 

5952^ Letters to seyeral of his Friends, by Melmoth, 5 yols. 

boards, I4s 1808 

5963 3 yols. neat, I2s 1753 

5964 Epistles to Atticus, by Guthrie, 2 yols. neat, 9s... 1752 

59^ Three Dialogues of an Orator, by Guthrie, neat, 6*. 



Digitized by 


OCTATO.]. English Translaiwns of ihe ClaM9ics. 301 

Cicero's Morals, the Ends of Things Good and EtU, and Aca- 
demics, by Guthrie, neat, 6s 1744 

599J Offices, Cato MJjor, Lslius^ &c. by Guthrie, neat, ^. 

de Flnibas, of Desire and Aversion, by Parker, half- 
calf, 4*. 6rf.; neat,6# Ojif. 1812 

— > Two last Pleadioga against Verres, with notes^by Kel- 

sall, pUte, sewed, 2$.6d 1812 

5d70 Epicharis, History of the Conspiracy of Piso agabst Nero, 
boards. Is • .«.**,... 1806 

5971 Eutropius, Latin and literal translation by Clarke, bound, U, 6d. 


5972 . — with Ordo, Geographical Inditx, and Vocabulary by 

Stirling, 2s 1810 

5973 Floras, 18nio. engratfed title page hy ^mon Pass, bounds scarce, 

2s. ed 1636 

5974 Herodotas, by Littlebury, new boards, 6s ....Oj^ord^ 1834 

5975 Hesiod, by.Cooke, 2 yols. 4to. neat, 5s 1728 

5976 Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, by Pope, 11 vols., bbst boition, neat, 

2/. 5s. 1760 

5977 11 vds. 12mo. plates, neat, 

1/.8* 1720 

5978 Iliad, by Pope, 6 yols. 12mo. plates, neat, 12t. 

iMtoi, 1756 
5979 Odyssey, by Pope, 4 yols. 12aio. plates, neat, I2s. 


5980 3 yols. 12mo. plates, neat, 7#. 


5981 2yok. 18mo. boards, 3f 1809 

5982 24mo. boards (published at 4s.) 

2s. 6d 1825 

5983 Horace, Latin and English Prose, with Grammatical Order, Ob- 

seryations, &c. by Watson, 2 yols. neat, 12^ »••..«... 1741^ 

5934 Latin and English, with notes by Francis, 4 yols. neat, 

15* 1743 

5985 Justin, Latin and Literal Engtish Translation, by Clarke, neat, 3*. 


5986 Metastasio's Dramas and other Poems, trandated by Hoole, 3 

yols. plates, calf, neat, 12^ • 1800 

5987 Dramatic Pieces, translated by Oliyari^ boards, Is. 


5988 Oyid's Metamorphoses, by Dryden, 4 foIs. in 2, ISmo. neat, 4s. 


5989 ■' by Garth, and others, 2 yols. 12mo. 

brown calf, 5s ..^ 1773 

5990 Latin, and Literal English Tnmslation, 

by Clarke, neat, 3«. 6d ..,. 1741 

5991 -----.•— ——^ — Latin and English Prose, by Dayidson, 

neat, 5s ^ 1759 

54, Patbrkoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


a03 EnglUh Tran$lation$ of the Classics. [Octavo* 

902 OVid's Epistles, with his Amours in English verse, plates, 

bound, 28 1736 

5993 Pausanias, with notes, maps, 3 yols. neat, 18«...«... 1794 

5994 Account of the Statues, Pictures, and Temples in 

Greece, by Uyedale Price, half-calf, scarce, 6^ 1780 

5995 Persius, bj Dr. Brewster, bound, 1*. M 1751 

5990 Lat. and Engl, by Brewster, calf, 25. 

5997 ' ■ with notes, by Drummond, boards, 25. ; neat, 25. 6d. 


5998 Fourth Satire, by Stirling, U 1743 

5999 Pliny's Letters, by Melmoth, 2 vols. neat,6« 1748 

6000 2 vols. 12mo. neat, 4*. 6d 1762 

6001 Plotinus's Select Works, by Taylor, boards (published at ISs.) 7s. 


6002 Plutorch, with notes, and Life of Plutarch by Dryden, 6 vols. 

neat, 1/. Js 1758 

6003 by Langhome, 6 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, 18^ 1795 

6004 Polybius, by Hampton, 4 vols, neat, 185 1772 

6005 — ' complete in one vol. half-bound, neat, Ss, 


6006 Saliust on the God of the World, the Pythagoric Sentences of 

Demopfailus, and Five Hymns by Proclns, sewed, 25. 6d... 1793 

6007 Sophocles, by Dr. Franklin, new in calf, 7« 1793 

6008 Suetonius, Latin, with translation by Clarke, neat, 35. 6d, 


6009 Tacitud^ by Murphy, 8 vols, calf, neat, 21. lOs 1811 

6010 Temple of Gythnos, the Oracles of Fortune and Wisdom, from 

the Greek, half-calf, 25 1778 

6011 Terence, Latin and English, by Richard Bernard, 4to. sewed in 

vellum, 55 1614 

6012 with Ordo and Vocabulary, by Stirlhig, neat, 65. 


6013 Thucydides, by Hobbcs, folio, neat, 125 1634 

6013* by Smith, 2 vols. 4to. neat, 145 1753 

6014 Hbullus, by Dr. Grainger, 18mo. 2 vols, in one, red morocco, 

gilt leaves, 45 1812 

6015 Virgil, by Dryden, 3 vols, plates, neat, 85 Tonsan^ 1716 

0016 ■ " ■ by Dryden, revised by Dr. Carey, 3 vols. Fittlbr's 
PLATES, calf, neat,,l^ 1803 

0017 2 vols, boards (published at 2l5.) 65 1819 

0018 ■ by the Earl of Lauderdale, illustratbd with platb8« 
neat, 45. 

0019 — — — with Ordo, Index of Names and Places, Phrases 

Englished, and Vocabulary by Dr. Stirling, calf, neat, 155. 


6020 Clavis Virgiliana, Vocabulary by Dr. Stirling, ha]f-c»df, 

35 1742 

6021 Xenophon's Expedition of Cyrus, by Spelman, neat, 35. 6d, 

[William Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] Dictionuri^s, Orammars, Philology, ftc. 808 

6022 Xenophon's Expedition of Cyrus, and Arrian's History of Alex- 
ander's Expedition by Rooke, in one vol* half-bound, neat, 6s. 


6023 and Polybius's History, by 

Hampton, in one vol. half-bound, neat, Ss • 1811 

6024 History of the Affairs of Greece, by Dr. Smith, half- 

calf,5* 1812 

6025 — 4to. boards, 5s, ; half -bound, 

neat, 6s 1770 

6025* Expedition of Cyrus, the first two Books in Greek, 

with double translation ^ on the Hamiltonian System, boards, 7«- 




6026 Apollonii Sophists Lexicon Grsecum Iliadis et Odyssese, 2 vols. 

LARGE PAPBR, fine copy, original calf, neat, 21. I2s, 6d, 

Lut. Par. 1773 

*^ Oavrage fort utile pour rintelUgence d'Hom^re ef qui a beaucoup 
de rapport ^ celoi d'Hesychius/' — ^Dict. Umiv. Hist. Crit. et 
BiBL., t. i,p.435. 
Large paper copies are rare ; one is priced at 6/. 6«. in a recent 

6026*Arabic Grammar (no title page, evidently printed at Calcutta), 
half-calf, 8^. 

6027 Bankes's System of Universal Geography, thick vol. plates, neat, 


6028 Bayle, Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, avec Supplement, 4 

vols, complete, neat, 12. \6s .,.. Rotter. 1702 

Vid. No. 4795 supra. 

6029 BuxTORFii Concordantice Bihliorum Hehraicse et Chaldaicse, neat, 

21. 2s Basilecc, 1632 

6030 Lexicon Chaldaicum, Talmudicum, et Rabbinicum, 

neat, scarce, 1/. \\s. 6d ib. 1640 

6031 Calepini, Ambrosii, Dictionarium undecim Linguarum, Hebr* 

Grffic. Gallic. Italic. German. Beigic. Hispan. Polon, (Jngaric. 

et Angl. thick vol. old vellum, lOf. 6d ib. — — - 

6032 ■ Idem, neat, 12* ib. 

6033 Calmet Dictionarium Biblicum, 2 vols, plates, neat, IL lis. 6d. 

Aug. Find. 1738 

6034 Canri Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escurialensis^ sive Idbro- 
54) Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


804 Dictionaries^ Ghrammars, Philology, t^c. [Folio. 

rum omnium M8S, quos Arabic^ magnam partem Arabico-His- 
panis compositos, Recensio et Explaoatio, 2 yols. boards, 1/. 155. 

MatrU. 1760 

** Referring^ to tbis work, Gibbon savs, * I am bappy to possess a 
splendid and interesting work, wnicb bas been distributed only in 
presents by tbe Spanish oonrt.' "— BARRiNorroN. 
This same copy was catalog^oedby a Bookseller ayear or two back 
at 61. I6s, ed. 

6035 Cbaufepie Dictionnaire Historique et Critique. Vid. No. 4795 

6096 Chauyio (Stephani) Lexicon Rationale slve Tbesaurus Pbiloso- 

pfaicus, portrait, half-calf, neat, 7s. 6d Rott, 1692 

6037 CoDstantini Lexicon Grseco-Latinum, etiam nunc qudm antea 

auctius accuratiusque emendatum, very thick vol. (wants title- 
page) calf, neat, II. lis, 6(2. 

6038 Cooperi Thesaurus Linguae Romanse et Britannicse, fine copy, 

half-bound russia, neat, scarce, IZ. 4s, 

Impressum Londiniy 1584 

6039 Davies's Welsh and Latin, and Latin and Welsh Dictionary, neat, 

scarce, 14« Land. 1632 

6040 Diccionario de la lengua Castellana, compuesto por la Real Aca- 

demia Espanola, 6 yols. fine copy, calf, neat, rare, 6/. 

Madrid, 1726-S9 

The ONLY complete edition, and of very great rarity. 

6041 Etymol^gicum Magnum Grcecum, Greece (cum praefotione M. Mu- 

suri) splendidly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, 5Z. 

Venetus, opera Zachari2b Callibroi, sumptibus Nic. 

Blasti, 1499 

EDrriO PRINCEPS. Bmnet«ay8 of it, '< Tr^-beUe edittmi, rare 
et recherch^e." Renouard calls it emphatically '< la pr^tieuse 
^tion," and Dr. Dibdin in the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, writes, 
" it is Justly said hy De Sure, ' that the present is one of the 
most magnificent publications which ever issued from the 
press.' " He adds a copiona description of the volittie,ii and tdls 
us the copy there described was purchased for 18/. L0«. 

6042 Fabri Tbesaurus Eruditionis Scholasticse, curis Stubelii et Graevii, 

Editio Optima, 2 vols, vellum, 11. Is Lips. 1749 

6043 Idem, 2 vols, in I, vellum, ISs. 

ib. 1749 

6044 — — ^ Idem, 2 vols, very fine copy, 

vellum, neat, 1/. \0s ib, 1749 

" The Lexicon of Faber is a correct and usefiil work."-^DR.. Clarke. 

6045 Fourmont (Steph.) Meditationes Sihicse, sewed, 9s..: Paris, 1737 

6046 Germani (P. F. Dominici)'Fabrica Linguae Arabics, cum tnter- 

pretatione Latina &'ItaHca, neat, scarce, ISs. 

Roma, typis Congr, de Prop, Fide, 1639 

6047 Gesneri (Jo. Matth.) Novus Thesaurius Linguae et Eruditionis 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Folio.] JKoiioiMries, Gh*€tmmar9, PkiMogrf, 6it. 9I&5 

RonMuHie posi Ro. SfeepTumi tt fltUoitmr ^oilltisdhkiofii!^ iipwi- 
nuAi tnms-j i^eetM locttpkttttxxs e me i idatu ng , 4 yah,, hr 2, baf/- 

Kotmd, neiit, 3L 99 Lips. 1749 

M4& GiOGBi Thesaurus LiN«UiE Arabicjb, 4 vols, fine copy, neat, 
%9. iGif. fid..,.. Mel fttfe 

^' Th^s ezcettent work is a translation of tl^e £^amooSj» which, as it is 
written entirely in Arabic, few bat piroAciitets iti t^e language 
can (Uriye any benefit firom, and on Ma aeoowt the work of 
Giggeus is peenUarly valuable/'-^LAKKE. 

<{04d Gttrtet! Notse Ronmnorum Veterirm ^tiibiiiB Lit^Ya verbum faoit 
Tullii Tyronis, CTeeroDis LibertT> & El Senecs, vellum, 8^. 

Commelw. 1603 
6050 Oussetii Commentari Lingus Hebraics, vellum, lO^. Amst. 1702 

Hecommended by Bishop Watson. 

M&l IMlfs Nisw Roya KDcyctopedra, Di6dofi«Vf of Mtf% a««Sf$ie^Vi^, 

3 vols, plates, half-bound, neat, \l. lOir.... 1788 

M99 Hwfrini- Ijmieoii' Orac^^ fine eopy,< nitot, 16^. 

Hagenoa, in <edibus Thonus Anshelmi Badensis^ 


€0581 fidVMAWKi (JOH. JaGOBi) IiBXIC4m UHlfEA8AI.»r' EDITIO AB- 

SOLUTISSfMA, 4 Tok. vellums 31. ^.........Ltigd. Bat. 1698 

'* i beard," says Mr. D'Israeli,. *' a man of gnat leaFnia^ dedil^ 
that whenever he could not recollect his knowledge, he opened 
Hofiman's Lexicon Universale Hist., where he was sure to fiad 
wbottehadloBtk" ^ 

4i054 ■ ' Idem, 4 voli. fin© copy, khvidlum, 31. 7«. 

ib. 1698 
6055 IsTDORi, IspALENsis Episcopi, LiBER Ethihologiarum, velluHfr, 

VERT RARE, H. 2$. 

Abstfui Ldcty Annij et Typograpfd indicatione^ S€d 
fofsdn typis JoANNis HETentblin, Argcnto¥<ui\ 
circa 1^1). ^ 

This earlj and rare impressioB is ooastdered by nsai^ BibUagraphers 
to be the First Edition. 

MM liiiVtfDii- Ijexioen Philologieam, in quo- fhra' pura Sum- barbarae 
Voees ex Ovl^nibus dedarantur, etc. acced. Cadmus Grseco- 
I^bfl&nit et (Sk)ss«rium Isidofi, cum; ]^otis GrsBvii' et Clerici, 

2 vols, vellum, neat, 1/. 4s ..Trq;. Bat. I7II 

60Js7 IftaBMMltt d& FataH Ijmffelafite O n— S ttl iim- AfabioKl^ ttftaoftiliil TurcicsB Commentatio, sewed, l2s^.*^^^Vi9nme^ 1780 
€058 PasMNMi (Ctfi4.> LexiiDdn Hidbnate^ChaldaMOiLaliiio-BiblidUB^ 

3 vok^ portnut, half-bound, .very. neAt, 2i54.* 

LUgAiBmt. Vm 

& thfs Lexicon, equaHy vabiabie and Sckrce^ ttie 'Words' ai^ alpha- 
betically arranged, and not as in ordinary Liexicons classified under 
their respective roots. 

6059^ PemttI (Nioo1sil)'Coni«eopia, siy« I^ngutt fiatiiise Commentarii, 

J llartt letter, neat,- 12^ , .....Venet. 1493 
AtERXo^i^R Row.] 2 R 

Digitized by 


a06 IHciianaries, Grammars, Philology, Jrc [Folio; 

6060 Perotti(Nicolai)Cornucopia,Jblarftlrtter»8earGe,14«. t6. 1496 

6061 ' new in calf, scarce, !/• lU. 6t/. 

VenctuB in adibus Aldi ei AndreiB Soceri, 


6062 Photii Myriobiblon, slve Bibliotheca Librorum quos Photius legit 

et censuit. edidit Hcescbelius, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis, brown 
calf, extra, 1& Oliva, P. Stephani, 1611 

** Photius was the most learned and accomiplished scholar of his 
time. His Bibliotheca is one of the most precious remains of 
antiquity : in it are extracts from 280 authors, the most of whom 
are since lost, with critical examinations, which evince a fine 
taste and correct judgment"— Vide Dr. Clarke's Bibliog. 
DiCT. vol. y, p. 2U. 

6063 Richardson's Persian, Arabic, and English Dictionary, 2 vols. 

half-bound, nissia, neat, 6/.... • 1800 

6064 Scapula Lbxicon Gr^co-Latinum, haDdsomely boand in rusda, 

marbled leaves, scarce, 3/. 3s. 

Ludg. Batav. Tvpii Bonav, ei Ahra. Elxbyi riorum, 


'* Beautiful edition, much sought after, and which is becoming very 
scarce : it has lately sold from ten to twelve pounds in Eng^ 
land." — See Brunbt's Manual, 8vo. vol. iii, p. 297. 

6065 ' Idem, neat, scarce, 2L 2s. 


This is the genuine Elzevir edition, with a London title page. A few 
copies having been sent from the Elzevirs in Leyden to Messrs. 
Kirton and "Hiomson in London, with a title having thdr direction 
at London. 

6066 editio nova accurata, vel- 
lum, lLl\s.6d Lugduni, 1663 

6067 . interleaved with writing pa- 
per, in 4 vols, half-bound, I6s ,.BasiL — - 

6068 Schindleri Lexicon Pentaglotton, Hebr. Chald. Syr. Talmudico- 

Rabb. et Arab, in Epitomen redactum, vellum, 5s...Lond, 1635 

6069 Scrieckii Monitorum Secundorum, lib. v, sive Europa rediviva, 

vellumt wuurce, 8f • Yprisj 1615 

Elucidative of the origin of the Celtic, Teutonic, Belgic, French, Ita- 
lian, Spanish, English, Danish, and Northern Languages. 

6070 Stephani (Henr.) Concordantise GrsBco-Latins Testamenti Novi, 

neat, &« Genewty 1624 

6071 ■ (Garoli), Dictionarium Historicum Geographicum Poe- 

ticum, neat, 6« ...Ooconii, 1671 

6072 Suiceri Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus, 2 vols, best edition, half*bouiid, 

nissia, neat, 2/. \2s.M Traj. ad Bhen. 1746 

** This is the best edition of a most valuable work ; which, though 
indispensably necessary for uinderstandinj^ the writings of £e 
Greek Fathers, incidentally contains many iUustrotions of Scrip* 
ture."— Hornb's Introd. vol. i, p. 56. 

[William Batkbs, 

Digitized by 


Qua rto.] DkHonaries, Grammars^ Philology, tic. 807 

6073 Said» Lexicon, Grac^, fine copy, calf, neat, I89... Ba<}2^, 1544 

6074 Tortelii Aretini (Joannis) Commentarii Grammatici de Ortho- 

graphia Dictionum e Graecis tractarum, Veneiiis^ per Andream 
de PaltascichU, M.CCCC.LXXXVI1L—Laurentii Valte £le- 
gantiarttm Linguae LaAinn, lib. yi, cam ejusdem Epistola ad 
Joannem Tortellium et Calphurnii Epigramma ad Anto- 
niam Pasqualinum, Veneiiis^ per Bemardinum de Novaria, 
M.CCCC.LXXXXl. — Nonius Marcellus Festus Pompeius, a6«- 
que indie. Ann. Loc. aut 1)fpog. in I vol. new calf, W. \s. 

6075 Tromhii CoNcoRO^NTiiE GaiBCiB Vbrsionis LXX Imtbrprbtum, 

2 vols. LARGE PAPER, haif-bound, neat, \L 16«. Anut. I7I8 

6076 Visdeslou et Galland Bibliotheque Orientaie, new, half-calf, 16f. 

Haye, 1770 

6078 Vocaboiario degli Accademici della Crusca, neat, 15«. 

Venezia^ 1612 

6079 Waitoni Apparatus Biblicus, yellum, 9< Tigwi, 1673 

** A never-failing theological and critical treasury."— -Todd's Lifi 
OF Walton. 


6080 Abu Nasri Isbmaelis Ebn Hammad Al-Gieufaarii Farabiensis, 

Puriori Sermonis Arabic! Thesaurus yulgo dictus Liber sehah, 
sive Lexicon Arabicum, particnla 1, Arab, et Lat. Everardi 
Scfaeidii, neat, 69 Traj, ad Rhen. 

6081 Adams's System of Uniyersal Geography, maps and plates, calf, 

neat, 95 Lond. 1793 

6082 Ainswortb's Ladn Dictionary, by Dr. Morell, russia, neat, 

II. Ss ib. 1783 

6083 — calf, neat, 11.4$ ib. I773 

6084 Albert! (M. Paul! Martini!) Porta Linguse Sanctie, siye Lexicon 

novum Hebrseo-Latino-Bibiicum, new, half-calf, 12< 

BudisscB, 1704 

6085 Barrett's Tables of European Exchanges, thick vol. neat, Ss. 


6086 Bate's (Julius) Critica Hebrasa, or Hebrew-Engtish Dictionary, 

without points, boards, I65 1767 

6087 Berthelson's English and Danish Dictionary, lOf 1754 

6088 Boyer's French Dictionary, new, calf (published at 3/.), 12, 5^. 


6089 Bowrey's English and Malay, and Malay and English Dictionary, 

interleaved, in 2 vols, rough calf, scarce, I4s Land. I7OI 

This copy was recently priced by a bookseller at 21. I2s. 6d. 

6090 Burcklini Lexicon Hebraico-Mnemonicum, cum Radidbus, de* 

perditis, &c., interleaved, neat, 4«. 6d.4. Erancqf. 

'. 54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


988 JMctiwuri^, G rumman ^ PMhkn. IWr [Qvasto. 

0092 - ^ ,,,, Manvalp 0e)i»rMcum «C Cha)dMoiioi« Mterlaafe4 with a 

niukUwl^ of MS jicUitiAW, hoards, (j^ •*. Ai. 1619 

«099 Cj|Uaf¥ii^'«4Diiig4k»«l>ktui»ar/«MMd,]fi» .^CWmi69, 1821 

60^^ C^bogiiaM9 (Cwiaio Comidas d«) Pimi Pnnotpi deUa (iiramatica 
Tur€» ad U6j9 dei JUssieaari Apmtolici dt CiNMitantiiiopoliy new, 
baifr^Mf, 18#,...., ^.. «<w»a, 17^4 

6D95 C^ute|li (jexwon Hebridcuiii, edidit Miebaelis, half-bottod, neat, 
14*. .,.,...... ^Wii^. 17» 

C096 Clttm^rdi InstitvtuMKes ac Meditotieiies ki Gh^ecam Ljagiutm, half- 
bomid, d$.6d - P/«rw, 157« 

9097 Ciraufteri Phosphorus sive Declaratio Grscarum Vocum et Phra- 
sium ft* S. N#vi Tefltamenlfi Theoratieo-Pi^Mtkay portnSt, tcI« 
htoi. d« Franco/. 1676 

«9dS F4diiibarg), jyj^dical and Phf sicia Bieftionaryp 2 tiHs. ^pbltM, €«tf, 
neat, US*,,,*.. ^.*. ,.-.,,...^,.,,.e^ ,.^.,. ...... 1807 

6099 Elstob's Rudiments of Grammar for the £«gliah $axon Tongue, 

with an apology for the Study of Northern Antiquities, IjArgb 
PAPER, neat, 14« 1715 

6100 Erpenii Rudimp.nta Lingme Arablcg, Fiorilegium Sententiarum 

Arabicarum ut et Clavim Dialectorum, half-bound, uncut, 6s. 

X. Bat. 1733 

6101 -— — — * Rudimenta Ling. Arab* ptc. eum Fabulis Loekmanni, 

accedunt Excerpta Anthologise Veterum Arabia Poetarum qu» 
ui^eribitur Jlami^i^, halfi'bi^nnd, calf» I48,...,,..,^^^.,..^.ib. ijjm 

6)jDI^ -r- Grampfi^c^ Arabica, mim Fabulis Lockmanni, eCp. com- 
plete copy, n^at, 12*..,,..,.,«.^ ..,,^^,.,^..,...^, *,»t. 1748 

6103 F^ljcon^f's Marine Dictionary, plates, n^t, &,*.., 1769 

6|p4 J. u . . — .;j. .. ' .j . jw" j^e^^opy, pl«t^9« calf gilt, 12#, 


6105 Gatt^l (Cf M.) DiritiQ^aire fru^qoks-M^miS^t ^t EspagiMl- 
f'ran9ois, avec I'interpretation Latine de chaque wot, 2 vols. 

gjp6 iqjau4^<)i (^oapniii) Tbesaurm tiMW Li^giw iMiMi, GallksiB, 
GrsBc*, »«w, half-calf, Ss...^ „,...,„„„..^..*,P4risii;s, I7IO 

§i07 Q*^^i&U (Pf* Au?* Ant.) Alphabetum Tibetanum, prsemissa est 
Disfiui^^oqifa de ¥ar|o JUHitef^ruw af R^gima Nomli^^, <70iMa# 
'Origine moribus, superstitione ac Manicheeismo fuse disseritur, 
fJWidc v^ Mf-bQmul, calf, r^0, 18« ,»„,,. ,$o«ia, I7iit 

6108 Gilchrist's Theory and Prpspeisitus of PiBrsimi Verbai with their 
llindoo'st)M»ee Syi>opymfi8 in P^reiattapd Epgli^i), bulMunHpd, A^ 

CfilcutA^ 180) 

fiiPy Gladwin's Persian Classics, contuning the Gulistan of Sady, with 
an £li£^sh Traasb^tio^ an^ Not^, ^ vpUt hffffnhoiu^, riia^hit 
M Us.M. .,•,..„.,..,.., ..,.^.,,,,„p,..„i6. 1806 

6110 Disseriatigns on the Rhetpric, Prosody, an4 Hhyme of 

the Persians, half-bound, neat, 7* ib. 1798 

6111. -TTT-r Iiiatitut«6 of the E^^fHaior Akbar, &»» ^ JRbiihiqi* 

boandc(» 2^, 64,, ...,. ,.. 1777 

Digitized by 


QoASToJ Bkti^mMriBi^ Grammars, Philology, ifc. 360* 

§1M Gim&Phjlo]o«u8flcrA,¥«Uiim, 7«.«<l jimtt. 1711 

•** An Inestimable and InnnoTtal work." — Mosheim. 

6113 Hftittey^# lutrodiictQrjr Gmnniatical Bttnariu on the Peraian 
Language, 1776. — Dr. Pryee's Gornbh Grammar and Cornish* 
SngiuOi Voeabukiry^ 1790.--l>avy8'8 Art of Decjphering, 1737. 
— Pennant's Literary Life* 17^3, In 1 vol, neat, I2s. 

61)4 Halhed'is (CrrwuBMjr ol the ^ngai LangiMge, meat, rare, 12f« 

ffooglcy, 1778 

** €et outrage est eKtrtoieraent rans el cher en Europe, o<u il n'en 
parvenu que 30 eiaemplairBs aa pkn, TMllion ayant ^te achetde et 
T^tenne par le cons^U Bup^r&eur du Beogale, i l'exceptl#n de ti 
^zemplaires accord^s k I'auteur. C'est ie jfx&nalere Uvre imprim^ 
an Bengale."— Langles. 

61 IS — "^^ Another copy, 1778, and Monumenta Historiea Vetera 
fieeM9 SnegotUcs, ex «<Mid. MS8. eoliegit et Hliisteafit Ericus 
Beasffttus Fiiiva, Upstd, 1709, tn one vai. ecame, 1&. 

6116 Hju^ocr9tAom» Dietioaarhioi in 4eoe«i ftheftores, Graced, Notis 

Jae. Maufl8aci« t«Uuiii» neat« St.* • Pttriiy J 614 

61 17 Hederlci Gr«.cum Lexicon Manuale, h MonoU* neat* 18««.. 1790 
611-8 fIsiisBfjOT (D') Bimhimnusmw OaxiiiiTAiia, eonteaant tout ee 

qui hit OMUM^tere lee Peuplee dB TOiient, leors fisfltotres, lee 
ReYolutions de ieurs Empires, leurs Religions, leur Seetes, lea 
Viea ^ lenr Sai»to, kA* ke. 4 «ioIs« lo 2« portrait, neat, 4/. 

A la Hayc, 1777 
** Edition la iJlus complete de cet ouvrage estim^l** — ^Brunbt. 

6119 Hickmi (Qeoi^i) InMimian^ Grammatical Anglo'Saxofdcgs et 

&loc9o-Gotki0x^ peat, searef, JSiu ,.«^,.,*.. Oxon. 1689 

I^XtQ Hoffivanni (Andrete Theophili) Grammaticse Syriacee, libri iii, 

0ttiii «rld«« tabplis, ^ewed, 16«..,...« ...^ .....HiO^b. 1827 

61121 iiawieon's (Dr. Jas.) D)p|ipiwyof tbfi Jf«lay Toogve, with Gram- 

fiHir, .bfdf-boun<)« russin, 89,.,to««««««. «...«««•« 1801 

#142 Hutewic7 (Akx. Gabr. de UToiiAtyn) JUifllit«j|liMes LiBgncB Orecs, 

saw, Mwed, 8«« % helf-oaK vnmit, ia#«.*^««*«*.*«X«|:. iBotf. 1746 

Marked in a Booksellgi^s Catalogue at 27. 28. 

61^ JkMM^s (Sir William) Persian Grammar, £alf, 9«.^«.^ 178^ 

6124 Lakemaeher Elejnenta Jjingvse Arabke, lioarda, 5#. 

HdmMi. 1718 
612^ Lascaria GramuuDtica Gr2eoa« cum Tabuia Oebetis, Gr. et Lat. 
'CaraMqa Asirea Pjrtbagons, Jnt roduetion e ^ Hebraiea m Mn* 
guam, etc. russia, neat, 1/. lOs. 

FcueiiUy apud Ac*»vMf nnase Octobris^ M .D.XII. 
6t26 Lehedeff's. Grammar of the Pjure and Mixed East Indian Dialects, 

with Dialogues affixed, boards, 25. 6cf •••••• 1801 

6127 licmpriere^is Classical Dictionary, half-bound, russia, neat, U. 1^. 


aidB iienideiil Piikdogus flebrans, iwlliMi, 5^ UUraj. 1686 

«tsf ..,r..,^rr-— Philologiu^ Hehneo-MixtM, ireUam, 4a. M.^.ih. 1682 
^ ^^mauiflrrfR Row.] 

Digitized by 


310 Dictionaries, Ctrawmars, Philology, Inc. [Quarto. 

6130 Jjensdeiii PhilologaB Hebneo^GrReuB, Tellttm, 4«... UiiraJ. 1685 

6131 LiUletdn's (Dr. Adam) Lialan Dictionary, half-bound, neat, 6i. 


6132 half-boand, neat, 9$. 


613? Marsden'8 English and Malajan Dictionary, interieared with MS 

additions, half-bound, russia, neat, 16» 1812 

6134 Marshman's Elements of Chinese Grammar, with a preliminarjr 

Dissertation on the Characters and the Colloquial Medlam of 
the Chinese, and an Appendix, containing the Ta*hyoh of Con* 
fbcius with a Translation, neat, IL \Ss Serampore, 1814 

6135 Michadis (Jo. Da»,) Suppiemenia ad Lexica Hebraiea, 6 vols, in 

3, half-bound, neat, 21. 5s Goumg. 1792 

6136 Grammalaca Syriaca, sewed, 9«. 

Ifo&r, 1784 
6136*Mintert (Petn) Leiicon Gneco-Latanum in NoTum Testamentum, 

cum Prsfat. J. Geo. Pritii, rellum, neat, 8t »Frane<tf. 1728 

6137 Moreira's (Jacob Rodrigues) Kehilath Jahaoob, a Voeabolary of 

Words in the Hebrew Language, Hebrew, English, and Spanish, 
bound, 5s A, M. 5533 

6138 Morell Hiesaurus G^cn Poeseos, sive Lexicon Graco-Proso- 

daicnm, 2 vols, portrait by Hogarth, ca\f, neat, 189. 

JEeoii, 1762 

6139 Myricei (Job. Gasbarls) Grammatlcie Syra-Chald«c», libn duo, 

calf, neat, ^s Gemue, 1619 

6140 Nicholson's Dictionary of Chemistry, 2 rols. plates, half-bound, 

neat, 9* 1795 

6141 Noldii ConcordantiK Particularnm Ebrteo-Chaldaiearum, k 

Tympii, et Michaelis, best edition, boards, 18*. ; calf, 1/. 1«. 

JauB, 1733 

6142 Olivet la Langue Hebnnque Restitute, et le veritable Sens des 

Mots H^breux r^tabli et pronv^ par leur Analyse Radleale, 
sewed, 6« Porit, 1815 

6143 Parkhnrst's Hebrew Lexicon, neat, 8$ 176t 

6144 Pasini (Giuseppe) Vocabolario Italiano-Latlno e Latino-ltaliano, 

2 vols, sewed, ]0» Vet^eua, 1817 

6145 Persian Vocabulary, for the College of Fort William, in Bengal, 

boards, \0s. (kXcsuta, 1800 

6146 Pedt's (Peter) Hebrew Guide, half-calf, 3f 1752 

6147 PUkington's Dictionary of Punters, with Supplement by Barry, 

half-bound russia, neat, ]/. 8«... 1796 

6148 LAROB PAPBR, Doat, 2/. 10». 


6149 I^tisci Lexicon Latino*Belgicum Novum, cura et studio Wester- 

hovu, old calf, 7« Awr. 1738 

" Ouvrage estim^."— Voyez Brunbt Manuel, t. iii, p. 87. 

6150 Placenlanii Epitome Grscce PalseographiK et de recta Gneei Ser- 

monis Pronuneiatione Dissert. 1735.— Comment. Gr»c» Pro- 
. nunciationis, half-bound; neat, Bs Rom. 1735 



zed by Google 

Quarto.] Dictionaries, Orammarst Philology ^ 5fc. 811 

6151 Podestse (Joano. Bapt.) Cursus Grammaticalis Linguaruoi Orien- 

taliam Arabics scilicet Persies et Turcica, thick vol. yellum, 
scarce, 7* Vienna Austr, 

6152 Pordi DictioDarium l.«atipuin Grseco-Barbarum et Litterale, orig^* 

nal woodeii binding, brass^lasps, Js Lait. Par, 1635 

6153 Primae Lineae Institationaiii ad Fundamenta Dialecti Arabics, 

sewed, 3«. 6d L. Bat. 1779 

6154 Reuchlen (Joannis) de Rudimentis Hebraicis, libri tres, neat, 

scarce, 14«.; • Phorce^ in wdib. Tho, Amhelmi^ 1506 

6155 Robertson Thesaurus Gnecee Lin^se, neat, l08„,Cuntab. 1676 

6156 RosenmuHeri Institutiones ad Fundamenta Linguae Arabicae, 

sewed, 18s Lips. 1818 

6157 Rudimenta Grammaticce Persicse ad usum Seminarii Patavini (no 

title page), brown calf, 5s. 

6158 Ruphy Dictionnaire Fran9ois-ARABE, sewed, 9s Paris^ 1802 

6159 Schultensii Origenes Hebrsese, sive Heb. Ling. Antiq. Natura et 

Indoles, ex Arab, et de Defectibus Hod. Ling. Heb. &c. half- 
bound, neat, 8« • Lugd, Bat. 1761 

6160 Seidell! Tres Manipuli Linguce Sanctae, Grammat. Sententiae Bibl. 

et Rabbin, etc. new, half*ca1f, 4s Hamb. 1638 

6162 Serenitts's English and Swedislr Dictionary, bound, 12s. 

Sweden^ IJ57 

6163 SewePs Complete Dutch Dictionary : English and Dutch, and 

Dutch and English, revised by £. Buys, 2 vols, best edition, 
neat, 18s Amst. 1766 

6164 Simonis Lexicon Manuale Hebraicum et Chaldaicum, interleaved, 

in 2 vols, with a multitude of MS additions, by a Dutch Scholar, 

half-bound, 14s Hal. Magd. 1757 

51^ ■ Arcanum Formarum Nominum Hebrsese Linguse, 2 vols, 
in one, half-bound, neat, 8s ih. 1735 

6166 ■' Ouomasticum Veteris Testamenti, half-bound, neat, 8s. 


6167 Smith's (Captain) Military Dictionary, boards, 5s 1779 

6168 Steinbrecheri Grammatica et Lexicon Ebrseae Linguae, etc. vel- 

lum, 6s Lips. 1692 

6169 Taboada (Nunez y) Diccionario Espaiiol-Frances, neat, 7^. 

Madrid, 1820 

6170 Tooke's Diversions of Purley, part i, boards, 15s 1798 

6171 Tremellii (Immanuelis) Grammatica Chaldaea et Syra, Bertram! 

(Bonav. Com.) Comparatio Grammaticse Hebraicae et Aramicae, 
atque adeb dialectorum Aramicarum inter se, iu one vol. vellum, 
scarce, 10s Geneva, 1569-74 

6172 Tydcman (Bern. Fred.) Specimen Philologicum exhibens Con- 

spectum Operis Ibn Chalicani de Vitis illustrium Virorum, 
Arab, et Lat. sewed, 5s L. Bat. 1809 

6173 Vallancey's Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic or Irish Language, 

brown calf, 18s 1773 

61 74 Vriemont Arabismus ; exhibens Grammaticam Arabicam novam, 

et monumenta quaedam Arabica, cum Notis et Glossario Arabico- 

Lalinum, vellum, 5s • ..^Franeq. 1733 

54y Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


812 Dieii&tifetries, Ortmmari, Phthlogy, 8rc. [OcTAtcr. 

6175 Walker'g Pronoupcinjr Dictionary, neat, 9» '. 17^7 

6 176 Wasmatli (Mattb.) Grammatiea Araibica, iialf-culf, &t, 

Amt. 1654 

61 77 Williaina's (Dr.) Concordance to the Greek Testament, half. 

bound, nneut, 9* * 1767 

^78 WiLMBT (JoANNrd^y LEXICON LiNGtT^ Arabic^ in CoraniAn 

Hariri am et VHam Timuri, haifobonnd, neat, rars, IZ. I85. 

