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R. N. Mayfield 

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The name Bohun is of Norman origin. The first 
family from Normandy settled in Lincolnshire at an 
earl}' date, and afterward some of the name settled 
in Devonshire, England. It is from this latter family 
that the American Boones are directly descended. 
The Bohun coat of arms was used before the four- 
teenth century, probably granted by a Norman-Eng- 
lish king. It is not until the middle of the six- 
teenth century that we find the name Bohun or 
Boone spelled both ways in the same documents. 

H. ?U<*y&iStC 

crest is llesh-colored hand grasping three steel colored arrows; 
ver and blue; body blue, lions and large diagonal silver ; two 
all diagonal gold. Three shells, red, name "Boone" iu silver. 

In 1690 Ralph Boone lived in Bucks Co., Pa. 
Solomon Boone (yeoman) of Bristol, Pa., will dated 
Dec. G, 1743, leaves his estate to his sons Joseph, 
Solomon, Ralph ( b. 1733), and daughter Elizabeth. 
John Baldwin, John Cross and Solomon were ex- 
ecutors; witnesses, John Johnson and Wm. Atkin- 

About 1714 George, Sarah and Squire Boone 
came to Bristol, Pa., from England. George Boone 
I, father of George II, m. Sarah Uppy, d. aged GO; 
she 80 yr. Son, George III, b. 1GG6 at Stoak, m. 
Mary Manridge, b. 1GG9 at Bradnich, both near 
Exeter; her father John m. Mary Milton. George 
and Mary had nine children : George, Sarah, Squire, 
Mary, John, Joseph, Benjamin, James and Samuel. 
All had children except John, who was never married. 
All came to America (except the three already 
here); left Bradnich 17 Aug., 1717, and went to 
Bristol, Eng. ; arrived in Philadelphia Oct. 10 New 
Style, Sept. 29 Old Style; thence to Abington; thence 
to North Wales, 2 yr. ; thence to Oley, Berks Co., 
where Sarah lived since being married, 1715. Then 
at Exeter George III died, on 27 July, 1744, aged 
78. Mary his wife died 2 Feb. 1740-1, aged 72 yr.; 
buried Exeter Burying Cround. 

(1) George IV, eldest son, b. Bradnich, Eng., 13 
July, 1G90; d. Exeter, Pa., 20 Nov., 1753; 64 yr. 
Taught school several years near Philadelphia; 
good mathematician and magistrate. Wife De- 

- T , £ tjorah Howell^d. Jan. 2G, 1759. Ch. : George 
Boone .V, eldest 1 son, never married, d. Exeter at 

" v "24yr.; William; Hezekiah Joseph (son George) ; 
Jeremiah, d. 1787, no family; Mary, Deborah, 
Dinah Cotes (sou Solomon); Dianah ( ^on 
r rAbner Williams); Hannah Hughes, ch. : George 
and Jane Hughes; William and wife Sarah's 
ch. : Mordecai, W illiam, George, Thomas, Jere- 
miah; wife Rebecca, Hezekiah, Abigail, in. Adin 
Panecost and Mary. 

(2) Sarah b. 18 Feb., 1691-2; m. Jacob Stuber 
March 15, 1715. 

(3) Squire b. Nov. 25, 169G; removed from Bristol, 
Pa., to Alleman's Ford (now called Boone's 
Ford), Holmes Fork, on Yadkin River, N. C, 
1752. D. 1755-6, buried at Joppe Cemetery 
near Mocksville, Davie Co., N. C. Married Sarah 
Morgan, July 23, 1720, daughter of Gen. Daniel 
Morgan (Rev. War). Ch. : Sarah, 1724; Israel, 
172G; Samuel, 1728; Jonathan, 1730; Elizabeth, 
1732; Daniel, Aug. 22, 1734; Mary, 1730; 
Nathan, George, 1739; Edward, 1740; Squire 
and Haunk. Mary m. William Bryan. Daniel 
m. Rebecca Bryan; ch. James; Israel; Susanna 
[emima; Lavina; Daniel m; Enoch b. Ky. 1777, 
d. 1862; Rebecca, [essie and Nathan. 

(4) Mary, b. Sept. 23, 1099; m. John Webb; d. 
16 Jan., 1774; husband d. Oct. 18, 1771; 80 yr. 

(5) John, b. Bradnich, Devonshire, 3 Jan., 1701-2 
0. S., Jan. 14, 1702 N. S., d. Oct. 10, 1785, 
aged 84; buried Exeter. 

(6) Joseph b. 5 April, 1704; d. fan. 30, 
Wif Elizabeth d. 31 Jan., 1778, Exeter. 
Joseph, Thomas, Ovid, Abner, Johab, 
Catherine, Sarah, Hannah, and others. 

(7) Benjamin, b. 16 July, 1706, d. 14 Oct., 1762; 
Susanna his wife 5 Nov., 1784, aged 76. Ch. : 
John, Benjamin, James, Samuel, Dinah. 

(8) James, b. Bradnich 7 July 0. S. or 18 July, 
1709. M. Mary Foulke. Ch. : Anne, Mary, Marth, 
James, John, Judah, Joshua, Rachel and Moses. 
D. Sept. 1, 1785, buried Exeter. Wife d. 20 
Feb. 1750, aged 41 yr. M. Anne Griffith Oct. 
20, 1757; b. Jan. 29, 1713. 

(9) Samuel d. 6 Aug., aged 54 yr., Exeter, buried. 
Wife, Elizabeth. Four children : Sarah, Samuel 
and others. 

John, Hawkins, Moses, Ralph and Solomon Boone 
served in the Revolutionary War from Pennsylvania. 

^, 'Oct. u, 1901. 

