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ALMANAC, FR03I JULY, 1849, TO JULY, 1850, 




Office No. 95>i Washington Street. 


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1849, by Geobqe Adams, in the Clerk^s office of the District Court of 

the District of Massachusetts. 




For the fourth time the welcome task is before us, of presenting to our pat- 
rons the Boston Directory. 

The last year we have found marked with numerous changes. Familiar faces 
have disappeared, and new ones taken their places. These movements are regis- 
tered in the following pages, and we shall continue to keep an eye upon the 
shifting scenes, and annually record the changes. Grateful for the pubUc favor 
and interest so liberally extended to us, we feel called upon, and disposed, to use 
every effort to make improvements and give satisfaction. 

We have in preparation an improved Map of Boston, designed particularly for 
the Boston Directory, but we were unable to get it ready in season for this 
number ; it is not necessary, perhaps, as last year a map was given. 
Next year we promise a large and greatly improved one, giving East and 
South Boston, with the streets on the neck, railroad lines from Boston, &c., 
&c. To make up for a map this year we have added eight more pages to the 
miscellaneous matter, and over four thousand names. 

Number of Names in the Boston Directory. 

Names in 1848, 29,907 

Increase, 4,242 

Names in 1849, 34,149 

Alterations in 1849. 

Names expunged, 7,383 

Names added, 11,625 

Removals, &c., 9,705 

Whole number of Alterations, 28,713 

Advertisements, Index to... 368 
Additions, Removals, & Cor- 
rections 2 

Banks in Boston 25 

Boston Almanac 302 

Boston Directory 302 

Boundaries of Wards 16 

Business Key 303 

Calendar, 4, 5, 6 

Census 5-8 

Churches and Ministers .... 35 

City Government 18 

City Laws and Regulations. . 21 

Commissioners 39 

Consuls, &c 39 

Courts 38 

Custom House 56 

Constables 38 

Distances & Fares over Rail- 
roads 43 


I Page 

I East Boston 8 

I Expresses 36 

! Fire Department 22 

j Halls, Public Buildings, &c. 15 

I Health Department 20 

i Ice Company 54 

j Insurance Companies 28 

Joy's Building 51 

Masonic Societies 34 

Massachusetts Block 52 

Merchants' Exchange 7 

Military ...'. 54 

Museum 55 

Names, occupations, &c., of 

the Inhabitants 57 

Newspaper Agency •••• 41 & 365 

Newspapers in Boston 40 

New York 301 

OddFellows 34 

Omnibuses 55 

Packets 42 

Police 21 

PostOffice 17 

Rechabite Directory 34 

Railroads 43—50 

Schools 24 

School Furniture, see Index 368 

Societies 30 

Sons of Temperance 34 

South Market 53 

Steamships 42 

Streets, C'ts, Places, Blocks, 

&c 9 

Street Directoiy 3 

Treasury Department 19 

Undertakers 20 

United Americans 34 

Ward Rooms 17 

Waterworks 23 

Wharves 14 



Instituted May, 1849. 
Ichabod Nichols, D.D., President. F. Parkman, 
D.D., and N. L. Frothingham, D.D., Vice-Presi- 
dents. Rev. Charles Brook, Secretary. Ephraim 
Peabody, D.D. Treasiirer. James Walker, D.D., 
Alvan Lamson, D.D., Samuel Barrett, D.D., Geo. 
Putnam, D.D., Directors. 

Bonney Pelham, jr. sec. Long Pond Mu. F. Ins. Co. 
Cummings David, engineer, Mass. Hospital 
Dykes John, printer, h. 6 Rollins place 
Emerson C. H. counsellor, 46 Court 
Haves Augustus A. chemist and assayer, h. 1 Pine 
Hubbard N. D. commissioner for Wisconsin, 4 Court 
New England Railway Guide, published at the office 

of the Path-Finder, by Geo. K. Snow & Co., 5 

Washington street — semi-monthly. 

Bond Geo. W. from 7 State to 55 Kilby 
Charlton Thomas, from 78 State to 55 Kilby 
Chase, Brothers, from 93 Water to 7 Liberty sq. 

Farnhara P. J. & Co., from 18 Custom House st. 

to 2 Bath 
Lyman Frederick & Co. from 34 State to 169 Milk 

Noyes Henry, 92 & 94 Salem, instead of 72 do. | Tracy & Russell, mer. 73 Long wf. instead of 3 do. 



This year we commence a Street Directory of "Washinijtt-n, Hanover, Tremont, and Milk streets, with 
Harrison avenue; an extended one beyond these woulH be of little or no utility, the streets of 
Boston being so short and numerous. The lis<^ of streets this year will be found full and complete, 
having been carefully corrected — see pt-^'e 8. A street directory of the city of New York may be of 
some use, as there the streets extend two or three miles, and are more regularly laid out than here. 
The following statement will show this fact : — 

Number of streets, courts, places, &c. in Bost-ju 809 

Number of streets, coiuts, places, &c. in New York 372 

Yet the territory and population of New York is about four times as large as Boston. 
Street Directory is found convenient, we shall extend it to other streets next year. 

%* To find in what part of a street any number may be — say, for instance, 161 Washington — you will see in the table 
below that Harvard place opens at l.W on the lefc, and Province House court at 163, of course 161 would be between 
these two. The Hotels, Churches, &c., on the streets below, are also pointed out. 


from Dock sq. to Roxbury 

Rt. Lft. 

1 • • Dock square 
2 Wilson lane 

21 •• Cornhill 

69 •• (;ourt 
68 8t.ate 

70 Old State House 

81 • • Joy's building 

87 • • Court avenue 

99 • • Williams court 

■• 128 Water 

134 Spring lane 

137 ■• School 

• • 146 Old South Church 
155 • • Harvard place 

• • 146 Milk 

163 • • Province House ct. 

185 ■ • Norfolk avenue 

209 . • Bromfield 

219 • ■ Graphic court 

• . 184 Franklin 

229 • • Marlboro' Hotel 

231 . . Chapel place 

271 •• Winter 

• ■ 226 Summer 

• • 240 Central court 

• • 264 Avon place 

• • 290 Bedford 

307 • • Temple avenue 

333 •• West 

• • 300 Suffolk place 
361 • • Melodeou 
371 • • Adams House 

• ■ 330 Norfolk place 

• ■ 340 Sweetser court 
387 • • Avery 

■ • 348 Hay ward place 
403 • ■ Fayette court 

• • 364 Newbury place 

■ ■ 378 Essex 

431 • ■ Boylston st. & Mkt. 

• • 410 Beach 

451 ■ • La Grange place 

481 • • Eliot 

• • 4.32 Kueeland 

■ • 448 Harvard 
501 ■ • Dix place 

• • 462 Bennet 
517 ■• UoUis 
549 ■ • Common 

• • 514 Oak 
581 • • Warren 
589 ■ Pleasant 

• • 520 Pine st. & Church 
603 ■ ■ Ohio place 

• • 548 Indiana 

Gil • • Indiana place 
625 • • Orange 

• • 562 Orange lane 
631 • • Castle, West 

■ . 564 Castle, East 

. . 566 South Con. Church 

• ■ 570 -■Vsylum 

637 • • Wash. Gardens 
6G3 • • Cherry 
667 • • Kellam place 
671 • • Lucas place 



620 Florence 

628 Decatur 


• ■ Carney place 


■ • Garland 


668 Dover 


• • Franklin School H. 


• • Groton 


• • Medford court 

680 Ashland avenue 

684 Cottage place 


• • Washington court 


• Wells place 


• • Gorhani place 

712 South May 


730 Waltham 

734 Olive place 

740 Blake's court 

744 Maiden 

744 8. Williams 


748 Dedham 


756 Canton 


• • Brookiine 

• ■ Blackstone square 

• • Franklin square 


758 Newton 


• Rutland 


762 Concord 

• • Worcester 


• • Springfield 

■■ Chester 


798 Northampton 


■ • Camden 

806 Camden place 


• • Willard place 

• ■ Lenox 


• • Clifton place 


• • Arnold 



from 29 Essex to Rox- 





20 Oxford place 


30 Beach 


• ■ Plymouth place 

60 Kneeland 


82 Harvard 


• • Bennet 


■ ■ Nassau 


130 Oak 


■ ■ Maple place 


• ■ Pine 

156 Tyler court 

168 Curve 


• - Indiana 


• • Orange lane 

180 E. Orange 


■ • E. Castle 


• ■ Asylum 

194 Erie 

202 Oneida 

214 Oswego 

222 Genesee 

232 Rochester 

242 Troy 

• • S. Boston bridge 

• ■ Dover 


• • Dover place 



• . Fort avenue 

I'he foUoiving streets open 

from the right. 
Ashland av. Canton 
Cottage place Brookiine 
South May Newton 
Waltham Concord 

Olive place AVorcester 
Blake's court Springfield 
JLalden Chester 

Dedham Northampton 


runs from Court, on the left, 
and Howard, on the right, to 
Roxbury line. 
Rt. Lft. 
1 • • Howard 
11 ■ • Pemberton sq. 

• ■ 204 Court 

• • 192 Museum 

■ • Savings' Bank 

• • Pavilion 

■ ■ Phillips place 

• • Albion 

• ■ King's Chapel 

■ • Beacon 
■ • 180 School 

■ • Tremont House 

• • Tremont Temple 

• • 169 Montgomery place 

• • 165 Bromfield 

• • Bumstead place 

• • 162 Hamilton place 

• • Park St. Church 
•• Park 

• • The Common 

• • 157 Winter 

• St. Paul's Church 

• • Masonic Temple 

• • 149 Temple place 
■ • 143 West 

■ . 125 Mason 

• • 112 Winthrop House 

• • 106 Boylston 
100 • • Foster place 

88 69 Eliot 

■ Johnson School 
74 ■ • Kuhn place 
70 • • Seaver place 

• • 58 HoUis 

48 Common 

42 33 AVarren 

28 27 Pleasant 
238 ■• Jefferson 
282 273 Railroad bridge 

• • W. Castle 

• - Gardiner 

• Lucas place 

• • 351 Dover 

The following streets open 

from the left. 
Groton Newton 

Lowell Rutland 

Hanson Concord 

Waltham Worcester 

Weston Springfield 

Chelsea Chester 

Dedham Northampton 

Canton Camden 

Brookiine Lenox 

Pembroke Kentle 

runs from 97 Court to Win- 
nisimmet Ferry 

Rt. Lft. 

32 Shawmut House 
40 American House 
29 ■• Elm 

• • 60 & 42 Portland 

48 Hanover House 

62 Friend 
65 76 Union 
75 • • Marshall 
77 102 Blackstone 

• • 102 Endicot 

• • 104 Salem 

85 • • North Centre 

95 • ■ Mansion House 

103 130 Cross 

• ■ 138 Hanover place 
115 • • Mechanic 

■ • 144 Parknian place 

• ■ 150 N. Hanover court 

■ ■ 168 Chessman place 
125 • ■ Clark alley 
139 176 Richmond 

149 • ■ Stone Church 

• • 190 Wesley place 
153 • ■ Lathrop place 
167 200 Prince 

• • 206 1st Universalist ch. 

• • 208 North Bennet 
185 •• Fleet 

• - 212 Tileston 
185 •• Clark 

• • New N. Church 
187 •■ Bartlett 

• • 222 Robinson's alley 
191 • • Hanover avenue 

• ■ 230 Charter 
195 •■ Salutation 
199 •• Battery 

217 • ■ Limerick place 

• • Commercial 

• • Sigourney place 

from 146 Washington to Cen- 
tral wharf. 
Rt. Lft. 
25 • ■ Hawley 
35 • • Morton place 
16 Sewall place 
34 Devonshire 
53 • ■ Theatre alley 
75 • • Federal 
83 • • Atkinson 
70 Congress 
86 Bath 
97 •• Pearl 
. . 106 Kilby 
135 •■ Oliver 
149 116 Battery march. 
157 124 Broad 
173 140 India 


JULY, 1849. 

AUGUST, 1849. 



Full Moon, 5th day, 8h. 44m. morning 

Full Moon, 3d day, llh. Sm. evening. 

Last Quarter, ISth day, 2h. 23m. morning. 

Last Quarter, 11th day, 8h. 48m. morning. 

New Moon, 19th day, 4h. 31m, evening. 

New Moon, 18th day, Oh. 48m. morning. 

First Quarter, 25th day, 7h. 51m. evening. 

First Quarter, 25th day. Oh. 11m. evening. 


Days of 

MISCELLANIES. ] Snn ' Sud ] L-gth rf 

Moon High 
rises. 1 Water. 


Days of 




Sun iL'gthot 



h. m. h. m. h. m. 

h. m. h. m. 

b. m.h. m.l h. m. 

h. m. 

b. m. 


4 26 7 40 15 14 

1 25 8 23 



4 52 7 20:14 28 

3 10, 9 34 


BOSTON 4 26 7 40 15 14 

2 13 9 16 

2 Thurs 

Office of the 

4 53 7 19 14 26 

4 010 17 


4 27 7 40 15 13 

2 48 9 59 

3 Fri 

4 54 7 18 14 24 

ris 10 56 

4 Wednes 

4 27 7 39 15 12 

3 28 10 42 

4 Satur 

4 55 7 1614 21 7 5211 32 1 


DIRECTORY. 4 28 7 39 15 11 

O lis 11 18 



4 56 7 1514 19 8 20 



4 29 7 39 15 10 

8 34 11 54 

6 Mon 

4 57:7 14 14 17 8 57 


7 Satur 

4 30 7 39 15 9 

9 21 eve 

7 1 Tues 

'4 58 7 13 14 15' 9 37 

1 14 

8 SUN 


4 30 7 38 15 8 

9 38 1 1 

8 Wednes 

DIRECTORY 4 69 7 llil4 1210 30i 1 51 


4 31 7 38 15 7 

10 1 36 

9 Thurs 

'5 0,7 10 14 10.10 50 2 29 


4 32 7 38 15 6 

11 1 2 14 

10 Kri 

5 lj7 914 8 11 17 3 13 



4 33 7 37 15 4 

11 28 2 52 


and I5 2 7 8,14 6:11 59 4 8 

12 Thurs 

4 33 7 37 15 4 

11 59 3 38 


5 3 7 7jl4 4!morn 5 26 


14 34 7 36 15 2 

morn 4 32 

1 13 Mon 

5 4i7 514 li 33 6 49 

14 Satur 

D I R E C T R Y 4 35 7 36 15 1 

29 5 48 

14 Tues 

WNVTBOvs 5 5!7 413 59, 130i 8 4 

15 SUN 

4 36 7 35 14 59 1 11 7 10 

15Wednes! """' " 5 6i7 2 13 56! 2 28 9 26 

16 Mon 

4 37 7 34 14 57 

1 53 8 33 

16 Thurs 5 7l7 1 13 54! 3 25 10 21 

17 Tues 


4 38 7 34 14 56 

2 35 9 39 

17iFri o„ 5 86 5913 51! 4 22 11 7 

18 Wednes 

4 39 7 33 14 54 

3 17 10 34 

18 Satur l5 9 6 5813 49 sets 11 19 

19 Thurs 

4 39 7 32 14 53 

sets 11 23 

19 SUN 15 10 6 56 13 46 7 43 morn 


No. 95)< 4 40 7 32 14 52 

7 49 morn 

20 Mon BOSTON 15 11,6 55 13 44 8 13 26 

21 Satur 

l4 41 7 31 14 50 

8 25 26 

21 Tues ^ y^ , ^ J2'6 54 13 42 8 43 1 3 

22 SUN 

4 42 7 30 14 48 

8 55 46 

22 Wednes I5 1416 5213 38 9 13: 1 39 

23 Mon 

Washington 4 43 7 29 14 46 9 28 1 26 

23 Thurs 

No q'51^ 5 15 6 51 m 36 9 43! 2 12 

24 Tues 

4 44 7 28 14 44 10 10 2 4 

24 Fri 

5 16:6 49 13 33 10 18! 2 53 

25 Wednes 

4 45 7 27 14 42 10 53 2 42 

25 Satur 

5 176 48 13 31 10 48 3 39 

26 Thurs 

Street, 4 46 7 26 14 40 11 22 3 27 

26 SUN 

Washington i^ 18 6 46 13 28 11 27 4 27 
^ 5 19,6 44 13 25 morn 5 .35 

27 Fri 

4 47 7 25 14 38 11 50 4 16 

27 Mon 

28 Satur 

4 48 7 24 14 36 morn 5 20 

28 Tu s 

15 206 42 13 22! 20 6 51 

29 SUN 

Up Stairs. 4 49 7 23 14 34 9 6 26 

29 We nes 

Street ;5 21 6 41! 13 20| 1 2 8 1 

30 Mon 

4 50 7 22 14 32 1 6 7 39 

30 Thurs 

''^^*- 5 226 3913 17 2 19 3 

31 Tues 

4 51 7 21 14 30 2 7 8 42, 

31 Fri 

|5 23 6 3613 14! 3 4! 9 52 

SEPTEMBER, 184:9. 

OCTOBER, 1849. 



Full Moon, 2d day. Oh. 49m. morning. 

Full Moon, 2d day, Oh. 33m. evening. 

Last Quarter, 8th day, 8h. Om. evening. t 

Last Quarter, 9th day, 2h. 11m. evening. 

New Moon, 16th day. Oh. 29m. morning. 

New Moon, 16th day, llh. 17m. morning. 

First Quarter, 24th day, 2h. 19m. morning. 

First Quarter, 24th day, 6h. 39m. morning. 

Full Moon, 31st day. Oh. 2m. evening. 


Days of 


Sun Sun JL'gth of 
rises, seta. 1 days. 

Moon 1 High 
rises, j Water. 

h. m.' h. m. 


Days f 

MISCELLANIES. [ ^|'^^_ | fjj" \^'i^y°^\ Sj! ! wjto. 

h. m. b. m. h. m. 

Ii. in. b. m. b. m.l h. m.l h. m. 




5 24 6 36 13 12 4 15 10 30 


The 5 56 5 4311 471Orisl0 46 

2 SUN 

5 26 6 35 13 9 ri.s 11 9 

2 Tues 

'b 57 5 42 11 46 6 29 11 23 

3 Mon 

was first settled 

5 27 6 3313 6 7 11 11 431 

3 Wednes 

Celebratioa \^ 58 5 4011 42 7 24 eve 

4 Tues 

5 28 6 31 13 3 7 50 eve 1 

4 Thurs 

15 59 5 39 11 40 8 19 38 

5 Wednes Spnk 7 lfi.qft 

5 29 6 3013 1 8 28 55! 

5 Fri 

of the 6 15 3811 37 9 14 1 15 

6 Thurs 

„ r ■, ^-', 5 306 2812 58 9 111133' 

6 Satur 

J6 2 5 36 11 34 10 7 1 59 

7 Fri 

by a Company of '5 31 6 26 12 55 9 39 2 12 
•^ i' y ' 5 32 6 2512 5310 22 2 57 

7 SUN 

introduction in S^ 3 5 34113111 3 2 46 

8 Satur 

8 Mon 

16 4 5 38 11 29 11 58 3 42 

9 SUN 

Dis'^enter'! 5 33 6 23 12 50 11 10 3 49 

9 Tups 

Boston of the 'ti 5 5 31 11 26 morn 4 46 

10 Mon 

5 34 6 2112 47 morn 5 5 

10 Wednes 

6 65 2911 23 9 5 44 

11 Tues from Boston, Eng., 5 35 6 19 12 44, 40 6 34 

12 Wednes """ " > ^ ' 5 36 6 17 12 41' 1 15 7 59 

11 Thurs 

waters of 6 85 281120 1 4 6 44 

12 Fri 

6 9 5 26 1117 2 9 8 54 

13 Thurs 

who gave it 5 37 6 1612 39 2 7 8 12 
^ 5 38 6 14 12 36 3 8 10 4 

13 Satur 

Lake CocHmjATE,'^ 10 5 24 11 14 3 14 9 55 

14 Fri 

14 SUN 

' 6 11 5 2211 11 4 19 10 27 

15 Satur 

its present name; 6 39 6 1212 33 4 1010 49 1 

15 Mon 

took riace 6 12 5 20 11 8 5 26 11 4 
tooR plax;e 61351911 g sets 11 39 

16 SUN 

16 Tues 

17 Mon 

the Indian name 5 41 6 9 12 28 6 51 11 59 

17 Wednes 

Oct. 25, 1848. ,6 14 5 17 11 8 6 7 morn 

18 Tues 

5 42 6 7 12 25 7 20 morn 

18 Thurs 

' 16 15 5 16 11 1 6 50 13 

19 Wednes w,^ .shnwmnt ■ 5 43 6 5 12 22 7 50 37 

19 Fri 

6 17 5 14 10 57 7 33 46 

20 Thurs 

' 5 44 6 412 20 8 26 1 10: 

20 Satur 


6 18 5 13 10 55 8 16 1 19 

21 Fri 

the Charlestown 5 45 6 2 12 17 8 50 1 46 

21 SUN 

6 19 5 11 10 52 8 59 1 56 

22 Satur 

5 46 6 012 14 9 20 2 22, 

i 2 Mon 


6 21 5 10 10 49 9 42 2 34 

23 SUN 

settlers called it 6 47 6 58 12 11 10 3 3i 

23 Tues 

6 22 5 8 10 46 10 26 3 14 

24 Mon 

15 48 5 5612 810 40 3 511 

24 Wednes 

was the 

6 23 5 7 10 44 11 11 4 29 

25 Tues 

Tri-Mountain, 5 49 5 54 12 5 11 52 4 46 

25 Thurs 

'6 24 5 5 10 41 morn 5 10 

26 Wednes 

' 5 50 5 5212 2 morn 5 58 

26 Fri 

most magnificent 6 25 5 4 10 39 41 6 19 

27 Thurs from its three 

5 51 5 50 11 59 50 7 19 

27 Satur 

6 27 5 2 10 ,S5 1 36 7 34 

28 Fri 

5 53 5 49 11 56 1 46, 8 20 

28 SUN 

ever witnessed 6 28 5 1 10 33 2 13 8 42 

29 Satur prominent hUls. 
30SUN ^ 

5 545 4711 53, 2 40 9 19 

29 Mon 

6 29 5 010 31 3 9 33 

5 65 5 4511 60i 3 3610 6 

30 Tues 

in this city. 6 31 4 58 10 27i 3 50 10 18 



6 32I4 5710 25lOri3ll 


NOVEMBER, 1849. 

DECEMBER, 1849. 



Last Quarter, 7th day, 3h. 38di. morning. 

Last Quarter, 6th day, 2h. 8m. evening. 

New Moon, 14th day- 4h. 29m. evening. 

New Moon, 14th day, lOh. 53m. 


First Quarter, 22d day, 9h. 40m. evening. 

First Quarter, 22d day, 2h. 56m. 


Full Moon, 29th day, lOh. 41m. evening. 

Full Moon, 29th day, 9h. 16m. morning. 


D«j« of 

MISCELLANIES. Lf™. ! X "'days?' K 


D. Days of 

Mo week. 








ih. m.'b. m. t. m. h. m.i h. m. 

:6 33 4 5510 221 6 311 31 

1 Satur 

h. m. h. m. 
7 10'4 29 

b. ra.l b. m. 

9 I9I 6 35 

b. m. 



Electoral Vote, ,6 34 4 6410 20] 7 1' eve 


Electoral Vote, 7 iij4 29 

9 18' 7 39 



1R4Q 6 35'4 53 10 18 8 2! 1 3 
^^^- 6 36'4 5110 15! 9 3' 1 48 

8 Mon 

1848. 7 1214 29 

9 17 8 40 

1 39 


4 Tues 

7 13 4 28 

9 I5I 9 42 

2 26 


Taylor. 6 38 4 5010 1210 5 2 37 

5 Wednes 


7 144 28 

9 14 10 47 

3 16 

Massachusetts 12 6 39 4 4910 1011 i\ 3 41 

6 Thurs 

7 15:4 28 

9 13 11 55 

4 21 


' 6 40 4 48 10 8 morn 


7 Fri 

7 16:4 28 

9 12 morn 

b 12 


Vermont, 6 6 42 4 4610 4; 15 

5 51 

8 Satur 

N. Hampshire, 6 

7 1714 28 

9 11 

1 5 

6 40 


Rhode Island 4 6 43 4 45 

10 2 

1 7 

7 12 

9' SUN 

Virginia, 17 

7 18]4 28 

9 10 

2 8 

7 41 



2 16 

8 20 

10 Mon 

7 19 4 28 

9 9 

3 '/ 

8 42 

11 SUN 

Connecticut,- • 6 16 46 4 43 

9 57 

3 20 

9 16 


S. Carolina, • • 9 

7 20 4 28 

9 8 

4 7 

9 32 


New York ... 36 '^ *^ * *'^ 

9 55 

4 810 1 


Qjiio 23 

7 21 4 28 

9 7 

6 6 

10 14 


Aew JforK, db ^g ^ ^^ 

9 63 

6 16 10 41 

13 Thurs 

7 21]4 28 

9 7 

6 6 

10 60 

14|^Vednes! Pennsylvania, 2(5 |6 50 4 40 

9 50 

6 15111 15 

14 Fri 

Indiana, 12 

7 22^4 28 

9 6 


11 30 


New Jersey, .. 7 j6 51 4 39 

9 48 sets 111 60 

15 Satur 

Illinois 9 

7 2314 28 

9 5 

5 25 

11 59 


9 461 6 46 morn 

16 SUN 

7 24'4 29 

9 b 

6 18 



Delaware, 3 6 63 4 37 

9 44 6 36 


17 Mon 

Mississippi, • • • 6 

7 24,4 29 

9 5 

7 11 



Maryland,.... 8j6544| 

9 42| 7 16 


18 Tues 

Alabama, 9 

7 25'4 29 

9 4 

8 3 

1 3 

19 Mon 

9 40 8 6 

1 32 

19 Wednes 

7 25'4 29 

9 4 

8 58 

1 46 



N. Carolina, . • 11 

6 67 4 35 

9 38 8 66 

2 9 

20 Thurs 

Missouri, 7 

7 26J4 30 

9 4 

9 48 

2 24 



Georgia, 10 

6 58 4 34 

9 36 9 40 

2 48 

21 Fri 

Michigan, 5 

7 26'4 30 

9 4 10 43 




6 59 4 33 

9 3410 42 

3 32 

22 Satur 

7 27j4 31 

9 4 11 23 

3 48 



Kentucky, 12 

7 0,4 32 

9 32 morn 

4 23 

23 SUN 

Arkansas, .... 3 

7 27,4 31 

9 4 morn 

4 41 


Tennessee, .13 

7 24 31 

9 29| 63; 5 271 

24 Mon 

Wisconsin, • • . 4 

7 28,4 32 

9 4 


6 52 

25 SUN 

7 3 4 31 

9 28 1 42 6 43' 

26 Tues 

7 28!4 32 

9 4 

1 24 

7 27 

26 Mon 

Florida, 3 

7 44 30 

9 26 2 16 7 53, 

26 W^ednes 

Iowa, 4 

7 29]4 33 

9 4 

2 40 

8 20 

27 Tues 

Louisiana, 6 

7 5 4 30 

9 25] 3 18 69 

27 Thurs 


7 29 4 34 

9 6 

4 1 

9 25 

28 Wednes 

7 6:4 29 

9 23; 4 6' 9 621 

28 Fri 

Texas, _4 7 29:4 34 

9 5 

6 34 

10 20 



7 8 4 29 

9 21;0 ris'lO 39 

29, Satur 

127 I7 29 4 35 

9 6 


11 9 


7 9,4 29 

9 20l 6 lill 24 


j7 30;4 36 

9 6 

7 40 

11 58 


31 Mon 

7 3014 37 

9 7 

8 56 


JANUARY, 1850. 

FEBRUARY, 1850. 



Last Quarter, 6th day, 3h. 63m. 


Last Quarter, 3d day, 8h. 34m. evening. 

New Moon, 1.3th day, 6h. 35m. mormng. ] 

New Moon, 12th day, Ih. 5m. morning. 

First Quarter, 21st day, 4h. 56m 


First Quarter, 19th day, 3h. 27m. evening. 

Full Moon, 27th day, 8h. 7m. evening. 

Full Moon, 26th day, 7h. 16m. morning. 


Days of 



L'gtb of 

b. m. 




Days of 



Sun L'gtb of 
sets. days. 



b. ui. 

h. ID. 

h. m. 

b. m. 

h. m. 

b. m. h. m. 

h. m. 

b. m. 



7 30 

4 38 

9 8 

9 1 

1 20 



7 14 

5 14 10 

11 3 

1 45 



ECLIPSES, 1850. 7 30 

4 39 

9 9 10 20 

2 9 



ECLIPSES, 1850. 

7 13 

5 15110 2 


2 27 



7 30 

4 40 

9 lOill 9 

2 53 



7 12 

5 17 10 5 


3 V 



There will be two 7 SO 

4 41 

9 10 morn 

3 41 




7 11 

5 18 10 8 

1 8 

3 56 



7 30 

4 42 

9 11 17 

4 36 



7 10 

5 19 10 10 

2 7 

5 4 



Eclipses this year, 7 29 

4 43 

9 12 1 18 

6 82 



A total eclipse of,-, q 

5 21)10 12 

3 6 

6 3 



both of the Sun. 1. |g 

4 44 

9 13i 2 19 

6 52 



the Sun, beginning 7 8 

6 22 10 15 

4 6 

7 19 

8 Tues 

4 45 

9 14! 3 19 

8 1 



Aug. 7th, 2h. 12m. 7 6 

5 23 10 17 

4 47 

8 20 

9! Wednes 

7 29 

4 46 

9 15 4 16 

9 1 



6 24 10 20 

6 29 

9 19 


Thurs '■ |7 29)4 47 

9 17 5 11 

9 49 



6 25! 10 22 

6 11 

10 5 



An annular eclipHe 7 29,4 4S 

9 18 6 9 

10 23 



Aug. 7th, 7h. 26m. 

7 2 

5 26; 10 25 

6 63 

10 46 



- ,. „ . . 17 2814 60 

9 19 7 

11 7 



P M 

7 1 

5 28 10 27 


11 24 

13 SUN 

of the Sun, begin-ly 28 4 51 

9 21 sets 

11 43 




5 29,10 30 

6 30 




ning Febru'y llth,l7 28J4 52 

9 22| 5 51 1 morn i 



It will be invisi- g gg 

5 30:10 33 

7 40 




,„. ., :. 17 27 4 53 

9 241 6 49 16 



ble in Europe, Afri-;6 67 

5 32I1O 35 

8 42 

1 1 


Wednes ^"n*im-i'.M.,and;7 27l4 64 

9 26' 7 47 49 



5 33110 38 

9 45 

1 34 


Thurs endina- Feb. 12t,h !7 26|4 55 

9 28 8 46 1 23l 



ca Asia ananear y,g ^ ^ ^^ 

2 10 



7 25j4 56 

9 29| 9 511 1 58; 



all North and South.Q 535 ggljQ ^^\^^ jq 

2 48 



7 24 i4 68 

9 32 10 50] 2 33 



America: but will, 6 52 

5 38110 46 


3 as 



It will be invisi- 

7 24 

4 59 

9 34|11 49I 3 14; 



5 39 10 48 


4 33 



V. • ^ 17 23 


9 3'iimornl 4 6] 



5 40,10 52 

2 1 

6 56 



Die m Europe and 7 22 

6 1 

9 38; 1 2i 5 8i 



wich Island.^, Cali-ig ^y 

5 42'10 .54 

3 4 

7 28 



America ; but may 
be seen by the in- 

7 22 

6 3 

9 40| 2 11 6 8! 



fornia and Mexico. 16 45 

5 43 10 57 

4 7 

8 62 



7 21 

5 4 

9 42i 3 10: 7 48 i 



Tt xcill ha rnfol n,>H'6 44 

5 45 11 01 5 10 

9 63 



7 19 

5 5 

9 44i 4 20' 9 1, 


Mon ."^ .""""■716 42:5 4611 316 11 

10 43 



habitants of China, 

7 19 

5 6 

9 45; 5 .3110 4! 



central in tlie Aortn g ^ji.- 47 n gj 3 ^is 

11 18 



7 18 

5 .S 

9 47 rislO 57; 



Piicific Ocean. 

6 39 5 49,11 9i 7 27 

11 .51 



Borneo, and New 

7 17 

6 9 

9 60, 6 27,11 44; 



6 3S;5 50 11 11 8 55 




7 16 

5 10 

9 521 7 43, eve | 

1 1 i 



7 15 

6 11 

9 54' 9 oi 1 el 



7 14 

5 12 

9 57 


1 45i 



, 1850 


Last Quarter, 5th day 

3h. 21m. evening. 

New Moon, 13th day. 

6h. .33m. evening. 

First Quarter, 20th day, llh. 14m. evening. | 

Full Moon, 27th day. 

jh. 42m. evening. 



Days of 



guQ I Sim 
rises 1 sets. 





b. m.lh. m 

h. m 

h. m 

h. m. 



6 36.5 5: 

11 15 

9 ,5(1 

1 22 




6 So .5 52 

11 17 

10 5^ 

1 58 


6 33 5 5; 

11 2( 

11 4^ 

2 36 


at the 

6 31 5 5- 

n 23 


3 19 


6 30!5 55 

11 26 


4 10 




6 28 5 56 

11 28 

1 59 

5 13 




6 265 57 

II 31 

2 4( 

6 28 



6 25 5 bi 

n .34 

3 23 

7 41 



in the 

6 23 5 5£ 

11 36 

4 ;- 

8 47 



6 21 6 ( 

11 40 

4 43 

9 36 



6 20 6 2 

11 43 

5 'M 

10 18 



last part 

6 18 6 i 

11 46 

6 8 

10 57 



6 16,6 4 

11 49 


11 31 



6 14!6 5 

11 -52 

6 44 

11 58 




6 13 6 6 

11 55 

7 45 




6 1116 7 

11 ,58 

8 46 




6 9'6 8 


9 40 

1 12 



3 7i6 9 

12 310 44 

1 49 



for a 

6 6!6 10 

12 6 

11 49 

2 29 



3 4'6 11 

12 9 


3 23 



good reference to 

3 2 6 12 

12 12 

1 2 

4 20 



3 6 13 

12 15 

2 2 

5 21 




5 596 14 

12 17 

3 10 

7 5 



5 5716 15 

12 20 

3 58 

8 34 



5 55;6 17 

12 24 

4 40 

9 38 



5 5.3,6 18 

12 27 

5 21 

10 29 




5 526 19 

12 29 

n ris 

11 7 



5 5016 20 

12 31 

7 3S 

11 46 



&c., &c. 

5 48 6 21 

12 ,34 

8 37 




5 46' 6 22 

12 37 

9 ,36 




5 46l6 23 

n 40 

10 39 

1 29 

APRIL, 1850. 

Last Quarter, 4th day, llh. Om. morning. 
New Moon, 12th day, 7h. 2m. morning. 
First Quarter, 19th day, 6h. 23m. morning. 
FuU Moon, 26th day, 6h. 36m. morning. 







6 Satur 







15! Mon 

17 Wednes 

18 Thurs 












Tues I 

this time you 

will be 

called upon 



for the 


Be particular 

and give it 

Full and Correct. 

12 43 
12 45 
12 48 
12 51 
12 54 

12 5' 

13 2 
13 5 

13 10 
13 13 
13 15 

5 43 6 25 

5 41 6 27 

5 40 6 28 

5 38 6 29 

5 36|6 30 

5 35,6 31 

5 33 6 32 

5 31'6 33 

5 30 6 34 

5 28'6 30 

5 266 37 

5 25 6 .38 

5 23 6 39 

5 21:6 40:i3 18 

5 20 6 4113 21 

5 18,6 42 13 23 

5 16,6 43:13 26 

5 15;6 44I13 29 

5 13 6 45' 13 31 

5 12 6 46' 13 34 

5 10;6 48113 37 

9,6 49 13 40 

7 6 50 13 43 

6,6 51il3 45 

4*6 52113 47 

3 6 53; 13 51 

16 55 13 53 

0!6 56 13 56 

4 58 6 57 13 59 

4 5716 58il4 2 

11 47 


1 32 

2 7 

2 38 

3 9 

3 40 

4 13 

4 48 

5 26 

7 29 

8 36 

9 43 

10 50 

11 57 

1 17 

1 53 

2 29 

3 5 

3 41 

4 17 
4 54 


8 28 

9 11 
9 54 

10 37 

2 9 

2 49 

3 35 

4 28 

5 37 

6 54 

8 1 

9 1 
9 48 

10 28 

11 5 
11 41 



1 33 

2 18 

3 8 

4 10 
6 28 
6 58 

8 10 

9 16 
10 5 

10 46 

11 21 
11 56 



1 44 

MAY, 1850. 

Last Quarter, 4th day, 6h. Im. morning. 
New Moon, 11th day, 6h. 25m. evening. 
First Quarter, 18th day, llh. 8m. morning. 
FuU Moon, 25th day 7h. 23m. evening. 




8 VVednes 
13 Mon 
15 Wednes 
19 SUN 


















forty -eight acres ; 


Public Garden 

west of 

Charles street 


twenty -five acres ; 


Iron Fence 


$82,159 85; 

its length 

5,9 32 feet. 



is thrown from 



on the Common, 

to the 

height of 

ninety-two feet. 

4 56 
4 54 
4 53 
4 52 
4 50 
4 49 
4 48 
4 47 
4 46 
4 44 
4 42 
4 41 
4 41 
4 40' 7 
4 39 
4 88 
4 37 
4 36 
4 35 
4 34 
4 33 
4 32 
4 31 
4 31 
4 30 
4 29 
4 29 
4 28 
4 27 
4 27 
4 26 

7 29115 



1 27 

2 26 

2 50 

3 17 

3 43 

4 9 

2 23l 

3 3: 

3 ,53 

4 51] 

5 56' 

7 9! 

8 9 

9 11 
9 58 

10 38 

JUNE, 1850. 

Last Quarter, 2d day, llh. 2m. evening. 
New Moon, 10th day, 2h. 3om. morning. 
First Quarter, 16th day, 5h. 38m. evening. 
Full Moon, 24th day, 9h. 26m. morning. 

sets 111 18 

7 39 

8 41 

9 44 

10 50 

11 52 


1 11 

2 30 

2 55 

3 25 
3 52 


7 16 

8 17 

9 18 

10 20 

11 21 
11 68 

11 58 


1 21 

2 8 

3 1 
3 59 

5 10 

6 27 

7 45 

8 52 

9 40 

10 22 

11 1 
11 37 



1 22 

1 59 

2 36; 
































Census op Boston 

at dififerent Periods 



1640 •• 

. 4,000 

1672 • • 

• 7,500 

1700 ■ ■ 


1722 • ■ 


1735 • • 


1742 ■ ■ 


1752 ■ 


1705 • • 


1791 • ■ 


1794 • ■ 


1800 • • 


1810 • ■ 


1817 • • 


1820 • • 


18,30 • • 


18.35 ■ • 


1840 • • 


1845 • • 


bast boston. 






4 25 
4 25 
4 25 
4 24 
4 24 
4 24 
4 23 
4 23 
4 23 
4 23 
4 22 
4 221 
4 22 
4 22 
4 22 
4 22 
4 22 
4 22 
4 23 
4 23 
4 23 
4 23 
4 23 
4 24 
4 24 
4 25 
4 25 
4 25 
4 26 

7 30 15 4 
7 30|15 5 
7 3115 6 
7 32 15 8 
7 .32 15 9 
1 7 3315 10 
7 3415 11 
7 34 15 12 
7 35 15 13 
7 3615 13 
7 3615 14 
7 37! 15 15 

!7 37J15 16, 

:7 38'l5 1611 20 


7 3S 15 leil 58 
7 38,15 16'morn 
,7 3915 16 30 
1 7 3915 16 
,7 39,15 16 
'7 40 15 16 
7 40!l5 16 
;7 4015 16 
7 40 15 17 
7 40 15 16 
7 41 15 16 
7 4115 16 

morn I 3 17 

36 4 6 

1 3' 5 7 
1 28! 6 10 

1 53' 7 26 

2 20' 8 32 

2 52 9 26 

3 24 10 15 

4 211 1 
sets 11 45 

8 40 morn 

9 33; 33 
10 26! 1 13 

2 1 

1 30 
1 59 

2 49 

3 43 

6 11 
5 53 

7 7 

8 13 

2 23 9 11 

2 58i 9 58 

3 36 10 38 

4 1711 17 
O ri.s 11 52 

9 19; eve 

,7 4115 15,10 Ol 1 1 

17 4015 1510 41 1 35 

:7 40,15 1511 21 2 10 

I7 4O1I6 I5I1I 45I 2 46 



Corner Stone Laid, 

August 2, 1841. 

Building completed, 

Cost, exclusive of land, 


Dimensions : — 


Width on State st. 76 

(Occupying Nos. 47 to 57.) 

Height .... 70 
Depth to Lindall st. 250 
Covers 13,000ft. of land. 


E. P. WHIPPLE, Superintendent of Exchange Reading Room. 


This magnificent striicture attracts the attention of the stranger, and is an object of pride to the 
citizen. Quincy Granite alone forms the front, having six columns, each forty-five feet high, and weigh- 
ing together 330 tons. The building is fire-proof. The staircases are made of iron and stone ; the 
roof of wrought iron, and covered with sheet iron. More than a million and half of bricks were used in 
its erection. It has three entrances— on State, Congress, and Lindall streets — and is located in the 
very heart of trade. The Merchants' Exchange Reading Room is really magnificent ; its dimensions 
are eighty by fifty-eight feet, with eighteen columns, twenty feet in length. They are an excellent 
imitation of Sienna marble, crowned with Corinthian capitals. The brilliant dome is highly finished 
ornamental work, with a beautiful, enamelled sky-light of colored glass. 



J. U. Adams, President. E. P. Meriam, Secretary. 

%* For particulars, see page 7, Advertising Department. 


Their capital stock is $150,000, and they continue to in- 
sure against Marine Risks to an amount not exceeding 
$15,000 on any one risk. They have discontinued writing 
on the Mutual principle. 
John L. Dimmock, President. IIenrt Crocker, Secretary. 

Directors : — John L. Dimmock, J. B. Lincoln, Albert 
Fearing, Matthew Cobb, Francis B. Bay, Isaiah Bangs, 
Aaron Rice, Charles T. Savage, Elisha Atkins, James S. 
Wiggin, Daniel C. Baker, Arthur Pickering, E. Lassell, jr., 
John Tyler, jr. 

E. B. Pratt, Agent. 


John Clark, President. Samuel Wueeler, Secretary. 

Their capital and assets now exceed Ualf a Million of 
Dollars, and the capital is invested in the best of bank 
stocks and other good securities, and they continue to insure 
against JIaritime and Fire perils, upon the Mutual princi- 
ple, to an amount not exceeding $20,000 on one risk. 

They also give notice that they have declared a dividend 
of Six Per Cent, payable, in cash, on the .second Monday of 
March, on all the present issues of script. 


Stephen Bates, Secretary and General Agent. 

For President and Directors, see page 30. 

William Hatden, Post Master. 

Henry Doolet, Proprietor. 

Hudson & Smith, telegraphic office. Exchange 
Reading Room. 


No. 1. Market Bank. 

No. 2. North Bank. 

No. 3. C. Torrey, broker. E. Cabot, ship broker. 

T. J. Lobdell, exchange broker. 
No. 4. S. Henshaw & Son, brokers. 

No. 5. Hales, Page & Richardson, 

Adjusters of Averages and Agents for the following In.sur- 

ance Companies, viz : — 


Capital, ,f5,000,(X)0. 


Paid up capital, $250,000. 


Paid up capital, $250,000. 


Paid up capital, $300,000. 


Paid up capital, $200,000. 

No. 5. Vernon Brown, ship broker. 
Merchants' Exchange Reading Room. 


No. 7- Concord & New Haven Railroad Company. 
Connecticut & Pass. Railroad Company. 
No. 8. Wm. Cleveland, mercantile agency. 
No. 9. Michigan Central Railroad Office. 
No. 10. Rutland Railroad Company. 
No. 14. Old Colony Railroad Otfice. 
No. 1.5. Vermont Central Railroad Office. 
No. 16. Cape Cod Railroad Office. 


No. 18. Board of Brokers. 

No. 19. James Gould, commission merchant. 

No. 24. Rawdon, Wright & Hatch, engravers. 

No. 27. B. Welles. 

No. 33. Bank Note Engravers. 









THOMAS LAMB, President. 

[Office, 154 State Street.] [Office, 134 State Street.] 

This extensive Establishment is located at East Boston, on Lewis St. between Webster 

and Sumner Streets. 

[Incorporated in 1834.] 


During the months of March and April, this section of the citj' of Boston was carefully canvassed for 
the Directory, and to ascertain the number of its inhabitants, and other facts connected with its 
growth and prosperity. By the following statement it will be perceived that East Boston is rapidly in- 
creasing in population. 

Number of males over 21 years of age, .... 2490 

" " " between 14 and 21, 369 

" " " under 14 years, 1716 

Number of females over 18 years of age, . . . 2401 
*' " " between 14 and 18, ... . 313 
" " " under 14 years, 1741 

4575 4455 

Total, 9030 

Number of families 1780 

" " houses, 1217 — of which 65 were vacant. 

" " other buildings, 290 — embracing stables, barns, work-shops, man- 
ufactories, &c. &c. 

Population of East Boston, in 1845, according to L. Shattuck's Census, was 5018. 
" " 1849, " " G. Adams ' " is 9030. 


Winthrop Block, Maverick Square, East Boston. 



SAMUEL HALL, Vice-President. 

ALBERT BOWKER, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Trustees, — Ebenezer Atkins, Henry Brevoort, 
George W. Brown, James Cunningham, Phineas 
M. Crane, Thomas D. Demond, William Fetty- 
place, William O. Ford, Mark Googins, Samuel 
Hall, Samuel W. Hall, Richard Hennessey, Dan'l 
D. Kelley, Donald McKay, Benjamin Lamson, 
William R. Lovejoy, John Pierce, George H. 
Plummer, Joseph Robbins, George Sturtevant, 
Noah Sturtevant, Richard Soule, jr., Otis Tufts, 
James M. Whiton, Alfred A. Wellington. 


WILLIAM H. SUMNER, President. 

WILLIAM C. BARSTOW, Treas. ^ SuperinH. 

EDWARD S. RAND, Solicitor. 


Directors, — W. H. Sumner, Benjamin Lamson, 
C. C. Gilbert, Lewis Rice, John Foster, A. A. 
Wellington, Joseph Andrews, J. Amory Davis, 
Charles J. Hendee. 

Treasurer's Office — 75 State street. 
Superintendent's Office — Maver'k sq. E.Boston. 


Winthrop Block, Maverick Square, East Boston. 

ALBERT BOWKER, President. 

JOHN B. DREW, Secretary. 
Directors, — Benjamin Lamson, James Cunning- 
ham, William C. Barstow, Samuel Hall, John Har- 
mon, Noah Sturtevant, John Atkins, David Mor- 
gan, Henry D. Gardiner, Nathaniel Seaver, Tho's 
Edwards, Henry T. Butler, Harvey Rogers, Wm. 
A. Noyes, Albert Bowker, Henry Rice, Boston. 
Ebenezer Weeks, Lvnn. Joseph S. Tillinghast, 
New Bedford. David Perkins, Fall River. Elij. W. 
Upton, Danvers. Ebenez. Bradbury, Newburyport. 
Henry Russell, Salem. Joel Powers, Lowell. J. D. 
Decreet, Springfield. James Eastbrook, Worcester. 
Horace T. Hodges, Northampton. 


Extends from the Commissioners' Line, north of 
the Ferry, to Webster street, one thousand feet in 
length, having a wide platform the whole length, 
where vessels can lay with perfect safetv, protected 
from easterly or southerly gales, and ships of the 
largest size can lay afloat at all times of tide. 
Large accommodations for wharfage of coal, lum- 
ber, staves, &c. Large brick and wooden ware- 
houses, for storage of cotton, molasses, salt, dye 
wood, naval stores, and other merchandise. 



A street, S. B. from Dorchester Turnpike, across 

4th street, to Boston wharf 
Acorn, from Willow to W. Cedar street 
Adams, from Sudbury to Ivers street 
Adams place, opens 11 Bridge street 
Adams place, from E, near 3d, S. B. 
Adams court or lane, from Washington, near 732 
^tna place, opens at 7 Kingston street 
Alba court, opens 17 School street 
Albany, from Beach to Troy street 
Albion, from Dover to W. Castle street 
Alden court, opens W. side of Alden street 
Alden, from 139 Coin-t to Sudbury street 
Allen court, opens 37 Allen street 
Allen, from Chambers to Brighton street 
Allen place, opens 39 Allen street 
Allston, from Bowdoin to Somerset street 
Allston place, from Allston street 
Almont place, from 18 Blossom street 
Andover, from Causeway to Minot street 
Andover court, opens 6 Andover street 
Ann, from Union to Commercial street 
Arch, from Franklin place to 28 Summer street 
Arch place, from 113 Hanover street 
Arnold, from Washington to Suffolk street 
Ash, from 6 Oak to Bennet street 
Ashburton place, from 48 Bowdoin to Somerset St. 
Ashland, from Leveret to Chambers street 
Ashland av., from 680 Wash'n St. to Harrison av. 
Asylum, from 570 Wash'n st. to 191 Harrison av. 
AthenEeum com-t, opens 72 Atkinson street 
Athens, from 2d to Dorchester street 
Atkinson, from Milk to Purchase street 
Auburn, from Brighton st. av. across Livingston st. 
Auburn court, from 70 Cambridge street 
Avery, from 387 Washington to Mason street 
Avery place, opens N. side Avery street 
Avon, from E street 

Avon place, opens at 264 Washington street 
B street, S. B. from Dorchester Turnpike, across 

Broadway, to the water 
Baker's alley, from 99 Broad street 
Baldwin place, opens at 70 Salem street 
Barre place, opens N. side of Eliot, n. Tremont st. 
Barrett, from 77 Ann to 6 Fulton street 
Bartlett, from 187 Hanover to 304 Ann street 
Bartlett place, from 56 Salem street 
Barton, from Leveret to Lowell street 
Bath, from Milk, opposite Pearl, to Water street 
Battery, from 378 Commercial to 199 Haaover st. 
Batterymarch, from Liberty square to Broad street 
Bay, at 43 Fayette street 
Beach, from 410 Washington to Sea street 
Beacon hill, from Bowdoin to Mt Vernon street 
Beacon, from Tremont to Western avenue 
Bedford, from 290 Washington to Summer street 
Bedford place, N. side Bedford street 
Bedford court, S. W. side Bedford street 
Belcher lane, from Fort Hill to Broad street 
Belknap, from Beacon to 56 Cambridge street 
Belknap place, from 11 Belknap street 
Belmont, from Washington sq. to Fort Hill wf. 
Belmont square, from Sumner to Marginal street 
Bennet avenue, from N. Bennet to Prince street 
Bennet, from 462 Washington to 91 Harrison av. 
Bennet (N.), from 208 Hanover to Salem street 

Bennet place, opens 2 N. Bennet street 
Bennet place, from 20 Bennet street 
Bennington place, from Bennington street 
Bennington, E. B. from Central square 
Bessoni court, from Webster street 
Beverly, from Causeway to Charlestown street 
Billerica, from Causeway to Minot street 
Billings court, from 9 Friend street 
Blackstone, from Clinton to Haymarket square 
Blackstone square, near 773 Washington street 
Blake's court, opens at 740 Washington street 
Blanchard court, opens 705 Washington street 
Blanche court, opens 38 Tyler street 
Blossom, from 91 Cambridge to Allen street 
Blossom place, opens at 15 Blossom street 
Blossom court, from 7 Blossom street 
Bolton, from 2d to Dorchester street 
Bond, from South Lowell to Hanson street 
Border, E. B. from Sumner to Condor street 
Bowdoin, from Cambridge to Beacon street 
Bowdoin court, opens 57 Bowdoin street 
Bowdoin square, between Cambridge and Court st. 
Bowen court, opens 5 Belknap street 
Boylston, Boylston market to the water, back bay 
Boylston place, opens 54 Boylston, opp. burying 
Boylston sq., S side Bovlston market [ground 

Bradford, from Waltham to Medford com-t 
Bradford place, opens between 6 & 7 Mason street 
Bradley place, from Eniicot, opposite 32 
Branch avenue, from Spruce to Charles street 
Brattle, from Dock square to 77 Court street 
Brattle square, from Brattle to Elm street 
Bread, from 88 Broad to 38 India street 
Bremen, from Sumner 

Bridge, N. from 115 Cambridge street to Hospital 
Bridge strdet court, opposite 20 Bridge street 
Bridge court, opens W. Cedar, near Cambridge st. 
Briggs place, from Suffolk, near Dover street 
Brighton, fi-om Allen to Lowell R. R. Depot 
Brighton street avenue, f. Brighton to Auburn st. 
Brighton court, from Brighton, near Allen street 
primmer place, opens at 22 Essex street 
Broad, from State to Sea, bottom of Summer st. 
Broadway, from Turnpike to K street 
Bromfield, from 209 Washington to Tremont street 
Brookline, from Harrison avenue to Tremont st. 
Brooks, from Condor to Border street 
Bulfinch, from Bowdoin square to Allston street 
Bulfinch place, between Bulfinch and Bowdoin st. 
Bumstead court, opens opposite W. end Boylston 
market [street 

Bumstead place, opens Tremont, near Bromfield 
BuiToughs place, from HoUis street 
Bussey place, opens opposite 5 v^ch street 
Butler square, opens on Chatham street 
Butolph, from 84 Cambridge to Myrtle street 
Buttrick place, from N. Margin street 
BjTon, from River street to the water 
C street, from 7th to 1st 

Cambridge, from Bowdoin square to W. B. bridge 
Camden, from 805 Washington to Tremont street 
Camden place, from 808 Washington street 
Canal, from Haymarket square to Causeway street 
Canton, from Harrison avenue to Tremont street 
Canton street court, opens at 1 Canton street 
Canton st. place, from Canton, near Washington st. 



Capen place, opens 49 Hanover street 
Carlton place, opens 51 S. side Eliot street 
Carnes court, S. side from 15 Hawkins street 
Carney place, opens 679 Washington street 
Carroll place, opens 60 Salem street 
Carver, from 73 Pleasant to 74 Boylston street 
Castle, from 161 Harrison avenue to Tremont st. 
Causeway, from Leveret to Charlestown bridge 
Cedar (S.), from 104 Pleasant street to the water 
Cedar ( W.), from 57 Chesnut to Cambridge street 
Cedar street place, opens 10 S. Cedar street 
Central, from 32 Kilby to 10 India street 
Central court, from 240 Washington to Avon place 
Central place, opens 15 Winter street 
Central sq., junction Meridian and Bennington st. 
Centre, from Orleans to Marginal st., E. Boston 
Centre (W.), from 122 Cambridge to 65 Pinckney st. 
Centre (N.), from 85 Hanover to 78 Ann street 
Chambers, from 39 Cambridge to Spring street place 
Chambers street court, opens 22 Chambers street 
Champney pi. op. W. side W. Centre, n. May st. 
Change avenue, from 54 State to Market square 
Channing, from Federal to Atkinson street 
Chapel place, opens 231 Washington street 
Chapel place (N.), opens 45 Friend street 
Chapman place, opens 34 School street 
Chardon, from Bowdoin square to Hawkins street 
Chardon street place, opens from Chardon street 
Chardon street court, opens E. side Chardon street 
Charles, from Boylston to W. Boston bridge 
Charles (X.), from Livingston street to the water 
Charlestown, from Haymarket sq. to Causeway st. 
Charter, from 230 HanoA'er to Commercial street 
Chatham, fr. 21 Merchants row to Commercial st. 
Chatham row, from 12 Chatham to 1 Long wharf 
Chauncy place, from 43 Summer street 
Cheever place, from Sumner, above Cottage st. 
Chelsea, from Tremont to Suffolk street 
Chelsea, from Ma\°rick square to the bridge, E. B. 
Cherry, from 663 Washington to Suffolk street 
Chesnut, from 8 Walnut street to Charles River 
Chesnut place, from 88 M*. Yernon to 59 Chesnut st. 
Chessman place, opens 170 Hanover street 
Chester, from Harrison avetue to Tremont street 
Chilson place, from Lyman ploce 
Choate, from Pleasant street, near the Common 
Christian court, from Canal street 
Church, from Marion to Boylston sweet 
Church place, opens E. side Church street 
Church avenue, from Broadway st. between D & E 
City slip, from 157 Ann street 
Claflen place, opens 40 Pleasant street 
Clark, from 185 Hanover to 290 Commercial street 
Clark alley, from 125 Hanover to Ann street 
Cleveland place, opens 19 Snowhill 
Clifton avenue, from Suffolk to Middlesex street 
Clifton place, from 833 Washington street 
Clinton, fronr Merchants' row to Commercial st. 
College court, from 8 Fruit street 
Colony, from Swan street to the water 
Columbia, from 75 Bedford to 62 Essex street 
Commercial, fr. Long wharf to Charlesto\^'n bridge 
Commercial court, from Commercial, near Foster st. 
Commercial st. av., fr. Com'cial, opp. Ripley's wf. 
Commercial place, opens 448 Commercial street 
Common, from 549 Washington to Tremont street 
Concord, crosses Washington street at 787 
Condor, from Border to Knox street 
Congress, from 31 State to Milk street 
Congress sq., buildings betw'n 31 & 9 Congress st. 
Coolidge avenue, opens 34 Temple street 
Cooper, from Charlesto-v\Ti to 64 Salem street 
Cooper street court, N. side Cooper street 
Coral court, from Andover street 
Corey avenue, from Ash, near Bennet street 
Corn court, S. side Faneuil Hall 
Cornhill, from 23 Washington to Court street 
Cornhill court, from 77 Wash. st. to Court av. 
Copp's Hill ave., opens from 9 Prince street 
Cottage, fronnVIarginal to Maverick street 

Cottage place, 684 E. side Washington street 

Cotting, from 39 Lowell to Leveret street 

Cotting court, from 3 Cotting street 

Cotting place, opens 14 Chambers street 

Cotton place, from 91 Purchase to Broad street 

Court avenue, from 87 Wash. st. to Court sq. 

Court, from 69 Washington st. to Bowdoin square 

Court square, from City Hall to Court street 

Cove, from East to Lehigh street 

Cove place, from Cove street 

Creek square, between Union and Blackstone st. 

Crescent court, opens 82 Friend street 

Crescent place, opens 5 Green street 

Cross, from Border to New, E. B. 

Cross, from City Scales to 24 Commercial 

Cruft place, from 30 Pearl street 

Curve, from Harrison avenue to Lincoln street 

XlJustora House st. from 70 Broad to India street 

Cyprus, from 119 Cambridge to Fruit street 

Cyprus street place, from 16 Cyprus street 

D street, from 1st to 7th street 

Deacon, from Portland to Merrimac street 

Decatiu-, from Washington st. to Harrison avenue 

Decatur, from Liverpool to Orleans street, E. B. 

Dedham, from Harrison avenue to Tremont street 

Derne, from Bowdoin to Hancock street 

Devonshire, from 25 State to Milk street 

Dillaway place, opens 65 Charter street 

Distil-House square, from Sudbury to Ivers street 

Dix place, opens 501 Washington street 

Doane, from 10 Kilby to 7 Broad street 

Dock square, from Elm to Washington, and East to 

corner opp. W. end Faneuil Hall 
Doherty court, from Everett, near Lamson st. 
Dorchester, from 1st street to Dorchester line 
Dove, from Dorchester, near 2d street 
Dover, from S. Boston old bridge to Tremont st. 
Dover place, from Dover street to Harrison avenue 
Dupee place, opens 13 Friend street 
E street, from 8th street to the water 
Eagle, from Border to Chelsea street 
East, from 36 South to Sea street 
East street place, opens opposite 16 East street 
Eaton, from North Russell to 46 Chambers street 
Eaton place, from 8 Gouch street 
Eaton court, from 4 North Bennet street 
Eddy, from next to 99 Tyler street 
Ediiiboro', from Essex to Beach street 
Eighth (8th), from Dorchester st. to the turnpike 
Eliot, from Pleasant to 481 Washington street 
Eliot place, from Eliot, near Tremont street 
Elm, from Dock square to 29 Hanover street 
Emerald, from Dover to Castle street 
Emery place, opens E. side Warren street 
Endicot, from Hanover and Salem to Charlestown 

street, near bridge 
Endicot court, from Endicot street 
Endicot street place, opens 75 Endicot street 
Erie, from 194 Harrison avenue to Albany street 
Eiin alley, from Liverpool to Border, E. B. 
Essex, from 378 Washington to South street 
Esse.c place, from Essex, opposite Columbia street 
Eutaw from Border to White street 
Everett, from Jeffries to Orleans street 
Everett court, from Everett street, E. B. 
Exchange, from 36 State street to 30 Dock square 
Exeter place, from Rowe street 
F street, fron. 8th to the water 
Fabin, between Dedham and Canton street 
Fayette, from 80 Pleasant street to the water 
Fayette court, from 403 Washington street 
Fecleral, from 77 Milk to Purchase street 
Federal court, between 43 and 45 Federal street 
Federal court (N.), opens 78 Hanover street 
Ferry, from 54 Fulton to 119 Ann street 
Fessenden court, from Webster street 
Fifth (5th), from Turnpike to Dorchester street 
First (1st), from Turnpike to K street 
Fleet, from 185 Hanover st. to East'n R. R. wharf 
Florence, from Washington st. to Harrison av. 



Ford place, from Everett street 

Fort av., fr. Har. av. n. the b'dge to 662 "Wash. st. 

Foster, from Charter to Commercial street 

Foster place, opens 6 Foster street 

Foster pi. (S.), W. side Tremont, n. Boylston st. 

Foundry, from 4th street to the X. bridge 

Fourth "(4th), fr. S. B. bdge to Dorchester heights, 

theuce to the Point 
Franklin, from 184 Washington to Federal street 
Franklin avenue, from 31 Court to 36 Cornhill st. 
Franklin place, from Hawley st. to Boston Theatre 
FrankKn square, "Washington, near the Cemetery 

and Brookline street 
French place, opens 23 Essex street 
Freeman place, opens 15 Beacon street 
Friend, from 62 Hanover to Causeway street 
Friend street place, "W. fr. Friend, n. Causeway st. 
Fruit, from 32 Blossom to Cyprus street 
Fruit street court, from Fruit, near Blossom street 
Fuller, from Church strejet 
Fulton, from Clinton to Lewis street 
Fulton court, rear 109 Ann street 
Fulton place, opens 76 Fulton street 
Fm-nace, from Sea, near Kneeland street 
G street, South Boston, near Mt. "Washington 
Garaux place, from 17 Portland street 
Garden, from Cambridge to 21 Myrtle street 
Garden court street, from North sci. to Fleet street 
Garden street court. Garden, near May street 
Gardner, from Tremont to Emerald street 
Gardner place, opens from 124 Broadway 
Garland, from 683 Washington to SutFolk street 
Genesee, from 222 Harrison av. to Albany street 
Gilman place, W. side Friend, near Travers street 
Gold, from Dorchester to E street 
Gorham place, opens 741 Washington street 
Gouch, from 11 Green to Merrimac street 
Gouch place, opens 10 Gouch street 
Graphic court, opens 219 Washington street 
Gray place, opens 8 Portland street 
Green, from Bowdoin square to 43 Chambers street 
Greenough av., fr. 25 Charter to Commercial street 
Gridley, from High to Purchase street 
Groton, from 711 Washington to Tremont street 
Grove, from 138 Cambridge to May street 
Grove (N.), fr. 127 Cambridge st. to the Hospital 
Grove comt or place, at the head of Grove street 
Grover place, from near 27 Grove street 
H street. South Boston, next to G street 
Half Moon place, from 123 Broad street 
Hall place, opens 137 Hanover street 
Hamburg, from 748 Wash, to Harrison avenue 
Hamilton, from Batterymarch st. to Wash, square 
Hamilton place, fr. Tremont st., opp. Park st. ch. 
Hamilton alley, fr. Hamilton, n. Batterymarch st. 
Hamilton court, opens X. side Handlton street 
Hamlen place, opens 142 Pleasant street 
Hancock, from Mt. Vernon to 46 Cambridge st. 
Hancock avenue, from Beacon to Mt. Vernon st. 
Hancock i&\v, from Marshall street to Creek sq. 
Hanover, from Court street to Winnisimmet ferrj' 
Hanover court (X.), opens 152 Hanover street 
Hanover court (S.), opens 15 Hanover street 
Hanover place, opens 140 Hanover street 
Hanover avenue, from 191 Hanover to Ann street 
Hanson, from Suffolk to Tremont street 
Harding court, on oth, between A and B streets 
Harlem place, opens 347 Washington street 
Harmony court, opens S. side Canal street 
Harrison avenue, from Esse.v st. to Roxbury line 
Harrison place, opens fr. Friend, n. Causeway st. 
Hartford place, from S. side High St., n. Fort Hill 
Harvard, from 448 Washington to South street 
Harvard court, opens opposite 10 Harvard street 
Harvard place, opens "^'V^ish. st. opp. Old South 
Hatters' square, from Ann to Marshall street 
Haven, from Suffolk, near Rutland street 
Haverhill, from Warren bridge to Haymarket sq. 
Havre, from Sumner to Bennington street 
Havre place, from Havre street 

Hawes, from 50 Congress to Kilby street 

Hawkins, from Sudbury to Ivers street 

Hawley, from Trinity ch.. Summer, to Milk street 

Hawley place, opens 170 Washington street 

Haymarket square, X. E. side City Scales 

Haymarket place, from Avery street 

Hayward place, opens 348 Washington street 

Head place, from Boylston street, X. side 

Henchman lane, fr. 35 Charter to Commercial st. 

Hersey place, opens opposite 12 Essex street 

High, from Summer street to Fort Hill 

High street court, opens 87 High street 

High street place, opens 40 High, n. Atkinson st. 

Highland place, from Sumner, near Cottage st. 

Holden place, opens 21 and 23 Belknap street 

Hollis, from 517 Washington to Tremont street 

Hollis place, from Hollis street 

Hooton court, from Everett street 

Hotel, from Maverick square to Paris street 

Howard, from Court to Bulfinch street 

Hudson (X.), from Hull to Snowhill street 

Hudson, from Beach to Curve street 

Hudson place, from 27 Hudson street 

Huff place, from Tyler, near Curve street 

Hull, from 112 Salem to Commercial street 

Hull street court, from Hull, near Salem street 

Humphrey place, opens E. side Hamilton street 

I street, South Boston, next to H street 

India, from Long wharf to India wharf 

Indiana, from 548 Wash st. to 151 Hamson av. 

Indiana place, opens 611 Washington street 

Iron, from X. to S. bridge. South Boston 

Ivers, from Hawkins to Merrimac street 

Jackson place, opens 14 Winter street 

Jackson avenue, from Cl/arter to Commercial st. 

Jackson court, rear school house, Xorth Margin st. 

James place, opens W. side West Centre street 

Jasper place, from 157 Ann street 

Jefferson, from Fayette to Tremont street 

Jefferson place, opens 17 Bennet street 

Jeffries, from Marginal to Maverick 

Jenkins place, opens Comm'l st., opp. Bartlett's wf. 

Joy pi., Belknap, betw. Beacon and Mt. Vernon st. 

K street, next to I street. South Boston 

Kellam place, opens 667 Washington street 

Kelley place, from Everett street 

Kennard avenue, from 32 Poplar to 5] Allen street 

Kennard court, opens 1 Kennard -Tvenue 

Kentle, from Suffolk to Tremont St., n. Rox'y line 

Kilby, ftom State to Milk street 

Kingston, from 57 Summer to Beach street 

Kingston place or court, from Kingston street 

Kneeland, from 4.32 Washington to Sea street 

Kneeland pi. op. S. side Kneeland, n. Harrison av. 

Knox, rear 25 Fayette street 

Kuhn place, froni 74 Tremont street 

La Fayette avenue, from 79 Prince to Endicot st. 

La Grange place, opens 451 Washington street 

Lamson, from Belmont square to Everett street 

Lamson court, from Lamson street 

Lancaster, from Merrimac to Causeway street 

Lancaster court, S. side Lancaster street 

Lane pi. opens from Belmont, n. Washington sq. 

Langdon place, opens 179 Ann street 

Langdon court, opens W. side Langdon place 

Lathrop place, opens 155 Hanover street 

La^\Tence place, 105 Cambridge street 

Lee place, from Southac near W. Cedar street 

Lehigh, from S. end Albany to Cove street 

Lenox, from 817 Washington to Suffolk street 

Leveret, from 29 Green street to Cragie's bridge 

Leveret lane, opens 32 Leveret street 

Leveret court, opens 26 Leveret street 

Lewis, from 95 Conimereial to Ann street 

Lewis, from E. B. ferry to Sumner street 

Lexington place, from Lexington street 

Lexington, from Border to Eagle street [march St. 

Liberty sq. at the June, of Kilby, Water, & Batterj'- 

Lime, from Charles street to the water 

Lime alley, from Charter to Commercial street 



Limerick place, from 217 Hanover street 
Lincoln, from 65 Summer to Lehigh street 
Lincoln court, from 23 Fayette street 
Lindall, from Congress to Kilby street 
Lindall place, opens 154 Cambridge street 
Linwood place, opens 10 South street 
Liverpool, from Sumner street to Central square 
Livingston, from Brighton street to the river 
Li\'ingston place, from 15 Livingston street 
London, from Pleasant, near Tremont street 
London, from Sumner to Bennington St., E, B. 
Louisbm-gh sq. betw. Pinckney and Mt. Vernon st. 
Lovett place, opens 34 Poplar street 
Lovis, from Gold street to 4th, near E 
Lowell, from Causeway st. to Lowell E,. R. Depot 
Lowell court, from Lowell place 
Lowell place, opens S. sideBoylston,n. Tremont st. 
Lucas place, opens 661 AVashington street 
Lyman place, from 17 Leveret to 15 Green street 
Lynde, from Cambridge to 38 Green street 
Lynde place, opens 9 Lynde street 
Lyndeboro' place, opens 84 Carver street 
Madison place, opens 150 Pleasant street 
Mahan place, opens opposite 142 Pleasant street 
Maiden, opens S. of 742 Washington street 
Maiden place, from ISlalden street 
Maple place, opens 123 Harrison avenue 
Margaret, from 27 Prince to Sheafe street 
Margin (N.), from 52 Salem to Endicot street 
Margin (S.), from Pitts to Prospect street 
Marginal, from Lewis to Jeffries street 
Marion, from 98 Pleasant street, west, to the water 
Marion, from Chelsea to White street, E. Boston 
Market, from Portland to Canal street 
Market fN.), N. side Quincy market 
Market (S.), south side Quincy Market 
Market square, S. W. & N. sides Faneuil Hall 
Market place, opens 415 Washington street 
Marshall, from 24 Union to Hanover street 
Marshall place, from 76 Charter street 
Marston place, opens 71 Chambers street 
Mason, from West to Avery street 
Maverick, from Jeffries to New street [E. B. 

Maverick sq. junc. of Lewis, Chelsea, & Sumner st. 
May (S.), from 712 Washington to Harrison av. 
May, from S. Russell to Charles street 
May court, liom May, near W. Cedar street 
May place, rear 12 Oak street 
May street place, oy. on May, near W. Cedar st. 
McLean, from Chambers to Blossom street 
McLean court, opens 8 McLean street 
Mechanic, from 115 Hanover to Ann street 
Medford, from Charlestown to Causeway street 
Medford court, opens near 721 WasKiugton street 
Melrose place, from 56 Poplar street 
Melville place, opens at 22 Spring street 
Merchants' row, 90 State to 27 Ann street 
Mercer, from Dorchester street 
Meridian, from Maverick square to Condor street 
Meridian court, from Meridian, near London 
Merrimac, from Haymarket sq. to Causeway street 
Middlesex, from Castle to Suffolk street 
Milk, from Old South to 24 India street 
Milner place, opens 456 Washington street 
Milton, from Spring to Brighton street 
Milton place, from 59 Federal st. to Federal ct. 
Minot, N. E. from 81 Leveret to Andover street 
Monmouth, from Meridian to Brooks street 
Montgomery place, fr. 168 Tremont to Province st. 
Moon, from N. square to Fleet street 
Moon street court, opens S. side Moon street 
Morton, from 36 Salem to Endicot street 
Morton place, from Milk, near Hawley street 
Morton court, opens 11 Morton place 
Mount Vernon, from Beacon to Charles street 
Mt. Vernon av., f. 103 Mt. Vernon to Pinckney st. 
Mt. Vernon place, from Hancock av. to Belknap st. 
Mt. Warren, from 4th, n. Dorchester, to the beach 
Mulberry place, opens 25 Portland street 
Murray place or court, opens 38 Prince street 

Murray ct. from Orleans, be. Webster & Sumner st. 
Myrtle, from Hancock to Centre street 
Myrtle court, opens W. end Myrtle street 
Nashua, from Causeway to Minot street 
Nashua court, from Nashua, near Andover street 
Nashua place, from Nashua, near Causeway street 
Nassau, from 103 Harrison avenue to Ash street 
National, from 4th, near Dorchester street 
New, from Sumner to Maverick street 
Newborn place, opens 51 Carver street 
Newbury place, opens 364 Washington street 
Newland, between Suffolk and Tremont street 
New Prince, from Hanover street to North square 
Newton, from Tremont to Harrison avenue 
Noble place, N. side from Sumner 
Newton court, from Tyler, near Oak street 
Newton place, opens 5 Beach street 
Norfolk avenue, opens 185 Washington street' 
Norfolk place, opens 330 Washington street 
Northampton, 801 S. end Washington street 
North Federal court, from Union to Blackstone st. 
North square,between Hanover, Fleet, and Ann st. 
North Hanover com-t, opens 152 Hanover street 
North Hudson, from Snowhill to Hull street 
North Margin, from 52 Salem to Endicot street 
North Margin place, from 29 N. Margin street 
North Market, N. side Faneuil Hall market 
North Russell, from 65 Cambridge to Eaton street 
Norwich, first S. of Maiden street 
Noyes place, opens 74 Salem street 
Oak. from 514 Washington street to Lincoln street 
Oak place, opens S. side Oak, opposite Ash street 
Ohio place, opens at 603 Washington street 
Old Harbor, from Dorchester, near 4th street 
Old Road, from Broadway to Point 
Olive place, opens 732 Washington street 
Oliver, from 105 Milk street to Washington place 
Oliver place, opens S. side Essex st. opposite 38 
Oneida, from 202 Harrison avenue to Albany street 
Ontario, from Swan street to the water 
Orange, from 625 Washington st. to Village place 
Orange (E.), from 1.30 Harrison av. to Lehigh st. 
Orange lane, fr. Wash. opp. Orange, to 159 Harr. av. 
Orange avenue, from 46 Orange to Castle street 
Orleans, from Marginal to Bennington street 
Osborn place, from 36 Pleasant street 
Oswego, from 214 Harrison avenue to Albany st. 
Otis place, opens Summer, opposite Kingston st. 
Oxford, from 41 Essex to Beach street 
Oxford place, opens 20 Harrison avenue 
P street, across Broadway, S. B. Point 
Page's court, opens 312 Ann street 
Page's court, from Broadway, between D and E st. 
Paine place, opens 470 Washington street 
Paris, from Sumner to Bennington street 
Paris court, from Paris, near Decatur street 
Paris place, opens 19 Merrimack street 
Paris place, from Paris, nearly opp. Hotel street 
Park, from Tremont to Beacon street 
Park place, opens Hanover st. near Board alley 
Parkman's place, opens 144 Hanover street 
Payson court, opens from Broadway, betw. D and E 

Pearl, from 97 Milk to Broad street 
Pearl place, opens E. side Pearl street 
Pemberton square, from Tremont to Somerset st. 
Pembroke, W. side Suffolk, near Brookline street 
Phillips place, opens opposite Chapel, Tremont st. 
Phipps place, opens 48 Charter, near Foster street 
Piedmont, from 112 Pleasant st. to the water 
Pinckney, from 63 Belknap street to the water 
Pinckney lane, from Pinckney to Mt. Vernon st. 
Pine, from 520 Washington to 139 Harrison av. 
Pine place, opposite 1 Pine street 
Pitts, from Green to Merrimac street 
Pitts court, opens 4 Pitts street 
Pitts place, from 6 Pitts street 
Pleasant, from 80 Boylston to 589 Washington st. 
Pleasant st. com-t, from 140 Pleasant to Church st. 
Pleasant street place, opens 133 Pleasant street 



Plymouth, from Northampton, opp. Harrison av. 
Plymouth place, opens 47 Harrison avenue 
Pond street place, opens at 7o Endicot street 
Poplar, from 60 Chambers st. to Charles river 
Poplar court, opens opposite 54 Poplar street 
Poplar place, opens opposite 24 Poplar street 
Porter, W. from Pleasant, near Tremont street 
Porter, from Chelsea St. to Central square, E. B. 
Portland, from 38 Hanover to Causeway street 
Portland place, opens 19 Portland street 
Post Office avenue, from 20 Congress street 
Powars court, opens 328 Ann street 
Preseott, from Chelsea to White st. 
Prince, from Hanover st. to Charlestown bridge 
Princeton, from Meridian to Chelsea street 
Prospect, from 21 Lyman place to Merrimac st 
Prospect court, from South Margin, n. Prospect st. 
Providence, from Pleasant street to the water 
Pro\-ince, from 30 School to 25 Bromiield street 
Province House court, fr. 165 Wash, to Province st. 
Purchase, from Summer to Broad street 
Purchase place, opens 88 Pm-chase street 
Putnam, from Cottage to Condor st. 
Quiet place, opens 77 Purchase street 
Quincy, from D to E street 

Quincy place, opens N. side High st., n. Wash. sq. 
lievere place, from 14 Charter street 
Richardson place, opens 81 Tremont street 
Richmond, from 59 Salem to 57 Commercial st. 
Richmond place, opens opp. 17 Richmond street 
Ridgeway lane, from Cambridge to Derne street 
Ringgold, from South Lowell street 
River, from 69 Beacon to foot Mt. Yernon street 
Robinson alley, from 220 Hanover to 10 Unity st. 
Rochester, from 232 Harrison av. to Albany street 
Rollins place, from !May, near Garden street 
Rowe, from S. side Bedford to Essex street 
Rowe place, opens 14 Rowe street 
Russell (N.), trom Cambridge to Eaton street 
Russell (S.), from Cambridge to MjTtle street 
Russell court, from 20 North Russell street 
Russell place, from 18 North Russell street 
Rutland, from 785 Washington to Tremont street 
Salem, from 104 Hanover to Charter street 
Salem place, opens 16 Salem street 
Salem court, from Salem, n. Tileston street 
Salt lane, from 29 Union street to Creek square 
Salter place, opens 56 Prince street 
Salutation, from 195 Hanover to Commercial st. 
Saratoga, from Central sq. across Chelsea street 
School, from 137 Washington to Tremont street 
Scott court, opens between 8 and 9 Union street 
Scott alley, from Creek square to Ann street 
Sea, from Summer st. to the North Free Bridge 
Seabury place, from 33 Blossom street 
Sears' place, opens West Centre, near May st. 
Seaver place, opens 68 W. side Tremont street 
Second, from 67 Leveret street 
Second (2d), from Turnpike to K street 
Second street place, from 11 Second street 
Seventh (7th), fr. Dorchester st. to the turnpike 
Sewall place, from Milk st. opposite Morton place 
Shawmut, from 116 Pleasant to Church street 
Sheafe, from Salem to Snowhill street 
Sherman place, from May street 
Shoe and Leather, from Ann to Fulton street 
Short, from 13 North Bennet to Tileston street 
Short Second, from Second to Brighton street 
Sigourney pi., opens fr. Hanover, N. of ComT st. 
Silver, from Turnpike to G street 
Sister, from Williams to Channing street 
Sixth (6th), from Turnpike to Dorchester street 
Smith court, from 25 Belknap street 
Smith place, from 15 Belknap street 
Snelling place, opens 2 Hull street 
Snowhill, from 21 Prince to Charter street 
Snowhill court, opens 10 Snowhill street 
Snowhill place, opens 8 Snowhill street 
Snowhill avenue, opens 7 Snowhill street 
Somerset, from IJeacon to Howard street 

South, from Summer, opp. High, to Lehigh street 
South st. ct., opens E. side South, opp. Essex st. 
South street place, opens W. side South street 
South Suffolk, from Dover street to Roxbury 
Southac, from Butolph to 81 West Cedar street 
Southac court, opens W. end Southac street 
Southac place, opens near 6 Southac street 
South Lowell, from Suffolk to Tremont street 
South Margin, from Pitts to Prospect street 
South Market, S. side Faneuil Hall market 
South Russell, from 78 Cambridge to Myrtle street 
South Williams, from Washington to Suffolk st. 
Spear alley, from 83 Piu-chase st., n. the church 
Spear place, op. S. W. .side Pleasant, n. Wash. st. 
Spring, from 61 Leveret to 44 Allen street 
Spring street court, opens 59 Spring street 
Spring street place, opens 18 Spring street 
Spring lane, fr. 134 Washington to Devonshire st. 
Springfield, from Tremont st. to Harrison avenue 
Spruce, from 32 Chesnut to 49 Beacon street 
Standish place, from 7 Pitts street 
Staniford, from 13 Cambridge to 28 Green street 
Staniford court, from Staniford place 
Staniford place, opens 11 Staniford street 
State, from 68 Vv^ashington street to Long wharf 
Steele's court, froni Leveret, opp. jail 
Stilhnan, from 46 Salem to Charlestown street 
Stillman place, from W. side Stillman to Cooper st. 
Stoddard, from Howard to Court street 
Story place, opens 27 State street 
Strong place, opens 126 Cambridge street 
Sturgis place, from 40 Pearl street 
Sudbury, from Court to 30 Portland street 
Sudbury square, N. end Sudbury street 
Suffolk, from Castle to Dover street 
Suffolk (S.), from Dover to Roxbury 
Suffolk place, opens 300 AVashington street 
Sullivan place, from 39 Federal street 
Summer, from 226 Washington st. to the water 
Sumner, from Marginal to New street, E. Boston 
Sumner place, from Sumner street 
Sun court street, from North square to Ann street 
Swan, f. Turnpike to the water, near the bridge 
Sweetser court, opens 340 AVashington street 
Taylor, from Groton to South Lowell street 
Temple, from 26 Cambridge to 17 Mt. Yernon st. 
Temple pi. opens at Masonic Temple, Tremont st. 
Temple avenue, opens 307 Washington street 
Terrace place, Webster st. opp. side Belmont sq. 
Thacher, from 71 Prince to Charlestown street 
Thacher avenue, from 34 Thacher to Cooper street 
Thacher street court, opens 29 E. side Thacher st. 
Theatre alley, from Milk st. to rear of Theatre 
Third (3d.), 'from 2d to K street 
Tileston, from 214 Hanover to 109 Salem street 
Tileston place, opens 6 Tileston street 
To^\'nsend pi. (N.), op. fr. Coml., opp. Bartlett's wf. 
TowTisend place (S.), opens 6 Carver street 
Trant's alley, from 153 Ann street 
Travers, from Merrimac to Charlestown street 
Tremont, fr. court st. to Roxbury, by the Common 
Tremont place, rear Tremont House 
Tremont row, from Beacon to Court street 
Trenton, from Meridian to Eagle street 
Troy, from 242 Harrison avenue to Albany street 
Trumbull, from Newland to Tremont street 
Tyler, from Beach to Curve street 
Tyler court, opens on Harrison av. opp. Pine st. 
Tyler pi. opens on E. side Tyler, n. Kneeland st. 
Turnpike, fr.N. Free Bridge, S. B., to Dorch.turnp. 
Union, from Dock square to Haymarket square 
Unity, from Charter to 14 Tileston street 
Unity court, opens 3 Unity street 
Utica, south from South street place 
Utica place, from Utica to South, near Beach st. 
Yernon, from 89 Leveret to 70 Lowell street 
Yernon place, opens 23 Charter street 
Yillage, from opposite 27 Dover to Castle street 
Yillage place, from W. Castle to Orange street 
Yine, from N. Russell to C)'prus street 



"Walnut, from 38 Beacon to 28 Mt. Vernon street 
Wall, from Minot to Cotting street 
Waltham, from Tremont to Washington street 
Warren, from 581 Washington to Eliot street 
Warren place, from 54 Warren to 69 Pleasant st. 
Warren square, from 25 Merrimac to Friend street 
Washburn place, from 74 Charter street 
Washington, from Dock square to Roxbury 
Washington court, opens 733 Washington street 
Washington sq. includes all the buildings round 

the walk on Fort Hill 
Washington place, from Wash. av. to Belcher lane 
Washington av. from Purchase to Wash, square 
Water, from 128 Washington to 37 Broad street 
Waverly place, opens 18 South street 
Webster, from Sumner st. to Tufts' Works, E. B. 
Webster place, from 13 Fleet street 
Well, from Custom House to Wharf street 
Wells place, from 741 Washington street 
Wendell, from Oliver to Hamilton street 
Wesley, from Chelsea to Meridian st. E. B. 
Wesley place, opens 192 Hanover street 
West, from 333 Washington to Tremont street 

West Cedar, from Chesnut to Cambridge street 
Western av. from Charles to Brookline, over river 
Weston, from Tremont to Suffolk street 
Wharf, from 100 Broad to 43 India street 
Wheeler's court, opens 40 Pleasant street 
White, from Border to Trenton street 
Wilberforce place, from Southac, near W. Cedar st. 
Willard place, opens 815 Washington street 
Williams, from 70 Federal to Atkinson street 
Williams court, through arch, 103 Washington st. 
Willow, from 37 Chesnut to 70 Mt. Vernon street 
Wilson lane, 26 State street to 32 Dock square 
Winslow place, opens 55 Chambers street 
Winter, from 271 Washington to 157 Tremont st. 
Winter place, opens 20 Winter street 
Winthrop place, opens 50 Summer street 
Winthrop, from Maverick square to Paris street 
Worcester, from Tremont st. to Harrison avenue 
Woodward, from E street to Dorchester 
Wordsworth, from Saratoga street 
Wright's ct. op. Broadway, opp. Episcopal church 
Zone, from Grove place to rear of W. Cedar street 


Allen's, from Sumner st. East Boston 
Arch, Broad street, 2d N. Fort Hill wharf 
Aspinwall's Mast Yard, Commercial street 
Aspinwall, from New street. East Boston 
Atkins, Commercial street, near Charter street 
Atlantic Steamship wharf, Marginal st. E. Boston 
Baltimore Packet Pier, opposite 35 Commercial st. 
Bartlett's, near Gr.ay's wharf. Commercial street 
Battery, Commercial street, near the Railway 
Belcher's, near Central square 
Benson's, Sea street, north of S. Boston free bridge 
Blake's, P street 

Boston, 1st street, S. Boston, near the Turnpike 
Brimmer's T, opens from Long wharf 
Brooks', foot of C street, S. B. 
Brown's, Commercial st. near Charlestown bridge 
Brown's (S.), from Broad street 
Brown & Lovell's, foot of Sumner street, E. Boston 
Bull, Broad street, opposite E. end Summer st. 
Central, betw. India and Long wf. foot of Milk st. 
Chamberlin's, Commercial, near Charter street 
Child's wharf, Harrison avenue, near the bridge 
City, Commercial street, opposite F. H. Market 
Clifton, Border st. c. Maverick st. East Boston 
Comey's, Commercial, opposite Foster street 
Commercial, opposite 76 Commercial street 
Constitution, Commercial, near Hanover street 
Cunningham's, Sumner, opposite Border street 
Curtis's, opens 48 Sea street 
Derby's, next west side Cragie's bridge 
Dolbeare's, Broad street, next Liverpool wharf 
Drake's, opens 43 Sea street 

East Boston Ferry, East. Railroad wharf [st. 

East Boston, f. ferry line,W. side Lewis, to Webster 
Eastern Packet Pier, opposite 64 Commercial st. 
Eastern R. R., Marginal, from Lewis to Orleans st. 
Eastern Steamboat, Commercial, opp. Foster st. 
Emery & Tirrell's, 1.34 Sea street 
Farwell, Sea street, next S. B. free bridge 
Ferry, foot Lewis street, E. Boston 
Fiske's, Commercial street, opposite Foster street 
Forbes', on Border, be. Decatur st. and Central sq. 
Fort Hill, Broad st. 5th N. liverpool wharf 
Foster's, Broad street, foot of Fort Hill 
Francis, Sea street, opposite East street 
Goodnow's, Causeway st. n. Charles River bridge 
Graving Ways, Commercial, n. Battery street 
Grand Junction R. R. and Depot Co., Marginal st. 
Gray's, Commercial, near Foster street 
Griggs & Forbes, Causeway street 

Hall's, Border, foot of Decatur street 

Harris's, Commercial street, n. end Hanover st. 

Harris's Mast Yard, near Winnisimmet ferry 

Hobb's, 90 Sea street 

Holbrook & Dillon's, Broad, S. side Fort Hill wf. 

Hoppin's, Charles st. next S. Cambridge bridge 

Howe's, Sea street, opposite Kneeland street 

India, at the south end India street 

Ingersoll's, near north end Charter street 

Josselyn, foot Maverick street. East Boston 

Kelley & Holmes's Marine Railway, Sumner, E. B. 

Leighton's, Causeway, opposite Medford street 

Lewis, next N. Commercial wharf 

Lewis & Clapp's, Commercial, near Charter street 

Lincoln's, junction Ann and Commercial street 

Liverpool, Broad, opposite Pearl street 

Locke's, Marginal street, E. B. 

Lombard, from Sumner, opp. Paris street 

Long, east end State street 

Lowell R. R. wf. corner of Andover and Minot sts. 

Lynes', 150 Sea street 

McHugh's, Sea, N. of Munn's wf. 

McKays, Border, foot of Eutaw st. 

Maine, Broad, east end Summer street 

Marine Railway, Commercial, foot of Ann street 

Martin's, Sea street, near Benson's wharf 

Mercantile, includes Eastern, Phila. and Baltimore 

Packet Piers, Commercial street 
Middlesex Canal Landing, Haverhill, n. W. bridge 
Miller's, from New street, East Boston 
Monk's, near 1st street 

Munn's, Sea street, 2d from S. Boston bridge 
Otis', E. side Broad st. next N. Arch wharf 
Packard's, Broad street, next Arch wharf 
Pearl st. wharf, 264 Broad, opposite Pearl street 
Philadelphia Packet Pier, 55 Commercial street 
Pigeon (Sr Pool's, foot Liverpool st. East Boston 
Pioneer Drv Dock, next Otis' wharf 
Piper's, 30 Sea, N. of East street 
Pope's, Harrison avenue, 2d N. of S. bridge 
Pratt & Cushing's, from New street, E. Boston 
Prentice's, Broad, rear 43 Purchase street 
Raymond's, foot of Livingston street 
Ripley's, Commercial, near Foster street 
Rowe's, next S. of India wharf 
Ruby's, Causeway, next to Goodnow's wharf 
Russia, Broad, opposite Atkinson street 
Sargent's, Commercial, opposite Clark street 
Shaw's, next E. old Charlestown bridge 
Spaulding's, Brighton, near Poplar street 



Spear's, 3d N. of Liverpool wharf 

Stetson's, foot I and 1st street 

Stone & Adams', near Cambridge bridge 

Summer street, foot Summer street 

T, opens between 46 and 47 Long wharf 

Taylor's, Brighton street, near Hospital 

Thompson's, Commercial, near Charter street 

Tilden's, Causeway, opposite Canal street 

Tileston's, Broad, near Summer street 

Tirrell's, Sea, between Kneeland and Beach streets 

Tirrill's, Harrison avenue, near the bridge 

Trull's, Causeway, next Fitchburg depot 
Tufts', foot of Webster street. East Boston 
Tuttle's, foot of London street. East Boston 
Union, opposite 320 Commercial street 
Vinal's, Commercial, opposite Charter street 
Wales', 80 Sea, opposite Beach street 
Weelvs', corner New and Sumner streets 
Wilder & Bosworth's, 136 Sea street 
Winnisimmet Eerryway, N. end Hanover street 
Wood's, Charles, near May street 


Adj. & Quart. Master-Gen. ofRce, State House 
Albany block, Albany, corner Kneeland street 
Amer. Acad, of Arts and Sciences, Library, 7 1-2 

Tremont row 
Amory Hall, 323 Washington, corner West st. 
Aqueduct office, 28 State st. [st. 

Asylum, Female Orphan, Washington, c. Asylum 
Barker's building. Turnpike, corner 4th street 
Bay State Hall, Washington, corner Boylston st. 
Beach Street Theatre, Beach st. 
Blanchard block. Court, n. Hanover street 
Boston Athenseum, Beacon street 
Boston Library, over Arch, Franklin place 
Boston Med. Library, in the Athenaeum, Beacon st. 
Boston Museum, Tremont, n. Court street 
Boston Society of Natural History, Mason st., n. 

Adams school-house 
Boston Theatre, c. Federal and Franklin streets 
Bowdoin block. Milk street 

Boylston Market, Washington, c. Boylston street 
Boylston Hall, over Boylston market 
Brazer's building, 27 State street 
Brooks' block, Pearl street 
Canal block, Blackstone street 
Churches, see Index ^ 

City Hall, between Court square and School street 
City Mission office, 21 Cornhill 
Cochituate Hall, Phillips place, Tremont street 
Concert Hall, Court, cor. Hanover street 
Constables' office, Franklin av., Court sq., and 

basement Court House 
Court House, Court street and square 
Cruft's block. Pearl street 
Crystal Fountain Hall, Cross street 
Custom House, foot of State street 
Custom House block, Lojig wharf 
Dalton block. Congress street 
Derby Range, Court, head of Sudbury street 
Diamond block, Hanover, near Union street 
District Clerk's office. Court House, Court street 
Engines, see Index — Fire Department 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, 1 Green street 
Faneuil Hall, Merchants' row, op. Market house 
Faneuil Hall Market, between N. & S. Market sts. 
Female Refuge, Rutland, corner Suffolk street 
Franklin Hall, Franklin street 
Gas Light Co. counting room, 102 Washington st. 
Genealogical Society, room 8 Mass. block 
Gerrish block, corner of Ann and Blackstone sts. 
Gray's building, 30 Court street 
Hancock Hall, 339 Washington street 
Haskins' building, Court, corner Howarc^ street 
Health office. City Hall 
Higgins block, Broadway, near E street 
Hitchborn block, Ann, corner Bartlett street 
Holmes' block, Haymarket square 
Howard Athenfeum, Howard street 
Jail, Leveret street 

Jefferson block, Ann, near Clark street 
Johnson's block. Commercial, near bridge 
Joy's building, 81 Washington street 
Lawrence block. Milk and Federal street 

I Lyceum Hall, Broadway, corner E street 
Lying-in-Hospital, 718 Washington street 
Masonic Temple, Tremont street 
Magnetic Telegraph office, 2 Massachusetts block 
Massachusetts Arsenal, Pleasant street 
Massachusetts block. Court square 
Massachusetts Charitable Mechan. Asso. Savings 

Bank building, Tremont street 
Mass. Histo. Society Hall, over Savings Bank 
Massachusetts Hor. Society room, School street 
Massachusetts General Hospital, Allen street 
Maverick block, E. B., Maverick square 
Melodeon, 361 Washington [Grove street 

Medical College, n. Mass. General Hospital, foot 
Mercantile Library, Province, corner Bromfield st. 
Merchants' Bank building, 28 State street 
Merchants' Excliange, State street 
! Milk Street block, Milk street [Miss., Pemb. sq. 
i Missionary Rooms of American Board of Foreign 
Morton block, from Milk, cor. Morton place 
National Theatre, Merrimac street 
New England block, Clinton street 
Newman's block, from 112 Pleasant street 
Newspaper Exchange, 22 School street 
Niles's Building, Change avenue 
North End block, Commercial, n. Hull street 
Offices of Manufacturing and other Companies, see 
Business Directory, under the head of Manu- 
facturing and other Companies 
Office of Ministry at Large, School, c. Wash'n st. 
Old South block. Milk street 
Old State House, State street 
Oregon block, Pearl street 
Otis buildings, c. of State and Dev. streets 
Pantheon Hall, near Boylston market 
Park Hall, Tremont, corner Boylston street 
Public Houses, see Business Directory 
Quincy block. Pearl street 
Railroad block, Lincoln street, near depot 
Railroad depots, see Railroad Companies, Index 
Railroad offices, see Railroad Companies, Index 
Railroad Exchange, Court square 
Reading Rooms, see Business Directory 
Ritchie block, Maverick square, E. B. 
Ritchie Hall, Maverick square, E. B. 
Samaritan Hall, 352 Washington street 
Savings Bank building, Tremont street 
School Houses, see Index, under schools 
Scollay's building, Court, Pemberton hill 
Sears' block, 63 Court street 
Sewall block, Milk street 
Shawmut Hall, 221 Washington street 
South ^Market, Beach, n. Lincoln street 
Suffolk building, rear 60 State street 
Suffolk Hall. Washington, opposite Boylston 
Thacher block, 1st street, near A street 
Thorndike building, corner State and Congress st. 
Tremont Temple, Tre'nt st., opp. Tremont House 
Tudor's building 20 Court street 
Union block. Union street 
Water Commissioners, 119 Washington street 
Winthrop Hall, Tremont row 




1. — Beginning at Winnisimmet ferry, thence on 
the west side of Hanover street, to Richmond 
street ; thence on the north side of Richmond 
street, crossing Salem street, to Cooper street ; on 
north side of Cooper street, crossing Charlestown 
street, to Beverly street ; thence on the easterly 
side of Beverly street to the water. 

2. — Beginning at Winnisimmet ferry, thence 
on the easterly side of Hanover street to Union 
street ; thence on the east side of Union street to 
Dock square ; thence on the north side of North 
Market street, to the water on the north side of 
the City wharf. 

3. — Beginning at the water, thence on the west- 
erly side of Beverly street to Charlestown street ; 
thence on the southerly side of Cooper street and 
Richmond street to Hanover street; thence on the 
north-westerly side of Hanover street to Union 
street ; thence on the westerly side of Union street 
to Elm street ; thence on the northerly side of Elm 
street to Hanover street ; thence across Hanover 
street to Portland street ; thence on the easterly 
side of Portland street to Sudbury street ; thence 
on the north-westerly side of Sudbury street to 
Hawkins street ; thence on the north-easterly side 
of Hawkins street to Chardon street ; thence on 
the north-westerly side of Chardon street to Green 
street ; thence on the north-easterly side of Green 
street to Lyman place ; thence on the east and 
north sides of Lyman place to Prospect street ; 
thence on the eastern side of Prospect street to 
Causeway street ; thence on the north-easterly side 
of Lowell street to the water. 

4. — Beginning at the north-easterly corner of 
City wharf, thence on the northerly side of City 
wharf to North Market street ; thence on the south- 
erly side of North Market street, across Dock 
square, to Elm street ; thence on the southerly side 
of Elm street to Hanover street, crossing Hanover 
street to Portland street ; thence on the south- 
westerly side of Portland street to Sudbury street ; 
thence on the south-easterly side of Sudbury street 
to Hawkins street ; thence on the south-westerly 
side of Hawkins street to Chardon street ; thence 
on the south-easterly side of Chardon street to 
Bowdoin square ; thence on the south-westerly 
side of Green street to Staniford street ; thence on 
the easterly side of Staniford street to Cambridge 
street ; thence on the southerly side of Cambridge 
street to Belknap street ; thence on ths easterly 
side of Belknap street to Mount Vernon street ; 
thence on the northerly and easterly sides of Mount 
Vernon street to Beacon street ; thence on the 
northerly side of Beacon street to Tremont street ; 
thence on the north-westerly side of Tremont street 
to Court street ; thence on the northerly side of 
Court street and State street to Long wharf ; 
thence on the southerly side of said wharf to the 
end thereof, including East Boston and all the 
islands in the harbor. 

5. — Beginning at the easterly end or Cambridge 
bridge, thence on the northerly side of Cambridge 
street to Staniford street ; thence on the westerly 
side of Staniford street to Green street, crossing 
Green street to Lyman place ; thence on the west- 
erly side of Lyman place to Prospect street ; thence 
on the westerly side of Prospect street, crossing 
Causeway street, to Lowell street ; thence on the 
south-westerly side of Lowell street to the water. 

6» — Beginning at the easte^'ly end of Cambridge 
bridge, thence on the southerly side of Cambridge 
street to Belknap street; thence on the westerly 
side of Belknap street to Beacon street ; thence on 
the northerly side of Beacon street to the bounda- 
ry line between Boston and Roxbury, on the 
Western avenue. 

7. — Beginning at the corner of Beacon street 
and Belknap street, thence on the easterly side of 
Belknap street to Mount Vernon street ; thence 
on the southerly side of Mount Vernon street to 
Beacon street ; thence on the southerly side of 
Beacon street to Tremont street ; thence on the 
south-easterly side of Tremont street to Court 
street ; thence on the southerly side of Court street, 
crossing Washington street, to State street ; thence 
on the southerly side of State street to Congress 
street ; thence on the westerly side of Congress 
street to Milk street ; thence on the northerly side 
of Milk street to Federal street ; thence on the 
westerly side of Federal street to Franklin place ; 
thence on the northerly side of Franklin place to 
Hawiey street ; thence on the westerly side of 
Hawley street to Summer street ; thence on the 
southerly side of Summer street to Chauncy place ; 
thence on the westerly side of Chauncy place and 
Bedford place, crossing Bedford street, on the west- 
erly side of Rowe street to Essex street; thence on 
the northerly side of Essex street to Washington 
street ; thence on the westerly side of Washington 
street to Boylston street ; thence on the northerly 
side of Boylston street to Tremont street ; thence 
on the easterly side of Tremont street to Park 
street ; thence on the north-easterly side of Park 
street to Beacon street ; thence on the northerly 
side of Beacon street to the comer of Belknap 

8. — Beginning at the water on the southerly side 
of Long wharf, thence on the southerly side of 
State street to Congress street ; thence on the east- 
erly side of Congress street to Milk street ; thence 
on the southerly side of Milk street to Federal 
street ; thence on the easterly side of Federal 
street to Channing street ; thence on the northerly 
side of Channing street to Atkinson street ; thence 
on the north-easterly side of Atkinson street, cross- 
ing Purchase street and Broad street, to the water 
on the soiitherly side of Russia wharf. 

9, — Beginning at the water on the southerly 
side of Hobbs' wharf, thence crossing Sea street to 
Beach street ; thence on the northerly side of 
Beach street to Washington street ; thence on the 
easterly side of Washington street to Essex street ; 
thence on the southerly side of Essex street to 
Rowe street ; thence on the easterly side of Rowe 
street, crossing Bedford street, on the easterly side 
of Bedford place and Cltauncy place to Summer 
street ; thence on the northerly side of Summer 
street to Hawley street ; thence on the easterly 
side of Hawley street to Franklin place ; thence 
on the southerly side of Franklin place to Federal 
street ; thence crossing Federal street to Channing 
street j thence on the southerly side of Channing 
street to Atkinson street ; thence on the south- 
westerly side of Atkinson street, crossing Purchase 
street and Broad street, to the water on the south- 
erly side of Russia wharf. 

10. — Beginning at the water on the southerly 
side of Hobbs' wharf, thence crossing Sea street to 
Beach street ; thence on the southerly side of 
Beach street to Washington street ; thence on the 
westerly side of Washington street to Boylston 
street ; thence on the southerly side of Boylston 
street to Pleasant street ; thence on the easterly 
side of Pleasant street to Eliot street ; thence on 
the northerly side of Eliot street to Carver street ; 
thence on the easterly side of Carver street to 
Pleasant street ; thence on the north-easterly side 
of Pleasant street to Washington street ; thence 
crossing Washington street to Indiana street ; 
thence on the northerly side of Indiana street to 
Harrison avenue ; thence on the easterly side of 
Harrison avenue to a new street, crossing the 



South Cove ; thence on the northerh' side of said 
street to the water on the southerly side of Guild 
& Cowdin's wharf. 

11. — Beginning at the corner of Boylston street 
and Pleasant street, thence on the westerly side of 
Pleasant street to Eliot street ; thence on the 
southerly side of Eliot street to Carver street ; 
thence on the westerly side of Carver street to 
Pleasant street ; thence on the south-westerly side 
of Pleasant street to Washington street ; thence 

crossing Washington street to Indiana street ; 
thence on the southerly side of Indiana street to 
Harrison avenue ; thence on the westerly side of 
Harrison avenue to a new street crossing the South 
Cove ; thence on the southerly side of said street 
to the water on the southerly side of Guild & Cow- 
din's wharf; — all south and west of the above-de- 
scribed line to Roxbury. 

12.— All South Boston. 


1. — Eliot School House, North Bennet street 

2. — Hancock School House. 

3. — Endicot School, Cooper street. 

•4.— Faneuil Hall. 

5. — Court House, Leveret street. 

6. — Phillips School House, West Centre street. 

7. — Court Square, City building. 

8. — Boylston School House, Fort Hill. 

9. — Winthrop School House, East street. 
10. — Brimmer School House, Common street. 
11. — Franklin School House, Washington st. 
12. — Mather School House, South Boston. 


Edwin C. Bailey, Chief Clerk. Edward S. Erving, Treasurer. 

The Post Office is in the Merchants' Exchange, in State street. From the first of April to the first 
of October, the office is open from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. From October to April, from 8 A.M. to 7 P M. 
On Sundays, from 9 to 10 AM. 

The Penny Post Department is under the superintendence of J. H. Patterson. Letter Carriers' 
office, 23 Sudbury street. 


^Vhen Due. 

Southern Mail averages, 8 A. M. 

Eastern Mail, " 1P.M. 

Albany Mail, " 2 and 7 P. M. 

Northern Mail closes at .3 A. M. [9 1-2 A. M. ] Northern Mail, " 7 P.M. 

English Mail, by Steamships, on days of sailing, at | Cape Cod and Nantucket, 6 P. M. 

Southern Mail closes daily at 3 3-4 o'clock P. M. 
Eastern Mail closes daily at 1 1-2 P. M. 
Albany and other mails on the route, at 5 A. M. 
Cape Cod and Nantucket Mail closes at 5 P. M. 


Letters. — On a letter not exceeding one half an ounce in 
weiglit, sent any distance not exceeding 3)0 miles, 5 cents. 
Over 300 miles, 10 cents. For an additional weight of half 
an ounce, or fractional excess of less than half an ounce, 
an additional postage of 5 or 10 cents, according to the dis- 
tance. When a letter exceeds one ounce, but does not ex- 
ceed 2 ounces, it will be rated with 4 charges of single post- 
age ; when it exceeds 2 ounces, but does not exceed 3 
ounces, it will be rated with 6 charges of single postage, and 
so on ;- there being a single postage for the tirst half ounce, 
a double postage for the first ounce, and two additional 
charges for each succeeding ounce, or fraction of an ounce, 
beyond the first ounce. Letters iu Great Britain and Ire- 
land are rated by weight, the same as in the United States. 

Newspapers. — All newspapers (except those received in 
exchange by publishers) are hereafter to be rated with 
postage, as follows, viz : 

All regular newspapers (meaning those sent from the 
ofiSce of publication) for .any distance within the State, and 
for any distance out of the State not exceeding 100 miles, 
for each paper, and not exceeding one sheet iu size, one 
cent. For any distance exceeding 100 miles, (if out of the 
State,) for each paper, one cent and a half. 

All transient newspapers (meaning those not sent from 
the office of publication) are to be rated the same as regu- 
lar newspapers, but the postage is in all cases to be prepaid, 
as heretofore. 

Handbills or Circular Letters, printed or lithographed, 
not exceeding one sheet in size, three cents each, to be 

Pamphlets and Magazines to be rated as follows, viz : — 
On any pamphlet, magazine, or other matter, of every kind 
that is transmissible by mail, and has no written commu- 
nication thereon, of one ounce or less, or for a newspaper 
exceeding 1900 square inches of surface, 2 1-2 cents ; and 
for each additional ounce, or fractional excess over one 
half ounce, one cent. 

On drop letters, for delivery iu same place, two cents 

A penalty of ten dollars is imposed for addressing letters 
to different persons in the same envelope or package, unless 
sent to foreign countries. 

In the U. S. for each letter of a single rate, or half ounce, 
to any place in Great Britain or Ireland, the charge is 24 
cents ; for a double rate, 48 cents ; .and so on. 

Letters may be mailed in the y. States or in Great Brit- 


ain, free of postage, to either country, or prepaid, at the 
option of the sender, at the above rates, (if the whole 
amount is tendered.) 

Postage across the sea, 16 cents. 

English Inland Postage, 3 " 

United States Inland Postage, 5 " 

Making (as above) for a single letter, 24 cents. 

Letters sent to any foreign country, or British posses- 
sion, and mailed to any ofiRce in Great Britain, must be 
prepaid 5 cents, for U. States inland postage, if sent by a 
British steamer or packet, for a single rate ; and 21 cents 
(including the sea postage), if sent by an American steamer 
or packet ; to be doubled, tripled, &c., as above, according 
to weight. 

On Letters received from foreign countries, or English 
possessions, through any post office in Great Britain, to be 
delivered in the United States, the foreign and British post- 
age is to be prepaid, and simply the United States postage 
is to be collected on delivery here ; — say 5 cents for single 
postage, by a British steamer or packet, and 21 cents for a 
single postage, by an American steamer or packet ; and 40 
cents, if such letters are delivered at Francisco, Astoria, 
or any other place on the Pacific, belonging to the United 
States, brought by a British steamer or packet ; and 56 cts. 
if brought by an American steamer or packet. 

Newspapers between England and the United States, and 
vice versa, and also to countries beyond Great Britain, are 
charged (to be pi-epaid)2cents. 

Periodicals between JEngland and the U. States, 
weighing 2 ounces or under, to be charged 1 penny or 2 cts. 

" 2 oz. and under 3 oz. to be charged 6 pence or 12 " 

" 3 " " 6 " '■ 9 " 16 " 

and 2 pence or 4 cents for each ounce or fraction of an 
ounce, (to be prepaid.) 

Printed pamphlets, not exceeding 3 ounces, posted in the 
United Kingdom or in the United States, may be forwarded 
from one country to the other, either by British or United 
States vessels, at the same rate and under the same condi- 
tions as periodicals— to be prepaid. 

Newspapers received from countries beyond Great Brit- 
ain, to be charged 2 cents, and pamphlets 1 cent per ounce 
in weight. 

Letters mailed in the United States for the British Prov- 
inces, are to be charged with the U. States inland postage, 
which is to be prepaid. 



City Election, 



1822. John Phillips died, 

1823. Josiah Quincy, resigned, 

1829. Harrison Gray Otis, do.... 

1832. Charles Wells, do. . . . 

1834. Theodore Lyman, Jr., 
1836. Samuel T. Armstrong, . . . . do. . . . 

Dec. 10, 1849. 

FROH 1822 TO 1849. 


1837. Samuel A. Eliot, resigned 1840. 

1840. Jonathan Chapman, do 1843. 

1843. Martin Brimmer, do 1845. 

1845. Thomas A. Davis, died 1845. 

1845. Josiah Quincy, Jr., ...resigned,' 1848. 

1848. John P. Bigelow, 


JOHN P. BIGELOW, Mayor. Salary, $2,500. 

John H. Wilkins, 
Billings Briggs, 
Henry B. Rogers, 
William Pope, 


Office, City Hall. 

John P. Ober, 
Moses Grant, 
Samuel S. Perkins, 
Samuel Hall. 

Office, City Hall. 

Samuel F. McCleary, City Clerk, Salary, ^2,000. Assistant Clerks, 


Benjamin Seaver, President. William P. Gregg, Clerk. Salary, 

Johnson Colby, Messenger. Salary, ^900. 
Ward 1. — Abel B. Munroe, William Palfrey, Isaiah Faxon, William Parkman. 

2. — Freeborn F. Raymond, Henry Davis, George D. B. Blanchard, Emory Goss. 
3. — George Cofran, Thomas Critchet, Julius A. Palmer, Robert Marsh. 
4. — W. W. Greenough, Benjamin Seaver, John Atkins, Nathaniel Seaver. 
5. — Francis Brown, Frederick Crosby, Benjamin Beal, John M. Wright. 
6. — John P. Putnam, Richard B. Carter, Charles Brown, Edward Hennessey. 
7. — William G. Brooks, Josiah Putnam Bradlee, Theophilus R. Marvin, Daniel N. Haskell. 
8. — Samuel Topliff, Nathaniel Brewer, Francis Gardner, Willard A. Harrington. 
9. — Tisdale Drake, Francis Brinley, Richard B. Callender, Calvin W. Clark. 
10. — George R. Sampson, George Woodman, Moses Kimball, Reuben Lovejoy. 
11. — George Wm. McLellan, Manlius S. Clarke, Albert T. Minot, Francis Richards. 
12. — Joseph Smith, Benjamin James, Josiah Dunham, Jr., Samuel D. Crane. 


1.— Alexander Wood, 

2. — Benjamin Wood, 2d., 

3. — ^William Bellamy, 

4.— Samuel T. Dana, 

5, — ^Emmons Raymond, 

6. — ^Ezra Lincoln, 

7. — James W. Thornton, 

8.— Joseph H. Thayer, 

9.— Clement Willis, 

10. — Lemuel Shattuck, 

11. — Stephen Tucker, 

12.— Samuel W. Sloan. 

Joseph A. Pond, 

Samuel T. Rogers, 

Solomon Carter, 

R. C. Bodfish, 

J. F. Marsh, 

William B. Howes, 

Thomas B. Hall, 

Jonathan A. Lane, 

Steph. G. Deblois, 

Fr'cis G. Whiston, 

Isaac P. Clark, 

Daniel B. Curtis. 


Robert Ripley, Thomas T. Hayden, Erastus W. Leav- 
ens, Edward H. Dunn, Wm.F. Dodd. 

Daniel R. Sortwell, James Gunnison, Nicholas Lord, 
John Wingate, Joseph H. Dodge. 

Edwin M. Putnam, Nathaniel B. Shaw, Samuel T. Bird, 
George L. Blaney, D. G. Davis. 

Kirk Boott, John W. Rogers, J. Franklin Bates, Beza 
Lincoln, T. Quincy Cole. 

James W. Hobbs, Joel W. Norcross, Edward W. Con- 
verse, E. H. Tombs, John S. Pear. 

Gardiner G. Hubbard, Benjamin F. Burgess, James C. 
Merrill Jr., Jarvis D. Braman, Newton M. Kean. 

George Dickinson, William L. Plummer, Thomas R. 
Foster, George L. Pratt, Henry A. Whitney. 

John B. Dexter, Jr., Jas. A. Weeks, Samuel B. Ward, 
Jr., William H. Patten, William A. Walker. 

John Carter, Jr., Abram French, R. L. Meriam, Jacob 
A. Dresser, M. Bell. 

Jesse Tirrell, Jr., Enos H. Tucker, Jr., Daniel Brown, 
Nathan Morse, E. T. Russell, Jr. 

Henry R. Andrews, Alfred Hammatt, Lewis Went- 
worth, Geo. B. Nichols, H. E. Armington. 

George W. Leonard, Wm. A. Brabiner, Willis H. Col- 
burn, Thomas Hill, Jr., Chauncy Page. 



Salary, ^2,200. Clerk Hire, ^3,800. 

WiLLAED Clough, James Pierce, Thomas Sewards, Deputy Collectors. Salary ^170 each, & fees. 

Elisha Copeland, Auditor. Salary and Clerk Hire, ^2,000. Office, City Hall. 

Samuel Norwood, George Jackson, Hexry Sargext, George E. Head, Assessors. Salary, 
§1,300 each. Clerk Hh-e, §2,100. Office, City Hall. 

Ezra Lincoln, William H. Lane, Benjamin Dodd, Per Diem Assesso7-s. 

Assistant Assessors. 

"Ward 1. — John Smith, John Spence, Jr. 
" 2. — Benjamin Wood, 2d, Noah Harrod. 
" 3. — John Bacon, Osmyn Brewster. 
" 4. — William Denton, Ebenezer Atkins. 
" 5. — Israel C. Rice, Otis Munroe. 
" 6.— John Stearns, Luther Parks. 

Ward 7.— Abel G. Peck, Henry Nichols. 
" 8.— B. P. Richardson, Nath'l Mitchell. 
" 9, — Clement Willis, Prentiss Hobbs. 
" 10. — F. C. Whiston, Solomon Hopkins. 
" 11. — H. R. Andrews, Greenleaf C. Sanborn. 
" 12. — Theophilus Stover, Jacob Herrick. 

Citi/ Solicitor.— Peleg W. Chandler. Salary, §2,500. Office, 4 Court street. 

Superintendent Public Buildinr/s. — James McAllister. Salary, §1,200. Office, City HaU. 

Sxperinteiidoit Public Lawr/s.— Stephen Tucker. Salary, §1,200. Office, City Hall. 

Superintendent Alien Passenr/ers. — Jotham B. Munroe. Salary, §-500 and fees. Office, 59 Long whf. 

Sujierintendent NoHh Free Bridge. — Samuel Jenkins. Salary, §800. 

Superintendent South Free Bridge. — Abner J. Gaffield. Salary, §300. 

Superintendent of Lamps and Captain of the Watch. — James Barry. Salary §1,200 

Clerk of Faneuil Hall J/arAe^!.— Daniel' Rhodes. Salary, §1,000. 

Keeper of Faneuil Hall. — Henry Taylor. Office, 13 Court square. 

Keeper of County Court House. — Daniel Merrill. Salary, §700. 

Harbor Master. — George P. Tewksbury. Salary, §1,200. Office, south side Eastern R. R. Depot. 

City Crier. — Samuel T. Edwards. Residence, 18 Sudbury street. 

Ward 1.— Elijah Stearns, 
" 2. — Ephraim Milton, 
" 3, — Moses C. Greene, 
" 4c. — William Freeman, 



Office, City Hall. 
Ward 5. — Daniel Henchman, I Ward 9. — Joseph Lewis, 
" 6. — Thomas Haviland, " 10. — Samuel Millard, 

" 7. — Thomas Tarbell, " 11. — Wm. Willett, 

" 8.— J. W. Warren, Jr., ) " 12.— Thomas Blasland. 
James Phillips, Secretary. Salary, §800. 
The Board meet on the afternoon of the first Wednesday of every month, at their office. City Hall. 
The Overseers of the Poor are likewise incorporated as a Board of Trustees of John Boylston's and 
other charitable funds, left for the assistance of persons of good character and of advanced age, " who 
have been reduced by misfortune to indigence and want." 

Joseph Lewis, Treasurer and Clerk of the Corporation. The meetings of the Board of Trustees are 
held in April and October. 


Office, City Hall. 
Thos. Hollis. Chairman. George Whittemore, William Willett, D. Kimball, Solomon Piper, WU- 
liam Freeman, Samuel Aspinwall, Samuel Leeds, A. A. Wellington. 

The Board meet every Thursday, alternately at House of Industry, and at their office in City Hall. 

Wm. Willett, Clerk of Directors. Salary, §800. 

Friend Crane, Superintendent. Salary, §1,000. "Thos. Seward, Assist. Superintendent. Salary, ^650. 

Rev. Irah Chase, CMplain. Salary, §500. 


Office, City Hall. 

Wm. T. Andrews, Chairman. George Darracott, Uriel Crocker, James Clark, Thomas Restieaux. 

Charles Robbins, Master. Salary, §1,000. R. W. Crossett, Clerk to Master. Salary, §300. Rev. 

Shipley W. Wilson, Chaplain. Salary, §750. E. P. Hartshorn, Clerk. Salary, §700. 



Andrew T. Hall, Chairman. Otis Clapp, Charles Edward Cook, Bradley N. Cumings, George Sav- 
age, John P. Ober, and Geo. R. Sampson, Directors. S. F. McCleary, Jr., Secretary. C. H. Stedman, 
M. D., Superititetident and Physician. Salary, §1,200. Sumner Crosby, Steward. Salary, §600. Har- 
riot Crosby, Matron. Salary, §200. 

The regular meetings of the Board are held at their room, City Hall, on every Wednesday, at 5 
o'clock, P. M. 




JOHN M. MOEIARTY, PORT PHYSICIAN. Salary, $1,200. Residence at Deer Island. 
CITY PHYSICIAN. Office, City Building, 21 Court square. 

Consulting Physicians. 
John C. Warren, Geo. Hayward, Geo. C. Shattuck, Jacob Bigelow, 

John "Ware. 

Jonathan Bruce, Keeper of Rainsford Island and Captain of Quarantine Boat. 

Superintendent of Burials. 
Francis Lincoln. Salary, ,^1,100. Office, City Hall. 

Superintendent of Common Sewers. 
Charles B. Wells. Salary, ^1,200. Office, City Hall. 

Superintendent of Streets. 
Thomas Hunting. Salary, §1,400. Office, City Hall. 


Andrews Thomas, 3 Richmond [Thacher 

Benson Constant T. 65 Prince, betw. Salem and 

Brabiner Wm. A. rear 122 Broadway 

Cooley William, 6 McLean court 

Cook Charles, 17 Nassau 

Davis Henry, 179 Hanover 

Dillaway Francis, 46 Eliot 

Dillon Richard. 3 Fayette court 

Emerson J. S., Pembroke 

Faxon O. 548 Washington and 5 Orange 

Haskell Thomas, 95 Salem 

Houghton Charles, Silver, near B 

Johnson George, rear 35 Pitts 

Jones Lewis, rear St. Paul's Church, Tremont 

Knight Samuel G. 58 Belknap 

Lynde James, 7i Tileston 

Marden Daniel, Salem, opp. Tileston 

Merrill H. house 3 Russell place 

Mower Edward, 5 Barton 

Nunan Timothy, 157 Fourth 

Peak John, 2 Leveret 

Pierce J. W. 56 High 

Pratt Caleb I. 80 Summer 

Pratt Obed, jr. 24 A'ine 

Smith Franklin, 2 Seaver place 

Smith Martin, 15 Prospect 

Willcutt John, Silver, near B 

Wilkinson W. 24 Marion 

Whitcomb L. L., Saratoga, corner Meridian 

Whitcomb Levi, rear 233 Washington 

White John, 2 Ritchie block, E. B. 

Whitney Nahum P. 1 Lovett place 


Surveyors of Pi fie Lumber. 

Charles Bullard, 8 Fayette 

George Davis, 4 Brookline 

George Dupee, 233 Tremont, south of Pleasant 

George Hall, 16 Spring 

Rolun Hartshorn, boards Lincoln 

Joseph F. Huntress, 39 Oak 

Charles Hersey, 63 Allen 

William Keith, Lyndeboro' place 

John Lefavor, Centre, E. B. 

George Page, corner Fourth and C, S. B. 

Eben M. Plumer, 3 Snelling place 

Amasa G. Smith, 29 Marion 

Seth Thaxter, 83 Warren 

Samuel Waldron, Fourth, near B, S. B. 

Surveyor of Mahogany and Cedar. 

Nathaniel Bryant, 31 Dover st. 

Surveyors of Oak, Hard Wood, ^c. 

Seth Brooks, Saratoga st. E. B. Gad Leavitt, Franklin House. 

The following officers are first elected by the Mayor and Aldermen, with the concurrence of the 

Common Council. They are all paid by fees. 

Inspectors of Lime. — Zephaniah Sampson, Joel 

Fence Viewers. — Romanus Emerson, Rolun Harts- 

Culler of Dry Fish. — Benjamin Luckis. 

Culler of Hoops and Staves. — James Brown. 

The following officers are appointed by the Maj'or 

Weigher of Hay, ^c. — John R. Bradford. 

Measurer of Upper Leather. — William Bragdon. 

Measurers of Wood and Bark, brought by Land. — 
John R. Bradford, Amos Bates, William Shat- 
tuck, William Fiske, Moses Hadley, Hollis 

Measurers of Wood, brought by Water. — Jonathan 
Thaxter, Warren Bowker, Daniel A. Rogers, 
John Paul. 

Assay Master. — Isaac Babbitt. 

Field Drivers and Pound Keepers. — William Fisk, 

Thomas Gerrish, Timothy Mclntii'e, Ira E. 

Sanborn, David Briggs. 
Surveyor of Hemp. — Benjamin Rich. 

and Aldermen. 

Weigher of Boats atid Lighters. — Edward Loring. 

City Crier. — Samuel T. Edwards. 

Sealers of Weights and Measures. — John M. Dear- 
born, Edward Loring. 

Inspecto7-s and Weighers of Bundle Hay. — Joseph 
Hockey, Elbridge G. Dudley, Azor Maynard, 
Israel M. Barnes, Samuel Lane, Ebenezer H. 
Redding, Samuel B. Livermore, B. M. Nevers. 




FRANCIS TUKEY, CITY MARSHAL. Salary, jjl, 800. Office, City Hall. 

Hezekiah Earl, Deptity Marshal, who also has the charge of the Health Department. Charles P. 
Philbrick, Superintendent of Coaches, §•(?. James Arnold, Siqjerintendent of Trucks, ^c. 


Samuel G. Adams, John Boardman, Derastus Clapp, John Crocker, Joshua Dunbar, S. B. Fuller, 
Jacob Hook. Rufus Leighton, James W. Pierce, John C. Pattee, Benjamin Pettengill, Giles S. Per- 
kins, C. B. Rice, Lysander Ripley, Atwell Richardson, O. H. Spurr, Ebenezer Shute, Jr., Charles B. 
Starkweather, James E. Spear, Alfred Sleeper, Archibald E. Towle, Robert Taylor, Wm. B. Tarleton, 
Willard J. Whiting, Silas Warren. 


Alexander Hopkins, Captain. Andrew J. Adams, Henry S. Baker, Oscar Bingham, Francis D. 
Brown, William A. Burgess, Asa O. Butman, Lemuel Chesley, George Churchill, John G. Dunbar, 
William D. Eaton, Benjamin Heath, Mark F. Hinckley, Samuel Hinkson, Calvin Hutchins, Luther A. 
Ham, Josiah G. Huntley, James S. Kimball, Reuben P. Moore, Thomas P. Pierce, James Souther, 
George W. Trenhohn. 


David Briggs, Oliver T. Barnard, Alvah Cloutman, Martin T. Champney, Thomas Dolliver, Samuel 
Dillaway, Daniel L. Glidden, Rufus R. Cook, Harry C. Henry, Woodbury Jenness, Pascal Paine, John 
Roberts, Nathaniel F. Stephens, Ira E. Sanborn, Edward A. Vose, Andrew T. Waterman. 


To have a vault cleansed, apply at the Health 
Office ; the cost at present is $1.50 per load of 
80 cubic feet, from the loth of September to 
the 1.5th of May, and double that sum for the 
remainder of the year. Persons calling at the 
Health Office, to enter vaults, should be pre- 
pared to give the street or place, the number, 
the occupant, and the person who pays the 
bill. No vault will be entered on the books 
without the Avritten order of the ovsnier, unless 
the person calling agrees to pay the biU. 

No dirt, ashes, filth, or rubbish of any kind 
whatever, will be allowed to be placed in any 
of the ways or streets of the city, unless by 
permission of the Mayor and Aldermen, or 
some person by them authorized. All com- 
plaints of neglect of the scavengers or dirt- 
men may be made at the Health Office, City 
Hall, same office with the City Marshal. 

No owner or driver of any hack, cab, or other 
carriage, shall place it in any public street, lane, 
or square, to stand there to be employed, with- 
out consent of the Mayor or Aldermen. 

The regular hack-hire within the city is 2oc. 


No person shall hereafter construct or place 
any portico, porch, window, or step, which 
shall project into any street, lane, public place, 
or any way of the said city, under a penalty of 
$4 for each offence, and a like penalty for every 
week that said projection shall be continued. 

No cellar door or door-way shall hereafter 
be made in any sidewalk, or project into any 
street, lane, public place, or way of the said 
city, to be kept open during the day or night 
time ; nor shall it be kept open or used as a 
customary entrance or passage-way into any 
cellar, or other part of any building, under a 
penalty of not less than $4 for each day that 
it shall be used or kept open for such purpose. 

No person, being the owner or occupant of 
any building, or having the care thereof, shall 
permit or suffer any cellar door or door-way 
which is now or shall hereafter be made, and 
which docs or shall project into any street, lane, 

night time, or for more than five hovirs during 
the day time, unless duly permitted so to do 
by the Mayor and Aldermen, or by some per- 
son authorized by them, under a penalty of not 
more than $20 for each off"ence. 


1. Arrangements are made to have the Police 
Office in the City Hall (fronting on Court sq.), 
open at all hours of the day and night. Offi- 
cers paid by the city, are in attendance, to ren- 
der such assistance as the inhabitants may need. 

2. Books are kept in which may be entered a 
description of all goods lost or stolen, and imme- 
diate information of all robberies, larcenies, or 
other crimes which may be committed, is de- 
sired, that the services of the whole Police force 
may be secured in arresting the perpetrators. 

3. All persons losing goods are requested to 
give information at the office ; and persons find- 
ing goods are informed that by leaving them, 
or a description of them, eff'orts will be made 
to obtain a reward for the finder, proportioned 
to the trouble, and the value of the article. 

4. All rewards offered by the oxoners of lost or 
stolen goods, that shall be received of the adver- 
tiser, %oill be paid to any person givitig INFOR- 
MA TION lohich leads to their discovery. 

5. No day Policeman, who is in the regular 
employ of the city, is entitled to any witness 
fees, nor to any compensation, gratuity, or re- 
ward, for services rendered, unless by a special 
vote of the Mayor and Aldermen. 

6. All Policemen, when in the employ of the 
city, wear a badge with the word " Police " in 
silver plated letters thereon. Persons having 
cause of complaint against any officer, are re- 
quested to report the same to the Mayor. 

7. Information in relation to hacks, cabs, 
omnibuses, or their drivers, or trucks, wagons, 
handcarts, &c., may be had at the office. Per- 
sons dealing with them are requested to notice 
their numbers. The Superintendents are pres- 
ent every day at 8 A.M., and 2 P.M., when all 
the Police of the city report and leave the office. 

8. An officer has been appointed to obtain 
information concerning begging imposters, and 

public square, or way of the said city, beyond i in all cases coming to the knowledge of the 
such building, to remain open, or the platform Police, a card will be given to those deserving 
thereof to be removed, during any part of the ' of charity. 





Henry Smith, 
Charles S. Clark, 
Joshua Jacobs, 
George W. Bird, 
Elisha Smith, Jr., 


Salary $2QQ each. 

John Davis, Jr., 
Theodore P. Bowkeb, 
Anson Ellms, 
Jonathbn Pierce, 
Frederick A. Colburn. 

Henry Hart, Cleric. Salary, S500 

Foremen of Companies, $\2o ; Assistant Foremen and Clerks, 

has about forty Metnbeis. 

; Members, $SQ. Each Company 


No. 1. House in Suffolk street. William 
L. Champney, Foreman. William H. Eastman, 
Assistant Foreman. William H. Ford, Clerk. 
Silas Lovell, Stcioard. 


No. 4. House, Paris street. East Boston. 
George Butts, Foreman. B. F. Newell, Assistant 
Foreman. Edwin Butts, Clerk. Elisha W. Gun- 
nison, Steward. 


No. 7. House in Purchase street. Caleb 
S. McClennen, Foreman. Wm. M. Lewis, Assist- 
ant Foreman. William C. Savage, Clerk. Wil- 
liam Shelton, Steward. 


No. 8. House in Tremont street. Bailey 
T. Mills, Foreman. Eleazer Witherell, Assistant 
Foreman. Charles Carver, Clerk. Jer. P. Readey, 


No. 10, House in Friend street. James 
Quinn, Foreman. Moses F. Webster, Assistant 
Foreman. Joshua B. Merrick, Clerk. James C. 
Jones, Steward. 


No. 11. House, Paris street, East Boston. 
Darius B. Kidder, Foreman. Samuel Y. Chase, 
Assistant Foreman. Israel F. Crafts, Clerk. P. 
Nutter, Steward. 


No. 12. House in Washington st. E. W. 
W. Hawes, Foreman. William F. Bugbee, Assist- 
ant Foreman. Daniel Smith, Clerk. Zenas E. 
Smith, Steward. 


No. 13. House in Leveret street. Charles 
Carter, Foreman. Carlon Butfum, Assistant Fore- John H. Abbott, Clerk. S. Hanscomb, 


No. 14. House, foot Mount Vernon street. 
Solomon Reed, Foreman. Joseph K. Adams, -4s- 
sistant Foreman. A. R. C. Lombard, Clerk. Hen- 
ry R. Chase, Steward. 


No. 15. House in Commercial st. Henry 
S. Ellms, Foreman. Wm. H. Simonds, Assistant 
Foreman. George H. Ames, Clerk. Archibald 
Smith, Steward. 


No. 16. House in Broadway, South Bos- 
ton. Jackson L. Stinson, Foreman. George F. 
Hibbard, Assista7it Foreman. George Emerson, 
Clerk. David C. Simpson, Steward. 


No. 17. House in Broadway, South Bos- 
ton. George S. Thom, Foreman. Nath'l Chap- 
man, Assist. Foreman. Elijah H. Goodwin, Clerk. 
John Larrabee, Steward. 


No. 18. House on Pemberton Hill. F. 
E. R. Whitney, Foreman. Leonard Metcalf, 
Assistant Foreman. Caleb Clapp, Clerk. James 
Henry, Steicard. 


No. 19. House on Eagle Hill, 3d Section, 
East Boston. Gilman Felch, Foreman. D. P. 
Matthews, Assistant Foreman. Warren Belcher, 
Clerk. Levi L. Whitcomb, Steward. 


No. 20. House in East street. Isaiah P. 
Thompson, Foreman. Charles A. Boss, Assistant 
Foreman. Joseph F. Milner, Clerk. Charles A. 
Blake, Steicard. 


No. 1. House in Friend strfet. Timothy 

K. Tripp, Foreman, 
man. Ch. C. Bragg, 

Philip Fox, Assistant Fore- 
Clerk. Wm. C alder, Steward. 


No. 2. House, Paris street, East Boston. 
Wm. Hunt, Foreman. John H. Shattuck, Clerk. 


No. 1. House, Salem street. William Dyke, 
Foreman. A. P. Bessey, Assistant Foreman. Wm. 
Lasell, Clerk. Daniel Hardy, Steward. 


No. 2. House, Hudson street. David Cham- 
berlin. Foreman. John S. Hunt, Assistant Fore- 
man. G. W. Foster, Clerk. N. B. Howe, Steward. 


No. 3. Room in Engine House No. 18. 


S. Martin, Foreman. J. L. Wright, Assistant Fore- 
tnan. William Blake, Clerk. 











Nathan Hale, James F. Baldwin, Thomas B. Curtis, Commissioners. Salary, 53,500 each. 
John P. Bigelow, Mayor, Samuel Hall, and William Pope, of the Board of Alder- 
men ; Wm. W. Greenough, John P. Putnam, Robert Marsh, and Richard B. 
Callender, of the Council, and Joseph Smith, Water Committee. 
Samuel Holbrook, Clerk. Salary, ^ 1,000. 

E. Sylvester Chesbrough, Chief Engineer of Western Divisio7i. Salary, ^3,000. William S. Whitwell, 

Chie}' Engineer of Eastern Division. Salary, ^3,000. 

J. Avery Richards, Register. Office, 119 Washington Street. 


1st. For water introduced at the charge of the city, through, the first wall of each dwelling- 
house, including full su23ply for all domestic uses, to each family occupying a house valued, for 
the assessment of taxes, at $5,000, or any less sum, per annum, - - - $5 00 

To each family occupying a house valued over $5,000, and not over $15,000, $5 00 to 15 00 
At the rate of one dollar for every thousand dollars of valuation. 
To each family occupying a house valued over $15,000, - - - - 15 00 

"WTien a house is occupied by several families taking the water at a single tap, the charge 

M'ill be according to the value of the house, for one family only. 
2d. In warehouses, shops and other buildings not requiring more than an ordinary sup- 
ply of water, and not included in any other classification, one half per cent on the rent 
of the part occupied by the person or persons using the water ; but not less than 
"Wlien water-closets or urmals are supplied, not less for each, than - . . 

3d. For hotels, taverns and boarding houses, not including water for baths, or for uses 
without the house, ---.-.... 

Ajid when the valuation exceeds $15,000, for every thousand dollars of the valuation, 
4th. For the right to attach a hose, of not exceeding five-eighths of an inch orifice, 
for washing windows, sprinkling streets, washing carriages, or other purposes, in 
addition to the charge for other uses, not less than - - - - 3 00 

For each pipe not exceeding an inch, with right to attach a hose for extinguishing 

fixe on the premises, exclusive of any right of water for other uses, not less than - 20 00 
5th. For each Stable, including water for washing carriages, - - - - 6 00 

And for each stall over two, - - - - - - . -I 00 

6th. For Public Baths, for each tub, - - - - - - -5 00 

7th. For each Printing Office, according to the number of presses "used, not includ- 
ing supplying of steam engine, - - - - - - 6 to 20 00 

For each Daily Newspaper Printing Office, exclusive of supplying for steam engine 8 to 12 00 
8th. For stationary high pressure Steam Engines, working not over twelve hours per 

day, if of more than five horse power, on each horse power, - - . 

When working night and day, or over twelve hoiu's, ----- 

If of less than five horse ^Dower, working not over twelve hours, for each horse power, 
9th. To Railroad Corporations, for each Locomotive Engine in daily use, supplied 
for outward and inward trains, ....... 

For each Engine, watering for the outward trip only, once a day, - - . 

For supply of Passenger Station, for water-closets, washing cars, and other uses at the 

station, not including watering the streets, - - - - - - 50 00 

10th. For large quantities of water to Brewers, Distillers, and for other uses not speci- 
fied, under specific regulations for determining the quantity, when the average con- 
sumption exceeds 500 gals, per day, for each 100 gals, of daily consumption, - 6 00 
When the quantity does not exceed 500 gals, per day, for each 100 gals, per day, - 9 00 
11th. To watermen, for the supply of shipping, the charge will be regulated by special 

agreement, they agreeing to supply shipping at 50 cents per hogshead of 120 gals. 
12th. For building piu-poses, making mortar, &c., per thousand bricks, 10 cts. 

For larger quantities required for specific purposes, the price wiU be regulated by agreement. 
Pajinents for the year to be made in advance. All persons taking the water, are required to 
keep the service pipes within their premises, including any area beneath the sidewalk, together 
with stop-cocks and apparatus, in good repair, and protected from frost, at their own expense ; 
and they will be held liable for all damages which may result from their failure to do so. They 
are also required to prevent all unnecessary waste of water. No alteration is allowed to be 
made in any of the pipes or fixtures inserted by the Commissioners, except by their agents. 
The agents of the city, intrusted with the superintendence of the works, to be suffered to enter 
the premises supplied, to examine the pipes and fixtures, and to ascertain whether there is any 
unnecessary waste. No water is allowed to be supplied to other parties not entitled to the use 
of it, by the terms of these regulations unless by special permission. On discovery of any fraud- 
ulent representation of the quantity used, or to be used, or wanton waste, the supply will be 
shut off, at the discretion of the superintendent, or other agent in charge of the works. 















The Mayor and President of the Common Council. 

Ward 1. — Rev. Edward Beecher, John Spence, Jr. 
" 2. — George W. Parmenter, Edward B. Moore. 

" 3.— Rev. Rollin H. Neale, Edward D. G. Palmer. 

" 4. — Richard Soule, Jr., Rev. Andrew Bigelow. 

" 5. — Frederick Emerson, Rev. S. H. Winkley. 

" 6. — Sampson Reed, John Codman. 
" 7. — Charles Brooks, Rev. S. K. Lothrop. 
" 8. — Benjamin Willis, Jr., Benjamin E. Bates. 
" 9. — Edward Wigglesworth, Charles T. Russell. 

" 10. — Rev. Joseph Banvard, Horace Dupee. 

" 11.— Rev. John. T. Sargent, Rev. Geo. A. Oviatt. 

" 12. — Rev. George W. Bosworth, Samuel H. Jenks. 
Samuel F. McCleary, Secretary. 


Eben Jones, President. Alvan Simonds, Secretary. 
Joseph M. Wightman, Chairman. Alvan Simonds, Secretary. F. A. Sumner, William P. Jarvis, 
John Woart, Eben Jones, John Spence, Jr., T. Wilder, E. D. G. Palmer, James B. Dow, David Kim- 
ball, Albert Bowker, Oliver Carter, Samuel L. Abbott, Alvah Hobhs, Wra. R. Lawrance, Wm. H. Cal- 
row, Moses J. Gove, Wm. A. Butters, Israel P. Proctor, S. F. McCleary, Executive Committee. 

District No. 1. (East Boston,) Ebenezer Atkins, Chairman, William H. Calrow, Secretary. 

No. 2. {East Boston,) John Atkins, Chairman. Sewall F. Parcher, Secretary. 

No. 3. (East Boston,) Samuel W. Hall, Chairman. Thomas D. Demond, Secretary. 

" " 2. — Francis Parkman, Chairman. Israel P. Proctor, Secretary. 

" " 3. — William H. Learnard, Chairman. Alexander Wood, Secretary. 

'< " 4. — Elijah Stearns, Chairman. J. Spence, Jr., Secretary. 

" " 5. — William Eaton, CArt/rmow. E. D. G. Palmer, Secretory. 

" " 6. — A. G. Wyman, Chuirman. Charles H. Atwood, Secretary. 

" " 7. — Francis Brown, Chairman. Nathaniel P. Kemp, Secretary. 

" " 8. — David Kimball, CVmwvMrtH,. William E. Townsend, Secretary. 

" " 9. — A. D. Parker, Chairman. S. L. Abbott, Secretary. 

" " 10. — Eben Jones, Chairman. William Howe, Secretary. 

" " 11. — AVilliam D. Ticknor, Chairman. N. D. Cotton, Secretary. 

" " 12. — Daniel T. Coit, Chairman. Thomas S. Wright, Secretary. 

" " 13. — John Odin, Jr., Chairman. Daniel B Newhall, Secretary. 

" " I'i. — John T. Dingley, Chairman. A. A. Watson, Secretary. 

" " 15. — William Dall, Chairman. Oliver Carter, Secretary. 

" " 16. — Alvan Simonds, Chairman. Albert J. ^^'rigllt, Secretary. 

'• " 17. — Theodore D. Cook, Chairman. William A. Butters, Secretary. 

" " 18. — George Merrill, Chairman. William P. Jarvis, Secretary. 

" " 19. — Samuel B Cruft, Chairman. Henry R. Andrews, Secretary. 


Adams, Mason street, for boys. Samuel Bar- 
rett, Grammar Master. Samuel W. Bates, ^Vrit- 
ing Master. Ira Cheever and Bartholomew Wood, 
Ushers. Mary S. Brigham, Mary E. Beck, Assist- 
ants. Brooks, Bates, and Banvard, Committee. 

BoWDOiN, Myrtle street, for girls. Abraham 
Andrews, Grammar Master. James Robinson, 
Writing Master. Mary A. Murdock, Rebecca 
Lincoln, Caroline E. Andrews, Marv S. Robinson, 
Eliza B. Mitchell, Sarah M. Mitchell, Elizabeth P. 
Snow, Assistants. Reed, Lothrop, and Codman, 

BOYLSTOX, Washington place, for boys and 
girls. Thos. Baker, Graminar Master. Charles 
Kimball, Writing Master. Wm. T. Adams, Usher. 
Clarinda R. F. Treadwell, Matilda Oliver, Susan J. 
M. Jones, Catherine H. Grover, and Marv A. Har- 
ris, Assistants. Bates, Bosworth, and Willis, 

Brimmer, Common street, for boys. Joshua 
Bates, Jr., Gram?nar Master. William A. Shep- 
ard. Writing Master. J. Butler, Edward James, 
Ushers. Mary A. Collier and E. B. Cunningham, 
Assistants. Banvard, Sargent, and Dupee, Com- 

DwiGHT, Concord street. George B. Hyde, 
Master. James A. Page, Sab-Master. George A. 
Sawyer, Usher. Frances A. Tyler, Caroline G. 
Woodman, Clara Belknap, Clarissa Guild, Eliza- 

beth G. Underhill, and Martha Harding, Assistants. 
Sargent, Oviatt, and Willis, Committee. 

Eeiot, North Bennet street, for boys. Wm. O. 
Ayres, Grammar Master. Levi Conant, Writing 
Master. Caroline W. Carter, Hannah Damon, 
Anna S. Carter, Eliza L. Felt, and M. B. Kent. 
Assistants. Beecher, Parmenter, and Palmer, 

Endicot, Cooper street, for boys and girls. 
Loring Lothrop, Master for girls' school. J. F. 
Nourse, Master for boys' school. Mary A. Torrin, 
Angeline A. Brigham, Ann M. Wight, Malvina R. 
Brigham, Caroline W. Keith, M. P. Colesworthy, 
Almira J. Keith, Assistants. Spence, Winkley, and 
Emerson, Committee. 

ExGLiSH High, Bedford street, for boys. Thom- 
as Sherwin, Master. Luther Robinson and Fran- 
cis S. Williams, Sub-Masters. Samuel M. Weston 
and Charles M. Cumston, Ushers. Lothrop, Big- 
elow, Soule, Banvard, and Palmer, Committee. 

Franklin, Washington street, for boys and 
girls. Barnum Field, Grammar blaster. Nathan 
Merrill, Writing Master. Hannah S. Tirrell, Sa- 
rah Ann Gale, Catherine T. Simonds, S. A. M. 
Cushing, Lucy M. Beck, and Caroline A. Greene, 
Assistants. Jenks, Oviatt, and Banvard, Commit- 

Hancock, Richmond place and Prince street, 
for girls. George Allen, jr.. Grammar Master. 



Percival W. Bartlett, Sub-Master. Henrietta L. 
Pierce, Sarah E. White, Hannah S. Austin, Mary 
A. Lewis, Helen M. Johnson, Anna M. Snclling, 
and Achsah Barnes, Assistants. Spence, Beeelierj. -toeth 
and Moore, Committee. 

Hawes, South Boston, for boys and girls. Fred- 
erick Crafts, Master for girls' school. John A. 
Harris, ^[aster for hoys' school. Charles A. 
Morrill, Usher. Ann E. Dearborn, Caroline M. 
Burnham, Assistants for boys' school. Julia M. 
Baxter, H. Maria Manning, Martha C. Jenks, and 
Harriet Talbot, Assistants for girls' school. Bos- 
worth, Jenks, and Bates, Committee. 

Johnson, Tremont sti-eet, for girls. Richard 
G. Parker, Master of northern school. Joseph 
Hale, Master of southern school. Rebecca P. Bar- 
ry, Martha E. Towne, Harriet W. Mudge, Almira 
Seymour, Helen E. Vans, Mary Jane Danforth, 
Assistants. Brooks, Dupee, and Sargent, Commit- 

Latin, Bedford street, for boys. Epes S. Dix- 
well, Master. Francis Gardner, Sub-Master. Ed- 
win Davenport and Timothy D. Chamberlain, Ush- 
ers. The Mayor, Wigglesworth, Codman, Reed, 
and Russell, Committee. 

Lyman, East Boston, for boys and girls. H. H. 
Lincoln, Master hoys' school. Aaron L. Ordway, 
Master c/irls' school. Eliza L. Pierce, Mary E. 
Grant, F. L. Prescott, Sarah S. French, Mary O. 
Bulfinch, Bethia Nickerson, E. J. Aborn, G. Reid, 
and Mary S. Carter, Assistants. Soule, Moore, and 
Spence, Committee. 

Mayhew, Hawkins street, for boys. William D. 
Swan, Master. Winslow Battles, Sub-Master. 
John C. Dore, Usher. Eliza L. West, Ann B. 
Moulton, Elizabeth D. Moulton, Elizabeth P. Hop- 
kins, Mary S. Rowland, Assistants. Neale, Soule, 
and Codman, Committee. 

Mather, South Boston, for boys and girls. Jo- 
siah A. Stearns, Grammar Master. Jonathan Bat- 

tles, jr., Writing Master. George T. Angell, Ush- 
er. Mary A. Moody, Lucy Floyd, Rebecca A. 
Chipman, Ann J. Drake, Margaret A. Pease, Eliza- 
" B. Raynolds, and Lucy C. Jenks, Assistants. 
Jenks, Bosworth, and Willis, Committee. 

Otis, Lancaster street, -for boys andgirls. Isaac 
F. Sliepard, Grammar Master. Benjamin Drew, 
Writing Master. Joshua R. Lothrop, Usher. S. 
W. J. Copeland, Emeline French, C. Palmer, So- 
phia Shepard, and Miranda Sherman, Assistants. 
Palmer, ]\Ioore, and Beecher, Committee. 

Phillips, Pickney street, for boys. Samuel S. 
Greene, Grammar Master. Samuel Swan, Writ- 
ing Master. Amphion Gates and JohnM. Colcord, 
Ushers. Ellen M. Coolidge and Sarah H. Emer- 
son, Assistants. Codman, Emerson, and Parmen- 
ter. Committee. 

QuiNCY, Tyler street. J. D. Philbrick, Master. 
Charles E. Valentine, Sub-Master. B. W. Putman, 
Usher. Lydia A. Bowler, Sarah A. Hay, Jose- 
phine L. Tucker, Almirah B. Coffin, S. C. Sim^ 
mends, Lydia A. Hanson, and Elizabeth A. G, 
Philbrick, Assistatits. Wigglesworth, Neale, and 
Russell, Committee. 

Smith, Belknap street, for boys and girls. Am- 
brose Wellington, Master. Sarah H. Southwick, 
Assistant. Reed, Bigelow, and Dupee, Committee. 

Wells, McLean street, for girls. Cornelius 
Walker, Grammar Master. Reuben Swan, jr., 
Writing Master. William H. Swan, Usher. Ma- 
tilda A. Gerry, Caroline F. Housley, Frances A.. 
Collins, Adeline F. Dinsmore, and Mary Carter,- 
Assistants. F. Emerson, Palmer, and Parmenter,- 

WiNTHROP, East street, for boys and girls. H. 
Williams, jr.. Master of ■northern school. Samuel L. 
Gould, Master of southern school. E. W. Shelton,. 
Olive E. Reynolds, F. M. Oliver, Mary C. Weed, 
Eliza Briggs, and Caroline E. Fales, Assistants. 
Wigglesworth, Russell, and Winkley, Committee. 


All Grammar and Writing Masters have a salary of ^IjOOO each ; Ushers in the Grammar and Writ- 
ing Schools, have a salary of ^800 each ; and all assistants, ,^300 each. 

Salary of the Masters of the Latin and High Schools, ^2,400 each ; Sub-Masters, ,gl,800 each ; 
Ushers, §900 each. 



No. 8 KiLBY STE.EET. CAPITAL, ^500,000. 

Pliny Cutler, President. Benj. Dodd, Cashier. 

Francis Fisher, Jeremiah Hill, James Johnson, 
E. C. Hutchins, S. S. Littlehale, S. S. Arnold, W. 
R. P. Washburn, A. G. Peck, Nathaniel Harris, 
J. S. Jenness, James H. Kelsey, Directors. Rich- 
ard Ward, Teller. George William Dodd, Book 
Keeper. Albert Dodd, Assistant Clerk. James B. 
Adams, Messenger. 

Discount, Monday and Thiu'sday. 


No. 60 State Street. Capital, 5-500,000. 
Sam'l C. Grav, President. Joseph White, Cashier. 
C. H. Brown, Samuel Quincy, J. G. Hallet, 
William Davis, jr., .John H. Foster, Jeremiah 
Kahler, Directors. Benjamin H. Barnes, Teller. 
' James Russell, Book Keeper. William Beck, Col- 
lection Clerk. 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 


No. 48 State Street. Capital, §900,000. 

Robert Hooper, President. Jas. C. Wild, Cashier. 

Robert G. Shaw, Nathan Appleton, Daniel C. 

Bacon, Josiah Bradlee, Samuel Cabot, Thomas B. 

Curtis, Henry Upham, .1. C. Howe, J. IngersoU 

Bowditch, William S. Bullard, Directors. Robert 
Lash, Paying Teller. J. G. Gunderson, Receiving 
Teller., Book Keeper. George Breck- 
enridge, Messenger. 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 


Corner of Washington and Boylston 
Streets. Capital, §1-50,000. 
Wm. Parker, President. J. J. Soren, Cashier. 
Warren White, William Pope, Timothy Gilbert, 
Thomas Hunting, Isaac Emery, Jonathan Ellis, 
Amos Cummings, Abner E. Fisher, Directors. D. 
E. Snow, Book Keeper. Luther Blodgett, Mes- 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 


No. 61 State Street. Capital, §1,000,000. 
C. W. Cartwright, Pres. John Earl Williams, Cash. 

P. Grant, Isaac Livcrmore, Wm. T. Andrews, 
P. S. Shelton, D. Chamberlain, S. R. Payson, J. 
B. Glover, C. C. Chadwick, Directors. Henry 
Hooper, Paying Teller. Frederick L. Church, 
Receiving Teller. Charles C. Barry, Book Keeper. 
Charles W. Holbrook, Discount 'Clerk. W. R. 
Frost, Collection Clerk. William H. Johonnot, 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 




No. 34 State Street. Capital, ^500,000. 

John G. Torrey, Pres. "William Coffin, Cash. 

George W. Lyman, Joseph Tilden, Samuel A. 
Appleton, W. Amory, J. T. Coolidge, Directors. 
J. M. Gordon, Telkr. George Gushing, Book 
Keeper. Benjamin F. Sawyer, Messenger. 
Discount, daily. 


No. 70 State Street. Capital, ^500,000. 
Titus Welles, President. Waldo Flint, Cashiei-. 
William Almy, John Dane, Andrew Cunning- 
ham, George H. Gray, Francis Skinner, E. D. Brig- 
ham, James L. Little, John Williams, John D. 
Bates, Prince Hawes, Benjamin Thaxter, Direc- 
tors. John A. Mendum, Paying Teller. James P. 
Hastings, Receiving Tellm: Isaac W. Blanchard, 
Book Keeper. Robert S. Covell, Discount Clerk. 
Ebenezer Sampson, Messenger a7id CoUect'n Clerk. 
Discount, Wednesday and Saturday. 


28 State Street, Merchants' Bank Building. 
Capital, ^500,000. 

George W. Thayer, Pres. J. M. Marsh, Cash. 

S. R. Spaulding, J. B. Kimball, Alex'r Strong, 
John G. Davis, Israel C. Rice, Samuel Bates, jr., 
John Foster, Peter Frothingham, Daniel C. Baker, 
Sampson Reed, William H. Dunbar, Directors. J. 
M. Pettengill, Paying Teller: H. B. Wilbur, 
Receiving Teller. Samuel C. Smith, Book Keeper'. 
Abner J. Benyon, Assistant Book Keeper. -John 
T. Bouve, Messe7iger. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 28 Sea Street. Capital, ^200,000. 
Solomon Piper, Pres. Jeremy Drake, Cash. 
Freeman Fisher, John H. Rogers, Ebenezer At- 
kins, Prentiss Hobbs, Tisdale Drake, Directors. 
Albert Drake, Messenger. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 22 State Street. Capital, ^1,000,000. 
Ignatius Sargent, Pres. Charles Sprague, Cash. 

Abel Adams, Stephen Fairbanks, Henry Hall, 
John Lamson, Payson Perrin, Directors. William 
B. Stevens, Paying Teller. Samuel S. Stevens, Re- 
ceiving Teller. Ciliver Cole, Book Keeper. Chas. 
James Sprague, Discoiint Clerk. Chas. S. Callen- 
der. General Clerk. William S. Nichols, Collection 
Clerk and Messenger. Cliauncey Peck, Porter. 
Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 61 State Street. Capital, ^500,000. 

George Denny, P7-es. Archibald Foster, Cash. 

F. Gould, J. McGregor, J. Y. Bacon, Charles 
Brooks, H. M. Holbrook, George R. Sampson, Di- 
rectors. Samuel Kneeland, Teller. Alfred B. Hall, 
Book Keeper. Henry Kneeland, Cle)-k. Joseph 
Callender, jr., Assistant Clerk and Messenger. 
Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 70 State Street. Capital, ^250,000. 
Samuel G. Reed, President. William H. Fos- 
ter, Cashier. Winslow Whittemore, Ephraim 
Lombard, Sylvester Bowman, Joseph M. Whit- 
tier, Joseph P. EUicott, Edward R. Seccomb, 

Ebenezer H. Balch, Directors. Chas. H. Smith, 
Teller. G. Francis Thayer, Book Keeper. Geo. 
W. Harris, Discount Clerk. Chas. H. Tylor, Mes- 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


'No. 66. State Street. Capital, ^500,000. 
Daniel Denny, President. Otis Turner, Cashier. 