Ron. 1784 
6179 Wolfii Btbliotheca Hebraa, 2 vols. veUimr, 15* Hamh. 1715 


^180 A^^ms OB the Pronunciation of the English Language, I».«. 1799 

6181 Altingi Fundamenta PnnGtatioais Lingnse SaAct»» sewedv 3^ %d^ 

FraHcaf. 1730 

6182 Anderson's (Wm.) Commercial Dictionary and S^a-Pot^t €1^ 

zetteer, boards (published at \L Js.), ]4s 1819 

6183 Ash's Dictionary of the £og)i«h Language, 2 vols., now in dalf, 

15*........ ^. ,w V 1775 

6184 Atkinson^s Key to the Latin Language, boards, k; — Vocabulary 

of LatiO' Nouns and Adnouns, Uv.. .•«.• >..^.*,«..^w.v...^. 1^1 

6185 Bailey's Universal English Etymological Dictionefy,i bound, 

3s. 6d ; tough calf, 4s ; half-calf, neat, 5$ 1745,^ 1261, 1757 

6186 Bavolay's English Dictionarj, neat, fs. ; iiew in calf, Ss^ 

. 1734, 1782 

6187 Barker's Hebrew Lexicon and: Grammar,, calf, 7^. •.r^^^*^*^ tSIB 
6i88 Barron's Lectures on Belles Lettres and Logic, 2 vols, boards, 

6189 Bayeri Museum. Sinkiun, in quo l^nic» Lingune et Litter il Ww iHl 

ratio explicatur, 2 vols, half-bound, 10$. 6<i......P£«roy»o/k', 1730 

Dr. Claiiire^ tells iMy Hint this ^ itr a work of ■itt^ulbx'eiiiditibn; and 
tbfi most perfect we have on the Chinese Language." 

6190 B*«6AiiiaB. — ^Alhadpoorbok Nfrityoo, Happy Deaths, of Cliristian 

Children, board's, 3^ „ CfalcuU'a^ 

6191' Batres Swighaum, boards, 3«:..>..^.. ih. 

6i92 Goldsmith's England' abridged, translated by Carey, 

calf extra, ds ^ ^Serampore^y ..-^^ 

^93 ^ Gonito, Arithmetical Tablies, made under the super- 

intendance of the Rev. R. May, boards, 4s « Cizlouttay ' 

^igi4 Gooroodtokhylnn, boards, is. 6d.,.. ^db. 

j5Xg5 History of King Krishnu Chundii ftayu,. boards, 

4s. 6d. ...,.....'. Fredericlcsnagare^ ■■ . 

Ifl'Off rtikah Probonbokotha, Pleasing Tales, bound, 3*. 

^IQf lyotish Ebong Goladhyay, Astronomy and Geo- 
graphy, calf cxtTK, 5« , i, Calcutta^ 

[William BaVnbs 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] DicHonarieSf OrammarSf Philologyy kc. 313 

6198 Bbngalbb. — Lepee Mala, or Bracelet of Writing, boards, 5$, 


0199 ___ Mohabharat, 12nio, new, half-calf, As, Calcutta^ ' 

6200 Norottom, Bilash's History, calf extra, 6s. 


5201 Pearson's English Grammar, sewed, 3« ib. 

6202 Poorooshporikhya, Man put to the proof, half-bound, 

neat, 5s , Serampore, 

6203 Radhacant Deb's Spelling Book, with Reading 

Lessons, calf extra, 5«.. Calcutta, 1820 

6204 Rajaboli, History of the Rajahs of India, calf extra, 

69 Serdmpore^ 1814 

6205 Benson (Thomas), Voeabularium Anglo-Saxonieum, vellum, 

scarce, IBs Oxon, 1701 

6206 Bibliotheca Classica, sive Lexicon Manuale quo nomine propria 

pleraque apud Scriptores Grsecos et Romanos illustrantur, 
sewed, 6s Davent. 1816 

6207 Biel (Jo. Christiani) Novus Thesaurus Philologicus ; sive Lexi- 

con in LXX, et alios inter pretes et Scriptores Apocryphos Veteris 
Testamenti, edidit E. H. Mutzenbecher, 3 vols, sewed, 14f . 

Hag. Com. 1779 

6208 Idem, half-bound, neat, 16s. 

ih. 1779 
6209 Idem, vellum, 18«... %b. 1779 

** This is a very valuable work ; it is very neatly printed, and so ne- 
cessary to the biblical student, that its want cannot be easily 
supplied."— Dr. Dibdin. 

6210 Blake's Universal Piece Writer, bound, ds Chester^ 1811 

6211 Booth's Lexicon of the Primitive Words of the Greek Language, 

boards, 4* 1820 

6212 Bornii Nomenclator seu Lexicon Manuale Linguae Grscse, 2 vols. 

newhalf-russia, l/.8« Lips. 1817 

6213 Borroni (Bartolomeo) Grammatica Spagnuola, ad uso degli 

Italiani, sewed, 2^. 6d Milan. 1812 

6214 Bos (Lambert!) Ellipses Graecse, cum Observationibus Variorum 

et Schwebelii, neat. As. 6d Norimb. 1763 

6214 * ■ edidit Schsefer, new boards (published at 18^.), 9s. 


6215 Bouget Rudimenta Grammaticee Hebrseae ad usum Collegii de Pro- 

paganda Fide, sewed, 2«. 6(]{ Roma, 1740 

6216 Bowles's Aristarchus, Institution of the Latin Tongue, neat, 

If. 6d 1748 

6217 Boyle's Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles of Phalaris and 

Fables of JSsop examined, neat, 2s 1699 

6218 Brookes's General Gazetteer, maps, half-calf, 6s 1791 

6219 Brown (Thomse) Viridarium Poeticum, calf, 3* 1799 

6220 Bureirs New Method to obtun the Knowledge of Hebrew 

speedily and without a Master, half-calf, 4s 1739 

6221 Carey's Latin Prosody, boards, 2s. 6d. 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 2 S 

Digitized by 


314 Dictionaries, Grammars, Philology, *d. [Octavo. 

Carey'B Latin Prosody, and Scale's Aotaljsis of the Greek Metres, 
in one vol. neat, 3s. 6d 1802 

6223 Castro's English and Portuguese, and Portuguese and English 

Grammar, neat, 2s ,.. •«..• \T5\ 

6224 Chirol's Enquiry into the best System of Female Education, 

boards, 2s. 6d 1S09 

6225 Chrestomathia, Papers explanatory of a Chrestomathic School, 

boards, 2s 1815 

6226 Clodii Lexicon Hebraicum selectum, in quo voces rarlores et 

obscurs Godicis Hebrsei Biblici illnstrantur. Radices Nominum 

deperditse restituuntur, etc. vellum, 4s Ups. 1744 

.6226*Clodii Lexici Turcici Triplex Index, primus voces Turcicas, pro- 
priis Uteris, secundus earum pronuntiationem, tertius German!- 
cam Explicationem complectens, vellum, 6s Idps. 1730 

6227 Cormon et Piestre Dictionnaire Portatif de la Langue Frangaise, 

neat, 2s L^on. 1813 

6228 Crosii (C.) Probabilia Gritica, in quibus Vet. Gr. et Lat, Script. 

emend, sewed, 2« Lips. 1753 

6229 Dawson's Lexicon, Nov. Test. Grsc, neat, 4ts 1822 

6230 Deletanville's French Dictionary, 2 vols, calf, gilt, Js 1771 

6231 Del-Pino's Spanish Grammar, half-calf, 2s. 6d 1766 

6232 Des Roche's Dictionnaire FraB^cHS-Allemand par A. Grange, neat^ 

3s Anvers. 1816 

6233 Dictionarium Polygraphicum, or the whole Body of Arts di- 

gested, 2 vols, plates, bound, 9s 1735 

6234 Entick's Latin Dictionary, Latin-English and English- Latin, by 

Grakelt, neat, 4^ 17^2 

6235 Ernest! (Jo. Aug.) Glavis Giceroniana, boards, 5s.... Hal. 1767 

6236 Fenning's English Dictionary, neat, 5s.,.. ^ 1771 

6237 Fessler (Jinnoc.) Institutiones Linguarum Orientalium, Hebr. 

Ghald. Syr. et Arab. Ghre&tomathiam Arabicam addidit Eichorn, 
vellum, 6* Wratisl. 1787 

6238 Fischeri (Job. Frider.) Animadversiones ad Jac. Yelleri Gram- 

maticam Grsecam, 4 vols, sewed, 18^ JJps. 1798-1801 

6239 Foster's Essay on Accent and Quantity, with tiieir use and applir 

cation in the English , Latin , and Greek Languages , seat, 48. 1763 

6240 Franciosini (Lorenzo) Vocabolario Italiano e Spagnoio, Spagnolo 

e Italiano, 2 vols, boards, 4s Vencz, 1774 

6241 Frey's Hebrew, Latin, and English Dictionary, 2 vols, large 

PAPBR, boards (published at 7^* 4«.) IL ....«« ••• 1815 

^42 ' I Latin and Hebrew Vocabulary, half-bound^ 2«« 

6243 Hebrew Grammar, and Psalms in Hebrew, boamls, can- 
vass back, lettered, 5s. .....r ...•^. 1813 

6244 Gail Gk'ammure Grecque, ha^-calf, 24. 6d Paris, 1812 

6245 Galignani's Lectures on the Italian Language, boards, 1«. 6d. 

6246 Gate to the Hebrew, Arabic, and Sjrriac unlodced^ by a new and easy 

method of acquiring the accidence, boarded in canvass, 2«. 1898 

6247 Gilchrist's Rose Garden of Hindoostan, transbted from Shykh 

Sadee's Original Nursery, or Persian Goolislan of Sheraz, by 
Meer Sher Ulee Ufsos, 2 vols, neat, gilt, I6s Csdaota, 1802 


Digitized by 


Octavo.] DicHanaries, Grammars^ PhUclogy^ kc. 815 

6848 Oradtts ad Parnassmn, bouDd, 2s. M 1813 

6249 bound, a?. Od 1817 

6250 Grant's Instittttes of Latin Grammar, interleaved, calf, 3«. 6d. 

6261 Greek Grammar, Oloueester, 1809.— Dunbar's Greek Exercises, 
1812.-— Dunbar's Prosodia Gneca, 1815, calf extra, 5s. 

6252 Greek Delectus, with Interlineary Translation, sewed, U. 6d. 1824 

6253 Greek Language, an Introductory Key, an Elementary Greek 

Grammar, an Interlineary Translation of St. Luke, with a Key 
to Parsing, boards,^ 1824 

6255 Gregorius Corinthi Metropolita, de Dialectis Greece, eraendayit 

et notis illustravit Gisb. Koen, vellum, 5s Lugd. Bat. 1766 

6256 Guthrie's Geographical Grammar, maps, neat, As 1/92 

6257 Gwilt's Rudiments of a Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, 

boarded in canvass (published at 6ff.) 5s. 1829 

6258 Hamoniere, Grammaire Russe, sewed, 2«. 6d Peuis^ 1817 

6259 Harris's (Dr.) Chaldee Grammar, U.Bd 1822 

6260 Hebrew Grammar, 1* 1785 

6261 Hederici Gr»cum Lexicon Manuale, eura Ernesti, 2 vols, boards, 

12* Ups. 1796 

6262 Hennanni Elementa Doctrince Metrics, boards (published at 

I5s.) 7$ Glasg. 1817 

6263 Hesychii Lexicon restitutum et repurgatum, sive Supplementa ad 

edit. Hesychii Albertinam, auctore N. Schow, bds, 6s.. Lips. 1792 

6264 Huntingford's Introduction to the Writing of Greek, both parts, 

bound, 2*. 6d Osf. 1786 

6265 Jahnii Grammatica Lingus Hebraic®, sewed, 9«...rie7iR. 1809 

6266 Johnson's (Dr.) English Dictionary, with Grammar, new, bound, 

6s 1824 

6267 Josse Grammaire Espagnole • raisonnee, neat, 2s 1817 

6268 Kirsoh Chrestomathia Syriaca cum Lexico Syriaco, sewed, Js. 

Lips. 1789 

6269 KroU's Commercial Dictionary, English and Russian, boards, 2s» 

6270 Ladvocat (M. L. Abb4) Dictionnaire Histonque portatif, 2 vols. 

fine copy in brown calf, 9s..., ^oy^i 1754 

6271 Lennep Etymologicum Linguae Grsecse editionem curavit, atque 

animadversiones cum aliorum tum suas adjecit Everard Scheidius, 
3 vols, calf, 18» Traj. 1790 

6272 Leusdeni Lexicon Hebrseo-Latinum ad modum Lexici Schreve- 

liaoi Greei, vellum, 3«. 6d. ; neat, 45 Uliraj. 1687 

6273 Lexicon tes Graikikes Gallikeste kai Italikes Glosses, half-bound, 

neat, 6s Venet. 1816 

6274 Lexicon tes Italikes Gkisses, Ital. kai Graik, half-bound, neat, 5s. 

ib. 1815 

6275 Mangelsdorfii Lexicon Latinee Linguae, cum prsefat. Reizii, vel- 

lum, 5s * Lips. 1777 

6276 Mason's Essay on Elocution, neat. Is. 6d 1748 

6277 Mercier (L. S.) N^ologie, ou Vocabuliure de Mots Nouveaux, 

2 vols, neat, 3^. 61^ Paris, 1801 

6278 Mutter's (Dr.) Greek Grammar^ neat, 28. 6d Land. 

54| Patbrmostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


816 Dictionarieiy GrammarSt Philology, S^c. [Octayo. 

6279 Mitford's Inquiry into the Principles of Harmony in Languag* 

and of the Mechanism of Verse, calf, 63 1804 

6280 Modern Gazetteer, a Geographical Dictionary, 2 thick vols, maps, 

boards, lOs 1810 

6281 Moor (Dr. Jac.) Elementa Linguae Grsecae, notis Dr. Neilson, 

bound, 28. 1821 

6282 Mortimer's Dictionary of Commerce, boards (published at 25^.), 

63 1810 

6283 Nares's Elements of Orthoepy, interleaved with writing paper, 

half-bound, neat, 9s 1784 

6284 Neuman's Spanish Dictionary, 2 vols, neat. Us 1802 

6285 New Zealand Grammar and Vocabulary, boards, 2s» 6(2... 1820 

6286 Noltenii Lexicon Latins Linguae Antibarbarum quadrupartitam, 

prsefat. Moshemii, neat, 8^ • lAps. 1744 

6287 Parkhurst's Hebrew Lexicon, and Hebrew and Chaldee Grammar, 

boards, 9* 1829 

6288 Greek Grammar, bound, 2«. 

6289 Pinkcrton's Modern Geography, maps, bound, 65 1811 

6290 Port Royal Greek Grammar translated by Dr. Nugent, neat, 3«. 


6291 2 vols, neat^ fo 1746 

6292 Port Royal Latin Grammar, translated by Dr. Nugent, 2 vols. 

neat, 6« 1803 

6293 2 vols, calf, neat, 8*. ... 1797 

6294 2 vols, boards, 7« 1816 

6295 Port! (M. ^milii) Dictionarium lonicum, Graeco*Latinura, 

boards, 3s. 6d Oxon. 181? 

6296 boards, 5s ib. 1821 

f 6297 ■ boards, canvass back, lettered, 

5* Land. 1823 

6298 Potts's Gazetteer of England and Wales, 2 vols, boards, 9s. 


6299 Primatt's Defence of an accented Pronunciation of Greek Prose, 

half-bound, 3s. 6d Cambr. 1764 

6300 Reiff Grammaire Russe i Tusage des etrangers, sewed, 3s. 

Petersburgh, 1821 

6301 Roebuck^s Collection of Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases in the 

Persian and Hindoostanee Languagess rare, \2s. 

CalcuUa^ 1824 

6302 Rousseau's Persian Vocabulary, neat, 3s 1802 

6303 half-bound, neat, As 1805 

6304 Ruhnken. — Opuscula Rulinkeniana, cura T. Kidd, new half-calf, 

4* 1807 

6305 Russian Grammar, in German, by Michael Lomonosow, 2«. 6d. 

St. Petersburg, 1764 

6306 Sacy {Silvestre de) Chrestcmathie Jtrahe, ou,B^traits de divers 

Ecrivains Arches, tant en prose qu^en vers, 3 vols, half-bound, 
russia, neat, 21. 2s » Paris, 1806 

6307 Schleusneri Novus Thesaurus Philologico-Criticus sive Lexicon 

in LXX, et rcliquos Interpretes Grsecos ac Scriptores Apo- 

[WlliLIAM BATNBfli* 

Digitized by 


Octavo.] Dictionaries, Grammars, Philology, S^c. 317 

cryphos Veteria Testamenti, 5 toIs. calf, gilt, 22. 105. 

Ups. 1820 
6308 Schleasneri Noyus Thesaurus Philologico-Criticus, in Vet. Test. 

5 yols. in 3, calf, neat, 2/. 5s ib. 1820 

6309 Lexici in Interpretes GrsecoB Vet. Test, maximi 

Scriptores Apocryphos Spicilegium, boards, Js ib. 1784 

6310 Sclioettgenii Lexicon Grseco-Latinum in Noy. Test, annotationi- 

bus pbilologicis, cura Crnisselbergen, sewed, 2«. 6 J. — yellum, 
35. — half-bound, neat, 4s Loigd. Bat. 1755 

6311 • : auxit et locupletayit Krebsius, 

half-bound, uncut, 5^. — neat, 6s, — interleaved in 2 yols. half- 
bound, uncut, lOf Ldps. 1765 

6312 ' recensuit auxit et locupletayit 
Spohn, sewed, 6^ t^. 1790 

6313 Schreyelii Lexicon Manuale Grseco-Latinum, neat, 4;. (yd, 

Paris, 1779 

6314 Schroederi Institutiones ad Fundamenta Linguse Hebrsese, sewed, 

4s Groning. 1766 

6315 ' Idem, sewed, 4*. 6d» 

Ulme, 1792 

6316 ■ Idem, boards, 5f. 

Groning. 1810 

6317 Hem, boards, 6*. 

Glasg. 1824 

6318 )9chwan Dictionnaire Fran9ois-Allcmand, 2 yols. half-bound, neat, 

65. Tubinga, 1807 

6319 Setier Grammaire Hebraique, beautifully printed, sewed, 3f. 

Paris, 1814 

6320 Shepherd, Joyce, and Carpenter's Systematic Education, Ele- 

mentary Instruction, Literature, and Science, 2 yols. half- 
bound, russia, neat, 125 1817 

6321 Sheridan's Dictionary of the English Language, 2 yols. neat, 85. 

6322 Lectures on Elocution, boards, 35 1798 

6323 Simonis (John) Lexicon Manuale Hebraicum et Chaldaicum, et 

Lexicon Manuale Graecum, 2 yols. old russia binding, neat, 145. 

Hal. Magd. 1771 

6324 —-— — — Lexicon Manuale Grsecum, sewed, 55. 

ib. 1766 

6325 Sleigh's Practical Dictionary, boards, 35 1817 

6326 Smith on the Pronunciation of the English Language, and 

Dictionary of the English and French Languages, boards, 25. — 
neat, 25. M 1795 

6327 Smith's (Dr. J. Pye) Manual of Latin Grammar, calf, 25. M. 


6328 Steyens's Spanish Grammar, bound, I5. M. 1739 

6329 Stirling's (Dr.) Rhetorft, I5 1736 

6330 Cordery's Colloquies, bound, 25 1736 

6331 English Grammar, Latin Grammar, and Rhetoric, 

54, Paternostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


818 Dictionaries, Grammars, Philology, tte. [Octavo. 

6332 Stirl'iog's (Dr.) Private Tutor to the British Yonlh, Is 1763 

6333 Stockii Claves Lioguarum Sanctarum, 2 vob. bound, 9«. 

Jena, 172? 

6334 ■ 2 vols, fine copy, russia, neat, 
14* ib. 1727 

6335 Clavis Ling. Sanct. Vet. Test, bound, 4s. 

ib. 1717 
6336 Clavis Ling. Sanct. Nov. Test, vellum, 4s. 

ib. 1725 

6337 Szent Pali (Stephani) Grammatica Hungarica, Is. — ^half-bound, 

2s. 6d ?. abinii, 1795 

6338 Tarver's Dictionary of French Verbs, boards (published at 7'- ^d.) 

3#. 6d 1821 

6339 Thorlacii Prolusiones et Opuscula Academica, 3 vols, sewed, I2s. 

Havnue, 1806 

6340 Tooke's Diversions of Purley, new edition, revised and corrected 

by R. Taylor, with numerous additions, 2 vols, boards, canvass 
backs, lettered, ll.As 1829 

6341 Diversions of Purley, part i, half-bound, russia, neat, 

95 1786 

6342 Toup Emendationes in Suidam et Hesychium et alios Lexicograr 

phos Graecos, 4 vols, half-bound, neat, \l. 5s.. Oxon. 1790 

6343 Emendationes in Suidam, 2 vols, neat, 6« Lond. 1760 

6344 Tractatus varii Latini i Crevier, Brotier, Auger aliisque, boards, 

2* 1788 

6345 Avails, Laurentii, Elegantiarum Libri sex, eiusdem de Recipro- 

catione sui, et suus libellus, plurimum utilis, large copy, 
russia, scarce, 1/. Is. 

Venctiis, in adibus karedum Aldi ct Andrea Asulani 
Soceri, M.D.XXXVl. 

6346 Vallancey's (Dr.) Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language, 

half-bound, neat, 2^. 6d 1818 

6347 Veiled Grammatica Graeca Nova cura Fischeri et Fischeri Ani- 

madversiones ad Velleri Grammaticam Graecam, in 5 vols, calf, 
1/. 65 Lips. 1781, &c. 

6348 Veneroni Maitre Italien, ou Grammaire Frangoise et Italienne, 

neat, 1*. 6d 1800 

6349 VerweyNova Via docendi Grceca, half-bound, 2s Amst. I7IO 

6350 Vieyra's Portuguese Grammar, bound, 2s. 6d 1801 

6351 bound, 3« 1813 

6352 \ngeru8 de prsecipuis Grsecas dictionis Idiotismis, half*bound, 

russia, uncut, 5^ Lugd. Bat. 1743 

6353 Idem, neat, 7* **. 1752 

6354 Wakefield (Gilbert!) Silva Critica, sive in Auctores sacros pro- 
faiiosque Comment. Philol. 5 parts in 2 vols, complete, half- 
bound, neat, russia, 1/. 1789-1795 

g355 1 — pars tertia, boards, 2s. 


6356 Walker's Rhetorical Grammar, neat, 3$. 6d 1807 

6357 — — Universal Atlas, colourbp, half-bound, 6f. 6d. 1820 

[WiiiiiiAM Baivbb, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Dkiianariest Orammars, Philology ^ bic. 319 

6358 Wallisii Grammatica Linguse AnglicaRffi, sewed, 4«.6d 1765 

6359 Wateiet Dicdonnaire dea Arts de Pelnture, Sculpture, et Gra- 

vure, 5to18. sewed, 18« Paris^ 1792 

6360 5 vols, neat, \l. 4s...ib. 1792 

6361 Wendeborn's German Grammar, largb papbr, red morocee, 3*. 


6362 Wileocke's English Dotch and Dutch Eng^sh IMetionary, nest, 

7*. ..- 1798 

6363 Willyroott's Peculiar Use and Signification of Words in the Latin 

Tongue, neat, 2s. ,^ 1761 

6364 Wilson's Elements of Hebrew Grammar, new, boards^ 4s„. 1782 

6365 Yeates's Hebrew Grammar, sewed (published d^4».)f 3s.... 1830 

6366 Zavaleta Elemens de Langue Espagnole, Is 1812 


6367 Albrecht's German Grammar, neat, 2s Hamburgh, 178(> 

6368 Alphabeta VariaOrientaliat Armen. Arab. Syro-Chald. Hebr. et 

Pers. boards, 5; Roma^ 1784 

6369 Altingi Fundamenta Punctatlonis Linguce Sancts, accessit Synop- 

sis Institutionum IChaldeearum et Syrarum, et simili Inst. Sa- 
marit. Rabb. Arab, ^thiop. Pers. Synopsi k Othoee-, 3 vols. 

boards, 4«. 6d « Friawqf. 1746 

6370 vellum, 5« ib. 1730 

6371 Artis Logic® Rudimenta, with illustratire Observations, boards, 

1*. 6(i.— half-calf, 2*. 6d O^. 1821 

6372 Art of Correspondence, French and English, square, half*bound, 

2s.M 1817 

6373 Beveridgii (Bp.) Grammatica Syriaca, Lond. 1664.-*ldem, De 

Linguarum Orientalium Necessitate et Utilitate, ih, 1664, in 
1 vol. new half-calf, 4«. 

6374 Bottarelli's Italian, English, and French DicHonary, 3 vols, half- 

bound, neat, 9j 1777 

6375 Browne's (Dr.) Classical Dictionary, bound, 3s. M 1827 

6376 Burgess's (Bishop) Motives to the study of Hebrew, bds. \s. 6d. 


6377 Butler's Chronological, Biographical, and Miscellaneous Exer- 

cises, boards, 2s. ed 1807 

6378 Bttxtorfii Lexicon Hebridcum et Cbaldaicum, vellum, 5s. 

Basil, 1676 

6379 . Idem, neat. As. 6d...ib, 1621 

6380 > Idem, half-calf, neat, 5*. 6rf. 

16. 1689 
0381 I Thesaurus Grammadcus Linguae Sanctc, vellum, 3s. 

ib. 1651 
54> Patbemostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 



S20 Dictionaries, Grammars, Philology ^ ^c. [Duod. 

6382 Boxtorfti de Abbreviaturis Hebraicis liber, cui access. Bibllo- 

theca RabbiDica, etc. yellam, 2s ^^ Basil. 1640 

6383 ' Grammatica Cbaldaica et Syriaca, Teiluoiy 2s. 6d. 

ib. 1650 
eSM ' Epitome Grammaticie Hebnese, a Leusden, bound, 

1». 6fl?.— neat, 2s Lugd. Bat. I7I6 

6385 ! Idem, BasU. 1617.— Ejusdem 

Grammatica Cbaldaica et Syriaca, ib. 1650. — Leusdeni pauca 

et breyia Praecepta ad uotittam Ling. Heb. et Cbald. Trqf. 1655 

in one vol. vellum, 4s. 6d. 

6386 Caddick's Hebrew made Easy, new half-calf, 2s. 6d 1799 

6386*Callaway's Hints on the Gingaiese and English Language, 24mo. 

6d (Johmboy 1821 

^7 Callcott's (Dr.) Musical Grammar, half-bound, neat, 4f. ••• 1809 

6388 Carey's (Dr.) Latin Prosody, bound, 3< 1819 

6389 English Prosody, bound, U. 6d 1816 

6390 Chamereau Grammaire Frangoise-DANOisB, neat, scarce, 2s. 6d. 

Copenhague^ 1737 

6391 Clerici Ars Critica in qua ad studia Ling, Lat. Grsc. & Hebr. 

via munitur etc. 3 vols, portrait, half-bound, neat, 6s. 

Amst. 1700 

6392 Crosby's Pocket Gazetteer of England and Wales, half-bound, 

neat, 2s, M 1815 

6393 Des Reau's Danish and French Grammar, \s. 6d. 

Gotkcborg, 1782 

6394 Diestii Grammatica Hebrsea, half-bound, Is. M. ...Davent. 1665 

6395 Entick's Latin-English Dictionary, bound, 2s. 

6396 Erpenii Rudimenta Linguae Arabics, half-bound, 2^. 

Ldd. 1620 

0397 Grammatica Ebrsea, vellum, 2« ib. 1621 

6397*£ton Latin Grammar, with notes by Dr. Mavor, edited by Dr. 
Car<^, new bound, 2s. 6d 1830 

6398 Felton on Reading the Classics and forming a just style, boards. 

Is. 6d 1753 

6399 Fernandez's English -Spanish Dictionary, bound (published at 

7s. 6d.), 2s. 6d 1817 

6400 GaskB (Theodori) Introductionis Grammatica libri quatnor, Gntce, 

simul cum interpretatione Latina, original stamped vellum 
binding, scarce, 6$.... BasU. 1545 

6401 Gilchrist's Stranger's East Indian Guide to the Hindoostanee, 

neat,3f Calcutta, 1802 

6402 Grant's English Grammar, bound, 1^. 6d 1813 

6403 Gutbirii Lexicon Syriacum et Nov. Testamentum Syrlace, half« 

calf, neat, 9« Hamb. 1664 

6404 Idem, old binding, 8*. 

ib. 1664 

6405 Hadley's Grammatical Remarks on the Jargon of Hindostan, 

with Vocabulary, neat, 2s.,. 1797 

6406 Hottingeri Grammatica Chaldseo-Syriacee, 12mo. sewed, 3^. 

Tiguri, 1652 
[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] DictionarUs, Grammars, Philology, bic. 321 

6407 Hodgson's Critical French Grammar^ bound (published at ds.), 2«. 

0407 ^Jauson's Dutch Grammar, bound, \s.M 1803 

6408 Johnson's Dictionary in Miniature, new, bound, 2^ ••.. 1830 

6409 Knowles's Elocutionist, sheep, 2^ 1825 

6410 Kusteri, Glerici, Ciarkii et Schmidii de Verbis Grsecorum mediis 

Commentationes recensuit auxit C. Wolle, boards, 2«. M, 

Lips. 1752 

6411 Leusdeni Compendium Biblicum, Hebr. et Lat. vellum, 3«. 

Lugd. Bat. 1685 

^12 Compendium Graecum Novl Testament], vellum, 3^. . 

ih. 1688 
0413 ^^— Compendium Grsecum Novi Test, cura Simonis, half- 
bound, 2f ,.Ro8tock, 1747 

6414 Levi's (Philip) Compendium of Hebrew Grammar, neat, 2s. 6i. 

Oif. 1705 

6415 Idnacri (Thomtt^ Britanni) de Emendata Siructura Latini scr-^ 

mom'^ &'6r2 WOT, vellum, scarce, Ts Parisiis^ 1543 

6416 Marston's English and Danish Dialogues, Is. 6d, 

Chpenhagen, 1804 

6417 Masclef Grammatica Hebraica a punctis aliisque inventis Mas* 

sorethicis libera, half-bound, neat, As. 6d Paris ^ 1716 

6418 Munsteri Catalogus omnium Prseceptorum Legis Mosaics;, cuqi 

expositione Rabbinorum, Hebr. et Lat, — De Hebneis Urbium 
Regionum Populdrum etc. liber, seditus in lucem k Matth. Au- 
rogallo, scarce, 4s Basil. 1539 

6419 Murray's English Grammar, bound, U. 6d 1809 

6420 — revised by Tyson, new bound (pub- 
lished at 5*.), 3j 1829 

^21 Lecteur Frangois, bound. Is, 6d 1819 

6422 National Reader, or School Class Book, new bound (pubtished at 

4s. 6d.), Is. 6d 1826 

6423. Othonis Lexicon-Rabbinico-Philologicum, in quo notantur 
prascipua quse circa Vet. Heb. Dogmata, Ritus, et Statuta in 
Talmude Maimonidis et aliorum Scriptis occurrunt, vellum, 49. 

Genev. 1675 

6424 Parecbolae, excerpta e corpore Statutorum, Univ. Oxon. bound, 

1*.— calf, Is. 6d Oxon. 1808 

6425 Pasini (Joseph!) Grammatica Linguse Sancts Institi^tio, sewed, 2^. 

Pataviiy 1790 

6426 Perrin's French Grammar by Gros, bound, 2s 1825 

^27 French Exercises by Gros, bound, 1*. 6d 1810 

6428 Pfanneri Aroosnitates S. Scripturee ^ Patribus aliisque explicate, 

vindicate, illustratse, vellum, neat, 3^. 6d,.. • Franco/. 1698 

6429 Porny's French Dictionary, bound, 2s 1763 

6430 Ravis^s (Christian) GeneraU Grammar for the ready attaining of 

the Ebrewj Samaritan ^ Calde^ Syriac^ Arabic y and the Ethiopia 
Languages^ xidth a Discourse cf the Orientall Tongues^ neat, 
scarce, 7* 4 -^ 1^50 

54, PjkTBRNOSTBR RoW.] 2 T 

Digitized by 


d22 Diciionariesy Orammars^ FhUology^ frc. [DuoD. 

^^1 Reltieccii Bfanoale BibKctim ex Concordant. Grsec. sewed, Is. 6d, 

Ups. 1734 

6432 Reineccii index MemorialiB, Voces ncl>r. et Chald. V. T. Is. 

lips. 1755 

6433 Relandi (Hadriani) Analecta Rabbinica comprehendentia Li- 

bellos quosdam singulares et alia quae ad lectionem et interpre- 
tationem Commentariorum Rabbinicorum faciunt. vellum, nt.As. 

UUraj. 1702 

6434 Editio secunda, portrait, half- 
bound, uncut, 4s « ib. 1723 

,6435 Rippingham's Art of Extempore Public Speaking, half-bound, 
neat, 2s 1813 

6436 Ruddimanni Grammatics Latinie Institutiones, bound, 1^. 6d. 


6437 Schaaf (Caroli) Opus Arameutn, complectens Grammaticam 

Chaldaico-Syriacam : Selecta Targumin, cum vers. Lat. et An- 

DOtat. : Lexicon Chaldaicum, sewed, 7' Lug' Bat. 1686 

6438 Idem, vellum, 7s t6. 1686 

6439 ■ Grammat. Chaldaico-Syriac. Selecta Targumin 

cum vers. Lat. etannotat. sewed, bs ib. 1686 

6440 Grammat. Chaldaico-Syriac. et Leiicon Chal- 
daicum, sewed, 3«. M ib. 1686 

6441 ■ Epitome Gi^amma:tic8e Bebrsese, velluiii, 2s. 

ib. I7I6 

6442 Scott's English Grammar, boards, \s. M 1820 

6443 Tabulse Linguarum, the Essentials of tthe Latin, Spanish, Portu- 

guese, Italian, French, land Normtfn tiftnguages, 2s 1793 

6444 Udall's Key of the Holy Tongue, Grammar, Dictionary, and 

Practice on Psalms, SeWed in velhim, 3s. 6d. Leyden^ 1593 

6445 Uttiv's German Grammar, boards. Is. 6d .Gottingen^ 1796 

6446 Valpy Delectus Sententiarum Grsecarum, bound, l5.6rf 1824 

6447 Elegantia Latinse, boards, 2* 1811 

6448 Van der Hooght Medulla Gramnaaticorum Hebraicarum, seWed, 

2s Amst. 1696 

6449 Veneroni's Italian Master, bound, 2«, 1809 

6450 Maitre Italien, bound, I9. 6d Lyon. 1786 

6451 Walton (Briani) Dissertado in qua de Linguis Orientalibiis Hebr. 

Chald. Samarit. Syriac. Arab. Pers. iEthiop. Armen. Copt, et de 
Textuum & Versionum quae in Compluten. Reg. Paris. & Angl. 
Polygl. Bibliis habentur, antiquitate, authoritate & usu breWter 
disseritur access. Wooveri Syntagma Ht Grseca & Latina Bibli- 
orum interpretatione, half-bound, neat, 6^ Rott, I7OO 

6452 Wanostrocht's French Class Book, bound, \s. 6(/....; 1812 

6453 Wendebom*8 (Dr.) German Grammar, 2s 1797 

6454 Whittak^r's Latin Exercises, bounds \s 1822 

1^ Willi AM Bitnbs, 

Digitized by CjOOQ l€ 



6455 Adams's Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy, 
5 Tols. 8vo. plates, boards, 1/ I794 

6456 ' 5 vols. 8vo. plates, half-bound, 

neat, !/• 4* 1794 

6457 ^r — ' with corrections and additions 

by W. Jones, 5 vols. 8vo. plates, boards, I/. 5* 1799 

6458 — Geometrical and Graphical Essays, a Description of 

Mathematical Instruments, enlarged by W. Jones, 2 vols. 8vo. 

plat«8, boards, 60 1797 

6459 2 vols. 8vo. plates, boards, 8*. 