R. N. MAYFIELD, Esq., j£(j, XX£>CK3> 
New York. 
My Hear Sir:— In reply to yours of 7 inst. would say that 
we have located ihc Revolutionary service of John, Hawkins, 
Moses, Ralph and Solomon Boone. Solomon and Ralph served 
in Captain Stephens Beasley's Co., Pa. (Gunboat "Viper") 
Navy, April 1, 1777. 

Very trul\ yours, 

State Librarian, Iiarrisburg, Pa. 

Address: "Chief of the Record and Pension Office, Wai Department, 
Washington, D. C." 

Washington, October IN, 1901. 
Respectfully returned to 

No. 119 West 22d Street, 
New York, N. Y. 
It is shown by the records that one Solomon Moon, rank not 
stated, served iii Captain John Beam's Company, 5th Bat- 
talion of Pennsylvania troops, Revolutionary War. His name 
appears only in Major Benezet's "Account Hook of Monies ad- 
vanced Sundry Men of the Late 6 Regt Pa, on Account ol 
Tay as Prisoners." This book contains the following statement : 




"From the information of Mr. Keniuily 


Kegt. it appears that the * * * me. if ,1 ; 

.Vlaj. Samuel Benezet by order of Genl. I ', ■ . .. | , (early J the 

several sums of money as opposite to ' i, r. an. I i 

in Lhe Uuter Column being on aceouni J i i n pjj as i psunsfti, 
taken at Fort Washington in 1776— the pay of each man com- 
mences the first d ly of Sept., 177(3, and ends with thcrse who 
re-enlisted the loth Feb., 1777, at which time the Kegt. was 
new Mod-'led and commenced pay accordingly." The entry oppo- 
site the name of Solomon Boon shows that he received "12 20." 

No further information relative to the subject of your inquiry 
has been found of record. 

By authority of the Secretary of War: 


Acting Chief, 

Record and Pension Office. 

Daniel, son of Squire Boone, was born at Bristol, 
Pa., about 1732-33-35, exact date not known. After 
an eventful career in Kentucky and tbe West, he 
died in Missouri Sept. 26, 1820; buried at Frank- 
fort, Ky. 

I have failed after careful search to find the father 
of Jeremiah Boone, born in Pennsylvania, Feb. 29, 
1760; died June 10, 1832. Am told that his father's 
name was Solomon, but I cannot verify the same. 
About 1785 Jeremiah Boone went west to Kentucky. 
On the old Boone farm, bought by Jeremiah, July 
1, 1800, from G. Stepp, on Pitman Creek five miles 
aortheast of Somerset and two and one-half east 
of Science Hill, stands a large pear tree seventy feet 
high planted by Jeremiah Boone while residing there 
a hundred years ago. Jeremiah Boone married 
. Joyce Nevel, who was born in Virginia and came 
j-tno Kentucky with her parents when she was eleven 
years old; married in Lincoln Co., Ky. ; died in 
Laurence Co., Ind., June 26, 1861, aged 93 yr. 
1 mo. 12 days. Ch. : Sarah, Elijah, Simeon, Charlotte, 
Mahala, Hannah and Noah. Sarah m. Isaac Wag- 
oner. Elijah died in 40's; m. Jennie Wagoner. Char- 
lotte m. Reuben Mayfield Oct. 27, 1814. Mahala 
m. John Dishman; son Jerry, Ownesburg, Ind. 
Hannah m. Adam Morrow. Noah . Jane Rhodes, 
of Randolph Co., N. C. 

Elijah's children : William, Jeremiah, Bethuel, 
Artemacy, Isaac, Simeon, Sarah and Joyce (twins), 
and John. All dead except Joyce and John. 

Noah Boone was born in Pulaski Co., Ky., Feb. 
20, 1802. Came to Orange Co., Ind., in autumn of 
1816. Feb., 1817, he and Isaac Wagoner came to 
Lawrence Co., Ind. Later his father Jeremiah and 
family came; located (June 3, 1817) public lands, 
West half of Sec. Seven, Tp. Five North, Range Two 
West, and paid for same March 7, 1820, and re- I 
ceived a patent from Pres. James Monroe. Here 
he and his son Noah lived and died (1832; Noah 
1862). Noah's ch. Clementine, m. Wesley, oldest 
son of James and Behethlem Armstrong; ch. : Horace, 
Noah and Clara, who m. Homer West, Fayetteville 
or Deal, Ind. Jeannette married Abner, son of Jas. 
and Beheth. Armstrong; ch. : Alvin, m. Ariette 
West; Walter, d. about 1880; Flora, m. Deal, Ind.; j 
Louise, m. John Short, son of Ezekiel and Jane j 
Sentney. Their ch. : Richard, Virgil and Lillie, Bed, 
ford, Ind. Daniel Boone, b. Aug. 10, 1836, d. Dec- I 
26, 1890, Wichita, Kan. M. Nannie M. Houston I 
of Ky., May 29, 1866. Ch. Willard H., N. Frank. | 
Fannie J., Florence M., Laura C. 

Virgil V., b. Feb. 18, 1847; m. Lucenda Rector 
May 26, 1870, b. Nov. 29, 1846. Ch. : Delia, 
Adda, Alice, m. Noah, Quincy J., and Maude, 
Silverville, Ind. Ouincy, U. S. Army, Vancouver, 