Thomas G. Cary, William Dwight, Gardner 
Brewer, William Phipps, Samuel W. Swett, M. P. 
Wilder, Thomas Wigglesworth, jr., B. F. White. 
Directors. Edward Hearsey, jr.. Teller. S. S. 
Blanchard, Book Keeper. George Leighton, Assist- 
ant Clerk and Messenger. 

Discount, Wednesday and Saturday. 


No. 1 Merchants' Exch'e. Capital, ^560,000. 

Josiah Stickney, Pres. Jona. Brown, jr.. Cash. 
Jesse Bird, Addison Gilmore, William Thomas, F. 
O. Watts, C. O. Whitmore, A. H. Bowman, Benja- 
min Sewall, Directors. Samuel P. Oliver, Teller. 
Benjamin F. Teal, Book Keeper. Chas. E. Currier, 
Clei-k. Charles S. Evans, Messenger. 

Discount, Wednesday and Saturday. 


No. 66 State Street. Capital, ^800,000. 
J. J. Dixwell, Pres. James Dodd, Cashier. 
John L. Gardner, William D. Sohier, John J. 
Dixwell, Israel Lombard, Charles H. Mills, George 
Gardner, Directors. S. T. Hooper, Teller. Henry 
G. Foster, Book Keeper. Jonas Bennett, Discount 
Clerk. Thomas Hooper, Messenger'. Josiah E. 
Hayden, Porter. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 27 Turnpike, cor. Division St., So. Boston. 

Capital, ^120,000. 
James W. Converse, Pres. Alvan Simonds, Cash. 
Dan'l Cummings, Noah Brooks, John H. Jenks, 
F. Nickerson, Directors. J. N. Farrar, Messenger. 

Discount, Monday. 


No. 28 State Street. Capital, i?3,000,000. 
Franklin Haven, Pres. John J. May. Cash. 

N. F. Cunningham, Luke Fay, Samuel Henshaw, 
John B. Jones, William P. Winchester, David 
Henshaw, Francis C. Gray, J. K. Mills, Israel 
Whitney, Samuel Hooper, Edward Brooks, Direc- 
tors. Thomas W. Hooper, First Teller. William 
Raymond, Assistant Teller. George Simpson, jr.. 
Second Teller. C. N. M. Lincoln, Third Teller. 
J. K. Fuller, Discount Clerk. G. S. Bulfinch, 
Peiision Clerk. E. H. Severance, First Book Keep- 
er. John P. Gore, Second Book Keeper. G. M. 
Norwood and H. F. Flagg, Accountants. A. C. 
Dana, Correspond' g Clerk. Thomas Bulfinch, Col- 
lection Clerk. John Barnes, Messenger. George 
Hayden, Porter. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 67 State Street. Capital, ^1,000,000. 

Thomas Lamb, Pres. E. P. Clark, Cash.^ 

George Pratt, Joseph Whitney, Elijah Vose, 

Mace Tisdale, William Worthington, Dudley Hall, 

Directors. Samuel T. Thompson, Paying Sg Re- 



ceiving Teller. James Swan, Book Keeper. Seth 
Pettee, Discount Clerk. Charles F. Swan, Collec- 
tion Clerk. Jacob H. Brown, Messeni/er. 
Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 


No. 2 Merchants' Exch'e. Capital, f 750,000. 
James Harris, President. J. J. Loring, Cashier. 
Henry D. Gray, Oliver Eldredge, Daniel Kimball, 
Elijah Williams, James Weld, Francis B. Fay, 
Charles G. Nazro, Directors. J. B. Witherbee, 
Teller. John Chorley, Book Keeper. W. L. Barnes, 
Receiving Teller. S. Trull, Messenger. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 39 State Street. Capital, ^500,000. 

John Gardner, Pres. Stephen G. Davis, Cash. 

William Bramhall, John L. Dimmock, Albert 
Fearing, John Gardner, Jairus B. Lincoln, Aaron 
Rice, Directors. E. Snow, Teller. C. H. Miller, 
Book Keeper. Geo. L. Foote, Assistant Clerk. 
Sampson Mason, Messenger. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 40 State Street. Capital, ^1,800,000. 
Samuel Frothingham, Pres. Jonathan Call, Cash. 

Samuel Austin, Benjamin Bangs, Levi Bartlett, 
Thomas Gray, Thomas P. Cushing, J. Ballister, 
Robert M. Mason, HoUis Thayer, James P. Thorn- 
dike, James S. Amory, Directors. Charles Bart- 
lett, Paying Teller. John B. Gould, Receiving 
Teller. William E. Vincent, First Book Keeper. 
Henry Pierce, Second do. George Atkinson, Dis- 
count Clerk. James H. Foster, jr., Collection Clerk. 
William S. Edmands, Messenger. 

Discount, Monday and Thursday. 


No. 65 State Street. Capital, ^500,000. 

Enoch Baldwin, Pres. Samuel Carr, Cash. 

C. Newhall, M. S. Lincoln, William B. Spobner, 
William Burrage, J. M. Jones, Isaac Williams, 
John Albree, C. Stetson, G. S. Low, J. C. Potter, 
Directors. John S. March, Teller. Robert L. 
Day, Book Keeper. A. C. Haven, Messenger and 
Collection Clerk. E. L. Tead, Assistant Clerk. 
Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 


No. 60 State Street. Capital, ^1,000,000. 

Henry B. Stone, Pres. Isaac C. Brewer, Cash. 
Joseph Balch, John Belknap, Ebenezer Chad- 
wick, J. W. Edmands, Edward D. Peters, Nathl 
Hooper, William Gray, Amos A. Lawrence, J. A. 
Lowell, Jeffrey Richardson, Wm. W. Tucker, Di- 
rectors. J. E. Bridge, Paying Teller. Edward W. 
Brown, Receiving Teller. Thorndike Rand, Book 
Keeper. Edward Tyler, Discount Clerk. E. L. 
Le Breton, Collection Clerk. A. K. Hunt, John W. 
Lefavor, C. Smith, Assistatit Clerks. William 
Grubb, jr., D. H. Belknap, E. J. S. Corlew, For- 
eign Money Clerks. C. A. Tucker, Messenger. 
Discount, Wednesday and Saturday. 


No. 91 State Street. Capital, ^400,000. 
Isaac Parker, President. Jeremiah Gore, Cashier. 
George Callender, , Jabez Fisher, 

Deming Jarves, Thomas Lord, S. H. Norris, Henry 
Smith, A. W. Thaxter, jr.. Directors. John K. 
Hall, Teller. Thomas Waterman, Book Keeper. 
Edw. Russell, Dis. Clerk. T. O. Brackett, Mess. 
Discount, Wednesday and Saturday. 


No. 41 State Street. Capital, ^500,000. 
Andrew T. Hall, Pres. A. T. Frothingham, Cash. 
Ebenezer T. Andrews, Ezra H. Baker, Caleb 
Curtis, Nathan B. Gibbs, William Perkins, Charles 
B. Shaw, Enoch Train, Isaac Thacher, Charles 
Wilkins, Directors. Joshua Loring, Teller. W. 
W. Manning, Book Keeper. John Savage, jr., 
Assistant Clerk. Charles Merrill, Messenger. 
Discount, daily. 


No. 40 State Street. Capital, ^800,000. 
Chester Adams, Pres. Lemuel Gulliver, Cash. 
Luke Carter, Eben. Dale, Ozias Goodwin, Giles 
Lodge, Thaddeus Nichols, John Stearns, Nathaniel 
H. Eipmons, Charles Merriam, Edward S. Tobey, 
Directors. Timothy Bryant, Teller. A. Trow- 
bridge, Book Keeper. James Skilton, Assistant 
Clerk. Oliver Jaquith, Messenger. 
Discount, daily. 


No. 75 State Street. Capital, ^500,000. 
Aaron Baldwin, Pres. D. A. Sigourney, Cash. 
J. P. Cooke, P. Fowle, Josiah Stedman, Moses 
Williams, Flavel Moseley, Geo. T. Lyman, F. Ba- 
cou. Directors. C. A. Putnam, Teller. James H. 
Champney, Book Keeper. J. W. Cushing, Messen- 
ger and Porter. 

Discount, Tuesday and Friday. 

The par value of the Shares of the Boston Banks 
is glOO, except Massachusetts ^250, Market ;g;70, 
State ^60, and Boston ^50. 


Office, Tremont St. Open dai., fr. 9 to I o'clock. 

Deposits are received on Monday, Tuesday, and 
Wednesday ; and payments are made on Thursday, 
Friday, and Saturday. 

Wm. Appleton, Pres. Peter Wainwright, Treas. 
J. Reed, jr., Vice-Treas. Wm. T. Andrews, Sec. 
Samuel May, Thomas P. Cushing, James Sav- 
age, Robert Waterston, William Minot, Benjamin 
Guild, John C. Gray, George Ticknor, William P. 
Mason, Charles Wells, Edward Brooks, Samuel 
Bradlee, Vice-Presidents. John A. Lowell, Thos. 
B. Wales, Samuel Austin, John L. Gardner, Ozias 
Goodwin, William Amory, Josiah Quincy, jr., E. 
AVigglesworth, Dan'l Denny, John Lamson, Aaron 
Baldwin, N. H. Emmons, Charles Barnard, George 
Howe, Stephen Fairbanks, Charles Bro^vn, Wm. 
T. Andrews, Henry Wainwright, Israel Lombard, 
Peter R. Dalton, J. W. Edmands, William Per- 
kins, Patrick T. Jackson, Benjamin F. White, 


Office, Museum Buildixg. Open daily, from 
9 to 1 o'clock, P. M. Deposits received and pay- 
ments made daily. 

Thomas Lamb, Pres. Benjamin Seaver, Vice- 
President. Charles H. Parker, Sec. Samuel H. 
Walley, jr., Treas. Daniel C. Bacon, George W. 
Bond, Charles H. Brown, Caleb Curtis, Pliny Cut- 
ler, Samuel T. Dana, Nathan B. Gibbs, Patrick 
Grant, Alpheus Hardy, Jabez C. Howe, Henry 
Lincoln, James Means, William Perkins, William 
B. Reynolds, George R. Sampson, Charles Scud- 
der, William W. Stone, William Worthington, 
Thomas Wigglesworth, jr., M. H. Simpson, G. M. 
Barnard, Charles Hamilton Parker, Charles G. 
Nazro, Edward S. Tobey, Managers. 





No. 54 State Steet. Capital, ^300,000. 

J. Ingersoll Bowditch, Pres. A. C. Dorr, Sec. 

Nathan Appleton, Benjarain A. Gould, Charles 

H. Mills, R. B. Forbes, Samuel May, P. P. Pope, 

Benjamin Rich, R. G. Shaw, Theodore Chase, 

James S. Amory, Edward Austin, Wm. B. Bacon, 

Directors. Wm. S. Whitney, Messetic/er. 

Dividends, January and July. 


No. 4 State Street. 
Benjamin Silliman, Pres. Benjamin Noyes,. Sec. 

Drs. J. v. C. Smith, E. W. Blake, Medical Ex- 
aminers. Oliver Brewster, Actuarij. 


No. 62 State Steet. Capital, *?300,000. 
Lemuel Pope, Pres. Peter W. Freeman, Sec. 
S. A. Appleton, N. H. Emmons, D. P. Parker, 
Giles Lodge, John F. Loring, George Pratt, Wil- 
liam W. Tucker, Edwin Howland, Directors. 
Dividends, March and September. 


No. 45 State Street. Capital, ^300,000. 

Francis Bacon, Pres. J. W. Balch, Sec. 
J. P. Cooke, Josiah Stedman, Moses Williams, 
"W. S. BuUard, N. F. Cunningham, Thomas Mot- 
ley, jr., Thomas Wigglesworth, jr., George T. 
Lyman, Robert M. Mason, Alanson Tucker, jr., 
Charles Amory, Directors. 

Dividends, April and October. 


No. 68 State Street. 

John Williams, Pres. Geo. A. Houghton, See. 

John Williams, R. W. Shapleigh, Edward Lamb, 
W. H. Foster, Isaac Pitman, Ephraim Lombard, 
J. L. Brighara; P. E. Kingman, S. H. Lewis, 
Edward Whitney, N. W. Bridge, Samuel Weltch, 
George E. Bent, Geo. A. Fiske, Winslow Whitte- 
more, Osborne Howes, Isaac Taylor, Richard F. 
Wyman, Stephen Jenney, E. R. Seecomb, Stephen 
Tilton, jr., Joseph Greeley, A. C. Hersey, George 
F. Williams, Seth Bryant, Gardner K. Reed, 


Merchants' Exchange. 
John Clark, Pres. Samuel Wheeler, Sec. 
Benjamin Bui'gess, Thomas Dixon, Benjamin C. 
Clark, A. W. Thaxter, jr., Enoch Train, James 
Ingersoll, Charles Scudder, N. F. Cunningham, 
David A. Neal, John H. Pearson, Stephen Fair- 
hanks, Lewis W. Tappan, A. H. Fiske, William 
W. Goddard, George Callender, Charles O. Whit- 
more, Joseph lasigi, Jas. H. Hicks, G. B. Weston, 
W. Bramhall, George M. Barnard, Jno. S. Wright, 
John D. Gardner, Directors. J. T. Clark, Marine 
Clerk. John J. Loring, jr. Fire do. 


No. 75 State Street. Capital, ^300,000. 
Thomas C. Amory, Pres. S. G. Rogers, jr. See. 

John CoUamore, jr., William G. Eaton, Thad- 
deus Nichols, Jacob G. Hallet, Benjamin Seaver, 
Ignatius Sargent, J. Amory Davis, Amos Cotting, 
Joseph Hay, Samuel R. Payson, Directors. 
Dividends, January and July. 


No. 44 State Street. Capital, ^300,000. 
Francis Welch, Pres. William M. Byrnes, See. 
George W. Abbot, F. H. Bradlee, E. D. Brig- 
ham, John Lamson, George Pratt, James Read, 
Enoch Train, Adolphus Davis, Directors. William 
T. Lerow, Clerk. 

Dividends, January and July. 


No. 46 State Street. Capital, ^200,000. 

Samuel Quincy, Pres. Augustus Lovett, Sec. 

B. A. Gould, William Davis, jr., John H. Foster, 
Samuel C. Gray, George Callender, Nath. God- 
dard, jr., Epes Sargent, Daniel G. Bacon, Geo. W. 
Wales, Wm. F. Parrott, Directors. 

Dividends, April and October. 


No. 13 State Street. 
Charles A Wells, Pres. Sec. 

Chas. A. Wells, Osmj-n Brewster, Thomas J. 
Lobdell, Jonathan Ellis, John Reed, Henry W. 
Dutton, John Shelton, Joseph L. Bates, Samuel 
S. Perkins, Philo Sanford, William Freeman, 
Francis A. Sawyer, Edward F. Hall, Wm. J. Rey- 
nolds, of Roxbury, Abiel Stevens, of Lawrence, Di- 


No. 59 State Street. Capital, ^400,000. 
C. W. Cartwright, Pres. Samuel Hunt, Sec. 
Ebenezer T. Andrews, Otis Daniell, Henry Hall, 
John Williams, William Shimmin, Thomas P. 
Gushing, James Read, B. F. White, William T. 
Andrews, George Morey, Calvin W. Clark, Direc- 

Dividends, April and October. 


Office, 4 Museum Building, Tremont Street. 
Capital, ,^50,000. 
Thomas Tarbell, Pres. A. L. Stimson, Sec. 
Thomas Tarbell, John P. Ober, Enoch A. Ho- 
bart, Moses Kimball, Luther Munn, Holmes Hink- 
ley, Uriel Crocker, C. W. Loring, Horace Williams, 
Dexter Brigham, jr., John H. Rogers, Otis Tufts, 
E. P. Whipple, Seth Adams, James French, Direc- 
tors. Dr. G. H. Lyman, Consulting Physician. 


No. 50 State Street. Capital, 5500,000. 

Nathan Appleton, Pres. Moses L. Hale, Sec. 

John R. Adan, John Hooper, Charles Jackson, 
Wm. Minot, Josiah Quincy, David Sears, John 
Tappan, George Ticknor, Thos. B. Wales, William 
Appleton, George W. Lyman, Joseph Tilden, 
Samuel A. Eliot, Robert G. Shaw, Benj. R. Curtis, 
Vice-Presidents. Wm. Amory, J. Ingersoll Bow- 
ditch, Ebenezer Chadwick, Henry Codman, Ab- 
bott La\^Tence, John A. Lowell, Thomas Motley, 
Samuel Austin, J. Wiley Edmands, Ignatius Sar- 
gent, William Sturgis, Francis C. Lowell, George 
H. Kuhn, Directors. Francis C. Lowell, Actuary. 
Edward L. Perkins, Receiver. Samuel White, 
Clerk. Albert Smith, Messenger. 
Dividend, January. 




No. 3i State Street. 

Charles Wells, Pres. William Tufts, Sec. 

Ebenezer T. Andrews, Edward Brooks, Henry 

Codman, Charles P. Curtis, Ebenezer Francis, 

John A. Lowell, Samuel May, Directors. H. S. 

Humphrey, Messenger'. 


Xo. 27 State Stueet (up stairs.) 
Adam W. Thaxter, Pres. Solomon Hovey, Sec. 
William Adams, David Tillson, George William 
Phillips, Ezekiel Bates, Thomas Moulton, John 
Boles, John Bacon, Benj. Beal, Charles Leighton, 
William Eaton, Isaac Gary, Samuel C. Nottage, 
Directors. O. B. Hall, Clerk. 


No. 58 State Street. Capital, ^300,000. 
Nathaniel Meriam, Pres. William B. Coffin, Sec. 

Benjamin Bangs, James B. Bradlee, Benjamin 
Howard, James Johnson, P. R. Dalton, John E. 
Lodge, Edward Wigglesworth, Elijah Williams, 
jr., George R. Minot, D. N. Spooner, Directors. 
Dividends, May and November. 


No. 38 State Street. Capital, ,^500,000. 

Joseph Balch, Pres. Samuel Tenney, Assistant do. 

George Homer, Secretary. 

William P. Winchester, Daniel C. Bacon, J. W. 

Edmands, John A. Lowell, Patrick Grant, R. B. 

Forbes, Henry Hall, Johfi Belknap, Ebenezer 

Chadwick, Robert Hooper, Abbott LawTence, 

Israel Whitney, Directors. George L. Deblois, J. 

C. Braman, Clerks. Francis H. Dix, Messenger. 

Dividends, April and October. 


No. 66 State Street. Capital, 5500,000. 
Samuel W. Swett, Pres. A. H. Bean, Sec. 
Daniel Denny, HoUis Thayer, J. W. Edmands, 
B. F. \^Tiite, John A. Lowell, Francis Skinner, 
Daniel Kimball, Isaac Livermore, John L. Gard- 
ner, George Howe, William H. Gardiner, George 
H. Kuhn, Marshall P. Wilder, Thomas Gray, 
James Means, Israel "Whitney, William Amory, 
R. Hooper, Sam'l T. Dana, S. Frothingham, 0. 
Goodwin, Nathaniel Hooper, James Lawrence, 
George B. Blake, Directors. H. L. Temple, Mes- 

Dividends, April and October. 


No. 64 State Street. Capital, ^200,000. 
C. Curtis, Pres. J. H. Gardner, Sec. 
David Devens, Andrew T. Hall, Charles Homer, 
Charles J. Merrill, Horace Scudder, T. C. Smith, 
Richard Soule, J. P. Thomdike, Directors. W. H. 
Cutting, Andrew J. Noyes, George F. Osborne, 

Dividends, April and October. 


Exchange Building, State Street. 

Joseph H. Adams, Pres. Ed. P. Meriam, Sec. 
Benjamin Lyon, Assist. Sec. 

N. B. Gibbs, F. Plummer, J. V. Bacon, Charles 
Cunningham, Benjamin Howard, William Ward, 
H. M. Holbrook, Henry Lincoln, N. F. Cunning- 
ham, J. H. Welch, Jabez Fisher, J. S. Jenness, 
William Thwing, J. B. Kimball, E. C. Emerson, 
E. H. Baker, F. Nickerson, M. Day Kimball, A. 
Hardy, Holmes Ammidown, E. D. Brigham. Os- 
born Howes, William Lincoln, Directors. John 
A. Frazar, Clerk. 


No. 28 State Street. 
Willard Phillips, Pres. B. F. Stevens, Sec. 
Charles Brown, W. Raymond Lee, William Per- 
kins, Charles P. Curtis, N. F. Cunningham; George 
H. Kuhn, William AV. Stone, Peter Wainwright, 
Thomas A. Dexter, T. Parsons, Sewell Tappan, 
Directors. John Homans, Consulting Physician. 


Office, No. 8 Old State House, State Street. 

Joseph Southwick, Pres. Chas. H. White, Sec. 
Waistill Hastings, R. K. Potter, P. R. South- 
wick, Artemas Ward, J. W. Converse, S. D. Dav- 
enport, G. Farley, A. Wyman, W. A. Harrington, 
R. Worthington, B. W. Dunklee, B. Cobb, A. J. 
Chase, D. R. Curtis, Sheldon Webster, E. Trask, 
Joseph Lord, Amasa Stone, jr., J. Tirrell, jr., N. 
Page, jr.. Directors. 


Office, Joy's Building, 81 Washington St. 

Willard Sears, Pres. George E. Sickels, Sec. 

Eben Sears, John P. Monks, Walter Bryent, 
Francis Standish, Wm. Macomber, Edward C. 
Tillson, Uriah Ritchie, John Coe, Isaac Tower, 
James M. Cook, Isaac Adams, F. Crosby, C. J. 
Millard, N. Sargent, I. H. Hazelton, Azel Ames, 
J. A. Turner, Directors. 


Corner of Fourth and Turnpike Streets, 
South Boston. 
James Barker, Pres. Lewis Tucker, Sec. 
Thomas Cains, Isaac Adams, Wilder Harding, 
William B. Dorr, Directors. 


No. 21 State Street. 
Ephraim Harrington, Pres. Jos. F. Hovey, Sec. 
Pelham Bonney, John Demeritt, Enoch H. Snell- 
ing, Samuel M. Phillips, Samuel Aspinwall, Jas. 
Boynton, C. S. Pratt, J. Cowdin, H. Bosworth, 
Charles C. Conley, Isaac H. Cary, Nathaniel Ford, 
Francis Richards, Theodore Dexter, Directors. 


State, corner of Congress Street. Capital, 

Pelham W. Hayward, Pres. James H. Lunt, Sec. 
Samuel Austin, jr., Benjamin C. Clark, Thomas 
Dixon, George W. Lyman, Henry Wainwright, 
John L. Gardner, Stephen H. Perkins, John J. 
Dixwell, Benjamin C. White, S. C. Thwing, J. 
Amory Davis, Directors. N. Wright, Messenger. 
Dividends, April and October. 


No. 43 State Street. Capital, ^200,000. 
John G. Nazro, Pres. George Hale, Sec. 
A. B. Weston, C. G. Nazro, P. S. Shelton, 
Enoch Train, Charles Wilkins, William Lincoln, 
Geo. B. Upton, Isaac Thacher, Lewis W. Tap- 
pan, R. B. Storer, James Lodge, R. G. Shaw, jr., 
Charles Larkin, John R. Dow, James Sturgis, Di- 

Dividends, May and November. 


No. 17 State Street. Capital, §50,000. 

James Clark, Pres. Samuel H. Jenks, Sec. 

Samuel Aspinwall, Lemuel M. Barker, John Big- 

elow, Jonas Chickering, George Darracott, Thos. 

Restieaux, Benjamin Lawson, Joseph Lewis, Elijah 



Mears, Silas P. Meriam, Joseph B. 'Prince, Noah i Tyler, jr., Charles T. Savage, Daniel C. Baker, 
Sturtevant, Simeon P. Taylor, Charles H. White, Ellison Lassell, jr., Directors. Geo. S. Hillard, 
Heman Lincoln, Dexter W. Wiswell, Daniel Lev- j Solicitor. 
erett, Charlestovvn, and Joseph L. Lord, New 
York, Directors. 


No. 52 State Street. Capital, ^200,000. 
Robert B. Williams, Pres. Levi Ingols, Sec. 
William Perkins, Edward S. Tobey, Ammi C. 
Lombard, Israel Lombard, Alfred C. Hersey, Jo- 
siah Stickney, Geo. R. Sampson, John S. Wright, 
Henry Timmins, Addison Gilmore, Charles H. 
Brown, Directors. 

Dividends, December and June. 


No. 10 Old State House. 
Enoch Hobart, Pres. S. P. Heywood, Sec. 
Samuel H. Walley, jr., Warren White, Asa 
Swallow, Samuel Leeds, Abraham T. Lowe, Ed- 
ward A. Raymond, Benjamin Lamson, George 
H. Kuhn, David Kimball, Daniel Henchman, 
George T. Bigelow, Daniel L. Gibbens, Billings 
Briggs, A. Blanchard, jr., George A. Bourne, Na- 
thaniel B. Borden, Isaiah Bangs, James Cheever, 
Uriel Crocker, N. F. Cunningham, Directors. 


No. 42 State Street. Capital, ^200,000. 

Thomas Lamb, Pres. Isaac Sweetser, Sec. 

Richard Soule, J. T. Coolidge, William B. 

Reynolds, M. H. Simpson, Sewell Tappan, Henry 

Lee, jr., P. M. Parkman, Wm. Dwight, Directors. 

Dividends, April and October. 


Merchants' Exchange. Capital, ^150,000. 

John L. Dimmock, Pres. Henry Crocker, Sec. 
Jaims B. Lincoln, Albert Fearing. Elisha At- 
kins, Aaron Rice, J. S. Wiggin, Isaiah Bangs, F. 
B. Fay, Matthew Cobb, Arthur Pickering, John 


Bigelow Prcscott, 31 State 

Brewer & Hinckley, 4 State 

Curtis D. R., 15 State 

Drew & Stimson, 120 Washington 

Hales, Page & Richardson, 5 Mer. Exchange 

Jenks S. H., 17 State 

Odiorne Henry B., 5 Congress square 

Pratt E. B., Merchants' Exchange 

Prince J. B. & J. H., 17 State 

Pulsifer William, 66 Cornhill 

Ward J. H. & Co., 31 Kilby 


George M. Chalwill, 25 Doane street. 
Agent for Boston. 

Local Board of Trustees : Daniel Deshon, Presi- 
dent. C. F. Adams, Rev. S. K. Lothrop, Ephraira 
Lombard, John Schouler, William Schouler, N. A. 
Thompson, Thomas Groom, William W. Warren. 
Medical Examiners. S. D. Townsend, 18 Somer- 
set St., W. E. Townsend, 10 Hancock St., J. S. 
Calef, Broadway, corner of C st. 


Lower Floor Merchants' Exchange, Boston. 
Capital, 5-50,000. Males and females insured, 
from one to three years of age. 
Sherman Leland, President. H. A. S. Dearborn, 
Vice-President. Jonathan H. Cobb, Treasurer. 
S. S. Whitney, Austin Bryant, Timothy S. Taft, 
Wm. S. Damrell, Joseph Day, Jos. B. Wheelock, 
John Marsh, Elisha B. Pratt, James W. Judd, S. 
Ellis, George Alden, A. B. Galucia, Wm. P. Smith, 
Stephen Bates, Jonathan H. Cobb, Directors. Ste- 
phen Bates, Secretary and Gen. Agent. 



Geo. N. Briggs, President. Rev. Wm. H. Sha- 
ler. Recording Secretary. R. E. Eddy, Treasurer. 
Rev. Solomon Peck, Rev. Edward Bright, jr., Cor- 
resp'g Secretaries. Rooms 13 Somerset, c. Howard. 


Lewis Strong, President. John Tappan, Vice- 
President, {vnth 32 Honorary Vice-Presidents in 
different States). Rev. Samuel H. Riddel, Secre- 
tary. Rev. Joseph Emerson, General Agent. 
Stephen T. Farwell, Treasurer. 

Office, No. 15 Cornhill. 


(For educating females, principally for the pro- 
fession of Midwifery and as nurses of the sick.) 

Enoch C. Rolfe, M. D., President. Samuel 
Gregory, A. M., Secretary. Bela Marsh, Treasur- 
er. Office at No. 12 Franklin street. 


Rev. Ezra S. Gannett, D.D., President. Rev. 
F. W. Holland, Secretary. Rev. Charles Briggs, 

Assistant Secretary. Henry P. Fairbanks, Treasu- 
rer. William Crosby and H. P. Nichols, General 

Depository, 111 Washington street. 


Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, Pi-esident. Rev. 
R. Anderson, D.D., Rev. S. B. Treat, Rev. S. L. 
Pomroy, D.D., Secretaries. Henry Hill, Treasur- 
er. Missionary House, 33 Pemberton square. 


John Tappan, President. Rev. Seth Bliss, Sec- 
retary and General Agent. George Denney, Treas- 

Depository, 28 Cornhill. 



George C. Shattuck, M.D., President. Edward 
Jarvis, M.D., Rufus Anderson, M.D., Vice-Presi- 
dents. J. B. Felt, Recording Secretary. William 
Brighton, Home Secretary. Joseph E. Worcester, 
LL.D., Foreign Secretary. George Livermore, 
Treasurer. F. W. Sa^vyer, Librarian. 

Office, Savings Bank buildings. 




Rev. S. K. Lothrop, President. Benjamin Seaver, 
Treasurer. Frederick T. Gray, Secretary. John 
M. Williams, Edward Wigglesworth, Executive 


George E. Head, President. B. F. Edmands, 
Corresponding Secretary. Benj. Perkins, Treas- 
urer. Benjamin F. Edmands, Librarian. 


The Rev. Manton Eastburn, D.D., Rev. Charles 
Mason, Joseph H. Clinch, A. L. Baury, George M. 
Randall, Thomas M. Clark (Secretary), Theo. W. 
Snow, of the Clergy. William Raymond Lee, Amos 

A. Lawrence, James B. Dow (Treasurer), of the 



Thomas G. Gary, President. John A. Lowell, 
Vice-President. Josiah Quincy, jr., Treasurer. 
Henry T. Parker, Secretary. Charles Folsom, 
Librarian. Charles B. Fairbanks, Assistant Libra- 
rian. No. of volumes, 50,000. Beacon street. 



Nathaniel L. Frothingham, Chairman. Samuel 
May, Pliny Cutler, James H. Foster, Uriel Crock- 
er, Ebenezer Chadwick, Nathaniel H. Emmons, 
Samuel Bradlee, J. H. Wolcott, George H. Kuhn, 
Francis Parkman, William Gray, Secretary. Geo. 
T. Bigelow, Treasurer. 

Solomon D. Townsend, M.D., Jacob Bigelow, 
M.D., Consulting Phys-icians. 


John C. Sharp, 20 W. Cedar, Wards 1 and 3. 

Edward B. Moore, 133 Hanover, Ward 2. 

M. W. Weld, 2 Blanchard bl'k. Court, 

Wards 4, 5, and 6. 
Henry W. Williams, 10 Essex, Ward 7. 

George F. Bigelow, 425 Washington, Ward 8. 

E. A. W. Harlow, 97 Essex, Ward 9. 

B. F. Gilman, 61 Federal, Ward 10. 
Luther Parks, jr. Suffolk, c. Newton, Ward 11. 
Nathaniel Downes, 489 Washington, Ward 12. 
John W. Hinckley, 7 Meridian, East Boston. 


Charles K. Whipple,T.09 Washington street, up 
stairs ; Charles Mead, corner Turnpike and Fourth 
streets ; James Kidder, Maverick square. East 


Dr. John C. Warren, President. Thomas Bul- 
finch. Recording Secretary. Patrick T. Jackson, 
Treasurer. Charles K. Dillaway, Librarian. 

Open and free every Wednesday. Room, Ma- 
son street, next Adams School House. 



A Free Library, from which any one residing in 
Boston, or its immediate vicinity, can take Books, 
who is known to either of the proprietors, or who 
presents sufficient evidence of his being willing to 
conform to the few rules that have been adopted. 


Meetings at the Hospital on the 1st Tuesday of 
every month. 

James Savage, President. Thomas B. Wales, 

Trustees chosen by the Corporation. Dr. George 

Hayward, Stephen Fairbanks, Dr. J. F. Flagg, C. 
Lowell, D.D., Francis Boyd, John W. Warren, jr., 
James Savage. 

Chosen by the Massachusetts Humane Society. Dr. 
John Homans, Charles Amory. 

Chosen by the Massachusetts Charitable Fire So- 
ciety. Rev. Francis Parkman, William T. An- 
drews, Francis Boyd, Sec'i/. Henderson Inches, 
Treasurer. Charles G. Putnam, M.D., D. H. 
Storer, M.D., Attending Physicians. Mira Rice, 

Hospital, 718 Washington street. 


Mrs. Thomas Baldwin, President. Mrs. Thomas 
P. Cashing, Secretary. Mrs. Lewis Lerow, Treas., 
Rutland, near Suffolk. 



Mrs. William Prescott, \st Directress. Mrs. 
Charles Tracy, 2nd Directress. Mrs. Thomas B. 
Wales, Secretary. Miss Mary Otis, Treasurer, and 
12 Directors. 


Albert Fearing, President. J. A. Andrew, Sec- 
retary. Charles Henry Parker, Treasurer. 


D. Humphreys Storer, M. D., President. R. B. 
Lincoln, Secretary. James Knott, jr., Treas. 



Walter Channing, M.D., President. B. B. Mus- 
sey, Treasurer. Rev. T. H. Pons, Secretary. 


Theodore Lyman, President. Moses Grant 
Vice-President. George H. Kuhn, Secretary. J. 
I. Bowditch, Treasurer. Moses Grant, B. A. 
Gould, Rev. R. C. Waterston, Committee on Ad- 



Richard Soule, President. Robert B. Storer, 
Vice-President. Robert B. Edes, Secretary. Thom- 
as Lamb, Treasurer. 

Isaiah M. Atkins, Henry K. Loring, Jairus B. 
Lincoln, Willis Howes, John Doak, Comtnittee of 

Isaiah M. Atkins, Robert B. Edes, Willis 
Howes, Port Wardens. 



Walter Channing, President. Samuel G. Howe, 
Vice-President. Augustine C. Taft, General Agent. 
John A. Andrew, Treasurer. John W. Browne, 

R. F. Wallcut, C. K. Whipple, Edmond L. Ben- 
zon. Council. 


James W. Stone, M.D., President. William Pitt, 
M.D., \st Vice-President. Waldo I. Burnett, 2d 
Vice-President. Edwin Leigh, Librarian. John 
Le Bosquet, Secretary. 

John Ware, M.D., G. C. Shattuck, M.D., John 
Homans, M.D., Jacob Bigelow, M.D., John B. S. 
Jackson, M.D., Z. B. Adams, M.D., Trustees. 

WinslowLews, jr.,M.D., Charles Gordon, M.D., 
Henry J. Bigelow, M.D., Augustus A. Gould, M.D., 
Samuel Parkman, M.D., Prize Committee. 




Robert Waterston, President. James A. Dick- 
son, Vice-President. John Bacon, Treasurer. 
George Greig, Secretary. 


Edward Brooks, President, Joshua Leavitt. Cor- 
responding Secretary. Charles B. Fairbanks, 
Recording Secretary. Otis Clapp, Treasurer. J. 
W. James, J. Thomas Stevenson, J. P. Blanchard, 
Dr. S. G. Howe, Dr. T. H. Webb, Moses Kimball, 
A. B. Ely, Araasa Walker, Directors. 


OFFICE, joy's building. 

Rev. J. M. Ellis, Agent. 


B. H. Brown, President. 

Meetings every Sunday evening, at Temperance 
Hall, Purchase street, opposite head of Pearl st. 


Mrs. James F. Baldwin, President. Mrs. Wil- 
liam Reynolds, Treasurer. 


Mrs. J. Davis, President. Mrs. J. P. Lakeman, 


Mrs. Daniel P. Parker, President. Miss Marga- 
ret C. Smith, Secretary. Miss Mary Otis, Treas- 


Jonas Chickering, President. Benj. F. Baker, 
Vice-President. J. G. Oakes, Secretary. M. S. 
Parker, Treasurer. 


Moses Grant, President. Artemas Simonds, 
Secretary. Thomas Tarbell, Treasurer. 


Ward 1. — Thomas Hollis. 

" 2. — Eph. Milton and Lewis Jones. 

" 3. — Thomas Thwing. 

" 4. — S. G. Shipley and A. A. Wellington. 

" 5. — Moses Grant. 

" 6. — Rev. William Howe. 

" 7. — Thomas Tarbell. 

" 8. — J. W. Warren, jr. 

" 9. — Daniel T. Coit. 

" 10. — Joseph Eustis. 

" 11. — Rev. C. F. Barnard. 

" 12. — Alvan Sunonds. 



Francis Parkman, D.D., President. Robert G. 
Shaw, Daniel P. Parker, Vice-Presidents. John 
Homans, M.D., Corresponding Secretary. Samuel 
Hooper, Recording Secretary. John, L. Gardner, 



Ebenezer T. Andi-ews, President. James Phil- 
lips, Vice-President. Adam W. Thaxter, Treas. 
S. F. McCleary, Corresponding Secretary. Solomon 
Hovey, Recordiiu/ Secretary. 


Henry N. Hooper, President. Billings Briggs, 
Vice-President. Osmyn Brewster, Treasurer. John 
Kuhn, Secretary. Savings Bank building. 



William C. Hunneman, President. Joseph W- 
Homer, J'ice-President. Daniel Henchman, Sec- 
retary. James Ridgway, Treasurer. 

Trustees. Charles Ewer, Geo. Darracott, James 
Whiting, Billings Briggs, Thomas J. Lillie, Na- 
thaniel Faxon. 


Simon Greenlcaf, President. Rev. Joseph Tracy, 
of Boston, Secretary and Agent. Office, Joy's 


William Appleton, President. Theodore Lyman., 
Vice-President. Henry Andrews, Treas. Marcus 
Morton, jr.. Secretary. Jas. Jackson, M.D., George 
C. Shattuck, M.D., John Jeffries, M.D., Edward 
Reynolds, M.D., Board of Consultation. 


Richard Girdler, Superintendent. Jacob Bige- 
low, M.D., D. Humphreys Storer, M.D., John B. S. 
Jackson, M.D, Henry I. Bowditch, M.D., John D. 
Fisher, M.D., Oliver W. Holmes, M.D., Visiting 
Physicians. John C. Warren, M.D., George Hay- 
ward, M.D., Solomon D. Townsend, M.D., Henry 
J. Bigelow, M.D., Sam'l Parkman, M.D., J. Mason 
Warren, M.D., Visiting Surgeons. Samuel L. Ab- 
bott, M.D., Admitting Physician. William O. 
Johnson, Robert W. Oliphant, House Physicia^is. 
Daniel D. Slade, Wm. H. Thorndike, House Sur- 
geons. John E. Hathaway, Apothecary. 


Luther V. Bell, INLD., Physician and Superin- 
tendent. Chauncey Booth, jr. ^i..J}., Assistant Phy- 
sician and Apothecary. Columbus Tyler, Steward. 
Mrs. Mary E. Tyler, Matron. Homer Goodhue, 
Male Supervisor. Miss Relief R. Barber, Female 


Hon. James Savage, President. Joseph Willard, 
Esq., Recording Secretary. Alexander Young, 
Corresponding Secretary. Rev. J. B. Felt, Libra- 
rian. Richard Frothingham, jr., Treosjerer. LP. 
Davis, Esq., Cabinet Keejjer. 

Rooms, Savings Bank building, Tremont street. 


Leonard Woods, D.D., President. Rev. Joseph 
S. Clark, Secretari/. Benjamin Perkins, Treasurer. 
Office, 28 Corniiill. 


Samuel T. Ai-mstrong, President. Rev. Asa 
BuUard, Secretary. C. C. Dean, Treasurer. 
Dei^ository, 13 Cornhill. 


Samuel Walker, President. B. V. French, J. S. 
Cabot, Cheever Newliall, E. M. Richards, Vice 
Presidents. Eben Wight, Corresponding Secreta- 
ry. Edw'd C. R. Walker, Recording Secretary. 
Samuel R. Austin, Treasurer. 

Rooms, School street. 


Francis Jackson, President. Edmund Quincy, 
Secretary. Robert F. Wallcut, Recording Secretary. 
Samuel May, jr., Goieral Ac/cnt. Office, 21 Corn- 


Located at Mt. Washington House, S. Boston. 
S. G. Howe, Director. Jas. B. Richards, Superiit- 
tendent and Teacher. 





Simon Greenleaf, LL. D., President. Francis 
Parkman, D.D., Vice-President. Rev. Nathaniel 
L. Frotliingham, D.D., Cvrrespondimi Secretary. 
Rev. George Richards, Recording Secretary. Geo. 
R. Sampson, Treasurer. Applications are to be 
made for Bibles to Francis Parliman, D.D., Rev. 
Geo. Richards, Geo. R. Sampson, Executive Com- 

Bible Depositor)', 15 Cornhill. 


Robert G. Shaw, President. G. Howland Shaw, 
Secretary. .J. W. Edmauds, Treasurer. Drs. Ed- 
ward Reynolds, Robert W. Hooker, George A. 
Bethune, Surgeons. 

The Institution receives patients into the house. 
Infirmary, corner of Green and Pitts streets. 


Geo. Knott, President. Ansel P. Loring, Vice- 
President. David Martin, Treasurer. Thos. T. 
Bailey, Recording Secretary. Herbert Gleason, 
Corresponding Secretary. Elvin F. Gates, 1st Libra- 
rian. James G. Haynes, 2d Librariaii. George 
A. Morse, M Librarian. Nathaniel L. Ripley, ith 
Librarian. James Pratt, \st Director. Loring A. 
Chessman, '2d Director. Wm. W. Stacey, 3f/ Di- 
rector. Chas. W. Eaton, Uh Director. Henry 
Mackintosh, oth Director. 


John Stetson, President. William H. Kennard, 
Vice-President. Levi L. Wilcutt, Corresponding 
Secretary. Charles H. Allen, Recording Secretary. 
Charles G. Chase, Treasurer. George S. Blanch- 
ard, L. B. Jewell, Henry C. Allen, S. P. Butler, 
L. H. Tasker, E. C. Baker, C. B. Patten, D. C. 
Hammond, Directors. 


Mrs. T. B. Wales, President. Sales room, Wash- 
ington, corner Avon place. 


Adin Ballou, President. Wm. Lloyd Garrison, 
Corresponding Secretary. Maria W. Chapman, Rc- 
cording Secretary. Charles K. Whipple, Treasurer^ 


David Porter, President. 

Meetings every Monday evening, at the Bethel, 
corner Commercial and Lewis streets. 


Charles Ewer, President. Lemuel Shattuck, 
Vice-President. William H. Montague, Treasurer. 
Samuel G. Drake, Corresponding Secretary. Sam- 
uel H. Riddel, Recording Secretary. David Pulsi- 
fer, Librarian. 

Room, 8 Massachusetts block. 


W. R. Stacy, Pres. George B. Proctor, Sec. 
Regular Meetings in Washingtonian H., Brom- 
field St., every Sun., Wed., and Sat. evening. 



Located at South Boston. Office, 20 Bromfield st. 

Richard Fletcher, President. Edward Brooks, 
Vice-President. Thomas B. Wales, jr.. Treasurer. 
Samuel G. Howe, Director and Secretary. 

Terms of admission, J^ 160 joer annum, for board, 
washing, books, &c. For particulars, address S. 
G. Howe, Boston. 


William Jay, President. G. C. Beckwith, Cor. 
Secretary. Wm. C. Brown, Rec. Secretai-y. John 
Field, Treasurer. 



James C. Dunn, Pres't. Wm. Davenport, Sec'y. 
Miss Maria Howland, Miss Amelia Wilder, Su- 



James W. Stone, M.D., President. Ebenezer 
Smith, Vice-President. Henry M. Parkhurst, .Sec- 
retory. Rev. Edwin Leigh, Elijah W. Cobb, Jas. 
C. Neilson, M.D., Executive Committee. Levina 
Buoncore, Electa N. Lincoln, George E. Porter, 
John Wilson, Trustees. 


Charles Randall, President. Othcc, 1-52 Wash- 
ington street. 



Frank B. Fay, President. Samuel Hall, jr., 
Treasurer. A. G. Farwell, Recording Secretary. 


Moses Grant, President. Thos. Tarbell, Chas. 
F. Barnard, Vice-Presidents. Frederick R. Wood- 
ward, Secretary. I. Means, Treasurer. F. R. 
Woodward, Agent. 3 Tremout Temple. 



Orphans, 43. Sisters of Charity, 6. No. of 
scholars at Day School, 280. 


A. Bronson Alcott, Correspond\j Secretary. Dr. 
James W. Stone, Recording Secretary. John W. 
Browne, Treasurer. Ralph \^'aldo Emerson, J. 
Elliot Cabot, Jas. T. Fisher, Executive Committee. 



Silas W. Wilder, President. Hugh O'Brien, 
Vice-President. George B. Watson, Secretary. 
Thomas J. Lillie, Treasurer. William T. Sawyer, 


Geo. S. Hilliard, President. William Appleton, 
jr., Vice-President. Frederick W. Lincoln, jr., 
Treasurer. Geo. A. Brown, Secretary. 

Ward Committee. — Ward 1, Dr. J. Spence,jr. 
2. H. D. Fowle. 3. Abram M. Rice. 4. Emery 
Souther. 5. Thos. Gaffield. 6. Martin L. Brad- 
ford. 7. S. K. Whipple. 8. Jon. A. Lane. 9. 
R. L. Merriam. 10. Dr. Jas. M. Phipps. 11. 
Jas. M. Gordon. 12. Deering. 


Edwin A. Wadleigh, President. S. Harris 
Austin, J. A. Ames, Vice-Presidents. F. H. Mc- 
Lellan, Treasurer. Henry W. Walker, Recording 
Secretary. David W. Foster, Corresponding Sec- 
retary. Moses Sprague, Joseph H. Gray, Charles 
Nowell, Geo. W. Woodward, Edward Briggs, Di- 





In Boston and Vicinity. 

St. John's Lodge, 1st Monday. 

St. Andrew's, 2d Thursday. 

Columbian, 1st Thursday. 

Mount Lebanon, '2d Monday. 

Massachusetts, 3d Monday. 

Boston Encampment, 3d Wednesday. 

De Molay Encampment, 4th "Wednesday. 

St. Andrew's Chapter, 1st Wednesday. 

St. Paul's Chapter, 3d Tuesday. 

Council Royal and Select Masters, last Tuesday. 

Grand Lodge, 2d Wednesday in Dec, March, 
June, and September. 

Grand Chapter, Tuesday preceding the 2d Wed- 
nesday of March, June, September, and December. 

Grand Encampntentof Massachusetts and Rhode 
Island, October, annually. 

Grand Lodge of Perfection, 4th Tuesday. 

Board of Relief, 1st Tues. in each month through 
the year. 

The above meet at the Masonic Temple, Tremont 
street, Boston. 

King Solomon's Lodge, Charlestown, meets the 
last Wednesday. 

Star of-Bethlehem Lodge, Chelsea, meets on the 
4th Wednesday. 

St. Paul's, South Boston, 1st Tuesday. 

Washington, Roxbury, 2d Thursday. 

Mount Tabor, East Boston, 3d Thursday. 


offu'e, 21 SCHOOL. 
Places and Times of Meeting of Lodges and Encamp- 
ments in Boston. 
Grand Loiige meett at llerseji Hall. Old Hancock School 
Hmtse, Hanover, semi-annuallii, 1st Thursdays in Feb- 
ruary and Auifitst. 0/ft>c, 21 School street. 
G-rand Encampment miets at Oasis Hall, Chapman place, 
semi-annually, Wednesday next preceding first Thursday 
in August and February. 

Hersey Hall, Old Hancock School Honse, Han- 
over street. — Massachusetts Lodge, No. 1, Monday; 
Shawmut, No. 37, Tuesday ; Montezuma, No. 33, 
Wednesday ; Pacific, No. 42, Thursday ; Franklin, 
No. 23, Friday. 

O.^sis Hall, Chapman place. — Covenant, No. 16, 
Thursday ; Suffolk, No. 8, Tuesday ; Oriental, No. 
10, Wednesday ; Boston, No. 25, Monday ; Massa- 
soit Encampment, No. 1, 1st and 3d Fridays ; Tri- 
mount, do.. No. 2, 2d and 4th do. 

Encampment Hall, No. 339 Washington street. 
Ancient Land Mark, No. 32, Monday ; Tremont, 
No. 15, Wednesday ; Siloam, No. 2, Thursday ; 
Hermann, No. 133, Tuesday. 

Neilson Hall, Canton street. — Unity Lodge, 
No. 77, Thursday. 

Temple Hall, No. 32, Washington street. — 

Commercial Lodge, No. 97, Monday. 

Brooks Hall, Bioadwag, S. B. — Bethesda, 

', No. 30, Monday ; Hobah, No. 53, Friday ; Mount 

I Washington Encampment, No. 6, 2d and 4th 

I Thursdays. 

East "Boston. — Maverick, No. 36, Monday; 
j Maverick Degree, No. 2 Friday ; Nahant Encamp- 
ment, No. 11, 3d and 4th Mondays. 
! Number of Lodges (of Odd Fellows) in Mass. 

' June30, 1848, 122 

' Number of Initiations 1,137 

Rejections, 53 

' Admitted by Card, 256 

Withdrawn by Card, 252 

Reinsi^ated 109 

Suspended 828 

Expelled 60 

Deaths, Ill 

Past Grands 1,108 

Contributing Members, 12,556 

Total amount of receipts, ,^63,043.12 

Relief Rejmrt. 

Number of brothers relieved, 1,348 

" " widowed families relieved 66 

" " brothers buried 98 

Amount paid for relief of brothers ^27,301.85 

" " " " " wid. families,.. 1,589.81 

" " " burying the dead, 4,618.75 

" " " educating orphans 60.40 

Total amount of relief, ;g33,570.81 


The Annual Session of the Grand Division of 
Massachusetts is held in Boston on the third Wed. 
of October. Quarter Sessions, location at pleasure, 
on the third Weduesday of Janu'y, April, and July. 
H. W. Swett, Grand Scribe. Office, 22 Bromfield 

subordinate divisions. 

Washington, No. 1, Monday, 339 Washington st. 

Boston, No. 3, Monday, 22 Bromfield st. 

Excelsior, No. 16, Wednesday, 32 Washington st. 

South Boston, No. 19, Tues., Brooks Hall, S. B. 

North Star, No. 23, Friday, 32 Washington st. 

Mount Horeb, No. 25, Wed., Washington Hall, 
East Boston. 

Old Bay State, No. 32, Thurs., 339 Washing'n st. 

Shakspeare, No. 46, Saturday, Cochituate Hall. 

Massachusetts, No. 71, Sat., 22 Bromfield st. 

American, No. 76, Tuesday, 339 Washington st. 

Suffolk, No. 84, Monday, corner of Suffolk and 
Canton sts. 


Grand Temple meets quarterlv, in May, August, 
Nov. and Feb. Luke P. Lincoln, G. W. R. 

Trimount Temple, No. 1, every other Friday, at 
22 Bromfield st. 

Washington Temple, No. 4, Thurs., at 32 Wash- 
ington St. 


Cochituate Brotherhood, No. 1, Tuesday, at Co- 
chituate Hall. 


The Chancery meets quarterly, in Boston, on 
the first Monday in Oct., Jan., Apr. and July. 

Hancock Chapter, No. 1, Friday eve., Hancock 
Hall. 339 Washington st. 

Otis Chapter, No. 3, Wednesday eve., Hancock 
Hall, 339 Washington st. 

Adams Chapter, No. 4, Tuesday eve.. Temple 
Hall, 32 Washington st. 

Bowdoin Chapter, No. 5, Wednesday eve., Bow- 
doin Hall, 135 Hanover st. 

Winslow Chapter, No. 6, Thurs. eve., S. Boston. 


Names of Tents, and Places of Meeting. 

Covenant, No. 1, Tuesday, Mass. Hall, Brom- 
field St. 

United Brothers, No. — , Wednesday, Bay State 
Hall, cor. Washington and Boylston sts. 

Massasoit, No. 38, Friday, East Boston. 





^ S 













First Church 

Second Church 

Friends' Meet'g House. 
First Baptist Church . • 

Old South Church 

King's Chapel 

Brattle Street Church. . 
New North Church.... 
New South Church.... 

Christ Church 

Federal St. Church.... 
Hollis St. Church 

Trinity Church 

West Church 

Second Baptist Church 
First Universalist Ch.. 

Ch. of the Holy Cross 

Chpl. of the Holy Cross 
First Metho. Epis. Ch . 
First Christian Church 
African Baptist Church 
Second Methodist Ch. . 
Third Baptist Church. . 

Park St. Church 

St. Matthew's Church . 

Second Univer. Church 

The New Jeru. Church 
African Meth. Epis. Ch. 
Hawes Place Church . . 
Union or Essex St. Ch. 
St. Augustine's Church 

St. Paul's Church 

Bulfinch St. Church... 

Phillips Church 

Twelfth Cong. Church . 
Bowdoin St. Church... 
Thirteenth Cong. Ch... 

Pitts St. Chapel 

Salem St. Church 

Pine St. Church 

South Cong. Church... 
Ilowe St. Bap. Church. 

Bethel Church 

Mariner's Church 

St. Stephen's Church. . 
Grace Church 
Fourth Univer. Church 
South Baptist Church. . 
Third Meth. Epis. Ch.. 
Warren St. Chapel .... 
Fifth Univer. Church. . 

Central Church 

St. Mary's Church 

St. Patrick's Church... 

Maverick Church 

Zion Church 

Fourth Meth. Epis. Ch. 
Harvard St. Church . . . 
Tremont St. Bap. Ch.. . 

Suffolk St. Chapel 

German Evang. Luth'n 
Bowdoin Sq. Bap. Ch. . 

Cong. Unit.. 
Cong. Unit.. 



Ortho. Cong 
Cong. Unit.. 
Cong. Unit.. 
Cong. Unit.. 
Cong. Unit.. 
Episcopal .. . 
Cong. Unit.. 
Cong. Unit.. 

Episcopal . . . 

Congrega'l . . 


Universalist . 

Rom. Catholic 

Rom. Catholic 


Christian .... 




Ortho. Cong. . 
Episcopal .... 

Universalist . . 

Swedenborg . . 
Cong. Unit.. . 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Rom. Catholic 
Episcopal .... 
Cong. Unit... 
Ortho. Cong. . 
Cong. Unit... 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Cong. Unit.. . 
Cong. Unit... 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Cong. Unit... 


Methodist.. . . 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Episcopal .... 
Episcopal .... 


Methodist... . 
Cong. Unit... 
Universalist. . 

Ortho. Cong.. 

Rom. Catholic 

Rom. Catholic 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Methodist... . 



Cong. Unit. . 
Lutheran .... 

1815 Rev. N. L. Frothingham, D.D. 

1833 Rev. Chandler Robbins 

No Minister 

Rev. R. H. Neale 

Rev. George W. Blagden.... 
Rev. Ephraim Peabody, D.D. 

1834!Rev. S. K. Lothrop 

1849 Rev. Joshua Young 

Rev. Alexander Young, D.D. ... 

Rev. John Woart 

Rev. Ezra S. Gannett, D.D 

Rev. Thomas Starr King 

Rt. Rev. Man ton Eastburn, D.D. . 

Rev. Thomas M. Clark \ 

Rev. Charles Lowell, D.D. ) 
Rev. Cyrus A. Bartol .... ) "" 

Rev. Levi Tucker, D.D 

Rev. Sebastian Streeter 

Rt. Rev. J. B. Fitzpatrick, D.D. 1 

Rev. A. Manahan, D.D C 

Rev. Nicholas J. A. O'Brien ) 
Rev. J. J. Williams 

1849 Rev. S. H. Higgins 

1844 Elder Edward Edmunds 




Rev. Loranus Crowell . . . 
Rev. Daniel Sharp, D.D.. 
Rev. Andrew L. Stone .. 
Rev. Joseph H. Clinch .. 

1817 Rev. Hosea Ballou 

1848 Rev. A. A. Miner ^ 

1828 Rev. Thomas Worcester 

Rev. Samuel Snovvden 

1844 Rev. George W. Lippitt 

1834 Rev. Nehemiah Adams, D.D. . . 

Rev. T. Fitzsiramons, 

1842 Rev. Alex. H. Vinton, D.D 

18391 Rev. Frederick T. Gray 

1846JRev. John W. Alvord 

1825!Rev. Samuel BaiTett, D.D 

1846jRev. Jared B. Waterbury, D.D. 

1842iRev. James I. T. Coolidge 

1846|Rev. Samuel H. Winkley 

1844 Rev. Edward Beecher, D.D. ... 

1849! Rev. Henry M. Dexter 

1842JRev. F. D. Huntington 

1848 Rev. Baron Stow, D.D 

1828iRev. Edward T. Taylor 

1849, Rev. George W. Bourne 

1844! Rev. E. M. P. Wells 

1848 Rev. Charles Mason. 







Chauncy place 
Masonic 'Temple 
Milton place 
Hanover, c. Union 
Washington, c. Milk 
Tremont, c. School 
Brattle street 
Hanover, c. Clark 
Summer, c. Bedford 
Salem street 
Federal, c. Chauning 
Hollis street 

Summer, c. Hawley 

Lynde street 

Baldwin place 
Hanover, c. Bennet 

Franklin street 

Franklin street 
North Bennet street 
Summer, c. Sea 
Belknap street 
Bromfield street 
Charles street 
Park, c. Tremont 
Broadway, S. B. 

School street 

Bowdoin street 
May street 
South Boston 
Essex, c. Rowe 
South Boston 
Tremont, n. Winter 
Bulfinch street 
Broadway, S. B. 
Chambers, c. Allen 
Bowdoin street 
Harr. av. c. Beach 
Pitts street 
Salem street 
Washington, c. Pine 
Washing'n, c. Castle 
Bedford, c. Rowe 
North square 
Purchase street 
Purchase street 
Temple street 
Broadway, S. B. 
Broadway, S. B. 
Church street 
Warren street 
Warren street 

Rev. T. D. Cook 

Rev. G. W. Bosworth . . 

Rev. J. D. Bridge 

Rev. Charles F. Barnard 
Rev. Otis A. Skinner . .. 
Rev. William M. Rogers 
Rev. George Richards . . 
Rev. J. McElroy . . ^ 
Rev. B. Pacciarini, ^ ... 
Rev. P.P. Kroes.. ) 
Rev. Thomas Lynch .... 

Rev. R. S. Hitchcock lEast Boston 

West Centre street 

Rev. Mark Trafton 

Rev. Joseph Banvard.. 

Winter street 

Endicot street 
Northampton street 

Rev. Nathaniel Colver 

Rev. Samuel B. Cruft 

Rev. F. Schmidt 

Rev. Pharcellus Church, D.D. 

North Russell street 
Harr. av. c. Harvard 
Tremont Temple 
Suffolk, c. Rutland 
Suffolk street 
Bowdoin square 








Fifth Meth. Epis.Ch... 
Sixth Moth. Epis. Ch. . 
Sixth Univer. Church. . 
German Evang. Church 
Church of the Disciples 
Mount Vernon Church 
Ch. of the Adventists. . 
Seventh Meth. Ep. Ch. 
Church of the Messiah 
Free Will Bap. Church 
East Boston Bap. Ch. . 
Church of St. Peter ) 

and St. P;uil ^ 

St. John's Church 

Church of the Advent . 
Ch. of the Holy Trinity 
Church of St. Nicholas 
28th Congrega. Society 
Church of the Saviour . 
Union Baptist Church . 

Broadway Church 

Payson Church 

Boston Baptist Bethel . 
South Univer. Society . 

Seamen's Chapel 

Indiana St. Cong. Ch.. . 
Suffolk St. Union Ch... 
Pilgrim Cong. Society . 
Wesleyan Meth. Ch. . . . 
East Boston Church... 
Society of Unionists... 
Eighth Meth. Ep. Ch. . 
First Presbyfn Church 
St. Vincent de Paul's . . 
Synagogue of Israelites 


Methodist.. . . 
Universalist. . 
German Prot. 
Cong. Unit... 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Second Adv'nt 
Episcopal .... 
Free Will .... 



H. V. Degen 

H. E. Hempstead 

1849 Rev. 
1842 Rev, 

Rom. Catholic 

Rom. Catholic 
Episcopal .... 
Rom. Catholic 
Rom. Catholic 
Cong. Unit... 
Cong. Unit... 


Cong. Unit.. . 
Ortho. Cong.. 


Universalist. . 
Episcopal .... 
Cong. Unit.. . 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Ortho. Cong.. 
Methodist... . 
Cong. Unit... 
Congrega'l . . . 


Presbyterian . 
Rom. Catholic 












Louis B. Schwarz,.... 

James F. Clarke 

Edward N. Kirk 

Joshua V. Himes .... 

M. Dwight 

George M. Randall... 

E. Noyes 

Miles Sanford 

Terence Fitzsimmons 

Peter Hammill 

George F. Haskins... 

AVilliam Croswell 

G. Eck, 

C. McCallion 

Theodore Parker 

Robert C. Waterston. 

William Howe 

Joseph Angier 

Joy H. Fairchild 

Phineas Stowe 

J. P. Robinson.. 
Thomas B. Fox. 

M. H. Smith 

Henry Stockman . . . 

L. J. Livermore 

William H. Channing 

B. K. Peirce 

Alexander Blaikie. . . 

M. Galligher 

B. Wurmser 


South Boston 
East Boston 
Ritchie Hall, E. B. 
Shawmut,n. Pleas't 
Freeman pi., Beacon 
Ashburton place 
No. 8 Chardon st. 
Richmond street 
Florence street 
Boylston Hall 
East Boston 

Broadway, S. B. 

Moon street 
Green street 
Suflblk street 
East Boston 
Bedford street 
Merrimac street 
South Boston 
Broadway, S. B. 
Lewis, c. Commerc'l 
Canton, c. Sufi'olk 
Ann street 
Indiana street 
Suffolk street 
Marlboro' Chapel 
Cochituate Hall 
East Boston 
Bromfield street 
Suffolk street 
Phillips place 
Purchase street 
503 Wash, street 


Abington, Ms. — 21 Elm; Abing- 
ton, S.— Cellar 6 F. H. Market 
Albany, N. Y.— 8 Court 
Amesbury, Ms. — 7 RR- Ex. 
Amherst, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Andover, Ms. — 8 Court 
Ashby, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Athol, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Attleboro, Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Auburn Dale, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Augusta, Mc.—RR. Ex. & 7 State 
Baldwinville, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Bangor, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 State 
Barnstable, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Bath, Me.— RR. Ex. 
Bedford, Ms.— 7 and 11 Elm 
Belfast, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 State 
Bellingham, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Bellows Falls, Vt.— RR. Ex. 
Berlin & Bolton, Ms.— 11 Elm 
Beverly, Ms.— RR. Ex. & 7 State 
Billerica, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Boylston, W., Ms.— Citv Hotel 
Bradford, Ms.— 7 State 
Braintree, S., Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Braintree, Ms.— 11 Elm 
Brandon, Vt.— RR. Ex. 
Brattleboro', Vt. — Quincy House 

& RR. Exchange 
Bridgewater, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Bridgewater, N., Ms.— 7 State 
Brighton, Ms. — 5 Market sq. and 
RR. Ex. 

Bristol, R. I.— RR. Ex. 
Brunswick, Me. — RR. Ex. 
Bucksport, Me.— RR. Ex. and 7 

Burlington, Vt.— RR. Ex. 
Calais, Me.— RR. Ex. 
Cambridge, Ms.— RR. Ex., 43 

Brattle, 7 State, and 8 Court 
Chatham, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Charlestown, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Cambridgeport, Ms. — 43 Brattle 
Camden, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 State 
Canadas, B. Prov. — RR. Ex. and 

8 Court 
Canton, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Cape Cod. Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Carlisle, Ms.— 7 Elm 
Castine, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 State 
Centre Harbor, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Chelsea, Ms.— RR. Ex and4 Ger- 

rish block 
Chester, Vt.— RR. Ex. 
City Despatch Post.— 7 State 
City Express.— RR. Ex. & 7 

Cohasset, Ms. — City Hotel 
Concord, N. H.— RR. Ex. and 7 

Concord, Ms. — City Hotel [ton 
Danvers, Ms.— RR. Ex. & 1 Ful- 
Dorchester, Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Dover, N. H.— 8 Court 
Dedham, Ms.— 16 and 7 State 

Dennis, Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Derry, Ms.— RR. Ex. [Hotel 
Duxbury, Ms.— RR. Ex. & City 
East Boston, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Easton, Ms. — 158 Washington 
Eastport, Me.— RR. Ex. 
East Randolph, Ms.— 12 Elm 
East Stoughton, Ms. — 7 State 
East Thomaston, Me. — RR. Ex. 
Ellsworth, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 

Essex, Ms.— Citv Hotel & 7 State 
Exeter, N. H.— '8 Court 
Fairhaveu, Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Fall River, Ms.— 11 State 
Falmouth, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Feltonville, Ms.— City Hotel 
Fitchburg, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Foxboro', Ms.— RR. Ex. [Elm 
Framingham. Ms. — 8 Court & 7 
Frankfort, Me.— RR. Ex. and 7 

Franklin, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Franklin, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Gardiner, Me. — RR. Ex. 
Georgetown, Ms. — 8 Court & City 

Gilmanton, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Gloucester, Ms. — City Hotel and 

RR. Ex. 
Grafton, Ms.— 8 Court 
Great Falls, N. H.— 8 Court & 7 




Greenfield.— RR. Ex. & City Hot. 
Greenland, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Groton, Ms.— RR. Ex. and 7 Elm 
Guilford, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Hampden, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 

State [State 

Hallowell, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 
Hampton, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Hanover, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Hamilton, Ms. — 7 State 
HartfoTd, Ct.— 8 Court [Court 
Haverhill, Ms.— City Hotel and 8 
Haverhill, N. H.— RR. Ex. and 11 

Hillsboro', N.H.— RR. Ex. 
Hingham, Ms. — Liverpool whf. 
Holiiston, Ms.— 11 Elm & RR. 

Holderness, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Hopkinton, Ms. — 8 Court 
Holton, Me.— RR. Ex. 
Ipswich, Ms.— RR. Ex. & 7 State 
Jamaica Plain, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Jeffrey. Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Kennebunk, Me.— RR. Ex. 
Keene, N. H.— RR. Ex. [State 
Kingston, Ms.— RR. Ex. and 7 
Lancaster, Ms. — RR. Ex. [Ex. 
Lawi-ence, Ms. — 8 Court & RR. 
Lebanon, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Lewiston, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 

Lexington, Ms. — 7 and 11 Elm 
Lonsdale, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Lowell, Ms.— 7 State & RR. Ex. 
Lynn, Ms. — 29 Merch. row., 7 

State and RR. Ex. 
Ludlow, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Ludlow, Vt.— RR. Ex. 
Machias, Me.— RR. Ex. [Ex. 
Martha's Vineyard, Ms. — ^RR. 
Manchester, Ms. — City Hotel 
Manchester, N. H.— RR. Ex. & 

7 State 
Marlboro', Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Marblehead, Ms. — 7 State 
Mason Village, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Mechanics' Falls, Me.— RR. Ex. 
Medway, Ms. — City Hotel 
Medway,E., Ms. — 158Washing'n 
Medfield, Ms.— City Hotel 
Medford, Ms.— 27 N. Market 
Mendon, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Meredith, N. H.— RR. Ex. [Ex. 
Meredith Bridge, N. H.— RR. 
Methuen, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Middleboro', Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Middlebury, Vt.— RR. Ex. 

Milbury, Ms. — 8 Court 
Milford, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Milford & Mendon.— 11 Elm 
Milford, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Milton, Ms.— Drew's Hotel, Un'n 
Montpelier, Vt. — RR. Ex. 
Montreal, Ca. — RR. Ex. 
Nahant, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Nantucket, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Nashua, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Nashville, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Needham, Ms. — 8 Court 
New Bedford, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
New Boston, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Newburyport, Ms. — RR. Ex. & 7 

State [8 Court 

Newburv, "W., Ms. — 7 State and 
New Ipswich, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
New Haven, Ct. — 8 Court 
Newmarket, N. H. — 8 Court 
New York.— 8 and 9 Court and 11 

Newport, R. I.— 11 State 
New London, Ct. — 9 Court 
Newton, Ms. — 8 Court 
Newton Corner, Ms — RR. Ex. 

and City Hotel 
Newton U. Falls, Ms.— 29 Elm 
Newtonville, Ms.— RR. Ex. [Ex. 
N. Berwick, Me.— 7 State & RR. 
N. Yarmouth, Me.— RR. Ex. 
Northboro', Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Norway, Me. — 7 State 
Norwich. Ct.— 9 Court 
Paris, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 State 
Pawtucket, R. I. — RR. Ex. 
Pepperell, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Peterboro', Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Pembroke, Ms.— 9 Elm [Ex. 

Plymouth, Ms.— 7 State and RR. 
Plymouth, N. H.— RR. Ex. [Ex. 
Portland, Me.. 7 State and RR. 
Portsmouth, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Providence, R. I.— RR. Ex. 
Quebec, Ca.— RR. Ex. 
Quincy, Ms. — 7 Elm and 7 State 
Randolph, Ms. — City Hotel and 

7 State [Market 

Randolph, E., Ms.— under 53 N. 
Reading, N. & W., Ms.— 8 Court 
Reading, S., Ms — 7 State [State 
Roxbury, Ms.— RR. Ex. and 7 
Rowley.— RR. Ex. 
Rutland, Vt.— RR. Ex. 
Saxonville, Ms. — 7 State 
Saco, Me. — 7 State and RR. Ex. 
Salem, Ms.— City Hotel & 7 State 
Salem, N. H.— RR. Ex. 

Salmon Falls, Ms.— 7 & 20 State 
Salisbury, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Sanbornton, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Sandwich, Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Sandwich, N. H.— RR. Ex. 
Saugus, Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Searsport, Me. — 7 State 
Shrewsbury, Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Slatersville, Ms. — 1-58 Washing'n 
Southboro', Ms. — 20 Congress 
South Berwick, Me. — 7 State 
South Boston.— 7 State [State 
Scituate and Hanover, Ms. — 16 
South Scituate. — RR. Ex. 
Springfield, Ms.— 8 Court 
Sudbury, Ms.— 11 Elm 
St. Andrews, N. B.— RR. Ex. 
St. John, N. B.— RR. Ex. 
St. Stephens, N. B.— RR. Ex. 
Stansted, Ca.— RR. Ex. 
Sterling, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Stoneham, Ms.— 29 N. Market 
Taunton, Ms.— 11 State 
Templeton, Ms. — RR. Ex. 
Thomaston, Me.— 7 State & RR. 

Townsend, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Upton, Ms.— RR Ex. 
Uxbridge, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Walpole, Ms.— 16 State 
AValtham, Ms.— 7 Elm 
Wayland, Ms.— 11 Elm 
Wareham, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Warren, R. I. — RR. Exchange 
Watertown, Ms. — 5 Market sq. 

7 & 11 Elm, and City Hotel 
Waterville, Me.— RR. Exchange 
Wells River, Vt.— RR. Ex. 
Wenham, Ms.— RR. Ex. and 7 

Westboro', Ms.— 8 Court 
Westford, Ms.— 7 Elm 
Weston, Ms.— 7 Elm 
AVest Cambridge.— RR. Ex. 
West Newton. — RR. Exchange 
Weymouth, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Weymouth, N. &. E.— 11 Elm 
Weymouth, S.— 11 Elm 
AVrentham, Ms. — City Hotel 
Winchendon, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
Windsor, Vt.— RR. Exchange 
Whittinsville. — RR. Exchange 
Woburn, Ms. —7 State & 7 Elm 
Woonsocket, R. 1.-158 Wash. 

and City Hotel [Elm 

Worcester, Ms. — 8 Court and 7 
Yarmouth, Ms.— RR. Ex. 
York, Me.— RR. Ex. 






For the expeditious transportation of Merchandise, Small Parcels, Specie, Bank Notes, &c. Also, 
for the collection and payment of Notes, Bills, Drafts, &c., &c. Custom House Business transacted 
with promptness and despatch, in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. 

T% HEELER & CO., Proprietors. 

OFFICES.— Boston, 8 Court st. New York, 6 "Wall st. Philadelphia, 43 S. 3d st 





Levi Woodbury, Associa/e Justice S. C. U. S. 

Peleg Sprague, District Ji/di/e. 

George laint, District Attorney. 

George Miuot aud Charles L. Woodbury, Re- 

Isaac O. Barnes, Clerk. 

Ebenezer Trescott, Crier. 

Charles Devens, Marshal. 

Frederic Warren, Boston, William Gordon, New 
Bedford, Deputi/ Marshals. 

George S. Ilillard, Charles Sumner, George T. 
Curtis, Kdward G. Loring, W. W. Storv, Charles 
L. Woodbury, and B. F. Hallett, Boston, Oliver 
Prescott, New Bedford, James M. Bunker, Nan- 
tucket, and Reuben A. Chapman, of Springfield, 

Charles B. Goodrich and Charles L. Woodbury, 
Masters in Charu-ery. 

Tkums of the CoauT, ]\Iay 15th, October loth. 


Peleg Sprague, District Judge. 

Scth^E. Sprague, Clerk. 

George S. itillard, Charles Sumner, Peleg W. 
Chandler, Jau\os H. Robb, Edward G. Loring, 
George T. Curtis, W. W. Story, William Gray, EI- 
bridge G. Austin, Robert Rantoul, jr., Augustus 
Peabody, Commissioners of Bankruptcij, under tlie 
United States Bankrupt Law. 

Tehms of tiik Court, March, the 3d Tuesday; 
June, the 4th Tuesday ; September, the 2d Tues- 
day ; December, the 1st Tuesday. 

Besides which the Court sits every Friday fore- 
noon throughout the year. 


Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice. 

Samuel Sumner Wilde, Charles A. Dewey, 
Charles E. Forbes, Theron Mctcalf, Richard 
Fletcher, Associate Justices. 

Samuel D. Parker, District Attorney. 

Luther S. Cushing, Reporter. 

George C. Wilde and Joseph Willard, Clerks. 

J. Hunkins, Crier. 

Terms of the Court. Law Term, March, 1st 
Tuesday, and a Xisi Prius term, upon the 7tli 
Tuesday next after the -Ith Tuesday in September. 


Daniel Wells, Chief Justice. 

Thomas Hopkinson, Edward Mellen, Horatio 
Byington, George T. Bigelow, J. C. Perkins, .-l*- 
sociate Justices. 

George C. Wilde and Joseph Willard, Clerks. 

Terms of tice Court, January, 1st Tuesday ; 
April, 1st Tuesday ; July, 1st Tuesday ; October, 
1st Tuesday. 


The Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, ex 
offi,cio, are Judges of this Court. 
Samuel D. Parker, Attorney. 
Thomas W. Phillips, Clerk. 
Henry Homer, Crier. 

Terms of the Court. 
each month. 

The first Monday in 


John G. Rogers, James C. Merrill, Abel Cush- 
ing, Justices. Salaiy, ^l.oOO each. 

Thomas Power, Clerk. Salarv, ^1,500. 

William Knapp, Assistant Cle)-k. Salary, ,51,100. 

Seth Tobey, Assistant Clerk. Sal;u-y, 5700 

Terms of the Court. This Court sits every 
day in the week (Sunday excepted) at 9, A. M. and 
3, P. M., for the trial of criminal causes. 


The Judges of the Police Court sit every Wed- 
nesday and Saturday, at 9, A. M., for the trial of 
civil causes under 20 dollars. 


Terms of the Coikt. Every Monday in the 
year, except the first and last Mondays in June, 
the month of July, and the first Monday of August, 
September, October, November, and December. 


Edward G. Loring, Judcie of Probate. 

H. M. Willis, Rcjister of Probate. 

Joseph Eveleth, Sherijf. 

Watson Freeman, S. P. T.arbell, D. J. Coburn, 
Jabez Pratt, Benj. F. Bayley, Joseph A. Willard, 
Boston, and Erastus Rugg, Chelsea, Dep. Sheriff's. 

Gustavus Andrews, Jailer. 

Jabez Pratt, Charles Smith, William Andrews, 
Boston, and Erastus Rugg, Chelsea, Coroners. 

Notaries Public. (See Business Directory.) 

Henry AUine, Office Court Square, Reyister of 

James C. Dunn, Office City Hall, County Treas. 

George C. Wilde, Joseph Willard, Office County 
Court House, Joint Clerks of the Supreme Judicial 
Court and Court of Common Pleas for the County. 
Daniel Merrill, Keeper County Court House. 


Baker AVm. P. 21 Court square 

Baldwin Josiah, Franklin avenue 

Clough Willard, 97 Tremont 

Cooledgc I. A., Court square, under Court House 

Dexter George J. Court House, Court square. 

Eastbrook Wm. 10 Court square 

Ellis Mathias, 8G Salem 

Glover Elisha V. 1 Franklin avenue 

Harrington J. C. 3 Franklin avenue 

Hosea Richard, 75 Charter 

Jones E. J. 3 Franklin avenue 

Kimball Isaac B. 4th street 

Lawton J. T. 7 Mass. block 

Leightou Joseph W. 34 School 

Loring William,. J Mass. block 

Munroe William, 7 Mass. block 

Neale A. F. 3 Franklin avenue 

Patterson David, 13 Court squ.are 

Pierce .James, 3 Franklin avenue 

Rice Edwin, 10 Court square 

Sanborn Erastus W. 13 Court square 

Shute Ebenezer, Cotting 

Smith Charles, Court square 

Smith Thomas M. 13 Court square 

Stratton Jonas, Court House 

Tallant Jacob C. 3 Franklin avenue 

Taylor Henry, 13 Court square 

Trescott Ebenezer, 233 Broadway 

Vialle Samuel S. Unity, cor. Tileston 

Whipple Jonathan, 7 Mass. block 

Whitewell Wm. under Court House 



C H H I S S I N E R S , 

Resident in Boston, appointed by the authorities of other States, to take the acknotvledgment and proof of 
all Deeds and other I/istru/tients, under seal, to be tised or recorded in said States ; and also to adtninis- 
ter Oaths and take Depositions, to be read in their respective Courts. 

Maine.— E. Buck, J. P. Bi^clow. J. A. Bolles, 
R. I. Burbank, B. H. Cunier.^P. W. Chandler, E. 

A. Dana, J. C. Dodge, T. A. Dexter, A. B. Ely, 
C. Demond, N. Edwards, A. H. Fiske. T. S. Har- 
low, C. In!?ersoll, J. Q. Kettelle, C. C. Nutter, T. 
W. Phillips, R. Rantoul, jr., L. M. Stone, G. M. 
Thacher, J. W. Thornton, F. O. Watts, W. P. 
Walker, P. S. Wheelock, M. S. Chase, E. G. 
Dudley, W. H. Whitman, C. B. F. Adams, F. O. 
Prince, J. A. Abbott, T. P. Chandler, G. E. Rice, 
F. B. Hayes, J. Atkinson, N. C. Betton, A. Jack- 
son, jr., L. H. Chandler, H. W. Fuller, Harvey 
Jewell, A. K. P. Joy, G. W. Cooley, E. B. Otis, A. 
V. Lynde, A. E. Giles, B. F. Hodges, J. J. French, 
C. Mayo, G. Kent, S. AV. Robinson. 

New Hampshire. — I. J. Austin, J. A. Bolles, 

B. H. Currier, N. D. Hubbard, J. H. Bradley, A. 
K. P. Joy, Geo. Kent, S. Kimball, C. Mayo, H. 
M. Parker, J. W. Thornton, R. N. Peirce, P. S. 
Wheelock, G. T. Bigelow, H. G. Hutchins, C. B. 
F. Adams, D. H. Mason, Edward A. Dana, J. A. 
Abbott, E. G. Dudley, F. B. Hayes, C. C. Nutter, 
J. P. Healey, N. C. Betton, A. B. Ely,N. T. Dow, 
William Rogers, T. A. Dexter, S. G. Nash, S. H. 
Phillips, I. O. Barnes, P. Oliver, G. P. Briggs, W. 
Butters, R. I. Burbank, J. P. Bigelow, H. Jewell, 
H. W. Smith, A. H. Fiske, M. Morton, jr., R. L. 
Colby, N. T Dow, F. B. Hayes, H. L. Hazelton, A. 
V. Lynde, W. Plumer, S. W. Robinson. 

Vermont. — J. P. Bistelow, B. H. Currier, AV. A. 
Crafts, A. B. Ely, J. W. Thornton, P. S. AYhee- 
lock, J. A. Bolles, J. M. Keith, M. S. Chase, S. H. 
Phillips, N. C. Betton, H. C. Hutchins, N. Rich- 
ardson, L. B. Guernsey, W. C. Strong, H. Jewell, 
H. W. Smith, A. A. Ranney, J. Bartlett, L. Ma- 
son, I. J. Austin, F. B. Hayes, E. F. Hodges. 

Rhode Island. — E. Buck, B. H. Currier, G. 
Griggs, A. Jackson, jr., J. M. Keith, H. AV. 
Smith, P. S. Wheelock, I. Ames. 

Connecticut. — I. J. Austin, G. M. Brown, J. 
A. Bolles, E. Buck, B. H. Currier, A. B. Ely, C. 

C. Nutter, J. P. Putnam, J. AVingate Thornton, 
S. D. Nickerson, G. S. Bulfinch, T. A. Dexter, 0. 
Dimon, C. Demond, R. I. Burbank, H. W. Smith, 
J. S. Holmes. 

New York. — J. C. Adams, A. B. Ely, I. J. Aus- 
tin, J. P. Healey, J. Wingate Thornton, W. E. 
Parmenter, Edward A. Dana, B. H. Currier, E. 
Buck, C. Mayo, H. W. Smith, A. H. Fiske, J. A. 
Abbott, R. L. Colby, Geo. Kent, S. H. Phillips. 

New Jersey.— J. A. Bolles, A. B. Ely, Edw. 
Buck, B. H. Currier. 

Pennsylvania. — J. A. Bolles, B. H. Currier, 
A. B. Ely, M. Morton, jr., AV. W. Story, Isaac 

Story, jr., T. P Chandler, E. Buck, T. A. Dexter, 
H. AV. Smith, J. Wingate Thornton, C. C. Nutter, 
F. O. Prince, R. I. Burbank, E. F. Hodges. 

Delaware. — B. H. Currier. 

North Carolina. — B. H. Currier, J. AVingate 
Thornton, I. J. Austin. 

South Carolina. — B. H. Currier, W. Hilliard, 
T. A. Dexter, J. Egan, A. B. Ely. 

Georgia.— E. Buck, T. A. Dexter, B. H. Currier. 

Tennessee.— B. H. Currier, G. T. Bigelow, H. 
W. Smith, E. B. Otis. 

Ohio.— E. Buck, B. H. Currier, F. W. Choate, 
P. S. AVheelock, J. A. Bolles, B. Pond, I. J. Aus- 
tin, D. H. Mason, J. AV. Thornton, R. I. Burbank, 
J. Egan, S. AVebb, jr., H. AV. Smith, A. A. Ran- 
ney, E. E. Cady, E. B. Otis, S. H. Phillips, F. E. 
Parker, G. E. Rice, A. V. Lynde, A. B. Ely, E. F. 
Hodges, S. AV. Robinson. 

Indiana. — B. H. Currier, Geo. M. Thacher, E. 
Buck, A. B. Ely, H. AV. Smith, J. AVingate Thorn- 
ton, G. Kent. 

Virginia. — B. H. Currier, A. Jackson, jr., P. 
Oliver, I. J. Austin, J. AV. Thornton, J. A. Bolles. 

Maryland.— S. E. Guild, A. Jackson, jr., A. H. 
Fiske, B. H. Currier, H. W. Smith, A. B. Ely, S. 
H. Phillips. 

Alabama.— J. P. Healey, E. Buck, B. H. Cur- 
rier, H. AV. Smith, J. J. French, S. W. Robinson. 

Louisiana. — E. Buck, AA^. Hilliard, W. Dehon, 
J. AV. Thornton, B. H. Currier, G. Minot, G. E. 
Rice, G. E. Betton, Junius Hall, F. O. Prince, A. 
B. Ely, G. P. Sanger. 

Michigan.— M. Morton, jr., F. AV. Dickinson, 
O. Dimon, B. H. Currier, E. Buck, S. F. Barstow, 
J. H. Buckingham, J. Q. Kettelle, A. B. Ely, R. L. 
Colby, E. E. Cady, Geo. Kent, Daniel Holbrook, 
S. W. Robinson. 

Kentucky. — B. H. Currier, J. W. Thornton, F. 
W. Dickinson, E. Buck, I. J. Austin. 

Missouri. — H. Bigelow, A. Jackson, jr., B. H. 
Currier, S. AV. Robinson. 

Iowa. — C. Mayo, B. H. Currier. 

Illinois.— C. AV. Storey, C. Mayo, B. H. Cur- 
rier, A. B. Ely, A. Jackson, jr., J. S. Kimball, H. 
Bigelow, H. W. Smith, N. Morse, J. H. Bucking- 
ham, A. V. Lynde, S. AV. Robinson. 

Florida.— B. H. Courier, T. A. Dexter, H. W. 
Smith, Francis E. Parker. 

Mississippi.— J. AA^ Thornton, G.M. Thacher, A. 
Jackon,jr. I.J.Austin, B.H. Currier, S.W. Robinson. 

Arkansas. — H. AV. Smith. 

AViscoNSiN.— E. E. Cady, J. H. Buckingham, 
H. AVoodman, R. Codman, 13. H. Carrier, C. Mayo. 

Texas. — Francis Brinley. 


Argentine Republic, Fitzhenry Homer, 13 Central 

Austrian Consul, John W. Langdon, 47 India st. 
Belgian Consul, John D. Bates, 55 Commercial wf. 
Brazilian Vice-Consul, Archibald Foster, 40 State 
British Consul, Edmund A. Grattan, 11 Doane st. 
Danish Consul, G. M. Thacher, 66 State st. 
Equador Consul, Seth Bryant, 76 Pearl st. 
Frctich Consul, Max. Isnard, 22 Joy's building 
Chancellor of the Fretich Consulate, James Lemo- 

nier. Deputy Consul, 22 Joy's building 
Greek Consul, Henry G. Andrews, 4 India st. 
Hamburg Consul, C. H. F. Moring, 31 India wf. 
Mexican Vice-Consul, Edward Cabot, 3 Mer. Ex. 
Netherlands Consul, Thomas Dixon, 41 India wf. 

Netherlands Tice-Consul, B. H. Dixon, 41 India wf. 
Prussian Consul, Francis A. Hirsch, 11 Kilby st. 
Pontijical States, N. Reggio, 31 Central wf. 
Portuguese Acting Vice-Consul, Archibald Foster, 

40 State st. 
Russian Vice-Consid, R. B. Storer, 47 India wf. 
Sardinian Vice-Consid, N. Reggio, 31 Central wf. 
Sicilian I'iee-Consul, N. Reggio, 31 Central wf. 
Spanish Acting Consul, 3. 11. Hicks, 32 Central wf. 
Stvcdish and Norwegian Vice-Cmisul, Joseph Hall, 

17 Doane st. 
Turkey Vice-Consid, Abra. Zipcy, 17 Rowe's wf. 
Venezuelian Consul, Silas G. AVhitncy, 46 Long wf. 
Vice-Consul of the Oriental Republic of Urayuay, 

E. S. Tobey, 13 Commercial wf. 



Advent Herald. Rev. J. V. Himes, 8 Chardon, weekly, V,2 per year. Devoted to Second Advent. 

Advocate of Peace, Geo. C. Beckvvith, Editor, 21 Cornhill, bi-monthly, ^1 per year. 

Advertiser, Nathan Hale, 6 Congress, daily, ^'^8 ; semi-weekly, ^4 per year. Whig. 

American Cabinet and Athenaeum, H. Mason, Publisher, 22 School, weekly, $2 per year. Literature. 

American Union, E.. B. P'itts & Co., 22 School, weekly, '^2 per year. Literary. 

Atlas, Schouler & Brewer, 5 old State House, State, daily, g8 ; semi-weekly, ^4 > weekly, ^l. Whig. 

Aurora-Borealis, J. F. Kelly, jr., Ed., T. W. Cooper & Co. Pubs., 27 Devonshire, weekly, $2. Literary. 

Bee, Bradbury, Harmon & Co., 7 State, daily, $^ per year ; weekly, ^I 50. 

Boston Merkur, De M. Keickback, Ed., M. Ilofmann, Pub., 32 Congress, semi-weekly, ^3 peryear. 

Boston News Letter, J. B. Hall, 66 Cornhill, weekly, $1. 

Boys and Girls' Magazine, Bradbury & Guild, 120 Washington, monthly, $\ per year. 

Brownson's Quarterly Review, Benj. H. Greene, 124 Washington, corner Water, g3 per year. 

Child's Companion and Youth's Friend, W. B. Tappan, 9 Cornhill, monthly,2o cents per annum. 

Child's Friend, Mrs. E. L. Pollen, Editress, office 111 Washington. 

Child's Gospel Guide, J. M. Usher, 37 Cornhill, weekly, 50 cts. per annum. 

Catholic Observer, John C. Robinson, 72 Federal, ^2 per year. 

Christian Alliance and Family Visiter, Rev. D. Clarke and J. 0. Choules, Eds., 141 Wash., weekly, $2. 

Christian Examiner, Rev. Geo. Putnam and Geo. E. Ellis, Eds., Crosby & Nichols, 111 Washington, 

bi-monthly, ^4 per year. Unitarian. [salist. 

Christian Freeman and Family Visiter, Rev. Sylvanus Cobb, 40 Cornhill, weekly, $2 per an. Univer- 
Christian Inquirer, Joseph H. Francis, Publisher, 128 Washington, weekly, ^2 per an. Unitarian. 
Christian Observatory, Rev. A. W. McClure and 6 others, Editors, published by J. V. Beane & Co., 

21 Cornhill. Religious and Literary. 
Christian Watchman and Reflector, Rev. J. W. Olmstead and Wm. Hague, Editors, Nichols, Upham, 

& Ford, publishers, 122 Washington, corner Water, weekly, %2 per year. Baptist. 
Christian Register, David Reed, Publisher, N. S. Folsom, Editor, 22 School, weekly, $2 50 peryear. 

Christian Witness and Church Advocate, Rev. G. M. Randall, Editor, James B. Dow, proprietor, 141 

AVashington, %2 per year. Episcopal. 
Christian Review, Rev. E. G. Sears, Editor, 33 Somerset, bi-monthlv, $o per year. 
Chronotype, Elizur Wright, Editor, White, Potter & Wright, Publishers, 15 State, daily, ^3 ; weekly, 

^2 per year. Independent. 
Common School Journal, W. B. Fowle, Editor and Publisher, 138 1-2 Wash., bi-monthly, %\ per year. 
Courier, E. B. Foster & Co., 10 Congress, daily, ^8 ; semi-weekly, ^4; weekly, $2 per year. Whig. 
Cultivator, Otis Brewer, 22 N. Market, weekly, $2 per annum. Agricultural. 
Dollar Times, Roberts & Garfield. 3 and 5 State, weekly, ^1 per year. 
Electropathic Guide, A. Page, Editor and Publisher, 23 Bedford, bi-monthly. 
Emancipator and Republican, H. Wilson. 2 Devonshire, weekly, $2. Free Soil. 

Evening Gazette, W. W. Clapp. jr., 9 old State House, weekly, $Z per an. Literature and Gen. Int. 
Evening Museum, Wm. O. Eaton, Editor, Eaton, Hill & Cole, 2 Marlboro' Chapel place, daily, $^. 
Fathers and Mother's Manual, H. G. Park, 138 1-2 Washington, monthly, $\. 
Flag of our Union, F. Glcason, Tremont, corner Court, weekly, ^2 per year. 
Freemasons' Monthly Magazine, Charles W. Moore, 21 School, ^2 per year. 
Fruits of America, C. M. Hovey, 7 Merchants' row, bi-monthly, JJ6 per year. 
Gospel Teacher, Rev. J. G. Adams, Editor, 37 Cornhill, semi-monthly, $\ per year. Universalist. 
Guide to Holiness, D. S. King, Editor, 3 Cornhill, monthlv, ^1 per year. 
Herald, John A. French, 19 State, daily, ^3 ; weekly, ^1 50. 
Homoeopathic Journal, Otis Clapp, 23 School, quarterly, ^3. 
Horticulturist, J. Breck & Co., 51 North Market, 53 per year. 

Investigator, Horace Seaver, Editor, J. P. Mendum, 35 Wash., weekly, $2. Infidelity. 
Journal, Sleeper and Rogers, 12 State, daily, j?6; serai-weekly, ^4 ; weekly, %2. 
Journal of Music, H. W. Dav, 8 Court square, ,^1 50 per year. 
Journal of the Times, J. B. Wheelock & Co., Publishers, 19 State, %2. 

Law Reporter, Stephen H. Phillips, Editor, Little & Brown, 112 Washington, monthly, ^3 per year. 
Ladies' Magazine and Album, A. H. Davis tV J. M. Prentiss, 3 Cornhill, monthly, $\ per year. 
Ladies' Repository, A. Tompkins, 38 Cornhill, monthly, ^2 per annum. 
Life in Boston, Berry & Wright, 27 Devonshire, weekly, $2. 
Le-Bostonien, Gaudelet & Bailleul, 12 Water, weekly, ^2. French. 

N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register, S. G. Drake, 56 Cornhill, quarterly, $2 per year. 
Living Age, Littell & Co.. Bromfield, corner Tremont. Literary. 
Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison, 21 Cornhill, weekly, $2 per year. Anti-Slavery. 
Magazine of Horticulture, C. M. Hovey, Editor, 7 Merchants' row ; monthly, ^3. 
Macedonian, W. S. Damrell, 16 Devonshire, monthly. Baptist. 
Mail, John N. Bradley, 14 and 16 State, weekly, $\ ; daily, %Z per year. 

Massachusetts Ploughman, W. & W. J. Buckminster, Quincy Hall, $2 per year. Agricultural. 
Missionary Advocate, C. H. Pcirce, Agt., 5 Cornhill. 

Missionary Magazine, Rev. S. Peck, Editor, 33 Somerset, monthly, ^1 per year. Baptist. 
Massachusetts Quarterly Review, Coolidge & Wiley, 12 Water, ^3 per annum. 
Medical and Surgical Journal, J. V. C. Smith, M. D., Editor, 184 Wash., c. Franklin, weekly, ^3. 
Mother's Assistant, Wra. C. Brown, 21 Cornhill, monthly, %l per year. 
Monthly Religious Magazine, F. D. Huntington, Editor, office 111 Washington. 
Museum, Putnam & Mellen, 27 Devonshire, weekly, $2. Literary. 
New Church Magazine, Otis Clapp, 23 School, ^1 per year. Swedenborgian. 
New England Railroad Guide and Traveller's Pocket Companion, George Holbrook, 37 Court square, 

semi-monthly, 3 cents a copv. 
New Jerusalem Magazine, Otis Clapp, 23 School, monthly, $2 per year. Swedenborgian. 


New Englander, Rev. D. Clarke, Agent, 141 Washington, quarterly, $Z per year. 
New Church Repository, Otis Clapp, Agent, 23 School, monthly, $3. 

North American Review, Francis Bowen, Editor, Little & Bro^vn, 112 "Wash., published quarterly. 
Odd Fellow, Cochran, Cole & Co., 66 Cornhill, weekly, ^2 per year. 

Olive Branch, Rev. Thomas F. Norris, Editor, F. W. Rice, jr.. Assist. Editor, 5 Wash., weekly, $2. 
Orphans' Advocate and Social Monitor, A. & E. C. Fellows, Tremont, corner Common. 
Path-Finder, Geo. K. Snow & Co., 5 Wash , semi-weekly, $1 50 per year. 
People's Magazine, Bradbury & Guild, 120 Wash., monthly, gl per year. 
Parley's Pic-Nic, Bradbury, Harmon & Co., B. P. Poore, Editor, 7 State, weekly, $2. 
Pictorial National Library, W. Simonds, 12 School, monthly, $2 per year. 
Pilot, Patrick Donahoe, 1 Spring lane, weekly, $2 50 per year. Catholic. 
Post, Beals & Greene, 21 Water, daily, ^8 per year. Democratic. 
Post Boy, Silas Estabrook, 142 Washington, weekly, $1 per year. 
Press arid Post, Beals & Greene, 21 Water, semi-weekly, $4 per year. Democratic. 
Prisoner's Friend, Rev. C. Spear, 11 Cornhill, monthly, $2 per year. Criminal Reform. 
Puritan and Recorder, Woodbridge, Moore & Co., 22 School, weekly, $2 per year. Orthodox. 
Reporter, E. D. Moore, Editor and Publisher, 22 School, weekly, ^1 per year. 
Republican, Henry Wilson, 2 Devonshire, daily, $5 ; semi-weekly, ^3 per year. Free Soil. 
Real Estate Advertiser, A. P. Clark, 116 Court, weekly. 
Sheet Anchor and Light Ship, Learned, Tompson & Co., 86 State. 
Shipping List, Learned, Tompson & Co., 86 State, semi-weekly, ^6 per year. 
Statesman, Beals & Greene, 21 Water, weekly, $2 per year. Democratic. 
State Topic, weekly, F. S. Saxton, Agent, 19 State, ^6 per annum. 

Saturday Rambler, William Simonds & Co., 12 School, weekly, ^1 50 per year. Literature. 
Star Spangled Banner, J. Jones, 82 Washington, $2 per year. 
South Boston Gazette, A. J. Wright, 3 Water, weekly, $1 per year. 
Sunday School Advocate, Charles H. Peirce, 5 Cornhill, 50 cents per year. 
Scholar's Penny Gazette, Forrest & Hobbs, 138 1-2 Washington, weekly, 50 cents per year. 
Sunday School Journal, W. B. Tappan, 9 Cornhill, semi-monthly, 25 cts. per annum. 
Sunday News, H. Davidson & Co., 142 Wash., weekly, ^1 per year. 
Sunday School Journal, C. H. Peirce, Agent, 5 Cornhill. 

The (Printers') Guide, Madigan & M'Glenen, semi-monthly, 152 Wash. st. (up stairs.),^! per year. 
Thursday Messenger, W. W. Clapp, jr., 9 old State House, weekly, ^1 per year. 
Times, Roberts & Garfield, 3 and 5 State, daily, ^4 per year, and 1 cent each. Democratic. 
Transcript, Epes Sargent, Editor, Dutton & Wentworth, Proprietors and Publishers, 37 Congress, gi. 
Traveller, Henry Flanders & Co., 8 old State House, F. Andrews & George Punchard, Editors, week- 
ly, $2 ; semi-weekly, ^4 ; daily, ^i per year. Neutral. 
Trumpet and Universalist Magazine, Rev. T. Whittemore, 37 Cornhill, weekly, j^2 per year. 
Uncle Sam, George H. Williams, 52 Wash., weekly, $2 per year. 
Universalist Miscellany, Revs. 0. A. Skinner and Sebastian Streeter, Editors, Mudge & Corliss, 21 

School, monthly, ^1 per year. 
Universalist Quarterly, A. Tompkins, 38 Cornhill, Rev. H. Ballou, 2d, D.D., Editor, ^2 per annum. 
Washingtonian, Wm. A. Whit« and Sylvanus Cobb, jr.. Spring lane, c. Devonshire, weekly, §2 per year. 
Weekly Messenger, Nathan Hale, 6 Congress, weekly, ^2 per year. 
Yankee Blade, Matthews, Stevens & Co., 12 School, weekly, $2 per year. 
Youth's Companion, Nathaniel Willis, 11 Cornhill, weekly, ,^1 per year. 

Youth's Penny Gazette, Wm. B. Tappan, Agent, 9 Cornhill, bi-weekly, 12 1-2 cents per annum. 
Zion's Herald & Wesleyan Journal, Rev. Abel Stevens, office over No. 7 Cornhill, weekly, §2 per an. 



No. 10 State Street. 


Is a duly appointed Agait of many of the best New England Newspapers, and is authorized 

to receive 


At the Publishers' lowest rates, at his Office, No. 10 State street, — saving the Advertiser much 
time and trouble, and also furnishing the terms before sending the Advertisement. 


Of all kinds, done promptly. 


Messrs. G. W. SIMMONS & Co., T. E. LILLIE & Co., 





Appointed by the Admiralty to sail between Liverpool and Boston, and between Liverpooi, and 
New York; calling at Halifax, to land and receive passengers, and Her Majesty's mails. 


ASIA, Capt. C. H. E. Judkins, 

AFRICA " Alexander Ryrie, 

AMERICA, " Neil Shannon, 

CALEDONIA, " Walter Douglas, 

EUROPA, " Edward G. Lott, 

HIBERNIA, Capt. W. J. C. Lang, 

NIAGARA, " James Stone, 

CANADA, " Wm. Harrison, 

CAMBRIA, " John Leitch. 



Liverpool and Boston. 

To Boston. From Boston, 

January 27 January 24 11.29 

February 24 February 21 10.21 

March 24 March 21 8.44 

April 14 April 18 6.42 

April 28 May 9 12.20 

May 12 May 23 11.41 

May 26 June 6 11.58 

June 9 June 20 10.31 

June 23 July 4 10.58 

July 7 July 18 9.14 

July 21 August 1 9.46 

August 4 August 15 7.46 

August 18 August 29 8.03 

September 1 September 12 6.10 

September 15 September 26 5.55 

September 29 October 10 4.41 

October 13 October 24 4.05 

October 27 November 7 3.28 

November 10 November 21 2.54 

November 24 December 5 2.30 

December 15 December 19 2.00 

S. S. LE"\\aS, Agent, 
No. 1 Commercial wharf, Boston. 


Liverpool and New Tork. 

To New York. 

From New York. Tide. 

January 13 January 10 10.09 

February 10 February 7 9.12 

March 10 March 7 8.12 

April 7 April 4 6.59 

April 21 May 2 5.20 

May 5 May 16 2.27 

May 19 May 30 3.32 

June i2 June 13 1.12 

June 16 June 27 2.03 

June 30 July 11 12.13 

July 14 July 25 12.47 

July 28 August 8 11.51 

August 11 August 22 11.38 

August 25 September 5 10.52 

September 8 September 19 10.24 

September 22 October 3 9.49 

October 6 October 17 9.33 

October 20 October 31 8.44 

November 3 November 14 8.33 

November 17 November 28 7.27 

December 1 December 12 11.40 

December 29 December 26 5.51 

E. CUNARD, Jr., Agent, 

No. 38 Broadway, New York. 

Destination. Place of Lying. 
Albany & Troy. .Long wf. S. side 
Albany & Troy. .City wharf 

Alexandria Mercantile wf. 

Baltimore S. side Longwf. 

Baltimore Bait. Pack . Pier 

Baltimore S. side Cent. wf. 

Baltimore Ind. & Mer. wfs. 

Bangor East. Pack. Pi'r 

Bangor N. side 

Barnstable S. side Cent. wf. 

Bath T wharf 

Belfast East. Pack. Pi'r 

Beverly India wharf 

Brewster Mercantile wf. 

Brunswick T wharf 

Calais T wharf 

Castine Mercantile wf . 

Charleston Long & Lew. wfs 

Charleston Commercial wf. 

City Point Long wharf 

City Point Rowe's wharf 

Cohasset Long wharf 

Dennis East. Pack. Pi'r 

Dover N. side 

Duxbury Long wharf 

Eastport T wharf 

Edgartown India street 

Freeport East. Pack. Pi'r 

Gardiner T wharf 

Gloucester T wharf 


Destination. Place of Lying. 

Halifax Fort H'ill wharf 

Hallowell T wharf 

Hampden East. Pack. Pi'r 

Hartford Central wharf 

Hingham N. side 

Kennebunk T wharf 

Kingston T wharf 

Liverpool Lewis wharf 

Lond. & Boston.. Lewis wharf 

Lubec T wharf 

Machias India wharf 

Mobile Long & Ind. wfs 

Mobile Lewis wharf 

TVT 1^■^ ) Commerc'l and 

^1°^^^ ^Rowe's wharfs 

Nantucket India street 

New Bedford India street 

Newburyport N. side 

New Haven India street 

New London and Kj^^^gtj.ggj 
Nor^vich S 

New Orleans. . \ j^ J^°f X^^f^ 

New Orleans Com'l wharf 

New York Cent. & In. wfs 

New York Long & City wf 

New York Mercantile wf. 

New York Commercial wf. 

Norfolk Commercial wf. 

Destination. Place of Lying . 

Norfolk ^p^°"^ """f • 

) Rowe s wharis 

Orleans East. Pack. Pi'r 

Philadelphia S. side Cent, wf 

Philadelphia Long & City wf. 

Philadelphia Mer. & In. wfs. 

Philadelphia Phil. Pack. Pi'r 

Philadelphia East. Pack. Pi'r 

Plymouth Long wharf 

Portland N. side Cent, wf 

Portsmouth N. side Cent, wf 

Providence India street 

Pro vincetown.... City wharf 

Richmond Long wharf 

Richmond Rowe's wharf 

Rockport East. Pack. Pi'r 

Saco Rowe's wharf 

Salem India street 

Sandwich Tileston's wf. 

Savannah Long wharf 

Savannah ? Commercial & 

5 Rowe s wliarf 

Scituate Long wharf 

St. Johns, N. B.. .T wharf 

Troy Lewis wharf 

Truro & "Well- > Baltimore and 
fleet ) Phil. Pack. P's 





foot of 

Lowell Street, 



June, 1830. 


for Travel 

June, 1835. 






[Office at Depot.] [Office, 11^ Tremont Row.] 


[Office, 28 Massachusetts block.] 

Trains leave 
Boston three 
times A.M., five 
times P.M., and 
arrive at Bos- 
ton the same 
number of 


Miles. Prices. Season Tickets. 

Somerville, 3 • - 

Medford, 5 •• 

South Woburn,.... 8 .. 

Woburn, 10 • • 

Wilmington, 15 • • 

Biirca & Tewksb'y, 19 •• 

BillerlcaMiUs, 21)4 ■ 

Lowell, 26 • • 

10c. • • 
10 ••■ 
15 ••■ 
20 ... 
SO •■• 
35 ••• 
40 ••■ 
50 ••• 

3 Mo. 

6 Mo. 


• ■ $6.00 ■ • • 

• 5.00 

.. 10.00 ••• 

• 7.50 

•• 15.00 •■• 


• • 20.00 ■•• 


• • 27.00 ••• 


.• 34.20 ••• 


■ • 38.70 ... 


• • 45.00 • . • 

9 Mo. 

$9 00 

12 Mo. 

• $10.80 
•• 18.00 

• ■ 27.00 

• • 36.00 
•• 48.00 

• • 60.80 
•• 68.80 
■• 80.00 




Trains leave 
Boston three 
times A.M., five 
times P.M., and 
arrive at Bos- 
ton the same 
number of 

A Season Ticket, not transferable, and payable in advance, is given for Three Months, at the price 
of 50 single tickets, or at ^1.00 per mile. Between Boston and Woburn a discount of 10 per cent 
from this rate is made on a ticket for a year. Between Boston and stations north of Woburn a dis- 
count of 20 per cent, is made on a ticket for a year, and of 10 per cent, for six months. 

A Season Ticket entitles a person to carry nothing but strictly personal baggage, or such parcels as 
may be taken in the hand, without incommoding other passengers. Other artfcles, or merchandise 
are not to be taken as baggage, except at the discretion of the Conductor, and by paying extra. ' 

Package Tickets are sold, to Woburn, South Woburn, and Medford, in lots of not less than 50 
whole ones, or 100 half ones, and with any proportion of the two kinds, at three-fourths the cost of 
Single Tickets. Season and Package Tickets are allowed at half price for children under 12 j-ears of 
age, and persons attending school. Package Tickets are taken in any train and at any time. Season 
Tickets may also be used in any train, and allow any number of daily passages. On the arrival of 
every train at Boston, an Omnibus leaves the Passenger Station for State street; and 15 minutes 
before the departure of every train from Boston, leaves State street for the Passeno-er Station Fare 
6X cents, and 20 tickets for ^1.00. ° " ' 


Somerville, Medford, and Woburn present many delightful and healthy locations for a residence 
not only for the gentleman of leisure, but the man of business in the city, as the cars pass through 
these towns often during the day and evening, affording excellent facilities for communication with 
Boston. Convenient tenements can be obtained at reasonable rates, which, too-ether with the low 
price charged for the Season Ticket, make it an object of economy, as well as health and happiness to 
reside in these places. In Billerica, also, a very healthful and agreeable retreat may be found in the 
summer season. This route enjoys great facility of access to important places in the North and East. 

The number of trains between Boston and Medford, and Boston and South Woburn is ten each 
way ; not including three express trains, which pass by without stopping. 


Merchandise generally, to Lowell, ,^1.25 per 2,000 pounds. 

" by cargoes, " 1.10 " " " 

Pig Iron, Coal, Sand, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Slate, Dye "Wood in the Stick, Flour and Grain Oil 
and Coarse Salt, in lots of three tons, at Cargo prices. ' ' 

Eastern Pine Lumber will be called 2,250 lbs. per M. Eastern Pine Timber, 1.600 lbs. per ton 
Southern " " " " " 4,000 " " " Southern " " 2,000 " " " 

Lime at 225 lbs. per cask. Flour at 200 lbs. per barrel. 
Furniture and other bulky freight, at 140 cubic feet per ton. 
No charge less than twenty-five cents will be made. 










for Travel to 

Andover, 1836 ; 

Dover, N.H., 

us^^\ 1841; 

S. Berwick, Me., 


THOMAS WEST, President 
[Office. r^> State street.] 
EDWAED PICKERING, Clerk and Treasurer. CHARLES MINOT, Superintendent. 

[Office, 60 State street.] [Office at Depot.] 




SAMUEL A. WALKER, (Brookline,) JOHN FLINT, (Andover.) 





Trains usually 



on the 

main road 


times a day, 


arrive a.s often, 


various hours, 


6 o'clock, 



10 o'clock, 




Miles. Fares. 

Sea.son Tickets. 

Somerville, 2 

Medford, 5 

Maiden, 5 

Melrose, 7 

Stoneham, 8 

South Reading, 10 

Reading, 12 

Wilmington, 1.5 

Ballardvale, 21 

Andover, 23 

Lawrence, 26 

North Andover, 28 

Bradford, 32 

HaverhiU, 33 

Plaistow, 38 

Newton, 41 

Eaiit Kingston, 45 

Exeter, 50 

South Newmarket, . • 54 

Newmarket, 57 

I»urham, 62 

Dover, 67 

Somersworth, 70 

South Berwick, 72 

North Berwick, 78 

Wells, 83 

Kennebunk, 88 

Saco, 98 

Scarborough, 105 

Portland, Ill 


3 Mo. 
S5..50 •• 

• 6.87 •• 
. 6.87 •■ 

8.25 •• 

825 •■ 

9.62 •■ 

11.00 •• 

13.75 •• 

• 16.50 •• 
16.50 •• 
17.87 ■• 
19.25 • ■ 
22.00 • • 
22.00 ■• 

6 Mo. 

• 12.20 

• 12.50 

• 15.00 

• 15.00 

• 17..50 

• 20.00 

• 25.00 

• 80.00 

• 30.00 
■ 32..50 

• 35.00 

• 40.00 

• 40.00 

12 Mo. 



50.00 100.00 


65.00 110.00 




sold at 



usual fare. 

A Steamboat 

runs daily, 

twice each way, 





Stages are 


the principal 


to convey 

passengers to 

any of the 




Trains run to and from Mf.dford, a distance of 5 miles, .14 times a day. 
15 minutes. Season Tickets, ^2-5.00 per year. 

Fare, 12 cents. Time, 


Somerville, Medford, Maiden, Melrose, South Reading, and Reading, towns within the range of the 
Special, as well as the longer Trains, possess many advantages for country residences, either through 
the warm season or the whole year, not exceeded by those of any other towns in the vicinity of Boston. 
The cheapness of fare, the number of Trains, both early and late, in connection with the convenient 
Depot in Boston, render this railroad a desirable channel of intercourse between the city and country. 


From Boston to South Berwick. — Coal, Iron, Manure, Lumber, Sugar, Salt, Butter, and Gro- 
ceries, ^2.50 per ton; light and bulky Merchandise, ^3.62 per ton. 
Luggage allowed each Passenger — -50 lbs. 
Parcels charged 2.5 cents each. 





comer of 

Lincoln & Beacli 




June, 1831; 


for Travel, 

July, 1835. 



(Office, 5 Court street.] 
GINERY TWITOIIELL, Superintendent. 




[Office at Depot.] 
[Office at Depot.] 


This Road 
not only con- 
nects the city 
of Boston with 

and the 


and adjoining 

country towns, 

but consti- 
tutes, besides, 
the Eastern 
end of the 
Great Western 
Railway Line 

Albany, &c. ; 

of the 
Railroad Line 


New York, via. 

New Haven, 

Hartford, and 


as well as 

of the 

Steamboat and 


Route from 

New York, via 




Stations. Miles. 

Brighton, 6 ■ 

Angier's Corner,- 7 

Newton, 9 • 

Needham, 13 

Natick, 17 

Saxonville 21 

Framingham,. • • • 21 
Ashland, 00 




.• .15 

.. .20 • 

•• .25 • 

• • .35 

■ $50.00 

.. .45 

.. 60.00 

•• .50 

■ ■ 65.00 

•• .55 

• • 65.00 

•• .00 

• • 75.00 

Stations. Miles. Faees. 

Hopkinton, 24 • ■ • .60 • 

Holliston, 00 •■• .60 • 

Southboro', . . • 28 • ■ • .70 • 

Milford, 00 • ■ • .75 • 

VVestboro', 32 ■ • • .75 • 

Grafton, 38 • • • .85 • 

Millbury, 42 ■ • • 1.00 • 

Worcester, 44 • • • 1.00 • 


• $75.00 

• 80.00 

• 85.00 

• 90.00 

• 60.00 

• 95.00 

• 100.00 

• 100.00 


Stations. Miles. Fares. Tickets. 

Brookline, 3K- ■ -lO • ■ $30.00 

Cambridge Cross'g, 4 ••• .12>^.. 30.00 

Brighton, 5 • • • .12;^ . • 30.00 

Newton Corner, •■ • 7 ••• .17 ••• 35.00 

Stations. Miles. Fares. Tickets 

Newtonville, 8 • • • .19 • ■ $40.00 

West Newton,-... 9 ••• .19 ••. 40.00 
Auburndale, • • • • lO,'^-- .21 ••• 43 00 
Lower Falls, 12 ... .25 ••• 45.00 

Brookline, 30 

Brighton, 30 

Newton Corner, • • . 22 

Packages for $3.00 

West Newton, 20 

Auburndale 18 

Lower Falls, 15 


Brighton and Newton Comer, ■ 
Brighton and West Newton,. • . 
Brighton and Lower Falls, • • . ■ 
Newton Corner and W. Newton, 


Newton Comer and Lower Falls,- .10 
West Newton and Lower Falls, . • .06X 
Boston and Milldam, .06}^ 

Fare in the Saxonville Trains, same as in Newton Special Trains. 
Fare in Saxonville Trains to Grantville, 30 cents. 

The Trains, 




are very nu- 
merous, and 



rates for Single 

and Season 








doing business 

in the city, 

to live 

in the country, 

both on 


score of 




health and 


All Season Tickets are nominally for a year, and are payable in advance as follows, viz : 
For the 1st quarter, 3-5 per cent, of yearly rate. I For the 3d quarter, 2-5 per cent, of vearly rate. 
" « 2d " 2.5 " « ^ » ' .. I " " 4th " 15 '• .< ' .. « 

Thus giving to the purchaser the right to use them for three, six, nine, or twelve months, on payment 
as above — it being understood that the right to continuance at these rates, is to be forfeited by non- 
payment within three days of the beginning of the quarter. 

No Season Ticket is transferable — nor will any be transferred by the Superintendent. But in cases 
which seem to him to call for it, he will redeem the ticket at a fair valuation in cash. 

The holder of a season ticket is entitled to no privilege beyond what is extended to transient Pas- 
sengers, but is subject to the same contingencies and regulations in all respects. 

Quarter or Term Tickets will be sold to scholars, as heretofore. 

All Season Tickets are to begin or terminate on the first day of January, April, July, or October. 

Newton Train Tickets pass in the Saxonville and Milford, as well as in the Newton Trains. Persons 
holding Special Train Season Tickets, may purchase the privilege of using them in the Worcester 
Trains, between Brighton, Newton Corner, or West Newton, and Boston, by paying ten dollars per 
year, or not exceeding one dollar per month, for not less than three months. 






E. R. R. wharf, 



Depot at 


for Travel to 

Salem, 1839; 

Portsmouth, N.H. 

Portland, Me. '41. 


D. A. NEAIi, President. 
WILLIAM S. TUCKEEMAN, Treasurer. JOHN IQNSMAN, Superintendent 

[Office, 85 State street.] 

J. SMITH ROBINSON, Freight Agent. 

[Office, 17 Merchauts' Row.] 

[Office at Depot, Salem, and at Depot, Boston.] 



B. T. REED. 


From Boston, through Lynn, Salem, Beverly, Wenham, Ipswich, Rowley, Newburyport, Salisbury, 
Seabrook, Hampton Falls, Hampton, and Greenland, to Portsmouth. By the 


Through Elliot, South Berwick, North Berwick, Wells, Kennebunk, and Saco, to Portland. Thence, 
by Steamboats, to Bath, Gardiner, and Hallowell on the Kennebec, and Thomaston, Camden, Belfast, 
Frankfort, and Bangor, on the Penobscot Rivers. Also, by the 


With Danvers, Middleton, Andover, and Lawrence. By Branches with Marblehead, Manchester, 
Gloucester, Salisbury Mills, Amesbury, and Great Falls, and by Stages with the White Mountains, 
and all the interior of New Hampshire and Maine. 

will not 






if of 





Lynn, 9 . • 

Salem, 14 • • 





Salisbury,. • • . 

Seabrook, 40 

Hampton Falls,- • • 42 
Hampton, 44 

■ .2.5 
. .40 

• .45 

• .56 
. .70 

• .80 

• 1.08 

• 1.16 

• 1.25 
. 1.32 


N. Hampton, 47 

Greenland, 49 

Portsmouth, 54 

South Berwick, • • 66 

North Berwick. • • 72 

Wells, 77 

Kennebunk, 82 

Saco, 92 

Scarborough, ••• • 100 2.00 


■ 1.48 
. 1.50 
. 1.75 
. 1.95 

■ 2.00 

Portland, 105 

Salem to Marblehead, 4 miles,. 


fifty dollars, 


notice be 





extra rate 



in advance. 

Season Tickets for three, six, and twelve months, granted at rates 40 to 80 per cent, discount from 
regular prices. Usual time from Boston to Portland, 534 hours. 


Leave Boston for Portland, and intermediate Stations, daily, at 7 A.M., and 2}i P.M. For Ports- 
mouth, at m P.M. For Portsmouth and Salem, eight times in the day. A Freight Train through to 
Portland ev^ry morning. 


No Railroad affords access to so many, so varied, and so splendid sea-side locations, or passes 
through so many pleasant cities, towns, and villages. Its Depots are within a mile or two of the cele- 
brated beaches of Chelsea, Nahant, Swampscot, and Marblehead. A Branch skirts the shores of Mas- 
sachusetts Bay, in the towns of Beverly, Manchester, and Gloucester, opening most magnificent views 
of the Ocean, leading to the most retired spots for sea-bathing, and to the most delightful walks and 
drives in the native forests, that can be found in New England. This shore is rapidly filling up with 
marine villas and cottages. Farther east, at Ipswich, Plum Island, Hampton, Rye, Boar's Head, 
Wells, and Saco — extensive beaches, good public houses, and healthful resorts for summer residence, 
afford advantages that are too well known to require description. 




Depot on 
Causeway and 


and extension of 

B e verly 



March 3, 1842. 


for Travel 

to Fitchburg, 

March 5, 1845. 


JACOB FORSTER, President. 

SAMUEL M. FELTON, Snperintendent. JOHN P. WELCH, Treasurer and Clerk. 

[Office at Depot.] [Office at Depot.] 






are four 

Regular Trains 


each way, 

to and from' 



of which 

connect at 


with the 

Worcester and 

Stony Brook, 


Peterboro' and 



and two 



with the 












Season Tickets. 


Prospect Street,- • 2 • ■ 

SomerviUe, 3 • ■ 

Porter's, 3X- 

West Cambridge, 6 • • 

Plympton's, 7K" 

Waltham, 10 • • 

Weston, 13 • • 

Lincoln, 17 • • 

Concord, 20 • • 

Soutti Acton, • ■ • 25 • • 

West Acton, 27 • • 

Littleton, 31 •• 

Groton, 35 • • 

Shirley, 40 • • 

Lunenburg, 42 • • 

Leominster, 46 . . 

Fitchburg, 50 • 


16 for Sl.OO 
16 for 1.00 
13 for 1.00 
50 for 5.00 
50 for 6.25 
50 for 7.50 

12 Mo. 

$12 00 
40 00 
45 00 

9 Mo. 



6 Mo. 

3 Mo. 

$;7.00 • 

• $4.00 

7.50 • 

■ 4.00 

. 9.50 • 

• 5.00 

18.00 • 

• 7.00 

■ 19.00 • 

• 10.00 

. 22.00 • 

■ 11.00 

■ 22.00 • 

• 11.00 

. 25.00 • 

- 13.00 

• 27.00 • 

• 15.00 

. 32.00 • 

■ 18.00 

• 32.00 • 

• 18.00 

. 35.00 • 

. 20.00 

• 40.00 • 

. 22.00 

■ 42.00 • 

. 24.00 

. 45.00 • 

• 25.00 

■ 45.00 • 

• 25.00 

. 50.00 ■ 

■ 25.00 


Miles. Fakes. Tickets. 

Fresh Pond, 5 ■ • .10 

Mount Auburn,. 5>^- .10 •• 12 for $1.00 
Watertown, • • • • 8 • • .16 •• 22 for 3.00 

Season Tickets. 

12 Mo. 9 Mo. 

$22.00 • $18.00 

■ 25.00 •• 20.00 

■ 35.00 • • 30.00 

6 Mo. 


• 15,00 

• 20.00 

3 Mo. 



Season Tickets. 


Pond Street, 5 

W. Camb. Centre, 6 
Brattle Station, • • 7 
East Lexington,. • 9 
Lexington, 11 



12 Mo. 9 Mo. 

.12 >^. 25 for $2.50 • $22.00 • $18.00 

.15 •• 25 for 3.12 -. 25.00 •• 19.00 

.15 •• 25 for 3.25 •• 28.00 •• 22.00 

.22 •■ 25 for 4.50 •• 35.00 •• 28.00 

.25 •• 25 for 5.00 •■ 40.00 •• 32.00 

6 Mo. 

• 13.00 

• 16.00 
. 19.00 
■ 21.00 

8 Mo. 






A few 




this route 












the sacred ■ 



Mt. Auburn ; 



Fresh Pond, 


favorite resort; 


to the 


battle fields 





Season Tickets for children under 12 years of age, or persons attending School, are allowed at half 


There are 12 Trains each way daily, wliich stop at Somerville 

u " 14 ic « II " " " " Porter's Sti 

" 3 to 6 " 

Station, Cambridge. 
West Cambridge and Waltham. 
Fresh Pond, Mount Auburn, and Watertown. 
West Cambridge Centre, East Lexington, and Lexington. 

Thus affording every variety of residences, to those in search of convenient and pleasant locations, 
and easy access to Boston, at very reasonable prices. 



Kne eland, 

corner of 

South Street, 








E. H. DERBY, President. 

[Office, 14 Merchants' Exchange.] [Plymouth.] 

\J0SEPH H. MOORE, Snperintendent. [Office at Depot.] 

J. H. LOUD, 




A Branch 

of this 

Road extends 


Neponset to 

Milton, also a 



Abington to 


and one 

from Braintree 


Fall River, 

with a Branch 

to Cape Cod. 


pass often over 

this Road 

through the 


near Boston, 

commencing at 

an early 

hour in the 

morning, and 


until a 

late hour 

in the 



Miles. Fares. 

Season Tickets. 

Crescent Avenue, • • 

Savin Hill, 




Granite Bridge, • • • 6X 
Milton L. Mills, • • • l}i 
Dorchester Facto's, 8 ■ 

Quincy, 8 • 

Milton U. Mills,- •• ^% 

Braintree, 10}^ 

South Braintree, . • \\% 
South Weymouth,- 15 
North Abington, • • 18 

Abington, 19 

South Abington, • - 21 
East Bridgewater, ■ 26 

Bridgewater, 27>2 

North Hanson, 23 

Hanson, 25 

Halifax, 28 

Plympton, 30 

Kingston, 33 

Plymouth, 37K 

• .10 • 
. .10 - 

• .12^ 
. .15 • 

• .15 • 

• .18 . 
. .18 • 

• .20 • 

. .20 -■ 

• .25 • 
. .30 • 

• .40 • 

• .45 • 

■ .50 • 

• .55 • 

■ .60 • 

■ .65 • 

• .60 ■ 

• .65 • 
■• .75 ■ 
.. .80 • 

• .90 • 
$1.00 • 

12 Mo. 

■ 23.00 

■ 25.00 

• 28.00 

• 32.00 

• 32.00 

• 34.00 

• .36.00 

■ 3750 

• 37.50 

• 40.00 

• 44.00 

• 50.00 

• 56.00 

• 60 00 

■ 64.00 

• 66.00 

• 70.00 

• 66.00 
. 66.00 
. 70.00 

• 74.00 
■• 78.00 
■■ 80.00 

6 Mo. 

• 14-00 

• 15.00 

• 17.00 

• 18.00 
. 18.00 

• 19.00 
. 21.00 
- 20.00 
. 20.00 

• 24.00 
. 26.00 

• 38.00 

• 34.00 
. 36.00 

• 38.00 

• 40.00 

• 42.00 
■ 40.00 

• 40.00 
. 42.00 

• 45.00 
. 47.00 

• 48.00 

3 Mo. 

$7.00 • 

800 • 

9.00 • 

10.00 • 

11.00 - 

11.00 • 

11.50 • 

12.50 • 

12.00 • 

12.00 • 

14.00 • 

15.00 • 

18.00 • 

20.00 • 

21.00 • 

22.00 • 

24.00 • 

25.00 • 

24.00 • 

24.00 • 

25.00 - 

27.00 ■ 

28.00 • 

30.00 • 

2 Mo. 

. $5.25 

. 6.00 

■ • 6.75 

• 7.50 
.. 8.25 

• 8.25 
. 8.63 
. 938 
. 9.00 

• 9.00 
. 10.50 

■ 11.25 

• 13.50 

• 15.00 

■ 15.75 
. 16.50 

• 18.00 

• 18.75 
. 18.00 
. 18.00 

■ . 18.75 

- 19.25 

■ • 21.00 

. 22.50 


. 4.00 
. 4.50 

■ 5.00 

• 5..50 

• 5.50 

• 5.75 

- .6.00 

■ 10.50 

■ 12.00 

■ 12.50 

■ 12.00 


Miles. Fares. Season Tickets. 

East Braintree,. ... 11%- 

Weymouth, 12)^.. 

North Weymouth,- 13?i-- 
East Weymouth, - - 15 - • • 

Ilingham, 17)^- ■ 

Nantasket, 19>^-' 

Cohasset, 22 • - • 

12 Mo. 

6 Mo. 

3 Mo. 

2 Mo. 


.30 •- 


■ $27.00 

■ $16.80 • 


• $8.40 

.:^2 .. 

• 48.00 

.. 28.80 

- • 17.28 • 

. 12.96 

.. 8.64 

M ■ 

- 48.00 

•• 28 80 

.. 17.28 • 

. • 12.96 

•• 8.64 


• 50.00 

-- 30.00 

■ . 18.00 • 

• . 13 50 

.. 9,00 

.40 • 

• 50.00 

-■ 30.00 

•• 18.00 • 

- • 13.50 

.. 9.00 

.50 • 

• 56.00 

•• 33.60 

-. 20.16 • 

. . 15.12 

• • 10.08 

South Shore 


diverges from 

East Braintree 





passing near 


Beach — 

and thus 

gives easy and 


access to the 


and the 


Hotels, Villas, 





fishing grounds 








Dorchester, Milton, and Quincy, afford locations for some of the most delightful and healthful resi- 
dences. Savin Hill, Harrison Square, and Neponset, from their proximity to the city, and their 
attractive scenery, have become favorite places of residence. The surface of the country, for the first 
ten miles on this route, is beautifully variegated, presenting a continual succession of picturesque 
views of the country, the city, and the sea. Its hill-tops and valleys are decked with splendid 
dwellings and tasteful cottages, and no where can be found the union of town and country more com- 
plete. An occasional ride in the cars as far as Braintree and Cohasset will amply repay one for the 
trifling sum exacted for fare. If, however, the ride is extended to Plymouth, after a visit to Plymouth 
Rock, Pilgrim Hall, and the graves of the Forefathers, the denizen of the city will return better fitted 
than ever to pursue his business. 


Coal, Iron, Manure, Lumber, Corn, Grain, Sugar, Salt, Paper, Butter, Groceries, and Dry Goods, 
4 cents per ton ; light and bulky merchandise, 4 cents per ton (140 cubic feet to the ton.) These rates 
are per mile. No parcels taken on this road for less than 20 cents. 

Luggage allowed each Passenger — 60 lbs. Excess charged at 20 cts. per 100 lbs. 





Freight Stations, 
on Pleasant, 


Eliot Street, 






for Travel 




[Office, Passenger Station.] 

HENRY DALTON, Treasurer. 
[Office, Passenger Station.] 

[Office, GO State Street.] 

[Office, Passenger Station.] 


Roxbury, 2 

Jamaica Plain,- • ■ • 4 

Toll Gat«, 5 

K. Bridge, 7 

Dedhani Low Plain, 8 

Canton, 14 

Sharon, 18 

Foxboro', 21 

Mansfield, 24 

Tobey's Corner, • • • 27 

Attleboro', 31 

Dodgeville, 33 

Perrin's Crossing,- 35 
Seekonk, 38 


• ■■10 

■ •• 12 

• -•40 

■ •■70 

- 95 
■ 95 


Providence, 42 1.25 




From Middleborough Four Corners, to Sandwich, 
via Wareham. Office, No. 16 Mercliants' Ex. 
J. H. W., President. J. H. W. Page, 

Amos Otis, Benjamin Burgess, M. S. Lincoln, 

Richard Borden, Directors. S. Shaw, Clerk and 



From South Ashburnham, through Keene, to Bel- 
lows Falls. Office, .-56 State st. 
Thomas M. Edwards, Keene, N. H. President. 
S. Hale, Benjamin F. Adams, Thomas Thacher, 
Hiram Hosmer, E. Murdock, jr., George Hunting- 
ton, Directors. C. J. Everett, Treasurer. 


From Nashville. Office, 7 Merch. Exch., Boston. 
Isaac Spalding, President. Josiah Stickney, of 
Boston ; Charles H. Peaslee, of Concord ; Robert 
Read, of Manchester ; Uriel Crocker, of Boston, 
Robert McGaw, of Merrimac, N. H. ; Emmons 
Ra5'mond, of Boston, Directors. N. P. Lovering, 
Treasurer. .John H. George, Clerk. 


From Lebaiian, N. H. to the Canada line. Office, 
No. 7 Merchants' Exchange, Boston. 
Erastus Fairbanks, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, 
President. Asa Low, Bradford, Vt., Vice-Presi- 
dent. Oliver Dean, Addison Gilmore, F. Homer, 
B. B. Mussey, N. H. Emmons, Josiah Stickney, 
William Thomas, W. F. Weld, Boston; Joseph 
Sawyer, Peirmont, N. H. ; Arthur Latham, Lyme, 
N. H. ; Henry Keyes, Newbury, Vt. ; E. B. Chase, 
Lyndon, Vt., Portus Baxter, Derby, Vt., Direc- 
tors. Henry Keyes, .Sec. Josiah Stickney, Treas. 


From Greenfield to Springfield, -'Jb miles. Office, 

No. 4 Merchants' Exchange. 

Henry W. Clapp, President. Samuel Henshaw, 
James K. Mills, E. H. Robbins, Henry W. Clapp, 
Lemuel Pope, N. II. Emmons, I. Sargent, J. Mor- | 
gan, Directors. 


From Braintree to Fall River. 
N. B. Borden, President. C. C. Gilbert, Royal 
Turner, Richard Borden, J. Borden, P. H. Peirce, 
N. Stetson, J. S. Tillinghast, J. C. Dodge, Direc- 
tors. D. Anthony, Treasurer. Nathan Durfee, 


From East Boston to Charlestown and Boston. 

Treasurer's Office, City Hall, 

Samuel S. Lewis, President. David Henshaw, 
Ich. Goodwin, Portsmouth, N. H. ; James Cun- 
ningham, Charles Paine, Northfield, Vt., Directors. 
C. G. Ripley, Secretan/. Wm. L. Dearborn, Engi- 
neer. J. C. Dunn, Treasurer and Clerk. 


Office 9 Merchants' Exchange. 
John M. Forbes, President. 
George B. Upton, Treasurer. 


From Dedham to Blackstone. Office, 10 Railroad 

Welcome Farnum, President. Isaac Livermore, 
Samuel, Freeman Fisher, Dan Hill, 
Charles H. Warren, Willis Fisher, Directors. Ed- 
mund W. Clap, Clerk. Edward Haynes, jr.. Trea- 
surer. Hem-y W. Nelson, Superintendent at Proo- 
idenee Railroad Depot, Boston. 


From Bellows Falls to Burlington, 118 miles. 
Office, 10 Merchants' Exchange. 

Timothy Follett, President. Samuel P. Strong, 
Charles Linsley, P. Fletcher, John A. Gonant, 
Chester Granger, George T. Hodges, N. Fullerton, 
Wm. Henry, Jona. Elliot, Nathan Rice, Jona. 
Howe, B. T. Reed, Directors. Samuel Henshaw, 
Tre'isurer. Samuel Swift, Assistant Treasurer and 




From Concord, N. H., to Lebanon, N. H.---69 Miles. 


GEORGE W. NESMITH, of Franklin, N. H., President 

JOSEPH B. WALKER, Clerk (Concord, N. H.) 

ONSLOW STERNS, Superintendent (Concord, N. H.) GEO. S. HARRIS, Treasurer, pro. tern. (Boston) 

[OflSce, No. 9 Kailroad JExchange.j 



JOHN R. BREWER, of Boston, FRANCIS N. FISK, of Concord, 

GEORGE A. KETTELL, of Charlestown, TIMOTHY KENRICK, of Lebanon. 

From Boston by the Lowell Railroad, through Lowell, Nashua, and Manchester, to Concord, N. H. 
Leaves Concord on the arrival of the trains from Boston, passing through the towns of Boscawen, 
Franklin, Andover, Danbury, Grafton, Canaan, and Enfield to West Lebanon, on the Connecticut 
River, there connecting with the Vermont Central and Passumpsic Railroads, and is the nearest route 
from IBoston to Central and Northern New Hampshire, Vermont, and the Canadas. It is also the 
British Steam Mail Line. 

Cars leave Franklin by the Franklin and Bristol branch on the arrival of the first train of cars for 
the White Mountains, via New Hampton, Plymouth, Franconia Notch, Littleton, &c. 

Numerous Stages connect with the roads, and leave Bristol for new Hampton, Rumney, and towns 
in those directions ; Lebanon for Meriden, Claremont, &c. ; Wells River for Littleton, White Mountains,; 
N. H., Lyndon, Craftsbury, Vt., and Stanstead, Canada ; White River Village for Woodstock, &c. ' 
Bethel for Rutland, Middlebury, &c. ; Northfield for Montpelier, Burlington, Montreal, &c. 


Office, 109 Washington street. 
Robert Rantoul, jr., rresident. David Dyer, 
James French, Thomas Bates, Benjamin French, 
Dorus Clarke, Directors. B. W. Foster, Treasurer. 
Samuel Gould, Secretary. 


From North Braintrce to Cohasset. Treasurer's 

Office, 27 State Street. 

Alfred C. Hersey, President. Elliot L. White, 
John W. Loud, William Humphrey, George T. 
Bigelow, James C. Doane, Joseph Loud, jr. Direc- 
tors. Oilman Davis, Treasurer. 


Treasurer's Office, 60 State street, Boston. 
T. B. Wales, Preside7it. S. Frothingham, J. F. 
Loring, S. Quincy, W. A. Crocker, Directors. W. 
A. Crocker, General Superintendent. Edwin Pick- 
ering, Treasurer and Clerk. 


Office, 15 Merchants' E.xchange. 
Charles Paine, President. Isaac Spalding, John 
Peck, Daniel White, Isaiah Silver, Robert G. Shaw, 
Horatio Adams, Directors. Wm. Warner, Treas- 
urer. E. P. Walton, jr., C'/er/c. 


From Walpole, N. H., to Winsor, Vt., 25 miles. 
Transfer Office, 4 Court street. 

Henry Hubbard, President. Ashbell Hamlin, 
Charlestown, N. H. ; Isaac Parker, Franklin 
Evans, Boston ; Daniel White, Charlestown, Ms. ; 
Wm. H. Farwell, Claremont, N. H. ; Wm. T. 
Eustis, Boston, Directors. George Olcott, Charles- 
town, N. H., Treasurer. P. C. Freeman, Clei'k. 


From Fitchburgh to Brattleboro*. Office 11, Rail- 
road Exchange. 
Alvah Crocker, President. Jabez C. Howe, Thos. 

Whittemore, C. Tyler, Daniel Bartlett, jr., Joseph 

Goodhue, H. Chapman, Lyman Nichols, Directors. 

John Rogers, Treasurer and Clerk. 


Office, 12 Railroad Exchange, Court sq. 
A. Gilmore, President. A. H. Bullock, Josiah 
Stickney, Robert Campbell, James M. Williams, 
John Howard, John Branning, Henry B. Grove, 
(one vacancy,) Directors. Stephen Fairbanks, 
Treastirer. Ellis Gray Loring, Clerk. A. Phelps, 
jr., Solicitor. 


The Ilailways of New England have become so numerous that there are very few places of any importance which 
cannot be reached by this mode of conveyance. The annual returns from thirty-seven railway corporations in Massa- 
chusetts, made to thpi Legislature at its last session, show tiiat ahout/orty-sei-en millions of dollars have already been 
expended in the construction of railways in this single State. The aggregate length of the roads is 954 miles, besides 
88 miles of branches. About 300 miles of new railway were put in operation on the various lines leading to Boston, 
during the past year, and the work of construction is still going on vigorously. 

This Railway System has effected a wonderful change, not only in the means of locomotion, but in the whole 
current of business. To meet the constant call for information in regard to the various lines of railway which have 
their common centre in Boston, an office has been established at No. 5 Washington street, from which the 
BOSTON PATH-FINDER, a Railway and Advertising Paper, is issued, and also, on the 1st and 15th of each mouth, the 


a very convenient and useful work, published by Geo. K. Snow & Co., under the direction and authority of the New 
England Association of Railw.ay Superintendents. An accurate Pocket Companion of this kind, giving the starting 
time of each train from each station, on all the Railways in New England, with the distjinces and fares, and other im- 
portant information for travellers, is very much needed ; and as this work is issued with the sanction and co-operation 
of the l{ailway Superintendents, who furnish the information for their respective roads, it can be relied upon with entire 
confidence. ISvery traveller should have one of them in his pocket, and be sure also that it is the last edition, as 
changes are very frequently made in the time of starting the trains. 




Located on 

Washington Street, 

nearly opposite 

the head of 
State Street. 

It occupies 

from No. 77 to 85 
Washington Street, 

and contains 
40 Stores and Offices. 


AMOS COTTING, Superintendent. Office, No. 3. 

This Edifice is admirably adapted to business purposes, and for Offices ; being situated in the centre 
of business, nearly opposite the head of State street, it is found a convenient place for a business loca- 
tion. The Building stands on the site of the First Church, and since its erection has been remodelled 
several times. It now resembles many European edifices in its interior arrangement, having a main 
entrance to the centre, from which ascends a circular staircase to the top. Surrounding this, on each 
story, are located the offices, all large, airy, and convenient. 

Several of the rooms are now unoccupied, giving a good opportunity to those in quest of a central 
location, to procure one on desirable terms. It is well adapted to those engaged in the Law business. 
Drawing, Engraving, Architecture, &c. In the Directory below will be noticed the various occupations 
and occupants. 



No. 77. John Marsh, Stationer. 

No. 77. Paine & Newcomb's 

Basement Story, North Corner. 

Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Pastry, Tea 
and Coffee, etc., constantly on hand. The cen- 
tral location of this Model Fruit and Refresh- 
ment Room renders it very convenient for the 
accommodation of both stranger and citizen. 
The Delicacies of the Tropical, as well as those 
of our oion Clijnate, are to be had at this place 
in abundance. 

No. 79. F. B. Wallis, Boots and Shoes. 

No. 83. J. Gooding, Watches and Jewelry. 

No. 8.5. Grafton & Co., 

Importers of (1/ores, Hosiery, Under Garments, 
iSfC. , and Dealers in every variety of Gentlemen's 
Wardrobe Goods ; also manufacture, from the 
best materials, by measure. Shirts, Coltars, Neck 
Stocks, Sfc. 


No. 81 Washington street, 

C. A. Hewins, 
All Shirts made to order (in the Fre7ich Style), 
of the best goods, and in the most faithful tnan- 

No. 81. Boston and Chelsea Laundry Office. 

No. 81. J. Prentiss, Music Dealer. 


No. 1. Real Estate Mutual Fike Insuiiance 
Company. Chartered in 1846. Insures baild- 
ings only. 

Willard Sears, President. Geo. B. Sickels, 
Secretary. Eben Sears, John P. Monks, Wal- 
ter Bryent, Francis Standish, Wm. Macomber, 

Edward C. Tillson, Uriah Ritchie, John Coe, 
Isaac Tower, James M. Cook, Isaac Adams, 
F. Crosby, C. J. Millard, N. Sargent, I. H. 
Hazelton, Azel Ames, J. A. Turner, Directors. 

No. 1. N. Sargent, Real Estate Agent. 

No. 1^. Silvio Gas Light Company. 0. A. Far- 
well, Treasurer. 
H. J. Sargent, Counsellor. 

No. 2. S. E. Bugbee, Architect. 

No. 3. Amos Cotting, Sujicrintendent. 

No. 4. Benjamin Johnson, Broker. 

No. 5. Goodi-ich & Dyer. Merchant Tailor.^. 

No. 5.^. D. C. Hitchcock, 

81 Washington street. 

No. 6. J. Preston, Architect and Builder. 
George W. Gray, Architect. 

No. 8. Charles Roath, Architect. 

No. 9. A Gushing, Jr. 

No. 10. U. A. Bovden, Engineer. 

No. 11. J. D. Towle, Architect. 

Harvey Graves, Architect. 

No. 13. J. Mason, Exchange Broker. 

No. 14. Boston Society of Civil Engineers. 

No. 18. R. E. Apthorp. 

No. 20. Charles Cook, Lithographic Engraver. 

No. 21. William Dennison, Architect and Drafts- 

No. 22. Max. Isnard, French Consul. 

No. 24. J. B. Casas. 

No. 26. Colonization Society. 

Theological Education Society. 

No. 32. Pkople's Daguerreotype Rooms. 81 
Washington street. 

S. FLETCHER, Proprietor. (Successor to Rice & Heard.) 
Miniatures taken in any weather, in good style, 
and neatly set iii Lockets, Frames, Pins, or 
Rings. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed, or no 
charge. TJie Public are incited to call and ex- 
amine Specimens. 




Located on 

Court Square, 

corner of 

Williams Court, 


City Hall. 



the Year 1847, 


seventy good-sized 



WILLIAM S. LOVELL, Agent and Superintendent. Office, Nos. 1 & 3 Mass. Block. 

This Block fronts on Court Square, opposite the Court House; it is pleasantly situated, and in a 
quiet place, central to business ; has a spacious entry, with light and airy rooms, and is well adapted 
for lawyer's offices, and other business purposes. 



No. 2. Magnetic Telegraph Office. 
No. 6. Free Soil State Committee. 
No. 7. Jonathan Whipple, ConMahle. 

William Monroe, Constable. 

J. T. Lawton, Constable. 
No. 8. Geological Society. 
No. 10. B. T. Cliapin, Broker. 
No. 11. Samuel K. Blaney, Broker. 

A. P. Klines, Broker. 
No. 12. Lords & Palmer, Counsellors and Attorneys 
No. 13. F. Brinley, Cotmsellor, and Commissioner 
for Texas. 


No. 14. Day & Gouch, Coumellors. 
No. 15. D. S. Gilchrist, Counsellor. 
No. 16. William Haskell, Counsellor. 
No. 17. Benjamin Haskell, Counsellor. 
No. 18. S. W. Robinson, Counsellor. 

C. E. Allen, Counsellor. 
No. 21. James H. Blake, Real Estate Broker. 

C. P. Dexter, Real Estate Broker. 
No. 20. Charles L. Woodbury, United States Com- 
No. 22. Robert Rantoul, jr., ^ 

and > Coxmsellors. 

No. 24. George F. Putnam, ) 

No. 2.5. S. H. Phillips, Counsellor, and Commissioner 
for New York, Ohio, Maryland, Vermont, and 
New Hampshire. 
No. 26. William E. Parraenter, Counsellor, and 

('ommisssoner for New York and Maine. 
No. 27. George P. Sanger, Counsellor. 
No. 28. B. W. Nichols, Couusellor. 

Henry Nichols, Broker. 
No. 30. C. W. Larrabee, Counsellor. 


No. 31. L. B. Guernsey, Counsellor, and Commis- 
iioner for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, 
Suffolk Co. {Mass.), Connecticut, New York, 
and Wiscoiisin. 

No. 32. F. L. Andrews, Counsellor. 

No. 36. W. J. Welch, Counsellor. 

No. 37. Samuel H. Pook, Naval Architect. 

No. 38. John Welch, Counsellor. 

No. 39. C. F. Bacheller, Watch Maker. 

No. 42. Macon B. Allen, Counsellor. 

No. 44. H. B. Sargent, Counsellor. 

No. 43. T. Voelckers, Architect. 

No. 48. W. C. Hibbard, Mechanical Engineer. 

No. 50. Calvin Brown, ^ ^.^ -^ ^,^^ Mechanical 

No. 50. Charles Hastings, S Enyineers. 

The Basement Story of Massachusetts Block is favorably known to citizens and strangers as 

where the gentlemanly proprietor has gained an enviable reputation in supplying the good things of 
life in a most satisfactory manner. 

The thorough and complete arrangements in the Culinary Department, the polite and efficient corps 
of Attendants, the order and neatness which always greet the visiter, have been well appreciated, 
as his thronged apartments will prove. In fact, his course has been, and still is, ONWARD! 
Encouraged by the flattering response to his " WILL ENDEAVOR" and " TOTAL ABSTINENCE," 
he designs to give the weary, as well as Food. For this purpose Mr. Gibbs is now fitting up for 


a part of the Building. A new entrance will soon be opened to a spacious Office on the first story, and 
by means of a stairway from this to the chambers, the Hotel is entirely separate and distinct from the 
business part of the building. 

Its central location, the reasonable charges, substantial fare, clean beds, and kind attention, upon 
which the stranger may always confidently depend, will render this Establishment exceedingly popuhir, 
and, if possible, give it a more enviable reputation as a IIothl than it ever enjoyed as a Restaurant. 

Brother Odd Fellows, Sons of Temperance, and the Public generally, aie respectfully invited to 
remember the place. 





Erected in 




Cost to present 



8AMUSL S. PESKINS, President. CHARLES M. ELLIS, Treasurer. 

DEXTER E. WADLEIGH, Agent and Superintendent. 




J. M. MAYO, 

J. L. 



Is located on Beach street, between Lincoln and South .sts. ; it is often called the Beach street Market, 
but its incorporated name is The South Market. The building was commenced in 1848, and finished 
the present year. Its dimensions are 72 feet by 119, and it is substantially built. The first floor is fitted 
up as a market, and contains 38 stalls for the sale of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Situated in a 
section of the city which is rapidly increasing in population and business, it cannot fail to yield a fair 
dividend to the stockholders, and prove profitable to the occupants. 

The proximity of this market to the Western Railroad, the great depot of Western produce, is 
favorable to its prosperity. The Old Colony Railroad Depot, too, is close at hand, and the residents 
of Dorchester and the neighboring towns, who daily pass over that road to their business in the city, 
find it a very convenient place to leave their empty market baskets, to be filled with the good things 
found there. To the South End purchaser it offers great inducements, as its already numerous 
patrons can testify, who avail themselves of the advantages and conveniences of this market. A large 
supply in great variety is always on hand at the lowest market rates. 


The upper story has been leased to Mr. C. R. Thorne, and will be opened in August next. Under 
the management of so popular an actor, the Beach Street Museum will merit a large share of 


C. N. Chandler. 


2 & 3. John H. Proctor. 

4. Ileliodorus Wellington. 
6. Oscar Hosford. 

6. Benjamin S. Bosworth. 

7. William Trescott. 

8. Downes & Robbins. 
9 & 11. William Wood. 

10 & 12. Scwall & Symonds. 

14. Brown & Palmer. 

16. William B. Flanders. 

18. Stephen F. Hoogs. 

20. Gorham A. Leland. 
35 & 36. T. S. Penney & Brother. 

37. Edwin Shannon. 

38. Azel Sanborn. 


Nos. 13 & lo. Hatch & Sherman. 

17 & 19. William F. McClintock. 

28. Charles H. Twiss. 

23 & 25. David Johnson. 

Butter, Cheese, and Eggs. 

29. Amasa Harmon. 
30 & 31. Thayer & Hastings. 

32. Shaw & Thomas. 

33. Levi Newcomb, jr. 

34. Drew & Cobb. 

(Cellar) 1. Childs & Chesley. 

(Cellar) 2. Sewall & Williams. 





bj the 

Legislature of Mass., 

AprU 24, 1848. 

R. RAWTOUL, Jr., President. 
B. W. FOSTER, Treasurer. 
J. C. GIBBES, Manager. 
Office, 109 Washington street. 

Silver Lake is a beautiful sheet of water, seven miles in circumference, and situated within seven 
miles of the town of Plymouth. It is accessible by means of the Plympton Branch Railroad, which 
joins the Old Colony Road at Plympton. The above cut represents the Ice Houses and Ice cutting 
operations on the Lake in Winter. The Ice from this Lake is considered the purest of any brought to 
Boston, as it leaves no sediment whatever when dissolved ; and from experiments which have been 
made, it appears that it takes a much longer time to dissolve than any other Ice, when placed 
under the influence of the same atmosphere, thereby eftecting a considerable saving to the consumer ; 
for which reason it has attracted the attention of shippers to warm climates, who have been at the 
pains to test the fact by a comparison with Ice from other sources. The difference is supposed to arise 
from Silver Lake being supplied by pure spring boater, which is longer freezing, and when frozen be- 
comes more solid, and is longer dissolving, than that which is collected from ponds of fresh water. 
The Company have cut, this season, 12,000 tons, and have extensive storehouses in South Boston, as 
well as at the Lake. 


The Militia of this city comprises the Fikst Brigade (of the First Division), Mass. Vol. Militia, 
and the Divisionaky Company of Independent Cadets, attached to the First Division. 

The First Brigade, comprises General, Field, Staff, and Company officers, as follows : — 

B. FRANKLIN EDMANDS, Brigadier General. 

THE STAFF. — N. A. M. Dudley, Briy-Major. Capt. John F. Pray, Aid-de-Camp. Capt. Joseph 
H. Berret, Quarter Master. 

FIELD OFFICERS. — Wm. B. Perkins, Colo7iel. Asa Law, Li. Colonel. Robert Cowdin, Major. 
THE STAFF. — Lieut. Francis Allen, Adjutant. Lieut. H. \V. Dsher, Quarter Master. Henry 
G. Clark, Surgeon. 

companies of artillery. 
A, Boston Artillery, Capt. W. W. Bullock. I C, AVashington Artillery, Capt. Caleb Page. 
D, Roxbury Artillery, Capt. Benj. H. Burrell. | B, Columbian Artillery," Capt. . 

FIELD OFFICERS. — Samuel Andrews, Colonel. (Yxcxfir), Lieut. Colonel and Major. 
THE STAFF. — Lieut. Cuarles L., Adjutant. Joseph W. Arnold, Quarter Master. 

companies of infantry. 

E, City Guards, Capt. Newel A. Thompson. 
B, New England Guards, Capt. J. P. Bradlee. 
K, Wash'n Light Infantry, Capt. W. C. Cassell 
H, Washington Phalanx, 1st Lieut. D. Cooley. 
P, Fusileers, 3d Lieut. B. Deland. 

To this Regiment are annexed the 
National Lancers, Capt. William F. White. | Mechanic Riflemen, Capt. Louis Dennis. 

G, Washington Light Guard, Capt. A. H. Kelsey. 
D, Boston Light Guards, Capt. Geo. C. Clark. 
A, Boston Light Infantry, 1st Lieut. F. Boyd. 
C, Mechanic Greys (S.B.), 2d Lieut. J. Jenkins. 
I, Norfolk Guards, 2d Lieut. J. Creighton. 

Lieut. Col. James W. Seaver, Captain. Miy'or Thomas C. Amory, 1st Lieutenant. Major Francis 
Brinley, 2d Lieutenant. Capt. Christopher C. Holmes, AdjutaiU. 

The two following Military Companies, consisting mainly of Officers of other Corps of Militia, exist 
in this City. 


Col. Joseph Andrews, Commander. Col. William Schouler, 1st Lieutenant. Maj. Robert Cowdin. 
2d Lieutenant. Maj. B. Perley Poore, Adjutant. Col. William Mitchell, 1st Sergeant. Col. E. F- 
Hale, 2d Sergeant. Maj. H. C. Brooks, M Sergeant. Lieut. W. Burnett, A:th Sergeant. Lieut. H. W. 
Usher, bth Sergeant. Thomas Cahill, Qth Sergeant. Col. E. F. Hale, Treasurer. William Alline, 
Clerk. Thomas Simpson, Armorer. 


Levi Beal, jr.. Captain. Wm. S. Saunders, \st Lieut. Frederick Wm. Bridge, 2d Lieut. Charles 
Griggs, Adjutant. 






costing nearly 


Covering an area 


20,000 feet. 


Tremont street, 


Court and 

School streets. 

In the year 1841, Mr. Moses Kimball established the Boston Museum at the corner of Bromfield and 
Tremont streets. The enterprise and good management of this gentleman having rendered it so fash- 
ionable and popular, it was necessary to erect the present splendid edifice, more commodiously arrang- 
ed for theatrical representations. Its numerous cabinets are crowded with every variety of Birds, 
Quadrupeds, Fish, Reptiles, Insects, Shells, Minerals, Fossils, Sec, from all parts of the world, 
together with upwards of One T/ioiisand Costly Paintings, and rare Engravings, -vvith the unique Stat- 
uary, Egyptian, Indian and Polynesian, Relics, &c., swelling to the numbers of nearly FIVE HUN- 
DRED "THOUSAND ARTICLES, comprising every Rare, Curious, Strange and Instructive thing. 
Theentii-e of this gigantic collection is on exhibition every day, and through the evening Splefididly 
Illuminated with Gas ! in addition to which every Evening, and on "Wednesday and Saturday afternoons 
for the accommodation of strangers, a series of THEATRICAL AND MUSICAL PERFORMANCES, 
are enacted by performers of acknowledged talent, aided by an Orchestra unequalled in the Union, 
and with Scenic and Stage An-angements that cannot be surpassed ! It is the Cheapest Place of Amic^e- 
mentinthe World'. To enable all visiting the city to examine not only the Vast Collection of 
Curiosities, but also to witness the splendid, chaste and amusing entertainments, the price of Admis- 
sion to the Whole, is only twenty-five cents. On all Holidays, extraordinary attractions are presented. 