6460 Astronomical and Geographical EsBays, 8vo. plates, 

boards, 4s. 6d 1789 

6461 8vo. plates, 

neat, 5^ 1795 

6462 Treatise on the Use and Construction of the Globes, 

8vo. half-bound, peat, 3^ 1782 

6463 Aldrich's Elements of Civil Architecture, translated by Smith, 

with 55 plates, 8vo. boards, 8^ Ojf: 1824 

6464 Algebra, Elements, 8vo. bound, 2^ Edinb. 1789 

6465 Anderson's Universal Calculator, with list of Coins, Weights, 

and Measures of India, China, Persia, Arabia, and the Eastern 
Islands, 8vo. half-bound, neat, 4^. 6d Calcutta^ 1816 

6467 Antopi's Treatise on Gunpowder and Fire Arms, translated by 

Captain ThQ9iaon,8vo. neat, As 1789 

6468 Apollonii Pergsei Conica, vid, Nos. 4773, 4774, supra. 

6469 Archimedis Opera, vid. Nos. 4775, 4776, supra. 

6470 Art's Companion, a new Assistant for the Ingenious, the Arts of 

Drawing, Etching, Painting, &c. 12mo. bound, 2s. 6(2... 1749 

6471 Atkinson and Clarke's Naval Pocket Gunner/ 8vo. boftrds (pub- 

lished at 105. 6d.) 25. 6rf 1814 

6472 Aubry Metrollogie Lineaire Universelle — Les Logarithmes Li- 

neiures Universels — Tables Comparatives entre les Mesures 
Anciennes et le Nouveau Syst^me — Le Comparateur Lineaire 
Universel des Mesures, and four others, in one vol. 8vo. half- 
bound, neat, 3< Paris^ an VII. 

6473 Bancroft's Experimental Researches concerning the Philosophy of 

Permanent Colours, 8vo. vol. i, boards, 4^. M 1794 

6474 Barrow's ^J.) Dictionarium Polygraphicum, the Whole Body of 

Arts regularly digested, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, neat, 9^ 1735 

6475 Another Copy, 2vols.8vo. plates, neat, I65 ., I758 

54? Paibrnobtbr Row.] 

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824 ArtM, Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanics , kc. 

6476 Baxter's Matho, or the Cosmotheria Puerilis, the First Princi- 

pies ^ Philosophy and Astronomy, 2 vols. 8to. neat, 4s, 6i. 


6477 Beckmann's History of Inventions and Discoveries, abridged, 2 

vols. ]2mo. boards (published at 15«.) 2s 1823 

6478 BEES. — Natural History of Bees, with copper plates, from 

the French, 3s. 6d 1744 

6479 ^ Thorley's Nature, Order, and Government of Bees, 

8vo. plates, neat, 3s 1765 

6480 Bernard, de Mensuris et ponderibus Antiquis, 8vo. veil. 3s. 6d. 

Oxon. 1688 

6481 Bernoulli's (James) Doctrine of Chances, with other useful Ma* 

thematical Tracts, published by Maseres, royal 8vo. new boards, 
4* 1795 

6482 (Johan.) Opera Omnia, 4 vols. 4to. new half-calf, 21, 

Lausanne, 1742 

6483 Bezout Cours de Math^matiques, 4 vols. 8vo. plates, half-bound, , 

neat, 18* Paris, I788 

6484 6 vols. 8vo. half-bound, plates, 

neat, 18* , ib. l^^^ 

6485 5 vols. 8vo. half-bound, plates, 

neat, 1/ ib. 1797 

6486 Algfebre, avec des Notes par Reynaud, 8vo. sewed, 

3^ ib. 1822 

6487 Arithm^tiqne, avec des notes par Raynaud, 8vo. 

sewed, 2*. 6d ib. 1823 

6488 B ion's Construction and Principal Uses of Mathematical Instru- 

ments, by Edm. Stone, folio, plates, bbst edition, neat, 12*. 1758 

6489 Blot, Essai de Geometric Analytique, 8vo. sewed, 3*. 6d, 

Paris, 1813 

6490 Blancourt's Art of Glass, 8vo. plates, bound, 6s 1699 

6491 8vo. plates, neat, 9* 1699 

6492 Bland's Geometrical Problems, 8vo. boards, canvass back, lettered, 

5s Cambr, 1819 

6493 Key to Bland's Problems, by Darby, 8vo. boards, 5*. 


6494 Boad's Artium Principia, the First Principles of the Mathema- 

ticks, 12mo. neat. Is. 6d 1733 

6495 Boot, Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia, 8vo» peat, 2s. 6d. 

Lugd. B. 1647 

6496 Boyle's Essay about the Origine and Virtues of Gems, 12mo. 

bound, 2* 1672 

6497 Break's Land Surveying, 8vo. bound, 2*. 6d 1771 

6498 BREWERY.— The London and Country Brewer, 8vo. neat, 

3*. 6d 1742 

6499 • Child's Every Man his own Brewer, 8vo. 1*. 


6500 -— — — — . Tryon's Art of Brewing, 12mo, bound, 1*. 6d. 

[William Batkbs, 

Digitized by 


Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanics, 6jc. 325 

6501 BREWERY.— Morrice^s Treatise on Brewing, 8vo. boards, 3*. 


6502 Morewood's Essay on the Invention and Customs 

of Inebriating Liquors, with an Historical View of Distillation , 
8vo. new boards (published at I2s.) 'Ss. 6d 1824 

6503 Bridge's Elements of Algebra, 8vo. boards, 3« 1811 

6504 Conic Sections, 8vo. boards, 3* 1817 

6505 Browne's First Principles of the Differential Calculus, 8to. bds. 

(published at 9«.) 5* Cambr. 1824 

6507 Brownrigg's Art of Making Common Salt, 8vo. neat, scarce, 7«- 


6508 Bruce's Elements of Ethics, 8yo. boards, 2s 1786 

6509 Buchanan's Practical Book> keeping, 8vo. boards (published at 7^.) 

Is. 6d 1806 

6510 Burridge's Tanner's Key, 12mo. boards (published at 5s,) 3s, 


6511 Butler's Exercises on the Globes, 12mo. boards, 2s 1811 

6512 Campbell's Value of Annuities, royal 8vo. boards (published at 

1/. 4s.) 7s. 6d 1810 

6513 Cavallo's Complete Treatise on Electricity, 3 vols. 8yo. plates, 

neat, 16^ 1795 

6514 Chiromancy, the Art of Divination by Hands, 12mo. (id. 

6515 Clare's Motion of Fluids, 8vo. neat,3« 1735 

6516 Introduction to Trade, 8vo. neat, 1* 1791 

6517 Clark's Law of Chance, 8vo. boards, 2s 1758 

6519 Clock and Watch-Work. — Berthoud Essai sur THorologerie, 2 

vols. 4to. neat, I8s Paris, 1786 

6520 Derham's Artificial Clock-Maker, 

12mo. bound, 2s. M I7OO 

Principles of Harrison's Time- 

Keeper, French and English, 1767- — Le Roy sur les Montres 
Marines de France, Leyde, 177^. — Berthoud Eclaircissemens sur 
les Epreuves des Horologes Marines, Paris, 1773, and other 
tracts, in one vol. 4to. plates, half-bound, scarce, 9^. 

6523 Cookery. — Art of Modern Cookery Displayed, from the French, 

8vo. neat, 2*. 6d 1767 

6524 Clermont's Professed Cook, 8yo. bound, 4*. 6d. 


6525 Country Housewife's Family Companion, 8vo. nt.2s. 


6526 • — Family Receipt Book, 12mo. boards (published at 

7s. 6d.) 4s 1824 

6527 French Family Book, 8yo. half-bound, 2*. 6d. 


6528 Marnette's Perfect Cook, 12mo. frontispiece by 

Vaughan, bound, 2»TTl 1656 

6529 Mason's (Charlotte) Lady's Assistant, 12mo. calf, 2*. 


6530 Modem Cook, by Vincent la Chapelle, 3 vols. 8vo, 

neat, 55 1733 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 


zed by Google 

326 Arts, iSciences, Mathematics, Mechanics, ^c. 

6531 Cookery. — Moxon's English Housewifery, 12mo. neat, 2s. 


6532 Cote9'8 Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Lecturea, 8vo. neat, Is. 6d, 


6533 Surveyor's Guide, 8vo. boards (published at 45.) 1*. 6d. 


6534 Cours de Mathematiques a Tusage des Ecoles Militaires, 8vo. 

sewed, 4s *" Paris^ 1809 

6535 Crakelt's Treatise of Spherical Trigonometry, 8vo. bound, If. 6d. 


6536 Cramer's Elements of the Art of Assaying Metals^ 8vo. neat, scarce, 

105. 6d 1741 

6537 Crouch's View of British Customs, bound, 25, 6d 1746 

6538 Cunn's Treatise of the Sector, revised by Stone, 8vo. neat, 2s. 


6539 Cunninghame's Mercantile Calculation, 8vo. rough calf, 25. 


6540 Dalby's Course of Mathematics, 2 vols, royal 8vo. boards, can- 

vass backs, lettered, 165 1811 

6541 vol. ii, 8vo. boards, 85. 1806 

6542 Dale's (Dr. T.) Philosophical Conversations, a new System of 

Physics, from the French of Father Regnault, 3 vols. 8vo. fine 
copy, plates, neat, 95 , 1731 

6543 Delile, Arithmetique m^thodique et demontr^e, 8vo. sewed, 45. 

Paris, 1818 

6544 De Piles's Art of Painting, with Lives of Punters, 8vo. neat, 

55. 6d , 1744 

6545 Dilworth's Description of the Globes, 8vo. bound, I5. 6d. 1794 

6546 Distillery.— Compleat Body of Distillery, by Smith, 8vo. bd. 25. 


6547 Compleat Distiller, by W. Y-Worth, 8vo. plates, 

bound, 25 1705 

6548 Compleat Distiller, boards, 2*. ; bound, 25. 6d. 


6549 Dix's Treatise on Land-Surveying, 8vo. bound, 35. 6d 1829 

6550 Dougall's Modem Preceptor, or General Course of Education, 

8vo. plates, half-bound, 65 « 1810 

6551 Dowling's Improved' System of Arithmetic, 12mo. bound, 25. 


6552 Du Puget's Intuitive Mental Arithmetic, on the principles of 

Pestalozzi, 8vo. calf extra, 35 1821 

6553 Emerson's Treatise of Algebra, 8vo. bound, 55 1780 

6554 half-bound, neat, 65... 1780 

6555 Mechanics, 8vo. neat, 55 1769 

6556 Geometry, 8vo. bound, 35 1794 

6557 Trigonometry, 8vo. boards, 35. 6d 1788 

6558 Miscellanies, 8vo. calf gilt, 85.... 1776 

6559 Navigation, 12mo. bound, I5. 6d 1764 

6560 . ■ Comment on Newton's Principia, 8vo. bound, 25. 6d, 

[WitLUu Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Ari8, SciencBBt Mathematics, Mechanics, 5fo. 327 

6561 Essays on the Theory and Prad;ice of the Art of War, 3 vols. 

8vo. plates, neat, I4s 1809 

6562 Euclidis Elementorum, lib. VI priores, item XI et XII ex vers. 

Commanclini (cura Joan. Keili), Svo. neat, 2s 17^7 

6568 Elementorum libri priores XII, ex Commandini et 

Gfe^orii Verbionibus Latltfis, edidit, auxit et emendavit Bamnel 
(HoRSLBTy, Epie>copu8 Roffensis, Svo. neat, 6s 1802 

6565 Euclid's Elements, by Samuel Cunn, 8yo. neat, 3s 1749 

6566 by Playfafr, 8iro. boards, 4*. 6d 1804 

'6567 Euler's Algebra, wifh solutions of Problems, Questions, and 

Examples for the practice of the Student, by €. Tayler, Svo. 

new half-calf, 'e* 1824 

6568 Letters on Subjects in Physics and Philosophy, addressed 

to a German Princess, translated by Dr. Hunter, 2 vols. Svo. 

boards, 9s 1802 

6569 " ' " ■ ■ 2 vols. Svo. half-bound, neat, 

l(h 1795 

6570 Opera, vid. Nos. 5039^1. 

6571 Farriery. — Clark (Bracy) on the Foot of the Horse and Shoeing, 

4to. a new edition complete in 6 parts, with plates, I/. 10s. 


6572 ■' ■ Feron's complete Treatise on Farriery, the Diseases 

of Animals, &c. royal Svo. boards, 69 1810 

6573 ■ Gentleman's Jockey and Approved Farrier, 12mo. 

neat, 2» 1717 

6574 Gibson on the Diseases of Horses, 2 vols. 8vo. 

plates, neat, 69 • 1754 

6575 ■ Hunter's Dictionary of Farriery and Horsemanship, 
Svo. neat, 3^ 1796 

0576 ' Lawrence's Treatise on Horses, 2 vols. Svo. calf, 
neat, 9b 1796 

6577 Mills's Treatise on Cattle, Svo. bound, 3* 1776 

657s Taplin's Gentleman's Stable Directory, or Modern 

System of Farriery, 3 vols. Svo. calf, neat, I0s.6d.,.,.. 1796 

6579 Tiiplin's Stable Directory, Svo. neat, 3s 1788 

6580 ■ > Topham's Diseases incident to Cattle, Svo. nt. 2s. 6d. 


6581 ' Wallis's Farrier's and Horseman's Dictionary, 12mo. 

neat, Is. 6d... 1759 

6582 Wood's Farriery, 12«io. neat, is. 6rf 1762 

6583 Penning' on the Globes, 12mo. maps (published at 4^. 6d,) new 

bound. Is. ed Dubl. 1819 

6584 Ferguson's Lectures on Select Subjects in Mechanics, Hydrosta- 

tics, Pneumatics, and Optics, with the Use of the Globes, and 

the Art of Dialling, Svo. neat, 4^ 1760 

6584* Svo. neat, 4s. 6(^ 1776 

6585 Tables and Tracts, Svo. neat, 3s. 6d 1767 

6586 Svo. neat, 4* 1771 

6587 Fietcher'« Universal Measurer and Mechanic, Svo. plates, neat, 

scarce, 8» 1762 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

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326 AriSf Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanics, i^p. 

6588 Francis's Land Measurer's Assistant, Idmo. Iniards, U. 6d. 


6589 Fulhame's Essay on Combustion, 8vo. Is 1794 

6590 Garnett's (Dr.) Annals of Philosophy, 3 vols* 8vo. boards^ 6s. 


6591 Gamier, Elemens de Geometrie, Paris, 1813. — Garnier, Ele- 

mens de Geom^trie Analytique, 8yo. in one vol. half-bound, 
neat, 4«. 6d Paris, 1808 

6592 Reciproques de la G6ometrie, Paris, 1810. — Francoeur 

M^canique Eiementaire, 8vo. in one vol, half-bound, neat, 4«. 6d. 

ib. 1807 

6593 Gordon's Universal Accountant, 2 vols. 8vo. neat, As 1765 

6594 Gray's Plough-Wright's Assistant, 8vo. plates, boards. As. 6d. 


6595 Grey's Memoria Technica, a New Method of Artificial Memory, 

12mo. bound, 2s 1756 

6596 Guibert (Euvres Militaires, 5 vols. 8vo. plates, neat, I8s. 

Paris, 1803 

6597 Guyot (M.) Nouvelles Recreations Physiques ef Mathematiques, 

2 vols. 8vo. coloured plates, new half-calf, Js, 6d ib. 1786 

6598 Hall's Crown Glass Cutters' and Glaziers' Assistant, 8vo. boards, 

3*. 6d 1816 

6599 Halliday's Arithmetick, 8vo. bound, ls.6d 1749 

6600 Hammond's Practical Surveyor, 8vo. bound, 1^. 6d 1731 

6601 Handmaid to the Arts, 2 vols. 8vo. neat, 9s 1764 

6602 Harris's Philosophical Arrangements, 8vo. new boards, canvass 

back, lettered, 3s , 1799 

6603 Hatton's Trader's Companion, 8vo. bounds \s. 6d 1783 

6604 Haviland's Practical Measurer, 8vo. boards, 4^. 6^^ 1817 

6605 8vo.neat,65 1817 

6606 Henckell's Pyritologia, a History of the Pyrites, 8vo. neat, 2^. 6^^. 


6607 Higgins's Minutes of the Society for Philosophical Experiments 

and Conversations, 8vo. half-bound russia, 2s. 6d ;.. 1795 

6608 Hodson's Accomplished Tutor, a Complete System of Liberal 

Education, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 6« 1802 

6609 Home's Experiments on Bleaching, 8vo. neat, scarce, Js. 1756 

6610 Homer's Tonnage Tables, 8vo. Is 1802 

6611 Hooper's (Dr.) Rational Recreations, 4 vols. 8vo. plates, col. 

neat, 18s J774 

6612 Hoppus's Practical Measuring, 8vo. bound. Is. 6d 1777 

6613 8vo. bound, 2« 1809 

6614 Horsley's (Bishop) Elementary Treatises on the Fundamental 

Principles of Practical Mathematics, 8vo. boards, 5s. 

Ojf. 1801 
6615 8vo. calf, Js ib. 1801 

6616 Button's (Dr.) Conic Sections and Select Exercises, 8vo. boards, 

4*. ed 1787 

6617 Arithmetic, l2mo. new bound (published at 3«.) 

U. 6d Edinb. 

[William Batnb8» 

Digitized by 


AriSf Sciences f.Mathemaiics^ Mechanics, 6^c. 329 

G6I8 Hatton's (Dr.) Key to Hutton'ii Arithmetic, 12mo. bound, Is. Bd. 


6619 — *— — — Compendious Measurer, 12mo. bound, 2s, 6d. 


6620 Imison's Elements of Science and Art, enlarged by Webster, 2 

vols. 8vo. plates, boards, 9f ]ik)8 

6622 2 vols. 8vo. plates, new half- 

calf, 12* 1808 

6623 School of Arts, 8vo. half-bound, neat, 3s. 6d. 

6624 Jeffries's Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls, 8vo. calf, scarce 

(published at 1/. Is.) 6s 1751 

6625 Jennings's (Dr.) Use of the Globes, 8vo. bound, U. 6c/... 1766 

6626 Jones's Every Builder his own Surveyor, or the Builder's Vade- 

Mecum, 6vo. boards, 3* 1809 

6627 Joyce's Arithmetic, Key to it, 12mo. bound, U. 6d 1811 

6628 Kdth's Complete Practical Arithmetician, 12mo. bound, 2s. 6d. 


6629 Kelly^B (Dr.) Metrology, or Weights and Measures of Great 

Britain and France, 8vo. ^ards,3tf 1816 

6630 Kroll's Commercial Dictionary in the English and Russian Lan- 

guages, Svo4 boards, 2s. 

6631 La Caille's Elements of Astronomy, translated by Robertson, 

8vo. plates, neat, 3s 1750 

6632 La Croix, Essais de Geometric, 8vo. sewed. 2s Parts, 1802 

6633 — *— Complement des El^mens d'Algebre, 8vo. sewed, 2s. 6d, 

ib. 1801 

6634 Tralt^ El^mentaire d'Arithmetique, 8vo. sewed, 2s. 

ib. 1823 

6635 Langford's Introduction to Trade, 8vo. Is. ; Book-keeping, 8vo. 

Is 1808 

6636 Leadbetter's Royal Ganger, 8vo. neat, 3s 1766 

6637 8vo. neat, 3s. 6d 1750 

6638 — . Uranoscopia, or the Contemplation of the Heavens, 

8vo. neat, 2s. M 1735 

6639 LeClerc's Practical Geometry, 12mo. bound. Is. 6(1 1764 

6640 Leg^ndre, Geometrie et Trigonometric, 8vo. sewed, 4s 1817 

6641 Leslie's Elements of Geometry and Plane Trigonometry, 8vo. 

boards (published at 10s. Oo^.) 5s 1817 

6642 LiddePs Seaman's New Vade Mecum, 8vo. bound (published at 

17«.) 2s. 6d 1811 

6643 Loche's System of Military Mathematics, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 

3s, 6d, ; 2 vols, neat, 4s , 1776 

6644 Love's Geodesia, or the Art of Surveying, 8vo. bound, 2s: 1786 

6645 Mai^ines et Inventions de I'Aeademie Royale, Parts, vid. No. 

5093, supra. 

6646 Mackay's (Dr.) Theory and Practice of finding the Longitude, 8vo. 

2 vols, in one, neat, 5s 1801 

5647 ■ ' ■ — • Description and Use of the Sliding Gunter in Navigation, 

8vo. boards, ls.6d 1812 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 2 U 

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808 Arts, ScietHM, Mittkm^tidM, MeohMics, Ss4. 

6648 Maclaurin's Algebra, 8n>. bound, 3^.6^....; i7M 

6649 8vo. bound, 4s 1779 

6650 . > ■ Account of Sir Isaac Newton^s PhiioAopbical DIwmh 

Tcries, 8vo. bound, 7« ^ 1775 

6651 8vo. boards, 5^. 6d...... 177* 

6652 8iF0. half-calf, msat^ Ss. 

6653 Malortide Marlemont's Theory of Field FortificatioD, 8vo. places, 

neat, 3«.6^ .'. ^^.„ 1810 

6654 Manual of Astrolc^y or Book of the Stars, by RapliacI, 8vo« 

coloured plate, boards, 6s,.,.,. «.»... 1828 

6655 Martin's Carpenter's and Joiner's Instructor, Svo^ plates, new 

boards, canvass back, , ^, 1826 

6656 Maseres's (Baron) Scriptores Log^arithmici, vid. No. 3614, 


6657 Mechanics' Magazine, 8vo. vol. i, neat, 4t....4k ••»..... IS2S 

6658 Mechanics' Weekly Juurnal, Sro. half-calf, 3s 1824 

6659 Michell's Parallax and Magnitude of the Fixed Stars, 4to. half^ 

bound, 2s. ,• 1768 

6660 Military Memoirs relating to Campaigns, Battles, and StrJftagemt 

of War, 8vo. boards, 5s 1804 

6661 MoBtefiore's Traders' and Manufacturers' Compendimn, 2 irols. 

8vo. boards (published at \Ss,) 5s 1804 

6662 Montucla Histoire des Mathematiques, 4to. nd^ N». 51 14, 


6663 Moore's Practical Navigator, 8?o. neat,95 1808 

6664 Seaman's Assistant, 8yo. bound, U. Qd. ...*^«.«^ 1800 

6665 Mordant's Complete Steward, 2 vols. 8vo. neat, 3s. 1761 

6666 Morgan's Tavern Keeper or Publican's Directory, 12no. boards. 

Is. ed :...^. 1801 

6667 Morrice's Art of Teaching, 8vo. boards, 2s. 

6668 Morrison's Accomptant's Guide, 8vo. boards, 3s...,,. ...... 1806 

6669 ^ Book-keeping, 8vo. hatf-bound, 3**^ .,, 1825 

fe670 Moss's Treatise of Gauging, 8vo. neat, 2s...^ ,.,.* 1768 

6671 Muller's Elements of Mathematicks, 8vo. bound, 3«....«.r.% 1765 

6672 • 8vo. brown calf, 4s.,., .^ 4757 

6673 Field Engineer, 8vo. brown calf, 30 1773 

6674 : Practical Part of Fortification, 8vo. neat, & 1774 

6675 " ' Elementary Part of Fortificatioo^ 8vo. nett, 2s. Od« 

. 1746 

6676 : — Attack and Defenoe of Fortified Plaees, 8vo. ui^Qs, M. 


15677 ■— Treatise of Artillery, 8vo. neat, 2s. 6d ,^.. UW 

6678 •«- Battles of the Austrian and French Armiw in 1809, 

8vo. boards, 1« #»..^«..*..*.... 1810 

66?9 Miyers's Praetacal Treatise on binding the latitude and longltliii 

at sea, 8vo. boards (published at I6s.) 3t. .«4»««»... 1815 

6680 Naval Tactics, a System of, 8vo. boards, U.6d 1797 

JS681 Newman's Mercantile Tables, 8tp. boards,; as. ftZ-.. ..* 1804 

[WlbblAM 'BaiMks 

Digitized by 


AriSf Sdetkeu^ MutkmmaH^tM^ M^kanic$^ Inc. 881 

6682 Newton's (Sir Isaac) UnWersal Aritbaieftiok, 8to. neat, 8^. 1728 

6688 r. Opera, vid. Nos. 5119-22, nt^ra. 

^g4 . ' ■ » . Maclaorln's AecoiiBt of Sir Isaac Newtcm'a 
Philosophical Discoveries, Sto. boo»d, 7« 1750 

6683 Nicholson's Navisraftor's Assistant, 8v#. neat, 2« 1784 

6686 -..^— ^ Introduction to Natural Philosophy, 2 vols. 8vo. 

plates, neat, Ts., • 1796 

6687 Ozanam's Treatise of FortifieatioB, 8vo. plates, neat, U. 64. 


6689 Peacock's Conic Sections, 8vo. boards, 2« 1809 

6690 Philosophical Mag^ine, vol. i to xxxviii, from vol xxii to xxxvi 

ill Nos. the remainder half^bound, 37 vols. 8vo. 4/. 4^. c^ 

1798, &c. 

6691 P]ate*Glass-Book, bound, 1j. 6d 1771 

6692 -< — Tariff of the Prices of Polished Plates o> 

Glass, half-bound, 2s 1794 

6693 Playfair's Outlines of Natural Philosophy, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 8«. 


6694 PleydelPs Essay on Field Fortification, 8vo. neat, 25 1768 

6695 Pointer's Rational Account of the Weather, 8vo. calf, \s, M. 


6696 Porny's Elements of Heraldry, 8vo. bbst bdition, half-bound, 

uncut, ^8 1777 

6697 Priestley's (Dr.) Experiments and Observations on Air, 3 vols. 

8vo. plates, boards, 9^ 1790 

6698 -^ ; History of Electricity, 4to. neat, lOt 1767 

6699 Reaumur's Art of Hatchings and Bringing up Domestic Fowls of 

all kinds, at any time of the year, eitiier by means of the heat 
of Hot Beds, or that of Comason Fire, 8vo. plates^ neat, 9$. 


6700 Record's Arithmetick, augmented by John Dee, 12mo. bound, 2«. 



and second series, 35 volumes, 51 vols. 8vo. half-calf, SI. 


67CM8 — ■ : — old series complete, 

16 vols, half'^alf, gilt, and 59 numbers of the new series, 3Z. 

1794, &C. 

6703 ' ■■ ■ » ' ■ M I, second series, 8vo, 

3 first vols, boards, 9« 1802, &o. 

6704 Robertson's Treatise of Mathematical Instruments, 8vo. half- 

bound, 3* 1747 

6705 ■ > > ■ ■ Elements of Navigation, 2 vols. 8vo. neat, 49. 1764 
6706 (Abram) Geometrical Treatise of Conic Sections, 

8vo. boards, 5« - Oj/. 1802 

6707 •" — 8vo. calf extra, 6f. ...ih. 1602 

6708 Robins's Principles of Gunnery, 8vo. neat, 2j » 1742 

6709 — — enlarged by Dr. Hutton, 8vo. 

boards, 49.; neat, 4«. 6d 1806 

6710 RoUson's (Dr.) 8ystem pf Meohanioai Philhsopby, with notes by 
« 54, PATsmiiosTBR Row.] 

Digitized by 


333 ArUf Sdenees, Mathematics, MechanicSf 8f;c. 

Dr. Brewster, 4 vols. 8vo. plates, new boards (published at 4Z.) 
21. 10* , 1822 

6711 Robison's (Dr.) Mechanical Philosophy, vol. i, inelttding Dy- 

namics and Astronomy, 8vo. boards, 4$ 1804 

6712 Ronayne's Treatise of Algebra, 8to. neat, 3s.. 1727 

6720 Rowe's Introduction to the Doctrine of Fluxions, 8vo. neat, 

scarce, 6s 1762 

6731 RoMming's Compendious System of Natural Philosophy, 2 vols* 
8vo. neat, 6* 1759 

6722 Salmoa s Polygraphice, or the Art of Drawing, Engraving, Etch* 

ing. Limning, Painting, Washing, Gilding, Colouring, Dyeing, 
&c«, adorned with XXV Copper Sculptures, engraved by Cross, 
Vaughan, Sherwin, and Van Hove, with the Author's Portrait 
by Sber win, half-calf, 8vo. scarce, Ss 1685 

6723 Sarratt's Works of Damiano, Ray-Lopes, and Salvio on the 

Game of Chess, 8vo. boards (published at lOs. 6d.) 3s.,., 1813 
6724 8vo. new boards, canvass back, 

4s.; new half-calf, 4s. Od 1813, 

6725 Saunderson's Methud of Fluxions, 8vo. plates^ half-bound, neat, 

5*..... 1756 

6725* 8vo. plates, neat, 6«.... 1756 

0726 ' Select Parts jof Saunderson's Algebra, 8ro. neat, 4». 


6727 Seamanship in Theory and Practice, 8vo. plates, boards, 2«. 6d. 


6728 Sherwin's Mathematical Tables, 8vo. neat, 6s 1771 

6729 Ship-Master's Assistant, 8vo. boards, 25 North Shields, 1814 

6730 Short Hand;— Alphabet of Reason, 12mo. Is. 1763 

6731 Clive's Short Hand, 12mo- boards, 1* 1810 

6732 — ■• Metcalfe's Short Writing, 12mo. neat, 2s... 1721 

6733 Sams's Complete and Universal System of Short 

Hand, 8vo. sewed, 2s. 6d 1821 

0734 Seleni Cryptomenytices, vid. No. 4920, supra. 

6735 Taylor's Universal System op Stenography 

OR Short Hand Writing, 8vo. new boards (published at 6s.) 
3s. 6d 1830 

6736 Simpson's Elements of Geometry, 8vo. sewed, 3s ; calf, 4s. 1760 

6737 8vo. neat, 3s. 6d 1780 

6738 8vo. half-bound, 3». 6d. 1821 

6739 ^ ' Exercises in the Mathematics, 8vo. boards, canvass 

backs, lettered, 2s 1810 

6740 Simsbn's (Dr. Robert) Elements of Euclid, 8vo. calf^Of... 1809 

6743 Smeaton's Experimental Enquiry concerning the Natural Powers 

of Wind and Water to turn Mills and other Machines depending 
. on Circular Motion, 8vo. boards, 5« 1796 

6744 Smith's Memoirs of Wool, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. neat, Js 1747 

^745 (Dr. Robert) Harmonics, or the Philosophy of Musical 

Sounds, 8vo. boards, 9^ 1759 

6746 Steel's (David) Ship Master's Assistant, and Ship Owner's Ma- 
nual, StOw thick volume, bound (published at 18s.), 6s... 1814 

[William Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanics, &c. 833 

6747 Surveyor's Dialogue between a Farmer and a Surveyor, 8vo. 

1«. 6d 1738 

6748 Syntagma Matheseos, Resolution of Equations, &c. 8vo. neat 

35 1746 

6749 Tate's Calculations of Life Annuities, 8vo. boards, 2s...... 1819 

6750 Taylor's Arithmetician's Guide, 12mo. neat, 2s 1808 

6751 (Michael) Sexagesimal Tables, 4to. boards, \2s... 1780 

6752 Touchstone for Gold and Silver Wares, and Reynolds's Tables to 

cast up Silver and Gold, ]2mo. bound (MS Title) 4s 1679 

6753 Veteres Mathematici, vid. No. 4945, supra. 

6754 Vincc's Trigonometry. — Vince's Conic Sections. — Vince's Flux- 

ions. — Wood's Mechanics. — Vince's Hydrostatics. — Wood's Op- 
tics. — Vince's Astronomy, in 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 12^. 

Cambr. 1805, &c. 
6jr55 Elements of Astronomy, Svo. sewed, 4s ib. 1816 

6756 Principles of Hydrostatics, 8vo. sewed, 2s. 6d.,.ib. 1820 

6757 Trigonometry, 8vo. sewed, 2s ib. 1805 

^758 >, Complete System of Astronomy, 3 vols. 4to. plates, 

boards (published at 5/. 5s.), 3l«. 6d 1814 

6759 Ward's Young Mathematician's Guide, 8vo. neat, 2s. 6d... 1762 

6760 Waring, Proprietates Algobraicarum Curvarum, 4to. half-bound, 
• neat,, 14* Cambr. 1772 

6761 Wells's (Dr.) Trigonometry, Mechanicks, and Opticks, 8vo^ 

plates, half*bound, neat, 3s 1731 

6762 Wilkie's Theory of Interest, 8vo. bound. Is 1794 

6763 Wiikins's (Bishop) Mathematical Magic, the Wonders of Me- 

chanical Geometry, 12mo. portrait, neat, 3* 1691 

6764 Wilkinson's Elements of Galvanism, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 6s. 


6765 Williams's Treatise on Practical Perspective, exemplified by an 
. illustrative model and plates, 8vo. bound, 3s, 6d 1819 

6766 Wilson's Surveying improved, 8vo. neat, 2s. 6d 1743 

6767 r.. 8vo. neat, 3s , 1762 

6468 Wolfii Elementa Matheseos Universee, 5 vols. 4to. vellum, li. 4s. 

Genev. 1743 

6769 Worster's Account of the Principles of Natural Philosophy, 8vo. 

neat, 2s 1730 


6770 Abbot's Flora Bedfordiensis, Plants of the County of Bedford, 

arranged according to Linnaeus, 8vo. plates, boards, 2s. 6d, ' 


6771 Abercrombio's British Fruit Gardener, 12mo. calf. Is. 6d.. 1779 
6771*Abernethy's Surgical and Physiological Works, 4 vols. 8vo. 

boards (published at 2/. 5^. 6(/.), U. I8s 1830 

- 54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 



^34 Natural History^ Botany^ 

6772 Aocom's Maoiiftl of Aiudyticftl Mineralogy, 3 yol& 12ino^ 

boards, 4«. 6£L . 

6773 — ^-- Cheroieal Amusements, 12mo. half-calf, 2f. M 1817 

6774 Agricultural Surveys of the Counties of England, Scotland, and 

Wales, collected in 12 vols. 4to. half-call, \L 8« 17^4, &o. 

6775 Aldrovandi Opera Omnia, vid. No. 4772, mpra. 

6776 Aretceus, vid. No.47779 suprcL. 

6777 Annates de Chimie, par M. M. de Morveau, Lavoisier, Monge^ 
' BerthoUet, de Fourcroy, &e. 31 vols. 8vo. half^- bound, vellum, 

neat, 2/. 2s .Paris, 1789 

6777^Averiirs Operative Surgery, 13mo. new, boards (published at 
8f.), 7« 1830 

6778 Baillib's (Dr.) Morbid Anatomt of some of the most im- 

portant parts of the Human Body, ]2mo. new boarded in can- 
vass, 6f 1830 

6779 Bakker (Gerbrandi) Osteographia Plscium, 8vo. with 4to. volume 

of plates, 7< •• • Gromng. 1822 

6780 Bampfield on Curvatures and Diseases of the Spine, Svo. boards, 

canvass back (publiahed at 10s. M.) 4«.6<2 1824 

6781 Banister's Synopsis of Husbandry, 8vo. boards, 2« 1799 

6782 Barker and Cheyne on Epidemic Fever in Ireland, 2 vols. 8vo. 

boards, 4« 1821 

G783 Bath and West of England Sodeiy Letters and Papers on 
Agriculture, Planting, &c. 11 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, U. 1«. 


6784 Batsch Tabula Affinitatum Regni Vegetabilis, 8vo. boards, 28. 

FimaruB, 1802 

6785 Baubini et Cherleri Historia Plantarum, vid. No. 4794, supra. 

6786 Beddoes's (Dr.) Reports and New Reports on Nitrous Acid in 

the Venereal Disease, 8vo. neat, 2« 1797 

6787 Berkeley's (Bp.) Siris, the Virtues of Tar Water, 8vo. 2s. 1744 

6788 Berzelius's Progress of Animal Chemistry, 8vo. boards. Is. 1813 

6789 Blair on the Venereal Disease, bound, 8vo. 1«. 6^ 1798 

6790 British Garden, 2 vols. 8vo. boards (published at 1 65.), 3s. 1799 

6791 Brochant Trait^ Elementaire de Mineralogie, 2 vols. 8vo. half- 

bound, vellum, neat, 6s • Paris, 1807 

6792 Brown's Agriculture of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 8vo. 

2s. 6d 1799 

6793 Buchan's Domestic Medicine, 8vo. 3*.^ 1779 

6794 8vo. (wants title), half-bound, 

neat, 3s. 

