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Full text of "Books of Genesis, part of Exodus, Proverbs, & Acts"

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AH t>^iia n 




























GWAVAKILI ava&gi Anyambie orowa 
nli ntye. 

2 Nli ntye yi p^gaga nregalanli, y'avegagi 
ntevo ke, nli mpiri y'av^agi g'ozyo w'oronga, 
hl'inlinla ny' Anyambie ny'ayognmi g'ozyo 

3 NFawuli Anyambie inle, ga loanle ozange, 
nraroenli ozange. 

4 Nl'ayenli Anyambie ozange inle wu r'oiH- 
bia ; nFageri Anyambie ozange avila go mpiri. 

6 Nle be fwelia Anyambie avwelia ozange 
inle, offianda, areta mpiri inle, ogwera ; nli 
nkolu nl'ibanga nle ntyugu nonga. 

6 Ni'awuli Anyambie inle, ga loanle ig&ma 
go gare y'anlingo, nyo ga gere anlingo avila 

7 Nle be pang' Anyambie avang' igama, 
ager' anlingo m'avegagi g'odolongo w'igdma 
avila gw'anlingo m'avegagi gw'igonlo ny'igd- 
ma ; nl'aroenli yenld. 


8 NPaVeli Anyambie igama inle, orowa; 
nli nkolu nl'ibanga nle ntyugu yimbanli. 

9 Nle be bulla Anyambie inle, anlingo mi 
re g'odolongo w'orowa mi ga latanle go mbora 
mo, nli ntye yakaka yi ga wowunlie ; nl'aro- 
enli yenla. 

10 Nle be fwelia Anyambie a?elia mbora 
yakaka inle, ntye; nPidatanla ta s'anlingo 
s'a?elio nde inle, mbenli mpolo, nle be jenla 
Anyambie inle, yo yi re mbia. 

11 Nle be bulia Anyambie inle, ntye yi ga 
yanle amanli, ebe zi janl' ilonda, nl'erere z'i- 
londa zi janl' ilonda onlonga weme, ilondi 
ye yi re go zome go ntye ; nFaroenli yenla. 

12 Nle be feliza ntye amanli, ebe zi janl' 
ilonda onlongd weme, nl'erere zi pang' ilon- 
da, yi janl' ilonda yome onlongd weme ; nl'a- 
yenli Anyambie inle, yi re mbia. 

13 Nli nkolu nl'ibanga nle ntyugu yi 

14 Nle be bulia Anyambie inle, ga loanle 
izange gw'igama ny'orowa go ker' ofiianda 
avila g'ogwera; yi ga loanle va lemba nli 
gombe, ?'intyugu nl'impuma. 

15 Ka yo doanla izange gw'igama ny'orowa 
go bamba go ntye ; nl'aroenli yenla. 

16 Nle be panga Anyambie avang' izang' 
impolo imbanli ; ozange ompolo me go pan- 
ginl' ofiianda, nl'ozange oigwango go panginl' 
ogwera ; avangie igegenli ke. 


17 Anyambie atati yo ke gw'igama ny'o- 
rowa go bamba go ntye, 

18 Nla go panginl' offianda nl'ogwera nla 
go ker' ozange avila go mpiri : nle be jenla 
Anyambie inle, yi re mbia. 

19 Nli nkolu nl'ibanga nle ntyugu yinlai. 

20 Nle be bulla Anyambie inle, anlingo mi 
ga wtmlie vuginlia yi dandalanda yi fel' og- 
wSi, nl'lnyanli si dogwa gwlgonlo nyi ntye 
gw'igama ny'orowa. 

21 Nle be panga Anyambie avang' inyanda 
impolo, nl'ezam' edu zi fel' ogwei nli danda- 
landa, zi bunlio nl'anlingo gw'inlonga yao, 
nrinyanli edu onlonga weme : nrayenli An- 
yambie inle, yi re mbia. 

22 Nle be savin] o yo nl' Anyambie, inle, 
yanlanli kd bunlanli ayonli' anlingo go mbenli 
mpolo ralie ; nrinydnli si ga wunle go ntye. 

23 Nli nkolu nl'ibanga nle ntyugu yi ntyanli. 

24 Nl'awuli Anyambie inle, ntye yi ga wun- 
lize inyama sabS onlonga we, nl'inyare, nli 
ya yi dandalanda, nl'inyama si ntye onlonga 
we ; nl'aroenli yenla. 

25 Nle be pang' Anyambie avanga vuginlia 
yi ntye onlonga we, nli nyare onlonga we, 
nl'ezam' edu zi dandalanda go ntye ; nle be 
jenl' Anyambie inle, yi re mbia. 

26 Nle be bulla Anyambie inle, Azuwe ga 
vange oma nli mpanginli yazyo nl'egalanli 
zazyo, ka wao panginla vere yi mbenli, nl'i- 

6 JENISia 

ny&iili s'orowa, nrinyama, nrezam' edu go 
ntye, nl'eza zi dandalanda go ntye. 

27 Nle be pang' Anyambie avanga oma 
oregalanli zeme, nFegalanli z' Anyambie z'a- 
vangie ye, onlomi nPowanto avangi ye wao. 

28 Nle be savinlo wao nl' Anyambie, awoli- 
nlio nFAnyambie inle, yanlanli, ka bunlauli 
ayonlia ntye, nl'avita yo ; aloania ewonjo genre 
vere yi ml^nli, nla gor' inyanli s'orowa nla got* 
evuginli edu zi dandalanda go ntye. 

29 Nle be bulla Anyambie inle, vonla, mi 
apenli nluwe eb' edu zi janV ilonda zi re g'ozyo 
wi ntye yodu, nl'ereri edu zi re nl'ilonda y'e- 
rere g'oku' weme zi janl' ilonda, zi be doaixla 
gore nluwe gw'inya. 

30 Nla go nyami edu yi ntye, nla go nyanli 
edu y'igonlo, nla gw'ezam' edu zi dandalanda 
go ntye zi re nVogwei w'emenla, mi are pa pa 
so eb' edu evezyo gw'inya; nl'aroenli yenla. 

31 Nl'ayenli Anyambie ezam' edu z'avangio 
nde, ndo vonla, z'avegag' evia polo; nli nkolu 
nllbanga nle ntyugu y'oroVa* 


TENLA amanli orowa nli ntye, nli yama yo- 
du yi re go yo, 
2 Nla go ntyngu y'orogenlo amenlizi Anya* 
mbie evilo z'aluo z'ajanjio nde, nFayaw^ go 
ntyugu y'orogenlo avjJa gw'evib ze zodu z'a- 
yanjio nde. 


3 NFazaviiiH Anyambie ntyugu y'orog^nk), 
ayaaga y'oruada, kande go yo ay&we gw'6«> 
vilo ze zodu z'ayanjio nl' Anyambie nli pa- 

4 Sinla nl'ipakilia s'orowa nli ntye gw'ava* 
ngio yo go nlyugu y'avangi Jehova Anyambie 
avanga ntye nl'orowa. 

5 Ni'owdug' wadu w'orove loanaga ra go 
ntye, nlW edu zi ntyaga veliaga ra ; kdnde 
Jehova Anyambie e duo anagize ningo go 
ntye, pegag' oma ke o janja ntyaga. 

6 Ndo avandi ombutowa avila go ntye aie- 
viz' ozyo wi ntye wodu. 

7 Nle be panga Jehora Anyambie avang' 
OQwaulaga nl'irai yi ntye, avanjina gw'i* 
zydnganli ye o;| w^i w'emenla, nl'aroenli oi)wa- 
nlaga inlinla nyabo. 

8 Ni'a^eali Jehova Anyambie atenla ntya* 
ga go Iden go tongwa nli nkombe, nle be 
fele vava oma o vangio nde. 

9 Nle be feliza Jehova Anyambie aveliza 
avila go ntye ereri edu zi mepe jenlo, nl'evia 
go sinya; nl'erere z'emenla go gare yi ntyaga, 
nl'eiere zi mieze mbia nli mbe. 

10 Nle be k^wa olavi agagwa go Iden go 
tevizaga ntyaga, nl'avila vava w'ageranli 
agalna ilav' inlai. 

11 Inla ny'olonga nle Paiaydn, mewA nle wo 
wi kombinla ntye yi Havaila yodu, gogo re 
syika yatwilatenla. 


12 Nil syika yatenlatenla yintye meyanla yi 
re mbia ; gogo re bdelium nl'ido nyi fwelia- 
go onix. 

13 NFinla ny'olavi wi mbanli nle Gaihon; 
mewa nle wo wi kombinla ntye yodu y'lthi- 

• 14 NFinla ny'olavi w'iraro nle Hidikel, nle 
wo wi kenda nkova yi Asiria, go tongwa 
nli kombe; nl'olavi w'inlai wo nle Eu- 

15 Nle be bonga Jehova Anyambie awong' 
onlomi avele go ntyaga p Iden go janja nla 
go penjavenja yo. 

16 Nl'azombi Jehova Anyambie azombia 
onlomi inle, gw'ereri edu zi re go ntyaga nya 
zo nyagaga. 

17 Ndo gw'erere zi mieze mbia nli mbe, anya 
zo, kande go ntyugu yi nya zo o be juwa 

18 NPawuli Jehova Anyambie awulia nle, 
zye mbia onlomi go doanla aye dadie m'be 
panginle onlungunli kwekwe va ye, nl'ega* 
lani ze. 

19 Nle be panga Jehova Anyambie avang' 
avila go ntye nyami edu y'orove, nli nyanli 
edu y'orowa, a?aga so gore Adam go jenla nte 
be fwelie so, nl'inli edu ny'at^elio nyama nli 
Adam, nyo nl'inli nye. 

20 Nle be beta Adam a^et' anla gore nyari 
edu nla gw'inyanli s'orowa nla gore nyami edu 

EWONJO 111. 9 

yurove; ndo gore Adam deng' onlungunli 
kwekwe va ye, nPegalani ze. 

21 Nle be nanliza Jehova Anyambie anlanli- 
za Adam antyavinla ampolo, nranlanlie ; nle 
be bonge epa z'oVanji we effiari alatiz' ozyonli 
go mbora me. 

22 Nle be paoga Jehova Anyambie epa z'o- 
yanja, z'awongio nde avila gore onlomi, avan- 
ga zo ofiianto, af^agie ye gore onlomi. 

23 Nle be bulla Adam awulia nle, venld 
zinla nle epa avila go pi yam, nl'ozyonli avila 
gw'izyonli yam; e be fwelio inle, offianto kari- 
de awdngio avila gore onlomi. 

24 Yenla re onlomi ega rige reri ye nli ngi 
ye ayongo gore offiant' we, kd wao doaula 
ozyonli omo. 

25 Nla wao a?anli w'avegagi tele, Adam 
nl'omant' we, ndo wi jenla ntyanli du, 


OMAMBA w'avegagi nl'avonlo viaganlo nli 
nyami edu y'orove y'avangio nl'Anya- 
mbie; nle be bulia wo awulinlia owanto inle, 
reti Anyambie are bulla pa inle, anyanli 
gw'ererl edu zl ntyaga? 

2 Nle be bulla offianto awulinlia offiamba 
inle, azuwe ka nya Honda yi rere yl ntyaga. 

3 Ndo gw'ilonda y'erere zl re go garegare 
yi ntyaga, Anyambie are bulia pa inle, anya- 
nli yo vanganli kota yo, anluwe vende juwa. 


4 Nle be bulla offiamba awalinlia offianto 
inle, gw'ijuwa anluw' ayt^we« 

5 Kande Anyambie avoio inle^ ntyugu yi 
be nya nluwe go zo, gambenle antyi manli 
m'anungway anlawe ke anluwe be doanla 
g' Anyambie, miagaga mbia nli mbe. 

6 Ndo gw'ayenli owanto inle erere zi r'eiria 
gw'inya, nil mSpe jenlo gVantya, nPerere zi 
jongunlo go pang' oma a'imiay aw)5ng' ilondi 
yS anya, ava ke onloffi' we nla ye, ka ye 

7 !Nle be nungw' antyd mac a?anli, amienli 
wao ke inle, wi re tele ; nl'aranii wao ija^i 
^'akandai avang' ikuwi yaome andombd. 

9 Nle be jagi wao inyoi nyi Jehova Anyambie 
kendagendaga go ntyaga go nkei y'owenja, 
nl'fwsyaaibunli Adam nl'oi&ant' we avila g'o- 
zyo wi Jehova Anyambie go garegare yi 
rere yi ntyaga. 

9 Nle be fwelia Jehova Anyambie a?elia 
Adam inle, o re nla gwi ? 

10 Nrawulie inle, mi ajaga inyoi nya go 
ntyaga afanga mdS, kande mi are tele asyam* 
bunla mie. 

11 Nle be bulie inle, o bulinlia mande inle> 
re tele ? O re nya p'erere z'azombi mie 
we inle, anya zo ? 

12 Nle be bulla onlomi lnIe,*ofilaBt0 o venllo 
ndi go doanla nla mie, apenli mie erere, anya 


13 Nle be bulla JehoyaAnyambie awulinlia 
offianto inle, ezande zi re we denda p'osaon 
winla ? Me be bulla offianto inle, offiamba 
w'atemlzL mle, anya ixile. 

14 Nle be bulla Jehova Anyamble awulinlia 
offiamba Inle, kande o adendl ndaga yinl& o 
re save pa vlaganlo nle'vuglnll edu, nla via^ 
ganlo nil ny ami edu y'orove; o be jagunla 
gw'iwuffiu nya, nil ntyenge yo be nyagago 
nda intyugu s'emenla za sodu. 

15 M'be fela ndo7a ntyd we ntya offianto, 
ntya olondi w& ntya olondl we ; e be syata 
ewonjo za, nl'awe o be syata ntumbuntumba 

16 Nle be bulinlle offianto Inle, mbunlaga 
m'be bunlia Isyonga nl'inyeme nya; o be 
janl' awanla nil nkazya; nil ndaginli ya yl be 
doanla gore onloffi' wa, aye ke e be pa- 

17 Gore onlomi awull nle, kande o ajagi 
Inyoi ny'offiant' wa, anya gw'erere z'azombi 
mie we Inle, anya go zo, ntye yi re savo pa 
gw'inyangl nya, o be nya yo nli njuki Intyu- 
gtt s'emenla za sodu. 

18 Yl be fella arende nrifallfa gore we, nVa- 
we be nya ebe zi ntyaga. 

19 O be nye inya nl'erc^ra z'ozyo wa agenda 
go be fwinlia go ntye ; kande vava awongio 
we ; kande awe nl'lrai', gw'irai be fwinlia ke. 

20 NraVell Adam Inla ny'offiant' we ink, 


Ivi, kande aye nle ugwe ya wao'du wi re 

21 Nl'avangi Jehova Aiiyambie avang' 
Adam nromant' we ingai s'ebanda, a^aria 


22 Nle be bulia Jehova Anyambie awulia 
nle, vonla, orna atoenli g'of&ari gore zuwe go 
mia mbia nli mbe ndo venla e vende daffiinla 
oga we awonga ke gw'erere z'emenla' anya 
aloanla egoinbe zodu. 

23 Yenla arombi Jehova Anyambie arombe 
go ntyaga yi Iden go janja ntye, avila gw'a- 
wongio ye. 

24 Nl'arombie onlomi, avela go tongwa nli 
nkombe go ntyaga yi Iden Ikerubim nl'okwa- 
ra oyambui, wi fwizawizaga nkovi edu go 
penjavenja mpanla y'erere z'emenla. 


NLE be mia Adam amia Ivi y'offiant' we 
nl'aroenli ye nl'inyeme ayanla Ken, awu- 
lia nle, mi are denga p'onlomi gore Jehova. 

2 Nle be fa janle ayanl' ogwangi ye Ebel. 
Ebel avegagi ovenjavenji w'adambe, ndo Ken 
avegagi ombilo wi ntye. 

3 Nl'aroenli gw'egombe, atienli Ken nl'ilo- 
nda yi ntye, ntyago gore Jehova. 

4 NraVienli Ebel ke nli yadambe gw'ipi 
nye, nl'agali mao ; nle be ponla Jehova avo- 
•*'". Ebel nli ntyago ye. 


5 Ndo e ponia gore Ken nla go ntyago ye ; 
nra^endi Ken polo avur' ozyo we go ntye. 

6 Nle be bulla Jehova awulinlia Ken inle, 
ezande zi benda ? nl'ezande zi purd ozyo wd 
go ntye ? 

7 Ja fii'ajanja mbiambie o be bongo ? ndo 
ja ayanja mbiambie, ibe si sydta g'ompomba- 
na, nil ndaginli ye yi be doanla gore we, o be 

8 Nle be jira Ken ayiraga lambe nil Ebel 
y'oqwangi ye ; nl'aroenli gw'avegagi wao g*o» 
rove, agumanli Ken gore Ebel y'oqwdngi yg 

9 Nle be bulla Jehova a7ambia Ken inle, 
Ebel y'ogwangi ya are nla gwi ? nFawuliS 
inle, miamte; mie ovenjavenji w'ogwangwe? 

10 Nle be bulie inle, ezande zi re we denda 
pa ? inyoi nyi ntyinla y'ogwangi ya nyi tongi- 
nla mie avila go ntye. 

11 Yenld o re savo pa avila go ntye, yi re 
nungunla p'ogwanli we go bonga ntyinla 
y'ogwangi ya g'ogd wd. 

12 Go be janjd, ntye yi be fa pd ngulu ye 
nyenle; o be doanla overavera nl'okugi go 

13 Nle be bulla Ken awulinila Jehova inle, 
azyingo mam mi re viaganlo nl'isindinli sam. 

14 Vonla, o re tomba pa mie nlenld winld 
g'ozyo wi ntye, nVavila g'ozyo wd mi be ju- 
mbunlo; m'be doanla overavera nl'okugi go 


ntye, be toa ke inle, om' edu o denga mie e 
be jonla mie. 

16 Nl'awalinlio ye nli Jehova inle, sambo 
om' edu o jonla Ken e be kundo nyonga ord<» 
genlo. Nle be fela Jehova elingilio gore Ken, 
om' edu o denge e vende jonle. 

16 Nle be dubua Ken g'o2yo wi Jehova alo- 
aala gw'inldnga nyi Nod go tongwa nli nko« 
mbe g'ozamba wi Iden. 

17 NPamienli Ken amia offiant' we, be pu- 
ndige ayanla Inok, nl'anlogi ye nka' mpolo 
atelia inla nyi nka' mpolo g'inla ny'ogwanli 
we Inok. 

18 Nla gore Inok ayanlio Airad, nle be ja- 
tila AirlMl Mahujeel, nle be janla Mahujeel 
ayanla Methuseel, ndo Methuseel ayanli Le* 

19 Nle be bonga Lemak gore yeme awong' 
anto ayanli, inla ny'olonga ny'avegagi Ada, 
nl'inla nya w'atanli ny'avegagi Zila. 

20 Ayanli Ada ayanla Jebal, avegagie rere 
ya w'ilako, nla mongi wi nliv' inyare. 

21 Inla ny'oqwdngi ye nle Jubal, aye nle 
rere y'anlaga waodu wi kota ntyambi nl'i- 

22 Zila ke ayanli Tubal Ken, onlenjisi w'o- 
gutaguTi edu wi nyenlia nl'imianga ; n]'o« 
iQw&ngwe wi Tubal Ken oqwanto nle Neama. 

23 Nle be bulla Lemek awulinlia anto we 
*'"^e, Ada nli Zila^ voganlionli inyoi nyam, 


auluwe^ anto wi Lemak, ka jslgaln' igambi 
nyam: kande mi are jonla p'onlomi gw'ibanjo 
sam, nl'o^wanlomi go nkazyi yam. 

24 Jaga Ken akandinlo nyongd orogenlo^ 
reti Lemek agomi orogmlo nlltiyonga of^o- 

25 Nl'ava mienli Adam amia owaht we, k4 
ye janl' oigwinlomi afdia inli nye inle Setii, 
kande iUiyambii are pa pa mie olond' 
ogwenle gw'inyanga nyi Ebel, 6 yonlid nil 

26 Nla gore Seth ayeme ke ayaiili' digwa* 
nlomi^ nl'arvrelie inli nye inle, Inos ; nle be 
pakilia awinlaga go teta inla nyi Jehora. 


ZINLA nrezango z^imbamba nl'imbamba 
si Adam, go ntyugu y'avangi Anyambie 
avang' oma, nFegalanli z' Anyambie z'avangie 


2 Onlomi nl'offianto avangie irao, azavinla 
wat) a?elia anil mao inle^ Adam, go ntyugtt 
y'avangio wao. 

8 Nraloanli Adam nkama nl'agomi m'impum' 
araro ayanla ogw&nlomi mpanginli ye nreg&* 
lanli ze aVelia inli nye inle, S6th. 

4 Nrintyugu si Adam aye janla pa Sgth, 
s'aroenli nkama s'impuma enlSnlai nFayanlig 
awanlomi nl'awanto. 

5 Nrintyugu si Adam sodu s'aloanlio n^' 


8'aroenli nkama s'impuma enldgom nragomi 
m'impum' araro, nl'ayuwe. 

6 Nraloanli Seth nkama y'impuma nl'i- 
mpam' itanli ayanla Inos. 

7 Nraloanli Seth, aye janla pa Inos, nkama 
s'impuma enlenlai nl'lmpuma orogenlo ayanlie 
awanlomi nl'awanto. 

8 Nrintyugu fsi Seth sodu s'aroenli nkama 
s'impuma enlagom nl'igomi nl'impum' imba* 
nU, nl'ayuwe. 

9 Nl'aloanli Inos agomi m'impuma enlagom, 
ayanla Kenan. 

10 Nle be doanla Ions, aye janla pa Kenan, 
nkama s'impuma enlenlai nl'igomi nl'impum' 
itanli nl'ayanlie awanlomi nl'awanto. 

11 Nl'intyugu si Inos sodu s'aroenli nkama 
s'impuma enlagom nl'impum' itanli, ayuwe. 

12 Nl'aloanli Kenan agomi m'impuma ord<> 
genlo ayanla MahaleliL 

13 Nle be doanla Kenan, aye janla pa 
Mahalelil, aloanla nkama s'impuma enlenlai 
nl'agomi m'impum' anlai, nl'ayanlie awa- 
nlomi nl'awanto. 

14 Nl'intyugu si Kenan sodu s'aroenli 
nkama s'impuma enlagom nl'igomi ny'im- 
puma, ayuwe. 

15 Nl'aloanli Mahalelil agomi m'impum' 
orowa nllmpum' itanli, ayanla Jered. 

16 Nle be doanla Mahalelil, aye janla pa 
^red, aloanla nkama s'impuma enlenlai nl'a- 


gomi m'impam' araro, nrayanlie aWfiAlome 

17 NPintyuga si Mahalelil sodu s'arodttli 
nkama s'impuma enlenlai nragotni tn'im- 
puma enlagom nrimpum' itaftli, nrajruwei 

18 Nraloanli Jered nkama y'impuiiia nl'ak 
gomi oro?a nl'impum' imbanli nrayanlie Inok. 

19 Nle he doanla Jered, aye jaftla pa Inok, 
aloanla ttkama s'impuma enledilaii nl'ayai* 
nlie awanlome nl'awanto. 

20 Nl'intyugu si Jered soda s'aroenli nkama 
s'impuma enlagom nl'agomi oroVa nl'impum' 
imbanli, nl'ayuwe. 

21 Nl'aloanli Inok agomi m'impuma oarota 
nllmpum' itanli, nFayanlie Methusela. * 

22 Nl'aganganr Inok nl'Anyajnbiei aye 
janla pa Methusela, nkama s'impuma ntyaifo^ 
ayanl' awanlome nl'awanto. 

23 Nl'intyugu si Inok sodu s'arofenli nkaAa 
s'impuma ntyaro nl'agomi oroVa nFinlpUiil' 

24 Nl'aganganli Inok nl'AiiyamMS^ 2lla e 
pegaga, kande Anyambie awongie. 

25 Nl'aloanli Methusela nkama y'impmna 
nl'agomi enlenlai nl'impum' orogenlo^ nl'a- 
yanlie Lemak. 

86 Nle be doanllb Methuselai aye janla pa 
Lemak, aloanla nkama simpum' orogenlo 
nragomi enllnlai nrimpUm' imbanli, nl'a- 
yftnlie awanlome nl'awaiitOi 



27 Nl^intynga si Methusela sodu B'ave^agi 
nkama s'impuma enlagom' nragomi oro?a 
nrimpuma enlagom, nl'ayuwe. 

28 Nle be doanla Lemak nkama y'impuma 
nl'agomi enlenlai nl'impum' imbanli ayanl' 

29 Nle be fwelie ini nye inl^, Noa, inl6^ 
winla nle ye o be sindia zuwe gw'evilo zazyo 
nla gVijanja s'aga mazyo g'oijwanja wi ntye 
yi re Anyambie sava pa. 

30 Nle be doanla Lemak, aye janla pa Noa, 
aloanla nkama s'impuma ntyanli nl'agomi 
enlagom nl'impum' itanli, ayanl' awanlome 

31 Nl'intyugu si Lemak soda s'aroenli nka- 
ma simpuma orogenlo nl'agomi ordgenlo 
nl'impum' ordgenlo, nl'ayuwe. 

32 Nl'aroenli Noa nkama s'impuma ntyanli 
g'onlero we : nl'ayanli Noa Syem, Ham, nli 


NL'AROENLI inl6, anlaga w'avakili 
bunla g'ozyo wi ntye nl'ayanlio awanto 
gore wao. 

2 Nle be jenla awa w' Anyambie ayenF 
awanto w'anlaga inlS, w'aroenli eranga nl'a- 
wongi wao ante w'avinjio wao gore wao 

3 Nle be bulia Jehova awulia nlS, inlinli 
nyam nyi be syazyaga nl'anlaga egombe 


zodu, kande aye nle ozyonii, ge iiityugu se 
si be doanla nkama nFagomi m'impum' 

4 Ayegagi ijaiant go ntye gw'intyuga me, 
nl'awa' w'Anyambie jinginla pa gore awanto 
w'anlaga, ayauli wao awanla gore wao, winlar 
w'aroenli anloffie wi ngulu avila gw'alonga, 
anlofiie w'enlumi. 

6 Nle be jenla Jehova ayenla inIS, ibe 
s'anlaga s'awunli polo go ntye, nripikili edu 
s'imonda s'oremi we s'aroenli sibe sintevo 
ntyug* wedu. 

6 Nle be niga Jehova anliga nkonde kande 
arangi anlaga go ntye, nla yo y'azyak&li 
orSmi we, 

7 Nle be bulla Jehova awulia nS , m'be 
jiliza anlaga, w'avangio mie, avila g'ozyo wi 
ntye; anlaga, nl'myama, nil ya yl danda- 
landa, nl'mydnli s'orowa, kande mi anigi 
nkonde gw'avangi mie wao. 

8 Ndo Noa aleng' ikesi gw'antya mi Je- 

9 Sinl& nle mbamba nrimbamba si Noa: 
Noa avegagi oma w'ogore nl'omienle gw'e- 
gombe ze ; nle be kanganla Noa aganganla 

10 Nle be janla Noa ayanl' awanlome araro, 
Syem, Ham, nli Jeftth. 

11 Ntye ke y'aluo y'afevi g'ozyo w'Anyam- 
bie ; nli jonlia ntye ralie nli mbao. 


12 Nli syika yatenlatenla yintye meyanla yi 
re mbia ; gogo re bdelium nl'ido nyi fwelia- 
go onix. 

13 NVinla ny'olavi wi mbanli nle Gaihon; 
mewa nle wo wi kombinla ntye yodu y'lthi- 

• 14 Nrinla ny'olavi wlraro nle Hidikel, nle 
wo wi kenda nkova yi Asiria, go tongwa 
nli kombe; nl'olavi w'inlai wo nle Ea- 

15 Nle be bonga Jehova Anyambie awong' 
onlomi avele go ntyaga yi Iden go janja nla 
go penjavenja yo. 

16 Nl'azombi Jehova Anyambie azombia 
onlomi inle, gw'ereri edu zi re go ntyaga nya 
zo nyagaga. 

17 Ndo gw'erere zi mieze mbia nli mbe, anya 
zo, kande go ntyugu yi nya zo o be juwa 

18 Nrawuli Jehova Anyambie awulia nle, 
zye mbia onlomi go doanla aye dadie m'be 
panginle onlimgunli kwekwe va ye, nl'ega* 
lani ze. 

19 Nle be panga Jehova Anyambie avang' 
avila go ntye nyami edu y'orove, nli ny&nli 
eda y'orowa, a?aga so gore Adam go jenla nte 
be fwelie so, nFinli edu ny'at^elio nyama nli 
Adam, nyo nl'inli nye. 

20 Nle be beta Adam a^et' anla gore nyari 
edu nla gw'iny&nli s'orowa nla gore nyami edu 

EWONJO m. 9 

yurove; ndo gore Adam d^ng' onlungnnli 
kwekwe va ye, nl'egalani ze. 

21 Nle be nanliza Jehova Anyambie anlanli- 
za Adam antyavinla ampolo, nranlanlie ; nle 
be bonge epa z'o?anji we effiari alatiz' ozyonli 
go mbora me. 

22 Nle be panga Jehova Anyambie epa z'o- 
?anja, z'awongio nde avila gore onlomi, avan* 
ga zo ofiianto, atagie ye gore onlomi. 

23 Nle be bulla Adam awulia nle, venli 
zinla nle epa avila go pi yam, nl'ozyonli avila 
gw'izyonli yam; e be fwelio inle, offianto kari- 
de awongio avila gore onlomi. 

24 Yenla re onlomi ega rige reri ye nli ngi 
ye ayongo gore offiant' we, ka wao doanla 
ozyonli omo. 

25 Nla wao atanli w'avegagi tele, Adam 
nFofiiant' we, ndo wi jenla niydnli da. 


OMAMBA w'avegagi nl'avonlo viaganlo nli 
nyami edu y'orove y'avangio nl'Anya- 
mbie ; nle be bulia wo awulinlia owanto inle, 
reti Anyambie are bulia pa inle, anyanli 
gw'ereri edu zi ntyaga? 

2 Nle be bulia offianto awulinlia offiamba 
inle, azuwe ka nya ilonda yi rere yi ntyaga. 

3 Ndo gw'ilonda y'erere zi re go garegare 
yi ntyaga, Anyambie are bulia pa inle, anya- 
nli yo vonganli kota yo, anluwe vende juwa. 


4 Nle be bulla offiamba awulinlia ofBianto 
inle, gwljuwa anluw' ayiiwe« 

5 Kande Anyambie avoio inle^ ntyugu yi 
be nya nluwe go zo, gambenle antyi manli 
m'anungwa, anlawe ke anluwe be doanla 
g' Anyambie, mlagaga mbia nli mbe. 

6 Ndo gw'ayenli owanto inle erere zi r'eyia 
gw'inya, nil m^pe jenlo gVantya, nl'erere zi 
jonganlo go pang' oma a'lmia, aw)$ng' ilondi 
yS anya, ava ke onloffi' we nla ye, ka ye 

7 !Nle be nuagw' antyd mac a?anli, amienli 
wao ke inle, wi re tele ; nl'aromi wao ijaTi 
9'akaiQdai avang' ikuwi yaome andombA. 

8 Nle be jagi wao inyoi nyi Jehora Anyambie 
kendagendaga go ntyaga go nkei y'owenja, 
nl'aayambunli Adam nroffiant' we avila g'o- 
zyo wi Jehora Anyambie go garegare yi 
rere yi ntyaga. 

9 Nle be fwelia Jehova Anyambie aVelia 
Adam inle, o re nla gwi ? 

10 Nl'awulie inle, mi ajaga inyd nya go 
ntyaga afanga miS, kande mi are tele asyim* 
bunla mie. 

11 Nle be bulie inle, o bulinlia mande inle^ 
re tele ? O re nya p^erere z'azombi mie 
we inle, anya zo ? 

12 Nle be bolia onlomi inIe,'ofila]rfa9 o venllo 
nda go doanla nla mie, apenli mie erere, anya 


13 Nle be bulla Jefaova Anyambie awulinlia 
offianto inle, ezande zi re we denda p'osaon 
winla ? Nle be bulla offianto inle^ offiamba 
w'atemlzL mle, anya mle. 

14 Nle be bulla Jehova Anyambie awulinlia 
offiamba Inle, kande o adendl ndaga yinld o 
re savo pa viaganlo nle'vuglnll edu, nla via^ 
ganlo nli nyami edu y'oiove ; o be jagunla 
gw'iwuffitt nya, nil niyenge yo be nyagago 
nda intyugu s'emenla za sodu. 

15 M'be fela ndo?a nty& we ntya offianto, 
ntya olondl wa ntya olondi we ; e be syata 
ewonjo za, nl'awe o be syata ntumbuntumbu 

16 Nle be bulinlle offianto inle, nibunlaga 
m'be bunlia Isyonga nl'lnyeme nya; o be 
janF awanla nli nkazya; nil ndagiidi ya yl be 
doanla gore onloffi' wa, aye ke e be pa- 

17 Gore onlomi awuU nle, kande o ajagA 
inyoi py'offiant' wa, anya gw'erere z'azombi 
mie we inle, anya go zo, ntye yi re savo pa 
gw'inyangi nya, o be nya yo nli njuki intyu- 
gu s'emenla zi sodu. 

18 Yi be felia arende BFifalifa gore we, nVa- 
we be nya ebe zi ntyaga. 

19 O be nye inya nl'erogora z'ozyo wd agenda 
go be fwinlia go ntye ; kande vava awongio 
we ; kande awe nl'lrai', gw'irai be fwinlia ke. 

20 NraVeli Adam inla ny'offiant' we inle, 


Ivi, kande aye nle ngwe ya wao'da wi re 

21 Nravangi Jehova Aiiyambie avang' 
Adam nromant' we ingai s'ebanda, a?aria 

22 Nle be bulla Jehova Anyambie awulia 
nle, vonla, oma atoenli g'oinari gore zuwe go 
mia mbia nil mbe ndo venla e vende daminla 
oga we awonga ke gw'erere z'emenla' anya 
aloanla egombe zodu. 

23 Yenla arombi Jehova Anyambie arombe 
go ntyaga yi Iden go janja ntye, avila gw'a- 
wongio ye. 

24 Nl'arombie onlomi, avela go tongwa nil 
nkombe go nfcyaga yi Iden Ikerubim nPokwa- 
ra oyambui, wi fwizawizaga nkovi edu go 
penjavenja mpanla y'erere z'emenla. 


NLE be mia Adam amia Ivi y'omant' we 
nl'aroenli ye nl'inyeme ayanla Ken, awu- 
lia nle, mi are denga p'onlomi gore Jehova. 

2 Nle be fa janle ayanl' ogwangi ye Ebel. 
Ebel avegagi ovenjavenji w'adambe, ndo Ken 
avegagi ombilo wi ntye. 

3 Nraroenli gw'egombe, af ienli Ken nrilo- 
nda yi ntye, ntyago gore Jehova. 

4 NraVienli Ebel ke nli yadambe gw'ipi 
nye, nl'agali mao ; nle be ponla Jehova avo- 
nla Ebel nli ntyago ye. 


5 Ndo e ponia gore Ken nla go ntyago ye ; 
nFaVendi Ken polo avur' ozyo we go ntye. 

6 Nle be bulla Jehova awulinlia Ken inle, 
ezande zi benda ? nl'ezande zi pura ozyo w& 
go ntye ? 

7 Ja ffi'ajanja mbiambie o be bongo ? ndo 
ja ayanja mbiambie, ibe si syata g'ompomba- 
na, nli ndaginli ye yi be doanla gore we, o be 
pan gin] e. 

8 Nle be jira Ken ayiraga lambe nli Ebel 
y'ogwangi ye ; nl'aroenli gw'avegagi wao g'o. 
rove, agumanli Ken gore Ebel y'oi|wdngi j6 

9 Nle be bulla Jehova a?ambia Ken inle, 
Ebel y*ogwangi ya are nla gwi ? nPawulie 
inle, miamie; mie ovenjavenji w'ogwangwe? 

10 Nle be bulie inle, ezande zi re we denda 
pa ? inyoi nyi ntyinia y'ogwangi yd nyi tongi- 
nla mie avila go ntye. 

11 Yenla o re savo pa avila go ntye, yi re 
nungunla p'ogwanli we go bonga ntyinia 
y'ogwangi ya g'oga wa. 

12 Go be janja, ntye yi be fa pd ngulu ye 
nyenle; o be doanla overavera nFokugi go 

13 Nle be bulia Ken awulinila Jehova inle, 
azyingo mam mi re viaganlo nl'isindinli sam. 

14 Vonla, o re tomba pa mie nlenla winla 
g'ozyo wi ntye, nl'avila g'ozyo wa mi be ju- 
mbunlo ; m'be doanla overavera nl'okugi go 


ntye, be toa ke inle^ om' edu o denga mie e 
be jonla mie. 

16 Nrawulinlio ye nil Jehova inle, sambo 
om' edu o jonla Ken e be kundo nyonga oro« 
genlo. Nle be fela Jehova elingilio gwe Ken, 
om' edu o denge e vende jonle. 

16 Nle be dubua Ken g'o^yo wi Jehora alo- 
m\a» gw'inlonga nyi Nod go tongwa nli nko* 
mbe g'ozamba wi Iden. 

17 Nl'amienli Ken amia ofiiant' we, be pu- 
ndige ayanla Indk, nl'anlogi ye nka' mpolo 
atelia inla nyi nka' mpolo g'inla ny'oigwanli 
we Inok. 

16 Nla gore Inok ayanlio Airad, nle be ja- 
nla Airad Mahujeel, nle be janla Mahujeel 
ayanla Methuseel, ndo Methuseel ayanli Le- 

19 Nle be bonga Lemak gore yeme awong' 
anto atanli, inla ny'olonga ny'avegagi Ada, 
nl'inla nya w'atanli ny'avegagi Zila. 

20 Ayanli Ada ayanla Jebal, aregagie rere 
ya w'ilako, nla mongi wi nliv' inyare. 

21 Inla ny'oi)wangi ye nle Jubal, aye nle 
jrere ^anlaga waodu wi kota ntyambi nl'i- 

22 Zila ke ayanli Tubal Ken, onlenjisi w'o- 
gu?agu?i edu wi nyenlia nl'imianga ; nl'o- 
iQwdngwe wi Tubal Ken ox)wanto nle Neama. 

23 Nle be bulla Lemek awulinlia anto we 
inle, Ada nil 2«ila| voganlionli inyoi nyam, 


anluwe, auto wi Lemak, ka j again' igamU 
nyam: kande mi are jonla p'onlomi gw'ibanjo 
sam, nro^wanlomi go nkazyi yam. 

24 Jaga Ken akunditilo nyongd orog^o> 
reti Lemek agomi orogeaLo nl'itiyonga oto^ 

25 Nrara mienli Adam aHiia owaUt we, kd 
ye janl' oQw&nlomi a?6lia inli nye inle Setii, 
kande Anyambi^ are pa pa mie olond' 
ogwenle gw'inyanga nyi Ebel, 6 yonlid nil 

26 Nla gore Seth ayeme ke ayanli' oigWa* 
nlomi^ nVaTwelie inli nye inle> Inos ; nle be 
pakilia awinldga go teta inla nyi Jehora. 


ZINLA nrezango z'imbamba nrimbamba 
si Adam, go ntyugu y'avangi Anyambie 
avang' oma, nl'egalanli z' Anyambie z'avangie 

2 Onlomi nroffianto avatigie waoj azavima 
wao atelia anli mao inle^ Adam, go ntyngfti 
y'avangio wao. 

8 NFaloanli Adam nkama nl'agomi m^impiim^ 
araro ayanla ogwanlomi mpanginli ye nregft* 
lanli ze aVelia inli nye inle, S^th. 

4 Nrintyugu si Adam aye janla pa S^tb, 
s'aroenli nkama s'impuma enlSnlai nFayanlig 
awantomi nl'awanto. 

6 Nrintyugu si Adam isodu s'aloanlio ndS 


s'aroenli nkama s'iiupuma enlagom nragomi 
m'impum' araro, nrayuwe. 

6 Nl'aloanli Seth nkama y'impuma nl'i- 
mpum' itanli ayania Inos. 

7 Nl'aloanli Seth, aye janla pa Inos, nkama 
s'impuma enlenlai nl'impmna orogenlo ayanlie 
awanlomi nFawanto. 

8 Nl'intyuga 'si Seth soda s'aroenli nkama 
s'impuma enlagom nl'igomi nl'impum' imba- 
nli, nl'ayuwe. 

9 Nl'aloanli Inos agomi m'impuma enlagom, 
ayania Kenan. 

10 Nle be doanla Ions, aye janla pa Kenan, 
nkama s'impuma enlenlai nl'igomi nl'impum' 
itanli nl'ayanlie awanlomi nl'awanto. 

11 Nl'intyugu si Inos sodu s'aroenli nkama 
s'impuma enl^gom nl'impum' itanli, ayuwe. 

12 Nl'aloanli Kenan agomi m'impuma oro^ 
genlo ayania Mahalelil. 

13 Nle be doanla Kenan, aye janla pa 
Mahalelil, aloanla nkama s'impuma enlenlai 
nl'agomi m'impum' anlai, nl'ayanlie awa- 
nlomi nl'awanto. 

14 Nl'intyugu si Kenan sodu s'aroenli 
nkama s'impuma enlagom nl'igomi ny'im- 
puma, ayuwe. 

15 Nl'aloanli Mahalelil agomi m'impum' 
orowa nl'impum' itanli, ayania Jered. 

16 Nle be doanla Mahalelil, aye janla pa 
Jered, aloanla nkama s'impuma enlenlai nl'a- 


gomi m'impum' araro, nrayanlie awaalome 

17 Nrintyuga si Mahalelil sodu s'arodtlli 
nkama s'impuma enlenlai nragolni tn'im- 
puma enlagom nrimpum' itatdii nrayuwe. 

18 Nl'aloanli Jered nkama y'impunia nlV 
g6mi oro7a iirimpum' imbanli nFayanlie Inok. 

19 Nle be doaala Jered, aye jaala pa Inok, 
aloanla nkama s'impuma enleillaii nl'ayao 
nlie awanlome nrawanto. 

20 Nrintyugu si Jered soda s'atoenli nkama 
s'impuma enlagom nl'agomi oro^a nrimpum' 
imbanli, nl'ayuwe. 

21 Nl'aloanli Inok agomi m'impuma curoTa 
nl'lmpum' itanli, nl'ayanlie Methusela. ' 

22 Nl'aganganr Inok nl'Anyambiei aye 
janla pa Methusela, nkama s'impuma ntyaitoi 
ayanl' awanlome nFawanto. 

23 Nl'intyugu si Inok soda s'arodnli nkama 
s^impuma ntyaro nl'agomi oroVa nrimpum' 

24 Nl'aganganli Inok nrAiiyambiS^ nla e 
pegaga, kande Anyambie awongie. 

25 Nl'aloanli Methusela nkama y'impuma 
nl'agomi enlenlai nl'impum' cnrogdnloi nra- 
yanlie Lemak. 

86 Nle be doanltb Methuselay aye janla pa 
Lemak, aloanla nkama simpum' orogenlo 
nl'agomi enlenlai nrimptim' imbatali, nFa- 
yftnlie awanlome nrawanto. 


27 Nrintyngu si Methusela soda s'avegagi 
nkama s'impuma enlStgom' nragomi oro?a 
nrimpuma enlagom, nl'ayuwe. 

28 Nle be doanla Lemak nkaioa y'impuma 
nl'agomi enlenlai nrimpum' imbanli ayanl' 

29 Nle be fwelie ini nye inlS, Noa, inlS, 
winla nle ye o be sindia zuwe gw'evilo zazyo 
nla gw'ijanja s*aga mazyo g'ogwanja wi ntye 
yi re Anyambie sava pa. 

30 Nle be doanla Lemak, aye janla pa Noa, 
aloanla nkama s'impuma ntyanli nl'agomi 
enlagom nl'impum' itanli, ayanl' awanlome 

31 Nl'intyugu si Lemak soda s'aroenli nka- 
ma simpama orogenlo nl'agomi orogenlo 
nl'impam' orogenlo, nrayawe. 

32 Nl'aroenli Noa nkama s'impama ntyanli 
g'onlero we : nl'ayanli Noa Syem, Ham, nli 


NL'ABOENLI inlg, anlaga w'avakili 
bunla g'ozyo wi ntye nl'ayanlio awanto 
gore wao. 

2 Nle be jenla awa w' Anyambie ayenl' 
awanto w'anlaga inlS, w'aroenli eranga nl'a- 
wongi wao ante w'avinjio wao gore wao 

3 Nle be balia Jehova awulia nig, inlinli 
nyam nyi be syeJzyaga nl'anlaga egombe 


zoduy kande aye nle ozyonli, ge intyuga se 
si be doanla nkama nragomi m'impam' 

4 Avegagi ijaiant gb ntye gw'intyugu me, 
nl'awa' w'Anyambie jinginla pa gore awanto 
w'anlaga, ayanli wao awanla gore wao, winlsl 
Varoenli anloffie m ngulu avila gw'alonga, 
anloffie w'enlumi. 

6 Nle be jenla Jehova ayenla inl^, ibe 
s'anlaga s'awunii polo go ntye, nl'ipikili edu 
s'imonda s'oremi we s'aroenli sibe sintevo 
ntyug* wedu. 

6 Nle be niga Jehova anllga nkonde kande 
arangl anlaga go ntye, nla yo y'azyakali 
orSmi we. 

7 Nle be bulla Jehova awulia nS , m'be 
jillza anlaga, w'avangio mie, avila g'ozyo wi 
ntye; anlaga, nrinyama, nil ya yi danda- 
landa, nl'lnyanli s'orowa, kande mi anigi 
nkonde gw'avangi mie wao. 

8 Ndo Noa aleng' ikesi gw'antya mi Je- 

9 Sinl& nle mbamba nrimbamba si Noa: 
Noa avegagi oma w'ogore nromienle gw'e- 
gombe ze ; nle be kanganla Noa aganganla 

10 Nle be janla Noa ayanl' awanlome araro, 
Syem, Ham, nli Jef^th. 

11 Ntye ke /aluo y'afevi g'ozyo w'Anyam- 
bie ; nli jonlia ntye ralie nli mbao. 


12 Nle be ponia Anyambie avonla go niye ; 
ndo Tonla, y'aluo y'aferi, k^nde izyonli yodu 
y'avegagi feviza pa nkendinli ye go ntye. 

13 Nle be bulla Anyambie awalinlia Noa 
inl^, ntyai y'izyonli yodu y'abienli g'ozyo 
warn: k&hde ntye y'ayotili nli mbao iila 
wao; ndo vonla, m'be jiliza wao avila go 

14 VanginV oku' wa owatanga wi rere yi 
Gofer; vanga ke in&ntye g'owatanga, k& 
kila wo ojo go gare nla g'ozamba. 

15 Yinl^ nle ntyali yi be pango nd& wo, 
elavinli z'owatanga ssi ga loanle nkama 
s'ikubit ntyaro, nrevendinli agomi m'ikubit 
atanli, nragomi m'ikubit araro gw'iddidua. 

16 Isyangala nyi ga vango g'owatanga, 
menliza nyo knbit mdri avila gVigonlo. 

17 Ndo vonla, mieme, ml baga enlingo 
z'anlingo go ntye, go jiliza i^yonli yodu yi 
re nl'ogwgi w'effienld arila g'odolongo w'o- 
rowa : ezam' edu zi re go ntye zi be juwa. 

18 Ndo mi be doanliza njfe'ki yam gore. we, 
k& we jinginla g'owatanga, awe, nl'awanU 
wa anloffie, nrowant' wa, nl'anto Vawa^li ya 
nla we. 

19 Ndo ezam' edu z'efflenla gw'izyonli yodu, 
tajili vanli, g'onlong' wedu zi ga yinginle 
g'owatanga go penjavenja yo bo gore we, yi 
ga loanle enloffie nl'ezanto. 

20 Gw'injrflinli s'orowa onload wao, nli 

EWONJO yiL 21 

vuglnlia oolpBg^ wao, nl'ezam^ eda zi danda- 
landa go ntje i^iildaga we, vauU g'onlong 
vedu, ji gik Vie gQW we go peixjavenja yo bo. 

21 Ndo wonga gore we gw'inya soda si nyo, 
ka k^nja gore we ; si ga loanle inya gore we 
xUa gore $o« 

22 Nle be denda Noa g'osaon wedu w'azom- 
bio ye nrAflyambie, yeiala iiilendie, 


NLE be buUa Jehova awulinlia Noa inlg, 
yingial' awe nli nag' wa yodu, kande mi 
are jei\la pa oiaa w'ogore g'o^yo warn gwl- 
gwera nyinld,. 

2 Ndo gw'evugiuli edu zi re jambiia pa, 
wonga gore we, orogenlo orogealo, enlome 
nl'^zaoto ze, &do gp nyami eda yi re yi zye 
pupa, mbanli, nome nli nyanto. 

3 Nla go nyanli edu y'orowa orogenlo oro- 
genlo nome nli ny9>ato, go p^javenjA ilpnda 
bo g'pzyo wi ntye yodu. 

4 Kfi^e ntyugu orogenlo viaganlo mi be 
n^gize Qingo go ntye ya agomi m'ifiianda 
anlai nl' agomi m'igwera anlai ; nrezam' edu 
zi re bo z'avangio mie, zi be jilizo avila 
g'ozyo wi ntye. 

5 Nl' alendi Noa osaon wedu w'azombio ye 
nli Jehova. 

6 Ndo Noa avegagi nkama s'impuma orota 
gw'aroeuli enlingo z'anlingo go ntye. 


7 Nle be jinginla Noa, nrawanli we anlome, 
nrowanto we, nranto w'awanli we nFaye, 
ayinglnla g'owatanga, avila g'ozyo w*anlingo 

8 Nl'evuginlia eyambui, nrinyama si re si 
zye pupu, nFinyanli, nrezam' edu zi danda- 
landa go ntye. 

9 Nle be jinginla yanli vanli ayinginla gore 
Noa g'owatanga, enlome nl'ezanto, ga nt'azo- 
mbio Noa nl'Anyambie. 

10 Ni'aroenli ntyugu orogenlo piaganla pa, 
nFanlingo m'enlingo m'avegagi go ntye. 

11 Gw'inkama s'impuma orota gw'^ffienU 
zi Noa, g'ogweli w'imbanli, gw'igomi ny'i- 
ntyugu nl'intyugu y'orogenlo y'ogweli, go 
ntyugu me, imbenli si mbenli mpolo s'aya- 
ruayarui, nl'asyangala m'orowa m'anlun- 

12 Ndo ningo y'avegagi go ntye agomi 
m'iwanJ' anlai nl'agomi m'igwer' anlai. 

13 Go ntyugu memo ayinginli Noa nil 
Syem nli Ham nli Jeieth awanlome wi Noa, 
nl'owanto wi Noa, nl'anto araro w'awanloffie 
we nla wao g'owatanga. 

14 Wao, nli nyami edu onlongd we, nPevu- 
ginli edu onlonga we, nrezam' edu zi da- 
ndalanda go ntyB onlonga we, nli nyanli 
mpolo edu onlonga we, nli nyanli edu nyan* 
go onlong' wedu. 

15 Nle be jinginla yo gore Noa g'owatanga 


^'anli ?ajili, gw'izyonli yodu yi re nl'oi|wSi 

16 Nla yo y'ayinginli enlofiie nl'ezanto gw'i- 
zyonii yoda^ ga nt'azombio ye nrAnyambie, 
Nranlonjio ye nli Jehova g<^o. 

17 Ndo enlingo evolo z'avegagi agomi ml* 
ntyugu anlai go ntye, nranlingo m'awimli 
arombinla owatanga, Qrayanginli wo gw'igo-t 
nlo n3ri ntye.- 

18 Nle be pend' anlingo awunla<polo go 
ntye, nrowatango w'agendi g'ozyo w'anlingo. 

19 Nravendagi anlingo polo go ntye, nl'a- 
vagi inomb' impolo soda si re g^odolongo 

20 Nle be pend' anlingo igomi ny'ikubit 
nPikubit ntyanli gw'igonlo, avugio inomba 

21 Nle be juwa izyonli yodu yi kendage- 
nda go ntye, nla inyanli nli vuginlia nl'iny- 
ama nl'ezam' edu zi dandalanda go ntye, 
nrom' edu. 

22 Ezam' edu z'aveV oqwgi w'emenla g'o- 
zyagunla; w:ao du w'avegagi go ntye yakaka, 

23 Nle be jilizo ezam' edu z'en^nld go 
ntye yakaka, nla anlaga, nla vuginlia, nli ya 
yi dandalanda go ntye, nrinydnli s'orpwa, 
w'azyazyo avila go ntye ; ndo Noa ariganli 
aye dadie nla wao wavegagi nla ye g'owa- 


24 Nle be peud' (tnlingp gfo ntye nkama 
nl'agomi m'intynga atanli. 


NLE' be jcHfiginlia Anyambie ayonginlia 
Noa, nrex&m' edu zs'emenld, nli nyami edu 
y'ayegagi nla ye g'oM'utanga; Anyambie 
artagmalizi ompanga go ntye, nle be po' anli* 

% Nle be nunjo imbenli s'<»rdnga nPasyang- 
alft m'orowa, nli ningo y'orowa y'aadmbio. 

5 Ndo anlingo m'atinli avila go ntye, nke- 
ndaga nli fwinliaga ; ndo nkama nPagomi 
m'intyugu atanli anlingo m'avoenli. 

.4 Nle be siga owatanga ogweli ordgenlo, 
gw'igomi ny'intyugu nrintyuga orogenlo s'o« 
weli gw'inomba si Ararat. 

6 Ndo anlingo m'agendagi ayamaga koanga 
g'ogwdli w'igomi, ndo g'ogweli w'igomi, go 
ntyugu SLonga y'ogweli, intyai s'inomba s'aye* 

6 Ndo agomi m'intyugu anlai piaganla pa, 
Noa anlmngnnl' i$yangala ny^ovntanga ny'a- 
vangio nde. 

7 Nle be kdganlie nkombenloogo, ni'agagwi 
yo agSudagenda kao anlingo m'agaminli go 

8 Ag&ganli ke menga avila gore ye, go je* 
nla, j'anlipgo m-apoenli avila g'ozyo vri ntye. 

9 Ndo menga yi dcng' ijawa gw'igando nyi 


utyozyo ye, nle be fvrinlia ya gore y^ g'owata- 
nga, kande anlingo m'avegagi g'ozyo wi ntye 
yodu* Nie be darinle ogd we, agota yo, 
a^aga yo gore ye g^owatanga. 

10 Ayengeri ye ntyugu ordgenlo s'inyenle, 
a^ra tomi ye menga avila g'ovatanga. 

11 Ndo menga y'atienli gore ye nkolu, ndo 
Yonla, avegagi nl'owayi wi fig dulo pa g'ogwa- 
nil we ; nle be nua Noa iole, anlingo m'a- 
poenli ayiia go ntye. 

12 Nl'ayengerie ntyuga ordgenlo sinyenle, 
nle be fa tome menga, y'aroenli yi fwmia 
gore ye nyenle. 

13 Nl'aroenli gw'inkama simpuma oro^a 
nl'ompum' om&ri, g'ogweli olonga, nli ntyugu 
nonga y'ogweli, anlingo m'aluo m'akaminli go 
ntye; ndo Noa arombi eponga z'owatanga 
ayenla, ndo, yonla, ozyo wi ntye w'aluo w'aka- 

14 Ndo g'ogweli w'imbanli, gw'agomi m'i* 
ntyugu ambanli nli ntyugu y'orogenlo y'o- 
gwSli, ntye y'ayomi. 

Ifi Nie be bulla Anyambi^ awulinlia Noa 

16 Gagwa g'owatanga, awe nl'owant' wa, 
nVawanli wa aiilome, nPanto w'awsuali w& nla 

17 Nl'ezam' edu z'«tnenla zi re nla we,'gw'i-» 
zyonli yodu, nrinyanli nli vuginlia, nl'e- 
zam' edu zi dandalanda go ntye; gAgunlia yr 


nl'awe, inl^ yi ga wunlage, go ntye, njanlaga 
nli bunlaga. 

18 Nle be kagwa Noa nl'owant' we, nl'awanli 
we anlome, nl'anto w'awanli we nla ye. 

19 Nli nyami edu, nFezsLm' eda zi dandala^ 
nda, nli ny&nli edu, ezam' edu zi dandalanda 
go ntye, gw'inlonga yao y'agagwi g'owata- 

20 Ndo Noa anlogi eseka gore Jehova, nle 
be bonge go nyami edu yi nj&mbui nli nyd- 
nli edu yi nj&mbui, ayira gw'eseka. 

21 Ndo Jehova anlunli nkango mbia, nle 
be bulla Jehova g'oremi we inl6, mi be fA sava 
ntye nyenle gw'inyanga ny'ogwanlaga, k&- 
nde mpivinli y'oremi we yi re mbe avila gw'e- 
rumbe ze, mi be fd bola ke nyenle ezam' edu 
z'emenla ga nt'are mie denda pa. 

22 Olingo wi be doanla ntye, ibenla nlltenla, 
ifwi nli mpiu, ntyanja nl'enloffio, nl'owanda 
nl'ogwera yi be mana. 


NDO Anyambie azavinli Noa nl'awanli 
we anlome, awulinlia wao inl6, yanlanli 
ka bunlaganli ayonliza ntye. 

2 Nl'iti sanli nl'ifangi sanli si be doanla go 
nyami edu go ntye, nla go nySmli edu y'o- 
rowa, nla gVez&m' edu zi dandalanda go 
ntye, nla go vere yodu yi mbenli mpolo; 
gw'agd m& re yo po pa. 


3 £z4m' edu z'emenla zi kendagenda zi re 
sinya gore nlawe, vanganli eb' evezyo mi 
apenii nluwe y&ma yoda. 

4 Ndo ozyonli nremenla ze, ntyinli ye, an- 
yanli yo. 

5 Ndo reti ntyinli yanli yi menla yanli m'be 
bambia yo; avila g'oga wi nyami edu mi 
be bambia yo; ayila g'oga w'oma, nl'avila 
g^oga w'oijw^g' wedu w'oma, m'be bambia 
emenia z'oma. 

6 Aye o poviza ntyinla y'oma, nl'oma ntyi. 
nli ye yi be povizo; kande gw'eg&lanli z'Anya- 
mbie avangie oma. 

7 Ndo anluwe, yanlanli ka bunlaganli are* 
nda go ntye, mbunlaganli go yo. 

8 Nie be bulia Anyambie awulinlia Noa 
nl'awanli we anlome nla ye inle, 

9 Yonla, mi be doanliza njeki yam gore 
nluwe nla gore ilondi yanli go nyumi yanli, 

10 Nla gw'ezam' edu z'emenla zi re nl'a- 
nluwe, gw'inyanli nla go vuginlia, nla go 
nyami edu yi ntye yi re nl'anluwe, gw'ezam' 
edu zi kagwa avila g'owatanga go nyami edu 
yi ntye. 

11 M'be doaniza njeki yam gore nluwe inle, 
izyonli yodu yi be id teno nl'anlingo m'enli- 
ngo evolo, be doanla ke nyenle enlingo evolo 
zi jiliza ntye. 

12 Nle be bulia Anyambie inle, zinla nle 
elingilio zi njeka yi pango nty& mie ntyi 

88 JEJflSia 

we, nrezam' edii z'ejiienja ai re uVanluwe 
gw'imbaaiba nrimbamb^ s'egombe zodu. 

13 Mi fela mbumbi yam gw'evindi, yi be 
doanla elmgiUo zi njeka ntya mie ^tya 

14 Ndo be toa ja mi apindi' eviodi go ntye, 
mbumba yi be jeno gw'evindi. 

15 Ka mi ajonginlia njeki yam yi re ntya 
mie ntySt nluwe, n^ya ezam' eda z'emenla 
gw'izyonli yodu; be doanla ke nyenle anli- 
ngo m'enliiigo evolo zi jiliz' izyonli yoda. 

16 Ndo mbumba yi be doanla gw'evindi, 
ka mi aponla yo ayonginlia njeka y'egombe 
zoda nty& Anyambie nty& ezam' eda z'eiiLe- 
nla, gw'izyonli yodu yi re go ntye. 

17 NFawali Anyambie awulinlia Noa inle, 
zinla nrelingilio zi njeka, yi re mie panga 
pa nty4 mie ntya izyonli yodu yi re go ntye. 

18 Ni'awanla wi Noa w'agagwi g'owata- 
nga w'avegagi Syem, Ham, nli Jefetli ; ndo 
Ham avegagi reore yi Kenean. 

19 Winia, araro nle awa wi Noa; ndo avila 
gore winl& ntye yodu y'azyambio. 

20 Ndo Noa avakili doanla ombilo wi ntye, 
k& ye benia ntyaga y'igali. 

21 Nle be jonge ive awongo; nravegagie 
telS g'okanji we. 

22 Nle be jenla Ham rere yi Eenean ayenla 
otele wa reri ye, awulinlie awongi ye avanli 



2d Nle be bonga Syem nli Jefeth awonga 
ngai mpoloy aralia yo gw'i?egi yao wavanli, 
agenda nli nyuma, avuga otele wa reri yao; 
nl'azyo mao m'avegagi go nyuma, ka w'ay^ 
nle o t^lS wa reri yao. 

24 Nle be nongwa Noa avila'gw'iy^ ny^ayo- 
ngio ndcf amia nt'alendi oigwanli yif orambe 
gore y6* 

25 Nle be bulig inle, ozyavo gore Eenean» 
e ga loanle nyongo y'inyongo gore awa reri 

26 Nl'awaliS inl^, ozyavinlo gore Jehora 
AnyambiS yi Sy^m, Eenean k£ e ga loanle 
nyongo y& 

27 AnyamU^ e be bunliza Jt(8&iy kh yg 
doanla gw'ikanja yi Sy^m, Eenean k£ e be 
doania nyongo y£. 

28 Enlingo z'anlingo {^iaganla pft, aloanli 
Noa nkama s'impuma ntyaro ni'agomi m^i«> 
mpmn atanli. 

29 Ndo intyugn si Noa sodn fi^aroenli nkama 
s'impuma enl^gom nragomi m'impum' atanli, 


NDO sinU nle imbamba nl'imbamba s'aw* 
anlome wi Noa, Sy^m, Ham, nli JefSth ; 
nl'ayanlio gore wao awanlome, enlingo z'anU^ 
hgo piaganla pa. 
2 Awanlome wi Jefgth; Gt^mar, nli Me 


gog, nli Medaiiy nli Jevan, nli Tubal, nli M^- 
sy^k, nli Tiras. 

3 Ndo awanlome wi Gomar; Asykenaz, nli 
Bif ^th, nli Togarma. 

4 Nrawanlome wi Jevan; Elaisya, nli Tar- 
syisy, nli Eitim, nli Dodenim. 

5 Nla gore vrinlk agerio inl^nge s'anlongSi 
gw'intye sao, om' edu g'onl^mi wSmS, gVi- 
mbuvi sao gore anlong^. 

6 Ndo awanlome wi Ham; Kusy, nli Misra- 
im, nli Fat, nli Eenean. 

7 Ndo awanlome wi Kusy ; Seba, nli Ha- 
vila, nli Sabta, nli Reama, nli Sabteka: nl'a- 
wanlome wi Reama ; Syeba, nli Dedan. 

8 Ndo Kusy ayanli Nimrod ; nle be pakili^ 
penda nli ngala go ntye. 

9 AySmS avegagi omb^nla oyStli g'ozyo wi 
Jehova; yenl^ bulio inl^, ga Nimrod omb^« 
nla oy&li g'o2;yo wi Jehova. 

10 Ndo ipakilia s'inlong^ ny^ s'avegagi 
Beb^l, nli Erak, nli AkSd, nli Kalne, go ntye 
yi Syainar. 

11 Nl'ag&gwi Asyur go ntye mSykiilk anloga 
Niniva, nli Rihoboth nka' mpolo, nli Kela. 

12 Nli Resen nty§i Niniva ntySt Kela, meyd, 
nka mpolo. 

13 Nli Misreim ayanli Ludim, nli Anemim, 
nli Lehebim, nli Nafkuhim. 

14 Nle Fathrusim, nli K^sluhim, (nl'ag&gwi 
gore yS Felistim), nli Kaftorim. 


15 Nle be janla Kenean ayanla Sidon njaliS 
y^ nome, nli H^th, 

16 Nli Jebusaite, nli Amorait, nli G^rgesait, 

17 Nli Hair ait, nli Arkait, nli Sainait, 

18 Nli^Arvadait, nli Zimorait, nli Hemathait; 
nl'isaon yinlSi mania pa, imbuvi y'Ikenea- 
nait s'avazanganli. 

19 Nl'ikombinla si ntye y'Ikeneanait s'ave- 
gagi avila go Saidon, go be k^ndSi go Girar, 
koaiiga go Geza, go be ki^'nd^ go Sodom, nli 
Gomora, nli Adma, nli Ziboim, koanga go 

20 Winlk nle awanlome wi Ham gw'imbuvi 
sao, gw'inlSmi yao, nl'intye sao, nl'anlongft 

21 Nla gore SySm, rere y'awanlome waodu 
wi Iber, oi|wkrere wi Jeftth, y'onlSr?, vanga- 
nli gore ye ayanlio awanla. ^ 

22 Nl'awanla wi Syem, w'avegagi Elam, 
nli Asyiur, nli Arfaxad, nli Lud, nli Eram. 

23 Nl'awanla wi Eram, w'avegagi Uz, nli 
Hul, nli Gethur, nli Masy. 

24 Ndo Arfaxad ayanli Sela, nle be janla 
Sola Eber. 

25 Nle be janlo gore Eber awanlome a^a- 
nli; ina ny'olonga nle Pileg, k&nde gw'intjru- 
gu se ntye y'agerio; nl'ina ny'oi|wdngi ye 
nle Joktan. 

26 Ndo Joktan ayanli Aimodad, nli Selaf, 
nli Hazermayaih, nli Jera, 


27 Nil Hadoram, nli Uzal, nli Dikla, 

28 Nli Obal, nli Ebimeal, nli Syeba, 

29 Nli Ofir, nli Havaila, nli Jobab ; winla 
waodu w'avegagi awanla Mn Joktan. 

30 Ndo aloanlo mao m'avegagi avila go Me- 
sya, go nkova yi kend§. go Sefar, nomba yi 
re go tongwe nkombe. 

31 Winla nle awanla wi Syem nrimbuvi 
sao, nl'inlenu yao^ gw'intye sao, nFanlonga 

32 Sinli nl'imbuTi s'awBnlome vri Noa^ 
nllmbamba nrimbambi sao, gw'anlonga mao ; 
ndo avila gore 'winla anlonga m'agerio go 
ntye, enlingo ^e'a^ingo piaganla pa. 


NLI ntye yodu y'avegagi nl'onlnmb' omo, 

2 Nl'aro^Eili gw'ag^ndi wao avila go tongWa 
nli nkombe^ w'alengi od^S go ntye yi Syai^ 
nar, nl'aloanli wao ykrk. 

3 Be bulla wao onlome gore oganganlo w^' 
inle, Oviruanli, aaoie ga vange ibrik avezya 
so njalizaga; nl'aroenli gore wao ibrik gw!a. 
do, nl'ojo nlambe w'aroenli gore wao iwonlo. 

4 Nle be balia wao inle oviriianli, azuwe 
ga nloginle ikni yazyo nka' mpolo, nli nago 
ndondui, ewonjo zi ga luke g'orowa ; azue ga 
vanginP ikui yazyo ina, azae vende pa:&a- 
nganla g'ozyo wi ntye yodn. 


6 Nle he suminla Jehova go jenla nka' mpo- 
lo nil nago ndondui y'anlogio nrawnStnlaga. 

6 Nle be bulla Jehova inle, anlaga, wi r'omo 
nl'onlumV omo wi re gore waodu ; ndo zinld 
z'apakili wao go denda, ndo venk zye' z^ma 
zi dego wao, zi re wao pikllia pa go denda. 

7 Oviro, azuwe ga zuminle aveviza vavSt 
nkambinli yao ; yenlk lik Vagatize onlofile. 
onlombu w'oganganlo w^. 

8 Yenla avazanganli Jehova wao avila Ykvk 
g'ozyo wi ntye yodu; nFarigi wao noge nka' 

9 Yenlk a?elio ini ny^ inle Bebal, k^nde 
ykvk Jehova avevizi nkambinli yi ntye yo- 
du; nl'avila vkvk avazanganli Jehova wao 
g'ozyo wi ntye yodu. 

10 Sinla nrimbamba nrimbamba si Sy^m ; 
Syem aroenli onlSro wi nkama y'impuma, 
kk y^ janla Arfaxad enlingo z'anlingo pia- 
ganla pa impum' imbanli. 

11 Nle be doanla Sy^m, aye janla p' Ar- 
faxad, aloanla nkama s'impuma ntyanli ; nl'a- 
yanlig awanloflcie nl'awanto. 

12 Nle be doanla Arfaxad agomi m'impum' 
araro nl'impum' itanli, ayahlie Sela. 

13 Arfaxad aloanli, ay^ janla pa Sela, nka* 
ma s'impuma nai nFimpum' iraro, ayanlie 
awanlofiie nl'awanto. 

14 Nle be doanla Sela agomi m'impum'i 
oraroy ayanlie Eber. 


14 JENISia 

ntye, be toa ke inle, om' edu o denga mie e 
be jonla mie. 

15 Nrawalinlio ye nil JehoTa inle, sambo 
om' edu o jonla Ken e be kundo nyonga ord-^ 
genlo. Nle be fela Jehova elingilio gore Ken^ 
om' edu o denge e vende jonle. 

16 Nle be dubua Ken g'o^yo wi Jehora alo- 
aiila gw'inldnga nyi Nod go toagwa nil nko« 
mbe g'ozamba wi Iden. 

17 Nl'amieoli Ken amia ofiiant' we, be pu- 
ndige ayanla Inok^ nl'anlc^i ye nka' mpolo 
atelia inla nyi nka' mpolo g'inla ny'oigwanli 
we Inok. 

18 Nla gore Inok ayanlio Airad, nle be ja- 
Ula Airad Mahajeel, nle be janla Mahujeel 
ayanla Methuseel, ndo Methuseel ayanli Le- 

19 Nle be bonga Lemak gore yeme awong' 
ante a^'anli, inla ny'olonga ny'avegagi Ada, 
nl'inla nya w'a?anli ny'avegagi Zila. 

20 Ayanli Ada ayanla Jebal, aregagie rete 
ya w'ilako, nla mongi wi nliv' inyare. 

21 Inla ny'oqwdngi ye nle Jubal, ayte nle 
rere y'anlaga waodu wi kota ntyambi nl'i- 

22 Zila ke ayanli Tubal Ken, onlenjisi w'o- 
gu?agu?i edu wi nyenlia nl'imianga ; nl'o- 
^w&ngwe wi Tubal Ken ogwanto nle Neama. 

23 Nle be bulla Lemek awulinlia anto we 
inle, Ada nU Zila, voganlionli inyoi nyanii 


anluwe, anto wi Lemak, ka j again' igamla 
nyam: kande mi are jonla p'onlomi gwlbanjo 
sam, nroqwanlomi go nkazyi yam. 

24 Jaga Ken akundinlo nyongd orogenlt)^ 
reti I^mek agomi orog^o nl'itiyonga ofd< 

25 Nl'aya mienli Adam amia owaUt we, k4 
ye janl' o^w&nlomi afelia inli nye inle Seth, 
kdnde Anyambig are pa pa mie olond' 
ogwenle gw'inyanga nyi Ebel, 6 yonliK^ nil 

26 Nla gore Seth ayeme ke ayaiili' oiywiU 
nlomij nravwelie inli nye inle, Inds ; nle be 
pakilia awinlaga go teta inla nyi Jehova. 


ZINLA nFe^ango z'imbamba nl'imbamba 
si Adam, go ntyugu y'avangi Anyambie 
avang' oma, nregalanii z' Anyambie z'avangiS 

2 Onlomi nroffianto avatigie wao, azatiiila 
waD a^elia anil mao iiile^ Adam, go ntyug^ 
y'avangio wao. 

3 Nraloaiili Adam nkama nl'agomi m'impiim' 
araro ayanla ogwanlomi mpanginli ye hregfi* 
lanli ze a^elia inli nye inle, S^th. 

4 Nrintyugu si Adam aye janla pa SSth, 
s'aroenli nkama s'impuma enl^nlai nFayanlie 
awanlomi nl'awanto. 

5 Nrintyugn si Adam sodu s'aloanlio ndS 


s'aroenli nkama s'impuma enlagom nl'agoini 
m'iinpum' araro, nrayuwe. 

6 Nraloanli Seth nkama y'impama nl'i- 
mpum' itanli ayanla Inos. 

7 Nl'aloanli Seth, aye janla pa Inos, nkama 
s'impuma enlenlai nl'impuma orogenlo ayanlie 
awanlomi nl'awanto. 

8 Nrintyuga 'si Seth soda s'aroenii nkama 
s'impuma enlagom nl'igomi nllmpum' imba- 
nli, nl'ayuwe. 

9 Nl'aloanli Inos agomi m'impuma enlagom, 
ayanla Kenan. 

10 Nle be doanla Ions, aye janla pa Kenan, 
nkama s'impuma enlenlai nl'igomi nl'impum' 
itanli nl'ayanlie awanlomi nl'awanto. 

11 Nl'intyugu si Inos sodu s'aroenii nkama 
s'impuma enlSigom nl'impum' itanli, ayuwe. 

12 Nl'aloanli Kenan agomi m'impuma oro* 
genlo ayanla Mahalelil. 

13 Nle be doanla Kenan, aye janla pa 
Mahalelil, aloanla nkama s'impuma enlenlai 
nl'agomi m'impum' anlai, nl'ayanlie awa» 
nlomi nl'awanto. 

14 Nl'intyugu si Kenan sodu s'aroenii 
nkama s'impuma enlagom nl'igomi ny'im- 
puma, ayuwe. 

15 Nl'aloanli Mahalelil agomi m'impum' 
orowa nl'impum' itanli, ayanla Jered. 

16 Nle be doanla Mahalelil, aye janla pa 
Jered, aloanla nkama s'impuma enlenlai nl'a- 


gomi m'impum' araro, nl'ayanlie aWltalouie 

17 Nrintyuga si Mahalelil soda s'arodttli 
nkama s'impuma enlenlai nragolni tn'im- 
puma enlagom nrimpum' itanlii nrajruwe. 

18 Nraloanli Jered nkama y'impmiia nFa^ 
gomi oroVa nl'impum' imbanli nl'ayanlie Inok. 

19 Nle be doanla Jered, aye ja&la pa Inok, 
aloanla nkama s'impuma enledlaii nl'aya^ 
nlie awanlome nl'awanto. 

20 Nl'intyagu si Jered sodu s'aroenli nkama 
s'impuma enlagom nl'agomi oro?a nl'impum' 
imbanli, nl'ayuwe. 

21 Nl'aloanli Inok agomi m'impuma woTa 
nl'lmpum' itanii, nl'ayanlie MethusellL ^ 

22 Nl'aganganl' Inok nl'Anyambiei aye 
janla pa Methusela, nkama s'impuma ntyaifOi 
lEkyanl' awanlome nl'awanto. 

23 Nl'intyugu si Inok soda s'arotoli nkama 
s'impuma ntyaro nl'agomi oro?a nl'impum' 

24 Nl'aganganli Inok nrAiiyambii^ nla e 
pegaga, kande Anyambie awongie. 

25 Nl'aloanli Methusela nkama y'impuma 
jQl'agomi enlenlai nl'impum' orogdnlo, nlV 
yaalie Lemak. 

26 Nle be doanllk Methusela, aye janla pa 
Lemak, aloanla nkama simpum' orogenlo 
nl'agomi enlenlai nl'imptim' imbanli, nFa- 
yanUe awanlomd nl'awaiito< 



27 Nrintjrtigu si Methusela sodu B'avegagi 
nkama s'impuma enlagom' nragomi orota 
nrimpuma eulsLgom, nl'ayuwe. 

28 Nle be doanla Lemak nkaiDa y'impuma 
nl'agomi enlenlai nrimpum' imbanli ayanV 

29 Nle be fwelie ini nye inlS, Noa, inlg, 
winla nle ye o be sindia zuwe gw'evilo zazyo 
nla gw'ijanja s'ag^ mazyo g'oqwanja wi ntye 
yi re Anyambie sava pa. 

30 Nle be doanla Lemak, aye janla pa Noa, 
aloanla nkama s'impuma ntyanli nl'agomi 
enlagom nl'impum' itanli, ayanl' awanlome 

31 Nl'intyugu si Lemak soda s'aroenli nka- 
ma simpuma orogenlo nl'agomi orogenlo 
nl'impum' orogenlo, nl'ayuwe. 

32 Nl'aroenli Noa nkama s'impuma ntyanli 
g'onlero we : nl'ayanli Noa Syem, Ham, nli 


NL'AROENLI inl6, anlaga w'avakili 
bunla g'ozyo wi ntye nl'ayanlio awanto 
gore wao, 

2 Nle be jenla awa w' Anyambie ayenl' 
awanto w'anlaga inlS, w'aroenli eranga nl'a- 
wongi wao ante w'avinjio wao gore wao 

3 Nle be bulla Jehova awulia nlS, inlinli 
nyam nyi be sy^Szyaga nl'anlaga egombe 


zodu, kande aye nle ozyonli, ge intyugu se 
si be doanla nkama nragomi m'impam' 

4 Avegagi ijaiant go ntye gw'intyugu me, 
nl'awa' w'Anyambie jinginla pa gore awanto 
w'anlaga^ ayanli wao awanla gore wao, winlji 
Varoenli anloflie wi ngulu avila gw'alonga, 
anloffie w'enlumi. 

5 Nle be jenla Jehoya ayenla inl^, ibe 
s'anlaga s'awunli polo go ntye, nl'ipikili edu 
a'imonda s'oremi we s'aroenli sibe sintevo 
ntyug' wedu. 

6 Nle be niga Jehova anliga nkonde kdnde 
avangi anlaga go ntye, nla yo y'azyakali 
orSmi we. 

7 Nle be bulia Jehova awulia ng , m'be 
jiliza anlaga, w'avangio mie, avila g'ozyo wi 
ntye; anlaga, nFinyama, nli ya yi danda- 
landa, nl'inyanli s'orowa, k&nde mi anigi 
nkonde gw'avangi mie wao. 

8 Ndo Noa aleng' ikesi gw'antya mi Je- 

9 Sinl^ nle mbamba nl'imbamba si Noa: 
Noa avegagi oma w'ogore nl'omienle gw'e- 
gombe ze ; nle be kanganla Noa agajiganla 

10 Nle be janla Noa ayanl' awanlome araro, 
Syem, Ham, nli JefSth. 

11 Ntye ke y'aluo y'afevi g'ozyo w'Anyam- 
bie ; nli jonlia ntye ralie nli mbao. 


12 Nle be ponla Anyambie avonla go ntye ; 
ndo Yonla, y'aluo y'aferi, k&nde izyonli yodn 
y'avegagi feviza pa nkendinli ye go ntye. 

13 Nle be bulla Anyimibie awalinlia Noa 
inl^j ntyai y'izyonli yodu y'abienli g^ozyo 
warn: k&nde ntye y'ayonli nli mbao iila 
wao; ndo vonla, m'be jiliza wao avila go 

14 VanginV oku' w& owatanga wi rete yi 
Gofer; vanga ke in&ntye g'owatanga, k& 
kila wo ojo go gare nla g'ozamba. 

15 Yinia. nle ntyali yi be pango nd4 wo> 
elavinli z'owatanga zi ga loanle nkama 
B'ikubit ntyaro, nrevendinli agomi m'ikubit 
atanliy nragotni m'ikubit araro gVidcMldua* 

16 Isyangala nyi ga vango g'owatanga, 
menliza nyo kubit muri arila gVigonlo. 

17 Ndo Tonla, mieme, mi baga enlingo 
z'anlingo go ntye, go jiliza isyonli yodu yi 
re nPogw^i w'einenld avila g'odolongo Vo- 
rowa : ezam' edu zi re go ntye zi be juwa. 

18 Ndo mi be doanliza njfeki yam gore. We, 
k& we jinginla g'owatanga, awe, nl'awanli 
wa anloffie, nPowant' wa, nl'anto w'awajili ya 
nla we. 

19 Ndo ezam' edu z'efflenla gw'izyonli yodu, 
tanli ranli, g'onlong' wedu zi ga yinginle 
g'owatanga go penjavenja yo bo gote we, yi 
ga loanle enloffie nl'ezanto. 

20 Gw'in3rAnli B'orowa onloiigd wao, nli 


vuglnliiBi onlgog^ wMj nrez^m" edu si danda.- 
landa go ntye oialdoga we, vanli g'onlong 
w^du, ji ga ?ie gow we go peajavenja yo bo* 

21 Ndo wonga gore we g winy a sodu si nyo, 
ka k^nja gare we ; si ga l<wile inya gore we 
ula gore ^o« 

22 Nle be denda Noa g'osaoa wedu w'azpm- 
bio ye xil'Anyambie, ye»la alwdie, 


NLE be bulla Jehova awnlinlia Noa inl^, 
yingLnl' awe uli nag' wa yodu, kande mi 
are jei^jia pa cMooa w'ogore g'oayo warn gw'i- 
gwera nyiala. 

2 Ndo gw'evugin]! edu zi re jambua pa, 
wonga gore we, orog^nlo orogenlo, enlome 
nl'^zanto ze, ndo gp nyami edu yi re yi zye 
pupu, mbanli, nome nli nyanto. 

3 Nla go nyanli edu y'orowa orogenlo oro- 
genlo pome nil ny^iQto, go penjavenjA ilpuda 
bo g'pzyo wi ntye yodu. 

4 Kande ntyugu orogeulp viaganlo mi be 
nagize ningo go ntye ra agomi m'iflianda 
anlai nFagomi m'igwera anlai ; nl'ezam' edu 
zi re bo z'avangio mie, zi be jilizo avila 
g'ozyo wi ntye, 

5 Nr aleiidi Noa osaon wedu w'azombio ye 
nil Jehova. 

6 Ndo Noa avegagl nkama s'lmpuma oroTa 
gw'aroenli efllingo z'anlingo go ntye. 


7 Nle be jinginla Noa, nrawanli we anlome, 
nrowanto we, nranto w'awanli we nFaye, 
ayinginla g'owatanga, avila g'ozyo w*Anlingo 

8 Nrevuginlia eyambui, nrinyama si re si 
zye pupu, nrinydnli, nrezam' edu zi danda- 
landa go ntye. 

9 Nle be jinginla vanli vanli ayinginla gare 
Noa g'owatanga, enlome nl'ezanto, ga nt'azo- 
mbio Noa nl'Anyambie. 

10 Ni'aroenli ntyugu orogenlo piaganla pa, 
nl'anlingo m'enlingo m'avegagi go ntye. 

11 Gw'inkama s'impuma oro?a gw'effienld 
zi Noa, g'ogweli w'imbanli, gw'igomi ny'i- 
ntyugu nl'intyugu y'orogenlo y'ogweli, go 
ntyugu me, imbenli si mbenli mpolo s'aya- 
ruayarui, nl'asyangala m'orowa m'anlun- 

12 Ndo ningo y'avegagi go ntye agomi 
m'iwanA' anlai nl'agomi m'igwer' anlai. 

13 Go ntyugu memo ayinginli Noa nli 
Syem nli Ham nli Jefeth awanlome wi Noa, 
nl'owanto wi Noa, nl'anto araro w'awanloffie 
we nla wao g'owatanga. 

14 Wao, nli nyami edu onlonga we, nFevu- 
ginli edu onlonga we, nl'ezam' edu zi da- 
ndalanda go ntyB onlonga we, nli nyanli 
mpolo edu onlonga we, nli nyanli edu nyan- 
go onlong' wedu. 

15 Nle be jinginla yo gore Noa g'owatanga 

EWONJO Vn. 29 

?anli ?anli, gw'izyonli yodu yi re nl'oqwSi 

16 Nla yo y'ayinginli enloffie nVezanto gw'i- 
zyonli yodu, ga nt'azombio ye nrAnyambiei 
JNranlonjio ye nli Jehova gogo. 

17 Ndo enlingo evolo z'avegagi agomi ml* 
ntyugu anlai go ntye, nranlingo m'awunli 
arombinla owatanga, nl'ayangmU wo gw'igo. 
nlo nyi ntye. 

18 Nle be pend' anlingo awunla*polo go 
ntye, nrowatango w'agendi g'ozyo w'anlingo. 

19 Nravendagi anlingo polo go ntye, nl'a* 
vagi inomb' impolo soda si re g'odolongo 

20 Nle be pend' anlingo igomi nyikubit 
nl'ikubit ntyanli gw'igonlo, avngio inomba 

21 Nle be juwa izyonli yodu yi kendage- 
nda go ntye, n\& inyanli nli vuginlia nl'iny- 
ama nl'ezam' edu zi dandalanda go ntye, 
nFom' edu. 

22 Ez&m' edu z'aveV oqwgi w'emenla g^o- 
zyagunla; wao du w'av^agi go ntye yakaka, 

23 Nle be jilizo ezam' edu z'emenl^ go 
ntye yakaka, nla anlaga, nla vuginlia, nli ya 
yi dandalanda go ntye, nrinyanli s'orpwa, 
w'azyazyo avila go ntye ; ndo Noa ariganli 
aye dadie nla wao wav^agi nla ye g'owa- 


24 Nle be pend' (talingo go ntye nkama 
nl'agomi m'intynga atanli. 


NLE' be jonginiia Anyambie ayonginlia 
Noa, nrez&m' edu z'emenli, nli nyami edu 
y'ayegagi nla ye gW'atanga; Anyambie 
aviagi^lizL ompunga go ntye, nle be po' anli- 

8 Me be nunjo imbenli s^aronga nl'asyang- 
alft m'orowa, nli ningo y'orawa /azimbio. 

8 Ndo anUngo m'atinli arila go ntye, nke- 
ndoga nli fwinliaga ; ndo nkama nPagomi 
m'intyugu atanli anlingo m'avoenli. 
.4 Nle be siga owatanga ogweli orogenlo, 
gw'igomi ny'intyugu nrintyuga orogenlo s'o- 
weli gw'inomba si Ararat. 

6 Ndo anlingo m'agendagi ayamaga koanga 
g'ogwSli Vigomi, ndo g'ogweli w4gomi, go 
Htjrugu nonga y'ogweli, intyai s'inomba s'aye- 

6 Ndo agomi mlntyugn anlai piaganla pa, 
Noa anlungnnl' isyangala ny^ovatanga ny'a- 
vangio nde. 

7 Nle be kdganlie nkombenlongo, nFagagwi 
yo agSndagenda kao anlingo m'agamiali go 

8 Ag&gunii ke menga avila gore ye, go je* 
nla, j'anlingo m^apoenli avila g'ozyo wi ntye. 

9 Ndo menga yi dcng' ijawa gw'igando nyi 


atyozyo ye, nle be fwinlia ya gore y^ g'owata- 
nga, kande anlingo m'ayegagi g'ozyo wi ntye 
joda* Nie be darinle oga ve, agota yo, 
at'aga yo gore ye g^owatanga. 

10 Ayengeri ye ntyugu ofPogenlo s'inyenle, 
aTa tomi ye mooga avila g'ovatanga. 

11 Ndo iD€Qga y'atienli gore ye nkolu, ndo 
vonla, avegagi nrowavi wi fig dulo pa g'ogwa- 
nil we ; nle be mia Noa iale, anlingo m'a- 
poenli avila go ntye. 

12 Nrayengerie niyuga ordgenlo sinyenle, 
nle be fa tome menga, y'aroenli yi fwmia 
gore ye nyenle. 

13 Nl'aroenli gw'inkama simpuma oro?a 
nrompum' omari, g'ogweli olonga, nli ntyuga 
nonga y'ogweli, anlingo m'aluo m'akaminli go 
ntye; ndo Noa arombi eponga z'owatanga 
ayenla, ndo, vonla, ozyo wi ntye w'aluo w'aka- 

14 Ndo g'ogweli w'inabanli, gw'agomi m'i* 
ntyugu ambanli nli ntyugu y'orogenlo y'o- 
gwSli, ntye y'ayomi. 

Ifi Nle be bnlia Anyambi^ awulinlia Noa 

16 Gagwa g'owatanga, awe nl'owant' wa, 
nl'awanli wa anloine, nl'anto w'awanii w& nla 

17 Nl'ezam' edu z'emenla zi re nla we,"gw'i-. 
zyonli yodu, nl'inyanli nli vuginlia, nl'e. 
zam' edu zi dandalanda go ?itye; gftgunlia yo 


nl'awe, inl^ yi ga wunlage, go ntye, njanlaga 
nli bunlaga. 

18 Nle be kagwa Noa nrowant' we, nrawanli 
we anlome, nl'aiito w'awanli we nla ye. 

19 Nli nyanii edu, nrezam' edu zi dandala^ 
nda, nli nyStnli edu, ezdm' edu zi daudalanda 
go ntye, gw'inlonga yao y'agagwi g'owata- 

20 Ndo Noa anlogi eseka gore Jehova, nle 
be bonge go nyami edu yi njdmbui nli nyd- 
nli edu yi njdmbui, ayira gw'eseka. 

21 Ndo Jehova anlunli nkango mbia, nle 
be bulla Jehova g'orenai we inl6, mi be fA sava 
ntye nyenle gw'inyanga ny'ogwanlaga, ka- 
nde mpivinli y'oremi we yi re mbe avila gw'e- 
rumbe ze, mi be td bola ke nyenle ezam' edu 
z'emenla ga nt'are mie denda pa. 

22 Olingo wi be doanla ntye, ibenla nl'itenla, 
ifwi nli mpiu, ntyanja nrenloffio, nl'owanda 
nl'ogwera yi be mana. 


NDO Anyambie azavinli Noa nl'awanli 
we anlome, awulinlia wao inlS, yanlanli 
ka bunlaganli ayonliza ntye. 

2 Nl'iti sanli nl'ifangi sanli si be doanla go 
nyami edu go ntye, nla go ny&nli edu y'o- 
rowa, nla gVezdm' edu zi dandalanda go 
ntye, nla go vere yodu yi mbenli mpolo; 
gw'agd m& re yo po pa. 


3 Ezdm' edu z'emenla zi kendagenda zi re 
sinya gore nlawe, yanganli eb' evezyo mi 
apenli nluwe ydma yoda. 

4 Ndo ozyonli nremenla ze, ntyinii ye, an- 
yanli yo. 

5 Ndo reti ntyinii yanli yi menla yanli m'be 
bambia yo; avila g'og^ wi nyami edu mi 
be bambia yo; avila g'oga w'oma, nVavila 
g'ogd w'oijwattig' wedu w'oma, m'be bambia 
emenld z'oma. 

6 Aye o poviza ntyinla y'oma, nl'oma ntyi^ 
nli ye yi be povizo ; kande gw'eg&lanli z' Anya- 
mbie avangie oma. 

7 Ndo anluwe, yanlanli kd bunlaganli ave* 
nda go ntye, mbunlaganli go yo. 

8 Nle be bulia Anyambie awulinlia Noa 
nl'awanli we anlome nla ye inle, 

9 Yonla, mi be doanliza njeki yam gore 
nluwe nla gore ilondi yanli go nyumi yanli, 

10 Nla gw'ezam' edu z'emenla zi re nl'a- 
nluwe, gw'inyanli nla go vuginlia, nla go 
nyami edu yi ntye yi re nl'anluwe, gw'ez&m* 
edu zi kagwa avila g'owatanga go nyami edu 
yi ntye. 

11 M'be doaniza njeki yam gore nluwe inle, 
izyonli yodu yi be id teno nranlingo m'enli- 
ngo evolo, be doanla ke nyenle enlingo evolo 
zi jiliza ntye. 

12 Nle be bulia Anyambie inle, zinla nle 
elingilio zi njeka yi pango ntya mie ntyA 


we, nrezam' edn z'effi^n}a si re uFanlawe 
gw'imbaa^ba nl'lmbaial;)^ s'agombe zodu. 

13 Mi fela mbumU yam gw'evwdi, yi be 
doanla elingilio zi Djeka ntya mie iitya 

14 Ndo he toa ja mi apindi' evixuli go ntye, 
mbumba yi be jano gw'evindi. 

15 Ka mi ajonginlia ujeki yam yi re ntya 
mie ntyk nluwe, ntya ezam' edu z'eSienla 
gw'izyonli yodu; be doanla ke nyenle anli- 
Dgo m'enlingo evolo zi jiliz' izyonli yodm 

16 Ndo mbumba yi be doanla gw'evindi, 
ka mi aponla yo ayonginlia njeka y'egombe 
zoda ntya Anyambie ntyd ezam' edu z'effie- 
nla, gw'izyonli yodu yi re go ntye. 

17 Nl'awali Anyambie awulinlia Noa inle, 
zinla nl'elingilio zi njeka, yi re mie panga 
pa ntya mie ntya izyonli yodu yi re go ntye* 

18 Nl'awanla wi Noa w'agagwi g'owata- 
nga w'avegagi Syem, Ham, nli Jefeth ; ndo 
Ham avegagi rere yi Kenean. 

19 Winl^ araro nie awa wi Noa; ndo avila 
gore winla ntye yoda y'azyambio. 

20 Ndo Noa avakili doanla ombilo wi ntye, 
kd ye benla ntyaga y'igali. 

21 NIe be jonge ive awongo; nl'avegagie 
tel@ g'okanji we. 

22 Nle be jenla Ham rere yi Kenean ayenla 
otele wa reri ye, awulinlie awongi ye avanli 


23 Nle be bonga Syem nli Jeieth awdnga 
ngai mpolo, aralia yo gw'i?egi yao wa?anli, 
agenda nli nyuma, avuga otele wa reri yao; 
nl'azyo mao m'avegagi go nyuma, ka w'ayew 
nle o t^l^ wa reri yao. 

24 Nle be nongwa Noa avila'gw'iv^ ny^dyo- 
ngio ndcy amia nt'alendi ogwanli yg ornmbe 
gore y6* 

25 Nle be buli^ inle, ozyavo gore Eenean, 
e ga loanle nyongo y'inyongo gore awa reri 

26 Nrawulig inli?, ozyavinlo gote Jebora 
AnyambiS yi Sy^m, Eenean kS e ga loanle 
nyongo y& 

27 Anyambi^ e be bunliza JeiRh, kh yS 
doanla gw'ikanja yi Sydm, Kenean k^ e be 
doanla nyongo y£. 

28 Enlingo z'anlingo piaganla pti, aloauli 
Noa nkama s'impuma ntyaro ni'agomi m!U 
mpmn atanli. 

29 Ndo intyuga si Noa sodn a'aroenli nkama 
s'impuma enlStgom nl'agomi m'impttm' atanli, 


"VTDO sinla nle imbamba nl'imbamba s'ftw* 
X 1 anlome wi Noa, Sy^m, Ham, nli Jeieth ; 
nl'ayanlio gore wao awanlome, enlingo z'anli^ 
hgo piaganla pa. 
2 Awanlome wi Jefgth; Gomar, nli M*^ 


gog, nli Medan, nil Jevan, nli Tubal, nli M^- 
sySk, nli Tiras. 

3 Ndo awanlome wi Gromar; Asykenaz, nli 
Bif^th, nli Togarma. 

4 Nl'awanlome wi Jevan ; Elaisya, nli Tar- 
syisy, nli Kitim, nli Dodenim. 

5 Nla gore winlSt ageiio inlSnge s'anlong^ 
gw'intye sao, om' edu g'onlSmi wSm6, gw'i- 
mbuvi sao gore anlong^. 

6 Ndo awanlome wi Ham; Kusy, nli Misra* 
im, nli Fut, nli Eenean. 

7 Ndo awanlome wi Kusy ; Seba, nli Ha- 
Vila, nli Sabta, nli Beama, nli Sabteka : nl'a- 
wanlome wi Beama ; Syeba, nli Dedan. 

8 Ndo Kusy ayanli Nimrod ; nle be pakilig 
penda nli ngttlu go ntye. 

9 Ay6m^ avegagi ombSnla oykli g'ozyo wi 
Jehova; yenlk bulio inlg, ga Nimrod omb^- 
nla oySili g'oajyo wi Jehova. 

10 Ndo ipakilia s'inlong^ ny^ s'avegagi 
Beb^l, nli Erak, nli Ak^d, nli Kalne, go ntye 
yi Syainar. 

11 Nl'ag^gwi Asyur go ntye mSy^nlSi anloga 
Niniva, nli Bihoboth nka' mpolo, nli £ela. 

12 Nli Besen ntySi Niniva ntySi Kela, mey& 
nka mpolo. 

13 Nli Misreim ayanli Ludim, nli Anemim, 
nli Lehebim, nli Naftuhim. 

14 Nle Fathrusim, nli K^sluhim, (nl'ag&gwi 
gore yS Felistim), nli Kaftorim. 


15 Nle be janla Eenean ayanla Sidon njaliS 
y^ nome, nli H^th, 

16 Nli Jebusaite, nli Amorait, nli GSrgesait, 

17 Nli Haivait, nli Arkait, nli Sainait, 

18 Nli^Arvadait, nli Zimorait, nli Hemathait; 
nl'isaon yinlk mania pa, imbavi ylkenea- 
nait s'avazanganli. 

19 Nl'ikombinla si ntye ylkeneanait s'ave- 
gagi avila go Saidon, go be k^ndSt go Girar, 
kofanga go Geza, go be k6nd^ go Sodom, nli 
Gomora, nli Adma, nli Ziboim, koanga go 

20 Winlk nle awanlome wi Ham gw'imbuvi 
sao, gw'inlSmi yao, nl'intye sao, nPanldngft 

21 Nla gore SySm, rere y'awanlome waodu 
wi Iber, oi^w^rere wi Jef^th, y'onlSrS, vanga- 
nli gore ye ayanlio awanla. ^ 

22 Nl'awanla wi Syem, w'avegagi Elam, 
nli Asyrir, nli Arfaxad, nli Lud, nli Eram. 

23 Nl'awanla wi Eram, w'avegagi Uz, nli 
Hul, nli Gethur, nli Masy. 

24 Ndo Arfaxad ayanli Sela, nle be janla 
Sela Eber. 

25 Nle be janlo gore Eber awanlome a?ar 
nli; ina ny'olonga nle Pileg, kdnde gw'intyii- 
gu se ntye y'agerio; nl'ina ny'oi|w&ngi ye 
nle Joktan. 

26 Ndo Joktan ayanli Almodad, nli Selaf, 
nli Hazermavath, nU Jera, 


27 Nli Hadoram, nli Uzal, nli Dikla^ 

28 Nli Obal, nli Ebimeal, nli Syeba, 

29 Nli Ofir, nli Havaila, nli Jobab ; winia 
waodu w'avegagi awanla wi Joktan. 

30 Ndo aloanlo mao m'avegagi avila go Me- 
sya, go nkova yi kendSi go Sefar, nomba yi 
re go tongwe nkombe. 

31 Winla nle awanla wi Syem nl'idibttvi 
saoy nrinlemi yao^ gw'intya sao, nranlonga 

82 Sinli nrimbuvi s'awanlome wi Noa^ 
nrimbamba nrimbambi sao, gw'anlonga mao ; 
ndo arila gore [winla anldnga m'agerio go 
ntye, enlingo 2'aiilingo piaganla pa. 


'VTLI ntye yodu y'aregagi nronltimb' omo, 
-Li nrigamb'^imo- 

2 Nraroratli gw'ag^ndi wao avila go tongwa 
nli nkombe^ w'alengi od^^ go ntye yi Syai<> 
nar, nl-aloanli wao ykrk. 

3 Be bulla wao onlome goro oganganlo w^ 
inloy Oviraanli, asue ga vange ibrik ave^ya 
so njMizaga; nVaroenli gore wao ibrik gw?a« 
do, nFojo nlambe w'aroenli gore wao iwonlo. 

4 Nle be balia wao inle oviruanli, azuwe 
ga nloginle ikni yazyo nka' mpolo, nli nago 
ndondui, ewonjo zi ga lake g'orowa ; azue ga 
i^anginr ikui yazyo ina, azae vende pa:£a- 
nganla g'ozyo wi ntjre yoda. 


6 Nle be suminla Jehova go jenla nka' mpo- 
lo nli nago ndondui y'anlogio nl'awn&nlaga. 

6 Nle be bulla Jehova inle, anlaga, wi r'omo 
nronlumb' omo wi re gore waodu ; ndo zinl& 
z'apakili wao go denda, ndo venk zye' zkma 
zi dego wao, zi re wao pikilia pa go denda. 

7 • Oviro, azuwe ga zaminle aveviza vavSL 
nkambinli yao ; yenla k^ Vagotize onloffie 
onlumbu w'oganganio w^. 

8 Yenl^ avazanganli Jehova wao avila vav& 
g'ozyo wi ntye yodu; nl'arigi wao noge nka* 

9 YenlSt avelio ini ny^ inle Bebal, k&nde 
ykvk Jehova avevizi nkambinli yi ntye yo- 
da; nl'avila v^va avazanganli Jehova wao 
g'ozyo wi ntye yodu. 

10 Sinla nFimbamba nrimbamba si Sy^m ; 
Syem aroenli onl^ro wi nkama y'impuma, 
kk y^ janla Arfaxad enlingo z'anlingo pia- 
ganla pa impum' imbanU. 

11 Nle be doanla SySm, aye janla p' Ar- 
faxad, aloanla nkama s'impuma ntyanli ; nl'a- 
yanli^ awanloflie nl'awanto. 

12 Nle be doanla Arfaxad agomi m'impum' 
araro nl'impum' itanli, ayarilie Sela. 

13 Arfaxad aloanli, ay^ janla pa Sela, nka« 
ma s'impuma nai nrimpum' iraro, ayanlie 
awanloflie nl'awanto. 

14 Nle be doanla Sela agomi m'impum'. 
araroi ayanlie Eber. 



15 Nle be doanla Sela, ayS janla pa Eber, 
nkama s'impxima nai nrimpum' iraro, aya* 
Blie awanlome nl'awanto. 

16 Ndo Eber aloanli agomi m'impum' araro 
Bl'impum' inlai, ayanlie Peleg, 

17 Nle be doanla Eber, ay^ janla pa Feleg, 
nkama s'impuma nai nl'agomi m'impum' araro, 
ayanlie awanloffie nl'awanto. 

18 Nl'aloanli Feleg agomi m'impnm' araro, 
ayanli^ Ru. 

19 Nle be doanla Pel^g, ay^ janla pa Bu, 
aloanla nkama s'impuma mbanli nl'inlpuma 
&fclliigom, ayanli^ awanloffie nl'awanio, 

80 Nle be doanla Ru agomi m'impum' araro 
ml'impmxi^ imbanli ayanli^ Sirug. 

21 Nle be doanla Ru, ayg janla pa Sirug, 
akKanta nkama si'mpuma mbanli nl'impum' 
QiSgeolo^ ayanli^ awanlofiie nl'awanto. 

33 Nle be doanla Serag agomi m'impum' 
araro, ayanliS Nehor. 

2B Nraloanli Serug, ay^ janla pa Nehor, 
aloanla nkama si'mpuma mbanli, ayanli^ 
awanlofiie nl'awanto. 

S4 Nle be doanla Nehor aloanla agomi m'i- 
mpum' ambaali nl'impuma Snlagom^ ayaniiiS 

Sfi NFaloanli Nehor, ayS janla pa Tira, alo- 
uila nkama y'impuma nl'igomi nl'impuma 
Snidfom, ayanli^ awanloffie nl'awanto. 

26 Nl'aloanli Tira agomi m'impiima of$^ 

EWONJO Xn. 35 

genlo ayanli^ Ebreain, nli Nehor, nli Ho- 

27 SinlSi] nrimbamba nrimbamba si Tira: 
Tira ayanli Ebream, nli Nehor, nli Heran ; 
nie be janla Heran ayanla Lot. 

28 Nle be donge juwa Heran gw'alonga 
nla reri yg Tira ; go ntye y'ayanlio y6, go TJr 

29 Nle be bonga Ebream nli Nehor awdnga 
gw'ikui yaom^ anto ; ina ny'owanto wi Ebre* 
am nle Sera ; nVina ny'owanto wi Nehor nle 
Milka ; o]gw^i)wanto wi Heran, rere yi Milka, 
nli rere yi Iska. 

30 Ndo Sera aroenli nkeli, e p^gaga nFo- 

31 Nle be bSnga Tira awdnga Ebream ogwa- 
nli y^ onloffie, nli L^t ogwa wi Heran, ogwa 
w'oqwanli yg ; nli Sera owanto wi Ebream 
ogwanli y^ onloffie : nle be k^gwa wao nla 
yg avila go Ur y'Ikaldi go kSnda go ntye yi 
Eenean ; nVaVienli wao go Keran aloanla va^. 

32 Ndo intyugu si Tira s'aVegagi nkama 
s*impuma mbanli nFimpum* itanii, nl'ayuwi 
Tira go Keran. 


NLE be bulla Jehova awulinlia Ebream 
inl€, gAgwa gVinKngSi nySl, nla gVt^ 
mbuvi sSt, nravila go nago ya reri y&, agenda 
gVinlongd. nyi be teva mie we. 


2 Ndo mi be pangdi inlongSi ivolo azavinl^, 
nVavendiz' ini nySi; awe ke o be sa- 

3 Ndo mi be savinla wao mongi wi saviniar, 
nla wao wi sav^, mi be sava wao ; nVanlongSt 
modu mi ntye mi be savinlo gore we. 

4 Yexdk agendi Ebream ga nt'awuli Jeho- 
va awulinlie ; Lot k^ agendi nla y6 ; ndo 
Ebream avegagi agomi m'impmna orogenlo 
nl'impum' itanli gw'alubwi ye go Keran. - 

5 Ndo Ebream awongi Sera y'owant' we, 
nli Lot, oqwa' w'oqwareri ye onloffie; nl'a^ 
nlivi mao modu m'anlivio wao, nli mongi 
w'alengio wao go Keran; k^, wao kagwa 
agenda gw'inlongSi nyi Kenean; nla gw'i- 
nlong^ nyi Kenean agendi wao. 