ah Boone, b. July 5, 1799; d. Feb. 6, 1^87, 
il. Adam Morrow, b. March 1, 1794, d. April 
8, 1870. Ch. : Elizabeth Dye, b. Aug. 7, l,^j:; : 
.wing at Ellitstown, 111. Cedrilda Gastineau, b! 
1841, d. 1888. Joyce Sims, b. 1828, lives Dover 
hill, Ind. Nancy Gastineau, b. 1829; lives 
Bradshow, Neb. Louise Beaty, b. Feb., 1832; 
lives at .Owensburg, Ind., m. John Peaty. Ch.: 
Marshal Beaty, b. Feb. 13, 1852; lives Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. Luther Beaty, b. July 21, 1854- d 
Feb. 27, 1S84. Nellie Beaty, b. March (i, 1857 •' 
d. Oct. 2, 1800. Ella Whitted, b. March 23, 1859; 
lives at Santa Ana, Cal. Nora Sentney, b. March 
21, 1865; live.', at Hutchinson, Kan. Edith 
Huff, b. Dec. 12, 1867; lives at Santa Ana, Cal. 
Charlotte Boone, b. Aug. 27, 1791 (Ky. ),m. Reuben 
Mayfield in Pulaski Co., Ky., Oct. 27, 1814. 
They resided in Kentucky, Intl., and Mo. Her 
husband died at Oxford, Mo., 1861; she at 
Owensburg, Ind., Dec. 31, 1883. Their son, 
A. C. Mayfield, married Winnie Short, Jan. 12, 
1854, at Springville, Lawrence Co., Ind., where 
all their children were bom. In March, 1884, 
they moved to Washington Territory, Whatcom 
Co., Ferndale, with all their children. 


The Mayfields were of English descent. The first 
family from England came to Virginia at an earl} 
date, probably Owin Mayfield, Mayor of Cambridge 
Eng., 1672, and George, Esq., a freeholder in Cam- 
bridge, March 29, 1722. Tradition has it that 
all Mayfields in America came from one family of 
five sons born in Virginia, their descendants radiat- 
ing to the different parts of the United States. 
Many Mayfields served in the Revolutionary War 
from Virginia. 

Richmond, Va., October 28, 1901. 

Dear Sir:— I have made a careful examination of the Revo- 
lutionary records, and find the names of James, John, Elijah, 
James 2nd, Lewis and William May held. 
Yours truly, 

Secjr. Va. Historical Society. 

Richmond, Oct. 18, 1901. 

No. 2.'io7. 
Council Chamber, 28 January, 1 784. 
I do certify that Lawrence Muse, assignee of John Mayfield, 
is entitled to the proportion of land allowed a Private of Con- 
tinental Line who has served three years and was enlisted for 
the war. (Signed) 

A warrant for 2UD acres issued to Lawrence Mnse, assignee 
of John Mayfield, 28th da) of |anuary, 1784. 

Witness my hand &c, this 18th day, October, 1901. 
(Seal.) lolIN W. RICHARDSON. 


Capt. John Mayfield was in military prison at 
Charleston, S. C. ( From Barrack Guard Report, 
December 9, 1775.) 

Address: "Chief of th^ Record and Pension Office, War Department, 

Washington, D. C." 


Washington, October 18, 1901. 
Respectfully returned to 

No. 119 W. 22d Street, 

New York, N. Y. 
It is shown by the records that one John Mayfield and one 
Henry Mayfield were enlisted for the 1st Virginia Regiment, 

Revolutionary War, and lliai a Sergeant, Janus Bedford, re- 
ceived in February, 17.sU, twenty dollars for each enlistment. 
No further information relative to these soldiers has been found 
of record. 

The records also show that one Reuben Mayfield served as a 
private in Captain Samuel Tate's Company, 7th (Taul's) Regi- 
ment of Mounted Kentucky Volunteers, war of 1812. His name 
appears on the rolls of that organization with remarks: "Com- 
mencement of service, Auj,'. u:i, 1813; expiration of service, Nov. 
14, 1813; time paid for, 2 mos., 23 days." 

By authority of the Secretary of War: 

Acting Chief, Record and Pension Office. 

I am of the opinion that John May field was 
the father of John, b. 1708, as the name "John" 
seems to run through the family of each gen- 
eration down to the present time. John Mayfield 
anil his wife Mary Wolf removed from Virginia to 
Kentucky, 1795, stopping at Knoxville, Tenn., for 
a month or so. fie owned many slaves at the time 
of his death, caused by a tree falling on him. His 
brother William lived on an adjoining farm for a 
time, then moved to Tennessee with John's wife's 
father, Mr. Wolf. 

Their son Reuben served in the War of 1812, from 
Somerset, Ky., through Indiana, Michigan and 
Canada. Married Charlotte Boone Oct. 27, 1811, 
in Pulaski Co., Ky., and at once moved to his 
mother's homestead two miles east of Pulaski, Ky., 
where he lived for three years before moving to 
Indiana. He first came to Lawrence Co., Intl., 1817. 
Aug. 20, 1825, bought land in See. 29, of William 
Woodraw; sold it to Samuel H. Mitchell March 14, 
183(5. On [an. 5, 1837, Oct. 8, 1851, Dec. 30 
1844, he entered U. S. lands in Sees. 8 and 7, Tp. 5 N. 
R. 2 W. near to his father-in-law, Jeremiah Boone, 
who lived on See. 7. Went to Missouri 1857. Died 
at Oxford, Worth Co., Mo., Nov. 22, 1801. His 
widow at age of 77 years was pensioned from Page 
Co., Hollvville, la. (The writer was horn on west 
bank of Indian Creek opposite the Nevel Mayfield 
place. A hove entry. ) 