Within a few years this convenient mode of conveyance has come into extensive use in Boston 
and vicinity. The increase of business having made inroads upon private dwellings, together with 
the influx of foreign population, have induced many to remove to remote parts of the city, or to 
neighboring towns ; hence the great demand for this class of conveyance, a demand which seems 
to be abundantly supplied, as the crowded streets will testify. The first hourly coach was established 
in 1826, and run between Boston and Roxbury — since which time new lines have been established in 
every direction, as will be seen by the following 


South Boston, leave Cornhill every 15 minutes, 

Fare, 6 cents. 
East Boston, 58 Court. Fare, 12 1-2 cents. 
Brighto7i, leaves No. 2 Montgomery place. Single 

tickets, 2-5 cents. Six tickets, ^1. 
Brookline, leaves No. 2 Montgomery place. Fare, 

18 3-4 cts., or eight tickets for ^1. 
Cambridge and Cambridgeport Line, leaves Har- 
vard square, Cambridge, and Brattle st. Boston. 
Harvard Street Line, leaves Harvard square. Old 

Cambridge, and Brattle st. Boston. [10 cents. 
East Cambridge, leaves City Hotel. Single fare, 
Broadway Line, starts from Cambridge and Boston 

every hour. Office in Boston, 58 Court street. 
Mt. Auburn Hourly, is discontinued in winter ; but 

during the summer season it runs in connection 

with the Old Cambridge Line. 
Charlestoicti, (Main street Line and Bunker Hill 

Line) leave 43 Brattle street every 10 minutes. 
Somerville Line, leaves 43 Brattle street. Fare, 

single tickets 10 cents. 
Chelsea, leaves 52 Brattle street. Fare, 12 1-2 cts. 
Dorchester, leaves 10 Franklin st. Fare, 12 1-2 cts. 
Grox^e Hall, leaves 10 Franklin st. Fare, 12 1-2 cts. 
Maklen, from Brattle square. P^are, 12 1-2 cents. 
Medford, from Brattle square. Fare, 25 cents. 
Roxbury Omnibuses. — A Coach leaves the office 

near the Norfolk House, Roxbury, every 7 1-2 

minutes, during the week days : the last coach 
leaves Roxbury at 9 o'clock, P. M. — and Boston 
10 o'clock, P. M. H. King, Proprietor. 
Warren Street Line, run every half hour. 
Mt. Pleasant Line, every half hour. 
The OflSce in Boston for the above coaches is 31 

Washington street. Distance, 3 miles. Fare, 10 

cents; 16 tickets for ^1,00 — to Canton st. 6 cts. 
A coach leaves the Office, near the Norfolk 

House, on Sunday, half an hour before the regular 

hours of church service, forenoon and afternoon. 

Leaves State st. Boston, half an hour after service. 

Roxbury, Tremont Road, hourly from Champney's, 
corner of Parker street, Roxbury — and from 192 
Court St. Boston. Fare 10 cts ; 16 tickets for §1. 

Jamaica Plain, office, 2 Montgomery place. 

Hobbs (Sr Prescott's Washington St. Lines. 

Dock Square Line, leave Dock Square and Canton 
street every 5 minutes. 

Lenox St. Line, from Roxbury line to Dock sq. every 
lOmins. Single fare, 6 1-4 cts; 25 tickets for $1. 

Chelsea Ferry Line, from Dover street to Chelsea 
Ferry every 15 minutes. 20 tickets for ^1 ; sin- 
gle fare, 6 1-4 cents. 

Lotcell St. Line, from Dover street to Lowell depot. 
Runs every 20 minutes; 20 tickets for^l. 

Tucker Line, from Dover st. to Warren bridge. 




The Custom House opens in the Summer at 9 o'clock, A. M., and shuts at 2 o'clock, P. M. In the 
Winter, it opens at 10 o'clock, A. M., and shuts at 2 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday afternoons, it opens 
one hour for the clearance of coasters. Custom House, foot State Street 


Philip Greely, Jr., Collector. 
Wm. A. Wellman, Assistant Collector. 


Ephraim L. Frothingham, Cas/iier. 

Albert Hanscom, Assistant Cashier. 

Nathan M. Cutler, Bond and Permit Clerk. 

William Alline, Impost Clerk. 

Henry D. Clary, Forei<jii Clearance Clerk. 

George B. Wellman, Coastwise and Protection 

E. L. Frothingham, jr.. Cashier Clerk. 

W. H. Emery, Impost Book-keejier. 

John E. Billings, Assistant Impost Clerk. 

M. M. Ballou, Assistant Bond and Statistical 

Samuel Andrews, Marine Clerk and Registrar. 

Joseph W. Wright, Marine Abstract Clerk. 

Eli A. Yale, Miscellaneous Clerk. 

J. 0. Shaw, Assistant Clearance Clerk. 

L. P. Davis. Export Book-keeper. 

C. Danielson Lincoln, Foreign Entry Clerk. 

Henry A. S. D. Payne, Warehouse Clerk. 

Henry M. Clarke, Clerk of Correspondence a?id 

•R. S. S. Andros, Inward Entry Clerk in Ware- 

Enoch Osgood, jr., Outward Entry Clerk in 

Thornton A. Merrick, Warehouse Book-keeper. 

Francis E. Moulton, Bond Accountant. 

Nathaniel Gale, Arranger of Papers. 

Cyrus Chase, Inspector, Superintendent Custom 
House and Messenger. 

J. M. Stevens, \st Assistant Messeiu/er. 

J. Richards, 2d Assistant Messenger. 


Charles Hudson, Naval Officer. 
R. M. Gay, Deputy Naval Officer. 
George H. Cutter, Naval Officer's Clerk. 
N. L^ Hyde, do. do. do. 

William Williams, Debenture Clerk. 
A. J. Locke, William H. Burbeck, Clerks. 


John McNiell, Surveyor. 

Hu£;h Jameson, Deputy Surveyor. 

William W. Parker, Clerk. 

J. H. Prince, Clerk. 

F'ranklin Prince, Messenger. 


A. H. Ward, L. M. Barker, Geo. W. McLellan, 
W. G. Eaton, C. Clark, S. Walker, N. Sweet, L. 
Hamilton, James H. Berret, F. R. Gourgas, J. 
Baker, H. N. Crane, J. W. Arnold. 

Lewis Josselyn, Inspector, Marker, and Prover of 
Spirits and Wines. 


Charles Howard, Hosea Ilslev, A. Green, N. 
Ball, W. Snow, S. C. Allen, H. E. Baldwin, Geo. 


I U. S. Warehouses are located on Long and Union 


Thomas J. Marsh, Public Store Keeper. Office, 
Custom House. 

T. B. Dix, l.v^ Warehouse Clerk. 

George P. Burnham, '2d Clerk. 

A. A. Melvin, Storage Clerk. 

J. C. Brown, Examination Clerk. Custom House 
Block, Long wharf. 

J. N. Riddle, Clerk, at Custom House Block. 

I. C. Trow, Assistant Store Keeper, at Custom 
House Block, Long wJiarf. 

Wm. P. Brown, Assistant Store Keeper, at U. S. 
Warehouse, Union wharf. 


J. Kettcll, M. Pettingill, William Tuckorman, 
Charles Walley, T. W. Flagg, F. A. Durivage, J. 
P. Lord, J. M. Stone, A. Lansing, H. C. Merriam, 
William S. Bartlett, S. L. White, S. Jones, A. 
Child, jr., J. G. Foster, Robert S. Smith, N. Whit- 
ten, H. K. May. T. Gushing, J. M. Sibley, P. Kim- 
ball, T. Harrison, S. W. Chandler, J. Atkins, D. 
Tliacher, A. A. Roberts, S. O. Dearborn, (j. Di( k- 
inson, H. W. Robinson, W. A. Lewis, J. W. Da- 
vis, Adam Harrington, J. Kuhn, C. A. Morton, 
William English, C. Edmunds, J. Branning, Thos. 
Wentworth, Charles A. Mann, H. A. Cooke, A. 
F. Wilmarth, Clark S. Bixby, Timo. Munroe, Jas. 
Bird, E. S. Brewster, R. Richardson, A. J. Loud, 
Isaac Newton, Albert G. Tenney, George Russell, 
Theodore Stanwood, Samuel A. Cashing, Wm. B. 
Duggan ; Cohasset, H. J. Turner. 


William R. Stacy, Captain. Thos. Richardson, 
Job Tower, W. Alexander, F. W. H:ill, S. Dick- 
son, E. S. Price, David Homer, N. B. Shaw, W. 
B. Moffatt, C. McLellan, D. D. Hartley, Orrick 
Look, Geo. P. Marston, D. D. Haynes. S. W. Bar- 
ton, J. C. Bartlett, J. D. Bates, G. Blish, M. 
Stearns. L. B. Leach, T. C. Leeds. 


Appraisers' Office, Custom House Block, Long wf. 

C. J. F. Allen, Samuel J. Bridge, Principal 

Samuel Eveleth, Charles Bradley, Assistant do. 

C. Dana Lincoln, Wm. Allen, Examiners of Dry 

George F. Emery, Examiner. 

William Hard wick. Recording Clerk. 

Charles W. SpofFord, Invoi<-e Clerk. 

M. Riley, jr., Warrant Clerk. 

I. Howe, Arranging Clerk. 

Isaac T. Ripley, Messenger and Clerk. 

Joseph C. Frost, jr., Charles M. Kingsley, Out 
Door Examiners. 

Jacob Tarr, George B. Dexter, Thos. M. Smith, 
William E. Foster, Benj. H. Todd, Laborers in the 
Public Stores. 


James Kettell, Boarding Officer, Long Wharf. 


Anthony Cline, George Homer, J. G. Grafton, 
M. L. Herborn, Charles Winter. 


AACK THEODORE, tinsmith, h. 27 Soutli 
Aaron Mary F. Mrs. house Old Road 
Abbe Alanson, physician, house 20 Boylston 
Abbe Fredericlc R. boards 20 Boylston 
Abbot Andrew, mason, house 5(i Portland 
Abbot Benj. cooper, Medt'ord, h. 40 Charlestown 
Abbot Charles, fruit, Allen, corner Blossom 
Abbot George W. & Co. (Wm. Fimicss, Jr.), com. 

merchants, 21 Central wf., h. G4 Poplar 
Abbot John F. book binder, h. 10 E, near 8th 
Abbot Joseph Hale, teacher, h. 4 Temple pi. [non 
Abbot Matilda C. wid'w of SamT L., h. 72 Mt. Ver- 
Abbot Sam. L. phys'n, 16 Winter, h. 72 Mt. Vernon 
Abbot Theodore, book binder, h. 2 Jefferson 
Abbot Thomas P. laborer, bds. 20 Pleasant st. ct. 
Abbot Timothy, house 19 Broadway 
Abbot Walter, 37 Hanover, h. r. 20 Bowdoin 
Abbott Alba, carp'ter, 96i Portland, h. 27 Billerica 
Abbott Applcton, porter, house B, near ith 
Abbott Benj. F. (J. cS- B. F. Abbott), h. at N. Maiden 
Abbott Charles A. 291 Washington, b. 16 Tyler 
Abbott David S. truckman, house 68 Essex 
Abbott Edwin A. (7/. Jones S; Co.), Clifton wf. 
Abbott George, cutter, house rear 1 Strong place 
Abbott George, h. 64 Poplar 
Abbott Hiram, bds. 33 Atkinson 
Abbott J. & B. F. botanic and Thomsonianmed'ne, 

140 Hanover, house do. 
Abbott Jacob C. wood, 4o Brighton, h. 104 Leveret 
Abbott {James A.) & Chase {31. S.), counsellors, 

31 Court, house 45 Bowdoin 
Abbott Jerre (L. BuUard <Sr Co.), h. 45 Bowdoin 
Abbott John, 4 Court square 
Abbott John, teamster, house 4 Norfolk place 
Abbott John C. shoes, &c., 17 Central, b. Pavilion 
Abbott John E. fancy goods, 222 Washington, h. 

7 Bussey place [City Hotel 

Abbott John H. book binder, 11 CornluU, boards 
Abbott Joseph, mariner, house Highland place 
Abbott Mary C. boarding, 9 New Cross 
Abbott Robert B. clerk freight E.R.R. b. Maverick 
Abbott Samuel, truckman, house 68 Essex 
Abbott Timothy B. mason, house rear 15 Maiden 
Abbott Wra. H. carpenter, h. 12 E, n. 8th 
Abbott Wm. P. {Loriiuj, Abbott, iSi" Porter), h. at 

Jamaica plain 
Abbott Wm. P. h. 40 S. Russell 
Abbott & Co. express office, 8 Court 
Abele Francis, machinist, house 5 Norwich 
Abele Philip, cooper, house Camden place 
Abell Levi, carpenter, house 8 Carver 
Abell Rollin, book keeper, house 43 South Cedar 
Abell Salem, carpenter, house 8 Carver 
Aborn Henry M. 9 Court sq., h. 86 Mt. Vernon 
Aborn Samuel O. hatter, 95 Wash., h. Lynde, cor. 

Green [1 T wharf, house 14 Charter 

Abrahams Benjamin, cooper and inspector of lish, 
Abrams George S. 9 Court, house at Chelsea 
Abrams Joseph, house 65 Salem 
Abrams William, laborer, h. 2d st., n. Dorchester 
Ackerman George, fruit, Causeway, c. Andover 
Ackers John & Co. (Henry Lubke), furnaces, &c., 

4 Water, house 30 South Cedar [5 Getting 

Ackley George, cabinet maker, 14 Charlestown, b. 
Acres G. T. tinsmith, Sargent's wf., h. 63 Charter 
Acres Hannah, nurse, h. London, c. Meridian 

Acres John W. sail maker, h. Havre, n. Meridian 

Acton John, laborer, house 42 Endicot 

Adam A. clerk, boards 120 Charles 

Adam George Gordon, 30 Court 

Adams Abel, house 2 Wiuthrop place 

Adams Abel A. clerk, 74 Hanover, b'ds 24 Mj'rtle 

Adams Adoniram J. {M. L. Hall ^ Co.), house 3 

Cleveland place 
Adams Albert S. machinist, h. Silver, near E 
Adams Alexander L. 22 Commercial wharf 
Adams Alvin, architect, b. 2 Central court 
Adams (Alv/n) & Co. {JVm. B. Dimmore), N. Y. 

Express, 9 Court, house 12 Franklin square 
Adams Amos, cordwainer, rear 68 Fourth 
Adams Amos B. grocer, Federal, n. High, h. 24 Sea 
Adams Asa, broker, house 8 Hudson 
Adams Ashur, broker, 5 Exchange, h. at Roxbury 
Adams Augustus, truckman, house 6 Cherry 
Adams Benjamin, book binder, 81 Cornhill 
Adams Benjamin, 17 Doane, h. 26 Pemberton sq. 
Adams Benjamin F. book keeper, 23 Kilby 
Adams Benjamin F. clerk, 34 Long wharf 
Adams Betsey, seamstress, house Avery, c. Mason 
Adams Catharine, house 145 Pleasant 
Adams Charles, stair builder, house 13 Bridge 
Adams {Charles) & Runey {S. S.), 86 F. H. mar- 
ket, house at Somerville 
Adams Charles B. house 15 South Russell 
Adams Charles B. F. notary public and commis- 
sioner, 29 State, h. 38 Dover [57 Mt. Vernon 
Adams Charles Francis, counsellor, 23 Court, h. 
Adams Charles Frederick, 25 Doane, h. 26 Chesnut 
Adams Charles H. carriage maker, b. Groton, cor. 

Adams Charles H. daguerreotypist, 190 Wash. 
Adams Charles P. com. mer. 12 Merchants' row 
and 88 Utica, h. 14 Boylston [town 

Adams Chester, pres. Union Bank, h. at Charles- 
Adams Colman S. counsellor, 1 Devonshire, house 
Suffolk, near Haven [h. 21 Lyman place 

Adams Daniel R. watch maker, 1 AVashington, 
Adams David J. book keeper. Eastern Exchange 
Adams Dean J. stabler, Lancaster, h. 7 Nashua 
Adams Eben. L. bds. 10 Gouch 
Adams Edith, Mrs. house 21 Lyman place 
Adams Edward, jr. ship chandler, 43 India, house 
at Somerville [1 Louisburgh sq. 

Adams Edward F. {Winslow, Adams £^ Co.), house 
Adams Edwin F. 20 Long wf., h. at Charlesto^vn 
Adams Edwin, physician, house 23 Oxford 
Adams Edwin, mason, house 4 Cleveland place 
Adams Elizabeth, tailoress, house 5 West Centre 
Adams Ephraim, book binder, h. Broad, n. Summer 
Adams Francis, 21 Dock sq., house at Charlestown 
Adams Francis, house 739 Washington 
Adams Frank, clerk, 27 Milk, h. 9 Kingston 
Adams Freeborn, machinist, h. Silver, near D 
Adams Geo., com. mer. 10 Liberty sq., h. 834 Wash. 
Adams George, publisher, 95 1-2 Washington — 

Boston Directory office — h. next 2 Fayette 
Adams {George Edn\trd) Sc Farnsworth {J. C), 
clocks and jewelry, 67 Wash., h. 90 Tremont 
Adams Geo. T. liats,iK:c. 87 Hanover, h. 17 Pinckn'y 
Adams George W. & Co. (.S. A. Denio, N. Clieney, 
if C. Ss; S. Roberts), blacksmiths <Sr machinists. 
Causeway, corner Friend 



Adams George W. printer, h. Silver, near A 
Adams Geo. Washington, counsellor, 8 Court sq. 
Adams Geo. W. importer corsets, 304 Washington, 

house 12 Suffolk place 
Adams Hannah, widow of Geo. W., h. 54 Lowell 
Adams Harriet, Mrs. dress maker, 7 N. Grove 
Adams Helen, house rear 15 Gouch 
Adams Henry (C'/ias. Anio/d i^- Co.).'h. 7 Kingston 
Adams Henry K. {Holhrnok &;A.), house 92 Salem 
Adams H'ram, printer, Uev'nshire, cor. Spring lane 
Adams Hiram P. type founder, 52 Washington 
Adams H. N. machinist, h. 1 Village place 
Adams Horace, machinist, boards National House 
Adams Isaac, clerk, 2 Federal, h. r. 29 Allen 
Adams Isaac, peddler, h. 2 Foster place 
Adams Isaac, machinist, h. 36 Broadway 
Adams Isaac, teamster, house 25 South Cedar 
Adams Isaac, jr. pinno ft. maker, h. 25 S. Cedar 
Adams James, teamster, bds. 84 Brighton 
Adams James, book keeper, house 97 Essex 
Adams James, shoe maker, 92 Endicot 
Adams James, watchman, house AVebster, E. B. 
Adams Jas. B. mess. Atlantic Bank, h. at Roxbury 
Adams James L. laborer, house 25 Suffolk 
Adams Jedediah, house 17 Causeway [town 

Adams J. Hobby, clerk, 90 Hanover, h. at Charles- 
Adams Joel M. carpenter, 13 Hawley, h. 52 Tyler 
Adams John, bds. 1 Louisburgh sq. 
Adams John, jr., 23 N. Market, h. at Roxbury 
Adams John Brown, 9 Congress, b. 16 Kingston 
Adams John C. counsellor, 23 Court, boards 40 

Adams John F. wire worker, h. 121 Endicot 
Adams J. H. 2 Milk, bds. U. S. Hotel 
Adams John J. brushes, 99 Wash. h. 51 Summer 
Adams John Q. {Green S; A.), bds. 3 London 
Adams John Q. silk manuf. bds. 14 Lowell 
Adams John Q. shipwright, h. Meridian, E. B. 
Adams John Q. blacksmith, h. 7 Meridian, E. B. 
Adams John Q. clerk 63 Milk, b. 9 Brattle square 
Adams John W. teacher of music, 251 Wash. 
Adams Joseph, painter, Athens, h. 250 do. 
Adams Joseph H. pres. N. E. Mu. M. Ins. Co., h. 

I Louisburgh square [square 
Adams Joseph" H. jr., r. 48 State, h. 1 Louisburgh 
Adams Joseph K. boot maker, 7 Pinckney, h. 5 do. 
Adams {Josejoh .1/.) & Taft, whalebone workers, 

II R. R. block, h. r. B, n. Broadway 

Adams Joseph W. piano ft. maker, h. r. 730 Wash. 
Adams Joshua, clerk, bds. 6 Allston 
Adams Josiah A. fruit, &c. 43 Brattle, h. 7 N. Grove 
Adams Lvdia, ladies' caps, h. 94 Tremont 
Adams {Martin) K Yates (L. £».), shipping office, 

91 Com'l, h. 21 Liverpool, n. Maverick, E. B. 
Adams Mary Ann H, h. Suffolk, c. Pembroke 
Adams Nathaniel, mason, house 20 Sudbury 
Adams Nath'l W. carpenter, 8 Wilson lane, h. at 

Adams Nehemiah. Rev. house 4 Boylston place 
Adams Oren, restorator, house 40 Vine 
Adams Ovlestus J. 203 Wash., h. at Newton 
Adams Paul {Sfone fy- Af/ams), house 46 Charles 
Adams Peter, book keeper, house 17 Causeway 
Adams Philip, caulker and graver, h. 57 Salem 
Adams Reuben B. laborer, house 11 Tyler 
Adams Richard, house Eutaw 
Adams Roxa, teacher, house 24 Sea 
Adams {Samiiel) & White {Jo/in f/.), bookbinders, 

91 Washington, house 2 Belknap 
Adams Samuel F. printer, h. Meridian, E. Boston 
Adams Samuel G. police officer, h. 28 Bridge 
Adams Samuel G. 67 Hanover, bds. Central House 
Adams Samuel J. machinist, house 9 Einerald 
Adams Samuel T. house 6 South Townsend place 
Adams Sanford, boards 2 Hollis place 
Adams Seaver, broker. 5 Exchange, h. 18 Florence 
Adams Seth & Co. ( WlUinm B. Dodge .<!,■ G. II. Ev- 

erson), machinists. Foundry st., h. 67 Br'dway 
Adams Simeon P., Boston tea store, 167 Court, h. 

165 do. 

Adams Simeon P. 179 Wash., h. at Jamaica plain 
Adams Solomon, teacher, Central place, h. 47 W. 

Adams Susan H. house Suflfolk 
Adams Thomas, house 3 Fuller [h. K, cor. 5th 
Adams Thomas, furnishing goods, &c., 354 Wash. 
Adams Thomas, joiner, house 6 Kneeland place 
Adams Thomas S. restorator, opp. Lowell depot, 

house 20 Leveret 
Adams William & Co. {David Stone S;A. Betteley), 

machinists, Fulton, c. Cross, h. at Cambridge 
Adams William, shipwright, h. 67 Poplar 
Adams William, mason, house 144 Cambridge 
Adams William H. ( Goddard &;A.), h. 28 Vv'. Cedar 
Adams Wm. J. shoes, 19 Shoe and Leather 
Adams William J. teacher, house 3 Decatur 
Adams William P. Mrs. house 24 Summer 
Adams William T. usher Boylston School 
Adams Zabdiel B. physician, house 157 Tremont 
Adamson Edmund N. clothing, 42 Causeway [pi. 
Adan John R. counsellor, 11 Court, h. 2 Hamilton 
Adden John, jr. 31 Shoe and Leather, h. at Reading 
Adler J. G. house 67 Mt. Vernon 
Adlington Benj. W. housewright, h. 41 Brighton 
Aegan Ann M. dress maker, bds. 27 W. Castle 
Aernberg Anna C. boarding, h. 228 Harr. avenue 
Ager Geo. B. shoes & leather, 23 Shoe & Leather, 

bds. U. S. Hotel [at E. Bridgewater 

Ager Solomon, shoes and leather, 78 Pearl, house 
Agge Jacob, machinist, h. AVebster, E. Boston 
Agin Andrew, laborer, house Gold, near A. 
Agin John, stone mason, h. Suftblk, n. Lenox 
Agin John, laborer, h. 24 Pleasant 
Agin John, marble worker, house 31 Merrimac 
Agin John, laborer, h. r. 3 Foster place 
Agin Mary, widow, house rear 53 Atkinson 
Agin Patrick, laborer, house 2d street, near D 
Agin Thomas, laborer, house 17 Adams 
Agin Thomas, laborer, h. 19 E. Orange 
Aglar Francis, rigger, h. Broad, opp. Maine wharf 
Agnew Lawrence, tailor, house 1 Newland 
Agnew Margaret, widow, 1 Margaret 
Ahrenfeldt Charles, importer fancy goods, 14 Kilby 
Aiel Mitchell, truckman, house 7 N. Charles 
Aiken Arden, laborer, house 10 Southac 
Aiken Calvin, house 56 South 
Aiken Charles, laborer, house r. Everett, E. B. 
Aiken Fanny, widow, h. Ferry wharf, Lewis 
Aiken James B. grocer, 20 Atkinson, b. 240 Har- 
rison avenue [Coml. wf., h. 41 Prince 
Aiken {John) & Amerige {H.), sail makers, 1 
Aiken Jonathan, laborer, house Cottage, E. B. 
Aiken Lemuel G. clerk, house 4 Howard 
Aiken Lewis, mason, house 35 Garden 
Aiken Micajah, maiincr, Meridian, near Havre 
Aiken Robert, house 76 KneelaTid 
Aiken Robert, hackman, at 95 Purchase 
Aiken Robert, jr. stable 62 South, b. 95 Purchase 
Aiken {William A.) & James {Francis), masons, 

rear 45 1-2 Congress, house 163 Broadway 
Aimer James, cabinet maker, house Gold, n. B 
Ainsworth F. S. physician, 11 Howard [Hudson 
Ainsworth Joseph F. Ill AVash., bds. Harvard, c. 
Akarman Margaret, milliner, 242 1-2 8z 308 AVash. 
Akerman Baruott AV engineer, house Border, cor. 

Sumner, E. Boston 
Akerman G. L. h. 38 Porter 

Akerman James A. 5 Congress, boards 8 Howard 
Akins James, boarding house, 1 Sun court 
Akins John, office 32 Harrisoii av., h. 12 Second 
Alaney Michael, grocer, 32 Cross, h. do. 
Albeck Albert, blacksmith, house 15 Carver 
Albee Amos, machinist, house 26 Hull 
Albee Eliza, dress maker, bds. 2 Russell place 
Albee Henry N. house 4 New Cross 
Albee Jos. A. & Co. merch. tailors, 3 Diamon-1 bl'k, 

Hanover, and 99 Cambridge, h. 3 Morima^ 
Albert John M. baker. Canton, near Trem nt 
Albert Joseph, rigger, 260 Commercial, house 7 

Lathrop place 





Albeitson William S. painter, Sumner, h. Liver- 
pool, near Sumner, E. Boston 
Albree John, merchant, liouse 2) Pemberton sq. 
Alchohol Alfred, iishermin, h. 2) Wash, place 
Alcord Alt'red, laborer, house 4 Carney place 
Alcott A. Bron-ion, roonis 12 West, h. E. Ded- 

ham. near Wash. 
Aldeu (Albert) & Aldrich (H. D.), straw goods, 50 

Milk, house at Foxboro' 
Alden Betsey, house 43 Tremont 
Alden D ivid, penny post, house 104 Salem 
Alden Edward M. salesman, 34 Ann 
Alden Elbrid^e G. lard oil manufacturer, 199 Broad, 

house Purchase, opposite Gridley 
Aldeii Elizabeth, tailoress, house 43 Tremont 
Alden George (Sci/nuel F. Morse & Co.), h. Suffolk, 

corner Haven 
Alden Hiram C. 76 Water, b. 10 Dls. place 
Alden Horatio B. jr. {B. P. Spaulding ^ Co.), h. 

at Randolph 
Alden James, Union, cor. Ann, h. 3 Bennet av. 
Aldeu John C. 97 Lowell, boards 7 Pitts 
Alden John H. clerk, boards o Sheafe 
Alden Joseph W. salesman at W. P Tenny's, h. 

at Cambridge 
Alden Lorenzo, variety, Charlestown bridge, h. do. 
Alden Maynard W. boot maker, 40 Albany 
Alden Nathaniel L. h. r. 1 Leveret, n. the bridars 
Aldeu Paul {Little, A. ^ Co.), house at New York 
Alden Robert T. sail maker, 108 Commercial, h. 

256 Hanover 
Alden William, clerk, 89 Hanover, h. 26 Blossom 
Alden William V. clerk, Kittredge & Blakes, h. 

260 Tremont 
Aldrich Aaron, 82 F. H. market, house 9 Pitts 
Aldrich Albert M. 4 F. H. market {cellar), bds. 40 

Aldrich Eli, teamster, house 6 Kellam place 
Aldrich Daniel, engineer, boards 43 Broadway 
Aldrich Henry D. {Alden is A.), 5") Milk 
Aldrich Henry, expressman, b. 8 La Grange pi. 
Aldrich John, machinist, h. r. 67 Tremont 
Aldrich Jonathan, coachman, house 8 Myrtle 
Aldrich J. B. clerk, house 113 Chambers 
Aldrich William A. 53 Milk, boards 3 Arch 
Alexander Andrew, physician, h. 146 Broadway 
Alexander Chas. A. ( iVashbu7->iSs A.), 7 Change av. 
Alexander Eldad, jr. 73 Kilby, b. 115 Harr. av. 
Alexander Francis, artist, 34 Tremont row, liouse 

15 West Cedar 
Alexander Horatio N. mason, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Alexander John, painter, house 131 Hudson 
Alexander John B. boatman, h. 4 Langdon pi. 
Alexander L. D. cl'k, 140 Pleasant, h. at Roxbury 
Alexander Mary A. nurse & midwife, 8 Leveret 1. 
Alexander Nancy, tailoress, house 45 Myrtle 
Alexander Patrick, tailor, house 37 1-2 Prince 
Alexander Thomas, hou«e 21 Wall 
Alexander Whitaker H. 21 Pearl 
Alexander Wm. mariner, bds. 4 Webster pi. 
Alexander {Richard R.) & Went {R.), sail makers, 

23 Foster's wharf, house at Charlestown 
Alexander William, machinist, house 12 Emerald 
Alexander William, housewright, house 78 Broad 
Alexander William, ship joiner, house Saratoga 
Alger Cyrus, founder, 2 Central wf., b. 38 Fourth 
Alger Cyrus, jr. founder, 2 Central wharf, house 44 

Alger Francis, 2 Central wharf, house 34 Fourth 
Alger Horace B. machinist, boards 19 Cross 
Alger James, grocer, Comm'l, cor. Hull, h. do. 
Algren Maria, house 40 Tyler [13 Canton 

Allan George AV. dry goods, Canton, n. Sutlblk, h. 
Allard Jas. M. upholsterer, 51 Kneeland, h. 19 Oak 
Allarton {Win.) & Bell {John), fish and oysters, 

663 Washington, boards 19 Rochester 
Allcott William W., Suffolk County Mills, E. R. 

R. wharf, h. at Cambridgeport 
Allen Aaron H. furniture, feathers, &c. 1 & 2 Dock 

square, boards 1 Mount Vernon 

Allen Abby, Mrs. house 669 Washington 
Allen Albert P. 55 Blackstone, boards 4 Nashua 
Allen Amos S. bowling, r. 36 Hanover, h. 5 Eaton 
Allen Amos T. {Miller ij- A.), h. 3 Alhton place 
Allen Andrew J. & Co. {Jeremiah ^ Fred. A. Al- 
len), stationers, 80 State, h. at "West Newton 
Allen Artemas, boots and shoes, 75 Blackstone, h. 

7 Nashua 
Allen {Benjamin F.) & Starbird (.Y. IF.), clothing, 

5 Market square, h. 3 AUston place 
Allen Benjamin F. engraver, 22S Washington 
Allen {Bi'iij. L.) & Boal {James II.), furniture, 3 

and 4 Holmes' bloc-k. Hayniarket sq. 
xA-llen Brigham E. 1 Tremont row, bds. 34 Common 
Allen {Caleb C.) & Endicott {Henri/), machinists. 

North Grove, house 26 Bridge 
Allen Calvin, carver, 334 Washing., h. at Roxbury 
Allen Catherine, Mrs. boarding, 9 Sudbury 
Allen Charles, laborer, b. 83 Albany 
Allen Charles, carpenter, house 1 Charlestown 
Allen Chas. printer, 5 Washing., h. 6 Oxford pi. 
Allen Charles C. painter, h. Highland pi. E. B. 
Allen Charles E. counsellor, 18 Massachusetts 
block, boards 33 Essex [Oak 

Allen Charles H. book keeper, 31 School, bds. 29 
Allen Charles J. F., Custom House, h. 73 Broadway 
Allen Daniel F. 5 ComT, house 669 Washington 
Allen Elisha H. counsellor, 4 Court, b. Tremont 

Allen Elizabeth, house 433 Washington 
Allen Elizabeth, widow, house 11 Belmont 
Allen Ephraim & Co. {Wm. E. Allen), foreign & 

domestic woollens, 29 Milk, h. 69 Atkinson 
Allen Ezra, mast maker, 273 Coml. & Sumner, E. 

Boston, house 116 Salem 
Allen Francis, builder, house 21 Indiana place 
Allen Francis G. clerk, 101 Milk, house 43 High 
Allen Frederick, clerk, b. 1 Eliot 
Allen Frederick A. (.4. J. Allen &; Co.), h. 69 Dover 
Allen Frederick D. dry goods, 58 Milk, house 22 


Allen {Freeman), Harris (.V.), & Potter {J. C), 

boots, shoes, and leather, 61 & 63 Pearl, h. 23 

Pemberton square 

Allen Gaius W. watchman, h. Canton, n. Tremont 

Allen {George) &j Noble {William), hardware, 10 

Washington, house 44 Pinckney 
Allen George, clerk, house 23 Poplar 
Allen George, jr. master Hancock School 
Allen Harriet, dry goods. Broadway, c. Dorchester 
Allen Henry, clerk, boards opp. 6 Adams 
Allen Henry, machinist, boards 3 Maiden [av. 

Allen Henry, {Hallet, Cumston, S,- A.), h. 187 Harr. 
Allen Henry C. 20 Milk, boards 69 Atkinson 
Allen Hosea, truckman, house 18 Cooper 
Allen H. M. E. milliner, house 26 Poplar 
Allen Ira, com. mer. 17 State, h. at Roxbury 
Allen James, Mrs. house 44 Pinckney 
Allen James E. clerk, O. C. depot, h. 98 Hudson 
Allen James H. {Plummer S^ A-), bds. at Roxbury 
Allen James M. auctioneer, 28 Federal, house at 

Allen James'W. clerk, b. 336 Wash. [Newton 

Allen Jeremiah (.4. J. Allen &; Co.), house at West 
Allen John, house 187 Harrison avenue 
Allen John, mariner, boards 2 Vine 
Allen John, machinist, boards 6 Pitts 
Allen John, laborer, house rear 281 Ann 
Allen John E. boards 36 Leveret 
Allen John H. jeweller, 7 Court av.,bds.5 Vernon 
Allen John L. machinist, b. 8) Albany 
Allen Jonas B. carpenter, b. 13 La Grange place 
Allen Joseph, grocer, Pitts, c. S. Margin, house 

90 Chambers 
Allen Joseph, teamster, house 4 Sullivan pi. 
Allen Joseph H. 35 Milk, house 6 Ashland av. 
Allen Josiah, baker, house 21 West Dedham 
Allen Lewis E. boots and shoes, 171 Wash., bds. 84 
Bedford [at Charlestown 

Allen Macon B. counsellor, 42 Mass. block, house 





Allen Maria, house 9 Grotoii 

Allen Michael, laborer, house Kneeland, cor. Tyler 
Allen Michael, teamster, h. 3 Langdon place 
Allen Michael, laborer, house Cooper, near Salem 
Allen Nath'l G. Ilev. boards Maverick House 
Allen Nathaniel W. freight master E. R. R., h. 

Allen Otis, truckman, b. 7 Medford court 
Allen Parmelia, widow, house Highland pi. E. B. 
Allen Patrick, laborer, house Silver, near B 
Allen Patrick H. tailor, house 4 Poplar ct. 
Allen Peter, clerk, house 43 High 
Allen Robert {John Dasey &; Co.), house 275 Ann 
Allen Samuel A. house 46 Brighton 
Allen Samuel C, Custom House, house Webster 
Allen Samuel P. iron, steel, and tin plate, 11 

Broad, house at Cambridgeport 
Allen Samuel R. packet agent and com. merch. 

133 State, h. cor. Pearlst. and place 
Allen Samuel R. clothing, 35 N. Market, house at 
Somerville [bds. 5o High 

Allen Samuel W. provisions, Atkinson, c. High, 
Allen Sarah, nurse, house 104 Hudson 
Allen Sarah C. house 34 Kingston [h. at Newton 
Allen Sidney, piano-forte maker, 416 Washington, 
Allen Silas, house 123 Harrison avenue 
Allen Stephen, truckman, house 6 Beverly 
Allen Stephen G. iron and steel, 31 Central, h. 84 
Mount Vernon [Jamaica plain 

Allen Stephen M. com. mer. 17 State, house at 
Allen Thaddcus, house 306 Washington 
Allen Thomas, printer, house 59 Marion 
Allen Thomas, house Bennington, near Chelsea 
Allen Thomas, printer, bds. 20 Hayward place 
Allen Thomas J. 39 Milk, b. Adanis House 
Allen Washington, 20 Milk, bds. 69 Atkinson 
Allen William, boards 4 Poplar court 
Allen William, house 30 Charles 
Allen William, macliinist, b. 87 West Cedar 
Allen Wm. handcartman, h. N. Margin, n. Prince 
Allen Wm. restorator, 131 Cambridge 
Allen Wm., Custom House, b. 47 Mount Vernon 
Allen William, baker, 5 Southac 
Allen William, waiter, house 7 Bridge st. ct. 
Allen Wm. E. {E. Alien &; Co.), bds. 69 Atkinson 
Allen Wm. H. (Howe Si A.), b. 4S High 
Allen Wm. H., Frenchgoods, 216rWash., h. 214 do. 
Allen William H. b. 66 Essex 
Allen William S. 34 Ann 

Allen Wm. W. shoes, 1 Market sq., h. 262 Fourth 
Allen Zenas, paper hangings, 31 School, h. 29 Oak 
Allendorf Andrew, laborer, house Plymouth 
Alley Charles R. clerk. City Hall 
Alley John B. physician, 19 Winter 
Alley (/. B.), Tapley (P. P.), & Co. (Abner S. 
Moore), shoes and leather, 18 Blackstone, house 
at Lynn [Southac 

Alley William H. hair dresser, 32 Merrimac, b. 9 
Alline Henry, reg. of deeds, Ct. sq., h. 12 Allen 
AUine Wm. clerk. Custom House, house 28 Allen 
Allison David, hackman, house o Bridge 
Allison James W. clork, boards 43 Bedford 
Allison John, clerk, 8 S. Market, b. Nat'al House 
AUiston John, laborer, house Creek square 
AUiston Amv, nurse, house 6 Bennet place 
Allyn (EcJicin) 8c Whittier (P. H.), ship steering 
apparatus, 210 1-2 Broad, h. Wash. n. Dedham 
Allyn John, printer, house 4 Spring street place 
Allyne Joseph W. 97 Milk, boards o9 High 
Almy Ancbcw J. druggist, Howard, cor. Court, b. 

Ashburton place 
Almy Caroline, h. 27 Kingston [13 Franklin pi. 
Almy Frederick {Almy, Patterson i^ Co.), boards 
Almy Geo. W. 52 N. Market, h. at Charlestown 
Almy Giles M. house 65 Bedford [b. 176 Tremont 
Almy Sylvester, apothecary. School, cor. Tremont, 
Almy {William), Patterson {Joseph W.), & Co. 
{B. S. RoteJt & F. Almy), dry goods' commis. 
merchants, 115 Milk 
Alstine Uriah T. laborer, house 68 Nashua 

Alston Augustus, carpenter, house 65 Prince 
Alvord George, printer, boards 16 Tyler 
Alvord Johu'W. Rev. house 237 Broadway, n. E 
Alvres Margaret, Mrs. house B, near 5th 
Ambrose Goodhue, house 5 Melrose place 
Ambrose John, laborer, house 24 Washington av. 
Ambrose Michael, house Everett, E. B. 
Ambrose Thomas H. 5 1-2 Tremont row- 
Ambush Alexander O. hair di'esser, h. 37 Spring 
Ambush Vv'm. E. hair dresser, 67 Haymarket sq. 

house 37 Spring 
Amee Abfgail, widow of Jacob, house 18 Purchase 
Amee John, 74 Milk, house 18 Purchase 
Amee Josiah L. C. house 34 Lincoln 
Amelink John C. carver, boards 43 Bedford 
Amerige Henry {Aiken cV ^1.), house at Maiden 
Ames A. & J. carpenters, Richmond, n. Hanover, 

house at Chelsea 
Ames Daniel G. truckman, house 34 Friend 
Ames Elisha F. lace goods, 28 Hanover, b. 58 Salem 
Ames George, book keeper, boards 153 Court 
Ames Geo. H. grocer, 4 Lewis, h. 1 Webster pi. 
Ames Hiram (.S. cS- //. Ames), house 41 S. Cedar 
Ames Isaac, counsellor, 20 Court, h. at Haverhill 
Ames Israel, boards Fountain House, Beach 
Ames J. W. coal, &c., 23 Old State House 
Ames Jacob, teamster, house Webster, E. B. 
Ames Jarvis, clerk, boards 136 Hudson 
Ames Job (.4. &; J. Ames), house at Chelsea 
Ames Joseph, artist, Amory Hall 
Ames Joseph R. machinist, b. Harr. av. n. S. May 
Ames Jotham, house 136 Hudson 
Ames Lydia, nurse, house 65 Salem 
Ames N. F. Mrs. house 6 Bulfinch 
Ames P. Adams, 5 Mer. Ex., b. at Hingham 
Ames Samuel, house 115 Pinckney 
Ames {Samuel T.) & Bickford {Ira. II.), dry goods, 

36 Hanover, house at Medford 
Ames Silas F. house 70 Lowell 
Ames Simeon S. grocer, Dedham, c. Suffolk, h. do. 
Ames Sumner & Hiram, carpenters, Harrison av. 

house 2 W. Canton 
Ames Winslow {Hartshorn &; A.), 96 Blackstone 
Ammidown Holmes & Co. {C. B. Nichols, S. L. 

Harcliny, 6i D. A'. Bichards), dry goods, 23 & 

27 Pearl, house 51 Essex 
Amon William, carpenter, house 14 Cherry 
Amory Charles, 65 State, house 67 Mount Vernon 
Amory G. L. 4 Lindall, house at Charlestown 
Amory Henry C. restorator, 4 Lindall 
Amory Ignatius S. h. 3 Franklin place 
Amory James S. treasurer Nashua and Jackson 

manufac. Cos., 31 Kilby, house 7 Walnut 
Amory J. Austin, 28 State, house at Roxbury 
Amory Thomas C. president Firemen's Insurance 

Co. house 3 Franklin place 
Amory Thomas C. jr. counsellor, h. 15 Temple pi. 
Amory William, treasurer Amoskeag Co. 65 State, 

house 43 Beacon 
Aniringc Thomas B. machinist, b. 80 Albany 
Amsden Geo. machinist, b. Pearl, cor. Purchase 
Amsden Joel, shoe maker, house 93 Hudson 
Amsden Lee, machinist, house 33 Oswego 
Amsden Thomas J. 96 F. H. M. b. 5 Bumstead pi. 
Andcm Moses, house 8 Dix place 
Andem William ( White, A. tV Co.), h. atDorchest. 
Anderson Abby P. house 6 Salutation 
Anderson Arturo & Co. clothing, 100 Blackstone 
Anderson Benjanun, mariner, h. 712 Washington 
Anderson Catharine, house 73 Bedford 
Anderson C. Mrs. female physician, 131 Endicot 
Anderson Charles, house 19 Erie 
Anderson Charles, rigger, h. 10 Henchman lane 
Anderson Charles D. clerk, boards 10 Allston 
Anderson Daniel, ship keeper, house 8 Hull 
Anderson Edward, laborer, house 12 Livingston pi. 
Anderson George, boards 5 Columbia 
Anderson George R. tin worker, house 10 Fabin 
Anderson Henrv M. boot maker, Theatre alley, b. 

26 Purchase 



Anderson Isaac H. printer, house 9 Brookline 
Anderson James, mariner, house Ontario, S. B. 
Anderson James, stage manager Beach st. Museum 
Anderson (John) & Sargent {Fred. W.), dry goods, 

47 & 49 Kilby, houses 4 E. Canton 
Anderson John, hair dresser, house 1 Providence 
Anderson John, laborer, house 9 Bartlett 
Anderson John, laborer, house Robinson lane 
Anderson John, machinist, boards Orleans, E. B. 
Anderson John, restorator, 9 Howard 
Anderson John B. trunk maker, house 44 Poplar 
Anderson John C. cooper, h. next 12 Henchman 1. 
Anderson John J. 28 Pearl, boards 10 Channing 
Anderson John W. sail maker, house r. 21 Friend 
Anderson Joseph, house Trenton, E. B. 
Anderson Mary E. Mrs. h. Gardner pi. r. Broadway 
Anderson Mary J. boarding, h. 489 Washington 
Anderson Robert {Taylor <5j A.}, b. Kneeland, cor. 

Anderson Rufus, Rev. secretary A. B. C. F. M. 33 

Peraberton square, house at Roxbury 
Anderson Tabitha, house 3 Dover place 
Anderson Thomas, painter, house 6 Cyprus 
Anderson William, teamster, house 2o Williams 
Andre Chas. clothing, 264 Com'l, h. 54 Clark 
Andrew John A. {Cliandler <.\ .1.), b. 3 Bowdoinsq. 
Andrews Aaron, physician, 8 1-2 N. Prince, h. at 

Andrews Abraham, master Bowdoin School 
Andrews Abram, house 3 Robinson alley 
Andrews Albert, engineer E. B. ferry, b'ds 3 Mav- 
erick square 
Andrews Alfred A. & Co. {T. O. Gardner), thread 

& hosiery, 161 Washington, house at Roxbury 
Andrews Alonzo, civil engineer, b. 94 Purchase 
Andi-ews Alonzo, provisions, 38 School, house 4 

Andrews Alpheus C. crockery, 136 Hanover, h. do. 
Andrews Alexander J. clerk at Probate Office, h. 

39 S. Cedar 
Andrews Asa, paper hanger, b. Webster, c. Cottage 
Andrews Barbara, dress maker, house 28 Tyler 
Andrews Benj. {Lincoln, Wilder § Co.), house at 

Andrews C. & Co. {John Jeffries, jr.), "68 Kilby 
Andrews Caleb, silk goods, 68 Kilby, h. 6 Mount 

Vernon [2 Brimmer place 

Andrews C. {A. L. Ward c^- Co.), 29 Essex, boards 
Andrews Charles, brakeman, house 88 Albany 
Andrews Charles, Lowell, house 6 Mt. Vernon 
Andrews Charles L. house 4 Village 
Andrews Christopher A. A. laborer, h. Andover ct. 
Andrews Christopher C. 35 Court, h. 4 Village 
Andrews David, laborer, h. Commercial, c. Charter 
Andrews Ebenezer, gunsmith, h. 191 Hanover 
Andrews Ebenezer T. house 15 Winter 
Andrews Edward, sail maker, house 8 Snowhill 
Andrews Edward P. cooper, house 6 Hanover av. 
Andrews Elbridge G. crockery, 129 Broadway, h. 

19 Prince 
Andi-ews E. Jones, house 107 Pinckney 
Andrews Ezekiel 0. P. turner and sawing. Border, 

house Liverpool, cor. Decatur, E. B. 
Andrews Ferdinand, ed. Eve. Traveller. 22 School, 

house at Cambridge 
Andrews Ferdinand L. counsellor, 32 Mass. block 
Andrews FrancisM. shipwi-ight, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Andrews Francis W. {Neivell &; A.), h. 10 Central 

Andrews Gustavus, deputy jailer, h. 18 Lowell 
Andrews Henry, broker, r. 48 State, h. 18 Mt. Ver. 
Andrews Henry, silversmith, h. 2 Snowhill court 
Andrews Henry G. 4 India, b. U. S. Hotel 
Andrews Henry R. house 3 Brookline [court 

Andrews Isaac R. express wagon, 13 Pleasant st. 
Andrews John L. clerk, house 12 Unity 
Andrews John S. dry goods, 1 Granite block, 

Mav. sq. b. Central sq. [at Roxbury 

Andrews Joseph, historical engraver, 66 State, h. 
Andrews Joseph E. house 1 Clark 

Andrews Joseph E. machinist, h. 5th, n. K 
Andrews Lorenzo C. 299 Wash., bds. 24 Purchase 
Andrews Lyman, watchman, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Andrews Mary, widow of Joseph W., h. 27 Hull 
Andrews Mary,Jhouse 6 Norfolk place 
Andrews Orin, carpenter, house 43 Carver 
Andrews Robert, machinist, b. Canton, c. Suffolk 
Andrews Robert, plate printer, 116 Washington, h. 

43 West Cedar 
Andrews Samuel, Custom House 
Andi-ews {Samuel G.) & Prentiss (//. J.), printers, 

11 Devonshire, and 12 State, h. 43 Warren 
Andrews Theodore H. clerk, boards 16 Tyler 
Andrews Thomas, physician, 29 Beach 
Andrews Thomas, undertaker, h. 3 Richmond 
Andrews Wm. coroner, variety store and auction- 
eer, 66 Fourth, h. 68 do. 
Andrews Wm. B. clerk, h. 28 Tyler 
Andrews Wm. T. house 10 Central court 
Andi-ews & Co. publishers, 11 Milk 
Andros R. S. S., Custom House 
Andius John, mariner, house rear 2 Vine 
Anezin Augustus, cook, h. 139 Endicot [Bowdoin 
Angel Geo. T. teacher Mather School, bds. 32 
Angel W. W. b. Harvard, c. Hudson [Roxbury 
Angier Calvin, shoes and leather, 40 Fulton, h. at 
Anglin James, seaman, h. 39 Friend 
Angier John, 20 Old State House 
Angier John H. house 67 Suffolk 
Angier John M. laborer, h. 3 South st. pi. [Charter 
Annable Davis, stair builder, Charlestown, h. 61 
Annable Eliza, laundress, house 38 Friend 
Annable Eliza, Mrs. seamstress, house 1 May 
Annan Michael, plasterer, h. r. 83 Endicot 
Annin James, watch maker, bds. 60 Tyler 
Annin Joseph, machinist, boards 24 May 
Annin Wm. L. paper carrier, b. 60 Tyler 
Annis William, cooper, house rear 10 Prince 
Ansley Thomas, house 73 Albany 
Anthony David, coachman, bds. 447 Washington 
Anthony Joseph, cooper, h. r. 3d, n. E 
Anthony Mary E. dress maker, house 8 Sheafe 
Aplin Eliza, Mrs. house 17 Tileston 
Apolonio Nicholas A. printer, 8 Chardon 
Applebee Hawley, express wagon, 38 Union, h G, 

n. Broadway • 
Applebee Margaret, widow, h. r. 84 W. Cedar 
Appleby Mathias, apothecary. Central sq. E. B. 
Appleton Benj. B. physician, h. 1 Hayward place 
Appleton B. B. Mrs. widow, 15 Avon place 
Appleton Charles, h. 3 Spear pi. 
Appleton Charles A. sail maker, h. 29 Snowhill 
Appleton Chas. H. {Fletcher 4, A.), h. 15 Avon pi. 
Appleton Charles T. treasurer" Lowell Bleachery, 6 

Liberty sq. house at Roxbury 
Appleton Charles T. P. boots and shoes, 53 Han- 
over, bds. 30 Portland [Vernon 
Appleton Francis H. h. Louisburgh sq. cor. Mt. 
Appleton Geo. B. watch maker, 83 Washington 
Appleton George W. {Learned, Thompson <j- Co.), 

house 18 Garden 
Appleton J. A. Mrs. house 7 Mount Vernon place 
Appleton John, mason, house 44 Warren 
Appleton J. Warren, com. mer. 7 Kilby, house 

34 South Russell 

Appleton Mary, upholstress, house 18 Garden 
Appleton Mary, Mrs. house 2 Corev avenue 
Appleton Wm. jr., 31 Kilby, house" 76 Beacon 
Appleton Nathan, (/. W. Paige ^ Co.), h. 39 Beacon 
Appleton Robert, {Upham, A. ^ Co.), h. Boylston, 

opposite public garden 
Appleton Samuel, h. 37 Beacon [Winter 

Appleton Samuel A. {J. W. Paic/e &; Co.), house 30 
Ai)pleton Thomas, carpenter, house 8 May 
Appleton {Thomas) & Warren {T. D.), organ 

builders, 123 Cambridge, h. 5 Myrtle 
Appleton William & Co. (S. Hooper), merchants, 

35 and 36 Lewis wharf, h. 54 Beacon 
Appleton {Wm. C.) & Snelling (.S". G.), commis. 

merchants, 6 Liberty sq., h. at Roxbury 



Appleton Wm. W. clerk 318 Washington, bds. do. 
Applin Benj. & W. stair builders, Beverly, h. do. 
Applin Wesson, {B. ^ IF. Applin), h. at Charles. 
Apthorp & Co. {Charles W. ^ John T. Apthorp), 

tlour, 3 South Market, h. 16 Florence 
Apthorp John T. {Apthorp^ Co.), h. at Melrose 
Apthorp Robert E. counsellor, 18 Joy building, h. 

21 liow-e 
Arbecaui John, mariner, h. 4 Ai'nold 
Arbogast Frederick, glazier, h. 7 Second [bury 

Arbuckell Saui'l, rope maker, Milldam, b. at ilo.x- 
Archer Freeman, mason, h. 7 May st. place 
Archer James, engraver, 410 Washington 
Archibald Emily W. Mrs. house 95 Eliot 
Archibald Thomas, lather, h. Hull, c. Commercial 
Archibald {IV. S.) & Cogswell (iJ.), painters, 52 

Cambridge, b. 5 Morton 
Archwell Robert, machinist, h. Tyler, c. Curve 
Arcorn William, laborer, h. 7 Charlestown 
Arcut John, b. Atlantic House 
Arenburg Catherine N. boarding, 1 Indiana 
Argan John, tailor, II Atkinson 
Argyras Basilius, (H. Cobb, .Sf Co.),h. 83 Pinckney 
Arklay Patrick ( IVi/min S; A.], 105 Milk 
Arklay David, 105 Milk, bds. 40 Summer 
Armington Horace E. merchant tailor, 136 Wash- 
ington, h. 62 Dover 
Arminson Francis E. com. mer. 18 City wharf, 
boards 8 Bulfinch place [tur, E. B. 

Armitage Thomas, sail maker, b. London, n. Deca- 
Armitage John, sail maker, h. 58 Nashua 
Armsby Josh. M. C. ( Ihijgles, Nourse, Mason, Sj- Co.) 
Armsby Willard, pattern maker, 16 Hawley, h. at 

Armsterd John P. porter, 121 Wash., h. 3 Southac 
Armstrong Alexander P. truckman, h. 7 Cooper 
Armstrong Henry, porter, h. 6 Southac ct. 
Armstrong Henry, h. Kneeland, n. South 
Armstrong James, carpenter, h. r. 14 Wall 
Armstrong James, h. 11 N. Grove 
Armstrong James, currier, 40 Fulton, house rear 

Maverick, near Border, E. B. 
Armstrong John, h. 2 Bartlett place 
Armstrong John, finding store, 32 Clinton, house 

95 Salem, cor. Salem court 
Armstrong John, h. 27 E. Orange [mercial 

Armstrong Joseph, currier, 21 Ferry, h. 526 Com- 
Armstrong Lewis, inspector of cars, h. 4 Church 
Armstrong Matthew, stabler, Minot, n. Nashua 
Armstrong Robert, moulder, bds 221 Harrison av. 
Armstrong Samuel T. house 35 Beacon 
Armstrong Thomas, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard 
Armstrong Thos. job wagon, h. r. D st., n. Athens 
Armstrong Mary, widow, 8 Snowhill 
Armstrong William, coppersmith, h. Ill Leveret 
Armstrong Wm., h. r. Maverick, n. Border, E. B. 
Armstrong Wm. last maker, h. 3 Chelsea, E. B. 
Armstrong Wm. C. printer, 37 Congress 
Arnaud {John J.) & Coombs {Levi B.), gilders, 

17 1-2 Tremont row, house 3 Concord 
Arnold Ames, truckman, h. Princeton, E. B. 
Arnold Charles & Co. {Hennj Adams), dry goods, 
17 Federal, h. 6 Rowe [Charlestown 

Arnold C. H. S. {Wm. Mitchell &; Co.), house at 
Arnold Harriet, h. 43 Curve 
Arnold James, police officer, house 33 Harvard 
Arnold John, mariner, h. 4 Sheafe 
Arnold Joseph, machinist, bds. 13 Broadway 
Arnold Joseph A. coppersmith, Harrison avenue, 

near S. May, h. Canton, c. Newland 
Arnold J. W., Custom House, house at Roxbury 
Arnold Matthew, 12 Beach, house 15 Carver 
Arnold Rebecca, ^vidow, h. 42 Carver [Cambridge 
Arnold Samuel S. hides and leather, 82 Ann, h. at 
Arnoult Emile, French language, bds. 9 Columbia 
Arrenberg Henry, machinist, b. 196 Harrison av. 
Arronquier Wm. sculptor and moulder, Washing- 
ton, n. Newton 
Arrington Geo. D. {Soule 4, .4.), h. at Charlestown 
Arrington's Salem express, City Hotel j 

Arris Corrin J. laborer, h. 3 Warren sq. 

Arris Wentworth, mason, h. 670 Washington 

Arther James P. seaman, house Athens, near C 

Ash J. A. mariner, boards 24 Belknap 

Ash Robert, laborer, house Sumner, n. Orleans 

Ashburner Samuel, civil engineer, 6 Niles' build'g, 

house 2 W. Cedar [Friend 

Ashcrait Daniel, tailor, 37 N. Market, house rear 8 
Ashcroft John, 5J Merchants' r., bds Fulton House 
Ashley Mary, circulating library, h. 121 Charles 
Ashley {Ossian D.) & Gorham {F.), brokers, 28 

State, h. 90 Pinckney 
Ashmun Lewis ( Wijman <Sf A.), b. 13 Franklin pi. 
Ashow Charles, boards Atlantic House 
Ashton Elisha V. & Co. {D.iniel N. Haskell), fancy 

goods, 117 Washington 
Askins James, boiler maker, house 9 Hamburg 
Aspinwall Augustus, broker, 68 Broad, house at 

Brookline [Hanover, h. 19 Sheafe 

Aspinwall Samuel, mast maker, Commercial, near 
Aspinwall William, counsellor, 46 Washington, h. 

at Brookline 
Athearn James F. {E. H. Barker S; Co.), 8 Broad 
Atherton Charles, 31 Washington, h. 9 Cherry 
Atherton J. & W. boots and shoes, 39 Central, h. 

at Stoughton 
Atherton Samuel & Co. {C. & A. Wm. Stetson, and 

£. W. Hunt), shoes and leather, 25 Broad, h. 

at Charlestown 
Atkins Benjamin F. house 5 Kingston 
Atkins Caleb W. tinsmith, b. Paris, c. Meridian 
Atkins Ebenezer, house Paris, n. Meridian, E. B. 
Atkins Dean, house Robinson lane 
Atkins {Elisha) & Freeman (IF. F.), merchants, 

26 India wharf, house 6 Bulfinch 
Atkins Hannah C. teacher, b. Paris, c. Meridian 
Atkins {Henry), Weld (/. D.), & Co. ( T. Clark, jr.), 

W. I. goods, 37 and 38 S. Market, h. 10 Bedford 
Atkins {Isaiah) & Greeley {Newell), furniture, 12 

Lewis, house Paris, E. B. 
Atkins {Isaiah), Stedman {Daniel B.), Si Co. {Geo. 

Stedman), crockery and glass, 13 Merchants' 

row, h. 6 Kingston [3 Columbia 

Atkins Isaiah M. port warden, 68 Commercial, h. 
Atkins Isaiah M. jr. boards 3 Columbia 
Atkins James, house 8 Camden 
Atkins James H. fish, 212 Hanover, h. 6 Foster 
Atkins John, boarding, 7 Winter 
Atkins John, broker, Paris, c. Meridian, house do. 
Atkins John, captain, house Eutaw, E. B. 
Atkins John, tailor, 34 Portland 
Atkins John W. mason, boards Paris, c. Meridian 
Atkins Simon P. mason, house 14 Erie 
Atkins Stephen, teamster, house 113 Hudson 
Atkins Thomas, truckman, house E, near 5th 
Atkins Thomas G. dry goo'ds, 143 Washington, h. 

12 Richmond 
Atkins Timothy, 143 Washington, h. 12 Richmond 
Atkins Wm. B. truckman, h. 256 Athens, n. E 
Atkinson Andrew ( Wade tS,- A.), 9 Wilson lane, h. 

9 Hanover 
Atkinson {Amos), Rollins {William), & Co. (jB. 

IF. Rollins), merchants, 51 Central wharf, h. 

at Brookline [at Brookline 

Atkinson George, discount clerk, State Bank, h. 
Atkinson Jacob, counsellor, 35 Court 
Atkinson John, brakeman, boards 79 Albany 
Atkinson John W. 63 State, house 93 Eliot 
Atkinson Patrick, grocer, 93 Eliot, h. do. 
Atkinson Thomas, housewright, house 32 Charles 
Atkinson William, painter, house 212 Hanover 
Atkinson William, watchman, house I, n. 1st 
Atwater E. house 9 Esse.x 
Atwell Ann, boarding, house 787 Washington 
Atwell Charles R. 81 Milk, house 43 Brighton 
Atwell Ebenezer, Mrs. house 81 Cambridge 
Atwell L. house 103 W. Cedar 
Atwell Otis R. book-keeper, 33 India 
Attwill Richard I. house 6 Howard 
Attwood B. C. Mrs. 527 Washington 



Attwood Gilbert, 36 State, h. 527 Washington 
Atwood Barnabas, clerk, house 27 Thacher 
Atvvood Charles, counsellor, 39 Court, h. 20 Howe 
Atwood Charles H. druggist, Leveret, c. Green 
Atwood Charles W. {J. if C. W. Atwood), 163 Court 
Atwood David, oysters, 121 Ann [S. Cedar 

Atwood Elisha, fish and oysters, 106 Pleasant, h. 31 
Atwood Francis A. 31 F. H. market, h. 14 Wall 
Atwood Francis S. lithographer, house 37 Dover 
Atwood Frederic, oysterman, house 18 Thacher 
Atwood Hawes (IF. H. iSf H. Atwood), h. Cooper, 

n. Charlestown 
Atwood J. & C. YV^. oysters, 163 Court 
Atwood John, fish, 26 the S. Market 
Atwood John, house 6 Lindall place 
Atwood Joshua, oysters, 15 Franklin 
Atwood (Lewis) & Higgins (L. H.), provisions, 80 

Charles, house River, c. Lime 
Atwood R. & Co. (E. Atwood), fish, Tremont, n. 

Pleasant, house 31 S. Cedar 
Atwood Samuel, shoemaker, 1 Hawley, h. 37 Dover 
Atwood Stephen {Newcomb i; A.), house Cooper, n. 

Charlestown [at Roxbury 

Atwood Thomas H. shoes, 515 Washington, house 
Atwood Timothy, oysters, 70 Cambridge, house 11 

Auburn court. [Third, n. C 

Atwood Timothy, oysters, Devonshire, house 102 
Atwood William H. & Hawes, oysters, 25 Union, 

c. jMarshall, house 3 Carroll place 
Aubens Isaiah, piano-forte maker, b. 16 Newton pi. 
Aubin Philip J. (Davis &; Aiibin), h. 34 Boylston 
Augustus Isaac H. boot maker, 5 Franklin avenue, 

boards 65 Chambers 
Augustus John, 5 Franklin av. house 65 Chambers 
Anlar Vincent, mariner, house 12 Bartlett 
Auright John, laborer, h. 2d, near Turnpike 
Austin Arthur W. counsellor, 10 Court 
Austin (David) & Brown {Wm. L.), thread, &c. 

219 Washington [Chambers 

Austin David, Lyndley's bedsteads, 2 Union, h. 81 
Austin Edward, merchant, 34 India wharf, house 

44 Beacon [141 Tremont 

Austin Elbridge G. counsellor, 19 Court, house 
Austin Francis B. 77 Kilby, house at Charlestown 
Austin George W. 18 N. Market, b. 2) Leveret 
Austin Hannah, seamstress, house 4 N. Russell 
Austin Henry, carpenter, house 5 Providence 
Austin Henry D. couiiseHor, 10 Court, house at 

Austin (leers J.) & Young (Edward), counsellors, 

3!) Court, house 88 Dover 
Austin Jacob K. handcartman, house E, n. 5th 
Austin James T. counsellor, 30 Court, house 141 

Austin John D. counsellor, 20 Court, b. Otis place 
Austin (Jos. j'r.) & Gibbons, (Wm. V.), com. mer- 
chants, 21 City wf., boards 7 Garden coiu't st. 
Austin Joseph, tin worker, 23G Ann, house 7 Gar- 
den court street [ton place 
Austin Mary P. widow, dry goods, Canton, c. Can- 
Austin Milton, straw goods and millinery, 279 

Washington, h. 7 Franklin 
Austin Nathaniel, coachman, h. rear 84 Portland 
Austin Romeo, 47 it 49 Broad, h. 14 Winthrop pi. 
Austin Sampson, packer, h. 3 Leveret lane 
Austin Samuel, 34 India wharf, house 44 Beacon 
Austin S. Harris, 23 Merchants' row 
Austin Thos. & Co (Joshua B FowJe), ship bread 

bakers, 17 Commercial, h. 69.^ Summer 
Austin William, truckman, house 5th, n. F 
Austin William B. 41 Pearl, house Endicot 
Austin William H. engineer, h. 3d, near E 
Auty Benjamin, seaman, boards 25 Nashua 
Auty Daniel, wire worker, boards 25 Nashua 
Averill Charles S. restorator. Causeway, c. Canal 
Averill Dan. ^V. (Cheney, A. ,5f Co.), h. 52 Portland 
Averill Eben, coachman, boards 52 Portland 
Averill George, paver, boards 5 Morton 
Averill Samuel, blacksmith, house 59 Pitts 
Avery Abraham, jr. 63 Pearl, b. 5 Bumstead pi. 

Avery Alden, plasterer, h. Lucas pi. n. Emerald 
Avery Ebin P. shipwright, h. Liverpool, c. Decatur 
Avery George W. junk, 138 Fulton, h. 39 Marion 
Avery Henry, grocer, 1 Commercial wharf, north 

side, boards at Fulton House 
Avery H. N. produce, 23 Elm, boards 9 do. 
Avery John C. fancy box factory, 11 Washington, 

house 24 W. Castle 
Avery Peter A. cap maker, house rear 38 Friend 
Avery Samuel, jr. (G. Searle S^ Co.), 56 Water 
Avery Stevens, carpenter, house rear 47 Pleasant 
Avery Watson (Starktceather <y A.), 2 Chapman pi. 

bds. 32 Cambridge 
Avis William R. boards U. S. Hotel [16 Belknap 
Avory Peter, hair dresser, 41 1-2 Federal, boards 
Ayer Albert, clerk Concord R. R. h. at Charlestown 
Aver D. C. watches, 11 Hanover, h. 23 N. Charles 
Ayer George, carpenter, house Pembroke 
Ayer Hannah, nurse, house 46 Myrtle 
Ayer James, physician, 177 Hanover, house do. 
Ayer John, depot master N. R. R., foot Lowell, 

house at E. Cambridge 
Ayer (Monroe) & Stone (H.), produce, 7 Market 

square, boards 177 Hanover 
Ayer Rachel E. Mrs. h. 186 Hanover 
Ayer Thomas, carpenter, 16 Causeway, h. 46 Myrtle 
Ayer Thomas P. 12 Commercial, house at East 

Ayer Wm. G. clerk, 89 Cambridge, bds. 46 Myrtle 
Ayers Clrarles, clerk, 97 1-2 State 
Avers Charles, carpenter, h. 16 Fayette 
Ayers David, (Stratton ^ A.), boards 47 Dover 
Ayers (Edward) & Vialle (Henry), coppersmiths, 

48 Charlestown, house 5 Garden court street 
Ayers Ira, hair dresser. Purchase, corner Pearl, h. 

47 Dover [at Chelsea 

Ayers Oliver E. shoes, Hanover, corner Union, h. 
Ayers Stephen, painter, bds. 10 Garden 
Ayers William O. master Eliot School 
Ayling Charles H. turner, 8 Beach, h. 721 Wash. 
Ayling Henry A. (Priest ^ ^.),h. 154 Harrison av. 
Ayling (Isaac) & Howard (A. H.), dentists, 34 

Ayling William L. actor, house 5 Channing 
Aymar Francis, putnp maker, house 1 Quiet pi. 
Ayres John, clerk, 19 Lewis wf., house 11 Pine 
Ayres Lewis, cabinet maker, boards 19 Oak 
Ayres Nath'l W. caulker, b. Paris, near Sumner 
Ayres Sarah W. milliner, 312 Washington 
Ayres William, mast maker, boards Union Hotel 

BABB EBEN P. provisions. North square, house 

7 Lathrop place 
Babb Eliza, widow, house 27 Bridge 
Babb G. W. shoe maker, 38 Allen, house 41 Poplar 
Babb Mary F. dress maker, house 21 Lincoln 
Babb Nathaniel, carpenter, house 19 Lancaster 
Babb Nathaniel P. painter, 3 Carney place, house 

9 Dover place [Harvard court 

Babbeuf Eugene, French boot maker, house 4 
Bibbingtou Catharine, widow, r. 83 Endicot 
Babbit Ben.ajah, engineer, house 5th, near A 
Babbit Francis P. tailor, house 3 Cedar st. place 
Babbit John D. printer, h. Fuller, near Church 
Babbit Winthrop G. basement Court House, house 

95 Hudson 
Babbitt Albert, painter, boards 14 Vine 
B.ibbitt Cyrus, house 14 Vine 
Babbitt Isaac, house 664 Washington 
Babbs John S. L. antique cabinet manufacturer, 

14 R. R. block, Lincoln, house 11 Har. av. 
Babbs Sarah S. boarding, 11 Harrison avenue 
Babcock Aaron B. laborer, boards 107 Hanover 
Babcock (Dexter) & Coolidge (.4.), W. I. goods, 21 

South Market, house 30 Carver 
Babcock Fanny F. house 50 Harrison avenue 
Babcock Horatio B. machinist, house 31 A, n. 4th 
Babcock John B. 35 Milk, bds. 6 Lincoln 
Babcock Mary, widow, house 18 Vine 
Babcock Mary Ann, widow, house 81 Pleasant 



heit/<;0'i'. N<iiiiui;l I/'^»U<;f \jijiii, L. CrOhr , K. JiowUiU 

^a.bbi»> ( H^f/i Ji.), D'tHfiOii (Win.), *- Jji;mo.V' 

' lu,o< I' 'I'.), olvthiug, •! i'iliiijuii JliiU, liotii.' 



(J^ii'j/r if Ji-), Uoui»e 1-^ J-* wrier 

'i.iiioci o i/ijuJu-MUirii), \x. 

JiiK;ii.:i.u«i Jociu<; *>1. (yW//t«;/- * JiwJonkUrrii ) , hoM^H 
J.c(0 Jlinrihuuavimui; " (Wall 

jbacJiv,lcL«i Joliij, juacliuiiiit, yO C'lia,»i«i»tt»wji, h. 14 
iiacii«l<i«<r Jolijj A. trubb iua.k<;r, 1j. r. 7 JifigLtyu 

•1/ UHjllUi' 

JtJ., Ji. <-iij^iu«-,<;r, Ot^ardt 

fc. ii;b J''. wat<;lj jiiak.<;r, v' 

Ji; ■ lotU', t<;a<!liw, l>d». <J jyj.a.) yUtm-, 

^.. . lytt<- W. widow, h. JJ jyjiiy j>la<H'- 

h, . n <jlt;bbOr of ia.iiguag<;6, hwubt 7 Jiow 

ii,,. , '.'/i,, xJow-M', 0'^ h>i;a, b.y J'JuSt bt. \i 

Jirt<;kui ■ ,■:«), '6 At. it. Ijl«<;k, Jjiuwli;, b. 

jiacoii ; ■ ■■'"■■•■ '• •' •"•■'■ K. Ji. 

J5«w;oi) - "t 

Jia<;'Hi ! iloUb<- 

IJ;^, . [l',oi..,,^_ li J; ii'>.'i'r y,h \varrt!ii 

JtJ, •Ad U'ulw, r«;ac JJ'^ Wuwliiuj/jtou, li. 

hni/mtu ha-iuKi C 47 Coumil. wliurf, Jj. at ituxbury 

l^wmtu l>uU\, widow, |joub«; J5}(j <;uuibridm' 

^joii J>. </, *^ W. h. iuw<!liaiitb, 47 <.;ommer<;iu-l 

wluicf, liouht at Jtoxl.)uiy 
JitKjyji Ki;/„i,. til /..<...,. '.) I'l..< 
J^<;OU I ■ .'1 J..]u<;<; 

Jiif. ! ., .., , M.ouiit V«ruo«j 

JJiMJoii J'taiKiM A. <;oiU'<tor, lioubf J2 (^livi^r pla<;e 
iitt<;oij J'laiKib H. i77 Wubliiiij^toii, l». 7 Naiihuu 
J}a<;y«) <;<:«!>;»• (J'liint i, Ji.), )i. Jl^i JJairiboii uv. 
Jla<;oii Oiitfiii J . di««s iiiakt*), 62;i Wubli, 1^. l-O 'J'yU-r 
JJacoii J!< ni V i..i( )■ Mj,:ii ii j< ,u .S'M'octlimd 
Jia<x.ii J ' ' tlic bridge 

iiacoii I' "oar K 

Jiawii J. ...... H |,.ii.Mi !..,..( i i n,.i.i.y)i bt. plax;t- 

iiwAtii Jai;olj, lioiibi' 2*J WuiiDH 

Jia<;oi) JuiiK-ti 'J', dry goodii, li. h'6 JJrij^ljtoii 

iia<:oii Jane M. wi<f<>w, liouhi' 7 JOatoji 

JiaiHjii Jolii), )i<)U.>^f 20 (Jrtibi^iit l)lact; 

Wa<x(U Joliii, libli, iiO !5<'lw«l, lioubi- ',^ All>a r.yurt 

i^iuioii Joliii, j»,, (jliv.siriaii. hoiibti 20 (/it!B<;«iit j>). 

jiu(x>ii Jolui y'. iii.u'Iiiiiibt, lioiibf Villux*' 

JJu<;<Jii Joiai J-'. {h)iiihiJtil C>: Ji.), b, '4 AuOuri) court 

JJar.oii Joliii A. dirk, 12 (Iiiioii, Uoubf at Itoxbury 

J^acoii JoB<ij>li 8. ol<'.)'k, 40 <,'<Mit(u.) wliiirf 

iitu'-uii JottMjJl) V. ^ Son C/'/wv/w//* y/.), <oui. )u«r- 

(■.haiitb, 4<J </eiitriil wharf, houbc at Jirookliiie 
iitwjoij Jji-.oiiurd, carriage biiijtli, 24 J'mud, house 

at < "liolsou 
l}a«;oii Jtoiu Ji. balcbuiuu, lioubc 'Zf) Mahou 
J'Jatoi) Mury, widow, liousf 11 Sudlmiy 
Jiai'.oii iCi!u1>«ii, iiiii.i'oii, tioubc Jloltoii, near i'' 
iim-Aiti JUuibt'ii, blail' -.Hill I houncM Kiitiiiluud 
JJai;oii Jtobort <j. Ii" 'd lAoA-.e 

JiaiioH KaiKut'J. iru< . /l-2Na«hiiu 

jiatM>iJ (Sihs Ji.) & .^iniih \ r.iiwiii), watcliub and 

ji'Wi^ljy, 4 J'lliii, houbc at <;imibridu;(.' 
iiux.iju t!)oi>liiuA. ijpholblrt'bt, liount- l^idourt 
Jiatiou 'j'Uoiuuu <J, <ll Co. (H. I'iuirt'), lial,«, cuj>h, 

Htv., A-iiii, c. Uiiiou, h, 8 Crcbc.ciii jjlafi- 

jJtttJOU 'J'li..iri ■- H'iih r ^ fefiyM), IlOUIW Ut 

Broo,. , . 

B-.' " '■, gold beater, rear 3-5 Washington 
Ji. . propri»^jr Atlantic Jlous*, <<94 


■ brak<fuutu, L. G/i Jyjwell fburv 

- ryy. O". Of W^. yy. H'x/Wi), Jiox- 

^* ' ' ■ " '^ — :-.-j lane 

. >i, ii. Ji. 
.'.■5 and med- 
V-i Jij;i< I- hV.)ij! , v'>. J>. Caut<jn 
Ji; Ji. dotlxiug, lOJ Jiroad, house 121 

jfiaug<;» i">. i>i. clerk, 41 J-'«;arl, house at Chels(«t 
Jiadgcr Ocorge W. f^. Whiiii/fu it Co.), Jioube 4^ 

W. Cedar 
Jiadg.^r JaiiKib M. 7b i*'. H. market, h. 10 Hull 
Jiadger {John L.) He Jiailey ( SuilMtiinl), «hij> 

caulkerb, 'Joiianercial witarf, h. 4 Nabhua 
Jiadger Johu iS. clerk, ^iZ-; Wubljin^tou 
Jiadger Jobwh W. clerk, 'j J'odcral, Ij. 4th, <x*r. JJ 
Jiadger O. li. rebtorator, ^ JirattU^, h. 24 J'ortlaud 
Hsidj/cr Jiob'Tt 8. houbC 72 J-'riuce 

widow, h. 10 N. itubbell 
-, portrait painter, h. 7 Federal ct. 
j J . i/vj 1 1 all painti^r, h. 7 Federal tt. 
ii. ^ic 4^ <JljLarter 

Ji 4y Charter , 

'' luth, h. 8J Jiroadway 

Mibc 17 Warren 
V/. J.t. Ji.. b. 17 Warr<-n 
Jiugi-i^aoj ! jiojjj.-,, 0'ja.i'iiijg, <^ (Jarltoii place 
Jiugh^y CW/vv y'',) & tStaurt (C/t«.Afc«), dry goodb, 

'• II > "I , h. ut (jambridgcjwrt 

ii^ lu (IV/iiUi^r ij yi.;, I'itchburg Kx- 

Ji. ■ 104 Ann I Vernon 

JJ. .' rijflit, Itiver, coiiLt-t Mi. 

yy.y • ■ 210 JJanJbou avenue 

Jiagiey iS/iuou, tu<ioi, iioube 7 Tlieatre alley 
JJaguall (Hlijali H.) & J>oud {H.), pump and block 

makcrb, 2!> i'ulton, Ji. at CheUea (Marion 

iiagiiali 'J'Jiomah, jr. mtdalb, /).'> Jilackhtone, li. JJ2 
Jiiiil Wiij V .ship joini-r, h. Jiorchcster, near '•'A 
Ji. 'Ir<^bb maker, h. r. lOJ Tremont 

Ji.. deputy i;olle.<:tor, Cubtoni lloube, )). 

,.,.> ,....;..-.i.>u avenue [24 Vine 

Jiaili;y AlUou JJ. reporter Chronotype, \f> fetate, h. 
JJailey Amuba, joiner, h. fj J'unjhabc pla<;« 
liailey Amaba W. bowling balooii, n. ^7 JJudbon 
Jiailey Andrew J. restaurant, J'.i'i 1-2 WabhiilgUnj 
Jiailey Ann, boarding, iO Jewell 
Jiai)«!y Jienjainiu, engiaver, W Jlanover 
Jiailey lien|amiu, honey and dome.btic j^roduce, 4<j 

"!■■"■ I ; f) i'uyette 
J', A. clerk, Jioube liJ Kingbton 

Ji, (j. clerk, J-'obt Ottice, h. 8 Howard 

Jiajii,v ' u,-ljjijg, iioa<:h maker, h. 6 i'Jliot 
Jiailey J'Jjenezej- (J. {Ilonum if li.), lioube at West 

riewbury Ido. JO. Ji. 

Jiailey J'Mwin, arc.hite<t and builder, Webbtcr, li. 
Jiailey Jidwin C. chief clerk J-*. <>., h. at Cheibeu 
Jiailey J')plira)m, <!00j>er, h. b Noyeb p]a<;e 
liailey J'rancib, h. Jjau<:abter cou)t 
Jiailey <je,orge, »;ork <;ntter, h. Jit^bsom ct. I'!. JJ. 
Jiailey <ie,oige, bookb, h. \'.i J^'icdiamit 
Jiailey (ieorgc <j. ]>rint«^r, house W Nabhua 
Jiailey (jeorge JI. J ly Washington, b. at JSewton 
Jiailey J J alt, lockbUiith, ll. TA /'urf'habc 
Jiailey JJeniy, carpejiter, b. JJuvie, n. fiumnej' 
JJailey James, b, 2.'>8 JJauovei' 
JJailey Janub, bdb. 10 J'ibbcx 
JJailey Jolui, iaboier, li. J^ancabter court 
JJailey John A. cajpoiiter, houbc 'A JVJay bt. place 
Jiaihy Job 1''. {(Ut4ifd>nj «) //.), h. (J I'urchabe placu 
Jiailey Jouepli JJ . paiiil,<i, li. li Noycb pluie 
liailey {.loni/ili 'J',) A Jenkins ( ^'//////c* y','.), doois, 

blinds, Ac. 44o Wasliinnton, h. 82 J'urchasc 
Jiailey Jo.sliiia (I'liiitoii^, Oiti/nuil, if fit.) 
JJuiley Jobhiia, bliipwiighl, house 17 Andovei 
JJuih'y J.emuel IS. whechvri(j())t, houbc (J JOioi 
Jiuiluy liuv), vai'ulbhur, h. 'M Wttbt (Jtuttou 



Bailey Marcia L. Mrs. house 31 Kingston 

Bailey Mary, Mrs. house 5o Bowdoin 

Bailey Nathaniel, {Badaer iSr B.), h. at Dorchester 

Bailey Paul, carpenter, b. Summer, cor. Bremen 

Bailey Phineas, teamster, h. 85 Prince 

Bailey Samuel A. joiner, h. Meridian, E. Boston 

Bailey Sarah, millinery and dry goods, 551 Wash. 

Bailey Simon W. watch maker, house 3 Eaton 

Bailey Stephen, machinist, boards 75 Curve 

Bailey T. 68 State " 

Bailey Theresa M. milliner, 544 Wash. bds. 25 Oak 

Bailey William, printer, boards 6 Eliot 

Baird Chas. engineer, W. R. R., house 30 Oswego 

Baird Geo. plumber, 83 Cambridge, h. 2 N. Russell 

Baird John, house 3 Essex place 

Baker Abel, boots & shoes, 1 Water, h. atRoxbury 

Baker Adam P. painter, house Everett, near Ford 

place, E. Boston 
Baker Albert, printer, house 8 Minot 
Baker Albert, trader, 53 Turnpike, Barker's build- 
ing, house Silver, near E 
Baker Alvin H. daguerreotypist, house 22 May 
Baker Amo^, teacher Chapman Hall School, Chap- 
man place, h. 4 do. [dover 
Baker Amos W. grocer, 65 1-2 Lowell, h. 8. An- 
Baker Andrew, laborer, house Lime alley 
Baker Benjamin, oysters, 2 Brattle, h. 81 Court 
Baker B. F. music teacher, 251 Washington, house 
4 Rowe place [73 Pearl 
Baker B. F. & Co. (/?. Whitnei/), boots and shoes. 
Baker B. Franklin, (/?. Baker'S; Son), h. 9 Oxford 
Baker Caroline, widow, house 80 Leveret 
Baker Charles, packet agent, opposite 15 Cent. wf. 
Baker Charles, lamp maker, house 14 Wheeler's ct. 
Baker Charles B. painter, house 146 Cambridge 
Baker Chas B. 28 Wash, boards 8 Howard 
Baker Cushing, com. merchant, 70 Utica 
Baker C. L. job wagon, house 6 Oswego 
Baker C. & J. F. groceries and provisions, E, cor. 

Broadway, boards 266 Broadway 
Baker David A. (Russell S; B.), house at Dedham 
Baker Daniel C. (F. S. Xt'irhall S: Co.). h. atLvnn 
Baker Elihu C. clerk, 9 Milk, house 28 Hudson 
Baker Eliphalet & Co. {Sam. Bates. J?: &: X. CJum- 

dler), dry goods, 33 Milk, h. 116 Tremont 
Baker Eliza A. boarding, 6 High 
Baker Elizabeth, widow, house 9 Bridge st. ct. 
Baker Elkanah S. clerk 266 Broadway, near E 
Baker (EzraH.) & Morrill {('. J.), commis. mer. 

44 Commercial, h. 267 Broadway, near F 
Baker Francis, house 19 Hancock 
Baker Francis, carriage maker, Tremont, n. Dover, 

house Tremont road 
Baker Francis, jr. 31 Long wf. house 19 Hancpck 
Baker Franklin, house 1 Brighton st. av 
Baker Frederick W. (Mern'am & B.\. h. IS Albany 
Baker Freeman, house rear 19 frince [Boston 

Baker Freeman, carpenter, Maverick, n. Havre, E. 
Baker (Geoiye) & Beals {U'/n. J.), diy goods, 81 

Milk, house 21 Bennet 
Baker George, boards 20 Temple place 
Baker George, laborer, 5 Hamilton place 
Baker Geo.^A. 149 Washington, boards 30 Essex 
Baker Henry S. house 14S Hanover 
Baker Horace, builder, boards 145 Pleasant 
Baker (Isaac) & Shattuck (Georoe), fish, 128, 130, 

& 132 Faneuil Hall market, h. 3 Wesley pi. 
Baker Isaiah, oysters, 641 Washington, house do. 
Baker Jacob, mariner, house London, E. Boston 
Baker James, Custom House, bds. Central House 
Baker James L. (J. Baker c\ Sons), h. 43 Summer 
Baker Jane, widow, seamstress, house 25 W. Castle 
Baker J. & Sons, manufacturers, upholstery and 

trimmings, 8 Water 
Baker J. F. (C. .y J. F. Baker), bds. 266 Broadway 
Baker Jesse Y. & Co. oysters, N. E. cor. Faneuil 

Hall market, house 3 Morton 
Baker Joel, pattern maker, house 3d, near B 
Baker Joel, jr. moulder, boards 3d, near B 
Baker John, jr. agent, 8 Long wf., h. 38 Kneeland 

Baker John K. L. 327 Washington, bds. 18 Albany 

Baker John K. Mrs. house 18 Albany 

Baker Joshua & Co. (./. ]V. Baker &'/. A. Davis), 

ship chandlers, 49 Com'l, h. 63 Bedford 
Baker .Tohn B. saddler, 12 Court 
Baker John S. actor, boards 54 Portland 
Baker John W. (/. Baker ^ Co.), h. 63 Bedford 
Baker Joseph, engineer, house 5th, corner C 
Baker Joseph, teamster, b. Sumner, c. Bremen 
Baker Joseph, boots and shoes, 106 Broadway, b. 
288 do. [Com'l, h. 239 Broadway, n. E 

Baker (Judah) & Hall (B.), ship chandlers, 39 
Baker Louis, boards 3 Otis place 
Baker L. U. C. clerk, boards 28 Hudson 
Baker Lydia, widow, house rear 5 Foster 
Baker L. C. teacher, 6 Somerset, boards Asylum 
Baker Martin, clerk, house 1 Poplar 
Baker Mary, widow, house 13 Blossom 
Baker M. E. teacher, 6 Somerset, boards Asylum 
Baker Nelson, cordwainer, Norfolk avenue, boards 

6 Central court 
Baker Oliver H. P. varnisher, h. Suffolk, c. Rutland 
Baker (Pefer) & Bacon (Charles H.), crockery, 332 

Washington, house 28 Pearl 
Baker Peter H. house 3d street, between E and F 
Baker Philander, 44 Commercial, house Athens, 
between E and F [Charlestown 

Baker Richard, jr. (Wni. F. Weld .Sr Co.), house at 
Baker Richard M. (Prince ^ Baker), house rear 21 

Baker Ruel, Mrs. house 50 Tremont [Wash. 

Baker Ruel & Son (B. F. Baker), painters, 410 
Baker S. & W. S., N. W. cor. F. H. market, h. 3 

Wesley place 
Baker Samuel D. mason, house 72 Emerald 
Baker Simeon, oysters, S. E. cor. F. H. market, 

house 6 Garden st. ct. 
Baker Stephen, clerk, (>j 1-2 Lowell, bds. 65 Lowell 
Baker Susan, Mrs. boarding, h. 6 Winthrop, E. B. 
Baker Theodore, hcuse-keeping and upholstery 

goods, 321 Washington, h. at Jamaica plain 
Baker Thomas, .Tuctioneer, house foot May 
Baker Thomas, grammar master Boylston School, 

boards 6 Otis place 
Baker Thomas, restorator, Boylston, h. 81 Warren 
Baker Timo. (Howes, Baker &; Co.), h. at Dedham 
Baker Timothy M. auctioneer, 20 Cornhill, h. at 

Baker Walter W. clerk, house rear 19 Prince 
Baker Warren M. 11 1-2 School, h. 4 Alba court 
B.iker William, tailor, boards 140 Cambridge 
Baker William, marble cutter, h. 162 Cambridge 
Baker Wm. E. clerk, 67 Kilby, house at Roxbury 
Baker William H. painter, house 1 Thacher ct. 
Baker Wm. P. constable, 21 Court sq. Citv building 
Baker ClVm. if.) & Perry (G.), doors, blinds, and 

sashes, 613 Washington 
Baker Wm. R. laborer, opposite 172 Purchase 
Baker Wm. R. cabinet maker, house Chardon, near 
Hawkins .- [ct. st. 

Baker Wm. S. (S. <Sr W. S. Baker), house 4 Garden 
Baker Wm. W. house 50 Tremont 
Baker James, engineer, house 34 Broadway Qiam 
Balch Benj. W. (Gannett, Batch & Co.), h. at Ded- 
Balch Ebenezer H. (Hammett c\ B.), 20 Broad 
Balch Edward L. printer, h. Lyndeboro' place 
Balch Frederick, carpenter, h.'2 Tileston place 
Balch John B. 72 Milk [Roxbury 

Balch Joseph, pres. Mer. Ins. Co. 38 State, h. at 
Balch Joseph W. sec. Boylston Fire and Marine 

Ins. Co. 4.5 State, h. at Jamaica plain 
Balch P. H. house 31 Beach 
Balch Stephen M. boards 14 Hudson 
Balch Susan, Mrs. house 83 Tyler [bds. 6 Bowdoin 
Balch W. P. jr. flour and grain, 14 and 15 Citv wf. 
Balch Wm. Y'. gilder, 10 "Tremont row, boards 83 

Balch's Express, 158 Washington 
Balcom A. B. kip boots, 3 Shoe and Leather [H. 
Balcom Aaron B. dyer, 19 Howard, b. Pemberton 



Balcom Andrew J. carpenter, h. 2 Wheeler's ct. 
Balcom (Reuben) & Williams {George), painters, 

72 Pinckney, h. 49 Southac 
Balcom Sullivan, captain, h. Sumner, n. Lamson 
Baldrey Samuel, laborer, house 238 Hanover 
Baldwin Aaron, pres. Wash. Bank, h. 16 Essex 
Baldwin Abiel, carpenter, house 27 1-2 Bridge 
Baldwin Benjamin D. 11 F. H. mar. h. 48 Portland 
Baldwin Betsey, boards 12 Bulfinch 
Baldwin Calvin T. house 27 1-2 Bridge 
Baldwin Charles, boards 48 Beach 
Baldwin Charles, stone cutter, bds. 5 S. Margin 
Baldwin Clark B. clerk, 43 Hanover, bds. 204 do. 
Baldwin Dan'l P. machinist, 2d, cor. A, h. cor. Erie 

and Harvard 
Baldwin D. S 12 Tremont row, boards Pavilion 
Baldwin Edward, 131 Milk, house at Milton 
Baldwin Edward H. 31 Milk 
Baldwin Edward S. boards 10 Columbia 
Baldwin Eli, millinery goods, 19 Milk, h. 9 Pine 
Baldwin Elizur {Looinis & B.), house 199 Fourth 
Baldwin Enoch, pros. Shoe and Leather Dealers' 

Bank, house at Dorchester 
Baldwin Geo. D. 77 F. H. market 
Baldwin Henry, carpenter, boards 9 Sudbury 
Baldwin Henry E., Custom House, b. QuincyHouse 
Baldwin Henry H, physician, bds. 140 Hanover 
Baldwin Henry J. turner, boards 20 Poplar 
Baldwin James F. 119 Wash, house 163 Tremont 
Baldwin (James IV.) & Stone (/. IF.), produce, 9 

Market sq. h. at Cambridge 
Baldwin Jane, vidow, house 39 Charter 
Baldwin (Jeremiah) & Vaughan (Daniel), Oriental 

Saloon, 475 Wash. 
Baldwn John, carpenter, h. rear 9 Federal ct. 
Baldwin Josiah, co"nstable, 1 Franklin ave., h. 194 

Baldwin Josiah A. house 194 Hanover 
Baldwin J. P printer, boards 54 Fayette 
Baldwin Julius C. 3 Tremont row, bds. 19 McLean 
Baldwin Lnke jr., 30 Central wliarf 
Baldwin Margaret D. widow of Li-. Thomas, h. 4 

AVashington square [Wash. 

Baldwin Mary, millinery and dress making, 521 
Baldwin Mary, wid. of Royal, board'g, 33 Atkinson 
Baldwin Nahum J. painter, h. 4 Bennet ave. 
Baldwin Otis, turner, boards 20 Poplar 
Baldwin William H. 88 Milk 
Baldwin W. Lewis, 4 Court square 
Baley William B. marble cutter, bds. 58 Lowell 
Balfour David M. com. mer. 103 State 
Balge Henry, coppersmith, h. Sumner, n. Cottage 
Ball Abel, dentist, 34 Tremont row 
Ball Charles W. clerk, 27 Foster's wf., bds. 87 High 
Ball Daniel G. cooper, house 195 Broadway 
Ball David B. tailor, house 41 Endicot 
Ball Edward, glass blower, h. Silver, near A 
Ball (Ezra H.) & Pollard (H. G.), plate printers, 

116 Wash. h. at Cambridge 
Ball Francis, rigger, house rear 193 Hanover 
Ball Franklin N. upholsterer, h. 140 Cambridge 
Ball Hannah, tailoress, house 12 Butolph 
Ball Henry A. (Dotrns & B.), 36 Kilby 
Ball Nancv, wid. of James, h. 13 1-2 Crescent pi. 
Ball J. A. "30 Derne, boards 67 Myrtle 
Ball James W. truckman. Eastern Packet Pier, 

boards 13 1-2 Crescent place 
Ball John, boaids 15 Gridley 

Ball John M. cooper, 1 T whf., h. Washburn place 
Ball Jonas, clerk, 6 India, h. 725 Wash. 
Ball Joseph, truckman, boards 75 Curve 
Ball Joseph H. 30 Derne, boards 67 Myrtle [chase 
Ball Joseph G. restorator, 45 Congress, h. 10 Pur- 
Ball L. M. teacher, house 248 Tremont 
Ball Mary, widow, house 12 Butolph 
Ball Mary, widow, house 30 Bridge 
Ball Mary, widow, seamstress, h. 140 Cambridge 
Ball Nahum, measurer. Custom House, h. 13 Ash 
Ball Samuel, laborer, Bennington, n. Chelsea 
Ball Stephen, physician, 5 Bumstead place 

Ball Stephen B. house 27 Carver 

Ball Thomas, artist, 17 1-2 Tremont row, boards 9 

Ashburton place 
Ball Thomas, glass blower, h. (2d), n. Dorchester 
Ball Thomas W. carpenter, h. 25 Essex [ave. 

Ball True M. (Jones, Ball ^ Poor), h. 131 Harr. 
Ballard Alfred, cabinet maker, bds. 7 Greenough 

lane [Grange pi. 

Ballard Davis C. printer, 8 Congress, bds. 20 La 
Ballard Elbridge F. boards 30 Portland 
Ballard (Francis G.) & Stearns (Natnl C), house 

furnishing goods, 16 Bromfield, bds 49 Federal 
Ballard George, 294 Commercial, boards 3 Clark 
Ballard James, varnisher, 352 Washington 
Ballard James M. counsellor, 9 State, h. 480 Wash. 
Ballard John, office 14 Bromfield, h. 49 Federal 
Ballard Joseph (Ballard &; Pritice), h. 480 Wash. 
Ballard Joseph A. 6 Congress, house 22 Orange 
Ballard Thomas E. cabinet maker, b. Dedham 
Ballard William (Ballard cS? Prince), h. 480 AVash. 
Ballard & Prince (Joseph Ballard, Charles A. 

Prince, ^ William Ballard), carpetwarehouse, 

7 & 9 Bromfield [ter 

Ballister Joseph F. (Tenney & £.), h. at Dorches- 
Ballord Albert & Co. ( Win. Hammond^, iron deal- 
ers, 43 Fulton, h. at Framingham 
Ballou George, laborer, h. Border, near Sumner 
Ballou Hosea, Ilev. house 24 Myrtle [Hudson 

Ballou Ira, grocer. Beach, cor. Kingston, house 14 
Ballou Ira, 82 F. H. market, boards 9 Pitts 
Ballou M. M., Custom House, b. Winthrop House 
Ballou Otis, clerk, b. 14 Hudson 
Ballou Robert, currier, house Paris court, E. B. 
Bamford Sidney, clerk, boards 8 AUston 
Banchor John, wines, 3 Chatham, h. 46 Purchase 
Bancroft Aaron, h. 5 Oliver 
Bancroft Aaron, jr. trunk maker, h. 5 Oliver 
Bancroft Charles L. 8 Court 

Bancroft Charles P. (Bucklei/ S^ B.), h. at Worcester 
Bancroft E. P. 3 Niles' building 
Bancroft (Geo.) & Dickinson (F. W.), counsellors, 

7 Court square, h. at Somerville [5 Oliver 

Bancroft Henry A. (Thomas Bancroft ^ Co.), bds. 
Bancroft Jacob, house 19 Lynde [Oliver 

Bancroft John (John Brewster &; Co.), boards 6 
Bancroft John G. cook, house 2 Morton 
Bancroft John S. ticket office, h. 7 Livingston 
Bancroft Jonas H. driver, house rear 1 Leveret 
Bancroft Mary, Mrs. house 5 Hollis place 
Bancroft Samuel A. shoes, 603 Wash., h. 20 Albany 
Bancroft Sam'l M., Montezuma House, Kneeland 
Bancroft Silas A. teacher music, room under Mt. 

Vernon church, boards 19 Lynde 
Bancroft Thos. & Co. (Henry A.' Bancroft), truck- 

iTien, 12 India, house 6 Oliver 
Bancroft Thomas P. house 39 Mount Vernon 
Bancroft Wm. & Co. ( T. B. Brickett), grocers, 48 

Blaekstone, boavds National House 
Bancroft William, blacksmith, house 2 Lindall pi. 
Bancroft William A. house 1 Washington square 
Bancroft William H. laborer, house 36 Summer 
Bandowin Alexander, upholsterer, h. 3 Middlesex 
Banfield Ira, grocery, lU Prince, house 8 Foster 
Banfield Joseph, Rev. house 9 Poplar [bridge 

Bang Jacob N. printer, 40 Cornhill, house at Cam- 
Bangs Allen, jr. boots and shoes, 248 Commercial, 

house Sumner, East Boston 
Bangs Barnabas, clerk, Hingham Steamboat, h. 

Cambridgeport [Mount Vernon 

Bangs Benjamin, merchant, 39 Lewis wf. house 77 
Bangs Benj. B. (Bangs S<: Co.), h. at Cambridge 
Bangs Charles W. chair painter, h. 2 Staniford pi. 
Bangs Elkanah & Son (IF. H.), com. merchant, 11 

Lewis wharf 
Bangs Geo. P. 39 Lewis wharf, h. 32 Mt. Vernon 
Bangs & Co. (Isaiah Bangs. J. Q. A. Williatns, &; 

B. B. Bangs), jiour, 15 L. wf., h. at Cambridge 
Bangs Martin, mason, house 27 London [bl'k 

Bangs Reuben L. (E. Higgins ^ Co.), 9 Gerrish 
Bangs Sidney S. rigger, house Cross, E. B. 



Bangs Wm. H. (E. Bangs ^ Son), h. o Ashland av. 
Banister Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Wall 
Banister John F. cement and lumber, 146 Sea, 

house 15 Hudson 
Banister Maynard, engineer, house 120 Hudson 
Banister's Express, 7 Elm 
Banker (Geo. IF.). Crocker (3/.), & Co. {Geo. O. 

Carpenter), drugs, paint, & glass, 107 State, b. 

Montgomery place 
Banks David S. 5 Central wharf, house 17 Green 
Banks Elisha, sailor, house 2 Belknap place 
Banks George W. paper stock, 93 Water, house 

66 Nashua 
Banks John L. house 128 Endicot 
Banks Wm. {Hill, Chamherlin iS, Co.), house 18 

Franklin place 
Bannan James, grocer, house Meridian, E. B. 
Banning Mark, laborer, house 2i Suffolk 
Bannon John, teamster, house 57 Slerrimac 
Bannon John, laborer, house 1 South May 
Bannon Martin, grocer, house 8 South May 
Bannon Patrick, laborer, house 3 U tica 
Banns Isaac, seaman, house 2 Jackson avenue 
Banvard Joseph, Rev. house 14 Tyler 
Barbadoes Catharine, dress maker, h. 28 Belknap 
Barbadoes Isaac, musician, house 4 Smith court 
Barbadoes Rebecca, laundress, h. 3 Southac ct. 
Barber Caroline M. Mrs. house Lucas pi., u. Village 
Barber Charles F. turner, house 122 Sea 
Barber Edward, carpenter, h. 12 Lindall place 
Barber Francis, rigger, house 4 Border, E. B. 
Barber Smith A. cork factory, 37 1-2 Blackstone, 

house 5 Lowell 
Barber William, mariner, house 4 Jackson avenue 
Barbes John, captain, h. London, E. B. n. Decatur 
Barbour Jas. S. {Schouler, Neiuton &: B.), 17 Pearl 
Barbour John N. com. merchant, 134 State, house 

at Cambridge 
Bard & Brothers, gold pen manufact'rs, 91 Wash. 
Bard James, baker, house 33 South Russell 
Bard John, 91 Wash, house at Melrose 
Bard John, jr. {Bard & Brothers), 91 Washington 
Bargery Thomas, locksmith, 704 Wash., house do. 
Barigan John, laborer, h. 33 Oliver [opp. Gridley 
Barker Albert G. {Macomber &; B.), h. Purchase, 
Barker Albion {Stone <Sr B.), Har. av., h. 29 London 
Barker {Alex. W.) &' Smith (/. C), furniture, 

19 & 21 Bromfield [pect 

Barker Caleb & G. carpenters, Beverly, h. 9 Pros- 
Barker Calvin P. grocer, 6 Pleasant, h. 4 Emerald 
Barker Charles H. engineer E. Boston ferry boat, 

h. 3 Brown's block, Princeton, E. B. 
Barker Edward, cooper, h. 2 Bartlett [h. 56 Allen 
Barker Edw. H. & Co. {J.F.Athearn), oil, 8 Broad, 
Barker Eliza, 6 Essex 
Barker Eliza K. Mrs. house 10 Columbia 
Barker Frederick I. 57 F. H. M., bds. 14 Sheafe 
Barker George, laborer, house 3 Wharf 
Barker George (C. & G. Barker), h. 11 Prospect 
Barker George W. Athenaeum House, 9 Howard 
Barker Harriet, \\"idow, house 21 Temple 
Barker {Henry A.) & Chase {A. M.), flour & grain, 

43 Commercial, house at Newton 
Barker H. P. tailor, 70 Washington, h. 24 Pearl 
Barker James, 3 Market sq. house at Maiden 
Barker James, house 9 Purchase 
Barker James, carpenter, house 36 Kingston 
Barker James, pres. So. Mu. Ins. Co., h. A, c. 5th 
Barker James H. music printer, boards 9 Purchase 
Barker Jedediah, house 28 Beach 
Barker John D. laborer, boards 11 Salutation 
Barker John W. captain, house D, cor. Silver 
Barker Lavinia P. teacher, house 123 Pinckney 
Barker Lemuel M. weigher, Cust. H., h. 3d, n. F 
Barker Levi L. carpenter, h. r. 62 South Margin 
Barker Nath'l, R. R. Exch. bds. 3d, n. Dorchester 
Barker Nathaniel, captain, boards 22 Friend 
Barker Noah, carpenter, house 2 Warren place 
Barker {Prescott) & Bassett {J. ^.),dry goods, 6 
Tremont row, h. 53 Myrtle 

Barker O. Susan, teacher, Ch. Fr. So., h. Rutland 
Barker Ransalaer, sash maker, 4 Haverhill, h. 2 

Wesley, E. B. 
Barker Richard, clerk, boards 55 High [High 

Barker R. M. & Co. grocers, 6 Pleasant, house 55 
Barker Sarah A. dress maker, 6 Hersey place 
Barker {Seivall) & Binney {J.), cambooses, 105 & 

106 Commercial, h. at Newton corner 
Barker Sewall (/. Binney S<; Co.) 
Barker Theodore T. teach, of mus., bds. 9 Purchase 
Barker Thomas T. house 853 Washington 
Barker Timothy, silversmith, house 51 C [graph 
Barker Tristram, carpenter, h. Dorchester, n. Tele- 
Barker William, shipwright, h. Meridian, E. B. 
Barker William S. 7 Long wharf, boards 11 Mont- 
gomery place 
Barlow Henry, carriage maker, boards 30 High 
Barlow Robert, mason, house r. 183 Sea 
Barlow Royal J. blacksmith, h. I, between 2d & 3d 
Barmish Francis, shoe maker, house 7 1-2 Wharf 
Barn Patrick, cooper, house Bolton, near B 
Barnaby Albert, clerk, boards 20 Genesee 
Barnaby Samuel S. watch maker, bds. 25 Vine 
Barnaby Timothy, boot maker, house 20 Genesee 
Barnard Anna B. house 5 Grove 
Barnard Benj. F. 54 Chatham, h. at S. Reading 
Barnard Charles, house 12 South 
Barnard Charles F. Rev, house 5 Warren 
Barnard Charles F. dentist, 1 Montgomery place 
Barnard Clara, widow, boarding house 6 Adams 
Barnard David (/. M. Barnard ^ Co.), house 14 

Barnard, Adams, & Co. (G. M. S^ J. M. Barnard, 
<Sr C. Larkin), com. mer. 41 Commercial wf. 
house 18 Winthrop place [Kennard court 

Barnard George Lyman, coach maker, boards 2 
Barnard Henry, shoe maker, h. 10 Pleasant St. ct. 
Barnard James M. {Barnard, Adams, ^ Co.), house 

71 Summer 
Barnard John, 61 Fulton 
Barnard John, grainer, house Silver, near C 
Barnard John M. & Co. {D. &J. Bccrnard, ^ Henry 
A. Fuller), distillers, Distil-House square, 
house 10 Portland [Temple 

Barnard Joseph (/. M. Barnard^ Co.), house 13 
Barnard Moses H. house 2 Kennard court 
Barnard Moses S. cooper, house 239 Suffolk 
Barnard Oliver T. police officer, h. 1 Spring st. ct. 
Barnard Patrick, laborer, h. Har. av. near Dover 
Barnard Robert M. clerk 80 Water 
'Qz.Tm.xA (Sylvester) & Sprague {Geo.), painters, 

106 Turnpike, h. D, c. 3d 
Barnard Wm. P. {Lane, Latnson, & Co.), 47 Water 
Barnes Abraham D. carpenter, house 3 N. Grove 
Barnes Achsah, teacher, boards 4 Warren 
Barnes Alexander, cooper, h. 7 Moon st. court 
Barnes Benj. H. teller Atlas Bank, h. at Chelsea 
Barnes Gushing, ship carpenter, h. Marion, E. B. 
Barnes David C. 83 Hanover, house at Chelsea 
Barnes D. W. & S. H. ship chandlers, 3 & 4 Com'l, 

house 13 Avon place 
Barnes Edwin, cutter, 21 Ann, house at Chelsea 
Barnes Edwin, carpenter, house 9 Brighton 
Barnes Edwin C. starch, 19 India, h. at Chelsea 
Barnes Elisha J. mason, house 15 Shawmut 
Barnes Elizabeth G. seamstress, h. 42 Brighton 
Barnes E. V. mason, house 1 Fuller 
Barnes Henry J. clerk at Oak Hall, b. 23 Hudson 
Barnes Horace {Pond &: B.), boards 7 Pitts 
Barnes Isaac O. United States marshal, 1 Court 

House, boards Bromfield House 
Barnes Israel M. inspector of hay. Causeway, h. 

Commercial, foot of Charter 
Barnes James, 61 Water, house at Roxbury 
Barnes John, druggist, 8 Ann, house 13 Vernon 
Barnes John, mess. Merch. Bank, h. at Cambridge 
Barnes John, laborer, house 7 Butolph 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, h. Eutaw, E. Boston 
Barnes Loring, locksmith, house 6 Camden 
Barnes Loring B. 12 Central wf. house 50 Har. av. 



Barnes Luther, flat roof compositioner, house 111 

Barnes Martin, clothing, 181 Ann, h. 14 North sq. 
Barnes Martin, 2nd, boarding, rear W Fleet 
Barnes Martha, milliner, 246 Wash. bds. 4 Warren 
Barnes Patrick, laborer, h. Oliver, opp. Wendell 
Barnes Phila, widow, house 8 Lindall place 
Barnes Richard M. clerk P. O. boards 102 Hudson 
Barnes Samuel H. carpenter, house 46 Spring 
Barnes S. H. {D. W. .^ S. H. B), h. 13 Avon pi. 
Barnes Silas P. pile lumber, 168 Sea, h. 99 Hudson 
Barnes Susan, widow, hoi:se 13 Vernon 
Barnes Thomas, laborer, house 7 Butolph 
Barnes Thomas, shoe maker, 31 Atkinson [garet 
Barnes Thomas P. hardware, 28 Dock sq., h. 6 Mar- 
Barnes Wm. printer, boards -52 1-2 Cambridge 
Barnes Wm. H. hardware, 5 Union, h. at Roxbury 
Barnes William H. carpenter, house 7 Minot 
Barnes William L. receiving teller North Bank, 

house 1 Hull, rear Salem 
Barnett Patrick, house Kneeland, near South 
Barnett Robert (Waterston, Pray iS, Co.), boards 

Tremont House 
Barnett Wm. harness maker, h. Cove, c. Kneeland 
Barney Christopher C. mason, house 10 Erie 
Barney Clara F. tailoress, boards 9 Hu.lson 
Barney Henry L. carpenter, house 7 Minot 
Barney Henry W. 41 Blackstone, h. at Chelsea 
Barney Jonathan, carpenter, house 1 S. Margin 
Barney Marinda S. boards 2 East Orange 
Barney Ozias M. carpenter, h. 12 Suffolk 
Barnfield John, mason, house Swan [273 Tremont 
Barnicoat George F. coppersmith, 13 Sudbury, h. 
Barnicoat William, chief engineer fire department. 

City Hall, house 273 Tremont 
Barnidge Thomas, plasterer, h. 14 Norfolk place 
Barnycoy Carl, boards 3 Bumstead place 
Barr Alexander, cook, house 8 Boylston square 
Barr James, clerk, b. 8 Boylston square 
Barr Thomas, house 4th, between A and B 
Barrell George, hay, &c., head of Constitution wf. 

boards 11 Channing 
Barrell James E. & Co. clothing, 53 Com'l, house 

at Chelsea 
Barrett Aaron, {Barrett 5r Brothers), h. at Maiden 
Barrett Andrew J. boards 54 Harvard 
Barrett A. L. (Barrett is; Brothers), h. at Maiden 
Barrett Benj. laborer, house May st. ct. 
Barrett Daniel, laborer, house 51 Prince [London 
Barrett E. Turner, printer, 11 Cornhill, boards 24 
Barrett George, wire worker, house 3 Barre place 
Barrett Oilman, baker, house 183 Harrison av. 
Barrett & Brothers {Henry A. L. is Aaron), dyers, 

140 Washington, house at Maiden 
Barrett Henry II. clerk, 33 Water 
Barrett J. & Co. {E. Robinson), com. mer. 1 Mer- 
cantile wharf, h. 4 Wash, court [bridge 
Barrett James, counsellor, 20 Court, house at Cam- 
Barrett John, laborer, house 25 Minot 
Barrett Jonathan F. counsellor, 46 Washington 
Barrett Margaret, widow, house 8 Rochester 
Barrett Matthew, mariner, house 16 Belknap 
Barrett Michael, laborer, h. South, near Harvard 
Barrett Milton, machinist, house Chelsea, E. B. 
Barrett Nicholas, grocer, 162 Fourth, h. 160 do. 
Barrett N. A. 25 Doane, house at Dorchester 
Barrett Oliver, brass pipes, house 91 W. Cedar 
Barrett Oramel G. machinist, house 191 Broadway 
Barrett Robert, laborer, house A, cor. 3d 
Barrett Robert R. porter, h. 21 Atkinson 
Barrett Samuel, drug broker, 92 State, house at 

Jamaica plain [Pinckney 

Barrett Samuel, teacher Adams School, house 14 
Barrett Samuel, Rev. house 40 Chambers 
Barrett Sumner F. wharfinger, Atlantic steamship 

wharf, house Saratoga, E. Boston 
Barrett Thomas, shoe maker, h. 28 Kingston 
Barrett Thomas, printer, h. 53 Brighton [7 Mason 
Barrett Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 9 Bedford, h. 
Barrett William, laborer, house Cove place 

Barrett William, 98 Broad 

Barrett William D. carpenter, h. Saratoga, E. B. 

Barrey John, laborer, house 21 Hamilton 

Barrey {Joseph M.) Sz Bigelow {J. R.), paper 

hangings manufacturers, 41 Federal, h. at Lynn 
Barron Abiram, stone cutter, Sea, near bridge, h. 

Silver, near C 
Barron Alexander, captain, h. 157 Hanover [ter 
Barron Edward, shipwright, h. Bolton, n. Dorches- 
Barron John, laborer, h. Sumner, n. Liv'pool. E. B. 
Barron John W. lithographer, h. 1 Cooper [Border 
Barron Lawrence, blacksmitli, bds. Sumner, near 
Barron Mary, widow, house 19 Pitts 
Barron Rebecca, house 10 West 
Barron Sarah, widow of Thomas, house 58 Essex 
Barrows Abner, proprietor B. & P. R. R. coaches, 

53 Brattle, boards City Hotel 
Barrows Benj. {J. B. Tremere !^ Co.),h. 474 ComT 
Barrows Charles A. mer. tailor, 247 Washington, 

house 1 Hanson 
Barrows Edward, 17 Central wharf 
Barrows Thomas, jr. {Capen 6; Co.), 220 Broad 
Barrus Horace G. editor Philharmonic Journal, 

417 Wash, house 72 Pleasant 
Barrus Isaac N. cordwainer, boards 189 Hanover 
Barrus Joseph C. clerk, boards 36 Leveret 
Barry Alonzo, tailor, 141 Wash., h. 31 Oak [ter 
Barry Bartholomew, 30 Dock sq., h. ComT, n. Char- 
Barry Bridget, widow, Kneeland, near Utica 
Barry Catharine, house 2 Stillman place 
Barry Charles, superint'nt Melodeon, h. 4 Dover 
Barry Charles C. book keeper, City Bank, house 

16 Orana;e 
Barry Charles J. {C.Yoimg ^ Co.) 
BaiTy Charles T. machinist, h. 8 Ashland avenue 
Barry David, laborer, house 40 Cove 
Barry David, laborer, house 5 Brighton [E. B. 

Barry David, wheelwright, Lewis, h. rear Webster, 
Barry Edward, harness maker, h. 30 Wash'n sq. 
Barry Edward, house 7 Cottage place 
Barry Edward, laborer, house 7 1-2 Bartlett 
Barry Edward, laborer, house Chelsea pi. E. B. 
Barry Edward H. R. express driver, house 1 Cooper 
Barry Garret {J. ^ G. Barry), house 42 C, n. 5th 
Barry George, 13 Lewis wharf, house at Waltham 
Barry Geo. laborer, house Chelsea, E. B. 
Barry George E. boards 690 Washington 
Barry Henry {Pollard &: B.), house 12 Ashland 
Barry Hugh, laborer, house 1 S. Cedar 
Barry James, laborer, house rear 26 Belknap 
Barry James, capt. watch. City Hall,h. 690 Wash. 
Barry James, grocer, house 11 Sullivan place 
B,arry James, grocer, 66 Atkinson, house do. 
Barry James & G. marble works, 78 Turnpike 
Barry John, book binder, house South, n. Harvard 
Barry John, house rear Mason 
Barry John, laborer, house 2 Columbia 
Barry John, tailor, house 5 Oxford place 
Barry John, laborer, house 19 Washington sq. 
Barry John L. 84 Milk, boards 72 Essex 
Barry Joseph E. house 8 Ashland avenue 
Barry Lydia, house 8 Ashland avenue 
Barry Mary, widow, house 72 Essex 
Barry Michael, collar maker, house 6 Wendell 
Barry Michael, grocer, 49 Atkinson 
Barry Michael, laborer, house 22 E. Orange 
Barry Michael, mariner, house 217 Hanover 
Barry (Jl/. Olcotf) & Brother (S'^p/^on), importers of 

dry goods, 24 Pearl, h. at Savin Hill, Dorchester 
Barry Parker H. oysters, 3 Court av., h. 75 Albany 
Barry Patrick, clerk, Quincy Hall 
Barry Patrick, junk store, 356 Commercial, h. do. 
Barry Patrick, laborer, house rear 201 Ann 
Barry Patrick, laborer, house Havre, n. Maverick 
Barry Patrick, ostler, house rear 49 Albany 
Barry Peter, tailor, house 1 Lancaster 
Barry Richard, marble manufacturer, 6 Haverhill, 

boards Mass. Hotel 
Barry ( Royal P.) & Gridley {George A.), furniture, 

33 Exchange, house at Maiden 



Barry Shelton {Barry ^ Brother), h. 137 Tremont 

Barry Theodore A. lithographer, house 690 Wash. 

Barry Thomas, boards 4 Allston 

Barry Thomas, laborer, house 5 Battery 

Barry Thomas, house 72 Essex 

Barry Thomas, tailor, house Erin alley 

Barry Wallace, 40 Central, boards 121 Court 

Barry William, h. 17 North Russell [n. Harvard 

Barry William, painter, 16 Hawley, house South, 

Barry Wm. A. C. brass worker, house o Dover pi. 

Barry Wm. B. (G. W. Warren S<; Co.), 192 Wash. 

Barstoro Charles, clerk, boards 26 Purchase 

Barstow Andrew, captain, h. Porter, c. Bennington 

Barstow C. Arthur, mason, house 8th, near E 

Barstow Charles, 100 State 

Barstow Michael, mason, boards 80 Albany 

Barstow William C. treasurer and super. B. B. Co. 

75 State, house Hotel street [h. 7 E. Dedham 
Bartemas William, hair dresser. Canton, n. Suffolk, 
Barter Thomas, milkman, house P, near oth 
Bartholmesz George, French boots, 545 Washing- 
ton, house 547 do. 
Bartholomew Eleazer W. clerk, boards 5 Kingston 
Bartholomew John, restorator, Har. av. n. South 

Boston bridge 
Bartholomew Truman C. panoramic artist, house 

280 Washington [house 8 Bradford 

Bartlet Ebenezer, commission merchant, 127 State, 
Bartlet Stephen, 44 India wf., h. at Charlestown 
Bartlett A. F. truss manufacturer, 221 Washington 
Bartlett Alfred, eng'r, h. r. 231 Fourth [3 Oxford 
Bartlett Alonzo, salesman, Old State House, b. 
Bartlett Azel E. clerk, boards 3 La Grange place 
Bartlett Charles A. clerk, 37 Ann, b. 31 High 
Bartlett Charles {Gardner ^ B.), h. at Roxbury 
Bartlett Charles, teller State Bank, b. U. S. Hotel 
Bartlett Charles L. com. mer. 18 Broad, h. 13 South 
Bartlett Daniel, dry goods, 14 & 16 Central 
Bartlett Daniel-, jr. 12 Long wharf, h. 17 Charter 
Bartlett Edward, 39 Lewis wf. h. at Roxbury 
Bartlett Elbridge G. {Humphrey, BaHlett, &: Co), 

house 97 Salem [13 Myrtle 

Bartlett Elmer, picture frames, 36 Union, house 
Bartlett Enoch, 41 Pearl, house at Cambridge 
Bartlett Enoch W. hackman, h. r. 38 Friend 
Bartlett Francis E. coach builder, 24 Friend, house 

1 Morton 
Bartlett Francis N. house 22 McLean 
Bartlett George, physician, house 1 Chardon 
Bartlett George H. 8 Long wf. h. 197 Broadway 
Bartlett Geo. W. boards 12 Lynde 
Bartlett Henry, 6 Central wharf, boards 8 Tyler 
Bartlet Hosea, carpenter, 4 Haverhill, house at 

Roxbury [E. Boston 

Bartlett James, druggist, 211 Ann, house Webster, 
Bartlett James, machinist, b. 10 Maverickbl'k, E.B. 
Bartlett Jane & Joanna, tailoresses, h. 16jBoylston 

Bartlett John, 30 Long wharf, house 11 Bradford 
Bartlett John, clerk brigade band, 1 1-2 Tremont 

row, h. at Charlestown [Sumner, E. B. 

Bartlett John, grocer, Sumner, c. Cottage, house 
Bartlett John F. coach proprietor, b. 53 Brattle 
Bartlett John H. house 21 Minot [b. 7 Pitts 

Bartlett John W. thread & hosiery, 128 Hanover, 
Bartlett John W. & Co. {G. Heath), groceries & 

produce, 18 Commercial, h. 97 Salem 
Bartlett J. W. glazier, 448 Wash., b. 4 Cherry 
Bartlett Jos. C, Cust. House, h. at E. Cambridge 
Bartlett Joseph H. & Co. {Otis Minot), agents 

Nashua & Lowell Freight Co., h. 13 Lyman pi. 
Bartlett Lemuel, pro^^sions, 26 Brookline 
Bartlett Levi & Co. {E. T. Farrinyton), W. India 

goods, 2 Long wharf, boards 15 Somerset 
Bartlett Lewis P. provisions, 5 Bromtield, house 

at West Cambridge [House 

Bartlett Louis D. draughtsman, boards Maverick 
Bartlett Martin H. boards 9 Oxford place 
Bartlett Mary, boards 133 Hanover 
Bartlett Mary, widow of James, h. 6 Cooper 

Bartlett Mary, house 7 Ridgeway I. [40 Summer 

Bartlett Matthew & Co. W. I. goods, 99 State, bds. 

Bartlett Obed W. boards 70 Poplar 

Bartlett Percival W. teacher Hancock School 

Bartlett Powers, clerk, house 29 E. Orange 

Bartlett Rebecca, boards 20 Bulfinch 

Bartlett Richard A. clerk, 16 Com'rcial, h. 8 Tyler 

Bartlett Ruel W. stevedore, boards SnowhiU, cor. 

Bartlett Samuel, handcartman, h. 144 Commercial 
Bartlett Sidney, counsellor, 16 Court, h. 72 Beacon 
Bartlett Sidney, jr. 72 Beacon [79 Camb. h. 2 Lime 
Bartlett {Stephen F.) & Harlow (P.), hats and caps, 
Bartlett {Sy/vanus P.) & Co. {C. L. Porter), drj' 

goods, 168 Hanover, boards National House 
Bartlett Thaddeus P. watchman, house 75 Fourth 
Bartlett Theodore, carpenter, 7 Hawley, h. EUot, 

near Tremont 
Bartlett Thomas, house 155 Tremont [S. Margin 
Bartlett Thomas M. carpenter, 15 Lancaster, h. 40 
Bartlett William, carpenter, house 26 Thacher 
Bartlett William S., Custom House, house 12 Ash 
Bartley John, tailor, house Athens, near A 
Bartol Cyrus A. Rev. house 17 Chesnut 
Bartol George, jr. broker and agent N. Y. packets, 

opp. 51 India, boards Bromtield House 
Bartol Mary, dress maker, 156 Hanover 
Bartols John T. D. laborer, house 1 Seabury pi. 
Barton Asa B. house 69 Harrison avenue 
Barton Bowers A. 59 Milk, h. 69 Harrison av. 
Barton Emerson, confectioner, house 2 Church 
Barton Jabez W. proprietor Albion House, Tre- 
mont, cor. Beacon 
Barton James H. painter, house 14 Village 
Barton Seth W. inspector, house 27 Vine 
Barton Thomas, laborer, house 6 N. Russell 
Barton Wm. H. salesman, 44 Hanover, h. 4 Clark 
Barzentee James, machinist, boards 5 E. Dedham 
Bascom Andrew J. portrait painter, 475 Wash. h. 

802 do. [Har. avenue 

Bascom John T. S. {Thacher B. ^ Co.), boards 39 
Bascom Samuel, laborer, house 17 Belknap 
Bascom Timothy, 4 Commercial wf. h. 107 Salem 
Bascom Tryphosa, widow, boarding, 44 High 
Bascom W. B. house 1 Hudson place 
Bascom Wm. Mrs. widow, 39 Harrison av. [E. B. 
Basford Benj. F. captain, h. London, n. Decatur, 
Basford Daniel H. carpenter, 6 Charlestown, boards 

21 Portland [Milk 

Basford Stephen P. hair dresser, Devonshire, near 
Bass Abigail, widow, house 37 S. Russell 
Bass Elizabeth, nurse, h. Chelsea, E. B. 
Bass George, house 3 Sewall place [block, Ann 
Bass Henry, boots, shoes, and leather, 3 Hitchborn 
Bass James L. 3 Hitchborn block, Ann 
Bass John B. {Xichols &; B.), 67 Union 
Bass Mary F. house 38 Warren 
Bass Moses, clerk. City Treas. office, h. 7 Alden 
Bass Samuel, clerk, house 35 Salem 
Bass Sophia Mrs. house 229 Tremont 
Bass Stephen G. 58 Long wf. house at Brookline 
Bass Wm. L. bailiff, U. S. Court, h. 229 Tremont 
Bass Wm. W. laborer, h. r. 62 1-2 Myrtle 
Bassett Benjamin P. hair dresser, 23 Endicot 
Bassett Cushman, morocco, 44 N. Market [Trem't 
Bassett Elisha, counsellor, 12 Court House, h. 241 
Bassett Francis, boards 1 Hancock avenue 
Bassett Gorham F. captain, house Cedar st. place 
Bassett Isaac M. bonnets, etc. 52 Hanover, house 

841 Washington 
Bassett James, shoe maker, Bremen, E. B., h. do. 
Bassett James A. {Barker & B.), bds. East. Exch. 
Bassett Joanna, house 1 Cedar st. place 
Bassett John, jr. book keeper, 68 Kilbv 
Bassett John t. clerk, 399 Wash. b. 21 Pinckney 
Bassett Joseph, ins. beef and pork, h. 43 Charter 
Bassett N. Mrs. h. New, n. Sumner. E. B. 
Bassett {Robert B.) & Mellen {A. M.), carpenters, 

166 Harr. ave. h. 6 Jefferson 
Bassett Samuel, laborer, h. 1 Wilberforce pi. 



Bassett Susan, house Suffolk, cor. Canton 
Bassett (Zephaniah) & Veazie (■/. T.), blacksmiths, 

Commeicial, h. Chelsea 
Bassin Peter, clerk, h. 195 Hanover [Boston 

Baston Jos. C. watchman, h. Cross, c. Border, E. 
Baston Luther R. truckman, h. 34 Friend 
Batchelder Charles W. cooper, house Fabin 
Batchelder Daniel K. gilder, house 19 Pitts 
Batchelder Francis L. counsellor, 39 Court, h. at 

Cambridge [9 Sheafe 

Batchelder George A. clerk, 285 Washington, h. 
Batchelder Greenleaf C. house 52 Poplar 
Batchelder Harris H. stable, 5 N. Russell, h. 9 do. 
Batchelder Hiram, restorator, 10 Bovlston 
Batchelder (i/omre A'.) & Mann (.4. IF.), West 

India goods, 128 State, boards o Franklin 
Batchelder Israel H. house 11 Travers 
Batchelder Jenness, pile driver, bds. 146 Pleasant 
Batchelder Nanc}', Mrs. house 9 Sheafe 
Batchelder Sally, boarding, 5 Bumstead place 
Batchelder Samuel, 8 Kilby, h. at Cambridge 
Batchelder's Express, R. R. E.xchange 
Batcheller Brooks T. coachman, h. 17 Lowell [field 
Batcheller Ezra {T. cV E. Batcheller), h. at Brook- 
Batcheller Lucius E. 51 Chatham, b. Adams House 
Batcheller T. & E. boots and shoes, 72 Pearl, h. at 

Bateman Henry, blacksmith, h. Silver, n. C. 
Bateman Horatio, harness nianuf. 106 Blackstone, 

house 25 Oxford 
Bates Abner L. painter, house 3 Emerald 
Bates Alexander, mason, house 2 Spring st. pi. 
Bates Amos, carpenter, house 6 Madison place 
Bates Andrew, laborer, house 104 West Cedar 
Bates Andrew E. boards 70 Temple 
Bates B. B. boards 22 Stamford 
Bates Benjamin E. 22 Milk, h. at Medford 
Bates Caleb N. mason, house 7 May 
Bates Charles, {Eaton 4,- B.), h. 3 Rutland 
Bates Charles S. {M. Bates is Sons), h. 13 Somerset 
Bates C. Francis, house 13 Somerset 
Bates Edward, tailor, house 59 Billerica 
Bates Edward C. & Co. {Ives G. Bates), merch- 
ants, 19 India wf., h. at Phillips' Beach 
Bates E. G. (G. W. Warren & Co.), 192 Wash. 
Bates Elizabeth, widow of Daniel B. h. 56 Essex 
Bates George, sail maker, bds. 97 Cambridge 
Bates George, house 12 Franklin place 
Bates George H. 25 Kilby, h. at Roxbury 
Bates Geo. W. & Co. (H. L. Bates), importers 

trimming goods, &c., 68 Milk, b. U. S. Hotel 
Bates Gustavus, house 2 Bridge st. ct. [Genesee 
Bates Henry, cordwaincr, 621 Washington, h. 14 
Bates Henry, painter, house 2 Barton [som 

Bates Henry L. {Geo. W. Bates & Co.), h. 1 Bios- 
Bates Hiram, carpenter, 64 Harr. av., h. 3 Genesee 
Bates Isaac C. 10 Merchants' Exchange. [Vernon 
Bates Ives G. {E. C. Bates <Sf Co.), house 81 Mt. 
Bates James, mason, house I Byron 
Bates James, carpenter, r. 53 Broad, h. 47 Southac 
Bates James D. harness maker, house 12 A 
Bates Jesse D., Custom House 
Bates Joel, boot maker, h. 38 Union [Temple 

Bates John, painter and glazier, 3 Province, h. 70 
Bates John B. mason, house 3 Genesee 
Bates John, jr. cooper, house 5 Thacher ct. 
Bates {JohnD.) & Co. (.4. W. Thaxter,jr.), merch. 

55 Commercial wf. h. 81 Mount Vernon 
Bates John F. house 70 Temple 
Bates Joseph C. 47 State, house 9 Edinboro' 
Bates Joseph L. & Jordan A. S. combs, umbrellas, 

and fancy goods, 129 Wash., h. 57 Allen 
Bates {Joseph N.) Ik Harford {E. C), shipwrights 

ard caulkers, Sumner, b. Maverick House 
Bates Joshua, jr. master Brimnier School 
Bates Joshua C. com. mer. 14 X. Market 
Bates Levi, mason, house 89 West Cedar 
Bates Lewis, baggage master, b. Utica House 
Bates Martin & Sons {Charles S.), furs, 27 Elm, 
house 13 Somerset 

Bates L. Stetson, stoves and baths, 42 Congress 
Bates Martin G. book keeper, 33 Milk, h. 7 Pine 
Bates Minot, carpenter, house 30 Billerica 
Bates Munroe, baggage master, B. & W. R. R., b. 

Utica House 
Bates Nathaniel N. carpenter, h. 14 Albion [Ash 
Bates Nath. N. carpenter. Broad, near Pearl, h. 16 
Bates Otis, butcher, house Eutaw, E. Boston 
Bates Rachael, widow, h. 15 Washington square 
Bates Rufus H. book keeper, b. 27 Howard 
Bates {Riissell) & Goldthwait {John), cloths and 
carpets, 45 Washington, bds. Pearl st. House 
Bates Samuel, house 71 Atkinson [n. Church 

Bates Samuel, jr. {E. Baker S; Co.), h. Bovlston, 
Bates Samuel D. painter, 57 1-2 Court, house 35 
Bates Samuel W. writing master Adams School 
Bates Seth, botanic physician, h. 95 Fourth, n. A 
Bates Stephen, insurance ag't. Merchants' Exch. 
Bates Thomas, restorator, 431 Wash., h. 641 do. 
Bates Thomas, shades, 2 Cornhill square 
Bates William, painter. Common, h. 36 Auburn 
Bates Wm. counsellor, 47 Court, h. 8 Washing, sq. 
Bates William' A. painter, 320 Com'l, h. 12 Auburn 
Batfield John, laborer, house 11 Pearl place 
Batson Joseph P. painter, house 246 Fourth 
Battees John, 8 Jefferson block, Ann 
Battelle Anna, house 5 Maiden 
Battelle Thomas, house 23 High 
Batterman Elizabeth, house 20 Kneeland 
Batterman John, blacksmith, Tremont, n. Dover 
Battis Wm. L. ferry boatman, h. Sumner, cor. Cot- 
tage, E. Boston 
Battison Wm. carpenter, h. 20 Canton 
Battles Alden, moulder, b. 10 Winthrop, E. B. 
Battles Anson, house 38 West Cedar 
Battles Jonathan, jr. writing master Mather School 
Battles Rufus, house 1 Cleveland place 
Battles Winslow, teacher Mayhew School 
Baudouin Alex'r, upholsterer, house 3 Middlesex 
Baumbach Adolph, music teacher, 7 Bowdoin sq. 
Baury Mary, Madame, h. 2 Waverley pi. [ave. 

Baxter Albert G. broker, 5 Exchange, h. 132 Harr. 
Baxter Ann, Mrs. house 6 Battery [town 

Baxter A. P., W. I. goods, 119 Ann, h. at Charles- 
Baxter {BenJ. D.) & Howe {Wm.), grocers, 10 T 

wharf, house 41 Bedford 
Baxter Charles F. house 33 Edinboro' 
Baxter Edward W. jr. 62 Washington 
Baxter George H. clerk, bds. 231 Broadway, n. E. 
Baxter Hanriah, Mrs. boards 28 May 
Baxter Hannah, carpet maker, h. 20 Blossom 
Baxter Hervey, printer, bds. 28 May 
Baxter James, dry goods, 8 Bath 
Baxter James D. machinist, b. Suffolk, c. Canton 
Baxter James H. {J. W. Spinney ^ Co.), b. 231 

Baxter James T. clerk 33 Water 
Baxter John J. clerk, 64 Milk, b. 21 Hancock 
Baxter John W. cooper, house 12 Prince 
Baxter Joseph, 16 Milk, bds. 26 Harvard 
Baxter Mary, widow, house 2 Williams 
Baxter Nancy, Mrs. house 53 Belknap 
Baxter Nathaniel B. trunk manuf. 34 Causeway 
Baxter S. D. P. dry goods and carpets, 43 and 45 

Water, house 39 Bedford 
Baxter Thomas, machinist, bds. 6 Winthrop, E. B. 
Baxter Thomas A. T. boots and shoes, 5 Change av. 

bds. 8 Billings court 
Baxter Thompson, clerk, h. 231 Broadway 
Baxter Wm. S. stoves and tin ware, 46 Congress 
Bayard James L. house 3d, near D 
Bayley Albert, boards 202 Harrison avenue 
Bayley Benjamin, carpenter, house 11 Butolph 
Bayley Benj. F. dep. sheriff, 7 ct. sq., h. Broadway 
Bayley Christopher T. clothing. Broad, opposite 

Purchase, house 140 Purchase 
Bayley Dudley H. clerk, boards 23 Eliot 
Bayley Henry E. 93 Milk, house 14 Avon place 
Bayley Jas. R. com. mer. 18 S. Market, b. 10 Essex 
Bayley Joseph, h. 14 Avon place. 



Bayley Richard W. Mrs. house 14 Avon place 
Bayley Samuel K. auctioneer and carriage depot, 

Federal, house 23 Eliot 
Bayley Thomas, clerk, 33 Water, h. 7 Kneeland 
Bayley Thomas J. marble works, 72 Harrison av. 
h. 7 Kneeland [enue, bds. 58 Lowell 

Bayley William B. marble worker, 72 Harrison av- 
Baylies Edmund, house 71 Mt. Vernon 
Bazin Francis O. J. S. clerk, 29 Cornhill, bds. 12 
N. Russell. [Russell 

Bazin George W. printer, 37 Cornhill, h. 12 North 
Bazin Jolm H. printer, 37 Cornhill 
Bazin Joshua W. printer, bds. 12 North Russell 
Bazin Judith, h. 38 Common [over House 

Bazin Thomas H. (B. B. Mussey §■ Co.), bds. Han- 
Bazin William C. clerk P. O. house 61 Spring 
Bazin William H. house 61 Spring 
Beadle Thos. D. {Isaac Smith &; Co.), h. 4 Gridley 
Beadles Hobart H. painter, 24 Friend 
Beadles James, painter, h. 23 Kneeland 
Beach Joseph, 2 Mass. block, h. Willow, c. Acorn 
Beal Bela, mason, house 16 Beach 
Beal Benjamin, (John G. Loring <Sr Co.), h. 51 Allen 
Beal Charles A. clerk, 31 Hanover 
Beal Elijah, cabinet maker, house 31 May 
Beal George T. clerk, 31 Hanover, h. 739 Wash. 
Beal Henry, 47 Cornhill, h. 3 Ashburton place 
Beal Henry, house painter, b. 51 Federal 
Beal Henry, carpenter, house 9 Porter 
Beal Henry R. 241 Washington 
Beal Jairus, (Lincoln if Beal), h. 30 Allen 
Beal James H. (Allen ^ Beal), h. at Charlestown 
Beal John H. carpenter, house 1 Dover place 
Beal Levi, paper hanger, h. 3 Stanit'ord court 
Beal Levi, jr. trunk maker, h. 3 Chambers st. court 
Beal Madison, broker, 5 Exchange, h. 29 Wash. sq. 
Beal Samuel, furniture, 31 Hanover, h. 671 Wash. 
Beal Samuel H. auctioneer, 49 Pearl, h. 5 Gridley 
Beal Sophia N. widow, h. 12 Eaton 
Beal Thacher, col. aqueduct, 28 State, and dia- 
phragm iilters, 451 Wash, house 249 Tremont 
Beal Warren S. printer, h. 10 Spring 
Beal Wm. L. upholstery, 47 Cornhill, h. 7 Portland 
Beals Caroline A. tailoress, h. r. 27 Common 
Beals Henry Isl. house 1 Avery 
Beals James H. house 76 Pinckney 
Beals J. J. & Co. (A. W. Southwick), clock mauu. 

Haymarket square, h. 254 Tremont 
Beals Levi, house 2 Hanover place 
Beals Nancy, millinery, 116 Hanover 
Beals Samuel, house 16 Friend [Dorchester 

Beals Thomas, music publisher, 24 Franklin, h. at 
Beals Wm. clocks, watches, &c. Blackstone, cor. 

Hanover, h. IS West Castle 
Beals ( William) & Greene (Charles G.), publishers 

Boston Post, 19 Water, h. 39 Hancock 
Beals Wm. jr. (Baker ^ Seals), h. 77 Pinckney 
Beals & Pratt, com. mer. 93 Fulton 
Beals' express, R. R. Exchange, City Hotel 
Beaman Amma, oysters, &C.681 Wash. h. 11 Cherry 
Beaman E. A. young ladies' school. Temple ave. 

h. River, opposite Mt. Vernon 
Beaman E. B. book binder, h. 9 N. Charles 
Beaman Elihu T. baker, 66 Cambridge, h do. 
Beamis Thomas W. boots and shoes, 152 Washing- 
ton, h. at Randolph [7 Common 
Bean x\.aron H. sec. Nat. Ins. Co. 66 State, house 
Bean Archibald, sail maker, h. Maverick, c. Border 
Bean Daniel S. boards 6 Allston place 
Bean George, teamster, boards 43 Lowell 
Bean Gilman P. brewer, bds. 30 W. Canton 
Bean Hannah, seamstress, h. 5 Cotting court 
Bean Hannah, widow of C. T. h. 71 Nashua 
Bean Henry, painter, bds. 51 Federal 
Bean Horace, laborer, house 1 Margaret 
Bean Ivory, mason, house 6 Maple pi. [Canton 
Bean James A. furniture, 64 1-2 Hanover, h. 12 E. 
Bean James M. cabinet maker, h. 10 N. Charles 
Bean Jedediah P. painter, bds. at 1 Sister 
Bean John D. 5 Wilson lane, h. 6 Allston place 

Bean John, 43 Court, house at Chelsea 
Bean John N. 68 Blackstone, bds. 5 Wesley place 
Bean Leonard O. tailor, bds. 20 Lowell 
Bean Mary, widow, house 6 Stillman 
Bean Mary, widow of Horace, house 13 Dover 
Bean Mercy, widow, house 6 Bennet [Hudson 

Bean Monroe, fish and oysters, 8 Bedford, house 95 
Bean Nicholas, cutter. Oak Hall, 34 Ann 
Bean (Orison) & Hall, (U'm. F.), carpenters, Me- 
ridian, house Lexington 
Bean Patrick, tailor, house rear 22 Friend 
Bean Reuel H. painter, house 8th, near E 
Bean William H. teamster, house r. 26 Brighton 

Bean , captain, h. Silver, near B 

Beane J. V. & Co., publishers Christian Observa- 
tory, 21 Cornhill 
Beard John, boards 56 Hanover 
Beard Louisa Miss, dress maker, house 27 Pinckney 
Beard Luke, mineral water, ale and porter, How- 
ard Athenaeum, house at Cambridge 
Beath Lydia, truss maker, house 36 Warren 
Beatley Spencer (Isaac Foicle ^ Co.), h. at Chelsea 
Beattie Rachael, widow, h. Commerc'l, opp. Foster 
Beatty John, caulker, house 108 Purchase 
Beatty William, stevedore, h. Everett, n. Jeffries 
Beaumister Joseph, brass finisher, h. 68 Middlesex 
Beauville John P. com. mer. 46 India 
Beck Alfred M. 22 Federal, h. 19 W. Orange 
Beck Elizabeth, house 30 Curve 
Beck Frederick, teller Grocers' Bank,b. 64 Warren 
Beck Gideon, auctioneer, 22 & 24 Federal 
Beck James, house 64 Warren [17 Belmont 

Beck Lewis, cooper, Broad, n. India wharf, house 
Beck Mary, widow, boarding, 536 Washington 
Beck Samuel, painter, B. and W. car shop 
Beck Sarah H. B. Mrs. house 64 Warren 
Beck Wm. col. clerk Atlas Bank, h. 137 Pleasant 
Becker Christopher, laborer, house 7 Suffolk 
Becker Wendelin, boot maker, Franklin place, cor. 

Hawley, h. r. 90 Eliot 
Becker William, baker, house 73 Charter 
Becker Xaver, house 14 Southnc [Melrose 

Becket James M. lace goods, 56 1-2 Hanover, h. at 
Becket Sarah, widow, house 9 Lincoln 
Becket William, laborer, house 90 Cambridge 
Beckett Elizabeth, widow, house 60 Billerica 
Beck ford Daniel R. 179 Washinton, b. 7 Franklin 
Beckford John D. 179 Washington, b. 7 Franklin 
Beckford Joseph W. oysters, Richmond, n. Fulton 
Beckler Cliarles, trader, house 16 Genesee 
Bc'ckman Adolph, trader, house 104 Tremont 
Beekwith Charles L. printer, house 12 Lyman pi. 
Beckwith Clary, boards 3 Carnes court 
Beekwith Craven, carpenter, boards 30 Portland 
Beckwith George, house 1 Corey avenue 
Beckwith Geortje C. Rev. cor. sec. Am. Peace Soc. 

21 Cornhili; house 21 N. Russell 
Beekwith John, job wagon, house 20 Grove 
Beckwith John J. carpenter, boards S. Lowell 
Bedford James, manuf. jeweller, 36 Hanover 
Bedlington Samuel M. ci'k, b. Dorch'r, n. Broadway 
Bedlington Timothy, book binder, 26 School, house 

Dorchester st. near Broadway 
Beebe James M. & Co. {Josiah J.Fiske), dry goods, 

88 & 90 Hanover, h. 14 Ashburton place 
Beebe L. & Co. merchants, 54 Commercial, house 

at Cambridgeport 
Beebee WiUiam, pictures, 26 Bromfield 
Beecher Edward Rev. house 13 Hull 
Beecher Ira B. supt. Silver gas light Co. h. 2d, n. B 
Beecher Michael, tailor, house rear 42 Prince 
Beecher Timothy, house near 14 Batterymarch 
Beecher William A. 23 Pearl 
Beeching R. cork manufacturer, 114 Blackstone 
Beeler Joseph, laborer, house 19 Commercial 
Beers Augustus H. watches, &c. 73 Hanover 
Beers Hiram, printer, house 17 Grove 
Beetle Thomas, painter, house 77 Carver [h. do. 
Beeton John, confectionary, Camb'ge, c. S. Russell, 
Begg John C. clerk, house 1 River 



Belcher Alanson, house 108 Summer 
Belcher Joseph, house Porter, East Boston 
Belcher L. & W. S. boots, shoes, and leather, 35 

Belcher N. T. bar keeper, boards 40 Union 
Belcher Samuel T. printer, boards 129 Essex 
Belcher Warren, wood and coal. Belcher's wharf, 

h. Clifton's block, Central sq. E. B. 
Belcher W. S. (L. ^ W. S. Belcher), 35 Central 
Belding John, house 3 North Hudson 
Belfiore Pietro, jeweller, 65 Washington 
Belford Edward, machinist, b. Maverick, c. New 
Belger Barney, laborer, house Murray place 
Belknap Andrew E. merchant, h. 54 Chesnut 
Belknap Austin (Belhwp iSf Brothers), b. City Hotel 
Belknap Austin, boards 44 S. Russell 
Belknap Clara, teacher Dwight School 
Belknap Daniel H., Suffolk bank, h. 3 Hollis pi. 
Belknap John, mer. 15 Congress, h. 2 Mt. Vernon 
Belknap John, jr. {Belknaji ^ Brothers), boards 31 

Belknap {Lyman) & Brothers {Austin ^ John, jr.), 

produce, 55 Brattle, boards City Hotel 
Belknap Wm. mason, house 1 Grove place 
Bell Andrew, cigar maker, house 21 May 
Bell Ann, Mrs. boards 17 Warren 
Bell A. W., Fulton, c. Richmond, h. 17 Ashland 
Bell Brooks, salesman, 66 Hanover, b. 30 Camb'ge 
Bell Edward, laborer, house 93 Endicot 
Bell Edward, oysterman, house 48 Salem 
Bell Edward, paver, house 70 Prince 
Bell Edward D. & Co. dry goods, 9 Tremont row 
Bell George B. carriage maker, house 34 Curve 
Bell Geo. M. mason, Lathroppl. h. 56 1-2 Hanover 
Bell Gilbert, cab'et maker, b. Har. av., n. Dover pi. 
Bell Gilbert, laborer, b. Indiana, c. Washington 
Bell Hannah, nurse, 70 Prince [av. 

Bell Henry, fish market, 27 Prince, h. 3 Margaret 
Bell Jacob S. locksmith, b. 3 Moon st. court 
Bell James B. clothing, 61 Milk, bds. 92 Tyler 
Bell John, moulder, b. 10 Winthrop, E. B. 
Bell Joseph M. counsellor, 7 1-2 Tremont r., bds. 

54 Summer 
Bell John, laborer, house 206 Athens, near D 
Bell John, {AUarton <Sr B.), house 16 Rochester 
Bell Jonathan, house 16 Pleasant street court 
Bell Joseph, counsellor, 22 Old State House, house 

54 Summer 
Bell Joseph G. jeweller, 32 Wash. h. 92 Tyler 
Bell Maria, house 28 Belknap 
Bell Nancy, nurse, house 29 Prince [Allen 

Bell Theodore H. boots and shoes, 155 Wash. h. 11 
Bell William, cabinet maker, 515 Washington 
Bell William, trunks, .iQ Court, h. 5 Seaver place 
Bell William A. 58 Pearl, h. 115 Harrison avenue 
Bell AVm. H. trunk maker, 56 Court, h. 5 Seaver pi. 

Bell , ship carpenter, h. 5th, c. C 

Bellamy N. fancy goods, 139 Court 
Bellamy Sarah, Mrs. house 26 Snowhill [Gouch 
Bellamv William, importer, 21 Tremont row, h. 5 
Bellamy William, tailor, bds. 26 Snowhill 
Bellows Charles V. clerk, Fulton, cor. Cross 
Bellows Charles W. boards 5 Snowliill 
Bellows George A. agent, house 13 Canton 
Bellows George L. clerk, 36 Hanover 
Bellows Mary, widow, h. rear 7 Adams 
Belt John P. book agent, house Silver, n. F 
Beltzis Sarah, house 5 Fleet [62 Temple 

Bement Caleb A. watches, &c., 5 Market sq. bds. 
Bemis Augustine S. 74 Jlilk, bds. 8 Morton place 
Bemis Cyrus W. clerk, bds. 5 Blossom court 
Bemis Emery, leaf tobacco, 4 Fulton, h. at Cam- 

bridgeport . [55 Lowell 

Bemis Eustis P. provisions, Lowell, cor. Cotting, h. 
Bemis George, 27 F. H. market, h. 82 Purchase 
Bemis Geo. counsellor, 5 Court, bds. U. S. Hotel 
Bemis John, painter, boards 17 Essex place 
Bemis, George, F. H. market, boards 82 Purchase 
Bemis Geo. F. printer, 22 School, bds. Adams Ho. 
Bemis Horace, house 29 Harvard 

Bemis Isaac, clerk, boards 8 Derne 
Bemis Mary, widow, house 63 Lowell [House 

Bemis Samuel A. dentist, 32 School, bds. Tremont 
Bemis Wm. A. printer, bds. 8 Derne 
Benari Albert, truss maker, boards 3 Sister 
Benari Jacob, boots and shoes, 531 Wash., h. do. 
Bender John, laborer, h. Newland, n. Pembroke 
Bendix J'ohn H. thread, 525 Wash, boards 13 La 

Grange place 
Benjamin Henry, brush maker, house 24 Nashua 
Benjamin James, counsellor, 39 Court, h. 3 Camb. 
Bennellick James, rigger, h. rear Mariners' church 
Benner (Enoch) & Kilborn {Geo. jr.), W. I. goods, 

c. E. R. R. wf. and Com'l, h. at Chelsea 
Benner Henry, jr. bonnets, 20 Hanover, h. do. 
Benner Hester Ann, house 20 Hanover 
Benner Myrick A. 24 Union, h. 19 Snowhill 
Bennet Charles H. pump and block maker, bds. 60 

Bennet Orcn, teamster, bds. 1 Snowhill court 
Bennet William, professor music, bds. 60 Marion 
Bennett Benjamin, collector, house 24 Garden 
Bennett Charles G. porter at City Hotel 
Bennett Cynthia, boarding, 8 Belmont 
Bennett Edwin, painter, h. 5 Canton st. court 
Bennett George A. painter, h. 8 Hamburg [Gold 
Bennett George A. printer, 7 Cornhill, bds. F, c. 
Bennett Hannah, widow, h. Vine, c. N. Russell . 
Bennett Jacob B. cooper, bds. Maverick House 
Bennett James, cellar 10 F.H. market, h. 107 Salem 
Bennett James H. {P. Mclntyre fif Co.), h. at Lex- 
Bennett John, house 25 W. Dedham 
Bennett John, laborer, house rear 9 Federal court 
Bennett John, laborer, h. Everett, E. B. 
Bennett, John, porter, house 15 Williams 
Bennett John F. moulder, h. Trenton, E. B. 
Bennett Martin, carpenter, house 48 Tremont 
Bennett M. W. oysters, 1 Hanover, h. 17 Shawmut 
Bennett Nancy, upholsteress, house 6 Oliver pi. 
Bennett Naddman, tailor, 119 Hudson 
Bennett Rebecca, widow, house 15 S. Margin 
Bennett Robert, bds. 54 Portland 
Bennett {S. P.) & Jones {R. S.), carpenters, 18 

Harvard place, h. 3 Byron 
Bennett Susan, widow, h. 2 Auburn court 
Bennett Thomas, police officer and dep. clerk, F. 

H. market, house 9 S. Margin 
Bennett Timo. W. provisions, Mav. bl'k, Mav. sq. 
Bennett William, hats, &c. 7 Market sq. h. 1 Byron 
Bennett William, laborer, h. 20 Butolph [Marion 
Bennett Wm. R. japanner, 7 Harvard pi. bds. 55 
Bense Peter, confectioner, 30 Tremont, h. do. 
Bense William, printer, 3 State, h. Newland, n. 

Benson Andrew, hackman, h. 1 Harrison avenue 
Benson Catherine, dress maker, b. 20 Pleas't st. ct. 
Benson Constant T. undertaker, h. 65*Prince 
Benson Eliza A. mesmeric examiner, 26 Poplar 
Benson Frederick A. wood and coal, 1 City wharf 

and 168 Sea, house at Newton Corner 
Benson Henry J. H. {Waller ^ B.), h. 26 Poplar 
Benson {John) & Hamblen {David), com. mer. 8 

City wharf, house at Cambridge 
Benson Samuel, sail maker, boards 99 Purchase 
Benson Thomas, boarding, 265 Ann 
Benson Wilson, seaman, b. rear 14 May 
Bent Adam, house 4th, City Point 
Bent {Albert A.) & Blake (Geo. 7'.), salt store, 48 

Long whf. house 4th, City Point 
Bent & Co. bakers, order box 15 Tremont row 
Bent {Charles) & Bush {Francis), hats, caps and 

furs, Court, corner Washington, h. at Lowell 
Bent George E. h. Broadwav, n. Dorchester 
Bent Henry B. clerk, h. 4th "S. B. Pt. [Chelsea 

Bent John, printer, at Damrell & Moore's, h. at 
Bent Joseph, painter, h. May, c. Grove place 
Bent Luther S. boards 97 Summer 
Bentley Rebecca, nurse, house 6 Unity [son pi. 
Bentley Samuel, jr. tailor, 93 Wash., h. 12 Madi- 



Bentley {Thomas) & Green {George), pump and 

block makers, Ann, c. Clark, h. at Charlestown 
Benton Austin W. 11 South Market 
Benton Jesse S. blacksmith, h. Woodward 
Benton Reuben P. 57 & 59 F. H. market, boards 

Eastern Exchange [sea 

Benyon Abner I. Exch. Bank, 2S State, h. atChel- 
Benzon Edmund L. {Naylor i^ Co.), h. 60 Pinckney 
Berell Patrick, laborer, house opp. 46 Suffolk 
Berg Peter, ship keeper, h. 444 Commercial 
Bergrun George, eating house, 316 Com'l, h. do. 
Berk Mathew Alex, furrier, house 9 Oak 
Bermingham Edward, mason, house 1 Piedmont 
Bernardo Gregory, boarding house, 270 Hanover 
Bernes Margaret, widow, h. 8 Kingston st. ct. 
Berney William M. refreshments, 11 Haverhill, h. 