6 Nle be piaganla Ebream go ntye agenda 
go mbora yi Syikem, koanga go mbimu yi 
More: nl'Jkeneanait s'avegagi egombe m6 
go ntye meyd. 

7 Nle be jenlanla Jehova gore Ebream, 
awulinliS ye inle g'olondi wa m'be pa ntye 
yinl2i; nle be nogg vava mbora yi ntyago gore 
Jehova y'ayenlanli gore yS. 

8 Nle be torg Ykvk agenda go nomba go 
tongwa nli nkombe go Bethel, nle be noge 
olako-B^thel, g'ozamba wi mbenli mpolo, nli 
Ai go tongwa nli nkombe, vavSi anlogi ye 
mbora yi ntyago gore Jehova a^eliaga ina 
nvi Jehova. 


9 NIe be kanganla Ebream agenda nka- 
nganlaga go nkova y'olomba. 

10 Nraroenii njanla mpolo go ntye; nle 
be suminla Ebream go Ijipt, aloanla v8tv&, 
k&nde njanla y'aliri polo go ntye. 

11 Nl'aroenli gw'azyusye pi&^ go jinginla 
go Ijipt, awulinli Sera y'offiant' w6 inl6, vo- 
nla, mi avoro inlS, awe omanto w'eranga zi 
mepS jenlo. 

12 Yenlk be toa jagSi Ijiptian w'ajenla wi 
be hnlik nl6, winl^ nle offianf w6, kk wao 
jonla miS, ndo wi be penjavenjSi bo. 

13 KSikklSi, wulia nl^,i awe ogwStngi yam 
ogwanto, yenla ka doanla mbiambi^ gore mie 
gw'inyangi nyky kk inlinli nyam doanla b^ 
g'ogwanji vrk. 

14 NFaroenli gw'atienli Ebream go Ijipt, 
Ijiptian w'ayenli ofiaanto inle, ar' erang' e- 

15 NFinlam' impolo si Fereo s'ayenlie ke, 
kk wao suminlie gore Fereo, nlS be bong' 
owanto go nago yi -Fereo. 

16 Nle be janjinlS Ebream mbiambie g'o- 
gwanji wS, nravegagifi nFadStmbe nl'inyare, 
nl'iburu inoffie, nl'inyongo inome, nFinyongo 
inyanto, nFiburu inyanto, nFikamel. 

17 Nle be jenliza Jehova ayenliza Fereo nli 
nag' we azyingo ampolo gw'inyanga nyi Sera 
y'offianto wi Ebream. 

18 Nle be fwelia Fereo a?elia Ebream 


awulia inl6, ezaade zinla zi re we denda pa 
gore miS ? ezande z'aroenM, o wulinlia mie 
inle, ayg omant' wk. 

19 Ezande z'awuli^ inle, ay^ oqw^ngi yk 
ogwanto? yenla axk b(5ngi mie ye offiant' 
warn; sambo, vonla, wonga offiant' wSi kk 

80 Ndo Fereo azombi anlome we g'ogwanji 
w6 ; ka yS tome k^ndaga, nroffiant' w^, nl'e- 
z&.m' edu z'avegagi nla yS. 


BE dubua Ebream go [Ijipt, ay6 nl-offiant' 
wS, nrezStm' edu z'avegagi nla y6 ; nli 
L^t nla y6, g'olomba. 

2 Nle be bogwa Ebream polo nli vuginlia 
nli syika yapupu nla yatenlatenla. 

3 Be k^nde ogend^ w^ avila g'olomba 
agenda go Bethel go mbora y'avegagi olako 
w6 gw'alonga ; ntyS, Bethel ntySi Ai ; 

4 Go mbora yi ntyago y'avangio ndS gw'a- 
longa, nle be fwelia Ebream vStva atelia ina 
nyi Jehova. 

6 Ndo Lot k^ y'agSndi nla Ebream, avegagi 
nFolemba w'adS^mbe, nl'inyare, nl'inlago s'a- 

6 Ndo ntye yi k^kize doanliza wao mbora 
mo; k^nde yami yao y'avegagi yenge; kSt 
w'aloanlize go mbora mo. 

7 Ndo aroenli inyoffianlo gore mongi wi 


penjavenja yaginlia yi Ebream nla gore m^ 
ngi wi penjarenja vnginlia yi LtSt. Ndo Ike* 
neanait nl'Ipirizait w'aloanli k^ go ntye. 

8 Nle be bulla Ebream awulinlia L^t inlS ; 
kakal&y g'arig' aloanle inyoffianlo gore milj 
nla wS, nla gore mongi yam nli rnSngi yfi, 
kaade azuwe rere mo. 

9 Ntye yodu yi zyele g'ozyo vrk ? Vangwa* 
nla avila gore mi^, k&kald; j'awS g'og^t 
onyantw^, gamb^nle mi^ g'oga onlomiS; ndo 
j'aw^ g'oga onlemiSy gamb^nle miS g'oga ony« 

10 Nle be tombinla Lot anty^ mS ayenla 
odSd^ wi Jordan wodu tSvia pa go mbori 
edo, Jehova ay^lizaga ra S^dam nli Gomora, 
ga ntyaga yi Jehoya egalani zi ntye yi Ijipt» 
go be bi^ go Zoar. 

11 Nle be pinja Lot avinja odgdS wi Jordan 
a.g^ndaga go tongwa nli nkombe ; nle be ba- 
ngwana wao onloffie avila gore oi|w£treri ye. 

12 Nl'alonli Ebream go ntye yi Kenean, 
ndo Lot aloanli gw'ink' impolo a'odSd^, aey^ 
amV olako w^ go nkova yi Sodam. 

13 Ndo anlofiie wi S^dam w'avegagi ave 
nl'ifeva polo gore Jehova. 

14 Nle be bulla Jehova awulinlia Ebream, 
L^t bangwana pa nla yg, inlg, rambinl' 
antya ma k& ponla, avila go mbora yi re w^, 
go nkdmi nla g'olomba, go ttSngwa nli nko^ 
mbe, nla go mbenll mpola 


15 Eande ntye yodu yi jehlo ndSi, mi be 
pa yo, nla gore awanli wa egombe zodu. 

16 Mi be panga awanli wa ga ombuwuta 
wi ntye, yenla jaga oma ka tang' oniba« 
wutu wi ntye, gamb^nle awanli wa kS wao 
k& tango. 

17 Gumanla kk piaganlaga go ntye gw'e- 
lavinli z6 nrevendinli zS, kande mbe pSi yo. 

18 Me be tomba Ebream aromba olako w^, 
a^ia aloanla gw'imbimo si Mamre, si re go 
Hibron, kk yg nogavavd mborayi ntyago 
gore Jehova. 


NL'AROENLI gw'intyugu si Amrefal oga 
wi Syainar, Ariok oga w'Elasar, Kidar- 
leomar oga wi Elam, nli Taidal oga w'anlS- 

2 Winld w'ag^ndi gw'ig^vi gore Bera oga* 
wi S^dom, nli Birsya oga wi Gomora, nli 
Syainab oga wi Adma, nli Sy^mSbar oga wi 
Ziboim, nli oga wi Bela yo nle Zoar. 

3 Winla waoda w'alatanli go mbora mo 
g'od^d^ wi Sidim, yo nle mbenli yi nyanga. 

4 Wayanjinlagi Kidarleomar rk igomi ny'i- 
mpuma nl'impum' imbanli, ndo gw'igomi 
Ala Viraro w'avavi. 

5 Ndo gVigomi nla w'inlai a?ienli Kidar- 
leomar nl'aga w'avegagi nla y^, ka wao 
bola Irefaim go Asyteroth Karenaim, nPIzu- 


ziin go Ham, nriemim g'odMS wi Eiria- 

6 Nl'Ihorait go nombi yao yi Si^r go inbi- 
mu yi Peran, yi re pi&e nl'ig' ivolo, 

7 Be fwinlia wao a?ia go mbenli yi Misy- 
pat, yo nle Ked^sy, awola inlonga nyodu 
ny'Iamalakait, nl'Iamorait k^, s'aloanli go 

8 Nle be kagwa oga wi Sdd(5m, nli oga wi 
€romdra, nli oga wi Adma, nli oga wi Ziboim, 
nli oga wi Bela, yo nle Zoar, alatanla nla 
wao igavi g'odSdS wi Sidim, 

9 Nla Kidarleomar oga wi Elam, nli Taidal 
oga w'anlonga, nli Amrefal oga wi Syainar, 
nli Ariok oga w'Elasar ; ag' anlai gore atanli. 

10 Ndo odSdS wi Sidim w'avegagi nl'ame- 
mba amenge mi ojo wi tar, nle be fanga 
oga wi Sodom nla wi Gomora avoswa vava ; 
nla wao w'ariganli w'a?angi go nomba. 

11 Nle be bonga wao anliva mod a mi So- 
dom nji Gomora, nl'inyi sad sodu, agfe'ndaga. 

12 Nle be bonga wao Lot nranlivi mS ag^. 
ndaga, ayg nle ogwanla w'ogwarere wi Ebre- 
am, o loanli go Sod^m. 

13 NPatienli offiari o veri awulinlia Ebream 
yi Hibra, kdnde aloanlagi gw'imbimu si 
Mamre yi Amorait ogwarere wi Eskol, nl'o- 
rjwSirere wi Anar, ndo winla w'avegagi nli 
njeka nli Ebream. 

14 Ndo gw'ayStgiu Ebream inlS, oi|wa.ngi y« 


agotio mbwedi, aT^eli eganda z^ z'ayanlio go 
nag' w^, nkama ' ntyaro nl'igomi nranlaga 
^nl^nlai, agdmbiza wao go Dan* 
- 15 Be kerfi mongi y6 gore wao ogw6ra, 
aySm^ nl'eganda z^ awola wao, ag&mbiza 
wao go Hoba yi re g'ozamba w'oga onyantwS 
wi Demaskos. 

16 Be fwinlizS anliva modu, nli Lot k€, nl'a- 
nlivi m^ a^inlizi mo, nl'anto ke, nl'anlaga. 

17 Nle be kagwa oga wi Sodom go data- 
nla nla yS, (aye fwinlia pa avila gw'ijonla 
si Kidarleomar nl'aga w'avegagi nla ye) g'o- 
d^de wi Syeva, wo nle odSde w'oga. 

18 Ndo Melkized^k oga wi Selem agagunl' 
inya nl'ivS : aye avegagi minise gore Anya- 
mbie y'igonlo. 

19 Be savinlg ye, awulia inl^, Ebream e ga 
zavinlo nl'Anyambig y'igonlo, o niv' orowa 
nli ntye. 

20 Ozavinlo ke gore Anyambie y'igonlo, o 
re pa pa ilowalowi ya g'ogSi wa, Avenlie 
ye effiari gw'igomi go ydima yodu. 

21 Be bulla oga wi Sodom awulinlia 
Ebream inl^, va mie anlaga, ka b^nga anliva 

22 Be bulla Ebream awulinlia oga wi 
S<5dom inl^, mi are tombinla p'og& warn gore 
Jehova Anyambie y'igonlo onlivi w'orowa nli 

23 Avila go nyonge agenda g'ogali w'intyo- 


zyo satanga, m'be booginla gnw^'ezam' edu 
zi re nl'awe, o vende bulla nl^, mi are bowiza 
pa E bream. 

24 Kao dadie eza z'anyenlio nl'awanja, nli 
mbei y'anloffie w'agendi nla mig, Euar, Esy- 
kSl, nil Mamre, winla wi ga wonge mbei yao. 


ISAON yinla piaganla pa atienl' igamba 
nyi Jehova gore Ebream go nyilinlo inlS, 
aria du, Ebream, mi6 nle nguvi ya nl'ipi sa 
sijenge slpolo. 

2 Nle be balia Ebream awulinlia Anya« 
mbiS Jehova inle, ezande zi be p& mi^, k&- 
nde mi azyeJe nFo^iwanla, nrogwknlivi nag' 
wam nle winla Eiiezar yi Damaskos. 

3 Nl'awuli Ebream inl^, von la, o pa pa miS 
ogwanla, ndo ogwanla wi nag' wam e be jiga 

4 Ndo vonla, igamba nyi Jehova ny'a?ienli 
gore y6 inl6, winla aranga origo wa ; ndo ayS 
o be kagwa avila gw'iwuffiu nyS. ay6 be 

5 Nle be k^gunli^ y^ gw'igala, awulia inl^, 
vonla g'orowa k^ tang' ig^g^nli j'^jMia tanga 
yo; nle be bulinliS y^ inle, yenla be doanla 
awanli vrk. 

6 Be jivirg Jehova, ka y^ tanga yo gore y^ 
yk orgti. 

7 Nle be bulinlig y6 inlS, miS nle Jehova 


y'ag^agunliSt go Ur y'Ikaldi, go pa ntye 
yinlSt go jiga yo. 

8 Be buliS inl6, Jehova Anyambi^, m'be 
mia s€ inl6, mi be jiga yo ? 

9 Ni'awulinlig y^ inl6, wonginla miS ezSt- 
mbi zi nyre z'impum' iraro, nrez^mbi zi mbo- 
nli z'impum' iraro, nridamV ilnoffie ny'impum' 
iraro, nl'ibembe nli menga nyango. 

10 Nle be b^ngg ya yinlS. gore ySmS aya- 
ranla yo go gare, kk yS talia eyari eda swaswd 
nl'em^ri ; ndo inyanli e kera so. 

11 Nle be suminla inkungu go bende, k& 
Ebream syuga so. 

12 Ndo gw'avoswi nkombe Ebream agotio 
nFantyavinlgt ampolo ; ndo vonla, ererie zi 
mpiri mpolo z'avoswi gore yS. 

13 Be buliS awalinlia Ebream inl^, miaga- 
ga mbiambi^, inl^ awanli w^ wi be doanF 
agenda gw'inl^nga nyi re nyi zye nyao, aya- 
njinla wao ; n/linldngd menyanlA nyi be tuga 
wao va nkama s'impuma nai. 

14 Ndo inlonga m^nyanlSt kg nyi be janjin- 
lo wao, mi be jgkglia nyo, ndo isaon yinla 
mania pa, wi be kagwa nFigumV ivolo. 

15 Awg kg o toa gore ireri s& nFafiienje, a?g- 
nlo go mbolo mpolo. 

16 Ndo gw'imbamba nl'imbamba si nai wi 
be fd fwinlia gunlu ; kknde ibe si Amorait si 
pa jonlia du. 

17 Ndo gw'avoswi nkombe aroenli mpiri ya- 


d4?ad4^a, ndo vonla, inlu ny'otutu, nl'ojo 
wi dogola w'aviaganli gw'anyanga mi yare 

18 Ntyuga m^ Jehova ayeki njeka nil 
Ebream inl^, mi are pa p'awanli wa ntye 
yinla, avila g'olSivi wi Ijipt agenda g'ol^vi 
ompolo olavi wa Ufretis. 

19 IkSnait, nl'Ikenizait, nl'Ikadmonait, 

20 Nl'Ihitait, nl'Ip^rizait, nrirgfaim, 

21 Nl'Iamorait, nrikeneanait, nl'Iggrgesya- 
it, nl'Ijebusait. 


NDO Sera, omanto wi Ebream, e janla gore 
yg, nle be doanl^ nli nyongo nyanto 
y!Ijiptian, ini ny^ nle Hegar. 

2 Nle be bulia Sera awulinlia Ebream inlS, 
Yonla, Jehova are dega pa mie avila gw'ija- 
nla ; kak&la, yinginla gore nyongo yam, ven- 
detoa mi be dgng' awanla nla ye; nle be 
j^ginlo Ebream Sera. 

3 Nle be bonga Sera, offianto wi Ebream, 
awonga Hegar y'ljiptian nyongo yS, Ebream 
mania pa igomi ny'impuma go ntye yi Kenean, 
av6 gore Ebream onloffi' w6 go doanla ofiia- 

4 Nle be jinginlS gore Hegar agwenli yS 
inyeme^ Xido gw'ayenli yS inl6, atoenF inye- 
me ngwevgle yS avedio gw'antya me. 

5 Nle be bulia Sera awulinlia Ebream inle, 


njuke yam yi re gore w6 ; mi avenli manji 
yam go ntonlo ySi, ndo gw'ayenliS inle, agwe- 
nl' inyeme mi avedio gw'antySi me : Jehora 
e be j^elia ntya mie ntySi we. 

6 Ndo Ebream awnlinli Sera inle, manji jk 
yi re g^ogk wa, lenda gore ye nte tondS. ; 
ndo gw'arugi Sera aruge, ayeri avila g'ozyo 

7 Ndo enjel yi Jehova y^alen^ ye g'ozamba 
wi mbenli y'anlingo gw'ig' ivolo, go mbenli go 
mp&nl^ yi kenda go Syur. 

8 Nle be bulie inlS, Hegar, manja yi Sera, 
o pila nla gwi ? O kenda gwi ? Nle be bulig 
inle, avila g'ozyo wi Sera ngwevenle yam mi 

9 Nle be bulia enjel yi Jehova, awnlinlie 
inle, Vinlia gore ngwevenle yk kk tugiz* 
okui wSl gVaga me. 

10 Nle be bulia enjSl yi Jehova awulinUg 
inle, mi be bunliz' awanli wk polo, kSt w'aran- 
go nl'ibunla. 

11 Ndo enjSl yi Jehova awulinlifi inle, vonla, 
o r'inyeme, o be janl' oijw&nloflie; o be fwelia 
ini nyg inle Isymael, k&nde Jehova are jkgk 
pa njelinli ySt. 

12 E be doanla onloffie w'iga, oga w6 wi be 
doanla gore om' edu, nrogSi w'om' edu gore yS, 
kk yg doanla gw'azyo m'awongi yS waodu. 

13 Nle be fweliS ina n3ri Jehova o gambi nla 
v6 inle, aw6, Anyambi^, o jenla mi^ ; k^nde 


awulia inle^ gUi^li mi are jenlS pa o jenla 

14 Yenlft evero z'aVelio inle, evero z6 o 
re nremenla, ovonli warn ; vonla, zi re ntyft 
Eed^sy ntySi Ber6d. 

15 Ndo Hegar ayanii Ebream oiiwanloffie, 
nle be fwelia Ebream a^elia ina ny'oigwanH 
yS o yanlio nli Hegar inle, Isjrmael. 

16 Ndo Ebream aroenli agomi m'impuma 
^nl^nlai nl'lmpum* orof a, gw'ayanli Hegar 
Isymael gore Ebream. 


NDO gw'avegagi Ebream agomi m'impuma 
SnlAgom nrimpuma SnlSigom, Jehova 
ayenlanli nli Ebream awulinli^ inle, miS nle 
AnyambiS yi ngula yodu, ganganlaga g'ozyo 
warn ka doanla oma w'ogore. 

2 Ndo mi be jekize njeki yam ntySi mi^ 
nty&. wS, kSi mi6 banliza mbunlizaga polo. 

3 Nle be poswa Ebream g^ozyo w6, nle be 
kamba Anyambi^ nla y^ inle, 

4 MiS, vonla, njeki yam yi riB gore w^, o be 
doanla rere y'anlSng^ amenge. 

6 Ini njk k6 ny'aVdio nySnle inle Ebream, 
ndo ini ny^ nyi be doanla Ebreham, k&nde 
mi are panga pa rere y'anlongd amenge. , 

6 Ndo mi be bunliz^ mbunlizaga polo, k& 
miS 'pang* anKngSt va w^ nl'aga ^m be kSi- 
gwa avila gore w^. 


7 Mi be doanliza njeki yam nty& mi^ nty^ 
wS, nli ntySi awanli wa go nyumi yk gw'i- 
mbamba nrimbambi sao, yk njeka y'egombe 
zodu, go doanla gore w^ Anyambi^, nla gore 
awanli wa go nyumi ya. 

8 Ndo mi be pa gore wS nla gore aWanli 
W&. go nyumi ya ntye yi re wg oggnda, ntye 
yodu yi Kenean vSi inliva s'egombe zodu, miS 
kS m'be doanla Anyambi^ gore wao. 

9 Nle be bulla Anyambi^ awulinlia Ebre* 
ham inlS, venjavenja njeki yam, aw^ nl'awa- 
nli wa go nyumi y^, gw'imbamba nllmbambi 

10 Yinla nle njeki yam yi be pejnjavenjo 
nluwe, ntya mi6 ntya nluwe nl'awanli wage 
nyumi ya inlS, ogwSinlofll' edu gore nluwe e 
ga gSro. 

11 G6ranli ozyonli wi ntyai yanli, yi be 
doanla ituminlia si njeka ntyk mi^ nty^ 

12 Nrogwanli edu w'intyugu SnlSnlai e ga 
gSro, ogwSinloffi' edu gw'imbamba nl'lmbar 
mbi sanli, ay^ o janlo go nago, nl'ay^ o kolo 
nli syika, nl'og^ndi edu, o re azye gore awa- 
nli wanli. 

13 AyS o janlo go nag' w^ nl'ayS o kolo nli 
syiki ya e ga gSro giligili, ka njeki yam doa-. 
nla gw'izonii yanli njeka y'egombe zodu. 

14 Ndo ozyambe w'oq wanli edu wi re e pa 
kSro g'ozyonli yi ntyai yS, oma m^w^^ e 


ga lenlo avila gore anlagi wS, are jonla pa 
BJeld yam. 

15 Nle be bulla Anyambi^ awulinlia Ebre- 
ham inl^, g'oijwanja wi Sera offiant' w&, a7«- 
lia ini ny^ Sera nySnle, ndo ijii nyS nyi be 
doanla Serah. 

16 Mi be sayuil^ avk oQwanla nla y^ ; m'be 
savinl^, kk y^ doanla ngwe y'anl^ng^, nl'aga 
w'anlaga wi be doanla avila gore y£. 

17 Nle be poswa Ebreham g'ozyo wS nfikiJ, 
awulia nVor^mi wS inl^, onlofile wi nkama 
y'impuma kk janla? Sarah kS, y'atoenli ago- 
mi m'impuma Snl^gom, kk janla ? 

18 Ndo Ebrebam awulinli AnyambiS inlS, 
tktk Isymael kk doanla gozyo wk. 

19 Ndo Anyambi^ awuli nl^, giligili Sarah 
y'owant' wk e be janla ogwania gore wS, kk 
w6 fwelia ini ny6 inl6, Aizak ; ndo mi be 
doanliza njeki yam gore yS, njeka y'egombe 
zodu, nla gore awanli y£ go nyumi yS. 

20 Ndo g'oigwanja wi Isymael mi aj&ginlo 
wS, Yonla, mi asayinl^, mi be janliz^ awu- 
nliz^ polo; e be janla igomi nl'ag' atanli, mi 
be pangS inlongd, irolo. 

21 Ndo njeki yam, m'be doanliza yo gore 
Aizak, o be janlo gore wS nli Sarah gw'ego- 
mbe zinlk yk ompum' oSkkn. 

22 Nle be m^nizS kamba nla yS, nVavandi 
Anyambi^ avila gore Ebreham. 

23 Nle be b^nga Ebreham aw^nga Isyine^ 

«9 . JENISIS. 

y'oi)wpnli yS, nla waodu w'ayaolio go nag' 
w6, nla waodu w'agolio nli syiki yS, nl'oqw&- 
xiloffi' edu gore anlaga wi nago yi Ebreham, 
ag^ra ozyonli w'intyai sao go ntyugu mSmo, 
ga nt'awuli AnyajnbiS awulinliS. 

24 Nl'aroeiiU Ebreham agomi m'impama 
$nl^gom urimpama ^nlStgom, gw'agSrio y^ 
g'ozyonli wi ntyai yg. 

25 Ndo Isyme^l y'oqwanli y^ aroenl' igomi 
nrimpum' iraro gw'agSrio y^ g'ozyonli wi 
»tyai yS. 

26 Go ntyugu mSiao agSrio Ebreham nil 
Isyme^l y'o^jwanli y^. 

27 Nl'aalofiie waodu wi nag* wS w'ayanlio 
go nago, nla w'agolio nil syika, nl'og^nda, w'a^ 
g^rio nla y^. 

EWONJO xvm. 

NLE be jenlanla Jehova gore y^, ndo 
alo^nli tu g'ompombanla w'olako go mpiu 

.S( Nle be tombinlS anty^ ayenia, ndo vonla, 
am^oOle araro w'agumanli pi^r£ nla y^, ndo 
gw'ayenli yS ag^ndi nl'imango go datanla 
Qla wao ayila g'ompombanla w'olako, nle be 
pura^nlS mWf go ntye. 

3 Nle be bulig ijilg, reri yam, ja mi adeng' 
ik^ gVantya m^, kakalSt, avtaganla avita 
gore nyongo ySu 

4. Taoliiafo yakw« yi ga f ago, IsAkAlk, k& 


$gblo ma>nli jorunloy aydwiz' ikai yanh 
gw'iviri ny'erere. 

5 Ndo mi be baga oQwarenli wi mpSmba, 
k^ sindianli ir^ini yanli, kk nluwe vange 
piaganla, kknde go ndaga yinllt anlu' abienli 
gote njongo yanli ; nle be bulla wao IbIS, 
lenda jenlk ga nt'are vr^ kamba pa. 

6 Nle be n^giza Ebrefaam g'olako goie Sa* 
rah awulia nlS, nl^giza g&iliao raio yi mp^« 
mba mbia bindo pa ka pang' idega gw^inlii. 

7 Nle be kSnda Ebreham nrimango g'ole« 
mba w'inyare, awong' oqwSinyare orimi 
ombieb, ava wo gore iwanj^, nle be nSgixS 
bazya yo. 

8 Nle be bong^ omp^g^ Bl'ambenlingo 
nl'oqwitnyare w*a?azyo ndS, alovia gw'aayo 
mao ; nle be kumanl^ ay^m^^ pi^rS nla wao 
gw'iviri ny'erere, nl'anyenli wao. 

9 Nle b^ bulla wao awullnll^ inl£, Sarah 
y'ofilant' wk are nla gwi ? nle be buli^ inl^, 
are g'olako. 

10 Nle be buli^ Inl^, giUgill ml be fwinlia 
gore w^ gw'igw&a ny'effienl^, ndo yonla^ 
oQwanla €f be j'anlo gore Sarah offiant' w^, 
ndo Sarah ay^o gw'lgagi ny^olako ny'ave^ 
gagi go nyumi y^. 

-11 Ndo Ebreham nli Sarah w*aroenli mbolo, 
piaganla pa nl'lntyugu, nl'ariganli doanla 
gore Sarah isaon y'anto. 

.12 Nle »e jAnla SarAh nl'orSma ihl«,xni« 

52 JENISIS^ . 

dombinla pa mi be jenle mbia, reri yami k^ 
atoenli onl^ro ? 

13 Ndo Jehova awnUnli Ebreham inlS, 
osao' nde winl^ w'aj^nla Sarah, inl^, gUigili 
mi be jania mi£ dombinla pa ? 

14 Igambi edu k^ doania j&la gore J^o- 
va? Gw'egombe zi re tevo pa, mi be fwinlia 
gore wS, nla gw'igwSra ny'emehl^ Sarah e be 
doania nrogwanla. 

15 Nle be darida Sarah inl^, mi jdnla, 
k&nde arienli, nle be buli^ inl^, nyaw^, o 

16 Nle be kumanla anloffie avila vkrk ayo- 
nla go nkova yi Sodom ; nl'ag^ndi Ebreham 
nla wao go jira wao. 

17 Nle be bulla Jehova inle, mi ga yumbu- 
nle avila gore Ebreham osaon wi dendo 

18 Kknde giligili Ebreham e be doania 
ihltihgSl ivolo nli ngulu, nVanKngft mi ntye 
modu mi be savinlo gore y^. 

19 Kande mi avoro yS inl^, e be sombia 
awanH wS, nli nag' w^ go nyumi y^, k^ wao 
penjavenja mp§,nl£i yi Jehova, go denda or^ti 
nl'iji^Slia inle, Jehova e be bagiza gore 
Ebreham igamba ny'agambio ndS go^ yg. 

, 20 Nle be bulia Jehova inl^, edingo zi 86- 
dSm nli Gom(5ra z'apendi, nl'ibe sao s'adiri 
21 Mi be suminla v4tevenl& ayenia, vende- 


iaa wi re d^nda. pa ^Manli z^ifongi sab sV- 

tienli gore mie ; ndo ja zye nldula kt mi^ 


. 22 Nie be fwinlia anlofiie arila vkyk agg* 

nda go Sodom ; ndo Ebreham ariganli kama« 

nla pa g'ozyo wi Jehova. 

. 23 Nle be syiisya Ebreham pi6r^ awulia 

nlS, o be jQiz' avia nrave ? 

24 Yendetua be doanl' agomi m'anlag' avi' 
atanii go nka' mpolo, o be jiliza kk ariga 
mbora gw'inyanga ny'agomi m'anlag' avi' 
atanii mi re v^va. 

25 Be bo gore w^, go denda ndaga yinl^ 
go jonla avia nFave, kk doanla ntaga ma 
gore aria liFave; re bo gore wS. Oy^kSli 
wi ntye yodu e be dmda ij^kSlia ? 

26 Nle be bulla Jehova inl^, ja mi ta dSnga 
go Sodom agomi m'anlag' avi' atanii go nka' 
mpolo, gambSnle mi be poginla mbora yodu 
gw'inyangi nyao. 

27 Nle be jivira Ebreham awuli nlS, vonia, 
mi are pakilia pa go kamba nla Jehova, ndo 
mi^ nle ntySnge nl'ombu dadi^. 

28 Yendetua atanii wi belo gw'agomi m'a- 
nlag' avi' atanii, o be jiliza nka'mpolo yodu 
gw'inyanga ny'atanli? Nle be buliS inl^, 
m'be jiliza ja mi ad^nga \kyk agomi anlai 
nl'anlag' atanii. 

29 Nle be fa kambe nla ye nyonga nyenle 
inle, vendetua be dengo vavd agomi anlai? 

54 JENI8IS. 

Nle be balie inl^, m'be dmda gw'inyanga^ 
ny'agomi anlai. 

30 Nle be bulie inle, kakdld Rere, atenday 
ka mi akamba, vendetua be dengo ydva ago* 
mi araro? Nle be bulie inle, mi al€nde ja 
mi adenga vav& agomi araro. 

31 Nle be bulie inle, vonla mi are pakilia 
pa kamba nla Rere, vendetua be dengo viT& 
l^gomi ambanli ? Nle be bulie inle, mi iiyu 
lize gw'inyanga ny'agomi ambanlL 

32 Nle be bulie inle, kakald Rare, air^nda, 
mi fa kamba nyonga yinla dadie ; rendetua 
bei dengo rava igoiiii ? Nle be bulie iiile, mi 
ayilize gw'inyanga ny^gomi. 

33 Nle be kendaga Jehova gw'amenlizi ye 
kamba nla Ebreham ; nratinli Ebrehain go 
mbori ye. 


NLE be bia ienjel mbanli go Sodom nko« 
lu, ndo Lot avegagi tu g'ompombanla 
wi Sodom ; nle be jenla Lot woo agumanla 
go datanla nla wao, avuranla mbe ozyo we 
go ntye. 

2 Nle be bulie inle, vonla, ireri sam, yingi- 
nlanli go nago yi nyongo yanli k& tiganlanli 
ayoyunla intyozyo sanli, ka nluwe nongwa 
ntovanga agend' ogenda wanli. Nle be bulla 
wao inlS, nyawe, k&nde as^uwe be nanla 

3 Nle be negire wao polo, atizi wao goro 


ye agenda go nagf yre, nle be paaginU wa6 
inya avika mpemba, nl'cuiyenli wao, 

4 Wao nlonlaga ra, anloffie wi nka' mpolo, 
anlofiOie wi Sodom, w'agombinli nago vingo^ 
Tingo^ avila g'oxjwaala agenda g'onlerOi 
anlaga waodu avila go mbori edu. 

5 Nle be fwelia wao a^elia Lot awulinlitt 
wao ye inle, anlaga w'abia gore we ogwera 
winla wi re gwi ? gdganlia wao gore zuwoi 
yenla k& zuwe mia wao. 

6 Nle be kd.gwa Lot gore wao g'ompomba- 
nla anlunj' igugi go nyumi ye. 

7 Nle be bulinlie wao inle, kik&ldianlii 
awdngwe, alendanli ndaga mbe yinl&. 

8 Yonla, mi are nl'awanto atanli wi re wi 
mto nPonloffie, kakalaanii, riganli mie kagu- 
nlia wao gore nluwe ka nluwe denda gora 
wao nt'are mbia gw'antya manli, kao du gon 
anlofiie winla alendanli mponga, kS.nde yenl& 
abia wao gw'iviri ny'oi)wanjai)wanji warn. 

9 Nle be bulla wao inle, lubua ravd, nYarit 
bnli wao inle onloflle winl& a^iehli ogend% 
ndo venl& e bele tenliza mpungu, ndo azuwe 
be doanla nl'ombe gore w^ viaganlo nla gore 
wao : nle be pitakanlia wao onloffie polo Tlk- 
nganli Lot, azyusya piere go jarunl' igugL 

10 Ndo anloffie w'alavinli aga mao alurai 
L^t go nago gore wao anlunj' igugi. 

11 Nle be bola wao anlaga Vavegagi g'o- 
mpombanla nli mpiri avila gw'awango age- 


nda gfVanlerO) yenl£i ayaaizt wao ikoi yiM 
nl'ibut' ojnpoiabanla. 

12 Nle be bulla anlofiie awulinlia Lot inle, 
wi pare nla we venla wa mande? Ogai 
nl'awanli wk anlofiie ge awanto, nrezkm eda 
zi re nla wg go nka' inpolo, gagunlia zo go 
mbora yinla. . . 

13 Kande azuwe be jiliza mbora yinli, 
k&nde edingo zao z'apendi polo g'ozyo wi 
Jehovah, yenl& atoffie zuwe go jiliza yo. 

. 14 Me be kagwa Lot gw'igala agamba 
nl'agai me w'ayombag' awanli wS awanto, 
ihle, nlongwanli kk kagwanli go mbora yi- 
nl^, k^nde Jehova e be jiliza nka'mpo]o : ndo 
avegagi gw'antya m'agai me g'oma o syelia. 

15 Ndo gw'ayenji owenja ienjel s'ahlegizi 
Lot inle, gumanla ka bSnga offiant' wa nl'a- 
wanli ya awanto a?anli/wi re we denga pa 
o vende juwa gw'ibe si nka mpolo. 

16 Ndo gw'alingi ye, anlofiie w'agotie g'oga 
we nFoga w'owant' we, nl'oga w'awanli ye 
ante atanli, nli nkenga yi Jehova gore y^ ; 
nle be k&gunlia wao ye aloanlize g'ozamba 
wi nka mpolo. 

17 Nl'aroenli gw'agslganlio wao go nkala, 
awuV inl^, vera gw'efiienlk za, avonla go 
nyumi y&, agi^manla ke g'od^dS wodu, vera 
go nomba o vende juwa. 

18 Nle be bulla Lot awulinlia wao inl^, k&- 
kitllianli, aranga nl&nlk, ireri sam ; 


19 Yonla, Tenia nyongb yk are d^ngfa pa 
nk^ngk gw'antya m^, o apendizL k^ ik^i sft 
si re w& deada pa gore i^, nU toliza effien^Ia 
zam, ndo mi azye ngulu yi pera go nomba^ 
vendetua m'be koto nli hdaga mbe kk mi 

20 Vonla, nkala yinli yi re piere go fanga 
g^S^j yo k^ yi re nyango, k&kM&y mi ga vere 
ykvkj yi zye nyango ? kk enienIS, zam tola. 

^ 21 Nle be bulinli^ yS inlS, yonla, mi ajivir£k 
vanganii gw'igamba nyinl^,, kk mi ayiiiza 
nka' mpolo y'akambo ndSi. 

22 NlSgize fanga gogo, kSinde mi azye ngu* 
la yi denda mponga kao o abia gogo, yenli 
re ina nyi nka' mpolo meySinl^ ny'aVeliago 
inl^, Zoar. 

23 Nkombe tongwa pa go nitye^ Lot ayingi- 
nli go Zoar. 

24 Nle be nagiza Jehova go Sodom nla go 
Gomora anlSi^za sulfar nl'ogonli avila gore 
Jebova avila g'orowa. 

25 Nle be jilizg ink' impolo sodu nl'odede 
wodu, nla waodu w'ink' impolo nFez^m' eda 
zi poma go ntye. 

26 Nle be ponla offiant' we avila go nyumi 
y^, af^alue ezimba z'ezanga. 

27 Nle be nSngwa Ebreham ogenge agenda 
go mbora y'agumanlio nde i-'ozyo wi Jehova. 

28 Nle be ponle go nkova yi Sodom nla yi 
Gombra, nla go ntye y'odede yodu, ayenla. 


ndo Tonla, otutu w'aTandi avila go ntye ga 
otutu w'ebeke. 

29 Nraroenli gw'ayilizi Anyambie ink^ 
impolo s'odede, Anyambie ayonginli Ebre- 
ham, arofiia L^t avila g'oyilizo w'ayilizio ink' 
impolo s'aloanlio nli Lot. 

30 Nle be panda Lot avila go Zoar aloanla 
go nomba^ nl'awanli ye awanto a?anli nld 
y^ ; k^nde arienli go doanla go Zoar ; nle be 
doanle g'obulungn, aye nl'awanli ye ante 

31 Nle be bulla onlerS awulinlia oi)w&«i 
rambe inle, reri yazyo atoenli mbolo^ ndo 
zyel' oma go ntye o re kk jinginla gore zuwe 
ga mpanli yi ntye yodu. 

32 Oviro, azawe ga yonje reri yazyo ivg 
anlanla nla ye, ka zuwe doanliz' awanla avila 
gore reri yazyo. 

33 Jfle be jonja wao reri yao ive ogwera 
ine^ nFayinginli oigw&nlerd anlanla nla reri 
ye ; ndo e mm du gw'anlanli yg nla gw'anlo- 
ngwi ye. 

34 Nl'aroenr ibi^nga inle, oi)wanler6 awu- 
linli oijw&rumbe inle, ogwera w'apila mi 
anlanli nla reri yam, azuwe ga yonje ogwera 
winla ke, ka we jinginla anlanla nla ye, 
yenia be doanliza zuwe awanla avila gore 
reri yazyo. 

35 Nle be jonja wao reri yao ive ogwera 
me, nFanlSngwi oigw&rambe age nanla nla 


y% ndo e mm da gw'anlanli ye, nla gw'anlo* 

36 Yenla aroenli awanto wi Lot ameme nli 
»ri yao. 

87 Ndo oqwanlero ayanli oigw&nloffie a^elia 
ini nye inle, Moab, aye nle rere y^Imoabait 
koanga go ntyugu yinla. 

38 Nle be janlaoijwarumbe ke ayanl' oqwa- 
nlofiie a^elia ini nye inle, Ben-ami: winla 
nle rere y'awanla wi Amon koaoga go ntyo* 
gu yinla, 


NLE be tora Ebreham avila vivi go ntye 
yi re go nkova y'olomba, aloanla nty& 
Kedesy ntya Syur go gare, nl'alingi ye go 

2 Nle be bulla Ebreham g'oijwanja vri Se» 
rah y'owant' we awulia nle, winla oqwangwe 
warn oigwantoy nraromi Ebimelek oga wi 
Girar awonga Serah. 

3 Nle be bia Anyambie a^ia gor' Ebimelek 
go nyilinlo ogwera, awulinlie inle, o re juwa 
pa, kande oQianto wi re we bdnga pa, aye 
ofiianto w'onloffie. 

4 Ndo Ebimelek e dtM> asyusya piere gore 
ye, nle be bulie inle, Rere, o be jonla ke inlo^ 
nga ny'agore ? 

6 E Imlinlia mie inle, aye nle oqwangi yam 
pjgwanto? Ayeme ke awuli nle, aye oqwa- 


ngi yam onloffie. Nl'ogore w^oreoii vmm nil 
nkere y'aga mam mi are denda p'osaoa 

6 Ndo Anyambie awulinlie go nyilinlo inlei 
reti mi avoro inle, nl'pgore w'oremi vr& o re 
denda p'osaon winla, kande mieme mi azim* 
bid go dend' ibe gore mie, yenla re mi jmra 
we bwate. 

7 Ndo Tenia, ?inliza onloffie omant' we, 
kande aye nle profit ; nl'aye e be kambinla 
g'oi)wanji wa, ka we tola; ndo ja o t^inize, 
mi^ inle, meme o be juwa; awe, nl'ezam' edu 
zi re nla we. 

8 Yenla anlongwi Ebimelek ibanga a?elia 
inyongo se sodu, awalia agamba minld modai 
gw'aroi mao, nle be tia anlaga polo. 

9 Nle be fwelia Ebimelek a?elia Ebreham 
awulinlie inle, ezande zi re we denda pa g<»re 
mie, nl'ezande zi re mie janja pa mbe gore 
we ? kande o re baga pa gore mie nla gw'i* 
nlonga nyam mbe mpolo ; ijanja si re s'ardnde 
dendo o w'adendi so gore mie. 

10 Be bulia Ebimelek awulinlia Ebreham 
inle, o yenli ande inle, o re denda p'osaou 

11 Be bulia Ebreham inle, kdnde mi awuli 
nle, reti itia s' Anyambie si zyele go mbor$ 
yinla, ka wao jonla mie g'oijwanja w'offianto 

12 Ndo reti aye oqwa'ogwanto wa reri 


yarn, ndo aranga oqwanla wi ngwe yam; 
nl'aroenU ye ofilaato warn. 

13 Nl'aroenli gw'gdganli Anyambie agdgu- 
nlia mie go nago ya reri yam, mi awulinlie 
inie» yinld nle nkengd yi re we ka denda mie 
inle, go mbori edu yi be kendo zuwe, v&v& 
wjilia g'ojgwanji warn inle, aye oigwareri yam. 

14 Nle be bonga Ebimelek awong' adambe 
nl'inyare nl'inyongo inloffie, nl'inyongo inya- 
nio ava wao gore Ebreham, ka ye fwinlize 
Serah y'ofiiant' we. 

Ifi Nle be bulla Ebimelek inle, ntye yam yi 
re g'ozyo wa, loanla go mbora yi tondo nd&. 

16 Ndo gore Serah awuli nle, mi are pa pa 
gore ^oqwdreri yd ntausen yi syika yapiipu, 
winla nl'oraVinlo g'osaon wedu wi re dendo 
pa gore we, nia gw'antya m'anlaga waoda; 
yenia azembio ye« 

17 Be kambinla Ebreham Anyambie, nle 
be toliz' Anyambie aroliza Ebimelek, nl'o-* 
want' we, nl'inyongo se inyanto, nle be jana 
wao awanla. 

18 Kande Anyambie aluo anunji ambumu 
modu mi nago y'Ebimelek, g'orjwanja wi 
ndaga yi Serah y'owanto wi Ebreham. 


NLE be bia Jehova gore Serah ga nt'a- 
wulie, nPalendi Jehova gore Serah ga 


2 Nl'aroeiili Serah inyeme ayanla gore Ebre- 
ham oijwanloffie g'onlero we, gw'egombe 
z'l^ambi Anyambie agamba nla ye. 

3 Nle be fwelia Ebreham ina ny'oi|waiili ye 
onlofiie o yanlio gore ye nil Serah, atelia inle, 

4 Nle be kara Ebreham agera Aisak y'oi^wa^ 
nil ye onloffie, janio pa ntyngu enlenlai, ga 
nt'azombio ye nF Anyambie. 

5 Ndo Ebreham aroenli nkama y'lmpuma, 
gw'ayanlio gore ye Aisak y'ogwanli ye. 

6 Nle be bulia Serah inle, Anyambie are 
panga pa nue janla, nla waodu wi jagsl wi be 
j&nla nla mie. 

7 Nle be bulie inle, mande o ra bnlinli Ebre^ 
ham inle, Serah e be jonj' awanla, kande mi 
are janla p'oijwanlome g'onlero we. 

8 Nle be pom' oijwanla arombo gw'iwenle, 
nl'avangi Ebreham ntyago mpolo ntyugu y'a- 
rc»nbio Aisak gw'iwenle. 

9 Nle be jenla Serah ayenla oQwanloflie wi 
Hegar y'ljiptian, w'ayanlio gore Ebreham^ 

10 Nle be bulie awolinlia Ebreham inle^ 
romba pqwanla wi nyongo nyanto winMi, 
kande oijwanla wi nyongo nyanto winla e be 
jfga nroi)wanli wam, vanganli Aisak. 

11 Ndo ny'avegag' igamb^ ive gw'antyi mi 
Ebreham g'oqwanja w'oigfwanli y^'. 

12 Ndo Anyambie awulinli Ebreham inlli 


alc^anl' igamb' iTe gw'antyd ma g'oqwanja 
w'oiiwanla, nla g'oi|waiija wi nyongo jA 
Byanto ; gw'isaoh yodu yi re bulinlio pa we 
nli Serah, voganlio inyoi nye, kande gore 
Aisak be fwelio awanli wd, 

13 Ndo mi be panga ke oijwanla wi nyongo 
nyanto inlonga, kande aye ogwanli vrL 

14 Nlebenongwa Ebreham ibanga, awonga 
inya nli mbute y'anlingo ara Hegar ntaliaga 
g-ovega, nl'oijwanlay ka ye tome kendaga, nle 
be kende aganganla gw'ig' ivolo nyi Bir- 

15 Nle be maul' anlingo go mbute, nl'awa- 
lie oQwanIa g^odolongo wi qonjo m&ii, 

16 Nle be kende aloanla tu swaswa nla ye 
davadavie nanda yi kendi' elendinla ozyongd, 
kdnde awuli nle, m'pa bele j^a ijuwa s'oi| wa- 
nla, nle be doanle swaswa nla ye, arombinP 
inyoi nye alenla. 

17 Nle be jSgd Anyambie inyoi ny'oi)wanIa, 
ndo enjel y' Anyambie y'ateli gore Hegar 
avila gorowa inle, ezande zi re gore we He- 
gar? Arm du, kande Anyambie are j4gd 
p'inyoi ny'ogwanla go mbora yi re ye. 

18 Gumanla ka tombinl' aijwanla, agote 
g'oga wa, kande m'be pange inlonga ivolo. 

19 Nle be nungunP Anyambie anty& me 
ayenlize evero z'anlingo ; nle be kende ayo* 
nlia mbute nPanlingo ayonj' oqwanla. 

ao Nle be doanl' Anyambie gore ogwanla, 


k& ye poma aloanla gw'ig' irolo, nl'aroenii yc 
om' amiM>lQ w'elendinla. 

21 Nle be doanle gw'ig' ivolo nyi Peran, file 
be bonga ngi y^ awonginl^ affianto avila 
gw'inlongSt nyi Ijipt. 

22 Nraroenli gw'egombe m^ inle, Ebimelek 
nli Faikol, evemba zi mbSli yS w'agambi 
nla Ebreham inl^, Anyambi^ are nla wS g'o- 
saon wedu wi dendo nd^. 

23 Ndo venla ranga miS orango w'Anya- 
mbi^ inl^, o r^mize mie, nrogwanli yam, 
nroijwanla w'oQwanli yam, ndo ga nkenga 
y'aleiidio mie gore wS, lenda gore mi6 nla 
gore inlonga nyi re wS doanla p'ogSnda. 

24 Nle be bulia Ebreham inlS, m'be tanga. 

25 Nle be s^mba Ebreham azemba Ebime- 
l^k g'oijwanja w'evero z'anlingo z'awongio 
nl'inyongo s'Ebimel^k nli mbao. 

26 Nle be bulia Ebimelek inlS, mi amie oma 
o lendi osaon winlSl, awS kS o bt^linlia mi^, 
mie k^ m'pa jag^ kao nlenl^ winla. 

27 Nle be bonga Ebreham awong' adambe 
nl'inyare, ava yo gore Ebimelek, nl'ayeki 
wao a^anli njeka. 

28 Nle be dofia Ebreham awadambe awa- 
nto orogenlo go mbora nli yao. 

29 Nle be bulia Ebimelek awulinlia Ebre- 
ham inl^) awad§,mbe awanto winl& orogenlo 
wi re s8, wi re wg do^ia pa mbora nli yao ? 

30 Nle be buli^ inlS» o be b^ng' awadambe 

EwoN JO xxn. M 

OT){g«8ilo g^ag4 wmm, ki wad dooiila elingilio 
gore mi£ inlc, mi animM mveno tinlk. 

SI Yenli aVeliS mbera mJ9yiiil& Ersn 
x'orango, kande w'araofi T&tst w»o a^a&li. 

32 Tenli ayeld wao njeka go Birayeba; 
nle be nbngwa Ebimd^k, nil Faikol «rremba 
■i mb^H yS, nra^mli wao gw'iiilonga Hj'L 

sa Nle be b&la JEZrekam av&ila mbora 
yi reie go Biriiyeba, af'^a vSlt& ina nyi Je^ 
iio^a Anyambie y'egombe xoda. 

34 Nle be ka.ngaiila Ebreham gVialdogl^ 
ny'Ifilistin ntyugu s'inyenge. 

EWONJO xxn. 

NJX) isaon yinlfi mania pa, Anyambie ag^ 
nlizi Ebreham, awalinlie inl^, Ebreham; 
ki y£ bulla nl^', vonla, xmS winii. 

2 Nle be bulie inle^ woiiga TQnli <»gfwanH; 
w4 w'ikika, o tdndo nd4, yanganle Aisak, k& 
keuda go ntye yi Moridikh, aypnle v&t& 
ijirinya si pezyo, go nomba m&ri yi be teva 
inie w^. 

3 Nle be n^ngwa Ebreham ibanga aliria 
epwi go bura ye, awong' a^anja itie imbainli 
nla yS, nil Aisak y'd^wanli wS; k& ye jarataLV 
ikonli s'ijirinya si pesiyo, agamaiili ye ag^ 
ttdaga go mboca y'awuliiilio yi hrAnyiMnbiC. 

4 Ndo ntyugu yi iktyaro Ebreikam avaiidl 
mbyi, me. ay&ila mlioia da^adaTid. 


6 Nle be batia Ebreham awulinlm awalQik 
me inle, loanlanli anluwe venla nli bum, ndm 
miS nrogwanla azuwe be kenda gogo azari* 
nla, kk ssuwe fa bia gore nluwe. 
; 6 Nle be bonga Ebreham ikonli s'ijirmya 
■i pezyo aralia fio gpre Aisak y'oqwanli yie, 
nle be bonge ogonli g'oga we nli swi^^ fa^ 
kenda wao a^anli nkanda mo. 
i 7 Nle be kamba Aisak nla Ebreham reri ye 
inl^y rere; nle be bulie inle, mie winla^ 
oq' wami; nFawulie inle, yonla, ogonli nl'i^ 
syakilia ; ndo oqwid&mbe w'ijirinya si prayo 
wi re gwi ? 

8 Nle be bulla Ebreham inle, Anyambie 
e be ponla ayeme oi)widambe w'ijiringa si 
p^zyo/ 01)' wami, nle be kenda wao nk&nd& 

9 Nle be bia wao go mbora y'awulinlio yg 
nl'Anyambie, nl'anlog^ Ebreham vava anloga 
Aibora y'ijirinya, agenj' ikonli, aliria Aisak 
y'oqwanli ye araliS go mbora y'ijirinya gw'i* 

10 Nle be nyanyunla Ebreham og4 w3 
awonga swaka go jonl' oqwanli ye. 

11 Nle be fwelia enjel yi Jehova aTila 
^'orowa a?elie inle, Ebreham, Ebrehani} 
ayivirie inle, mie winld. 

.12 Nle be bulie inl^ anydnyunl' og4 wA 
gore oijwanla, vanganli dend' osaon we4u 
gore ye; k&nde yehU mi ayoro inle, o tia 


Aiijamln^, k&iide o aimbia oqwanii y& w'ifci- 
ka gore mie. 

.18 Nle be pandia Ebreham antya me aye- 
nla, ndo vonla, avegag' idamb' inloffie go 
ayumi yg jaka pa gw'ibaka nl'imengo se: 
jile be k^nda Ebreham awong' id^mb' inloflto 
ayonla nyo gw'ijirinya si pezyo, gw'inyanga 
ay'ogwanli ye. 

14 Nle be fwelia Ebreham ina nyi mbora 
meyanla inle, Jehova e jenla, ga ht'awulio 
koanga go nlenld winla inlg, go nomba yi 
Jehova yi be jenlo. 

15 Nie be fwelia enjel yi Jehova a^elia 
Ebreham avila g'orowa nyonga yi mbanli ; ' 
,16 Inle, mi are tanga p'orango g'okuwi 
warn, awuli Jehova, kande o re denda 4)'o- 
saon winla, ka aztmbia ogwanli wa w'ikika, 

, 17 Inle, nl'isavinla mi be savinla, nribu- 
sliza mi be bunliz' awanli wa ga igegenli 
y'orowa, nla ga ntyenge yi re g'ozyege wi 
mbenli mpolo, nPawanli wSt ke wi be bonga 
igugi ny'inlumbi yao. 

18 Nl'anlonga mi ntye modu mi be savinla 
nl'awanli w^, kande o re jivira p'inyoi nyam. 

19 Yenla atinli Ebreham gore awanj^ me, 
k& wao komanla agenda mp& mo go Bir- 
syiba, nl'aloanli Ebreham go Birsyiba. 

20 Ndo isaon yinla piaganla pa, Ebreham 
awulinlio inle, vonla, Milka ke are janl^. 
p'awanla gore Nehor y'ogwangi ySt. 


21 Uz njalie ye nli Buz ogwaingi ye, nti 
KamuSl rere yi Eram, 

22 Nil Ifedgsy iill Hezo nli Fildasy nli Yid- 
laf nil Bgthti^l ; 

23 Ndo Bgthu81 ayanli Reb^a. WinlA 
«ttleniai Vayahlio nli Milka gore Neho* 
oigwarere wi Ebreham. 

24 Ndo nkongi ye, ini nye nle Reuma^ 
aye ke ayanli T^a nli Geham nli Tahasy lili 

EWONJO xxin. 

XTDO Serah aroenli nkama y'imptiina nl'a^ 
JtS gomi ambanli tirimpuma orogeialo, 
yinlA imptima y'emenld zi Serah. 

2 Ndo Serah ayuwi go Kiijath Areba yo nle 
Hibron, go ntye yi Kenean ; nratienli Ebre- 
ham gw'iw&^ga nyi Serah nla go denlg. 

3 Nle be kumanla Ebreham avila g'olsyo 
w'ebende ze, agamba nrawailloffie "^i W^h 

4 MiS ogenda nl'oloanli gore nluwe, vanli 
mie inliva s'abe gor' anluwe, k& ml^ bettla 
febende zam avila g'ozyo wam. 

6 Ndo awanla wi HSth w'ayiviri Ebreham 
awulinlg inle, 

6 Y&ginlo ztiwe, reri yazyo, o r'ehlam' evold 
z'Anyambie gore zuwe; gw'ipinja s'abe 
toazyo tenia ebende za; oma mande ^re 
tEUwe o te kd simbia abe me gore wS, inl€ 
atenla ebende za ? 


7 Nle be kumanla Ebreham avuiaQla mV^ 
gore anlaga wi ntye, gore awa vri Hetfau 

8 Nle be kamb^ agamba nla wao inl^^ ja 
plaw' are gw'iremi yanli inle, mi ga V^^V 
ebeude nam avila g'ozyo warn, y^ginlooli 
TQi^, k& negiranli ini£ Efrou ogwanla wi 

9 Inle, e ga re iQiS obulungu wi Makpila 
wi re nla yg, wi re go ntyai y'orove we, v4 
ptapgo yi syika yi jonla wo, e ga ve miq 
wo go gare yanli gwlnliva s'abe. 

10 Ndo Efron aloanli go gare y'awa' wi 
Heth, nle be jivira Efron yi Hitait i^yivirft 
flbreliam gw'aroi m'awa' wi Heth, gore waoi 
du w'ayinginii g'ompombania wi pk^li y$ 
mpolo inl^, 

11 Nyi^we, reri yam, orove mi pa wo, 
nrobalungu wi re go wo, i^i pk wo, gw'i^ 
ntya m'awanla w'anlagi warn mi pa wo, 
Venice ebende tX. 

12 Ndo Ebreham ayuranli mb^ gw'azy^ 

13 Nle be kambe nla Efron gw'aroi m'a- 
nlaga wi ntye, inle, j& ajivira, kakala y&gi- 
nlo n^ie, m'be pd syika y'orove, wonga yo gpve 
mi^f ka, mi^ benla ebende zam T4va. 

14 Ndo Efron ayiviri Ebreban^ awulinji^ 

15 Reri yam, yaginlo mie, ntyaga yi jonl^^ 
nkama s'isyekel si syika yapitpu nai, ndp 


lity& mi^ ntya vr^ ezande mez&? ^^nla 
ebende zk. 

16 Ebreham ayfiiginlo Efr^n, nle be pesyinla 
Bbreham EfrSn syika y'agambio ndS gw^arbt 
m'awania wi H^th, nkama s'isyekel si syikal 
yapupu nai, mpesyinli yakk gore mlSngi wi 

17 Nle be doanla orove wi Efrdn w'avegagi 
go Makpila swaswft, nli Mamre^ orove nPo- 
bulungu w'ayegagi go wo, nrereii edu z'ave* 
gagi g'orove, nFezam' edu z'avegagi g'ozambi 
edu vingovingo, 

18 Waloanli gore Ebreham gw'inliva gw'a- 
ntyfi m'awania wi H^th, nia waodu w'ayfc 
nginli g'ompombanla wi nkali yS mpolo. 

19 Isaon yinla piaganla pa, Ebreham av^- 
nli Serah y'offiant' we g'obulunga w*orove 
wi Makpila yi re swaswa nli Mamre, yo nle 
Hibron, go ntye yi Eenean. 

20 Nle be doanlizo orove nFobulunga w'a^. 
vegagi go wo aloanlizo gore Ebreham gVi- 
nliva s'abe avila gore awanla wi He<Ji. 



NDO Ebreham aroenli mbolo polo viaga- 
nlo gw'emenia, ; nle be savinia Anya^ 
mbiS azavinla Ebreham gW'isaon yodu. 

2 Ndo Ebreham awulinli nyongo yg ngrd 
yi nag' w6, o a^andaminli y&mi j^ yodn 
inlS, k^kSild., zoliza ogdi wa gw'iv^vSnli nyam : 


3 K^ mis tangizk orango wi Jehova, Anya- 
mbi^ y'orowa nl'Anyambi^ yi ntye, inl^ 
mwa AvrSnjgSk du offianto gore oqwanli warn 
onloffie avila gore awawanto w'lkeneanait^ 
wi re mis go gare yao. 

4 K&nde o be k^nda gw'inlong^*! nyam, nla 
go mbavi yam^ awong' offianto gore ogwanli 
yam Aisak. 

5 Nle be bulla nyongo awulinlie inlC) ve* 
ndetua offianto e be tdnde songa mi^ go ntye 
|iala mi ga yk fwinlize oi)wanli wa gw'inlo* 
nga ny'avilio ndSt ? i 

6 Nle be bulla Ebreham awulinliS Inle, 
Vandaminla, kd a?mliz, oigwiEuili yam gogo 
nyenle. i 

7 Jehova Anyambie y'orowa, y'awongi miS 
ttvUa go natgo ya reri yam, nl'avila go ntye 
yi mbuvi yam, nil kamba nla mie, nil tang', 
orango gore mie Inle, gore awanll y& be po 
mie ntye ylnld, ; e be toma enj^l ye go bosyo 
y&9 kd we bong' offianto gore oQwanli yam 
avila vdvfi. 

8 Ndo ja offianto aytVire song&, gambenld 
o be doanla diengadl^hga avila g'orango warn 
winld, kao du av^ fwinllza oqwaali warn 
gogo ny^ttle. ' 

9 Nle be 8oliza nyongo ogA we gw'ivevenli 
siyi Ebreham ya reri ye, arang' orango gor» 
ye g'oqwanja wi ndaga mey&nli. 

10 Nle be bonga ny<»igo igoim ny'ikamel 


gw'ikamel m reri yS afendaga, kande asiiTa 
ma reri ye modu m'avegaiei g'oga we : nle %• 
kuinaaii agenda ga Mdsopoiemia go oka' 
mpedo yi Nekoi. 

11 Nle be dowize ikaosael akatali g'Qmmba 
in nka' mpok) gw'eyero z'antingo, gw'egwijoe 
n nkolo, gw'eg<H».be s'ikagwo go per' anl^ 

12 Nle be bolie inle, kakala, Jehora Auya- 
nbi£ ya reri yam^ ga loanle mbiambie g(M# 
aue Blenla wiklk, nil tumixilia nkenga gom 
reri yam Ebreham. 

19:Yoiila» mi kumanla gw'erero z'ai^Iingo, 
ii4o awaato w'anloflle wi nka' mqpiolo wi k4^ 
gwa go per' anlingo. 

14 Ndo ga roe iale, izyali nyi be bulinlio 
me inle, zyonl' imagi nya, kakala, ka 11110 
jooga^ ka ye bolia nle, yonga ; mi be pera ke 
gw'ikamel sa, winla e ga loanle aye o re we 
kekiza pa gore nyongo ya Aisak ; ka mi bsbm 
inloi m tlulu^ia pa nkenga gore reri 

10 Nraroenli ay^ menlizaga ra ikamba^ 
▼odjUk Bebeka agagwi, o yanlio gore BethAel 
ogwduloffie wi Milka offianto yn Nefapr o^wa^ 
ngwe wi Ebreham, nllmagi g'ovegi we^ 

16 Ndoogwanto avegagi Bl'imepijeno po^, 
aye isyali^ ka aixuio nrpakfie ; nle be. emapir 
nlie gw'evero ayonF imagi nye aranda. 

17 Nle be kenda nyongo nrimaogo go 

EWONJO xxrv. T? 

^Atanla nla ye, awulinle inl^, k^aU, yoiQf^ 
iiiie y'anlingo gw^m&gi nya. 

.18 Nle be iMilie inle, yongai rere, ka ye 
negize syonlia imagi aye g'oga we aydi\ie. 

i 119 Ndo gw'amenlise jooJQ awuli nl^, gw'i- 

kiMn^l sa m'be per' auliago ke ki^ s^&m^tdv^. 


,20 Nle be negize ayir^ imagi nye gw'iv^ 

mba, ava keada all manga gw'eveiro go peT% 

fde be jonje ikamel se soda. 

• 21 Nrawami onloflie amame, aloanla dd gQ 

mia vendetua Jehova ar^ k^ndi^ pa og^odi 

ombia, mbe ombe. 

. S2 NlVoenli gw'am^pliz' ikf^m^l nl'ijong^, 

pnlofiie awongi omoro wi syika yat^Alatealai 

erenii zi sy^kel, nli lumbago tanli gw'ag^ 

»g, igomi ny'isySk^l ny'isyika yatanlat0n)a, 

23 Nle be buU^ inl^, liw^ ogwaowanto wn 
la^de ? wulinlia mie, kakdla ; re mbora ga 
nago ya reri ya yi naolo miS ? 

24 Nle be bulinlie y^ inla, mie nle o^wanto 
wi B^thn^ly oqwanlofike wi Milka w'ayanliO 
nde gore Neh^. 

i6 Awulinlie inle, aasaw' we nl'amaali 
nl'imba sinyenge, nli mbora yi nanlo ke. 
, 26 Nle be puranla ontoffie mbe, azavinla 

27 Nle be buliS inle, ozavinlo goie Jehort 
Anyambie ya reri yam, Ebreham, 3ri r^ # 
tomba nkeaga ye nl'oreti wS gore reri yao ' 

74 ^ JENISIS. 

mie go mpdnld, Jehova are kendia pa mie go 
Bago y'oqw&ngwe wa reri yam. 

28 NIe be kenda izyali nli mango arakili* 
agamba minld go nago yi ngi ye. 

29 Ndo Rebeka avegagi nl'oijw&ngwe, Ihi 
iiye nle Leban, nle be kagwa Leban nli 
mango gore onloffie gw'evero. 

80 Nl'aroenli gw'ayenli ye offioro nli Imnba* 
fo gw'ag& m'oijwSingi ye oQwanto, nla gw'aylt- 
gio ye agamba mi Rebeka ogwangi ye inle, 
yenid agambi onloffie, gore mie, atienli gom 
onloffie, ndo vonla, avegagi knmanla pa piSre 
nnkamSi gw'evero. 

31 Nle be buliS inlS, yinginla ; awe yi savi- 
nlo nli Jehova, o kumanla gw'igala se ? mi 
are kekiza pa nago nli mbora y'ikam^l. 

32 Nle be jinginl' onloffie go nago, k& ye 
pwanl' ikamel' ava amanli nl'imba gore ika- 
miSl, nl'anlingo mi jovunla intyozyo s^ nVu 
ntyozyo s'anloffie w'avegagi nla y^. 

38 Nl'alot^io inya g'ozyo w^ go nya, nle be 
bali£ inl^, m'be nya kao mi abuF igambt 
nyam ; nle be buli^ inl^, gamba. 

84 Nle be bali^ inl^, mi^ nyongo yi Ebre- 

35 Ndo Jehova ue savinla pa reri yam polo, 
k4 y^ penda polo ; are p^ p'adambe, nFinyarSi 
nli syika yapupu, nli syika yatenlatenla, 
fil'lnyongo inloffie nl'inyongo inyanto, nl'ika^ 
m», nl'ibara. 


86 Ndo Serah, ofiianto wa reri yam, ayanli 
ogwanloflie gore reri yam, ay^ toa pa mbolo^ 
ndo are p^ pa ydma yoda yi re nla y^. 

87 Ndo reri yam arangizi mi£ orango inl^i 
awonga du offianto gore oqw&nloffie wain 
avila gore affianto w'Ikeneanait, anlaga wi rat 
mis go ntye yao. 

•S8 Ndo gSnda go nago ya reri yam, nla 
gore mbuvi yam, kk bonga offianto genre ogwa* 
nli yam. 

^9 Ndo mi awulinli reri yam inle, vendetaa 
eflianto e be songa mie. 

40 Nrawulinlie mie inle, Jehova yi kanga^* 
rIo mie g'ozyo we e be toma enjel ye nla we, 
k& ye tev^ mp&nid ya, ki we bong' offianto 
gore oi|wanli wam avila gore mbavi yam 
nFavila go nago ya reri yam. 

41 Gambenie o be doanla diengadienga 
g'orango wam, j& m'abia gore mbuvi yam, kil 
w'aymre pa gambenie o be doanla dienga^ 
dienga g'orango wam. 

42 Ndo mi abia nlenlk winli gw'eyenov 
awnlia nle, Jehova Anyambie ya reri yam 
Ebreham, j^' amepia ogend^ wam wi kendo 

. 43 Vonla, mi kumanla gw'evero z'anlingo^ 
be toa ja izyali ny'abia go per' anlingo, k4 
Bti abulia nle, y^nja mie, kd.kala, y'anlingo 
gw'imagi nySL ; 
44 Ka ye bulinlia mie inle, yong' awemr 


kk mie perinl' ikamel 8a ; wiola e ga Ipanle 
ofllanto wi re kekizo pa nli Jeboya gai^ 
oi|wanloffi6 wa reri yam. 

45 Ndo mi amializaga r4 ikamba nroremi 
warn, vonla, Rebeka abia nl'imagi nye g^oSten 
f i we azaminla gw'evero aver' anlingo, ki 
mie balinlie inl^, yonja mie kakal&. 

46 Nle be negiz^ azyonlia imagi nye ayila 
g'otegi we, awulia nle, youga, ka mie peri- 
111' ikamel sa ke^ nle be jonga mie, ka ye 
perinl' ikameL 

47 Nle be bambia mie ye inle, awe o^wao^ 
wanto wa mande ? nle be balie inlS, OQwao- 
wanto wi BethuiSl Qgw^nloflle wi Nebor ot 
yajolio nli Milka gore y^, Nle be fela nu$ 
oflloro g'ompombo w^ nli lumbago gw'a^i^ 

48 Nle be puranla mi^ mb^ azuminlia Je- 
kova, azayinla Jehova Anyambi^ ya reri yam^ 
Ebreham, y'ak^ndia mie go mpanlk yarSti go 
b^nga oijwaowanto w'oQwangw^ wa refi 
yam gore oqwanli yS onloffie. 

49 Ndo sambo j'anlaw' abele denda nkS|ig4 
nVorSti gore reri yam, wulinlianli mie ; iidq 
ja zye nlanl^, wulinlianli mi^, ka mi^ kegw% 
g*ogi onlofiliS ge g'onyantwtf . 

50 Nle be jivira Leban nli Bethuel awuli^ 
nl£, ndaga yinld yi pila gore Jehova, azuw' 
azye ngulu yi kamba nla wS mbe ge mbia* 

51 Yonlai {leb^ Wfe g'ozyo w&y w^^g^ 


kk kendaga, e ga losale owanto w'ogwltreri 
ykj ga nt'abulia Jehova. 

St Kl'aroenli gw'ayligio nyongo yi Ebreham 
aylig& agambi mao, azavinli go ntye gore 

Si Ndo nyoDgo agdganli yliina yi syika 
yapupu, nli syika yatenlatenla, nllng&i, ava 
no got^ Reb^a; areiiliS kg ojgw&ngiS mix 
attgi y^ ya yljonla. 

54 Nle be nya wao ay^Snga, ayg, nranloAe 
Wavegagi nla y^, nPanianli wao, nl'anlBngwi 
wao ibanga ; nrawuliS inl^, roma miS gwe 
t«i yam, 

^5 Nle be bulla oi|w&agi yS ali ngi yS inlif, 
i^yali i^yi ga loanle iiFazuwe intyuga syakwii^ 
Vanganl' igomi, gamb^le ak^ndaga. 

56 Nle be balinliS wao inltf, aztmbianli 
^g, k^nde Jehora are mSpia p'og^nd^ watoi, 
romanli mi^ kk mi ak^ndaga gore reri yam. 

57 Nle be bulia wao inlS, azuwe be fwelia 
izyali a^ambig g'ogwanli wSmg. 

55 Nle be fwelia wao Reb^a awuIinlUf 
inlg, o be kSnda nronioflie wialk ? nl'awaliif 
inlg, mi toa. 

59 Nle be toma wa6 Reb^ka y'ogwangi yao, 
^roflianto w'ayonji^, nli nyongo yi Ebrehaib, 
nranlojffie wg. 

60 Nle be savinia wao Reb^a, awulinii^ 
inlg, aw8 bgwiingwe wazyo oftlaiitoy lomla 
ikgvire yi ntawMi y'lgomi ny'inlaiweii, nl'awa- 


nli wit wi ga w^ge <»n{>ombaixla wi mSngi 
wi numba wao. 

61 Nle be kumanla Bebeka nrazyali m^, 
avanda gw'ikamSl, nle be songa wao onloffie^ 
nli nyongo awongi Reb^a ag^ndaga. 
. 62 Nl'a^ienli Aisak avili gw'evero zi Lohaioii 
'kande aloanli go ntye y'olomba. 

68 Nle be k^gwa Aisak go pikiliaga g'Oi- 
rove nkolu, nle be tombinl^ antya ayenla, 
ndo vonia/ikamel si bia^ 
: 64 Nle be tombinla Reb^ka antyli ayenla 
Aisak, k& y^ suminla avila go kam^l. 

65 K&nde aluo abambia nyongo inl^, onlo» 
ffie mewanlSi mande o kanganla g'orove a^ia 
datanla nl' azuwe? Nl'awlinlio ye nli nyongo 
inl^, winl^ nle reri yam: nle be bonga JS^- 
^ka evSlfe, aliyinr ozyo w6. 

66 Nle be takilia nyongo arakilia Aisaka 
isaon yodu y'alendio nd£. 

67 Nle be baga Aisak avag^ g'olako . wi 
Serah ngi y^, n]'aw^ngi y^ Reb^ka, nl'aloa- 
nli yS offiant' w^; arondi^ y^ polo, nl'azindio 
Aisak g'ogwaaija w'ijuwa si ngi y& 


NLE be {k b<5nga Ebreham offianto, ioi 
nle Ketara. 
2 Nle be janl£ y^ Zimran, nli Joksyan, nli 
Medan, nli Midian, nli Yisybak, nli Syua. 
9 Nl'ayanli Joksyan Syiba, nli Dedan« nl'a- 


WMiIoffie wi Didaa w^'ave^gi Asyann, nli 

Litosyim, nli Leumim. 

, 4 Nl'awaak>fiie wi Midian w'avegagi Efi^ 

nli Efer, nli Henok, nl'Abaida, nli Eledaya; 

winla waodu w'avegagi awanlome wi Ke- 


5 Ndo Ebreham arenli exkm! edu z'avegag^ 
nia yS gore Aisak ; 

6 Ndo gore awanloffie w'anto aSlltri w'aye- 
gagi nla Ebreham, Ebreham arenli wao 
mpago aroma wao avila gore Aisak. y'oqwa> 
nli y6, (gw'avegagiS bo aySmS,) go. nkova 
yL tongwa nli nkombe» go ntye yi tongwa 
nli nkbmbe. , 

7 Ndo sinl^ nllntyaga s'impuma y'efilenl^ 
zi Ebreham z'aloanlio nd^, nkama nl'agomi 
m'impuma orogenlo nllmpum' itanlL 

8 Nle be juwa Ebreham nli mbolo mpolo 
nl'onl^ro w'ambiambie, jora pa nl'efiienl^ 
nl'alatizio ye gore mongi y^. 

* 9 Ndo awanli yS anlome Aisak nli Isymedl 
w'ay^nli^ g'obulungu wi Makpila, g'oroTe wi 
Efron ogwania wi Zoar yi Hitait, wi n 
swaswa nli Mamre. 

10 Orove w'agolio nli Ebreham gore awanla 
wi H^th, y^y^ a?^nlio Ebreham nli Serah 
y'ofliont' w6. ^ 

11 Nl'aroenli Ebreham jawa pa, AnyambiS 
azavinli oqwanli y^ Aisak, nl'aloaali Aisak 
gw'erero zi Laharoi. 

«0 JENlSIS. 

12 Ndo sinl& nle mbatnba nl'iinbamba tA 
Isyme^i, oqwanla wi Ebreham, o yanlio nil 
Hegar y'ljiptian nyongo nyanto yi Seraih, 
eyanla gore Ebreham. 

13 Minl& nle ana m'awanlofiie wi Isyme^ 
gw'ani mao, gw'imbamba nrimbambi sao; 
tejali^ yi IsymeSl nle Nebajoth, nli Kedar, 
nil Adbeal, nli Mibsan, 

14 Nli Misyma, nli Duma, nli Masa^ 

18 Hedar, nli Tenaa, Jetar, Nai(gsy, bM 

16 Winl^ nle awa wi Isyme^l^ minlk ani 
taao, gwlnkali sao, nla gw'inanfo sao s'ado^ 
igomi nyi nlami nli nlami tanli gw'imbuvi 

17 Yinl^ nl'impama y'effienU zi Isyme^» 
nkama nl'agomi m'impam' araro nrimpuma 
ert5g^b, nld be sulg oqw^i ayuwa, nl'alati- 
m> yg go3fe mdngi y6» 

18 Nle be doanla wao avila go Havila 
agenda go Syur, yi re swaswd, nli Ijipt^ go 
ItSndk gw'Asiria, nle be doanl^ gw'azyo 
te'aw^ngi yg. 

19 SinlSi nle mbamba nl'imbamba si Aisak, 
<>i|wa wi Ebreham: Ebreham ayanli Ai^k. 

80 Nl'atoenli Aisak agomi m'impum' aniai 
gw'awongi y6 RebSka owant' wg, oijwajgwa^ 
Uto wi Bethugl yi Sirian, avila go Pedim- 
ar«m) oi|W&ngwe wi Leban yi Siiiaii. 

21 Nl'ag^Mi Aisak Jebora g'oi|wanja 


w'oOaQt' w6 k&nd« avegagi nkele, nle be 
j&giolo ye nli Jehoya^ ayundigi Rebeka y*o. 
ffiant' w^. 

22 Nle be tul' awanla wao nla wao gw^i* 
wuffiu nye, nl'awuli yg inle, j'adoanla jejdk^ 
osao nde winla gore mig; Nle be k6nd6 go 
bambia gore Jehova. 

23 Ndo Jehova awalinlie inle, anl^ng^ 
ambanli mi re gw'iwuffiu njk, nl'inlSng^ 
y'anlag' imbanli yi be keranla avila gore we, 
nl'inlonga iffiSiri nyi be kev' iffiSiri, nl'onl&S e 
be janjinl' ogwarumbe. 

24 Ndo gw'amanl' intyngu so s'ljanla, 
yonla, ayegagi ampazya gw'iwuffiu nye. 

25 Nle be kiLgwa olonga tenlatenia, okuwa 
wodu ga ngS^i mpolo ylmia, nFateli wao ini 
nye inl^, Isa. 

26 Ndo ojgw&ngi y^ agltgwi go nyumi y^, 
nVog^ we w'agoti go ntumbu yi Is^, nle be 
fweliawao ini nye inle, Jekob, ndo Aisak 
aroenli agomi m'impuma arowa gw'ayanlio 

27 Nl'awanla w'ayomi, ndo Isk aroenli 
ombenia w'ayonlo oma w'oroye ; ndo Jekob 
ayegagi onloffie w'ogore, aloanlaga gw'ilako. 

28 Ndo Aisak ar^ndagi Is^ k^nde anya* 
gagi verS y'aragago nd6: Be tonda Rebeka 

%9 Nle be namba Jekob osyuka wi ntyua- 
nla; nraVienli Isft ayila g'oroye, agwa c^* 


8i JENIStS. 

80 Ndo hk awtdinli Jekob inlS, nyenga 
xniS, kSik&.l&, gV^Bjiika watenlatenla mgwinlft, 
kknde mi akwenli oge, yenlk atelio ini nye 
ihliS IdtSm. 

Bl Nto bid bulla Jekob InlSy goln ullk mil( 
nlenlk winlft onl^ro wk. 

32 Nle be bulla J&k inl^, vonla, Mi Mfccmili 
go juwft^ ttfonl^rS winl& wi re nrisy&l& aiufeB 

83 lX{e be bulla Jekob inl^^ tang' omngd 
gore Mie nlenlk vnnlk ; nle be tangg^ agoP 
onler^ w6 gore Jekob, 

S4 Kl'avenli Jek^ ts& inya dl'osyuka 
w'osjr^nge, k^ yS nya nli j^ga^ agumafiia 
ftg^iiclaga; yenlSi avMi lak onl^o w^. 


NL'ATIENLI njanla nySile gd ntye, am- 
nga njanla nonga y'aroenli gw'intyogii 
A £breham ; nle be k^nd^ Aisak gore Ebi* 
Inel^^ oga w'lfelistiii go Glrar. 

2 Be jenanla Jehova gore y^, awulia &li^ 
tkiiiininla go Ijlpt, loanla go ntye yi be bull- 
nlia inl^ ^e. 

^ Loanla go ntye yinl4, ga^b^nle mi be 
doanla nla we, atotinlfi ; kSinde gor^ wg nla 
gore Awanli xv«l mi be pa ntye yinlft yodu, 
aloanliza orango w'aranglo mlg gore Ebt^faam 
ya ireri y&. 

4 M be bunli^a a>?vwdi vtk g'ig^nli y V 


lowa, av' awsnli wft ntye jinlk yodu ; nl'a- 
nV6ngk mi ntye moda mi be savinlo gore 
awanli vrk. 

5 Kkndiivile Ebreham ay£tginlo inyoi nyam, 
ayenjayenja intyali sam, nrisomfai sam, hl'a* 
mjpangi mam, nl'inl^ji sanu 

6 Nraloaoli Aisak go Girar. 

7 Nratambio yS nl^anloflSe wi mbora g'o* 
gwanja w'ofiiami' we; nl'a^^ali^ iol^ wini^ 
oqwingi yam, k&tidd arienii go bulla nl^^ 
offianto wam^ anloffie wi mbom wi yende 
jonla mi^ g'oijwanja wa Reb^Si, k&nde aye- 
gagi m^pejenlo. 

8 Nraroenli gw'alingi yg yStvA iniyugu 
8Uiye«ge Ebimel^ oga wlfeiistin alAdinli 
gw'isyangala, ayonlii^ ayenla Aisak e syeya 
nla Beb^ka y'offiant' w& 

9 Nle be fwelia Ebimel^ a^elia Aisak 
awnlia inlS, yonla, giligili ay^ oiSiant' w^ 
ndo ande z'awulii inl£, ay£ oi)wd,iigi yam ? 
ndo Aisak awulinlig inlS, mi awuli nle, re^ 
ndetua mi be juwa g'oqwairji w^ 

10 Nle be balia Ebimel^ inlS, osao' nde 
winld wi re we denda pa gore zuwe ? tiganl' 
oqw& zSima nl'offiari g(»re a^Iaga aiA nanla 
nToffiant' wk ; gay& o ik baga ntySmbd gore 

11 Nle be sombia Ebiimlek anlagi we wao- 
du, inle, am' edu o bwaV onloflte winl4 ge 
offiant' w8, mSmg e be juwa. 


12 Nle be nySnya Aisak go ntye meyfiinlk 
al^ng' ompuma m6 nkama finjongk, nle be 
savinlo y6 nli Jehova. 

13 Nle be penda onloflie mg ayomiagg nH- 
penda kao atoa onlofiie ompolo. 

14 Kande avegagi nl'aye inliva s'adfiLmbe 
nl'inliva s'inyare, nrinyongo sinyenge, nle 
be jenlo ye x|andi nHfilistin. 

15 Nli vero yodu y'arumbio nllngongo sa 
reri yg gw'intyugu si Ebreham reri y6, Ifilis* 
tin s'anluji yo ayonlia yo nli ntyeng^. 

16 Ndo Ebimelgk awulinli Aisak inl^, lubua 
gore zuwe, kSinde o re -penda pa polo yiaga- 
nlo nFazuwe. 

17 Nle be dubua Aisak Ykrk azyamb' olako 
we g'odgdg wi Girar, aloanla vavk. 

18 Nle be fit tumba Aisak vero y'anlingo 
y'arumbio gw'intyugu si Ebreham ya reri 
yS, ndo Ifilistin s'anlunji yo, Ebreham juwa 
pa; be fwelie yo ana me m'a?elio yo nli reri 

19 Nle be tamba inyongo si Aisak g'o* 
d^d^, alSnga vkvk evero z'anlingo m'effienli. 

20 Nle be joSianl' anlaga wi Girar nranlfr- 
ga wi Aisak, inle, anlingo minl& mazyo, nle 
be fwelie ina ny'evero inl6, ozungakanlo, 
kande w'azungakanli zo. 

21 Nle be tumba wao evero ez^le, nl'ayo- 
manli wao kS vSt zo, kk y^ fwelia ina nya zo 


22 Nie be tor^ rkvk arainba evero ez^nle, 
ndo wi joffianla y& zo; nle be fweli^ ina 
nya zo inle^ Rehoboth, awulia nle, kknde 
renlk Jehoya are pendiza pa zuwe mbora^ 
nl'azuwe be banla go ntye. 

23 Nle be pandS avila vava agenda go 

24 Nle be jenlanla Jehora gore ye ogwSra 
m^i awalia nl^, miS nle Anyambi^ ji Ebre- 
iuua ya reri yd ; aria du^ kande mi are nla 
we, mi be savinlk ke, awunliz' awanli vrk 
g'oqwanja wi Ebreham nyongo yam. 

25 Nle be nogS rkvk klter atelia ina nyi 
Jehova^ azyamb' olako wS vdvd, rkxk kS 
ammb' inyongo si Aisak erero. 

26 Nle be k^nda Ebimelek gore yS avila go 
Gimri nl'Ahuzath ndeg' wS, nli FikSl evemba 
zi mbSli yg. 

27 Nle be bulla Aisak awulinlia wao inlS, 
ezande z'abia nluwe gore mi^, k&nde anlaw' 
anlumU miS aromba miS gore nluwe. 

28 Nle be bulla wao inlS, azuw' ajenli reti 
inl£, Jehova are nla w£, nrawuli zuwe inl^^ 
ga loanle venlk orango gore zuwe, nty& 
zuwe ntya we, kk zuwe jeka njeka gore 

29 InlS, alenda zuwe mpong^, k&nde azuwe 
bwotity azuw' alendi gore wS mbia dadiS, 
ndo azuw' aroflli^ kSndaga nl'affienjSy Tenl& 
o savinlo nli Jebova. 


30 Nle be panginle wao ntyago, nVanyenli 
wao nil j^nga. 

31 Nle be nSpgwa wao ibwiga ntye mpiri 
araDga ofil&ri gore offiari^ uraroffii Akak 
wao, nl'alabai wao goice yS i^'affiieoj^. 

32 Nraroenli go ntyyga rn^y hiI£, inyoago 
si Aisak s'a?ienli awulinli^ g'oigwanja wWo- 
ro 2^'animbiio wao, inle, a^mw' adSagi anli- 


33 Nle be fweli^ zo inle» orasgo, yenMi re 
ina nyi nka' mpolo nle eyero z'cHrango koanga 
go ntyugu yinlk. 

34 Ndo IsSt aroenli agomi m'impum^ anlai^ 
nle be bongS ofilanto^ Judith ojgwaofliaiito 
wi BeSri yi Hitaii, nli Basyemath oqwa 
offianto wi Eloa yi Hitait 

35 Ndo w'aroezi a^andi m'orema gore Aisak 
nla Reb^a. 


NDO aroenli gw'avegagi Aisak mbolo nl'a* 
ntyit mH m'aroenli iwombe gVijenla, 
a^elie Is&, njaliS ye noffie, awulinl^ iuLS, 
oq' wami, nle be bulinUSi yiS inle, Tonla, ntie 

2 Nle be bulie inle, vonla, mi atoenli mbolo, 
mi amie ntyugu yljuwi sam. 

3 Ndo venlSi w^nga, k&]dd&, imiangi ya, 
ekoto zk z'izy9ng4 nl'elendinli z£i, kk k&r^ 
g'orove arenla mie ev&e zi ntye. 

EWCHf JQ 3tXVn. S» 

zi t^ndo miSy ka baga zo gore mie, ka iqi^ 

5 Ndo Rebeka ayagiu gw'i^mb) Aisojc 
goiB M y'oi^waBli y^, hIq be k^toda M g^o- 
fOVQ go ta ^Y^xe zi nty^, ala gQ bia ula zcu 

6 Nle be balifk R^beka awuiUilM Jekoir 
y'ogwanti y^ inl^, voula, »i ajaga feri yk 
akamba nli Is^ y'p^w^gi. ya inl^t 

7 Taga mi£ ev^^ zi n^tye avaEguil«> wi^ 
ey^r' eyia, k^ Bii8 nya aKayinld g'ozyo wi 
Jebova^ mi ayuwaga r&. 

8 Ndo ywU} 01)' wc^mi» y&giolo inyoi nypm^ 
g'osaoa wi be sombia miiS w^. 

9 G^nda pele g'olemba k^ kotinla mi^ y^r 
y^ awlimbonti ayia ataalit kh mi apaiigi^ 00 
^VW e^ia gore reri y& pnltSpgd wi t^Si)4i} 

10 ^k wS baga zo gore reri ya^ ki y$ aya, 
gamb^nle e be sayinla, ay^ yt/wi^ga ri« 

11 Nle be bi3lia Jekob awuUnlia !Reb^a 
n^ yd iaJi^} ycmla» I«a nje onloflia w'ipiia, odQ 
|iu£ nle onloflto wi y^y^l^. 

12 Reri yam yendetu^ e bei bwata mi$, k& 
miS doanla gw^anty^ mg g'omai wWloki, 
aTiig" ozyayo g'okawi worn, ndo af fWg' ozya^ 

13 Nle be bulla ngi yd gore y^ inl^ ; ozyayq 
wa wi ga loanle gore miS| 0^' wamii ndo 


ydglnlo inyoi nyam, kd k^nd' agotinla mi£ 


14 NIe be kSnd^ agota, a^aga so gore ngi 
jS^ nle be panga ngi y^ e?^r' e?ia onlcSngft 
wi t»ndo nli reri yg. 

15 Nle be bonga Reb^a ingki s^jonla si Isft, 
njaliS yg, s'avegagi nVayg go nago, kk y^ 
b&ria so gore Jekob y'orenigi w8. 

16 Nle be b&riS banda y^imbonli gw'agi 
mS, nla g'ovSv^lS Vpinpeli wS. 

17 Nle bg p6 eVSr* eVia nli mp^mba y^age* 
kizio nd^ ava g'ogd wi Jekob y'ogwanli 

18 Nle be big gore reri yg awulia nig, 
reri yam, nPawulig inlg, awg mande, og wanU 

19 Nle be bulia Jakob awulinlia reri yg 
inlg, mig nle Is^, njalig yd ; mi are denda pa 
ga nt'azombia mig ; gumanla, kdkal&, loa ta, 
kStnya efgre zam, gambgnle orgmi wa wi 
be savinia mig. 

20 Nle be bulia Aisak awulinlia oi|wanli 
yg inlg, osaon nde winl& Vanggiza dgnga, oi|' 
wami? Nle be bulig inlg, k^nde Jehova 
Anyambig ya adgngiza mig yo. 

21 Nle be bulia Aisak awulinlia Jekob 
inig, zyusya piSrg, kdkStlft,, kk mig bwatd, 
oq* wami, vendetua awg nle oi|wanli yam 
IsSi, ge aranga yg. 

22 Be syusya JekTib piere gore Aisak ya 


red Y^f be bwatS y^ awulia nl^^ inyoi nla 
inyoi nyi Jekob, ndo ag& nle agft mi lek. 

23 Ndo e mta, kknde agit mS m'aTegafi 
egManli g'ag^ mi bk y^ogwltngi y^ nFimta, 
nle be savinl^ yS. 

24 Nle be boli^ inIS, aw^ rSti nle ogwanii 
yam Isk^ kk yS bulla nl^, mi^. 

25 Be baliS inl^, ^aga zo pi^re gore mi^, kk 
tni^ nya gw'ev^r^ z'ita s'oi|waiili yam, ga» 
mb^nle orSmi warn wi be savinlft,, be n&zS 2» 
pi^re gore yg, kk yg nya, nle be bagg irH 
gore yif, kA y« j^nga. 

26 Be bulla Aisak reri y^, awulinliS inl^, 
zyiisyarenlft pi^rekd samba mi£, oijwanli yam. 

27 Nle be syusy^ piSre azambe, ka yS nu^ 
nla nkango y'ing&i s& azavinlS, awulia nl^, 
Tonla^ nkango y'ogwanli yam yi re ga nka- 
ngo yi ntya^a yi re sarinlo pa nli Jehova. 

28 AnyamM^ k^ e be pa omp^mbe vr'oro* 
wa nPagali mi ntye, nFibunla s'imba nViv^. 

29 Anlaga wi be janjinU, nFanKnga mi be 
dembinld, o be doanla rere gore awlSngi jS^ 
nPawanla wi ngi y& wi be dembinl^, oza?o 
gore om'edu o savd, nrozavinlo gore y£ o 

SO Nraroenli gw'am^nlizi Aisak nrisarinla 
Jekob, be k4gwa Jek^b nkiigwaga avila 
g'ozyo wi Aisak ya reri y£, nrazyenginli IcA 
avila gw'iti s^. 

31 Ayg kg aluo apangi ev8r^ eria, at'aga 


10 g«re ten yS, iiie be buIioliS red yS i«M^ 
Teri yam e ga nlonifwe anya gw'ita s'iN|waiiU 
y^ yeacdk kh or^m w4 mrinJla mi^. 
3^ Nle be bulla Aisak ya reri y^ awaliAli^ 
inlS, awS mande? Nle be buU^ ml^i mi^ 
pVoQwaali ySi, njali^ yd, laSi, 

33 Nle be tataminla Aisak arataodnla pplo^ 
(iwuUa ul^, XD(aiide ! are n)a gwi q re jqida 
p'e^'^re aTaga gore mi^ kk m^ oya gw^imfm 
sodu, aw^ t'tagaga rd., k^ mi^ savml^? reti 
Q ga zavinlo. 

34 Ndo gVay&gio Isk agamba ma reri y^ 
aleiUi nVediago evolo nil Bk^de ndenagai 
awallnUa rerl y^ inl^i zavinla miS k^ YWtgi^ 
nil ml^, rere. 

35 Nle be buli^ Inl^, ogw&ogi y^ abia nl'a* 
Yimko awong' (xsavinlo wh. 

36 Nle be buliS iiilS> lal vy^ nyi ey9 bStQ 
rSti Inl^, Jek^b ? k^u^le are tomba pa mlS 
nydiig& slnl^ mbanli; awooginll ml^ ijigi 
aasQi ndo vonla, venld. are bouglnla pHr mi^ 
ozavlnlQ warn. Nle be bullS ml^» o »mbi&l« 
miS ozaviulo ? 

37 Be jiyira Aisak awulinlia Is^ inl^ vonli^ 
mi are doti^ pa rere gore w^, av^ awS^ngi y^ 
waodu inyongo^ nle be aindia mi^ avin^it^ 
ttFimba nrivS: ndo m'be dead' and' 9811^ 
gore w^y oq' wami ? 

38 Be bulla Is& awulinlia reri y^ itilS, Qm:^ 
▼inl' omo dadiS wi re nla wS, rere ? 


30 Be jivira Aink ya reii ye awulinliiB inlS; 
ronla, Uaanlo njk nyi be doanla gw^ipdma 
si ntye, nla g'ompSmbe w'orowa avila gw'i? 

40 Ndo o be doanla nPokwari w& ayanjinla 
ogwtogi yd, be toa j& akeva o be migmxla 
mpangi ye avila gfompeli vik. 

41 Nk be k&mbiza Jak Jekfib^ g^oqtraaja 
w'ozavinlo w^azayinlio ye nli leri y£; nle 
]t»e balia Is^ nl'oremiwe inVS; iatpiga s'i* 
vrkgBi nya reri yam si le piSre, gambdnle 
m'be jonla Jekob y'oQwaogi yam. 

42 Be takilio genre Beb&a agamba mi Ifta 
y'cqwanii yS onlerS; nle be toffiii atelia 
Jekob y'oi|wanli ye orumbe, awulinliS inld, 
vonla, Is4 y'ogwdngi jt e sindia ori^mi w£ 
gore we go jonU. 

43 Ndo yenl^y 05, wami, yltginlo inyoi ayam 
kk kumanla avera gore Leban y'oqw&ngwe 
warn go Heran. 

44 Ka doanla nla y^ iatyaga syakwS» kae 
egunlu z'oQw^gi y& z'apanla. 

45 Eao egunlu z'oijwkngi yk zWubua gon 
w^, ka yS detanla si re vr^ deod^ pa, ga- 
mb^nle mi be torn' awdnga avila v&vd, kknde 
ezande zi be p^nla miS anluV at^anli ntyngu 

46 Nle be bulla Reb^a awulinlia Aimk 
inl^, ml adadio nreffienld zam g'oqwanja 
w'awafiianto m U^h ; ja Jeklib abong' offia* 


nto gore awanla wi H^th, ooldngSi w'awaAa- 
nto wi ntye, effienlft zam zi le nl'isySd^ ande 
gore miS ? 


NLE be fwelia Aisak alalia Jekob azavi* 
nl^; nFazombi^ yS awulinie inle, 
awdng' offianto gore awaffianto wi Eenean. 

2 Gumanla k& k^nda go Pedanaram go 
nago yi Bethu^ ya rere yi ngi yk, ka bong^ 
avila ykyk offianto gore awanto wi Lebaa 
y'oqwitngwe wi ngi jk. 

3 Ndo Jehova Anyambi^ e ga zayinla aya* 
nlizft awunlik, kk we doanl' anl^ngd. m'anla- 

4 Kk yS p& ozayinlo wi Ebreham, gore w^ 
nla gore awanli vrk nl'awg, kk we jiga ntye 
yi re w'ftgenda, y'avenlio nrAnyambiS gore 

6 NIe be toffia Aisak Jek<Sb, agendie go 
Pedanaram, gore Laban, oqwa wi Bethn^l, 
yi Sirian, oqw&ngwe wi Reb^ka, ngwe yi 
JekSb nli Isk. 

6 Ndo gw'ayenli Isk inl^, Aisak azavinli 
Jekob aroffie go Pedaneram go b<5nga offianto 
avila Y&vk; nla gw'azavinliS ye azombie 
inl^y awdng' offianto gore awanla wi Ke« 

7 Nla gVayftg^ Jekob aykginlo reri ye nli 
ngi yS, ag^da go Pedaneram ; 


8 GVayenli Isli inl^, awadto wi Keneaa 
w'avegagi ave gw^antyk mi Aisak ya rwl 

9 Be kenda Is& gore Isyme^, awlSnga Ma^ 
heleih y'ogwanto wi Isymeel, ox|wa wi Ebre* 
ham, oT)wangwe wi Nabaioth, agande offia- 
nto gore anto we. 

10 Nle be k^gwa Jekob go Birsyeba agenda 
go nkova yi Heran. 

H NFaluo yg go mbora, aySiwa vStva ogwera, 
k&nde nkombe y'aluo y'aposwi, nle be bonge 
gw'ado mi mbora aralia nyo epondofila anla* 
nla go mbora me. 

12^ Nle be jilinlo y£ nyilinlo, ndo vonla, 
mpandinlo do?io pa go ntye, nli ntyai ya yo 
y*aluki orowa, ndo vonla, ienjel s'Anyaml^e ' 
pandaga ge suminlaga go yo. 

13 Ndo vonla, Jehoya agumanli gw'igonlo 
nya yo, awulia nle, mie nle Jehova Anya* 
mbiS yi Ebreham ya reri yal, nli AnyamMS 
yi Aisak ; ntye yi nanlo ndk, mi be pk yo 
nl'awanli wd. 

14 Nl'awanli wk wi be doanla ga nty^ng^ 
yi ntye, o be jambinla go poswa nli nkombe^ 
nla go tongwa nla yo, nla go nkSimi, nl'ohK 
mba, nla gore wg nl' awanli wk imbuvi si 
ntye sodu si be savinlo. 

15 Ndo vonla, mi are nla w6, mi be penja- 
venjd go mbori edu yi kSndo nd&.,.mi be 
fwinlizk kg go ntye yinlSi, ktode m'beJttgA. 


kao mi ad^ida nt'are iniS bulla pa gore 

16 Nle be nSngwa Jek^b avila gw*antyfii* 
viiklk m^, awulia nle, giligili Jehora are go 
mbora yinl^ ado mi amee. 

17 NrariMili yS polo, awulia nl^i erada nde 
zi re mbora yinl^ ! yinl^ zyele uy^ale kao 
nago y'Anyambi^ wiiil& nle ompombanla 

18 Nle be nSngwa Jekob ibanga ntye mptri 
awonga ido ny'araUo nde epoudoffia, kit yd 
dotia nyo iny^ngk ayir^ agali go ntyai ya nyo. 

19 Nle be fwelia Jekob ina nyi mbora m&fh 
uAi&j Bethel: ndo gw'alonga Luz nle iua nyi 
nka' mpolo meydnlll. 

SO Nle be pangMsila Jekob ompangank), iole, 
ja Anyambie adoania nla mie, avenjav^ija 
mie agenda winla wi kendo mie, ava niie inya 
fit nyo nl'ing&i si bare ; 

21 K& mie fwinlia nl'affienjd go nago ya 
leri yam; gambeule Jehova e be doania 
Anyambie gore mie 

22 Ndo ido nyiiil4 nyi re mie dof ia pa inye- 
ng&9 nyi be doania nago y' Anyambie, nU yfi^ 
ma yodu yi be pa mie mi be fwinliza effiari 
gw'igond edu« 


LE be kenda Jekob agei]da go ntye y V 
waola w'it5ngwa nli nkombe. 


i Bd jonle, ndo vonla^ at^agi evem g'oio* 
¥6, Bl'^Yegagi yiv^ ilemba y^adambe irara 
nioia pa piere nla zo : kdnde avUa gw'evera 
me Vayonjagf iiemba, iido ido iTolo ny'aye^ 
gagi talio pa gw'eT(»o. 

3 y aTa alatanl' iktaiba joixi, nle be pmdia 
wao idd avila gw'eyearo ay^j' adambe, afi- 
nlia' ido ^'ogWaala w'evwd go mboii ye* 

4 Nle be bulla Jekob awoliiilia woo inle^ 
awongwe, anluw' apila nla gWi ? Nle be bn^ 
liflb wao ilile wbM^ apila go HeraiK 

a Nle be balinUe wao inle, anluw' ayoro Le* 
ban y'oQwa wi Nei^ ? Be bolia wao inle^ 
aanw' arvoio ye. 

6 Be baotbid wao inle, am mbiambie ? Be 
fwtnliaa wao inle, mbiatabie : ado rcmla, Be- 
tyi^ y'oQwanli ye ofilaato e bia nl'adanbe. 

7 Nle be bulie inle^ offidada wi paar' ola^ &ri« 
gwea, nyi pa toa nyi datiza vuginlia mboria 
iom; yo&jaali adambe kd kendanli aiiyexa 

8 Nle be bulla wao inle, azuw' aeye agulUi 
kao ilemba yodu y'adatiaso, ka wao pindia 
ido arila g^ogi^vaiala w'evero, gambenle azuw' 
ajonj' adambe. 

9 Ay£ aiienlifitaga r4 kastiba nla wao, Betyiel 
atienli nradaaikbe na refi ye, k4ade anyeoagi 

1« Nl'aroenli^irw'ayenli Jek^b ayeala itetyiel 
y^oqwanlaf o0Mito wi Leban, y'o^wJiJIgvrA 


wi ngi ye ; nl'adambe mi Leban^ y'oqw&ngwe 
wi ngi ye, Jekob azyusyi piere avindia ido 
avila gfogwanla w'evero, ka ye jonj' ad&mbe 
lai Leban, y'ogwangwe wi ngi ye. 

11 Nle be samba Jekob azimba RetyiSl, 
arombinr inyoi nye alenla. 

12 Nle be bulia Jekob awalinlia Retyiel in- 
le, aye nle ogwdngwe wa reri ye, inle, aroenli 
ke oi|w&nloflle vd Rebeka : nle be kende nl'i- 
mango go bulinlia reri ye. 

13 Nl'aroenli gw'ay&giu Leban ntyango yi 
Jekob, oigw&nloffie w'oi|w&ngi ye ofilanto, 
agendi nli mango go datanla nl'ay^, nle be 
syangunle ye, azambe, a^age go nag we ; nle 
be takili^ gore Leban isaon yinl& yodu. 

14 Nle be bulla Leban awulinli^ inle, gili- 
gill awe nle pi yam nl'izyonii yam ; nl'aloa* 
nliS nla yS ogweli w'antuntu. 

15 Nle be bulia Leban awulinia JekSb in* 
le, ki^nde awe nle ogw&ngwe warn, gambenle 
o be janjinla mie ipa f (S ? Wilinlia mie njo- 
nli y'ipi 8&. 

16 Ndo Leban aroenli nrawawanto ayanli ; 
ina ny'oi|wslnlero nle Liah, ndo ina ny'o]gw&» 
rumbe nle Retyiel. 

17 Liah avegagi nFantyd al^le, ndo Relyiel 
aregagi nreranga nrim^pejenlo. 

18 Nle be tonda Jek^b Retyiel awulia nle, 
m^be janjinl& impuma orSgenlo gw'inyanga 
nyl Retyiel y'oqwanli w& ofKant'orumbe. 


Id Nl'awali Leban inle, re mbia nla mid pe 
gQre we riaganlo, nil pe gore cm! itqwenle; 
loanla nla mie. 

20 Ndo Jekob ayanjial^ gw'inyanga nyi Re- 
tjriSl impum' orogenlo, ndo y'ayenlio gw'antyft 
mS intyugn syakwe, gw'itoada s'arondie ye. 
^1 Nle be bttlia Jek^b awulinlia Leban in« 
le, ina mie offiant' warn, k&nde intyugu sam 
s'amanli ; ka miS jinginia gore y&. 

22 Nle be datiza Leban alaiiza anioffie wao* 
Sm wi mbora m^^ aranga atyago. 

S3 NParoenli nkoln, awongi ji6 ox|waali ye 
ofBkanto a^agg gore yS, arayinginli y^ nla ye« 

24 ]^e be pa Leban ara Zilpa, nyongo ye 
nyanto, gore Hah oQwaBli we offianto, go 
docmla nyongo y^. 

25 Ndo aroenli gw'a^yenji owenja, Tonla^ 
aye nk Liah, nPawnliiS gore Leban inl£, o6ao 
nde winlii wi ce w^ denda pa gore mie ? Mi 
«^e janjinla pa gw'inyanga nyi Retyi^l? 
ezande zi re w^ temiza pa mi^ ? 

.«« Nle be jivira Leban inlg, alendo yenla 
go mbori yazyo go donge jombiz' oQwWmbti 

27 MSnliza orogenlo we, ka zuwe pSt winl& 
kS, gw'ijanja si be fa janjinli mie impum' 
imiSnle orDgenlo. 

28 Nralendi Jekob yenla, amSnliza w^geiilo 
wg, nl'avenlie y« Retyltfl o^wanii ye offianto. 
offianto wS. 



: 29 Nle be pa Leban gore Retyiel oqwanli 
j^ offianto aya Bilha, nyongo ye nyanto, go 
doanla nyongo ye. 

3d Nle be jinginl^ gore Retyiel aronda Be- 
tyi^l viaganlo nli Liah; nray§. janjinlS 
impum' imi^nle orogenlo. 

31 Ndo gw'ayenli Jehora inle, Liah anln- 
mbio, anlungunl' iwaflia nye ; ndo Retyiel 
avegagi nkele. 

32 Ndo Liah avundigi ayanl' ogwanla, nle 
be fwelie ini nye inle, Ruben ; kdnde awaK 
hie, Jehova are jenla pa njuki yam, sambo 
onlolSie warn e be tonda mie. 

