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1905 J^^V 


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The Book Trade in tlie United F3tates in 1905 


Francis Keese fynkoop Driiry, A.M. 

Tliesis presented in partial fulfillment of the re- 
quirements for the degree of Bachelor of Library Soience 
in the Illinoi« 3tate library school at the University of Illinois 

Jiine, 1905 





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Introdvxctory note statiiic soope 




Critical estiiiatc of book trade conditions in 





New York 









FIstinate of other firms in tlie United States in various 

large cities: Albany, Syracuse, V/ashineton, 

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, 


Miniieapolio , and San Francisco 


on oo 
fcj 1 — tjfcj 

Sor:c tendencies in book trade organization 



! 5. 

Mechanioal make-up of the books 




uonc i lis ion 





1 ^ 

select list of the r;.ore important piiblishers and booksellers 

in the United States, arranged alphabetically by nair.e 


of publisher 






page 56 


i Introduction 

It is tho purpose of tliis thesis to state t}ie condition of tho book 

I trade in the United States it exists in 130-5, especially fror. th.o point 


of vie^ of a librarian. The history of the iniblishing, selling, and 
auctioning oT books from colonial days to t'le present tine woiild be an 
interesting study but this paper is confined to present day conditions ar^ 
does not ^ive a retrospect o-" tho nineteenth oentixry. 

It early in that century that an scornfully asked "7ho 
reads an American book?" and it can be easily believed tliat bookselling oc- 
cupied a larger place in th.ose days tlian bookpiibl isJiing, Today th.o pub- 
lishers of We^T Yor!k and Boston are flooding the country ^'.'itli books, and '.iritr. 
books Thich seen to find a ready narket. It is tho ago of books sjvl of 

i In the United States today there are tlireo ^yell defined centers in tlio 

trade of books: the great cities of No^t York, Boston, and Chicago. Cities 
are tlie natural centers of business. It is in t'lo twentieth century 

' than ever before. The trend of the population is city-ward, ITlierevcr tho 
cities are large, tliero ^e my expect to find every trade '.toII advanced, 
every city rriih its loading i^irius. Therefore, though, tho cities already na:n- 
ed eanily stand out as most iiaportaiit, still tliere are firms in otlier cities 
TTjiioh doTnand our attention. 

In considering the book trade in the United States, Boston rill be 

dealt Tit}i first, then Ne'.T York and thirdly Chicaco. Follo'A^ing tho trcat- 
jsent of those cities, other leading firus in the United States will be in- 
troduced, ta'cen in a geograpliical order fror: oast to Test in a journey froin 
the Atlantic to the Pacific. The endeavor is by this means to present tlic 
entire ^ield in a logical order. 


There *ra3 sono justification in the statenent onoe nade tliat Booton 
was the hu'o of tlie iiniveroe. Certainly in the literary world of the nine- 
teenth oentury Norr England led all Ar.ierica. Boston and its vicinity wao tlio 
"hub." ouch presticc onoe established is not easily lont , and Boston nay 
still be considered an important literary center. 


In the book trade we find this hi£;h standard naintain.ed. The pub- 
lishing houses of Boston rank high among those in Anerica and the firms of 
Houghton, I-.Iifflin 3: Company, Little, Brown Company, D. C. Heath Company, 
and the Oliver Ditson Cor.ipany are excelled by none. 

Houghton, Mifflin & Company nay be awarded the honor of being the first 
publishing house in America. Ito publications reach the highest standard. 
It issues '7orks oi" the greatest merit in rr.ajiy lines, but is especially 
strong in literature, history and biography. Its distinctive style of 
mechanical vrorkmanship can only be excelled by the printing of th^ De Vinne 
press of Ne'T York. Its long and honorable history, especially as the 
publisher of the Atlantic k'onthly, entitles it to the greatest consideration, 
and the literary excellence and handsome appearance of its publications 
combine to give it the leading place it noy liolda. 

The Oliver Ditson Company is the leading music firm in America, v;itr. 
branches in Nerr York, Philadelphia and Chicago, and agents in many otiier 


Little, Bro^n & Company has rariked high as a TirK: fron its very be- 
giiininc and f5ince it took over tho business of Roberts brot'iers in 1803 
it has added the standard olassios to its o"/n exoellent book list in ,'3;enoral 
1 iteratnre . 

n. G. Heatli 5: Company has had as r.arkod an influence on t;io intellectual 
life of America as any one firm. This has been because of its specialty 
i)i school and collese text-books in the various subjects of history,, 
math.omatics, Englisli literature and the nodorn lansuages. Through these it 
has reaciied the yotith of the land. 

The influence oC those four firms alone is sufficient to maintain Bos- 
ton as still the centre of culture, Moreover, these four ^irms set a hi^^h 
standard for the book trade of Boston. It is as if it oauclit the spirit 
of the place, and left bi£;nesc; for New York, and breeziness and briskness 
of sale for Cliioago and scii^iht "tlie things that are r.iore excellent." 

Boston has also firms vrith a specialty. Allyn & Bacon, Qinn 2: Company, 
and Small, ''aynard & Company, publish and deal in school and college text- 
books. Dana Estes S: Company, tho successor of Estes a Lauriat of Zigzag 
journey fa:":e, specialii^es in juvenile books. The Boston Book Company is a 
leadiiig la^ firm. Bates 3: Giiild, and Rogers Px I.'aiison are publishers of 
architectural and art books. The Pilgrim Tress, George II. Ellis, and A. 
T7ilde Company present publications of a religious natirre. The 11. U. Cald- 
rrell Company, Lothrop, Lec S: Shepard, and L. C. Page & Company issue standard 
and general '-rorks. 


The business of these firms, which have been mentioned, is not limited 


to the publishing of 'bookF!. Each one is a booksellfir also, not alono of its 
o'jrn publications, but aloo of general books of current interest. 

The second-liand.stores of Boston are long established. The Old Corner 
ooc3^ store has had its nejne revived, and Ooodspeed'o book shop, the Burnham 
antique bookstore, Cliarleo E. Lauriat 3: Company, and George E. Littlofiold 
arc firns kno-rn throughout the United 3tates for their excellent cataloGs, 
bargains and stock. The Boston Book Conipany , aside fror. its law business, 
has a library department 7/hich maJces a specialty of supplying libraries v;it]i 
ccriplote sets of periodicals and transactions. In its extent and business 
n-ethods it is unique araorig stores; and it is a reliable firr. rrith which to 

Auct ioneers 

Auction liouses can naturally exist only in tlie larger cities '^herc the 
buyers can asseir.ble. The auction firm of C. F. Liobie & Conpany is one of tlie 
best kno'^n in the East and has carried on an extensive business since its os- 
tablislunent in 1378, This, and the Anderson Auction Conpany of Nc;? York (suc- 
cessor to Bangs Company) are the leading ones in America. 

In snrming up the book trade conditions in Boston, while vve acknowledge 
the prominent character of its second-ha.nd dealers, we venture to conclude 
that liigh class publishing seems to characterize Boston more tlian any one 
thing else. 




New York is vrithout question the netropolis of America, Especially is 
it tlio center the book trade. In New York -^ro find the largest puiDlishing 
liorises, as well as Kany of the best knorm. Here also the publishers are con- 
gregated in greater nitrroers; tliere are nore seoond-haiid stores; there is nore 
printed raatter issued and liandled in No'y York than in any cit:,'' in tlie 
United States, Tliis in only natural, considering tlio size and inportancc of 
the city. 

As the brokers are on Tall street, the jeiTelers on llaiden Lane, and the 
great dailies on Ne^rspaper row, go th.e publishers in Nov; York seem to have 
selected a section of the city around vvhich to congregate. This is in the 
neighborliood of 23rd street and 5th aveni:e: In tlie exchange and sale of their 
publications this is to their mutual advantage. It also gives a select a:id 
literary air to that portion of the city "rtiich rapidly changes as one goes 
further north and reaches the t:ieatrc district at o4t]"'. street and tlio recidence 
section fron 50th street to liarlen. 


The great names anong Ne'7 York publishers are the Macinillan Company, 
Cliarles Scribner's sons, the Century Co:npa:iy , and Harper brothers. The 
prominence of th.ese four publishers is due to the }iigh class of publications 
which tliey produce, not alone in nechanioal nalce-np, but in the intrinsic 
excellence of the books themselves. They have very carefiil readers and they 
strive to maintain a high standard. 

The Macmillan Company ?ras established in 1891 as the American branch 

7 li 

of the London house of Macmillan & Company. Tt han continnod to act as 
suoh, hnt under tlie management of lir, George P. Brett as President it has 
developed and "built up an independent American trade until it is une of tlie 


I leading American book publishers of today. It has published in every line 
and seeks out solid books of permanent value. Art, religion, biography, 
mathematics if mentioned as special lines only sho'T hor varied is the field. 
As agent for t:ie publications of ColuiTibia university, of Ne'.r York and Car.- 
bridge university of England, it is brou.ght in contact -rith the educational 



world. It is also issuir^ several important educational and scientific 
series, such as Siglish men of letters, and History of American art. 

Charles Soribner's sons ranks with the Llacmillan Company, and these are 
the t:ro leading piiblisliijig houses in Nev/ York. Its list of publications is 
very general and very high class. Careful selection is made. It has special- 
ized in art and music books, but it no-v covers all from thi ancient 
classics to recent fiction and educational books. It aims at literary ex- 

The Century Company }ias been a famous house since it was formed in 1881. 
Its magazines. The Century and St. Nioiiolas, retain their liig^' standard, its 
r.onumental enterprise of tlio Century dictionary, cyclopedia a:id atlas has 
proved successful and its business has been increasing. A conservative firm, 
it has al'':ays stood for the best in publishing and printing. 

Harper brothers is one of the oldest firms in America, and at the present 
tine is one of the largest publishing hoxises in the United States. Its 
greatest success has been "^ith its periodicals. It has been a proGressiv© 



house , 

and poT^ular publishing^ 7/ith a tendency toward pretty books and vrook fiction. 
Its dictionaries and cyclopedias }iave been of good staJidard. 