25 North Charles 
Berney Wm. house 25 North Charles [House 

Berret Joseph H., Custom House, boards Winthrop 
Berry Abraham, restorator, 80 Fulton 
Berry Asa M. provision, 11 Bedford, h. 61 Bedford 
Berry Burdick, rigger, h. 2 Robinson alley 
Berry Charles J. piano-forte maker, h. 103 Hudson 
Berry Daniel C. mason, house Trumbull 
Berry George W., Beach, cor. Lincoln 
Berry James, b. Harrison av. cor. Beach 
Berry James B. piano-forte maker, h. 12 Porter 
Berry John, fish dealer, h. 1st. st. opp. glass works 
Berry Morton G. boards 8 Prospect 
Berry P. V. printer, 475 Washington 
Berry Rebecca, nurse. Silver, near C 
Berry Richard N. h. 1 Franklin place [Boston 

Berry Samuel H. painter, 21 Brattle, h. London, E. 
Berry Thomas, laborer, house 18 N. Centre 
Berry Thomas, piano-forte maker, b. 252 Wash. 
Berry (Wm.) & Wright {He7iry), publishers of the 

Life in Boston, 27 Devonshire, h. London, E.B. 
Berry Wm. B. 7 Market sq. h. at S. Reading 
Berry William H. han dresser, 4 Lewis, E. Boston 
Berry Winslow N. clerk, 78 Hanover 
Berry Wm. h. London, East Boston [Sheafe 

Berry Wm. C. tailor, Ann, cor. Blackstone, h. 9 
Berteling Anthony, machinist, h. 71 Tyler [Tyler 
Berteling Theodore, musical instrument mak., h. 71 
Berton Charles, mason, h. r. 756 Washington 
Bertram Geo. machinist, h. Albion, n. Lucas pi. 
Bertsck William, porter, h. 4 Pleasant st. ct. 
Bertz Angus, tailor, 45 1-2 Merrimac, h. 9 S. Margin 
Besent Gilman F. 327 Washington, h. 5 Portland 
Besent Joseph, house 5 Portland [place 

Bessey Albion P. truckman, 23 Elm, h. 6 Baldwin 
Bessoni Jonas, carpenter, h. Bessom ct. E. B. 
Best James, laborer, house 5 Charter 
Bethune George, house 129 Tremont 
Bethune George A physician, 129 Tremont 
Bethune John M. house 129 Tremont [ter 

Betteley Albert, {Win. Adams ^ Co.), h. 30 Char- 
Betteley Geo. W. hatter, 138 Hanover, h. at Som- 

Bettis Harriet, widow, house 7 Shawmut 
Bettiss Cyrus, navy yard, bds. 1 North sq. [bers 
Betton Geo. E. counsellor, 31 Court, h. 60 Cham- 
Betton John, 5 Gerrish block, Ann, h. at Chelsea 
Betton N. C. counsellor, 31 Court, h. 60 Chambers 
Betts Daniel, boarding, 27 Atkinson 
Betts Thomas W. apothecary, North square, under 

Bethel ch., h. 2 Moon 
Beurt John E. coach maker, h. Gold, n. C 
Beverly Elizabeth, dress maker, house 3 May- 
Beyer Joseph, printer, house 129 Essex 
Bibber Jones, carpenter, house 6 Curve 
Bible Eliza Miss, dress maker, 4 Wendell 
Bibo Louis, house rear 81 Tremont [E. Boston 

Bickford Alva, grocer. Central sq., b. Bennington, 
Bickford Ebenezer, captain, h: 12 Cooper 
Bickford Ira H. {Ames ^r B.), boards 5 W. Cedar 
Bickford James T. clerk, Tremont, c. Court, b. 153 

Court [Charlestown 

Bickford John F. L. at Freeman's Bank, house at 
Bickford John, mason, bds. 39 Brattle 


Bickford John, tobacconist. Custom House st. 
Bickford Joseph A. cooper, b. Maverick House 
Bickford Josiah, carpenter, h. 15 Kennard ave. 
Bickford Margaret, house 26 Kingston 
Bickford Rufus, handcartnian, h. 5 Bennet av. 
Bickford Samuel L. tk W. D., W. L goods, 163 

Purchase, h. 156 do. [94 Purchase 

Bickford Weare D. {S. L. & W. D. Bickford), h. 
Bickley Joseph, laborer, h. iPiinceton, E. Boston 
Bicknell Brownell M. mason, h. 56 Marion 
Bicknell George, clerk, 24 Howard 
Bicknell Hannah, house Silver, near A 
Bicknell Joseph G. 21 Brattle, h. at Cambridge 
Bicknell Nehemiah B. grocer, 24 Howard 
Bicknell Sam'l R. machinist, b. 3 Dover pi. 
Bicknell Thomas R. house 3 Arch 
Bicknell Wm. E. 57 Kilbv 
Bicknell Wm. H. 32 Fulton, h. 8 Salem 
Bicknell William Hull, mariner, h. 2 Foster 
Bickum John K. sashes and blinds, r. 49 Fayette, 

house 245 Tremont 
Bidwell John M. machinist, b. 18 Dover pi, 
Bidwell Nathan, salesman, 66 Hanover 
Bigbv Sarah, widow, h. 2 N. Charles 
Bigeiow Abiah B. Mrs. 206 Fourth, n. D 
Bigelow Alanson {B'pehw, Brothei's, & Kennard), 

house at Cambridgeport [ward place 

Bigelow Alpheus, H. 9 Merchants' row. b. 8 Hay- 
Bigelow A. O. {Bujelow, Bi others, § Kennard), h. 

9 Harrison avenue 
Bigelow Andrew Rev. 2 School, h. 3 Hancock 
Bigelow Arabella Mrs. boarding, 1 Billerica 
Bigelow David, clerk, 2 Union, h. at Roxbury 
Bigelow Dennis, clerk, 72 Blackstone 
Bigelow Edwin M. counsellor, 10 Court, h. 32 High. 
Bigelow Elijah, flour & grain, 3D Commercial, h. 

at Charlestown 
Bigelow George F. physician, 425 Washington 
Bigelow George N. {Lijman Towle ^ Co.), bds. 176 

Washington ' [mont 

Bigelow Geo. T., Judge C. P. Court, h. 161 Tre- 
Bigelow Harriet, widow, house 45 Lowell 
Bigelow Henry Jacob, physician, 5 Chauncy pi. 
Bigelow Horatio {Hall <5r B.), h. 11 Cambridge 
Bigelow Isaac A. 193 Wash. h. 45 Lowell 
Bigelow Jackson D. clerk, bds. 23 Lynde 
Bigelow Jacob, physician, 27 Summer 
Bigelow James R. machinist, bds. 23 Lynde 
Bigelow, Brothers, & Kennard {John, Alanson, Sg 

A. O. Biqeloio, if M. P. Kennard), jewellers, 

121 Washington [42 Blossom 

Bigelow John (Bigelow, Brothers, ^ Kennard). h. 
Bigelow John P. mayor of the city, h. 11 Temple 
Bigelow John W. {Blake, Patterson § Co.), h. at 

Medford [h. 44 Beach 

Bigelow Joseph J. watch maker, 159 Washington, 
Bigelow Joshua R. {Barrey ^- B.), bds. 67 Bedford 
Bigelow Lucius A. house 19 Crescent place 
Bigelow Parker, boot maker, 155 Endicot [Temple 
Bigelow Prescott, notary public. 31 State, h. 11 
Bigelow Rufus, h. 10 Suffolk place [at Cambridge 
Bigelow Samuel, pack, ag'nt, head of Com'l whf., h. 
Bigelow Samuel, 1 Devonshire, h. at Brighton 
Bigelow Samuel C. (C. T. § T. H. Russell ^ Bige- 
low), h. at Cambridge 
Bigelow Theodore S. house 3 Hancock [cock 

Bigelow Timothy, counsellor 10 State, h. 3 Han- 
Bigelow Winthrop, laborer, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Bigelow & Co. express, R. R. Exchange 
Bilby John, carpenter, house Princeton, E. B. 
Billings Benj. musician, b. 80 Hudson 
Billings Ebenezer Mrs. h. 136 Purcliase 
Billings E. F. h. r. 15 S. Russell 
Billings Frederick A., West. R. R. ticket office, 7 

Elm, h. 214 Harrison avenue 
Billings Davis, boot maker, h. 2 Milton 
Billings Geo. freight to Canton, order box 21 So. 

Market, h. at Canton 
Billings Geo. J. book keeper, 72 Milk [Roxbury 
Billings George, ship stores, 26 Comm'l whf., h. at 



Billings George W. restorator, 298 Commercial, h. 

19 Tileston 
Billings Geo. W. 0., Post Office, bcls. 14 Garland 
Billings Hammatt, designer, 11 1-2 Tremont row 
Billings John E., Custom House, house at Newton 
Billings Jos. E. architect, 11 1-2 Tremont row, h. 

14 Garland 
Billings Mary D. house 14 Garland 
Billings Rob't C. { T. Tarbell i^ Co.), h. 136 Purchase 
Billings Wm. G. {Thacher i, B.). house South 
Billings W. H. 43 Milk, h. at Cambridge 
Billman John, house 3 Auburn 
Binden George, shoe maker, h. 3 Madison place 
Biner Charles, piano-forte maker, house 1 S. May 
Bingham Albert, boarding {French), 3.5 Lincoln 
Bingham Charles R. {Clark, Binyhmn, ^ Co.), h. 

at Chelsea 
Bingham James, book keeper, bds. Pavilion 
Bingham Oscar, h. 10 Grove pi. [Tremont 

Bingham Osmer A. {Clark, Bingham Sf Co.), h. 268 
Bingham Wm. 93 Milk, boards Adams House 
Bingham "Wm. laborer, 18 Wash, avenue 
Binney Benjamin, tinsmith, h. r. 26 Spring 
Binney Mary Ann Mrs. house 89 Mount Vernon 
Binney Mary G. P. house 31 Mount Vernon 
Binney C. J.F. ship broker, 100 State, h. 14 Florence 
Binney John {Barker i^ B.), head Lewis wharf 
Binney John & Co. (.S. Barker), tin plate workers, 

7 Rowc's wharf, house 1 E. Canton 
Binney iVl. & Co. {N. Ellis), umbrellas and music, 

77 Court, house 9 Chambers 
Binney {Matthew) & Ellis {Nathaniel), umbrella 

makers, 42 and 44 Kilby, h. 9 Chambers 
Binney Nancy, widow, h. 72 Leveret 
Binney Omar, {Blanrhard &; B.), h. at Brookline 
Binney Sarah, h. 22 Pinckncy 
Binney Susan, widow, h. 107 Hanover [line 

Binney Wm. C. counsellor, 19 Court, h. at Brook- 
Birch Charles, saw maker, h. Bolton, n. B 
Birchard Charles, clerk, 3 Central wf., b. 4 Gridley 
Birchard Edwin A. 60 Kilbv, h. 4 Gridley 
Bird A. Sigourney {J. A ^' W. Bird ^ Co.), h. ,52 

Pinckney [chester 

Bird Cornelius, 65 and 67 F. H. market, h. at Dor- 
Bird Daniel, printer, 3 AVater, h. at Somerville 
Bird Edwin L. coach painter, 58 Tremont, h. 17 

Bird George, furniture, 44 Merrimac, house do. 
Bird {Geon/e H. IF.) & Guild (G. F.), W. I. 

goods, 22 India, house at Medford 
Bird Geo. W. trunk maker, h. -5 Ringgold 
Bird Hannah and Abby, music teachers, b. Willow, 

c. Mt. Vernon [H. Market, h. at Brookline 
Bird Harrison & Co. {J. T. Nutter), 38 and 40 F. 
Bird Horatio G. printer, house 4 Mason court 
Bird Isaac, paper hanger, h. 4th, cor. Atlantic 
Bird J. A. & W. & Co. (.4. Sic/ovmey Bird), di'ug- 

gists, 53 Chatham, h. at Brookline 
Bird J. H. bds. 4th, cor. Atlantic 
Bird Jonathan, tailor, bds. rear 33 Allen 
Bird Joshua P. clerk, boards 16 Tyler 
Bird Lydia, house 6 Church [Battery 

Bird Martin, cigar maker, 232 Hanover, house 5 
Bird Marv, milliner, 3 Blanchard bl'k. Court, bds. 

69 Brighton [School 

Bird Matthew, cabinet maker, h. Athens, r. Hawes 
Bird Oliver H. P. mariner, h. 3 Marshall place 
Bird Samuel J. paper warehouse, 38 Broad 
Bird Samuel T. 26 Foster's wf., h. 4 Crescent place 
Bird Thomas M. carriage maker, h. 2 Bennet 
Bird William, 2d, {J. A. ^ W. Bird ^ Co.), house 

at Brookline 
Bird Winthrop, grocer, C, c. 4th, h. Silver, n. D 
Birgin Michael, laborer, h. 6 Graphic ct. 
Birkmaier John J. broadcloth finisher, 1 Congress 

sq., house 22 Fayette 
Birmingham Patrick, laborer, h. 34 High 
Birney Bridgett, house 9 South st. ct. 
Birnstill Joseph, physician, 16 Oxford 
Bisbee Charles, turner, bds. 37 Friend 

Bisbee Randall, boot maker, 29 School, h. 8 Chap- 
man place 
Bisbee Thomas {Watson &; B.), house 6 Lyman pi. 
Bishop Charles C. grocer, 48 Turnpike, h. fil B 
Bishop Chas. J. & Co. {L. B. Milhr .\ E. Wheeler), 
com. mer. 8 Railroad bl'k, Lincoln, h. Harvard, 
corner Albany 
Bishop H. C, Brazier building, 27 State 
Bishop Henry H. gunsmith and cutler, 32Exch'ge 
Bishop Joel P. counsellor, 10 Court, h. 15 Erie 
Bishop John, conimis. merch. 41 Central wharf, 

house at Medford 
Bishop Joseph D. mason, h. 2 Robinson alley 
Bishop Judith, widow, house 117 Fourth 
Bishop & Co. painters, Poplar, c. Spring 
Bishop Mary, house 4 Fort avenue 
Bishop Paul, house -55 Belknap 
Bishop Paul J. piano-fortes, h. 11 Orange [land 
Bishop Richard, provisions, Cove, h. do. n. Knee- 
Bishop William Mrs. bds. Ha^-e, E. B. 
Bissell Charles D. laborer, house 7 Salutation 
Bissell Thomas, prof, music, h. 154 Cambridge 
Bixby Benoni, wharf builder, house 32 Billerica 
Bixby Charles P. hair dresser, 22 Franklin 
Bixby Levi 11. porter, 35 Federal, h. 19 London 
Bixby Luther, clerk, house 38 Charter 
Bixby Montgomery, house 7 Eliot [Atkinson 

Bixby Philip W. ticket master Eastern R. R. h. 82 
Bixby Simpson Clark, express wagon and stable, 1 
Fleet, h. 27 Sheafe [60 Sea 

Black & Co. {D. Dyer), lumber and com. merch. 
Black James, locksmith, bds. 17 Nashua 
Black Jane, widow, h. 17 Nashua 
Black Peter, rigger, h. 3 Cooper St. ct. 
Black Samuel W. coachman, h. Bennet place 
Black Wm. B. fireman, h. 3 Newton ct. 
Blackader Henry, carpenter, b. 8 Kneeland place 
Blackall Ellen, widow, h. London, n. Sumner, E. B. 
Blackburn Geo. & Co. {H. A. Snow), com. mer. d5 

Milk, house at Roxbury 
Blackburn James, moulder, h. r. 17 Maiden 
Blacker James D. groceries and provisions, 326 

Broadway, house 315 do. 
Blacker Peter I. chaise trimmer, house 33 A 
Blackington James F. usher Lvman School, E. B. 
Blackler C. {T. P. ^ Co.), hous'e 43 Hudson 
Blackler T. P. & Co. {C. Blackler), shoe makers, 
102 Harr. av. h. 43 Hudson [Andover 

Blackmer Green, druggist, 103 Leveret, house 22 
Blackmer {Hiram) & Eveleth {John H.), stoves, 
&c. 5 Railroad block, Lincoln, bds. 43 Tyler 
Blackmer Holland, stair builder, 16 Causeway, h. 
at Waltham [ter, c. Broadway 

Blackmore John Thomas, brewer, house Dorches- 
Blackwell Dennis, shoe maker, h. Gold, n. B 
Blackwell Hugh, laborer, house 23 Portland [son 
Blackwell Waterman, pianoforte maker, h. 37 Ilud- 
Blackwill Dennis, cordwainer, 24 High 
Blackwood Henry, at Wightman's, 33 Cornhill 
Blackwood Seth F. house 6 Spring 
Blagden George W. Rev. house 9 Central court 
Blaikie Alex. Rev. house 5 Newbcrn place 
Blain Wm. M. {Fcrnald &; B.), bds. 43 Billerica 
Blair Lafayette, fancy and lace goods, 180 Hano- 
ver, boards Richmond House 
Blair Mary Ann, house 2 Bartlett place 
Blaisdell Albert, mason, h. 36 Blossom [15 Green 
Blaisdell Alvah, dentist, Bulfinch, c. Court, house 
Blaisdell Charles, laborer, house 22 Cooper 
Blaisdell Chester W. printer, b. 10 London 
Blaisdell David, provisions and groceries. Cross, 

cor. Endicot, h. 11 Southac 
Blaisdell Edwin G. 55 Long wharf, bds. 46 Billerica 
Blaisdell H. G. book keeper, 19 State, h. 46 Leveret 
Blaisdell John C. teamster, bds. 7 Kneeland place 
Blaisdell Philip O. provisions, cor. Kingston and 
Bedford, house 78 Essex [Ashburton place 

Blaisdell Timothy K. broker, 4 Brattle sq. house 1 
Blaisdell Wm. boarding, 84 Albany [Cambridgep't 
Blaisdell Wm. H. tailor, 73 and 75 Ann, house at 



Blake Ann, millinery, straw bonnets, 436 Wash. 

Blake Charles, baggage wagon, 4 Battery 

Blake Charles {Kittredgc cS- Blakcs), h. 31 Boylston 

Blake Charles A. bds. Fountain House, Beach 

Blake Charles A. painter, house 104 Sea 

Blake Charles W.,F. H. Market, h. 41 Brighton 

Blake Christopher, turner, boards 6 Billerica 

Blake Edmund, dentist, 38 Tremont row 

Blake Edward, counsellor, 39 Court, h. 119 Trem't 

Blake Edward, salesman, 421 Wash. h. 63 Emerald 

Blake Edw. C. housewright, 1st st. opp. Glass Ho. 

Blake Eliza Mrs. house 3 Central court 

Blake Eliza R. widow of H. J. h. 2 Carlton place 

Blake Ephraim H. {Knujlits, Fisher A,- Co.), h. 18 

Blake Erastus S. clerk, boards 3 Dix piace 
Blake E. W. physician, house 28 Harrison avenue 
Blake Francis, printer, boards L5 Purchase 
Blake Francis, com. nier. Old Custom House 
Blake Francis G. W. clerk, house 5 Medford court 
Blake Francis S. house 14 Winthrop place 
Blake Frederic, coachman, boards 5 Purchase place 
Blake George, printer, boards 3 Central court 
Blake George P. (Bent iV Blake), house City Point 
Blake George T. 12 CornhiU, h. 709 Washington 
BRike Hannah, wid. nurse, boards 2 Hamlen place 
Blake H. B. house 6 Lincoln 

Blake James, City Market, Brattle, house 14 Essex 
Blake James Gorham {Kittredffe S<; Blakes), house 
14 Essex " [West Cedar 

Blake James H. broker, 21 Mass. block, h. 14 
Blake James H. clerk, 51 Water, boards Central 
House, 9 Brattle square [3 Dix pi. 

Blake Jeremiah, bonnet pressor, 360 1-2 Wash. b. 
Blake {John H.) & Darracott (F.), engineers for 

constructing gas works, 66 State 
Blake J. Quincy, jeweller, 16 Hanover, h. 5 AVall 
Blake John S. (Hallett cS- Blake), 19 Central wharf, 

house 14 Winthrop place 
Blake Joseph, truckman, house 5 Paris place 
Blake Joseph, book binder, house 48 C 
Blake Josiah W. com. mer. 45 India, h. 6 Allston 
Blake Lemuel, boards 3 Bumstead place 
Blake Marv. house 12 Emerald 
Blake Mehitable, house 10 Maiden [435 do. 

Blake Nathaniel, sail maker, 21 Commercial, h. 
Blake Newell, blacksmith, boards 12 Wall 
Blake Patrick, laborer, house rear 184 Hanover 
Blake Patrick, laborer, house 2 Milton 
Blake Pynson, 50 CornhiU, house 281 Fouith 
Blake Robert, painter, house 81 Elliot 
Blake Samuel, 48 Long wharf, house P. City Point 
Blake Samuel, jr. shoes and leather, bo Pearl, 

house at South Abington 
Blake Samuel, jr. Mrs. house 5 Medford court 
Blake Samuel P. patent leather cloth and visors, 

7 Central, house at Roxbury 
Blake Samuel W. tailor, 13 Congress, h. 7 Cherry 
Blake Sarah Mrs. house 36 Pleasant 
Blake Sarah, widow, house 5 Shawmut 
Blake Sarah, widow, boarding house, 17 Lynde 
Blake Solomon E. bonnet presser, 375 Washington 
Blake S. Ellis, printer, boards 17 Lynde 
Blake Sophronia, boarding, 3 Dix place 
Blake Thomas, tailor, house 30 Thacher 
Blake Thomas, laborer, house Cove street place 
Blake William, job wagon, house 51 Friend 
Blake William, grocer, Gouch, corner S. Margin, 

house 28 South Margin 
Blake William (H. N. Hooper Sf Co.), h. 47 Allen 
Blake William, 6 Bedford, house 16 Kingston 
Blake William H. painter, house 77 Kneeland 
Blake (If7//ifr/»), Patterson (E)ioch, jr.), & Co. 
(E. P. Bullard Sf J. W. Birjelow), importers 
dry goods, 107 Milk, house at Jamaica plain 
Blake W. W. boarding, house 5 Staniford place 
Blakemore Wm. japanner, 10 Theatre al. h. 4 May 
Blarney Samuel, laborer, house 2nd, corner B 
Blanchard Abner J. clerk, 96 Blackstone, house 2 
Garden court street 

Blanchard Abraham W. house 39 Blossom 
Blanchard (Alfred), Sherman {E.jr.), & Co. (P. 
PeiuUeton,jr.), ship chandlers, 42 and 44 East- 
ern Railroad wharf 
Blanchard Andrews, house 6 Garden court street 
Blanchard Benjamin G. mast maker, head Otis' 
wharf, house at Charlestown [Exchange 

Blanchard Clifton A. 44 E. R. R. wf. bds. Eastern 
Blanchard Charles H. (Blanchard ^ Brother), h. 

at W. Newton 
Blanchard Edward, 47 State, house 15 Mt. Vernon 
Blanchard Edwin, 21 Lewis wharf, boards 19 Green 
Blanchard F. H. & Co. (Augustus Whittemore), 
millinery goods, 25 Milk, house at Waltham 
Blanchard George, house 67 Pleasant 
Blanchard George D. B. clerk, bds. 6 Garden ct. st. 
Blanchard Geo. G. pattern maker, bds. 51 Poplar 
Blanchard George H. shade painter, 30 Bromfield, 

house 6 Osborn place 
Blanchard (Henry) & Binney (O.), fiour, 6 Canal 
and 14 Merrimac, house at Wilmington [bury 
Blanchard Hezekiah, seeds, 16 Long wf. h. at Rox- 
Blanchard Horatio C. hatter, b. 14 Henchman lane 
Blanchard Huldah H. house 7 Newton place 
Blanchard Isaac D. clerk, 1 Derby Range 
Blanchard Isaac W. book keeper, Eagle Bank, h. 

at Charlestown 
Blanchard Jedediah, 15 Elm 

Blanchard (.Tohn A.), Converse (/. C), & Co. {R. 
.S. Wells, W. H. Hardhuj, J. H. Gray, and E. 
W. Co7iverse), dry goods, 2 & 4 Federal, h. 17 
Pemberton square [293 Broadway 

Blanchard John W. furniture, 6 & 8 Federal, house 
Blanchard Joseph, rear 353 Washington 
Blanchard Joseph K. attendant Lunatic Hospital 
Blanchard Joshua P. house 13 Purchase 
Blanchard Leonard, shoes, 12 Clinton, h. 51 Salem 
Blanchard Lucy W. dress maker, rear 132 Hanover 
Blanchard Mary, widow, house 205 Hanover 
Blanchard Merrick (Hyde ^ B.), house at Chelsea 
Blanchard Monroe A. hatter, boards 97 Pleasant 
Blanchard Nathaniel, shoe maker, house 13 May 
Blanchard Noah, house II Hanover 
Blanchard Oziah C. hatter, boards 97 Pleasant 
Blanchard Richard, birds, house 67 Pleasant 
Blanchard S. S. book keeper, Hamilton Bank, h. 
at Charlestown [house 128 do. 

Blanchard Simon T- cabinet manuf. 117 Cambridge, 
Blanchard Susan Mrs. house 33 Charter 
Blanchard Thomas, seaman, house 2 Mulberry pi. 
Blanchard Thomas, house 73 Dover 
Blanchard (Walter) & Wright (G.), com. mer. 75 

and 76 Commercial, h. at Wilmington 
Blanchard Wm. flour, 21 Lewis wharf, h. 19 Green 
Blanchard AVilliam, hardware, 3 Dock square, bds. 

Revere House 
Blanchard William B. printer, house 33 Charter 
Blanchard Wm. E. dry goods, 287 Washington, h. 
18 Garland [High st. pi. 

Blanchard Wm. G. reporter, 16 State, house 9 
Blanchard William K. (Holden ^ B.), 83 Hanover 
Blanchard & Brother ( Wm. D. § C. H. Blmichard), 

grocers, 15 Elm 
Bland Michael, laborer, house 18 Hamilton 
Bland Robert, mariner, house 3 Commercial court 
Bland Wm. H. proprietor Lyceum Theatre, boards 
5 Adams [18 Charles 

Blaney Ambrose, tin plater, 113 Cambridge, house 
Blaney Augustus, 15 Pearl, house 18 Charles 
Blaney Benj. 4 AVater, house 19 Common 
Blaney Caroline, widow, house 18 Charles 
Blaney Charles P. 32 Milk, house at Roxbury 
Blaney Daniel, laborer, house 9 Cross 
Blaney David H. shoes and clothing, 2 Maverick 

square, h. Sumner, n. Cottage, E. B. 
Blaney George A. 28 Central wharf, h. 18 Charles 
Blaney Geo. L. 24 Broad, b. Pitts, c. Pitts court 
Blaney Henry, house 19 Common [18 Charles 

Blaney Hem-y S. (George Whittemore &; 6'o.), house 
Blaney Irving, grocer, Tyler, c. Oak, h. 48 Nashua 



Bianey James M. wharfinger, 28 Central wharf, 
house 23 South [E. Boston 

Bianey John H. clerk, b. Sumner, n. Cottage, 
Bianey Patrick, cabman, h. 64 Salem, c. Cooper 
Bianey Samuel R. real estate office, Mass. block, 

house Maverick square, c. Mav. st. 
Bianey {Thomas R.) & Martin (5. T.), sail mak- 
ers, 8 Long wharf, h. N. Russell, c. Eaton 
Bianey William, 28 Central wf. boards 23 South 
Bianey William, boards 13 Gouch [land 

Blankenhorn Jacob, baker, h. Brookline, n. Xew- 
Blasdel John C. 147 Milk ' 
Blasdel John C. book keeper, house 15 Oxford 
Blasland Mary Ann Mrs. o9 Hudson 
Blasland Mehitable Mrs. house 36 Charles 
Blasland {Samuel A.) & Leach {Benj. B.), sail 
makers, Arch w'f, 216 Broad, h. 6 East st. pi. 
Blasland Thomas, apothecary, 185 Broadway, h. do. 
Blasland AVilliam, mariner, house 6 Spring st. ct. 
Blenn Eliza Miss, bds Unity, c. Tileston 
Blinn Aaron C. commission mer. 7 R- R- block, 
Lincoln, house 94 Tyler [15 Tyler 

Blish George, watchman. Custom House, house 
Bliss H. A. & Co. ( T.E. Bliss), grocers, do Charles, 

boards 9 Winter 
Bliss H. C. H. 21 Congress [22 Beacon 

Bliss Henry P. dry goods. 12 Tremont row, boards 
Bliss Hiram H. C. house 21 Billerica 
Bliss James & Co. (G. Greenwood), W. I. goods, 

Russia wharf, house 39 Oak 
Bliss James Henry, machinist, h. Silver, near D 
Bliss & Creighton, manufacturers chronometers, 

7 Congress 
Bliss Levi, book keeper, h. 5 Winthrop, E. Boston 
Bliss Louisa, widow, house 36 Lowell [b. 21 Pine 
Bliss Samuel T. clerk, Broad, head Russia wharf. 
Bliss Seth Rev. 28 Cornhill, house 23 AUston 
Bliss Silas, dentist, 215 Washington [at Roxbury 
Bliss Sylvester, editor and author, 8 Chardon, h. 
Bliss T. E. {H. A. Bliss &; Co.), boards 9 Winter 
Bliss Thomas K. laborer, boards 84 Albany 
Block A. F. fancy soap maker, h. 9 Madison pi. 
Blodget Benjamin, handcartman, h. Leveret lane 
Blod^et Daniel C. (J. IF. Blodc/et <Sr Co.), house 
Exeter place [21 Somerset 

Blodget Henrv T. {Charles Scudder <5c Co.), boards 
Blodget JohnW. & Co. {William. S. 'Eaton & D. C. 
Blodget), dry goods, 28 Pearl, h. 4 Hancock av. 
Blodgett Bela, boarding, 10 Hanover 
Blodtiett Cyrus, baths, rear 233 Washington, h. do. 
Blodgett Henry, baths. East. Ex. h. 1 Jackson pi. 
Blodgett Luther, mess, at Boylston B.h. 4 Nassau 
Blodijett Maria A. house 15 Norfolk place 
Blodgett S. C. tailor, boards 13 Lincoln 
Blois George E. plough maker, boards 7th, near E 
Blois Joseph S. carpenter, house Trenton, E. B. 
Blois Wm. carpenter, house 18 Porter, E. Boston 
Blom Nelson, painter, house 5th, near E 
Blood Ai, baker, 7 & 8 U. S. Hotel, h. 36 Lincoln 
Blood Almon, carriage maker, house 7 Groton 
Blood E. P. nurse, house 1 Huff place 
Blood Franklin F. clerk, house W. Canton 
Blood Horatio, carpenter, house r. 217 Hanover 
Blood John H. printer, house 1 Lowell court 
Blood Jona. N. machinist, h. Wet)ster, n. Jeffries 
Blood Lewis C. machinist, house 87 W. Cedar 
Blood Samuel D. carriage maker, Broadway, house 

c. H St. opp. the Blind Asylum 
Blood William, clerk Empire House, Eastern av. 
lUoomfield Matthias, handcartman, h. 46 Prince 
Blossom Hiram A. {Proctor i^ B.), bds. 41 Beach 
Blunt Alfred M. piano-forte "maker, 334 Wash. h. 

at Roxburv 
Blunt Charles "E.. U. S. Army, bds. 79 Mt. Vernon 
Blunt Esther P. Mrs. house 'opp. 12 Villapte 
Blunt James ( Wm. J. Rodney ^ Co.), h. Centre, n. 

Blunt Jane, tailoress, house 3 Spear place 
Blunt Kaler, mariner, h. r. Sumner, n. Webster 
Blunt Samuel A. printer, house opp. 12 Village 

Bluxome Joseph, tailor, 30 Green, house 25 Vine 
Boardman Benjamin G. h. 19 Ashland [5 Bowdoin 
Boardman Benjamin G. jr. {Detinie &; B), house 
Boardman Charles, clerk, 40 Central, "h. 4 Barton 
Boardman Ebenezer, carpenter, h. 4 Quincy, n. D 
Boardman Edwin A, wine store, 20 Congress, house 

at Ro.xbury 
Boardman Elizabeth, millinery & caps, 254 AVash. 
Boardman George M. boards 3 Alba ct. [House 
Boardman Gorham, salesman, 71 Water, b. Adams 
Boardman Hannah, h. Sumner, n. Cottage, E. B. 
Boardman Joseph, mariner, h. Sumner, n. Orleans 
Boardman Joseph F. book keeper, 13 Sudbury, h. 

47 Cross 
Boardman Richard, shoe maker, h. 73 Albany 
Boardman Wm. Mrs. house 29 Hancock 
Boardman Wm. C. ticket master B. & L. R. R. 

boards Lowell House 
Bodemer Jacob, tailor, house 14 W. Castle R. C. bookkeeper, 49 Pearl, b. 20 Bulfinch 
Bodge Charles A. brakeman Prov. R. R., house 3 

Hamlen place 
Bodge Charlotte, widow of Benj. h. r. 83 Pleasant 
Bodge Evelina, house 19 Suffolk 
Bodge {Noah) & Cutter {A. P.), provisions, My- 

tle, c. W. Centre, house do. [Lowell 

Bodwell Mary R. dry goods, 91 Leveret, boards 9 
Bodwell Nathaniel, ladies' shoe maker, 198 Wash. 

boards 20 La Grange place 
Bogan Frederick, sawyer, house 2d, n. A 
Bogan Thomas, tailor, house 118 Sea 
Bogardus John, sea captain, house 118 Salem 
Boggs Thomas, mariner, house 78 Broad 
Boggs William, boards 41 Beach 
Bogle Thomas L. harness maker, h. 10 Brookline 
Bogle William, wig maker, 277 Washington, h. at 

North Maiden [2 Chardon st. court 

Bogman Geo. E. hardware, 7 I)ock square, boards 
Bogue Edward, furniture, 5 Sea, boards 2 Williams 
BoguG James, tailor, boards 54 Marion 
Bogue Margaret, at Gorham & Ides, 18 Sudbury 
Bogue Thomas, cab driver, boards 99 Tyler 
Bohan Daniel, laborer, house 5 Middlesex 
Bohann James, cellar, 178 Ann 
Boies Jeremiah S. house 4 Otis place 
Boit Edw. D. counsellor, 16 Court, h. at Roxbury 
Boker Alice, nurse, house 2 May place 
Bole Martha, widow, house 7 Jackson av. 
Boles {Jerome) & Getchell {Moses A.), sashes, 

blinds, &c., Endicot, c. Causeway, h. 2 Cooper 
Boles Geo. W. carpenter, house 9 Causeway 
Boles John, laborer, house rear 6 Medford 
Boles John, real estate agent, house 11 Cooper 
Boles Levi & Co. {Daniel Cummi^igs), doors and 

blinds. Deacon, & Haymarket sq. h. 6 Lynde 
Boles Warren, carpenter, Sudbury, c. Portland, h. 

9 Causeway 
Bolles Charles," boards 12 W. Cedar 
BoUes Henry, clerk, Post Office, h. 4 Channing 
Bolles John A. counsellor, 10 Court, h. S. Woburn 
Bolles Matthew, exchange broker, 90 State, house 

97 Charles [er's court 

Bolman William, piano-forte maker, h. 1 Wheel- 
Bolter Mary, widow of James, house 8 Porter 
Bolton Alicia, tailoress, h. rear 22 Atkinson 
Bolton John, rigger, house 440 Commercial 
Bolton J. B. ens;raver, 123 Wash. h. at Somerville 
Bolton Luther C. paper hanger, h. 1 Harmony ct. 
Bolton AVm. jr. sail maker, 42 India, h. Lewis, E. B. 
Boman {John) & Darrow {George P.), coopers, 114 

Milk, h. Pearl, n. Purchase [place 

Bond Alonzo, musician, 153 Wash. h. 1 Hanover 
Bond Ann S. widow of George, house 42 Essex 
Bond Charles, watch maker, 186 Washington, bds. 

1 Chauncy place 
Bond C. B. artist, 3 Amory Hall, b. Pemberton H. 
Bond Edward L. 415 Wash, boards at Waltham 
Bond Edwin, machinist, b. Har. av. n. Dover pi. 
Bond George W. wool broker, 7 State, house at 




Bond Henry, hides and leather, 15 Blackstone 
Bond James, h. Bennington, near Chelsea, E. B. 
Bond Joseph C. (U'm. Bond &, So7is), 26 Congress, 

house 44 Harrison avenue 
Bond Phineas, carpenter, house 3 Harmony court 
Bond Richard, architect, Suffolk building;. Change 

avenue [Cambridge 

Bond Richard F. {Wni. Bond A- Sow;, house at 
Bond Sewell B. commission merchant, 82 Utica, 

house 47 Harrison avenue 
Bond Simon E. house 47 Marion [Wilmington 

Bond Thomas D. crackers, 12 Merrimac, house at 
Bond Timothy D. diy goods, 415 Washington, 

boards at Roxbury 
Bond William, tailor, 8 Norfolk place 
Bond William & Sons ( IF;». C. 4- J. C. & -R. F.), 

watch makers, 26 Congress, hf at Cambridge 
Bond {W)n.) & Co. {John Conner), grocers, 102 

Beach, house do. 
Bond Wra. C. ( Wm. Bond & Sons) , h. at Cambridge 
Bonner Dennis, laborer, house 19 Cross 
Bonner .lames, teamster, house 6 Stillman 
Bonner John, machinist, boards 2 Sears place 
Bonner John, house .3 Pond street place 
Bonner Lucy, tailoress, house rear 37 Belknap 
Bonner Sarah, house 2 Sears place 
Bonney Charles A. carpenter, house 21 Second 
Bonney Edward S. Jjarpenter, house 34 Porter 
Bonney Lavinia, house 21 Second 
Bonney Libbeas, housewi'ight, Castle, house 3 do. 
Bonnev Pelham, housewright, 66 Friend, house 

6 i-2 Lynde 

Bonney Pelham, jr. clerk, boards 6 1-2 Lynde 
Bonney Wra. L. 327 Wash, boards Allston 
Bonwell Geo. paper hanger, house 4 Tyler ct. 
Boody J. Warren, president H. & B. Railroad Co. 

7 Change avenue, boards U . S. Hotel 
Booker Robert W. painter, house Northampton 
Boole John, ship\vright, house Monmouth, E. B. 
Boon Wm. C. {L. B. Horton .S,- Co.), h. at Chelsea 
Boos Jacob, boot crimper, 5 Market square, house 

7 Madison place 
Boos J. 319 Washington, house 7 Madison place 
Booth Charles, assistant teacher House of Refor- 
Booth Erastus H. painter, 57 Portland, house 2 

Melrose place 
Booth George, plumber, house 5 Haymarket place 
Booth George, auctioneer, house 58 Belknap 
Booth George, assistant House of Correction, S. B. 
Booth Thomas, porter, boards 42 Pearl 
Booth William E. tailor, house 29 S. Suffolk 
Boothby Chas. C. stabler, boards 106 Hudson 
Boothby Horace A. stabler, house 106 Hudson 
Boothby Mary, widow, laundress, house 1 Endicot 
Boothby Olive T. tailoress, boards 9 Margaret 
Bootman John H. oysters, 4 Fleet, house do. 
Boott Anna, widow of Kirk, house 61 Hancock 
Boott Kirk ( Ward ^ B.), house 61 Hancock 
Boott William, boards Albion Hotel [ter 

Bordman John, police officer. City Hall, h. 12Por- 
Bordman William H. merchant, 37 India wharf, 

boards Tremont House 
Bordwine Geo. H. barber, 4 Lowell, h. 3 Southac ct. 
Borgnis Maria A. embroiderer, boards 19 Hudson 
Borland John, merchant, 60 State, h. 130 Tremont 
Borland J. Nelson, house 130 Tremont 
Borland M. Woolsey, house 130 Tremont 
Bornstein Isaac, tailor, 468 Washington 
Bornstein J. merchant tailor, 414 Washington 
Bornstein Julius, caps, 15 Elm, house 10 Prospect 
Borrows William, mason, house 10 1-2 Pleasant 
Borrowscale John, slater, house 61 Marion 
Borrowscale Joseph, h. 7 Etna pi. [278 Tremont 
Borrowscale Joseph, jr. slater, W. Castle, house 
Boss Amos, stone cutter, house rear 49 Charter 
Boss Charles A. stone cutter, h. Broad, n. Summer 
Boss Isaac, sail maker, 112 Commercial, h. Paris, 
near Sumner, E. B. [house at Cambridge 

Boss Joseph, piano-forte maker, 334 Washington, 

Boss Robert P. {J. B. Pedrick S; Co.), house at 

Boss Susan, widow, house rear 49 Charter 
Boss W. J. seaman, house 3 Lee place 
Bossey Thomas, carpenter, h. Fessenden ct. E. B. 
Bosson Charles P. house 8 Avery 
Bosson George C 33 Milk, house at Salem 
Boston Hannah, boarding, 2 Oliver 
Boston John, provision dealer, house Telegraph 
Boston Joseph, laborer, house 8 Holden place 
Boston Octavus, job wagon, 29 N. Market 
Bosworth Asahel S. book' keeper, bds. 11 Hudson 
Bosworth Benjamin, housewright, h. 47 Fayette 
Bosworth Benj. S. provisions, 6 the South Market, 

house 47 Fayette 
Bosworth C. H. foreman Butler's foundry, house 

Trenton [house Trenton, E. B. 

Bosworth George S. foreman East Boston foundry, 
Bosworth George W. carpenter, b. 62 Cambridge 
Bosworth George W. Rev. house 217 Broadway 
Bosworth Hiram & J. S. lumber, foot of Allen, h. 

58 Lowell 
Bosworth Joseph, jr. carpenter, h. 181 Har. av. 
Bosworth J. S.\H. S; J. S. Bosworth), h. 52 Poplar 
Bosworth Royal {Wilder iSj- B.), house 11 Hudson 
Bosworth Wm. piano-forte maker, h. 47 Fayette 
Botefur Jacob D. {Spooner 4" B.), house Village, 

near Lucas place 
Botefur Margaret, nurse, house rear 112 Pleasant 
Bothamly George, plumber, 42 Devonshire, house 

rear Northampton 
Boto Andrew, boatman, house 460 Commercial 
Botume Elizabeth H. music teacher, h. 9 Albany 
Botume John, carpenter, house 9 Albany [Albany 
Botume John, jr. clerk, 21 F. H. Market, house 9 
Boughton James, currier, boards 26 Ann 
Boult G. H. fencing, 40 Bromfield 
Bourguet Francois, French hair dresser, 265 Wash- 
ington, house 8 S. Townsend place 
Bourguin James, house 14 Bedford 
Bourn {Robert T.) & Leavitt {W.), carpenters, 

Lime, c. River, house at Cambridge 
Bourne Abram J. city missionary, 21 Cornhill, h. 

11 Groton 
Bourne Ezra A. house 19 Pemberton square 
Bourne George W. clerk, boards 23 Hudson 
Bourne George W". Rev., Sailors' Home, 99 Pur- 
chase, house 3 Gridley 
Bourne Israel W. accountant, boards U. S. Hotel 
Boiu-ne Russell, boards 146 Harrison avenue 
Bourne William H. printer, boards 63 Brighton 
Bouse Thomas, laborer, h. 35 Oneida [fiulfinch 
Boutell Lewis H. counsellor, 47 Court, boards 20 
Bouvc Elisha W. lithographer, house 24 Cooper 
Bouve Ephraim O. cabinet maker, Richmond, near 

Fulton, house 24 Cooper 
Bouve John T., Ex. Bank, 28 State, boards 57 High 
Bouve Thomas T. {Curtis, Leavens § Co.), house 

120 Harrison avenue 
Bovey (Edward W.) & Lawler (Wm.), painters, 

1 1-2 Water, house 51 Federal 
Bovyer Samuel, carpenter, house 33 Billerica 
Bowden Anthony Wm. house 3d st. n. Dorchester 
Bowden Betsey, widow, h. Liverpool, n. Maverick 
Bowden John, ostler, Boylston sq.h. South, corner 

Bowden John, captain, house Saratoga, E. B. 
Bowden Samuel, grocer, 39 Prince, house rear do. 
Bowden Thomas, tailor, house 21 Atkinson 
Bowditch Azell, 38 School, house at Roxbury 
Bowditch Azell, jr. 38 School, boards 22 Lynde 
Bowditch Henry I. physician, house 8 Otis place 
Bowditch Horace, shoe maker, h. 3 Chambers st. ct. 
Bowditch Jonathan Ingersoll, president American 

Insurance Co. 54 State, house 22 Summer 
Bowditch Nathaniel I. 60 State, h. 9 Pemberton sq. 
Bowditch William I. counsellor, 8 Railroad Ex. 
Bowdlear Samuel, whitesmith, h. 3 Chesnut place 
Bowdlear S. G.& Co. (IF. A. Bowdlear &; T. Green), 

flour, 17 Long wharf, house 88 Pinckney 



Bowdlear William A. (S. G. Bowdlear &; Co.), li. 

at Roxbury 
Bowen Abel, 30 1-2 School, house at Chelsea 
Bowen B. C. {John Bowen Sj Co.), house Maverick, 

East Boston 
Bowen Catherine, widow, house 60 Tremont 
Bowen Charles, housewright, house 12 Wall 
Bowen Cornelius, laborer, house Albany, opp. Erie 
Bowen Daniel, laborer, house o Middlesex 
Bowen F. C. tailoress, house 11 S. Russell 
Bowen George A. watch maker, house 17 Billerica 
Bowen Henry, baby jumpers and book agent, 30 1-2 

School, house at Charlestown [Charlestown 
Bowen Henry M. (Bowen S; Brother), house at 
Bowen Hosea B. {Bowen ^ Brother), house at 

Charlestown [ing goods, 97 Washington 

Bowen & Brother {Henry M. ^ Ilosea B.), furnish- 
Bowen Henry W. carpenter, h. 3 Dillaway place 
Bowen James, machinist, h. 16 Rochester 
Bowen John, house E. Orange, n. Lehigh 
Bowen John, house 18 Albion 
Bowen John T. painter, b. 3 Cooper 
Bowen John & Co. {B C. Bowen), shipping and 

ballast office, 98 Com'l, h. Maverick, E. B. 
Bowen Lorenzo, printer, h. 16 Bridge 
Bowen M. S. widow, h. Silver, n. Dorchester 
Bowen Maurice L. wheelwright, h. 2 Carnes ct. 
Bowen Nancy, seamstress, h. 15 South Russell 
Bowen Nancy, house 6 Stillman 
Bowen Otis E. & Co. {Sylvester Stoioell), grocers, 

Harr. av. c. Dover, h. do. 
Bowen Patrick, brass founder, h. 15 S. Margin 
Bowen Richard, grocer, Everett, h. do. E. B. 
Bowen Timothy, laborer, house 45 Utica 
Bowen Wm. blacksmith, house 123 Ann 
Bowen Wm. P. printer, bds. 63 Brighton 
Bower Andrew, tailor, h. 2 Middlesex 
Bower Augustus, physician, h. 127 Court 
Bower George, carpenter, house 1 N. Bennet 
Bowers Alonzo, carpenter, h. 4 Bremen [lar 

Bowers Alonzo, clerk, 2 Tremont row, h. 14 Pop- 
Bowers Ben], F. milkman, house 118 Hudson 
Bowers Benj. I. clerk, boards Russell ct. 
Bowers Chas. dry goods, 46 Hanover, h. 14 Poplar 
Bowers Charles fe. 9 Court, h. at Newton 
Bowers Danville S. clerk, h. 14 Poplar 
Bowers Edward C, Lieut. U. S. N., h. 18 Oak 
Bowers Ferdinand H. dry goods, 72 Hanover, b. 14 

Bowers George E. clerk, boards 42 Tyler 
Bowers {Geo. P.), Pratt (Jos.), & Co. (S. A. Shurt- 

leffS^ F. C. Nichols), hollow ware, 137 Milk 
Bowers {George P.) k. Pratt {Joseph), marble 

castings, 137 Milk, h. at Roxbury 
Bowers Howard M. dry goods, 132 Hanover, bds. 14 

Poplar [dia goods, 78 Beach, h. 51 Oak 

Bowers {James L.) & Pierce {Benjamin), West In- 
Bowers Levi, house 33 Allen 
Bowers Levi, clerk, 315 Wash. h. 14 Poplar 
Bowers Luke K. {Ilurd 5,- B.), h. at Medford 
Bowers Stephen R. mason, h. 5 Chambers st. ct. 
Bowers Thomas, bird stuffer, h. 41 Warren 
Bowers William T. milkman, h. 118 Hudson 
Bowes James, mariner, house 314 Ann 
Bowes Lucy, widow, 40 Turnpike 
Bowes Sarah Mrs. house 2 Pitts place 
Bowker Albert, pres't Ins. Co. & treas. Savings 

Bank, h. Webster, E. B. [Barton 

Bowker Andrew J. housewright, 36 Friend, h. 18 
Bowker Charles, trader, h. 6 East st. place 
Bowker {Charles W.) if Huff {Owen), carpenters, 

Tyler, n. Curve, h. r. 117 Essex 
Bowker Daniel, carpenter, 90 Endicot 
Bowker Daniel, jr. machinist, h. 16 Porter 
Bowker Dexter, carpenter, h. 31 May [Chelsea 
Bowker Edmimd, housewright, 13 ) Ann, house at 
Bowker Edwin {Bowkers, Torrey, ^- Stafford) 
Bowker Freeman, carpenter, house 9 Grove pi. 
Bowker Henry, mason, b. 12 Franklin 
Bowker Jas. C. bowling, Richmond, h. at Chelsea 

Bowker {Joel, jr.) & Redding (B. B.), com. mer. 

41 and 43 E. R. R. wf., h. 47 High 
Bowker John S. 83 Milk, boards 32 JDerne 
Bowkers, Torrey, & Stafford (John H. Bon^ker, Ed- 
win Bowker, Charles Torrey, §■ John Stajford), 

marble factory, 44 Charlestown [120 Salem 

Bowker John H. (Bowkers, Torrey, & Stafford), h. 
Bowker John P. jr. silk & straw goods, 163 Wash. 

h. 91 Harrison avenue 
Bowker Lazarus, mason, house 19 Myrtle 
Bowker Lazarus, painter, boards 17 Brattle 
Bowker Leonard, clerk, bds. 6 East st. pi. 
Bowker Lewis F. 269 Wash. bds. 4 Avery 
Bowker (Lovett H.) & Phipps (TF. A.), boots and 

shoes, 21 & 23 Shoe and Leather, h. at Hop- 

Bowker Mitchell, teamster, h. 3 Buttrick place 
Bowker Rebecca, dress maker, h. 1 May [125 do. 
Bowker Theodore P. carpenter, 70 Pinckney, h. 
Bowker Warren, surveyor, h. 3 North Margin 
Bowker Winslow L. clerk, 38 India, h. at Chelsea 
Bowler John, piano-forte maker, h. 635 Wash. 
Bowler Wm. laborer, house 104 Broad 
Bowler Wm. plasterer, house 7 Church 
Bowles Henry, clerk, boards 4 Channing 
Bowles Hiram A. painter, h. 8th, near E 
Bowles James, plumber, h. 2 South st. pi. [Roxb'y 
Bowles Leonard C. publisher. 111 Washing, h. at 
Bowles Mrs. nurse, house Seaver place 
Bowman A. H. (J. Trull i,- Co.), h. 51 Temple 
Bowman Alex, designer, 33 Milk [ver 

Bownran Catharine, ladies' oyster saloon, 6 Hano- 
Bowman Charles, laborer, house Sumner, E. B. 
Bowman {Charles C.) & Eaton (John J.), W. I. 

goods, 28 and 47 Long wf. h. at Dorchester 
Bowman (Francis) & Tarbox (J. K.), livery stable, 

r. 36 Hanover, h. at Cambridgcport 
Bowman Frederick, boot maker, Sunrner, E. B. 
Bowman Isaac W. teamster, h. 4 Buttrick pi. [do. 
Bowman Oliver P., W. I. goods, 119 Camb. h. 138 
Bowman Sarah, house 16 May [at Roxbury 

Bowman Sylvester, distiller, 28 Long wharf, house 
Bowman Valentine, boards Sumner, near Cottage 
Bowthorpe Elias T. piano-forte maker, h 7 Camden 
Boyce Cadis B. salesman, 404 Wash. b. 19 Albany 
Boyce George, laborer, house rear 29 Friend 
Boyce Wm. jr. ( Wormwood S^ B.), bds. 19 Albany 
Boyd Alexander, 27 Merchants' row 
Boyd David, musician, house 45 Southac 
Boyd (Francis) & Frothingham ( T". B.), commis. 

mer., 16 Central wf. h. Wash. c. Canton 
Boyd Hannah, widow, house 14 Kingston 
Boyd Henry C. clerk, 50 Broad, h. at Charlestown 
Boyd J. & S. manuf. children's shoes, 12 Elm, h. 

at Marlboro' [row, 

Boyd James & Son (J. C), saddlers, 27 Merchants' 
Boyd John C. (James Boyd &; Son), h. at Roxbury 
Boyd Mary A. widow of J. M. house 23 Myrtle 
Boyd Mary B. nrillinery, patterns furnished, 186 

Wash, boards 17 Franklin 
Boyd Samuel, laborer, h. 7 Bridge st. ct. 
Boyd Samuel L. clerk, 84 Hanover, bds. 3 Wall 
Boyden Ashel, druggist, Hancock, cor. Myrtle, h. 

65 Myrtle [E. Orange 

Boyden Daniel, chaise maker, 166 Harr. av. h. 10 
Boyden David D. carriage maker, b. 8 Kneeland 
Boyden Dwight, treasurer Boston Steam Flour 

Mill Co. 1 Long wf. h. 2 Otis pi. 
Boyden Israel, waiter. Fountain House 
Boyden James, teamster, h. 77 Sea [28 Albany 
Boyden John E. restorator. South, n. Kneeland, h. 
Boyden Joseph, b. Harr. ave. cor. Beach 
Boyden Joseph A. clerk, 3 Chatham 
Boyden Luc_y, widow, house 11 Morton place 
Boyden Mary Mrs. h. 9 Winter [bds. 49 Dover 

Boyden Merrill N. apothecary, Dover, cor. Suffolk, 
Boyden Samuel, piano-forte maker, h. 49 Dover 
Boyden Thomas, tailor, house 136 Hudson 
Boyden Uriah A. civil engineer, 7 & 10 Joy's build. 

bds. Exchange Coffee House 



Boyden W. S. (Coburn § B.), h. at South Wey- 
Boydcn Wesley, clerk, boards 2 Brimmer pi. 
Boyer Henry, seaman, house 103 Endicot 
Boyer James, harness maker, h. 62 Atkinson 
Boylan Barnard, laborer, house 8 Merrimac 
Boylan S. A. house 17 Oxford 
Boyle Bridget, widow, house 4 Cross 
Boyle Brien, laborer, h. r. 55 Merrimac 
Boyle Catharine Mrs. groceries, 12.5 Ann 
Boyle Cornelius, wheelwright, h. 17 E. Orange 
Boyle Daniel, waterman, house Milldam 
Boyle P'rancis, job wagon, house 48 Endicot 
Boyle Geo. ostler, house 98 Federal 
Boyle Isaac Rev. house 18 Harvard 
Boyle James, house 18 Harvard 
Boyle James, sawyer, h. cor. Dove and Second- 
Boyle John, house 4 Fulton court 
Boyle John, teamster, h. Kneeland, cor. Sea 
Boyle John, laborer, house 19 Washington sq. 
Boyle John, laborer, house 52 Prince 
Boyie Neal, porter, N. E. House, h. 71 Sea 
Boyle Patrick, grocer, 6 Wharf 
Boyle Patrick, stone cutter, h. Lincoln, n. Essex 
Boyle Philip, laborer, house 4 May st. place 
Boyle Philip, laborer, house rear 1 Church 
Boyle Robert, ostler, house 98 Federal 
Boyle Sarah, widow of Alexander, h. 98 Federal 
Boyle Thomas, grain measurer, house 3 Cross 
Boylston Joseph, machinist, boards Ontario 
Boynton Benj. H. at Signal office, bds. 9 Brattle sq. 
Boynton David A. grocer, 103 Ann, h. 20 Salem 
Boynton Edmund, merchant, 48 India wf., h. at E. 

Boynton Eleazer. jr. bds. 22 Sheafe 
Boynton George W. engraver, 160 Wash, up stairs, 

house at Dorchester 
Boynton {James) & Woodford (P. R.), fancy goods 

and cutlery, .50 Wash. h. 39 Portland 
Boynton John, painter, house 3 Unity court 
Boynton Mary A. nurse, h. r. 4 Plymouth pi. 
Boynton Morris B. 74 F. H. Market, bds. 37 Salem 
Boynton (Ne/ieviiah) & Miller (L.), ship stores and 
chandlery, 5 and 7 E. R. R. whf. h. at Chelsea 
Boynton (Perkins) & Wood {Daniel), livery stable, 

Charlestown, house 24 do. 
Boynton Susan M. widow, house 18 Bridge 
Boynton William, carpenter, house 24 Bridge 
Boynton William F. lumber, Boston wf. First, bds 

Fountain House, Beach 
Boynton William W. truckman, h. Third, n. D 
Boyson iTohn, carpenter, h. Fifth, n. Turnpike 
Boyson William, carpenter, near foot Swan 
Boyson Wm. laborer, house Havre, E. B. 
Brabiner Wm. A. undertaker, h. r. 122 Broadway 
Brabiner Wm. Alonzo, silversmith, r. 122 Broadway 
Brabrook Ezra H. & Co. {H. W. Lom/leij ^ David 
Howe, jr.), furniture and feathers, 48 and 52 
Blackstone, house at Cambridge 
Brabrook Geo. T. furniture, 38 and 39 Blackstone, 
house 24 Lowell [h. at Cambridgeport 

Brackett A. real estate broker, 10 Mass. block, 
Brackett Cornelius, teamster, bds. 7 Kneeland pi. 
Brackett DeWitt C. broker, 24 Wilson lane 
Brackett Edward, boarding, 287 Ann 
Brackett Edward A. sculptor, 8 1-2 Tremont row, 

h. at S. Woburn 
Brackett Edward G. carpenter, h. Border, E. B. 
Brackett Eliza, seamstress, house 4 Battery 
Brackett Henry, hides and skins, 38 N. Market, h. 
11 Orange [n. Lenox, h. 11 Orange 

Brackett James D. morocco manufactory, Suffolk, 
Brackett {Jefreij R.), Crosby (.S. T.), & Brown (S. 
E.), watches and jewelry, 69 Wash. h. 1 Tre- 
mont place 
Brackett Joseph, h. London, n. Decatur, E. B. 
Brackett Josiah, leather, 11 Exch. h. at Charlest'n 
Brackett Peter, laborer, house 2 Hamburg [do. 
Brackett Richard, cordwainer, 187 Hanover, h. 189 
Brackett Rufus, machinist, h. Carney pi. c. Wash. 

Brackett Rufus, morocco leather, 38 N. Market, 

house 11 Orange 
Brackett Samuel, clerk, bds. 14 Oak 
Brackett Samuel E. 70 Milk, h. at Somerville 
Brackett Samuel M. truckman, bds. 6 Sturgis pi. 
Brackett Thomas O. messenger Traders' Bank, h. 

at Somerville 
Brackett Walter M. artist, 8 1-2 Tremont row 
Brackin James, cabinet maker, house 113 Sea 
Bradbury Albion, painter, bds. 39 Brattle 
Bradbury Catherine, house 10 May 
Bradbury Charles, house 137 Tremont 
Bradbury Ebenezer, State Treasurer, State House, 
house at Auburndale, Xewton [House 

Bradbury John H. clerk, 29 Federal, bds. N. E. 
Bradbury Joth. D. 1 Mer. row, bds. at Charlest'n 
Bradbury {Samuel A.), Harmon {Albert), & Co. 
(M. L. PenneU,J. F. Marsh, Samuel F. Carll, 
Lewis B. Wilson, and C. R. Ransom), propri- 
etors of Daily Bee, 7 State, h. 24 Lowell 
Bradbury Wm. 1 Merchants' row, h. at Charlest'n 
Bradbury Wm. L. printer, house 25 Sudbury 
Bradbury {Wymond) & Guild {W.), publishers, 120 

Bradcen Benjamin, machinist, h. 3 Bremen, E. B. 
Bradenburg Oliver, house 222 Hanover 
Bradtield George, laborer, h. A, cor. Third 
Bradford C. L."h. 13 Poplar 

Bradford Charles R. tollman E. B. ferry, b. Chelsea 
Bradford Daniel L. assistant at Blind Institution 
Bradford Duncan, teacher, 38 Tremont row 
Bradford Emeline, widow, h. 524 Commercial 
Bradford E. S. (Dyer &; B.), house at Braintree 
Bradford Eveline, house Fourth, near B 
Bradford Frederic, house rear 51 Friend 
Bradford Frederick A. turner, 17 Harvard place, 

house 14 Nassaxi 
Bradford George & Son (G. W.), shipwrights, 
Lincoln's wharf, h. 34 Charter [Dorchester 
Bradford George B. ship joiner, house First, near 
Bradford George R. teacher, bds. 12 Chesnut 
Bradford Geo. W. {Bradford &; Son), h. 34 Charter 
Bradford {Gxistavus L.) & Lyman {J. W.), drug 

brokers, 1 Long wharf 
Bradford Isaac, carpenter, house S. Williams 
Bradford Isaac W. 171 Milk, bds. 55 Hancock 
Bradford John, 21 Dock sq. house 12 Chesnut 
Bradford John R. city weigher, Haymarket sq. h. 
13 Poplar [65 Hancock 

Bradford J. Russell, clerk, 2 Suffolk building, bds. 
Bradford Lodowick H. {TappanS^ B.), bds. Chaun- 

cy place, cor. Summer 
Bradford Lydia Mrs. house 78 Warren 
Bradford Martin L. hardware, 142 Wash. b. 1 Arch 
Bradford Mary H. dress maker, 166 Hanover 
Bradford Morton, shipivTight, h. Saratoga, E. B. 
Bradford Otis, blacksmith, bds. 46 1-2 Hanover 
Bradford Robert, lace goods, 6 Tremont row, opp. 
Hanover [Columbia 

Bradford Rufus B. {Stone, Bradford c^ Co.), h. 7 
Bradford Russell, boards 55 Hancock 
Bradford Ruth Mrs. tailoress, h. Silver, near F 
Bradford Samuel S. clerk, bds. 13 Poplar 
Bradford Stephen, caulker, h. Maverick, E. B. 
Bradford Susan, h. 10 Holmes alley 
Bradford Thomas, builder, house 2 Groton 
Bradford Thomas G. clerk, Green, cor. Lyman pi. 
Bradford William, teacher school moral discipline, 
school and h. 5th, near N [Doane, h. 1 Arch 
Bradford Wm. B. merchandise broker, over 7 and 34 
Bradford Wm. D. mason, bds. 12 Pitts 
Bradford AV'illiam R. 4 Fancuil Hall, h. 14 Dover 
Bradford AVinslow, boards 55 Hancock 
Bradford Zephaniah, laborer, h. South, cor. East 
Bradford & Gardner's Express, R. R. Exchange 
Bradish (Levi J.) & Co. lace goods and hosiery, 191 

Wasnington, h. at Jamacia plain 
Bradlee Adeline, widow, h. 13 South Cedar 
Bradlee David F & Son, {David H.), manufactur- 
ing chemist, 130 Washington, h. 2 Poplar 



Bradlee David H. (Z>. F. Bradlee ^ Son), house at 

Bradlee Edmund F. 51 Chatham, h. 22 Franklin pi. 
Bradlee Frederick H. {J. B.S^ Co.),h. 144:Tremont 
Bradlee Henry, {D. Sharp, j'i: ^ Co.), h. at Medford 
Bradlee James B. (Joaia/i Bradlee &; Co.), house 34 

Beacon [Milk, h. 22 Franklin place 

Bradlee J. Putnam, treasurer Ballard Vale Co. 5o 
Bradlee John R. broker, h. 7 Harrison avenue 
Bradlee John W. house Rowe, corner Essex 
Bradlee Joseph, 51 Chatham, h. 22 Franklin place 
Bradlee Josiah & Co. (G. B. Cary, F. H. if J. B. 

Bradlee), merchants, 34 India, h. 149 Tremont 
Bradlee Rebecca B. house 22 Franklin place 
Bradlee Samuel, 115 Washington, h. 1 Avon place 
Bradlee William, shoe maker, h. 8 West Centre 
Bradley Alice, widow, h. 1 South st. pi. 
Bradley Augustus, clerk, 26 India, b. 15 Allen 
Bradley Benj. & Co. {Geo. A. Fields 5, E. H. Hig- 

(jitis), book binders, 57 Washington, house at 

Bradley Charles, locksmith, h. 17 Nashua 
Bradley Charles, laborer, h. 29 Cross [place 

Bradley Charlotte Mrs. dress maker, b. 12 Newton 
Bradley George, laborer, b. 235 Harrison avenue 
Bradley Hannah, widow, house D st. near Fifth 
Bradley James, tailor, h. 23 Oliver 
Bradley John, 21 Cornhill, b. 3 Franklin 
Bradley John, laborer, h. 24 Prince [Billerica 

Bradley John N. pub. Daily Mail, 16 State, h. 51 
Bradley Joseph, laborer, h. rear 32 Southac 
Bradley Joseph H. counsellor, 19 Court, bds. Marl- 
boro' Hotel 
Bradley J. Wesley, 86 Ann, bds. National House 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, h. 85 Endicot 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, h. Robinson lane 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, h. opp. 49 Atkinson 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, 9 Lovis st. S. Boston 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, 2 Sun ct. st. 
Bradley P. B. clerk Quincy Hall 
Bradley Thomas, laborer, house 97 Charter 
Bradley Thomas, laborer, house 7 Canal 
Bradley Wm. shoe maker, 14 Cross, h. 6 Stillman 
Bradley Wm. carriage smith. Beach, near Cove 
Bradley Win. B. boot maker, 58 1-2 Blackstone 
Bradshaw Aaron, clerk, 7 Central wf. h. 2 Stani- 

ford place 
Bradshaw Albert, boards 13 Richmond [Dover 

Bradshaw Andrew, flour, 3 City wharf, house 74 
Bradshaw C. T. & H. H. 112 F. H. Market, h. at 

Somerville [Beverly, b. 13 Richmond 

Bradshaw Geo. H. wheelwright, Charlestown, cor. 
Bradshaw Henry H. (C. T. <Sf H. H. Bradshaw), h. 

at Somerville 
Bradshaw F. E. 3 City wharf, boards 5 Eliot 
Bradshaw James, laborer, house Noble pi., E. B. 
Bradshaw Jesse, confectioner, 9 Marshall, h. 13 

Bradshaw Levi, collector, house 13 Richmond 
Bradshaw Robert, carpenter, house 1 Butolph 
Bradshaw Ruth, widow, house 12 Adams 
Bradshaw Samuel C. house 1 Baldwin place 
Bradshaw Samuel C. jr. grocer, 75 Union and 104 

Blackstone, house at Somerville 
Bradstreet James P. 42 Washington 
Bradstreet Samuel, house 77 Mt. Vernon 
Bradstreet Wm. produce and grocery, 56 Camb'ge, 

house 15 Pinckney 
Brady Bridget, widow of William, h. 26 Friend 
Brady Charles O. house Smith court 
Brady Fred. A. apothecary. Federal, c. Purchase 
Brady James, brakeman, house Furnace 
Brady James, chemist, house Third, corner of E 
Brady John, laborer, house Erin alley, E. B. 
Brady Mary, widow, house Creek square 
Brady Michael, laborer, house Creek square 
Brady Michael, laborer, house 19 Belknap 
Brady M. J. baker, boards 134 Pleasant 
Brady Patrick, cook, house 35 Merrimac 
Brady Patrick, laborer, house 8 Grove 

Brady Philip, laborer, house Middlesex, n. Suffolk 
Brady Stephen, laborer, house 2 Lowell 
Brady Thomas, laborer, 8 Bridge st. court 
Bragdon Ann, widow, house 28 Andover 
Bragdon Granville L. crockery packer, house 21 

Bragdon Henry, h. Liverpool, n. Maverick, E B. 
Bragdon John W. watchman, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Bragdon Joseph J. teamster, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Bragdon Perley G. pump & block maker, h. Sum- 
ner, n. Cottage, E. Boston 
Bragdon Simon, 86 Ann, h. at Charlestown 
Bragdon S. L. clerk, 25 Blackstone 
Bragdon Wm. house Bennington, E. Boston 
Bragg Alexander, house 13 Zone 
Bragg Alfred, Custom House, b. Bromfield House 
Bragg Appleton & Co. (C. S. Parsons), shoes and 

leather, 25 Fulton 
Bragg Austin, cigars, 138 Wash. b. Winthrop House 
Bragg Elizabeth, boarding house, 39 Portland 
Bragg George W. blacksmith, house 48 Utica 
Bragg John, house 121 Turnpike, near Fifth 
Bragg John D. machinist, house 121 Turnpike 
Bragg Joseph G. ship joiner, b. 202 Har. av. 
Bragg Mary Mrs. house rear 121 Turnpike 
Bragg Robert, carpenter, house Gold, near B [av. 
Bragg Samuel A. B. piano-forte maker, b. 202 Har. 
Bragg William, house 202 Harrison avenue 
Brainard D. T. H. dress maker, h. 18 Harr. ave. 
Brainard Edw'd. H. carriage maker, 146 Turnpike, 

house 159 Broadway 
Brainard Joseph, house Silver, near D 
Brainard L. A. mason, boards 80 Albany 
Brainard Lyman O. laborer, boards 10 Brookline 
Brainard N. S. 23 Milk, boards 54 Harvard 
Brainard Owen F. mason, boards 5 Fayette court 
Brainard Raymond H. teamster, boards 36 Sea 
Bralley John, grocer, 7 Hamilton 
Braman James C. 38 State [do. 

Braman Jarvis, swimming school, foot Chesnut, h. 
Braman Jarvis D. 48 State, h. foot of Chesnut 
Braman Jason, machinist, house 31 Auburn 
Bramhall Cornelius [Leniest, Bramhall Sg Lewis), 

house Copeland st. at Roxbury 
Bramhall Elbridge (ByerSj Bramhall),]!. 11 Temple 
Bramhall Otis, blacksmith, 18 Water, b. 17 Frank- 
lin place 
Bramhall Ruth M. house 3 La Grange place 
Bramhall Samuel, house 2 Corey place 
Bramhall Sylvanus, dentist, house 1 La Grange pi. 
Bramhall ( Wtn.) & Howe ( Thos.), com. merchants, 

72 Long wf. house 3 Harrison av. 
Branigan Thomas, glass cutter, house 244 Fourth 
Branly John, laborer, house Cove place 
Brannagan Patrick, laborer, house 7 Charlestown 
Brannan Eugene, grocer, 108 Fourth, house do. 
Brannan John, laborer, house Suffolk, near Lenox 
Branning John, Custom House, b. 15 Pinckney 
Brannon Felix, laborer, house 2 Clark alley 
Brannon Francis, laborer, house rear 29 Cross 
Brannum George B. laborer, house rear 4 Church 
Brasbridge James, carpenter, boards 5 Fruit 
Braslar George, shoe maker, house 22 Endicot 
Bray Abby C. house 34 Allen 
Bray C. C. mason, house 4 May 
Bray Chas. F. & Co. (/. A. Hayes), fancy goods, 36 

Cornhill, house at Roxbury 
Braynard John H. broker, 5 Congress, h. 14 Lowell 
Brayshaw Jacob, blacking, house 10 Lj'nde 
Brazell James, cabinet maker, h. Cove, n. Kneeland 
Brazer Benjamin, carpenter, house 8 Quincy 
Brazer Nancy, house 10 Oliver place 
Brazer Joseph, piano-forte maker, house Suffolk, 

near Canton 
Brazier (John S.), Sprague (Isaac, Jr.), & Co. (R. 
W. Rumney), shipwrights and caulkers, 274 
Commercial, house 1 Robinson alley 
Brazzell John, baker, house 23 E, near Seventh 
Breck Chas. H. B. 51 & 52 North Market 
Breck James (Briard iS, B.), h. Gold, n. Dorchester 



Breck Joseph & Co. (Edward Chamberlin), seed 

store, 51 & 52 North Market, h. at Brighton 
Breckenridge George, Boston Bank, 48 State 
Bree John, brass finisher, house 6 South Margin 
Breed Aaron, mathematical and nautical instru- 
ments, 166 Broad, c. Purchase, h. 138 Purchase 
Breed Edward A. 119 Washington, house at Lynn 
Breed Horace A. paper hangings, 431 Washington, 

house 789 Washington, near Rutland 
Breed Josiah, house rear 142 Hanover 
Breed Josiah, jr. cooper, house rear 142 Hanover 
Breed T. N. 34 Merchants' row, house at Lynn 
Breedeu Samuel, clerk, boards 6 Channing 
Biecn James, painter, house 20 Spring 
Breeze David, mariner, h. 100 Federal [House 

Brenan John T. (./. //. Dudley^ Co.), b. N. Anier. 
Brenelle Henry, house 58 Blackstone 
Brenick Kelis, stone mason, house 1 Piedmont 
Brennan Dennis, laborer, house 16 Hamilton 
Brennan James, blacksmith, house 28 Erie 
Brennan John, cby goods, 356 Wash. h. 1 Mason 
Brennan Nicholas, laborer, house A, near 4th 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, house 3 Knox 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, house rear 13 Adams 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, house 4 Carney pi. 
Brennan Wm. blacksmith, h. 16 Henchman lane 
Brennen Patrick, laborer, house 3 Barrett 
Brerthwait James, clerk, house Gold, near A 
Bresha John, ship keeper, h. rear 2-50 Hanover 
Breslaw James C. {Hojips cS, B.), 75 Union, boards 

32 Lowell 
Brett C. & D. brokers, 5 Devonshire, h. 32 Vine 
Brett {Charles S.) & Rice (7. 3/.), boots and shoes, 

10 School, bds. 2 Lowell place 
Brett David {C. i<. D. Brett), house 32 Vine 
Brett Jeremiah, turner, h. rear 78 Pleasant 
Brett Joel, broker, h. 6 Central court 
Brett Wm. F. cby goods, 53 & 55 Federal, n. High, 

house 4 Milton place 
Brettell Montague, 6 U. S. Hotel, h. 214 Broadway 
Brevoort Henry, sup't Glendon Rolling Mill, h. 

Webster, opp. Belmont sq. E. B. 
Brewer Clark & Son {Isaac I).), tobacconists, 14 

South ^Market, house 492 Commercial 
Brewer Edward, 14 South Market, house 64 Prince 
Brewer Gardner {Sayles, Merriatn, ^- B.), h. 23 
Beacon [Purchase 

Brewer Geo. Alexander, carpets, 28 Court, h. 48 
Brewer Geo. A. piano-forte maker, h. 8 Asylum 
Brewer George H. {Marvin &; B.), b. 30 Portland 
Brewer Harvey, house 15 Wheeler's court 
Brewer Henry A. fancy goods, 57 Hanover, h. do. 
Brewer Isaac C. cash. Suffolk Bank, h. 12 Fayette 
Brewer Robert, pump and block maker, h. 256 Ann 
Brewer Isaac D. {Clark Breiver &; Son), b. 492 Com'l 
Brewer John R. {Sumner, B. ^ Co.), h. 12 Avonpk 
Brewer LydiaN. widow, h. r. 47 Merrimac 
Brewer Nathaniel, weigher and ganger, 11 Central 

wharf, b. 3 Hartford place 
Brev/er Nath'l, 92 Wash. h. 4 Eaton [Common 
Brewer Otis, ed. Cultivator, 22 N. Market, h. 10 
Brewers, Stevens, and Gushing {S. N. ^ W. A. 
Brcwrr, J. F. Steveiis, S^H. W. Cushinq), drug- 
gists, 92 Washington ^ [h. 62 Charles 
Brewer Samuel N. {Brewers, Stevens, & Cushin;/), 
Brewer Thomas, h. 10 Rowe [Atlas, h. 10 Pio'we 
Brewer Thomas M. {Sc/iouler &; B.) editor Boston 
Brewer Wm. A. {Brewe7-s, Stevens, § Cushinq), h. 

at Cambridge 
Brewer Wm. H. sail maker, boards 77 Purchase 
Brewster Robert, silversmith, h. 15 Piedmont 
Brewster Daniel, laborer, h. Marion, E. B. 
Brewster Ezra S. printer, 47 Wash. h. at Cha'st'n 
Brewster John & Co. {Julius Cushman &• Johti Ban- 
croft), dry goods, 63, 65, & 67 Water, house at 
Brewster Joshua, farrier, 16 Sudbury, h. 1 Adams 
Brewster Josluia, laborer, house 15 Piedmont 
Brewster {Oliver) & Hinckley {E. li.), ins. brok. 

4 State, house 15 Montgomery place 
— - 

Brewster Osmyn {Crocker ^ B.),h..l Pitts 
Brewster Wm. M. rigger, Ciinningh'm's wf. h. Sum- 
ner, E. B. [120 Broadway, h. 253 Fourth 
'Bria.vd {OHver, jr.) & Breck {James), dry goods, 
Bricher Henry, wood engraver, b. 27 Howard 
Bricher Thomas, prof, of music, b. 27 Howard 
Brick Patrick, house Kneeland, c. Tyler 
Brickctt James P. carriage and harness maker, 

Broadway, n. Dorchester, h. 279 Fourth 
Brickett Thos. B. ( IVm. Bancroft &; Co.),h. 19 Pitts 
Bricklcy James, laborer, house'3 liiast 
Brickley Thomas, laborer, h. 1 High st. court 
Bricklcv William, laborer, h. 7 Nashua ct. 
Bridge Chas. bookkeeper, 12 Long wf. b. 26 Portland 
Bridge Fred. W. bookkeeper, 25 Elm, h. at Roxb'y 
Bridge Hereman, provis'ns, 93 Chambers, h. r. do". 
Bridge Jeremiah E., Suffolk bank, h. 87 High 
Bridge John, cook, house 10 Livingston place 
P.ridge J. D. Rev. house 29 Marion 
Bridge N. W. {J. B. Dow <5f Co.), h. at Roxbury 
Bridge Samuel J., Cust. H.', b. Winthrop House 
Bridge Theodore A. shipsnith, b. 52 South 
Bridge William, shipsmith, 239 Broad, h. 52 South 
Bridge Wm. H. shipsmith, h. r. 84 Prince 
Bridges George, fireman, h. Meridian, n. Paris 
Bridgham Charles, grocer, E, corner Athens 
Bridghani George, clerk, house 127 Turnpike 
Bridgham Lewi.s H. printer, 52 Wash. h. 231 Trem't 
Bridgham Prescott C. {Little, B. &; Co.) 
Bridgman Erastus S. 26 Dock sq. "bds. 11 Tyler 
Briesler Geo. M. boot counter manuf. 12^ Clinton 
Brigdcn Edward F. painter, house 35 Southac 
Brigden M. R. painter, b. with P. Leishman 
Brigden Timothy, blacksmith, h. 151 Athens, n. C 
Briggs Andixw G. {Briyys, Guild, ^ Co.), b'ds 48 

Harrison avenue 
Briggs Billings, carpenter, house 9 Myrtle court 
Briggs Charles Rev. Ill Washington, h. at Roxb'y 
Briggs C. C. & J. extension and ship tables, &c. 

507 Washington, house at Roxbury 
Briggs Charles M. com. mer. 145 Milk 
Briggs Daniel H. painter, 379 Wash. h. 133 Court 
Briggs David, police officer, h. 26 Porter, E. B. 
Briggs {Ebenczer F.), GuM {Henry), & Co. (.4. G. 

Briyys), W. I. goods, 8 Long wf. h. at Roxb'y 
Briggs Edward, 241 Washington 
Briggs Edw. T. crockery, 52 Chatham, h. Cambridge 
Briggs Edwin & H. 0. shipwrights, 2d st. opp. F, 

h. Dorchester, n Fourth st. 
Briggs Elbridge G. cabinet maker, h. Athens, r. 

H. School 
Briggs E. G. wheel^\Tight, 21 East, h. 23 Knerl'nd 
Briggs Elijah E. bonnet presser, h. 94 Charles [pi. 
Briggs Eliz. R. teacher Winthrop Sch'l, b. 4 Oak 
Briggs Enos, crock'y, 52 Chatham, h. 25 Lyman pi. 
Briggs George H. 42 Central, boards 12 Tyler 
Briggs Geo.'W. books, 403 Wash. h. 1 Maple pi. 
Briggs Harrison O. {E. ^ II. O. Bngys), h. Dor- 
chester, near Fifth 
Briggs Henry, painter, boards 28 Nashua 
Briggs Henry C. {Roylance (S^• B.), 44 Federal 
Briggs Hepzabeth, widow, house 7 Lincoln 
Briggs {JdJin) & Robinson {E. P.), drugs, paints, 

and glass, 27 Commercial, h. at Cambridgeport 
Briggs John, shipwright, h. I5olton, n. Dorchester 
Briggs Joshua {C. C. if S. Briyys), h. at Roxbury 
Briggs Lewis, printer, house 31' Harvard 
Briggs Lewis, jr. machinist, b. 31 Harvard 
Briggs Lois C. tailovess, 6 Staniford place 
Briggs Lucius H. {Hobart A- B.), house 3 Dover 
Briggs Luther, jr. architect, 4 Court 
Briggs Moses, cabinet maker, house 25 Oak 
Briggs Rob't, crockery, 42 & 44 Central, h. 12 Tyler 
Briggs Robert, jr. civil engineer, 26 Devonshire, b. 

12 Tyler [Hanover 

Briggs Seth, cabinet maker, 5 Province, house 132 
Briggs Theophilus P. housewright, h. 61 Leveret 
Briggs Wm. A. physician, Bedford, c. Washington 
Briggs Wm. Angcll, book binder, 403 Wash. h. 1 

Maple place 



Briggs Wm. H. clerk, boards 6 Howard 
Briggs Wm. P. 17 Boylston Market, h. 2 Harv. ct. 
Briggs Win. W. house 16 Billerica 
Brigham Aaron, 96 Water, house 73 Leveret 
Brigham Albert S. clerk. Post Office, h. 12 Minot 
Brigham Benajah, house 20 Ashland 
Brigham Benj. T. cutter, 3 Diamond block 
Brigham Calvin O. clerk, b. 17 Franklin place 
Brigham Charles, Post Office, house 18 Garden 
Brigham Charles B. engineer, house 131 Hudson 
Brigham Charles L. coach and chaise maker, 20 

Hawley, house 3 Province 
Brigham Charles S. h. Lucas place, n. Emerald _ 
Brigham Dennis, look'g glass mak'r, b. 6 Billerica 
Brigham Dexter, jr. {Harndni Sf Co.), h. at Ro.\b'y 
Brigham Edmund S. watchman, house 28 Myrtle 
Brigham Edward, tollman, E. B. ferry, h. Webster, 

n. Belmont square [Cedar 

Brigham Elijah, coach smith, 58 Tremont, h. 20 S. 
Brigham Elijah D. & Co. (./. L. Brir/ham), com. 

mer. 1 Long wf. (up stairs), h. 8 Temple place 
Brigham E. F. o India, house at Cambridge 
Brigham Francis, shoes, 6 Blackstone 
Brigham {Geo. B.) & Stone {Silas), commission 

merch's, -5 R.R. bl'k, Lincoln, h. at Sherburne 
Brigham George O. b'ds Harrison av. c Beach 
Brigham Henrv, truckman, house 2 Nashua place 
Brigham Hubbard, clerk, 340 Wash. b. 10 Porter 
Brigham James M. boarding, 3 Bumstead place 
Brigham Jewett B. cl'k, 84 Hanover, b. 10 Porter 
Brigham John, clerk, house 23 Porter 
Brigham John & Co., Eng. and French goods, 18 

Milk, house 113 Tremont [3 Eaton 

Brigham John W. boots and shoes, 125 Court, h. 
Brigham Jos. L. (£. D. Bnyham ^ Co.), h. Mt. 

Pleasant, Roxbury 
Brigham {Jos. B.), Jones (J. E.), & Co. {Wm. C. 

Cristy , jr.) , grocers 26 L'ng wf. h. at Somerv'Ue 
Brigham Josiah Q. clerk, boards American House 
Brigham Levi & Son, wines, 7 Congress square, 

house 99 Pinckney 
Brigham Mary S. teacher, boards 58 Essex 
Brigham Merrick P. clerk, boards 73 Purchase 
Brigham Nahum, wood and lime. Beach, c, Utica, 

house 37 South 
Brigham Perry (.S. Piper &; Co.), h. 33 Sea 
Brigham Peter B. proprie'r Concert Hall, 95 Court 
Brigham Robert B. 9o Court 
Brigham Sumner J. b. Sumner, n. Paris, E. B. 
Brigham Thomas J. wheelwright, h. 1 Hamburg 
Brigham Wm. counsellor, 3-5 Court, h. 736 Wash. 
Brigham Wm. {Croome, Hixon c^- Co.), house 237 

Fourth (92 Pinckney 

Brigham Wm. A. merchant, 26 India wharf, house 
Brigham Wm. P. (Raivson, B. 6j Pratt), house 152 

Harrison avenue 
Bright Edward Rev. 33 Somerset, h. at Roxbury 
Bright George AV. b. Commercial Coffee House 
Brignli Joseph, boarding, house Baker's alley 
Brill John, blacksmith, h. Turnpike, n. Fourth 
Brimbecom Nathaniel, jr. {Learnard i^ B.), boards 

6 Sewall place 
Brimmer Eliza O. house 48 Beacon 
Brimner Benj. cooper, h. 39 Charlestown 
Brinard James A. house Eutaw, E. Boston 
Brine John F. tailor, house 34 Nashua 
Brine Robert, tailor, house 60 Nashua 
Brine William, tailor, 96 Washington 
Brinley Edward & Co. {W. R. llorton), druggists, 

3 S. side Faneuil Hall, house at Roxbury 
Brinley Francis, counsellor, 13 Mass. block, boards 

51 Summer 
Brinnen James, laborer, h. 84 Sea 
Brinnen Jeremiah, laborer, house 22 Endicot 
Brinnen Michael, laborer, house 74 Atkinson 
Brinock James, laborer, house 106 Purchase 
Brinock Thomas, laborer, house 106 Purchase 
Brintley Richard, stevedore, house rear 14 May 
Brintnall Charles, accountant, h. 4 McLean court 
Brintnall Charles, jr. clerk, 102 Wash. h. 17 Minot 

Brintnall Susan S. Mrs. dress maker, 77 Cambridge 
Brintnall Thomas, grocer. Fifth, near E 
Brintnall Thomas, jr. boards E. near Fifth 
Brisco John, painter, house 310 Fourth, near F 
Brislind William, laborer, h. 34 Charlestown 
Brison Wm. boiler maker, Maverick, n. Liverpool 
Brittan Simeon A. & Co (C. E. Miles), dry goods, 

75 Milk, h. 131 Harrison avenue 
Britton Lyman W. house 4 Howard 
Britton Thomas, job wagon, house 192 Hanover 
Broad James, foreman Salt Works, boards Orleans, 

n. Webster 
Broad Kezia, house rear 446 Washington 
Broaders Edward R. house 239 Tremont 
Broadnax Dennis, shoe maker, 243 Ann, h. do. 
Broadrick Nicholas, laborer, house 10 Oliver 
Broadrick Thomas, laborer, house 74 Atkinson 
Brobston Henry, painter, h. r. 147 Fourth [E. B. 
Brock Ephraim, grocer. Central sq. h. Saratoga, 
Brocklebank Frederick, carpenter, h. Chelsea, E.B. 
Brockway Joseph B., Brandreth's pills, 19 Hanover 
Brockway Wm. W. railroad contractor, h. New, n. 

Sumner [Brookline 

Brodhead Daniel D. broker, 29 State, house at 
Brodhead Josiah A. {Strotii/ S; B.), boards Adams 

Brodhead William, Mariners' House, N. square 
Broeksmit John C. 192 Wash. bds. Fulton House 
Broffe James, laborer, house rear 44 Friend 
Brogen Barnard, laborer, house 59 Salem 
Brogen Thomas, mason, house 2 Eddy place 
Bromade Abram & Son {B. C), sail makers, 53 

Long wharf, h. at Charlestown 
Bromade Clarissa, wid. h. 11 Prince [Charlestown 
Bromade Benj. C. {A. Bromade &; Son), house at 
Bromfield John, boards 5 Central court 
Bronson C. B. physician and oculist, 18 Winter 
Brooker Benj. laborer, house 16 May 
Brooker Isaac S. coal agent, house 82 Albany 
Brookhouse John H. tailor, 19 Congress 
Brookings Samuel R. painter, house 40 Marion 
Brookings Wm. H. clerk, house 45 Brighton 
Brookins Samuel H. broker, Salem, c. Cross, bds. 

7 N. Grove 
Brooks Alvin, coachman, house 69 W. Cedar 
Brooks Benjamin F. counsellor, 27 State, boards 

21 Somerset 
Brooks Charles & Co. {Wm. G. Brooks 8; G. A. P. 

Darling), hardware, 6 Dock sq. h. 3 Kingston 
Brooks {Chas.) & Emery {N.), livery stable, Paris, 

c. Maverick, h. Liverpool, c. Maverick, E. B. 
Brooks Charles Rev. house 12 Bedford 
Brooks Charles T. C. printer, b. 5 Fayette court 
Brooks Chester, house IG May [House 

Brooks Daniel H., Court, c. Hanover, bds. Hanover 
Brooks Edward, counsellor, 10 Court, h. 21 Beacon 
Brooks Eli, laborer, boards 23 East Orange 
Brooks Esther, h. rear 153 Ann 
Brooks Eugene A. 291 AVash. boards 3 Avery 
Brooks Francis, hatter, house Gorham place 
Brooks Francis A. counsellor, 22 State, house 22 

Ashburton place [Beacon 

Brooks Francis B. counsellor, 10 Court, boards 21 
Brooks Franklin, leather, 28 N. Market, h. 37 Pitts 
Brooks George, currier. 49 Fulton, h. at Roxbury 
Brooks Geo*, clerk, 88 Milk 

Brooks Geo. AV. cabinet maker, h. 351 Tremont 
Brooks Gorham, house 2 Ashburton place 
Brooks Hiram {Mason, B. Sf Co.), h. at Cambridge 
Brooks Henry C. {Croicell,^ B. % Co.), 6 Bowdoln 

square [place 

Brooks Job, railroad agent, 11 Elm. h. 3 Chilson 
Brooks John, dry goods, 48 AA^'ater, h. 6 Oxford 
Brooks {Jonathan) & Hiland {Ira), 102 F. H. Mar- 
ket, house at Dorchester 
Brooks Luke {M. Ihmt Sf Co.), h. at Weston 
Brooks Luke, jr. com. mer. 66 Com'l, h. at Salem 
Brooks L. B. 27 State 
Brooks Martin, laborer, house 4 Southac 
Brooks Martis, laborer, house 23 Portland 



Brooks (M.S.) & Saunders (£. IF.), shoes, 19Fulton 
Brooks Peter C. 34 Central wharf, h. Summer, 

opp. South 
Brooks Rebecca, widow, h. 30 North Russell 
Brooks S. B. 9o.j Wash, house at Cambridge 
Brooks Seth, surveyor, Clifton's wf. h. Saratoga 
Brooks Sidney G. hatter, bds. 6 Chilson place 
Brooks Sumner J. 4''j Com'l wf. h. at Cambridgeport 
Brooks Thomas S. clerk, 51 Cambridge 
Brooks Williams B. lumber and wood, '2nd, cor. C, 
h. Third, between Dorchester and F [3 Rowe 
Brooks William G. {Charles Brooks ^ Co.), house 
Brooks William H. classical and mathematical 

teacher. 38 Tremont row 
Brooks William P. B. furniture, 66 Blackstone, 

and 9 Marshall, house at Charlestown 
Brooksley Bridget, widow, house r. 11 Kingston 
Brophy John, laborer, h. r. Mav'k, n. R. R. crossing 
Brosnaham Cornelius, laborer, house 102 Warren 
Brosnahan John, laborer, house 102 Warren 
Brosnahan Timothy, stabler, boards 2 Byron 
Brosnrhi Jeremiah, laborer, house 3 Knox 
Brother Wm. stabler, house 67 Atkinson 
Broughan Edw. grocer, Sister, n. Williams, h. do. 
Broughton Glover, ship broker, 34 Long wharf 
Broughton Nathaniel H. teacher, bds. 6 E. Canton 
Broughton Nicholson, 34 Long wharf, house 6 E. 
Canton [E. Canton 

Broughton Nicholson, jr. music teacher, house 6 
Broughton Phebe M. dress maker, n. 5 Church 
Broughton William R. clerk, 64 Hanover, boards 6 

E. Canton 
Brower Henry, tailor, 76 Wash. h. at Charlesto%vTi 
Brown Aaron, carpenter, h. Sumner, c. London 
Brown A. J. & Co. (.7". C. Wyman & B. S. Proc- 
ter), crockery and china ware, 54 & 56 Federal, 
house at Worcester 
Brown Aaron D. carpenter, h. 3 Washington court 
Brown A. H. captain, house 8 Bulfinch 
Brown A. L. clerk, boards 9 Brattle square 
Brown Albert F. 6 F. H. Market, h. at Dorchester 
Brown Albert F. ( George N. Noyes <^ Co.) 
Brown Albert G. 130 State 
Brown Alexander, h. 21 Salem 
Brown Alfred S. clerk, 2 Merchants' row, bds. Cen- 
tral House 
Brown Allen, laborer, house Oneida, cor. Albany 
Brown Alvin, laborer, 19 Blackstone 
Brown Andrew, pastry cook, house 42 B/ighton 
Brown Arthur, rigger, house 117 Purchase 
Brown Asa, machinist, 191 Broadway 
Brown AthertonT. (./. /. Brown &; Son), h. 32 Eliot 
Brown {Atytisfus) & Dix (Joseph), dry goods, 29 
Pearl [bds. 20 La Grange place 

Brown Augustus, fancy slipper maker, 2i34 Wash. 
Brown Barnabas F. caulker, h. 9 Henchman lane 
Brown Benjamin, stevedore, h. opp. 518 Commer- 
cial [Hanover 
Brown Benjamin, painter, 135 Fulton, h. rear 133^ 
Brown Benjamin, boot maker, house Havre, E. B. 
Brown Benj. jr. broker, 56 State, h. at Charlestown 
Brown Benjamin A. fish, &c. 78 Fourth, h. 80 do. 
Brown Benjamin B. hardware and groceries, 62 

Turnpike, house Athens, corner 2d 
Brown (Be/y. /'■'.) & Lamson {A. D.), druggists, 

44 India, house 2 Federal court 
Brown Benj. H. joiner, 212 Broad, h. atSomerville 
Brown, Brothers, & Co. bankers, 63 State 
Brown Buckminster, physician, office 2 Bowdoin 
Brown B. F. clerk, boarcls 25 Charles 
Brown (Ca/rin) & Hastings (Chur/es), civil engin- 
eers, 51 Muss, block, house 59 High 
Brown Campbell, house Colony 
Brown Charles, stabler, boards 2 Byron 
Brown Charles, mariner, house 90 Broad 
Brown Charles, grocer, 128 Charles, house do. 
Brown (Charles) & Severance (Rufus O.), livery 

statjle, Charles, c. Chesnut 
'Brown (Charks) & Mason (S. K.), provisions. 
Temple, c. Derne, h. 49 Belknap 

Brown Chas. A. broker, h. 21 Madison place 
Brown Charles B. currier, bds. 3 Billings court 
Brown Charles H. wharfinger, 25 India wharf, h. 

37 Purchase 
Brown Charles H. machinist, h. Porter, E. Boston 
Brown Charles M. 425 Washington, b. 85 Tremont 
Brown Charles S. com. merchant, 26 S. Market, 

house at Cambridge 
Brown Charles W. steam planing, Har. avenue, 

office 6 Devonshire, h. Har. av. cor. Asylum 
Brown Charlotte, dress maker, 6 Oliver place 
Brown Charlotte A. bonnets, 50^ Hanover, house 

19 Hudson 
Brown Charlotte R. widow, house r. 83 Pleasant 
Brown Chester, stair builder, house 109 Hudson 
Brown Clark S. hardware, 554 Wash. h. 49 Essex 
Brown C. R. S. Mrs. house 11 Bowdoin 
Brown Daniel, collector, 102 Washington, h. 13 Oak 
Brown Daniel J. carpenter, foot Piedmont, h. at 

Brown (Daniel S.), Dow {J. B), & Co. (C. W. 

Wilder), tobacconists, 3 Chatham row, h. at 

Brown David, salesman, house 1 Wesley, E. B. 
Brown David, boot maker, house 6 Pleasant 
Brown David, teamster, house D, near Fifth 
Brown David G. teamster, boards 43 Lowell 
Brown David R. physician, house 10 Marshall 
Brown Dorcas Mrs. house 15 Canton 
Brown E. D. teacher primary school, b. 25 Harr. av. 
Brown Edward, laborer, house 164 Purchase 
Brown Edward, artist, house 56 Salem 
Brown Edward, boards 79 Purchase 
Brown Edward F. bonnet presser, 256 Wash. h. do. 
Brown Edward W., Suffolk Bank, h. at Charlesto'n 
Brown Edwin, shoes, 13 Shoe and Leather [pi. 

Brown Edwn, piano-forte maker, h. 26 La Grange 
Brown Edwin L. boards 28 Pearl [Charlestown 

Brown Elbridge, hats and furs, 12 Ann, house at 
Brown Eleazer G. carpenter, boards 77 Lowell 
Brown (Eli), Lawrence (R. C), & Stickney (/. E.), 

mer. tailors. Old State House, h. 61 Brighton 
Brown Eliza, widow of Stephen, h. 8 Bulfinch 
Brown Eliza, dress maker, h. 137 Pleasant 
Brown Eliza C. widow, h. Sumner, n. Havre, E. B. 
Brown Emilius S. book keeper, house 34 Poplar 
Brown Enoch, carpenter, h. r. Third, n. E 
Brown Ephraim, 11 Court House, bds. 26 Marion 
Brown Esther, widow, house 4 Norfolk place 
Brown Eunice K. Mrs. house 4 1-2 Cooper 
Brown F. W. & Co., W. I. goods, 38 Broad, bds. 

91 Summer 
Brown Frances, teacher, bds. 19 La Grange place 
Brown Francis, laborer, house Washington place 
Brown Francis, baker, house rear 39 Pleasant 
Brown Francis, inspoctor general butter and lard, 

3 Distil-Housesq. counting room 10 Blackstone, 

house 83 Leveret 
Brown Francis D. policeman, house 6 Sturgis pi. 
Brown Franklin, laborer, house 4 Southac 
Brown Fredericjc, druggist and apothecary, 68 

Washington, house 2 Winter place 
Brown Frederick, rigger, house 440 Commercial 
Brown Frederick A. (^'. BroicnJ^ Sons), house 24 

Leveret [Sea 

Brown Frederick A. ( jr. J. Reynolds ^ Co.), 14 
Brown Fred'k W. telegraph station, 28 Central wf. 
Brown George, boards 15 Hudson 
Brown George, mariner, house 25 Prince 
Brovvn George, boarding, 374 Commercial 
Brown Geo. piano-forte maker, h. 10 Medford ct. 
Brown George, 76 State, house at Roxbury 
Brown George, tinsmith, 11 Marshall, h. 298 Ann 
Brown (Geo. A.), & Eustis (C. M-), imp. French 

goods, &c. 154 Washington, h. at Roxbury 
Brown George B. 273 Washington 
Brown Geo. B. artist, 21 Brattle, h. at Maiden 
Brown George G. boiler maker, house 120 Fourth 
Brown George H. laborer, h. 2 Nashua court 
Brown George H. machinist, h. 32 B, near Gold 



Brown George H. 110 Milk, house 22 Winter 
Browu George M. provisions, Suffolk, n. Canton, 

house S. Williams 
^Brown Geo. N. com. iner. 74 Utiea, b. 536 Wash. 
Brown {Geo. W.) & Lovell {Josiah G.), shipwrights, 

Marine Railway & Sumner, E. B. h. 4 Terrace 

pi. East Boston 
Brown Gilbert C. baker, house 9" Broad 
Brown Hannah Mrs. house 4 Humphrey place 
Brown Henrietta, seamstress, bds. 6 Nashua court 
Brown Henry, cooper and inspector of fish. Spear's 

wharf, house 9 Gridley 
Brown Henry, boarding, 249 Ann 
Brown Henry, painter, boards 4 Rollins place 
Brown lienry, sailors' boarding h. 23 & 24 Cross 
Brown Henry, steward, house .3 Eaton coin-t 
Brown Henry 1. miniature painter, house 3 Orange 
Brown Henry W. machinist, h. Suffolk, n. Rutland 
Brown Horace W. provision dealer, h. 130 D, n. 2d 
Brown Horatio, livery stable, 444 Washington, h. 

54 Essex 
Brown Horatio F. 47 Kilby, bds. 51 Summer 
Brown Horatio G. jr. 3 Faneuil Hall building, bds. 

31 Brattle 
Brown Hugh, laborer, boards 188 Harrison avenue 
Brown Ira, truckman, house 43 Lowell 
Brown Isaac E. {llutchins, Ilurd &; Co.), house_ at 

Brown Isaac N. 1 Cornhill, bds. 10 Hanover 
Brown Jacob H. messenger N. E. Bank 
Brown Jacob J. barber, 34 Sea, house do. 
Brown James (Pierce &; B.), h. 7 Oxford place 
Brown James (Little &: Brow»), h. at Watertown 
Brown James, gardener, h. 7 Jefferson block, Ann 
Brown James, mason, house 3 Carney place 
Brovvn James, (MeUcii, Hill & Co.), h'. at Cha'sto'n 
Brown James, mover of buildings, bds. 2 Bennet 
Brown Jas. shoe maker, 3 Spring lane, h. 164 Broad 
Brown James H. clerk, 9 City wf. b. 1 Linwood pi. 
Brown James Irish (Mai/o &; B.). h. Fulton House 
Brown James O. teacher House Reformation 
Brown James S. house 4 Rollins place [Vernon 
Brown James W. L. ( FF. P. W Kay i^ Co.), h. 38 
Brown Jeremiah, counsellor, 17 Mass. block 
Brown Jeremiah, Freeman's Inn, Sea, n. bridge 
Brown Jesse, handcartman, house 55 Prince 
Brown J. Adams, 5 Market sq. bds. Beach, c. Tyler 
BrowTi .Joel H. clerk, 44 India, bds. Fulton House 
Brown John, house next 43 Brighton 
Brown John, mariner, h. r. 71 Chambers 
Brown John, truckman, house 11 Prince 
Brown John, 6 Derne, house 50 Temple 
Brown John, seaman, house 4 Belknap place 
Brown John, boarding, Fleet, c. Garden ct. st. 
Brown John, laborer, house 8 Holden place 
Brown John, laborer, house 7 Second 
Brown John, laborer, house Quincy 
Brown John, hiliorer, house Colony [town 

Brown John (B. M. Clark &; Co.), h. at Charles- 
Brown John, house 178 Purchase 
Brown John, piano-forte maker, h. 25 Harvard 
Brown John, jr. clothing. Fleet, n. Garden ct. st. 
Brown John A. wines, "teas, &c. 29 India, house 

at Roxbury [Chambers, house 65 Belknap 

Brown John B. surgeon Bos. Orthopedic Inst. 49 
Brown (Jo/ni D.) & Dyer (. !/«■«/*), ship chandlers, 

59 Commercial, h. at Charlestown [Hawley 
Brown John E. veterinary surgeon, Franklin, cor. 
Brown J. E. & N. housewrights, Piedmont, house 

143 Pleasant 
Brown John F. physician, house 77 Lowell 
Brown John G. painter, 24 Wilson lane 
Brown J. I. & Son (Atherton T.), apothecaries, 

425 Washington, house 32 Eliot 
Brown John K., Warren, corner Eliot 
Brown John L. house 25 Portland 
Brown John M. fish and oysters, Hudson, c. Curve 
Brown John P. ( Woodward &; B.), h. 235 Tremont 
Brown John T. clerk, bds. 32 Eliot 
Brown Jonathan, builder, bds. Fountain House 

Brown Jonathan, jr. cashier Market Bank, house 

at Charlestown 
Brown Joseph, laborer, house 44 South 
Brown Joseph, ostler, house 28 Oneida 
Brown Joseph, jr. furnishing goods, 154 Court, h. 

13 3-4 Crescent place 
Brown Joseph B. teacher of dancing, 132 Court 
Brown Joseph M. merchant, 92 State 
Brown Joseph T. druggist, 292 Wash. c. Bedford, 

house 8 Lincoln [Salem 

Brown Josiah, housewright, 122 Endicot, house 97 
Brown Joshua, bds. 94 Cambridge 
Brown Leonard, clerk, bds. 42 Green 
Brown Levi, house Meridian, n. Decatur, E. B. 
Brown Lincoln, Beach's books & medic's, 3Bromf' d 
Brown Louisa S. midwife, house 4 Rollins place 
Brown Loring, tree planter, h. 43 Silver, near A 
Brown Lucy, widow, house 44 South 
Brown Lucy Ann, dress maker, bds. 4 Dover place 
Brown Lyman (Crosset^ B.), h. at Charlestown 
Brown Marsena P. caulker, h. 9 Henchman lane 
Brown Mary, widow of James, h. 79 Purchase 
Brown Mary, teacher, 7 Central court 
Brown Mary, groceries, house 4 Butolph 
Brown Mary, widow, house 79 Brighton 
Brown Mary, widow, house 1 Avery place 
Brown Mary U. widow, house 26 Brookline 
Brown Mehitable C. widow, house 77 Cambridge 
Brown Michael, laborer, house 30 Atkinson 
Brown Nancy, dress maker, 15 Canton 
Brown Nathan, captain, house 3 1-2 Cooper [pi. 
Brown Nathan, engraver, 27 School, b. 3 Jackson 
Brown Nathan (/. E. 8f N. Brown), h. at Roxbury 
Brown Nathaniel (F. ^ J. Peirce ^ Co.), house at 

Brown Nathaniel, ship joiner, house 4 Spear alley 
Brown Nathaniel Oaks, stevedore, h. 4 Webster pi. 
Brown Nicholas, marble worker, h. 28 1-2 Salem 
Brown Pamelia, boards 2 Oxford place 
Brown Philip, blacksmith, h. 6 Sigourney place 
Brown Rebecca L. dress maker, h. 123 Pleasant 
Brown Reuben H. cabinet maker. 111 Chambers 
Brown Reuben S. house 6 May 
Brown Richard, 2nd, hair dresser, 86 Commercial 
Browni Robert, confectioner, house 28 Oneida 
Brown Robert R. boarding, house 4 North square 
Brown Roswell R. jeweller, house 57 Lowell 
Brown Ruth, widow, house 31 Prince [sea 

Brown Samuel E. engraver, 120 Wash. h. at Chel- 
Brown Samuel J. housewright, 16 Harvard place, 

house 23 May 
Brown Samuel N. toll gatherer, house 25 Charles 
Brown Samuel N. jr. 110 Milk, house 25 Charles 
Brown Sarah, house rear 21 Spring 
Brown Sarah A. boarding, 105 Leveret 
Brown Seth E. (Brackeit, Crosby ^ B.), 69 Wash. 
Brown (Seth P.) provisions, 14 the South Market, 

boards 8 Avery 
Brown Simon, seaman, house rear 12 Tileston 
Brown Smith E. tailor, house IS Oxford 
Brown Solon F. milkman, house Silver, near E 
Brown Sophia, boards Canton, c. Canton st. place 
Brown Spencer R. stevedore, h. 4 Paris place, E. B. 
Brown Stephen, watchman, house 9 S. Russell 
Bro\vn Stephen & Sons (F. A. Broini tjr M. J. Mmv- 

dell), stock and exchange brokers, 40 State 
Brown Susan, nurse, house Meridian, near Deca- 
tur, East Boston 
Brown Thomas, waiter, house 15 W. Centre 
Brown Thomas, house 1 Portland place 
Brown Thomas, laborer, boards 10 Sister 
Bro\vn Thomas, painter, 4 Rollins place 
Brown Thomas, blacksmith, house 88 Friend 
Brown (Thomas IF.) & Dillaway (B.), shipwrights 

and caulkers. Marine Railway, h. 234 Hanover 
Brown Tryphena, teacher, house 77 Carver 
Brown Vernon, ship broker, 5 Merch. Exchange, 

house 4 Bulfinch [Charlestown 

Brown Ward B. painter, 21 Brattle, house at 
Brown W. Henry, 79 State, boards at 1 Eliot 



Brown William, apothecary, 481 Washington, h. 

18 Rowe 
Brown William, cab di-iver, house 102 Warren 
Brown William, mariner, house 47 Warren 
Brown William, variety store, 117 Hanover, h. do. 
Brown William, architect, at A. B. Young's, h. 3 

Brown William, clerk, house 233 Hanover [do. 
Brown William, hair dresser, 101 Commercial, h. 
Brown William, stone mason, h. 4 Carney place 
Brown William A. & Co. {Geo. A. Stephenson), 

com. mer. 9 & 10 Lewis wharf, h. at Salem 
Brown William, grocer, 132 Sea, house do. 
Brown William A. jr. & Co. {Ira P. Rankin), dry 

goods, 125 Milk, boards at Revere House 
Brown William C. editor of Mother's Assistant, 21 

Cornhill, house at Chelsea 
Brown William D. jr. clerk, boards 31 Harvard 
Brown Wm. E. turner, 1 Audover, h. 38 Brighton 
Brown William H. clerk, boards 1 Eliot 
Brown William H. carver, Kelley & Holmes' wharf, 

Sumner, house Saratoga, E. B. 
Brown William H. laborer, house opp. 6 Salutation 
Brown William H. laborer, house 17 1-2 Butolph 
Brown William H. painter, house 4 Salutation 
Brown Wm. H. stereotyper, house 6 Noyes place 
Brown William L. {Austin ^ B.), boards 153 Court 
Brown William, seaman, house Robinson alley 
Brown William P., Union wharf, h. 3 North sq. 
Brown William W. boards 106 W. Cedar 
Brown Willis P. edge tool finisher, bds. 10 Nashua 
Browne Albert G. agent Boston Hemp Manf. Co. 

66 Commercial, house at Salem 
Browne C. Allen, druggist, 11 & 12 Commercial, 

boards 9 Lincoln 
Browne Charles (formerly No. 1 Franklin place), 

house 3 Allston 
Browne F. Perkins, house 3 Allston 
Browne P'rancis P. male nurse, h. 5 Chessman pi. 
Browne Geo. H. {Turner, Wilson S^ Co.), house 21 

Browne George Morgan, counsellor, 16 Old State 

House, boards Tremont House 
Browne John C. 47 India wharf, h. at Charlestowm 
Browne John W. counsellor, 19 Court, house 120 

Harrison av. 
Browne J. V. 66 Commercial, house at Salem 
Browne Robert, enaployment office, 18 Sudbury, 

house at Cambridge 
Browne Timothy B. 26 India whf. h. at Dorchester 
Brownell Asa C. stoves, 25 & 27 Blackstone, Ger- 

rish block, house 9 Indiana place 
Brownell Gilbert & Co. (G. L. Talbot), dry goods, 

255 Washington, house 13 Staniford 
Brownell Isaac A. boards Winthrop House 
Brownell Nicholas T. Mrs. boarding, 4 Channing 
Brownell Richard S. 255 Wash. b. 13 Staniford 
Brownell Richmond, boards 3 Corey avenue 
Brownell Silas, truckman, house 11 Salutation 
Brownell Wm. E. 255 AVash. boards 13 Staniford 
Brownell Major W. laborer, boards 60 Albany 
Brownell Zebedee G. gilder, house 2 Pitts court 
Browner James, rope maker, house 181 Fourth 
Browner Thomas, stone mason, house Fifth, n. B 
Browning Eunice, house 280 Washington 
Brownley Edward., bool<f keeper, b.oli'ortland 
Bruce Benjamin, ship broker, 9 India, house at 

Bruce Charles H. upholstery, 517 Washington 
Bruce Cyrus, Craigie's bridge bath house, h. do. 
Bruce David, sail maker, boards 41 Prince 
Bruce Edwin, music teacher, Union, cor. Hanover, 

boards 7 New Prince 
Bruce George, clerk at City Hotel 
Bruce George W. carriage smith, house 23 Oneida 
Bruce Gilbert, clerk, 3 Canal 
Bruce Henry, Capt. U. S. Naval Rendezvous, 224 

Ann, boards Winthrop House 
Bruce Ira. restorator, 37 Fulton, house 10 London 
Bruce James S. broker, 66 State, h. at Cambridge 

Bruce JepthaC. & Co. hats, &c. 30 Docksq. house 

Bruce Jonathan, pilot, h. 5 Terrace place, E. B. 
Bruce Jos. A. broker, 68 Union, h. at Charlestown 
Bruce Joseph L. painter, 2 N. side Commercial 

wharf, boards 89 Charter 
Bruce Loring U. varnisher, house Gilman place 
Bruce Richard, laborer, house rear 27 Belknap 
Bruce Robert, apothecary, 18 Kingston 
Bruce Ruth L. widow, house 23 Oneida 
Bruce William, teamster, h. 49 Salem [Garden 

Bruerton Simeon, whip maker, 8 Dock sq. h. 29 
Brumraett Wm. E. sail maker, house 42 Billerica 
Bruner Henry, furrier, house 85 1-2 Eliot 
Brussinghan "Catharine, dress maker, b. 129 Essex 
Bryan Dudley C. boards 9 Allston 
Bryan Edward, blacksmith, Plymouth, house do. 
Bryan John, bricklayer, boards '81 Kneeland 
Bryan Richard, boot closer, house 45 Merrimac 
Bryant Charles, laborer, house 35 Thacher 
Bryant Charles W. clerk, 76 Pearl 
Bryant Daniel, painter, house 8 Williams 
Bryant Daniel S. lace goods, &c. 383 Washington, 

house at Cambridge [erick sq. E. B. 

Bryant Danville, proprietor Maverick House, Mav- 
Bryant {David) & Clarke {Clinton), grain. Cause- 
way, corner Beverly, house at Brookline 
Bryant David, architect, 45 Hudson 
Bryant Epaphras K. carpenter, h. 1 Purchase pi. 
Bryant Francis G. widow, house 15 Chambers 
Bryant Francis T. E. 49 Milk, h. at Charlestown 
Bryant George S. boards 32 Essex [avenue 

Bryant G. J. F. architect, 4 Court, h. 109 Harrison 
Bryant Gridley, engineer, 10 Court [ney 

Bryant Harrison C^ (Spaulding &; B.), h. 48 Pinck- 
Bryant Henry, physician, h. 16 Franklin place 
Bryant James A. carpenter, h. Trenton, E. B. 
Bryant {.John) & Sturgis {William), 1 Commercial 

wharf, house 64 Beacon 
Bryant John, house 16 Cooper 
Bryant John A. cameo cutter, house 27 Grove 
Bryant Joseph R. blacksmith and machinist, 30 

Causeway, house Allen, corner Kennard av. 
Bryant Laura, widow, house 6 London 
Bryant Lewis, house 37 Belknap [Louisburgh sq. 
Bryant Mary Anna, widow of John, jr. house 16 
Bryant Mehalia, teacher, boards 5 Lyman place 
Bryant Nathaniel, carpenter, house 40 Marion 
Bryant Nath. surveyor of mahogany, h. 31 Dover 
Bryant Nathaniel H. 39 Milk, h. 31 Dover 
Bryant Robert M. carpenter, b. 43 Southac [bany 
Bryant Samuel B. turner, 8 Albany block, h. 38 Al- 
Bryant Samuel E. mason, house 1 Knox 
Bryant Seth, boots and shoes, 76 Pearl, h. at East 

Bridgewater [h. Atlantic, n. Fourth 

Bryant Silas D. harness maker, Harr. ave. n. Troy, 
Bryant Southworth, chair dealer, 52 Commercial, 

h. at Chelsea 
Bryant Susan, widow, h. 43 Prince [town 

Bryant Timothv, teller Union Bank, h. at Charles- 
Bryant & Co's Express, 7 State [bds. 27 S. Suffolk 
Bryden Christopher H. grocer. Curve, corner Tyler, 
Bryden James, piano-forte maker, h. 27 S. Suifolk 
Bryden J. H. {C. F. Horey, &; Co.), 13 Winter 
Brvden John, house 27 South Suffolk 
Bryden John J. house 27 South Suffolk 
Bryden Robert, house 27 South Suffolk 
Bryent Stephen N. H. mason, bds. 2 Bond 
Bryent {JValter) & Herman {Leopold), stoves, 61 

& 63 Congress, h. 1 Bussey place [court 

Bryer Alexander K. rigger, 114 Com'l, h. 3 Endicot 
Bubier Joseph Mrs. dress maker, h. 27 Emerald 
Buchan Wm. plumber, house 8 May 
Buchanan Alexander, plumber, h. 10 Blossomj 
Buchanan Alex. C. housewright, h. 28 Wash. sq. 
Buchanan Charles M. plumber, house 14 May 
Buchanan Conran C. machinist, h. 70 Middlesex 
Buchanan James, job wagon, h. 11 Columbia 
Buchanan John C. Capt. house 41 Atkinson 
Buchanan William, tailor, h. 54 Friend 



Buck Chas. com. mer. 24 Long wf. h. 16 Edinboro' 

Buck David, house 7 Somerset 

Buck Edward, counsellor, 11 Court, h. 72 Chesnut 

Buck Ephraim, physician, 100 Salem, house do. 

Buck Herman, merchant, h. Gold, n. F 

Buck Isaac, machinist, h. Canton, c. Suffolk 

Buck John, teamster, h. Cottage, c. Sumner, E. B. 

Buck Lucius L teamster, house 2 Church 

Buck Silas B. carpenter, Andover, h. at Cambridge 

Buck's E.Kpress, R. R. Exchange 

Buckingham Charles E. physician, 10 Harr. ave. 

Buckingham James, grocer, 82 Endicot 

Buckingham Joseph H. commissoner, 24 R. R. 

Exchange, h. 8 Oak 
Buckley Benjamin, clerk, h. Athens, near D 
Buckley Cornelius, laborer, h. 8 Cotton pi. 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, rear gun house, Fort Hill 
Buckley Daniel, tailor, house 5 Powars ct. 
Buckley Daniel, boarding, house 3 Bread 
Buckley Dennis, laborer, h. Emerald, n. Castle 
Buckley Edmund, b. Beach, c. Harr. av. 
Buckley Jeremiah, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. South 
Buckley John, tailor, h. Cove St. place 
Buckley John, wheelwright, Sumner, h. Liverpool, 

near Decatur, E. Boston 
Buckley John, laborer, house 6 Medford 
Buckley John H. teamster, h. 29.^ Wash. sq. 
Buckley {Joseph) & Bancroft {C. P.), auctioneers, 
furniture, Beach, c. Lincoln, bds. U. S. Hotel 
Buckley Margaret, widow, h. 68 Atkinson 
Buckley Michael, stone cutter, h. Everett, n. Do- 

herty court 
Buckley Patrick, waiter, h. 11 Pearl pi. 
Buckley Timothy, blacksmith, h. I, cor. Broadway 
Buckley Timothy, laborer, h. 4 Wharf 
Buckley Wm. hackman, b. 8 Franklin 
Buckly James, laborer, h. 2 Portland pi. 
Bucknian John J. hair dresser, h. 7 May 
Buckmar John Mrs. house 29 Essex 
Buckminster Horace, carpenter, h. o Indiana 
Buckminster W. & W. J. editors Mass. Plough- 
man, Quincy Hall 
Buckminister Wm. J. (IF. ^ W. J. B.) 
Bucknam {Jesse) & Converse {B. B.), shoe and 
leather dealers, and com. mer. 33 & 34 North 
Market, h. at W. Cambridge 
Bucknam John C. & Co. (.7^. Viale), leather deal- 
ers, 52 Fulton, h. 40 Prince [bridge 
Bucknam Theodore, 33 N. Market, h. at W. Cain- 
Buckwood Charles W. wood turner, h. 3 S. Margin 
Budd Henry, cook, h. 1 Hancock row [Roxbury 
Budd Nath'l, paper hangings, 418 Washing, h. at 
Budd Nathaniel, jr. baker, 8 Green, h. do. 
Buddcn Frederick, architect, 119 Washington 
Budlong Wm. G. machinist, h. Saratoga, E. B. 
Buel Chauncey, baker, 796 Wash. bds. do. [B. 
Buell W. G. watchman, h. Maverick, n. Border, E. 
Buffington J. W. dress maker, 47o Washington 
Buffinton Jonathan, Exchange, h. at Roxbury 
Buffbrd J. H. & Co. lithographers, 204 Wash. h. at 

Buffum Ann M. nurse, h. 19 Spring [Chambers 
Butfum Carlon, grocer, 77 and 79 Chambers, h. 72 
BufFum Erastus {Spear ^ B.), house 43 Porter 
BufFum P. R. dress maker, b. 3 Maverick sq. E. B. 
BufFum Samuel, trader, house Leveret lane 
BufFum Lewis, machinist, h. 23 W. Canton 
BufFum Wm. H. shoe maker, 6 Lancaster, h. 256 
Hanover [12 Village 

Bugbee Charles, painter. Harr. ave. cor. Beach, h. 
Bugbee Charles, bds. 601 Washington 
Bugbee Christopher P. boards 601 Washington 
Bugbee Edward, hair dresser, 601 Wash. h. do. 
Bugbee Elizabeth, house 48 Marion 
Bugbee Elizabeth, shirt maker, h. 48 Myrtle [ville 
Bugbee James R. locksmith, 4 Wash. h. at Somer- 
Bugbee Joseph D. blacksmith, h. 1 N. Hanover ct. 
Bugbee Sam'l C. architect, 2 Joy's building, h. at 
Roxbury [hers 

Bugbee Willard, handcartman, h. rear 71 Cham- 

Bugbee Wm. F. boards 601 Washington 
Buist Helen, widow, house rear Go Eliot 
Buker Charles F. machinist, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Bulflnch Geo. S. counsellor, 5 Court, bds. Adams 

House [doin square 

Bulfinch Thomas, Merchants' Bank, bds. 6 Bow- 
Bulger Catharine, widow, h. 36 Piedmont 
Bulger James, printer, 12 School, h. at Dorchester 
Bulger J. B. grocer, 179 Purchase, h. 24 Wash. ave. 
Bulklev S. F. book keeper, bds. 22 Lynde 
Bulkley (IF. F.), Hayes (.7. P.), & Co. (.4. Low), 

stoves & ranges, 33 & 3o Blackstone, h. 4 Derne 
Bull William B. housewright, h. 1 Purchase place 
Bullard Asa Rev. sec. Mass. S. S. So. 13 Cornhill, 

h. at Cambridge [h. 2 Oak place 

Billiard Calvin, lumber wharf. Sea, opp. Summer, 
Bullard Charles, house 20 Lyman place 
Bullard Charles, surveyor of lumber, h. 8 Fayette 
Bullard Dana E. baker, h. 66 Nashua [Causeway 
Bullard Eleazar {Hoklen, Bullard, &; Co.), house 1 
Bullard Enoch P. {Blake, Patterson, S; Co), boards 

21 Somerset [Milk, h'. 2 Oak place 

Bullard Francis, surveyor general of lumber, 136 
Bullard Geo. A. boards 9 Morton place 
Bullard Geo. H. clerk, 29 Hanover 
Bullard Henry, bds. 512 Wash. cor. of Oak 
Bullard Isaac, porter, 30 India, h. 6 Garden 
Bullard Jabez, h. 512 Washington, cor. of Oak 
Bullard James, boot maker, 115 Cambridge, h. 11 

Myrtle court [Kilby, h. 1 Otis place 

Bullard Lewis & Co. (/. Abbott), iron and steal, 51 
Bullard Lewis, house 18 Beach 
Bullard M. B. boards Central House, 9 Brattle sq. 
Bullard Nathaniel G., West India goods, 44 Utica, 

house 5 Fort avenue 
Bullard {Otis) & Carter {Oliver), wood and coal, 

Harr. ave. and Albany, h. 6 Oak pi. [wf. 

Bullard Stephen H. {Bullard, Lee, ^ Co.), 39 India 
Bullard {WiUiam S.), Lee {Henri/, Jr.), & Co. {S. 

H. Bnl/ard), merchants, 39 India wharf, bds. 

6 Tremont place 
BuUen Nathan, house Mercer, S. Boston 
Bullock Alfred W. cordwainer, h. 16 Fayette 
Bullock Jabez, mason, house 56 Marion 
Bullock James B. {Wm. Nash $i Co.), 19 Fulton 
Bullock William, broker, h. 12 Morton pi. 
Bullock William W. carpenter, h. 26 London [ton 
Bumbor Jacob, laborer, h. Harr. ave. n. Northamp- 
Bumford Robert, laborer, house 5 Strong place 
Bumstcad E. W. & Co. manufacturers and impor. 

paper hangings, 113 Wash. h. 10 Florence 
Bunistead Freeman J. house 65 Beacon 
Bumstead George, house 22 Bowdoin 
Bumstead Jeremiah, house 22 Bowdoin 
Bumstead John, tailor, house 76 Prince 
Bumstead Josiah, 134 Washington, h. 22 Bowdoin 
Bumstead Josiah F. manufacturer and importer 

paper hangings, 134 Washington, h. 65 Beacon 
Bumstead S. E. Dwight, physician, h. 22 Bowdoin 
Bunce Joseph, shoe maker, h. 1 Seaver place 
Bunce Wm. carver, boards 1 Seaver place 
Bunce {JVm.) & Marggraf (i/b«e/j/;), cabinetmakers, 

16 Merrimac, house 1 Seaver place 
Bundy Francis, mason, Avery, h. 94 Tremont 
Bundy Geo. H. boards Hanover House 
Bunker Benju^nin, shoe maker, h. 3 Margaret 
Bunnell Edwin F., Custom House, house 13 Mont- 
gomery place 
Bunten Robert, blacksmith, junction of Haverhill 

and Charlestown sts. h. 10 North Charles 
Buntin Alexander A. fish dealer, h. 9 Unity court 
Buoncore Levina, school teacher, house 30 Eliot 
Burbank Aaron O. clerk, bds. 6 Garden 
Burbank Abigail, widow, house 2 Na-hua 
Burbank Alonzo, marble worker, h. 2 N. Hudson 
Burbank (A. F.) k Brother, {A. L.), watches and 

jewelry, 235 Washington, h. at Dorchester 
Burbank Asa L. {Burbank <Sf Bro.), h. 274 Tremont 
Burbank (Geon/e) & Glines (.4. J/.), clothing, 19 

Ann, boards 144 Hanover 



Burbank Isaac B. whitener, bds. 4 Federal court 
Burbank James, {Edward Locke is Co.), 45 Kilby 
Burbank Robert I. counsellor, 46 Court, b. Nation- 
al House 
Burbank Rufus H. omnibus driver, b. 4 Canton 
Burbank Watson W. 21 Central, b. 5 Bumstead pi. 
Burbank Wellnian (Foyq if Burbank), h. at Chelsea 
Burbank William P. 8 State, b. 1 Pitts street court 
Burbeck Henry, painter, house 2 Yernon place 
Burbeck John W. painter, house 15 Andover 
Burbeck Lydia, widow, house 15 Andover 
Burbeck Samuel K. grocer, Dover, c. Suffolk 
Biubeck William H., Custom House, h.56 Belknap 
Burchsted Ann, widow of James, h. 97 Purchase 
Buixhsted {Benjuniin) & Leavitt {David), ship- 
wrights, north side Otis Avf. h. 11 Hartford pi. 
Burchsted James, mast maker, h. Lewis, E. B. 
Burckes Lewis M. carpenter, 90 Endicot 
Burdakin D. F. widow, h. 2 Chelsea 
Burdett John D. G. 95 Washington, bds. 4 Arch 
Burdick Sophronia, widow of Wm. h. 62 Nashua 
Burditt Benjamin A. musician, h. 5 Fayette 
Burditt Edward P. engineer, h. r. 243 Broadway 
Burditt Henry, 70 State, h. 16 Boylston 
Burditt James R. cutter, 121 Wash. h. 94 Pinckney 
Burditt Nathan, saddler, h. 28 Winter 
Burditt Thos. A. (Homjhton i^ B.), h. 16 Boylston 
Burg Andrew A. waterman, h. r. Mar. Ch. Purchase 
Burge Lorenzo, 4 State, house 89 Salem 
Burgen Rhoda D. widow, h. 5 S. Margin 
Burger Jas. M. grocer, Harvard, c. Hudson, h. do. 
Burgess Benjamin & Sons {Xuthan B. Gibbs ..S' 
Benjamin F. Burc/ess), commission merchants, 
28 India wharf, house 15 Louisburgh square 
Burgess Benjamin F. {Benjamin B. i^ Sons), h. 89 
Pinckney [hair work, 303 Wash. h. 90 Eliot 
Burgess Benjamin F. importer and manufacturer 
Burgess Charles S. painter, 1 Hawley, h. 6 Wheel- 
er's court 
Burgess Daniel, tailor, h. Middlesex, near Dover 
Burgess Deborah Mrs. h. 10 Lincoln 
Burgess Dulcinea, house 17 Essex place 
Burgess Hubert, silverchaser, 3 Bromfield 
Burgess James M. house 10 Lincoln 
Burgess John, stevedore, h. Broad, opp. Maine wf. 
Burgess John, tailor, 44 Bromfield, h. 11 Prov. H. ct. 
Burgess Paul, painter, house 4 Carney place 
Burgess T. K. {Hihlreth if B.), 513 Washington 
Burgess Wm. clothing, 60 Commercial, h. 6 Sheafe 
Burgess Wm. blacksmith, h. r. 82 West Cedar 
Burgess William A. policeman, b. 4 Sheafe 
Burgess {William C.) & Talbot, {Samuel, jr.), pro- 
visions, Merrimac Market, boards 153 Court 
Burk Cornelius, laborer, h. 1-2 Moon place 
Burk Daniel, laborer, 172 Purchase 
Burk James, house 55 Salem 

Burk John, laborer, house South, near Kneeland 
Burk John, laborer, house Kneeland, near South 
Burk Michael, hackman, house 436 Commercial 
Burk Patrick, laborer, house 80 South 
Burke Catherine Mrs. h. 5 Wendell 
Burke Edmund J. laborer, h. 155 Ann 
Burke Ellen, widow, house 210 Harrison avenue 
Burke Henry, baker, house rear 8 Canal 
Burke Honora, widow, house 28 Stillman 
Burke Hugh, laborer, h. 13 Hamilton"" 
Burke James, caulker and graver, house 80 Sea 
Burke James, laborer, house 5 Hancock row 
Burke John, baker, h. Paris court, E. B. 
Burke John, moulder, house Eutaw, East Boston 
Burke John E. wheelwright, h. 115 Gold 
Burke Joseph, shipwright, house Eutaw, E. B. 
Burke Martin, laborer, h. Everett ct. E. B. 
Burke Patrick, carpenter, h. Everett, n. Ford pi. 
Burke Patrick, coachman, house 2 Scott court 
Burke Patrick, laborer, h. South, near Kneeland 
Burke P. B. c<: Co. forwarding and com. mer. 86 

State, house at Newton 
Burke Redman, ship carpenter, house 4 Stillman 
Burke Richard, baker, Webster, c. Orleans, h. do. 

Burke Thomas, carpenter, h. 63 Endicot 

Burke Thomas, laborer, h. 199 Ann 

Burke Thomas, rigger, h. Cottage, n. Webster 

Burke Walter, carpenter, house 80 Sea 

Burke William, clerk, 29 India 

Burke William, laborer, house 12 Bridge 

Burleigh Charles, machinist, b. Havre, c. Sumner 

Burleigh {Ezra) & Lang {Alfred), carpenters, 

Beach, corner Cove 
Burlen Caroline W. house 268 Washington 
Burlen Moses, mason, house 13 Garden 
Burley Lydia F. nurse, house 2 Belknap 
Burley Wm. boards Atlantic House 
Burlin Barnett, truckman, house 4 Bridge court 
Burlingame Anson, counsellor, 18 Old State House, 

house 79 Pinckney 
Burlingame Benjamin, trader, house 10 E. Canton 
Burn Edward, furniture, Federal, house 87 Warren 
Burnam Alonzo P. restorator, house 32 Nashua 
Burnett Andrew, stevedore, h. Lime alley 
Burnett Henry, stevedore, h. Wordsworth, E. B. 
Burnett Joseph, apothecary, 33 Tremont row, h. 

35 Hancock 
Burnett Lysander, house 5 Blossom court [and D 
Burnett M'arshall, brass finisher, h. 3d, between C 
Barnett Robert, stevedore, house Lime alley 
Burnett Simon {A. A. Foster if Co.), h. 23 Howard 
Burnett {Simon) & Foster {A. A.), provisions, 4 

Green [2 Seaverplace 

Burnett Warren, provisions, 469 Washington, h. 
Burnett ( Wellint/ton) & Co. {H. A. Drake), brokers, 

72 State, house S. Suffolk, corner Groton 
Burnett William, teamster, h. 520 Commercial 
Burnham Aaron, watchman, house 51 N. Margin 
Burnham Andrew, shipwright, h. Border, n. Sum- 
ner, East Boston 
Burnham Arthur, carpenter, 113 Chambers, h. do. 
Burnham Caroline, house 50 School 
Burnham Charles, carpenter, h. Ill Leveret 
Burnham Eliza J. Mrs. toys, etc. 80 Hanover, h. 

47 Hancock 
Burnham F. A. {Bm-nTiam &; Brothers), h. 50 School 
Bm-nham Oilman M. shipwright, li. "\Vebster, E. B. 
Bm-nham ( Go/y/o?i TF.), Welton (.4. W.), & Co. 

{C. Scott), com. mer. and import. 72 Congress 
Burnham Jona. Mrs. h. London, n. Decatur. E. B. 
Burnham Joseph P. shipsmith, Sumner, h. New 
Burnham Lafayette, {Burnham ^ Brothers), bds. 

50 School 
Burnham Mary, boarding, 59 B, c. Silver [E. B. 
Burnham Reuben, shipwright, h. Sumner, n. New, 
Burnham Samuel jr. salesman, 113 Milk, boards 

Bromfield House 
Burnham Sophronia, widow, h. r. 70 Friend 
Burnham Thomas, house 50 School 
Bui-nham {Thomas O. H. P.) & Brothers {F. A. 

Sf L.), books, 58 and 60 Cornhill, h. 50 School 
Burns Alexander, cooper, h. Moon street court 
Burns Andrew, clerk Quincy Hall, h. at Charlest'n 
Burns Daniel, laborer, house 17 Livingston 
Burns David, laborer, house 19 Orange lane 
Burns Ellen Mrs. hairdresser, 130 Purchase, h. do. 
Burns George, stevedore, h. Everett court, E. B. 
Burns George W. coachman, h. 1 East street pi. 
Burns Henry, mariner, h. N. Grove, c. Fruit 
Burns James, laborer, h. r. Havre, n. Maverick 
Burns James, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Burns James, laborer, house rear 80 Purchase 
Burns James, watchman, h. Colony 
Burns James, laborer, h. 28 Thacher 
Burns James, laborer, h. rear 18 S. Margin 
Burns James, 26 Kilby, house Fifth, cor. K 
Burns James, tailor, house 6 Oxford 
Burns James M. house 6 Oliver place 
Burns Jefferson, carpenter, h. 11 Osborn place 
Burns John, mason, house 10 Charlestown 
Burns John, laborer, house 18 Butolph 
Burns John, tailor, boards 16 Williams 
Burns John, laborer, house Colony 
Burns John, paper stainer, house r. 56 Portland 


Bui'ns John Mrs. house 174 Purchase 
Burns John, hiborer, house A, cor. Fourth. 
Burns John, tailor, boards 11 Pitts 
Burns Mary, widow, house 254 Hanover 
Burns Mary Ann, dress maker, 44 Eliot 
Burns Michael, laborer, house Silver, near C 
Burns Morgan, laborer, h. rear 35G Commercial 
Burns Morris, laborer, house Third, near D 
Burns Patrick, laborer, house 9 Charlestown 
Burns Patrick, laborer, boards 22 N. Russell 
Burns Patrick, blacksmith, house Tyler court 
Burns Patrick, boiler maker, house A, n. Fourth 
Burns Patrick, laborer, house 27 W. Dedham 
Burns Peter, laborer, house 38 S. Margin 
Bums Peter, mason, house 91 Tyler 
Burns Sarah, widow, house Camden place 
Burns Thos. laborer, hoiise Sun court place 
Burns Thomas, tailor, h. 2 Sullivan place 
Burns William, laborer, h. Knceland, n. Utica 
Burns William, teamster, h. 2 Thacher court 
Burnside Dan. W. clerk, bds. 22 Lynde 
Burr {Charles C.) & Pollock {Geo. II.), importers 

gloves and trimmings, 73 Milk 
Burr Franklin, 181 Washington, boards 15 Poplar 
Burr George, barber, boards 16 Belknap 
Burr Heman M. jr., thread store, 225 Washington, 

boards 74 Summer 
Burr Henry S. carpenter, house 18 Brighton 
Burr James, waiter, boards 16 Belknap 
Burr John M. 73 Milk, boards 7 Suffolk pi. 
Burr Isaac T. 73 Milk, boards 74 Summer 
Burr Lemuel, hair dresser, 65 Court, h. 3 Southac 
Burr Sarah, house 16 Belknap 
Burr Theop. carpenter, 17 Blossom, h. 15 Poplar 
Burr Theophilus, jr. carpenter, 17 Blossom, house 

3 Poplar [24 Oak 

Buxrage Alvah A. {Wilkinson, Stetson, ^ Co.), h. 
Burrage Cha's H. 53 Milk, bds. 5 Bussey place 
Burrage John, carriage maker, h. Swan, n. Ontario 
Burrage Johnson C. 51 Milk, house 36 Edinboro' 
Burrage Joseph {William BurrayeS^ Co.), house at 

W. Cambridge 
Burrage William & Co. {Joseph Biirrar/e &; L. L. 

Hinds), leather, 56 Fulton, h. 5 Bussey place 
Burrell Ai-thur, 100 F. H. Market, bds. 29 Friend 
Burrell James, piano-forte maker, 416 Washington, 

house at Newton Corner 
Burrell Wm. H. shoe maker, boards 26 Ann 
Burridge Elizabeth Mrs. house 5 Knox 
Burridge Nicholas, baker, 81 Tremont, house do. 
Burrill Alfred, boards Meridian, c. Havre, E. B. 
Burrill Alfred (G. W. Pniden S^ Co.), 39 Hanover 
Burrill A. S. {Hutchinson ^ B.), 44 Commercial 
Burrill Catherine Mrs. tailoress, house 42 Lowell 
Burrill Charles, commission merchant, 5 Chatham 

row, house at Cambridgeport 
Burrill Charles, teamster, h. Monmouth, E. B. 
Burrill Charles (./. cS- C. Burrill), house 5 Canal 
Burrill Ebenezer, teamster, house Havi-e, E. B. 
Burrill George, 27 Long wharf, house at Salem 
Burrill John, groceries. Causeway, c. Lancaster 
Burrill John, provisions, Beach, corner Tyler, h. 

7 Oliver place [h. at Reading 

Burrill John & Charles, soapstone, 7 Charlestown, 
Burrill John, printer, house 6 Auburn court 
Burrill Joseph & S. groceries, Meridian, under 

Methodist church, h. Princeton, E. B. 
Burrill Maria, principal of Hawes Inst., Broadway 
Burrill Martha Miss, house 199 Hanover 
Burrill Mary W. Mrs. h. Meridian, r. Decatur, E. B. 
Burrill Seth. boarding, 14 Lowell [Meridian 

Burrill Stephen {J. <Sf .S. Burrill), h. Monmouth, n. 
Burrill Warren, 12 Clinton, house at Maiden 
Burrison Gustavus, eating house, 276 Commercial, 

house 5 Battery 
Burrison Wm. caulker, bds. Maverick, near New 
Burroughs Henry, 48 State, house at Roxbury 
Burroughs Isaac H. job wagon, 54 Washington, 

boards 9 Sudbury 
Burroughs Nodiah, trader, h. Church, n. Boylston 

Burrows Benjamin {J. B. Tremere <Sf Co.), h. 474 

Commercial [Livingston 

Burrows Daniel, restorator, 2 Wilson lane, house 8 
Burrows James C. house Third, near I 
Burrows Richard, mason, house 246 Hanover 
Burrows Stephen, painter, house 13 Tileston 
Burrows William, pilot, h. Webster, near Jeffries 
Bursley Henry (Sherburne t\ B.), h. 15 Nassau 
Burt Charles F. boarding, 50 Fleet 
Burt Cyrus, ice dealer, house Ontario 
Burt James, painter, 12 Water, h. at S. Reading 
Burt Joseph, upholsterer, boards 2 Central court 
Burt Michael, laborer, house 4 Humphrey place 
Burt Mrs. nurse, house 26 Marion 
Burt Reuben W. house 60 Billerica 
Burt R. y. agent, 64 Commercial, h. Garden ct. st. 
Burt Uri, ale and porter, 64 Commercial 
Burton A. (Harvey i^ Burtons), h. atE. Cambridge 
Burton Andrew N. clerk 65 Kilby, b. 21 Purchase 
Burton {Edward) & Hamblet {James, jr.), brass 

finishers, 15 Ilawley, h. at Cambridge 
Burton George, seaman, house 20 Butolph 
Burton George, waiter, house 78 Essex 
Burton Hazen J. clothing, 35 Merchants' row, h. 

at Roxbury 
Burton James S. twine factory, 5th. h. F, c. Fifth 
Burton John, tailor, house 9 Ohio place 
Burton John, cabinet maker, h. Maverick, n. Paris 
Burton Nahum {Harcey is B.), h. at E. Cambridge 
Buitt Charles B. blacksmith, house 7 Maiden 
Burtt Seth F. clerk 140 Court, boards 133 do. 
Busby Thomas, house 5 Theatre alley 
Busli Francis {Bent &; Bush), house at Lowell 
Bush {James P.) & Wildes {M. B.), commission 

merchants, 32 Milk, house 78 Summer 
Bush Jotham, broker, 58 Long wf. h. at Brighton 
Bush M. T. widow of Benjamin W. h. 26 Oak 
Buss Asaph E. grocer, 22 Dover, c. Village, h. do. 
Buss Samuel L. grocer. Grove, c. May, house do. 
Buss William, sexton, house May, corner Grove 
Bussell Jesse P. daguerreotypist, h. 4 Arch place 
Bussell Wm. C. grocer, Lowell, c. Minot, house at 

Bussey J. F. gunsmith, house 8 Cooper 
Busteed John, tailor, house 36 Billerica 
Buswell A. widow, house 1 Rochester 
Buswell Edwin W. book keeper, 13 Congress, h. 5 

McLean ct. 
Butcher Ann, widow, house 50 MjTtle 
Butcher Charles, mariner, house 209 Broad 
Butcher James, boot black, house 17 May 
Butcher (Jo/m/.) & Foster (f. .4.), clothing, 300 

Ann, house 302 do. 
Butland Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 42 Porter, E. B. 
Butler Alexandei S. physician, 11 Sudbury 
Butler Benjamin, counsellor, 20 Court, house 3 

Fayette [ton, E. B. 

Butler Benj. F. {H. T. Butler & Co.), h. Piince- 
Butler Catharine, house rear 89 iEssex 
Butler Charles H. & Co. {Robert SmM), grocers, 

185 Hanover, house 6 N. Bcnnct 
Butler David, laborer, house 33 Oneida [Pitts 

Butler Dewitt C. {Butler, Nowell, 8^ Co.), house 25 
Butler Ehcr R. 3 Long wharf, house 154 Tyler 
Butler Edward, blacksmith, house Paris, E. B. 
Butler Edward, laborer, house 9 Belmont 
Butler Edward, laborer, house 44 Vine 
Butler Edward K. 59 Milk 
Butler Eliza, upholsteress, h. 5 N. Bennet 
Butler Franklin, mariner, house 2d, near D [ter 
Butler Frederick {J. * F. Butler), bds. at Dorches- 
Butlcr George, laborer, house foot Mt. Vernon 
Butler Henry T. & Co. {B. F. Butler), stoves, 32 

Union, house Central square, E. Boston 
Butler James, laborer, house 1 Utica 
Butler James & Frederick, file manufacturers. 

Foundry st. h. at Dorchester 
Butler James, laborer, house 1 Ivennard avenue 
Butler James, hardware, 13 Dock square, house 12 

Morlgomery place 



Butler John, blacksmith, house 10 Wash, square 
Butler John, laborer, house Olive place 
Butler John A. printer, boards 290 Fourth 
Butler John G. clerk, U Broad, boards 9 Elm 
Butler John H. teach. Brimmer School, b. 4-1 Essex 
Butler John R. machinist, house Silver, near C 
Butler Joseph, laborer, house Third, near A 
Butler Joseph N. jobber, house 6 Brighton ct. 
Butler Joseph W. waiter, h. 6 Brighton court 
Butler Josiah, teacher, boards 2.^ Central court 
Butler (Josiah IF.), Nowell {J. A.), & Co. (D. C. 

Butler), W. I. goods, 11 Canal bl'k, house 92 

Butler La Fayette, boards 7 Franklin 
Butler Matthew, boarding house, 16 Williams 
Butler Nathaniel, mason, house lo4 Tyler 
Butler Newell, laborer, house 2 N. Hudson 
Butler Onneon, laborer, h. Bennington, E. Boston 
Butler O. W. carpenter, boards 60 Federal 
Butler Patrick, laborer, house 14 Wash, square 
Butler Peter, jr. [Proctor S; B.), house Bowdoin, 

opp. Ashburton place 
Butler Reuben M. clerk, boards 3 Fayette 
Butler Robert, clerk, boards 8 Channing 
Butler Robert, house Saratoga, E. Boston 
Butler Robert, waiter at 33 Summer 
Butler Samuel, book keeper, boards 7 Winter 
Butler Simeon, laborer, house Bennington, E. B. 
Butler Thomas, laborer, house 5 New Cross 
Butler Thomas, laborer, h. Sumner, near Cottage 
Butler Timothy, laborer, house 1 Kennard av. 
Butler Wm. laborer, r. Athens, near Turnpike 
Butman Asa O. night police officer, h. 34 Blossom 
Butman Daniel, clerk, boards 3 North Charles 
Butman Edw. crockery, 443 Wash. h. 12 Piedmont 
Butmarf Edward E. boards 22 Albany 
Butman George F. {Levi A. Dowley <Sr Co.), 57 Pearl 
Butman Lucy W. boarding, 22 Albany 
Butman Mehitable, widow, house 11 Piedmont 
Butman Wm. C. P. hair dresser, 8 Batterymarch, h. 

11 Piedmont 
Butman Wm. C. barber, boards 11 Piedmont 
Butnam Francis C. 15 Commercial, h. at Salem 
Butrick Edward, coach driver, house r. 730 Wash. 
Butrick George R. cabidriver, house 99 Friend 
Buttamore Mary, widow, rear 45 Congress 
Buttemore Dennis, laborer, house 229 Broad 
Butten Frederick, laborer, house 44 South 
Butteriield Alfred, b. 8 Cooper [and 90 Blackstone 
Butterfield Daniel S. refreshments, 11 Market sq. 
Butterfield Frederic P. lodging house, 88 Blackst'e 
Butterfield George, house 9 Bond 
Butterfield Gideon P. 88 Blackstone 
Butterfield Henry J. h. 46 Cross [con, b. Hano'r H. 
Butterfield Henry T. grocer, 1 Merrimac, c. Dea- 
Butterfield Isaac, carpenter, house 3 Thacher 
Butterfield James M. 70 F. H. Mar. b. at Charlest'n 
Butterfield John M. trader, house 14 Kneeland 
Butterfield Jonathan, printer, boards 59 High 
Butterfield {Samuel), Winn {Charles G.), & Pitts 

(Lemuel), 93 F. H. M'ket,h. at W. Cambridge 
Butterfield Sidney, truckman, h. 3 Canal [Chelsea 
Butterfield Simeon, fish and oil, 24.;^ Long wf. h. at 
Butterfield Stephen, coach smith, 81 Federal 
Butters A. H. 23 Shoe and Leather, h. at Medford 
Butters' Express, 27 North Market 
Butters Isaac H. house Fourth, near K 
Butters Lucinda, Mrs. nurse, 6 North Bennet 
Butters William, house Fourth, n. K [Fifth, n. K 
Butters Wm. A. (Phillips, Sampson, <Sf Co.). house 
Butterworth Gardner B. stone cutter, b. 58 South 
Button AVm. B. millinery, 147 Wash. b. Marlb. Hot. 
Buttrick Abiel, h. 7 Sheafe [Elm, h. at Somerville 
Buttrick (C/^nr/es) & Cobb (Baxter), leather, 21 
Buttrick Cyrus & Co. (T. Conery), truckmen, 17 

Broad and 2") Commercial wf. h. 212 Hanover 
Butts Charles G. printer, 2 School, b. at Chelsea 
Butts Edwin (G. Butts * Son), h. Webster, E. B. 
Butts {Geor.'/e) & Son {Edwin), painters, Marginal, 

house Webster, E. B. 


Butts Isaac R. printer, 2 School, h. at Chelsea 
Buxton Achacy, widow, house 8 Franklin 
Buxton Adna, engineer, house rear 190 Fourth 
Buxton Joseph, jr. insp. Cust. H. h. Sumner, E, B. 
Buxton Peter, fruit, &c. Portland, c. Deacon 
Buxton Steph. boots & shoes, 5 Lewis, E. B. h. 6 do. 
Buxton William, house 40 Kingston 
Buzzell George, boards 11 Indiana 
Buzzell John T. painter, 40 Congress, h. Bradford 
Byam (E.) & Pearson (/.£.), match manuf. 66 Un- 
ion, boards Merrimac House 
Byam Ephr. L. truckman, h. N. Margin, c. Thacher 
Byam John N. brass finisher, boards 20 Poplar 
Bvfield James, laborer, h. 5 Graphic court 
Byram Henry 0. printer, house 14 Butolph 
Byram Noah C. & Co. (O. J. Faxon), coffee factory, 
21 Blackstone, house 1 Taylor [I 'J'aylor 

Byram Robert J. locksmith, 21 Blackstone, house 
Byram Reuben, mason, h. Centre, E. B. 
Byrn Patrick, shoe maker, house 17 Columbia 
Byrne (Ef/)ti3?Y/) & Megreth (John), furniture, 52 
Federal, h^use 78 Warren [h. 10 Rochester 
Byrne James, stair build'r, Trem't, n. R. R. b'dge, 
Byrne James, grocer, Mav'ck, c. Havre, h. do. E.B. 
Bvrne James S. grocer, Maverick, c. Havre, h. do. 
Byrne Mary Mrs. 5Sturgis place 
Byrne Patrick, tailor, house 3 Snowhill 
Bvrnes Fred. D. plumber, 4 Howard, b. 9 do. 
Byrnes James, laborer, house C, cor. Fifth 
Bvrnes John, housewright, h. 3J Washington sq. 
Byrnes Martin, laborer, house Swan 
Byrnes Mary C. boarding, 112 Fourth 
Byrnes Patrick, moulder, b. Sumner, c. Havre 
Byrnes William M. sec. Franklin Ins. Co. 44 State, 
h. at Charlestown [up stairs, h. 125 Hanover 
Byron Calvin, band box manufac. 4 Diamond bl'k, 
Byron Daniel, watch maker, 76 Broad, h. Chelsea, 
E. B. • [house Chelsea, do. 

Byron Joseph C. watch maker, 5 Lewis, East Bost. 
Byus Peter, clothes cleaner, 34 Portland 
Bywaters Michael, tailor, house 2 Commercial 

CABLER GODFREY, engineer, h. 11 Brookline 
Cabot Edward, ship broker, 3 Mer. Exch'ge, State, 

house 10 West Cedar [66 Pinckney 

Cabot Edward C. architect, 19 Tremont row, h. 
Cabot Frederick, treasurer Kennebec and Norway 

Plains Co's, 25 Doane, h. at Cambridge 
Cabot George, boards Tremont House [sea 

Cabot Henry, sign paint'r, 86 Bl'kstone, h. at Chel- 
Cabot Henry, house 10 Winthrop place 
Cabot Joseph, gilder, house 8 Pitts 
Cabot J. Eliot, counsellor, house 9 Temple place 
Cabot Richard C. 20 Court, house 40 Summer 
Cabot Samuel, house 9 Temple place 
Cabot Samuel, jr. physician, house 17 Winter 
Cabot Stephen, boards 16 Kneeland 
Caddick Ann Mrs. house rear F^irst. near K 
Cades Wm. H. 56 Chatham, house at Somerville 
Cadmus John E. hair dresser. Court, cor. Hanover, 

house at Cambridgeport [Warren 

Cadmus Wm. H. hair dresser, 247 Wash, house 86 
Cadogan John, h'dcartm'n, h. Thach'r av. n. Coop'r 
CadyEbenezer E. counsellor, 7 Court square 
Cady John, machinist, h. Colony [18 Hanover pi. 
Cady ( Wm. A.) & McLean (Roland), cabinet mak's, 
Cadv Wm G.. Mansion House, 95 Hanover 
Cahill Catherine, widow, house 3 East [E.B. 