Their son, Alexander Campbell, named after the 
distinguished Disciples minister, born at Linton, 
Greene Co., Intl., May 0,1831. Served in Morgan's 
raid under Capt. Samuel W. Short and Piatt 
Stannard. Married Winnie Short Jan. 12, 1854, 
at Springville, Ind. The National Cyclopedia of 
American Biography, Vol. XL, reads: "Reuben 
Newton Mayfield, physician, horn near Bedford, 
Ind., June 13, 1859; son of Alexander Campbell 
and Winney (Short) Mayfield. His grandfather, 
Milton Short, was a Disciples Christian preacher, 
and at one time the owner of a large number of 
slaves, whom he voluntarily freed before the Civil 
War. His paternal grandmother was a cousin of 
Daniel Boone, the Kentucky pioneer. Through his 
mother he is a descendant of Col. Robert Tate, of 
Ky., a distinguished citizen of Kentucky. In the 
War of 1812 his paternal grandfather, Reuben May- 
field, a Virginian by birth, participated. Ancestors 
on both sides served in Revolutiohai^y War. At 
the aee of fourteen he was graduated at the high 
school of Spriniiville, and immediately began to 
teach in the school. After following this falling 
for a few years, he studied medicine, first at the 
Kentucky School of Medicine and afterwards at the 
Long Island Hospital College, New York, being 
graduated therein 1880, and subsequently at Rush 
College, Chicago, 111. He also pursued several special 
courses in medicine at other institutions. On com- 
pleting his studies he accepted a position as lecturer 

the New York Medico- 

a member ol the Col- 

I le L an official incin- 

Dr. Mayfield was mar- 

on pathology and clinical medicine at the University 
ol Colorado. While holding this position he also 
established himself as a practicing physician and 
a specialist in throat, lung and stomach troubles, 
lie was Major and Surgeon for nmny years in 1st 
Colorado Regiment and brigade Surgeon in the 
campaign of Cripple Creek in 1894 and that of 
Leadville in 1896. He also served during a part of 
his residence in Colorado as president of the board 
of medical examiners of the state. For about fi\e 
years he was surgeon ol the Union Pacific Railway 
system. In L897 Dr. Mayfield removed to New 
York City, and there continued to practice in his 
speeial subjects. IK- has had unusual success in 
the treatment of what are commonly called in- 
curable diseases, and has published in pamphlet 
form the results of his investigations along original 
lines. Besides the societies already mentioned, which 
he served as officer, Dr. Mayfield is enrolled as a 
member of the Association of Military Surgeons 
of the United States, and of 
Legal Society; he was also 
orado State Medical Society. 
ber of several secret orders. 
tied in Denver, Col., Feb. 14, 1889, to Ada B., daugh- 
ter of John A. Thomas, of Chicago, who is of Lng- 
lish ancestry and has one son, Roy T. Mayfield." 

The following Mavliclds are living in the different 
parts of the United States: LiKvard II. anil James 
Clifford, Richmond, Va. Win. S. and son John C, 
Nashville, Tenn. W. D., banker, and son John D., 
Waco, Texas. S. G. ami W. D., attorney, Columbia, 
S. C. Judge Pierce, Cleveland, Tenn. Allison, R}\ 
Com., Austin, Texas; ami General Mayticld's family, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

John Mayfield, b. 170S; d. 1813. M. Mary Wolf, 
b. 1770, d. Dec. 18, 1848, in Pulaski, Kv. Their 
children; Francis, b. Va., Nov. 2, 1790; d. Pu 
laski, Ky. M. Eddie Z. Buchanan, April 21, 
1817; ch. Wm. Sheltou, 1818; James Shelby, 
1822; Robt. Henderson, 1825; Arteraace, 1827. 
M. St. John Bishop April 7, 18 1-7; ch. Francis 
June, 1851; Edward Davis, L853, Lancaster, Ky 
Reuben, b. Feb. 1, 1792, Va. M. Charlotte Boone, 
Lincoln (now Pulaski) Co., Kv, Oct. 27, M I. 
Twelve ch. : Pleasant, b. Va., Feb. 19, 1791; in. 
Jennie Buchanan, only child John Campbell; d 
1897 at Gospbrt, Ind. Henry Mitchel, b. Knox 
ville, Tenn., Nov. 0, 1795; m. Eliza Blacklege, 
d. 1878; son Romeo; daughter Juliette Fisher, 
now living at Quincy, Ind., where their father 
diet I. 
Seaburn, b. fune 25, 1798, Ky.; d. Nov. 18, 1850. 
M. Malinda Remge, d. 1830. Ch. : Burnett, June 
8, 1823; d. Sept. 10, 1851. Mary A., Mch. 1, 
1828; d. Oct., 1801. Second wife Clarissa A. 
Baker, b. Wolford Co., Kv., Oct. 17. 1X17; d. 
Mch. 30, 1S97. Ch. : Sydney S., April 20, 1837. 
Malinda, |ulv 22, IS id. John N., Mch. 20, 
18 10; d. Nov. 19, ISM). Francis A., b. Dec. 3, 
18 IS; tl. April 7, 1883, Silverville, Ind. 
Clarenday, b. July 29, 1800. M. Ambrose Hen- 
dricks; twelve children. 
Artemacv, b. Oct. 2, 1804. M. Isaac Snrber. Some 
children: Alfred, b. May 10, 1806; d. April 11, 
1880, Pulaski, Kv.; m. Fliza Adams. Jan., ; 
had eight children, all dead except Elizabeth Jane 
Wrisrht, Ridgeville, Intl., and Zachary Taylor 
Mayfield, who now lives on the old May field 
homestead two miles east of Pulaski, Ky. His 

brother, John Campbell, died i ! ... Army at 
Bowling. Green, Ky4>t\l 2 2, !••. Col Shackle 
ford's regiment. Z. I Mayli h the only one ol 
his father's (Alfred,) eight childvcn that had any 
children. They are : John Adams, Neola, Kan. 
Mary Me., m. J. J. Carr, merchant, Somerset, 
Ky. Ella Alice; m. L. N. Taylor of State College, 
Lexington, Ky. Nellie Campbell, m. W. V. An- 
derson, State University-, Lexington, Ky. Mattie 
Susan, in. J. M. Brown, Liberty, Ky. Minnie 
Blaine, 17 years. Charles Shields, 15 years. 
Alexander Clay, 13 years, Pulaski, Ky. 