Prcs'^in*: these four hard for first place are the firns of D. Appleton 
&i Cor.pany, Longnans, Green & Company, G. P. Ptitnan; 's £3ons, Dodd, Head 5: 
Company, and Thomas Y. Cro^vell 3t Company'-. Henry Holt & Cor^pany is a promi- 
nent pnblislier also, but o'^ing to his specialization in text-books, ;ig docs 
not come under tlie head of publishers in general literature, 

D. Appletoia Zz Compaiay piiblislios a varied class of science, art and bio- 
graphy, is 'T'.^ll knoT7n for its reference books, and makes a point of books 
in series. 7I-io best kno^n arc tlio International education scries, and the 
International scientific series. 

Longmans, Green & Company is primarily an English firm, but tlie liovr York 
brajich publislies extensively in the classes of general literature, theology, 
science and education. A work from this liouoc is of a:i assured standard, 

G. P, Putnam's sons is best knoTsrn for the "Stories of the nations", as 
•rell as -for other series as th.e Heroes of tlie nations, and Our European 
neighbors. It makes a specialty of Americaii and general liistor}''. 

Dodd, Mead 5: Company is a rather careless firm. It puts forth a poor 
grade of fiction, b\it its general li^.t is good, aid its reference torks first- 

Thomas Y. Crowell 3t Company is a publisher of standard sets, special 
libraries, and popular series. The library of economics and politics edited 
by Professor R. T. Sly is its most s.-jrious publication. 

To this list must be added also two smaller firns of core recent es- 

tabiiBhrient who promise to occupy a largo place anong; No'jt Yor3v publishers. 
Tliey are Doubleday, Page & Conpany, and I.IoClurs, Phillips 2: Conpany. 

DoTibleday, Page & Corapany has introduced several nov to th.o read- 
ing iniblic, and is no^r actively interested in nature books. 

I.IcClure, Phillips & Corapany is making rapid strides toward tiio loading 
publishers. Its publications cover a wide range of subjects, and it has 
rseoured popular authors. Its bookiriaJcing is artistic and excellent. 

All of tlicse mentioned so far have a general olar?s of publications not 
linited to a particular field. This makes tliom better kno-vn among the literary 
people of America. But publishers of special kinds of y/orks are fo'ond also in 
New York and many of them leaders in their lines. The following are the more 
important ones, arranged by tii'^ir specialty: 
Educational works and text-books 
American Book Company 
A. G. Barnes & Company 
Henry Holt a Company 

L. Kellogg Company 
Maynard, Merrill cc Company 
Silver, Burdett Z-. Company 
Engineering and science 
Spon 3c Cliamberlain 
D, Van No strand 3: Company 
John TTiley & sons 

Architectural works 

TTiilian 7. Coiastook 

David Lillians Company 
Religious and devotionp.l ^rorka 

A. C. Arnstronc & son 

Benziger brothers (Roman Catholic) 

E. P. Button Sc Company 

Eaton & ilains (Llethodist) 

Funk S: lasnalls (Je'.7if5h) 

E. S. Corhan C Episcopal) 

Thomas Nelson & sons 

C'7it:i the publications of E. .5: J. 3. Young S: Conpany) 

Oxford university press (Araorican branch) 

James Pott 5: Company 

Thomas Wliit taker 


Biglow Sc L'ain Company 

Charles K. Ditson 2c Company (representing the Oliver Ditso 
Conpany ) 

Novel lo, Ewer & Company 

(J. Sohirmer * 
Agricultural works 

Orange Judd Company 
Veterinary science 

Tilliar.1 R. Jenkins 


Tho influence of the nublishor on the public in of great nomont. In his 
hemds lies the acceptance of a book, the issue oT it in attractive form, tho 
distribution of it anong the trade. If he accepts a good booh and puts it 
forth in an .excellent vray }iis influence in for sood. If lie decides to pub- 
lish one injurioiis to morals, to manners, to custom, and yet dresses it as a 
sug:arcoated poison, he becomes an influence for evil. 

The publishers of Nev; York as enumerated above st>ind out as nen accept- 
ing: this crave responsibility, being men of education ajid often o:" culture. 
As a consequence the publishing business in Ne'v York is on a high level. Nor 
can tho efforts of publishers be commended too Iiighly, -rjien tlioy strive to 
raise the standard by publishing their books in an attractive and artistic 
form. "Die exterior of a book elevates and educates as well as that :7hich lies 
written within the covers. 

Engliolt publishers' agents 
The desirability of being located in Ncv York lias been recognized by 
several firms which have moved their houses there; as 7.. P. Button 5: Company 
and Tliomas Y. Cro*rell S: Company; by others which have large branches there, as 
Iiovighton, :!ifflin 3: Company, D. C. Heath i Company and the Oliver Ditson Com- 
pany; a:vi also by English hoiises whose New York branches are almost as largo 
as tlieir London estabiislunent and are not simply agencies but publishing 
houses. Tho most prominent of tliese are The Macmillan Company, Longmans, 
Green 3: Company, and John Lane. These vrere all originallj'' started as branches 
of tho London firms \7ith. the express purpose of imTX)rting tlio English pub- 
lications; but they all have built up a separate publisTiing business. Charles 


ScribnerB' sons is of a different type, sinoe it is essent iallj'- ail /j'.erican 
piiblishing house. Its importing department, hcj^fever , does a res^ilar im- 
porting business for libraries and individuals, and also raaJ;es it a point 
to carry in stock and to catalog the publications of certain English firms; 
as, T. S: T. Clark of Sdinburgli. The Macnillan Company also handles certain 
Englisli publications; as tho Bohn libraries, and all the books of C^eorge 
Bell o: sons, of '\dan ^ Charles Black. E. S. Grorham malces a specialty of 
importing C;uirch of England and Episcopal books and tho publications o? tho 
S, P. C, K. Thomas TnittaJcer deals in English religious books. The Oxford 
university press (Anericaji branoli) carries all th.o Oxford Bibles and further 
supplies all the Clarendon presf5 publications of Henry Frovrdo. T}io?::ao Nelson 
& sons is a branch of tlie English house and handles the Bibles, prayer books 
and hymnals issued by it. 


The importing businesf? is carried on extensively by certain firms in Now 
York, and, aside from those already mentioned, is alrxjnt exclusively in tho 
hands of Germans or those of Grerman descent. Tliis is manifest frori the names 
of the loading firms: as 

0. 15. J^techert A Company 

Lencko 5: Buechner 

Dyrsen ^ Pfeif for 

E. Gteiger 

Kenry I la Ik an 

These agents make a specialty of importing French and German books and 


always oarry a large supply on hand. iMany of them have branches in the large 
cities a'oroad. But they are not confined to the publications of Crermany and 
Trance, but "^ill -rillinf^ly inport from England, Italy, Spain, Russia, or any 
country of the -^orll. Thoy are also general second-hand dealer", and are of 
the greatest service to libraries in acting as agents for forcicn books and 
periodicals, rare and oi'.t of print books. 


As in Boston, tlie publioiiers of He\T York oarr-y on a general bookselling 
business, in connection ^rith the sale of their o'^n publications, a:id nearly 
every ^irn already spoken of may be classed p.n a bookseller as well as a pub- 

In addition Not York has an abundance of dealers in second-hand books. 
Its streets are lined 'rith small shops doing business in ov.t-of-print -.yorks. 
These are of little interest to libraries as they seldom issiio a catalog and 
hence their stoc?< does not become known. 

But there are also many dealers who issue catalogs and do a large exten- 
sive and oat isfactory business. The best knovm of tliese are Francis P. Aar- 
per, who has an enormous stock of A".ierioajia, Edward Caldwell wlio ma^'.es a 
specialty of engineering books and periodicals, and A. 3. Clark who has re- 
cently moved from Fulton street to Peekskill, TIew York. Leggat brothers was 
a faiiious firm for old books, on a par witli Leary's old bock shop of Phila- 
delphia, and the biisiness has been extended by the successors in 1905, Aimnon & 
Llackel. Francis E. Grant and Oscar Tegelin issued catalogs containing in- 
teresting items. 


As a Tholo thQ seoorid-liand shops of Ne'^r York do not oompare -aith those 
of Encland or Germany. They rank irell, hoTrever, with others in America. 
Tiieir stook is raostly Amerioaiia, and not so much the old bookn of other 
countries. Tao^.e are only to be found abroad euad must be rsoncht there. 
Anerioaji dealers naturally are strong in the pub lioat ions of this coimtry. 
Since our book publisiiing is of comparatively recent groifht, books out of print 
'JTith /taerioan publishers may profitably be sought there, but further seeking 
for other books is generally fruitless. 

Auct ioneers 

As already noted under Boston, the leading auction h.ouse in New York City 
is the Anderson Auction Company. Tliis firia b^igan business u:ider its present 
nane in 1003, when John A:iderr,on, ^v., bought out the business and good will of 
the well known Pirm of Bangs 8-. Company. 

Library agencies 

Nev; Yorl: has t^o firms which have a large library department: Charles 
ocribner'B sons, and The 3a!^er 5-. Taylor Company. 0. P. Putnar.i'o sons supplies 
libraries, but h-a"? no separate department. The importing booksellers already 
r.iontioned, of course, make a specialty of it. The Bajcer « Taylor Company is 
more a dealer than a publisher, and it very fittingly comes witliin its line. 
Charles Scribner's sons, hov/ever, makes it a special department. Tliis matter 
of supplying libraries is not of profit to the agent who does it, save as an 
advert isii\g medium. ' He is simply a transmitter of books from the producer to 
the consiijiier, and with the enormous discounts asked for and granted, liis pro- 


fits arao^mt to alnost nothing. Still alnof?t any reliable local agent ia glad 
tc do it, P'jrhaps \7ith a sraall connission charged to cover handling, but of- 
ten "ETithout oven that profit. New York io a natural center for such a busi- 
ness, and many libraries "rhioh are not near any large city, as Philadelphia 
or Chicago, consider it worth y/hile and clieaper to order in large shipments 
direct frc^. the publialiing metropolis of the United States. 