Cahill Cornelius, shipwright, h. Havre, n. Mav'ck, 
Cahill Cornelius, laborer, house 3 Sweetser court 
Cahill John, piano-foite maker, b. Utica House 
Cahill INIatthew, laborer, h. 3 French pi. [Atkinson 
Cahill Michael, printer, 16 Devonshire, house 21 
Cahill Michael, daguerrean, b. 8 Mason 
Cahill Thomas, laborer, h. Maverick, n. Liverpool 
Cahill Thomas (J. Earle,jr. & Co ), h. 4 Derne 
Cahoe Garret, laborer, h. opp. 230 Harrison avenue 
Cain Christopher, provis'n store and h. I, n. Third 
Cain Ellen, widow, house 7 Canal 
Cam Henry, laborer, house 24 Prince 



Cain Hugh, refreshni'ts, 39 Merrimac, h. 52 Leve't 
Cain James, grocer, 25 Prince 
Cain James, grocer, 82 Endicot 
Cain John, laborer, house 21 Piedmont 
Cain John, founder, house Silver, near C 
Cain John, pedler, house Plymouth 
Cain Patrick, laborer, house Silver, near C 
Cain Patrick, laborer, house 31 Oneida 
Cain Patrick, laborer, 2 Hamilton alley 
Cain Patrick, laborer, h. rear 281 Ann 
Cain Patrick, laborer, house 7 Canal 
Cain Thomas, carpenter, house 6 North Grove 
Cain Thomas, laborer, house 8 Adams place 
Cain Thomas, laborer, house Thacher avenue 
Cain Thomas, jr. carpenter, house 15 Vine 
Cains Joseph, liouse Second, corner B 
Cains Thomas, glass manuf. h. Second, c. B 
Cains William, glass blower, h. 46 B 
Calder Albert L. clerk, 138 Wash. b. 8 Allston 
Calder John W. house 16 Garden 
Calder Wm. type founder, house 6 Sudbury 
Caldicott Samuel, 161 Wash. h. at Roxbury 
Caldicott Thomas F. Rev. h. 6 Crescent pi. [coin 
Caldwell Chas. prop. Beach st. Museum, h. 34 Lin- 
Caldwell Henry Lewis, boards 19 Oak 
Caldwell Hezekiah, book keeper, house 14 Eliot 
Caldwell Humphrey P. furniture, 14 Atkinson, h. 
77 Bedford [and 41 Southao 

Caldwell Isaac, Southern and Bay State House, 93 
Caldwell James, 19 Sudbury, h. at Charlestown 
Caldwell James A. house 7 Ringgold 
Caldwell Mrs. mantau maker, 59 Temple 
Caldwell Nathaniel, clerk, boards 6 Fleet 
Caldwell Seth, I City wf. boards 7 La Grange place 
Caldwell {Timothy B.) & Lovett (G. W.), hosiery, 

&c. 385 Washington, h. at Charlestown 
Caldwell Thomas G. {Simpson S; Co.), b. 20 Bulfinch 
Caldwell Wm. S. com. mer. 5 and 6 Lewis wharf, 
boards Marlboro' Hotel [h. 23 Allen 

Calef H. G. K. com. mer. & w'gher, 5 & 6 Lewis wf. 
Calef Hiram, clerk, house 45 Myrtle 
Calef James A. clerk, 5 Lewis wf. b. Ill Fourth 
Calef Jonathan S. physician, 141 Broadway, c. C 
Calef William S. watchman, house 19 Andover 
Calfe Alden D. hack driver, b. 41 Purchase 
Calfe Joseph, livery stable, 74 High, h. 41 Purchase 
Calhoun Charles, clerk of Senate, h. 11 Kneeland 
Calhoun Thomas, cabinet maker, b. 5 Kellam pi. 
Calhoun William, laborer, h. r. Everett, n. Lamson 
Calhoun Wm. B., Secretary of State, State House, 

house at Springfield 
Calkins C. W. physician, house 147 Pleasant 
Call Abraham, trader, boards 18 Hanover 
Call Charles H. apothecary, 1 Bowdoin square 
Call H. E. 49 Milk, boards 40 Essex 
Call James F. clerk, boards 18 Hanover 
Call {John M.) & Tuttle {T. IF.), mer. tailors, 121 

Washington, house 49 Pleasant 
Call John R. cooper, house 25 Brookline 
Call Jonathan, cash. State Bank, h. at Charlesto'n 
Call Moses H. flour dealer, 40 Com'l, h. 2 Decatur 
Callagan Chas. at freight house B. and W. Railr'ad, 

boards 75 Curve 
Callagan John, laborer, house 15 Bartlett 
Callaghan Edward, laborer, h. r. 378 Commercial 
Callahan Cornelius, laborer, house Washington sq. 
Callahan Daniel O. teamster, house 2 Carney place 
Callahan Dennis, teamster, house 3 Carney place 
Callahan Dennis, laborer, house 320 Ann 
Callahan Edward, blacksmith, house Gold, near B 
Callahan Edward, packer, house 6 Lucas place 
Callahan James, blacksmith, house 37 Oneida 
Callahan James, junk, 301 Com'l 
Callahan James, laborer, h. Clark alley 
Callahan John, laborer, house r. 150 Hanover 
Callahan John, house rear 28 Pleasant 
Callahan John, peddler, house 22 Atkinson 
Callahan Michael, carpenter, house 29 ^Atkinson 
Callahan Michael, laborer, house rear 29 Cross 
Callahan Nicholas, laborer, h. 8 Butolph 

Callahan Owen, grocer, 74 Atkinson, house do. 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, house 21 E. Orange 
Callahan Patrick, pedler, house 22 Atkinson 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, house 5 Lehigh [Sea 
Callahan Timo.blacksmitli, Sea, n. bridge, h. 128 
Callahan Timothy, carpenter, house 14 Cove 
Callahan Timothy, carpenter, house 29 Atkinson 
Callahan William, laborer, h. 243 Ann 
Callanan Catharine, widow, h. 70 South [9 High 
Callender Benjamin, {Wm. T. Eitstis cS- Co.), house 
Callander Benj. F. 45 India wharf, h. at Cambridge 
Callender Catharine F. W. Mrs. house 52 Prince 
Callender Charles A. 7 School, h. at Cambridge 
Callender Charles S., Globe Bank, house 5 Green 
Callender Geo. & Co. (//. Lord), 42 Central wharf, 

house 9 High 
Callender Hannah G., Shakspeare Library, 7 

School, house at Cambridge 
Callender Henry {Xash, C. if Co.), h. 9 High 
Callender John Mrs. h. 10 Harrison avenue 
Callender John B. house 97 Hudson 
Callender Joseph Mrs. house 5 J^li'erson place 
Callender Joseph B. 63 Kilby, h. at Cambridge 
Callender Joseph, jr. Granite Bank, h. at Roxbury 
Callender Richard B. house 9 High 
Callender Wm. broker, h. 100 Charles 
Callender Wm. B. h. 5 Green [Dorchester 

Callender Wm. B. jr. oil manuf. 72 Atkinson, h. at 
Calnahan James, laborer, h. 4 Utica place 
Calpin Patrick, grocer, 170 Ann, house do. 
Calrow Thomas B. clerk 77 Wash. b. 3 Franklin 
Calrow F. H. clerk, bds. 3 Bowdoin square 
Calrow John G. {Calroio iV Co.), mer. tailor, Han- 
over, cor. Elm, bds. 3 Bowdoin square 
Calrow Joseph, house 28 Snowhill [E. B . 

Calrow Wm. H. stationery, Maverick sq. h. Webster, 
Calvert Abraham, tinsmith, house 18 East 
Cambridge Frederick, harness and trunk maker, h. 
3 Madison place [ington sq. 

Cambridge Wm. housewright, h. 27 1-2 Wash- 
Cameron Hannah Mrs. diess maker, r. 51 Salem 
Cameron James, 33 Cambridge 
Cameron John, carpenter, house 19 Pitts 
Cameron Judith, house 111 Charles 
Cameron Wm. machinist, h. Fifth, near F 
Camford Edward, stone cutter, bds. 26 Oswego 
Camp (IF. .4.) & Edwards (P.), stoves, 29 Union, 

house at Newton Corner 
Campbell Alexander, house 6 Pleasant 
Campbell Alexander, house 7 Commercial [mont 
Campbell Alexander, jilasterer, h. Eliot, near Tre- 
Campbell Alexander S. house 93 Summer 
Campbell A. R. temperance eating house, 5, 7, and 

8, Wilson lane, h. at Chelsea 
Campbell Benj. F. daguerreotj'pist, 69 Hanover, 
house 2 Standish place [house 4 Pine 

Campbell Benjamin F. {Gilmore, Harwood Sf Co.), 
Campbell Catharine, dress maker, h. 12 Green 
Campbell Charles R. house 10 Townsend place 
Campbell Columbus M. blacksmith, b. 84 Federal 
Campbell Daniel W. tailor, house 95 Endicot 
Campbell Diana, widow, house 2 Vine 
Campbell Edward, clerk, b. 7 Kneeland pi. 
Campbell Edward, laborer, house 97 Nashua 
Campbell Frances, dress maker, bds. 7 Maple place 
Campbell Henry H. {J. H. Locke <.V Co.), house at 

Campbell Hiram, hatter, bds. National House 
Campbell Isaac S. {Jude Snow, ^ Co.\, bds. Frank- 
lin House 
Campbell Isaac W. baker, house 60 Atkinson 
Campbell James, machinist, house 12 Kentle 
Campbell James, teamster, house 217 Ann 
Campbell James, grocer, Harrison av. n. S. May 
Campbell James, Ijoiler maker, h. Colony [E. B. 
Campbell Jas. machinist, h. Webster, c. Cottage 
Campbell Jas. boiler maker, h. Havre, n. Maverick 
Campbell James, laborer, h. r. 18 N. Bennet 
Campbell Jeremiah, victualling, 46 N. Market, h. 
at Chelsea 



Campbell John, jeweller, 34 Wash. h. 28 Portland 
Campbell John, laborer, house 217 Ann [Salem 
Campbell John, provisions, 185 Hanover, h. 99 
Campbell John, band box manuf. 69 Hanover 
Campbell John, laborer, h. A, n. Third 
Campbell John M. tailor, h. 17 Nashua 
Campbell John M. printer, h. 138 Cambridge 
Campbell John R. grocer, 7 Cross, house do. 
Campbell Margaret, laundress, 5 Canibr. st. Arch 
Campbell Marv, dress maker, Belknap, c. Myrtle, 

bds. 49 Belknap 
Campbell Michael, laborer, house Porter, E. B. 
Campbell Neil, tailor, house 44 Nashua [Eliot pi. 
Campbell Oscar, fruit and cigars, 151 Wash. h. 2 
Campbell Owen, stoves & grates, 90 Warren, h. do. 
Campbell Patrick, house rear 26 Belknap 
Campbell Peter S. boiler maker, h. Webster, E. B. 
Campbell Philip, laborer, h. Bremen, E. B. 
Campbell Russell B. stone cutter, h. 7 Kneelandpl. 
Campbell Thomas, Secretary of (^State's office, bds. 

115 Harrison avenue 
Campbell Thomas J. truckman, house 42 Nashua 
Campbell Tristram, 100 State 

Campbell Tunis, waiter, h. 3 Sduthae ct. [pi. 

Campbell Wm. (//. Doherty i^Co.), h. lOTownsend 
Campbell William, bds. 31 Salem 
Campbell Wm. A. laborer, house 8 May 
Campbell Wm. C. sailmaker, bds. 19 Commercial 
Campbell Wm. E. laborer, b. LiverpoQl,n. Maverick 
Campbell Wra. J. confectioner, h. 29 Purchase 

Campbell machinist, h. 328 Fourth 

Canary James, laborer, h. 54 Kneeland [E. B. 

Canary Michael, laborer, h. Bremen, n. Sumner, 
Candler John W. {Hovetj, Hill of Co.), h. 34 Carver 
Candler Susan, house 34 Carver 
Caneday Betsey L. teacher, bds. 29 May 
Caneday Chas. E. book keeper, b. 29 Piedmont 
Caneday Vera, shoe maker, 42 Beach, h. 29 Piedmont 
Canfield Charles H. Rev. house 24 Marion 
CanfiU Michael, mariner, h. 10 Oliver 
Cann Henry, mariner, house Liverpool, E. B. 
Cannada William, truckman, h 4 Sears place 
Canney John, clerk, h. Maverick, c. Paris 
Canney Patrick, house 15 Morton 
Canney Wm. carpenter, h. 70 Nashua 
Canning .James, h. Hooton court, E. B. 
Canning Samuel, laborer, h. 8 Adams place 
Canning Wm. mason, house 5 Southac 
Cannon Andrew, laborer, house 5 Battery 
Cannon Clarissa, widow, h. 6 N. Charles 
Cannon Francis, laborer, h. 486 Commercial 
Cannon George {SMiHcvant, Edwards, &; Co.), h. 
Border, E. B. [h. at E. Cambridge 

Cannon John, daguerrian artist, 2 Blanchard's blk. 
Cannon John, laborer, house 2 Seabury place 
Cannon Marsena, daguerreotypist, 123 Washing- 
ton, house 6 Lowell ct. 
Cannon Michael, laborer, house Maverick, E. B. 
Cannon Patrick, tailor, h. near 27 Atkinson 
Cannon Patrick, laborer, house 41 Endicot 
Cannon Patrick, laborer, house 42 Tine 
Caijovan Andrew, laborer, h. 67 Atkinson 
Conovan Edward, laborer, house 18 Oneida 
Canovan James, laborer, house 199 Ann 
Canovan Morris, laborer, h. 2 Langdon place 
Canovan Thomas, laborer, house 1 Church place 
Canterbury Charles {Ttirell, Brothers), boards 1 

Tremont place 
Canterbury Charlotte S. widow, house 2 Tileston 
Canty Jeremiah, laborer, house 90 Sea 
Canty Thomas, blacksmith, h. 8 Orange lane 
Canty Timothy, laborer, house Humphrey place 
Capen Abby, dry goods, 155 Court, h. at Newton 
Capen Barnard, clerk, bds. K, corner Ninth 
Capen Edward, bds. 2 Bowdoin [Bowdoin sq. 

Capen Edward W. {George Ilill, & Co.), bds. 7 
Capen Francis L. teacher," 339 Washington, bds. 8 

Central court 
Capen Frederic W. merchant, 65 Commercial wf. 
house at Newton 

Capen Geo. O. (Mitchell &; C), house 40 Porter 

Capen Harriet C. house 16 High 

Capen Henry G. 127 State, house 147 Pleasant 

Capen John, 12Bromfield, h. K, cor. Ninth 

Capen John, house 13 Sullivan place 

Capen Josiah & Son {Josiah A.), curled hair, 164 

Tyler, h. 2 Tyler 
Capen Josiah A. (/. Capen iS, Son), h. Gold, n. F 
Capen Lemuel Rev. h. K, corner Ninth 
Capen Margaret F. Mrs. house 74 Bedford 
Capen Moses L. blacking manuf. h. F, c. Sixth 
Capen Nahum, 78 Washington, h. at Dorchester 
Capen Oliver, express, 16 State, house at Dedham 
Capen {Oliver) & Co. (J. D. Clapp, &; T. Barroios, 

jr.), coal and hay, Packard's wf. 220 Broad 
Capen Phineas, Probate office, h. at Medford 
Capen Robert, physician, house 42 Tyler 
Capen Samuel C. grocer, 38 Sea, h. 46 Sea 
Capen AVilliam, boots, shoes, and leather, 29 Broad, 

house at Jamaica plain 
Capen Wm. W. 45 Milk 

Capen Wm. W. {Green &; C), boards 6 Hayward pi. 
Capper Harry, plumber, boards 30 Portland 
Caraher Eugene, grocer. Second, n. F, house do. 
Carberry Patrick, clothing, Maverick sq. h. do. 
Carbrey James, pedler, house 63 Atkinson 
Carbrey John, laborer, h. r. 184 Hanover 
Carbrey Robert, pedler, house 63 Atkinson ■ 
Carbrey Wm. trader, house Tyler court 
Carcaraore John B. Mrs. house Webster, E. B. 
Cardell James, teamster, house rear 65 Eliot 
Cardwell Mary A. widow, house rear 14 Wall 
Carew Joseph, sculptor, house 276 Tremont 
Carew (Joseph) & Brother ( Thomas), sculptors, 143 

Har. av. house 276 Tremont 
Carew Thomas {Joseph &: Brother), 143 Harrison av. 
Carey Daniel, laborer, house 42 Vine 
Carey Edward, carpenter, house 95 Fourth 
Carey Hugh, tailor, Quincy Hall, h. 26 May 
Carey James, laborer, house Sumner pi. E. B. 
Carey {James F.) & Wilson {Robert), boot makers, 

12 Boylston, house 470 Washington 
Carey John, mariner, house 21 Oliver 
Carey .John, cooper, house 5 East 
Carey John, laborer, house 83 Kneeland 
Carey John, waiter, house 5 Sweetser ct. [avenue 
Carey Matthew, teamster, h. Northampton, n. Har. 
Carey Patrick, laborer, house 75 Kneeland 
Carey Peter, colorer, 8 Province, h. 42 Carver 
Carey Thomas, carpenter, h. 24 Hamilton 
Carey Willard, omnibus driver, h. 2 Canton st. pi. 
Carg'ill Elizabeth D. widow, h. 4 Harmony court 
Carlan Andrew, grocer, 66 Endicot, house do. 
Garland Andrew, trader, h. opposite 19 Oliver 
Garland Ellen, house 11 Oliver 
Garland Michael, baker, house 2 Eliot place 
Carles Peter, hair dresser, 6 N. sq. h. 2 Moon 
Garleton Dudley B. clerk, 51 Pearl, h. r. 585 Wash. 
Garleton John G. W. H. bootmak. h. 6 Fayette ct. 
Garleton Samuel (.V. Metcalf if Co.), h. at Maiden 
Garleton Silas, house 94 Chambers 
Garleton Thos. P. fruit, 30 Wash. b. 4 Staniford pi. 
Garleton William, lamp manufacturer, 12 Beach, 

house at Charlestown 
Carley H. D. broker, 28 Sudbury 
Carley John, laborer, house 12 Sister 
Carley Patrick, laborer, house 164 P'ourth 
Carlin Brien, grocer, 14 Batterymarch, h. do. 
Garlin John, tailor, h. 4 North Hanover cotnt 
Carlin Patrick, laborer, house 56 Kneeland 
Carlin Philip, laborer, house 5 1-2 Cross 
Carline Thomas, laborer, house 27 Minot 
Carling G. fancy glass blower, b. 9 Brattle square 
Carlisle Geo. provisions, 241 Ann, h. 2 Lathrop pi. 
Carlisle Ira, carpenter, bds. 4 Fort avenue 
Carlisle John, Boylston Market, b. 8 La Grange pi. 
Carlisle Joseph, nier. broker, 145 Sea, boards 8 La 

Grange pi. 
Carlisle Sarah, boarding h. 8 La Grange place 
Carlisle William A. painter, h. 28 Nashua 



Carll Samuel F. {Bradbury, Harmon S; Co.), bds. 

Hanover House 
Carlon James, tailor, house 23 Morton 
Carlow Thomas, laborer, h. Second, corner B 
Carlson Lydia A. Mrs. boarding, h. 221 Ann [bl'k 
Carlton Alexander, carriage builder, h. 1 Newman's 
Carlton Catherine, widow, h. 1 Hancock row 
Carlton Daniel F. boots and shoes, 297 Washing- 
ton, house at Dorchester 
Ciirlton Guy, 47 State 

Carlton Elbridge G. 133 Milk, boards 55 Summer 
Carlton Hiram A. express wagon, 7 State, h. rear 

2i0 Hanover 
Carlton John, ear builder, house 4 Madison place 
Carlton John, cabinet maker, b. 3 La Grange pi. 
Carlton John K. cooper, 1 Lewis wharf, h. Sumner, 

cor. London, E. B. [A and B 

Carlton Wm. handcartman, house Silver, between 
Carman Stephen, laborer, house 17 Adams 
Carmichael James, laborer, h. rear 51 Prince 
Carmichael James, mason, house 8 Tileston 
Carmichael John, carpenter, house 68 Atkinson 
Garners Edward, laborer, house 66 Endicot 
Carnes Abigail, widow, h. Webster, E. B. 
Carnes Charles H. F. laborer, house 11 Oneida 
Carnes Daniel, blacksmith, house 60 Atkinson 
Carnes Edward & Co. (Lorinr/ Chess/nan), riggers, 

Fulton, cor. Cross, house 11 Hull 
Carnes Henry, tailor, 68 Court, h. at Maiden 
Carnes James, hatter, house 27 Morton 
Carnes James, shoe maker, bds. 12 Columbia 
Carnes Joshua A. b. Webster, c. Terrace pi. E. B. 
Carnes Mary Ann, widow, house 5 Suffolk 
Carnes Mary Jane, dress maker, bds. 5 Suffolk pi. 
Carnes Rachel Mrs. house 3 Hull 
Carnes Sarah A. widow of George S. h. 14 Cooper 
Carnes Wm. R. {Heyicood ^ C), h. 175 Hanover 
Carney {Andrew) & Sleeper'( JacoS), 40 Ann, h. 57 

Carney Andrew, laborer, h. Orleans, E. B. 
Carney Barney, laborer, house rear 90 Federal 
Carney Barney, laborer, house 95 Endicot 
Carney Daniel, stone cutter, h. 7 Lawrence place 
Carney Daniel, laborer, house 606 Washington 
Carney Daniel, laborer, 90 Broad 
Carney Francis, laborer, house 98 Broad 
Carney Henry, laborer, house 14 Cyprus 
Carney Henry, laborer, house Cottage, E. Boston 
Carney James, laborer, house rear 114 Sea 
Carney John, stone cutter, house 7 Pearl place 
Carney John, laborer, 143 Broad 
Carney John, teamster, house rear 24 Prince 
Carney Josiah W. machinist, h. Havre, E. Boston 
Carney Margaret, widow, h. 7 Lawrence place 
Carney Michael, laborer, 9 Essex place 
Carney Michael, laborer, h. 2 Crescent court 
Carney Michael, tailor, h. Commercial, n. Charter 
Carney Michael, laborer, house 143 Broad 
Carney Thomas, stone cutter, h. 7 Lawrence place 
Carney Thomas, laborer, house Fulton, n. Lewis 
Carney William, laborer, 90 Broad 
Carney William, blacksmith, 'h. 60 Atkinson 
Caro Bernhard, chiropedist, 5 Franklin 
Carovan James, tailor, house 20 Hamilton [pi. 

Carpenter Albert, piano-forte maker, b. 8 Hayward 
Carpenter Alfred, coppersmith, 8 Rowe's wharf, h. 

Beach, near Sea 
Carpenter Ann, confectionary, 284 AVashington 
Carpenter Augustine D. house 120 Charles 
Carpenter Cyrus, stoves, 28 Union, h. 4 Minot 
Carpenter Eben C. h. Everett, near Ford pi; E. B. 
Carpenter George, 48 Milk, b. Wash. Coffee House 
Carpenter George O. {Banker, Crocker 4- Co.), h. 

at South Reading 
Carpenter Harvey, house 78 Prince 
Carpenter Harvey, jr. dry goods, 200 Hanover, cor. 

Princ e, house 9 Margaret 
Carpenter Henry, clothing. Fleet, near Ann 
Carpenter James {CarpeiUer, Fairbanks ^ Co.), h. 

36 Common 

Carpenter John A. {Gilmore & C), 15 R. R. Exch. 
Carpenter Lawrence, h. Har. av. n. Olive place 
Carpenter M. 20 Kilby, h. at Charlestown 
Carpenter Margaret, "house 3 Charlestown 
Carpenter {Newton), Fairbanks {Wm. N.), & Co. 

{James Carpenter, J. Q. A. Litchfield, E.A. Ho- 

bart), importers of woollens, &c. 34 Milk, h. 

31 Edinboro' [48 Milk 

Carpenter Oliver & Wm. bonnets and straw goods, 
Carpenter Orin, piano-forte maker, h. 49 Oak 
Carpenter Samuel, tailor, house Warren place 
Carpenter Sarah, boarding, h. 3 Corey avenue 
Carpenter Thomas, shoe maker, h. r. 34 S. Margin 
Carpenter William (O. iSf IF. Carpenter), 48 Milk 
Carpenter William, housewTight, house 5 Fuller 
Carpenter & Co., Eastern Express, R. R. Exch. 
Carpentier Orlempe, boarding, 19 Commercial 
Carr Ansill, boarding and clothing, 263 Ann 
Carr Charles, laborer, house 61 Endicot 
Carr Daniel, hatter, house 14 Southac 
Carr Daniel, express wagon, house 1 Commercial 
Carr Daniel, jr. clerk, boards 36 Leveret 
Carr David S. tailor, boards 10 Green 
Carr Ellen Mrs. house rear 122 Fourth 
Carr Frederick, clerk, boards 71 Pleasant 
Carr Henry, laborer, house 436 Commercial 
Carr John, tailor, house 3 Canal 
Carr John, blacksmith, house 4 Andover 
Carr John K. pump and block maker, Sumner, 

house Marginal, E. Boston 
Carr Jonathan R. teamster, house 6 Maiden place 
Carr Jos. restorator, 3 Rowe's whf. h. at Charlest'n 
Carr Joseph {Green ^ C), 44 Hanover, h. 9 Avery 
Carr Joseph R. house 4 Central court 
Carr Julia G. house 10 Travers 
Carr Lewis C. cook, house 30 Nashua 
Carr Michael, house Marion, E. Boston 
Carr Moody, carpenter, 96 Portland, h. 30 Nashua 
Carr Moses, carpenter, h. Piedmont, opp. Church 
Carr Moses, ship carpenter, house Saratoga, E. B. 
Carr Nathaniel {D. Roby &; Co.), boards 26 Billerica 
Carr Robert, waiter, house 66 Essex 
Carr Robert W. watchman, house rear 154 Tyler 
Carr Samuel, cashier Shoe and Leather Dealers' 

Bank, house at Charlestown 
Carr Stephen, cabinet maker, house 82 South 
Carr Thomas, house Cheever place, E. Boston 
Carr William, ship carpenter, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Carr William H. stevedore, h. Jackson av. c. Com'l 
Carregan James, laborer, house 30 Thacher 
Carrick John, laborer, house Hooton court, E. B. 
Carrig Michael, laborer, h. Har. av. c. South May 
Carrl James, laborer, house rear 96 Nashua 
Carroll Catharine, widow, house 6 Church 
Carroll Charles, restorator, house 12 Marion 
Carroll Charles H. & Co. (8. H. Whorf), shoes and 

leather, 65 Pearl, house at E. Cambridge 
Carroll Dennis, laborer, house 5 Acorn 
Carroll Francis A. painter, 21 Brattle 
Carroll Geo. D. 9 Tremont row, boards 38 Essex 
Carroll James, laborer, house 4 Gouch 
Carroll John, teamster, house 127 Broadway 
Carroll John, laborer. Page's court 
Carroll Joseph, seaman, house 9 West Centre 
Carroll Michael, laborer, house B. near Second 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, house 75 Sea 
Carroll Patrick, blacksmith, house Northampton 
Carroll Mary, widow, house 12 Cyprus 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, house 486 Commercial 
Carroll Philip, house 1 1 South Margin 
Carroll Sylvester, laborer, house 'i Lancaster 
Carroll Thomas, china ware, 22 Sudbury 
Carroll Thomas, grocery, 24 Atkinson, house do. 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, house Page's ct. Ann 
Carroll Thomas, boot maker, 76 Essex, boards 12 

Essex place 
Carroll Thomas S. rigger, house 3 Powars court 
Carroll William, house 12 North Giove 
Carron Michael, mason, boards 5 Kneeland pi. 
Carrothers Noble, house Maiden, opp. Maiden pi. 



Carruth Chas. com. mer. 13 India, h. at Dorchester 
Carruth Chester H. {Geo. T. Carruth ^ Co.), bds. 

2 Unity court 

Carruth Daniel J. ale &c. 3 & 4 Gerrish block, 

Blackstone, boards 18 N. Bonnet 
Carruth Francis S. merchant, 16 Custom House 

St. house 20 Pemberton square 
Carruth Geo. J. 3 & 4 Gerrish block, b. 18 Bennet 
Carruth George T. & Co. (C. H. Carruth), cigars 

&c. 41 Hanover, house 2 Unity court 
Carruth Henry, clerk, 41 Hanover, b. 2 Unity ct. 
Carruth John, bill poster, house 4 Lathrop place 
Carruth Nathan, 9 Railroad Exch. h. at Dorchester 
Carruth & Co. 13 India, manufacturers linseed oil 

and whiting [Roxbury 

Carruthers John J. jr. 5 Museum building, house at 
Carsley A. P. dress maker, house 11 Grove 
Carsley J. M. organ builder, house 11 Grove 
Carsley R. S. mason, boards 11 Grove 
Carson Ann, widow, 27 1-2 Washington square 
Carson Patrick, carpenter, house 15 Oneida 
Carson William D. cooper, house rear 27 Sea 
Carswell C. W. clerk, 25 Brattle square 
Carteaux D. L. cigar maker, 110 Cambridge, h. do. 
Carter A. Warren, 136 State 
Carter Benjamin, machinist, house 12 Albany 
Carter Benjamin A. musician, 33 Court, house 71 

Carter Charles, house 26 Billerica 
Carter Charles, chair painter, h. 45 South Margin 
Carter (Charles M.) & Davis (Person), flour and 

grain, Charlestown, cor. Stillman, h. 86 Charles 
Carter Daniel, laborer, house 1 Foster place 
Carter Ebenezer, boarding, 143 Court 
Carter George P. book binder, h. Wash. n. Maiden 
Carter (George R.) &■ Treadwell (L. L.), clothing, 

46 Kilby, boards American House 
Carter George T. house rear 40 Fayette 
Carter Granville, clerk, 27 Milk, h. 1 Jefferson pi. 
Carter Henry, house 454 Washington 
Carter Henry, 59 Milk, boards 51 Summer 
Carter James, carpenter, house 71 South 
Carter James, merchant, house 65 Summer 
Carter John, hatter, boards 9 Derne [Bussey pi. 
Carter J. jr. (/. W. Carter S; Brother), house 10 
Carter (./. WMer) & Brother (J. Jr.), West India 

goods, 17 Water, house 10 Bussey place 
Carter John, house rear 40 Fayette 
Carter John H. coppersmith, house at W. Chelsea 
Carter Joseph B. (Holbrook, Carter Sg Co.), house 

3 Beacon Hill 

Carter Joshua, boards 18 West Cedar [Lawrence 
Carter Levi H. livery stable, Batterymarch, h. at 
Carter Luke, 69 Water, house at Cambridge 
Carter Mary, widow, house 518 Commercial 
Carter Mary T. widow, house 12 Crescent place 
Carter Nathaniel, furnishing goods, 31 Washing- 
ton, boards 9 Brattle square 
Carter Nathaniel, housewright, house Trumbull 
Carter Nelson, teamster, house 108 Hudson 
Carter Oliver (Bullard ^f C.), house 4 Garland 
Carter Richard B. (Wiikins, Carter 8^ Co.), house 

70 Chesnut 
Carter Samuel, (Flint 5r C), house 1 HoUis place 
Carter (Solomon), Colcord (S. M.), & Preston (G. 
C), druggists, Hanover, cor. Portland, house 
16 Friend 
Carter Thomas, cabinet maker, house 126 Endicot 
Carter Thomas, house 454 Washington [Acorn 
Carter Timothy H. publisher, 1 1-2" Water, house 5 
Carter William, laborer, house rear 99 Broad 
Carter William, laborer, house Porter, E. B. 
Carter William, laborer, house 8 Butolph 
Carter William, carpenter, house 5 Fuller 
Carter William B. music teacher, Suffolk, corner 
Canton, house W. Dedham [h. at Dorchester 
Carter William, jr. piano polisher, 334 Washington, 
Cartret Abigail, widow, tdiloress, h. 2J Spring 
Cai-tret Frank, rope maker, Milldam, house at 

Cartret John, painter, house 3 Milton 
Cartwright Charles W. president Manufacturers' 

Insurance Co. h. 25 Hancock [25 Hancock 
Cartwright Frederick H. (Chcever, C- <^- Co.), h. 
Cartwright George B. house 25 Hancock 
Cartwright John VV. 18 Harrison avenue 
Carty Daniel, laborer, house Half Moon place 
Carty Richard, laborer, 23 Washington place 
Carty Thomas, laborer, house 6 Wendell 
Carvenough Mary, widow, house 4 Carney place 
Carver Ann, widow, house 1 Ohio place 
Carver Charles, ladies' shoe maker, h. 88 Warren 
Carver David, mer. tailor, 52 Wash. h. at Newton 
Carver John, tailor, house 10 1-2 Pleasant 
Carver Mary, nurse, 88 Warren 
Carver Reuben, groceries, Johnson's block, boards 

1 Causeway, corner Leveret 
Carwich David, laborer, house 17 Vine 
Gary Alpheus, stone cutter, 72 Harrison avenue, 

house 14 Newton place 
Cary Charles, clerk, 69 Wash, boards 44 High 
Gary Charles, stone mason, house Gold, corner D 
Cary Charles G. machinist, house Centre, E. B. 
Cary Daniel, house Bolton, near F [place 

Cary Geo. B. (J. Bradlee S^ Co.), h. 5 Mt. Vernon 
Cary Isaac, bank note engraver, 204 Washington, 

house 25 Orange 
Cary Isaac H. 50 Wash, house at Jamaica plain 
Cary James, shoe maker, house 468 Washington 
Cary James, printer, boards 2 Channing 
Cary James, laborer, house 314 Ann 
Cary (James F.) & Wilson (Robert), shoemakers, 

10 Batterymarch and 12 Boylston 
Cary James M. trader, house 133 Broadway, n. C 
Cary Jane, widow, house 15 South Russell 
Cary Jane, widow of Elijah, h. 204 Third, near F 
Cary John, laborer, house 36 Curve 
Cary Morris, laborer, house 33 Oneida 
Cary Nathan C. at Register Probate office, Ct. sq. 

house at Roxbury [Foxboro' 

Cary Otis, iron founder, 19 N. Market, house at 
Cary Patrick, shoe maker, house 19 Wash, square 
Cary Quincy A. upholsterer, boards r. 57 Temple 
Cary Thomas G. 8 1-2 Tremont row, house 10 

Temple place [Temple place 

Cary Thomas G. jr. 8 1-2 Tremont row, house 10 
Cary William A. (G. H. Sanderson <Sf Co.), house 

at Brookline 
Caryl Francis A. teacher, r. 662 Wash. h. 35 Myrtle 
Caryl (Henri/) & Cushman (H.), sofas, chairs, &c. 

7 Hitchborn block, house at Charlestown 
Casas F. B. teacher of Spanish and Drawing, 24 

Joy's building [32 S. Cedar 

Case Albert B. cabinet maker, 475 Washington, h. 
Case James B. clerk, 35 Milk 
Case John R. machinist, boards 45 Hudson 
Case Pardon W. housewright, rear 375 Washing- 
ton, store 340 do. house 49 Carver 
Casey Barnard, carpenter, h. Wash, near Dover 
Casey Daniel, mason, house 1 Foster place 
Casey David, fruit dealer, house 107 Broad 
Casey Francis, wheelwright. Sea, h. 17 E. Orange 
Casey James, laborer, boards 46 Bridge 
Casey James, laborer, house 3 Seabury place 
Casey James L. 106 State, house Ontario 
Casey John, laborer, house 15 Pearl place 
Casey John, laborer, house Cove, near Cove place 
Casey John, naturalization office, h. 4 Williams ct. 
Casey Margaret, seamstress, h. Kneeland, c. Tyler 
Casey Mary, widow, house 4 Boylston sq. 
Casey Michael, laborer, h. Maverick, E. Boston 
Casey Patrick, grocer, 89 Broad, house do. 
Casey Patrick, laborer, house Sumner, E. B. 
Casey Patrick, tailor, house 10 Oliver 
Casey Robert W. boarding, 241 Ann 
Casey Timothy, house 17 Vine 
Casey William, laborer, house 219 Ann 
Casey Wm. shoe maker, house Second, rear B 
Cash" Jonathan, house 103 Chambers 
Cash Wm. E. crockery, 262 Wash. h. 1 Avon pi. 



Cashen Patrick, laborer, house 32 Oneida 
Cashen Patrick, weaver, house P, near Second 
Cashman Jeremiah, harness maker, h. 19 Lincoln 
Cashman John, carpenter, h. Kneeland, c. Cove 
Cashman John, waiter, house 30 Bridge 
Cashman Patrick, gardener, h. 482 Commercial 
Cashman Richard, waiter, h. Utica, cor. Beacli 
Cashman Wm. laborer, h. rear 192 Hanover 
Cashman William, laborer, h. Bolton, near B 
Caskow Charles A. laborer, h. .54 Commercial 
Casmay John, porter, house 2 Ohio place 
Cason William, teamster, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Cass Andrew J. L. tailor, 51 Cambridge, house 2 

Chambers st. court 
Cass Clark C. painter, 91 Water, h. at Charlestown 
Cass F. W. thread, &c., 429 Wash. b. 10.^ Fayette 
Cass Frederick, 333 Wash. bds. 71 Pleasant 
Cass John, house 2 Chambers st. ct. 
Cass John P. aqueduct, house Third, near C 
Cass Thomas, boarding, house 233 Ann 
Cassady Andrew, laborer, house 38 Belknap 
Cassady Bernard, laborer, h. r. 59 Prince 
Cassady John, house rear 83 Endicot 
Cassady Joseph, waiter, house 38 Belknap 
Cassady Philip, laborer, house Second, near B 
Cassady Thomas, Suffolk County Mills, h. 4 Win- 
throp. East Boston [Jamaica Plain 

Cassell Edmund D. painter, 60 Cornhill, house at 
Cassell Gideon, painter, 33 Friend, house 36 Vine 
Cassell {John) &. Martin (Geor//e W.), hair dressers, 

Portland, c. Merrimac 
Cassidy Isabella, corsets & embroidery, 221 Wash. 
Cassidy John, laborer, h. r. 156 Hanover 
Cassidy Julia, carpet maker, rear 1 Hawley 
Cassidy Richard, carpenter, h. Cottage, E. Boston 
Cassidy Thomas, carpenter, h. Cottage, c. Maverick 
Casteli Edward, confectioner, 599 Wash. h. do. 
Castell Wm. G. confectioner, 174 Hanover, h. do. 
Casteli Wm. H. barber, Tremont, c. Warren, h. 11 

South May 
Castello Fernando D. seaman, h. r. 18 N. Bennet 
Castle Andrew, laborer, house 8 Suffolk 
Castle William, laborer, house 16 May 
Caswell Charles S. {Porter, Loring iS- C), boards 1 

Tremont pi. 
Caswell Charles T. truckman, h. 3 N. Margin pi. 
Caswell Crocker, cooper, h. Decatur, E. B. 
Caswell Elizabeth, wid. h. 655 Wash. [e. Fourth 
Caswell George W. tin worker, 224 Fourth, h. D, 
Caswell James, laborer, h. Cove, n. Beach 
Caswell James S., Railroad House, Church 
Caswell John, house 8 Oliter place [Myrtle 

Caswell Lemuel E. ( \V. F. Homer <Sr Co.), house 44 
Caswell Leonard, 61 F. H. Market [Leveret 

Caswell Lewis E., Rev. city missionary, boards 36 
Caswell Wm. handcartman, h. 5 INIadison place 
Cate Daniel R. bds. 30 Salem [Summer, h. 31 Sea 
Gate Earl M. & Co. {R. S. Cate), stoves, &c. 104 
Cate Nathaniel H. carpenter, h. 46 Lowell 
Cate Ralph S. {E. M. Cate ^ Co.), h. 31 Sea 
Cate Samuel, cooper, 81 Commer'l, h. W. Canton 
Cate (in». H.) X- Whittle (./■.), pump &block mak- 
ers, Cunningham's whf., h. Monmouth, n. Ma- 
rion, E. Boston [Cambridge 
Cathan Lucius H. daguerreotype, 20 Wash. h. at E. 
Cathcart Alexander, cooper, h. Border, E. B. 
Catlin Albert G. clerk, 2 Milk, h. 37 London 
Caughlin Bartholomew, laborer, h. 7 Bartlett 
Caughlin Wm. carpenter, house 90 Sea 
Cauliy Lowell, boards 129 Hudson 
Cavana Dennis, junk, Sumner, n. Paris, E. B. 
Cavanaugh Daniel, lather, h. 7 Thacher ct. 
Cavanaugh Daniel, stevedore, h. 1 Stillman pi. 
Cavanaugh Francis, tailor, h. 18 Thacher 
Cavanaugh James, tailor, house 67 Salem 
Cavanagh John, grocer, cor. Second and Third 
Cavanatrh John, harness maker, r. 20 Kingston, h. 

30 Erie 
Cavannah Daniel, blacking manu'r, 2 Prince, h. do. 
Cavenaugh Francis, blacksmith, house 93 Fourth 

Cavenaugh Thomas, laborer, h. 33 Merrimac 
Cavenaugh Wm. P. pile driver, h. r. 71 Harr. ave. 
Caverly Edward, truckman, h. 3 Cooper st. court 
Caverly Francis, stone mason, house 10 May 
Caverly Oilman, oyster, h. 9 Morton [Nashua 

Caverly Thomas, teamster, 33 Blackstone, bds. 5^ 
Cavner Joseph, blacksmith, Maverick, E. Boston 
Cazenove C. I. Mrs. 16 Winthrop place 
Caziarc Stephen, house rear 248 Hanover 
Cazneau Andrew, clerk, reg. of deeds, h. 24 Charles 
Cazneau Henry R. book binder, h. 24 Charles 
Cazneau Isaac, 2d, printer, house 24 Charles 
Ceasar Eli, barber, 117 Broad, house 1 Butolph 
Center George, 12 Beach, h. at Roxbury 
Center John, broker, 1 Niles' building. Change av. 

house at Jamaica Plain [Orange 

Center Joseph H. machinist, W. Castle, house 32 
Center Joseph H. jr. boards 32 Orange 
Center William, clerk, house 5 Pleasant 
Gentry James, laborer, h. ^ Moon place 
Gentry John, laborer, h. ^ Moon place 
Cerbury Thomas, pedler, house 42 High 
Chabot John, stevedore, h. 3 North Russell 
Chace {Caleb), Motley {Thomas Jr.), & Mills 

(Lewis), domestic goods, 111 Milk, h. 3 Joy pi. 
Chace Daniel K., India and silk goods, 101 Milk, 

bds. Winthrop House 
Chace William M. 27 State [cor. Charles 

Chadbourn Benj. (IF. <Sf B. C), boards Cambridge, 
Chadbourn Benj. clerk, Prince, c. Causeway, bds. 

Fulton House 
Chadbourn {Chas.) & Gilman {EHphalet), iron and 

steel, 41 (t 43 Fulton, h. at Maiden 
Chadbourn {Humphrey) & Darling {H. J.), flour & 

grain, 61 Commercial, h. 29 Charter 
Chadbourn John, horse shoer, h. 2 Hawley 
Chadbourn John, h. 132 Hanover 
Chadbourn Moses, clerk, b. 10 Maverick block 
Chadbourn Seth, horse shoer, Hawley 
Chadbourn William & Benjamin, teamsters, 78 

Charles, h. Cambridge, c. Charles 
Chadbourne Isaac, organ builder, h. r. 37 Garden 
Chadbourne James, boards rear 37 Garden 
Chaddock E. N. merchant, Comey's whf. h. Hotel 

St. E. Boston [Hotel st. E. Boston 

Chaddock Sturgis, wharfinger, Comey's whf., house 
Chadfield Wm. captain, h. r. Cottage, E. B. [Ann 
Chadwick Benj. B. {Hills, Foster & Co.), bds. 26 
Chadwick Benj. F. joiner, h. 62 Middlesex 
Chadwick Charles 6. ship broker, 133 State, bds. 

33- Brattle 
Chadwick Christopher C. {Read 8( C), h. 58 Beacon 
Chadwick Ebenezer, 11^ Tremont row, house 17 

Mount Vernon [h. at Roxbury 

Chadwick Joseph H. clerk, 10 Custom House st. 
Chadwick Nicholas S. housewright, bds. 43 Lowell 
Chadwick Richard, house F, cor. Fom-th 
Chadwick Samuel, hatter, h. 148 Cambridge 
Chadwick William, printer, 18 Ex'ge, h. at Chelsea 
Chadwick William, tailor, 147^ Hanover 
Chaffee George A., grocer, 24 Pinckney, h. 63 do. 
Chaffee Jonathan, house 63 Pincknev 
Chaffee Wra. R. 24 Pinckney, h. 63 do. 
Chaffin Avis Maria, h. 3 Washington ct. 
Chafhn Henry, cutter, 4 Brattle, bds. 4 Allston 
Chaffin John C. gentlemen's furnishing store, 62 

Wash. h. at Newton Corner 
Chaffin John Henry, trunk maker, h. 3 Wash. ct. 
Chaloner Geo. R. 75 Fulton, h. at Charlestown 
Chaloner Wm. B. carpenter, h. 9 Maple place 
Chalwill Geo. M. accountant and general agent, 25 

Chamberlain Abial, carpenter, h. 8 Wheeler's ct. 
Chamberlain Abigail, 3 Central court 
Chamberlain Alfred, clerk, 77 Blackstone, bds. 138 

Court [Cambridge 

Chamberlain Ambrose {C. Valentine ^ Co.), h. at 
Chamberlain A. J. clerk, boards River, c. Lime 
Chamberlain Andrew L. grocer, Salem, corner En- 
dicot, house 67 Allen 



Chamberlain & Co. {BenJ. P. Chamberlain S^ W. 
E. Greeley), com. merchants, 5 Lewis wharf, 
house at Salem 
Chamberlain Chas. mail wagon, bds. 68 Nashua 
Chamberlain Charles A. 103 Wash. bds. 21 Salem 
Chamberlain {Dan.) & Norris {E. W.), provisions, 

46 Mount Vernon, b. Iliver, corner Lime 
Chamberlain Daniel, jr. machinist, 1 Albany bl'k, 

house 38 Kneeland 
Chamberlain Dexter H. 80 "Water, h. 6 Spear place 
Chamberlain Elizabeth, widow, h. o N. End block 
Chamberlain F. H. book keeper Revere House 
Chamberlain Henry P. tailor, house 21 Salem 
Chamberlain Henry P. jr. clerk, 5 Lewis wharf, h. 

21 Salem 
Chamberlain John H. produce, 8 Market square, 

house at Cambridgeport 
Chamberlain Joshua, book keeper, h. 82 Chambers 
Chamberlain Lydia, widow, house 18 Blossom 
Chamberlain Mellen, counsellor, 46 Washington, 

boards 9 Brattle square 
Chamberlain Nathan B. philosophical instrument 
maker, 9 School, h. 61 Pinckney [building 

Chamberlain Solomon N. at Gleason's, ScoUay's 
Chamberlain Thomas {Hill S< C), h. at Cambridge 
Chamberlain Timothy D. teacher Latin School, h. 

3 Central court 
Chamberlain Wm. hatter, boards 9 Brattle square 
Chamberlin {Cephas C.) & Kimball (O. D.), 80 
F. H. Market, house 69 Leveret [H. Market 
Chamberlin {Cephas C.) & Gove (£.), cellar, 1 F. 
Chamberlin Charles P. {Mosman § Co.), house 28 

Chamberlin Daniel {Cross, Samson &; Co.) 
Chamberlin Daniel {Hill, C. Sg Co.), boards Albion 
Chamberlin Daniel & Co. proprietors Adams 
House, 371 Washington, h. at W. Cambridge 
Chamberlin {Daniel) & Gage {George W.), propri- 
etors City Hotel, Brattle 
Chamberlin David, carpenter, Tyler, n. Oak, h. do. 
Chamberlin David Mrs. house 17 Albany 
Chamberlin Edward, saleratus, 5 India, manufac- 
tory, Lewis, E. B. house 3 Vernon [Brighton 
Chamberlin Edward {Jos. Breck Sg Co.), house at 
Chamberlin Enoch L. refreshments, 11 Elm, house 

opposite 4 East st. place 
Chamberlin Ezra, boards 2 Chardon st. court 
Chamberlin George C. dry goods, 68 Hanover, h. at 
Charlestown [house 36 Salem 

Chamberlin George W. wines, 7 & 8 Canal block, 
Chamberlin Mark A. clerk, 68 Hanover 
Chamberlin Sarah, dress maker, h. 50 Brighton 
Chamberlin Seth (Little, Bridgliam S^ Co.), boards 
City Hotel [at Somerville 

Chamberlin Simeon G. lace goods, 49 Hanover, h. 
Chambers John, laborer, house 8 Merrimac 
Chambers Thomas, artist, house 21 Brighton 
Chambers William, hair dresser, boards 67 Friend 
Champney Benjamin, artist, 15 Tremont Temple 
Champney Edward W. & Co. {G. M. Champney), 

dry goods, 44 Milk, boards 24 Bulhnch 
Champney Erastus, carpenter, rear 4 Boylston pi. 

house 21 Marion 
Champney Erastus W. clerk, h. 5 Lindall place 
Champney George M. {E. W. Champney Sg Co.), h. 

at Woburn 
Champney Henry T. clerk, 284 Wash [h. 52 Dover 
Champney James H. book keeper, TV ash. Bank, 
Champney Joseph Mrs. house 10 Piedmont 
Champney Lydia, widow, h. 12 May [60 S. Margin 
Champney Martin T. restorator, 14 P'ederal, house 
Champney Samuel, lamp lighter, boards 54 Marion 
Champney Wm. L. housewright, h. W. Canton 
Chance William & Son, 70 State 
Chandler Abiel, house 8 Temple place 
Chandler Abigail, sea'mstress, house 57 Brighton 
Chandler Abigail B. house Beverly 
Chandler Albert, chair painter, house 14 Billerica 
Chandler Albert F. {Tilhon, C. ^ Co.), h. at Wa- 

Chandler Alexander S. shipwright, h. 7 Charter 

8 handler Alpheus, boards HE. Canton 
handler Benjamin, house 9 Clark [Clark 

Chandler Benjamin, jr. provisions, 152 Ann, h. 9 
Chandler Benjamin F. locksmith, house 21 Prince 
Chandler Bradford, painter, house 21 Auburn 
Chandler Charles B. clerk, house 2 Albion 
Chandler Charles N. fruit &c. 1 the South Market, 

house 2 High street place 
Chandler Ebenezer B. clerk, house 24 Gouch 
Chandler Ebenezer M. provisions, 597 Wash, house 

Brookline, n. Tremont 
Chandler Edwin, stone cutter, house Bremen, E. B. 
Chandler Ephraira A. clerk, house 73 Suffolk 
Chandler Francis, painter, house 28 Leveret 
Chandler Gardner L. 48 State, house at Salem 
Chandler George, printer, house 7 Greenough lane 
Chandler George H. cooper, Fabin 
Chandler Henry, stabler, house 98 Endicot 
Chandler Henry H. clerk, 44 Broad [ter 

Chandler James M. chemist, h. r. First, n. Dorches- 
Chandler James M. laborer, h. 1 Crescent court 
Chandler John (C. F. Hovey ^ Co.), boards Pi.evere 
House [at Roxbury 

Chandler Jo-hn G. engraver, 116 Washington, h. 
Chandler John G. restorator, 7 Maverick block, h. 

Chandler John K. clerk, boards 22 Lynda [pi. 

Chandler Joseph, trunk maker, h. May, c. May st. 
Chandler Joseph, piano-forte maker, h. 18 Albion 
Chandler Joshua, piano-forte maker, 365 Wash. b. 
45 Myrtle [17 State, house at Chelsea 

Chandler {L. H.) & Chapman (O. G.), counsellors, 
Chandler Mary, dress maker, house 24 Gouch 
Chandler Mary Mrs. house 1 Adams place 
Chandler Nathan (E. Baker & Co.), 33 Milk 
Chandler {Oliver) & Smith {Geo. S.), blacksmiths, 

Marine Railway, house at Chelsea 
Chandler Peleg C. job wagon, boards 16 Albany 
Chandler Peleg W. city solicitor, 4 Court, house 

99 Mount Vernon 
Chandler P. Henry, pilot, house 2 Unity court 
Chandler Roswell, chair painter, house 28 Leveret 
Chandler Samuel, painter, house rear 17 Dedham 
Chandler Samuel W. insp. Custom House, house at 
Quincy [Margin 

Chandler Seth C. {Dexter, RobyS; Co.), house 49 N. 
Chandler Stephen B. {D. Fijield^ Co.), b. 5 Sheafe 
Chandler Stillman, machinist, boards 19 Cross 
Chandler {Theophihis P.) & Andrew {John A.), 

counsellors, 4 Court, house at Brookline 
Chandler Thomas H. teacher Endicot School 
Chandler Timothy, clerk, boards 22 Lynde 
Chandler Wm. T. 22 Long wf. h. at Charlestown 
Channel Robert, carpenter, house 390 Fourth 
Channing Geo. G. 128 Wash, house at Milton 
Channing Walter, physician, house 178 Tremont 
Channing William E. Mrs. house 83 Mt. Vernon 
Channing William F. physician, h. 83 Mt. Vernon 
Channing William H. Rev. house 83 Mt. Vernon 
Chany John O. sup't Sailors' Home, 99 Purchase 
Chapin Abijah AV. mail agent, boards 14 Hudson 
Chapin A. G. clerk, 21 Charles, h. 75 W. Cedar 
Chapin Alpheus, artist, house 25 Boylston 
Chapin B. T. broker, 10 Mass. block, h. 7 Grove 
Chapin Calvin N. clerk, 1 Poplar 
Chapin David {Prescott ig C), h. 5 Hartford place 
Chapin Gardner B. porter, boards 6 Sturgis place 
Chapin George A. teamster, house 53 Kneeland 
Chajjin George A. clerk, 58 Pearl 
Chapin Horace E. {Stiles ig C), Union, c. Marshall 
Chapin {M. J.) & Whiton"(iJ. .;>•.), drugs and medi- 
cines, 15 & 16 Commercial, house at Chelsea 
Chapin Nathan G. {Fisher tS,- C), h. at Brookline 
Chaplin Charles, printer, house 13 Garden 
Chaplin William B. job wagon, house 20 Porter 
Chapman Dummer R. broker, house 8 W. Cedar 
Chapman Edward {George H. Chapman, jr. .j- Co.), 

house 66 Allen 
Chapman Geo. G. broker, 12 Endicot, h. 12 Morton 



Chapman George H.jr. & Co. (Edward Ckapmmi), 

fancy goods, 41 & 43 Kilby, house at Chelsea 
Chapman George R. 21 Pearl, h. at Salem 
Chapman John M. clerk, 223 Washington, boards 

3 Franklin [do. 

Chapman Jonas AV. botanic physician, 4 Salem, h. 
Chapman (Joseph) & Co. (H. Rice), hats and caps, 

7 and 8 Faneuil Hall, house 37 Pinckney 
Chapman Nathaniel, pump and block maker," house 

Havre, East Boston 
Chapman Nathaniel, blacksmith, h. Athens, n. E 
Chapman Orin R. seaman, house 22 Atkinson 
Chapman Ozias G. (Chandhr .Sr C.),\i. at Roxbury 
Chapman Rosanna A. house 10 Blossom 
Chapman Timothv A. clerk, boards 23 May [som 
Chapman Truman D. 1 Old State House, b. 23 Blos- 
Chapman William, machinist, boards 111 Fourth 
Chapman William, laborer, house near foot of Swan 
Chapman William (Gilhert St C), h. 2 Endicot ct. 
Charrier Peter, wig maker, 250 Washington 
Charles Isaac, laborer, house rear 16 May 
Charles Roger, baker, house 9 May 
Charlier Henri, prof, of French, Howard, c. Court 
Charlton Thomas, hardware, 78 State [town 

Charter John, paper, 82 Blackstone, h'. at Charles- 
Chase, Brothers (Irak, jr. i,- H. L.), hardware, 93 

AVater, Irah, jr. h. 21 Oak 
Chase Albert H. hackman, house 8 Lowell court 
Chase Albert M. (Barker &■ C), house at Canton 
Chase Alfred G. clerk, h. 11 Medford court [tovm 
Chase Amos, (7. E. Pearson & Co.), h. at Charles- 
Chase Andrew J. insurance, 2 Devonshire, house 

at Dorchester 
Chase Asa C. (V. P. Richer &; Co.). bds. 25 Elm 
Chase Charles, hatter, boards 196 Harrison avenue 
Chase Charles G. book keeper, b. 4 Crescent place 
Chase Chauncr, housewright, Hobbs' wharf, hovise 

opposite 32 Eliot [Barton 

Chase Constant, flour and grain, 99 Lowell, h. 12 
Chase Cyrus, sup't Custom House, h. 67 Chambers 
Chase Daniel, last maker, h. Marion, E. B. 
Chase Edward AV. boards Pavilion 
Chase Enoch, 27 Federal, boards 1 Chauncy place 
Chase Erastus (Palmer, Gaffe, Sg Co.), house 148 

Chase George, grocer. Meridian, house do. 
Chase Hannah M. dress maker, bds. lol Court 
Chase Harriet, teacher, Essex, c. Rowe,b. 4 Beach 
Chase Henry R. clerk, bds. 4 Chesnut place 
Chase Henry S. 8 Central wharf, house 21 Oak 
Chase Hezekiah & Son (H. Chase, jr.), chocolate 

manufacturers, 22 Long wharf, house at Lynn 
Chase Hezekiah, jr (H. Chase S^ Son), h. at Lvnn 
Chase (Hezekiah S.), Kimball (M. Dai/), & Co.'(C. 

L. Gibson), dry goods, 16 Kilby and 7 Doane, 

hoTise 5 Harrison avenue 
Chase H. Lincoln (Chase, Brothers), h. 21 Oak 
Chase Horatio D. printer, h. 252 AVashington 
Chase Irah Rev. house 21 Oak 
Chase Isaac N. job wagon, house 222 Hanover 
Chase James, tailor, house London, East Boston 
Chase James, cutter, 45 Kilby 
Chase James A. counsellor, h. 45 Bowdoin [Friend 
Chase Jeremiah C. (Po/Yer, S/wmoM5(^ Co.), h. 12 
Chase John, moulder, bds. 101 Cambridge 
Chase Joseph, surgeon dentist, house 12 Barton 
Chase Lucius A. 24 Cornhill, house at Chelsea 
Chase L. G_. daguerreotype artist, 247 Washington, 

house 5 Taylor 
Chase Mark, house 4 Chesnut place [House 

Chase Marshall S. (Abbott S^ C), boards Winthrop 
Chase Mary B. house 28 North Russell 
Chase Mary C. coat maker, bds. 5 N. Hudson 
Chase Moses, tailor, h. Havre, E. B. [AV. Castle 
Chase Moses, grate maker, 585 AVashington, h. 34 
Chase Noah E. well dicger, h. 2 East Orange 
Chase (Oliver R.) & Co. (S. E. Chase) , lozenge 

manufacturers, 19 Water 
Chase Reuben C. dentist, house 122 Leveret 
Chase Richmond, blacksmith, h. Bolton, near C 

Chase Russell, machinist, h. Centre, E. B. 

Chase Samuel Y. carpenter, London, East Boston 

Chase Silas E. (Chase ^ Co.), 19 Water 

Chase S. J. dress maker, boards 82 Albany 

Chase Stephen L. furnaceman, h. 6 Chelsea, E. B. 

Chase Theodore, merchant, 48 State, h. Beacon, 

cor. Bowdoin 
Chase Thomas, housewright, h. 21 Kneeland 
Chase Thomas, 14 Kneeland [Commercial 

Chase Thomas C. sup't Marine Railway, house 446 
Chase Thomas F. 23 Federal, h. 38 Pearl, n. High 
Chase Thomas L. house 49 Chambers 
Chase Thomas S. 38 India, house 21 Oak 
Chase Thorndike, shoe maker, h. 24 Endicot 
Chase AVilliam, laborer, house 60 Albany 
Chase AVilliam Minot, ostler, bds. 9 Hawkins 
Chase AA^illiam L. machinist, b. 10 Maverick block 
Chase AVilliam S. 7 1-2 Tremontrow, h. 21 Oak 
Chase AVilliam T. trader, h. 1 Townsend place 
Chatten AVilliam, handcartman, h. 9 Tileston 
Cheauveaux Mary, widow, house 194 Tremont 
Cheetham Henry T. carpenter, h. Dorchester, near 

Cheever Henry P. 5 Blackstone, b. 14 Billerica 
Cheeverira, teacher Adams School 
Cheever James, 75 Fulton, h. 28 Somerset 
Cheever John H. 37 Milk, h. 24 Summer 
Cheever (Joseph) & Reiuick (H. P.), botanic med- 
icines, 1 Tremont Temple, h. at Charlestown 
Cheever Joseph D. boards 11 North Russell 
Cheever Josiah C. clerk, 53 Milk, h. at Chelsea 
Cheever Mary N. widow, h. 14 Billerica 
Cheever Samuel H. clerk, house 11 North Russell 
Cheever Simon G. (Shelton &; C), house 2 Pitts 
Cheever ( 7%owias H.) Cartwright (F. i7.), & Co. 

commission merchants, 13 Central wharf 
Cheever Tracy P. counsellor, 39 Court, h. at Chelsea 
Cheever William, house 14 North Russell 
Chell Elizabeth, dress maker, 66 Warren 
Chemin Fred'k, barber, 74 Turnpike, h. Fifth, n. D 
Chenery Sarah, millinery, 25 1-2 Salem 
Chenery & Co. merchants, 18 Long wharf 
Chenery AVinthrop W. ( Chenery S^Co.), h. 56 High 
Cheney & Co. express, R. R. Exchange 
Cheney Alfred, Congress House, Pearl [Margin 
Cheney Benj. F. grocer, 105 Endicot, h. 51 North 
Cheney Benj. P., Concord express, b. 6 Cambridge 
Cheney (Benj. P.), Averill (D. W.), & Co. (E. 

Gregory), 11 Elm 
Cheney Ebenezer, boards 16 Albany 
Cheney Edward P. carpenter, house 14 A'ine 
Cheney Frederick P. h. London, c. Sumner, E. B. 
Cheney Geo. H. 74 F. H. M. b. Congress House 
Cheney Gustavus, truckman, h. 17 Kingston 
Cheney Hannah, widow, house 56 South 
Cheney Henrv AV. clerk at Marlboro' Hotel 
Cheney Ira (Himt &• C), h. 842 AA'ashington 
Cheney John, engraver, church vestry, Channing 
Cheney J. H. 9 India, h. BroadwsCy, c. G 
Cheney Lewis, refreshments, Friend, comer Han- 
over, house at Chelsea 
Cheney Matthew, button maker, bds. IG Albany 
Cheney Nathaniel (G. W. Adams iSf Co.), h. at 

Cheney Rufus E. clerk, 49 India, bds. 12 Essex 
Cheney Samuel, optician, h. 1 South Cedar place 
Cheney Samuel C. teamster, house 2 Traverse 
Chesley Benjamin, carpenter, bds. 24 Gouch 
Chesley James C. junk, 265 Broad, b. 2 Oliver 
Chesley John H. produce, under the S. Market, 

h. Utica, c. Beach 
Chesley Lemuel, policeman, h. 3 Buttrick place 
Chessman D. F. piano-forte maker, b. 46 Har. av. 
Chessman Elizabeth, widow, house 47 Cambridge 
Chessman Geo. H. 89 F. H. M. h. 1 Staniford ct. 
Chessman Loring (Edward Carries Sg Co.), h. Lex- 
ington, E. B. 
Chessman Martin, laborer, h. r. 117 Essex 
Chessman Nancv AV. widow, h. 170 Hanover 
Chessman AA'm. H. clerk, 197 AVash. b. 46 Har. av. 



Cheswell Wm. O. teamster, house 55 Sea 
Chianei Candido, professor of music, h. 47 Hancock 
Chick Elwell, carpenter, house 19 Prince 
Chick Ivory, boards 84 Albany 
Chick John A. cl'k, 61 Congress, b. 3 Jackson pi. 
Chickering {Daniel O.) & Co. {James M. Flanders 
tV AlhfH Stedman), piano-forte makers, 509 1-2 
Wasliington, house 43 Marion 
Chickering Horatio & Co. {A. Maynard), flour, 22 

Commercial, house 33 West Cedar 
Chickering Jouas, piano-forte manuf. 334 Wash- 
ington, house 66 Boylston 
Chickey {Francis) !k Garey {Paul), statuary, 24 

School, house 4 Brimmer place 
Child Abigail Mrs. boards 3 Bumstead place 
Child Abijah, laborer, h. 8 North Charles [Plain 
Child Abner, jr. Custom House, house Jamaica 
Child Addison, com. mer. 48 India, h. at Medford 
Child Daniel F. treas. Boston Locomotive Works, 

house 734 Washington 
Child Daniel W. clerk, h. Washington, c. Garland 
Child David W. grain and meal, Har. av. c. Dover, 

house 7 Dover 
Child E. Augustus, 33 Cornhill, bds. 22 Warren 
Child E. B. 2 Mass. block, house at Dorchester 
Child Elizabeth R. house HoUis, c. Washington 
Child Geo. H. boards 18 Havward nlace 
Child Henry D. boards U. S. Hotel [735 Wash. 
Child Isaac, clerk at Boston Locomotive Works, b. 
Child John, sail maker, 12 Com'l, h. at Dorchester 
Child Jonas D. & Co. produce, under the S. Market, 

house at lloxbury 
Child {Joseph) & Crocker {R. J.), sail makers, 2 

N, Market, house 31 Salem 
Child Mary, nurse, house 3 Oliver pi. 
Child N. K. house 58 Orange 
Child Richard D. 195 Wash. h. at Charlestown 
Child Stephen & Son {S. F.), wood, coal, and sand, 
Har. av. n. bridge, h. Washington, c. Garland 
Child Stephen F. {S. Child S<; Son), bds. Washing- 
ton, c. Garland 
Child Susan, house 52 Belknap [h. at Roxbury 
Child Thomas, weigher and gauger, 12 Long wf. 
Child Thomas H. weigher and gauger, 34 Commer- 
cial wharf, house at Roxburv [Lucas place 
Child William A. {White S,- C.),h. Emerald, cor. 
Child Wm. C. findings, &c. N. E. block, Clinton, 

house rear -35 Prince 
Childs Albert, 4 Broad, house at Roxburv 
Childs Alfred A. gilder, 35 Wash. h. 62 Allen 
Childs A. B, dentist, 127 Court, b. 3 Franklin 
Childs Betsey Mrs. house 37 Tyler 
Childs Francis E. sign and banner painter, 27 Dock 

square, house at Chelsea 
Childs James, shoe maker, house 6 Henchman lane 
Childs John L. clerk, boards City Hotel 
Childs Luke C. 69 Water, h. at Cambridge 
Childs {Nathaniel R), Hills {Ellery), & Rising 
{D. B), shoes and leather, 4 Broad, house at 
Childs Ann, widow of Noah, h. 4 Spring st. ct. 
Chilson {Gardner), Dunklee {B. IF.), ^& Co. {F. 
L. Gould), stoves and hot air furnaces, 51 & 
53 Blackstone, house 1 Chilson place 
Chipman Charles, mason, house 4 North Bennet 
Chipman Ebenezer, fish, house F, near Fifth 
Chipman George W. dry goods, 82, 84, and 86 

Hanover, house 4 Vernon 
Chipman Joseph, hatter, 5 Ann, house 12 Gouch 
Chipman Nathaniel A. oysters, 71 Fourth, h. do. 
Chipman Norman {Scudder, C. ^ Co.), b. East. Ex. 
Chipman T. G. ag't N. Bedford" Oil Co. 4 Boylston 
Chipman Thos. G. tinsmith, house 54 Hudson 
Chipman Walter, 35 Commercial wf. h. 24 Pearl 
Chipman W. H. carpenter, 6 Richmond 
Chippendale James, cutler, h. 28 Stillman 
Chisholm Francis, brass finisher, h. 7 Bridge 
Chisholm John B. printer, 5 Water, h. 2 Dix place 
Chism Alexander, blacksmith, house 7 Rochester 
Chism Daniel, harness maker, b. 2 E. Orange 


Chism Mary, house 24 Oxford 
Chism Samuel, printer, 3 Cornhill, b. 5 Marion 
Chittenden Chas. gas fitter, 102 Wash. h. at Chelsea 
Chittenden Charles J. caulker, house Athens, n. F 
Chittick William, laborer, house 23 Vine 
I Choate Caroline Miss, bds. 1 Tileston 
Choate Dudley, chain factory. Silver, near E 
Choate E. & Co. {Z. Cogswell), carpeting, 58 Han- 
over, house 36 Vine 
Choate Elbridge G. ship carpenter, h. 4 Dillaway pi. 
Choate Elisha, boot maker, house 33 Chambers 
Choate Francis, house 14 Barton 
Choate Frederick W. counsellor, 23 Court 
Choate J. L. 34 Ann, Oak Hall, bds. 3 Lowell 
Choate Melinda, female physician, 14 Barton 
Choate Rufus, counsellor, 7 1-2 Tremont row, h. 

3 Winthrop place 
Choate Thomas M. chair maker, h. 26 Blossom 
Choate (IFwj. T.) & Flanders (/oAw), shoe manu- 
factory, 29 N. Market [Roxbury 
Chorley John, book keeper, North Bank, house at 
Chrader John, machinist, h. Fifth, near B 
Christian Alexander {T. &; A. Christiati), b. 49 Sea 
Christian Jane, house rear 17 Lincoln 
Christian John, ship\vright, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Christian T. & A. dry goods, 391 Wash. h. 49 Sea 
Christiansen Andrew, hose maker, B. & W. car- 
shop, house at Dorchester 
Christie Alexander, laborer, house 15 Lincoln 
Christie Jane, house Theatre alley 
Christopher John, machinist, h. 4 Rochester 
Christy Roland, carpenter, house 2 Eaton court 
Christy Thomas S. 25 Court, bds. 95 Summer 
Chubbuck Levi, tinman, house 20 Oxford 
Church's Express, 9 Elm 
Church A. 16 Pleasant street court 
Church Alonzo, plane maker, h. 11 Dover place 
Church Asa, grocer, Cooper, c. Endicot, house 20 
Cooper [Hudson 
Church Daniel, clerk, 9 Merchants' Ex. h. 13 
Church Francis B. h. 13 Gridley [h. 4 W. Orange 
Church Frederick L. book keeper, Boylston Bank, 
Church Isaac S. book keeper, Boston and Sandw'h 

Glass Co. Federal, h. 4 West Orange 
Church Jas. W. {Nichols, Irish &; Co.), b. 2o Church 
Church James W. house 25 Stillman 
Church Mary, widow, h. 4 Bridge street court 
Church Moses, bds. 13 Hudson 
Church Pharcellus Rev. house 14 Crescent place 
Church Samuel, type caster, h. 28 Grove 
Church Samuel D. book keeper, h. 19 Indiana pi. 
Church Sarah Mrs. h. 5 Ashbvirton place 
Church S. M. laborer, h. Holden place 
Church Susan, house 28 Grove 
Churchill Asaph, bds. 3 Marshall place 
Churchill Charles, mason, h. r. 37 Belknap 
Churchill George, night police, bds. 8 Hartford pi. 
Churchill Hiram & Co. provisions, North End 

block, house 3 Marshall place 
Churchill James C. refreshments, Travers, corner 
Charlestown, house do. [E. B. 

Churchill James jSI. machinist, h. Bessom court, 
Churchill Joseph !McKean, counsellor, 1 Devon- 
shire, house at Milton 
Churchill Matthew, toll gatherer, h. Milldam 
Churchill Otis, cooper and fish dealer, 35 & 55 

Long wf. h. 5 High street place 
Churchill Peleg, jr. 30 Long wf. h. 35 Beach 
Chiu-chill Thomas, laborer, house 8 Indiana 
Churchill William, fish, &c. 30 Long wf. house at 
Brookline [at Roxbury 

Churchill William F., City Market, Brattle, house 
Churchill Wm. 2d, apothecarv, Har. av. c. Beach 
Churchill Wm. W. book keeper, 16 Milk, bds. 11 

Churchwell Frank, laborer, h. rear 4 Southac 
Chyne William, machinist, h. Silver, n. B 
Cilley Asa B. blacksmith, h. Third, n. Dorchester 
Cilley John B. clerk, h. 4 Spring street court 
Claflen James S. painter, Broadway, near K 



Claflin Eliza, seamstress, house 15 Hamburg 
Claflin (Henry) & Saville (i?. L.), grocers, 8 S. 

Market, house at Newton 
Claflin Lee, boots, hides, and leather, 17 & 19 Shoe 

and Leather, house at Hopkinton 
Claflin Thomas J., O. C. Depot, house Curve 
Claflin Wm. leather, 17 Shoe and Leather, house 

at Hopkinton [opp- Baldwin pi. 

Claflin Wm. H. bonnet manuf. 67 Milk, h. Salem, 
Clancey Richard, laborer, h. near Lewis, E. B. 
Clancy Albert, printer, bds. 4 Beach 
Clancy James, 223 Hanover 
Clap Edmund W. 19 Citv wf. h. at Walpole 
Clap Geo. M. clerk at B. & Wor. R. R. h. at Newton 
Clap James, book keeper at Kittredge & Blakes', 

Brattle, h. at Roxbuiy 
Clap Samuel G. {Foster, Doane <Sf Co.), house at 

Clapp Albert, turner, house 745 "Washington 
Clapp Amos C. printer, house 109 Hudson 
Clapp Artemas, composition roofer, h. 10 Lynde 
Clapp Asahel {Giimore &: C), h. at Dorchester 
Clapp Benjamin, cooper, Richmond, near Fulton, 

house 79 Prince [Union 

Clapp (Caleb) & Clark (^4. J.), paper hangers, 21 
Clapp Charles C. machinist, bds. 18 Dover place 
Clapp C. W. pub. Evening Gaz. 9 Old State House 
Clapp David, printer, over 184 Wash. h. F, n. 4th 
Clapp Deborah, widow, house 123 Pleasant 
Clapp Derastus, police officer, city marshal's office, 

Citv Hall, h. 24 Hudson [h. at Dorchester 

Clapp fiben. jr. books and stationery, 184 Wash. 
Clapp Edward, mason, house Hudson, c. Oak 
Clapp Frederick (D. Cummings 4' Co.), house at 

Cambridgeport [Cambridgeport 

Clapp Frederick, jr. shoes, 46 Cambridge, boards at 
Clapp Geo. G. grocer, Lowell, e. Cotting,h. 12 Derne 
Clapp George G. clerk, 124 Wash. bds. 18 Sheafe 
Clapp George P. (Motley i5f C), house 31 Grove 
Clapp George W. jeweller, 4 Court av. h. 5 Groton 
Clapp Henry B. currier, 62 Fulton, h. Hudson, c. 

Clapp Isaac P. tailor, house 45 B, near Fourth 
Clapp James, mason, house 56 Chambers 
Clapp James, captain, h. 6 N. Hudson 
Clapp James B. 28 Cornhill, bds. 5 Central court 
Clapp J. B. & Son (J. W. Clapp), hoxise and land 

brokers, Portland, cor. Sudbury, h. 12 Derne 
Clapp J. Gardner, (Ciishinq ^ C), h. 2 Indiana pi. 
Clapp James H. clerk, 29 State, bds. 686 Wash. 
Clapp John C. (Leiois &; C.),h. 12 Oak [Dedham 
Clapp John D. (Capen '&: Co.), 220 Broad, house at 
Clapp John Ives, (IF. ^ S. Phipps 4, Co.), boards 

Tremont Hoiise 
Clapp Jotham, clerk, bds. 56 Chambers 
Clapp J. W. (J. B. &: Son), boards 12 Derne 
Clapp Lucretia, widow, house rear Maiden 
Clapp Luther, turner, 4 Albany, bds. 76 Tremont 
Clapp Maria C. teacher, boards 12 Derne 
Clapp Mary F. widow, house 32 Pleasant 
Clapp Nathaniel, house 42 Oak 
Clapp Nathaniel, blacksmith, h. Silver, near E 
Clapp Otis, book store, 23 School, h. 44 Charles 
Clapp Samuel, jr. W. I. goods, 747 Wash. h. 745 do. 
Clapp Seth E. tailor, house 1 Lindall place 
Clapp S. R. piano-forte maker, h. 2 Hayward pi. 
Clapp Warren, at E. E. Watkins' fish house, Fiist, 

corner K 
Clapp Washington, printer, house 111 Salem 
Clapp William & Co. thread store, 307 Washington, 

bds. Adams House 
Clapp William, caulker, hoiise 240 Hanover 
Clapp William, grocer, 112 Pleasant, h. 123 do. 
Clapp William W. 144 Wash. bds. U. S. Hotel 
Clapp Wm. W. jr. pub. Eve. Gaz. 9 O. State House 
Clark & Co. 4 freniont Temple 
Clark Abigail C. nurse, house 13 Hawkins 
Clark Abigail N. Mrs. 61 Temple 
Clark A. G. carpenter, h. 1 Quiet place 
Clark A. F. teamster, house May st. ct. 

Clark Albert E. laborer, house 17 Barton [ct. 

Clark Albert P. (Hall, Myrick &; Co.), bds. 3 Central 
Clark Alexander, carpenter, Kneeland, c. Hudson, 

house 28 Fayette 
Clark Alexander, boarding, 15 North square 
Clmk (Alva IF.) & Linscott (/o/iw),hats, IN.Mkt. 
Clark Alvan, artist, 15 Tremont row, h. at Camb. 
Clark Andrew, laborer, h. 8 Southac court 
Clark Andrew J. (Clapp ^ C), 21 Union, b. 26 Ann 
Clark Andrew P. pub. Real Estate Advertiser, 114 

Court, house at Cambridge 
Clark Atkins A. trunk maker, 15 School, and 30 

Elm, house at Jamaica plain 
Clark A. F. hair dresser, 14 School, h. 12 Belknap 
Clark Appleton P. ink and varnish, b. 826 Wash. 
Clark Augustus, carpenter, house 32 Piedmont 
Clark Benjamin, carpenter, h. 12 Wheeler's court 
Clark Benjamin, housewright, 5 Bartlett 
Clark Bridget, millinery, 24 Merrimac, h. do. 
Clark B. C. & Co. (G. C. Nazro), merchants, 63 

Commercial wf. h. 36 Beacon 
Clark B. M. & Co. (J. Clark, J. Brown, & M. M. 

P^V/ort), painters, 71 Broad, h. at Charlestown 
Clark C. tailor, boards 9 Brattle square 
Clark Calvin W. house 1 Kingston 
Clark Catherine, widow, h. 12 S. Margin 
Clark Catherine A. widow, house 261 Tremont 
Clark Charles, clerk, bds. 34 Portland 
Clark Charles, carpenter, bds. 8 Green 
Clark Charles, engineer, h. 45 Warren 
Clark Charles, 24 State 

Clark Charles H. safe maker, h. 5 E. Dedham 
Clark Charles S. cooper, house 32 Snowhill 
Clark Charles S. h. 1 Jefi'erson place , 

Clark Chauncey, Custom House, h. 52 1-2 Essex 
Clark Chestina E. teacher, b. 9 Blanche court 
Clark Christiana Mrs. house 29 Kingston 
Clark Cyrus T. painter, bds. 13 Cooper 
Clark Cyrus T. painter, 8 Devonshue 
Clark Daniel, blacksmith, bds. 88 Turnpike 
Clark Daniel, carpenter, house 13 Hawkins 
Clark Daniel, turner, 8 Beach, h. 42 Oak [Oak 
Clark David G. baggage master O. C. R. R. b. 15 
Clark David W. housewright, 32 Tyler, house 34 

Clark Edward, currier, 17 Ferry, bds. 2 Arch place 
Clsiik (Edicard D.) & Hatch (Samuel), auction- 
eers, 10 Water, house 8 Allston [Tremont 
Clark Edward S. coach and chaise maker, h. 261 
Clark Edwin, clerk, boards 6 Channing 
Clark Elijah, jr. house 15 Morton place 
Clark Elisha. carpenter, house 261 Tremont 
Clark E. P. cashier N. England Bank 
Clark Elizabeth, millinery, 393 Wash. [Myrtle 
Clark Francis, provisions, 38 Bowdoin, house 16 
Clark Francis, brakeman 13. & P. R. R. house 1 

Pleasant street court 
Clark Frederick F. painter, h. 15 E. Orange 
Clark George, mail agent, house Saratoga, E. B. 
Clark George A. 40 S. Market, h. at Somerville 
Clark George H. milkman, bds. 24 Thacher [hill 
Clark Geo. L. paper hanger, 12 Union, h. 19 Snow- 
Clark Geo. S. machinist, h. W. Dedham, n. Wash. 
Clark George W. laborer, house 7 Belknap 
Clark George W. printer, h. 14 1-2 Favette 
Clark Gilbert, 102 Milk, house 40 Warren 
Clark Hannah Mrs. boarding, 67 Friend 
Clark Henry, notary pub. 24 State, h. 67 Salem 
Clark Henry, painter, house Sumner, E. B. 
Clark Henry B. book keeper, bds. 11 Elm 
Clark Henry G. physician, 67 Salem 
Clark Henry N. house 16 Harrison avenue 
Clark Isaac, clerk, house 10 Florence 
Clark Isaac P. ink manuf. 113 Wash. h. 10 Florence 
Clark Jacob A. machinist, h. r. Havre, E. B. 
Clark James, carpenter, bds. 9 Nashua 
Clark James, insurance, 17 State, h. 13 Ashland 
Clark James, braider, bds. 6 Billerica [town 

Clark James (B. M. Clark &; Co.), h. at Charles- 
Clark James, teamster, h. 44 N. Mai-gin 



Clark Jas. mariner, house Maiden, opp. Maiden pi. 
Clark James F. clerk, 8 Court [142 Hanover 

Clark James, jr. pump and block maker, h. 3 rear 
Clark {James M.) & Marble {F.), proprietors Ful- 
ton House, Cross, corner Fulton 
Clark James W. carpenter, house 2 Indiana 
Clark {James W.), Sweet {Aaron), & Co. (S. P. 
Farritigton), commission merchants, 102 Milk, 
house at Framingham 
Clark John, boards 6 Oxford 

Clark John, president of Equitable Safety Insur- 
ance Co. house 19 Louisburgh square 
Clark John, treas. Great Falls Manuf. Co. 47 State 
Clark John, 10 Congress 
Clark John, laborer, house Cottage. E. B. 
Clark John, paper hanger, bds. 4 Strong place 
Clark John, tobacconist, 50 North Market, house 

at Cambridge 
Clark J. B. piano-forte maker, h. 2 Lowell place 
Clark John B. .53 Milk, bds. 3 Otis place 
Clark John E. bonnet presser. 147 Washington 
Clark {Jo/mMA, Bingham (C. R.), & Co. (O. A. 
BiiKjham), com. merchants, 4 & 6 Chatham 
row, boards 106 Court 
Clark John S. stabler. Deacon, house at Lynn 
Clark John S. trunk maker, house 27 Bri Ige 
Clark John T. clerk, 59 Broad, b. Bromfield House 
Clark J. Theodore, clerk Equitable Safety Insur- 
ance Co. house at Roxbury 
Clark John Willard, house 16 Andover 
Clark Jonas, cabinet maker, bds. 6 BiUerica 
Clark Jonas W. clothing, 18 Brattle, h. May, n. W. 

Clark Joseph, carpenter, h. 9 Wheeler's court 
Clark Joseph, h. S. Suffolk, near Briggs place 
Clark Joseph, pump and block maker, 33 Fulton, 

house 7-5 Dover 
Clark Joseph D. printer, house 7 Albion 
Clark Joseph E. plate printer, b. 2 Mt. Vernon av. 
Clark Joseph G. salesman, 154 Wash. b. 110 Court 
Clark Joseph H. provisions, Hudson, c. Oak, h. 2 

Lowell court 
Clark Joseph J. 16 N. Market, bds. 94 Salem 
Clark Joseph J., Indian medicines, 51 1-2 Hanover, 

house 33 Stillraan 
Clark Joseph S. Rev. 28 Cornhill, h. at Newton 
Clark Joseph W. & Co. {L. C. Clark, A. W. Spen- 
cer), brokers, 24 State, house at Dedham 
Clark Joseph W. captain, h. 5 Washington court 
Clark J. A. Mrs. dress maker, 27 Kneeland 
Clark Leister M. {Pierce, Clark, S; Reed), boards 8 

Bultinch place 
Clark Lemuel, La Grange Hotel, 17 Union 
Clark Lemuel, trunk maker, house 28 Billeriea 
Clark Lemuel C. clerk, house 10 Florence 
Clark Lot {Mea7is iSc C), h. at Savin Hill, Dorch'r 
Clark Luther, physician, house 37 Pinckuey 
Clark Malachi, teamster, house 107 Ann 
Clark Marcus, housewright, h. Athens, near F 
Clark Marshall A. hair dresser, 67 Blackstone 
Clark Marv, widow of Joseph E. house 55 High 
Clark Matthew, Citv Market, Brattle, h. at Roxb'y 
Clark Metcalf B. silversmith, 4 Harvard pi. house 

26 Chambers 
Clark Moses, basement Court House, h. 1 Bridge 
Clark Moses, grain, Har. av. h. 504 Washington 
Clark M. D. Mrs. millinery, 198 Washington 
Clark Nancy, nurse, house 19 Friend 
Clark {Nathan) & Wilder (C. J.), provisions, 112 
Court, house 46 South Russell [183 Hanover 
Clark Nathan, shipping office, 102 Commercial, h. 
Clark Nath'l, printer, 8 Congress, h. 59 Allen 
Clark O. R. (S.cvH. Cutter .s Co.), h. at S. Woburn 
Clark Oren T. clerk United States Hotel 
Clark Patrick, tailor, house 67 Salem 
Clark Patrick, laborer, house Silver, near A 
Clark Peter, house 80 Hudson 
Clark Peter, house 5 Southac 
Clark Philip, carpenter, h. Doherty ct. E. B. 
Clark Richard, clerk, boards 9 Sudbury 

Clark Samuel, musician, house 3 Milton 
Clark Samuel, teamster, boards E. Dedham 
Clark Samuel B. carpenter, h. F, near Fifth 
Clark Sarah, widow, house Cross, E. B. 
Clark Septimus, currier, 26 Ann, house 4 Genesee 
Clark Simpson, house 9 Blanche court 
Clark Stephen, moulder, h. Silver, n. A [43 High 
Clark Stephen H. clothing, 1 India wf. c. Broad, h. 
Clark Stillman, 3^ Commercial 
Clark Susan, dress maker, house 37 South Russell 
Clark Thacher, jr. {Atkins, Weld, S)- Co.), h. Web- 
ster, E. B. 
Clark Theron E. com. merchant, 12 Commercial 
Clark Thomas, blacksmith, house 42 Endicot 
Clark Thomas, jr. teamster, boards 45 Oak 
Clark Thomas E. machinist, boards 18 Dover pi. 
Clark Thomas M. Rev. house 4 Kingston 
Clark Thomas R. optician, liouse 2 Spear place 
Clark Thomas W. W. miller, h. 2 Paris pi. E. B. 
Clark Timothy, blacksmith, house 33 Curve 
Clark Uriel, thread and trimmings, 291 Wash. 
Clark William, carpenter, house 3 Staniford place 
Clark William, painter, house 5 Lowell court 
Clark William, painter, boards 6 Billeriea 
Clark William, laborer, house rear 3S Charter 
Clark William, cooper, boards 12 Sea 
Clark William, house 14 Rochester 
Clark Wm., Thomsonian Infirmary 80 and 82 Carv'r 
Clark Wm. provisions, 33 Bowdoin, h. 138 Court 
Clark William, umbrella maker, house 4 Butolph 
Clark Wm. F. office Sec. State, h. at Cambridge 
Clark Wm. H. clerk at Hanover House 
Clark William L. 10 Water, boards 10 Allston 
Clark ( Wm. R.) & Jones ( Thomas J.), W. I. goods, 

Fort Hill wharf, house at Dorchester 
Clark William T. clerk, boards 132 Hanover 
Clarke Charles, 24 State, b. 1 Thacher, c. Prince 
Clarke Clinton {Bryant ^ C), house at Brookline 
Clarke Dorus, editor and' publisher Christian Alli- 
ance, 141 Washington, house at Newton 
Clarke Edward H. physician, 2 Harrison avenue 
Clarke Edwin R. boards Revere House 
Clarke Henry M. private Sec. at the Cust. House 
Clarke Henr> W. 87 Milk 

Clarke James Freeman Rev. house 58 Pinckney 
Clarke John, watch maker, 607 Washington 
Clarke John & Son {John, jr.), plumbers, 118 

Court, house at Brookline 
Clarke John, jr. {J. Clarke ^ Son), 118 Court 
Clarke John D. dentist, 274' Wash. b. 5 Columbia 
Clarke John J. (/. /. ^ M. S. Clarke), counsellors, 

27 State, house at Roxbury 
Clarke John Milton, lecturer, 16 Brattle 
Clarke Manlius S. {J. J. &; M. S. Clarke), 27 State, 

house Suffolk, opp. Blackstone square 
Clarke Rumsey {Pond <Sr C), h. at Charlestown 
Clarke Sarah, house Thacher, corner Prince 
Clarke Thomas, hats, &c. 46 North Market, boards 
8 Sullivan place [court 

Clarke Wm. painter, 11 Railroad bl'k, h. 5 Lowell 
Clarke William F. captain, house 7 Hull 
Clarke Wm. F. jr. clerk, 15 Dock sq. h. 7 Hull 
Clary Anna, house 1 Wilberforce place 
Clary Henry D. clerk. Custom H. h. 42 Chambers 
Clary John, machinist, h. 73 A, c. Third 
Clary Joseph W. coal and wood wf. foot Allen, h. 

21 North Russell 
Clary Mary, widow, house 26 Williams court 
Clary Patrick, laborer, house Everett, E. B. 
Clary Thomas, laborer, rear 93 Purchase 
Clary Timothy, laborer, house 2 Gouch 
Clash Jos. F. hair dresser, 150 Ann, h. 4 Southac 
Classen C. F. house 47 Dover 
Classen Elias, watch maker, house rear 2 Mason 
Classen Wm. W. mast maker, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Clawson Henry, boards Atlantic House 
Claverlv Azubiah, widow, h. 2 Quincv place 
Clav H; T. & Co. lumber, Tirrell's wf. h. Har. av. 
Clay Henry ( Walter Pitts «Sr Co.), h. at Camb'dgep't 
Clay Jane L. dress maker, boards 25 Kneeland 



Clay Lucy Mrs. house Fifth, near N 
Clay Thomas, blacksmith, h. r. Fourth, n. bridge 
Clear Ann, widow, h. Wash. av. c. Purchase 
Clear Francis, laborer, house 5 Graphic ct. 
Clear Michael, laborer, 14 Washington square 
Clear Richard, wood. Constitution wf. h. Wash. sq. 
Clear Vincent, locksmith, 8 Court avenue 
Cleary Geo. T. {Cleary cV Brother), b. 6 Lowell ct. 
Cleary Henry, printer, boards 6 Lowell court 
Cleary John, laborer, house Havre, E. B. 
Cleary (John) & Brother {Geo. T.), W. I. goods, 

coal and wood, 637 Washington 
Cleary Lawrence Mrs. house 2 Hamilton court 
Cleary Lawrence, plasterer, house 8 Norfolk pi. 
Cleary Mary Ann, widow, house 6 Lowell ct. 
Cleary Maurice, tailor, house 19 Wash, square 
Cleary Michael, clerk, house 6 Fleet 
Cleary Wm. cordwainer, boards 6 Lowell ct. 
Cleary Wm. laborer, house 103 Ann 
Cleasby Ezekiel, house 5 Norfolk place 
Cleasby Jos. watchman, h. Athens, r. Hawes Sch'l 
Cleaveland Chas. D. physician, 4-5 Har. av. [bridge 
Cleaves Chas. mach'st. Causeway, c. Fr. h. 47 Cam- 
Cleaves Edwin, locksmith, 4 Washington 
Cleaves Joshua, book keeper, 10 Milk [h. at Salem 
Cleaves Nathaniel, weigher and gauger, 31 India, 
Cleland {Samuel) & Day (W. H.), com. mer. 26 S. 

Market, house at Chelsea 
Clemans E. D. job wagon, house 9 London 
Clemans Isaac T. house 23 Myrtle 
Clement (Cynw), Wetherbee"(.V.),& Co. {E. Le- 

land), clothing, 47 Ann, house at Chelsea 
Clement Dolly M. dress maker, 146 Court 
Clement Jacob S. blacksmith, house 3 Bay 
Clement {J. S.), Salisbury {I)., Waldo), k Co. dry 

goods, 92 Milk, boards Pearl st. House 
Clement Jerem'h, W. I. goods, 805 Wash. h. 846 do. 
Clement John, shipwright, h. r. 23 Spring 
Clement Philip S. oysters, 3 Cornhillsq. house do. 
Clement R. {D. R. Everett ^ Co.), h. at Billerica 
Clement Theodore, shoes, -54 Hanover 
Clemford John H. rigger, house 230 Hanover 
Cleveland Chas. Rev. city miss'y, h. 14 Purchase 
Cleveland Elisha J. {Na'son 6; C), h. Border, E. B. 
Cleveland Henry J. printer, b. 204 Hanover 
Cleveland W. A. mercantile agency, 8 Merchants' 

Exchange, residence New York 
Cleverly Asa P. Rev. h. Mt. Vernon, cor. Beacon 
Cliff James, oysters, 52 Turnpike, h. Payson ct. 
Cliff Mary Mrs. house Payson court 
Clifford Francis, truckman, h. Andover court 
Cliflbrd Frank, laborer, house 104 Broad 
Clifford Granville, currier, 57 Fulton 
Clifford Ira F. machinist, boards 38 Lincoln 
Clifford John H. plumber, 20 Dover, h. 4 Fort av. 
Clifford John T. carpenter, house 13 W. Centre 
Clifford Mehitable, widow, h. Meridian, E. B. 
Clifford Samuel W., West India goods, 404 Com- 
mercial, house at Roxbury 
Clifford Willard, truckman, house 318 Fourth 
Clifford Woodbury, carpenter, boards 7 Province 

House court 
Clifton Theodore E. clerk, boards 26 High 
Clinch Joseph Rev. house 308 Broadway, near F 
Clinch Thomas, laborer, house 5 Thacher court 
Cline Anthony, boarding, 35 Pitts 
CHne James H. reporter, Havre, E. B. 
Cline William, cabinet maker, house 7 Groton 
Clinkard Henry R. {Whule «Sf C), h. at Chelsea 
Clinkard {Martin L.) & Fenlee {Georcje), riggers. 

Commercial wharf, house at Chelsea 
Cloak John, shoo maker, house rear 6 Brighton 
Clona John, carpenter, house 1 Belmont 
Cloney Thomas, blacksmith, house 119 Purchase 
Close Emery {Luzariler ^ C), h. Athens, near C 
Clones Aaron R. grocer, Webster, corner Orleans, 

house Webster. E. B. 
Cloues Jacob, sail maker, house Commercial place 
Clough Abby, seamstress, house 57 1-2 Eliot 
Clough Alexander, boards 20 Harvard 

Clough John, dentist, 9 Tremont Temple, house at 

Clough John P. printer, house 2 Cotting court 
Clough Samuel, covered hats, 4 India wharf, house 

7 Endicot court 
Clough Samuel, housewright, house 4 Cruft place 
Clough Willard. constable, house 97 Tremont 
Clough William E. boards 97 Tremont 
Cloughcr Jolin, house 3 Haven 
Clougton William, carpenter, house 42 S. Russell 
Clouston Amelia W. widow of John, h. 33 Grove 
Clouston Robert H. housewright, Bradford, house 

1 Ringgold 
Cloutman Alvah, watchman, b. opp. 54 Kneeland 
Cloutman Benj. cabinet maker, h. 10 Lindall place 
Cloutman Daniel S. watchman, h. rear 117 Essex 
Cloutman James D. laborer, house 56 1-2 Hanover 
Cloutman John S. painter, 190 Washington, house 

9 Seaver place 
Cluer John C. lecturer, house 4 Lindall place 
Coachman J. C. boards Ilarr. av. corner Beach 
Coale Wm. Edward, physician, 17 Cambridge 
Coakley Thomas, laborer, house 212 Broad 
Coates Benj. C. {George iv C), house 8 Albion 
Cobb Albert A. 9 Fulton, h. 21 Harrison avenue 
Cobb Baxter {Buttrick &; C), house at Abington 
Cobb C. C. fish and oysters, 28 Derne 
Cobb Charles D. grocer, 54 Cambridge, b. 52 1-2 do. 
Cobb Cyrus W. cabinet maker, h. 9 Eaton court 
Cobb David, house 4 Federal 
Cobb Edward, boards 3 Fruit street court 
Cobb Elbridge G. laborer, h. Suffolk, cor. Lenox 
Cobb Elbridge G. blacksmith, h. Webster, E. B. 
Cobb Elijah {Hitchcock, Cobb A" Wiiislow), boards 

6 Bowdoin square 

Cobb Elijah W. 10 India, boards 6 Bowdoin sq. 
Cobb Frederick W. threads, &c. 409 Washington, 

boards 4 Kneeland 
Cobb Henry, clerk, boards 52 1-2 Cambridge 
Cobb Henry & Co. {B. Argyras), shoes and leather, 

7 & 9 Fulton, h. 21 Har. av. [Pearl st. House 
Cobb J. James, com. merchant, 18 City wharf, bds. 
Cobb Margaret Mrs. house 7 Bennet 

Cobb Martha E. dress maker, house 7 Bennet 
Cobb Matthew, merchant, 4 Central wharf, house 

34 Washington square 
Cobb M. G. {Dana ^ C), house at Charlestown 
Cobb Robert, housewriglit, house Canton st. ct. 
Cobb Samuel C. {Cunninghams if C), b. 91 Summer 
Cobb Samuel T. printer, 40 Cornhill, house 2 Bel- 
mont square, E. B. 
Cobb Stephen, house .38 Green 
Cobb Sylvanus Rev. editor Christian Freeman, 40 

Cornhill, h. Belmont sq. corner Webster [sq. 
Cobb Sylvanus, jr. ed. Washington'n, h. 2 Belmont 
Cobbett R. C. widow, house Commercial court 
Cobin James, blacksmith, house 83 Prince 
Coburn Caleb, W. I. goods, 26 Foster's wharf, h. at 

Dorchester [Spring 

Coburn Charles, boots and shoes, 55 Court, house 5 
Coburn Daniel J. deputy sheriff, 5 Court sq. h. 22 

Leveret, opp. Lynran place [h. r. 6 Hawkins 

Coburn Ethan N. cortin manufacturer, 16 Sudbury, 
Coburn Geo. W. 88 Milk, bds. 2 Head place 
Coburn Henry R. lard oil, 29 India, h. at Chelsea 
Coburn James F. printer, house 111 Chambers 
Coburn James F. jr. shoe maker, 13 Salem, house 

98 Endicot [corner Southtic 

Coburn John P. clothing, 24 Brattle, h. Butolph, 
Coburn Joseph D. 5 Court square, h. 22 Leveret 
Coburn Joseph W. mason, house 4 Morton court 
Coburn Maria B. widow, house 238 Tremont 
Coburn {S. D.) & Boyden (IF. .S.), junk & stoves, 

38 Cross, house 8 Prospect 
Coburn Washington L. clerk, boards 8 Prospect 
Coburn William H. printer, boards 8 Prospect 
Cochran Daniel, laborer, h. South, near Harvard 
Cochran Daniel, laborer, house 11 Essex place 
Cochran John, laborer, boards 4 Sweetser court 
Cochran Joseph F. {Kihbe Sg C), Victory Hall 



Cochran, {L. H. M.) Cole (C. D.), & Co. pub- 
lishers Odd Fellow, 66 Cornhill, h. at North 
Cochran Michael, carpenter, house 37 Oneida 
Cochran Michael, house 3 Erie 
Cochran Milton, 4 Court square 
Cochran Samuel Q. & Co. {Thomas IV. Robinson), 

wine dealers, 30 Congress 
Cochran Simon, laborer, house 3 Fleet 
Cochran William, laborer, house rear 183 Sea 
Cochrane Gerry W. (Emerson, C. ^ Co.), 70 Pearl 
Cochrane W. A. 125 Milk 

Cockayne Abigail H. boarding house, 2 W. Centre 
Cocklin William, laborer, house 164 Purchase 
Codding David N. moulder, b. 10 Winthrop, E. B. 
Coddington Edward, printer, house lo S. Cedar 
Codman Benjamin S. dentist, house 484 Wash. 
Codman Edward & Co. {John Broo/cs Parker), 

wines, 95 State, house 59 Beacon 
Codman Francis, boards 34 Boylston 
Codman Henry, counsellor, 40 State, h. at Roxbury 
Codman John, counsellor, 4 Court, h. 41 Chesnut 
Codman John Amory, artist, 8 Araorj' Hall, house 
at Roxbury [Dorchester 

Codman Robert, counsellor, 46 Court, house at 
Codman Stephen, 7 India wharf, h. 1 Hamilton pi. 
Codman Susan, widow of William, h. 41 Chesnut 
Codman AVillard W. dentist, house 33 Boylston 
Codman William C. merchant, 46 Central wharf, 

house at Dorchester 
Cody Edward, brass founder, Curve, h. 15 London 
Cody Thomas, boards 16 East 
Cody Thos. A. at B. & W. freight depot, b. 19 Oak 
Coe John E. book keeper Marlboro' Hotel 
Coe Richard C. clerk, 1 Museum building, Tremont 
Coe Samuel R. lodging, 192 and 194 Ann 
Coe William, painter, house Bolton, near B 
Coflfee Andrew, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Coffee John, laborer, h. 15 Bartlett 
Coffee John, laborer, h. 23 Washington avenue 
Coffee John, waiter, h. 20 Hamilton 
Coffee John, piano-forte maker, h. 9 Camden 
Coffee Michael, laborer, h. 80 Kneeland 
Coffee Patrick, house Gold, corner A 
Coffee Thomas, laborer, h. on Howe's wharf 
Coffey Patrick, laborer, 19 Washington avenue 
Coffin Aaron, carpenter, Tremont road, house 46 

Coffin A. Bigelow, 105 State, bds. 49 Essex 
Coffin Abel H. book keeper, 4 Lewis wharf, house 

at Charlestowu 
Coffin Ann, nurse, house 29 Grove 
Coffin Charles H. com. raer. 1 City wharf 
Coffin David, hatter, boards 28 Nashua 
Coffin Galen, {R/'x cV Co.), b. 101 Pleasant 
Coffin Gardner S. locksmith and blacksmith, 58 

Brattle, house 2 Dix place 
Coffin Geo. B. boards 54 Essex 
Coffin (G. Winthrop) & Weld (J. G.), merchants, 
43 Central wharf, h. Washington, c. Decatur 
Coffin Geo. W. land agent, State House, h. 7 Rowe 
Coffin James H. carpenter, bds. 46 Fayette 
Coffin John L. book keeper, house 58 Essex 
Coffin Joseph M. clerk, h. r. 11 Carver 
Coffin Langdon, broker, 5 Congress square, house 
at Newton corner [28 Nashua 

Coffin Marcus V. housewright, 16 Harvard pi. b. 
Coffin Mary A. L. boarding, h. Orleans, E. B. 
Coffin Nath'l R. butter, cheese, and fruit, 24 Mer- 
chants' row, h. Channing, cor. Sister [Charles 
Coffin N. W. 20 Old State House, h. Boylston, n. 
Coffin Thomas B. housewright, h. 11 Osborn place 
Coffin Thos. M. machinist, 80 Federal, h. 49 Carver 
Coffin Uriah H. housewright, bds. 735 Washington 
Coffin Wm. cashier Columbian Bank, h. Essex pi. 
Coffin Wm. B. secretary Mercantile Marine Insur- 
ance Co. house corner Essex place 
Coffin Wm. E. & Co. {J. H. Coitoti), iron factors, 

105 State, house 23 Edinboro' 
Coffin Wm. S. physician, 115 Court, h. 7 Rowe 

Coffin Z. Erastus, housewright, house Third, be- 
tween C and D 
Coffney John, laborer, house 18 Livingston 
Coffran Joseph, pedler, h. 55 Warren 
Coffren Ariel, grocer, 7 Suffolk, h. 1 Decatur 
Coffren James, teamster, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Cofield John, h. 198 Hanover 
Cofran George, mason, house 2 Gouch place 
Cofran James, teamster, house 8 Commercial 
Cofran James, house 7 Adams 
Cofran Joseph, hackman, b. 18 West 
Cogan William, job wagon, house Second, near B 
Cogan William, laborer, house 11 Battery 
Coggeshall H. E. 80 State 

Coggin Henry, coachman, house 26 Prince [ter 
Coggins Edw. A. varnisher, h. Bolton, n. Dorches- 
Coggins Patrick, laborer, h. rear 10 S. Margin 
Coggins Thomas, tailor, house 9 Williams 
Cogswell Frederick, sail maker, bds. 30 Nashua 
Cogswell James A. 26 Charlestowu 
Cogswell John C. 90 F. H. M. bds. 2 Richmond 
Cogswell Moses P. {Rand if C.) 
Cogswell Robert, painter, h. 97.^ Chambers 
Cogswell Zaccheus {E. Choate i^ Co.), b. 8 Howard 
Cohane Michael, tailor, h. 5 Humphrey place 
Coharn Timothy, laborer, h. Suffolk, o'pp. ch. 
Cohen Simon, 181 Washington, b. 24 Sudbury 
Coigley James, ornamental carver, 505^ Wash- 
ington, h. 29 Beach . 
Coit Daniel T. physician, h. 12 High, n. Summer 
Cokely Catharine, widow, 9 Columbia 
Cokely Patrick, tailor, 4 Clinton 
Cokely Patrick, laborer, house 45 Sea 
Colbath Absolam P. handcartman, h. 81 Prince 
Colbath James, teamster, house Lexington place 
Colbath Mark A. L. truckman, h. 2 Gilman place 
Colbath Relief {Crow/ei/ St; C), 633 Washington 
Colbert Andrew, basket maker, h. Northampton, 

near Harrison avenue 
Colbert John, laborer, h. r. Havre, n. Maverick 
Colbeth John, piano-forte maker, h. W. Dedham, 

cor. Suffolk 
Colburn Ann, house 41 Harrison avenue 
Colburn Charles, laborer, h. New, n. Sumner, E. B. 
Colburn Charles, boards 2 Sewall place 
Colburn Charles M. laborer, h. 1 Chardon street pi. 
Colburn Edward, house 2 Sewall place 
Colburn Frederick, boards 17 Franklin place 
Colburn Gilman White, boards 33 Kneeland 
Colburn Hh-am, hats and caps, 2 City wharf, on 

Commercial, h. 23 Harvard 
Colburn James, boards 20 Beacon [Chambers 

Colburn Jeremiah, hats, 60 Washington, house 50 
Colburn {Joseph) & Howard {John F.), wood and 

coal. Turnpike, near the bridge, house 384 

Colburn Joshua, dry goods, house 2 Sewall place 
Colburn Michael, laborer, house 4 Boylston square 
Colburn Samuel, 8 Water, b. Com'l Coffee House 
Colburn Wm. H. clerk, 70 Commercial, b. Fulton 

Colburn Wm. H. 57 Pearl, boards U. S. Hotel 
Colburn (If 7//;s H.) &. Hall {Geo. O.), flour and 

grain. North Free Bridge, S. B. h. Old Harbor 
Colburn {Willis) &. Hall {Geo. D.), com. mer. 21 

Commercial wharf 
Colby Amos, hats, 10 Com'l, h. 34 Snowhill 
Colby Daniel, pattern maker, house Decatur 
Colby Dorothy, widow, h. 436 Washington [ton 
Colby Gardner, woollen goods, 22 Milk, h. at New- 
Colby George W. hats, caps, 5 Elm, b. 18 Hanover 
Colby Hannah, widow, house Princeton, E. B. 
Colby John, produce, Maverick sq. h. 22 Cross 
Colby Johnson, city messenger, City Hall, house 

23 Prospect 
Colby Luther, printer, boards e.T Myrtle 
Colby M. & Co. furniture, 483 Washington 
Colbv Mary T. nurse, house 6 South Cedar 
Colby Moses L. boot maker, 62 1-2 Myrtle, h. 63 do. 
Colby Nathaniel B. carpenter, house 19 Charter 



Colby Osmond V. boarding, 18 Hanover [Taylor 
Colby Philip N. sash maker, Tremont road, h. 5 
Colby Robert L. counsellor, 47 Court, b. City Hotel 
Colby Ruth, widow of Joseph, house 12 Castle 
Colby Samuel, pilot, h. 17 Sheafe 
Colby Sarah, boarding, house 9 Batterymarch 
Colby Wm. carpenter, boards 11 Dover 
Colby Wm. hats and caps, 47 N. Market, bds. 18 
Hanover ' [avenue 

Colby Wm. B. lightening conductors, h. 2Kennard 
Colcbrd John M. teacher Phillips School 
Colcord John W. teacher, boards 8 Derne 
Colcord Phineas, house Maverick sq. E. B. 
Colcord {Phineas, jr.) & Russell {Amos), ^nnk, 3 

Richmond, h. Sumner, East Boston 
Colcord S. M. {Carter, C, & Preston), h. 66 Myrtle 
Cole Albert, mariner, h. 1 Eaton place 
Cole Albert C. clerk, boards 56 Dover 
Cole Ambrose W. carrier, h. r. 37 Pleasant 
Cole Bethia, widow, house 91 Summer 
Cole Byron {Eaton, Hill, & Co.), bds. 31 Harvard 
Cole Charles, daguerreotypist, 63 Court, b. 27 Oak 
Cole Charles D. "(Coc/trnw, Cole, &, Co.) 
Cole Chase, piano-forte maker, boards 25 Harvard 
Cole Geo. M. wood and coal, Tremont, n. Pleasant, 

house 254 Tremont 
Cole Hirain, house Meridian, E. B. 
Cole Hiram F. 48 Milk, house at East Cambridge 
Cole James, stone mason., boards 26 Ann 
Cole Jeffrey, blacksmith, boards 5 Kellam place 
Cole John, cordwainer, 36 Myrtle 
Cole John S. carpenter, house 12 Oliver place 
Cole Levi, machinist, house 17 Hamburg 
Cole Lucius, carpenter, h. 3 S. May 
Cole Morrill, linseed oil manufacturer, 18 India 

wharf, house Eutaw, c. Meridian 
Cole Oliver, book keeper. Globe Bank, h. 8 Poplar 
Cole Raymond, assistant clerk, Court Common 

Pleas, bds. 8 Fayette 
Cole Reuben H. house 258 Hanover 
Cole Richard, clerk, 1 Museum block, Tremont 
Cole Samuel, jr. carpenter, li. Silver, n. G 
Cole Salathiel, blacksmith, h. 10 Dover 
Cole Seth, printer, h. Barre pi. [at Chelsea 

Cole S. W. editor N. E. Farmer, Quincy Hall, h. 
Cole Thomas, laborer, Washing, ave. c. Purchase 
Cole William, laborer, h. 20 Wash. sq. 
Cole William, h. Suttblk, opp. Blackstone sq. 
Cole Winslow, cooper, house 64 Carver 
Coleman Charles, laborer, h. opp. 1 Hamburg 
Coleman David T. stevedore, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Coleman Edward, machinist, b. 228 Harr. ave. 
Coleman Edward, stevedore, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Coleman Elijah J. housewright, h. I, near First 
Coleman Elisha P. clerk, 92 Hanover, h. 6 Pitts 
Coleman James, house 6 Indiana 
Coleman James, stevedore, house 21 Wash. ave. 
Coleman Jeremiah, mason, house 107 Hudson 
Coleman John, mariner, house Kelley pi. 
Coleman John, grocer, 12 Hamilton, house do. 
Coleman Joseph, carpenter, house 18 Charter 
Coleman Joseph, house 17 Norfolk place 
Coleman Lewis, dry goods, 379 AVash. h. 64 Dover 
Coleman Phoebe, seamstress, boards 30 W. Cedar 
Coleman Phineas, clothing, 386 Com'l, h. 8 Han- 
over avenue 
Coleman William, pedler, h. 5 Moon st. ct. 
Coleman Wm. 11 Tremont row, bds. Lowell House 
Coleman Wm. W. restorator, 14^ Lowell, h. 16 do. 
Coles Elbridge G. coach painter, Charlestown, c. 

Beverly, house 48 Cooper 
Coles J. F. 128 Washington 

Coles Larkin B. physician, house 54 Essex [chase 
Coles Winslow V. copper plate printer, h. 7 Pur- 
Colesworthy Maria P. boards 68 Prince 
Colesworthy Wm. A. 461 Wash, boards 1 Eliot 
Colesworthy William H. boards 7 Franklin 
Colesworthy William H. trunk maker, 9 Hanover 
Coley John, birds and cages, 78 Hanover, c. Union 
Colgan John, blacksmith, house 12 A, n. Fourth 

Colgen James, carpenter, boards 508 Wash. 
Coligan Patrick, laborer, house 39 Oneida 
Coll H. J. jeweller, 282 Wash. h. at Ro.xbury 
CoUamore George W. house 41 Salem 
Collamore Oilman, 51 Com'l whf. h. at Charlestown 
CoUamore Jolin, jr. & Co. {R. E. Nexoman, ^ J. 
Curtis, jr.), crockery ware, 98 Wash, house 10 
Kingston [Newton 

CoUas Louis, carpenter, house Washington, near 
CoUey Benjamin E. 400 Wash. h. at Cambridge 
Collier Ann, house 90 Eliot 

Collier Benj. 43 Cornhill, h. at Chelsea [Chelsea 
Collier David J. merch. tailor, 47 Congress, h. at 
Collier Elizabeth, widow, h. 113 Cambridge 
Collier Ellen, widow, house 10 Dover 
Co'lier Isaac, rope maker, house Border, E. B. 
Collier John, blacksmith, h. Border, n. Cross, E. B. 
Collier Joseph H. watchman, h. 3 Canton st. ct. 
Collier Mary A. teacher Brimmer Sch. h. 90 Eliot 
Collier William, boots and shoes, Suffolk, h, Fabin 
Collier William R. boards 10 Channing 
Collins Bartholomew, brush maker, h. 6 Pearl pi. 
Collins Bartholomew, laborer, house 6 Lehigh 
Collins Benjamin, {Stearns ^ Co.), 26 Water 
Collins Beiijanrin, carpenter. Meridian, h. Sumner 
Collins Catharine Mrs. h. 290 Fourth 
Collins Daniel, boot maker, 85 Sea, h. do. 
Collins David, laborer, h. 2 Livingston place 
Collins Edmund, laborer, house 5 Lucas place 
Collins Edward, blacksmith, h. 19 Williams 
Collins Elisha K. di-y goods, h. 100 Chambers 
Collins Elmer, 40 Long wharf, h. at Charlestown 
Collins George, tailor, house r. 4 Church 
Collins James, boiler maker, h. Second, cor. A 
Collins James, boarding, h. 2 Hanover avenue 
Collins James, gardener, house rear 147 Wash. 
Collins James, laborer, h. Wilberforce place 
Collins James, grocer. Sea, cor. Beach, h. do. 
Collins James, clothing, 42 Blackstone 
Collins James, carpenter, house 42 Endicot 
Collins James C. painter, house 3 N. Hanover ct. 
Collins James H. mason, boards 66 Suffolk 
Collins Jeremiah, plasterer, house 21 Oliver 
Collins Jeremiah, laborer, house 64 Purchase 
Collins John, laborer, house Cottage 
Collins John, laborer, house Furnace 
Collins John, laborer, house 2 Milton 
Collins John, laborer, house Oliver, opp. Wendell 
Collins John, tailor, house 14 Pearl place 
Collins John, laborer, house 78 Kneeland 
Collins John H. house 7 Pitts [way 

Collins John H. {Kettell, C. * Co.), h. 284 Broad- 
Collins Matthias, glass packer, house Gold, n. C 
Collins Michael, laborer, h. r. Third, n. B 
Collins Michael, laborer, house 7 1-2 Wharf 
Collins Michael, laborer, 172 Purchase [Chelsea 
Collins Michael, carpenter, rear 21 Union, house at 
Collins Michael, laborer, house 35 Merrimac 
Collins Michael, laborer, house 22 Wash, place 
Collins Patrick, grocer, house Paris, E. B. 
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 4 Sullivan place 
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 2 Milton 
Collins Patrick, blacksmith, 71 South 
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 104 Warren 
Collins Patrick, boarding, 2 Clark & 290 Ann 
Collins Patrick, carpenter, house 15 Belmont 
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 13 Hamburg 
Collins Richard, brass finisher, house r. 1 Centre 
Collins Sarah, tailoress, house 240 Hanover 
Collins Susan, widow, house 4 Chardon 
Collins Thomas, laborer, house rear 40 Endicot 
Collins Thomas, hair dresser, 21 Devonshire, bds. 

32 Southac 
Collins Thomas, laborer, house 164 Purchase 
Collins Thomas, laborer, house 7 Canal [Market 
Collins Thomas G. housewright, 40 Merrimac, h. 1 
Collins Timothy, fruit, 149 Broad, house do. 
Collins Timothy, laborer, house Humphrey pi. 
Collins Timothy, laborer, house 3 Wendell 
Collins Timothy, laborer, house 264 Broad 



Collins William, hatter, boards 5o Hanover 
Collins "\Vm. N. truckman, h. Fifth, n. C [rop pi. 
Collins Walter R. carpenter, 11 Marshall, h. 6 Lath- 
CoUis William H. house 55 Marion 
CoUock Marcellus, boards 52 Harrison ave. 
Colman Ammicl, boarding, 8 Purchase place 
Colman E. A. paper hanger, 2 Union block, h. at 

Chelsea [house 2 Porter 

Colman Edward, grocer, Bedford, cor. Kingston, 
Colman Henry, locksmith, 11 Water, h. 22 Marion 
Colman James, laborer, house 65 Broad 
Colman James G. clerk, bds. 8 Purchase place 
Colman John, laborer, house 45 Oswego 
Colman Joseph, mariner, house opp. 96 Fulton 
Colman Noah H. & Co. hats, &e. 51 North Market, 

house 30 Auburn 
Colman Patrick, laborer, house rear 20 Merrimac 
Colman Waterman, boards 8 Purchase place 
Colson James, 40 Ann, house 3 Chelsea, E. B. 
Colson Joseph, house Saratoga, E. B. 
Colson Joseph, 1 Com'l whf. h. 15 Saratoga 
Colson Willis A. house 10 Crescent place 
Colt B. F. 14 Mer. Exch. house 17 Pinckney 
Colter James, laborer, house 2 Cove 
Colter James, brass finisher, house 28 Oneida 
Colthrust Wm. carpenter, house 56 Kneeland 
Colton Albert, book binder, boards 252 Wash. 
Colton Charles W. printer, 2 Water 
Colton Geo. druggist, 112 Cambridge, n. 134 do. 
Colton William F. clerk, bds. 18 Hanover 
Coltman Henry W. coppersmith, Havre, E. B. 
Coltman James W. coppersmith, Lewis, h. Havre, 

East Boston 
Colwell Thomas, tailor, house 6 Thacher court 
Colver Nath'l Rev. house 2 Pro^inc€ House court 
Colyer Francis, laborer, house Grover place 
Comer George N. accountant and teacher of book- 
keeping, 139 Wash. h. 274 Tremont 
Comer Thomas, musician, boards 23 Bedford 
Comerford Michael, laborer, h. 44 S. Margin 
Comerford Nicholas, gold beater, h. Northampton 
Comerford P. chemist, house rear 794 vVash. 
Comey George P. clerk, boards 31 High 
Comey W. G. old iron, boards Western Ave. Hotel 
Coniins Linus B. patent leather, 22 Dock square, 

house at Roxbury 
Comins Pascal E. house 69 Suffolk 
Comins Patrick, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Comsett Lucretia, widow, house 2 Nashua 
Comstock Sylvester, boards 19 Albany 
Conahan Patrick, laborer, house Creek square 
Conan Patrick, laborer, h. Page's court 
Conant's Express, 7 State [Poplar 

Conant Andrew P. leather, 7 Blackstone, house 58 
Conant A. W. boards at Albion 
Conant Daniel, laborer, house 3 Thacher 
Conant Daniel, laborer, h. 7 Commer'l [n. Canton 
Conant Frederick P. housewright, house SutTolk, 
Conant Ira, boards 439 Washington 
Conant Josiah F., AV. I. goods and fruit, 3 Faneuil 

Hall, h. 80 Temple [h. at Cambridge 

Conant (Levi) & Gross (I. S.), 62 & 64 F. H. M. 
Conant Levi, instructor Eliot School 
Conant Matthew W. M. clerk, house 48 Bridge 
Conant Nathan, teamster, house 1 Barton 
Conant Peter, 37 Congress, house at Charlestown 
Conant Smyrna, painter, boards 2 Russell court 
Conant AVm. F. 53 Com. whf. h. at Charlestown 
Conaty James, grocer, 794 Washington 
Condell Philip, printer, boards 4 Channing 
Condit D. S. & Brother ( lFi7/(a»i), hardware, 42 

Union, boards 8 Howard 151 Court 

Condit William {D. S. C. & Brother), 42 Union, b. 
Condon Benjamin, laborer, h. n. F. Bridge, S. B. 
Condon Dennis, laborer, house B, near Second 
Condon James, laborer, house 24 Athens 
Condon James, laborer, house B, near Second 
Condon James, laborer, house rear 239 Ann 
Condon John, laborer, house D, near Athena 
Condon John, laborer, house 16 Bennet 

Condon Patrick, laborer, h. 26 Athens, near A 
Condon Samuel, printer, house 16 Gouch 
Condon Thomas, laborer, house 21 Fleet 
Condron John L. currier, 28 Charlestown, house 1 

N. Margin place 
Condry Rebecca, tailoress, 46 Prince 
Cone Charles F. 30 F. H. Market 
Cone Thomas S. 9 Chatham row, b. 54 Belknap 
Conery Edward, laborer, house 289 Ann 
Conery Thomas (C Bitttrick &; Co.), h. 6 Cherry 
Coney Ellen, widow, house rear 114 Sea 
Coney George H. clerk, boards 69 Broadway 
Coney Jabez, machinist, foundry, h. 69 Broadway 
Coney John, laborer, house 19 Pitts 
Coney Peter, groceries, 106 Ann, house do. 
Congdon Wm. salesman, 23 Elm, house 17 Oak 
Conklan Patrick, clerk, house 10 Washington sq. 
Conlan Barney, laborer, h. 10 Bridge st. court 
C'onlan James, silversmith, house rear 20 East 
Conlan James, trader, house 4 N. Federal court 
Conlan Michael, laborer, house W. Dedham 
Conlan Patrick, laborer, house London, E. B. 
Conlan Peter, laborer, house Maverick 
Conlan Thomas, laborer, house 39 Charlestown 
Conley Barney, laborer, house rear Fifth, near C 
Conley Charles C. builder, h. 193 Broadway, n. D 
Conley Cornelius, mason, h. 90 Turnpike, near A 
Conley Francis, house Second, bet. A & Turnpike 
Conley James, stone cutter, house 41 Portland 
Conley James, brass finisher, house 9 Oneida 
Conley John, shoe maker, house 144 Ann 
Conley John, laborer, house Richmond, near Ann 
Conley Martin, tailor, house 95 Endicot 
Conley Michael, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Conley Patrick, scowman, house Gold, near A 
Conley Thomas, laborer, 143 Broad 
Conn Horace {A. Thompson S^ Co.), h. at Wobum 
Conn William B. laborer, house 3 1-2 S. Margin 
Connahan Timothy, brush maker, h. 3 Sullivan pi. 
Connell Dennis, laborer, house 328 Commercial 
Council James, laborer, house 24 Pleasant 
Connell James, laborer, house 7 Milton 
Connell John, laborer, house 606 Washington 
Connell jNIichael, house 1 Theatre alley 
Connell Patrick, h. Bremen, n. Sumner, E. B. 
Connell Patrick, blacksmith, h. Chelsea, E. B. 
Connell Patrick, cooper, house 179 Purchase 
Connell Timothy, laborer, house 17 Hamilton 
Connell Timothy, boarding, h. 24 Cross [House 
Connelly Aaron H. piano-forte maker, bds. Utica 
Connelly Dennis, laborer, house 25 Williams 
Connelly James, sawder, house Meridian 
Connelly James, laborer, house 8 Battery 
Connelly James, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Connelly James, laborer, house 38 Belknap 
Connelly John, laborer, house 65 Friend 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, house 41 Sea 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Connelly Thomas, laborer, house Gold, near B 
Connelly Thomas, moulder, h. 4 Bridge court 
Connelly Timothy, laborer, house 9 Bartlett 
Conner Charles, laborer, house 7 Battery 
Conner Charles H. book keeper, 8 N. Market, bds. 

Merchants' Exchange 
Conner Dennis, laborer, house rear 5 Suffolk 
Conner Henry, b. Merchants' Exchange Hotel 
Conner John (IF. Bond 6,- Co.), house 102 Beach 
Conner John, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Conner John, laborer, house Cottage, E. B. 
Conner Christopher, blacksmith, h. r. Third, n. D 
Conners Daniel, laborer, house 7 E. Orange 
Conners David, tailor, hotise 3 Wendell 
Conners Edward, tailor, house 27 Williams 
Conners Elizabeth, nurse, house 5 Norfolk place 
Conners Ellen, widow, house Kneeland, n. Utica 
Conners John, laborer, house 9 Bartlett 
Conners John, tailor, house 223 Hanover 
Conners John, laborer, house Colony 
Conners Patrick, blacksmith, h. 67 Atkinson 
Conners Thomas, laborer, house Gold, near A 



Conners Thomas, laborer, house 10 Harr. avenue 
Conners Thomas, laborer, house 8 Canal 
Conners Timothy, grocer, 168 Fourth, house do. 
Conners William, laborer, house 36 Curve 
Connery David, mason, house 51 Fayette 
Connery David, jr. mason, house 51 Fayette 
Connery Edward, laborer, house rear 211 Hanover 
Connolly Bridget, dress maker, house 3 Williams 
Connolly Christopher, house 8 Essex place 
Connor Andrew J. painter, house Bolton, near F 
Connor Ann, widow, house Bolton, n. Dorchester 
Connor John, mariner, house 99 Broad 
Connor Mary, grocer, 251 Ann 
Connor Michael, laborer, rear Third, near K 
Connor Philip, boiler maker, 76 London, E. B. 
Connor Thomas, plasterer, house 1 Piedmont 
Connor William, laborer, house 46 Merrimac 
Conologue Barney, spruce beer, h. Chelsea, E. B. 
Conologue Charles, mason, h. Havre, E. B. 
Conologue Margaret, widow, h. Chelsea, E. B. , 
Conologue Michael, mason, h. Havre, E. B. 
Conquest William, rigger, house 16 Salutation 
Conrey John Q. A. carpenter, h. r. 690 Wash. 
Conry Richard, laborer, h. Kneeland, corner South 
Conry Thomas, shoe maker, house 85 Essex 
Constant Victor, sea captain, house 95 Summer 
Converse Benjamin B. {Bticktiam <Sf C), house at 

Roxbury [Gold, n. D 

Converse Benning M. cordwainer, 69 Cornhill, h. 
Converse Christopher C. flour & grain, 33 Eastern 

Railroad wharf, house at Somerville 
Converse Edmund W. {Blanchard, Converse ^ Co.), 

boards 5 McLean 
Converse Elisha S. 36 North Market [McLean 
Converse James C. (Blanchard, C. <Sr Co.), house 5 
Converse James W. {Field, C. &; Co.), house at 

Jamaica Plain 
Converse John, type caster, house 43 Auburn 
Converse Joseph, porter, house 33 Billerica 
Converse Joseph H. {Poland &; C), b. Bromfield 

Conway Ann, dress maker, 78 Prince 
Conway James, grocer, 89 Fourth, house do. 
Conway Patrick, painter, house 12 Clark 
Conway Patrick, laborer, h. Second, n. Dorchester 
Conway Thomas, laborer, house 13 Adams 
Conway Thomas, house rear 9 Federal covu't 
Conwell Matthew, 341 Wash, boards 17 Tyler 
Cook B. H. trader, house 42 Rochester 
Cook Bridget, washing, house rear 57 Merrimac 
Cook Caroline, dress maker, b. 80 Leveret 
Cook Charles, lith. and engraver, 20 Joy's building, 

boards 32 Lincoln 
Cook Chas. sexton Central Church, h. 17 Nassau 
Cook Charles Edward, paper hangings, 220 Wash- 
ington, house 486 Washington 
Cook Charlotte, widow, house 12 Fruit 
Cook Colman, fish, 19 Lewis, h. London, E. B. 
Cook Colman, 2d, carpenter, house Meridian, E.'B. 
Cook Edmund, tailor, house 3 Cotting 
Cook Edward, cabinet maker, house 2 Bartlett 
Cook Elbridge G. machinist, h. 81 Broadway, n. B 
Cook Eli, mason, house 80 Leveret 
Cook Elisha, fish, 19 Lewis, h. Marginal, E. B. 
Cook Emily, widow of Johu, h. 50 Piedmont 
Cook Ephraim, laborer, house 6 N. Charles 
Cook Francis, teamster, boards 64 Sea [bers 

Cook George, merchant, 21 Com'l wf. h. 42 Cham- 
Cook George, seaman, house 74 Purchase 
Cook George, 14 Broad, b. Merchants' Exchange 
Cook George T. {Wood &; C), h. 26 Portland 
Cook Haney P. mariner, h. London, E. B. [pi. 

Cook Henry, shoe maker, 6 Friend, h. 1 South st. 
Cook H. A. express man at Bigelow's, R. R. Ex. 
Cook Isaac, brewer, 25 Central, house at Brookline 
Cook Jacob, sea captain, house l-ondon, E. B. 
Cook James, house Athens, near Dorchester 
Cook James K. stereotyper, boards 39 Brattle 
Cook James M. painter, 10 Atkinson, h. at Newton 
Cook James P. cabinet maker, h. 150 E, n. Bolton 

Cook John, hackman, house 7 S. Cedar 

Cook John C. clerk, 42 & 44 Kilby, house 8 Adams 

Cook John L. watchman, house E. Dedham 

Cook John V. laborer, house 80 Warren 

Cook Judith S. millinery, 18 Bromfield ^ 

Cook Justin E. tailor, 123 Washington, boards 12 

Crescent pi. 
Cook Levi L. h. 12 Lynde 
Cook Marcus C. 37 Court, bds. 2 Lyman pi. 
Cook Mary, widow, h. 6 Nashua 
Cook Moses, house 9 Hudson 
Cook Nancy, cook, h. 1 Church 
Cook Newell, clerk, bds. 51 High 
Cook Patrick, ostler, h. 2 Haymarket pi. 
Cook Patrick, laborer, h. 1 Belmont 
Cook R. R. constable, 3 Franklin av. h. 20 Curve 
Cook Solomon, house 15 Rochester 
Cook Thomas, boarding, 368 Commercial 
Cook T. D. Rev. h. 23.j Fourth, between E and F 
Cook Wm. boiler maker, h. Border, near Sumner 
Cook Wm. tailor, 4 Fan. Hall, house at Chelsea 
Cook Wm. carpenter, house Everett, E. B. 
Cook Wm. D. clerk, 372 Com'l, boards 15 Billerica 
Cook Wm. H. shoes, 30 Broad, h. 21 Indiana pi. 
Cook Wm. P. printer, 142 Washington, bds Albany, 

c. Harvard 
Cook Wm. T. hats, 15 & 17 Court, boards Pavilion 
Cooke Benj. F. counsellor, 63 Court, Sears' block, 

bds. 5 Ashburton place [place 

Cooke Josiah P. counsellor, 9 State, h. 17 Winthrop 
Cooksley Ann, widow, h. Lewis, E. B. [Turnpike 
Cooledge Charles C. cabinet maker, h. Silver, near 
Cooledge George J. constable, 3 Franklin avenue, 

house 18 Lowell [house 47 Brighton 

Cooledge Isaac A. constable, basem't Court House, 
Cooledge Lemuel A. grocery, 374 Washington, h. 

24 Common 
Cooley Aaron, h. Washington House 831 AVash. 
Cooley Azariah, truckman, 36 Broad, h. 831 Wash. 
Cooley Barnard, truckman, 36 Broad, h. 3 Strong pi. 
Cooley Daniel ( W. Thu-uuj Ix. Co.), h. 3 Strong pi. 
Cooley Darius M. h. 20 Boylston sq. 
Cooley Eliza, house rear 92 Tremont [12 Bowdoin 
Cooley George W. counsellor, 20 Court, h. opposite 
Cooley John, laborer, h. 3 Carney pi. 
Cooley Levi, fisheiTuan, house 37 Brighton 
Cooley Levi, jr. boatman, house 37 Brighton 
Cooley Wm. undertaker, house 6 McLean ct. 
Coolidge Amos {Babcock i^ C. ), bds. 87 Har. av. 
Coolidge Austin Mrs. bds. 6 Beacon 
Coolidge Emerson T. {T. S; E. Coolidge), bds. foot 

of Mount Vernon 
Coolidge F. W. {Wheeler &; Co.),^ Court 
Coolidge {George) & Wiley {John), printers, 12 

Water, house at Dedham 
Coolidge George, syrup manufacturer, 20 Blossom 
Coolidge Henry J. 9 Tremont row 
Coolidge James I. T. Rev. h. Beach, opp. Edinboro' 
Coolidge John, painter, house 1 Bay 
Coolidge John, jr. sash maker, Cambridge, corner 

Charles, house 29 Grove 
Coolidge J. T. 16 Union wharf, h. 69 Mt. Vernon 
Coolidge Jonas, house 12 Poplar 
Coolidge Joseph, h. 20 Louisburgh sq. 
Coolidge Joseph, carpenter, house 4 Poplar 
Coolidge Mary E. 6 Temple pi. [h. at Charlestown 
Coolidge Nathan T. grocer, Sudbury, c. Portland, 
Coolidge Nathan W. sail maker, house 77 Salem 
Coolidge {Samuel F.) & Haskell {Elisha), auction- 
eers, 29 and 31 Water, h. 1 Chesnut 
Coolidge Sarah Mrs. house 27 Snowhill 
Coolidge Tapley, baker, 796 Washington, h. do. 
Coolidge Thacher & Emerson, provisions, 101 

Charles, house 2 Lime 
Coolidge Wm. D. com. mer. 32 Pearl, h. 52 Allen 
Cooly John, laborer, h. 20 N. Margin 
Coombs John, rigger, house Wright's court [State 
Coombs (J. W.) & Symmes {Wm.), periodicals, 15 
Coombs Levi B. {Arnaud &; C.), h. at Charlestown 
Coombs Nancy K. house 6 Sweetser court 





Coombs Rachael Mrs. house 71 Salem 
Coombs Thomas W. cordwainer, b. 7 Mason 
Coon Lewis, carpenter, house 447 Washington 
Coonan Martin, porter, house 21 Atkinson 
Cooney John, laborer, house 9 Cyprus 
Cooney Patrick, laborer, house 9 Cyprus 
Cooney Wm. harness maker, house 42 Purchase 
Cooper Albion K. P. clerk, 38 Pearl, b. 6 Bowdoin 
Cooper David, soap boiler, house 177 P'ourth 
Cooper Edward, mariner, house 19 Washington av. 
Cooper Edward M. trunk maker, 6 Dock square, 

house 78 Pleasant 
Cooper E. T. carpenter, bds. 47 Southac 
Cooper Ezekiel, mariner, house oppo. 96 Fulton 
Cooper Geo. P. 107 Fan. Hall Market, house at E. 

Cooper Isaac, cooper, bds. 73 Purchase 
Cooper James, laborer, house 22 Washington pi. 
Cooper John, express wagon, house 47 Cross 
Cooper John, house 4 Vernon place 
Cooper John F. laborer, house 71 Endicot 
Cooper John L. house 14 Prospect 
Cooper Joseph, 4 Fan. Hall, house 14 Marion 
Cooper Levi, mariner, house 11 Belmont 
Cooper Patrick, baker, house 4 Hamilton alley 
Cooper Richard, trader, house 141 Ann 
Cooper Richard W. carpenter, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Cooper Robert M. dancing, h. 14 La Grange place 
Cooper Sarah P. boarding, 14 La Grange place 
Cooper Thomas, laborer, house 5 Southac ct. 
Cooper Thos. W. & Co. publishers, 27 Devonshire 
Cooper William, laborer, house 4 Gouch 
Cooper Wm. (French &; C.) 209 Broad 
Cooper Wm. H. physician, Howard, c. Court 
Cooper Wm. P. printer, bds. 11 Channing 
Copeland Antoinette, widow, house 3 Canton 
Copeland {Benjamin F.) & Kidder {F.), com. mar. 

33 India, house at Roxbury 
Copeland Chas. merchant, 33 India, h. at Roxbury 
Copeland Charles, confectioner, 87 Court, h. 85 do. 
Copeland Daniel, mason, house 2 Auburn 
Copeland Elisha, city auditor, City Hall, house 31 

S. Suffolk [Roxbury 

Copeland Franklin & Co. wines, 47 India, house at 
Copeland Franklin R. clerk, bds. 37 S. Cedar 
Copeland Jas. silversmith, bds. Suffolk, c. Dedham 
Copeland John B. mason, house 2-5 Auburn 
Copeland Joseph W. confectionery, 4-5 Court, house 

9 Gouch [166 do. 

Copeland Moses W. provisions, 123 Cambridge, h. 
Copeland Nancy, house 22 Pinckney [15 Spring 
Copeland Robert M. book binder, 37 Congress, h. 
Copeland Samuel, mariner, house 7 Prince 
Copeland Seth, mason, h. 10 Hawkins 
Copeland Sidney M. 36 Fan. Hall Market, bds. 23 

Hanover [h. 2 Blake's court 

Copeland Thomas, housewright, Harrison avenue, 
Copeland William, carpenter, house 12 Lucas pi. 
Copp John G. 19 N. Market, house Richmond, c. 

Copperthorn Matthew, laborer, h. 2 Belcher lane 
Corbetson Mary Mrs. house 368 Commercial 
Corbett Patrick, tailor, house 31 Washington sq. 
Corbett Rob't L. boiler maker, h. Arnold, n Wash. 
Corbin Elizabeth, widow, house 6 Jackson place 
Corbly Philip E. blacksmith, house Chelsea, E. B. 
Corcoran John, laborer, house Maverick, E. B. 
Corcoran Joseph, shoe maker, house r. 104 Sea 
Corcoran Patrick, packer, opp. 75 Charlestown 
Corcoran Thomas, laborer, house 45 Merrimac 
Corcoran Thomas, laborer, house Suffolk, n. Lenox 
Cordano A. (P. Gariboldi ^ Co.) [meadow 

Cordis Francis T. {Horton,C. ^ Co.), house at Long- 
Cordis Thomas, house 46 Beacon 
Cordwell Harriet, widow, 14 Groton 
Cordwell Robert H. {Locke & C), house 16 Auburn 
Corey Charles R. 89 F. H. Market, h. 2 North sq. 
Corey James, laborer, house 6 Thacher court 
Corev Owen, shoe maker, opposite 94 Fulton, house 

^89 Commercial 


Corey's Express, 7 Elm 

Corlew Benj. watchman, h. Second, n. Dorchester 
Corlew Elijah J. S., Suffolk Bank, h. 11 Ashland 
Corley Dennis, laborer, house 188 Ann 
Corley Patrick, laborer, rear Third, near K 
Corley Thomas, umbrella maker, 10 South st. ct. 
Corliss Emery, mason, bds. 39 Brattle X®®^^ 

Corliss Horatio A. (Mud-c/e ^ Co.), bds. 12 N. Rus- 
Corliss Peter, hair dresser, h. 2 Moon 
Cormack James, 241 Washington 
Cormerais Charles, book binder, h. 20 Fayette 
Cormerais Henry (G. D. Jai^ves § C), house 20 

Fayette [ette 

Cormerais John, book keeper. 111 Milk, h. 20 Fay- 
Cormerais Lucius, house 20 Fayette 
Cormerais Sarah Mrs. house 20 Fayette 
Cormier Joseph H. boarding house, 252 Hanover 
Corneley John, laborer, h. Silver, near C 
Cornelius Maria, dress maker, h. 41 Atkinson 
(Jornell Edwin, machinist. Brown's, Harr. av. h. at 

E. Maiden [E. Maiden 

Cornell Wm. E. machinist, Brown's, Harr. av. h. at 
Cornell Wm. M. physician, 5 Kneeland 
Cornetz J. H. Baumgarten, box maker, 2 Union b'lk 
Corney Eugene, tailor, house 15 Pearl place 
Corning Nathaniel, 64 Blackstone, h. 75 Nashua 
Corning Samuel C. distiller, house Lancaster 
Cornish James {Lewis ^ C), head Long wharf 
Corpe Samuel, mason, house 6 Village 
Corrigan John, house rear 147 Washington 
Corrigan Margaret, widow, h. Spring, n. Poplar 
Corrigan Thomas, laborer, h. 49 Kneeland 
Corrogan Michael, laborer, house Border, E. B. 
Corse William, shoe maker. 9 Province House ct, 
Corson Ann, widow, house 8 East st. place 
Corson Clarinda, tailoress, 4 Commercial 
Corson E. A. restorator, Massachusetts block 
Corson Frederic F. teamster, h. Commercial place 
Corson Ivory, teamster, house 9 Hudson 
Corthell Hosea, carpenter, 91 Portland, h. 24 Spring 
Corthell John, house Butolph 
Cory Barney, bds. 1 Bedford place 
Cosey Robert, laborer, house rear 27 Belknap 
Cosgrove Michael, tailor, house 54 Union 
Cosgrove Martin, tailor, h. South, n. Kneeland 
Cosgrove Thomas, cabman, house 26 Oswego 
Cosgrove Thomas, laborer, house 2 Andover 
Coslow John, carriage smith, 58 Tremont 
Cossett G. F. job wagon, Harr. av. c. Essex, bds. 

22 Albany 
Costello Dennis, house 3 Oneida 
Costello Dorothy, widow, house 9 Fifth 
Costello Joseph, laborer, house E. Dedham 
Costello Michael, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie 
Costellow Bartholomew, laborer, h. 4 Batterymarch 
Costellow James, laborer, house 175 Ann 
Costellow James, laborer, house 34 S. Margin 
Costellow Thomas, laborer, h. 156 Hanover 
Costelo John, blacksmith, house 19 William 
Costin James D. grocer. Second, c. F, h. do. 
Cotes Nancy, widow, h. Bremen, n. Sumner, E. B. 
Cother Patrick, laborer, h. 4 Belcher lane 
Cothlan Martin, laborer, h. 1-2 Moon place 
Cothran Patrick, laborer, h. Humphrey place 
Cotter David, stevedore, h. 11 Battery 
Cotter Edward, laborer, h. 18 Short Second 
Cotter Henry, carpenter. Creek sq. h. 5 Sewall pi. 
Cotter John, packer, house 63 Atkinson 
Cotter Michael, laborer, house rear 90 Sea 
Cotter Peter, laborer, Maverick, E. B. 
Cotter Richard, blacksmith, h. 40 Turnpike 
Cotter William, hats, Ann, c. Market sq. house 32 

Cotter William, rigger, h. rear 4 Bartlett 
Cotter AVilliam, laborer, house 23 Stillman 
Cotting Amos, 3 Joy's building, h. at BrooklLne 
Cotting Charles C. Mrs. house 29 Vine 
Cotting Eben'r F. 3 Joy's building, h. at Brookline 
Cotting Thankful Mrs. "house 2 Orange 
Cotting William, ship master, house 34 Allen 



Cottle Charles P. ship^vright h. Ha^Te, E. B. 
Cottle Jonathan, grocer, 49 Congress, boards 9 

Province House ct. 
Cotton Charles, 2 Railroad block, Lincoln 
Cotton Ira, carpenter, bds. 242 Harrison avenue 
Cotton (Isaac) & Foss {P.), W. I. goods, 3 India 

wf. h. 1 La Fayette avenue 
Cotton John, painter, boards 34 Harvard 
Cotton (Joseph), Hill (Samuel), & Co. (J. H. Cot- 
ton), chain cables, 105 State, h. 18 South 
Cotton Joseph H. (Cotton, Hill § Co.), house 4 
Waverley place [Purchase 

Cotton N. Davies, stationer, 13 Tremontrow, h. 16 
Cotton Nelson, house 75 Curve 
Cotton Susan, widow of John, h. 75 Purchase 
Cottrell G. W. & Co. publishers and booksellers, 64 
Cornhill [clothing, 99 Com'l, h. Meridian 

Cottrell (John H.) & Fluker (F.), shipping office & 
Couch George, tailor, house 30 Atkinson 
Cough Edward, laborer, h. r. 14 Batterymarch » 
Coughlan Bartholomew, laborer, h. 5 Humphrey pi. 
Coughlan Daniel, laborer, house 98 Broad 
Coughlan James, groceries, 30 Cross 
Coughlan John, laborer, 264 Broad 
Coughlan John, laborer, Batterymarch, n. Broad 
Coughlan Martin, Harrison av. n. Olive place 
Coughlan Michael, laborer, house 64 Purchase 
Coughlan Patrick, slater, hoiise 26 Oswego 
Coughlan William, laborer, 119 Broad 
Coughlin Jeremiah, laborer, house 119 Broad 
Coughlin Timothy, laborer, h. Second, n. Turnpike 
Couilliard Betsey, widow, h. 24 N. Russell 
Coursey Thomas laborer, house 1 Belmont 
Courtis Stacy, 28 Pearl, house at Lynn 
Courtney Jerusha, Mrs. dress maker, 192 Hanover 
Courtney Sylvester, gardener, h. r. gun house, F. H. 
Courtney Timothy, laborer, h. Middlesex, n. Dover 
Cousens James, tin worker, h. 8 High st. place 
Cousins Joseph N. rigger, house 6 Bartlett 
Coutant Aimes, carpenter, house 11 Maiden 
Couthouy Joseph P. house 81 Brighton [Market 
Covell Reuben & Son (Eeuben, jr.), 121 & 123 F. H. 
Covell Reuben, jr. (R. Covell^ Son), b. 8 Fleet 
Covell Robert S., Eagle Bank, bds. 85 Bedford 
Covell Samuel, watchman, house 4 Bartlett 
Covell Thomas K. carpenter, house 208 Fourth 
Covell Wm. clerk, 14 Central wf. h. at Chelsea 
Coveney Jeremiah, h. N. Charles, n. Leveret 
Coveney John, laborer, house rear 6 Brighton 
Coverly Edward & Son (G. T.), hatters' goods, 7 

Union, house 5 Lynde 
Coverly George T. (E. Coverly ^ Son), h. 5 Lynde 
Coverly James W. cashier, 39 Hanover [cock 

Coverly Samuel, broker, 5 Exchange, h. 13 Han- 
Covney John, laborer, house 18 Livingston 
Cowan William, fancy biscuit maker, Fayette ct. 

boards 8 Avery 
Cowden Henry G. blacksmith, h. 248 Athens, n. E 
Cowden Mary C. tailoress, house 14 S. Margin 
Cowdin Elliot C. (W. H. Mann <Sf Co.), house 16 

Cowdin John, house 16 Staniford 
Cowdin Robert, lumber, hard and soft, Albany, op- 
posite Rochester, h. 185 Harrison avenue 
Cowdin Thomas W. (Hazleton, Coivdin ^ Co.), h. 

at Lynn 
Cowdin Wm. R. housewright, house Clifton place 
Cowdry Jonathan, wagoner, h. 59 Billerica [sell 
Cowen Abraham, clothing, 76 Camb. h. 8 N. Rus- 
Cowen E. D. bds. 6 Otis place 
Cowen George, job wagon, house Brookline 
Cowen John, laborer, house rear 31 Chambers 
Cowen Mark, junk dealer, h. r. II S. Margin 
Cowles William W. (Tenney (Sr C), h. atRoxbury 
Cox Charles, laborer, house Jenkins place 
Cox Charles, laborer, house Thacher avenue 
Cox Charles H. truckman, bds. 5 1-2 Nashua 
Cox C. & M. (Charles M. <&• M.), boots and shoes, 

26 & 28 Central, house 25 Pine 
Cox Francis, com. mer. 66 Commercial, h. at Salem 

Cox Harriet A. dress maker, house 77 Cambridge 

Cox James, engraver, 1 AVater 

Cox James P. engraver, house 2 Clifton place 

Cox John, laborer, h. London, n. Maverick, E. B. 

Cox John, house r. 45 Congress 

Cox Mary, nurse, 10 1-2 Pleasant 

Cox Mary M. widow, house 11 S. Margin 

Cox Matthew A. oil manufacturer, h. 238 Fourth 

Cox Matthew (C. §• M. Cox), house 25 Pine 

Cox Peter L. printer, 52 Washington 

Cox Sarah T. house 12 Lowell 

Cox S. & Sons, last manufacturers, 5 Blackstone 

Cox William H. house 34 Billerica 

Cov Frederic, mariner, h. 10 Greenough avenue 

Coy H. C. truckman, 36 S. Market 

Coy Joseph B. piano-fortes, 499 Wash. h. Beach 

Coy Richard, laborer, h. r. 1 Leveret [59 Federal 

Coye Amasa, grocer. High, cor. Atkinson, house 

Coyle Catharine, widow, house 4 Stillman place 

Coyle Francis, cook, house rear 184 Hanover 

Coyle John, laborer, h. Middlesex, op. 29 

Coyle J. slater, house 5 Claflin place 

Coyle Michael, shoe maker, h. Sumner, E. B. 

Coyle Patrick, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester 

Coyne Patrick, laborer, house 11 Andover 

Coyle Philip, carpenter, house 112 E. Dedham 

Coyle Thomas, slater, 75 Charles, h. 34 do. 

Coyle William, draper and tailor, 4 Richmond 

Crackbon Lemuel, house 6 Kneeland 

Craddock Mary, widow, house N. Hanover court 

Craft Charles, 37 Lewis wf. h. r. 15 Hanover 

Craft Jacob, baker, h. Dorchester, c. Third 

Craft Wm. B. (Sa7i(ls, Craft, &; Co.), b. 24 Bulfinch 

Crafts Caleb H. refreshments, Lewis, n. the ferry, 

house Maverick square [Dorchester 

Crafts Federick, teacher, Hawes School, house at 
Crafts George, moulder, house Fifth, near C 
Crafts George, caulker, boards Paris, E. B. 
Crafts Henry, wood and coal, I Boston wharf, h. 

109 Fourth 
Crafts Israel F. painter, h. Maverick, E. B. 
Crafts John, cartman, h. r. Mariners' ch. Purchase 
Crafts John B. clerk, 82 Utica, b. 142 Hudson 
Crafts John W. chandler. Gold, near A, house 294 

Broadway, between E and F 
Crafts Matthew, house Webster, near Cottage 
Crafts R. A. house 140 Tremont 
Crafts Rebecca A. house 21 W. Canton 
Cragin Daniel, W. I. goods. Broad, cor. Belmont, 

house Pearl, cor. High 
Cragin (Lorenzo S.), GreWeaf (K S.), & Co. (T. 

S. Mandcll), di-y goods, 117 Milk, house 82 Mt. 

Craig Daniel H. printer, bds. 231 Tremont 
Craig James, blacksmith, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Craig Robert, laborer, house Kneeland, c. Tyler 
Craig Susan, widow, house 9 Cyprus 
Craig (Wm.) & Dutilh (C. '31.), com. mer. 15 

Rowe's wharf, boards Revere House 
Craig Wm. laborer, h. r. Fifth, n. B 
Craig Wm. M. wagoner, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester 
Craige Wm. lather, h. 3 Wesley, E. B. 
Crai'gs William, h. 8 Holmes' alley [E. B. 

Cram Hial P. 7 Shoe and Leather, h. Lexington, 
Cram Jas. W. hair dresser, 379.;^ W"ash. h. 8 Curve 
Cram Jerome B. (Manniny, Glover, ^ Co.), boards 

22 Causeway 
Cram John, job wagon, house 8 Curve 
Crampton Thomas, blacking manufac. 10 Lynde 
Cran Walter A. cabinet maker, house 20 Erie 
Crane Edward, 99 State, house 9 Cambridge 
Crane Friend, sup't House Indxistry 
Crane George, boards 314 Broadway 
Crane Horatio N. h. 314 Broadway, near F 
Crane Jesse H. Mrs. house 99 Hudson 
Crane John, grocer. West Dedham 
Crane John, laborer, house 98 Charter [Long wf. 
Crane (Joshua) & Taggard (J.), iron dealers, 16 
Crane Joshua Mrs. house 18 Lincoln 
Crane Lara, house 65 Broadway, near A 



Crane Liither, 35 Devonshire, h. at Somerville 

Crane Margaret, widow, house 10 Sister 

Crane Phineas M. physician. Meridian, corner 

Maverick, East Boston, house do. 
Crane Samuel D. .53 India wharf, h. 321 Broadway 
Crawford Freeman C. paper stainer, h. 2 Maiden pi. 
Crawford Henry, cabinet maker, b. 10 Norfolk pi. 
Crawford Ira, stau- builder, house 21: Fayette 
Crawford John, stevedore, house 4 Tileston place 
Crawford John, laborer, h. 21 Belmont 
Crawford Michael, laborer, h. 8 Orange lane 
Crawford Robert, laborer, h. 9 Butolph [-5 Clark 
Crawley William, confectionery, 183 Hanover, h. 
Creaden Timothy, laborer, house 37 Erie 
Crean James P. tailor, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester 
Creamer Aaron, hair dresser, Court, cor. Howard, 

house 17 Stillman 
Crease Richard, tailor, boards 3 Brimmer place 
Crease William W. mason, bds. 3 Brimmer place 
Creasy Charles P. apothecary. Myrtle, cor. Belknap, 

boards 3 Franklin 
Creden Bartholomew, laborer, h. 201 Ann 
Creech Abraham A. hair dresser, 6 Court sqtiare, h. 
48 Fayette [76 Warren 

Creech S. W. hair dresser, 2 Tremont Temple, h. 
Creedon Bartholomew, 18 Exchange, h. 201 Ann 
Creedon Peter, tailor, house 31 Merrimac 
Crego Hiram, piler of lumber, house 10 Tyler 
Crehore Edw. paper, 35 Devonshire, h. 8 Avon pi. 
Crehore Geo. A. carpenter, house 24 Porter 
Crehore Isaac N. 35 Devonshire, b. U. S. Hotel 
Crehore Wm. carpenter, Tremont, h. 10^ Fayette 
Creighton James, shoe maker, house 13 Adams 
Creighton John, 4 Court square 
Creighton William, printer, house 16 Albion 
Creihs William, cabinet maker, h. 14 Wash. sq. 
Crennell William, plumber, bds. 41 Bridge 
Creon James, laborer, house Sumner, E. B. 
Crighton James, blacking, n. 848 Wash. h. do. 
Crimmin Morris, laborer, house 79 C, c. Silver 
Crisby Thomas, printer, house 33 Pleasant 
Crisman {John H.)8i Judkins (E. W.), com. mer. 

6 R. R. block, Lincoln, h. Tyler 
Crispin Elizabeth, house 1 Newton place 
Crispin James, piano-forte maker, h. 1 Newton pi. 
Crispin William, pilot, boards 19 Commercial 
Crispin Wm. C. painter, 9 Hawley, h. 1 Newton pi. 
Cristy Francis, boards 138 Court [Charlestown 

Cristy Wm. C. jr. (Brigham, Jones, ^ Co.), h. at 
Critcherson John, machinist, 2 Andover, b. 20 Ann 
Critchet Asa, truckman, h. Webster, E. B. 
Critchet James H. truckman, h. Monmouth, E. B. 
Critchet James M. cooper, h. 231 Hanover 
Critchet Joseph, caulker, h. Ill Purchase 
Critchet Thomas, house 1 Andover 
Croak Catharine, widow, h. opp. 4 East street pi. 
Croak Thomas, blacksmith. Hotel st. c. Paris 
Croax John, house 3 Holmes' alley 
Crocker Albert {Ryder, C. ^ Co.), h. 39 Porter 
Crocker {Bradford L.) & Otis {Joseph), sail mak- 
ers, 11 Commercial wf. h. Liverpool, E. B. 
Crocker Charles, mariner, h. rear 30 Prince 
Crocker Daniel S. blacksmith, h. 189 Silver, n. D 
Crocker David P. piano-forte maker, h. 1 Wesley 
Crocker George H. cabinet maker, h. 129 Hudson 
Crocker Henry, secretary Warren Insur. Co. h. 5 

Crocker {Henry H.) & Sturgis {James), merchants, 

61 Commercial wharf, house 6 Bussey place 
Crocker Joseph, boots and shoes, 3 Fleet 
Crocker Lot, jr. captain, h. 29 Porter 
Crocker Martha, teacher, Willow, cor. Mt. Vernon, 
boards 7 Louisburgh square [Chelsea 

Crocker Matthias (Banker, Crocker, ^ Co.), h. at 
Crocker Oliver, piano-forte maker, 400 Washing- 
ton, boards 4 Beach 
Crocker Richard J. {Child ^ C), h. 1 Unity court 
Crocker {Uriel) & Brewster {Osmyti), printers and 

booksellers, 47 Washington, h. 23 Somerset 
Crocker Wm. H. boards 90 Salem 

Crocket Charles G. house 2 Haven 
Crockett Daniel T. carpenter, h. l.J N. Russell 
Crockett Ephraim, carver, h. 3 Dover [Leveret 
Crockett Geo. B. shoe maker, 119 Court, house 94 
Crockett Geo. K. counsellor, 27 State, b. 7 Mount 

Crockett {Geo. IF.), Peters {Edio'd D.jr.), & Co. 