33 Nle be fa pundige ayanl' oi|wanla, 
awulia nle, kande Jehova aj^gio inle^ mi 
numbo, yenla avenlie nue winla ke ; nle be 
fwelie ini nye inle, Simian. 

34 Nle be fa pundige ayanl' ogwanla, awulia 
nle, egombe zinld onloflie warn e be datanla 
nla mie, kande mi are janle pa awanloffie 
araro. Yenl^ atelie ini nye inle, Livai. 

35 Nle be fa pundige ayanl' ogwanla, 
awulia nle, venU m'be suminlia Jehova, 
yenla a^elie ini nye inle Juda, arig' ijanla. 


NDO gw'ayenli Retyiel inl6, e janl' awanla 
gore Jekob, Retyiel ayenli oigwangi ye 
offianto ijandi ; awulinlia Jekob inle, va miS 
awanla, aza nlanld mi be juwa. 


2 Nle be bendinla Jekob Retyiel^ awalia 
nl^y mi axe gw'inyanga ny'Anyambie o re 
simbinla pa ilonda y'iwafiiu ? 

3 Nle be buli^ inle, Yonla nyongo yam 
jiyantOy Bilha; yinginla gore ye ka ye janla 
gw'amb^yenli loam, yenla ka mie deng^ 
awanla gore ye. 

4 Nle be pe y^ nyongo ye nyanto Bilhai 
pinanto we^ nl'ayinginli Jekob gore y£. 

6 Nle be pundiga Bilha ayanla Jekob 

6 Nle be bulia Retyiel inlS, Anyambie are 
kanla pa mie, ayaga k'inyoi nyam ava miS 
V^waala, nl'a?elie ini ny^ inl^, Dan. 
. 7 Nle be fa pundiga Bilha nyongo yi Ret 
tyi^l ayanla Jekob oijwanla w'atanli. 

8 Be bulia Retyiel inl^i nrolembanl' ompolo 
.mi are dembanla pa nl'oijwangi yam, ndo mi 
akevi, nle be fwelie ini ny^ inl^, Nafte- 

9 Ndo gw'ayenli Liah inle, atig' ijanla, 
awongi Zilpa nyongo yS nyanto, av6 gore 
Jekob, oniant' w^« 

10 Nle be janla Zilpa nyongo yi Liah aya* 
nia Jekob ogwanla. 

11 Nle be bulia Liah inlS, nkandd; nla* 
Veils ini nye inlS, Gad. 

12 Nle be janla Zilpa nyongo yi Liah aya- 
nla Jekob oqwanla w'atanli. 

13 Nle be buUa Liah inl«, oaavinlo gore 

100 . JfENlSIS. 

lui^, ka^d^ awatiP awfthto vri be sayinla 
mie : nle be ftreli^ inl ny^ inlS, Asyur. 

14 Nle be k^nda Kuben gVintyugu s'itenF 
oresd alSng' imandreke g'erove ataga se gore 
Liah ngi y^) nle be bulla Retyi^l awulinlia 
Liah inle, kak&la, ra mi^ imandreke s'ogvra* 
nli yk. 

15 Nra^ralinliS ye inle, re osa' or|wango wi 
re w6 bdnga pa onloffi' warn ? ndo o be fd 
bSngib k^ ime^ndreke s'o^wa&Ii warn? Nie 
be bulla Retyiel Inl^, sambo e be naula tda 
w6 ogw^a wlnl4 gwUny««iga ny'lmandreke 
ft'oqwanll y&. 

16 Nle be fWinlia Jekob nkolu avila g^orore, 
nVag^gwi laah go datanla nla y^, awulia 
InlS, ylnginla yore mi^, k^nde mi ate kolA 
t)a nil njonli y'lmandreke s'oigwanli warn; 
nle be n^aoMH, nla y^ ogw^a mg. 

17 Be jiginlo, ^Anyambig Liah, kA y^ pn- 
ndlga ayanla Jekob oijwa w'atanli. 

.18 Be btflia Liah inlej Anyamblg are pa 
pa miS ikoli saili, kande mi ayenli tiyongo 
yam nyanto gore onlom' warn ; nle be fwellfe 
Hii ny^ iiile> Jsakar. 

19 Nle be fa pundiga Liah ayanla Jekob 
ca|waula w'OTO?a. 

20 Nle be bulla Liah inl^, Anyambli^ are pa 
pia mie ikwglik' ivia; renli onloffi' wam e be 
doanla nla mlg, k4nde mi are janl^ pa awa^ 
nla^jpro^a^ nle he fweli^ mi ye inl^, ZebuKn. 

21 Be nuwi^iUg janl' cq^wanl' ^ffianto, aft- 
lia ini aye iule^ Daiaa. 

22 JSIb be joDginlia Ajayambie Retyiel, nVo^ 
ykginlo Anyambie yS aoluoguur iwuffiq 

23 Be punrdige ayanl' ogwania, awulia nle^ 
^yambi^ i^ tpmba pa utyanli yam. 

. 24 Nle be fwelie ini aye ini^, Jos^f, awulia 
nle, Anyambie e be ia knnda miS ojgwanl- 

; 2^ Nl'aroeskli gw'ayanli Retyiel ayanla JosSfr 
Jekdb awalinlLa Lebaa inle, raffia im@, yenla 
ka miS k^ndaga go mbcuri yam nla gw'inlthr 
nga nyam. 

, t$ Va mie anto warn jol^awanli warn wi re 
mi^ janjinla pa, ka miS kendaga, kand« 
Q TfQVQ ijaiyi sam si re mi^ janjinla pa. 
.27 Nle be bulia Leban awulinliS inle, ki- 
]$MA, ja nai adignga ikapla gw^antySt m^, ri<? 
gaiila» kande Jebora are savinla pa auilf 
g'ogwanji wa. 

; 28 Nle be buUe iale, ruminUa miU ipi si, k& 
mi^paio* r 

29 Nle be bulinli^ y^ inlS, o yaro nt'ar^ 
pa6 janjiiil^ pa, nli uVavegagi vuginli jk 
gore mi^. 

,30 KSui^de o vegagi nli yeyama, mi aviaga^ 
ga rd, ndo yi re bunla pa yenge, Jehova ktf 
Ate savinld. pa; mi ga bie ; ndo egombe zyg ri 
1|9 ^gi:ia MiiSf Btg' wain? 


31 Nle 1)6 buli^ inlS, ezande zi be pa miS 
wS ? Nle be bulla Jek(5b inle, o be pa mi^ 
ezama, ja mWenda mi^ osaon winla, mi be 
{& nyeza arenjavenja vuginli ySu 

32 M'be piaganla g'olembi vrk wodu nlSnl^ 
winld, aromba v^vd ad&tnbe modu mi r'at&- 
nlia nraboke, nl'adkmbe modu maviayi^ 
gw'awadambe, nraboke nratSinlia gw'imbo- 
nli; si be doanl' ipi sam. 

33 Ndo ogiligili wam wi be jivira g^ogwa- 
nji wam go bosyo, kknde ipi sam si be bia 
g'ozyo wSi, nl'ezam* edu zi re zi zyele nl'atft- 
nlia nraboke gw'imbonli, nl'avidvia gw'awa- 
d&mbe, zi be tSto ijufo gore miS. 

34 Nle be bulla Leban inl^, yenid ga loanle 
egdlanli z'igambi nySt. 

35 Nle be tombS ntyugu mS, imbonV inoffie 
sibu, nl'aboke; nVimbonl' inyanto sodu s'atd- 
nlia nl'aboke, nla sodu sapupu go so, nFanla- 
mbe modu gw'awadambe, ava mo gw'aga 
m'awanli we. 

36 Nle be doanliz^ ntyugu ntyaro go mpdnld 
ntya yg ntySt Jekob, nle be nyeza Jek^b ole- 
inba wi Leban w'ariganli. 

37 Nle be b^nga Jek^b irare ny'oganla wi 
nk^i^ nl'ogumbugonja, nl'opombolo, be sya-. 
ngS yo ibu yapupu, avanga yo jenlo pupu 
y'avegagi gw^ampare. 

38 Nle be doviS ampare m'azyangio nd8 
gw'azyo m'olemba gw'amemba mi jSngo atali* 


Bgo, gw'aVienli olemba go jSnga [Vayundig^ 
gw'ayongi wo. 

39 Ndo gw'avandigi olemba swaswa nra- 
mpare w'ayanli vuginlia y'ibu, nl'atSiplia, 

40 Nle be kera Jekob awadambe alotia 
azyo m'olemba go nkoVa y'ibu, nla modu ma- 
viavia g'olemba wi Lebaji; nle be doanlizS 
ilembi yg mbora nli yao ; e do7ia mo go vu- 
ginlia yi Leban. 

41 Nraroenli gw'avundigi eyuglnli edu eySt- 
le, Jekob alo^i' ampare gw'antydi mi vuginlia 
gw'amemba, nle be pundiga mo gw'ampare. ' 

42 Ndo vuginlia 1^1^ e £?la mo, yenl& aroe^ 
nli 1^1^ gore Leban nli yale gore Jekob. 

43 Nle be bunla onloffie awunla polo, ale* 
nga vuginlia yenge, nl'lnyongo inyanto, 
nVinyongo inofiie, nrikam^l, nl'iburu. 


NL'AYAGIO ye agamba m*awa wi Leban 
inl^, Jekob are bonga pa yama yodu 
ya reri yazyo, nla go ya ya reri yazyo are 
dSnga p'elumi zinld zodu. 

2 Nle be jenla Jekob ozyo wi Leban, ndo 
Tonla, wi p^gaga swasw^ gore yS ga gw'a* 

3 Nle be bulla Jebova awulinlia Jekob inle, 
tinlia go ntye ya reri ya, nli mbuvi y&, k& 
miS doanla nla we. 

t04 JENI6IS. 

4 Nle be toflla Jekob g^ fvrelia Betjrii^l iili 
Liah g'orove, g'olembi we. 
. 6 Ni^awulinlie wao iiile, mi jeala ozyo wa 
reri yanli wi zyele swaswa gore mie ga gw'a4 
longa ; ndo Anyambie ya reri yam admliilaga 
Ilia mie. 

6 Ndo anluw' avoro inlS, nli ngula yam yo* 
du mi are janjinla pa reri yanlL 

7 Ndo r^i yanli are temiza pa mi^, agalimlia 
ipi sam igomi ny'iny^ng^ ; ndo Anyambie e 
tigg go janjinla mie mbe. 

8 Gw'awulie yenla inle, m'at&nlia mi be 
doanla ipi sa, gambenle YUginlia yoda y'an 
yanli m'at^nlia ; ndo gw^awulie inlS^ m'ibu 
mi be doanl' ipi ak^ gajkibSnle tuginlia yk)dii 
y'ayanV ibu, 

9 Yenl& re Anyambie are bSnga pa yuginUa 
ya reri yanli ava yo gore mi^. 

10 NFaroenli gw'egombe z'avundigi vuginlia, 
mi arombinli antya main) ayenla go nyilinlo, 
ndo Yonla, ad&mbe anofiie m'avaiidi go Vil- 
ginlia, m'ibu, m'atitnlia nla m'aboke^ 

^ 11 Nle be kamba enjel y 'Anyambie agamba 
nla mie go nyilinlo inle^^ Jek^ : nle be biili4 
SiiS inlSy vonla, miS winl&. 
12 Nle be boliS inlS, rombinr anty& ma lA 
jenl' adambe anofiie modu mi panda go vtt^ 
ginlia, m'ibU) m'atdnlia nla m'aboke ; kdaii^ 
11^ are jenla p'isaon yqdu yi re W($ dendo p% 
nli Leban. 


18 Mie nle Anyaml^ yi BMhiSl» gw'aeagiaio 
ild& inySng^ gw'avangaalio ndi ompangattkr 
Ykvk gore mi^; ndo gumanla ka kagw& go 
stye yinlfii, atiulia, go nty^ yi mbuvi yit. 

14 Nle be jivira Beiyid nil liah awulittUS 
inltf) pare y^ma ge sijiga gore SEuwe go naga 
yareriyazyo? • r 

15 A^aW' azye jenlo p'ag^da goM y&? 
kande agoli zawe anya k€ anllTi inatyo ria. 

16 Xande anliva modu mi re Anyambitf 
bbnga pa gore reri ya^yo^ mo masyo nPa^aiili 
yazyo ; ndo renlk asaon wedu vri bulixdio w^ 
nVAnyambig, lenda. 

17 Nle be kumanla Jek(5b avandiz' awanli 
¥!fe nranto w3 gVikam/81. 

..]j8 Nle be toanlia^ vugiuli y£ jrodu^ nranlivi 
me modu m'anlivio nd£, nil vuginli ye y'a» 
lefiglo nd^ go Pedaneram ; go k^nda gene Ai- 
sak ya reri y£ go atye yi Kenean. 

19 Ndo Lebaa aluo ak^ndi go syengiiir 
ad&mbe me, ule be jufa Betyidl ikanla sa 
wri y«. 

20 Ndo Jekab alubui ipperagQ* avUa gfott 
Ju^atf yi Siriao, ka j& a'wt/linU^ da inley:e 

21 Yenl& ayeri yS nil yami y^ yodu, k^ ye 
kl^daga alali' ol&vi^ aronliS oKyo w^ go nem- 

22 NFawuliiUio L$ban go ntyugn yi ntyaro 
iujg, Jekob apfcflfi. 


23 NrawtJngi ye awareri yS azonge go nyu* 
ma ntyuga or^genlo go mp^nlli, alSngi^ y£ 
go nomba yi Giliad. 

24 Nle be bia AnyambiS gore Leban yi 
Sirian go nyilinlo ogwSra, awulinliS in^ 
Vandaminl' oku' w^, ka agamba gore Jekob 
mbia ge mbe. 

25 Ndo Leban azyusyi pi^re gore Jek)Sb, nle 
be syamba Jekob olako we go nomba ; Leban 
k£ azyambi nrawareri ye go nomba yi Giliad. 

26 Ndo Leban awulinlia Jek^b inle, ezandd 
zi re we denda pa? O areri miS nty&ria, 
awong' awanli warn awanto, g'imbwedi 

27 Osao nde w'averiSi nty Stria alubua gore 
mie ? O bt^linlia noie, ka mi^ tofiik nrigeva^ 
nHjembo, nFor^mb^, nli ntyambi. 

28 O ttga miS skmV awanli warn anloffie 
nl'anto ; o re tema pa nli denda yenl&. 

29 Re ngulu g'og^ wam go dend& osaon, 
ndo AnyambiS ya reri yanli akamba nla mie 
ogw^ra wi jao, inlS t^andaminl' okui vrk kft 
agamba nli Jekob mbia ge mbe. 

30 Ndo yenl& nkendaga o k^nda, k&nde 
ndenaga o dena nago ya reri jk : ndo ezande 
zi re w6 jufa pa anyambig sam ? 

31 Nle be jivira Jek^b awulinlia Leban in- 
IS, k&nde mi arienli inlS, o vende b^nginla 
miS awanli w& awanto nli ngulu. 

32 Oma o be dSngo nd& nVanyambiS 8ft, 


arole da g*ozyo w'awangi yazyo ; ndo gSla^ 
g^Ia-iy^ yi re nla mie, kk bonga ykmi yk; 
kknde Jekob e mta inlS, RetyiSl ayufi so. 

33 Nle be bia Leban g'olako wi Jek^b, nla 
g'alako wi Liah, nla g'olako w'inyongo inya* 
nto mbanliy ndo e denga du : ndo gw'agSigwi 
y8 g'olako wi Liah ayinginli g'olako wi 

34 Ndo Retyi^l awcSng' ikanla avela m 
gw'epwi zi kam^l, aloanla go so ; nle be kS^ 
lag^la Leban olako wodu, ndo e denga du. 

36 Nle be buli^ awulinlia reri y^ inlg, y'a- 
t^^ndia reri yam, kande mi azye ngulu yi 
kumania g'ozyo wa, k^nde mpanginli y'anto 
yi re nla mie ; nle be bute, ndo e deng' ikanla 

36 Nle be benda Jek^b ayomanla nli Leban, 
nPayiviri Jekob awalinlia Leban inlS, ipavi 
sam si re s^, nl'ijanj' ibe sam si re s^, si re 
w§ k&mbiza pa mig ? 

87 K3inde o re kelag^la pa ySimi yam yodu ; 
ndo o adgngi ande go yStnia yoda yi nag' wi? 
LoTia zo g'ozyo w'awangi yam nl'aw&ngi yft, 
k& wao tenliza nty& zaw' aVanli. 

38 Agomi m'impuma rninl^ ambanli ml aro 
nla wS; adStmbe m& amanto nl'imbonli 86 
inyanto si pa pero nl'oiiwanla; nl'addmba 
anofiie m'olembi wa, mi azye mo nya pa. 

39 Eza z'ayaranlo nli nyama, mi baga zo 
gore w6, mi averio nli zo; g'oga warn o 

108 JENI8IS. 

wuti zD| ntya z'ajuf ofilaiida ntya *z'ajttf' 

40 Mi avcgagi offiauda ajuwaga nVimpiUi 
agw3ra ul^ifwi) ul'alubai antyivinli gw'a- 
atya mam. 

41 Mi are doanla p'agomi m'impnm' amW 
{lU go nag' w^; mi ayaajinUa igoml hriin^ 
pam' inlai gw'inyanga ny'awanli wa awaati 
l^^anU; nl'impam^ orota go vuginli ya, ndo o 
ra kalimlia p'ipi sam igomi ny'inydnga* 

4% Kao AnyambiiS ya reri yam Anyambi^ yl 
Ebjreham, nl'Itia si Aisak aluo gore mie, gard. 
rombi mie orevo ; ndo Anyambi^ are jeola 
p'ikugi $am nV^janja s'ag^ mam, ke teyunlic 

43 Nle be jivira Leban awulinlia Jekob 
inle, awawanto winla awauli warn, nl'a^a- 
Ilia wial4 awajili wam, nriyugtnlia yidl^ 
vuginli' yam; uli yama yodu yi jenlo ndki 
iyam ; ndo mie ka denda ande gore awa&li 
warn winla nlenla winl^ nl'awanla vr'aya- 
nUo wao ? r 

44 Ndo eambo oviro, ka zuwe jeka njeka^ 
mie nl'awe ; ka yo doanla eUngUio ntya mid 
tttya we. 

; 45 Nle be booga Jekob ido alo^ia nyo in* 

46 Ndo Jekob awolinU awangi ye }Ble» lati* 
Banli adO| nle be bonga wao ado avanga n^o 
okondos nl'anye||iU wao y^ya g'okondo. 


47 Nle be fwelia Leban wo iale, Jegar-sya- 
hadutha ; ndo Jekob aVeli wo inle, Galied. 
' 48 Nle be bulla Leban inle, okondo wlnllt 
wi ga loan!' elingilio ntjk mig ntya we iilenMl 
winlSt ; yenl^ at^lio ina nya wo inle, Galied, 

49 Mizpa k*; kande awuli nig, Jehora e 
ga tembage ntya mie ntyA we, ja zttw' aye- 
6anla, mi£ n\k we. 

50 JdmVasy&kali'.awanli warn awanto, gd 
nli bong' anto awenle nPawanli warn, zyel* 
<>ma nl'azuwe ; vonla, Anyambie e be doanla 
6luo ntySt mi6 nty& we. 

61 Ndo Leban awuliiilia Jekob inle, vonla, 
okondo winla, nl'inyenga nyinl& nyi re mi^ 
do7ia pa ntyA mig ntyft we. 

5t Okondo winlfi wo elingilio, nfinyengft 
nyo elingilio inle, mi aWaganP okondo winlSi 
gore wS, awe ke aviaganl' okondo winlSi nPi- 
nyengd nyinlSt gore mie go mbe. 

58 Anyambie yi Ebreham nl* Anyambie yi 
Neh^r, Anyambig ya reri yao e ga y^kSlia 
zuwe : nle be tanga Jekob orango nl'Itia sa 
reri y8 Aisak. 

54 Nle be bazya JekSb vuginlia go nomba 
atelia awfiinglg go nya, nl'anyenli wao inya 
anlanla go nomba. 

55 Nle be nongwa Leban ibanga ntye mpiri 
azSunb' awanli we anloffie, nl'awanli vr^ 
awanto, azavinla wao ; nle be kSndaga Leban 
ikfinlia go mbori y^. 



BE k^nda Jekob ogSnd& wg, nrienj^ 
s'AnyambiS s'alatanli nla y^. 

2 Ndo gw'ayenli Jekob si), awuU inlS, yinlfit 
nle mb^ii y'Anyambia ; nl'lna nyi mbora m^ 
yknlk ny'a^elio inlS, Mahaneim. 

3 N1(B be toma Jekob aroffia ir^vi go bosya 
y6 gore Is^, y'ogw^ngi yS, go ntye yi Siur 
gw'inlong^ nyi Idom, 

4 Nle be sombi^ wao inle, gambanli yenl^ 
gore reri yam IsSi, inlg, nyongo ya Jekob e 
bulla nle, mi aloanli gore Leban, alinga koa- 
nga nla nl^nla. 

5 Ndo mi are nl'lnyare nFiburu nl'adamb^, 
nl'lnyongo inoffi^ nl'inyongo inyanto, yenl^ 
atoffia xni^ go bulinlia reri yam, ka mie deng' 
imepinlo gw'antya ma. 

6 Nle be fwinlia ivavi gore Jekob inl^, 
azuw' apila gore oijwangi jk Isa, ndo ay^me 
e bia go datanla nla we, nli nkama s'anlaga 
nai nla ye. 

7 Nle be tia Jekob polo ayenla njuke, ka 
ye ker' anlaga w'avegagi nla y^, nl'adambe 
nrinyare, nl'lkamel, agera so go nkknd& 

8 Awuiia nle, ja Jsk abia go nkand^ mkn 
awola yo, gambenle nkSmd^ yi tiganla y'a- 

9 Nle be bulla Jekob inl^, Anyamble ya 


reri yam Ebreham, nl'Atiyambie ya reri yam 
Aisak, Jehoya y'awidinlia mie inle, 7inlia 
gw'inlSnga nya nla gw'imbuvi sa, kk mie 
denda mbiambi^^ 

10 Mi azy' inyanga nyi nkenga yodu nVo. 
reti wodu wi re we denda pa gore nyongo y&, 
k&nde mi aviaganli Jordon yinlSi nli ntongo 
yam; ndo venla mi atoenli nkanda mba- 

11 Kakdl^y zunginia mie avila g'oga w'o- 
jgw^ngi yam, avila g'ogk wi Isd, kkndi 
tax tie, e vende bia awola mie, ngwe nl'a 

12 O wuli nle, reti mi be dendd mbiambiS, 
aVang' awanli w^ ga ntySnge yi mbenli 
mpolo yi re y'arangizo nl'ibanla. 

13 Nle be nanle y&va ogwera me, nl'aw^ 
ngie eza z'a7ienli g'oga w^ mpagaga gore 
Isa /oqwangi yS. 

14 Nkama simbonl' inyanto mbanli, nl'a* 
gomi m'imbonl' inolSie ambanli; nli nkama 
s'adambe amanto mbanli, nl'agomi m'adambe 
anoffie ambanli. 

15 Agomi m'ikam^l s'ambenlingo araro 
nl'awanli wao, nl'agomi m'inyar' inyanto 
anlai, nligomi ny'inyar' inoffie, nFckgomi 
m'ibura inyanto ambanli, nl'igomi ny'iburu 

16 Nle be pS so g'ogk w'inyongo se nk&nda 
^u go mbora nli y^, awulinlia inyongo ttf 

Hi JENisis. ? : 

iiil^9 viaganlanli ^o bosyo Yam, k^ panganii 
lianda nty4 nk&nd4 ntyd. nkindd. 

IT Nle be sombiS y'abosyo inl^, ja IsSt y'o. 
i|wangi yam adatanla nia w^, atambia inl^ 
aw0 ya mande ? o k$iida nla gwi ? sinlSt la 
mande si re go bosyo yd ? . > 

18 K^ bulla nle, ya yi nyongo y& Jekobf 
yo mpagaga y'atoflio gore reri yam Isa, ndo 
vonla, aySme are go nyumi yazyo. 

19 Tenli azombi^ yimbanli nla yintyano, 
nla waodu w'asong' iivk^ndd inle, gw'igambfi 
nyinl4 nyi be kambo nlawe goieiea^ ja nluw' 

. 20 Kd bulianli ki inlS, vonla, nyongo fk 
Jek^b, are go nyami yazyo; k&ade awaU 
nl^, m'be donge p&nliz^ xil'eza zi mpagaga 
2si k^nda go bosyo yam; gambenle mi be 
jenla ozyo vr^ rendetua e be mepinla miS. 
. 21 Yenla alaliz^ eza zi mpagaga go bosyo 
y^, ndo ay^me anlanli ogw^ra me ^'olako. 

22 Nle be ndngwe ogwera me awSng' ant^ 
we a^anli, nl'inyongo se inyanto mbanli, nVi- 
gomi nye ny'awanla nrogwanl' offi&ri, alalia 
gw'iTokinlo nyi Jabok. 
. 23 Nle be bongiS wao alaliza Vao oi|wy&vi, 
alaliza ya y'avegagi nla ye. 

24 Nl'ariganli Jekob dadie, nl'alembi oma 
opa nla yS koanga gw'arongi o?anga. 

26 Ndo gw'ayeoli jH inlg, e k^vS du, awoli 
go ntyongakanlo yi ntiigu ye ; nle be dubua 


Etyoflgakaalo yi ntugu yi Jek«b, gw'alembie 
qm nla y^. 

26 Nle be bulie inlg, riga mie dienga kande 
o^anga w'afcongwi; nle be bulie inle, m'be 
tigk dienga kao o savinla mie. 

27 NraVambie ye inle, ini nyk mande? 
Nle be bulig inlS, Jekob. 

28 Nle be buli« inle, ini ny& ny'aVelio 
nyenle inlg, Jekob; kitnde o re dembania 
pa nl'Anyambig nl'anlaga, kd w^ keva. 

29 Be bambia Jekob awulia nl«, rStinla mie 
ini nyd, kkHlk. Nle be bulig inle, ezande 
zi bambik ini nyam ? nFazavinl^ yg rkvk. 

80 Nle be fVelia Jekob ina nyi mbora me 
inle, Peni-el, k^nde mi are jenla p'Anyambie 
ozyo g'ozyo ; nFeffienia. zam z'atoli. 

31 NA> gw'aviaganli ye Penuel, nkombe 
y'arongwi gore ye, arengunle nli ntugu ye. 

82 Yenla aroenli nlS, awa wi Isre^l wi nya 
du oganji w'ayomi, wi re go ntyongakanlo 
yi ntugu koanga nla nlenl^ winld, ; k&nde 
awoli go ntyongakanlo yi ntugu yi Jekob, 
g'oganji w'ayomi. 

EWONJO xxxm. 

BE tombinla Jekob anty& me gw'igonlo 
ayenla, ndo vonla, Isk e bia, nli nkama 
s'anlaga nai nla ye ; nle be kera Jekob agera 
y'awanla gore Lia, nla gore Retjriel, nla gore 
inyongo inyanto mbanli. 

U4 JKMSfi^ < 

2 NIq be dctvi@ inyongo injraal^ al'siwaidii 
wao gfo bosyo, nil Lia nl'awanli w£ go gw^^i 
nil R^tyiel nil Josef fo nyuma. 

3 NI0 be piufgaml^ go ho^yg yao, avuiwala 
mbe nyong^ or^gealo agfenda gw'azymsjrd 
pier^ nrogw&ngi y^. 

4 Nle be kenda I$d nli mango go dataalA 
nla yl, azyangnnl^, aVQ$wa g'omj^li we, aasdi- 
mbe ; mla be denla irao. 

5 Be tombiiile anty& me ayeni' a»to nVema^ 
nla, bIo be buli^ inle, vra, mcMide winla ivi re 
nla we ? Nl'awuliS inl^, ayranla w'arenUa 
nyongo ya nFAnyambie. 

6 Be 1^ inyongo inyanto pi^ie, wao nl'a- 
wanli wao, anuraula mbS. 

7 Nle be bia Lia k^ piere, nl'awanli wS^ 
avuranla mb^; kwevimo azyusyi JoaSf aili 
Retyi^ avurunla mb&. 

8 NVa\4^i$ iiile, nklmda yinit yodu y'ada- 
tanlo mi^ yi minia se ? INfle be buUS inlll, 
go d^ng' im^iunlo gw'anty^ ma reri yam» 

9 Nle be bulla !$& inl^, mi axe nli ydtta 
yenge, yam' iya yi ga loanle gore wS. 

10 Nle be bulla Jekob inle, nyawg, kSikSilSi, 
ja mi adeng' imSpinlo ^'&nty& ma, wonga 
idavi sam g'ogli w^n, k4nde mi ar^ jemlp 
p'ozya wd eg&lanli ga mi ajenla ozyo VAnyo^ 
mbi^ ka we tonda mie. 

11 Wifikge^ kikaU, isayinli aam, si re bi^po 
pa gore we ; k&nde Aoyambie are dwda pur 


ilia iauUMnUie, mie ke mi ta» nli yMkik ye* 
ng»; nle be ay^ltjj y«l, kit ye b^sga. 

12 W0 be bolig inle, azawe- g» eyafey* olako 
kS zuwe kendagft, lidO'iHi^ M kcAda ^ bosyd 

13 Nle be balinUe ye inl^, reri yam avoro 
UdSy awa&la wi r'al^, nl'adltmbe lilluyaie 
njoDjasi ce nla mde, ndo yaolagd w'akiSndfiA 
so nli ngulu ntyuga mo gambettb olomba 
woda tir'a^xunpa* 

^ 14 K&kfill^ reri yam e ga viaganle go bosyo. 
yi nyongo ye; kk miS kenda idl ak^ng^ 
Qgilattili si uk^fidinli yi Yoginlia yi re go 
IxMyo yam, nregalanli zi nkeudiiili y'awanrla^ 
kao mi abia goo^ reri yam go Siur* 

Iff Bb Inilia Isk ial^, mi ga riga nla vr^ 
aw^wil gore aiikga wi re nla mi^* Nle 
be bu]ie inle, isy^I^ ande? mi ga leagQ 
knapinlo gw'aoity& ina reri yam. 

16 Yenla atinli Isk ntyuga m3 go mp&nl4 
yK go Siur, 

17 Nle be kSnda JekSb ogSnda we go Sn* 
kti1^7 anloginle nago, avang' ikanja yi yugl- 
nlia; yenl^ atelio mbora m^y&nla inloj^ 

18 NFa^ienli Jekbb nrafli^nje go nka' mpo* 
k> yi SyikSm^ y'avegagi go ntye yi Eenean^ 
gw'a^ieniiS avila go Pedan-eram; nle ba 
cyamb^ oloko wg swaswa nli nka mpolo. 

19 Nle be kole mbora y'orove y'azywibio 

116 - yfiNMIS. 

y^ olako w^, agola yo gw'ag& m'awftiila wi 
Hemor, reri yi Syik^m, v^ tikamayi ayika.: 

20 Nle be nog^ ^vk &lter, at^dia yo idl^, 
Anyombi^, Anyambi&yi Isre^L 


NLE be ka^a Daina oi|waoffiaato wi Jm^ 
o yanlio ndS gore lek^, ag&gwa go 
jenla awawanto wi ntye. » • 

2 Ndo gw'ayenli SyikSm oq\iPB iri HemVr 
oga wi ntye ayenlS, 'awdngfi yH^ anlanla &la 
yg, avevizS. ' " 

3 Nle be jong* orgmi- "ire gofe Daiiia^ 
ox|waoffianto wi Jekbb, nrar^ndi yS izyaK, 
agamba nli nkSngd gore isyali. 

4 Nle be buliaSyik^ awuliiilia Hemor 
ya reri yS inl6, wdnga mi* izyeli nyiiiid 

5 Nle be jStgSl Jekob inle, avevizifi Daina 
y'ogwanli y* offianto, ndo awanli we anlofte 
w'avegagi nli vuginlia yS g'orove, ndo avA. 
nli Jekob d^, kao w^abia. 

6 Nle be kagwa HemtSr ya reri yi Syildeni, 
agenda gore Jek<5b go kamba nla ye. 

7 NraVienli awanla wi Jekob avila g'orove 
gw'ay&giu wao ; nle be bend' anlc^Ke, nraio- 
enli egunlu evolo gore wao; k&nde alendi 
osaon wi nty&nli gore IsreSl, go nania nro. 
i|waoffianto wi Jekob, osaon wi re w'ar&ide 
dendo. . 


f 8 Be kMffika HiBQidriila iviao ial^ orema wi 
SyikSm y'oijwanli warn wi toada oqwanli 
janli oigwafnilci; k&klkl&anli, vanli yS g'offia- 

9 Azawe ga yombanlenli nVaolawe, vanli 
mwe Mranli yanli awaato^ ktl bSnganli awa- 
nli lyanyo aw^aato gore nluwe. 

10 Loanlanli gore zawe, ntye yi be doanla 
gw'aa3rQ manli, looalanli h^ kanganlanli, 
fiSn^. aaiiva go yo. i 

i 11 Nle be bulia SyikSm awnlinlia reri yS 
nl'awtSngi yS anlolSie inle, mi ga lenge imS* 
ponlo gw'aaiySl manli; nVez&m' edu zi be buli- 
mlie miH nli nlawe, mi be pa. 

12 Wunlixanli mi£ polo ikweliki nli mpago, 
pa'be pa ga nte be t^tinla nlawe mie, ndo 
Tmaii mie iayali g'offianto. 

13 Nle be jivira awanla wi Jekob ayivira 
3yi]Bi$ni nli Hem^ ya leri y^ nl'itemiza, 
awulia nle^ k&nde ayevizi Daina, y'oqwangi 
yao ofltanto. 

14 Be Imlia wao awulinlia wao inl^, azuw' 
aleoge ngalu go denda ndaga mSya, go pa 
ogwangi yazyo offianto gore onloffie, o re pa 
kftpo, k&nde yo ndaga yi ntyaoli gore zuwe* 
.15 Ndo g'osaon winla azawe be jivira 
nlawe, ja nlaw' adoanla ga zawe, kd onloffi' 
adu gore nlawe kero. 

16 Gambenle asawe be pa nluwe awanli 
wisyo awanto, k& zawe bong' awanli yanli 

118 JSNiSUk •- 

&wmaiOf aloidEda nrftnluwe, ki fokwe deiida 
inlSngd ima 

17 Ndo j^aahiw' aj^inlo sawe go kero^ 
gambenle azuV abong' oi|wanIi yazyo ofllm 
iiio, ageadaga. 

18 Ndo agambi mao m'amepi gw^anftyi mi 
Hemor, nla gVantyft mi Syik^m y'o^waiilA 
wi Hem9r* 

19 Ndo iwan{a e ntla denda ndaga laq, 
kande arondi oifwanla offianto vri' Jek5li^ 
ayegagie nrin' ivia Tiagaak^ firom' edu go 
nago ya reri ye. 

20 Nle bo biia Hraaor nli Syikem y^ogwiuDii 
ye avia g'ompombaiila wi nkali jrao mpido; 
agamba nl'anloffie wi nkali yao mpolo InlS; 

21 Anloflle winla wi re ni^asmwo mbiambioi 
wi ga loanle go ntye aganganla go yo, Tonkn 
ntye yi re mpdo g'ozambi edu gw^azye maoj 
azuwe ga wonge awanii wao Mrante goieriito^ 
ka zawo pa wao awanii waogro awanto. 

22 Eao nl'osaon winla anlonie wi bo jivira 
zuwe, go doanla nl'azawe, ka zuw6 doatila 
inlong^ imo; go be kero zttwo onlofll' edn, ga 
nl^are wao k&o pa. 

23 Inyare sao nranlivi mao, nl'ivtigiidi odd 
zi re nla wao, ji be dfanla iyaayo? kao dadie 
teuV ajivira wao, ka wao doanla nl-a^nwe. . 

24 Ndo waodn w'agd^wi gompoiibanla /drl 
nka' mpolo, w'aydginlo Hemornll Spkaiin 
y'oqwanli yS; lUa bo k^ro .onJk^Wa |E9m 


waodu w'agdgwi g'ompoml^aila wi nka' 
mpolo« ' '' " ■ ' ' ' ' 

■ 25 Ndo aroenH niyngtk ji ntyttrd gur'arefgagi 
wao ^w'indowa, aw9ngi awanloffie a^ahli 
wi Jekob, ^mi^ji hli livat^ a^angwe wi 
Dfd&a, awoBg' om' edu nl'okwari we^ agenda 
go nka' mpolo nli yemba, ki wao jon' onloflli' 

26 Nle be jonla wao Hemdr nli SyikSm 
j^'oft^anli wS nl'okwara, awonga Daina ayila 
go nago yi Syikem, nie be k^gwa wao, 

t7 Nl'atienli awa wi Jekob goberide, agwe- 
m nka' mpolo, kande w'alno w'afemi oi^wd- 
Hff yao ofliantd, 

&8' Nl^arwtogi wao adambe mao, nFinyari 
ido, ttKbmii gaoj 4ili fet' y'«v«gagi go nka' 
mpolo, nli yfima ftYegagi g'orore. 

29 Agot' anlirl mao tdodu, nl'awanli wao 
waoda, nranto wao simbwedi, agwer' ezam' 
edti ^wrefgS!^ go nago. 

80 Nle be bulla Jekdb awnlinlia Simion nli 
Liyai inle, anltiw' are syuga pa miS go nu- 
mbiza mii gore mdngi wi doanla go ntye; 
1^ IkeneaAait, nia goi^' Ipirizait, ndo mi lire 
ntango nyewa, kk wao datstola gore mie, 
awdla mi^^ kd mi(g jflizo, nde nli nag' warn. 

8i Nie be bnlia wa6 intS, e ga leitde nl'o- 
qfivi&n^ y^ucyo ga efotetfof e ? 



NLE be bulla Aayambi^ awuliuia Jakob 
inl^y gmnanla k& panda go Bethel, aloa^ 
nla Ykyk ; kk panga v&va alter* gore Anya- 
mbie y'ayenlanli gore we, gw'aVangiSi avila 
g'ozyo wi Isi y'ogwStngi jk. . rt 

2 Ndo Jekob awulinli nag' w^, nla wao^u 
w'avegagi nla y^, inl^, talanli anyambi^ 
iny^nla si re gore nluwe, kk doanlanli p\ipUj^ 
agalunlia ingai sanli. 

3 K^nde azuwe ga gumanle aranda go 
Bethel, k^ mi^ noga ykrk kli^t gore Any^ 
mbiS, y'ayiviri ini^ go ntyugu yi njuki ya^ 
aloanla nla mie go y'agtodio mi^. 

4 NFavenli wao Jekob anyambi^ iny&nia 
s'avegagi gw'agi mao, nriffioro. y'aveg^gi 
gw'aroi mao, nle be benla Jek^Sb yo go ntye 
yi mbimo y'avegagi baraba nli Syik^m. 

5 Nl'agSndi wao og^ndk: nritias'Anyaonbi^ 
s'ayegagi gw'ink' impolo vingovingo gore wap/ 
wao kg wi kdmbiz' awa' wi Jekob. 

6 NraVienli Jekob go Luz yi re go ntye yi 
Eenean, yo nle Bethel, ayS nl'anlaga waodn 
Vavegagi nla yg. 

7 Nle be nogg ykvk klt&i af elia mbora inlg, 
AnyambiS yi Bethel, kSinde vkyk ayenlanli 
Anyambig gore yg, gw'a7angi yg avila g^Of 
zyo w'oijw^gi ye. 

8 Nle be juwa Debora nyongo nyanto yi 


Railway ateiijiio go B^h^ go tiimhk yi mU* 
mo, nl'atelio ina me iale, mbkao y'edingo* 

9 Nle be fk jenlanla Anyambi^ gOce Jek<5b^ 
g^'a^ienli y^ avila'go Fddaaeiraln, azarinld. 

10 Nle be bulla AhyamMS awulinfli^ vM^ 
fali iBtyA ale Jek^b. Irii iiy& njri be fW^lio nyS- 
die inl^, Jek<5b, kao Isre^ nle ini ny& ; nk 
be fwelig ini ny6 inl^, Uste^. 

11 Be bulia Ahyambie inl^^ mle nle Anya* 
ifibi^ yi ngulu ; ' yahla, k& bunla ; inlltegA 
nli Qando y'anl^ng& yi be pila gore we ; ni'a- 
^a vri be kS^i;Via ^oni wa. 

12 Nli ntye y^avenli mie Ebreham nli Ai* 
sak, mi be pSt yo, nlal gore awanli wit go nyu* 
ini ^d, mi be pe ntye. 

12 Nl'avandi Anyambie avila gore yfe\ go 
mbora y'agambie nla ye. 

14 Nlebedotia Jekob inySngd go mlxM'a 
y'agambie nla ye, inySngk ny'ido; ayim 
ntyago ya sijtSnga go nyo, ayit' agali go nyo. 

15 Nle be fwelia JektSb ina nyi mbora y'agJBi- 
mbi Anyambie nla yS inl^, Betibel. 

16 Nle be kSnda wao ogenda arila go B£th< 
ei/nfaroenF oi)w& nanda go mpanla go Ua go 
Efrath ; ndo Retyi^l aroenli nli janla, nl'iayo* 
ng& gw'rjanla yWegagi nkazya. 

17 Nl'aroenli gw'avegagii^ nli nkazya y^isyo^ 
nga gw^ijahla, offiahto wi janlizut awulinlitf 
ittlg, aria dn, k&nde o be janP oi|wdnl<^e 
winlS kS« 

lit JENIfiaS. 

* ISiNFarMiiIi ^'liimlitf ojjvr^ {kkbiB aywm) 
aVeli ial nje inl^ Benoni ; ndo mn j& ^Stetiit 
mliij B^jamin. 

19 Nle be juwa Retyi^l avdnlo go mpluiKt 
yi Efrathy yo nle Bethlehem. 

20 Nle be ^hvin, Jekob iny^i^lt g'<»r<mgittlo 
uriij nyo nle inySnga ny'onmgialo wi Rety^il^ 
koanga nla nlenJsi winl&. 

'21 Nla be k^nda Isre^l agenda we azyaiaV 
olako viaganlooli nagondondui y'ade y'ol^abk 

22 Nl'aroenli gw'fikmnli IsreSl go ntye nUg^ 
agendi Ruben anlania nli Bilha ironda nya 
reri y^, nl'amiemli lareel. Ndo awa wi Je- 
kob w'aioenli igomi BrafaAli. 

23 Awanloflie wi Liah^ Bub^n» njaliS yi 
Jek^b, nli SimiSn, nli ItiVai, nli Juda, nli 
Isekar, nli Z^bulon. 

24 Awanloffie wi RetySil, Josjff, nli Beaja.- 

25 Nl'awanlofie wi Bilha, nyongo nyauto 
3Fi Retyeil, Dan^ nli NaftilaL 

26 NrawanIofii6 wi Zilpa, nyongo nyanto 
yi Liaht Gad, nli Asyur; winla nk awa- 
nloflle wi Jekdb» w'ayanlio nore y6 fo JPcdan 
neram: ' 

27 Nle be bia Jekob gare Aisak ya vm yoi 
go Mawre nka' n^lo yi Arba» yo nle Hi* 
bron, y'aloanlio nli Sbiohain nli AJ^ak. « 

16 NM irtyugu Bi Aisak s^rednli Bkamm 
y'impuma nl'agomi m'impuma Snlenfall : v 


^ 29 Nle be sola Aisak ogwi^ ayiivft, alatiso 
gore mongi yfi, mbolo ya aiiitjragu; nit 
ttwanli yS anloffie, lai nli Jekfib, w^aT(Snliie» 


SINLA nle mbainba nrimbamba si Jasl^ 
aye nle Idem. 

2 Ndolsit awBiigi anAo w£ goie amraw4iift> 
wi Kenem, Ada oQwaoftantonwi ECfia. yi 
i&tait; nle Aholibama ofwaottaalowi Ana 
oegwaate wi ZibiSn yi.Hai^ait. 

3 Nli Basyemath oi)waoffianto wi Ifiymeil( 
cn)Vapere offianto wi Ni»bajdth4 

4 Ndo Ada ayanli gore Is^^ Elaifaz ; nle hi 
janla Basyemath Bu^L 

Be janla Aholibama aywila Jeuery, nli 
Jealam, nli Eora; winlA nle awanloflie wi 
Itky w'ayanlio gore y& go ntye yi Kenean. ' 

6 Nle be bonga Is& aw^ng' anto wS uKai 
wanli wig anloffie, nfawanli w^ awanto, lili 
m)5ngi wi nag' w^ waodu; nli vugtnli j% 
nl'inyami sd sodu, nl'anlivi mS modu, nn'ald- 
ngio ndS gw'inlongd. nyi Kenean, agenda gd 
ittf^ atila g'osyo wi JekSb /o^wdngi ye. 
'7 K4nde anlivimao m'awunli amenge tni 
re wao aloanline mbora mo ; nli ntye y'ave* 
gagi wao agenda yi jdli keka wao g'oi|wa»j4 
wi vu|flnli' yao. 

8 Nle be doanla Ie£t go nomba yi fiiur ; bit 
fisilk nle Id^5m. 

114 r^aKNBMS-''^ / 

ft 8ixi]k ale mbamba nli mbamba si Ikk ya 
tHee yi Icjemaii, g>o noitaLbb, yi Siur. 

10 Minl^ nle ana m-awaaloffie vA l8&; 
Elaifaz ogwanloffie wi Ada y'offianto wi Is&, 
Ruel 0]gw&nl6ffie ^ Basyemath y'offianto wi 

11 Ndo awanloffie wi Elaifaz w'avegigi 
TemaBy Omar, Zefe, nli Grrtam^ nli Kdnaz. 

> 12 Ndo Tnnna'atsegvgi'ironda gore EIaifi», 
oqw^nloffie wi Isll; <ayanlle Amd^k gorft 
Elaifaz : winlk nle awanlc^ie ^i Ada y'oita* 
nto wi hiki 

13 Ndo winl^ nle awanloffie wi Ruel ; H^ 
hhih, nli Zerat SyaauK nli Miza; winli nle 
awanloffie wi Basyemath, y'offianto wi IbL 

14 Winl& nle awanloffie wi Aholibama, 
o^waoffianto wi Ana, o^waoffianto wi ZibeSn 
y'offianto wi Isit; nFayaxili y^ goxe Ib& ievoffy 
nli Jea^m, nli Eora. 

15 Sinlit nle ig&v^n gore awanloffie wi hk : 
awanloffie wi Elaifaz njalie yi IsIt, gkr^ 
Teman, g&vSn Omar, gliv^n Zefo, gkv^u 

16 G^ven Kora, gky^n Gatam, gav^ Ame^ 
^Skf Biolk nle igir^n $^avienH nli Elaifaz 
gontye yi IdSm; winla nle awanloffie wi 

17 Ndo winlk nle awanloffie wi Bo^ y'o* 
fw&nlotte wilsft, gav^ Naha&, g&v^a Zen, 
g&v^n Syama, givSn Maiza, s^olA nto igfti^ 

St'^yHi gore Eml go atye yi Idem; wiiil4 
nle awanloffie wi Basyemath y'oOaiito wi 

.18 Ndo winld. nle awanloffie wi Aholibama 
y'oflonte wi Is4: g&v&i Jeuiiy^ . g&yen Jmp 
lam, gkv^a Kora; sinllt nle ig&v^n iaviU 
gor/s Aholibana ogwaoffiaato wi Aha, y'ofia- 
nta wi JtA. . . 

19 Winli nle awanloffie wi l8&, ay£ nle 
IdSm ; 4iinl& ke nle igSven mo. 
.20 Winli nle awanloffie wi ^uti y'lhoraiti 
w'aloanli go ntye; Lotan, nle Syobal, nli 
Zibi^^y Ana,' 

21 Nii^DiByom, nli Esar, nli Disyan; ainlft 
nle igdven sllbdrait^ awankfle wi Si&r, go 
^tye yi Idom. 

S2 Ndoi awanloffie wi Lotan w'avegagi Hori, 
nli Heman, ndo ogwftngwe offionto wi LotaA 
nle Tinuuk 

S8 Nde iftwanleffie wi Syobal nle winl&; 
JUvan, nli Manahath, nli Ebal, SySfo, n)i 

24 Winia nle awanloffie wi Zibion; Aja, nli 
Ana; winld nle Ana y'aleng^ imbenli s'anli- 
ngo na'impiu gw'ig' ivolo, gw'anyez^gie ibnnt 
si Zibion ya reri ye. 

25 Winli nle awanla wi Ana ; Disyon, nli 
AhoUbama, y'oqwanloffianto wi Ana. 

96 Ndo awanla wi Daisyon nle winli ; Ha^ 
OMdan, nli Esyban, nli Ithran, nil Keran. 

^7 Ndo awania m Ezor nle vnni& ; Bilhon^ 
tA Zearan, nli Ekan. 

28 Ndo awanla wi Daisyan nle winl^ ; Uz, 
All Aran. 

29 Sinld nle ig^ren si'IhSrait; g&r&BL Lotan^ 
^^yen Syobal, gft.T^n Zibidn, gaven Ana, 

90 QStTen Daisyon, girSn Ezer, g&veh Dai^ 
syan, sinl^ nle igav^n s'lhorait gw'igivfo saa 
go ntye yi Siun 

31 Winla nle aga w'avefidi gw'iiilSng^ nyi 
IdiVm, eg' aTendaga rk gote awanla wi Ji^ 

32 Nle be penda Bela oijwknlojaie vfi Bior ge 
iddm ; ina nyi nkaH yS mpolo nle Dinhaba. 

33 Nle be juwa Bela, nravendi gw'inyungi 
nye Jobab oijwdnloffie wi Zera yi BSzra. 

34 Nle be jnwa Jobab, ndo HusyBin yi ntye 
yi Timna avendi gw'inyangi nye. 

35 Nl'ayuwi Husyam, nle be penda Hadad 
OQw^nloffie wi Bedad (o woU Midiaa g^ovore 
wi Moab) avenda gw'inyangi nye. 

36 Nl'ayuwi Hadad, nle be penda Syamlay 
yi Masreka avenda gw'inyangi nye. 

37 Nle be jawa Syamba, nl'avendi S&l yi 
RehobSth g'ozamba w'olSivi, gw'inyangi nyg. j 

38 Nle be juwa S&l, ndo Beal-henan oqwSl- 
nioffie wi Akbor avendi gw'inyangi nye. 

39 Nrayuwi Beal-henan ogwa wi AkbSf, 
nle be penda Hedar gw'inyangi ny^: ndo ina 
nyi nka' mpolo ye nle Pan, nl'ina ny'ottant? 


iro oto Mehitebtl, oiiwaoffittlito m Matr^, 
#QwaQffiMtk> m Mazaliab* 

40 Minlk nle ana m'igaven s'avili gore Ifli^ 
fffBk nt'are iml>ttYi sao, nPaloaBlo mao, ni'ani 
mao: gkv^n, Timnai gfiiTea Alva^ giaTJIfa Je^ 

.41 GlTte Aholibama, givte Ela, gavfo 

42 Gkyen Eenas, gav^n T^aua^ gkrem 

43: €r&.iF8n Magdiel, giy^a Airam, ainl^ iilai 
ig&yea si Iddm, ga nt'ax' aloanlo mao^ ga ntye 
7'aiiliyio wao, wml& nle Isd reie yi Iddm. 

EwoNJo xxxvn. * 

NLE be doanla Jek^b go ntye y'aregagi 
reri ji €g^da, go &tye ji Kenean. 

2 Smlk nle mbamba nl'imbamba si Jdcoby 
Josef mania pa igomi nl'impuma or^Sgfolo^ 
be bandaminle awareri y£ g'olemlMs aira« 
nloffie wi Bilha, nl'awanloflle wi Zilpa, satot 
wa reri yS, ayeme ojgiranla: nle be baga 
JofiSf osa' ombe arakilia gore reri yao. 

3 Ndo Isreel arondi Josef viaguiio nl'awa« 
nil we waodn, kdnde avegagi oqwania wi 
mbolo ye, avanginlie ye ngdi koto y'obaL 

4 Ndo gw'aywili awaieri yg inle, reri yao 
arondi y^ viaganlo nl'awareri y^ waodn, w'a* 
Minmbi ye, kk w'alenge ngulu yi kauba nla 
je mbiaiiiibie. 

Its J£»fISI8. 

5 Nle be jilinlo JoeSf njrilmloy amkilia y# 
gore awareri ye ; nPavk numlii wao ye nli 

6 Nle be bulinli^ wao inl^ k^alianli, 
YOgaaliooli ayilinlo y'ajilinlo mie. 

7 Vonla, azuw' akori ata go ntyaga, ndo 
Tonla^ iti nyam ny'aadngwi agumanla gore, 
ndo Yonla, ata manli m'akumanli vingovingo 
avuranla mbe gw'iti nyam* 

8 Nle be bulla areri ye awalinlie inle, 
gw'ipenda, o be pendinla zawe ? nla gw'ipa- 
Bga, o be panginla zuwe ? nle be fk numba 
wao ye nli polo v& nyilinlo ye^ nl'agambi 
me. ^ 

9 Nle be fa jilinle nyilinlo nyenle, arakilia 
yo gcMre awar^ y£, awolia nle ; vonla, mi aie 
jilinlo pa nyilinlo nyenle, ndo vonla, nkomibe, 
nFogweli, nl'igomi nl'ogegSnli offi&ri y'apura- 
nli mbS gore mie. 

10 Nle be takili^ yo gore reri y^, nla gore 
awareri y^: ndo reri y& az^mblf, awulinlie 
inl^, nyilinlo nde yinla yi re w^ jilinlo pa ? 
giligili, mie, nli ngi y&, nl'awareri ya, azuw^e 
be bia avuranla mbe gore w^ go ntye ? 

11 Nle be jenl' awareri ye ayenl^ qandi; 
ndo rori y£ avig' igamln nye. 

12 Nle be kend' awareri ye go nyez' olemba 
wa reri yao go Syikem. 

13 Ndo Isreel awulinli JoaSf inlS, awareri 
yk wi ny»' olemba go SyikSm ? Oka^ mi be 


1(9^ gora.wao; vie tmlmJiiDlte j^^oat^y xisiti 

mi^ igamba; nle be tome y^ n^vi^ia gW^^ m 
JHyiww»k4]^-kfiadagQ% « . ' .. 

15 Nl'al^ngio ye nronlofiie^ ft4a/7<9tila^ »ef 
Mreli g'wiyiBrisiia b? ^bawbio 7«^ tilWl^Ae 
m\^^o but' diode? tf (< 

,, lis Iflsi be bujjig iQlar mi butdn n^mareii yiUAi 
|i9¥a «9Ae> kakala, go nyeKQi wao dovib^'. . 

17 Nl'awuU onloffie inle, wi re diibiifi, |)f| 
yopla^ k&i^da mi ayagio wao wi buU^t mle, 
q.^we gia gdndefe go I)ot]piaa; 4;)Ie ba awgd 
Jos^f aw^reri y^ al^gp^ waa g^ DotbAou % 

,18 Nfce be jenla. waooaHiml^ bft ttdo aye 
riQga i:|l ifieie gore wao^ ^awiQiuli moiv^^ gll 

19 Nle be bulla wao iila wao i»ley imi^ 
,w'»yaiBlQ, ayg wiiiU,.e ]n». : 

.80 Ndo okaali, azuwe ga l^oa^re, a^a^ 
gyr'iiv#iBb' iffl^ri, ka zaw^ balia a1«^ wyo «U 

nyilinlo se. 

, g;i W*^ fea jagSt JRq^^efl, ftwngW aviJa 
g;w'ae9^ m^; ule ba bi^iS ii^l^ ovniW^ ay4wle 
du. ., ^ 

3^ W^. Eub^n awwUnli wao ii4e> ♦T^'^T?*- 
pHr iiAyiula, aza^i^ ga y^ gw'ivewbat Bywli 
nyi re gw'ig' ivolo, kSt aralianlLye oga, yepali 


ka 7^ sanginl^ gw'agfit mao, aTitiliaS gwA 

23 Nl'aroenli gw'a^ienli Josef gore awareri 
y£ w'azcnrunli Josef ngfid koto y^, ngii y'ob&i 
y^avegagi nla yS. 

24 Nle be bonga wao y^ avel^ gvr'iveifiba^ 
ivemb' ixevo, anlingo lo. 

25 Nl'aloanli wao tu go nye inya, nle be 
tombinla wao antya mao ayenla, ndo yonlHi 
nkknda y'Isymealait y'aTeinli ayila go 6i>- 
liady nrikamel sao Btoanlaga irende, nli 
nkeva, nli mur, agenda go suminla go Ijipt 

26 Nle be bulla Jnda gore awareri ye ink^, 
inyenla nde si re nFazuwe j'azuw' ajo|i)' 
oqwareri yazyo ayumbiinla ntyiuli yef 

27 Oviroanli, awwe ga gole gore Isymea^i 
lait, k& arali' agd mazy^ gore ye, kSuntde tiyg 
oqwareri yazyo, nl'ozyonli wazyo; nle be 
jagSt awareri ye aylLginte yg. 

28 Ndo Imidianait s'avii^nli, anlofiie w'af- 
golo, nle be dura wao avandiza Josef arila 
gw'ivemba, agola JoiSef gore Ilsj^ealait rft 
agoml mi syikct ambamli, nle be 'toetila "waft 
Josef go Ijipt. 

29 Nle be fwinlia Rnb^n gw'iyemba, ndo 
Tonla, Josef e p^gaga gw'ivembft; uto be 
jokunla RubSn ngai y^. 

30 Nl'a^inli ye gore awareri ye, awnlia nle, 
OQwanla azyde, ndo mi£, mi ga gSbde nla 
gwi? ^ 


SI NJe be bonga wao ngai koto yi Jos^f, 
ayoni' ogwambonli, areviza ng&i koto go 

92 NIe be toanliza wao ng^i y'ob^i a^aga 
yo gore reri yao, awulia nle, yinlSt yi re zuwe . 
d^nga pa, miare, vendetaa y'oijwanli vrk^ ge 
arang' iyg, 

83 Ndo amieli yo, awalia nlS, ngki y'oqwa- 
nli warn, are nyo pa nli nyama mbe ; giligili 
Jds^f are jaruayarua pa simb^i. 

34 Nle be jokunla JeklSb ngki yg, atdr'- 
onlamV onlambe g'oni w^, aloanV iwkga 
Hy'ogwanli wfi intyugu sinyenge. 

35 Nle be kamanl' awanli w£ anioffie vra^ 
odu, nl'awanli w^ awanto waodu, go sindi£ ; 
ndo e jfyira sindio, awulia nl^, m'be kSnda 
nriwStga ny'oqwanli warn koanga gw'ilombo ; 
nle be denla reri y^ g^oqwanji w6. 

36 Ndo Imidianait s'agoli y^ go Ijipt gore 
Potifer nyongo yi Fereo, ngdw^ ylsazyg. 

EWONJO xxxvm. 

NL^AROENLI egombe m^ inle, Juda azu- 
minli arila gore awareri y^, ayerua gore 
onloflie wi Adnlam, ini nyK nle Hira. 

2 Nle be jenla Juda vStva ayenla oijwaoffia- 
nto Vonloffie wi Kenean, ini nyS nle Syna, 
nle be bongS ye ayinginla nla y^, 

3 Nle be pundigg ayanf ogwainlcffie, kk yg 
fwelia ini nyg inlg Ur.^ 

m 1. .JJJ^ISIS; ,>.. 

4 Nle be ^ pundig^ ayanl' 0]()w4ttloflte, 
a^elia ini nyS ioJ^, CMan. 

5 Nle be f^ pundigg nyonga nygnlS ^ymiU 
oqw&nloffiei aVelia ioi ny^ inle, Sy^H &do 
a^Yeg| go KazU) gw'i^yanli^ y^. / 

6 Nji^ be boBga Joida os&anto gofe Ur, njalie 
ye, ini ny6 nle Temar. 

7 . Ndo Ur, fijaJli^ yl Juda, lawenli otnbe gwV 
ntyk mi Jehova, nle be jonlo y^ ali Jehova. - 

8 Nle be buUa Juda awulinlia Qnaa iald« 
yinglnla gore offlanto w'oqwftngi yfil, kS; jo- 
pAbe« ayaid' awanla gore oi)w&ngi y^. 

9 Nramienli Onan inlS, ilonda yi be doaala 
iy^i uVaroe^ti gw'ayinginli y^ gore offiaato 
w'o^gwSLpgi y^ awandakanli yo go ntye^-e ye^, 
^de p'ilonda gpfe pgwangi yS» 

10 Ndo o8CH>n w'alendlo nd^ w'roenli oi^b«( 
gw'antyk mi Jehova ; nle be jonlg y^. 

11 Ndo Jnda awulinli Temat, ofllanito ir'9- 
ijwaDii y^ Qal0^> JinlS, loitnia offianto o tigq 
go nago ya reri y^, kao Syela oijwanli yam 
onloffie apoma^ kinda awull nl^ vendetua e 
be j^w)a. l(j^ e^i^yanli z'awSuigi ye ; vStet bf k^ 
nda T^^mar aloanla go nago ya rejri yS. 

12 Inlyi]^ sinyofig^ pinganlap^j pQwaoffiAr 
nte m Syu% oliifimto wi Jad» ayaMrii nji 
Juda a2ii|di0| nle be paodd gore m^ngi wV 
zyenginli adapbp HiuS, go TiiaQa4;li^ aye . 
nli Hira, ndpg' w^ /Adulom. 

13 Nle be balihlio Teniae ipl^, .y9|[|}a^ rem 

EWONsJO 3^iiVin. 133 

jr^onloflf wk 6 pancUi go Timndth g6 ByimginP 
ad^mbe mS. 

14Nld be toml^ in^ s'offiaoito o tigo, avikt 
gbre yJ5, ftzyftvuz' Stales, alivmr oku w^, 
aloanla go mbora yi re btri, g^ozainba wi 
mt^nlA yi Hmnath, k^nd^ ayenli nle, Syek 
^mi, n^ e dt^ e po gore y^ offianto. 

1* Nle be jefilo y^ nli Juda, nratetie inlS, 
ayS eVoVeVo^By kande alivinli ozyo wg, 

1$ Nie be k^gwS gore j(S go mpanlft, awulia 
iil€, ijka, kkkklky kk mie nanla nla we; kd.- 
fide e im& inl^, offianto w'Qi)wanH ye; nle be 
iNili^ itil^, o be pa mi6 ande, kft wS nanla 
cla mi£ ? 

IT Nle be buM inle, m*be toanlizli ai)W&. 
mbenli avila g'olemba. Kk yS bulla nle, va 
mA& Otembe kao o toanli^a gore mi^. 

18 Nle be buii^ iol^, otembe nde wl be pa 
nil6 w«? NrawuliS inl€, officjre wd, nil 
Aipattgi y&, nli fkkkga yk yi re g'ogft wa ; nle 
be p& yg yo ayinginla gore y8, ka y€ pundi- 
ga nla y^. 

19 Nle be- ndfigw^ agi^daga, aromV eve- 
lesi zS gore yS, nle be b^t^ ingii s'offianttf 

20 Nle be toanliza Juda o^'wi&mbonli nFogft 
wi ndeg- w€, y'Adfilamait, go bong' otembe 
avila g'og& w'offianto, ndo e d^gS dn. 

.«1 Nle be bambi^ anloffle vn mbora inK, 
^?dteVo?e z'apegagi g'obnwi g'ozamba wi 


flBpftnU zi re nla gwi ? Nrawoli wao ial^ 
p^gaga vei eStoVeVoVe. 

22 Nle be fwlnli^ gore Juda^ awuliar ulS^ 
mi deng^ ; nl'aiiloffie wi mbora kS w'abal^ 
nle, p^gaga vei e?o?e?o?e. 

23 Nle be bulla Jada inl^, e ga wdoge wo 
gore y^m^y azawe vende jenla ntyanli; mi 
atoanlizi oi|wambonli winld, k& wS alengS 

24 Nl'aroenli agwSli ware piaganla pa, 
Juda awulialio inl^, Temar offianto w'oigwa^ 
nli ya are pengo pa g'e?oVe?o?e, ndo voala, 
apundigi kS nli pengo. Nle be bulla Juda 
inl^, g^unlianli y^, kk y^ pezyo. . ^ 

25 AyS k&gunlio pa, aroffii gore lere y'o- 
nlofii' w^, inl^, nl'oma o niva ya yinld. ayS 
aveli miS inyeme ; miaga, k^kala, ya yisdi 
ya mande, ofiioro nli mpanga nil, nk^gu. 

26 Nle be mieza Juda yo, a^wulia inl^, ar' 
ombia viaganlo nla mi^, kande mi p6 du 
gore Syela oi|w&nloffie warn, ndo e fa xa^ 
nySnle du. 

27 Nl'aroenli gw'ayanliS, ampasya la'are* 
gagi gw'iwufiiu nyS. 

28 Nraroenli gw'ayanli ye, offiSui agagj^U 
og& wS, ndo offianto o janiza awongi agorinla 
g'ogk vr^ nySnge yatenlatenla, awulia nl^ 
winlk adonge k&gwa. 

29 Ndo aroenli gw'aVinlizS ogiL w^, Tookt, 
oqwkngi ye agSigwi, kk y^ bulla nle, wde zi 


m w^ jakiula pa? njokimli yinli yi be doa* 
nla gore w^; nle be fwelio ini ny^ inl^i 

.30 Ndo kwevimo a^gwi ogw^ngi y^, o 
vegagi nil nyonge yatenlatenla g'og^ w^; nle 
1h> fv^Uo ini ny^ inie» Zera. 

"VTDO Josgf adagio go Ijipt, agolo nli Po« 
i.1 tefer, y'enlami zi Fereo^ ng&we y'isft- 
zyS, oqwa' wi Ijipt, agolo g'og^ w'Isymealait 
s'aVagie v&vk. 

; 2 Nle be doanla Jehora gore JosSf, nl'isaon 
y'aroenli mbiambie gore yS, nraregagie go 
nago ya reri ye, oqwa' wi Ijipt. 

3 Nle be jenla reri y^ inl^, Jehova avegagi 
nla ye ; Jehova ke avangi osaon wedu w'a- 
laadioiid« wi kenia mbiambie g'ogd we. 

4 Nle be denga Josef ikese gw'antya me, 
ayanjinl^, nle be do^ie y^ go nag' we, nl'e* 
z&m' edn. z'avegagi nla ye avenli zo g'og& 

5 Nraroenli avila gw'egombe z'aloVie ye go 
naf ' we, nla gw'ezam' edu z'aregagi nla ye, 
Jehova azavinli nago y'oqwa' wi Ijipt gw'i- 
nyanga nyi Jos^, nFozavinlo wi Jehova w'a- 
tmmii gw^ez^' edu z'avegagi nla y^ go nago 
nla g'oroTe. 

6 Nle be tige ez&m' edu z'avegagi nla yS 
^4)gtL wi Joief, k& omta ez&ma, kao inya s'a- 

7 Nraroenli isaon yinia piaganla pa, bflia^ 
uto wa teri y6 aik>mlKatr antyd m^ gore 7o- 
s^f^ ttwnlld* nle^ nianla nla mIS. 

8 Nle be numb^, a;^ali»l' cBkafdiot i^ tetft 
yS inl^, vonlSi reri yam amie ya yi re nla mie 
go nago, ezam^ edtt 2t re nla y^ are pa pa zo 
g'dfea tram. 

9 Zyel om' ampcJo go nago yitila TiaganW 
ttlaniiKy azffnbi^ ioi&m' eda avila gc90 mia^- 
kao awS, kande awS offiantV^^ tido ^xande' 
ad re mi^ ki }SDj^os«l' ombe polo winlft, at%« 
na gate Any Mdbii^? . < 

10 NFaroenli gw'agamU y& nla Jm^f fttytig^ 
W0^ e poganlio go nanla nla y^^ go doanla 
pi^ro nki yd ^ 

11 NFaroenli gw^iiiiynga m^ agSudi Jdotf 
go naf^ wi^ go jftnj' ^^^ ^ r ^^^ I^^' 
om& wimtiBgi nago yd.T§, go naga 

12 Nle:b0 koibS yM go ng^ j^y awalia nl^ 
nianla nla mi^; k^ ye tiga ngki y^ g'ogd w&/ 
anlSgiza kdgWar gw'igala*. 

,18 NL'aiwnli gw'ayenU ye ialSr ongi ngllt: 
yS g^ogSt i;^^ agSigwB gw^igpola^ ^ ' . 

14 Arangie gore ank^e Yd tiiAgo aiv^gidiidni 
vpotnie/ TDnlanli nt'atagid gom-zawe^ ooym*'' 
wi Hibra go sy^lia zuwe, abi^ gore nie j^a 
nanla nlit mie^ atonga mie nllnyiQi' ivobs. 

15 NynocoM gw'ajftga.yg inUg, mi jationlwl^] 


inyoi nyam aronga, vavdi atige ngki ye nla 
mie, anlSgize k&gwa gwlgala. 
, 14 Nlo te dimbinl^ iig4i ye piSrs nla ylf, . 
kao recL y^ aMa go nag' w6. 

17 Nle be kamb^ nla yd egalanli z'agambift 
xuinli inl^, y'«J>ia gcore mil nyonga yi Hlbm 
y'atagb nd| gure zuwe, go sy^iia miig. ' 

il8 Nlnro«Qii gw'aioiiibinla' mi^ iiryoi nyam 
songa, ir&KrIt atige iifii yS pi^re nla miey 
af'anga gw'igala. 

1» Nr«o«nli gw'aySigio reri y^ agamba 
B^ofiiairt' yrH m'againbio ndS gote yS inl^ 
egdlanli z'agamba miaH adendi nyongo yii 
gdm miMj egimla ze z'arendi. 

26 Nle be b^nga rere yi Jtsef awonge avel& 
gb nago yimianga, go mbora /aregag^ 
ioiibwecb s'oga go ntyogo; nle be doanl^ rivlir 
go nago y'imianga. 

:M !Nido Jirii0va aUiafloli gove Jo«^ aaniauhliS 
nkengd, av£ ikigai gv^antfk mi ngclwe yi 
BSgD y'indanga. 

^ M'avenU ng^wg yi nago y'imianga aT« 
g'og^ wi Jos^f imlyv^i «odtt 6'avegAgi gtf 
nago y'imianga, nl'osaon wedu w'alendio wan^ 
vftt4y ayiSmg atendi wo. 
'^ Ndo DgawS yi nago y'iima»ga e iponlm 
^ea&m' «da z'aregagi g^og4 we, kinder 
JuboVa avegagi sOa y#, nFosaon wedti w'alcM 
ndio ndS, Jehova amepi wo. 



NL'AROENL' isaon yiali piagaola pa, 
oyonji w'oga vd Ijipfc, nroidki w'aVendi 
nfi yao, oga wi Ijipt 

.2 Nle be benda Fereo a?endiala nlami yS 
Vanli, ngiwiS ylyonji nli ngawe y'iviki. i 

3 Nle be felS wao go ntyogOi go nago* yi 
ngawig y'isazy^, go nago y'imianga, mbocft 
y'avegagi Jos^f go ntyogo. 
.4 Ndo ngawe yisazy^ av^nli wao-goce Joa^, 
k4 penjaveoja wao, nle be doanla wao ^ 
ntyogo iatyugu isinyewsL 

5 Nle be jilinlo wao afanli nyilinlo (»n' edu 
ayiUnlo ye ogweia xno^ oni' edu eg&lesiili 
z'ibenguidia si nyilinlo ye, oySnji nl'oviki 
w'oga wl Ijipi, Vaveagi go ntyogo go- n^o 
y'imianga. » ' 

6. Nle. be bia Jostf goce wao ibu^ ayeftla 
wao, ndo vonla, w'ayegagi nl'ek^va. 

7 Nle be bambie ivengunli yi F«eo y'aye- 
l^iigi nla ye go ntyc^ 9» uago yA reri ye 
inle, ande z'afevi' azyo maiUi nl^ila wi«> 

8 N]e be bulla wao a^wuUnlie inle, eamw- 
ue jilinlo pa^ nyilinlo, ndo oma. o bengunla 
yo azyele» Nle be Imlia Josef awulinlia waei 
inl^, ibengunla «i pila gore Anyambia ? kaki* 
Uianli, retinlanli mie jfQ. 

9 Ndo ng&we y'iyonji y'aretinli Jos^f nyi- 


linlo ye inlS, go nyilinlo yjwi apegaga og&li 
g'ozyo warn. 

10 Ndo g'ogdli avegagi ampare araro» w'a* 
Tegagi eg^nli zlpiuijinla, nripanjiiUi sV 
kkgwii nl'akataka ma wo m'ajaar il<md' 

11 Ndo ingoogo nyi Feareo ny'apegagi g'ogit 
waniy aboQga mie ilonda, aviara yo gw'ingo* 
ngo By i Feieo, apa mi^ ingoQg^ g^og^ "^^ Fereo* 

12 Be balia Josef awulinli^ inl^i w^Ul bIa 
iboBgunla sa yo ; ampare araro Ble Btyugu 

13 V^ Btyugu ntyaxo Fereo e be tombiala 
ewoBJo 2&, atiuizS^ gw'evilo zi, JcA ^ pa 
iBgongo uyi Fereo g^ogk we ga mpauli no* 
ixga, ^w'ayegagia oy^ji vr^. 

14 Ndo yongmlia mi^, ja re mbiambi^ gore 
vrSy ka deuda mi^ uk^uga, kakdla ; ayoBgi* 
ulia miS gore Fewo ibI^, e ga gSguulie mie 
go Bago yiBla. 

15 Kande mi ayn&o Bjufago arila go utye 
yi Hibru, yobI^ kS mi d^da nq^oog^ dtXy 
y'aveli wao mi&go utyogo* 

16 Ndo gw'ayeuli Bgaw^ y'iviki iBl6, ibe» 
ngUBla si re sibia, awuliuli Jos^f iule, mie 
kg mi ajiliBlo uyiliBlo^ ado venlay apegag' 
ilottdo ya pupu iraro gw'ewoujo zam. 

.17 Ndo g'otoBdo w'igoalo avegagi OBloug* 
wedu wi ?ere vike yi Fereo; ndo inydnli 
s^atiyenli yo arila g'otoqdo gw'ewxmjo mm. 


ka 7^ songinl^ gw'agfit mao, aVitiliae g&t6 

23 Nl'aroenli gw'a^ienli Josef gore awareri 
y£ w'azoranli Josef ngfid koto y£, ng&i y'ob&i 
y^avegagi nla yS. 

24 Nle be bonga wao y^ avel^ gvr'iyemba^ 
ivemV irevo, anlingo lo. 

25 M'aloanli wao tu go nye inya, nle lie 
tombinla wao aniya mao ayenla, ndo touIHi 
nk&ndd y'Isymealait y'a^einli ayila go 6U 
liady nrikamel sao Btoanlaga irende, nli 
nkeva, nli mur, agenda go suminla go Ijiptb 

26 Nle be bulla Jnda gore awareti ye ink^, 
inyenla nde si re nFazuwe j'azuw' ajqii' 
ogwareri yazyo ayumbnnla ntyi^ii ye f 

27 Oviroanli, awwe ga gole gore Isymea*. 
lait, ka arali' aga mazy^ gore ye, kSuntde tiyg 
oqwareri yazyo, nrozyonli wazyo; nle be 
j&gk awareri ye aylLglnte yg. 

28 Ndo Imidianait s'avii^nli, anlofiie w'af- 
golo, nle be dura wao avandiza Josef arila 
gw'ivemba, agola Jo«ef gore Kj^ealait rft 
agomi mi syika ambanli, nle be 'toeiila "waS 
Josef go Ijipt. 

29 Nle be fwinlia Rub^n gw'iyemba, ndo 
Tonla, Josef e p^gaga gw'ivemba; nle be 
jokunla RubSn ngai y^« 

30 Nra^inli ye gore awareri ye, awnlia nle, 
OQwanla azy^e, ndo mi£, mi ga gSbde nla 
gwi? ^ 


SI Nte be honga wao ngSti koto yi Jos^f, 
ayonl' oigwambonli, areviza ngdi koto go 

92 Nle be toanlha wao ngki y'ob&i a7aga 
yo gore reri yao, awulia nle, yinlSl yi re zuwe . 
d^nga pa, miare, vendetua y'ogwanli wSi, ge 
arang' iyg, 

83 Ndo amieli yo, awalia nl6, ngki y'ogwa- 
nli warn, are nyd pa nli nyama mbe ; giligili 
Jos^f are jaraayarua pa simb^L 

34 Nle be jokunla Jek(5b ngSti y^, aV&r'- 
onlamV onlambe g'oni w^, aloanV iw&ga 
Hyogwanli w6 intyugu sinyenge. 

35 Nle be kumanr awanli vr^ anloffie wa^ 
odu, nTawanli vr^ awanto waodu, go sindi^ ; 
ndo e jmra sindio, awalia nl^, m'be k^nda 
nriwStga ny'ogwanli warn koanga gw'ilombo ; 
nle be denla reri y^ g^oigwanji wg. 

36 Ndo Imldianalt s'agoli yS go Ijipt gore 
Potifer nyongo yi Fereo, ngaw^ y'isazyS. 


NL'AROENLI egombe mS inle, Jada aza- 
minli avila gore awareri yS, ayerua gore 
onloffie wi Adulam, ini nytf nle Hira. 

2 Nle be jenla Juda vSiva ayenla oigwaoffia- 
nto w'onloffie wi Kenean, ini nyS nle Sjrua, 
nle be bongS ye ayinginla nla y^. 

3 Nle be pnndigg ayanf ogw2tnlcffie, kk yg 
fwelia ini ny6 inlS XJr.^ 

13? ;,,, .OEjNiSia:-^^.: 

4 Hie h^ M pundig^ 9^mV o]Owlinlofte, 

5 Nle be fk pundigg nyongd nygnlg fty^wlK 
ogw&nlo^(S alalia mi ny^ inUj Sy^ ado 
a^Tegii^i gp Kwib jfw'sfcf aalig yg. / 

« Njl^ be boaga JiMla oslanto gove Ur, njalie 
ye, ini nyg nle 'l^emar. 

7 . NdQ IJr, »jali^ yl Juda, .afoi^nU ombe gw'ja- 
ntySi mi Jehova, nle be jonlo jS bH Jeboya. 

8 Nle be bulla Juda awuliniia OmMa m\^, 
yinginla gore pfSa^to. w'ojgw^jigi yJt, kkjo- 
jahe^ ^ywA^ awaaja gor^ oi)waagi y^. 

9 Nl'amienU Onan in^lS, ilonda yi be doaalat 
iy^i uVaro^Qti ffWayinginli y^ gcwre oSiaxito 
w'oiQwd^i y^ awundakaali y^ go a|yB,<e ye^ 
lide p'ilofid^ g(»e egw^ftgi y& 

10 Ndo oga^m w'fflendio ndS w*rewU oo^b^ 
gw'antySi nd Jeh(>y»; nle be jcmlS y^. 

11 Ndo J»da awalinli TeinaT, aOianta irV 
qwaijJi yg cyalo^, inlg, loaula offianto o tigq 
go nago ya reri ya, kao Syela ogwanli yam 
onlofiie apoma^ kUnde awull nl^ vendetua e 
be juwa Ifg eg^ianli z'awSuigi yd ; ide» bf kjfc 
oda Twwr aloanlargo i^agi^ ya rwi y€. ; J 

12 Intyugu sinywg^ piaganl^pfb, p^wa^cHMr 
nto wi Syu% oS5«nto vi Jada. sayawi, nU 
Juda asi^dio, nle ))e paadd g^re mdngi wV 
zyenginli adapibjB mS^ go Tixwia^tti^ ayg . 
nli HJra, nd^' w^ /Adulam. : ' 

13 Nle be bulihlio Teofai: ipl^, FWja, rej(9 

y\>nloflf Vfk e ^nAa, go Tknnath gd syenginP 
ad^mbe m^. 

14*Nl6 be toaA^ iiig^i s'offianito o tigo, avik 
gtere yi¥, ftzyavuz' ^rSIes, alfvinl' oku wg, 
aloanla go mbora yi re btti, g'ozaihba wf 
JtipkiAA yi Timnath, k^nd^ ayenli nig, Sy^ 
Apomi, ndo e dt^o e po gore yl$ offianto. 

IS Hie bfe jenlo y€ nli Juda, nratetie inlS, 
ay6 e?o?eto?e, kande alivinli ozyo w6* 

1€ Nte be ktgwg gor^ yJSf go mpanld, awulia 
nl^, idea, k^y&, k& mie nania nia we; kd.^ 
Bde e im& inlS, ofiianto VcmWaiill yg; nie be 
Itoli^ ilil^i b b^ pa mi^ ande, kft w^ nania 
nia mi^ ? 

IT Nle be buliS inle, m*be toanliz^i agtrd- 
mbbnli aviliir g'oienibft. KSt yS bulla nle, vaf 
nig Ot^nnbe kao o toanlito gore mie. 

18 Nle be bali€ itfl^, otembe nde wi be pa 
iiilg w«? Nramill« inl«, offi<we wd, nli 
Aipangi y&, nli nkagu ya yi re g'ogft wa ; nle 
be p& yS yo ayinginla gore y^, ka y^ pundi* 
ga nia yS. 

19 Nle be^ n&^gw^ lagi^ndaga, aromb^ eve- 
lesi zS gore y^, nle be hkt^ mgii s'offianto 
d tlgo. 

<iO N^ be toanliza Juda of^wdmbonli nrogSi. 
wi ndeg* w€, yAdfilaniait, go bong* otembe 
avila g'og& w'ofilanto, ndo e d^gS du. 
tSl Nle be bambiS anloflle wi mbora inliS, 
W6f^Vof^ 2'apegagi g'obuwi g'ozamba wi 

184 JENISI8. 

mp&nia zi re nlagwi? Ni'awoli wao ial^ 
p^aga vei eStoVeVoVe. 

22 Nle be fwlnli^ gore Jada^ awulia qI^i 
mi dengg ; nranloffie wi mbora kS l^'abali|k 

23 Nle be bulla Jada inl^, e ga wo0ge wo 
gore y^m^y azawe yende jenla ntyanli; mi 
atoanlizi oi|wambonli winld, k& wS alengS 

24 Nl'aroenli agw^li araro piaganla pa, 
Juda awulinlio inl^, Temar offianto w'oqwa# 
nli ya are pengo pa g'e?o?eVo?e, ndo voula, 
apundigi k^ nli pengo. Nle be bolia Juda 
inlS, g&gunlianli y^, k^ yS pezyo. 

25 Ay^ k&gunlio pa, aroJSii gore rere y'o» 
nlofEi' w^, inlS, nl'oma o niva ya yinl& ayg 
aveli miS inyeme ; miaga, kkkal^ ya yij44 
ya mande, of&oro nli mpanga nli^ nk^gu. 

26 Nle be mieza Juda yo, awulia inlS, ar' 
ombia viaganlo nla mi^, kande mi pe du 
gore Syela oi|w&nloffie warn, ndo e fa mi^ 
nySnle du. 

27 NFaroenli gw'ayanliS, ampasya m'are* 
gagi gw'iwuJS&u ny& 

28 Nl'aroenli gw'ayanli ye, offi^xi agagi^U 
oga w^, ndo offianto o janiza awongi agorinla 
g'ogd. wS ny^nge yatenlatenla, awulia nl^ 
winld. adonge kSigwa. 

29 Ndo aroenli gw'a^inlizS ogk w^, ronla, 
oqwjingi ye ag&gwi, kk yS bulia nle, ande zi 


m w£ j^toala p»? njokonli yinli yi be doa* 
nla gore w^; nle be fweUo ini ny^ inld, 

.90 Ndo kweTimo a^f^gwi ogw&ngi y^, o 
vegagi nli nyonge yateoiatenla g'og^ wJS; nle 
b^ fw#Uo iiii iiy£ inle, Zera« 


NDO Jos^f adagio go Ijipt, agolo nli Po- 
teier, y'enlami zi Fereo, ngftwe y'is&- 
zy^y oqwa' wi Ijipt, agolo g'og^ w'Lsymealait 
9'aVagie yav&. 

.2 Nle be doanla JehoTa gore JosSf, nl'isaon 
y'aroenli mbiambie gore y^, nravegagie go 
nago ya xmi ye, ogwa' wi Ijipt 

3 Nle be jenla reri y^ inl^, Jehora avegagi 
nla ye; Jehova ke avangi osaon wedu wV 
landio nd^ wi kenda mbiambie g'ogd we. 

4 Nle be denga Josef ikese gw'antya me, 
ayanjinl^y nle be do^ie yS go nag' we, nl'e* 
zlkm' eda z'aregagi nla ye avenli zo g'og& 

5 NFaroenli avila gw'egfombe z'aloVie ye go 
neag^ we, nla gw'ezam' edu z'aregagi nla ye, 
Jehova azavinli nago y'oE|wa' wi Ijipt gw'i- 
ttyaitiga nyi Jos^, nFozavinlo wi Jehova w'a* 
randi gw^ez^' edu z'avegagi nla y£ go nago 
Bla g'orove. 

6 Nle be tige ez^uoi' edu z'avegagi nla y£ 
^ogk wi Josef, k& omta, kao inya sV 

Bfdtilb^'iKle; ndo i<^ a^oeuli nFeniiiga tiB^ 

7 Nraroenli isaon yinla piaganla pa, bflift^ 
Ato wa teri y6 a#om}>iiir mity4 m^ gore Jo* 
80f^ ftwalia. nle^ nlanla nla miS. 

8 Nle be numM) a^tv'ulkil' o0ia;iita ira reti 
yS inlS, Tonl& reri yam amie ya yi re nla mie 
go nago, ezamf edu ti te nla y^ are pa pa zo 
g^dga DTanir. ' 

9 Zyel om' ampcdo go iiago jinli Tiagamla- 
td^wiiij Bzkahi^ igE&txL* eAn m'An^ gore mie^ 
kao awS, kande awS offiantV^, ndo ^eaum^e^ 
sd ¥8 mig ki }anj^o&Ml' ombe polo winlft, a?^« 
nm gore Any MibiS? 

10 Nl'aroenli gw'agaxnU y@ nte Jos^f fityug^ 
W0^ d poganlio go nanla nla y^j go doanla 
pi^re iiki y& 

11 Nl'aroenli ^mtyngu m^ agSudi Joiritf 
go nag' -w^ go jttDj' otUo s^; ndo p^a^ 
oma; wi mtiBgi naga yk^ go naga 

12 Nle:b0 kotS yd go ngii j^y awalia nU^ 
nlanla nla mid; k^ ye tiga ng^i yd g'ogd Mrd/ 
aoldgiza kAgwa gw'tgalia^ 

18 NParoenli gw'ayenli ye iald, arigi ng&i 
yd g^ogik ^d aig&gwa gw'i^a^ . 

14 Aiongie gore ank^e ivi .nago a^vmlinliai 
*Wtto inle, tonlanli nt'aVagig goro aoiwe^ a^'w*'' 
vn Hibra go sydlia zuwe, abid gora mie ^a 
nanla nla mie, atonga mie nl'inyo' ivola. 
. 15 Nl'aiowM gw'ajftgli yd inlid. mi atanb||a^, 


inyoi nyam aronga, vav^ atige ngSti ye nla 
miey anl^gize Idtgwa gwlgala. 
. 1# Nla te dimibinl^ ng4i y4 piSrs nla yif, ^ 
kao red y^ aiiia go nag' w^. 

17 Nle be kamb^ nla y5 egalsuili z'agatubtf 
minli inl^, y'jiJHa gcora^ mie nj<mga yi fiibm 
y'a?agio ndl gwe zuwe, go sy^tia miig. ' 

il8 Nlarocnli gw^iUiombinla* mi^ inyoi nyam 
maxaUga, w^vk atige sgii yS pi^re {ila mie^ 
aT'anga gw'igala. > 

19 Nf«D«iti gw^ay^i^ reri ye agambc^ 
MK^^aiairt' if^ m'agambio sde gote yd inlii^ 
egalanli z'agamba min^ adendi nycmgo y^ 
ffiis mxHj egimia ze z'arendi. 

20 Nle be bSnga rere yi Jtsef awoiigd ave)& 
gd »ago y'imianga, go mbora /aTBgag^ 
ioqabwedt s'oga go iity<^; nle be doanld v&vHr 
go nago y'imianga. 

:H Kdo Jidurva aloanli goie Jo«^ fMnuiilhlliS 
nkenga, av£ ikjgsi gVantjr^ mi ng&we yi 
nmgD y'imianga. 
•St? M'avenli ng&we yi nago ylimanga aT« 
g'ogSt wi Jos^f imbvredi soda fi'avegttgi g^i^ 
nago y'imianga, nl'osaon wedu w'alendio wa^ 
vftt4y afSmd alendi wo. 
'^ Ndo ngawd 3ri nago y'iimanga e pont« 
^ea&m' edu z'aregagi g^og& we, k&nd4 
Jiftkbta aveg!«kgl ifla yg, nl'osaon wedn w'ale^ 
ndio ndS, Jehova amepi wo. 

188 . JBNISfiS: 


NL'ABOENL' isaoii yinli piaganla pa, 
oyonji w'oga m Ijipit, nl'aviki w'a7eii4i 
lerx yaoy oga wi Ijipt 

2 Nle be benda Fereo a^endinla nlaani yS 
Vanli, ngiwiS y'iyonji nli ng4we y^iviki. i 

3 Nle be feJyS wao go ntyogOi :go nago' yi 
Bgaw^ y'kfazy^) go nago y'imianga, mbow 
y'avegagi Jos^f go ntyogo. 

.4 Ndp ngawe yisazy^ aronli wao-gose Joi^, 
k^ penjareDJa wao, nle be doanla wao go 
ntyogo iatyuga sinyewi. 

5 Nle be jilinlo wao af anil nyHinlo om' edtt 
Ayilinlo ye €^wefa xdo, om' eda egMonli 
z'ibengunlia si nyilinlo ye, oySnji nroviki 
w'oga wi Ijipt, Vaveagi go ntyogo go nago 
y'imianga. • ^ 

i6. Nk. be bi)|. SoaiH goce wao ibuiga> aye&la 
wao, ndo vonla, w'avegagi nl'ekeva. 

7 Nle be bambie ivengonli yi Fereo y'ave* 
g^ .nla ye go ntyogo ga nago yA reri ye 
inle, ande z'afevi' azyo mauli nl^oila wi« 

8 Nle be bulla wao 4kwaUnUe inle, azuw' 
8£e jilinlo po^ nyilinlo, ndo oma o bengui^a* 
yo azyele. Nle be buUa Josef awulinlia wao 
inle, ibengttnla si pila gore Anyambie ? kakA* 
LdLanli, retinlanli mie yQ. 

9 Ndo ng&we y'iyonji y'aretinli Jos^f nyi- 


lialo ye inl^, go nyilinlo y^kia apegaga ogili 
g*ozyo warn. 

10 Ndo g'ogali av^gagi ampare araro^ w'a- 
yegagl egilanli z'ipanjinla^ nl'ipuxijuoili sV 
k&gwi, nl'akataka ma wo m'ajaiir iload' 

11 Ndo ingongo nyi Feoreo ny'apegag^ Sf^^S^ 
waaoL, abonga mie ilonda, aviara yo gw'ingo* 
ttgo nyi Fereo, apa mi^ ingongo g'ogi wi Fereo* 

12 Be bulla Josef aw^linli^ inl^, 9inl^ bIq 
ibengunla sa yo ; ampare araro nle ntyuga 

13 Yk ntyuga ntyaro Fereo e be tombiala 
ewonjo zd» afiniza gw'evilo zi, kit "vrS pa 
ingongo nyi Fereo g'ogd. we ga mpanll no* 
uga, gw'ayegagia oy <^ji w^. 

14 Ndo yonginlia mi^, ja re mbiambiS gore 
w^, ka denda miS nk^nga, kakala ; ayongi* 
nlia miS gore Fefeo inl^, e ga gagunlie mie 
go nago yinla. 

15 Eande mi ayn&o njofago arila go ntye 
yi Hibruy venl^ kS ml d^nda mp^g& da,, 
y'aveli wao mi8 go ntyogo. 

16 Ndo gw'ayenli ngaw^ ylviki inlS, ibe* 
ngunla si re sibia, awalinli Jos^f inle, naie 
kg mi ajilinlo nyilinlo, ndo renla, apegag' 
iloado ya pnpu iraro gw'ewonjo zam. 

17 Ndo g'otoiMlo w'igonlo avegagi onlong' 
wedu wi tere vike yi Fereo; ndo iny&nli 
s^yenli yo avila g'otoqdo gw'ewonjo am. 

14a ^lEWlglS/ - 

18 Nle h& jivim Job^ inle, sinlft nle ih^' 
ngunla sa yo; itondo iraro nle ntyttgn ntyaror 

19 Vft ntyagti nfyaro Pefeo e be tembinV 
dwdnjo zk afvila gore^ w@, a^^anM gVerwe^ 
nllnySlnli «i be nya izTjrohli yH avila gdw 

'20 Nraroenli ga ntyuga yi ntyaro, ntyu^ 
/ayanlio Fereo, avangi niyago gore iiiyo«ig()f 
sS BoAvLy McmhinV ewonjo zi ngftw^ ylyonji 
yg, nrewonjo zi ngStwi^ y'ivifci y^, gtr'inyo- 

21 Nle be fwinlizg ngkw^ y*iy^nji y6 gw'e- 
tilo ^, ka yg pa ingongo g'ogfit wi Fereo. • 

'22 Be ItanliS ng&vre y'lriki ga nt'alrengimli 
Jee^f gcHr0 wna 

23 Ndo ngawe y- iy<5tiji e jonginlria du Jio^ 
0df, ndo aletmiili^. 


NL'AROENL' impum' imbanli mania pa, 
Fereo ayilinlo nyilinlo, vonia, agnmaidi 
g^ozamba Voli^Ti* 

2 Ndo, von] a, ayaftdi arila g'oUivi nyare 
orogenlo nl'imepijenlo nl'ivltma, k^ «o nye 

8 Ndo y^nkt, avandi nyate ordgmlo siiiy^ 
nle, gw'inynmi sao aTila g'olftvi, nriferijeu 
nlo nreg^ogft z'izyonli, agumanla pi^re nil* 
nyar' inonga g'oatinba w'oXari. 

4. Ndo inyare e'ii<mj«iilo al^agikiga z^ouyfo*. 


nil s'fwy^Hr ioyare ca:^g«ilo a'aw^jflfttlp 
nl'lvama, nle be nongwa Fereov 
.0 Me ba fk jimol^ ayUmli) nyiluila nyo- 
jigft yi mUM'Tiliy ndo vcmlaf g<Hro y'imba orQ- 
jgQoJo y'avei g'dkpg' offiauri nripendfi nli iq1h%. 

6 Ndo vonla, goro y'imba orogenUx y'evow 
jdma^paiiVotoimngii wrilagotSHgw^JBtJi ©Jfo- 
^bei y'ftveie go nyumi yae. . 

7 Ndo gD» y'iittba y'evovo y'fiByeoli goip 
y'ljyib^ oFogenlO' im^endi nli raU$, iib» b^p 
nongwa Fereo, ndo vonla, nyilinlo. / 

8 Nraroenl' ibaogpi. inl^, intinli nyi£ ny'a- 
zyugazyQ^, nle be tc^^ atioli' agaDgfi 
waodu wi Ijipt nranlaga w'imia waodn Tiy^ 
lUa be tgtinla Fereo wao nyilinlo y^ Hjio 
pfgAg' <>ina o re k4 be^gunla yo gore Fareo^ 

9 Nle be kamba ng&w^ ylyonji Qgftmbfi 
loJifb Fereo inl^, mi jonginlia ifwewi mm nVS- 

10 Fereo a^endinl' inyonga $^ avela n»i^ 
igi^ Atyogo go B8|;o yi. ngawe y'is^y^, sai^ 
jali ng4w^ y'iyiki. . 

XI AfcuwV ayilinJo »yiUnlo ogw&a mki^ 
mi^ ula y$, «n^': eda eg^leaiJU. is^'ibeo^nla s^ 
^yiiinio y^^ f^txiw' ayinliijlo* 

12 Ndo vav4 ayegagi. oqw«' wi Hibrv, s^yjQr 
«go^ yi ngStwS y'is^2i3&e, laL^ar^tt^U ?»ve je, 
J^ilt. ye b^giinlja ziyisre inyinjiinlo sa^yo, gf^ri^ 
om' edu egalanli zi nyintix^l^ yi^, aS'enguiikliQ. 
, 1^ Nl'fMrottili 8^ nt'atwgupJid gpre ziwe, 

144 ^ JENI^S. 

yenU aroenli; a?inlizi^ nfie gw'evilo zam/ 
iido a^anlie yS. 

14 NIe be toffia Fereo aVelia Josef, nie be 
k&ganli wao ye n^ganega go nago y'imia^ 
Dga ; ka ye syengmP agaliinr ingai se, aTia 
gore Fereo. 

15 Nle be bulla Fereo awulinlia Josef inli?, 
mi are jinlinlo pa nyinlinlo, hdo zye oma o re 
kk b^ngunla yo, ndo mi are jkgk pa g'oQwa- 
ttji wa inlS, awe k^ jaga nyilinio atengunia 

16 Ndo Jos^f ayiviri Fereo inle, yi zyele 
nla mie, ndo Anyambie e be jivira FcJreo 

17 Nle be bulla Fereo awulinlia Josgf inl8, 
go nyilinio yam mi agumanli g^ozamba 

18 Ndo, Tonla, avila g'olSlvi avandi nyare 
orogenlo nl'lyama ny'izyonli nl'im^pijenlo, 
kk so nye g'orore. 

19 Ndo vonia, inyare sinySnle orogeiilo 
s'avandi gw'inyumi sao, nVegonga nFlfevije- 
nlo polo nl'otet^ w'lzyonli, m'pa jenla onl^ 
nga mewanla go ntye yodu yi Ijipt nrifeva** 

20 Nle be nya inyare s'egonga nl'ifeya 
atiya inyare or(5genlo indnga slvama. 

21 Ndo gw*anyenli so imari, yi mio inl^, 
n'anyenl' imari, ndo B'aTevijenlo ga gw'avaki- 
H ; yenlit anlSngwi mie. 

22 Nle be jenla mie go nyilinio yam, ndo 


vonla, gfofo y'imba or^genb y'avei g^okog* 
offiari nl'ip^da nl'imbia. 

23 Ndo TotiIa» goto y'imba orogenlo y^eToro 
nl'otSte, joma pa nl'ompunga avila go todgira 
nil Bkombe, y'avei go nynmi yao. 

24 Ndo goro y'iinba y'evovo y'am^nli gow 
ovSgenlo y'imb'imbia; nle be bulinlia mie 
aganga, ndo pegag' oma o mieza xni^. 

B5 Nle be bnlia JosSf awalinlia Fereo inle, 
nyilinlo yi Fereo yi re mo,' Anyambie nn 
mieza pa Fereo nte be dendS. 

26 Nyare imbia or6genIo nle impuma orlS- 
genlo, nle goro y'imb* imbia or^genlo yo 
nle impuma orogenlo. 

27' Ndo ordgenlo Vinyare s'egonga nrifets, 
s'azongi so, nie impuma ordgenlo ; ndo or^ 
genlo vn goro y'imba s'eyovo nli joma nl'o- 
mpunga go iongwa nil nkombe, wo nle or^ 
genlo w^impuma yi njanla. 

28 Nyinl^ nle igamba nyi re kambo pa nli 
miS gore Fereo, Anyambi^ e mieza Fereo nte 
be dende. 

29 Vonla, ordgenlo w'impuma yi bia nFibn* 
nla lijenge go ntye yodu yi Ijipt. 

30 Yinl^ piaganla pa, ordgenlo w'impama yi 
njania yi bia, nl'ibunla soda go ntye yi Ijipt 
si be deVanIo, ka njania suHza ntye. 

31 Ndo ibttnla si be mto da go ntye gfoqwa- 
nja wi njania yi bia, k&nde yi be pends 

14ft JENISOS. 

' 3Sr Ndd nyilmlo y'ayenlk) nli Ferar nksradip 
nla, kande ndaga m^ yi le doaulizo pa 
iil'Anyajiibi^, Anyimbi^ kS e 1)e n^gize de- 
»da ya 

33 Ndo Fereo e ga wute onlofito w'iltotiitt 
ftd'imia aloanliz^ go ntye yi Ijipt« 

34 Fereo e ga Iwde osaon winlSt, aloaidixa 
mongi y^ go iitye» k^ y^ bong' eyare zi tanli 
zi nty« yi Ijipt» g'orogmlo w'impuma y'ibu- 
iija ^'mjra. 

35 Ka wao kuminlia inya sodti s'iiQpum' 
imbia meyaal^ yi bia^ agenj' imba g'og^ vi 
Fereo, avewjaveiy' imba gw'iiJfc' impolo. 

36 Si be doanla inya ken jo pa go ntye ik 
ardgenk) w'impujpaa yi njaula yi bia go ntye 
3ri Ijipt» ki ntye y'aztda nli njan}a» 

37 Ndo igamba ny -aroenl' ivia gw'antyd. lai 
Feceo, nla gw'antyi m'imyongo s^ aodu. 

38 Nle be bulia FelEeo awnUnlia inyongo #$ 
inlei aztiwe kk d^ng' oaoaa onlongd >arinl&» o 
w prialinla ny'Aayambie ? 

39 Nle be bulia Fereo awulinlia Jos^f 'mUii 
ll&nde Amyambi^e are miBtA pa i^aon yinla 
yodu, zyele oma o r^ nrikotiaa nl'imia gft 

40 O be doanla gw'ewcoojo ?i B^g* wami 
nPegdlanU s'egwanli w& anlagi ^am 'wi b^ 
ke«ifaiila^ k4u> gw'eka be doania mi^ po^yo 
ali w^- : 

41 Nle be bulia Fereo awulinlia Josef inl^i 


voQla, mi ado7iSi ewonjo zUnlonga nyoda 
nyi Ijipt. 

42 Nle be tomba Fereo aromb' offioro g'og& 
we avela wo g'oga wi Josef, nl'a^arize nVU 
ngai sapupu, avela mpanga yi syika yate* 
nlatenla g'ompeli wS. 

43 Nle be pandize ye go ntyonli yi mbatili 
y'avegagi nla ye, nle be tonga wao go bos3ro 
yS inlS, lembianli mbS, nle be do7ie y€ ewo* 
njo z'inldng^ nyi Ijipt. 

44 Nle be bulla Fereo awulinlia Josef 
inl6, mi6 nle Fereo, ndo aza wS, arombinl* 
oma og^ ge ogolo gwlnlonga nyodu nyi 

45 Nle be fwelia Fereo atelia ina nyi Jos^ 
inlS, Ozunge-wi-ntye, avg offianto ogwaowa- 
nto wi FSiefera, minis.^ yi On ; nle be piaga- 
nla Josgf go ntye yodu yi Ijipt. 

46 Ndo Jos^f aroenli agomi m'impum' araro 
gw'agumanli ye g'ozyo wi Fereo oga wi Ijipt ; 
nle be k&gwa Jos^f avila g'ozyo wi Fereo 
aviaganla go ntye yi Ijipt yodu. 

47 Ndo va orogenlo w'impuma y'ibunla ntye 
y'ayanli sintyame rali^. 

48 Nle be kuminli^ inya sodu s'or^genlo 
w'impuma s'avegagi go ntye yi Ijipt yodu; 
alumbinr inya gw'ink' impolo, inya s'intyaga 
si nka' mpolo s'avegagi vingovingo yo, alu- 
mbinli^ so go yo. 

49 Nle be kuminlia JosSf imba ga nty^ge 


14ff JENISIS. 

yi mbenli mpolo, nPibanla sipolo, nrarigtS 
itanga, k^nde si p^gaga nli ntango. 

50 Nle be janlo gore Josef aw' avanli anloffie 
ompuma wi njanla v^agaga r&, w'ayanlio gore 
y^ nil Asenatb oijwaowanto wi PQtefera mi- 
nis^ yi On 

51 Nle be fvrelia Jos^f ina ny'onl6r^ inl«, 
Manasa^ k&nde AnyanobiS are panga pa miS 
de^anla njake yam yodu, nli nago ya reri 
yam yodu. 

52 Nle be fweliS ina ny'ogw' dzongi inle, 
Ifream, k&nde AnyambiS are janliza pa mie 
go ntye yi njuke yam. 

53 Nle be manl' orogenlo w'impuma iwunli 
y'avegagi go ntye yi Ijipt. 

^4 Nle be pakilia orogenlo w'impuma yi 
njanla nli bia, eg&lanli z'awuli Jos^f : nl'aroe^ 
nli njanla gw'intye sodu, ndo go ntye yi Ijipt 
yodu avegagi nl'inya. 

55 Nl'aroenli njanla go ntye yi Ijipt yodu, 
nle be tong' anlaga gore Fereo gw'inya, nle be 
bulla Fereo awulinlia Ijiptian inle, g^ndagii- 
nli gore Jos^f, nl'osaon wedu wi bulinli^ 
nluwe, lendanli. 

56 Nl'aroenli njanla g'ozyo wodu wi ntye, nle 
be nungunla JosSf inago sodu s'inya, agola gore 
Ijiptian, nle be penda njanla go ntye yi Ijipt. 

57 Nle be bia anlbng& modu go Ijipt gore 
Jofi^f go kol' inya, k&nde njanla y'ay&li go 
ntye yodu. 



pWAYENLI Jekob inl«, imba s'avega^ 
VjT go Ijipt^ Jekob awulinli awaoli w^ inl^i 
ezande zi ponanl' anluwe nl'anluwe ? 

2 Nle be buliS inle vonla, mi ajagio inle^ 
imba si re go Ijipt, zuminlanli gogo kk kola- 
nli gore zawe avila viv^ gambenle azuw' 
atola k^ ayi^wo. 