In conclusion New York City is tlie center of tlie book trade in Anerica. 
It leads in the number of its ptiblishers, in the extent of its publications, 
in its inporting business, and naturally in its sale o*' books. In special 
lines it nay be excelled by individual firms in otlier places: as, in Boston 
by the high standard of cultvire maintained by Houghton, Llifflin Z- Conpany; in 
Philadolpliia by Leary's second-hand book shop; in Washington by Lowdermilk ' s 
government publications' store, and in Cliicago by MoClurg's enorraous selling 
departnont. But for all around general book trade it is t'le leading city of 
the western continent. 



Chioaco is nore of a bookselling tlian a bookpublishins center. This is 
shown in the Targe number of Eastern publisliors who have branches for the sale 
OL* their issues in tlus section aiid in tlie enormous -.rholesale a:id retail busi- 
ness of A. C. LlcClurc" & Company. This firn stands out preSniinent a:nong those 
in the trade in Chicago and oven in t'le niddle vrest. It is practically the 
only large iriporting firm in tliis region, it is tlie only local firin -.Tliioh at- 
ter-pts publisliins oiitsido oT special lines, it carries t!ie largest line of 
books in its stock of any firm v^'est of the Allogxianios, it 1ms a departnent 
devoted to rare and choice books, and it is t]ie only one to cater to the 
library trade with a special library departnent. 

Tiie next large firm of importance is Pand, IIcNally 5: Conpany -/•hich has 
nade a specialty of publishing naps,- globes, atlases and geographical works 
until t'ley are famous in Anorioa for tliat. 

Callaghan 5: Company and T. H. ^lood <5: Company are -^ell knorrn firms '.7hich 
publish and deal in layr books. The Fleming H. Revell Company, probably the 
largest p.iblisher of religious books in America, has its headquarters in 
Chicago. TIio Open Court I^ublishing Company is also established there ^yliencG 
it issues its philosophical works. 


There are several second-riand booksellers who are 'Worthy of consideration, 
cjiief among them Frank M. llorris and Harry Falkenau. Bot}: of these carry a 


largo and desirable stock of Anericana, rare and second-}iand books. Other 
firns whioh oarry stook oT interest are G. M. Beok'rith opeo ialisinc: in second- 
hand la'7 books, Cr. Broes van Dort , dealer in arohiteotural and Gorman books, 
Koellins S: rClappenbach, importer of German and foreign books, and the Library 
clearing house, which makes a specialty of general works, the clas^icn and 
theology. |j 

The Heide collection deals in rare and valuable antiquities, and incliides 
books among its stook. It also sells then at public auction, and constitutes 
the only auction house in CTaicago. j 

Mention has been made of the many Eastern liaving branches in 
Chicago. A list of the more important "rill sho^ ho-?f true tliis is: 
New York firms: 

American Book Company 

D. Applet on 5: Company ' 


Benziger brothers I 
Centu.ry Company ' 
Dodd, Mead S: Company j 
Doubleday, Page 5: Company 
Globe School Book Company 


Harper brothers j 


Henry Holt S: Company 

E. L. Kellogg & Company 

Longmans, Green S: Company I 
The Macmillan Company I 




Cr. P. Putnam 'a sons 
Charles Scribner's sons 
Silver, Burdette S: Compauny 
Boston firms 

Allyn St Bacon 

Oliver Ditson Company (in Lyon 3: Ilealy) 
uinn & Company 
D. C. Heath & Company 
Hoi-vrhton, Mifflin 5: Company 
Sibley 3: Company 
T. A. Tilde Company 
Philadelphia Tirms 

American Baptist Publication Sooiety 
Arnold « Company 

Presbyterian Board of publication a-nd Sabbath soiiool -.rork 
Firms of other cities 

Jennings .5: Pye (Methodiot book concern) of Cincinnati, Ohio 
Lawyers' co^Jperative publishing company of Rochester, Nott York 
The central point around wliicli tl-.cso bookstores, '-rliolesale, retail and 
second-hand, are gathered may be fixed at Dearborn street 3: !7abas;i avenue, 

Tiie aim of the book trade in Cliicago seems to be to meet the demand plac- 
ed upon it by the people a:ad libraries in the region, and it seems to supply 
this demand. There is less call for publishing than for selling in Chicago, 
tlie former is neglected for t}ie latter, and in both there is greater special- 

ization. Yet as the center of population gradually noves furtlior reot and 
the influenoo of the '.eastern universities witli their more highly educated 
alujnni is more and more felt, it may be expected tliat publishing y;ill in- 
crease in Chicago. 



In Philadelphia is the publishing house of the J. B. Lip:;>incott Conpany, 

one of the most important outside of the three oities already/ mentioned. It n 


is an old and prosperous firm. Its referenoe vrorks have given it a good re- 
putation and high standing. Its soientifio and educational TCrks are also 
good. Other firns in tliis oity are tiie John C. Tinston Conipany, v;hich in 
January, 1905 took over tlie business of Henry T. Coatcs Company, and addod 
its books of a misoellaneous popular cliaraoter to its o~m publications of 
Bibles and juvenile vrcvks; David McKay, vrho iosvies standard sets, popular Trorks 
and a general assortment, ?. Blalciston's son 3: company, and Lea brothers & 
company, both piiblishers of medical and chemical books, Henry Carey Baird 
3: Company, a publisher of industrial and scientific \Tork3, and George 7'. 


Jacobs 4 Company and the Henry Altemus Corapaaiy, v/ho specialize in rclif^ious 


These firms are also booksellers just as t'ne publishers in otlior cities 
are. But Philadelphia is distinguished for its famous shop for second-hand 
books: Lcary's Old Book Store, Trhicli has long olainod to have the largest | 
collection of any. Oeorge It, Rigb}'' is a dealer in AmericaJia, fine art and 
miscellaneous books. 



In New York r>tate, Albany in diat iiicuished by its senealosioal publisher 
and bookgellor, Joel Ilunsell's sons. It lias alao several second-!iand bool:- 
stores of note, suc'i an Jolm T, Cadby and Joseph LIoDonoush, Syracuse has 
the educational publisher, C. 7. Bardeen, -^ho despite poor paper and press 
'7ork has issued many valuable works on educational subjects. 

ViTashingt on, D. C. , has the largest printing office in the world and a 
second-hand store which is the largest dealer in tlie output of that office. 
Txie first is the Government printing office, and the other is '7. H. Lowdormilk 
Si Corapa>iy which makes a specialty of covernnent publications. 

Cleveland and Cincinnati, both, midway between New York and Chicago offer 
good fields for the book business. Cleveland has the publishing, importing 
and bookselling houses of the Burrows brothers company and the ArtMir H. Clark 
Company. Bot}\ of th.ese houses have undertaken enormous publisliing ventures; 
the one the 73 volmes of the Jesuit relations; the other, the sets of the 
Philippine Islands, and Early iJestern travels. Cincirj;at i the firm of the 
Robert Clarke Company, historical and law publishers, and until their fire 
of February 2G, 1903 extensive second-liand dealers. Tliey have continued their 
business despite this disaster. In tliis city also are the headquarters of the 
John Clinroh Company, tiie church hymn publisher, and Jennings & Pye of the 
Methodist Book Concern. Ezekiel i Bernlieim is a firm of auctioneers of 
prominence in this section. 

Indianapolis lias recently spriing into fame by reason of tlie Bobbs-Morrill 
Company and their flaming advertisements of their fiction. The firm, liowever, 


has speoializod in novols and TQifortimately tries to sell a book by insistent 
advertising ratlier than by supplying good v;ares. 

For such a large oity 3t_. Louis has littl-j to nal:e it of book trade in- 
terest. Ferdinand P. Kaiser has published sone sets of value, as Bre-.ver's 
World's best orations. 3. Herder has an occasional book of inportance. The 
firms of the Gilbert Book Conrpany aiid the F. H. Thonas Lav: Book Conpany issue 
books in t'loir specialty of laTr. 7ith tliis the tale is told. 

Miniieapolis has developed recently as a center of interest in a sur- 
prising yrey. This is duo to the energy and success of the H. 17. V/ilson Company 
in its bibliographical underta!<ings. It is a matter of vronder ho77 thoy keep 
30 up to date '.r:ion they are such a distance fron t!ie roa.1 publishing centers. 

Paul Elder 5: Company of San Francisco is a new firra, having been es- 
tablished only in ISOS, but its publications liailing from the breezy west and 
brilliant Golden Gate are sought after by many throughout tlie East. Artistic 
surprises characterize its T7ork. The Tnitalier 5: Ray Coi.ipany also publish 
quite extensively, issuing especially v/ritiiigs by '.restern authors. The leading 
laTT publisher of the Pacific coast is the Bancrof t-lTliitney Compa:r/ also of 
San Francisco. These firms are also the leading booksellers. 



A preoent tendenoy among tho publishing houses is tliat tiio firr. shall be 
a stock corporation and not a private company. Several of the loading firms 
have been reorsanized on this basis. The best kno^n examples are tlio firms 
of D. Appleton 3: Company and Harper & brothers, since these reorganizations 
were occasioned by the failure of both f irm.s in the same year. It may be ex- 
pected that all t!ie leading houses will need the increased capital thus 
furnished in order to keep pace ^ith tlie growth and extent of their business. 