{W. A. Crockett), W. I. goods, 12 Central 

wharf, house 7 Mt. Vernon [Vernon 

Crockett Samuel L. artist, 3 Amory Hall, b. 7 Mt. 
Crockett Selden, innholder, Bromfield H. [Vernon 
Crockett Wm. A. {Crockett, Peters, &; Co.), b. 7 Mt. 
Crockett Wm. D. printer, Chronotype office 
Crockett Woodbury L. house 46 Oak 
Crolan Timothy, laborer, house 22 Washington pi. 
Crombie Benjamin, builder, house 33 South Suffolk 
Crombie Wni. G. 416 Wash, house at Cambridge 
Cromer Philip, house 15 Dover place 
Cronan Daniel, laborer, house 4 Bread 
Cronan Dennis, laborer, house 9 Cross 
Cronan John, laborer, house 16 Norfolk place 
Cronan John, boot maker, house 6 Sullivan place 
Cronan Timothy, carpenter, house 81 Kneeland 
Cronden Morris, laborer, house Second, n. F 
Cronin Dennis, blacksmith. Turnpike, oppo. Fifth, 

house near do. 
Cronin Michael, waiter, house 78 Friend 
Cronin Patrick, tailor, house 39 Jefferson's block 
Cronley Michael, founder, house Ontario 
Cronnin Matthew, tailor, house r. 51 Prince 
Crocker Barker, restorator, E. B. ferry, h. Sum- 
ner, n. London, E. B. [at Brighton 
Crooker Hezekiah 13. housewright, 99 1-2 Tyler, h. 
Crooker Isaac, mariner, Webster, n. Orleans, E. B. 
Crooker Isaac {Hotchkiss 5, Co.), bds. 31 Brattle 
Crooker James T. carpenter, bds. 119 C 
Crooker Samuel M. paincer, 119 Commercial, house 

Webster, E. B. 
Crooker Tilden, h. 15 Broadway [Unitarian ch. 
Crooker Turner, stone cutter, h. rear Old Road, n. 
Croome (Geo;ye),Hixon {Wm M.), & Co. {Wm. 

Briqham), upholsterers, 166 Wash'gton, house 

Croome George, cabinet maker, h. 103 Pleasant 
Cropper J. {Hemsley ^ Co.), house at Chelsea 
Crorty Jeremiah, laborer, house Essex, c. Lincoln 
Crosbie Patrick, 205 Washington 
Crosby Abby, teacher, house Central square, E. B. 
Crosby {Alonzo) & Gibson (-V.), wood, &c., Ferry 

wharf, Lewis, E. B. house Meridian, do. 
Crosby Anthony, boots and shoes, 130 Hanover, h. 

9 Margaret 
Crosby Beuj. F. clerk, 43 Hanover 
Crosby Charles H. printer, house 48 Portland 
Crosby Charles W. cabinet maker, 2 Boylston, h. 

61 Hudson 
Crosby David {Rice S; C), house 52 Spring 
Crosby Dorcas H. fancy goods, 166 Hanover 
Crosby Eliza Mrs. house 4 Unity court 
Crosby Elkanah C. 11 Cora'l wf. h. F, n. Fourth 
Crosby Frederic, 132 State, house 79 Leveret 
Crosby George, laborer, house r. 84 W. Cedar 
Crosby George, truckman, house 107 W. Cedar 
Crosby George F. house Eutaw, E. B. 
Crosby Hannah, boarding, 48 Portland 
Crosby James, coach painter, 12 Hawley 
Crosby James, 53 Chatham, bds. 6 Dix place 
Crosby James, bds. 15 Gridley 
Crosby John, house rear 11 Carver 
Crosby Josiah, caulker, bds. Sumner, E. B. 
Crosby {Josiah L.) & Loomis {J. B.), bonnets, 39 

and 45 Hanover, house at Somerville 
Crosby Joseph, glass maker, h. B, near Second 
Crosby Lewis, clerk, bds. 8 Lowell place 
Crosby Loami, house 21 Hancock 
Crosby Lydia, Mrs. house 4 Hartford place 
Crosby Mark, stable, 12 Fleet, house 10 do. 
Crosby Porter, flat roof composition, 14 Merrimac, 

and 5 Congress [54 1-2 do. 

Crosby Robert R. daguerreotype, 58 Hanover, h. 



Crosby Samuel T. {Brackett, C. § Brown), house 6 

Dix place 
Crosby Sumner, steward Lunatic Hospital 
Crosby Sylvanus, bds. 4 Unity coui-t 
Crosby Walter, musical instniment maker, 15 Haw- 
ley, house 4 Porter 
Crosby {William) & Nichols (i7. P.), books and 

stationery, 111 Washington, h. at Roxbury 
Crosett {James L.) & Brown {L.), gold pen man. 

141 Washington, house at Melrose [ery pi. 
Crosett Wm. C. produce, 24 Elm, h. 11 Montgom- 
Crosman Charles C. painter, house 46 Oak 
Crosman J. C. engraver, 13 Franklin, b. Bromfield 

Cross Amos W. refreshments, 85 Commercial, h. 

1 Snelling place 
Cross Charles A. house 20 Albany 
Cross {Gilman), Samson (/.), & Co. {D. Chamber- 

lin), Franklin House, 44 Merchants' row 
Cross Henry, harness maker, 3 Museum building, 

house 5 Cottage, E. B. 
Cross Jacob, boarding house, 19 Minot 
Cross John, stone cutter, house 20 North Margin 
Cross John B. medical electrician, h. 19 Temple pi. 
Cross Martin, carpenter, house Bremen, E. B. 
Cross Richard, paper hanger, house 10 Blossom 
Cross Rufus P. machinist, house 30 Billerica 
Cross William, tailor, house 20 Albany 
Cross Wm., B. & W. freight house, h. 75 Albany 
Crossett Robert W. clerk at House of Correction 
Crossley Thomas, 234 Washington, h. at Roxbury 
Grossman Charles B. {Martin if C), h. 33 Auburn 
Crossman C. B. Mrs. dress maker, house 33 Auburn 
Crosson Hugh laborer, house 8 Hamburg 
Crosson John, laborer, house 110 Warren 
Croswell William Rev. house 7 Crescent place 
Crotty Michael, tailor, bds. 78 Atkinson 
Crow Edward, tailor, house 136 Hanover 
Crow George, paper hanger, 5 Merrimac 
Crow William, stone mason, h. rear 136 Hanover 
Crow William, chemist, house Milldam 
Crowe Charles, tailor, 268 Commercial 
Crowe Dennis, job wagon, house 30 Stillman 
Crowell Abigail, widow, house 6 S. Margin 
Crowell Alfred, stevedore, house 38 N. Margin 
Crowell {Henry G.), Brooks {H. C), &Co. {S. M. 

Hunt), West India goods, 38 Commercial wf. 

house 148 Harrison avenue 
Crowell Hiram, piano-forte maker, h. Athens, n. E 
Crowell Hosea, shipwright, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Crowell Jeremiah, carpenter, house F, near Fifth 
Crowell John, mariner, house 122 Sea 
Crowell Joseph D. deputy wharfinger, Mercantile 

wharf, house Webster, E. B. 
Crowell Lucinda, vest maker, 1 Cleveland place 
Crowell Nathan {Howes ^ C), h. 1 Ashland av. 
Crowell Philander, broker, 2 City wf. h. at Chelsea 
Crowell Seth K. {Howes, Baker S^ Co.), house G, 

near Broadway 
Crowell Simeon, grain measurer, house Silver, n. D 
Crowell Wm. Rev. house 5 Brimmer place 
Crowley {Cath.) & Colbath (/I'e/ie/), millinery and 

dress making, 633 Washington, h. 6 Oswego 
Crowley Cornelius, laborer, house 45 Oswego 
Crowley Cornelius, tailor, h. 9 Hanover avenue 
Crowley Daniel, green-house, 13 Pleasant 
Crowley Daniel, contractor, house Maverick, E. B. 
Crowley James, laborer, house 125 Broad 
Crowley James, laborer, 243 Ann 
Crowley James, laborer. Fifth, near C 
Crowley James, laborer, house 9 Oneida 
Crowley James, carpenter, house Kneeland, n. Sea 
Crowley James, stevedore, 11 Battery 
Crowley James, laborer, house Oneida, c. Albany 
Crowley James, laborer, house 9 Nashua court 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, Har. av. cor. Orange 1. 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, house Marginal, E. B. 
Crowley Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 113 Sea 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 90 Sea 
Crowley John, laborer, 224 Ann 

Crowley John, tailor, house 10 Hamilton 
Crowley John, harness maker, oppo. 72 Charles 
Crowley John, laborer, house 2 Powars court 
Crowley John, laborer, house 29 Middlesex 
Crowley John, laborer, house rear 78 Turnpike 
Crowley John, laborer, house 64 Purchase 
Crowley John M. 2 Marlboro Chapel, h. 31 Harv'd 
Crowley Lawrence, laborer, house Cove place 
Crowley Michael, laborer, house 135 Sea 
Crowley Michael, laborer, house 39 Oneida 
Crowley Michael, carpenter, house 84 South 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, house 2 Fayette court 
Crowley Stephen, laborer, house 49 Kneeland 
Crowley Thomas, house 6 Oswego 
Crowley Timothy, tailor, house 86 Federal 
Crowley Timothy, tailor, house 31 Oliver 
Crowley William, laborer, house 25 Minot 
Crowley William, tailor, house 31 Oliver 
Crowner William, laborer, house May street court 
Crowningshield Geo. machinist, house 12 Bond 
Crowninshield Benjamin W. house 1 Somerset 
Crowninshicld Edward A. h. 78 Beacon [merset 
Crowninshield F. B. counsellor, 4 Court, h. 3 So- 
Crowninshield George C. house 41 Beacon 
Crozer Wm. wagoner, house rear Third, near C 
Crozier Thos. stone cutter, h. South, n. Harvard 
Cruft Edward, house 3 Temple place 
Cruft Isaac S. house 3 Temple place 
Cruft Samuel B. Rev. house Sutiblk, c. Newton 
Cruikshanks James, laborer, house 281 Ann 
Crummell Edward, clothes cleaning, &c. 3 Eliot 
Crump Henry, 89 Faneuil Hall Market 
Cruse Everad, cooper, house rear 38 Suffolk 
Cuddiky John, laborer, house 120 Piuxhase 
Cuddy Cornelius, laborer, house 42 Turnpike 
Cuddy John, glass cutter, h. First, n. Dorchester 
Cudworth James W. carpenter, h. 25 Indiana place 
Cudworth Henry A. coppersmith, h. 3 Games ct. 
Cudworth Peter, carpenter, Merrimac, n. Prospect, 

house 3 Games court 
Cudworth S. S. carpenter, Nashua, house 3 Eaton 
Cue Michael, laborer, house 30 Thacher 
Cue William, laborer, house Gove, near Kneeland 
Guft" Edward, laborer, house near 14 Batterymarch 
Cuban James, laborer, house rear 9 Sea 
Culbertson Nathaniel Y. superintendent Boston 

Hemp Go. Western avenue, h. at Charlestown 
Cullen Geo. laborer, h. Eighth, near Mercer 
Cullen Patrick, boarding, house 49 Portland 
Gullerton Martin, laborer, h 124 Purchase 
GuUinan John, tailor, house 30 Stillman 
Cullinan Mary, widow, washing, rear 51 South 
Culliss Henry, stone cutter, house Old Road 
Gulliss John, house 30 Garden 
GuUiton Edmund, baker, house W. Dedham 
Gully Peter, glass blower, house Third, near A 
Culver Marshall, carriage maker, house 11 Fifth 
Culver Wm. G. house 43 A, near Silver [16 Dover 
Gumings Bradley N. {liohiyison, Wiggin, ^f Co.), h. 
Gimaley Sarah, mdow, house 4 Short 
Cummings Abigail, house 15 Allston 
Gummings Abigail, house 6 Columbia 
Cummings Alfred, physician, b. 11 Hayward place 
Gummings Allen, plane maker, h. Saratoga, E. B. 
Gummings Amos, painter, h. 13 Nashua fHar. av. 
Gummings Amos, W. I. goods, 338 Wash, house 87 
Gummings Catherine, vvddow, h. Silver, near C 
Cummings Ghas. cabinet m'ker, h. at Newton Cor. 
Gummings Ghas. jr. piano-forte mak'r, h. 22 Alba'y 
Gummings Ghas. D. wines, dtc, 74 Commercial, h. 

10 Minot 
Cummings Cha's H. 6 City wf. [N. Grove, h. 10 do. 
Gummings Charles AV. black and white smith, 2 
Cummings Gyrus, counsel'r, 20 Court, h. 35 Carver 
Gummings Daniel & Co. {F. Ckipp &; M. A. Struio), 

wooden ware, 42 South Market, h. at Chelsea 
Cummings Daniel {L. Boles A- Co.). h. 9 Cooper 
Cummings Daniel G. proprietor Cambridge House, 

112 Cambridge 



Cummings Edward, tailor, h. 1 Vine [Har. av. 

Cummings Edward S. teacher piano-forte, b'ds 25 
Cummings Ephraim, laborer, house 55 Sea 
Cummings F. H. 338 Wash. h. 61 Marion 
Cummings Gilbert, house 12 Howard 
Cummings Gilbert, jr. Tremont Bowling Saloon, 

36 Merrimae, house do. 
Cummings Henry, express wagon, h. 4 Battery 
Cummings Henry, Indian and Thomsonian physi- 
cian, 4 Robinson alley 
Cummings Henry K. clerk at Adams House 
Cummings Humphrey, 136 State, boards 11 Elm 
Cummings H. N. S. mason, boards 29 May 
Cummings James, clerk, 19 Wash. b. 186 Har, av. 
Cummings James, tailor, house 28 Thacher 
Cummings James, laborer, house 104 Purchase 
Cummings Jason R. trunks, junction Union and 

Marshall, house at Chelsea 
Cummings John, provisions. Second, c. A, h. do. 
Cummings John, ca'lker, h. Border, E.B. [Woburn 
Cummings John, jr. leather, 3 Blackstone, h. at 
Cummings John A. dentist, 23 Tremont row, house 

11 Hay ward place 
Cummings John M. laborer, house 1 Endicot ct. 
Cummings {Joseph W.) & Darling {George), W. I. 

goods, 29 Elm, house at Cambridge 
Cummings Nathaniel, engineer, h. 115 Broadway 
Cummings Robert, 5 Exchange, h. at Chelsea 
Cummings Rowland, mason, house 29 May 
Cummings R. S. restorator, Liverpool, E. B. 
Cummings Samuel M. machinist, h. 102 Third, n, C 
Cummings Seth, engineer, house 14 Erie 
Cummings Stephen, teamster, house 5>i Nashua 
Cummings Sumner, boarding, h. 2 Foster place 
Cummings Susan, widow, house rear 92 N. Margin 
Cummings Timothy, laborer, h. 7 E. Orange [May 
Cummings Thomas, waiter, 10 Franklin ave. h. 10 
Cummings Wm. machinist, bds. 101 Cambridge 
Cummings William P. house 2 Hull 
Cummins Andrew, cordwainer, 14 Avery, b. 8 Avery 
Cummins Richard, laborer, h. 25 Wash. sq. 
Cummins Thomas K. 33 Central wharf 
Cummiskey James, laborer, opposite 29 Middlesex 
Cummiskey Hugh, lighterman, house 2 Chelsea 
Cummiskey Michael, boots & shoes, 48 Merrimae, 

house 45 Billerica 
Cumston Charles M. teacher English High School, 
boards 1 Franklin [Wash. c. Rutland 

Cumston William {Hallet, Cumston, &; Allen), h. 
Cuningham Simon D. house Third, n. "Dorchester 
Cunnigin Robert, carpenter, h. r. Havre, E. B. 
Cunning Elizabeth, widow, house 7 Battery 
Cunning William, blacksmith, house 7 Battery 
Cunningham Abigail, h. 25 Mt. Vernon 
Cunningham Abigail, widow, house 37 Fayette 
Cunningham Andrew & Charles, merch. 169 Broad, 
opp. Rowe's whf. h. 25 Mt. Vernon [con Hill 
Cunningham Andrew L. {Leonard Sg C), h. 2 Bea- 
Cunningham Andrew, 191 Wash. bds. at Chelsea 
Cunningham Ann, widow, house 25 Gouch 
Cunningham Benj. blacksmith, Dorchester, c. Sec- 
ond, h. Dorchester, c. Dove 
Cunningham, Brothers, {John A. &; C. Loring Cun- 

ninqhatn), merchants, 46 Central wharf 
Cunningham Chas. (.4. S^ C. C), h. 42 Mt Vernon 
Cunningham C. Loring {Cunningham, Brothers), h. 
at Dorchester [h. 25 Mt. Vernon 

Cunningham Charles W. {Cunninghams ^ Cobb), 
Cunningham Edward, house 5 Gouch [Vernon 

Cunningham Frederick (Dabney ^ C), h. 42 Mt. 
Cunningham Frederick, h. Dorchester, c. Dove 
Cunningham Geo. A. {N. F. Cummu/ham ^ Co.), 
b. 4 Bowdoin sq. [h. Bolton, n. Dorchester 
Cunningham Geo. H. housewright, 18 Atkinson, 
Cunningham Henry, coach lace and upholstery, 15 

Bromfield, h. 66 Carver 
Cunningham Horace, bds. 25 Mount Vernon 
Cunningham Jas., East. Steamboat wf. h. Webster 
Cunningham James, laborer, h. r. 80 Purchase 
Cunningham James, sail maker, bds. 107 Purchase 

Cunningham James H. {Cunninghams § Cobb), h. 

25 Mount Vernon 
Cunningham John, grocer, 140 Ann, house do. 
Cunningham John, laborer, house 26 Wash, ave, 
Cunningham John A. {Cunningham ^ Brothers), 

h. 8 Ashburton place 
Cunningham Lucretia, straw millinery, 24 Cross 
Cunningham Nathaniel F. & Co. ( Wm. Eveleth, G. 
A. Cunninqham), merch's, 38 and 27 India wf. 

bds. 10 Staniford 
Cunningham Patrick, teamster, h. West Dedham 
Cunningham Sarah, dress maker, 31 Cross 
Cunningham Sarah E. dress maker, h. 37 Fayette 
Cunningham Thomas, ship master, h. 99 Leveret 
Cunningham William H. Mrs. house 8 Vine 
Cunningham Wm. J. 70 Milk, bds. 66 Carver 
Cunninghams & Cobb {J. H. ikC. W. Cunningham 

<Sf iS. C. Cobb), merchants. 16 Rowe's wharf 
Curan Michael, laborer, house 90 Federal 
Curley Frank, laborer, h. Dedham, opp. Tremont 
Cmiey Michael, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Cove 
Curley Patrick, cab driver house 24 Curve 
Curran James, blacksmith, house 5 Stillman pi. 
Curran James, laborer, house r. 281 Ann 
Curran James, laborer, house 38 N. Margin 
Curran John, tailor, house 17 Endicot 
Curran John, laborer, house 62 Atkinson 
Curran John, laborer, W. Dedham, n. Tremont 
Curran John, tailor, 39 Merch's, row, h. 17 Endicot 
Curran Mary, house 9 South street coui't 
Curran Patrick, agent, house 201 Ann 
Curran Peter, tailor, house 9 Sturgis place 
Cm-ran Thomas, brush manufacturer, 28 Exchange 
Curran William, laborer, house Cottage, E. B. 
Currant Anthony, cooper, house Havre, E. B. 
Currant John F. shipping master, 80 Commercial, 

house at Lynn 
Currant Joseph, cooper, h. 4 Latlirop place 
Currant Michael, laborer, house 486 Commercial 
Curren Patrick, laborer, h. Turnpike, n. Fifth 
Currie James, blacksmith, house 5 Stillman pi. 
Currier A. M. (H. M. ^ A. M. Currier), h. 33 May 
Currier Amos S. 1 Tremont row, bds. 30 Oxford 
Currier B. F. 1 Tremont row, bds. 30 Oxford 
Currier B. H. cutter, 45 Ann, house at Lynn 
Ciu-rier Benj. H. notary public, 72 State 
Currier Charles E. assist, clerk Market Bank, h. 

at Charlestown 
Currier Charles H. 64 Hanover 
Currier Daniel S. oil maker, h. Monmouth, E. B. 
Currier Eben M. printer, bds. 12 Pitts 
Currier Gideon, mason, house 24 Cresent place 
Currier Gilman, 14 Long whf. bds. 487 Washington 
Cun-ier Goodwin, silversmith, house 7 Village 
Currier H. M. & A. M. eating room, 44 Merchants' 

row, c. S. Market, h. 28 1-2 Portland 
Currier Hugh M. upholsterer, 27 Cornhill, house 

30 South Russell 
Currier Jacob H. laborer, h. rear 66 Friend [place 
Currier John B. stable, Batterymarch, h. 8 Stm-gis 
Currier John H. 327 Wash. bds. 49 Oxford 
Currier Jonathan T. bell hanger, 17 Wilson lane, 

house 75 Salem 
Currier Joseph H. cabinet maker, h. 31 Fayette 
Currier Joseph M. {S. Q. Sg J. M. Currier), b. 39 

Cun-ier Joseph S. {Foote 8^ C), house 2 Groton 
Currier Joseph W. com. mer. 132 State, house 30 

Currier Julia A. widow, house Havre, E. B. 
Currier Lews, painter, 50 Cornhill, h. 487 Wash. 
Currier Nancy, house 125 Hanover 
Currier Olive, tailoress, house 7 Stillman 
Currier {Richard) & Trott {Peter), w-atches and 

jewelry, 148 Washington, bds. 1 Bultinch pi. 
Currier Samuel, h. 62 Atkinson [b. 487 Wash. 

Currier Sam'l Q. & J. M. painters, r. Pemberton H . 
Currier William, house 30 Oxford 
Currier William W. carpenter, h. 6 Chessman pi. 
Curry C. clerk, 64 Milk, boards 2 Avon place 



Curry Elias L. carpenter, house 43 Lowell 

Curry John, horse shoer, Har. ave. near Roxbury, 

house Northampton, near the church 
Curry John, lather, house Sumner, E. Boston 
Curry Morris, laborer, h. 1 High street court 
Curry Wm. boards Scott court 
Curtin Daniel, moulder, house 90 Turnpike 
Curtin Thomas, laborer, house Havre, E. Boston 
Curtis Abner, shoes, 51 Pearl, h. at Abington 
Curtis A. C. & W. paper, 35 Devonshire [Summer 
Curtis Benjamin R. counsellor, 16 Court, boards 51 
Cui-tis Caleb, president Nep. Ins. Co. 64 State, h. 

32 Chesnut 
Curtis Caleb T. 41 State, house 52 Allen 
Curtis Charles C. portrait painter, bds. 159 Court 
Curtis Charles C. mariner, house Tremont, near 

Lucas place [Mt. Vernon 

Curtis Charles P. counsellor, 16 Court, house 19 
Curtis Charles P. jr. 16 Court, h. 19 Mt. Vernon 
Curtis Daniel B. clerk, h. Dorchester, n. Broadway 
Curtis Dan'l Sargent, counsellor, 27 State, house 

45 Mt. Vernon 
Curtis Daniel T. 42 School, boards 23 Bedford 
Curtis David R. insurance agent, 15 State, house 

Suffolk, foot of Garland 
Curtis Ebenezcr, paper hanger, h. 6 Staniford pi. 
Curtis Edward A. (Holmes i^ Co.), 41 Congress 
Curtis Elijah S. (Jones &f Co.), house 32 Oxford 
Curtis Eliza G. Mrs. boarding, 23 Bedford 
Curtis Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, h. Silver, n. D 
Curtis Francis Mrs. house 58 Mount Vernon 
Curtis (Francis) & Peabody (.S. E.), merchants, 

50 India, h. at Roxbury [Pearl, n. Purchase 
Curtis Franklin, ship chandlery, 51 India, house 40 
Curtis Frederick (J. Curtis <Sr So7i), house 48 Sea 
Curtis George, mariner, house r. 716 Washington 
Curtis Geo. A. 66 Congress, h. at West Newton 
Curtis Geo. M. 93 Milk 

Curtis George R. paper hanger, h. 20 S. Margin 
Curtis Geo. S. (Curtis ^ Co.), h. at Jamaica Plain 
Curtis George T. counsellor, 19 Court, house 7 

Chauncy place 
Curtis Henry, house 64 Tyler 
Curtis Henry A. house 2 North square 
Curtis Hiram, planing and sawing mill, Har. av. 

house 1 Medford court 
Curtis James, watchman, house 19 Andover 
Curtis James F. boards 9 Pinckney 
Curtis James F. Mrs. house 9 Pinckney 
Curtis Jared B. 25 Kilby, boards 39 Essex 
Curtis Jesse, coppersmith, house 24 Chambers 
Curtis J. H. D. seaman, house 3 Southac 
Curtis John & Son (F. Curtis), wood and lime, 

Curtis's wharf. Sea, house 48 Sea 
Curtis John, laborer, house Comm'l, opp. Foster 
Curtis John, jr. (J. Collamorejr. 4r Co.), house at 

Curtis John, jr. clothing, 6 Ann, h. at Chelsea 
Curtis Joseph, house 270 Third 
Curtis Joseph, 93 Kilby 
Curtis & Co. (Joseph H. % G. S. Curtis, ^ H. 

Farimm), 104 Faneuil Hall Market, house at 

Jamaica Plain 
Curtis Martin, clerk, 5 Ferry, h. 1 North square 
Curtis Melzer, ice wagon, boards 27 Lowell 
Curtis Nathaniel, 106 State, house at Roxbury 
Curtis (Nathaniel, Jr.), Leavens (S. D.), & Co. 

(T. T. Bouve), com. mer. 106 State, house 2 

Curtis N. William, house 2 Walnut 
Curtis Nelson, machinist, boards 80 Albany 
Curtis Samuel, carpenter, house 14 Rochester 
Curtis Samuel, looking glass raanuf. 123 Wash. h. 

9 Staniford 
Curtis Samuel D. shipwright, h. Meridian, E. B. 
Curtis Samuel S. dry goods, 93 Kilby, h. at Dorch'r 
Curtis Sarah Mrs. house 50 Brighton 
Curtis Sidney, boards 48 Sea 

Curtis Stephen, captain, house 36 Billerica [House 
Curtis Stephen, clerk 226 Wash. bds. Bromfield 

Curtis Thomas, merchant, 15 Central wf. house 58 

Summer [48 Central wharf 

Curtis (Thomas B.) & Greenough (Alfred), merch. 
Curtis Thomas B. office 63 State, h. 45 Mt. Vernon 
Curtis William, shipwright, house Sumner, E. B. 
Curtis William H. comedian, h. r. 57 Temple 
Curvey Alvin H. house 121 Hudson 
Cusack Thos. crockery packer, h. 5 South st. ct. 
Cusack Thomas, house 25 Gouch 
Cusack Thomas, porter, house 23 Oliver 
Cashing Aaron P. clerk, house 45 Brighton 
Cushing Abel, 9 Joy's building, h. at Dorchester 
Cushing Abel, jr. 9 Joy's building, h. at Dorchester 
Cushing Abner L. counsellor, 51 Court, house at 

Stoughton [38 Myrtle 

Cushing Andrew, city missionary, 21 Cornhill, h. 
Cushing Benjamin, house 43 Pinckney 
Cushing Christopher Rev. house 4 Auburn 
Cushing Eliza, widow, house 7 Fruit street ct. 
Cushing Eunice, widow, house 20 Lincoln [broke 
Cushing Francis T. piano-forte maker, h. 7 Pem- 
Cushing Friend, shoe maker, h. Gold, n. Dorch'ter 
Cushing Geo. cl'k Columbian Bank, h. at Hingham 
Cushing (Geo^v/e ii.) & Robie (Levi), carpenters, 

Charlestown, c. Beverly, house 46 S. Russell 
Cushing George S. 55 Com'l wf. house 8 Oxford 
Cushing George W. coach trimmer, Hawley, house 

12 Batterymarch 
Cushing Hannah, widow, h. 12 Batterymarch 
Cushing H. D. lumber, B. & W. R. R. whf. South 
Cushing Hayward P. (Silas Peirce § Co.), boards 

Exchange Coffee House 
Cushing Henry, painting, house 14 May [High 
Cushing Henry W. (Brewers, Stevens, Sf C), h. 28 
Cushing Hosea G. (Loring Sg C), h. at Chelsea 
Cushing Isaac, baker, 104 Cambridge 
Cushing Isaac, harness maker, h. 11 Stillman 
Cushing Isaac (Fisk ^- C), house 43 Allen 
Cushing Isaac, jr. 4 Chatham, b. 11 Stillman 
Cushing Jas. (Loioden &; C.) 

Cushing Jas. W. mess. Wash. Bank, b. at Roxbury 
Cushing John, moulder, boards 10 Winthrop 
Cushing John (/. Harris &; Co.), h. 70 Charter 
Cushing Lemuel, house 32 Hancock 
Cushing Levi L. carver, r. 11 Brighton, h. 45 Spring 
Cushing Luther S. reporter Supreme Court, 30 

Court, house 93 Pinckney 
Cushing (Nathan) & Clapp (J. G.), W. I. goods, 29 

Commercial, boards Fulton House [ty ct. 

Cushing Perez (Davis ,Sf C), Atkins' wf. h. 4 Uni- 
Cushing Perez, 3d, laborer, house r. 41 Charter 
Cushing Robert J. printer, house Leveret lane 
Cushing (Roland) & Bailey (Job F.), house and 

ship joiners, 273 Broad, h. 3 Purchase place 
Cushing Samuel Mrs. house opp. 12 Village 
Cushing Samuel, joiner, b. 3 Purchase pi. 
Cushing Samuel A. 17 City wf. h. at Chelsea 
Cushing Samuel N. caulker, h. 8 Greenough av. 
Cushing Sam'l T. (S. Thaxter &; Son), h. 16 Hudson 
Cushing Sarah H. widow, house 43 Pinckney 
Cushing Solomon B. mast maker, Liverpool wharf, 

house 108 Purchase 
Cushing Thomas, trader, house 12 Batterymarch 
Cushing Thos. insp. Custom House, h. 8 Oxford 
Cushing Thomas, jr. teacher Chauncy School, h. 

31 Essex 
Cushing Thomas B. shipwi-ight, b. Maverick sq. 
Cushing Thomas P. 65 Congress, h. 4 Mt. Vernon 
Cushing Wm. painter, 59 Myrtle, house 49 do. 
Cushing Zenas (Nichols, Pierce § Co.), house 26 

Oxford [W. Cedar 

Cushman Albert, clerk B. & W. R. R. house 24 
Cushman Charles (Milton, Ctishtnan <Sf Co.), house 

at Cambridge 
Cushman Charles, jeweller, boards 55 Hanover 
Cushman Charles W. 9 Commercial wharf 
Cushman Elkanah A. trader, b. Groton, c. Wash. 
Cushman Francis F. pile driver, h. Border, E. B. 
Cushman Freeman L. 39 Pearl, house Boylston, 

below Church 



Cushman Holmes {Caryl S^ C.),h. at Charlestown 
Cushman Julius {John Brewster § Co.), house at 

Cushman Lucy K. widow, house 101 Tremont 
Cushman Rufus, shipwright, house Bennington 
Cushman Valentine N. house Colony 
Cushman "William, jeweller, boards oo Hanover 
Cusick Frederick, laborer, h. 114 E. Dedham 
Cusick Stephen, carpenter, house Cove place 
Gusty John, b. Havre, near Maverick, E. B. 
Cutlen Theodore H. shipwright, h. Meridian, E. B. 
Cutler {Abraham L.) & Sticknev (J- H.), druggists, 

1 India and 135 State, h. 39 W. Cedar 
Cutler Amos, 217 Washington, b. 37 Edinboro' 
Cutler Charles N. teamster, h. Sumner, n. Cottage 
Cutler Eben, jeweller, 217 Wash. h. 37 Edinboro' 
Cutler Elisha, liQ;hterman, house 29 Prince 
Cutler {Elisha "P.) & Robinson {Edward F.), 

stoves, "76 Water, house 6 Carver [square 

Cutler Ephraim B., Silver Lake Hotel, 4 Cornhill 
Cutler George, laborer, house 98 E. Dedham 
Cutler James, paper hanger, boards 487 Wash. 
Cutler James, house 1 Brown's block, Princeton 
Cutler Jonathan {L. A. Phillips % Co.), h. Hull, 

corner Salem [bridge 

Cutler Joseph, counsellor, 47 Court, house at Cam- 
Cutler Marshall J. 29 Federal, house 2 Oxford 
Cutler Mary, widow, house 9 Livingston place 
Cutler Micah, carpenter, house 51 Pleasant 
Cutler N. M. clerk, Custom House, h. at Camb'ge 
Cutler Pliny, president Atlantic Bank, house 6 

Mount Vernon place 
Cutler Roland (iV. Faxon ^ Co.), h. 25 Howard 
Cutler Roswell, dentist, 186 Washington, b. 17 

Franklin place 
Cutler Samuel, clerk, boards Hull, corner Salem 
Cutler William J. {Reed ^- Cutler-), h. 44 W. Cedar 
Cutter Abel P. {Bodge &;^ Cutter), b. 4 Allen court 
Cutter A. Edmands, apothecary, 400 Washington, 

boards 4 Beach 
Cutter Benjamin, hack driver, house 444 Wash. 
Cutter Benj. F. clerk, 17 Kilby, h. 4 Crescent pi. 
Cutter Caleb C. inspector fish oil, 91 Fulton, h. 65 

Cutter Charles R. stabler, Harr. av. h. 2 Fort av. 
Cutter Dorcas, boarding, 47 Harvard 
Cutter Ebenezer F. {Hunt ^- C), h. at Somerville 
Cutter Edmund F. {Francis Skinner §• Co.), house 

at Somerville 
Cutter Edward F. 2 S. Market, h. at Somerville 
Cutter Elbridge G. & Co. {George W Cutter), hats, 

caps, and trunks, 9, 10 & 11 N. side of Faneuil 

Hall, house 11 Brookline 
Cutter Ezekiel AV. & Co. (P. O. Hilbourn), hats, 9 

Elm, house at Roxbury 
Cutter Franklin, caterer, house 8 Butolph 
Cutter George, provisions, Richmond, n. Hanover, 

h. 27 Salem 
Cutter G. H., Custom House, house 46 Dover 
Cutter Geo. W. {E. G. Cutter Si Co.), b. 6 Camb'ge 
Cutter Hannah Mrs. house 5 Albany [Woburn 

Cutter Henry (.S. &; H. Cutter &; Co.), h. at South 
Cutter Henry, broker, house 4 Arch 
Cutter John A. B. 1 Long whf. b. 21 Somerset 
Cutter Leander, jr. varnisher, 334 Washington, h. 

at Cambridgeport 
Cutter Leonard R. clerk, boards 2 Zone 
Cutter Monroe (C. A. Haskins ^ Co.), h. at Camb'ge 
Cutter Peter D. 44 Hanover, boards 5 Albany 
Cutter Ruth Mrs. boarding, 21 Somerset 
Cutter Samuel L. coal, 18 South Market, house at 

Cutter S. & H. & Co. (O. R. Clark &; S. H. Cut- 
ter), mahogany and furniture, 7 & 8 Holmes' 

block, Haymarket sq. and 27 & 29 Friend, h. 

at S. Woburn [at South Woburn 

Cutter Stephen H. (S. & H. Cutter i; Co.), house 
Cutter Thomas, machinist, house 27 Oak 
Cutter William, plane maker, boards 13 Gouch 
Cutter William G. carriage trimmer, b. 3 Seaver pi. 

Cutting Charles A. 82 State 
Cutting Gilbert, musician, house 33 Grove 
Cutting Henry, laborer, h. Maverick, n. Havre 
Cutting Henry, moulder, house 146 Cambridge 
Cutting {Heiirg) & Kendall {Charles C), W. I. 

goods, Hanover, c. Commercial, h. Tileston, 

corner Salem 
Cutting Jonas, laborer, house 7 Commercial 
Cutting Mary A. boarding. Purchase, opp. Gridley 
Cutting Robert C. boards Tileston, c. Salem 
Cutting Sullivan W. truckman, b. 50 Albany 
Cutting William H. 64 State, h. at Charlestown 
Cutts John S. 93 Water, house 8 Albion 
Cutts Mary H. Mrs. boards 1 Hamilton place 

DAALY WILLIAM, clerk, house Third, near A 
Dabney {Charles W.jr.) & Cunningham (F.), mer- 
chants, 59 Commercial wharf 
Dacey Cornelius, laborer, house 12 Hawkins 
Dacey Daniel, laborer, h. 1 1-2 Sun ct. st. 
Dacey Dennis, laborer, house 1 Kennard avenue 
Dacey John, type caster, h. 1 Kennard avenue 
Dacey John, laborer, house 20 Commercial 
Dacey Mary, widow, house 16 Livingston 
Dacy Hiram, teamster, boards 60 Fourth 
Dacy John Mrs. house 14 Second [Billerica 

Dadd Ebenezer, apothecary, 159 Broad, boards 3 
Dadd George H. veterinary surgeon, 1 & 2 Holmes' 

block, house 3 Billerica [Charlestown 

Dadmun Francis W. eating room, 52 Union, h. at 
Daggett Caroline C. dress maker, b. 6 Staniford pi. 
Daggett Charles B. carriage maker, b. 30 Friend 
Daggett Henry L. boots and shoes, 202 Wash. h. 

16 Harvard 
Daggett Lyman {S. Klous ^ Co.), h. at Dorchester 
Daggett Milton, boarding house, 1 Suffolk place 
Daggett AV. E. clerk, 202 AA'ash. house at Quincy 
Dagney Thomas Mrs. house 67 Eliot 
Dailey Catherine, widow, house Second, near E 
Dailey Charles, laborer, house rear 66 Friend 
Dailey Edward, laborer, h. Havre, near Maverick 
Dailey George, grocer, 82 Turnpike, house do. 
Dailey Hugh, laborer, house 94 Endicot 
Dailey James, laborer, house rear 281 Ann 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, h. 1 Hanover avenue 
Dailey Timothy, laborer, h. South, n. Kneeland 
Daily J. truckman, 20 Church, h. 8 Madison place 
Daily James, jr. clerk P. R. R. depot, boards 8 

Madison place 
Daily John, laborer, house 2 Andover 
Da Land Benjamin, house 26 Allen 
Daland Henry T. {Williams S< D.), h. at Salem 
Dalany AA'illiam, boarding, house 4 Moon 
Dale Catherine, dress maker, 310 AVashington 
Dale Charles, cabinet maker, house D, corner Fifth 
Dale Ebenezer {Johnson, Seicall <^ Co.), house 51 

Dale Eli G. clerk, 24 Ann 
Dale L. C. physician, boards National House 
Dale Samuel, clothing, 24 Ann, h. 7 Billings court 
Dale Theron J. house 51 Chesnut 
Dale AVilliam J. physician, 3 Cambridge 
Daley Anthony, laborer, house 7 Battery 
Daley Charles, laborer, house 407 Washington 
Daley Daniel, blacksmith. Cove, c. Beach, h. East 
Daley Daniel, laborer, house 227 Broad 
Daley Dennis, laborer, h. Kneeland, corner Sea 
Daley James, tailor, house 9 Hamilton 
Daley James, clerk, house 496 AVashington 
Daley James L. clerk, 6 Diamond block, house 496 

Daley Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 43 Sea 
Daley John, laborer, house 4 Cove place 
Daley John, laborer, house 4 Powars court 
Daley John, cordwainer, house 15 Belmont 
Daley John, cabinet maker, Tremont, cor. Groton, 

house AVest Dedham 
Daley John, wheelwTight, house 496 AVash. 
Daley John, laborer, house Clark alley 
Daley John, 47 Long whf. h. 5 Pond st. place 



Daley Joseph, laborer, h. 21 Cross, n. Fulton 
Daley Julia, widow, house rear 9 Columbia 
Daley Lawrence, laborer, house 119 Broad 
Daley Patrick, laborer, house Lehigh, c. x^lbany 
Daley Patrick, laborer, house Third, cor. F 
Daley Patrick, laborer, house Half Moon place 
Daley Patrick, laborer, house 231 Broad 
Daley Patrick, laborer, house 84 South 
Daley Peter, laborer, 17 Wash, avenue 
Daley Rose Mrs. house r. Fourth, near rail-road 
Daley Susan, widow, house 11 Sullivan place 
Daley William, laborer, house r. Fifth, n. B 
Daley William, laborer, house 4 Jackson av. 
Daley William, laborer, 26 Butolph 
Dall John, house G68 Washington 
Dall William, house 668 Washington 
Dallinger John, jr. 17 Doane, house at Cambridge 
Dallinger William, hats and caps, 9 Hanover, h. at 

Dalrymple Albert, piano-forte maker, h. ol Marion 
DaLrymple Austin W. salesman, 66 Hanover, h. at 

Dalton Henry, treasurer Boston and Providence 

Railroad Co. office at depot, b. Beacon, c. Mt. 

Vernon [Union, h. 12 Hull 

Dalton {Henry L.) 8c IngersoU (F.), hai-dware, 4 
Dalton James, house 66 Mount Vernon 
Dalton John, laborer, boards 9 Belmont 
Dalton John, laborer, house 4 Hancock row 
Dalton John, waiter, house 82 Eliot 
Dalton Mary & Caroline, b. Beacon, c. Mt. Vernon 
Dalton Michael, morocco dresser, h. Orange lane 
Dalton Michael {Phelps &; D.), house 12 Hull 
Dalton Patrick R. clerk, h. Sumner, E. B. [House 
Dalton Peter Rowe. 34 Central whf. b. Tremont 
Dalton Richard, tailor, h. rear 6 Medford [ave. 

Dalton Thankful, widow of Thomas, h. 46 Harr. 
Dalton Thomas, waiter, h. 29 South Russell [ster 
Dalton Thomas D. clerk, B. & M. R. R. h. Web- 
Dalton William F. boards 12 Hull 
Daly Anthony, carpenter, boards 30 Southac 
Daly J. M. dentist, 5 Franklin 
Daly Lawrence, waiter, h. Kingston, n. U. S. Hotel 
Daly Peter D. carpenter, h. Fifth, n. C 
Daly Timothy, laborer, house 7 Essex place 
Dam Joseph, housewright, h. Athens, n. E 
Dame Abraham A counsellor, 9 State, h. 7 Poplar 
Dame Harriet P. dress maker, house 24 Orange 
Dame Samuel, house 29 Erie [near Turnpike 

Dame Samuel H. clerk, 31 Prince, bds. Broadway, 
Dame Seth T. clerk, 36 Hanover 
Dammers Edw'd A. 37 Tremont row, h. 7 Milton pi. 
Damon Alexander, sliip^vright, h. Marion, E. B. 
Damon Austin, blacksmith, h. I, cor. Third 
Damon Calvin, carpenter, r. 478 Wash. h. 5 London 
Damon {Charles B.), McAUaster {H. M.), & Co. 

(IF. i/. Parkhurst), dry goods, 10 Hanover, 

boards 22 Lynde 
Damon Henry E. house\vright, 7 Canton [town 
Damon James, glass, 13 Blackstone, h. at Charles- 
Damon .Toel, hatter, boards 39 Brattle [ter 
Damon John, salesman, 226 Wash., h. at Dorches- 
Damon Joseph, mason, house 6 Bartlett 
Damon Samuel G. boots and shoes, 77 Blackstone, 

boards 71 Prince 
Damon Samuel T. printer, h. 1 N. Brighton 
Damos Peter, laborer, h. 8 Greenough ave. 
Damrell Elbridge G. cooper, h. 46 C, n. Gold 
Damrell Thomas, mason, house 4 Champney pi. 
Damrell ( TFwi. S.) & Moore (F. C), Dickinson 

Printing and Binding House, 16 Devonshire. 

house at Dedham 
Dana Aaron, broker, 5 Congress [h. 19 Harr. ave. 
Dana Amos W. depot master Boston & Wor. R. R. 
Dana Cha's B. {N. & C. B. Dana), h. at Brookline 
Dana Charles H. express wagon, h. .5 Washburn pi. 
Dana Denison D. clerk, 103 Milk, bds. Marlboro' 

Dana Dexter Mrs. house 19 Harrison avenue 
Dana Edward, hardware, 24 Kilby 

Dana Edward (Whiting, Dana, § Co.), house at 

Charlestown [Brookline 

Dana Edward A. counsellor, 19 Court, house at 
Dana & Co. {E. W. S^ S. W. Dana), com. mer. 27 

& 28 Conim'l whf. h. 7 Bulfinch place 
I> (Eph. i^ Luther), Farrar {A. W.), & Hyde 

{Geor/je), West India goods, 44 & 46 Broad, h. 

10 Hayward place [ward place 

Dana Ephraim, dry goods, 71 Water, h. 10 Hay- 
Dana Francis, jr. dentist, h. 2 Bumstead place 
Dana Frederic L. boards 7 Bulfinch place 
Dana F. D. house 19 Harrison avenue 
Dana George {Hicks iSf D.), house 10 High 
Dana George E. broker, 22 Merchants' Exchange 
Dana Hiram, ostler, house 47 Hudson 
Dana {James) & Cobb {M. G.), counsellors, I Dev- 

onshne, h. at Charlestown 
Dana John, mason, house 2 Fruit st. court 
Dana John F., Quincy Hall, h. 11 Williams 
Dana Luther (Dana, Farrar, § Hyde), house 9 

Hayward place [Brookline 

Dana N. & C. B. com. merch. 1 CeAtral whf. h. at 
Dana Otis H. dry goods, 71 Water, h. at Lexington 
Dana Richard H. h. 43 Chesnut [Cedar 

Dana Richard H. jr. counsellor, 30 Court, h. 10 W. 
Dana Samuel, house 7 Bulfinch place 
Dana Sam. T. {Dane, Dana, ^ Co.), h. 51 Bowdoin 
Dana Stephen W. {Dana ^ Co.), h. 7 Bulfinch pi. 
Dane George R. clerk, bds. Broadwav, n. B 
Dane {John), Dana (^8. T.), & Co. (il. C. Ferris), 

com. mer. 12 S. Market, h. at Brookline 
Dane Joseph, N. oysters, 60 Portland, bds. Merri- 

mac House 
Danforth Abner, truckman, h. 50 Nashua 
Danforth Charles J. 297 Silver, near F 
Danforth David, jr. 37 Long whf. bds. 38 Green 
Danforth Elizabeth S. Mrs. house 29 Bedford 
Danforth George, mason, bds. Comm'l, n. Foster 
Danforth Harriet A. carpet maker, 42 Lowell 
Danforth Henry, house 60 Essex 
Danforth {Isaac), Sias {Wm.), & Co. {J. H. Dan- 
forth ^ C. J. Davis), W. I. goods, 17 & 18 S. 

Market, house 8 Hancock 
Danforth Isaac W. clerk, 87 Milk, h. 8 Hancock 
Danforth James H. {Danforth, Sias Sg Co.), h. at 

Cambridge [ver, near F 

Danforth Jarvis, grocer, 246 Broadway, h. 297 Sil- 
Danf )rth John C. counsellor, 51 Court, h. 18 Ash 
Danforth John N. clerk, 29 Elm, bds. 9 do. 
Danforth jSIartin G. painter, h. 13 Spring [18 Ash 
Danforth Mary Jane, teacher Johnson School, b. 
Danforth Moses, house 3 North Charles 
Danforth Nathaniel, teamster, h. 13 Nashua [ton 
Danforth Samuel A. 33 Pemberton sq. h. at New- 
Danforth Thomas, blacksmith, house 42 Lowell 
Danforth Thomas T. wagoner, h. 7 N. Charles 
Danforth Willard, grocery and grain, &c. Milldam, 

b. Western ave. Hotel 
Danforth William, 416 Wash, house at Roxbury 
Daniel Benjamin, laborer, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Daniell Chester {Daniell ^ Co.), h. 58 Warren 
Daniell {Josiah N.) & Co. {C. Daniell), dry goods, 

201 Washington, h. at Roxbury [Falls 

Daniell Otis {Grant, D. i<; Co.), h. at Newton, L. 
Daniels Charles E. cabinet maker, 11 Charlestown, 

boards at Charlestown 
Daniels Charles P. clerk, boards 2 Grove place 
Daniels Ebenezer, carriage smith, 8 Hawley, h. 25 

Daniels Ed\vin T. baker, house 76 Leveret 
Daniels George, 107 F. H. M. bds. 31 Pinckney 
Daniels John, coachman, house 5 Billerica 
Daniels John, hats, &c. opp. 79 Comm'l, house at 

Daniels John, mariner, boards Liverpool, E. B. 
Daniels John, machinist, house 2 Norwich 
Daniels John, machinist, bds. 8 Ashland avenue 
Daniels John E. furniture, 11 Charlestown, h. do. 
Daniels John P. boots, shoes, & leather, 60 Fulton, 

house at Somerville 



Daniels Michael, lamp lighter, house 18 Spring 
Daniels Nathaniel, baker, 76 Leveret, house do. 
Daniels Nathaniel A. {Hendley S^ D.), h. 27 Pitts 
Daniels Thomas, grocer, 30 1-2 Cambridge, house 

19 Temple 
Daniels Thomas, shoe maker, house 3 Merrimac 
Daniels Thomas, hatter, h. Vine, corner Russell 
Daniels Thomas, 3d, clerk, bds. 2 Village place 
Daniels Vincent, restorator, 10 Theatre alley 
Daniels Wm. cooper, 78 Harr. av. h. 34 Harvard 
Daniels Wm. B. house 2 Grove place 
Daniels Wm. E. {Hendley S; D.) 
Dann Patrick, pedler, house 4 Belcher lane 
Dannahy John, laborer, house 3 Commercial court 
Dapison Angelo, rigger, house 41 Charter 
Darling Amos S. carpenter, bds. 1 N. Margin 
Darling Benj. F. jeweller, 1 Court av. h. Allen, c. 

Darling Charles B. {Geo. Ellis S; Co.), h. 97 Hat. av. 
Darling Charles K. {Oakes .^ D.), h. 32 S. Russell 
Darling Ebenezer, boarding, 44 Portland 
Darling Elbridge, {Stevens, IVott &; D.), h. o Barton 
Darling Eliakim, botanic physician, h. 1 N. Margin 
Darling Francis D. {Harrod, Darling § Co.), h. at 

Darling George {Cummings S^ D.), h. 8 Spring 
Darling George A. P. {Charles Brooks i^ Co.), bds. 

6 i-2 Lynde 
Darling Henry J. {Chadbouni &; D.), h. at Chelsea 
Darling Horace B. clerk, house 2-3 Kneeland 
Darling Leonard, carpenter, house 57 Brighton 
Darling Moses, porter, 82 Milk, h. 4 Kennard av. 
Darling Peter H. carpenter, house 13 Blossom 
Darling Samuel, trunk maker, h. 53 Lowell 
Darling William, book keeper, bds. 54 Portland 
Darney Luke, laborer, house Page's court 
Darracott Franklin (i?(!«Ae c>|- i).j, 66 State, house 
at Andover [Washington, h. at Woburn 

Darracott George, agent Boston Gas Light Co. 102 
Darragan William, laborer, house 13 Hamilton 
Darrah Henry H. book keeper, 15 Milk 
Darrah {Robert it.), Morse {Lgtnan), & Co. dry 

goods, 15 Milk, bds. 3 Cambridge ' 

Darrell John, watchman, h. Fifth, near C 
Darrow George P. {Boman SjD.), house 2 Warren 
Darrow .John O. tin plate worker, h. 6 N. Bennet 
Darton Wm. shipwright, 270 Com'I, h. at Charles- 
Dary Francis, laborer, house 28 Thacher 
Dascomb John W. clerk 45 Kilby, b. Central court 
Dascomb Thomas R. house 21 Billerica 
Dasey Donald, laborer, h. 1 1-2 Sun court street 
Dasey John & Co. {Robert Allen), junk dealers, 

Sargent's wharf, house 321 Ann 
Dasha Patrick, carpenter, house 2 Utica 
Dashee John, junk shop, house rear 326 Ann 
Dashu Mary H. Mrs. house 212 Ann^ 
Dashwood Henry, baker, house 6 Blossom court 
Daton William, house Meridian, E. B. 
Davenport & Gibbs, shoes, 43 Shoe and Leather 
Davenport Benj. broker, 15 Congress, h. 4 Bowdoin 
Davenport Charles F., Post Office, h. 10 Sudbury 
Davenport Charles W. book keeper, 86 Milk 
Davenport Daniel, carpenter, h. Silver, near D 
Davenport Edward J. physician, house 28 Winter 
Davenport Edward W. 23 Shoe and Leather, bds. 
25 High [U. S. Hotel 

Davenport Edwin, jr. teacher Latin School, boards 
Davenport George, flour and grass seeds. Commer- 
cial, cor. Chatham, house at Roxbury 
Davenport Hart, broker, house 9 Oak 
Davenport Henry, clerk, 8 Kilby, h. at Roxbury 
Davenport Ira D. & Co. com. mar. 7 R. R. block, 

Lincoln, bds. 94 Tyler 
Davenport James S. teamster, house rear 5 Canal 
Davenport John, housewright, 16 Hawley, h. 115 

Davenport John E. painter, h. Eighth, near E 
Davenport Mary A. dry goods, 226 Hanover 
Davenport 01iver,G. restorator, Kneeland, n. South 


Davenport Ralph, upholsterer, bds. 6 Rollins pi. 
Davenport Samuel D. boots, 43 Shoe and Leather, 

house at Hopkinton 
Davenport Samuel S. hackman, house 8 Province 
Davenport Thomas B. 43 Shoe and Leather 
Davenport Wm. piano-forte maker, h. 1 E. Dedham 
Davenport Wm. B. 57 Milk, bds. 7 La Grange pi. 
Davenport William W. 15 Pearl, h. at Roxbury 
Davenport & Mason's Express, 11 State 
Davey James, tailor, house 24 Mez'rimac 
Davey John, house 8 West Centre 
David Barnabas B. {Melemhj &; D.), 8 Dock square 
Davidson D. Francis {Thompson i^ D.), h. 14 High 
Davidson Henry, teamster, house 1 Wesley, E. B. 
Davidson Jabez Moulton, stock broker, 13 Joy's 

building, house at Cambridge 
Davidson Josiah, cl'k, Hanover, c. Marshall [E.B. 
Davidson Samuel W. engineer E. R. R. h. Centre, 
Davie Susannali, di'ess maker, house 29 Pinckney 
Davies Daniel, housewright, house 68 Charles 
Davies John, hair dresser, bds. 44 Portland 
Davies Joshua G. paper hanger, bds. r. 85 Tremont 
Davies Lucy, widow, h. r. 85 Tremont [Cambridge 
Davis A. B. counsellor, 1 Mass. block, boards at 
Davis Adin, clerk, 141 Wash. bds. at Charlestown 
Davis Adolphus, commis. merchant, 13 Central wf. 

house 36 Temple 
Davis Almond H. 66 Cornhill, house at Chelsea 
Davis Amos R. laborer, h. 3 Billings court [E. B. 
Davis Anckew, shipwright, h. Havre, n. Sumner, 
Davis Andrew L. ostler, h. 78 Pleasant 
Davis Anselm {Travers ^ D.), bds. 15 Minot 
Davis Barnabas {H. Sc.udder &; Co.), b. Trem. House 
Davis Benj. B. 83 F. H. Market, h. at Brookline 
Davis Caroline E. widow, house Suffolk, opposite 

Blackstone square 
Davis Charles, actor, bds. 41 Beach 
Davis Charles, stone cutter, house 41 Billerica 
Davis Chas. harness maker, Charlest'n, n. Travers 
Davis Charles, laborer, house 10 Clark 
Davis Charles, housewright, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Davis Charles B. housewright, 1 Chapman place, 

house 1 Auburn court 
Davis Charles E. wagoner, house Eighth, near E 
Davis Charles E. 88 Commercial, bds. 93 Salem 
Davis Charles G. captain E. B. ferry boat 
Davis Charles G. counsellor, 7 Court square, house 

Edinboro', c. Beach [Hotel 

Davis Charles J. {Danforth, Sias (S, Co.), bds. City 
Davis Charles W. rope maker, h. 4 Hanover av. 
Davis {Christy) & Aubin (P. /.), wool dealers, 85 

State, house at Lynn 
Davis Cynthia E. house 61 Bedford 
Davis Daniel, philosophical instruments , and elec- 
tro gilder, 428 Wash.ih. 23 Kneeland [Nashua 
Davis Daniel C. dry goods, 35 Hanover, house 26 
Davis David E. sawyer, house rear 81 Warren 
Davis David P. {Howard &; D.),)i. at Roxbury 
Davis David S. {Green S; D.), h. Bolton, near C 
Davis Ebenezer, marine inspector, 41 State, house 

at Charlestown 
Davis Ebenezer {Walker &■ D.), house 1 Vine 
Davis Edward William {Whittemore Sg D.), house 

at Cambridge [Lynn 

Davis Edward S. book keeper, 11 Central, house at 
Davis Eliza H. Mrs. house 1 Hamilton place 
Davis Ephraim C. watchman, house 153 Court 
Davis Eunice R. tailoress, 53 Spring 
Davis Ethan, laborer, 18 S. Market, h. 3 Arch pi. 
Davis Eveline, house 157 Hanover 
Davis Francis, laborer, house May st. court 
Davis Frederick, 20 Commercial, h. at Newton 
Davis Frederick W. house 148 Tremont 
Davis George, surveyor of lumber, h. 4 Brookline 
Davis George, mariner, h. opposite 7 Orange lane 
Davis George B. {Horatio E. Davis ^ Co.), house 

Pinckney, corner W. Cedar 
Davis Henry, house 22 Belknap [Dorchester 

Davis George N. {Messer, Warren Sg Davis), h. at 
Davis George H. {Hallet, Davis ^ Co.), h. 18 Tyler 



Davis George W. Rev. house Princeton, E. B. 
Davis George W. mason, house o Sears place 
Davis iGilman, treas. S. S. Railroad, 27 State, h. 

at Roxbury 
Davis H. Alfred, clerk, 9 Blackstone 
Davis Henry, boards Beach, corner Harrison av. 
Davis Henry, collector Gas Light Co. 102 Wash. 

house 1/9 Hanover [at Roxbury 

Davis Henry A. com. merchant, 74 Long wharf, h. 
Davis Henry C. {Abner French ^ Co.), house 2 

Davis Henry T. 78 F. H. M. h. at Charlestown 
Davis Henry T. counsellor, 19 Court, house 7 Win- 

throp place 
Davis Hezekiah, cabman, h. 5 Adams pi. S. B. 
Davis Hiram, broker, Devonshire, corner Congress 

square, house 3 Jefferson 
Davis Hiram, mason, house 35 May 
Davis Horatio E. & Co. {G. B. Dams), dry goods, 

281 Wash. h. Pinckney, cor. W. Cedar 
Davis Isaac, 49 Milk, boards Suffolk, n. sq. 
Davis Isaac, 21 Sudbury, house at Dorchester 
Davis Isaac P. house 1 Milton place 
Davis Israel E. shoe maker, 33 Chambers 
Davis Jacob, laborer, house Holden place 
Davis James, house 148 Tremont 
Davis James, paver, house 26 Vine 
Davis James, jr. treasurer Revere Copper Co. 97 

State, boards 148 Tremont 
Davis James, boarding, 308 Commercial 
Davis James, engineer, opp. 94 Beach 
Davis James, mariner, h. Bennington, n. Chelsea 
Davis James T. {T. Davis &;; Son), bds. S. B. Hotel 
Davis J. Amory, 28 State, house 71 Beacon 
Davis James B. clerk, Quincy Hall, b. 8 Hudson 
Davis J. Simmons, broker, 34 1-2 State, h. 5 Mel- 
rose place 
Davis James W., Custom House, h. 146 Harr. av. 
Davis James W. blacksmith, h. 7 Oxford place 
Davis Jehiel M. carpenter, h. Old Harbor, S. B. 
Davis Joel, house 264 Tremont 
Davis {Joel K.) & Morse {George), vegetables, 19 

the South Market, h. at Brighton 
Davis John, carpenter, house 26 Brighton 
Davis John, restorator, 11 Franklin 
Davis John, boards U. S. Hotel 
Davis John, gardener, house 49 E. Orange 
Davis (John) & Cushing {Perez), wood and coal, 

Atkins' wharf, house 68 Charter 
Davis John {Deane, Davis §- Co.), 29 Kilby 
Davis John, ballast, 87 Commercial, h. Broadway 
Davis John, waiter, house rear 22 Friend 
Davis John, captain, h. Broadway, n. Dorchester 
Davis John, laborer, h. 4 Kneeland place 
Davis John, jr. carpenter, Broadway, n. Dorchester 
Davis John, trader, house 21 E, near Seventh 
Davis John, laborer, house 482 Commercial 
Davis John, laborer, house 4 Battery [E. B. 

Davis John, captain R. R. ferry boat, h. Marginal, 
Davis {John, 2d) & Howe {S. S.), ship stores, 92 

Commercial, house 2 N. Bennet 
Davis John A. clerk, house 4 Cotting 
Davis John A. piano-forte maker, b. 3 Avery 
Davis John E. laborer, house 87 Warren 
Davis John G. house 54 Charles 
Davis J. Hubbard, boards 22 Bridge [row 

Davis John J. P. daguerreotype rooms, 34 Tremont 
Davis John W. clerk, 32 Ind'ia, b. 179 Hanover 
Davis John W. 13 Central wharf 
Davis John Walton, counsellor, 1 Devonshire 
Davis Jonathan, paver, house 44 Chambers 
Davis Joseph, boards 36 Bowdoin 
Davis Joseph, truckman, boards 6 Milton 
Davis Joseph {James Harwood § Co.), house at 

Davis Joseph, brass nail manufactory. Old Road 
Davis Joseph A. (J. Baker &; Co.), h. 2 Avon place 
Davis Joseph F. {William Davis ^ Sow), house at 

Cambridgeport [stone, house 23 N. Margin 
Davis Joseph F. furniture, 14 Canal block, Black- 

Davis {Joseph H.) & Martin {A.), restorators, 3 N. 

Davis J. W. Mrs. house 7 Winthrop place 
Davis L. P. clerk. Custom House, h. at Woburn 
Davis Lydia, widow, house 4 Wesley, E. B. 
Davis Margaret, widow, house 5 Mahan place 
Davis Martha, midwife, house rear 51 Salem 
Davis Mary, widow, house Sumner, near Lamson 
Davis Mary A. Mrs. dress maker, h. 9 N. Margin 
Davis Mary B. widow of Ezra, house 31 Temple 
Davis Mary F. Mrs. house 50 B, corner Silver 
Davis Milo, carpenter, b. 8 La Grange place 
Davis Moses, coppersmith, b. 1 Auburn court 
Davis Nathaniel G. cook, house 8 N. Bennet 
Davis Nathaniel T. dry goods, 135 Hanover, h. do 
Davis Nymphas, house London, near Maverick 
Davis Obed R. mariner, house 248 Hanover 
Davis Patrick, laborer, house 10 Oliver 
Davis Person {Carter &; D.), house at Cambridge 
Davis Peter, carpenter, boards 155 Tyler 
Davis Peter W. carpenter, foot Fayette 
Davis P. Stearns, clerk, 120 Washington 
Davis Richard, stabler, Kingston, h. 10 Columbia 
Davis Robert, blacksmith, h. 8 Leveret lane 
Davis Robert S. publisher & bookseller, 120 Wash- 
ington, house at Brookline 
Davis Robert S. house 7 Winthrop place 
Davis Samuel, house 5 Dix place 
Davis Samuel, imp. watches, &c. 3 Milk, h. Dix pi. 
Davis Samuel M. clerk, Charlestown, c. Stillman 
Davis Samuel N. teamster, house 25 Andover 
Davis Samuel S. carpenter, house 31 Stillman 
Davis Sarah, milliner, 1 Salem place 
Davis Sarah, ^vidow, h. Marginal, E. B. 
Davis Sarah J. widow of Joshua, house 37 Summer 
Davis Stephen G. cashier Shawmut Bank, house at 

Davis Stephen G. 2d, 13 City whf. b. 58 Federal 
Davis Sumner A. blacksmith, house 133 Hudson 
Davis Thomas, machinist, house 5 Maiden 
Davis Thomas, ladies' shoe maker, h. 41 Marion 
Davis Thomas, 142 Wash, house at Lynn 
Davis Thomas, tailor, house 13 Spring 
Davis Thomas, express driver, house 2 Endicot 
Davis Thomas & Son {James T.), W. I. goods and 
produce, 82 Fourth, corner A, h. at Lancaster 
Davis Thomas, rigger, house 17 Salutation 
Davis Thomas A. Mrs. house 6 Allston 
Davis Timothy, collector, house 39 Pinckney 
Davis Timothy (/*'. M. Warren Sg Co.), house at 

Davis William, laborer, house 9 Southac 
Davis William, machinist, house 218 Harr. avenue 
Davis Willianr, painter, house 4 1-2 Unity 
Davis William & Son (/. F. Davis), 26 F. H. Mar- 
ket, house at Cambridgeport [ston 
Davis Wm. jr. com. mer. 74 Long wharf, h. 8 King- 
Davis Wm. F. clerk, 25 State, h. at Charlestown 
Davis William F. clerk, 45 Commercial wharf, bds. 

179 Hanover 
Davis Wm. G. piano-forte maker, b. 65 Emerald 
Davis Wm. G. organ builder, house 23 Lynde 
Davis Wm. H. {Wm. Underwood § Co.), house at 

Davis Wm. N. jeweller, house 3 Poplar place 
Davis Wm. R. periodicals, 16 State, h. 64 Billerica 
Davis Wm. T. 7 Court sq. boards U. S. Hotel 
Davis & Leach's Express, R. R. E.xchange 
Davison Andrew C. jr. printer, b. 2 Kennard ct. 
Davison Cyrus, carpenter, house 28 Suftblk 
Davison Elias E. wharfinger, 24 Lewis wharf, h. 

26 Temple 
Davison Henderson, carrier, 12 Rochester 
Davison Thomas AV. G. laborer, h. r. D, n. Third 
Davlin John, boot maker, Kingston, n. Bedford 
Davoy David, pedler, house 9 Merrimac 
Dawes Albert G. clerk, 204 Wash. h. 16 Brighton 
Dawes Harrison G. boards 17 Franklin 
Dawes Henry, broker, 5 1-2 Exchange, house Han- 
over, opposite Tileston 



Dawson Robert, mariner, h. 4 Greenough lane 
Day Albert {Daniel Kimhall &: Co.), h. 79 Dover 
Day Amos B. & Co. paints and diugs, 7 Long whf. 

boards 1 Stillman 
Day Asa, sash maker, house 21 Canton 
Day Daniel, blacksmith, house 41 A, near Silver 
Day Daniel & Co. (.'1. A. Mason), boots and shoes, 

150 Court 
Day Dennis, laborer, h. 1 Livingston place 
Day Edwin E. stone cutter, b. 7 Kneeland place 
Day Ellen, widow, house 10 Curve 
Day Hartley W. publ. Journal Music, 8 Court sq. 
Day James, baker, house Trenton, E. B. 
Day James, painter, boards 55 Lowell 
Day John, tailor, house 20 Williams 
Day Joseph (.4. L. White Sf Co.), h. at S. Dedham 
Day Joseph, merchant, 21 India wharf, boards 

Tremont House 
Day {Joseph M.) & Gooch {D. W.), counsellors, 14 

Mass. bl'k, and 2 Maverick bl'k, bds. do. House 
Day Joshua, laborer, house rear 28 Pleasant 
Day Leonard, teamster, house Gold, near C 
Da}^ Lot, stevedore, house 5 Bartlett 
Day Mary, widow, house Grove 
Day Moses {SewaU, Dai/ &; Co.), h. at Roxbury 
Day Orien, clerk, 6, bds. 10 Sturgis place 
Day Robert L. book keeper. Shoe and Leather 

Dealers' Bank, h. at Newton 
Day Thomas C. cutter, h Princeton, E. B. [tham 
Day Warren, bonnet presser, 50 Milk, h. at Wren- 
Day Warren H. {Cleland ^ D.), bds. 25 High 
Day Wm. B. clerk, 4 Com'l, bds. 13^ Crescent pi. 
Dayley James, captain, house Webster, n. Jeffries 
Dayley James, laborer, bds. Border, near Sumner 
Deacon Edward P., Concord, cor. Washington 
Deacon James, tinsmith, bds. 39 Brattle 
Deacon William {Babson, Deacon ^ Lemoyne), 4 

Faneuil Hall, house 2 Spring 
Deake George, printer, h. 30 Vine [at Charlestown 
Dean C. C. trea. Mass. S. S. Soc. 13 Cornhill, h. 
Dean Eliza A. dress maker, house 20 Sudbury 
Dean Geo. patent leather manuf. bds. Washington, 

n. Arnold 
Dean Geo. hackman, bds. 8 Franklin 
Dean Gilbert, boot maker, bds. 2 E. Orange 
Dean Henry, 79 and 81 F. H. Market, h. 12 Eaton 
Dean Henry A. house 288 Fourth, bet. E and F 
Dean James, paper stainer, 25 Bromfield, house 94 

Dean Jarvis, wagoner, h. Washington, n. Arnold 
Dean {John) & Co. book binders, 12 Water 
Dean John, carriage maker, house 59 Warren 
Dean John, painter, bds. 84 Federal [at Dedham 
Dean John, freight agent, B. & P. R. R. depot, h. 
Dean John, 13 Doane, h. at Cambridge 
Dean Leprelet, clerk at B. & P. R. R. depot [bers 
Dean Loami, shoe maker, 32 Merrimae, h. 87 Cham- 
Dean Lydia, bds. 1 Hancock avenue 
Dean Mary, widow, house 149 Broadway 
Dean Mary R. dress maker, house 87 Chambers 
Dean M. M. 22 School, h. at Salem [Warren sq. 
Dean Nathaniel, livery stable, 42 Portland, house 2 
Dean Newell, house 10 Pitts 
Dean Oliver, house 2 Bussey place 
Dean Richard, boarding, 84 Federal [Harvard 

Dean Russell, clerk, 6 Railroad block, li. Tyler, n. 
Dean Samuel, clerk, bds. 42 Harrison avenue 
Dean Samuel Bridge, agent E. B. Salt Co. 4 S. 

Market, h. at Chelsea 
Dean Samuel B. clerk, 516 Washington 
Dean William, ostler, house 10 Cune [bridge 

Deane Charles {Watersto7i, Prai/&; Co.), h. at Cam- 
Deane {George H.), Davis {John). & Co. (G. IF. 

Johnson), dry goods, 29 Kilby, h. 23 Tyler 
Deane Jane G. teacher, bds. 90 Mt. Vernon 
Deane John K. {Jacobs &; D.), bds. Blomfield house 
Deapsin Angelo, rigger, h. 41 Charter [chester 

Dearborn Axel {Ranstead, D. &; Co.), h. at Dor- 
Dearborn Danville A. clerk, bds. 5 Morton 
Dearborn David, 79 Pearl, house at Chelsea 

Dearborn E. B. 56 Cornhill 
Dearborn James S. printer, 1 Water 
Dearborn George, carpenter, house 70 Tyler 
Dearborn Henry, tin plate worker, house First, n. 

Turnpike [Haymarket sq., h. 5 Lowell ct. 

Dearborn John, fruit and produce, 1 Holmes' blk. 
Dearborn John L. 22 Commercial, h. 350 Broadway 
Dearborn John M. ranges, and sealer of weights 

and measures, 25 Devonshire, h. 4 Avon pi. 
Dearborn Joseph B. carpenter, house 16 Suffolk 
Dearborn Levi, house 350 Broadway 
Dearborn Nathaniel, engraver and copper plate 

printer, 104 Washington, bds. Mer. Ex. Hotel 
Dearborn Nathaniel S. engraver and printer, 1 

Water, house at S. Reading 
Dearborn {Samziel H.) & Rutherford {Charles B.), 

painters, 1 Harvard pi. opp. Old South Church 
Dearborn Saml. O., Cust. House, h. 1 Saniford pi. 
Dearborn W. L. engineer G. J. R. R. 1 Commercial 

wharf, house at Roxbury 
Dearborn & Co.'s Express, 8 Court 
D'Arcy Francis, plasterer, house Saratoga 
D'Aumale Thomas, house 66^ Lowell 
De Bacon Charles, laces and ribbons, 22 Hanover, 

house at Chelsea 
Deblois Dalton, weigher and ganger, 20 Com'cial 

wharf, house Lincoln, n. Essex 
Deblois George L. 38 State, house 1 Rutland 
Deblois Stephen G. 99 State, bds. U. S. Hotel 
Deblois William, clerk, 104 Hanover, bds. Frank- 
lin House 
Decartret Thomas C. brass finisher, b. 15 Pinckney 
Decastro Domingo, house 2 Boylston square 
Decatur Thomas, 9 Tremont row, bds. 32 Essex 
Decher Louis, 82 Milk, bds. 3 Otis place 
Decher William, printer, bds. 11 Columbia 
Decker Edward, mariner, house rear 157 Ann 
Decker Henry W. tin plate worker, Webster, E. B. 
Decker Peter, shoe maker, house rear 81 Warren 
Decosta Elizabeth, nurse, house 3 Bennet place 
Decoster Asa, house 244 Washington 
Decous George, plume maker, 26 Winter 
Dedlin Patrick, laborer, house 3 Bartlett 
Dee John, boarding, 56J Endicot 
Dee John, laborer, house 65 Broad 
Dee John, variety store, 168 Broad, house do. 
Dee Maurice, boot niaker, house 23 Second 
Dee Patrick, porter, house 100 Federal 
Dee William, laborer, house 78 Atkinson 
Deegan John, laborer, house r. Swan 
Deeley Caleb, engraver and printer, 31 Court, house 

794 AYashington 
Deely Eliza R. teacher, boards 794 Washington 
Deering George A. penny post, house 9 Morton 
Deering Henry, grocer, 39 Salem, house do. 
Deering Joseph M. 199 Broad, bds. 4 Quincy pi. 
Deering Peter, laborer, 43 Atkinson 
Deering Sam'l P. salesm'n, 125 Milk, h. at Som'ville 
De Forest Edward, joiner, h. Havre, n. Sumner 
De Forest Hannah, tailoress, Orange, cor. Wash- 
ington [8 S. Cedar 
Defrees William H. machinist, 16 E. Orange, house 
Degan Joseph, laborer, house 3 Henchman lane 
Degan Michael, laborer, house Colony 
Degen Henry V. h. 241 Fourth [ney 
Degrand P. P. F. broker, 9 Congress, h. 105 Pinck- 
Deiion Patrick, laborer, house 5 Chardon 
Dehon Wm. counsellor, 39 Court, h. 18 Temple pi. 
De Huff John, piano-forte maker, house 45 Dover 
Delacy Michael, plasterer, house 35 Merrimae 
Delahoyd Thomas, house 5 Sister 
Delancy William, hair dresser, 225 Broadway, cor. 

E, house 2 Southac 
Deland Benj. E. {D. F. Snoto S; Co.), h. 26 Allen 
Deland Thomas, clerk, boards 3 Jackson place 
Delaney John, baker, h. 19 Washington avenue 
Delaney John, laborer, h. 8 Canal 
Delano Asa C. pine furniture manuf. Second, c. 

A, house Gold, corner B 
Delano Benj. E. attendant Lunatic Hospital, S. B. 



Delano {Benj. F.) & Haskins (Wm.), ship%vriglits 

and caulkers, head Lincoln wf. h. at Chelsea 
Delano Charles T. jeweller, h. 214 Hanover 
Delano Clarissa, house 26 S. Cedar [Maverick 

Delano Elijah (Ford, D. ^ Co.), bds. Liverpool, c. 
Delano Eliza, widow, house 246 Hanover 
Delano George H. cabinet maker, h. Gold, n. C 
Delano G. M. harness maker, bds. 26 S. Cedar 
Delano Joseph, carver, house 2 Canton court 
Delano Melzar, caulker, E. R. R. wf. h. at Medford 
Delano Mercy B. teacher P. S. 10, b. 14 Purchase 
Delano Patrick, laborer, h. Erin alley, c. Border 
Delano Thomas A. 28 Pearl, boards tJ. S. Hotel 
Delano Thos. Ingalls, jeweller, 1 Court avenue 
Delano Wm. E. laborer, house r. Princeton, E; B. 
Delano William H. house Saratoga, E. B. 
Delany Daniel, laborer, house r. 18 Stillman 
Delany M. G. surg. U. S. N. Rendezvous, 224 Com'l 
Delany Patrick, tailor, house 6 Kingston 
Delany Patrick, grocer, Suffolk, c. Carney pi. h. do. 
De Laporte Count, teacher of French, 19 Trem't r. 

house 9 Columbia 
Delay Catharine, widow, house 7i Bartlett 
Delay Charles Mrs. groceries, 81 Kneeland 
Delevante Joseph, plumber, house r. 13 Hawkins 
Delew Peter, stevedore, house 16 Boylston square 
Deloid Antony, tin worker, house 137 Endicot 
Delong Handy, cook, house 90 Cambridge 
Deluce Alice, widow, h bet. First and Second, n. K 
Deluce Francis, brass turner, h. r. 84 Portland 
Deluce James, housewright, house Seventh, near K 
Deluce John F. grocer, Broadway, cor. I, h. do. 
Deluce Reuben G. express, house Fourth, near E 
Demerest Sam'lC. brass nail manuf. h. 378 B'dway 
Demeritt Henry, carpenter, house 257 Tremont 
Demeritt Jolm {BoUins &; D.), liouse 45 Tremont 
Demier Henry, stabler, bds. Orleans, n. Webster 
Deming David D. tailor, 13 Congress, h. 5 Federal 
court [Lawrence pi. 

Deming Edmond C. hair dresser, 56 Brattle, h. 4 
Deming Owen H. carpenter, bds. Federal, c. High 
Deming William, carpenter, bds. 84 Albany 
Demmon R. E. {Potter, Leland § Co.), house at 

Demond Anthony, tin plate worker, h. 42 Nashua 
Demond Chas. counsellor, 4 Court, b. 21 Somerset 
Demond Thomas D. (IT are, D. <Sf Co.), house 

Webster, E. B. 
Dempsey Jeremiah, laborer, h. 2 May street place 
Dempsey John, boarding, 10 New Cross 
Dempster David, laborer, house 5 Battery 
Dench Lawson B. 82 State, house 23 Pinckney 
Dench Mary, widow, house 23 Pinckney 
Denerty Andrew, laborer, house Liverpool, E. B. 
Denham Phoebe P. widow, house 15 Pinckney 
Denio Sylvanus A. (G. W. Adams Ss Co.), h. 2 Wall 
Denison J. N. & Co. {J. W. Dorman), dry goods, 

103 Milk, house at Roxbury 
Denley William, blacksmith, house 5 Nashua 
Dennet Mary Mrs. house 66 Poplar 
Dennet William H. {J. Munroe &; Co.), h. 66 Poplar 
Dennett Charles A. coachman, h. 32 Nashua 
Dennett Charles B. {Tuttle &; D.), house 7 Porter 
Dennett George, Custom H! b. Pearl, c. Pearl pi. 
Dennett Jeremiah A. 25 Court, bds. 13 Lynda 
Dennett Lucy Mrs. house 45 Broadway, near A 
Denney John, confectionery, 8 Hamilton 
Denney John, provisions. 111 Broad, house do. 
Denney John, tailor, house 11 Williams 
Dennie Dennis, laborer, house 245 Ann 
Dennie {George) & Boardman {B. G.jr.), leather 
& hides, 33 & 35 Shoe & Leather, h. 9 McLean 
Dennie James, house 24 Somerset 
Dennie (James, Jr.) & Lamson (.S. ^.), commission 

merchants, 37 Long wharf, house Nassau 
Dennie John, house 24 Somerset 
Dennie Philip, carpenter, house 3 Sullivan place 
Dennine Timothy, laborer, house 9 Bartlett 
Denning William, machinist, h. 19 Athens, n. A 
Dennis George, provisions, 103 Broad, house do. 

Dennis John H. painter, house Newland [E. B. 
Dennis John R. ship joiner, Sumner, n. London, 
Dennis Louis, mason, boards 33 Blossom 
Dennis Patrick, house 161 Fourth 
Dennis Samuel, baggage-master, bds. Utica House 
Dennis Samuel C. 84 Washington, h. at Cambridge 
Dennis William W. commission merc'nt, 13 Broad, 

house at Cambridge 
Dennison Abiah A. house Garland, c. Suffolk 
Dennison A. L. jewelry, 205 Washington, house at 

Dennison E. W. 205 Washington, h. National 
Dennison Gurdon E. 421 Wash. h. 43 Harrison av. 
Dennison James, jr. carpenter, h. 27 W. Castle 
Dennison Mary, \vidow, house 41 Harrison avenue 
Dennison Wm. architect and draftsman, 21 Joy's 

building, boards 27 W. Castle 
Denny Betsey, seamstress, house 10 Federal court 
Denny {Daniel), Rice (H. A.), & Gardner (H. J.), 

American goods, 90 Milk, house 32 Summer 
Denny Edward it Co. (H. McFarland and Thomas 

Denny), dye stuffs, &c. 108 Milk, c. Kilby 
Denny George, pros. Granite Bank, h. at Westboro' 
Denny George P. clerk, 90 Milk, house 22 Beacon 
Denny Thomas (Edw. Denny ^ Co.), 108 Milk 
Denton Charles, laborer, house 2 Foster 
Denton William, 37 Central, house 3 Staniford 
Denton W. I^. counsellor, 51 Court, h. 3 Staniford 
Denton W. W. printer, house 10 May 
De Prigney Joseph, baker, at 52 Cambridge 
Derby Edwin R. 56 Merrimac, h. 1 Winslow place 
Derby (Elias Ilaskct) & Fuller (H. TFe/f?), counsel- 
lors, 1 Devonshire, house 56 Boylston 
Derby Franklin, machinist, bds. mth P. Leishman 
Derby George, physician, 12 West 
Derby Harriet Mrs. house Silver, c. C 
Derby John Mrs. house 1 Pemberton square 
Derby John B. house 7 Province 
Derby Sam. blacksmith, bds. Orleans, n. Webster 
Derby Wm. H. barber, 39 Turnpike 
De Ribas A. L. professor of music, bds. 6 Beach 
Dermody Peter, waiter, house Everett 
Derr Wm. R. professor of horsemanship, 7 Mason, 

house rear 599 Washington 
Derry Maurice, laborer, house rear 18 Stillman 
Deslion B. C. clerk, bds. 32 South Russell 
Deshon (Daniel) & Co. (D. D. StacA-pole), comm'n 

merchants, 5 Long wharf, h. 18 La Grange pi. 
Deshon Henry S. clerk, 85 Tremont 
Deshon James, ship broker, 23 India 
Desmond Cornelius, laborer, house 25 Hamilton 
Desmond Daniel, painter, India, c. Broad, bds. 123 

Desmond Daniel, laborer, house 7 Bartlett 
Desmond Dennis, laborer, house rear 9 Bartlett 
Desmond Dennis, laborer, 243 Ann 
Desmond Dennis, tailor, h. 29 1-2 Washington sq. 
Desmond Dennis, laborer, house 13 Essex place 
Desmond Dennis, laborer, house Cottage, E. B. 
Desmond James, fruit dealer, h. 3 South st. court 
Desmond James, laborer, house 98 Broad 
Desmond Jeremiah, housewright, house 5 Sister 
Desmond Jeremiah, laborer, house 7 Bartlett 
Desmond John, laborer, house 61 Endicot 
Desmond John, laborer, house Humphrey place 
Desmond John, laborer, 212 Broad 
Desmond John, laborer, house 8 Utica 
Desmond Mary, house Bremen, near Sumner, E. B. 
Desmond Michael, laborer, 279 Ann 
Desmond Michael, stone cutter, house 7 Cove [A 
Desmond Michael, shoe maker, 179 Purchase, h. 73 
Desmond Patrick, laborer, house 20 Commercial 
Desmond Richard, boarding house, 289 Ann 
Desmond Richard, laborer, house rear 281 Ann 
Desmond Timothy, laborer, house 148 Ann 
Desmond Timothy, liouse Bremen, near Sumner 
De Souza Catherine, widow, house 33 Southae 
Destrander Philander, baker, bds. 505 Washington 
Detrich Lewis, sheet iron worker, h. 7 Kellam pi. 
Deturbe Peter, wheelwright, 13 Causeway 



Devar James, laborer, house 52 Endicot 
Devar Patrick, laborer, house 52 Endicot 
Devens Charles, bds. Winthrop House 
Deveus R. M. Rev. house 81 Charles 
Deveny Connal, fruit, 322 Com'l, h. at E. Camb. 
Deveny John, truckman, 7 N. Mkt. h. at Cha'st'n 
Deveny John, waiter, house 10 Sullivan place 
Dever Daniel, trader, 14 Merriniac, house do. 
Devereux Geo. H., Adjutant General, State House, 

house at Salem [2 Avery 

Devereux Henry L. job printer, 160 Washington, h. 
Devereux John, tailor, house May, c. Grove place 
Devereux John N. sail maker, 11 E. R. R. wharf, 

house at Charlestown 
Devereux AVm. E. laborer, h. 358 1-2 Washington 
Devey William, house Silver, near A 
Devine Bridget, widow, house 15 Cross 
Devine Charles, painter, house 48 Union 
Devine James, beer maker, house 156 Hanover 
Devine James, laborer, house Swan 
Devine John, tailor, house 37 1-2 Prince 
Devine John, job wagon, hovise Gold, near C 
Devine John, tin worker, 30 Prince, house Cooper 
Devine John, laborer, house 55 Pitts 
Devine John, shoe maker, 201 Wash. h. 513 do. 
Devine Martin, painter, 13 Hawley 
Devine Mary, widow, house 3 Barrett 
Devine Patrick, porter, house 1 High street court 
Devine Sylvester, porter, 9 Liberty square, house 3 

South street court 
Devine Thomas, job wagon, house Gold, near C 
Devlin James, paper carrier, house 79 Eliot 
Devlin John, boot maker, 4 Kingston, house do. 
Devlin John, tailor, house 4 N. Federal court 
Devlin Patrick, laborer, house Bremen, E. B. 
Devlin Thomas, oysters, 39 Turnpike 
Devoy John, {Gerry &: D.), house 5 Hancock row 
Devoy Lawrence, handcartman, h. rear 40 Endicot 
Devoy Patrick, machinist, house Colony 
Dewar William, stone cutter, house Go Eliot 
Dewerson Richard, gunsmith and curriers' tools 

maker, house 84 C, near Broadway [bury 

Dewey Solon W. com. merch. 87 Kilby, h. at Rox- 
Dewhurst Thomas, hats. &c. 18 Wash. bds. 19 Lev. 
Dewhurst AVilliam, pump and block maker, 258 

Commercial, house 8 Margaret 
Dewhurst William, 140 Sea, house Turnpike 
Dewine Dennis, laborer, house Page's court 
Dewing Samuel F. captain, house Third, c. C 
Dewire Collum, house Silver, near Turnpike 
De AVolf Elisha, com. mer. and ins. broker, 63 

Commercial, boards 5 Otis place 
De Wolf Ethan A. grocer, opposite 24 May, h. do. 
De Wolf Geo. tailor, old State House, b. 17 Lynde 
Dewson Alexander, laborer, house 13 Southac 
Dexter Alonzo, carpenter, house 6 East Orange 
Dextev (Alven), Hixon {Timothy W.), c*v: Dexter 

(./. B. jr.), livery stable, 16 Federal, house at 

Dorchester [ton, house at Newton 

Dexter Amasa, piano-forte maker, 416 Washing- 
Dexter Anson, {B. B. Tilt &; Co.), h. at Jamaica PI. 
Dexter {Charles), Harrington {W.A.), & Co., W 

I. goods and leather, Fulton, cor. Richmond, 

house 32 Leveret [Marion 

Dexter Charles H., Pleasant, cor. Tremout, h. 32 
Dexter Charles P. broker, 21 Mass. block, house 5 

Bovlston place 
Dexter'Charlcs W. clerk, 26 India 
Dexter Edward, counsellor, 9 Court square [pi. 
Dexter Edw. A. com. mer. 28 State, h. 15 Franklin 
Dexter Franklin, counsellor, 9 Court square 
Dexter F. G. 48 India wharf 
Dexter Geo. B., Custom House, h.249 Fourth 
Dexter George J. constable, basement Court 

House, house 14 Lynde [60Boylston 

Dexter Geo. M. architect, 11 1-2 Tremont row, h. 
Dexter George N. house 23 Pinckney 
Dexter Geo. S. {Klny ^ D.), h. at Roxbury 
Dexter Henry M. Rev. house 15 Pine [Carver 

Dexter Henry N. sign painter, Fayette ct. house 5 

Dexter John B. jr. {Dexter, Hixon, §X>.), house 19 

Dexter John H. house 11 High 
Dexter John N. porter, h. 2 Lane place 
Dexter Nathaniel, housewright, h. Marion, E. B. 
Dexter Nathaniel P. well digger, house 5 Carver 
Dexter Sam'l P. salesman, 29 Milk, b. 5 Boylston pi. 
Dexter Susan, house 11 Harrison avenue 
Dexter Theodore, physician, h. 25 Myrtle 
Dexter Thomas A. notary public and counsellor, 

28 State, house 15 PVanklin place 
Dexter William S. boards 60 Boylston 
De Yong Besha, pedler, house 38 London 
De Yong B. H. clothier, house 4 Hamlen place 
Diamond Joseph, broker, 8 Congress, h. at Rox'by 
Dick Andrew, cooper, h. r. 1 Lancaster 
Dickason Nancy, widow, house Henchman lane 
Dickey George T. clerk, 68 Utica, b. Utica House 
Dickey William, job wagon, h. east end Second 
Dickinson Austin Rev. boards Marlboro' Hotel 
Dickinson Charles F. pattern maker, h. Meridian 
Dickinson Chas. H. piano-forte maker, h. 5 Porter 
Dickinson Charles M. physician, house 18 Dover 
Dickinson David, stone cutter, h. Harvard, corner 

Hudson [Dover 

Dickinson Frederick W. {Bancroft &; D.), house 18 
Dickinson Geo. at Custom House, h. 9 E. Canton 
Dickinson Geo. {E. Raymond &; Co.), b. 43 Sumner 
Dickinson George J. house 9 E. Canton 
Dickinson Geo. W. apothecary, Belknap, cor. Myr- 
tle, boards 58 Belknap 
Dickinson Gideon D. cky goods, 51 Cambridge, h. 

10 Derne 
Dickinson Joseph F. 103 Milk 
Dickinson Joseph W. 93 Milk, bds. 10 Derne 
Dickinson Lucius, jr. 19 Com'l wf. h. at Charlest'n 
Dickinson Prescott & Co. (O. Lappen, and J. M. 

Leonard), wooden ware, 26 Dock square, h. 14 

Fayette [Dover 

Dickinson Thomas M. clerk, 7 Tremont row, h. 18 
Dickman Constantine, 15 Milk, h. 6 Oxford 
Dickman James, 70 State, h. 37 Kneeland 
Dickson Francis R. hair dresser, bds. 10 Marshall 
Dickson Jas. A. imp'ter, 36 Cornhill, h. 66 Federal 
Dickson James H. police officer, h. 336 Fourth 
Dickson Shadrach, Custom House, h. at Somerville 
Diehl Michael, blacksmith, b. 702 Washington 
Digens John, glass blower, h. Dove, n. Dorchester 
Diggens John W. 39 Congress, b. Har. av. c. Beach 
Diggles James H. 23 Pearl, b. Adams House 
Dignan Peter, laborer, h. r. First, n. Dorchester 
Dihan Ann, widow, h. Gold, near A 
Dike Lyman &■ Co. shoe manuf. 29 N. Market 
Dill Benj. produce, head of City wf. h. 109 Salem 
Dill Daniel, laborer, 22 Washington place 
Dill Ezekiel, house 4 Butolph 
Dill Geo. R. h. 82 Hudson 
Dill Jabez, coffee grinder, house 1 Camden 
Dill James, shoe maker, h. 11 W. Canton 
Dill Joseph, plough maker, h. Seventh, near E 
Dill Moses, fish, house Decatur, E. B. [h. 2 Moon 
Dill Samuel H. bootmaker. Prince, cor. Snowhill, 
Dillaway B. {Bronm ^ D.), Marine Railway, Com'l 
Dillaway Charles H.' {Norton, D. ^ Co.), house 

Saratoga, East Boston 
Dillaway Charles K. teacher of languages, natural 

history rooms. Mason, house at Roxbury 
Dillaway Elizabeth Mrs. boarding, h. 8 Mason 
Dillaway Enoch S. machinist, house 139 Fourth 
Dillaway Enoch S. jr. machinist, house 338 Fourth 
Dillaway {Francis) & Dodd {Michael S.), house- 

wrights, 1 Hawley, house 46 Eliot 
Dillaway Mary Ann, nurse, house 472 Washington 
Dillaway Samuel, police officer, h. r. 458 Com'l 
Dillaway Samuel, caulker and graver, h. Havre 
Dillaway Samuel, weigher and ganger, 26 Central 

wharf, boards Pearl street House 
Dillaway Thomas V. stair builder, h. Silver, n. A 
Dillaway William, house 97 Salem 
Dillingham Eliza A. Mrs. boarding, 5 Lowell 



Dillingham John, stone cutter, b. 7 Kneeland pi. 
Dillingham John, painter, h. London, E. B. 
Dillingham N. S. 14 Water 

Dillingham Phoebe, dress maker, h. 9 Columbia 
Dillingham Thomas Mrs. h. 2 Jefferson 
Dillon David, laborer, house 15 Essex place 
Dillon George, laborer, 1 Hancock row 
Dillon James {Holbiook ^ Dithn), h. 86 Purchase 
Dillon John, carriage smith, boards 30 Bridge 
Dillon John {Harris ^ D.), b. 10 Columbia 
Dillon Michael, boiler maker, h. 22 Fifth 
Dillon Michael, grocer, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Dillon Richard, sexton, house 3 Fayette court 
Dillon Thomas, dry goods, 163 Washington 
Dillon William, tailor, house rear 35 Salem 
Dimick Calvin, furs, 19 Wash. h. at Cambridge 
Dimick Charles {Hendley «Sf £).), b. 5 Cambridge 
Dimick F. B. clerk, Providence, near Church 
Dimick Jacob C. book keeper, 70 Pearl 
Dimmock Edward \l. 33 Com'l wharf, bds. 5 Pine 
Dimmock E. L. & Co. (J. S. Stone), shoes and 

leather, 13 Shoe and Leather 
Dimmock John L. president AVarren Insurance Co. 

house at Dorchester 
Dimon Oliver, counsellor, 46 Wash. h. 21 Somerset 
Dimond Anna, tailoress, h. Ill Charles 
Dimond George, turner, bds. 445 Washington 
Dimond Jane, widow, house rear 19 Pitts 
Dimond John P. stucco worker, b. 5 Fruit st. ct. 
Dimond Oral, hat block manufacturer, 66 Harrison 

avenue, house Oak, cor. Tyler 
Dimond William H. clerk, boards rear 19 Pitts 
Dimpsey Daniel, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Cove 
Dimpsey Michael, laborer, h. Har. av. c. Orange 1. 
Dinan Daniel, carpenter, house 97 Nashua 
Dingley John T. 451 Washington, h. 29 Fayette 
Dinglcy Samuel, teamster, h. 28 Nashua 
Dingley William, b. Har. av. cor. Beach 
Dingley Wm. H. clerk, boards 3 Franklin [ion 

Dingley Wm. H. & Co. druggists, Hanover, c. Un- 
Dinneen AVm. shoe maker, liouse 17 East 
Dinnen John E. cutter, bds. 18 Gouch 
Dinsmore George R. clerk, bds. American House 
Dinsmore James, 50 Blackstone, b. 6 Morton place 
Dinsmore James B., Quincy Hall, b. 12 Eaton 
Dinsmore John, laborer, h. W. Dedham 
Dinsmore John, boarding, 40 Lincoln 
Dinsmore Thomas, boards 37 Salem [son 

Dinsmore Tryphena W. dress maker, b. 104 Hud- 
Dinsmore Wm. B. (Ada7ns S^- Co.), express, 9 Court 
Dinsmore W. M. clothes dresser, 58 Court, house 

53 South Margin [Hanover House 

Disbrow David R. riding master, 36 Hanover, bds. 
Ditson Horatio, carpenter, 2 Hawley pi. house 52 

Ditson John, carpenter, house 86 Warren 
Ditson Lucy, widow, house 82 Dover 
Ditson Oliver, music store, 115 Wash. h. 82 Dover 
Ditson Samuel J. plumber and candle mould man- 
ufacturer, 28 Causeway, house 38 Auburn 
Ditson Thomas, engineer Sugar House, house 7 

Winthrop, c. Paris, E. B. 
Ditson William, tailor, house 109 Chambers 
Divine Michael, baker, house 10 Kingston place 
Diviney John, tailor, h. 5 Pearl place 
Dix John H. oculist, Tremont, opp. Trem. House 
Dix Joseph (Brown S; I).), house 8 Central ct. 
Dix S. A. 24 State, house 17 Orange 
Dix T. B., Custom House, bds. Winthrop House 
Dix (Thomas li.) & Freeman {George .4.), W. I. 

goods, 3 Long wharf 
Dixey W. jr. express messenger, 8 Court 
Dixon Andrew, laborer, house 3 Snowhill 
Dixon B. Homer (T/wmas D. &; Son), Dutch ^ice- 

consul, 41 India wharf, h. Walnut, c. Beacon 
Dixon Bridget, widow, house 77 Fourth 
Dixon George, harness maker, 54 Federal, near 

Channing, boards 33 Atkinson 
Dixon Henry, tailor, house 9 Sturgis place 
Dixon Isaiah, carpenter, house 43 Poplar 

Dixon James, house 2 Blossom place 

Dixon John, laborer, house r. Fourth, near R. R. 

Dixon Rufus E. dentist, house 22 Winter 

Dixon R. W. liouse 4 Newman block 

Dixon Thomas & Son {B. H.), merchants, and 

Dutch consul, 41 India wf. h. Walnut, c. Beacon 
Dixon Thomas, laborer, h. r. Fourth, near R. R. 
Dixon Thomas H. house 1 Walnut 
Di;con William, laborer, 54 Porter, E. B. 
Dixwell Epes S. principal Latin School 
Dixwell John J. 56 State, house 5 AUston 
Doak John, house 11 Vine 
Doane Caroline, hoiise 36 Hancock 
Doane Daniel (./. § C. Turner ^ Co.), 296 Wash. 
Doane Dennis, laborer, h. Doherty ct. E. B. 
Doane Elisha, mason, bds. 8 La Grange pi. 
Doane Francis C. carpenter, house Decatur, E. B. 
Doane George A. house 2 Beacon Hill 
Doane Heman {Foster, D. S^ Co.), h. at Chelsea 
Doane Heman S. brush manufactory, 19 Exchange, 

house at Charlestown [hill 

Doane Hezekiah, fish, 449 Commercial, h. 6 Snow- 
Doane H. mariner, house Marion, E. B. [E. B. 
Doane John M. {Ford,Delano if Co. ),h. Bennington, 
Doane Obed, mason, bds. Bartlett place 
Doane Samuel, jeweller, bds. 8 La Grange place 
Doane S. B. Mrs. house 2 Beacon Hill 
Doane William, blacksmith, bds. 54 Hudson 
Dobbins Joanna, widow, h. Batterymarch, n. Broad 
Dobson Edward, wheelwright, h. Chelsea, E. B. 
Dobson George, laborer, house 7 Thacher ct. 
Docey John, harness maker, house 25 Oliver 
Docker George, coppersmith, h. 2 Adams place 
Dockham Chase C. band and fancy box manuf. 18 

Haverhill, h. r. 117 Chambers 
Dockham Ephraim, clerk, house rear 116 Fourth 
Dockhanr Stephen, carpenter, 13 Causeway, house 

20 Cooper 
Dodd Benj. cashier Atlantic Bank, h. 89 Leveret 
Dodd Benj. house 122 Salem 
Dodd Benj. jr. mariner, h. 122 Salem 
Dodd George D. furs, 130 Milk, h. 122 Salem 
Dodd George W., Atlantic Bank, h. at Roxbury 
Dodd Horace, furs, 130 Milk, h. 120 Salem 
Dodd James, cashier Mass. Bank, h. 9 Harr. av. 
Dodd James E. 39 India, h. 19 South [19 South 
Dodd John, inspector of tobacco, 39 India, house 
Dodd John A. 39 India, house at Roxbury 
Dodd Jonathan M. broker, 72 State, h. 5 Central ct. 
Dodd Michaels. {DiUaivay ^ Dodd), h. 35 Harvard 
Dodd S. L. stoves, 4 Derby range, bds. 8 Howard 
Dodd Timothy, furs, 130 Milk, bds. N. E. House 
Dodd William, tailor, h. 11 Mt. Vernon avenue 
Dodd William F. 21 Tremont row, h. 122 Salem 
Dodds Thomas, tailor, house rear 33 Allen 
Dodge Albert, 51 Milk, bds. 15 Hayward place 
Dodge Albert E. 66 Blackstone, h. at Charlestown 
Dodge Amos, hackman, h. 1 Sister, c. Williams 
Dodge Asa, laborer, house 2 Lawrence place 
Dodge Catharine, house 118 Salem 
Dodge Charles H. 106 State, house at Somerville 
Dodge Dexter, clerk, 4 Clinton, bds. 23 Hull 
Dodge Ephraim, butcher, h. Seventh, near K 
Dodge Emerson P. burning fluid lamps, 200 Tre- 
mont, house 14 Portland 
Dodge Frederick {Pecker &; D.), 13G State 
Dodge Gardner G. tin plate and sheet iron worker, 

(iO Salem, bds. 1 Bartlett place 
Dodge George, mason, 2 1-2 Water, h. 23 Common 
Dodge Geo. stabler, 2() Atkinson, h. 2 Channing pi. 
Dodge George W. porter, bds. 45 Atkinson 
Dodge George W. porter, 33 Milk 
Dodge Harriet S. widow, liouse 14 Portland 
Dodge Henry U. house 23 Friend 
Dodge James S. fancy goods, opp. 74 Commercial, 

house at Cambridgeport 
Dodge John, watch maker, 217 Wash. b. 12 Essex 
Dodge John, shoe maker, 75 Salem, h. 18 Thacher 
Dodge John C. couus'r, 39 State, h. at Cambridge 
Dodge John H. house 2 Billings court 



Dodge John T. lamps, 84 Chambers 
Dodge John "VV. stoves and baths, 495 Wash. h. 
Webster [House 

Dodge Joseph F. clerk, 200 Tremont, bds. Central 
Dodge Joseph G. 22 N. Market, h. at Beverly 
Dodge Joseph;H. painter, lOo 1-2 Commercial, bds. 

7 New Prince 
Dodge {Joshua C.) & Tucker (Alanson, jr.), com- 
mission merchants, 47 & 51 Milk, h. 5 Chesnut 
Dodge Lorin {Rufus Dodge if Co.), 240 Fourth 
Dodge Martha W. dress maker, h. 91 Purchase 
Dodge Mary H. dress maker, h. 156 Hanover 
Dodge Peter S. house 5 Bay 
Dodge Richard T. house 11 Fifth 
Dodge Rufus & Co. (J/. R. Stevens &; L. Dodge), 
com. mer. 9 Railroad block, h. at Newton cor. 
Dodge Solomon H. springs and axles, 106 State, 

house at Cambridge 
Dodge Sophia, tailoress, 29 Prince 
Dodge Sullivan, carpenter, house 35 Porter [av. 
Dodge Thomas K. old State House, b. 144 Harr. 
Dodge Wm. A. hardware, 80 Water, house at W. 

Dodge Wm. B. (S. Adams § Co.), h. 109 Broadway 
Doe Bartlett, book keeper, 15 Blackstone 
Doe David, blacksmith, house G. near Third 
Doe Elijah, laborer, house 158 Cambridge 
Doe E. R. [Perkins, D. &; Co.), b. Trem. House 
Doe John O. carpenter, house 159 Court 
Doe {Joseph M.) & Hazleton (J. E.), furniture and 
upholstery, 51 & 55 Cornhill, h. at Cambridge 
Doe Mary B. dress maker, 159 Court 
Doe Sarah B. house Broad, near Summer 
Doery William, stevedore, h. 5 Bennet place 
Doggett Elizabeth, widow, h. Hollis, c. Tremont 
Doggett John & Co. {by Samuel Doggett), carpets, 

234 Washington, house 43 Summer 
Daggett Mercy, widow, house 240 Hanover 
Doggett Noah A. (iV. B. ^ N. A. Doggett), house 

Hollis, cor. Tremont 
Doggett N. B. & N. A. hardware, 408 Wash. h. 

Hollis, cor. Tremont 
Doherty Ann, house 275 Ann 
Doherty Barnard, bds. 52 Endicot 
Doherty Barney, laborer, house 3 Stillman 
Doherty Barney, teamster, house Everett, E. B. 
Doherty Barney, laborer, house 43 N. Margin 
Doherty Barney, truckman, h. Medford 
Doherty Bridget, widow, h. Silver, near B 
Doherty Catharine Mrs. house 12 Broadway 
Doherty Catharine, widow, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Doherty Charles, laborer, h. r. 29 Friend 
Doherty Charles, baggage-master B. & M. Rail- 
road, house 43 Endicot 
Doherty Cornelius, grocer, 3 Jefferson block, Ann 
Doherty Cornelius, laborer, h. Paris, E. B. 
Doherty Daniel, trader, 10 Oliver, h. do. 
Doherty Daniel, teamster, bds. 52 Endicot 
Doherty Edward, truckman, h. rear 49 Hanover 
Doherty Edward, laborer, house Everett, E. B. 
Doherty George, laborer, h. rear 168 Ann 
Doherty George, laborer, house 12 Hawkins 
Doherty Hugh & Co. {C. McCauley S; [Vm. Camp- 
bell), dry goods, 341 Washington 
Doherty Hugh, house 43 Eudicott 
Doherty James, teamster, house 52 Endicot 
Doherty James, laborer, house 15 Morton 
Doherty James, carpenter, house 90 Ann 
Doherty James, laborer, house Erin alley 
Doherty James & Co. dry goods, 209 Washington 
Doherty John, laborer, 27 Cross 
Doherty John, laborer, h. rear 39 Salem 
Doherty John, laborer, house Sumner, E. B. 
Doherty John, laborer, house 55 Salem 
Doherty John, laborer, house 43 N. Margin 
Doherty John, teamster, house 52 Endicot 
Doherty John, teamster, house 5 Endicot 
Doherty John, laborer, house Kelley pi. E. B. 
Doherty John, house Haymarket place 
Doherty John, laborer, house rear 12 Cross 

Doherty Michael, grocer, 54 Endicot, bds. do. 
Doherty Michael, laborer, house Silver, near C 
Doherty INIichael, tin worker, house Commercial, 

near Foster 
Doherty Michael, laborer, house Sumner, E. B. 
Doherty Neale, laborer, house Liverpool, E. B. 
Doherty Neil, laborer, house 9 Lovis, S. Boston 
Doherty Neil, laborer, house 22 Thacher court 
Doherty Patrick, laborer, house 19 Cross 
Doherty Patrick, teamster, house rear 24 Prince 
Doherty Patrick, carpenter, house Gold, near C 
Doherty Patrick, moulder, house Colony 
Doherty Patrick, house rear 19 Pitts [.59 do. 

Doherty Patrick, cabinet maker, 90 1-2 Endicot, h. 
Doherty Patrick, house 9 Belmont 
Doherty Philip, laborer, house rear 39 Salem 
Doherty Thomas, harness maker, bds. 8 Spring 
Dolan Barney, tailor, bds. 55 Atkinson 
Dolan Belinda D. milliner, bds. 129 Essex 
Dolan Betsy, widow, house 8 N. Russell 
Dolan Bridget, widow, h. Hanover, n. Com'l 
Dolan Charles, house 175 Ann 
Dolan Charles, moulder, h. Webster, n. Orleans 
Dolan Hugh, laborer. Sun court place 
Dolan James, laborer, house r. Sea, n. the bridge 
Dolan James, trader, h. Northampton, n. Harr. av. 
Dolan Jeremiah, laborer, house 7 Nashua court 
Dolan John, house rear Lewis, E. B. 
Dolan John, tailor, house 88 Friend 
Dolan John, laborer, house rear 482 Commercial 
Dolan John, laborer, house 13 Channing 
Dolan John, pedler, house rear 136 Hanover [ver 
Dolan Margaret, groceries, 218 Ann, h. 165 Hano- 
Dolan Matthew, laborer, house rear 30 N. Russell 
Dolan Michael, porter, house 50 South 
Dolan Michael, house rear 96 Purchase 
Dolan Michael F. hats, caps, ike. 26 and 28 Dock 

square, house 3 Medford court 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, house rear 30 N. Russell 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, house Suffolk, n. Arnold 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, house rear 29 Merrimac 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, house rear Lewis, E. B. 
Dolan Peter, moulder, bds. Webster, n. Orleans 
Dolan Rebecca, house 85 Tremont 
Dolan Terrence, laborer, h. rear Lewis, E. B. 
Dolan Thomas, mason, house foot of Minot 
Dolan Wm. boarding, 10 North square 
Dolan William, steward, house 7 Greenough av. 
Dolbear Joseph, mariner, house 7 Clark 
Dolbear Joseph, jr. boat builder, h. 54 N. Margin 
Dolbeare Edmund P. & Sons {E. P. jr. Sf John S.), 

shipwrights, north side Liverpool wharf, house 

Beach, near Sea [h. 88 Pm-chase 

Dolbeare Edmund P. jr. {E. P. Dolbeare &; Sons), 
Dolbeare John S. {E. P. Dolbeare ^ Sons), house 2 

Quiet place 
Dolbeare Wm. L. shipwright, bds. Beach, n. Sea 
Dolby Hubbard, produce, 10 Merchants' row, h. at 

Dolby Mary Ann Mrs. house rear 18 Spring 
Dolby Wm. physician. Merchants' Ex. Hotel, State 
Dole John, cooper, house 27 Commercial 
Dole Wm. A. 81 F. H. Market, bds. Eastern Ex. 
Dole William H. express wagon, house 2 Nashua 
Dolidon John B. hair dresser and wigs, 142 and 293 

Dolin John, laborer, house 73 Eliot 
Dolliver James M. pilot, house 66 Charter 
Dolliver Jos. sail maker, h. Fessenden ct. E. B. 
Dolliver Mary B. widow, h. Havre, n. Maverick 
Dolliver Thomas H. caulker, house Cottage, E. B. 
Domett Elizabeth, 6 Norfolk place [Mt. Vernon 
Domett Henry W. hardware, 86 Water, house 40 
Domett Margaret, widow of C. M. h. 36 Warren 
Domett Martha G. fem. help & nurses, h. 12 Hollis 
Donaaran Thomas & William, shoes, 105 Ann, h. 

55 Salem 
Donagan Wm. {Thos. &; Wm.), bds. 55 Salem 
Donahan Daniel, laborer. Half Moon place 
Donahoe Edward, laborer, house r. Havre 



Donahoe Daniel, laborer, house Com'l, c. Charter 
Donahoe Daniel, laborer, house 18 Washington av. 
Donahoe Florence, laborer, house 87 Broad 
Donahoe Humphrey, laborer, house 203 1-2 Ann 
Donahoe James, laborer. Sea, near the bridge 
Donalioe James, wheelwright, h. 18 N. Margin 
Donahoe Matthew, laborer, house 77 Eliot 
Donahoe Michael, laborer, h. Commercial court 
Donahoe Michael, blacksmith, h. 5 Thacher court 
Donahoe Patrick, books, 1 Spring lane, h. 7 Ash 
Donahoe Terreuce, house F, c. Second 
Donahoe Thomas, laborer, house 11 Cyprus 
Donahue Daniel, laborer, house East street place 
Donahue Dennis, porter, h. r. gun house. Fort Hill 
Donahue Geo. laborer, house Dohcrty court, E. B. 
Donahue Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 58 Eliot 
Donahue Jeremiah, laborer, house 79 Eliot 
Donahue John, laborer, house rear 81 Fourth 
Donahue Michael, laborer, house 146 Purchase 
Donahue Thomas, laborer, house 77 Eliot 
Donald Peter {John King i^ Co.), house 46 Oak 
Donaldson Alexander, tailor, 93 Washington 
Donaldson Elizabeth, widow, house 16 Bedford 
Donaldson J. H. milliner, house 16 Bedford 
Donally Dennis, engineer, h. Fabin, n. Tremont 
Donally James, laborer, Endicot, c. Stillman 
Donally Mary, widow, h. Northampton, c. Suffolk 
Donally Patrick, laborer, house o May street place 
Donally Patrick, laborer, house 36 Tyler 
Donally Patrick, grocer, Endicot, c. Stillman 
Donally Peter, laborer, house 43 Atkinson 
Donally Richard, carpenter, house 8 Sister 
Donavan Jeremiah, laborer, house 3 Suffolk 
Donavan John, laborer, house 10 Belmont 
Donavan John, laborer, house Clifton avenue 
Donegan Daniel, laborer, house 133 Sea 
Donegan Thomas, house 55 Salem 
Donevan Jeremiah, tailor, house 87 Broad 
Doniugton Lucy S. Mrs. dress maker, 45 Prince 
Donlan Byrne, laborer, h. Northampton, n. Wash. 
Donley Edward, tailor, boards 6 Jackson 
Donnaher John, founder, house rear 106 Fourth 
Donnell W. E. {PettimjiU &: D.), house at Chelsea 
Donnelly Elizabeth, house 10 Essex place 
Donnelly Francis, shoe maker, 564 Wash. h. do. 
Donnelly James, stabler, bds. 2 Byron 
Donnelly James, laborer, house Kelley place 
Donnelly Michael, moulder, house 19 Third, c. A 
Donnelly Owen, moulder, house Third, near A 
Donnelly Patrick, mason, bds. 11 Pitts 
Donnelly Thomas, mason, bds. 11 Pitts 
Donnelly William, blacksmith, h. 77 C, n. Silver 
Donnovan John, painter, bds. 2 S. Russell 
Donophan Michael, laborer, house 316 Ann 
Donovan Cornelius, h. Tremont road, c. Kentle 
Donovan Cornelius, laborer, h. 612 Washington 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, h. Albany, oppo. Erie 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, h. Lehigh, c. E. Orange 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house Humphrey place 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, h. Spring, near Poplar 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 19 Sea 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 242 Ann 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 130 Sea 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 227 Broad 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house Clifton avenue 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, h. E. Orange, c. Lincoln 
Donovan David, laborer, house Clifton avenue 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, house 68 Atkinson 
Donovan Dennis, house B, near Second 
Donovan Ellen, widow, oppo. 8 Cove 
Donovan Eugene, carpenter, house 81 Sea 
Donovan James, house 54 Essex 
Donovan James, laborer, h. Harrison av. n. Dover 
Donovan .James, laborer, h. Sea, near the bridge 
Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Half Moon place 
Donovan .Jeremiah, laborer, 6 Cove place 
Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, house 135 Broad 
Donovan John, laborer, house 2 Ivingston st. ct. 
Donovan John, laborer, h. Middlesex, r. Castle 
Donovan John, tailor, h. 4 High street court 

Donovan John, laborer, house 227 Broad 
Donovan John, laborer, house 314 Ann 
Donovan John, grocer, 5 Sturgis place 
Donovan John F. house 5 Middlesex 
Donovan Michael, laborer, house Ann, c. Clark 
Donovan Micliael, laborer, house 77 Kneeland 
Donovan Michael, laborer, h. Ivneeland, n. Sea 
Donovan Michael, laborer, h. 20 Washington pi. 
Donovan Michael, laborer, 19 Hamilton 
Donovan Michael, laborer, house 5 Brighton 
Donovan Michael, house Cove, c. Cove place 
Donovan Michael, laborer, house Silver, near C 
Donovan Michael, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard 
Donovan Mich'l H. grocer, Warren, c. Eliot, h. do. 
Donovan Patrick, laborer, house Fifth, n. C 
Donovan Patrick, laborer, h. Middlesex, r. Castle 
Donovan Patrick, laborer, house 22 E. Orange 
Donovan Patrick, laborer, house 3 Livingston 
Donovan Patrick, laborer, house 7 Cove place 
Donovan Patrick, tailor, house 37 Oswego 
Donovan Peter, house Broadway, near Old Road 
Donovan Richard, carpenter, house r. 26 Winter 
Donovan Robert, laborer, house B, near Second 
Donovan Thomas, laborer, house rear 6 Medford 
Donovan Timothy, painter, house 91 Tyler 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard 
Donovan Timothy, stevedore, h. 20 Commercial 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, h. Beach, near Sea 
Donovan Wm. laborer, house Page's court, Ann 
Dooley Henry, prop. Merch. Exchange Hotel, State 
Dooley James, laborer, house Second, near D 
Dooley John, laborer, house 24 N. Russell 
Dooley Matthew, laborer, house 24 N. Russell 
Dooley Patrick, house rear 9 Utica [Cambridge 
Doolittle E. H. proprietor Western Hotel, 94 & 96 
Doolittle Joseph, truckman, house 5 Billerica 
Doolittle Levi, truckman, 5 Broad, h. 8 Mechanic 
Doolittle Soth O. truckman, 57 Broad, h. 85 Priacc 
Doonan Hugh, laborer. Purchase, c. Broad 
Doonan Thomas, laborer, house 2 Charter 
Dooris John, blacksmith, h. Hull, c. Commercial 
Doran James, laborer, house rear 14 Bedford 
Doran John, laborer, house rear 6 Canal 
Doran Moses, marble cutter, house 59 Endicot 
Doran Patrick, shoe maker, house 11 Kingston pi. 
Doran William, laborer, house 23 South Russell 
Doran William, stevedore, 22 Hamilton 
Dorcey James, boot ni'ker, Broad, c. Batterymarch, 

h. 2 Sullivan place 
Dorcey Thomas, laborer, house 7 Oliver 
Dore John C. teacher Mayhew School, b. 8 Derne 
Dorety Barney, grocer, 13 Cross, house do. 
Dorety Hugh, laborer, house 2 Mechanic 
Dorety John, laborer, house 31 Washington square 
Dorety John, stone mason, house 9 Federal court 
Dorety John, laborer, 9 Pearl place 
Dorety John, truckman, house 4 Bennet place 
Dorety Patrick, tailor, house 11 Salem 
Dorety Patrick, laborer, house 27 Morton 
Dorety Quinton, laborer, house r. 31 Cross 
Dorman James AV. {J. N. Denison S; Co.), boards 

New England House 
Dorn Philip, carpenter, house 7 Trumbull 
Dorn Valentine, musician, house 8 Pleasant St. ct. 
Dorothy James, laborer, house Lime alley 
Dorr Andrew C. secretary Amer. Ins., Co. 54 State, 

house at Dorchester 
Dorr Charles H. house 4 Joy place 
Dorr Cornelius {Moses Dorr \ Co.), b. 10 N. Charles 
Dorr Edward R. clothing, 61 Com'cial, h. 105 Tyler 
Dorr John, merchant, house 31 Bedford 
Dorr John, jr. house 31 Bedford 
Dorr Maxwell B. brush maker, bds. 6 Adams 
Dorr Moses & Co. (C. Dorr), produce, 112 State, 

house 10 N. Charles 
Dorr Ralph S. com. merch. 74 Long wharf, boards 

United States Hotel 
Dorr Samuel A. house 12 Louisburgh square 
Dorr Wm. B. counsellor, 55 Turnpike, Barker's 

building, house 678 Washington 



Dorrence (^Oliver B.), Newton (F. W.) & Co. (G. 

//. Jones), woollen goods, 49 Milk, b. 54 Temple 
Dorrety Ross, lather, house 2 Marshall place 
Dorrill Theodore, sail maker, 1 Foster's wharf, h. 

17 Broadway, near Turnpike 
Dorsett George, harness maker, 5 Merrimac 
Dorsey Hugh, stabler, house 8 Sister 
Doten Nathaniel, printer, boards 52 1-2 Cambridge 
Doten Prince, mason, house 7 Maple place 
Dougher Andrew, carpenter, house r. 170 Ann 
Dougherty Edward, house Fabin, n. Tremont 
Dougherty Ellen, widow, house 227 Broad 
Dougherty James, laborer, house 10 Hamburg 
Dougherty James, laborer, lioiise 6 Wharf 
Dougherty James, laborer, 7 Oliver 
Dougherty John, baker, boards 16 East 
Dougherty John, laborer, bds. 188 Harrison av. 
Doughten Wm. W. paper hanger, h. 4 Maiden pi. 
Doughty Benjamin, white smith, house 6 Andover 
Doughty Israel, carpenter, boards 24 Gouch 
Doughty Joseph, machinist, 4 S. B. Old Bridge, 

house 4 Dover ' 

Douglas Henry, book keeper, boards 98 Tremont 
Douglas Richard, seaman, house 4 Southac 
Douglass Andrew, engineer, E. B. ferry, h. Everett 
Douglass George, cabinet maker, b. 13 N. Margin 
Douglass Henry, tailor, 90 Ann 
Douglass Henry, tailor, 13 Water 
Douglass James, laborer, house r. 12 Tileston 
Douglass James A. laborer, h. Robinson alley 
Douglass Joseph, moulder, bds. Sumner c. Havre 
Douglass Peter G. physician, 40 Salem, house do. 
Douglass Robert, 13 Broad, h. at Cambridgeport 
Douglass Thomas, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard 
Douglass T. T. engineer, house Everett, n. Cot- 
tage, E. B. 
Douglass Wm. shipwright, house Eutaw, E. B. 
Douglass Wm. painter, boards 30 Portland 
Dove Geo. jr. clerk, 545 Washington, h. at Roxbury 
Dow Amos H. carpenter, house r. 10 Tileston 
Dow Benj. F. boots and shoes, 7 Shoe and Leather, 

house WebstA- [Kingston 

Dow Chas. J. wharfinger, 13 Foster's wharf, h. 35 
Dow Charlotte, widow, house 26 Purchase [pi. 

Dow Daniel, carpenter, 94 Portland, h. 8 N. Chapel 
Dow David, house 36 Lowell 
Dow D. M. R. carpenter, house 56 Marion 
Dow Ephraim, stone layer, h. 6 Cleveland place 
Dovf George {Robert Stone, jr. S^ Co.), bds. Pearl 

street House 
Dow G. B. 2 Boylston Market, h. r. 438 Washing. 
Dow James B. publisher, 141 Washington, h. 13 

Ashburton place [port 

Dow Jesse B. (Brown, D. &; Co.), h. at Cambridge- 
Dow John R. & Co. (jV. IF. Bridr/e ^- E. Johnson), 

ship brokers. 132 State, house 37 Carver 
Dow Lydia, widow, house 10 Leveret 
Dow Martin, clerk, 16 India, boards 25 High 
Dow {Nathan T.) & Prince {F. O.), counsellors, 

30 Court, bds. 9 Ashburton place 
Dow Simeon, cooper, house 10 Unity 
Dow Simon, 83 F. H. Market, h. 60 Poplar 
Dow Stephen (A. Tliompson ix Co.), h. at Woburn 
Dowd Edward, waiter, house Kneeland, cor. Cove 
Dowd Eliza A. widow, boarding, h. 26 Lowell 
Dowd James, laborer, house 6 Essex place 
Dowd James, tailor, house 25 Oliver 
Dowdekin John, pedler, house 54 Atkinson 
Dowden James, shoe maker, h. Myrtle, c. Belknap 
Dowe Joseph, house 109 Mount Vernon 
Dowe Wm. editor, house 24 W. Castle 
Dowley Levi A. & Co. {Geo. F. Butman), hides 

and leather, 57 and 59 Pearl, h. 17 South 
Dowling Edward, boot maker, Sumner, h. do. E. B. 
Dowling John, plasterer, house 27 Erie 
Downe Sumner {Heath &; D.), bds. National House 
Downe Thomas, laborer, house 3 Barrett 
Downer Samuel, jr. oil and candles, 100 State, h. 

at Dorchester [Brattle 

Downes (-4. B.) & Emery {Colby), restorator, 57 


Downes Aaron, truckman, house 25 Billerica 
Downes Daniel D. laborer, house 2 N. Charles 
Downes Michael, laborer, h. 3 Hamilton court 
Downes Morris, laborer, house Second, near F 
Downes Nathaniel, physician, Eliot, c. Washing. 
Downes Simon E. truckman, house 15 Billerica 
Downes William, laborer, house Wright's ct. 
Downes Wm. D. boot treer, bds. 6 Quincy pi. 
Downey Brien, tailor, house 3 Barrett 
Downey Patrick, ale, house 51 Atkinson 
Downey Patrick, laborer, h. 5 N. End block 
Downey Robert, laborer, house Everett, E. B. 
Downey Robert, laborer, house Jasper place 
Downey Timothy, porter, house 58 Atkinson 
Downing Abraham E. 1 Shoe and Leather, house at 

Downing D. L. musician, house 80 Hudson 
Downing Edward, currier, 53 Fulton 
Downing George, clerk, house 9Lindall place 
Downing James, lighterman, house 14 Pearl pi. 
Downing James, tailor, h. Lincoln, cor. Essex 
Downing Mark, trader, house Second, n. F 
Downing Nathan C. boarding, house 4 Oliver 
Downing Oliver, carpenter, 75 Charles, h. at Dor- 
Downing Oliver H. sash maker, carpenter, Tre- 
mont, n. Railroad Bridge, h. 269 do. 
Downiing Orrien E. 3 City wf. h. at Charlestown 
Downing Patrick, stone cutter, h. Albany, op. Erie 
Downing Solomon, carpenter, h. 18 Adams lane 
Downing Thomas, tailor, h. 2 Foster place 
Downing Willard, tailor, boards 38 Lowell [House 
Downs A. provisions, 8 the S. M'ket, bds. Fountain 
Downs {Henry S.) & Ball {H. A.), rubbers, boots 

and shoes, 36 Kilby, h. at Maiden 
Downs Nancy, house 7 Carver 
Downs Nathan, Republican office, h. 1 Carlton pi. 
Dowse Samuel F. broker, 5 Congress [Minot 

Doyen John S. housewright, 92 Portland, house 17 
Doyle Bartholomew, cordwainer, 6 Lewis, h. do. 
Doyle Catharine, widow, 9 Batterymarch 
Doyle Cornelius, laborer, house 15 Pearl place 
Doyle Daniel, tailor, house 76 Federal 
Doyle Daniel, laborer, house r. 4 Brighton 
Doyle David, laborer, house 1 Portland place 
Doyle David, mason, house 26 Merrimac 
Doyle Henry, painter, house 87 Warren 
Doyle James {Murphy S^ D.), h. 83 Atkinson 
Doyle James, confectionery, Broadway, n. I, h. do. 
Doyle James, house Purchase, head Russia wf. 
Doyle James H. 9 Court 
Doyle John, mason, house 1 Butolph 
Doyle John, laborer, house Creek square 
Doyle John N. painter, house 2 Oilman place 
Doyle Michael, laborer, 20 Washington avenue 
Doyle Michael, tailor, house 3 Cotting 
Doyle Michael, blacksmith, house 8 Pleasant 
Doyle Patrick, laborer. Wash. ave. c. Purchase 
Doyle Patrick, house 77 Eliot 
Doyle Patrick, gardener, house Third, near F 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, house 2 Thacher court 
Doyle Sarah, house 3 South street place 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, house rear 18 S. Margin 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, house 9 Batterymarch 
Doyle Thomas, carpenter, house 77 Eliot 
Drainan David, laborer, h. Harr. ave. n. S. May 
Drake Albert, messenger Freeman's B'k, h. 44 Sea 
Drake Amos G. housewright, h. 8 Endicot ct. 
Drake Andrew, boards 3 High 
Drake Christopher, tailor, house 5 Billerica 
Drake Elizabeth, widow of Andrew, h. 44 Sea 
Drake George, horse clipper, bds. 8 Market sq. 
Drake Henry A. {Burnett % Co.), h. 61 Broadway 
Drake James M. 61 Commercial, h. at Chelsea 
Drake Jeremy, cashier Freeman's Bank, house 61 

Broadway, near A 
Drake Jonathan, junk, Pitts, n. Merrimac, house 

12 North Charles 
Drake Lincoln, Easton Iron Foundry, 58 Pearl 
Drake Nathan, mason, house 31 Harvard 



Drake Oliver P. philosophical instrument manu- 
facturer, 182 Washington, h. at W. Newton 
Drake Samuel G. antiquarian books, 56 Cornhill, 

house 17 Bedford 
Drake Simon, mail agent, house 54 Tyler 
Drake Tisdale, wood & coal, Drake's wf. h. 42 Sea 
Drake William G. carpenter, h. 15 ^Vheeler's ct. 
Draper Alonzo, professor of music, h. 52 Lowell 
Draper Daniel, merchant, 6 Broad, h. 52 Chambers 
Draper Edward L. 99 Milk, h. at Charlestown 
Draper Enoch E. clerk, 7 Suffolk 
Draper George, hackman, boards 52 Portland 
Draper Jonathan M. fruit & produce, 7 Mer. row, 

boards Mer. Exch. Hotel 
Draper Lucius D. {Johnson ^ D.), h. E. Cambridge 
Draper Moses, counsellor, 1 Franklin avenue 
Draper Paul, boards 5G Pinckney 
Dray Michael, laborer, house 20 East 
Drayton Henry H. carpenter, h. 17 Wheeler's ct. 
Drayton Nancy, widow, h. 7 Wheeler's court 
Drayton Wm. H. blacksmith, house 3 London 
Drees John A. coppersmith, h. 23 Portland 
Drenning Jas., boot maker, h. 37 So. Russell [ford 
Dresser Jacob A. (J. higersoll ^ Co.), bds. 67 Bed- 
Drew Alfred R. stone cutter, house 28 Nashua 
Drew Alvin S. 75 Pearl, house Sumner, E. B. 
Drew Amasa, 75 Pearl, bds. Sumner, E. B. [Oak 
Drew Atwood D. shoe maker, 19 Atkinson, bds. 14 
Drew Benjamin, jr. teacher Otis School 
Drew Catharine, widow, h. 49 Sea [Newbury pi. 
Drew Clement, marine painter, 18 Court, house 4 
Drew Edward, clerk, bds. Maverick House 
Drew Elijah, bowling saloon, 96 Beach 
Drew (£. C.) & Stimson (J. N.), agents for Eagle 

Insurance Co., 120 Wash. h. 1 Bowdoin 
Drew George, teamster, house 23 Endicot 
Drew Geo. B. ship carpenter, bds. 26 Hudson 
Drew James, laborer, h. W. IDedham, c. Tremont 
Drew John, jr. laborer, house 21 East Orange 
Drew John B. secr'y Mutual Ins. Co. h. Central 

square. East Boston 
Drew Joseph, grocer, 151 Pleasant, cor. Eliot 
Drew Jos. L. goldbeater, r. 39 Wash. h. 46 Warren 
Drew Lorain J. carpenter, h. Suffolk, c. Pembroke 
Drew Luther, machinist, 6 Water, h. Boylston 
Drew Sarah, widow. Green, corner Leveret 
Drew Stephen H. 11 old State House, h. 39 Brattle 
Drew William, captain, house 23 West Dedham 
Drew William G. bowling, North Grove 
Drew & Brothers {Wm. G. Drew), plumbers, 54 

Court, h. at Somerville 
Dreyer John W. captain, house 41 Fayette 
Driggs {Lloyd S.) & Ripley (S. W.), lace & straw 

goods, 10 Hanover, bds. 148 do. 
Drinan Patrick, shoe maker, house Page's ct. 
Drinan Thomas, laborer, house 19 Oliver 
Drinker Edmond, painter, house 28 Grove 
Drinkwater Jacob C. ferryman, h. Maverick, E. B. 
Drinkwater James T. mai'iner, h. 4 Bartlett 
Drinkwater Josiah, rigger, house 207 Hanover 
Drinkwater Nath'l, pilot, boarding, 25 Commercial 
DriscoU Cornelius & Co. {John H. Hill), merchant 

tailors, 14 Court, bds. 4 Bulfinch 
DriscoU Cornelius, laborer, house 141 Broad 
DriscoU Cornelius, laborer, h. Second, n. Turnpike 
DriscoU ComeUus, laborer, r. 104 Purchase 
DriscoU Cornelius, laborer, house 35 Oneida 
DriscoU Daniel, laborer, h. Cove, n. Cove pi. 
DriscoU Daniel, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie 
DriscoU Dennis, house Bolton, near Dorchester 
DriscoU Dennis, laborer, house 279 Ann 
DriscoU Dennis, laborer, h. Cove, cor. Cove pi. 
DriscoU Dennis, groceries, 195 Ann, house do. 
DriscoU Florence, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard 
DriscoU Florence, laborer, 117 Purchase 
DriscoU Florence, laborer, house Half Moon pi. 
DriscoU Jeremiah, laborer, h. r. 80 Purchase 
DriscoU Joanna, widow, house 162 Harr. ave. 
DriscoU John, laborer, house Page's court 
DriscoU John, laborer, house rear 324 Ann 

DriscoU John, shoe maker, h. South, n. Harvard 
DriscoU John, laborer, house 75 Kneeland 
DriscoU John, laborer, house Wash. n. Dover 
DriscoU Michael, laborer, house Half Moon pi. 
DriscoU Michael, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Tyler 
DriscoU Michael, stone cutter, h. South, n. Harvard 
DriscoU Michael, brakeman, house 120 Sea 
DriscoU Michael, laborer. Half Moon place 
DriscoU Murty, laborer, house 15 Hamilton 
DriscoU Patrick, laborer, h. 9 Harrison avenue 
DriscoU Patrick, laborer, h. Cove, n. Beach 
DriscoU Timothy, laborer, house 35 Oneida 
Drolet Joseph, blacksmith, h. E, c. Athens 
Drown John, wheelwright, house 60 Emerald 
Drown John G. oysters, Liverpool, E. B. 
Drown Thomas, 63 State, house at East Cambridge 
Drown Thomas S. 25 Milk, boards 8 Howard 
Drovm Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 727 Wash. h. 

5 Wells place 
Drugan Joseph, laborer, house Meridian 
Druitt George, house 1 Morton court 
Drummond Dennis, 2 Richmond street [Wash. 
Drummoud James F. {Hoivland 6g D.), h. rear 705 
Drummond Robert, laborer, house 10 Federal ct. 
Drummond Robert, printer, 18 Exchange, boards 

Maverick, East Boston [E. B. 

Drummond Wm. S. printer, 18 Exch. h. Maverick, 
Drmy Charles S. 3 F. H. Market, h. 14 Lyman pi. 
Drury Elijah, FrankUn Hall, 16 FrankUn, bds. 9 

Indiana place 
Drury Gardner P. h. Suffolk, opp. Blackstone sq. 
Drury Lucian B. policeman, h. Third, n. B 
Drury Mary, widow, boarding, 10 Batteiymarch 
Drury Michael, tailor, house 7 North Margin 
Drury Otis, com. mer. 7 Commercial wharf, boards 

Washington House 
Drury Thomas, house 40 North Margin 
Drynan Andi-ew, sawyer, h. rear 378 Commercial 
Duane Michael, house 43 Federal 
Duane Thomas, laborer, h. n. 14 Batterymarch 
Du Audebert Henrietta Madame, dress maker and 

milliner, 1 Cambridge, cor. Bowdoin sq. 
Duchemin Wm. W. pump and block maker, Maver- 
ick, East Boston 
Duddy Thomas, laborer, house rear 29 Cross 
Dudley A. S. dentist. 238 Washington 
Dudley David, 13 Devonshire, house at Roxbury 
Dudley Elbridge G. counsellor, 20 Court, house 6 

BrookUne [h. 691 Wash. 

Dudley E. G., W. I. goods, Har. av. cor. Dover, 
Dudley Eliza, tailoress, house 50 Myrtle 
Dudley Franklin, coppersmith, b. 3 La Grange pi. 
Dudley George E. cutter, boards 7 Winter 
Dudley George P. house%vright, h. Bremen, E. B. 
Dudley Henry A. S. D. clerk Mass. Iron Co., South 

Boston, bds. Broadway, opp. the Green 
Dudley James H. & Co. (John T. Brenan), W. I. 

goods, 14 Broad, h. 11 Bennet, c. Ash 
Dudley Joanna, nurse, house 1 Osborn place 
Dudley John, house 4 North Bennet 
Dudley John, laborer, h, r. 18 N. Bennet [town 
Dudley Nathaniel S. 2 Adams, house at Charles- 
Dudley Otis, teamster, h. 44 Billerica [Lincoln 
Dudley Samuel W. provisions, 43.^ Federal, h. 42 
Dudley Trueworthy, grocer, 509 Washington, h. 

26 Harvard [Jackson place 

Dudley W. hair cutter. School, cor. Wash, house 5 
Dudley William, laborer, house 58 Prince 
Dudley Wm. D, teamster, house First, n. I 
Dudley Wm. H. stevedore, h. Princeton, E. B. 
Dufau John, hair dresser, 203 Ann, h. Maverick 
Duff Francis, grocer, 11 Prince 
Duff James, laborer, house 6 Southac 
Duff John, soap maker, h. r. 18 North Margin 
Duff Thomas B. sail maker, bds. 6 Tileston 
Duff Wm. caulker and graver, house 6 Tileston 
Duffee Thomas, seaman, house 7 W. Centre 
Duffett Harriet, widow, house rear 117 Essex 
Duffey Edward, laborer, house 89 Fourth 
Duffey Francis, laborer, house 3 Haven 



Duffey Hugh, tailor, 105 Ann, h. 14 Cross 

Duffey Janies, blacksmith, h. 17 West Centre 

Duffey Michael, teamster, h. 3 Pond st. place 

Duffey Michael, laborer, house 3 Haven 

Duffey Owen, cab driver, house 85 Eliot 

Duffey Patrick, laborer, house rear 18 Stillman 

Dufiley Lawrence, laborer, h. Suffolk, n. Lenox 

Duffy Daniel, laborer, h. Erin alley, E. B. [pi. 

Duffy James, dry goods, Batterymarch, h. 3 Quiet 

Duffy John, tailor, house 28 Friend 

Duffy John, laborer, house 100 Essex 

Duffy John, laborer, house 10 Mt. Vernon avenue 

Duffy Michael, laborer, house 35 S. Margin 

Duffy Michael, laborer, 11 Cross 

Duffy Michael, laborer, house 116 E. Dedham 

Duffy Patrick, laborer, house 23 Morton 

Duffy Patrick, laborer, house 47 Garden 

Duffy Patrick, tailor, house 5 Sister 

Dutfy Peter, tailor, house 11 South Margin 

Duffy Peter, tailor, house 17 S. Margin 

Duffy Philip, laborer, 24 Thacher court 

Dugan Charles, laborer, house 33 Chambers 

Dugan Christopher, house 124 Purchase 

Dugan Daniel, laborer, house 28 Friend 

Dugan Dennis, stevedore, h. 9 Bartlett 

Dugan Eben W. clerk, boards 12 Staniford 

Dugan Ellen, house 53 Prince 

Dugan Ellen, 6 ^tna place 

Dugan Gregory, boarding and clothing, 84 Broad 

Dugan James, house 68 Poplar 

Dugan James A. house 68 Poplar 

Dugan John, waiter, house 4 Bridge St. ct, 

Dugan Malicai, tailor, house rear Lancaster 

Dugan Philemon, house 22 Athens, near D 

Dugdale John, cordwainer, 70 Atkinson, h. do. 

Duggan Joanna, widow, h. 25 Washington square 

Duggan John A., Hancock House, Corn court 

Duggan Patrick Wm. carpenter, house 42 Warren 

Dukelow Charles, clerk, house 46 Portland 

Duley Nicholas, trader, house Tremont road, near 

Dulinty James, grocer, 18 Williams 
Dulon Roxana F. house 104 Salem 
Dulon Susan E. nurse, house 104 Salem 
Dunbar A. jr. h. Sumner, near Paris, E. B. 
Dunbar A. Mrs. millinery, 2 Sumner, E. B. 
Dunbar Amos, jr. piano-forte maker, h. 8 Groton 
Dunbar A. F. & G. C. shoes, 23 Fulton 
Dunbar C. S. & D. A. 12 F. H. Market, house 5 

Chilson place 
Dunbar Daniel, machinist, house Third, near B 
Dunbar David A. (C S. ^i D. A. Du-nbar), house 9 

Dunbar Eben M. 20 Long wharf, h. at Cambridge 
Dunbar E. P. clerk, 304 Commer. h. at Hingham 
Dunbar Frederick W. 21 S. Market, h. London, n. 
Sumner [at Abington 

Dunbar George C. {A. F. ^ G. C. Dutibar), house 
Dunbar James, blacksmith, h. Fourth, near D 
Dunbar James Harvey, cooper, 46 Chatham 
Dunbar John D. 5 Exchange, h. 29 Wash, square 
Dunbar John G. police officer, h. 1 Ridgeway lane 
Dunbar Jonathan, soap boiler, h. 177 Fourth 
Dunbar Joshua, police officer, h. London, n. Sum- 
ner, East Boston 
Dunbar Luther W. carpenter, foot Pinckney, h. 28 
Bridge [W. Cedar 

Dunbar Melzar, carpenter, foot Pinckney, house 22 
Dunbar Peter & Co. {Thomas J. Dunbar), truck- 
men, 17 Custom House st. h. at Waltham 
Dunbar Samuel, seaman, house 18 Church 
Dunbar Thomas J. {Peter Dunbar^ Co.), house at 

Dunbar Washington, mason, b. 22 West Cedar 
Dunbar WiUiam, varnish maker, h. 55 C, n. Fourth 
Dunbar William, machinist, h. Gold, near B 
Dunbar William H. shoes and leather, 25 Fulton, 

house 4 Chesnut 
Dunbrack Thomas, car builder, h. 1 Gorham pi. 
Duncan Andrew J. 63 Pearl, boards 45 Harvard 

Duncan Archibald, slater. Curve, h. 43 Oswego 
Duncan Charles H. tailor. 45 Harvard 
Duncan Eliza Mrs. house 31 Blossom 
Duncan Humphry W. slater, h. 43 Oswego 
Duncan James, 2 S. Market, boards 143 Court 
Dunc^ Jason, cooper, house 45 Harvard 
Duncan John, tailor, house Paris, E. B. 
Duncan Margaret, widow, house 3 Lucas place 
Duncan Simeon, keeper, house 53 Lowell 
Duncan Thomas, carpenter, b. Border, n. Sumner 
Duncklee Horace L. {Pond S^ D.), boards Central 

Duncklee John & Joseph, 14 Broad, h. at Brighton 
Duncklee Joseph {John ^ J.), h. at Brighton 
Dunham C. H. boards 22 Oxford 
Dunham {Cfmrles H.) & Hovey {Franklin S.), fan- 
cy goods, 70 Congress 
Dunham Ezra R. 12 1-2 Clinton, boards Cooper 
Dunham Jacob K. glass ware, 20 Central 
Dunham John J. 116 Court, house 27 Vernon 
Dunham Joseph, teamster, b. 7 Kneeland place 
Dunham Josiah, rope walk, office Fifth, near B, h. 

B, corner Gold 
Dunham Josiah, jr. rope maker, h. 55 B,n. Fourth 
Dunklee Benjamin W. {Chilson, Dunklse S^ Co.), 

house 3 Wall 
Dunklee Nathan S. {Stone ^ D.), h. 1 Livingston 
Dunklee W. clerk, house Havre, E. B. 
Dunkles William A. 138 Washington [alley 

Dunlap Grace Mrs. snuff and cigars, h. Theatre 
Dunlap George L. clerk Bos. & Me. R. R. boards 

National House 
Dunlap James, house Fourth, near K 
Dunlap John, house 70 Lowell 
Dunlap John S. transportation master Bos. & Me. 

R. R. house at Medford 
Dunn Barney, laborer, house 73 Eliot 
Dunn Daniel, piano-forte maker, house 4 Church 
Dunn Daniel, piano-forte maker, h. 7 Ohio place 
Dunn Edward H. clerk, 21 Elm, b. 109 Salem 
Dunn Henry S. clerk, 24 Devonshire, b. 8 High 

St. place 
Dnnn James, laborer, house 31 Wash, square 
Dunn James, laborer, house 6 Cove place 
Dunn James, cordwainer, house 14 Williams 
Dunn James, laborer, house 14 South Cedar 
Dunn James C. city treasm'er, office City Hall, h. 

1 West Cedar 
Dunn John, laborer, h. Causeway, c. Haverhill 
Dunn John, laborer, house Second, n. Turnpike 
Dunn John, tailor, house 39 Salem 
Dunn John {Snow, D. ^ Co.), b. Union Hotel 
Dunn Michael, founder, house Ontario 
Dunn Michael, laborer, house 165 Milk 
Dunn Owen, laborer, h. Noble place, E. B. 
Dunn Patrick, tailor, house 6 Southac 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, house Decatur, E. B. 
Dunn Peter, laborer, 30 Washington square 
Dunn Richard, tailor, house 1 Snowhill avenue 
Dunn Sarah, tailoress, house rear 81 Tremont 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, house rear 39 Salem 
Dunn William, laborer, house 6 Washington sq. 
Dunn William, blacksmith, house Gold, near A 
Dunnels Amos, clerk, 4 Lowell, house 11 do. 
Dunnels Amos A. 4 Faneuil Hall, h. 20 Thacher 
Dunnels Edward H. provisions, 4 Lowell, b. 11 do. 
Dunnels Horatio P. carpenter, boards 11 Lowell 
Dunnels Thomas C. house 8 Lindall place 
Dunning William B. paper ruler, h. r. 58 Tyler 
Dunning William F. 14 Long whf. h. D, near Fifth 
Dunnivan Daniel, laborer, h. Middlesex, opp. 29 
Dunshee A. 0. paper hanger, b. 9 Brattle sq. 
Dunsmore Thomas {Smith £f D.), b. 112 Camb'ge 
Dunster Martin {J. H. West S; Co.), b. 139 Han- 
Dunton Alvin R. teacher of penmanship, 5 1-2 

Tremont row, boards 274 Washington 
Dunton Austin, 31 N. Market, h. 183 Harr. avenue 
Dunton Charles, teamster, h. Commercial, opp. 518 
Dunton Robert R. broker, 25 Doane, h. 17 Salem 



Dupee Allen, painter, h. Kneeland, c. Harr. av. 
Dupee Charles, carpenter, Lancaster, house 27 

Lyman place 
Dupee Charles, house 233 Tremont 
Dupee Cyrus, clerk, boards 11 Gridley 
Dupee George, lumber surveyor, h. 233 Trenaont 
Dupee Horace, physician, h. 575 Washington 
Dupee Isaac, house 1 Dupee place 
Dupee James A. 25 Federal, h. at Dorchester 
Dupee John {Eaton S^ D.), lumber, h. 55 Dover 
Dupee Lewis, housewright, Harr. av. corner Dover 

house 233 Tremont 
Dupee Martha, widow, h. 233 Tremont 
Duran Benjamin, boot maker, 115 Cambridge 
Duran Martin, laborer, house 98 Fourth JP*^^ 

Duran Michael, laborer, h. Second, bet. A & Turn- 
Duran Patrick, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Durant Augustus, gentlemen's furnishing store, 

311 Washington, h. 14 N. Russell 
Durant Colman, cabinet maker, h. 5 Moon st. ct. 
Durant Henry, com. mer. 3 Fulton, h. at Lynn 
Durant James, cabinet maker, 364 1-2 Wash. h. 
43 Dover [ton, h. Silver, n. G 

Durant Thomas P. upholsterer, 364 1-2 Washing- 
Durant William, clerk, 37 Congress, b. 85 Bedford 
Durell Moses T. currier, 5 Ferry, h. Meridian 
Durfee Jacob, seaman, house Wilberforce pi. 
Durfee James, machinist, b. 6 Winthrop, E. B. 
Durgan Asahel, carpenter, h. Cottage, E. B. 
Durgan John Y. F. housewright, house 18 May 
Durbng Charles B. teamster, house 58 Nashua 
Durnan Peter, tailor, house 21 Atkinson 
Duran John, laborer, house rear 98 Fourth 
Durgin Ebenezer, job wagon, house 10 Lindall pi. 
Durie Priscilla, tailoress, house 12 Chambers 
Durivage Francis A. inspector Custom House 
Durkee Silas, physician, 26 Howard 
Durkin John, painter, house rear Fifth, near B 
Durkin Michael, pedler, house Quincy 
Durrell Moses T. currier, 5 Ferry, h. Meridian, E.B. 
Dui-rell William H. blacksmith, h, r. 248 Hanover 
Dusang Peter, tailor, 268 Commercial 
Dusenbury, Woodward, & Co. {J. W. Kimball), 

commercial agency, 36 Water 
Dustin Wm. clerk, 9 Milk, b. Wash. Coffee House 
Dutcher John, carpenter, house rear 72 Fourth 
Dutilh Charles M. {Craiff &; D.), b. 40 Summer 
Dutton Benj., W. I. g'ds, 113 Lev'et, h. 52 Billerica 
Dutton Darius, cooper, house 60 South 
Dutton Francis L. 132 Tremont 
Dutton {Geo. D.), Lamb {R. A.), & Stearns {John, 

jr.), com. mer. 131 Milk, h. 17 La Grange pi. 
Dutton {Hennj W.) & Wentworth, printers, 37 

Congress, house 524 Washington 
Dutton John S. restorator, house Leveret lane 
Dutton M. Wilbur, printer, Haskins's building, b. 

1 Noyes place 
Dutton {Ormand), Richardson {Geo. C), & Co. 
(John Tilton, F. E. Gregory, and Reub. Swam), 
dry goods, 29 and 31 Federal, h. 7 Gridley 
Dutton Samuel, teamster, house Foundry 
Dutton {Silas) & Eaton {R. B.), manuf. chemists, 

28 South Market 
Dutton Warren, house 132 Tremont 
Duxbury Tho's C. cl'k B. & F. R. R. h.ll Shawm't 
Dwelley Augustus, housewright, h. Third, near G 
Dwelley Charles, shipwright, h. r. Third, near I 
Dwelley Robert E. carpenter, boards 3 Ash 
Dwelly George W. ship^vi-ight, h. 19 Rochester 
Dwight Edmund {J. K. Mills &; Co.), h. 1 Park 
Dwight Lewis Rev. boards 1 Ashburton place 
Dwight Mosely Rev. house 212 Hanover 
Dwight Thomas, house 70 Beacon 
Dwight William, treasurer Saco Water Co. 61 State 
Dwight Wm. H. accountant, house Meridian 
Dwyar Patrick, carpenter, house 87 Warren 
Dwyer Hugh, laborer, house 9 Sullivan place 
Dwyer James, housewright, house W. Dedham 
Dwyer Michael H. ostler, house 75 A, near Third 
Dwyer Nancy, dress maker, house 45 Pleasant 

Dwyer Thomas, housewright, house W. Dedham 
Dwyer Wm. laborer, house 18 Hamilton 
Dyar John F. cl'k. Post O. h. Cambridgeport 
Dyar Smith, leather, 73 Fulton, h. at Charlestown 
Dyer Andrew, tailor, house 19 Merrimac 
Dyer Andrew C. clerk, boards 6 East street place 
Dyer Benj. blacksmith, b'ds New, n. Cross, E. B. 
Dyer B. F. mer. tailor, 5 Joy's b^iild. [h. at Maiden 
Dyer Daniel A. block maker, head of Foster's wf. 
Dyer David {Black <Sr Co.), house 23 Harrison av. 
Dyer David Y. h. 530 Commercial [h. 16 Yernon 
I>yer{De.Tter) & Glover {F.), 7 Fan. Hall Market, 
Dyer Ebenezer E. fancy goods and hair work, 141 

Wash. h. Dorchester, n. National 
Dyer Ezra C. com. mer. 62 Kilby, h. at Newton 
Dyer Francis E. book keeper, 3 and 4 Holmes' bl'k, 

Haymarket sq. house 1 North Margin place 
Dyer Francis S. clerk, b'ds 24 Common [Marion 
Dyer Freeman M. oysters, 12 U. States Hotel, h. 32 
Dyer Henry, physician, house 1 Bulfinch 
Dyer James, pocket book manuf. 114 Wash, and 

124 Cambridge 
Dyer James {Goodrich &; Dyer), house 16 Vine 
Dyer John, distillery, Indiana, h. at Charlestown 
Dyer John J. oysters, 435 Wash. b. 32 Marion 
Dyer (L. 31.) & Bramhall (Elbridf/e), 2 and 4 Fan. 

Hall Market, house at Brighton 
Dyer Micah {Brovm S^ D.), house 18 Richmond 
Dyer Micah, jr. 20 Court 

Dyer Quincy. saleratus maker, h. Maverick, E. B. 
Dyer Robert P. 3 1-2 Comm'l, bds. Norfolk House 
Dyer S. D. thread, 150 Hanover, house at Chelsea 
Dyer {S. L.) & Bradford {E. S.), boots and shoes, 

5 Fulton and 14 Clinton, h. at S. Braintree 
Dyer Samuel N. clerk, 119 AVash. h. 6 Sewall pi. 
Dyer Thos. D. 51 & 52 N. Market, bds. 27 Howard 
Dyer Wm. teamster, house A, c. First 
Dygan Charles, laborer, house Ontario 
D^ke George E. 161 Milk, bds. 13 Snowhill 
Dyke James, 21 Union, house 13 Snowhill 
Dyke Wm. boots & shoes, 21 Union, h. 13 Snowhill 

EAGAN ELIZABETH, widow, house 1 Vine 

Eager Edwards W. 12 Washington 

Eager E. W. gunsmith, bds. Hanover House 

Eager John B. house 40 Auburn 

Eager John P. 107 Milk, bds. 26 South Russell 

Eager William, commission merchant, 22 Central 

wharf, house at Charlestown 
Eagin Julia, widow, house 101 Endicot [House 
Fames Ithamar B. counsellor, 46 Wash. bds. Adams 
Fames Jesse, housewright, h. White, n. Meridian 
Fames John, house 1 Marion 
Eames William J. clerk, 30 Milk, bds. 37 Tyler 
Earl Hezekiah, dep. marshal, house 6 Derne 
Earl Hezekiah, jr. clerk B. & W. R. R. [Fourth 
Earl Thomas, soap maker, 144 Turnpike, house 87 
Earl William, wood, Fulton, corner Richmond, h. 

1 Phipps place 
Earle Henry, jr. tailor, 139 Wash. h. at Cambridge 
Earle John, jr. & Co. [J. L. Plummer &; T. Cahill), 

merchant tailors, 139 Wash. h. 7 Bowdoin 
Earle's Express, R. R. Exchange 
Early Charles, tailor, house 66 Atkinson 
Early James, laborer, house 32 Stillman 
Early Patrick, laborer, house Thacher avenue 
Early Thomas, house D, near Third street 
Early Timothy, laborer, house rear 65 Eliot 
Easby Robert, seaman, h. 2 Commercial court 
Eason Eliza, widow, house 3 Ijeveret lane 
Eastburn John H. printer, 18 State, b. Revere H. 
Eastburn Manton, bishop of Mass. h. 128 Tremont 
Easte Charles H. stable. Silver, c. Dorchester, h. 

220 Broadway, near D 
Easter {Samuel) & Smith (C. C), hats and caps, 5 

Market square, house at Charlestown 
Easterbrook Isaac, house 65 Pinckney 
Easterbrook Joseph, printer, b'ds 65 Pinckney 
Easterbrook Wm. constable, 10 Com-t square, h. 3 




Eastham Charles, dentist, 23 Tremont row, house 

at Maiden [Exchange, bds. 3 Franklin 

Eastham William W. {Stratton, Sheriff, S^ Co.), 22 
Eastman Arthur M. 21 Congress, h. i Brookline 
Eastman C. A. 8^ Tremont row, bds. 5 Cambridge 
Eastman [Charles J. F.) & King (//.), W. India 

goods, 167 Milk, house at Waltham 
Eastman Franklin, printer, bds. National House 
Eastman John B. laborer, house rear 9 Adams 
Eastman John W. machinist, bds. 18 Dover place 
Eastman John T. 201 Wash. bds. 84 Bedford 
Eastman Josiah S. 53 & 55 Fed'l, h. at Bridgewater 
Eastman J. S. (TF. H. ^ J. S.), rear 49 Fayette 
Eastman Mary, tailoress, house 14 Sudbury 
Eastman Mary A. nurse, house 2 Gouch place 
Eastman Merrill, mason, h. Albion, n. Lucas pi. 
Eastman Nehemiah C. clerk, 75 Com'l, b. 69 Poplar 
Eastman Rodney, soapstone worker, b. 1 Hawkins 
Eastman Seth, house 14 Oneida [bmy 

Eastman Walter B. daguerreotype artist, h. 9 Sud- 
Eastman Wm. H. & J. S. carpenters, r. 49 Fayette, 

house Village, near Lucas place 
Easton J. L. clothing, house 9 Southac 
Eaton Albert C. chemist, house 21 Pine 
Eaton Amherst, house 833 Washington 
Eaton Asa Rev. house 40 Pinckney 
Eaton Benjamin A. house 47 Tremont 
Eaton Caleb, 79 Commercial, bds. 26 Sheafe 
Eaton Caroline, dress niaker, bds. 7 Maple place 
Eaton Charles, 21 S. Market, b. at E. Cambridge 
Eaton Charles O. painter, Court, opp. Hanover, b. 