6795 Observations on the Venereal Disease, 8vo. boards, 

1*. 6d 1803 

6796 Bucknall's Orchardist, 8vo. boards, 3s. ^d 1805 

6797 Bulliard Dictionnaire de Botanique, Svo. plates, sewed, 1^. 6d. 

Paris, 1802 

6798 Buxton on Temperature in Winter Cough, 12mo. boards, Is. 1810 

6799 Cary's Discourse on Trade, Svo. bound, 2« 1745 

6800 Ceyssedre Elemens de Physique, )2mo. boards, 2ff«..P«rt«, 1824 

6801 Cbaptal's Elements of Gheioiatry, 3 vole. 8vo. neat, Ss 1800 

[WlliLlAM BaTVSS, 

Digitized by 


Medicine, Chemistry, tfc. S8» 

6802 Clai^'fl (W.) Aariysts of Lectuf^ on l^e AnAtomy and ftyi^ology 

of the Human Body, 8vo« interleair«d, balf-boand, 2s. M... 1822 
eSQ3 Clarke's (Dr. fi. D.) SylfolNN of Lectures on Mineralogy, %vo. 

bMrds, 3«^ ^ , 1807 

eSM > — <Dr. Sir A.) Pxactical Manual lor the Preservation of 

IkMikh, l^BOB. boards, 'ia.v , 1624' 

6804*Cltitterbuck on the Seat and Natwre of Ferer, 8to« new^ boards 

(poUishcd at l«s,), 5s ^8» 

6805 Cooper's Diclionary of J^aetioal Surgery, 8iro. balf^bound, neat, 

&..-.. ™. 1818 

6806 Coxe on Vaocinafaon, 'Colovred fhite, 8vii. \s , 1809 

6807 Crawford^'s Experiments and Observations on Animal Heat, 8vo. 

boards, 2s. U .....: 1788 

6808 Culpepper's English Physician, enlarged, with three hundred and 

sixty •nine medicines made of £iiglit»h Herbs, bound, f «. 6d. ; 
neat.Ss.; new half' calf, 2$. 6d 1695, 1698 

6809 Curtis on British Grasses, .8vo. colourbb platas, new boards 

(published M 9»0 8f. U 1824 

6610 Curwen's Hints on Agrioidtoral Subjects, 8ro. half-bound, russia, 
neat, 4a^ ,*.. 1809 

6811 Da Costa's Elements of Conchology, 8vo. plates, boards, canvass 

back, lettered, 8s 1776 

6812 Dickson's (Dr.) Agricultural Magazine, 7 vols. 8vo. boards, 6s. 


6813 Dictionary of Husbandry, Gardening, Trade, Commerce, -and all 

sorts of Country Affairs, 2 vols. 8vo. plates^, neat, 3s, 6d, 


6814 Dioflcorides, vid. No. 4811, supra. 

e8l5 Donaldson's Agricultore a Du^, 8vo. Is 1779 

6816 Ellis Hktoire Natnrelle das Corallines, 4to. plates, sewed, 6s. 

iiaye, 1756 

6817 Essex, General View of the Agriculture of the County of, 2 vols. 

8vo. plates, half-bound, russia, neat, 8s :.. 1807 

6818 Eustachii Opuscula Anatomica, 8vo. vellum, neat, Ss. 

Deiph. I'i^ 

6819 Ferrari! Flora, sen de Florum cultura, lib. IV, 4to. plates, vel-* 

lum, 65 Amst. 1646 

6820 Forsyth's Treatise on the Culture and Maimgement of Fruit 

Trees, 8vo. plates, boards, 6s 1806 

6821 — r First Lines of Botany, 12mo. phitee, new boards (pub* 

lifthed at 5s. 6d.), Is. 6d ^ 1828 

6822 Freke on the Art of Healing, 8vo. neat. Is. 6d 1748 

6823 Fyfe's Compendium of Anatomy, Human and Comparative, 

4 vols. 8vo. plates, half-bound, neat, 18s 1815 

6824 Gresneri Historia Aninuilium, vid. No« 4825, supra. 

6825 Oeuns Spicilegiom Pkntamm Belgli Confoederati Indigenarum, 

8vo. boards, 2s Handerv. 1788 

6826 Gilliers, Cannamellste Fran9ai8, 4to. plates, 3s Nancy, 1751 

6827 Gleanings from Books on Agriculture and Gardening, 8vo. 

boards*. 2s 1802 

54» Patbrvostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


396 Natural HUiory, Botany, 

6828 Ocedartius de Insectis, cum notalis et Appendice Listeri, 8vo. 

plates, boards, 4j Land, 1685 

Gooch's Practical Treatise on Wounds and other Cbirurgical 
Subjects, with a History of Surgery and Anatomy, 2 vols. 8vo. 
neat, 4i. 6d Norwich, 1767 

6830 Gorter (Day. de) Flora VII Provinciaruin Belgii Foederati In- 

digena, 8ro. sewed, 2s, 6d • Harlem, 1781 

6831 Gouan, Flora Monspeliaca sistens Plantas, No. 1850 ad sua 

genera relatas, etc. 8vo. vellum, 2«. 6d • iMgd, 1765 

6832 Goulard on Lead, 12mo. neat, U.ed 1770 

6833 Graves's Conspectus of the Pharmacopceias, 12mo. bound. Is. 


6834 Greenougb's First Principles of Geology, 8vo. boards, Ss. 6d. 


6835 Grevinus de Venenis, 4to. vellum, 4« ^ Antverp. 1571 

6837 Harrison's Treatise on Fruit Trees, 8vo. plates, boards (published 

at 12*.), 9« 1825 

6838 Haslam's Illustrations of Madness, 8vo. half-bound, 2«.6</. 1810 

6839 Haynes's Essay on Soils and Composts, 12mo. bds. Is. 6d. 1821 

6840 Hayward's Science of Horticulture, plates, 8vo. new boards, can- 

vass back (published at 12*.), 2s. iid 1824 

6841 Henry's (Dr.) £pitome of Experimental Chemistry, 8vo. plates, 

boards, 3* 1808 

6842 Hippocratis Opera, vid. No. 4841, supra. 

5343 ■ de Morbis Popularibus, Gr. et Lat. acced. Dr. 

Friend Comment, de Febribus, 4to. neat, d« 1717 

6844 Aphorismi, Gr. et Lat. 24mo. bound. Is. 6d. 

Lugd. Bat. 1732 

6845 HilPs Treatise of Fruit Trees, 8vo. sewed^ 2s 1758 

6846 Hoffmanni Opera Physico-Medica, vid. No. 4847» supra. 

6847 Hogg's (the Ettrick Shepherd) Shepherd's Guide, 8vo. boards, As. 


6848 Hooker's (Dr.) Flora Scotica, a Description of Scottish Plants, 

8vo. boards (published at 14j.) 3«. %d 1821 

6849 Hooper's Physician's Vade-Mecum, 12mo. boards. Is. 6d... 1809 
6850 ' ^ 12mo. half-bound, neat, 2*. 


6851 Surgeon's Vade-Mecum, 12mo. plates, boards, 4#. 

685l*Hudsoni Flora Anglica, 8vo. Galf» Ss 1798 

6852 Hunt on Merino and Anglo-Merino Sheep, 8vo. boards, \s. 6d. 


6853 Hunter's (Dr.) Georgical Essays, 8vo. 2s 1777 

6854 Jackson's (Dr.) Outline of the History and Cure of Fever, 8vo. 

new boards, lettered, 3^....; 1808 

6855 Jacquin's Elements of Chemistry, 8vo. boards, \s,6d.; calf, 2$, 


6856 Jonstoni Historia Naturalis, vid. No. 4855, supra. 

6857 Karnes's (Lord) Hints to Gentlemen of Landed Property, 8vo. 

neat,2«. 6d 1776 

[William Bavnbs, 


zed by Google . 

Medicine, Chemistry, ftc. 337 

6858 Karnes's (Lord) Gentleman Farmer, 8vo. neat, 2«. 6d..,».. 1779 

6859 8vo. calf, neat, 3*. 6d... 1798 

6860 8vo. beautiful copy, calf extra, 

45. 6d. 1776 

6861 Karsten's Description of Minerals in the Leskean Museum, by 

Dr. Mitchell, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 4* 1798 

6862 Keill's Anatomy of the Human Body, 12mo. neat, \s. 6(2... 1770 

6863 Kennedy's Treatise upon Planting, Gardening, and the Manage- 

ment of the Hot House, 2 yds. 8vo. neat, 3s. 6^ 1777 

6864 Kent's (the Countesse of) Choice Manual, or rare and select 

secrets in Physick and Chirurgery, and a True Gentlewoman's 
Delight, published by W. J. in one yol. small 12mo. neat, 
scarce, 4*. 6flf 1659 

6865 Kent's Agriculture of the County of Norfolk, 8vo. boards, 1«. ^d. ; 

calf, 2s. 6rf 1796 

6866 Kerr's Agriculture of the County of Berwick, 8?o. boards, 3«. (id. 


6867 Kerrison on the Medical Profession, 8vo. boards, \$ 1814 

6868 Kirwan on Manures, 8ro. sewed, \s 1796. 

6869 La Beaume's Observations on the Air-Pump Vapour Bath in the 

Cure of Gout, &c. 12mo. boards, \s. 6d •.. 1819 

6870 Lagrange's Manual of a Course of Chemistry, 2 vols. 8yo. 

boards, 5s 1800 

6871 Lasteyrie's Account of the Introduction of Merino Sheep into 

Europe, 8vo. boards, 3.; 1810 

6872 Lavoisier Traits filementaire de Chimie, 2 vols. 8vo. half-bound^ 

neat, 3* Paris, 1793 

6873 Lee's Introduction to Botany, 8vo. plates, new boards (published 

at Ss.), 4s. 6d 1806 

6874 LiNNJBi Entomologia Faunse Suecicse descriptionibus aucta, 

curante et augente Carolo de Villers, 4 vols. 8vo. sewed, II, 

Lugd. 1789 

^75 Faunee Suecicse, pars prima sistens Animalia, Aves, Am- 
phibia et Pisces Suecias, cura Andr. Joan. Retzii, 8vo. coloured 
plates, neat, 3« Lips. 1800 

5gy5 Fauna Suecica sistens Animalia, Sueciciae Regni, 8yo. 

sewed, 3$..v Lugd. Bai. 1746 

^g^y Systema Naturse per Re^na tria Naturse, 2 vols. 8vo. 

vellum, neat, Ss Holm. 1758 

0g^g , Amoenitates Academicce, vol. i, 8vo. plates, vellum, 3^. 

. . Lugd. Bai. 1749 

5g79 __ Genera Plantarum, 8vo. neat, 25 ib. 1737 

6886 Livingston's Essay on Sheep, with Notes by Cobbett, 8vo. 
boards, 3«. 6d 1811 

6881 Lobstein Essai sur la Nutrition du Fostus, 4to. plates, sewed, 4«. 

Strasb. 1802 

6882 Lowe's Agriculture of the County of Nottingham, 8vo. boards, 2<. 


6883 Lttdwig Definitiones Generum Plantarum, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

Lips. 1760 
54, Patbrmostbr |low.] 2 X 

Digitized by 


338 Natural HiMior^, Boiany, 

6884 Ludwig Delectus OpusoaloruBi ad Sciefitiam Naturales spectan- 
tittm, 8vo*3» ib. 171)0 

6885 Lyon on the Barrenness of Fr»it Tre«s, 8vo. boards, 2«.... I813i 

6886 Macdoaaid's Gardener's Dictionary, 2 voU. 4to« witk 7^ plates, 
boards (published at 5/. 59.) 18^ 1807 

6887 Malpighi Opera, vid. No. 4871, supra. 

6888 Marshall's Rural Economy of Glocestershire, 2 voU. 8vo. boards, 
4s. 6d I78d 

-. Rural Economy of the Midland CouBties, 2 vols. 8vo. 

boards, 58 « 17^ 

-_ ____ 2 vols, in one, neab, 4s. 

Dublin, 1793 

■ Rural Economy. of Norfolk^ 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 5s. 


■ ■ ' ■ Rural Economy of the Southera Counties, 8vo. 2 vols. 

half-bound, neat, 5$ 179S 

Rural Economy of Yorkshire, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 5«. 

6893*' ■ ■ Planting and Rural Ornament, 2 vcds. 8vo. new bds. 7«* 


§Sld4 ■■ ■■ Review of the Reports from the Western Department, 

8to. boards (published at 12<.) 3s. 6d 1810 

6895 Martyn (Tho.) Catalogus Uorti BotanicL Cantabcigiensis, 8vo. 

bound, 1*. 6d 1771 

6696 Mawe'a Every Man his own Gardener, a complete Gardener's 

f Calendar, 12mo« new boards (published at Ss. 6d.)if 3s... 1823 

\/ 6897 Medical Essays and Observations of a Society la Edinburgh, 

K 6 vols. 12mo. sewed, 6f 1752 

6898 Miller'^ lUustration qf the Sexual System qf Umkbus, 2 vols. 

« rc^l 8po. plates, halfi<a{f, neat^ II, Is 1779 

6890 (Philip) Practical Gardener, 8vo. boairds, 3s. 6d... 1810 

^00 Mills's Treatise on Cattle, 8vo. bound, 3^ 1776 

6001 Milman (Dr.) on the Scurvy and Putrid Fevers, 8vo. calf, Ik M. 

6902 Mineralogical Nomenclature alphabetically arranged, 8vo. boards, 

5s ^ 1814 

6902*Modem Land Steward, 8vo. boards, 2s. ^ 1801 

6903 Monro's (Dr.) Treatise on Mineral Waters, 2 vote. Sva. neat, 4s. 


6904 Mordant'ft Complete Steward, 2 vols. 8vo* neat, 4s ^.. 176I 

6905 Morgagnus de Sedibus et Causis Morborum, 4to» 2 vols, call; 

]/» 5s Lovan. 1766 

6906 Moriarty's Fifty Plates of Green House PDuits, 12mo, bds. 2s. 6d. 


6907 Naismith's Agriculture of Clydesdale, 8vo. boards, U. 6d. 1806 
6608^ Neubauer Opera Anatoraica eoUecta, curafit Hinderer, 4to« 

plates, sewed, 4« Franco/. 1786 

6900 New Fanner's Calendar, 8vo. boards, 3s 1808 

6910 Nicholson's Dictionary of Chemistry, with plates and tables, 8vo. 

boards, 6f 1808 

6911 - First Principles of Chemistry, 8vo. boards, 3s. 1796 

[William Baynes, 

Digitized by 


Medicinef Chemistry, ifc, 389 

6912 Parkki9on'9 H«rball, 2 vols, folio, «iif^T6d title pn^, contaming' 

portrait of the Author, velluin, 14^ 1640 

6913 Pharmacopoeia Londinensi^, Svo, boards, 2s. 6d. — half-bound, 

BBirt, 3* ......^,... 1815 

6914 Phetpe^s Boteiiical Calendar, 8f^. boards, 2«. %d 1810 

6915 PhvUips's 8ylva Florifera, the Shrubbery historically and botani* 

cally treated, 2 vols. 8fo. new boards, Ss 1823 

6916 Plymley's AgiieuUure of Shropshire, 8vo. plates, 2s 1803 

6917 P<JBtey's Forest Pruner, 8vo. plates, boards, scarce, 9*. ... 1808 
m\S .; Profitable Planter, 8vo. plates, boards, 6s 1909 

6919 Prlflgle (Sir John) on the Diseases of the Army, 8vo. half-bound, 

russia, Ss.ed 1810 

6920 Pujoalx, la Botaniqac des Jeunes Gens, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, 

sewed, 3«.» Paris^ 1810 

6921 Quayle's Agriculture of tbe Isle of Man, 8vo. boards, \s, 6d: 


6922 Rati Synopsis Methodica Stirpimn Britannlcarnm, 8vo. half- 

bound, neat, 2s Lond. 1696 

6923 Editiotertia, with plates, 8vo. 

uncut, Ss ib. 1724 

6924 Stirpfum Europeeanvm extra Britannias nascentium sylloge,- 

8vo. half-bound, neat, 28. 6d ih. 1694 

6925 Synopsis Methodica Animalium Quadrvpedum et Serpentinf 

Generis, 8¥0. veltuin, 2s t^. 1693 

6996 Histoda Plantarum, 3 vols, folio, tieat, II. Ss ih. 1686 

6927 Ramazzini (Beraardini) Oi)er« Omnia Medica & Physica, 4to. 

plates, vellum, 5?. Oenev. 1716 

6^28 Reeoe's Medical Guide, 8vo> half-bound, 4« 1817 

6929 Rennie's (Dr.) Natural History and Origin of Peat Moss, 8vo. 

boards, 2s 1807 

0930 enlarged, 8vo. boM?ds, 3*. 6rf, 

69S1 RoUo's (Dr.) Cases of the Diabetes Mellitus, 8vo. iteat, 3^. 


6932 Sanctorius'e Aphorism^, by Dr. Quiaoy, 8ve^ 1«. 6^ 1720 

0933 ^nnders's <Or.) Ohetaieftl Hletofy of Mineral Waters, 6vo. 

boards, 2s. 6d 1800 

6934 Schmeisser^ System of Mineralogy, 9 vols. 8^. boards, canvass 

backs, lettered, 6«... 1795 

6935 Sinclair's (Sir John) Code of Health and Longevity, 4 vols. 8vo. 

half-bound, neat, 1/ ... 1807 

6936 Systems of Husbandry adopted in Scotland, 

2 vols. 8vo. boards (published at 1/. 10s.), 6s 1813 

6937 Smith on Water Meadows, 8vo. boards, Is 1806 

6938 Smyth (Dr.) on the Jail Distemper, 8vo. boards, 2s 1803 

6939 Somerset, View of the Agriculture of, by Billingsley, 8vo. half- 

calf, 4* 1798 

6940 Speechley's Treatise on the Culture of the Pine Apple, 8vo. 

plates, boards, 3^. 6d. — new half-calf, 4s. 6d 1796 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


340 Natural Huiory, Botany, &c. 

6941 StiUiDgfleet's Miscellaneous Tracts, relating to Natural Historf ^ 

Husbandry, and Physick, 8vo. calf, 2s. %d 1759 

6942 Storck (Antonii) Libellus quo demonstratur Cicutam, 8vo* 

vellum, 2«. 6d Vrndoh. 1760 

6943 Suffolk, View of the Agriculture of, by tbe Secretary of the Board, 

8vo. balf-calf. As 1804 

6944 Surgeon's Vade Mecum, 12mo. boards, U. 6d 1809 

694«5 Tentamen Chemicum de Calculorum Urinse Natura, 8yo. calf 

extra, 1*. 6d 1820 

6946* Thompson's Catalogue of the Plants of Berwick upon Tweed, 8vo. 
boards, 2* 180? 

6947 Thomson's Conspectus of the Pharmacopoeias, 12mo. boards. 

Is. %d 1810 

6948 Townsend's Physician's Vade Mecum, 12mo. \s 1807 

6949 Tryon's Way to Health, Long Life, and Happiness, 8to. bound, 

3* 1697 

6950 Tull's (Jethro) Horse-hoeing Husbandry, 8vo. plates, neat, 3«. 


6951 Turner and Dillwyn's Botanist's Guide through England and 

Wales, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, canvass backs, lettered, bs. ... 1805 

6952 Tytler's (Dr.) Ptedotrophia, or the Art of Nursing and Rearing 

Children, 8vo. boards, 2s. 6d 1797 

6953 Weklon's Popular Explanation of the Elements and General 

Laws of Chemistry, 8vo. new boards, 3«« 1825 

6954 Widowson's Present State of Van Dieman's Land, 8vo. boards 

(published at 8«. 6(i.), 2«. 6d 1829 

6955 Willich's (Dr.) Domestic Encyclopsedia, 4 vols. 8vo. plat«s, 

neat, 1/. 1* 1802 

6956 Lectures on Diet and Regimen, 8vo. calf, 4*. 


6957 Willooghby Historia Piscium, folio, pktes, neat, 155 1686 

6958 Wimpey's Rural Improvements, Essays to improve Estates, 8vo. 

boards, 2^. 6d 1775 

6959 Young's Six Months' Tour through the North of England, 4 vols. 

8vo. neat, 8« 1770 

6960 -^ — Agriculture of the County of Sussex, 8vo. half-calf, 4f . 


6961 Zinn Catalogus Plantarum Hort. Acad, et Agr. Gottingensis, 

8vo. is, Gott. 1757 

[William Bathes, 

Digitized by 


Jurisprudence, English and Foreign. 34t 


6972 Ayeranii Interpretationum Juris libri duo in quibus multa, cum 

Juris CiTilis, turn aliorum Veterum Scriptorum, loca nova ra« 
tione illustrantur, 3 vols. 8vo. vellum, neat, 12<. 

Lugd, Bat. 1736 

6973 Averbach, Johannis de^ Processus Juris, una cum lectura expo- 

sitionibusque Johannis de Eberbausen, l^lAttt I^t^V* folio, 
half-bound, neat, scarce, 18^. 
Lipsiity per Mauricium Brandisz, anno [M.CCCC.]LXXXIX. 

A volume of great rarity. 

6974 Bentham's (Jeremy) Draught of a New Plan for a Judicial 

Establishment in France, 8vo. sewed, 3s 1790 

6975 " Swear not at all," an exposure of the 

Ceremony of an Oath, Svo. 2s. 6d 1817 

6976 Table of the Springs of Actions, Svo. 2$. 


6977 — View of the Hard Labour Bill, Svo. 3*. 

6978 Codification Proposal to all Nations, Svo. 

Is. 6d 1822 

6979 Panopticon, or the Inspection House, 

2 vols. 12mo. 6* 1791 

6980 Blackstoue's Commentaries on the Laws of England, with Notes 

by Christian, 4 vols. Svo. boards, I5s 1803 

6981 Boecleri in Grotii Jus Belli et Pacis Commentatio, cum prsefat. 
• Schilteri, thick vol. 12mo. 2*. 6d Argent. 1704 

6982 Bonifacii, Pape VIII, Liber Sextus Decretalium cum Apparatu 

Johannis Andree, folio, filuft l(tt$V> illuminated capital, 
scarce, 12«. 

Nuremburge^ per Anihonium Kobergery 1486 

6983 Brunnemanni (Job. Jurisconsulti) Commentarius in Codicem 

Justinianenm, folio, 2 vols, in one, fine copy, calf, 12^. 

Friburg. 1715 

6984 Commentarius in Pandectas, 

cura S. Strykii, folio,. 2 vols, in one, fine copy, calf, ]2«. 

Cohn. Allobr. 1752 

6985 Burlamaqui's Principles of Natural and Politic Law, translated 

by Nugent, 2 vols. Svo. neat, 10s 1763 

6986 Buxton's Inquiry into Prison Discipline, Svo. boards, 2s. 1818 

6987 Bynkerschoeki Opera. — Qusestiones Juris Publ. et Priv. — 

Observat. Juris Rom. — Opuscula et Opera Minora, 6 vols. 

4to. fine portrut, vellum, II. is Lugd. Bat. 1737-44 

6989 Opera Omnia, 2 vob. in one, portrut, vellum, 

U.4s ib. 1767 

54, Patbbnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


343 Jurisprudence, EnglUh and Foreign. 

6990 Casus in Termiuis Libri Sexti Decretalium, collect! per domi- 

num Fridericum Menckeulocher de Wendeistein, folio, l^lAtft 
XtXXtVi 8* Argentine per Mfirtinum Fiach, M.CCCC.XC. 

6991 Chalmers's (Geo.) Comparative Strength of Great Britain, 8vo. 

neat, 2s 1786 

6992 Code Penal, Ordonnances, £dits et Declarations sur les Crimes et 

Defits, 12mo. neat, U. 6d Parity I766 

0993 Cole's Laws of the Bedford Level Corporation, with an Intro- 
ductory History, 8vo. neat, 6s 1761 

6994 Colquhoon's (Dr.) Treatise on the Commerce and Police of the 
River Thames, 8vo. neat, 2s, 6d 1800 

6^5 Conradi Parergoram libri quatuor in quibus Antiq. et Hist. Juris 
Romani illustr. l2mo. vellum, 2s Heimst. \J\l 

6096 Corpus Juris Canonici, a Petro Pithao et Francisco Fratre 
Jurisc. ad vet. Cod. MSS. restitutam et notis illustratum, folio, 
2 vols, in one, fine copy in vellum, IL Is 1695 

6997 emendatum et notis illustratum, Li- 

bro VIl, Decretalium et Lancelotti Institut. adauctum, 2 vols. 
4to. half-bound, uncut, 14? Colon. IJIJ 

6998 Corpus Juris Civilis, cum comnoient. Accursii, Scholiis Contii, 
et Dionysii Gothofredi, quibus hac edit, access. Cujacii 
Notse, etc. 6 vols, folio, vellum, gilt leaves, 3/. 3s. 

Lugd. 1618 

6999 cum notis Gothofredi, etc. 2 vols, folio, 

rellum, \L Ss Lut, Par, 1628 

7000 recensuit G. C. Gebauer, curavit G. A. 

Spangenberg. — Principum Orientalium Constitutiones novis- 
«iii]», 3 vols, royal 4to. half-bound, uncut, neat, 2/. 

Gotiing. 1776.97 

'* Cette edition collationne^ sur les meilleures textes, tant manu- 
scrits qulmprim^s, est assez recherch^e."— Brunet. 

7001 ^ 8fo. thick vol. neat, scarce, IL Se. 

Amst. apud Fidmofu DameUs Eitievirii, 1681 
7002 8vo. neat, scarce, 1/. 4«...i6. 1681 

7003 Crawford's Doctruie of Gqinvalents, 6vo. boards, 3^. 6d. 

Rotterdam^ 1803 

7004 Crivelli Diotionnaire da Droit Civil, 8vo. thick yoL sewed. As. 

Paris, 1825 

7005 CffowQ Circuit CompaBioB, hj 6tubb8 and Talmasfa, 8yo. ci^ 

extra, 5s 1783 

7006 IHsMrtationes et Disputationes Juridica Inaugurales, 8vo. 22 in 

Acparatt volumes, Is, each Lugd, Bai, 1B27» etc. 

7007 Esbacb (Godwini Ab) Notse et Additiones ad Carpaovii Jurispm- 

dentiim Forensem, folio, vellum, Ss Franco/. 1703 

7008 Florentia (Fraoctsci) Opera Jaridioa, 4to. 2 vols, in 1, veUma, 

nent, Ss Norimb. 1756 

7009 Formulario Toscano ad oso dei Notari del Gran-Duoato, 8vo« 

half-boood, vellum, 2«..« Firenze, 1792 

7010 Gall Institutionum Commeotarii IV, e cod. rescript, nunc primum 

[WlLIililM BlTNBS, 

Digitized by 


Jurisprudence, English and Foreign. 348 


editi, acced. Fragm. Vet. Jurisc. de Jure Fisci, 8vo. seired, 4s, 

Beral. 1820 

7011 Gentilis (Sei|;M«&iiis) OperaOini4a, 9 v^Ih. 4^. haH-WuHd-, uoent, 

neat, \L 16* Neapoli, 1763 

7012 Giffard's finglkh Lawyer, 8vo* board«^ (published al W. Is,), Ss. 


7013 GoodjTicke Tenisimidyi JuFi^prudentise Rationally de Ju^pe punkncfi 

diviuo et hum^no, 8vo. sewed, 2*. 6cl Gran. I766 

7014 Goris (Lambettfc) A^irersari«rnmi Jufis ^bcisivoriiw, tractatns 

quatuor, 4to. vellum, 3s Arn, 1651 

7015 Gotliofredi Opera Jusidica MiiMwa, srve Libelli,. Traeta^u^, Ora- 

tiones- et (^iti«Qtita rari<ira et pRsestanlilora, cura,C>. H. Trotey 

folio, portrait, vellum, \4s ^ .Lugd. B, 1733 

7OIG Gregorii Papee IX Decvetalefr, euu Glofisis. — Gratiaui Decretam 
notationibus illustratum una cum Glossis. — Bonifadi Papae VIII 
Liber Sextus Deccetaliuiu;. — Ckmentis Papae V Conetitutioiieg 
Extra vaganteB turn vigioti 1>. Joannis Papse XXII turn com- 
munes, 3 vols, folio, vellum, neat, 1/. 4s ,,,..,Lugdum, 1613 

7017 Groeninx Van Zoelen, de Doli et Culpse Pr^statione, 4to. sewed, 6s. 

Lugd. Bat, 1824 

70 18 Grotius's Rights of War and Peace^ with all the large notes of 

Barbeyrac, folio, best edition, neat, 1/. \\s. 6d 1737 

7019 Droit de la Guerre et de la Pais, nouvelle traduction 

par Jean Barbeyrac, a vec des Notes, 2 vols. 4to. vellum, neat, 12^. 

Basle, 1746 

7020 Edition nouvelle, corrig^, retouche et 

augment^ de la maiiv de Barbeyrac, 2 vols> 4to» neat, 14«. ^ 

2*6. 1768 

7021 Harpprechti (Johann.) Commentarius in I-V Libros Institutionum 

Juris Civilis, 4 vols, in 2, folio^fine copy, vcUum, neat, I4s, 

Lausan, IJ4S 

7022 Hells (C. J.) Judex et Defensor in Processu Iniiui«itionis, 4to. 

vellum» 4s Hildh. 1755 

7023 Helneceli Elenwnta Juris Civilifi, 8vo. neat, 4« Amst, 1731 

7024 Idem, 8vo. half* bound, uncut, 

4«. ; half-beund, russia, neat, 6s ih, 1738 

7025 Idem, 8yo. 2 vols, large paper, 

with MS Marginal Notes, half-boond^ vellum, ttocut, S», 

ib. 1728 
y026 Recitationes in Elementa Juvis Civilis, 2 vols. 8fo, 

sewed, 6s.. ..Lovan. 1785 

2027 Elementa Juris Naturae et Gentium, 8vo. sewed, 7»- 

Hala, 1768 
7028 Elementa Juris Germanici turn veteris turn hodierni, 

2 vols. 8vo. half-bound, neat, Ss ib. 1736 

7029 Praelectioues Academicae in Grotii de Jure Belli et 

Pacis Hbros iii, 8vo. sewed, 3^ Berol. 1744 

7030 Antiquitatum Romanarum Jurisprudentiam illustran- 

tium Syntagma, 8vo. sewed, 3s Argent. 1741 

54) Patbrnoscba Row.] 

Digitized by 


844 Jurisprudence, English and Foreign. 


7031 Heineccii Antiquitatnm Romanaram Jurisprudentiam, iiiustran- 
tium Syntagma, 8yo. 2 vols, boards, 58,,. ib. 1730 

7032 Idem, 870. vellum, 4*. 

ib. 1730 

7033 ■■ ' Idem, 8vo. fine copy, vellum, 

6s ib. 1741 

7034 '■ ■ Idem, 4to. half-bound, uncut, 

neat, 6s Genev. 1768 

7035 Opuscula Varia, 2 vols. 4to. vellum, neat, 8s, 

ib. 1746 

7036 ■ — Opuscula Postuma, 4to. portrait, neat, 6s,,, Hal, 1744 

7037 Hellfeld (D. Jo. Aug.) Jurisprudentia Forensis secundum Pan- 

dectarum Ordinem, 8vo. sewed, 4s » JeiKEj 1783 

7038 Highmore on the Public Charities in and near London, 8vo. 

boards, 5s 18J4 

7039 Hommelii (C. F.) Palingenesia Librorum Juris Veterum, sive 

Pandectarum Loca Integra ad modum Indicis exposita et de- 
scripta, 3 vols, royal 8vo. sewed, 12^ Lips, 1767) &c. 

7040 Hotmanni Qusestionum illustrium liber, r2mo. vellum. Is, 6d, 

Genev, 1598 

7041 Huberi Prselectiones Juris Civilis, 3 vols. 4to. sewed, 12^. 

Franco/, 1749 

7042 3 vols. 4to. vellum, 18*. 

ib. 1749 

7043 4to. bound in one vol. vellum, 

neat, 14* ib. 1749 

7044 3 Yols. 4to. vellum, neat, 12*. 

Franeq. 1687 

7045 de Jure Civitatis, libri tres, 4to. vellum, 

35, 6d ib. 1694 

7046 de Jure Civitatis, lib. iii, cum comment, 

cura Fischeri, 4to. boards, 6*. ; new^ half-calf, Ts, 6d, 

Franco/. 1752 

7047 Digre6sionesJu8tiniane«,4to. vellum, 3*. 6d» 

Franeq. 1696 

7048 Eunomia Romana sive Censurse Juris Justi- 

nianeei, 4to. vellum, \s Amst. 1724 

7049 (Zacharise) Observationes Rerum Forensium ac Judiea* 

tarum, 2 vols. 4to. vellum, 6s Leov, J723-27 

7050 Hunnii Disputationes ad Jus Civile Justinianseum, 3 thick vols. 

4to. vellum neat, I2.f Franco/. 1624 

7050 "" Jones's (Sir W.) Essay on the Law of Bailments, with notes by 
Balmanno, 8vo. calf, 5s .«. 1798 

7051 Jurisprudentia Vetus Ante-Justinianea, ex recens. et cum notis 

A. Schultingii, 4to. vellum, 10*. 6d Lugd. Bat. \^\^ 

7051'^Justiniani Institutiones, cum comment. 4to. vellum, 6s. 

Lut, Par, 1659 

7052 quibuB subjungitur Tlieophili Paraphra* 

seos, 12mo. sewed, 3*. • Lugd, Bat. \^6\ 

[Wii*Lf^AM Batmbs, 

Digitized by 


Juritprudence, Engliih and Foreign. 345 

7053 Jostiiiiani iDStitatioDum Expositio Methodica Frahciscl Lorry, 

access. Ottonis Dissertatio, 2 vols. 12mo« sewed, ^. 

Paru, 1809 

7054 ■ InsiUuHones in Gracam Ltnguam per Tfteophifum And" 
censorem traducta ac explicata studio V. Zuichemi, etc, 4to. new^ 
half'Ca{f^ vellum^ scarce^ 9i9 Lovan, 1536 

7055 PANDBCTiE JusTiNiANBiE, ID noyum ordineiD digestse a 

R. J. PoTHiBR, 3 yols. folio, boards, canvass backs, lettered, 
31. Is Lugd. 1782 

2066 JastiniaDi, Justini, Leonis Noveilee Constitiitiones, 

Justiniani Edicta, stad. et dilig. H. Scrimgeri, Scoti, Graci, 
folio, very fine copy, neat, lOf. 6<2. 

Excud, Hen. StephanuSy 1558 

7057 — — — — ^ Authenticee seu Novelise Constitutiones Justiniani 6r« 

et Lat. cum var. lect. acced. Versio Latina J. F. Hombergk, 
ejasdem notis, curante Spangenberg, 4to. boards, canvass back, 
lettered, 1/. 1*.. Getting. 1797 

7058 Law Quibbles, the Evasions, Tricks, Turns, and Quibbles of Law, 

8vo. neat, 3s 1736 

7059 Leyser (Augustini A.) Meditationes ad Pandectas, 12 vols. 8vo. 

half.calf, 21. 5s Hala, 1772 

7059*Marani Opera Omnia seu Paratitla Digestorum et varii Tractatus 
Juris Civilis, folio, portrait, vellum, neat. Ids. M...Trc^. 1741 

7060 Mascorii Opuscula Juridica et Pbilologica, animadversionibus 

Puttmanni, 8vo. sewed, As ,.Lips. 1776 

7061 Mejan (Maurice) Recueil des Causes c^l^bres et des arrets qui 

les ont d^cid^es, 12 vols. 8vo. sewed, II PariSj 1808 

7062 Molloy's Treatise of Affairs Maritime and of Commerce, 2 vols. 

8vo. neat, 9s 1769 

7063 Montesquieu de I'Esprit des Loix, 2 vols. 8vo. neat, 6s.... 1750 

7064 Mosely's Reports of Cbancery Cases, 8vo. boards, 2«. 6d... 1793 

7065 (Economia Matrinomii Baptizatorum in omni lege considerata, 

4to. sewed, 2s. 6d Franco/. 1777 

7066 Oldendorpii Actionum Forensium Progymnasmata, 2 vols. 8vo. 

vellum, neat, 4s ib. 1661 

7067 ^geau. Notions Elementaires du Nouveau Droit Civil, 4 vols. 

8vo. sewed, 6* Paris, 1803 

7068 Pilots and Hovellers, Digest of tbe Statutes to regulate tbem, 

12mo. half-bound, neat, 2s..... 1808 

7069 PoTHiBR, CEuvri^s, publi^e par les soins de M. Dupin, 1 1 vols. 

8vo. fineedidon, sewed, 4/. I4s. 6d Paris, 1824 

7070 (Euvres Posthumes, 2 vols. 12mo. bound, 4*. 

ib. 1776 

7071 Trut^ des Successions, 12mo. neat, 2s. 6d...ib. 1784 

7072 Pothier mis en ordre sous chacun des Articles du 

Code Civil, par Tenet, 8vo. sewed, 3^. 6d ib. 1826 

7073 Paffendorf de Jure Naturse et Gentium cum comment. Hertii et 

Barbeyracii recensuit et animadvers. illustravit G. Mascovius, 

2 vols. 4to. ha]f*bound, uncut, neat, \4s Franco/. 1759 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 2 Y 

Digitized by 


dA6 Juruprudmwe, Enyliih a»d Foreign. 

TifJA PttilBiidorf de Oftcio Homiiiis et Cim |iixto legem NalnraleiD^ 

Notts VarioruDiy cnra Jofansoo, 8^0. neat, 3f ,,..Limd. 1758 

7075 Putteri InstitutioneB Juris Pablici Germanici, 8yo. sewed, Zs. 

Goett. 1782 
7(^6 Pottmanni Elementa Juris Criminalis, aueta, snppleta, continuata, 

edidit D. C. G. Bienerus, 8vo. sew«d, 5* Lijp9. 1802 

7077 Regolamento di Procedura Civile per e Tribunal! del Gran-IHic, 

12ino, U.M Vet. 1815 

7^8 lU^rtorie of Records, remaining in the Treasuries -at Westminster 

and the two Rememluranoers of the Exchequer, 4te. neat, 4^. M. 