Another tendency is the uniforr.ity of method which is being introduced 
in the book trade firough t'le tvro trade organizations: The American Publishers 
Association and The Retail Booksellers' Association, Tl'ie members of those as- 
sociations, including all t}ie leading publishers aiid booksellers in tlic United 
States, are working to bring about uniform and standard m.ethods of selling. 
Not only the book trade in American -Till be affected, bu.t also tlio trade in 
England because of the branches of Englisli houses now in Am.erica, "he most 
noticeable of this uniformity is 7fi\&t is knov/n 8.s the net price system 
by which no book published in accordance with the association rules may be 
sold witliin a year at less than tho list price, nor may a reduction of less 
than lO/o be -xade to libraries and the trade. The only exceptions to this are 
in tho oases of fiction aiid juveniles. The purposes of the net price system 
when adopted three years ago were to establish a uniform basis for selling, 
to eliminate selling to out rate dealers, to give the average local bookseller 
a certain sure profit, and to place all puroliasers on a par as far as possible 


in short, to reestablish the sta:idinc of the publishers with the booksellerg 
and the pifolio. It was recognized that no one was sure That reduction '/yoiald 
"bo made on a book since the discounts varied frorc 10 to 40 per cent. The 
system seemed to neet Tith favor 'vitli all save v/ith libraries. TIic result 
has been fairly satisfactory. ITie list prices of tlie books have been re- 
duced to approach so^ne^/herc near the forner discounted price, the tcrris to 
all dealers are the sane, the local bookseller has been benefited, all pur- 
chaser'? ao a rule pay the same price, and the publishers are thought tc be 
"playing fairer" than before. The libraries are still dinoontented. The 
average prices of tlie Araerican books purchased by thom has been increased, so 
that the number of books ^.Thicla can be bought for a given amount is reduced. 
Their arguments for a greater reduction are the great purchases made by then 
throiighout the country and the educational value of the libraries. At the 
present tine the system seems to be still in an exjjor inental state. 


One v/ord must be said concerning the printing and binding of the books 
of the day. These are the thitvj^s which first mark a i-ublishcr in th.e eyes 
of many a reader. They are often the introdu.ct ion of a reader to the publisher, 
and the im.pro33ion remains fa.vorable or unfavorable as tlie case may be. That 
publisher is good or bad. His actions spealc louder tlian words. The leading 
writers seek the larger metropolitan publishers just as muo}i as tlie publishers 


seek their iTritero. Tliey know their Tork --Till be is^snod in a presentable 
forn. Certain publishers adopt certain styles in addition to a press nark. 
It is not diff ionlt to recosnize the type of the Iviverside press used by 
Houchton, Mif-Plin 5; Company. A Maoinillan book generally is kno^n at a glance. 
The alnont perfect typography of tjie DeVinne press is al'/rays a souroo of de- 
light to tliose who know its product. It is in those smaller details of pub- 
lishing - the type, the paper, the press work, and tlie binding - that the lead- 
ing publis'iers are so superior to their lesser confreres. And \intil these can 
match, their bigger rivals in such respects they cannot liope to compete trith 
tiien for the publishing of many books. 


In this paper the character of the leading firms in the larger cities has 
beer, sho^n. It has further been demonstrated tliat the publishers are centered 
in the East and in the great cities, No'.t York being the netropolis. But it has 
been sho^n also other finns can supply local demands aiid suit the local 
conditions, "cnii that their publishing is not national, but rather spasmodic 
ajid special, ""ne great publishers are and rill remain in the, groat cities. 

It has been slioirn also that dealers in second-hand books are not nec- 
essarily in the largest cities. Often they are best vr}ien away and in the 
small to'Tns. They thus pick up more local Americana, and by issuing catalogs 
and by using the mail and express can supply a largo patronage at considerable 

distances, TTiorefore they are found scattered throvȣ:hont the land. 

It lias been shown, ho'^ever, tliat auctioneers do not and neoesr;arily can- 
not exist at any i<:;reat distance fron a large book mart. Also library agents 
and importers are found in the cities, since supplies must be received and 
forT7arded from a central base. 

And finally it lias been shew that a publisher is to be tented both by t 
intrinsic merit of his publications and by his practical skill in publishing 
then, A fair jewel in a poor setting is as distasteful and ob.joct ionable as 
a paste stone in a solden mount. It is tlie chaste jewel in a proper setting 
that renains in favor and thus ^;ins its just rcTrard. 



A Bel&ot list of the more important publishers and booksellers in the 
United States. 

Note: This list is not intended to be a conplote one. If such informa- 
tion if. vra^'itod, reference must be made to tlie Directories r^entioned wliicli aim 
to do But it does try to give the firms which are of the greatest in- 
terest and value to librarians and others interested in the purchase of books. 
For that reason it is a list of* seicoted firms. 

Note 8: The date after the nacie denotes the year in which the firm began 



ADAKS dry goods co. 

Gth .?: 21st St Ne'f Yorlt City 

A boo>: selling department store: mostly current popular books 

ALLIANCE publishing oo. 

569 Fifth av No'v York City 

Publisher of occult netaphysical theosophical and ''advanced 
thought" books 

ALLYN & Bacon 1369 

172 Tremont st Boston 

Publislier of school and college text-books 

Henry ALTU-IUS co. 

507-513 Cherry st Diiladelphia 

Publisher and bookseller: issues religious, Sunday school, juve- 
niles and standard works, aiid deals in the sane 

AMERICAN Baptist publication society 
142C Chestnut st Philadelphia 

Publisher and selling a^::ent "or the Baptist denomination 

ALTSRICAN book co. 1330 

100 Taohirigton sq NeT York City 

Publisher of school and college text -books. One of tlie leading 
firms in this ^.peoial line. Branches in Cincinnati, Cliioago, Bos- 
ton, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Fraiicisco 

AIvILION ^ Mack el 

81 Chambers st Ih.vj York City 

Successors to Leg^'at brothers. Large second hand stock 

17 H ANDERSON 2c Co. 

515 Main st Cincinnati 

' Publislior and bookseller. Ma-ces a specialty of lavr books 

ANDERSOIJ auction co. 1900 

5 ':7e3t 20th st New York City 

This firr.i continues t}ie auction firr. of Bangs co '^luch had a 
long career. It sold out to Jolm Anderson, jr. in 1900. llr. 
Anderson had carried on an auction business since 1837. This is 
t/'e largest auction hoiise in New York and it has sales alr.ost daily 

ANDRUS 3: Church 

Ithaca, No^sr York 

Publislier and bookseller, handling the local trade and sone of 
Cornell imiversitv 


ANTIQUARIAN book store 

43 East Van Buren st Chicago 

Ne^ and second-liand "book seller 

ANTIQUE book store 

311 Monroe st Toledo, Ohio 

F C Riffel, manager, deals in seoond-iiand and rare books 


43G-33 Firth nv v,er York City 

Publisher of a varied class of books. Noted for its standard 
reference books, and series. Installnent i^laii led to failure in 
1899 and as a result a stock oonpanv \iras for.^iod. Branches in 
Boston, Chicago, and Lo ndo n 


3 3: 5 East ISth st No\t York City 

■^iblisJier of theclocical and religions books and certain standard 
authors. Also a dealer in religious literature 

ARNOLD i 00 

41o-4Sr? Sanso-:i st Philadelphia 

Publisher of cook books and niscellaiieous rorks 

Henry Carey 3AIRD 3: co 1735 

310 lalnut st Pliiladolph.ia 

Publislior and bookseller; specializes in industrial, practical, ^nd 
scientific rrorks 

BAKER .1; Taylor oo 1330 

33-37 East 17th st Nev York City 

Wholesale bookseller, ;^'ith a library departruent ; carries sone 
second-liand books. Selling agents for '^ords, llo^^ard St Hulbcrt. 
Publisher of miscel laiieous -rorks. Not ai'i extensive output. House 
founded in 1330 a--. Tar-er, Brace ^: co; firn nario of Baker S: Taylor 
CO taken in 1333 

BAKER, Voor'nis i co 

C6 Nassau st Ne*?.' York City 

Publi3?ier and seller of lavr bocks 

BAIICROFT-Tmitnoy co 1335 

612-22 California st San Francisco, California 
Publishers and sellers of law books 


475 Broadrray Albany, Ne?7 York 

La'7 bookseller and publisher 

BANKS la^v ■nublisJiinr oo 

?.l i"Inrray st Ne'v York City 

LaT publisher and 'boekseller. ouooesBor to BanJcf? 2t bros 


406 South Fra^r.liri st oynxonae , Nevr York 

Edmat ional publisher; vrorks are extensive along that line, but 
poorly printed 

A S BARNES 5c oo 1838 

15^^ 7ifth av ]}&fr York City 

Bookseller of educational vrorks. Publisher of a linitod list of 
misoellaneous books 

BARTLETT'S book store 

33 East ?!2nd st Nevr York City 

Dealer in no'T and seocnd-hand books 

BATES & Guild 

42 Chaunoey st Boston 

Publisher of art and arcliiteotural books 


P.lo Clark st Chioago 

Bookseller of seoond-hand law books, and sor.ic general literature 

Howard Gilford BELL 1003 

259 ?ifth av New York City 

Publisher of tlie "unit books", standard "/orks in uniforr. height, 
paper and binding, sold at one cent for eaoh u^-^^it of 25 pages 

BELL book "a stationery oo 1858 

914 E Main st Rio;u-nond, Virginia 

Bookseller: miscellaneous, lavr, medioal and sch.ool 

I.Iatt}iev 3ETJDER 1337 

511-513 Broad'.-ray Albany, Ho-r York 
LaT bookseller and publislior 

BENZIuER brothers 

3C Barclay st Ne'.7 York City 

PubliSiier of Ro:nan Catholic books, being' the printer to the Holy 
Apostolic See. Bookseller and importer of Ronan Catliolic v/orks 

BIGLOY; 8: Main co 

135 Fifth av New York City 

Publislver of hymns, music, etc 


P.P,1 Colunfoiis av Boston 
Eduoational pu"blxslier 


'GO Cornliill Boston 

Old, rare, and second-hand bookseller. 