9 Brattle square 
Eaton Charles F. {Synimes Sf Eaton), h. 5 Eaton 
Eaton Charles F. 28 & 47 Long wharf, house at 

Eaton Daniel, captain, house 10 Indiana 
Eaton Ebenezer, 5 Exchange, h. at Dorchester 
Eaton Elizabeth, house 3 Myrtle 
Eaton Ezra, clothing, 81 Com'l, house 126 Salem 
Eaton Ezra 0. clothing, 213 Ann, h. 21 N. Bennet 
Eaton George, teacher, 2 Bumstead pi. house 833 

Washington [over, boards National House 

Eaton {Isaiah) & Fletcher {F.), dry goods, 48 Han- 
Eaton Ira A. hats and caps, Commercial, c. Lewis, 

house at Chelsea 
Eaton {I. Ward), Thayer (TF. H.) & Co. {E. 

Thayer), wines, 125 & 127 Fulton, house 4 

Chilson place [7 W. Cedar 

Eaton James, sportsmen's warehouse, 44 Wash. h. 
Eaton James H. clerk, bds. 19 Billerica 
Eaton James M. pilot, house 192 Hanover 
Eaton James M. house 53 Billerica 
Eaton Jasper H. book keeper, h. 125 Turnpike 
Eaton John, laborer, h. 10 Pearl place 
Eaton John, tailor, house 8 Maverick block 
Eaton John J. {Bowman is Eaton), h. at Camb. 
Eaton John L. clothing, 73 Ann, h. at Charlesto'n 
Eaton John R. bds. 10 Indiana 
Eaton John S. clerk B. & M. R. R. house at S. 

Reading [Cove, h. 7 East st. pi. 

Eaton Joseph, carriage spring maker, Beach, cor. 
Eaton Joseph B. & Co. {D. C. Noyes), hardware, 2 

Union, h. 34 Temple [Third, n. Dorchester 
Eaton Lemuel P. broker, 5 Exchange, house 246 
Eaton Marcus, cook. bds. rear 35 Prince [Hotel 
Eaton Moses, jr. {Merrill, Eaton 4, Co.), bds. City 
Eaton Osgood, surveyor lumber, h. Prince, c. Salem 
Eaton Page, jr. crockery, &c. 39 Federal, b. 9 Elm 
Eaton Rebecca, widow, house 20 N. Bennet 
Eaton Robert B. {Button c^- £.), 28 S. Market 
Eaton Roxana, house 98 Federal 
Eaton Ruth, widow, house rear 25 Prince 
Eaton Samuel A. h. 26 S. Cedar [48 Purchase 

Eaton Sereno D. civil engineer, O. C. Railroad, h. 
Eaton Symonds J. {Starkweather &; E.), h. 3 Zone 
Eaton Timothy, h. opposite 1 Columbia 
Eaton {William) & Dupee {Joh7i), lumber, 2 Bos- 
ton wharf, h. 278 Broadway 
Eaton (William) & Bates (C), com. merchants, 

38 Commercial, h. 63 Salem 

Eaton William J. iron dealer, 7 India wf. h. Arnold 
Eaton William L. tailor, 81 Com'l, h. 9 Hull 
Eaton (TTm. O.), Hill (£. P.), & Co. {B. Cole), 
publishers of the Evening Museum, 2 Marlboro' 
Chapel place [Bussey place 

Eaton William S. (/. W. Blodgett &; Co.), house 4 
Eayrs Augustus E. coffee rooms, 379 1-2 Washing- 
ton, house 29 London 
Eayrs Charles, carrier, house 3 Piedmont 
Eayrs Joseph H. dry goods, 21 Milk, h. 9 Warren 
Eayrs Julien W. boards 26 Common 
Eayrs Sarah, boards 26 Common 
Eayrs William, clerk, house 26 Common 
Eayrs {William C.) & Fairbanks, {J. L.), station- 
ers, 136 Washington, h. opp. 227 Tremont 
Eberle Charles, upholsterer, 152 Washington 
Eberle Frederick, cabinet maker, house 6 Dover 
Eberle R. Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 1 Winter 
Eberle Salome, house 16 West Castle 
Ebert Francis, German boarding, 7 Hanover 
Eckel John N. house 18 Bedford 
Eckels James, carpenter, house Jasper place 
Eckert Valentine, cordwainer, 75 Summer, house 

5 Norfolk place 
Eckley Caroline, widow of David, h. 57 Beacon 
Eckley Joseph, house 276 Washington 
Eddy Benj. at Post Office, house 4 Exeter, place 
Eddy Caleb, 22 State, house 4 Exeter place [ham 
Eddy Darius, refrigerators, 428 Wash, h. at Hing- 
Eddy George W. 39 Ann, bds. 35 Beach 
Eddy Gibbs W. carpenter, h. 35 Beach 
Eddy James M. last maker, house 111 Chambers 
Eddy Lauriston, 43 Trem. r'w, h. May, c. May st. pi. 
Eddy R. E. 33 Somerset, house 1 Hamilton place 
Eddy R. H. civil engineer and solicitor of patents, 

22 State, house 4 Exeter place 
Edes Betsy, house 647 1-2 AVashington 
Edes Henry A. 91 Milk [Charlestown 

Edes Robert B. port warden, 68 Commercial, h. at 
Edes Samuel, {Jewett, McGilvray tS, Co.) 
Edgcomb James L. clerk, bds. 7 Winter 
Edgerly Andrew J. waiter at City Hotel 
Edgerly Daniel (/. S. Edyerly &; Co.), h. 10 Barton 
Edgerly Hannah, boarding, 2 N. Margin place 
Edgerly Jas. W. hardware, 3 Union, h. 22 Shawmut 
Edgerly John S. & Co. {D. Edyerly), grain, 3 & 4 
Com'l wf. house at Somerville [Green 

Edgerly Lyman W. wood, Travers, c. Canal, h. 4 
Edgerly {Peter) & Lovejoy {Alfred IF.), provisions, 

91 Endicot, h. 7 Cleveland place 
Edgerly Samuel {B. B. Tilt S; Co.) 
Edgerton James O. restorator, 37 Merchants' row 
Edgerton Loring, tailor, 26 Wash. h. 16 S. Russell 
Edgeworth Jolm, laborer, house 1 French place 
Edgeworth William H. printer, house 19 Tyler 
Edland Abigail Mrs. house 1 North square [ick 
Edlefson John H. stevedore, h. London, n. Maver- 
Edmands B. Franklin {Henshaw, Edmands § Co.), 

house 50 W. Cedar 
Edmands B. AV., Post Office, h. at Charlestown 
Edmands Ephraim W. sash and blind maker, 182 

Harrison av. h. at Dorchester 
Edmands George D. 18 Kilby, h. at Charlestown 
Edmands George W. 49 Court, bds. 4 Arch 
Edmands H. F. clerk, 67 Commercial wharf, house 
at Charlestown [town 

Edmands Isaac P. T. 36 Lewis wf. h. at Charles- 
Edmands Jas. F. clerk, 38 India [h. at Cambridge 
Edmands J. Lincoln, {Henshaw, Edmands &; Co.), 
Edmands J.Wiley, com. mer. 31 Kilby, h. at Newt'n 
Edmands Richard B. (Shaw i; E.), b. 73 Brighton 
Edmands Thomas R. B., Mercantile wf. house at 

Edmands William F. carpenter, h. 3 Indiana 
Edmands William Otis {LambeH, E. Sg Co.), bds. 

21 Somerset 
Edmands W. S. porter State Bank, h. at Cha'st'n 
Edmond Francis {Richardson AE.), h. at Roxbury 
Edmond James, com. mer. 2 Market square, house 
at Brookline 



Edmonds Gardner, glazier, h. S. Williams 
Edmunds Charles, Custom House, h. Mav. sq. E. B. 
Edmunds Edward Rev. house 2 Erie 
Edmunds Griffith {Roberts S^ E.), h. 8 Carroll place 
Edmunds Rachael, house 8 Greenough avenue 
Edney George P. boots and shoes, 109 Cambridge, 

house 6 Blossom court 
Edson Jacob, carriage maker, house 13 Billerica 
Edson John M. moulder, house rear Swan 
Edstrom Emily, dress maker, 320 Washington 
Edstrom Thomas, trunk maker, h. 90 Tyler 
Edwards Albert, restorator, Oak, c. Albany, h. 210 

Edwards Alexander, laborer, house 7 1-2 Bartlett 
Edwards Amasa S. 3 Canal, h. at Charlestown 
Edwards Antone, laborer, h. rear 68 Friend 
Edwards Chas. H. turner, h. Chardon, n. Hawkins 
Edwards George B. printer, h. 6 Second, S. B. 
Edwards Henry, house 4 Joy place 
Edwards Henry, laborer, house 68 Friend 
Edwards Henry B. sash and blind maker, house 

122 Leveret 
Edwards James, soapstone worker, h. 105 Hudson 
Edwards John F. lumber wf. Milldam, house at 

Brookline, order box at Thompson's, old State 

House [house at Chelsea 

Edwards Joseph S. hair dresser, 435 Commercial, 
Edwards Newton, counsellor, 20 Court 
Edwards {Oliver), Holman {Edwin), &. Co. {John 

Fernald), locks and safes, 51 Congress, house 

5 Vine [House 

Edwards Pierpont {Camp Sf E.), boards Bromfield 
Edwards Roxanna, widow, boarding, h. 15 Grove 
Edwards Samuel F. pump and block maker, India 

wharf, h. 11 Shawmut [h. 18 Sudbury 

Edwards Saml. T. city crier, order box Post Office, 
Edwards Sarah, boarding, h. 101 Cambridge 
Edwards Thomas, artist, 38 Tremont row, house 

at Charleston 
Edwards Thomas {Sturtevant, E. S^ Co.), h. Border 
Edwards Wm. provisions, Grove, c. Southac, bds. 

83 W. Cedar 
Egan Ann, widow, nurse, house 18 Carver 
Egan Daniel, laborer, house 14 Bedford 
Egan James, counsellor, 19 old State House, bds. 

Pavilion [House 

Egan John, hats, 11 Commercial, boards Fulton 
Egan Martin, plasterer, house 22 Erie 
Egan Mary Ann, dress maker, 24 Suffolk 
Egan M. W. house and ship joiner, h. 31 Suffolk 
Egan William, waiter, h. 29 1-2 Washington sq. 
Egan William, tailor, house 15 Stillman 
Eggleston Lorenzo, machinist, h. 17 Groton 
Eggleston AVilliam, cabinet maker, b. 17 Groton 
Ehrlich Moses, dry goods, 36 Milk, h. 113 Pleasant 
Ehrlich Myer, 36 Milk, boards 113 Pleasant 
Eilderman Richard, captain, house 130 Endicot 
Ela Martha A. widow, h. 2 Cedar street place 
Elden Stillman A. 57 Milk 
Elder Geo. E. carpenter, house 41 Curve 
Elder John, type maker, house 13 May 
Elder John E. house 22 Albany 
Elder Robert, upholsterer, 11 and 13 Bromfield 
Elder William, printer, house 52 Leveret 
Eldredge Edw. H. (O. Eldredge^ Co.), h. 7 Otis pi. 
Eldredge J. Lewis, clerk, 93 Court 
Eldredge Oliver & Co. {Edivard H. Eldredge), do- 
mestic goods, 15 Federal, h. 7 Otis pi. 
Eldredge Rebecca, widow, house 3 Salem ct. 
Eldredge R. G. tinman, house Chelsea, E. B. 
Eldridge Andrew H. clerk, b. 57 High [at Chelsea 
Eldridge Ellery, boots and shoes, 13 Elm, house 
Eldridge John S. counsellor, 35 Court, house at 

Dorchester [tur 

Eldridge Julia Ann, widow, h. Liverpool, n. Deca- 
Eldridge Mary E. widow, h. 2 N. Chapel place 
Eldridge Phoebe, widow, house 94 Leveret 
Eldridge Reuben, piano-forte maker, b. 2 Kuhn pi. 
Eldridge Richard, painter, house Havre, E. B. 
Eldridge Samuel, counsel'r, 35 Court, h. at Dorch'r 

Eldridge Simeon, laborer, house London, E. B. 
Eldridge Smith, house 57 High 
Eldridge Vienna, widow, house 161 Hanover 
Eldridge William, mariner, house 55 N. Margin 
Eliaers Augustus {Gassiot (Sr E.), b. 155 Pleasant 
Eliot Ephraim L. clerk CityTreas. office, City Hall, 
house 18 Eliot [Atkinson 

Eliot John F. druggist, 32 Commercial, house 75 
Eliot Nathaniel G. clerk, house 6 Minot 
Eliot Samuel A. 30 Court, house 31 Beacon 
Eliot William, laborer, house 59 Pitts 
Eliot William P. 39 Milk 
Elisha James, laborer, house r. 13 Southac 
Elk John, laborer, house 5 Camden place 
Elkins Martha, seamstress, house 2 Sears place 
EUard John, laborer, house 2 Wharf 
Ellenwood Josiah, house 3 Corey avenue 
Ellenwood Sarah Mrs. house 5 Chapman place 
Ellery William, weigher and gauger, 11 Lewis wf. 

house at Chelsea 
Ellicorn Jas. laborer, h. 18 Washington av. [lum 
Ellicott Joseph P. {E. D. Peters ^ Co.), h. 6 Asy- 
Elliot's Express, 7 State 
Elliot Charles A. house 246 Tremont 
Elliot Ephraim, house 18 Eliot 
Elliot Gardner, housewright, h. 1 Winslow place 
Elliot Margaret, dress maker, house 39 Oneida 
Elliot Wm. L. 45 Pearl, house 30 Pearl 
Elliott Geo. W. carpenter, house 56 Fifth 
Elliott Matthew P. furnishing store, 11 Washing- 
ton, h. 17 Pitts 
Elliott {William) & Greig {George), com. mer. 11 

Doane, bds. 6 Chauncy place 
Ellis Abner, house 19 Edinboro' 
Ellis Albert W. mariner, h. 6 Henchman lane 
Ellis Avery P. boards 27 Charles 
Ellis Benjamin, teamster, house 4 Dover 
Ellis Calvin, boards 2 McLean 
Ellis Calvin F. {Rand S^ E.), house at Dedham 
Ellis {Chas.) & Mayo '(J- ^Q> merchants, South, 

near Lehigh 
Ellis Charles L. cooper, house Saratoga, E. B. 
Ellis Charles M. counsellor, 21 Old State House, 

house at Roxbury 
Ellis Charles W. coachman, house 9 Mason 
Ellis Daniel {D. Ellis S^ Co.), h. at Cambridgeport 
Ellis David & Co. {Daniel Ellis <Sf /. R. Ellis), pro- 
duce, 3 Merchants' row, h. at Cambridgeport 
Ellis Ebenezer, W. I. goods, 100 State, house 107 

Ellis Francis D. & Co. {Charles A. Fiske), com- 
mission merch. 64 Kilby, house at Chelsea 
Ellis George & Co. (C. B. Darling), grain dealers, 

37 Long wharf, h. 103 Harrison avenue 
Ellis George, importer crockery, 25 Doane 
Ellis George, house 44 Oak 

Ellis George, 12 Boylston Market, h. at Dorchester 
Ellis Geo. Fred. h. Blackstone sq. cor. Pembroke 
Ellis Geo. W. 100 State, bds. 787 Washington 
Ellis Geo. W. house 288 Broadway 
Ellis Geo. W. at Coney's machine shop, S. B. 
Ellis Hezekiah, teamster, house 91 Endicot 
Ellis Jabez, house 97 Harrison avenue [port 

Ellis J. Russell {D. Ellis (S, Co.), h. at Cambridge- 
Ellis John M. Rev. agent Collegiate Education 

Society, 26 Joy's building 
Ellis John S. 30 F. H. Market, house 7 Allen 
Ellis John S., B. & W. freight house, b. 45 Tyler 
Ellis {Jonathan) & Meriam {Levi B.), iron dealers, 

35 India, house Pine place 
Ellis Joshua James, student, 177 Hanover 
Ellis Luther, house 2 McLean 
Ellis Mary, dress maker, house 9 Mason 
Ellis Mary Ann, widow, house 99 Harrison av. 
Ellis Matilda, widow, house 241 Tremont 
Ellis Matthias, constable, house 86 Salem 
Ellis Moses {Oliphant ^ Co.), bds. N. Eng. House 
Ellis Nathaniel {Bimiey § E.), h. 7 Chambers 
Ellis Peter, marmer, house Webster, E. B. 
Ellis P. M. boards 54 Hudson 



Ellis Rowland, 51 Blackstone, h. 186 Hanover 
Ellis Samuel, painter, foot of Sumner, house 7 Me- 
ridian [Abington 
Ellis Samuel, dry goods, 5 Merchants' row, h. at E. 
Ellis Samuel, sec. H. & B. Railroad & Mining Co. 

7 Change av. h. 91 Broadway, cor. B 
Ellis Seth, engineer, house 160 Hudson [Hudson 
Ellis Stephen & Co. grocers, 430 Washington, h. 63 
Ellis Thomas, carpenter, house 22 Suflfolk 
Ellis Thomas T. physician, 1 Albany 
Ellis Warren, 21 F. H. Market h. 4o Carver 
Ellis Wm. boards 241 Tremont 
Ellis Wm. Henry, bds. 11 Indiana [town 

Ellison Andrew, tailor, 19 Brattle, h. at Charles- 
Ellison Andrew, jr. civil engineer, 36 Mer. Ex. 
Ellison Bethia, house 9 S. Cedar 
Ellison Charles, last maker, house 9 S. Cedar 
Ellison George, packer, boards 64 South 
Ellison George, seaman, house 49 Charter 
Ellison James, 53 Blackstone, h. at Waltham 
Ellison James, clerk, boards 39 Common 
Ellison Samuel, mason, boards 17 Albany 
Ellison William, 21 Blackstone, h. 39 Common 
Elmes Lucy, nurse, house 222 Hanover 
Ellms Anson, shipwright and caulker. Weeks' whf. 

house Sumner, corner Liverpool 
Ellms Archibald, shoes, 94 Turnpike, h. 96 do. 
Ellms Henry S. silversmith, h. 6 N. Bennet 
Elm Wm. pump and block maker, h. Chelsea, E. B. 
Elms Cornelius, trader, house 216 Broadway 
Elms David, trader, h. 187 Silver, near D 
Elms Ebenezer, blacksmith, house 8 Lovis 
Elms James C. 29 Pearl, b. N. E. House 
Elsbury Mary, laundress, house rear 25 Belknap 
Elson Julius, watch maker, house 9 Sha^vmut 
Elton Benjamin, mariner, house 3 Bartlett 
Elwell Benjamin, ship carpenter, h. Decatur, E. B. 
Elwell David, wharfinger. Constitution wharf, h. 

21 Eliot 
Elwell Lot, last maker, h. Athens, bet. D and E 
Elwell Samuel B. last maker, h. Eighth, near E 
Elwell Simon, carpenter, h. rear 1 Plymouth place 
Ely Alfred B. counsellor, 46 Washington 
Ely Eugene, rattans, 32 Commer. h. at Dorchester 
Ely Horatio G. house 9 Castle J}^^ Harr. av. 

Emerson A. & Co. paper. Water, c. Devonshire, h. 
Emerson Benj. 96 F. H. Market, b. 123 Court 
Emerson Charles, wharf builder, house 11 Green 
Emerson Charles H. counsellor, bds. 6 High 
Emerson Charles H. hats, caps, &c. 299 Washing- 
ton, house 96 Tyler 
Emerson Darius 11. 291 Wash. h. at Dorchester 
Emerson David D. pump maker, h. 4 East Orange 
Emerson David G. boards Mass. Hotel 
Emerson Edward & Co. {Joseph Hayden), 47 F. H. 

Market, h. at Lexington 
Emerson Edward, house 1 Cherry 
Emerson Edward, machinist, b. 234 Harr. av. 
Emerson {Elijah C), Cochrane {G. W.) & Co. 
{H. Emerson), boots and shoes, 70 Pearl, h. at 
Emerson Enoch, carriage smith, 6 Charlestown 
Emerson Frederick, instructor, 75 Leveret 
Emerson Frederick B. {Thurston, Torrey §■ Co.), 
boards 61 Federal [House 

Emerson George {H. Emerson 5, Co.), b. National 
Emerson George, house^vright, li. Third, near G 
Emerson George B. teacher Young Ladies' School, 

house 2 Pemberton square 
Emerson Gorham & Co. {Joseph B. Emerson), 

shoes, 189 Broadway, h. 240 Fourth, near D 
Emerson H. B., Friend of Virtue and intelligence 

office, 13 Bedford 
Emerson Henry, house 7 Eliot [bers 

Emerson Henry {H. Emerson (Sr Co.), h. 92 Cham- 
Emerson Henry, jr. boards 7 Eliot [21 Somerset 
Emerson Hiram {Emerson, Cochrane ^ Co.), bds. 
Emerson Howard & Co. {H. ^ G. Emerson), pro- 
duce, 8 Market sq. h. 4 Oxford place 
Emerson Jacob, carpenter, h. Broadway, near K 

Emerson Jeremiah, house 98 W. Cedar 
Emerson John (R. 8^ J. Emerson), house 11 Sea 
Emerson John S. undertaker, h. Pembroke [3 Bay 
Emerson Jonathan, housewright, Foster place, h. 
Emerson Joseph B. {Gorham Emerson <Sf Co.), h. 

12 E, near Seventh [at Woburn 

Emerson Joseph S. collector, 35 Devonshire, house 
Emerson Joseph W. ship joiner, b. Webster, cor- 
ner Cottage 
Emerson Nathaniel, teamster, house 23 Prince 
Emerson {Nathaniel F.) & Fitz (L.), produce, 81-2 

Market sq. boards 14 Portland 
Emerson O. H. boards Harr. av. corner Beach 
Emerson Otis, housewright, house 3 Margaret 
Emerson Parker, housewright, Fulton ct. house 8 

Emerson Parker, jr. printer, house rear 8 Fleet 
Emerson Robert & John, wood and coal, 4 Sea, h. 

Third, near B [church 

Emerson Romanus, grocer. Old Road, near the 
Emerson R. Van C. 91 Washington, h. at Camb'ge 
Emerson S. W. P. at Post Office, b. 39 Hudson 
Emerson William, clerk, boards 24 Portland 
Emerson Wm. P. h. 21 Hudson [h. r. 36 1-2 Prince 
Emerson Wm. W. hair dresser, 46 Merchants' row, 
Emery Alexander J. 24 Dock sq. h. 144 Harr. av. 
Emery Alonzo, proprietor Eastern Exchange Ho- 
tel, E. R. R. wharf 
Emery Charles, laborer, boards 235 Harr. avenue 
Emery Colby {Downes &; E.), 57 Brattle 
Emery Edward, toll gatherer, house Milldam [C 
Emery Elias, restaurant, Devonshire, h. Third, n. 
Emery Elizabeth Mrs. boarding, 12 Cooper 
Emery Francis W. R. office 6 Devonshire, house 

21 Tyler 
Emery George F. house 53 Dover 
Emery George Frederick, h. 101 Harr. avenue 
Emery H. A. dentist, 10 Tremont Temple, house 

Meridian, E. B. 
Emery (Isaac) & Tirrell {John), wood and coal, 

134 Sea, house 101 Harrison av. [Hudson 

Emery Jacob O. 1 Railroad block, Lincoln, bds. 19 
Emery James, clerk, 25 Exchange, h. 4 Dupee pi. 
Emery Job, slater, house 64 Sea 
Emery John, laborer, house 99 Endicot 
Emery John W. {Moore ^ E.), house at Chelsea 
Emery Martha Mrs. house 11 Myrtle 
Emery Mrs. widow, house 20 W. Canton 
Emery Nathaniel, house 10 Lvnde 
Emery Nathaniel {Brooke & E.), b. Maverick sq. 
Emery Stephen L. at Post Office, b. 39 Hudson 
Emery William D. housewright, house 5 Fabin 
Emery Wm. H., Custom House, h. 63 Chesnut 
Emmes Samuel & Co. {Orel Towle &; W. H. Slo- 

cum), hats, caps, and furs, 10 Elm, house at 

Emmons Charles G. boards 14 Hayward place 
Emmons Edward B. clerk, P. 0. h. 75 S. Suffolk 
Emmons Elizabeth S. teacher, boards 1 Allen pi. 
Emmons Henry, laborer, house 7 Stillman place 
Emmons John A. 19 India, house at Roxbury 
Emmons John L. {Hodffes^- E.),h. 1 Burroughs pi. 
Emmons Joshua, tin ware and stoves, 26 School, 

house 243 Tremont [19 Summer 

Emmons Nathaniel H. (T. B. Wales § Co.), house 
Emmons Robert L. house 5 Eliot 
Emmons Robert W. book binder, 20 Devonshire 
Emmons Samuel Franklin, at Post Office 
Emmons Sarah, widow, house 7 Cherry 
Emmons Stephen, iron casting, 107 State, h. 5 Eliot 
Emmons Thomas, cooper, house 21 Pleasant 
Emmons William S. sail maker, 112 Commercial, 

boards 14 Portland 
Endicott Henry (Allen ^ E.), house 3 Fruit 
Endicott Lewis, captain, h. Chelsea, E. B. 
Endicott William, jr. 13 Winter 
Endrcs George, musician, h. 1 Blanche court 
English Abram T. provisions, 101 Hanover, house 

132 Hanover 
English Archibald, painter, house 11 Blossom 



English Chas. harness maker, Chesnut, cor. River, 

house 88 Mt. Vernon 
English James, cooper, h. Brookline, n. Newland 
English James L. counsellor, 9 Court square, house 

8 Causeway 
English James W. clerk, house Havre, E. B. 
English {Jerome A.) & Macomber {George), horse 

shoers and farriers, Beverly, cor. Charlestown, 

house 121 Endicot 
English Nathaniel F. boards Mansion House 
English William B. author, h. r. 60 S. Margin 
Ennick Wm. junk, 12i Endicot, h. 55 N. Margin 
Ennis Abraham, tinsmith, b. 1 Sister, c. William 
Ennis Lawrence, laborer, house 10 Grove 
Enos Antonio, Portuguese boarding house, rear 

349 Commercial 
Enright James, laborer, house 2 Belcher lane 
Ensteh Joseph, German boarding house, 4 Theatre 

Enwright Michael, milkman, house r. Fourth, n. O 
Enwright Patrick, boiler maker, house 79 Kneelaud 
Erickson {Aaron) & Treadwell (G.), wool, 54 Pearl 
Erratt Stephen, tailor, boards 1 Alden 
Ervin William, laborer, house Lewis, E. B. 
Erving Edward S. treasurer P. O. h. 79 Pleasant 
Erving Mary, widow of Dr. Shirley, h. 127 Tremont 
Erving Shaley, clerk, boards 79 Pleasant 
Erving Thomas, tailor, house 5 Theatre alley 
Erving Thomas A. agent, 99 Purchase, house 127 

Tremont [& Central court 

Esbach Henry, musical inst. maker, 115 Court, b. 
Esson James, engineer, h. Bessom court, E. B. 
Estabrook Charles, boards 74 Temple 
Estabrook Eliza R. Mrs. nurse, house 6 Albion 
Estabrook George H. house 6 Albion 
Estabrook James A. boots and shoes. Merchants' 

row, corner Ann, house 71 Prince 
Estabrook Silas, printer, 142 Wash. h. 7 Oswego 
Estabrooks Luther L. truckman, h. 2 Webster pi. 
Estell John, machinist, house Ontario 
Estelle Peter, marble polisher, h. rear 7 Milton 
Ester Elizabeth Anne Mrs. h. 4 Cotting court 
Estes Abigail B. widow, h. 35 S. Cedar 
Estes James, carpenter, bds. 26 Grove 
Etheridge Emily, house 86 Pinckney 
Etheridge Mary, h. 53 Tremont 
Eustin Sarah, widow, h. 5 Avery place 
Eustis Charles M. {Broivn i^ E.), h. 666 Wash. 
Eustis James E. F. 61 Commercial, h. at Chelsea 
Eustis Joseph, merchant, h. 666 Washington 
Eustis Rebecca, widow, house 1 Lovett place 
Eustis William T. treas. Ogdengsburgh R. R. Co. 

92 State [42 & 44 Pearl, h. 17 AUston 

Eustis Wm. T. & Co. {Beiij. CaUcnder), hardware, 
Eustis Wm. Tracy, 8 Broad, h. 666 Washington 
Eustis's Express, 7 State [Doane 

Evans Alfred, merchant, over 7 Broad and 34 
Evans Alonzo H. grocer, 141 Court, h. at S. Maiden 
Evans Andrew A. 208 Wash. h. Dix pi. c. Wash. 
Evans Arad, cabinet maker, 13 Merrimac, h. 12 

AUston St. at Charlestown 
Evans Brice S. dry goods, 56 Hanover, h. at Maiden 
Evans Charles C. clerk, bds. 3 Bowdoin square 
Evans Chas. S. messen. Market Bank, h. 1 Porter 
Evans Emma Mrs. seamstress, h. 3 Spear place 
Evans Eunice, widow, house 3 Province 
Evans Franklin, broker, 31 Kilby, bds. Rev. House 
Evans Gardner, teamster, house 13 Nashua 
Evans Hale, broker, 10 Salem, house do. 
Evans Henry L. carpenter, house 1 Maiden place 
Evans Henry P. stone cutter, h. 54 Oak 
Evans H. B. h. 96 Pleasant [h. Dover, c. Emerald 
Evans Horatio, lumber whf. Albany, opp. Oswego, 
Evans James O. carpenter, h. 66 Middlesex 
Evans John, house 2 French place [ick House 

Evans John, apothecary, Maverick sq. bds. Maver- 
Evans John D. printer, 12 School, h. 20 May 
Evans John O. grocer, Beach, corner Hudson, h. 

at Newton [26 Purchase 

Evans Jonas, apothecary, Purchase, c. Pearl, bds. 

Evans Leonard, machinist, house New, near Liv- 
erpool, E. B. [Chelsea, E. B. 
Evans Richard, wharfinger, Comey's wharf, house 
Evans Stokes, plasterer, house Trenton, E. B. 
Evans Susan C. teacher, boards 1 Dix place 
Evans Thomas, rigger, 25 Prince 
Evans Thomas, broker, 6 Salem 
Evans Thomas H. paper hanger, h. 65 Middlesex 
Evans Thomas L. brewer, h. 752 Washington 
Evans Wm. counting room 92 Utica, h. at Roxbury 
Evans William, restorator, 230 Hanover, house 3 

Evans Wm. L. com. mer. 69 Com'l, h. at Chelsea 
Evans Wm. L. carpenter, grocer, 189 Fourth, h. F, 

near Fifth 
Evans W. S. teamster, 3 Boston wf. h. 80 Fourth 
Eveleth Abby Manning, nurse, 9 Nashua 
Eveleth Franklin, mariner, house 109 Leveret 
Eveleth Geo. H. clerk, 213 Washington 
Eveleth John, restorator, 340 Com'l, h. 4 Short 
Eveleth Joseph, sheriff, office County Court House, 

house 73 Summer 
Eveleth J. H. {Blackmer § -E.), h. at Newton Cor. 
Eveleth Samuel, ass't appraiser. Custom House 
Eveleth Samuel C. salesman, house 41 High 
Eveleth Wm. {N. F. Cunningham % Co.), house 73 

Everard Geo. carpenter, house 79 Essex 
Everbeck John, painter, 95 Water, h. Paris, near 

Sumner, E. Boston 
Everbeck Peter, painter, house 64 Middlesex 
Everett Aaron, house 12 Orange 
Everett Alexander H. Mrs. liouse 8 Florence 
Everett, {Charles) & Faulkner (D. F.), domestic 

goods, 54 Milk, house at Cambridge 
Everett Charles J. house Pitts court 
Everett D. R. & Co. {R. Clement), groceries, c. 

New Prince and N. square 
Everett Eliza G. h. 756 Washington, cor. Canton 
Everett Erastus D. hosiery, gloves, &c. 64 1-2 Han- 
over, h. at Somerville 
Everett Frederick W. house Pitts court 
Everett Geo. clerk, Quincy Hall, b. 12 W. Orange 
Everett Hannah, widow of James, h. Pitts court 
Everett Heman, porter. Am. House, h. 33 Lowell 
Everett Isaac C. teamster, house Swan 
Everett James M. printer, h. 8 Derne 
Everett Oliver, jr. engineer, house 120 Hudson 
Everett Otis, book keeper, 65 State, h. 740 Wash. 
Everett Otis B. 39 Com'l wf. h. 740 Washington 
Everleth Daniel, harness maker, 3 Beverly, h. r. 

19 Prince 
Everleth William, cabman, bds. rear 19 Prince 
Evers Michael, teamster, bds. 27 Charles 
Evcrson Geo. H. (S. Adayns &; Co.), h. 136 Fourth 
Evert Henry, laborer, house 98 Salem 
Evert Henry Wm. teacher of music, h. 34 Spring 
Evett Sophia, house 6 Columbia 
Ewell Joseph H. book keeper, bds. 153 Court 
Ewer Charles, house 33 Spring 
Ewer David, machinist, h. 238 Han'ison avenue 
Ewer Geo. W. stone cutter, h. 117 Essex 
Ewer Rebecca, widow, house 29 N. Margin 
Ewers John, currier, 93 Fulton, h. 3 Bartlett place 
Ewinger Hannah, widow, Lynde, c. Lynde place 
Ewings Calvin, provisions, house 41 Garden 
Ewings Walter W. butter, &c. 37 North Market, 
h. at E. Cambridge [Myrtle 

Evrins Alexander (trsor^'e C. Rand &; Co.), bds. 2 
Ezekiel J. W. com. mer. Milk, c. Devonshue, h. 
43 Fayette 

FAALEY PATRICK, pedler, h. 3 High st. court 
Faass John, painter, h. Carney pi. c. Washington 
Fabens Francis A. counsellor, 39 Court ■> 
Faddis James, laborer, house 20 Suffolk 
Faden Andrew M. provisions, 623 Washington, h. 

2 Village place 
Fagan Bernard, blacksmith, house 7 Dover 
Fagan Geo. laborer, house rear 40 Blackstone 



Fagan Patrick, tailor, house 12 Sister 

Fahay John, laborer, h. 37 1-2 Prince 

Fahay Patricli, grocer, 37 1-2 Prince, house do. 

Fahee Edward, laborer, h. 2 Thaclier court 

Fairbank Franklin D. {Wilson, F. ^ Co.), bds. 20 

Temple place 
Fairbanks Amos, shoes, 33 Merchants' row, house 

Richmond, corner Richmond place 
Fairbanks Calvin, house 13t) Pleasant 
Faii'banks Charles B. ass't librarian B. Athenaeum, 

bds. 3 Otis place [56 Commercial 

Fairbanks David, agt. Union wf. Co., Provinceto'n, 
Fairbanks, Drury & Co. {Thomas VolUntine), 

shoes and leather, 31 Broad, h. opp. 9!) Trem. 
Fairbanks E. & T. & Co. scale makers, 110 Milk 
Farbanks George N. merchant, 27 Lewis wf. bds. 3 

Otis place [house at Charlestown 

Fairbanks Henry P. saddlery hardware, 56 Pearl, 
Fairbanks Horatio W. clerk, 21 Kilby, house at 

Fairbanks Israel W. carpenter, house 67 W. Cedar 
Fairbanks John P. (/. G. Roberts S^ Co.), house 41 

Tremont [House 

Fairbanks Joseph, teamster, h. Wash. opp. Wash. 
Fairbanks Josiah L. {Eayrs S^ F.),]\. Jo Bedford 
Fairbanks Levi, porter, house 6 Adams 
Fairbanks Moses, clerk, Hovvard AthenECum build- 
ing, house Hawkins, c. Ivers 
Fairbanks Nancy, widow of Otis, house 3 Otis pi. 
Fairbanks Stephen, treas. W. Railroad, 13 Rail- 
road Exchange, h. 33 Bedford [b. ol Eliot 
Fairbanks Will'm N. {Carpenter, Fairbanks § Co.), 
Fairbanks Zopher, mason, house 5 Fruit 
Fairbrother Richard, clerk, Western av. Hotel 
Fairchild Catharine, boarding, 19 Avery 
Fairchild Joy H. Rev. house 26 ) Fourth 
Fairchild Wm. B. woollen goods, 53 Wash, [doin 
Fairfield John, merch'nt, 22 Central wf. h. 53 Bow- 
Fairfield Mary, house 75 A, n. Third [20 Buianch 
Fairfield Nicholas H. 37 Commercial wharf, bds. 
Fairfield Turner C. (G. C. Morrison ^ Co.), house 

62 Salem [Bartlett 

Fairfield Wm. real estate agent, 183 Hanover, h. 1 
Fairweather Samuel A. clerk, 16 Dock sq. house at 

Charlestown [Hudson 

Fales Caroline, teacher Winthrop School, bds. 101 
Fales David N. house 101 Hudson 
Fales Haliburton, house 121 Tremont 
Fales Joseph J. physician, Maverick sq. north side 
Fales Thos. J. machinist, Richmond, h. at Chelsea 
Fallen John, machinist, h. Har. ave. n. Olive pi. 
Fallen Pat. E. machinist, h. Har. ave. n. Olive pi. 
Fallon Ann M. widow, h. Northampton, n. Har. av. 
Falls John T. carpenter, bds. Hudson, c. Carver 
Falvey Marg't, widow, dress maker, 6 Jackson pi. 
Falvey Thomas, laborer, h. r. Sea, near the bridge 
Fanning David, laborer, house 516 Commercial 
Fanning Edward, mariner, house 6 Fleet 
Fanning M. J. dress maker, r. 5 Mason [lett 

Fanning Robert, junk store, Lincoln wf. h. 3 Bart- 
Faour Martin, laborer, house 19 Williams 
Fardle Michael, laborer, house rear 65 Eliot 
Faris Misses, boarding, 3 Cambridge 
Farkenter Neil, laborer, house 9 Cross 
Farley Chas. B. {Jones ^F.), h. Tremont. n. Dover 
Farley Gustavus, hides'and leather, 58 Fulton, h. 

at Chelsea 
Farley Henry W. carpenter, h. Maverick, E. B. 
Farley James P. clerk, 43 Milk, house at Chelsea 
Farley N. Webster, dry goods, 70 Hanover, bds. 15 

Farley Owen, laborer, h. Northampton, c. Suffolk 
Farley Patrick, laborer, house Chelsea place, E. B. 
Farley Rob't, broker, 24 State, h. 17 Louisburgh sq. 
Farley Robert, jr. h. 17 Louisburgh square 
Farling James, restorator, 2 Fleet, house do. 
Farlow John S. grocer, 20 High, c. Federal, house 

26 High 
Farmer Benjamin, cooper, house E, cor. Gold 
Farmer Henry, clerk, house 12 Medford court 


Farmer Jesse, clerk, house 9 Vernon 
Farmer John, laborer, house Erin alley, E. B. ' 
Farmer John, laborer, h. 7 Second [h. 9 Taylor 
Farmer John P. blacksmith, Suffolk, near Lenox, 
Farmer Margaret, widow, house 6 Gouch 
Farmer Thomas, bds. 54 Essex 
Farmer Thomas, 11 Broad 
Farn Barney, laborer, house rear 16 Bennet 
Farn Barney, laborer, house Bennington, E. B. 
Farnham Albert A. captain, house 40 Lowell 
Farnham Albert G. wheelwright, b. 8 Medford ct. 
Farnham Edwin L. tailor, house 8 Tileston 
Farnham Hannah Mrs. house D, near Fourth 
Farnham Horace P. counsellor, 35 Court, house at 

Farnham Isaac M. cooper, house Liverpool, E. B. 
Farnham Luther Rev. house 70 Suffolk 
Farnham P. I. & Co. merchants, 18 Custom House 

street, house at Roxbury 
Farnham Samuel T. mariner, house 23 London 
Farnsworth Amanda M. house Tyler, near Oak 
Farnsworth Catharine, widow, house 157 Hanover 
Farnsworth {Ezra) & Shaw {George A.), dry goods, 

97 Milk, house 3 Lincoln 
Farnsworth Geo. E. 91 Wash. h. at Charlestown. 
Farnsworth Isaac D. com. mer. 8 Chatham, house 

79 Mount Vernon 
Farnsworth James, at Wor. depot, h. 45 Tyler 
Farnsworth John, furniture, 12 Canal block, house 

28 Lowell [town 

Farnsworth John C. {Adams ^ F.), h. at Charles- 
Farnsworth Jonas, carpenter, house 20 Poplar 
Farnsworth Oliver T. clerk, 93 Kilby 
Farnsworth Rebecca, house rear 436 Washington 
Farnsworth Royal, housewright, bds. 15 Minot 
Farnum Charles G. tailor, 121 Washington, house 

81 Chambers 
Farnum Dolly, carpet maker, h. 320 Washington 
Farnum Greenleaf B. carpenter, house 2 Vernon 
Farnum Henry {Curtis ^ Co.), house 84 Salem 
Farnum Henry, bds. 59 ^Federal 
Farquharson Alexander, cooper, h. Second, n. C 
Farr Celatia, marketman, house 55 Nashua 
Farr Ephraim W. watchman, house 28 Oswego 
Farr Jonathan L. mineral water, h. 16 S. Russell 
Farran Daniel, laborer, house Mechanic court 
Farran Daniel, teamster, house 6 StlUman place 
Farran James, mason, house 115 Ann 
Farran John, laborer, house 68 South 
Farran Patrick, laborer, house 110 Endlcot 
Farran Thomas, grocer, 12 Cove, house do. 
Farran William, grocer, house 74 Endlcot 
Farran William D. carpenter, bds. 6^ Causeway 
Farrar A. F. house 51 Belknap [Lexington 

Farrar Abljah W. {Dana, F. ^ Hyde), house at 
Farrar Alonzo, 44 Broad, bds. 3 Lyman place 
Farrar {Daniel), Richards {\V. B.), & Co. {R. A. 

Richards), metals, 41 S. Market, h. 14 Hancock 
Farrar John A. printer, house 18 Blossom 
Farrar John A. jr. printer, house 3 Foster place 
Farrar Judson N. clerk, Mechanics' Bank, house at 

Dorchester [Eliot 

Farrar J. Hamilton, book keeper, 22 Elm, bds. 88 
Farrar Munroe, truckman, h. Liverpool, n. Mav'k. 
Farrar Otis C. watchman, house Maiden 
Farrar Thomas, brass founder, house 77 Nashua 
Farrar Timothy, counsellor, 99 State, h. 9 Camb. 
Farrar Washington L. clerk, bds. 18 Blossom 
Farrar Wm. laborer, house 84 Eliot 
Farrar W. Henry, 57 Kilby, house at Neponset 
Farrar Wm. H. counsellor, 26 old State House, h. 

at Roxbury 
Farrell Charles, penny post, bds. 1 Minot 
Farrell Edward, laborer, house 17 Hamburg 
Farrell Daniel, mason, house Sliver, near C 
Farrell Daniel, carver, 10 Dock sq. h. 30 Grove 
Farrell Francis, tailor, house 17 Adams 
Farrell James, boarding, 90 Ann 
Farrell James, carpenter, house 27 W. Dedham 
Farrell James, tailor, house 98 Salem 



Farrell John {Murrarj ^ F.), 90 J Endicot 
Farrell John, carpenter, bds. 11 Pitts 
Farrell Margaret, widow, house 6 Brookline 
Farrell Mary A. widow, h. rear 1 Plymouth place 
Farrell Mary Jane, house 14 Adams 
Farrell Patrick, house 7 Second 
Farren George, carpenter, house 17 Prince 
Farren Nathan, clerk, bds. 28 Sheafe 
Farren Patrick, laborer, house Athens, near A 
Farrie John, boards 57 Federal [3 Minot 

Farrington Ebenezer T. [Levi Bartlett S^ Co.), h. 
Farrington George, boot maker, bds. 21 Gouch 
Farrington {John) & Hunnewell {Georf/e IF.), sil- 
versmiths, 4 Court avenue, li. 763 Washington 
Farrington Josiah C. R. printer, 16 Devonshire, h. 
at Cambridge [Fountain House 

Farrington Josiah G. boots & .shoes, 471 Wash. bds. 
Farrington S. & L. h. 69 Chambers [68 Belknap 
Farrington Samuel P. {Clark, Sweet <Sr Co.), house 
Farrington S. S. shoes, 13 Shoe and Leather 
Farrington Thomas, apothecary, 1 Tremont House, 

house 69 Chambers 
Farrington Thomas F. book binder, h. 14 N. Russell 
Farris James, trader, house 48 Utica 
Farrissey Dennis, laborer, oppo. 14-5 Purchase 
Farron Hugh, laborer, house Everett, E. B. 
Farron John, laborer, house r. Havre, n. Maverick 
Farron Michael, laborer, house Liverpool, E. B. 
Farrow Ira S. porter, bds. 2 Utica [Border, E. B. 
Farrow John S. ship carpenter, house Sumner, cor. 
Farry James, laborer, house 19 Garden 
Farwell Abel G. & Co. {S. HaU,jr. &; H. N. Farwell), 
com. merchants, 8 Central wharf, h. 12 Bulfinch 
Farwell Ezra M. teamster, bds. 6 Billerica 
Farwell F. F. {J. H. S; F. F. Farwell), 14 Congress 
Farwell Frances P. boarding, 12 Pitts [near B 

Farwell Geo. W. wood and coal, 170 Sea, h. Third, 
Farwell Henry N. {A. G. Farwell § Co.), b'ds 12 

Farwell {James D.) & Stevens (Henry K.), ship 

chandlery and hardware, 109 Commercial 
Farwell James E. & Co. (^4. G. TreadweU), print- 
ers, 32 Congress, house 63 Brighton 
Farwell James K. teacher at House of Industry 
Farwell Joseph, house 181 Harrison avenue 
Farwell John H. & F. F. job printers, 14 Congress, 

boards 3 Chilson place 
Farwell Joseph R. bds. 19 La Grange place 
Farwell Levi, clerk, 8 Central wf. bds. 12 Bulfinch 
Farwell Luther, jr. {Jones &: F.), h. 6 Blossom 
Farwell Miles M. clerk, b. Third, n. B [building 
Farwell O. A. treas. Silvic Gas Light Co. 1^ Joy's 
Farwell Stephen T. treasurer American Education 

Society, L5 Cornhill, h. at Cambridge 
Fatal J. J. porter, house 2 Southac 
Fatal Wm. C. seaman, house 22 S. Cedar 
Faulkner Chas. {T. Tarbell S^ Co.), b. 38 Summer 
Faulkner Dwight F. {Everett S; F.), h. 48 W. Cedar 
Faulkner Jane, widow, h. Church, cor. S. Cedar 
Faulkner Robert, house 75 Eliot 
Faulkner Samuel, carpenter, h. 6 Rollins pi. 
Faunce George H. machinist, h. E, cor. Sixth 
Faunce John, cabinet maker, house 6 Dover 
Faunce Thomas, carpenter, h. Eighth, n. E 
Faunce Wm. baggage-master E. R. Road, house 

Centre, E. B. 
Fauteux Louis G. restorator, 70 Merrimac 
Favor H. S. findings, 6 & 7 N. England block, 

Clinton, h. at Cambridge 
Favor James A. {Richard-son S; F.), 34 S. Margin 
Favor John, stair builder, Lincoln, h. 14 Suffolk 
Fawcett Albin, cook, h. 25 Blackstone 
Fawcett Samuel H. paver, house 3 Spring 
Faxon E. carpenter, house 5 Providence 
Faxon Edward, clerk, house 5 Orange 
Faxon Eliza, widow, house Beach, cor. Sea 
Faxon Francis E. (iV. Faxon S^- Co.), h. 30 Temple 
Faxon Gardiner G. civil engineer, h. Beach, c. Sea 
Faxon George N. (.¥. Faxon &: Co.), h. 25 Somer't 
Faxon Henry, gate keeper City institutions, S. B. 

Faxon Isaiah, 18 Milk, h. 71 Salem 
Faxon John, printer, house 17 W. Centre 
Faxon Nathaniel & Co. {F. E. ^ G. N. Faxo7i, 
^- R. Cutler), boots, shoes, and leather, 53 N. 
Market, h. 25 Somerset 
Faxon Oren, undertaker, r. 548 Wash. h. 5 Orange 
Faxon Oren J. {Bijram ^ Co.), house 5 Orange 
Fay Aug. F. {Dexter Fay §• Sons), b. 10 Morton pi. 
Fay B. W. boards 18 Shawmut 
Fay Charles H. grocer, 112 Charles, bds. 99 do. 
Fay Chas. T. tin roofing, 67 Friend, b. at Charlest'n 
Fay Dana, house 37 Dover 

Fay Dexter & Sons {Emery B. Augustus, F. § 
Sylvester C), W. I. goods, seeds and flour, 41 
India, h. at Southboro' 
Fav Edw. W., Patent Agent office, 86 State [pi. 
Fay Emery B. {Dexter Fay <S,- Sons), h. 2 Hollis 
Fay {Francis B. &; Frank ijf.) & Farwells (L.), 

merchants, 38 India, h. at Chalsea 
Fay Frank B. {Fay S^ Farioells), h. at Chelsea 
Fay Franklin L. shoes and leather, 51 Fulton, h. 
at Maiden [Hancock 

Fay George W. {Thomas G. Fay 4, Co.), house 11 
Fay Harrison, provisions, 43 South Market, house 
at Brookline [Cambridge 

Fay Isaac, butter and cheese, 46 Brattle, house at 
Fay John, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie [Suffolk 
Fay Levi, grocer, Suffolk, cor. S. Lowell, h. 70 S. 
Fay Lucien, tin roofing, 65 Friend, h. 40 Lowell 
Fay Luke, house 11 Hancock 
Fay Mary P. Mrs. boarding, 10 Morton place 
Fay Michael, waterman, house Milldam 
Fay Richard S. 75 State, house at Lynn 
Fay Thomas, house 8 Pearl place 
Fay Thomas G. & Co. {George W. Fay), cutlery & 

fancy goods, 1 & 3 Kilby, h. 51 Dover 
Fay Windsor ISlrs. house 10 Harvard 
Fay Wm. C. merchant, 49 India wf. h. 454 Wash. 
Fearing Albert & Co. {D. Whiton), duck dealers, 

16 & 17 City wharf, h. 7 Tremont place 
Fearing Andrew C. com. merchants, 16 Morton pi. 

house 1 Bulfinch 
Fearing {James H.) & Whitney {Betijamin L.), 
cloth store, 33 Washington, and 5 Hitchborn 
block, Ann, h. at Hinghara 
Fearing Lincoln, agent Roxbury Chemical Works, 

70 State, house at Roxbury 
Fearing T. B. {McGill &: F.), Ex. Coffee House 
Federen John, house r. 2 Mason 
Federhen Jacob, jeweller, 117 Court, h. 2 Mason 
Federhen John, jr. jeweller, 53 Court, house 15 
Butolph [Hanover 

Federhen John, jr. {Wtn. Perry, jr. S; Co.), 2 
Fee Bernard, laborer, house r. 73 Eliot 
Fee William, laborer, house 8 Stillman 
Feeley James, laborer, h. 6 N. End block 
Feely Michael, variety store, 34 Middlesex, h. do. 
Feely Patrick, carpenter, h. 45 Merrimac 
Feely Timothy, laborer, house 45 Merrimac 
Feenan Peter, laborer, hoiise 35 Brighton 
Feenan William, housewright, house 29 Friend 
Feid Davis, oysters, 24 Sudbury [Bedford 

Felbel Julius, fancy goods, 503 Washington, h. 63 
Felch Geo. M. coachman, h. 119 Pinckney 
Felch Oilman, ship joiner, h. London, c. Meridian 
Felch Walton, lecturer, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Fellows A. & E. C. publishers of the Orphan's Ad- 
vocate, Tremont, cor. Common, h. do. 
Fellows Henry, laborer, house 10 May 
Fellows Jacob, shoes and clothing, 4 Rowe's wf.i 

bds. High, cor. Gridley 
Fellows John F. ck'rk Atlas office, h. at Chelsea 
Fellows John H. {Stratton, Sheriff &; Co.), house 

at East Cambridge 
Felt Andrew J. piano-forte maker, b. 37 Tremont 
Felt Geo. C. piano-forte maker, b. 37 Tremont 
Felt Geo. W. wines, 1 Canal block, Blackstone, h. 

6 Salem 
Felt J. A. book keeper at W. P. Tenny's [ont 

Felt Jonathan W. piano-forte maker, h. 37 Trem- 



Felt Joseph B. Rev. h. 15 Warren 

Felton Arteraus, 13 La Grange place 

Felton Charles, carpenter, house 9 Oxford pi. 

Felton George, omnibus driver, b. 759 Washington 

Felton John, distiller, r. 66 Prince, h. 91 Salem 

Felton Luther & Son (L. H.), distillers, 6 Long 

wharf, h. 376 Broadway, n. G 
Felton L. H. (L. Felton &; Son), 6 Long wharf 
Felton Samuel M. superintendent Fitchburg R. R., 

Causewav, c. Haverhill 
Felton S. O. 28 Joy's building 

Felton Stephen O. carpenter, boards 6 Pitts [place 
Feltt Mary G. millinery, 119 Hanover, h. 5 Noyes 
Feltt William, pattern maker, h. 5 Noyes pi. 
Fenelon Michael, clerli, h. Third, near D 
Fenlee George (C'/iuA-ard ^ Fenlee), h. at Chelsea 
Fenley James, laborer, house A, n. Third 
Fenn Austin, clerk, 20 India, h. Cotton place 
Fennell Sally L. dyer, house 52 Eliot 
Fennerly Patrick, baker, house r. 82 W. Cedar 
Fenno Charles H. engraver, 1 Court av. 
Feuno Elizabeth, laundress, house 28 May 
Fenno H. W. treas. National Theatre, h. 7 Vernon 
Fenno Isaac {West St; F.), house 3 Newton place 
Fenno James, jeweller, 41 Hanover, h. 8 Eaton 
Fenno James W. 54 Central wharf, h. 38 Carver 
Fenno John, wheelwright, h. Sumner, n. Cottage 
Fenno J. Brooks ( Whitney ^ F.), h. 3 Bussey pi. 
Fenno John W. {HarndcnS^' Co.), b. 729 Washing. 
Fenno Joseph, caulker, house 4 Wesley [town 
Fenno Stephen, City Market, Brattle, h. at Charles- 
Fenno William, Powell House, Theatre alley 
Fenno William A. house 3 Hersey place 
Fen ton Charles E. artist, house Paris, E. B. 
Fenton George, blacksmith, h. 21 Hamburg 
Fenton Henri H., French goods, 212 Washington, 

house 7 Oxford 
Fenton John, grocery, h. 142 Ann, c. Richmond 
Fenton John, carpenter, h. A, n. Broadway 
Ferdinand Jasper F. broker, 56 Blackstone, house 

at Jamaica Plain 
Ferguson Ellen, dress maker, h. 5 South st. ct. 
Ferguson Geo. W. omnibus driver, b. 11 E. Canton 
Ferguson James, tallow chandler, h. Adams pi. 
Ferguson Mark S. boards 19 Albany. 
Ferguson Michael, laborer, h. 13 Distil-House sq. 
Ferguson Patrick, moulder, house 57 Pitts 
Ferguson Patrick, fruit, &c. 97 Commercial 
Ferguson Robert, apothecary, 348 Wash. h. 19 Pine 
Ferguson Sarah R. nurse, 2 Cotton place 
Fernald Albert, clerk, boards 16 Kneeland 
Fernald Albert L. 15 State, h. 536 Washington 
Fernald Ammi C. groc'r, 220 Hano'r, h. 536 Wash. 
Fernald A. W. & B. L. spar makers. New, house 

Liverpool, near Sumner, E. B. 
Fernald Benjamin, cooper, house Newland 
Fernald Benj. L. [A. W. £s B. L. Fernald), bds. 

Liverpool [shoers, 8 Charlestown, h. 20 Poplar 
Fernald (David L.) & Strand (Thomas D.), horse 
Fernald Ebenezer, pile driver, h. Maverick, E. B. 
Fernald Eli, painter, 7 Albany, h. 17 Marion 
Fernald Elihu, 404 Com'l, h. at Roxbury 
Fernald George H. moulder, h. Fifth, near E 
Fernald Henry B. commission merchant, 1 Central 

wharf, house at Roxbury 
Fernald James (Ilarrod ^ F.), house 10 Sheafe 
Fernald Joel, laborer, house 55 Union 
Fernald John, safe maker, bds. 5 E. Dedham 
Fernald (John) & Blain ( William M.), blacksmiths, 

35 Stillman, h. 33 Thacher 
Fernald Jno. (Edwards, Hobnan §• Co.), 51 Congress 
Fernald John C, W. I. goods, Tremont, cor. War- 
ren, bds. 16 Kneeland 
Fernald Joshua E., Park Hall, Boylston, c. Trem. 
Fernald Mark, wheelwright, h. C, near Fifth 
Fernald ^Mary Ann. h. 210 Harrison avenue 
Fernald Nath'l, horse shoer, 10 Canal, h. at Melrose 
Fernald N. Marshall, 161 Wash. bds. 1 Lowell pi. 
Fernald Oliver, machinist, house Second, n. C 
Fernald Oliver Mrs. house Fourth, corner G 

Fernald Wm. H. morocco leather, 40 N. Market, 

h. at Maiden 
Fernald William M. cooper, house W. Dedham 
Fernald William R. morocco leather, 42 N. Mar- 
ket, house at Maiden 
Ferner Carsmas, intelligence office, 28 Suffolk, h. do 
Ferren Horace, ship carpenter, h. Second, near 

Feney Florenn, laborer, h. r. 168 Ann 
Ferrier John, house 24 Salutation [Broadway 

Ferrin Jacob W. stone cutter, h. Gardner pi. near 
Ferrin Charles (J. &; C. Ferrin), 2 Union 
Ferrin Jonathan & Charles, hats, &c. 2 Union 
Ferrin Wm. H. shipwright, house Eutaw, E. B. 
Ferris Mortimer C. (Dane, Dana iSr Co.), bds. Re- 
vere House 
Ferriter James, clerk, house 24 Andover 
Ferry Hiram, Custom House, house 30 Kneeland 
Ferry Lemuel Clark, Custom House, h. 30 Kneeland 
Fessenden Abijah, plumber. Beach, c. South, h. 

19 Marion 
Fessenden Arthur E. 185 Wash. b. 1 Avery 
Fessenden Benjamin, 36 Wash, house 25 Charter 
Fessenden Charles B. com. mer. 134 State, house 

23 Franklin place 
Fessenden Chas. F. 217 AVash. b. 12 La Grange pi. 
Fessenden Charles P. picture and mirror frames, 

76 Blackstone, house at Charlestown 
Fessenden Charles P. & Co. (P. R. Fessenden), 

machinists, Cambridge, cor. Charles, house 7 

South Margin [Newton 

Fessenden Mary E. teacher Pri. School No 9, b. at 
Fessenden N. M. 2 Milk, h. at W. Cambridge 
Fessenden Philander R. (C. P. Fessenden 4r Co.), 

house 7 South Margin 
Fessenden Selenda, widow, h. 7 South Margin 
Fessenden Thomas, blacksmith, h. 16 Erie 
Fessenden (Wm. B.) & Haskell (A. C), furniture 

and feathers, 28 and 30 Bromfield, h. 68 Dover 
Fetridge Wm. P. 20 State, h. at E. Cambridge 
Fettyplace William, house Maverick square 
Feyhl Charles, piano-forte maker, bds. 13 Canton 
Feyhl John G. piano-forte maker, h. 21 Dedham 
Field Alexander H. hay, Tileston's wf. boards 96 

Tremont [Pleasant 

Field Barnum, teacher Franklin School, house 99 
Field Benjamin F. & Co. (FranJclin Field), mere. 

52 Central whf. h. 4 Walnut [Bromfield Ho. 
Field Benj. F. merchant tailor, 109 Wash. bds. 
Field Charles L. 48 State 
Field Daniel S. h. 9 Chilson place 
Field Elijah C. blacksmith, h. 16 Erie 
Field Elisha, collector, 5 Exchange, h. 42 Porter 
Field Elisha, musician, h. 4 Strong place 
Field Enos & Isaac, shoes and leather, 63 Fulton, 

house at Dorchester 
Field Franklin (B. F. Field l^ Co.), 52 Central wf. 
Field Freeman, 63 Fulton, house at Charlestown 
Field George, boots and shoes, 30 Sudbury, house 

3 Spring st. place [street place 

Field George G. 10 old State House, b. 3 Spring 
Field George R. (Nash S^ F.), h. at Cambridgeport 
Field Henry (Oilman S. Low ^ Co.), h. 6 Lincoln 
Field H. P. house 4 Wells place 
Field Isaac (Enos S^ Isaac Field), h. at Dorchester 
Field Jeremiah, baker, house 25 E. Orange 
Field John, house 31 Charter 
Field John A. machinist, 30 Charlestown 
Field (/. Jr.), Converse (/. IF.), & Co. (J. B. 

Whali), hides and leather, 12 Blackstone, h. 

at W. Cambridge 
Field Justin, counsellor, 9 State, h. 116 Harr. av. 
Field Mary Ann, widow, seamstress, h. 49 Utica 
Field Patrick, teamster, h. Nashua, n. Nashua pi. 
Field Pearson H. & Co. (S. J. Wall), boots and 

shoes, 172 Washington, h. 5 W. Castle 
Field Perkins H. house 1 Wells place 
Field Philip E. baker, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester 
Field Samuel R, stationery and boots, Maverick sq. 

boards Webster 



Field S. S. broker, 7 India, h. 116 Harrison av. 
Field Thomas M. 59 Commercial, h. 21 Eudicot 
Field Wm. A. musician, h. foot May 
Field "Wm. E. printer, house 11 Porter 
Field Wm. G., Quincy Hall, boards 30 Portland 
Fields Wm. W. varnisher, h. 13 Lucas place 
Fielding Cornelius, laborer, house Second, near B 
Fielding Edward, mariner, house Murray place 
Fields Geo. A. (B. Bradley S; Co.),h. 31 Indiana pi. 
Fields James T. {Wm. D. Ticknor § Co.), bds. 2 

Suffolk place 
Fife James, laborer, h. Marion, E. B. 
Fife John, laborer, house on Howe's wharf 
Fife Michael, laborer, house 118 Sea 
Fife Patrick, laborer, house 48 Merrimac 
Fife Richard, laborer, house 118 Sea 
Fifield Daniel & Co. (S. B. C/iandler), sofas, car- 
peting, &c. 5 & 6 Holmes' block, Haymarket 
square, h. at Charlestown 
Fifield John, carpenter, 98 Portland, h. 4 Poplar pi. 
Fifield Sanborn, clerk, bds. 129 Hudson 
Filenne William, cap maker, bds. 468 Washington 
Fillebrown Asa, professor music, h. 8 Oliver place 
Fillebro-wn Charles, painter, house 4 Garden 
Fillebrown Edward, W. I. goods, 5 Boylston, h. 4 
Madison place [at Chelsea 

Fillebrown Howard R. broker, 7 Exchange, house 
Fillebrown John, hatter, house 4 Hull 
Fillebrown Thomas B. brass founder, h. Canton 
Fillebrown William, boots and shoes, 109 Hano- 
ver, house 10 Richmond 
Filmer William, printer, 152 Wash. h. 10 Gouch 
Finch Mordecai, house 40 Kingston 
Finchen John, carpenter, h. South, n. Kneeland 
Findley Levi, printer, bds. 19 Commercial 
FinduU James H. grocery, 79 W. Cedar, h. do. 
Finel Joseph, boot maker, 3 Brattle square 
Finen Patrick, laborer, h. 6 N. Margin 
Finerty Daniel, laborer, house 6 Cove 
Finerty Edward, laborer, house 22 S. Margin 
Finerty Thomas, blacksmith, h. 6 Cove 
Fininley Henry, physician, 11 West 
Finley Francis, teamster, house New-land 
Finley John, laborer, house 17 Lancaster 
Finley Michael, laborer, h. 16 W. Dedham 
Finley Philip, laborer, house 3 Newland 
Finley Sarah, widow, h. 38 South Margin 
Finlin Thomas, laborer, rear gun house. Fort Hill 
Finn Cornelius, carpenter, h. Cove, n. Beach 
Finn Cornelius, laborer, h. near 9 Sea 
Finn Daniel, laborer, h. Kneeland, near Tyler 
Finn Daniel, laborer, house 46 Cove 
Finn Elizabeth, teacher, 62 High 
Finn James, laborer, house 37 Erie 
Finn James, slater, house 55 Porter, E. B. 
Finn James, machinist, house Silver, near A 
Finn Patrick, laborer, house Cove place 
Finn Thomas, laborer, house 39 Carver 
Finn Michael, laborer, h. 57 Porter, E. B. 
Finn Michael, laborer, house Cove place 
Finnegan Bartholomew, carpenter, h. 65 Friend 
Finnegan John, laborer, h. 54 Atkinson 
Finnegan John, laborer, house 7 Brookline [ter 
Finnegan Patrick, laborer, h. Commerc'l, opp. Fos- 
Finnegan Thomas, laborer, h. 46 Suffolk 
Finnegan Thomas, laborer, h. Com'l, opp. Foster 
Finnegan Thomas, laborer, h. I, near Second 
Finnegen Charles, painter, bds. 18 Hanover 
Finnen James, laborer, house 61 Endicot 
Finnen Patrick, laborer, house 8 Cross 
Finnesey William, laborer, house 18 Livingston 
Finney Harrison, printer, 37 Congress 
Finney William, grocer, 84 Blackstone, house at 

Finnin Thomas, laborer, h. 4 Belcher lane 
Fippard Wm. piler of lumber, h. opp. 1 Andover 
Fischer Charles, physician, h. 6 Shawmut 
Fish Asa, mason, house 102 Charles 
Fish Christopher, carpenter, h. 269 Third 
Fish Edward N. tinsmith, bds. 44 Utica 

Fish Edwin, housewright, Meridian, h. Paris 

Fish Geo. G. artist, 26 Bromfield, b. Bronifield H. 

Fish Hannah, widow, h. Everett, E. B. 

Fish Hosea S. restorator, 58 Broad, h. foot Eaton 

Fish James F. printer, 22 School, h. at Dedham 

Fish James W. glass cutter, house 124 D 

Fish Moses W. bonnets, 48 1-2 Hanover, house at 

Fish Sophronia, widow, boarding, 19 Carver 
Fish Zenas, glass cutter, h. 79 B,n. Broadway 
Fishburn James {Hat)mtond & F.), h. 11 Clark 
Fisher Abner E. (F. Fisher &; Son), h. 4 Asylum 
Fisher Alden, rigger, house 5 Greenough ave. 
Fisher Alvan, artist, 220 1-2 Wash. h. at Dedham 
Fisher Amelia B. dancing academy, h. 2 Bultinch 

Fisher Eben S. (Fisher &; Co.), h. at Dedham 
Fisher Edward G. provisions, 8 Bedford, h. 11 Oak 
Fisher Elizabeth, widow, h. Beach, n. Harr. av. 
Fisher Evander D. piano-forte maker, h. Suffolk, 

corner Canton 
Fisher & Co. (Fra7icis S; Eben S. Fisher, &; J. B. 

Robinson), merch. 23 Central wharf, F. Fish- 
er's house 13 Temple place 
Fisher Francis K. 23 Central wf. [h. atRoxbury 
Fisher Frederick, harness maker, 7 Washington, 
Fisher P'reeman & Son (Abne^' E.), dry goods, 60 

Milk, house at Dedham 
Fisher George, hackman, house 14 Prospect 
Fisher George J. clerk, boards 15 McLean 
Fisher H. C. straw goods, bonnets, &c. 67 Milk, h. 

at Franklin 
Fisher Henry J. printer, house 34 Warren 
Fisher Hiram, truckman, house 42 N. Margin 
Fisher H. M. bonnet presser, 67 Milk 
Fisher Horace, truckman, h. 5 E. Orange 
Fisher Isaac 0. teamster, h. Maverick, n. Border 
Fisher Jabez Mrs. house 22 Harvard 
Fisher {Jabez) & Chapin {N. G.), 74 & 76 F. H. 

Market, house 15 McLean 
Fisher & Brothers {A. J. &; W. R. Fisher), pub- 
lishers and booksellers, 71 Court 
Fisher James, 33 Exchange, h. 2 Foster place 
Fisher James T. boards 15 McLean [E. B. 

Fisher John {Wm. J. Rodney ^ Co.), h. Everett, 
Fisher John D. physician, 11 Hayward place 
Fisher Joseph, house 41 Kneeland 
Fisher Joseph L. house 186 Harr. avenue 
Fisher Lewis E. printer, house 31 Grove 
Fisher Mark, cook, house 12 Vine 
Fisher Mark, flour, 40 Long wf. house 33 Common 
Fi.sher Moses, lather, house 61 Emerald [Oxford 
Fisher Moses E. {Sidney Fisher &; Co.), house 12 
Fisher Oliver Mrs. house 734 Washington 
Fisher Pitts, job wagon, h. Church, n. Boylston 
Fisher Sidney & Co. (Moses E. Fisher), dry goods, 

421 Wash, house 7 Pleasant 
Fisher Solon {Knights, F. ^ Co.), h. 2 Hall place 
Fisher Warren & Co. {Waireu Fisher, jr.), oil, 7 

Central wharf, house at Roxbury 
Fisher Wm. D. shoe maker, h. 3 Mechanic 
Fisher W. N. Mrs. house 14 Chambers 
Fisher William R. {Fisher &; Brothers), 71 Court 
Fishley Benj. sail maker, house 6 Hayward place 
Fisk Asa {Kimball &; F.), house 16 Sheafe 
Fisk Austin, clerk, house 52 Fayette 
Fisk Benjamin J. boards 58 South 
Fisk (Elijah) & Cushing {Isaac), merchant tailors, 

96 Washington, house 37 Allen 
Fisk Francis, house 48 Charlestown 
Fisk George, truckman, house 7 Medford court 
Fisk H. M. & Co. {L. B. Fisk), flour and grain, 16 

Long wharf, house 48 Temple 
Fisk James C. {R. F. ^ J. C), h. at Cambridge 
Fisk Joel H. house Sumner, n. London, E. B. 
Fisk John, house 70 Pleasant 
Fisk Jonathan, cabinet maker, house 3 Fabin 
Fisk L. Woodburv, 333 Washington 
Fisk Nathan, clothing, 130 Sea," house 95 Hudson 
Fisk L. B. {H. M. Fisk S^ Co.), h. at Cambridge 



Fisk Robert F. & J. C. oil and candles, 26 S. Mar- 
ket, house 80 Pinckney 
Fisk Prescott, W. I. goods, 10 West, house do. 
Fisk Samuel C. truckman, house 9 Medford court 
Fisk Walter H., W. I. goods, Salem, cor. Charter 
Fisk William, 4 Central whf. h. at Cambridge 
Fisk William C. house Princeton, E. B. 
Fisk Wm. P. & Co. oil and candles, 13 Long wharf, 

house at Cambridgeport 
Fiske Anna D. dress maker, 1 Hersey place [nut 
Fiske Augustus H. counsellor, 5 Court, h. 68Ches- 
Fiske Benjamin U. {Pennijnan <§■ F.), b. 3 Dix pi. 
Fiske Charles A. (F. D. Ellis ^ Co.), h. 31 Myrtle 
Fiske Edward, clerk, boards 14 Lynde 
Fiske Elbridge, whitener, house 1 Hawkins [son 
Fiske Elbridge G. flour dealer, 80 Utica, h. 61 Hud- 
Fiske Elijah (Wm. Humphrey (S, Co.), house 26 

Fiske E. W. dentist, 276 Washington [place 

Fiske George A. {Loring, F. cS- Co.), h. 6 Waverly 
Fiske Joseph N. broker, 4 Congress, h. 7 Ashbvu-- 

ton place 
Fiske Josiah, 3 Liberty sq. h. at Roxbury 
Fiske Josiah J. (/. M. Beebe ^ Co.), h. 7 Ashbur- 

ton place [Edinboro' 

Fiske Josiah M. (TF»j. Humphrey §• Co.), house 26 
Fiske Jerusha, house 7 Ashburton pi. [Court sq. 
Fiske Phineas S. {Bir/ehw ^ F.), R. R. Exchange, 
Fitch E. M. dress maker, 3 Hanover, house do. 
Fitch George E. house rear 690 Washington 
Fitch George H. house 42 Myrtle 
Fitch Jonas {Sears Sf F.), house 56 Essex [pie 

Fitch Leonard M. dentist, 34 Trem. row, h. 78 Tem- 
Fitch Mary Mrs. house rear 690 Washington 
Fitton Job, machinist, house Athens, n. E 
Fitts Levi B. coachman, house 10 New Prince 
Fitts Patrick, laborer, house Third, near A , 
Fitts Robert B. & Co. publishers American Union, 

22 School, house 23 N. Russell 
Fittz Jesse E. book binder, 116 Wash. b. 252 do. 
Fittz William, clerk, boards o Warren square 
Fittz Wm. hair dresser, 6 Court sq. bds. 13 Adams 
Fitz {Asa) & Hobbs (.S'. L.), pub. the Scholar's 

Penny Gazette, 138 1-2 AVash. h. at Camb'ge 
Fitz John, laborer, house 4 Battery 
Fitz Luther {Emerson Si F.), h. at Charlestown 
Fitz Nathan E. 33 Commercial wf. b. at Somerville 
Fitzgerald Charles J. tailor, house 51 Poplar 
Fitzgerald David, laborer, house 3 Portland place 
Fitzgerald Edward, cooper, house 37 Portland 
Fitzgerald Edward, laborer, house Jasper place 
Fitzgerald James, painter, house 7 N. Russell 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, 10 Washington square 
Fitzgerald John R. laborer, b. 18 Washington sq. 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, house 18 Butolph 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, house 196 Ann 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, house 88 Eliot 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 20 Washington square 
Fitzgerald John Mrs. 162 Purchase 
Fitzgerald John, tailor, house 34 South Margin 
Fitzgerald Lawrence, laborer, h. 11 South st. ct. 
Fitzgerald Martin, mason, h. South, n. Harvard 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, house 21 ^-2 Atkinson 
Fitzgerald Maurice, tailor, house 34 Charlestown 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, house 78 Broad 
Fitzgerald Michael, shoe maker, h. 82 C, c. Silver 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h. 1 Hanover avenue 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, 9 Essex place 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h. Decatur, E. B. 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h. Ann, corner Clark 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, 23 South Russell 
Fitzgerald Patrick, carpenter, boards 11 Columbia 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, house Paris, E. B. 
Fitzgerald Richard, stabler, house 80 West Cedar 
Fitzgerald Robert {H. S. Stewart ^ Co.), house 

Athens, near E 
Fitzgerald Thomas, machinist, b. 6 Wells place / 
Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, house Half Moon pi. 
Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, house 80 South • 
Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, h. Everett ct. E. B. 

Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, house 21 Atkinson 
Fitzgerald William, harness maker, b. 74 Atkinson 
Fitzgerald William, tailor, 54 Friend 
Fitzgerald William, laborer, 104 Broad 
Fitzgerald William H. marble cutter, h. 36 Tyler 
Fitzgibbon Morris, gardener, house Batterymarch 
Fitzgibbon (Pff</vV/i) & O'Leary {Patrick), grocers. 

Sea. corner Kneeland, house 79 Kneeland 
Fitzgibbon William, tailor, house 43 Atkinson 
Fitzjerald Owen, tailor, house 14 Williams 
Fitzjerald Robert, tailor, house 54 Atkinson 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, laborer, house 42 High 
Fitzpatrick David, house 60 Billerica 
Fitzpatrick Edward, laborer, house 9 Myrtle 
Fitzpatrick Edward, teamster, h. Athens, n. Dor- 
Fitzpatrick Edward, laborer, house 4 May 
Fitzpatrick Edward, whitener, house 12 Hawkins 
Fitzpatrick Edward, laborer, h. rear Lewis, E. B. 
Fitzpatrick Francis, physician, h. 14 Albany 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, house 35 Merrimac 
Fitzpatrick Jer. laborer, house 31 Wash. sq. 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, h. Havre, n. Maverick 
Fitzpatrick John B. Rev. house 23 Federal 
Fitzpatrick John L. marble cutter, 99 Sea, h. 32 B 
Fitzpatrick Michael, laborer, h. 3 Albany 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, h. 1 High st. ct. 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, 2 Langdon place 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, grocer, h. Maiden [Wash. 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, laborer, h. Northampton, n. 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, stevedore, house 31 Erie 
Fitzpatrick Timothy, tailor, house 15 Pearl place 
Fitzpatrick Wm. hair dresser, h. r. 13 Adams 
Fitzpatrick Wm. job wagon, h. Second, near E 
Fitzpatrick William H. auctioneer, 82 Wash. 
Fitzsimmons James, laborer, h. 10 Bridge st. ct. 
Fitzsimmons Mary, widow, house 4 Kingston 
Fitzsimmons Owen, laborer, 84 Eliot 
Fitzsimmons Peter, tailor, house 67 Atkinson 
Fitzsimmons T. Rev. house 35 Broadway 
Flacke Ernest, cabinet maker, 40 Bromfield, house 

rear 101 Tremont 
Flagg Alonzo {M. Flar/g ^ Co.), h. 1 N. Russell 
Flagg Augustus {Little &; Brown),}}. Revere House 
Flagg Charles A. Mrs. rear 44 Essex 
Flagg Dennis F. grocer, 120 Cambridge, and 97 

Hanover, house do. 
Flagg Eben, musician, house 41 Marion 
Flagg George, clerk, boards 6 Otis place 
Flagg George H. dentist, 19 Tremont row 
Flagg H. C. artist, 17 Tremont Temple 
Flagg John G. 4 Union 
Flagg Josiah F. surgeon dentist, 31 Winter 
Flagg Murray & Co. {A. Flagy), grocers, 65 Cam- 
bridge, house 1 North Russell 
Flagg Owen, house Trenton, East Boston 
Flagg Samuel, stone mason, house r. 1 Church 
Flagg Samuel M. boarding, h. 6 and 8 Billerica 
Flagg Sumner, feathers and curled hair, 4 Union, 

h. 66 Tremont 
Flagg Susan Mrs. house 3 Russell court 
Flagg T. W., Custom House, house at Beverly 
Flagg William, grocer. Meridian, house do. 
Flahaven James, house 3 Butolph 
Flahaven Michael, laborer, h. South, n. Kneeland 
Flaherty Bartell, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Flaherty Edward, laborer, house 5 Powars court 
Flaherty James, laborer, house Bremen, E. B. 
Flaherty John, laborer, house Murray ct. E. B. 
Flaherty John, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Flaherty Mary, widow, house 125 Fourth 
Flaherty Michael, laborer, house 22 Atkinson 
Flaherty Michael, house East Dedham 
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Flaherty Peter, laborer, house Gold, cor. A 
Flanagan Elizabeth, widow, house 9 Fayette ct. 
Flanagan George, tailor, 76 Broad, house 74 do. 
Flanagan John, house 1 South Margin, cor. Pitts 
Flanagan Michael, laborer, house Everett, E. B. 
Flanagan Michael, laborer, house 7 Oliver 



Flanagan Mrs. house rear 366 Commercial 
Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house Everett, E. B. 
Flanagan Patrick, laborer, house Erin alley, E. B. 
Flanderly Catherine, laundress, 2 Foster place 
Flanders Alvin, machinist, boards 24 Essex 
Flanders Ansel, mason, house 43 Prince 
Flanders Benj. H. carpenter, h. 456 Washington 
Flanders Charles R. bonnet presser, 298 Wash. 
Flanders Cyrus, carpenter, house 21 Church 
Flanders Cyrus, provisions, 22 Essex, h. 24 Essex 
Flanders Elijah F. cabinet manufac. 6 Merrimac, 
boards 10 Lowell [House, bds. 25 Howard 

Flanders Henry & Co. pub. Traveller, 8 old State 
Flanders Jackson, clerk, 22 Essex, bds. 24 Essex 
Flanders James M. {Chickeriiui Sk Co.) [Beach 

Flanders John L. carpenter. Sister, h. Utica, cor. 
Flanders Joseph, 1 Hitchborn bl'ck, h. 2 Lowell ct. 
Flanders Joseph, B. & M. R. R. h. at Somerville 
Flanders Melinda E. IMrs. h. Gold, near D 
Flanders Moses P. {Winslow <Sr F.), h. at Chelsea 
Flanders Nathan, restorator. 8 Fleet, n. Ann 
Flanders S. L. Mrs. dress maker, 456 Washington 
Flanders Stevens C. teamster, h. Webster, E. B. 
Flanders Wm. B. provisions, 16 the South Market, 

house at Chelsea 
Flanerhy Thomas, Quincy Hall, h. 78 Atkinson 
Fianery" Thomas, tailor, house 78 Atkinson 
Flatley Thomas, fish. Turnpike, c. First, h. Quincy 
Fleet Ann, house 75 Atkinson 
Fleming Andrew, brass finisher, h. opp. 24 May 
Fleming Edward, book binder, h. 4 Lindall place 
Fleming John, tailor, house rear 55 Salem 
Fleming John, house 5 Adams lane 
Fleming John, marble cutter, Blackstone, n. Hay- 
market sq. h. 39 Endicot 
Fleming John, basket maker, h. 4 Lindall place 
Fleming John & George, willow workers, house 7 

Lindall place 
Fleming Joseph, box maker, 4 Diamond block 
Fleming Patrick, laborer, h. 5^^ Cross 
Fleming Robert, laborer, house 95 Endicot 
Fleming Thomas, willow worker, h. 7 Lindall! pi. 
Fleming William, laborer, house, r. Swan 
Fleming William, laborer, house W. Dedham 
Flemming Mary, widow, house Paris, E. B. 
Flemming Matthew, laborer, h. Fourth, n. the R. R. 
Flemming Michael, mariner, house 12 Bridge 
Flemming Nicholas, boards 11 Atkinson 
Flemming Patrick, cooper, h. A, n. Broadway 
Flemming Patrick, laborer, house 10 Oliver 
Flemming Patrick, laborer, house Fabin 
Flemming Patrick J. boiler maker, h. 100 Fourth 
Flemming Robert, porter, house 1 May st. ct. 
Flemming Thomas, founder, house 95 Fourth 
Fletcher Ariel K. teamster, house, 36 Friend 
Fletcher Elbridge E. (Foicle ^f F.), house Sumner, 

near Cottage, E. B. 
Fletcher Elizabeth P. widow, h. 29 Poplar [stone 
Fletcher E. R. & Co. Charleston Express, 34 Black- 
Fletcher Francis, hair dresser, 39 Federal, h. do. 
Fletcher Franklin (Eaton S; F.), h. at Reading 
Fletcher George M. {Morse & F.), h. at Maiden 
Fletcher Geo. N. treasurer O. C. R. R. 14 Merch. 

Exchange, h. 17 Pinckney 
Fletcher Henry W. brakeman, bds. Utica House 
Fletcher Henry AV. captain, h. 310 Broadway 
Fletcher James, laborer, house 10 Tileston 
Fletcher James W. 61 State, bds. 1 Otis place 
Fletcher J. Edwin, 27 Com'l wf. h. at C'harlestown 
Fletcher John D. carriage maker, house Groton 
Fletcher Jonathan V. 66 & 68 F. H. Market, h. 

at Charlestown 
Fletcher Mary, widow, house 16 Bridge 
Fletcher Mary C. boarding school, 34 Essex 
Fletcher {Oliver) & Appleton {C'/iarles H.),pnmts, 

oils, and drugs, 2 and 3 India, h. 18 Bulfinch 
Fletcher Richard. Judge Supreme Court, 46 Wash- 
ington, bds. 11 Avon place 
Fletcher R. F. & Co. (/. L. Whipple), W. I. goods, 
2 Liberty sq. h. at Andover 

Fletcher Samuel, clerk, regist'r deeds office, h. 7 

E. Dedham 
Fletcher Sarah, widow of Timothy, h. 1 Otis place 
Fletcher Simon Rev. boarding house, 5 Pitts 
Fletcher Stillman, printer, 22 School, h. at Maiden 
Fletcher Susan J. widow, h. 312 Broadway, n. F 
Fletcher Timothy, sole leather, 29 N. Market, h. 

at Charlestown 
Fletcher Wm. & Co. {R. L. Tay S^ ^- Hammond), 

coal, Haymarket sq. h. 4 Bartlett place 
Flight Joseph D. blacksmith, 54 Portland 
Flinn Bridget, widow, house 4 Bridge st. ct. 
Flinn Catherine, widow, house 22 S. Margin 
Flinn Charles E. periodicals, 473 Washington 
Flinn Dennis, laborer, house South, n. Kneeland 
Flinn Elizabeth Mrs. house 249 Ann 
Flinn John, laborer, house 1 Belknap 
Flinn John, stone cutter, house 5 Suffolk 
Flinn John, captain, h. Central sq. 
Flinn Michael, house 226 Harrison avenue 
Flinn Michael, laborer, h. Havre, n. Maverick 
Flinn Thomas, laborer, h. Lewis, E. B. 
Flinn William, shoe maker, 342 Commercial, h. do. 
Flint Amos, wines, &c. 30 India, b. N. Eng. House 
Flint Austin, 29 Federal 
Flint A. P. 5 Commercial wf. h. at Chelsea 
Flint Charles P. ladies' shoes, &c. 5 Fulton, and 14 

' Clinton, h. at Lynn 
Flint {David B.) & Kent (William H.), com. mer. 

11 Long wharf, house at Watertown 
Flint Edward P. 79 Pearl, h. at Roxbury 
Flint Ezra M. china and glass ware, 135 Court, h. 

at Charlestown [Orleans, E. B. 

Flint Horace W. fish, 27 Long wf. h. Centre, cor. 
Flint {James P.) & Train (.S'. F.), com. mere. 5 

Commercial wf. house at Roxbury 
Flint James W. waiter, h. 17 May 
Flint John, physician, h. 1 Warren, n. Washing'n 
Flint Lawrence, cabinet maker, 43 Blackstone, h. 

rear 38 Charter 
Flint (Levi) & Richards {S. C), 28 F. H. Market 
Flint Samuel, waiter, house r. 14 May 
Flint Solomon P. handcartman, h. 106 Leveret 
Flint (Thomas) & Carter (,Srt»!«eZ), hardware, 37 

LTnion, house at Chelsea 
Flint Waldo, cashier Eagle Bank, h. 159 Tremont 
Flint Willard, upholsterer, h. London, E. B. 
Flint William C. clerk at Tremont House 
Flint William D. clerk, 32 India wharf 
Flood John, coachman, house r. 39 Friend 
Flood Lawrence, teamster, house D, near Sixth 
Flood Mary, widow, house 57 Pitts 
Flood Michael, laborer, house 30 Oneida 
Florance Henry, coach maker, 47 Charles, h. 67 do. 
Florance Robert, coach maker, 47 Charles, h. 67 do. 
Flower Edward, engineer, h. Dillaway pi. 
Flower Truman, painter, house Webster, E. B. 
Floyd And'w {John G. Loring 4f Co.), 40 Merrimac 
Floyd Elizabeth, dress maker, h. 7 Unity 
Floyd Henry, mast maker, bds. 37 Commercial 
Floyd James, laborer, boards Milldam 
Floyd Martha R. dress maker, h. 13 Blossom 
Floyd Mary, upholsteress, h. Kneeland, c. Wash. 
Floyd Sarah, upholsteress, h. 13 Blossom 
Floyd Thos. plumber, 18 Water, h. at Newton 
Fluet Louis, carpenter, B. & W. car shop, house 

Fluker Francis (Cottrell SsF.),\\.. Havre, E. B. 
Flye Vespasian E. 50 Blackstone, h. 171 Hanover 
Flynn Charles, laborer, h. 20 Washington sq. 
Flynn Henry, W. I. goods, 135 Broad, house do. 
Flynn James, 18 Central wharf, house 6 Cove 
Flynn Jeremiah, laborer, h. 18 Short Second 
Flynn John, laborer, 142 Purchase 
Flynn John, groceries and boarding, 12 Wharf 
Flynn John, laborer, house r. 96 Nashua 
Flynn John, mason, house r. 40 Endicot 
Flynn John, stone mason, house 5 Suffolk 
Flynir John, laborer, house 71 Endicot 
Flynn John, shoe maker, 86 Broad 



Flynn Marcus, laborer, house Northampton 
Flynn Michael, moulder, house Third, near A 
Flynn Michael, laborer, h. 3 "WTiarf 
Flynn Michael, laborer, h. 6 Lucas pi. [ampton 
Flynn Patrick, dry goods. So Hanover, h. North- 
Flynn Patrick, laborer, house 11 Andover 
Flynn Peter, laborer, house 6 Henchman lane 
Flynn Peter, laborer, house Page's court 
Flynn Robert, boarding, h. 5 and 6 Fleet 
Flynn Roger, house Beach, near Sea 
Flynn Thomas, shoe maker, house 4 Cross 
Flynn Timothy, laborer, house A, near Third 
Flynn \Vm. laborer, house 1 Hanover avenue 
Flynn Wm. ship sawyer, house 32.^ Oliver 
Fobes Adclia, vest maker, 5 Margaret 
Fobes Daniel, boards 1 Jackson place 
Fobes Edwin, 400 Washington, h. at Brookline 
Fogelgesang John A., Sugar House, h. Everett, E.B. 
Fogell J. G. provisions, Maverick sq. h. Liverpool, 

n. Sumner, E. B. 
Fogerty James, W. R. R. depot, h. 38 Curve 
Fogerty Jeremiah, baggage, "VV. R.' R. depot, h. 

rear 36 Curve 
Fogerty John, laborer. Purchase, cor. Broad 
Fogerty Timothy, grocer, 92 Sea, house do. 
Fogg Albert, truckman, bds. 9 New Cross 
Fogg Albert, piano-forte maker, h. 2 Haymarket pi. 
Fogg Alonzo, truckman, house 57 N. Margin 
Fogg Charles, coppersmith, bds. lo Kneeland 
Fogg Christian W. wheelwright, 96 Portland, bds. 

21 Andover 
Fogg David, house 65 Lowell 
Fogg Hiram E. house 8 Lowell court 
Fogg Brothers (James §■ IVtu. H.), com. mer. 91 

Kilby, cor. Milk, h. at Charlestown 
Fogg Jeremiah, 16 Union, house at Chelsea 
Fogg {John S.) & Burbank ( Wellman), boots, shoes 

and leather, 9 Central, h. at S. Weymouth 
Fogg Ludolph G. shipping office, 119 Commercial, 

bds. 175^ Hanover 
Fogg Nathaniel, watchman, house 7 Clark 
Fogg Robinson, horse shoer, house 41 Lowell 
Fogg Seth, teamster, h. 2 Fort av. 
Fogg Thomas J. 9 Central [States Hotel 

Fogg William H. {Fogg Brother s),\hoviY As United 
Foley Andrew, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard 
Foley Barney, laborer, 31 Bridge 
Foley Bartholomew, laborer, h. 4 Thacher court 
Foley Bernard, currier, 73 Fulton 
Foley Catherine, widow, house 25 Hamilton 
Foley Daniel, tailor, house 3 Wharf 
Foley Daniel, laborer, house 16 Henchman lane 
Foley David, laborer, h. 10 Washington square 
Foley Dennis, stone cutter, h. Albany, opp. Erie 
Foley Edward E. confectioner, h. r. 254 Hanover 
Foley James, laborer, house 5 Charlestown 
Foley James, laborer, house 49 Salem 
Foley James, laborer, house 13 Essex place 
Foley John, laborer, h. r. gun house. Fort Hill 
Foley John, laborer, house Old Road 
Foley John A. tailor, boards 17 Portland 
Foley John J. 34 Ann, bds. 1 Channing 
Foley Margaret F. artist, boards 9 Albany 
Foley Mary, widow, h. 21 Washington avenue 
Foley Matthew, clerk, 60 Salem 
Foley Matthew, laborer, house 16 Henchman lane 
Foley Michael, groceries, h. First, n. I 
Foley Michael, laborer, house 89 high 
Foley Michael, laborer, house Gold, near A 
Foley Michael, moulder, h. Fourth, n. the bridge 
Foley Morris, carpenter, house 19 E. Orange 
Foley Patrick, laborer, house 5 Charlestown 
Foley Pati-ick, laborer, house C, n. Fifth 
Foley Patrick, laborer, house 6 Suffolk 
Foley Patrick, house Lehigh, cor. E. Orange 
Foley Patrick, laborer, h. Bremen, n. Sumner 
Foley Peter, laborer, house 18 Stillman 
Foley Peter, newsman, house 12 Rochester 
Foley Warren W. cutter, 5 Hanover 
Foley William, carpenter, h. Second, near A 

Foley William, laborer, 8 A 

Foley William J. clerk, 28 Cornhill, house 11 May 
Folger J. Walter, carp'r, 27 Hudson, h. 14 Porter 
Folger Thomas G. carpenter, boards South Lowell 
Folk John, laborer, house 5 Chardon 
Follansbee Sophia, wid. of Edw. F. h. 9 Asylum 
Follen Thomas, laborer, h. S. May, n. Harrison av. 
Follet Hannah Mrs. nurse, house 17^ Sheafe 
Follett Alexander S. clerk, bds. City Hotel 
Follett Alonzo, 67 Milk, h. at Wrentham 
Follett Dexter, butter, &c. cellar 2 and 3 F. Hall 

Market, house 22 Green 
Follett John, tailor, h. 5 Stillman [South 

Follett Joseph H. grainer, 96 Federal, boards 3 
Follett Stetson, clerk, boards 22 Green 
Follett Wm. B. 37 N. Market, house Steele's ct. 
Foiling George, lumber, 100 Beach, li. 8 Edinboro' 
Follis Robert, coachman, h. 8 W. Centre 
Folsom Benj. F. W. salesman, 7 Holmes' block, 

house at Charlestown 
Folsom Charles, housewright, h. 9 Hartford pi. 
Folsom Charles, librarian Bos. Athenajum, Beacon, 

h. at Cambridge 
Folsom Edmund J. {Folsom S^ Co.), 5 Market sq. 
Folsom Emma Mrs. house 11 Prince 
Folsom Frederick, shoes, 449 Wash. h. 29 Fayette 
Folsom Jas. 26 Merch. row, b. Suffolk, c. Concord 
Folsom James A. housewright, h. 5 Auburn ct. 
Folsom John, shoe maker, N. Centre, n. Hanover 
Folsom John F. book binder, h. 73 Silver, n. B 
Folsom Joseph, h. Sumner, n. Cottage, E. B. 
Folsom Nathaniel S. editor Christian Register, 22 

School, h. at Charlestown 
Folsom Paul, pedler, house 234 Broadway [bers 
Folsom Paul F. {F. A. Hawley <^- Co.), h. 88 Cham- 
Folsom {Peter W.) & Co. {E. J. <Sf IF. R. Folsom), 

manuf. children's bootees, 5 Market sq. 
Folsom Rufus, watch maker, Court, c. Hanover 
Folsom Sam'l M. 33 Blackstone, h. at Charlestown 
Folsom W. Rowland {Folsom <Sf Co.), 5 Market sq. 

h. 29 Billerica 
Folsom William {Sabin S^ F.), bds. 74 Salem 
Folts D. V. physician, 3 Lewis, E. B. house do. 
Folwell Godfrey G. die sinker, bds. 4 Pitts 
Foot Charles R. boards 40 Charles 
Foote Chas. R. dry goods, 121 Court, h. 40 Charles 
Foote {George H.) & Currier {J. S.), soapstone, 3^ 

Province, house Chapman place [bridge 

Foote George L. clerk Shawmut Bank, h. at Cam- 
Foote Ira, B. & W. R. R. freight h., b. 21 Orange 
Foote John, house 1 Emerald 
Foote Luther, broker, 5 1-2 Exchange, h. at Camb. 
J'oote William T. 77 Court, bds. 7 Winter 
Foque Mary R. Mrs. house Greenough av. 
Foran John, laborer. 42 Turnpike 
Forbes's Express, R. R. Exchange 
Forbes Abner, printer, 37 Cornhill, h. 18 May 
Forbes Francis H. broker, 5 Commercial, h. 18 May 
Forbes James, boiler maker, boards Sumner, E. B. 
Forbes John M. merch. over 48 State, h. at Milton 
Forbes Nicholas, boarding, 165 Ann 
Forbes Russell, house 15 Gouch 
Forbes R. B. over 48 State, house at Milton 
Forbes Sarah, dress making, boards 109 Charles 
Forbes Wm. {Witikley ^ Co.), li,. at Charlestown 
Forbes William, shoe maker, 109 Charles, h. do. 
Forbes William {Griqqs S,- F.), 26 State 
Forbes William F. 23 'Pearl, b. 120 Pleasant 
Forbes William W. grocer, boards 3 Russell ct. 
Forbush James E. shoes and leather, 9 Shoe and 

Leather, house at Roxbury 
Forbush Jonath'n, 2 and 4 Blackstone, h. at Bolton 
Forbush Rufus N. 21 Merchants' row, b. 37 Salem 
Ford Ann, widow, house Canton, cor. Suffolk 
Ford Asa C. teamster, h. Athens, c. Second 
Ford Barnard, truckman, 47 1-2 Long wharf 
Ford Calvin W., Prov. R.R. depot, h. 8 W. Centre 
Ford Cornelius V. clothing, house 6 North square 
Ford Daniel, laborer, house 32 Thacher 
Ford Daniel B. carpenter, h. Rutland 



Ford Daniel S. (Nichols, Upham iSf F.), house 51 

Ford Edward, laborer, house 68 Atkinson 
Ford Elbridge G. teamster, house Second, near I 
Ford Elisha, carpenter, foot of Pinckney, h. foot 

Mount Vernon 
Ford Elisha B. fruit, 4 Bromfield, h. 39 Carver 
Ford Erastus H. 7 T wharf, b. 74 Summer 
Ford Francis A. grocer, 675 Wash. h. 2 Garland 
Ford James G. truckman, h. 4 Sears' place 
Ford James M. jeweller, 32 Court, h. 12 Leveret 
Ford Jeremiah, grocer, 87 Broad, h. Wash, square 
Ford Jeremiah, laborer, h. Ford place, E. B. 
Ford John, laborer, house Foundry 
Ford John, mariner, house 9 Batterymarch 
Ford John, laborer, house 358 Commercial 
Ford John E. broker. State, house 101 Cambridge 
Ford John V. paper hangings, 3 Blake's court 
Ford Jonathan W. house 5 Hudson 
Ford Josiah, brakeman, boards 88 Albany 
Ford Josiah, housewright, h. Pembroke, n. Suffolk 
Ford Lawrence, laborer, h. Commercial court 
Ford Lyman R. sawing and planing, h. 6 Ringgold 
Ford Mary, house 37 Erie 
Ford Michael, tailor, house 30 Atkinson 
Ford Michael, laborer, house rear 39 Salem 
Ford Michael, jr. shipwright, h. Saratoga, E. B. 
Ford Nath'l, agent StateMu. Life In. Co. 21 State 
Ford Nathaniel M. shoes, 557 Wash. b. 1 W. Castle 
Ford Samuel, shipwright, house 2 Endicot 
Ford Sarah B. tailoress, Rutland 
Ford Simeon, stone mason, h. head Thacher court 
Ford Stephen, laborer, 119 Purchase [place 

Ford Thomas, Howard Athenajum, h. 4 Jackson 
Ford Thomas A. shoes, 75 Fulton 
Ford William, tailor, house 11 Hamilton 
Ford [WU/ktm C), Delano (£.), & Co. {J. M. 

Doane), ship joiners, Hall's wharf, E. B. house 

Ford William Henry, painter, boards 3 Blake's ct. 
Ford & Co. Abington Express, 21 Elm 
Foreman Henry, boarding, 2 Richmond, n. Ann 
Foren Patrick, laborer, house 17 South Cedar 
Forest John, watchman, house 6 Blanche court 
Forest Richard, laborer, house Baker's alley 
Forhen Nicholas, laborer, house Silver, near A 
Forman Jacob G. Rev. house 832 Washington 
Forrest Asa M. 102 Court, house 29 Deacon 
Forrest Michael, laborer, house 18 N. Centre 
Forrester John B. tinman, h. 3 Adams pi. S. B. 
Forristall Ezra & Co. (Geo. Lovejoy), truckmen, 

136 Milk, house 37 Southac 
Forristall Jonas, truckman, house 10 Snowhill 
Forristall Joseph, truckman, boards 10 Snowhill 
Forristall Philander J. (Mills % F.), h. Thacher, 

corner Prince 
Forsaith Hylas, mason, house 12 Erie 
Forsaith Nancy, widow, house rear 8 Pitts 
Forsaith Wm. W. printer, house 86 Chambers 
Forster Jacob, com. mer. 26 Long wharf, house at 

Forsyth George, chairs, 32 Com'l, h. at Chelsea 
Forsyth Robert, teamster, boards 42 Pearl 
Fortenbacher Francis, shoe maker, 17 May, house 

545 Washington 
Fortune Charles, boarding, 256 Ann 
Fortune Jotm, shoe maker, house 18 East 
Fortune John, boarding house, rear 33 Merrimac 
Fortune Sarah S. dress maker, 1 Oliver place 
Fosbary Bryant, porter, F. H. Market, boards rear 

47 Merrimac [Dorchester 

Fosbary William, marble polisher, h. Second, near 
Fosdick Abigail Mrs. house Central place 
Fosdick Betsey Mrs. house 40 Boylston [town 

Fosdick John, dry goods, 83 Kilby, h. at Charles- 
Fosdick William B. boards Central place 
Foskett Ebenezer, cabinet maker, h. 3 Fabin 
Foss (Abraham S.) & Irvin (Samuel), blacksmiths, 

Sumner, house Webster, E. B. 
Foss Charles H. machinist, b. Havre, c. Sumner 

Foss Charles M. (Lincoln ^ F.), b. 130 Har. av. 
Foss Cyrus W. 2 Chapel pL h. 7 Medford court 
Foss Frederick J. steward Leveret st. jail, house 

16 Leveret 
Foss Hiram, machinist, house Gold, near B 
Foss John, handcartman, boards 22 Gouch 
Foss John, baker, boards 8 West Centre 
Foss P. (Cotton &: F.), 3 India wharf [avenue 

Foss Plummer, daguerreotype artist, b. 5 La Fayette 
Fossett Stephen, farmer, house fifth section, E. B. 
Fossitt George, laborer, house 43 Sea 
Foster A. A. & Co. (Simon Burnett), provisions, 

23 Howard, house do. 
Foster A. A. clerk, 48 Kilby, h. at Charlestown 
Foster Adams, coal agent, 26 State [foot Dover 
Foster Alexander, 45 Com'l, h. 5 Tremont, opp. 
Foster Alphonso A. clerk, 44 Mt. Vernon, bds. 16 

Foster Ann Mrs. house 97 Purchase 
Foster Andrix A. (Burnett &: F.), 4 Green 
Foster Archibald, cash. Granite Bank, and Brazil- 
ian Vice Consul, h. 41 Chambers [Orange 
Foster Benjamin, piano-forte maker, house 44 W, 
Foster Benjamin, house 30 Marion 
Foster B. Wood & D. W. accountants, 109 Wash. 
Foster Caleb E. broker, boards 15 Allen 
Foster Caroline D. 467 Washington 
Foster Catharine, tailoress, h. 17 Norfolk place 
Foster Charles, brewer, house 118 Fourth 
Foster (Charles) & Hinds (Elisha W.), eating 
room, 1 Charlestown, h. at Charlestown [port 
Foster Chas. F. 27 Shoe & Leather, h. at Camb'ge- 
Foster Charles G. cap maker, boards 19 Province 

House court 
Foster Chas. S. (James II. ^ Son), 156 Wash, [ver 
Foster Cornelius P. Van Ness, laborer, h. 8 Ando- 
Foster Cyrus, laborer, house 9 N. Brighton 
Foster Daniel W. clerk, 24 Kilby, b. 252 Wash. 
Foster David (Hir/bee Si F.), h. at Charlestown 
Foster David, varnisher, 400 Wash. h. 2 Hamlen pi. 
Foster David J. buttons, 48 Milk, h. at Roxbury 
Foster David S. & Co. (Charles E. Fullerton iSf 
Omar Little), dry goods, 146 & 148 Hanover, 
boards 1 Bulfinch place [Hollis, c. Wash. 

Foster David W. (B. W. S^ D. W. Foster), boards 
Foster E. H. house 16 Ashland [h. 21 Lynde 

Foster Eben B. & Co. Boston Courier, 10 Congress, 
Foster Eliza Mrs. house 22 Sea 
Foster Francis A. (Butcher &; F.), h. 5 Avery pi. 
Foster (Franklin H.) & Co. fish, 42 Long wharf 
Foster G., Andover Express, 8 Court [Camb'ge 
Foster George, broker, 2 Change avenue, house at 
Foster George B. watches and silver ware, 29 Tre- 
mont row, house at Roxbury 
Foster (Georc/e II.) & Holbrook (A. P.), oysters, 

25 Hanover, boards Central House 
Foster George H. hatter, house 4 S. Russell 
Foster George W. hatter, house rear 73 Tyler 
Foster George W. musician, house 25 Blossom 
Foster Henry, com. merchant, 26 Long wharf, h. at 

Foster Henry G., Mass. Bank, house 11 Suffolk pi. 
Foster Homer, machinist, house 1 Osborn place 
Foster Isaac, livery stable, Devonshire, house 1 

Federal court 
Foster James (Hills, Foster ^ Co.), b. 52 Leveret 
Foster James, baker, h. Hollis, cor. Washington 
Foster James C. job wagon, house 70 Lowell 
Foster James C. job wagon, h. 10 Haymarket pi. 
Foster James E. clerk, boards 72 S. Suffolk 
Foster James Frederick, truss manuf. 467 Wash- 
ington, house do. 
Foster Jas. G., Custom House, h. at Charlestovra 
Foster James H. & Son (Charles S.), paper hang- 
ings, 156 Washington, house 70 Bedford 
Foster James H. mason, 57 Blackstone, h. Win- 

throp, E. B. 
Foster James H. jr. State Bank, h. at Roxbury 
Foster Jer. broker, 16 State, h. at Cambridge 
Foster Joel, agent, 34 Blackstone 



Foster Joel E. 129 F. H. Market, h. r. 250 Hanover 
Foster {John) & Taylor {H. B), wines, &c. 161 

Milk, house 73 Boylston, ojjp. public garden 
Foster John, shoe maker, house 52 Leveret 
Foster John, house 458 Commercial 
Foster John, jeweller, house 2 Essex place 
Foster John, laborer, house 35 Portland 
Foster John B. 255 Wash. bds. 13 Staniford 
Foster John H. & Co. {Win. H. Foster), commis. 

merch. 50 Central wf. h. 21 South 
Foster John H. house Hollis, near Washington 
Foster John R. designer and engraver, 210 Wash. 
Foster Johnson W. h. Suffolk, near Concord 
Foster Joseph Mrs. house 118 Treraont 
Foster Joseph, clerk State Treasurer's office, bds. 

Exchange Cott'ee House 
Foster Josepli W. mason, bds. 30 Marion 
Foster Joseph W. 23 Federal, bds. 106 Summer 
Foster Martha Mrs. house 13 Lynde 
Foster Mary, widow, house 10 Federal court 
Foster Mary B. widow, house 79 Cambridge 
Foster Matthias S. grocer, 3-1 Blackstone, house 8 

Foster {Nathan), Doane {H.), & Co. {S. G. Clap), 

flour and grain, 18 & 19 City wf. h. 154: Hanover 
Foster Nathan, house 18 S. Bennet 
Foster X. R. milliner, 286.^ Washington 
Foster Patrick, laborer, h. r. Fifth, near B 
Foster Reginald, 16 Lewis wf. bds. 11 Suffolk place 
Foster Robert, boot and shoe maker, 23 Leveret 
Foster Robert, jr. cabinet maker, b. 3 E. Canton 
Foster {Robert) & Talbot (/. -?/.), lumber commis. 

mer. 48 India, h. Tremont, opp. Dover 
Foster Sally Miss, house 171 Ann 
Foster Samuel, b. 6 Myrtle 

Foster Samuel B. salesman, 41 Federal, h. at Salem 
Foster Stephen W. house 84 Chambers 
Foster Stillman, mason, Maverick, n. Liverpool 
Foster Thomas, house 19 Province House court 
Foster Thomas, shipwright, h. Maverick, n. Paris, 

E. B. [Paris, E. B. 

Foster Thomas A. shipwright, h. Maverick, near 
Foster Thomas P. {Mosman & Co.). h. 7 Margaret 
Foster Thomas W. clerk, house 7 Vine 
Foster Warren, ship carpenter, h. New, c. Cross 
Foster William, house 26 Summer 
Foster William D. clerk, 4 Green, h. 16 Grove 
Foster Wm. E., Custom House block. Long wharf 
Foster Wm. H. {John H. Foster eg Co.), h. Savin 

Hill, at Dorchester [McLean 

Foster Wm. H. cashier Grocers' Bank, house 21 
Fowle Charles L. h. 77 Harrison av. 
Fowle Charles S. 97^ State, h. 661 Washington 
Fowle Edward A. engraver, 66 State, h. at Roxbury 
Fowle George, printer, h. 2 South Cedar st. place 
Fowle George, teacher Monitorial School, 372 

Wash. bds. 41 Harrison avenue 
Fowle George B. clerk, 12 Commercial 
Fowle George E. {P. Foiole &: Sons),h.. 77Har. av. 
Fowle Henry, 1 Hitchborn block, h. at Chelsea 
Fowle Henry D. apothecary. Prince, c. Salem, bds. 

American House 
Fowle Isaac & Co. {Spencer Beatley, §■ John D. &: 
W. H. Fowle), ship carvers, 260 Commercial, 

house at Roxbury 
Fowle Isaac H. carver, house 11 Lenity 
Fowle James, 17 Rowe's wharf, h. 37 Chambers 
Fowle John, .shoe maker, 19 Atkinson, h. 14 Oak 
Fowle John A. 27 Federal, house 62 Allen 
Fowle John D. {Isaac Fowle &; Co.), h. at Roxbury 
Fowle Joseph W. machinist, 16 E. Orange, boards 

41 Harrison avenue 
Fowle Joshua B. { T. Austin &; Co.), h. 232 Har. av. 
Fowle Mary E. widow, h. 3 Paris pi. E. B. 
Fowle Parker & Sons ( W,n. P. & Geo. E.), carpets, 

164 Wash, house 77 Harrison avenue 
Fowle Ruth, widow, boards 41 Harrison avenue 
Fowle {Samuel) & Fletcher {E. E.), W. I. goods, 

1 Lewis wf. house Sumner, E. B. 
Fowle Seth W. druggist, 138 Wash. h. 15 Beacon 


Fowle William, clerk, 138 Wash. h. at Medford 
Fowle William B. book seller, 138^ Wash, house at 
West Newton [14 Columbia 

Fowle Wm. B. jr. ticket master B. & W. R. R. h. 
Fowle Wm. H. {Isaac F. ^- Co.), h. at Roxbury 
Fowle Wm. P. {P. Foiole ^ Sons), h. at Roxbury 
Fowler Edmond, boarding, 60 Albany 
Fowler James L. pilot, h. 4 Foster 
Fowler John, laborer, h. 23 Belknap 
Fowler John R. coach maker, h. r. Third, near E 
Fowler Joseph G. machinist, house 10 Dover 
Fowler M. Field, com. mer. 15 India wf. b. 23 South 
Fowler Mary, widow of Samuel N. h. 79 Brighton 
Fowler Susan Mrs. h. 22 Bowdoin 
Fowler Trim, laborer, house 10 May 
Fowler William C. pilot, house 5 Phipps place 
Fowles Charles D. laborer, h. rear 11 Gouch 
Fowles Harriet, widow, h. r. 11 Gouch 
Fowles Jacob, painter, house 3 Piedmont 
Fowles Mary, widow, seamstress, h. 50 Myrtle 
Fox A. Rouistone, clerk, h. 4 Seaver place 
Fox Benjamin, at American House 
Fox Bernard, store and house 86^ Eliot 
Fox Charles, house 11 Marion 
Fox Charles A. 54 Hanover, b. 3 Lindall place 
Fox Charles J. mason, house 54 Allen 
Fox Edmund, blacksmith, house 20 Wash, avenue 
Fox Edward A. civil engineer, bds. 11 Marion 
Fox Edward W. clerk, house 11 Federal court 
Fox George H. machinist, Charles, c. Cambridge, 
house 14 Charles [10^ Garden 

Fox Jacob, trunk maker, 127 Cambridge, house r. 
Fox Jacob, jr. trunk maker, b. r. IO.5 Garden 
Fox James, blacksmith, house 22 Wash, avenue 
Fox John, tailor, house 10 Williams 
Fox John, tailor, house 31 Merrimac 
Fox John, tailor, house 2 South st. place 
Fox John, baker, house 18 Warren 
Fox Jos. H. S. clerk, 529 Wash. h. 15 Albion 
Fox Owen, laborer, h. Norwich, near Harr. avenue 
Fox Patrick, blacksmith, h. 6 Washington square 
Fox Philip, carpenter, Beverly, house 2 Prospect 
Fox Prudence B. teacher, Essex, c. of Rowe, bds. 

3 La Grange place 
Fox Richard, house 252 Tremont 
Fox Robert, tailor, 70 Essex 
Foxcroft F. A. Rev. bds. 52 Harrison avenue 
Foy Andrew, machinist, h. Second, n. Dorchester 
Foy Horatio, truckman, h. 15 W. Centre 
Foy John, truckman, house 7 Medford court 
Foy John, tailor, bds. 00 Atkinson 
Foye Edward A. truckman, bds. 10 Fruit 
Foye James, laborer, house 28.^ Salem 
Foye James M. clerk, bds. 128 Harrison avenue 
Foye Jane R. tailoress, 77 Charter 
Foye Michael, bds. Scott court 
Fovt Margaret, washing, h. 57 Cambridge 
Francis A. J. locksmith, 40 School, h. Everett 
Francis Daniel, brass founder, Sumner, h. Maver- 
ick, near R. R. 
Francis Daniel S. clerk, 120 Washington 
Francis David {Muaroe <Sr F.), h. 5 La Grange pi. 
Francis Ebenezer, 60 State, h. 8 Pemberton square 
Francis Edward, waiter, house 31^ Garden 
Francis Elizabeth, tailoress, h. Tyler, c. Curve 
Francis Frederick, stevedore, house Grove place 
Francis George, clerk, house 96 Chesnut 
Francis George, rigger, house 54 Commercial 
Francis George H. 60 Harrison avenue, b. 2 Bennet 
Francis Hannah, \vidow, house 21 Second 
Francis John, truckman, bds. 1 E. Orange 
Francis Joseph H. books, 128 Wash. h. 56 Pleasant 
Francis {Nathaniel) & Lovell {James G.), pump 

makers, 52 India wf. h. 11 Purchase 
Francis Nathaniel, 23 Merchants' Exchange, h. 4 

Hayward place 
Francis Simon, grocer, h. Dorchester, n. Broadway 
Francis Thomas D. h. 204 Broadway, near D 
Francis Thomas D. clerk, 61 Congress, h. 5 Vernon 
Francis William, tin smith, house Silver, near B 



Franey James, laborer, house Everett, E. B. 
Francy Thomas, laborer, house r. 55 South 
Franklin Francis, truckman, house 71 Nashua 
Franklin Joseph, boards 2 Morton ct. 
Franks Charles F. rigger, house 1 Fruit [Lowell 
Frary John, scene painter National Theatre, bds. 5 
Eraser George, mer. tailor, 75 Court, house 2 

Townsend pi. 
Eraser John S. polisher, house 36 London 
Eraser Peter, laborer, house 5 Lewis 
Eraser Roderick, tailor, house 56 Chambers 
Frasher John, shipwright, h. Cottage, n. Sumner 
Frasher Misses, dress makers, 136 Hanover 
Frasier James, National Saloon, 68 Endicot 
Frawley Catharine, widow, house 20 East 
Erawley John, marble polisher, h. 61 Fourth 
Frazer John A. clerk N. E. M. M. Ins. Co. boards 

9 Billerica 
Frazier Alexander, blacksmith, house 38 Curve 
Erazier Daniel, rigger, house 12 Belmont 
Frazier Patrick, carpenter, h. Cottage, c. Maverick 
Frazier Richard, laborer, h. Erin alley, E. B. 
Frederic Charles, machinist, b. Orleans, n. Webster 
Frederick Charles H. machinist, h. 18 Plymouth 
Frederick Edward, trunk maker, bds. 161 Hanover 
Frederick Jabez, lumber. Eastern Steamboat wf. 

house 4 Phipps place 
Frederick John, cabinet maker, 155 Tyler 
Frederick John Jos. cabinet maker, bds. 155 Tyler 
Frederick Lucinda, widow, house 161 Hanover 
Fredericks Charles, carpenter, house r. 35 Prince 
Fredson Wm. H. carpenter, b. Meridian, n. London 
Freeborn James, painter, boards 62 Friend 
Freeborn {Jas. jr.) & Rich {Isaac B.), printers, 3 

Water, h. at Cambridge 
Freeborn John, painter, h. 18 Billerica 
Freel James, tailor, 49 Endicot 
Freeland Ann Mrs. house 3 North Bennet 
Freeland Joseph, painter, h. r. 3 N. Bennet [non 
Freeman Abraham {Packard ^ F.), h. 88 Mt. Ver- 
Freeman Alfred, watchman, h. Broad, n. Sea 
Freeman Arthur, blacksmith, h. 17 Lyman pi. 
Freeman Caleb, boot polisher, 19 Hanover, house 

5 S. May 
Freeman Edward, mason, boards 24 Grove 
Freeman Edward, laborer, h. r. Third, n. B 
Freeman Frederick, clerk, bds. 12 Spring 
Freeman George, boards 2 Bennet 
Freeman George A. {Dix &: F.), h. 8 Chambers 
Freeman George E. clerk, Quincy H. b. 17 Lynde 
Freeman H. C. house 60 Hudson 
Freeman James Mrs. house Robinson alley 
Freeman James S. fish dealer, house Gold, n. F 
Freeman John, house 60 Hudson 
Freeman John D. printer, h. 1 Head pi. 
Freeman Louisa, tailoress, house 41 Southac 
Freeman Lucy, widow, house 17 Auburn 
Freeman Mary E. tailoress, house 67 Leveret 
Freeman Michael, laborer, h. Suffolk, n. Lenox 
Freeman Moses H. blacksmith, Andover, house at 

Freeman Nathaniel, mason, house 24 Grove 
Freeman Osmar, porter, h. 4 Wilberforce place 
Freeman Peter L. 30 Court, h. 14 Belknap 
Freeman Peter W. sec. Bost. Ins. Co. h. 53 Chesnut 
Freeman Richard, seaman, h. 4 Southac 
Freeman Samuel, coach smith, h. 10 Village 
Freeman Sarah Mrs. h. 4 Salter pi. 
Freeman Simon B. housewright, Commercial, near 

Charter, h. 5 Lawrence pi. 
Freeman Thos. laborer, h. 1 Wilberforce pi. [Dover 
Freeman Watson, dep. sherifi', 7 Court sq. h. 78 
Freeman William, house 6 Bulfinch [Waterlown 
Freeman William F. dye woods, 3 Long wf. h. at 
Freese Geo. {J. Suders S; Co.), bds. 1 Unity 
French Abner & Co. (//. C. Davis &; H. Webster), 

dry goods, 99 Milk, bds. 7 Bowdoin sq. 
French {Abram), Wells {J. T.), & Co. {J. B. Kil- 

bourn), crockery, 151 Milk, h. 38 Edinboro' 
French Anthony, blacksmith, h. 107 W. Cedar 

French Arthur Mrs. house 6 Hancock 
French A. S. Mrs. tailoress, h. 211 Hanover 
French Benj. {L. H. Hale iSr Co.), b. Adams House 
French Benj. chemist, house Ontario 
French Benj. house r. 81 Tremont 
French Benj. F. ship carpenter, h. Paris, E. B. 
French Benj. Y. jr. Maine wf. bds. 2 Quincy pi. 
French Catharine, dress maker, bds. 9 Piedmont 
French Charles, wood and coal, Maine wf. Broad, 

near Summer, h. at Braintree 
French Charles, druggist, Hanover, opp. Tileston, 

boards 3 New Prince 
French Charles M. 53 Pearl, bds. Webster, E. B. 
French Charles S. dentist, 238 Washington 
French Chase, coachman, boards 114 Hudson 
French Daniel, carpenter, house Second, n. K 
French {Ebenezer) & Nye {D. C), painters, 21 

Howard, h. 5 Chambers st. ct. 
French Ephraim, house 8 Edinboro' 
French George H. hides and leather, 41 Shoe and 

Leather, bds. 28 Essex 
French George P. 99 Milk, bds. 11 Allston 
French Hannah, widow, h. Webster, n. Cottage 
French Harriet M. dress maker, 50i Hanover, bds. 

153 Court 
French James, publisher, bookseller, importer, and 

stationer, 78 Washington, bds. Revere House 
French Jas. J. counsei'r, 5 Congress, and 1 Story pi. 
French James M. blacksmith, h. 3 Ringgold 
French James W. cutter, bds. 109 Leveret 
French Jesse B. housewright, h. 222 Broadway 
French John, housewright, bds. 222 Broadway 
French John, boards 2 Winter place 
French John, 40 Kilby, bds. 6 Central ct. 
French John A. groceries and ship stores, 56 Long 

wf. h. Boylston, opp. public garden 
French John A. pub. Herald, 19 State, house at 36 

French Jonathan, 35 S. Market, h. at Roxbury 
French Jonathan, carpenter, r. 45 Pleasant, h. 27 

Porter [Hingham 

French Joseph H. {Nash, French §■ Co.), house at 
French Leonard, office 97 Fulton 
French Lewis, Eastern R. R. H. 115 and 116 Com'l 
French Lucius, 10 Boylston Market, h. 43 Marion 
French Lucy, house r. 17 North Russell 
French Luke B. 117 Milk 
French Mary, widow of David, h. r. 470 Wash. 
French Moses, jr. wood and coal, Maine wf. Broad, 

near Summer, house 2 Quincy pi. 
French Nancy Mrs. house 37 S. Russell 
French Oliver, cabinet maker, house Ontario 
French {Reuben), & Cooper {Wm.), restorator, 209 

Broad, h. 6 Paris pi. [House 

French Samuel A. (Pearson S; F.), bds. Bromfield 
French Sarah Mrs. house 30 Poplar 
French Sarah D. Mrs. house 1 Franklin 
French Stewart, houseAmght, Federal, c. High 
French Susan, nurse, bds. 108 Hudson 
French Thomas, handcartman, bds. 22 Goueh 
French Thomas E. clerk, bds. 30 Poplar 
French Thos. W. {Nash F. &; Co.), b. N. E. House 
French William Mrs. house 15 Adams 
French William, mariner, h. 222 Harrison av. 
French William E. mason, h. 17 Indiana pi. 
French William E. distiller, Essex, cor. South, h. 

13 Tyler 
Frentz Charles, carpenter, bds. 8 Mason 
Ereston Charles, laborer, 14 Washington sq. 
Frey John, cigar maker, house 47 Warren 
Friedheim J. F. professor of music, h. 26 Winter 
Friel Ellen, seamstress, h. 37 Kingston 
Friel John, laborer, h. London, n. Sumner, E. B. 
Friel Susan, house 37 Kingston 
Friendlich Joseph, pedler, h. 4 Carlton pi. 
Fries Wultf, musician, bds. 26 Lowell 
Frink Elizabeth, teacher, bds. 50 Tyler 
Frisbee James, boarding, 224 Ann 
Frisbie Martha, cap maker, bds. 9 Margaret 
Eriszzell William, tailor, house 6 Myrtle ct. 



Frobisher Ann, house 178 Tremont 

Frobisher Joseph B., Savings Bank, h. 10 Vine 

From John A. mariner, h. 14 Washington sq. 

Frost Caleb W. brewer, bds. 5 S. Margin 

Frost Catherine Mrs. house 16 Tileston 

Frost Charles L. clerk, boards 34 South 

Frost Charles W. 333 Wash. bds. 34 South 

Frost Colman, house 8 Garden 

Frost Eben, baker, boards o'2 Friend 

Frost George, varnisher, house 6 Nashua 

Frost George B. tailor, o8 Myrtle, house do. 

Frost George W. Rev. bds. 11 E. Dedham 

Frost Harriet, nurse, house 8 Garden 

Frost Harriet, nurse, house 12 Curve 

Frost Horatio, painter, 24 Congress, h. 11 Auburn 

Frost Jairus A. 416 Wash. h. W. Canton 

Frost James, laborer, house 44 Porter, E. B. 

Frost Jas. M. (/. O. S^ J- M. Frost), h. 11 Auburn 

Frost Jas. W. carpenter, h. at Plough Fact'y, Fifth 

Frost & Co. (J. H. A. Frost), boots, shoes, &c. 10 

Frost Joanna, widovir of Reuben, h. 23 Charles 
Frost John N. blacksmith, h. 20 Spring 
Frost J. O. 21 Congress [6 Nashua 

Frost J. O. & J. M. carpenters, 32 Haverhill, house 
Frost Jonathan J. teamster, house 11 Lindall place 
Frost Joseph, morocco dresser, 12 Hanover 
Frost Joseph B. house 41 Turnpike, n. Broadway 
Frost Joseph B. jr. cl'k Cust. House, h. 372 Wash. 
Frost Luther E. carpenter, house -3 Vine 
Frost Morrill, waiter, house r. 3-5 Prince 
Frost Nancy Mrs. dress maker, 14.5 Court 
Frost Rufus S. {Osgood iSf F.), house at Chelsea 
P'rost Samuel W. carpenter, house 23 Charles 
Frost (Seth F.), provisions, 92 Federal, h. 9 Eaton 
Frost Walter I. h'dware & fishi'g tackle, 182 Wash. 
Frost William, boards 20 Church 
Frost Wm. B. S. carpenter, house rear 16 Auburn 
Frost Wm. E. clerk, .50 Washington, h. 23 Charles 
Frost William P. boards 9 Kingston 
Frost Wm. R. cl'k City Bank, h. 5 M'tgomery pi. 
Frothingham Abner P. at P. O., h. 28 S. Russell 
Frothingham Amos T. cashier Tremont Bank, h. 
at Charlestown [Summer 

Frothingham Edward, 12 Tremont Row, bds. 34 
Frothingham Eleanor, house 63 Warren 
Frothingham E. L. cashier C. House, h. 8 Garland 
Frothingham E. L. jr. Custom H. bds. 8 Garland 
Frothingham George 0. 69 Broad, house 12 Cherry 
Frothingham Geo W. city treasurer, office City Hall, 
house 14 Florence [town 

Frothingham Jas. K. jr. 4 Long wf. h. at Charles- 
Frothingham Nathaniel, painter, house 30 London 
Frothingham Nathan'l F. ship broker and commis- 
sion merch. 25 Long wharf, h. at Charlestown 
Frothingham Nathaniel L. Rev. house 34 Summer 
Frothingham Peter, produce and com. mer. .54 Ful- 
ton, boards Revere House [78 Mt. Vernon. 
Frothingham Samuel, president State Bank, house 
Frothingham Samuel, jr. & Co. {T. Frothingham), 
com. mer's, 119 and 121 Milk, h. 97 Pinck'y 
Frothingham Samuel P. coach painter, house 10 
Newton place [house 47 Chesnut 

Frothingham Theodore (S. Frothi'nciha,m,jr. ^ Co), 
Frothingham Thomas, house 63 Warren \™-^^ 

Frothingham Thomas B. {Boyd S^ F.), h. 34 Sum- 
Fro thingham T. H. {Gar/e, Hittinr/er, S; Co.) 
Frothingham William, 237 Washington, h. 17 Tyler 
Frothingham Wm. L. clerk P. O. bds. 1 Village 
Frothingham W. S. h. 28 S. Russell [28 Allen 

Frye Isaac W. assist, editor Boston Courier, house 
Frye Joseph {Turner & F.), house at Quincy 
Frye J. Franklin, 14 Blackstone, bds. 37 Salem 
Frye Samuel S. baker, bds. Wash. cor. Arnold 
Frye William, tailor, boards 129 Essex 
Fryer Eliza, dress maker, b. 33 Southac 
Frver Leonard, painter, h. 33 Southac [doin sq. 
Fu'llam Chas. L. {J. F. FuUam ^ Co), h. 2 Bow- 
FuUam George J. {J. F. Fullam &; Co), house 2 
Bowdoin square 

Fullam J. F. & Co. (C. L. S; G. J. Fullam), Uvery 

stable, rear 2 Bowdoin sq. house 2 do. 
Fullarton Jacob, jr. bonnets and straw goods, 51J 

and 53.^ Hanover, bds. 84 Charles 
Fuller Aaron, baker, house 7 London 
Fuller Abner, ship painter, h. 2 Commercial 
Fuller Albert, house 38 Charles [ct. 

Fuller Allen M. restorator, 48 Brattle, h. 5 Billings 
Fuller Benjamin, engineer, boards 21 Portland 
Fuller Charles, plan maker, house 21 Vine 
Fuller Catherine, nurse, 18 Norfolk place 
Fuller Charles C. 44 Coral, house at Watertown 
Fuller Charles H. hair dresser, 43 Chatham 
Fuller Cyrus B. grocer, 62 Myrtle, h. 89 W. Cedar 
Fuller Dan'I D. apothecary, Kueeland, c. Hudson, 

house do. [N. H. 

Fuller David G. flour, 91 Lowell, h. at Concord, 
Fuller Ebenezer, 98 Fulton, house 31 Stillman 
Fuller Ensign C. brass finisher, bds. Fort Av. 
Fuller Franklin, 1 Hichborn block, b. Purchase, 

opposite Gridley 
Fuller Gardner, bds. 109 Leveret 
Fuller Gardner, hackman, 3 Mason 
Fuller HafFord B. clerk, 84 Hanover 
Fuller Halsey H. 1.5 E.Kchange 
Fuller Hannah, temp, boarding house, 33 Lincoln 
Fuller Henry A. (J. AI. Barnard, Sg Co), boards 14 

Fuller (Henry H.) & Preston (Geo. H.), counsel'rs, 

6 State, h. 2 Avon place 
Fuller Hiram & L. L. carpenters. Causeway, cor. 

Portland, and 18 Water, h. 24 Andover 
Fuller H. Weld {Derby cS,- Fuller), 1 Devonshire, h. 

Porter, Roxb'y [ferry, h. Murray ct. E. B. 

Fuller .Jeremiah S. blacksmith, Le\vis, near the 
Fuller John C. laborer, house 2 Knox [E. Boston 
Fuller John H. blacksmith, h. Lamson, n. Everett, 
Fuller John K. Merchants' Bank, 28 State 
Fuller John L. carpenter, house 77 Carver 
Fuller Julia, tailoress, boards 109 Leveret 
Fuller Julius C. 311 Wash, boards 14 N. Russell 
Fuller Leonard, iron founder, N. Grove, house 35 

Fuller L. L. {H. & L. L. Fuller), boards 6 Nashua 
Fuller Moses, jr. 3 Mer. rov^, house at Watertown 
Fuller Prudence, widow of Seth, h. 4 Allen court 
Fuller Richard F. counsellor, 10 State, h. at Cant'n 
Fuller Richard S. house 86 Prince 
Fuller Robert, iron, Fulton, corner Cross, house at 

Fuller Ruth M. widow, house 3 Staniford place 
Fuller Samuel A. artist, 1.5 Tremont row 
Fuller Samuel B. police officer, house 23 May 
Fuller Samuel D. 5 Devonshire, hou^e 11 Zone 
Fuller Seth W. bell hanger, 17 Devonshire, h. 48 

Myrtle [Cambridgeport 

Fuller Simeon H. dry goods, 24 Hanover, house at 
Fuller Stephen P. civil engineer and surveyor, 37 

Court square, house 17 Hancock 
Fuller Timothy, blacksmith, house 6 Lucas place 
Fuller William F. blacksmith, house F, cor. Gold 
Fuller William M. blacksmith, h. 4 Wells place 
Fuller Zenas, 31 Hanover, house at Melrose 
Fullerton {Alexander) & Raymond (C B.), com. 

mer. 147 Milk, house 5 Waverly place 
Fullerton Charles E. {D. S. Foster ^ Co.), bds. 148 

Fullerton Charles J. house 51 Summer 
Fullerton Jacob, jr. bds. 84 Charles 
Fullerton James, house 117 Purchase 
Fullerton Janette Mrs. house 14 Cotting 
Fullerton William, tailor, house 40 Billerica 
FuUick Joseph N. painter, house 29 Friend 
FuUick William G. house 5 Pitts 
Fullington Augustus, teamster, b'ds 22 Gouch 
Fullum Calvin, upholsterer, boards 60 Federal 
FuUum Mercy, boarding house, 92 Turnpike, n. 4th 
Fulton Mary Mrs. house 12 Auburn 
Fulton Robert J. carpenter, boards 24 Thacher 
Fulton Thomas, plasterer, house Cross, E. Boston 



Furber Daniel, porter, bds. 24 Washington square 
Furber George Y. boarding, 7 Wash, square 
Furber Page, 86 F. H. Market, bds. 103 Salem 
Furber Wm. H. H. {Sa7ids, Craft, 8; Co.), house 

103 Salem 
Furber William L. coachman, bds. 3 Russell court 
Furbush Elias, porter, house 22 South Cedar 
Furbush Elizabeth, widow, h. Dorc'ter, n. Fourth 
Furbush Mary, widow, house 62 Essex 
Furbush Milo, grocer, 41 Federal, h. 13 Sullivan pi. 
Furbush Stephen, house 4 Spring 
Furlong John, stevedore, bds. Sumner, n. Border 
Furnas George, sail maker, 21 Com. wharf, boards 

12 Newton place 
Furnas Jonathan, boarding, 12 Newton place 
Furneaux Thos. B. 66 Congress, h. 15 Marion 
Furness George J. bds. Revere House 
Furness Joseph, laborer, Pembroke 
Furness Nath'l H. 45 Milk, boards U. S. Hotel 
Furness Rebecca, widow, house rear 83 Endieot 
Furness Robert, tailor, house 3 Sister [Woburn 
Furness Wm. jr. {Geo. W. Abbot &: Co.), house at 
Furniss Thomas, laborer, house Gold, n. B 
Furst Louis, fancy goods, 381 Wash. h. r. Dix pi. 
Fussell John {Shureij (Sf Co.), h. at Roxbury 
Fyler Albert, physician, 8 Hichborn block 
Fynes Margaret H. widow, house 14 Bridge 

GAFFIELD ABNER J. supt. South Free Bridge, 

house do. 
Gaffield Charles, cabinet maker, h. 1 Tileston pi. 
Gafheld David, truckman, house r. 19 Pitts 
Gaffield Reuben, laborer, h. 1 Maiden 
Gaffield Thomas (C. G. Lorinq &; Co.), h. 53 Allen 
Gaffield Thomas Mrs. h. 53 Allen 
Gaffney Andrew, book agent, h. 12 Rochester 
Gaffney James, laborer, h. 8 Charlestown 
Gaffney John, laborer, h. 8 Charlestown 
Gaffney John L. musician, h. 44 S. Margin 
Gaffney Roger, teamster, house Northampton 
Gaffney Thomas, tailor, h. 21 Atkinson 
Gage (AckUson), Hittinger (J.), & Co. {Timothy T. 

iSawyer ^ T. JI. Frothinyham), ice, 70 State, 

h. at Charlestown [70 Nashua 

Gage Albert, laborer at Concord R. R. depot, h. 
Gage Andrew, laborer, house 26 Minot 
Gage Benj. broker, 5 Congress, h. 23 Andover 
Gage Benj. W. crockery and glass, 144 Wash. h. at 

Gage Christopher C. at Revere House 
Gage Edward, dentist, 4 Hamilt'n pi. b. at Pavilion 
Gage Frederick Wm. machinist, b. 9 Billerica 
Gage Geo. W. {Chamberlin cV G.), City Hotel 
Gage James, mason, house Webster 
Gage James, laborer, house 3 Leveret, n. the bridge 
Gage John, laborer, house c. Cottage, E. B. 
Gage John, house 4 Andover 
Gage Seth, 49 Federal, house at Dedham 
Gage Seth, clerk, boards 25 High 
Gage Tenney K. {Pctbner, G. S; Co.), h. 34 Hudson 
Gage Theodric J. machinist, boards 5 Billerica 
Gage Udolph, machinist, boards 9 Billerica 
Gage William H. sash maker, house Fifth, c. D 
Ganagan Ann Mrs. boarding, 146 Ann 
Gahagin James, laborer, house Milldam 
Gamor Patrick, laborer, house 24 Suffolk 
Gahurlla Abraham, restorator, 1 Warren place 
Gair John, sail maker, Liverpool wf. h. 77 Purchase 
Gait Sydenham, 19 Sudbury, h. at Charlestown 
Galbraith Joanna, widow, house 3 Kingston st. ct. 
Gale Augusta, washing, house 58 Blackstone 
Gale Augustus C. broker. State, h. 282 Tremont 
Gale Benj. F. carpenter, 7 Harvard place 
Gale Elizabeth Mrs. house 24 Green 
Gale George, baker, h. 2 Ringgold [705 Wash. 
Gale Gustavus 0. clerk, 6 Diamond block, house 
Gale Isaac, clerk, house 38 Auburn 
Gale Isaac, restorator, Boylst'n Market, h. 5 Zone 
Gale Levi B. physician, house 14 Oneida 
Gale Levi B. grocer, 27 Harr. av. h. 42 Tyler 

Gale Lucian, counsellor, 20 Court, b. Bromfield 

Gale Lydia, carpet maker, h. 6 Norfolk pi. [Dover 
Gale Milton, oil and leather, 31 N. Market, h. 71 
Gale Nathaniel, Cvistom House, house at Chelsea 
Gale Samuel, machinist, boards Paris, n. Sumner 
Gale Timothy, refreshments, 7 Water [N. Margin 
Galeano Antonio, cigar maker, 1 Lindall, house 92 
Gallacar Hezekiah, captain, h. 6 N. Hudson 
Gallagher Abram, laborer, house 5 Middlesex 
Gallagher Andrew, IMaverick, corner London 
Gallagher Bartlett, laborer, h. 17 Vine 
Gallagher Charles, tailor, house 15 Cross 
Gallagher Daniel, laborer, house 11 Hamburg 
Gallagher Daniel, laborer, h. Tremont, n. Dover 
Gallagher Francis, tailor, boards 62 Atkinson 
Gallagher Francis, cooper, house Silver, near C 
Galhigher Hugh, grocer, 108 Ann, house do. 
Gallagher Hugh, tailor, house 9 Federal court 
Gallagher Hugh, house 16 South Margin 
Gallagher James, boot maker, Foundry, h. Ontario 
Gallagher James, shoe maker , 37 1-2 Prince 
Gallagher James, merchant tailor, 7 Lewis, house 

Havre, near Maverick 
Gallagher John, laborer, house 124 Purchase 
Gallagher John, laborer, house 8 Cvprus 
Gallagher John, laborer, h. W. Dedham [E. B. 
Gallagher John, laborer, h. Everett, n. Ford place, 
Gallagher John, laborer, h. Cottage, near Everett 
Gallagher Jos. tailor, h. 16 Williams [Turnpike 
Gallagher Joseph, boiler maker, house Second, n. 
Gallagher Michael, wheelwright, h. 27 Williams 
Gallagher Neal, laborer, house r. 40 Blackstone 
Gallagher Owen, teamster, house 3 Carney place 
Gallagher Owen, pedler, house Tremont, n. Dover 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, h. 7 Kingston st. ct. 
Gallagher Patrick, boiler maker, h. Cottage, near 

Everett [S. Townsend place 

Gallagher Patrick, dry goods, 5 Tremont row, h. 4 
Gallagher Patrick, tailor, house 90 Ann 
Gallagher Thomas, tailor, house 78 Atkinson 
Gallagher Thomas, puddler, house Saratoga 
Gallagher Thomas, carpenter, house r. 47 Hudson 
Gallagher Thomas, boarding, 161 Ann 
Gallagher {William) & OUver {Franklin), tin and 

stoves, 43 Turnpike, h. Old Harbor st. 
Galligan James, waiter, house 80 South 
Galligan John, laborer, house 32 Stillman 
Galligan Patrick, engineer, h. Third, near D 
Galligan Peter, laborer, h. Northampton, n. Suffolk 
Galligher Michael Patrick Rev. h. 23 Federal 
Gallison Joseph II. provisions, 73 Cambridge, b. 8 

Ashland X^'^^ 

Gallivan Mahanny, teamster, h. Second, n. Turn- 
Gallivan Michael, laborer, 5 Pearl place 
Gallivan Michael, tailor, house 13 Essex place 
Gallivan Patrick, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie 
Gallivan Patrick, laborer, house rear 281 Ann 
Gallivan Timothy, laborer, house 12 Pearl place 
Gallon Joseph H. printer, house 5 Cotting 
Galloupe Charles W. {Whiting i; Kehoe), house at 

Beverly [corner E 

Gallop Joseph, provisions, 227, h. 229 Broadway, 
Gallup Wm. H. V. {Whiteley &: G.). 22 Water 
Galusha Ruel W. stair builder, h. 20 Genesee 
Galvin Timothy, boiler maker, h. Fessenden ct. 
Gamage Amory, piano-forte maker, h. 4 London 
Gamage Amasa D. 4 Chatham, house 8 Orange 
Gamage Andrew R. house 8 AV. Orange 
Gamage Hannah, widow, house 3 Camden place 
Gamage Sarah D. widow, house 8 Orange [sea 

Gammans James, jr. clerk, 28 India wf. b. at Chel- 
Gammeff Emily C. house 1 Clark 
Gammon Eliot, housewright, h. 33 Billerica 
Gammon Mary Mrs. boarding, 42 Portland 
Gammon Nelson, cooper, house Trenton 
Gammon Stephen, h. 67 Pleasant 
Gammon Thomas, iron founder, h. Milldam [pi. 
Gammon Wm. H. millinerv, 491 Wash. b. 2 Oliver 
Gane Henry A. {Tilden .Sf 'G.), h. 31 Poplar 



Ganmell Dorcas, widow, h. 1 Townsend place 
Gann Mary, widow, house 35 Pitts 
Gannett Cole, shipwright, house 3 Cotton place 
Gannett Ezra S. Rev. house 4 Bumstead place 
Gannett {John A.), Balch (B. W.) & Co. (IF. W. 

Gannett), dry goods, 88 Milk, h. at Roxbury 
Gannett John P. captain, h. 39 Harrison avenue 
Gannett Wm. W. {Gannett, Balch Sg Co.), house at 

Gannon Matthew, laborer, h. 1 Pembroke court 
Gannon Michael, laborer, h. 30 Wash, square 
Gannon Patrick, umbrella maker, house Xewland 
Gansman John, mariner, house 173 Ann 
Ganzlar George, laborer, house 1 Belknap 
Garaty Hewey, laborer, h. Silver, near C 
Garbanati Frederic C. carver, h. 3 Hanover place 
Garcelon Alsom, livery stable, 25 Franklin place, 

house Broad, near Sea 
Garcia Francisco, clerk, boards 6 Fleet 
Garcia James R. prof, of music, h. 6 Beach 
Garcia James W. clerk, 400 Wash. h. 6 Beach 
Gardell Lorain, truckman, h. Second, n. Dorchester 
Garden John, boot maker, 6-4 Harr. av. h. 27 Tyler 
Garden Robert C. tailor, house 27 Tyler 
Gardiner C. F. house Hotel St. E. B". 
Gardiner Elizabeth, house 7 Temple place 
Gardiner Henry D. lumber, Liverpool, h. 17 do. 
Gardiner John, machinist, b. 3 Maverick sq. 
Gardiner S. H. com. mer. 72 State [Temple pi. 

Gardiner Wm. H. counsellor, 9 Court sq. house 11 
Gardner Anthony, mason, h. Suffolk, n. Dedham 
Gardner Caesar, waiter, house 1 Belknap place 
Gardner Caleb, baker, house 3 May 
Gardner Charles C. watchman, h. 47 Men-imac 
Gardner Charles D. 5 Chatham row, b. Commercial 

Coffee House 
Gardner Eliza Mrs. house 1 Sullivan place 
Gardner Elizabeth, widow, house 4 Kneeland 
Gardner Francis, teacher Latin School, h. 12 W. 

Cedar [Liberty sq. h. 76 Atkinson 

Gardner {Francis) & Thayer {R. H.), hardware, 8 
Gardner G. Arthur {John D. Gardner &; Co.), h. 2 

Hancock avenue [67 Beacon 

Gardner George & Co. merchants, 5 Liberty sq. h. 
Gardner George E. thread store, 605 Wash. h. do. 
Gardner George M. 22 N. Market, b. 6 Channing 
Gardner George W. coach painter, h. Bolton, n. E 
Gardner Hannah Mrs. house rear 121 Pleasant 
Gardner Henry, house 6 Park 
Gardner Henry, 70 State, house at Salem 
Gardner Henry A. hair dresser, under American 

House, h. 3 Gray place [Vernon 

Gardner Henry J. {Denny, Rice <^ G.), h. 13 Mt. 
Gardner Henry N. coach painter, 536 Wash. h. 143 

Harrison avenue 
Gardner James G. {Stebbins & G.), 31 Chambers 
Gardner James H. boiler maker, b. 5 Kellam place 
Gardner James W. clerk, house 34 Curve 
Gardner Jerusha A. h. 4 Kneeland 
Gardner John, treasurer Hamilton Woollen Co. 40 

State, house at Dedham 
Gardner John D. & Co. {G. A. Gardner), com. 

mer. 5 Chatham row, h. 2 Hancock avenue 
Gardner John L. merchant, 5 Liberty sq. house 7 

Beacon [London 

Gardner Joseph, watch maker, 121 Wash. h. 28 
Gardner Joseph, carpenter, h. 42 Charlestown 
Gardner Joseph H. carpenter, bds. 62 Harvard 
Gardner Joseph H. secretary Neptune Insurance 

Co. 64 State, h. at Roxbiirj' 
Gardner Joseph P. 5 Liberty sq. house 7 Beacon 
Gardner Leavitt, plane maker, 4 Green, house 39 

Gardner Loring. ship joiner, h. 36 Purchase 
Gardner Marv Mrs. bds. 72 Charles 
Gardner {Ori'n IF.) & Morse (/. C), dry goods, 30 

Milk, h. at S. Woburn 
Gardner Peter, mason, h. 23 S. Russell 
Gardner Robert, teamster, h. r. 669 Washington 
Gardner Samuel P. Mrs. house 33 Summer 

Gardner Sanford C. 1 India, bds. 20 Kingston 

Gardner Sarah, 3 Bedford place 

Gardner Sarah C. widow, house 9 Fabin 

Gardner Simon, h. 6 Livingston place 

Gardner {Si/mtnes) & Bartlett {Charles), W. India 

goods, 13 S. Market, bds. Revere House 
Gardner Tobias O. {A. A. Andrews ^ Co.), 161 

Washington, house at Cambridge 
Garey Morris, baker, h. Cove, near Cove place 
Garey Patrick, wheelwiight, h. 8 North Russell 
Garey Paul {Chickey ^ G.), h. 8 Province 
Garey Rosanna, house Sea, next the bridge 
Garfield Charles, upholsterer, Thacher, c. N. Mar- 
gin, h. 1 Tileston place 
Garfield Wm. H. {Robeiis &; G.), h. Ill Pleasant 
Gargan Patrick, stoves, &c. 46 Portland, h. do. 
Gargen John, laborer, h. Gold, near A 
Gargo Thomas, laborer, house 4 Humphrey place 
Gariboldi Pietro & Co. (.4. Cordano), statuary, 36 

School, house 3 Ivers 
Garland Gilman D. Rev. house 7 Barton 
Garland James, carpenter, Kneeland, c. Hudson, 

house Beach, c. Tyler 
Garland John T. baker, house 532 Commercial 
Garland Michael, painter, bds. 11 Pitts 
Garland Sam'l, teamster, h. Third, n. D [Thacher 
Garlick Reuben L. carpenter, 47 Causeway, h. 25 
Garnaut Eliza Mrs. house 26 Albany 
Gan'att Charles R. fringe maker, h. 1 Clifton place 
Garrett Henry L. engineer, h. Sumner, n. Cottage 
Garrett Joseph, laborer, house Bennington 
Garrety James, machinist, h. 104 E. Dedham 
Garrety Patrick, laborer, house London, E. B. 
Garrety Thomas, laborer, 110 Broad 
Garrigan Bartlett, laborer, house 14 Vine 
Garrigan Francis, laborer, h. 10 Bridge st. court 
Garrigan Judith, wdow, house 10 Bridge 
Garrigan Patrick, mason, house 2 Bridge 
Garrison Wm. Lloyd, editor Liberator, 21 Cornhill, 

house 65 S. Suffolk 
Garron George, caulker, h. Lexington, E. B. 
Garvey Alexander, stone cutter, h. 3 Middlesex 
Garvin Elizabeth, widow, house Saratoga 
Garvin Ezra, mason, house Saratoga, E. B. 
Garvin James, boiler maker at Snow, Dunn, & Co.'s 
Garvin Michael, laborer, house 7 Canal 
Garvin Robert B. at 13 Green 
Garvin Thomas, laborer, h. rear 11 Adams 
Garvin William, waiter, house 7 Cove 
Gary John, laborer, house 10 Cove 
Gasiner Henry, pedler, house 113 Pleasant 
Gaskell Lyman C. 25 Doane, b. 2 Crescent place 
Gaskin Henry A. laborer, house 7 Brighton court 
Gass Joseph, stone cutter, house 40 Brighton 
Gassett Charles R. {Isaac S/iattiick <Sf Co.), boards 

Merrimac House 
Gassett Henry, house 50 Summer 
Gassett Henry, jr. house 50 Summer 
Gassett Lotan & Co. {L. Gassett, jr. ^ A. S. Mans- 
Jield), W. I. goods, Merrimac, c. Canal, house 

38 Salem 
Gassett Lotan, jr. {Lotan Gassett &; Co.),h. 38 Salem 
Gassett Oscar, house 50 Summer 
Gassiot {Augustus) & Eliaers {Augustus), drawing 

school, 475 Wash. bds. 155 Pleasant 
Gaszynski Tutions F. teacher of dancing, house 1 

Favette court 
Gatchell Emery T. clerk, bds. 2 Howard 
Gately Peter, polisher, house 65 Friend 
Gately Thomas, laborer, house 4 Cove 
Gates Amphion, teacher Phillips School 
Gates Artemas, book binder, bds. 38 Fayette 
Gates Gardner P., Wales' wharf, h. 42 Fayette 
Gates Horace (T^i/Zer i^ G.), h. 2 Canton st. place 
Gates Israel, carpenter, house 3 Newbem place 
Gates James W. & Co. {F. R. Jenkins), chairs and 

mahogany, 30 Commercial, h. at Cambridge 
Gates Jonathan, laborer, h. rear 47 Pleasant 
Gates Martin L. chairs, 28 Commercial, house 79 

S. Suffolk 



Gates Milton, teamster, bds. 34 Marion 

Gates Persis W. nurse, house 34 Marion 

Gates Stephen F. pattern maker, h. 3 Newbern pi. 

Gates William Mrs. bds. 58 Temple 

Gaton John, boiler maker, h. Havre, n. Maverick 

Gaudalet A. boards U. S. Hotel 

Gaughan Michael H. clerk, house Furnace 

Gaul Abraham, waiter, house 9 Belknap 

Gaul George, laborer, house 9 Southac place 

Gaul Lewis, waiter, house 18 Southac 

Gaul Russell, bds. 1 Brighton court 

Gault Benj. W. moulder, h. First, c. Dorchester 

Gault George, jr. stevedore, h. 130 Endicot 

Gault Mary A. widow, h. 1 Harrison avenue 

Gault Wm. mer. tailor, 36 Wash. h. o Sewall place 

Gauntlett Christopher G. house 11 Sturgis place 

Gaut Samuel N. baker, 396 Wash, house do. 

Gavegan Edward, laborer, house 68 Atkinson 

Gavett Andrew J. (Goodinr/ S^ G.), h. 72 Leveret 

Gavett Charles H. clerk, bds. 3 Wheeler's court 

Gavett Geo. B. dry goods, 581 Wash. h. 20 Common 

Gavett James H. carpenter, house 9 London 

Gavett Jonathan, clerk, boards 72 Leveret 

Gavett Joseph, house Fabin, near Tremont 

Gavett Joseph, shoe maker, h. 3 Wheeler's court 

Gavett Philip, lamp lighter, h. r. 107 Pleasant 

Gavett Susan, widow, house 6 Pine 

Gavett William, cordwainer, rear 28 Pleasant 

Gavett Wm. brass finisher, bds. 72 Leveret 

Gay Aaron R. books and stationery, 130 State, h. 

1 Jefferson 
Gay Albert {Timothij Gay ^ Son), bds. City Hotel 
Gay Andrew, lather, house Decatur, E. B. 
Gay Charles T. clerk, 139 Wash bds. 141 Court 
Gay Daniel, grocer, 3o Salem, h. 25 Friend 
Gay Eben F. shoes, 43 Merchants' row, h. Unity, 

near Charter 
Gay F. physician, 13 Howard, bds. U. S. Hotel 
Gay George Mrs. h. Hollis, c. Tremont 
Gay George H. physician, h. Hollis, c. Tremont 
Gay George L. 1 City wf. bds. Sumner, c. Orleans 
Gay Geo. M. {Gridley, Gay 6; Perkins), 42 Broad 
Gay (James), Kinsley (R. B.), & Co., N. Y. Ex- 
press, 11 State, house 95 Pleasant 
Gay John C. broker, 2 Friend 

Gay Hiram A. (Hall &; G.), h. 2 Garden ct. street 
Gay Lewis H. 13 F. H. Market 
Gay Martin, physician, h. 33 Essex, opp. Rowe 
Gay Nathan U. clerk, house 3 Curve 
Gay (Phineas E.) & Stratton (C. E.), iron, 145 

Milk, h. 126 Harrison avenue 
Gay Rufus M., Custom House, b. 1 Hamilton pi. 
Gay Samuel S. 130 State, house at Roxbury 
Gay Thomas, dry goods, 166 Ann, house do. 
Gay Timothy & Son (Albert Gay), flour and grain, 

33 Commercial, h. at Nashville, N. H. 
Gay W. B. S. 17 Milk 

Gay William, tin smith, house London, E. B. 
Gayetty Jos. C. restorator, 2 Water, h. 106 Hudson 
Gaylord Henry, paper ruler, house 7 Fabin 
Geary Matthew, housewright, h. 21 Belmont 
Geddis John, 75 F. H. Market, bds. 37 Salem 
Geer Charles H. (Hill, Lincoln ^ G.), h. Tremont, 

0. Seaver place 
Geer (Geo. P.) & Turrill (C. E.), watches and jew- 
elry, 367 Wash. bds. Bromfield House 
Geer Joseph, music teacher, 30 School 
Geer Thomas, bds. 23 Marion 
Gegoe Henry, laborer, house 19 Williams 
Geikie George, blacksmith, house 12 Rochester 
Geist C. F. physician, 19 Temple pi. 
George Benjamin F. blacksmith, h. r. 37 Pleasant 
George Daniel, hackman, bds. 5 Bradford place 
George David H. water pipes, h. 5 Barre place 
George (£.)& Stone (Jas.), provisions, 61 Myrtle, 

bds. 19 Auburn 
George Emily, house 2 Bedford 
George Jesse E. 29 F. H. Market, bds. 25 Friend 
George John C. 179 Washington, h. 16 Spring 
George Judy, laundress, house 14 Belknap 

George Lyman A. bonnets, 179 Wash. b. 30 Pearl 
George (Nathaniel M.) & Shackford (A.G.), flour, 

27 Long wharf, house 19 Auburn 
George (Thomas C.) & Coates (B. C), gilders, 

383^ Wash, house 33 A 
George William E. 179 Wash. bds. 30 Pearl 
George William W. bonnet presser, 256 Wash. h. 