3 Nle be suminla igomi ny'awarere wi Jo- 
«^f go koV imba avila go Ijipt. 

. 4 Ndo Jekob e toffia Benjemin ogw&ngwe 
wi JosSf nl'awareri ye, kande awuli nle, ve* 
ndetna e be dendo nl'igamb' ive. 

6 Ndo awa' wi IsreSl w'a?ienli go kola nla 
wao w'aTienli, k&nde njanla y'aregagi go ntye 
yi Eenean. 

6 Ndo Jos^f avegagi enlami evolo gw'inlo- 
ngk m^f kk yS kola nl'anlaga waodu wi ntye ; 
nl'awarere wi JosSf w'aYienli, avuranla mb^ 
gore yS nPazyo go ntye. 

2 Ndo JosSf ayenli awareri yS, nl'amienli yS 
wao, k^ temiza wao agamba nla wao agamV 
ay&le, a^ambia wao, inlS, anluwe pila nla 
^^ ? Nla wttli wao inl6, avila go ntye yi 
Kenean, go koP inya. 

8 Nl'amienli Josef awareri y6, ndo wi mt8 

9 Nle be jonginlia Josgf inyinlinlo s'a yinli- 
nlago ndS g'oqwanji wao, awulinliS wao inle, 


anluwe nle ilStdinli ; go jenP ot616 wi ntye 
abio nluwe. 

10 Nle be bulinlia wao yg inl6, nyaw6, rere, 
ndo inyongo sd s'abienli go kol' inya. 

11 Azuwe du nle awa' w'onloffie omajri» 
azawe nFanlaga w'agore ; inyongo b8i aranga 

12 Nle be bulinlie wao inle, nyawS, k&nde 
go jenla otgle wi ntye abio nlawe. 

13 Nle be bulla wao inle, inyongo 8^ nle 
rere mo, igomi nl'a^^anli, azuwe nle awanla 
w'onloffie mo go ntye yi Eenean ; ndo vonla, 
oqw&rumbe are nlSnlSi winla gore reri yazyo, 
ndo offiari azyele. 

14 Nle be bulla Jos^f awulinlia wao inle, 
yo nle yenlSi y'abulinlio nluwe nli raie, inl^i 
anluwe nle iladinli. 

15 Nl'osaon winla anluwe be kSnizo ; nUeme- 
n\k zi Fereo, anluwe be k<igwa venlS,, kao 
ogwareri yanli orumbe abia venl^. 

16 Roffianli offiari gore nluwe kk ye baga 
oqwareri yanli, ndo anluwe be tiganla go 
nago y'imianga, kk agambi manli kenlizo, ve* 
ndetua or^ti wi re gore nluwe, aza nlanl^, 
nFemenl^ zi Fereo, giligili anluwe nle il&di* 

17 Be fele wao go ntyogo ntyugu ntyaro. 

18 Nle be bulinlia JosSf wao ntyugu yi 
ntyaro inl^, lehdanli osaon winla k& tolanli, 
k&nde mi tia Anyambi^. 


19 J'anlawe anloffie w'arSti, offidri gore 
awareri yanli e ga goro go nago y'imiangai 
kk nulwe k^nda pinl' imba g'oijwanja wi nja- 
nla yi re gw'inago sanli. 

20 Ndo ?agaali oijwareri yanli orumbe gore 
mi^, gambSnle agambi manli m'akuma* 
nla, kk nluw' ayt^we; nle be denda wao 

21 Nle be bulla wao nla wao inlS, reti 
azaV ayanji osa' ombe gore oijwareri yazyo, 
gw'ayenli zuwe njuke y'oremi we, gVanlS- 
girie zuwe, ka zuw' ayaginlo ye ; yenla abia 
njuke yinl^ gore zuwe. 

22 Nle be jivira RubSn wao inle, mi kamba 
nFanluwe inl^, al^ndanli mp^nga gore ogwa- 
nla, ndo anluwe jdginlo ? yenl& re, vonlanli^ 
ntyinli yS yi bambio gore zuwe. 

23 Ndo wi mia du inle, JosSf ay^gio kaiide^ 
avegagi ekambia genre wao. 

24 Nle be dubue gore wao alenla, nVav^ 
fwinli^ gore wao agamba nla wao, nle be 
bonginle wao Simian agor^ gw'antySi mao. 

25 Nle be sombia Josef go jonlia ipuki sao 
nl'imba, nla go fwinliz' om' edu syiki yg go 
puki y^, nla go pa wao inya s'ogenda ; nl'a- 
lendio yenla gore wao. 

26 Nle be kumbiza wao iburu sao imba; 
alubua vkvk. 

27 Ndo gw'anlungunli om&ri gore wao ana- 
ngunla puki y6 go nyeza buru y6 go nago yi 

150 JENISI& 

simbinr agenda, ayenli syiki y6| ikdoycmla 
y'avegagi g'ogwanla wi puki ye. 

28 Nle be bulinlie awareri y^ inle, syi^i 
yam y'afwinlizo, vonla k^^ yi re go puki 
yam ; nl'ara?' ir^mi yao aijandi, aprienU wao 
awulia oi&^Ti gor' offiliri, inl^^ osao nde wi« 
nld.wi re Anyambi^ dejida pa gore zuwe ? 

29 Nle be bia wao gore Jekob ya reri yao, 
arakili^ osaon wedu w'aroenli gore wao inl^, 
. SO Onlofiie, rere y'inlong^, aganibi agamb' 
ayale gore zuwe, ayenla zuwe ga il&dinli yi 

31 Nle be bulinlia zuwe y^ inl^, azuwe nle 
anloflie w'ar^ti, azuwe arang' il^dinli. 

32 Azuwe r^e mo igomi nratanli, awa« 
nloflSe wa reri yazyo; offidri a^yele, ndo o^ 
w&rumbe are nl^nldi winla nla reri yazyo 
gwlnlbnga nyi Kenean. 

33 Nle be bulia onlome, rere yi ntye, awu- 
linlia zuwe inl^, nl'osaon winlk mi be mia 
inle, anluwe nle anloflie w'areti; riganii 
oi|wareri yanli om&ri nla mi^, k^ bonga^ 
nli g'ogwanja wi njanla yi re gw'inago sanli 

34 Ndo Vaganli ogwareri yanli orumbe 
gore mi^, ka miS mia inle, anluwe arang' iU* 
dinli, ndo anloffie w'areti, gamb^nle m'be 
fwinliza nluwe ogwareri yanli, kk nluwe ko* 
laga gw'inldng&. 

35 Ndo aroenli gw'awonli wao ipuki sao. 


vonla, ig^u nyi syika y'om' edu ny'avegagi go 
puki y^;.'ayenli wao nli reri yao 
ayenl' ageu mi syika w'ariealL 

36 Nle be bulia Jekob ya reri yao awuli- 
nlia wao inl^, anluw' are bonginia pa mie 
awanii warn ; Josef azyele, nli Simion azyele, 
anluwe be bonga Benjemin ke ; isaon yiul^ 
yodu nle isiri sam. 

37 Nle be bulia Ruben awuliolia reri y^ 
inl^, yonla awanlome warn a?anli, ja nil 
atag^ gore we ; ve g'oga warn, ka mie fwi- 
nlizS gore we. 

38 Nle be bulie inle, ogwanli warn e be 
se^minla du nl'anluwe, kande oijw^ngi yS 
ajuwi nl'ariganli y^ ikika: ja osa' ombe w'a* 
kotg go mpanlSi yi k^ndo nluwe, gambenle 
anluw' asyonlia ijuwe sam nrekSva g'orongi- 


NDO njanla y'avendi go ntye. • 
2 Nl'aroenli gw'amgnlizi wao ny'imba 
s'atienli nla wao arila go Ijipt, reri yao awu* 
linli wao inl6, tinlianli ka kolanli yenya 
gore zuwe, 

3 Nle be kamba Juda nla ye inle, onloflle 
awulinli zuwe reti inle, anluw' ayenl' ozyo 
warn kao ogwareri yanli abia nl'anluwe. 

4 Sambo ]k ffi'atofiia oijwareri yazyo nl'a* 
zuwe, gambenle azuw' asuminla agolinl^ inya. 

5 Ndo ja o ffi'aroflig nFazuwe, gambenle 

l«fi JENISIS. 

ftzuV azt/minle, kknde onloSie awalinli 
zuwe inl^, anluw* ay<?nr ozyo warn, kao og* 
wareri yanli abia nranluwe. 

6 Nle be bulla Isreel inl^, Ezande z'alendi 
nluwe mi^ mbe, go balinlia onloffie inl^, 
anluw' are nroqwarere oijwSale? 

7 Nle be bulla wao inle ; onloffie atambi 
zuwe mbamblaga g'oqwanja w'ayanlo mazyo 
inlS, rerl yanll e pare bo, anuw' are nl'ogwa- 
rere? Nle be jlvira zuwe yS eg&lanll z'aga- 
mba nilnl^. Azuwe k^ mla s^ retl nl3, e be 
bulla nle, taganll ogwareri yanli ? 

8 Nle be bulla Juda awulinlla Isreel ya reri 
ye inle^ roffia oijwanla nla ml^, kd zuwe 
kumanla ag^ndaga, yenla be tola zuwe k& 
ayttwa, azuwe nl'aw^ nla yawanll yazyo. 

9 Ml panganla g'oijwanjl we, o be bambie 
g'oga warn, ja ml a?agS gore we alotle g'o- 
zyo wa, gambenle m'be sSmbo nil we egombe 

10 Ellnde k^nle azuwe sila, gavanla venld 
Bzuw* aduo azuw' afwlnlla nyonga ylnla yi 

11 Nle be bulla Isreel, ya rerl yao, awall- 
nlla wao Inle, ja re yenld, lendanll osaon 
winl&, wonganll gVUonda yl ntye gwlpuki 
sanll, k^ sumlnllanll gore onloffie nl'eza zi 
mpagaga, oijwa nkeVa, nfoiiw' anlembe, nil 
ntogolo, nrovambo wl nkango, nronKng& 
w'Uonda, nFabSre. 

EWONJO XLin. 153 

12 Ndo wonganli syika njongk mbanli ta 
gw'aga manli, syika me y'atinli gw'agwanla 
m'ipaki sanii ^inlizanli yo gw'aga manli, 
rendetua aroenii pus&. 

13 Wonganli k^ oi)wareTi yanli kk kuma- 
nlanli a^inlia gore onloffie. 

14 Ndo Anyambig yi ngulu yodu e ga ve 
nluwe ik&i g'ozyo w'onloffie, kSt yS toffia 
gore nluwe ogwareri yanli ofiiari nli B^nje- 
min ke, ndo ja mi abonlio gambenle mi be 

15 Nle be bong' anloffie awong' eza zi mpa- 
gaga, nli syika nyongSt mbanli ta gw'agSl 
mao, nli B^njemin ke, nle be nongwa wao 
azuminla go Ijipt, agumanla g'ozyo vri 

16 Ndo gw'ayenli Josgf ayenla Benjemin 
ttia wao, awulinli onlome vri nag' w6 inlS, . 
Vag' anloffie winlSi go nago, ka jonli' ageki- 
za ; E^nde anloffie wi be nya nla mie nko- 

17 Nle be denda onloffie ga nt'awnli Jos^f, 
nl'onloffie aVagi anloffie go nago yi Jos^f. 

18 Ndo gw'ayenli anloffie inlS, Vayinginli 
go nago yi Josef, be bulia wao inle, g'oijwa* 
nja wi syika y'aVinli gw'ipuki sazyo gw'a- 
longa azuw' are jinginla pa ; inle e ga zope 
zuwe, agota zuwe, awonga zwe g'asyaka, nl'i- 
burn sazyo. 

19 Nle be syusya wao piere nl'onloffie wi 


nago yi Jos^f, agamba nla yS g'ompombanla 

30 Nle be bulla waQ.mlg, Vakp^la, rere> giU. 
gili azuw' azuminli gw'aloqga go kol' lAya* 

21 Ndo aroenli gw'atienli zuwe go nago yi 
simbinr agenda, anlungunl' ipuki sazyPt 
vonla, syika y'om' edu y'avegagi g'ogwanla wi 
puki y^, syiki yazyo nli mpSsyinli m^i k& 
zuwe fwinlia nla yo gw'aga mazyo. 

22 Ndo azuw' are suminla pa nli syika nye« 
nle gw'agSt mazyo, go kol' inya ; azuw' amie 
oma o veli syiki yazyo gw'ipuki sazyo. 

23 Nle be buli^ inle, amenje gore nluwoi 
areanli; AnyambiS yanli nl'Anyambie ya 
reri yanli avenli nluwe igumba gw'ipuki 
sanli, syiki yanli y'avegagi nla mie : nle be 
k&gunlie Simion gore wao. 

24 Nle be baga onloffie avaga anlonle go 
nago yi Josef, ava wao anlingo, be jovanla 
wao agolo mao ; nrayeulie iburu sao inya. 

25 Nle be kekiza wao ya yi mpagaga are*' 
nginla Josef j'abia nkombenyondo ; kande 
w'aydgio inle, wi be ny' inya Ykvk. 

26 Ndo gVa^ienli Jos^f go nago w'a^agi^ 
ya yi mpagaga y'avegagi gw'aga mao go 
nfigo ; nle be puranla wao mb& gore y^ go ntyew 

27 Be bambi^ wao ombiambie wao, awulia 
Die, reri yanli are mbiambie? onlero o ga* 
mbio nluwe, aye kS e pare bo ? 

28 Nle be balia wao inl^, nyongo yd, reri 


j^asyoj ar^ mbiambiSy aye ke e pare bo, nU 
be savinla wao avuranla mbe. 

29 Nle be tombinl^ anty^ me ayenla B^fi- 
jemia y'ojjw^ngi yg o^wa wi ngi ye ; nle be 
bnliS inl^, winla ogwareri yanli orumbe o 
gambio nluwe gore mi^. 
.30 Nle be n^gize Josef k^nde or^mi w^ 
w'anlaki polo gore oi)w&ngi yS, nle be bate 
mbora yi denla, ayinginli y^ go nantye y^, 
alenla ykvk. 

'31 Nle be joyaule ozyo we ag^gwa, azimbior 
oremi wS, awulia nle, lo^ianl' inya. 

32 Nle be do?ia wao gore y6 aye dadiS; 
nla gore wao go mbora nli yao, nla gore Iji- 
ptian s'anyenli nla y^ go mbora nli yao^ ka« 
nde Ijiptian s'any^ nrihibni, kande m£w4 
osaon wl numbo gore Ijiptian. 

33 Nle be doanla wao g'ozyo w^ onl^ro egS.^ 
lanli z'onlero we, nFogw^umbe eg&lanli 
z'erumbe z@ ; nle be mama anloffie wao nla 

34 Be tombinle yeinya avila g'ozyo we 
aroma gore wao, ndo yeinya yi Benjamin 
y'aroenli nl'ibunla viaganlo nli yeinya y om'* 
edu nyong^ ntyanli ; nle be jonga wao aye* 
nl(B mbia nla y^. 


L£ be sombiS onloffie wi nag' we inle^ 
yonlia ipuka s'anloffie nl'inya, nt'are 


wao ka toanla, kk fela syika y'om' eda 
g'ogwanla wi puki ye. 

2 Ndo ingongo nyam, ingongo nyi syika; 
vela nyo g'ogwanla wi puka y'ogwarumbe ; 
nle be dende egalanli z'igamba ny'awulinlio 
ye nli Josef. 

3 Ayenjinlaanloffie w'aroffiiok^ndaga, wao 
ni'iburu sao. 

4 Wao kSigwa pa go nka' mpolo, wi dwo 
w'atoa bo, Josef awulinli onloflle wi nag* 
wS inle, gamanla ka song' anlofiie, jSiffi' 
akota wao wulinlia wao inle, ezande z'afwi- 
nlizi nluwe mbe yk mbia? 

5 Aranga nyo nyi jongo nli reri yam ? aye 
k^ e pdga nla nyo? anluw' are janja pa 
mbe go denda yenla. 

6 Nle be kot^ wao' agamba nla wao aga- 
mba mSminl^. 

7 Nl'awulinli wao ye inle, ezande zi kamba 
reri yazyo agamba minla, yi zyele nl^nla gore 
inyongo sa, go denda egalanli z'igamba 

8 Vonla, syika y'alengio zuwe gw'agwanla 
m'ipuki sazyo, azuV a^inlizi yo gore we, 
avila go ntye yi Kenean, sambo azuwe k^ 
jufa s^ avila go nago ya reri yazyo, syika 
yapupu mbe yatenlatenla ? 

Oma me gore inyongo s^ o dengo nla nyo, 
e ga ynwe, nl'azuwe kg azawe be doant' inyo- 
ngo gore reri yazyo. 


10 Nle be buli^ inle, giligili be doania ega* 
laali z'agambi inanli ; oma o dengo nla nyo 
e be doania nyongo yam, ndo anluwe be doa- 
nia ntyemb^ io. 

11 Be negiza wao syonlia om' edu puki y^ 
go ntye, anlungunla om' edu puki y^. 

12 Be pazye avila gore onl^ro am^nliza 
gore oijwarumbe; nl'mgongo ny'alSngio go 
puka yi Benjemin. 

13 Nle be jokunla wao ingki sao, agambiza 
om' edu buru y^, a?inlla go nka' mpolo. 

14 Nle be bia Juda nVawareri ye go nago 
yi Josef, k&nde aluo e pare vavk, nle be 
poswa wao g'ozyo w6 go ntye, 

15 Be bulla Josef awulinlia wao inle, nja* 
njinli nde yinla yi re nluwe denda pa? 
Anluw' amm inl6, onlome o re nregalanli 
zam k^ p&ga ? 

16 Nle be bulla Juda inlS, azuwe ka bull- 
nlia reri yam se? azuwe kSt kamba se? 
azawe kk bonga mb^mi s^ ? Anyambi^ are 
d^nga p'ibe s'inyongo sSi; vonia, azuwe nle 
inyongo sa reri yazyo ; nla zuwe, nla y6 kd 
re d^ngo pa nl'lngoDgo. 

17 Nle be bulie inle, zyele nlanla gore mi^ 
go denda osaon winla, onloSie o re dengo pa 
nPingongo g'oga w6, aye be doania nyongo 
yam, ndo anluwem^, vandanli gore reri yanli. 

18 Nle be syusya Juda piSre nla ye awulia 
nle, O rere, kakala, nyongo jk yi ga gambe 


igamba gw'aroi ma reri yam ; ndo at^ndinla 
nla nyongo ySi, k&nde o r'eg&lanli ga Fereo. 

19 Reri yam aVamV inyongo s6 inl6, anluw' 
are nla rere ge ogwStngwe. 

20 Ndo azuw' awulinli reri yazyo inle, 
azuw' are nla rere mbolo, nl'oijwanla w'o- 
nlert wS oijwarumbe, ndo oqwilngi ye ajuwi, 
re yg tigania pa dadie gore ngi y6, ndo reri 
yS e tondS polo. 

21 Ndo o wulinl' inyongo sk inle, Vaganli 
ye gore mie, kSt mie ponF anty& mam gore yS. 

22 Nle be bulinlia zuwe reri yam inl^, 
ogwanla angize reri ye, j'atiga reri y6, ga* 
mbenle reri ye e be juwa. 

23 Ndo o wulinl' inyongo sd inlfi, kao oijwa- 
reri yanli orumbe abia nFanluwe, anluwe be 
fk jm' ozyo wam nygnle. 

24 Nl'aroenli gw'avandi zuwe gore nyongo 
y&., reri yam, azuw' arakili gore ye agamba 
ma reri yazyo. 

25 Ndo reri yazyo awuli nle, tinlianli k4 
kolinlanli zuwe yenya. 

26 Nle be bulla zuwe inlS, azuw' azt/mi- 
nli, kao ogwareri yazyo orumbe adoanla 
nl'azuwe, gamb^nle Szuw' asuminla; k&nde 
azuw' ay^nlize ozyo w'onloffie, kao ogwareri 
yazyo prumbe adoanla nl'azuwe. 

27 Ndo nyongo ySi, reri yam, awulinli zuwe 
inle, anluw* avoro inle, omanto wam ayanli 
miS awanloffie avanli. 


28 Ndo offijtri agdgwi gore mil) nrawali 
miS inle, are jaraayarua pa simb^i, ndo m'be 
f& j^ne nyenle du. 

29 Ja nluV abonginia mie winl^ ke kk 
koto nl' osaon, gambenle anluwe be syonlia 
ijuwe sam nrekSva g'oronginlo, 

30 Ndo venla ja mi abia gore nyongo y&, 
reri yam, kd ogwanla azya nl'azuwe; ndo 
emenla ze zi re ta nl'emenla or^wanlUj 

31 Be toa j'ajenla inlS» oigwanla azyele 
nrazuwe, e be juwa ; nrinyongo s^ si be syo- 
nlia ijuwe si nyongo y&, reri yazyo' nli njuke 

32 Kande nyongo ya avanganli y^ oijwanla 
gore reri yam inl^, ja mi aTage gore we, ga- 
mbenle m'be bonga ntygmba ya reri yam 
egombe zodu. 

33 Ndo venld, kakala, nyongo ya e ga riga- 
nle gw'inyanga ny'oqwanla mbwedi gore reri 
yam, k^ oi|wanla panda nl'awareri y^. 

34 K§,nde mi^ ka panda s^ gore reri yam, ja 
OQwanla azya nla mie ; vendetaa mi be j^0 
mbe yi be toa gore reri yam. 


NDO Josef e denge ngulu yi simbi' orSmi 
w6 gw'azyo ma waodu w'agumanli pi^rS 
nla yg, nle be tonge inlS, gagwanli, om' edu, 
avila gore mig, ndo kt^manla oma nla ye, 
gw'amiezi Josef okn' w8 gore awareri yS. 


2 Nle be denle nli ngulu nl'Ijiptian s'ayd.- 
gio, nray&gio k^ nago yi Fereo. 

3 Nle be bulla Jos^f awulinlia awareri ye 
inl^, miS ixle Josef; reri yam e pare bo ? Ndo 
awareri ye wi denge ngolu yi jiVirS, k&nde 
w'arataminli g'ozyo we. 

4 Be bulia Jos^f gore awareri yS inlS, zya- 
syanli gore mi^, kakalaanli, be syusya wao, 
nrawulie inle, mie nle JosSf y'ogwareri yanli, 
o golio nluwe go Ijipt 

5 Ndo venla azyt/gonli ge benda gw'aaty4 
manli, k^nde anluw' agoli mie venl^ ; kande 
AnyambiS aromi miS go basyo yanli go toliz' 

6 Eande winla nle ompuma w'imbanli wi 
njanla go ntye, ndo par' impum' imi^nle ita^ 
nli yi re yi be doanF ibenla ge itenla. 

7 Ndo AnyambiS aromi mi6 go bosyo yanli 
go doanliza nluwe awanla go ntye, aroliza 
menla yanli nFolandunl' ompolo. 

8 Yenl^ re aranga nluw' arofiii mifi yenlll^ 
ndo Anyambie, aloVi mi6 rere gore Fereo, 
nPewonjo zi nag' we yodu, ovanginli w'inlo- 
nga nyi Ijipt nyodu. 

9 Nlegizanli kk pandanli gore reri yam, 
awulinliS in! 6, JosSf y'ogwanli wa e bulla 
nl^, AnyambiS are do?ia pa mi^ rere yi Ijipt 
yodu. Zumlnla gore miS kk ah'nga. 

10 O be doanla gw'inlSnga nyi Gosyen, 
aloanla pi^r^ nla mie, awe, nlawanli wi, 


urawa' w'awauli w&, nli v^igiJiU y4 nl'myaie 
1^ nVwhm' edu zi re nia w^. » 

11 £]& mi^ nyBza vay^ kande por^ impam' 
isniSnle itanli yi njanla^ vendetiia o kuga, 
nli nag' wa, nl'eziLm' edu zi re nla w& 
. 12 Ndo vonla» anty& manli mi jenla nl'a- 
i^tyk m'o^wangi yam B&ijemin ial^^ ogwa- 
l^i warn wo kamJia nl'anluwe* 

13 Ndo rakilianli gore reri yam ivendi 
nyam nyodu go Ijipt^ kk negizanli azmuixiia 
Ida reri yam gnnlu. m 

14 Nle be posw^ g'ompeli wi B^^emin 
y'OQwAngi yg alenla, B&ijemia ke alenli 
g'ompeli wg, 

. 16 Nie be sambe awarori y^ waodu, almla 
gore wao, gav^nl^ awaied y£ Vagambi ala 

16 Ndo ntyango y'ay&ganlo go nago yi 
Fereo, inlS, awareri yi Jos^f Vabiesili ; nl V 
roenli osa' ombia gw'antySi mi Fereo, nla 
gw'aaty^ m'inyongo se, 

17 Nle be bulia Fereo aMrulinlia Josef mUf, 
"Wialinlia awareri y^ inl^^ lomdanli osaon 
wiolii gumbizanli inyami sanii k4 kenda^di 
atia go ntye yi Kenean. 

18 Ndo wonganli reri yanli nl'inago saidt 
k& biauli gore mie, ka mie pa ntuwe ambia 
mi ntye yl Ijipt; k& nluwe nya ipimia si 

19 Ndo rmik o re Bombio pa^ loidaaH 



osaon winli, wonganli gw'ikuwi yanl' intyo- 
nli avila go ntye yi Ijipt, rk awanli waoli, 
nl'anto wanli, k4 b^nganli reri yanli a7ia« 

20 Anlakanli du yami yanli, k£ind^ ambia 
mi ntye yodu yi Ijipt imanli. 

21 Nle be denda awa' wi IsreSl alenda ya- 
nl^, ndo JosSf avenli wao intyonli egManli 
z'igamba nyi Fereo, nravenlie wao inya si 

22 Avenlie gore om' edu gore wao ambara 
m'ingai, ndo gore Benjemin avenlie nkama 
si syika ntyaro, nl'ambslra m'ingSii atanli. 

23 Nla gore reri ye aroanlizi ya yinl&, 
igomi ny'iburu kumbizo pa nli ya ?ia yi 
Ijipt, nl'igomi ny'iburu inyanto kumbizo pa 
nl'imba nl'impemba nl'inya, gore reri ye go 

24 Yenla aroffii ye awareri yS, nle be k^nda 
wao; nl'awulinli yS wao inle, aybmanlanli 
go mp&nl§,. 

25 Nle be panda wao avila go Ijipt avia go 
ntye yi Eenean gore Jekob ya reri yao. 

26 Ndo w'awulinlie inl^, Jos^f e pare bo, 
aye ke e panginla ntye yi Ijipt yodu ; nle be 
kwa orSma wi Josef oge, kdnde e jtvira 

27 Ndo gw'awuli wao awulinlie agamba 
modu mi Jos^f m'agambio nde gore wao, nla 
gw'ayenlig intyonli s'aroSiio nli Josef go 
kove, inlinla nyi Jekob ya reri yao ny'aroli. 


28 Ndo Israel awuli nie, kw^we^ Josef, 
y'oQwanli warn e pare bo ; mi toa go jenle, 
mi ayt^aga rd. 


NLE be tora Isreel arora nl'ez^m' edu 
z^aregagi nla ye, aTia go Birsyeba, nle 
be pange ntyago gore Anyambig ya reri ye 

2 Nle be bulia Anyambie awulinlia Isreel 
go nyilinlo ogwera inle Jekob, Jekob ! Nl'a- 
wulie inl^, TOnla, mie winlfit. 

3 Nle 'be bulie inle, mi^ nle Anyambie, 
Anyambie ya reti y& ; arm go suminla go 
Ijipt, kande mi be panga inldngd. ivolo Y&yk. 

4 Mi be suminla nla we go Ijipt, mi be f)Sl 
fwinliz^ ke giligili ; Jos^f ke e be talia ogk 
wg gw'anty& mk. 

6 NPagumanli Jekob avila go Birsyeba; 
nle be toanla awa' wi Isreel aroanla Jek^b ya 
reri yao, nl'awanli wao, nl'anto wao nl'intyo- 
nli s'aroffiio nli Fereo go toanlS. 

6 Nle be bonga wao vuginli yao, nl'anlira 
m'anliyio wao go ntye yi Kenean, a?ia go 
Ijipt, Jekob nPawanli we waodu nla ye. 

7 Awanli w6 anloffie, nrawanlofiie w'awa- 
nli we anloffie, nFawanli we awanto, nFa- 
wawanto w'awanli we anloffie, nle be bagg 
awanli wg waodu nla ye go Ijipt. 

8 Minis nle ana m'awanla wi IsreSl, w'a- 

164 , IKNI8I«. 

vieali go Jjip*; Jekob nlWauli w6 iqdoffle; 
njalie yi J^kob ule Buben* 

9 Nrawanlofiie wi Ruben; He^ok^ nli FalUgi 
nli Hezron, nli EarmL 

10 NPawanloffie wi Simi^a; J^muel, nli 
Jamin, nil Qhad) nli Jakin, nli 2iolMkr» nit 
3yaul Q9w;9?ila w'oSianta wi Kenaan. 

11 Nl'awanloffie wiLival; Gersyon, Xobath, 
nli Mererai. 

12 Nl'awanloflie wjl Judaj Er, nli Qna«, 
nli Syela, nli Ferez, nli Zer^i: ndo ayuwi Er 
nli Onan go ntye yi Kenean. N4p awanlo®^ 
wi Ferez w'avegagi Hezron, nli Hen^xiL 

13 NPawanloffie wi Isaker ; Tola, nli V^ya^^ 
nli Job, nli Syimron. 

14 Nl'awanlo^e wi Zebul^; Sered^ i)Ii 
Elon, nU JaleeL 

15 Winl^ nle awanloffie wi Lia^ w'ayanlia 
ndS goFQ JekSb go Fedanemm, nli Daina ke 
OQwanii we omanto ; emenla ^du, awanli wi 
anloffie nl'awanli we awanto, w'avegagi agomi 
araro nVawanla araro. 

16 Nrawanloffie wi Gad ; Zifio9, nli Hag}, 
$yani, nli Azboo, Eri, nli Arodi, nli Arieli. 

17 !C^rawanloffie wi Asyux; Jimna, nli J&- 
syua, nil Jesyivi, lali Beria, nli Sera ogwi^. 
ran yao oSUinto. Nro^wanlofile wi B^ia;. 
Hebdr, nil Malkiel. 

18 Winl& nle p.wanlofile wi 2iiipa, q venlia^ 
nU Labm gofe Lia o^wanli we offianto, ayii- 


lili iM winU gore Jekob^ igomi urawanF 

19 Awanloffie wi Retyiel^ offianto wi Je- 
k5b ; JosSf nli BSDJemin* 
' 20 Nte be janio gore Jesef go hfye ji Ijipt 
ayanlo Menasa nli Ifream, Va^anlio gore j8 
nR Asenath oi)waoffianto wi Pdtef ^ra, minise 

21 Nl'awanloffie wi B^njemin; Bela, nli 
Beker, nli Asybel, Qera, nli Neama, Ehai, nli 
ftosy^ MSpim, nil HtSpim, nit Ei^. 
«-M . WinlSi nle awanloffie wi Betyii^, w'aya- 
iilid iide goria Jakob ; waodu igomi nl'awanr 

23 Nl'awanloffie wi Dan ; Husjim. 

24 Nl'awanlofiie wi Naftelai; Jazil, nli 6a- 
nai, nli Jezer, nli Syil^m. 

25 Winld, awanloffie wi Bilha, o venlio nli 
Leban gore Retyiel y'oijwanli w^ offianto, 
ayanli ke winla gore Jek5b, waoda awanla 

26 Nrawtinla waodu w'atienli nla Jekob 
gt> Ijipt, w'agftgwi g'onli we; tomba re pa 
anto w'awanloffie wi Jekob, Waodn w'aroenli 
agomi oro^a nl'awanla oio^a. 

27 AwanloffiS wi JosSf w'ayanlio gore yS 
go Ijipt w^aromli awanl' ayanli; nl'anlaga 
waodu go nago yi Jekob w'atienli go Ijipt, 
w^maenH agomi ordgenlo. 

28 Nle be toffiS Juda go bosyo yg gore Jo. 


s^f, go tuminlie mp&nla yi Gosy^i^ nra^ienU 
wao go ntye yi Gosytn, 

29 Ndo Jos^f agekizi ntyonli y^, avaiida go 
datanla nla Isreel ya reri y^ go Grosyen, nle 
be jenlo yS nli ye, aToswa g'ompeli w^ ale« 
nla g'ompeli we oling' ola. 

30 Ndo Isreel awidinli JosSf inl^ mi ga 
yuwe yenl^9 v& re mie jenla p'ozyo w6, k&» 
nde o pare bo. 

31 Nle be bulla Jos^f awulinlia awareri yS 
nli nago ya reri y^ inl^; mi :be .piuid' 
arakilia Fereo, awulinlia inl^, awweri. yami 
nli nago ya reri yam, w'avegagi go ntye. yi 
Eenean w'abienli gore mie. 

32 Ndo 'anlo£Qie w'anyezag' ilemba, kaii4e 
w'avegagi anloffie wi vugialia; nl'ad^mbe 
mao nl'inyari sao, nl'ez&m' edu ft'ayegagi nla 
wao z'abienli. 

33 Ndo be toa ja Fereo afwelia nluwe, 
awulia nle, vilo yauli ande ? 

34 Kk bulianli nl^, inyongo. sSi s'.afcikai^i 
anloflie wi vuginlia avila go rumbe yao hoth 
nga nla nl^nla winla; nla ziftwe, nl4 ireri 
sazyo; yenla be doanla nluwe go ntye yi 
Gosyen ; k^nde ovenjavenji edu w'adamb^ e 
numbo nl'Ijiptian. 


LE be bia Joe^f arakilia Fereo inlS, r^nri 
yam, nl'awareri yam, nl'a^ambi map 


nl'inyftri sac, uVezkm! edu z'ayegagi nla wao, 
w'abienli avila go ntye yi Eenean, ndo yonla, 
wi re go ntye yi Gosy^n. . 

2 Nle be b^nge awSwa gore awareri y^, 
anlofiie atanli, alo^ia wao g'ozyo wi Fereo. 

3 Ndo Fereo a^ambi awareri y£ inle, vilo 
yanli ande ? Nle be bulinlia wao Fereo inle, 
inyoBgo $& nle ivenjavenji y'ad&mbe, nl& 
zuwe' nla ireri sazyo. 

4 Nl'av^ bulinlia wao Fereo inle, go doania 
go ntye abia znwe, kSinde inya si zyele gw'a- 
dSimbe mi re nl'inyongo 8&, k&nde njanla 
y'apendi polo go ntye yi Kenean ; ndo venlli, 
k&k&l^ inyongo sk si ga loanle go ntye yi 

6 Ndo Fereo agambi nli Josgf inlS, reri yk 
nFawareri jk w'abia gore w6, 

6 Ntye yi Ijipt yi re g'ozyo wJl, go mbora 
mbia yi ntye loanliza reri y^ nl'awareri ya, 
wi ga loanle go ntye yi Gosyen ; ndo j& 
nofadSng' oma w'okeli gore wao, lo^a wao 
ewonjo zi vuginli' yam. 

7 Nle be baga JosSf a^aga Jek^b ya reri y8 
aloVie g'ozyo wi Fereo, nFazavinli JekSb Fe- 

8 Be bambia Fereo awulinlia Jek(Sb inl^, 
intyngii s'lmpuma y'emenlk zk s'atoenli sS ? 

9 Be jivira Jekob awulinlia Fereo inlg, 
intjmgu s'impuma y'ikanganli sam si re nka- 
ma nl'agomi m'impum' araro; siny^w^ nla 

169 . JENISIS. : 

sim^ fii 1^ intyugu a^iinpama y'emenli^ zttot; 
81 pa diV^a gw'iutyugu s'impama y^nenl^ yi 
reri sam, gw'intyugu s'ikangaali saa 

10 Nle be sarinla Jekob Fereo^ agd^tra 
aviia g'ozyo wi Fereo. 

11 Ndo Jos^f alocmlizi reel ye nl'awareri yig, 
ava wao inUva go ntye yl Ijipt, go mbcnra 
mlaa yi ntye, go ntye yi Rantesk, ^idanli 
z'isombia si Fereo. 

12 Be nyeza Josef anyeza reri ye, nl'aWa* 
rerl y^^ nli nago ya reri ye yodu inya, eglU 
Itoli si gand& yao. 

18 Nd4> p^gag' iaya go ntjre yodu, IskaBte 
njanla y'avendi polo, nle be kwa ntye jri 
Ijipt nli ntye yi Eenean ike g'o^wanja Vfi 

14 Nle be kuminlia Josef syika yodn y'a^ 
len^io go ntye yi Ijipt nla go ntye yi Kenean 
nl'imba s'agolio wao ; nl'at^agi Josef af aga 
syika go nago yi Fereo. • ^ 

16 NdQ^w'a^i syika go ntye yi Ijipt alft 
go ntye yi Eenean, Ijiptian soda s'a^ienii 
§Qir0 Josef, awuUa nl^, va zuve inya, k&nde 
ea^ande si be juwo zawe g'ossyo vrh^ k&nde 
syika y'amanli. 

16 Ndo Josef awuU nle^ vanli vnginii^^ ya- 
n\h kd. inie p'inya vh Tuginli- yanli^ j^ syika 

^17 Nle be baga wao alraga gore Jos^ rngir- 
nlia yao, aravenli Josgf ava wao inya, t^'ikaK 


vjli fiao, n\s^ ?*il6iQ,ba y'adftmbe, nla T'ilemba 
y'inyare, nla V'iburu sao ; nle be nyessS wao 
nl'inya t^ vti^nli yao yodu ompuma m& 
: IS. Ndo gw'amanti cMtipnma mewJinlit w'aTie^ 
nli gore y^ ompuma w'imbanli awnlinliS 
inl^ ; azuwe be nimba gore reri yazyo nt'aM 
syika mania pa, reri yazyo kg Me nU vuginU 
ytuDyOj.nli'nyami sazyo, zyeP ez§.m' edu tiga- 
lila pa g'ozyo wa reri yazyo, kao ikttvri ya^ytf 
nllntyagi saKjro, 

Id* Ande zi be jvcwo zuve g^ozyo wSi, nla 
zuwe, nlk intyagi sazyo? Gola zuwe nVu 
ntyagi smiyo 'V^'inya; kk 2awe nl'intyagl 
aazyo doanla inyongo si Fereo; k& pa zuwe 
iiw:^kig&, gambenle azuwe be doanla bb,1^a 
ayuwo, kk ntyaga y'ayilua . 

SQ YenlSi agoli Jos^f agolinla Fereo ntyaga 
yi Ijipt yodu, kande Ijiptian e'agoli (»n' edu 
Htyagi y^, kdnde njanla y'agoti wao, nli ntye 
y'agalui gore Fereo. 

Dl Ndo g'oijwanja Vanlaga, agaluni^ vtm 
gw'ink' impolo, avila go ntyai y'ogombinlo wi 
Ijipt agenda g'oiirondo wS. 

ita Kao intyaga s'aganga e kola so, k&nde 
aganga w'avegagi nl'eyare z'ar^io wao nli 
Fereo, nl'anyenli wao eyari zao z'airealio wad 
nli Fereo^ yenli aroenii, wi kola intyagi 

28 Nle be biitia Jos^ awulinli' anlaga inlS, 
iKinla^ mi okoti nlnwe nl&Eil& winld, gore 


Fereo, vonlanl' iwong^ yanli kk bSnlanl' 

24 Ndo be toa gw'ijanla anluwe be pa Fereo 
eyare zi tanli, ndo yare nlai yi be doanla gore 
nlawemS, owong^ wi ntyaga, nl'iiiyi sanlii 
nla gore wao wi re gw'inago sanii, nla gore 
yawanli yanli. 

25 Nle be bulla wao inle, o re toliza pa m^- 
nlit yazyo, azuwe ga lenge nkeng^ gw'ant]r& 
ma reri yam, k^ zuwe doanV inyongo si Fereo. 

26 Be panga Jos^f avanga yo ivanga koanga 
nla nl^nlSt winli go ntyaga yi Ijipt inl6, eyare 
zi tanli zi Fereo : kao ntyaga y'aganga dadiS, 
y'aroenli yazya yi Fereo. 

27 Ndo Isregl aloanli gw'inlSngSi nyi Ijipt, 
go ntye yi Gosyen, nle be niva wao y&rk 
anliv' igumba ; ixl'avomi wao, awunla polo. 

' 28 Nle be doanla Jekob gw'inlongSi nyi 
Ijipt aloanla igomi nFimpuma orogenlo ; nl'i* 
ntyugu s'impuma y'emenlSi zi Jek^b s'ave- 
gagi nkama nFagoml anlai nllmpuma orogS- 

29 Nl'azyusyi piere intyugu si Isreel go 
juwa, nle be fwelig ogwanli w6 JosSf awuli- 
nli^ inlS, k§,k&l&, ja mi adSngi nk^ng^ gwV 
ntyk m8^ zoliz' og&. vrk gw'ivevenli nyam, kk 
denda mi^ nkSng^ ; kd.k§,l&, a^enla miS go 

30 Ndo m'be nanla gore ireri sam, kdi wS 
toanla miS ayila go Ijipt a7enla mie gVabe 


mao. Nle be buliS inle, mi be denda egalanli 

<31 Me buli^ inl^, rang' oraago gore mie. 
Nle be tangS orango gore yg. Nravnranli 
Isre^ mbS gw'ewonjo zi nkagu y^. 


NUAROENL' isaon yinla mania pa, omAri 
awulinlia JosSf inl8, Tonla, reri jk e 
j&ga ; nle be bSnge nla ye awanloffie we a?a- 
bU, Menasa nli Ifream. ' 

' '2 Ndo omAri awulinlia Jekob inle ; vonla, 
oijwanli wSi JosSf ^ bia gore we ; nle be si- 
ndia Isreel oku' wSm6, aioanla ta g^odo. 
2 Ndo Jekob awulinlia Josef inlS; AnyB- 
mbi^ yi ngulu yodu ayenanli gore mie go hnz 
go ntye yi Eenean, azavinla mid; 

4 K6 y^ bulinlia mie inle, Tonla, mi* be 
piomiz^, awunliza, arangli nk^ndli y'anlonga, 
ki mie p'awanli wk ntye yinlft go nyumi yft, 
inliva s'egombe zodu. 

5 Ndo yenl^ awanloffie w^ a^anli, w'aya^ 
nko gore w& go ntye yi Tjipt, mi aviagaga 
rk g&te w^ go Ijipt, winl' iwam ; Ifream nli 
Menasa, ga Rub^n nli Simion, wi be dd« 
anl' iwam. 

'B Ndo awanli w& wi be janlo ndSi go nymni 
yao wi be doanl' iw£L, kk wao fwelio gw'itia 
ny'awareri yao gWijigi sao. 

7 Ndo g^di|wair|i warn, gw'a^iwli mie avila 

172 ' JENISia ^ 

go Pedan-eram, Retyiel ayunli mie go ntj^ 
yi Ketiean, tiganla p'oijwk nanda go bla g6 
Efrath, be benla mi^ ye vStva go mpSinlal yi 
Efmth ; yo nle Bethlehem. 

8 Nle be jenla Isreel ayenl' awanloffie wl 
Josef, awulia nle, winla wa mande ? 

9 Nle be balia Josef awulinlia reri yS inle, 
^inlk a^anli warn, wi re Anyambie pa jftt 
mie venU. Nle be buliS inig, kakltla, tuga 
wao gore mi^, kk mie sayinla wao. 

10 Ndo antya mi Isreel m'aruenli nl'iwomba 
ni'onlSro, kk y& al^nga ngulu yi jenla,, nle be 
bage vrao pi^e nla y£, ki y^ s&xnba.fl.zya» 
ngunla wao. 

tl Ndo Isreel awulinlia Jos^ inl^, mi piM- 
Uaga. ijil^ mi be jenla ozyo w^, ndo voqIii^ 
Any&mbie are tominiia pa mie awanli wa. 

12 Ndo Josef agllgimlia wao ayila gw'inyia- 
nganyanga s^ampavi me, avuranla mbe nl'o« 
zyo w6 go ntye. 

13 Nle be bonga Jos^f awonga wao a7anU» 
Ifream nl'i^ w^ onlofiiie g'oga wi Isreel 
onyantw^, nli Menasa nrog& wS anyantwi 
g^ogk wi Isreel onloffiie, nle be syusye 
piSre nla y^« 

14 Nle be davinla Isreel, alavinl' og4 wK 
imloffli^ aralia wo gw'ewonjo zi Ifmam, ndo 
Avegagi oQW&rmnbe^ nPoga wS onyant' wl 
gw'ewonjo zi Menaga, nkSndiag' ag4 nm nli 
nkanda^ kinde Monasa avegagi onl^r^ 


, %& Nl^ b? fiavinle azayinla Job^fj awulia 
nig, AnyajnbiS y'agaganlio nrireri sam 
g'ozyo w6, Ebrebaai nli Ai^ak, Auyambi^ 
y'anyezi mi6 avila gw'erambe zam koanga 
nla nl^nla winliLy 

X6 Eajel y'aJUmdanli mi6 avila go njnke 
yodu, 6 ga Kayinle awaxda, nrini nyam oyi 
gareto gore wao, »l'iiia ny'ireri sam Ebrebajra 
nli Aisak; wi ga wuule gwlnkanda s'anld-: 
ttg^ go gw$ yi ntye. 

17 Ndo gw'ayenli Jo^^f inl^, leri y6 arali 
ogSt w^ oaloiai.^ gw'awonjo zi I&eam, aala- 
labi, arombiolaoga wa i^i yS go fwiza wa 
avila gw'ewonjo zi Ifream gw'ewonjo zi 

•IB JwSf awttlinli reri ye i»l^, ^yele nlaola,, 
reri yam, k^ade wiola nW oal&Q ; ralia oga> 
wa onloffiie gw'ewonjo z6» 

19 Ndo reri yg e jivii:a, ndo awali nl6, mi: 
avoro, og'wamiy mi avoro ; winU e be doanla 
voUagk^ ka jU pciida ; ndo r^ti oqwangi yg, 
orumbe e be penda vii^anlo nla ye, nVawa«^ 
nli wg wi be doanla mbunlioJi y'anlQ^ft. 

flO Nle be savinlS wao ntyugume^ awulia 
itilS, nla wig Isreel e be eavinla^ iole, ABya4 
mbie e ga vmagk ga Ifream^ nla ga Menaao^ 
nle be do?ie Ifream go bosyo yi Menasa. 

21 Nle be bulla Isreel awnlinlia Joi^Sf inle, 
vcmia^ mi jnwa, ndo Anyambie e be doanla 
ni'anluwe, af inlimnlawe go ntye y'ireri nmlu 


22 Ndo mi apenlia eyar' effiaxi Ti&ganio 
nra^vareri ySi, y'awortgio mi6 avila . g'og& 
wi Amorait nl'okwari warn nl'elendinli zaxnu^ 


NLE be fwelia J^ob, ateli' awanli we 
anloffie, awulia nle, latanlanli ta, k4 
miS bulinlia nluwe isaon yi be toa gore 
nluwe gw'intyugu sabosyo. 

2 Latanlanli kk jag^uli^ awa' vd Jekob, kd 
poganlionli lere^l ya reri yanli. 

3 RubSn, awe njaliS yam, ngulu yam, nl'i« 
pakilia si ngulu yam ; ipenda s'idiria nl'ipe- 
nda si ngulu. 

4 Nrii<5nginla g'anlingo o be kera, kaade o 
vandi g'odo wa reri ySi, gambSnk o wunda* 
kanli wo, o vandi gw'inanlo nyam.. 

5 Simion nli Livai wao ngwemo, imianga 
y'isyinda nle ikwari yao. 

6 Gw'erungu zao ayinginla du, inliali 
nyam; g'olatanlo wao ayongo du, idiri sam.; 
k^nde nl'egunlu zao w'ayonli pnlofile, areol' 
oganji wi nyare nli ntSndinli yao. 

7 Ozavo gw'egunlu zao, kdnde z'aroenli ngo^ 
syu ; nl'ibendi sao, kande si p^aga nl'ek^ya ; 
mi be kera wao go Jekob, avazanganla wm 
go Isre^L 

8 Juda, awe nle yS o be suminlio nrawareri 
y&, og^ w& wi be doanla go ng&ro yinlumbi 
yft, nl'awareri y& wi be puranla mb6 gore we. 


9 Oi)wa' wi nj^ga nle Juda, o re panda pa 
avila gwlsyazyunla, oi)* wami ; avuranli mM 
azydta ga nj^ga, nla ga njegk mpolo ; mande 
o re kk sy^k^^ ? 

10 Nkagu y'oga y'alwbwize gore Juda, nla 
ovangi w'ampanga go nyanganyanga ylntyo- 
zyo s^, kao Syailo abia^ nla gore yS be doanV 
ijStginlo s'anlaga. 

11 Ndiriaga burn ye g'ogali, nrogwanla wi 
burn yS g'ogali ombia, ayovunla ng&i ye 
nl'ive, nrinlambi ye go ntyinla y'idukat^- 

12 Antya me mi be banda nl'ive, nl'ank me 
mi be j^mbua nFambenlingo. 

18 Zebulon e be doanla g'ozySg^ wi mbe- 
nli, ka ye doanla g'ozy^ge w'amatanga, nil 
nyumi y^ koanga go Zaid^n. 

14 Isakar nle burn njale, purunla pa mbe 
gw'inyanganyanga s'aroanlo me ambanli, 

16 Ndo ayenli nl^, ij^wa si re siUa, nli 
ntye y'am^pi, alembizS o?egi we gw'itoanla, 
aloanla nyongo y'oba. 

16 Dan e be j^elia anlagi w3, ga m&ri 
gw'imbuTe si IsreSl. 

17 Dan ar' ofiiamba go mpslnld, okenja go 
mpdnl4, wi noma ntumbu yi kavala, k^ oma^ 
panda poswa nli nyuma. 

18 Mi are penginla p'isunginli sa, Jehova. 

19 Gad, nkStnda. y'isSizyg yi be noa nla ye, 
ndo e be keva go nuwunla. 


ao Avila go Asyat inyi s^ si be p^ma^ sfS 
liS e be pmg' i«y' ibia s'oga, 

21 Na^lai nle njiwo tigo pa dieuga, e 
kSigunli' agamb' ambia. 
:%% Eroiri^ sd jaula nle Jos^^ ereore zfiloBi(][a 
g'o^amba w'evero; aaupari me mi panda^ 
g'ogomba v'ado. 

23 Mongi w'izyonga w'anlumbisH^ awole, 

84 Ndo eleoadinli zS z'aloanli nli ngulu, nU 
Qgula y'a|[a mS y'ayali avila gore Anyambie^ 
yi Jekob, avila vSivSt nle ovenjavenji w'adsU 
mbe, ido nyi Isreel. 

25 Avila gore Anyambi^ ya reri yJt, yi be nu-^^ 
ngunld, nrAnyambiS yi be savinlk nl'isavinla 
8'orowa gw'igonlo, nPisavinla s'oronga wada 
go ntye, nl'isavinla s'ambenle nriwoffiu. 

26 Izavinlo ya jeri ya yi re keva pa viagar 
nlo nl'izavinlo y'inomba s'egombe zodu^ koa«^ 
]gga nla koanga gVinomba sinyango Batege^ 
^^^9 yi ^ doanla gw'ewonjo zi Josef, nl^ 
gw'epoti z'oma o gerio avila gore awaieri y& 

. 27 B^njemin e be pSma ga njega^ ibanga e 
be ny' ev&e, ogwSra e be syazynnla bende. 

28 Sinl& soda nle imbuvi si Isreel, igcmii 
ol'imbuvi mbaali ; minlSt nle mo m'agambio 
gore wao nli reri yao^ azavinla wao, om' eda 
egSdanli x'isavinli bS azavinlie wao» 

29 Nle be sombie wao^ awolinlia wao inl^, 
mi be datizo gore mongi yam, ^^nlaoli miiS 


gMe keii earn, g'obalunga wi re ^oton wi 
Efnm yi Hitait, 

30 G'obalungu wi re g'orave wi Mibkpil« 
awasrwa nli Mamre, go ntye yi Kenean^ y'agON 
lio nli Ebreham, orove wi Efron yi Hitaili^ 
iiili^a s'abe. 

31 V^y^ af^ali wao Ebrebam aU Semh 
y'offiaot' wiK, vStTSt a^^Snli wap Aisak nli 
Bebeka y'c^aat' w^ vava k^ at'^nli mi^ 

32 Ikola s'orore nrobulungu wi le go wo 
s'agQlm avila gore awa' wi Heth. 

33 Ndo gw'amenlizi Jekob nli sombi' awaaU 
w^e, avuri agolo m^ g'odo, azuF oi|wei^ alatisie 
gO06 aailagi w& 


NLE be poswa Josef g'ozyo wa reri yl, 
alenl^, aziimbe. 

2 Nle be sombia Jos^f axombia tnyango ne, 
a«»»ga, go penjay^' okuwa wa ren y^, 
nl'e/vm}aTeDJi wao I&reel. 

3 Ji^ramanH agond m'intyugu aol^i gore y^ 
k&mke yeoi^ aeoenl' iataga A mdagi wi p^ 
njayenja, nle be doanla IjiptiaaL alo^aJ^ 
iwS^pltlgmai m'iniyngu ocogealo^ 

4 Ndo gw'ayiaganl' ufityugo aiwiigi nj^ 
Jos^ a^asabi nli nago yi Fereo inllf, ja ipi 
adSng' ibitei gw'aiity& numli, kAkaMaali, ga* 
mbitili gw'aidi am ¥emo lul^y 



5 Reri yam arangizi mie orango inl£, ro&la, 
mi juwa, g'oronginio wi re mi^ tumba i>a go 
ntye yi Kenean, tenia mie yarft, ndo yetila 
mi ga vande, k^k&laanli, atenla reri yam/ kft 
mie (k bia. 

•6 Nle be bulia Fereo inl^, tanda ka benla 
reri y&, ga irt'arangizig we orango. 

7 Nle be panda JosSf gd benla reri ye^ 
nl'avandi nla yS inyongo sodu si Fweo; 
anlSr^ wi nag' w6, nl'anlero waoda wi Ijipt. 

8 Nli nago yodu yi Josef, nVawareii ye, nli 
na^o ya reri y^, kao awanli wao, nl'ad&o 
mbe mao, nl'inyare sao, yo riganli go ntye 
3ri Gosygn, 

9 Nle be panda nla ye intyonli, nli m^ngi 
wlkvala, nFaroenli nkdnda mpolo. 

10 Nl'Vienli wao go mbora y'arende go bo- 
syo yi Jordan ; nle be denla wao y&^k edtngo 
evolo nl'lbaka; nle be doanle iit^ga nya 
reri y^ ntyugu orogenlo. 

11 Ndo gw'ayenl, iloanli yi ntye, Ikenea- 
nait; ayenF iwSiga go mbora y'arende w'aw* 
uli nle, iwftg' ivolo ny'Ijiptian, yenlJL afelio 
ina nya nyo inle, iw^ga ny'Ijiptian, nyi re go 
bosyo yi Jdrdan. 

12 Nle be denda awanli we alenda gore yd 
eg&lanli z'azombie wao. 

13 Nle be toanla awanli wS aroanlS go 
ntye yi Eenean, atenle g'obulnngn w'tMrove 
wi Makpila, orove w'agoUo nM Ebreiuua 

EWDNJO L. 179 

inliva s^abe, arila genre Efron yi Hitait swa- 

«ira nli Manre. 

.14 Me be fwinlia JosSf go Ijipt, aye, nl'a- 

wareri yg nla waodu wavandi' nla ye go 

b^nla reii yg ; aye bSnla pa reri ye. 

,15 Ndo gw'ayenli awarere yi Josgf, inlg, 

reri yao ajuwi, w'awuli nle, vendetaa e be 

kambiza zuwe atinliza zuwe reii isaon imbei 

yodu y'alendio zuwe gore y8. 

. 16, Nle be sombia wao ovavi gore JosSf inle, 

wn ya azombi, aye yi^aga ra, inle, 

17 Yenld. be bulinlia nluwe Josef inlS, ka- 
k&lky nyez' ibe s'awareri jk nFifwemi sao 
s'alendio wao gore we, ndo veul^ nyez' ibe 
s'inyongo s'Anyambie ya reri jk] nle be 
denla JosSf gw'agambi wao nla ye. 

18 Nle be kenda awareri ye avoswa g'ozyo 
wS, awulia nle, vonla, azuwe inyongo sa. 

19 Nle be bulia JosSf awulinlia wao inlS, 
arianli: kknde mie nle inyanga ny'Anyambig? 

20 Gore nluwe, anluw' awond' imondk si- 
mbe gore miS, ndo Anyambi^ awond' imo- 
nda imbia, go denda ga nt'are nlSnl& winla, 
go toliz' anlag' awenge. 

21 Ndo venla areanli, mi be nyeza nluwe 
nla yawanli yanli ; nle be sindiS wao, aga- 
mba nli nkeng^ gore wao. 

22 Ndo Josef aloanli go Ijipt ay6, nli nago 
ya reri yS ; nle be doanla Jos6f nkama nl'i. 
gomi ny'impuma. 

180 Ji^NISISk 

23 Me be jenla Josef ayenl' awa' vri Ifream 
gw'imbamba nrimbamba ntyaro, awanla ke 
wi Makir, y'oijw^idofile wi Menasa w'aKro- 
iigunlio gw'ampuva mi Josef. 

24 Nle be bulla Jos^f awulinli' awa^reri ye 
itde) mi juwa, ndo Anyambi^ e be biagaga 
gore nluwe, agagonlla nluwe go ntye yinllt, 
agenda go ntye y'arangio ndS gore Ebreham, 
nla gore Aisak, nla gore Jek^b. 

25 Nle be tangiza Jos^f arangiz' awa&Ia 
wi Isreel orango inl^, Anyambi^ e be biagaga 
gore nluwe, iklo vaaidanU nli pi yam avila 

26 Nl'ayuwi Joisef nkama nl'igomi ny'i* 
tnpuma g'onl^r^, nle be penjavenja wao y^, 
avelS gw'egftra go Ijipt 




MINLA nle ana m'nwa' wi lareSl w^ati©. 
nil go Ijipt ; qm! eda nli na^' we Vatie* 
nli nli Jekob. 

2 Ruben, Simion, Livai, nli Jmda, 

3 Isaker, Zebalon, nil B^njomin, 

4 Dan, nli Naftelai, Gad, nli Aayur. 

H WixUa nle anla^a waodu w'agltgwi g'ona 
wi Jekob ; ndo Josef aluo go Ijipt. 

6 Nl'ayuwi Josef, nl'awareri ye waodu, nl'i^ 
mbambi sao mesanl^ $odu. 

7 Nl'ayanli awa' wi Isreel avenda, awunla, 
al&igi wao ngulu mpolo, nli ntye y'ayonU 
ralig nla wao. 

8 Nl'anlongwi og' oqwanla go Ijipt o roenli 
6 mta Jos^f. 

9 Be bulinli^ mongi y^ inle, ronla, awa' 
wi Isreel w'apiagainli zuwe nl'ibunla nli 

10 Oyiroanli, azuwe ga yanjinla wao nl'a* 
Tonlo, wi yende bunla, k^ doanla : jaga abia 
ig4vi, k^ wao datanla nl'inlmnbi yazyo, anloa 
nrazqwe, ayanda ayila go ntye« 

182 EXODUS. 

11 Nl'aloVi wao gore wao m^ngi janjiza go 
jenliza wao azyingo nl'aroanlo mao. NFa^ 
nloginli wao Fereo ink' impolo s'agumba, 
Paithom nil Ramesis. 

12 Wao gw'ijenliza wao azyingo, wao kao 
mbanlaga nli pendaga. Be tia wao awa' wi 

13 Be tuga Ijiptian arug* awa' wi Isreel. , 

14 Nl'avangi wao menla yao nonii nl'orn^o 
ijSila, nFiwonlo nFado, nFevilo edu g'orove ; 
go vilo yao yodu w'ayanjizagi wao nli ngulu. 

15 Be kamba oga wi Ijipt awalinF iyanliBi 
ylhibru, ina ny'olonga nle Syifra, nl'ina nya 
w'aVanli nle Pua ; 

16 Nl'awulie inlS, j'anluw* ajanliz* anto 
w'lhibru, ka nluwe jenla wao go pwl yi 
iity©> j^sl ogwanloffie, kd jonlanli yS, ndo 
j&ga oi|wanto, kk ye tola. 

17 Ndo iyanlisi y'ariagagi Anyambie; be 
doanla wao w'alende nt'azombio wao nl'ogft 
wi Ijipt ; ka tolizag^ awanloffie. 

18 AVelizi oga wi Ijipt aVeliz* iyanlisi aWtt* 
linlia wao inle, osao nde w'adenda nluwe 
ndaga yinla go toliz' awanloffie? 

19 Awul' iyanlisi awulinia Fereo inl^^ kd- 
nde anto w'lhibra wi zye g'anto wljiptimi, 
kStnde wi re j&la, duo wao janla pa, iyaitlisi 
gendaga iL 

20 YenlsL alendi AnyambiS iyanlisi mbia^ 
mbie, nle be bunl' anlaga, ay&li wao polo. 

EWONJO 11. 188 

21 Nr«roenIi, gw'ariagagi iyaolisi Anya- 
mbie^ anloginliS wao inago, 

22 Nrazombi Fereo mongi y^ waodudu inle, 
oqw&nlofii' edu o be janlo, kk punganli y^ 
g'olivi^ ndo o Aanto eda ka tolizanli yS. 


BE kenda onloffie wi nago yi Livai, ayomV 
o^wanto wi livai. 

2 Avuiidigi ol&anto ayanl' oqw&nlojffie; 
gw'ayenliS ye inle, ar' oqw' ambia be jumbu- 
nl^ ye agw^li araio. 

3 Crw'aioenli ava jdlie jumbunle nySnle, 
be b^n^inle ye otondo w'inkuwu, agili^ wo 
wonlo nl'ojo, avel' oqwanla go wo^ alimbinlS 
wo gw'indigo g'ozamba w'ol&vi. 

4 Nl'agumanli ogwangi ye offianto dava- 
davie go mia nte be dendo ye« 

5 Azamiiili ogwanto wi Fereo go syavunla 
g'olivi, nrinyongo.sS inyanto s'aganganli g'o- 
zamba w'ol^lvi, gw'ayenli^ otondo gVindigo, 
he toflie nyongo y^ nyanto go kova wo. 

< ^ Be nttagunl^ wo ayenP oqwanla, vonla, 
alexiii cqwa^la. Be poginlS y^ awulia nl^^ 
witil^ oQwanla Vlhibni. 

7 Be bulia o^w^ngi ye ^ofiianto awolinlia 
oqwaoffianto wi Fereo inl^, mi ge felinllt 
oiliaato wi jonja w'lhibra, go jonjd oqwa- 

8 Nrawulinlio jS nl'oqwaofllanto wi Fereo 

184 EXODiWa 

inle, gAidaga« NPagend' izyaU go fw«Iia 
ngwe y'ogwanla. 

d Nrawulinlio ye nPoqwaoffianto ^ Ffioeeo 
inle, gSnda nl'o^wanla winl4 k^ j&ajmla^ 
mi^ ye, m'be p& ipi sa; nl'awdAgi ctftottiD 
oijwanla ayonje. 

10 Nravomi oqwanla, be bage ye gore 
oqwaofiaanto wi Fereo, be 4oaaaiIe oigwtfnli 
we, nFatStie ye inl^, Mos^s, be buli^ iJU.^, 
IsMde mi aw^ngi ye arila gw'ajitiiigo. 

11 Nl'aroenli gw'iatyugu m^esSaila gw'avxi* 
mi MosSs, be kagw^ agenda gore awareii ye, 
ag& ponl' areanlo mao; be jenlS 09 w' Ijiptian 
6 hoia»oqw& Hibm oi|MrBMdri ye offi&rL 

12 Ni'avouli^ winla bS winld be, gw'ayenlie 
inl^, zyel' oma, be jonl^ oi|w' Ijiptian, ayu* 
mbuBl^ go ntyenge* 

13 Gw'agagwi ye ntyuga m£gri, Yonla, aiilo* 
file a?anli w'lbibru w'anloc^gi; bet bnlinlie 
ye o lendi mbe inle, o bol' oganganlo w& 
ande ? 

14 Be buliS inle, mande lo.fia orangiiili 
nl'oy^k^li gore zuwe ? O bele jonla miS ga 
nfayonU^ oi|w' Ijiptian? be tia Moms airalia 
nlS, giligili ndaga yinU y'amienlo. 

15 Be }kf^ Fereo osaon winla, atele jonle 
Moses ; be pera Moses avila g'ozyo wi Ferao, 
dioaala go ntye yi Midian, nraloanliS ta 
g'ozamba w'evero. 

16 Ndo minise yi Midian aregafi nl'awa- 

EWONJO n. 18C 

wanto orogenlo, be kenda wao go per' anli- 
^gOf ayonli wao amemba iiL'anUngo go jonj' 
^^emba wa reri yao. ' 

• 17 M'affieiiU ivenjayeoji y'ad&mbe aroqiba 
wao ; nle be kumaala Mo«e8 luodttoguiila wao 
ayonja olembi wao* 

18 Nra?ienll wao gore Buel ya reri yao, 
bfrbuliS inloi aade z'asoiigo bia nluwe ol^ii 
will] a. 

19 Nl'awoli wao inlS, onloffie w'ljiptiaiii 
Jdtalek zuwe gw'agSi m'ivei^jaTeDJi y'ad&mbe ; 
aperinla zmwe k^ anlingo aixienge» ayonj' de- 

SO Be baml^ awaiDli w^ auto inl^, are gwi? 
ttaluw' atigi onloffie sS ? ^eUanli yS ka y^ nya. 

21 Nrayiviri Moses doanla nroiikxSle me ; 
be p^ MoseH Zipora oijwaQli w^ offiaoto. 

82 Nrayanlie y^ o^wkalo&e^ be bdtd yS 
GeKsybm, kimde awulia nl^, mi ayegagi ogS* 
nda gw'inl^ngSt ny'inganlL 

23 Intynga sinyenge piaganla pa, be juwa 
aga wl Ijipt; awa' wi Isieel g'o- 
fwanja w'orago, nrarojl^ wao; nl'avAndi 
edingo sao gwe Anyambie g'oqwaDJa w'ora« 
go wao. 

. 24 Nray§^iQ AnyamUe isittnli sac, nle be 
joDginlia Anyambi^ njeki y^ gore Ebrehami 
gvire Aisak, nla gore Jek^b* 

25 Nravonli Anyambi^ awa' wi IsieSl, nit 
be mia Anyaiobie wao. 

186 £XODTJS. 


MOSES anyezagi olemba wi Jithro rero 
og&i y^y nxinise yi Midian, nVag^ndiS 
idemba gfozamba w'oroye ompolo, be biS go 
nomba y'AnyambiS, go Horeb. 

8 Nrawowunli EnjSl yi Jehova gore y8 
g'ogonli w'ibaminla go garegare y'ogw' drere 
w'arSnde ; be syiliS, ndo vonla, ogw' drere 
w'af^aminli nl'ogonli, ge ogw' &rere w'avte. 

3 Be bulla Moses inl^, m'be jerua g'ozamba 
go jenla ndaga mpolo yinld, yi re oiiV krere 

4 Gw'ayenlio y^ nli Jehova e jerua go je- 
ala, Anyambi^ a?eli^ avila go garegare y'o* 
gw* arere, awulia nle, Moses, Moses; be bu* 
li^ inlS, mi^ winlSi. 

6 Be buli^ inlS, ari^ra gunlu, romb' intyo- 
2yo satangi ak gw'agolo m&, yinde mbora yi 
re wS gore ntye y'orunda. 

6 AwuliS inl^, miS nle Anyambie ya reri y&, 
Anyambi^ yi Ebreham, AnyambiS yi Aisak, 
nrAny^mbitf yi Jekob. Be jumbunla Mo^ 
ses ozyo w^, kande arienli go ponla Anya- 

7 Awulla Jehova inle, giligili nii ajeidi 
azyingo mi m^ngi yam vd re go Ijipt, mi 
ajagio edingo zao g'oi)wanja Viyanjisi yao, 
kande mi avoro nkazyi yao. 

8 Mi asaminla, go sunginla vao avila g'offt 

EWONJO m- 18» 

w'ljiptian nla go pandia wao avila gwlnlcS- 
ngk menyJinla, go kenda go ntye mbia mpolo, 
go ntye yi pova nrambenlingo nronlSmbe ; 
go mbora y'Ikeneanait, nPIhitait, nriamorcdt, 
nrip&izait, nrihaivait, nl'Ijibnsait. 

9 Ndo vonla, edingo z'awa' wi Isreel z'abie* 
till gore mi^, mi^ k^ mi ajenli ovitakanlo wi 
pitakanlo wao nl'Ijiptian. 

10 Oviro m'be toffid gore Fereo, kit kagii* 
vliL anlagi warn, awa' wi IsreSl avila go 

11 Awuli Moses gore AnyambiS inle, miK 
mande go k^nda gore Fereo, agagunlia awa* 
wi Isreel go Ijipt ? 

12 Be buli^ inl^, k&nde m'be doanla nla 
we; zinl& nl'elingilio gore wS, inlS mi atoffi&: 
aw6 k^gunlia p'anlaga go Ijipt, anlawe be 
savinla Anyambig go nomba yinla. 

13 Be bulia Moses gore Anyambie inle, 
vonla, go be bia mi6 gore awa' wi Isre^, 
awulinlia wao inl6, Anyambi^ yu reri sanli 
atoitta mi6 gore nluwe ; ka wao buliniia miiS 
inl<S, ini nyS mande ? k& mi^ buliniia wao 
s€ ? • 

14 Awulinli Anyambig Moses inl^, Mi8 nle 
Mi^: be buli£ inle, yenl^ be bulinliit awa' 
tri Isreel, Nle Mi6 atoffia mie gore nluwe. 

15 Nl'av^ buli' Anyambie awulinlie Moses 
inlS, yenlSi be bulift. gore awa* wi Isreel, Je* 
hova Anyambie ya reri sanli, Anyambie yi 

189 i £XODU3. 

flnr^am) AnyambiS yi Aisak, nl'Anyaimbi^ 
yi Jekob, atoffia mie gore nlawe: nyinla 
nl'mi nyam egombe zodu, winla kS ole oyo« 
HginUo vam gVimbamba nl'imbamba. 

16 G^nda, k^ datiz' aul^rQ wi Isreel mbo^ 
m moi awulinlia wao inl^, Jehova Auyambie 
ya reri sanli awowunli gore mi^, AnyambiS 
yi Ebreham, yi Aisak, uta yi Jekob, awnU 
9le, l^ti mi apUi gore nluwe, ayenle nte de- 
Mo gore nluwe go Ijipt 

17 Inl^, mi abulia nl^, m'be pandia nluwe 
*vila gw'azyingo mi Ijipt, go ntye ylkene- 
^ismt^ nl'Ihitaity nl'Iamoraif, nllperizait, nl'- 
Ihaivait, nrijibusait, go ntye yi pova nrambe- 
nliogo . nroulembe. 

.18 Wi be jaga inyoi nya, kfi wS bia, awg 
iii'anl^rd wi Isreel, gore oga wi Ijipt, k^ buli- 
nlianli y6 iiile, Jehova Anyambi^ y'lhibru 
a^ataoli nla sawe, ndo venla, kakMa, azuwe 
ga g^ndage ogSmla w'intyugu ntyaro gw'ig' 
iysolo, ka zuwe jirinya Jehova Anyambie 
j^azyo ntjfugo. 

. 19 Mi avoro inle, oga wi Ijipt e be tig' 
anluwe kenda, nyawe, vanganli nl'oga wi 

ao M'be ny&nyunV ogSi warn awol' Ijipt- XjM 
lembi yam yodu yi be janjo mi6 go garegare 
y«o, vdva viaganlo e be tig' anluwe k6- 

21 Mi bp^p^anlaga winla imepinlogw'aatyA 


mljiptian: be doanla go be k^nda niawe, 
anluwe be kend' arevo. 
22 Ofiianto edu e be nye ntyslmbi gore ndeg' 
vre, nla gore igwane, ya yi sdlaw&la, nil yai 
yi fijrika yatenlatenla nringii, ka blkiiatili io 
awaiili yanli anloffie nranto, kk kvreiMoii 


NL'ATINLIZI, Moses inle, vend^tcia wi be 
jeVira ml€, ge jigk inyoi nyam: kande 
m be Imlia nle, Jehoya e bciwnnlia gore wif. 

2 Mrawnlinlio ye nli Jehora inle, aiide 
meza zi re nl'aw^ ^ogk wa ? Be buli^ inle, 

3 Ni'awulig inle, Tunga yo go ntye. NFatu**' 
ngiS yo go ntye, be kaloa yo offiamba ; af'^^ 
ngio wo nli Moses. 

4 Awulinlia JehoVa Moises inle, gendia <^& 
wk kk kota wo g'okwende; be kendie og& 
w^j agotiS wo ; be kalua wo nkagu g^ogd wj$ ; 

5 InlS, wi ga yivire inlS, Jehova awownftH 
gore wg, Anyambi^ yu reri sao, Anyambie yi 
Ebreham, Aiiyambi^ yi Ais&k, nrAAyambiA) 
yi Jek^b. 

6 Nl'ava bulinlio y^ nli Jehova inlg, yingi* 
nlia og&. wa go ntonlo yd; be jifrginlid <^ 
we go ntonlo y^ ; ndo gw'agagunliS wo, vo- 
nla, ogft wS w'aVienli nli g&nlanli pupa polo. 

7 Nrairalie inl», yk fwlnllz' ogd wA go nto- 
nlo yft. Be fwinltee ogli w« go ntonki y« ; 

t»a fiXODUS- 

nl'iurombie wo go ntonlo ye» ndo vonla w'aVU 
nli g'ozypnli we. 

8 Be toa ja w'aytVira ge jStga ioyoi ny'el^mV 
olonga, wi be jivira inyoi ny'elemb- enuwunla. 

9 Be doania k^ ja w'ayevjxa lemba yinlSir 
taoJi, ge pogaul' inyoi nya, IsA b^ng' anlingo 
g^ol&vi, k^ jira mo go niye yakaka: anlingo 
qu be b^ngo nd^ g'olayi mi be doania ntyinla 
fo ntye yakaka. 

.10 Be bulie Moses awulinlie Jehova inlS, 
o Q^r^i, mi^. ga nkambi avila gw'alonga; ge 
»we ga kambe nli nyongo ySi, kande mi ar' 
ow&ra gw'ikamba nFonlSme dira. r 

11 Be bulinlio ye nJe Jehora inl^^ xnande 
yangi ogwanla w'ogw^nlag^ ? ge o yaii|^ 
ilB&affin mande, ge mpoge, ge ijenla, ge ipakiii* 
aranga mie Jehova ? 

. 1% Sambo gendag^., m'b^ doaplfb nl-ogwanli 
w^ anl^njli nte be kamba. 
. 13 Be bnlie inle, kakala, Bera^ roffia nl'og^ 
^.^be tofilo ndA- 

14 Nravandi egunliji zi Ji^hqya gore Mpsea^ 
awnliS inlS, Eron yi Livait araag a o^wareri 
ya ? mi ayoro inl^ ka kamba mbiambi^ ; yo^^ 
njta» e bia go datanla nla w^, go be jenl^ vr^y 
Qfemi we wi be tonda. 

A6 Ka kamba nla yg, ayel' agamba g'ogwjih 
nli we: m'be doania g'ogwanli wa nla g'ogwa^ 
pU we, TSfUfe^ nenja nluwe nte be dei^a nlnwe. 

16 E be doanV okambi wa gore anla^a : e 

EWONJe IV. 1« 

he doanlay vanganli y^, e be doaala inyanga 
ny'ogwaala gore we, awS o be douila gore yd 
gVinyanga ny^Anyambi^. 

1^ Ndo w^nge nkagu yinla g'ogi vrky yo be 
paa^aga nli lemba. 

^18 NFag^ndi Moses atinlia gore Jithro, rere 
<^i y^, awulinlie yS inl^, k&kal& mi ga g^- 
adage atinlia gore awareri yam wi re go 
Ijipt, ayenla ja wi pare bo. Be balmlia 
Jilhro Moses inl^, gSndaga nl'affienje. 

19 Awulinli Jehoya Moses go Midian inl^i 
g^daga avwinlia go Ijipt, kStnde waodu w'a* 
juwi) mongi w'awittagi effienlfr za. 

20 Be bonge Moses offiant' we nrawanli we 
axikiffie, aVatiS wao go bnrit , atmlia go atye 
yi Ijipt : nl'awlSngi Moses nk&gu y'Anyambi^ 
g'og^ wg. 

<Bt NFawnlinli Jehova Moses inl^, ji m'a- 
kSnda go f^inlia go Ijipt, tandaimnla lemba 
y^u yi re mi^ fela pa g'og^, w&, k& denda 
yodu g'ozyo wi Fereo ; ndo m'be jaliz' oremi 
we, kk ye aytVir' anlaga k^n^aga. 

^28 Kk bnliniie Fereo inl^^ yenllir^buHe Je« 
keva iule, Isre^ njali^ yam. 

23 Ndo mi balinlla inl^, lig' oqwantiyani 
kendaga, ka y^ savinla mi^; ndo jkgk o ffi'a« 
numbe tig^ dienga, vonla, m'be jonk njali^ 

24 Nl'aroeQli go mp&nU go nago yiisimbiiiL^ 
agenda, alatanli Jehova nla ye af ele jonli2& 

IM £90BTJS. 

26 Be bSuge Zipora ido iraenli ag^^' oi|wm- 
nli y^ be punge ntyai gw'agolo mS^ awalia 
nl^, awe onlojoae wi ntyinla gore mi^. 

26 Nrarigi^ je dienga ; yenla awuli^ inl^ 
aw^ onloffie wi ntyinla g'ojgwanja w'ikera. 

27 Awalinli Jdiova Eron inl^ g^nda kit 
dataala nil Moses gw'ig' ivolo, be kendag^ 
alatanla nla y^ gw'ig' ivolo go nomba y'Anyn^ 
mbie) be s&mbS ye. 

28 Be takilie Moses Eron agamba modu ml 
Jebeya y'aroffii ye, nli lemba yoda y'a2u>mbie 

29 Nl'aggndi Moses nli Er^n alatiz' anlSttt 
waodu w'awa' wi IsreSl. 

30 Be bnlie Eron agamba modu m'agambio 
nle Jehovu gore Moses, nl'alendie lemba gw'a* 
ntya mi nkStnd&. 

31 Be jivir' anlaga: gw'ay&gio wao inle, 
lelMTa a^enli gore awa' wijsrei^], inl^, avcx&U 
k^ azyingo mao, be puranla wao mbS azati- 


YAVA viaganlo, a^ienli Moses nli Er^ 
awulinlie Fereo inle, yenlk bnlie Jehova 
Anyambi^ 3ri Isreel inlS, rige mongi yam ke 
jirinya gore ifti^ gw'ig' iycio. 

2 Nl'awoli Fweo laid, JefaoTa mande, o 
re mi^ k& j&ginlo inyoi ny6, arige Isrei^ 
k^ndaga? Mi Mate JehoTa, mi aartge k^ 
iBxelH k&idaga. 

EWONJO V. 193 

3 be bulla wao itilS, AByambiS y'Dubm 
adatanli nl'azuwe: azuwe ga g^ndage, k4« 
kk\k^ ogenda w'intyngu ntyaro gw'iga^ ayi- 
rihya genre Jehoya Anyambi^ Fi^yo, e veiide 
jiliza zuwe nli yanga ge nl'okwara. 

4 Be bnlinlio wao nl'oga wi Ijipt inlS, 
osao' nde vnnlk^ Moses nli Eron, anlawe 
tigiz' anlaga ijaigi sao? G^ndaiiU gw'aroa^ 
nlo manli. 

« Be bulie Fereo inl6, anlaga wi ntye w'a* 
bnnli) ndo asluwe jSiwiz' aroanlo mao. 

6 Ntyugu mSmo azombi Fereo iyanjisi y^a* 
nlaga nli nlafOii yao inl^, 

7 Ard. panli anlaga affianli go pang' ibiik 
gA gw'alonga ; waom^ wi ga g^dage agtt<^ 
minliag' afiianli. 

8 Ndo ntango y'ibrik y'arangiago waO nli 
miri) raiianli yo gore wao, agdngiaitU da, 
kimde wi r'agera, yenli tonga wao inloi 
azuwe ga gSnde go jirinya gore Anyauil»^ 

9 Evilo zi ga vendio gore anlaga, kSt wao 
janja zo ; kd. mydgk agamba m'inoka. 

10 Nl'agagwi iyaixjisi y'anktga nli nlall^i 
yao, be bulinlia wao aiiaga ialS, yenld Wlie 
Fereo inlS, m'be pa nluwe affianli nySnle ; 

%l G^ndanli kk bongamli afiiMotli go be d^ 
nga nluwe mo, kSoide ijanji eanli s'agdngizo 

12 Yenl& arazanganli anlaga go ntye yi 


194 £XOBU». 

Ijipt yodu, go knminlie kufllu y-affianHg^v^'t 
nyanga ny'affiaoli. » 

13 Be n^gizo wao nriyanjisi inl^, mSali) 
zanl' ijanji sanli id ntyugu edu, ga nt'ple- 
ndagi nluwe gw'avegagi afiianlL 

14 Be siwo nlafflu y'awa' wi Isre^l, y^aloVio 
gore wao nriyanjisi yi Pereo, atambia inle, 
osao' nde wi re nlnw' amanlize vik> yanli gB 
pang' ibrik jao nia nl^nla winla ga gw'alo* 

15 Nl'a^ienli nlaffii y'awa' wi Isreel aronga 
gore Fereo inle, o dead' inyongo s& yeida 
s6? • ■ ■ J- i; 

16 Zye po p'aflianli gor' inyongo skj ndo wi 
balinlia zuwe inl^, vanganl' ibrik ; n^ Tonfa^ 
inyongo s§. si syiwo, ndo nty^inb^ yi re iil'a; 
nlagi wame. .? 

17 Be baliS inle^ ag^:a, anluw? ar' agera» 
yenla bulia nlawe inl6, azuwe ga g^nde a3rit 
rinya gore Jehova. , > , ? 

18 Gendaganli sambo ka janjanli; anuwe be 
po afiianli, ndo ?agaiali ntango y'ibrik» r -: 

19 Be jenle nlafiii y'awa' wi Isreel inl^i 
wi re go njuke^ gw'awulio inl^ agongiaidi 
ntango y 'ibrik sintjrnya edu. ' <; 

20 Aluwunlo wao Moses nli Eron gon go 
mp&nl^ go datanla nla wao^ gw'^agwi waq 
avila gore Fereo. . r 

21 Be bulia wao awulinlia wao inl^« Ji^^ 
hova e ga ronle gore nlawe ayek^lia^ k&ade 

EWONJavi. 196 

AnluV i^ngi onligi wa^yo bundakanla gw'a- 
Atyk mi Fereo nla gw'anty* m'inyongo s«, 
go fel' okwara gw'agll mao go jonla zawe. 

22 A?iiiU Moseg gore Jehova awu]ia nlS, 
Beia, oaao' nde vri janjinl^ anlaga winl& 
mfce ? asao' nde w'atoffi^ mi^. 

83 K&nde mi gabie gore Fereo go kamba 
gw'ini nykj adendi mbe gore anlaga winlft,. 
ge BM^ o pa sunginr anlagi wk. 


AWULI Jehova gore Moses inlS, o be jenle 
. nte be denda mi^ gore Fereo; kande 
tilfogk vn ngaln e be tiga wao dienga, 
HilViga tri ngalu e be tomba wao go ntye y^. 
2 Agambi Anyambi^ gore Moses awulinli^ 
liile, mie nl^ Jehova. 

8 Mi awowunli gore Ebreham, gore Aisak, 
tda gore JekSb, nl'ina ny'AnyambiS yi ngulu 
yodu ; ndo ini nyam Jehova wi mia nyo. 

4 Mi aloanlizi kS njeki yam gore wao, go 
pa wao ntye yi Kenean, ntye y'ikanganii 
sao y'avegagi wao agenda. 

5 Mie k^ mi ajagio isiminia s'awa' wi IsreSl, 
wi tugo nl'Ijiptian, mi ajonginli ke njeki yam. 
' « Sambo walinii' awa' wi IsreSl ini^, mi8 
tile J^ova ; m'be kSLganlia nlawe ke avila 
gw'aroanlo m'ljiptian, m'be sunginla nlawe 
k^ ^vila gw'itugi sao, alandunla nluwe 
nVogk w'any&nya. nroy*«li' ompolo. 

199 .Excjprs. 


7 M'be boiiga jiJuwq anlagi msm, mklm 
ddanla ke gore nluwe yk Anyambie, kat 
nluwe mia inle, m\^ Jebova Anyamliii^ yanli, 
yi kagttBlia nluwe gw'fbToank) m'lJiptiyoAi. : 

8 M'be baga nluwe k^ go nty6 y'ara«^ 
mie orango go pa yo ^r^ Sbrebiatni gote Ai* 
Mk^ nla gore Jek^b, pi'be pa liluwd yo ga»- 
jiga^ HiiS nle J^iova. , :. 

9 Be kambe. Mofiw yeaU goi^e aWa' yfl 
Isre^; ndo wi j^ginlo Moses v^ nkazya 
y'orSma, nrorag* oyale^ 

10 Nragattlbi Jdiova gore M4)s^s 4Wu]|a 

11 Yinginla )ik kaiuba goi^ Fer^ oga %i 
Ijiptinl<S, e gea iig6 awa'. wi Isre^l k^ildaga 
ArtUa go »tye y^* i 

12 Be kambe Moses g'o^yo wi Jebova awu^ 
lilb nl^, vonde aifr^a tfi Isreel wi jAginlo tcm^ 
kft poro Fefeo e be jdgiulo xnie ; nl'islumim 

13 Nl'agambi Jebova gor^ Moim &U Er^, 
cUx>mbia Wao gcH*e awa' wi Isxe^l^ nla gem 
Fereo oga wi Ijipt gO k&gunlia awa' ,wi !«»• 
$t go litye yi Ijipt ^ . 

14 Wiiil^ nle wonjo y'inai^ m reri «a0rj 
fcwa' wi Ruben njalie yi IsreSl; Henok, uli 
Falu^ Heaor^ni nli Karmi; m^k nl'iiuigoii 

16 Awa' wi Simion^ JSniuel, nli Ssmin, tkU 
Ohad, nil Jakin, nU Zobar, nli Syaul, o^wftr 


^ioffiid w'eftanlK) wi Keoeaai aml^ nle inagQ 

A Simian. 

V 16 ACinl^ nle ana m'awA' wi lirai gwliiiba- 

ioM sao; QersySub, nil Kohoth, nli Meierai; 

nrimpuma y'effienla %i Livai y'aroenii nkami^ 

al'agiHiu araro hI^iDi]^awa or^Snlo. 

^17 Awa^ wi GWrsyon; lAYmj nU Syaimif 

gw'mago sao. i 

' 18 Awa' wi Ko^iath ; Amram, nli Izhar, idi 

Hibrott, nli Uziel: nrim{iuma y'effienl4 sd 

Kohath y'aroenli nkama nFagomi araio nl'- 

Impam' innro. 

19 Nl'awa' wiMererai: Mahelai,nliMi:»yai: 
mnllt nle inago 01 Lifvai gw'imbambi sao^ 
1 SO Ayombi Amram JSkeb^/ogwarero wa rm 
y@ ; be janl^ ye Eron nli Moses : nl'impuma 
y'effienla zi Amram y'roenli nkama nl'agomi 
airaro nl'impuma orog^nlo. 
(SI Nl'awa' wi Izhar; Kora, nli N^eg, nM 

22 Nl'awa' wi Uzid ; Misyeal, nli Elzefan, 
nli iBithrai. 

^<S3 NFayombi Eron Elisyeba oi)waoffianto 
w'Aminedab, oijwarere wi Nasyon, c^anto, 
nrayanlie ye Nedab, nl'El^hu, lUezar, nli 

S4 Nl'awa' wi Kora; Asif, nli Elkena, nli 
Ebaiesaf ; sinl& imago si Kora. 

25 Ndo Eliezar oqw&nloffie wi Eron aya« 
mbi offi&ri gore awanto wi Fatiel, be janlS 

198 SXODUSi i 

y£ Finihas; wiiil& nle wonjo y'irere Vllitaity 
gw'inago sao. '< 

26 Winld nle Ehroa nli Mofies m^ Vawali- 
lilio nli Jehova inle, ^agQnlianli awa' yn IsreM 
go ntye yi Ijipt, gfWimbiSli sao. i 

• 27 Winla nle wao w'agambi nli Fereo oga 
wi Ijipt, go kagonlia awa' wi Isre^l go l}vgk\ 
winld nle Moses nli Eron m^. ■' i 

28 Nl'aroenli go ntyngu y'agambi Jehofa nli 
Moses go ntye yi Ijipt, \ 

29 Be kambe Jehova gore Moses inie, mitf 
nle Jehova ; gamba nli Fereo oga wi Ijip* 
osaon wedu wi hnlmlia Tca^^4.^ 

30 Be balie Mose^ gk)Byo*wi*J«hova kiU$^ 
vonla, mi ar' inlambu dlra, Fereo kd jSi^^o 
mi^ se ? 


BE bulinlie Jehova Moses inl^, vonls, ni 
apangia Any ambiS gore Fereo, ndo^EiCb, 
ogwareri ySt, e be doanla profet yd. v 

2 O be kamba ya y'asombia mid we ydicbi, 
ndo ErSn y'oi|wareri y&, e be kamba gora 
Fereo inle, e ga rige awa' wi IsreSl kd,gwa go 
ntye yd. 

3 Mi be jkliz' ordma wi Fereo, awanlie le^ 
mbi yam nl'isaon y'imamo yam go ntye yi Ijip<^ 

4 Ndo Fereo e be jAginlo nluwe ; hild mi ga 
ralie ogd, wam go Ijipt, agagunlie mbdii yatn^ 
anlagi wam, awa' wi Isredl go Ijipt nl'ijekiSia 


;;d IjiptiMi. SI be mia inle^ mi^ hie Jehova, 
go be ny^nyunla mie oga wam go Ijipt^ 
•gftguniia «tw&' wi lace^l gere imo. 

6 Ni'aleudi Mosas nji Eron^at'iui&embio wao 
nil Jehova, yenla aleadi.wao. 
i 7 MosQs avegagi agomi m'impnma enlSnlaiv 
hdo«£roa ainegagi agomi anleaalal nrimpum' 
iraro, gw'agambi wao/iiU Fereo* 
;i8 . Nl'agambi Jehoya gore Moses nla gore 
£f OH ioley 

h9 Jag& Eereo akaoiba nl'aialawe, awulia 
nl^, ruffiinlianli mie va nluwe elembai k^ 
baUalie Eron iale, wongamk^ga ya avunga 
pAigont^g'osSuyoyfiFereoi yi be kalua offia<* 

10 M'ayioginM Moaes.nliEroB gore Fereo, 
alenda yenla .ga Bt'aaambi Jebova; avungi 
firon ' a^agiu y^ go ntye 'g'ozyo wi Fereo, 
nla gw'azya m'inyoiigo' cie, :ba kalua wo ofiia> 

, XL NL'aweli Fereo kS anlag' anlagie nFaga^ 
f^ga: nra^angb wi Ijipt w'alendi yenlit k£ 
nl'avonlo mao. 

12 Nravangi go ntye om* edu nk^gu yg, 
h^ kalua ao iffiamba; ndo nkagu yi ErlSn 
f '^ffi^al' inkagtt eao*. 

i; 13; iNray&li.Drema wi Fereo, kSi y6 ay&ginlo 
wao, ga nt'awuli Jehova. 
: .14^Awulinli Jehova Moses inle, orSma wi 
Fereo w'aj&lizo: ag^oni tige anlaga dienga. 

800 fixoDua 

1^ G^nda gore Fereo ibenga ; ronla, e be 
kSnda gw'anliogo ; gumanla kk k^ datanla 
nla ye g'ozamba w 'ol^vi, nli nk4gu y'agaliu 
<^amba, wonga yo g'og4 w^. 

16 Ea bulinli^ inl^, Jehova AnyaHablS 
f'lhibru ato&ia mie g<%re vr& inle, rtg' anlagi 
warn di^tiga, ka wao k^ savinla mi^ gw'ig' 
iTolo, ndo Yonla, aVia vonld o gaiH jitga. 

17 YenlSi bolie Jehova inle, renlk be mia 
inle, mi^ nle Jehova ; yonla, m'be bole nkaga 
yi re g'og& warn gw'anlingo mi re g'icd&vi, k^ 
mo kalue ntyi&la. 

18 Kk v^re yi re g^olkvi juwa, ka ol&vi 
doanl' anlango ambe ; nlljiptian wi be bik# 
jong' anlingo m'ol^yi. 

19 Ni'agambi J^ova gore Moses inl^, wuIU 
oil' Eroa iml^, w8nga latk^gu yk ka nyt* 
nyunl' oga w& gw'anlingo mi Ijipt, go y^vi 
yao, ^^il&vi yao impolo, nla go liti yao, nla 
gw'ambala m'anlingo modu, k^ mo kaluA 
ntyinla ; kk doanle ntyinla go niye yi Ijipt 
yoda, gw'intyenge si rere, nla gw'intyefif^ 

20 Nralendi Moses nli Eron yenl^ ga nt'a* 
«>mbi Jehova, be iombinl^ nk&gu awol' anli.. 
ngo m'olavi gw'anty^ mi Fereo nla gw'anty4 
ni'inyongo se; nle be kalua anlingo modu 
m'olavi ntyinla. 

21 Be juwe v^re y^avegagi g'ol^vi, nl'aTeyi 
olavi anlango, kk Ijiptian s^ay^n§^' anlingo 


m'ol&vi ; nl'iunyenli k^ ntyinla go ntjre yi Ijipt 

22 Alendi yenla k^ aganga wi Ijipt nl'ai- 
foak) mao: nle be jala orSma wi Fereo, ka 
je ayaginlo wao, ga nt'awuli Johova. 

B3 Ni'atizi Fereo ayinginla go nag' wS; 
ftraroenli^ av' orSma go ndaga yinl& kev 

24 Nraramb' Ijiptian g'ozambi adu w^cik* 
n go anlingo mi jonga; kknde w'aydogiif 
aniingo in'olavi. 

26 Ni'aviaganli atyuga orogenlo Jehoi^a 
bola p'olSivL 


'L'AGAMBI Jehoya nli Moses inl^, get 
nda gore Fereo, k& bulinlie inle, jmik 
Jmlie Jehova inlS, rige xAongi yam dieaga, k4 
wao sarinda mi^» 

2 Ndo ja fii'alttke liga wao dianga, m'be 
fevke nfye yk yodu nli rtinge. 

3 Olavi wi be k^gunlie r^ngei yi be panda 
•yingittla go nag* w&, nla go nantye y&y nla 
g'odo wa, nla go nago y'inyongo s^t, nla gore 
anlagi wk, nla gw'anki xukj nla go yo yk. 

4 Ronge yi be panda gore we, nla gore 
. anlagi wa nla gore inyongo sk aodu* 

& Nl'awulinli Jehova Moses inle, wnlinli^ 
EroQ inl^, nyinyunl' ogk wi nli nk&gu y& 
go y^ivi, nla gw'iUtTiy nla go liff^a, k& pai- 
ndize rSnge go ntye yi Ijipt. 

tot i: .Skoduk: 

e' Nl'anf&nyqnli Erdn cgh vrU gw'anlingo 
mi Ijipt ; nle be pande ronge ayonlie ntye yi 

7 Nl'alendi aganga yenlk sLli'avcHilo macy, 
avandizi wbo ronge go ntye yi Ijipt 

8 M'at^ei Fereo Moses nli Er<5n, awalia 
nl^, gwenlaaii Jehova inkdia, ka ye tomlHi 
range gxii» Jlue.:.nla igfisa mdagi..yam; ;k4 
tau£ J%\anlag0..diei]fa,\ga Js:3 >irinya gore 
Jehova. /' ^. 
>.9. Jlwulinli , Mosea . Tlereo inle, reva miS 
igw^ra nyi be kwena mi6 Jehova inkala ¥4 
we, nrinyongo sa, nl'anlagi wa, go jilize ro- 
nge avila gore w^, nla gw'inago sa, ka yo 
t%anla g'olStvi dadie. . i ~ ' ^' -. 
1 10 Be bulil inle, mtfala. Nl'awuliiS iulS, 
gd kmnle egiianli K^igambi nyky kSi mia nl^ 
zyer oma ga Jehova Aroyambi^ yazyo. 

11 Rdiige yi be dubna gare we^ .nla^w^i. 
nago sa, nla gor* inyoBgo sit, nla* goce imla^i 
m&^ kk yo tiganla g'oidvi dadie. 
• 12 Ni'agigwi Moses nli Eron avila goa 
WetBo: nTarongl Moses gore «KeliO¥a g^oiEfwm 
nja wi r^nge y'a^agio ndS gore Feiee. i 

. ta NFalendi Jehova nt'awuli Mosas, lile be 
juwe ronge avila gw'inago, nVavila gw'iaka# 
la, nVanila gw'itove. 

. 14 Nraguminli wao yo akomda nl'akoada; 
nli nty^ y'avevi anlanga 

15 Gw'ayenli Fereo Inloi re sij^a^ be jiU^ 

EwcwJO:viiL toa 

oi^mi we, k& ayi^ginlo' wao ; ga nt'awali Je^ 
bpvtu ... 

16 Awnlmli Jehoya Moses inl^, wnlii);!!' 
!&rdn inle, coB2})iiile nkkgn ya, k& bole ]ity& 
nge yi ntye : kd yo kalua simbinla go. mtyt 
yodii yi Ijipt; 

rl7 Aleiidi wao nlSnla; Eroa aayanyaoi' ogft 
w^ nli nkagn y^, avoie ntyenge yi ntijre^ 
agalui yo simbinla, gw'ikuwa y'anlaga, nln 
gw'inyama; jityinge yodu yi nJtye y'tfgahii 
tii»binla go ntye yodu yi Ijipt. ' . 

18 Nle be denda k& aganga olanla xiFaT<}k 
b)o maox.go.k&goiilia nimbinla; iido vA jalia; 
oViikibiala 's'aTMQli 'gw'ikawa y!aaLaga nlm 

y%9 Be .huhnh' aganga Fereo -inle, osaott 
ytrinl^ nlet ofittcoilo w'AnyambiS ; nle be jM^ 
•rexni we, k& ye aydginlo wao, ga nt'awuU 

, 20 Nl'awulinli Jehera Moses inle> nlongnK 
ibanga Tiririri, k& kmnanla g'ozyo wi Eeieo; 
imaJa, e be Ua gw'aalingo ; ka buUnlie ittleiy 
yenl^ bulie Jehova, rig' anlagl want; dienga/ 
kd wao savinla mie. : 

.21 Eande j§gS e rige m^gi yamdienga; 
Totila, m'betc^a sib^ sijenge gore i»e, nit 
gor' inyongo sd, nla gore anlagi wa, nla gw'ii 
sago 84 ; nrinago s'ljiptian si be joolia ralia 
nribkie, nli ntye kS yi re waa ^ 

22 M'be kere ntyugu mg ntye yi Gosyi^n yi 

804 Exodus. 

r'anlagi warn, be doanla sibdle v&ra ; kai nlu* 
we mia inlg, mi6 nle Jehova go gare yi ntye.- 

23 M'be pang' o?angwanlo nty& aiilagi 
waiin ntyk anlagi w& ; m^nle be doanla ek* 
mba zinld,. 

24 ^Nl'alendi Jehova nlanl&,, nle ba jinglnF 
ib&le sijenge go na^o yi Fereo, nla g^^'inago 
u'myongo sig, nla go ntye yodu yl Ijipt: ayili 
ntye g'oijwanja w'ibdle. 

'25 J^raf^elm Perw Moses nli Erdn, awuMii 
nig, gendaganli, kd jiranli ntyago gore 
Anyambie yanli go ntye tfinld. 

26 Awuli Moses inle, zye kw^kwg go denda 
f^Bilkj k£inde aasuwe be jirinya ya yi bikci 
nl'Ijiptian gore Jehova AnyambiS yazyoj 
vonla, j'azuw' ajirinya ya yi biko nrXjiptian 
gw'antyi mao, wi be pting' azuwe ado ? 

27 Azuwe be k^nda ogendi w'intyaga 
ntyaxo gw'ig' ivolo, ayirinya gore Jehava 
Anyambie yazyo, ga nte be sombiS zuwe. 

28 Be buii« Fereo inl^, m'be tig' anlawe 
dienga, kd k^ jir£uir inya genre Jehova A&y^n' 
mbi^ yanli gw'ig' ivolo, kao agdndanli da^a; 
gwenlanl' ink&l^ rk mi^« 

29 Awuli Moses inl^, Tonla, ni kftgwa 
gone w^, m'be kambinla gore Jehova, kd 
ibkle dubua gore Fereo, nla gore inyongo 
•£, nla gore anlagi we, ndo Fereo ava fAk 
ndia nySnle go tig' anlaga dienga, go jirit 
hya gore Jehova. 


^$0 B^ kigwe Moses gore Farea agamrliiiilft 
gjHe Jehoya. 

.31 Be dende Jehoya nt'awiili Moses^ aro- 
mbi^ ibalegoire Feieo, nla gw'iayoagiD sS, fida 
gore anlagi wS ; ttganla nl'offiari. 
32 Be jalize Fereo or^mi w^ nyonga yinl& 
kS^ nl'adeoenliS arig' aiilaga dieoga* 


NL'AWULI Jehova gore Moses bil^, yingi- 
Ilia gore Fereo ka bulinlie iate, yenJ^ 
bulie Jehova Anyambie y'lhibrtt iul^, rig^ 
lO^gi yam di^iga, ka wao savinlaimig, 

2 Eande j'a m'anumbe tiga wao d^ngai 
gidibiaga wao, 

■8 Voolaj oga wi Jebora wi re go viigiaU y^ 
yi re g'orove, gw'ikavala, gw'iburu, gw'ikamdti 
gw'iayare, nla gw'ad&mbe^ ijilita fe^ipolo* 
. 4> J^liova e be k»e Vuginlia yi Isreel nla 
Vuglalia yi Ijipt, ka ayt^w' ed^ma go ya yoda 
irft'wa wi Isre^L 

5 Be teve Jehova ^rwera awulia nle, mSiU^ 
^ebava e be dende ndaga yinlit go litye. 

6 Nl'aleiidi Jehora ndaga me bunya^ b« 
juwe Yu^nlia yi Ijipt yodu, ndo go vugintia 
y^awa' wi Isre^l jwwa nl'efiiliti. f 
.<7 Nraroffii Fereo, ndo voula, go ydginka 
]ri Isre^l jt^wia Rl'effi&ri, be jiliss' or^ma wi 
Fereo, nVaroenli^ artg' anlaga dienga. 

: 8 Nl'awoli Jehota %Qte Moses nli Eron ipl^, 

806 *lXODUS. ! 

wdnganli smtyame ralie s'omba w^inlii, k4 
Moses nySnya wo gw'igonlo g'ozyowi^Fereb.' 
Wi b0 kaloe nty^nge go nfcye yi Ijij^t 
yodu, kk doanla gore anlaga nla gVinyamtf 
ampombo mi be tnaga agalua sinkanii gq 
niye yi Ijipt yodu. 

10 Be bonga wao ombu w'inlu agumanltf 
g'ozyo wi Fereo, be nyenyo wo nli Moses 
gw'igonlo, agalai wo ampombo mi tua agaltta 
sinkanii gore anlaga nrinyama. ,* 

11 Nl'aioenli aganga w'aydlie kamanla 
g'ozyo wi Moses g'oigwanja w'ampombo, kiM 
nde ampombo m'avegagi gon agangd, nla 
gore Ijiptian s^u; 

12 Ni'aySilizi Jehova orema wi Fereo, kk 
yS aydginlo wao, ga nt'awuli Jehova gc^e 

13 BS bulinlia Jehova Moses inle, nl5ngwa 
ibanga kd ktpimanla g'ozyo wi Fereo ka buli- 
ttli^ inl^, yenl^ bulie Jehova Anyambi^ y'lhd^ 
bra, inlS, rig' anlagi wam dienga go savinlft 
mlei' ' '^ 

14 K&nde nyonga yinl^i m'be tofiia Vttftg4 
yam g'orSmi w3t, nla gVinyongo b&, nla gore 
anlagi wA; k& mia inl6, zyel' oma o re ^ 
mi6 go ntye yodu. 

< 15 K&nde venl^ m'be ny&nyunr og^ wam, 
kWol4 nl'anlagi w& nroyilizo, kh tre jila g6 
16' Giligili go ndaga yinid, akumanlia miS 


iM^ gp flriiminliqr ya w^ ngulu yam^.'ul^ iat 
nyam nyi gia ^uminlio go nty^ yodu. ^ 

17 O pe pendi' oka' wam£ gore luilagi warn, 
ialj$» o be/ttga wao dienga. 

18 Vonlai lo^nle igwera nyinla m'be n&gust 
ningo-adada m'ado ampolo, yi re yi pa^ niga 
nU mkti go Ijipt, avila go ntynga y'alotio yo, 

. 19 Ndo yeula roffiiza ka datiza vugiali^ y^ 
nli yama yi re nla w^ g'orove ; kdnde om' edu 
uli nyami edu yi d^ago ^'oroye, y'afago gd 
nagO) kk uingo y'ado naginla yo, yi be juwa. . 

20 Nl'aye o rienli igamba nyi JeliQya, gora 
inyongo si Fereo, atangizi inyoogD a^ nli 
TOginli yS gw'inago ■ r ^ 

il Nl'aye o roenli ayivira igaiaba< ayi Je^ 
koya, arig' inyongo s^ nli yoginli y^ g'orove. 