? BLAKISTON'S 3on S: oo 1843 

1012 Talniit st Pliiladelpliia 

PiibliBher and bookseller: issues and deals in nodical, dental, 
pharnaceutical , and chenical books 

BLOCK publishing co 

758 Broad-sray Ne'? Ycrl: Cit]'- 

Publisher and seller of Jevish and Hebre'sr books 

BOBBS-?^errill oo 

9 T Washington st Indianapolis 

SucoGRsor to t'^c Bowen-Merrill co. Publisher of nisoellaneous 
litoratvire and law. Bookseller in all lines 

BGERICKE 3: Tafel 1335 

1011 Arc-i st Philadelphia 

Publishers and sellers of homeopatliic ^orks 

BOSTON book oo 1334 

33-01 Francis st Boston 

As a publislicr United to la^r, and also an a bookseller. Its 
library department makes a specialty of complete sets of periodioalf 
and transactions of societies. Issues a Bulletin of bibliography 
containing reference lists on special subjects, and tlic births and 
deaths of periodicals 


7G Nassau st l^&'r York City 
Second-hand dealer 

Schuyler 3 BRAD? 1904 

155-57 '^Tashington st Cliicago 

Bookseller: Ai^iericana, general, Tirst editions 


5-9 Union sq New York City 

Bookseller and publislier. Carries a niscellaneous stock, nostly of 
neT books, and publisher; '.That might be ternod "books A la r.ode . " 
3ra:iches in V/asliir-gton and London 


218 LaSalle st Chicaeo 

Doalor in "booko on architecture 

BUSIER pu-oli shine oo 

Lynn , Massaohiiset t s 

PTiblishcr of eleotrioal works 

3URNHA." antique book store 18S5 
2 uilk st Boston 

Second-hand book seller, dealing in the old and rare 

BURRCTS brothers co 1373 

133 liJuclid av Cleveland, Ohio 

pTxblif5lier and general bookseller 


52-5S Diiane st Ke'.T York City 

Publisher of cheap stajidard T7orks, popular libraries suid juvenile 
set8. '"holesale bookseller 

JohJi BYRNE & 00 

1322 F st N ¥ ^ashiiie'^ton, D C 

Seller and importer of new and second-hand la-v books 

John 7 CADBY 

131 Ilaglc at Albany, Ne'.v York 

Bookseller; second-hand, local liistory, genealogies, autographs 

Edv/ard CALD7ELL 

112 Liberty st Ne-.? York City 

Specialty is selling engineering periodicals and scientific books 

H M CALDWELL co 1806 

2Go-21S Suraner st Boston 

Pub li slier of stajidard books. Has a branch in Ne^ York 


114 llonroe st Chicago 

Law book publisher and seller. Especially good for la-^ continua- 

CARSON, Pirie, Scott co 

103 Gtate st Chicago 

A bookselling department is in this Departrient store 



C N CASPAR 00 book emporium 

437 E 7ater st I'ilwaukec, «fisoonsin 

Bookseller, importer and publisJier. IliBORllaneons stock 


43-45 East 19th st Neisr York Citj^ 

Pii'olislier of art books aiid general litoratiire. Branch of the! firr. of Cassell 'e go, London 

CENTURY Co 1831 

Union Ne-v York City 

Cor.pany fornied in 1S81, though a r.-iasazinc departrAeut had been 
started a?5 early as 1865. 3G£;an first a.r, publisher of the periodi- 
cal; Century na^azine, and St. Nicholas. Noted for its Century 
dictionary; also its standard biography and art p-'.folications. 
Press work nearly all done by tJie DeVinne pros;?, Firm does ^^eneral 
book 36 11 ins. 

Thomas CHAT70 , 
2^1 fifth av TToTT York City 

Seoond-haiid dealer, rare books, illmiinated nss., etc 

CKS!.!ICAL pub li shine ''o ^ 
Easton, Pennsylvania 

/Vs its name implies a publisher o" books on c;ienistry and allied 
subjects. Several sood mono£:raphs have been issued of late 

CHICAGO, University of Chicaso press 
53th st & Ellis av 

Established to p\xblish th-3 productions of the University of Chicago 

John CHURCH co 

Fourth Sin stn Cincinnati 

Publisher and seller of hyrans, music, etc 


r318 Tashincton st Peek skill, New York 

Second-hand booksol'^-^r •.■/ith Ar:cricana specialty. Ilovcd in 1304 
from 174 Fulton st . , i^^'York 

Arthur H CLARK oo 1002 

1025-2^ Carficld building Cleveland, Chic 

Publisher, aiid dealer in nisoellaneous , old, and rare books 


The Robert CLAHK.E oo 1858 

13 Eaf?t 4tii St Cincinnati 

Bookscllor and publisher. Burned out 1903. Publications sre 
bemft reprinted and Rtoclc beinc replaced. I^efore V^o fi-e it had 
a very lar^e stock of Ar.oricana 


Park Px Treniont sts Boston, Hassachusetts 
Cfenealoeical publisher 

!!'illian T >TO.\'STOCK 

23 Tarren st New York City 

Publislier of vrorks on architecture, buildinf; and oar^^entry. Dealer 
in architectiu'al books 

COMSTOCK publishing oo 

43 East av Itliaoa, Ne.v York 

Publisher of some of Cornell university publications 

CONGREGATIONAL Si.inday acliool a:id publis]iin£ society 
14 Beacon st Boston 

Th.e publishing society of the Congregational church, knoTn an tlio 
Pilgrin pres??. 

Pdch-ard 13 COCKE 

V.B Duane st Ne'^ York City 

Dealer in scarce books and second-heuid works 

CRAKE & 00 136S 

812 Kansas av Topeka, Ksinsas 

Publisher: educational, Im , miscellaneous 

7 U CRO'JSE 1337 

40 Delarrare st Indianapolis 

Second-hand dealer and auctioneer 

Thonas Y CR0T7ELL S: oo 

423-423 T7cst Broadway Ne-r York City 

yirm began as successor to the Bradley bookbinding oo of Boston, 
binding for Appleton, Ticknor 7ieldo aazd others. Bccarie a 
publishing firn in 187C. Present activities are publishing, bind- 
ing, and bookselling. Publications include standard sets, and 
popixlar series. Characteristic is good printing and binding. 


1914- IG Cherry st Pliiladolphia 
Publislier of medical books 


EteVEHNE press 

Lafayette pi New York City 

Owned by Tlieodore L EeVinne 3: go of whicii I.Ir. DeVinne is of coriTce 
the head. Issues no public at ions of its o^n, but this presr. has 
iiad suoh a Kiarked influence throi^ch the Century co that" it is 
worthy of mention. Mr. DeVinne has done mc/i tc raise the 
standard of printing 

DSWOLFTi:, Fisko & co 

365 Tashir^ton st Boston 

Publisher of juvenile, popular and Sunday school bookp. Dealer 
in a miscellaneous stock 

George W DILLIIIGliAi: co 

110-i.Hl "Jo^t 23rd St Ne-.7 York City 

Publisher of standard and popular \irorks. Grade of r/ork is poor and 
cheap looking 

Charles K LITSCN co 1807 
SC7 3rcs.d7/ay Ne'iT York City 

New York branch of tlie Oliver Oitson co of Boston, but also pub- 
lishes some music in addition to acting as selling agent 

Oliver DTT^ON co 1834 

150 Tremont st Boston 

Publishers and seller of music. 7/iis has been the specialt:;' of the 
firm since 1334 ".'lien Mr. Ditson r/as taJcen into partnf^rnliip. Agencies 
in NeTT York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Famous series: The 
musicians library. PublisJies also tliree ra^isical periodicals 

DODD, Mead 5: co 

372 Fifth av T^e;? York City 

The firm at first published prinoipaily theological books. It has 
extended its scope aiid now covers a more general field. Its re- 
ference work 7!ie TJew international C3fc"!.opedia is a standard v;ork 
already. It publishes a literary periodical, The Bookmaii. A 
general bookselling firm 

DODGE publishing co 

23 East 20th st New York City 

Publisher of juvenile and art books 

DOUBLSDAY, Page & co 1890 

133-137 12ast IGth st New York City 

A firm of publishers and booksellers more closely identified with 
their periodicals "World's ¥ork» and "Co\intry Life in Ar.ierica" than 
with issuing books. But they are building up a book trade also, 
especially in nature study lines. They have also introduced several 
new authors 


Barron F DRAPER & oo 184-0 
Andover, Hassaohusetts 

Theolosical and classioal bookseller and publia/iGr. In 1340 pur- 
O'laaed th.e interests oi" 'J'lags ^ "ardwell in tlie Andovor publisli- 
inS house establislied in 1309 

E P DUTTCN .S: oo 1852 

31 Yest 23rd st New York City 

Publishing importing and bookselling" firn. Deals espeoiallj' in 
tiieologioal and devotional literature and ohildrcn's books. Uovod 
in 1869 from Boston to Nerr York. Agent for books rith. Englis;i in- 
print of George Rout lodge 5: sons, London 

DYR3EIJ & Pfeiffer 1854 

IG ^"est 33rd st Nott York City 

Importer of foreign books in all languages. Successor to F. ¥. 
Christern. 1301 

EATON & Ivlains Cltcthodist book concern) 
150 Fifth av Ne'/f York City 

Eastern agent for the Idefnodist book oonoern 

EHRICH brothers 

Gth av 3: 22nd st Ner; York City 

A bookselling dopartnont store: nostly current popular books 

Paul ELDV":R .3: 00 1898 

23S Post st San Francisco 

Publislied for several yearn under nane of Elder & Sr;ith. Cliangcd 
to present form in IOCS. Specialty is unique and artistic printing 

George II ELLIS 

272 Congrosr. st Boston 

Publisher of Unitarian literature 

Dana ESTES Z: go 1359 

212 STininer st Boston 

Established 1359 as Dagan, Sstes co. Fron 1872-98 the firr. was 
Estes & Lauriat. Name changed to present foriu 1898, Publications 
coniprise stai'.dard sets, reprints, cJiildron's books Cas Zigzag jour- 
neys, Chatterbox series), natural iiistory and Hiscellaneous 

EVERIT? & Francis co 

IIG East 23rd st Neir York City 


EZEKIEL .'5: Bernlieim 

334 Main st Cincinnati 

AMotioneors for the nale of books,'iuscripts aiid other library 

Harry t^ALK™u IS 94 

1C7 "adison st Chioa^o 

Bookseller of ajid choice works, general literature, and 
^eGond-hand books. A satisfactory firn 

FEDERAL book oo 1892 

54 Duane st New York City 

Publisher of low priced standard Hiolcsale bookncllor. 