Elizabeth, b. June 4, 1808. M. Geo. Conclilf, only 
son Marcell, living at Albany, Ind. 

Sydney, b. Jan. 28,1811. M. Elizabeth Bryant; no 
children; d. Pulaski, Ky. 

Reuben Mayfield and Charlotte Boone Mayfield's 
eh- : Anjeline Mayfield, b. Aug. 31, 1815. M. 
John Mitchell, Nov. 3, 1830. fohn Mayfield, 
b. in Ky. July 13, 1817; ni. fuliette Mc- 
Afee, Nov. ' 26, 184-6, b. Ind., Aug. 16, 
1830; removed to Missouri, 1861; to Bloom- 
ington, Kan., 1882, where they now live. Ch. : 
Sylvanus, b. Ind., Oct. 10, 1848; Lananza, Ind., 
Aug. 25, 1851, d. April 16, 1883; Ambacilla, b. 
Ind., April 28, 1854; Manford, b. Ind., Jan. 3, 
1856; Tilman A., b. Ind., Dec. 25, 1857; d. Aug. 
15, 1859; Alvi'n, b. Ind., Feb. 15, 1860; Walter 
S., b. Mo., Dec. 5, 1861, d. Nov. 4, 1894; Ida, 
b. Mo., Oct. 11,1863; Sherman, b. Mo., Oct. 3, 
1865; Geo. Sheridan, b. Mo., Jan. 2, 1868; 
Birby J., b. Mo., Oct. 31, 1873"; Manford and 
Birby live in Oklahoma. Amandy Mayfield, b. 
April 18, 1819; m. Harvey McBride, Nov. 27, 
1839. Joyce Mayfield, b. 'Jan. 5, 1821. M. 
Samuel Mitchell, Nov. 15, 1841; mother and only 
child, Wickliffe B., liye at Owensburg, Ind. Polly 
Mayfield, b. Nov. 25, 1822. M. John Cox, Mch. 
15, 1843. Clarendy Mayfield, b. Sept. 7, 1824; d. 
Neb. Mch. 20, 1896. M. Lowery Stone, Sept. 13, 
1849; ch. : Jerry, lives at Schley, Mo., father 
and VV. A. Stone, Grant, Neb.; Sarah at Friend, 
Okla.; Carrie at Jett, Okla. Celestine Mayfield, 
b. Aug. 4, 1826; m. William Stone, Sept. 13, 
1849, Clay Centre, Neb.; ch. : John, Mellie and 
Anna Z. Shoemaker. Nevel Mayfield, b. April 18, 
1828; d. April 2, 1882. M. Behethlem Short, Nov. 
27, 1851. Alexander Campbell Mayfield, b. May 
6, 1831; d. Sept. 21, 1885, ceni. 3 miles cast Fern- 
dale. M. Winnie Short, Jan. 12, 1854. Jane 
Mayfield, b. Feb. 14, 1833; m. Seymour Cobb, 
Aug. 23, 1853; one daughter, Ellen. Elizabeth 
B. Mayfield, b. Mch. 27, 1835; d. Feb. 6, 1855. 

Christy Ann Mayfield, b. Aug. 1, 1837. M. fohn 
A. Finch, Aug. 21, 1859. 

Nevel Mayfield and Behethlem Short Mayfield's ch. : 
Millon S. Mayfield, b. Oct. 7, 1852; d. April 
23, 1876. Mary Mayfield, b. Feb. 17, 1857; m. 
Homer Ferguson, April 12, 1877, Ind. Their 
children are: Pearl Ferguson, b. April 17, 1878; 
Alma Ferguson, b. Aug. 18, 1880; N. Orth Fer- 
guson, b. April 5, 1883; Emma Ferguson, b. 
Mch. 31, 1891, Indian Creek, near Springville, 

A. C. Mayfield and W/innie Short Mayfield's ch. : 
Ila Mayfield, b. Nov. 28, 1854; m. John Evans, 
Dec. 15, 1886, in Wash. Ch. : Winnie Evans, 
b. Oct. 16, 1S87; Herbert Evans, 1). Oct. 9, 
1894; Marv Charlotte Mayfield, b. Feb. 8, 1857; 

m. B. Wheat Bailey, Mch. t, 1S79; ch. : A. C. 
Ralph Bailey, b. Ind. Oct. 23, 1880; Jesse Guy 
Bailey, b. Wash. Sept. 6, 1885, Fcrndalc, Wash. 
Reuben New Ion Mayfield, b. June 13, L859. M. 
Ada E. Thomas in Denver, Colo., Feb. 14, 1889. 
Ch. : Roy Thomas Mayfield, b. Colo.. Aug. 25, 
1890, New York City. 

Wesey S. Mayfield, b. Fel 
Rcinsburg, Mch. 2 1-, 188 

10, 1864. M. Alta 
n Denver, Colo. 

India Tate Mayfield, b. Peb. 25, 1868. M. John 
Slater, Wash., Mch. 2 1, 1886. Ch. : Dos Slater, 
b. Aug. 8, 1887; Gladys Slater, b. Feb. 23, 
1890; (den J. Slater, b. Aug. 28, 1892. Fern- 
dale, Wash. 