22 Nl'awulinli Jehoya Moses inle, nyanyimF 
og& wd gw'igonlo, ka nage ningo y'ado jgo ntye 
yi Ijipt yodu, gore anlaga nla gVinyama^ nla 
g'iOtwong' wedu g^orove go ntye yi Ijipt 

23 Nraruminli Moses nkligu ye gw'igonlo^ 
nl'azyonli Jehoya njalito?a nli ningo y'ado^ 
nl'alandi ogonli go ntye/ nl'anl&gizi Jehoita 
ningo y'ado go ntye yi Ijipt. 

24 Ni'aroenli ningo y'ado, nl'ogonli wi da- 
pftbola go gare yi ningo y'ado alise polo, yi iq 
yi pa naga go ntye yi Ijipt yodu, yo gi tda 

8fi M'awoli ningo y'ado go ntye yi Ijipt 

SOS £xoDua 

Mim' eda z'alua ^'oioTe^ nl'oqwlintag'a gs idk 
nyama; nrawoli Bingo y'ado owong' wediii 
w'orove, amagonl' everi edu z'orove^ 

26 Kao go ntye yi Gbgygn gw'avegagi a^a' 
wi Isreel, v&y& p^gaga ningo y'ado, 

27 Nl'aromizi Fereo aTelie Moses nli ErcSn^ 
awulinliS wao inl£, mi ajanji mbe njongk 
yinla, Jehova nle ogore, ndo mie nranlagi 
warn aznw' ar' are. 

28 Gambinlanli Jehova^ (kitndenle y'aioeikU 
kwekwi^y) inlS avft doanle njalitota mpoloi 
ge nlk niiigo y'ado ; gambe mi attga nliiwe 
dieoga^ kft nlttw' wr& doanla ay^k. 

20 Nrawalinlio y^ nli Moses inl^^ ja mi 
ak^gwa go nka' mpolo^ m'be syamlninl' agft, 
mam gore Jehova, ka njalitota p&nla, k& ark 
doanla niofo y'ado, inIS [mia ial^, ntyeyi 

30 Ndo rk MT^ nFinyongo sa, mi aroro inle, 
anluw' arte Jehova AiiyamhiS. 

31 Ndo Unin nroresi y^awolio, k&ttde 
cnesi w'aluo g'ogoro, nrilinia s'aluo s'apangi 

32 Ndo iwhit nl'irai yi bolo kande yi duo 

88 Nl'ag&gwi Moees go nka' mpolo avila 
gere Feiee, azyambunlid ag& me gore Jehovai 
nle be pftake njalito?a, be tone ningo y^ado^ 
nlaroenli ningo y'anldga go ntye. 

34 Gw'ayenli Fereo inloi ningo nli ningo 

EWOKIdX. 209 

jy^Mlo nli njdlttoTa y'am&nli, be £1 janje mhe, 
ay&liz' oreini we ; aye nrinyniiifo 8e. 
35 Nl'ay4Uz' orema wi Feceo^ nramdniiS 
fonV awa' vri Jsie^l dienga^ nfagambi Je- 
bora nil Moses. 

, VTL'AWULINLI Jehora Moses inlSi ylngi- 
-IM nla gore Fereo; kinde mi are jalusa 
fiorSmi we nl'orSma w'inyongo se ; inl6, mi 
ga vange lembi yam yinla g'oasyo.we. 

a Inle^ ka takilia gVarca m'oi^wanli w& 
nla m'o:gwanla Vogwanli yd isaoii yi re miS 
jaaja pa go Ijipt, nli : lemba yi re mie janja 
pa gore wao, inle^ miaul' inle, mie Jehoya. 

3 Ajringinii Moses nli Efdn gore Feroo, 
•ftwaUnlia wao y^ inlS^ yeiil& biilie Jehoi^a 
Anyambi^ y^Ihibru inle, olingo se wi be bikiL 
'SyoiUi' okawi w& g'ozyo warn ? Bige moQgi 
yam dienga, kSt wao janjinla mie- 
^ 4 K&nde ja fll'abike tige mSngi jram die- 
nga, menle m'be bag' isakampazyo go ntye 

5 Yi be jambinla anlunje ntye ngwa, kfc 
ntye y'ayenlanla, kk yo nye yeySima y'aroli 
y'arigani nranluwe go ningo y'ado, yi be ny* 
ereri edu zi pominl' anluwe g'orove. 

6 Yi be jonlia inago sd nFinago s'ifliyongo 
sd, nl'inago s'ljiptian sodu, yi re reri sk nl'irm 
•sareri sk wi jenla, avila go ntyiigu y'avegagi 


mso ..daxDDiXB:!: 

wfao go hiye d^in oittnl^ Afjzg <ag%9^ 
avila gore Fot ecK i 

; Y Ni^aN^rali uyftnge si Fereo gore yiS iiilS, 
•oKngo fii wi bo doanla om^ "vrinl^ nonte 
gore zuwe ? Rig' anlaga dieoga, ka waos k£ 
janjinle Jehova Anyambie yao: o pa mia 
inl^ Ijipt ajili ? 

IS Nl'av& fwinlko Mxh9®b lili EtSa gore Fedr^, 
4il'iiwuliiiliS wao ifile, gendaganti kd janjl* 
inAaali Jebora Anymnbi^ yaiili: jnande iil|i 
mande is4 be k^nda? 

.' « Awaii. Moses inle, usmym tea nl'aliraeu- 
^be waeyo ^rabnl^rd wiia;yo ; inVjivratdi |fii- 
oyo anlofiie^ nl'awiuKili yazyo aittOi nradaiiiJb§ 
masyo nriByare sazyo yi toft nravawKr? k^ 
jide azttw' aie nli niyago gM^e JekoTfL ' 
. At) Nrawalinlie irao inl^ Jdbora o ga Icm- 
4&2e y«lil& gore nki'we) va miiS tiga nluive/dyi- 
ipigia ari^WEtrambe wanli^ f andaminlaiili, k^ 
nde mbe yi le ;go bosyo yanH. 
' il Aiisnga yisnl^; gesdaganli, anfaiwo t^nlo- 
fi« kk jai^inlanli Jehova, ktode fexd& abfr 
laga nluwe. Nle be kagunlio.wao avila ^^ 
ibfo.wi S\ei0o« 

IS M'ttwniiiiU Jekova Mdsen inie, i^4- 
'iCTiml' og& m& go ntye yi Iji{tt v3. isakaofi^ 
zyo inlSy yi iga vande 90 ntfo yi Ijiift» 8a]fm 
nofwdffg' weda id oitf^ ; «B&m' edn zWigfo Uli 

14 M*KroBA)iiM MoBte akliga ye igo 2il^ 


Jiif^f bfi bage J^hovB.. go.ntfe ompanga, ari- 
la gD tdB(gwa nil nkombe omaikla im^waiii^ 
wodu nl'ogwejfa loe wodu; buny' ibaoga 
^?^«igi bolo isakampazyo. 

14 Avaod' isakampazyo go ntye yi liipt 
yodu, aVataminla gw'iBloiig& nyi Ijipt njodvi^ 
j^ivk^ mbe, yo 7iaga ra, pa jenlQ isakampa- 
z,yo ga yo, aviUia go yo^ be fa doaula imieol^ 

Id Ednde y'avugi ozyo wi utye yodu^ avA^ 
ijge atye mpiri; anyenli yo owoag' wedu wi 
tttye, nrilpp^a yodu y'ereriO y'ajigio all nlago 
i]m niago y'ado» k& aTigaulai^m' adv..e^ezyo 
gw'erere, ge g'owonga w'«ove go ntye yi 

Ijipt ye4u4 f 

^ 16 Nl'azunge.fw^izi Fereo Moses nJi £r^ii; 

awulia nl^, mi ajanji mbe. gore Jebova Anjs^ 

jubie yaaU.»la gor« uluwe, 

. 17 NdpVt^a^yeKaiilimiSikakalS^mbeyaiii 

ay^Aga yinl^ jno ^adia^ kA kambinlajiU gore 

J^boFa Anyambi^ yasU, inle^ e ga rombe 

goise a»i3 ijiiw^tsiali dadie. 

18 Ag^W)$ avila gCNre Fereo, a^aimbinle Je- 

19 Atiti Jebotra ompung' ompolo wi zik^i, 
QfOBftb' isakampazyo, awala yo go mbenli 
yatanlatenla, tigaola osadcampazyo nromaii 
go ntye yi Ijipt yodu. 

80 Ndo Jehora aySiliz* oremawi F^reo, k& 
ye ang' awa' wi Isre^I dMog^ 

21 Nrawulinli Jehova Moses itil^, nyd- 
nyunr ogk yrk gW^igonlb; kli bia mpiri go 
ntye yi Ijipt, mpiri yi re oma k& kota. * ^ 

22 Ni'anyanyunli Moses og& we g'oroKvB 
oFaroenli mpiri y'adaVadSiVa go ntye yl 
Ijipt yodu ntyugu ntyaro. 

23 Wi jenianlaga wao nla wao, wao ke vl 
kf^manlaga arila gw'imbori sao ntyugu ntya^ 
ro : ndo awa wi Isre^l waodu w'avegagi nFo» 
asange go w ogo yao. ^ 

24 Nl'a?eli Fereo Moses awulia nl6, genda^ 
ganli k& janjinlanii Jehova, kao adaEmbe 
manli nl'inyaresanli yi ga riganle, ndo geiida« 
nli nle yawanli yarilL - j 

25 Be bulie Moses inle, o be pa zuwe k^ 
Bintyago nl'ipa si peiiyo, kSi zuwe paHgiMa 
yo Jehova Anyambig yazyo. 

26 Vuginli yazyo yi toa nl'azuwe k«, be ti- 
gania nla mp&nda nla mhn^ kande go yo 
azuwe ga wonge go savinle Jehova Anya* 
mbie yazyo ; kd,nde azuw' amte y&ma yi b^ 
savinla zuwe Jehova, kao azuw' abia gogo. i 

27 Ndo Jehova ayfiiliz' or^ma wi Feseo, kk 
yS ayivire tiga wao dienga. 

28 Awulinlio yS nli Fereo inl^, lubua gore 
miS, Vandaminl' oku* wa, ava jenV ozyo warn, 
k&nde ntyugu yi be jenl& ozyo warn o ht 

29 Awuli Moses inl^, o abuli mbiambiK, 
m*be fa jenV ozyo vrk. 



AWULINLI Jehova Mo^s inlg, m'be bag* 
- evung' ezenl' efiiari gore Fereo nla go 
Ijip*> ▼^v4 viagaBlo, e be tig' aniuwe kagwa 
y^la ; go be tig^ nlavre dlenga, giligili e be 
kdganlia nluwe venl^ pelepele. 
j&v Cramba: renli ^w'aToL m'aalaga inl^, 
mdoa^ ada ^^a,iiya nly&fiibd gore ndeg' w^ 
nrowant' wedu gore ndeg' w^, yktaa, yi sald^ 
wSld, nli ya yi syika yatenlatenla. 

3 Jehova e be p'anlaga sim^pinlo gw'antyJt 
m'ljiptian ; ndo Moses avegagi om' ^mpolo go 
ntye yi Ijipt, gw'anty^ m'inyongo si Fereo, nla 
gw'anty4 m'anlaga. 

j>4 Ni'awttli Moses iale^ yenl^ bulie Jehova, 
egwem va gaite m'be piagsuala go Ijipt go 

}6 Kaiojalie st Ijipt jawa^ avila go njaliS yi 
Vmeo^ o re tu gw'eki z3, agenda go njaliS yi 
ayoQge nyanto yi re g'oaamba w'ado mi kilia! 
imba, injalie gw'iayama k^^ 
* 6 £4 doaniaedingo evobm^ go ntye yi Ijipt 
yodu, zi m zi pa dbmh nli m&ri^ zo k^ zi b^ 
Hi'doilojiy^nle. ^ 

7 Ndo awa' wi IfireSl waodu wi be boki* 
«lo nU mboa» gore <H9ia go nyama; k& mia- 
ttU nta bangivilie Jehovi^ nty^ Ijipt ntyft 
: 6 NHnyo^o s& ainli sodu si be sominla 

ai4 fixoBus. " 

gore mie, alo?' akSttSlla gore mig ; inl^, gagwa, 
awS nFanlaga Traodil'wi songSt ; nravila vStva 
mi be kSigwa : nl'alabiti^ gore Fered nl'e^- 
nlu eTDlo. 

9 Nl'awulinli Jehara Moses int^, Fereo e bd 
|%in]o nluwe^ inlS ; leinbi yam yi gst \riml« 
go ntye yi Ijipt. ' 

10 Nral^ndi Moses nli ErSn lembft yinia 
yodu g'ozyo wi F^i»o, be jdlize Jehot'a or^hm^ 
wi Fereo^ kit ye arig* awa' wi Isre^l kftgwa 
go ntye y6. 


F/AGAMBI Jehova gy>re Modes uliEi^n 
go ntye yi Ijipt inle, 
2 Ogwgli winl^ wi be doanla gore iiFuifre 
olonga gw'igw^li ; winlfi wi be doanlfsp ^ote 
nluwe ogw61i olonga w'ompuma. 

8 Gambanli gore ^ndo yi Isre^ yoda inl^, 
go ntyugtf y'igomi g'ogwiSli winl& wi ga woL 
nge onloffi' edu ot)widaznbe egalanli ei dago 
y'ireri sao, ogwidSimbe tA nago. 

4 Ndo j&gd nago y^a4:i>e nyango tft e^^idfii- 
mbe, e ga wonge nil tiie^ w^, o ro pigrS'ii'li 
nag' wS yd. ntango, om' edii eg&lanli 2i Byenli 
y^, mnganii g'oi|wid&mbe. • ^ 

9 Oi)wid4inbe wi ga loanle mpelk f5 onlkn 
ike w'ompuma gore nlnwe: wfinganli ntyH 
gw'adambe ntyd gw'imbonli. 

6 Kk bandaminlanU ye 'koanga gw'igoini 


7 Ka bonga go ntyinla, am^za jm> gw'enloffii^ 
lt*'km^V iinbftbli nJb gw'igoalo gw'inagd si 

\« £li wHiO Jxy'isyoiiU ogwem mSf piko g'eg^h' 
uti, uli dnpliBliauyi pa minima ; nli b<l& yi nonlo 
yflhe n^ya y«x» • .„ 

9 Anyanli yo mte2^o ge xMOftloD^i^'adiliiignv 
nAo* kait> mpflcafgd g'ogonii^ eironicr 2& uf im|i&- 
Qid& s^> nl'kege y & 

* 10 K& angmili eac&iim go yo kodng^ ibangiv 
nl'aKa.go ya a tigaola gw^ibanga^ vwynuli m 

11 Yaid& bf nya nlnwe wo» ioi yanli dbio 
pa^.nriniyoiiyoe satoDgi saiUi gw'ag«lo mapfis( 
ttli nkaga yanli g'ogd waanii ; nyafili yn negfti 
iiga ; wilil^ nle onlaganlo vt Jehank 

12 Kande m'be piagaoda gp ntye yi IjipAi 
dgwem. wialS^. awola ixyalie sImIu gcrnty^yi 
;^ipt» urila gora aoiagai agenda, gw^wywlait 
Bla g^'inyambe yi Ijipt y<ida la'be p«agf 
ij^gUa ; Mie ii}^ Jehcrro. 

X^ NiEyinlatyibe do^a goi« Jilirvre ^iftgitto 
gvKiBsgo M i« nlowe; j«i> ml ajaato ntyiallk k^ 
]iliS*]|lLgi|nla.]iluwe» kdt erunga zfijilisA s'iiIpIr 
nle goie niiive, go be bok nao^ go &ty4 yi 

14 Ntgrngti yinil^ yi be diM«b goro alitw« 

216 /Uxomrs. 

oyongittlio ; snlfiiwe be ban^amiiila yo sifyagtf 
gore Jehova agenda gn^'imbamba nl^iifiMmbr 
sanli ; anlawe be peiija;vBnJ6ryo ntyligo ntyajk 
y'egombe zodu. .. . i m , 

19 Ntjnigii oroginlo aniuwe be nyera^mh^ 
yi re yi dt^ma, vanganli ntyugu nonga ponbo^ 
nil eza<zi dumiza^ gmlinago sanli, kftifide' oifl' 
edtt ^ bor nye inp^mbaiyi te duma. pi^^aTilag^ 
ntyugu nonga agenda go ntyugu* /oi^getil#i 
cm^ ni^ e 'be tenio'aTila go IsieeL 

i§ Ntyugu. nengia* bo ^aaala^ olaianks 
Voranda, nla go ntyugu y^orog^Io be doSM 
«la^ oiatwtoi/w'onuida g^re aluwe, a^^' 
eixl%si|c^ w'veyife'edu gp so^ k^ eza zi be^yo 
nl'om' edu, zo dadi^ zo re ka janjo nluwe; * ; 

17 VenjayeaJaAilt ntyago yi mp^mba yi< te 
yi pa dunaja; k&nde ntyugu m^Smo ag&goidt 
Bli^imbeli'saiLli goniye yi Ijipt: renjainenja^ 
nil ntjTUgu yinll^ nioigw.'imbamba nrimbambfr 
tilaaiUy ntyale y'egombe osodu. 

18' OgwiSli elonga, go ntyugu y'igomi nli 
nai» y'c^ivr^, nkxAn adinwe be nye tny^bift 
yi.M yi pa duaoM, agenda igo ntyugu y'agofinl 
ambanli nli ntyugu mlk^ri y'ogveli nkolu. 

1 ft : iNtyugu oidgealo' :e^»»> Izi dumi^to z'eAeitgo 
gir'tmgo sanlt V kdnde om} edu a be nyaenk 
zi dumiza, oma m^ e be tenlo avila go qanda 
yi Isie^], fjg^ndia mbia, ogwitntye JodbiAi 

20 Anyonli eza zi dumiza, go wogo y«|iU 
yodu nyaidi mpdnba yi re yi pa dw^a. - v 


'21 NPaTalizi MdSM aaf^m wi Isregl waoflii, 
^m\alinlS^ wao hfld, gotault kd bdnginlftnli 
tktti^ yanlime oqwidd^mbe egd^lanfi z'inago 
0aiili, k& jonlanl' onl&ganlo. 

22 Kd bonganli ita nyi his^^pv alutia nyo^ 
go ntyinla yi rego ntyenge) k& bolanii igo- 
nlo ny'enlofiiie' nrenloffiii^ gw'izamV imbanll 
bH ntyiiUa yi le go ntyenge, ka agdgwanlt* 
<Mna g'ompombanla wi nag' w£ kao ibanga. 

23 Kitnde . Jebova e piagwnla go boP Ijip- 
tian, j4g& a^le ntyinla gw'igonlo ny^6nk>- 
tti£ nla gw'dnloffiid gw'izaDaib' imbanli, Jo- 
ioffa^ 6 be naganda oiiipombaiila, k& wri^^ 
oyilisi jinginla gw'inago s€mli go bol' anltrwe; 

24^ £& penjaArenjanU osaon 'Winld ntyale 
gote' nittwe^ nla goie awanli yanli egombo 
zodu. ^ 

/S5 '•■ Be doanla go bo bia nlnwe go ntye yi 
bi9. po nlitw^ nil Jebora, ga nfavanganli^*; 
kk penjavenjanli evilo sialic. 

26 Bedpanla,' j&g& awanli yanli w'abambia 
«|awoiiil^, evilo ^nlA; zi re s& gore oiuwe ? 

27 Kk bnlianl' inle, zo nle ntyago y'onl4ga* 
nio tri Jebova; o' n^AganV inago s'awa' wi 
IlMel go Ijipt) gw'aw<dio Ijiptian aroliis! 
inago fiq^zyo; alembiz- aniaga wonjo bm^ 
Tinla. '. 

28 AgiMagi a^va' wi iBfo^l alende nt'azo- 
M^' J^hov^a Mosei nli Eton, yonl^ alendt 

Jf^va m34MM soda go ntjrd yi Ijiii avUoi 
go^ Hialie yi Fereo yi doaniq^ gw'ekl z^, a^; 
ndago njalie yi mbwedi yi » gomtgoy'i^ 
mo^g^ry arinj^d soda s'inyaai)^ 
30 Nranloixgwi Fereo ogweraj ajre, nl'i- 
uyongQ s6 soda, nVIji{vtiaa i¥aoda, nl'aroeQii 
dUago eyolo go Ijipl, kande tm nago y'arQe«>t 
nllebaade fo< 

.91 Be fwelie Moses nli Etob ogwera, awtt- 
Ua n\ey guinaiiLaQll ka kagM^wdod' ayiia gora 
n^&Dgi yam> atilawe nl'awa^ m Isie^l, ka U&[ 
fluiagaQdi go jaDJinto Jehova^ ga nb'awuli 

)S2 Wonganli kS ad^mbe nmnli nl1ii3ftfri 
sMbU^ ga at'awuli ulawe^ k& k^ztdagaoii^ 
zavinlanli mie ke. -: 

; 93> ]S[raiiI3gi^ Ijiptiaa anlagai inlMj wi g^ 
X<ntib(^ go ntye nSgaik^ga^ k^nde v'awuU n\^ 
azuw' edu azuw' ajawL ' 

/34i Be bong' aoli^a mp^mbi yae yo luflift- 
g4 1^) yo yao koro pa gw'iogai^ g^v^i^ei^ 
»o-. •.;: 

ids Nl^alendi awa' wi lerelft ^ittaiiU »%< 
gatnba nyi Mo$eS| aoyenli wao^ iatyafiabd g<Nrt 
I^iaiii ya yi aalavrila, bU ya yi vyikAi 
yatenlatenla, nl'ingai. 

.m M'wmii Jebova anla^ ijiie|)iiilo i^Vft- 
Mkya^ m'ljiptiaiii ule bf iungfli vao aeuiDic 
wao, nl'agweri wao Ijiptian. k j/h 


agenda go Sukoth, va nkama s'intaaseii fiV 

nkb^a orc^Va., tomba re p'awafumbe, 

.99 ^I'lLTmidi ka nla wao nkaxMli mp(]^o 

y'^nlongi j9iL'an1aga« jol'adamb^, ixrinyar^^ ^ 

ytrgJiUk yenge. 

^da Nraviki w^ao go mp^ioba y'afagia we^ 

avila go Ijipt, sidega si re si pa daffia, kaml^ 

yi d«60 y'adufia, kande w'agagunlb go Ijipt; 

kk w'ayttlie dinga ; wao k^ wi dtio w'aJkakisi 

liniye va wacmie. 

wao go Ijipt w'aroenli nkama s'impuma. OIM 
nragomi m'impam' araio. 

41 Nl'aroenli nkama nai nl'agomi ai'impumf 
araro viaganlo, ntyuga memo ag4gwi imb^ 
si Jehova soda go ntye yi Ijipt. 

42 Wo ogw^ra wi penjavBnjo gore Jehova, 
gw'ag&gUBtie wao g» ntya yl Ijipt; witilft 
ale ogw^ra me gom Jehoya go penjavenjp 
nl^awa' wi Israel waodu gw'imbaduba nl'i^ 
mbambi sao. i 

43 M'awnlittli Jehova MosM ali Bioninte, 
ytnl^nle ntyale y'oaldgaisdo : j'ta^ya al'aggr 

-'44'Ndo nyongd yom! tdu yi re kolo pa ^rat 
nliva, jaga o fil'akerie, gambe ka nya yo* 
: 49 Y'anyo nromur w'inlongi iuyaula ge i^i 
nyongo y'ipa. 
46 €h) nago mkti yi gia. uyo} agiigiuilia Izyo- 

«i9 £XODUS- 

mil gwlgala. avila go tf age : am^gurilattli epa 

47 K^ i)atido yi Isreel yodu penjavenja ye. 
^48. Ja^ogSnda adoanla' tila we, aVele penja- 
V^j' onlStganlo gore^Jehoya, ankffie we Wi 
ga g^ro, kk yS 7anga syusya go pj^Kjarenja 
yo; aloa^la g'et)w4ntye ; k^nde om'^^re o^li- 
mbe anya nyo. ' ♦ 

49 Irang' rffiiri nyi be d^atila gore o^wft,* 
ntye, nia gore og^nda o doatila nranluwe. 

50 NFalendi awa' wi IsreSl waodu ga nt'a^ 
s^embi Jehora Mosen nli £r6n«, • yenla aletadi 
wiOi »'^ ' ' • '■ • ' 

51 Nl'aroenli, ntyuga memo, agligunli Jeu 
kova awa' wi Isreel go stye yi Ijipt, egMaftli 
tfimbeli sao, 


jT^L'AGAMBI Jehova gore Moses inl&i ' • 
iLi 8 Vattiga injali^ «odu orunda gore inie'^ 
ets&tn' edu zi nungunl' iwumu gore awa' Mri 
Isreel g'oi| wanlaga ge nIa nli nyantfr: zo izaln. 
^ 8 Nl'agamU Moses gore ^nlaga^ iiile, yottgi* 
ttliaganli owenja wioli, gw'ag&gwi nlawe go 
Ijipt, avila go nago y'orugo ; kande nl'oga wi 
ngula ag&gaiiUo nluwe tile' Jebova; atila ife- 
nl&, Isk anyonli mpginba y*idnma« 

4 Owenja winIA; wog&gwi nluwe, g'qgwifll 
wi Abib. 

6 Be doanla go be jiiiginlio nluwe nk Je- 

EWOKJO 2^11. ft2t 

hova go nty^ ylkeneaoaii, nl'Ihitalty tfeVh^ 
moradt, nl'Ihaitait, nl'Ijii)asait) y'ai^gio nd^ 
gore ite^i sk^ go p& ntje yi pova nVambefilii 
ago ni'onlSmbe, M jany erilo zinla g'o^^tfli 

^(Ntyugu orogenlo nye mpemba yi ra yl pa 
duffia, ndo ntyugu y'orogwlo be dpanle ]itya# 
go gore JehoYa. ■ 

(7 Mpemba yi re l^T^n f5i yi ga nyo fft 
ntyugu, :ordgenlD^ i^^o tiipemba yi ldv& 
y^ay^alo gore we^ levSn ke y'ayffldo nla wd 
go wogo yfiii yodu, > 

8 Kk miez' oqwaEili wk ntyugu me iulej 
ndaga yinl& yi dendo g'ogwaDJa) ir'osaen 
ir'aIe][M}io nia Jehoma goie >mie,^W/agag1ri 
mie go Ijipt. < / 

Yi be doanla gore we elingiiio g'oga w6^ 
ni'oyongiiilio gw'adtysL m^, inl^ iiranga tiyi 
Jehova nyi ga loanle g^ogwanli w^; kanda 
nt'og^ wi nguluagigunlio WB nli Jehova ga 
Ijipt. . 

10 Ndo venjavenje ntyaii ylnla gw'e^ombe 
Bayoimpuma'Drimpuma* i 

11 Ndoi be. doanla go be bago.wS nle Jettora 
go ntye y'Ikexieanait, g& nt'arangie gooe. we, 
nla gore reri sa, ava yo, 

12 Ka pang' ea&xo! edu zi nungonl' iwufllu 
orunda gore* Jehova, nli njaii' edu yi nyama 
yi re nla we, inoffie si Jehova. 

13 Nlinjali' edu yi bom, landunla yo nFo* 

t£a i JXOIHJS. I 

^jtriiAmhe; nio jdga o IcmdanlA ^v) yi m&l' 
gtuila 70 6mp6li ; all njaii' edu y'oigwiiabflisa 
g^m awanJi wit anloffie kSi danduala ya 
. 14 Be doanla ja osiwanli ySi abamfaia anenlo 
nli mbanl' inle, ezande zinla? ka bulinlii^ 
bd^j T^ ngalvL Yo^'Bfgkgxmlw taame go Ij^t 
nvila go uago y^omgo. 

15 Ni'aroenli gw'a^iki Fereo tigai minne dic^ 
Uga^ be joule Jehova njali' edu go ntye yi 
Ijipt, avila go njaJi^ y'ogw^nlaga agenda go 
ny^AiS yi nyama ; yenla jira mie ntyago goro 
Jehova ez^m' eda zi nungaul' iwumu, nloffien; 
lido njflii' edu gore Awanli yam aaalojfi&e mi 
daadunla yo. 

.16 ILi be doanla elingUio g'og& wa, nli 
yeyangangowo gw'antya ma, kaude nli ngn^ 
)a y'ogd. agaganlio zirwe nle Jehova >go Ijiffit. 
I IT Ni'aroenli gw'arigi Fereo aalaga die* 
Dga, Anyambie e jtYite toanla irao nli mp^M 
nlSi yi ntye y'lfiUstan, ge yo v^agl pi^xi; 
kSmde Anyambie awnli nl3, anlaga wi veqdi 
oftta ja Vajenl' igivi a.'^ihlia go Ijipt* 

18 Ndo Anyambie wviiigwinl' anlaga nit 
mpAnlk ySg' vmio nyi mbeiole yatoniaikenla ; 
nl'«viVDdi awa' tri lare^l avUa go ntye yi 
Ijipt sinkd^nda s'igkvi. i 

. 19 Nraw^nfi Moses pa yi Jt>8iSf nla y£ ; 
klinde arangizi bv^ "wi lareel orango inl^'i 
giligili Anyambie ebe bia gore nlawe; kft 
teanlanli pi yam arila venla nl'anlawe. 

CM Nfaialmi vmo go Suk'Stli/arfamV oiako 
fi)' Jtham^ g^oeatnba wig* ivrfa. *' 

21 Ni'agSndi Jehova go bosye f&og^of&^^ 
^'iayenglt ny'eViiidi, go k^ndia wao |[o 
Wpltnlll ; nr<;)gir*a gw'mygng& ny^ogbnli gb 
pa wao ozange; ^ k^nda 4>f!laaida nr6gw€m. 

'is B tomV iaylfngft ny'etindi ofilandft, ^e 
'^iajiks^ iiy'ogottfi ogwfe^, go bosryo y'anlagri. 


'VTL'AGAMBI Jehova gore Mosed rnl^; ^^ 
•iM « W«iMnU* awa' w4 Isre«l inl«, wi ga 
.^itli^ aeyaiSL^' old^ s'wasM^^ nli Pm-h^al- 
^rStkf Jtfty4 MigdSl ntylt mbeale^ sisvtMwd Mi 
Beal-z^fon; zyambanlr'olako sw$awA iil^ y4> 
•C^iMSP&mba wi mbeQiie« 

\iS^ Ktodd F)efe0 ^ 1m kamim ^di|tv;aiQfja 
.'Vt'a'vm' wi I^e^l inl^, Vataganli go nty^igf 
ivolo ny'anlunji iw*ao. 

• 4 M%e j&Mzf^ orema Mi Ferto, k«t y^'M- 
ttJblssa wao, kit ml9 strnimlio va Fereo^ nH 
.itobeli yS yodu inlg, Ijipttan «o ga mie inl*, 
miS nle Jehova. Nralendi wao nlinlft. 

-S iirrawtilinlto og^ wi Ijipt inl^, atilaga 
y Ap0ri : nte be fwiz' orema Md F^eo ni^tiyd- 
Ago fie nl'eg^nlti gore anlaga, be bulla wao 
iiil€, oziiw' alendi y^nlli a^de, go %rg^ Isreel 
dubua gw*ijanji sazyo? 

« be kekiz^ Hfkyonle y^, nl'awaiigie anlagi 
we nla y6. 

tM £X03>UfiL/ i 

7 Nrawdngi^ nkama s'iatyaale .skat»i1dij6 wo- 
Va, nl'intyonle sodu si Ijiptt nli shzj^ ntya^ 
go utyonli edtu 

8 Nl'ayMizi Jehora orema wi Fereo oga iw^ 
Ijipt^ be kaiabize awa^ wi Isreel, nda awor' ^i 
Isreel w'agagwi nl'oga wi ngulu. 

Ndo Ijiptian s'agambizi wao ; iJ»Y9ild>fS<»du, 
nl'intyonle si Fereo nranlofile w'inkavala^ srH 
mb^ii ye ; nl'alengi wao wao g'olako g'oza^ 
mba wi mbenle/ baraba hii Pai-hehairoth,' 
swaswa nli Beal-K^foo. ' 

10 GVaruri Fereo piere, arombinU awa' ^i 
Jareel anty& mao, ndo von}^, Ijiptian s'awmgi 
wao ; be tia wao polo, nl'aroiikgi awa' wi Jst^ 
gore Jehoya, ^ 

11 Nl'awulinli wao Moses dnlS^ kand6 p^^a^ 
itonginlo go Ijipt, A?agi& zuwe go juwa gw%'' 
ivok ? osao' nde winla wi re we t:uwe desfcbk 
pa, go kagunlia zuwe go Ijipt? 

12 Igamba ny'awnlinli zuwe we go Ijipt ga 
nyinla, inle, riga zuwe fa go janjinl' Ijiptiui? 
K^de aroenli mbia yd zuwe janjinl' Ijiptiaiij 
aranga go juwa gw'ig' ivoio. 

13 Awulini Moses aniaga inl^, arianii, go- 
manlanli ka jenanl' isunginla si Jehovah si ii0 
teye nluwe nlenl^i winla: kande Ijiptian hi 
Jenlo nluwe nlSnla, anluwe be fi jmla w^. 
ny^nle du, !. 

14 Jehoya e be noenla nluwe, ndo anluwe 
m^, loanlanli dk. 


A6\ AmraliBii Jehora Mo9e9 inl^/ ande zi to- 
Bgi^fore mie ? gamba nl'aw^' wi Israel inl^^ 
wi ga gSndage. . 

.1^ Ndo ai¥^, rombinle nkSgu ya, kk ny&« 
njnial' oga yrk go mbeale. ayaranla yo, kd; 
awa' wi Isre^ piagaala go gaiegaxe y'anlinga 
go.Rtye.yakaka. . i i 

17 Ndo mig m'be jyiz' irema y'ljiptian, ka 
waa songa wao ; ndo mi be d^ng' enlami gore 
EpiroQ/iila go mbeli ye yodu, nla gw'intyonle 
s6, nla gw'anloffie w6 w'inkavala. 

18 li.k Ijiptiaa mia nl^, mie mle tTehova, go 
be idiSnga nie enlami gore Fer^o^ gw'intyo- 
nla M, Ala gw'anloSie w^ Wiinkavala* 

19 Ni'alubui enjSl y'Anyambig, y'agSndagl 
go bosyo yi tnbSU-yi LsreeU assonga go nyami 
yao ; lU'alubiii iny^n^ ny'evindi go bosyoc 
yao^ agamftola go nyumi yao. 

ftO Nl'a^ienli nyo ntya mb^li y'ljiptian: 
nfcySi mbeli yi Isreel ; nl'aroenli nyo evindi 
nU joipiri g4n^ waoi . ndo. ny'avangi ozange 
QStmra gore andngl einl^; nraroonr affi^ri: 
w'arwra piere nl'affi&ri ogw^ra wodu^ 

.8} Nranyanyunli Mosea ogkviQ go mbenle, 
ni'airiiilizi Jehova mbenle nli bob yi ngulu. 
ogwfoa me woda, arange mbenle ntye: yaka<^ 
ka, nl'ageranli anlingo. 

:a2 NFag^ndi awa' wi Isre^ go gare yi 
mibenle nli ntye yakaka,. nl'anlingp m'aroenli: 
gore wao ozira g^ogi oololBiie n)a g'oQyantw^.. 


226 MomjQ. 

23 Nl'agimlniz' Iji|»tiAU' asaiiga wak^ for gftte 
yi mbenlep inkayaJa fit F^reo 8odu» nl'lirtyoitki 
b6, ni'anloffie w6 w'inkavala. * '• 

24 Nrjbroenli gv/ipeaginia s'ibanga, J6hd>^a 
aTonli mbSU y'ljiptian gw'iny^nga ny'ogonli 
id'enadii nle be syug^ mb^li y'ljiptiaa. ^ ' 

25 Ni'arombiS intyonle gw'iatyoali sao, 
Ql'ayangi^ so kSnda diradbu, nrawuU !Qipti- 
an inle, aeuwe ga wangenli avila g'ofiyo wi 
Isreely kande Jehova e noeula wao nFIjip^ 

26 Nrawttlinli Jehora Moses iolS, nyilnyrtt- 
nl' oga wa go mbenleiy k& anlingo fwinlia 
gor' Ijiptian, gw'intyonie sao, nla gore aiibffie 
w'inkaTali sao. 

27 Ni'anyuiiyuali Moses og& wS go wbettie^ 
nl'awinli anlingo nli ngula gvir'arongwi oVa« 
nga, nl'awang' Ijiptian go dataiiia nl& mo,, 
ale be jiiize Jehova Ijiptian go gare yi mbe- 

26 Nrawinli anlingo avug' intyonle nl'mlo*. 
ffie w'inlutvala si mbeli yodu yi Fereo y'arongi 
wao go mbenle; ttganla du nl'drnftri. 

29 Ndo awa' wi Isre^l Vag^ndi nli ntye ya- 
kaka go gare yi mbealei ni'aroenli lUilingo. 
OEira gore wao, g'og^ onloflli^ nla g'onyft* 

30 YenlSi azung^nli Jehova Isre^l ntyu^ 
mS avila g'oga w'ljipttan; nl'ayenli IsioSL 
Ijiptian juwa p«i g'ozamba wi rnbenie* 

EwoNJo xy. iir 

.at lU'a^^wli breel ndftga mpa^ y'alendio 
nli Jehova gore Ijiptian, nle be ti' anlaga 
J^hiOYa, urayiyiri wao Jehova, nil nyongo jii 


BE jembe Moses nl'awa^wi Isre^l owembo 
wiaU gore Jehova, awulia nli& ; 
Whe jemba gore Jehova> k^ude nkefi 
nl'iketa sipolo : 
w Sjat^ala nl'ocoa hatamiula yoi o ffi'nyangi 

wao go mbenle. 
,8 Jehova nle ngula yam nl'owembo ^^m ; 

Atoenli ke ozunginlo warn; 
.:h Ay^ file Anyaiobie yam, m'Jbe muoainlie ; 

Anyambie ya reri yaniriii'be pendii^. 
'^ Jehova nle ,obi& .Vig&vi: ini nyS nle 

>i# IntgronJe fii Fefeo nli mbeli ye, afali waa 
go mhenle: 
Is&zy^ 9^ impinje s'adaminli go mbenle 
.>. yatoolataala. 
5 Oronga w^apugi wao ; 
TlPadamiixli go mbeole niye mpangiuU 
j# Qgi wa onloffii^ Jehova! w'ake^i nli 
ngulu : 
Og& w^ onloffiie, Jehova! wi re tukarukia 
pa iloViloti, 
7 Nli ngulu y'ipoftdi nk o fi&'ajUiai Ifeao 
v/anlongwi go «ioa nla wS : 

i28 SXOBUS. • 

O ffi*atoffii egutilu ss^, z'ayiliti wao g^adia- 

8 Nl'oijvrgi w'izyS^gunli yat anlingo m'ago-' 

mbianli mbora mo, 
Enlingo z*agumanli gore, mpanli ^^iko- 

nda; • 

Oronga w'ajStli go gate yi mbenle : 

9 01o?il6?i w'awuli nlS, m'be kSimbiza, 

m'be kota ; 
M'be kere ya yi mbao, ogaso warn wi be . 

jora nla wao ; 
M^be dura okwari warn, ogSl warn wi be 

jiliza wao. 

10 O fll'apunjinli nrompungi w^, apugo 

wao nli nibenli : 
Wadaffiinli ga syumbu gVaulingo ame- 

11 Mande q re ga wg, Jehova, gore inyfc- 

Mande o re ga we, nFenlumi gw'imepa, 
Ereria gw'izuminlio, janjag' isaon y'ima- 


12 O nyknjuiali ogk' wa onk)ffii^, affienlio 

wao nli ntye. 

13 O fii'ak&gdnli nli nkengk yk anlaga wi 

re w6 dandunla pa ; 
' O ffi'akgndi* wao nli nguln ySt ; gViloa* 
nlo nyk ny'orunda. 

14 Anlaga wi be ^Agk^ aria : 
Itataffiinla si be kot' anlaga wi Paleatina. 


15 Gutub^nle niaffii volo yi Idom yi be ja« 
geria nl'itia ; 
Nl'in|rultuigula yi Moab! itataminla si 
be kota wao ; 
' Anlaga wi Keneau waoda wi be jangi* 
• 16 Itia nFereria yi be kota wao ; 

Nli ngulu y'og§. wa wi be doanl' ifiiaffiu 

ga ido ; 
Kao mongi ya w'apiagahla, Jehoya ; 
Kao mongi ya w'apiaganla, wi re w^ 
kola pa. 
17 O be jinginlia wao, a^^nla wao go no« 
mba y'oyigo wit, 
Iloanlo nyi re w^ kekiza pa go doanla^ 

O Jehova ; 
Go nago y'oninda^ o Jehova^ yi re agd 
mk do?ia pa. 
. 18 Jehova e be pend' agenda go k&« 

19 K^nde nkavala yi Fereo y'ayingiilli 
go mbenle nl'iixtyonle s^» nl'anlojSle w'inkavaU 
^e, nl'aTinlizi Jehova anlingo mi mbenle gore, 
irao ; ndo awa' wi Isreel w'agendi nli ntye 
yakaka go gare yi mbenle, 

20 Nl'awongi Miriam, profit nyanto, ng&ma 
^ogk w^ ; nFazongio y^ nl'anto waodu nll- 
x^g^&ffia nroyinlo, 

21 Nl'azombio wao nli Miriam, inl^, 
Yembanli gore Jehovai kande akevi nl'i« 

keva sipok>; Nkavftla nfoSMi batormink jh, 
apungi wao go mbenle. 

22 NraVagi Mosec^ IsreM avila go mbenle 
yatenlatenla, nle be kSnda trao gVig' ivolo 
nyi Sytir; nrag^ndi ^ao Htyugtt irtyaro 
gw'ig' ivolo, w'aleng' anlingo. 

23 NraVienli wao go Mara, wi jAli^ jcmg' 
atilingo mi Mara^^k^nde m'airegagi nonle; 
yenia a?eiio mbora m^ inl^, Mara. 

24 Ni'alagi anlaga gore Moses inl^, assuwe 
be j5ng* ande ? 

25 Be tongg gore Jehova ; nl'araffiinlio ye 
erere nli Jehova, uFavinigie soo' gw'anHngo, 
nl'agalui anlingo onligi; ykvk avanginlie 
wao ntyale nrivanga, vStA kS alembic wao. 

26 Awulia nl^ j^ga o" m'apoganlio inyoi 
nyi Jehova Anyambi^ yd, ayanj^ omienle 
gVanty^ me, avoganlio iaombi s^, kd penja- 
▼enj' intyale 80 sodu, gambenle m'be iMige 
vunga m6ya gore nluwe, y'aVagio miS gore 
Ijiptlan ; kdnde mig nle Jehova yi iohzk. 

37 Nratienli wao go Ilini, ndo v&vd av«« 
gagi olambanli wi vero y'anlingo, nVagoiBi 
tii'ayila orbgenlo; nl'avangi wao olako v^vdT 
g'ozamba w'anlingo. 


NL'ALUBUI wao go Him, nl'aVienli nfefc- 
nd^ y'awa' wi laredl yoda gw'ig' ivdio 
ayi Sin, nyi re iityd Him nty& Sainai, go 


ntfuga y'igopLi nrli tityanU y'ogwffli wi mba* 
Bli> vmci dabua pa go ntye ji Ijipt« 

2 Nl'alagalagi nkand4 y'awa' wi IcrfeSl yodu 
gore Moses nla gore Er&n gw'ig' irdlo : 

A Nt'awuli awa' wi Isfeel gote wao inl^, 
iAt& assuw' ayuwe nVi^ wi JeboTa go ntye 
yi Ijipt, gw'aloanlagi zuwe g'ozamba wi 
niyuaala y'izyoale, gw'aayagi snwe inpSmba 
ayora ; k&nde anlaw' a^agi zniwe gw'ig' ivo- 
lojiyinl&^go jimlize nkka^i yinl^ yodu nli 

4 Nrawalinli Jehova Moses inl^, vonla, m'be 
11^20 mpemba' gore&lawe avila g'orowa ; k& 
anlagiEt kStgwa go bonginlie ny^wd. ntyugii 
edu; go demba wao, jagd, wi be kanganla 
Kil'intyali sam, ge nyawe. 

5 Be toa, go ntyaga y Wo?a ka wao kekiz0 
ya yi bago wao; nl'ibunla Dy(5ng& mbanli 
naganlo nli ya yi b^nginlio wao ntyuga edii« 

6 Nl'awuli Moses nli Er<5n gore awa' wi 
Isre^I wabdu inle, nkolu k& miagaganF inlS, 
Jehova' are kftganlia pa nluwe go ntye yi 


7 Ni'ibanga anluwebe jenla ipenda si Jeho^ 
va: kknde e }kgk olagalago wanli gore Jebo- 
v«: ndo a2awe mande, go dagalaga nlaw« 
gore zuwe ? 

4» ^rawuli Meses inl^', i&gk Jehoiva ap^ 
nluwe nkolu izyonli yi nyo, nli mpSmba iba* 
lif» go jwusa; klmde lehjova are jftgli p'ola* 

238 ;. fiXODUS. : 

galago nrlanli vfi dago nluwe 'gote yi i flMb 
azuwe maode ) ilagaiago yanli yi a^yelargMB 
Z6ivre, ndo gore Jehova. 

9 M'agambi Moses gofe Eron inle, wnlinlie 
nk^nd^ y'awa' wi Isreeil yodn inlQ, syusyai^ 
g'ozyo wi Jehora : /kaode are j§,ga p'ilagalaBjo 

. 10 NFaroemli gw'agambi Eron gore nkandit 
y'awa' wi Lsre^l yodu, avonli wao -gw^igf 
ivolo; ndo Yonla, ipenda si Jehova s'awowuati 

11 Nragambi Jehova gore Moses inlS» 

12 Mi ajiigio ilagaiago y'awa' wi.Isre^; 
wulinlia wao inl^, nkolu aBluwe be nya izsjn^ 
nle, nribanga anlawe be jora nli mpemba^: 
k^ mianli inl^, mie file Jehovia AnyambiS 

13 Nl'aroenli nkolu avandi kombasyanli, 
ayambinla olako ; nl'lbiaDga aroenii ompendbe 
inbeli Tm^Qiringo^ . 

14 Nl'avandi omp^mbe w'aYagagl gd iity«( 
Tonla, g'ozyo w'i^ irolo aroenii o^wtfiou^Hya 
w'ompinga, nl'ikonga ga igwanla ny'Anjfia^ 
mbie liyi'doanla go.niy»« > 

Ifi Gw'ayanlio m> nl'awa' wi IraeeU iw'awuM 
wao nla wao inliS, mey& ma«a: kliiideiwi 
mi' ez4ma. Nl'awulinlio wao nle Moma ial^ 
jrini^ file mpemba y'a{K> nluwe nli Jjehora fo 

16 Yialit nlendagA yi r8.Jahova.mmbifk|>pi} 

EWONJO xvi. %n 

wSdoginliMili yo <hb! eda ya nyenJi ye ; omtir 

mkxi gote om' edu eg&lanli zi ntango yi menlil 

yaali; wonganli om'edu ya wi re g'olako 


.17 Nl'alendi awa' wi IsreSl yenl^, a^^m^i. 

niia, aw^wa nyenge, aw^wa ny^wa. 

18 Gw'aggnlizi wao yo g'omer, ay6 o w6» 
•^inli nyenge e piaganla, nPay^ o wongioli 
nye w^ e noka : w'awonginli om' eda ya nyt^ 
nJi y^- 

. 19 Awuli Moses inlS, y'a^iiio nroma ya 

20 Ndo wi jdginlo Moses; ndo awewl^ 
w'aVili yo bunya, be janla yo igu ayang' 
oinpunla : be bendinlo wao nli Moses. 

21 Wawonginliagi yo bangi edu, oai! eda 
rk nyeoli ye ; ndo . j'StqwiSi w'abamba polo, 
Je4 yo janginlia. 

. 22 Ni'aroenli, go ntyugu y'oro^a w'aguvd- 
nli mpSmba nyonga mbanli yiaganlo, cHonSf 
nbanli y'iim' oOkkri ; nratiesidi aol^ro wi uk&« 
nia waoda Makilia gore? Mo^es. 
: as fNl'awulinlie wao iaie, yinla nle ndagu 
y^Awulio inle, menle nle ijawa si sy&nli 
f-dronda gore Jehoya: yikanli nte be pikft 
tiluwe, ka nambanli nte be namba nluwe; 
ado^yi be tiganla f ilianli yo y& ibanga. 
^f[4 N^a^ili wiao jo y4'ibaoga, ga nfaaombi 
Moses : ndo yi prng^ ompimla, ge janl' iga. 
26 Be bulie Moses inlS, nyanli meyii nl^ 

184 ^ £x<»ms. • 

felA, k&nde nl^allt winlft sytftnldi gow Jehora: 
kknde nleali anl-awe be dingnyo g'taore. 

16 Wdnginliaganli ntyugu orota, ndo ntj^ 
gu y'orSgenlo, yi syank, go yo yi be doanla. 

27 NrareenU go ntyugu y'ordgenlo agag« 
wi anlag' aw^w& go bdnglnlia^ ndo irt 
dliiga. ' I 

48 Nl'awuHnli Jehova Moses inU, olingo fiS 
Wi be bika nluwe penjavenj' isombi sain 
nl'ampangi mam. 

-29 Yenlanti, gw^avenli Jefaora nlnwe &yt- 
nlSi, yenla pe nluwe go ntyugu y'oroVa mp5* 
mba yi ntyugu mbanli; loanlanli om' edu go 
mbori y^j alobu' oma go mbori yg go ntyugu 

90 &e jaw' anlaga go ntyugu y'or^genlo. 

81 NraVelio yo nli nago yi Israel inle, maaa^ 
y'avegagi ga oijwalonda wi koriander pupa^ 
3^'aTegagi g'ogwania ga oi|wMega pongo pa 

AB. Nrawali Moses inlg, yin'14 nle ndaga 
y'azombio nli Jehova, yonlie oim^c^ai ya ga 
ponjavenjo gw'imbainba nlHmbambi sanli; 
k& wao jenle mp^mba, y'anyeai mi^ nluwv 
f w'ig' ivolo, gVag&gunli mi8 nluwe go ntye 

?t IJipk. 

88 Awutinli Moses Eron inl^, wonge ntyrau 
ilia kit fela go yo omer ralid nli raana^kii 
dottia yo g'oKyo wi Jefao^ra go panjamnjd 
gw'imbamba nl'imbambi aanlL : w 


.34 d^a iit'azombi Jehora Mcxies yi^nld aloi 
ti Erttn yo g'cwyo w'Elinginlio go pe«q^ 
85 Nranyenli awa' wi Isre^l mana agoicd 
m'impum' anlai, kao atienli wao go ntye yi 
r'anlaga, w'anyenii mana, kao a^ieuli urad 
g^ozamba wi ntye yi Kenean. 
-36 Ndo om*r nle «yar* efKStri gw^igomi nyi 
jtareyi^fa, '< 


NUALUBUI nkdnda y'awa^ wi IsreSl 
yodu gViga nyi Sin, gVikdndi sao, 
nl'ozombio wi Jehova, azyamV olako g^ 
Bdfidim : ndo vdva p^gag' anlingo mi jongo 

^ Be joffianl' aniaga nli Moses, awulia nle, 
T3a zttw' anlingo mi jonga. Nl'awnlinlio wao 
nto Moses iniS, Anlnwe jofiianla nla mi^ 
ande ? ezandid zi demb' anluwe J^itova ? > 
i9 Be koto anlaga r&vk nresyove z'ablingo; 
nl'alagalagi aniaga gore Moses, osao' nde wi^ 
iil& w'ag^gunlill znwe go Ijipt, go jontiia 
mwe nl'awanli wazyo^ nli vnginli yaajrtf 
oi'esyove? ^a 

4 Be tonge Moses gore Jehova inIS, mi ga 
lende ȣ goM xMiiaga winla? 'W'atoenli pite4 
gor pottgta mi^ ado. ^ 

5 Awulinli Jebova Moses inl^, gendaga go 
bcMsyo y'anlaga^ ki boa^ nla^w^ antetS wi 

%H Exodus. , 

late^l: uli nk&gu y& /awolio ndk g'oUvi, 
wonge yo g'og& wS, ka k^ndaga. . ^ 

6 Vonla, mi kumanla g'ozyo wa vava gw'ido 
Hyi Hor^b ; kk boP ido, go nyo be k2igv' 
imlingo, kli anlaga j^nga. NFalendi Mo^qs 
nlanld. gw'anty^ m'anlero wi Isre^. 

7 Nl'aTetiS mbora mS ina inle, Ma^a, nli 
M eriba, g^oijwanja w'ijomanla s'awa' i^ Is- 
reSl, nla g'oqwanja w'alembi wao Jehova, 
inl^, Jehova are gore zuwe, mbe azyele ? 

8 Nl'a^ienli Amel^k go noa nli Isreel jgp 
Refidim. / 

. 9 Nl'awttlinli Moses Josyuo inle, vinjimft 
znwe anloffie, kk kagwa go noa nil Ajael^ : 
mSnle m'be kamahla gvv'igonlo nyi nomba; 
nli nkagu y'AnyambiS g'ogSt warn. 

10 NFalendi Josyul9 ga nt'awulinlio y^ nl8 
Moses, atiloenlie nli Aiiielek, ndo Moses nli 
Er^ nil Hur w'avandi gw'igonlo nyi nombaL 

11 Nl'aroenli gw'arombinli Mdses og& we, 
afQTi Isreel, ndo gw'azyonliS og^ WS, ageTi 

. 12 Ndo agSi mi Moses m'agetinliS ; nl'awti^ 
Bgi wao ido azoliza nyo gore ye, aloanlie go 
nyo; nl'azimbio aga me nli Eron nli Hur, 
mnla ofil&n, wiiilSi offi&ri, nFaroenli ag^ lu^ 
ketidekende, agenda gw'avoswi nkombe. ^ 
18 Nl'agevi JSsyue Amelak nli mongi yiJ, 
i 14 AwiUinli Jehova Moses inle, rSnda ndf^ 

EwoNjo xym. ist 

^nllt gw'ezango rk oyonginlio, kd kazanlil 
fo g\^B,roi mi Jbsjae; kd.iide giligili m'b^ 
syaz' oyonginlio wi Amelek avila go nif^ 

Iff Be noge Moses mbora y'ijirinya avSia yo 
nl^, Jehova ntyangi yam. 

16 Nl'awulie ini^, kande Jehova are tsnga 
p'orango inl^, Jehova e be noa nli AmeUil 

gw'imbamba nl'imbamba. 

' ■ • • • 


NL'AYAGIO Jithro, minisg yi Midian, 
rere-ogai yi Moses, isaon yoda y'alendio 
ni'A4y£inibie gore Moses, nla gore Isreel anlagt 
we, inl^, Jehova agagunli Isreel 'go Jjipt ; 

2 Be bonge Jithro, rere-og&i yi Moses, Zipo* 
ray'offianto wi Moses, ay@ fwinlise pa, 

3 Nl'awp'iiloffie we atanli ; ina ny'offiari nle 
G^rsyom ; k^nde awuli nle, mi avegagi oge» 
iida go nyte y'inganli ; 

4 Ina ny'offiari nle Iliezar; kdnde Anya^ 
mbiS ya reri yam avegagi onlungunli wam| 
aaunginla mie avila g'okwara wi Fer^ : 

5 Nl'aVienli Jithro, rere-ogai yi Mosesj 
nl^awanloffie w3, nl'offiant' we, gore Mosesi 
gyr^i^ ivolo, gw'avegagi yS g'olakn g'ozamba 
wi nomba y'AnyambiS. ; 
SaNrawulinlie! Moses inl^ mie rere^ogdi yd 
Jithro, mi abia gore we, nl'offiant' wd, nl'awa* 
iiloQIe w^ aVanli. 

^y lil'ag^i Modes go dataiUa vHi wce^gU 
yHj alem\mi^f iizamb^, ft^ambiaoali wfto wakk 
niAOt nrayiaginli \rao g'olako. i. 

8 Arakili Moses gore rere-ogai y^ isaoi^ yo^ 
dtt y'aleadio gore Fereo^ nla gor' Ijiptian gw'i- 
nyanga nyi Isreel; njelinli yodu y'l^foeiKJA 
gon wao go xnp&nla, nla ut'azungialio wso 

9 Ni'ayenli Jithro mbia g'oijwanjai w'ambia 
inodu m'alendio nle Jehova gore Isreel, y'azu- 
nginlio nde avila g^og& w^Ijiptian. 

10 Nrawuli Jitheo ial^^ ozaVinlo gor^ J«. 
bo^*') yi ve Hunginla p'anluwe avila g^(^i 
Ifr'Ijiptian, nl'Avila g'og& wi Fereo ; yi re 
sunginla p'anlaga avila g'og& w'Ijiptia>Eu ' 

11 Yeala mi amienli nle, Anyambi^ v' 
ompolo viaganlo nranyambi^ sodu; k&nda 
go ndaga y 'aYegagl wao nl'odaadoy avegagi 
viaganlo nla wao. 

12 Nl'awongi Jithro, rere-og^ yi Mobu^ 
tffr^ge ntyago yi pezyo ayira yo gore Anya- 
mbi^: nl'aVienli Er^, nFanl^ro wi iBxeUSk 
waodu, go nye mpemba nli rere-ogai yi Monft 
g^osyo w'Anyambie. 

13 Nl'aroenli buny' ibanga, aloanli Mosit 
#R go j^kSli' anlaga: be kumanl' aniagt 
gore Moses avil' ibanga agSnde nkolu. 

.14 GVayenli reire*ogki yi Moses ayeal' 
isaon y'alendio nde gore anlaf a yodu, awnli 
nlS, ezande zinla zi dendo nAk gore andagat 


■d komaQlib gore we avU' ibanga a^udf 
akolu? . M 

15 Nl'awulinli Moses rere-og^i y^ inle, koir 
dde anlafga wi bia gore Hii^ go bambia g^p- 
Jiwaoja w'Anyambie. 

.16 Ji^a w^adoanla nl'igamki, m bia g0])9 
mie ; ka lui^ jek^lia ntya winla ntyk wln}4l 
ka sue panga wao mia iirtyale si Jehova 
nrampangi inS. . 

17 Awuli rer8«ag&i yi Moses awalinUe iali^, 
BiUga yi dendo nd^ yi zyele mbia. 
; 18 O be konga giligili, awi^, nFaQlaga ^U 
Ilia wi re nla we : kande ndaga yinla yi m 
jjila genre w^; o zye ngulu yi janja yo aweme 

19 Vopuilio inyoi nyam Tenla^ m'be tem^ 
ni&^ ka Anyambi^ doanla zU.a w3 ; o be dw- 
nla gore anlaga gw'inyanga ny'Anyambi^i 
ka bagaga izyazyk gore Anyambi^. 

20 Ka nenja wao intyale nrampanga, amie* 
«» updnla yi be k^ado wao, ^rijanja »i b| 
lanjo wao. ■ ' ^ 

21 Ndo aw^y wuta gore anlaga wapdu anlag! 
BBiagie^ wi tia AnyambiS^ anloffie w^omi^- 
nUf, wi bik' ogasyo w'anliva; k& dotia wat 
gere wao^ iagawS s'intauaao, jd'uig&we a'if 
nkama, nringawS s'agomi atanli, nl'inga^^ 

22 Kft wao jak^' anlaga egonibo zodii { 

i4d EXODUS.- 

kk doltnta, mpnngu mpolo edu, kd wao bagi 
yo gore wS; ndo mpmiga nyaii>go edu, ki 
wao jSkelia yo : k^ doanle d^la gore we^ lk& 

23 Ja ffi'adende ndaga yinl^^ ka Anyambk 
sombi^, gambe o aj&Iie sindinla, nFanlagil 
winla waodu vri be kSnda go mbori yao nlV 

24 Nl'aydgio Moses inyoi nya r^:6-ogai y^ 
alendie ntaga y'awulie yodu. 

. 25 Nl'avinji Moses anjag' anlagie go Isveel 
yodu, alotia wao go wonjo y'anlaga; ingawK 
sintausen, ingdiw^ s'inkama, ingawe s'agomi 
atabli, nl'ing&w^ s'agomi. 
<26 Nl'ayekeliagi wao anlaga egombe zoda:. 
w'at'iagagi nli ndaga njaie gore Moses ; ndo,. 
ndaga nyango, ksl wao j^kelia yo waoffie. 

27 Nra^inlizi Moses rere-og£d ye, be kende 
go ntye yS. 


p 'OGWELI w'araro, awa' wi Isrefel dobiia 
vX pa go ntye yi Ijipt, ntyugu m^mo a^ie^ 
fdi wao gw'ig' ivolo nyi Sainai. 

t Nl'alnbui wao go R^fidim be bia woo 
gw'iga nyi Sainai, azyamb' olako gw'ig' ivok>; 
r&v& azyambi Isie^l olako swaswa nli imk 

3 Nl'avandi Moses gore Anyambie, at^elia 
yi nli J^uiv% avila go nomba^^awulinlie inUf, 


w«ilinlie nago yi JekSb, kit kamba nVawa* 
vrl IsreSl inlS ; 

4 Anluw' ayenli nt*alendi mi€ Ijiptian, aroa- 
nla nluwe gw'ampava mi ngwanySinlii at'agi 
nluwe gore mieme. 

5 Ndo venla sambo ja nluw' aj4glL inyoi 
nyam giligili, avenjavenje njeki yam gambS- 
nle anlawe be doanla gore mig inliva ny*ore* 
ma riaganlo nl'anlaga waodu; kinde elifa 
zodu zam. 

6 Anlnwe be doanla gore mie inKngft 
ny'iminise, anlaga w'otunda. Agamba minlk 
mo be kambo nda gore awa* wi IsreSl. 

7 NFaVienli Moses aVeliz' anlerlS w'anlaga, 
arakilia gw'azyo mao agamba minl& modu 
ift'ybsiombio ye nle Jehova.^; 

8 Nrayiviri anlaga waoda nyongft. mo, awu- 
lia nl^, ntaga y'agambi Jehova yodu, azuwe 
be denda nl^nla. Nra?inlizi Moses agamba 
m' anlaga gore Jehova. 

9 Nrawulinli Jehova Moses ini^, vonla, mi 
Ma gore w6 gwtevindi zavi&vi& iri^, anlaga\ 
wi ga ykgk go be kamba mie nla w^^ kSt wao 
jivira egombe zodu. Urarakili Moses gore 
J^ova agamba m'anlaga. 

10 Nl'awulinli Jehova Moses inlfi, gSnda 
gore anlaga, kk jambunlia wao nlSnlSt winllt 
nli menl6, ka wao jovunla inlambi yao. 

il Kk doanlanli kekiza pa go ntyuga yi 
ntyaro ; k&nde go ntyngu yi ntyaro be sami* 


^42 £XOI>W& 

nle Jehova, sfVaAtya m'anlaga waoda go no- 
mba yi Sainai. 

12 Ka pange nkumba gore anlaga.^ingofi- 
IgOy inl^, tandaminlanr ikuwi yaulime, ara- 
ndanli go nomba, ge bwata yo; cm' edu o 
lywate nomba e ga yonlo. 

13 Y'atato nl'og&y e vende pnngo ado, ntya 
toffio pakfts& ; atoe nyama mbia, oqwSurilagii 
mbia, z'arc^la du : Ja orSimblt w'atong' oliag' 
ola, ka wao panda go nomba. 

14 Nl'azuminli Moses avila go nomba age- 
nda gore anlaga, aySimbunUe wao, ayoTunli 
wao inlambi yao. 

15 Awnlinlie anlaga inlS, loanlanli kekiza pa 
go ntyi^fu yi ntyaro, ka agtianli anto waiili. 

16 Nl'aroenli ntyuga yi ntyaro, be kamba 
injalitof^a nranamingwembolo, nl'atienli evi- 
ndi z'ayi&yidL go nomba, nl'arongi' (Nrimbft 
nl'inyo' ivolo, be tataminl' anlaga waodu 
Vavegagi g'olako. 

17 M'agSigunli Moses anleiiga g'oli&o go 
datanla nl'Anyambie; nVagumanli wao go 
ntye yi nomba. 

18 NFaroenli nomba yi Sainai yodudu otot^i 
orevo, k&nde Jehova azuminli go yo g'ogoali, 
nPaTandi otutu g'otutu w'elongo, nl'azyn- 
gazjTUgi nomba yodu polo. 

19 GVarong' inyoi ny'or^ba oling' 61A| 
avende mp^adaffa, be kambe Moses, ayiyirio 
ye nl'AnyambiS nl'inyoL 

EWOffiTO XX. i4a 

AO Awiinmli Xehara go mmbek yi Swiiia, 
gw'ig^ilo nji Bomba, nl'a^^eli Jel^Ta Mmm 
gw'igmilo nyi nomba, be panda Moms. 

21 Nrawulinli Jehova Moses in!^, znmiiila 
k& aamU' aniair^ wl T^ande jmaswa goie Je- 
hova agariar k& aw^nge gore wao jila. 

iii Kk iamiiBej si syusya piSre gore Jehora, 
jray&mbmiliay Jehoya e veiide jiliM wao. 
. 28 . Be buliBlie Moees Jehova inle, aulaga 
w'avandize go nomba yi Sainai, kanda o 
Mmbi 9uwe inlS, vangaoiU nkmaba lumba 
vingovingo, ka panganli y'oruada. 

24 Be bulinlio ye nle Jehova inle» oka, 
zumiula ka fk panda, awe nli Eron; k& 
ioiiiitfte nPanlaga w'avuzwa go panda gore 

. Jehoira» e v^&dejiliza wao. 

25 Asmninli Moses gore anlaga^ agambiitf 


NUAGAMBI Anyambi« agmba minl^ 
modui inl^ ; > 

2 Mi£ nle Jehova Anyambi^ y^ yag&gnr 
Aliit jgQ ntye yi Ijipt, avila g9 nago y'orago« 

3 Aloanla nranyambie siny^nle g'ozyo wanu 
. 4 Aviinfini' oku' wame oganla> g'eg^abli 

jf^0g^\edu zixe g'orowa gw'igonk), ge si re 
go ntyoy ge zi re gw'anlingo mi re g'odoloqgo 
wi ntye. 
5 Almibinla yo» ge savinla yo: ktode ikiie 

244 EXCHW& 

JehoYa Anyambie y&, mie AnyaubiS yi jgo- 
ndiy yi bag' ibe s'ii^re gore Brwanla v& mbamba 
nli mbamba yi ntyaranla yi nai, gorewaoiKri 

6 Aruminlie nkengit^goTe siBtausen vfi tonda 
mie, nli penjayenj' ampangi' mam. • \ 

7 Areta ina nyi Jehoya Anyambii^ ft tSi 
nyawenyaw^ : , kande Jehova Anyambie yA 
arige yS ogara f o o t^ta ini nyS Yk nyawi^* 
nyawe. • ' 

8 YoQginlia owenja m sydnld, go panga wo 

9 NtjTUgu (xrota kib janja, k& m^lizf erito 
tk zodu. 

10 Ndo ntyugu y'orogenk), sy&nlli yi Jeholm 
Anyambie ya; go ya myany evtto edti, nlli 
w6, ge nl'ogwaiili y& onlofiie, ge oi|wa(iili yA 
offianto, ge nyongo yk noffie, ge nyongo yA 
nyanto, ge vuginli y&, ge ogendi wA wi re go 
nag' wa : 

11 E&nd6 va ntyugu .oio%a avaogi Jeboira 
orowa nli ntye, mbenle, nl'ezAm' edu sive go 
yo, ayAw^ go ntyuga y'ordgealo: yenlA' ai^tt 
nli Jehova ntyi^igu y'ordgenlo, avanga yo 

12 Lube reri yA nli ng^ yft : ka intyugu fA 
daya go ntye yi po wi^ nli Jehoya AnyambiS 

IZ Ayonl' oma. - ^ 

14 Ay^ng' offianto winganli. 

rl7 Ai^Qgtnk nago y'ogaiiganlo :^, ardngi* 
nV offianto w'oganganlo w^, ge nyongo y^ 
ftbffie, ge nyongo y8 nyanto, ge nyare yg, 
ge buru yg, g'ezam' edu z'oganganlo wli. 

18 Be jenl' anlaga waodu injalitota, nPan^- 
iningwembolo, nrinyoi ny'orSimbd, nli nomba 
ralie nl'otata : gw'ayenli anlaga w'arataminli 
agumanla datadatiS. 

19 Awulinli wao Moses inlS, gamb' awg 
nl'azuwe, kk zuwe jaga, ndo Anyambi^ ago- 
mba nla zuwe, azuwe vende juwa* 

20 Awulinli Moses anlaga inl^, ananli, kSt- 
nde Anyambie abia go demba nluwe, inle, iti 
86 si ga loanle gw'azyo manli, ka nluw' ayo- 
Aje mbe. 

. 21 Agumanll anlaga da?ada?ie, be synsye 

Moses go mpiri ya dSt^adSita y'avegagi 


. 22 Awulinli Jehora Moses inl^, yenl^ be 

bulinli^ awa' wi IsreSl inl^, aniuw' ajenli 

mi kamba nVanluwe avila g'orowa. 

23 Avanganli nla mie anyambie si sSiI^wkl^, 
ge panginla nluwemS anyanbi^ si syika ya- 

24 Yanginlanli miS dlt^r y'irM k^ jiranli go 
yo ntyago yi pezyo, nl'intyago sk saffiSnjS, 
nVadJimbe m&, nl'inyare sk ; go mbori edu yi 
fela mie ini nyam mi bia gore we, go sayinlli. 

25 Ja ffi'apanginla mig klt^r y'ado^ anlof a 
yo nFado mi mpanUgo; klUide j& 4l'atom1ii. 
nl' oqwangi w& go yo gamb&ile o ft'&fdviza 

26 Avmida nli mpandinio go &ki yam, oMa 
*w& wi Tende jenlo go yo. 




INKOGO si SolomSn, 
Ojjwa' wi Devid, oga wi Isre^l; 

2 Go kotiz' imia nl'orevunlo, 
Go jeal' agamba m'ikotiza ; 

3 Go bSng' orevualo w'imiai 
Ogiligiliy ij^k^ia, nl'ogore. 

4 Go p'iteffiu avonlo, 

Groie oi|waiilpffi9 imia jxVckelU 

5 Oma w'imia e be jaga agund' inSngai 
Ni'oma w'ikotiza e be d^ng* orevunlo w'i. 


6 Go kotize nkogo nribengunla sa yo, 
Agamba m'anlaga w'imia nFewiri^ zao. 

7 Itia si Jehova so nle ipakilia s'imia ; 
Ndo imia nrorevuulo yo pedio nle daajni, 

8 Oig' wami, ySigA orevunlo wa reri yk; 
HA Mtg' ivanga nyi ngi ya : 

9 Ednde mi be doanl' okorue w' eranga gw'e- 

w<M\jo za« 
M'impanga g'ompeli w^. 
10 Oi|' wami, j&ga ave Vasyftria, ayiTim. 


11 Ja w'abulia nlS, yogo nl'azae, 
Azue ga;p0yis&e:iit7Uila, 

•Azue ga venginle ntyiria mpdng& fo 
om' are mbeffii : 

12 Azue ga m^ule wao ho ga oronginlo : 
Nla ro, ga wao wi suminla gw'ivemba: 

13 Azue be denge yama via yodu, 
Ayonlie nago sanyo nl'ijSianlo; 

14 Lita nla zue g'ozamb' omo. 
Azue ga loaule nli puka mo. 

15 Oq' wjamiy agenda go mpStnla nla wad ; 
Rendie ntyozyo ya go mpanla yao: 

16 K^nde intyozyo sao si pule mango gw'ibe, 
AnlSgiza go povize ntyinla : 

17 — ^R6ti mondo yi puro gw'antya mi nya- 

nli edu vk nyawe : — 

18 Ndo wi syate ntyinli yaom^ ; 

Wi penginla nty&ria ffienla yaom^. 

19 Yenla re om' edu o kw6r' ifiianio, 

Nyi tpmV emenl^ z'oma m^ o nivi nyo. 

20 Imia si tonga gw^igala^ 

Si kStgunl' inyoi nye gw'impJLnl^. ; 

21 Si tonga gw'imbor' impolo s'idatanlo ; 
Gw'inungunla s'agugi m'igala ; 

Go nka' mpolo si kStgunli' agambi me. 

22 Olingo sanli wi re nlue, iteffiu, go t^nda 

ipikilia sHteffiu, 
Nli mongi tSiwa tondia ikui yaomS nl'i- 

Nli ddsyubik' imia? 

BWG)NK> L 249 

23 Galuanli nritevunli sam ; 

Vonlanli, mbe jir* inlinli nyam gore nlue, 
M'be mieza nlue agambi mam. 

24 Kknde mi a^eli, nl'anlue jmra ; 
Mi av^i ogk warn, ndo nak' oma. 

25 Ndo anlu' atomV imond^ sam ; 
Nrorevunlo warn mlvC agami wo ; 

26 Mie, m'be j^le njuke yanii ; 
M'be sy^Iia go be bia iti' sanli ; 

27 Go be bia iti' sanli g'etambangonja, 

. Nia go be bia ijiliei sanli g'efizagenge ; 
Go be bie njuke nl'azymgo gore nlue. 

28 Sambo wi be fwelia mtS» ndo m'be jivira; 
Wi be buta mie ^yenjinla, ndo wi be de- 

nga miS. 

29 ESinde w'anlumV imia^ 
Wi tdnda k'iiia si Jehova ; 

30 Wi bik' imondSi sam ; 
W'av8di ke irevunlo yam yodu. 

31 Sambo wi ga ny^ilonda y'imp&nl& sao ; 
Ayoraga nFipivi isEto. 

32 K&nde nkegwinli y'iteffiu yi be jonliza 

Ni'oteffiu wi d&sya wi be jiliza wao. 

33 Ndo om' edu o poganlio mi^, e be doanla 

inaka f^, 
E be doanla du^re gw'itia si njuke. 

ttfft SOiKOaO. 


OW wami, j& m'ab^ng' agambi mam, 
Ayumbmnl' isombi sam gore 'w^, 

2 Inle, o poganli' <»oi wa gw'imia., 
Alaffiini' or^mi w& gVikoiiza ; 

3 I, j& ffi'afwelia imia^ 

Nli tombml' iayoi nyk f 'ikotiaa ; 

4 Ja m'abnta bo ga i^ika yapupu^ 

Nli pazya sa g'anliva mi re jumbiinlo pa,^ 

5 Gambe&k o be kotiz' itia si Jebova, " 
Aleng' imia s'Aiiyambi^. 

6 K&nde Jehova ayS p'iHiia, 
G'ogwanli wS k&gw' imia nrikotiza 

7 E piginl' avia onlungunlo, 

Aye nguta gore wao vri k^nda gore* 

8 E penjavenj' imp&nlSts'ij^^Ua, 
Atandaminle mpSlnla y'anlagi we al^ia. 

9 Gambeale o be kotiz' oreti ij^^lia, 
Ogere— mpanla edii mbia. 

10 Go be jinginF imia g^cnaSmi wit, 
Atoanle mienit onligi gw^ioiinU nya ; ' 

11 Avonlo mi be bandaminl^ 
Ikotiza si be penjavenji; 

l£ Go tMEibli go mp4iilli y'ibe, 
Gore omSi sapilia 

13 Wi tig' impdinli s'ogore ; 

Go kenda gw'imp^nla si mpiri ; 

14 Wi t^nde janj' ibe 

Arondiag' ikui yaom^ nl'isapilia sibe. 

EWOStm HI. Jfflr 

Id Iiiip4iil& MQ si ra f egft, 

Ka wao wi feyiz' impanli sao ; 

16 Go tomba gor' eVoVe, 

Gror' i^Uia^ ofSnda o d&ndldia nragambi 

17 tige ndego y'eromba zS 
Aletajde njeka y'AnyambiS y& 

18 E&nde nag' wS yi daminla ^ijuwa, 
Nrimp&nl& se u iummla go hmde. 

19 Atmliz' OI11& k&ida gore ye, 
Wi b&dgiza k'iaQpiiiil4 s'efiie]il&. 

20 Jjoie^ o ga gende 90 .mp&nla y'anlag' atia, 
Av^avenj' impd^nla Vanlaga w'areti^ 

21 Elinde mongi w'or^ti wi be doaala go 

Nl'anlaga w'ogore wi be tiganla go yo. 

22 Ndo aniag' are wi be t&olo go ntye, 
Nrigandi yi be todunlo go yo. 


OU ' wami, aleVanF ivangi nyam ; 
Kit oremi wdr peiijarenj' isembi sam ; 

2 £d,nde nla so, ndavinli y'intyagu ni'impu- 

i ma y'efiienl&, ^ 

NFafiienj^ mi be kuiulo gore w^ 

3 Nkengd. nForeti w'angd ; 
Grorinla wo g'ompele w&, 
Benda yo gw'ezango z'oremi w4. 

4 Yenl& be d^ngd, m^inlo nl'iboffift 
Gw'antyk m'iUiyambiS nFaalagai 


6 Tekelia AnyamhLS nroreim w4< ^fiNda 'T 
Kk at^kelia ikotizi sStmS. 

6 Gw'ijanji sSl soda mSme, *: 
Gamb^nle e be tevk impanl4 nk sodu. 

7 Aloanla nrimia gw'antya mamS ; 
Riage Jehova, ka tSndia ibe. 

8 Yo be doanl' ogandaga gx)ganji wkj < 
Nil ntyamb^ go pi ya. 

9 Lirie Jehova nl'anliri m^, 
Nrinyenli sa idonga 6odu : 

10 Yenla be jonlio inago s^ s'inya nl'ibunla, 
Nrakata mk mi be povaga nVivS iny^nla. 

11 Oq' wami avedia orevanlo wi Jehova^ 
A?tka kS nty^mbi ye. 

12 K^nde Jehova e tevunla oma mJH o tondo 

Ga rere (Mjwanla o tondo jad^. 

13 Ozavinlo gore oma o deng' imia^ 
Nl'oma o bong' ikotiza. 

14 Kaiide agolo ma so mi r'ambia kwe nli 

syika yapupa, 
NFihyenla sa so sibia kwS nli syika yate- 

15 Ijonla sa so si re viaganlo ni'ado ambia, 
Nli ya y& via yodu y'aglnlizo nla so. 

16 Ndatinli y'intyugu yi re g'og4 we onlo- 

Nla g'onyantwS anliva nridirio* 

17 Impani se so nle impan' imbiai 
Nl'imp&nl& sS sodu a'afll^ig^. 


18 So nl'eiBre z'effienU gore mongi wi kota so, 
Ozavinlo gore om' edu o simbia so. 

19 Jehova aloti ntye nl'imia, 

Kk yg doanliz' cwrowa nl'ikotiza. 

20 Nrimi' ^ ikeva yi jftnla, 
Nli Tindi yi syonli' omp^mbe. 

21 Oij'wami, s'altebua gVantyd mSt, 
Venjavenj' ipikilia nFavonlo ; 

22 Yenla be doanP effienlSt gw'inlinli nySi, 
Nl'eranga g'ompeli w&. 

23 GambSnle o be kanganla go mp&nla yd 

njuke fo, 
Nl'ogolo w8t wi be pofilo nVibako. 

24 Ja ffi'ananla o be tea, 

I, o be nanla, k^ antyivinl^ ' ma doanF 

25 Area itia si ndumbaga, 

Nld ijiliza s'anlag' aye ja s'abia. 

26 K&nde Jebova e be doanl' ibekeli' sd, 
' Avenjavenj' ogolo wa w'agoto. 

27 Azembie ya ^ia gore omd nita yo, 
Ja ngulu yi re g*og8l w& go dSnda yo, 

28 Awi^linlie ndeg' yrk inl^, geinla, 
Kk fwinlie mCnle, m'be pft; 

Ja zi re nla wS: 

29 AvtV imbe gore ndeg' wSt; 

Go doanl^ pierS nla wg uli mbundaki. 

30 Ayoffianla nl'oma mpunga fo, 
Ja e pa dendd mbe. 

31 Ay^nl' oma wi mbao qandi ; 

Avinja k'impanli se. 

32 Kande Jel»>ya e bik' ozaiNilio, 
Ndo el^mbe zS zi re ^r' sgof e. 

33 Ozavo wi Jehova wi re go nago y'orega, 
Ndo iloanlo ny'ar^ti njo fia^ialo nde. 

34 E sySlia ivedi ; 

Ndo e kanla ikeiidekende* 

35 Wimia wi be jig' ivendai 

Ndo ntyajili yi be doanl' ibogwa hi d^sya. 


TAGANLI, awanla, orevunlo wa rere, 
E^ poganlionl' imia nrikotiza. 

2 Kande mi pa nluwe inSnja sibia : 
AriganF in^nji sam. 

3 Mi avegagi oijwanla wa reri yam, 
Olele nl'omo dadie g'ozyo wi ngwe yamu 

4 Anl^nji^ mie k^ awulima miS inl^, 
Or^mi wa wi ga goto agamUi mam ngwft- 

Yenjavenj' isombi sam ka doanla. 

5 L6ng' imia, ISng' ikotiza^ al^^anla so, 
Ag^gw' avUa gw'agamba rn'ogwanii wam. 

6 Ariga mo, mi be penjavenja : 
R^nda mo, kk mo bandaminlk. 

7 Imia nle osa' ompolomS, l^ng' imia^ 
Nla gw'idengi uk 6oda long' ikotiza* 

8 Zuminlia so si be pofiii& ; 

Si be pendik jst ffi'asyanganla so. 

9 Si be p& okarue w'eropga gw'ewfoijo z&, 


Kordwa y'lTenda yi be po w& 

10 Yoganli', og' wami, ka bong' ibuli sami ; 
Gamb^ide impama y'eAei]l& yi be banlio 

11 Go mp^iil& y'imia mi anl^njia, 
Mi ag^ndid gw'imp&nl^ so gore. 

H Gw'ik^ndi si intyozyo si be dukanlaga, 
Ja o ffi'apule mango o be poswa. 

13 Got' inSnja ngwasi, kk ar%a so, 
Zimbia so, k&nde so nl'effienla zk. 

14 Ayinginla go mpanli y'arega, 
NlSi k^nda go mpanla y^anlag' are. 

15 Riga yo, avmganla vay^ 
Tiza avila go yo kk kendaga. 

16 K&nde wi nanl' antyavinla kao w'adonge 

dend' ibe ; 
Ni'antyavinla mi bonginlo wao, kao wV 
kwez' aw^wi. 

17 Kande wi nye mp^ba y'ibe ; 
Nl'iv^ nyi mbao wao jonga nyo. 

16 Ndp mpanl§. y'agore yi re g'ozaage wi 
Koanga g'ozaage wi nkombenyondo. 

19 MpSinla y'arggd yi re ga mpiri yadata- 

Wam»' eza zi posjrunlio wao. 

20 Og' wamii tandamiar agambi mam, 
Ka poganli' oroi wk gw'ibuU sam* 

21 Artga mo dubua gw'antyi m&9 
Yiga mo go gaie y'<Mremi wiu 


22 Ednde mo nl'effienld. gore mongi wi d^- 

Nl'ijinga gw'izyonle yao yodu. 

23 Viaganlo nripigi edu' vig' orSmi w4 ; 
Kande go wo kagw' e£BienI&. 

24 Romba gore w6 ogwanla w'inoka ; 
Nrinlumbu y'isapilia, romba yo bo gore w^. 

25 Anty& m^ mi ga vonle go bosyo gore ; 
Ik<5nge sa si ga vonle gore go bosyo yk. 

26 Yikiliaga mbiambi^ mp^ni^ yi ntyozyo 

Kk imp^nla sa sodu doanlizo. 

27 Agegwa g'ogk onlofiiiS ge onyantwe, 
Rombe ntyozyo ya gw'ibe. 


OW wami, vikiliag' imi sam, 
Ka poganli' oroi wa gw'ikotizi sam : 

2 Go bandaminV ipikilia, 

Ka inlambu jk penjavenj' imia. 

3 Kande inlumbu y'e?o?e yi tuezinP onle* 

NFogwanli w6 wi r'opoengepoenge viaga- 
nlo nl'agali ; 

4 Nli ntyai y6 yi re nonle ga ikazya, 
Nl'itua g'okwara w'igwanl' imbanli. 

5 Intyozyo sS si suminla gw'ijuwa 
Nl'ibo nyS nyi kot' oronginlo. 

6 O vende pikiliage mpd,nla y'efi&enl&i 
Impani sS si kaluagalua, o mta so. 


7. Sam]?© awawe, yItginloBli miS, 
Ka ag^gwanli avila gw'agamlDa m'ogwa- 
nil warn. . 

8 Rombe mpanla ya bo gore yS, 

Ka azywsya piere g'ompombajila wi nag' 

9 O vende p'affiari erangi za, 
Nrimpumi ya gor' asyinda, 

10 Agenda wi vende jora urajalivi m^ 
Nrijanji sa doanla go nago y'eifote* 

11 O be daga gw'inuwunli sa ; 

Ja okuwi wa nrizyonli ya y'apoa, 

12 Gambenle o be bulla nle, 
Numbinli nde y'anlumbi mie inSnja, 
Ka oremi warn pedi' oreyunlo, 

13 Nla mi jdginlo inyoi ny'onlgnji warn, 
Nla poganli' oroi waom gore wao w'anl^ 

njagi nu^. 

14 Mi avegagi piere nl'ibe sodu, 
Go garegare yi igando nVo^aga 

15 Yoag^ aalingo gwHv^mbi ny&mS, 
Nrigerombenle yamS. 

16 Imbenii sa si ga rumbakaiijiio, 
Nrigerombenle gw'igalfi- . 

17 Yi ga loanle nla w^ dadie, 
Aranga gore ag^da nl'aw^. 

18. Evero za zi ga zavinlo ; 

Yenle mbia nroffianto w'erumbe za. 
19 E ga loanle ga nkambi y'it^nda^ 

Nli ntyeri yi nkSnga ; 



AmbSnle mS mi ga yorizgl egoihbe zodu ; 
Ka w6 Wngo nritondi s6 pekepeke. 

20 Ande zi bongo we, og' watni, nroffianto 

ogenda ; 
Azyangunle ntonlo y'e?o?e ? 

21 Kande impanl^ s'oma si re g'wantya mi 

E kSlagSr inkendinli se sodu. 

22 Ibe s'om' Stmb.e aygme si be kot^, 

E be simbio nVigulu y'ifwemi s6me. 

23 E be juwa in^njo lo, 

Aw^ngo nribunla s'oremizo w6mS. 


OW wami, ja re jegiza pe ndeg' wSt, 
Jk re felanla p'og^ wa nl'ogenda ; 

2 Ja re koto pa nl'agamba m'ogwanli wSt, 
Jk re bongo pa ni'agamba m'ogwanli wa. 

3 Lenda zinla, og' wami, 
Kk toliz' okuwi wk ; 

Kdnde o re bia pa g'ogSt wi ndeg' wSt : 
G6nda ka dembianla okuwi wa, 
Azyak^lie ndeg' wSl. 

4 ^v'anty Ovinia gw'antySl md ; 
Nla imSga gVik6r^e sa. 

5 Vanga ga nkambi avila g'ombenla, 

Nla ga nyanli avila g'oga w'oma o pur' 
6. G^nda gore ny&nla, ogeragera, 
Kk pikiliag' impanli se alSng' imia. 


7 Yi re yi zyele nl'oteva, ojenla nropangi- 


8 E kekiz' evSre ze go ntyanja/ 
Aguminlia inyi se gw'igw&a nyi tenlo. 

9 Olingo nde wi be nanlo ndd, oriVa ? 
Egombe zyg zi be nongwo ndSi avila 

gw'autyavinlSt mk ? 

10 Tanty&yinl&, ygmega ; 
YSpura y'agS. gw'inanla. 

11 Yenla be bia agugi mk g'ogenda 
Nli ygpoi ya g'oma wi nguta. 

12 Omk r'isyaia fo, onloffie o rljonla fS, 
E kanganla nl'isapilia g'ogwanla. 

13 E maginla nFantyk m6, 
E kamba nV intyozyo s^, 
E nSnja nl'imenlo yS. 

14 Isapilia si re g'oremi w^, 
E pikir ibe p6k6pgk6, 

E syuge dungu. 

15 Sambo azyile me mi bia neganega, 

Va igamba ny'agwanla e be jaruayaraa 
simb^i ozunge fo. 

16 Ya yinlSi oro^a yi biko nle Jehova, 
I, orogenlo yi numbo nl'or^mi w6. 

17 Antyd, m'odando, onleme w'inoka, 
Nl'agd mi povize ntyinla y'om' kre ogara 

18 OrSma wi pikili' agamV ambe, 
Nrintyozyo si nege puli mango gVibe, 

19 O k&gunV inoka, o nokinla mberinlaga, 

260 8INKOGO. 

Nl'oma o syuge mbelSke gore hgwevno. 

20 Og'wami, venjavenj' ozombio wa reri ya, 
Ka ang' inenja si ngi ya. 

21 Gorinla so g'oremi wa egombe zodu, 
Liria so g'ompele wa. 

22 Ja o ve kenda si be toanla, 

Ja o ve nanla si be penjavenjd, 
Ja o ve jagima si be kamba nla we. 

23 Kande ozombio wo nle ojo 
Ni'ivanga nyo nle ozange, 

Nrinenja. s'orevunlo nle mpanla yeffienla. 

24 Go dega gore offiant' ombe, 
G'ozyario w'onleme w'e9o?e. 

25 Aronginl' erangi ze nl'oremi w^, 
Kk yS sigotk nl'ikong^ se. 

26 K&,nde onlome e bago gw^erenle zi mpe- 

mba nrofinanto w'e^o?e, 
Nrofnanto w'onloffie e pure mondo y'eme- 
nlSt z'ijonla 

27 Onloflie ^sk bongiz' ogonli go ntonlo yfe, 
KSi ingai sS s'avzai 

28 Onlome kSi jara gw'amingilia m'ogonli, 
Ka intyozyo sS s'avza ? 

29 Yenl& gore onloffie o k^nda gore omanto 

w'oganganlo we, 
Om' edu o bwai;^ e be daanla ogara £5. 

30 Anlaga .wi pedia ofe j'ajufa 

Gt) joriz' or^i wS, kande are nli njanla: 

31 Ndo j'ad^ngo e be fwinlize nySng& oroge- 



Vanganli i^mba nyi nag' w6 nyodu nyi 
be po ndg. 

32 Ndo om' o peng' offianto winganli azye 

Om' o denda yo e jonliz' efiienl^ zSmS. ^ 

33 Imbipa nli nty^nli yi be d^ngo nde, 
Kfi. nty&nli y^ y'azyazyo. 

34 Kande ivuva nyo nl'eganlu z'onloffie, 
Sambo e be jeaV ek^va go ntyugu y'azyi- 


35 Avonl' igambo, e be jivira, 
Vanganli o pa ipa sijenge. 


OW wami, venjavenj' agambi mami, 
Kk pig' isombi sam. 

2 Venjavenj' isombi sam ka doanla ; 
Nrinlenji sam g'ogwa w'inty4 ny^ 

3 Gora so gw'iffienlo y&, 
Renda so gw'ezango z'orSmi wa. 

4 Wulinlia imia inlS, aw^ ogwangi yam 

Kk fwelia ikotiza inle, ndego. 

5 Go penjavenj4 avila gore afiianto og^nda ; 
Avila gore e^o?e o re nl'agamba m'on^- 


6 Kande nla gVisyangala nyi nag^ warn, 
Mi aladinli gVegangala, 

7 Aronla gor' iteSiu, 

Ayenla gor' awanla, iwanjd nyi r'orSma f5. 


8 Mpiaganlaga gw'igrala pi^re nil nkombd 


Nle be kgndS go mpanla yi nag' w€. 

9 Gw'ijilanganla si nkolu s'owenja, 
Go gare y'ogwera wi mpiri: 

10 Ndo vonla, offianto alatanli nla ye, 

Nli nkSmbd y'etoVe nVavonlo m'or^ma. 

11 E kamba nrekasya, ar' iganda; 
Intyozyo s8 si doanla go nag' we. 

12 Venla gw'evungu, venla gw'igala, 
E syStta go nkomV wedu. 

13 Be kotS ye nrazStmbS ; 

AySilia ozyo weme, awulinlie inle, 

14 Ntyago y'amSnje yi re nla mie ; 
Nl^nl& winla mi asuliz' impanganlo yam* 

15 Yenla abia mi6 go datania nla w€ ; 
Go but' ozyo wa, ka mie denga. 

16 Mi are janlia p'ibai g'odo warn 
Nl'anlongSi m'izaia yi Ijipt. 

17 Mi are nyenya p'odo warn 
Nli mur, ialoe nli sinemon. 

18 Oviro, azuwe ke sing' ironda koang' 

ibanga ; 
Azuwe ga rond' irSmi yazyo. 

19 Kande onlofiie azyele go nago, 
Are kenda p'ogSnda ola ; 

20 AgSndi nli puka yi syika ; 

E be bia ogw^li nkama go nago. 

21 Nle be sy&rie ye nl'oremizo wg oigwenge, 
AgevS nl'oiand&lio w'ogwanli w6. 

EWONJO Vni. 263 

22 Aye o socge e k^ndo n^gan^ga ga nyare 

gw'ijonlo ; 
NtySl ga eluwS g'orevunlo wi ntyogo. 

23 Ea'ozyong^ w'atume gw'anliali mi, 
Ga nte n^gize kSnde nyanli go mondo, 
Kk y'amia inle, yi re gw'effiesl^ zS. 

'24 Sambo, y&ginlonli luiS, awanla, 

Ed poganlionii agamba m'ogwanli warn. 

25 Orfimi wk w'ay^rua gw'impanla s6, 
Arelar^la gw'impanla s^. 

26 Intumage imienge y'avoswunlio nd^, 
Nla waodu wi ngulu w'ayonlio nde. 

27 Nag' we yo nle mp§.nla y'elongo z'ogonli, 
Yi suminla gw'in^tye sijuwa. 


Ikotiza si kdguulia inyoi nyS ? 

2 Go sadomba, g'ozamba wi mpanl^, 
Go garegare y'agala si kumanla. 

3 Gw'impombanla, go jinginlo go nka' 

Gw'ibia s'agugi si tonga. 

4 Anluwe fwelio mie, anlome ; 

Nl'inyoi nyam nyi re gore awa' w'anlaga. 
6 Anluwe itemu, loanlanli nl'okeli ; 
Nli dasyu, gotizanli nl'orema. 

6 Y^gSmli, kande m'be kamb' isaon impolo, 
M'inungwa s'inlumbu yam so nl'ogore. 

7 Kande ogwanli warn wi be kamb' orgti, 


Nrinlumbu yam yi bik' inoka. 

8 Agamba m'ogwanli warn modu mi re 

Go mo zyeP inoka ge isapilia. 

9 Modu mi re deia go kotiza ; 
Nl'ar^ti gore wao wi dSng' imia. 

10 Wonganl' orevunlo warn, nVaranga syika 

M'imia viaganlo nli syika yatenlatenla. 

11 Kande imia si re viaganlo Hl'ado ambia, 
Nli ya via yodu y'agenlizo nia so. 

12 Mi6, imia, mi doanla nrokeli, 
AlSng^ avonlo m'osaon wedu. 

13 Itia si Jehova so nFinumb' ibe, 
Odando, nFekale, nli mpanla y'ibe, 
Nl'ogwanla w'isapilia; yo numbo nli mie. 

14 Nkenjinli, nl'im' ibia si re nla mie, 
Ikotiza nli ngalu yi re nla mi^. 

15 Aga wi penda nla mi^ ; 

Nli nlaffii volo yo kamb' or^ti. 

16 Nli mie igaven si k&venlia nl'anlag^ avolo: 
Nli mongi wi jekelia waodu wi ntye. 

17 Mi tonda wao wi tonda mi^, 

Nla wao wi sunge buta miS wi be d^nga 

18 Igumba nl'idubo si re nla mie, 
Anliva m'ipigia nl'olunda. 

19 Uondi yam yi re viaganlo nli syika ya- 

tenlatenla ; 
Viaganlo nli syika mbia yatwilater la ; 


Nli nyenlo yam riaganlo nli syika njonli 

20 Mi kanganla gw'impanla s'or^ti, 
Go garegare y'impdnlSi s'ijek^lia; 

21 Go jigize mongi wi tonda mie igumba; 
Ka mi^ bunlf anlivi mao. 

22 Avangi Jehovamie gw'avakir iinpania se; 
Gw'along' ijanji s6 idungu. 

23 Avila gw'egombe zoda mi agilio agali ; 
Avila gw'avakili, ntye yi p^gaga. 

2^4 Oronga loanaga ra, mi alao mi ajanlio: 
Egombe me p^gag' imbenle si povag^ auli- 

25 Inomb' impolo lotiago ra, 

Gw' along' inyango mi aluo mi ajanlio. 

26 Gw'aluo e pange ntye, genl& itove, 
Genla among' alondui m'ir&i yi ntye. ' 

27 Gw'agekizi ye orowa mi avegagi gogo, 
Gw'avurie ig&ma g'ozyo w'orSnga. 

28 Gw'aloanlizg vindi gw*igonlo, 
Gw'a^ienl' imbenle s'oronga jWa. 

29 Gw'agombinlS ig&,ma go mbenle, 
Avur' igStma gw'atilingo ; 

Kd anlingo m'aviaganla go ntye, 
Gw'aloanlizie mbora yi doanle ntye ; 

30 Mi avegagi nla yg g'okSngekgnge, 
Mi avegagi gw'it6ndi sg ntyuga edu, 
Njenage mbia gozyo wS egombe zodu. 

31 Njenage mbia gw^aloanlo mi ntye yS, 
Ni*it?5ndi satnl s'avegagi gore awinlaga. 

268 ' • SINKOGO. 

32 Ndo, awanla, jraginlonli mie, 

Kande mongi wi penjavenj' impanla sam 
wi savinlo. 

33 Yaganl' orevunlo kk doanlanli ayogo, 
Kk ariganli wo. 

34 Ozatinlo gore oma o jaginlo miS, 
Bembaga gw'impombanli yam ntyugueda, 
Penginlaga gw'ameng^ m'aguge mam^ 

35 E^nde om& d^nga mie e d^ng' effienla ; 
AyS kS e be deng' ombia gore Jehova. 

36 Oma o tendia mie e bundakanir oku' wg- 

Waodu wi numba mie wi toad' ijuwa. 


I MIA s'anlogi nag' w6 ; 
S'apauli am^nga m^ orogenlo ; 

2 S'abazy' inyare se, s'abundunr ive nye ; 
So kS s'akekizi tavoro ye, 

3 S'atomi aasyali me. 

Si tonga gw'imbora' indondui si nka' mpo- 

4 Om' edu o r'otemu e ga yinginle gunlu ; 
Ndo gore ye o re orema fo si bulinlie inle, 

5 Oviroanli ka nyanl' inyi sam, 

Nli jong' ivS nyi re mie bundunla pa, 

6 Riganli edasy^ kd tolanli^ 
Agenda gore go mpanla yi kotiza. 

7 Oma tevunl' ovedi e dSnge ntyanli, 
Nla ye o semb' oma mbe e d^nga sisyaia. 

EWONJO X. 267 

8 AzemV ovedi, e rende nuinb^ ; 
RevunF oyogo, kk ye tonda, 

9 Va oyogo, ka ye kundo imia sijenle; 
Nl^nj' ogore, kk y6 bual' ia^nga, 

10 Ipakilia s'imia so nle itia si Jehova; 
Nli mienli y'Orunda me yo nle ikotiza. 

11 Kande nla miS intyugu sa si be bunla ; 
Nrimpuma y'gffienla yi be kundo we. 

12 J^ m'adoanla nPimia, o be doanla nl'imi 

Ndo ja fii'apedia, awe dadie o be sindinla 

13 Ofnanto r'odusya ar' ekasya, 
Ar' otefnu, amie mpongSi. 

14 E doanla g'ompombanla wi nago, 
Gw'epwe gw'imboi' indondui si nka' 


15 Go fweliage mongi wi piaganla gw'igala; 
Mongi wi kenda gore gw'impanla sao, 

16 Om' edu o r'oteinu, e ga yinginle gunlu; 
Ndo gore ye o r'orerna fo e bulinlie inle, 

17 Anlingo mi jufo mi r'onligi; 

Nli mpSmba go wogo y'ayiimbunlo yi re 

18 Ndo amze inle, along' ibosyo wi re gogo ; 
Nl'agendi wS wi re g'oronga w'abe. 


NKOGO si S<5lom6n. 
Ogwa w'oyogo e tondie rere ; 


Nd'ogw' &dtt8y^ aye nrelirinlio zi ngi'yS; 

2 Anliva m'ibe mi ny^nlia ; 
Ndo ombia wi tomba gw'ijawa. 

3 Jehova aloanlize inlinla ny'oreti nli nja- 

Ndo ijongunla s'agasyo e fala so. 

4 E16nge nle y6 o janja nFoga ol61e; 
Ndo og4 w'ombilo wo bogwiza. 

5 Aye o fcuminlie ntyanja ar' ogwa w'oyogo, 
Ndo o nanla go nonda e jenlize ntyanli. 

6 Izavinlo yi re gw'ewonjo z'orSti ; 

Ndo ogwanla w'ave wi jumbunr ambe. 

7 Oyonginlio w'oreti wi savinlo ; 
Ndo ina ny'aregS. nyi be b^nla. 

8 Orema w'oyogo wi bong' isorabia ; 
Nd'odusya nl'inlumbu e be poswa. 

9 O kSnda gore e kende njuke fo ; 

Ndo ay@ o sapilia impanla se, e be mio. 

10 Aye o m^a n'lantySi e jenlize njuke ; 
Nd'odusya nrinlumbu e be poswa. 

11 Ogwanla w'oma w'oreti nle og&rombenle 

Ndo ogwanla w'ave wi jumbunl' ambe. 

12 Inumba si nongunli' amoffianlo, 
Ndo itonda si pug' ibe sodu. 

13 Imia si dSngo gw'inlumbu y'oma w*iko- 

Ndo mpava yi re go nyuma y'oma re orS- 
ma fo. 

14 Ayogo wi kenj' imia; 

EWONJO X- 269 

Nd'ogwanla w'eluwe wi re piere nl'ijilizo. 

15 Igumba ny'oma w'auliva nyo nle nkali y6 

Nd'oyilizo w'ikugi nle agugi mao. 

16 Ijanja s'oreti si re gw'emenla; 
Ndo inyenla a'oma mbe si re gVibe. 

17 Mpanlk y'eflienl§t nle ye o penjavenj' ine- 

Ndo ayS o tig' orevunlo e fwemiza. 

18 O jumbunle gambi nl'inlumbu y'inoka, 
Nl'aye o berinla, ar' ogegende. 

19 Gw'ibunla s'agamba aioanle ibe fo, 
Ndo oma o simbia inlumba ye ar' ewooGgo, 

20 OnlSme w'oreti wi re ga syika mpinje 
Ndo orema w'ave wi r'isyala fo. 

21 Inlumbu y'ogore yi nyez' awenge; 

Ndo idusyS, yi juwa kknde wi zye nFewor 

22 Ozavinlo wi Jehova wi bogwiza ; 
Aye ke e kwnd' ekSya nla wo. 

23 Re g'itu gor' edasyu go dend' ibe; 
Ndo imia si re nl'oma Vikotza* 

24 Itia s'om' ambe si bia gore ye ; 
Ndo inaka s'agore si be po wao. 

25 Gra nte piaganl' efi?:agenge, yenla om' 

ambe aloanlize nyenle. 
Ndo ogore — ^iloanlo ny'egombe zodu nyi 
re nla yS. 
2f Ga nt'are vinegere gw'an^, nrotutu gw'a- 


YenlSi r'orita gore mongi tofli^. 

27 Itia si Jehova si kund' intyugu ; 
Ndo impuma y'ave yi be tunlio. 

28 Idevinla s'avia si be doanle mbia ; 
Ndo ipenginla s'ave s'i be pera. 

29 MpStnlSi yi Jehova yo nle ngulu gor' ago- 

Nd'oyilizo wi re gore wao wi janj' ibe. 

30 Om' ^mbia azyt/giazyngie du ; 
Ndo ave wi be jiga ntye. 

31 Ogwanla w'ogore wi kagunl' imia; 
Nd'onleme w'isapilia wi be tenlo.^ 

32 Inlumbu y'agore y'avoro eza zi tondia ; 
Ndo ogwanla w'ave wo sapilia. 

DODO Wipita wi numbo nle Jehova, 
Ndo ntyondo y'areti yo t^ndo nd^. 
Go hi' ekali gambgnle ntySinli y'abia ; 
Ndo imia si re nl'ikendekende. 
OrSti w'agore wi be k^ndia wao ; 
Nd'onemba w'igdndi wi be jiliza wao. 
Anliva mi nunganla go ntyngu y'egunlu ; 
Nd'oreti wo sunginla gw'ijuwa. 
Oreti w'agore wi be kumanlie mpftnlS. yao ; 
Nd'om' ambe e be poswa nVibe seme. 
Oreti w'agore wi sunginla wao ; 
Ndo ig&ndi yi be koto nFijongunli sao. 
Gw'ijuwa s'om' kmhe ijongunli sS si be 


NFibekelia s'anlag' are si pera. 

8 Om' kgoxe e sunginlo go njuke, 
Nl'om' ambe e bia gw'inyangi nye. 

9 Om' ambe e jonliz' omi wg nFogwanla ; 
Ndo agore wi be sunginlo nFimia. 

10 Nka' mpolo yi jenle mbia nrambia m'a- 

Ndo g'ojili w'ave doanla mboginla. 

11 NFozavinlo w' agore nka' mpolo yi be pe- 


Ndo yi syazyo nrogwanla w'aregd. 

12 Oma pedie ndeg* we azy' orema; 
Ndo oma wi'kotiza e doanla do. 

13 Eserengila e miez' ayumbunlo ; 

Ndo oma o re nl'inlinla ny 'agore e jumbu- 
nV igamba. 

14 Ogambinlo fo anlaga wi poswa; 

Ndo ozunginlo wi re go gando y'igambinli. 