Includes t!ie clctli book publications of Street & Smith 

R F FENNO 5: co 

9 East ICth st New York City 

Publisher and bookseller. In 1904 pnrc'iased tiie business of Droxel 
Biddle, of Philadelphia aj-A San ?ra:'iC isoo 

Edward S ^ERRIS 1896 

108 Fulton st Ne^ York City 

Dealer in new and second-hand law books 

FERRIS & Leach 

29-31 Worth 7th st Philadelphia 

Publisher of bocks on Qua.kers and their histor3'' 


320 South Stli st Springfield, Illinois 
Publisher a:id seller of law books 


201 '[adison st Chica^^o 

Law book publislier and seller. Oood for text-books 


1317 Arcii st Philadelphia 

FOX, Duff ie Id S: oo 

3C East 21st st Ne'r York City 

Publisher of small but handsor^e books of present interest 


e East 17th st New York City 
Second-hand dealers 


PUNK & 7asnalls oo 

4-4-GO EafJt ?33rd st New York City 

■Publisher of theolocioal books. Beot kno^n for t/ie Standard 
dictionary and Jev7is]i encyclop.idia. Wholesale bookseller, also 

GA?.n,rEL-Stateg]nan T)nbli3rans oo 
Austin, Texas 

La'T book publiBlier 

Tilliani J CEPJiAHD 1900 

2209 CalloTirhill nt Philadelphia 

Bookseller of second-hand books on natu.ral history, botany, mining, 
natal lurgy, etc , ' 

GILBERT book oo 

205 Nortii 4th st St.' Lords, Mioaonri 

Lav,' publisliers, especially for the Mississippi Valley 


Port layv.I , Oregon 

Publisher and bookseller 


20 Beacon st Boston 

Publislier of ediicational text-books. Branches in Not York and 

G09DEN0UGK S: Moslem oo 

12fi Nassau st New York City 

Dealer in religious and Sunday school books 

G00DSPE:^n'f3 book shop 

5A Park st Boston 

Bookseller: second-hand, Americana 

Edwin S GOPJiAl,: 

285 Fourt/i av New York City 

Publislier of religious and general works. 
England \7ork3 and publications of S P C 

?rancis E GPANT 

23 7est 42nd st Neirx York City 
Ne'.7 and second-iiand dealer 

Importer of churoli of 
11. General religious 


Franois P HARPER 

14 7ont 22na st Ne'v York City 

Bookseller aiid p\ibligher. As a bookseller ho doals in Anoricaiia 
and ce-^-alosy, no.vr a?^.d seoond-Iiand books. As a publisher ho oon- 
fiii'^s }\inReir to limited editions 

HARPER 5: brothers 1313 

Franlclin sc, (231 Pearl st) Ne^r York City 

One of the oldest publir.Iiine: houses in Arierica and now one of the 
larcest. Greatest suceesc has been alon^ the line of its periodi- 
oal publications. Has an extensive list of publications in all 

D C HEATH .1- 00 loco 

110 Boylston st Boston 

Mr. Heath began his book trade activities with Ginn & co, opening 
tiieir No^7 York branch.. Present firn established in Boston in 1338. 
Nov; ranks third anong educational houses in extent of business and 
has the largest assortnent of r.odern language text -books of any 
}ious3. Its specialty has been to give pronincnce to text-bocks in 
all the historical, scientific and modern language sxibjects taught 
today. lu'any educational novoinonts have been forwarded by this firiu. 
Tjie firr: has branches in lTe^,7 York, Cliicago, San ?rancisco, Atlanta, 
Georgia, and Austin, Texas 

KEIDE collection 

IPA North State st Ch/icago 

Dealer in rare antiquities. Sells books at public auction 

7;illiar.; HELBURN 

10 East loth, st New York City' 

Dealer in arcjiitectural books 

Nornan 7 KEI^ILEY & co 

1-32 Nassau st New York City 

Publisher of books on iriech.anics 


IV South 3road-.7ay St. Louis, Missouri Publisher 

Also bookseller of Roman Catholic and books 


64 East lf3th st New Y<rpk City 

Dealer in 9Tt and ai-ohiteotural books 


HINDS, NoblG & Eldridce 1884 

31-3b Ve-.t iStli St New York City 

Seller of socond-Jiajid nohool and oollege text-books. Publisher 

of SGhocl bocks. Firn started as Arthur Hinds & oo, which was -uc- 

oeeded by Hinds 3: Noble, and in 1904 the present Pirn 7/as inoor- " 
porated ^itli Eldridpje Zz brother 


25 Third av New York City 

Dealer in rare Hebrew books aiid nanusoripts 


IP.?A Arch St Philadelphia 

Publisher of Bibles and prayer books 

Henry HOLT & oo 18Co 

29 Test 23rd st New York Oity 

Firm started ritli. Frederick Leypoldtand Henry Holt a3 ^^artners. 
Kr, Le-/poldt retired in 1871 to ta/:e up the publication of Trade 
circular, now the Publishers' weekly. Business of the firni has been 
confined to ptiblishing, and, its specialty has been educational ^vorks 
in French and Gern-an. Branch in Chicago 

HC'JGHTON, ?:ifflin 3: co 1S25 
4 Park st Boston 

Business T^as established in 1825. From 1852-78 it ?;as known as 
H Hou^^hton & co, 1864-78 as Hurd & Houghton, 1878-30 as Hour;l^-ton, 
Osgood & 00, 1880 to date under tlie present nane. Its publicati9n3 
include biography, fiction, poetry in .sta:;dg-rd editions, drama, 
religion, travel and description, standard editions of great 
authors, and subscription publications. Its series are well known, 
as: Anerican statesmen, American coraTnonv/ealths , American religion 
leaders, Riverside bicgraphieB and the Riverside library series. 
Its periodical, TI-ic Atlantic mont/\ly, lias always stood for a high 
standard of literatixre and culture 

HUDSCN-Kinberly ptiblishing co 

1014-lOlG 7ya-ndotte st Kansas'. City, Llissouri 

Publisher of books on military science and history 

George P HUMPKRF/ 1885 

G7 Spring st Rochester, New York 

Bookseller: new and second-hand Americana 

HURST & 00 

395-390 Broadv/ay New York City 

Publisher of cheap editions of standard and popular authors 



33-85 Duane st New York City 

Dealer in nes and second-hand books 


3G Test Ct'i c-;t Cinoirmati, Ohio 

Bookseller in new and second-hand works 

G-corce V JACOBS 2: co 1893 

IPAG Walnut st Philadelphia 

Publisher of religious books and dealer in them 

Tailiara R JEl^XINS 

S51-853 Sixth av New York City 

Publis})er and bookseller of ^rorko on veterinary science 

George B JETWINGS co 

105-107 Test 4th st Cincinnati, Ohio 
Dealer in nusic 

JENNINGS & Pye ("etliodist beck concern) 
nSO-nsn Vest 4th st Cincinnati 

Publis'ier aiid agent for the west for the Methodist book concern. 
Bra-nc:: in Cliicago. Eastern agent is Eaton 3: Mains, Ncv York 

JOHNS Hopkins press 

Bait inore , I^ar'/land 

The pi.iblishi:ig department of Johns Hopkins university. Issiies tlioir 
serial publications, their studies, the Polyohrone Bible and special 
lectures and books 

B 7 JOHNSON publishing co 

901-905 East Main st Richmond, Virginia 

Publisher school and educational books 


308 Test 14th st Chicago 

Bookseller, nev; and second-hand. Hakes a specialty of second-hand 
school books 

JORDAN, Marsh S: co 

Department store booksellers 

Orange JUDD oo 

3si LaFayette pi Ne^ York City 

Publisher and bookseller of ";orks on agr ic\ilt\irc, rural life, horti- 
culture, stock raising, etc 


Ferdinand P KAISER 

407 Nortli 3TopAveiy St. Louis, Missouri 

KEEFE- David son law book oo 
5t . Paul, Minnesota 

Publisher of law books 

17 T KEENER oo 1874 
90 Tabach av 0}iica^o 

Publisher of medio al books. Also sells n^:'>r and second-hand nodical 
books, American and foreign 

E L KELLOGO .y. co 1874 

Gl East 9th at Ne^T York Cit^/ 

Publisher and seller of educational books. Branches in Chicago 
and Boston 

Charles H KERR & oo 

56 yifth av Chicaeo 

Publisher and seller of socialistic books 


149a Treriont st Boston 

Foreign bookseller and importer 

KOEI.LING & Klappenbaoli 

100-102 Randolpli st Chicarjo 

Importers and dealers in foreign books 

LAIRD Py. Lee 1837 

a63-65 Wabash av Chicago 

Publisher of reference and mechanical "forks of a popular nat\ire. 
Bookseller of fiction and juveniles 

John LAHE 139G 

57 Fifth av New York City 

/uiierican branch of an aiglish firri. Carries its Engliali publications 
in general literature, belles lettres, and theosophy, and also 
publishes sorr.e works in /viriericaiia 

Charles E LAURIAT & oo 

301 ^/'ashin^ton st Boston 

Booksellers of second-hand a:id rare v/orks, importing nany expressly 
for sales 

LAWYERS' cooperative publishing co 
Rochester, New York 

Publishers of law books. Branch in Ch.icago 

LEA brothers 5: co 

70G-710 Sansoni st Philadelphia 

Publisher and bookseller of medical works 

LEAHY'S old book store 1S3G 

9 Soutli 9th St Phi lade Ipliia 

Bookseller: an cnorruovis stock of second-hand books 

.LKGuAT brothers See Amv.on i Mackol 

LEI,!CXE & Bueciiner 

11 East 17th St Wo'T York Cit:f 

Inporter of German and general European books and periodicals. 
Also G\ipplies A'-iGricar.. Publishes occasionally. Suocessor to 
3 Testerinann 2: oo 

Edvard E LE7I 

900 Liberty st Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
"econd-haiid bookseller 

C F LI33IE <Sc CO 

u4G T'a?^hinf:ton st Boston 

An auctioneer firm: the leading one in Boston 

LIBERTY book store 

816 Broad'.7ay Ne^ York City 

'^e^v and old books, nusic engraviri^s 

J B LIP?I??CGT7 CO 1704 

17ashinc:ton Philadelphia 

This firm has long been the iieai of the book trade in Philadelphia 
They publisli scientific, educational and reference books, and 
several £;ood series. They own their o'^vn press ar^d bindery. 