7079 Say's Treatise on Political Economy, translated by Prinsep, 2 

vols. 8vo. new, boards, Ts ••... 1821 

7090 Schuback Commentarius de Jure Littoris, folio, plates, larisb 

PAPBR, fine copy in calf, S$..„, , ,,Hamb. 1751 

7091 Senekenberg Meditationes Jus Publicum, Privatum et Historiam 

coDcernentes, 12mo. 4 vob. in 2, half^bound, vellum, 3^. 

Gis8<B, 1739 

7092 Staunton's Fundamental Laws and Penal Code of China, 4to. 

new boards, canvass hack, lettered (published at 8/. da.) lOs, 


7093 Strykii Operum Prsstaatiiorun Coilectio Nova, 4 vols, folio, 

velhim, neat, \Si Hal. Magd. I746 

7094 Theloall (Simon) Digest des Briefes originales, 12«o« neat, 

scarce, 3«. 6d Lond. in adibtu H. Tottelli, 1579 

7095 Thesaurus Juris Roman! continens rariora meUonim Interpretum 

OpuBCula, cum prtefat, £t» Ottonis, 5 vols, folio, viellum, neat, 2L 

Lugd. Bat. 1725 

f096 TRACTS^ — Huskisson on the Depredation of our Currency, 
1810.— Sir J. Sindair on the Bullion Committee's Report, 
1810.— P. R. Hoare on National Bankruptcy, 1811.— £arlof 
Rosse on the Currency, 1811. — Eliot on Faper Currency, 1811. 
«— Chalmers on Commerce, Bullion, and Coin, 1811. — Gren- 
felPa Defence of Bank Notes, 1810.— Hopkins's Bank Notes 
the cause of the disappearance of Guineas. — Tickle on Paper 
Credit, 1810.— £ipo66 of Town and Country Banks. — Pbodoa 
on the Public Funds* 8vo. thick vol. half-ibonnd, neat, 5«. 

7007 Tytler's Essay on MiUtary Law, 8v4>. half-booAd, neat, 3i... 1800 

7098 Voet Commentarius ad Pandectaa, 2 roUu lotio, half-bound, 
uncut, 1/. 4t Coiau.Alhhr. 1709 

7090 Wiaierhouie's (Edward) Commentary on thgit Nervous Treaiise De 
Lau^bus L^um AngUm^ tvritten by Sir John F o r tea e ue ^ ^^» 


Ijoooan, anp Fortjhic0b BT Faithorits, neat, 1/. Is. 

Land. lO'SS 
7iOO Westenbergii Principia Juris seeun^m ordinem Difestorum, 

8vo. thick vol. sewed, 4s.... .Lugd. B. 1738 

7101 Western's CUj of liondon Tltiie Cases, &c. 8vo. boards, 4«. 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Livre9 Franfou. 847 

7102 Whitmarah's Treatise on the Bankropt JLiawB, 8vo. calf, %s. ISll 

7103 WhitwMTth'a SucoeasioB of ParliamentSy 12mo. neat, U. 6d. 


7104 Woiff» Principes d« Droit de la Nature et dea Gens, par Forney, 

4to. sewed, 5< Amst, 1758 

7105 Wottoni Leges Wallice Hceliboni et aliorum Wallis Principam, 

Wall, et Lat. Noiis et Glossario^folio^ sewed, 1/. 4«. 

Ltmd. 1730 

7106 Xav (GmeiDeri) IfistikutioBes Juris Eeelesiastici, 2 vols. 8yo* 

sewed, 6« GrtBcUj 1793 

7107 Ziegler in Grotii de Jure Belli ae Paeis Ubros, 12nio. yellum, 28. 

Argent. 1700 

7108 Zottchii Elementa JurisprudentiK, 4to. rough calf, 2«. M. 

Oxtm. 1636 

7109 ' Idem, 18nio. bound, U. 6d. 

Amt$. — 



7110 Abbadie TraH6 de la Verit^ de ia Religion Ghredenne, 3 vols. 

sewed, 6f -. Ha^^ 1763 

7111 Agrippa (Eurres Magiques, plates, boards, 1^ Rome, 1800 

7112 Alcoran de Mahomet, traduit par Du Ryer, 2to18. balf*bound, 

uncut, %8 ..« Anua. 1770 

7112* 2 vols, bounds 5« ih. 1775 

7113 Amour en Fureur, ou les Exc^s de laJalousieltalienne, wood-cut 

frontispiece, scarce, 4« •ff^^f 1742 

71 14 Amours d'Ismene et d'Ismeneas, piiAtbs, calf, 2«. 

71 15 Angenonst, Paranympbe des Dames, engrared titie page, yellum, 

2« TVoyeSy 1629 

7116 Argensola Histoire dc la Gonquete des Isles Moluques, 3 tc^. 

p^tes, neat, Ss ,,....Amst. I7O6 

7117 Arrets (TAtnoury LaHn and French, intergperted with poetfy, veU 

htm, RARE, 6$ ; Lugduni, 1546 

71 18 Aristote Rhetoriqne tradoite par Cassandre, neat, 2«. 

Afnst. 1733 

7119 Arlote (Piovan) Patron de rhonneste RaUlerie; conteaant ses 

Brocards, Bon Mots, agreables Tours et plaisantes Rencontres, 
2«. 6d Pan$, 1650 

* French booki of a larger ske are arranged witii the HUtoria et Mke^kmmt^ 
Woy quarto, and ootavo. 

54, PimiRNOsTiR Row,] 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

348 Livres Franfois. [DUOD. 

7120 Aubery (Jean) TAntidote d'Amoor, et les Reraedes les plus sin- 

guliers, pour se preserver et goerir des Passions Amoureuses, 
frontispiece, vellum, 2s, 6d ^^iff't 1663 

7121 Le m^me, vellum, neat, scarce, 3s. 6d, 

Paris, 1599 

" La Premiere edition de ce traits singolier/'— Brunet. 

7122 Avocats des Pauvres, Sermons de Bossuet, Bourdaioue, Massillon, 

Flechier, La Colombiere, La Rue, Nenville, Le Chapelain, 
Elis^, et de.Beauvais, sewe^, 2^. 6d 26. 1814 

7123 Baiilet, Jugemens des Sgavans sur les principaux Ouvrages des 

Auteurs, 9 vols, calf gilt, lOs ib. 1685 

7124 Baudelot de Dairval, de TUtilit^ des Voyages, 2 vols, pistes, 

neat, 5^ Uf. 1686 

7125 — T ■ nouvelle edition, augment^, 2 vols. 12mo. 

plates, neat, 6^ \Rouen, 1727 

7126 Belles Grecques, Histoire des Courtisanes de la Grece, sewed, 

1*. 6d Paris, 1712 

7127 Bermen Bouclier des Dames, contenant toutes leurs belles perfec- 

tions, vellum, scarce, 3s Rouen, 1621 

7128 Un autre Exemplaire, wanting last leaf of the 

tables, neat, 2s 16. 

7129 B[ernit] (Euvres, 2 vols. French calf, gilt leaves, 2^. 

A Londres {Park), 1777 

7130 Bigarrures Phildsuphiques, sewed, ]$. 6d Amst* 1759 

7131 Bleterie (I'Abbe de la) Histoire de TEmpereur Jovien et Traduc- 

tions des Ouvrages de Julien, 2 vols, neat, 4s Paris, 1748 

7132 piondel, Hj^Jioire du Calendrier Romain, half-bound, 1«. M. 

Haye, 1684 

7133 Boccage (Madame Du) CBuvres, 3 vols, rbd morocco, gilt 

LBAVBS, 15^.. ..LyofK. 1770 

7134 Bodin, de la Demonomanie des Sorciers, neat, scarce, 3$, 

ib. 1598 

7135 Boileau^ (Euvres, aveq des Eclaircissemens Historiques, 5 vols. 

plates, sewed, 9s • Amsi. 1772 

7136 — : 3 vols, half-bound, neat, 4*. 

. . Paris, 1768 

7137 Bonnet, Essai de Psychologic, neat, 2« — ... 1755 

7138 Bouchet (J^bau.) Triumpbes de la Noble et Amoureuse Dame, 

et I'art de honnestement aymer, fine copy, calf, gilt leaves, Ss. 

Paris, 1545 

7139 Bouflers, Gontes et Nouvelles, 2 vols. !«. 6d ib. 1810 

7140 fioulaeze (Jekan, Prestre) Manuel de Padmirable Victoire du 

Corps de Dieu, sur VE^it fnalu^ Beelzebub obtenue a Loan, 
1566, ^eatly half-bound, scarce, 3j Lte^^, 1598 

7141 Boulainvilliers (M. Le Comte de)» Vie de Mahomed, neat, St. 

Amst. 1731 

7142 Brutus, de la Puissance Legitime du Prince sur le Peuple, et du 

Peuple sur le Prince, Traits tres-utile et digne de Lecture, ea 


Digitized by 


DuodO Livres Franfois^ 849 

ce temps,' escrit en Latin par Estienne Junius Brutus, et nou* 

. > vellement tradult en. Fran9oiB, original green morocco extra, gilt 

leares, verj rare, ISs v ALD.LXXXI. 

" L'original est en Latine. La traduction est plus rare et plus re- 
cherchee. Cet ouvrage a fait beaucoup de bruit dans son terns, 
. . ^ it6 supprime, ce qui a caus^ la raret^ des exemplaires de 

cette traduction Francois, la seule qui en ait ^t^ faite." — Vide 
Db BuRB BiBL. Inst. vol. ii, p. 223. The present most beautiful 
copy is " Ex musaeo Paul! Girardot de Prefond." 

7143 Biilliard, Tralt^ de la Chasse aux Oiseaux, plates, sewed, 2s. 

Paris, 1818 

7144 Bussy Rabutin (Le Comte de), Histoire Amoureuse des Gaules, 

2 vols, neat, scarce, 6^..., Cologne, 1709 

7145 Cadnpe, le Nouveau Robinson, neat, 1«. 6^ .••• 1807 

7146 Carron (L^Abb^) L'Ami des Meres, Lettres sur I'Education, 4 

vols, boards, 6^ Lond, 1805 

7147 Cercle, ou Conversations Galantes, vellum, 2« Paris, 1675 

7148 Chais (Charles) Lettres Historiques et Dogmatiques sur les Ju- 

bil^s etles Indulgences, 3 vols, half-hound, neat, 6s, 

Haye, 1751 

7149 Charles Stuart Roy d'Angleterre,' Histoire entiere et veritable da 

Procez de, calf extra, 2«. 6d 1650 

7150 Charles Premier Roi d'Angleterre et Bing Amiral Anglois Entre* 

tiens de leurs Ombres aux Champs Elisees, half-bound, 2«. 

Amst. 1757 

7151 Charles II, Sentimens sur la Veritable Religion et les Motifs de 

la Conversion de la Duchesse d'York, neat, 2^ Paris, 1705 

7152 Chefs-d'CEuvre Dramatiques, les meilleures Pieces de Corneilie, 

Racine, Crebillon, Voltaire, Moliere, Regnard, &c. &c. 2 vols, 
bound, 4«. 6d[ • 1808 

7153 Chevalier (Nic.) Remarques sur une Piece antique de Bronze, 

plates by Schoonebeek, vel1am/2« Amst. 1694 

7154 Cinqnante buict Prseceptes elegantes sur Testat de Mariaob, 2s. 

Paris, 1545 

7155 Clef du Grand Dietionnaire Historiqae des Pretieuses, sewed in 
.. vellum, RARB, 39. 6<2 ih, 1661 

7156. Code Napoleon, 2s 16. 1810 

7157 en vers, 2s ib. 1811 

7158 Conformity des Coutumes des Indiens Orientaux avec celles des 

-.. Juefs, 1«. 6(/... Brux. 1704 

7159>Corrbzet Antiquitez Croniques et Singularitez de Paris, avec les 

foudations et bastiments des lieux, les Sepulchres et Epitaphes 

. des Princes, Princesses, et autres personnes lUustres, wood-cuts, 

. both parts complete, vellum , scarce, bs Paris, 1586-88 

7160 Convay THonneste Maitresse, bound, \s. 6d ib. 1654 

7 161 Dante, La Comedie du Purgatoire, mis en ryme Fran9oi8e et 

comment^e par M. B. Grangier, new, in russia, As. 

.ifit^.i Paris, 1697 

7162 D'Avity, Bannissement des Folles Amours, vellum, 2s. 6d. 

. ' : . I^on. 1618 

54, PAtERMOSTBft JloW.] 

Digitized by 


850 Livres Franfois. [DuoD. 

7163 D'Avlnoy (Madame) HIstinre d'HypoHteComtedu Duglas, plates, 

neat, 2* ^••., Paris, 1721 

7164 Delariyey (Pierre) PredictioDS et Pronostications, boards, scarce, 

2«. 6d Treves, 

7165 Description de Flsle des Hermaphrodites, fine copy, frontispiece, 

neat, 5s Cologne^ 1724 

" Cette Piece est fort recberch^ de tous lee curiaiiz." 

7166 Deshouli^res (Madame et Mademoiselle) Poesies, 2 vols, sewed, 

2* Paris, 1803 

7167 Destouches (M.) (Euvres, 5 vols, plates, half-bound, neat, 7^* 

Amst. 1755 

7168 Diable Boiteux, par M.Le Sage, plates, bound, ls.6d 1759 

7169 Dictionnaire abreg^ de Peinture et d'Architecture, 2 vols, neat, 3s, 

Paris, 1746 

7170 Dictionnaire Militaire, seconde edition, corrig^e et augment^e par 

M. A. D. L. C..(M. de la Chesnaye-des-Bois), 3 vols, beautiful 
copy, in yellow morocco, gilt, 12^ ••26. 1745-46 

7171 Dictionnaire Universel des Synonymes de la Langue Franguse, 2 

vols. 35 ib. 1816 

7172 Dictionnaire de Chasse et de PSche, 2 vols, neat, 3s ib. 1779 

7 1 73 Discours Veritable de ce qui est advenu aux Estats Generaux de 

France tenuz h, Bloys en Tannee 1588, Paris, 1589. Signe9 
Merveilleux aparuz sur la ville et Chasteau de Btois, en la pre- 
sence du Roy, et I'assistance du Peuple. Ensembles les Signes 
et Comette aparuz pres Paris, le douziesme de Januier, 1589, 
comme voyez par ce present portraict (then follows a singular 
wood-cut, which is repeated on the verse of the last leaf), 
M.D.LXXXIX, in 1 vol. green morocco extra, gilt leaves, 


Thete. two tracts are of excessive rarity. The present beautifuUy 
chaste copies are handsomety bound in oae volume, in green mo- 
rocco, by Dbrome. 

7174 Discours sur le Divorce qui se fait par FAdultere et 8*11 et permis 

a Thomme de se remarier, neat, scarce, 4«...« Paris, 1586 

7175 Discours sur les Hermaphrodits, oil il est demonstr^ contra 

Topinion commune, qu'il n'y a point de vrays Hermaphrodits, 
Paris, 1614.— Juliani Pelei Qusestio Singularis de solutione 
matrimonii ob defectum testium non eminentium, ih, 1602. — 
Ejusdem Qnsestio nobilissima de solutimie Matrimonii ex causa 
Irigoris, ib, 1602. — Histoire memorable advenue ^ la Franche 
Comt^, d'nue femme qui a produit un enfant par le nombril, 
Lyon, 1611. — Histoire Suprenante d'nn Dame Irlandoise, qui 
est accoueh^e depuis peu de douze enfans, with two other tracts^ 
in one vol. curious plates, calf, rare, 7<* 

7176 Discours ou Sermon Apologetique en faveur des Femmes, Ques- 

tion nouvelle curieuse et non jamais soustenue, neat, 35. 

Paris, leil 

7177 Discours du danger et peril qu'il y a de converser et banter trop 


Digitized by 


DuoD.] Livres Franfois. 851 

familialremeBt Avec femmes, tant eeculieres que religfettses, 
seat, scarce, 2» ^^icge; 1596 

717B IMsgraee des Amans — les Amans Henreuz Histoires Galantes — 
la Chaise d'Or pour enlever les Ames de la Terre au Ciel. — 
Dialoguefl estre les Cardlnaux Rlcbeleu et Mazarin, in one toI. 
lialf-beaHd, neat» Ss 1697 

7179 Do CIos, Graimmaire Generate et Raisonn^e, neat, Is. 6d, 

Paris, 1769 

7190 Dufrenoy (Mad.) Etrenoes a ma KUe, 2 veb. plates, calf, neat, 

2s. M ^ tb. 1815 

7191 Dnfresuoy (M. TAbbe Lenglet) Trait^ historique et dogmatique 

sur ks apparitiens, les yisions, et les r^v^ations parttculiferes^ 
2vol8. sewed, 4« 1751 

7192 Recueil de Dissertations ancien- 

nes et nourelles sur les Apparitions, les Visions, et les Sondes, 
2 vols, sewed, 4s 1752 

7193 Du Mont Voyages en France, en Italic, en Allemagne, a Malthe, 

et en Turquie, 4 rols. plates, bound, 6s ^^J^^9 1699 

7194 Du Pont (Jean Baptiste), FEnfer d'Amour, ou par trois histoires 

est monstre h, combien de malheurs les Amants sont sujets, neat, 
scarce, 3s Paris, 1619 

7195 D'Urf^ (Honor^), le Sireine, neat, scarce, 2s 1618 

7196 Eclaircissemens historiqnes sur les Origines Celttques et Gau- 

loises, avec les quatre premiers slides des Annates des Gaules, 
neat, 3s Paris, 1744 

7197 Erasme, I'Etoge de la Folic, fine plates, neat, 3s. 6d 1751 

7198 Estienne (Henri), Introduction au trait^ de la conformity des 

menreiiles anciennes arec les modernes, neat, scarce, 5s. 

L^on, 1592 

« Tant d'actes mervellleux en cest oeuvre lirez. 
Que de nul autre apres esmerveill^ seres. 
Et pourrez, vous 89ayan8, du plaisir ici prendre, 
Voufi, non s^avans, pourrez, en riant, y apprendve." 

7199 Faceties du Vicomte de Mirabeau, curious frontispiece, half- 

bound, neat, 2s. 6d A cote Rotie^ « 

7200 Favre Miroir de Fidelity, l^s Amours vertueuses du Prince Po- 

lidonetde la belle Garite, yellum, 2s Par-is, 1603 

7201 Fenelon de TEducation des Filles, Is Anui. I7O8 

7202 Dialogues sur I'Eloquence, neat, Is. 6d. i6.17l8 

,7203 A ventures de Telemaque, 12mo. new bound, 2s. 6iL 

Land. 1828 

7204 Ficin (Marsiile) Commentaire sur le banquet d'Amour de Platon, 

fine copy, calf, 4s PoicHcrs, 1546 

7204* ' Discours de I'honneste Amour, sur le banquet de 

Ptaton, ayec un Traict^ de J. Picus Mirandulanus sur le mesme 
subject, sewed in yellum, 4s Parts, 15.88 

7205 Fite (M. dela) Eugenie et ses Eleves, 2 vols, neat, 2s... z^. 1787 

7206 Flechier (Ev6que de Nismes) Oraisons Funebres, 2 vols. 'sewed, 

2s. 6d Parts, 1802 

7^7 Lettres, 2 vols, boards, 2s. 6d. ib. 1715 

54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


352 Livres Franfois. [Puod. 

7208 Fontaine, Fables, avec des notices par Levizac, neat, 2s... 1813 

7209 Fournier Histoire de France, 2 vols, plates, sewed, 3s... ib. 1814 

7210 Francheville (M. de), Sifecle de Louis XIV, 2 vols, neat, 3s. 


7211 Galardi, la Tyrannic heureuse, ou Cromwbl politique, frontis- 

piece, half-bound, neat, 3s. 6d Lcyde^ 1671 

7212 Oalerie de Tancienne Cour, ou M^moires Anecdotes pour servir > 

rhistoire des regnes de Louis XIV, et de Louis XV, 3 vols, 
green morocco, gilt leaves, I5s , 1786 

7213 Ganganelli (Pape) Lettres interessantes, 2 yols. neat, 2s, 6d. 

Paris, 1776 

7214 Garcia (Don) Antiquity des Larrons, neat, 3s Paris, 1621 

*' Ouvrage non moins curieux que delectable." 

7215 Garrault (Fran9ois) Recherches des Monnoyes, Poix et Matiiere 

de nombrer des premieres et plus renomm^es Nations du 
Monde, Remonstrances faites au Parlement, calf, neat, scarce, 
4« ib. 1576 

7216 Gaubertin, la Defaicte du Faux Amour, boards, 2s ib. 1618 

7217 Gaudon (Dame Pernelle) Vie admirable, ou on voit les grands 

advantages des femmes, par son Confesseur le R. P. Gabriel du 
S. Esprit, 2s ■ Moulins, 1650 

7218 Genlis (Madame de) les Petits £migr^es, 2 vols, neat, 3s. 

Land. 1809 

7219 — — les Veill^es du Chateau, 4 vols, bound, 5*. 

ib. 1792 
7220 Henri le Grand, 3 vols, boards, 3s.... 1815 

7221 Gentil (M. le) Nouveau Voyage autour du Monde, 2 vols, plates, 

neat, 4^ • Amst. 1728 

7222 Gesner, la Mort d'Abel, plate, 1^ Ljfon. 1809 

7223 Girard (I'Abbe) Synonymes Fran9ois, 2 vols, neat, 2s. M. 

ParU, 1769 

7224 Gloire (la), ou les eminentes Vertus de Robert d'Arbrissel, 

Fondateur de I'Ordre de Fonteurauld, ruled with red lines, old 
red morocco, 3^ Flecke, 1648 

7225 Gobien Apologie des Dominicains Missionaires de la Chinb, 

neat, 2s. 6d Cologne, 1699 

7226 Groguet de Torigine des Loix,. des Arts, et des Sciences, et de 

leurs progr^s chez les anciens Peuples, 6 vols, plates, neat, I85. 

Paris, 1759 

7227 Goust^ (Claude) Traict^ de la puissance et authority des Roys, 

neat, scarce, 35 M.D.LXI 

7229 Grand Dictionnaire des Pretieuses, ou la Clef de la Langue des 

Ruelles, neat, rare, 4s Paris, 1660 

7230 Gr^court, CGuvres diverses, 4 vols, fine copv, originate red 


7231 Gremoire du Pape Honorius, avec un recueil des plus rares Se- 

crets, boards, 1^. Qd ^ Rome, 1800 

7232 Guarini le Berger Fidele, Ital. et Franc, neat, 2s. %d. 

Brusseles, 1706 
[William Baynbs, 



DUOD.] Livres Fratifois* 353 

7233 Oazman d'Alfu-acbe, Histoire, 2 vols, sewed, 2^ Paris, 1813 

Few books are so amusing as the History of Guzman d'AIfieurache. 

7234 3 vols, plates, bound, gilt leaves, 

48 ib. 1696 

7235 2 vols, neat, 2«, 6d... Lond. 1783 

7236 Hbnry IV. Rot de France, Elogbs, &c. de, — Recueil des 

Eioges sur les actions de Henry IIII, Paris, 1609. — Petit som- 
maire de la vie, actes et faits de^ 1610. — Discours Lamentable, 
sur I'attentat et Parricide commis en la Personne de, 1610. — 
Les Larmes et Lamentations de la France sur la trespas de, 
avec quelques Epitaphes. — Les Larmes et sanglots de la desol^e 
France, sur la perte inestimable de, 1610. — Arrests de la Cour 
pour la Regence de la Royne pendant le bas aage du Roy, 1610. 
— Bonefonii Henrico Magno Lacrymae, 1610.— De Caede Ne- 
faria Henrici Carmen, 1610. — ^Arrest de la Cour de Parlement, 
contre le tres mechant Parricide Frangois Ravaillac, 1610. — 
Fuuus Regium, ib, — Regrets Funebres, ih. — Larmes sur la 
Memoire de, ib. — Execrations sur le detestable Parricide, ib. — 
Les Imprecations et Furies, &c. ib. — Funebres Cyprez.-* 
Cottenaiie Stances et Regrets. — Nevelet la France en Dneil. — 
Du Verdier Discours Consolatif sur la Mort de, wfth many 
others, finely engraved title-page, and beautiful portrait of 
Mary de Medici, by Leonard Gaultibr, thick volume, new 
calf extra, 15* 1610 

7237 — L'Assasinat du Roy, ou Maximes 

du Viel de la Montague Vaticane & de ses Assasins, practiqu^s 
en la personne de deffunct Henry le Grand, neat, scarce, 3^. 


7238 Heroine Mousqueture, ou Histoire veritable de Christine Con* 

tesse de Meyrac, plates, half-bound, 2s. 6d.^ Amst. 1723 

7239 Hipparchia, Histoire Galante (no plates) Is, 6d. 


7240 Histoire des Troubles et Guerre Civile du pays de Flandres, 

thick volume, newly bound in russia, rare, 7^ %on, 1584 

A volume of considerable Interest and great scarcity. 

7241 Histoire des derniers Troubles de France, thick volume, half- 

bound, neat, scarce, 4s 1599 

7242 Histoire du grand Royaume de la Chine situe aux Indes Orien- 

tales, vellum, 2«. 6^ Rouen, 1614 

7243 Histoire secrette de la Duchesse de Portsmouth, Is. 6d... 1690 

7244 HistoLres Galantes de diverses personnes qui se sont rendues 

iUustres,2« 1709 

7245 Histoire des Inquisitions, ou Ton rapporte I'origine & le pr^grei 

de ces Tribunaux, leurs variations, & la forme de leur Jurisdic- 
tion, 2 vols, plates, neat, 5s •.*:•*•*? 17^0 

7246 Histoire de Timur-bec ou du Grand Tamerlan, traduite par de 

la Croix, 4 vols, neat, 5s Paris^ 1722 

7247 Idee des Spectacles anciens et noaveaux, vellum, 2s... Paris, 1668 
54, Paternoster Row.] * 2 Z 

Digitized by 


854 Livr^s Pranfois. [DuoD. 

7248 Jaloux par force et le ionheur des Fiemmed qui ont des Maris 

JalooT, velhim, 2s, ib. 1668 

7249 Jaques Premier Roy d'Aiigleterre, Basiiikon Doron^ on Present 

Royal, FiNB PORTRAIT OP KiNO Jambs, neat, 4$ ib. 1603 

7250 Jardin des Racines Grecques, boards, U. 6d ib. 1813 

7251 Joan (Pope). — Cong^nard (le Sieur) Traite contre reciaircisse* 

ment donne par M. Blondel en la question si une femme a est^ 
assise au Siege Papal de Rome, entre Leon IV & Beuoist III, 

yellum, 3s • Saumur^ 1655 

7251* Erreur Populure de la Papesse Jane, half-bound, 
EARB, is • 1588 

7252 -.—>—*—-*— L'Anti-Papesse, ou Terreur populaire ie la Pa- 

pesse Jeanne, par F. de Ra&mond, neat, scarce, 3^. 

Cambray, 1613 

7253 Joan of Aro (the Maid of Orleans). Histoire Memorable de la 

vie de Jeanne d'Arc appelee la Pucelle d'Orleans, neat, rarb, 4s. 

Paris, 1612 
^254 ————— Le m^me, thick papbr, vellum, rarb, 5s. 

ib. 1612 

7255 Joli Memoires, 3 vols, neat, 5^ Atnst. 17I8 

7.256 Joulet, les Amours d'Armide, yellum, neat, 2s.«.... Paris, 1596 

7257 Labardac Theatre sanglant de 8. Catherine Martyre, sur lequel 

sa vie et sa mort, sout representees par quatorze divers Actes, 
vellum, 2s. 6d 1619 

7258 Lafitau (Joseph Fran90is) Histoire des Decouvertes et Con- 

questes des Portugais dans le Nouveau Monde, 4 vols, plates, 
neat, I69 Paris, 1734 

Ladvocat remarks, that ** I'auteur avait M missionaire chez les 
Iroqnois, aossl n'avoBS-noas lien de plus exact qne le qa'il nous 
en dlt." 

7259 Legende des Flamans, Cronique abregee, en laquelle est faict 

soGcinct recueil de Forigine des peuples & estatz de Flandres, 
Arthoisj Haynault & Bourgohgne, very fine copy, neat, 5s. 

Paris, Galliot du Pre, 1558 

Interestiiig onaccoaht of Itsplaisante commemoration de plusiemrs 
choses ndctei & avenues en France, Amqlbterrb & AUemaigne, 
depuis sept on hulct cens ans. 

7260 Legende doree, on Sommaire de I'HIstoire des Preres Iktendians 

de rOrdre de Dominique & de Fran^oi^, neat, scarce, 4^. 

Lspdat, 1608 
fiOl Leibiiitz^ Espnt de, Recueil de Pens^eS didisies, S vols, neat, 5^ 

Lyon, 1772 

TS^l^Le Nolr, Rent^fe des Valsmces, bound, U. Bd.. 1819 

7202 Leon (M. Hebren) Philosophic d'Amour, traduite d'ltallen en 
Fran$oi8^ par le Seigneur dn Pare Ghampenois, neat, 5s, 

Paris, I577 

A beautiltal edition yrUk the auteg:n^ of the peet Malhbrbb on 
its title-page. 

[Willian Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Duoo.] Livres FranfoU. 355 

7263 Lettres Julmes, on Correspondance philosopUqae, historique 9l 

critique entre un Juif voyageur et ses correspondans, 6 Tols. 

neat, Ss ffoy^, 1742 

7263* 6 wU. half-bound, 6*. 

Laus. 1738 

7264 LiaiBons Dangereuses, 2 vols, boards, 39, 6d Lond. 1797 

7265 Livre de quatre couleurs, sewed, 3«. 6d^ 

Aux quatrea'element de Vimprimaie des quatre Saiwns^ 


7266 Marconville (Jean de), de la Bonte et Mauvaistie des Femmes, 

neat, rarb, As Paris^ 1604 

7267 Marecbal, Berberies, neat, U. ib. 1770 

7.268 Margvbritb, Reine de Navarrb, Contes et Nouyelles, 2 toIs. 

plates, neat, 14«»« • ^ Amfiterdam^ 1700 

" Edition OTQ^ fie figures attribn^s & Rom. ia Qoogb, qnolqa'eiUs 
ne portent pas son no'm." — Brunbt. 

7268* '- M^moires, neat, 3f. 

Brux. 1068 
7209 Marmontel, Nouyeaux Contes Moraux, 4 toIs. sewed, 3*. 6d. 

Pans, 1801 

7^70 Belisaire, bonnd. Is. M Maesir. 1782 

7270*Marois (le R. P.)<Triouiphe de la Vraye Noblesse, thick yolume, 
frontispiece, neat, 2s, 6d • Trojfes, 1630 

7271 Maroites a vendre ou Triboukt TaAletier, dani la Gibeciire^ apres 

avoir M ^aree pendant plusieurs SUcleSy nous est enfia heureuse* 
tnent parvenuCy munie d*un rare assetftblage de Hochetn, Brehques, 
CQliJichets, et BabioUs de toutes xspeces^ new boards (published 
at iOs, M,) 3« au Pamasse Burlesque, 1812 

'^ Nunc est ridendiun! Eaie ^paleqne ! " 

7271*Mary Jaloux,Nouvelle, I5. 6rf Paris, 1688 

7272 Mattbieu (Docteur Pierre) Guisiade Tragedie nouyelle, en la* 

quelle au vray, & sans passion, est represent^ le massacre da 
Due de Guise, crreen morocco, rarb, 9$ .,..l^on, 1589 

7273 Memojres de la Regence, 3 vols, portraits, rbd morocco, gilt 

LBAyBS, lis Amst, 1749 

7273^Memoires de la Guerre de Transilvanie & de Hongrie, vellum, 
2s ,. Amst. Elsbvibr, 1680 

7274 Menier (Honorat de, Proven9al), la Perfection des Femmes et 

rimperfqction de ceux qui les m^prisent f3fS title), Paris, 
1625. — Relation^ de Ren6 Evesque de Leon. — La Finesse de* 
couverte des Jesuiteu — Considerations d'Estat, 1625. — Les Pre- 
mieres Conceptions de Charles L'Empereur Christophile, 1625, 

calf, RARB, 5iS, 

7276 Mesange (Pere Cordelier Pierre de), Vie, Avantures, et Voyage 

de Groenland, 2 vols, in one, sewed, 3s Amst, 1720 

7276 Mezeray (Frau<;ois Eudes de) Histoire de la Mere et dn Fils, 
«'e8t h, dire de Marie de Medicis, &c. 2 vols, sewed, 2s^ 6d. 

ib. 1730 
54, Patbrvostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


356 Livres Ftanfois. [Duo0^ 

7277 Millet (Dom Germain) Tresor sacr^ de Sainet IXenys, half-boaod, 
. neat, 2s ', Paris, 1638 

7278 Mire^(Aabert le) Origtne des Chevaliers et Ordres MiUtaires, 

Ejusdem Vita Justi Lipsii, yellum, 2^ Anvers, 16(^ 

7279 Molinet (Jehan) Faictz et Dictz» contenans plusieurs beaalx 

Traictez, oraisons et champs royaalx, IblA^ft \ttttXy large 
copy, old binding, neat, rare, %s Paris, 1537 

A very scarce edition of Molinet's principal work. It is a volume of 
246 leaves, consisting of some of the aathor's choicest poetry. 

7290 Monte-Sacr^ (Olenix de) Chastes et delectables Jardina d'Amour, 

vellum, scarce, 4« ih, 15^ 

'* Semcz de divers discours et histoires amoureuses," as well as many 
Chansons, and oth^ poetical pieces. 

7291 Montesqnieade FEsprit des Loix, 4 vols, half-bound, neat, '3s, 6d. 


7292 Morlet Beaut^s de THistoire, bound. Is. 6d 1793 

7293 Moyen (le) de parvenir, (Euvre contenant la raison de tout ce 

qui a est6, est & sera, avec demonstrations certaines & neces- 
saires selon la rencontre des effets de Vertu, et adviendra que 
ceux qui auront nez a porter Lunettes s'en serviront, &c. 16ma* 
de 439 pages, blue morocco, barb, 9s, 

Imprime cette annee, 

" Cette Edition, assez belle, se place dans la collection dee Elsevier, 
et on la trouve difficiJement eu bon £tat."— :Brvmet« 

7294 Murray, Lectcur Fran9ois, neat, 2* .,,. 1806 

7295 Nerveze I'Exercise Devot de la Courtizane repentie, neat, 2s, 6d, 

Lyon, 1607 

7295* les chastes 9t iufortunes Amours du Baron de TEspine 

& de Lucrece, de la Prade du pays de Gascongne, neat, 2s, 6d, 

Rouen, 1604 

7296 Norman DT. — Le Concile Provincial des Dioceses de Normandie 

tenu a Rouen, 1581, &c. neat, 2s Paris, 1583 

7297 Defense pour le privilege de la Fierte Saint Re- 
main. — Refutation de la Response et Escrit de M. Denys 
Bouthiller, Plaidoyers sur la privilege de la Fierte, bound, 3s, 

Rouerty 1609 

7298 ■ Chronologie Historiale des Arcbevesques de 
Rouen, boards, 3^ t^. 1618 

7299 GSnologie, ou Discoure sur la meilleure metbode de faire le Vin & 

de cultiver la Vigne, 2s Dijon, 1770 

7300 Olivier (Jacques) Alphabet de Tlmperfection et Malice des 

Femmes, vellum, rare, 6« Paris, 1623 

7301 in blue French binding, rare. 

Is • Rouen, 1631 

7302 vellum, 4* ih. 1646 

7303 Ordonnances & Instructions faictes par feux les Roys Charles 
VII, Leys XI, Charles VIII, Loys XII, et Francoys Premier, 

' thick vol. JblacH Irtter* neat, 4«. M,.. Paris, 1535 

[William Batkbs, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Livres Franfois. 367 

7304 Pare (Ambroise) de la Generation de rHfomme et dee Monstres, 

avec leurs pourtraits, half*ealf, 2s, 6'f ih, 1573 

7305 Pasqain ressucit^, ou Dialoi^e entre Pasquin & Marforlo, boards, 

Ss Viilefranche, 1670 

7306 Pelloutier (Simon) Htfltoire des Celtes et particutiereroent 

des Gaulois etdes Gerroains, 8 vols, sewed, 14*. .. Pftrisj 1770 

7307 Perin (Ren^) Beaut^s Htstoriques de la Maison d'Aatriebe, 

2 vols, plates, sewed, 3^ ib. 1811 

7308 Petrarques Triomphes, nouuellement redigez de son langaige 

vulgaire Tuscan en nostre diserte langne Francoyse, wood-cuts, 
newly bound in pale russia, rare, 15^ ih, 1538 

Branet informs us this edition is an object of research, on account of 
its rarity, and its wood-cut embellishments. A copy sold for 41. 10s. 
at the Roscoe Sale. 

7309 *— - Another copy, wanting tbe title-page, new, half-russia, 55. 

ib. 1538 

7310 Pey (I'Abb^) V^rit^ de la Religion Chretienne, 2 vols, sewed, 

2*. ed ib. 1771 

7311 Pfeffell, Abrege Chronologique dc THistoire et du Droit Public 

d^Allemagne, 2 vols, neat, 3$ ib. I766 

7312 Plutarque, Opuscule des Vertueux et lliustres Faltz des An< 

ciennes Femmes, Paris^ 1546. — Cinq Opuscules de Plutarque 
Cheronee, traduitz par Maistre Estienne Pasquieur, 16. 1546, 
2 vols, in 1, sewed in vellum, rarb, 5s. 