15 Om' dmbe e tev' oku' wem6 mbe, 
J'ajegiz' oggnda ; 

Ndo oma o bik' ijegiza e doanla duere. 

16 Offianto w'eranga e penjavenj' olunda, 
Nl'anloffie wi ngulu wi penjavenj' anliva. 

17 Oma wi nkenga e dendinP oku' weme 

Ndo om2t r'isinda e syng' izyonle ySmS. 

18 Ombe e janj' ijanja s'oremizo; 

Ndo oma o nySnya ombia e deng' ipa 

19 Ga nte kend' orSti gVeffienla, 


Yenla r'om' asong' ibe, e kSnda gw'ijnwa. 

20 Inuiuba si Jehova nie mongi w'isapiUa 

s'QT^ma ; 
Ndo itondi se so nle agore go mpanla. 

21 Vanganle aga mi kotanla, om' ambe alo- 

anl' ar^vunlo; 
Ndo awa' w'agore wi be sunginlo. 

22 Omoro wi syika yatenlatenla g'ozySnga 

wi ngoa, 
R'ofiSanto w'eranga o pero nrikotiza. 

23 Mbelinli y'agore yi re lubia ntevo, 
Ijongunlia s'arSga si r'egunlu. 

24 Re o pazanganla, ge bunliago ; 

Re o tara viaganlo nVoreti, ga y^ kagago*. 
26 Orema w'ozavinlo wi be pamio ; 
Ndo oma o jonja ayem6 e be jonjo. 

26 Oma o tar' imba e be savo nl'anlaga. 
Ndo ozavinlo gw'ewonjo z'oma o kola. 

27 Ay6 o but' ombia p^e, e be kanlo ; 
Ndo oma o song' ibe, si be bia gore ye. 

28 Oma o bekeli' anlivi me e be poswa ; 
Ndo agore wi be poma g'owavi. 

29 Oma o syuge nag' w6me e be jig' ompu- 

Ndo edasyu e be doanle nyongo y'oyogo. 

30 Honda y'orSti yo nl'erere z'effienl^ ; 
Nl'aye o durinli' anlinla ar'oyogo. 

31 JagSt om' ambia e be po go ntye, 
Ka poro oregSi nl'om' ambe. 



OTOND' ingnja e tond' imia, 
Nd'oma o bik' orevunlo are ga nyama. 

2 Om' limbia e d^ng' ikanla gore Jehova ; 
Nd'oma w'imonda imbe e be kevo* 

3 Oma aloanlizo nle mbe ; 
Nd'oramba w'agore w'azytigiafisyugia. 

4 Omanto w'okeli are korowa gore onlo' 

Nd'omanto o jenlize nty^li are g'eb^niA 
go pi yg. 

5 Ikenja s'agc^e si re giligili; 

Ndo imonda s'areg^ so nle oremizo. 

6 Agamba m'ar^ga mi re go sy^Lte ntyinla; 
Nd'ogwanla w'agore wi smiginla wao. 

7 ArSgS, wi Jilizo ka w'aloanla nySnle; 
Ndo nago y'agore yi be doanla. 

6 Oma e be suminlio g'oqwanja w'imi^ Be ; 

Nd'oma w'isapilia s'orema e be pSdio. 
9 Aye o d^geiio ndo are nli nyongo ; 

Are viaganlo nla y^ o suminlia ofcu' weme 
inya f 6. 

10 Om' ambia e bandaminl' eflimI4 z'evugi- 

nli z6 ; 
Ndo nkSnga ndeli y'aregA yi r© sinda. 

11 Om' ajanje ntyagi y^ e be jora nl'inya ; 
Nd'om' asong' idando e bonli' oFema. 

12 Oreg& e bela isinga ny'anlag' ave ; 
Nd'oramba w'agore wi be doanie jalajltla. 



13 Gw'ipava s'inlumbu nle mondo y'om' 

Nd'om' ambia e be dabaa go njuke. 

14 Nrilonda yogwanla Voma e be jorio fiU 

mbia ; 
Nl'ipa s'agd m'oma si be fwinlizo gore 

15 Nkendinli y*edasyu 3ri re gore gw'antySi 

Nd'oma o poganli' ogambinlo ar' ewonjo. 

16 Egonla z'edasyu zi sunge mio ; 
Nd'oma o puge ntyanli ar* okelL 

17 Oma o kamb' <M:eti e kkgonlia omi^nle ; ^ 
Nd'oyenli w'inoka, — oremizo. 

18 Re o kambagamba g'itama s'okwara; 
Nd'onlSme Vayogo wi r'oyingo. 

19 Qnlumbu w'omi^nle wi be doanlizo peke- 

Nd'onlSme w'inoka wi doanla t'igamba- 
ny' agwanla. 

20 Oremizo wi re g^orSmia wi mongi pikil' 

Ndo gore igambinli y'affignjg — ^mbia. 

21 Zye njuke yi be Ua gor' avia; 
Ndo arggd wi be jorio nl'ibe. 

22 Inlumbu y'inoka yi numbo nle Jehova ; 
Ndo agore wao nle or^ndio we* 

23 Oma w'okeli e jumbunl' imia ; 
Nd'or^ma w'idusya wi k&gunli' ed^ylt. 

24 Og& w'ombilo wi k&venlia; 


Nd^ogera e be doanla go mpago. 

25 Agandi g'orSma w'oma mi dembiza wo ; 
Ndo igamb' ivia nyi jenliza wo mbia. 

26 Ogore e teva oganganio we mp&nla ; 
Ndo mp4uU y'arega yi be fwemiza wao. 

27 Ogera e p«kize ver^ yi jonlo ndS ; 

Ndo igumb' iyoule gore oma nle ogazya- 

28 Go mpginla y'oreti r'emenla ; 

Nla go mpanla ya wo zyel' ijuwa. 


OMWA' w'imia e jSiga orevunlo wa reri 

Nd'ovSdi e poganlio ntySmbSt. 
2 Nrilonda y'ogwQ^nla w'oma e be nye mbia; 
Nd'orSma w'igSindi — ^mbao. 
.3 Oma o penjavenj' ogwanli w^ e pig' effie- 
Ndo ayS o nungunl' inlumba yS zange^ 
oyilizo gore ye, 

4 Or^ma w'ogera wi bela, g'ez&ma €6 ; 
Nd'orema w'ombilo wi be jorio. 

5 Oma w'oreti e numba iuoldnla ; 
Nd'oma w'orega e janj' ibe at^ieze nty&nii 

6 Oreti wi penjavenja oma w'ogore go mp&- 

Ndo ibe si posyunla oma o fwema. 

7 Re pagiz* oku' w6mg, ndo azyele nrg- 


276 SINKOGa 

Re kg o pangiz' oku' w^mS elenge, ge are 
nVigumb' irolo. 

8 OraVinlo w'emenla z'oma nranlivi mS ; 
Ndo elenge e jaga ntygmb^. 

9 Ozange w'anlag' avia wi r'igera, 
Nd'ojo w'areg& wi be nimo. 

10 Ekale dadie zo bag' imbel^ke ; 

Ndo imia si re gore mongi wi mbondinli 

11 Igumba nyi d^ngo ngganega nyi be ko- 

Nd'oma o kenja nVoga w6 e be bunla. 

12 Ibeker idinge si j§igiz' orSma; 

Ndo erere z'emenl^ nle ibela si re bia pa. 

13 AyS o pSdia igamba e be jilizo ayeme ; 
Ndo ayS o tia ivanga e be doanla nl'a- 


14 Orevunlo w'oma w'imia wo nle evero z'e* 

ffienl^ ; 
Go dubua gw'imondo s'ijuwa. 

15 Ikotiz' ibia si dengiz' ikanla ; 

n- Ndo mpdnla y'are yi re jala. 

16 Om' edu w'okeli e janja nrimia ; 
Nd'odusyi e kagunlia edasy^. 

17 OvStvi w'arega e poswa go njuke ; 
Ndo eroffii z'areti zo nle oyingo^ 

18 Aguga nli ntyanli yi re gore ye o ifel' ine- 

Ndo aye o bandaminr orevunlo e be dubo. 
9 Ibekelia dSngo pa si r'onligi g'ot^ti^ ; 


Ndo d^syu yi bike dubua gw'ibe, 

20 Ay^ kangaula nrayogo e be doanla nl'i- 

Nd'ogangfaalo wi dasyu e be feva, 

21 Ibe si songe mongi wi fwema ; 
Ndo e fwinlize mbia gore avia. 

22 Om' &mbia e jigize mbaiqiba mVimba- 

Ndo anliva m'om' ambe mi pigo gore om' 

23 Ntyaga y'ikuge yi bunF inya ; 
Ndo si re si jilizo ijgk^lia fa. 

24 AyS o simbie mpava e nuinV ojgwauli ye. 
Ndo ay^ o tonde e negize tevuiile, 

25 Oma w'ogore e nya gw'ijoriza s-or8mi 

Ndo iwuffiu ny'ar^g^ nyi be bonlio* 


I MIA s'anto si nogize nag' w^ ; 
Ndo edksy^ zi syazya yo nFag^ me. 
S Ay€ o kanganla nl'ogore wS e tie Jehova. 
Ndo oma o sapilia ink^ndinli s^ e pSdio. 

3 G'ogwanla w'edasy a ekale zo nle n^pavf^ ; 
Ndo inlumbu y'ayogo yi be toli^a wao. 

4 Gore zyel' inyare nago yi re ntevo ; 

Ndo ibunla s'owdng^ si pila go ngolu yi 

5 Orakili w'areti e noka du ; 
Nd'orakili w'ib^inlaga e kltgunl' injpkfk 

278 felNKOftO.' 

6 OvSdi e but' imia, ndo si zyele ; 
Ndo imia si re d^la gore y£ o kotiza^ ' 

7 Lubua g'ozyo w'oma w'edasyu ; 
E&nde o d^g' inlumbu y^imia. 

8 Imia s'oma w'okeli si kotize nkSiidinli 

Ndo ed&sy& z'odusy^ zo hie oremizo. 

9 Ijirinya gw'ibe si sySli' dasyu ; 
Ndo ikania si re gor' agore. 

10 Orema w'avoro nonli yeme ; 
Nd'oggnda art^gize mbi y6. 

11 Nago y'aregSi yi be tugunlio; 
Nd'okanja w'agore wi be pomio. 

12 Re mpStnU yi jenanla gore g^ozyta w*6ma; 
Ndo ntyai mS nle irtipAnlft s'ijawa. 

13 Vanganli gw'akg or^ma wi jen'l ekSva; 
Ndo ntyai yi mbia meySi yo nle nkazya. 

14 Ay6 o fwinlia nroremi we, e be jora nl'i- 

mpanla se ; 
Nl'om' ambia are bo gore ye. J 

15 Oteffiu e jivir' igambiedn; 

Nd'oma w'okeli e bandaminle nk^ndinli 
ye. • ■ - 

16 Oma w'oyogo e tia, arend' ibe ; 
Nd*odusy^ ar' ekale aTekel' or^mi w^m^. 

17 Ay^ o snnge benda e fwetna ; 
Nl'oma wlmond^ imbe e nnmbo. 

18 Itefiiu yi jig' ed^tsyS, ; 

Ndo ikeli yi dumizo nVimia. 
^9 Are wi dembinli' avia; 


NFaregi gw'impombaala y'agc»re. 

20 Oknge- wi ntnabo nl'ogaDganlo w^m£ ; 
Ndo enlafii zi tSado nl'ftwenge. 

21 Aye o t&wa oganganlo we e fwema; 
Ndo aye o re nil nkcaig^ gcxe ikuge, ossa* 

vink) gore yS. 

22 M^gi wi pikir ibe wi fwaua ? 

Ndo nk£Dg& nroreti yn re nla waa wi 
pikir ibia. 

23 Gw'evilo eda re nyenlo, 

Ndo igamba ny'inlumbu nyi toa dadiS 

24 Korowa y'ayogo nle anUvi mao, 
Ndo pendie d&syu nl'edlur^r^. 

25 Oyenii VonSti e tolize ffieald^ 
Nde ayS o kltganV inoka, — onoki. 

26 Gw'itia si Jehova nle ibekel' ipcdo. 

Nla g(NFe awanU w^ be doaula nVizyk- 

27 Itia 81 Jehova nle mbenle y'ejSienl^, 
Gro dabua gw'imondo sljuwa. 

28 Gw^ibwila s'anlaga nle iyenda ny'oga, 
Nd'oyilizo w'enlaffii nle anlag* awSwA. 

29 Ay^ re sile benda, are nl'ikotiza a'^jenge ; 
Ndo aye a fiunge benda, e taminl' edsUiy&. 

30 Orema wi panlia wo ni'eatonl^ z'izyonle ; 
Ndo qandi nle ib&nla si pa. 

31 AyS o bangatia okuge e javuria ovangi w$ ; 
Ndo ay^ o re nli nk^og^ gor' ikoge, 

e dirie. 


32 OrggSt e tombo nl'ibe ne ; 
Nd'ogore are nribekelia ^ijuwi sg. 

33 Imia si doanla g'oi*ina w'ikotiza ; 
Ndo ni'are g*<»6ma wi d^yu be mio. 

34 Oreti wi pendia inlonga ; 

Ndo ibe nle ntyanli gor^ anlagi edu. 

35 Ombia w'oga wi re gore nyongo y'okeli ; 
Ndo egunlu zS zi re gore ye o pange 



NJIVIRI ndeie yi syazy' egunlu, 
Ndo igamb' iydle nyi bendia. 

2 Onleme w'ayogo wi mgp' imia ; 
Nd'ogwanla Vidusya wi kSlguTili* eddsya- 

3 Antyk mi Jehova mi re go mbori edu, 
BSmbag' are nl'avia. 

4 Onleme w'ol^le wo nFerere z'effienlA ; 
Ndo is&giza go wo nle itukia s'orSma. 

5 Eddsyu zi bik' orevunlo wa reri yg ; 
Ndo aye o jSiga in^nja ar' okeli. 

6 Go nago y'oreti nle igumb' inyenge. 
Ndo gw'inyenla s'oregsl nle njuke. 

7 Inlumbti y'ayogo yi ny^ny' imia, 
Nd'orema wi ddsyu wi zyele nUnld. 

8 Ntyago y'areg^. yi numbo nle Jehova ; 
Ndo ikambinla s'agore so nle it5ndi se. 

9 Numbinli yi Jehova nle mpStnlSi y'orSga, 
Ndo aye o song' oreti e tondo ndS, 

10 Orevunlo wi re jala gore y6 o tige mp&nlSl ; 


Nl'ay^ o numbe ntyemba e be juwa. 

11 Ilombo nrijili^ja si re g'ozyo wi Jehova ; 
Ka poro ir6ma y'awanla w'anlaga- 

12 Ovedi e tdnd,' pma o »eaibe ; 
E kenda ke gore ayagp. 

13 Or^ma w'igeva, wi miopia ozyo, 
Nd'ori^ma wi feva nle nkazya y'orSma. 

14 Or^ma w'ikotiza wi but' imia^ 
Nd'ogwanla wi dasyu wi tond' ed&iya, 

15 Intyugu s'okage sodu si r'ek^a, 
Nd'orSma wlgeva ntyago yap^k^p^ke. 

16 Ogwa zama nVitia si Jehoya, wi re via* 

NrigumV ivolo, nli ii^juke nia nyo. 

17 Inya s'ebe gore itondat si re riaganlo, 
Nli nyare mpame nriaumba vavSt. 

18 Oma w'egunlu e kwez' edungu ; 

Ndo o re sile benda e pinl' inyoffianlo. 

19 MpStnl^ y'ogera yi w g'ogomba VarSiide; 
Ndo mpanU y'agore yi re pango pa. 

20 Oqwa' o r'oyogo e tondie rere, 
Ndo ed^syu zi p^die ngi ye. 

21 Oma o tond' edasya abohli' or^a, 
Nd'oma w'ikotiza e kenda genre. 

22 Ipikilia si re mooda fo si syaizo, 

Ndo si doanlizo nribunla si mongi bond' 

23 Mbia yi re g<»re oma gw'ijivira s'ogw4- 

nli we, 
Nl'igamba gw'egombe, i?i' aade ! 

283 SlNKOGO. 

24 Mp&nl& y'eflienlSt yi kenda gfw'igonlo'gor' 

Go dubua ^'ilombo z6li. 

25 Jehova e be jilize nago y'idando, 

Ndo e be doanliz' ogomba w'owanto oiigo. 

26 Imonda imbe so nnmbo nle Jehova, 
Ndo agamba m'omi^rile mi r'ambia. 

27 AyS o r'ogasyo w-iiiyeftla e synge Aag^ 

Ndo oma o numb' ipa si dirinlia e b0 

28 Or^ma w'ogore wi pikiliaga go jirira, 
Nd'ogwanla w'aregSi wi kaguixlia ibe. 

29 Jehora are bo gor' ar^gd, 

Ndo e j^ginlo ikambinia s'agore. 

30 Ozange w'anty^ wi tondi' orSmai 

Nii ntyango mbia yi kanjuaganjae pa. 

31 Oroi wi j&giiilo oreranlo w'^Sienilt^ 
Wi doanla g'ogaregare y'ayogo. 

32 Aye o tig* inenjo e p^ia efiienllt z^m^, 
Ndo ay& o j&ginl' orevunlo are d^ga 


33 Itia si Jehova nle orevunlo w'imia, 
Nli donge sayavuria nle idirio. 


NKENJINLI y'orema nle y'oma, 
Ni'ijivira s'onl^me si pila gore Jehova. 
2 Ink^ndinli s'oma soda si re simbia gw'a- 
nty4 nUkn^ 


Ndo Jehova e k^nliz* anlinla. 

3 Rig' ijanji sa gore Jehova, 
Gambenle imotid^ sk s'adoanlizo. 

4 Jehova avangi y&ma yodu nli ntinla, 
Ga oregS. go ntyugu yi njuke. 

6 Orn' edii o r'ekali g'orSma e numbo nle 
Vanganle agk mi kotanla aloanle ar^vunla. 

6 Nli nk^ngk nroreti ibe si pugo, 

Ndo gw'itia si Jehova re sidubua gw4be. 

7 Ja ink^ndinli e'oma s'atondie Jehova, 

E panga, vanganl' ilot^iloti ye, mSpanla 
nla y^. 

8 Oi)w' fezama nl'orgti wi r'ombia viaganlo, 
Nl'igumb' ivolo oreti lo. 

9 Orema w'oma wi pikilie nkdndinli ye, 
Ndo Jehova e kendia intyozyo sg. 

10 Ok^ngele wi re gwlnlumbu y^oga, 
Ogwanli we w'azapilia gw'ijekelia. 

11 Ododo nVintyondo s'orSti si re nli Jehova, 
Ado modu mi puka mo nle njanjinli y^. 

12 Aga wi bike njanjinli mbe, ■ 
Kande eka zi doanlizo nPoreti. 

13 Itonda s'aga so nle inlumbu y'orSti, 
Nl'oma o kamb' or^ti ayC tondo wao. 

14 Egunln z'oga zi re g'ivavi y'ijuwa, ~ 
Nd^oma w'oyogo e be pSinlia zo. 

15 Ok^ak^la w'ozyo w'oga wo nl'effienlft. 
Nl'ikanli s6 si re g^iningo s'<»:enlia. 

16 Syika yatenlatenla yi re mbia, 

g84 aiNKOGO. 

Ndo mbia yi re go Aj^^ iixua |il4 ! 
Nla go deng' ikotiza re go pinjo, 
Viaganlo nli syika yapupu. 

17 MpSLnla mpange y'agore sda go diibija 

Nla ye o bandaminr effienla ^ ga fembe 
nkendinli yS. 

18 Odando wo donga nFyiliza, 
NFekali z'orema zo donga uVipo^wa. 

19 Mbia kwe nFoduere w-orema gor' ikuge, 
Ge igero nyi mbao gpr' idando, 

20 O r'okeli go ndaga e be denge mbi^^ 
Nl'oma o bekelie Jehova e savinlo. 

21 Oma w'imi^ nFor^ma e be fweljo inle, 

Nl'onligi w'inlumbu wi bunr inengH;. 

22 Evero z'^menla nrokeli gore y6 o re uJq. wo ; 
Ndo inenja si dasyu nl'edasya. 

23 Orema w'oyogo wi pfMig' ikenge g'ogwa- 

nli we, 
Awunl' inenja gw'inlumbu y^. 

24 Agamb' ambia mi re g'ekoka z'onlembe,. 
Onligi g'orema, nli jinge pa, 

25 Re mpanla yi re gore g'ozyo w'omAi 
Ge ntyai me nle impanla s'ijuwa, 

26 Oma o janja e janjinl' oku' weme ; 
Kande ogwanli we wi dendi^ yeal&. 

27 Oma r'isyala f « e tumV ibe, 

Nla gw'inlambu yS re g'ogonli wi bftmi- 


28 Otna w'isapiUa e kwez' edungtt ; 
Nl'oma o papalia e bangwanl' iganganlo. 

29 Oina wi mbao e syarilb oganganlo w^, 
Aroanle go mpanl^ yi re yi zye mbia. 

30 AyS o nunj' anty4 e pikiliag' izapilio ; 

O nom' inlumbu are m^nliza p'ijanj' ibe. 

31 Ewonjo z'ijuwe zo nle korowa y'irenda, 
• 2i t& dSngo go lapknlk y'ogore. 

32 Oma o sile benda ar' ombia kwe nrongulu- 

ngulu : 
Nla yS o panginla oremi wSm6, 
Viganlo nVoma o bonge nka' mpolo. 
38 Eganlo zi dimbinlo gw'ivevenli ; 

Ndo ikenja sa zo sodu si pila gore Jehova. 

EWONJO xvn, 

"OX nye nkizi ntevo nVodS. nla yo ; 
Xl) Ge nago ralie nil ntyago y'amoffianlo. 

2 Nyongo y'okeli e panginr oi)wanla, o 

jenlize ntyanli, 
E be keranla k'ijiga nli ngwemo. 

3 Ntyuanla go syika yapupu, nl'inu go syi- 

ka yatenlatenla ; 
Ndo Jehova e k^lag^r ir^ma. 

4 Omao janj' ibe e jaginlo inlumbu y*ino- 

NlV)noki e poganli' onleme w'ibe. 

5 Ay6 o syelia okuge e semb' ovangi w^ ; 
Nl'aye o jenle mbia gw'aayili, e be doanl' 

azyingo f&. 

2fi« eiNKOGO. 

6 Eorowa y'imbolo nle awanla w'awanla ; 
Nl'lpenda s'awanla nle ireri saa 

7 Onlumb' ombia wi zye kw^wS gor' eda* 

Est poro onlumbu w'inoka gor' enlafiii. 

8 Eza zi mpagaga zi re g'ido ivia gw'anty^ 

m'oma o bSnga zo ; 
Go nkovi edu yi fwiza zo zi m^pie ndaga. 
- 9 Ay6 o nimV ibe, e bel' itonda ; 

Ndo ayS o fa takilia igamba e bangwa- 

nl' iganganlo. 

10 Orevunlo wi jinginla gore oma w'ikotiza, 
Viaganlo nli nkama y'impava gor' edStsyu, 

11 Om' ambe e buta dadiS go tomb' ipa- 

Sambo ovSivi w'isyinda e be toiBo gore y8. 

12 Latanla nli iij^gd bonginlo p'awanli vf^ 

nl'oma ; 
Ndo arang' edasyu gw^edksyk ze. 

13 Aye o fwinliz* ibe va mbia, 
Ibe si be dt^bua go nag' wS. 

14 Ipakilia s'inyomanlo si re g'ipoviz' anlingo, 
Sambo rig' inyoffianlo, nyo vmdaga rk. 

15 Ay^ o kanla oma w'ar^ga ; 
Nl'ayS o ara oma w'ogore ; 
Waodu a^anli wi numbo nle Jehova. 

16 Ezande zi doanla edSisyu nli njonli g'ogft 

Go d^g' imia, ge azye nl'orSma? 

17 Ndego yi tonda egombe zodu ; 


Nd'oqw§,ngwe e ga yanlo va njuke. 

18 Om^ bonli' orema e felanl' og^ ; 
Ed. ye jegize ndeg' we. 

19 O tond' ibe e tend' inyoffianlo, . 
Nl'ayS o dondaiz' iguge nyS, e but' oyi- 


20 Isapilia sor^ma a'ai^nge mbia ; 
M'ay^ o kaonlagaunla nl'onleme we, 
£ be poswa gw'ibe. 

21 Aye o jan' edasyu re njuke gOTe ye ; 
Nla rere y'odusy^ ay^le mbia. 

22 OrSma w'igera wi m^p' ijinga ; 
Nd'orSma wi njuke jomiz' epa. 

23 Ipo si k^i^nlio go ntonlo y'oreg^. 
Go sapilia imp&nla s'ijSk^lia. 

24 Imia si re pi^re nl'oma w'ikotiza; 

Ndo antya m'ed&sya mi re go ntyai yi 

25 Oi)' w'ogegende are njuke gore reri y^, 
Nii nonle gore ngi y(S. 

26 Zyele mbia go pang' oma w'ogore pa nli 

Nla go bole nlaffii volo re viaganlo nl'o* 

27 Ay^ o simbi' agambi me, e avoro imia ; 
Nl'ay^ o re nVorema w'okendekende, nle 

oma w'ikotiza. 

28 Vanganli edasyu, j'aye d&, e jenlo simia; 
M'oma o nunj' iulumbu j^ are nFikotiza. 

fe«8 SINKOGO, 

EWONJo xvm. 

OMA o bangwanla e bute atondinli y&aie ; 
Ke bendinl' arevunlo edu. 

2 Edasyu zi tond' ikotiza; 
Ndo kao tuminlia orSmi we. 

3 Go bia oregii bie ke isyeUa^ 
Nli nty&.nli bie ntygmblt. 

4 Anlingo m'oronga nle agamba mfogwa- 

nla w'oma, 
Nl'evero z'imia nle og^rombenla. 

5 Zyele mbia go kanla orega, 
Nty^ go sapilia ij^kSlia s^'agore. 

6 Inlumbu yi d&sya yi kwenla gw'inyo-* 

Nl'ogwanli we wi fwelia imbipa. 
. 7 Ogwanla w'edasyu wo nl'ijilizi se, 
Nl'inlumbu ye mondo y'emenla ze. 

8 Agamba m'esSrengila mi re g'itu, 
Ndo mi suminla go gar^ai^ y'iwuffiiu 

9 Oma o r'ogera gw'evilo ze, 
Aye ogwangwe wi mbundaki. 

10 Ina nyi Jehova nyo nle nago njale y'ado, 
Ogore e fanga Yk yo ke tolizo. 

11 !%umba ny'c»na o re boijwa pa, 
Nyo nle nkali y6 nj^li ; 

Nyi re ke g'ogomba w'ado olondui, 
Gw'impivinli sem^. 

12 Or^ma w'oma wi donge kalia^ ka bia iji- 



Nl'idonge sayavaria nridirio; 

13 Oma o fwinliz' igamba, ayS y%aga ra, 
Yo nl'edasya nli nty§,nli gore y^. 

14 Orgma w'oma wi sindinle nkanli ye, 
Kdo oT^ma w'aigandi; mande re ka sindia 


15 Orema w'ikotiza wi deng' imia, 
Nroroi w'ayogo wi but' imia. 

16 Idaria s'oma si perinli^, 
Nragendie gw'azyo m'avolo. 

17 Oma o donga go mpungu y^ e bonge 

Nd'oganganlo we e bia agatize. 

18 Egaulo zi m^nliz' inyoffianlo, 
A?angwanle mongi w'inguiu. 

19 Ngwemo yi joffianla yi re viaganlo nil 

nka' njaliy 
Nramomanlo mao mi re g'imianga yi nsr 
go ylgavi. 

20 Honda y'ogwanla w'oma yi be joria iwu- 

ffiu nyS, 
E be jora ke nl'agamba m'inlumbu yS. 

21 Ijuwa nl'emenla yi re go ngulu y'onlSme; 
Nla wao wi tonda wo wi be ny'ilonda ya 

92 Ay^ o d^ng' omanto e deng' osa' ombia ; 

Aye k6 e bong' inungunla gore Jehova. 
28 Oknge wi kamba nla sinkala, 

Nd'oma o re bogwa pa e jivira nl'ekasya. 
24 Oma w'indego inyenge e be jilizo ; 



Ndo re ndego o dpania nla yS piK viaganlo 


OKUGE o kanganla nrogore wSare viaga- 
nlo nla yS, 
O sapilia nrinlumbu ye, nl'aye k^ edSt- 

2 Zyele mbia ke gwMnlinla doanla imia f5, 
Nla yg o nSgiza nl'mtyozyo se e fwema. 

3 Edasya z'oma zi pange mpanla ye omptte, 
Nrorgmi we wi bendinle Jehova. 

4 Igumba nyi bunlia indego, 

Nd'okugi Avi bangwanla nl'ogahganlo We. 

5 Oyenli w^indka e be doanla ayelizo, 
Nla ye o kagunl' inoka e be pera, 

6 Awenge wi dSindalia enlaffii, 
Nl'om' edu ndego y'oma wi davia. 

7 Ngwemo y'okuge y'odu yi numbg, 

Ka poro iganganlo ye yi dubua gore ye, 
Ay6 song' againba, ge ma zya. 

8 Ay^ o deng' orema e tond' enBienlS. ze,* 
Nla ye o pig' ikotiza e denge mbia. 

' 9 Oyenli w'inoka e be ddanla aydizo, 
Nl'aye o kagunV inoka e be jonlo. 

10 Ndoanli mbia yi zyele kwekwg gor'^<l4. 

Kk poro iiiie, nyoilgo yi k&tettlia nlaffii 

11 Om^ w'okeli e simbia egunlu z:8 ; 

EWO!f JO «ix. in 

Nlitfirto^sK nripozy' ibe. 

12 Eguilki2:*oga zire g'ikungulasi'nj^gd, • 
Nyikcmli 136 g^ompSmbe gw^amanli. 

13 Oqw&'r'edAsyn are njuke gore reri ye, 
Nroffianto w'amoffianlo nle ituezinla si 


14 Nago nl'igamba nle ijiga »'irere, 
Nd'ofikbuto w'imia wi pila gore Jehora. 

15 Ogeragera wi nanlijs* evinlo z^antydvinld; 
Nd'oma w*ag& alele e be jStga njanla. 

16 AyS o penj^iTenja ivanga e pig' inlinli 

Ndo o p^dia impanla se e be jawa. 

17 AyS o re nli nkSng^ gor' okuge e suqgp 

*NKjanjr se si be fmnlizo gore yg. 

18 Ziwa oigwanli wa go r'ibekelio si re, 
If do 'aVde jonl^. 

W'Oma o re nVegunlu evolo e ga v^nliva, 
•KAnde jA ;^fli' asunginl^, rt dende nyongft 

20 Yaga monda, ka bong' orevunlo, 
GambSnle o be doanl' imia go ntyai ySi. 

21 Ipikilm sijenge si re g'or^ma w'oma, 
Ndo monda yi Jehova yi be doanla. 

S^^CHubo w'oma wo nle nk^nga y6 ; 

Nl'okuge ar' ombia kw6 nVonoki. 
28 Itia si Jehova si ^ re gVeffienlft, 

-E be doanla nlMjora, e be btenlo nl'ibe. 
24 Ogera e jumbunl' ogSt w€ gantytianla, 

E numbe fwinljiza' i^ro g^og[\«?au&>'«r^/; 

26 Worpygdi ka^ndawnl^ : : 

'Revunr oma w'ikotizai ke kotiz' uui^. 

26 Ay^ o bangatie reri y^ agamb^e j^y^i 
Nle ogwanla o jenli^e ntyajJi ^age 

ntygmba. i 

27 Riga, oij'wami, go jaga in^BJa i v : 
Si fwemiz' avila gw'agamba m'imia, 

28 Oyenli ombe e p6d' ijgkgiia ; 
Nrogwanla w'arSga wi mgnJL' ibec ^ 

89 Ijekelia si re kekizo pa gor' ivecU ; 
Nl'imbipa go nyuma yi dasyu. 


r^£ nle ovedi, ijong' ijalenFekasya, 
Nl'om' edu o timbiarimbia nla so, azyele 
nla simia. 

2 Ereria z'oga zi re g'ikungula si njegA, 
Nla ye o bendie e dend' efiienla zeme mba 

3 Go tig' iuyomanlo nle idubo gore omft, 
Ndo ed&.syu edu e taganl' oku' w^m^ 

nla nyo. ; 

4 Ogera agarai janje ntyanja, 

Sambo e be nSgira gw'enlomo, kk jS al^ 
ng' ez&ma. 

5 Mond^ g'orSma w'oma yi re g'aolingf 

m'oronga ; 
Nd'oma w'ikotiza e be pera mo* 

6 Anlag' awenge wi kule mpanga, em'^eda 

nk^Qga y&ae, > 


' |CdV>m«l w'aigiligUi e Ibe dgtigdnla^mai 

•7 Oma w'^orfiti e kanganla nl^ogore we ; 
Nl'awanli we wi be savinlo go nyumi yS. 

8 Oga o doanla gw'ekazlj^glia, 

E pazanganla ibe sodu nrantya me. 

9 ICande o re M bulla nle, mi amSpi or^mi 

Mi are nk^re avila gw'ibe sam ? 

10 Ido nl'idov eg^nlisso nVeg^tdho ; 
Yodu tanli :yi nambo nle Jehova. 

11 Yonde o^wanla e mio nl'idendi se ; 
Ja nk^r^, ja ogore wi re gw'ijanji s^. 

12 Oroi wi ykgk nrintyk fjyi jenla, 
Yo ?aiili y'avangio nle Jehova. 

13 Arond' antyavinl^ o vende kuga ; 
NlunganF antya mk gamb^nle o fii'ajora. 

14 Mbe, mbe, bulla o kola; 

Ndo j'ak^odaga gamb^nle atuminli' ova* 

16 Be syika yateniatenla, nl'ado ambi' ame- 

Ndo inlumlra y'imia nl'evago eria. 

16 Wonge n^ jra o re jegiza p'ogenda. 
Kk bonginle punlu g'oijwanja w'e?o76. 

17 Mp^mba y'indka yi r'onligi gore oma, 
Ndo jajangwe ogwanli w^ wi be jonlio 


18 Ogenjo wi doanlizo nli monda; 
Vang' igavi nli njanjinli y'avonlo. 

9M^ mmLO&Q: 

iyumbunlo ; 
Sambo. aganganlanlaiyeonuDfujii' inlu* 
mbu ye. 
20 Ayg o tawa ran yg nli ngi ylSi 

OJ9 we wi be nimo go mpiri yada^adS^^a. 
21. Igumba k^ A^ngo nrogasyo gw^siLon^; 
Ndo gw'anuwunla nyi be savinlot 

22 Awwlianlej m'befwinUzembe; 
Venginle Jehova^ gambenle axumgunlfii. 

23 Ntyondo mbanii si numbo nla Jehm&^ 
Nl'ododo wluoka wi zy 'omWa* 

24 Ink^ndinli »'oma si pila g(n*e Jahoya^ 
Nd'oma ka kotize mpanla y^mS se ? 

2$ Hondo y'oma nregambanyambia gw'eza 
z'orandai; • 

Nl!impangaiilo panganlo pa, ka ye Ql 
20, Oga w'imia a pazanganl' aregi ; 
Kk ye kavalie ntyonle gore wao. 
2?: Ojo wi Jobova. nie inlinla.ny'aina^ 
Nyi kelagSr orSmi w6. 

28 Nkgnga nroreti wi penjavenj' oga, 
Nl!eki z^ zi simbio nli nk^ngSi. 

29 Imio s'awango so nle ngalu yao, 
Nl^erairga z'anlSro nle ijuwa s'awonjo, 

aO^ Ijinga s'om' kmbe sa nl'izyowa yi mpava, 
Nrimbipa si jinginla g'okawa; 


ILAVI y'anlingo nle orema w'oga g'ogli wii 
Go nkovi edu yi tondo nde, e kalunlia wo. 

2 Mpanli edu y'oma yi re gore gw'anty&, me, 
Ndo Jehoya e k^lagel' iremsu 

3 Go janj' or^ti nroyekelio, yo pinjo nle 

Viaganlo nil niyago. 

4 Oyandi w'antya. nrekale z'orema — 
Vonde ozange w'arega nle ibe. 

5 Avonlo m'ombilo mi kenda gw'ibunla da- 

Ndo m'oma r'entanta, gw'aguga dadi(^, 

6 Idenga s'igumba nronleme w'inoka, 

Yo nl'ogwei oyavure wi mongi but' ijuwa. 

7 Ibangatia s'arega si jiliza wao, 
Kande wi bik' oyekelio. 

8 Oma sapiliazapilie nkei^dinli y^, nrom' 

Nd'orna wi nkere, ijwji s6 si re gor^.^ 
Sf Ba doanle go ntyai y'orond^^ 

Ge ni'omanto w'amomanlo go nago mpolo. 

10 OrSma w'or^gll, wi r'ogasyo w'ibe, 

E jenV oganganlo w6 ekSva gw'antya me* 

11 Ja ov^di atevunlo, otemu e be d^ng' imia, 
Nla ja oma w'okeli an^njo, e doanl' oyogo, 

12 Oma w'ogore e syilia, np»go.y'oreg& ; 
KSl yS posyunV argg^ gw'ijilizav 


13 Oma o nunj* aroi m^ gw'itonga s'ikuge, 
Ayeme e be daga, ndo e be jdganlo. 

14 Eza zi mpagaga gw'iyumbunlo tx pauli^ 

ibenda, ■ * 

Nl'eza z'ipo go ntonlo zi p&nlia eguhlu 

15 Idend' oreti si re mbia gore agore, 
Ndo ijiliza gore mongi dend' ibe. 

16 Oma o peravei^ avila go mp&nlSL y^okeli, 
E be doanla go nk&nda y^inyambe. 

17 Oma o tond' azyeva e be doaar elShgiO 

z'oma ; 
Ayg ke o tond* ire nl'agali e be bogwd. 

18 Or^ga e be doanl' olandunlo w'agore, 
Ni'igandi go mbora y'arSti. 

19 RSi doanle gw'ig' ivolo, 

Ge nromanto w'araofiaanlo ni'olagalago. 

20 Igumb' ivinje nl'agali mi re go nago 

Ndo edasyu zi saliza mo. 

21 Aye o song' ogore, nli nkSnga, 

E be deng' emenla, nrogore, nrolanda. 

22 Oma oyogo e panda go nka' mpolo yi 

Avoswunlie ngulu y'ibekelia sa yo. 

23 Aye o penjarenj' ogwanli we nl'onleme 

wg, ^ • 

E penjavenj' effienla ze avila go njuke. 

24 Ekali nrodandottr-oT^di nie ini ny^y 
O janja nFegunlu z'ekalL 


25 Ibela s^ogera si jomlize, 
Eande aga me mi bik' ijanja. 

26 Owenja wantuntuetonginlasitonginla, 
Nd'ogore wi be pa, ka azimbiza. 

27 Ntyago y'argga yi numbo, 

KSt poro j'abaga yo nli mondS, mbe. 

28 Oyenli w^inoka e be jilizo, 

Nd^oma o poganlio e be kamba nromi^nle. 

29 Oyavuri e jaliz' ozyo we, 

Nd'oma w'ogore e bandaminla inkendi- 
nli 8& 

30 ZyeF imia, zyel ikotiza, 
Zyele mondA ga gore Jehora. 

31 Nkavala yi kekizo go ntyagu y^igAvi; 
Ndo ikeva si pila gore Jebova. 


IN' ivia nyi re yiaganlo nl'igumb' irolo ; 
Nli nk^nga mbia viaganlo nli syika ya- 
pupu nla yatenlatenla. 

2 Enlafiii nPokuge wi datanle mbora mo ; 
Ovangi wao nle Jehova. 

3 Okeli e jenle njuke, azyambunla ; 
Ndo itefiiu yi k^nda nl'entanta, ayela. 

4 Ipa s'okendekende — ^itia si Jehova, — 
So nle igamba, olunda, nFefiienla. 

5 ArSnde nl'imondo si re go mpSinl& y'oza- 

Nd'oma o penjavenj' ori$mi wS e dubua 
bo go so. 

2^. . SINKQCK). , 

6 Yomia oijwanla go mpangioli yei 
J'atoa onlSrb, alwbue va yo. 

7 Enlami zi panginle l^nge, 

Nl'oma o nye utyamba, e be dpaalei nyo- 
ngo y'orna o suiigJg. 

8 Oma o benla ibe e be tenle njuke ; 

Nli mpava y'eguplu zg yi be bundakaula* 
9i O re lil-iatya ny'ogwianba ayiS e be savi* 
Kaudee pa inyi se gor' okug^. 

10 Romb' ovedi ka amoi&anlo maala^ 
I, mbgleke nli ntyauli yi be j^ka. 

11 Aye o toade nkere y'oreraa, 

Vd ombia w'inlumbu yS, oga e be doanl^. 
ndeg' we. 

12 Antya mi Jehova mi penjavenj' imia, 
AyS ke e jiliz' agamba m'igandi. 

13 Qgera e bulia nl^, njega yi re gw'igalai 
M'be jonlo go rapanla. 

14 Ogwanla w'omaiit' ogenda wo nle ivemba 

Nl'ay^ o numbo nle Jehova e poswa gogo. 
16 Edasya zi re kprinlo pa g'orema w'oi|w% 

Ndo mpava y'orevunlo yi be tomb^ zo. 

16 Aye o pitakanlia okuge go bunli' aplivi 

Nl'ay^ o p'enlafiii, giligili e be kuga* 

17 Voganli' orctt w.a, kit j4g4: agamba m'ftyo- 



Avela oremi wa gw'imi sam. 

18 Kknie re xnbiay ja ffi'apenjayenja so g'orS- 

mi w^, 
Ja a'akekiza r^ti gw'inlamba ylt« 

19 Inle, ibekeli sa si doanla gore Jehorar; 
Mi are mieza pa nlenl^ winla^ gor' a?ve- 

20 Mi tlndinla g'o^waiijawimoiidanrixQia? 

21 Go mieza ogiligili w'agamba m'oreli^ 

Go fwinliz' agamba m'oreti gore wao wi 

22 Agwera okuge kandei ar' okuge ; 

Kk ayitakanlia omi^ re jela pa g-ompo- 

23 E^nde Jehova e be saziz' ozyazya wao, 
Agw^re ffienla yao wi kwera wao. 

24 Avange ndego nroma w'egunlu, 

Kk aganganla nroma o supge henda* 

25 O vende nenga ink^^ndinU se, 
Aleage moudo gw'ei&enla z4. 

26 Aloanla nla wao wi felaal; ag4:; 

Nty§. n\k wao wi pangaola g'o^wanja 

27 JStgjt we o zyele nl'ezama zi pa,, 
Osao nde wi bonginlo w^ odo w^ 

28 Azyt^ya elingilio zi ntyaga eluDga, 
Z'alo^io nl'ireri sa. 

29 O jenl' oma o ni^giza gw'eyilo a^ ? 
E be kumaola gw'azyo m'aga ; 

£ be ki^manla gw'azyo mi lenge. 

EWONJO XXni. . ^ i 

J A m'adoanla tu gw'inya nl'enlaffii, • • 
Vikiliage yama yi re doVio pa g^ozyo vrk : 

2 K4fide o be fele swaka gw'epongo za, ^ ' 
Jkgkayt^ inyeiili. * 

3 Ayongunla inyi se ibia, 

Kknde so nle inya s'inoka. ' 

4 Alelia ofcu' iT^me go bogwa, 
> Y^kiz* imi same;< 

5 O be dogwiz' antya mSt go mo ? ge m'azya. 
Eande reti mi savang' ampara, 
Alogwa ga ngwanyd,nli g'orowa. 

6 Anya inya s'oma w'intySi ive, 
Kk ayongunla inyi se ibia. 

7 Kande ga nte pikilig g'orSmi we, yenla re 

Nya, yonga, bulinli^ we ; 
Ndo orSmi we wi zye gore w6. 

8 Mbogo yi re we nya pa, o be tora yo, 
Averiz' agmnbi mfii m'onligi. 

9 Agamba gw'aroi m'ed&syu, 

E^ y^ p^dia imia s'agambi ma. 

10 Azywsya elingilio zi ntyaga elungn, 

Ka ayinginla g'ompindi w'awa' w'ariga. 

11 E^nde olandanti wao are nil nguln, 
E be s^ziz' izy^zya yao gore wS. 

12 Vag' orSmi wk gw'in^nja; 
Nl'oroi w& gVagamba m'imia. 

13 Aztmbia oreTimlo gore oqwanla, 

Kande o tS. syiwg nli inpava, e be juwa- 

14 ZyiwS nli mpava, 

Gambenle o asunginl' emanlSt z^ avila 
g'oronginlo. * .. . . . • • 

15 Og' wami) ja orSmi wawji re nrimia^ 
Oremi warn wi be toada, iwamii^g. , 

16 I, inlinli nyam nyi be jenle mbia, * , 
Go be kagunlia inlumbu y^ isaoa y'tt^ti/ 

17 OrSmi wSt w'ayml' ave Jjandi; 

Ndo ik doanle gw'itia ^ Jehoya egamba 

18 K^nde rSti r'egombe go bosyo, 
Nl'ibekeli Bdi,si be t^nlo. 

19 Yag^, og' wami, ka doanla nrimia, > 
Agendia oremi wa go mpanl§,. 

20 Aloanla nFinyongi s'ivS, 
Nla gore anyenli lu'et^re. 

21 Kande eyonga nl'inyenli wi be kuga, 
Nl'im^ga si be baria oma nl'ises^ge. 

2? Voganlio reri ya o yanlia ; 

Ka avedie ngi ya, j'atoe mbolo. , 

23 Gor orSti kk ava ka?a wo ; 
Imia, nl'inSnja, nl'ikotiza. 

24 Bere y'ogwa' w'orSti e be jenF igev* irolo, 
NFay^ o janl' oyogo e be jenle mbia. 

25 Reri ya nli ngi ya wi be jenl' igeva, 
Nl'aye o ycmlia e be jenle mbia. 

26 Og' wami, va ndS or^mi wi, 

KSt antyk ma toud' impknlk sam. 

27 Kande eVo?e ale iyeml^a ny'orongai 


m*offiant' oggnda ovela waztv^a. ' 

28 Aye kS e syata ga ogw^risi, ^ 
' Awunlia igdndi gore anlaga- 

29 Mande o re nPazyingo ? 
Mande o re nrekgva ? 

O re ril'amoffianlo mande'? 
O re nli njuke mande ? 
^Mande o re nl'imbipa ndaga ftJ ? 
O re nriwombe gw'antyS. mande ? 

30 Wao wi dinga gw-ive, 

Wao wi kSnda go d6mb' ijonga ibnndunle. 

31 Avonl' ivfe vk re nyo t^nlatenla, 
Va tuminlia nyo antySi ^'elas, 

Ja ny'aduke suminla gw'epongo mbia- 

32 Go nuwunla nyi be noma ga ofliamba, 
Nl'ara egalanli g'ompenle. 

83 Antya md mi be ponle VoVeVoVe ; 

Nl^oremi wSl wi be kSigunlia ozapilio. 
34 O be doanla ga yS o nanla go garegare yi 

Ga ye o nanla go ntyai y'ogumia. 
25 W'aboli mi6, ndo mi jAgSi nkazya; 

Wasiwi mig, hdo mi mm; 

Ja mi anongwa, mi be fa buta nyo. 


AYEHV anlag' are rjandi, 
- ESi av^le doanla nla wao. 
2 E&nde orfemi Wao 'wi pifcilie' riibao, 

EWdNJO XlIV. «# 

Krinlumbu yao y i kamb* ibfe. 

3 Nago yi nogo nrimia, 
Nraloanlizo nFikotiza. 

4 Nl'inantye be jonlio linmia ; 
NFigumba iyonli nrivia. 

5 Oyogo are nli ngulu, 

Nroma wlmia e jaiize ngulu ye. 

6 ' KStnde vang' igavi ny a nrokeli, 

Ndo' igeva nyi pila gw'imonda sinyenge. 

7 Imia si re dondua gor' edasyu, 

E nt^ngunl' ogwanli wS g'ompombanla. 

8 Oma o pikilie dend' ibe, 

E be fwelio inlS, oma wi mondSt mbe. 

9 Monda mbe nle ifwema, 
Wov^di e numbo nl'oma. 

10 Ja Si'akw' oge go ntyugu yi njuke, 
Ngulu ya yi re jela pa. 

11 Zunginla wao wi dure gw'ijuwa, 

Nli mongi wi timbiarimbia gwlbazyb, zi- 
mbia wao. 

12 KStnde jSt ffi'abulia nlS, vonla, azuwe mia 

Aye o kelageP irema e be kotiza ? 
Aye o penjavenj' effienla zk avbro ; 
Aye kg e be fwiriliza gore oma g'ijanji 


13 Og' wami, ny^onlSmbe, kSinde wi r'ombia ; 
^NPekoka z'onlSmbe zi r'onligi gw'ideulbi 


1 4 YenlSt mia ikotiza nPoremi wSt ; 

^U ; filNfiOGOi i 

Ja ffi'adeo|;a-*TJa egombe. zi c&.go bosjo, 
Gamb^nle ibekeli sa si be teala 

15 OrSga, BzjAta, go nago y'ogore; • » 
Agwera inlaalonye. « ' 

16 Ednde oma w'oieti e be poswe nj6ngiL 

orogenlo, ka ye nongwa; 
Ndo arega wi be poswa gw'ibe. 

17 Jkgk olo?alo?i wa aposwa, ayenle mbia; 
Nla j'akwa, oremi wk ay^nV igeva. 

18 Jehova e yende jeula, ka ye benda; 
. Avinliz' ibendi s6 gore y& 

19 Azydkalla oka' wamS g'oijwaaja w'axdag' 

Ay^nla ke ar^gd. i|^andL 

20 Eande be doaxiV egombe go bosyo gore 

om' ^nbe ; 
^ pjo w'arSga wi be nimo. 

21 Oi)' wami, rie Jehora nl'oga; 
Aganganla nla wao wi kaluagalua. 

22 Kande njuke yao yi bia va igambanya*- 

Nl'oyilizo wao aVanli mande re ka mia wo ? 

23 Ya yinlSi yi pila gore ayogo ; — 
Zyele mbia go poal' azyo gw'ij^Slia. 

24 Ay6 o bulinlia or^ga inlS, o r'ogore, 

E be save nPanlaga, e be numbo nl'anlo- 
26 Ndo gore wao wi teyunla be doanle mbia; 

Nrozavinl' ombia wi be bia gore wao. 
26 Oma e be skmV inlombu ye, 


O JLvira nl'agumba ta'ar^tL 

27 Gekiza ijanji s& gw'i^ala, 
Ka panga so gore vr^ g'orore ; 
Ea ^iKige noge nag' w^. 

28 Aloanl' oyenli gore ogcuoganlo yrk ndaga 

Ed armiiza nl'inlambu y&. 

29 AvruVuBL nl^i ga nt'are ye dende pa mi£, 
Yenl^ be denda miS y^, 

M'be fwinliz' oma g'ijanji s^. 

30 Mi aviaganli g'ompindi w'ogera, 
Nla go ntyaga y'oma bonli' qriSnia ; 

31 Ndo ypnla, y'ayomi yodu nl'ejamba; 
Nl'ifalifa s'ayugi ntyaga : 

* E^ ogomba w'ado syazya. 

32 Yenla ayenli mie, avikili' mie ; 

Avonli mie, arevunlio mie. f 

33 Y'anty^.vinla am^nle, yem^ga ySnle; 
Yepur' aga ySnle gw'antyayinl&. » 

34 Yenla be bia agugi ma g'ogendai 
Nl'ibeli sa g'oma w'igayi. 


SINLA kg nle inkogo si Solomon, 
S'ayk tgndio nranloffie wi Hezikaia y'oga 
wi Isreel. 

2 lyenda ny'Anyambig nle go jumbunle 

Ndo iyenda ny'a^a nle go d6ng' igamba. 

3 Orowa ?'idondua, nli ntye rk odonga^ ^ ^ 


Yenla re orSma^ w?agia w'waweao-' ' V 

4 RoinV ati mi syika go syika yapupa^ 
Nringongo nyi be kagwa gore oVan^ifi.'' r 

5 RomV orgga g-cmyo Voga, "♦ -.^ 

i ,; Ki 6ki z6 donlizo nroi^ti. . ^ r i^ 

6 Amminia odando g'ozyo w'oga; 
Agumaula go mbora y'anlag' arolo. > 

7; K&nde re mbia va w8 bulinlio inlS, ^ - v t 
Vandinla gunla, ge vr^ jatninliOy ^ f 
G*ozyo w'enlafli' evolo o jenlo nPadtyll 
mi. . ^ 

8 Agenda go noa nFentanta, 

. O vende dende ndaga gw'antiwunla, ' > ^ 
Jkgk oganganlo w& ajenli^ nty &nli; ^ 

9 Yoffianla inyoffianlo ny& nVog&ngsxdovri ; 
Ka azyaF erungti ^-om' igwenle: *^ r>^ 

10 Ayg o jiga e rende jenliz^ ntyanli; ^ 
Ea nty&nli yi y'alwbwiza. ^ 

11 Aba mi syika yatenlatenla, 
Gw'iiitj^all si syika yapupti ; f ir ^ 
Yo igamba nyi kambo gw'egombe. 

12 G'offioro wi syika yatenlatenla, 

Nii mpanga yi syika yatenlatenla mMa^ ; 
Yenl& re orevunlo w'imia g'oroi wi pogui 

13 G'ifwi nyi snow gw'egombe z'itenia ; 

' YenlS re orkvi w'ogore gore moh^ wi 
, toffi^; : ; 

K&nde e sindift or^ma w'ireri s^J 

14 Yindi nl'ompunga ningo f5» : n ?. 

^ ^ Yetil&te oma a tumiAlia^ovahclI gfWidayia 
Vipindia. ' 

15 Wisir ibendrt enlaft' evdlo zS pJinUo, 
NronlSme olgle wi mAgunl' epa. ' 

16 O fll'adengi onl&nbe, ny* wi t6 kwSkwe 

nla We, 
^' O Tende jora rila wo, arova wo. 

17 Romb' ogolo wal go nago y'ogangaiilo w4; 
E rende jad&, anIumbS. ;^ 

t8 Evis&j okwara, nl'ozybngJi oraenii, 

Nle oma o nokinla oganganlo we mberi* 

19 Inft ny'atenli, nli ntyozyo yi tataminla^ '. 

^' Yo' nle' oVekelio g'og&ndi go ntyugu yi 

'So Aye o tohibe hg&i go ntyuga yliVri,' ' * 
Nli viniga go naitSr ; 
Yenld kg re o jembe vandisi g*orKma wi 

^'''' . njuke. ' ' ; 

21 J& oloValoVi wi ajigd njanlKk/ nveztf 

J'ajenl* esyore, yBnje aniingo. =^i 

2^^ Sande o be kdnj' amingilia m'ogonii jgw'e- 
wonjo zg ; 

Jehova kg e be p2t. 
2g Ng^ngSi yi bag" onygnge ; • ' 

[r Nronlgme w'imdginla, ozyo w'egunla 
24 R& doanle go ntyai y'orondS., 

Ge nVoffianto w'amoffianlo go nago nipolo^ 
2ff Aniingo mi nkei g^orema w*esyove, ^ 

308 SINKOGO. , 

Tenld re ntyango mUa avila gyin^ngSt 

26 Mbenle y'omburewure, nFevero zi re feva 

Nle ogore o tataminla g'ozyo w'orSg^. ^v r 

27 Go ny'onlSmbe oijwenge zyele mbia ; 
Nla g'oma but' ivendi nySmS, yo nle nju- 


28 Nka' mpolo syazyo pa-ogomba w'ado i^,. 
Nle oma o re avanginr orSmi w^me, 


GA sino go ntyauja nli ningo gw'enk>fto; 
Yenla re olubo wi zye kwgkwS got' 
2 Ga ntySili g'owolanganlo, g'ibongambala 
go pSlav61e, 
Yenl^ ozavo w'anyawSnyawe w'agote. 
8 Mpaya gore nkavala, nrogwanga g'ogwa- 
nla wi buru ; 
-Nli hlongo go nyuma yi dasyu. 

4 Aytvira odusya egalanli z'ed^ya :^, 

O yende doanla egalanli ga y^, aweme^ 

5 Yivira odusya eg^anli z^edk&jk ze, 

E vende doanla nl'imia gw'anty^ me. 

6 E tenl' agolo, e jong' isapilia, 

O tofli' agamba nPogSi w'edSisyu. ^ 

7 Agolo mi nlema wi re k^^eie, 
Yenla re nkogo g'ogwanla wi dasyu. 

8 Ga yg o diria ido g-ogd.ii wi p9nginla, 


^ Yenl& te ye o duV edasyu. 
9 Ga nte tombinlo ivare ny'arSnde g'og& 
' Veyonga, 

Yenla re nkogo g'ogwanla w'edSlsyu. 

10 G'ozy^ng& wi tuma om* edu, 
Yenla re oma o p'edSisyu ipa s'ijanja ; 
Nla y^ o pa m^ngi wi bolanganla ipa 


11 Ga'nte fwinlia mboa gw'arovi me, 
Yenlft r'edJisyu zl fk sySlga. 

12 O jenV oma nl'imia gw'antySi m^, 
Edasyu kSi bekelio viaganlo nla y8. 

18' Ogera wi bulia nle, laion yi re go mp&- 
Nj^gS. yi re gw'agala. 
14 Igugi nyi kegwa gw^inkonlo s6 ; 

Ni'ogera g'odo w6, 
16 (^era e jumbunl' oga we go ntyuanla, 
^ E jase fwinliza wo g'ogwanli w8. 
16 Ogera are nritnia gVantya m6, 

Viaganlo nl'anlag' orogenlo, wi re k& 
bonde ndaga. 
It Ay8 o fcote mboa gw'aroi nle ye, 

O piaganla agwenla gw'inyoffianlo nyi re 

18 G'eranlia o pung' agonga, izyongdt, nil* 

juwa ; 

19 Yenl& r'oma o tetniza oganganlo we, 
Awulia nig, mi sy^a ? 

20 Gore zyeF ikonli, gogo ogonii wi nima: 

Nla gore zy'e^engUa inyoS^Ak^'r^n^ 

21 Amanla gw'amingilia m'ogonli> nl-ikonli 

g'ogpuli, . 
Nroma w'amoffiaBlo go' kwea! eduagik :: r 

22 Agam]ba m'esereogila mi re g'iia, ^ 
. Jid^ mi sumiala ga- gare y'iwuffia. i 
28 Syika y'ati yi kilo go ntyu^ ayogo ; 

Yi ]^6 g'inlumba y'itemiza, nroiem^^milidt 

24 Aye o numba e p&Uidia aarinluint^u y^ ; 
Ea y£ fela itemiza g'ovemi w^. ' r .a 

25 J'amepMayoi ny.^i ayliidrS; : i 

; Kaude mbikinli orbgenlo si re g'oy^mi vrHi 

26 Inumbosijumbanloni'itemiza; >. rr 
Ndo ngambi ye yi be riiiezo g'ovegOi 

27 Oma p tmnb'ivetiiba, poswa Y^yty t : 
NFaye o kaValia ido, nyi be fwinlia goxi6 ye* 

28 Onl^e w'inoka wi niunba^ wao m pita^ 

kanlionlewo, \ ^ 

NrogwMila w'4d&ttdajyka : wi |iajig- ^yUias^t 


AWOLINU oku' wk ikapa v&vmeale, ri 
K4ada« mfezainte bertoa onrenja*: O 

2 Om' aijwSnle e ga zuminli^, arang' ogwa- 
•. ;. * nli'wjcmS, .... ':<]'. -:.. • :: -..r 

OgSnda, arang' inlumbu y&mH. - : 

3 Ido nyi re dka, nli ntySnge yi I'lroanloi^t 
Ndo eganlu z'ed&syu zi re dim TiAgfaiilo 

'- nla yo-.f anil; .'.\ ...\.x . ...a r,^;} ^2 


^do mand6 o re k^ kumaola g^ozjo wi 
,:: : ^m^il -r '. . . .--r ::[ 

5 Orevunlo w'abui wi re viagfanlo, 
Nrit^nda a'iy^isiViiiLla;. 

6 Vora y'pmao tdada yi ve.gUigili, : r 
Ndo jb&mba s'oma o aumba si bunla. 

7 Or^ma wi r^ ^0m pa \^i bik' ekoka ^oUt 

mbe^ . 
, Ndo g'c^iaa wi njanla ez&m' edu £i nonli 
zi r'oaligL : 

. 8 6a jiyanli-yii bolangaiila arila gw'ikiuite 

, Y^& roiomai o botoatgania avila go mbdtt 

yiL / ^ r» ' .• . 

9 Agali nroyStmbi wi tiSndi* or^ma ; :/ 

Yenld; cmligi wi vAkgo yV>ma wi pila go 
r iiBDiidi y'orema.. : ' 

10 Artge ndeg' wd» nli nd^o ya reri ya ; 
Ay«igial« go nago y'oi^Mr&ngi ya go ntyn- 

♦ guyinjuke; 

Oma o re piere are yiaganlo iil*oi|wiLngwe 
o re bo J 

11 OgNwami, kiaala oyogo, kk t&idia orgM 

Kk mi^ fwinliz' igamba gore oma o ^ 
mba mi^; 

12 Oma w'okeli e jenle njuke go bosyo azyA- 
aJ i^ mbunla; ' 

Ndo iteffiu yi k^nda nl'entaiita agugizo. 

$lfl SmKOGO. 

Ifft Wtfnge ugki y^ o re jegiza p'og^Soda, ' 
KSl kotinla onloSle g'oqwanja w'eVoVa. 

14 Oma o sayinl' oganganlo w^ nl'inyo' irolOy. 

n^gw' il>aiiga ; 
Be jenlanla gore ye g'ozaro. 

15 Ituezinla sink&nde s'owenja wi ningo, 
Nl'offianto Vamoffianlo wi r'egManli mo. 

1^6 Aye o dege e deg' ompunga, 
. Nl'ogk w^ onlomie wi kot' agali. 

17 O^wanga wo k^ taezia ogwanga ; 
Nl'oma kk tuezia ozyo w'oganganlo yr^. 

18 AyS o penj avenja oImi e be ny'ilonda ya wd, 
Nl'ayS o bandaminle reri y^ e be dubo. 

19 Gra gw'anliiigo^ ozyo wi jenanla g'ozyb ; 
Yenl& jenanla orSma w'oma g'oma. 

20 Ilombo nl'ijiliza s'akedo, 

Yenla re aiity& m'o^wanlaga m'altida 

21 Ntyuanla y'ijanginlia go syika yapapu, 
Ni'inu go syika yateniatenla ; 

Yenla r'oma g'oigwanja w'isaminlio se. 

22 Jd. ffi'atul' ed&syu gw'ezo go gare y'imba 

Ogegende we w'alwbwize gore ye. 

23 Miag^ azyo m'olembi wa w'ad&mbe^ 
K& bandaminl' api m& mbiamMe. 

24 K&nde igumba ny'aloanlize p^ep^e; 
Yanganle korowa, gw'imbamba nlimba- 


25 Amanli mi piaganla, nl'irondo yi tuwa- 



Nli bS yi nomba yi tiula. 

26 Awad&mbe ^'inoanli sky 

, Nrinjonli si ntyaga nle ad&mbe anloflle«i 

27 Ambe-nlingo m'imbonli ke mi be doanla 

V'inyi sa, nla ?'inya si nag' w& ; 
. Nla gVidoanliza s'inyongo sa inyanto. 

EwoNJo xxvm. 

AREGA vri fanga, oma k^inbiza fo ; 
. Ndo agore wi re vemba ga njSgk. 
. 2 G'oi)wanja w'ifwema si ntye, anlag' aro- 
lo vi bunla; 
. Ndo nl'oma w'ikotiza, ayS o mia orSti e 

3 ElSngg z'onloffie o bangatia ikuge, 

Are ga ningo yi jambanlia orai, inya sazya^ 

4 Mongi wi tig' ivanga wi suminlia orSgd; 
Ndo wi penjaveitj' ivanga wi bendinla wao. 

5 Anlag' ave wi kotiz' oreti ; 

« Ndo mongi wi bute Jehova wi kotize* 
mpoQg' wedu. 

6 Mbia nrokage o kanganla nl'ogore wtf, 
Ge ay^ o sapilie nkSndinli yS, ranganle 

ayg onlivinlivi. 

7 AyS o penjavenj' ivanga nle oma w'ikotiza. 
Nd'oganganlo wi bandanlie e be jenlize 

reri ye nty&nli. 
- 8 Oma o bunlia igambi ny^ nl'inyenla s'i- 

' E kuminlia f^giililiii.ikpg^ .^l 
9 Ayg o tomV oroi we gQ j&ga iveng^;:', 

Vang^^nle iktaahmll se si be doanli^ siMko«j 
lQjA$^si tQmiz' ngore go mpanll^ yUte, u 
E be poswa g'oveli wemS ; . , ; 

Ndo agj(>f6 wi be jige mbia. / 

11 QaUyinlivi we nrimia gw'iujiylt mSw^ ; 
Nd'okuge o re nl'ikotiza e bSmbe. 

12 J'avia w'ajenle ixibia, rUgev' ivolo ; 

Ndp go kttwanr w^SgS^, oma e syambtmlBw 
is Aye o pug' ibe sg e be k^ada xabio^bUt - 

Ndo ay^ o m^ma, aogaso^ e be pogiiUo;^ 
14 Ozavinlo gore oma o baudanuali^ egombc^ 
; 5&oduj ; . 
Ndo aye o jaliz' oremi w^me e be poswij^ 
gonjuke. i ; /, :: 

1^ Nj^ga yi kangula, nl'wlim^ zi bwda^. 
: / Ni© g^tven mbe gor' ikuge. 

16 Oga wi r'ikotiza^ io, .nl'ibuQla si pit&ka- 

nlia — . '^^. r^ 

Ndo ay& o.bika ogasyo w'anIiFa e day' 
intyngu s6. 

17 Om' o pitakanIo>ntentyiniay'effienI&» ; 
^ M< ^* waoge gw'ivemba ; azimbio. idVAna» 

18 AyS o kenda gore e be doanla pStla; 

V Ndo aye o rapilio nl'imp&nla see be ptewe 
t ;: ?iy5nga iiiD* ' 

19 Ayg o janje ntyagi y6me e be jora nl'inya ; 
NrayiS song' anlaga w'idando e be joKa 

nl'aguga. i 


20 Om* &r^ ogore e be butilto izavinte; ^ 
Ndo aye o negize boi|wa, aloanle ogara €6. 

21 Go di^a nVokuwa zyfele mbia; • ^ 
K^nde oma kd fwema vlt mbei yi mp^mba. 

22 Oma w'intylt ive e nSgiza go boqwa; ' . 
Ndo e mia inle, agiiga mi bia gore y& 

23 Omato'terunla e b6 deng' ikanla go nuwt- 

nla, . 

Viq^ganlo nl'oma o dandalia nFonieme ^. 

24 Gma o kw6re reri y^, gta igi y6, awblia 

nl^, zyembe; ' ^ 

Ayg ogangaillo w^oyiiist. 

25 Oiila Vor^raa Vekale e kwez* edanga, ' 
. Ndo ay^ o bekelie Jehova e be banlio. 

t6 Oma o bekelia oremi wemS ar' ed&syu ; 
Ndo o kSnda nl'imia e be stmginlo. 

27 O p'okuge e be bonlio ; 

Ndo gc»pe y^ o jumbanF anty^ m^ be 
doalnla nrisavo imienge. 1 f 

28 Go kamaar arSgdi, oma e sy&mbiinla; 

' Wdo }a w'ajila, agore wi bunla. : - l r 

, . ^ EWONJQ XXIX. . .. 

OMA o tevunlo egombe zodu, ay&liz' ompele 
E be jonloaSgaiL^ga isungiiila f ot « : i 

2 J'agote w'abanla, aulaga vfi jenle mbia ; 
Ndo j'adT^lL w'apanginlai antufra wi dd.gfet 

f>*' . lags. • '• '.'•.• 

3 Oma o tond' imia e t^ndie reti^; ' 


Ndo o t^nde Vo?e e be bundakanlia Iga- 
4 Oga e doanlize ntye^nrijgkelia; 
Nd'oma w'idavia e jiliza yo. 

6 Oma o dandalia oganganlo we, 
E syamV isinga go mpanlSt yS. 

< Gw'ijanj' ibe s'om' ^mbe re moitdo: 
Nd'ogore e be jemba, ayenle mbia. 

7 Ogore e bandaminle ndaga y'okuge*, 
' Nd'oregd e kotiz' imia. 

8 IvSdi yi bendie nka* mpolo ; 
Ndo ayogo wi panli' egunlu. 

9 Oma w'imia e s&ziz' oma w'ed&syu ? 
Yanganle abenda, ge jStnla, ndo azy' ip^- 


10 Anloffie wi ntyinla wi bendinla oma 

Ndo a^ore wi be but' effienid ze. 

11 Edasyu zi k^unli' egunlu ze zodu; 
Ndo kwg oma w'imia e be pknlia zo. 

12 Ovanginli e poganlio igamba ny'inokal 
Gamb^nle inyongo se sodu si re reg&. 

13 Ok age nl'oma wi mbao wi dataiila*tnbora 

Jehova e jenjiz' anty& mao a^anli. 

14 Oga o jSkelia ikuge nrogiligili; 
Eki ze zi be doanlizo egombe zodu. 

16 Mpava nrorevunlo wi be p'imia ; 

Nd'ogwd tigo die, e be jenlize ngi ye 


16 Go banl' areg& ibe si bunla ; 

Ndo go poswa wao, agore wi be jenla. 

17 Zyiwa pigwanli vrk^ ka ye jawizsl ; 
I, e be tondi' oremi wa ; 

18 Go re zyeF imiezo, anlaga wi to' idusy^ ; 
Ndo ay^ o penjavenje ntyale e savinla 

19 Nyongo arevnnlo nl'agamba ; 
Vanganle akotiza, e be jivira. 

20 O jenl' om' &r' entanta nl'agambi mS ? 
Edasyu k^ bekelio viaganlo nia y^. 

21 Aye o pomize nyongo ye dSla avija 

Go nuwunla e be doanla oi|wanli w^» ■ 

22 Oma w'egunlu e kwez' edugu ; 
Nl'ay^ o bendaVenda e bunla nl'ibe. 

23 Ekali z'oma zi be javuriS ; 
Nd'okendekende nrorSma wi dirio. 

24 Aye o kera nVofe, e bik' effienla z^n^ ; 
E jaga orango, ndo ayivire syale. 

25 Itia s'anlaga si pure mondo ; 

Ndo ay^ o bekelie Jehova, e be doanlizo 

26 Awenge wi but' ozyo w'oga ; 
Nd'orSti w'oma wi pila gore Jehova. 

27 Ibika s'agore so nle oma w'ibe, 

Ndo ibika s'ar^gSi so nle oma w'ogore gwV 

M« : BINKOGO/ • 


AGAMBA mi Egur, otjw^nloffie w'offianto 
o ydginlo go Masa ; ^ 

1 Yahla agambi onlome inl€, ' 
Mi are janja pa g'ogwanja w'Anyambifii 
Mi are janja pa g'oi)wanja w'Anyambi^, 
Nl'atiga mig. 

2 K&nde mi ar' odusya viaganlo nroffi' edii ; 
Nl'ikotiza s'anlaga si zyele nla mie. ; 

^ 3 Kande mi nengiz' imia ; * v 

Mi denga k'imia si Jehova. 
4 O re panda pa g'orowa, nraztim&nbi 
Mande o re kuminlia p'ompunga lgw*i- 
nty&me se ? i ^ ^1 

Mande o re kora p'anlingo nli ngSti? - 
O re doanliza pa intyai si ntye 'todn 

Ini nye mande? nl'ina ny^ogwanli n^ 
" mande? 

Inle, kk mia. 
6 Igambi edu ny'Anyambie nyi re nk^rte ; * 
NguVa nle yS gore wao vri bekelie. 

6 Agund' agambi mS ; 

B t^ende suriSi, ka wg doanl* onoki. 

7 Ya Vanli yi re miS bambi^ pa, 
Azf mbinla miS yo, mie yuaga r^ 

8 Romb' ibe nl'igamba ny'inoka bo gore miif ; 
Aya miS aguga ge ntambe ; , . • 

EW0NJ6 XiX. 3i* 

Nyeza mie nFinya si re nla mid kwekw^ 
9 Mi vende jora nralanda, awulia nl& Je- 
Ge mi rende doatiF okuge, ayufa, areta 
ina ny'AnyambiS rSt nyawenyawg; 

10 Affi&g^nle nyongo gore reri yg ; 

E vende tdw&, ka doaril' ogara. ' 

11 Re mbamba nl'lmbamba si t&\^e reri yao; 
Kk s'azavinle ngi yad. 

12 Re mbamba nrimbamba si re nkSre ^w*a- 

ntySt maomS^ / 

Ka s'ayovunlo gw'is^ sao. ' 
IS Re mbamba nllmbamba— aiity^ mad mi 

r'ekale; ,, . 
Nllgunle yao yi re tbmf)inlo pa, 

14 Mbamba nl'imbamba — ana mao ik^afa; ^ 
Nl'agggSt mao siswaka; 

^ Go jiliz' ikuge go ntye, 
Nl'arevo gore anlaga. 

15 Ibambo nyi ite nVawawanto aVanli— va, 

Araro wi re w'ayase ; * , 

Anlai wi re w'awwiie nle, kw^wg, , . 

16 Oronginlo, nl'iwaffiu hyi nkeli ; 

' ' Nli ntye yi re y'ayonlize nPanlingo ;* 
Ni'ogonli wi re w'awwlie nl8, kw6kW(^. 

17 IntySi nyi sy^lie rere, nravSdie j^ginlo 

Inkangtt s'odede si be tokunla nyo, , 
Ni'awa' wi ngwanyStnli wi be nyia riyo. 


48 Isaon iraro yi mamo mi^i 
Nrisaon inlai, mi kotiza yo. 

19 Mpanl^ yi ngwanySnli gw'igonlo, 
Nli mp^a y'ofiiamba gw'ido, 

Nli mp&nla y'owatanga go garegare yi 

Nli mpkvlk y'onloffie nl'offianto. 

20 Yenia mpanli y'offianto w^e?o?e, e ny»i 

ke siz' ogwanli wS, 
Awuliaga nle, mi dend' ibe. 

21 Ntye yi syugo nl'isaon iraro ; 
Nla gw'inlai y'azmdinle ; 

22 Gore nyongo j'apanginla; 

Nla gor* edSisyu j'ajora nl'inya ; 

23 Nl'offiaiito o numbo, j'ajombo ; 

Nla gore nyongo nyanto, j'ajige ngi ye. 

24 Re ya nlai yango go ntye ; 
6e yo imia sipolo. 

25 Iny^nla — anlaga vn re wi zye ngulu ; 
Ge so kekizag* inyi sao go ntyanja. 

26 Intori si re deladela ; 

Ge so nogag' inago sao gw'ado. 

27 Isakampazyo yi zyele nl'oga ; 
Ge yo kSndaga yodu nl'inkand^. 

28 Ewoffiarongulu zi kota nli ntyame so 

mbanli ; 
Nla zo k^ gw'inago s'oga. 

29 Re ya raro yi mSpe kSnda, 

I, nlai yi mep' inkSndenli sao. 

30 Laion yi re viaganlo nli ngulu gw'inyama. 

Yo kg yi kfgw- aid4aig^dzy»<w'bm''edi. 

31 Mb^a. mpt)H tntl mlmite oofite ;. . ' : 

32 Ja re dasya pa nl'odando — . . i , r. 

J& re k>lula.jpe manfl^ mbe nrogas'g'ogwd-t 
nla — ) ' 

33 Katide i|)ffai^ 'amiiealiiige si bag' omp^e;; 1 
Nl'ipiar' ofBupombo si bige^ atydnku; . 

Ni' ipendi' egianlm wk ba^e ml^^e* ' 

EWONJO XXXl/ / x: 

A GAMBA mi L^mu^l, oga wi Maaa ; ' 
JjL M'anlenjio ye iile^ngi ye* 1 - ^ ". 

2 Ande, og' wami ? nFande, ogwa w'iwufllu 

nyam? '•'•,( 
Nl'ande, og<w* w'impangia.nio>yatol? '^ 

3 Av^ saiJkaxignlwyki 

Nla inkSndinli &k gw'Sjiliza is'agm 

4 Aranga gore aga, Lemu^, aranga ' gore 

aga^gojon^ ivg . ... 

NlSi gore nlaflii go Tjei' alugu. ' '/ 

5 Wi Tendejoirga, aleVaajl'^ ampacga;! ^ I 
Azapilia oy^kSlia w'okage; 

6 Vanli adugn gore ye o juwa; ; -'^ 
Ni'ive gore Bftongi: wi re irjuke g'ofeinal 

7 E ga yonge, aletani' agugi m8 ; ' ^ ^ : 
f EStay^anginlienjnkriy^ nyenle; ' < 

8 Nlungunr ogwanlLwig6i?imaflw>:; ^ . • 
Nla g'oflprarija wr ny alunleli : 

9 Nlungoal' ogfi^an2vira.gD tenliz^ 6rStr>' ' 


$lfl SINKOGO. 

If^Wtfnge BgM y^ o re jegiza p'ogj^da,' 
Kk kotinla onloSle g'oqwanja w'eVoVe. 

14 Oma o BayinF oganganlo wS nUiiiyo* irolo^ 

ntegw' il>aiiga ; 
Be jenlanla gore ye g'ozaro. 

15 Ituezinla sink&nde s'owenja wi ninge, 
Nl'offianto Vamoffianlo vn r'eg&lanli mo* 

16 Aye o dege e deg' ompunga, 

. Nl'ogSt w8 onlomie wi kot' agali. 

17 O^wanga wo kk, taezia ogwanga ; 
Ni'oma kk tuezia ozyo w'oganganlo yr^. 

18 AyS o penjavenja oImi e be ny'ilondayd vro, 
Nl'ayS o bandaminle reri y^ e be dnbo. 

19 Ga gw'anlingo^ ozyo wi jenanla g'ozyb ; 
YenlSi jenanla or^ma w'oma g'oma. 

20 Ilomba nl'ijiliza s'al^do, 

Yenla re antya m'o^wanlaga m'altida 

21 Ntyuanla y'ijanginlia go syika yapapu, 
Ni'inu go syika yatenlatenla ; 

. Yenla r'oma g'ogwanja w'isuminlio sS, 

22 Jk ffi'atul' ed&syu gw'ezo go gare y'imba 

Ogegende we w'alwbwize gore ye, 

23 Miag' azyo m'olembi wa w'ad^mbe^ 
K& bandanunl' api mk mbiamMe* 

24 K&nde igumba ny'aloanlize p^ep^e; 
Yanganle korowa, gw'imbamba nlimba- 


25 Amanli nai piaganla, nl'irondo yi tuwa- 



NH bd-yi nomba yi ^ulo. 

26 AwadStmbe ^'iuoanli s&, 

, Nrinjonli si ntyaga nle addmbe anloffie.] 

27 Ambe-nlingo m'imbonli ke mi be doanla 

V'inyi sa, nla ?'inya si nag' w& ; 
NJa gw'idoanliza s'inyoiigo sa inyanto. 

EwoNJo xxvm. 

AREGA vn fanga, oma k^mbiza fo ; 
* Ndo agore wi re vemba ga nj^gSt. 
. S^ G'oi)wanja w'ifwema si ntye, anlag' aro- 
lo wi bunla; 
Ndo nl'cHiia w'ikotiza, ayg o mia orSti e 

3 ElSngS z'onloffie o bangatia ikuge, 

Are ga ningo yi jdmbnnlia orii, inya sazya^ 

4 Mongi wi tig' ivanga wi suminlia orSga; 
Ndp wi penjaYBDJ' ivanga wi bendinia wao. 

5 Anlag' ave wi kotiz' oreti ; 

> Ndo mongi wi bute Jehova wi kotize 
mpong' wedu. 

6 Mbia nl'okage o kangania nl'ogore wtf, 
Ge ay^ o sapilie nkSndinli yS^ yanganle 

ayS dnlivinlivi. 

7 Ay^ o penjavenj' ivanga nle oma w'ikotiza. 
Nd'oganganlo wi bandanlie e be jenlize 

reri ye nty&nli. 
- 8 Oma o bunlia igambi ny^ nl'inyenla s'i- 

' E kuminlia pDgialihikiiga. ..<i 
9 Ayg o tomV orai w^ gQ j&ga ivftng*;/' 

Vaoganle ikambinll ^e si be doanli^ sibiko*- 
lOrAsfiSo tQmiz' agoregompSinl^yUb©, u 
E be poswa g'oveli wemS ; . . ; 

Ndo agj(>re wi be jige jnbia. / . 

11 (^U.vinUyi are nllmia gwWtySt. m^Oi:^ ; 
Nd'okuge o re nl'lkotiza e b^mbg. 

12 J'avia w'ajenle ixibia, r*igev' ivolo ; 

Ndp go komanr ar^g4, oma e syambiinla>i^ 
is Aye o pug' ibe sS e be ksada mbiombUf, . 
Ndo ay^ o mj^ma,, e be pogiojo; 
14 Ozavinlo gore oma o baadasual^ egombc^ 
zodaj ; . 
Ndo aye o jaliz' oremi w^me e be poswn^ 
go njtike. . ; /. :: 

1^ Nj^g^ yi kangula, nl'^ima zi benda^. 
. ; Nle g^ven mbe gor' ikuge. 

16 Oga wi t^ikoUw^ io, .nribunla si pit&ka- 

nlia — ; r- 

Ndo ay& obika i^fasyo w'anliya e day' 
intyugu s6. 

17 Om' o pitakanlo.nlentyinla/y'effienl&y ": 
^ J^ ^' wange g w'ivemba ; azimbio, idVftna^ 

18 AyS o kenda gore e be doanla pStla; 

V Ndo aye o 6a{>ilie nl'imp&nla se* e be ptewe 
. nyonga hid. 

19 Ayg o janje ntyagi ySme e be jora nrinya; 
NrayiS song' anlaga w'idando e be joKa 

nl'aguga. i 


iO Om' ir* ogore e be^butilio iiavinlo; "^ 
Ndo aye o negize bogwa, aloanle ogara €6. 

21 Go di?a nVokuwa zyfele mbia; ■ ^' "■ 
K^nde oma ka fwema vlt mbei yi mp^r&ba. 

22 Oma w'intyA ire e nSgiza go boqwa; ' . 
Ndo e ima inld, aguga mi bia gore y& 

23 Oma b-terunla e be deng* ikania go nuwft- 

Viq,ganl6 hl'oma o dandalia nronleme wB. 

24 Oma o kwSre reri yg, gta igi y6, awhlia 

nl^, zyembe; ' 'i 

Ay8 ogangaiilo w'oyiifei. 
iS OAa Vor^ma Vekale e kwez' edanga, ' 
. Ndo ay^ o bekelie Jehova e be banlio. 
t6 Oma o bekelia oremi wemS ar' ed&syu ; 
Ndo o kSnda nl'imia e be stmginlo. 

27 O p'okuge e be bonlio ; 

Ndo gore yH o jumbanF -anty^ mgj be 
doalnla nl'izavo imienge. ' ^ 

28 Go knmaar arSg^L, oma e sy&mbiinlisk; 

r Wdo ja w'Ajila, agore wi bunla. : ^ : i: 

: .IP EWONJO XXIX. i -^^ 

OMA o tevunlo egombe zodu, ay&liz-ompele 
wa; . ^* '■ •• ' •.''•''• ■ • ' " 
E be joi^to aSganega isungmla foi 1 1 

2 J'agcH!^ w'abunla, anlaga vn j^ile mbfo ; 

Ndo j':adr^lL w'apanginla, ao^lliga wi dftg^' 
pv .: -hlga.. . -; -■ : '.■:•• , ': 

S Oma o tond' imia e t^ndie nAyj^iy 


Ndo o tonde tote e be bundakanlia Igu- 
4 Oga e doanlize ntye^nrijgkelia; 
Nd'oma w'idavia e jiliza yo. 

6 Oma o d&nd&lia oganganlo we, 
E syamb' isinga go mpanlSt y^. 

« Gw'ijanj' ibe s'om' &mbe re mondo: 
Nd'ogore e be jemba, ayenle mbia. 

7 Ogore e bandaminle ndaga y'okuge; 
' Nd'oregd e ke^tiz' imia. 

8 IvSdi yi bendie nka' mpolo ; 
Ndo ayogo wi pslnli' eganlu. 

9 Oma w^imia e saziz' oma w'edStsyu ? 
Vanganle abenda, ge j^nla, ndo azy' ip&- 


10 Anloffie wi ntjrinla wi bendinla oma 

Ndo agore wi be but' eflSenld ze. 

11 Eddsyu zi kSLgunli' egunlu ze zodu; 
Ndo kw6 oma w'imia e be pinlia zo. 

12 Ovanginli e poganlio igamba n/inokal 
GambSnle inyongo se sodu si re v^gk. 

13 Okage nl'oma wi mbao wi datanla^mbora 

Jehova e jenjiz' anty^ mao atanli. 

14 Oga o j^elia ikuge nrogiligili; 
Eki ze zi be doanlizo egombe zodu. 

15 Mpava nrotevttnlo wi be p'imia ; 
Nd'oijwsl tigo die, e be jenlize ngi ye 



16 Go bttnl' areg& ibe si bunla ; 

Ndo go poswa wao, agore wi be jenla. 

17 Zyiwa oigwanll wk, ka ye jawizd ; 
I, e be tondi' orSmi wk ; 

18 Go re zyel' imiezo, aulaga wi to' idusySt ; 
Ndo ay^ o penjavenje ntyale e savinla 

19 Nyongo ar^vnnlo nragamba ; 
Yanganle akotiza, e be jevira. 

20 O jenl' om' ^r' entanta nFagambi mS ? 
Edasyu kk bekelio viaganlo nla yS. 

21 Aye o pomize nyongo ye d^la avijia 

Go nuwunla e be doanla ogwanli w^^ ; 

22 Oma w'egunlu e kwez' edugu ; 
Nl'ayS o benda^enda e bunla nl'ibe. 

^2 Ekali z'oma zi be javuriS ; 

Nd'okendekende nl'orSma wi dirio. 

24 Aye o kera nl'ofe, e bik' effienla z^n^ii ; 
E jaga orango, ndo ayeVire syale. 

25 Itia s'anlaga si pure mondo ; 

Ndo ay^ o bekelie Jehova, e be doaulizo 

26 Awenge wi but' ozyo w'oga ; 
Nd'orSti w'oma wi pila gore Jebova. 

27 Ibika s'agore so nle oma w'ibe, 

Ndo ibika s'arSg^ so nle oma w'ogore gw'a- 


A6AMBA mi Egur, or)w2fenlbflle w^ofllanto 
o yag^nlo go Masa ; ^ 

! * Yenla agambi onlome inl^, • 

Mi are janja pa g'oijwanja w'Anyambi^ 
Mi are janja pa g'oQwanja w'Anyambi^, 
NPatiga miS. 
2 Kdinde mi ar' odusya viaganio nroffi' edti ; 
Nrikotiza s'anlaga si zyele nia mie. 
^ 3 Kande mi nengiz' imia ; v 

Mi denga k'imia si Jehova. 

4 O re panda pa g'orowa, nrazam&nbi 

Mande o re kuminlia p*ompunga igwl- 

ntyStme se ? i > i 

Mande o re kora p'anlingo nli ngSti? - 
O re doanliza pa intyai si ntye '^ti 

Ini nye mande? nl'ina ny^oqwanli i»^ 
" mande? 
Inle, kk mia. 

5 Igambi edu ny'Anyambie nyi re nk^tfd ; ^ 
Ngu?a nle yg gore wao vri bekelie. 

6 Agt^nd' agambi me ; 

E vende suriSt, ka wg doanl' onoki. 

7 Ya ?anli yi re mi^ bambi^ pa, 
Aztmbinla miS yo, mie yuaga r^ 

8 Romb' ibe nl'igamba ny'inoka bo gore inilS; 
Ava miS aguga ge ntambe ; . ' 


Nyeza mie nFinya si re nla mig kwekw^ 
9 Mi vende jora nralanda, awulia nl& Je- 
hafa mande ? ' 

Ge mi vende doanP okuge, ayufa, areta 
ina ny' Anyambig rk nyawenyawg. 

10 Affi&gfinle nyongo gore reri y^; 

E vende tawd, kd doariP ogara. '[ 

11 Re mbamba nFimbamba si t&we reriyao; 
Kk s'azavinle ngi yao. ' ' 

12 Re mbamba nl'imbamba si re nk^re ^w'a* 

ntySi maomSj . , 

K& s'ayovunlo gw'is^i sao. ' 

IS Re mbamba nllmbamba— aritySi mad mi 
r'ekale; r. ^ 

Nl'igunle yao yi re tbintinlo pa. 
14 Mbamba nl'imbamba — ana mao ik^a,ra;^ 

Nl^agggSi mao siswaka ; \ . 

* Go jiiiz' ikuge go ntye, 

Nl'arevo gore anlaga. 
la Ibambo nyi te nrawawanto aVanfi— va^ 


Araro wi re w^ayase; •' ' 

Anlai wi re w'awwlie nle, kw^wg, 

16 Oronginlo, nnwaiBu nyi nkeli ; | 
* ' Nli ntye yi re y'ayonlize nl'anlingo ;* 

Ni'ogonli wi re w'aw«lie nig, kw6kWj^. 

17 Inty& nyi sygiie rere, nVavgdie j^^^o 

ngwe ; 
Inkungtt s'odede si be tokunla nyo, . 
NFawa' wi ngwany&nli wi be nya riyo. 


48 Isaon iraro yi mamo mi^, 
Nl'isaon inlai, mi kotiza yo. 

19 Mpania. yi ngwanySuli gw'igonloi 
Nli mp&nla y'offiamba gw'ido, 

Nli mp&nl^ y'owatanga go garegare yi 

Nli mp&nl^ y'onloffie nl'ofiianto. 

20 Yenla mpanli y'ofiianto w'e?o^e, e ny«p 

ke siz' ogwanli wS, 
AwuUaga nle^ mi dend' ibe. 

21 Ntye yi syugo nl'isaon iraro ; 
Nla gw'inlai y'azt ndinle ; 

22 Gorenyongoj'apanginla; « 
Nla gor* edSisyu j'ajora nl'inya ; 

23 Nl'ofiianto o numbo, j'ajombo ; 

Nla gore nyongo nyanto, j'^jig® Jigi ye- 

24 Re ya nlai yango go ntye ; 
Ge yo imia sipolo. 

25 Iny^nla — anlaga wi re wi zye ngulu ; 
Ge so kekizag' inyi sao go ntyanja. 

26 Iiitori si re deladela ; 

G^ so nogag' inago sao gw'ado. 

27 Isakampazyo yi zyele nl'oga ; 
Ge yo kSndaga yodu nl'inkand^. 

28 Ewofiiarongulu zi kota nli ntyame so 

Nla zo k^ gw'inago s'oga. 

29 Re ya raro yi mSpe kSnda, 

Ii nlai yi mep' ink^ndenli sao. 

30 Laion yi re viaganlo nli ngulu gw'inyama* 

Yo kS ylkfg^ avUaj^oayvo^ivv'QiB^edtf. 

31 MbM. mpolo, tnli: xnbDafefo ooffie y / 
' ' NVogn ffy^aite ?y anlagi wfi^ . 

32 Ja re d^sya pa nrodando — . r. 

Jd, re l»)SidflK|>e ixu»n^ mbe nregai>g'€^wd-t 
nla — > . 

33 Kande i|miv'><amfaeniiiige fA bag' ompej^ei. : 
Ni'ipiar' oQnfjiembo' si hisge^ atyinlai; . 
Nl'ipendsi' epanlu si bag^ mb^l^e* i 


AGAMBA mi L^mu^l, oga vn Maw; ' 
.ijL Mfaailenjio yS nle^ngi ye. t ^ :: 

2 Ande, og' wami ? nFande, ogwa w'iwufllu 

nyaoii? '■'•','. 
NFande, og<w?a w'impanganio^yeinrt? i 

3 jIv' anto ngului yA ; 

Nla ink^ndinli sa gwlj'iliza e-ageu 

4 Aranga gore aga, Lemu^l^ arangagore 

aga^gDJan^iv^ — 

NlSt gore nJaflw go "bel' aliigu. ^ ' ' 

5 Wi Tehdejoirga, aietaajF ampafiga;! f r 
Azapilia oyekSlia w'oJLugei - 

6 Vanliaiugu gore ye o jmra; . ^ 
NPive gore* mofigi/wi re nguke g'oteinai 

7 E ga yonge, aletaial' agugl mS ; ' : 
.'E&.ayonginlieignkri yj^iiyenle; ' ^ 

8 Nlungunl' ogwanli w3t g6i? imafltot; ^ .— : 
Nla g'oq^ranja wl ny alniild4 

9 Nlungttal' og>wraiKlvwa.gD tenUz^ dnSttv' 



Kk kanla o re jela pa, nrokuge. 

10 Mande o re kSi dftig' offianto w'ok&M ? 
K^nde njonH ye yi re viaganW nFado 


11 Or^ma w'onloisa' w^ vri bekeli^; 
Inyenla s'awonlio. 

H E be dendinl^ mbia, arange mbe, 
Gw'intyugu s'effienla z8 sodo. 

13 E but' imia y'ad^mbe nFiny^ng' injole ; 
Nli panga yo nl'ag^ m^m^. 

14 Are g'amatanga m'agolo ; 
Mi bag' inya avila go dava. 

15 E nongwa k6 ntye mpiri, ave nag' Wd 

inya ; 
Nli kera gore inyongo s6 inyanto. 

16 E pikilia ompindi, agola wo ; 
Gw'inyenla s'aga m^ e b^nle ntyaga. * 

17 E diria oni wS nli ngulu, 
Ay&li' agSi me. 

18 Avorombiambi6inl^,agolomemir'ambia; 
Nl'ojo we w'anKmiz' (^wSra. 

19 E kot' agSt me go ntongo yi penlinla ; 
Azop' ogwanga nl'intyame s6. 

20 E nungunla ntyame yS gore l^nge ; 
E diVinli' agSi me gor' ikuge. 

21 E tiene nag' w6 nrifwi; 

E&nde nag' wS yodu yi re hkxek p'angStla. 

22 E tuminl' oku' weme ibai ; 
Ok&ndit ombia nl'angala nl'ingld s^. 

23 Ohloffi' we e mio gw'impombania ; 


G-o doanl^ nranl^ro wi ntye. 

24 £ pang' ingai nl'inyong' injole, agola so; 
Ava itamba gate mcSngi tri kbia* 

25 Inlambi y^ yi re jMa nrimbia ; 
E syelia egombe zi bia. 

26 E nungunr ogwanli w^ nrimia ; 

Nli ntyale yi nkengSt yi re g'onl^me we. 

27 E bandaminla ink^ndinli si nag' wS ; 
Ke anya iHya s'omosya. 

28 Awanli w^ wi kamanla, azavinl^ ; 
Nl'onloffi' wS k^ e saminli^. 

29 Aw' awanto awenge wi re kanganla pa 

nrikele ; 
Ndo o fli'akeyi waoda. 
to ImSpa nle inoka^ nl'eianga ogwei ; 

Nd'offianto o tie Jehova e be suminlicx 
31 Lari^. iloada y'agil me ; 

Ni'ijanji sSme si ga zuminliS gw'impo- 




EZAN^GUD elbng'a z'avtwigio mie, Thi^fil^ 
g'ogwanja wi-saon yodti y'a/vBrkilid* nli 
^su go denda nli nSnja, 

2 Koanga go ntyugu y'avandio nde, ftyS so- 
mbia pe romi y'avinjio nd€ nrinlinr ifi'a. 

3 Be tuminli^ wao oku- YT^mg bo, ijnm s^ 
piaganla pa, nli lingilio y'areti yenge^ nje- 
nlago nle waq agomi m'intyugtt anlai; fikBh 
mfiaga nla wao feaon y'iniongd ny'Anyeffibie. 

4 Ndo gw'alatanlg nla wao azomM wao 
inle, w'alwbwa go Jerusalem, ndo wi ga ve- 
nginle ompanganlo wa Here, wi re nluwe 
j&ga pa nla mie. 

6 Kande reti, Jon a?aptaizi nFanlingo, ndo 
anluwe be baptaizo nl'InlinV i?ia, be piaganla 
intyngu sinyenge. 

6 Gw'atalanli wao, w'a^ambiS inle, Rera, o 
be fwinliz' ivenda gore IsreSl igwera nyinl& ? 

7 Awulinlie wao inlS, aranga gore nluwe go 
mia egombe ge igwera nyi re Here fela pa go 
ngulu yeme. 


/ 8 Ndo adlt^M^e h^ Amgo ttgnlti, Minr i»ia 
jbJfcupdL g©ite nluwB: ttl'attliiwe be doanla ijr»- 
teti yam go JerasaJam,: nla go Jiidia yodu^ nJb 
go Semeria, nla go ntyai yi ntye. 
: :9 Gw'tgdJttUe imon yiola) wao mp(Hilaga» 
avandio gw'igonlo, nPevindi z'awiSiigie avilft 
jglirWityJt mao. . 

io. Gw^ATPimlsi^ wao azyilia g'orowa gw'a¥a»> 
ndagi^, vonla, anloffie ekrmidi w'agamanli b^ 
4»faa ala ^ab urambara la^upa ; 
^.M Jlwulki mle, anlome wi GaJaili^ ande ai 
kumanla nlawe avonaga g'ocowa ? Jisu memo 
.yj.DB bongo >|)ta ayila gore nluwe agenda g'oaro- 
jmi»i 6 be fa bia egalanli mi^mo z~ ejeiila ziluwo 
(yp k^da gWowa. 

12 Be fwinlia wao go Jeruselgm isvila go 
4niiiiba yi fwelio mle^ loHv, yi re barBl)a nli 
Jm^selem, og^ndE w'oweaja uri sydnld,. 

13 Nla gw' ayinginli wao av^aadi wao go 
mlmtye y'igonlo go mbora y'aioanlio nle Pil^r, 
uli Jemsyinli Jon, nM Andru, iFilip, nil Tofnao, 
-BaTJbholainm, nil Matbiu, Jems ofwa wi A:^ 
OS, nli Salmon Zelotes, nil Judas oi|waa:eri m, 

14 Nie be doanla winla waa>da aloamlai gwl- 
kambmla nla gw'ikwenla s'inkal&, nraato, mli 
,Sle]fi ngwe yi Jisn, nl'ivwareii yil^anloSie. 

15 Gw'mfcyngu mdsaniSi aganuumU Pit^r gb 
gare y'ongili aiwudia, (ntango y'ana y'aroMdi 

326 IJANJA. 

16 Inle, anloffie nFawftngwe, orendft ynnlk 
wi ga Ino Ma pa Vag^mbio nl'Inlinl' iVia 
id'ogwanla wi Derid oigwanja wi Jadas orevi 
Vanlaga go kote Jisu. 

17 Ednde arangio nl'azawe, awdng' egaido 
gw'ijanjinla sinld. 

18 Nl'onlofiie winla agoli nfyaga nl'ipa 
8-ijanj' ibe; avoswa ololawa arawarawa go 
gare, nl'isege y6 yodn y'ag&gwi. 

19 NFamienlio gore iloanli yodtt yi Jerase* 
ISm ; yenl& atelio ntyaga nli nkambinli yao 
inle, Aseldama, yo nle ntyaga yi ntyinla. 

20 KSnde re tendo pa gVezango z'ijembi* 
nla inle, nag' w^ yi ga loanle ntevo, aloanla 
oma go yo ; nFovenjavenji w^ wi ga w^ngd 
nFom' kgw^nle. 

21 Sambo gore anloffie w'aganganli nl'az»« 
we egombe zodu z'ayinginli nl'ag&gwe RerS 
Jisu nl'azuwe, 

.22 Mpakiliaga avila gVibaptisma si 36m 
i^nda go ntyaga y'awongio ye avila gore 
zawe, ofi&ari gore wao e ga loanle oyenli ^iio* 
ngwi se. 

23 Nle be dot'ia wao alo?i' anloffie a?anli{ 
Josef, ina nya reri y^ Barsebas, o teliago inl^ 
Justus, nli Matthaias. 

24 Nle be kambinla wao awalia inlS, Aw^, 
Rera, yi mia irema y'anlaga waodu, mminlia 
offi^ri gore winl& avanli o re we pinja pa, 

%5 Go bong' eganlo z'ijanjinla, nrevilo 2dnl4 


E^^roflli z'avoswjo nie Judas nlHpava, y6nl|t 
ag^ndi ye go mbori yeme. 

26 Nl'avungi wao gaalo yao, nFagwenli ega- 
4ilo gore Matthaias, nle be tango yS gw'igomi 
nl'erofii' effi&ri. 



LA gw'aroenli ntyuga yi P^ntiklLst, ysrea- 
du w'avegagi nrorem' omo go mbora mo. 

2 Ndo negaa^a a^ienl' iayoi avila g'orowAi 
g'ompung' oyStli, ayonlie nago yodu mbora 
y'avBgagi wao tugetu. 

3 Nie be bowunlia gore wao awowunlia 
iiileme jarua pa egStlauli g'ogonliy aloanli yo 
gore om'edu gore wao. 

4 Ndo waodu w'ayonli nl'Inlinr i?ia) avakih 
lia kamba nriukambinli sinySnle, ga nt'ave^ 
nlio wao nl'Inlinla k^ganli' agamba. 

« 5 Ndo aloanli go Jeraselem Ijo, anlaga wi 

dab' Anyambie, avila gw'inlong' wedu go 


^ 6 Gw'avazaaganli ntyango yinla, nkand^ 

yalatanli, amami wao: k^nde om' eda ay&- 

gao< wao wi kamba nli nkambinli yeme. 

7 Nie be mama waodu amama, awulia walb 
nla wao inl^, vonia, winla waodu wi kamba 
aranga Igalailiaa ? 

8 NFande zi jkgk Euwe, om' edu, nli nk'a»> 
mbinli yazyo y'ayanlio zuwe? 

9 Iparthian, ni'Imidan, nl'Ilamait, nl'iloaiili 

ms ISM(3A. : 

ntus, nli Asia, 

10 F'lijimy nil Pamfilio., lytpt, ol'iJakdyQ.! si 
Xihia, isla ^ SoiBniarail'agenda wt iQ'^iiik 
(Iju nli moiigi wi re kalua pa): i 

11 Ikrit nl'Araba, azawe jaga wao wi 
kamba nli nkaanbinli yasyd isaon ylmamo 

16 Nl'aanami waoda alo^e mpa^ga ^rareftia» 
.•gtamba wao »Ia wao mle, oaaoci- winl& ^i 
fmria.s&t -^ . -. .,.i, -.. 

13 Amari w'azyeli awulm ir^^ Mi^mt^ wt; 
ttl4 wi m ralie nrive iny&nla. r 

d4 Nle be kumanle Pil^r agumaiiki nl'igOmi 
nl'onlome offi&ri, arombinl' myoi iiy@ awalj^ 
4dia w^o inlS ; anlome, Ija, nia wa^du wi d^a- 
«ii}a go JBTiiseiemL, osaon winia wi gafloail eJb 
nluwe, kit poganlionJi agmnlbi jooam. ( : 

15 ICimde winl4 wi fbdogo ga nte pi?ia 
^u^e, kaiide atoenli igwera nxyioikala nsr'4- 
raro dadie g'owenja. • .ii 

OL* Ndo yinla ale yo y- agambio nli Pr^Sfit 
lo^.inte; i -• r .. .^ 

17 Ndo be toa gWkiiyuga imawanlay biiU' 
;4»yamlHe, inlS, m'be jira intinii nyaia ^w'i- 
«8$tonk yodu ; nl'awjunrloffie wanli^ nl'awaailx) 
wanli wi be paga ; nrawanja ixmiii mi b© 
fear iyenlo, nl?anl6r« wanM wi jilinrinyi- 

IS Kdogor' imyoiigafiiimiike, nia gar' info- 

EWONJO'ii. aao 

oigOiiKiaflt iiiyabto, gMr'ifityi^gu m«ii^^l$t m'be 
jira ialifiU xiyana, k& wao p%a. « 

: 10 M'be tttngtinlie ya yi maoio g'wowa gwl- 
.goirioiy cU Iflimha go nty% ntymlsu id'ogonlf. 
axl'ombiitQa w'otuta. 

20 Nkorabe yi be kalu^ mpiri, nFogweli 
OFityiiili^ Htyugai nrpola ixU y'ijbia y|i |lere vta- 

-:A1 Yenla be toa ixUe, om' edu o fwelia ru|t 

nya Rer^ e be 4$finginlOi 

. 22 Anlafoe wi Isreel, yiganii agamba mi- 

'ni^: Jisu yi Nazareth, oalofiia o ruminlio 

nluwe nYAnyaxa^u^ nli iemba nli ya y'im^ 
-mq nla ji ngulu, (yi le Anyambie denda pa 

nla yg go gace yanU, gantVenlawe.miapj^ 
±3 • Ayd po pa »li inond^ kecy^o pa urifisia 
JBfabosyo s'Anyambi^, aoluw' awoagi^ a?aaU^ 
AfomlS nl'AgB /m'ipavft. 

24 Nle be tonguuli' AiayAinbie arongunli^, 
viil'avnrj»nle nkas^ya y'ljawa^ kande ^p^gage 
figulu yi le ya ka simbio jaJ^ $o. 