LITTLE, BroTn & oo 1337 

PjM Washington st Boston 

Began business under present narae in 1837, t)ioug;i tho firra traces 
its foundation back to Bastell's bookstore established 1784. Lead 
ing law publislier in Ar.ierica; also publisl:es general 
and reprints of sta2idard American and foreign i^orks. In 1808 it 
took over the business of Roberts brot/^ers, thais combining the t;7o 
oldest liouses in Boston 

George E LITTLE^IELD 1863 
37 Oornhill Boston 

Bookseller of new and second-hand works. An established firrc of 
good reputation 


L0I2EAUX iDro there 

G3 ■'''onrth av }ierr York City 

Publ ichor a::d seller of 3iblical aiid reli£;iouc books, parrplilets 
aiid tracts 

LOKGIIAKS, Green & oo 

91-93 Fifth av New York City 

An old Englisli firni being established in 17??4. Becanc exporters 
to th.e American colonies, lias branc}^es nor in New York ai\d 
Chicago, and in 3on:bay. Its specialties are relif:io\TS and 
ho:niletio literature, standard literat".re, historical, ncicntific 
and ediicational v^orks. Has issued and start'-'d several good sories. 
Has a high standard 

LOTIIRGP, Lee Shepard 1304 
P.GVj Devonshire st Boston 

This firm was forined in 1904 by the merging o? the two firms 
T.othrop publishing co (1368) and Lee 5: Shepard (13G1). Both firriS 
had made a specialty of juvor.iles. They are continuing to use the 
t^vo imprints, but th-^y arc incorporated under the full name 

^ H L017DER].IILi: 2z oo 1372 

1424-S8 F St N ^ ^/ashington, D C 

Bookseller: standard, choice, and rare. IlaJces a specialty of gov- 
ernment docuiuents 

James 3 LYON 

3G Beaver st Albany, Ne^ York 
Publisher and printer 

MACAULTT/ brothers 

172 Woodward av Detroit, Michigan 
Bookseller in all lines 

ricCLUHE, Phillips ?c oo 

141-155 East 25th st Ne'v York City 

g S MoCluro started in -rith LIr. Doubleday, but tliey separated 
erring to diversity of 'rork. The S 3 I-IcClure co (the publisher 
of !.:cClure's magazine) is closely assoc iated T/ith tiii:^ firm, oc- 
curiying part of same building. The firm publishes popular stories, 
out of'dior life, political science, belles lettres, and juveniles. 
It has adapted the Aldine press nark of the anchor and dolphin, 
-rith a motto setting forth t'nat it is the /American pupil of Aldus. 
The firm does a wholesale bookselling biisiness 


A C lioCLURG & CO 1347 

i?/abaf5h av Chicaco 
Ho^^se foiu^ded by S C Griecs & oo. A C iroClurs vras an enployoe. 
Adnitted to firra in 187^2. Present name adopted in 18SC. Activities 
arc bookoellinc, import inc, pribliahine , and a general stationery 
businerss. Bookseliine' r^oct important. Import ins 'J-one for libraries 
and local dealer^, especially ot:* foroien periodicals. Publishing 
is a general standard nature. They mal:e a specialty of their cata- 
los of stock and of certain special catalogs , as of rare books 
and bindings kept in tlieir "Saints' and Sinners' corner." 

Joseph McDONOVGII 1370 

39-41 Coluitibia st Albany, New York 

Bookseller: ct5-ioral, second-liemd, Americaria, genealogies 

Mc.^-PJi.^ publisiiing co 

114 Liberty st Ne'-v York City 

Publisher and seller of engineering books 

David KoKAY 

lOSfT I!arket st Philadelphia 

Publishers of general niscellaiioous works. In the bookselling de- 
partment the firm is tlie agent for the publications of George 
Rout ledge eri'l sons, vniich bear the American iriprint 

KcKEO^TlJ brothers 

G17 Hortl: Sixtli st St. Louis, I.'issouri 

Dealer and publisher in Roman Catholic books. Importer 


Go Fifth av low York City 

The Ne'7 York branch of the English firm. Macmillan & co. Publishes 
in all lines and is tlie leading progressive firm in Ne-;; York. Has 
started many im.portant educational and scientific series. As a 
bookselling house it is the agent for the English publications of 
George Bell Z- sons, and the Bohn libraries, A & C Black, and of 
Cambridge university. It is the publishing and selling agent for 
Columbia university and has taken over in 1904 the publications of 
tlie Oiatlook co 

Joseph John !.:cVSY 1890 

39 ^Iort}^ 13th st Philadelphia 

Publisher of Roman Catholic books 

R H Wacy & co 

oth av S: 34th st New York City 

A bookselling department store: mostly current popular books 


18 Broad-ray New York City 

Dealer and importer of new aiid second-hand books 

A N LIARQUis oo 

3S4 Dearborn st Chice^ro 

Known a-: the publisher of "Tfho'?? 'Tlio in Aaorioa." 

KARSIIALL & Bruoe co 

3C6 Collese st Nashville, Tennessee 

Bookseller and pirbl ichor of law books 

MASSACHUSETTS New Churoii union 
IG Arlington st Boston 

Publisher of Swedenbor^ian literature 

MATTHETS-Northrup oo 

179 7ashinston st Buffalo, New York 

IIAYNARD, Uerrill & oo 

44 East 22nd. st New York City 

PubliS'ier and bookseller, specializing in sohool text-books 

Isaac kllNDOZA 1894 

IV Ann st Hew York City 
Second-ha:id dealer 

a & C L'ERRIAI.: 00 

499 Main st Springfield, Massachusetts 

Publisher and bookseller. Knowri as publisher of Webster's Inter 
national diotionar3/ 

?ra,nk M ::ORRIS 1886 

1G9 East 'ladisoii st Chicago 

Bookseller of Americana, rare and second-liand books at "Tiie Book 
shop. " 

John P KORTON .5: oo 

440-446 Test Ilain st Louisville, Kentucky 

An old publishing and bookselling firm established as Norton & 

Tiioras 3 MOSIIER 

45 Exchange st Portland, Maine 

Bookseller aiid -ouolisher. Tssiies choice editions 


A 7 MUI^FORD ^ oo 

203 :.'iG]ii£»an av Chioaft'o 

HUNGER la:r book oo 

2PjO Dearborn st Chioa^o 

Doalor in ner and second-hand law books 

Joel IIUTJ^IELL'S sons 

SP. State ot Albaiiy, New York 

Bookseller and piiblislior ; a s-fsecialty of £;enealo£:ies NELi^ON & sons 

37-41 East 18th st Ne^ York Cit]'' 

■^ of Bibles, i^rayer books and hymnals, Sunday soliool and 
TTivenilo bocks, ne^r century library of standard fiction on India 
par-er. Branch of the Snglisli honse. In 1903 purchased tiie pub- 
lications of E & J B Yoims 

NE7 A:.!STERI)A:-.I book oo 

150 ^ift:-. av Ne\7 York City 

A comparatively ncj publishinc firm in iv}iose Koutput popular fiction 

Hjalnar NORBERG 1893 

472 Vvestninster st Providence, Rliode Island 
Bookseller: Soaiidinavian ezid American 

NOVELLO, Erer Z: oo 

21 East 17th st Ne^v York City 

Branch of an English firn selling and publisliing music 

J S CGILVIE publishing co 

57 Rose st Ner; York City 

Publisher of clieap and popular books on all sorts of subjects 

OLD corner bookstore 

27-SO Bromfield st Boston 

This firm has recently sucoe-'dod to tlio business of Danroll S; Upharc 
carrying on a new a;"id second-hand book selling and importing 

OPEN court publishing oo 1887 
324 Dearborn st Chicago 

Publisher of pliilosopliical and scientific works 


OXFORD Tiniversity press CAnorican branoli) 
91-03 Fifth av New York City 

Carries? all the Oxford Bibles and prayer books issued by the press 
in England; also all tlie Clarendon press publications of Henry 

L C PAGE 3: 00 

200 3\in-er st Boston 

Publisher of illustrated poiular books on various subjects, and 
sone juveniles 

Peter PAUL book oo 

448 Llain st Buffalo, Ne^r York 

Bookseller and piiblisher. ibctonsive stationery departr-icnt 

Edrard R PELT ON 

19 East IGtli st liew York City 

Publisher, importer, and bookseller of nodical vrorks. In 1904 
purchased busin.^ of J PI Vail co of Ne'^r York 

PENN publishing co 

023 Arch st Philadelphia 

PuoliBher of popular hand books on ya.rious subjects a:id juven- 


15 Gouth 9t}i st Philadelphia 

Publisher and dealer in practical scientific and technical books 

PHILADELPHIA bookstore oo 

1031 Race st Philadelphia 

The bookbu"'iri;^' tu.d bookselling agency of t:ie Booklovers library. 
In May, 1905, went into receiver's hands 

PIERCE & Zahn 1332 

G33 oeventeenth st Denver, Colorado 

Book sel lor of nisoellaneous and curious second-hand books 

Janes POTI & co 

110-lSl ^est fiSrd st Ne\T York City 

Publisher of religious -^rorks and sone niscellaneous. As a book- 
seller carries the Bagster Bibles, and works for the Protestant 
Episcopal cli.urch 

PREoBYTERIAN board of publication and Sabbath sch.ool -rork 
1319 Talnut st Philadelphia 

The publishing a:vd selling agency of tiie Presbyteriaji ciuircl: (North) 


Theodore PRSGGER 1883 

170c Ohofstnut St Philadelphia 
Piiulisher of nusio 

G P PUTMI.:'3 sons 

27-29 Tost 23rd st New York City 

Publishes picneral and rniscellaneons literature ai;d histories. Has 
several important series as Stories of tlie nations, Our European 
neis!foors. As bookseller raaASs a specialty of Anerio,ana and rare 
English books. Brazicl: in London 

RAND, Medially co 1858 

I0O-I74 Adams st Chicago 

Kno'^n best as publisher of seo^rapliioal color naps in rhioh it is 
especially strong. Its otlior publications are not of a very high 
standard though an effort is being nade to raise it. Ctlicr acti- 
vities are stationer, printer, electrotyper , nap and 'rood en- 
£;raver, bookseller, Branch in Ne'.7 York 

RATi^'IER'S old bookstore 1399 

5 N T)ivi3ion st Grand Pvapids, Michigan 

Bookseller: ne^r and second-hand. First editions 

Flenins H REVELL S co 

Co 'Yashington st Chicago 

Extensive publisher of religious books, probably largest m Ar;.orica. 
L'akes a specialty of this. Branches in New York, Toronto, London 
and Elinburgh 

George H RIGBY 1885 

1113 Arch st Pl'iiladelpliia 

Bookseller: Aruerica:ia, fine arts, and miscellaneous. 