7313 Poesies Ghrestiennes, de M. Odet de la Nove, vellum, 2^. 6d. 


7314 Poggiana, ou la vie, le caractere, les sentences et les bons mots 

de Pogge Florentin avec son Uistoire de la Republique de 
Florence, 2 vols, portrait, neat, 5s , Amst. 1720 

7315 Pont-aymery (Alexandre de) Paradoxe apologiqne, on il est de- 

monstr^ que la Femme est plus parfaicte que PHomme, neat, 2^. 

Paris, 1596 

7316 Portrait ou la veritable caractere de la Coquette, beautiful 

COPT, BLUB morocco, GILT, RARB, 7< ib» 1701 

7317 Procez de la Jalousie, vellum, 2« ib. 1661 

7318 Pourtrait du Vray Pasteur, Histoire de S. Albert Evesque 

de Liege, fine wbolb length portrait bt Gaultibr, neat, 
3». 6d ib. 1613 

7319 Rabelais (Francois). Les (Euvres de, augmentees de la vie de 

I'Auteur, et de quelques Remarques sur sa vie et sur I'Histoire, 
2 vols, old calf, vert scarce, 1/ {Leifdc, Elsevibr) 1663' 

An edition equally rare and beautiful. 

7319* CEuvres de Rabelais, 6 vols, old calf, neat, 
1/. 4s 1732 

7320 CEuvres, 6 vols, (wanting vol. iii) 5 vols. 

original red morocco, gilt leaves, \%s 1732 

732^ Ramsay's Travels of Cyrus, English and French, 2 vols, sewed, 

2# , Parisy 1802 

54, Patbrnoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


856 Livre^ Franfoi$. [DuoD. 

7323 Recherches Philosophiques sar les Efyptiens et les Chinois^ 

2 vols. Rewed, 2^ ...v .-Atnst. 1773 

7324 Regies du Jeu des Passes comme on le joue en Aastriche avee 

les Eemarques sur celui de Bayiere, green morocco, gilt leaves, 
3s. ; .....Fietme, I768 

7325 Ricbelieu (Cardinal) Testament politique, enrichie d'Observa- 

tions par I'Abbe de Saint Pierre, 2 vols, calf, 3s. ,».Haye^ 1746 

7326 Riccoboni sur les Theatres de rCurope, Is. 6d Amst. 1740 

7327 Roeoles (Jean Baptiste de). Les Imposteurs Insig^es, on, His- 

toires de plusieurs Hommes de n^nt, de toutes Nations, qui out 
usurp^ la quality d'£mpereur8, Roys, et Princes, portraits, neat, 
4s. M ib. 1683 

7328 Rollin, Histoire Ancienne, 13 vols, sewed, 1/. 14* ib. 1754 

7329 Histoire Romaine, 16 vols, neat, 1/. ISs. ...Paris^ 1758 

7330 Maniere d'enseigner et d'etudier les Belles l^ettres, 

4 vols, bound, %s • Amsi. 1745 

7331 4 vols. French calf, neat, 8». 

Paris, 1765 

7332 Ronsard, (Euvres^ 5 vols, fine copy, calf, gilt, scarce, 18r. 

ib. 1587 

7333 Rousseau, GSuvres Choisies, sewed, 2t..« « t6. 1810 

7334 Rumiily (€1. Colet de) Oraison de MMrsaox Dames de la Court, 

ensemble la Response des Dames a Mars, ibds. 2«. %d. ib. 1548 
7334^8aint Pierre, Paul et Virgine, \s ib. 1793 

7335 Sainctes, Discours sur le Saccagement des Eglises Catfaoliques, 

paries H^r^tiques anciens et nouveaux Calviniste&eD Pan 1562, 
morocco, gilt leaves, rare, Ts d Paris, 1565 

7336 Ballengre, Histoire de Pierre de Montmaur, 2 vols, curious 

plates, thick paper, neat, scarce, 9s .Maye, 1715 

7337 SatyreMenipp^ de la vertuduCatholicon d'fispagne, bd. 3s. 6d. 

Rtuisb. 1664 

<' Jolie edition que Ton felt entrer dans la collection des Elzeider." — 

7338 Satyre Menipp^e de la Vertu du Catholicoii d^Espagne, 3 vols. 

portraits and plates, neat, 12« ; ib. 1726 

7339 Saieerien Histoire des Philosophes Anciens, 5 vols, portraits, half- 

bound, uncut, 12< » « PcariSy 1771 

7340 Scanderberg, 2 vole, rbd -morocco, gilt i^bxvm, \ik. 

ib. 1644 

7341 ScARROK (EuTRBS, 10 vols. oeat, 1/. Is. ....Amst. ^^3^ 

7341 * ■ ■ Romant Coranque, vellum, 3s. 6d. 


7342 Segla, Histoire Tragique et Arrests de la Cour de Parlement de 

Tholose,.ve|ium, scarce, 3s Paris, 1613 

7343 Sermon en faveqr.des Cocus, ofi Vqn fait voir que ks Cocns eont 

heureiuc & que ceux qui le sopt, .doivent B!en. consoler, hulf- 
bound,.8caroe, 3^ « ,.•• .^Cologne, ■ 

7344 Som»l»e, Grand Dictionnaire des Predeuses, HiEtoriqiie, Poe- 

^ue, .Qeogr^biqqe» .CQ9mogr»phiqae, Chronol^qae, et Ar* 

^vbhwi .Bath 8i, 

Digitized by 


DuoD.] Livres Franfois. 

morique, dedi^ k Monseigiieur le Duo de Guise, 2 vols, in 1, in 
fine old calf, gilt leaves, 12« Paris, 1661 

*' Ouvrage satyrique, assez recherche, quand la clef, qui sert k son 
intelligence, se trouve k la fin du second volume. Cette clef 
eat une brochure fort mince et separ^e, qui mao^e dams beau-* 
coup d'ezemplaires." — ^Vide De Bure Bibl. Instr. vol. iv, p. 
241. The present copy has the Key, and the curious and finely 
engraved Frontiispiece. 

7345 ^ Grand Dictionnaire des Pretieuses, 2 vols, finely en- 
graved frontispiece, bound, 7^ •••t6* 1661 

73^^ Sophia ou le Triomphe des Graces sur la Beaut^, plates, half- 
bound, neat, 2s. ^ .,, .t^. IJ'TO 

I 7347 Spectacle de la Nature ou Entretiens sur les Particularit^s de 
THistoire Naturelle, 8 vols, plates, neat, 16^ 26. 1763 

7348 ^ 8 vols, in 9, plates, neat, 18f. 

i Utrecht, 1733 
I J^S^Tttiilemont (C* de) Diseoufi des Champs Faez, a Vhomneur de 
I V Amour et des Dames^ neat, r4 r<4 6s Paris, 1 57 1 

7349 Tarif dtt Prix des Glaces, 1765, printed on vbllum, neat, 5s. 

\ Paris, 

7350 TRACTS.— Les Pseaumes des Courtisans. — Recit de ce qui est 
I pass^ en Allemagne. — Ligues des Princes Catboliques contre les 
\ Protestans d'Allemagne. — Histoire de la prise des Vaisseaux de 

Corsairs & Pirattes Tores. — Les Gontre-Veritez de la Cour 
f (en vers). — Les Resveries de la Royne (en vers). — Le Pasquin 

I des Affaires en ce temps (en vers). — Les Jeux de la Cour (en 

I vers). — Les trois Harpies, with about thirty others, in 


' 7351 Traite de la Jalousie ; ou, Moyens d'entretenir la Paix dans le 

I Mariage, frontispie<$^, neat, scarce, 2s..6d Paris, 1677 

I 7352 Le rn^me, frontispiece, old bindinff, 2* ..,?6. 1682 

7353 Vallemont, la Physique Occulte ou Traite de la Baguette Divina- 

toire, bound, ls.6d:,.„. ^. Amst. 1693 

7354 Vega (Garcilasso de la) Histoire des Guerres Civiles des Espa^- 
, noles dans les Indes, 4 vols, neat, 9s ..«t6. 1706 

73^ Venus Phisique, sewed, scarce, 2s. M 1777 

I 7356 Veritable Pere Josef Capucin, contehant I'Histoire Anecdote du 

t 7356*Vertot (I'Abb^ de) Revolutions de Portugal, neat, 2s.. Paris, 1792 

Cardinal de Richelieu, calf, 2s 1704 

I 7357 Vie du bien-heureux Robert d'Arbrissel Fondateur de TOrdre de 

Fonteurauld, frontispiece, ruled with red lines, original 

RED morocco binding, GILT LEAVES, 5s FUchc, 1648 

7358 Vigoureux (le Sieur) Defense des Femmes, contre TAlphabet de 
\ leur pretendue malice & imperfection, brown calf, neat, scarce, 

As Paris, 1617 

! 7350 Vie et Opinions d'un Bijou, 2 vols, sewed, 2s ih. 1804 

' 7359*Voltaire Pucelle d'Orleans, bound, \s. 6d. — Micromegas, avee 

une Hist, des Croisades, half- bound, \s. 6d. 
\ 7360 Voyages de Siam des Peres Jesuites, 3 vols, sewed, 4i. 6d. 

\ , Amst. 1689 

\ 54, Patbrkowbe Row.] 

Digitized by 


S60 Libri liManu 


7360^Aifo, Vita di Bernardino Baldi, 4to. portrait, veliam, 2s. 

Parma, 1783 

7361 Alamanni (Luigi) la Coltiyatione, 12aio. vellum, Deat, scarce, 8«. 

Fiarcnza, appresto Bernardo GitaUi, 1549 

7362 Alamanni, Rucellai, Tansillo, Baldi Didascalici, 12mo. vellam, 2ff. 

Venez. 1815 

7363 Alcune Eresie dell' Intelletto Umano, 12mo. Is Lucca, 1766 

7364 Alfieri, Sallustio, 4to. boards, 10$ ItMa, 1808 

A most beautiful impression, limited to 250 copies. 

7365 Antoniutti (Pietro) Saggio Metafisico, 8yo. boards, 2«. %d, 

Venez. 1811 

7366 Aretino (Lionardo) Historia Fiorentina, tradocta da Donate Ac- 

claioli. Poggio Historia Fiorentina, tradocta da Jacopo suo Fig- 
luoii, folio, 2 vols, in one, fine copies, initiatory capitals 
ILLUMINATED, recently bound in russia, rare, 2/. 10$. 

Vinegia per Jacopo de Rossi, M.CCCC.LXXVI. 
Editiones Principes of these versions. 

7367 Aretino (Pietro) capricclosi et piaceuoli Ragionamenti, Nuova 

Editione, con certe postille, che spianano e dichiarono evidente- 
mente i luoghi et le parole piu oscure, et piu difficlli deli' opera, 
12mo. old binding, very rare, 14^. 

Stampati in CosmopoU (Elzevir) 1660 

7368 ■ Letterb, 6 vols. 12mo. complete, vellum, 

scarce, 12 Parigi, 1609 

7369 '■ Vita di Maria Vergine, descritta da Partenio 

Etirb, 12mo. several of the leaves damaged, fine old red 
morocco, 3s Venetia, 1683 

7370 Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, nuove figure adornato, ruled through- 

out with red lines, half-bound, calf, \As ib. 1572 

7371 Orlando Furioso, wood-cuts, small 8vo, neat, scarce, 

*Js Vinegia apresso Gabriel Giolito, 1547 

7372 Arrivabene, Dizionario Domcstico Sistematico, 8vo. sewed, 2j. 6cf. 

Brescia, 1809 

7373 Atti e Decreti del Concilio Diocesano di Pistoia, 4to. boards, 5«. 


7374 Atti delta Societa Pontaniana, 3 vols. 4to. sewed, 12^. 

I^upoli, 1810-19 

7375 Baldi, le Nautica Poema. — Spolverini, la Coltivazione del Riso, 

8vo. in one vol. half-calf, 3/? .Milan, 1813 

7376 Baudini (Angelo M.) Lettere Flesolane, 8vo. sewed, 3^. 

Siena, 1800 

7377 Baiba da Pescia, sopra il Platonico, &c. 12mo. vellam. Is, 6d. 

Vineg. 1533 

7378 Barclaio, L'Argenide, 4to. vellum, 2s. 6d ib. 1629 

[William Baynbs, 

Digitized by 


lAbri lialiani. 361 

7379 Bartolommeo, Ammsestratnenti degli Antichi, 8vo. boards, 2^. (Sd. 

Milan, 1808 

7390 Bembo (M. Pietro) Rime, 12n]o. portrait cut in wood, bound in 

red, scarce, 3« Vinegia appresso Gabriel Gioliio, 1548 

7390* 8vo. sewed, 2». 6d Mi/an, 1808 

7391 Gli Asolani, con gli Argomenti, e PostiUe di 

Tommaso Porcacchi, 8vo. bound, 2«. Verona^ 1743 

7392 '• 8vo. portrait, sewed, 2*. 6d. 

Mi/an, 1808 

7393 Bentiroglio (Cardinale) Relation!, 4to. 2« Colon. 1632 

7394 Bertoldo Bertoldino e Cacasenno, calf, Ss Dresda, 1779 

7395 Boccacio, II Decameron, alia sua vera Lezione ridotto dal Cava- 

lier Leonardo Salviati, 4to. russia extra, marbled leaves, 16^. ^ 

Firenze^ Giunti, 1587 

The edition cited by the Academy della Cnisca. The superior me- 
rits of it are specified in their Tavola, p. 16. 

7396 ■ II Medesimo, 5 vols, crown 8to. sewed, I2s 1768 

7397 — Genealogia de gli Dei, con la Vita del Boccacio, 4to. 

sewed in vellum, 6s • Vinegia^ 1547 

7398 Nimphale d'Ameto, 12mo. scarce, 4s, 

FirenzCf Giunta, 1529 

7399 12mo. sewed in vellum, 2s. 6d. 

Vinegia^ Giolito, 1545 

7400 TAmorosa Fiammetta, 12mo. neat, 2s. ...... ib. 1577 

7401 Laberinto d'Amore, neat, rarb edition, 55. 

Vinegia, 1536 

7402 Bolingbroke sopra la Storia dlngbilterra, volgartzz. di P. Anto- 

niutli, 8vo. sewed, 2s ib. 1814 

7403 Bonaventura, it Mortorio di Christo, Tragedia spirituale, 12mo. 

vellum. Is. 6d. — La Giastina Trag. Spirit. 12mo. vellum, Is, 6d. 

Venet. 1624 

7404 Borgognini, la Teoria del Fuoco, 8vo. plates, 2s. 

7405 Brancho, sopra proprieta del Fosfero, 8vo. sewed, 2s. Pisa, 1813 
7406 Cangiamenti di Colore della Tintura del Turnesole, 

8vo. sewed, 2s ib. 1816 

7407 Breislak (Scipione) Introduzione alia Geologia, 2 vols. 8vo. 

sewed, 5s Milan, 1811 

7408 Brunetto, II Tesoro, 12mo. vellum, 4s Fmegia, 1533 

The edition cited by the Academia della Crusca. 

7409 Bruni, le Tre Gratte, Rime, 12mo. new balf-calf, 3s. Roma, •— — 

7410 (Dott. F.) Soprai Bagni degli Antichi, 8vo. Is. 6d. 

Fir. 1811 

7411 Bruti (Jehan Michel) La Institutione di una fanciulla nata no- 

bilmente, Tuscane Sf Frangois, 12mo. sewed in vellum, rare, 5s. 
De Vimprimerie de Chr. Plantain, 1555 

7412 Calmo, la Spagnolas Comedia, 12mo. YtVium, 2s... Vinegia, 1585 
7413 Piacevoli et ingeniosi Diseorsi, 12mo. vellum, 2s. 

ib. 1560 
54* Paternoster Row.] 3 A 

Digitized by 


afl2 Libri Italiani. 

7414 Caocelliera Lettera soprarorigine deUe Parole Dominus ex Dom- 
nu8, 8vo. sewed, 2« Roma^ 1808 

7415 le sette Cose fatali di Roma Antiea, 12mo. \s, Gd. 

t6. 1813 

^41 6 Lettera sopra il Tarantissmo, Taria di Roma, &e. 

12mo.2*.... ih. 1817 

7417 CanoTa, Opere di Sculptura e di Plastica descritte, 4to. beautifully 

printed, sewed, 6» Firmzej 1809 

7418 Canoyai e Del Ricco Elementi di Fisica Matematica, 2 vols. 8vo. 

sewed, 4« i6. 1809 

7419 Caraffa, il Principio della Santa Fede, Poema, 8vo. vellum, 2«. 

Napoli, 1744 

7420 Carilao Lettere Critico-Filosofiche, 8vo. sewed, 2s,.,Firen, 1804 

7421 Caro (Annibal) Lettere, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 12«. Padova, 1763 

7422 Carradori della fertilita della Terra, 8vo. 2« Pirenze, 1816 

7423 — , Istoria del Oalvanismo in Italia, 8vo. U. M...ib. 1817 

7424 Casa (Giov. della), Rime e Prose, calf gilt, stamped, 8^. 

Vinegia, M.D.LVIII. 
** Edition peu commune et assez reclieTch4e."-*BRUNBT. 

7425 Cenati la Silvia errante, arcicomedia, Capriciosa morale, 12mo. 

vellum, 2* 1608 

7426 Cenni intorno al Teatri Modemi, 8vo. 1«. 6d Rama, 1817 

7427 Ceriolo, Consiglio et i Consiglieri del Prencipi, 12mo. neat, 25. 

Finegia, 1560 

7428 Cesarotti, Saggio sopra la lingua ItaL 8vo. 28 Pacbva, 1785 

7429 Ghiabrera Rime, 3 vols. 8vo. sewed, 12« Milan, 1807 

7430 Firenze Poema, 8vo. vellum, 2a Pirenze, 1615 

7431 Chiari Tragedie, 12mo. half-bound, 1«* 6(i Venez. 1755 

7432 Cbiaverini Fondamenti della Farmacologia, 8vo. Is. 6d. 

Napoli, 1819 

7433 Chrysostomo Trattato come niuno pote essere offeso, se non da se 

medesimo, 12mo. vellum, 2^ Vinegia, 1536 

7434 CicaUmenti del Grappa intorno al Sonetto '^poiche mia lunga d 

venir troppo^ dove siciarla allungo delle Lodi delle Donne et del 
mal Francioso, ]2mo. neat, rare, 9s. 

In Mantoua nel [M.DJXXXXV. 

<< Petit ouvrage fac^tieux et original, dent les ezemplaires sont 
rares." — Brunet. 

7435 Cicciaporci (Antonio) Degli Etruscbi, 8vo. \s.%d... Firenze, 1816 

7436 Classificazione delle Rocce, 8vo. sewed, 2^. 6d Milan, 1814 

7437 Collana Latina. Giustino Historico, tradotto per T. Porcacebi, 

4to. ruled with red lines, calf, 5^ Vinegia, Giolito, 1561 

7439 Colonna, Rime, 12mo. vellum, 3*. 6d.... M.D.XXXIX. 

Second edition. Sold for 14^. at the Roscoe Sale. 

7440 Contarini, Historia della Guerra contra Tnrchi, 4to. map, neat, 

first edition, rare, 5«...., Venetia, 1572 

7441 ^.^ (Francesco) la Fida ninfa, favola pastorale, Venei. 

1603. — Sopberotomania favola coroica dell' Opportnno Acade- 
mico Filarmonico, Vic. 1622, 24mo. neat, 2s. 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Libri Italianu Bffi 

7442 Contile^ Rhne, con Discord et Argomenti dl M. F. Patritio et 

M. A. Borghesi, 12mo. half-bouDd, scarce, 2«. 6d. 

Venetiay 1570 

7443 Corticelli, Regole ed Osservazioni della Ling. Tosc. 8vo. 2s, 

Bass. 1809 
7443«Coyelli, Saggio di Chimioa Elcmentare, Svo. 2s...NapoU, 1818 

7444 Dantb, la ComcdiA di, cou nova Espositiune di Alessandro Vella- 

tello, 4to. wood-cuts, new, ruasia extra, 1/. Ss, 

Vinegia, M.D.XLIIII. 

lliis very scarce edition, Brunet informs us, is highly esteemed, 
and De Bure declares the execution of it to be beautifiil. A. copy 
sold for 4/. 148, 6d» at the Roscoe Sale. 

7445 Dardano (Messer Luigi), bella e dotta Difesa delJe Donne in 

verso, e prosa, 12mo. bound, rare, 4s ^..Vinegia^ 1554 

7446 Delle Origini della Pazziad'un Filosofo Fiorentino, 4to, sewed, 3^. 

a spese della Nazioney . 

7447 Denina (Carlo) Rivoluzioni d'ltalia, 4to. 2 first vols. 6^. 

Torino^ 1769 

7448 Dieci Paradosse degli Academici intronati di Siena, half-bd. 2s. 

Venet. 1608 

7449 Dieci Circoli dell'lmperio, con I'entrate de Prencipe, et de gli 

stati della Germania, con le contribution!, con una pardcolar 
descrittione della Republica di Norimbergo, &c. 4to. utained, 
old binding, rare, Js.^.Neir Academia Venctiana^ M.D.LVIII. 

An Aldinb Publication. 

7450 Disgrazie di Donna Urania, 12mo. \s Fvrenze^ 1798 

7451 Dissertazioue intorno alio stato della Chiesa ex la Podesta del 

Romano Poutef. 8vo. 2s Cosmopoli, I768 

7452 Di6sertazioni Academichi iette nelP Accad. Etrusca, 4to, plates, 

half-bound, 4s « .....Aomai 1735 

.7453 Ditte Candiano della Guerra Trojana, Darete Frig^o, etc. 12mo. 
fine copy, neat, old calf, 5« ,..Vinegia^ 1543 

7454 Dolce Ossenrationi, 12mo. vellum, 2s,..Vinegia^ Giolito, 1554 

7455 Domenichi (M. Lodovico) Dialogbi ; ciofe, d'Amore, de Rimedi 

d'Amore, dell'amor fraterno^ deUa fortuna, della vera Nobiltlk^ 
deirimpresse, della Corte et della Stampa, 12mo. vellum, scarce, 
4s,M Vinegiaf Gabribl Giolito, 1562 

7456 Dossa, Lettere, pie, morali e politicbe, neat, 12mo. Is. 6^. 

Colon. 1614 

7457 Doveri[i], della vita domestica di un Padre di Famiglia, 8vo. 3s. 

Parma coUipi Bodoniani, 1794 

7458 Equicola, di Natura d^Amore, 12mo. neat, scarce, 35. M. 

Vinegia, GABRiBii Giolito, 1554 
7459 12mo. neat, 3«....Fi?ne^ 1587 

Bayle tells us that this treatise had been several times printed, 
^ N^anmoins on ne le trouve que mal ais^ment." 

7460 Ettclide Megarense, 4to. vellum, 3«. 6(2 r6. 1586 

54, Patbkkostbh Row.] 

Digitized by 


864 labri Italiani. 

7461 EuBtatbio, gli amori d'lsmenio, di Greco tradotd per Lelio Ca- 

rani, 12ino. vellum, 3s Fiorenza, 1550 

" Edition belle et rare."— Brunet. 

7462 Facetie, Motti, Burle et Buffoaerie del Ptovano Arloto del Go- 

nella, del Barlacchia et altre assai di diyersi, 12mo. neat, scarce, 
4* Vgnet. 1708 

7463 Ferrara (Abbate Fran.) Campi Flegrei della Sicilia,4to. sewed, 4«. 

Memna^ 1810 

7464 — — ^ Storia Naturale della Sicilia, 4to. sewed, 3$. 

Catania^ 1813 

7465 Filosofessa Italiana o sia le Avventure dell& MarcbesaN. N., 12ino. 

4 vols, in 2, neat, 3^ Venet, 1782 

7466 Fontanini della Eloquenza Italiana, 4to. sewed, 5« ...ib. 1737 

7467 Franco, Dralogo dove si ragiona Delle Bellezze, 12mo. neat, 

scarce, 4^. 6d tfr. 1542 

7468 Francisco (Anton.) Filosofia Morale, 12mo. balf-bound, 2s. 

Vicenza^ 1597 

7469 Frata et Mont'Albano (Marco de la), il Nobile Ragionamenti cU 

Nobility, 12mo. rbd morocco, gilt leaves, 4^. %d. 

Fioren. 1548 

7470 Frugoni, Opere poetiche, 10 vols. 8vo. large paper, sewed, 

H. 16* Parma, Bodoni, 1779 

7471 Gagliardi (Paolo) TAntico stato di Cenomani, 8vo. Is, 6d. 

Padava^ 1724 

7472 Garimberto (Hieron.) Concetti, 12mo. balf-calf, 2s. 6d. 

Vend. 1553 

7473 Garzoni, Sinagoga de gUgnoranti, 12mo. sewed, \s, 6d, 

Pavia, 1589 
" Rare et curieux." 

7474 Gaudenzio (Paganino), la vita di Cleopatra Reina d'Egitto, 4to. 

old stamped binding, scarce, 8j... Pisa, 1642 

** Paganini Gaudenzii Scripta omnia rarissima esse, multi Scriptores 
a CI. Vogtio adducti testantur." — Frbytag. 

7475 Gennaro (Antonio) Omaggio poetico, Ital, e Franc. 12mo. red 

morocco, stamped, gilt leaves, 4« Parigi, 1/68 

7476 Giovanni Fiorentino. II Pecorone, nel quale si contengono cin- 

quanta novelle antiche, 8vo. fine copy in yellow morocco bind- 
ing, neat, I8s Milano^ 1554 

This edition is estimable and of considerable scarcity, evidenced 
by the prices copies have produced at the Pindli and other sales. 
Its real date is somewhere about 1740, and the place where it 
was executed is evidently Lucca. 

7477 Giovio (M. Paolo, Vescovo di Nocera) Le Iscrittioni poste sotto 

le vere imagini de gli huomini famosi, Fiorcnza, 1552. — Giovio, 
Elogi vite brevemente scritte d'Huomini illustra di guerra, 4to. 

2 vols, in one, neat, 6« Ftorenza, 1554 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Libri lialiani. 365 

7478 Giovia (M. Paolo, Vescovo di Noccera) Dialogo delF Imprese 

militari et amorose, con un Ragiouamento di Messer Lodovico 
Domenichi, nel medesimo soggetto, 12mo. sewed in yellum, 
scarce, 4^ Vinegia^ 1557 

7479 . Comment, de le Cose de Turchi, 

12mo. vellum, 2s 1538 

7490 Giraldi Discorsi intorno al comporre de i Romanzi, delle Comedie, 

e delle Tragedie, e di altre maniere di Poesie, 4to. vellum, 
4«,6£? Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito, 1554 

7491 GiuocHi. Dialogo de Giuochi che nelle vegghie Sanese si usano 

di fare del Maferiale Intronato, 1 2mo. neat, rare, 5s. 

Venetia, 1592 

7492 Glossse Marginales ad Musei Passerii Lucernas coUe Reflessioni 

diMecchi, 4to. vellam, 3s Pesaro, 1740 

7493 Goldoni Scelte Commedie, 12 vols. 8vo. sewed, 1/. 4^. 

Padova, 1811 

7494 Commedie scelte, 3 vols. 12mo. neat, As. %d, 

Lond. 1795 

7495 Gorgolione Portulano del Mare Mediterraneo, 8vo. sewed, 2^. M. 

Livom. 1815 

7496 Grillo, Pietosi Affetti, et Lagrime del Penitente, 12mo. vellum, 2s. 

Venet. 1601 

7497 Guorini (Battista) 11 Pastor fido, 4to. brown calf, \2s. 

Verona, 1737 

A beautiful edition, printed in a bold type, embellished with engra- 
vings, and accompanied by the Author's Annotazioni. 

7498 11 medesimo, 12mo. bound, 2s,,, Venet. 1602 

7499 II medesimo, 12mo. cuts, half-calf, 2s. 

ih. 1696 

7500 Guarnacci, Origini Italiche, 3 vols. 4to. sewed, \2s. 

Roma, 1785 

7501 Esame Critico delle Origine Italiche^ 4to. sewed, 3«. 

Venez. 1773 

7502 Guazzoni, Andromeda, tragicomedia boscareccia, 12mo. vellum, 

1«, 6d ib. 1587 

7503 Guidiccioni Tragedie transportate dalla Greca nell'Italiana fiivella, 

4to. very fine copy in old red morocco, gilt leaves, \0s. 6d. 

Lucca, 1747 

Copiously described by Paitoni, and characterized by him with the 
strictest propriety *' bella edizione." 

7504 Hartley, Osservazioni sopra I'Uomo, 8vo. sewed, 4*. Venez. 1809 

7505 Horologgi (M. Gioseppe) L'Ingratitadine, 12mo. 2s. 

Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito, 1562 

7506 ' Vita deiriUustrissimo Signor Camillo 

Orsino nella quale si vengono brevemente a narrare tutte le 
guerre successe dalla venuta di Carlo VIII, Re di Francia in 
Italia, sin all anno M.D.LIX, 4to. sewed in vellum, 4^. 

ib. 1565 
54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


966 Libri ItalianL 

7I1O7 IngegnM, Tooiiri Tragedia, 4to. Tellum, neat, 2t...Na'poliy 1607 

7508 Lacroix Trattato Elementare d'Aritmetica, 8yo. sewed, 2«. 6ci. 

Firente, 1811 

7509 Jjancellotti Piano di un Corso dx Chimica applicata aUe Arte, 4to. 

sewed, 2«. U NupoU, 1818 

7510 Lanzi (Ab. Luigi) Storia Pittorica delta Italia dal risorgimento 

deUe Belle Arti fin presso al fine del XVIII Secolo, edizione 
qaarta, coretta ed accresciuta dall'Aatore, 6 vols. 870. sewed, 
\l. 10* Basumo, 1818 

7511 Leone Hebraeo, Dialog! di Amori, 12«o» neat, scarce, 6n 

Vinegia^ in casa de* PigUtudi.di Aldo, M.D.XXXXI. 
7612 ■ ■ '■ 12mo. veL nt. somewhat stained, 4*. 

ib. Aldus, 1549 

7513 _ Dialogo della Comunita dello Amore, intitolato Amore 

Dinno et Humano, 4to. neat, scarce, 4« • M.D.Lll. 

7514 Legendario di Santi yolgare hiatbriato, folio, wood-cuts, yeUum, 

scarce, 9s fmet, 1535 

7515 Lettere molte di valorose Donne, nelle quali cbtaramente appare 

non esser ne di Eloqnentla, ne di Dottrina alii Huomini inferiori, 
12ma. vellum, neat, 4s Vinegia^ Gabriel Giolito, 1548 

7516 Lettere ad un Filosofo Italiano, 6?o. 1«. 6d Fkaataj 

7517 Lettere yolgaridi diyersi nobilissimi Huomini, et eccelentissiini 

Ingegni, scritte in diyerse Materie, 12mo. yellum, 4s, 

Vinegia^ in casa defigliuoli di Aldo, 1544 

7518 Levi« Regole Grammaticali per parlare e scriyere in Toscano, Is. 

Ldvom, 1801 

7519 Loredano e Miehiele, Cimiterio, Epitafii Giocosi, 12mo. half-calf, 

scarce, 3s, 

7520 Lorenzo de Medici, Poliziano e Pnlci Poesie, 4to. boards, 7^- 

Lond. 1801 

7521 Macbiayegli Historic, 12mo. calf extra, rare, 9s. 

In Venetiaper Comin de Trino, M.D.XL. 

7522 Maffei, Merope Tragedia, 12mo. Is 1801 

7523 Magri, Notizia de Vocaboli Ecclesiastici, 4to. 3s,,.yenez. 1803 

7524 Manfred! (Fra. Fulgent!!) Degnita Procuratoria d! San Marco di 

Venetia, 4to. half-bound, neat, 3$ Venetia, 1 602 

7525 Marinello (M. Giovanni), Medecini partenente alle Infermitadelie 

Donne, 12mo. sewed in yellum, 3^. M ih. 1574 

7526 Ornament! delle Donne tratti dalle 

Scritture d'una Reina Greca, 12mo. old yelli^w morocco, g^lt 
leayes, bs \h. 1562 

7527 Marino (Cayalier), Galeria, dtstinta in Pitture & Sculture, 12«io« 

2s 16. 1622 

7528 ■■ L'Adooe Poema, 4to. old morocco binding, 
4s. M ,.. ........16. 

7529 Massolo (Me^ser Pietro) Sonett! Moral!, 12mo. yellum, neat, rare, 

7^ Fiorcftsa, 1558 

7530 Matteo Conte da San Mariano, Pescatoria et Ecloghe, 12mo. 

(no title) neat, 2«. 

[William Bathes, 

Digitized by 


Libri Italiana. 9S7 

7531 MaasoniVita, 4to. boards, 2« Roma, 1790 

7532 Meugs (Antonio RafibAlo) Opere. 2 toIs. 4to. sewed, 11. 

Parmat Bodoni, 1780 

7533 Mesne, de i Semplici porgadyi, 12mo. neat, 5«. 

Fenet, ex Bibliothecaj Aldina, 1589 

7534 Metastasio Poesie, 8 vols, small 12mo. most beavtifnl eopy, red 

morocco, gilt leaves, 21, 5« Parigiy 1773-83 

7535 Opere Poetiche, 11 vols. smiUl 12mo. sewed> 16«. 

Vcnezia, 1813 

7536 Meyden (Theodori k) Trattato della natura del Vino e del ber 

ealdo e freddo, j2mo. neat,2« Roma, 1608 

7537 Mixrie de li Amanti di Mesaer Nohile Socio, 4to. vellum, rare, 

9* Vinegia, 1533 

7538 Mojon, Leggi Fisiolog^che, 8vo. 1*. 6d Geneva, 1810 

7539 Monte Vincentio (M. Conti di) Antigono, Tragedia. In Venetia 

per Comin da Trino di Montferrato, 1565. — Contarini (Fran- 
cesco) La Finta Fiammetta Favola Pastorale. Venetia, 1610, in 
1 vol. 4to. vellum, rare, 8s. 

Some account of Monte Vicino's Tragedy of Antigono will be found 
in the Catalogo di Commedi Italiane, *' ove quest' edi^one si 
dice unica, rara, e belliBsima," vid. p. 48. 

7539^Nardi, le Historie della Citta di Fiorenza, 4to. vellum, 3s. 6 J. 

Leone, 1582 

7540 Nazari (Gio. Battista, Bresciano) della Tramutatione Metallica 

sogni tre, 4to. scarce, 6s Brescia, 1572 

The first and rarest edition of this sin^ar treatise. It was un- 
known to Fontanini. The Aldine device it g^ven both at begin- 
ning and end. 

7541 NovBLLB Amorobe, dc'Signori Accademici Incogmti, puhlicate da 

Francesco Carmeni, 4to. vellum, rare, 12s Venei, 1641 

7542 Novelle Scelti, 2 vols, bound, 2s. 6d 1802 

7543 Omelia recitata al Popolo da Fr. Adeodato Turchi, 4to. a bril- 

liant SFBCIHBN OF TTPOGRAPHT, neat, 9s. 

Parma [Bodoni] 1788 

7544 Origine e Discendenza della Famiglia Colonna d' Istria, &c. most 

beautiful copy, original red morocco, gilt leaves, 14s. 

Parigi, I777 

7545 Orlandi, I'Abcedario Pittorico, 4to. bound, 4s. 6d. 

Bologna, 1719 

7546 Orsato, Marmi Eruditi owero Lettere, sopra alcune Antiche In- 

scrizioni, 4to. plates, calf, IQs ...•uPadova, 1719 

7547 Ortega Corso di Botanica, 8vo. larob pafbr, boards, 4s. 

Parma [Bodoni] 1788 

7548 Ortis, Ultime Lettere, 8vo. boards, 2s. 6(2 1814 

7549 Osservazioni sopra un Libro intitolato dell' Origine e del Com- 

mercio della Moneta e dell' Instituzione delle Zeccbe d'ltalia, 
4to. half-bound, uncut, 5s Roma, 1752 

7550 Palmieri, Libro della Vita Civile, 12mo. vellum, scarce, 6s. 

Firenze, Giunta, 1562 
54, Paternostbb Row.] 

Digitized by 


968 Libri Italiani. 

7551 Paolo (Padre) Historia deirinquisitione, 4to.yelium, 2^... 1638 

7552 Opere diyersi, thick vol. 12mo. yellum, 2s, 

Venet. 168? 

7553 Memorie Ancdote del buo Vita ct Studi, 8vo. 2*. U. 


7554 Parnaso Italiano oytbro Raccolta db Pobti Classici Ita- 

liiANi, in 49 vols. 12mo. wanting vols, ii and xiv, plates, neat in 
calf, bU 10s Veneua, 1784 

An exquisitely beautiful edition of the Italian Poets, embellisbed 
with Vig^nettes of a very superior description. The present copy 
is excellently well bound, but unluckily two of the volumes are 

7555 Pascoli, Pazzesca Pazzia degrHuominii e Donne di Corte innamo* 

rati, 12mo. vellum, 25, %d. Venet. 1^92 

7556 Pasquligo Lettere Amorose, 12mo. thick vol. neat, scarce, As, 6d, 

ib, 1584 

7557 Patritii (Francesco) Discorsi, sopraalle cose appartenenti ad una 

citta, Libera, e Famiglia Nobile, 12mo. vellum, 5^. 