The Shorts were a Scotch family who came from 
the southwest part of Scotland t<> Virginia. Ai 
the time of the birth of |ohn Short (1756;, his 
father, Thomas Short, lived in Tigart Valley. Here 
John married Mary Hansford, Jan. 20, 1 7'so, who 
was of English descent, and moved to Russell Co., 
Va. In 1802 moved to Pulaski Co., Ky., and in 
1818 to Lawrence Co., Ind. John Short served in 
Revolutionary War. Enlisted lor 5 mo., Aug., 1776, 
under Capt. Win. Nail, Col. A brain Smith; for 4 
mo., Sept., 1778, under Capt. McCutcheon, Col. 
Win. Rovers; 2 mo., July, 1781, under Capt. Rowan, 
Col. Win. Nail, from Rockingham Co., Va. Was 
pensioned Nov. 12, 1832. Born in Shenandoah Co., 
Va., 1756; died in Lawrence Co., Ind., May 15, 
1836 (cemetery at Nevel Mayfield place). (From 
Bureau of Pensions Records, Washington, D. C. ) 

Wesley Short, born Dec. 20, 1780; died Sept., 
1856; interred half mile north of Springville 
Station on his Farm. Married Rebecca Owens Feb. 
4, 1802, in Russell Co., Va. In the fall of that 
year moved to Pulaski Co., Ky.; in Oct., 1817, 
to Livonia, Ind., and in March, 1818, to Lawrence 
Co., Ind. Milton Short was born in Pulaski Co., )» 
Ky., May 18, 1S07. Married Marv Tate, Jan. 8, 
1829. Lived many years at Springville, a mer- 
chant, doctor and minister. He died in Fayettes- 
ville, Ind., April 27, 1886. Winnie Short, daughter 
of Milton Short and Marv Tate Short, married 
Campbell Mayfield, Jan. 12, 1854, in 
Co Ind. She was born at Springville. 
1836, being the first one of the children 
born in Indiana alter their parents removed from. 
Kentucky this same year, 183(5. 


fohn Short, b. Feb. 15, 1756; d. May 15, 1836. 
M. Mary Hansford, Ian. 20, 1780, b. fan. 13, 
1756; cl. July 30, 1821. Ch. : — 

Wesley Short, b. Dec. 20, 1780; d. Sept. 10, 
1S52; m. Rebecca Owens, Feb. L 1802. 
in Russell Co., Va.; d. Sept. 28, 1858. Sarah 
Short, b. Sept. 15, 1782; d. Dec. 1802, in. 
Stephen Fields. William Short, b. Oct. 9, 
1784; d. Nov. 13. 1810. John Short, b. 
Nov. 11, 1786; d. Oct. 3, 1865: m. Aw 
Owens, Feb. 3, 1808. Thomas Short, b. 
Tune 6, 1789; d. March 23. 1S57; in. Polly 
Hunt. Samuel Short, b. March 13, 1702; 
d. Dec. 25, 1827; m. Polly Williams. Reuben 
Short, b. Oct. 15, 1794;" m. 1 evina Owens, 
Feb. 2, 1817. Ezekiel Short, b. Dec. 12, 
1797; d. Jan. 15, 1874; m. Jane Sentncv, 


Dec. 10, 

May 30, 1819; ch. Alfred, John. Hansford 
Short, b. July 12, 1800; d. Jan. 1, 1848; 
m. Eliza Armstrong. 

Wesley Short and Rebecca Owens Short's children : — 
John Luther Short, b. April 3, 1803; d. Sept. 
23, 1861; m. Eunice Lackey; son Emerson, 
Bloomfield, Ind. Behethlem Short, b. May 
21, 1805; (1. Nov. 20, 1868; in. James Arm- 
strong; eh. Wesley, Aimer, Winchester, and 
daughters, all dead but Wesley, Springville, 
1 iid Winchester m. Mary Whitted, ch. 
Lora, Grace, Ouincy Treat. Milton Short, 
b. May 18, 1807; d. April 27, 1880; m. 
Mary Tate, Jan. 8, 182!). Newton Short, 
b. June 19, 1809; d. Feb. 10, 1888; in. 
Sarah Turner, Richmond, Va.; ch. Ncauder, 
Newton, Susie, Ky. ophronia Short, b. 
March 15, 1812; m. Dr. F. Cook; ch. Newton 
Crook, Bedford, Ind. Dodridge Short, b. 
June 6, 1815; d. Aug. 20, 1878; m. Mehi li- 
able Pearson, Sept. 17, 1851; ch. Thales, 
Ouincy, Ion, Paul; second wife Loraine Kelsey, 
m. Aug. 3, 18G4; ch. Scott and May. Owen 
Short, b. March 14, 1818; d. Dec. 10, 1895, 
Springville, Ind.; m. Elizabeth Lancaster 
Aug. G, 1850; d. May 7, 1888, aged 60 yr. 
8 mo.; eh. Flora I., d. Sept. 23, 1899, aged 
43 yr. 11 mo.; m. Win. Williams, Fayette- 
ville. Victoria, b. 1857, Oct. 19; m. Luther 
Beaty, later Mr. Kufer, Bedford, hid. Denia, 
b. Inly 26, 1859; m. Sentnev Adamson, 
April 7, 1881, Springville, Ind." fane Tate 
Short, b. July 16, 1820; m. Robt. Milton 
Darks, March" 1, 1842; ch. Louise, Viola, 
Theo., Robert, Bedford, Ind. Samuel W. 
Short, b. Dec. 24, 1822; d. Nov. 11, 1884; 
m. Mary A. Pearson, Nov. 8, IS IS, Dolly, 
Elifelet, Carrie, Samuel, Vinccnncs, Iiul. 

Milton S^'.ort and Mary Tate Short's children:— 
Behethlem Short, b. Jan. 13, 1830; d. Oct. 10, 

1900; m. Ncvel Mayfield, Nov. 27, 1851. 
Robert N. Short, b. Sept. (i, 1831; d. Dec. 1, 

1897; m. Annie E. Wilson, April 12, 1800, 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Wesley Short, b. April 16, 1833; d. March 23, 

1900; m. Mollie E. Rafferty, Jan. 9, 1870, 

Springville, Ind. Rebecca Short, b. Dec. 2, 

1834; m. Win. A. O'Neal, Nov. is, i860, 

Springville, Ind. 
Winnie Short, b. Dec. 10, 1836; m. A. C. Mav- 

field, ]an. 12, 1854. 
Lydia Short, b. March 27, 1839; m. James 

Braden, Sept. 4, 1866, Irvington, Ind. 
Luther Short, b. May 14, 18 15; m. Emma W. 