6 Madison place [E. B. 

Gerald A. D. F. fisherman, h. Meridian, n. Eutaw, 
Gerald Vincent, gilder, 17^ Tremont row, bds. 81 

Lowell [rear 117 Chambers 

Gerald William L. picture frames, 18 Haverhill, h. 
Gerhard Agidius, 12 Beach, house 7 Boylston sq. 
Germain John, printer, bds. 7 Grove 
Germaine Thomas H. physician, h. 21 Richmond 
Gerrish Elisha, teamster, h. 127 Broadway 
Gerrish George, mer. tailor, 52 Wash. b. 1 Morton 
Gerrish John L. truckman, house 27 Sea 
Gerrish Joseph S. clerk, bds. 10 Channing 
Gerrish Mary Ann, widow of Samuel, jr. house 1 

High street place 
Gerrish Smith, blacksmith, house 11 Billerica 
Gerrish Thomas, brick maker, h. 159 Fourth 
Gerrish Thomas D. clerk, bds. Fourth, n. C 
Gerrish Thomas M. house 6 Sweetser court 
Gerrish Timothy, boot maker, Court, c. Stoddard, 

house 2 S. Russell 
Gerrish William, 6 Long wf. bds. 7 Causeway 
Gerry John, lather, house 30 Porter, E. Boston 
Gerry (John W.) & Devoy (/.), horse sheers. 

Creek square, house at Somerville 
Gerry Sarah Mrs. house 4 S. Russell 
Gerry William B. cooper, house 16 Oak [Howard 
Getchell Emery, apothecary, 73 Merrimac, bds. 2 
Getchell Franklin N. painter, house 29 Myrtle 
Getchell John H. laborer, house 3 Battery 
Getchell Josiah, machinist, 3 Curve 
Getchell Moses A. (Boles ^ G.), house 8 Vine 
Getchell Warren H. clerk, bds. 8 N. Margm 
Getchell William S. clerk, 88 State 
Geusto Gregory, musician, h. 1 Fulton ct. [Lowell 
Geyer Andrew, druggist, Lowell, c. Causeway, h. 1 
Geyer Charles C. chair painter, b. 34 Brighton 
Geyer Eliza Mrs. seamstress, h. 141 Endicot 
Geyer Mary, widow, house 34 Brighton 
Geyer Michael, laborer, house 18 Stillman 
Geyer Thomas, lighterman, house 40 Poplar 
Gibbens Daniel L. & Son (Samuel H.), grocers, 

218 Washington 
Gibbens George B. bds. 9 Ashburton pi. 
Gibbens Jane, widow, house 1 Utica 
Gibbens Joseph M. clerk, 218 Washington 
Gibbens Mary D. h. 9 Ashburton pi. [Lincoln 

Gibbens Samuel H. (D. L. Gibbens &; Son), bds. 11 
Gibbons Barnard, groceries, h. 118 Ann 
Gibbons James, laborer, house 6 N. Cross 
Gibbons Patrick, laborer, h. Orleans, n. Sumner 
Gibbons William Vassall (Austin Sg G.), house 9 

Ashburton place 
Gibbs Catherine Mrs. boards 12 Garland 
Gibbs Franklin, 99 F. H. Market, h. 29 Harvard 
Gibbs Ira, 9 Court sq. h. 36 Purchase 
Gibbs John, soap boiler, h. 7 Canton st. ct. 
Gibbs John B. eating room, Mass. block, house 4 

Province House ct. 
Gibbs Lyman, baker, 134 Court, house 136 do. 
Gibbs Matthew P. boiler maker, h. Bessom ct. E. B. 
Gibbs Nathan B. (B. Burgess ^ Sons), house 87 

Gibbs Rufus, clerk, 24 Central, bds. at Dorchester 
Gibby Thomas H. (Robertson &; Co.), 293 Washing. 
Gibherd Herman, laborer, h. 11 Lovis [Allston 

Gibson Charles L. (Chase, Kimball S^ Co.), h. 15 
Gibson Clarissa S. widow, h. 4 Charlestown 
Gibson George, Cust. House, h. 28 Pearl, n. High 
Gibson Geo. L. (Francis Howe If Co.), b. 2 Avon pi. 
Gibson John, vocalist, house 32 Bridge 
Gibson J. A. laborer, house 5 Gibson court 
Gibson John M. innholder, 165 Milk 
Gibson J. G. Mrs. house 2 Allston 



Gibson Joseph, laborer, house 32 Southac 
Gibson Joseph, stair builder, h. 3 Emerald [Cedar 
Gibson Kimball, painter, 40 Bromfield, h. 34 W. 
Gibson Michael, boarding, 4 Kneeland place 
Gibson Nemiah (Crosby 4, G.), house Centre, cor. 

Orleans, E. B. 
Giddings Dan. L. grocer, 39 Cambridge, h. 4 Zone 
Giddings Lyman, restorator, Lowell, c. N. Brighton, 

house 47 Billerica 
Giddings Samuel, h. Webster, n. Orleans, E. B. 
Giftord Alden, insurance agent, h. 118 Har. av. 
Gifford Alex. bds. r. 14 S. Russell 
Gifford Alex, clerk, 73 Cambridge 
Giftord Christopher, housewright, h. 62 Harvard 
Giftord Clark, 72 Court 

Giff'ord Geo. P. leather, 21 Fulton, h. at Camb'dge 
Giftord Hannah, widow, house 43 Poplar 
Gifford Rodolphus A. blacksmith, b. Sumner, E. B. 
Giff'ord William C. oil factory, 4 Gorham pi. 
Gilbert Addison, 56 Commercial, h. at Gloucester 
Gilbert Anthony, hair dresser and wig maker, 2 

Blanchard's block. Court, h. 20 Sudbury 
Gilbert Asahel, carpenter, house Telegraph 
Gilbert A. C. salesm'n at W. P. Tenny's, b. 7 Pitts 
Gilbert Benjamin J. house 37 Warren 
Gilbert Benj. J. jr. printer, bds. 37 Warren 
Gilbert Benj. R. (Gilbert &; Sons), h. 1 Kneeland 
Gilbert Caleb C. 75 State, bds. U. S. Hotel 
Gilbert [Charles) & Chapman (TFm.), chairs, 112 

Fulton, bds. 204 Hanover 
Gilbert Charles H. printer, bds. 3 Gridley [Allen 
Gilbert Daniel, com. druggist, 64 Cornhill, h. 64 
Gilbert George L. house r. 31 Chambers [Warren 
Gilbert Henry, ale and liquors, 12 Merrimac, h. 43 
Gilbert Henry F. clerk, boards 26 Ann 
Gilbert John, founder, house 5 Church 
Gilbert John, jr. & Co. {C. Ilagar), W. I. goods, 

165 Tremont, h. at Cambridge 
Gilbert J. C. bds. 4 Oliver [ton, h. 93 Tremont 

Gilbert Lemuel, piano-forte manuf. 416 Washing- 
Gilbert Lucius J. piano-forte maker, h. 15 Dover 
Gilbert (Luther) & Knight (D. T.), grocers. Plea- 
sant, cor. Tremont, h. at Grantville [Leveret 
Gilbert (Luther) & Granville (O. H.), grocers, 17 
Gilbert Patrick, laborer, h. 4 Pond st. pi. 
Gilbert Rufus, laborer, house 28 Belknap 
Gilbert & Sons (Samuel, Samuel, jr. § Benj. R.), 

brokers, 36 State, h. 83 Summer [ter 

Gilbert Samuel, jr. (Gilbe)-ti^ Sons), h. atDorches- 
Gilbert Samuel S. house 1 Dix place 
Gilbert Sylvester P. (Webster S; G.), b. Am. House 
Gilbert Timothy & Co. (Wm. H. Jameson), ^Eolian 

piano-forte factory, 400 Wash. h. 2 Beach 
Gilbert William, rigger, h. Salu+ation, r. 370 Com'l 
Gilbert Wm. H. blacksmith, h. 17 N. Margin 
Gilbreth Benj. F. sign painter, 20 Union, boards 5 

Province st. ct. 
Gilchrist D. S. counsellor, 15 Mass. block 
Gilchrist John, carpenter, bds. 1 Winslow pi. 
Gile Alberto F. 107 State, house 1 Cotting 
Gile John, truckman, 5 T wf. h. 127 Pinckney 
Gile John C. restorator, Haverhill, n. the bridge 
Gile Moses, truckman, bds. 10 May 
Gile Nathaniel, house 2 Grove 
Gile Simon, provisions, bds. 10 May 
Gile Stephen, truckman, bds. 10 May 
Giles Alfred E. counsellor, 46 Washington 
Giles Alonzo M. stabler, h. 1 Zone 
Giles George B. plough maker, h. 230 Fourth 
Giles James, clothing, h. 5 Southac 
Giles James, piano-forte maker, bds. 20 Harvard 
Giles Joel, counsellor, 4 Court 
Giles Robert, stone cutter, h. 14 Harrison av. 
Gilfather Daniel, laborer, h. Gold, c. A 
Gilfeather Francis, laborer, h. 44 S. Margin 
Gilfeather John, house 3 Sullivan place 
Gilfeather Michael, tailor, h. 3 Sullivan pi. 
Gilfillan James, plumber, house 30 Bridge 
Gilhoolay Catherine, widow, h. Cottage, o. May. 
Gilkuy Isaac D. clerk, bds. 78 Federal 

Gill Aaron, stevedore, h. Everett, c. Jeffries, E. B. 
Gill Caleb & Co. (E. H. Gill), booksellers, 145 

Broadway, h. Third, n. B 
Gill Caleb, jr. h. Third, n. B [Broadway 

Gill Caroline M. widow of Capt. Simon, house 252 
Gill C. C. house Fayette, c. Jeff"erson 
Gill Charles, 8 Market sq. h. at Charlestovra 
Gill Christopher, captain, h. Fayette, c. Jefferson 
Gill Edward, boarding, house 240 Ann 
Gill Edwin H. (Caleb Gill ^ Co.), h. Third, n. B 
Gill Elijah B. grocer, East, c. South, h. 34 South 
Gill Henry, laljorer, house 16 S. Margin 
Gill Henry W. printer, h. 316 Fourth 
Gill Hugh, laborer, house 2 Newland 
Gill Jas. B. painter, Curve, c. Albany, b. 11 Porter 
Gill John, laborer, house r. 83 Endicot 
Gill John, laborer, house 2 Newland 
Gill John, laborer, house 142 Commercial 
Gill Josiah, carpenter, bds. 47 Portland 
Gill Maria, house r. 446 Washington 
Gill Matthias, laborer, house 28 Oneida 
Gill Michael, fireman, h. Cottage, n. Maverick 
Gill Nancy, widow, house 3 Snowhill 
Gill Owen, laborer, house 2 Newland 
Gill Peter F. clerk, house r. 27 Brighton 
Gill Roger, laborer, house 5 Hancock row 
Gill Samuel AV. machinist and letter cutter, 86 

Portland, house r. 1 Lancaster 
Gill Sarah, widow, boards .34 Albany 
Gill Thomas, reporter Boston Post, h. 808 Wash. 
Gill Warren, painter, boards 3 Suffolk 
Gill William, laborer, house 8 Prince 
Gill William G. tin plate worker, bds. 6 Fleet 
Gillan John, laborer, house r. 51 Friend 
Gillaway Bridget, widow, house 23 Vine 
Gillen Dennis, laborer, h. Cooper, cor. Salem 
Gillespie James, laborer, house 49 Kneeland 
Gillespie James, laborer, hoxise 35 S. Margin 
Gillespie John, grocer, 113 Sea 
Gillespie John W. carpenter, h. 692 Washington 
Gillespie John W. gilder, 398 Washing, b. 445 do. 
Gillespie Joseph A. mer. tailor, 56 Washing, h. 40 

Gillespie Mark, house 52 Essex 
Gillett George S. h. 110 Harrison av. 
Gillett Simon, 110 Harrison av. 
Gilley John E. M. 9 Congress 

Gilley Sarah W. millinery, 542 Washington, h. do. 
Gilliard Otho, hair dresser, boards 8 Second 
Gillin John, box maker, 4 Diamond block 
Gillin John H. shipwright, h. Liverpool, E. B. 
Gillin Thomas, shipwright, h. Liverpool, E. B. 
Gilling Rebecca, widow, house r. 104 Purchase 
Gillingliam Albert, clerk, bds. 151 Pleasant 
Gillings John, pump & block maker, h. 11 Belmont 
Gillis James, laborer, h. Sun ct. pi. 
Gilhnan Gideon, teamster, h. 4 Blake's ct. 
Gilman Arthur, architect, 19 Trem't r. b. at Albion 
Gilman Benjamin F. physician, bds. 61 Federal 
Gilman Caleb, cutler, 3 Bromfield 
Gilman Charles (Harmon ^- G.), h. at Somerville 
Gilman Eliphalet (Chadbourn S; G.), h. at Chelsea 
Gilman G. C. watchman, h. 4 Blake's ct. 
Gilman Geo. AV. grocer, 153 Ann, h. 3 Causeway 
Gilman Henry D clerk, 100 Beach, h. 50 Essex 
Gilman John, laborer, h. Second, n. Turnpike 
Gilman John, machinist, bds. 11 Channing 
Gilman John H. teamster, house r. 8 Pitts 
Gilman John S. 43 Fulton, boards at Chelsea 
Gilman Joseph, tailor, h. 61 Atkinson [18 do. 

Gilman Joseph P. refreshments, 17 Brattle sq. h. 
Gilman Julia, widow, house Creek square 
Gilman Mitchell L. S. sail maker, h. 2 Carroll pi. 
Gilman Nancy, carpet maker, 513 AVashington 
Gilman Samuel K. at Post Office, h. 12 Howard 
Gilman Sarah Mrs. boarding, 3 Avery 
Gilman Sarah, widow, house 3 AV. Dedham 
Gilman Thomas R. bds. 4 Blake's court 
Gilman AVilliam S. house 1 Emerald 
Gilmartin Hugh, baker, bds. 16 East 



Gilmartin John, baker, house 78 Essex 
Gilmore Addison, president W. Railroad, 12 Rail- 
road Exchange, h. at Watertown 
Gilmore Albert W. fruit and produce, 34 Merch'ts' 
row, house 18 Prospect [South, c. Summer 
Gilmore Arraanda, restorator, 2 Foster's wf. boards 
Gilmore Bradley M. 23 Howard, bds. 110 Court 
Gilmore (Eli ah) & Carpenter {John A.), contract- 
ors, 15 R. R. Exchange, h. 687 Washington 
Gilmore Freeman, clerk, house 11 Lindall place 
Gilmore Geo. M. clerk, bds. 18 Prospect [Chelsea 
Gilmore James Q. clerk, 42 E. Railroad wf. bds. at 
Gilmore John, ostler, bds. 9 Hawkins 
Gilmore John T. carpenter, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Gilmore Jona. {Treat, Peirce S^ Co.), h. at Chelsea 
Gilmore Josiah, 12 S. Market, house at Newton 
Gilmore {J. A.) & Clapp (^-1.), W. I goods, 5 Mer. 

row, up stairs 
Gilmore Nicholas, laborer, h. 3 Gouch [Poplar 
Gilmore Quiucy A. teacher Eliot School, bds. 69 
Gilmore Samuel, carpenter, b. 10 Maverick block 
Gilmore {Sanford), Harwood (Z>.), & Co. {B. F. 
Campbell), shoes and leather, 77 Pearl, house 
6 Burroughs place 
Gilpatrick David, house 1 North Charles 
Gilraen John, oysters, 223 Ann 
Gilson Ann D. tailoress, house 2 Olive place 
Gilson Calvin, stone mason, h. 1.^ iSIilton 
Gilson Gardner, mason, house 7 Ohio place 
Gilson Henry S. cork cutter, h. 46 S. Margin 
Gilson Henry Y. {Wight iSf G.), h. at E. Cambridge 
Gilson Jane Mrs., Tremont, near Dover 
Gilson {Nathaniel, Jr.) & Henry (IF. G.), fruit, 

Cornhill, cor. Court, h. 22 Bridge 
Gilson Samuel, mason, house Tremont, n. Dover 
Gilson Wm. W. 63 Pearl, h. Summer, c. Hawley 
Ginn Charles, ship carpenter, h. Saratoga, E. B. 
Gipson Jonas C. stabler, Broadway, h. 427 do. 
Girardin Louis, physician, 2 Eliot 
Girdler Richard, superintendent Mass. Hospital 
Gire Jacob, laborer, house 62 Emerald 
Girshard Benjamin, seaman, 30 Soutliac 
Girvin Sarah & Maria, dress makers, 48 Merrimac 
Given John, housewTight, bds. Second, near B 
Givens N. C. trunks, boards 3 Pinckney 
Givens Sarah, house 3 Pinckney 
Glacken Michael, tailor, 90 Ann 
Glancey Thomas, laborer, h. 2 Thacher court 
Glancy Terrence, groceries, 112 Ann, house do. 
Glarvan Edward, blacksmith, house Bolton, n. B 
Glavin Daniel, laborer. Cove place 
Glavin John, laborer, house 16 Bennet 
Glawson Francis, mariner, h. 18 Adams lane 
Glawson John B. plasterer, house 6 Jackson av. 
Gleason Alpheus, carpenter, h. 150 E, near Bolton 
Gleason Benj. A. (S. W. Gleason ^ Sons), house 

Meridian, near Trenton 
Gleason Charles, cooper, h. Third, betw'n D and E 
Gleason Chas. L. harness maker, h. 173 Third, n. D 
Gleason Daniel, glass cutter, h. c. Dove & Second 
Gleason Elizabeth, house 29 Beach • [414 Wash. 
Gleason Ezra W. homa^o-hydropathic institution, 
Gleason Frederick, publisher. Court, c. Tremont 
Gleason Horace, counsellor, 9 State, h. at Chelsea 
Gleason Jas. G. manuf. cream freezers, 82 Comm'l 
Gleason John, laborer, h. Broadway, near K 
Gleason John P. 57 Milk 

Gleason Michael, laborer, h. Second, n. Dorchester 
Gleason S. W. & Sons ( IF. B. &; B. A.), ship carv- 
ers, 82 Com'l, h. Meridian, n. Trenton, E. B. 
Gleason Thomas D. porter, ale, & cider, 85 Broad, 
and 194 Fourth, h. 192 Fourth [ward place 
Gleason Wm. B. (.S*. W. Gleason &; Sows), h. 6 Hay- 
Gleason Wm. H. provisions, Prince, cor. Thacher, 

boards 2 Sheafe 
Gleason Wm. T. printer, house 6 Lawrence place 
Gleason Winsor {Long Sf G.), h. 84 Salem 
Gleeson Michael, laborer, h. Com'l, near Foster 
Gleeson Michael H. druggist. Federal, cor. High, 
house 3 Hudson 

Gleeson Wm. grocer, 44 Turnpike, house do. 
Glen Samuel R. asst. editor Herald, 19 State, h. 

46 Leveret 
Glennen Edward, shoe maker, h. 2 Columbia 
Glennen Martin, house Tyler court 
Glidden Charles E. clerk, bds. 18 Dover place 
Glidden Daniel, watchman, bds. 87 Charter 
Glidden Eliza, house 18 Dover place 
Glidden Ira F. conductor, house 44 Carver 
Glidden Rhoda, dress maker, h. Third, near D 
Glidden {Wm. T.) & Williams {J. M. S.), mer- 
chants, 29 Lewis wharf [Hanover 
Glines Augustus M. {Burbank <Sr G.), boards 144 
Glines Mary S. W. tailoress, house 19 Thacher 
Glossender John, watchman, h. rear 72 Salem 
Glover Albert, painter, house 11 Tileston 
Glover Albert {J. B. Glover i^ Co.), h. 9 Rowe 
Glover Alfred R. o Mer. row,' bds. 30 Pearl 
Glover D. L. engraver, 1 Summer, bds. 84 Bedford 
Glover Edward, type caster, house 460 Commercial 
Glover Elisha V. constable, 1 Franklin avenue, h. 

20 Bridge 
Glover Elisha V. jr. 64 Milk, h. Webster, E. B. 
Glover Frederick {Dyer S<; G.), boards 9 Elm 
Glover George S. 53 Central wf. h. at Dorchester 
Glover Henry R. {Manning, Glover ^ Co.), house 

at Cambridge 
Glover Horatio N. jr. 230 Wash. h. at Quincy 
Glover James, house 9 Rowe [Dorchester 

Glover James, jr. grain and flour, 82 Sea, house at 
Glover Jonas, house 7 Castle 
Glover Joseph B. & Co. {Albert Glover), com. mer. 

132 Milk, house 9 Rowe 
Glover Joshua B. watchman, h. 28 Oswego 
Glover Kittredge, house 4 Green 
Glover Lewis J. physician, 3 Pleasant 
Glover Lloyd, engraver, 1 Summer, bds. 9 Winter 
Glover Martin, jeweller, bds. 8 La Grange place 
Glover Mary Ann, dress maker, h. Gardner place 
Glover Samuel, carpenter, house 20 Bridge 
Glover Samuel G. merchant, 53 Central wf. house 

at Roxbury 
Glover Sarah, variety store, Tremont, c. Warren 
Glover Theodore R. 53 Central wf. h. at Roxbury 
Glover Washington, boards 16 Lincoln 
Glover William, house 1 Norfolk place 
Glover & Co.'s Express, Railroad Exchange 
Glufling Edward, cabinet maker, h. rear 35 Pitts 
Glynn Henry C. bds. U. S. Hotel 
Glynn John, bell hanger, Hawley pi. h. 262 Trem. 
Glynn Margaret Mrs barroom, 3 Fleet, h. do. 
Glynn Patrick, laborer, h. 14 Orange lane 
Glynn William, carpenter, h. 22 Erie 
Godbold Gustavus A. & Son {John), shipsmiths, 

Battery wf. house at Chelsea [ton, E. B. 

Godbold Henry St. John, shipwTight, h. Prince- 
Godbold John (G. A. Godbold Sj Son), house at 

Goddard Benj. merch. 39 Cent. wf. h. 22 Pemb. sq. 
Goddard {D. 8; G. T.) & Adams ( IF. 7/.), boots and 

shoes, 67 Pearl, house at Roxbury 
Goddard Elias AV. {CLipp &: G.), house 5 Unity 
Goddard Eunice Mrs. nurse, house 9 Morton 
Goddard George S. 9 Shoe and Leather, boards 11 

Goddard Geo. T. (G. (Sf Adams), b. at Roxbury 
Goddard George W. provisions, 110 Purchase, h. 5 

Purchase place 
Goddard John, mast maker, h. 8 Hull [Olivef pi. 
Goddard John P. coach trimmer, 80 Federal, h. 8 
Goddard Jonathan, boards 58 Federal 
Goddard Nathaniel, house 22 Pemberton square 
Goddard Nathaniel, jr. merchant, 39 Central whf. 

house 22 Pemberton square 
Goddard Rebecca, widow, house 2 Florence 
Goddard Robert H. {Tenney if G.), 46 Water 
Goddard Samuel, penny post, h. 33 Pleasant 
Goddard Thomas, carriage manufacturer, 80 Fede- 
ral, house 57 do. 
Goddard Thomas A. {lasigi ^ G.), h. 134 Tremont 



Goddard Wm. house 19 Purchase 
Goddard Wm. E. furniture, h. 36 Friend [Chesnut 
Goddard William W. merchant, 17 Union wf. h. 21 
Goddard Wm. W. provisions, 1 Gouch, house do. 
Godfrey Charles G. (Lotkrop S^ G.), house 13| 

Crescent place 
Godfrey {David S.) & Mayhew (.4. C), boots and 

shoes, 12 Elm, house at Milford 
Godfrey Joseph, laborer, house 2 Pitts 
Godfrey Leocadia Mrs. house 39 Charter 
Godfrey Robert, piano-forte maker, bds. 1 Alden 
Godfrey Z. M. T. silversmith, house 9 Garden 
Godsoe Wm. H. bds. 33 Atkinson 
Goerz George, boot maker, house 18 Rochester 
Goft" Darius (Geo. Lawton ^ Co.), h. at Pawtucket 
GofF Hugh, glass blower, h. Silver, near Dorchester 
Goft' Patrick, laborer, house 5 Southac 
Goft' William, piano-forte maker, house 1 Dedham 
Goff William R. laborer, bds. 1 W. Dedham 
Goggin Richard, laborer, h. Baker's alley 
Golbert George, mast maker, h. 2 Salem court 
Golbert Robert, sail maker, h. 29 Thacher 
Golding Adelia, boards 7 Eliot 
Golding Catharine, widow, h. 3 Cove place 
Golding Edward, wool sorter, house Colony 
Golding Gilbert, carpenter, house 7 Albion 
Golding James, laborer, house 5o Endicot 
Golding James, plasterer, house Meridian 
G^olding John P., W. I. goods, 133 Ann, house at 

Golding Julia, widow, house 1 S. May 
Golding Thomas, laborer, h. r. 13 S. Margin 
Goldsbury John, counsellor, 8 Railroad Exchange, 

boards 36 Albany 
Goldsmith Henry, jewelry, 251 Hanover, h. do. 
Goldsmith Seth, book binder, 30 Cornhill, house at 

Charlestown [Wash. h. 607 do. 

Goldsmith Wm. jeweller and optician, 300 and 607 
Goldthwait Charles, machinist, house 3 Canton 
Goldthwait Heman, hides and leather, 27 Shoe and 

Leather, bds. Revere House 
Goldthwait John {Bates 4' G.), b. Bromfield House 
Goldthwait Joseph G. shoe maker, 3 Brattle sq. 

house 3 Sheafe [h. at Chelsea 

Goldthwait Jos. L. boots and shoes, 167 Hanover, 
Goldthwait Loring, boots, 27 Shoe and Leather 
Gollitf Augustus, stevedore, h. 3 Paris place, E. B. 
Gonaher Antoine, laborer, h. Gold, near C 
Gooch Dan'l W. {Day ^f G.), counsellors, 14 Mass. 

block, bds. at Maiden 
Goodale Edward, painter, bds. 3 Noyes place 
Goodale Elbert, livery stable, foot of Hanover, h. 2 

Endicot court [Essex 

Goodale H. L. provisions, Essex, c. South, bds. 32 
Goodale James, o Fulton, h. at Charlestown 
Goodale John W. house 3 Noyes place 
Goodale Joseph AV. bds. 8 Hartford place 
Goodale Joshua, weigher, 31 India, h. 36 Fayette 
Goodale Joshua S. clerk. Adj. Gen. office 
Goodell Calvin, overseer Lowell R. R. h. 52 Billerica 
Goodell Florella L. boarding, 19 Cross 
Goodhue James S. Mrs. house 19 Tyler 
Goodhue John Mrs. house Milldam 
Goodhue Stephen AV. apothecary, 258 Broadway, 

near E, bds. 83 do. 
Gooding A. AV. B. 3 Exchange, house at Cambridge 
Gooding Charles, blacksmith, bds. 10 Fruit 
Gooding Geo. harness maket, 3 Museum building 
Gooding Henry, watch maker, 117 Ann, house at 

E. Cambridge 
Gooding Josiah, watches, 83 AA^'ash. h. 11 Dover 
Gooding Samuel H. brass finisher, h. 21 Spring 
Gooding {Thomas) & Gavett (.4. J.), brass found- 
ers, 12 Hawkins, house 1 Carnes court 
Goodland AVilliam, printer, bds. 129 Essex 
Goodman Margaret Mrs. h. 48 Salem 
Goodnough {Jacob X.) & Richardson (J.), produce, 

80 State, bds. 40 Lincoln 
Goodnough Mary H. nurse, h. 18 Norfolk place 
Goodnow Albert, teamster, bds. 12 Sea 


Goodnow Asa, salesman, house 31 Charter 
Goodnow Charles L. {Slack ^ G.}, boards 2 Nassau 
Goodnow Daniel {J., D. § G. Goodiioio), house 144 

Goodnow Elbridge G. clerk, 62 Milk,b. 20 Kings'n 
Goodnow Elisha, h. 62 A, corner Athens 
Goodnow Ephraim S. proprietor AVashington Ho. 

158 AVashington [Franklin House 

Goodnow George (/., D. § G. Goodnow), boards 
Goodnow J., D. & G., W. I. goods, 29 S. Market, 

boards at Sudbury 
Goodnow Jones, paver, house 7 Blossom court 
Goodnow Jos. {L. ^ J. Goodnow), h. at Charlest'n 
Goodnow Luther & J. lumber, Causeway, near 

Charlestown bridge, bds. 38 Green 
Goodnow Peter, com. mer. 29 Central, h. Boylston, 

corner Church 
Goodnow Peter, jr. stabler, house 5 East 
Goodnow Salome Mrs. h. 199 Hanover 
Goodnow Sophia Mrs. dress maker, 25^ Salem 
Goodnow AVilliam King, bds. AVash. Coffee House 
Goodrich Charles, house 138 Purchase 
Goodrich Ch. B. counsellor, 30 Court, h. 12 Lincoln 
Goodrich Daniel, bds. 135 Harrison avenue 
Goodrich {Elijah D.) & Mallary {J. S.), stoves and 

ranges, 15 & 16 Gerrish block, Blackstone, b. 

Kneeland, cor. Harrison avenue 
Goodrich Elizabeth, house 1 S. Cedar 
Goodrich Emily, widow, h. Cambridge, c. Charles 
Goodrich Geo. K. broker, 13 Brattle sq. house 24 

Goodrich {Ira) & Dyer {James), merchant tailors, 

5 Joy's building, 81 Wash. h. at Charlestown 
Goodrich Luther, cutter, 4 Brattle, h. 56 Myrtle 
Goodrich Lydia A. Mrs. house 1 Fruit st. court 
Goodrich Mary, widow, h. r. 23 Friend 
Goodrich Mary Mrs. house 4 Clark 
Goodrich Sam'l G. 11^ School, h. at Roxbury 
Goodrich Silas, band box manuf. rear 25 Court, h. 

Causeway, n. Charlestown 
Goodi-ich AVm. S. 129 AVash. h. 58 Carver [54 Oak 
Goodridge Ambrose H. printer, Atlas office, house 
Goodridge Emily, house rear 33 AA'arren 
Goodridge James L. book keeper, 33 AVater, house 

2 Marion [dover 

Goodridge Lowell, restorator, 98 Court, h. 17 An- 
Goodridge Nancy B. Mrs. house 58 Carver 
Goocb'idge Philip AV. carpenter, 19 Hawley 
Goodridge Rebecca P. widow, house 51 Spring 
Goodridge Sarah, miniature painter, bds. 5 Myrtle 
Goodridge AVm. L. 16 S. Market, h. 38 Pearl, near 

Goodridge William S. clerk, house 58 Carver 
Goodsell Curtis B. mariner, house Meridian, E. B. 
Goodwin Albert G., P. R. R. depot, b. 136 Pleasant 
Goodwin Albion, housewriglit, boards 25 May 
Goodwin Amasa, saleratus, h. 82 Middlesex 
Goodwin Benj. grocer. Ferry whf. Lewis 
Goodwin Caleb, teamster, h. 10 Haymarket place 
Goodwin Charles, carpenter, h. Murray court 
Goodwin Daniel, {Holmes i^ G.), house Monmouth, 

corner Marion, E. B. 
Goodwin Edwin, type maker, house S. Russell 
Goodwin Elias, laborer, bds. 45 Atkinson 
Goodwin Eliza, h. 7i Louisburgh square 
Goodwin E. C. matron Instit. for the Blind, S. B. 
Goodwin Elijah H. carpenter, h. 148 E, n. Bolton 
Goodwin E. S. ( IVm. F. {; E. S. Goodwi7i), boards 

13 Montgomery place 
Goodwin George, grocer, Erie, e. Albany 
Goodwin George L. book keeper, Quincy Hall, bds. 

29 Essex 
Goodwin Geo. T. {Punchard A G.), bds. 5 Mason 
Goodwin Henry C. 12 School 
Goodwin Henry M. car builder, house Dorchester 
Goodwin H. C. b. Harrison av. cor. Beach 
Goodwin Horatio L. carpenter, h. 7 Canton pi. 
Goodwin Hugh H. pattern maker, h. 104 Third 
Goodwin Isaiah {Peterson cV G.), h. 25 May 
Goodwin John, pattern maker, h. 317 Broadway 



Goodwin John D. painter, h. r. 30 S. Cedar 
Goodwin John F. painter, 88 Portland 
Goodvnn Levi, carpenter, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Goodwin Maria Mrs. house 53 Beacon 
Goodwin Nathaniel, laborer, house r. S. Cedar 
Goodwin Nehemiah, laborer, h. 10 Haymarket pi. 
Goodwin Ozias, h. 29 Mount Vernon 
Goodwin Richard H. horse shoer, 16 Haverhill, h. 

Cooper, opp. Cooper st. ct. 
Goodwin Ruth Mrs. house 47 Cambridge 
Goodwin Susannah Mrs. tailoress, h. 82 W. Cedar 
Goodwin Sylvester, shipwright, b. New, cor. Cross 
Goodwin Tim'y, boarding, Dorchester, n. Broad'y 
Goodwin Timothy, hair dresser, bds. 33 Brattle 
Goodwin Wm. laborer, h. 2 Moon st. ct. 
Goodwin Wm. F. & E. S. house and sign painters, 

33 Bromfield, op. Chapel, h. 13 Montgomery pi. 
Goodwin Wm. L. B. C3 Congress, b. 11 Howard 
Goodwin Wm. W. bds. 6 AUston 
Googins James, blacksmith, b. Sumner, n. Havre 
Googins Lenity, widow, house 8 Kneeland 
Googins Mark, blacksmith, Sumner, h. Havre, E. B. 
Gookin AbijahB. (-4. Whitney &; Co.), b. 42 Lowell 
Gookin J. Monroe, 97 Milk, bds. 20 Winter 
Gookin S. H. (.S. Parsons <S,- Co.), h. 21 Edinboro' 
Gordon Abigail Mrs., Cross, cor. Salem 
Gordon Amos W. teamster, h. Silver, n. B 
Gordon Charles, physician, house 6 West 
Gordon Charles P. house 18 Bridge 
Gordon Elizabeth Mrs. h. 8 Ash 
Gordon Frederick A. physician, 17 Salem, h. do. 
Gordon George, mariner, h. 8 Jackson av. 
Gordon George, cabinet maker, h. r. 16 Bennet 
Gordon George B. silversmith, h. 18 Bridge 
Gordon George William, mercantile agency, 25 

Kilby, h. 8. Beacon 
Gordon Henry L. waiter at City Hotel 
Gordon James M. teller Columbian Bank, house 17 

Indiana place [ton 

Gordon James P. {D. Sullivan S; Co.), h. 35 Kings- 
Gordon Nath. P. 1 City wf. h. 1 Winthrop, E. B. 
Gordon Robert, groceries, 32 Cross, h. do. 
Gordon Thomas, 67 Pearl, bds. 54 Harvard 
Gordon Thomas A. laborer, bds. 18 Lowell 
Gordon William, laborer, h. 5 Leveret 
Gordon William G. 2 Milk, h. 44 S. Russell 
Gore Christopher, sign painter, h. 2 Spring st. pi. 
Gore Christopher C. clerk, 9 Court, h. 15 Vernon 
Gore Haskell, paver, h. 8 East st. pi. 
Gore Jeremiah, cash. Traders' Bank, h. at Roxb'y 
Gore John P. clerk, 28 State, bds. at Roxbury 
Gore S. paver, house 4 Newbern pi. 
Gore Theodore A. clerk, house 7 Wall 
Gore Watson, book keeper, 333 Wash. h. at Roxb'y 
Gore Watson, jr. book keeper, 8 Pearl, h. at Roxb'y 
Gorely Jane, laundress, h. 12 Atkinson 
Gorham Abigail R. Mrs. h. 5 Hall pi. 
Gorham Benj. counsellor, 19 Court, h. 126 Trem. 
Gorham Charles, teamster, h. 10 Livingston 
Gorham Francis (^Ashley &; G.), h. 105 Mt. Vernon 
Gorham H. Gardiner, h. 159 Tremont P^ury 

Gorham (Horace S.) & Ide {Henry), bakers, 22 Sud- 
Gorham Horace S. truckman, h. 22 Causeway 
Gorham J. {Jenkins, G. <Sr Co.), 55 Pearl 
Gorham Jas. L. {J. Whitney ^ Co.), h. at Jamaica 

Gorham Joseph, laborer, house 10 Maple pi. 
Gorham Lot, h. Paris, n. Sumner, E. B. 
Gorham Matthias, truckman, bds. 22 Causeway 
Gorham Warner A. truckman, h. 22 Causeway 
Gorham William E. mason, h. 1 East st. pi. 
Gori Ferdinando, restorator, 19 Doane, h. Erie 
Gorman Dennis, laborer, house 68 Atkinson 
Gorman George, plumber, h. 9 Mt. Vernon av. 
Gorman James, waiter, house 8 Cove 
Gorman James, tailor, house 82 South 
Gorman James, house 86 Broad 
Gorman John, laborer, house 6 Cove place 
Gorman John, horse shoer, Hatters' square, house 
3 North Federal court 

Gorman Patrick, brakeman, house 77 Albany 
Gorman Thomas, grocer, Essex, cor. Kingston 
Gorman Thomas, laborer, opp. 13 Washington sq. 
Gorman William, laborer, h. 67 A, n. Broadway 
Gormancy Michael, laborer, h. 199 Ann 
Gormas Emanuel, seaman, h. Comm 1, c. Charter 
Gormley James, laborer, h. 21 Atkinson 
Gormley Thos. plasterer, h. Dedh'm, opp. Trem'nt 
Gormley Wm. laborer, h. 80 Endicot 
Gormly Felix, laborer, house r. 65 Eliot 
Goss Alfred, teamster, h. Seventh, n. E 
Goss Emery, restorator, cellar, 6 F. H. Market, h. 

7 New Prince 
Goss Esther R. Mrs. house 261 Tremont 
Goss Hannah Mrs. house 77 Carver 
Goss John, laborer, house 9 Bridge st. ct. 
Goss John, mason, bds. 61 Temple 
Goss Pierce, marble polisher, bds. 26 Oswego 
Goss Watson R. cabinet maker, h. 8 Washing, ct. 
Gossler & Co. (C. H. F. Morinfj <Sr Ab?ier Kitig- 

man), merchants, 31 India wf. 
Gott Jabez R. mason, h. 3 W. Dedham 
Gouge Edward, house 17 Spring 
Gough John, waiter, h. 78 Atkinson 
Gould Ann Mrs. house 28 Blossom 
Gould Augustus A. physician, 15 West 
Gould Augustus W. clerk, bds. 4 Wall 
Gould Benj. mason, house W. Dedham 
Gould Benj. A. merch. 20 Union wf. h. at Roxb'y 
Gould Benj. T. grocer, Merrimac, c. Causeway, h. 

1 Prospect 
Gould Catharine W. tailoress, h. 101 Chambers 
Gould Chandler, pile driver, b. Sumner, n. Havre 
Gould Chas. C. house 84 W. Cedar 
Gould {Charles D.), Kendall {C. S.), & Lincoln 

{Joshua), booksellers and publishers, 59 Wash- 
ington, h. 12 Hayward pi. 
Gould Charles H. carpenter, h. 12 Lyman pi. 
Gould Charles H. {Smith is G ), 15 Harvard 
Gould Corbin, baker, 50 Myrtle, h. 42 do. 
Gould Cyrus P. 1 City wharf, h. 30 Myrtle 
Gould Daniel, 25 Federal, h. 53 Marion 
Gould David R. lather, h. 4 S. May 
Gould Dudley F. currier, h. 11 Billerica 
Gould Ebenezer P. laborer, h. r. 39 Friend 
Gould Elijah, waterman, h. r. 4 Garden ct. st. 
Gould Eliza, milliner, 5 Cambridge 
Gould Erastus B. house 5 Porter 
Gould E. house 96 Tremont 

Gould Frederic A. dry g'ds, 188 Hanover, b. 127 do. 
Gould Frederick, house 47 Prince 
Gould Frederick, mason, house 6 Blossom ct. 
Gould Frederick L. {Chilson, Dunklee ^ Co.) 
Gould Granville B. under Boylston Market, house 

62 Carver 
Gould Hannah, house 65 Eliot 
Gould Harriet, widow, house 19 Kneeland 
Gould Israel, laborer, hovise 1 Maiden 
Gould Ivory, cap manuf. 31^ Elm, h. 1 Russell pi. 
Gould Jacob S. & Co. {Arthur McAvoy), iron, 8 

Faneuil Hall, h. at Cambridge 
Gould James com. mer. 19 Merchants' Exchange, 

h. at Lexington 
Gould John, carpenter, house Second, n. F 
Gould John, milkman, h. S. Boston point [town 
Gould John B., State B'nk, 40 State, h. at Charles- 
Gould John E. teacher, order box 115 Wash. 
Gould J. M. shoes, 71 Fulton 
Gould Joanna, widow, h. Havre, n. Maverick 
Gould John S. hackman, h. 24 Bridge 
Gould Joseph P. coppersmith, 27 Causeway 
Gould Joshua, cabinet maker, h. 4 Middlesex 
Gould Josiah, clerk B. & W. R. R. h. 8 Albany 
Gould Levi, house 75 Nashua 
Gould Levi L. 78 Milk, bds. Adams House 
Gould IMary Ann, house 53 Dover 
Gould Morris, cap maker, 31^ Elm 
Gould Nathaniel, teamster, h. 200 Harrison av. 
Gould Oscar O. housewright, h. 42 Myrtle 
Gould Patrick, carpenter, h. 20 N. Margin 



Gould Peletiah, clerk, 50 Water, b. National House 
Gould Reuben B. H. blacksmith, h. Fifth, n. E 
Gould Richard H. provisions, h. 3 W. Castle 
Gould Salma E. pile driver, h. Liverpool, n. Decatur 
Gould Samuel, clerk, house 28 Blossom 
Gould Samuel, bds. Webster, n. JetFries 
Gould Samuel, house 49 Dover 
Gould Samuel, clerk, boards 9 La Grange place 
Gould Samuel L. teacher Winthrop School, house 

Dover, c. Village [18 Union, h. 10 Margaret 
Gonld {T/iaddeus) & Stowe {<).), hats, caps, &c., 
Gould Thomas, housewright, house 21 Friend 
Gould Thomas R. boots and shoes, 71 Fulton, h. 

28 Blossom 
Gould Wm. rigger, house 2 N. Townsend pi. 
Gould Wm. J. 269 Wash, house 4 Middlesex 
Goulding Henry, {Hubbard ^ G.) 
Goulding Henry, fireman, b.' Tyler, c. Curve 
Goulding John, tailor, house 34 S. Margin 
GouUaud Louis, cook, house 3 N. Russell 
Gourgas F. R., Custom House, h. at Concord 
Gouriey John, laborer, house 32 Thacher 
Gove Abial, ship carpenter, boards 129 Hudson 
Gove Abner L. paper hanger, house 31 Lowell 
Gove Arthur B. clerk, boards 15 Somerset 
Gove Calvin, produce, head City wharf, h. at Cam- 

Gove Charles J. furnishing goods, 54 Hanover, 

and 1 Blanchard's block. Court, bds. 133 do. 
Gove Charles O. house 4 Jefferson 
Gove Enoch {Chamherlm &, G.), house 24 Poplar 
Gove G. C. clerk, bds. 8 La Grange place 
Gove Jeremiah D. house 24 Poplar 
Gove John & Co. (J. D. Lekind), clothing, 1 & 2 

Hichborn block, Ann, cor. I3arrett, house 11 

Dix place 
Gove John F. grocer, Creek sq. h. r. 19 Endicot 
Gove John G. leather, 75 Fulton, h. 26 Lynde 
Gove Moses J. house Central sq. E. Boston 
Gove Rachael M. boarding, 20 Bennet 
Gove Rodney Mrs. house 10 Ash 
Gove Rufus, house 10 Stm-gis place 
Gove Samuel, housewright, house 84 Prince 
Gove Simon M. 34 Ann. bds. 15 Somerset 
Gove Warren, cabinet maker, bds. 27 Meridian 
Gove Warren, machinist, house 45 Broadway 
Gover Josephus, laborer, house 57 W. Cedar 
Gowan Benj . caulker, house 6 Clark [bridge 

Goward Watson, 75 Blackstone, house at W. Cam- 
Gowen {Charles) & Richardson {Thomas), 85 F. 

H. Market, house 2 Richmond [House 

Gowen Horace M. bonnet presser, boards Central 
Gowing Nancy, widow, boarding, 508 Washington 
Grace Charles F. clerk, 10 Marshall, b. 15 Lincoln 
Grace Edward, handcartman, house Jasper place 
Grace Edward, porter Custom House, h. 15 Lincoln 
Grace James G. chaise maker, h. 2 Bartlett 
Grace Joseph, fireman flour mill, house Border, 

near Maverick, E. B. [E. B. 

Grace Lawrence, laborer, h. Border, near Sumner, 
Grace Mary Mrs. house 10 Oliver 
Grace Mary Mrs. house 4 East st. place 
Grace Patrick, blacksmith, h. 31 Merrimac 
Grace Thomas, machinist, house 10 Newland 
Grace Thomas, tailor, house 59 Pitts 
Graden John, laborer, house r. 10 Pleasant 
Grady Colman, mason, h. r. 10 Charlestown 
Grady David, porter, Tudor's building, 20 Court 
Grady Dennis, laborer, h. Cove, n. Kneeland 
Grady Francis, waiter, house 10 Federal ct. 
Grady James, laLorer, house 5 New Cross 
Grady John, machinist, h. Newland, c. Brookline 
Grady John, laborer, house 1 Utica place 
Grady John, tailor, house 25 Hamilton 
Grady Joseph, laborer, house 15 Bartlett 
Grady Thomas, laborer, h. 7 Nashua court 
Graffam Benjamin, proprietor Chesnut Cottage, 

15 Portland 
GrrafFum Rvith H. tailoress, boards 34 W. Orange 
Grafton Charles G. clerk, 81 State 

Grafton & Co. {Daniel G. &; S. G.), furnishing, 85 
Washington, D. G's house 26 Carver [place 
Grafton Jos C, Custom Ho. barge, h. 9 Purchase 
Grafton Samuel G. {Grafton &; Co.), 85 Washing. 
Gragg {Oliver) & Homer {James), livery stable, 

opp. 12 West, house 18 do. 
Gragg Wm. A. house 3 CheiTy [Court 

Graham Aaron, carpenter, 23 Exchange, boards 81 
Graham Arthur, wheelwTight, h. 138 Hudson 
Graham George, 47 Milk, boards 2 Suffolk pi. 
Graham George R. Mrs. h. 5 Adams 
Graham James, job wagon, house 18 Oneida 
Graham John, pile driver, house 86 Chesnut 
Graham Matthew, house 138 Hudson 
Graham Robert, laborer, h. 112 E. Dedham 
Granger David, surveyor of work, 17 old State 
House, h. 91 Charles [House, b. 91 Charles 
Granger David A. civil engineer, 17 old State 
Granger Edward, ostler, h. Ontario 
Granger Francis, cabinet maker, 505^ Washington 
Granger Maria A. teacher, Dover, c. Wash. b. 91 

Granger Miranda W. tailoress, h. 12 Sullivan pi. 
Granger Sumner, painter, house 2 Church 
Granger Wm. machinist, h. 50 Bridge [Marion 
Grannis Cyriis L., Old Colony R. R. depot, h. 19 
Grant A. Watson, wha^rfinger, Russia wharf, house 

at Charlesto\vn 
Grant Anna Mrs. house 53 Mt. Vernon 
Grant Augustus, laborer, house 11 Livingston 
Grant Benj. boards 1 Chauncy place 
Grant Charles, house Ontario [at Roxbury 

Grant Charles E. paper hangings, 12 Union, house 
Grant Daniel, carpenter, b. 5 Kneeland place 
Grant Daniel, carpenter, house 112 Pleasant 
Grant Edward, clerk, house 20 Rochester 
Grant Edward, teamster, boards 45 Atkinson 
Grant Edward B. broker, 2 Change av. house at 

Grant Edwin, clerk, 37 Atkinson [^pike 

Grant Ellen, widow, h. Second, between A & 1 urn- 
Grant Frederick, clerk, 64 Hanover 
Grant Geors;e, clerk, 125 Cambridge, h. 5 N. Grove 
Grant George H. 18 India, boards U. S. Hotel 
Grant Henry, 110 Fulton, house at Salem 
Grant John, mason, boards 22 La Grange pi. 
Grant John, machinist, b. 234 Harrison av. 
Grant John, carpenter, b. 5 Kneeland place 
Grant John & Michael, marble manufac. First, n. 

Turnpike, house Ontario 
Grant Joshua B. mason, house 13 Fayette 
Grant Keziah, house 4 Beach 
Grant Mary, house r. 98 Fourth 
Grant Michael (J. Sf M. Grant), h. foot of Swan 
Grant {Moses), Daiiiell {Otis), & Co. {S. D. War- 
ren), paper, 10 Union, house 7 Cambridge 
Grant Moses P. clerk, 10 Union, h. 7 Cambridge 
Grant Patrick {W. B. Reynolds § Co.), house 53 

Mount Vernon 
Grant Theodore, teacher dancing, h. 13 Channing 
Grant Walter E. hair dresser, Fulton House 
Grant Washington, house U E. Dedham 
Grantham Frederick W. commis. merch. 26 Fos- 
ter's wharf, h. 128 Fourth 
Granville Maria J. dress maker, 8 Oliver place 
Granville Oren H. {Gilbert S^ G.), h. 19 Poplar [ton 
Granville Thomas H. clerk Post Office, b. 13 Mor- 
Grattan Edmund A., British Consul, 11 Doane, b. 

40 Summer 
Graupner Harriet, music teacher, b. 22 Beacon 
Graupner John H. music printer, house Third, n. 

Graupner Mary H. Mrs. boards 22 Beacon 
Graupner Stephen H. {Loriny ^ G.), b. 22 Beacon 
Graves Adams T. carpenter, house 33 Southac 
Graves Adoniram J. 92 Hanover, house London, n. 

Maverick, E. Boston 
Graves Alden G. machinist, house 5 N. Grove 
Graves Alexis J. brewer, house 752 Washington 
Graves Andrew F. clerk, 29 Cornhill 





Graves Benjamin, clerk, 36 India 

Graves Geo. carpenter, boards 5 E. Dedham. 

Graves Chester H. house 8 Hudson 

Graves Eben, shipwright, house Marion, E. B. 

Graves Harvey, architect, 11 Joy's building, bds. 

14 Morton place 
Graves Horace, boarding, house 19 Thacher 
Graves Mark, clerk, 202 Washington 
Graves James, laborer, house 11 Andover 
Graves John, Eagle Oyster Saloon, 4 Fleet, b. do. 
Graves Lyford W. truckman, bds. 6 Sturgis place 
Graves Mark, bds. 42 Harrison avenue 
Graves Mary W. teacher of music, h. 6 Suffolk pi. 
Graves Otis J. clerk, 389 AVash. bds. 3 Avery 
Graves Susan Mrs. house 32 Southac 
Gray Alfred T. 29 & 31 Water, house at Roxbury 
Gray Albert, clerk, house 21 Fayette 
Gray Ann, widow, house 13 Cyprus 
Gray Charles, 3 Court square 
Gray Cvrene, tailoress, bds. 54 Poplar 
Gray Edward A. laborer, 32 Central, h. 18 Cooper 
Gray Edward J. hair dresser, AVashington, c. Dover 
Gray Edward T. hair dresser, bds. 37 Spring 
Gray Francis, painter and glazier, house 4 Butolph 
Grav Francis A. merchant, 31 Central whf. house 

"20 Chesnut 
Gray Francis C. counsellor, house 5 Park 
Gray F. H. physician, 5 Hancock 
Gray (Frederick) & Morse (Samuel T.), commis. 

mcrch. 44 Central whf. h. 5 Hancock avenue 
Gray Frederick T. Rev., Tremont, c. Court, h. at 

Gray George, h. 5 Hancock avenue 
Gray George, house rear 6 Leveret 
Gray (Geo. II.) & Co. (Wm. G. Prince ^ Henry A. 

Page), domestic hardware, 87 Milk, house at 

West Cambridge [Somerville 

Gray Geo. W. architect, 6 Joy's building, house at 
Gray Gilbert, mariner, h. rear 27 Belknap 
Gray Harriet & Susan, h. 21 Fayette [Roxbury 
Gray Henry A. (Henry D. Gray &; Co.), liouse at 
Gray Henry D. & Co. (Richard Leeds and II. A. 

Gray), W. I. goods, 24 India, h. at Roxbury 
Gray James, piano-forte polisher, house 23 S. Cedar 
Gray John, house 26 Winter 
Gray John, laborer, house May street court 
Gray John C. counsellor, 30 Court, h. 30 Summer 
Gray John G. 57 Milk, house at Roxbury 
Gray John H. boards at Albion 
Gray Joseph H. (Blanchard, Converse <Sj Co.), bds. 

United States Hotel 
Gray Joshua, machinist, house 53 Sea 
Gray Martha, widow of Robert, h. 6 Staniford 
Gray Martha R. widow, h. 22 Sudbury 
Gray Nathaniel H. varnisher, 416 Wash. h. 57 Sea 
Gray Pardon, clerk at Exchange Coffee House 
Gray Peta, widow, house 38 Southac 
Gray P. Daniel, rope maker, b. Western av. Hotel 
Gray Reuben F. varnisher, 621 Wash. h. 8 Ohio pi. 
Gray Samuel C. merchant, 31 Central wharf, house 

75 Mount Vernon 
Gray Samuel W. varnisher, house 11 Oneida 
Gray Solomon S. carpenter, house 2 Porter 
Gray Thomas (Halves, Gray S^ Co.), house 4 Win- 

throp place 
Gray Thomas Mrs. house 25 Winter 
Gray Thomas S. grocer, Maverick, c. Paris, house 

Maverick, c. Liverpool 
Gray Thomas W. house 4 Winthrop place 
Gray Warren, laborer, bds. Paris, n. Sumner 
Gray Weston, teamster, h. Paris, n. Sumner 
Gray William, cook, house 18 Southac 
Gray Wm. counsellor, 30 Court, h. 18 Pemb. sq. 
Gray Wm. E. laborer, house 15 Suffolk 
Gray William H. jeweller, 159 Washington, house 

at Jamaica Plain 
Gray Wm. R. Mrs. house 5 Hancock avenue 
Gray Zebina S. 37 S. Market 
Graydi James, laborer, house Milldam 
Greaves Wm. & Sons, 42 & 44 Pearl 

Greeley Edward, laborer, h. 4 Charlestown 

Greeley Gorham, book keeper, h. 34 Oxford 

Greeley Joseph (C/ias. Wilkins &; Co.) 

Greeley Moses R. student, 133 Hanover 

Greeley Newell (Atkins &; G.), h. Saratoga, E. B. 

Greeley Samuel, house 4 Hudson 

Greeley Wm. E. (C/iamberkiin ^ Co.), 5 Lewis wf. 

Greely Noah, hatter, 51 Court, h. at Somerville 

Grcely Patrick, teamster, house 5 Olive place 

Greely Philip, jr. collector of the Customs, house 

11 McLean [Princeton, E. B. 

Green Alexander F. hatter, h. 5 Brown's block. 
Green Andrew, Custom House, h. at Chelsea 
Green Caleb, cooper, h. rear 2 N. Bennet 
Green Catharine F. widow, house 1 Allen place 
Green Charles A. clerk Post Office, h, 13 Lindall pi. 
Green Charles A. hay, Har. av. n. the bridge, h. 

81 Hudson 
Green Daniel, 30 Dock sq. bds. 30 High 
Green Dyer, miller, h. London, n. Sumner 
Green D. B. broker, 2 Congress sq. h. at Medford 
Green Elijah L. shipsmith, h. 27 South Cedar 
Green George (Bent/ey &; Green), h. 25 Charter 
Green Geo.^H. (C. E. King S^ Co.), b. 1 Wash. sq. 
Green Henry, oysters, Lewis, c. Fulton, house 17 

Green Henry A. 49 Milk, h. 24 Summer 
Green Hugh, mason, h. r. Second, n. Turnpike 
Green (Isaac) & Carr (Josejjh), dry goods, 44 Han- 
over, h. Allen, cor. Blossom 
Green James, laborer, house 7 Second 
Green (James M.) & Davis (B. S.), blacksmiths, 

First, near Turnpike, h. Bolton, near C 
Green James W. teacher, h. 97 Fourth 
Green Jane, widow, boarding house, 30 High 
Green John, cooper, boards 18 Prince 
Green John, bds. 456 Washington 
Green John, jr. painter, 657i Wash. h. 657 do. 
Green John A. mariner, house 59 Prince 
Green (Jona. P.) Sc Capen (Wm. IF.),mer. tailors, 

118 Washington, h. 44 S. Russell 
Green Joseph, cooper, house 2 Lane place 
Green Joseph W. fish, 6 T whf. h. 16 Charter 
Green Joseph W. jr. fish, 41 Long whf. house at 

Green Martha, widow, h. Hull, cor. Salem 
Green Martin, grocer, 42 Endicot, house do. 
Green Mary, tailoress, house 37 Myrtle 
Green Mary, house 13 Battery 
Green Mary Mrs. h. 2 Henchman lane 
Green Michael & Thos. & Co. (Tobias Purccll), 

marble and freestone, opp. 196 Harr. av. h. 

Green Nathan G. house South Williams 
Green Neil, laborer, house 23 Morton 
Green O. H. P. counsellor, 46 Wash. h. at Camb. 
Green Orion, shower bath manufac. 293 Wash. h. 

25 Indiana place [Roxbury 

Green Peter, piano-forte maker, Newton, house at 
Green Robert, cooper, h. Eutaw, E. B. 
Green Samuel, engineer, h. Noble place, E. B. 
Green Samuel, cl'k, h. 93 Fourth [Quincy House 
Green Samuel S. teacher Philips School, boards 
Green Thomas, blacksmith, h. 22 Wash, avenue 
Green Thos. (.S. G. Bowdlear ^- Co.), h. at Chelsea 
Green Thomas B. caulker, h. r. 6 Spear alley 
Green Townsend, teamster, h. Fourth, betw. D & E 
Green William, painter, 657^ Wash. h. 6 Village 
Green William, cigar maker, bds. 5 Southac 
Green AVilliam, blacksmith, B. & W. car shop 
Green William, machinist, bds. 6 Billerica 
Green William, surveyor wood, house 18 Prince 
Green William, jr. printer, house 6 N. Bennet 
Green (William J.) & Adams (J. Q.), platers, 9 

Hawley [Warren 

Greenberg Jacob, merch. tailor, 555 Wash. bds. 55 
Greene Benjamin D. house 3 Mount Vernon 
Greene Benj. H. book store, 124 Wash. h. 77 Dover 
Greene Charles G. apothecary, 667 Washington, h. 

1 Kellam place 



Greene Charles G. (Beals % G.), editor Bost. Post, 

house 41 Bowdoin 
Greene Charles T. wheelwright, h. 53 South 
Greene Francis, bds. 42 Oak 

Greene Franklin, jr. 36 Pearl, h. at Jamaica Plain 
Greene G. Mrs. house 32 Beacon 
Greene Henry B. C. bds. 5 E. Canton 
Greene H. B. C. Mrs. house 5 Canton 
Greene James H. paper hanger, h. 187 Fourth 
Greene John H. 157 Court 
Greene John AV. carpenter, h. 6 Taylor 
Greene Joseph B. clerk, house 24 Nashua 
Greene Joseph H. boots and shoes, 157 Court, h. at 

Greene J. P. tailor, h. 44 South Russell 
Greene Lois, dress maker, bds. 11 Auburn 
Greene Manuel, laborer, house 18 Curve 
Greene Martin, laborer, house 56 Atkinson 
Greene Mary, house 18 Eliot 
Greene Mary and Hannah, h. 6 Arch 
Greene Moses C. physician, Merrimac, c. Prospect 
Greene Nathaniel, bds. at Albion [bridge 

Greene Otis, ship chandlery, 7 India, h. at Cam- 
Greene Rebecca Mrs. variety store, 52 Belknap, 

house do. 
Greenleaf Catharine, h. r. 47 Merrimac [Temple 
Greenleaf Francis S. (Ci-ac/in, G. ^- Co.), house 37 
Greenleaf Gardner, mason, h. 6 Hartford place 
Greenleaf George, reporter Daily Times, house 2 

Almont place 
Greenleaf James, cabinet maker, h. 8 Rochester 
Greenleaf John, fireman, bds. Tyler, cor. Curve 
Greenleaf L. boards 9 Brattle square 
Greenleaf Mary, wid. of Sam'l, h. 16 Winthrop pi. 
Greenleaf Mary Mrs. dress maker, h. 47 Myrtle 
Greenleaf Richard C. (C. F. Hovey S; Co.), house at 

Jamaica Plain 
Greenleaf Ruth, house 30 Pearl, cor. High 
Greenleaf Simon, counsellor, 4 Court 
Greenleaf Susan C. dress maker, h. 4 Fayette ct. 
Greenleaf Wm. job wagon, 115 Camb. h. 42 Poplar 
Greenleaf William, mason, boards 47 Myrtle 
Greenleaf William, jr. cab driver, bds. 47 Myrtle 
Greenman Josiah, stoves, 16 Union 
Greenough Alfred (Curtis Sf G.), h. 74 Beacon 
Greenough Benjamin F. house 13 Brighton 
Greenough David S. counsellor, 23 Court, house at 

Jamaica Plain [bds. 10 Crescent pi. 

Greenough Henry M. & Co. auctioneers, 30 Wash. 
Greenough (James), Jameson (N. W. C.), & Co. 

(Hiram Covell), hats and furs, 50 & 52 Water, 

h. 196 Hanover [26 Beacon 

Greenough John, artist, 17 1-2 Tremont row, house 
Greenough John A. cameo cutter, 197 Wash. 
Greenough Richard S. sculptor, 5 1-2 Tremont row. 

house 10 Ashburton place 
Greenough AVilliam 8c Co. (Wm. W. Greenough), 

hardware, 14 Merch. row, h. at Cambridge 
Greenough Wra. W. (Wm. Greenoiujh .Sf Co.), h. 

56 Temple [bds. 36 Leveret 

Greenwood Caroline S. Mrs. millinery, 5 Hanover, 
Greenwood Dexter, dry goods, bds. 16 Myrtle 
Greenwood Edwin L. dentist, 18 West, boards 51 

Greenwood Elizabeth, nurse, house 49 Albany 
Greenwood F. W. P. Mrs. house 6 Boylston place 
Greenwood George, boards 1 North Russell 
Greenwood Oilman (James Bliss §• Co.) 
Greenwood Ira, broker, 2 Congress sq. h. at Roxb. 
Greenwood James M. hosiery, &c. 8^ Tremont row, 

bds. Province House ct. [square 

Greenwood James W. tobacco and cigars, 9 Market 
Greenwood John, paints and varnish, 9 & 11 E. R. 

R. whf., h. at Brighton 
Greenwood Joseph, clerk, boards 18 Hanover 
Greenwood Mary, widow, house Plymouth pi. 
Greenwood Samuel D. boots and shoes, 5 Hanover 
Greenwood Stephen P. 43 S. Market, h. at Cam- 

bridgeport [church 

Greenwood Thomas T. h. Fourth, opp. Unitarian 

Greenwood Walter J. teamster, boards 36 Sea 
Greenwood Wm. A. 31 Wash. h. Charles, c. May 
Greenwood William P. house 51 Chambers 
Greer George, baker, boards 505 Washington 
Greer Hiram, watchman, house 2 Commercial 
Greer Mary A. Mrs. boarding, 2 Salem place 
Greer Robert, stevedore, h. 1 Sigourney place 
Greer Robert, physician, house Sigourney place 
Gregerson James B. physician, h. 33 Hancock 
Gregerson ( Wm. H.)ik: Sumner (F. A.), ship chand- 
lers, 10 Commercial wf. h. at Roxbury 
Gregg Charles C. watchman, house 89 Chambers 
Gregg George, cutter, 34 Ann, h. 5 Morton 
Gregg Samuel, physician, 5 Howard, house do. 
Gregg Samuel, house 18 Leveret [Leveret 

Gregg Washington P. counsellor. City Hall, h. 18 
Gregory Abijah, carpenter, bds. 80 Middlesex 
Gregory Benjamin, waiter, h. 25 Short Second 
Gregory Edward (Cheney, Averill, ^ Co.), house 34 
Lowell [h. at Cambridge 

Gregory Franklin E. (Button, Richardson, iSr Co.), 
Gregory George, 25 Cornhill, h. at Medford 
Gregory Samuel, sec'ry Am. Med. Education Soci- 
ety, 2-5 Cornhill, bds. 7 Pitts 
Gregory Samuel H. & Co. (Thomas Christy, <Sr S. S. 
Coti^tant), paper hangings, 25 Court, house 49 
Gregson Nancy, upholsteress, 53 Tremont 
Greig George {EUiott S; G.), 11 Doane 
Grenville A. S. physician and chemist. Chemical 

Works, Swan, n. R. R., h. 128 Athens, n. B 
Grevitte Christopher, laborer, h. r. 432 Comm'l 
Grew Henry (Perkins, Doe, &: Co.), h. at Dorchester 
Grew Thomas, moulder, boards 56 Leveret 
Gribban Thos. laborer, house rear 211 Hanover 
Gridley E. M. house 74 Tremont 
Gridley Geo. A. (Barry S^ G.), h. 71 South Sufiblk 
Gridley Hervey N. 25 Federal, h. 25 W. Cedar 
Gridlev (/. W. L.), Gay (Geo. M.), & Perkins 
(John), crockery, &c. 40 & 42 Broad, house at 
Jamaica Plain 
Grier George, baker, house 86 Warren 
Griffeth William, waiter, h. 2 French place 
Griffin Abigail, widow, house 13 Cherry [lar pi. 
Griffin Abner C. truckman, 53 Causeway, h. 5 Pop- 
Griffin Albert, boards 1 Rochester 
Griffin Ann, widow, house 54 Nashua 
Griffin Caroline Mrs. boarding, 11 Indiana 
Griffin Celinda, dress maker, 57i Eliot 
Griffin Charles J. pile driver, house 2 Oswego 
Griffin Daniel, tailor, 6 North Russell, house do. 
Griffin Daniel, laborer, house on Howe's wharf 
Griffin David H. tin plate worker, h. 3 Ohio place 
Griffin Edwin, clerk, boards 21 Sheafe 
Griffin F. C. clerk, house 13 Cherry 
Griffin Francis, laborer, house 61 Porter, E. B. 
Griffin George, boarding, 31 Brattle 
Griffin George, teamster, house Meridian, E. B. 
Griffin George, mariner, house 190 Ann 
Griifin James, cutter, Quincy Hall, h. 136 Hanover 
Griffin James, laborer, h. East st. pi. cor. East 
Griffin James A. type founder, h. 8 Williams 
Griffin James W. cook, house 2 Snowhill 
Griffin John, house rear 27 Belknap 
Griffin John, laborer, house Silver, near A 
Griffin John, laborer, house 17 Hamilton 
Griffin John C. tailor, house 156 Hanover 
Griffin John M. baker, 81 Charter, house do. 
Griffin Joseph A. carpenter, h. Liverpool, E. B. 
Griffin Joseph B. painter, 72 Cambridge, house 8 

Blossom court 
Griffin L. E. pile driver, house 2 Oswego 
Griffin Margaret, groceries, 164 Fourth, house do. 
Griffin Michael, boarding, 12 North square 
Griffin Michael, laborer, h. Everett court, E. B. 
Griffin Patrick, laborer, house 6 Lehigh 
Griffin Patrick, carpenter, boards 16 Williams 
Griffin Patrick, stevedore, house foot of Minot 
Griffin Reuben P. blacksmith, h. Fifth, near D 
Griffin Sarah, nurse, house 3 Hamlen place 



Griffin Simon G. 25 S. Market, bds. 4 Oliver 
Griffin Thomas, stevedore, h. Com'l, n. Foster 
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house 62 Atkinson 
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house 90 Broad 
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house 7 Oliver 
Griffin Thomas, laborer, h. Liverpool, n. Decatur 
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house Third, near K 
Griffin William, laborer, house 90 Broad 
Griffin William, tailor, house 5 Williams 
Griffin Wilson, house 7 Harvard place 
Griffith Edward, carrier, house 68 Atkinson 
Griffith E. R. painter, Avery, house 57 Pleasant 
Griffith William, watchman, h. 7 Purchase place 
Griffiths Charles & Co. saw manufacturers, 62 Con- 
gress, h. at W. Cambridge [h. 12 Portland 
Griffiths Chas. W. & Co. millinery goods, 57 Court, 
Griffiths Wm. wholesale manf. millinery, 12 Portl'd 
Grigg Elizabeth Mrs. house 2 Rochester 
Griggs Charles, wines, &e. 24 & 25 Brattle sq. h. 
at Charlestown [h. at Cambridge 
Griggs F. C. clerk at Griggs & Forbes', Causeway, 
Griggs Geo. counsellor, 4 Court, h. at Brookline 
Griggs Joannette Mrs. house 35 South Cedar 
Griggs John, trader, house 5 Lenox [court 
Griggs John H. grocer, 715 Wash. h. 2 Medford 
Griggs Lewis, house 5 West Centre 
Griggs {Nat/ian'l) & Forbes ( Wm.), coal and wood. 
Causeway, counting room 16 State, house at 
Griggs Robert D. machinist, house 35 S. Cedar 
Griggs Samuel W. architect, b. 5 Lenox [Brookline 
Griggs Stephen R. {Seccomb, Taylor ^ Co.), h. at 
Griggs Thomas J. carpenter, house r. 10 Hawkins 
Grimes Francis, house 37 Myrtle 
Grimes Henry, mason, house Arnold 
Grimes James, laborer, house rear 29 Cross 
Grimes John, laborer, house 420 Commercial 
Grimes Leonard, painter, house 59 Myrtle 
Grimes Octavia, shirt and dress maker, 59 Myrtle 
Grimes Robert, ship sawyer, h. Second, n. F 
Grimes Thomas, ship sawyer, h. Second, n. F 
Grimes AVm. tailor, house 62 Atkinson [place 
Grindle Ezekiel H. express wagon, h. 5 Second st. 
Griner David, slater, boards 64 Sea 
Griner John H. {Riley &; G.), bds. 102 Chambers 
Grissom Elijah, porter, house 4 Southac court 
Griswold Alexander, harness and trunk maker, 38 
Portland [vere House 
Griswold Almon W. counsellor, 30 Court, bds. Re- 
Grisw^old Calvin, laborer, b. Belmont, opp. Lane pi. 
Griswold John M. paper hanger, bds. 9 Brattle sq. 
Groenevelt Edward, music teacher, b. 148 Pleasant 
Groenvelt Gustavus, jeweller, bds. 148 Pleasant 
Groom Thomas, stationer, 82 State, h. at Dorehes'r 
Grose Joseph, marble polisher, h. 15 Friend [ave. 
Grose Wm. provisions, 11 Merrimac, h. 2 Kennard 
Grosjean Charles (Woodward i<; G.), h. 25 Fayette 
Grosvenor {Daniel P.) & Moulton {€. J. B.), in- 
surance brokers, 72 State, h. at Salem 
Gross Isaac S. {Conant § G.), h. 9 Lyman place 
Gross Jaazaniah, shoes, 8 Clinton, h. 9 Lyman pi. 
Gross John A. D. clerk, 103 Milk, b. Franklin H. 
Grouney Charles S. S. clerk, bds. 1 Champney pi. 
Grouney Christopher, waiter, h. 1 Champney pi. 
Grout James, hackman, house 38 Kingston 
Grout {Beth) & Murdough (J. W.), livery stable, 

Beach, h. 38 Kingston 
Groux A. P. Madame, dress maker, h. 9 Myrtle 
Groux Daniel E. coins, &c. 2^ Green, h. 9 Myrtle 
Grover Addison {Jenkins ^ G.), 1 Adams House 
Grover Asaph W. varnisher, b. Orange 1. c. Wash. 
Grover Chas. F. varnisher, h. Orange, c. Wash. 
Grover Daniel Mrs. h. Jefferson, c. Fayette 
Grover Nathaniel, shipsmith, h. 2 Purchase pi. 
Grover Nathaniel D. shipsmith, h. Princton, E. B. 
Grover Oliver, housewright, h. 6 May st. pi. 
Grover Sam'l, carpenter, 11 Merrimac, h. 69 Lowell 
Grover Stephen, bds. r. 25 Dedham 
Grover Zebulon, provisions, h. S. Russell 
Groves Isaac, shoes, 202 Broadway, c. D, h. do. 

Groves Richard, mariner, h. 4 Robinson alley 
Groves Susan, widow, h. Gold, n. D 
Groves Thomas M. teacher of music, h. 2 Church 
Grow William, blacksmith, h. Trenton, E. B. 
Grows David P. {Mason ^ G.), h. 13 W. Centre 
Grubb William, clerk Suffolk Bank, 60 State, h. 

85 Leveret 
Grueby Edward L. 7 Congress, h. 6 Meridian, E. B. 
Grueby Samuel A; mast maker, h. 434 Commercial 
Grueby Wm. H. mast maker, h. 2 Vernon pi. 
Grumm Matthew, laborer, h. 20 Washington p 1. 
Grundy James, brass finisher, 42 Devonshire, h. 10 

Second [10 Second 

Grundy Joseph, brass finisher, 42 Devonshire, h. 
Grundy Thomas, brass finisher, h. 10 Second 
Gruner John C. paper box maker, 543 Washington 
Gruschenski Joseph, cap maker, h. 4 Carlton pi. 
Grush Henry J. piano-forte mk'r, h. 8 Hay ward pi. 
Grush John H. hair dresser, 177 Hanover, house 

2 N. Bennet 
Gschwender Anton, machinist, h. 22 Church 
Gschwender Dominick, boot maker, h. 22 Church 
Guardenier John, book binder, 104 Washington, h. 

12 Garden 
Guenter John, clerk, 40 Ann, bds. 31 High 
Guernsey Luther B. counsellor, 31 Mass. block 
Guess Solomon, clothing, 32 Brattle, h. 36 Southac 
Gugenheimer David, h. 5 Carlton pi. 
Guigon Peter {Lacoste Sf G.), h. 5 Jefferson 
Guihon John B. mariner, h. 231 Hanover 
Guild Aaron, coal and lumber, Lincoln, c. Orange, 

house 57 Dover 
Guild Aaron I^ancis, house 57 Dover 
Guild Albert, dentist, 58 Hanover, c. Portland 
Guild Benj. counsellor, 4 Court, h. 24 Beacon 
Guild Charies Elliott, 119 Milk, h. 24 Beacon 
Guild Chas. H. {C. Guild S; Son), h. at Charlestown 
Guild Chas. M. 67 Water, "h. 26 Hancock 
Guild Chester & Sons {Chester, jr. & Charles H.), 

leather, 16 Blackstone, h. at Somerville 
Guild Chester, jr. (C. Guild Sj Sons), house at 

Guild Clarissa, teacher Dwight School, b. 79 Dover 
Guild Curtis, jr. 8 old State House, h. 11 Lincoln 
Guild Curtis Mrs. house 11 Lincoln 
Guild Francis {Shorey Sf Co.), h. at Dedham 
Guild Frederick {S. S; J. Guild S; Co.), house at 

Roxbury [bury 

Guild George {S. S;J. Guild S^ Co.), house at Rox- 
Guild Geo. D. counsellor, 4 Court, b. Wiuthrop H. 
Guild Geo. F. {Bird §•(?.), b. City Hotel [House 
Guild Geo. F. com. mer. 1 Central wf. b. Tremont 
Guild Geo. H. bedsteads, 4 R. R. block, Lincoln 
Guild Henry, manufacturing jeweller, 4 Court av. 

h. at Dorchester 
Guild Henry {Bric/qs, Guild .Sr Co.), h. at Roxbury 
Guild Henry C. clerk, 109 Milk, bds. City Hotel 
Guild Jas. (S. <Sf J. Guild ^ r'o.),h. at Roxbury 
Guild John, restorator, bds. 2 Lowell ct. 
Guild SamT E. counsellor, 4 Court, h. Boylston 
Guild Sam'l F. machinist, bds. 4 Broadway 
Guild S. & J. & Co. {Geo. &; Fred. Guild),' leather, 

40 North Market 
Guild W. Henry, 10 Central wf. h. 58 Hanover 
Guild Wm. {Bradbury S; Guild), h. at Newton 
Guild Wm. H. house 5 Walnut 
Guilford Bimsley P. 43 Merchants' r. h. 3 Pitts pi. 
Guilford Edwin R. daguerreotypist, b. 2 Central ct. 
Guilford J. M. h. May, cor. Grove 
Gulliver Eliza L. widow, h. 12 Sullivan place 
Gulliver Lem. cash. Union Bank, h. at Charlest'n 
Gunderson Jos. G., Boston Bank, h. at Cambridge 
Gunn C. K. 62 Milk 
Gunn C. M. house East Dedham 
Gunn Justin L. machinist, bds. C, n. Fifth 
Gunn Wm. S. {E. F. Hall &; Co.), 19 Kilby 
Gunning Edw. C. boot maker, 4 Avery, h. 7 Mason 
Gunnison Elihu, proprietor Mansion H. 95 Hanover 
Gunnison Elisha W. blacksmith, h. Mav'k, E. B. 
Gunnison Jas. {Sortwell Sj Co.), b. 95 Hanover 



Gunnison Mary, nurse, house 10 Canton 
Gunnison Samuel, machinist, h. 5 Washington ct. 
Gunnison Seward B. 18 Commercial, b. 95 Hanover 
Gunnison's Express, R. R. Exchange 
Guppy Jas. H. restorator, 54 Brattle, h. 1 Market 
Guvley James, laborer, house 15 Atkinson 
Gurney Edward B. 22 Devonshire [18 Oxford 

Gurney Elbridge, dry goods, Federal, n. High, h. 
Gurney George, clerk, h. 124 Fourth 
Gurney Henry H. Kinsell, h. 7 Avon pi. 
Gurney Henry L. pilot, h. Webster, E. B. 
Gurney James, moulder, h. 121 Broadway 
Gurney Nathan, house 7 Avon pi. [Howard 

Gustin Rebecca S. tailoress, 17 Hanover, boards 8 
Gustus J. Frederick, h. 1 Garden ct. st. 
Gutterson Wm. lumber. Swan, bds. 30 Albany 
Gutterson Wm. E. & Co. {Wm. M. Huntooii), lum- 
ber, Lehigh, c. Albany & Oneida, h. 30 Albany 
Gwinn George F. hair dresser, 12 Congress 
Gwynn Ann A. house r. 37 Pleasant 
Gynn Samuel, laborer, h. Milldam 

HACKETT CHRISTOPHER, coaches, Bromfield 

House, h. 17 Lowell [69 Brighton 

Hackett Hiram, freight master Lowell depot, h. 
Hackett Jeremiah C." stair builder, 18 Haverhill, h. 

37 Auburn 
Hackett John, laborer, house 10 Bridge 
Hackett LeRoy, mason, house 50 Nashua 
Hackett Philip, laborer, house 23 Southac 
Hadaway John T. & Co. paper hangings, 2 Union 

block, h. at Chelsea [Lynn 

Haddock Henry, silversmith, 5 Court av. house at 
Haddock Wm. trunk mak'r, 56 Court, b. 5 Seav'r pi. 
Hadley Alpheus, mariner, h. South, n. Harvard 
Hadley Carlton, laborer, house r. 154 Tyler 
Hadley Charles, porter, bds. 6 Porter 
Hadley Charles J. haii- dresser, 24 Blackstone, h. 

at Chelsea [High st. pi. 

Hadley Charles J. 2d, oysters, 24 Devonshire, h. 8 
Hadley Elizabeth, house r. 26 Belknap 
Hadley Jeremiah P. carpenter, E. Orange, b. 242 

Harrison avenue 
Hadley John, laborer, h. 56 Kneeland 
Hadley Lemuel H. dentist, 242 Harrison av. h. do. 
Hadley Moses, toll gatherer, Cambridge bridge, h. 

26" Charles [net pi. 

Hadley Samuel, hair dresser, 14 Boylston, h. Ben- 
Hadley Samuel B. hair dresser, 14 Boylston, h. 

Bennetpl. [Webster, E. B. 

Hadley Samuel D. tailor, 26 Washington, boards 
Hadley S. D. mason, h. 26 London 
Hadley Thos. J. piano-forte maker, h.263 Tremont 
Haely Lawrence, tailor, house 78 Atkinson 
Hafterin Daniel, laborer, h. 73 Eliot [nut 

Hagar Calvin (Joh?i Gilbert, jr. Sf Co.), h. 86 Chcs- 
Hagar Geo. W. & J. B. grain, Philadelphia Packet 

Pier, h. 7 Ashland 
Hagar John, brass founder, h. 8 Boylston square 
Hagar John, shoe maker, h. 1 Providence 
Hagar Josiah B. (G. W. ^ J. B. Hayar), boards 6 

Bowdoin sq. 
Hagar Marshall, laborer, house r. 47 Sea 
Hagar Martha, nurse, house 25 Garden 
Hagar S. nurse, 104 Hudson 
Hagen John, carpenter, house Robinson lane 
Hager John, cordwainer, Boylston, n. Tremont, 

h. Church, c. Providence 
Hager Sophia, milliner, 121 Hanover, h. do. 
Hagerty Cornelius, glass packer, h. 21 Third 
Hagerty Daniel, laborer, house 7 Essex place 
Hagerty Daniel, cooper, house Porter, E. B. 
Hagerty Edward, puddler, h. rear First, n. K 
Hagerty James, laborer, h. rear 171 Ann 
Hagerty Jeremiah, laborer, house 116.Sea 
Hagerty John, laborer, h. rear 18 Stillman 
Hagerty John, laborer, house 9 Oliver 
Hagerty John, house 8 Avery 
Hagerty Roger, shoe maker, h. 484 Commercial 
Hagerty Timo. laborer, h. I, bet. Broad'y and Third 

Hagerty Timothy, grocery, 8 Suffolk, house Mid- 
dlesex, near Castle 
Hagerty Timotliy, laborer, h. Cove, n. Cove pi. 
Haggerty John, boot maker, h. 2 Hamilton alley 
Haggerty John, laborer, house .^ Moon place 
Haggerston David, 5 Tremont row, opp. Hanover 
Hagin Jas. tailor, house 6(lAtkinson 
Hagin John, carpenter, h. 96 Endicot 
Hagmire Frederic W. musician, h. 8 Tileston 
Hague Williana Rev. editor Watchman and Re- 
flector, 122 Wash. h. at Roxbury 
Haheye Patrick, laborer, h. Athens, n. Dorchester 
Hahn Jacob & Son (jR. F. Hahn), grocers, Maver- 
ick, n. Liverpool, house do. [E. Boston 
Hahn Rodolphus F. (/. Mahn S^ Son), Maverick, 
Haight William, grocer, house 3 Commercial 
Haineman Bernard, jeweller, h. 4 Billings court 
Haines Joseph A. {Reed, Wade, &; Co.), h. 2 Short 
Haines Robert P. paper ruler, 21 Cornhill, house 
9 Cherry [lane 
Haislett Sam'l A. J. sail maker, h. 12 Henchman 
Halan Daniel, laborer, house Fifth, n. C. 
Hale Aaron, manufacturer India rubber goods, 247 

Broadway, house 245 do. 
Hale Aaron, expressman, boards 52 Portland 
Hale Artemas, jr. shoes, 19 Fulton 
Hale Benj. W., Post Office, house at Chelsea 
Hale Daniel L. house 5 Ashland 
Hale David W. salesman, house 21 Orange 
Hale Edwin, clerk, 401 Wash. bds. 1 Bennet 
Hale Elias, com. mer. 69 Hanover, h. 7 AUston 
Hale Eliza J. widow, house 38 Kingston 
Hale Elizabeth, h. Bradford, c. Medford court 
Hale Enoch, Post Office, h. Salem, c. Richmond 
Hale George, sec. Tremont Insurance Co. boards 

Winthrop House 
Hale George, boards 445 Washington 
Hale Henry M. boards 58 Essex 
Hale Henry S. clerk, 12 Dock square 
Hale Jerome B. house 15 Boylston square 
Hale J. M. agent Orphans' Advocate, Tremont, c. 
Common [folk, n. Dover 

Hale Joseph, instructor Johnson School, h. Suf- 
Hale L. H. & Co. (Benjcnnin French), daguerreo- 
type artists, 109 Washington, b. 1 Franklin 
Hale Moses L. sec. M. H. Life Ins. Co. house 65 
Hancock [ilton pi. 

Hale Nathan, editor Daily Advertiser, h. 6 Ham- 
Hale Nathan, jr. counsellor, 8 Congress, house 6 

Hamilton place 
Hale Pardon M. mason, house 14 Maiden 
Hale Robert, B. & L. R. R. depot, h. at Roxbury 
Hale Theodore P. dry goods, 69 Water, house 7 

Ashland av. 
Hale W. E. carriages, 12 Haverhill, b. Merrim'c H. 
Hales (TF/Z&wn), Page {Samuel), & Richardson 
{H. L.), insurance brokers, 5 Merchants' Ex- 
change, house 7 Chesnut 
Haley Alvin Mrs. house Sufiblk, n. Canton 
Haley Andrew, blacksmith, house 8 Newland 
Haley Bartholomew, tailor, house Gold, n. B 
Haley Daniel, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Cove 
Haley Dennis, laborer, boards 81 South 
Haley George, ostler, house 7 Cyprus 
Haley James, butler, house 22 Endicot 
Haley James, laborer, h. 8 N. Brighton 
Haley James, teamster, h. Suffolk, n. Lenox 
Haley James, mason, h. Commercial, opp. Foster 
Haley James, laborer, h. Paris court, E. B. 
Haley James, laborer, house 84 Sea 
Haley James, laborer, house Sun court place 
Haley James, keeper Merchants' Exchange 
Haley Jeremiah, laborer, house 79 Sea 
Haley John, laborer, house 18 Stillman 
Haley John, laborer, h. rear gun house. Fort Hill 
Haley John, laborer, house 4 Cove place 
Haley John, laborer, house 30 Thacher 
Haley John, laborer, house Milldam 
Haley John G. trunk maker, 52.^ Milk, h. 16 Oak 
Haley John J. ( W. ^ J. J. Haley), h. 55 Billerica 



Haley Joseph, blacksmith, h. 48 C, cor. Gold 
Haley Joseph K. book keeper, 5 Hanover, boards 

144 Harrison avenue 
Haley Josiah S. machinist, bds. 3 Dover place 
Haley Marcella, widow, house 13 Adams 
Haley Mary Ann, dress maker, 4 Oliver place 
Haley Michael, laborer, h. rear 98 Fourth 
Haley Michael, waiter, h. 9 Kingston st. ct. 
Haley Michael, cordwainer, house r. 90 Federal 
Haley Michael, shoe maker, 26 Wendall, h. do. 
Haley Michael, laborer, house 1 Seabury place 
Haley Michael, tailor, house 2 Portland pi. 
Haley Michael, trader, house 2 Andover 
Haley Patrick, carpenter, house 31 Oliver 
Haley Patrick, laborer, 7 Oliver 
Haley Patrick, cooper, h. 8 Eutaw. E. Boston 
Haley Patrick, stone mason, h. 61 Charlestown 
Haley Patrick, carpenter, house 2 Portland pi. 
Haley Richard, grocer, 198 Ann, house do. 
Haley Samuel W. & Co. grocers, Suffolk, c. Ded- 

ham, h. Suffolk, near Canton 
Haley Susan, widow, house 12 Fruit 
Haley Thomas, laborer, house Paris 
Haley Thomas, laborer, house 23 Stillman 
Haley Timothy, laborer, house 12 Genesee 
Haley Wm. & J. J. chairs, 96 Fulton, h. 50 Lowell 
Haley William, oysters, 100 Federal, house do. 
Haley Wm. P. chairs, 28 N. Market, h. atRoxbury 
Halfpenny James, laborer, house 24 Curve [ant 
Haliburton Geo. M. {Redding S; Co.), h. 109 Pleas- 
Halissey John, teamster, house Prentice's wharf 
Hall A. A. wood and hay, Church, opp. Shawmut 
Hall Abel, teamster, house 69 Sea 
Hall Abel, marble worker, house 9 Zone 
Hall Abigail, widow, house 77 Pleasant 
Hall Addison B. clerk, boards 161 Court 
Hall Adin, broker, 3 Exchange, h. 11 Ashb'ton pi. 
Hall Albert B. salesman, 84 Hanover [Charlestown 
Hall Alfred B. book keeper. Granite Bank, h. at 
Hall Alonzo, 73 Fulton, h. at Charlestown 
Hall A. Davis, 2-5 Kilby, boards 686 Washington 
Hall Andrew Mrs. house r. 44 Brighton 
Hall Andrew, broker, 5.^ Exchange 
Hall Andrew T. 114 Milk, house 87 Beacon 
Hall Arden {Tarr S^ H.), house 7 Shawmut 
Hall Ariston, clerk, 41 Pearl, house 7 Acorn 
Hall Arthur, musician, house 30 Grove 
Hall Arthur, merchant tailor, 3 Bromfield 
Hall Augustus J. boot counter manuf. 40 Fulton, 

house 2 Webster place 
Hall Barnabas {Baker S$ H.), boards 1 Howard 
Hall Barnabas Y. carpenter, house 7 Maiden pi. 
Hall Baxter, provisions, 629 Washing, h. 10 Ash 
Hall Benning, baker, boards lo Brattle [wharf 

Hall Betsey Mrs. seamstress, h. Broad, opp. Maine 
Hall Betsey, nurse, house 655 Washington 
Hall Charles G. architect and surveyor, 11^ Tre- 

mont row, house at Roxbury 
Hall Charles Henry, boards 67 Prince 
Hall Chas. Henry, clerk, 433 Wash. b. 42 Harvard 
Hall C. P. boards 13 Gouch 

Hall Chas. S. dyer, 70 Cornhill, h. at Charlestown 
Hall D. McGregor, clerk, boards 10 Allston 
Hall Daniel, leather dealer, 25 Shoe and Leather, 

house 325 Broadway 
Hall David, auctioneer, h. 2 N. Margin 
Hall David, 2 Boylston Market, house 42 Harvard 
Hall David, salesman, 5 Market square 
Hall Dennis, shoe maker, house 6 Wendell 
Hall Ebenezer, boot maker, Webster, n. Cottage, 

h. Havre, n. Maverick, E. Boston 
Hall Edward A. machinist, boards 188 Hanover 
Hall Edward F. & Co. {}Vm. S. Gumi), auction- 
eers, 19 & 21 Kilby, house 72 Dover 
Hall Edward R. 33 Commercial wf. bds. 65 Dover 
Hall Edwin H. 39 Milk, house at Maiden 
Hall E. H. & J. H. tailoresses, 655 Wash. h. do. 
Hall Ellis Gray, 54 Central wharf, h. 22 Vine 
Hall Ephraim, weigher, 31 India, h. 65 Dover 
Hall Ephraim A. depot master E. R. R. h. Orleans 

Hall Erastus C. 74 Milk, b. Wash. Coffee House 
Hall Fanny, boards 1 Alden [Brighton 

Hall Francis A. {Horton, Cordis, <Sf Co.), house at 
Hall Francis, jr., B. & F. River R.'R. b. 23 Fayette 
Hall Franklin, counsellor, 39 State, h. at Carabr'ge 
Hall Franklin A. {Noble if Co.), h. at Charlestown 
Hall Frederick F. 17 Doane, h. 24 Harvard 
Hall Fred. W., Custom House, h. at Charlestown 
Hall George, lumber surveyor, h. 16 Spring 
Hall George C. clerk, 4 Long wharf 
Hall Geo.l). {Colburn S^ H.), house at Medford 
Hall G. H. artist, 5 Aniory Hall [pi. 

Hall George S. book binder, h. Salem, opp. Baldwin 
Hall Geo. S. morocco, Fulton, c. Sho^ and Leath- 
er, house at Charlestown 
Hall George T. 77 Milk 

Hall Geo. W. clerk, 8 Blackstone, b. 1 Spring 
Hall {Harris A.) & Gay {H. A.), 87 F. H. Market, 

house 4 Charter 
Hall Henry, 11.^ Tremont row, h. 7 Somerset 
Hall Henry, jobber, house 5 Brighton ct. 
Hall Henry, clothing. Ferry, c. Ann 
Hall Henry A. clerk, 79 Court, bds. 3 Auburn ct. 
Hall {Henri/ A.) & Robinson {Frederick R.), man- 
ufacturers, 30 Charlestown, h. 761 Wash. 
Hall {Henry H.), Olmsted {Roland), & Co. dry 

goods, 77 Milk, h. 26 Harrison avenue 
Hall Henrv P. draughtsman, house 34 Charles 
Hall Hiram K. 20 Long wharf, house 22 Oak 
Hall Ilopestill, housewright, h. 4 East st. pi. 
Hall Horace D. 39 Com'l wharf, h. at Medford 
Hall Isaac, teamster, house 50 Oak 
Hall Isaac, jr. boarding, 4 Tyler 
Hall {Isaac C), Myrick {J. H.), & Co. {A. P. 
Clark), W. India goods, 35 Com'l, h. at Chelsea 
Hall Jacob, house 67 Prince 
Hall Jacob, jr. {Lombard &; H.), house 69 Prince 
Hall Jairus, house 4 Winthrop 
Hall James, stone cutter, house 76 Salem 
Hall James, carriage builder, Adams, h. 10 Eaton 
Hall James, finding store and stencil cutter, 10 

Dock square, h. 65 Pinckney 
Hall James, painter, house r. 44 Brighton 
Hall James B. carriage trimmer, bds. 10 Eaton 
Hall James D. house 686 Washington 
Hall Jane, widow, house 3 Auburn court 
Hall Jefferson P. house 48 Lowell [sell 

Hall Jeremiah F. com. mer. 38 Broad, h. 16 S. Kus- 
Hall John, stevedore, h. Havre, n. Maverick, E.B. 
Hall John, doors and glass, 15 Blackstone, house 

at Somer\-ille 
Hall John, laborer, house 18 Southac [Chambers 
Hall John, boot counters, 40 N. Market, h. 97^ 
Hall John, harness maker, house rear 54 Essex 
Hall John, at 48 Boylston [Cedar st. pi. 

Hall John B. printer, 11 & 66 Cornhill, house 4 
Hall John B. carpenter, h. 45 Harrison avenue 
Hall John G. {Ladd S^ H.), h. at Somerville 
Hall John K. teller Traders' Bank, h. at Somerv'le 
Hall John R., Railroad Ex., Court square, h. at 
Roxbury [bury 

Hall John R. architect, 11^ Trem. row, h. at Rox- 
HallJohnW. {Waterston, Pray & Co.), h. 18 
Boylston [gists, 1 Union, h. 51 Hancock 

Hall Jonathan P. & Co. ( Theodore N. Hall), drug- 
Hall Joseph, Mrs. house 682 Wash. 
Hall Joseph, navy agent, 17 Doane, h. 24 Harvard 
Hall Joseph F. machinist, h. Sumner, n. Cottage 
Hall Joseph F. watchman, 75 Commercial h. 5 

Hall Joseph P. 17 Doane, h. 24 Harvard 
Hall Joshua H. 9 Chatham row, bds. 28 Essex 
Hall Josiah, laborer, house 3 Cove 
Hall {Junius) & Bigelow {H.), counsellors, State, 

cor. Devonshire, bds. \5. S. Hotel 
Hall L. C. builder, house 15 Rochester 
Hall Leonard, house Dorchester, cor. First 
Hall Luther, Havre, near Sumner 
Hall Luke, ship\vright, house Central square 
Hall Margaret, Mrs. house 2 Eliot place 



Hall Margaret, house 68 Atkinson 
Hall Margaret W. teacher, bds. 10 Carver 
Hall Martin, carpenter, house 263 Tremont 
Hall Martin L. & Co. (S. Hall § A. J. Adnms), 
grocers, 2 & 3 Market sq., N. side Faneuil 
Hall, bds. Revere House 
Hall Mary N. millinery, &c. Wash. cor. Dover 
Hall Melissa H. dress maker, 23 Fayette 
Hall Milton, carpenter, house 5 Jefferson 
Hall Nathaniel, grocer, Green, c. Chambers, h. do. 
Hall Oliver, auctioneer, house 8 Sister 
Hall Oliver, 51 N. Market, house at Lynn 
Hall Osborn B. clerk Mec. Mutual Fii-e Ins. Co. 

house at Charlestown 
Hall Patrick, clerk, house 43 Federal 
Hall Peter, laborer, h. 2.5 E. Orange 
Hall {R. H.) & Pinks (/. //.), grocers, W. Centre, 

c. Southac, house 31 do. 
Hall Richard, hardware, 11 Kilby, h. at Roxbury 
Hall Richard, carpenter, house 10 Belmont 
Hall Robert W. clerk, house Fifth, near D 
Hall Sally, boarding, 7 Franklin 
Hall Sally, widow, h. 49 Spring [c. Maverick 

Hall Samuel, ship builder, Liverpool, h. Liverpool, 
Hall Samuel, jr. (A. G. Fanvell ^ Co.), bds. 4 High 
Hall Samuel H. teamster, house Second, near A 
Hall Samuel H. 327 Wash, boards 87 High 
Hall Sam'l Vi. grocer, 79 Commercial, h. Webster 
Hall Samuel Winship, printer, h. 9 E. Castle 
Hall Sarah, widow, house rear First, near K 
Hall Sarah A. house 28 Essex 
Hall Sarah D. house 107 Hudson 
Hall Solomon, housewright, house 19 Dover place 
Hall Solomon, jr. bds. 10 Indiana 
Hall Stephen, bds. IH Lincoln 
Hall Stephen (M. L. llall Sx, Co.), h. 14 Salem 
Hall Theodore A. 70 Milk [som 

Hall Theo. N. {J. P. Hall S; Co.), house 41 Bios- 
Hall Thomas, 1 Boylston Market, bds. 489 Wash. 
Hall Thomas (S. Pierce S^ Co.), h. at Dorchester 
Hall Thomas, fancv goods, 248 Wash. h. 38 Marion 
Hall Thomas B. {Williams lV Hall), h. 155 Trem. 
Hall Tim. tin plate w'ker. Centre, n. Ann,6Prince 
Hall Timothy, house 6 Beacon 
Hall Vincent, 91 Milk, h. 39 Bridge 
Hall Wendall, machinist, h. I, cor. Third 
Hall William, carpenter, h. 4 Newland 
Hall Wm. locksmith, 27 Dock sq. h. Sumner, E. B. 
Hall Wm. piano-forte maker, h. 4 Ohio place 
Hall Wm. shipwright, house Saratoga 
Hall Wm. A. printer, 22 School, h. 79 Bedford 
Hall Wm. C. {Pearmain &; H.), h. at Chelsea 
Hall Wm. F. {Bean Si Hall), bds. Lexington, E.B. 
Hall Wm. H. clerk, R. R. Ex. bds. 6 Cambridge 
Hall Wm. L. 30 Com'l wf. bds. at Roxbm-y 
Hall Wm. M. blacksmith, h. 4 N. Brighton 
Hall Wm. S. bds. U. S. Hotel 
Hallaghan Edward, laborer, h. 78 Atkinson 
Hallahan Michael, laborer, house 12 Bridge 
Halland Daniel, tailor, h. 87 Kneeland 
Halland Timothy, laborer, h. r. 90 Sea 
Halland William, laborer, house r. 90 Sea 
Hallet {Ezekiel) & Ladd (.4. jr.), piano-forte mak- 
ers, 296 Wash. h. 15 Hayward place 
Hallet Frederick, piano-forte maker, b. 7 Brookline 
Hallet George Mrs. house 3 Green 
Hallet Henry S. 19 India, h. 3 Green 
Hallet {Jacob G.) & Blake {J. S.), com. merch. 19 

Central wf. house 48 Dover 
Hallet Job, rope maker, h. 40 Fayette 
Hallet Loring, sash maker, h. 40 "Fayette 
Hallet (jR;, Cumston {IVm.), & Allen (Jf.), 

piano-forte manuf. 339 Wash. h. 2 Dover 
Hallett B. F. counsellor, 20 Court, h. 11 South 
Hallett {B. F.), Davis (G. //.), & Co. piano-forte 

makers, 417 Wash. h. 676 do. 
Hallett Daniel, carpenter, h. 129 Broadway^, cor. C 
Hallett Henry L. h. 11 South [Charlestown 

Hallett James H. bedding 16 Dock square, h. at 
Hallett Joseph, clerk, 16 Dock square 


Hallett Joshua, housewright, h. rear 12 Belmont 
Hallett Lothrop, ship smith, h. 14 Henchman lane 
Hallett Sanluel, laborer, h. 5 N. Grove 
Halliday Frances, widow, h. Silver, near B 
Halligan Hugh, laborer, h. rear Third, near D 
Halligan Michael, laborer, h. Har. av. c. Blake's ct. 
Halloran Edward, painter, bds. 5 Suffolk 
Halloran Nicholas, painter, 657A Wash. h. 5 Suffolk 
Halloran William, carpenter, house 37 Oneida 
Hallworth Joseph L. printer, 8 Congress, house at 

Hainan John, grocer, 81 Sea, h. do. 
Halstrick John B. piano-forte maker, h. 17 Canton 
Halstrick Joseph, silversmith, r. 301 Wash, house 
Trumbull [3 Bremen, E. B. 

Ham Charles W. cabinet manufac. 57 Portland, h. 
Ham Daniel, trunk maker, 78 Ann, h. at Roxbury 
Ham Luther A. police officer, h. 9 Hull 
Ham Martha J. widow, house 6 Adams 
Ham Samuel L. clerk, 107 Milk, bds. U. S. Hotel 
Ham Tobias, bds. 3 Dover place 
Hamblen Cornelius & Co. {C. Haniblen jr.), oys- 
ters, 10 Batterymarch [Batterymarch 
Hamblen Cornelius, jr. (C. Hamble/i ^ Co.), h. 10 
Hamblen David {Benson S; H.),h. 830 'Wash. 
Hamblen {J. Smith) & Kelley {John), painters, 

Meridian, h. 23 Porter, E. B. 
Hamblen Jesse, clerk, h. Central square 
Hamblen Joseph B. oysters, 14 Merrimac, house 
28 Lowell [1 Fuller 

Hamblen Joshua, jr. oysters, r. 48 Congress, house 
Hamblen Matthew P. copyist, house 4 Hull 
Hamblen Prior, clerk, house Sumner, E. B. 
Hamblen S. J. portrait painter, h. Havre, n. Mav- 
erick, E. B. 
Hamblet Friend, shoe maker, house 41 Prince 
Hamblet James, soapstone manuf. 13 Haverhill, 

house 54 Leveret 
Hsimhlet James, }T. {Burton &: H.), h. 54 Leveret 
Hamblin Eli, painter, house London, E. B. 
Hamblin Jesse, 72 Commercial, house E. B. 
HambUn John V. sail maker, house 238 Fourth 
Hamblin Joseph G. painter, 1 Terrace place, E. B. 
Hamblin Matthew P. clerk, 16 Court, h. 2 Hull 
Hamblin Nathaniel, painter, h. London, E. B. 
Hamilton Abial, carpenter, house 6 Sears' place 
Hamilton Alvan, blacksmith, h. Everett, E. B. 
Hamilton Asa B. W. tailor, rear 31 Congress, h. 

Bennington, E. B. 
Hamilton Daniel, mariner, house Cheever place 
Hamilton Dudley, spar maker, h. 1 Meridian ct. 
Hamilton Enoch S. carpenter, h. New,n. Cross, E.B. 
Hamilton Hugh, boiler maker, h. r. 96 Fourth 
Hamilton James, laborer, house 3 Henchman lane 
Hamilton James W. teamster, house 2 Fuller 
Hamilton Joel, whitewasher, h. 1 Meridian ct. E.B. 
Hamilton Luther, Custom House, h. at Lynn 
Hamilton Mary, widow, boarding, 18 Cross 
Hamilton Matthew, tailor, h. 5 New Cross 
Hamilton Otho, 25 Merchants' row, b. at Chelsea 
Hamilton Seth, laborer, h. Cross, E. Boston 
Hamilton William, truckman, h. 24 Thacher ct. 
Hamilton Wm. coachman, house 40 Lowell 
Hamlen Charles H. {Parker &; H.), h. 32 Hudson 
Hamlen Nathaniel, ship broker, 92 State, house 

238 Tremont 
Hamlen Willis C. 51 N. Market, bds. 19 Prospect 
Hamlet William, Directory office, 95^ Washington 
Hamlin Hannibal, trader, h. 151 Broadway 
Hamlin John, machinist, b. 10 Maverick block 
Hamlin Willis C. 52 N. Market 
Hamlin Wm. E. clerk, 89 Milk,'b. U. S. Hotel 
Hamm Charles H. house 5 Bradford 
Hamm Nicholas, laborer, b. 7 Sweetser court 
Hamman George, brass founder, h. 37 Billerica 
Hammanburg James, cooper, h. 6 Stillman pi. 
Hammatt Alfred, book keeper, 90 Milk, and dry 

goods, 585 Wash, house 13 Indiana place 
Hammatt Charles, 78 Wash. h. at Cambridgeport 
Hammatt F. A. clerk, 37 Milk, bds. 60 Allen 



Hammatt Johu B. upholsterer, house 2 Stoddard 
Hamniatt Samuel P. clerk, 133 Milk 
Hammatt William, machinist, bds. Fort avenue 
Hammerle Sebastian, refreshments, Dover, near 

Washington, house do. 
Hammett {Barnabas) & Balch (E. 77.), commiss'n 

merchants, 20 Broad 
Hammill Peter Rev. house 3.5 Broadway 
Hammond A. {William Fletcher Sf Co.) 
Hammond Alexander, fisherman, h. r. 85 Prince 
Hammond Alvin, toll gatherer, h. Milldam 
Hammond Andrew G. 61 State, h. at Cambridge 
Hammond Artemas {R. L. Tay ^ A. Hammond), 

house at Somerville 
Hammond Benjamin F. clerk, house 48 Charles 
Hammond Catharine, h. S. May, n. Har. avenue 
Hammond Charles, house 2 Allston 
Hammond Clark P. painter, house 25 N. Margin 
Hammond Daniel, house 25 Beacon 
Hammond D. C. 98 Water 

Hammond Edward L. S. book keeper, h. 33 Poplar 
Hammond Frederic H. spar maker, h. 2 N. Margin 
Hammond George, Suffolk County Mills, b. U. S. 

Hammond George, boards 25 Beacon 
Hammond Hannah, house 50 Billerica 
Hammond Harriet, boarding, 8 Cooper 
Hammond Henry, painter, house 516 Commerc'l 
Hammond Horace, G8 Utica, house at Walthani 
Hammond Horatio, 20 Exchange, h. at Dorchester 
Hammond James, painter, bds. 66 Nashua 
Hammond John, broker, 15 Congress, h. 22 Grove 
Hammond Johu, brakeman B. <k L. R. R. house 
13 Pleasant st. ct. [Com'l, h. 16 Salutation 
Hammond (John) & Fishburn (J.), riggers, 183 
Hammond John, shoe maker, house 22 Cross 
Hammond John C. machinist, house 103 Tremont 
Hammond John D. painter, 56 Lever't, h.8 Ashland 
Hammond Nathaniel, house 8 Ashland [pi. 

Hammond P. S. milliner, 411 Wash. b. 9 La Grange 
Hammond Sarah, widow of Samuel, h. 2 Allston 
Hammond Thomas, carpenter, b. 101 Cambridge 
Hammond Thomas, teamster, house 31 Bridge 
Hammond Thomas, cooper, h. rear 16 Leveret 
Hammond Thomas, tailor, 56 & 58 Turnpike, h. 
Gardner place, cor. Broadway [ville 

Hammond Wm. (A. Ballord &: Co.), h. at Somer- 
Hammond Wm. H. clerk, Blossom, c. Vine 
Hampden John, clerk, house 65 Allen 
Hampton Sara'l, watchmaker, 134 Hanover, house 

at Charlestown 
Hanaford Bridget, widow, house 2 Wharf 
Hanaford Elbridge G. hackman, h. 44 Billerica 
Hanaford {Frederick W.) &: Ilsley {Nathan, Jr.), 

harness makers, 50 Union, h. at Somerville 
Hanaford William G. physician, h. 3 Bowdoin sq. 
Hancock Charles L. counsellor, 10 Court, house 
30 Beacon [h. 69 W. Cedar 

Hancock Daniel, shoemaker, Pitts, n. Merrimac, 
Hancock Eliza, h. rear 705 Washington 
Hancock Franklin, house 30 Beacon 
Hancock Henry, stabler, h. rear 705 Washington 
Hancock Henry K, cabinet and chair maker, 667 

Washing, house 1 Kellara place 
Hancock John, house 30 Beacon [town 

Hancock John C. printer, 22 School, h. at Charles- 
Hancock John T. carpenter, boards 7 Nassau 
Hancock Lewis, lumber. Marginal, E. Boston 
Hancock Samuel A. pile driver, h. r. 705 Wash. 
Hancock Solomon, jr. 6 Broad 
Hancock Thomas, house 30 Beacon 
Hancock Wm. clerk, boards 48 Temple 
Hancock William, mason, house Trumbull 
Hancock William E. physician, h. 30 Beacon 
Hancock Wm. T. 78 Milk, h. 48 Temple 
Hancock's Express, 7 State 
Hand David, laborer, house 10 Hamilton 
Hand James, painter, 3 North End block, h. do. 
Hand Patrick, barber, house 117 Ann 
Hand William, painter, Lenox, house Ai-nold 

Handerson Henry C. 49 Milk, h. 40 Essex 
Handrahan Patrick, miller, h. Milldam 
Handy Geo. teamster, boards 78 Albany 
Handy Peter, rigger, 294 Commercial, h. Saluta- 
tion, near Hanover 
Haney Michael, tailor, house 30 Cross 
Haney Patrick, groceries, 188 Ann 
Haney Patrick, laborer, house rear 48 Congress 
Hanford James T. 38 South Market 
Hanford James W. lard oil manufacturer, 38 South 

Market, h. at Charlesto^vn 
Hanker John, laborer, h. Clark alley [bridgeport 
Hankey Joseph, confectioner, 87 Court, h. at Cam- 
Hanlan Dennis, laborer, house 55 Endicot 
Hanlan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Havre, n. Maverick 
Hanley Martin, laborer, house 1 Oxford place 
Hanley Owen, saddler, house 80 Warren 
Hanley Patrick, trader, 90 Endicot [r. 9 Bennet 
Hanley W. S. mattress manufacturer, 8 Beach, h. 
Hanlin Dennis, laborer, h. Har. av. n. S. May 
Hanlon James, tailor, house 16 Livingston 
Hanna Eliza C. widow, h. Suffolk, n. German ch. 
Hannabury Philip, laborer, h. r. Maverick, n. R. R. 
Hannaford Elbridge G. coachman, h. 44 Billerica 
Hannah Robert, painter, house 6 Wesley 
Hannan Thomas, laborer, h. Orleans, r. Sumner 
Hannan Timothy, laborer, h. E, cor. Seventh 
Hanners Benjamin, house rear 202 Hanover 
Hannigan Owen, carpenter, b. 5 Kneeland place 
Hanover George B. 47 Wash, house 4 Allston 
Hanover Martin, tailor, house 92 Federal 
Hanrahan Patrick, tailor, house 108 Broad 
Hanscom Abigail, widow, house 6 Ontario 
Hanscom Albert, Custom House, bds. 41 Bedford 
Hanscom J. S. machinist, boards 5 E. Dedham 
Hanscom Nathaniel II. horse shoer. Turnpike, h. 
Bolton, near C [rear 17 North Russell 

Hanscom Samuel S. periodicals, 47 Cambridge, h. 
Hanscom.b Abigail, widow, h. Meridian, n. Trenton 
Hanscomb Lyman, bridge builder, b. 229 Har. av. 
Hanson Anthony, carpe'r. opp. 52 Tyler, h. 84 do. 
Hanson Daniel, housewright, house 75 Prince 
Hanson David, teamster, house 19 London 
Hanson George F. clerk, boards Fulton House 
Hanson Hans J. mariner, h. 12 Henchman lane 
Hanson J. B. upholsterer, h. Prince, opp. Snowhill 
Hanson John A. com. merch. 2 & 6 Bath, house 

Jamaica Plain 
Hanson John B. grocer, 1 Museum bl'k, Tremont 
Hanson John H. captain, h. 12 Henchman lane 
Hanson John L., Merrimac House, Merrimac, cor. 
Friend [do. 

Hanson Joseph, junk, Tremont, near Dover, house 
Hanson Joseph, house 9 Williams 
Hanson Lewis, mariner, h. Maverick, c. Havre 
Hanson M. P. dentist, 38 Tremont row, house at 

Hanson Mary P. house 19 Albany 
Hanson Samuel A. {fVhite §■ 77.), h. 14 Lincoln 
Hapgood Charles, hackman, h. 2 Pleasant 
Hapgood Joab, sporting apparatus, 12 Wash. 
Hapgood Lyman, agent, bds. 22 May [lin House 
Hapgood Warren, clothing, 18 Dock sq. b. Frank- 
Hapgood William, laborer, house 1 Belmont 
Haraden David T. piano-forte maker, h. 53 Castle 
Haraden George, ship chandler, Sumner, cor. Liv- 
erpool, house do. 
Haraden John, clerk, boards 2 Harrison av. 
Haraden William, truckman, h. 5 Kennard av. 
Haraden's Express, 7 State 
Haragin Cain, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester 
Harahan Thomas, grocer, 151 Harrison av. house 

6 Rochester 
Haral Anthony, shoe maker, 4 Cross 
Hard Jehiel, cabman, house 66 Billerica 
Harden Calvin, mason, house 25 West Castle 
Harding Abigail, boarding, 1 Bowdoin square 
Harding Austin, jr. caulker, h. Paris, n. Sumner, 
E. Boston [Long wh'f, h. at Cambridge 

Harding Bangs, agent Southern packets, opp. 37 



Harding C. artist, 26 Bromfield 

Harding Edward, jr. 10 India, h. at Charlestown 

Harding Francis L. silversmith, 12 Court sq. house 

100 Chambers 
Harding Hamlin R. house 3 Avery place 
Harding Isaac N. provisions, 705 Washington, h. 

West Dedham, n. Suffolk 
Harding Jesse, apothecary, 70 Federal 
Harding Joshua, mariner, house Central sq. 
Harding Josiah M. sail maker, 6 T wf. h. 33 Salem 
Harding Lemon P. grocer, 132 Turnpike, h. 129 do. 
Harding Maria A. boarding, h. 1 Lyman place 
Harding Nathaniel & Co. (W. Hinckley), shipping 

office, 48 Commercial, bds. 148 Hanover 
Harding Newell, silversmith, 12 Court square, h. 

38 Chambers 
Harding Sam'l L. {II. Ammidon ^ Co.), b. Pavilion 
Harding Seaman, paper carrier, house 8 Morton 
Harding William B. house 13 Fifth, near A 
Harding Wra. E. 10 Sudbury, bds. 8 Harvard 
Harding Wm. H. {Blanchard, Converse &; Co.) h. 

11 Edinboro' [Chambers 

Harding Wm. N. silversmith, 12 Court sq. h. 38 
Hardogon Peter, laborer, house 10 S. Margin 
Hardwick Wm., Custom House, h. 303 Broadway 
Hardy Alpheus, 42 Commercial, h. at Dorchester 
Hardy Augustus F. h. 48 W. Orange 
Hardy Charles, ostler, boards 5 Bradford place 
Hardy Charles A. S. baker, Seventh, near E 
Hardy Daniel, mason, h. 6 Cleveland place 
Hardy Enoch, jr. 201 Wash. b. Pearl street House 
Hardy George, stevedore, h. Meridian, E. B. 
Hardy Isaac, 42 Commercial, h. at Stoneham 
Hardy Jason, clock maker, h. 30 Portland 
Hardy John, slater, h. 6 Fayette court 
Hardy John C. dentist, 19 Trem't row, b. 12 Essex 
Harenton Marv, milliner, 278 Washington 
Harford E. C. '{Bates & Harford), h. New, E. B. 
Harford Hiram A. caulker, bds. Maverick House 
Hargen John, laborer, h. Page's court 
Hargrave James, cordwainer, h. 7 Mason 
Harken Barnard, stevedore, h. Sun court place 
Harken Barney, laborer, house 66 Endicot 
Harken Catherine, widow, h. Havre, n. Maverick 
Harken Edward, blacksmith, h. 112 Endicot 
Harken Edward, brick layer, h. Saratoga, E. B. 
Harken John, laborer, house 28 Cross 
Harken John, brick layer, h. Saratoga, E. B. 
Harken John, laborer, h. 2o Snowhill 
Harken John, laborer, h. Endicot, n. Cross 
Harken John, laborer, h. 5 Wells place 
Harken Rosanna, widow, house 4-5 Salem 
Harken William, laborer, house Cove place 
Harkin Barney, groceries, 9 Mechanic 
Harkin Dennis, laborer, h. 175 Ann 
Harkin James, laborer, h. r. 12 Cross 
Harkin John, lather, h. 41 Endicot 
Harkin Mary, widow, h. 7 Canal 
Harkin Patrick, laborer, house 19 Cross 
Harkin Wm. at 94 Cambridge 
Harkins John, laborer, h. 25 Morton 
Harkins John, tailor, house 10 Andover 
Harkins Michael, laborer, h. 49 Salem 
Harkins Patrick, h. rear 67 Treinont 
Harkins William, laborer, h. 2 Mechanic 
Harkun Hugh, laborer, A, near Fourth 
Harley Hannah, widow, h. 3 Lathrop place 
Harley William, shoe maker, h. 97 Endicot 
Harlow Alexander, carpenter, h. Colony 
Harlow Arad, boot maker, h. 2 Ritchie block, E. B. 
Harlow Benjamin W. baker, house 6 Albany 
Harlow Charles B. truckman, h. 6 Sturgis place 
Harlow Dexter ( Z R. Feck &; Co.), h. r.' 26 Chamb. 
Harlow Edwin A. W. physician, 97 Essex 
Harlow Ezra, houscwright, bds. 193 Silver, n. D 
Harlow George W. wagoner, h. 5 College court 
Harlow Isaac, boarding, 151 Court [block, E. B. 
Harlow Ivory, boot maker. Meridian, h. 2 Ritchie 
Harlow James F. phvsician, 47 Cambridge, h. do. 
Harlow Pelham {Baklett <Sf //.), h. 3 Lime 

Harlow Seth, housewi-ight, h. 193 Silver, near D 
Harlow Seth, jr. moulder, boards 8th, n. E [ford 
Harlow Thomas S. counsellor, 29 State, h. at Med- 
Harlow Wm. jr. marble factory, 16 Charlestown, 
h. at Maiden [Lowell 

Harmon Albert {Bradbury, H. ^ Co.), boards 13 
Harmon Amasa, butter, cheese, &c. 29 the S. Mar- 
ket, h. 4 E. Canton [Webster 
Harmon John, lumber, Cunningham's wharf, house 
Harmon Jotham, laborer, house 73 Nashua 
Harmon Peletiah, h. 28 Piedmont 
Harmon {Storer Eben) & Gilman {Chas. E.), spring 
makers, 166 Harrison avenue, h. 2 Dover place 
Harnden & Co. passage office, 41 Broad 
Harnden & Co. {D. Brii/ham, jr. S^ J. W. Fenno), 

express office, 8 Court 
Harnden Sarah W. widow of W. F. h. 6 Cambridge 
Harney Edward, grocer, 3 Lehigh, h. do. 
Harney Patrick, laborer, 90 Warren 
Harney Richard, laborer, h. 79 Eliot 
Harney William, laborer, h. 3 Livingston place 
Harold Joseph, laborer, h. 6 Sullivan place 
Harold Patrick, laborer, h. 7 Stillman [Chelsea 
Harper Edward, piano-forte maker, 96 Court, h. at 
Harper James, last maker, h. 3 Chelsea 
Harper Jenette, boarding, 169 Hanover 
Harper John, laborer, h. Carney pi. cor. Wash. 
Harper Jos. glass cutter, h. Second, n. Dorchester 
Harpor Richard P. cabinet maker, h. 24 Pearl 
Harper Sam'l P. glass cutter, h. Second, n. Dorch'r 
Harper Thomas H. moulder, h. Sumner, E. B. 
Harper William, varnisher, house 24 Nashua 
Harraden John, clerk, boards 2 Harrison avenue 
Harragen Hugh, laborer, h. Doherty court, E. B. 
Harragen James, laborer, h. Everett, n. Orleans 
Harran John, laborer, house Second, n. A 
Harran Wm. pedler, house 3 Quiet place 
Harree John, laborer, house Second, n. F 
Harrigan Daniel, printer, house 45 South 
Harrigan James, laborer, h. r. 104 Sea 
Harrigan John, housewright, h. 56 Federal 
Harrigan Matthew, printer, house 45 South 
Harrigan Patrick, laborer, h. 227 Broad 
Harriman John, sign and fancy painter, 91 Water, 

boards Pearl st. House 
Harring Susanna, house 14 Carver 
Harrington Adam, Custom House, h. at Charlest'n 
Harrington Almira W. nurse, h. r. 47 Fayette 
Harrington Andrew, horse shoer, Hawley, h. 4 
Seaver place [Cottage 

Harrington Daniel F. shoe maker, h. Marginal, n. 
Harrington Dennis, laborer, h. 2 Powars court 
Harrington Edw'd, laborer, h. 43 Sea [Dorchester 
Harrington Edward, marketman, h. Silver, near 
Harrington Elizabeth Mrs. boarding, h. 1 Chauncy 
place [21 State, h. at Roxbury 

Harrington Ephraim, prcs. State Mutual Ins. Co. 
Harrington Ephraim S. lamps, 40 Congress, h. at 
Roxbury [Tremont 

Harrington Francis {Lawson ^ H.), house opp. 96 
Harrington Francis, carpenter, h. Seventh, near K 
Harrington Francis D. fancy dry goods, 273 Wash- 
ington, house at Roxbury 
Harrington George E. bell hanger, 11 Devonshire 
Harrington George F. counsellor, h. 38 Harr. ave. 
Harrington Hannah, widow of Daniel S. house Old 

Road, near U. church 
Harrington Henry, varnisher, house 4 Morton 
Harrington Henry, milkm'n, h. Fourth, opp. U. ch. 
Hanington Henry W. printer, 1 Water, b. 6 Mor- 
ton place 
Harrington James, laborer, h. on Howe's wharf 
HaiTington James, laborer, h. E, cor. Seventh 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, h. Third, near C 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, h. 4 Suffolk 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, h. 13 Jett'erson bl'k 
Harrington John, hatter, h. Sun ct. pi. [chester 
Harrington John, glass blower, b Second, n. Dor- 
Harrington John, laborer, house l08 Sea 
Harrington John, laborer, house 136 Sea 





Harrington John, last maker, h. Salem, c. Salem ct. 
Harrington John, truckman, h. 20 Richmond 
Harrington John C. constable, 3 Franklin avenue, 

house rear 133^ Hanover [bury 

Harrington Joseph, counsellor, 9 State, h. at Rox- 
Harrington Joseph, (S. S^J.), 63 Milk, bds. Ameri- 
can House [toga, E. B. 
Harrington Joseph H. sheet iron worker, h. Sara- 
Harrington Martin, laborer, h. 20 N. Margin 
Harrington Michael, laborer, h. 13 Jellerson block 
Harrington Owen, laborer, h. 3 Scott court 
Harrington Owen, jr. laborer, h. 2 Scott court 
Harrington Patrick, laborer, Page's court, Ann 
Harrington Patrick, laborer, h. 5 Lehigh 
Harrington Sam'l & J., French and German goods, 

63 Milk, boards 7 Bowdoin square 
Harrington Silas F. tailor, h. 12 Wheeler's court 
Harrington Solomon, boot maker, 48 Congress, h. 

49 Marion [Blackstonc square 

Harrington Theodore, merchant, 50 India, house 2 
Harrington Timothy, groceries, 2-53 Ann 
Harrington Tim'y, laborer, h. r. Sea, n. the bridge 
Harrington Willard A. {Dexter, H. S; Co.), house 

17 Gridley 
Harrington Wyman, mason, house 31 "Warren 
Harrington Wyman, jr. mason, 444 Washington, 

house 1 Middlesex 
Harrington Zilpah P. Miss, boards 17 Gridley 
Harris Benjamin C. Mrs. h. 14 Lincoln 
Harris Benjamin N. jr. dentist, 38 Tremont row 
Harris Charles, h. 26 Washington sq. 
Harris Elbridge, fresco painter, h. 32 Warren 
Harris Elijah, painter, house Mercer 
Harris George, house 5 New Prince 
Harris George B. {Taylor &; H.), h. at Dorchester 
Harris George S. 9 R. R. Exch. h. at Brookline 
Harris Henry, house 2 Hartford place 
Harris Henry, teamster, house 15 Andover 
Harris Henry, clothing, 219 Ann, h. at Groton 
Harris Henry, tender, "Theatre alley 
Harris Horatio & Co. {George N. bkaw), auction- 
eers and com. mer. 18 India, h. at Dorchester 
Harris Isaac & Co. (/. dishing &; I. J. Larkin), 

mast yard, 9 Commercial, h. 22 N. Bennet 
Harris James, pres. North Bank, h. 67 Summer 
Harris James "T. lace goods, hosiery and gloves, 

553 Washington, bcls. 536 do. 
Harris James W. 333 Wash. h. 85 Dover, c. Wash. 
Harris Jeremiah, housewright, 33 Friend, house 1 

Chardon st. pi. 
Harris John, boarding, h. Gilman place 
Harris John, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie 
Harris John, Boston Bank, h. 1 Spring 
Harris John, tailor, h. South, n. Harvard 
Harris John A. writing master Hawes School, h. 

Harris John H. printer, bds. 7 Province House ct. 
Harris John H. clothes cleaner. Change avenue, h. 

Second st. pi. 
Harris John L. h. 10 Canton [at Cambridge 

Harris John S. commission merchant, 32 India, h. 
Harris John W. carpenter, h. r. 55 Chambers 
Harris Joseph, jr. bds. 133 Harrison av. [town 

Harris Joseph B. printer, 22 School, h. at Charles- 
Harris Leon'd, restorator, 26 Turnpike, h. 49 Essex 
Harris Leonard R. h. r. 97 Cambridge 
Harris Mary, widow of Rev. T, M. h. 86 Atkinson 
Harris Mary, widow, house Fifth, n. B 
Harris Mary Ann, dress maker, h. 1 Williams ct. 
Harris Michael, plasterer, h. 9 Travers 
Harris Michael, fruit, h. 1 Williams ct. 
Harris Nathaniel {Allen, H. S^ Potter), h. 12 Bennet 
Harris Prescott F. intelligence office, 18 School, h. 

121 Court 
Harris Sam'l, confectioner, 139 Broadway, h. 92 C 
Harris Sam'l, printer, 66 Cornhill, h. 4 Cedar st. pi. 
Harris {Samuel) & Dillon {John), shipwrights, 210 

Broad, h. 26 Washington sq. 
Harris Samuel, house 82 Leveret 
Harris Samuel D. h. 2 Hartford pi. 

Harris Sidney S. housewright, h. Margaret, corner 

Harris Stephen, housewright, h. 14 May 
Harris T. F. clerk, bds. 28 Essex 
Harris Thomas, organ maker, h. 32 Nashua 
Harris Thomas, h. Bennington, E. B. 
Harris William, house 6 Staniford 
Harris William, laborer, h. 52 Prince 
Harris William, laborer, h. Bennington, n. Chelsea 
Harris Wm. A. mere. 8 Lewis wf. h. at Dorchester 
Harris Wm. G. dry goods, 13 Leveret, h. 1 Vernon 
Harrison James D. 201 Wash. b. 17 Franklin pi. 
Harrison Jas. J. tin worker, 93 Water, h. Vernon pi. 
Harrison John S. 138 Wash. h. 288 Tremont [rica 
Harrison Sam'l J. picture frame maker, h. 16 Bille- 
Harrison Thomas, Custom House, h. 9 Albion 
Harrison Thomas, clerk, 519 Washington 
Harrity John, blacksmith, h. 2 Thacher ct. 
Harrod James, collector, house 16 Vine 
Harrod {Joseph), Darling {Francis D.), & Co. (G. 

Foster), com. mer. 22 Central wf. 
Harrod {Noah) & Fernald {James), mahogany, 127 

Ann, and B. & M. freight depot, h. 4 New 

Prince [town 

Harrold Joseph, jr. {Lovett § H.), h. at Charles- 
Harsoldt John, sugar house, h. Everett, n. Cottage 
Hart Augustus D., Franklin Hall, 16 Franklin 
Hart Barnett, cooper, h. Sumner, c. Sumner pi. 
Hart C. laborer, house r. 9 Sea 
Hart Daniel, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Cove 
Hart George, truckman, house 16 Avery 
Hart Henry, clerk, City Hall 
Hart John, laborer, house 16 S. Margin 
Hart John, laborer, house 1 Emery place 
Hart John, teacher, house 30 Eliot 
Hart John, oysters, 255 Ann, h. do. 
Hart Margaret, house Second, cor. I 
Hart Mary, widow, house Northampton 
Hart Michael, laborer, h. r. 356 Commercial 
Hart Michael, laborer, h. Thacher av. 
Hart Michael, laborer, h. Havre 
Hart Michael, engineer, house 41 Atkinson 
Hart Naomi, widow of Samuel, h. Jefferson, cor. 

Fayette [at Chelsea 

Hart Nathaniel 0. house\vright, 21 Endicot, house 
Hart Roger, laborer, h. 3 Newland 
Hart S. Rowland, broker and auctioneer, 56 Wash. 

and 6 State, bds. 4 Cornhill sq. 
Hart Sally, widow of Edward, house 9.^ Hull 
Hart Samuel, clerk, bds. 18 N. Russell 
Hart Susan, widow of Samuel, house 3 Hull 
Hart Thomas, blacksmith, h. 59 Salem 
Hart Thomas, printer, 18 Exchange, b. 161 Court 
Hart Thomas, laborer, h. 4 Pearl pi. 
Hart Thomas S. machinist, h. 128 D, n. Bolton 
Hart Wm. T. ( Worster &; H.), bds. 16 Har. av. 
Hartford Barrachias, blacksmith, h. Athens, n. C 
Hartford John, piano-forte maker, h. Silver, n. B 
Hartigan John, laborer, house 4 Utica 
Hartigan Mary, house 25 High 
Hartley Daniel D. watchman at Custom House 
Hartman Charles, carpenter, h. Dover, n. Wash. 
Hartnett Benj. laborer, h. 9 Sweetser ct. 
Hartnett Daniel, laborer, house 74 Atkinson 
Hartnett Dennis, laborer, house 16 Cove 
Hartnett Jeremiah, baker, h. 2 Stillman pi. 
Hartnett Patrick, laborer, house 2 Emery pi. 
Hartnett Richard, grocer, 104 Essex, h. do. 
Hartnett Richard, gardener, h. Havre, E. B. 
Harton John, laborer, h. 110 Endicot 
Hartshorn Benj. P. 253 Washington 
Hartshorn Caleb W. bds. 6 Cottage pi. 
Hartshorn E. Homer {J. Hartshorn ^ Son), 139 Milk 
Hartshorn Eliphalet P. clerk H. Correction, City 

Hall, house 24 Blossom 
Hartshorn (James) it Ames {W.), stoves and japan 

ware, 9b & 98 Blackstone [Charlestown 

Hartshorn James, jr. morocco, 13 Fulton, h. at 
Hartshorn John & Son {E. H. Hartshorn), cotton 

brokers, 139 Milk, h. 28 Pemberton sq. 



Hartshorn Rebecca, h. 7-5 Warren 

Hartshorn Rohin, surveyor lumber, h. 11 Lincoln 

Hartson Lester, restorator, 48 Chatham [Plain 

Hartt John, boots and shoes, 12 Elm, h. at Jamaica 

Hartun^ Chauncey, painter, h. 17 Lincoln 

Hartwell Alfred, pattern maker, bds. 26 Billerica 

Hartwell Edwin, clerk, 38 Merrimac 

Hartwell Geo. baker, h. 242 Harrison av. 

Hartwell Jacob, laborer, house 49 Albany 

Hartwell James K. 6 Court, bds. 57 Prince 

Hartwell Joseph, machinist, h. 19 Pleasant st. ct. 

Hartwell Nathan H. clerk, 2 Milk, b. 20 Portland 

Hartwell Porter, carpenter, h. 197 Harrison av. 

Hartwell Thomas, laborer, h. 6 Norwich 

Hartwell Timothy, carpenter, h. r. 24 Pleasant 

Hartwell William, h. 57 Hudson 

Hartwell Wm. 77 Union, bds. Jefferson House 

Hartwell Wm. jr. truckman, bds. 79 Albany 

Harty Bartholomew, laborer, h. 8;^ Essex pi. 

Harty James, teamster, h. Second, cor. A 

Harty John, blacksmith, h. 22 Thacher ct. 

Harty John, laborer, h. 19 Second 

Harty Maurice, tailor, h. 61 Atkinson 

Harty Michael, cooper, h. Cottage, n. Webster 

Harty Patrick, laborer, h. 8 N. Russell 

Harty Patrick, laborer, house 199 Ann 

Harvey Darius, proprietor Massachusetts House, 

Endicot, cor. Cross 
Harvey (Darius) & Rhoades {Williafn), liquors, 4 

Canal, b. Mass. Hotel 
Harvey James, writer, house Belcher lane 
Harvey {James) & Burtons {N. <Sf A.), brushes, 15 

Exchange, h. at E. Cambridge 
Harvey James M. h. Cross, c. Border, E. B. 
Harvey James W. male nurse, h. 21 Washing, av. 
Harvey Jeremiah, tailor, h. 29 Poplar 
Harvey John, bds. Chesnut, cor. Charles 
Harvey John B. laborer, house Scott court 
Harvey John L. clerk, h. 184 W. Cedar 
Harvey Lorinda, dress maker, h. 11 Harrison av. 
Harvey Margaret, widow, h. Second, c. B 
Harvey Mary, widow, house 258 Hanover 
Harvey (Peter) Page (Wm.), & Co. iron and steel, 

1 & 2 S. Market, h. 57 Chesnut 
Harvey Pierce, h. 5 Cotton pi. 
Harvey Prescott, teamster, bds. 140 Cambridge 
Harvey Samuel, coppersmith, bds. 1 Auburn ct. 
Harvey Sarah E. boarding, 30 Pearl, cor. High 
Harvey Stephen D. eating house, 39 Congress, h. 

1 Sister 
Harvey Thomas, h. 9 Pleasant st. ct. 
Harvey Thomas, ornamental carver, 475 Washing- 
ton, boards 22 Albany [Carver 
Harwood Benjamin R. machinist, 475 Wash. h. 44 
Harwood Daniel (Gibnore, H. ^ Co.), h. 81 Dover 
Harwood Daniel, dentist, 25 Summer 
Harwood Ezra A. machinist, h. 2 E. Dover 
Harwood James & Co. (/. Davis), produce and 

fruit, 31 Commercial, h. at Charlestown 
Harwood John, stevedore, h. London, n. Maverick 
Harwood John N. coachman, h. 27 Kneeland 
Harwood Stillman P. bds. 13 Allston 
Hasall Charles, puddler, house Chelsea, E. B. 
Hasatt Michael, laborer, h. 1 Butolph [ville 

Haseltine H., Derby Range, up stairs, h. at Somer- 
Haseltine James, painter, house C, near Fifth 
Haselton James, physician, h. 11 Tileston 
Haselton James C. 23 Milk, h. at Somerville 
Haselton Sarah, dressmaker, 11 Tileston 
Hasenfus Wendell, shoe maker, Poplar, n. Spring, 

house 11 Livingston place 
Haserfughs Francis, shoe maker, 2 Bridge, h. do. 
Haskell Abijah, carpenter, house 7 Grove place 
Haskell Alonzo C. {Fessenden ^ Co.),h. U. S. Hotel 
Haskell Alexander P. 14 Ann,' house 18 Hull 
Haskell Andrew L. 38 Union, house at Chelsea 
Haskell Andrew W. printer, 4 Washington, house 

E, corner Broadway 
Haskell Ann, nurse, house 15 Dover 
Haskell Barnabas, clerk, 183 Wash. bds. 4SL Green 

Haskell Benjamin, counsellor, 1 Mass. block, bds- 

5 Bumstead place 
Haskell Charles, clerk, 9 Court, house 15 Vernon 
Haskell Charles F. boards 3 Burroughs place 
Haskell Daniel, B. & W. R. R. h. 36 Oswego 
Haskell Daniel H. 9 Court, h. Wash. n. Camden 
Haskell Daniel N. {E. V. Ashton ^ Co.),\>. Adams 
House [near Camden 

Haskell Edward, machinist, 9 Hawley, h. Wash. 
Haskell Edward, clerk, 26 Hanover, b. 7 Winter 
Haskell Elias, merchant, h. 10 Staniford [place 
Haskell Elisha, (Coolidye ^ H.),h. 12 Ashbsrton 
Haskell P]liza, nurse, house 15 Dover 
Haskell Enoch, cabinetmaker, h. 36 Orange 
Haskell George B. house 32 S. Cedar 
Haskell George B. clerk, bds. 9 Unity ct. 
Haskell Henry W. asst. teacher House Industry, 

and Boylston Fund School 
Haskell Hiram B. portr't painter, Court, c. Howard 
Haskell John A. machinist, 77 Cornhill, house 
National, near Fourth [Washington 

Haskell John C. ladies' and gent.'s boots,'' 204 
Haskell Josiah, h. 4 Bradford place 
Haskell (Levi B.) & Howland (/.), silk goods, 

249 Wash. h. 3 Burroughs place 
Haskell Levi P., W. I. goods, head Prentice's whf. 

house at Dorchester 
Haskell Moses, tooth powder, h. 125 Pleasant 
Haskell Stephen, laborer, h. rear 65 Eliot 
Haskell Thomas, sexton, house 95 Salem 
Haskell Thomas, jr. dentist, 215 Washington 
Haskell Thomas F. housewright, h. 7 Grove place 
Haskell William, fruit, Merrimac, c. Gouch 
Haskell William, counsellor, 16 Mass. block, bds. 

5 Bumstead place 
Haskell Wm. E. P. 46 Wash, house at Chelsea 
Haskell Wm. 0. chairs, settees, and shower baths, 

66 Com'l and 121 Fulton, h. at Chelsea 
Haskins Charles A. & Co. (Monroe Cutter), sta- 
tionery, 54 Cornhill, h. at Cambridge 
Haskins Geo. F. Rev. h. 6 New Prince [Roxbury 
Haskins John, India rubber goods, 94 Wash. h. at 
Haskins John, laborer, h. 1 College court 
Haskins J. P. bds. 151 Court 

Haskins Ralph, 6 Haskins' build'g, h. at Roxbury 
Haskins Robert R. 273 Wash. bds. 32 Oxford 
Haskins Wm. (Delano ^ H.), h. at Medford 
Haslam Frederick, cutler, 18 School, h. 49 Fayette 
Haslam John R. hatter, 31 Exch'ge, h. 7 Margaret 
Haslett Ann, dress maker, h. 35 Fayette 
Haslett John G. shipwright, h. Havre, n. Sumner 
Hassam Frederick F. 27 Kilby 
Hassard Peter J. 33 Tremont row, b. 4 Kneeland 
Hassard Jonathan, bds. 4 Kneeland 
Hassatt Michael, laborer, h. r. Havre, n. Sumner 
Hasselberg A. H. refreshment, 7 Avery 
Hasselbom Nicholas, grocer, 101 Broad, house do. 
Hassett John, laborer, house 16 Norfolk place 
Hassett Patrick, h. Fulton, cor. Lewis 
Hasson Margaret, boarding, h. 5 N. sq. & 184 Ann 
Hasson Patrick, laborer, h. Chesnut, c. Charles 
Haste Herman R. shipwright, Battery wharf 
Hastings Albert, broker, 10 Thorndike's building, 

house 62 Pleasant 
Hastings Barney, laborer, h. rear 39 Salem 
Hastings Bulkley A. (Thayer ^ H.),h. 2 Warren 
Hastings Charles, painter, house 12 Williams 
Hastings Charles (Broiun &^ H.) 
Hastings Cyrus, painter, Hawley, h. 11 Pinckney 
Hastings C. B. (J. S. Hastings &; Son), h. at Camb. 
Hastings Daniel N. 69 F. H." Market, h. 214 Hano- 
ver [W. Castle 
Hastings David B. watches, &e. 422 Wash. h. 18 
Hastings D. S. clerk, 30 & 31 the S. Market, b. 40 

Hastings Edward M. printer, bds. 36 Cambridge 
Hastings Mary S. house 18 Wheeler's court 
Hastings (Geo.) & Merrill (/. 31.), shirt warehouse, 

30 Kilby, h. 14 Eliot 
Hastings Pfarriet, dress maker, house 7 Leveret 


It S T N [ 1 1 J l> I I!. H C T K Y 

laNtin^H John A. touclior Chapman Hall, bdH. 2 

liistings .Idscpli S. ("C' Ron {('. H. Ifirs/ini/.s), iiu- 

IKiilciK crockcrv, '2.) Douiic, li. iit ('iiiiibrid^c 
Idslings .loscpli W. l<)cUsiuil)i, '1\ VViit('r 
liistiiij^H .loslum, vvatili maker, 122 WunIi. hoards 

IH W. CaNtlo 
liiNl,iii(^s .lames I*., l'',ai.;le Hank, li. at Sonicrvillo 
InNtings Mary Ann, li. I lliiiiiiner place 
laslinf^s Mary II. widow, li. I Paris placo fst. ct. 
Instiiins RicliarrI (!. houscwriKlit, li. ^> I'leas.-uit 
laslinifs Samuel, hoiiK(> 10 Newton placi; 
luHtinf^H Sarah II. widow, house 10 (!arver 
lastiiiKs Walter, com. merchant, 7'.' Milk, hnusc 

at (Miiirlestown fHtiiiiirc 

lastings VVm. proprietor M.irket I lotel, H M.irket 
lastinns Will. jr. 17 Water, iioiise at Weston 
lastinj{s S{ (;<). oil m.iiiul'acturers, HI Utii'a 
lasty Alviii li. jiriiiter, h. I S. Townsend iiluce 
hiKwell (Jo.sfji/i) K' 'I'orrey (A'. //.), ei^!;ar maliers, 

Ciiamhers, c. (!amhii(lf;-e, h. 10 Aiil)nni ct. 
latch, (Jray X- C.i>. hlxpress, Kailruad I'lxchangc 
latcli Asa I), house It Rochester 
latch It. I'', printer, 22 School, hoiisp at Chelsea 
latch Calvin, tailor, h. Old Road, cor. Itroadwuy 
latch I'alward, capl.iiii, house I), corner Silver 
latiii Miiwiii, 112 Court, hds. 2.') I'ilts 
latch l'',le;r/er, st.iir liuilder, h. K Suilolk 
lalcii Henry, hous(i 2.'i ()raii|j;(r 
latch Henry I,, hds. Otis place 
lalcii Isaac ('. jilasterer, h. '.) Mount Vernon ave. 
latch .lanicH A. waiter, lioiise O Itiitolph 
latch .lames II. I,, fish, US Leveret, li. .'il Hri);liton 
latch .loliii, frlass hlower, li. Dove, n. Dorchester 
latch .loseph, laliorer, h. II Mt. Vernon avenue 
latch .loseph iM. iiiacirniist, house (Jold, li. It 
latch M, Miss, lids. 2 I. a Orange ])lace 
lat-h Nicholas I", stone cutter, li. I Sotitli st. pi. 
latch Oliver Mrs. h. K.'t Ciianibers 
latcli Richard K. !).S IVIilk, lids. 2(i S. Russell 
latch Samuel [('/((rk iV ll<i/r/i), lids. 10 lancolii 
latch .Sarah, widow, house Dove, near Dorchester 
latcli Win. II. ( iMi//rr .y //. ), h. at Cholseii 
lalcii Windsor, liouse IH AUumv I Alliany 

latch Windsor, 2d, produce, 'I/) KntMiland, h. 1(2 
latehtield .loseph, laliorer, h. 2 (."hariestown 
latcliinan .lohii ( /^m .S' //•), h. !) Maple i.lace 
lalhaway Adoniraiu, lionsewri^ht, foot I inckneyi 

housi- I May |ll AUiaily 

lathaway AHia, proprietor of the Railroad Mouse, 
lathavvay All'reil, paper ruler, h. 21 'rilestini 
lalhaway Arthur, porter, 211 Milk, h. IS Wall 
lathaway Asa I'. {Ilirks i\ II.), lids, (il .Summer 
latliaway David, 'M l''ederal, house do. 
lathaway l'',lisha, lioiisi" .'"lO Riiudiney 
lathaway ( ialen, salesnuin, I lit Milk, h. 11 Lincoln 
lathawaj- .lames R. 2(i'.) Wash. hds. 10 I'lssex 
lathaway .lohu, /id Water, h. 2.'t I'oplar 
liithawav .loseph, iodine niiuuil'actory, I'ic. house 

1'',, e(!r. I'^ilth 
lathaway (NiiIIhih) K- Woodcock (.S'.), carpenters, 

l''nrnace, house 2 l''aHt st. pi. | 1!) Temple 

Iiithiiway Richard, hook hinder, 27 (■ornhill, h. r. 
lathaway 'I'liomas, painter, Maverick, c. Liveriiool 
lathaway 'I'hos. A. Iilacksniith. h. Iloltou, n. C 
lathaway 'I'hos. D. (Niirc// iVj- //.), h. Liveriiool, c. 

lathaway Win. 1''. machinist, house Milldam 
latliaway Win. (i. hook hinder, 12 Water 
lalhoiue .lacoh 11. dry goods, Lt Milk, house at 

latstat Marion II. milliner. Hi Carver, lids, lit do. 
latstal Will. M. rel'resliments, 1 Merrimac, llay- 

niarket scpiiire, house r. .'il S. Murgiii 
latton Darius, hhicksmith, h. r. •I.'t2 Commercial 
lattcn llciirv, laliorer, li. 10 llridg,. 
latlc n .lohn,' shoemaker, 2HSiuilhac 
langhton I'Mliridge (1. clerk, hds. 2 Harrison iiv. 
laughlon {Jaiiirn), Sawyer (S. E.), ik C!o. dry go'ds, 

72 Milk, h. Contrul pliico 

llaiithwat William, laliorer, h. Third, n. D 

Ilavc'ii Aaron, Kil Milk, hds. I'lssox 

I Liven Aimer, conlcctioner, II School [ Itank 

ll.iven A. ('. inessenger Slioe and Leather Dealers' 

llav(ui Augustus, lions(! 4.'t I'lsse-x 

Haven Calvin W. painter, 8 Mssex, li. 7''? Carver 

Haven l''ranklin, jircH. Mer. Itank, h. !)7 Mt. Vernon 

IliiviMi (Jeo. W. hardware! and water lixturew, Ai)\ 

Washington, h. 7''i Carver 
Haven .lohn, clerk, house 11 Kiieeliind 
Haven N. Ill /\iin, h. iit (Chelsea 
Haven R. house 10 Oxford 
Havens Mary A. Mrs. nurse, h. 7 Chirk 
Havens Simeon (Ifnni/i .S' //), h. Itratth; k(j. 
Haverstraw .lohn .laeoh, h. I;") Hudson 
llaverly Mary It. lailoress, hds. 120 I'lssex 
llavey Catharine, widow, house 12 S. May 
llaviland Mary, widow, liousi- -12 Kingston 
llaviland Thomas, stucco worker, h. (iit Chesniit 
llaviland Thomas l*. hds. (ill Chesnut 
llavliii Daniel, lalior<'r, h. 2 Thacdier court 
llavlin .lohu, laliorer, h. I'lvcrett, n. Cottage, I''. H. 
Il.iwes Aaron, honiiet prc-sser, hds. H Iviieidaiid 
llavves, moulder, h. Wehsler, n. Orleans 
ILiwes (Miarles, shoi? maker, h. 14 Harrison av. 
ll.iwes ('harles II. KJ Central wf. h. M7 Tremont 
llawes I'llicne/er O. jr. copper smith, h. 4 Second 
llawes I'Mward W. \V. stair liuilder, h. 10 Village 
llawes(iiles ll.cahinet milker, house Athens, n. 

llavves .lohn II. clicmisl, h. 'J'hird, n. 15 
llavves ■losejih P. (Iltinicfi, (Ir'ti/ is ('<).), h. 9 I'lSsex 
llawes Josiah J. (Soiil/iwort/i i^ li.), fii^ 'I'reinont r. 
ILiwes Mailison, printer, house 4 Curve 
llawes Natlianicd, rope maker, h. I llollis pi. 
llawes Noyes I', house 4 (!urve 
ILiwes {I'riiicc), (Jray ('J'/io.s,), K Co. (./. /*. 

Iliiiri-i), mer(di'ts, A Central wf. li. MTTi'oniont 
llawes William, iihysician, It7 Common 
llawes Wni. It. rope maker, h. 70 (/'arvcr 
llawes Win. T. oil, iVc. 2!) India 
llawkes .MI'red, shoe maker, h. 5 N. Rennet 
llawkes Itenj. clerk, h. (il N. Margin 
Havvkes Itenj. carpenter, Harrison av. opp. Dover 

]il. h. 1 Cottage pi. 
llawkes Heiij. It. clerk, 120 Hanover 
llawkes Henry, tin smith, h, Whitney's Hotel 
llawkes Henry, tailor, h. 110 Sea 
llawkes .lames, tailor, house HI .Sea 
llawkes .lames, tailor, h. H ('ross 
llawkes .Saniiicl M. tin smith, h. I lit Camliridge 
ILiwk(!K Thomas It. lirokcr, 10 h'.xch. h. H Isaton 
llawkes Win. laborer, h. H4 Sea 
Hawkins. I. 11. W. lecturer, h. It Alniont \i\. 
Hawkins .lohii, slater, house 4 Curve 
I lawk ins .loll II I'', at tend. nil Lunatic! Hospital, S. It. 
Hawkins I'eter, laliorer, h. 4 Willierl'oree pi. 
Hawkins Wm. laliorer, h. 2(il Itroiid 
Hawks .lohn, clerk, hds 1 Rochester 
llawksliy ('. (!. tailor, /) Market s(|. 
Ilawkshy David, tailor, hds. 7 Suliivnn pi. 
llawley V. A. \- Co. {<;. I'. Ihiir/ri/ K- I'. /•'. hohom), 

furnishing store, (i Mini, li. lilt I'inckney 
llawley (ieo. T. ( /■'. .1. Ihrw/ri/ .V Co.), Ii. (i Alden 
llawdey lleiiry II. stabler, I'J Hanover, h. r. 17 do. 
llawley 'J'niman R. h. 28 Carver 
Hay Udmund, caliinet maker, h. 28 Washington h<i. 
Hay .loseph, house 21 I'iliot 

Hay Samuel L., h. 21 Athens, n. A 
Hay Will. D. grocer, Kingston, hds. 87 High 
Haycock .Icsse, house I S. Lowell 
llayden Abel T. pilot, hds. 17/')A Hanover 
Haydeii Aiiilirose, wheelwright, Harrison avenue, 

opposite l''loreiice, h. Iti') Oswego 
llayden ( /I (mV/// /{,) X- .Lines (f/.), provisions, 45 

Chambers, h. 7 Cottiiig 
Haydeu Caleb C. Ii.". Cornhill 
Haydeii (Iharles, shoes, /il.') Washington, h. 270 

'I'reniont |b. Dedham 

Hiiyden CMias. 11. pa[ier hangings, l]!) Washington, 



Hayden Edward B. baker, bds. 27 Blossom 
Hay den George, salesman, h. 8 Indiana 
Hayden Geo. porter March. Bank, h. 40 Spring 
Hayden Geo. E. 22 F. H. Market, b. 41 South 
Hayden John C. physician, h. 131 Tremont 
Hayden Joseph (Edward Emerson &j Co.), house 28 

La Grange place 
Hayden Joshua B. wheelwright, Dedham, h. do. 
Hayden Josiah E. mess. Mass. Bank, h. 3-5 Marion 
Hayden Lewis, lecturer, house 8 Southac 
Hayden Martin, barber, h. 3.38 Commercial 
Hayden Otis, Raymond's wf. h. 12 Auburn 
Hayden Robert, books and periodicals, 137 Han- 
over, h. 123 do. 
Hayden Sally, widow, Snowhill, n. Charter 
Hayden Sarah, house 1 Howard 
Hayden Susan, cook, house 35 Pinckney 
Hayden Susan, widow, house 30 Oswego 
Hayden Thomas T. sail maker, 110 Commercial, 

house r. 244 Hanover 
Hayden William, post master, h. 2 Ash 
Hayden Wra. A. 52 Central wf. b. Winthrop House 
Hayden "VVm. H. harness maker, IG Sudbury 
Hayden Wm. R. botanic phys'n, 40 Pleasant, h. do. 
Hayes Abigail, dress maker, 24 Chambers 
Hayes Andrew, boot maker, h. opp. 4 East st. pi. 
Hayes Andrew, linseed oil maker, h. Trenton, E. B. 
Hayes Ann E. widow, h. 71 Warren 
Hayes Arthur, mariner, h. Chelsea pi. E. B. 
Hayes Cornelius, blacksmitli, bds. 7 Lincoln 
Hayes Daniel, laborer, h. 54 Atkinson 
Hayes Dennis, blacksmith, h. 4 Boylston sq. 
Hayes Edward {Hayes Ix; Co.), bds. 32 Chambers 
Hayes Ephraim, Merchants' Hotel, 13 Change av. 
Hayes {Francis B.) & Washburn (.4. C), counsel- 
lors, 1 Devonshire, c. State, b. Tremont House 
Hayes Geo. A. cooper, h. Havre, n. Meridian, E. B. 
Hayes James, laborer, h. 504 Commercial 
Hayes James, laborer, house r. 30 N. Russell 
Hayes James, laborer, h. 48 Merrimac 
Hayes James, stone cutter, h. 15 Charter 
Hayes James A. {C. F. Bray S^ Co.), 36 Cornhill, 

boards Fountain House 
Hayes James E. artist, b. 32 Chambers [Chambers 
Hayes James H. shade painter, 8 Winter, house 32 
Hayes John, clerk, bds. Sea, near Summer 
Hayes John, laborer, house r. 356 Commercial 
Hayes John P. {Bulkley, Hayes &; Co.), h. 20 Cross 
Hayes Joseph, oystcrman, h. 24 Minot [18 Vine 
Hayes Joseph K. superint. Tremont Temple, h. 
Hayes Joseph, blacksmith, h. Chelsea, E. B. 
Hayes Matthew, blacksmith, h. Gold, n. B 
Hayes Matthew, laborer, h. Sea, foot Summer 
Hayes Michael, laborer, h. Harrison av. c. Olive pi. 
Hayes Michael, laborer, h. r. 14 Bedford 
Hayes Michael, tailor, Johnson's block 
Hayes Richard, fancy painter, h. 75 Fourth 
Hayes Samuel, painter, bds. 32 Chambers 
Hayes Samuel, shade painter, bds. 32 Chambers 
Hayes Susan E. milliner, 165^ Hanover 
Hayes Timothy, at State House, bds. 22 Sea 
Hayes Timothy, grocer, 13 Sea, h. do. 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, 212 Broad 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, h. London, n. Sumner 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard 
Hayes Uriah, house 5 Bridge 
Hayes Wm. {Lang S^ Hayes), h. 107 Hudson 
Hayes Wm. laborer, h. 21 E. Orange 
Hayes William, laborer, h. Noble place, E. B. 
Hayes William, painter, 294 Com'l, h. 19 Tileston 
Hayes William, laborer, house 9 I'lssex place 
Hayes William, tailor, h. 7 Williams [States Hotel 
Hayes Wm. A. jr. 49 Central wharf, bds. United 
Hayford Riley, grocer, 10 P^lm,