VinegiOf in Casa de* Figliuoli di Aldo M.D.XXXXV. 

7558 Petrarcha,coq Fespositione di Vellotello, 4to. fine copy, veilnm, 

neat, scarce, 10« 1528 

7559 4to. neat,9«.„ 1579 

7660 12mo. half-calf, 5s. 

Venet, 1550 

7561 ; I Triomphi, Vine^^ 1533. — Dante, wood-cuts, 

imperfect, VinegiUj 1536, 4to. in one vol. calf, 98. 

7562 Petrizzopulo, Saggio Storico suite prime etd dell'Isola di Leucadia 

nell'Ionio, 8vo. 2* Firenze, 1814 

7563 Pietro, Trionfo della Castita e Virginita, 12mo. thick vol. vellum, 

2«.6d ! Bologna, 1615 

7564 Pindemonte, Componimenti Teatrali, 4 vols. 8vo. sewed, 9#. 

Milan, 1804 

7565 : — Volgarizzamenti dal Latino e dal Greco, 8vo. finb 

PAPER, vellum, neat, 5«. • Verona, 1781 

7566 Pino Elementi di Storia Naturale degli Animali, 8vo. sewed, 3s. 

Milan, 1808 

7567 Pochini (Antonio) 1 Monumenti delle Belle Art! nella Citta di 

Parigi, in versi, 8vo. plate, beautifully printed, 2s. Parigi, 1809 
766S Posse vini Dialogo dell' Honore, 4to. scarce, 5^. 

VinegiOy Gabriel Giolito, 1553 

75^9 Apparato all' Historia di tutte le Nation!, 12mo. vellum, 

2* Venet. 1598 

7570 Porri (Alessio) ^Vaso di Verita nel quale si contengono dodeci 
Resolutioni vere, a dodeci important! Dubbi, fatti intorno all^ 
Origine, Nascita, Vita, Opere, e Morte dell' Antichristo, 4to. 
plates, beautiful copy, in fine old russia, gilt leaves, ISs, 

Venetia, M.D.XCVIl. 
This is a most beautiful copy of a singular and scarce volume. 

[William Batkbs, 

Digitized by 


LitrilialkmL %» 

7571 PMtello (Ottflielaio} LibfD dtf MigfctrttI ^ gKi Athenim^i rdtti, 
1543.^11 FenMtdtU, dl 9a««rdotii, 6 di Magisimii RomML 
r^tei. 1544<— Palvio Pellefrino Morato del Sijifiiificato de Co- 
leri 6 d6 MBtMlWy Vineg. IM5.-^^mtti«iterio de le |^ ttoU*> 
MH et mostraose cose d'ltalia, et altri luogbi, di lingua Aramea 
in ItalUma tradc»tfeo, vi «l 6 pol aggionto im brere Catologo de gR 
inyentori de le cose che si mangiano, et si beueno, novamente 
ritrovnto, el da MeMer Anonfttio dt Ct^pia Gettipotto^ ru^edd^ 
1550, in one 701. ISme* sewed i»yelliuDf «iar#^ 9i^ 

7S7i Prineipi dl ArcAdttetttfa Chiles 9 ¥oh. 9ro. calf, nciat, ti. 

Bassano, 1785 

7573 PuDti Ecclesiasvid cottpilad e trasttiessi da f ta AlCMta Reale a 

tntii glf Arciresediri e Vescovi della Toscana e loro respettive 
Riftpoete, 4to. thick fd). balMKmnd, neatt^ 0f Firente, 1787 

7574 Pttfecr, Lfibre de ft mllHari itt tttaterno, l3aio« tellMo^ scarce, fc* 

^/iM^, 1536 
75711 Rabbi (Carlo Code.) Slnontml ed Agfj^iKi ltaliaal^4f0. sewed, fit. 

PtfTiMi, 1778 
757^ HACctfLifA on NdVBi/fifSRi fYAfrijfri|2#?«ls« lSflia« Mwed, 2/. 2s. 

MUono, 1813 
A tery complete and neatf5^ CzeCttted ittiet. 

7577 Rndl (Fhto.) Baeed in Toaeaan cm AnnMAr 12ni9^ 1#. M. 

J%. 1770 
7579 lUniigi^^ Onitioni io UaMrk CSfik dCiiaiiMle^ 4«^« Mat, 6r. 

Finegia, OtOMTO, 1561 
71^79 *>'-- "— OnH^mA Mflitari, 4io« tattml^ nam, e§..4..^..Ab. Id^I 
7500 Rieel, Tre Foodamenti della Ten Sapienza, iSkno. U, 6d. 

Fir. 1781 

7591 Rtma di dWerri antiold Amori TnsoanI in dim librt raccolte, 

fia« Dairtia AInglirori, Cm da Pistoia, Guido Cavalcanti, Dante 

Jn Maiano, Fra Oaittone d^Arezzo, &c. 12aio. old calf, scarce, 

7«r*.<^ r« *0....* *4^* (Phftniia, Oimid) --^^^ 

7599 Rtet 4k dirtftsi ex«aUciiti Aatori, 12m9. tbickr toI. fellam, 
smree, Of..«..^#« .^.^4... .••^.^4*4.^...^ ..FM^giA, Gioi.i«>, 1553 
7M3 ftitfd di diveni EoceUantl Aiflori, Itoo* neat» B-u 

Geima, 1582 
7504 Roeca^ Dlscorsi di Gnnrray4t»^ TeUiMa* dl»...«^,«.«.«reiM^ 1582 
75M «.-••>«*« IttprsMV Stralagemi et Errori MiHlarl, 4l». nent. As. 

Finigiai Q. Giohm, 1568 

7506 RMBa AtttlcA e Iladinni» nuove Deaarizione di tatti gFE^dal, 

tte. etc 3 Yols. 12nio. plates^ vellum, neat»7«« 6il..«12oma, 1765 

7507 Roma descritta ed illiistraia daU' Abbate G« A. GaaltaMy 2 VfAs, 

4ter« HAUT PLATBtfy scwed, 8s .^..444 Jb. 1805 

7598 Rossettl svlle Francfcigie delbi Citta di Trieste, Sto. 2*. 

Fenez. 1815 
7590 Ruscallt (Girolntti) Lcttorn sdpra^ «n Senetio, ate con auofa et 

ehiare ragione si pruoVa la «M»ma perlattioM dettt Ddnne, 4to. 

half-calf, 3t ^4 4..44 44^..4.4.^,..rF€Mt. IMS 

M« PATBimoma Row.] 3 B 

Digitized by 


870 LOH lialianu 

7600 RuBcelU (Oirokmi) 11 Rimario, 8to. 9s. 6d. Nqfwii, 1810 

7601 Ruzaote (Famosissimo) Mosehetta Comedia, 12iiio. half-bound, 

neat, 2# ric. 1598 

7602 Sacchetti, No?elle» 8to. 2 toIb. in one^ neat, scarce, 9$. 

Firenze, 1724 

7603 ■ 3 viAs. 8yo. vellam, neat, 16«. 

Milan, 1804 

7604 Salvini, due Gand deiriliade e due dell'Eneide in yersi Italiani, 

8vo. vellum, 2s Verona^ 1749 

7605 Sand (Gior.) Viaggio prima per laToscana, 8?o. sewed, 2s. 6d. 

Pisa, 1795 

7606 Sannazaro, Arcadia, 12mo. vellum, 4«. 6d. 

Fineg. G. Oiolito, 1562 

7607 Sonetti e Canzoni, l2mo. vellum, 4s ib. 1543 

7608 SceltadiNovelie, 3 volf>. 12mo. vellum, 6^ Milan, 1813 

7609 Scotto, Physonoroia, 12mo. scarce, 2« 1533 

7610 Secret! Diversi et Miracolosi : in Tre Libri. Nel Primo de quaU 

si contiene il modo di fare diversi olii, &c. Nel Secondo sln- 
segna a fare diverse sorte di vini, &c. Nel Terzo si contengono 
alcuni importantissimi Secret! d'Alcbimia, et altri Secret! dille- 
tevoli, et curios!. Raccolti dal Fallofia, &c. new russia 
extra, scarce, 12mo. 6f Veneda, 1565 

7611 Serie degl! Antiebi l>ucbie Marcbesi di;Toscana, Pirenze, 1690.— 

Vocabulaire Hagiologique. — Gregorian® Academise Obsequium 
Jacobo II, Magnae BRiTANNiiB Regi,etc. plates, folio, in one vol. 
neat,9« Romie, 1687 

7612 Sforza (Signora Isabella) della vera Tranquillita deli'Animo, 4to. 

scarce, St • Aldus, 1544 

7613 Speroni (M. S.) Dialogi, nuovamente ristampati, et con molta diii- 

genza riveduli, et corretti, 12mo. fine copy, calf, scarce, Ss. 

In Venegia in casa de PigBuoU di Aldo, 

7614 Speroni Dialogi, In Vinegia in easa de Figliuali di Aldo, nelT 

anno M.D.XXXXIIL — Dialogo de la Bella creanza de le 
Donne, de lo Stordito intronato, Siampata in Brouazzo per dis 
petto d*un Jsnazzo, M.D.XXXX. — Franco (Nicolo) Dialogo 
dove si ragiona delle Belleze, Fenetiis apud Antonium Gardane, 
MDXXXXII. 12mo. in one vol. bbautiful copies, all rulbb 


7614*Straparola (Giov. Fran.), le Tredici Piacevolissime Notd, 4to. 
sewed in vellum, 6s renei. 1599 

7615 Tartaglia (Nicolo) Quesiti et Invention! diversi, 4to« wood-cuts, 

neat, 6« • Appresso de rAutore, 1554 

7616 Tasso, Aminta, con le Annotat. d'Egidio Mena^o, 8vo. 2s. M. 

Fen. 1736 

7617 I'Aminta, e I'Amor Fuggitivo, il Pastor Rdo del Cav. B. 

Gaarini, ]2mo. newbalf-calf, 35.6<; ib. 1812 

7618 — — (Bernardo) Lettere, 12mo. vellum, 2s. %d ib. 1578 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


LUri Italiani. 871 

7619 Tavoia delle Abbreviature degli Antori da quaU sono tratd|rH 

Esempi citati nel Vocabolario Dblla Grusca, 4to. new half- 
calf, es. 

The list of the Books and editions of Books approTSd of by the 
Delia Cmsca Academy. 

7620 Teatro Antico Tragieo Comieo Pastorale Drammadcoy 2 vola. 

12mo. vellum, d« ,.«. ib. 1813 

7621 Tenore, Corse delle Botaniche Lezioni, 2 vols. 8?o. sewed, 3f . 6<l. 

NapoU, 1816 

7622 Thesaurus Pauperum, Opera nova intitulata Thesoro di Povero 

Gomposta per ill. Pietro Hispano, 12mo. wood-cut, vellum, 
scarce, 3s , •••••• Finegia^ 1543 

7623 Tiraboschi Storia della Letteratura Italiana, 4to. vols, ii, iv, v ; 

parts i and ii, 6 parts ii and iii, 7 parts ii and iii, 8 parts i and ii, 
and Index, 1 1 vols, boards, IL 5s Modena^ 1787 

7624 Tomitano Quattro Libri della Lingua Tboscana, 12mo. thick vol. 

vellum, 3» Padova^ 1570 

7625 Tondi Element di Orittognosia, 2 vols. 8vo. sewed, As. M. 

Napoli, 1817 

7626 Tramontani I storia Naturale del Casentino, 2 vols. 8vo. sewed, 39. 

Pirenze, 1802 

7627 Varchi (Benedetto) Storia Fiorentina, folio, neat,9«. Colon. 1721 

7628 < ■ Lezzioni, della Natura, della Generaraoni e 
de Mostri, 12mo. neat, 2«. 6d Firm. 1560 

7629 Yasaii (Giorgio) Vite de' piu' eccellenti Pittori Scultori e Archi- 

tetti, iUostrate eon Note, 16 vols. 8vo. portruts, sewed, 31. Ts. 

MUano, 1807 

7630 Verucci (Ver^lio)il divers! Linguaggi Commedia, 12mo. vellum, 

2* Finegia, 1609 

7631 Viaggio da Roma a Hvoli, &c. 12mo. plates, sewed, Is. 

Rom. 1817 

7632 Vicenao, Irene Tragedia nova, 12mo. neat, scarce, 4s. 

Fenet. 1579 

7633 Vico (M. Enea, Parmigiano) Discorsi sopra le Medaglie degli 

Antichi, 4to. neat, bs Finegia, Giolito, 1558 

7634 (Gio Battista) Principi di una Scienza nuova, 8vo. thick 

paper, sewed, 6« Napoli^ 1817 

7635 Vida (Hieron.) II Sileno, Dialogo, I2mo. half-bound, neat, I«. 6iir. 

Ficen. 1589 

7636 Vincenzo, Viaggio all'Inde Orientali, folio, neat« scarce, 12<. 

Roma, 1672 

7637 Vinta (Francesc.) la Regina llidia Tragedia, 4to. vellum, 2#. 6<L 

Fenet. 1606 

7638 Virgilia Georgica in Thoscana favella per Bern. Daniello, 4to. 

vellum, 5s ....Fineg^, 1545 

7639 Zurla, il Mappamundo di Fra Mauro, descritto ed illustrato, folio, 

plates, sewed, 85 Fcnezia^ 1806 

54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

9Tt LibroM E^fmicl$9 y PifrtugueseM. 


7640 Ariiwto Orkndlo FmnmOf tradniddoM Boxanos CAsnt^vAVO por 
Don JeroDjmo de Urrea, 4to. wood-0Ott» new Mf-bound, 
fOftPMyT' *••*• Vateda, 157^ 

9M1 V»nw {Gabriel Peren del) Secretario y Consegero de Senores y 
Ministeof, 4tp. 3i. ,. Madrid^ l«tf 

7648 BefithFoiio (€ardind) Guemt d« Fbodes, trndnxotes de kngiM 
TtMcanaen la Etpanola, plates, yeUun), 9$ Amberet, 1687 

The portraitg and historical epgiuvings that emhellish this edition^ 
fff^ executed by Oas^ak Bodttats. Hiey are about thirty in 

9641 CaUbroDt Antps 9acranieotde9 AU«gori(P9 y Hiatprialee, 6 vols. 
4t«. yellim, U It*,, „ JUmkid, 17» 

7644 CmioeiiSy Obras, 3 vols, small 12mo. plates, neat, 1 65. 

** Tris Jdlie eiffitioi], pea cpmpinne."— BauNsr. 

7645 €aniero, HistoHa de tas Gnema Cmles 4|tte hfk aride en Im Eeta* 

tioa de flandes 4eB 1559 iuMla 1669, Mio, wooden binding, 
«tanifMkl,9« ^ Brtttwief, 1686 

7646 Caevaclio {loan Ffamdoco)^ Honeeto y Afradable BntMtenimento 
.jde Dames, y Galanes, both parts, 12aio. thick voi Tellnm, 

RA«B, 6f. • •...• »•.•..;»...»,... Auap/oiui, I6K 

9647 C«po de Torres (Fraacneo)^ HisUnia de las Ordenes Militares de 
Siaitia9e» Calalravfi, y Alcantapa desde^ su fu&dadow hastad 
. Hey IHm Fllipe Segundo, folio, fronti^ieee, neat, %$• 

^vecffea, l^w9 
7648 eayraseo de Ilgaereni (Don Bartolome) Templo Militante Floe 
Snaetenim, y Tnumphos de ene Yktodes 4mi tbmo), 4 parte, 
.(coniplele ki 8 ipoIs* £olio, neat, rami, 16s. 

lisimi, 1615, JUadnd, 1609 
7648 eiiaptreatt. Arte de liaUar bien Rrsaoes, Ovo. 8t £mi. 1811 

7650 €fii|iiet >la Her del Moral, 4lo. toIs. tt and iii, 8 iwle. ^eUam, ft« 

Madridy 1791 

7651 CoHofdes MaMnonialee del tteoMiade Pedro de Lnrw. 

En los qnales se tracta se ha de barer entre si kns casados, y 
coMservar la paa: eriar ens U}ee y gevemar sn oasa» TViea 
ee muy agradables senteneias, dichos y bechos leyes y costum- 
bres antiqoas, MAdt itttt^i I8kio. fine copy, old calf, raab, 
iki ...^Xlaragocaj M.D.L.V. 

7659 OerBMNi Gramatlea Franeeeca al »so de los Bspanolee, 9«e, 
U.^ I^im, 1810 

7653 Davila Historia de las Guerras civiles de Francia, nueva impres- 

Digitized by 


LSbrtm Btpm^Us y PwtugvMa* 878 

fiion, enrfqueseidt eon lindat Figunu y Retratos, folio, TeUuni, 
n<»t, 9* AnAera, 1686 

The embellishmeiitB are 25 in numbery and are engrayed by GatrAS 


7654 DaTila Histom de la fondacion y discnrso de la ProriBCia de 

Santiago de Mexico, folio, Telhnn, 7#. Bmsstlai, 1625 

7655 Defensa de Don Fernando Perez, 18mo. bound, 1«. 

Mtubrid, 1790 

7656 Dialogo de la dotrlna de las mnferes, ISmo. Tellum, searee, 4«. 

Valiadolid, 1584 
7656*Dlecionario de la lengna Casteliana, compoesto per la Real Aea^ 
demica Eapanola, 6 toIb. folio, fine copy in calf, neat, rare, 6^. 

Madrid, 1726-39 
« Get ouvrage est devenu tr^s-rare, xn^me en Espagne, ou il se vend 
actuellement fort cber." — Santandbr. 

7657 Diccionario PortatU Portuguez e Frances, 12mo. 1«. 6d, 

Sord. 1812 

7658 Don Quixote de la Mancha, 6 toIs. 12mo. beautiful plates, half- 

calf, scarce, II. 8*. • Madrid, 1787 

7659 "" ■ 4 Tols. 12nio. half-bound, neat, 12jr. 

Burdeot, 1804 

7660 Du Mitand's Spanish and Portuguese Tables, in a portfolio (pub* 

lished at \L 14f.)» 5«. 

7661 Feyjoo, Theatro critico unlyersal, 9 vola. — Cartas emditas y ca« 

riosai, 4 vols.— Illustracion apologetica del Theatro Critico.— 
Demonstracion critico-apologetica de el Theatro Critico uniyer- 
sa], 2 vols. — ^Justa Repulsa de Jnlquas Acusaolones. — 17 fob* 
4to. sewed in yellum, 3/ , Madrid, 1753, &c. 

7662 Garay (R. P. Francisco) el Sabio instruido de la natundeza, en 

<quarenta maximas politicas y morales, 4to.> sewed in yellnm, 
scarce, 4s «^ •..••• ...Barcei<mUy 1702 

7663 Gon9alez (Doctor Miguel) la Muger fuerte, por otro titulo la 

Vida de D. Maria Vda Monja de San* Bernardo en el Ccmyento 
4e Santa Anna de Ayila, 4to. sewed in yelhiin, 4s. 

Madrid, 1618 

7664 Gracian (Lorenzo) Arte de ingenio tratado de la Agudeza, 12mo. 

<oi4i» REP MOROCCO, gilt leayes, 3«... ii. 1642 

7665 Bammen y Leon (Lorenzo yan der) Don Pilipe el Pradente se- 

guudo desta nombre Rey de las Espanas y Nueyo Mundo, 4to. 
4«. 6(l„,. ^ ib. 1682 

7666 Bamowere Noya Gula de Conyersagao em Portuguez e Francez, 

12uio. sewed, 2« Paris, 1817 

7667 Jayzio de Paris, en Frances y Espanol, 12nio. yellun, Is. 6d. 

ib. 1612 

7668 Lobo (Francisco Rodrigues) Obras politicas, moreas, et metricas, 

folio, nwt, 14* ...Idsboa, 1723 

Lobo is one of the most fieimous of Portuguese Poets. He was a 
natiyeof Leiria, and flourisbed at the beginning of the XVlIth 
54, Patbrnostrr Row.] 

Digitized by 


374 LibroM EipmoleM y PartugueMeM. 

7669 Mappa de Portugal Antigo e Moderno pelo Padre Joao Bautista 
de Castro, 3 vols. 8vo. neat, 10«. 6d Usboa^ 1762 

7680 Mares (Dr. Francesch) Historia y Miracles de la Sagrada 

Imatge de nostra Senyora de Noria, 4to. yeUum, Ss. Vich^ 1756 

7681 Martinez (Fra. Juan) Historia de la Virgen de Magallon, bm 

TBRSO Gastbllano, 12nio. yellum, scarce, 5s,,.Caragoca9 1610 

7682 Mausinho de Quebado (Vasco) A£fonso Africano, Poema heroica, 

12ino. neat, 3s Usboa^ 1786 

7683 Memoria de los 613 Preceptos de la S. Ley, Hbbratco y Espa- 

nol, 8?o. 2« .Jmst. 5487 

7684 Memorias Economicas da Academia Real des Sciencias de Lisboa, 

3 vols, small 4to. plates, sewed, 7' Lishoa^ 1789-91 

7685 Meneses Vida de Jorge Castriato llamado Scanderberg, 4to. 

calf, neat, 65 t^. 1688 

7686 Mexia (Pedro) Sil?a de Varia Leccion, 4to. neat, 2$, 6d, 

Madrid, 1673 

7687 Monarchia Hebrea, escrita por Don Vicente Bacallar y Sanna, 

Marques de San Phelippe, 4 Tols. 12aio. half-bound, uncut, 6<. 

Haya, 1745 

7688 Montemayor (George de) Diana, Spanish and French, 12ino. 

vellum, 4^ Paris, 1611 

7689 Montoya (P. F. Lucas de) Goronica general de la Orden de los 

Minimos de S. Francisco de Paula su Fundador, donde se trata 
de su vida y milagros, origen de la Religion, ereccion de Pro- 
yincias y varones insignes della, folio, old binding, stamped, 125. 

Madrid, 1619 

7690 Niremberg (Padre Juan Eusebio) de la diferencia entre lo tempo- 

ral y etemo-^Gorona Virtuosa y Virtud coronada — Guriosa y 
Oculto fllosofia, 4to. old binding, 4s ib. 1643 

7691 Pacheco de Narvaez (Don Louis) Historia Exemplar de las dos 

constantes mugeres Espanolas, 4to. scarce, 5^ Ab, 1635 

7692 Ponce (F. Bartholome) Puerta real de la inescusable Muerte, 

12mo. 1#. 6d Callar, 1584 

7693 Quevedo (Don Francesco de), las tres Musas ultimas Gastellanas 

segunda cumbre del Parnaso Espanol, 4to. vellum, 4s. 6d* 

Madrid, 1716 

7694 ■ Suenos y Discursos de Verdades, 

Descubridoras de abnsos, vicios etc. 12mo. vellum, 2s. 6d. 

Caragoca, 1627 

7695 Regta y Stablescimientos de la Gavalleria de Sanctiago del £s- 

pada, con la Hystoria del Origen y principio della, folio, half- 
bound^ scarce, 9^ • Madrid, 1577 

7696 Roman (F. Hieronymi) Republicas del Mundo, 2 vols, folio, 

vellum, scarce, 18s Medina, 1575 

7696^ Romances de Germaniacon el Vocabulario por Juan Hidalgo, 8vo. 
2* Madrid, 1779 

7697 Sandoval Ghronica del Emperador de Espana Don Alonso VII, 

folio, vellum, 9« ib. 1600 

7698 Santos (Fr. Francisco de los) Descripcion del Real Monasterio 

de S. Lorenzo del Escorialy folio, vdlum, 89 ib. 1681 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Deutsche Bucher. 875 

7^99 Slemi (Bernardo de) Ramillete de dirinas FloreSy ISino. original 
richly gilt binding, U. 6<2 ib. I7O6 

7700 Sota, Chronica de los Prindpes de Astarias 7 Gantabria, folio, 

vellum, Js t*. 1681 

7701 Suarez de Figaerora (Christoval), la Gonstante Amarilis, Espa- 

fiol J Frances, 12mo. neat, scarce, 5s... ^on^ 1614 

7702 Sveyro (Emanuel) Anales de Flandres, folio, 2 vols, in one« 

Tellum, lOf. 6d Anvers^ 1624 

Sold at the Santander Sale, Paris, for 48 francs. 

7703 Tesoro de Pobres, por el Maestro Julian, 12mo. vellum, 25. 

• Bared, 

77M Varios Prodigies de Amor, en onze Novelas Exemplares com- 
puestas por diferentes Autores, los mejores Ingenios de Espana, 
recogidas por Isidro de Robles, natural de esta Goronada Villa 
de Madrid, 4to. sewed in vellum, rare, 12# Madrid, ' 

7705 Vega (Garcilaso de la) Obras, con notas, 12mo. neat, 1«. %d, 

ib. 1788 

7706 Vida e Imperio de Leopoldo Primero invictissimo Emperador 

de Romanes, 3 vols, folio, plates, neat, 11. 4s MUan, 1696 

77O6* vols, i and ii, bound in one, 

folio, plates, neat, 8« ib. 1696 

7707 Vieira (P. Antonio) Sermoens, 15 vols. 4to. neat, 1/. 10». 

Lisboa^ 1679 

7708 Yriarte (D. Tomas de) Donde las dan las Toman, Dialogo Joco- 

serio, 12mo. vellum, 4< Madrid, 1778 

7709 Zambelli (Fra. Leo.) Globo Geleste e Politico della Vita del 

Prendpe, 4to. vellum, 3« Vmet. 1642 


7710 Abel, Historisches Gemalde des Weiblichen Geschlechts, 12mo. 

boards, 2* Leipz. 1803 

7711 Arndts, funff Bucher vom wahren Gbristenthum, 8vo. bound, 3$. 

ib. 1740 
771^ Bachmair Englische Grammatike^ 8vo. neat, \s. 6d. 

Land. 1753 

7713 Bericht von der Reformation za Emden, 12mo. vellum, 3j. 

Bremen, 1594 

7714 Das Turnier zu Prag, Geschicfate, 2 vols. 12mo. sewed, 2s. 

Frankf. 1792 

7713 Der entdeckte wahre Ursprung der alten Bibel Uebersetzungen, 

12mo. boards, 2^. M Minden, 1775 

7716 Dlez (H. F. von) Die Heutige Welt, 2 vols. 12mo. sewed. 2s. 

Frankf. 1793 

7717 Denkwurdigketten von Asien, zweyter theil, 8vo. thick vol. 

sewed, 3s. 6d , Berlin, 1815 

54, Patbrnoitbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


97Br D^misdie Bueher. 

771B DofVMtiBche Bswttistelkn dei aHen uod neueii Teats in den Urs« 
prachen und den lateineschen Uebersetziuigen yon Dathe und 
Reichard, 8fo« sewedy 2^. 6<2 •«.•••.•.••«...£.£/»« 1S0& 

77^9 Deatsche Acta^ruditorum oder Geschichte der Geichrten, 17 
Tol»« 12ma« velluaif neat, 1/. 4§, .^ ib, I7129 &e. 

These volumes are embeUkhed with porltaite oi iht inOBfi eminent 
Gexinan Literatt 

7720 Eiehorn Repertorium fur Biblische und Morgcidandiscbe Litte- 

ratur, 18 vols* in 9, 8vo. sewed, 2/. 7« ib. 1777-85 

7721 Geschichte des ostendischen Handels vor Mohammed, 

12ftM>. 3j... - Goika, 177a 

7722 Gerhard, Versuch einez Geschichte des Mineralreichs, 2 yols. 

8vd. i^atee, Iwatds, 5i ^........^^^...BcHsii, 1781 

7723 OeMhklM Gar) Fcrdiners, d Tolt. 12mo. Bew«d, 7<« 

C(ifiiroA«, 1779 

7724 Graf Wiprei^t ycm GroiAsdiy 2 vols* 12mo. aev^ad^ 2f. 

2;ttri64» 1791 
77^ Hamburgiscbes Munz und Medaillen Vergnagen, 4to. plates, 

hatf-bonitd, neat, 5». ,«*..... .^.,«. Ham^. IJSS 

772S*Heeffbrt und IQarelieiiy 2 vols. 12ino» sowed^ 2f. 

FroBi^. 1787 
77M Heinskis (Wilbelm) Allgemeines Bodier^Lesdeoiry 5 vols. 4to. 

half-bound, neat, 16« ...r*.*.... Lap^, I7IKI 

77^ Index Mussel Linckiani oder Verzeichnisz der Linckischen 

Natomiiensamiiilang zn Leipaigy 8vo.. 3 vola. in one, Mff- 

bound, neat, 4s. 6d,.. rr... ......»#».. .r«..^.....«.^ Leipz, 1783 

7728 lBterira.---I^r Romisehen KaAserRehen Maiostat Brklanmg, wfe 

es der Religion balben, inim Neglidieo Reieh, biiw %m Anstrag 
dess gemeinen Concilii gehalten werden sol, aus dem Reichstadt 
zu AuGSPURG, den XV Mai, in M.D.XLVIII, folio, neat. 

Si Meyniz, durch J, Sthoffer, 1548 

** Scriptum rarlssimum."— Sinceri Notit. 

7729 Kaiser Heinrich dcf ^erte, eine dialogisirte Geschichte, 6 vols. 

12mo. sewed, 7« Fran^f. 1790 

7730 Labntune (Augosf.) Geaiahldesaimttliing ziur Veredhing des 

nim$lien*]ebens, 2 vols. 12mo. sewed^ 2s .^...Berlin, 1808 

7731 Lasco (Hem Jobaaai vOn) KirebeordBiMgy ift dec Niderlendischeik 

Gemeine Christi, in der Statt, London, 1565. — Confession des 
Glaubens der Reformierteii Kircfaen in Fraaekreich, HG&.-^htr* 
cBai (Martini) Bekantnusz vom heiligen Nachtmal, and other 
tracts, kp one vol. 12flMi. old stamped Hidio^, rarb, 6s« 

7732 Makmctbon's (Phiiipp.) Leben, 12mo. sewed, Is, 6d. 

Leip$. 1795 

773s FosaeH, Geschichte der Teutschen fur alle stande, 2 vols. 8vo. 

koard«,45.M. -^ ib. 1789 

7734 Reformations Almanach fur Luthers Verekrer,, 12flBO. portraits and 

fae^iimUe plates, boards^ 2s. 6d.^ 1^17 

7735 Robert, oder der Mann, wie er seyn solite, 3 vols. 12mo. sewed, 

is. M..,....^ ^..- ....Ab. 1802 

7790 Roosy Fusztapfen des Glaubens Abrahams io den Leb ca ■ Besch« 

[WllrMAM BiTNia, 

Digitized by 


Bo&ks of t^Msi and Wbi^H of Ari. STT 

renraiig^ti d«r rsltkrclieti ulid Frbph^ten, 8¥o. iM^^^outid, 

ntoii, 8*.... nhing. 1770 

77^7 Salzraann (Christian Gotthilf) Carl ven Carlsburg* odfer ttber das 

MeB8ijhli«$be Elfeiid, % vols. 12mo. sew^d, 6s CarU. 1789 

77S8 Sobienkert, Rudolf tOD Habsborp, ein historiscb-roniatitiscbes 

Oeniahlde, 4 toIs. 12ino. sdwed, is, 6d..i i, Ltipz, 1799 

7739 Schroeekh (Jo^iann. Mattfalas) CbtisiHehe Kircfaengescbidhte, 

14 vols. 8to. boards, 12# ..,..i..ih. 1772 

7740 Selrlsen, Verzeichniss der fur die Orientalische SaminluDg^ in 

Gothi, folio, falf, nfeiat. Ids .\,.it. 1810 

7741 Veeabtilary English-German and G^rtoan-Bn^lldb, 9te. half- 

bound, neat, 3». W. 1796 

7741^Wahi, AUgenielne Gesebiehte der Mol^Mlftiidisellen Sprachen 

und Litteratur, ^vo. boards^ dv 4. 1784 

77^^ Wdl (Anton.) Ersablun^n, 12iAo. M#ed, It. dd. ...Cerfi. 1788 

7743 Wilhelm Bdelwald, die Geschieht^ eines verlobrnen Bohnes, 

Jitols< 12mo. sewed, 2^ Frank/. 178I 

7744 Woldemar, 2 vols. l2mo. sewed, %s Kohihgs. 1796 

774d ZidiBiermanB, Taschenbuch der Rel^en^ 9 V6ls. 12ibo. plates, 

half-bound, neat, Js Leipz. ISOA 

7746 Zweeo litterarisehe Maityrer und dteren Praaeii, 9 vols. 12mo. 
sewed, 2s. 6d Curia. 1791 


.■^. AND 


7747 Abrfge delaYie des plu9 f^ime^? Pehitr^t 8va, ?qI. \u 

portridts of Painters, ^9^$ ^ ...;.... ('arw, 17« 

7748 Acta S. Rosaliae Virginis Solitariee, comment. ^ n^^tat. i Stil- 

tingo, 4tQ. inany. fine Ifu-ge folding plates, neat, 5s* Antv. 1748 

7749 Admiral (Jacob L') Insekten, folio, 33 coiiQUftK0 plftteci, boards, 

canvass hack, 9»... m. Amst. 1774 

7789 AlbbrtI DuRBRi ln«tif«1«on^8 Geoipedricse, folio, woop-cuts, 
half-bound, nea*, 12^1, Amhem^ 1^ 

77M*^-T — : '- quatres livres de la proportjpn des parties et 

ponrtmicts d«s eqrps h|iin$lDs, folio, wood*cuts» lOs. 

Paris, 1557 

7751 Alc»r«i| deB Cordeliers, ti^pt en Latin qu'en Francois, c'estadirCf 
Recueil des plu$ not^ibles bourdea & bUsphemes de. oeui: qui ont 
08^ compurer Sitipct Fr«i|CQ}s i Jesus Christ. Orn^ de Figftreir 
deasin^ par B. PiciRT> 2 y«1s. l^mq. ^, nei^t, 12^, 

Amst. 1734 

54i PATtuKQSTRa Bow.] 3 C 

Digitized by 


VB^ Books of Prints and Worts of Art. 

77^2 Amstelredmn'a Eer, bmbbliiIshbp with finb vjjATBS of Rohan- 
Catholic Subjects bnoraybd bt Bobtius a Bolswbrt, 
12mo. neat, a« Aniwerp. 1039 

77^ ANATOMY.— Bakker leoD Pelvis Femineae, nee non Schemata 

Capitis et Trunci infantilis charta mobili expressa, cum Des- 

' criptione, folio, boards, 48, 6d ^...^Groning, 1816 

7764 Cortoneusi f Petri Berretini) Tabulae Anatomicse 

delineatse, & egregi^ seri incisse, folio, boards, 18«. 

Ronue, 1741 

7755 --— — — Doeveren (Anl^n. Van) Observationes Patholo- 
gico- Anatomies, 4to. plates, sewed, 24r. 6d Lugd, Bat. 1789 

775^ ' Fischeri (J. L.) Nevrologise Generalis Tractatus 
Nervorum Lumbalium, Sacralium, et Extremitatum inferiorum, 
fine plates, large folio, sewed, 15« Ldps. \^9l 

7757 Antiquitates Middletonianse, monumenta quibus Romanorum re- 

terum Ritus varii turn Grcecorum atque ^gyptiorum nonnuUi 
illustrantur, 4to plates, neat, Ts Land, 1745 

7758 ARCHITECTURE.— Architecture Egyptienne, par J. G. Gro- 

hinann, 10 plates, 4to. boards, canvass back, 6« Leips. 

7759 ■ Chambers's designs of Chinese Buildings, 

Furniture, Dresses, Machines, and Utensils, vellum, folio, 14«. 


7760 Cottingham's Plans, Elevations, Sec- 
tions, and Details of King Henry the Seventh's Chapel at 
Westminster, imperial folio, lOs Lond, 

7762 ————— Ideas for Rustic furniture, proper for 
Garden Seats, Summer Houses, &c. on 25 plates, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

7763 Lewis's Original Designs in Architecture, 

2 books in one vol. folio, fine plates, boards, \Ss 1797 

7764 Pocock's Modern Finishings for Rooms, 

engraved on eighty-six plates, 4to. neat, Ss 1811 

7765 Sambin (Huges), (Euvre de la diversite 

des Termes dont on use en Architecture, reduict en ordre, small 
folio, wood-cuts, stained, 4$ I^on^ 1572 

7766 Art of Painting in Miniature, 12mo. bound, 2s 1750" 

7767 ATLASES AND MAPS.— Anacbarsis's Travels, Maps to, 4to. 

boards, 4f . 

7768 Boweri's Geography, maps to, 

folio, half-bound, 7^* 

7769 British Atlas, a complete set of 

County Maps, coloured, 4to. half-bound, neat, 18^ 1810. 

7770 = Cellarius's Maps of Antient Geo- 
graphy, 4to. 3s. 6d ,.,.. 1806 

7771 ' ' Carte des Postes de France, Is. 