Heineken, April 9, 1883, Franklin, Ind. 
Burnett M. Short, b. Dec. 31, 1853; in. Samelia 

J. Brown, Oct. 8, 1876, Ogden, Utah. 

Behethlem Short Mayfield and Ncvel Maylield's chil- 
dren : — 

Milton S. Mayfield, b. Oct. 7, 1852; d. April 
23, 1870. " 

Ma rv Mayfield, Feb. 17, 1857. 

Robert Newton Short and Annie E. Wilson Short's 

children : — 
James L. Short, b. Jan. 5, 1861: d. Feb. 5, 

Sarah Tated Short, b. Dec. 11, ISGl.d. Aug. 

7, 1882. 
Robert Wilson Short, b. Sept. 22, 1863. 

Wesley Short and Mollie Rafferty Short's children : — 
Earle O. Short, b. Dec. 5, 1871. 
Carl V. Short, b. Nov. 23, 1874. 
Mary C. Short, b. Feb. '.», 1S79. 
Winnie Short Mayfield and A. C. Mayfield's chil- 
dren : — 
Ipi Mayfield, b. Nov. 28, 1854. 
Mary Charlotte Mayfield, b. Feb. 8, 1857. 
Reuben Newton Mayfield, b. June 13, 1598. 
Wesley Short Mayfield, b. Feb. 10, 1864, Spring- 
India Tate Mayfield, b. Feb. 25, 1868. 
Lydie E. Short Braden and James Braden's chil- 
dren : — 
Romaine Braden, b. Aug. 14, 1807. 
Norman S. Braden, b. June J 5, 1869. 
Stella Braden, b. Feb. 25, 1873. 
Laura Braden, b. Oct. S, 1874; d. Nov. 11, 
1884, Irvington, Ind. 

Burnett M. Short and Samelia J. Brown Short's 

children : — 
Byron Short, b. Sept. 4, 1878; d. April 25, 

Edgar I). Short, b. Feb. 0, 1880. 
Esther Short, b. Nov. 0, 1890, Ogden, Utah. 


The Owens family were of Welsh descent. William, 
born Nov. 10, 1750, and Nancy, born March 15, 
1754, were cousins, both born in Shenandoah Valley, 
Va., where they were married September 30, 1773, 
and at once moved to Russell Co., Va., and later 
to Pulaski Co., Ky. William Owens served in Revo- 
lutionary War; enlisted June, 1 770, for 6 mo. under 
Capt. John Cook, Col. Brown; 177S, for 9 mo. as 
sergeant, Capt. James Newell, Col. Preston; 1779, 
for 9 mo.; 1780, for 12 mo. under Capt. James 
Maxwell, Col. Preston, from Augusta Co., Va. Pen- 
sioned June 20, 1834, from Pulaski Co., Ky. Horn 
Nov. 10, 1750; died, Pulaski Co., Ky., Aug. 9, 
1S36. His widow, Nancy, whom he married Sept. 
20, 1770, was also pensioned, from Bureau of Pen- 
sions, Washington, I). C. Old Cemetery, Somerset. 
He owned fifteen slaves, who were sold after his 
death. Their daughter, Rebecca Owens, born Sept. 
15, 1782, married Wesley Short, Dec. 20, 1780. 
Her sister, Jane, married Capt. Samuel Tate, born 
Nov. 11, 1775, who was Robert's brother. 

W. Allen Owens now lives on the old homestead, 
on Pitman Creek, three miles south of Court House, 
Somerset. Other descendants are : Col. John Owens, 
82 yr.; David D. Owens, 73 yr.; Ferry Owen-,, 48 
yr.; Dr. J. M. Owens, 12 yr.'; Jack Owens, l.> yr.; 
Clarence Owens, 35 yr. ; Win. K. Owens, 10 yr. ; 
Martin Owens, 30 yr.', all of Somerset; James and 
Samuel Owens, 52 and 50 yr., Stanford, Lincoln Co.; 
sheriffs. Reuben Owens died, Clinton Co., Ky., near 
William Owens and Nancy Owens' children: 

Reuben Owens, b. Nov. 13, 1775; d. Feb. 1"', 

|ane Owens, b. Aug. 10, 177S; d. Nov. 24, 

1861; in. Samuel Tate, b. Nov. 11, 1775, 

d. May 21, 18 15. 
Sarah Owens, b. Feb. 15, L780; d. Feb. IS, 

1855; m. Wm. 11. Price, Sept. 11, 1800, b. 

fan. 10, 1777, d. [an. 20, 1835. 
Rebecca Owens, b. Sept. 15. 1782; d. Sept. 28, 

1858; m. Wesley Short. Feb. 1, 1802, b. Dec. 

20, 17S0, d. Sept. Hi, 1S52. 

MfR r 9 1903 

Samuel Owens, b. Jur. IH, I "i 45; d. | I, 

1834; m. Jane Me «r li April I, 1 7S!>, d. 
Nov. 16, 1877. 
Nancy Owens, b. Nov 1(1 1787; in. litjuH 

Newell, April 2, 1809. 
Avy Owens, b. Nov. 11, 1789; d. Dec. 31, 1848; 

m. John Short, Feb. 3, 1808, b. Nov. 11, 

178G, d. Men. 28, 1851. 
William Owens, b. Meh. 25, 1792; d. Jan. 3, 

1873; m. Margaret Newell, Meh. 9, 1814. 
John Owens, b. Meh. 25, 1792; m. Ann Chesney. 
Martin Owens, b. April 12, 1790; m, Polly 

Leoina Owens, b. July 15, 1799; d. Meh. 21, 

1858; m. Reuben Short, Feb. 2, 1817, b. 