25 Kande Devid e buUa g'a^wanji w^ iul^, 
liii ayBhli Rer£ g'o^yo warn pekejp^k^> kande 
ftf^ g'og^ warn onloflii^, sambo sa'be sy4^g%- 

^ Yenla re oremi ^am w'ayeali Bibia nr/»- 
nlSme warn w'alogwi ; ozyonle warn ke w4 
ibe doaola Jiribekelia, 

£7 Kande o .be ttga eSienla 2am g'oroOjg^ 
nlo ; ge pa 1^ mri nkere.go jejaL' ib&nla* 

330 IJANJA. 

28 O re mie mieza pa imp6.n]4 s'elteDill; o 
be jonlia mie ralie nl'ambia m'ozyo wk. 

29 Anioffie, awangwe, mi ga gambe buku 
gore nlawe g'oi)waiija wi rer^ nonga DeT]49 
inle, ayuwi ke b^nlo, nl'orongialo wS wi w 
nl'azuwe koanga nla nlenla vrinld. 

^30 Ay^ Profit, amienli k^ inle,, AnyambiiS 
avegagi tanga p'orango gore ye inlS, g'oload^ 
wlni ye, g*ogwanja w'ozyonle, ^ be ndngu* 
nlie Krais go doanla gw'eki z^ ; 

31 Njenlaga s'abosyo, be kambe o^wasga 
Vitongwa si Krais inl6, inlinli nyS nyi ttgo 
g'oronginlo, nrozyonli we k^ wi jenV ib&nla. 

32 Anyambi^ are tongaiilia pe Jisa yinla, a^ 
zuwe da kS azuw' are iyenli y8. 

33 Aye panda pa g'ogSi w'Anyambi^ onb- 
ffii^, awong' ompanganlo w'lnlinl' i?ia avita 
gore Rere, are jira p'osaon winli wi >ej|lo 
nluwe nli jSLgfi venl^. 

34 Eande Devid e paada g'orowa, ndo m 
bulia nie, Rer^ awultnli reri yam inie, lotkd 
nla we g'ogA warn onloffii^, 

BS Kao mi apanga iio9'aiof^i ya iyarenfe 
ny'agolo mfi. 

36 Sambo nago yi Isre^l yi ga mie reti iai^ 
AnyambiS are panga pe Jisa me, o tanlio 
nlawe, Rere nli Krais ta. 

37 Ndo gw'ay&gio wao w'az&vi gw'ioeatt 
yao, awulinlie PitSr nli roffii fii&ri inlS, aulo* 
ffie^ aw&ngwe, azawe ga leade bS ? 

EWONK) 11. 881 

' 88 NIe be bnlie Pit^ awulinlia wao inle, ga- 
luanli k& baptaizonli, om' edu gore nluwei 
gw'ina nyi Jisu Krais, gw'inyeza s'ibe ; kk 
anluw' abong^ Inlinl' i?ia ijonla fo. 

89 Kftnde ompanganlo m re gore nla^vtf^ 
nla gore awanli yanli, nla gore waodu wi re 
boj nla gore ntango yoda yi be fwelio &I9 
Rere AnyambiS yazyo. 

40 Nle be kambe nla wao nl'agamb' afil^ 
nle.amenge^ awulia nle, zungmlonJl avila go 
xid>amba y'ar^ yinld,. 

41 Nla wao sambo w'awong' igambi uyi^ 
nli mbia w'at'aptaiza; nle be kundo gore 
ffftto ntyugn mS baraba nl'intausea s'aidaga 

48 Nlebekota wao agotag' iaenja si roffii, 
nl'ikanganla, nl'ijarunla si mp^nbtfii nl'ikar 

43 Nl'a^ienr itia gore om' edu, nriaacHsi yi 
mamo imi^ige nli lexaba y'alendio nle rofiii. 

44 Ndd waodu w'ayiviri w'avegagi mbor^a 
mo, nl'avegagi wao nl'ca&m' edu ta. 1 

45 Nf agoli wao igumbi nyao ni'anliva nl'iu 
gerinla waodu mo, ga nfavegagi om' edu 

46 Nli ntyug' wedu aloanli wao go nagp 
mpolo nForem' omo, ayarunle mpSmba avila 
go nago agenda go nago nl'ambia nl'imepa 

47 Suminliag' Anyambi^i aloanla nllkanlo 

^^ ^ IJAHJA- r 

i^ftnlafa 'Waodu. Nl'agundi' Ri3cd ii^iHida 
fjgando iityug' -weda moiigi wi audgiirlo.' L 


NLE 'be ponde Pit^r irli Jon mpk me mtBir- 
nda go nago mpola, pier^ iil'igw&«.n/i- 
^Mnbinla; igwera ny'enlagom. 1 

2 Nl'onlome, officii o vegagt eal^niib anriUb 
•g^iwuffia nyi ngi yS aliikibinlio : o roanlio 
file wao ntyug' vredix g'ompombaDla wi nago 
mpolo wi fweliago inle^ eranga, go negtsa 
wao wi jinginla go nago mpolo. 
^ iNdo gw'ayenli^ ayaole Piter nil : Jon ini 
jinginla go nago mpolo, avambi ee^ ai lapa^ 
gaga. : 

4 Nle be syilie Fiti^r nli Jon azytli^, awoMa 
*l4S, :?onIa znwe* t 

5 Nravoganlio ye wao, nl'avetie nlS, e he 
JdjSng^ ezkina gore wao. 

4 Nrawuli Piter inl^, syika yapnpii idH 
«yika yatettlatenla yi zyele nla mii^; udo 
onlongk wi re nla mie wo be pa nue wfi:: 
^'ina nyi Jisu Krais yi Nascca'ici nlSng^a kd. 

7 Nle be kot^ y^ g'ogsl onlomie agumanli^ 
giDVe; kw^vimo intyozyo s^ nrimpiiig& si 
^a s'alengi ligulu, 

- 8 Nl'alogw^ aguinanla, nl'ag^nda, ayingiii]» 
nla wao go nago mpolo, agendag^nda nl'ido- 
gwalogwa azuminliag' Ajiyamfai& 

EWfMSOlII. ^3$ 

/d^ me fae.jenL- apimgi^ Mraodu a^fenle Isign^^- 
genda acsoafDinliag' Anjranibt^* ,, 

10 Nramienli wao yk inle, nle yS o loanlftr 
gi tu' gfampombanla wi nago mpolo wi mige 
JBnlo aSghaga; nle be mama wkio imaon'.^ 
ipolo go ndi^» y'aroenli gore ye« > 

illi Nia gw'agotagi eboke, o vegagi jingp pa, 
agote Piter nli Jon' nkanda y'anlaga yeda 
y'agendi nli mango gore wao gvr^evmigBr .Zh 
fvreUago inle zi Sotomon, mamaga. 
. 12 Ndo gw'ayenli Piter ayiviri aniaga inl^ 
imloffie, iBre^ait, oaao' nde wi nijama nluKvje 
XMbfayiflila, get nluwa syilia^zuwe a^» mpanli 
ga zuwe pang^ oma winla e ke{i<ia nli nguliOr 
yazyo nli nkSri yazyo. 

13 Aniyambi^ yi Ebr^bam^ nlai yi Ai^ak, nla 
yi Jekob, Anyambi^ y'ireri sazy<^, ai:e st^mi't 
ulik p-QQAvanlr y^ J4^u> e romio alando sia 
nhiwre g'ozyo: m Paalet, gw'avikili j&: gq^ 
tigS dienga. .. 

14 Ndo anlnw' alandl oyambui lU'^gece, 
atela oyonliaii w'M^lagar go po gore nlcvwe. . 
/ is Nob' anlnw' ayonjizi oryenliai w'emjei^, 
w'aDOQgunlio nrAnyamibig avUa gV^uwA^r 
azuwe nle iyenli yS* 

-1« Rriai aye^ fw'ijiyiia. s'ini nye ei Be pa- 
figap^ngaiu, o re jenio po. nli.mio nle <ilaiv;e^ 
vaoa^nlo ijivira si pilfiF gosa y^ «i re pa p^ 
oying' ombia< miiM gWazyo manli f^luiiiT;' 

834 IJANJA. 

IT Ndo renlkj awsLngwe, mi att^ro inlK, 
anluw' alendi yo imia fo ; ga nt'alendi nlaffii 

18 Ndo isaon y'awulio nl'Anyambi^ go ba« 
syo nl'ogwanla w'iprSfet s^ soda, ial^, Kttm 
e ga zindie yo, are denda pa yenla. 

19 Z&tanli kk kaluanli, iale, ibe «anli si 
syazyo, ja^ gombe y'isindia y'abia avila 
^ozyo wa Ber^. 

20 Ay^ k^ e be toffie Jesu Krais o gambi- 
hlio gore nluwe go bosyo. 

21 E ga wongo g'orowa koanga gw'ipanga 
sijSinla si y^ma yodu, y'agambio'nrAnyambU^ 
nrogwanla Viprofet s6 injltmbiii sodu, ntye 
yi ga pakilio. 

22 Kande MosSs awuliiiF irere reti, iaW, 
Rer^ Anyambi^ yanli e be tongttnlie pr^iet 
gore nluwe, avila gVawareri yanli ga mie; 
yJtginlonli yg gw'igambi edu nyi be btdinlio 
nluwe nle ye. 

23 Be toa inle, om' edu o r'ayAginlo prttl^t 
m^ySinlSt, e be jilizo avila gore anlaga. 

24 I, profit sodu k@ avila gore San&uSl, nia 
wao w'azongi ye, ntango yodu yagambii 
Vagambi go bosyo ntyugu sinlfiL^ 

25 Anluwe nle awanla w'ipr^fSt, nla mi 
njeka y'ayekio nFAnyamlMe nrireri tsazyo, ge 
bulinliag' Ebreham inl6, nl'olondi wJt muSSS* 
ngk mi ntye modu mi be sayinlo. 

26 Anyambi^ tongunlia p'oigwanli w6 Jisa ; 


afongi ioB^ go sayinla nluwei nrifwiz' om' 
edtt gore nlawe avila gw'ibe 8^« 


WAO kambinlag' aniaga, iminis^ impolo^ 
nil ngclwe yi nago mpolo, nl'Isadusi 
s'atienli gore wao^ 

2 Benda pa, kande anlenjagi wao anlaga, 
agamba nil Jisu itongonlia si bende. 

3 Nl'arali wao agk gore wao avela wao go 
nago y'imianga, avenginr ibanga, kaode aye- 
gagi nkola. 

4 Nde awenge w'ay^o igamba w'ayiviri ; 
nli ntango yi nk^nda y'anlaga y'aroeaii va 
ntausen niyaro. 

5 Ndo biinya alatanli go Jerasel^m nlaffii 
yao, nl'anl^rd, nl'iskraib ; « 

'6 Nli Anas minis^ mpolo, nli Kaiefas, nil 
J5n, nli Alexander, nli ntango yodu y'avega-, 
gi ag&i mi minise mpolo. 

7 Ndo gValoanlizi wao Fit^r nli Jda go 
gare, w'aVambi wao inl6 ; nli ngulu nde, nla 
gw'ina nye nyi re nluwe dmida p'osaon winla ? 

8 Nle be jonlie Fit^r nllnlinl' i?ia, awoli- 
nlia wao inle, Nlaffii y'anlaga nl'anl^ro wi 

9 Ja zuV akatizo nlSnli winl^ g'o^wanja 
w'osa' ombia w'alendio gore onlofiie ol^li inl^> 
arolizio sS ; 

10 Yi ga znk) gore nluwe du nl'anlaga wao- 

dtt wi Isre^F, inK, '^w'kwt/i liyi ' Mm- fitalst ^^ 
Nazer^th, y'a^atilio nluwe go Krdsj y'«raftg^ 
nlio nFAjiyainbiS avila gw'ijuwa, — gwlnya- 
ngi nye nyo kumanla oiilT)m© winla mbiambitf 
gw'azyo manli. • • ' ' / ; 

11 NyinlA nFido nyWedio nte nluvr^ft, ini(^ 
gisi, nyi re kalua pa gw'ewonjo^zi ntulT!iwgu.f5 ^ 

1^ Isunginla fc^ si izyeJe^ nyom^ ^w^ale'^ 
k^nde zyel' in'^inyenle g'odxAon^yr^mawB^^ 
pa gore anlaga nyi re zuwe-ka'smiginto. ^ 

13 GVayenli wao nkambinli yi PitSr nli.- 
JSn sitia fo, nVamia inle, wi piia gw^eKanj^, 
wi piia go liSnga; w'^amatni, aijaienlr wao kl^ 
inlS, w'aloanlagi nil Jistt. < . . la 

14 Nla gw'ayenli wao onloms' o yingiid kn^ 
mania pa^ nla wao; wi jtVire mp&iga^ > v 

15 Ndo gw'azombi waO azoml)ia wao k^g.wiif 
8i;vila gp T|ando, w'awondi inondlu wao uUi 
wao; . ' 1* 

16 Inle, aznwe ga lemde s^ gore anioiliie wi- 
nlSi? kStnde r^i 'eli^trib' ewte a'aiendio- nfe 
lyao, zi mlo ke gore waoduwi doaal* goii$^4 
rtiselem ; nrazuwe alandiae zoi m tr 

17 Ndo zi vendb jigatilo tiFanltiga} Mwjn 
ga rieze wao ereria, ihle, W'agamba^ ny^iilfir: 
gw'ina nyinlSt gore om' edu. - - 1 

18 Nlfci gw'afeli wao a?f&Ma Pitefnli Joi< 
w'azombi wao inle, w'agambinliEi ny^nle d'w 
•▼e nSnja gw'ina nyi Jisu. j^ i 

") NIe be jirird Pit^r nli X5nt a^mMm^vti^ 


ihle, ja re mbia g'ozyo w'AnyambiS, go j&gi- 
nld nlui¥B riaganlo, nFAnyambie, wuliaganlii 

20 Eknde azuw' azye nguln yi tige kambs 
isaon y'ayenlio zuwe nli j&ga. 

21 Ndo gw'avSt tiezi wao areria wao Varigi 
wao diSnga, k^nde wi denge ndaga yi tevxiw» 
nla wao g'ogwanja w^anlaga, k^nde waoda 
w'azuminliag' AnyambiS g'osaon w'alendio. 

22 Kilnde onlofne aroenli onlSro riaganlo 
nragomi m'impurn' anlai o lendio elemba 
«*oyingo zinl^. 

28 Ndo gw'arigio wao di^nga w'aggndi go/ 
iganganlo yao, arakilia isaon yodu y'awulicr 
nl'iminis^ impolo iiVan&6 gore wao, 

24 Ndo gw'ayagio wao, w'arombinl* inyoi 
nyao gore Anyambie nkandA mo, awalia nig, 
Rera, aw^ nle Anyambie y'avang' orowa, nli 
iitye, nli mbenle mpolo, nli yima yodu yi re 

25 O wuli nl'ogwanla wi DeTid, nyonga 
y&, inl^ ezande z'awoginli^anldng^, nraVikili 
M^aga isaon yanyaw^ ? 

26 Agumanli aga wi ntye, nFalatanli nlaffii 
Tolo go sire Rerg nla go sire Krais iye. 

27 Kande r^i alatanli Herod nli I^ntiorf 
Pallet, nl'anlonga, nl'anlaga wi Isregl, alata^ 
nla go sira oijwanli yk oy§,mbui Jisu, o gilio 
ndd agali, 

28 Go dend' osao' edu w'agenjio nl'ogJt 
wk nli ntondinli ya gw'alonga go dendo. 


388 vIXAJiFJAi .: 

29 Ndo Yonla, Bora^ yehlai itiezi 9ajo, kiti 
nimgoiir iny<mgo sd. go kamb' agambi mft 
iiiafdy • * 

30 K^ da?iiila,og& w& go jinga; nil lomba 
Brisaon y'imaxBO yi ga lendo gw'ina ny^o- 
j^wanli wa oylaubui Jisia. ./ 

'31 Ndo gw'agambinU wao mbora y'aloaiiU6i 
wao y'azyngasyagii nrayonli wao nl'Inlinl^ 
i^ia, agambi waodu igamba ny'AByam^iS 
itia fo. ' • 1 1 

32 Ndo nk&nda y'anlaga w'ayiTui y'avegagt 
hVoren' omo nU atyondo mo ; ]sA awwli cam 
inlS, ezama gVa^ttlivi m& iz^ui^^ ndb ykmtk 
y'avegagi waodu ta* . ix 

1 88 Nli idfii y'agambialagi bU ngula g'ogiiVr 
lija VorongunliD wixRer^ Jibu, nViaaiTnlaipoir 
lo s'aioenli gore waodu^ . H 

84 KAiwle, pcgag' okoge gem wao; k&odfli 
ntango yodu y'anliv' intyaga ge inago, w-ji* 
goli 8o aVage ujonli yi y&ma y'agolio^ 
.35 Nlebe dimbinla wao yo gw' ago}o Jtit 
rojffii ; nl'ikera s'agerio gora om' edu 6gMali}i 
z'aTegagi ye nFisy^l^ ^ ' 

36 Ndo Joses o't^eJiago nle rofidinl^ BaiilA» 
bas (yi pivia ni^^ ogwa w'o^iadio) JUnait .^ 
ya&lio go SdipiSs^ ; 

V 8!r Avegagi nli ntyaga^ ka ya.kola ya^ afin 
ge syika, alimbinla yo gw'agolo mii^filL . a 

^'\:'" EWomoyy ' ■' 

,1 . . . • . - . - 

A ROENLI onlome, ini ny^ nle AuaqaiiK^ 
J%, nli Saftiire y'ogiaat' we, agoF inliva ;, 

2 Ka ye simbie mbei ay^wa yi njpnUf 
pRaut' we amienli ke; atagi y^ mbgi nye^ra 
fmmbiale yo gw'agolo mi rofill 

3.Ndo Pit&r awuli »1^ Anaaaias* ezan4# 
z^ajonlia Setan oremi wa go nlokinl' Inlm^ 
^f'ia, azimbie mb^i xiyew^ yi njoaU yi ntgraga? 

4 GVariganli yo yi p<?gag' iySiiue ? nla gw'a* 
gplia yo yi pegaga gQ ngulu yil ? JgzaioL^e 
s'ariviagi osaon wiala g'or^mi wk2 O b^ 
biinl' anUi^ ndo kao Anyambi& 
.^ Ndp gw' ayagio Ai^nraia^ agamba miolai 
iRT^Bwi go ntye ayuwa; nVaxomV itia eipol? 
gope waod)!^ w'ayigio i$A0E yiiil4. r 

^ftl^le bekamanl' awaiija, amge» ag^giialiie, 
flg^ b^iil& '^ 

,7 Nrarof>nli agw^ra mi nkala avato Ti9g% 
nlo, ka ofiiant' w^ amta da ndagay'aroeaUli 

\ § Nlej be jivire Piter cmt^inlte inle, .wi3^inli% 
miS j'anluw' agoli ntyaga v& nj<mliyinl^? 
])fjfe be jivire awulia nlS^i, v&j^jooii meya.- 

9 Nle be bulie Piter awulinli^ iole ; ezsm^fi 
p'^Htanlo Qul we go nokmV loliiUa nya Kerf ? 
Yonla, intyozyo si mongi w'ab^nla onlom' w|t 
si re g'ompombanla, wao k6 wi be toanl^. 

10 Nle be posw^ kwevimo ^'agolo mSj 

$40 IJANJA. i 

azuF ogwei ; nle be jinginl' awanjd alnwo* 
nlo yg juwa pa, aroanle, age benl6 pierS nl'o^ 
nloffi' w8. ' . t 

11 Nraroenl- itia sipolo gore igando yolUk, 
lila gore waodu w'ayStgio isaon yinlSt. ' ' 
' 12 Ndo nVaga mi rofiii aroenli lemba irH 
saon y'imamo imienge gore anlaga; ^^nln 
iiv^aodu w'avegagi nrorem- omo gw'ertiligu^i 
Solomon. . -^ 

13 Ndo gVamSiri pegag' oma o jStlie syusj^ 
pife'rS nla wao, nranlaga w'alubi wao ; • ^ * 

14 Ndo iyiviri y'awunli polo gore Bel^ 
inkStnda s'anloffie nriinto ta ;) ' ? 

15 Yenla avagi wao mongi ]kgk nka^H 
g\v'agala, alimbinla wao gw'ado nla gw^i- 
iiy^wg; inle, Piter mpiaganlaga, yaoigariP mil- 
nli ny6 nyi ga rk divinle aw^w4 gore wao. * 

16 Nl'a^ienli ke nkSinda avila gw'ink' impfei- 
lo si re vingovingo aVia go JeruselSm; kfli 
wao bag' ibeli, nla wao w'avugio nFabambo, 
arolizio waodu. r' 

17 Nle be kumanle minisS mpolo nla wa^*. 
du Vavegagi nla y^^ nkumba ylsadnsi 
yodu ; ayonli wao nli gandi mpolo ; . i • 

18 Nle be talia wao aga mao gore roftff^ 
ayela wao go nago y'imianga y'anlaga. 

19 Ndo ogwera anlungunli enj^l ya Bbrfe 
anlungnnl' agiige mi nago y'imianga, ag&gii« 
ulia wao awulia nl^ ; 

"^0 Grendaganii kk kumanlanli, agambiltf' 


a^^fa gb naga mpdlo agattibA m'6ffiei)l& zu 

21 Ndo gw'ayagio wao w'ayinginli go naga 
PiMoio ayenjinlar) aulSnja. Nra^ienli minis^ 
upalo nla wao w'avegagi nla y^, kk WMr 
fwelia inkambi, nPanl^ro w'awa wi Isreel, 
iiroffia go nago y'imiaiiga go baga wao. 

22 Ndo gw'awoqwi mongi w'aroffiio, wi de<> 
nga wao go nago y'imianga, nle be fwinlia 
ymo awulia nig ; 

23 Nago y'imianga rSti azuw' adengi yo 
RgiWa mbiambig, nrivenjavenji kumania pa 
/gw'impombanla,; ndo gw'anungunl' azuwe^t 
azawe deng' oma go nago. 

ft4 Ndo gw'ayagio minis^ mpolo nli ngaw^ 
yi na^o mpolo nl'aalerS ay^g& isaon meyial&i 
w'alowi mpaga nl'ireiol yaog'oqwaoja w'isa- 
on meyinia, nte be toa yo. 

ftd Ni'atianli offiiri awuUnlia wao inl^ ; vo- 
nla, anloffie w'ayelio nluwe go nago y'imia^ 
nga, wi re go nago mpolo kumania pa anl^ 
jQ9^ anlaga. 

26 Nle be kende ngkw^ nVaXktk a?aga wad* 
ngnlu fo, kande w'arienl' anlaga, wi vende 
pwiga wao ada 

27 Ndo gw'a^agi waa a^aga wao w'aloti^ 
wao go gare y'aalerb ; atambio wao nli mini* 
H& mpolo. 

28 Inle, azuwe sombia nluwe inl^, anlenja- 
all.du gw'ina nyinl^ ? ndo vonlatienli, anluw' 

$4i IJAKJA. • 

ara Jerasel^tn jotilia pa iirto^njl ^m ; mtofi 
we bela ke fwinlize ntyinla y'onlofite vntttSf 
gOrezttH^e, ' • "^ ' - 

29 Nle he jirire Fi*tir nli rof&i filStri aW«B» 
ftl^/ a^ttwe ga fkginlo Anyambi^ TlagattftAf 
Bi'aiilaga. ; i 

30 Anyamblg y'iteii sas&yo are tofigunlia' p* 
J4*u ya,f(m\w niuwe, mbiafnJiaga gw'ereflre/ - 
'31 Aye are peftdio pa nl'Aiayafttbi^ nre^gS 
w^ onlofliiS, go doanl' oga nVomitige, g6' 
|^%alua s*or6ma gare Isre^I, nnnye7.a o^ibe. ' 
^82 Nl'aittvre nriyenli yg gw'agafftbA; ttilrtl& f 
yttilk kg Inlinl' ifia nyi i*e po pa nFAnyte* 
mbiS gore wao wi j&ginla y&. ^ ^ 

^»8'Ndd^vr'AyiBLgio^wao w'atenlio gir^ir^mA, 
a^wonde toondli g^o jofife i?vrao. ' T 

Faraisi, ini nye nle Gam^lt^/ onlSnji Vfvtli 
nga, nl'olttbo gore anlaga waodti, azombie ni- 
ffli go kkgwa kwe kA yg bulinlia wfto'lnlg ; 
33 Atiloffie, IsreSlait^ Vandaminlanl- iktf 
yanlimg nte be denda nluwe gore atilagfiEir 

irtiiiac" ' ■'' I 

^d# Katide ititynga (dn)^ Ttaga ra, anflSngWl^ 
Thudas, awulia nlS, aye oma; ayongio Hit 
lilatigo y'anlaga \k nkama nal ; o y^nlio, iSi 
ntatlgo yodn yayiviri yS y'ayaziangaiiU a^i* 
go nyaw^nyawg. ' '* • 

87 Oma winU piagettila pa, anlttiigwi Jn**s 
yi (3^alaili gw^iritjrttgtt ^awoilg* oba> 'alar*'- 


•qlag' awengiB^ go hyuhiiye ; JElyS/Jc^ lavefi, tais 
VisAgo yoda y^ayiviri ye y.'avazanganli« • x 
38 Yenla bulinlia miS nluwe ini&y lubaanU 
gMB anldga ynnlk k& tiganli waa. didnga ; ka- 
ude jaga monda yinla ge ijanja sinli s'apilii 
geke anlaga, si be bia go nyaw^nyawe ; 
i39 ,Ndo ja s'apila gor0 Anyan^biS, anluwi 
$i£ng^ ngala yi poi^yunla so; anlawe y^ide 
i^ikkff^ nrigavi gore Anyambie^ 

40 Nle be jivira wao ayivirg ; ndo g-w'ateH 
Wao aVelie roffii w'azyiwi wao, azombia wao 
inl^, w'agamba da gw'iaa nyi Jisu ; pile ba 
iigo wao dienga. 

41 Yeali alubui M'^ao avila gw'asyo iq- anlei 
ro Bjenlage mbia, kdnde w'ayenlip nFinyai^ 
nyi jetilizo nty&nli g'oijwanja w'iai nye. 
34a Nli ntfug^ wedis go na90;^nipolo*nIa ge 
nag' wedu wi tiga du inenja nrikambinia m 
J)$Ki Kmifi. 

'i Ewoiao VI,; ; 

I^DO gw'intyugu ucea&nla, egiudd blmla 
iLl pa, aj'oenli olagalago w'lgrisiaa gore Ihi- 
faro, k&nde anto wao w'ariga w'arigio nriktrf 
hiya &I fLtyiigu eda^ ^ 

tt^iB-^ fwdia igomi nl'at'atiti at^i^e nkft* 
nda y'ongili, awulia nl^ zyele kw^kwe g9 
znwe tig' igamba ny'Anyatnbig ayanjiaf ita- 
ycto. i 

8 Sambo, aw§.ngwe, vinjanli fore nluwenitf 

944 1 iXAJK^A; i 

•tUoflto orSganlo w'enlami evia^ j^nliar pa 
nriiiliol' iVia, n'iimia ; wi re zuwe ka doStim 
gw'eviio ztnlA. 

4 Ndo azawe be doanla^a gw'ikambiala ala 
gw^ijanja a'igamba. 

5 Ndo igamba ny'arondio nli akanda yoisoi, 
Ale be pinja wao StivSn, onlofiie ,o yoali 
nrijivira nrinlinl' i7ia» nil FUip^ nil ProkyofW, 
nli Naikenor, nli Taimon, nli Farminas^ nli 
Nikolas prosilait yi Antidk. 

6 Nle be dot^io wao gw'azyo mi roffii ; n4o 
gw'agambinli wao w'arali aga gore waa 

7 Ndo igamba ny'Anyambie ny'avendi, all 
ntango y'egdnda y'awunii polo go Jeraselam; 
qU nkanda y'iminise y'ayagiolo ijivira. 

8 Ndo Stiv^n jonia pa nrijivira nli ngoki^ 
alend' isaon y'imamo nli lemba ?o1q gem 

9 Nle be nongw' aw^wSi wi nago y'afjaliaffS 
inl^, yi Lib^rtain, nla yi Sairinian, nli Aligsuh 
ndrian, nla gore wao w'ayiia go Silisia 
^li Asia, ndoage mpaga nli Stiven. 

10. Ka w'alenge ngula yi kev' imia nl'inliBl^ 
ny'aganibio nd^. • 

11 Nle be fwelia wao anlofile w'awuli al^ 
ftsttw' are jkgk pa y^ e kamV agamba m^oxk^ 
wo gore Mosesy nl'Anyambie. < 

12 Nle be tawa wao anlag' amp&ffiu, nranU^. 
i6, nl'iskraib. Nle be bia wao gore y^, agptS, 
a^age gore aalSro. ;. 


^13 1 Nle be do^U wao it^dqli y'l^wuti lUi^ 
onloffie winla e tige kamb' agMiba .m'or^WQ^ 
go mbora yinla y'orunda nla gw'iFwtga* 

14 Kande azuw' ayagio y^ kanba nl^y Jbsu 
yi Naaterin e be syazye inborn yinla, agalonlif^ 
iniyale s'avenlio zuwe nle Moses. 

16 Nla waoda w'aleanli go qando w'azyiliei 
ayanl' ozye w^ g'ozyo wi enjeL . 


NLE be bnlie zninis^ mpolo inl^, isaon yi- 
nla yi re yenl& ? 

2 Nle be bulie inl^, anloffie, awangwe^ wa 
BSta, voganlionli. Anyambie y'ipend' ipolo 
ayenlanli gore reri yazyo, Ebreham, gValoar 
nil y^ go Mesopotemia, aye loanlaga r& go 

3 Nle be bulinlie y^ inle, gagwa gw'inlo* 
iqfii ny§,, nravila go mbuve yk^ ka bia gvsr'i- 
nlonga nyi be teva xnie we. 

o4 Nle be k&gwe avila gw'inldnga nyi Eal- 
dian, aloanla go K^an ; nUavila vava, gw'a4 
yuwi xeri yd, arorl^ avia gw'inlongi.nyinl^ 
nyi doaula nluwe. ^ 

6 Ndo e pe du ijiga go nyo, vanganle gw'i* 
j«ra si ntyozyo ye, ndo avanganli ye go p^ 
nyo inliva, nla gore ojgwanli we go nyumi 
y^, aye loanlaga ra nrogwanla. 

6 Nie be kamb' Anyambie yenl^ inle, awa- 
nli w^ wi be doanla gw'inlonga nyinganli, 

84d ^htyAMA.' i 

Ilia wao k^ wi be pango asyaka, ojuiBJijalo 
iibe, v^ nkama s'impunia nai. 

7 Nrinlongk nyi be doanlo wao asyaka^a'b^ 
jekelia nyo (awalie Anyambi^) ; nrisaAn yi- 
11I& piaganla pa, vri b^ k^gwa ayanjinla *mi^ 
go mbora yinla. i 

i 8 Nle be pe y£ njeka y'ik^ro ; yeflla ayaali 
Ebreham Aisak, ag^rS go ntyuga y'enldnlai ; 
nrayanli Aisak ayanle Jekob, Jekob ke aya- 
nli irerS inonga igomi nrayanli. 

9. Ndo irer^ inonga, gw'avegagi wao nli ayi- 
ndi, w'agoli Josef go Ijipt Ndo Anyand[)ig 
aregagi nl'ay^. 

16 Nrarombi^ y^ arila gw'injuke se sodci^ 
av^ ikSsjri nrimia g'ozyo wi Ferieo oga ^ 
Ijipt, kk ye doanlia^ gliyen yi Ijipt nli nag' 
w6 yodu. t 

tl Ndo aroenli njanla mpolo gw'inlSnfa 
nyodu ny'Ijipt, nli Kenean, nli njuke mpoio4 
kk reri sazyo si dmg^ inya. 

12' Ndo gw'ayagio Jekob inlS^ imba si re go 
Ijipt alonge tofii' ireri sazyo. 

13 Ndo nyonga y'imbanli JosSf (kmiesz' okni 
wS gore awareri ye, nli mbuve yi'JoB^f ktf 
y'amienlio gore Fereo. 

14 Nle be fcofile Jos6f a^elie reri yS Jek6lf 
nli mbuve ye yodu, agomi orogenlo nUanUig? 
atcmli. T^ 

15 Nle be snminle Jekob go Ijipt ayuwa, 
^yS nl'ireri sazyo, .; 

**M Nle betoadlo urao go Syik^m alumbilild 
g^obultingu Vagdio nle Ebreitaia rk njonli 71 
Syika nl'awa' wi Emor yi SyikSm. 
*17 Ntto gw^azyusyi egojnb^ . z'onpangaalo 
pi^re, w'arangio nrAnyambie gore Ebrehami 
uilaga Vawunli ni'ibanla sipolo go Ijipi ; 
' 18 Kao ayandi og' d»i|w^nle o re e wo Josd^ 

19 M^wa alendl mbizve yazyo avonk^ nli 
jMijinr inn sazyo mbe ; ink wi tit dimbinle 
kgik^i yao, inle yi re y'alDanle. 

20 Ghf'egombe me ayanlio Moses, ndo ave*^ 
gagi m^pe jenlo polo, ayomizo go nago >yA 
peri yS agweli araro. i 

21 Gw'awalio ye, awongio nVoi^wa! wi W^ 
MO dfianto, kt y^ pomiise v'^^qwanli wiSm^^ 

4r2 Nle be nSnjo Moses imia soda s'ljiptianr 
ayl^la nl'agamba nil njanjinli. 

23 Ndo gw'azali egombe gore ye agoihi m'i^ 
mpum' anlai, ayikili. ftror^mi w^ go kd pool' 
awareri y8, awa' wi Isreel. • 

24 Nla gVayenli y^* offiiri o yaajinlio mbei^ 
aganli avenjavenj' oma o y&giao nkasya, ay6* 
ttla Ijiptian. 

i6' KSinde av6t' itil^, awareri y^ wi be kotiu 
inl^, Anyambie e be sunginla wao nFog^ wS ; 
Ado^ wi kotiza da. 

1Bf6 Ndo tttynga mkri "^araminli dfcu' wbi1i» 
gore wao gw^anloenli wao, atele bim ymaq 
inle, anloffie, anlttwe nle ngwonio; eoeande as| 
j«ftjanf anltrwertbe? ^ 

^'^ Ndo Kjii o leadi ogangaiilo \r^ «iiilie aib^ 
mbie inle; Biande o lotia ewonjo iil'<^ekdli 
gore zuwe? ' ^t 

*^8 Obele jonltt mie ga nt'ayonlia Ijiptlaii 

29,Nl6b6 fange Moses gw'igatnba. nyia}j|(. 
alaanla ogenda gw'mlSingS^ nyi Midiaa, gogp 
ayaaii^ a^anloffie al^aiilL 
fdO Ndo gw'amaoili agomi m'impum' m\»ii, 
•awowunli gore ye gw'ig' ivolo nyi nomba yi 
Sainai enjel yi J^ova g'ogonli go ]gon}a. . </ 
*31 Ndo gw'aTonli Moses amam' ijenla; ndo 
gw'azyusyie pi&6 go syilia, atienl' iayoi nyi 
Jehova gore yS, inle ; 

3S Mi^ nle ^yambi^ y'ireTi s^, Anyamini 
yi Ebreham, nl' AnyamUte yi Aisak, nl'Anytt* 
mbie yi Jekob ; nle be tataminie Moses ana 
go syilia. 

38 ]^le be bnlie. J^iovaawulinlie inle, romV 
intyozyo s'atanga gw'agolo ma ; kande mboia 
yi re vr^ kumaula pa yi re ir4i y'oranda. 

34 Njenlaga mi ase j wla pe njuke y'anlafi 
warn wi re go Ijipt, ayaga isiminli sao ka ; 
mi ai6 suminla pa go mnginla wao ; ndo 
x^xQA^ oviroi m'be toffia go Ijipt* 

35 Moses yinla y'anlumbio wao, ial^, mande 
o l0?i^ ewonjo ril'oy^Sli gore zuwe? ayeinil^ 
amOio nl'Anyambig ewonjo nrolandonli nlW 
g& wi enjel y^ayaolio nde go Qonjo. 

96 WinlSi agagunli wao, niuminliag' 

EW0NJO^ FIL 8«» 

liiiildmba fw'iiilong& wfi Mipti nia foi mbe- 
ni0T mb^de, nla gw4g' ivolo va agomi m?U 
mpum' anial. < 

87 Winl& nle Moses m^ y'awaliiili awa' Wi 
Isre^l m/e, Jehova Anyambi^ yanli e be to* 
lignnlie profet gore nlaire avila gw'awaiwi 
fMili eg^lanli ga mi^ ; yagmlocili ye. 

38 Winla nle y@ o Tegagi go ^ndo gw'igi 
imAesy gore enj^ y'agambi nla ye go nomba 
yi Sainat, »la gore ireri Bazyo^ Qw6ng^ B/geih 
mba m'effienla go pa zavre mo. 
u3» O re ireri sazyo wi jivira jiginlo yS, ndo 
«r«aiombi ye, aVinlia go Ijipt ni'ir^mi yao ; 

40 Awulinlie Eron inl6, vanginla zaw« 
aayambie si k^nda go bosyo yazyo^ k^nde 
Moses yinlli y'agfigunli zuwe go ntye yi Ijip^ 
aeawe pa mia nt'a^ienli gore ya 

41 Nle be panga wao ogwanyare gw'intyu^ 
gu mesanla^ ayire. ntyago g'oganla, k^ wao 
ji^nle-mbia gw'ijat)ja s'ag& maome. 

42 Nie be fwiz' Anyambie^ arigta wao go sa^ 
laalemb^i y'orowa ; ga nt'ara te»do pa gw'o» 
zango z'ipr^fet, inle, anluwe yi nago yi Isre^li 
anluw' are jirinla pa mi^ inyare s'ibazyo nli 
aCyago ya agomi m'impam' anlai gw-ig' ivolo^ 

48> Nle be toanliza nlufwe aroanlize na^a 
y^ikuku yi Molok, nrogggenli w*anyambil{ 
ymili) B^mfan ; avmsg' imbondinli sao go sa- 
rinla so; yenllk be t(mza mi^ nlawe viagaiii# 

tea , IJAKJA. : 

' 44 Nafo y'ikidcu y'mitea y'ftvefagi^1ll'fa)fli 
satzyo gw'ig' ivola, ga nt'azombie, agambagf* 
nli Moses inl^, e ga range yo nl'eglUaiiU 
e'^iyenlio nde* 

45 Ndo gw'awongio yo nle reri sazyo o/viiA 
gcfte J5syue, w'aVagi yo go ntye y'aoloag^ 
m'arombio nl'Anyambie avila gw'azyo mliron 
sazyo, koanga gw'inty«gu si Devid. 

46 O leng' ik^syi g^ozyo 've'Ajiyanibie^ a^ele 
ddDg' iloanlo genre Anyambi^ yi Jekob. ; v' 

47 Ndo Solomon anloginU^ nago. 

48 Ndo ayS o re gw'igonlo m^ e doanla 
gw'inago impolo si nogo nroga, ga nte balii 

49 Orowa al'eki sam, nli ntye iyarinlo nyfai 
golo mam^ nago onl)5nga nde yi be nloguilo 
nlawe mie (awuli Rere) ? ge mboro nde j'i^ 
^»o mie ? 

< 50 Arang' ogk warn wo vange ya yinllt ypdu ? 

51 Anluwe y'impel' iyale, ge bzy&mbS w'oref; 

ma nla w'axoi ! anlawe fwinliz' lalinl' i?ia 

p^k^p^ce; ga n£alind! ireri mmli, yenla deni^ 

S% Fr^fSt ye yire y^agdmbisao nl'ireid aapAif 
Vayonli k^ mSngi w'arevi ibia s'oma w'asSIt 
sabosyo; o re t^t^venla anluw' atoenli ig&ndi 
y^ nl'iyonlisi yg. 

SQ Anlttwe k^ aniuw' abong' ivanga nl'iso^ 
mbia s'ienj^, k§. nluw' aymjaTenja nyo. 

54 Ndo gw'ay&giowao agamba minlk Vaf^^ 

tlid gv^ii^cdYm, kiL wdo k^ra,g' mtJk .gore 

i£5.| jonlie raiie nrinlinr i^ia, assfiHa 
g'orowa, ayenV ipeuda s'AnyamWfi, ali Jmt 
knmanla pa g'oga ^^Anjamim oolomie, 
.tfi6< Nle be bulie inl^y vonla, mi jenl' orowi^ 
nangunlo pa, nFOj^wa' w'oma 
g'ogi w'Anyaiabi^ ooloflii^. \ 

; 67 Nle- be boginla wao nrinyo' ivol<H aziii^bi- 
aid. mao, avule manga gofe yS nl^orem' omo,: 

58 Arombe avila go nka' mpolo, a,Y\xng^ 
ado; ndo iyetili y-aJlambinr inglii sao gw'agpo- 
lo m'iwanja ny'a^eliago inle, Sal. , 

50 Nle be punga wap StivSn ado, aye k^a- 
iG^binlaga inle, Rera Jisu, wong' inlixdi nyam. 

60 Nle be do^i^ akatala, aronga nri^yo^ 
vftio inl^, Bera^ fkzAmz0» wao ibe sinla ! Ndo 
gtr'agambi ye y^nla, anlanli antyavinla, 


"LE be jivire Sal ayivir' ijuwi se. Ndg^ 
gw'egombem^Ta ^oenl' ikambi^a siif|plo 
fo .;Q9rndo go Jerasel^m : nle be pazamganlai 
waodu gw'imbora si Judia nli Semeria, ka<) 

iSl. M'lHiloffie w'olubo w'avi^nli StivSo, aji^-, 
nl6 edingo evolo, 

^ Ndo &kl azazunli gwdo, aymginkt go 
m^' >r^du, a,got' anlome nVanto ka y^ m% 
wao go Diagp y'iiruax^^* 

352 tJA*r:fA:' ' 

4 YenllL re wao w'arazanganll Vagl^&di^ 
go nkovi edu, agambinlag' igamba. * 

6 Nie be kSndage Fiiip go nka' rap6lo yi 
Semeria agambinlaga wao Kmis. 

6 Nle be bandamlnle nk&ndli nl'ori^m'* dmtf 
agamba m'agambio nle Filip, gw'ay^gio wao 
iiyenle lemba y'alendio nd^. 

7 Kande abambo ambe m'Mongi nl'in]^ 
ivolo, ag&gwa gore awenge w'aregagi hla 
mo; nl'awenge w'avegagi nl'dgft bu^, nla 
w'avegagi niSma w'ayingio. 

8 NraroenV igev' ivolo go nka' mpolo m^ytti.^ 

Ndo onloffie om&ri, ini nye Saim^ alHo 
as^til' imonda go nka' mpdlo ; amamiz' anlagsk 
wi Semeria, inIS, ayem6 om' ^mpolo. * 

10 Nle be jivira waodu ayivir^ avila g'oifwti^ 
ngo agenda g'ompolo, inl^, winld. nle ngcdtt 
mpolo y'Anyambig. 

11 Nle be bandaminla wao y^, k&nde v4 
oling' ola amamize wao nritnonda. 

12 Ndo gw'ayiviri wao Filip nkamblnlagfi^^ 
isiaon y'inlongSt n^Anyambi^ nl'ma nyi ffiwt 
Krais, w'avaptaizo nlSt anloffie nVanto ta. 

13 Nle be jivire Salmon ayemS ndo gw^arva^' 
ptfeizo ye aloanlagi nli Filip ; ndo gw^ayenli 
y^ imamo,*nli lemba volo y'alendio, amami; 

14 Ndo gw'aySigio roffii go Jerasel^ inlif, 
Semeria avegagi bSnga p'igamba ny^AnyA^' 
mblg, VaroflU gore wao Pit6r nli Jdn. r .^ 

EWONJO vni. ui 

til 'Gw'amminli wao, wVgambinli gfoiiwa- 
nji wao inle, wi ga wonge Inlinr itia. 

16 (KAttde 11511 4tio poswa pa fore cm' edii 
gom wao, kao da w'avaptaizo gw^ina nyal 
IfanriS Jtsu.) 

i$ Nle be talia wao arali' s/gk gore wao, kt 
wao Wng* Inlinl' ilia. 

18 HAo gVayenli Sahnon inl£, gw'italiir 
Skagit mi roSif Inlfitl' il^ia ny'aveirtio, avaiiga«» 
nlidwfiw syika; 

19 Inl^, vanli mie ke ngalu yinl^ inl^, gor$ 
om' eda o talio nd^ ag&, e ga wong' Inlini' 
iVia. [ 

%0 Nle be bnlie Fit^r awuliniie IaI^ syiki 
yk yi ga yilizo nla we, kSinde o bete nle, ida^ 
^i^ s'AnyambiS so kk kolo nranliva^ 

81 O zyele nl^ mlxHra g'eganio gw'igamba 
nyinl& ; kande or^mi w^ wi zye r^i g'ozye 

S2 Sambo galna avila gVibe sft, k& ka^* 
mbinl' Anyambi^ ; vendetiia ipikilia s'or&ab 
wA si be nyezo we. 

S& K&nde mi jenla nle, o re go ntyua yt 
iionle, nla go ntyogo y'ibe. 

il4 Nle be jirire Salmon awulia nle, gambit 
nlanli, anluwe, gore RerS g'oqwanji wanr, 
inllf isaon yinld yi re nluwe kamba pa y'a* 
fia gore mi^. 

US Ndo gw'awnli wao, agamV igamba nya 
BerS, w'a^inli go Jeraselem^ agambinla^ 

raitan. ' i - •» • ••» -:- <*i^ 

I %6 Nl^ be Jkaoiha ^s^l fa Biarei fiw)lU«lie 

y'olomba, go mpSnla yi suminl' avUa g9. «iMih 
f^em dg^ada g^a Geisa, yi «e yi ^e^&l'«alaeKi. 

27 Nle be kumanl^ a^ndagiQ', ttda 'tosdaif 
fUdoO^^ Ithi^iafi, olr^gHali iri ngvila^ m|il> 
loigoare Eandeei ega e^unto >mu Iib][«pias,..i«i 
renjavenji anlivi me modu, a^i^Zkli ^. Jetftii 
§^ian go savinla ; i « r 

;$18 Srie be fwinlk^ alotwil^ tot go otyoidto 
ye, ka ye tangunle profit Aisaia. a. .^ 

ff» Nie be bulxi^ I«kn]^ aiwaUali^J^Hijriigilf, 
sijywya pi^^ ka kead^ga uli ntyoftjb imtI^dAIu 

80 Nle be keod? Fili^ ir&va nil aa^Bf d; apai^ 
g$ ye taagutUe Pr ofert Aisai^ uie be 4>aMe 
^^, o kotiz' iaaon yi tmgmilo ndit 'J ^ : 

31 Nle be bulie inle, mie ka }Mia^ to^ 
Cpsi fttevfr mil ? Nj0 be fweliS a^ejki^ FHip 
»1», -e g^i Taude »l0ati}a nl-ayd- i: 

32 Ndo mbora y'ir^ndSi y'tiisangmdJio • nM; 
f0 i^ yiokk: <Aggttdi(Zw:g'idaa»ibe;.g^ 

nia g'oijwidambe w'itHamo f'paEyo.tWoiiia«yfi 
8]F0l^inla nyOi yeala re e nftfAgtuU'; eifsttrqidi 

.33 Nla, gw'jjja^rio s€ ij^WSlo ii6 »*amlbi 

nginlio ye, ndo maade o be takUij» iDabaoA* 

Viriml^taaftbi 8^9 feSodo efiw^ %&« itt-fttdifo 

%«nle^ go iotyw^ ■...'.. ^iii«J. 

Ewnuajx. 8m 

«fo fma&t 9s«on ifdnliht? gVtfwiaoji v^^tei^ 
mbe 86 gor' om' kjgwSnLd ? ; 

-^rA0 Sle fae imiB^n^Ale Filip ;ftiila]tg^^ 
i^i w^> mfoakitia g'areBd& mS agMubijHtte Jim 
* gore ye. i 

*jdi5. JUo gHr'a^ndi wao f!9 mptm^ w'la^M- 
nii^ mhoBa y'snlingo ; Jile be ImU. areng» 
nli inle, vonla, anlingo minla; ezande ^ dfir 
Ifa olie g6 baptaiao. 

^iOa m'BmxhFUxp iuUS, jk ft'ajtviia nl'oreti& 
Vd^Tnoda, lenda nlaala. Kle lie jiirfee, air» 
Ua nle. Mi jivira inle» Jisu KraiB o^wa'^ wlAi 
l^omliie. . : - . 

i*Q8 Nle i» kttmanUzi'iityoiile, jd'aecuaBdi 
fillpo a/Tajili) gw'aalii^^ uli Filip uVmthgA 
nli, uTampteiaS y& . ^ 

y&6i KdogmlAvmAi wao aFila giw'anHngo, 
Inlinla njra Rem 'Oryaroinbi Fii^ k& iyran^Bi' 
ali nir^enl^ nyenle, nle be keadagii ge toip^ 
fMyafayeiilageiabia. :i 

40 Ndo Fiiqi al^ngio gw'Amtiln ; fldla g^«^ 
yiijgwnteg^ agusbinJa^ ntyangotnUa gn^iak' 
impolo sodu, kao aVienlie go SiMiria. /.: 

"DO fi&l agiSigiiitF ewiia nroyedio gmil 
egdndi ^ui Ben, agSadifi gore niurii| 


rS kvmBbie yanff} go BamMkm gwlnaio 
•'Anyftmbie iale, j'adSqg' awewa go apinift 
yiaolliy nla anloffie nlk aato, e ga Vage wM 
koro pa go JerasalSm. .^^ 

sA Ndo gw'agendiS a^jruiya {^^£ nli Da- 
■laftkus^ negan^ga af^ambi oosange vingoidiigift ^ 
gore y6 avila g'orowa. • r 

.4 NW be poswe go ntgre, ay^gd mjoi nyi ka- 
mba nla y^ inld, Sal, S&l, ezande zi k&mbb 
fiiinifg^ '«« 

5 Nle be buli6 inle, awS mande, B^ra^t 
Nle be bulie Rere iaiS, mie nle Jieu yi Mu 
abiaso nda« Be j&la gore w^ go sika imiang^ 
imaiilL . 'i 

6 Nle be tataminl^, amama, awulia Aii| 
B«m» o bela mie deDd'.vande? Nle be :bil&e 
Aac^ewulinli^ inliS, gmnanla k& kei^a. |^ 
nka' mpolOy ka w^ balinlio nte be dendft^ i 

7 Ndo aaloffie w'ag^ndagi nla y^ w'atttt 
waamoi i^agag' inyoi) ndo wi jmV mtusL. 

8 Nle bet kmnanle Slil avila go ntye; nhk 
gw'aalungaiilie aaty^ m^ e jenV cmsL; ndo 
v^agotiiif^ g!oga agendiS go Damaskiis. 

' 10 Nle be doaale ntyuga zifcyafo ay^iiia,* # 
nja k^ jdogBu :; 

10 Nravegagi ongili offiairi go DamaskSfl, 
ini nye nle Anahaias ; nle«be bull' Anyamlne 
apiiltBli£ go nyilinlo inl^ Ananaias. Nle 1» 
jlrirS inlSy vonia, mig winl^, Bern. 

11 Nle be bulie Bere awulinli^ inle, ffoai^ 

tim^^ ki kenda gw'ifrala ajFi fweliago InUl, 
Goie^ aVambia go nago yi Judas oma a fWtt) 
liox^iftle^ SM yi Tarsos, k4ade voala, e kambt- 

Ub Ay ^-k^ are jenld^ pa go nyiliolo onloffie; 
IM nye Anaiiaias i^jiDgialaga Mali' ogfii gore 
ye inl^, e ga y& jenle. . ^ 

/IS^Nle be jivir' AnanaiM iul^) Besa, mi 
are }kgk pa nl'awenge g'oi)wanja. w'mIbii 
Me winl^, isaon imbe imienge yi re ye d0i* 
Ida pa gore iy&mbui 3r& yi re go Jeruse* 

44 Yenl^ ke are nrinyanga avila gore imi- 
nisg impolo nyi kor' anlaga waoda wi kamdrii^ 
Atoigw'ini nylL /' > 

,1$ Ndo Bere awuliniie IdI^^ g£iida» k&ad^ 
•fft^nle atynanla mpinje goie mie go ieaala 
ini nyam g'oxyow'anlong&^nl'aga, nrawa'!^ 

sl6 Kiade m'be taminlie isaon impolo yi ba 
tindio ndS gw'inyanga ny'ini ayam. 
;.17 Nie be k^fidag' Ananaias ayifigifila . gp 
nagOy arali' ag& gore y^» awulia file, ogwi*% 
Agwe Sid, Ber^ (yaiigale Jisa y'ayenlie ndi 
go mp^nl^ y'atiagaglt) are toffia pa mie, iiMf 
¥(t jenle ayoniia nl'Inlinr itia. 
.18 Ndo nSganega ayo&mitaYila gw'anty% 
ag^ yAma ^[Aianli 2'inkazyo, ay tnlie nydngit 
m^; agun^tnliS a^aptaiao. 
.19 Ndo gw'anyenlie al^ogi ngnltu Nralea«^ 

9iS n^AmA;:A 

g» Dcfmatkus* • *« * 

lib Ndd nj^aflfi^ agambifilftgiif Kmiff^fw^ 
nago impolo, inle, ayS nle Ogwa' w'Anyambifei 
Ndo ^iMin ^ayltgio VattMmi, aiPokiKa ^Id; t 

«1 Winla atang' aye <>.*yiiia go Jdnitfel^w 
wao w'aVeliagi ina nyiiyl&; kdy^bia i^atikl 
gd ntitilia in^y^nl* inte^ ^ t& 1iw.gti wao kttio 
pi^ g^iM iniiiiiis^ impolo ? : '» ^ <^ 

'2S Ndo SM swanli ngtiltt ftgeV Iju ^'aIoom 
idl go Demadkds ; nd<]iaiili£aga kM, mfS ^# 

t8 Ndo ntyttgu si»y^gciTiag«ink, Ijti a?^a#b. 
Hdi mondA yi j<W!l8. ■ ' * ' «• 

24 Ndo isy&ti sao s'amienlio nkr SSI, kd.*vm<» 
fPMginlag' f^gfugi oiiatida lil'ogwifa' go jbnlS; 
^^5 Nle be bdtigo y^ nrongili og^effl k& nMtf 
liyonti^ g^ogomba Vado nrotondo, 

26 Ndo gw'a^lenli Sal go Jerusel^m, agSnttnl 
§^ ^^tftnla aySiA^ gore ongili: ndo wiuMb 
w'arienli^^ k& w'ayivira dn itil^, ay^S d]lgifl< • < 
'47 Ndo Elaf nabii^ aw<$i)gig atagS gbre rofltf ; 
ar^kllie iv^Ao ni'^enliS Rw£ go mt>ftftl&, aM 
li^^agambie nl'ay^, nl^ ni'i^gd^mbinle Uk fd'g# 
Sf^ttiagka^ gt^ifia nyi Jii^. 

28 Nl'ayegagi^; nla Wao bjttigiliftiga aU tiklu 
^aga got Jerusalem* 

^29 Nl6 b<^ kambS itia fl gw'ina nya Rdi« 
Jisu, nli dowag' impaga g6f IgAk. Nle* W 
klfftliza wadgOFJonl^. ~ • . 

SHlpniA «6)flf^ go Tta^», 
91 NraloanF ii^ando nPaffieajd go Judili 
yit^ ftifv go Oaiaiti, nil Semeria, mpendaga 
aifftng^Iagsa alUlia^^a Swey At'isii»dia slnliidS 

^m OT^ft^nli gy'ag4nigaiilagi Fit^r gwKi 
mbora sodo, azuminli^ gore iy^mbui jr^^oi^ 
ftlagi goliida;*^' , ' 

.48 Nraldifgig rkri 4nlom»^im ny^ Ble Inlafi^ 
o vegagi ba g'odo w^ iox^iu' ^nl^nlai,' ay&gfr^ 

34 Nle be bulie Piter awuHnlid itklS^ iniBMi 
#i$a Krab atoUslk ; gumatila kit pang' odo wi« 
Nk to kc(inaiiA£ ny)^g4 no. :^ 

35 Nla waodu w'aloanli go Lida nli S^iSM 
w'ayenli^; kk wao kalua^ore Rer^. 

36 Ndo aroenli go Jopa ongili offi&ri^ni nyg 
ftkf Tabitlm, ny'a'^eliago nl'ib^agonlo injf^, 
B^as t offianto W4nJ4 aycmli xilljattj^ ibia lA 
nkengSi y'alendio nde. ^ t 
; 3<7 li[r4troenIi gw'intyugu m^iDl^ ftyftg^ga 
jii^ a;ra\raw Kdo^ gw^afovuiili wao y^ iiv'aM^ 
mbiali y4 g^d ii^ty<> y'igottlo. i 
^38 Nd^ Lid' aTegagi pii^re nil J^pa^ nla 
^ay^Si' ougill inl^, Pites are y^^, w'Mol^ft 
gWd yS antoflte a^anli, ii^gtrdai^^ ink&la inl^ 
Wtle bia gore wao. 

M» Nie be kumatile Pitef agendaga nla wad ; 
nin^ gw^^tkali^ w^a^Vagie 0o ii4ntye y'lgonlOf 

If0 > iDiUrjA; 1 

^e be kumftnl' ^nto w'arigi^ waoda avottiiila 
iogai s'ikoto, nl'ingai s!aTaQgio ndS gw'Mrapk^ 
gig nla wao, ; . i ^ . 

. 40 Ndo gw'arombi Pit^r aioniba WAodn gwH^ 
p^a, &ioSL akatala ag;a]Bbiiila, afise gm^eki^ 
nde, awulia nle, Tabitha, nlongwa; ide to 
nunguulS antya m^ ; ndo gw'aye&li ye Fittf^, 
aidfingwiJi^ai. » % . - vv - ' - -^ 

41 Ndo gw'alavinlie ye oga w^ anlSngucdUe; 
ndo gw'a^elie iyambui nranto w'arifa be^la*. 
IQiQlig aramiiilia wa^ ye bo* 

42 Nle be mio yo go Jopa yodu ; iil'aweB8i» 
w'ayiviri Eef & 

il9 Nle be doaule ntyngu sinyoDge go J9pA^ 
gore oma o fwelioinl^ Saun^u, yi panga ia^ 


AYEGAGI onloOe go 8iswia iai nsrS ttfca 
«OL KomiliuSf sSntut iou yi nk^da y'isiisjfiif 
y'aTeliago inl^, Italia, 

w 11 Oma o labi uli ti' Atiyan^ie itli nag' ve 
yodu, nli dende nk^nga nipok) goie aiikg% 
nli kambinl' Anyaiabie egcmibe aodu. ^ 

.8 Nle be jenle bua go 0yillnl<s vit igwtfia 
liy'oweDJa ny'^alagom, ayenl' enjSl y'Aiijw^. 
inbig njingiiilaga gore ye, awaUalie uiU| 
Kornilius. m 

4 Mia gw'azyilig yS arienli awalia nle, am- 
^e, Bera? Nle be bulioiie y« taltf, ikqinhii 


vik iA nil akeag^ yk yi re pasdA pa r& af^ 
wt^tkVio g'ozyo w'Anyambiig. 
.5^do vjs^^ xom' anlofiier go Jopa^ k4 iVdIte 
SiiiinSn oiWaliauili^.Piius ^'^^^ ' ' " '^ ^ 

A £ dpaaila.nli.Sa4azd5ft jik^pMo^f^baiuia, ate 
idi nag' we g'oBamba wi mbenk : e be b]i& 
idia nte be d^nda. 

7 Ndo gw'agSnda^ eaj^l y'agambi nil K^ 
mliSs^ ateV iiiyongo m, anlag' ataoli, iili 
lAzye, gam wao wWeaginliag^, y'alubi : * 

$ Ndo gw'arakiUe Wao isaon mSyinlii yoda, 
«»0M wao ^ Jdpa. 

d Ndo bunya gw'agendi wao azyusba pii^ 
^i nka' lapolo, avandi FifaSr gw'igcmlo go ka» 
mbinla va igw6ra ny'^oroVa ny'owenja. * 

10 Nl'ay^io ye njanla mpolo a?ele nya; 
ndo gw'agekizi wao ay^nli nyilialo. 

11 NIe be jenl^ orowa zange nl'ezama si 
siuninla gore y^ g'onlamb' ompolo wi liiuft^ 
duio pa ntyliiaba nai asyxmlio go ntya 

12 Avegagi go wo onlSng' weda wi yttginlltt 
yi Qtje, nFinyama s'iga, nli ya yi d^fiddia* 
,ni% nl'tny&Dli s'igonio; 

13 Nra?ienr ii^yoi gore y^ inl£, gumanla^ 
Piter, yocila, k^ nya. 

^ 14 Nle be bulie Piter in}£, zye nlatil^, Reta^ 

la'pa nya eea z'eByanyambie g'ezitna zi re m 


^ li Mle be {k kamV inyoi nyonga y'imbanH 

agamba nla yg; ii^e, yama yi ;e jaimbiv 

Dyambie. - * ^^*^ 

14 Osaoa ^iftlft: V^le^wlia ny5«g« ii?^r6-^ 
nra¥& b<5ng:io eza iiifean*4'g'dmw&* > • '* 

nio y'flyilinlo ye, voBla, anlofte Vaarofti6 dkf 

K^rnilius, gw'a?ambiagi wad lM/go yi Saln^iHr 

i^aguiteanlt g'omiiombatiia. ^ 

-18 lifcJo gw'aV^li waa w'a^hambi inl^, Tends^- 

tua Saimlftft yi fwelio iiile Pitef^ e- nanla v4*fi^ 

,i» Ndo gwWiktliagi Pltsgr nylUrid, Inlinfeb 

nyawulinlie inl6, vonla, anlofie acai^ wi buMis^ 

<30 N4o gdmaBla kft i^mitlla agenda nla: 

ittto, k§^ alo90 mpaga dm; kJiiidci Mi alk>flfair 

wao. ^^ 

;ei Nle be suminle Fit^r a<zttmiiildr g^ 

aaloffie w'aitif8io nto K5fdiHiis-gtife y^; iw«^ 

Ua h)^, vonla, miS tile ye o bato nitiwe : osao' 

Bde w'abia nluird '^ ^^ 

22 Me be bnHa wao i&ld, Kofnilitls yi si^ 
BitiritSn^ cmld^e Vagcfie, nti ti' AayamMg, 
Bl'elaffli ei9|a k& gw'inlSngft ny'Iju nyodii; 
awnlinlio nle enjSl njilrabtti inle,e ga^^^lifc 
g&nag^ we go }kgk agaiabi mk. 

23 Nle be fweliS wao anlaaliza Wtto. Ndd 
gw'ayenji owetija, V'Mt agendi nla wao^ nl^ii* 
wkng^e awSw^ wi JSpa w'airenli& ^i 

24 Ndo bunya w'ayinginli go Sitona^ Mk 
KSrniliufli pengiiala wao, aluo ye adalizt itibnte 

^ yodu nd'i&^ego i€i s'a^r^' '^ 

tanii nla y^,.«An>Mr<U'|f.Wagc«I<> abii^ til'liAM^U 

lia nl^, gumanla ; miSme k^ olMw 

i7 Ndo ^W-^agambtag^'nta^y^r^kT^figi^U) ^^* 
wunlo anlag* awenga dataula pa. ' 

28 Kle be balinlUf ^v^ao> ifil^y aailaw' aytoto 
ittiif. o6^n vi par' iTai»g«t>^e imlodle >^^ 
Jo, go kangaala ga jiaginla gw'iiildiig& i^je^ 
ttis ; ndo Anyambi^ are mi^ itlieza pa^ iiilS, 
yak B^t^W om' eda f4^A nla V'^^a, gid ilef« 

i9fi YenUt gw^atelio mi^ mi abia nA al^^ 
mpaga, yenl^ bainbia mi^ inlS, o<9ao* iifto 
w'afwidia nlawe mie ? ' 

ad Nle be bdlie Kdiniliud inle, n^ gapengf^ 
escmge ntyngu nai gw'igw&a nyiuli n/diwe^ 
Ajii; nla gw'igwera ny^^oMgotti Agambinli 
mie go nag' -warn, ronla, onloflie agamanlif 
g'ozyo warn nil ngai nj^mbni) 
i8L Amilia nl^, Komiliud, ikatnbinfi di- s'l^A- 
ganlto, nridari s£t i^'ajongmlio g'o»jo ^^AAyi4 

*82 Sambo mffla go Jl5pa^ kA fweli^ Saimoa^ 
o tfVelio inl^^ f it^r ; e doanlsk go nago yi Saiit 
mon yi pange banda g'oisamba tH mbeiite; g# 
bobi^ e be kamba nla we. 

id Yenili aroflUnli mi« wd n^gan^^ 4 
fft'adende mbia^gWabili^ ; ndo acuiw' ^tt aMW^ 

•re veoli g^iAyo w'AnyamUif go <j&g&' isaia 

34 Nle be nungunle Pit^r ogwanli we awiH 
litftnl^x^ti mi kotKca inie, Ai^yamMS e pMl' 
azyo m'anlaga; rl 

85 Ndo gw'iaKng' wedu oma o tie ayanj' 
or^ti e be boi^go nle ye. 

30 Igamba ny'aroJB&io gor' awa' wi Isreift^ 
akambialag' aSieDJ^ gw'inyanga nyi ]'ym 
Kmi^ (ay^ jaJa Ber^ ya vraoda,) 

87 Aiiluw' avora nyo; igamba ny'avegag^ 
99 Jud^^ yod^f mpakiliaga go Gal^li^ ibn^ 
ptaiza si Joa kambialo pa. b 

38 Ga nt'azagizi Anyambie azagize Jisa fi 
^iaverath nriDlinl' i?ia nli ngulu^ ka ye fc^ 
ndag^nda ayanje mbia, nli toliza wm>dui wuh 
ngi w'avugio nrinkindai k&ndci Anyam)M0 
av^agi nl'ay^. 

. 39 Azawe nle iyenli y'isaon yodu y'alendio 
9^ go niye y'lju nla go JeruselSm, o yoai» 
wao mbaaliaga gw'eir^re. x. 

40 Me be tongunli' Anyambi^ aroagtiidlii^ 
utypgu yi niyaro, araminli^ g'ohwju 

41 Aranga gore anlaga waodu, ndo gdnf^ 
\ymli y'avinjio nl'Anyambie go bosyo vangu- 
nU g(Mre zawe y'anyenli nli jonga nla y^ 
mjj6 UmgwsL pa avila gw'ijawaw 

42 Nle be sombie znwe go kambinla ^pmt 
«nl^a» nla go buHa nl^, nle ye o ruOiiilio nFA- 
nyambie oyek^ m mdngi w'ab& nli b^nd^fVi 

Eweaf JO XL *6i 

49^ NriprSfi^ soda a'araminliS inle, gi^ifi^ 
myanga By'ini nj^ cm- eda o jivire e M 
b^Bg' inyeza s'ibe. 

44 Nla gw'^gambagi Pit^r agamba minlfc, 
Inliiil' i?ia ny'avoswi gore waodix w'ay&gi* 

46 Nle be mama \^'^o w'agerio ayivira; 
ntatigo yodtt y'afienli nli PitSr; k^tide ida- 
tia s'Inlinr if ia s'ayirio ke g6re anl6ngk. 

46 K^nde VayStgio wao wi katnba nl'infca* 
lafciiiH ainganli, asuminli' Anyambi^. 

47 Nle be jivire PitSr inl^, mande o re kA 
4eg' anlingo inl6, winlk w'avairfaizo, wl te 
bSnga p'lnlini' i?ia ga ntWe zuwe? 

48 Nle be sombie waa go baptaizo gwHn« 
B^A Rere. Nle be bambia wao aVambi^ go 
doatilaga intyngu syakwe. 


NLE be jaga roffii nrawftngwe Var^agi 
go Judia ayfigdi inl^, anldng& k^ ' mV 
bdug' igamba ny'Anyambie. 

2'Ndo gw'tivandi Pit^ go Jerufialifm; "wad 
Vag^rio w'azazize. 

9 Iiil^, o yinginli gore anloffie Vizydmlw, 
ksft> w^ nya nia wao. 

. 4 Nle be pakilie Piter takilia gore wao go 
mp&nla, inl^, 

^ Mi avegagi go nka' mpolo yi Jopa nkn- 
mbi&laga ; ayenli mi£ ndaga go nyilialo inli; 

mlbk rm^ 9f<wliiftgo awla f Wowm nV^/timtk 
wo gore mi& - 

iQ ado gw'asyili mSe jtyikiUa nni^, ml Ay«ali 
v)]^alia yi oq^itndfi nai yi jitye, nf iii^rawi 
s'iga, nli ya yi dandalanda, nl'iny&nU »'if9t 

..7 Nlo be: jagii nie inyojl nyi kwilmnla^ffiii 
inl6, gomanla, PitSr, yoiala, ka nya, j* 

.10' IfFawuli soi^ ial^ zye ulanl^, B^a:; IciU 
nde zyeji' wama ic'eny wyiaiabi^ ^ »i le sw 
X]r'a|Nipu ai ne jLuginla pa g'^^gwftuU waitai* ^ 

^ Nle be fti jiyiro laie urmyoi avija g'jordur* 
inl^, y&ma yi re jamb^nlia pa nVAsiyembi^i 
AirrUia yp iai^ nyanyambilf » 
j 10. Ndo ^fiaea winl^ w'acMnli nySnga btjiaf 
ro, kSl yama yodu f^ duro g^orowa. \ -^i 

11 Ndo vonla, kwevimo a^ienli anlofiie ara- 
ro go nago y'avi^gago miS, Varomio avila go 
gii0aria%gofe miS. : ' f. 

JLg Nlfi be b^ialio mi^ nl'IiiUulain&^y C^nda 
nla wao mpaga fd» l^ldo ngM^iw< k^ (h^M 
jjr.'^r?^di m^; iil'aymginl' assaiMoe go^ nago 

13 Nle be tmUoliS suwe k^ ntag»^ f^i^y^ 
nliS enj^l go nag' wg, ukamaidagia.iili kai 
mba xila yiS ; inl^i roffi' anloflle 9> Itlpfli ka 
fv^elie Saim^n yi fwelio inlS, PitlSr ; ' 

14 G be butinlii ugatnba mi f e w^ kft'> «* 

.U§i lido ^VftTftkili 'Vtai^ hmb^^ IdJd^ttT itfim 
ji^oftvo&wi gprewiiOi g^i go» jsuwo gw'avskiik 

16 Kle be jonginlia mi^ igambek:ny% B<«i^ 
i^r'^waUo ]>d^ inl^ Jdn oreti ji*?a|»t«iBi nl'it- 
j^ipgo^ ndomUuwe 1)6 b{4)ta49o nl^Inlijilf ill'm 

17 Yenla kanle Anyambi^ avenli wao M* 
jria onlongft w'aveaiU^ znwe, yi jivira Bqng 
jiiwi Krai«, mi^ Jiifkiide ^ to ka wabi' Any^^ 
mbi«? ^ . 

18 Ndo gw'ay&gio wao isaon yinld w'aloiH^ 
^, ^zumioli' Aayaml4^ inl^; oembo Aityja- 
mbi^ are pa p'fi>nlonga k^ ikalua s'ontfwfr 

.iji9 Ndp gw'aveiwQgEMiU ^^«^»^ nl'tk^AdUtw 
pi'/Hroenli g'ogwanja wi Stiy^, w'ji^od«gt 
go Finisia, nli Supras, nli Mtiok; ukfibH 
jdfg^ igamba kao gcore Iju dadi^. 
i'.ia Ndo awi^wa gore we^ w'avcigagi atolofiA 
wi Saiprus, nli Sairinia, gw'ayinginU v^9i) g|^ 
Antilik vr'avruU&r Igriki Bkn^iaia^^ Bw^ 
Ji8U. r 

21 Nraloanli oga wa Rer^ gore wao, nli 
ntango mpolo yf ayiviri^ agaloa gore Rer^i 

d«, NJe b^ jigmlo igBmH gVarOi ml/ ^^ 
ndo go Jeiusel^m g^'Oigwanji wao; nle be lb> 
9»iWM mQ0^ Bfrn^w go k^B44t knaogb go 

iWi :JJ[do gw'#.f ienlW »ye»]' iklSui B'Afiy^- 

wi ga loanlize gore Bei^ ni'iiid(»t^%«Wi^ 

ted IJANJA. 

24 E&nde aTegag' cm' dmbia, nli jonlia nil- 
nlinl' ivia nVijivira ; nli iik&nd& mpolo y^a^^ 
ndio gore RerS. 

25 Nle be k^nde Barnebas go Tarsiis go 
bate Sdl, ndo gw'al^gi^ yS a^agig go An* 

26 Nl^aroenr inle, w'aganganli ompuma 
wwk nli gando, anlgnj' anlag' awenge. Nla 
go Antiok ongili w*alonge fwelio inlS, Ikri- 

27 Nla gw'intyngu sinld. a^^ienli avila go 
Jernselem ipr<5fet go Antiok. 

28 Nle be kumanla offiari' gore wao ini ny# 
tile Agebus, kd ye bulla nrinlinla inlS, nja- 
nla mpolo yi bia go ntye yodu ; y*aroenli ' kK 
gw'intyugu si Kl&ditis Sizar. 

29 Ndo om' edu gore ongili, ga ngulu y^; 
agenji go tofB' orolizo gore ngwemo y'aloaiili 
go Judia. 

30 Wao kS w'alendi yenia, aroffla gore anN^ 
ro nrogSi wi Barnebas nli S&l. 


GWEGOMBE m8 Herod y'oga anyftnyu- 
nli og& we azyug' aw5w^ go gando. 
$ Nle be jonle Jems ogwarerg wi JSn nVoi 

5 Ndo gw*ayenli ye inl6, osaon vnnlA w*a- 
rdnd' Ija, avSt k^ndi^ go kote PitSr, (nl'iyroe^ 
nli intynga si ntyago.) 

Ewe»«oo(KiL a»% 

. 4:;Crdd ' f^aQoii^ ; je aveli v y^ go iiagb yi^.^ 
mianga^ aye gjpre nkanda s'is^ye liai, . gA 
petajavenje ; atele kagunlig g^r6 laalagii): 
ntyago piaganla pa. /-^ , . - 

5. Tenia ayaajavexijio PitWiga nagD y^kait^ 
nga ; ndo ikambinla s'agambinlago nle jgandot 
goza Anyambi^ g'o^wanji /we. / .^ 

6.i^)do gw'a?eli H^rod a?ele kagunUe^ ogwif- 
ra mS anlanlagi Piter gw'anyangp. mi sazy^ 
inbanli, koro pa nrazungakanlo ambai^Uy 
nrivenjaTenji g'ompombania y'ataadatniidK^^ 
nago y'imianga. . -i 

7 Ndo vonla, enjel ya Rere y'aVienli goro- 
y^^.nrozange w'a^ambi go nagi> y'iinianga; 
nk be bolS awole Pitcir g'o^anji wS aoloDgi^' 
nlie inlS, nl^ngwa k6 n^gamSga. Nle bor 
poakv' asuagakanlo avila gw'agli me. 

8 Nle be bnli' enj^l awulinli^ inl£> liid^ 
Qttlamba, k& kora intyozyo satangi isa ; ^eilld 
akwlig, nle be bulinli^ y^ inie } Vf&XQ ngki{ 
mpolo ykf ka songa miM* : ^ i . 

9 Nle be k&gwe gVigala azsonge; e mia nl^^ 
osaon w'alendio nle efijSI wi re giligili; nd<II 
aT^' inlg, ajenle nyilinio. - : * 

10 Ndo gw^aviagMili wao ipenginlMdongai 
nl% simlMtnli, w'a?ienli gw'igngi ny'imianga 
nyi kagwa go nka' mpolo, ny'anlungwi nyp^i 
mi ;« nle be k&gwa w«flo aTiaganV igal' iflliuri;; 
kwiSvimo, alubui enjel gore y& . • 

11 Ndo 'gw'aVinli Piter; a*inlia gp pilciliai 


370 IJAIf JA. 

awuli nl8, veiila mi avoro mbiambie inle, 
Anyambie atoflii enj^l y6 go tomba mi» 
g*ogSi wi fl^rod, nravila gw'ijongunlo sod» 
s'anlaga VIju. / 

12 Ndo gw'aviviagg aVienli go nago yi Men 
ngwe yi Jba y'at?eliago inlg Mark; gogp 
avegag' awenge datanla pa go kambinlaga, ^ 

13 Ndo gw'alokagi Piter igugi a^ienl' izyali 
go poganlio, ini nyg nle Roda, 

14 Ndo gw'amienliS inyoi nyi Pit^r e nw-^ 
ngunla du igugi nli mbia, nle be kend^ nli 
mango awulia nle, Pit6r e kamaala g'ompcM 

16 Nle be bulinlia wao ye inle, o tanla ; nte 
be buliage inle, re vanganle yenla ; nle b» 
bulla wao inl6, enjel ye. 

16 Nle be dokage Piter; ndo gw'anlangunll 
wao igugi w-ayenlie, amama polo. 

17 Nle be pSpie wao nl'oga go doanla dSi, 
nrarakilie wao nt'agagunlio yg nle Rer6 avi- 
la go nago y'imianga. Nle be bulie inW, 
wtilinlianli Jems nli ngwemo isaon yiula. 
Nle be kagwe aggnda go mbora ny^nle. 

• 18 Ndo gw'ayenji owehja, avegag' itia sipo* 
lo gorie isSizya nt'aroenli nli PitSr. 

19 Ndo gw'awuti Herod awute, kk y'ale- 
ngg, agSitiz' ivenginli azombia inle, wi gm 
yonlo ; nle be suminl^ ayila go Judia agendir 
go Sisaria, vSiva aloanlie. 

20 Ndo Herpd avegagi nl-egunlu z'iglivi nU 


vmo wi T«ier nli Saidon; nle be bia WMr 
gore yS nkltnda mo, nla gw'avangi wao avi^. 
age Blastos, nyongo y'oga ndeg' vrao, w'a7a- 
mbi affi^nje, kande inlong^ nyao ny'anyezio 
nVinlongd ny'oga, 

21 Ndo go ntyugu y'aretio nd^, Herod b&rio 
pa nli ngM y'oga, aloanli tu gw'eki zS, aga* 
mba gore wao. 

22 Nle be tong' aalaga inl^, nyin]4 inyoi 
ny-Anyambi^, aranga ny'oma. 

28 Ndo negan^ga enj^l ya Bere y'awoU^^ 
kdebde e pa du Anyambie iflunaiixUa, nle be 
nyo ye nl'igu azul' ogwei. 

24 Ndo igamba ny' Anyambie ny'atendi 
ttwunla polo. 

25 Nle be fwinlie Bamebas nli S&I iavila go 
Jeinsel^m, gw'am^nlizi wao eyilo zao, awt^ 
nga nla wao Jon yi fweliago inle Mark. 

"VTDO aroenli awSwa go qando y^avegagi 
aN go Antiok, Iprdfet nrinl^nji ; Barneba^ 
nli Saim<5n o teliago inl@, NaigSr, nli LusicNl 
yi Sairini, M^nian y'avomi nli H^rod ni^£t- 
nda mo, nli Ski. 

2 Ndo gw'ayanjinli wao Rere nli peng' 
esonge, InlinV i?ia ny'awuF ihlS, gerinlar? 
nli miS Bamebas nli Ski gw'evilo z'afwe^^ 
mi^ wao. 

3 Ndo gw'avengi wao esonge a^mbiiil% 

ZT% .UANJA. :: 

flnUa ag4 gom wao, w'oroffii wao ibencfa^ 

4 YenUt wao toflio pa nl'Inlinl' i^ia, Va^. 
ndagi go Siiisia nFayila yara be kSndagK 
wao nl'owatanga go Saiprus. 

5 Ndo gw'aloanli wao go Salenus w'aga- 
mbinr igamba ny'Anyambi^ gw'isinegog' 
s'lju ; w'aloanli k^ nil Joa minis^ yao. 

6 Ndo gw'aviaganli wao go i^nge avia 
koanga go Fei^, VaJ^ogi nty^nli profit y'i* 
ttoka, JU| ini nyS Barjisus, 

7 O loanli vii gaven, Serjios Falos, onlofite 
w'okeli ; o ^eli Barnabas nli Sal atele j^g& 
igamba ny'Anyambi^. 

8 Ndo Elimos, ntyenli, (kande ini nyiS nyi 
bdtiganlo yenla) avug'izi wao^ agSnlizi fwinlize 
g&yen arila g'oyiYiro. 

9 Ndo S41 (ayg k6 Pal) ayonli nl'Inlinl' i?ia 
azyiii antya me gore yg, 

10 Awulia nie, OJonlia nl'itemiza soda nl'o- 
lOgo woda ; oi|wa w'onyambe, onyembanye- 
mba w'(Nreti wodu ! o be t^ sapilia impSinlSi. 
0'ar^ sa Rer^ ? 

11 Ndo venld, Yonla, oga wa RerS wi re gore 
we, kk w^ doanl' ipaku, o y^nle nkombe v& 
egombe. NIa neganega avoswi gofe y^ iwo* 
mbe nli mpiri ; nle be kSnd^ awutag' oma o 
kot^ g^og& agendie. 

12 Nla gw'ayenli g^ven ayenla nt'aroenli 
ayiviri, amama gVinenja sa Ber& 


19 Ndo ifw'aliibui Y&l nli m^ngfi je avila go 
Pafos, Vatienli go Perga yi Pamfilia* Nl*a- 
hibui J<5n avila gore wao aVinlia go Jerose- 

14 Nla gw'alubai wao avila go PSrga w'ati^ 
Tkii go Antiok yi Puddia, nla gVayinginli wao 
f|D fiinegog g'owenja wi sydnl^ w'aloanli tu. 

15 Ndo ivanga nFiprofet tangunlo pa, nlaffii 
yi. sineg^g y'aroffii gore wao inle, anloflie, 
awangwe, ja nluw* are nrigamba ny'orevunlo 
gore anlaga, wulianli. 

16 Nle be kumanle P&I avepia nl'ogk inlS, 
anloffie wi Isreel, nranluws yi ti' AnyambiS, 

17 Anyambig y'anlaga winlSt wi Israel ayioj, 
ireri sazyo avandiz, anlaga gw'aloanli wao 
agenda gw'inlonga nyi Ijipt ; k^ y^ kilgunlia 
wao avila v&v& nFoga olondui. • 

18 Ndo gw'egombe z'agom' impam' anlai 
dzindie wao gVig' ivolo. 

19 Nla gw'ayilizi y^ anlongd orogenlo go 
ntye ijri Kenean, agerinli^ wax) ntye yao nl'e. 

•20 Ndo isaon yinlSi piaganla pa, vk nkama 
s'impama nai nFagami atcmli avenlie wao iyfr 
ktSi koadga gore Samuel yi proi^t 
.21 Ndo viaganlo vAvSt w'ateli oga; nle be 
pa AnyambiS ava wao SAl oijw&nloflie ifipi 
His, onlcrfKe wi mbnve yi Bdnjamiit, v& agom' 
impum' anlai. 

874 IJANJA. ; 

. 22 Ndo gw^arbmln^ yt$, anliSngunli gbre wao 
Derid go doaal' ogay oragambie g'oi|wa0Ji we 
inl£, mi are d^nga pe Devid, o^^w&nloflle wi 
J^i, onloffie w'orSfili warn, o be deuda vio^ 
ndinli yam yodu. 

23 Avila gore awanla w'oaloffie vdnlk 
Anyambie, ga ompanganlo w^, are iioj3giaiili» 
piftgore Isre^lozange^ Jisu: ' 

. 24 Gw'agambinli Jon^ aye, rtagaga t&, ba^^ 
iaiza y'ikalua gore anlaga wi Lsre^l waodu^ 

25 Ndo JSn ge m^nlizag' ijanji fi£, awidi 
xkle, anldwe tanga nlS, miS mande? Mi aia- 
nga ye. Ndo vonla, oma e be songa mi^, o m 
mi azy' inyanga nyi purunl' intyozyo satanga 
.s'agolo m^. 

26 Anlofitoy awdiiigwe, awa' wi mbave yi 
JBbreham, nl'om' ^u gore nluwe o ti' Anym^ 
mbie, gore nluwe igamba ny'isuQgitila moik 
hyi re toffio pia. 

27 K&nde wao w'aloanli go Jerusel^m nli 
ailafiii yao wi miagage, nlii amoi m'iprof^t 
mi tangunlo syan' weda ; nj^k^liage, w'aine- 
nlizi mo. 

V 28 Wi detiga du osaon w'ijuwa.) ndo w'aVa- 
mbi Pallet inl^, e ga yonlo. 

29 Ndo gw'am^nlizi wao agamba moda 
m'ar^dio g^ogwanji w^, w'azyonlie avila 
gw'erere, aralie g'obulunga. i 

30 Ndo Anyambie arongonliS ayila gw'iju- 


31 Nl'ay^io y^ intyugu sinyenge nle wao 
w'avandi nla ye avila go Galaiii a^ia go Je- 
iMu^^i&aa, wao nle iyenli y^ gore anlaga. 

32 Nl'iazawe kambinla nluwe ntyango mUa 
— ompanganio w^avanganlio g(xe ixer^ inlS: 

33 Anyambie are m^nliza pa wo gore zawe, 
awaoli wao, gw'itonganlia si Jisu ; ga Jit'are 
t^ndo pa g'owembo w'itnbanli inle^ Awe ogwa* 
nli warn, nlenlk winla ajanla mie w^. ^ 

34 Ndo k&nde arongunliS avila gw'ijuwa, 
k& a^a fwinlia gw'ibanla ny^nle, yenU awu* 
lie inle, m'be ^a ikesi si Devid si re k& 

35 Yenl^ awiilie kS g'owemb' offi^ri inle, o 
be ttga oma oyambui wa go jenU ibanla. 

36 K^de gw'ayanji Deyid, gw'effienl^ ze, 
a^anje ntondiali y' Anyambie, anlanli, aralio 
gore ireri se ayenl' ibknia. 

37 Ndo aye o ronguniio nl' Anyambie, e 
jenl' ib&nla. 

.38 Yi ga mio gore nluwe, anlofi&e, n1'aw4» 

ngwe, inlS, gw'inyanga ny'oma vr'udk inyeza 

s'ibe si kambinlo gore nluwe. 

. 39 Nla g'oi) wanji w^ om' edu e b^nge nibem 

gw'isaon yodu, yi re yg avo mbem gw'ivanga 

nyi Moses. 

..40 Sambo tandaminlanli, igamba ny'aga- 

mbio nl'iprttfgt nyi vende bia gore nluwe. 

41 I/de, vonlanli, ivSdi, k& mamanli, ayi- 
ilzo ; k&nde mi janj' ijanja gw'intyugu sanlii 

S7« ZJ&NJii. K 

igmaiJB ei re s'ayiViio nle alawe, vaftgalde 
mna ftbalinlia nluwe^ / 

42 Ndo gw'af%wi Ija arila ga tm^g^ 
jaddn^ m'Malef ir' inle, agamba juii^i^lni ^a 
T& kambiiilo gi9€b.wao»0]raruldi marL 
,^4a: Nde^w'avaaKangaali qando^ aweiigtB gor^ 
Iju urif^QsUait ft'olubo s'aasongi Pal nil Bar^ 
4ieb«s ; k^ wao kamba nla wao, ayiviriza wai> 
go doanlaga gw'idayki s'Anyambie. 

'44 Ndo syaola man baraba nkala yoda 
j'alettaaii go jaga agamba m' Anyambie. . 
.45 ]^da. g!«r-ayeftr Iju ayrala* mkinda» 
w'ayonli nil i)andi alowe mpaga gw'ifltoii 
y'agambio nle Pal, ndowaga nil tkwagai. 

46 Nle be kambe Pal oU Barnebos agati^f 
j^ f 6, iul^^ ire kwekwe va igamba ny^Anya- 
abiS doa^ge kambinW gore niawe ; ndo kluada 
anluwe tomba nyo ayila gore nluwe ; ayek^ 
lia Ikni yanliixiii^.inle, anluw' azy' inyafiga 
ny'effienla z'egombe zodu ; ronla^ aauwe ka^ 
Isa^^offe anldnga. •., . 

. 4a Kaude.yeaU azGoxibio. sam^ nle ReriS^i^ 
mi are doanliza p& ozange gore aidSiiga kdg, 
p t^. daaala janngiiila' koanga go Atyai yi 
»fyew i • •' •.-.-. . • . . < 

48 Ndo gw'ayagio aalong^, w'arofidi pirloy 
as^iiualia i^mba aya^ Beir^ : nti ntaogo yodu 
y'alovio gw'effienla z'egombe zodu w'aymii?f 

49 Ni'igamba nya Ber^ ny'a^ambixiUd gw'i- 
^i>ga mi^ysanl^ nfOiin. m 


, 6d Ndb Iju.s'arafi ampaffiu.gdie anto w'idot 
bo nli nkonde, nla gore Jilaini y'ayegagi ^ 
fika^ mpolo; anloBganlia ikambiza g'oijwanje 
Pal nli Bamebas, aromba. wao gw'imbof i sao. 
, 51 Nle be pala wao nty^ng^ gw'i&tyozyo 
sao gore wao, afia go Aikomum. 
.Sa Nle be jonlia ongili nli mbia nl'InlinF 
isria. ' 


NL'AROENLI go Aihoniiim inlg, w'ayi- 
nginli go sinegog y'lju, agamba onlS* 
nga w'igamba w'ayiviri nk&nd^ mpolo y'ljn 

2. Ndo Iju s^aroenli s'aymra, s'azy^ri ate# 
ndia irema y'anlSngd. gore awangwe. 

S Ni'oling' ompolo Valingio w£bo nkambi- 
ni^ga itia fo gw'ina aya B%r^ y'awal' iga** 
mbdny'ikanli a^, nraveilamba nl'lmaiUio go 
dendago nl'aga mao. 

4 Ndo nkSmda yi nka' mpolo y'a^angwanli, 
nFawewl. w'aloanii g'oasamba w'Ija, nl'aw^wi 
g'oxamba wi roffii. - 

5 Nraroenl' ogambizo w'anlonga nHju k^i 
nil nlafiii yao, go tawa nli punga wao ado. 

6 Gw'amienli wao w'awangi go Listra nli 
DiSrbi, ink' impolo si Laikeonia nli mbora ri- 

7 Gogo agambinli wao ntyango mbia. 

' 8 Nla go Lifitra aloafili onloffie ngula fd 

878 IJiJfJA. 

gw'agolo, nPeboke arila grw'iwuffia nyi ngi 
yd, o re e kendaga du. 

9 Ayd ]sM ayagio Pal e kamba, o zjilw^ amia 
inl^ are nrijivira s'ijingo ; i 

10 Agambi yd nrinyo' ivolo inld, nl5ngwa 
gore gw'agolo mL Me be dogwe agenda. 

11 Ndo gVayenli anlaga nt'aleadi Pftl, 
w'arombinl' inyoi nyao, nli nkambinli yi.Lai- 
keonia inld, inyambie si re suminla pa gore 
znwe egalanli g^anlaga. 

12 Nle be fweiia wao a^elie Bamebas dnli^, 
Jupitdr, ndo Pal laid, Merkurie ; kanda ftye 
y^agi gw'evi^njo z'igamba. .i 

13 Ndo minisd yi Jupiter y'avegagi go nka' 
mpolo yaoy atag- iiiya^e ni'.abumbula giy'impo- 
mbanla, af^ele jire ntyago nP anlaga. 

14 Ndo gw'aydgio roffii Barnebas nli P&l, 
w'ayokunF ingfti sao, agenda nli mango 
go garegare y'aniaga, aronga nli ngalu 

15 Anlofiie, ezande zi dendo nlawe isa^n 
yinla? Azawe kd anlaga ^ralanli z'impa- 
nginli sanli, nli kambinla gore nluwe inle, 
galuanli arila gw'egambanyambid zinla gore 
Anyambid y'effienla, y'avangi orowa nli ntye 
lili mbenle mpolo, nli ykma yodu yi re va¥4 : 

.16 Ayd ke gw'alonga arigi aaiongd modu go 
kanganla gw'imp&nla sao. 

17 Ndo e tig' oku' wS iyenli fS, ndendage 
mbia, i^yeajii zuinre nipgo avila g'orowa fJi 


gombe y'ikmda, ayonlia. ir^mi yazyo nrinyfi 


^ 18 Nla gw'awuli wao agamba minla, w'azili 

deg' aniaga, inl^, w'aytre ntyago gore wao. 

19 Nle be bia Iju avila go Antiok nFAiko- 
m^m asydri' anlaga, k& wao pmige Vkl ado, 
ag^gutilie avila go nka' mpolo^ w'aT^t' inlS, 

20 Ndo gw'agombinli ongili agombinle anlo* 
ngwe ayinginla go nka' mpolo^ nli ntyugu 
m&n alubue nli Barnebas agenda go D^rbi. 

. 21 Ndo gw'agambinli wao ntyango mbia go 
nka' mpolo meyanl^ anlenj' aw^nge, w'avi 
fwinli go Listra nrAikoniiim nla go AntiSk, 
;ft2 Nsindiag' irSma y'ongili, nli n^iraga 
wao go doanla gw'ijiyira, inl^, azuwe ga yingi- 
nle gw'inlonga ny'Anyambi^ nli njuke nye- 


. 29 Ndo gw'avinji wao anlSro go i|aado edu 
nFikambinla nl'ipenge songe w'arigi wao gone 
Here jr'ayiviro wao, 

24 Wao piaganla pa go Paisidia, w'aVianli 
go Pamfilia. 

: 25 Ndo gw'agambinli wao igamba go PSrgia 
w'azuminli go AtaJia* 

.26 Ndo avila Yard azenJi wao nl'owatanga 
go Antiok, go mbora y'avenlio wao gw'ikanla 
s'Anyambie gw'ijanja a'amenlizo wao. 

27 Ndo gw'aVienli wao alatize qando go 
abora mo w'arakili isaon yodu y'alendio 

«80 IJA1«PJA- 

orAnyambie gore wao, nil nfajilxmgtiiilit^ 
igugi ny'oyiviro gore anlongk. 

28 Nla vkrk alingi wao oling' ompolo nPo- 

"VTLA gw'aVienli awSwSl arila go Judi^i, 
fLi i^anlgnji ongili inlS, kao anluw' ak^ro 
nli ntyale yi Moses, anluV aknge ngtilu yi 

2 Ndo gw'aroenli ikerania nil mpaga mpoio 
nil Pal nli Barnebas g^re \*^ao, VawuF in!8 ; 
Pil nli Barnebas nl'aw^wk awSnle gore wao, 
wi gft vande gore roffii nl'anlgro go JerttseKm 
g'oq wan j a wi k&te yinlft.' 

8 Ndo gw^ayivirio wao nie qando w^aviaga- 
iili go Finisia nli Semeria, ntakiliag' ikaltta 
s^imiongd. Nle be jenliza wao ayenliz' awlLi. 
ngwe waodu ig^v' ivolo. 

4 Ndo gw'aVienli wao go JeraselSm w^awo- 
ngio nle gando nli rofiii nl'anlSrS ; kd wao i^ 
kilia isaon yodu y'alendio nrAnyambig gore 

5 Ndo be nSngw' awSwa go nknmba y'lftt^ 
raisi w'ayiriri inl8, wi ga ggro azombio go 
penjavenj' ivanga nyi Moses. • ' 

6 Nle be datanle roffii nranlSrS go pikillag* 
igamba nyinM. 

7 Ndo gw'alotio mpaga mpdo, agumaAIe 
Plt^r awiilinlia wao inle, anioflfte, aw&ngwe, 
anluw' avoro inlS, gw'alonga Anyambig avt 

EWQN^0:XV. 9»t 

l^i f ore zttwe inle, anlon^ mi ga y&g& i^*(^ 
gwanli warn igamba nyi^ntyaDgo mbia ayi# 

8 Ni'Anyambig yi kelagel' orema are ka^ 
mba pa ogQwanji wao, avagaga wao Inlinr 
i?ia^ ga nfalendie gore zuwe. 

9 Ndo e pa ibangwaala gare zuwe nla wacv 
inepiag' iremi yao nPoyiviro. 

10 Yenlk ezaade zi d^mb' anluwe Anya* 
mbiS, go fele ntyogo g'ompele w'ongili, yi re^ 
nia ireri sazyo nla zaw' aydlie toania "i 

11 Ndo azuwe jivira inliy gw'inyaaga ny'i»: 
kesi si Jisu Krais ya Reri yac&yo i^^^uwe b^t 
sanginlo, ga nt'are wao. , 

12 Ni'ayaQli :gaiido yodu da, avoganlio Bag*' 
aebas nli Pal, XLtakiUag' anlouga mi lembaj 
nl'lmamo m'alendio nrAny^unbi^ nla wao. 
gore anlonga. 

13 Ndo gw'aloaali wao d^ Jems ayiTifi 
awulia nle; anloffie, awangwe, vogaalioaUt 

14 Salmon are takilia pe nt'a^ienli Anya^. 
mbie gore anlSnga, go bonga gore waa anla- 
ga gVini nyg. 

15 Ndo agamba mlprof^t mi kwezanga^ 
nla g'osaon winld, ga nt'are tendo pa ; 

;. 16 Inle^ isaon yinla dendo pa m'be fwlnlia 

ekvk noga okanja wi Devid wi re poswa pa^i 

av& noga ke izangi nye agumanlia nyo. ( 

17 Inl^, anlaga wi tiganla wi ta bute B«r^^. 

382 UA:N5A. I 

nl'anl^ng^ modu mi fwelio nlMni nyam gore 
wao; bulie Rere ^i denda isaon yink yodu. 

18 Ijanji sS sodu si inio nrAnyambie avila 
gw'egombe zoda. 

19 Sambo igambi nyam nyi re inle, aza'vr^ 
azyt^ge wao wi re kalua pa avila gore aulS- 
n^ a^inlia gore Anyambie. 

20 Ndo azuwe ga r^nde gore wao inl^, Wi 
ga rige is^e s'ikanla, nribandanli^, nl'aTila 
go ya yi piaro, nla yi ntyinla. 

21 Kande avila gw'alonga Mos^, go nka' 
mpolo eduy are nla wao wi kambinle arangu- 
Bla gw'isinegttg sySin' wedu* 

22 Nle be tSnde roffii nFaalerd nli xjaniUi 
yodu go toffi' anlome avinje avila gore waom^ 
go Anti^k mp&' mo nli PSil nli Barnebas: Jn* 
das o weliago inlS Barsebas, nli Sailas, nlflufiii 
y'anloffie gore awStngwe. 

23 Nie be tSnda wao arenda.nla wao ago- 
mba minl^; inle; rofiii, anlero, nFaw^ngw^ 
wi bogizy' aw^ngwS w'anlong^, wi re go 
Anti^ nU Siria nla go Silisia. ; 

24 EStnde azaw' ajagio inle^ aw^wa w'altt*^^ 
bui gore zuwe, wi syuga nluwe nFagamba, 
nVareviz' ir^mi yanli inlg, anluwe ga gSro 
avenjavenj' ivanga, wi re wi sombio nle zuwe; 

25 Nle be jenlo mbia gore zuwe, datanla pa 
nl^or&9fi' omo, go toffi' anloffie avinje gore 
nluwe^ mpd fiw nli Barnebas nli P^ wi tondo 


36 Anlaga Valimbinli jSenl£t yiM gVinya^ 
nga ny'ina nya Reri yazyo Jisu Krais. 

'2? Yenlk re zuwe toma pe Judas nli Sai- 
las ; wao ke nl'ogwanla wi be takilia isaon 

28 K&nde yi jenlo mbia gore Inlinl' i?ia 
nl'azuwe inl^, azuw' aralia iroanlo Here inye* 
nle ; kao ya y'isy&la yinla. 

29 Inle, riganli ijirinya gore ikanla, nli 
ntyinla, nli ya yi piaro, al'ibaiidanli^ ; nla ja 
nluw' apenjavenj' ikuwi yanlime, mbiambi^ 
gore nluwe. Mbiambienli. 

30 Ndo gw'avazanganli wao w^atienli go 
Aniiiok, nla gw'alatizi wao nk&nda w'avenli 
wao ezango. 

31 Ndo gw'arangunli wao zo w'ayenle mbia 
g'oQwauja w'isiadia. 

32 Ndo Judas nli Sailas, waom^ iprSf&t ke 
w'azindi awangwe nli mbulinli nyenge, aloa- 
liliza wao. 

33 Ndo gw'alingi wao olingo w'a?inlizo 
nVaffienje avila gore aw^ingwe agenda gore 

84 Nle be tbnde Sail as go doanlaga ykrk. 

/a5 Ndo Pal nli Bamebas k^ Valingi go 
Antiok nenjaga nli kambiniag' igamba nya 
Ber^, nl'awSnle kg awenge, 

36 Ndo intyugu sinyewa piaganla pa, Pill 
ai^mlinli Bamebas inle, azuwe ga ?inlie aga- 
lag^r awangwe go nka' mpolo edu yi re zn-vre 

984 . IJAKJA. i 

l^mbinla p'xgaintia nyaRei^; ajrenle^iit^ate 
wao. . . ..z 

37 Ndo Bamebas nwondi go bonge JdH^iO 
^eliago inliS Mark. ^ . -- 

38 Ndo Pal avikil' inle, zye mbia go boB^ 
oJta wao, o lubui gore wao go Famfilia^ 1^ 
y'agfnda nla wao gw'ijanja. 

39 Ndo inyomanlo ny'araenU nlimpitt m^yfii 
y'atangwanli wao, nle be bonge Barnebas 
^WQ^jage Made azy^idia nVavre^ng^ go '^^ 

40 Ndo Pal ayinji Sailas agendaga, «T4k 
gpnr'ikanla g'AjQyambi^ nl'aw4ngwe« ^ * 

41 Nle be piaganlo go Siria nli Silisia ai^ft^ 
nlizag, iijaado. 


NLE be bo^w^ go Durbi nla go Lktia,' 
ndo vonla, gogo avegagi ongili €^ari|.iu 
nye nle Timothius oqwanloffie w'offia^to wi 
Jn Q yiyiragi, ndo reri ye o^y^aI wi Grik. 
% Aroanlio in'.i^ia nle awaiere w^avegagi.gtoi 
Listra nla go Aikoniom. 

3 Ay^ 7elo Pal kanganla nla y^, aw^ngi^ 
ye ag^^S g'egwanJA w'lju s'avegagi go w^o 
m^yanllt: kande waodu w'amlenli nle» feri. 
yg oijwa Grik. 

4 Ndo gw'ayiagaoli wao gw'ink' impold, 
Vayenli go }>aJkdwokiV agaaiba na'alaf io xii»f 

^fiii nl'anl^d w'avegagi go J^msd^fm. ) ; . 


i9tlr#iila aeindio ii^smdo firijhira, he boob 
80 ntango ntyugu ediL 

S 'Wao sctUzsb pe Frijia nrinldngi nyi Oale- 
iyi€^ iv^olegio nl'Iniinl' iVia go kamb' aga^ 
mlMt go Efiia* 

7 Wao bia pa go Misyia^Vag^iiIusi go piagftb. 
Ala go B^thiflia; ndo inlimr ma nyi m^Slia. 

'^' Wao piagank pa go Misjria w'azaminU g9 

9 Ogw^a b^ jilimlo PM nyilinlo, ayealHI 
€Q||)olfte wi Masidoiiia gore, o Viigie ialiS, lalia 
go Masidonia kSi nungoi^ atiwa. 

10 Ayi$ jilinlo pe nyilialo, kw^vimo be kKi 
aliBia S9we go kenda go Masidonia, kotisa 
pa ]i£biambi^ inle^ Reri$ awali zawe go <lMcilin 
fitgnango mbia gore wsuo. 

11 Azaw' amruiili go Ti^aa^ a;t)lenli zavf 
gM» go^Samothraisia, bunya be piaganla zttxfte 
gii^ Niapolis : i 

12 NravilavStY^ go i'iKpai) nka' mppIofM 
gvr'ial&ngi nyi Masidonia; ya xdo kfiloni: 
ii](fUkiaiiIi isiiwe go nka^mpole pifiy^li dhf 
ntyugu. I 
i;t3 gydnld, be k^gtra zawe go nkii' Inpiaio 
agenda g^o^amba w'oldvi^ go imftiDm y'agamhtt 
ttimo; be Idoanla autvi^e tu, a^amba nl'attto 
v^akwgfifOf. , 'v/ 

14 Ndo offiant' ofii^ri, ini ny£ nle Iidi«( 
egbii^ Viiifi&i satonlatooia^ go nika' mpdo. 
yi Tfaaiataiea, o labagi Anyawbie, ^ragajilif 


9M ;^UaM&. :f 

Bttwe; o nkuigudlio nle Reie or^a^ 'fi> '^ili'' 
nliaga isaon y'agambio ale PaL '» >^ 

15 Gw'a^apfcaizo yi^ nli nag' we yodi!, a^f ^i 
aEwe inJe; j'anluw- ataagi mi» inle, mi iajiviit 
Rere, yogonli go nag' warn ka doanlanli Ta(f oi 
Nle be simbize zainre. : 

.^16 Ndo aroenli, igw'ag^ndl zuwa gbt mibom 
y^agambinlago, ixyal' imitri ay'avegagi nlkiw 
nyambe wa sipaga^ ny'alatanli nl'azawe,^ 'i> 
fagagi reri al^ ajtliv' amenge nl'ipagu^* :• 

.17 Ay&ii^mo.aBongi Pal nl'asiawa amifgfKy 
inle^ anloffie winla siiiyonga^'^nyambie yHgo* 
ido, 81 tera zuwe mpanla y'ozungmlo. > \, ; 

IB Alendagi ymilii intyu^ siny0ii|^;;ind0 
fw'aludio Pal, a^ifli awuiiQliai cmyaffiibe imlii 
mi sombia gw'ina nyi Jifiii; Krais inlS, lafaitfli 
gore yS. Aluboi wo igwera meiao. 
^19 Ndo gw'ayenl' ireri se iaiS, abekdm'idi^ 
Bgi sao m'ajuwi, Ve^oti Pal nil Sailas, oiwrn 
wao gw'igolinlo gore anlgra, v t 

do AVaga. wao gore anlag' avolo inl&; loft^ 
loffie winllti Ija, wi byaMlie nkali yAi^O 
polome, . , 

'21 Anlenja sintyole ih re si zye' kw^rt^ 
zime b<5nga ge denda, a^uwe Iporaan. 
«2ft M'agiimaiili* n^uida Catania pa fiit*! 
wao ; be jokunl' anl6ro inlambi yao assiwiM 
wao. ..t 

iB Wao l)ola pa mio imbipa sioyeAge^ w^H^ 
wU w^ago niigo y?ita»iig% aegnbia^ brenjat 


Untji wi Bafio y'imianga inle, tiuMlamiiilqi 
wao mbiambie* w 

;g4 Ayi^ fiotnbio pa y^^nla, b^. jinginUif vao 
gQ^atgo y'imianga go nantyeyagaregare, &gin 
mini' agolo mao gw'intyogo. { 

'Si$*Nd'ogw&a nleagealenga Pal nil Sailas 
wr'agan»bialagi nli jemb' idumialia s'Anya* 
wiaH. Nrimbwedi s'ay^giago.wao. 
,£6 Hido kwSvimo be jagiayagie ntfe polovnli 
atinla yi iiago y'imianga y'aeyugazyugi ; ndtf 
Q^ganSg' anlungwi agagi modui nla waoda 
imia^gi yao^ y'azadwi. ! . . 