7772 Danville's Twelve Maps of Antient 

Geography, folio, boards> canvass back, 4s 1750 

7773 ■■■ ■ Durand, Atlas pour servir an 

Voyage du S^n^gal, 4to. maps and plates, boards, 5s, 

Paris, 1807 


Digitized by 


Books of Prints and Woris of Art. fl79 

7774 ATLASES AND MAPS,— Gcographik Classicft, the Geogra- 
phy of the Ancients, small 4to. 2^.... I717 

7775 Germany, a Map by Faden, in ease, 

4to. Is. 6d. 

7776 Italian States, &c. 27 large folio 

maps coloured, in French, 6$ Venisc^ 1778 

7777 Mitchell's Map of the British and 

French Dominions in North America, with the Roads, Dis- 
tances, Limits, and extent of the Settlement, two yards and a 
quarter by a yard and a half, coloured, on a roller, 12«. 

7778 — — Montani (Petri) Descriptio Gallia 

Belgicee, maps, with the costume, &c. (no title) loose, in vel* 
lum, As Lugd. Bat. 1616 

7779 — Nouvel Atlas d'Angleterre, divided 

into fifty 'two Counties with the Roads^ &c. 4to. half-bound, 4f. 

Paris, 1767 

7780 Old Maps of Counties of England, 

coloured, from ** Geographia OrttUii^^ folio, 45. 

7781 ■ Plan of Rome, by Rocque, 1*. 


7782 • Plan of Naples, by Gravier, 1#. 

7783 ' Plan of the Road from Lincoln to 

Peterborough, by S. Bee, \s. 6<2. 

7784 Ptolomaei Orbis Aotiqui Tabula 

Geographicffi, folio, boards, 8«.... Amst. 1730 

7785 ' Rapin's History of England, the 

Maps and Plans, folio, half-bound, 9«. 

7786 — — RenneU's (Major) Bengal Atlae, 

folio, neat, scarce, 1/ • I78O 

7787 Bartsch (Adam) Le Peintre Graveur, in 21 toIs. (wanting 

vols< xvii, zviii, and xix), 18 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, bxcbssiyblt 
SCARCE, ^l. 7« *.• Vienne^ 1803-21 

7788 Bastide Temple des Arts, ou Cabinet de M. Braamcamp, 4to. 

portrait, 39 ••• ...Amst. I766 

7789 Beaumont's Travels from France to Italy through the Lepondne 

Alps, folio, plates, boards, 9« 1806 

7790 Bell's Essays on the Anatomy of Expression in Painting, 4to. 

neat, 18« • 1806 

7791 Belon^ Pierre du Mans, Observations de plusieurs singularitez & 

choses memorables, trouvees en Grece, Asie, Jud^e, Egypte, 
Arabic, & autres Pays estranges, 4to. wood-cuts, neat, old 
binding, scarce, 9« Paris^ Gilles Corrotet, 1555 

" Edition fort-rare."— Clement. 

7792 Bernardi (S.) Vitse Medulla, Quiuquaginta tribus Icouibus illus- 

trata, 4to. Tcllum, 65 Antv. 1653 

The fifty-three plates in this volume are admirably executed, the 

work of Jac.Neefs. 


7793 Besdiryving der Stad Gottda, a TopographictU accawU qfthe Cfiiy 
54, Patbrkostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


^ Goudq, vfiih pUuu of U* Churchu and pnncq>al Buildinm* 

4to. Tellain, 4s. M • Gauda^ 1713 

7704 BIBI^E ILJ4USTRATI0NS.<— De Bie (Corn.) Treur-Spel vu 
bet bitter Leyden Cbristl, 4to. plates, bound, 84 1687 

fhe pittlet embeUlthing ^1 Tolnne we iqpwardt of twenty, deecr^ 
iive of the FMsUm <? Christ, engraved by Wierix, CoUaert, &c 

7765 Decker's Dutch Poems, adorned 

' * with plates^ illustratitb of tbb Lifb op Christ, bt 

Db Ghbtn, 4to. yellum, 4s,Bd Amst. 1656 

7796 '• — History of tbe Life 6f Christ, 


4to. original wooden binding, brass clasps, neat, 12s. 


CART^s SuFBRB Prints TO THB BiBLE, With inscriptions in six 
languages^ 3 yoIs. folio, boards, 3/. XOs Gravenhage^ 1728 

779g 1! Illustrations to Doddridge's Fa- 
mily Expositor, twenty copper plates, royal 8vo. sewed (pub- 
lished at4s.),Ss... : 1826 

779d ■ Instructions and Rules for Chris- 
tians (in Dutch) Illustrated with four hundred and thirty-seven 
sinalt wood-<iuts, 9 vols, dmall 12'mo. bound, 8s Antxv. 1703 

The wood-cuts principaUy if not fsntirely describe Sciiptare sub- 

7800 .iLu L-..' MORTIBR'SS Pl44LTfiS TO 

TUB BIBLB, With Dutc6 Text, 2 vols, folio, bound, 3/. 

Amst. 1700 

7801 tJ i' gr ' s-. * . . : \ ! ' . i. ■ ■■ Nouveau Testament de nottre 

.Steigneur Jesus. Christ, sioal) ISmq. iXfLivsTRAfso with a pro- 
tusilnf olf woOD-oiiss, old ttatopt binding, scarce, 6s« 

AnpcrSf 1573 

7802 ^ 1 ,v"M '> — r-r — Ott^m. (M, Jf^sob) Betbuchlin, 

•nbriUitbed «ritli «roo4-tiutf of Ni^w Testament Sul])}eots, vel- 
Umi, 4s- — ,,. ,....,.^,.,.,,^^,,.,,.,..,,..^.,*Franckf. 1548 

7803 T— — "■ ■ 1. ! !■■ ■ ■ . ■ — r P^KiiArimD J4y»ticii|ii turn novo- 

. rum turn vetenim fruGtuHin» Svft* barb, 12s ..•• 1535 

Every leaf of this singular and rsM vcflimie, ezclttsive of the pidlogos 
jukl ^istola ad iectonun, i& occimiad .with a spirits wood-cut en- 
closed iU a faody border* On# of th^ outs bears the monagimm ef 
H4NS Spimnginiclbb, but the volume is iipnotlced by Barts<£ in his 
account of this Artistes productions. 

7804 ' ^ 9m nm^ > Hun . ^ . .> » mm t ...,. Rossrittli^ MjMiticttni •nimie fide- 

lis, quinquaginta articulis totius vitse passlonisque Jesu Christ!, 
etc. 12nio. wood-cut prints 6t the Life of Christ, new calf, 8t. 

An^pfrpi^, 1538 

7806 ■■ ■ ' r-i Royaumont's History of the 

Bible, illustrated with about two hundred and sixty Historical 
Sculptures, folio, old morocco binding, gilt leaves, 1/. 16s. 

7806 ■■ ' '?■■? ■ Siohbh's (CpRiBTOPiiM Vak) 


Digitized by 


Books ^ Prints an4 Works of Art. 881 

Life of Ghristi ^ immense number of spirited wood-cut illus- 
rations to the New Testament, 8yo. half-bound, neat, 9«. 

Amsu 1648 

7807 ^ty^ix small Scripture Sub^ects^ 

several qf which are duplicate prints by Hans Sebald Beham^ 
Gregory Ptns^ &r some other of the Oerffutn LUtie School^ uarb, 

7809 ■ ' ■ Sponsus, Saog^inum ofte den bio 

edighen Bruydegom onser Zielen. — ^Thalamus Sponsi oft f Bruy- 
degoms Beddeken, plates illustrative of the life of Christ, *' Car. 
Coliaert escu." i2inp. vellum, staipped, 5s .Antw. 1623 

7810 I H Visscher's (Nicolas) Collection 

of plates to the Old and New Testaments, by various Masters, 
folio, oblong, half-bound, \U 8^.., 1674 

7811 Bickham's Delicise Britannicce, the Curiosities of Kensington, 

Hampton Court, and Windsor Castle, plates, Lond, — Maiden's 
account of King's College Chapel, Cambridge, 1769, 8vo. half- 
bound, 3«. 

7812 Bidloo (6.)Brieven der gemartelde Apostelen, plates of the Mar- 

tyrdom of the Apostles, engraved by Romain de Hooghe, vellum, 
4to. 5»... Amst. 1698 

7813 Boccace, le Decameron, 5 vols, 8vo. large papbr, fine plates, 

executed by Artists of acknowledged talent, ealf, gilt, 2/. 12«. 6d. 

Londres {Paris), 1757 

7814 Contes et NouTelles, traduction libre, accoromod^e ao 

goiit de ce temps, dont les Figures sont nouvellemeni gravies 
par les meilleurs Maitres, sur les desseins de M. Romain de 
Hooge, 2 vols. 12mo. calf extra, gilt leaves, 12^. Cologne, 1702 

,7815 Bosse (Abraham) Maniere de graver It I'eau forte et au burin, et 
de la gravure en maniere noire, 8vo. plates, neat^ 4«* 6d. 

Paris, 1745 

7816 BOTANY.— Barrelieri Plants perGalliam, Hispaniam et Italiam 

observatffi iconibus »niis exhibits, folio, neat^ I89. 

Paris, 1714 


781 7 ■■ ■ Burmanm Thesaurus Zeylanicus exhibens plantas 

in insula Zeylana nascentes, 4to. numerous plates and fine por- 
trait, engraved by Houbraken, neat, 12^ Amst, 1737 

^818 : Burmauni Rariorum Africanarum Plantar urn De- 
cades X, 4to. fine plates^ n^dt^ 13«.. ,«•.«••....,.. ib. 1738 

73X9 — ' ■ Burmanni Flora Indica cui acced. Series Zoophyto- 
rum Indicorutli fiecndri Prodromus Florte Capensis, 4to. fine 
plates, neat, 12^.... Lugd. B. I768 

JS20 '— Commelin Prseludia Botanica ad Publicas Plantarum 

Exoticarum Demonstrationes, 4to. plates, sewed, 4s.... ib. 1715 

7321 Des Jacintes de leur Anatomie, Reproduction et 

Culture, 4to. plates, sewed, 5«... • Amst. 1768 

7322 ' Desfontaines (Renati) Flora Atlantica, sive Historia 

54| Patbrnostbr Row.] 

Digitized by 


882 Book9 of Prinis and Works of Art. 

Plantarum qus in Atlanta, Agro Tonetano et Algeriensi crescont, 
4 vols. 4to. fine plates, boards, 21. lOs ParisizSj 1798 

** Ouvragc orn6 de 263 pi. grav. d'apr^s lea dess. de Redout^ et autres 
artistes. II a 6t^ tir^ k 500 exeoipl." — Brunet. 

7823 BOTANY. — Flora Danica, Icones Plantarum sponte nascentium 
in Regnis Danise et Norvegise, in Ducatibus Uesyici et Holsatiae, 
et in comitatibus Oldenbargi et Delmenhorstise, editse ab Greor- 
gio Christiano Oeder, 5 vols, folio, calf, neat, rare, 5/. 5s, 

Hafaiay 1766 

These volumes contain nine hundred engravings of plants, executed 
with taste and effect, constituting one of the most splendid of the 
foreign Floras. 

yg24 — Flora Danica, folio, the 4 first parts in 2 vols, con- 
taining 240 plates, sewed, 18* I76I 

7825 Gesneri Historise Plantarum Fasciculus, edidit et 

illustravit D. C. C. Schmidel, coloured plates, folio, calf, 
neat, 18« Norimh, 1759 

yg25 Herbarius. Den hof der Cruyden, folio, wood-cuts, 

rare, 12s. 

Gheprint t'AntwerpeUy op die Lombaerde veste teghen 
dye Gulden handi aver^ by my Symon Cock, 

yg27 HoRTus Indicus Malabaricus, continens Regni 

Malabarici apud Indos celeberrirai omnis generis Plantas rariores, 
Latinis, Malabaricis, Arabicis, et Bramanum characteribus 
nominibusque expressas, una cum Floribus, Fructibus, et Semi- 
nibus, naturali magnitudine a peritissimis pictoribus, delineatas, 
et ad vivum exhibitas. Addita insuper accurate earundem de- 
scriptione, qu& colores, odores, sapores, facultates, et prsecipus 
in Medecin& vires exactissim^ demonstrantur. Adomatus per 
Henricum Van Rhecde, Van Draakenstein, Nuperrim^ Mala- 
barici Regni Gubernatorem nunc supremi Concessus apud Indos 
Belgas Senatorem Extraordinarium, et primum successorem loco 
ordinario destinatum, et Johannem Casearium, Ecclesiast. in 
Cochin. Notis, &c. Arnold! Syen, numerous plates, engraved 
by B* Stoopendael, and other artists of allowed merit, 12 vols, 
folio, fine and complete copy, neat, in old binding, very rare, 
26/ Jmst. 1678 

A magnificent set of Books, and to be considered, in the language of 
Dr. Dibdin, among the greatest of the ** great guns " of every 
Public Library. De Bure tells us, that its pecuniary value has 
been daiiy augmenting, and that it is now one of the rarest works 
in the whole compass of foreign printed books. 

7828 [H]ortu8 Sanitatis, de herbis et plantis, de anima- 

libus et reptilibus, de avibus et volatilibus, de piscibus et nata- 
talibus, de lapidibus et in terrevenis nascentibus, de urinis et 
earum speciebus, tabula medicinalis com directorio generali per 
omnes tractatus, folio, IftlACft IttttV^ foil of rude wood-cuts, 

neat, 12 Sinenota onnt, lociy aui iypographi. 

[William Batvbs, 

Digitized by 


Books of Prints and Works of Art. 383 

7829 BOTANY. — Linntti Hortos Cliffortianus, Plantas exhibens quas 
coluit Geo. Clifford, folio, plates, fine copy, calf extra, 1/. ll^. 6d. 

Amst. 1737 

This beautiful volume is priced in a Bookseller's catalogue at 4/. 4^. 

7830 Plumieri Plantarum Americaoarum Fasciculi, de- 

scriptionibus et observationibus ^neis Tabulisque illustravit 
Burmannus, 2 vols, folio, fine copy in vellum, \L 1 1«. ^d. 

Amst. 1755 

7S31 Scopoli(J. A.) Delicise Plorse et Faunae Insubricse sea 

Novae aut minus cognitae species Plantarum et Animalium quas 
in Insubria Austriaca vidit descripsit et aeri incidi curavit Sco- 
poli, folio, 3 parts in one vol. half-bound, uncut, neat, 1/. 10^. 

• Ticini, 1786 

7832 Brant (Sebastiani) Navis Stoltifera, 4to. Vi^tfSi ItXttV, with a 

large number of vbrt spirited wood-cuts, vellum, scarce, 

7833 Brewer's Descriptive and Historical Account of various Palaces, 

4to. fine plates, new, boards, canvass back, lettered, 12^. 1821 

7g34 Beauties of Ireland, illustrated with engravings by 

Storer, 2 vols. 8vo. new, half-bound (published at 2/. 85.), 18«. 


7835 Britton's Catalogue of the Stafford Pictures, 8vo. frontispiece, 

boards, 2*. 6rf 1808 

7836 Buonanni Recreatione dell' Occhio e della Mente nell' Osservation 

delle Chiocciole, 4to. with a great many platbs of shells, 
half-bound, neat, scarce, 12« Roma, 1681 

7837 Casas (Bartholome de las), Miroir de la Tyrannic Espagnole per- 

petree aux Indes Occidentales, 4to. plates, inlaid old calf, rare, 
95 Amst. 1620 

7838 Caylus (Le Comte) Recueil d'Antiquites Egyptiennes, Etrusques, 

Grecques et Romaines, 2 vols. 4to. fine plates, sewed, I85. 

Paris, 1752 

7839 Charles VI, Empereur des Romaines, Roy des Espagnes, Comte 

de Flandres, relation de I'lnauguration solemnelle de sa sacr^e 
Majesty, celebr^e a Gand, folio, fine large folding plates, splen- 
didly bound in old red morocco, gilt leaves, 85 Gand, 17)9 

7840 Chartarii Imagines Deorum, qui ab Antiquis colebantur, unft cum 

earum declaratione et historia, 4to. half-bound, 3s. 6d. 

Mogunt. 1687 

7841 Cbrist (M.) Dictionnaire des Monogrammes, Chiffres, Lettres 

Initiales, Logogryphes, R^bus, &c. sous lesquels les plus c^l^- 
bres Peintres, Graveurs, et Dessinateurs ont dessin^ leurs Noms, 
8vo. old calf, scarce, ISs Paris, 1762 

<< Brunet and other Bihliographers have acknowledged this to be a 
volume in much request, and of gpreat scarcity." A copy sold for 
21. 15«. at the Roscoe Sale. 

7842 Clias Gymnastique Elementaire, illustrated hy an extensive series 
54, Paternoster Row.] 

Digitized by 


884 Boots of PrintM and Worts of AH. 

ofphusf exhibiting parioui AuihLdis^ ij^. 8vo. sewed, 3^. 

Paris, 1819 

7843 COINS AND MEDALS.— Autheotick Account of tbe Coins of 
the East Indies, 4to. 2s 1768 

7844 Chevalier (M.) Histoire de Guil- 

LAUMB III Rot d'Anglbtbrrb, d'Escossb, &c. contenant ses 
actions les plus memorables par Medailles, &c. folio, plates ea^ 
gTtLYtd by Romain de Hooghe J neat, 9s Amst. 1692 

7846 - De Bie Numismata Aurea ^mpera- 
torum Romanorum ex recens. Hayercampi, 4to. plates, half- 
bound, uncut, 8s ib. 1738 

7946 Duby Recuell des Pieces Obsidio- 

nales, tid. No. 5033, supra. 

7847 ^FraebndeNumli,yid.Nos. 5047-50, 


7848 Hag^er Description des Medailles 

Cfainoises du Cabinet Imperial de France, 4to. half-calf, lOs, 

Paris, 1805 

7849 = ■ Luckll Sylloge Numismatum Ele- 

g^ntiorum qa» divers! Impp. Reges, Principes, Comites, Res- 
liubKeib, diversas ob causas ab anno 1500 ad an. 1600 cudi 
fecerunt, hist, narratione illustrata, folio, containing several hun- 
dred fine Engravings of Medals by P. Aubrt, fine impressions^ 
i%llum, 13« Argent. 16^ 

7860 — Medailles du Cabinet de la Reinc 

Christine, gravies aussi delicatement qn'exactement cf'apr^s les 
originaux par le cel^bre fiartolo, avec le Commentaire (Latin et 
Frangais), de S. Havercamp, folio, containing, on 36 plates, 
several bundred engravings of medals, half-calf, neat, 1 85. 

La Haye, 1742 

7851 ' Musseum Odescalchnm, vid. No. 

4895, supfa. 

7852 , MusselKl Numismata Antiqua, vid. 

No. 4896, supra. 

JSSS Mui^ef Fraindiani Descriptio com- 

prehendetis Numismata et Gemmas, Signa, Capita et Imagines, 
Anaglypha, Vasa, Pocula, Pateras, etc. 8vo. 2 parts in one, 
calf, 6e Lips. I78I 

7S84 — ' — : ' Recueil de Medallions d'apres 

I'Antfque, 8vo. plates, boards, is. 6d. 

78S5 Swintoni Inscriptiones Citise, ac- 

ced. de Nummis quibusd. Samarlt. et Phoenie. Dissertat. 4to. 
sewed, 8i. Bd Oxon. 1750 

7866 — ^ ■■ Vaii fjoon Histoire Metalliaue des 

Fays Bas, 5 vols, folio, containing an immense number of plates 
of ecfiuft, medals, &c; (tev^iral fitigHsh and Sootek), balf-bound, 
uivent, IL I5s Haye, 1732 

7867 WHe Nummorum Antiquorum Ca- 

talogus, vid. No. 495Qf 9upr^. 

[Wll<MA]i BlTtfU, 

Digitized by 


Books of Prints and Works of Art. 885 

7858 CoLLJBRT (Adrian). Solitndo sire Wtst FoemiDarum Anachori- 
tarum ab A. CoUardo collecto atque expressee, 24 plates, ob- 
long 4to.9f Antwerp^ 

7859 Contemporaries {Ics)^ ou Avantures desplus jolies Femmes de Vage 

pre$erUj in 42 vols, (wanting 7oL xviii), 41 vols. 12n]0. plates, 
French bound, rare, 3/. Is Leips, 1780 

7890 Cook's Voyages, Plates to, folio, a fine series of engravingft, 
executed in a masterly Rtyle, by W'ooliett, Bartolozzi, Caldwall, 
Sharp, Heath, Byrne, Hall, and others, 1/. Km. 

7861 Corneille (J. B.) Les Premiers Elemens de la Peinture pratique, 
12mo. plates, neat, 2s Paris, 1684 

7864 Cramer Papilloms Exotiques, des trois parties du Monde, 

TAsie, TAfrique, et TAmerique, 4to. in 34 parts, wants parts 
xxi and xxii, 32 parts, coloured plates, rare, 5/. Amst. 1775 

The above 32 parts contain three hundred and seventy-six ex- 

7865 Damhouderi Praxis Rerum Criminalium, ejusdem Praxis Rerum 

Civilium, 2l vols. 4to. wood-cuts, half-bound, neat, ISs*. 

AntverpuB, 1569-70 

One of the volumes, of an edition printed in 1564, sold at Sotheby's 
for 8/. 8s. 

7866 Dargenville Abr^g^ de la Vie des Peintres, 2 vols. 8v6. frontis- 

piece, neat, 10«. 6d Paris, 1804 

7867 David (P. Johannis Soc. Jesu) Duodecim Specula Deum ali- 

quando videre desideranti concinnata, twelve singularly desigfued 
and admirably engraved plates, 8vo. vellum, 5s Afitv^ 1610 

7868 Davila, Catalogue Systematique et Raisonn^ des Curiosit^s de la 

Nature et de i'Art qui composent le Cabinet de M. Davila, 3 
vols. 8vo. PLATES OF sHBLLSy &c. half-bouud, neat, 12^. 

Paris, 1767 

7860 Db Brt (Thbodori) Collbctio Pbrbgrinationum in Indiam 

OcciDBMTALBM, 8IVB Ahbricam, foKo, Part I. Narratio de 
Comraodis incol. Virginia, 1590, with the 23 plates, wanting 
plate 1. — Part II. Narratio eorum qufe in Florida Ammcce Pro- 
vinciaOalliS acciderunt, 1591, with the 42 plates. — Part III. 
Memorabilem Provincise Braailie Historiam continens, 1592, 
with maps and plates. — Part IV. Insignis et admiranda Historia 
de reperta primum Occidentali IndiaaCHRisTOPHORoCoLUMBO, 
1594, with the 24 plates. — Part V. Hieronymi Bezoni Medioi. 
Hispanorum turn in Nigrittas servos suos, turn in Indos crudeli- 
tatem, etc. 1595, with the 22 plates. — Part VI. Historis ab 
Hieron. Bezon scripts, sectio tertia, 1596, xvith the 28 plates. — 
Part VII. Ulrici Fabri Descriptio pracipuarum quarundam In- 
dite RegioDum et Insularum 1599. — Part VIII. Descriptio Iti- 
nerum Franoisci Drake, Thoma Candisch, et Gualtheri 
Ralbgh, 1599, with the \S plates. ^Fsrt IX. De Ratione Ele* 
mentorum, de Novi Orbis Natura de hujus Incolarum Siipersti- 
tiosis cultibus, etc. 1602, with only 3 plates instead of 25. 
— Additamentum None Partis Americs, 1602, with the 14 
54, Patbrnostbr Row.] 3 D 

Digitized by 


ass Bo0k8 of Prints amd Works of Art. 

plaia.'^Fnt X. Date NaTigtriones Ambrici YsspuTiiy Vera 
Detcriptio Novn AngrHB, k Capitaneo Johanne Schmidt, etc. 
1619, unth onfy 10 plaice instead of 12.— Part XI. Descriptio 
Admirandi Itineris a Guilieliiio Schontcn HoUando peracti, 
.1619, pottraits of CaadUh, Drake, 3tc. with the 9 plates,— 
Americfe Tomi andecimi Appendix, 1620, with the 20 piates^ 
wants a leqf rf the letter press. — Part XII. Descriptio In^is 
OccidentaliB, auctora Antonio de Herrera, 1624, maps awd plates^ 
12 partSs unbound, bxobssivblt scarce, 151. \5s. 

It may be seen, that these volumes, according to our collation of 
them, make considerable advances towards the character of a per- 
fect copy of Db Brv's Grbatbr Voyages. The difficalty, the al- 
most ntter impossibility of procuring^ a perfect Db Bry is every- 
where known. Dr. Dibdin in his impassioned strain exclaims, 
'< What toil, difficulty, perplexity, anxiety, and vexation attend the 
Collector, be he * young** or ' (rid,' who sets his heart upon a 
pbrfbct Db Bry ! How many have started forward on this pur- 
suit with gay spirits and well-replenished purses, but have turned 
from it in despair, and abandoned it in utter hopelessness of 
achievement !"-^Vide Library Companion, p. 382, &c. Colonel 
Stanley's Copy, inferior to that in the possession of the Honourable 
T. Grenville, was purchased by the Duke of Devonshire, for 546/.! ! 

7870 Burtb (Fran9oi8-Xavier) Traits th^oriqae et pratiqne des Con- 

luAssancseB qui sont n^esBaires i tout Amateur de Tableaux, el 

h tous ceux qui veuleot apprendre It juger, apprecier et conser- 

• yer les productiones de la Peioture, 2 rols. 8vo. sewed, scarce, 

lOf. ed Brux. 1808 

7871 Declamation Th^atrale (la) Poeme didactique en quatre chants, 

plates, Portf, 1707- — Les Sens Poeme, par M. de Rozoi, 8yo. 
plates, neat, 5s Limdres {Paris)^ 1767 

The plates are executed by WlUe, De Longueil, and others. 

7872 DELIGES DE L'£UROP£.-*-i)r/tc«f de la Grande BreSagne et 

de Vlrlande^ 8 vols.-— UAncietme Rame^ 3 veb^-^Rome Modeme, 
6 ffols.—L'ItaUe^ 6 vols, in A.—L'Espagne et ParU^, 4 vols.^ 
La Suisse^ 4 vcds.^La France j 3 vols.-^La Hollander 8 vols. — 
Lss Pays BaSi 5 vok. 41 Yols. 12mo. in 39, plates^ un^orm black 
calfextra^ 5/. 5s Lrtde, Pierre Vandcr Aa^ 1707» &c. 

A MATCHLBSs SET of au Interesting series of Works, which illustrate, 
by an almost innumerable host of notorial Embellishmente, tiie 
principal soenes of Europe. 

7873 De I'Usage des Statues chez les Anciens, 4to. plates, neat, ^. 

Brux. 1708 

7874 De Piles CEtt?res Diverses, 5 vols. 12mo. sewed, 9s. Amst. I707 
7375 ■ Art of Painting, with laves and Characters of Painters, 

8vo. neat, 4ts. 6d Land. 

7876 Principles of Painting, 8vo. neat, 4s. iUi ib. 1743 

7^77 Description generale de I'Ho^tel Royal des InYalides etabli par 

Louis le Grand, folio, line plates, engraved by he Pautre, &c. 

neat, 9« Paris, 1083 

[William Batnis, 

Digitized by 


Books of PrinU and Works of Art. d» 

7878 D^^seamps Vm d^s Peintres Flaoiaiids, AllemaDds, el HoUaodm*, 

ayec des Portraits, 4 toIs. 8vo< half^ealf, neat, 1/. 6«*..tfr. 1753 

7879 Deaaarest (Anseiae-GaataB), Histoire Natorelle des Taii,(i;:ara8, 

dea Maoakuia et des Todief s, folio, bbautiful platbs of bibds, 

boards, 18s Pam^ de I'Imprimerie de L. JS. Herkan^ 1805 

7B82 DiBsertation aur les Oarrag^ des Peiutrea, 12mo. neat. Is. 6d, 

ParU, 1681 

7883 Bolce'a (LodoTico) Aretin^ a IMaloipie od Painting, 8yo. neat, 

4# 1770 

7884 Ducarel's (Dr.) Anglo^Normao Antiquities, illustrated with 

twenty-seven cof»per plates, folio, half-bound, uncut* neat, 
\L 169 1767 

7885 Dupfia's Life of Raffaelo Sanaio da Urbiao, with Characters of 

Painters of Italy by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 8vo. boards (pub- 
liahed at 8f. 6<;.) 3» « 1816 

7886 Edwards's Anecdotes of Painters who have resided or been bom 

in fingfland, with Critical Remarks on their Productions, in- 
tended as a Continuation to the Anecdotes of Painting by the 
late Horace WalpolCy portraits and other plates, 4to. boards, 
canvass back, ihs «..«..«.... »••.., «•••• 1808 

7887 EMBLEMS.— Alciati Emblcoiata, cum commentariis, 8vo. wood- 

cuts, neat, 5# ••••«.. <k..».ir...... Lugd* 1614 

Hie wood-cuts in this edition are 8iq>po8ed to bave been exeented by 
Bernard Solomon, called Le Petit Bernard. 

7888 Augustini (S. P.) Flammulse Amoris, yersibus et 

Iconlbus exornatse, auctore F. Michaele Hoyero, 12mo. twenty- 
five plates, by Collaert, yellum, Ss Antv. 1629 

7889 Boria (Joannis de) Emblemata Moralfa, 4to. 

plates, sewed, 3s. 6d BeroL 1697 

7890 Emblemata Anniversaria Academiae Altorfinse, 

4to. curious plates, an uncommon series, yellum, 4s. 

Noritnb. 1597 

7^91 Heinsii (Dan.) Nederduytiche Poemata— -Em- 
blemata Amatoria — Hymnus oft Lof-Sanck van Bacchus— Lof- 
Sanck yan Jesus Christus, 4to. plates, sewed, scarce, 6s. 

Jmst. 1610 

The plates in this volume are inimitably beautiiiiL They are exe- 
cuted by Simon Pass, Matham, and Ssrwoutbr, ih>m the designs 


7892 -.—«—— Qeinsii (Dan.) Hymnus oft Ijoft-Sanck van Bac- 

dins, beautilbl plates from Visckbboom's designs, by Mat0am, 

4tD. 3s. 
7g93 .^-, Heyns (Zacharias) Deuohdea Sehole^ 4to* plates, 

neat, 3s i... Rott. 1625 

789 4 Hoogstraten Fabelcn, 4to. 100 plates^ sewed, 3s. 

ib. 1731 
jrg95 ' Houwdyck derde deel, 12mo. Dutch Poetry with 

plates, half-bound, neat,2f •••.^ekdi/, — 

54, PATEVNomiR Row.] 

Digitized by 


SM Books of PHnU and Worts of AH. 

7896 EMBLEMS.— Hugonifl (Hermanni) Pia Desideria Emblentatig 

Elegiis & aifectibus SS. Patram, forty-fiye wood-cuts by Chris- 
TOPHBR TAN SiCHBM, ]2ino. new, balf-calf, 4s Antv. 1628 

7897 HugoniB Pia Desideria, wood-cuts, by C. Van 

Sicbem, 12mo. loose vellum bindingf, 3« ib. 1628 

7898 ^— -— -^ Hugoois Pia Desideria, plates apparently by 

Boetius Van Bolswert, 12mo. yellum, 3«. 6d 1651 

7899 —i— — Hugonis Pia Desideria, 32ino. plates, curious 

edition, calf, 2«. M,.. Lcmdi 1703 

7900 Iconologie, ou la Science des Emblemes, Devises, 

&c. plates, l2mo. 2 vols, in one, vellum. As AnM. 1698 

7901 ■ Propbetien of Voorseggingen der beyde Keyseren 
Seven en Leonis, 4to. curious emblematic plates, haif-boHnd, 
neat, scarce, Zs, 6d « Amst, 1627 

79Q2 — .«_— Ripa (Cesare) Iconologia, ampliata dal Sig. 
Cav. Gio. Zaratino, wood-cuts, tbree parts in one, 4to. hal^ 
bound, bs Padova, 1630 

7903 RoUenhagii Emblemata, 4to. two hunprbd 


•neat, scarce, 14« « «« Amhem^ 

79Q4 Schoonbovii (Florentii) Emblemata partim mo- 

ralSa partim etiam civilia, seventy-four plates, 4to. vellum, 
38. 6d GaudiB, 1618 

Priced at ISs, in a recent Catalogue. 

7905 ■ Scboonbovii Emblemata, seventy-four plates, 

Gouda, 1618. — Dan. Heinsii de contemptu Mortis, Poema, 
Lugd. Bat, ex off. Elzeviriana^ 1621, witb two orations in 
Latin, 4to. vellum, 5«. 

7906 Thomas Van Kempen, Alleen Sprsecke der Ziekn 

met Godt, twenty-five wood-cuts by Christopher Van Sichem, 
12mo. vellum, Ss Laaen, 1628 

7907 — : Veens (Jan vander) Zinne-Beelden, 4to. Dutch 

Poetry, illustrated with very masterly plates executed by Solo- 
mon Savry, vellum, 6« Anist, 1649 

7908 ' Venues (Andr. vande) Tafereel van de belacchende 

Werelt, 4to. adorned with singularly facetious and admirably 
well executed, plates, half-bound, neat, Bs Gravenk, 1635 

7909 ZoUer de Concept^ Sacrft Deiparft, folio, contun- 

ing about a hundred curious emblematic plates, neat, scarce, 8v. 

Aug. Vend. 1720 

7910 Entree da Roy Charles IX a Paris, avec le Courounement 
d'EIizabet d'Austriche son Espouse, wood-cuts of triumphal 
arches, &c., Paris, 1572.-'^Les Pourtres et Figures du sump- 
tueux ordre, plaisantz Spectacles, et magnifiques Theatres, 
dresses et exhib^s par les citoiens de Rouen faictz & Tentree do 
Roy de France, Henry Second et k tres-illustre Dame Ka- 
therine de Medicis la Royne, Rouen j 1557 » the figures cut is 
WOOD, the descriptions written in vbrsb, smalt 4to. rarb, 9Sf. 

[William Batnbs, 

Digitized by 


Books of Prints and Works of Art. 389 

7911 Eveljn'8 Sculptuni, the History and Art of Chalcogfraphj and 

Engrayingin Copper, 8vo. mezzotint plate, neat, As. M.,. 1769 

7912 Falconet (Etienne) CSufres, contenant plasienrs Ecrits tela-* 

tifs aux Beaux Arts, 5 vols. 8yo. sewed, 9^ Lausanne^ 1781 

7913 Ficoronii Gemme Antiqus Litteratse, adnotationlbus Galeotti, 

Roma 9 1757* plates ."^Orado Harreiana, adjeeta est Dissert, 
de nummis a Smyrnaeis, Land. 1724, plates. — Marmor Sandvi- 
cense cum comm. Taylori, Cant. 1743, plates, 4to« in one voL 
neat, 8f. 

7914 Fleming's (Philip) History of the Siege of Ostend, in Dutch, 

4to. plates, portraits of Sir Francis Verb, and others, yellum, 
7* * Gravcnh. 1^21 

7915 Fontaine (M. de la) Contes et Nouyelles en vers, 2 vols. 12mo. 

plates, sewed, 4«. 6(2 (Londrcs) Paris, 

7916 Galerie du Mus^e Royal, 12mo. If Paris, 1826 

7917 Gallery of the Louvre, represented by Etchings executed by 

Cosway (coloured) with Descriptions by Griffiths, large folio, 
two numbers, I2s Paris, 1802 

7918 Galerie de Dresde, Catalogue des Tableaux, 8vo. neat, 2s. 

Dresde, 1765 

7919 Gay's Fables^ embellished with Seventy Plates, royal 8vo. half- 

bound, russia, neat, 1/. Is Stockdale, 1793 

7920 Gheyn (Jaques de) Maniement d'Armes, d'Arqiiebuses, Mous- 

quetz, et Piques, upwards of one hundred plates, folio, fine 
copy, neat, \6s Amst. 1608 

7921 Gilii Romana Ornithologia, 4to. plates, vellum, neat, 7'* 

Romay 1781 

7922 Giovio (M. Paolo, Vescovo di Nocera), Elogia veris Clar. Vi- 

rorum Imaginibus apposita, qu» in Musseo Joviano comi spec- 
tantur, Venet. 1546. — Boccatii (Joannis) opus de Claris Mulie- 
ribus, wood-cuts, Benia Htlvet. 1539, in one volume, folio, 
sewed in vellum, 16s. 

The edition of Boccaclo is said, by a French Bibliographer, to be 
*' ]^oRT RAR£." It is adomed with flfteeo spirited wood-cuts, by 
James Kerver. On the reverse of folio LXXIU, we are presented 
with a carious representation — db Joanna Anglica Papa. 

7923 Gomberville, Doctrine des Moenrs, 100 plates, 12mo. neat, 

^s.M.,,.. Paris, 1681 

7924 Gronovii Museum Ichthyologium, sistens, Piscium qui in Museo 

Gronovii adservantur, folio, plates, half -bound, neat, \4s. 

Lttgd. Bat. 1754 

7925 Grutbri Corpus iNscRiFTtONute, vld. No. 4829, supra. 

7926 Guicciardini-s Account of the Ancient Flemish School of Paint- 

ing, 4to. sewed. Is. 6d 1795 

7927 H»fteni (D. Benedicti) Regia via Crucis, embellished with a 

large series of fine Engravings, 8vo. vellum, Ts Antv. 1635 

7928 Another copy, 8vo. plate