12G Post st oan Francisco, California 
Bookseller and publisher 

ROGERS Sc l.Ianson 

35 Tater st Boston 

Publishers of architectural books 


State & Va}-i Buren sts Chicago 

A bookselling departru'iiit is in t^iis departnent store 


SAAL7IT^D piiblinhinc co 
Akron, Ohio 

Publisher of juvenile and ouDscription -rorks. Branches in Nev; York 
and C^iica^^o 

3enja.Tiin II SANBORIT 5-. co 

120 Bo3'lston rst Boston 

Pu"blis]ier of educational books 

17 3 SAnjDERS 2: co 

Ons Talnut nt Ph.i ladolp}iia 

Publisiior of :::edioal and surgioal books. Branches in Now York and 


35 Union sq Ne'7 York City 

Publislier of nusical vrorks 

SCKLESTNCTER 3; Mayor ( ■ o^-r ■>» •-•^ r^^/^-M. , ^--ta c*-"^ 

A bookselling: department is in this departnent store 

John E SCOPES 1031 

29 TvreedlG bldg Albanj', Nerr York 
Bookseller: second-hand, rare 

SCO?T, ?oresnan 3: co 

37o-oo "'abash av Chioa£;o 

Publisher of educational rrorks 


543 ?iftx) av Tle-A' York City 

Publisher of "Choice books for the booklover": books artistically 
printed and bound 

Charles SCPJBNER'S sons 184G 

15C-57 Fifth av IIo'.7 York City 

Firm was known as Scribner & Armstrong} for nany years. In 1871 firn 
Tas forined under present name. Publisher in every line, including 
!nusio, art, and theology. Has a large business as an iniporter and 
bookseller. Cultivates library trade 

John V S1IET3IA1] & co 

IGO T7oodv;ard av Detroit, 1 Michigan 

Bookseller in miscellaneous lines 


SIUTin^, Bvirdett & cc 1835 

35 Fifth av New York City 

Publif?hof3 school and oollose text-books and sono standard litera- 
ture. Branches in Boston, Chioaso, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San 

Parker P SIM-IONS 

3 East 14th st No'.y York Cit^r 

As sucoesGor to A Lovoll 2: oo is tlie publisher of school text- 
books. Is also the agent for the Walter 3oott publishing co of 

SHALL, L'aynard S: oo 

10 Arro'.? st Cambridge, Boston 

Publisher of biography, liglit poetry, and educational works 

Georgs D SI.IITK 

49 No -7 st New . York City'.d bookseller aiid importer 

SriTlI 5: Lamar 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Agent for tiie South.ern l!et!iodist publishing house 

SOUTHERN book excliai-igo 

1S7-120 Fayettevillc st Raleigh, North Carolina 
Bookseller: -4nierica:ia and southern literature 


05 Tilliam st New York City 

Publisher of lyorks on insixrance 

SPON' & Chatiberlain 

123 Liberty st Ne'.7 York City 

Publiolier of '^orks on civil and niechaxiical engineering, arts, trades, 
and manufactures. Bookseller of general scientific works. Agents 
for the publications of E .Sc F N Spon, Ltd of London 

George B SPROUL 18D5 

150 Fiftli av Ne^ York City 

Publisher bf standard authors and illustrated volufios 

G E STECHERT co 1862 

lSO-133 Tost noth st Ne'T York City 

Importer of Englis'i, French, Crernian, and general European and 
foreign books and periodicals. Large second-hand dealer. Oc- 
casionally publis/ies 


D5 Park pi "He^ York City 

Importer of foreicn books and periodioals, nerr and second-hand. 
A^ontfs in nearb/ every lar^e foroicn oity. Publisher of books for 
tlie study of foreign lancuaces, and nany publioations 

Frederick A f^TCXES oo 

5-7 East 16t}i St Nevr York City 

Publisher of popular books. General bookseller 

Herbert S STONE oo 

Eldridge et Chioaeo 

Pixblisher aiid bookseller of nisoellaneous class of T^orks. Bra2ioh 
in Ne'" York 

J F TAYLOR 3= oo 

5-7 East IGth st Ne^ York City 

Publislier of current fiction. General bookseller 

TENNANT 3: ¥ard 

237 Fourth av Ji.o-rr York City 

Publisher of books on photography 

E B TREAT S: oo ^ 

241-243 17est 23rd st Nev; York City 

Publisher of pox'ular professional books: nedical and thcolosioal. 
Also other popular works. General bookseller 

TUTTLE, Morehouse & Taylor oo 

12o Tenple st Nev; Haven, Connect io\it 
Publisher for Yale university 

U S Government printing office 
Washington, D C 

Largest print i::£- offioc in the -.rorld. Issues all the docments 
of the government 

UPDIKE, D P (k'erryiaount press) 1892 
232 Stunner at Boston 

T)oes Kore printing than publisliing, but some of the latter. Is 
nidiway between a ooinriercial a:id a private press. Its purpose is to 
do all work well, and to take none t}iat it cannot do -^ell. Uses 
hand made paper, good well-ohosen type, excellent printing and makeup 


23 Murray st New York City 

Publisher of scientific works in engineering, chemistry, physios, 
etc. Dealer in scientific publioations 


VIR publish in;; oo 

1134 :^.eal ootate trust bldg Philadelphia 

Publisher of "pure books on avoided subjects" 

George WMIP. 

Ann Arbor, Miohiean 

Dealer in raisoellaneous books. Publisher to the University of 

John TANA}.:Aj:inT 

Broad'Tay & 10th st New York 
Chestnut st Philadelphia 

A bookselling department store: mostly current popular books 

Montgomery "''ARD co 

Michigan av & Wadison st Chicago 

A bookselling dopartraent is in this mail-order house 

Frederick TARNE ■x oo 

3G East 22nd st New York City 

Publisher of popular, standard, and juvenile ^rorks 

George E WARNER & oo 

435 5th st S E ! Minneapolis 

Bookseller and dealer in second-hand local Americana 

Oscar ^/EGELIN 

29 I7est 42nd st New York City 
Second-hand dealer 


¥ood st Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 
Bookseller and pu'jlisher 


43-45 East 10th st No^; York City 

Formerly 11 F IJsr.sfield & A 17essels. This f irn has purchased the 
publications of the B ¥ Dodge co and also of Lentilhon & oo. • 
Publisher of standard, historical and social litoratiiro, and dealer 
in current publications 

¥EST publishing co 187G 
St Paul, Minnesota 

Ptiblislier of Im books: especially the lavr reporters 

Till TAKER 5: Ray co 

711 L'ission st San Francisco 

oucoessor to the Bancroft oo. Educational publisher and bookseller 


TTHITCOTrB & Barrels 

K\inti?icton Chanibers Boston 

This firm has puroliased the publioationr, of tho Hone soienco pub- 
lis'iiriiT CO and specializes in donestio science books 

Janies T WHITE & co 

7 East 16th st Nq;t York City 

Publisher of subscription rrorks and school books 


1-3 Bible House Nevr York City 

Publisher of tlieolocioal and general literature and dealer in 
relirious books 

TIIITTCT S: Sliepperson 

1001 Kain st Ric;ir;.ond, Virginia 
Publisher and r>r inter 

Godfrey A S IIENERS 

662 Sixth av (at the sign of the Lark) Ne77 York City 

Pxiblisher of some 3ta)idard v/orks and other odd and eccentric ones 

1 A t;ilDE CO 

120 Boylston st Boston 

Publiclicr of Sunday school literature 

John 7,^ILEY & sons 

43-45 East 10th st Ne^ York City 

Publisher of scientific, industrial and miscellaneous works. Deals 
also in such books 

David "TILLIAJIS oo 1855 

Gillian st ile"- York City 
Publisher of books on architecture, bnildinc, engineer inp, etc 

T7ILLIAMSOI la?r book oo 1370 

41 State st P.o Chester, iJev; York 

Publishers a.nd sellers of law books, 3rano}ioc in Buffalo and Syra- 

John H 7;iLLS 1331 

506 lilleventh st M 7 Washington, C C 

Bookseller: negro and slavery literatvire 

H 7 7ILS0N CO 1889 

315-319 14th av S E Minneapolis 

The University (of Minnesota) bookstore. Publisher of bibliographies 


John C WINSTON oo 

lOOC-lOlG Aroh st Philadol^hia 

Piiulisher of Bibles, and popular and jiivenilo r-'orks. On Jan. IG, 
lOOo, the business of Henrj'' T Coates & oo was transferred to tliis 
firn, so that it no-; has alnost 10 00 additional tit] en in f-eneral 
and F.iscellaneoiTS ^vorks 

Tillian 'VOOD & oo 

51 ?ift]\ av Now York City 

Publisher of medical works and dealer in tliem 

YOniG cIi"-rohnan co 

41?^ MilTraukee st Milwaukee, Tisoonsin 
Publisher of Episcopal literature 


120 Di.iane st Nev; York City 
Iiaixirter of German books 

P ^ ZIEG-L?;n 00 

niri-Hol Locust st Philadelphia 

Bookseller: successor to P T7 Ziegler & oo Tno ?ra:iklin 
book CO 



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