:27 Ndo gw'«gajsaiiganli QTenjavenji wi naga 
y?ijpiaoga avUa gw'anty^viola, ayonl' agagi 
mi tago y'imianga zange, be dura okwarii wei 
arele sayonla, kande aranjfi nl^^ anlaga wi 
ni»fo y'imianga waoda :i^'apQ]i. 
. jUS Ndo F^l azoki nJi ngulu inlS, aj^nd' oku! 
w&me mpong&, kande azuwe du azuw' M9 

^ Be fweti^ ,ojp abgwa go nago^.syugaffi^ 
nyenga, avoswa gore Pal nli Sailas, 
i 30 Agd.ganlia wao gw'igaJa awolia nli, wa>- 
cpra, mi ga ieade 6^ go wnginlo ? : ,> 

31 Awuii wao inlei yivire Bef^ Jisa Kraai^ 
gambenle o ffi'asunginlo, awe ge nla nag* 

32 Nle be kambinla wao agambinlS igamba 
niTi^Q^i:^ nla waodu w'avegi^i go nag' we^ 

38 Nl'awongi^ wao Qgw^ra^ igwi^ta iQ^mOi 

ge n\k m^ngi y€ waodn nyong^ mtt< " ■*' 
'■ 84 Udo g^fi'&tikgt§ wbo go ntig' -w^/ «zf*> 
flUlfihli triU> tlit^ffo ; be a&ngS njivifag' AHyfi.M 
mbig, ay« nlSi nag^ w« yodtt* '■ • : 

'SS Ndo gw'ayenji owdnja, nlafltt y'awil' 
if ati go 1igt!i' atilaga iiigw&nia di^f». '* 

36 Nd'oittB. d v«bjatetiji ntigo /irnkm^ 
iWuMnU FM lnl«, ftlaffli volo yi-^ toiflto pa 
Iril^, HgtNlU di^tigar saittbo gtagwAAli, ki 
k^atiH nrafii^tije: > 

37 Ndo Pdl awullnli wA6 inlS, W^ivTl «ai«i« 
fw'igil^ Hytflr^nyarv^i 6aiA'w6 IrMAatl; avM' 
«ttttW6 go D^go y'hnlanga; ndo'tient^ Wi'fb4» 
l^hKa tiiiwd ttty^Serili? -Ny««r« dtt$ ir^ fii 
¥fegd wadirtB go kStgtoilia teuwA 

38 Awul' iv&vi sgataba minlS goM ttltHMl^ 
ifl« be-thi^ftd ^ayli|;%4 Wao ihl^, -wuo fH^ 
ikiftn. ' ■ •■ • .:..»■.. 

39 Ndo gw'a^ienli wao w'at^ggi wao, a^i 
ftfali ^trbd ir^ «7atAb{A -wtto dobdtl, go nttlt' 
mpolo. .'«■ 
^-W .IWo'gWHi^ag^i V^ifto gd nttg6 yiaiiaii^ 
w'ayinginli ^ nagb yi'Lidiia \ vmo jettla-fW 
#teigw*i VdfeihdiitU wa© ftg^ftdjIgA; ■ ' 

EwoNJo xvn. . ' 

WAid t^iaganla p'AtnilpolUi nli Ajx^oikli^ 
b6 bia ^Aogo tft^MoMkl»; r&Vi M»* 


9^ yr^f ula va affi^nji^ mi ^ygnla MftS9 

H)S^ Itttirgj^itli^ft nil doB,n\isf»g9i cin]^,} ^T& 
Krais i»yaw0 av4 twgw'. -ei^JJUi g^r'ijawn ; Jilft 
Iftt^ Jisu uriali yi kambm}([^amil iforattlawp, 

A Ml'^wgwi w'ftyiviri fligi.iigOTilft. Bli JPM wSk 

idAffii yf Aiito jr«ii0^' 4 

5 Ndo Iju s'aroeali 8'apY»ra^ B'ayQali. i|m^ 
tnrppg' a^ae'.air^lMr^ avi^ gwrigolifll<^,!ft^aHFe 

jfiifiyiimhtk ga jiagQ yi JiW^p, W0e l^gHRlla 

wao gw'igala gore anlaga. <. .y 

i$ Gw'aroopti wao w'^l^ga Wjg^ ()i^ 4¥ifa 

wi nka' inpolo, toBgag^. inl% winllk, wi w Wr 

f^^r vWW^agio Ale Jes9^^ wialj^r k^ waodft 
wi pav' agamba mi Si?»^^ ialPi J# .ftg* #tW^ 

, #, K& fyiikklifb w*o aMag£^ ^I'auJer^ wi nW 
$i|»lft gw*»y$kf iQ/wftP wawi yialILt 
, 9 Ndo gw'ftwongi wm a^oegiiU^. J«jte 
nl'idSI&n anUva, w'^arigi wao dii^oga. ( 

:%Q Nl'^gw^ra i^wi^gwe w'aroffii Pftl nli 
.8nilfts:n^nfig<^ g^ ©Wia. Ndo gw-A?j»rili 
wao, Vayinginli go sinegog y'lja. i 

M9 .ll/rjA5l/A://:i 

w'avrSng' igamba n^gan^ga, ag^tag^l^ ireinMl 
ntyttgu edu, jigiA isaon yinl^ y'laroctili yedNk 
^It 'Satnbo awetige gore wao w'ayiviti, anlo 
anto^ w'Igrik, nl'anloffie arang' awc^w^ '^ 'i 
/13 Ndo gw'amidur Ija si Tb^salonika iiiM, 
igamba ny^Anyambi^ nyi kambinlo go BVfit 
lAe Pat, vr'a^ienlf g^gd kS, a^yakftli' anlagft. 
14 Be sHDge tofil' aw£ngwe aroSle.BsU' g5 
kenda go mbenle mpolo; mlo Sailas nli Titii6i 
theOs w^ariganli i^v4 ta. 
'16 Ndo mongi w'agftidi nK Pftl VaroanHif 
go Atb^RS, ndo gw'alengi wao itombk> goitf 
Sailas nli Timothi^ go negize bia got^ y^; 
W'alubaL *' • 

"^'1-6 Ndo PW are gw'ipenginla wao go Ath^n^ 
inlinll ny8 ny'asjyakfiU^j gw'ayenU^ nke^ 
mpolo jonlia pa ralie ni'ikanla. ' 

17 Yenla be sazg nrij« go sineg^g, nii'iiid^ 
hgi wi duba, nla ^'igolinlo ntyugu eda gc^e 
Wao w'aluwunlago yg. • 

18 Ndo awSwd gor' Ifailosofer s'l^paikuriab; 
kk. 6'Istoik, s^alowi Inpaga nla y^. 'Nt'atrS\4^ 
w'awuli nl^, ogegende winl^ wi be buli^ 0^9 
Aft^ri ni^, are g'oloVlsi w'inyamb^ siny&nlii ; 
k&nde agambinli gore wao Jtsu, nritoogwil^.><'t 
'10 Be bonga wao yS, aroanle go Ariope^fe 
ihl^, a^aWega mie nt'are in^j' ij&n\k nifdC 
Bi kambo ndft ? . • « 
' 20 Klinde o bag' i»oii imi^Ala gw^ami iiib» 


s^o ; yenii' bain auw^ kiitizd mpivmli y'isaoii 

491 K&nde monfi wi Athens i/raoda, nl'ag^ 
Mia ^'aluo vava, wi peris' egombe g^cesf 
oi|w^nle kao go bulla, nli jag^ osa' oi)w^nla.v 
4(1^ Be kumanle P4l go gate yi AriapegSB, 
tfWitlianl^; Anltiwe, a^ilofflewi Athens, mi 
jenla nl^, gw'isaon yodu anlawe sarinr inya^^ 
iftbe pblo. 

,M Ksinde gVaviaganli mi^, azyilia isavinlt 
sanli, mi ayenl' ido ny'orendd. winl& inl^ 
tAh ay^ o Bavinlo nle nluwe simia f o miezo 
Ifti^ nluwe. i 

- 24 AnyambiS y'avangi ntye nli y&ma yodu: 
yi re go yo, ay^m^ nle Rere y'orcwu nli n<ye, 
e doanla gw'inago &i nogo nlogago. 
' 95 Ay^ k^ e janjinio nl'agd m'anlaga ga 
v^ n)^, e nak/ ez^ma ; aye yi p'ezSLm' edu 
effienla, nl'oijwei, nli y&ma yodu. 

26 Ay^ k^ ayangi anlonga I9'anlaga moda 
nli ntyinla mo go doanla g'ozyo wi ntye wo- 
Aa, ay^ bbnda pe gombe yi re dingilio pa nli 
lingilio y'iloanlo nyao. 

27 /n^f, wi ga wute Rer^ toazange wi be 
bufinlia, alengjf , ge yS azye dava nFazuw* edu; 

28 Kfinde v& y^ doanla zuwe, kanganla 
tl^we, d^nga zuwe k'^ffienl&; ga nt'awuU 
kS inyembi sanli sinyew^, '^Kftnde azuwa 
ktt'fiimbambi se.^' 

mbi^, azaw' ardnde tanga nig, AnyaidliM 
itf^ egalanlli 91^ syiksi yaienl«twla( ga s^W 
%Sday ge ido, paolo pa nHk^iige 'ttTii^kittfi 

SO Gombe y'ifw«ma surla, AayambiHi Ofm- 
ijriyo; ndio tatoiwxli e.«M^ aafegn^mo^ 

31 Kande are teta pe ntyuga yi b^ g^tfJS^ 
0li9a id'prgti aroma m^owy^dAngilim p»; 
y& 70 te y^ ml^.p'om' edo, kaodlale <Mr«N 
ttganUS arila gw'ijnwa. 
, 3S Ndoi gw'ayagio wao g^o^tyaaiia w'itopgHu 
niia si bende, awewi w'azyeliagi^ Ql'afil^lt 
vrf avali ikl09 o«ittwe be f|t pogaoiUo we nd^fa 
yiiil^ tiyooga ny^ala* 
33 Yenlaalubiu Falgor^.wao. /. <• 

84 Ndo atiloBke ^vf^yr& w'aratil, ayiviw : 
fiKAn n!e Da)oni»lds yi ArigpagMij, iii'(^«b» 
ini nye Dai^wifi, Qji'«iW^a]e hS. 

'^ irwoNJo xvnL 

NDO isan* yinla Tia^iwli^ ba d»hm JE)»I 
go Athens, a?ia goJCorintbt . ..; 

g Ndo gw'aJl^iigi^ OQwi Ju^ i» t^i^g^^ ini^ 
Akwiks o y%nliQ go Pdntas, o fimU yat6 ftia^ 
h M^ I^»Ua> 4iU Frisila y-oAqitit' w^, (h^nde 
lUMilte aliio w>ial>' Iju^ mia go 4<ibQar gt 
JR^ma,) .Iwnbi^ gow w*a 4 

3 Ndo kande w'avegagi eyUa^maiib^tdflf^idl 

EW03«J©:afnT. »9t 

tilm'^eu9 sywjaga ; k&aie w'araaigQ^ tnafo 
ft'akuka gw'eyilo zm^ . : '\ 

viAvNleb^ kattiliinle go siiiigQg «y&n' wedp> 
incang^ Ijn nl'Igiik jiviia. 
iS, Udo gw'afienli Sailas nli Tunothios avkt 
la go Masidonia; Pal aritio gw'inlinii «ytt 
imiezf Ija g^oigwimja m Smts Jisa» 

'0 Ndo gValowagi wao npaga, am?a§a^ li9; 
ijrugB^yug^ ingfti siS, awulialia wao ' in\6f 
c^yinle yanli yi ga loanle go wonjo yaalimtf 3 
ifiivare papa; avila TenlSt mi k^nda goTe 
anlongSi. -^ 

r? Dii'aiubpS v4v& ag^ jMftiil^ go. nago 
f^trnkrif ini ny^ nle Jiustus, oma o lukagi 
AnrfdmbiS,' nag' wg y'ayongio ta nil sixiegi3g« * 

8 Be jivire Erispos onlero wi sinegog, ayi* 
vm Here nli nag' wi yoAu^ nl'aWenge 
gur'lkdrinthian, gw^ayftgio wao, w'ayivjri 

ft Be kambe Rere ogw^ra ge> iiyinlinlo agn^ 
mba nli P^l inle, ana, ndo gamba, k4 alcMii 
iilak d&. 

#14) K^de mi are nlaw^ nla zyeroin' edrv^ 
be talik oga go jagiza nkazya ; k&nde mi an 
jfifaniag' arnenge gonka' mpato yiiil4* 

11 Nl'aloanlie Ykvk ompuma nragmr^i cvw 
Aa, til^n^aga^ igamba ny'Ahyambi^ gore wao. 
: 4^ K4o gw'avegagt Galia ega VAknia, lyt 
tf^ecn^li nil vemba agoii^ Fil 2ili ngtilu, ai9Bi 
fS gw!eka/KbD(a A)£k^au .. , ' . 

Anyambie ni'ayay' ivanga. U.^ 

4 14 Ndo gw'a^e nun^uiile Pal ogwanli y^f 
Galio awulinl' Iju inl^ jag&re nke|fa gQiidie^ 
e ! anluwe Ija, re kwekw^ va mie ai&dinia 
iiranlnwe. ^ 

15 Ndo jagSl ro ndowa g'ogwanja w'igbiafeii 
g» Ana, gd ivjangi nyanli, ?andamiri|aiD^ 
^luweme: k&ade m'be jmre doanl' oy^ji^i 
Ifw'i^taon yinla. : 

. 16 Nle be tbmbg wao avila gw'eka zl-oy^t 
kelio. \,,i 

17 Nl'Igrik soda s'araJi gore.SS^tbSni;^ 
e(Wonjo fid 'sinegog, awole swaBwa al'eka 
z'oyekelio; ado GaUo e uak' isaon yiul^ 
da. r. 

; 18 Ndo Pal, doanla pa v&va intyugu sinye^ 
i[ge» avangaali nVa^wkngwe, nl'agendie |fe^ 
Siria ; nla ye, ge nla Prisila, nV AkwUa ; ay^ 
s|!^Aginla p'ewonjo go Seakria : kande ave^ 
gagi urompanganlo^. ^ . ..; 

19 Nle be bogwe go Efesos, nrarigi^ w4a 
mra : ado ayernS ayingiali go sixi^og e^g^r 
mhiala nl'Iju. - 

20 Ndo gw'avambi vrbo y^ dinga oliog' olfh 
eiioek^lia. f 

ai Nle be tiginlg wao ojanli, inl^, reti wi 
ya yeojavenje ntyago yinla go Jeroael^: 
ttdo m' be lit iVlnlia gore nluwei jag^ An^dd 
^bi^' atonda ; ule ba.fiyj&ijie ^^ JlfesSs. \ ; ^ 


;'f2 'Nda'gw'aztimie go ntye go Sfearist, avai 
fidi nwogizye gando, k^ sumihla go Ari^ 
tiok. . ' 

^'"Bfif^'Aye dinga pa r&vft, he dubu^; aviagknla 
gf^ltH^nga. nyi Galetia nyodu nla nyi Frijia^* 
sindiaga ongili. 

•2* Nd'ogwa, Ju m&ri, ini nye nle Apolos, o 
^Srllio' go Alexandria, okaihbl; oni' kmpoli 
gW^ir^ndat, avifenli go Efesos. ^« 

25 Onlome winla aluo nenjo pa go mpanKt 
ya Here; gw'aTegagiS otSma mpio mpolo, 
agambi ge nSnjaga isaon ya Rere, miii*|^a 
ibiaptaiza si Jon dadig. 
'26 Nle be pakiliS go kamba nrevemba g6 
rinegog : gVaydgio Akwila nli ftisila fcyfe- 
g& y^ kamba, w'awongie amiezS mp&ntSl 
5r'Ahyambi^ mbiambi^. 

27 Ndo gw*a?eii6 go piaganla go Akaiaj 
itW&ngwe w'arendi go batnbi' ongili go bo- 
rtgg ; ndo gVaviaganliK anlungunli wao pold 
mongi w'aluo w'ajiviti nllk^si. ^' 

• 28 Kattde ageV' Ija nli ngulu gw^azyo m'aJ 
nlaga, tevaga gw'irenda inl6, Jisu nle Erai^.! 


NL'AROENLI, gw'avegagi Ap6I6s go R« 
rinth, P^I piaganla pa gw*imbora indo- 
ndui a^ienlie go Efesos ; ndo gw'alengiS 
6hgi\i ogw^wSL ; ' 

B AVambi wao inIS, anluV abong* InlihP 

inl6, j%a, re Iijlinr itiq. w»wet pa^jl^g^. |^^ 

^fiiTule ? nle b^ )Mi* ww mi6, gw'iHj*f^ 
za si Jon. 

. 4 Be bulie Pal ialg, ^on r^U af^apteizaj^ ulii* 
t^toisfa s'ikaloa s'pr^ma^ }>i^li(ilia^' c^nlf^g^ 
inl^, wi ga yivire y^ q ^)^ bta ^g<^ nymw .yjif^ 
9J6 xvleKmU.JiiStt. > r* 

^ Be hg;gtiaim waa gw'ina pya Bere Jim. i v» 
^6 Gw'arali Pal araii' aga mS gore wao^litli^ 
nli ivia ny'aVienli gore wao; be kamba w»p 

7 N(io a^leflie wao^Q rwW^gagi xmlaiiibiii^fc 
,8 Gw.'ayingiaUg go si»eg^, 8«wubi nVey^ 
mba vSl agw^li araro, jpfiie^^ga nil TfW89S* 
JMU9« y'ioloagi ny'Aayambie jiviro. - - 
, 9 Ndo gw'ayilizio awSw4, kA w'ayivirei^ifli 
}^Wf^ akanib;si;g' ibe g'<^wai^a \ri mpinla ^Or 
zyo w'ovago, be dab^ggace wiu^ ^gen' ongiU^ 
d^ag^ jupagai ntyug" wed* go i]«^ y/«anfo 
yi Taiirajaios,- -./u- 

10 Aroenli yenla va impum' imbanli ; ya^ 
nla ay^gio waoda . Valoanlagi go Esia ay^ 
g&;igainbf> uya Bere, Iju nl'Igtifo i r r 

.,11 Nrawofti Anyapdbig lemba^ vok> gvr'a(|lt 

12 Yenla gore mongi wi jaga ^i^nU ^aTdOM^ 

iB^^Bgikgwi gore wao; > 

It Ndo aw6w& gore agangfe ^'Iju, fn^gi 
^ l^mg* intyege, w'ageiilizi teti gore vraS 
f^ati^^i nllnkitida s^n6ki iiia nya B€fM 
Jisu ; inlS, aziiwe tangiza nluwe orango 'W'i^ 
tiiiiiyi Jisu yi kathbitilo nle P41. 
• 14 Avegagi awaiiloffi<9 oifogelik) uti SPra^* 
«^W^ Jtt, minise mpdlo, Wftlendogi ]^enla.' 

19 B# jivii^ nktnda y'oaok' iale ; Jira, ml 
OTQTo ye^ mi aroro Pal ke ; ndo anluwe wn 

>1» Nralogwi o&tefiie: wl jikiada y'dnoiti, 
fty4ita wao, ageva wao ; y^iia iaMoangi viv 
iiigiajgatiago mi^nxAk telw^VimMip^ '■ ■^ 

17 Nle be mio ndaga yinlit nlet^raodo^ tjii 
«i^grik d'aloanlagl ^o £ft»Ss ; lA^ugoiko wlw^ 
dte nritia^ i^'aimmiiltago ma nya RMi 

;ld Nl'aV^k^U awMige vr'ayitriri) aml^xiast. 
araminlia injanjinli sao. ^ 

»4» i&Wen^ k^ gore wao Viei^i»dagi awttl^, 
V«kf^agi yaiigo yao mbmti mo> ar^eya ytf 
f^'azyt^ m'atilaga wax^U ; nle be tainga mot 
H^MiU^ nfaroenU yo a^mi m'iiitaiisdii si tm 
nle yi sklawal' atanli. 

<<b ^Ifft'ottldngCt wi nguln mni& aven^ ig^ 
mba nya Rer^, age^a. 

iftl lUo isa^Mi yini^ sula pa, be kenje mi 
iiKoifMiA kil^ 54ga apiaganla gt» Mttidonis 

«9« v:yM*A-v I 

]>|'Akai% Q to^ go Jierusdfgn hi^; mi ^irmitf 
gogo, mi ga yeale k^ Roma. < • * i 

1 22 Nle be tome go Mafiidonia aolo^?; af fr- 
«U go mongi w'ayaojinlag^, Timothioa lU'fir 
rm^tds, nclo ayeme ariganli oqw' filiogo 9^ 

23 Egombe me pegage mboginla ny^iigft 
g'<](9wat\}a wi mpanla meyanla. 

24 ^ande onlome offiari, ini ny^ Dimitri^ 
ognti^agu^a wi ^yika, o vangialage Daiaaa- 
ikanla si syika, a?ag' inyania sijenge- gnc^ 
ikSngekgnge. . .:: 

;2S . Walatisio ndS go mbora mo, nU MF4o 
w^ATQgagi onldng4 w'ikengo omo; ni'awul]& 
iiil^, warer% aakiw' avoro ial^i afnUvimaqv^: 
mi pila gw/ikonge oayinla. 

£6 Ndo anlttw' are jenla pa nli j&g$t i|d^,t 
traDga go Efesos dadie, udo go Esia yodn^ 
tiganl' oigw' ^z&ma, Pal yinla apang' anlagKk 
j^vira, agalunli'.awenge iale, yo g« anyambiS 
yi pango nl'aga. , c 

JXl Ndo aranga eyilo zasyo zinl4 4adie.sio 
le ka jila a?ie nyawS, x\dii> ke nago mfohr 
y'^oyambi^ayaikto Daiana yi be pi^dio, j^\\ 
pMdi 90 si be mania, o sarinlo nle Eaia yiidiju 
ge nla eli?a. .1 

ji$. Ndo gw'ay&gie wao w'ayonli nregtmlii, 
aronga inl^, Daiana y'Ifisian ar' ompelo. ..t 
i29 Nli nka' mpolo yodu y'ayonlio nli mbcgi* 
Ilia* ndo gwjagoti wao Gaios lil'AriatarUiit 

£W0M0aLIX. 99% 

raloffie wi Masidonra, iganganio yi PItl, w'fM 
yinginli nli ngvlrx nror^m' omo go fhieter. ^ 
v-80 Ndo gw'a?eli P^ jinginla gogo, ongtU 
wi jivire. 

^$11 Anlag' oTolo awew& go Esia» indego s£, 
w'aroffii gore y^ agwenle iakUa inle, e gs 
rig' ayinginle go thiefcgr. 

32 Ndo Ew^wk' kS w'a^ongi ndaga yiallt, 
ni^aw^wSi ndaga mkxi ; kSmde gando y'averio 
sli venjo, nl'awenge wi mia da osaon w'alan 
tizio wao. 

3d Nle 1)6 dotia wao Alexander avila go 
nk&nd^, nl'Iju s'azombie, be p6pi* Alexander 
nVogk aVele kamba ^I'anlaga. 

^84 Ndo gw^amienli wao ird^i aye ogw& Ji\ 
be tonga waoda nl'inyo' imo v^ olingo \l''a- 
gw^ra mi nkal' ambanli inle, Daiana y'lfisiaA 

iH^ Ndo gw\aYknhsBi ^rendisi wi nkala avjur 
nli' anlaga, awuli nle, anloffie wi Efeaos, onta 
Blaaide gore nluwe o re e mia inle, nka' mpo- 
lo-yi EfesSs nle ozavitili wi Daiana mpoio 
y*avoswi aviia go Jupiter ? 1 

86 Ndo kande isaon yinl^ y^agambizo uFiiti- 
flfe^t loanlanli d&, kk atendanii mpdnga tti¥ 

37 Kande anlnw' are bagar p'anlofiie winlA 
ganlu, wi re wi kw^ra inago s'anyambi^, n!^ 
tAw* anyambie nyanto yanli* 
«^^' .Sambo jag& Dimitri^ nl'ik&igekgnge 

4«0 MDASUu ' i 

yi re nlk yS wi re nTigamba gore fmfe&n^ 
intyuga i^lzjiiZfk A Wytdi jtifnagi wi Malitf 
ir^ya m re; wi g& ey4zye wad iiSa 
wao. y 

.89 Ndo f ahluw' abamMa igtoiba f 'dqfrali^ 
w'isaon iffitei, yi be tenliar ge i)aiido yi r^^i^ 
ngivangie. " 

. 40 Toozange azawe k3. kSita g^oijwdiija wl 
nyong&le y'awenja ikra nl^nlS ^finJft ; nxiiV 
are ndaga f6 yi re zawe fat buJia g^ogvmnjm 
w'ogainbagambo winla. 
41 Ay^ bulla pa yenla, a^a^laiigaiAi ]|f&id0« 

" EWONJOXX/- , /.;.»:;; 

MBOGHfLA «ia, be fwelie Fdi ongOi' e;^^ 
nganla- nla wao^ oi'ilubaie agtfodw g^ 
Masidonia^ ^^ ..v? 

2 Ndo gw'agSndiagS go wogo mSyft aiiv 
niiiaga wao nl-a^amb^ am^age, be bi^ g» 
GriByia. ...: 

^ Aloattlie t4v^ agwiSIi amrd, be boadiolii 
f^ nPija mondi f w'^uo y£ eyenila gof Sidai^ 
be kenjS go fwinlia nli Ma&idonia. i::\ 

4 Nl'agi$ peniio y^ go Esia nla 8of»t^t yi 
Biria; nla go wa Tk^selonika AtbtairkSe; i^ 
Sekondos ; nli Gaios yi Derbi nii TimotihiUsi 
lOa go wi Esia Tikikos nli Trdfimod. 
rS Wao k^daga ]>a go boi^yo^ be pengiofa^ 
wao ye go Troas. . j 

f NTintyiigu isi mpSmha liirSfi i!6 

EWOQKraixx. tei 

p%rie.'^tfolia zawB fd Filipa^ ^,Vi% gore wa4 
go Troas v& ntyugu atyanli^ . aloanli zuWe 

If Ndo go ntyugu yi sy&alk gw'alatanli ongili 
g|i nye mpil^tnbii ; F^l agaoiibinli gore wa% 
kdkiza pa go k^ndaga bxiayH) ; nl'agambinlitt 
$^ kot' Qgw3ra nlengenldnge. 

8 Nravegagi ijo imiengo go i|anja y'igoido 
g^'avegagi wao datanla pa. 

fi iNdoiavegagi t^. gw'iayangala iwanja im 
iqr^ Entekofiy koto pa nrauty^vinia ampolo j 
ndo gw'alingi Pal nrikambinla^ amegagi 
nrantyavinla aroswa go ntye avila go nd^ke 
yi ntyaro, be tombinlo y^ ebeiide. i 

10 Be saminle Pal avoswa gore yS, aey&f 
iigimie, awnlia nlS, aeyugazyngahli) kind^f e 
para nreffi^nlli z^. 

11; Ndo gw'arlL pandS ayaronle mpemba^ 
anya, be jire Ikmbe oling' ola koanfa gw'ayoi 
Bjinla^ nle be dubue. 
. lii. Nl'atagi wao iwanja bo aaronda polo. ^ ^ 

13 Nle be kSnda zuwe go bosyo g'owatangi^ 
nl'aEy^li zvtwe ag^da go Abos ; Y&vk ateli 
zarwe fele Pal; kande azombie yenlk, nd« 
ay^m^ ateli kSnda nil ntye. j 

14 Ndo gw'alatanliS nl'azuwe^ avrongi zuWe 
yS atia go JifiStelinii > 

Ifi^'Bo syenlia zuwe arila vivi, nil ntyUgu 
lo^ltii atienli ssuwe swasw^ nil Kai^i^^ Ntt 
nJfn^.mM avragwi raiwe goSaia&i^ id'4» 



.kNMiU asawe fo Tr6gU«Kiv,'iili &%yiifn\ dtitei 
aTienli zuwe go Mailito3. 

16 Kande F&I agenji gdfnsganki E£mSs, yi^ 
iildt e tdnde pedzi' egombe g» Esia; Idlnie 
a&ldgizagt j'ajiilia, go duo go Jevnseleai gf 
htyugu yi P^ntek&st .t 

17 Ndo avila fflN Mailitos aroffii go Sfeate^ 
aweli' anl&d wi gando. 

18 Ndo gw'a?ienli wao gore y^, awulndH 
vao inliS^ aniaw' avoro m^nginli yi re nfiS 
doanla pa nl'anluwe egqmbe zoda, avila gift 
atyuga nooga y'aVienli mie go Esia, 

19 Janjinlage R«re ni'odw^r^ Vor^maiiin» 
nty&nli amenge, nrogSnleso w^ageuliaotinitf 
nVtmykio VIju. , • ^ 

^ 20 Nli nt^aroenli, mi aroTinla nlawe ^tza m 
re nFanluwe isyalk; ndo mi agambinli niawQ 
iml^nja nlawe gw'igala, nFavila go nago ag&. 
nda go nago ; 

21 Bulinliaga Ija nl'Igrik ikalua s'oiifaiM 
gore Anyambie^ nrijirimgore Reri yazy6 Mta 

22 Ndo venl^, voolanli, mi kenda koro pa 
go Jerasalem, ndo mi amid isaom yi be hkk 
gore mie vkvk, . r^ 
'/t3 Kao go baUa Inlinl' ivia go nka' mpolo 
edu inl^» intyogo nl'azyingo mi penginla mMi 
'44 Ndo mi n^adc' isaon yinld, ge tang' dftebUt 
zam nli njonli mpol^gora miemtSi go svlim 
oiembianlo wao^ nl'igeva, nFarilo aiaw$(a|ia 


miM gore tbmi Jian^ go hvAie ntjfwmgd mJ^ 

y'idavia s'Anyambie. '^>fr 

t:^ JKdaTmla^ Yimla, mi avoroiali^^ aiilu^^e 
hm.&a jenia oojro warn ny^le, anluw^ edn 
yfagendinlo mi^^ kaioJbiiiiag' inloBg^ ay^Jk* 
Jiyambie. u 

%6 Yenla mi bulinlia nlawe nl&il& yriiAi_ 
ixkl^, mi are pupn ayiki ga niyi&la yaala^a 

hfei Kknde mi funge kanMnlia nkiwe ntdndi^ 
ttli y'AnyambiS yodu. ;•. 

28 Sambo ^andaminlanl' ikuwi yamlim^ 
fiTolevaba vrod^ wi re nlawe dotio pa nFL 
alijir ivia iyeBJafaenji, gci nyemf fandoy^At 
nyambi^, yi re ye kola pa nli ntyiitli yemi^. 
: 29 Kande mi aroro inle, miS kendaga pa, 
iiQiiga imboifedi si be jinginla gore nlizvd, k& 
^MFWoiis' olemba. 

30 Gore nluweme k^ be nongw' isbulo^e vA 
be kamb' isapilia, azydri' ongili go songt. wad 
^91 Sambo venginhtnii k& jonginliaganli nl^« 
YcL impum' iraro, ogwSra t^t'ofilaiida^ mi t^ 
iatxm]! om' edn nraniyfitnlL 
^'82 Ndo venl^ mi tiga nluwei awftngw^ 
gore Anyambi^, nla gw'igamba ny'olatio w$ 
nyi re ka pendia nluwe ara nlawe ijiga goie 
BAttagi wi re jambi»nlio pa waoda. 
jM Mi jongottle syika yapapa xdk yateirla- 
tenia nla ingm s'om' edu. 
444il^ aQlawwi^ aolitvr' atoio lale, ag^ mi« 

9M YYUAm&i ' 

Waloanlagi nla mie. - t 

vvas Mi atnmiati nfaiwia iuoa Vjisda inlS/fiU 
njttnjinli yinla anlawo ga BlHa^uile moiigi 
^i i-'alttalela^ ayongialiagf ag&mba lAi B^ 
Jisu m'awuUo nd6 inlS, ida?ia si re ol-osari^ 
1^ Tiaganlo j(il'id&?io«. 

-96, Aye J»ml» pas yenla, te 4o?ie afcaJb»M^ 
agambinla nla waodu. ; * 

.87 Be deala Waodu ediogo erolo, al^mbia 
g'ompeli wi Pal, az&mbS; 
; 36 Way wU ^k^va poayo gw'igamba iiy!a^ 
gawbi^ wlg^.wi be fajenVoayowg nySat^ 
9e k£ jira waa y^ gWatang^t ^ 

;\ EwoNJoxxL ; L; 

Vrii'AROENLI grw'aay^nJi zawe alubi* 

i3l gore waoy azuw' atienli gotogi^re go Uib^ 

tdi ntyttgu "xj^ari go BtMlomi nVavila vftTa go 


; 3 Ndo ffW'atite^i tM^^ oiiratanga wi fceii^ 

fp,Filipyilii».4igwin^ij»weaayifoUak •.: x/ 

3 Ndo gw'ayenll si^v^e Saqpvlte arigS fdi 
liyaatwe, a|l^i:.ziiW0 g«i Sim aziaiaa.go 
^ai^; Mn4e vardr alu' awati&tiga go /byMl' 

4 Ndo gw'al^np ait\v« oogili be doaola am 
Vtf v&¥& ntiyiigQ orogetulo; w'awuliali fl^l 
nrinlinla inle, avanda gd J<^iiaeUtoi« ' t; 

«lrtfe ageiwiftgi^; he }ht9k ymodxi nk'^nSb nlW 
wanla ayira zuwe avila go nka' mpolo; tiliftr 
H' d^V'a ztwe dkhi&lk gnnf^'wyenle agHmJ)t- 
lila,.-' .' ^ ' - :•••- f^ 

g'owatanga» awioli Wiii»go iikala.' !^ 

;? Ndp gw'am^niizi og^di avila g^ Taieri 
aflmli «iwe jjo T6iem©6s; be Iw^^jya zaw#5 
awarere, nraloanlt xawa gora wao n^gttr 
man- t 

8 Banya azuwe igatiganlo yi Fal» aztiWT 
agl|r^ alMa go Si^aria; be jtngiala ziiwe go 
liago yi Filip y'lvanj^list, 6 vo^agi oWAti gorev 
orogenlo, aloanla nla yS. v 

-J?^ JirofilQffie Bi.^ *y^agi nl'je^wawfwito anlai, 
a?yali m'av^iigi* 

10 Ndo gw'aloanli zuwe vava intypgu 4-^ 
ayer^e, azuminU avila go Judia pr^f^t xniii, 
yln^weUago ml6, Agabos, 

■Xl Gw'aVienlie gore znyire awongi^ otaiab% 
wi Pill, azagor' ag^ me nl'agolo, abulia nl^ 
y^nl& kamV Inlinr ivia inlS, yenU bo k^m 
^^ go Jera«eleni onloffia o nliyi otamb^ 
^q1^ av^ gw'agit m'anl5ng|i. 

12 Ndo gw'ayagio zuwe isaon yinUi azuw^ 
ge nla moDgi mbora me^ aziiw' aVggig inli^, 
avauda go Jerftsejigm nyenl^. -. 

XZ Nl« be jivire Pa,l ipl«, anluwe depd' 
q^^e go denla, nla go jarrniV oremi warn \ 
mi akekizi, aranga go koro dadie ndo, gp juwi^ 

4M : rrASJA. :i 

M go Jeraseldm fw'nynnf a ny'ina nya Bse« 

44 Ndo inr'aroe&V ayfTura^ av&nli raw^^ 
awalia nlS, nt<5ndmli ya Rere yi ga loanie. -i : 

10 Ndo intyoga mSs&nli Tiaganlo^ ageaji 
zQwe og^nda avaada go Jerosel^m^ 

«ie Agtittdi nPazawe ke awew& gVmgili m 
Sisaria) at^a^ Mnesdn 3ri Saiprtfs^ongili ooUf^ 
10^ o vegagi go nanliz' asuwe. 

17 Ndo gVa^ienli zuwe go Jeruselem, awbv 
rerif w'awongi zuwe nl'igev' ivolo* ^ » •: 
ae Ndo ntytiga mliTi agtedi P&l nVaemBte 
gore Jems' iil'anl&d k^ waodu Wavegagis 

39 AyS bogieya pa ^ao^^ atakili agamba 
iffi^riffiSiri m'alendio nl'Anyambifi gore anld*^ 
ngSt nVijanji s^. / ^ . 

20 Nla gw'ay&gio wao Vazaminli RerS;"^ 
awalinlie inlS, O jenla, oqw&ngwe, ntangoc 
yintausen e'lju si re jivira pa, nli nte dutba 
waodu iranga. 

'51 Wi re miezo pa g^ogwanji w& inig, 6 
nenj' Iju soda si doanla gw'anlSngd inle^ wr 
ga rige Moses, k& w^ag^' awanli vrao) nlk 
kanganla nl'intyale. 

22 Ezande m^ ? nkdnd& yi ga latanle mbo^ 
ra mo, kande wi be jagk inl^, o ffi'abienli. ' 

23 Sambo lend' osaon winl& wi bulinlkt 
aniwe wS t Azuw' are nl'anloflie anlai wi to 
'i^t>raDgo. . /./ 

Wiu>, kit tatiala wao inll^, wi ga zyeginl% 
w<mjo yao: kit wooda mia ittle^ mion y'amie* 
zio <vraxi g'eigwanji waanranga isaosaowo; itda 
aiveiiii^ o kimganla goare^ avesijaTenj' ivangai^ 

2d Ndo gw^anlfingamofrfi wi tb jirira pa^ 
assiiV aifodi aaqmlna inle^v wi Imttdamiala 
oaMim oidooga fiftSwanlit, kaot.pendavenj' ilrar< 
wi yaom^ avila go ya yi po gor' Ikfltula^ qIWi 
Vila go ntyinla, nli ya yi piar' ongonga^ nlV 

f^ Nle be bonge Palf asli^e, nkb ntyugu 
BWi ayamfauiK' okiK^wSmS iila>wao, ayiogi^ 
nla go nago mpolo, ntumialiag' im^nlizuii s^i^ 
ttijraga VoydtabaiafiOy kao mpago* y'abag0 g'O- 
i)waiija w'<Hxi' eda gcN-e wao. i 

27 Ndo htynga orogenlo ake sala^ I|u $1 
Esia, gw'ayenli wao ye go nago mpolo, a«^e- 
mifok wao aiikhga waoda, aralL' aga gore yev 
.28 Tongaga inle, anloffie, IsreSiait^ fiiungd<( 
ttlanli ! Oma nle winla o n^nj' aalaga wao^.^ 
du go mb<Hi edu, a^ir' aniaga, nriran^, nli 
inborn yiidlt; ay^ k^ a9ag^ Igrik go nago 
mpolO) avefrizB mbora y'orunda yifnli. 

29 E^ttde w'aluo w'ajenH Trofimos y'EjG^ 
9tan nli mAxi go nka' mpolo nla j^\ ay^ vStlo 
waoi ifile. Pal aVagie go nago mpola 

.30' Be syogai^ugie nka' mpolo yx>da» nl'ir 
g^ndi anlaga nli mango agote P4l| arombK 
g^ nago mpolo; nle be nunjo aguge neganega. 

40S . ujmjA. :• 

♦ienii gom nf^vHi yi Bkluidi yMAsaapH 'mi»i 
JenuelSm yodu y'aiioenU ololowa. . . td 
' S2 Be bSag^ n^aa^^ n&zy^ id'isi^ntoricin» 
agenda nli mango gore wao : nde gw'ayettlt 
W90 ngAwe nlHsaisy^) be tiga wao boU Fal. . 
. 113 Ndo gw'oVieoli ngaw£ pi^^, anrangli |36, 
aoQinbie go koMi nl'ikzcingakaiilD anoihattli; 
at amMe inl^, •y^^qaande, nli nt^ture jri^ danifa 
pa. .1 . 

34 Ndo awSwa wi nk&nd& w'arong^ maf 
ittAri, aw6w& eqweiile; ndo aToehlia attBa 
mbiambii^ g'ogwanja wi mboginiay aaaombift 
go bago go ttago y'ado y'ls^izEye. 
-fifA Ndo gw'atHmlie gDiTrtpandinlo aroi^disia 
nl'isSizyS g'oqwanja wi ngoia yi nkiindlt. 
^86 S&nde nkiiiid& y'aniaga 3r'aai>ngiif^ aiD- 
Bga nltf, yonlS, 

&T Ndo gVaioenli Pdl go bago go nagw 
yado^ awalinli ngaiirg inl^^ mi ga gambe 
nla w^-? AV«inbi& yS inle, arw^ k^ kanAe- 
Giik?. - • .. I ;■ 

98 Aw^ aranga Ijtptian n^ intyagtt:sifli^ 
vtagaga li^ y'a^angi mbc^nla, aaroanlagw^ig'. 
ifolo ntausen s^iyomlisi y'anlaga nai 9 
d» Nda P&i awi]di nlS, mi« o^wA Jn vi 
Tarsus, nka' mpolo yi Siliiyia, amnga oipm&v 
Rtye winkala yji re y'amto: ndo kiJkklAj^ liga 
niS kamba gore anlagsL 
^9 N4o gw'ayiviiig yH, agmaaqU. iEy.<g^ 


ntpandinli!^ fO!i^' anlftgfi nl'ogii«' Ghv^'aorde- 
ih oA^ ampojtof agambi nU nkamhipli yi Mki 

bru inle ; » , i 

;/ EWpNJQXXII. . i 

ANLOME, aw^ngwe, warera^ vtganliool^ 
« ozimgmkiF warn goTQ idviwe^i 
lA ]NdQ f w?ayligio wao inlli e kamba bH 
BdEambtnli yii Htlnrii gor^ vrao» nr'alwoU.M 
polo. AwuliiS inle, 

i^ MiH r^ti onkflle wi Jn, y'ayaniio go Tatr- 
bSb yl SilisTia; nle be poaike ime go qW 
mpolo. yiiil^ gwlagob mi Gramelial, anl^aja 
mbiambi^ ntyale ya war^e, nli dab' Any«^ 
woiity ga nt/are aaaluw' odudu uldai^ winli. 

4 Be k&mbizaga mie gampdnlii yinla koiH 
Bga gw'ijonla, koraga lUd yinag' mkM^ nl'a^ 
Bto go nago y'imianga. 
'3^. Ga ni'a^e mipiiBe mpoio ka bmlla g'oQWAf 
Bji warn, n'lanl^F5 \raodu;. w'awoogiiUagii 
miayaiigQ gore anv^giViB, agenda gs> I)$QM1^ 
kos go ba^a wao avila vltra koro pik go Jem^ 
sel^m, go jenlina ai^^iaga 
, 6 Nfb arcmili gw'ag^ndi mis, azyasya pilr^ 
nil Pamankra, igw'igwera nyi nki^mbmyMid^ 
nSganSg' atambi avila g'orowa ozange ompcH 
ki Tingovingo gore^mi^ 
t f B« poswa nii^ go istje, tayligio nue dixyiQi 
nyi kamba nla mi^ inle ; SStl, Sal, o kStml^iii 
ml^ae. * '. . v. . 

4U ::/IJAHJAi."'': 

<8 Be j trira miS iiile> ftwe mattda, Berar i Bet 
balinli^ mi^ inl^, mi^ nle Jisu yi Nazeriniiv 
k&mbizo ndk. 

9 Ndo wao w'aluo nla miS w'ayenli ozange^ 
arienli wao: ndo wl jdgk inyoi ny'oma o 
giuiibi nla mi£. ^ 

10 Awuli mi^ inA^, im ga l^ade ae, Reva 11 
Be balinlio mie nle Rer^ inl^, nlongwa^ k& 
k&da g» Damask^s, T&va be^bulinlio w^ ifii^ 
on yodu yi re w^ sombio pa denda. 

11 Ndo gw'aroenU Ini aymliza g'oigWanja 
Vipenda s'ozaage mSwaioAi, ^^ nkendiago 
nVaga mao w'avegagi nla ai^^ ayinginlimid 
00 Damaskos. 

12 Nd'oildri, Ananaias, onlofile wi dai» 
•g&lanii z'iranga, av^agi nFin' i9ia got' I)a 
soda s'aloanlagi Ykvk^ 

13 Arienli gore mie, agnmanla awuUnlia 
miS inl^, Sil, oqw&ngwe, yk jenle ; ndo igw^ 
ra^memo oyenli mi£ y& 

•14 Be bnliS iniS, AnyambiS y'ireri sa2]pa 
are pinji pa go inia niondinli ye, ayenl^ o M 
nl'ogore, ayag^ inyoi ny'ogwanli wg. 
>]§ Kdnde o be nuez^ gore aiilaga waodndn^ 
gw'isaon yi k w^ jenla pa, nla yi re wSjkgk 

16 Ndo o peng' ande venl&l nlongwaki 
b^frtaizo, ayovunl' ibe 8&, aweliag' ina nya 

17 Be toa gw'avrinli uiie go JeroselSm agai 

EWONJO XXn. 411 

Btbinla go nago mpdo, mi aytnlinlo nyi- 
ilinlo, ' 

18 Ayenl' oma e kamba nla mi^ inl^, »leguui 
fc&^pwe go Jerasel^m, kiude wi be bdiig^ iga- 
mbi nyd g'tngwanji warn. 

19 Be bulla mi^ inle, Rera, waom^ ^r^atrora 
inl^, mi aveli go nago y'imianga aziwaga go 
dmegSgi edu wao Vayivirill. 

SO Ndo gw'aToyizio ntyinla y'om' amieata^hi 
Stiy^n, mig k* mi agnmanti vSiva, aymr' iju^ 
86, nli penjavenj' ingai si m^ngi w'ayonliS. ' 

21 Be bnlinliS mi@ inl^, lubua, kande mi be 
toffi^ bo gore anldng&. 

22 Be poganlio wao ye gw'igamba nykiUi) 
ttMnbinl' amoi mao awulia nl^, Eza sinla-^' zi 
ga Tombo go ntye, kdnde azy' inyanga nyi 
doanla bo. 

v23 Ndo gw'awoginU wao, aromb' ingii sao, 
amnge ntyenge gwHgonlo ; 

24 Ng&we azombi^ go bago go nago y^axk, 
a/vrnlia nle, e ga gitdgo nl'imbipa^ ka ye mie 
ndaga y'arongagi wao yenl4 g'o^wanji w£. « j 

25 Ndo gw'agori wao yS nl'igulu, P&l awttlfti 
nli sentmion y'agumanli pier^ inl^, rlvanga 
nyi re ogwS. Roman kk syiwo azy' ogara ? « ^ 

26 Ndo gw'ay&gio sentnri^n ag^ndi awuli^ 
ulie ngkw^ inl^, t^andaminle nte dendi, kands 
onloffie winld. oi|wa Roman. 

27 Nl'a^ienli ng§,we a^ambie inl^, wulinlia 
mjii awS o]gw& Roman ? Nle be jirir^ = 


.Mt Be jirife ngkmS ihl^y mi almidtiQlio^^**: 
ntjre winld nla sijonla sipolo. Awuli ' Bhk 
mle, mi ayanli' oigw^ntye. 
.(H^ Nla a^iil^a alabui wao gortd y^, moo^ 
w'aluo wi be korS ; nil Bgawe )m aiieali gw^arf 
mieoliil^ inle, aj^ oqwSt Roman, nla gw'agortS 
ao Banya gw'a^elie mie iitinlay'^(»zio y^, 
Qfl'Iju, ardmbS ye 90 ntyogo a^ombia iminisi^ 
impdio hranl^fo go datanla, a^'agie Pal a)oa^ 
nliasfi go gate yao* 


N^'AZYILUai Pal asyille SanhidriieL, 
awalia nli^> Anlofite, aw^ngwe^mi a«^ 
kaoganla pa Al'or^fik' ombta gore Anyambi8> 
at^ie kote nlenla winl&. 
t Ndo rnlnise mpolo AnanaiM, Mombi vn» 
w'agumanli pierS nla y^ go bole g'ogwanli we^ 
,9 Se balie P&l awulinlie inl^, Anyambi^ e 
be bola, ogombar Vado wapnpit : O doanla ^ 
go j^k^Ua mi^ nrivanga» odo o sombia miS g« 
bolo iranga f S ? 

/4 Ndo yw) M^i^umaali piSriS w'ai^nti nlS, a 
sav0 minia^ mpolo y' AayambiS ? r 

.(9 Be bulie Pal inl^, awaugwe, mi mee inl^, 
ayS mini^^ mpolo ; kaade re i^o pa ialSi 
agamb' igamb' ive genre enlaffii z'anla^i wIl. 
v6 Ndo gw'amieAli P^ inl^^ ozamV (Mkdxi^ri 
Sisadttitt, nl'aiiiri SifQ^re9i, uongk go ^pkin 


iParesi; g'of dcelio^ nFoconguiilio "wi bende J^ 
kelk> mi^. c 

!v,t Ay^ kamba p!oBaDn winl|i^ a^imiii oyahni^ 
nlo gcHt' I&r€«i Drisadusi, nli nkandd y'agai 

.6 Kande Isadusi si bulla nlS, syel' itcmgwa^ 
nla enjgl, ge inlinla: ndo Ifaresi di mSmi 
yodu taalL 

. 9. Ndo aioefflli iQbog^la mpolo ; nl'iskraUb 
s'avegagi go nknmba y'Ifaresi s'agumanH 
iuakz^ inle, azuwe deng' osa' omb^ nroma vti- 
jdk : ndo ja inlmla ge mijel y'akamba nla y£; 
imaV anlaa nrAnyambie* 

10 Ndo gw'aroenli oyaxuanl' oni{K)Io^.be tj* 
Qgl^w^yehdatiia m be syazynjile Pal ; be:«>. 
mH^ isazy^ sulninla awSnge nli ngulu avilft 
go gare yao, atagg gb nago y'ado* 
. 11 Nd'ogwera a^manli Rera gore jnSiaWu- 
Udi nie, 8indinl£b, Pal; ga nt'ara we bulla p» 
giODMriU^l warn go Jerusdem, yenl^ ke be bit^ 
114 go Roma. .> 

18 Ndo gw'ayenji dyrenja Iju sinyewaiia* 
ftftgi erangu arang' orango inie, w'anye ge 
|&2ga kao w'ajonla Pal. ? 

< 13 Ndow'avegagi viaganlo. nrogoml anlai 
w'affiagi erungu zinla* m 

. 14 Pe bia wao gate inunis^ im^lo nranUbrb 
m1j$; aauw' are tadoga p'orango^ ialS^ azaurf 
alemb' ezam' edu kao azuw' ^Jonle Pi^ J i 

4U Jrr/axm&:-''ri 

in Anlawe nli 8«iihidrim' ibmiiilialili ^dli^ 
tn^m^ iul^, e ga tago. goie tiilawe menl^ 
mpangiali ga nluwe bele bambia mband^ifi 
Wb! OQWiSale g'oqwanji w^ : vdo aaxiwa^ j^ 
ayusya piSr^, azuw' are kekiza pa go joal^j 

16 Ndo gw^ayagio oqwa ndako wi Pal mE&. 
Ogn zaoy ag^ndi ayinginla go nago y^ado awQ- 
linUe Pal. 

17 Be fwelie Fkl s^nturida mari^ awtitta 
file, ^ag' iwanja nyinllL gore og&wS, kdivde 
we nrigamba nyi bnlinlie y£. 

16 Yenlk be bbnge ye atag^ gore ngli^ 
wnrulia nle, Pal mbwedi afwelia mi^, atambia 
mie go bag' iwanjSt nymllt gore w^, am '9iK 
ndof^ yi buiinlia. 

Id Be kote ligliwe agot£ g'ogi, agenda g^ozof 
«ibo» iK^ao dadie^ a?^ambte inlS, ezande zi re 
ala w^ go bulinlia mi^ ? ^ 

2iO Be balls inle, Ija si n benda pe moad& 
gff ba»mbi& iiilSy menlS ?age PM gore Sanlli* 
4ma eg&lanli ga» wi bambi^ mbiambid osflf 

21 Ndo aymra wm>; k^nde e dak<» nle vmo 
Tiagaiklo nragomi m'anlofile anlai, wi re ta- 
il giza p'orango inle, w'anye ge jdnga, kao 
w^a}ai^<S : ndo venL^ wi re kekiza pa wi pe* 
nginr ompanganlo gore we. 

m Be fwinlkze ngdtwS awinliz' iwanja, aao- 
mbdig inJS, awnUnlia om' edu iulS, o ffi'amieM 
"nie isaon yinl^. 

EWONJOKKin. 41f 

fflB Be fweiie i^niuTidn mbanli arvirulia nl^ 
gakizanli nkama sisazyd mbanli si kenda go 
Sidaria, Bl'aiiloifiie w'inkaral' agomi or^enlOi 
id'anloffie w'agoi^a nkama mbanli; rk 
igwei^a nyi nkala ^nl^gomi ogwera: 

24 K^ kekizanli sinyama aloanlie Pal go so, 
a^age pSila gore Filix, yi OStyen. 

26 Be t^nd^ ezango yenl^* ^ - 

« 06 Kl&dios Lii^as e bogizye Filix gatea 
«fcb^ia. ' 

27 Onlome winia agotio nriju» ar^ jonI# 
i^e wao, yenlk at^i^i mie nii nk^nd^ y'ifil- 
S|re aromb^ gw'amienli mid inle, ayd agwi 

28 Ndo gw'a^eli mie mie ntinia y'azft^ixf 
ye, a?agi mie ye g'ozya wi Sanhidrim ; 

«29 O yenlio mie e sdzdzo g'oi|iv«inja w'ikStte 
s'ivangi nyao ; ndo e p^gaga nroBy&zya VL* 
nyanga ny'ijuwa ge ntyogo. 

30 Ndo gwfamienli mid idaka a'alakiag^ 
Quloffie nl'Iju^ anldgizi mie t(^a gore tk^ 
as9ombia wao w'azazizd go bulinliii ^izyiisjtft 
wi^re wao nia ye; MUambie. 

31 Nle be bong' isazyd, ga nt'azombio wao; 
aav6nge Fal aVage ogwdra go Antipatros^. 

(32 Ndo bimya be tiga wao mongi w'inka'rats 
go kdnda nla ye, awinli' wao go nago y'ado^* 

^S^ Ndo gw'awoqwi wao go Sisaria, ara ezHr 
Dgo gore g^ven^ VA^^agi P&l «kd gmrd yd. 

84 Ndo gw'ajanganli g&Tda ezango^ aViu 

us V UAKJA. 

mU inltogi ny'airilio tM. N]jl gw^amieAU^ 
tele) aTili go Silisyia ; 

, dff Awuli iilS» m^be pogonlio wS, jagii moj^ 
agi wi eknzk w'abia. Nle be sombiS ye go 
penjavenjo go nago y'oyekelio wi Herod. 

'VTDO ntyugu ntyanli piaganla pa, azumi- 
dL 1 nli minifi^ mpolo Anan^das, iil'anlSt&y 
^ nli TurtiilSs y'okambi, wao k^ w'amiezi gai^ 
^n g'ofwaaja wi PU. 

.2 Kdo gw^awelio ye, Tuirtulos avakili s^zLi- 
a& inlS, gpie vrS azuw' aloanli nl'affi^je 
amenge, nl'isaon imbia imienge yi re dendo 
ftk gw'inlong&Hyinld nl'akeli Mr& egombe zo- 
da nla go mbori edu ; 

. 3 Amwe ke asiiwe bSnga yo, Filix li)2>ia, 
draker' araenge. 

4 Ndo mi vende jasizdt, kkkalSt^ vogaalio 
^we nil nkeogli ya agamba makwe^ 
. 6 Kdinde azuw' are denga p'onlcme winl& 
j^yembaayemba, e tol&e mb^l^k^ gor' Ija 
soda si re go ntye, ay^ ke ewonjo zi nkamba 

6 O gei^i k^ go jonl' oranda wi nago 
BJypolOy ndo aznw' agoti^ atele j^k^S nl'iva- 
ngi nyazyo. 

.7 Nle be bie ng&wS mpolo Lisyias a?ia nli 
ngula mpdo, awonginla zuwe ye* 
-:ft A^opibia mongi wi sSasixA go l^a gcxDe w£; 


inl^, o be kdtize kk mia isaon yodu yi re' 
zuwe sazize pa. 

9 Nle be jivira Iju inle, isaon yinlSt yi re 

10 Be jivire P^l, gw'avepio ye nle gkr^Uj, 
ayivira nlS, mi avoro inlS o a'adoanF impu- 
ma imienge oyekeli gw'inlonga. nyinU, nlSu 
nlSl tonda mi^ polo go s&za g^ogwanja w'o- . 
kuwi vamime. 

li Awe ka mia nl6, pa piaganla onlamba- 
nil w'intyugu, mi ga pande go Jerusel^m go 

12 Wao ke wi dwwanlo miS go nago mpoio 
dowe mpaga nrom^ edu, ge pange mboginla 
y'atilaga, ranganle gw'isinegog, vanganle go 
nka' mpolo. 

13 Wao kS wi zye' ngulu yi bulie ntinla yi 
sdziza wao mie. 

14 Ndo mi mem' osaon winld gore we; go 
mpSfcnla yi fwelia wao inle, ofangwanlo, ye- 
nl& savinla mi6 Anyambife ya reri sazyo, 
njiviraga isaon yodu yi re tendo pa gwl* 
vanga iala gw'iprofet. 

15 MiS kg mi are nl'o?ekelio gore Anya* 
mbie, wi jiviro wao kg inlg, be doanF oro- 
ngunlio wi bende, w'a?ia nla w'a?e. 

16 Tenl3t janjiza mig okuwi wam go doanF 
nlWSma ntyembd fo gore Anyambig, nla gore 

17 Kdo impitm' imienge piaganla pa, 


418 IJANJA. 

aVienli go bag' ida?ia gore inlonga nyam, 
nli ntyago. 

18 Ndo gw'isaon jinlk Iju sinyewa s'aviU 
go Esia s'alSngi mie jambunlio pa go nago 
yorunda, nkanda fo, mboginla fo. 

19 Wi bele doanla venla az&ziza, j&ga wi 
re nli ndaga g'ogwanji warn. 

20 Ge mongi sinl2i waomg wi ga wulie, ja 
w'aleng' igamV ive gore miS gw'aguinanli 
mie g'ozyo wi Sanhidrim. 

21 Kao g'oijwanja w'inyoi nyinla imo ny'a- 
rongio miS, nkumanlaga go gare yao; inlS 
g'ojgwanja w'orongunlio wi bende ^kzizo mie 
nl^nla winla nle nluwe. 

22 Ndo gw'aydgio Filix agamba minld, ago* 
tizi mbiambie isaon yi mpanl^ yinlSt, kd y^ 
fwinliza wao, awulia nl^, ja Lisyias yi ngaw^ 
mpoio asuminla, m'be bambia isaon yi re nl'a- 

23 Be sombi^ s^nturion go penjavenje P&l, 
azimbi^ go ntyogo y'antySt ; kk yjS al^ge mo* 
ngi ye go jinginla, ge biagaga gore y^. 

24 Ndo intyugu syakwS viaganlo, a^ienli 
Filix nli Drusila y'offiant' wg wi Ju, awelie 
Pdl, avoganlio yk g'oijwanja w'ijivira u 

25 Ndo gw'agambinlie g'oijwanja w'orSti 
nl'isimbia s'okuwa, nl'oyekelio wi bia, Filix 
arienli, awulia nl^ ; gw'egombe zinld genda* 
ga, ndo ja mi adeng' egombe m'be fwelift. 


26 Ndo Bbf^ti kS inii^, e he po anliva nle 
Pal, ka y^ vanga purunl^ ; yenlk aweliawe* 
liag^ y@, ayiraga nla y& lambe* 

%7 Ndo impum' imbanli piaganla pa, PSr 
syias Fgstos aVienli gw'inyanga nyi Filix; 
ndo gw'ayiviri Filix go t^ndia Iju, arigi F&l 
go ntyogo. 


GW'AVIENLI F&tos gw^ivendi nyg, ntyu* 
gu ntyaro piaganla pa, avandie go Jeru- 
sel^m arila go Sisaria. 

2 Nle be s&ziza iminise impolo nl'anl^d 
w'lju azazize Pal gore y^ anlSgiri!, 

3 AfeV ikanla g'ogwanji we inlS, e ga welie 
go Jerusel&n, wao dakagS go jonle go mpi* 

4 Nrayiviri Festos inl6, Pal e ga veBJay^o 
go Sisaria, nray^mg e be sunge kenda gogo. 

5 Be bulie inl6, wao gore nlawe wi re nil 
ngulu, wi ga zuminle nla mi^, azazize, jk xe 
ndaga mbe gore onloffie winl2i. 

6 AyS doanla pa nla wao viaganlo nrigomi 
ny'intyugu, azuminli^ go Sisaria; ntyugu 
mari, aye tu gw'eka z'oyekelio, azombi^ PStl 

7 Aye bia pa, Iju s'at^ienli avila go Jeruse- 
l^m s'agnmanli azazize Yk\ isaon imienge 
iy&le yi re w'amieze. 

8 Be jivir« aySm^ inlS, aranga gw'iranfa^. 

420 IJANJA. 

ny^Iju, aranga gb nagO y'orunda, aranga k^ 
gore Sizar, re mie den da p'osa' ombe. 

9 Ndo F&tos, gw'ateM dende ntondinli 
y'lju, ayiviri Pdl, awulia nl8, o bele pand^ 
go Jerusalem, ay^kelio gogo isaon yinid g'o- 
zyo warn ? 

10 Be bulie Pdl inl6, mi are gore gw'eka z^oyfe- 
kelio zi Sizar, va re mie ka jgkelio. Mi pa 
dend' osa' ombe gore Iju, aw6me o roro 

11 Kande ja mi ar' ogara, ge denda p'osao 
wedu w'inyanga ny^ijuwa, mi anlt^mbe 
juwe : ndo ja zyele osao edu wi s&zizo mi^ 
nle winlSt, zyel' oma o re kd daria mie gore 
wao. Mi ga gende gore Sizar. 

12 Ndo gw'agambi FSst^s agamba nFanlgiro 
we, ayiviri nlS, o bele jgkSlio nle Sizar ? gg* 
nda gore Sizar. 

13 Ndo intyugu sfinyew^l piaganla pa. Agri- 
pa y'oga nli BSrni&i w'af ienli go SxjSaria go 
bogizye F6st8s, 

14 Ndo gw^aloanli wao gogo intyugu sinye- 
nge, Festds awulinli oga ndaga yi P&I ; re 
onlofiie o rigio nle Filix go ntyogo. 

13 Gw'avegagi miS go Jemsel^m, iminisi^ 
impolo nl'anlerS w'lju w'azazizg, a?ela oyS- 
k^io gore y6. 

16 W'ayivirio mi^ inle, aranga ntyale yl 
Roman go n&zinl' oma go jonlo, kao ayS o 
skasbeo are nli mdagi wi sdzize g^ozyo wg^ nli 


d^ngd mbora yi jiviro nde ayemS g'Qi|wanja 

17 Ndo gw'a?ienli wao gunlU) bunya ovb- 
tiginU) fo, aloanli mi^ tu gw'eka z'oy^kelio^ 
azombia onlofile bago. 

18 Ndo gw'agumanli mongi w'azaziz^ agu* 
maala g'o^ws^ji w€, wi bag' ozySizyd w'isaon 
y'avivio mie* 

19 Ndow'avegagi gore ye impunga Biny6w|t 
g'oigwanja w'ijiviri saome^ nla g'ogwanja wi 
Jisu y'ayuwi, o wulio nle Pal iniS, are bo. 

20 Ndo gw'alowi mi^ mpaga g'oi)wanja 
w'osaon winla, atambi mi& yd vendetua ayS 
J^a jivire k6nda go Jeruselem ayekelio vava 
g'ogwanja w'isaon yinl4. 

. 21 Ndo gw'awuli Pal inle, e bele penjave- 
pjo go jek^lio nle Sizar, mi azombi,(S go penja- 
venjo kao mi atoffie gore Sizar. 

22 Nle be buli' Agripa awulinlie Festos 
iul^^ mi bele j&ginlo onloftie winla miem^. 
Nle be bulig inle, menle o be j^ginlo ye. 

23 Ndo ntyugu mSiri gw'avienli Agripa nli 
B^rnisi nPigev' ivolo, w'ayinginli go mbora. 
yi j&go mpungu, nl'ingSiw^ impolo, nli nlaffii 
yi nka' mpolo, g'ozombio wi F&tos atagio 

24 Be bulie F6st6s inlS, rera Agripa y'oga, 
nl'anlofile waodu wi re venla nl'azuwe, anluwe 
jenr onloffie winla o zazizio nle nkinda yoda 
y'lju gore miS go Jeruselem nla Yenl4 kS, 

4t» IJANJA, 

^Mi Be jinie og&wS iiU^» mi alaAdi]iili<n|^r 
niye winld nla sijonla sipcdo. Awuli ' Pljk 
' inlet im ayanli' oqw&ntye. 
.09: Nla A^iHSga alabui wfeu> goito y^, mda{^ 
Valuo wi foe kor^ ; nli Bgawe ka aiieali gw^m 
mienli^ inle, ay^ qqwSi. Romao^ nla §rw'ag(nrid 
30 Banya ^a^eliS mia ntmlay'ezaisizio y^, 
ol'ljuy ar(imb^ ye 90 nfyogo a^ombia iminis^ 
fmiriio nVainlifo go datanla, a^agie P^l aloa^ 
nlislii ff> gave yao. 

EwoNjo xxm. 

N^'AZYILUai Pal aeyille Sanhidrw, 
awalia nl£» AnloAe, aws^ngwe^mi aa« 
kaoganla pa ftl'orSfll' ombia goie Anyambltft 
aVie kote nlenla winl&. 
& Ndo miniae mpolo AnaaaiM, aaombi wm 
w'agamanli pierS nla y^ go bole g'ogwaali we^ 
.9 iBe borlie P&l awulinlie inl^, Anyambi^ e 
W bola, ogomba wWo wapnpu : O doanla t» 
go jt^k^Ua mi^ nrivanga, ndo o sombia milf g« 
btflairanga f«? 

ii Ndo yr«o vr'ftgumaali pi8riS w'ai/iruU nl6, a 
save minia^ mpolo y' AnyamW.^ ? ? 

.iff Be buUe P&l inlS, awangwe, mi mie ini^j 
ayS mlldisS mpolo ; kaade re tSndo pa inl($i 
agamb' igamb' ive gore edlefili z'anlagi wA» 
v6 Ndo gw'amienli Pal inlS, ozamb' oftdrrMri 
Sisadaii, nroCilkri Sif^reai, wrong! go 3a)ibih 

Ewcauo cxm. «» 

dnm ihl^ adloffie^ swstBgwe, mi^ Fu^si/o^tira 
iF&reHi; gfo^ekelio^ nroranganlio yd bende|S^ 
kelio mi£. c 

1^.1 Ay« kamba p7oBaon winl^t, ar<mili oyarna^ 
nlo gof' Ifareei Dllsadosi, nli nkandd y'ag9» 

,6 E&tide Isadusi si bulla nl^, ssyel' itongrrnt 
nla enjSl, ge inliula: ndo Ifaresi m mSmA 
yodu TaalL 

,Si. Ndo aroeflili mboginla mpob; nl'lsdiLFaiii 
s'avegagi go nknmba ylfaresi s'agumanU 
dsAza, inle, azuwe d^ng' osa' otnbe nroma wi- 
slk : ndo ja inlmla ge enjel y'akslmba nla y^; 
imuV anlaa nl'Anyainbie* 

10 Ndo gw'aroenli oyaruanl' ompolo, be .i«f 
Qgl^wS, Yehdetiia wi be fiiyaayufile Pal ; be Do* 
mbk^ isazye suminla awSnge nli ngulu fivila 
go gare yao, atagS gd nago y'ado. 
.1;! Nd'ogwera a^manli Reia gore yiS.aWa- 
liA^ nle, Bindinla, Pal ; ga nt'ars we bnlia pa 
g'lOQViratyi warn, go Jernselem, yenlSt ke be bn^ 
lik go Roma. » 

la Ndo gw'ayenji 6wenja Ija sinyew^;ta* 
MAffL er ungu aratlg' orange iaie, w'any« ge 
jonga kao w'ajonle Pal. $ 

< 13 Ndo w'avegagi viaganlo nragomi anhu 
w'affiagi erungu zinla. 

. 14 Be bia wao gore iminis^ impolo nl'anl&o 
i«li$; azuw' are tadag» p'orango inlS^ aznwf 
alemb' ezam' edu kao azaw' %)onle Pai« '. 

4U A\\mf0U/!lL f:A 

16 Anlawe nh Smhtdrim' looiiitllajiii goiii 
ag&w^ inle, e gfa ta^o goie iskiwe menldi 
i^panginli ga nluwe bele bambia mbamlwi 
meJ oii^iile g'oqwanji iw^: wio aamwe^ j*A^ 
fijrusya pi^rS, assaw' are kekiza pa go jcnl^v 

16 Ndo gw'ayagio ogwa ndako wi Pal es& 
ogn TsOy ag^ndi ayinginla go nago y'ado awu* 
linlie Pal. 

17 Be fwelie Fd.1 s^nturidn mari^ awtitta 
nle^ ^ag' iwanja nyinl& gore ngkwSy kdnde 
are nrigamba nyi bulinlie y^* 

18 Yenla be bongo ye a?ag^ gore ng&wSv 
awulia nl^, Pal mbwedi afwelia mi^, atambia 
mie go bag' iwanj^ nyinl& gore w^, ara <r% 
i^e^ yi huiinM. ^ 

19 Be kote ng&we agot£ ^og4, agenda g^oasetf 
mkbOj vsao dadie, at^mbie inl^, ^a&de zt n 
nla w^ go balinlia mi^ ? i 

20 Be bulls inle, Ija si ra banda pe moA4& 
g9 bambi^ ialS, menlS ?age P^l gore SanM* 
4nak eg&lanli ga, wi bambi^ mbiambig Msi 

21 Ndo aymra wm^; k^nde e dake^ nle vmo 
Tiaganlo nragomi m'anloffie anlai, wi re ta- 
ngiza p'orango inle, w'anye ge jdnga, Jbm 
m'jB^nl^ : ndo venLSi wi re kekisa pa wi pe- 
nginl' ompanganlo gore we. 

22 Be fwiniize ngd.wS awinliz' iwanja, aaUK 
mbiS inlS, awtiUnlia om' edu inlS, o ffi'amiew 
^ie isaon yinl4» 


tfida Be fweiiii s^nturida mbanii owulift iili^ 
g0kizanli nkama sisazyiS^ mbanli 9i keoda go 
Sasaria, xiraiilojfie w'inkayal' agomi oidgetiloi 
odi'anloffie w'agonga nkama mbaaiU; rh 
igwesa nyi nkS^la ^nlagomi ogwera: 

24 K^ kekizanli sinyama aloanlie P41 go so, 
a?age pMa gore Filix, yi dStven. 

26 Be t^nd^ ezango yenld. 

,va6 Kl&dios Lii^as e bogizye Filix garea 
ttbia. ' 

27 Onlome wiiila agotio nl'Iju, Bxk jonl^ 
Ilia wao, yenlli at^ienli mie nli nkandli y'lctd- 
S|r(S<aromb^ g^'amlenli . mi^ inle, ay^ oogwi 
iBoiBan. ' 

28 Ndo gw'a^eli mie mie ntinia y'aas^iaf 
yS, a?agi mie ye g'ozya uri Saahidrim ; 

«29.0 yenlio mie e sd2dzo g'oq^vunja VikSlte 
slvangi nyao; ndo e p^gaga nl'oBy&zyii w'i^ 
fiyanga ny'ijuwa ge niyogo. 

30 Ndo gVamienli mie idaka s'aiakia|^ 
onloffie nllja^ anl^gizi mie toffia gore "vr^S^ 
as9ombia wax) w'azaziz^ go bulinli^ ozyizyd 
wi^re wao nia ye; Mbiambie. 

81 Nle be bong' is^zyS, ga nt'azombio wao; 
aironge Pal aVage ogw^ra go Antipatro^* 

(32 Ndo bunya be tiga wao mongi w'inkari^ 
go kSnda nla ye, awinli' wao go ruAgCf y'ado.^ 

'M Ndo gw'awogwi wao go Sisaria, ara eza- 
ngo gore g§,Yen, w'a^agi Pdl k^ gdr^ yS; 

84 Ndo gw'araaganli g&T^n exangOy a?a- 

aU inl&agk ny'atjiia n^* NIa gw^aodeAli^ 
woiiy arili f o Silisyia ; 

, ^6 Awuli nl^ m^be poganlio !w^, jagit mo^ 
agi ^i Bkmk w'abiiu Nle be sombiS ye go 
penjavenjo go naga y'oyekelio wi Herod. 

"VTDO ntyuga ntyanli piagaula pa, azunii- 
dL 1 nli minis^ mpolo Ananaias, Bl'anl^td, 
^ nli TurtulSs y'okambi, wao k^ w'amiezi gkk^ 
wn g'ofwaaja wi F&I. 

.2 Ndo gw'awelio ye, Turtulos avakili si2ii> 
ae inlS, gore vrS azuw' aloanli nl'affi^js 
amenge, nrisaon imbia imienge yi re dendd 
pa gw'inldngft'nyinld nl'ckeli w& egombe zo- 
du nia go mbori eda ; 

: 8 Azawe ke az»iwe bSnga yo, Filix lubia, 
dl'akef ' amenge. 

4 Ndo mi vende jasizdt, kak&l&j vogaalio 
^we nli nkenga ya agamba makwe^ 
c 6 K^de azUw' are dSnga p'onlome winl4 
onyembany^nba, e to&ie mb^lSkS gor' Ija 
soda si re go ntye, ay£ ke ewonjo zi nkumba 

6 O geijLlifli k^ go jonl' orunda wi nago 
Bipoloy ndo aznw' agoti^ a?ele j^k^£ nl'iva- 
ngi nyazyo* 

? Nie be bie ng&w^ nipok> Lbyias atia nli 
ngulu mpcdo, awCnginla zuwe ye. 
•:^ A^omlnB mongi wi s&idai^ fgo l^a, gose w£ ; 


inl8, o be kdtize kk mia isaon yodu yi re* 
zuwe sazize pa. 

9 Nle be jivira Iju inle, isaon ymlk yi re 

10 Be jivire PStl, gw^avepio ye nle gStvgn,. 
ayivira nig, mi avoro inlS o ffi'adoanF impu- 
ma imienge oyekeli gw'inlSngat nyinla, nlSu 
nl& tonda mi^ polo go s&.2a g^ogwanja w^o-. 
kuwi iramime. 

11 Awe ka mia nl^, pa piaganla onlamba- 
nli w'intyugu, mi ga pande go Jerusel^m go 

12 Wao ke wi dwwunlo mi6 go nago mpolo 
dowe mpaga nrora' edu, ge pange mboginla 
y'aiilaga, ranganle gw'isinegog, yanganle go 
nka' mpolo. 

13 Wao kg wi zye' ngulu yi bnlie ntinla yi 
siziza wao mie. 

14 Ndo mi mSm' osaon winla gore we ; go 
mp&nla yi fwelia wao inle, oVangwanlo, ye- 
nlfi savinla mig AnyambiS ya reri sazyo, 
njiviraga isaon yodu yi re tendo pa gwl- 
vanga nla gw'iprofet. 

16 MiS kg mi are nFoVekelio gore Anya* 
mbie, wi jiviro wao kg inlg, be doanl' oro- 
ngunlio wi bende, w'aVia nla w'a?e. 

16 TenlSt janjiza mig okuwi wam go doanl* 
nl^orgma ntyemb& fo gore Anyambig, nla gore 

17 Ndo impum' imienge piaganla pa, mi. 


418 IJANJA. ^ 

afirali go bag'idatia gore inlonga ilyam, 
nli ntyago. 

18 Ndo gw'isaon jinlk Iju sinyewa s*aviU 
goEsia s'al^ngi mie jambunlio pa go nago 
y'brunda, nkanda fo, mboginla fo, 

19 Wi bele doanla venla azgtziza, jaga wi 
re nli ndaga g'ogwanji warn. 

20 Ge mongi sinla waomS wi ga wulie, ja 
Valeng' igamV ive gore miS gw'agumanli 
mie g'ozyo wi Sanhidrim. 

21 Kao g'oqwanja w'inyoi nyinla iino ny'a- 
rongio miS, nkumanlaga go gare yao; inlS 
g'oQwanja w'orongunlio wi bende s&zizo mie 
nlSnla winla nle nluwe. 

22 Ndo gw'ayagio Filix agaraba minla, ago- 
tizi mbiambie isaon yi mpanlS. yinlSi, kd yS 
fwinliza wao, awulia nlS, ja Lisyias yi ngSiw^ 
mpolo asuminla, m'be bambia isaon yi re nl'a- 

23 Be sombie s^nturion go penjavenje P&l, 
azimbi^ go ntyogo y'antya ; k^ y^ akge mo* 
ngi ye go jinginla, ge biagaga gore yS. 

24 Ndo intyugu syakw^ viaganio, aVienli 
Filix nli Drusila y'ofBant' wg wi Ju, awelie 
Pall, avoganlio jk g'oqwanja w'ijivira m 

25 Ndo gw'agambinlie g'ogwanja w*orifti 
nl'isimbia s'okuwa, nl'oyekelio wi bia, Eilix 
arienli, awulia nlS ; gw^egombe zinla genda- 
ga, ndo ja mi adeng' egombe m'be fweli&. 


36 Ndo a^^ti k^ inl^, e be po anliva nlo 
P&l, ka y^ vanga purunl^ ; yenllt aweliawe* 
liagg yg, ayiraga nla y^ lambe. 

%7 Ndo impum' imbanli pia^nla pa, P5r« 
syias FSstos af^ienli gw'inyanga nyi Filix; 
ndo gw'ayiviri Filix go tSndia Iju, arigi PStl 
go ntyogo. 

r\ W'A?IENLI F&tos gw^ivendi nyg, Btya* 
yX gu ntyaro piaganla pa, avandie go Jeru- 
oel^m avila go Siaarta. 

2 NIe be s^iziza imiiiise impolo nranl^£| 
w'lju azazize Pal gore y^ anl^g irfe', 

3 Af el' ikanla g'ogwanji we inlS, e ga weiie 
go Jerusel&n, wao dakagS go jonle go inp&» 

4 Nl'ayiviri Festos inlS, Pal e ga yesjav^o 
go Sisaria, nraygmg e be sunge kenda gogo. 

6 Be bulie inl^, wao gore nluwe wi re nli 
ngulu, wi ga zuminle nla mi^, azazize, j& re 
ndaga mbe gore onloffie winlSt. 

6 Ay^ doanla pa nla wao viaganlo nl'igomi 
ny'intyugu, azuminli^ go Sisaria; ntyugu 
mari, aye tu gw'eka z'oyekSlio, azombi^ PSl 

7 Aye bia pa, Iju s'aVienli avila go Jeruse* 
I^m s'agumanli azazize P^l isaon itnienge 
iyStle yi re w'amieze. 

8 Be jiyir^ aySmS inl£, aranga gw'iranga^ 

420 IJANJA. 

Bjr'Iju, aranga go ndagO y'orunda, aranga k^ 
gore Sizar, re mie denda p'osa' ombe. 

9 Ndo Ffetos, gw'atelig dende ntdndinli 
y'lju, ayiviri P&l, awulia nl6, o tele pand^ 
go Jerusalem, aySkelio gogo isaon yinia g^o- 
zyo warn ? 

10 Be bulie P&l inl6, mi are gore gw'eka z'oy6- 
kelio zi Sizar, vSt re miS ka jgkelio. Mi pa 
dend' osa' ombe gore Iju, awSme o voro 

11 K^ude ja mi ar* ogara, ge denda p'osao 
wedu w'inyanga ny'ijuwa, mi anlt^mbe 
juwe : ndo ja zyele osao edu wi s&zizo mig 
nle winl&, zyel' oma o re k& davia mie gore 
wao. Mi ga gende gore Sizar. 

12 Ndo gw'agambi FSst^s agamba nranlSro 
we, ayiviri nl6, o bele j^^Iio nle Sizar ? gS* 
nda gore Sizar. 

13 Ndo intyugu siny^wg, piaganla pa, Agri- 
pa y'oga nli B6rnisi w'af ienli go Sisaria go 
bogizye F^sttts, 

14 Ndo gw'aloanli wao gogo intyugu sinye- 
nge, Festds awulinli <^a ndaga yi P^l ; re 
onlofiie o rigio nle Filix go ntyogo. 

13 Gw'avegagi mig go Jeruselgm, iminisg 
impolo nl'anler^ w'lju w'azazizg, aVela oyg- 
k^io gore y^. 

16 W'ayivirio raiiS inle, aranga ntyale yi 
Roman go nSizinl' oma go jonlo, kao ayiS o 
9&:^zo are nli mdngi wi sdzize g^ozyo w8^ nli 


d^ngd mbora yi jiviro nd<e ayemS g'oqwanja 

17 Ndo gw'a?ienli wao gunlu, bunya ovb- 
tiginU) fS, aloanli mi^ tu gw'eka z'oy^kelio^ 
azombia onloffie bago. 

18 Ndo gw'agumanli mongi w'azliziz^ agu* 
maala g'o^ws^ji w€, wi bag' ozy^ya w'isaon 
y'avivio mie. 

19 Ndow'avegagi gore ye impunga siny6w|t 
g'oigwanja w'ijiviri saome^ nla g'ogwanja wi 
Jisu y'ayuwi, o wulio nle Pal iniS, are bo. 

20 Ndo gw'alowi miS mpaga g'oi)wanja 
w'osaon winla, a^'amlM. miS yd veadetua ayS 
ka jivire kenda go Jeruselem ayekelio vavS. 
g'ogwanja w'isaon yinl4. 

. 21 Ndo gw'awuli P^l inle, e bele penjave- 
PJo go jekelio nle Sizar, mi azombi,^ go penja- 
venjo kao mi atome gore Sizar. 

22 Nle be bull' Agripa awulinlie F^stos 
inl^, mi bele j&ginlo onlofiae winla miem^. 
Nle be buliS inle, menle o be jliginlo ye. 

23 Ndo ntyugu mari gw'avienli Agripa nli 
Bernisi nl'igev' ivolo, w'ayinginli go mbora. 
yi jSigo mpungu, nl'ingawS impolo, nli nlaffii 
yi nka' mpolo^ g'ozombio wi FSstos atagio 

24 Be bulie Festos inle, rera Agripa y'oga, 
nl'anloffie waodu wi re venla nl'azuwe, anluwe 
jenr onloffie winl^ o zazizio nle nkinda yoda 
y'Ija gore miS go Jeruselem nla venl^ kS, 


ntoDgaga inlg, aaqrele nVinyanga nyi fit ^ioa- 
nle bb. 

26 Ndro gw'amienli mie inle, e dmd' osto' 
edu w'inyanga ny'ijawa, ndo ayem^ awnli 
nle, e bele j^kelio nrAgustos, mi avikili ' go 

26 Go y€ mi azyele nli ndaga y'argti yi re 
m\6 \ik tgnda gore rerfe, yenlSt abaga mie y8 
gore nluwe, posyo gore we, rera Agripa y'ogft^ 
inl^, ikite mania pa/ mie ka dgfig' osaoti Wi 

27 K^nde mi b^ta nlS, zye mbia go tome 
mbwedi^ kk amieze mpangu yi re gore y^« 

"VTLE be buli' Agripa awulinlie Pal iale, to 
xN tigo pa gore w^go kamba g'oi|wanji 
w&m^. Nle be tombinle F^l oga azStadal' 
oku' wemS : 

2 Inle m'bete nl^^ osa' ombia wi re gore mioi 
oga Agripa, k&nde m'be sazinl' oktiwi warn 
gore vr^ nl^nla wini^, g'oi)wanja w'isaon yoda 
yi berinlo mi6 nl'Ijn. 

8 Posyo k^nde o voro intyule sodii s'lju nfi- 
tjkcfk yao ; yenla k&kltia, y^ginlo miS nl% 

4 Ndo mpanginli yam avila gw'erombe zam, 
y'avegagi gw'alonga gw'inl6ng4 nyam go Je- 
rusel^m, nl'Ija sodu s^avoro yo, 

5 S'amienli mig arila gVavakili ( ja Vaji- 


Tire takiUa) inlei go nkumba yMjiviri sazyo 
gore go mpanla, mi aloanli Faresi. 

^ Ndo venla g'ogwanja w'o^ekelio w'ompa- 
ngnnio gore irer^ w'avaDgio nrAuyambi^j mi 
kamanla ay^k^liago. 

7 G'ompanganlo mg imbiive sazyo igomi nji 
mbanli wi savinlag' Anyamhie ogwera nl'o- 
ffiaada, wi bele boijwa : g'oi)wanja w'ovekeli^ 
mS sSizizo miS nl'Iju, oga Agripa. 

6 Ezande zi re anluw' ayivire inlS, Anyi^ 
mbie k^ tongunlie bende ? 

9 Reti mi avikili g'okuwi warn inlSj mi ga 
lende isaon imienge yi sira ina nyi Jisu yi 

10 Nl'osaon mewltnU w'alendio mie go Je- 
raselSm, nVaweiige gor' iyambui w'anlunjio 
mie gw'inago s'imianga, mi^ bonga p'inyanga 
gore iminis^ impolo : nla gw'ayonlio wao mi 
aziri wao. 

11 Nla gw'isinegog sodu, gombe yenge, mi 
ayenlizi wao azyingo arawiza wao: be be- 
nda mie polo nla wao, agambiza wao koanga 
gwlnk' impolo s'agSnda. 

12 Yenl^ re gw'agi^adi mie go Damas- 
kl5s nrinyanga nli ngulu avila gore iminise 

13 Nkombenyondo, oga, ayenli mi^ ozange 
Vavili g'orowa viaganlo nli njambwinli yi 
nkombe, w'at^ambi gore mi^ vingovingO) nla 
Uore wao w'agSndi nla mi^. 

424 UmiA. 

14 Ndo azawe da poswa pa go niye, mi 
ayagio inyoi nyi kamba nla mi^ awuUa nil 
nkambinli yi Hibra inle, Sal, Sal, o k^mbiza 
miS 86 ? re j^la gore wS go sika imianga 

15 Be bulla ini^ inle, aw^ mande, Bera ? 
Be buli^ inle, mi^ nle Jisa yi kambizo nd§.. 

16 Ndo nlongwa ka kumanla nl'agolo ma ; 
k&nde go ndaga yinla mi are jenlanla pa 
gore we, go doanliza minisg nroyenli w'isaon 
yi re w^ jenla pa, nrisaon yi be jenlo nda. 

17 MpiajagSi avila gore aalaga nranlongi 
iqi toffia mie we, 

18 Go nungunr antya raao, nli fwinliza 
wao avila go mpiri g'ozange, nl'avila go ngu- 
lu y'onyambe gore AnyambiS inlg, wi ta 
bong' inyeza s'ibe, nl'ijiga gor' iyambui nl'iji- 
vira si re nla mi^. 

19 Yenla, oga Agripa, mi pedia oyenlo Vo* 

20 Ndo go Damask5s gw'alonga, nla go 
Jemaelem, nla gw'inlonga nyi Judia nyodu^ 
nla gw'anl5nga, mi agambinli wao inle, wi 
ga galue, awinlia gore Anyambie^ alend' ija- 
nja s'inyanga ny'ikalua. 

21 Gw'isaon yinl§L Iju s'agoti mie go nago 
B(q)olo, af ele jonla mi^. 

' 22 Sambo inungunla po pa mie nl'Anya* 
mbie, mi adoanla a?ie kota nl^nla^ mbulinU* 
aga oi)wango nrompolo, ndo mi kamba kao 


isaoa y'awulio nllpr^fSt nil Moses iale, yi 

23 Inl^, Erais e be juwa, ay^ kS nle olonga 
gw'itongunlia si bende, e be tumialia ozange 
gore anlaga, nla gore anl5nga. 

24 Ay 6 kamba p'isaon yinlSt g'oijwanji we- 
muS, F&tos agambi nVinyo' ivolo inl^, Pal, o 
tan] a : ineng' ipolo si tanliz&. 

25 Nle be buliS inle, mi tanla, rera Fgstos, 
udo mi kagunli' agamba m'ar^ti nl'okeli. 

26 Kande oga avoro isaon yinl&, o bukunio 
ikamba g'ozyo we. Kdnde mi jivira nl^, zyel' 
ez^ma gw'isaon yinl^ zi re k& pere ; kande 
osaon winla wi dmdo go ntulungu. 

27 Oga Agripa, o jivira iprSfet ? Mi avorb 
inle, o jivira. 

28 Nle be buli' Agripa awulinlie Pal inle, o 
be sunge panga mi^ doanle Eristian ? 

29 Ndo Pal awuli nle, kSikala gore Anyar 
mbie inle, ogw' alingo ge oling' ola, aranga 
w^ dadig, ndo waodu wi j^ginlo mie nlenl^ 
winla, tata wi re nli mpanginli yam, tombed 
pa imianga yinla. 

80 Ndo aye kamba p'isaon yinla, agumanli 
oga, nli gavSn, nli Bernisi, nla wao w'aloanli 
nla yS. 

31 Ndo gw'alnbui wao kw^, w'agambi wao 
Bla wao awnlia nl^ ; oma winl& e pa dend' 
osaon w'inyanga ny'ijuwa ge ntyogo. 

82 Nle be buli' Agripa awulinlie F^t&s inle, 

426 IJANJA. 

oma winlh ara tigo diSnga, kanle e bele je« 
k^lio nle Sizar. 


NDO gw'azombio inlS, azuwe ga zjSnlip 
agenda go Italia, w'avenli Pal nl'imbwe- 
di sinyewa sinySnle gore ngawg, ini nye nl^ 
Julios, yi nkanda y'isdzye yi Agustos. 

2 Ndo gw'agwenli zuwe g'owatanga wi 
Adramitium, kekiza pa go kenda gw'imbora 
si Esia, azuw' azy^nli ; offiSiri avegagi nl'a* 
zawe ini nyS nle Aristarkos, oqwa wi Masi*- 
donia yi Th^salonika. 

3 Ndo ntyngu mari awogwi zuwe go Sai* 
don ; Jalios ke ayanjinli Pal nkenga, arigS 
k^nda got' indego se, awong' ambi mao. 

4 Ndo gw'azSnli zuwe v&.va be piaganl? 
azuwe g'ozamba wi Saipros, kande ompunga 
w'avegagi akoma. 

5 Ndo gw'aviaganli zuwe go mbenle yi Si* 
lisia nli Fainfilia, awoijwi zuwe go Maira, 
nka' mpolo yi Lesia. 

6 Gogo alengi ngawS owatanga wi Alex»> 
andria wi kenda go Italia, aveliS zuwe 

7 Ndo gw'agSndi zuwe intyugu sinyezig)^ 
jangojango, azuw' ayegagi swaswfit nli Snai- 
d6sj kande ompunga wi mapinla zuwe, be BOt 
lia zuwe Krite swaswSi nli Salmon^s- 

8 Ow'azili piaganla zuwe yo, atienli zuwe 


go mbora y'aweliago inlS, Akwet' ambia, m'a* 
yegagi pi^rS nli nka' mpolo Lesia. 

9 Ndo egomb' ezyenge piaganla pa, nl'azyi- 
ngo goVatanga, kande esyonge z'aluo z'apia- 
ganli, PM alegi wao inle, 

10 Anloiiie, mi jenla inl^, ogendk winl^ wi 
be doanla nripera nli njuke, aranga gw'iga- 
mba nl'owatanga dadie, ndo go ffienla yazyo 

11 Ndo ngdwe ayiviri ngkvr^ y^owatonga 
nli mongi w'anlivi wo, viaganlo nl'agamba mi 

12 Ndo kdnde ikweta nyi p^gaga mbiambie 
go pungot gw'egombe z'ifwe, awenge w'awn- 
li nle, wi ga lubue vava, rendetua wi denge 
ngulu yi boijwa go Finise aloanla vkvk ego* 
mbe z'ifwe, ikweta nyi Krit, nyi ponla 
g^olomba nla go nkdffii. 

13 Ndo gw'a^ienli ompunga w'olomba nli 
nk^ngd w'avete nl^, w'alengi nt^ndinli yao, 
k& wao dnla agenda piaganla pi^rS nli Exit. 

14 Ndo pegag' olingo nrefizeggnge, z'aweli- 
afgo inl^, Eurokludon, z'awsoli wo, 

15 Ndo gw'agoti' owatanga k& w'al^ngo 
ngala yi ponP ompunga, azuw' arigi wo 

16 Ndo gw'a?ienli zuwe piSr^ nli nenge 
Ittari yi fwelio inle, KlStda, azuw' ayenli nju- 
ke go fer elende. 

17 Gw'arombinli wao zo, w'awong' inlungu* 

428 UANJA. 

nloy aliria owatangai nYiUm wo siga gq 
ntomba yi ntyeng^; ndo gw'azyonli wm 
ikaka w'arigi wo p^va. 

18 Ndo gw'awolanganlagi zuwe polo nVoga- 
la, ntyugu mari azuw' ayavuri owatanga. 

19 Ndo ntyugu yi ntyaro azuw' arombi 
nl'aga znazyo yama g'owatanga. 

20 Ndo jenlaole nkombe nrigSgeBli v^ 
ntyugu sinyenge, p^gaga k^ ogul' ogwanga 
gore zuwe ; o^ekelio w'ozuugiulo wazyo im* 
du w'aluo w'adubui. 

21 Ndo esyong' ela piaganla pa. Pal agu* 
manli go gare yao awulia nle, tata anlaw' 
ayaginlo mie, anloffie, ka azyeali'^ ayila go 
Ejrit go d^ng' azyingo nl'ipera sinl^. 

22 Ndo Venlky kakalaanii, zindinlanli ; klu 
nde be doanla ipera s'effienl^ gore nluwe, ndo 
kao owatanga. 

23 Kande y'aknmanli gore niie ogwSra wi- 
nlk enjel y'Anyambie, y'anlivi mi^, nla yi 
savinlo mi^. 

24 Inle, aria, Fal, o be bago g'ozyo wi Sizar ; 
vonla k^, Anyambie are pSi pa waodu wi rp 
nla wg g'owatanga. 

25 Samboi anlome^ zindinlanli; k^nde nd 
jivir' AnyambiS inl^, be doanla reti ga nt'a* 
bulinlio miS. 

26 Ndo azuwe ga yezye go n^nge m&ri. 

27 Ndo gw'aroenli igomi ny'igw^ra nUo- 
Tw^era w'inlai ayekeliagi zuwe go Adria, xk 


0gfw^ra nlengenlenge m<5iigi y^owatanga Va- 
irivi nle, wi syusya pi^r^ go ntye. 

28 Ndo gw'avungi wao ntyongi w'algngi 
agomi mi gaw' ambanli : ndo gw'ag^ndi 
wao fcw6' w'avSt pungi ntyongi alSng' igomi 
nli guwa tanli. 

29 Nle be tia wao inl8, azuwe vende jezya 
gw'ado, be punga wao nyilo nai gw'atinia, 
9kreV owenja jenja. 

30 Ndo gw'ateli mongi y'owatanga duba' 
avila g'owatanga, kk wao syonlia elende go 
Bibenle, w'aTaindi inle, wi bele pung' inyilu 
go nnmbu, 

31 Pal awulinli ngaw^ nrisazyg inle, kao 
winia, w'atiganla g'owatanga, anluw' almge 
ngulu yi tola. 

32 Nle be tenia isazyS arenV igulu y'elende 
adga zo poswa. 

33 Ndo gw'ayenji owenja, P&l awulinli wao 
inlS, wi ga nye inlg ; nlenla winl& nle igomi 
nrintyugu nai si re nluwe penga p'e^yonge, 
kft nluw' awong' ezSima. 

34 Yenld,, kdkal^anli nyanli ; klinde so nle 
itoli sanli ; k&,nde be poswa oruwe gw'ewonjo 
z'om' edu gore nluwe. 

35 Aye kamba p'isaon yinl&, awongie mpe- 
mba aV ake7a gore Anyambie, gw'azyo ma 
waodu, nla gw'ayaranti y6 yo avakili nya. . 

36 Nle be sindiinla waodu, anyenli waodu 

430 IJANJA. 

37 Ndo azQw' aregagi g'owatanga, &m\k 
yodu, nkama mbanli nl'agomi orogeulo iif^a» 
nlaga orota. 

38 Ndo gw'ayori wao inya w'ay&Yuri ofw^ 
tanga nrifal' inya go mbenle. 

39 Ndo gw'ayenji owenja wi miS ntye, ndo 
gValengi wao ik weta ny'avegagi nli nty^nge, 
w^aVeli sigiz' owatanga gogo, ja w'ajdiia. 

40 Ndo gw'avurunli wao inyilu w'arigi m 
go mbenle, ka wao purunia igulu yi pepa alu- 
ra ikuku g'ompunga agenda go ntye. 

41 Ndo gw'atienli wao gw'imbenle mbanli 
w'agSndizi owatanga go ntye ; nla gw'azigi 
numbu y'ay^i go nty^nge ; ndo atinla m'a* 
yarui nli ngulu y'ikeva. 

42 Ndo okambi VisazyS w'aroenli go joala 
imbwedi, si vende jaga aver a. 

43 Ndo ngawe aVeli penjavenje Pal, kSt jb 
dega wao nli nt^ndinU yao, azombi k@ inle^ 
woo wi re kk j&.ga wi ga longe poswa go 
mbenle azonge ntye. 

44 Nla gore affi^ri, awewa gw'intimbO) nlV 
wewa gw'imbSi s'owatanga; yenla aroli wao^ 
du go ntye. 


NDO gw'aroli wao, be mia wao inl^, n^n|^e 
y'aweliago inl6, Meliti. 
2 Ndo anlaga w'iga wi janjinla zawe nli 
kenga nyango; ndo gw'a?aki wao ogonli. 

EWONJO XXVra. 481 

w'aw^ngi azaw' edu, g'o^wanja wi ningo nFi- 

3 Ndo gw'azyagi Pal ita ny'isyakilia, aralia 
nyo gw'inlu, ekere z'agagwi g'ogonli, anlaffie 

4 Ndo gwayenli mongi w'iga ayeni' offia* 
mb' ombe bata g'ogSt we, w'awuii wao nU 
wao inl^, oma winla reti oyonlisi, o re tola pa 
avila go mbenle, ndo egunlu xi jtvirS doanla 

5 Be nyenye ofiiamba gw'inu, ka ay^nle 

6 Aresginlagi wao inl^, e be duma, ge po- 
arwa ayuwe n^gan^ga: ndo wao penginla 
p'oling' ola, ka ay^nle mpong^, w'agalai, 
awulia nl^, ayg AnyambiS. 

7 Go mbora m6 avegag' intyaga s'om' &nipo- 
lo wi n^nge, ini nye Publios ; o wongi zuwe 
anlanliza zuwe ntyugu ntyaro nl'ogwand' 

8 Ndo aruenli nlS, rere yi Publics aydgagio 
iie* ayiranla iwnffiu nyi ntyinla : Nle be ji- 
nginle P§.1 gore yS, agambinla arali aga gore 
ye arolize. 

9 Gw'aroenli yenlS, affi&ri k6 w'ay&gagio 
nkanli go nenge w'a?ienli arolizo. 

10 Nle be duba wao aluba zuwe nl'olub' 
ompolo, ndo gw'alubui zuwe, w'avenli zuwe 
y&ma y'avegagi nl'azuwe isySila. 

11 Ndo agweli araro piaganla pa, azuw' 


sKylnli nrowatanga wi Alexandria w^ave- 
nginlag' ifwi go nenge, owongoli w'awelio 
iol^, Kastor nli Foliix. 

12 Nle be snma zawe go Sairek^^ anlanla 
vava ntyugu ntyaro. 

13 Avila v&rd njirayiraga be bia zuwe go 
Rigium; ndo ntyugu mari piaganla pa, ompu- 
nga w'olomba w'avevinli, nli ntyugu mbanii 
atienli zuwe go Piutioli : 

14 Gogo al^ngi zuwe awangwe, w'aVeli 
zuwe doanla nla wao ntyugu orttgenlo ; yenllt 
ag^ndi zuwe go nkoya yi Roma. 

15 Nl'avila vkva, gw'aydgio awangwe g^o- 
qwanji wazyo, w-at'ienli go datanianrazuwe 
koanga go Apiai Foram nl'inago ntyaro si 
simbinF agenda ; nla gw'ayenli PM ayenla 
wao, ayenli Anyambi^ aketa azindinla. 

16 Gw'atienli zuwe go Roma, ngkvri^ ave- 
nP imbwedi gore Prifekt, ndo Pkl arigio doa- 
nla ayeme, avenjavenjo nli sazy^ mari. 

17 Ndo ntyugu ntyaro piaganla pa, P£l 
aweli nlafili volo y^Iju : nla gw'aVienli wao, 
awulinlie wao inlS; AnlofBe, nl'awdngwe, 
mi dend' osa' ombe gore anlaga, nla gw'i- 
niyale sa warere, ndo mi avenlio mbwedi avi- 
la go Jeruselem gw'aga m'lroman. 

18 Wao katiza pa mig w'ara tiga mie di^- 
nga, kande wi d^ng' ozyazya w^ijuwa nla 

^ 9 Ndo gw^alow' Iju mpaga, mi avangio ke* 


j^kelio nli Sizar, ndo mi pegaga nli ndaga yi 
s&ziza mie inl^ng& nyam. 
. 20 Sambo g'oi|wanja vd ndaga yinlk afwei* 
za mie nluwe go jenla nla go kamba ' nl'a- 
nluwe : kande g'oi|wanja w'oVekelio wi Ifi* 
reel akoro mi^ nl'izuiigakanlo nyinl^. 

21 Be bulia wao awulinli ye inl^; azuwe 
denge yango avila go Judia g'oqwanji w& ; 
zyel' oma ke gore awangwe o ?ienli gunlu o 
re takilia pa ge kamb' osa' ombe g'oigwanji 

22 Ndo azuwe bele jkgk gore we nte pivia ; 
kande g'ogwanja wi nkumba yixilk azaw' 
avoro inl^9 yi sazizo go mbori edu. 

. 23 Ndo gw'arevi wao ye ntyugu, af ienli 
awenge gore yg go nago; ka ye mieza wao 
polo inlongSt ny'Anyambig, avanga wao jivira 
isaon y'oijwanja wi Jisu, avila gw'ivanga nyi 
Moses nV avila gViprofet, avil' ibanga koanga 

24 Ndo aw^wSi w'ayirir' isaon /awulio, 
nl'awewa wi jivira. 

25 Ndo gw'aroenli wao wi datanl' onlumbu 
wao nl'awao, w'alubui, PSl kamba p'igamb' 
im&ri inle; Inlinl' ivia ny'agambi r6ti nli 
Aisaia yi Profgt gore ireri sazyo, 

26 Inl^, G^nda gore anlaga winl& kSt bulia 
nl6, Nl'aroi anluwe be jaga, ndo anluwe be 
kotiza; nli mponaga anluwe be ponla ndo 
anluwe be j^nla. 


434 IJANJA. 

27 E&nde ir^ma y'anlaga trinla yapkmi, 
Dl'aroi mao mi re dira g-w'ijkgk, nVantyS mao 
wi re mo nunja pa ; wi Tende jenia nl'antyS, 
nil jag& nraroi, nli kotiza nl'iremi yao, a ga- 
Ina, k& mig toliza wao. 

28 Yi ga mio gore nluwe, inle, isnnginla 
ft'Anyambi^ si re toffio pa gore anl6ng& ; wao 
k6 wi be jkgh. 

29 Ay^ kamba p'agamba minlk, Iju s'agg- 
nda^, alowe mpaga mpolo wao nia wao. 

30 Ndo PSlI aloanV impum imbanli go nag* 
w6 y^avagago ndS ipa, awKnga waodu w'a- 
t^iagagi gore y^, 

31 Nkambinlaga inl^nga ny'Anyambie, g© 
B^njaga isaon ya Rer^ Jisu Erais nli mbuku- 
nli mpolo, k& y^ al^o« 



1. The vowel sounds are rt, as a in far ; a, 
as a in fall ; e, as e in they ; e, as e in met ; 
i, as i in machine ; i, as i in pin (used only in 
proper names) ; o, as o in note ; o, as o in not ; 
Uf as 00 in moon ; u, as u in hut (used only 
in proper names). 

2. Consonants are used as in English, when 
occurring singly. G is always hard, usually 
guttural. In mb and mp the m is simply a 
nasal ; m is used for a mixture of m and w. 
In ndj nj\ nk^ nty the n is simply nasal. Also 
ngw in ngw€j mother; and ntt/ in ntyugu^ 
day. If has the same sound as ng in singer ; 
ty is sounded like ch in church ; sy, as sh in 
show; V, as vw; in n/, the / has an obscure 
sound, sometimes scarcely perceptible. 

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