Oct. 15, 1794. 


The Tates were of Scotch-Irish descent, and came 
to this country before the Revolutionary War, as 
many served in that war from Virginia. 

Richmond, Va., Dec. 3, 1901. 
New York City. 

Dear Sir: — I find the following names of Tate in the Revolu- 
tion: Jesse and James Tate, Continental line; Capt. M. Tate of 
militia. Yours truly, 

Virginia Historical Society. 

And John and Robert Tate from Washington rec- 
ords War Department. Samuel ( Irish ) enlisted Sept. 
4, 1755. Henry and Robert took oath of allegiance 
in Henry Co., Va. 

John Tate married Mary Bracken, who was of 
German descent; was three times sheriff of Russell 
Co., Va., and a Colonel and Whig in time of Wash- 
ington. On H. John Tate's farm at Zumbeg, near 
Lebanon, Russell Co., Va., we find a moss-covered 
slab that reads: "Col. John Tate, died Dec. 15, 
1828, aged 85 yrs.; and Mary Tate, his wife, died 
March 13, 1817, aged 75 years." 

Robert Tate, their son, was born in Russell Co., 
Va., July 31, 1708, where his parents remained 
until their death. He married Winnie Atkinson, who 
was born in South Carolina, Aug., 1706, and was 
a descendant of the French Huguenots. Soon after 
their marriage they, with brother Samuel, removed 
to Pulaski Co., Ky. (1800), and lived and died on 
a farm one half mile west of Tateville, on C. S. 
Ry., ten miles south of Somerset. The old house, 
with wooden latches and string, still stands on the 
old farm, where live John and Reuben Shaddown, 
grandsons of Mattie Buster, built by Robert and 
Samuel, who lived next farm south. Two miles 
south of this place is the "Milt Short" bend of the 
Cumberland River, where the grandfather of the 
writer lived when in Kentucky. Robert and Samuel 
buried at Tateville Cemetery. 

Robert Tate was a slave-owner, but would never 
punish any of his negroes himself; he always sent 
for his brother Samuel to do all the punishment. He 
was a great Methodist before the time of Alexander 
Campbell, when they became Disciples of Christ. He 

very religious man, always wearing fancy 
in clothing and hunting shirt at tin- religious 
His brother Samuel after the War of 
LSI.' as made a major, and served for twenty 
juiu in the County Courts of Pulaski Co. Sain- \ 
uel's children were: William O. ; John; Samuel 
Bracken; Robert M. and Bank G.Tate, and three 
daughters, Cecil Ceveva. 

Isaac fate, brother of Robert, about the sear 
1833 Kit Virginia lor Kentucky, then located in 
Missouri. All oilier children: His si-,tcr married, 
1758, John Callawa) in Virginia. John, sou of 
Maj. Samuel, was a Baptist minister until converted 
by Alexander Campbell. I la- two distinguished sons : 
Samuel, b. Dec. 19, 182."., and [lldge S. II. fate, 
b. Dec. 5, 1828, still living at Somerset. Samue, 
married Minerva Martin, 1846; ten children, all 
living: John S., 53 yrs.; Ceo. W ., 51 yrs.; Robert 
M., 49 yrs.; W. S., 30 yrs.; grandson Asar Tate, 
Somerset, fudge Tate's son Samuel ()., member of 
Kentucky Legislature. 

The fates were a healthy family; none was ever 
known to have died of consumption; and usually 
held some office in their county, especially sheriff. 

Robert's daughter Mary Tate, b. Dec..")', 1811; d. 
Dec. 13, lSOf; cein. 1 mile south Springville,; m. Milton 
Short, Jan. 8, 1829, in Pulaski Co., Ky., where 
they resided until 1836, when they moved to 
Indiana. Il was here that they freed their slaves 
they had inherited from the Robert Tate estate. 
John Tate and Marv Bracken's children: — 

Robert Tate, b. July 31, 170S; d. Aug. 3, 1844; 
married Winnie Atkinson, b. Aug., 1766, d. 
April 13, 1856. 
Samuel Tate, b. Nov. 11, 1775; d. May 21, 
1815; m. fane Owens, b. Aug. 10, 1 . 7S, d. 
Nov. 24, 1861. 
Homer Tate, m. Cole FugateCi~l4 4 eroir' * 
John Tate. ~OXlC>aj2> 

Lydia Tate, in. William Fugate. 
Isaac Tate. ** 

Mattie Tate, d. 1817, m. John Buster. 
Hannah, m. Fugate. She lived and died five 
miles S. W. Tateville. Ch. : Jane, in. W. 
Lewis; Polly, m. Ceo. Bllis; Winnie, m. Lewis 
Shaddown; Martha, m. F. Cloaundh. ■ 
Robert Tate and Winnie Atkinson Tate's children : 
Lydia Tate, b. Aug. 15. 1808; d. Dec. 9, 1845; 
m. Joseph Smith. Jan. 1, 1824 Ch. : Jane 
Shaddown, d. Ky.; Rebecca 1'enkv, d. hid.; 
Mara Bracken Baker, d. Ind.; Sam, killed 
late war; Peiiteni Smith lives, veteran, in 
Lebanon, lnd., 05 yrs. old. 
Samuel Tate, b. May 13, 1810; d. Oct. S, 1828. 
Marv Tate, b. Dec. 5, 1811; d. Dec. Kl. 1864; 

in. Milton Short, (an. 8, 1829. 
John Tate, b. May 31, 1813; d. Oct. 27, 1823, 
Somerset, Ky. 

Remarks: I have spared no pains or expense to 
make this report accurate. 

401 West End Ave., New York City. 
Dec. 8, 1902.